The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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oclc - 18709335
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alter WincheHt

In New York

5. 1R. nelds' lpiltte Is ondue In the eour any
i me-eat 0 a t ean expect is he
m1)aM a 6 ;- dFeat.. Dan be 's e-
I W ave anea ed plan but tll
whe fors Hollywood won't take
Sherfty percentage) for one
S -...ey Lamas new steady, Pierre Lan
h eww aree by his real name, Marcel Maur
Bkt Chsambers attle In thee atevepst (on is
S U=i m Jtof the story as It will b offered in I
pf t..<") Rountree's brother Rodl
IIIa W hahs.ton...Goldwyn is chief ft
J I. wer' eam4ga IA Calif ...ndMers hear
M lTre sy spot wi be vaeant before 617y.

Out" has been signed for NBC tv. It will appear
No. 1 program. "I Love Lucy." NBC Is paying $5
talent cost as an inducement to brave the devastating c
i...!6hnn r Johnston and his Carmel will be wed on
WHU i t Bnmer...Danny Thomas' wae .at the Chic
this week is a mere $25,000 plus part of the gat*...Gu
the tennis cutle, has finally been trapped. He Ia Ben Pe
Hollywood agent, and she Is daffy about httn...The
ays and the Roy Campanellas are imaging.. .That attr
stress in The Country Shop (on 6th Avenue In the
so familiar because she is Mary Litz. former Diamond Hoe
Swel..ohn Murray Anderson debunks Illness repo
nua g 'nig "New Faces of '52".. Margaret Truman rejecte
from syndicates and hmags for her memoirs.

_theo is dating Dr. Gayelerd Haser more than any one
g fIt...Henry Lute may buy baek into the o ttworks
,LeIghh next U Gay Way ignery will be on the Soa
iroer of 48th as 7th. Itll he a .aoU t mane st ra g
after taking a new sleepag espil ...The Bere l
A eAetite group will arrive hoen ewt meth. To pr
ltigatn of a she baiw ilM.. .Botb Sttee hasI
assignment of them an. Ie' bMO Ia "Stlagr
too) for almost a yer. ~semlt tter a w6d...I
*owes' top groan: Wbh al M the bou
eome In buHmIh...Rece e to a teevy: S
pifte In The Atlantic: "The en "
i n the Milrmli were off onls M pereet ti season
"Walk" and "Don't Walk" signs at 41th and B'way w(
at9. heavy price. Three persona killed there in the las

Me critics' choie of "I Am a Camera" as the Year's B
SpO nts up the fallacy of the Old Prejudice agaihat adepI
for the stoge. Laxt year's winner. "Darkness at Noon ca
a book.. .8o did the winner the year before. "Member of t
"...When "Camera" premiered almost half the review
SIt with yawns...The "Quo Vadis" producers are e
the lustiest last laugh of them all. Despite the so-so no
wound up as the season's boxoffice champ... You car
en the notices as the parents of "Two On The Aisle" fo
of the seven critic greeted that show affectionately.
u-. When It departed the deficit was $210,000... Tenneni
Iia done the synopsis of a laundered "Rose Tattoo." T7
Iensors are emu1ninng it...If it gets the go-light, Warner
Pi g.9t #mint. e

OaJL t fr enwe abie eein.. The movie bue s must

*l tee newsapels r publl'ber verbi- lv swanked his movie cril
vnlebnt report oni "M ^By Son John." the Helen. Haves Ill
fihts thi e Redas'h. T solding "en, fier an avellt W ,

floodedd the mall dept.. "The Wit Trees" manek M Is t hy
l country. Ma okep was appltrl to the trchs a there
I 0t for to Technicolor eoeelm.. T.W m. e atine's lt s oft 1
4 hours. ..If you sat end want a jOb at the RotI koei eo
S ft yor girthe Orv. sA e s are ae ted tfer (wthe choral er
le... Lse Kirk will et. tee the G alar She appot when sh
et to the Persian oonhe May b. p e was once in tmovie Poll
S~arehorus.. Child.' features 10m prides but one Broadwa
tor, charges Sec. for a hot dog.
ie rnnet, n. of t "My n John." thw Helen. Have o fol

i the Rb Mike u4'sd r* water an Ol1s G0" few se, m
rejected him. ai M be slat bet e t omod.. M I
Irem the C ritis' C Mwlee to the tre so War
(Lto Paher color cmertl. p..m deist lvisng lt of re

a hI who le ks ai. wa l etas a tace tsrip there Me ,

clc.k s la t ea strlIs"U Mofin t.rhi as. ell o atinf
.... Krke wldvance tee f hesalr a emRlot w ensle

Un. the tesin" wi e 1e8f. frte nams ot i nl t se h(
.o.. Pte e s tem. fear- e w his best Is Aroa

M -wetek tad at the Mt Oper s this rmmer.... u o.

eredita "M eer Give a k'* e (b Even freak" t
4d r..IP T. y aroum said ne t..In t at oe uyv wonder..
hn atiete heoii eatator Jeff Camier.t lh uetho r l
d. .Liet. Te plyUeg "wRc IeA t;,whe I t lae

the Oss" has s eOd tu of iremittors but on conetir...
S tharMe 3agof ever lh e dog th's payin in 'the fib
I "CNrin. P a Mo ttle loo h e Talent lat alone news n

JWbder If tord keaversbrftbatta over ,ea "feane" at td
Thm tre Author d GentUoUstt e ugha t's caricature ofe

%I*r publ W her in tht hofow must have been writ
a he ad t lo o b i a Jrs W tae ,alm.
.A..- Every"f Advnean fe fr e ".Tone"t WtNt

ten P T. Barnum N It ... in n" yotv@ wonderpi

Labor News

50 Oil
-o o By Vie w 'a8we7

There's A political t -ft W-.
ing into the renovated White
House and Mr. Trumtin h8u
not yet shut the doer.
Within a week or so, a group
of the Democratic Party' b
city machine leaders the men
who really get out the val that
count will see Mr. PrUdent l
and ask him to run again.
specifically they will urge him
day. not to spike their quietly orga-
lther nized "Operation Dtatt Tru-
wife man."
idore When last they Mset.-recently
her -these few men fromWthe big
film eastern and mid-webtern eltis
mur- decided they will say, In effect.
el ... ..We are the central eo af the
boreok Democratic Party. Wt must
man fight the campaign. Wi a the
land- ones who rehAL wmak pe-
that lay.
"Now we need a esnadiGte. We
have none. We CAn't win with
those who say th3y'n pbtential
op. candidates.
.00 "We realize that in your
om- private lite, next t low rde- AL1OA
the .rtion to Mrs. 2rum aet asnd
eago Margaret, you love yuir party
issle activity most. Well, wr's the
ear- party. We want you to run." 1
Cab These are the men with whom
rac- Harry Truman was talked poll-
50s) tically. From Chicago to St.
rse- Louais, they are the men he's sat
ed 7 ilth and filled hotel rooms with
smoke and political maneuver-
These are not the White House I- .
I on job worriers, nor the braintrust- .
3... era. They are the imet Harry
ith- Truman will find am*t difficult
on- to turn down.
Un. This is no dope" stay. This -
ress gospel from th thinner circle -. ...."ih e t Stoterr
the in which are mon who re-
17" luctantly nade the eftIen to
ne- son to Include himself out, so Lone Star State
al- the party can carry Illnos for
the national tcket 0 RUARK
ere Without Stevensae running By ARK
t 6 for governor that state couldn't -
be found In a wiaming Demo- NEW ORUAMB.-W 'ere ending west for a There is a
cratic column by Pinkerton men. look at Texas this tai* and I have only one seri- the river that
Furtheia'ore. HIner band ous objective i.he tgrat horn apon, i aim to is a quiet and ulndi
lest of political leaders has been find mm aI Po'tTe1s If It ttablil summer. by some Te aIk.
ta- talking tp I IlAbtr *a nA. e b Once I wasitWing t the dri room in the I know some S
me of whom iop -ble of Shamrock AB In fllquSon, wd there was a Vernon FrAt,
the the city tan sudden hu i of. money ott 0
ew- .AL leader have SAi t ie~t st h e" to0te dI thugh the salence, plowed Itbk
n. is no castobut ry '"They's just got lo be some poo le om- Some othe ?e
ot- ma whn e al te e mU ion"a where," the voe laid plaft ybod the land, of d
n't chief a real ane t go out an't be unity
cnd vaond.,, eamalllnu to thgo" The new-rich Tean, with h1 'money In the plid by oores e
idnd d Oilpign for Mte 'bor ground and hi cattle In the bank, ham become, a de olld thet
eeIt c. liche of Bue-s t to Wt oSua. latp tt ( debt of
e Inormed labor leaders hosIe has beco a W eat mk nprov
se poned t ed o to Dm dn nth f leets eae e nd
.r, Cr hnteOhif t thtbofth dowm. HeI n h book et Nu h IJ tieta
TO and onowa bourbon bottle n yeU 9 t AWt P a t

