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The Panama Cana! Library
Cri:! "---h
JAN 17 1952

Panama American

Let the people know the truth and the country '.< safe" Abraham Lincoln.
Now.. 6 Years Old!
Sino-Reds Fight UN
USRateCraftWorkers UN Would Treat
Get 3 To 8-Cent Raise Some As Refugees
In resDonse to a ouerv bv The' r.sllv have heen made each ouar-' snonda to thp former first-class *T^
PANMUNJOM/Jon. 16 (UP) The Chinese Com-
SEVERAL HUNDRED DOCTORS attended the opening of the regional conference of the
American College of Surgeons which convened this morning in the Bella Vista room of Ho-
tel II Panama? The sessions will last three days during which time there will be panel
discussions, papers read by renowned surgeon s, and showing of a new type three-dimen-
sional movie on surgical subjects. This Is the first time a large meeting of American sur-
geon has chosen to hold of its meetings outside the United Slates. ___________
In response to a query by The cally have been made each quar- sponds to the former first-class
Panam American, a Balboa ter for the past ten years. Journeyman rate. Promotions to
Heights spokesman said today: It was also announced today at the next higher rate will be made
that approximately 1,300 craft j Balboa Heights that employes in for such employes on certlflca-
employes of the Panam Canal the crafts group will also bene-| tlon of qualification by their bu- munisrs said here today that they will "fiqh* to the death"
Company have recently received i fit by the adoption of the fourth reau or division heads after they o j
pay increases ranging from three' step of the so-called four-step have served a minimum four- any arrempr Dy rne United Nations to turn Kec prisoners
to eight cents an hour as a result1 rate range program In effect In month probationary period. of war over to the Chinese Nationalists
of the quarterly adjustments the U. S. Naval shipyards. i Former employes who are re- T, ,, kl ,
based on Navy Yard rates in the1 This, in effect. Is the addition hired will not all be required to I ne United Nations wants to treat as refugees tens
crease was
In general, the pay of all em-
ployes In the various skilled
crafts of the Canal Company are
based on average wages received,
In the nine United States Navy,
yards in the United 8tates. Five
of these ark on the Atlantic! wage step, all new employes re-
coast and the other four on the1 crulted by the Canal will be em-
Pacific coast. I ployed on the probationary jour-
The adjustments require lo- neyman craft rate, which corre-
States. The average In-1 of a new wage step for qualified serve the probationary period 0f thousands Chinese and North Korean prisoners of
vas about five cents an craft Journeymen. and thev may be reemployed at _*.,*? .
All employes hired prior to the qualified journeyman rates war who do not want to be sent DOCK to Communist rule
after an armistice in the Korean fighting.
Jan. 6, will be blanketed in on
this new wage step which is
based on a percentage figure
and range generally from four
to 12 cents.
With the adoption of the new
upon request of the employing
Special RP Cop
To Help Motorists
At May 5lh Plaza
Army To Pay Local Rater
Staff Double on Holidays
Retroactive to Jan. 8, ail local on an identical leave schedule.
rate employes of the Army will, On the question of job se-
be paid double time for holiday purity, those employes who haye
work, according to a Local 900; completed one year service may,
union spokesman who reported; ,vhen released because of a re-
the results of an interview that auction of force, "bump" other
Egypt's Queen
Gives Farouk
His 1st Son
CAIRO. Jan. 16 (UP).Queen
Narriman today presented Kin?
Farouk with a son. The child
will be named Ahmed Fuad. Both
mother and child are reported
doing well.
The Queen, the former Narri-
man Sadek. and Kinrc Farouk
were married May 6 1051. She
was 17 years old at the time.
In today's debate here over
I the exchange of war prisoners,
Chinese delegate Col. Tsai
Chang Wen said:
"If anybody dares to hand
over any of the personnel of the
Chinese People's Volunteer Ar-
n>y captured by the other side'
to the deadly enemy of the
Chinese people (Nationalist Gen-
lerassimo Chaing Kai-shek),
the Chinese people will never
| tolerate it, and will fight to the
I The United Nations delegates
to the truce conference were not
sure whether Tsai's angry state-
ment meant the Reds would op-
pose any attempt by the United
Nations to give a free cho-ce to
Communist prisoners of war as
to whether or not they should
be sent home.
Rescuers Churn
Through Drifts
To Aid Train
DUTCH FLAT. Calif.. Jan. 18
Rescue units were churn-
ing through 30-foot drifts to
within two miles of the stream-
liner "City of San Francisco' and
222 snow-bound passengers were
marooned for nearly 72 hours In
the High Sierras.
Some of the',ers hud-
dled in blankets to kaep warm in
the below freezing teraperatvi
opposite the P
Panama -Jty reported today ihatuniS^ropsed'tn-poit pro-
poilcemsn Johnny Tejada, a vet-!""""1 p reVeived today.
eran of it years service, wil be 'r^me7eVTeav^pUn for local
'motoruls'Vamcf"vandalism rale Army employes, which was
nnoVf^i. vandalism or ef fect|ve Jan 6 was rep0rted as
ie/acU the merchants said, t0": ?"]eK th*iT speaks Eiigusn iluently and will service. 13 days a year, for those
oe aoie it assist motorists who who have worked three TO is
have parking problems or who vears. 20 days a year, and for ^nr repor^ nai 1hj Farouk had three daughters, but
are in n* d oi directions, workers with over 15 years ser- 5.JBTS1 .""t. Inn nnc h hi. first wife whom
vice. 28 days a year.
The Reds have pr; viou.-ly
accused the United Nations of
a plot U detain the majority
nf OhtiiDM-njfm^* Ur use arH-we*- reported ill presuma
the Chinese Nationalist army from the lack of oxygen.
on Formosa. I _. ...
I The train was closed tight to
Two official delegates of the retaln whf* heat It had It wa
International Red Cross were assumed that the air had be-
turned back by the Communists come foul. Four men were re-
hen today when they started moved from !hf t!ialn V?the N,y_
off in a Jeep to carry some Sw ss at* i***' /est!rdai' ?ve me"
diplomatic papers through to from the stranded train. They
Recently there have Been com-
plaints over th* presence of sus-
picious booking individuals who,
on cr ring to watch cars and
' "guide" iiiotorsts Into parking
piaces uivund the Plaza in the'
nope of vetting a tip.
The merchants said that In
future an- problems of this son
should i>" referred 10 policeman'
Tejada. riadge No 455, who will
be on juiy from 8 a m. to 12 noon
and from 2 to 6 p m.
This new provision places U;
S. rate and local rate employes
Navy Dentist Chosen
To Head PC Dental
Group For First Time
service, may be reassigned to> a Thelr MajMtles a boy. thereby
position in another competitive ,, E t crown prjnce.
area providing they meet the Tne ny named nlm Anmed
minimum qua lflcations for the Fuafl af*ter hla (^father.
position to which he is to be re-, rhe Egyptian government un-
signed, mediately proclaimed the day an M
However. Army official., said In official holiday as a fen of na- Korth Korean Premler Kim II *?^f thi K1^".^
elr reoort that "there is no tlonal relolclng. The 32-year-old Sum In Pyongyang. i o ,he lod*e 'hat 41?me klnd
to"SJ-our control thai! Farouk had three daughters but Mer nwhlle special announce- *altw"s maklng the paSen-
can be made available to local no sons by his first wife whom ment from Gen. Matthew Ring- gen MCK-
rate employes, although an ef- ine..d, uC,? T^v ? ,... way's headquarters accused the
fort is being made to have the ls believed that Farouk first communists of defying Geneva.
Panama Canal Company allocate ,saw Narriman Sadek. the daugh- prisoner of war convention in
additional housing for Army local i^r f an Egyptian civil servant locating their POW camps near
rate emploves 'last Feb- ln a Calr0 1ewclrv shP prime m litary targets.
On other topics, such as un-|*ne" J"wn\,wltn ner m J.
limited Post Exchange privileges. f'ce Zski Hashem. a youns di- The announcement said U-
schooling for children of Armv Plomat. .to buy an engagement nled Nations planes were In the
emnloyes, and extension medical :'' ... general vicinity of Hangdong
of privileges, the answer remain-! The engagement was said to Monday night, but that it was
ed as before. These services have been broken soon after- imporsible to say
Meanwhile, in San Francis-
co, floods poured aver South-
ern California, adding new
misery to the five-day siete of
unrelenting storms pounding
California and Nevada with the
worst weather in half a cen-
Panam May Coin
Gold Currency
COLONEL WARNER G. BOWERS, Chief of the Surgical Con-
sultante Division of the Surgeon General's Office, Depart-
ment of the Army, arrived on the Isthmus yesterday even-
ing with two civilian members of his staff who will Inspect
ind evaluate the local medical teaching program. They will
also consider the protective care of Individual patients and
the interne training programs. The physicians will also at-
tend sessions of the American College of Surgeons, meeting
at the Hotel El Panama this week. Pictured disembarking
from a plane at the Pacfiic Air Depot are (left to right) Col.
Bowers. Dr. Robert M. Zolllnger and Dr. Edward L. Howes.
De-Icing Gear Postpones NY
Ticker-Tape Hand For Carlsen
8. Naval Station, Rodman, were
, elected president and secretary-
Finance Minuter Galileo Soils treasurer of the Panam Canal
has presented a bill for the coin- i zone Dental Society at the an-
lng of (told Panamanian currency' nuai election of officers meeting
to the National Assembly, which! held at 8 p.m. yesterday at Fort
i met fo..- he first time yesterday ciavton Hospital,
since Dec. 21. Major Machn C. Mischaux, of
'Fort Kobb, was elected vice
The bi.. also would give the president.
Banco N..clonai the authority to
Issue its own fiduciary currency.
cannot be broadened at
Two naval dentists. Comdr.l %'e local 9M delegation con-'S^te and mariie'd the daughter
Kenneth L. Longeway, 15th Na-!slsted 0f E. A. Gaskln president. N an Egyptian banker last April
I val District Dental Officer, and w H Sinclair and V. C. Caescr.
Lt. (jg) Frank D. Buckley, Den-
tal Officer at the dispensary, U.
have been broken soon after- .imporsible to say whether .
ihts ward. Hashem subsequently was not they bombed a POW camp, u-VuU? and <
appointed to Egyptian Council of M the Reds claim they did.
The Reds claim 10 United
Nations prisoners were killed
and 60 wounded. The camp was
near Pyongyang.
Hundreds fled their homes as
record ralnfa.'ls sent creeks over
washed out as well as highways
and railroad tracks.
ProDOsed Closing
The ten-point program under
discussion Involved over-all prob-,
lems affecting local rate Army Of Dinhlf) Fire
employes. |w" *M'l *
Station Protested
Dr. E. A. Gerrans, Balboa den-
tist and out-going president,
The bit. prov'des for the coin- suted that as far as the records,
Free Dinner Slated
At Pedro Miguel
BoaJ Club Jan. 19
Whe Pedro Miguel Boat
invites all its members
reveal, this ls the first time in 34' their guests to the monthly free
ears that naval dentists have! dinner and dance Saturday,
! January 19th at 6.30 p.m.
years that naval dentists
been elected to these posts.
A committee of the Pacific
Side Civil Council announced to-
day that on Instructions from
the Council lt had protested to
Governor Francis K. Newcomer,
the forthcoming closing of the
Diablo Heights fire station.
During r conference, the Com-
mittee was Informed bv the Pa-
nama Canal authorities that lt
'has been decided that the Bal-
Mam-el Caldern Is
Low Bidder For New
PC Ice Cream Plant
The same storm too!: the.iorm
of snow in Northern California,
and Nevada, locking up the Sier-
ra Mountains in a snow-bound
grip where even snow vehicles
had to give up the fight ln many
i lng of KWu Panamanian "pounds'
| ln one-pound, two-pound and
j five-poi:nrJ pieces valued at $10
per pour.J "~The~'Paam Canal Dental So-, pi^ will be the main dish;b
According to the bill, the no- clety u an amUate of the Amer- M 0nly ..Paur knows now W ^S^roUetUm
t>__.i i..AiMnn I erve Your 10S1 S2 _____'___
ship card is all you
This city postponed
mlDai l''ui. v0 ll* cu"encvicn Dental Association.
would h higher than the ln- ]___________________
trlnslc value and would not g O..A
mean any extra cost to the gov- LdlWCn JClS UUl
ernmeni since the issue would be!
financed by th- Banco Nacional
and th.' government will be able
to repay the Banco with the
same money.
Minise.-i Soils said this would
mean i gain of 25 per cent!
for the p. bile treasury. .
The i.i,i provides for an lma-
Schools closed down ns thous-
ands were marooned. Including
1.400 Marines in winter training
at Picket Meadows, California,
Manuel Caldern. Panam and all transportation halted,
businessman and contractor, was. The new storm, one of a series
apparent low bidder for the con- which has lashed far West since
structlon of an Ice cream and1 last week end. headed down from
milk bottling plant of the Com- the Bering Sea off Alaska to add
missarv Division at Mount Hope, fresh damage to the area. It was
Bids for the project were open- due to strike tomorrow,
ed today at Balboa Heights and
Caldern's lump sum offer on The lowlands around Santa
, sum offer on
member- Arrangements have also been the work of $471,875 was approx- Barbara and Ventura, about 100
need for I made for closer support by Army imately $65.800 under the second miles north of Los Angeles, wert
1 fire rigs. low bid entered. the hardest hit by floods.
To Check Report
'Adivina' Is Safe
Truman Asks Tax Jump Of 5 Billion
The Panam Port
WASHINGTON, Jan. 16 (UP) pressed by Mr. Truman and he State of the Union message and The President said that de-
President Truman ln his annual said that Americans will have to will be followed on Monday byfense costs will rise from the
Captain, economic message to Congress; give up some of their "enjoy- the budgetin which the Presi- present annual rate of $45.030^-
16 (UP).lof European honors he said he .,*"' ai')d^Baboa"'cl'wtha' announced 'today that a launch I today asked for a tax increase of ments." He also predicted cut- dent will spell out still further 000.000 to nearly $65.000.000 000
its big wel-I "didn't deserve" to a New York weleht of 987 arid onehalf mil had\m out for Otoque to con- more than $5.000,000,000 as parti backs in home-building, produc-ihls legislative requests. by next Jan. 1. He said "it is a
come-for Capt. Kurt Carlsen, ticker-tape reception he would!Brims ninctenth nur oniii firm rennrts that the missing of an anti-Communist program tlon of television sets and house-1 Well aware of congressional! tragic necessity.of our time that
skipper of the Flying Enterprise,! -prefer not to have." | BThe n-,:oosed "Doundv' would 'Panamanian craft Adivina Is in,of "tragic necessity" but aban- hold items, and said that less opposition to a requested tax in- we and other peace-loving peo-
afterthePan American Airways j- Only two things excited him 'have am ttalUr content^of even Panam Bav doned all hope of putting the de- than 4.00.000 new autos will be crease, especially ln an election pies must devote so large a part
Stratocrulser on which Carlsen on leaving London for the Un- grams 68 milligrams of nine-, A search made yesterday by ***** buildup on a pay-as-you-. built this year compared with year, both the President and his. of our resources to building up
ted States, he said: tenths onle gold la 1st A?r Rescue Squadron plane go basis. 5.300,000 in 1951. But he saw no council of economic advisers said our military strength but i
The prospect of reunion with I seemed to indicate that the Adi-i Mr- Truman estimated in his: drop in supplies of food and
his family In Woodbridge. N. J.j ___ I vina, which was reported over-' 13.0O0-word message that the clothing.
ls flying from London had turn
back to Shannon. Ireland, with
trouble ln its de-icing gear.
Grover Whalen. the city's of-
The promise of a new
flcial handshaker, announced command.
that the parade will be put back | Weary after five days of wel-
coming ceremonies, speeches and j
presentation of awards, Carlsen
evaded a crowd of several hun-
dred well-wishers who waited all
Judges' Bench
till tomorrow.
When he finally arrives here
Carlsen plans to walk, not ride.
down New York's "Highway of j evening at London Airport to see
Heroes," Lower Broadway. him off..
He made a last minute dash to
the plane through the baggage
office and boarded the Strato-
cruiser with a brief "good-bye'ed and was found"bt"gutv.
to save his sinking ship, has said and thank you" to England. The other two, Juan Antonio
he would rather not have the| Airlines officials said Carlsen Castillo, 21 and Eugenio Egberto

Carlsen, who turned his back
on offers of more than $500.000
for the story and movie rights
to his adventurous, 13-day fight
^Th^nlane's crew was able to!30' 1M "">"* further vigorous!
ideTnhUfyPlMil 'the* laTnc'hT was, ^ionjo, ral* taxes Is taken;
marked P-22, which corresponds I veri."^" kM H.ini,tratin
Three loiterers appeared this to the number assigned the Adl-
morning before the Balboa Ma- vina. This was spotted about 5
gistrate. All three were Pana- p.m. yesterday,
manlans. It ls believed that there are|
One, Julio Quijada, 19, plead- eight passengers aboard the
missing boat.
gaudy reception.
"I was only doing my duty,"
he said. "Any seaman would
have done what I did."
He is flying home from a round
had threatened to cancel his re- Muor, JO, were found guilty
servatlon for the flight unl-ss and Imposition of the sentence Thursday, Jan.- 17
arrangements could be made for | was suspended. Both defendants Hirii i.ow
him to board without meeting the, were placed on one year* pro- 6.4 a.m. 11:52 p.m.
PreM- Ibatlon. 7:11 p.m. 1:5
leaders in Congress have join-
ed the almost solid block of
Republican opposition to any
tax increase at this time, and
have demanded a reduction in
government spending.
Mr. Truman also handed
Congress a 12-point legislative
program calling for tighter
irice and credit controls, more
oreign aid, improved social
security and unemployment
benefits, continued rent con-
trols, better* farm price sup-
ports arid a revision of the
Taft-llartley law.
He said "it is even more true
of 1952 than of 1961 that we can-
not have business as usual, con-
sumer enjoyments as usual, and | cal
the United States can stand an-, because we seek peace a just
other tax rise on top of $15.700.- and lasting peace that wt
000.000 increases voted since the shoulder this burden.'
Korean war.
He said the "productive ca-
pacity of the United States
leaves no room for faint-heart-
edness or defeatism about our
ability to carry whatever nec-
essary burdens the interna-
tional situation may impose
upon us."
Mr. Truman acknowledged
that even with tax Increase, the
Mr. Truman considered it "un-
fortunate" that some government
programs and "services" will
nave to be curtailed during the
defense buildup. Among these ha
listed hospitals, home construc-
tion, and the development of re-
clamation and power projects.
He added, however, that it was
not merely a question of "guns
government will go deeper ln fls- or butter" but of striking a "mld-
?ending. sumer enjoyments as usual, and!
said that Feder- government programs and serv- peak of defense program is pass- He said that "we are making al-
1953 and
ill RO
or until the die course in an uncertain sea."
; lowances for the possibility that
al spending will hit $85.000.000,- ices as usual.
000 to $ in fiscal; The economic message is the. He said there will be a "steady| war could come suddenly but we
1953 compared with $71,000,000.- second of three major messages, increase'' in military production are also making an allowance for
000 this year. that Mr. Truman sends to Con-.during the next 18 months und the possibility of a long period
A warning that the next two gress at the beginning of each, "continuance at a high level" for of International tension without
years will be "hard" ones was ex-, session. It was preceded by a j 12 months after that. i total war."

