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The Panama American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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*..+ vrip
.... V I'+_, + n

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s he

I4* to Is

Ei I0 tie um, the American Meanwhile, another asdan, a
womam *ho- M killed Saturday tPlymouth driven by Bt. odn.ey
night -bef .W Cuvabres on the iaxter Fleisher. with Cpl:W.lter
Traia-.It itan HIghvay was J..,01helfske as passenger, drove
astiaUr 'a.s- .In both accidents up behind and stopped,
nvoM.g the seven vehicles, ae .- As Thomas was a Sub to oseo
cordWg tob Shft atln received the door of his car ai4l rush the
by The t iaama r AmtTn this jured man and wwnan to the
im Ight ed e hospital, the sedan' hlnd him,
She might lhayI sorh ed the still occupied by t..Fleicaer
first' crash bd I aot beew for'Ad Cpl. Olahelsk ast from
the ecand, acm. qOn to eyewit- the rearby a.ceme trucl .
Ie e n s or iose to. th Thomas states rh1.haAd We-
Inof b ted that fhis, vigusly diBpatcbedoOur fraPa -
...that h nlan. bystanders to a aistknci of
AM nh iac elP- yards up the road both ahead
sem too A ant~d .b.d .- ndbehind tae scene of the
dent .vuerwand uldent They had flah 1ghts

IfhavW 5a -' 'a w re to w r t onco "l. n, e-
0he d of the accident. The e. ethe signallers before It hit the
"' o ,+ group of cars.
fc. Jdhn Jt.Thoma wip live 'Though an eai*er news report
in as .Ouimbred, saidhe drove his said there were no people in
1e948 ite 4-door. dan out of Plelacher's car wmn the truck uit
his dveway Battray" evening it. Flelscher says this was erron-
whe n notleed :h A. eIj rk- eous. According to him, the truck
ed themain rdat Z e car driver jumped of the cement
pil behind it. i Inme- truck when he W a crash was
di a uedover alohgside of Inevitable and bth Fleiacher and
t mh ObJl nd offered his Olahelfake were trown Into the
he~bher with ae en- side of the ditc by the impact.
ger,. ,'mes Cl TomIas They were cond derably shaken
tran is 6 raum, and and Wlelscher received a heavy
her- ver to the bck seat of blow on the right side and shoul-
his 'A.. Sie was leading pro- der.
S but .was lcoafts, and The second aaiOdent. when the
min ,thomas Itd. (Continued on.Page 6. (0oL 3)

-- *.. .==j1

)S Aid PlanAims at Soun

Ecttomiy for Latin America
*..*^ '* *4 0 *' *

0 prUwoo sound and

'ee~nanyM upon which
.;fl te for l-
"M Mon-

,,ef .ene can be built.
Itiod before a closed

iamiead .Lattin
;.fi~dw AL-Ift- ud Amu r-

an Item of $1.50 million to in-
crease the supply of critical ma-
terzals. lie said.
"Even without the strain of
the present emergency," Miller
stated, many Latin Amercan
countries are "faced with the
problem of Inadequate food.-sup-
ply, poverty, sickness and llW-
teracy conditions which are
exploited by extreme natidnal-
lats. Communists and othpr
who desire to fan anti-eUnA
States sentiment. The present
emergency only aggravates that
Comimenting on U. 8. ecoc-.
mic aid already given to LAtin
America, Miller said:
"It should also be noted that
our sister republics .have been

I' 'f ..
.;. 'v 7 ." "'"K ,-i-. '- "' .'"
Jf-, :++. $.': f' +.: -^ *.' .+ ;,: t ". -^ J .

be terpre N OV
te move on your, prot -
nate the armistice nlotla-
"'l await your acceptanbe of condition." '
This message threw th. re-

i Term Inh 6id
Two sentence were ,
d two dates set .or t in
morning's session of t i U.S.
I trlct Court at Ancon. *
.Luis Antonio Chantre al"
ustitn Sunia, wak sentenced
serve two yeatw n the peni-
Uentiary and his three-year pro-
tlon was revoked.' Chantrll
d received a, suspended sen-
.tnce July 11 after satlng a bl-
cycle at the Balboa *t o. On
4hly 23 a. police report W led
tbat showed the defendnt had
bpen sentenced to 30 days in jail
In the Balboa Magistrate'p.Court.
Chantrell Is an 18-yeryold Pan-
Doris Rud, a chroni offender,
s sentenced to 18 pounths in
penitentiary after.a seend
nse of returning too the Ofnal
Fe after deportation..
Trial by jury of the a4tutbry
-M case against EseijdleI La-
Mesa was set for Sept. 25. Prob-
!41e case had been foufn after
preliminary hearing held July
9, and Labidsa was released on
$1,000 ball which was posted. He
represented by W. S. 1wridan.
Lablosa is a 49-year-old Puerto
Vean. The alleged ofleas took
place July 4 in the old Navy 300
Area In Balboa.
Date for the trial of Thelma
Gladys Williams on a second de-
gree burglary charge was et for
Thursday afternoon.

Cuban Senator hI

Serious Couidion

From SukMei Ty
it ..a

BAVANA. Aug. 7 (<
ator Eduardo Chibs,
ibe opposition POp
S(Orthodoxes) is report
a serious condition hel
bullet wound self-W
he finished Ils regular
I*t aunday slght. ,.

he "n a ee r Abraham Lncoln.
It' "MI



I M m. '

ept. rands New Soviet

Ceasefire C ference Held Up

Pe ding'R Reply To Ridgway

TO& ,A 7. 7 (UP) --- Te ibllty for the continuance muaists intentioally to block
Kae oasre conference Is I Kaqong talks squarely thP ceasefire negotiations.
belle suspended until the Communists. 'the broadcast also charged:
Thur a4 the earliest. United Nations negotia- I"merican planes on missions
The.JmW previous perform- *tof ace Admiral C. Turner Joy to .nb North Korea have vio-
ane at least till topnor- the three other United late Kaesong neutrality by fly-
row ni rpply to General members of his team are tVer the city day and night,
Ms ew~tway's toughest-yet .- ning In Tokyo apparently e-y causing tension In the
d d Irclad guarantees thbe Communst reply. I atmosphere at the conference
that Red troops will be dio Pelping broadcast ma- site,
kept butOI thd Kaesong confer- bt o here charges that the
ence States was taking advan- "Also United States and South
The haveae radiled a verbal tI f an accidental violation of Iorea troops from July 10
assurast that ths would be KI g's neutrality by the Com- tlrog.h July 24 penetrated the
done, K requested Immediate v, iWcty of the neutral-zone onJ
.remsum@ of the deadlocked iL 1' different occasions, Firing on
confre", t ngsHrt5 rilT frIbtaes of the some by Unit-I
Rlidg rejected this assur- States war vessels is daily
dance as isuffleient., I ard distinctly In fesong.
He dog*lted the Red explana- eJ)p RedsC Despite these violations of
tion that mortar and machine- re n f\eds neutrality by United States
gun squads were Inside the sup- tr the Communists did
posedly tral zone Saturday by h i / L n g beyond calling the at-
accidet.; .f i. Lines tneh on of the United States
He smM-'te Baturday incident leadprs to these incidents.
was n0A 'auninor, accidental --
nor trivj" as the Reds had con- ARMY HQ. Korea, Aug. 7 "Much less did the Commu-
tended. ( ^ Comgnist orces eVad- Ilat try to block the truce ne-
R t 'a latest.mesage to e se t IB. VgOtitlns on account of the I
Norti-Bcan preemi er and e u- ',.theA4f.i ,r pltne vlolsjtlons. nor they did they
preme ma nder General KIn M them h" '-r own eatry to m.ake public the fact
I u8 d to commander ler m th such violations had taken
of t in ese es in Korea '
,enedng*Bk stated tang uots claimed more ______
1.It 1a1'" 1Mix. in .00 kilbei or wounded,
.... undervtoo %a U #a : awl *A
that Ing 2-9asg__

163 Group AF,

Super Carriers

Urged By Vinsop

Carl Vinson, chairman of the
House Armed Services Commit-
tee, today urged Immediate ac-
tion by the United States to build
a 163 group Air Force and two
additional super aircraft carriers.
Vinson, one of the moat power-
ful figures in Congress on mili-
tary matter, said this extra air
power il imperative to the nia-
tion's defense.
He said: "If we are to have this
force in time the decision to al-
locate the necessary resources
must be made immediately, and
the fund should be included in
the next budget to be submitted
to Congress."
A $56,000,000,000 defense ap-
propriation approved yesterday.
by the House Appropriations
Committee includes funds for a
95 group Air Force. (See detailed
tW op ,Ig 3.)
Ts p ent strength Is about
87 Qups.
(=8 nm super carrier has been
aut a a 569,000 t9n vessel
lwt &nIrt, luaskdoc..k, and es-
1i~tM, bk,. a" *mr ft l la.

WASHINGTON, Aug. 7 (UP) The State Depart.
meant today branded the renewed Soviet proposal for a
five-power peace pact as nothing but a propaganda pact
designed to lull the people of the United States to sleep.
The State Department's comment on the message
from Russia's President Nikolai Shvernik to President Tru-
man said that if Russia really wanted peace it would live
up to the United Nations charter eand other obligations
which the Kremlin attempts to sabotage, rather than
throw out vague references to the contents of a peace pact
which has been rejected as unsuitable by the United Na-
tions General Asembly for two consecutive years.
Shvernik suggested that the United States and Rus-
sia should end their trade war, limit arms, control atomic
weapons, and join with Britain, France and Red China in
an anti-war pact.

Observers here said Russia was
obviously trying to bypass the
United Nations.
The United Nations in previous
studies of practically identicali
Russian proposals, disc o v e r e d
these impediments.
Atomic Energy: The United

RP Trust Company

May Open In Sept.

Wh on Received
The Panama Trust Company,
capital city bankingR nstitution
cosed I& March 1ua-Vftw two rnsn

States wants unlimited inspect
tion of all the world's atomic fa-
cilities. Russia won't say who
would be permitted to inspect
Soviet facilities or how often. So
negotiations on atomic control
have broken down.
Arms Limitations: Russia wants
the West to, limit Its atomi*f
weapons. The West wants Russia
to limit tha size of its huge armies
and tank corps. The two sides
have never gotten down to talk-
ing the same language on this is*
sue. #
A Big-Five Anti-War Pact: So*
viet Foreign Minister Andrel VI.
shinsky made this proposal to
the United Nations In 1949 and
1950, but got so response from
the Wgt. 'l' Weste prn n

M, IU,- 7

five sUAi s or m ar shells
on the U4M Ka Unfteiuth
of K.mD n = wlutaiisng da-
magB. "'**
The ground actloa Wie almited
to ptrol e1 gepmuts, a daily
occurrenae which aonp military
observers believe Is increasingly
dangerous. .
The Communists are known to
be taking advantAge of the lull in
the fight tov to d up their
forces. w b th tl d Nations
army st f. :Mtdy beat off any
new off *I
The t*wo ArtuL battle-hard-
ened anDmW e 6 g o Wsh oth-
er warl UoWia srrbnW foxes.
Sixteen ulk k from bases
In Japan aB OMnaw, today at-
tacked Bed IWPoaUn ll yards.
airfields a.d supply centers In
North oreat. returned to

Musical Concert
By E. hor ntier
A mu d nert presented by
Zduardo eCb enter, young Pa-
namanitan. flautist who has Just
returned tfro the Coniervatories
of Chic ad Paris, will be pre-
sented i at 8lfS.p.m. at
the Naa l. Theater in Panama.
Cha r .Ig .beingsponsored
bV the iper of Education in
collabozg t the professors.
Alfredo .,ft", Alexander and
Elisabeth ,etnland. Teodoro Tir-
ellli. Hans Janowits sad the boy's
father ZM tdo I .Charpentier
who I ab *pf tlst. Tickets
may be ptrchaok t the door for

ThU d Jerict attorney for the
Second Circuit 0curt of P. na
Second 0 PAfo th
today recommended thatall the
former ministers of Dr.-InWfo
Arias' cabinet who slgioEAthd re-
cree for the suspension of the
194s constitution be brought to

In addition to the ministers the
district attorney also listed for
trial: Francisco Jos6 Linares,
Jorge Rubdn Rosas, Teodoro Brin,
Euloia R. de Arias, Tito del M-.
ral, Jr., Leonor Oonzalez 8. and
Rolando Linares,
The district attorney, at the
same time recommended a provi
isional ruling In favor Of Juan
de Dio Poveda, Dr. Jos Peet,
Ratl Berbey, Aifredo doe ou2a,
Mario Conte Ferniandez, RubnI
Navarro and Sebastian Oarrido
H., all of whom have been charg-
ed With complicity in incidets
leading up to the violent upris-
ing of May 8-10.
The cabinet ministers and 15
other top Arnulfistas have been
under arrest since the bloody
overthrow of Arnulfo and the in-
stallation by the National Assem-
bly of President Alcibiades Aro-

RAFman Charged
With Possession Of
Secret Documents
LONDON,. Aug. 7 (UP)-Air-
craftsman Gerard Stubbins. of
RAF Fighter Command head-
quarters staff, has been charged
with the unlawful possession of
secret materials and may face
court martial. The Air Ministry
has refused to disclose the type
of documents allegedly involved.

|-re hot"lo t as fst
le, Two should then be as-
ed to the Atlantic and one to
ie Pacific.

His proposed 163 group Air
forcee calls for 138 combat wings
3d troop carrier wings In-
tende4dprimfarily for joint Army-
Air FMce operations.
Vinon has jumped into a con-
troversy that has been boiling for
several months In the Pentagon.
'the Air Force wants 150 wings.
The Navy thinks the 95 group
goal is big enough. The Army
stands somewhere between.