al "T tglu 4 t!foruy tof
id the labor leaders ttdy in about theIn
ry the Demoorte atic bu ttpll ted in tenCts o eW 9l -scatue tawk rdt. IX
It. enough Wf'l bolt -aemsny to the m ty. I b e.huu
a so el Texas who are Je Je and n" awt st
e bSto/iterlyi Sn.m t? to Carthy and H. i.Hunt and Huh f ty". fllow who d" at
S raa.e heavny labor cam-" verybody in Texa cannot bosUAbly be n
ge pa'.niin. Carter.
There is no doubt that AP. There must be some Texans who do n nd even Wd
construction trades leade' are all their time building monumental s t oft
close to Sen. aft, efw wh their own Ima And threatening to tw vey. Vt
K him and Art ready to hclp him the United a a te Val
e 1 M of what you hear. the average td,. fOr experlne has bSt ee
'e As soon as OGeeral Meaet- wt the routernlt barons, c u o ac us ae
howelr declares himsl*f on ia- th n andsome n a he enoug
14 bot, be wil be openly suipportoid 0T M i Ae guvWb too t B Mt o enough Hin st
n: ,_ r oup of union men n 82 Iwilf most '"- At is w 0Wt y etlw eIs to .
- ~2 iting his policy st":' Mctst. ____how.it__.____.
e- Whm the GOP nominee, who-
es ever he is next July, Starts
matghis acceptance po 5 B rr
these Talor forces will T he Eel rre
f minority of labor men. buat
A. O"f "highly infU1. By JIs d *A l ow
a Tk in part, accounts for '
Sof ther Aw o -
a the CIO leaders to l
f- aft Trtan" operation. WA O Democrate
V N Iales these union ch an whh v n oth
M 0 oh to their high B a o l r e th 2 erta
S- Who ha milled 2-._,_ a 10 tent-b--i a-
* with Shem as public It are t ma 1B

national radio, television, stump declared be wead not run again. As t dif
speaking and inalde-tshoe turned oat,. however, the President M lee b
political campaign. barve id e influence. and he R Iil4
q TIeir dollar-per-man fnga ti U.
SralIlt dle s, will fizle. And tMt euent Intends 0to 40
Iv their inab ity to deliver a labor he oan to get teDemocratic andl r
if 'oe will hurt their chances to Avellr -lartiakon ff the ground. tto'o '* '
d Nt. ien din York

a *th e a to fhe Hlit s etr aw n their favor
ms be tcld eree to o : th
,t of Cogmeroe .. o. y o ier.
e aeer, .In the Wardmnan P a S n cn fals So

. ready to glye (2D steel wo as ,Gel. Dw t D. 3W w


mnotrautve wonhp of Teta
p like Ralph Johnston and
ouston. whq haLve made a lot
and who ave & at as quietly
f in e vemnt of
' 1n Wrlnutu dvauvicO in

01 -


bq to ee@r

e -VP & L neolD m; sWi

.~w~.~.wirons comV to tg.g ,

n of


mo s=" sK flutmg h-
1A6s"u 1 wf be ....fege

fi S *p a m .........soI4S^

OW "s>
RlisslB~~~~si -isti~a*tl

Indicated thmt he w"sn on the swr4
to gramt the unon .#ha
woldu m ak an deal '
a smbwhe atoftb e'a.3911
'ua, theu sem insa, e. a or ear "
Waft =owf. .Taftsonk
WW ent Is
om I hummhuskill 4%.o

COS e s gs oo

.... ^.- ^..,, .* _^.'
^t- '. -... ,f s'ci i + ._ .. .'*

A" 2k*.


tO. *ti-F

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;" A .1' ? "'*, "
: *'' ,j- J .

* 'I-
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** a t
p "s (

Another attuelat themWe nirts u
.- thtt ai ur wardrobM 1e f rl t.m o
r, "I -

,(-' .a; a .. : .i u.,, t.., .

y #t
LI o *Ior 4. tk 't
,.o, m .-ft. .,,-.- .. :; ,. .

Quilted Skirts
Whether otW're y un or old.. J rIs vt
to enjoy our 'gy quphl $

,.. -- : 1 '"I


w Offirs. .


:tsq e & Bqtter Mix

DO q for Prying or drilling ,PIN11 She0Wlfh,
Owt, P"itryl, ane. and-megetabl.
Makes French Toast and Otlh ftRinge Simple.
You just add wtser.

IMPhbtTANTI Oreas need NOT b*.;ehnged after
'fryln fth, onions, eto., as It dot. NOT treMfer

*Wr untoh In theflbt-
t AVenue deveIoihrist "
.* eommoaftte all thed *. -
(owed from thee two reS t
At Btms who ea be tecawBw
tmay redetue amumw
Mik no tw de~de flOp .