. V~v-

T"' #

pp< mo
, 87 M st.eet o BOX 134. Panm. OF P.
TELEPHONE Panaih No 2-O740 >3 LINE1I
Cte Aocmte PANAMCniCAN. Panama
S 1.70 $ 2.80
.eo I3.00
IS so Z4 OO
Found Policy
On Moral Law
Goodness, Maybe the Age of Miracles Isn't Over Ye
Probably no brave New Year's
resolutions have been forgotten
this early in 1952.
And perhaps it isn't too late
to add one more to the list, one
that seems like a fine creed
for all ol us in a year that
promises to ring loud with the
sound and ury ol a presiden-
tial election.
The architect for such a re-
solution is John Foster Dulles
American ambassador at-large
and also the architect of the
'Dear Mr. W: Sunnier Welles married the P.incess after all.
J mean after all those denials. He even pesuaded Drew to phone
>ou to lay oil because it -simply had vo foundation." What
maks people like that, anyhow?.. .Th Oov. of Georgia is oof'ly Japanese Peace Treaty,
mii.'ed with you. son. Over your calling him lgrirint and a bigot ,J'hat treaty was founded on
for trying lo stop Arthur Godfrey's teevy show with The Mariners moral law, and Dulles, who has
because two of them aren't white. This is a Governor?___The just returned irom another look
Duke and Duchess dined with Sen. McCarthy the other night, at Japan and Korea, has some
Heard so much about him, it appears, jusi wanted to meet him. strong ideas about our own re-
Tnj social climbers!.. How do you lik- 'ied Williams being re- |gard for moral law in this new
railed to the colors? With DiMaggio quitting that makes the Red
Sox and Yanks even again.
I hear the next big scandal to irk Democrats will erupt in
the Virgin Isles. Tax delinquencies rampant, with serious reper-
cussions also in misappropriations of Federal funds. To the tune
of millions...A tip for the Washington Post: The Countess who
got slapped around at Washington's swank Dupont hostelry by a
Senator's son the other middle of the night.. .They are betting
that Henry Gruenewald will emerge from the probing relatively
unscathed. The "Dutchman," they say. has been generous to both
parties' campaign funds, etc... Owen Lattimore leaves for Europe
any day but it under subpena for Jan. 27 before the McCarran
What Dulles is afraid of is
that we are very likely to lose
sight of our role in the lree
world because of our preoccu-
pation with the election at'
-Internal unity, no doubt,
will be strained,'' Dulles
"It is right that these
national elections should
bring about a full and fair
debate of domestic and or-
i eign policies. But such de-
bates need not indeed
we must not let them
paralyze the capacity of this
nation to provide the free
world with leadership.
"The forces of despotism are
,too evenly balanced to permit
the most powerful of the free
----------- nations to retire from the world
The McGraw-Hill people very happy sbout the comment on ""I?3,'0/ l?!!a,"
Ian Colvin's "Master Spy" book. Had many calls over the one n,,iLJ J*me tlme
Item, so they've ordered a heftier printing. TI1I3 is the book that """es *as speaking those words,
also debunks the myth that Rommel was no heel...You wonder- .''"ey were given added strength,
ed about Tommy Lyman. He is singing his torchants at the Gold ""'mended, to be sure, by none
Key, the after-hours spot on W. 56th. Bu" he is not billed.. .The i011"' than Joseph Stalin him-
Peter Donalds, after a long experiment, will make it definite. She self-
.'eaves to file in Florida. ..Collier's has been getting terrific pres- i Tne Soviet leader broadcast a
are to lay off a New Yorker in their soon-due waterfront racket message to the Japanese peo-
boinb. Even from gov't circles. But It will run. pie, a message needling Amer-
ican occupation. The Soviet U-
nion. said Stalin, "deeply ,
pathizes" with what Stalin
ures are Japanese "suffering:
at U. S hands.
No doubt some disgruntled
Japanese will bow happily
toward Moscow at Stalin's
words. But thus far our
erstwhile enemy in the Pa-
cific seems highly, and
Carlton H. Palmer divorcing his 2nd wife to re-wed his first
was no scoop. Happened Dec. 4 in a quiet ceremony at River
House. He's the Squibb exec...Most disappointed over Eisen-
hower's announcement was Gen. Marshall, who got Ike to drop
out in '48. But his recent powers of persuasion failed ..You said
Janis Paige and Jeff Lynn are the only two coast worthies to
come thru unscarred by the critics her*' What about Olga San
Juan, who got raves?.. .The Geo. Treadwells (Sarah Vaugham
have reconciled., Big talk that R. Conne'.'v of Young & Rublcam
will chief the ballyhoo for Eisenhower for Press.
There is a man around Broadway crying to promote a bank-
roil for a show. Tells prospective angels be has made a deal with
you to plug it steadily in payment for some of the profits to the
Fund. Better put it in the paper. .Everything '.s fine with Nancy
WJman and her groom Arthur W. Carter. They leave for a tour
of the Caribbean.. Despite the scarcity :or seats for the "Cleo-
pa'ras," some charitable outfits are tv.ving trouble peddling
theirs. Taking ads to dump them... Murvyn We. who got such
terrific notices in "The Number'' only to jilt it fur "Modern Prim-
itive." is now unemployed. It folded fast RCA will introduce a
new TV camera prob'ly at the Conventions It -vil] be called The
Taft Cabinet Game
By Joseph and Stewart Alsop
Did you notice th name of the V. S. Destroyer that came to
th* rescue of The Fhiiig Enterprise? 'The Willard Keith." En-
sign Willie Keith is the key character in Wouk's "Calne Mutiny,"
which the Navy disowned because it handles navy people too
rough.. If you thought "I Am a Camera" is a peculiar title for a
show, how about the one. "How lo Fly With One Feather"? It's |curlty during the last century
about a bigamist... The pit band drummer at "Pal Joey." who got he said, "When we had little
raves for his art. is Jimmy Crawford of (he old Lunceford crew military strength and we were
...A anriy's ann'y Issue has a full page advert bv The CharliveU. i not wealthy enough to eive'
Its one qnote is "A Great Act." (signed) Harrv S. Truman!... much away
vnrP^.UoLare RHSSK vJ?ri r?cordl"8- ern Republican delegase?. Is widely favored for
rlZ Secretary of State General o: the Army chairman of the proposed voluntary Fair Em-
Douglas MacArthur has tlie lead No one has play- ployment Practices Commission others assert
rightly, pleased with a trea- jed s0 eminent a role in the Taft pre-conventlon that Marshall's faithiul services merit a higher
campaign. No one, seemingly, has contributed reward "'o"e
TCr&rVitKna0 "^ ^^ Ta,t'an ^^ "** **"& at aBy r3,e arC en0U?h H COn-
01 foreign relations vey the general idea ol -De Taft cabinet game
I As the leading global thinker In th? Taft camp, which is strongly tlngcr1 with theTustoinary'
"the general has a prescriptive right to this post, malice of politics In an Section vean
r2SJF3S*E2'Z.i & R0b.ert R.' McT Obviously no'one realv expects Set).
ty based, as Dulles reminds
us. on "the moral laic"
Dulles also reminds us of our
i-ation's early history.
We had our greatest influence
for good and our greatest se-
Taft to
Nancy Kelly and her used-to-be (Wm. Robson) are togetherlng
Ileie s the exact wording in that cai>l( from Okinawa: "Please
u? '. name for Korean Combat B-29 to symbolize Runyon Can-
cer Fund. Flight crew proposes contribution to Fund aft.r each
como?; mission. Lieut
8c, 19th Bomb Group.
Imagine finding time
noi: call It "Runyon Fund"?.. Senator L'-uge has a survev show-
ing, that. If nominated, Ike will lnherk a. least 75% of the na-
tion s daily papers to root him in...Jane* Beecher phoned Not
III. Just no show. Painting portraits.. Premier Mossadegh's gov't
is trying to hire a Washington press aj'.opt. but all approached
to pate spumed it. Sounds sinister, no?
"Our greatness lay In pro-
must continue an international
ducing exportable ideas "
Now he thinks that while we
aid program, we must not put
Cormlck wins hands down The self-confessed constructs cabinet oTn* SlwXfJtSmS
SSS2S 0f ihe,,,c' ft n,fed g,uden mmtary some tnc men tM^ntfl.'taCarbiSNuiS
!"& Attorney General. Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy r^SSSI^cSl&T^o^S^S:
is strongly favored. Tho. McCarthy campaign a- ing for the coming election enaunn mean
gainst alleged Communist plotters in the gov- The truth is that all cf the men named above
sen"m,rrltfn^afBtreat,y strenthM,ed th Publ"= will have most importan; cSnTonSenLlS? if
he wins the Presidency. To further truth is that
support for Taft.
Robert Alda has the inside track for the screen version of
Guys and Dolls." which is a refreshing switch The role-creator
usually lose out to some Hollywood contract plaver I like Dan-
ny Sutton. (he new crooner at LaCava. II'.'s headed for Stardust
Fray Bennett got early encouragement .11 the same soot Puc-
cini s works are about to become public domain, which should
excite some people who call themselves 'ongwrlters.. When the
Alexander Gravs get their abrogation he will we a vounr and
Weri?v. ( h,ca* widow.. ABC-tv has a nrogram that rates an
orchid. Isabel Eeighton's "How Did Thev r.ct That Wav?". Nicky
Hilton s latest is the movie's Piper Laurir.
lt| As Attorney General McCarthy wil. make sure at the moSentrthe m and{SSm\Ike them
- !*,'.? -s-!?v-e.lve? nli_tr?e i-^new admlnls- are the most conspicuous figures in the Taft
camp. And this In turn must constitute a serious
dilemma for Sen. Taft
On the one hand, tho Senator does not reallv
ways whereby we can serve ootaa sn r- _-----1 _.__.M?..""*..'":*"?
the world as did our fore-
bears. We must think more
in terms of what is the
the right thing to do. and
thus get into harmony with
the powerful force of moral
That harmony, if
idd a postscript to Dulles'ideas
OTfhwetcanba?n'l(.vnt.ih0mH L Many favor eweU ** for Secretary of the lor B^Ti^^A^'i^^^'!a^S^ away"
we can achieve it. and keep Treasury, as a conspicuous meeter of pay rolls, from many of the chief men In his S
head 1 but It Is also objected that this wUl make two ^ p'
But I he does not do so, it will also be very
For Secretary of Commerce, Sen. Owen Brews- agree, so far as the record shows? with 11 that
ter is first choice. As tne great senatorial friend is said and believed by these eminent suDoorters
Of Pan-American Airways. Sen Brewster takes a of his. even including Gen MacArthur
I lively Interest in civil aviation, control of which He can proclaim his independence of all nf
cantasla the Commerce Deoartment. And as them; ha cmSSa rep^W^jPSLaUtE
'the leading Taft lieutenant In tne Senate. Brews- fore convention time comesl e wl then stand
ter ought to have his pick of obs. forth as an unusually .-aoabl middle-nf the
For Secretary or Labor, Rep. Fred Hartley, co-. road leader, particularly with, reaari to doml\'
author of the Taft-Hartlfy act. Is almost auto- tic policy, and his grea- emertanca and Vuhfc
we itiay|matically named. integrity Will have full value bU>
A.bout tner i510?? .lncfe some dispute. On the other hand. i will be immensely hard
our rightful place at'the
June Havers big romance is Dr. Joim Mead He, last beau
was a doctor, who died...An ABC exec called Hears a Boston
group for.-.d a "cure" for polioa vaccli)'' One shot and you're
immune for lite. I haven't checked.. Oi.v Cooper's latest friend
is liamed Eileen Howe.. Peggy O'Neil. wl c thrushed at Leon &
Eddies is back with a Florida divorce.. .Fleur Cowles' devastat-
ing book about the Pcrons. "Bloody Precedent" comes out Mon.
Time-Life paid over $15.000 (over ? vear) to a public rela-
tlo-is chap who said he could plant piuss in tfce col'm. Suckers
...The publicity that Judy Garfand broke- Kate Smith's consecu-
tive performance record at the Palace is in error Kate never
r;eiL?,!, Broadway's top haberdasher outs his loss at
$100,000 (during the Yuleholidays. because gamblers and bookies
were out of action.. .Beth Brown turned down a $50.000 settle-
ment from J. Arthur Rank, who made "Stnirwav to Heaven" with-
out permission of the author. The trial is next month We had
an urgent letter from the Commanding G)fleer of a North Caro-
litiP camp to elp the wife of a Sgt.. .Cancer. She was admitted
to Memorial Hospital on Wednesday. All concerned most grate-
lul etc Nothing else exciting happening. Veddy soddy Your
Gifl FTid*y.
Notice of Meeting
To the Stockholders of
I Hoteles Inleramericanos, S. A.
Panam City, Panam, January 15, 1952.
You are hereby notified that a Special Meeting o.
the Stockholders of Hoteles Interamericanos, S. A., will be
held in the Salon Panamericano of the hotel El Panama
located at Panam City, Republic of Panam, at 4:06 p.m
Ion the 31st day of January, 1952, for the following pur-
o I
f the Articles of
1. To amend Article S
2. To amend Article 9 of the Articles of
3. To amend Article 11 of the By-Laws;
4. To elect the Directora of the corporation;
5. To transact such ether business as may
properly come before the Meeting.
of the free world while we go 1 members of the cabinet from. Illinois.
i.hrough the pains of choosing. Again, most players o tr.e aame agree that the hard for independent vtero."nd"veiTf7 lr-
our own leader for the next Interior Department ought to po to the Right groups of Republicans, to support a eandid?
four years well have made Wing Western Republican wh. can break Gov. who has been carried ic the^Presidential nomi
powerful history in 1952. Warren's control of the California delegation in nation on this particulu arouu of should.
fen. Tail's favor: but (Jure Is argument about This Is, in fact, the bluest single problem, that
no this will be. sen. Taft has to face; ara next to Gen i p"
While some predict that the "hief of the China hower himself, it Is also he blreest asset atihl
.obby. Alfred Kohlberg. will be called to serve as Elsenhower movement W^ *Met 01 the
Red-Held Americans
By Petei fcdson
WASHINGTON(NEA) There are now at To go back would meai. certain death or im
least five thousand U. 3 < .tizens detained behind prlsonment or slave laoor As lone as that ltm. .
the Iron Curtain. tlon obtains, .the dictates of numanity are that1
All errorta to get those people "sprung" from these displaced persons s-.all nov be forcibly re
their detention by the Communist countries since r^trlated or exchanged for nationsli of other
the end of the war have neen unavailing. countries held by the Soviet
This is the way the U. S. 8tate Department So a stalemate exlst3. All the conventions on
breaks down the figure: human rights passed bv t,he United Nations re
Held by Poland ........................ 2819 main worth no more than the paper thev are
Held by Russia........'................. 836 printed on as long as thes? 5000 American citizens
"e'd by Bulgaria ....................... 62 remain unwilling cap.tves of the Communist
Held by Czechoslovakia ................ 438 countries. y-
Held by Hungary ...................... 513 There Is no International court of Justice to
Held by Rumania...................... 344 which their cases can >e taken for retribution
These are only the verified cases. The figures There is no U. 8. procedure for securina the
do not Include some lS.O^G people In Poland and release of these Americans have throuah con
'another 1179 in Soviet Russia v/ho claim Amerl- stant diplomatic pressure and hope that some
can citizenship, but whuse records of naturaliza- day, eventually, action be fortncomlng
tlon are missing or Incomplete. Great to-do was made ^ver the holding of four
Similarly, these figures do not includt 32 Ame- American Air Force men whose transport plane
rican citizens held by the Chi-iese Communist was forced down in Hungary. That pressure
government since it drove the Nationalists off plus the paying of $120.000 ransom worked
the China mainland. A diplomatic deal secured the release of Anierl-
Most of this group are CathoMc and Protestant can businessman Robert vogeler
missionaries from the Interior. Five are business- Efforts to force the re cuse of American news-
men, five are women and three are students. man William Oatls, hela cy Cze-hoslovakla have
The tabulation above tires not Include the 3198 accomplished nothing.
Americans held as prlsoniis of war by the North The American Air Force plane In which the
Korean and Chinese Communist armies. And the four airmen were traveling is stll! held by Hun-
6000 Americans still reponed as missing in North gary, a simple case of ill gal seizure.
Korea make up yet anoihvr category. It is as Impudent an Insult as the Russian de-
At any rate, the only nope for obtaining the tentlon of over 660 V. S ships lend-leaaed to
release of any of these Americans held by the Russia during the war but not returned in spite
Communist countries H in the case of the prl- of repeated U. 8. demands,
soners of war. for whom exchange negotiations Still more serious than that, perhaps, is the
are now being conducted at Pa'imunjom. forgotten fact that two U 8. Navy flying boats
The Communist excuse for holding all these have been shot down by the Russiansnot by
American citizens may oe hat the Russians claim their satellites but by the Russians themselves
a number of their citizen* have been held by the In the last year and a half, with the loss of 20
Allied powers In western Europe. There Is quite a U. 8. lives.
difference in their case, however. Fifty years ago any one of these Incidents of
The people the Russians want back are the International robbery, kidnaping, murder or
displaced persons of western Europe. They are whatever name you wish to apply to these cmuw
the White Russians, the Poles, the Latvians. Esto- would have been enough to start a war.
nlans, Lithuanians and Erst Germans who do not Today there seems to be no nollcy for dealing
want to go back to thtir homelands as long as with such cases and not; even Indemnities can
_they are dominated by Communist governments, be collected as damages.
Drew Pearson says: Another unsafe mine operates a
Illinois; Lewis may erder men out of this mine; Pre-
sident Truman knew Ike was running.
WASHINGTONThe same dangerous mine exmditinn whi.te
killed 119 miners at West FrankfortTill"Sowffi al Orient IS
3 mine twenty miles away, according to mineT who work? thirl
Boh mines are owned by the same company e*
h,. ? wai,a comblnatlon of escaping gases and explosive coal
dust tnat blew up Orient No. 2 and a Bruteo Mine Workersi safet
commit ee has protested that Orient No. 3 at WaltonvUleilL
beS,ht,dowSCOme d6ath traP and haS AiWshouM.
l-^WASnS SSrU. feT65Cp1r S3
dmJ^UnrcVexrSvdeU8t CnSldered *"** 2 e foal
A G- to 24-lnch layer of coal dust wM also discovered Imita*
!nV?,e0reayreofbfmh1eaddltl0n- n -W ^SSTSSSS .
o^Bt^fJg^SSSMS^^nad already iv,B
While the Federal government lac** the power to enforce
tS,,S,if,y f'nd,ns' Jhn L. Lewis has Ule power under hi? co"?
hf Ulml",meiiut ,f ,an unsafe U waiting to learn
the outcome of a Federal inspection befo.e deciding what to do
nav to??Warie 2! KL' ?ay theyK,hav^ so ,nany OhrlStmaT bUto S
SrftatNo 3 Ba elr 'VM cont'nuni t
Oeneral Eisenhower's annoncement that he was available a*
VValifliSn"" br0Ught wlde and nterestlPg private actions ta
Here are some of them:
Churchill And TrumanWere confeirtng when the aeneral's
Pans statement was handed them. Chuiohill raised his fyebrows
rS?U?& Irllman 8rlnne.d llke a **>* wh0's bt-en keeping aT-
i.H.nrnReiJ![?f rUni^ng an.d. M HepuWlcan." heronided.
Inside GOP National Committee"This means that Taft has
real b g league competition," was the private reaction of chair-
man Guy Gabr elson. (Gabrlelson has kept aloof from Tart's bat-
tle to corral delegates, which Is why Taft wants him out
1. i*C??rlelsm..opln.ed, Priv*te'y that TsVtt would not be able to
nh,ldrv.H W' of the pnventlon delegates he now claims also -^
observed that Ike was not smart to let the Dewey professionals
open y take1 over hu drive for the nom-natlon. (rlewey Is ot ^
popular with GOP regulars).
rP!i^nrtej.^""P Reac{{en-Deweys old manager, Herbert Brow-
1 a1no\New Yorlt national committeeman Russell Spraaue are
TrfdVMmy n,n u.5 dele8at8- Both are shrewd politicians
Their ability should offset Dewey's unpopularity
Taft CampThe Taft brain trust will:
1) Put out the idea that Ike Is a Dewey "s'ooge"*
'J9EPmBBi 22&^SL5?. Ik,,', Secretary of State and
'train the big guns on his old '
M.a.cAr.th1u_r ls specially burned up over Ike'-: slip that he was
once MacArthur's ghost-writer and ls Itching to let loose with
?!* h0<80t. (Ike wrote MacArthur's farewell to the Army when
Mac retired as chief ostaf --. stirring message).
DemocCatW lotiftrtMee JMIajonReblar Democratic lead-
ers privately aren't happy about Ike's announcement ,
t !cy. 2M8 ]?"* WF .^ help the Republicans nominate '
Taft btileve Taft would be the easiest Republican to beat"angeJ strategy bef;an 0ac!c ln :950 when Demo-
cratic bigwigs helped put a weak candidate, Jumpin' Joe Fer-
ii.son up against Taft In the Ohio election. They wanted Taft
keprln the Senate as the ultimate opponent against Truman
Kefauver ReactionThe Senator from Tennessee took Ike's r
nnnouncement ln his quiet stride, continued with pljini to toss
his coon-skin hat ln the Presidential ring.
Governor Warren' Chief Republican to benefit from the
Eisenhower-Taft battle will be the governor of California. A dead-
lock between the two could put Warren ln.
The President's remark to Churchill that he knew Ike would
run as a Republican was based on two conversations which "
George Allen and Averell Harriman had with Elsenhcwer.
To both, the general made it clear he would acceot the GOa
nomination if tendered.
Tiuman, in turn, sent word to Pans that he hstl no objee-
Mor to Ike's runlng in fact was glad to have an antl-isolationist
Republican oppose Tart's isolationism.
Bui the President said he hoped Fis^nhower would remain
on the job ln Europe untn the North A'lnrtlc Pact was working.
New Hampshire's high-strung Senator Charles Tobey Is so
broken over his second wife's death tha'. ;e can hardly talk with-
out weeping. She died after a hip Injury received while nursing
him. Tobey broke into tears repeatedly us fellow Senators came
around to comfort him on the Senate's nr.enlng day.
Shirley Temple has been giving her former movie friends
tne brush-off since she became the wife :f Commander Charles
Black, a Navy officer now stationed ln Washington. D.C.
When movie stars or producers pus-, through Washington
tiiey can't even phone Shirley, must rely on telegrams to reach
Even telegrams usually are Ignored, however with one
notable exception Shirley's former hairdresser. Annabelle Levy.
When Miss Levy came to Washington with th' movie company
filming Bob Pirosh's "Mr. Congressman." her '"Icgram not only
was answered, but Shirley dropped ^toind ln person to talk
over o.d times.
Screen Star
1,4 Depicted
12 God of love
14 Gainer
15 Continued
17 Either
18 Beverage
19 Symbol for,
20 Falsehood
21 Novel
23 Decimeter
3 Correlativa of
4 Bargain event
5 Size of shot
6 Famous
English school
7 Uncommon
8 Decigram
9 Interest (sb.)
10 Require
11 Odin's sword
13 Window
16 Three-toed
22 Tiny
Answer to Previous Puzzle
ail iz>\:im\ i|m. i;ir-;
r 1 IT ll:ICHi[llliMLj
1 .'-'.: wujiiWif "
WJ F-JUM^iIil I .- <
Ui IMi-i-
: IWt iS\
'ii t :sil-''_'":i-:r-;
24 Morindin dye 24Chane
25 Babylonian S&S.
deity 27 Dry
27 It indisposed
29 Type of cheese
32 Decay
33 Palm leaf
34 Follower
35 Knock
36 Short barb
38 Hostelries
39 Thus
40 Rupees (sb.)
41 Pronoun
43 Piece out
46 Narrow inlet
46 French article
60 Playing card
62 Symbol for
61 Horn
55 She is an
56 Eternities
5B Saddest
60 Small cbUd
2 Scope
28 Greek letter
30 Wolfhound
31 Cartographi
37 Part of the
38 Angry
41 Entangles
42 Reverberate
44 Military csp