Wanted Racketeers

160glaund Style'

Murder VYklms

.gSii+J*t. Ia+t live m in;*
Obarriohas just returned from I Tde Wasr: ThWUnited States
thq States where he headed a shs 14 itoa l against the
special commission sent by the West t ng withe thCommnunisUt
Panama government to negotiate bloc. Tb campaign wa aIn re-
loans. taliatlons agalunst Soviet-support-

Reopening /of the Panama
Trust Company, Obarrlo said, is
expected to follow closely on the
receipt of the actual funds cover-
ing the $1,500,000 loan from the
US Export-Import Bank to HIotel
El Panama. The three-man com-
mission headed by Obarrio ar-
ranged the loan In late July.
Two-thirds of the loan, or $1,-
000,000, Obarrio said, will be used
to pay the hotel's debt to the
bank. The remaining $500,000
will be used to pay other hotel
Comptroller Obarrio also said
that three banking firms in the
States are interested In taking up
the Panama government's request
for a $26,000,000 loan to refund
thak "Ok-r l A ah+k .~1UJ ,,Qh.-V Tn_

IOLLYWOOD, Aug. 7 (UP)-_ IJItC IIUUiUL UCUI "aU pupi n-J
Tony Brancato, 37, recently listed ter-American Highway construc-
as one of the FBI's most-wanted tion.
S nhis friend Tony Trm- The three haye promised to
men, and w re de n g-submit proposals to the Panama
land style last night by a gun- government.
ma&n they had trusted to sit be- Lt. Gen. Morris Flie
hind them. L t. Gen. Morris Flies
Police said the two Kansas City To Visit Antilles
gangsters, who had been suspect-
ed of a 1949 attempt on the life Lt. Gen. W. H. H. Morris, Jr.,
of gambler Mickey Cohen, were Commander in Chief, Carribean
killed as they sat in an automo- Command, accompanied by his
bile parked in a residential Chief of Staff, Brigadier Gen-
street. eral Robert L. Howze. left from
Brancato, an ex-convict who Albrook Air Force' Base early
had served time on bootlegging this morning to visit Army,
and narcotics charges, was shot Navy and Air Force installations
through the back of the head and in the Antilles Area of Carib-
had bullet holes in his hat and bean Command.
coat collar. Morris will .visit Army and
Trombino, who had apparent- Navy stations in San Juan, P.
ly turned to speak to the gun- R.; the Naval Station at Roose-
man when he opened fire, was velt Roads, P, R.: Ramey Air
killed by a bullet through the Force Base, P. R.: and the
side of his face. Naval Station at Guantanamo
The police said neither Bran- Bay, Cuba. He will return to
cato nor Trombino was armed. the Canal Znoe on Friday.

ed wars and threats of war. The
United States is not interested la
calling off this trade ban unless
world tensions relax.
Congress inspired the Tru-
man-Shvernik exchanges by
passing a resolution expressing
United States friendship for
the Russian people.
Mr. Truman relayed ;this
message to Moscow July 7, at
the .same time expressing to
Shvernik the hope that the
Iron Curtain would be lifted.

U. S. Employment
At Highest Level
WASHINGTON, August 7.-
(USIS)- Employment in the
United States was the highest
in history for that month ac-
cording to the U. S. Depart.
ment of Commerce.
Estimated employment for the
week ending July 14 was 62.-
526,000 or 700,000 higher than
'June's, and 1,300,000 higher
than that of the previous July.
Commerce Secretary Sawyer
said July unemployment, estim-
ated at 1,856,000, "has hit
post-war low for this time of
New Anti-Red Guerriga
Bands in South China

HONG KONG, Aug. 7 (UP)-
Reliable Chinese sources here
report that a fresh wave Of
anti-Communist guerrilla ac-
tivities and sabotage is sweep"
Ing through South China, tak-
ing a heavy toll of lives and

Branded Cadets Doing Fatigue Duties

Awaiting Dismissal; Senate To Probe

Conn., demanded an Immediate were of "excellent character"
halt to big-time football at both "l am sure that when the whole
West Point and Annapolis. story is understood, no fair-
Chairman Clyde R. Hoey, D., minded man will condemn them,"
N.C., said Nis powerful perman- the coach asserted.
ent Senate Investigating Codn- The football c oac h-whose
mittee wi "let the preliminary team is reported '"wiped out" by
facts' In case a "full ecsae" in- the order to oust the accused
qui should be ordered, posily eadets--i4d he would like the
by the Senate Armed services onressional investigation "so
CmiUttLee. ha' the tre character" of the
HoUy's announcement caMe U accused youths can be brought
Arm Tootball Coach harl Blath before the nation.
and West Point Buperlatendent 3lalk broke his three-day al-
Mal.-gen Frederick IYIng said lence on the biggest scandal in
thE ie would welcSe O a eon-'the 150-year history of the mili-
grLIal .tves l tary academy to say that he did
sa e football players lvl PnoMt condmom the cadets cribbing

on examinations, but that he still
considered them "some of the
finest men we have In the-corps
-the type of men, whom the rec-
ord shows, have made the finest
leaders." He said the exposure
was because it pictures (the cad-
ets) almost In the light of crim-
Blalk refused to say whether
he will quit hip coaching job as
a result of the scandal which all
but wiped out his 1951 team.
Blalk broke his silence after
the parents of some of the ac-
eused cadets revealed they had
organized a "flpt-back" com-

mittee under Col. Harrison Trav.
is. a 1920 West Point graduate
himself and the father of a oa04
Blalk was nattily attired but
tense at the 12-minute press con-'
ference he gave after biding
away at a West Point iftsh
camp from the time the first an-
nouncement was made of the
scandal. He did not mention his
son. Bob, a star member of the
football team. Reporters agree
not to question him about his son,
who has not been identified as
(Continued on Page CeL P


-., ..
i .al, t "' ';-,
-+. .; .. :',+,
>, .. -** :* "* '' ,
.. .. 7-,. ..,1" '

*, "++- '".' J! o .
"e. ,
,_ ',


I II II I I I I Ii [11 i ,


. ,*V/ -".

?..- 4 .+..+ .


I ap I.






AsaK wwo

S Cargo and Freight-Ships and Planes- Arrivals and

Great White Fleet

New Orleans Service



i+" 4'


Cristobal to New Orleans via
Puerto Barrios, Guatemala


S.S. Chirilui ................ ....... ..... Aug. 7
S.S. Chlriqul ........ (Passenger Service Only)..Aug 21
S.S. Chirlqui ................. ... ................ Sept. 4

accepting passengers for



(Every room with connecting bathroom)

C. B. FENTON & Co., Inc.
Tel.: Crist6bal 1781 Balboa 1065


accepting passengers for




C. B. FENTON & Co., Inc
Tel.: Crist6bat'1781 Balboa 1065





(Every room with private bathroom)

Tel. Crist6bal 1781 Balboa 1065

The Pacific Steam Navigation Company
Royal Malls Lines Ltd.
-MV. "LOBOS" .................. ................. Aug. 21st
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO"* ...................Aug. 25th
- M.V. "LORETO" .... ......................... Aug. 7th
M.V. "SALAMANCA" ................... ...... Aug. 15th
8.8. "JESSMORE" ...............................Aug. 14th
AS.. "LOCH RYAN" ..............................Aug. 21st
"DALERDYK"** .............................Aug. 7th
"PAMPAS" ........ .......................Sept. 7th
*Accepting passengers in First. Cabin and Third Class
"Superior accommodation available for passengers
All ballngs Subject to Chance Without Notice
PACIFIC STEAM NAV. CO., Crist6bal, Tel. 1654 1655
FOIRD COMPANY Inc.. Panama Tel. 3-1257/1258: Balboa 1959


6.S. Argentan ..........................
S.S. Port En Bmiln ... .........
S.S. Bernleres ..............................
M S. Chili .............. ..................
"Ile De France" ..............................
*"Liberte" ....................................
Passenger Service from CARTAOENA to EUROPE
"Colomblet' .............. ...............

Crisltoal: 'RENCH, LIN .0 Box 5015 -
Panami: LIUDO T MADURO. 8 A.
TeL Panami 3-1683 3-1




r Berths)

........... August FRECK LBAI '9UIENDS

............ August 1

VI. Caribbean Portsl:

T*e1le. 3-247 A .arTI
-.- Box 1038
491 A 11
. ........ August 1

al -

* y '4ri- 4

%- T, .1*a it

mis In s


Painful Subject


fA l b >-



Shipping & AirLine News Th +
shipping Magazine Editor The remaining five priests and
a South American Tour a brother will go to hile,.-where
Mrs. Helen Chamberlain. editor they will help conduct schools DETC O0 E
f the "Weekly Bulletin" which is and missions. WAS MIGHTV H
official journal of the Port of UP AN HU
qew Orleans is visiting Panama. Maryknoll, the popular name GOTr HSHIR
[rs. Chamberlain and her hus- for the Catholic Foreign Mission
and are owners and publishers Society of America, observed the
f the weekly traffic and trans- 40th anniversary of its foundation
ortation magazine which they this year. It has grown into a ..
rgani~ed 21 years ago in.,New world-wide society of nearly 2500
)rleans. It was the first shipping members include nr'" .. Bro-
nagazine to be published cover- others, Sisters and students, .F
ig Gulf activities. She leaves -..
'hursday for a one-month tour -3
if South America in connection
rith the magazine's business. U. +
first Post-War Jap Ship
carrying Cargo for Zone
'o Discharge in Cristobal
Norton Lilly and Co. announce IJACOBY ON BRID5
hatthe first Jap ship carrying BOOTS ANDm
argo for the Canal Zone since
he war, Heian Maru, will arrive BY OSWALD JACOBY .
ug. 15. Owned by the Nippon Written for NEA&Service
usen K.K., the 300 ton vessel
ill discharge in Cristobal. Six
passengers will also be aboard. NORTH 9

adio Operator Aboard V A 9
.S. Venore Found Dead A 874
An American radio operator, 4A 52
dward P. Schawe. 46 years old, WIST EAST
as found dead in his bunk as K 9 6532 & 4
he ship transited the Canal yes- V 10 4 VJ875
qrday evening on Itsway J5 3
Theb *Kwaafoundow *KB QJ1073

orted and an auO6psy at the 4'v
lorgas Hospital- Morgue was or- l.. ,
e red.. U. .. .
So.tSh Wet North Mat
Iroup of M~ar Ml ignaries.r Pa' Pass 1 Pas CAPTAIN EAST
rlve for South-Amerhmn Posts 42 Pa n V P.a
Thirteen Maryknoll priests and ,; ppee HMM M.NOT A
Maryknoll Brother travelle to Opeinglead-* H WN IA CUl
south America via Panagra last OpeninIT Ia 5 SICLUDI
eek on their first assignments.
s foreign missioners. Before be- ." .
nunlng their, t ir miu work fn P-e
u, Bolivia and Chile they will -Today's hand was very hardft4"
;udy South American languages bidA properly; Five diamond#
nd 6cuatoms at the Maryknoll would have been a somewhat
ehools in Arequipa and Cocha. easier contract to make, but four
amba. hearts wasn't bad even though
the trump suit was fairly short.
The group, ranging in age from It's all right to get to game with
1 to 35. come from seven states only seven trumps in the com-
n the United States. Ten of blued hands provided that you
hem were ordained in June at know how to manage the trumps
ie Marytnoll Major. Seminary, prudently.
ear New York City. When the hand was played,
Five of the young missioners dummy won the first trick with
ave been assigned to Peru, where the jack of spades. Declarer next
hey will staff schools in the dio- laid down the ace and king of
ese of Puno., on the shores of trumps, after which he led the _
ake Titicaca. and also will have nine of diamonds and let It ride I CLIN
harsre of a number of mission to East's king.
rilshes. East returned the quee,. f .
Three from the group hive clubs, forcing out dummy's ace. f
sen assigned to the Pando Jun- Declarer then decided that he )i
le region of Bolivia. Maryknoll- could afford to lead out another
rs there have charge of seven round of trumps as long as the
central missions and thirteen diamonds had turned out so well.
itlying stations, three dispen- This was a fatal mistake.
aries, three elementary schools, After winning the third round
hospital, an industrial school of trumps with the queen, South
id an orphanage, went back to the diamonds. East
ruffed the last diamond and led
another club, thus forcing out
m Co h declarer's last trump.
& L At this point South had lost a
diamond and a trump, with the
SWl Vg h spades still to be developed.
Don't ough and eough, at nle, p When declarer went after the
Chok. 1o bad that you can h
eathe eor sleo--don't sufferanoth spades West could take his king
ay from aronchitic or Asthma without of spades and lead his last club
ying This great Interna to set the contract. _
tlo uo, recently developed by There weer actually five or six
ilentlffo American laboratory, works There weer actually five or six
rough the blood, thus reaching your perfectly sound ways to play the
2ngs and bronchial tubes. That's why hand. but drawing a third round olU R H"'-IN(t
aye. 1. Helps nature dissolve and re. of trump was not part of any of "I e g,
nov thick stranling mucus. pro. them. South could have given up AC "t
otes free easy breathing and sound one spade trick as though West VA 'T '
loip so you oon feel O.. S. Quickly held the ae r 61
eavlates couchingt wheezing, sne held the ae rather than the
g. Get Mondsco from your druggist king. Or South could have led IoNa
today. go how much better you may the queen of spades from dummy 0 VAGAGO
ap t ht ad how mu better to win his ace and ruff a spade 3 MEAQ
with dumy's third trump. :LAW.
The right lines of play all had FLW /I
one feature in common: South I-GUI "
tA W had to draw only two round of IT)
ITTED trumps and then develop the
RI R I EI E other suits. He could afford to
draw a third trump only after all
his tricks had been set up.

For Po t Rini--

per gughs due

hldrUn At y 1our dr*~K. -

amese NORWICH *E



,,.v Y .. t


~ imna,.u ~m AN

8.8. Chiriqui ...................................Aug. 19
S.S. Byftord ..... .............................Aug. 25
S.S. Levers Bend .............................. Aug. 31
S.S. Chiriqui .................................. Sept. 2
(Randlitg Refrigerated Chilled and General Caro)

New Vork Freight Servise Crist6bal
S.S. Cape Ann ..................................Aug. 12
S.S. Cape Cod ...............................Aug. 18
S.S. Maya ....... .......................... Aug. 26
S.S. Cape Avinof ............................... Sept. 1
Weekly aillnga to New ourk, Los Angeles, San Franctsco. Seattle
Occasional Saillings to New Orleans and Mobll
(The Steamers In this service are limited to twelve asenagets)
requestt t'elgbh 8SaUings trom Cristobal to WeN Coast Cetral Amerite




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J*.. 'IV f...

lights of

The RAS. Hs benM.des f6M
u "Elsenb WCras sh ,. o
Already its dront -fi rmB l
Is more than half h t
as in 1948. More C util -
creases are planned w ing tie
next two years.
In Fighter Comnm pr,o. the
strength of the day-f l ft
has been dquiled and I$ now toe
Ing further expanded, toethe
with that of te night- ghte
Bomber Command is forming
substantial force of light ta 00a
bombers equipped with Britain's
fast twin-let Cpaberra now be-
ing built in Amerlet ly o Glenn
Martin, uder license from the
British eaerm.
America s also building the
British designe-d fapthire 7,200-
pound thrust let engine in
Production orders have been
laced ftor the first British four-
et bomber, the Vickers Valiant.
When the RAIt. Bomber Com-
mand is equppd w it this four-
jet Machinet 'have a long-
range bomber striking fore equal
to any at present in operational

Coastal Command Is being ex-
panded and re-equlpp&to 'kill"
submarines th the hel of new
radar equip IIIt.
Treaent strenigth'of the R.A..
la 230,000 men. It Us the .core of
Western Europe's air defqhne. Its
methods and in many cases its
equipment are now standard
.among the Western air forces.




saeinger one m.
Of this some 425,000 ari regular
troob and about a quarter of a
S are reservists called pp
Afprea)er training (mostly in
There are new 20,000 British
ground troops overas in.19 ap-
state oota~,es~and territories
which neanty aBwih than hall
f the uBatish regular Army la
serving overseas.
Britain has put nearly 14,000
troops Into Korea.
By theu end of this year Brit-
ain will have nearly 100,000 men
in Germany, which will probably
be roughly are many as the Aer-
loan total. These British forces
wiReglar nde a full armored Corps.
At present some 4l-3rd divi-
sions of British troops are serv-
ing under 'enefal Blrenhower In
Germany. N-
To increase the strength of the
Regular Anmy the peblod of full-
time service by drafted National
Service men was extended last
year from 18 months to two year
This has $ready added 80,000
more men to the Regular, Army.
It wll enable Britain to'have
10 regular active divisions fo6r thb
first time In her peace-time his-
tory, ,

Miss Kiotz Cited
To Honor List
By Bucknelt U.
UWISBUfO,* UP.A., July
-4Mss Catherine Ellen Klotz of
alboa Heights, Capal Zone, has
been cited on the dean's honors
list for scholastic achievement
during the second' semester of
the 1950-51 academic year, at
Bucknell University.
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Russell L. Klotz, Balboa Heights,
Canal Zone, Miss Klotz was
graduated from Bucknell 'in
June with the degree of bachelor
of silence.
Only those students who
achieve a high 'average in their
studios are named on the honors
list. A total of 319- men and
*omen were cited on the list re-
leased.. today.