Hotel Association
President Arriv

0 on Ow lut lap
Ameflten Circio

tb MMn cowri In tthe a
Sof the AMoetlt.
~~~ .* *'


LsoMMAS I. 4A30*
#4. oslugLow Tha

Thea O-nly aM of Its
*"' I I l

m nut a at
;'4( w rtzm z............,... .,a,

* Dremnts with Mirror ....*. .* *., ..E.., 1 :.
Hollywood sf (cosaplA ) .............

Ru udk RATTAN Lf JG S--
Sofa, 2 Ch .ir,, 2 1 ,uePTik .
14ining Sa ........4 w....,,.. -..Ma

9:;o. 12:aQ .2:00 S 60:tau,'
.. .. m i i .. i"



f ... ,
' 1. .. '.
- ^. .i\ : .- :* ,
irn S .
.''i f f1" -,'

p^ 9*: '



we i ing

S Mtatbept n ........ 0.30
,e ts bot*m an ....... 0.40
Metal pm n ......... o.5
Meta tsel iel sake pan 1.10
.. .ASI e, t ......... .o

r I

4 4

O~l.r and sle"eIroning .
bOw. ................ 11
bsl7tp iro n board

OrnR IrtoIng board my-
i. opei ............... 4




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sV'I i
A-;. ^ ; -.
II E.4*q*> -

, .. ; .

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rpttp.. us

p. ..s u





P! % -."
,K -,_

* 59KB

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** P *k*
',.'';" .., ,, .^ j .- "_____r re l, &a '


--0 -

TWOOD.-- NEA1.-'Ex- Bill Demarest is the latest star
Tbura: Rite. Hayworth to strike oil -near Venice, Calif
I'aded for a vacation In He owns. 16tz er cent of 138 bar-
bitt you can win money rels a day.
her ultimate destination.
Reno to pick up those di-
Mpers. She's due back at Susan Hayward Is doing a slow
ta May 19 lor *Salome." burn over Ava Gardner's sudden
e's telling pals: "I'm not casting as one of Gregory Peck's
.to meet Alv any place." thrle leading ladies in -The
.Snows of Kllimanjaro." Ava
Utp*seeret stuff. but the ru-.quletly replaced Ann Francis in
*i6eutn town, N that "An A- the Hilm after Susan checked off
It Paris" beat out A the picture. The word is that
ti the Sun" as the Iest Susan would have nixed the film
6f 1951 by exactly one vote. if she had known Ava was slated
Swesations? for the meaty role.
glaA isn't. talking about, Eyebrow-lifting fan letter from
ctrtes he's seeking for his England addressed to:
r in "The Shadow." Her In-
however are Sarah Chur- "Gatekeeper, Paramount studio:
"Will you please send me a
photograph of Laura La Plante
Id 0. Belznick and Jennifer I saw her when I visited your
are about to leap back into:studio in 1923."
*making together. Dick! -
-.who left Warner Bros. in) Then there's the teen-aged fan
11ary argument. will be the,who approached Marion Brando
Ai t otest for the role of her and said.
Sg man. He played the FBI --Please turn your back to me"!,
with Joan Crawford in -
Woman Is Dangerous". IAnd *t Larry Pqtter's Supper,
Club., tteh Austin i saying that
h tnchesca de Scaffa Is now Hollywood community property
iMtng that she and Bruce i where the Judge gim the wife
w o reconciled for a few, the property because the hus-
mths. but that the patch-upband has been taking out all the
b didn't work. She will tell It dolls in the comnamay.
the divorce court judge again.
Peter Lawford and Sharman
Slas, who weren't on speak-
IeTerms for a spell, have now
ned the.4atchet.
Wa.Wilson says if It's true that,
kr'Wilson bought an orange
r It's the first time no one,
jb able to see the oranges -
e of the grapefruits.
out the laugh meters -
Sthe first peek at some ofI
nations in "The Road to.
a, film reunion for Bob
Bing Crosby and Dorqthy!
r. In the sixth of thpRmdr
the first in Technicolor.
1 WVlIe entertainers work-
~f way'b'ack t the U 8'
Otrbalas Bing and Bob see
l th as sights with the
on of nt isla'rnd -B9li.
-always-on the road to.
oer get to Bali.
le gags dr'eimed up by.
SFrank Butler, 1al Kanter'
II Morrow: ..'A ,_ ne_.a ,,I

e' boxing with a kangarpo,
chasingg a school of 'live
wad while t-ploring the
,'q lagoor In a divin',
,tMLmour's the native
rut 'QPWffl B&gi HTtigend
"S. woutan kt Jike.a na-
Jolt TiqE will beino llnr,
.r hIAVil %InAVtiv f00

e, teth film and
profit. Paramount4t i'
'other one-4hird partner.
imel Wilde's toting a freshly
eoqraphed script of "Star of
a." which probably will be
ext film as an Independent.
o's a role for wife Jean Wal-
In the atory. yhlcb Cornel
Itbes as a "thriller In cos-

'ere's also revived Interest In
i.Johnny" for Cornel at R.
d Warner Bros. That's
finm he went to England to'
e two years ago Product ion
cancelled when the money'
id to materialize and Cornerl
Is a 3100.000 claim against the
MIS WELI[N, Planteer

Ou iiw IMTygLE C ROtW'W M y |

Barlow, of Redondo Beach,
Calif., displays pleee ot shrapnel
stopped by his armored vest
during a patrol action in Korea.
Impact of the shrapnel tore the
vest (arrow) and knocked him
dfwn, but saved him from ser1-
ons injury. The vest, developed
by the Mai mne Corps, has been
qrediiLd with saying 18 lives
Sto dat,

Canned Hams I

are offered by

Phone 1080 Col6n

THE AW-' we. ag
.r @rc 6TILL


1 1 ):, .* ".- -

jIm *-rinm

. ,


i Mm over to visit her relative ogI w
Iways emis up in a Wlt" _


For This New



WrS TASUt ,M&--^

~r 11








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ai l. wwZ'. W YOT. -Wito





7110 Bolivar ___COLON, 40

Eve#4 1s6 Classfeds




Yes, It E

Wiat Mr. Tetbe

w '

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. uIIII .I" .-I. .....- .-. .

*. .. B-
*N *

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..^ I **imff~i~i~ uiiii~iii.iiii- iii iu i iir ir

5' V ~ U^W ^II -' '* *^-a. ^ jt

(Bf ~ ~ Mh1J ^ ~f^^**^ ^^^ _^^^ n l* r~c* ^

Stppd CoM

S .
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r 1.
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,.I 5 ,,

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P -,

'fV~t ~

- I
* ''1 '

A, t. ^
1'~ / t-

'5 .


MRS *.' ;

r I m to p.m.


t i r 5M:l :.. :,

' .. "XI v ',

I '". A "'
^a.aj^^1 IP.

S toad
Sgood tun..., ;:$ -
- orcha.t .


P **".*M

- "-"gjip
J* ',^flS^WBB
' ,' '- r; *^
,< *-. ., k. ll.-. ',- 1 -* -*
',,** ^IM^'IM
?-. t ,^. *?
'*J 1
'. t' <-'! *

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,+ %,'*c A "-

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PER bMlS .t U

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rrip.. ,-, -


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**. .*_


W*, by W

- -~ A.~

You Sell 'em..,W Yau Tell 'em thru P.A. C0Ud

I eave your Ad with one of oar Apesv or our Offices Iu No. 57 "H" SWeSt -
IL &a% ri IA .

Lewis Service
I4 Tivoli Ave-Phone 2-2281. and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-3441

No. 1 ,79 Centram Ave. olon

S.I6e IStlteza Americano C1lt Dig .St.. "
#M Weat ith Street 10,0 Melemd AW-Wrflt *SI 4 '

Agecia lternacional de PubHcaienes Propaganda SLA. P12 'WIAWe
#3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3190 2 St reet m tB. S- ai wrd.
-; ._ ', ... r,.. .* .' ,.. ,.

S Houusehold
*wI SALE.-Custom-built mahogany
io-record player and amplifier;
". olece furniture set. mahogany
.itl! leather webbing. Tel. Balboa

Service Perponnel and Civilian
Government Employes
Insist on
Government Employes Finance Co.
When you finance youi new

35. or used car.
SALE:-9 ft. Westinghouse Re- AGENCY DEHLINGER
-erator, 25 cycles, 3 years old, No. 43 Automebile Row
ice trays, perfect condition, like Phene 3-4914 3-4985
Sw. $50. House 356 apartment your nex automobile
second floor Mamie Place, An- To sell or buy your next automobile
sC.nd fsee: Agencies Cosmos, Auto-Row
+ n. C. Z No. 29. Tel. Panami 2.4721.
J SALE:-Mahogany dining set Open all day on Saturdays.
0-pcs. 10 Venetian blinds 52 FOR SALE:-Ford V-8 Convertible