45 Indian
46 Rave
47 Within
48 Cotton fabric
49 Formerly
51 Ever (contr.)
54 Land parcel
56 Senior (sbj
57 Whist


f^acihc Society
Bo. 17, JU VJL &Mm 3521
The Commanding General, United States Army, ^rib-
bean, Major General Lester J. Whitlock and Mrs. Whitlock
entertained last evening at six o'clock at their quarters at
Fort Amador with a cocktail party given in nonor of Brig-
adier General John A. Elmore and the visiting Officers from
the Department o the Army. .
Lt. Governor And Mrs. Vogel
To Entertain
Invitations have been issued by
the Lieutenant Governor of the
Panama Canal and Mrs. Herbert
D. Vogel to a reception to be
given in honor ol her brother-in-
law and sister. Brigadier General
and Mrs. Joseph A. Cranston
on Friday from 6 to 8 D.m. at
their home on Balboa Heights.
General and Mrs. Cranston
are expected to arrive on the
Isthmus on Thursday and will be
the houseguests of the Vogels
during their stay.
Ambassador To Spain
Visiting Here
Mr. Francisco Morales, the
Ambassador of Panama to Soain.
arrived recently from Madrid for
a visit in Panama.
announce the arrival of a baby
son, Hiram Denis Overall, born Watercoiorg B, MjaJW" To Be
0nan-r.ii,ii t. .mnlnv.l ax Exhibited Through Saturday
Mr. Overall is employed as exhibition of watercolors
radio dispatcher for the Balboa u Haoran Malone dis-
Police and is the son of Mr fayed ,n tne Gallery of the Jew-
Wayneit Overall and the late py^j Board Center wU1
Mrs. Overall, of Elizabeth town, I"" thr0UKn Saturday. The
Kentucky, His wife is the former "main thiough sat r y
Hotel Tivoli were: 1st, Captain
and Mrs. 8. 8chafer; 2nd. Major
and Mrs. N. Holladay; 3rd. Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Brady; 4th. Mr.
and Mrs. W. Kennedy; and 5th,
Mrs. Helen Kelley and Mrs. M.
All Interested bridge players
are cordially invited to attend
and to play in the tournament
next Monday night.
Written for NEA Service
Deloris Schuver, daughter of Mr.
Andrew Schuver and the late
Mrs. Schuver. of Summit. South
Garden Exhibit To Be
Held In February
A garden exhibit will be held
by the Cardenas River Garden
Club on Feb. 16 and 17 at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles
P. Morgan at Mlraflores. The
Gallery Is open to the .
from 9 am. to 10 p.m.
Cotillion Class To Meet
The cotillion Class will meet
at 7 p.m. tomorrow in the Wash-
ington Salon of the Hotel El Pa-
nama. The class will be instruct-
Congressman Moves To Reject
Revenue Bureau Clean-UpPlan
ed by a guest teacher, Mrs. Liona
Sears, of New York.
P. Morgan at Mlraflores. Tne m iiAi ai rmlrn Miruel
;e open to the General Public
? 85
AS 4.QJ10984
V B 8 5 3 2 / None
? 2 AIS
+ J8643 ? Q10
? K Q J 10 8 7 4
North-South vul.
No ih East Seath WmI
IV l* 3 4> Pats
4* Pan 4 Pass
4V Pss 6 4 Pass
Pass Pats
Opening lead6 S
WASHINGTON, Jan. 16.(UP)Rep. Clare
E. Hoffman (K-Mich.) introduced a resolution yes-
terday to reject President Truman's controversial
plan for reorganizing the scandal-plagued Internal
Revenue Bureau.
Hoffman's move assured a showdown vote on
tHe plan which will go into effect automatically on
March 14 unless vetoed by either the House or
Opposition forces must muster 218 votes in the
House or 49 votes in the Senate the kill the pro-
Mr. Truman proposed abolish- corruption In the government.
To Meet Tonight
In El Panama
| Singing in America, Inc. will
meet in the Hotel El Panama
tonight at 8.
A program of especial Interest
has been prepared and mem-
The Panama chapter of theibcrs. prospective members and
Society for the Preservation and guests are expected to be pre-
Encouragement of Barbershop sent precisely at 8 o'clock.
from 3 to 6 p.m. on Saturday,
Feb. 16. and on Sunday, Feb.
17 from 1 0a.m. to 6 p.m.
Bingo will be played tomorrow^, in around m thelr belfrles.
. at the American Legion Club at thj hand F|sh
Dinner Honors Costa Rican
A-*iassador And Wife
The Ambassador of Costa Rica
to Panama and Mrs. Alfonso'
Guzman Leon, who returned re-;Pen Women To Meet Friday
centlv from a vacation spent in | All artist members of the Ca- "*" Amador at 7:30 p.m. Mem-
S FS VSFjBftf the a^of^M^^SSiS ffi thr guests are invited
Consul General and Secre'arv of
the Costa Rican Embassy In Pa-
nama and Mrs. Gerardo Jime-
atBsegvenWihlS SEES T?h ngir^^^dg; wouid^put"un^r CM1 Servic,
SL^Mbruel Boat Club. fiLSS. HSL S2?^fS5' except the commissioner, who
Pedro Miguel Boat Club.
American Legion Club
Sponsors Bingo Thursday
Bingo will be played tomorrow
legislation noes not siop cor-
ruption any more than ihe 10
commanaments stopped sin."
The resolution automatically
requires hearings on the Presi-
dential plan and a report by the
House execuUve expenditures
committee within 10 ua.. s. The
House itself does not have to
act on Hoffman's resolution.
The House tax scandal inves-
Hoffman said "legislation is gating committee 'announced
ing the oi.icea oi .tits w ux
collectors, who now are appoint -
rd by the President, and replac-
ing them with up to 5 district
commissioners under Civil Ser-
All other bureau officials a'su
Card of Thanks
t We wi'jh to express our sincere appreciation to our
many friends of the Canal Zone who donated blood for
the health of ROBERT J. CONNEELY during his present
illness at Gorgas Hospital.
LiCB'.i e rtuiciiuu'il i-cii nuiHvui-- _.
are requested to attend a meet- j to awena.
Mr. Cao-Garcla Honored
A* LnncHeon
Mrs. .Toseoh Cao-Gprci!' was
ti-e r""'X of horor pt a luncheon
Mondav Riven bv Mrs. Ien^clo
>-iir>r. Jr.. the wlfe of the Min-
ister of Foreign Relations, at her
home. _____
G*rterl **-.-l Mrs. Schley
Tt S'l Fridav
* v ^*^4 **** "**^* **** ^ *- *%* ^ ^* -
ing Fridav 9 a.m. in the Little
Gallery of the Hotel Tivoli.
Those attending are requested
to bring their paintings for the
general exhibition in the Little
Gallery and are also asked to; A /"!*# ArtlStS
bring any paintings that would!.5X5 OUe5r MH
be suitable entries to be sent
to Washington. D. C. for the
Biennial Contest.
Colon Rotarians
To Have Ingram
j' exP?rt3 SSkLfXS' wept the commissioner, who
Ushbeln told me the other day. 16tul,w0uk, be appointed by the
I looked doubtful. For a "PC!president
time I have believed that *Ui Hoffman said "legislation Is -...
oridge experts have a few bats]not the answer t0 cleaning up today that it will open public
- ueanngs Jan. 21 on various pro-
posals to improve the Revenue
But it will not consider the
president's plan which has been
referred to the executive ex-
penditures subcommittee.
Mr. Truman's plan is expected
to meet siiff opposition in Con-
gress, even from members of his j
Fort Kobbe Officers Wives
To Meet For Luncheon
The Fort Kobbe Officers' Wives
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ingram
vvill be guest artists at the Cris-
tobal-Colon Rocary Club lunch-
eon tomorrow at noon.
Ingram made his first musical
rubSS'hoM^thSrmoitbE #tu3Kret the Panama National
VKfirS the BoPrd of Scheon" ^r^^^\^^^^^^'Z,
SJSKi"in Panamn Canal Fort Kobbe Officers' Club at I fWgforth..JMtaf*Jgf*
rectors of the Panamn Canal
Corm-ny and formr Govprnor p.m.
o the P?nam* Canal Maior
Genersl Jullpn L. PchW P"d | Winners Of Bridge
I'rS fcoplev left todav for the, Tournament Announced
Atlantic Side where they Will be I The winners of
New York and studied undei
Madam Olga Samaroff. Grad-
uating from Julllard he studied
at the National Conservatory ol
Rridtrp Paris, France, under Yves Nad
onugc___w-lJ hi., lout rilnlnrao
until Friday when they olan to evening In the_Card Room of the n iou.
pr_il for New York aboard the S.
8. Panama.
m Negro Convict Kills
Dr. Arias Honored On Birthda
JS-AVCr a^upoi'Vheirjwo Guards In Pique
friends at a luncheon glvei "n|
Sundpv at their home in Kl VPlle
Mrs. Ingram made her first
studies in Brazil and then stu
died in the National Conserva
tory of Paris.
in celebration of rh birthday
v.. anniversary of Dr. Arias.
Over Alleged Btas
SAN QUENTIN, Cal., Jan. 16
(UP). Eugene Burwell, 24, a
Legion Post No. 1
Schedules Smoker
For Friday Night
To get back to the hand, Fish-
ein .said lie had shown it to a fanal fllflflltlArC
dozen experts and also to a dozen > V>Hllal VIUIIIIIVIJ
average players. "All the average:.
Sa sfflfaiift SSeYu Money Congressional
down at trick two." fti* E C **#
Every declarer quite properly; "" Jvl f IvwJ
wins the opening spade lead with own party. Many Democrats feel
the king. All the average players' Copies of the oeclsion or tne it would deprtve them of choice
then lead a trump. East can take United States Court of Claims in patronage opportunities,
his ace of trumps, but can do!Ihe case of Andrew W. Dewling Some Republicans
nothing to defeat the contract' v. the United States, ruling that ioathe
since West is then trumpless. I annuities received under the Pa-
South can easily regain the lead; nama Canal Construction Service
to draw trumps, after which he Annuity Act are not subject to
The regular annual meeting of the stockholders
of "Panam American Press, Inc." will be held at
the offices of the Company, No. 57, H Street, Panam
City, Republic of Panam, at 2 p.m. on Monday, Jan-
uary 21, 1952.
has tricks to burn.
All the experts see that West's
lead is a singleton spade. They quoted:
oler iao t lint o trnniM lead TV i 11 uni>t>
income tax, have been received!
on the Isthmus.
Republicans were
. to indorse an Ad-
ministration reform which
might tend to water down
the political dynamite latest
in the tax scandal issue.
Chairman Robert Ramspeck of
Portions of the opinion are.Lhe civli service Commission
lead is a singleton spade. TheyqUoted: said In a speech In New Orleans
also see that a trump lead will "Plaintiff sues to recover in- j today tnat the ref0rm would be
allow East to win and lead a!COme taxes assessed against him!a ionK step ^ tne right dlrec-
second spade. Then West will Dy reason of the inclusion In his i Uon gut he added that "lt
iT*f iVilabe Vi hoc n elntrlstrt?t _.*> f mAimtr urhfpPl '__.__u %___.n i__n__ _____ ii_ _
ruffunless he has a singleton
trump as well as a singleton
To guard against the spade
ruff, all the e:
at the second -
to win in dummy and cash the
ace and king of clubs In order to
discard the six and ace of spades
from the South band.
It looks like a fine idea, but
Dy reaoon ui uic u..u.v.i ..-. i tion. But he added that "it
gross income of amounts which. would be still better if even the
he says were gratuities, and [0D position were placed under
therefore, not to be included. civil 8ervice."
If they were gratuities, they Hoffman insisted that Civil
ii nicy wcc Bi....-. j nuuuiaii uisisii-u uhm wivu
against the spade ,are not t De included because service "is not the answer" be-
experts lead a heart|sectlon 22 of Title 28. Internal.cause lt doea not necessarily bar!
id trick. The plan is Revenue Code, says that 'gifts ;"political indorsements" in the;
e are not to be Included In gross; selection of personnel. He said'
Income. {many bureau employes involved:
"The report of Commissioner i jn recently exposed scandals;
Foster, to which rfo exception 'twere under Civil 8ervice.
., u. taken, shows that the contro-| Hoffman said corruption de-
East ruffs the heart at trick two, Versial sums were paid plaintiff j veloped In the government be-
aUtO- ..,,.l non Art nf CnnnreSS,.. nona nl Mr Trnmon' "tacfs"
.-...-. ....... hn h 11- ---------- -"-. vcioiai &U1ILO wo.t J*wU 1-.----, ciupcu ll lliC KU,CIIIIIICIIL UC" ,
and all the experts are auto- pur.uant to an Act of Congress... | CPUae 0f Mr. Truman's "taste"
matlcally set. As a matter of wn|Cn was passed in recognition f0r his "Pendergast henchmen"!
fact, the experts take quite a of tne exceptional character of,in making appointments when I
Ars. Haiioran is nosie (UP). Eugene Burwell. 24, a beating, since the defenders then tn. Services rendered by plain-,he has "honest, decent Demo-
r Dinner Negro convict.enraged by alleged By popuiar request. American get a spade ruff, a second heart.u,t am0ng other United States iCraU" to choose from.
Mrs. Edward R. H?noran. tne discrimination in the prison here,, -_egi0n post No. 1 will hold an-lruff, a spade trick, and the MS) Km. in the construction of 1
clfe of Comminder Haiioran 01 stabbed t0 deatn two prison; other "smoker" for members and. o trumps. Down four on a hand \thm Panama canal... -! 1
may also be said that this
Panam Hals-
al Holla's
blocked unblocked