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9' x 5 A8
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y*xlow ****




""e 'u1 Ut

Wf e t 4M cond largest. -
I4 o Britain
WthaNorth and As-
S home waters, e
iterranean and the F4r
LOne-thil of the -British hP
bulld"ngahd repair industry is
IepgMge on naval work.
I he Navy Is becoming. a so-
ntf tream" according. t
Zo..4ooblaghwn, secretary e we
Ad alty. Its latest radar equipment hase 20e
ifconc de tubes, 25,000 oUaer
to, and needs 20,00
fir a to produce it.
' mrn Tis now completed on the
Royal Navy's second gas turbine
craft. A "pockt sized" unit, eper-.
atlin at'about 100 h.p., as beas'
Inatalled in a 51-ft. launch. It
weighs O00 lbs. In place of a 2s/2
ton diesel engine.
Jet-prppolled naval vessels are
shortly to be put into use.
Amang new British apparatus
for combatting submarines Is a
new Alevelopment of the Ath ic
which detects, locates, alms and
firea at In one piece of equip--
ment.. This Is now undergoing
tests at sea.
An important part of the Na-
vy rea'ament program is the
con'prsion of 45 destroyers Ato
ant-subinarlne frigates.
together. when the* three-
year expansion program is cogi
lete, the Royal Navy will have
2 new ships..

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, 4lecurlty veils many of Brit-
Sain's latest scientific achieve-
:ients. Full detail of ptO in
the development of a oC wea-
.pons cannot be revealed.
But the British atomic project
Is currently being carried out on
a vast scale, and Britain has
made "much progress" In the de-
yelopment o amic weapons,
jordinmg to a government
okesman, Viscount'Alexde
Speaking in the Houseof
recently, Alexander dlolO
that large production lants,
each of them majorndustri
enterprises, have been boat and
are now operating.
Pilot projects are being pushed
ahead for nuclear production of
power and for new methods of
Srilar secrecy surrounds the
British development of guide,
misialles. All that can be said is
that Britain has for three years
been using a 3,000-mile rocket
range il Woomera, Australia.'

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Aug. 7 (UP) Silta eously, (fblirm
I-tqs"- .,i Approprlatoons Carl mneon. D.. Oa.,. of
Co voted $6.- House Armed Services Comn
uMA, jt.the armed forces tee asked the House Rules Cc
infsule -a peacetime re- mittee to clear for a floor
coi --nd iI ll. e that even next Week a i.70,00,006
mor mlftry funds will be authorizing the armed forces
needed before the year ends. start building bases around
While the committee gave the world.
services only $1.542.608.500 less Vinson predleted that "w
than they asked, it Issued a will never have a war wit1
stinging report criticizing them Russia so long as we kee
for "extravagance" in procure- our strength up and main
ment, hiring of civilian person- tain a powerful Army, Nav
nel and unofficial use of planes. and Air Force. Blat, If w
It also ordered a "sharp re- let our strength go down w
duction" In their publicity are headed for trouble."
agents. More than half of the fur


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Shich the Hqus will start co*at. 000 to buy 0104 ----
Sldering tomorrow, were et- -pluse'glded mls mJ
| marked for planes, tanks, gus lated" Items-and to"
and other weapons to eauip a (~Uancing of 2,02 .p
3,572,0O.-man armed force. ready ordered.
It would provide for about The Navy would bei
8,600 new planes. $4.022.476,000 for aircraft,
S Together with Korean War curement but the r
funds and other militrav ap- planes was not disclosed.
propriations, this will push the Army would buy 1,.600
an 1952.Armed Forces budget close most of which res
the to peak World War II levels, would be small liaon
nit- The committee cut Air Force The Air Force. which,
im- plane buying funds by $500,000,- (Continued on Page
bill T -,..

h i. .M, *. _-,,: .. .-. I .



, -. -.0. 1





om Morgan Whitewashes Powells Cop ach Blaik Defid Plers;

nators on Fve Hits Atlantic Loop Hints He May Retire Thursday -

'y .United Press&
NEW YORK, Aug. 7 Rookie Tom Morgan pitched rtt o h. I a broken a "
orb five-hitter for his eighth victory of the season and t -dar aslence to defend py-
third shutout to give the pacesettnig Yankees their FINAL STANDINGS *ers lvel d in the Westa lt i "o a
th straight triumph 4-0 over the Senators in a Yankee won Lort .et. aThda hi.nt he may re.tre e I
ium night game. Powell ...... 9 1 .900 Belre Blaik would make a for a lotMa, ooube ent
Cari .... 8 2 .00 1ublc appearahce-his first since .MI s
organ put the Yankees a full walk put the first two runners on Coco Solo ...... 6 4 .0 90 Idetl were accused oZ crib- eAmorician Lmum# OW t"ag dat
e over the idle second place base. Westinghouse 4 6 40 bng in examinations-he mae d dra
eland Indians and our In the ninth, after MacDoug- Junior Varsity .... 2 8 .200 newsmen promise not to asi TEAMS- Wan Lost. Pot. 0. TZEAlM- Was Lost Pet U.tu. offered w in van of the rl "
ea in front of the third place aid made a wild throw on a 903rd. "D" Battery 1.... 9 .100 questions. New York. 4 U .81 reo a 35 .s rom eigh
on Red Box. He did not walk rounder by Irv Noren, Morgan Iv the final ame of the first Then Blalk told them he'd Cleveland. 64 U9 .61 1 Nw la j .lnhl7Nbdi
tter until the eighth inning Induced Mickey Vernon to fly out half the Powelis team scored an "welcome a congressional invas- Boston 4. $1 4 '1Philadblhi ll i 14 4 entire c4. JMaol
s truck out four. weakly and got 8am Mele on easy victory over 908rd "D" Bat- tigation"so the country could See Chicago..S. o 44 .2 7 do' 411. I U .4 17 I rather "ad why to tt S tla
The Yankees had difficulties strikes to end the lane. tery. In w inn the game the the true character of the cadets Detroit 4 18 St. Loas 4 1 .48 17 the Pacifc OMt ca te alr.
hitting ex-teammate Don John- In the only other major Powells team gained first half accused of breaking Army's "ho1n- Washington 4 51 .417 28 Cincinnati 47 54 .465 219 T, lo ae ofI lu iia -
son, who held them scoreless un- league game the Chieago White champions. The score of the game or code." Philadelphia 0 #9 .1I 1V Chleme. .1.3 54 .44 21 bars of theousn t < mnilooopl
1a the fourth inning when Yogi Sex slugged the Detroi Tiger, was way in favor of Powells 72 to Blalk thinks their character is St. Louis .. 32 71 .311 33 Pittelrg 41 .402 50 scoring th h. had not Jen breefo d i f.'.
erra walked and another rookie, 10-1. n a Detroit night contest. 943rd's 21. High point men of the good. ,i n- facts of A
Oi MacDougald, homered. Mac- Leading the 15-hit bombard- Powells team were Roy Wilson -"This Investigation is tragic," TODA S GAI 8/ G Oe n of Le oowtt. the- t Droblaa s bfore
Doulald also-drove in the third meant of the "never quit" Chl- and Bob Baile with 24 and 14 re- said the Army football coach, Philadelphia at Besto* (N). TO 'WS GAMES Amorean b al not hoy to work a i rd sar Wt tt
yankee run on a fly ball in the eagois was the veteran sddle spectively. "because it pictures almost In the Chicago at Detrolt, Pittub t IS Lufls (N). thestup.
sixth lebon with two homers (his The Second Half opens Tues- light of criminals some of the St. Louti at Cleveland (N). Cn atit Chicago. It Is, rather, how to develop a sufficient ntber of Maor
18th and 19thof the season), a day and all teams will be out in finest men we nave in the corps T Boston at PUiladelphia (N). class players to man. the lxteMn clubs, of the two eltatng .
In that inning Bobby Brown double and a single. Be drove In full force during the second half ..the type of men who, the rec- YESTIIWAY' RBS1UL'tS Now York at Broklyn (N). leagues.
aeat out a bunt and Joe Di- three runs and ncored three, for at stake Is a beautiful 39 inch ord shows, have made the finest NIOGT GAMi5 U *
atgio singled him to eond. The White Box attack resulted "Traveling Trophy" donated by of leaders." Detroit.............. 1 De d n lAdv t
a walk to Johnny Mize loaded in four runs off losing pitcher Universal Sport. Added to this Blalk said he did not condone Chicago ..1.. ........ 10 YESTS AY BIoULTS .
4be bases and MacDougald Hal White In the third, one off trophy will be gold and silver bas- what he called "the erroneous OPEN DATE. Tha hlooy e USA that
lie through with a fly. Gene Bearden to the seventhh and ketballs to the final first and view" held by the accused cadets. Washington .. .. ...... t0 -he N a A e.leM Les ares dllinineS f kep th0
he Yanks tallied their fourth five off Hank Borowy in the second place teams given by the But, said Blalk, "It does mean I New York .... ... .., .. 4 Pai fic S Cos Sfromase
in the seventh when Gene ninth.. M.R.A.. Cristobal Recreat i on know them to be men of excellent ...t .thtey pla to A td
dltg, coming out oslump,Me hil JoeDoson set the Fund and the Margarita Rec. character." Along e Firw ys Pacifc ter-Clubn a m or
owii's single, to gain ht seventh ucCe of the In answer to persistent reports i- nS a eo
,loubleplays erased two Sena- season. He faced only 31 batters Box Scores: that he'll resign as coach of the The smilin fce $inea' *I r- t ihtn ow the h1rdl nt. y a ta tr e
' threats and Morgan bore and was deprived of a shutout Powel fgt f military academy, Blaik said, "No cThesmilfn faces l yeas m 3 at wotherwihtnow ehA s nly are faT t
m to retire three men in a row when the Tigers' Joe Ginsberg Anderson ........ 5 1 0 11 comment." champion.lCorale, wasmarss- 3 rd Ud Completed ?t- tAMt
---ith........... 2 1 1 5 that he'll clear up his coaching ding reached ots climax at the around of the Inter- t L. pi f re
S Cmmm i on rons ..........2 0 2 4 status. close of roud-ne playoffs icn chThe third v u nd thRobineon. o tidL jr a oe
ulliva.......... 1 0 3 Blaik says he'll visit New York the 1951 amboa aGolf club Them ton and An- en ta ith a m our two
"er tBailey .......... 2 0 14 on Thursday. "At that time," Championship TouMament held at the Pacific Clubhouse on Mon that- holler 0. a cd tut s
Bryant ........ 5 1 0 11 said Bloko, "i am going to state Saturday and auday in ambod. day night,. August 6. have foriped. Crence (Pan) : o n_ ofe

HNd TON, Auga 66 (UPa- loe, deheey ornei pronthyi sill ah now n er Val A Holdera Hamilton;-- H. th2 asat L eagu e now th um .tdeopro
Sa e onnor lwyer, toandler says he had one well probably adjourn for a Tuesdays Games Chicagot a w ltter o As a rult of this engagement or th aor tth PCL ro t would nj
n losng hs $65,0iformally my position this00- month so we can meet these Dthis Three quarter handicaps were The schedule brought together legram rby
comments From O'Ma llaey; rroh event for t play wiothaful ,Jar Will-the watoleon fr t pa ridh fu

e 93rnterested in the mono- he Cubsj Hel b e out ^he or long standicap allowances for uch aton 3 oeraol polc, there wi be no Cot ajor in the eeoreV*
eta Lturs of th ame 0 four weeks well known as Jankus.a M urray i amv M ordm d V M e e future.
SCommi ssionerl'tbe Lanchi ..........0 0 4 and re ioPn a three way nd Rather I t the prootiofee.Lo po
side orMeyershe other ..........1 0 2 BY UNITED PRESS split between Youart, Clayton W, C. Thornton and H. An- The ternattonAl Lague and the ria A ., our two
So AndthatDietrichate own back to Boston for treat-ors. Aath ere Rn w the R lames on for- othor.Tre A. las not roltl, seek no uidt:

.'.enoughtodtroyome onet or atoee ne0 o n first match play to determine feltTfro .Bourne and Pedrog tIa fourth th ta t le wast le e il Ir
HINGTON Aug. 7 (UP)- ley, "every owner probably will Boone .......... 00 1 0CTA PACIIC A flok of injuries have hit the the winner.
anler Baseball Commissioner drag out the local favorite. ThenID 1 8 21 BosTITton Braves whoare now n s Clayton Janks Valdes. turned b thinhenmaJonoe that autoa mode of r

that the owner want a the Uid tat at a 130-ound tain that they wld represent y pears; Robinson vs Van Gelder P. Robnran ............... stand ta ctym il t
B. Chandler says he had one we'll probably adjourn for a Tuesday'cific Games annual go. And Latoham v ay abundantan As a result of this engagement mor the laj for oe the P, tha the ramet would benu
Woslation in losing his $65,000- month so we can meet these D-903 vs Westinghouse 1st game at tournament time, was some- thefoo s the standing of their legal mend ltionto De urably

York" W wat to 'Z e o se"6t eoTas n a mesi Schoolboy :*.^ : ""H. .d Se em y t the ^ 1on
-year job men." Caribe vs Powells 2nd game X-rays esh1ow that pitcher Vern what restrane on u o the localTA9thterheest
i've got my rooting' privileges hednesy' a ickford broke his pitching' hand with due colrideotoon that par teplayer: th
iMa'. k drawled riChandler m- Sin tes- 03 vPowes 1st games during a "pepper" game before being per an hdicaps being an ha the No o Leage at Major in Fon wt te
Oenavly 01foreaHou0seDme9n ewehishstKlas C ocol oo vahe JV's 2ned game sunday's double heady- with advantage ii-Imatch Y, thP, Points o caseh els na Foeeabl utureag

ony t e Hbo aouse Subcom- nl. ~ o 'e2pS undte hays ant ouedo 100 wU e there sa raihal change in big lea pi r stand brds and

