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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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SPANAMA Inconsistency YOu

fT H lgT *P PNoOf. uS Policy
wwcu 1- 179 CrWNAL1 AV3Nu Oatis 1 7N H137 omaen
UenuoiN WftSWNTAYIveT JO&"0OA "INCfl.
4b 4 MADInON Avi NewI YOem, ln N, v. 'Ual SI
M INe a OVNav1 ""0 a0a o
wall0A. ..* ." 8 oo BY WAD SONES

*uotUM -1 TIV mnA O eWI N= Three events in recent days
must have left the people of cer-
tain backward and poverty-rid-
den areas of the world a little
puzzled as to what's going on un-
der Uncle Sam's tall gray hat.
o -- President Truman took occa-
is Meal @eo as asu m o pe n tome s otw mmdert nThe Pe in Ame slon to praise the work of this
era e snipe eivedfr b ael lland sbe maI d on a a ewholl n country's Point Four program of
"ot,, aid to underprivileged countries.
IS cntrrad te o o ter don't be alM-p leNt a dem ent a vppeary n Poi t oFer, bsaneed the
Letters arem polebd In the asder o W eWOeVS princla ple of helping sthe to
Heaf e ~ul to keep it a letters e lited ta o pee lE help themholveu..*gsserntural-
leo4 wre ia a ehld I&stret teehn". nly. dustrially a emd tion-
Wti newspaper o 'sune no responsibility statements or opinion ally-is one of o "Itry's
I lker from readers. strongest remno ina pembttlng
0o the Inroads of COMmmalb m a-
SHOUSING SHIFTS among peoples mot sneptible
toHS H it.
Much of the work of 6 pro-
gram has been concentrated in
i taonths new I have read the complaints In the Mall Box, those countries from the Medi-
t 4iA.... rational and somile ot them irrational. Never aold terranean eastward to the Pad-
Ai, I would see thle day in withac I would go to the old fie. along Russia's southern t or-
.viter and start regLstering my own gripes. der.
ay? Not because 1 did not thinic that there was plenty Reports from theae waa Indi- about but because I have oeen here long enough to rate the g jograz ys having its
t' v e deveaoed a certain amount, of loyalty and conliaence in effect, both from the simple hu-
-accomesuu ments ol my superiors, mane standpoint and from the
S1 a o not want to help create any more confusion and dis- standpoint of winning us friends t
te*t. O I felt that all tnes., lUte mix,ps would be ironed where we most peed them.
; and acLnmplishea in a Lair and square manner ia keeping And successful giving being
th tiue aI, winiptrat on. somehow the difficult task it is-
wel)p.r, I picked up the paper the other night and what for even the neediest look often
I see2 I quote: 'T'he houses now under construction in the with Ill favor upon their bene-
S Streeb-Moan Avenue area will be assigned on a seniority factor-the reaction to our aid
to employes removed from Empire Street and Ridge Road." Is heartening. .
I rea this column over several times as it had a very fanmi- But no seener hd the Preal-
a,,ag. However 1 did not see the word "freeze." dent spoken I praise of this
At seems to me that for the Vast; year or more the quarters laudable proerMm than the
on the Zuone havu been In a sLate of compleLe freeze. United States D6'ele t h e
If the powers tnat be knew this was to happen again why boom on Tntala in that North
they act so quick in reference to the residents of Pearo MI- African county% fight for in-
area moving to Balboa. dependence f rm the Prmencl
am happy for those people In Pedro Miguel who have stuck It happened when this coun-
so long, but why complicate matters oy not holding the try deelted to vote father may
a little longer pending the town site agreement. onwhether. t set-Tni-
Awt, trnk ot thus. ppilCationfb in for quarLers in the Pyle sian question usald be
tfan Avenue ar'a witn years of service too and long brought before 0 U~ Na-
I&sg st vice. I anm furious, ad I haven't waied that, tios Sefoart Connell for dis-
..owever. I have waited long enough to build up enough se- cushion. s
to warrant a more desirable assignment or even a new The Pakistam delegate, presi-
.At least to have a lair chance in the race for the new dentof th e Security Council rtan T he Sudal Imu se
to. Spokesman for the Asdan-Africans
i..,aen the San Juan houses were being asslpned I will ad- group which sponsored Tisa's a
they were assigned to people with service Ibut at the lame case, said the date would go By Jand Stewear Also
quartets were frozen lor those occupants of houses along down in history "as the day when
eous we ara. the foundations were lid for 0- o -
a:eaos or mine were assigned to cottages in Diablo and the suppreSsion of free discussion WASHINOTON.--OI of Sen. Richard Russell's such masive air power, the HouSe has in effect
iplex houses itn ls service taa 1. My Wije has AnS in the United Nations." last acts, before avIybg town to tight his Florida voted to codemln this country to permanent
Snard time of it, 1 can tell uu. lhaisening to nier atenus He said that America's refusal primary was to attend a worried meeting of the Inferiority in the air.
ere Lot tunate enough to be assiagneu to hows asucn as tnis. to take a stand on the matter Senate iemNoeratic Itaders. The lctut painted by the Preidst' budb t
:nay, tWn a Sorly aster, wnen tne laolo nouaes were up was "the most unkindest cut of The prlm was now to avoid crippling elec- was gloomy enough, Itn all consefe net. th e
*.trnmenz alg It looked as If we might possible :'lt rewaro- all." aid a pp ions. And the meeting's most offleagily plamneg bud-up. we were to at.i
ISe an, what bappenea ? Anomer freeze ir .t people of hen the votes were tabula- aid ati And the tiaeting's mostheart- Walr gpiin 183. 12o groups in 14, and -
tMie in. added, an abstention bad heartening l was mn. w"M 114e's e forthdrght grous n i2W.55, The tretch-out was already
a &sO it teen:were a iot of old time's in 'to rme rsulat as voting agast ttl both these vital dan .
.4a. yw-eretuprally assigned to suitable hdsees th ,e1rty Council din pr "Mf.a n
gteulan n-ahe nqwhoustA, Wp7&io:.11.
t~y rr~tnLfsS J.


lalew have

itmnieth iMti

iA not a m nen interesei It w Ism
e 3lo phoned back later to iP.- 6 l."
sevtIltM,I Wa not intereat *llIR *"
e OftUl l' headquaters eIaNletd c t
at thwet ewwas M w set for 5: .

ksn of Lef Ad tsid isisel
that dseaription. ,
SBob PaM rs story of how Ps u. Ow tM .

eb Ahf Ite l
mlrwuy. ~ ~ .