tches drapes, rugs. 14 horse mo- 1949. good tires, radio. Ample
r. 8203-&. Margarita. f.tncing facilities. Price $1,250.1
NO h SALE:--Rfrigerator, Phico. 9 Telephohes 3-0130 3-1373, Pa-
u. tt., 25 cycles, case damaged,' noma.
excellent working order, con- FOR SALE:-Dodge Sedan 1942, co-
rvador model. Cristobal 1351 mer 3.5 lens; canary and cage.
sites, Cristobal 1 334. daytime. Tel. Balboa 2696.
R SALE:-Desk, washing machine, For your car:-Leatherette Celluloid-
idio combination, teether-draoDes face vehicle registration card hold.
bles, lounge chair, floor lamp. ar COLON MOTORS. Inc. rDodge.
ust sell immediately, other items, er COLON MOTORS IPanam Colon.
reanm. 7th St 2153-B, Curundu. Destol. Panama Colon.
y A :i e tn vo brdFOR SALE:-1949 Plymouth 4-doorl
SALE:-Due to voyage. brand eLu Green w/s tires, leather
rattan livingroom, set 7 pieces, upholstery. 21.666miles 831-D
isa diningroom set, table. s Balboa Road. or YMCA.
lacirs, porcelain Frigidaire with BalboaRo -.-or-YM- A..-----
er, Enterprise gas stove. 49th
t Street No. 28. FOR SALE:-1952 Morris Minor Con.
S- vertible. Green. Duty Pod. Call
S SALE:Westnghouse fre- bo 3648. Orlinal owner. Less
or, 25 cycles. $290; Kenmorei than 600 miles.
her 25 cycles, $125; both se-
months old. 5334-C Davis I FOR SALE: Citroen model late
., Dible, Wikingstod. 1950, 17,000 miles, new tires,
duty free, top condition. Best Offer.
SSAL!: -.One sideboard orad ,hone from 9 to 12 and 2 to 4,
oer, mntal limitation, mahogany, pPanama 2-0024.
top for both; one fan, de.k
6. G., oscilating, 25 cyclE; FOR SALE:-1947 Super Deluxe Ford
mattresses, horse hair, new Tudor, V-8 by original owner. Tel.
Il; two mattresses, cotton, new Balboa 1789.
one couch, metal. new; one FOR SALE: 1946 Super DeLuxe
platform, 1,000-lb capa- Ford. good condition, excellent
; one wardrobe baby moao- buy. Chase 744-A, Los Cruces St.,
one bicycle g.rls, standard; Balboa.
wind charger. Call Be.lboa
20 or 304". A TE
A1. --E M indix Dekoe automatic W ANTED
ne r with Spindriler, 60 cycle.
t condition, $150. Electro- Mile Belneo
ve Wru cleaner, all attach- WANTED: English couple require
including sprayer and moth- modern apartment, furnished or
.-25-60 cycle, $35.00. unfurnished. Tel. Balboa 1274.
I 01-A, A Bu TECLANAMA looki n for "-1
'. mecwhasics, plumbers, and electric-
SALE: 3 burner wt leng. See Mr. Baker, Chief En-
Sdnini table with ft hIWe gineer, for Interview, between
r household articles. House 912 noon.
.34 Apt. 3. 7th Street, Melon- -12A-m ---oon.-
Avenue, Colon. WANTED:-Used Kardex-
C1l on _--o--. Si (D .cl, Remington R nd preferred) -
ALE:Esy Spin Dry, 25 cycle stock cad, fling cabinet.
one year. $150; man's and Tels.: 3-383 3-0382. Paonama.
^Brnn's bicycles, two for $30.
1. N 3cles, two r WANTED:-Radio test equipmerRt.
vJKK. iNavy_3711.- Call Albrook 3246, between IN
and 5 'p.m.
SLESSO N N S WANTE:-Rotary converter to corn
vert. 25 cycle, to 60 cycle, about
W lr songs, swing, jaz and pop- 150 watts tput, or generatdIr
ig pIano classics taught. Ze alone. ,adl 8 -4234 8.00 zt
nnett's Piano Studio. No. 9. Juan 4 -00
ass. Tel. 2-1282. FOR SALE

Help Wanted na MoRaaan.
iiai d urmr aid. American a FOR SALE:-Fairbonks 5 N.P. horl
turfn need not sleep in. Cole zontal, gosolinte-kerosei engine;
f2 No. 12, Apartment 4. | Gener.l Electric generate, 3%

Iosition offered
i pher-typil. Spanish spek-
i but who can also take dicts-
I In the EnOglih language, Wri
I 1905, Balboa. C. Z.. eating
rnce and salary es petI.


tile house, tile
bedroioms, 2 bathrooms,
diningroom, kitchen
pionle. Completely furnished.
inrear with beth suitbIO
caret ker. Plenty of shade trees.
0$18,00 will sell for $75.00.
located in cool spot at Santa
CallPanama 2-2521, So-
Menda8:00 a.m. 6:00

The m sm ekisilu sm in
sped dM year u buifuiL
brelM It lie hnport Pier
U. Already winner of the
* i tewrlm l Film Prm,
'W RAW'a
= ea^^w^ ^ ^^

K W. DC. 1o V.; Folrbeiki pn-
ator, 42 V. VDC; Wagner *"tor
2 0., 60 cycle. 110 V.: I del
motor, 3 HM.P.. 25 cycle, 220 V.;
Yole Chain block, 4 ton iecity.
Make ofbr, chance, tx 57.

ches Ieit

No. 1 Distress Area
BOMBAY, Apri 25 (U -Te
Rayalseema area at adras
State, now in the grip of the
worst drouhgt and Maine con-
alo ina t living Aoy has
developed into Indwa's number
one iltaes area.
An estimated six mh.lon
persons are currently indergo-
Ing severe hardShip due to
lack of water, food and moiey.
Most of the Rayalseema area,
nas ot had sufficient rain-
all daring the last seven

For Milkicmt NBWS
A requiem mass wl ta held
for the late Mu lIcant Im at
the fi. John the faptir Satt -l
In Rio Abuto. toaonw agmml
' t 6:30.

ei "

--". .
liiift F 4-s-.. --4

Seammer anages 2

Do you have a ddaktqM problem?
Write Alcoholics AWuMyeeo MB
2031 Ancon, C. 3.

We cover buttons, make belts and
buckles. The best washable ma-
terial. Monday thru Thursday from
I 00 to 5:00 p.m. House 758,
Apt. 'A," Bornoby Street.
Brand new automatic, featherweight
iron, finger tip control at $13.50.
each. Hasmo, S. A.

FOR SALE:-Welsh "beodle buggv"
with pad. Excellent condition. Cc I
2-2898 on 1431-A Carr St., Bal.
FOR SALE:-Three Boxqr puppies.
seven weeks old. A. K. C. Reg. Tel.
FOR SALE: Beauty Shop, very
cheap, for quick sale. Owner lea%-
ing country. Information inquire.
Salon Miami, 122 Central Ave.
FOR SALE:-Winchester 12-G. shot-
gun, like new, 2 rugs in good
hopee 107-B, Pedro Miguel. Tel.
Mother your child wants com-
fortable shoes. You wont shoes that
will 'wear! and Senior Jumping
Jacks give you both If your child
is between three and ten. then
buy him Senior Jumping Jack .
al( sixes, various widths. Coll at
BABYLANDIA for a perfect fit.
No. 40, 44th Street, Belle Vista.
Tel. 3-1259.
FOR SALE: Complete mahogany
dmingroom set, 7 piece almost
new. Price $225.00. Muebleria
Ideal, Rio Abajo No. 1090. Tel.
FOR SALE. Rbtington portable
typewriter. Cell 2-4283, House
1487-A, Dohrman Street, Balboa.
FOR SALE -The famous "Sixtomat"
light-meters, shockproof at Porros,
Plaza 5 de de Mayo, Panama.
FOR SALE-Fine breed puppies, $10,
and $15 Modern diningroom set.
Ending of 9th Street, Parqut Le-
f" 'Mi ftAsi American Set-
t" Job,


FOR SALE-Royal Enfleld motorcycle
500 c.c like new. $550.00 cash.
Tel. 2-2847. Rodelag, S. A.
FOR SALE:-Bargain. Vincent Black
Shadow. $750. Few miles A-i con-
dition. Motores Nacionales. Phone
FOR SALE -Indian motorcycle, ver-l
tical twin Good buy, $375. louse
8052-A, Margarita. Tel.. 3-2487.
FOR SALE -Finest 500 c. British
motorcycle ,,th all extras. Price
$400.00 Coil Panama 2-4859.

14074 Vacancie
There are 74 vacant podaUona
A the Canal organization to
VWl qualified eligible person-
idl may transfer, according to
the latest transfer-vacancy bal-
itl ItSem the Personnel BU-
PIfty are craft positions aId 24
are in the classified and related
The classified and related po-
sItons are in these claselflca-
tlons: clerk; accounting clerk;:
prtperpl and supply clerk; clerk-a
stenogflpher; clerk-typist; elee-
trical and mechanical engineer;
fe clerk: electrical construc-
tion Inspector: librarlan-catalo-
iguer; maine dispatcher trainee,
patrolpn: policeman: postal
clerk; locks security force ser-
geant; tabulating equipment op.
ration supervisor; and tabula-
tion phlMer.
The eaft positions are for:
boatbaNder; cablespUlicer; wood
and ltl carman: drill barge
eng n chlbe towboat engin-
fer; f.M erane steam engin-
eer; i entlineer. road
and 6 and conductor:; pipe-
Ine a dmedge foreman;
track reman; electrical matter
Maspeigrf mmhiinists. inside,

FOR RENT:-Ch.let ine isWI"
three bedrooms, three pordnes1