1 t~hobe lli baell tion M Assoel.tUon. thatch~e Da ha nal s ^"on thfihord rmee GNTER.PLiAYGROUND BAS- lae% sheIravd w ith Bwoil be y n iah F rr ,n th forle-
itee interested in the mon- tholmee Cubs. He'll be out h ree or long standL o ds ofI suchi W O. they o ncy haa tw to gon ma lo c I3noe. tho erei Conot ths g n tbfe.
ly features of the game. four weeks, well known up, some kus, Murray defnte concl The .............." alo Anon
BAs Commissioner I couldn't be r u s r, .a.i. n ahclbt e n sttah e..Wde rk we. .o aa....r d.iLs alnd Chuck Dier- bi rd .in tae e and hproo I V emotion.oLW a o'.

b nianPonhVSmeOu ac vahi n H un W eekcos AND COMFORTABLE
wU one side or the other," said iCatcher Walker Cooper hasK bloodedth n An compn a eton foto Oamb cant b aht h...........t
ndhe onactnd tatod a terrible f. Phalen ...... wn back to Boston for treat o thetournament.Inorde League. They won ery en ot
.Ic eonit.tht 'esysomer i 'b leJwan entso force o stro e ned a he hn a l a ........ alourth, o t oan oixth lea as well
It' t ain '. .H. Cumbrbatch ........1lQt AeL
ticent about commenting rone o Peonsg ANCONb "" Ms PACIFIC rth nle a o Y pairings for next woek end! 0. Bourne ....ton. alas, In a a nam ev a

than d ler's Statem en ts.|b out10nf eetrwi a s C TArigh t an k le.u M a n ger o A lsnato n J nou ne .. .. ... ......h oas rs
SseltFCham n BIDS TTvsClaytod ...... ..........
O'Malley was scornful. He de- w e Plummer and Eddie Burgin of The Ancon "C" team made cer-, Holme sa Marshall may e:a vos...........all slld be In the major leagues'
Sn ain tha they wold repren day Fears; Robinson vs Van Gelder P. Robinson ....... 0 stand ha iiilty membershiAlL
toge. Ut forAug. at the ColonA- the Pacific side in the annual and Latham vs Bafian. It my belief, for one thin, t
i -"We certainly want anything '.Io. Canal Zone basketball tourna- The St. LOUis Cardinals rut g t i adIy on'aob
out a stooge,"O'MalleySaidInsentwh.Ltheysdofraionalhganeethey winbeurofittietremendously If th ,Cardinals wef to Detrol ed
w aYstooge, "W 'an meboy saidIn o 0y d meant wheno they defeated the wonder why Dave KPs3o of New and a possible win 4i Balboa can Louis were left to the Browns.
#and up and lead baseball, not a present sesatioul of the feather- Although there was little hope York has won only sixegamescthisua yAerot o L eage doW the se
robber stamp who bows down to weight division with an impres- for Balboa, even if they had won, year. the schedule on Aug. 11. World Setes,'to create a lottof hoax majors,rand totgive the de-
uticans." siva string of knockouts. He was they gave Aneon one of the stiff- Kolo set the Cardinals dopoL Ancoa has the "B' League all signatiio jgor." -aiudulent connotati, with the intention
O'Malley also criticized met0- ranked eighth in him clams in the got battles they have had this medi oW Awedtact
me -ewith two hits Saturday as th4V duP. T hard-playif a h itocash oa false prenses and a pIony produce, is not at al
is of the House Subcommittee last quarterly ratings of the Na- year. It appeared in the first half wa h the sairmt of baseball.e'so far
have been telling baseball tonal Boxing Asseelation. that e Daag -Irhadofinally Giants pounded out a 10-0 w lost itgofr
eente gbeltne that the DamarN had finally It's only the third time the GlaiN.I-PLAYGROUND BAAS- In their nine-gne schedule, and I traveled with aonynIntha
chise it should locate bs lleagueinolved the Ancol zone ddfena e as lefty has gone the distance and KMALL- PACIFIC SIDE they only have two to go. major. I know how counterfeit one. of thos
scope of the Washington thr Cars Watson and Joe An- edge.l hav been against St With the final week of pla
mittee," said O'Malley. A lot ra as ndeAt the beginning of the third Louis. bne of the others also was coming up, some definite conclu- The "C" League to also Ancon' -
e:cities, Montreal. for one, and pounds, Watson will be shooting quarter, however, Ancon put on a two-hit shutout. s ts can now be drawn as to all the wa only two left to play.
Baltimore and Houston, would for his fourth straight win while the steam and quickly went mo Harry Lowrey and Chuck Dier- side in the annual Inter-. .
like to be In the big.leagues. But Andrade hopes to resume the an eight-point lead which Balboa Pacific
the have to prove their quallf- winning streak that was out short could never qvercomne. A s nma- Ing got the only hits off Koslo... und Basketball Tourna- The TD" League It still hin
; gowret getting a single in the beheldInCrdoubt, cd it uotwe AncoN
thing&, o ni. t ..... n ther b rot e y arbat h rg IT as flos second inning and Diering hit- Aug. 24. On this date games will and GamboA, Oamboa has 4
first."11 Inarow. Balboa- PG FITPting his In the ninth, be nlaved in'A," -B,' "C," ID," Slight edge at present, but they
The l odger bos also thinks Reece. .6 3 4 15 and "E" League classifications still 'have two games again* An-
tt the owners won't name a Vicente Worrell and Gregorlo 0 1 3 1 andE ee c las si cons stlave two gam esga .-o
tO'Malley sees It, the owners. over Worrell the last time they Smith..... 0 0 0 0 'e giants gave Koslo the only In the h"A" League, it between
run he needed in the third when Ancon and Diablo as to who will Oamboa can't be caught In-he 0
the denetracttodhenoanddau m.an0r)hrk reached first base on a o to the tournament. In order t 1 "1" League. They havo won evtry bei. __
the contract today. Then candi- The four-round preliminary Lee........ 3 3 1 9 free ond an
dates to fit the job definition will will he between Rodoifo Ampudia home on a single by WIllie Mays. Ancon this Wednesday at 3amveeonly*ongame.
be discussed, And, says O'Mal- and Al Stewart at 120 pounds. Totals.......11 7 13 29 a.m.yin Diablo. If Diablo wint
10 free throws missed. ns baiddmplay.
Aneon- FG FT PF TP. .w"" .. .
Hcit ft.Again.l-,,....0o03 0
.......UA- ..-........,,.... Reyes........ 6 1 4 13
Rodriguez.... 0 0 0 0
.wLombano .... 5 0 2 10
IJohnson.......0 0 0 01jrouble'14h your

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thei e gest Mao t'Mes h," o ime MB |and
CAugut M Mrs. e mm is the fo.. ,alaca Sa Frad Froma| 3 to r amn nTFe.ornoo eldaian Aa. e

are -n Thker Y o lon an1 9:0 -N ond Lh e a AS

hind t p a lhe Ol tre_ tpet, elln ate donA of rme.mb ers 3c il ,a l v a ocO
ther oo Air, .... U t IH, ._ -- ,---..-.pthi sled LeCouana's Clu ontre:130- onurtor'Dne s
Ecuador. During hiM short htay, t a r : tt t :lS-ornal ord
e ^wa t dialet^ W 3 O eT Chcago Aeig e ateses at the n- I4t :30.-MProrSing teArl(tleOa
Bebrofman ormar AiMlt u r n ri elt Woolf and Muisslo lU te Mrs. Dee Bright :I .A il 8 2:40-.M:S-icunrt akers

guein-st. tr A u 4M .em hetert -rdor.tSnFanciscoodAM--ate on Faeorite i
ithe a -- Na-ae Dis t it. i o e I!utt C g maMoeaa. bhie Maig:00-.9Lo M=Newsan ac a
Laoeompa-d on hu ret inp ino arrived by plane at To- l -- : 1 -ntanr: Fofrner Aavlntn
a inenta the ?oco 1ot avl D. d Man. Stanley diber of i M tge Tomorrow 4 10:o-Va andOt the Record
r Balbo. Thel Boas lAdmInetratow r 114:00--News and ot the Records
00st With th e g ~t of-theon lor. f toital Mrs. h4" of 1tel DorelaV tae hide"1n'sT o

to oin SHeA H a aPr--t 0,5U pf is. Ccoro t th r al ofh a 1.:0-rnew and t cheon Mu-
tAhrtertg uy h nGynecologist ,"s0reic Se ws
the completion of arrangements a nd erman emm at th 2:0 ro country U.S.A.

hUH te Hofanr SS S an FeIando Cenic on Saturnamy 'i 2:15-It'n Time to Dance
oi toZn r) & teAugust 4. Mrot. Lemm Is the for- C1linics San Fernado From 3 to 6 pm. 2:3-AAmoon Meodie
f tmer Yvonne cker of colon and 2hion1wU-Uow.BanR | 2:4o-No _eson eJam

trdher daughter 1 be named 0s e By 3:0--A Star Concert .H...all_
Chie Solu t I 'Naval/MAsion to turne jte 3 :15-The Little Show

..- ...oro sq,,-- A t3e: o eD- cayto- r s Co resLusordn
To KUSSIU YIU-ISIfl ,'l l I mAW.O. *,fsbl# tIt cheon 4:00-Music Without Words
Toi n s Re TtT (ol n I 1 i f I ad lw e Club 4 4 TO-FrWn: In the Air (VOA)

dPARISn, Aug to (ls 09 .Te firt of- a series of month-" n '-4:3 Whata Your Favorite -

a ,ni tro r, sad ye std ba ...o
on-ISeeIt. sov. .-o
Balboa. Th.Badoing f forii thegt rt ch-Nwkae nd off te ecr
Mre-C Msent ivo-oftheoBffl"- t l--t .toor-roat1:3t 0 at i- i (V:0-Snt th anc e
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oetrSa nssP*aaal and3 onSaur [a ,15-R l tT (meA) Dac sdahe
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2aue with. fivel other officials of. a H r emte- SnamaB3-(A ra ll

T# betwalnK fo hchaonce div ee ts A llme A:00-iuC cWltahout eWors i
ofs an i w Mra r sl Pe and th a e t d v at s will b ne 1 Owls Nes^- -\ X S
otorio s t e. V'al entin e Chr-ad -_______--- -________ _....__o rao ite,

reldea the semeds ofw its wa
dstot n i kate-thet undl -Sl eI at1:m Ft- A



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.0Quster Of Sen. Joe I

VDemanded On Floor

WASHINGTON, Aug. 7 (UP).-Sen. William Benton, D., Conn.,
a, handed yesterday that Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy, R., Wis., re-
SIaM his seat and urged the Senate to consider expelling him if
McCarthy promptly refused with the comment that "it is
lueky for this country that Connecticut's mental midget does not
ga J the Senate."
DBeaton introduced a resolution directing the Senate Rules
^eumttee to investigate McCarthy's role in last year's Maryland
t race and "other acts" with a view toward "expulsion."
Under the Constitution, the Senate may expel one of its
,. members by a two-thirds vote. The drastic machinery has rare-
pb been Invoked since the Civil War.
Benton said in a Senate speech "The exact number that he
.that the only way in which Mc- personally brought Into govern-
Carthy could "make amends to ment is not fully known at this
,. the-people of Wi.consin and his time," he said.
colleagues in the Senate" is by "No wonder he squeals and
resigning voluntarily. But he screams in panic as the McCar-
rightly predicted that McCarthy ran (Senate Internal Security)
would refuse, subcommittee starts to uncover
, McCarthy was not in the some of them"
chamber when Benton delivered S e n a t e Republican Leader
Ships surprise speech, but issued an Kenneth S. Wherry, Neb., was the
= angry statement to reporters a only senator who answered Ben-
short while later, ton on the floor.
;' He said the oust-McCarthy res-
i' ,lutlon would make Benton "the Wherry said Benton had "only
Spero of every Communist and political-motives in mind," and
to ,in and out of the govern- that his action "was not in the

SMcCarthy said that all he did
the Maryland campaign was
,expose the whitewash of
onmunists in government' by
attacking ex-Sen. Millard E. Ty-
dings, D., Md., who conducted an
Investigation of McCarthy's
charges that the State Depart-
.ment I Red-iniiltrated. The Ty-
4lngs group found McCarthy's
charges were "a fraud and a
Tn an implied threat to take up
e campaign cudgels against
jZ ton in like manner when he
L Up for re-election next year,
erthy said:
S"Beton will learn that the
A A of Connecticut do not
CoAmmunists and crooks in
A: nlt any more than the
of Maryland like them."
a former assistant Secretary
t, "worked hand in glove
bte e imson clique who have
sgao bad for America and so
fMor Communist Russia."

1M 1 to 149
le f at Cathe.d l

ni erest of gooa government.'
None of the 20 other senators
on the floor arose to support
either Benton or McCarthy.
Benton placed in the Congres-
sional Record a sharply-worded
report on the 1950 Maryland race
which was issued unanimously by
the Senate Elections Subcommit-
tee last week.
The report denounced "des-
picable" tactics used to elect
Sen. John Marshall Butler, R.,
Md., over ex-Sen. Millard E.
Tydings, D. Md.
It said McCarthy and his staff
played a "potent" part in the
campaign, especially in helping
to prepare a "defamatory" pam-
phlet which contained a compo-
site picture purporting to show
Tydings in conversation with ex-
Communist leader Earl Browder.
Benton called attention to the
fact that the elections subcom-
mittee advocated a change In the
Senate's rules so that any sen-
ator-not just the man involved
in a contested race-would be
subject to expulsion for dishon-
orable campaign tactics.

US Seeks $21,521,000
For AJFRS Worldwide
-The United States Defense
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Of Senate

Top Red Leader
Who Jumped Bail
Spotted In Hotel
-One of the four top United
States Communist leaders who
jumped bail to avoid impris9n-
ment has been seen in Minnea.
polls according to Charles Me-
lony, general manager of the
Curtis Hotel here.
He said a $10 check presented
by Robert George Thompson,
New York State Commuaist
Party chairman who was con-
victed with 11 other party lead-
ers for conspiring to teach the
overthrow of the United States
Government was cashed by his
hotel's credit manager July 9.