can 1


e mew bmses were not trahms, 'ut were ,se 14ed sd- 'i *-

.wr the occupants c f certain aiftWds. 4 -iM
40" As o* hi a.; .i know beeinse W rst tt to We .. et
.,tneu to a tv.k..A Lese. I even uted thak and could not fAr sa
--m_ ny of wideh haw a- Is os directly d, the o ts our o
also know that then are not enough hooate beg tbuift ev"W M seRl Berate action I bWetpectedly favor led hatthe BouI
'yle b aWee,-mao.e.n Avenue area to take care o0 thnee my weY uestlet hew ua. Even thelless pular foreign aid ay ew members
Seo le and I piu.diiy would not be able to be assigned to *sne e f we em W not be cut by match more than Chitman Qarl Vinsoe M t
boys ayhow considering the old timers in Ped Iuel. Ibk the French eleasM S- which Is half the most optimistic Ue inlttee. ought hart tal
at least I would have the onast to hope. EtVes that Y. cast. m e dei. cR.
"hope" seems to ce taken away during these trying times. Fortunately for us the b" tce The Interventl of a single IndivIda l a.y ele. derleRicR.
i d, uto be able to put in my applitatlon and feel that It will was tipped somewhat In Oa4r l.- tu go far to e the continuity @of o a 'o ak l ag sbhs supplied t
f iven the consideation it warrants. vor by a third event which e i it policies. ISand the National JA
-. 1y Is it that this moving program wasn't anticipatEd long. aboit without much fant re .et the S of another at ti.n ed the cut th
au notice, but which MWfr- f rom cannot conceal tf ast Aoa A nd or the damage 1t t
1 do know that I heard about this arcular i i,*f means a reat d ila 0f smnethIng very like ta ld Obi ae InCC r nt, I possible.
e of ue dissio k.esathls.tbn. The smvptoms W w. e Is oly one e
over a yearago. hy dan't the resent of these. d .under discussion. clear the Vote 4K the House. to cut. Wa. ein e) for this way a
I1t and apply lo0 other quai Le61? e Vtord Foundation, In an- fei e srpriatnoai ns by I$., l oalne *s tU h s, vhiph-I
It they had been notLLied that long ago and still hadn't n rnctng it had made ntin Defense g2ent to p d af esemble "wh
then I would say that they should take whatever we Ua tng over $22.000,000 t. riated for" -le of the House%
been living in this long time. Rtf world. betterment, I J Nousec e to"tech a lePMon to. t .
SIdo not think tha suddenly a new area. should be "reser- I9tt SBS0.000 went to old s NBIt. they felt, but could not pre
for them. Wouldn't it have been puasble to grant them a gft.-.adard of living tao oalltion) cam now be t ed eating too Mnch.
length of time to vacate wiwcjP wk al extent throllga atitI and the Middle a W. sett, terms of it specific effect on the At Pr ee. There i n6 doubt at ll tl
'w acde keep he new areas open to anyone with sdtio- Tht's money from a putrat In casldertft the figureS, the reader hould American military strll hi.i
seems to have been the Dractice in the past? source in the United 8tates5 ad wrmber a facts. to-sr rh, partly becPqe a
everybody would wrealve a fair deal in regards to a 4t was spent without the en'c-o. stt i aia b ioue ittelf of a ITlT
(T. vaEN 0 .v~a Air yniee omot = .V to 'Otae thitsethas
brances of diplomatic po a l B Ate mice tO ier -j--. W teta e thpl pnrob..",
swallow the "freeze" but I can not take the "reserve." tr should rry somei p ha AWAti aI
the new aiea had b lDen assltaied, If the people 3Mo3 fl Putntrles what we m a til nd n h l o V n to a
ilmMdge Road and Empire Stree area had not been Ie' i th t we can e. o r a aatemytht BBtta ti a nd t o"-Pol staoa
would still be the quarters that the others hadv s a ably a dyIn mwoetioni and tables of oraniznatIm
Into the new area. a It m. Ai e s beally m the a %r a AirdI Cc a i ew to eating more of
that there would still not be ample quarters t 1sAm t a ev i ers nt a ter. wrtaL Th o lheadt bd
would have had a square chance withe new | aLE A ROUSPh"Ci e i ten tra il t fll n s t ,i to top thebe
wil not be enough to assign as it stands now so *e iOSSW Neb. (UP)-A 30- t
that the next move is to "freeze" again. Laooks as. kt year-ad Lincoln woman, dties- 1
Division has the only colt air duting t0Ws 0t .fer-- times -and planning avian an es
she. tt p to te ltar, apparently
ot ew why I am wasting my time even a been student of e w. be
Out but somehow or other It makes me feel@ tt, Iad three children, each bv a 99 1 S
H not the right to vote, I can not live or move re I different husband, and filed
hieSta1l box column Is the only voice I have. charges for their failure to sup- ---
'i*ly UMn I can do is pay income tax and higher cents port the children. Under Nebras-
present abode. Now I ask you, why am I griplag? ka law, a stepfather is liableO w bhab e- athustleS Wmer and corned to
State of Complete Parss. support of hstehIldren. U eclv electionsoflst
,.. thOek. there is a Com= m
he bte @e that the military g aoea," aet WVe W as- a eo-operatastag e
A drvesn eat d mwer i the reviheatt I8MOM t.. Lekt. PLa
va. interested in Fair Play's recent letter to the Mall Boxt PA W Sw lila llW- -b f oS elith""
c commercial offerings tn Balboa Hlvih School. I felt i a.L aPr S exm!? o
"ame way about It when I was a student there, but j. a to A
b he been working for a while I think I have a bt- aand
Cun the whole matter. hUn I fl p ewa lndhs S
gui sted ftemnSai ba gh ftheaol. I knew u22S- SsS aSS e .. I athimwwS at-

a a waneq w oe a nrut-c ms oenogras.
SIn The Canal Zone Junior Colege, In
I. Itr I lya one year. I was so delighted wth
I rg aIgn, however, that I gladly went back for
iq t reved my AA. degree.
I was writing 140 wvoda per aiW In
NNO tad MKo SMas mmto it sa IwIaums.

m Iw had plenty of WPer-



has just received

4 to 5 lb .ast.L


*a Sm tyh- P. i -


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oft ii

dhal ofv
arm$ IsI
RtMl C
they say

-. '. -- .

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*.'/*-;-.-?!, /.' ,- J
;'".^ .;,>": *" .T-- '..