'*rs. Edwara n. n-i'"10" ""i discrimination m tne prison nere, -_egi0n p^t No. 1 will hold an-lruli, a spade tricit, and tne aceirn ens
wife of commander Haiioran 01 stabbed to death two prison; otheT "smoker" for members and o trumps. Down four on a handL_ pZ
the Navel Reservation, was tne ,<.uards wjth half of a pair of 12- .uests at their club at Fort Am-1 that any average player makes. It m
ho*e5s at a dinner given sptur- lnch sears last n(Rht. and Injured, jdor on Friday. it should be pointed out, as|. rt OT
dv evening at the Army-Navy | two/)ther guards. Fishbelng agreed, that East T tne
Club in honor of the wife o' the
Citv Editor of thp New York
Times, Mrs. Robin E. Garst.
.. guards.
The Warden said Burwell was] Festivities will start at 7 and
a convict from Los Angeles and continue until 11 p.m. with all
m.. ..,...,, I *. Lia t.noi-e In Hfp ------ nnt *.***! rlvlnlr am Ilia
was serving a five years to Hie
sentence for robbery. He said
that Burwell deliberately killed
one correctional officer In the
Matthew j prison library. Then, with a
you can eat and drink as the
theme for the evening.
Second Vice Commander F. H.
No Hort Partv To
H-'or Visitors |wi_ __--------_ v~..---------------------.....-
r-aotain and Mrs. Matthew 1 prison library. Then, with a 1 Donlckiehas arranged a full pro-
Manlv. who pre exoected to ar-;convict accomplice, he mingled 1 gram of music and entertaln-
rlvP Pundav from Californli for,witn other prisoners going to ment, and promises that there
a visit to the Isthmus will he j acd f rom night classes and took will be no congestion In the bev-
honored bv a group of friends another correctional officer into erage lines.
at a no host party to be given a smaU projection room and
on Monday evenln?. at thf un- stabbed him to death. Over 350 attended the last
'on Club. Any friends of the j Tw0 other guards were cut 'smoker."
horor guest? who are interested about the face and hands when|
in lolning the party are Qked,they scuffied with the two con-; Tickets are $3 and may be ob-
to telephone the'r reservations vcts ^ the I'-rary before over- talned either at the door or from
to the Union Club. )0werlng them. members of Post 1.______
Captain Manly. USN (ret).was
.. 1944 was a complement
1 to the Act of March 4, 1915...;
should double six diamonds as, Hv ^ls iatter Act the officers of
a signal for a heart opening MM, \3L Army ^ Navy and of the
Then South Is surely setexpert pgh^ Health Service were 'ex-:
or not. tended the thanks of Congress'...,
because of their services in con-
nection with the construction of
the Canal," and for these ser-'
vices they were awarded certain
increases In rank and pay... |
"Both Acts were passed not to
fulfill a legal obligation, but as
Tne ooay ui oo-.vci-vi >- token of gratitude for services
Usher Ed H. Decamp was found fithfully rendered in an lnsect-
in an oil filled ditch behind a mfected fever-ridden, tropical;
land. Legally the Government
formerly Captain of the Port of
Balboa ?nd Chief of Staff at the
J^Flfteenth Naval District.
Talmadge Electoral Bill
Thought Aimed At Truman
Mrs. Richard W. Johnson
Visiting Here
Mrs. Richard W. Johnson, ol
San Antonio. Texas and former,
resident of the Canal Zone, ar-1
rived on the Isthmus Sunday by I ATLANT jan. u (UP) A be quoted by name said the bill
Braniff Airways for a visit WIm amied at barring President is aimed at keeping President
several weeks with Cplone^ and Truman Il0m running in Geor-
Mrs. Alexander A. Dobak of Fort 1 gia and giving qov. Herman
Clayton. Talmadge virtually unlimited
, ----- I control over election disputes
Shermans Visiting ; was introduced in the State
Here From Ohio senate yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Homer Sher- The oU, sponsored by Tai-
man, of Fremont. Ohio, arrived, madge and introduced by his
Mondav aboard the S. S. Pana-; senate ieaders, abruptly shat-
ma from New York for an ex-! txie the -peace and harmony"
tended visit with their son and, edlcted ior the legislature's
daughter-in-law. Mr. and Mrs. i30-day session which began yes-
Richard B. 8herman. of the Ga-, terday. Anti-Talmadge leaders
vilan Area In Balboa. Mr. Rich- 8h0uted "outrage" and "totali-
ard Sherman Is from the Oen-jt%Tlsm" wnen informed of the
eral Accounting Office in Wash- bin.
ln"ton,D. C The measure would create a
Gamecock Magazine
Publisher Dies
GAFFNEY. S. C, Jan. 16 (UP)
The body of 80-year-old pub-
garage here today by a group a
searching high school students.
The publisher of the nation-
ally circulated Gamecock ma-
owed them nothing.
"What It appropriated for
auv circuiauca unumuv .- iv.em was a token of 'the thanks
eazlne "Grit and Steel" had been IJ2 congress' for the services
the object of a wide search since rendered The amounts payable
he disappeared from his home under this Act were ^gifts' from
here Saturday.
Truman off the ballot in Geor-
gia if he is a candidate for re-
election this year. He predict-
ed a stiff row over the bill. -
Talmadge along with South
Carolina Gov. James F. Byrnes
is a leader of Southern Demo-
crats who are out to beat the
President. Both men are back-
ing Sen. Richard Russell (D-
Ga.) for the Democratic nomi-
Although the election bill bore,
the names of Sens. Grady RawLs
of Albany and Guy Connell of
Valdosta. Talmadge told news
Sheriff Juliana. Wright said
Decamp apparently fell Into the
knee-deep, oil filled ditch and
died sometime later from in-.
Jures received in the fall.
Wright said the ditch was used
to carry off waste oil drained
from cars in the garage. He said
Decamp was the dean of South
Carolina newspapermen and
twice served as president of the
State press association. His cock-
fighting Journal has a large na-
tional, and world, circulation.
He attended nearly every world
series and many other major
sports events.
*iaaaMV>diSURURa: SL3ai&S
sw,afi?w SSBSE-^laawSMWs
Interior of^"anama after which
they will return to the Canal
New Cradle RoU
Member Arrives
Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Overall
Ith the governor as cnairman.; ~ -- onprt Ls tn "clarify
It would have the wide poww J*" ekctions h\-
ers to pass on qualifications o e
Presidential electors and to de-
termine which political parties
could get on the general elec-
tion ballot. It would also pre-
vent the names of Presidential
and Vice Presidential candidates
from going on the ballot with
Presidential electors.
One highly-placed adminis-
tration leader who declined to
under this Act were 'gifts' from
the United States Government
and should not be included in
plaintiff's Income in any year in
which they have been received
"Plaintiff is entitled to re-
there was no evidence of ioul.dred mothers organized them-
selves into a vlgUante group of
traffic enforcement aides after
a six-year-old boy was kllledby
a hit-and-run motorist. The
women patrol the streets and
take license numbers of cars
driven too fast or recklessly.
RoomU J. F. de U Oses.
Tel. 2-1069
The all-powerful elections
commission set up under the
bill Includes Attorney General
Eugene Cook and Comptroller
Zack Cravey in addition to the
Cravey Is an old-time Tal-
madge supporter and Cook has
Issued a number of pro Tal-
madge rulings in the past two
Under the measure, th com-
missioners 'shall decide all con-
troversies that may arise in
connection with the qualifica-
tions of candidates for electors
of President and Vice Presi-
They also would pass on "all
questions as to whether any
political party is entitled to
have the names of its nominees
placed on the ballot.''
There has been some specu-
lation that should Mr. Truman
be renominated by the Demo-
cratic Convention, the Georgia
Democratic Convention would
nominate Russell or some other
person as its candidate.
Should this develop, the pro-
posed election commissioners
might keep Truman electors off
the ballot.
at its best...
.. with Inadequate facilities,
no certain finished look, and
no guaranteewhen you can
have a professional one rom-
Dlete for onlv .$! It will
last longer and look better'
These cao be had
m aaMakn
lllaritza de Kybarrio
Winner of the first vote count for
ueen o
/ rf. |12
f Carnival
Give your favorite candidate a boost
Every cent P^id at EL PANAMA for
food or beverage is worth one vote
. The First Vote Count Festival
was a gay success
don't miss
Mas year
Mrs. Bates Wieman Mgr.
Sunday ... 8 p.m. ... in the Patio
. Tamborito Dances Carnival Fun ...
Those attending the
at 6:30 p.m.
will receive a FREE TICKET
to the vote counting fiesta
Entrance otherwise, $1.00 (worth 100 votes)
Dancing Sunday for the Buffet and the Festival
to the rhythms of
ANGELO JASPE and his Super Orchestra
. named
Aiided Attraction:
Vergara and his Carnival Band!
A Klrkelr. Holt

rGF ror
Cargo and FreightShips and Planes-Arrivals and Departures
(A Limited Number of Paenger Berth!
I O I I Klll'l
MS Wa>hinlnn............'......................... J.muary 21
SS V.lugne:,....................................... January 23
SS X.................................... ... January 25
I.ilierte........................... Jamiao 2.1
Cmomb.e.......................................... February 24
trialuh.1. rHr.NUI LINE, fU Hut ill IS Irl. I-U7* lull
Panama UNDO V MADURO. S A Bin 10.18
Tel Panama 1-IM.l 1-IMI
Accepting Passengers for
(Every room with connecting bathroom)
Tel: Cristbal 1781
Balboa 1065
Y I'm not SUPERSTITWUS.- but mav-^I
Shipping & Airline News
K.I..M. Announces Sight-Seeing Tours
Tourist Class Service Of Panama Announced
To Europe In Spring A series of sightseeing trips are
K.L.M. Royal Dutch Airlines now being sponsored by the Co-
announces today the inliotiuction, Ion Chamber of Commerce to
of a Tourist Class on its North different points of the Republic.
Atlantic Service to Europe The The purpose of these tours is to
service ill start on May 1st assist Isthmian residents, a* well
when K.L.M. increases the num- as those visiting the Isthmus, to
ber of Hights lo Europe I rom become better acquainted with
four to five weekly, and will be.Panama,
flown with giant 60-passenger This young
DC-G aircraft.
Republic. Inter-
nationally known as the "Cross-
1 em route limited sleeper aecom-
modatiou is still available.
Repairs On Rammed Ship
; -Charles L. D."
" Completed Today
On these flights meals are roads of the world" is fast be-
available at moderate prices. Tea'coming the center of million-
and coffee are served to the pas- dollar industries enterprises
sengers free of charge. clue to her geographical position
An extra saving on the normal and unexplolted resources. To-
One-way and return fares Is ob- day. Panama is also attracting !
talncd when making use of this: world Interest as a rendezvous
new Tourist Class. lor sightseers due to her colorful
K.L.M. s has announced that'historlcal background and unique
everything possible will be done.scenery and traditions.
t ogive the tourist class passeng- The first tours are scheduled
erg the best possible service. ,for the San Bias Islands. Begin-,
K.L.M. will continue to main- ning next Sunday, these trips
tain its operation ol regular and will be made on a Saturday or
super de luxe "sleepair" trans- Sunday using a 26-passenger.
atlantic services. On the South- DC-3.
Parties will leave Tocuinen Air- ]
1 ort at 8:00 a.m. arriving at Man-;
dinga Point (on the mainland
at or about 8:30 a.m.
From this point the group will
be whisked through the jungles'
The French freighter Charles by truck to the ruins of the old'
L. D. which rammed the Canal banana pier; then a trip by ca-
bank near Gamboa, and was laid vuco to the Governor's launch..
tip in Cristobal for repairs, is ex- on which they will head for thei
pected to leave this week after picturesque Islands inhabitied by'
reloading her wheat. The cargo the Indians living in thatched!
"of 8.300 tons of wheat was re- huts.
moved from her holds while re-, Some of the better known is- I
^psdt.s were being completed. lands which are included in this'
.'.. Ajient for the ship. Payne and 30 mile launch trip, time permlt-
-Wardlaw could not estimate the i ting, are Iguana, El Porvenir.
MaWMent of the damage, however carti and Nala Nega. The plane1
-a spokesman said that the re- is scheduled to return to Tocu- |
;;3>airR made here were temporary men by 5:30 p.m. on the same
i-ener. day.
Ti'.c Charles L. D. Is under Other tours are scheduled for
harter to the British Ministry, perme on the Colombia border,
of Food and is carrying 8,300 locale of the Cuna and Darlen
"tons of wheat from Vancouver Indians, and two-day trips to
-to the United Kingdom. Changuinola on the Costa Rican
.; Aboard the ship were two border, locale of the United Fruit
-stowaways, both age 25. One. a company's banana, cocoa and
"Cuban Juan Mottcr Morvai. was abac plantations. The second;
returned to CuDa. The status of day the party proceeds to David'
^aios Bene. a Hungarian, was where a bus trip to Boquete has!
still unknown although it was oeen arranged.
^believed he would remain aboard For further Information on'
i-the ship. 'Continued on .''age SIX)
Great White Fleet
New Orleans Service
*S.S. Quirigua .................................Jan. 20
S.S. Levers Bend ..............................Jan. 2fi
S.S. Chiriqui ..................................Jan. 27
Handling Re.frlfer.ted Chilled and Genera tarjo
New York Service Cristbal
S.S. Jamaica ..................................Jan. 19
S.S. Cape Cumberland .........................Jan. 20
S.S. Comayagua ..............................Jan. 22
Weekl) Silling* lo New York. Lot Anrd's, San Francisco, Seattle
Occasional sailiDfi to New Orleans and Mobile.
Cristobal lo New Orleans via
Tela. Honduras
Sails from
S.S. Chiriqui ..................................Jan. 29
- PANAMA 2-2804
m.8. "LEXA

(Every room with connecting bathroom)
Tel. Cristbal 1781
Balboa: 1065
Everybody Reas C\a$$\fe$
5 CHRIS WELKEN. Planeteer
tilia BUNNY