(Continued from Page 1)
Plymouth was slammed into
Thomas' car as he was about to
leave for the hospital, may have
dealt the final blow to the injur-
ed woman.
Since Thomas' car was then
wrecked to the point where it
couldn't be operated, he and
Clark, together with the other
two soldiers, transferred the
bleeding woman and her driver,
Clifford Anderson, to a '41 Chev-
rolet Coupe belonging to a Pan-
amanian passerby who brought
the two injured people to Santo
Tomas Hospital. Miss Kienbapm,
who it is believed was about 30
years old, and came from Wis-
consin, died two hours later.
The four Army men then noti-
fied the Panamanian police and
also the U. 8. Military Police of
the accident. They are all mem-
bers of Company "C," 45th Re-
connaUsance Battalion at Fort
Clayton. Pfc. Thomas reported
yesterday morning to the Fort
CTayton dispensary where he was
treated and discharged. He was
slightly hurt in the shoulder, leg
and finger.

year on the upkeep of its
"global radio network to Oer-
many, the Canal Zone. Alaska,
Guam. Hawaii and the "Far

Gromnch's -- Santa Clara beach-
cotflt s. Electric Ice boxes, gaso
stvet, ;moderate rates. Phone 6-
540 4,567
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PhUIIIp. Beach cottages, Santa Clare.
-.Box 435. Balboa. Phone Panama
3-1877. .Cristobal 3-1673.

MdAern turnished-unfurnished apart
ment.. Contact office No, 8061. 10th
St. New Cristobol. Phone 1386. o.
FOR ARENT:-Nice cool apartment,
in Perry Hill for married couple.
House No. 7 "Maria" Apt. I or
phone 3-1404.
FOR RENT: Furnished apartment
consisting of living and dining-
room, bedroom, bath, kitchen, also
rerigerator and telephone. Price
$85.00. "Nuevo Tivoli" Building
-Rochet Street No. 14, Apt. 3-B
and Tivoli Ave. Can iF *aen 2 to
6 p. m. Telephone 2-2605,

FOR RENT:-Furnished room for ba-
chelor, private entrance, balcony,
all screened, 35 dollars. Tel. 3-
1648 after 6 o'clock. .
FOR RENT:-Furnished room with
bathroom and private entrance.
preferably single person. Via Porros
No. 64. Tel. 3-1863.

Real Estate
FOR SALE:-Two bedroom, -oncrete
cottage. Santo Clara, completely
furnished, electric ice box, gas
range, terms. Phone 6-541.

FOR SALE: One million square
meters' of land on Trea~isthmian
highway, atun lake.,.$10.,00.00.
a- Tel. ,1262-B, Colon.' Mrs. Come.

FOR SALE:-Motor Scooter, youth
bed. and baby crib. 2157-B Cu-
rundu. Phone 83-5178.

Retired Employes
To Hold Anniversary
Variety Program.
Canal Zope Chapter No. 38 of
the National Association of Re-
tired Civil Employes. will cele-
brate their twelve months acti-
vities on Aug. 14 at 7:00 p.m. in
the auditorium of the Pacific
Clubhouse, Ancon, Canal Zone.
Tickets are on sale by members
of the organization, clubs, lodges
and Arthur Pyle the Secretary at
the Clubhouse.
The program consists of ad-
dresses. instrumental selections
and renditions by local artists.

(Continued from Page THREEl
committee described as already
"the most powerful strllnc
force ever placed in the hends
of any nation." will be built to
a strength of 99 wings-with
an even higher goal almost
There has been. talk of 150
groups but the final figure
probably will be less.
In its sharply-worded report,
the committee criticized the
services for "ill-advised shot
gun buying" of civilian wsoods
which it said helped push up
It cut $145,190.500 off funds
for civilian employes. meanincr
that 75.000 fewer civilians will
be hired.
The congrressmen raped
Air Force officials for a tni
expensive planes for other
t h a n "strictly offici i"
flights and o-estloned the
nractlee nf lettib. desk of-
fleers builM un fvin, time
ever- month to quality for
flight pay.
The committee also denInred
reports of "imnrooer relations
between procurement offl'ials
end representtltives of flr's
from whom they cure 1pil-
lions nf dollars worth of eqluip-
ment." \
It slashed *100.00.o f ft off the,
Army's reamest for S*I.IOf.00000
for "'rneditlnw 'noduftinn."
The committee warned
the services about Ihavfnr
too mnvy Gcemrpth aid sail
they alo -ftouIM he eau ns
about lettt r ,r Sl-,
diers rnire wh, ae men
pr ne Ud.& itsenee ftown
nM.-Ma.M to .te
the Army reito te et re-
meat ay,



Malmum fog
12 wred...-
soedk &o


where thi
are Drlced LOWER.
than the cheapest,
Why not .ave money
buying the best?

279 Central- Ave.
Tel. 3-0140.

Inc. I

(Lobby Hotel "11 sama6"


Tel. 3-1713
#2 Z. 28th St.

20 TelVle Ave. Apt.
Office: TeL. 2-3Se7 Home: 3-s4
HOURS: MMod thru Fridayg
9 ti t2 a.m.
Monday. Weandsyr, Thunda
to 8 p.I.
Satoir y .ma. to 1 O.

.9 Candle Power ot Modemi White
llht. Burris SO Hours On 1 S1l. Of
Kw ne. VAUsPar4% AIM Only b
KUiENE. Absolutely Safe t
cannot Explode Require. no gener.
ator or pump. No Sloke or Odor,
So Simple a Child Can Operate It
$9.95 Lowest Price
ever Offered In Panama.
All Partis Available.
On Sale In All HARDWARE and'

Distributors: -
Colal 9th St. & Balboa Ave.
Tel. 3a3
Fanami 93 Central Ave.
STqL 2-2087

Legibn Auxiliary
Urges Interest

The American Legion Auxilia-
ry, Department of Panama Ca-
nal Zone, held the President and
Secretary Conference at the Ho-
tel Washington, Saturday after-
Information was passed on to
the newly elected Presidents and
Secretaries of the Units, Parlia-
mentary Procedures were dis-
Leaders of the A.L.A. have
urged that local interest In the
P.T.A. of the schools be encour-
aged in all Units and to sponsor
a drive to organize P.T.A. on
the Atlantic Side. Committees
will be appointed to work on this
Co'mmupity Project.
The Scholarship fund was dis-
cussed to encourage daughters of
Veterans to take up nursing.

PC Safety Branch
Moving Thursday
To Civil Affairs
The Safety Branch of the Ca-,
nal organization will be moved
Thursday to a new location in
the Civil Affairs Building.
The safety office, which has
been-sa the second floor of the
Administration Building at Bal-
boa Heights, will occupy Roomsn
102 and 103 in the Civil Affaitr
Baptt Young People
Plan Sunday Program
The Young People's Fellowship
of the Cristobal-Colon Baptist
Church 14th Street will observe
thqir Pirst Anniversary on Sun-
day. at a3pPm.
Fvitatitons have been issued to
all Totag People's groups on bo i
"Idee or the isthmus and oth~r
weln-tkawn artists are slated ,e
appnat n the elaborate progvii
wb1 is now being preparedL.

I master bt tun-lshing boat
"Western which ties up
atabot. .
They thought we were prison
era of war' si Od with a boyish
grin whetn b remembered the
first tang the Nisei had with
Ameroeans. I a way, I guess you
couldn't ft" them. As soon as
they got to koow us though, we
were accepted as Americans."
Serving with the 442nd Regi-
mental Combat Teanm. which won
so many honors during the war,
required real courage. Composed
mainly of Japanese American
volunteers and a sprinkling of
American officers, this group
fought with exceptional bravery.
They had to to prove their loy-
alty beyond any doubt.
And It wi loyalty to keep
fighting when his family was
herded ito a detention camp in
California "for the duration."
They set up housekeeping there
in style, we4 even paid for their
labors. Mai claims his mother
and father're very comiorta-
ble and *ore or less resigned to
their enforced vacation. Mas con-
vinced them that "It was for their
owI safety &as much as for the
safety of the country" that they
were interned.

to renO them.
Froin there. MU'lourneyed o
Ital ,: here thay started the
offensive. He was hit on
e fit day by mortar .apnel.
'I gue I was Just luye. pack-
Ing a 40-pound machie gun, be
kept going, without hospitalUa-
His biggest surprise was meet-
ing sla brother CdOek In Europe;
Chiek had been sent; to the de-
tention camp with his parents;
but some of the younger men bad
b6en given a chance of volunteer-
ing In the service. to date, Chick
is still In, "over there someplace"
with the occupatldn troops In
Fishing for tuna seems a far
cry from combat citations, but
Mas loves his job. overseeing 12
men of the boat. He has been the
"Western, Pacific'd" master for
four years. "And doing a darn
good job," Paul Sullivan who is
the local agent for the ship ki-
bitzed on the side.
I Mas. philosophizes about his

- *--


4 door Sedan with seat covers D. Gray

'47 PACKARD Super ....... 1150
4 door Sedan with seat covers, Dir. Signals,
etc. Color, green (new paint) (DUTY PAID).
147 CHRYSLER 6'T .......... 11

4 door Sedan. Leather upholstery and radio.

'47 OLDSMOBLE F76" .... *... a1150
4 door Sedan. Hydrantatic, radio and seat
covers. (DUTY PAID).

'4 PONTIAC "V to0.... .O 0 1W
S ot Co ith seat covers grey.

'48 PONIAC "6" ...... ... .... 120*I
Torpedb Sedan Coupe with Hydramatic, seat
covers, etc. Color D. Blue. (DUITY FREE). ,

'48 PONTIAC "6" ............ 1350
Streamliner 4 door Sedan with Hydramatic,
radio, seat covers, etc. Color D. Blue.

'48 PONTIAC 11" a...... ..... 12504
Streamliner 4 door Sedan with seat covers.
Color L. Green. (DUTY FREE).

'49 PONTIAC C efllin ........ 1750
4 door Sedan. S cyl. with radio arid seat cov-
ers -brand new tires color D. blue.

'49 PONIAC ""............. 1900
4 door Sedan with Hydramatic, radio and
seat covers-color black. (DUTY PAID).

'49 PLYMOUTHi .......*; .. 0c 1500
4 door Sedan leather upholstery color
black. (DUTY PAID).

'50 STUDEBIAE Champin ....
with radio-color black. (DUTY PAID).


Whether "duty pOid" or "duty free" this is
your d ace to get real BARAIN.

Compare thee cs as to PRICE, APPEARANCE
and CONDITION with any other local oi ers-
we'r XYe'*U buy froSm as!

YW fAt $ A oLAC Dr

(UP) The Itaelanm r *
Taurinia raced against death for
this port today wtitw of ts
crewmen dead qad =ever Others
dangerouiy 1 "from a strange
fever b ed caused rby con-
taminated wAtdr.
The Cost Guard butter Andros-
coggin is speeding to met the
Taurinia, carryi g--mdlcal sup.
plies and- doctor.
The Taurinla. still far out in
the Atlantie, was .xpmqtOed to
reached pqfrt tomenrgw nta. L
But port offials t the-ship
would not be abW-to dookountil
doctors gone ablOard' tbIn-
vestlgate the Ou.reak of fever.
U.S. public heih officials hero .
said two seanmt are known to be
dead and several ether crewmen
striven. The health .ervlce made
contact with the ship through
the Coast Guard at Miami.'
A Coast Guard PBY from San
Juan dropped suremoycin sand
5,000,000 units of penloillin by
parachute to the ship Sunday
when it was 500 miles north of
Puerto Rico.

A Grace Line passenger ship.
the 8.S. Santa Rosa, went along
side the Italian vessel so a doe-
tor could go aboard to administer
the drugs. The physician said be
believed the fever was caused by,
contaminated water,. .
The Taurial is owned by Bour-
ing and Co. an Italiansh ppng
firm. It is bound to Charleston
froI ,rca with a argo of
chrome ore.

Service May NowI
Take Pre-,hdu*

Selective irvie headquarters
ln Washington have notified
e headquarters In the Cantal
hat the temporary rcias-
eion of the Interservtce agree-
ment limiting enlistment etbll-
ities has been extended to August
31. 1
The recilsion was originally
from 'une 15 through July 15,
S1951 and was extended last month
to August 1. The present dirOc-
tive extends the recession to Au-
Sgust 31, 1950.
Recruiting services may thus
enlist any-man up to the time he
is ordered for induction by a 10-
cal board. for the rest of this

(Continued from Pas 1).
one of the accused cadets but
did attend a meeting of them.
Hoey emphasized that his coim-
mittee's work will be "prelimin-
ary" and aimed at establihIn
the "groundwork" in the gyen
that a full Inquiry Is deemed Jus-
tifned. He believed many schools
"show consideration" to football
players but that this "does bt
justify violating an honor code.
In demanding an end to foot-
ball at the service academies
Benton recommended that the
cadets accused of cheating be al--
lowed to stay in school on pro-
bation. but under "strict disci-
pline. -
SBenton and Sen. Letter C.
Hunt D., Wyo., charged that the
cadets were victims of a "viclouta
athletic system which "over-em-
phasises" football knd roB other
schools of top-flight players.
Benton said big-time foostall 1b
"a cancer eating at the very vli
tals of academc integrity.*
Republican Reps. Reid P. Mur-
ray. Wis., and Donald L. ackon*
calif.. also charged that the
lred cadets were merely oillow
Ulg 'examples" set by some army
officers and high admlntratiou
officials. Murray called or a 30-
day delay In their dismi".al
Benton and Hunt sharply critiU
clzed big-time football and the
Amy's method .of "recrultiWg'
idro talent. Hunt al ch
ed that the academy'stm d
hn no. sys antem around to an
"invitation to cheat" and that
West Po pt professors" coaches
football players so they could
Sen. Herman Welker. R., rda.
alo condemned thel hnc tem
as a ridiculous s thsg" ad blam-
ed the disgrace of the00
o tht hma heaoeot
eult." But he.epgooed a
ing football at West Poidt aiM
ientoni a trustee andt o
Offiklal of the PNlveroity f .a

th d t Ja e
ofat at

<1.--- *

-. ,, ., _h

V, I .

L, & .'.'0 -. -!, :.*

1" .

y Jack ualt

ISWnA" S Oi A10 l 'Si
It took a century to break the heart of Baratoga. This WylidE
resort had become -octed as a national institution with g-m'
bitnjon aht h^ e d l the spt arid salyr that gw
f staoncerato t -roeswho delberately t out AoS s-
Mon of dice, cards, horses
I 5enty up to' the p eThe intlllc
S fL aaed ana ar little t
fauver Committeit Uullat year by ti' te (in this column)
t 8e the bM t b ie by taking away Its principal business,
ov. Dewey's State oCrime Commislon has mopped'up, .
Ainoest everybmpy, including bartenders and waiters, is under
subpoena;.. "ProteStion" Is a word not even whisper'd,'whereas
the dole had been $1,000 a day to the Democratic and Republican
organizations each,, and the local cops and some state troopers
were paid off per diem for services rendered.