S 4t*bter vehicle 3trns
Wi ghtthonw i B
"tl ".'- "e ed ,
guerver 27 Mom


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-- datum a



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" ll ^ -., ,cMM' ^atr

"-'(V A)

hi elk eaf Sinkub



1 Central Av itr
f- $ ,r ,* : .

pitl atM motha Aid I
S' ""'
*u AAE U tarip
M 84 yeaus,

I itouant a

* P. lMteau. heavy
t the tor trans
5T"II j years, 11 th
.wa, m4.stuter at r
L4 ft, four month hi

Stiro sihs and i10s

I wo

'av MayfII: '
.. Y ,b,,,

-the Ala

-A 4, H|ITbe' U'f -

A f 919 t11 ta trMtn n-

t* Iml
; G l
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Record u .
Ro (oia ita
Re d


' A

" Ieaimafllelm.
ja- mJbflWljfl dew of NovAWO
a ec *h o I

*ol -ard served by
In aOW.In
Sftny's and In
M 1 iA t's CASA

. ,.
* '.o .. t. t

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-a-~ ~
i- .~ A

P. .,-.*'; .W

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4. F 1".

I. I*

W8flu' asian WV-
pMIS omtftrkI&tM

lw. He lsata a
s iak at the Blea
meigned in June.
the Ar y. He
,'6 lrlam we Army
1919 and was r
-in theBt boa t9M
dio Monath.

-.* '9 a-90
t i Ud in March,

. .. bt ut in m ebrums.r,
|udnde sesheast shirMtI.n

Sto Navi ^,i a m "Watf.


"LYt"V toa COSTA R4KA :

o l y)

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! .' -. -.'l:... ^ ..;-,,,
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..'". ;, "'- -* =-- .."gr^^ y i
"!:" ;' : :: "X *fH^-^H"-.OIB'^B '^B^^ s I^B
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g.., -'.W to/
i W'A;E Tg
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gto n -r^APO,
unt aean
elubrk th AprD, love the
9.aO, AwVll
ran OZta
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Gome Choose d2 4 :aO

kte andl we'll ado e eiL

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W *
4.'..v "
~ ~ ~ 1 ____ TI

tr and Freight-Ships and Plaes-Arrivals
'ggi ,,,,. -,


Innounces that athe follow', ',
in 'hetlulc will be put into eff
Man 18t.
. asilb Departire trom Tocuent.........
keparturq from David:-
Every day except Tueuolays & Fridays. I
On Tuesday and Fridays........... I

-25 PerA A

Panamea de Aviad
avenue Tel.

Shipping & AirLine

ect on

8:00 a.m.

10:09 a.m.

6n, S.A.


Neow... Y ote

Direct from Panoni

via Guatemala

Fly amsb tte sisIs l 1> hiny delatu llmIj p" *
hr a r-lii, u rw s iHMOy
Now you can fly directly from Panama
to Guateniala and then nonstop to
Los Angeles. PAA, offers spacious Con- ,
stellation-type Clippers, traveling this ,
new route in the faufest flying time
ever offered, with no change of plane

So 0 along the way.
B U.S. Panama To Sail children: Mr and Mrs. W. J. From Los Angeles there are convenient
. tmarseanw From Crhtobal IPark and four chilq,; Georg. aotedcingbtflts to San Francisco and .
The Panama will sail from M. Pervin; Mrs. irgtia Phil-
Cristobal tomorrow with 174 pas-.lips; Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Quinn. other Westtoast cities, PAA service to
gers, according to the advance'Prank J. Russell; and John W Hawaii, to.Austmii and the Orient.
trienter list trom the Paisema Ryan.
offices at Balboa Heights. I Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Sawyei: This new rvice twice weekly, once
tkme on the ship will,Douglas C. Schmldt; Mr. andti
S. s ob J. Hancock. Mrs. R. Schwarthopf; Maurice again demonstrates PAA's pioneering
r re-gned his post in rW. Sherry. Jr.: Miss Marion H. spirit, the same impetus that made PAA
S eDistlct Court:; Singer; Mr. and Mrs. Columbus first to lin t" Americas by air, first
S and1 1 ta._ll of the Stamper: Mr.. and Mfs Benja-
police O 1 _,lbail. l 'min Stoller: Misf Mataret A. across the Pacific and first around
The e e dVace paga"e- Sylvestre: Mrs and Mrs R. A. a enLi e world.
er lit Sylvestre and daughter: Mrs
S Mr. and::-' C. An' PNMlornona P. Smith; Mr and
derson; Mrsuk ek.: las Mts. L. M. Spencer and two
Lillian Bediokt 'Orenee HR. aughterp; and mother-in-law
Block; Mr. aad Mrs. R. A: rAs. J. Brooks: Mr. and Mrs. E.
booth and two children; Mr. C. Stroop, Jr.: Mr. and Mrs. J.
and Mrs. John C. Brown and ;. Splhra: and Mr. and Mrs.
S on: Mrs. Carmen Budne? aad Rudolph Swan.
daughter: Mrs. Alice Colwell: Mrs. Eflie J Taylor. Bruce H.
Mrs. Elzabelth Colwell: Mr. ad,True: Mr. and Mrs E B. Tur-
S r Edward F. Culverhouse: ner and daughter: Mr and Mrs
tA e"gRoy G. Curie 'J. T. Verchinsky and infant l
-"'W Mr. and Mr. K. T. Daly agd aduRhter; Mr. and Mrs. Gaddis
.'.. children: Mr. and Mrs. eo. WilU and two sons;: Albert E.
raniels; Mrs. Lola D. Den- WWa; Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Wat-
Miss Lola J. Denzer: Mr. son and daughter: Mr. and Mrs.
Mrs. William Diez: Mrs. J. W. Watson and three chlil-
Edelstein: Mrs. Mary W. dren; rEm E. White; Mr. and
and son;. Mr. and Mrs. Mn. G. Wlndquist and daugh-
t. Farts snd two daugh. ter; Mrs. Anne I. Wlklngasad
ana son; Mr. and Mrs. Oeo. and on; Mr and Mrs. Fred .
Pelps and three children: Mr. Ygetr; *etty Zablockl; and A
i t4r Mrs. Anthony Fernandez; Clars A. ZRppOnt.
W and Mrs. Harold P. Free-'
R s I and Captain Mildred M. W t t Lit
r.. .uiong ,AMC). iLI .." j. -. ., p'
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Gansi -f
4 dfl angtel f Thomas C. Oar-. W le LWU A
acr t $eille M. Gatrer; Mr.
and U NlhqLGolf Mrs