r-r..... -----------'---------
.^ttlantie ^ocietu
B0, 195, Q*U tL^k fcm* 378
MR. AND MRS. BRUCE J. TROUTMAN following their recent
wedding In the Oatun Union Church.
In a quiet ceremony at the Gatun Union Church. Miss
. Anna Byerly, daughter of Mr. Arthur Byerly of Elizaueth-
vllle. Pa., and Mr. Bruce J. Troulman, of Cristobal, ion of
Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Troutman, also of Eli/abethville.
were united In the holv bonds of wedlock last Friday by
Reverend J. William L. Graham.
The bride chose for her wed-!C- L. Johnston, Mrs. Qeorge
ding an aqua shantung suit, with i Wills. Mrs. E. L. 8locum. Mrs.
white accessories. Her flowers it A MacKenzie. Mrs. H. A.
were a corsage of orchids. .Kleefkins. Mrs. R. N. Ruley.
Mrs. Edward J. Mann was the.Mrs. A. F. Howard. Mrs. Sam
only attendant. She also wore a,Roe/Mrs. T. E. Englebright. Mrs.
auit. of green gabardine, with Walter Freudlgman. Mra. W. R.
white accessories and a corsage Dlxon. Mrs. J. Browne. Mrs. 8.
of white carnations. D. Mann. Mrs. J. W. Nelson.
Sergeant Edward J. Mann was Mrs. Alfred T. Marsh, Mrs. Vic-
best man for Mr. Troutman. 'tor May, Jr., Mr. Norman B.
Following the ceremony an In-:Davison, Mrs. W. A. Hadarlts.
formal reception was held at the Mrs. R. S. Knox, Mrs. Michael
Fort Oullck N. C. O. Club, F. Greene and Miaa Helen Mll-
Mlss Byerly arrived on the loy.
ted States Amy at Fort sner Mrg Evemt R
man until 1950. He is at present Richard I Pen-
oTn Rnosf.ili l New Cria- Cunningham. Mrs. 81 a r f o r d
123-D Roosevelt Ave.. New cna lchurchm_ ar Mrs. Fred New-
tobai. hard, Mrs. Arthur Albright. Mra.
multi-colored hibiscus blossoms
and yellow alamanda scattered
scattered among the greenery.
Other out-of-country guests
Included the Grandmaster of the
Grand Lodge of Costa Rica. Mr.
Eric C Murray and the '-ist
grand master. Mrs. A. Fai b.
Mr. Jorge Trlatan. and Mr. Alex-
ander Murray and the Deputy
Past Grand Master. Mr. A. M.
The other Masons and their
ladies who attended were: Mr.
and Mrs. Curtis George. Mr. and
Mrs. Worden E. FTench, Mr.
and Mrs. William Badders, Mrs.
C. L. Johnston, Mr. and Mrs.
J. W. Nelson, Miss Helen Milloy,
Sergeant and Mrs. 8. D. Mann.
Mr. and Mrs. Harland V. Ho-
ward. Mr. and Mrs. F. C Wll-
loughby. Mr. and Mrs. Leon
Egolf. Mr. and Mra. Fred New-
hard, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore
Englebright, Mr. and Mrs. W-
R. Dlxon and Messrs: Stariord
Churchill, 8r.. Starford Chur-
chill, Jr.. R. K. Hanna. Rev.
Henry L. Bell. Mr Henry Bige-
low, Jr., and Mr. James E.
Visitors Arrive for
Medical Convention
Among the arrivals Monday
were Major-General and Mrs, M.
C. Stayer, of Carlisle. Pa., who;
formerly resided on the Isthmus
when Gen. Stayer was stationed
here as the Chief Health Officer.;
Accompanying the Stay e r s;
were: Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Lee.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Relghard;
and Mr. and Mrs. Chester Rob-;
ertson, all from Pennsylvania.
The group crossed the Isthmus
to register at the Hotel El Pa-
nama, but will return to the At-
lantic 8lde Thursday and re-
gister at the Hotel Washington,
before sailing Friday for the
Without Popconi: Lana Turner
Is panting in lie arms of Fer-
nando Lame-, en the set of
MGM's "The :.lerry Widow." But
It's in the sciipt.
The stepped-uu. fast-and-furl-
ous portion of the famous waltz
scene is being filmed and Lana,
huffing and puffing, leans
against her co-star for support.
Again and again, the two stars
whirl di/.zilv as the camera soars
I upwards on a crane to photo-
graph them.
Time out and I strain to over-
hear the conversation between
Lana and Fernando, hoping for
i a romantic morsel for fans who
dote on the off-screen heart di-
does of stars.
Romantic? Lana, gasping for
breath, pokes Fernando in the
ribs with her elbow and says:
"Mother told me there would
be days like this."
participated In the presentation of Hansel and Gretel by the
National 8ymphony Orchestra Association of Washington,
DC, last Dec. 30, according to word reaching here this week.
Miss Soils, who danced the part of a moon maiden, is
an exchange student from the Gladys Heurtematte Ballet
School here at the Washington School of Ballet, directed by
Lisa Gardiner and Mary Day.
She had been a pupil of the Gladys Heurtematte School
for over five years before going to the Washington School a
vear ago. Her performance In Hansel and Gretel received
complimentary notices In Baltimore and Washington news-
She jvill return to Panama next month to teach at the
Gladvs Heurtematte Ballet School after she completes a spe-
cial post graduate course in New York.
Two scientists, played by An-
drea King and Peter Graves, are
waiting for a message from Mars
to flash on a giant television
screen, in "Miracle From Mars."
the first independent production
of Anthony Velller and Donald
Against a background of strange
laboratory equipment, including
a hydrogen-powered motor. An-
drea and Peter turn on switches
and pull levers.
Great bags of the makings of
up-to-date snow are being haul-
ed on Warners' "Retreat. Hell"
set as Frank Lovejoy and Richard
Carlson rehearse a scene against
the background of Korea.
Workmen deftly mix the ma-
terials and within minutes there
ts an expanse of sparkling, frosty
terrain I read the labels on the
bags and discover the movie snow
Is now compounded of ground-
up peanut shells, gvpsuni. pyro-
cel. resin, salt and beet sugar.
A mouthful of the mixture
when the wind machines blow is
enough to make an emoter re-
sign from the 8creen Actors
Yvonne de Carlo, gorgeous
as a dance-hall girl of early San
Francisco, is the big attraction
on the set of "Scarlet Angel." at
She's playing a scene with
Rock Hudson, Danish beauty Bo-
dil Miller and a slx-raonths-old
On the sidelines stand two
mother* holding standbv babies
that will be ruahed Into the scene
If baby No. 1 cries.
But the standby tots and their
standbv mothers are doomed to
disappointment The first infant
gurgles, coos and finishes the
scene like a veteran.
And as his mother triumphant-
ly carries him away, he gets ley
looks from the mamas of the
two thwarted pablum guzzlers.
Catherine McLeod and Robert
Clarke are playing a love scene
in American Pi-lrres' "Swoid of
Venus." It's another histrica!
swashbuckler, but the sworQplay
clatter has been stilled to stllaw
the principals to get a little Gil-
bert-Garho byplay into the ac-
tion .
Director Harold Daniels alerta
Bob and Catherine, and I witness
what turns out to be an over-
tone kiss.
When the director finally yells
"Cut," Catherine utters two
words that aren't in the script.
The scene has to be re-shot. ',
Not ocly is the kiss longer in
duration than movie censors p{r-
mil. but Catherine's yelp 'it
-Jeepers, creepers'" isn't in the
spirit of the 18th Century..
I hope this won't get Hollywood
In wrona with the society for the
Protection of Butterflies, but, I
stand popeyeri as workmen chase
a strav butterlv around the set of
"The Girl Next Door," at Fox-
It's an Interior shot and the
airborne caterpillar clearly
doesn't belong.
When flv swatters and spray
euns Jail, an electrician turns to
Rudd Weatherwax, owner | of
Lassie and asks him what 4o do
about trip butterfly.
"I wouldn't know." says Weath-
erwax loftily. "I don't train but-
Charles Delaney. Mrs.' William
Badders. Mrs.EmmeU Argo, and
Mrs. L. C. Stevens.
Dinner Precedes Formal
Visits**** of Masonic
Dignitaries .
evening of ^g9LS 5 : to Fort San Lorenzo and a morn-
,0Thee dSinnedr ^t the Cristobal in. of fishlng on the Chagres.Rl-
Masonlc Temple P^"* *?;V The group was seated at tables
iormal vteiutton of the gstln kp hollow square
gulshed guests to Oie two lodges. ^ ^^ e(J(?eg thp |ab]es
. J- nMj 'were bordered with wild hops. In
Visiting Honored and brown wRh
With Dinner
Mrs. Thomas S. Roy and Mrs. ____________________________
Herbert H. Jaynes were enter-,
talned with a formal dinner
party at the Hotel Washington:
Tuesday evening, white JMx
^ husbands were making their vi-
B sitation to Sojourners and Slbert
The dinner was held In the
fountain room of the Hotel. The
group was seated at an oblong
table centered With UOJt
garden. Ferns, bougalnvllla. and
Samattons created an *"
arrangement, which was Illumin-
ated with soft lights.
During the evening embroider-
ed luncheon sets, of place mats
end napkins were presented each
Of the honorees. Mrs. Ernest
Ernest Cotton, wife of the senior
Past Master of Sojourners Lodge
presented Mrs. Roy her gift and
Mrs. Leon Egolf. wife of the
Senior Past Master of Slbert
Lodge gave Mrs. Jayne her girt.
The ladles present from So-
journers Lodge were: Mrs Ern-
est Cotton. Mrs. Robert A.
Neely. Mrs. Fred L. Wertz. Mrs.
Percv Snow. Mrs. John H.
Leach, Mrs. John H. Poole, Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. Shik Return
Prom Vacation
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Shik. of
Gatun. with Henry and Susie ar-
rived Monday from a Christmas
vacation spent with relatives in
Announcement of Interest
Lieutenant and Mrs. Robert
Carroll of Fort Davis, announce
the birth of their third son on
Jan. 11 at the Coco Solo Naval
Seven-Year Old Celebrates
Gary Hart wig. son of Lieut,
and Mrs. Henry Hartwig, of Fort
Davis, celebrated his seventh
birthday anniversary with a
party at the Fort Davis Officers
Club Saturday. After the re-
freshments were served the
group attended the matinee.
The guests included: Carey
and Donald Nelson. Myra Peters
Marie Scarborough, Folsom Hill,
Tommy and Sylvia Gardner,
Louis Fournler, Ovlcky Perez,
Betty Donahue. Chris Poole. Rob-
ert and'ckie Green. Walter
Skeistaitis. jack Ogan, Robert
Carroll. Chubby and Eddie Wort-
hlngton, Peggy Jess, Lynn Roll,
Billy Quinn. Antonio Benero.
Richard Versaggl. and the ho-
norees brother. Eric.
Assisting the hostess were:
Mrs. Harry Green. Mrs. A. E.
Hill and Mrs. George Poole. Jr.
And is
ihe doy Wssrit r BrS. bring you
all ts speeding excitement!
II inn
Finally six white parallel Unes
appear on the video screen and
the stars register gTeat excite-
"Whatja expect?" an assistant
director mutters to an agent vl-
siting the set "Dagmar?"
Judy HolUday and newcomer
Adolfo Rav are the stars of Co-
lumbia's "The Marrying Kind."
However, a crown roast being,
used as a prop in a butcher shop
sequence is stealing theli
Set visitors gaze In awe at the
meat, ask If It Is real and guess
dismisses the company for lunch,
"And get somebody to guara
this roast. The price of meat be-
ing what It is. I don't trust any-
body." _____
Once upon a time It was corn-
flakes that doubled for snow in
Hollywood, but now the un-
bleached cereal is obsolete.
Here is
the flaming story
of the most
{Panama Canal Claohouses
Shewing Tonight! ^"H
CIS 0:7*
"Jim Thorpe All American"
Alio Pitying (Thursday)
nunirt LITC. Michael REDGRAVE f Jean KENT
(:ll T:SS
1:15 M
(Thursday) "KEVENUE AGENT"
:1S :S5
Gene AtliRY Mrv CASTLE
(Thursday) "KEY LABOO"
Arthur KENNEDY Peggy DOW
Aim Playing (Thursday)
f JAY C. FUfflN
Academy Award Winner
"Dovid & Bothsheba
In Technicolor
Joha Derek Donna Reed
The story they wanted
hushed up!
Gripping underground melodrama, rased on the amazing
real-life exploits of a member of th British Secret Service
during the Dark, Menacing Days of 1941 -45. ..I *
A Powerful, Human, Exdtini; and Inspiring Story!
You are Goliath
hurls his challenge-as David
fells the mighty Philistine,
turning his armies into flight
You are part of the powerful
story of the Lion of Judah,
defying the wrath of
his people who came to
stone Batlislieba crying-
with Ava i.ARDNER Howard KEF.I
Katfcry GKAY8QX
Gene Evans Steve
Brodie. in
John Wayne, in
"Long Voyage Home" Barry Fitzgerald
A! i and t p.n FREE!
Joan Bennett. In
HIGHLAND", 14-15
- Also: -
'TYRANT of the SEA"
- Also: -
Robert Newton. In

f*;r srx

You Sell em... When You Tell em thru P.A. Classifieds I
Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our Offices
NO. livnll Ave
Parque de i.aaMpa
No. 4 imtiii ol Jail At.
Phone 2-9441
in n.Vl Mtlenrlc An.
Phone 25SColon
No. IS West 121b Street
No 57 "H" SlreelPanam
No. 12.179 Central AveColon
12 words-
Minimum for
3c. each additional
Sen. Kefauver Will Announce
Running Plans About Feb. I
We have everything
to keep your Lawn
and (iarden beautiful
during the dry season.
Tools Wheelbarrows
Hose Insert icicles
Fencing Fertilizers
Sprayers Weedkillers
Sprinklers Fungicides
279 Central Ave. Tel. 3-0140
FOR SALE: Refrigerator Genera
Electric 60 cycles, guaranteed, Un-
derwood typewriter, Simmons couch
baby crib, four burners gas stove
Phone 910, Colon.
FOR SALE: 25 cycle equipment
including Westinghouse, 9 cu. ft
refrigerator, oscilloting fan, kitch-
en timer ond wall clock. Assorted
household effects including Sim-
mons Caveno couch ond uphols-
tered chair, dishes. Posts, pans
Cleaning geor. Telephone Balboo
2304 otter working hours.
FOR SALE Quartermaster furni-
2 leaves F0R
Service Personnel and
Civilion Government Employes
your new or used car through
Fort Worth, Texas.
Serving Government Employes ond
Service Personnel m the Canal Zone
for 14 years. With our financing
your insurance automatically adiusted
to u. S. coverage.
Tel 3-1713
:22 E. 29th St.
Hnr- Pnmi>
Selling: (oca Cola and
Central Theatre.
Wants to buy: Brewery and
National Distiller.
I Tel. 3-4719 3-lUoO
ture. Ook dining toble,
Metal table 42" x 42". Metal lib-
rary toble. Dresser with mirror
metal. Dresser no mirror, ook. Ply FOR
'42 motor torch down for in-
spection. Tel. 2746
FOR SALE: Bargain, olmost new
aluminum blinds. Cost $90.00
will sell for 545.00 cash. Four F<
42 by 51 inches wide. Four 62
by 36. No. 816. Sobnos Road
Sonny Boy.
FOR SALE:Mahogany couch with
three leother cushions in seat -----
Triumph Thunderbird 650 C. C F05
Gatun 195-A.
SALE: Codilloc Series 61
block 1950 (Sept.) 4-door sedan
S3,225.00. Phone 88-786.
SALE:1948 Chrysler "New
Yorker" Sedan, 5 new tires, per-
fect mechonicol condition. Borgoin
Inquire "Go. General de Seguro;
S. A," Plaza Herrera, Panama.
SALE:1951 Dodge "Corone'
Diplomatic" two tone, WSW tires
3.500 miles. Inquire "Inversioner
Generales S. A." No. 38. Jose
Francisco de la Osso Avenue, Pan-
SALE: Oldsmobile Hollyday
Coupe. S50, Hydromotic, $2.300
00. Tel. 3-0126. till 5:30 p. m
For lowest 1950 cor. Dodge,
mouth. Chevrolet preferred.
Panamo 2-2298 or 3-1025
FOR SALE:NASH Ambassador. 49.
Four Door Sedan. Long and Short-
Wave Radio, Nylon Seat Covers
excellent condition. Lecving fot
States, r-iust sacrifice ot $1,050.
Financing available. Tel. Balboa
2-2757. 816-D, Empire.
i i shim hi ii i
Slipcover Reupholstery
Alberto Here
4 i- de u Uni 77 (Automobile Howl
Km Estimate- Pickup J> Deliver*
Tel 3-4K28 nn ., m in mi on
Radio Programs
Your Community Station
FOR SALE: 1950 Oldsmobile.
Rocket "88". Leaving Isthmus
priced for quick sale. Coll Navy
Do you hove a Making problem?
Writs Alcoholic Anonymoul
Be* 2031 Anca*. C. 7
menters. Must dispose of my sur-
plus junk accumuloted over sev-
erol years. Rather wide assortment
new and slightly used vacuum
tubes, transmitting and receivlnp
types. A few components. Will sell
and give away ill day Saturday
603-A Ancon Blvd. Tel. Balboa
2304 after duty hours.
FOR SALE:2 1-4x3 1-4 Busch
Press Camera. Zeiss Tessar f 4.5
lens, film pack adapter. King Sol
flashgun, case. Tel. 83-4243, Cu-
rundu Hgts.
Shrapnel's Houses on beach Santo
Clara, inexpensive. Phone Balboa
2820 or see caretaker.
Gramlkh' Sonto Cloro beach-
cortaos* Electric ice ooxes. got
stoves moderare rote. Phone 6-
441 ot 4-b67
Phillio. Oceonski cottage. Sonta
Clara. Box 435 Balboo. Phone
Panamo 3-187/. Cristobal i-1613
William Santo Clara Beach Cottages.
Two bedrooms Frigidaires, Rock-
gas range. Balboa 2-3050.
FOR SALE:Beoutiful Enldwin Acro-
onic piano, brand new. Tel. 3- FOR
4947. 34th Street, opposite Lux
Modern furnished unfurnished oport-
ments. Maid service optional. Con-
?oct office 8061. 10th Stree'. New
Cristobal, telephone 1386 Colon.
FOR SALE:One well made pipe-
framed garage, can be seen at
Instrument repair shop building, 9
in Balboa. Contact O. F. Hender-
son. Phone 2-2593 or Box 23
Balboa, C. Z.
4 burners, like
range "Roper"
new. Tel, 3-4655
Help Wanted
RENT:For three r.ionths 3
bedrooms apartment completely
furnished to responsible party on-
ly. Apply 106 Via Espaa acros?
police booth. Apartment 5.
WANTED:Nursemaid to take care
of baby. Must sleep in. Inquire
50th St. No. 5, Apt, 5.
entirely renovateo end well fur-
nished. Rate reasonable. Bache-
lor only. Inquire at Tita Ame-
rienn Club facing De Lessep;
P r e i i ii ii
,P reserven Forever!
Baby': fmt J.oe'. preserved torevei
in soild metal bro.ise make a match-
less Kit'. Th.* smf.rt miniature oval
photo t'ame and DOby shoe combi-
nation ttyle 62 110 95 LarRer base
with .wo shoes, tyle 629 SI195
Other styles from S3 75
i iiii i Inst.luto Nacional
Panama It P
I 100.000 People Meat
FOR SALE:1938 Buick coach, new
tires, upholstery, gocd lights, good
looking. House 555-A, Curundu
FOR SALE: Sport cor for the whole
fomily. G I 1-4 litre four seat
tourer. New paint, top, other ex-
tras. Fast roomy and distinctive
Parts available. Deems, quarter 35
Albrook, phone 86-3108.
Today, Wednesday, Jan. 16
FOR SALE: 1937 Ford 4-door,
duty paid, $150.00. Good de-
pendable transportation. Apply
house I 1 -A, New Cristobal.
FOR SALE:1939 Chrysler four door
sedan, block. Good condition, can
be bought ot a reasonable price
See Cpl, ale Dot Qts. 828-C Em-
pire St. any time after 4:00 p
3:30Music for Wednesday
4:00Music Without Words
4:15French in the Air (RDFI
4:30What's Your Favorite
6:00Happy The Humbug Cla.
Alfaro. S.A.
6:15Evening Salon
7:00Paul Temple (BBC.
REVIEW Spanish-English peaking young girl
7:45Here Conies Louis Jordan I wi,h knowledge of bookkeeping
8:00News and Commentary by Qn0' stenography t0 ossist n of-
Position Offered
SHIRTS Dry Cleaned or
Laundered the Modern Way
plant: Via Espaa #830. Tel.
1-0871 Branch: E. 24th St.
and Central Ave. Tel. 2-1346
Raymond Swing (VOAl
8:30Arts and Letters
9:00To be Announced
9:15To be Announced
9:30To be Announced
9:45To be Announced
10:00The BBC Playhouse
(BBC i
11:00The Owl's Nest
MidnightSign Oil.
Member Who Visited
Europe To Speak
At Rotary Luncheon
The Panama Rotary Club will
have as its guest speaker on
Thursday. Rotarian Juan M.
Berrocal, who has recently re- ,
turned from an extended visit !}:^-/tll,>LR^?Ld (ContdJ
In Europe.
Thursday, Jan. 17 '
6:00- Sipn OnAlarm Clock
7:30Morning Salon
8:15NEWS (VOAl
8:30Crazy Quilt
8:45Jerry Sears Presents
9:30As I See It
10:05Off the Record
11:30Meet the Band
Puring his visit Berrocal visit- NoonNEWS
*d various countries in Europe
and devoted much of his time
promoting interest in the Free
Zone of Colon and stressing the
number of tourist attractions in
The luncheon will be held at
the Hotel "El Panama" at 12:15