Reilly's Smith's Aul the Piping Book are among the top
das still dark aU 9 0'Ied to stay that way, Would-be opera
ators are being dent lleenses, whereas heretofore theoe wer
granted proumai oosip after the usual "arrangenontI." Now
anyone wanting to start even a cafeteria is missed .a per-
sonnel, source of tLnqaeip n and possible mob *.*aetmns. New.-.
man's, on the ike, a year-round operate, s going, but only
as a dining anddauelng room. Its booksave been sutpoenaes.
Toto's and the Brsok Club are funotionMg, tretly dine-and-
wine. There willlbe no big-hame entertainers.
Word4 as beea sent to all professional gamblers and their
bank-rollers to stay always and avoid being vagged. Sneakers who
have been trylng.o .tie up side-street rooms;, where they might
take a chance with h use-Jlint may horn In, butt won't get .y.
Mote than 80 "c'harac't Lave been booted'0 out..
The late Sam Reooff' lavish ld estate, overlooking: the re-
ing, oval,.Is now a hlgh-clas boarding-hoae. A promoter has
been trying to get it lor a bottle-club; So lar no aussL, ottag
Swnch. ere rented far in advance at $T50 and up for tia oth
are available at. half that price. ,For tent' -signs punctuate tI
beat streets. : "" '
There will be no "back stretch' bookmaking at the "oralz pad-.
dock" behind the track, where, lastyea, despiter pressure, 10
bookies had the concession in the bushe- at the rear of- the run-
ning strip,, set up a ,morning-line. board and took bets from. a
bucK up. They had a radid hookup buried in the hedges and were.
heard calling each race. A motorcycle cop was parked there and
* got his daily "winning bet."
Dewey Is. not f$lendly any more -with, JItA fAy, GOP
leader of Saratoga. CoSty. Leary runs- with the anetwt-Maoy"
faction, which backed Joe Hanley for the govmaershi."It .was
to Macy that Hanley wrote his deli-of-gratitVtI NM .-
pialning- his reluetan acceptance of the meuet *elnatI
on Deweay's urging.
The George D. Wideners, are not takigii EEfitage htls yea r.
will atten& weekend sessions only. Harry La Motague hIs M.e
servations lor the month at- the Pideon Putnam. Among socialith
cottagers will be& the A. G. Vanderbilts, John A. Morrtse, Walter
J .Jeftreyses- William Zieglera. and Russell A. Firestones. Barney
B ;tult a t-ahful regular,.ha his box. 'Wiiam, Woodward will
occupy the mansioP. on Union -Avenue, on which he has a recur-.
reob lease. '
.Ih$ iao Mtation is painted in shadows cast by
Ins meet, It must be eporte.that the usual h card Ifbb
lowers will appear. Onl the glitter and the. glamor the bubbli
d the beauty, the pIungers and the playboys Wih be missed.
The high-pressure fakera whom the mob sent up in-advance every
Srear to project a Iaratota of galety nd gilded escape-are plug-
n such earthbo nd causes as labor unions and antisepts..
Thj spark of the Spa has gone out.
In the new book -"The Pinkerton, Story,'" by JamS ADHBaran
and Howard SwIggit,- on page '.,100, appeals a notation that -In
1861, In Baltimore, a Union spy named ,Timothy Webster; who was
06. 'Riehm6nd on ApIl 28, 1862, caused the arrest of six
Aen as Confederat uabOr ts. Among. the prio s ere
N. uB h.m M Warflield... Wallis Warfielr,the Duches
.o is of course- b. daughter of Baltimore' and descended
c many of its old fanillies. The coincidence of names might
unfold a fascinating tale reaching back Into the days when te
first ot the Pinkertons unearthed 'a plot to assassinate Abraham
Lincoln n Baltimore and sneaked' him through.there on his way
to his inaugural in Washington by a secret ,route...
In Parts a wedding between two staffers of the U.S. Em-
bassy was not gaded a cable news. Antolneitt4 as.
who we l PlIs O the ipnd-dtughter of AMn Bld, ,rst.
wife of lto ZlegtelI-4he stoabrette whe bathetd i,
mUk and had an Amerlcan generation fascinated. Tos .o.
there is ane Carter, Annan feld's only child, whose father
WASMan A olantlA nar. The bri4 was born on a farm
near Peelakil whclh Ana Heldeft to Liane.
Mary (Lucas). Crawfortd, ex-Tex Oulnangal, has been laid low
ith mysterious virus.alment for weeks. Got .so onesome, she:
moved. into the apartment of an old-time girl frled, whose de-
votion Is an example of showfolks' oversized hearts. *

i _'. e
..O a. .


These are to return suffi-
Tis us I OUm "RuM T. RADhMS OWN COLUMN cent dividends to serve
as incentive for investors
toMA IL risk their money in the
industrial tfaclies which
SL A produce job and goods,
S-'*-, make certain -
u through "pong back" -
1- b~ ll s o** ] B Z u n # fto r a n H t the Pane* A M e f- n y h as th e
Letten Me uelvd ae tfll sa u e be ted ie P whollv eef0 productive power -to meet
448c8. t- and supply the
He y l l~nei tmIo doea -teMins ,et "t does'S *e* eds of its customers and,
-. d L. Lemto puMblMId In te de W eselve&. in emergency, of national
PI sp"f to t e tw I teeters nlled f em as d .RO. security.
IdsstSv a lld wlfe' M kold 1M W.Int=t onfl me. -
Th i news~pe eJ'NeKm' wm eseasItH tO weetweents o eumlaeno What of Individuals In the
,ap,.ei ins ateWn e tm owidn middle and higher Income.
o groups? As with corporations,
SUCH A QUESTION ental civilian employes having a principleough when used with reason
Panama. R. de P. ratings of 08S-5 and lower. WB-21 has been stretched to the
Dear Sir: I. and lower and their dependents "breaking-point. BL now, the
The ,shout has started: and guests." niev ust nt re.
"St9ik 'em up, the Panama Ca- The bletin then lists a sche- nr example, a-n't rate of
nal Company is here.." dule showing when Category 1 even 100 per cent ontaxable in-
Just Imagine us peer suckers can use the pool and what times come of $26,000 or more would
who helped build A onal on It's okay for Category II to take '- only an additional $767 mil-
slave labor.salar paldnt 1740 a dip. yirn pnrA the tax men today
per month so rat 'ru chfdren I Just thought I would point talk in billions, not millions
may get a high li education out that the mllltary caste sys- ''ere Is, however, a vast re-
If we have to pay US-rate tui- tem now has spread to civilians. ie $140 billion ot
tion. do you think we could get Pity the poor 0WS-1 He must con- income that is not now subject
US-rate salaries? sort with despicable enlisted men. to taxation. How to cap It, as
Peer, ent and Basted But ahl The erudite 08-6 may (Contuedon Page EIG HT)
associate with the elite.-
GS-st W DRWEL... Please pass the mouthwash. w
Fort Clayton Q 4
Taken from a recent official Milwaukee. Oregon
army balle l' Dear 81:
' "The toDwU gl shedule-1 I am desirous of making con-
will be ie eetairlt Vrt. tact with an amateur stamp col-
ton SWIagPot fa ltor with a viw exchain
as shown -- t I h ay e nd
CAMST 1-4OtagMsS wa'gdao tm o fs B a U
ram o t" orope aa ndA,. buit ai rt on
men. eaMntnertaM =* the .aAI1 Panama ehd the
es hav.iaa -
the A d *a's1 1 a1meho
C me 1A Rfts





Matter Of Fact

By Joseph -nd Stewart Alsop
0 1;. -

#tt get it from the cor-
porations," has been the
constant rallying 0-cry of the
tax-framers. The tax le
on corporations in 1S
Amounted to nearly half of
profit. Moreover, since
moblisation program g-
tuner way, corporate tdse
twice have been increased,
Sth. an eXeess-proff is tas
to top things off.
Is It business which best can
afford the additional taxes? Or,
t put It another way, can thi
naton -' afford the economy
risks bf piling further taxes n
buanela -
SCor rttons have no special to dip Into 'They
have no source of revenue a-
cept the consumers: the custom
en who buy their products.. N'-
A corporation, of Itselt and
Its. management, owns nothing
but obligations. When aboI t
half of profits has been paid to
So.,rnmet, %nd a much small-
ih fte to stockholders, It may
Sain" the rest..
*ke 'many another aocount-
Il ter.. "retain" is apt to be
onfun These earnings are
not ietalned as buried treasure
.. They are paid out this
time to contractors and sup-
pliers, ad .other, companies, to
maintain a nd expand plant and
equipment, and improve the
e bcsines need to plow
so much. money' into ex-
sdlon?' OneM answer Is that;'If
It did not; iLf, business stood
still. there ...'w l be no jobs
for the buildrds of thousands
Of youngsters who are ready
eaeh year to start" work; That
s ~ne hpliortant. peacetime an-
swer. The ats*er in this mobi-
lization. period is obvious.
If we are embarrassed by hav-
inR more airplanes, tanks, guns
and ships and atomic m I
th 9 we 1 d .o d
t an oods tn we know
what to do with then busi-
ness has spent too much on
increasing production, facilities.
SIt might be ak4 "Arent
profits large onOutpo that ex-
pansiao can ro on by using a
nart of profits for it but
leaving enough for business to
pay still more taxes, higher
wages. reduce prides and keep
stockholders willinto risk their
In 1949, American business
spent $4.7 billion more than It
retained (from shareholders) of
its earnings; in 1960, It spent
$0.4 billion more. 'These extra
billions were borrowed. A busi-
ness doesn't usually go into debt
when it can attract risk invest-
ment funds or When It can re-
tain sufficient earnings to
make debt unnecessary,
The fact is that the profits
of American corporations -
real profits, not profitss be-
fore taxes" and before inventory
adjustment are not large
enough to perform the two
functions which benefit the na-
tion as a whole and everyone
in It.


By Peter son

WASHINGTON-(NEA)-Sen. Robert A. Taft Still in the State Department are H. Free-
of Ohio, in a Maryland Republican political man Matthews, now deputy undersecretary in
rally speech the other day, again made the charge oL political affairs, and Charles H.
Yalta agreement, of 1945 a target for attack. Bohlen, counselor. Both are career foreign
At Yalta, said Taft, Russia was given a posi- service officers and generally admitted to be
tion in Manchuria formerly occupied by Japan. among the best men Ih government. But their
This line echoes a speech made by Sen. Joe roles at Yalta were minor, as was that of Hiss.
McCarthy at a Young Republican rally in Bos- Bohlen. was Roosevelt's translator. Matthews
ton at tlWe end of June. and HisM were secretary-advisers to Stettinlus.
So, If what happened at Yalta in 1945 Is to Admiral Leahy Is retired and so is Fleet
be the pitch for an important Republican cam- AdA. Ernest J. King, wartime chief of naval
pain Issue in 1952, it behooves every studious operations. Gen. George M. Marshall Is Se-
vdter and politUcal wiseacre to get out his his- cretary of Defense.
tory books and start boning ul on the subject. Lt. Gen. Brehon SoMiervell. Vice Adm. Em-
A good occasion to do this may shortly be ory l. uanu Vice Adm. C. Cooke, Jr., Maj.-
provided by release of a new report on Yalta, Gen1.. R. Deane *Ind MaJ.-Oen. F. L. Ander-
prepared by W. Averell Harriman. Mr. Harri- son, are all retired.
man is President Truman's foreign policy advis- Lt.Oen. R.IL ull is now head of the Na-
er and was President Roosevelt's ambassador tional War Colle. Adm. Lynde D. McCormick
to Moscow. is teoW acting chief of naval operations. Lt.-
Ambassador Harriman had originally been Gen. John S Hull' i Army vice chief of staff.
scheduled to testify on Yalta before the Sen- MaJ.-en. Lawrence S. Kuter is commander
ate investigation into the firing, of General of Military Air Transport.
MacArthur. To shorten the hearings, it was So. of the top 20 men at Yalta. the eight
decided not to call him as witness. Instead, it still i government are responsible and re-
was arranged that Sen. Brien McMahon of liable ima holdkg positions of great trust.
Connecticut would ask Mr. Harriman for a The Obly person Who has suggested that they
statement on Yalta. all be red because they were oart of "the
The ian" statement was completed be- Yalt" IroWd" is Senator McCarthy.
ot Iran as President Truman's AS.iast the deve. retired Army. Navy and
=med ig Anglo-Iranian of dispute. Fol- Air yore. general and flIx officers there has
Si4r Mahon's return from Europe, never bee the sahtest suspicion of disloyalty.
*reprt was turned over to him. In fae, the bet military brains that the
No has yet been made on how it United States possesed. then or now, seem
will bis e. But when it dbes come out, to have bem assembled at Yalta.
the .agreement may again be dust- As the Int Chief of Staff, they wanted
ed political Issue. Russia brofl t t into the war against Japan.
others at Yalta? Fleet Adm. They be vd that the only way Japan could
W *Ia Leahy. President Roosevelt's chief be defeated' was invasion of the main Is.
mMlllr adviser. sives the list of prictino lands: T hy thi would be a bloody
n book. "I Was There." where aft seeand theywanted al the
now? *-e Isa they. could net. Fleet Admiral
,idgl oasevult, Secretary or S tat X. o, of this woup.aV s c a e o
legtfIt,. ad Harry Hopkins are dead. James as, be en ms to briginx Russia In-
F. -toisnowgovernor of oath Carolina. to -was r.wi. e was outvoted. And
AM 1f iB in IL to1 t.dl 1 at Yalta was made.

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gWesion and domue-
LaW" Inas everybody's, Ob
ands is the bearing of
tax burden necessary to do
SThW who can and should
cntribute their share are U1st- no single groups farmer.
workers, investors, professional
and management people all
must do their part.