f. andt m ieRehmt; i. sia* Mat a ich k -'
t bok and three daughters; MiiM j today that durnl the n ne fem.i L bIm Ne. 5, Tel. 466 C W t", V. .
e'rtrude K tm.ey; -r and )A. ri. th ending March 1 it. grant-
T. E. .lEcher and two children; ujlaaMn ifountrtes or tern.h1 '
and Gerd.ude T. .uel toru. of which aix were made to'
Major andMrs. H. A. Labacz; Latin American republics. Rio Leblja was granted a loan of manios for art improv-me t.
ar and Ma Whalter R. Malone th e total amount of reconma.4 illon afor electric power de- The looael r other th
and dauiter; Miss WElsabeth struct on r development lowis.velopmnent. The government gua- world wete granted It.em,
Measerl. .its. Bessie Miller; Mr. made during the period WvTiteed the loan. Belglan Congo Iceland
and Mrs. Harry W. Moist; Mrb. 1u ,.000. Of this sum $41,4..* n Mexico, Financlera y Comi ,Netlerlands, Ilalta
a. MacDonald tiand AmC; 00 was lent to Latin American si6n received a loan of 29.7 mil- Rhodesia and Yugoslavia.
'akhnU McDougall; Joseph countries. lion dollars for etseatle power de- ,
Mr. and Mrs. D. T. i velopment. The loan was gua- Problem Of Weight
ad dgauthtar" Mr. and;1 The Lacin American loans were rgnteed by the government.
rs. ndaughter;n and s two follows: Nicaragua receive a loan of MEMPHIS, Tenn. (UP) -- Th
ir N Mauce X. loNkel The government of Chile wu$t550,000 for the const action of man was really watching Jl
ildrera : and Maurce 3. NIcke granted a loan of 1 3 million d-~ l'ain storage faolft0 i, weight. AIE Holley said
Mrs. Bernice M. Orr an.d twolars for exploration and use fr lParaguay was gate a loan'weighted himself, dashed into
a*t : Mr. andMrs. Eric R. IrriRation of underground water jo 5,000So 00 for agriev#tral de- cafe to down a tall glass of a
T. and two children; Mrs. res6urcesl.. .d-oeetri lpent. and then stepped back On the
ices T. Palumbo and four. In Colombia. Hidroelietrie, P 4 inrr received! a ;-10* of $2.5'scales.

WELKIN, Flnteie.
pas ,ral S

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You Tde'm thru P
, =

teave r Ad with o e oerar Agents or our Offies i No. 57 "I" S7aR
N&e 12,179 Central Am. Colon

Srae de Bellt Aa eicae
*0 West 12th street

Carito. .
10.0" m A, x^

Agcia ltenaidoal de Paladones Propagagm,
*3# ltery Plan Phone 2-DIM "" geaqa
Phone 2-Mi4
n unrt....

S, htu Mehol At ib Do you ha. v ing problem? HLus Cre. SfAL
eWeii Afeato A^mermmvi. h pn or We
Washer, rfrgertor, Svd Civilian 2081 AMen, C Ltkert a
b 'esoedlo yer. 2 clocks, allM Government Employes -be
yr le Ironng board 1466 Insist on We cover bottons, make belts and Cosino neri Cle M lathsLeeem ler I
Phne 2-4245, 4 to 6 p.m. Govem nt Employes Finance Co. buc washable ma- oasm t anI"ALERT"
..-rientl rugs, crystaL When'you finance your new terlol. Monday 'tieu Thursday frpm tiMns etrly.s l an ALERT"
enl rugs, crystalbr used car. I 00 o 5:00 pm: House 5- --l 1ide Vl
SsiverE sh ue AGNY DILINGW R Apt. "A." Brny Street. Gue. 1
S rv te chest and other e. 48 Autnm*bile Row TRAVEl. OPPORTUNITY: Enjoy .aves water and stops anoy-
aicles. '- Colon 467.--- Pae P -44 3-4W5 your vacation in cool Costa Rica. Gramllces a re a' c'a-"ne of dripping toilets t
leR AE- We home a few 2c To sell or buy your next utoaoile Fly LACSA. PAA affiliate, only cottages Ele Ic4 c Permanently. qth
changers d terco see: Agencies Cosmos, Auto-Rowl $5 00 round trip. Inquire Pan stovi, mot" s reported by Readers Diftest Ms
am&. Dr -Tel. 2-.165, or ss aree
change, s. VMand We5ter-Ch No. 29 Tel Panam 2.4721. am DIspatch, -Tel. 2-1655, acrom 6-441 r 4 .- "ALERT" never fall. -
-caga. Casa Sporton. Central 223. Ciopen all day on Saturdays. trom Ancon bus-stop. Williams'Sant nVEY i. a
'Entrance to Enconto Theatre. PICKU, privately owned FOR Wlims' Sant C eoh EY IN
Two i,,dS0_ FOR SALE '. 1Ma&. ,I F. O INC. E,
Wahngon mhine. $50 both Telephone Balboa 2820. Fosters Cott
25 cycle. Call Balboa 6c06, hFOR SALE:-Hams: National HRO ed, refrigeretoe =n 4 r,"
D-- FOR SALE:--Chevrolet Sedan 1948. 50T with speaker and five coi With6 or m iMt blti
fOR1 SALE--Fine American Dinner- Fr SL-- ot *da u
or and0t r fivecoil LUX &&-AWN "" TV"w asa a at less t-Fine Amcont price. Mnr- perfect mechanical condition, newI almost new. Will sell reasonably., rates by week or month. One, "i't or
r thee _.: u VENETIAN three
t C tralAe. 1 tires, orgin l point black, ow ICall Fort Gulick 88-252, quarters b. ond I i-_an *L .." E iiIA
klvis fope^ Central Ave 21 mileage. $895.00. Eisenman Ca- 40-A.
,g reei. Phones 2-1830 A-1833 rros Usados. Ave. Peru No. 8 -A. 2-0170 PseflltH. Tivoti Avenue BLINDS
L te, FOR SALE -- 300 shares abattoir No. 6 oppoe# Ancen Poast Orce,
S ORSALE -D'inin toble. 4 cha.'" FOR SALE.- 1950 Buick Specoial.'- stock. Moi offer Box 612, Oal- IPe lS .
double bedand mattress, ide- door, new tires. nylon seat c.'er. ba Canail Zone. l lBoxt, B- W
$ board, baby crib and mattress, high! radio, heoter, $1.650. Coll Balboa -- NT Dellvt .
chair. g.rl's spring coat, size 5 and 6306 FOR SALE:-English style baby car-
S6, boy coat. size 8. House 104-A rage and aluminum bothinette. AiuWH. Tel. 3-1913