livingroom, dinuirroom, pantry
kitchen, maid's ret, garage, hot
wqfer, and so f&th. Fumi
Caoil 3-3380 Phnamei after
p.m.F R

Modern ruml-Wed muntumfwd aopoet
f-t off-ce 8 Igh W New
Cristobal. to
Vacation a rs 4 oom
with tole ih" May Vl 1i
July 31,41 .ftlt to
responsib 4. it-C,
Pedro M Tel, 4-53-5.
FOR RENT.- apartment
livingroom, diN tmrT,
bathroom. No. 3th Street,
San Francisco. .ek. 2-1464, An-
FOR RENT: Furnished l apartment
for one oa two cu Gorage
Government Jnipe tbrralqulitfa
642, San Francido Tel. -4418.
FOR RENT:-Vacation quarters -
from May 23 utH Sept. 15, in
Gatun. Coil 5- 0-4r informa-
FOR RENT:-Completely fum;t~
room apartment at Tivoli A .
10 opposite Ancon Post
Call Dogmar, phone ParnNlc
2-0170, Tivoll A. No. 6.


FOR RENT:-Cool comfortable rooms
entirely renovated, now -available
for bachelor, ReiosonablW monthly
rates, porter service. hquire at
American Club. neo w hotel Tivoli.
FOR RENT:--Oi hiWlshed room,
Apt. A, Cac V ON1aminte No. 105.
Entrance next n Bakery.
FOR RENT:--NtdI:furnrthed, lare
clean cool rea, ft ll modem con-
venience and good neighborhood.
To respectable person. Peru Ave.
No. 65. Lower left

New Books
luenhoewer the Man and the
Symbol," by Jtn Gunther is one
of the new books placed in cirou-
lationi during te past week by
the Panai. Canal Library.
Tbe boot Upruents the man, his
craw anl td future prospeeta
#ad the tory behind his pheno-
apal rt~Me ftM lieutenant colon-
elI S Mfeh Mt1 to a four-tar
t N riths later in cam-
d of 'the largest invaelOn
%7 "T ianld.
W. b provides s m ms


4aven water and stops annoy-
ance of dripping toilets
As reported by Readers Dixest
"zALERT" never falls.
3T1 Central Ave. Tel. 3-6140

b t 3I PanamA

hasiA Trust Co.,
Aftttlr, Ferestal Products
t 1T. 1419 8-1660

csteom uOIL1n
t U eit Rennbolstery

IP.atan-ft (AtobonqufeNw)

7th St. & Arosemena
Ave. Col6n TeL .BY

Tumputu Bxta, S. L
Shipping, moving, storage. uty I
Int Uth
We paek and crate or me" de at
anything. 'Phone 2.2451, 1tot
2,5662, Panam.aa

For the bet ,ae Iu Wath
mw am& Mc i ftt od ,ade dat
MKOaeF afi alti*
WE M=. AND SEL.L p 9at S

41 At l
__e__2H111 011

ty. but We
Ishmehs Out 0

N luP ftS braw
lin aI 't
Ao and"a
owslow se

t t tved his if
fiel te the ou it th
Sand oa (rend

^(-*^*-k ij-k i~ s erj~-i j i

s aauaaiiuzamce I u
been soft toward
NI at are somme of
t domestic policy?
tIE conservative? r
lt on new books
tam and Their
STOday Terrien.
Wm-tPattern of R,- 4
eeson: Shanghai
Borge Spy ang, d
4lctorlan G la a aA
p kes and Rmnro- U
American G
all's Greates a
Con fident
bowerkn n!t

SCome E
sung Amer
vies; Mrs.
tie; ThU%
DI a young
ie, Mahant

n1Mniont SInvei
... v" t. at
cmedlwP him o ILmWon
if he Maetth *tmp, 'I anS|4
her a tlws@ tt Ohto sales tax r" R
3a SlSa rJ

* dMerdin Reds St City

on= trmswarne MADE IN
Ae Wesnetre Deonstrtiosyester-

a 0tiem of p s tis te
,l h i n *t -aiibttlin
With Alnea and their $S

dand.._n. .
sWm ovtre rm, vturiaed MADE IN O lEMAMYT

of the elt*.

" .7 ".
,..... ~ ~..: !





apea inm-

-cMa3n~ 9by

Anw. vivto

I A mricat, u"N ad- 7e-nmn
a Stto-truf

"t of[ spandau, Atie AMM*.t t
de satd of Temp oelbfaiet Polol
ed for er Platz where t AuurH ,
ved for British and BOsM t 1atm W
together t, i a
eosmer -&

. I

i :- .
kin = .** ,


S ,' ..hi ii: '-'!

- dI.,

. .J.--


. -a ''*

- bear atat -,a imps? VnW t ,

bd i e l *A OD if lmm Me -AIMII.... 1
.q S

|&e 41,cfo^ pr^ or^



on it at low financial omf
lImpnne'aanicafly uarnkufl 1

.. .... *
if. fa_ .. .9:ae- -. U .


t l

-I..-' .'
rt7~. .t: .L


.. .s. .'. w b -. :.

Why shouldn't.we be able. go ive lamest


. 'L ..,

_ __~___~__~_

.. .-..-. ..... .... .. I -q60Nao_ -_ f..- "

n ... .. .

.;,*,, ", ,

L -. .. ..?-; '

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I- -

I VM L& ,alMfM




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- W :'-a

.. .

V. -

.. ** <-. .':

's .' --?'rA ^'mJiy ^.r .!' !* r,;;' t. i.: -^
+ "-..; :-1. *'. 'i .
III ,;I ttII e *III'+ ,i- IIII+
iii**! W ''\ .-..: *.m ,,? :* r ;; 0 IIi..;,: .' f .,
,., Ang.

t i i ,: ....


tvl 4

A'I UlGITWN .... "

S;,RAW U .X.
Sn*LA MnA AMErC mA f

r Sthea The HI You Wftlrl1 ,
severM w peilhtfufly, n aW Xa BeUfitul kIWtaWS IWeW 31 30.

"'.pbw Pp I
iljw4J,_ T

.I L*


I i I / '

-* 6
-* U.

al o in b IN I paae inb ' :i ,, .



" ..... -1.-

.4-. -.
4 .. 9(7

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lsoAb- wo

:!:::-:--W' i W i '- "
I -. --"-i ^HLI'BHH I i*"-ii

t 'ti *.'* 4w

t ;- .- .* ...f .... ., -' ', **.-, .. .- ;,*. :. ,

S-,., _' ,~r.S ,..,_ ,JlB '- i.S t^ .....-."t "*^...... ..... .











0000,06.. 1.. ... l. .

h ird' 6 i A... ....... 12

Troch.u iipr,.e 0 .04 **,., @ .aa
Armouf L............ o e... i
Arnoo L .............(#. -

Swift La ,..... ...... .. .,. 24

Ketox J. @40 ... 090 .4* 0-.

Kleenex ..0 ... ... ...

I OU 05

Waldorf ...............

Btf urro 0,. ...........
BA *' 4F 41 4 0 co


Native Po os ... .
Pouto (mnd)....,

Onions f'iJ-u *. ** ',. 1 ,. ,

9?rtt ...a ;,., '.' -*:"
?~ ', ,



Sagin in Puaai
iAm package. Boa


I .t '

eit., haNC "C" ASgl :

7- L ......

"7, ,


l^^k^R-- -S&BlCJ

ki t. No. 00 ,,




t L.
. "* ,

' aRr
-!, Mii

U t- ; .<



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r .i-....^nl~
U-' .4 14

A: .

A4W- ~~d4

: -.- f ..

.A- .:-.,

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.&, ;I'

. V .. .
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-* F -' *. A



- -----


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. r .- *i

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S-,.4 :.,

4U 4~t~ V..

.~-._....- 4

ic od *43 44~ 4
"%r^ J 242Z t 5 ne 472

I mi kt--.ANA dFAIREWELL M kRTT -AT 00 0LO Margarits. Mrs. diara tMson,
S. and Mrs.. Brooks M 0 mat officer ed the flag. which ~ss ielved
s W Donald E. Sabin ot Coe ft l Btatton a- by Girl court Sandra Jones. Mrs.
-ttedta with a cocktail party t fe U-arters LouiseRainey troopladbr; Bev-
SoISWI Tvena~ r frem 6 to P. early Hall and Marguerte Engelke
Tk..furtry was arrangeda u a wesa ti f .r nurses were also present.
b ._ fn reently, Appefa. te &d o1 g of the Mrs. Pauline Homean, who ci
*tem I al nd also in beon voyage to a Itmp of friends will leave in the near future to e
Sa* I ovialg. reside in the State, was given aC H
Sput latroduced Lt. Mary Jose D. Bam. lMis. Alexts Vila, gift in appreolatioe of her ms -
Lt. Dorothy Coughlin, Mrs. Leonidas Sanchez, Mrsny years of service with the unit.
g ( kn e Walker and Lt. Sally Reynolds of South Bend Mrs. Nelson. with. apprprate A I
Nor) Beaudrot, who have Ind. and M Viceente Rosania. words. presented the gift. Liner
gty arrived on the Isthmus. officerselected to serfor the tise to vgap was extended to A" io lesn Auxillary coming year wete Mr. Jenny deve
Cdr. 7ed C. Roepke and Presents Aw Redmond. president; M! Billie 1poe
Sand Navy nurses The Elbert 8. Waid Unit No. 2 Crump. slt vice-preident; Mrs. In~e
wing, Lt. (g) American Legion Auxiliary, met Dollie Shuberg. ud ve-pre- at
t tepleford. Lt. (jg) 8o- at the-legton Hall In Old Cristo- .dentMrs. .Jeme.... .le. t,
and Lt. (jg) alde bal Wednesday evening. Several secretary-treasurer; 1e flat
e-k, who will leave In the awards of appreciation were pre- Gravatt, chaplain; Mrs. Clara road.
future to make their homes sented and election of officers Nelson, historian at d I Celia
1 8ate.. was held. Bush. sergeant-at-arms.
,b 'Mrs. C. D. Collas Was wel-
Capt. Chari-esC. Tanquel. corn- Mrs. Beatrice Fernandez, who corned as a new member.