,' ,fI...- .- I

44 .
*" "*


*^ -




WASHINOTON.-UChinese Communist dictat'. Stalin will most certainly understand. what,
or Mao Tse-tung has, clearly warned his op- Is meant by this. Mao. Is in effect saying to
posite number in tha r.emlin that he ot.- Stalin: "Europe is yours. But Asia is mine.
raiders all of Asia an, exclusive province. tor'. Keep out."
the expansion of Chinese power. This s thq- It is reasonable to assume that this none
only reasonable lnterpretattop of the real too subtle declaration of, Ideological indepekn-
meaning of seven articles, written by high dence and expansionist intention. has shaken
Chinese Communist, officials and published the Kremlin like nothing else since the de-
within the last month in China. fiction of Tito. But does this mean that Mao
These seven articles make up 45 closely, Tse-tunR is to become another Tito?
typed pages of turgid -Coemunist prose. Tht, The whole tone of "the seven articles in-
best way to extract their inner meaning is. dicates very cleVrIS that Mi o Tse-tung will
to ask the reader to perform a difficult act- welcome a really equal alliance with the So-
of the imagination. viet Union, provid64 the sphere of expansion
Imagine, then, that Klemnent Gottwald. Corn- of each partner'' clearly market out,
munist President of satellite Czechoslovakia' For A time at le? t, the Kremlin mdy accept
suddenly announces "The' Gottwald theory o., tls. the best.otf a bad Bt But the
resolution." healing. his "theory" s the great- e 's view, It ea ol a very bad
conditions .to Ma'sat doctrine shoe M -. w
'an s death.- -C..+ -. J* +* .- *1 Th* 1. fKr nl'fr roiat, hs neifre for a
Assume further that "the Gottwald nowde a t-
ot- revolution" must .guide ll future ou us.claim. ', o s
tionary activity 'In Western urope,o according
to Gottwald, because the economic d so al Mao. is regularly pictured as a humble and
structure of Czechoslavakia Is much more like grateful disciple of the great Stalit. Moreover,
Western Europe's than is Russia's. ac0ordn1'to the best intelligence, the Russians
This Is sheer fantasy, of' course. "The Oott- are, making a determined effort to infiltrate
wald theory of revolution" would never see and control thChinese Communist. apparatus.
the light of daY, nor, for very long, would Finally,. the .Kreln has a very poWerful
Oottwald. lever to ,use o, Mke: the Chinese Commlunista
Yet this Is precisely, and without # slight cannot4,ssbly car" on the Korean war, for
est eXaggeration, what Mao Tse-tung has now example without the weapons a nd supplies
done, through the medium of the seven arti- which c;n come only from Russlia.'
cles by his chief subordinates. Although Stal- 'It 1 Intirestlig that the seven articles were
In's ,name is not. even mentioned in four of published -,s6o ) after the Malik, peace bid,
these artalels, oi' the three others there are which suggests that the Kremlin may have
formal bows in his direction. But on the 'es- been *usw precisely this lever. -
sentlal points, Mao makes himself entirely At any rate, there is now no doubt that
clear. the s~eds of conflict between the two great
"Mao Tse-tung's theory of the Chinese re- Communist powers have been sown. Yet If the
evolution an "enrichment of Marxism-Lenin- conflict does break into open flame, nothing
ism," must be the basis for solving the "pro- would be'more. foolish than to expect In China
blems of revolution in the colonial and semi- a precise repetition of Titoism.-
colonial countries." For 'one conclusion is Implicit In all the
These countries are "Viet-Nam tIndo-China), available evidence. Mao Tse-tunr's China is
Burma, Indonesal .Malaya. and the Philip- more violently'expanpionist than Stalin's Rus-
pines," with "India, Japan, and other coun- sia.
tries," In a.;second. less urgent category. The The So0itlet leaders have had thirty years to
new, dogma la stated explicitly: digest their revolution. The Chinese Coin-
"The. classic type of revolution in imperial- mtnlsts, are Intoxicated with the new wine
lst countries was the October, revolution (in of nower., '
Russia). The classic type of revolution In col- "Mao Tse-tung's theory of the Chinese re-
onial and semi-colonial countries is the Chin- volutifn" calls for "armed struggle"-which
ese revolution." measu violent revolution.


Drew Pearson lays: Russions have two airborne d'
threatening Japan; GOP chairman got lush fee t-
RFC loan; Joe Martin irked at MassachumsWtts.
WASHINGTON.-General Omar Bradley, who doesn't get
easily, wu pretty sore when he heard how one of his ownriffi
Sokesmene had blurted out to a press conference the name
n vision which had been transferred from oNog
The Incident took place in a press conference at which
Army wa_ explaining how Chinee Communists had built up
strength n North Korea while we had weakened ours.
wnat happened was that. General Ridgway had cabled
Ington for perminsson to transfer the airborne division in
tion, to northern Japan because of the fact that the R
had two airborne divisions poised on the Island of 81
threatening northern Japan.
While the two Russian divisions have only enough atl
between them to move one division at a time, Ridgway
to be on guard against a surprise airborne attack on Japan'
case the truce talks broke down, and the Communlats laun
an all-out offensive.
Washington accordingly gave permission to transfer the
erlean airborne division back tq.Japan. Such a troop
is highly secret. sut the Pentagon briefing officer, anxious
prbye that the Chinese have used the truce talks to build
their strength, blurted out the movement of this partitular
aon to a roomful of newsmen to which foreign correspondmM
are admitted.
When General Bradley heard of this, he tried to call
Chief of Staff, General Joe Collins, but couldn't reach Alm.
he summoned Assistant Chief of Staff MaJ. Gen. C. L. Bolto
ordered a full investigation of who pulled the boner.
Note--Bradley was also Irked at the Army spokesman's state.
meant that the U.N. deliberately halted its effenasve, though w
could have continued on to the Yalu River. This was why
Defense Department later officially disavowed the Army spokes..
Good old ex-Speaker Joe Martin of Massachusetts, the ortu.J
na champion of. General MacArthur, was pretty sore beea i
't Invited to sitwith the general when MacArthur
to te Massachusetts l mgia.aturm.'. -,.
14artin Is not only the 'leading congressman from,.' a n
Petts, but published the letter which led to Truman's frinr Mast
Arthur-some people think In a prearranged plan to brtlt,
general home Ia blaze of glory.
However, the Boston reception commit declined
Joe to sit on the floor of the' MW achutta lglature
the, gnereaS spe9oh. So Martin edqnot to attend the
"I don't think I'd look very good," explained the ex-spea
to friends. "One minute I'd be ridingg with the general -a
motorcade, and the next minute letting outside the State
with his chauffeur."
The automotive industry is now. fleecing the taxpayers
of billions, of dollars" by cnahair the arpen, services "ti
five times the manufacturers toric" foarpare parts. w-
This is the conclusion of ivstigators 0 or a house "wateh-.
dog" committee, headed by Conigressman PMrtr Hardy, .rt., O
Virginia. ,, .
"The Inflated profits and unneaeA Try cost winl amot .
several billions of dollars during the spped- purcha~ln
gram, in the present emergency," the +lnestl ato .chartge.
confidential report on the spare- arts andal. "Due In pei t
the spllttUn6 of the profits. thefe amount wll not be substantial.
ly recovered by either taxatioA or: teneottation."
The report d bes a. gentlemans agreement or ufOLO
unders tnding" Inside the auttot&le Industry "to bid -oan v,
ernment budness winth the price t the distributor -M a
minimum, ''
Itom tth -ot there appears to be no limit," declrer

oan f epman-who each" ree a e
value of + V e part." -,.. ^BH
'Whe, .te is expelv.e, th prie nm*y be shaved '
to three or-our times it orgignar vatue; and Where the value
of the part is- relatively small. ten nr ,even more times its vala
may be charged," the reportexplain.
The blame is placed not only upon the automotive indutzty,
but al&_ on the military procurement officers.
S'"Thi system of oerrIcing," the repOt charges, 'appairluy
is not unknown to the highest supervisory echelon of thenl1. ,
itary spending a genies +
The repot also aets "the unnecessary continuance of Isual
or theoretical middlemen" as "war profiteering of the
sort." ;
"There can be little question that the needs for defense an
paramount, and. that where some citizens are called on to die.'
th others may be called on to accept only reasonable profits ,
the report states. .
One typical example, described by the investigators, VtU +
cae of A windshield assembly. The Troy Sunshade Companyl 'the,
manufacturer, sold the windshield to the army for 28.M. 7h+ll,
apparently was too cheap to suit the Federal Motor Truck Com-
pany, which designed the windshield and owned the dies.
80 Federal Motor Truck either withdrew its dies or preauedr .
Troy so it discontinued bidding. Federal then got a monopolfo .
the government business, and thereafter sold the same w ;,
shield to the. Government for $52.50 and $57.50 Instead of ,44. '
It, looks like the Republicans are even more successful t
the Democrats in tapping governmental money through the-DC. '
ou Gabrielson's fees for getting an RFC loan make ChA#lImas
BfBoyle's alleged fees look like peanuts.
GOabielson, now Republican National Chairman, has collected
a total of $201,000 for helping Carthage Iydrocol, Inc. a Ayh-
thetic gasoline plant in Brownsville, Texas, get a $14,500,000
RFC loan.
His fees are broken down as follows: $25,000 a year salary
from 1946 through. 1940, plus $34,000 for legal services in 1946,
plus $2,075 for expenses in that year. .
In addition Hydrocarbon Research, Inc., holding company for,
Carthage-Hydrocol, paid him $65,000 up to 1950.
No matter what the party, it looks like it pays to be In
pol (Copyright, 1951, By The Bell Syndicate, Inc.)

Sore you tell... The quicker you


You don't have to 4.
shout it from the ""

I' ic o *. *7' -"'
S.6o. 242, !alun .Jp, one 9alun 472

honor Mr. Porter. Hosts for the .Yes,
occasion were Mr. H. J. Chris- (NR) 6 Seller. you
tkinson. Herbert Bible, Adams a the No m re i bruis
Pail, LeRol Lee:er and Carl Sbel- s.tor f Tyr- Fo r said. o
ling. wthen .Foylsaidt. R
nMr. and Mrs. Porter willtreside' or we ha"lek.t V"s h.
In Coco Solito when they return ahe shut u" wnteih.
from Costa Rica, upi e: .'bay Curtis
a &r 411 Y. Frank I drp on- way at his b
Breakfast Party Given a ritish irt; Frank ofPar t ., .lo ar p esi
At Gatun tu dd raiu flWt o Atlanta, O and i m eTitwtr ni. they caled
Mr. and Mrs. Carl N. Nix of Ga- J dfom Th -ott The thdt hey caled
tun were hosts on Sunday morn- 1 nthe oale-ey spite they of h nt eB sawltes 1
ing for another of their popular a., D yl of the oy aI __ahwilted le
breakfasts. Their guests includ- a M olo one look at the At a mov .-B._ll nsald1
ed the Reverend Francis Lynch, et this note to T0 portent sp isn air," heh
1 ;. CM C M r. and Mrs. Thomas F.t drsJed a -9 4as he toU e r ave
McGinn and Mr. Tom MbOinn, yhave that i rt fdr entiv esd began to cl ea he tray s.e
Jr. y'?" great Interpot, a r
el ri o and relayed his an- touched uM Themi I b ame
Cristobal Rebekah Club w -P ; -eral Doug r rsand her taulate fem
To Meet Tuesday "A.r gn h ave the shirt, Ml'. dent Truaia b touch b In evi
Members of Ciistobal Rebekiah Zmna n, It not the body. i" aroud e wa8y icebox
Lodge ll meet Tuesday evening t As the speake t1 the losine a visit.
at 8 o'clock at the home of Mrs. A Hol.ywoed screenwriter, sit- 'MacArthur t. oitgen.
NoBF/ 3, LlrnonH Ave. sto-hoso 2 ng WIthhiley Winters'nd eral In in the du ric T1er
Phyllis Turner of Cristobal, House Ning wethw Ablley Winters'$nd a eral in the b -o @un L
No 3, Li ion Ave. Cohoste se rty actor at a night po, try." Freemai Uq outdgT. t bW
Jenny Redman and Mrs. 3 r ?e nqS ~ma bey raised.her or Afterwar he'dtIh wai ton e
roeft.I .mbashed interest am a the guest Gofhbfr Ak Xtid:- (Contin;O from rage
'Wo. h1rd rme profile' boy entered the "I enjoyed yo pr y peet b, bIt, btuht a
M rroom didn't you v ir f General fairly as passible and wit
Mrs. Albert Welt You, go for him?" asked thi Robert E. Lgeas m inimum ot rdooahp?
Arr.e Fobrt Vst f a st crb -. .a Obviouigy, when you boos