Theatre bedroom house furnished G.w.: brand new. Upholstered bench to Crisbt N (, 8 hte nel from the U.. .
6. 2atch.2WillSlStor75%_.o
Help Wanred Dwe "'"Internatonl Hotel ,. ac coWt. c"nl fr ,n oa FOR RENT: -- Modern aloeinnt; Fuers y Lus (preferred), tv and Air ForneIwAo
HelpWanted.. gina. l cost. Can be seen at 874 bedroom, diningroem, hell. Via Es- Pheraa Luz (eommm tthe Isthmus wMill
Experienced dressmaker wanted. Colle Morgan Avenue, Balboa. bydroom, ito. 1 r m. hl., Va Es- Pertia Luz (common) Ia t.e lethms1w"A.
ANTED -Relhable mod. Laundry, J, No. 11. Agencer Eurel FOR SAL e oa No. 117. Telephone Ponma Panama Trust Co. er spet
hous cleaing nd throuhFOR SALE:-1939 Chevrolet trans- 2-2814. Baying: ft"t drifting the week tM
house cleaning Monday through WANTED:-Tractor Operator. apply portation, $125. B. C. 522 or S. FO Aceite TUrraca and Brewery to aMIa Zone and Painama'
SSai~r 6cv House A98 Boho Place, MACCO-PANPACIFIC Field Of- C. R. 625 Tranrieue,..Easlly con- meNt. l l mi Tl. -41 l t Iw nouection. All-
. ,- *.ana.l Zone.-- ---! fice. Margarita. C Z verted to 2 "r 10 meters. Phone ENT:-mo. 41 se t T el. t2 -4 3- t I b twoa Onul ol
l for housework ,n El Can-, WANTED: 1/4 H.P. 25 cvcle motor Balboa 4220. House 1461-b. No.I. MCk. nvnilnces. 43rn St*t hthe celebray. on of A
:. ..t sleep in and must have about 1.700 R. P M. Wi.l ur- I oldenStrei, Balboa. MODERN FURNMITUtt V* g. DAY
.:rences. 3-021. chase or will swap 60 clce for 25 2'6 years. $25. L. C. Smith type- OVt RENT C m-gOl.., Cl. William D. W
-MOd or housework and cycle. Call Crisobal 3-281-1. writer 14". Perfect condition, $50 I por- en- e S'TA d orces DRYttee paublicm
la y must leiepd n Caomo Ale- WANTED. ALIVE.--Animals, b-rds, One horse power, 5 cycle motor. I onas ruuwe so-tr.. peakersow be!available fo-
re. Gtc.rdo O:tega Street Mira- snakes, etc. We buy almosT everN- Phone Balboa 244 C eFOR RENT -C 6oT ble roomi -. t er day or evening Ad
flares P.i,,ding. Apt. 3. Tel th;ngdPhoneu4-337. Write Box 16, entirely'to!madeby e1e
*739 Panama. Pedro Miguel. rb novoIVtmab Wea oale es l-1.t"at IoalofeQuarry
S L S O N WANTED:-Reistered blonde mal rates. r or by letter t the
E cocker puppy. 0775-- l William-i W A~in Cabv ne|qlvli a o tee at eadarters 0aribm
ular. songs., swing. jazz and pop- sn Plocel,. after 4 30 p m. m. --te ie t Be L. l iy said, q hurter r
Ai'ier iano classic thought Ze: WANT To 'UY:-Bench saw, bapd U ChitLtE l be written, it d, l me
benriltnt's' (iano Studio. N:. 9. saw. bell sander all 60 cycle Chh lt'euwah be written, whter til e m
Juan B. Sosa. Tel 2-1282 clampw. vce. etc Call 3-491 they ONE CLINIC state whete at at
9 I2 and 2 6 ; SALE:18 mm. movie procor mo
.IG yt t'" wi wi c I". I le: .. A1o6 esm pr sector since pomc on

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Selhts. lReward. stPhoneralca 4% f
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avller City,
T. J. Butler was the succeu-
ful bidder on tUl4 buldainga
in ftua.vr 4Hi., t tkA b aa l

ag. n1si6h orbt
We&p Podlw I*meft w
W^|mvd R VM6 .htl^T1HV

A lae and cosmopolitan au- was $1198.M
d1Ceq tie l he 12th Flower The succesas l bidder on the
'L flowjgnsoe by the Balboa, Camp Nhord bufidtno all About_ mom

hdig Newcomer. the audience whose bid price was $12,9PA. H X,
Members and gusts of the Dia- included pMmlnent members of Contraets were awarded yes-Theofficial Russian Tm news
t camera Club had recorded rhe CaSl Sone government, the teray and the houses are to agency said last night that NE
iat eday d their viat to meran mbasy the mHtary be removed within 12 days. resident Tran's statemen tSTOROF
iOleaoo l ia S monday as as dMapeanaW governmuit. in- The Camp Bierd buildings that he useTran's stimateum" IN enNAMO
of Dr. James Zetek. the cluding Foreign Minister Igna. are all barracks-type structures to get Soviet troops out atofatum S IN PANAMA.
bad's director, cio Molino. built, originally in 1907. Some Iran enet t4 wasps an "invoen- bt New sad
By actual check 1,084 persons of them were later converted tion from beginni to end" e P ure
The group was broken up into attended the show, which was to family quarters. calculated to stir "war hyster- 61 AiteNMe Row
mr parties and conducted on presented by the flower arrange- la" In the United States. I4-a l1
Idded tours over the jungle ment class of Mrs. Pat Morgin. The structures in Silver C Ott he Russan nets gencys.
Mi. The Island, which is the assisted by Mrs. Loulpe Morris of generally are the oldest in the said the President's press con- ..
JS"erve for wi"d-lfe in Panama. Panama City. town, having been built frof ference remark of last Thurs- rAgUN,!!
SrleUtsf paradise forl study 1917 to 1920. day was a statement "hotileBl
Nobservation of tropical ant- Prior to the public showing a to the Soviet Union."
and plant e. committee of Judges, ncludingFuneral Held To y t declared it was authorized Alf i t
SMrs. Hortencia Alfaro de Ale- to say that Mr. Truman At Its bast
The visit was highlighted by man, Mrs. Jean Karch, Miss De ti ArHUr C i statement "about some sort of 0 To
e presentation of a seven-foot rly Ohma, Oaspar Pachleac st"Fi rnlW rWWUr an ultimatum' was an Inven- zste ax sN
constrictor which had been Maj. Joseph Davts. Judgl bf t- ft tion beginning to end 00111
up in the Jungle by Dr. dividual displays in the f e- red WW rk r and apparetly aimsnat inten- 4kmdeea OMNI
-Jaolkon. This was the eral categories. The fdUlowing lying the war hysteria in
opportunity for many of the were winners In the various a- Puneral services were to be t. United tates.".
IUBt club members to view a tePograites: cut flowers, ClaM ? held this afternoon at St. Jfol- Bme troops, Tag ,
t constrictor so closely. ana Valentina Tounr; W; eph's Churah. Colon, for Arthur wiew Iran an
neora shutters were tripped tents; lrd. ivea SI mth, 70, who died yetoarda "i' reo e accordance by a
zntless timem while Dr. Jbc- h mMention..Ible taftehoon in the Amnador W- the tie fixed by agreaem& m. ldto.r
1b held the snake and explained ftniftand vegeUW~ft Hospital following an g il- b en the government of 9u 0ir n0
labth s and manner of eedl l1a ne n B 1a5s of several weeks. Burial was UR and the government Mot
SAen 3rd. Charlotte ; scheduled to be In the Mot Iran."
. Jackson to attached to thehehnoary mention. Mancy Hope Cemetery. The agency, in a dispatch .'1
sn -Museum of Natural and Isabel de Alvarado. monitored here. said these &a .
n -tMuseuoentstu l Dtm d IadeleA la .Smith. a native of Tlmsica,. re- were the "real circumstances"
tn ants of Panama. Dthel Walladay; tad, pa y tired from the Health Depart- a published at the time In
Ni ehA ; I rd Ruth Dew3r; _rmus t- of the Panama Canal r9 e the press.
wh made the were y nt Charlaotte y ago afte der yeas a (President Truman told his
Wr5ide, 5daMe Risibo A. iWcoultural. C las : 2st, service. His wife. Mrs. Rebes, prea s conference that he had
.'iletD., D. L. Lytle. R. T. Mark L. Ramirez. d ma Smith. died two years before land the Russians an uld-
,, e Is su vedbysixso.s 8 -,tm .,-early in 1946 to