ltnda officer of the Naval has been the Atlantic Side socie- Refreshments were served by
Ital, Mrn. Yanquel and all ty reporter for the Star and Her- Mrs. Dorothy Englebright and
UMbberS of the hospital staff ald for more than 20 years, was Mrs. Louise Griffont.
We invited guest as were Car. awarded a certifeiate for out-
Mrs. W. 0. Thompson. Cdr. standing service and co-opera- Joy Group Meeta
SMrs. Datid Henderson and tion in publicity. Mrs. Fernandez for Morning Ceffe
s. (g) and Mrs. William D. will leave the Isthmus May 2 to Mrs. Walter Watt4. Mrs. Percy
ay"e. reside in the United States. Mrs. A. Lawrence and MIs. Prank D.
--- Louise Griffon, publicity chair- Harris. all of GatMn, were hos-
Vache.n Given man, made the award, teases for a morninA coffee for
OW Mrs. Standola The Music Medal was present- members of th~ fJaoy4W at the
SMir. Gilbert Grimaldo. Mrs. ed to Miss Ann Flsher for excel- Gatun Union Church Wednesday
tbrilee Leon and Mrs. Jose Ma- lency in music and co-operation morning. A soel hour preceded
Vives entertained Jointly in the unit. Mrs. Grayce Gravatt. the business r etlng. at which
V10oeslay afternoon at the Ho- music chairman, presented the Mrs. F. A. Nehard presided.
1ta Washington with a bon voy- medaL
Ie hmeheon given for Mrs. Fe- A flag of the United States of Mrs. Floyd MeDermitt spoke
k staniola. America was presented to Troop to the group on the physical.
Other guests Included Mrs. 50, Girl Scouts of America, at mental and hpiritual growth of
mankind and illustrated her talk
with the beatU*/l shell of a
Sehimbel nt__us and a cross
N L section of another m*ll to show
S I I f Ithe proarews of the ninmal that
S |lives witA thi t sheiLThis unu-
s ual sheb '-mi r even Inches
across an&'take ftrt India.
Mrs. Freda Boydaton was a-
SE warded the surprise acket Oth-
ers who attended Wbre Mrs. In-
dia Parker. Mrs. B. R. Brun-
daie, Mrs. Hr e Rbte, Mrs. J.
King. Mrs.n W Iw MeLaren,
(Your Favorite Spot) Mrs. Mi r Harrison. who was
welcomed a aa member, and
5 Milesfrom Col6n on Truent-sthmian Highway Mrs. enmn Ii .e
"_ Annual Dlane T 1b Be Held
By Evete'/ Chtie _
The avenilg Cirble of the Cris
tobal Union Church will hold its
annuAl family- dinner at the
Y churh 4ontIAy at 5:30 P.m. Mov-
les will be shown after the din-
ar their retei ln may be had by
G. rWt White Fie phoning MRs. Luke Palumbo. 3-
185-. .

loss twrvce cdWsMu l ow

.......... ............... ..A

u ............ ................... *- --
comwn al anerkm

Cci&P-ImIt e reest

SiAs frae

a.n er e .... r.............. ..........
.n. ..... ......................... .. ..
(Pasunner Swlervicef ia

TELu Pm '.D a

cou5 Lm 31

* A. s, -- -

i n iis ~ M i._W__ f M .


i asu ilei.i .. .trms, ii mIs,
W. .7. .;nA b, nw

40 dih
b ALVAIV fwbYmmmld

Mr. arU: eMrs Pra-

to oregen to e to sa
Frwac C, weree theo W l
make their fte.
Ham Dinner Tott
t atum
Tekets may be parehaed at
the door of the Gatun Masonic
Temple in Oata tonight M or the
Ham Dinner whth It being rtv-
d by members of the Orate Cir-
cle of the Church Aufltary.
Adult tickets are $50 and tck-
ets for children under twelve are
Washington CetaHon
tsag Tomorrow
The regular formal dance o
the Washington CotflliOn Club
be held tomorrow 8. p.m.
Wbe ball room ofm W 0toel
Wahlnt gton. e
Mas for dancing wv be fur-
IWed by the Royal SoSam.
w w Uagelkes Leas e uape
Mr. and Mrs. GeOge *B
8 New Crtstobal weN aI the
inees. who sanild tedM r a-
boatrd fte 8S. Ancon, Mr. lteel-



The o and Gor
itb whtb will oecu-
fr tbhe buillg and
ua Line ticket agent
e apace In the l of
Wnsary building and the
-tWe south corner of the

Sa I.i. ethnatmves will be made as soon mm .ary minor remodeling s
Mn "lt t prepare the .space for
Sthe bulmg's new occupant&

Activ growhig Aald tensd certain health
b4io el ii* ir diet to protect
m iutriton. Cream of Wheat is a
ftd ri n ltore. Rich in body building
utwiehMt.t adly digested.
,The .l.ute*" Cream of Wheat has been
erdmIu wt exntra food iron and calcium. Give
Crtm O. ,Wheat regularly to your children
aittitf them grow full of life and energy

If% M lAhws TONITI

A~wm. Cmul.imfr ,1

SA* L A ,or f-) It._'*.)
4 sft u aomr *
DIA LO I TS. _T weo




bas tWeights, C. K

10:45 am.-"C*4urmnr Togetber" Re.

U ,w O k .........Jni o. r C.a,

Gal. 5:1-U
(ArIMry p vMid for all services.
M IR.. VU live V .o. ".C'

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:o-l t ttoo7 pii
0:00--, _,Brk T1h9 r T lho

:04- Na Studio tOM
10:00--a'cade of Ait-ril
10:30-Ad tores of P. C. id
(A -
11:0---TheOws Nest
1:00-a.m.--Blgn Off
Satuejay, April 26
6e:0-Sigh On Alarm Clob1
7:a9-Jatm ale
8:1. .1S 2-FvA)
8:30--The Wost Tourney in the
WetI (wBC)
N8: Tue Steps Out
8:15-WoOlth's World (VOA)
*:- 6a d Pashions
lit. t e It
: 80 ft 5 Reooad
7 6l Record (Cont0 )
1 Metheand

13:0o-Mew Tune Time
125:QMlar Music
1:1f--^H l Parade
l:4t--To de anMce (RDF)
2:00-Thes for Verse (BBC)
:15f-Date ro Dancing
2:f0-Afternoon MblodUes
2:45-Battle of the Bands
3:00--The Ameriewn hod Con-
3:lS-The Little Show
3: MLean's PrograM
4:00-jonnga at fchool TBBC)
3:4-M ca. ntrelude
4:30-What's Tour Favorite
8:00-Guest 86ar
(el a-M- nrdwrks from Frame
i. &,y (RDt Ka

and com-r
wow (UOA)

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t 3 W, si, 2aim I.-ni,
VISTA^ *^.

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Po 5 PIsIA
I P.j* Pa Pin
Opf i; lfeal -

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to* An brote.

a- a o re art e 93 memtt
by acql 11,200 nbera. tQ.
eota,,a un anS cit w
WI ta b.a.Lance, U.t

*/ Canal ZOnetere are 93 mo

could then lu4W Q
ditamonds, seonte mu$saf ap9
and lead a rmde.trte du
my. West therefore "
ulft rather than dicard a dia-
We toauO not jdf -'ru
with Itt queen, for tfor i
would discard a low amnd and
the rest wi%*t be easy. Wet
therefore rftUhf with a low
trump with the king, and then
threw Weat Into the lead.with
tursconpelied Weft U l-ad- a
way from is king".of-
lowi deolare toM a
slam contract

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Faster-Actog ElecIt
WiidshieBl Wipers. s

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s *~ ram ulw M1

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-sftkwiid.aro -f
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rat tin.. ...


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*1t.F- "

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: "- ): I- -... + "

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We' ;\ .

* ..-,I

Sox, Braves Ed

Y,,,, 1.;:.. .

3- : --

4ookies White, Mathews Saturday's GusWS Der

Star In Extra Innings Program In Blue Grass
Ist Race 'T-7" Natives-1% Fg
NEW YORK April 25 (UP)-The Red Box eame from Purse: SSl s.ti-Pel m 12:465
behind yesterday to defeat the Yankees S-1 hi eleven In- First Race of the B? 9
Bmin at Boston and capture their nbtth victory in eleven i-Volador C. Ruts la8 ames to remain in second place in the Amerfan League. 2-Mrnda V. Ode 114il
t2-Miranda V. Ord6iez 11s
The Braves also came from behind -* to down the 3-Primor B. Agulrre 112 fei "-he to 74A
Gianta 6-3 in ten innings at the Polo Grounds In the Na- 4--Cafaveral J. Avila 120 the
tionsl League. All other American and National League 5-Tap Lady B. Moreno 112 ",i en e at ,l
jambs were either rained out or called off on account of 6--Arqulmeues H ees 117x je
celd weather. 7-Golden Babe illpsa 114 -- l
8-Danublo faro 117x.
Today the Dodgers play the With the Giants leading 3-0 n 9-El Mono J. BDea,. Jr. 116 The ia s chicken dinne