R. P.
C. Z.
La Salle Extension
University of Chicar o
P.O. 2053 Panam Tel 2-3246
_ Care of
De I nena Park
[lat t-?MS Z-2M1
12:05Luncheon Music
12:30Popuar Music
1:15Personality Parade
2:00Call for Les Paul
2:15Date for Dancing
2:30Afternoon- Melodies
2;45Battle of the Bands
3:00American Debut
3:15The Little Show
3:30Music for Thursday
4:00Panamusica Story Time
4:15Negro Spirituals
4:30 What's Your Favorite
6:00Happy The HumbugCla.
Alfaro, S.A.
6:15Evening Salon
7:00Make Believe Ballroom
7:45Jam Session
8:00World News (VOA)
8:15To be Announced
8:30To be announced
8:45To be Announced
9:00To be Announced
9:30To be Announced
9:45To be Announced
10:15Musical Interlude
10:30 Take It From Here (BBC)
11:00The Owl's Neat
12:00Sign Off.
lice. Telephone 1386. Coln.
Important American Company, with
offices in the Colon Free Zone
requires the services of a bilm-
guol secretary capable of taking
ropid dictotion in both Spanish
and English. Good salory, five
day week. Submit application with
complete details and references tc
P. O. Box 111 5. Colon, Panama
Mrs. Nadeau Leaves
For Legion Caucus
In Indianapolis
Mrs. Orayce Lydia Nadeau, of
Gamboa and National commlt-
teewoman for the Department of
Panam Canal Zone American
Legion Auxiliary, will attend the
National Executive Committee
meeting in Indianapolis, Ind
Jan. 21 and 22.
From there Mrs. Nadeau will
go to Washington, D.C.. to at-
tend the Women's Patriotic Con-
ference on national defense.
"New patterns for national se-
curity" will be the theme of the
26th Women's Patriotic Confer-
ence on National Defense, to be
held In Washington, Jan. 24, 25.
and 26. with delegates from 38
women's organizations attend-
ing, according to Mrs. Grayce
Nadeau, National Security Chair-
man of the Department of Pan-
am Canal Zone.
More than two million women
In every state and territory will
be represented in the conference,
with Mrs. E. A. Campbell of Ho-
mer, La., national president of
the American Legion Auxiliary,
as conference chairman.
Mrs. Nadeau will fly back to
the Isthmus in time to welcome
Mrs. Campbell, who Is coming
here for a three-day visit with
the American Legion Auxiliary.
Justice Lodge Meets
In La Boca Tonight
WANTED:Americon couple desires
to rent furnished apartment or
house in vicinity of Bella Visto
for approximately 2 months. Te-
lephone Panomo 3-1660, room
WANTED:12 teenage girls, learn the ** Boca LodKe Ha-
ballroom dancing. $15.00 three
months course. Balboa YMGA
Harnett & Dunn.
Justice Lodge No. 832 will hold
a regular business meeting to-
night at 7:30 with the payment
of the lodge's death benefit in-
surance as the main item on
the agenda.
The meeting will be held at
Sen. Estes Kefauver (D-Tenn.)
talked politics with President
Truman for 30 minutes yester-
day but refused to sav whether
either of them will'run for the
White House this vear.
The Senator said he will an-
nounce about Feb. 5 whether he
will seek the Democratic Presi-
dential nomination. He wouldn't
say, even if he found out, what
Mr. Truman plans to do.
Kefauver was asked if his own
Intensions were changed bv his
conference with Mr. Turnan.
"I have falrlv we" mide no
mv ns'nd, but not finally." he
As^ed If an announcement, of
candldf"' from the President
before Feh. 1 m'ht. affect his
decision, he aid- "Oh. vej Th"
"ttltude of the President '" of
cP"r,e. p factor in iv dec'sfnn."
On the Renub'lcan side n
head-on clash between the
Toreea of Pen. Pobert A Tn't of
Ohio a"d Gen. r)wl-
hower bwn vh""in for the
March tJ New Hamn-hlre pri-
rpnn". first 'n the nation.
Two New TfomnsV-'re Penuhll-
can who nrevfnusl hrt n-
nou"r">d nlers to seek "'ee^'on
is d'e" to Gen. r)oti"las
Mar-Arthne seM they will run as
Ta't rnen lr-stead.
Tp't v.* erirvo-n little Inclina-
tion to Hrp ri'rrt orejenM"i rjre*er-
erro nrimorv, for which finy
of the state's ton Republican
'enders are lined up on the
trifoni-nwer torn.
Kefauver volunteered, how-
ever, that he hd heen encour-
ifed recentlv bv " sunoort" for Mm In the Sot'th
ind c"s for "some Democratic
"ep^ers," Including some in Ohio.
Ren. Wevne Havs (D-GO ha
"nnounced he Intends to file n
"efawver-for-Prpqtdent siete of
delegates In Ohio's May 6 pri-
Kefauver said he wlfl an-
nounce h's olars boat Feb. 1
hecause. if he decides to enter
the race, It will take "a tre-
mendous organisation lob" and
he doesn't ""t to leave his
friends on a limb too long.
The Tennessee Senator Is the
only Democrat so far to let
friends even talk "hont boomirii
him for the nomination before
Mr. Truman has announced his
own Dlans.
other Dollticpl developments:
Democratic National Chair-
man Frank E. McKinney. in a
speech at a party fund-raising
dinner at Boston, attacked Re-
publican leaders In Congress.
He took an oblique swipe at
the Elsenhower boom, declaring
that no GOP Presidential can-
didate, regardless of his own
views, could escape "the Isola-
tionists and reactionaries who
now and will control It In the
A United Press poll of top-
ranking Republican leaders In
10 Western states showed that
Tait holds most of their support
but that Elsenhower strength
Is increasing.
The poll was taker, on the eve
of a Republican national com-
mittee meeting which convenes
control the Republican Party at San Francisco tomorrow.
Miss Ocelot Blushes
When Interviewed
At 65th AAA Parly
It was refreshing yesterday to
find a beautiful young girl who
Is shy. Having bestowed upon
her the imposing title of "Miss
Ocelot of 1952," members of the
65th AAA Group at Fort Clayton
chose to entertain their queen
and two young ladies of her court
at Hotel El Panam last night.
The winner, 18-year-old Dora
Welch,- was born In the Canal
Zone, lives with her parents In
British Empire's
Chief Rabbi Was
Stopover Guest
The Chief Rabbi of the British
Empire Israel Broidle and Mr*.
Broldie were guests of Rabbi
and Mrs. Nathan Wltkln dur-
ing a brief stopover on the Isth-
mus Monday.
The Broidies are passengers
aboard the S.8. Rangitane en
route to Australia and New. Zea-
land for an official visit to the
Hebrew congregations of the two
' i
The Wltklns were at home to
S*1, E3L&, ^SKJff* mbers L the Jewish congre-
ture of Cristobal High School.
She blushed prettily when ass-
ert how come she. above all the
attractive young ladles on the
Zone copped the Army's title.
"I really don't know how they
ever chose meor why," she ex-
claimed modestly.
An Interview over Station HOG
followed her appearance at the
hotel last night where she reign-
ed over the organisation's fifth
anniversary celebration.
When Interviewed by the ho-
tel's bandleader, Jovial Joe Sudy,
durujz their half-hour program.
Miss Ocelot admitted she was a
little "nervous"to which versa-
tile Joe found an Immediate sol-
ution. He put his arm around her
Her message to her parents,
who were listening over the air-
waves was"Hi Mom and Dad,
I'm having a wonderful time."
Her maids of honor for the
evenlns were Doris Gibson of Co-
co Slito and Patsy Lange of
Balboa. The Miss Ocelot contest
was conducted for six weeks by
the 65th AAA Group, before the
results were announced.
gations of Panama and the Ca-
nal Zone In honor of the visit
of the Chief Rabbi and his wife.
Air Force Checking
Bases For Reopening
Air Force representatives will
visit 10 air bases In various parts
of the country, starting today, to
see how far local officials will go
In meeting Air Force require-
ments if the bases are reopened.
Whether the bases are reopen-
ed, the Air Force said, depends
upon outcome of the negotiations
and approval of Air Force plans
by President Truman, Defense
Secretary Robert A. Lovett, the
Budget Bureau and Congress.
The bases include: Homestead,
Fla Field; Drane Field, Lake-
land, Fla.; Blythevllle. Ark., Mu-
nicipal airport; Myrtle Pe---- S.
C, municipal airport; Raleigh-
Durham, N. C, municipal an,.,.. c.
and Goldsboro, N. C, municipal
LEARN. Foxtrot, waltz, jitterbug,
samba, tongo, mambo, guaracha
Balboa YMCA, Harnett -' Dunn.
Shipping &
Ait Line News
(Continued From Pace 4)
We have ready

m.a, (.."

these tours, please consult the
Tour Dept. of the Colon Cham- I
ber of Commerce or Fred Busch. |
Tour Director, phone number
Cristobal 1901.
Explanation of Symbols
VOAVoice of America
BBCBritish Broadcasting
RDFRadiodiffusion Francalse
3 PanCanal Companv
Directors Sailing Friday
Three members of the Panama
Canal Company Board of Direc-
tors and Major General M. C.
Stayer, Ret., former Chief Of-
ficer, will leave the Isthmus Fri-
day on the S. S. Panama, ac-
cording to the advance passenger
list from the Panama Line of-
fices at Balboa Heights.
The Board members are Ber-
nard Burdlck. Chief of the Wash-
ington Office of the Panama Ca-
nal Company; W. R. Pfizer vice
President in charge of the
New York office; and Major
General Julian L. Schley. Ret.
Reventv-two passengers will
sail on the Panama. Trfe com-
plete advance list follows:
PN3 Joseph Albert: Sarkls M.
Arkell: Mr. and Mrs. Bernard
Burdlck; Mrs. Sadie C. Calend-
er: Mr. and Mrs. James F. Car-
ter; Julius A. Cohen; Dr and
Mrs. Charles J. Cooney: and Dr.
and Mrs. Ennis H. Cor ley.
Rev. John H. Engstrom: Capt.
John P. Gilfillan and wife and
3 children: Dr. Robert J. Gorlin;
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H Jay-
nes: Miss Gwendolyn D. Karieer;
he Reverend Bernard A. Ker-
rigan; Mrs. Pauline Klapkln;
and Mr. and Mrs. Daumant
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Lee: Mr.
and Mrs. Earle Levy; Mrs. Lillie
M. Lynch and daughter: Fred
Maduro; Mrs. Jullta Maduro;
Dr. and Mrs. William E Mc-
Garvey; Mr. and Mrs. Fred R.
Mlddleton; Miss Arlene Mc-
Keown: and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
J. Muller.
Cpl. Thomas H. Payton: Miss
Joan Pfizer; Mr. and Mrs Wil-
liam R. Pfizer; Mr. and Mrs. J.
P. Relghard; Charles E. ReiUy;
Kenneth G. Reynolds; Mr. and
Mrs. Chester Robertson. Dr.
Monroe A. Rosenbloom and wife;
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas 8. Roy;
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rysan;
Gen. and Mrs. Julian L.
Schlev; Mr. and Mrs. Max
Smurlofsky; Mr. and Mrs. 8.
Sunetaro; Major Gen. and Mrs.
M. C. Stayer; Dr. and Mrs. R.
A. 8tiefel; John F. Btopa: QM2
Richard E. Taylor: Mr. Julio E.
Van der Laat; and Dr. and Mrs.
Stuart Yntema.

for Immediate Delivery


CHEVROLET Deluxe 4-door with Power Glide
CHEVROLET Bel air with Power Glide
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' "- i


"""..... .