laMwns'MS; er a Tem gnres pe, h rc. Vnent an e s she ultimatum was 0-i. Tdt k6

|Lt_ .. PtoMee Ma l t, Mr. KMrMgn with an antiquela t fr e CtC ottMrs. Dois iunfoundedness of tvootlvere"..
two.herpolera Jewelryand Me- SdMrs. welyn Navlo: several" ?hee unoundedne of t
11oI. F tarinmugh., Mr. her polera jewelry and (ro Evelyn Navas0 severall statement is obvious from the
'I". tWiam Ko i gab e. Mr. es olingerle. Mrs. M eor x- grandchildren and great-grand- ,Stv begi sig," the Rusan from
A. 3. W =. t. Mr. and passed her gratitude to Mrs. chldren. Mm i
leton Minton, Dr. and Morris with a ceramic roster t that Mr. Truma
C. A. Zarecki, and Mrs. and matching cups., nd also e. not give any explanatimm
predr and her n, ve all members of the coa t-, Toabt Us content when he ws w
Indktyaual jras were _* f5 I" a C W? te House spoesmas, i
was amr r ed- by lee and giW t .i. i. the same day. was "omanpe 3-
Vor. 1id'trI p Sa Msa M to say that ho ultimatum -
A During the showing abrief forA- ra in fact been sent.
.. rmal recognition service was held
on.behalf of the HIA,,- &L,- nO ed SteM 1r 0 Edism.Soiety
Iger'* *m ^J S. M" '.-^1aA fiM' To Fat re
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boys, the 0 .I of the 04- With her Pote ciiic-
nal Zone b*te W th anal- At the e at or le fcftUon,. ht (C-anfli
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Close WiNa4uwflP S A IeW lbW m rf telattvei Mr. 0. tam
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Lewis Service
*4 Tlvoli Ave.-Phone 2-2M1. and

Prarth of Jal Ave.-Phone 2-M41


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In Plasts 3 Homers; nmen

I taglic Bests Blackwell i IMay 23 A" (lj 11C OVA

T-0E- A M Won Le oI e.-.1fl-_
SNEW YORK, Anril 30-IUP)-The Indians Inei i ,,. L...get
I ished the Athletics 21-9 at Philadelphia with a '|
S t explosion-the season's most spectacular hito .. ....n Lt t
| tm outburst-highlighted by Al Rosen' three St. :r s et- Lsous1111..tcan
Cleveland4........ 4 d u tfo t

.AghtOr .l Ver 4 5avmerll VeeIn
S thr American lLeague con -e.4.m$tnd by drew more than
a uel w nd W te ak- Betrolt atb c arges ni .t says the St. Loutoffl-
2"WeretnL. Cn dL- t Ict .t and ushers. eid IItF' L I
t. -me the Dogers rma- YESTERBAYI BUITS of V .i' padding those Brownlae s IJ .
ed the stands wth a-TODAGAowner (NVight eee) teen me t e eve e
Nta Lu %.ChioatWata Mdrew more than he n padded