Giants at the Polo Grounds, the the eighth, the Braves tied the'PRIMOR races out of betting. Ho't f the chicken dinner, fifth el
Oardinals go to Pittsburgh, the score when Earl Torgeson blast- Hpp o ch team composed ram e
Rads to Chicago and the Phillies ed Giant pitcher Max Lanier for 2nd Race "F-2" )fttivoM-4 F ag. a tulFon ae rreft, aylngO r o ups -P lay "-
to Boston In National League a homer. In the tenth Braves' Purse: 275. eel Close are ng Group Pla t
games. ng Ina ea. Each team to be re-l&
35mes5. rookie Ed Mathews hit a two-run second Race iof the tables bng ne s Each team to be rep .Deb
In the American League, the double and scored on Jack Cu- -trike Three C. Mrell lx e by one man In each
hit x meet the Indiansl at sick's fly. 2-Don Arce]o J Brave 120 t each hole, low
ah-e-Duque C. Rula 114men next low 2 polie, ;
Washington and the Red Box to --Ch Lpeado) j. Baesa, Jr 120 ment ts; next low 2 point
afldelphisa in the only games 5-- Golden oind) L. Braveo 113 to aU ib t me in event o t a
th eduled. Ml L Pefa 115x member o t k top men will divide 6
In the Red Sox victory over 7--S !$, Puldo 117 Detetat, i ,f ttwo low men dlvide ar3 het wom
Yakee7-81rena B. Pulido 117 two low men divide
Whe Yankees. rookiesset the ^^^ Golden Fen A. Visquez 114x Den? :P-i.Ttim with largest um- -----
pace. Sammy White, a young 8- -oldn tan A. V tue llx a' at the end of the
catcher, hit his first blr league 3rd Race "I- Ii-frted-4% Frs fice, m r match eats chicken and
homer in the fifth after the APurse: $ T75.0 los1: Rel t A. The two teams with th
ankees took an early 2-0 lead WKOe-Tw son1 nbr of points eats
against lefty Mary McDer- I interlude A. V uez 11ix Sad a.letly and without comn-
Afflpt In "the dtih hersin- ,I -Interlude A,.o ,,,. ,,, oiIsthmi
ott. I the eleventh h sn 2-Alandro Pltdo 115 wil n
ed off reliever Bob Kusava to 3tCale deer L. Bravo 1 m ump o
nark the wing rally.. 4 ullab Bravo 120 to your team captain and lsgti
ak h4--Tully Saba O. Bravo 120 O- u.
Dbom DIMagglo singled and 3 5-Tupac R. Vsquez 114 The Odd* i up.
rookie Jim Plersall walked to load 5 upa the Public Work d B and TEAM CAPTAINS l
the bases and Billy Goodman 4th Race "G" Natives 2 Fgs Fiscal Departa to It 1-hole L 8. Presley, Supply & Fiecal
then walked to force in the de- Purse: SSe .N -- Pool Closes 2:0 golf match usatt the following Deirtment.
crding tally. G Pel Cl condition: A. EK person, Public Works
Rookie Ivan Delock, pitching 1-Redondita J. Bravo 110 D ta LDe n .re
the top of the eleventh, got into 2 -Pens-dor A, VAsque 104x Tim-e-x e-i. Henry. Odds and Endr. T
trouble but gained his first major 3-BoO Q. Ramos 105x P iClub. e only expense connected ow
league decision by nailing Hank 4-Piropo E. Dario 103 a s this match will be your cad-
Bauer on a short fly and striking *5- Malays A. Mena 114 chenr lla yee, your lost balls and the0
t Mickey Mantle-both with -Liberino C. Ilesias 108 Golf l n dy er paying for thedinnr
the bases loaded. 7I-Fion B. Pulldo 111 the mtah. ,wlh will run approximately $8
t Ed.IM te RREDONDITA races out of bet- Loer -The two loln4 _am u or ess. i yeatet

Outboard Motor"rse: $ l Cl

cesaamoa Defeats CAA 5-2
Whsenant, If 0 e 0~ 0 0 0 0 -Polvnue Road) B. Phllps o120 .oe
SMarshall, r 2 0 1 1 0-Poloao) B. Pulido 112 A.
A irrnW Daniels, rf. 1 2 1 1 0 0 Gth Race oW Imported-l' 'Miles Philippine Rattan- AB R E icksone
T oVirV U I P .a Cooper, .. 4 0 2 1 1 1 Parse: 4.- PoolCloses 3:35 PACIC SOFBALL LAGUE Juy,2b........ 0 1 Farin,
aHartsfeld 0 1 0 0 0 0 First Race of the Doubles BTANOSy ( SIllSt. Claire, c 0 0 0 2 0 0 1-Alto Alegre A. FernAndez 120 Flemen'G InSer.... 13 2 .87 Nichols, c 0 0 0.00
rThe Gambo Golf Club will Mhews,3b 3 0 2 0 2 0 2-a J. Rodriguez 112 Pa LkMid ......10S .7 Oanla, p 3 1 2 0 otal .
playhostto theCanal ZoneOut- Cusick, as. 4 0 0 3 3 0 3-Pleon R. Vsque 1142 Ek .............. n4 'Ito, lb. 3 A0 0 0
berd Racing Association tomor- 8ahn, p. 2 0 0 0 10 4-Cipayo B. Agulrre 115 hippla lRatta. 4 11 27 Engelke, H., a 2 1 1 0 TWi
row. balistlr. a.s o 0 0 0 0 B5-r.fatar t V. Ord6fez 115 CAA ............. 3 13 .1Newhouse,cf... .2 0 0 illarre
Rac willb as sfolows: Bdette, .2 0 0 0 1 0 6-Silver Domino B. Pullo 1au Medin ger 3b. 3 1 1 1A. Titu, c
t, ClasMhp; second, Class 7-D.D.T. L. Bravo 117 Y TDA ESULT Fraser. f.3. 0 0 1 ,
A, 7 hp; third, Class B, 10hp; Totals 7 6 9 3 13 2 10 rhi" Ita ACAA L Smith, ., rf 311 0 V
fftrth, Class C. 22hp. The fi h New York- AB R PO A E 7th Race 'H' Importe"d-1" MtWA Ai h R- 0. Morefto,
S coafttet w beats except Lockman, lb. 5 0 1 1200 lird a ee t the uls INANDAIY' Al' i r I ~ C.M 0 U b.
S open cla w h only one Thomson, 3b. .4 1 2 0 4 0 i-Vahplreas A AlAaro 120 S .SS. os A Ph ielAsB ta 0W*- ,.
Te ill tt, 2 ,.. 0 2 2 2 0 .-tPht rd)rene 11i TUiESB.t GAME (PtA) C A 1 0001-2
rew s be abarbl ue d in- cDerin ... 0 0 0 -Dura R. V Iiudes 11l Firemen's Uaem vs. Philp- you wat to haV m and
zqrd ats tei Wambon Goor Mays. 4 0 1 0 0 0 4--Lnjo 0. Chanis 10? pise Rattan. hielipumart 10',e 1.*
ub dr $1 per plate. There also Mueller,.. .4 0 0 9 0 0 5-Prestigio C. Rule 120 .u ae.. A, t s 6 .
VV be food and..refreshments atDark, as 4 1 2 1 1 0 Y yesterday Bob Lawyer's Phil- a i.:0 .,m. at TSe- a,-.
the race course for the conven- Westrum, c. .. 3 0 1 5 0 1 th Race "'t I spoed-% Fs. Ippine Rattn team bested Ed melhan Logi'e bat PottA m1. re a "
omlfe of the public. Lanier, p. 3 0 1 0 3 0 Purse: $500.0-- P Cloes 4:4 Tackett's Civil Aeronauticsa qud ad or. d Taett. is in charge of Madta, WM
The races will start at1:30 p.. Koslop 1 0 0 0 0 0 qulatela 5 to 2. the affair and promises an. in-. Baixter, O
SSpencer, p 0. .. 0 0 0 0 0 1-Miniscula B. Pulldo 115 Bobby G aus was credited with teresting program, including a Runs--Gi.d
-i--- .... --- -- t -----------2-MonUeito V. Ord6f.ez li the win. Ted Jordan was charg- nice door price. 3"j.,
Totals 37 3 10 30 13 1 3-Turf Lodge J. Rodrigue 115 ed with th Tickets are available front any W ?"S
Aet Frst Win on O.... 108 3- 5--Pamphlet J-.- avo 112 7 to 6, bu t past couldn't connect dot ecreta-eaurt Lou5,rant
34LW IT it EA New York 200 100 N0 -- 6-Coragglo 0. Bravo 120 at stratec miments. Baker or Official trrLarrylII 5-,"
aRan for Cooper In 10th; 0bH t 7-Pincel 0. Chant 108 Gordon Smith smacked a hom- Newman ati $14er couple. t Jones,
CiNAL ZONE LITTLE LEAGUE into double play for Spahn in er in the second Inning with one Don't worry about being dress- lette, MuOeN
CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES 7th; cRan for Ellott in 10th. RBI 9th Raee '1-2- Imported-4% Pf mate on base. for. d Tackett says you will 1:30.
The Standings -Thomson. Elliott, Lanle, Torg- Purse: 75.00 Pool Close. 5:1- The box score: be admitted asliong as you have
TEAM- Won Lost #et. eson, Cooper 2, Mathews 2, Cu- One-Two CAA- AB R H T ticket and have necessary C.L.M.
Armed Forces .. .. 1 0 1.00 sick. 23-M marshall, Lanier Dan- i-Hit C. Ruiz 115 Maleen, Sb 2 1 1 cloth m teo etthe minimum
lfic Side.. .. ..1 0 1.0 lels, Matbews. SB-Thomson. HR 2-Nijinsky E, Alfaro 112x Hobart, cf.3 0 0 0 iree nts a tthe law.
*tIantle Side. 0 .. .. 2 .0 -Torgeson. S-Reed, Westrua 3-Jepperin J. ae, 116 Clayton, cf 1 0 0 0 reiU
DP-Williams. Dar and Lock-4-Canajagua V. Ordfez 116 Silva,2b .. 3 0 1
All-Stars meet the Armed Forces Williams and Locanman. Left- $-La Chata J. Avil119 cox, if. 4 0 g m Lo
I-Stars in another game of the Boston 10, New York 10. BB- Poloma, rf.. 4 0 0 0
Feand-robin tournament for the Spahn 3, Burdette 1, Lanler 5, Ioth Race 1-2 Imperil-4% FPom*o f.4 c 2 0 0 J 3e,.2ie f l5Miranda TH