NY D.A. Orders Grand Jury Investigation Of Miller Slugging
Firemen Take Lead In
Pacific Softball Loop
TEAM Won Loit Pet.
Firemen's Ina.. .. S 1.104
Pan Liquido .. .. 4 1 .909
Elks........ ..2 3 AM
P. Ratlin .... .. 1 4 .299
CAA........ .. 4 .999
Yesterday atternoon. at the
Ancon diamond, the strong Fire.
men's Insurance team conquer-
ed their nearest competitors, Pan
Liquido, by a score of 8 to 4. This
mis the Insurancemen In the
ead, having won five games with
no losses.
Hllzinger was on the mound
all the way lor the Insurance
team, giving up iour runs on live
hits, two bases on balls, three
strikeouts and hitting one bats-
man with a pitched ball.
Bill Muller started for Pan Li-
quido and tossed an excellent
game until the sixth inning
(when the score was tied 4-allK
With the first two batter flying
out to left fielder Skinner, he
gave up three free passes lit suc-
cession to load the bases and was
relieved by Lee. Lee faced four-
teen batters and allowed one run
on four hits and one walk.
Muller gave up five hits, seven
basses on balls, struck out two
and was responsible for seven
Bobo McArthur and Ronnie
Angermuller led the Firemen's
surancemen at the plate with
o hits each. Last year's batting
champion. Turner, Dick "Tank-!
er" Scheldegg, Pescod, Stock and
catcher Bob Dunn chipped in
with one each.
Player-manager Oeorge Stan-
ley of Pan Liquido practiced;
what he preached by leading hlsi
team at bat with two hits for!
three triesone a long homer to
deep right center with nobody!
on. Big Oeorge Tarflinger also,
founded a four-bagger to right
ield with one mate on. Skinner
and Lane, with one each, ae-,
counted- for the remaining two
hits off Lew Hilainger.
Bill Hidalgo Is
Crowd Pleasing
Motorbike Racer
Yanks, Bluebirds At Mt, Hope
Tonight;Bombers Triumph 3*1
g^ I 1W7* 171 m. PANAMA FRO LEAGUE
Gamboa wins Elementary Yjx%- jf v^
School Swimming Meet
The box score:
McArthur. If...
Angermuller, lb.. .. S
Hllzlnger, p...... 3
Turner, cf........ 2
Scheldegg, rf...... 4
Pescod, 2b....... 3
Perry, ss........ 4
Stock, 3b......... 3
Dunn, c.......... 1
Bill Hidalgo, crowd-pleaaini
motorbik* racer who provided
more than his share of the ex-
citement at the Jan. 5 motorbike
race meet at the Juan Franco
track, Is taking thorough reme-
tSLhta th?t hirtn5ehuninrnke Eight teams and a total of 106 11. M Meter. Girls. 12 Yra: 1-
trouble that hamstrung nu ruck. cont,tants took part In the 22: Wendy Cotton < Gatun; 2San-
swimming events which started I dra McKay (Balboa); 3Janice
at 9:30 a.m. last Saturday In Bal-, Malone i Gamboa i; 4Elaine
boa Pool. Bailey (Diablo); 5Aurlstella
The teams finished in the fol- Schmidt (Ancon). Time: 14.0.
lowing order; 12. 24 Meter, Boys 12 Yrf.: l--
TKAM Points Jon Snodgras (Gamboa); 2 Bob
Gamboa............ 118 Barnes (Balboa); 3Harry
7 .1
9 .471
14 .3M
Glasler, 2b...... 4 0 0
Jones, cf........ 2 0 0
Stanley, ss-rf..... 3 2, 2
Tarfllnger. 3b..... 4 1 2
Skinner, if........ 3 1 0
Lane, rf-lb...... 3 1 0
Muller, p........ 3 0 0
Lee, p.......... 0 0 0
Murphy, c........ 3 0 0
Hennessey, lb .. .. 2 0 0
Foster, as........ 1 0 0
Oatun.............. 92
Balboa.............. 56
Diablo .. '............ 41
Margarita............ 21
Pedro Miguel.......... 21
Cristobal............ 12
Ancon.............. 10
Summary Of Events
Mt. Hope Stadium (7:39) Blue-
birds (Stempel 3-2) vs. Yankees
(Neville 3-2)
Ralboa Stadium (First Game
6:39)Bluebirds vs. Bombers;
Brownies vs. Yankees
Balboa Stadium: Bombers 3
Brownies 1.
The Bluebirds will be going all
out tonight to keep in the pen-
nant fight as tbev tackle the
league leading Yankees at the
i Mt. Hope Stadium.
Manager Capi Alvares will
send Cookie Stempel, who has a
'.'<-''. record, to the mound against
Little League
TEAM Won Lost
Lincoln Life.......i 1
Police............ 1 9
AFGE 14.......... 1
Firemen.......... 9 1
Elks .. ........ -
Sears............ -
Police 14. AFGE 5
Elks vs. Sears 4:39 p.m.
Yesterday at the Pacific Little
Pony League
Standing of the teams after,
first week of play in the Atlan-;
tic Pony League:
TEAM Won Lost:
Bulck............ 2 0
Margarita............2 0
Shamrocks........ 0 2
C.P.O. Chiefs....... 0 2
The feature of the'first week
of play was the many home runs I
hit over the fence. There was a
total of 11 hit over in the tour
Game of Jan. 11
Hannlgan, ss........ 1
Harta, rf.......... 1
Matos, cf-c........ 4
amis, lb.......... 4
tDKth.'D.,? '
Recela, If..
Taber, c
Bmith, R p ..
Croft, P., rf ..
Basso, 2b ..
Palumbo, 3b........ 2 2 0
Newhard, S., 2b...... 4 3 3
Fabn, rf.......... 3 1
Roblnette. lb....... 2 0 0
Custer, rf-p........
Favorite, c........322
Weteel, Q., p,........ 2 0 l
Orvis, cf.......... 2 0 l
Rodrigues, ss........ 2 0 2
Gama called In sixth inning-
Home RunaFavorite 2, New-
hard, Bacn, Recela, Lamis. Ta-
ber. Two Base HitsMatos, D.
Smith. Struckout byO. Wetzel
5, Custer 2, R. Smith 1, Croft 3.
Winning PitcherR. Smith. Los-
ing PitcherWetzeL
Game of Jan. 19
imilton, lb........ I 0 0
McJennett. rf...... 2 1 1
Ramsey, ss........ 2 0 0
B. Newhard. 3b...... 3 0 3
C. Rodriguez, 2b..... 3 0 0
Hart. 2b.......... 0-0 0
L. Cox, cf.......... 1 0 0
Lewis, cf.......... 0 0 0
Cooper, If........ .. 3 0 0
Hawthorne, c........ 3 0 0
Gibson, p.......... 0 00
tidier, p..........200
Rankln, If.......... 3 0 2
Cunningham, if...... 0 0 0
Prez. 2b.......... 3 1 1
Dougan, 2b........ 0 0
Williford, as........ 3 2 1
Oeorge, cf.......... 4
3on*alez, rf........ 3 !
kazier, rf........ 1 0 0
...right, lb........ 3 I X
Hodges, 3b.......... 1 1
Smith, E., p........ 4 0 2
C P. O. 0 0 10 0 01
Margarita 3 0 4 10 110
Home RunHodges. Two Base
HitAlbright. Stolen BasesPe-
res 2, Ooiules 3, Newhard,
Oeorge, Albright. Williford,
Hodges. Rankln. Dougan. Struck-
out byE. Smith 5. Dldler 4.
Winning PitcherE. Smith. Los-
ing PitcherOlbeon. Umpires-
Louis and Waldron.
League Park the Police team
scored a 10 to 5 win over the
AFGE 14 team.
The AFOE boys started off In
the top half of the first inning
scoring two runs and collecting
two hits off Orady Robertson,
starting pitcher for the Coppers.
The Police bounced back with
two runs In their half of the in-
ning when, with one runner a-
board, Owen Sutherland hit a
4rne drive homo run oxer.the Me-
tro-Goldwyn-Mayer sign in right
field. The Unionmen scored two
runs to take a 4-2 lead In the
second, but the Police boys add-
M one' run In the lower second
and scored three more in the
third to take the lead and there-
after were never headed.
Orady Robertson was the
starting pitcher for the winners.
He was relieved by Owen Suth-
erland in the top of the fourth
inning. BUly Caatleman started
on the mound for the AFGE, be-
ing relieved by Billy Edmondson
in the third inning.
The leading hitters for the
Same were Owen Sutherland of
ie winners with a perfect day at
the plate collecting three hits in
three turns. Billy Castleman gar-
nered three for four for the los-
Today at 4:30 p.m. at Little
League Park Sears and Elks will
meet each other In their first
game of the young season. Here
are the lineups for the teams:
Schwarzrock, rf
Watson, R., ss
Watson, J 3b
Durfee. O., cf
Curtis, if
Mendoza, 2b
Durfee, T., c
Crawford, lb
McKeown. p
DesLondes. 2b
Lovelady, lb
Lewis, rf
Ryter, ss
Halvosa, 3b
Klrkland, p
Corrigan. If
Hele, cf
Trimble, c
The box score:
always had to come from behind
Jan. 5, because his Harley-Dav-
idson was slower away from the
standing starts than the livelier
British machines of the other
With a faster getaway, and
perhaps an ail-round faster ma-
Keepers (Oatun); 4Dick Du-
ran (Anconi; 5Ed Stoddart
i Diablo). Time: 14.4.
13. 24 Meter Backstroke, Girls:
1Caroline Kirkman (Pedro Mi-
guel); 2Linda Cunningham
(Oatun); 3Jackie Dunn (Gam-
boa); 4Aurlstella Schmidt (An-
1. 29 Meter, Girls 7 Years: 1 con'; 5Kay Flowers (Balboai.
Charlene Morency (Gamboa); Time: 17.0.
2Leslie Hennlng (Balboa); 3 14. 24 Meter Backstroke, Boys:;the Yankees' Eddie Neville; who
! Helen Oeorge (Oatun): 4Jean-, 1Bob Barnes (Balboa); 2Ro- auM sports a 3-2 pitching mark.
nie Halvosa (Diablo). Time: 18.9. lando Wlndberg (Gamboa); 3 jn an effort to move within two
2. 24 Meter, Boy 7 Years: 1 Leroy Wirllne (Gatun); 4Bob ,lmn 0f the league leadership.
Bill Hamma (Balboa); 2Bill Maroney (Ancon). Time i 17.1. The Bluebirds are now three
Miller (Gamboa); 3Bob Wllll- 15. 29 Mtr. Breaatstroke, Girls: full games behind the Yankees
ama (Oatun). Time: 15.2, 1Judy Felps (Gamboa); 2Sue;and two and one-half games
3. 29 Meter Girls 8 Years: 1 Taylor (Diablo); 3Janet Mulli- back of the second place Bomb-
Theresa Dunn (Gamboa); 2|gan (Pedro Miguel); 4Carol ers.
Pamela Therlot (Gatun); 3Flenniken (Margarita). Time: Last night the Bombers, out-
Leslle Hennlng (Balboa); 4; 18.6. hit ten to six, took the measure
Carol Seamon (Cristobal); Sj-, 16. 29 Mtr. BreaaUtroke. Bojrs; 0f the cellar occupying Brownies!
Christenberry Sets Full
Dress Hearing For Friday
o ------
NEW YORK, Jan. 16.(UP)New York Dis-
trict Attorney Frank Hogan has ordered a grand
jury to investigate the slugging of a referee by
manager after the Ernie Durando-Rocky Ctgtsjes
lani bout at Madison Square Garden last Friday,
Hogan says his office has ordered "a full pre-
sentation to the grand jury of all evidence in con-
nection with the incident, both in the ring and in
the dressing room." The D. A. adds that the investi-
gation will start this afternoon and 10 persons hav
been called as witnesses.
The witnesses will include referee Ray Miller
and match-maker Al Weill of the International Bojc-
ing Club. Both were attacked by Castellani's man-
ager, Tommy Ryan, after Castellani lost the bout
in the seventh round on a technical knockout
Chairman Robert Christenberry of the New
York Boxing Commission has scheduled a full dreaia
hearing on the incident for this Friday. Several New
York boxing writers are expected to testify at that
He Is getting himself another
machine for next Sunday's repeat
Hidalgo was the operator who, Barbara Rogers (Pedro Miguel). 1Don Ryter
Time: 16.5.
4. 24 Meter Boys Years:
(Gamboa; 2Bill 3_i to move within a naif-game,
Halvosa (Diablo); 3 Harry f first, place.
1! Keepers (Gatun); 4Irl Sanders: winning pitcher Connie John-
Oeorge Cotton (Gatun): 2Bill (Margarita); 5John Barr (Bal- g0n went the route. He gave up
Hamma (Balboa); 3J.Crawford boa). Time: 15.0.
; ten hits and walked four batters
(Gamboa); 4Torn Ebsen (Pe-j 17. 54 Yd. Freestyle, Girls: 1 to get himself in plenty of trou-
dro Miguel); 6 Dale Clark (Mar-. Joan Dlmpfl (Dtabio); Grace Ar-> Die, but he was very tight In the
garita). Time: 18.9. 'go. (Gatun) wtie; 3Caroline pinches and managed to get mil
5. 29 Meter, Girls 8 Years: 1: Zlrkman (Pedro Miguel):
chine, Hidalgo's Wild West rae-jjudy Fields (Gamboa); 2Bev- Lynette Henderson (Gamboa;
ing technique will give current
champ Choppy White cause to
Chuck Comiskey
Of White Sox
erly Smith (Balboa); 3Jackie j*Susan Hele t Balboa i. Time:
Walsh (Cristobal); 4Kathy
Kirchmler (Pedro Miguel); 5
Pam Therlot (Oatun). Time:
of his bad moments unscathed.
A triple by Nathaniel Peeples:
who got three for three last
nightplus Hctor Lopez' single
gave the Brownies their only run
in the seventh inning.
The Bombers did all their scor-
18. 54 Yd. Freestyle. Boys: 1
Don Ryter (Gamboa); 2Sam
6. 29'Meter, Boys 9 Years: 1 Rowley (Margarita); 3 Eduardo m. in the first inning when los-
Doug McLean (Gamboa); 2BUI: Bird (Oatun); 4Al Schwarm mR hurler' Vibert Clark gave up,
Thrift (Gatun) ;3Bob Maron- (Diablo); 5Dick Hennlng (Bal- three hits. Clark, shooting tor his'
ey (Ancon); 4James Ward; boa). Time: 35.3. 47th Panam League win, was
(Balboa); 5Ralph Shvey (Dla-: 19. Faney Diving, Girls: 1 not scored on again as he soat-
bk>). Time: 15.6. .Rosalie Radel (Oatun); 2Jackie tered three more hits.
7. 29 Meter Girls 19 Years: 1 Dunn (Gamboa). a double by Frank Austin, a,
Veronica Holmes (Gamboa); 2, 20. Faney Diving, Boya: 1 walk to Archie Brathwaite then
Janet Mulligan (Pedro Miguel); James Pederson (Gamboa); 2 a mental error by Herman;
3Barbara Bishop (Diablo); 4,Al Schwalm (Diablo); 3BObcharles a third on Bobby Pres-
Marllyn Smith (Cristobal); 5[William (Gatun). cotfa grounder plus a bad throw
Nancy Gibson (Gatun). Time: to first by Charles gave the
15.1. 21. 99 Meter Freestyle Belay, Bombers their first two runs. A
8. 29 Meter. Boys 19 Years: 11 Girls: l- Argo. Cotton. Cunning- ingle by Joe Tumlnelli drove
Preseott for the final
CHICAGO, Jan. 16 (UP)The jon snodgras (Gamboa); 2Le- ham. Radel (Gatun); 2Holmetv home
latest word on that family quar- roy Werline (Oatun); 3Robert (Felps, Dunn; Malone. < Gamboa; Bomber tally.
rel shaking the Chicago White
Sox baseball club U that it may
be settled Friday.
Miller (Balboa). Time: 14.0.
10. 29'Meter, Boysll Years: 1
That's when the club's board
of directors will meet to consider
the resignation of Vice President
Chuck Comiskey. son of Orace
Comiskey, the club president.
Chuck handed In his resignation
Monday, claiming he lan't get-|jamM pedersen (Gamboa);
ting enough money and respon-
sibilities in running the club.
Mrs. Cornlskey's attorneyTom
Sheehansays he feels "the boy
meaning 26-year-old Chuck-
has been poorly advised."
Chuck's attorneyByron Oetzoff
says: "I hope It will be Ironed
out satisfactorily."
Comiskey has Issued an em-
phatic defense of his resignation.
For one thjng. says the 26-year-
old executive, the resignation is
strictly a business matter. Com- Balboa High took a firm hold
Iskey says he has nothing but: on the too rung of the standings
the best of thoughts for his mo- last night as they pasted a solid
ther, Mrs. Grace Comiskey, own-
er of the American League base-
ball team.
Maxon (Balboa); 4Irl Banders. 3Bishop, Dlmpfl. Taylor, Simon Charles had the opportunity to
(Margarita); 5Keith Ko 11g' (Diablo); 4McKay, Smith. Mil-. either touch third or throw to
(Cristobal). Time: 13.1. iler, Clark (Balboa >; 5Smith, eond to start a doubleplay,
9. 24 Meter", Girls II Years: Washbaugh, Cox, Walsh (Cristo- The Pro Loop has cited several
Rosalie Radel (Oatun); 2Joan bal). Time: 59.9. sports writers from various local
Dlmpfl (Diablo); 3Janice Ma- 32. SO Meter Freestyle Relay, newspapers fox an Important
lone (Gamboa); 4Carol Fien-: Boys: 1Morris, Pederson. Snod- meeting at the office of the Ca-
nuten (Margarita); 5Dorothy gras. Ryter (Gamboa); 2Cun- ribbean Confederation 4:30 p.m.
nlngham, Bath, Rowley, Sanders today.
(Margarita): 3Bird. Keepers. Those requested to attend are-j
Stelberts, Cotton (Gatun); 4 Adolfo Fere of La Estrella de
George Cotton (Oatun); 3Bill Hennlng, Hamma. Barr. Barnes panam. Leo Eberenz of The Star
Halvosa (Diablo): 4Dick Hert- (Balboa); 5 Kullg, F. Katz, Fa- & Herald, Guillermo Rolla of El|
nlng (Balboa); 5Russell Fav- vorlte, S. Katg (Cristobal). Time: panam Amrica. Toms Cupas
orite (Cristobal). Time: 13.0. !54.0. ___ of La Hora, Chelo Gonzlez of
----------------'--------------------------------------- !La Nacin. Chino Williams of
The Nation, Joaqun Ortega of
! El Pais, Luis Ardlnes of Prensa
\ Libre, Juan A. Ortiz of Mundo
Ortico and Conrado Bergeant of
1 The Panam American.
Balboa High Whips Cristobal
48-39 In Basketball Thriller
Elmendorf, rf-lb
Morris, 3b .
Castleman, rf-p
(??). cf .
Motion, as .
Snodgrass, c. .
Salas, 2b ... .
Marquard. if. .
Hall, If ... .
Reece, lb ... .
Edmunsen, p .
. 4
. 3
. 4
. 1
. i
. 1
Totals.......23 6 4 15 6
Coln, 2b.....2 2 0 2 1
Ammlratl, 3b ... 3 1 0 0 0
P. Corrigan, rf 3 3 0 0 0
Sutherland, If-B .32300
Crook, If-cf ... 3 1 1 0 t)
Barnes, c.....3 1 0 11 1
Priest, lb.....10 0 4 0
Klelhofer, ss 2 0 0 1 2
Robertson, p 1 0 0 0 2
E. Corrigan. If 2 0 0 0 0
Peterson, If. ... 0 0 0 0 0
Totals.......22 10 4 IS 6
Score By Innings
AFOE 220100 8. 4 2
Police 2 13 4 0 x10 4 2
Earned RunsAFOE 4. Police
3. Two Base HitSutherland.
Home RunSutherland. Runs
Batted InCastleman 2, Motion,
P. Corrigan, Sutherland 5. Sacri-
fice HitsMorris, Priest. Klel-
hofer. Stolen Bases Snodgrass,
Coln. Base on Balls offCastle-
man 5. Edmundsen 4, Robertson
5, Sutherland 2. Struckout by
Castleman 2. Edmundsen 6, Rob-
ertson l, Sutherland 8. Wild
Fltche* Edmundsen 3, Robert-
son, Sutherland 2. Passed Balls
Snodgrass (AFGE) 6. Barnes
(Police) 7. UmpiresLuzan and
Engelke. Time of Game1:35.
He says he brought up the
matter of a higher salary and
better tenure as early as October
of 1950 and repeated his requests
a year later. Both attempts, he
says, met with rebuffs.
"Directors promised me some-
thing would be done," says Com-
iskey. "but nothing ever devel-
Comiskey says he was getting
$10,000 a year as vice president-
some $25.000 per year less than
White Sox General Manager
Frank Lane.
"I had no contract and was on
a day-to-day basis," states Com-
iskey, "and several times It was
indicated by members of the
board of directors that I might
have to look for another Job."
Young Comiskey now owns
one-ninth of two-thirds of the
White Sox stock. He says he will
hold one-third of two-thirds
when he is 35. He asserts he is
still open to reasonable offers
from the board of directors and
ay fact again," says Comiskey,
the resignation stands."
48 to 39 defeat on the Cristobal
Tigers. A full house took In the
Same, which proved to be one of
le finest basketball games we
have ever seen two high school
teams play.
Sensational shots, brilliant de-
fensive plays, splendid and de-
ceptive ball handling, and sharp
passing were commonplace in
this encounter. Big gun of the
night *%s Gene Richter, Bulldog
Elvot man. He was unstoppable
ils time, as he poured 22 points
Into the nets. Rivalling him for
brilliance In the shot making de-
Birtment was newcomer to the
ulldogs Bob Donahue. Bob scor-
ed 12 points, and only played a
little over half the game.
It was a nlp-and-tuck battle
all the way, with only a few
points between the two teams as
they fought down to the wire.
Then In the fourth quarter, Sam
Maphls sparked the Bulldogs as
he scored four quick points to
give his team the first real ad-
vantage they had. 37-32. Dona-
hue then added a two-pointer
before Arnold Manning could
bring the Tigers score up to 33
with a nice field goal.
With the score standing at 41-
wod~withdra"w"hls resignation! S3 for the Bulldogs. Donahue.
if one were made. Maphls, and Richter all scored
But If they slam the door In to push it up to 46. Manning
my face again." aays Comiskey, sgsui hit the net for the Cristo-
bal lads, but by this time the
handwriting' was on the wall.
Maphls scored the final two for
Balboa with about a minute and
SO seconds to go, and he was fol-
lowed by a quickie by Gil Smith
of the Tigera. This ended the
scoring for the night and the de-
liriously happy Balboa fans
swarmed onto the floor as the
final buszer sounded. *
The game was decided In the
fourth quarter, when the Bull-
dogs were able to put the game
on lee with 15 points, while lim-
iting the Atlantic side lads to on-
ly seven points. Enough praise
can't be heaped on the play of
Gene Richter, Bob Donahue and
Sam Maphls. These were the boys
that fired their teammates to
bring home the bacon in such a
convincing manner.
It should also be noted right
irom the point of the officials,! ^. a g^e 0f 7 to 6 at the Ancon

from 3 to 7 p.m.
The Boston Bar
boys played themselves a mighty
fine game of basketball. Arnold,
Manning and Bob Bailey played
the usual outstanding games,
with Bailey connecting for 13
points and Manning 10. It was
also-one of the best ball games
Elks Take CAA 7-6
In Softball Thriller
With Johnny Janssen on the
mound for the Elks team. CAA
reluctantly went down to defeat
as they only had to call a total of
21 violations, eight against Cris-
tobal and IS against Balboa.
In the preliminary battle the
Tiger Cubs dl da mighty thor-
ough Job of making the Balboa
Builpups say "uncle" when they
Rve them another defeat. 47-38.
mea Schlebler was the big gun
for tht winners with, a neat 18
points and was closely followed
by John Hatgl with 15. Eddie Na-
poleon was the entire scoring
diamond Monday afternoon.
Jordan did the hurling for CAA
and held his own against Jans-
sen. Both gave up 8 hits and 5
walks. Janssen struck out 4 while
Jordan managed to get the third
strike on only two opponents.
Loose fielding on the part of
both teams accounted for sev-
eral of the runs.
Totals: Elks7 runs, 8 hits, 5
walks, and 4 errors. CAA6 runs,
8 hits. 8 walks and 5 errors.
League Secretary Treasurer
machine for the hosts as he con- Roe Clayton again led his team
nected for 12 points. ;at tnr pate with two hits for
.._. ,. *v four trips. Hlckman, Patterson.
The Bulldogs can cinch them- Hutchins. Malene, Ed Jones and,
selves at least a share of the title pitcher Jordan with one each
now held by Cristobal if they can j iuea the other six hits off
win their fourth straight game Tarissen
when they tangle with the win-1-"""" "
less Junior College this Friday j g^ ^^ playing the number
night at the Balboa Gym. Dont' slx ,^t Ior the Elks chalked up
let the fact that the Oreen Wave three hlts for three 0fficui times
Is stlUlooklng for a victory fool t oattwo of which were bunts
you.- Uv. ha,ve a.*to? bai1.c!ub''which he beat out at first base,
and BBS is ripe for the picking ^ chance also pushed two
So local fans can be assured of bunts 0Vir 0n the opposition,
another bang-up ball game this ttln a for 3 Pete gJ uom
Friday night at the Balboa Gym.' Roberf0 and Batterman, with one
single each, were the only other
Elks to connect.
The Elks scored two In the
first, three In the second and two
i In the sixth.
CAA scored one In the second,
FOOTBALL-A sub-committee one In the fourth two in the
of the NCAA meeting In White. flh and tw^o to the seventh
Sulphur Springs. West Virginia This afternoons game start-
has voted to retain the "unllm-, tag t :J""- ?**$
lted substitution" rule In foot-diamond hould be an'.clttag
ball. The committee, which iound! contest. The opponenU. league
support from veteran Coach tap place teams Firemen s ln-
AmesAlonao Stagg. says unllm.; surance vs. Pan Liquido.
lted substitution makes collegi-
ate football the best game it ever will prevent Sedgman from com-
Sports Briefs
has had.
TENNISCaptain Harry Hop-
man of the Australian Davis Cup
team says Frank Sedgman will
not defend his American Nation-
al Singles title this year. Hop-
man says business interests and
plans preparations for Austra-
here and now that the Cristobal lias defense of the Davis Cup Cam.
ing to this country.
BOXING Former Middle-
weight Champion Jake LaMotta
will meet Norman Hayes In a 10-1
round bout at Boston on Jan. 28.
A co-feature of the card will be
a 12-round title match between
New England Featherweight
Champ Tommy Collins and Joey
38.Chevrolet ....... $is $100
39 Buick........... i* $150
4 door sedan
39 Nash............ *m $100
4 door sedan
40 Buick........... ue $250
4 door sedan
40 Buick........... un $250
2 door sedan
41 Chrysler......... s. $150
4 door sedan
41 Packard......... ,m $300
4 door sedan
41 Packard......... un $200
37 Crosley ......... $125 $ 75
Pick X p
40 Plymouth........ tm $250
2 doer sedan
CIA. Cyrnos, S.A.
(Nash and Willys Agency)
One Block from Tivoli Crossing
Now 6 Years