tri p over the Cardinals In a Cleveland...... ......21 At Bu res in Cleveland." aa The tT atch
S night battle and nthel Philadelphia. ......... minor I e "I ust hoe he pa cm' b t
handed the hapless PeneralA ures w en we go to i
their tenth straltht loss- (Night Gam, ostiroed. Rain) the Buffalo. -r' health correct fig- e ed up io 5er of
(Night. Gam,,o--e S-i a Pttsurgh rtnlht gamte Chicago it Washington ed the system m ,the second I get them." i a l rtm first And ec
Ws warren Sphn struck out 11,-ing layers .Ifa_'d, is not the first time Veeck and fd th plae.".
.* for the se~ron's hinh. Curt Sim- (Postponed, I "cleme t Weather) .eoyttter a a rso have differedVO nl ,j dd. -Teel '
r-ons ptiched the F; lilies to an Detrr mded" ste -i atn figures. When Veerd l ed th i
&-2 vi.torv over tle Cubs Ft Cht-i accordance w lln ru ii he Cleveland club,C MIt t i
S l anafternooncontesrnning the Cleveland club, t
do the an odgersoon laonyet (Pottponed, 1hehena1t Weather) wa o ie." a es and Indians often m
ia e Doders la a n ..t. Ls at iR ork Isyes ers_'' -l for the higher ftta _. l .i
posed on Bnffath J#Ak saztRMarks.
ives meet the Pirates at Pitts- Tige last week r person admits the Yanksunor
b '-1 h ti e l a n t t a c : lIe t h e < d s -,t h I o -n., ,, e t t-a s hn.. .i or
Sat cinntl ad the Pies .. i ou ment with John ,Itn sed tO pad their figures, but he e:r Joe ir, .l
mt:Ie ie Cubs tc hLceaguel sal- wa during and With a ys^ the club has outgrown the the t O thet old medal. LA ..
bte the Muns t _cao. Monreal. Intla pr rtetleo now. 'won- on t too,
T:i the American LPa upe the ,TEAM- Won Lost Pet. President Fra uenM W announce the exact count, andte Io t t have beeiI i
V-a ees and Browns play a dou- inning, led 12-3 after three In- Brooklyn .. .. .. 'vied the fine ai t a 0- now" says Patterson, ,there were oWe ..'T .
B SS9 ...... I .ed the says Patterson, "there were W ". The to
blhpheader at the Stadium. the nings, ana capped tneir slugging Chicago ...... 4 .6i7 port from the ties g the past when we pad- w iofre M
ihte Box meet the Seniors at orgy wh another big rally n Cincanati 4 .67 Hayes say he thot criticizing ded figures but we no longer'do.' ey t' I for h. ,
hinton n a tw-night" the eighth inning ...... 4 .667
1C bleheader. the Indians take Simmons, the key to the Phil- wt.3d La6 4l 4 -- 7 17 of-thel ehd pedo
Sen the Athletics in a Philadelphia lies' pennant hopes, walked only Philadelphis : "400 G ote a e very.. -
IIR t game ard the's go ot batter and struck out two asB est" Ti- I,.--I. I-a"
rIdl Sgame drox the n .... 5 9I0 Local A9AU Sports Jamboree of theg 1 p
SiLI st the Red Fox at Boston In ae beat the Bruins. Ptt,,b .u rg h .1 .1--VW TMwin In sio 1, thelto t, bt. ..
a ternoon contest. The Cubs got only seven hits.,J Ir m"... 2.i7eI
' t Indiens' uprising against "ncliding rookie catcher HarrT TODA -'S A trfat '__ .. r. frm ne
' T h ie es outshadowed Sli, Uhi's bases empty noaer. ia tt -t; te l-I1.-. 'at b I -. I T-,, -
n'sBosto n atitn k hrrB 0 Slated TUnight At Mt. Hope I ft-".d
ns successful detut after 19. Maglie continued his magnii Ironkl",n at It lsh(N. UI.JC:2 Ii I e ir P A LY W
.. nte. ..s. rn p I I n 9= ,rY at St tm.(- FU.e.r t.t.
Snths in te Anrm, an NThent eay season pitching e ,i-. p 7.. i. bw ,"o
'ptnrb pitcl In oerfLorminc+s bv abinst the Reds. He won his own .... .... b aI -N3 em-9 I ... .
S .e. Spahn and the Dodgers' Tame as he lined a single over --" In order to li 9 r AStor Lewis, Stanley Loney, Ber- S
rather Roe. h!"d to score a run In the eighth ,, u. oslOteS0 OGttens, C./ L, Wkerad_ 1 ersty veterans, both I' -g fun, STdR 1 1
'1e Tre ho had been shut inning te~,..It.tens, C. Lio Walker anboth
in e prev- Ro. who beat the Cardnals i e claim the can't
breofCarinalsChicago bil 100100--270wrerats Jamboree Tl d tand amealwIarea
ames rr h-la to one hit four times lest sea on. scattered Simworkersaamboree willdedited to erereahow de they
., ..scored ': rns in the first rne hits to down the ledbirds-. -Rush (1-1), Hacker, Dublel, Iue hd d ,t Hope Sta- rate employes.of the PanamoA C&- aged to "fumb e" their
Ramadell ard ohi the diuat 'clock under nal Zone. tnto a tie foa secondplace. I re |
h e-Liste on theV "- Joye a nd Bill Jaffray botht
Tennis Tournament Scheduled Brooklyn.. Tes To Be Sttroolg Alg L
S-s+T ..,. s, --.- ._t.rul ............, Isteur team+. who.. -.. To-B S" r Which-looedI noi'< r-1ii l i m..
ilGoned i .H N dl S )' might'" beeni0mas
(Night Game) Canalea jhtofaInvolved
| Diablo Heighs Sunday ..w r ............ ti g s
tN"e fo, k ......iThe ......... t o s 1 ts match a few weeks ago,
--w o -^ (M G. -e t HIIAT: Tennis Tournament- Feeney. I'SN vs. Motta or Del- osffi-th.. .......... 5 n'?., The a vern averted (ort it diverted )
r avers again t Civilians. valle, R.P. ....... 1 't..- dwl The Buldog rnd Tiger thin- Ishooer. both Nete
LRE: Diatlolelghts Courts (DopblcSt -4. adw~ill battle it out for the and since h been
ree f them. I.Dkea- arper s W .of the Casaltoe them er at one S
_: Si aday, May 4-starts HZle. M'Choast LS tl
at ::.0 am. Little-Arnold vs. erI T. .

o let the better players or Deale. "IA o~&A seem to h
Ul e rerrici, Canal zone -A-- point t. ge, Canal-Zltonel
eWpuble of Pana-A at one In case of rait an effort wl6l E1g aMma Xe andM
Ssenrt for a tennis dog- a'e rdPe to r i'e ooamts Mnd TEAM- P h d Alstt .~I~t P" sh" t r
n1, ,.nee plaB'.,in the eame o tf Ma. wl w p t.m b l eam e t h l e W.
Hi' te fans should W- 7S win be played t&e ll- A1 h .70 .o.l e te h
1118 40t orts at the e l1 b 11"1114'1;0 mom b S i a W e Side C anal&] 'HZone hos ar Avow.* fStnoh A r a
,rer.ou. The tour -Godwin Moore, winneer; gain Vheoneb
m fall of loa st to nr as.I.M.. .. au Ota haecn um realrWill. .
b twelve of the best local! n r r -l N GA (m Or rie -oesO wio tU

s ave from tha. No l res for Tl.E tl ay )do- in-, "a Compl6ay of the 33d Infant y th bila Mo.stelr mony l yer i 4
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fro ,the. Can 7oe and n^ am d. pT,.Tin afternoon wT th the winner gain-I fo .'wt e t, nthre tte
-t rts at p a .m. e t ng th l e e ld t mu
-Sv e e "" l'r ...,.-.I Iae Anaoyce Anderson and Rkateoa ad us ii M tl I ri tor o
tournament ba b.eent 1 V61 P Int rector j

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'three courts aDnl etrBa ,dd Ifloa Softball Tour nt, The ON* 0 kW
ars b Bl cr ow a" snowa tingthe
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MOW now ,f.. ....... apsthe5408th Od nand e A nderal
Tots............**laoa throg the loser sb aolg contest and then picked
sot US' of1 -'"""Inm T move into the sem.."i-
Nvs. a,-batcb. 2 .....1 0 u They lose't'ad Fdt to the.."".
1 0 2/t. .tdesloened C-he64, 0pi al.."
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el m 2irec