Canal Zone 1952 Little League Koslo 3. SO-Burdette 2, Lanier Parse: 5275.00 Pool Closes 5:0 olson, l b. 2 0 1 3.-D. Aoe Golden Fan TEAM-
albamplonship tomorrow at 2 p.m. 1. Koslo 1. HO-S n 8 In 6, -Mariscalito A. Mena 12 ,.a 2 0 1 Tapac St. Mes. .
at L the Margarita Little League Burdette 2 n 4, Lanier7 in 7 2-3; 2-El Radcha V. Orafes 120 2 1 1 0 'b n St. .
Park. Koslo 2 In 11-3, Spencer 0 in 1. R 3-Navajo Trail C. ChiteM lax oran ** .. (.) "Carmel& 11 SIs aimt.
This will be the second meet- & ER-Spahn 3-2, Lanier 3-3, 4-Danescourt L. ravoe 116 Totals o 2 ite Silver Demine St. ...
jeg of these two teams in the Koalo 3-3. HBP-Burd ett 5--Breee Bound B. Moren 12 Tot ** P tle St.
rls. The Armed Forces won the IDark). WP-Spah n, Lanle MtRth e
frst game. The Atlantic riders Winner-Burdette (2-1). Loser- 11th Race "C" Natives-4% Fgs. 2-Mandinga E. Sllvera 1 Can jata The
dise bowed to the Pacific riders Koslo (0-11. U--Gore, Stewart, Purse: 325.00 3-Mr. aptnpsa L Bravo 120 Bree Bound two IMOtA
tp their seemed game. Guglielmo. T-3:0dL A-4,733. 1-Annie N. B. Aguirre 120 4-Fillgrana J. PhillipsA 1 I -Aaa L Maadingsa At Ll

LA- ", ". ".."" "- 'j ...,- '. ''
i--.- .. .. ,' '" .

1^ ..I'J ,

TI AA~,maahm~h..g ~

CRy Cops

ian Little

B Crown

pionship when wJn -
It C. o 12 to 9
Stle as they canie a
5 to noae out MSNti-l
IUy. in stu*,
stort: Ps lib a3In lid $3.3 for the
IMAuteM On a ulow, rain soak-
AB R 9PO A *e| tako
b.... 3 1 1 6 0
b2e11 0n ad
b 3 2 2 0 2 vent to the y th
.. .. 3 1 1 1 0 t l Ar Ar-
p... 2 0 2 0 1 qualiued for the Pooti
. 2 1 1 t0 e inthe umme
.... 2 0 0 1 1. l0 a f tn l u o
yet d en. m publ'.
ot4 tPe w 12 inch= f the
A. B sO A tl. Ira bansoi t
l1,3b. a 1 1 0 1o 3 gall' rS UA erforto
... l 0 0 1 t Anl, a p erfn .
t ..,. 0 a Puerto

PBwellI llar i
.. Time of ame- keepa. th t Blmo when

t.ey .T the r-bM e i o8tt ngt

r -o. om t. Chrstophr Who t due
1o b rewk oUu -a A2ra s h 2nf

Ib. 4 1 .m lt0s- R ( T n wast r
5,"Gra. nMi, t e&. ailn-i
of-* i B, orant o a fu atrontcan-
R tt...ted 7 *S, n uly ad Au-
SI., .Ordo, 2, Bax- S t I n .ki._

Nftni. .l wBrea -
6 Timue of laf- eep pWc with at Baioa whea
they oAkfw _the bar.-hitting
ll _rom Christopher who atv due
to break out In a rash acy me
fand beak Into the wn inu M
r-WIt-Re A Tank. 8LSOman WinItry
-- l st, f.mes otut wfi Wepo hand-
d t*ertet defeat laSt atur-
-- day. eir t hnge an mother in-
WANmwI cvteontenta re
AM e *tart Mt 4:00 pjm.
~ 3M 4

* Qm'

tChta i:u: a ...
My ark 20010
ipahn Burdete
(0-1), plneter

( ?0 ".*


For due convene

So.'AT -.E.
misee of I.' 2 ,

our pa.rse we are uo
operation both at the
..- ........


4t Md tM ,ACES-',


5th Race "C and D" Importeds 7 Fgs.
PAse: 650.00 Podl eoses: 2:55 p. m.
1. RENDEGUZ) .......... V.Casle (1) 115
2. SIPERS'TI XOSA) ....... A. Men (5) 112
A NEWINSTER ......... J. ruv (2) 120
4. CARMEIA ........... ve (3) 120
AVENU ROAD )....... J.3n |. (4) 120
-46. POLVOAZ0) ........ .Fd. (6) 112

5th Roce


"E" ImporssA OR

Pmuws: 550.00


E f

le -

PIeAsims: 2:55 pm.

MIS FAIRFAX ......... O.O. (1) 112
RIOMrEfANO ......... ) 112
MONTMARTRE) .. ,. () 112
PAUUERO I) ...... ... (,) .120

AE ..ME........ 114
am"tC BRAw ... iAprifi


LOAmE ... ...*,-,,,, ,,... .'

I. 4O'sE ........... .. V. O-aale ;.
I. i, ..: .-.. O g
4 I................ L -

M' I .

~--~ *I

Ist, 2nd 6th, 7th RACES
3rd sad 9th RACES

_ I- .1 -13~1 r I~hll-

11IE -1 I~-II~L~aeerLg' -- II

,if ,



'.4 :. **
II do-
a,^ .... i I.
",. *'. *, .**

.'f .t.. I_

S. 4~ do
4, 4"."
.9' S *



-A A

-.e f e -
"ss ):

- U t- -



i itOAwS M .
i Lg :._ ;.

: .".-

-. fe ,1! "*" ,,'*. .

.- .a ,:. i.0 t .-'3
p i -. ^ '., .. .. 's -., .... rf..

i .. --

'I! f h




I.." .. :. m..

IK '41

Tot ." ..

i-*, :* iW wv9rWSB^MS?^ ^
k^ I4 |J| l .. .. ...


Sn aTms



""o..... w.,


uIau Nsy
in& Nfvyl

i^^.^ K. rtj H^ ^^^^I
HbP' 9 "^^^^^HB
gp t ^-**^ ^^

.4. -.
-.- -,

- -..-

r ,.. .. -'..
o ** *.
.4 *..: 40 44
IP 4* 00* *

4,""" *0 .

, ]n~

* -
- .

. ,. N. m

It 241 .I W.


Kjr.^ ..rI cTJ ~ o ._.



* -. 'r-~

The womk eg s -l ofw ceate

T.e s my ys .f w. A mad m..._
.. -. ,

M .a a* .t .. s .. .m .. S U..
a ,.: ,..

o 90 rod, w .-.IM
plban"es h* ms A
besamy and eales tend ea4y La t.h

o ;r 4-

.. -,tI TS

p$ :

I .'. .

-~ 4 4,q~


a.c I-

h,/; ....




-. ;A.

-"" 'I~ LY




.' s",-' ,.



. IIIImnAi **> 1111

,;~ ;




& Weak .Spot flrai

W* Rescue Drill

urea for handling con-

same result of a -W8NTT!-. NT' TEAR A NM" t. P VkW
teical staff agency of the
oces Disaster Control ,

Cef of the ChemicalBlefense

--.hit reived' ont a sGliht .e R .. -e- 1 "'" *'v
logiea and Radiological Staff,
t as been learned that the attitude He
contaminated victims from an
atomic area would cause Illness
and death to manT persons who
had received' only a slight dose
ofrditlonl. --WASHINGTOI, April 25 1UP) Idical aid better
announcement w d I President T u man accused training fe i3Am lbnpots,-

final t ntro e n oa toward v defense and of starv- "We need E fte things and
ftaf to orntao and technala ing the am to a point which we need them t ore we can ,
Ze comarietechnica leopardfnlonal security. begin to' Mily secure .. ,
s. ta cems pror My to.Operation He wat t helharge, in send- about the ...f thb Unite. B
Previously. was planned to Inc to p. a elvil eense States ea we
loada n ersonhaspas-eport ih that not one have the ino- deense of
sible Into vehicles and haul i nited 3tates city ba which help
them* to decontamination sta- made dateae preparations unprofitat Wae and thus AirlM
tiosIn rear aea for an eanfte attack. sup ports ear) ftA for peace." thla B1.
Here the would undergo re- He said many factors are n-usasserted that lpMe s
....A.." ol bt Congresshares
*S mevial of c othing. bathing and av bl v"a bu t Cne shares

Oglesby's finditgs' pointed out fense program 'as been starved

;.expose each one to the radio in January. 19t, lawmakers 1" 1..os .
logijwHcal emanations of the lth- appeadto tre s i
he has asked for the program Fre u" greatest .
Thus. if 20 contamlnees, each next year. -- o -- ._ *
tufferino 15 roentgens (pro- The report shows some pro- to
Nounced ren-kins-a term used gremw, Mr. Truman said, but not WAI- _O .AD 25 (VP) t-'-IorI
to express unit of radiation enough that "we can begin to -.-4 d emtN ars of the u.S. Th .go.
osaee) contamination, are con- feet reasonably secure about the HXose of ItbrMentatives report p
cdtrated together, their corn- defense of the United States." today the am ttit =%f td contamination would e- "These shortcomings are a mat- toitc blast h Nevada melted the .
M00 roentgens, or just 20 ter of grave national concern," desert msads ow r a radius of 500 .
tlftos the amount suffered by h6 said. yards from gra d zero. gr Lb
eah person. The Chiet-Eeitvme said the 'ItOe" amtd the heat generated 0. .
r fnerily, a dosage of 15 atSIO nee$ maUa8s of ,civil- by the test exB~Ialon Tuesday UhI, i4 etm t fho the
'S restens would be very sightlan defNS W 6.1lteei., morse M wa nt in te sagebrush was A
A d could be handled without b l* hUMfMt, treaw, set A- tie thr(r miles away from ri
S as or death, the point dkeetly under thi .2,,.',- i 2.
"a mnpleddoRatg ,-e men ogeth- ,M, Prce. a ro --- i.."W ir
67W each one receivin the. It' Gm -I Be Murder bursting atomic bomb.
Ned doage every person FromiTb ChicalA Rat Bl.Me rcameerofp
wr o-d likely become ill, and the int CMnrealonal At.S. is...
&wO'lod probably die. CRICAGO, April 285 (LT). Coth Site ~o n onofS toag flif rk v
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