The PananwCnrial Library
JAN 17 1952
pxint"-'* "* -SH__________________________________________________________-----_____________________i-----------------'---------------- ------------------------------------------------'--------------------------------;--------------------------------------------------------'
US Admits New
Red A-Policy
May Be Advance
Panama American
"Let the people know the truth and the country it $afe" Abraham Lincoln.
PARIS. .Ian. 16 iUP>United
States told the United Nations
here todav that the latest Soviet
atomic proposals represent an
advance in Russia's position, if
Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei
Vishlnsky's explanation can be
taken at its face value.
United States delegate Ernest
Gross said however: "It is still
not clear whether this advance
Is sufficient to gjve us much
grounds for hope.''
This was the first official Unit-
ed States answer at the United ,.BU-vr.n.nK lttP>
Nations to the perhaps historic. WASHINGTON Jan. 16 perhaps flashy alterations in The overrode economy^ad-
Soviefatomlc policy which Vish- vocatw Je.terd.y_^approved
lnsky made public in a
speech last Saturday.
Generals Get 15 Times More
Than Privates In Pay Boost
This would be bloosted to S0
and SlM.50. Special allowances
for oversells service and flight
pay would not be changed.
The it per cent pay boost also
ipeccn wan oauuuu, ____ mv> non non 3 illv 'would apjly to 152,000 retired of- to promote inflation." he said.
UN 10 per cent increase in military |
i pay whijn would cost an estlm-.
on the Appropriations Commit-1 this 1* per cent raise for every-
tee and an ou'spoken economy j body or be tagged aa against
advocalP. called the measure In-1 the soldier."
nations ry. "Th? worst thing we The incease covers retired
can do Xc r the boys overseas Is I personnel aa well as those on ac-
Russia Shrinks Diplomats
'On Limits Travel Areas
t nmnosau were ordered by n become law But it was be- consider the measure later under
-fiin^SSSSt yiieved thnt Hou-e passage repre- \ regular rules allowing longer de-
ataiin nimsen. sented II biggest hurdle. ibate and unlimited amendment.
Going furiher than the United1 M,** Wt major bill pass-1 Taber. 'op ranking Republican
States has hitherto gone on any I by either house in the new.
aspect of Russia's latest peace session.
3ffenslve Gross admitted the Incriaws wcuW ranRf from
new atomic proposals mght rep- $7 5Q R montn for recruits to
esent an advance, but the west u468 ror gomp officers of the
vould have to be shown. fank Qf inajor general or above.
,, ., .. ... _i. They would become effective on
He added that the best place ft 'fl d f the flrst month
'.o get at the heart of the prob- f h ,fi. Pnactment
.cm was the new United Nations
disarmament commission, sched-
uled to meet within 25 days.
Rev. Nicholls, 76,
Christian Mission
Leader, Dies Here
Economy advocates protest-
ed hoilv that generals would
get an increase more than It
times that of the privates.
They said the latter needs the
raise most.
tlve duty. Slkes said these "In-
clude generals who left their Jobs
to take higher paying jobs in
private Industry
But Hep Paul J. Kilday (D-|
Tex.), floor manager for the
measure, countered that Con-
gress only last year approved
I cost of :ving raises for civilian,
I workers.
"For God's saV:e." he said, 'let's
i don't .end out word from this
House tonight, on the wires to
Korea and elsewhere, the Con-
gress farm economy only at the
expense cf the soldier," Kilday
Speaking of the men in Korea,
Rep. Ben F. Jensen (R-la.), who
just returned from a Korean
trip, said the fighting men don't
want a raise "they want to
MOSCOW, Jan. 18 (UP) The Volga district and central Slbe- get out .,, tnat hellhole of Ko-
iRussian Foreign Ministry today ra. -rea."
areas," he said "as well as for
~n 'nwer ranks and grades
living in high cost areas. But
<\e are told we have to take
Capsized Lifeboat
Found; Pennsylvania
Search Curtailed
SEATTLE, Jan. 16 (UP)The
United States Coast Guard said
today that a capsized lifeboat
has been sighted 125 nautical
miles southeast of where the
freighter Pennsylvania was be-
lieved to have gone down in a
north Pacific storm a week ago.
An earlier report that two
lifeboats had been sighted was
amended when the Coast Guard
learned two Mariner patrol fly-
ing boats had sighted the same
Pieces of dunnage from the
ship's cargo were found float-
ing near the lifeboat.
The discovery of the capsized
boat caused drastic curtailment
In the air search for the miss-
ing 46-man crew of the freight-
Yesterday 10 planes were out
The Pennsylvania was order-
ed abandoned by Capt. George
P. Plover, Portland, on Jan. 9
when a violent storm opened
a 14-foot crack in her hull and
sent mountainous waves crash-
ing over her decks.
The skipper radioed that the
crew was taking to four life-
Cuban Assemblyman Argues
With Cop Becomes Dead
HAVANA, Jan. 16 (UP).Benito Remedios, a member
of the Cuban House of Representatives and reputedly
a wealthy landowner, was abet and killed by a traffic
officer in downtown Havana today during what the au-
thorities say was an argument over a traffic violation
by his chauffeur.
Eyewitnesses said Remedios threatened the police*
man with a gun when the officer attempted to give his
chauffeur a traffic ticket
Remedios was hit four times on the head and face.
He was dead on arrival at hospital.
Remedios had a pineapple bualness, and was part
owner of a sugar mill In Oriente province.
circularized foreign diplomatic
missions in Moscow Informing
them that foreign diplomats'
travel in the Morcow adminlstra-
Thev accused sponsors of the'tlve district is to be limited to a
bill of bringing It to the floor; 25 mile radius from the city,
under u "gag rule" because It was Travel for foreign mission per- barred, the latest Russian ins-
'considereo under special proce-!sonnel is stll! possible in many fractions bar admission to about
But the Balkan republics,
western Ukraine. Byelo-Russia,
parts of central Asia and many
parts of the Caucauses are ban-
"ein addition to cities previously | \}qq] |||fj|| Pf)f(0|)|
Panam Passengers
Fuera! services were held this ments.
morning *t 11 a.m. at the Chris- | Supporters said enlisted men
tian Mission Church. La Boca for had the raise coming to cover
Rev. Alba-t A. Nicholls. who died generahy higher prices. They
that prohibited amend-wide areas of the Soviet Union,
such as tne eastern Ukraine, the
Monday night In the Panama
Hospital where he had been a
patient rlnce Dec 31.
Rev. NI"holls was 76 years old
and general siioerintendent of
the Christian Mission Churches
In Panam at the time of his
said nothing adequately can re-
pay me.i serving in Korea.
Under the bill, a married
private with two children would
have his pav boosted from $165
a month to He now So
in ha&'r pav .mil $85 quarters
allowance for his dependents.
Record Field Contests
Lousiana Primaries
NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 16 (UPiMshed voting and stepped away
A probable record number of
Democrats undertook to nomin-
ate a candidate for governor yes-
terday from a record number of
They probably failed, making
nrcessary a runoff on Feb. 19, in
which the Democratic nominee
will be chosen from the candi-
dates who finished first and sec-
ond In yesterday's primary.
Several Positions
To Be Available
At Albrook AFB
Announcement today from
the Office of Civilian Person-
nel at Amrook Air Force Base
reveals that during this month
and the month of February
several vacancies in the clerk-
stenographer field and air
condition and refrigeration
mechanic field will become
Individuals with the proper
qualification may submit ap-
from the voting machine when: plications on Standard Form
he expired, probably from a heart1 57, Application for Federal Em-
The Democratic candidates
are: Hale Boggs. William J. Dodd.!
Lucille May Grace, Robert F.
Kcnnon, Dudley J. Leblanc, Cliff
Liles, James M. McLemore. Ker-'
mit A. Parker (Negro), and Car-1
los G. Spaht.
There were eight candidates
Of New PAA Route
a score of cities, including Khar-
kov, Brijnsk, Omsk, Astrakhan
and Ore i.
Travel restrictions on dlplo-1 Need for direct nonstop air
mats, nnadnsjhj imposed at kite service between Los Angeles and
end of 1148 allowed foreign dl-1 Guatemala City has been re-
piomaUs in travel without special soundll oved ^ the flr,t
permlsi'cm within a SOmlle dlus of Moscow, though even Worid sjrwavs
within rh's radius
trlcts were barred
certain dls-
operatlons over!
this new 2.2S5-mlle route, accord-
The vote was expected to be for lieutenant governor, five for!
betily split because the powerful
Lon"-. family and the "reform"
forceswhich usually provide the
m?ior rallying forceswere dl-
attorney general, four for audit-
or, four for register of the state
land office and 579 candidates
for a total of 139 seats in the
state legislature.
In addition, thousands of can-
plovment, to the Civilian Per-
sonnel Office, Albrook Air
Force Base.
Further Information may be
obtained by calling at the Civil-
ian Personnel Office.
Bendetsen's Aide
Confers With CIO
Local 900 Croup
A conference between Peter
However th";e were exception. ^^^h *&&
beyond the 30 mile limit. V ifJ'KMA&fi? 0f the
Historic Zagorsk, site of the La'n. American Division.
ancient monastery of YaanayaJ _F,y,n* ^ round-trips weekly.
Tolstoi- estate and Tchalkovs-!Constellations carried 111 pas-
ky's home all less than 100 e.nP" m nlne otithbound
miles Horn Moscow could be flight* from Los Angeles and 269
visited. passengers Into the California |
_ .. ,_ ... .. gateway on eight northbound
Following th- imposition of f nU durl tne M. od
S!S 2!E2PftE;S82F ?: "Normally traffic over V new
5f& -Unrttn S2Yt225J? Jin |tr route builds up slowly." Mor-
SS.w.rJ thlm terr,t0ry stm!risonsald. "It takes time to ac-
"SStS 'Ambassador Ad.'^^^^ .':
Alan G. Kirk w-nt as far as Lake vtos and to change their travel
Baikal, :n the central Siberia habits. But the flights Unking |
travel mut.
Even lacking these elements didates were'seeking office In J8M^L5ad representatives of
Uie nine candidates-Including Darlsh (county) and local eon-SSfiJ01 was held at Balboa
for the first time a Negro and a tests Heights vesterday at 3:00 p.m.
white womanprobably would In Jefferson Parish, sheriff
split the vote so badly none could Frank J. (King) Clancy who took
claim a majority.
Harrison G. Bagwell, a Baton
Rouge lawyer, is running for
Covernor as a Republican. But
is rhanees are not considered
bright in the April general
election b e r a u s e Democrats
outnumbered Republicans a-
bout 900 to 1.
.. The weather for the primaries
was warm, though cloudy and
votersa total of 981,093, includ-
ing 88,487 Negroes, were regis-
teredflocked to the polls. There
were no' reports of violence, but
scattered charges of vote buying
and registrations from such ad-
dresses as saloons.
Henry Coulon. 66. of New Or-
leans fell dead in a polling place
on Orleans Avenue. He had fin-
nearly a dav to shrive himself
before the Senate Crime Inves-
tigating Committee ran for re-
election as a reform candidate.
The campaign, though long
and noisy, was free of interna-
tional issues. The candidates
concentrated almost entirely
on denouncing each other and
promising tax reductions and
more benefits.
States' Rights Issues were al-
most completely neglected.
The candidates all announced
the CIO union disclosed today.
Beasli- is the personal repre-
sentative of Karl R. Bendetsen,
Assistant Secretary of the Army
and Ch.ilrman of the Board of
Directors of the Panam Canal
The Union delegation, which
Included Ed. K Welsh. CIO In-
ternational Representative; E. A.
Oaskin. President. Local 900 and
Vlce-Prc-,tdent Harold W. Rerrle
presenied Its views on matters
affectln ; the Canal Zone local-
rate employes.
that they were against "Truman-1 \Cof C Tn Mppf
I,.ir,* i**i^ i v ivicci
Tomorrow At 7:30
Boggs. who was accused of be-
ing "Truman's candidate."
Dodd said the break between
Earl Long and Russell Long was
a myth. He said the governor and
his nephew were running Spaht
and Boggs as an entry, as Is fre-
quently done In horse races, and
it didn't matter to them which
one was a winner.
"The Knights of Columbia,
Panama-Balboa Council No.
1371, win hold its second re-
gular monthly meeting tomor-
row, at 7:30 p.m. at the Lodge
Hall on Balboa Road, Balboa,
Canal Zone.
PC Locks Division
Office Has Moved
Down One Floor
The office of the Locks Divi-
sion at Balboa Heights was
transferred today from the third
to the second floor of the Ad-
ministration Building and the
Contracts and Inspection Divi-
sion expanded Into the former
Locks Division office, Room
The office of the Chief of the
Locks Division was transferred
to the small board room, Number
267, and the other Locks Division
the United States West Coast and
Central America have clicked
from the first."
About 60 per cent of the south-
bound travelers debark at Gua-
temala City, either to remain
there or fly to other Central
American countries by local PAA
flights. Morrison said.
The other 40 per cent con-
tinue aboard the Constellations
to destinations in Panama, ter-
minus of the new flights, or
to South American points serv-
ed by PAA or its affiliate, Pan
American-Grace Airways (Pa-
Northbound traffic out of Pa-
nama was heavier during the
month than inbound traffic. This
is attributed to the travel of
North Americans homeward-
bound for the holidays from the
CZ Recreation
Board To Divide
Funds Per Capita
The Cena! Zone Recreation
Board announced today that it
would apportation funds for the
1952 Summer Recreation Profram
on the casis of the number of
school children residing in each
community of the Canal Zone.
This u a continuation of a po-
licy which was Inaugurated a
year ago and which contributed
to the success of the 1951 pro-
gram, Hid announcement stated.
The decision was reached at a
meeting of the board In Cristo-
bal on Eaturdav.
E. D. White. Jr.. President of
the board, said that this method
of distributing program funds
leaves the local committees with
more freidpm of action in plan-
ning the individual community
programs, and encourages econ-
omy of operation If it proves as
successful as last yoar, White
said, It will be adopted as a per-
manent policy of the board.
In .statements to the board,
Mrs. O. O. Parker, VS. Coordin-
ator and Stanley G. LOney, Local-
Rate C-virdina;.or. concurred In
the action of the board and
stressed that 'he over-all suc-
cess of the Summer Recreation
Program depended largely upon
adult volunteers who Instruct
and supervise the children In
crafts and recreation.
Volunteers without previous
experience will be trained prior
to the boginnlno of the program,
and will serve for periods rang-
ing from iwo to four weeks, Mrs.
Parker told the board.
Mrs. Psrker said that anyone
wishing to serve for the children
In their < wn community during
school vacation could contract
her or "Mr Loney at P. O. Box 771,
Rising Dough
President Truman today listed
the countries which have ex-
perienced the least Inflation
since the Korean war outbreak
Venezuela, India, Guatemala,
Portugal and Turkey.
Countries with the worst in-
flation in the same period are:
Austria, Chile, Nicaragua and
Sword and Scalpel
Another bull-fighting exhi-
bition has been planned for
next Sunday at the Macarena
Bull Ring In San Francisco in
honor of the visiting surgeons
who are attending the Amer-
ican College of Surgeons meet-
ing at El Panama Hotel.
Four bulls from the Merce-
des ranch in Anton will be
fought to death by Eduardo dt
Vaencia and Josellllo do Co-
lombia, who will leave shortly
to fulfill a contract In Spain.


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Dersonnel moved to Room 268-.
270 across the hall, formerly oc- Canal Zone,
cupied by the Division of Sanlta- Record* malate that 52 per
tion cent of the passengers arriving
The Division of Sanitation '" Los Ageles aboard the Con-
moved to Room 274. stellatlons originated In Pana-
The Contracts and Inspection ma.
Division now occupies Rooms The publics response to this
332-334 in addition to their for-1 new international route has been
mer space In Room 336-338. o gratifying that Pan American
expects to Increase the frequency
of service as soon as additional
equipment Is available, Morrison
The new route is providing
Hollywood movie producers an
easily reached locale for authen-
_ Uc Latin American and tropical
in paints. If the mineral Is scenes. One company has flown I
found, the firm plans to mnela crew to Guatemala for scenes i
It and will pay the state 30to be Included in "Lair of the
cents a ton for-the non-exclus-condor." Others are expected to|
lve lease. follow.
National Lead Company plans
to search the waters of Albe-
marle Sound. N.C. for llmenlte,
an ore containing titanium used
Photos Show Swede
Broke Glider Record
Before He Crashed
BISHOP. California, Jan IS
(UP). Photographs of the con-
trol panel of the glider flown
by the late Swedish pilot Karl
Ovgard have revealed he set a
new world glider altitude record
before his craft crashed in the
mountains near here Dec. 10.
A roll of color film previously
believed lost arrived from pro-
cessors in Los Angeles today.
One of the pictures showed
Ovgard's altimeter reading 32.-
250 ft., which was 3.000 ft. high-
er than the Swedish record he
was trying to break.
The Him roll contained two
clear pictures of the glider's
One. taken at 30,000 ft., show-
ed the rate of climb Indicator re-
gistering 1,000 ft. per minute.
The other, apparently taken a
few minutes later, showed the
altimeter at 32,250 ft. and the
rate of climb as 800 ft. per min.
This was the last picture taken.
Single Holdout Juror Saves Gambler Frank Costello
NEW YORK. Jan. 15 (UP) i
A single juror holding out a-
1 gainst a verdict of guilty dead-'
locked the Jury In gambler
! Frank Costello contempt trial
yesterday and Federal Judge
Sylvester J. Ryan discharged the
Thus the trial ended, and the
60-year-old Costello. who has
' served time only once In hh
I life a one year sentence in
11915 for carrying a gun es-
caped a conviction which could
have meant 11 years In a peni-
: tentlary and an $11.000 fine.
U. 8. Attorney Myles J. Lane,
however. Immediately asked that
. the case be retried.
Judge Ryan continued Cos-
. tello in $5,000 ball and set next
Friday for a discussion of a new
trial date.
Costello was charged with
contempt of the U. 8. Senate.
One Juror who refused to
give his name said a he left
the courthouse that the Jury
deadlock was caused by a single
man who held out against con-
The man had stubbornly re-
fused to yield In 10 hours and
55 minutes of deliberations
since the case went to the Jury
Monday at 4:40 p.m.
As a result, the Jury was un-
able to reach a decision on any
of the 11 counts in an indict-
ment charging Costello with
contempt In refusing to answer
questions of the Senate Crime;
Committee here last March.
Each count was punishable by
one year In Jail and $1,000 fine.
A Juror who refused to give
his name said that on four
counts involving committee
questions regarding Costello's
net worth and Indebtedness, the
Jury voted 11 to one for convic-
The Juror said the Jury also
voted 11 to 1 to convict Costello
on the 5th count charging him
with contempt In walking out,
of the committee hearing March
15, but to convict a verdict must
be unanimous.
He added that the vote was
seven to five for conviction on
two counts charging Costello
with refusing to testify March
15 and March 16.
- The Jurors split, six to six, on;
four counts involving questions j
about Costello's association with'
four individuals, among them!
Mayor William O'Dwyer, accord-1
lng to the Informant.
On the basis of this break-
down, Costello could have laced i
five years' Imprisonment l^ad it'
not been for the lone holdout
' Costello's urbane gray-haired
attorney, George Wolf, told the
court: "111 be very happy to
re-try this case."
Wolf fought the case without
putting Costello or any wit-
ness on the stand.
The government used only
four witnesses. Lane based his
plea to the Jurors for a guilty
verdict on the question of whe-
ther Costello "Is bigger than
the United States Senate" in
refusing to answer senators'
Wolf argued that the Senate
Crime Committee had treated
Costello "not as a witness but
as a defendant."
He called the committee a
group of "over zealous men"
who made a spectacle of Cos-
tello's testimony at Its televised
hearings and held him up to
'acorn and ridicule."
Costello, whom the committee,
branded a leader of the under-,
world, sat with a satisfied ex-'
presslon on his swarthy face as
the Judge discharged the hung'
He smiled faintly as report-
ers gathered around him but
said only, "No comment."
The Jury had to decide whe-
ther Costello was physically and
mentally able to testify before
the crime committee and whe-
ther he had Justification for re-
fusing to answer questions on
Grounds that the answers might
crlmlnate him.
The defense argued that Cos-
tello had a bad case of laryln-
gitu and feared that testifying
would impair his health, and
that conditions In the hearing
room presented a "mental ha-
For Informtrion tnd
nmrvMioni m yo?' "vel a*'* ot
call yo*" Brtnilf representative
Avenido TrvoK #18
Telephone 2-0739
Hotel El Panama
Via EspaAa, 111
Telephone 3-4726
or 3-16*0 Erf. 130
Colon Ticks* Ovffco.Ttlephono 779

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