MaIKCO CITY, April 30 (UP)
An amateur archaeologist, Da-
anel Tirado, claimed today that
he has uncovered evidence that
the ancient Greeks, or mew from
Jie legendary "Lost Continent"
of Atlantia, may. have reached
America thousands of, years be-
fore Columbus.
The newspaperr Novedades said
that Tirado. a wealthy Mexican
*rancher, has dug up pieces of
pted ,ste monuments carved
ekWe k, letters and hierogly-


r~r"' ;carr -~

"Les the 0 a ,,


Democr: W d


! re s-S

cre ss

Tirado \has been conducting
excavations on his plantation
in Chiapas State for years, an
believes that the carved stone:
prove that Atlantis once existed
and its legendary Greek-speak-
Ing race visited Mexico.
He reported that the carvings
were "completely different'
from the Mayan relies found
throughout Southern Mexico.
With four large carved stones
packed in his automobile, Tira-
do was en route to New York to
find American archeologists
who would study his discovery.
Novedades said Tirado's In-
vestigations have been followed
"with great Interest" by scient-
Atlantis. considered In Greek
legend to have been the cradle
of civilization, was supposed to
have sunk in the Atlantic hi a
peat cataclysm of ancient
Some archaeologists believe
that survivors of such a ca-
tastrophe could have reached
the shores of America as *ell as

Paraiso Resident,
65, Dies In Home
A 66-year-old Martinican of
Paralso died in her home early
this morning, apparently from
natural causes.
Mrs. Amante Regist, apparent-
ly bad bn 111 for some time.
according to her husband.
An Outopsy has been request-
ad by the G ogas Laboratory.

Oft. OrTwoLumps?

Ofl1t. Engibad, April 30 -
_P) A pon fg Scotsman
ching to the Sokde of a traim
I I a mdte asd a quarter yes-
temy aand newer let go of
bLowd en, 3, was tav
-h RtOUBand to I c
20. 1 off a cop
111-K. tastm U

4I0t ped on the six
IM. v a-3 tried to onp
HM o. bt It was locked .
lS faSed a aile and a quail
tr later when the train mad
Its next stop and he still ha
hs ecup.


)'s cewesans In

mbaI"k. OMI.
ihA-ii s-d "w 4J6y
SaWBI a* vlik,
.no* $A IEAT.



WASEDWOTON, April 30 (1UP)
S-Rep. ,Thmas J. Lane ID-
Mass.) Introduced a resolution
d today demanding a "full and
complete" Congressional inves-
tigatJon of the tragic mid-At-
J antic collision of the mine-
sweeper' Hobson and the aircraft
carrier Wasp.
The proposal for a special
House investigation of the trag-
edy which claimed 175 lives Im-
mediately was challenged by
Chairman Carl Vinson (D-Ga.i
whose House Armed Services
committee Lane sought to by-
Vinson said the *Issue should
be left to a Naval court of in-
Simultaneously, the Navy re-
leased details of the dramatic
escape of the 61 crew members
who fought their way free of
the doomed Hobson in the brief
fear minutes between the time
'1 was Taamed by the Wasp and
the time it went to the bottom.
The Navy, which first report-
ed that 176 men were missing,
reduced the total to 175 when it
discovered that Machinist Mate
3rd elss Waldo K. Wright, Ze-I
bulo, D 0, was not aboard the
Hobsoa, it subtracted two others
nales feg the list but added
two othOfel.
I of am le arrives wa ,
sleep bfbw dock or Jtifag
--ton Wmlp lte. the I,-

of the ar, vor, man tue des.-
troyer Rodman with the otr
22 were ee tow
Yok at a low
hour through

the aM I was rhy with WbII
as and lus20t o6 to .4-
The carrier a


,fThST*CUIU^ ll^-y^

-Actress Celeste 'a lved
an uncontested divorce .
d frl om wiine A
WuM. Ou'Mr er 30d
ter husbandd told ther 4 k
grown to hate her.
"I think I can a
I tried to medt
a success," Mint te hm .
pewith her 4-yJudge
The AcadewB I Sera
atoeoes was .MAu cS
at thve-r home
and $1 a mOpiO t ub wpatt
for the boy.
She waivedNo I do I wat tb*i
der a property ettagmet t-;
celved their Brtonwd hI ane.
Mis Holm desprlt od a no t
with her 42-yeer-40d lbudmamm
that tookurt that.. la .Iept
at their home.
"My husbanir*dK T4ab waIg
a divorce, dotm yf?' gd T
said, 'No. I don't. I want tawp-
py marriage tpi Mt
thing else R-, -& world 'to

said, ourell. I wat
h asked bw IW tseft sao
chLoe for tbbon ilba el? RIN
Bth reply ItB MIch3 AS
I loved you uch, I hoe" you

the Rest lm W
SHW never w.xJ I a l l

MW BSSSt sr*-lll

en the Whigh;
Wqa a, m
EM" amA. i
eam, Is% e

and a Mit nui
-.gmu, B, hO
ratr am viet ,
%Viet NMIg

dolarN wo a
baa are tfIe

f was making a 90
to* into the wsa to pe
t to land whb it
f Hobson.
te rad that notui
S er would have sat
That it was
6 ak#e such a tqrn and t2s
SdMtt'oyer. would have ae
hedgd the warning, 3
Oet know if this had been
fLne acted in the wi
complaints by parents
lest three missing ,Mf
the Robson was
A. Lamisaon,
D. .C father of one of th
aid hl son wrote ttt
Ip was one b" ii
Wr II, it 8= %ab
suqk by our own tV .
ilar charges wt
a parents of misul
crewmen in Lynn,
IIIbtoand, Va.
'"tmeone has made a
l.*',Lane said. "A Ret Ei
I Mn4 It shouldn't have


wB e

SB a

* V

basn as
naft sAfen
bKts4 Odme



teI f**l-U &r'
Ht lo-Chb**li1 Lwda
sft** Aw b
pa. atdi has bm
- Saas.a *a..


Oscril.W: f&It'a
get Gits'
N a no paspale in these
- quet4t St Arthur Gorge L'
e, .C., as say
SAt laid m y head oa
t e when e was a
A.O a 1 t was thrown obt
Ma*k (bnki and lande#
m, Water over my head.
r fVqt of oll and water
l tflgt through the
. ladder was throWn
W e Wasp and he
the carrier.


wardens attended
MR warden's ineet-
Afbt at the Ga-
I to take further
githena their de-
S:e mCatun Civic
gI adel. was well-
WLt he termed

* .< .. .u

e- .., -*-*- ,--;
.. ^. ^

-, -

: "p
-ff f*

^..'. ''E;

-. '- --if .' *

j 4

e ., o, .* -, .

I'. '. 'i
rtf' ,.-. **r m


~ :~

: i

'~~' ''~~~

,:L 1

X-L\-' -^



'IV ml""W. T-w. -