day aboard the S. S. Cristobal. lnv d e'single John Smith w r he rtgortalfor separating 'cass whereU
range, New Jersey arrived EDWtr- i tl. 1 ri n only get bl wish that o mn ae wt t oxem ohs, youean
Mrs. Welti will visit her brother- DICk rdmian tells it about Pro- Army duty, but the Barh I ore small additional sums
In-law and sister Captain and duceBryte Foy and Director sprig is an prf at auehing hardship from cases where
rMrs. C. Stewart Townshend for a Lew elier. hecklers. .. do not.
month. ,'~c"iek W a called itr or Not ln- aM% LAUmther young
AtlanticSideDinrole i e Tanks Are Coming," actor dect4ided Uthat yean John To distribute the tax bu
At "El Paders Dine r smiie happily and ue- needed thl1 rbl and sibftq fairly. 'upon those who best
SAt 'El Panama" c~lared'that he was exact~Ight, treatment. pay it, we believe that a Fe
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cunning- Then.ther faces fe 0 ex- "Ah, the Vrpjoua -u
S dBr e pls^inedto^bic nTha a C ITZO^ rI ___m22g l-* tx -sue
ham of Balboa entertained at plahnId toDiek that JacL., ar_ Jr ." he taun. "Shoiuld I bow uniform manufacturers' e
4I. dinner Sunday evening at the ner hadvetoed a number ot act- when I come into the same room tax prod I teanswd rch r
A. e a b Hotel El Panamd. Their guests ors they had selected. Nelthet one with you?" food prodlit,tand such ser
included Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. of them could understand 'Why. John, wounded to the quick, as rent, which loom so lar*
".Snyder of Margarita, Mrs. Thom- The actors were all tailor-made was speechless for R moment. the average family, would
as E. LaDuke and her daughter forth roles. Thenthe wit thatrunsthrough exempt.
SPat. "Perha s," used Foy, "We are the Barrymore ela i sated him people ausgally have
Gatun Civic Theater oerl the actors to Mr. and, striking dramatic pose, he choice abQt ependtu
*.P:. AND MRS. JAMES EDWARD DUNN of Rodman, C.Z., To Cast One Act Plays e L....floored his oppplent with apart from the basic nec
Immediately following their wedding at the- Naval Chapel at The Gatun Civic Theater have teen paittings for exhibit at the
Ceed Solo Saturday evening August 4th. Mrs. Dunn, the announced tryouts for three one Ho'tel ington. The D exhibit
former Miss Dorothy Englebright, is the daughter of Mr. and act plays Wednesday evening atn ee udia andwill ecntn uet 5 A
-Zhrs. Theodore E. Englebright of Margarita. Mr. and Mrs. 7:30 at the gatun Clubhouse.Any e1th. hAthnn oases7/
S- Dunn will reside at Locona. one Interested is welcome. Call C '.* ouses
S- Mrs. R. T. Thomas, 5-296. u Showing Tonight -
Mrs. Durwood Stringer, of Fulton, Missouri, and her bro- Mr of olon had Mrs. Pascal as Catheir dinner .aag RAGRAY
lven t th home thei parents Mr. and Mrs. Andrew A guest at the nao.Brazos Brook Golf c ONDITIONlr.Y W &T h." ua m N1K-(oUGRAN"
4tleCk of Margari.a Saturday noon. Mrs. Stringer and her and Country Club Sunday VMr. D :AB w.T ... aJhTn-nzna' ,
,ifntt daughter Carsie Loa have been visiting here since De- and Mrs. Jean Canavagglo, Mr.A DIABLO HTS. *'ohW U. R
emberr and plan to leave the isthmus soon. They will join and Mrs. Pierre Roggle and Yo- 'TODAY .. CAT GIRL"
.lMr. Springer in Fulton, where he will continue his education. lands and Johnny Canavaggio all DON'T MISS IT' -, W-e-ps. ,"A-f" -A .TAAN"
tr. Stringer has been with the Armed Services in Japan and .of Panama City. C o 0cNAT i I TH
wll soon be enroute to the United States. Jui C 0 w I W = 1 ar A W
wll Soon be en route to the United States. Surprise Birthday Party A m L ""Wyoming Mail' (Technicolor)
Mrs. Whitlock served a buffet Mrs. Arthur Crahndall, Mr. and Given For Diane Hannigan iu g~a oa V 1 |-
uncheon, on the lower floor of Mr. L. Saunder, Sergeant and Mr. and Mrs, Joseph C. Hanni- G AM .T 0 A
thel home and birthday cakes, Mrs.Robert McKelvey, Miss Tor- gan of Gatun arranged a surprise A'M 0 A
appropriately inscribed, honored chy LaMar, Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. birthday supper party for their "DOUBLE CROSSBONES"
Mrs. stfnger and Paul. Those Snith, Sergant and Mrs. Robert' daughter Diane on her thirteenth
who ttinted tie party included M. Moore, Sergeant and Mrs. Nor- birthday. Games were played o V j C a CD TTER
M-r.'eead rs. Wain r Brown, St., n'an Meff, uer.eant and Mrs. during the evening and the "UNDER N"
o0 A art ia,I Mtr. 4d Mrs. Walter Thomas Huff, Sergeant and Mrs. young guests who enjoyed the
'.frown, Jr., osi'Blboa with their Sam Rh wdy, Miss Paula Dovel, party included' Rachel Radel, .
.,WaEaIt r, Mr.a U Mts..P. A. Mis Je and ough,. Miss Leneve Iudy Ma lcolm Bare c, .AF,
Whfte df. Gamboa with h'Ir Dough, MrIV Pallne Marsh, Ser- Brenda Rabiriovitz, Sue '.Wel,
daugCitt.. !:. 3 Jean Ann, Mr'. gc: at nd Mrs. Gordon Jones, Shirley Keepers, Louise Wagflcr, .. .' ..Vf w s'
Geo e Lowe, Mr. ai)d Mrs. Homeri C:'i:c:.l aand Mrs. D. b. potato, Wendle Cotton, Linda Cunning- CI BAL
Croc.s vith Judy ant Eob'y, Mr. Sci eanit Ceorg Johnson, Cor- ham and Mary Ann, Alice and S YCRIST h
and.Mrs. J. B. FiLlds wit. Jo- poM. l William Kerhjesler, Cor- Pat Hannigan. -.:SA LIM AGri .A
.A=n: and JantL, Mr. and Mrs. ponr.l1 IFrediS Kennedy, Corporal s:n T e. i tuUA s -
F'ieagcr, Lieutenant Elmer G. 'riend Mickley, Sergeant and Bingo Games at Margarita ,
uAulst, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mrs. Jordan Jones, Corporal and Tonight h..., .
aber with Susie, Buz:i and Mrs. Walter Angle, Sergeant Ma- Bingo games will be played at ,
JIM Mr. an4 Mrs. Bu Wat-re Keppel, Sergeant Mari t e Doo the Margarita Clubhoue tonig C '
sea4nd.Cindy,Mr. and Mrs.Wal- little. Sergeant Betty Rodenhiser, h at 7:30. e '
te einman, Mrs. F;rances Grig- Corporal Peggy Parker, Corporali Trouble! "1
r anid trAi. de.ridge Burton Pt Winchard, Corporal Barbara Miss Goidle HowardNr ... ..
ln m- -Katharlnea dand Peggy oMiller, ergeanL Julia Groto, Ser- delphia. Pa., who has been visit- Openiffar..Tp
e s salin tDouigh. i, g,eant Don Toomey, Sergeant and ing members of the Neely family, T O DrA Y
a Dovel, Miss Ani NewhandbMrs. William Graham. left today by plane en route to AhTHRJoXRI-
J tM. Glahniztock, Jr., Caoan- her home. Mr. and Mrs. Michael U "ne ,_t
dr,_ ot Strinber and Eddie Turpin-lorter Wedding F. Greene of Margarita and Mrs. A GREAT MAN-HUNT!
ck. MMiss Narcissus Turpin of Cu- Matilda Neely motored to the Pa-
rundu, formerly of Florence, Ala- cific side with Miss -Mward yes- Tile Off-Grun- S6r ...
C. [aU Party Given bama and Mr. Hoyt E. Porter of terday and the group, with Miss The Mouti~g hiP .
4gFrt Gulick Coco Solo, C. Z., were married at Mildred Neely, were the over- The UoonvesigmileTwkl....:
.'Mgeant and Mrs. Jerry Whyte the Balboa Union Church Friday night guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. That Place It S -jTie T'e,
o6--4ort Gulick entert -'d at evening at 6:30 o'clock. The Rev- Robert Smith of Balboa Heights. Top COmpany Of Great
,W', home Saturday a / 'noon erend Raymond A. Gray of Gam- Action Draasl
f"am.our until si:: o'clo, un the boa read the wedding service. Miss Mary Patton Exhibits SECRET"
6 egtaon of Mrs. Whyte's birdth- They ;ereattendedbythe bride's Pictures at Hotel Washington "STATESECRET"
"1 Red roses, were u:ed to dee- brcLher and sister-in-la... .4_:. Miss Mary Patton, of Ancon, -
maw e the home. and Mrs. Wiley Turpin of Cu- well known Girl Scout Director
'r.elr gtest list included Ser- rundu. on the Canal Zone, has hung six-
geat, and Mrs. William Ellings- Mr. Porter is employedd with the
wort-, Sergeant and Mrs. Harry Public Works Department of the L
COpare, Mr. and Mrs. Walter U. S. Navy at Coco Solo. On
Freudigmann. Sergeant and Mrs. Thursday evening a group of
William Goodwmin, Sergeant and friends arranged a stag party to T O D A Y .


Daringly Revealed j JACK RAwErs-
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iucmal rC .Bre g mu.ill6n on al Jlo i. reoitih del Hotel El Poiom6, la pond*rn eM con- k mill6n y media de balboko ser6 recibido por 'f
sPu 4. 3 sus pp raciones. bierno, *I cual pagfard todao loas cents us tiene
e, Al 4-r- 61 as del B y Banc Ia *ithibi inform6 quo los dwtef ntbs d*l diento W. Hotel El Ponom6, antrigari .1 mil6n de ba
S, rno lir, oxistfi prt Bank" Ilegor6n a nueatri pIs dhtm|r ol Fiduciario y el resto, que oscilO entire cuarenta o
S- o ftivo do oapirture def ec y g Jimh y luego do firnimdos ser6h devaftoi parj cuenta mil bolboos, srM entregado o hotel para quo tf
-g fowndos qia la instituci6n raci.6n-fial del emprestitb. g : un fondo con quo trabajor.

K 2. MA .T..O, 7, 1951 CNCO CENTESO
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.UU. vote B. 2MOA.0000

para la Secdon de Panama
Bentro de trees senis rav debe rotbIt Gobierno
propuestas e # oe inverW6i"t
..Dentro doe tres semanmn .d*f .. de GabtMet que tuvo lugar
el Goblerno de Panam l1s .oy. .
els tpars lIs, celebraul de ,.
i prd stito en el eal .p ;'
i c "jra" lo n die s m lone s ra '
ro.'""."""..m' dove
*Maru ari lanstowge -
FansmA Am6 ei"elo ci
uriqte de Oblrlo.
las trees flrm" A"on'
as ppuestas "s Cu4
B#rethAs, Itho s la "i
sofeotis a refunLd E En el Tem Maa6nico Is
d a durante &- Logia Cosmopit No. 2, se ce-
di dmitraein. l ebrara ungW seit comoinieora-
-" t 1 .Alva del 7I 0 9 p rio del na-
.i S -sales it tall oc dehtblermo An-
aof c para los t dreve, maAf lan 8 p.m.
AD is carrtm~ibmel Co hi"
uaffwM 6uf te dinWero .El Gran, Msero, 4Xla Gran
as 'Ofr hasts *a t ogia de PaPi*. o$Wita a to-
C*agre do es K 1stades id os 108lmalom Ie la jurie-
=ie partld doe pinge :i6 Aqcc o A a 4 lr -a dicho ac-
afel ctor de .Pana. en el 40?"ondrIj de
a& o- "I= sMAIIest

Via interamericana

Revisardn las pensions por

invalidez del Seg uro Social

Fu, enviado a la
Legislaotiva oy
el nuevo decreto

Hoy fue envido a Ia Comla6n
Legislativa Permaneinteel De-
creto Ley mnedln te el cual se mo-
difsca la Ley Organica de la Ca-
ja de Seguro Sadal, desputs de
aber aide aprobado por el Con-
sejo de Gabinete.
na de las refbrmas priniplpa-
les que contlene el menclbado4
instrunonto es la supresi6n de
las multas a los patrons que se
atrasen en los pagos de las cuo-
El articulo trece, que se reflere
a esta alateria, es el sigulente:
ARTICULO TRME; El articulo
de 1a ley I de 1943, quedara asi:
"Artieulo 55-Las cuotas deberan
ser pag 4da dentro de los quinteo
dias slgdentes al mes a que co-
La mora en el 1V o de las cuo-
tas cusar& los Alguientes retar-

Se beneficiardn mds de 300
pensioneados con el aumento
de las subvenciones hechas i

La Caja de Seguro Social pro- csa instituci6n y estos certificar
cederi, a revisar las pensiorics por que la enfermedad de que sufrg
invalldes que se ban otorgado le impide continuar trabajanddt
hasta ahora, aqsan deolaraciones Tambl6n se inform6 que de a
formuladas por el Gerente do cuerdo con el nuevo plan pOrW
esa institucion, Lic. Manuel So- establecer pensions minimas do
lis P. B/300,0 mensuales a los asegu-
Al efepto los mddicbs procede- rados de la Caja del Beguro So.
rAn a haeer la revision durante cial un total de 309 pensioua-..:
las tarde, para establecer qui6nes dos se benefitrain con las modi
son las personas que en verdad ficaciones que se van a ibtrodUt
son merecedoras a star pensio- cir a la Ley del Seguro Socl .
nadaqp-or invalldezy .quienes rno. Las pensio es que retbenh ia
sBtA medidagha sido tomada en 309 personal se distrtboye actual
vlta-dg que, sagii manitest6 el izente por 'el Seguro Social en la
te,, se sospecha quje hay aguiente forma:
as personas qUe reclIen :
pe nin es por invalides y se en- Relben menos-4t B/10.09,
_trvngogiadode perfects sa- pn lo;o tre:tsL y o fw
m. '* A -'" uK l 'uIla l-j& i

-- +, ,^^^

' el nortei l e .
MANAGUA, agoto 7 (UP) 'avia y se-
,lora eapbca tMga an on y su
.rl '-A-Ar ,on. Jinotegp, cludad vequefn hUa "Sluty" de dos me-
a 1e kIildmetros a1 bt le ss da'-nadla., aUque lllos red-
rI de. a t d rbpitaer, hubo un' toi ber; denc
"f 0e1 ludi6Ia mayorta de laI0 Hs.- el moS de errar
anal cst sy deitruy6 unas peas, ha Dodido precisaronoau forma
" anS 5 in que s sep. si ic- exacts ocurrl6.e.,tcidcente que
s~in qyP 0 pasi h1bbo v r-antiene al'bpAe deIa tumba
acates. s al saceiiote ArAo
SPol6fia S T- a I'aci6n opntindra to-
sm aftueras
i ntuf Terma ira do los temblores do
1 t0 4ficales. torra -y o sients alarmada
a pari qSue por los ruidos subterrAneos J1o
rrid por todas que s eospuchan on distintas
-,ad-s .arto decl pais
i fin e vi4tar El Eabado, en la ciudad doe
santqrbos en Olinadega hubo 24 toernbo- s e oli
s"4 Intem itil- rea:y en Managua- cuaro. "
____ (U) '" --

* *a *'mi
8i da Cm&IR

'" "1 '* fM ;
Mmt de A. Arias .
El Fiscal o, del Circulto, Lie. Daro Sandoval, .
0t" mAWana a Jon 49o. del CireUit, Le. Manuel
I enjulelamlento de todes los ex-M tro del. Gab (
J. Arpufo Ar e Irmaro el decrett derogatorJ de t
.o1 itua da de.,,46 y ademis de lat igulentes t :.rt
dranedlseI JO Linares, Jorge Rub.a Rtoms, Teodoro *r
(deteando), l e de Arias, Tito del Moral Jr., LIeBOr
Gonatle 8. do Linares.
Fiscal su vista en el articulo 110 del
do (Ac) qu e so reffere al camblo voltWo*
N Inaeonal.
TiEnt oh o el Fiscal Lie. Dario Sandoval pMde al
Tibi l iento pr6viloail en favor del Lie.
Juan 'de Dies' d, del Dr. Jo.i-ezet, de log eAe
Bia Be-rbe1 Alfeedo de Souz4, Mario Conte Fernindm,.B a-
bn Nsarro, bastian Garrido H. y de todasu a peronmm
*qu ritdltrnd*clsarcl6n indaratorh-n las sumarias. ;
r n la mafnas de hey los Fiscales del Circulto eonsup-
ran varas sellUettudes de fljael6n o fiaiza de excaroela-
e provlaenal pedldas potr alguns detenideos, mieatrm
erM* oi espersn el pronuneiandento definitive del Jao
del .O4mernto sobre la responshblilHad que les ataem en
Is las WgacdVl pat ai determinar sobfe stu Ubertad.

Ima-a A

: ;ltres 0elM:+ 7 o
c) Del 35 p 'ra los retrasos
mayors de trre mses.

El Club Mira
Celebra. reunion
Im porfanfe hoy
Esta noche a las ocho en p un-
to el Club Miura celebrara una
Important reuni6n en los balo4
nes del Club Uni6n, segun de-
claraciones de don Julio Igna-
clo AlemAn, Presldente de csa
institucl6n. La reuni6n tratark
sobre importantes aspects del
festival que el Club estA orgar.l-
zando a beneficio del Orfeliato
de Malambo.



ma area desmilitarizada

tm!uaran las negociaciones
-----------~ ~ ~ ~ PW IS --------------

mp era ees tado r^S Kiegw y envia su mas fuerte
SmarOn de Edur .Chibis
Lo ta actoYa der0 b m aje a los cmunistas alt

la .U las espea de Ae"is form-ies garanti 1
^-ii a~ m i LA HABANAI (UP) N o ..
ai, E l oroimt pars la fira da L u Eenador do (Eddy) No podt reanudarse las conferencias hastte.a Ife-
ar itt-S h aChibas, lider del rdo de o- Yw ettando se espera contestaci6n de lsW
b"acto ep p heha O r Ruslis sicidn (Ortode el esnacuen- Comanda rojos
NAT>e T* tra en estado crfite debido a Comandall reos
NACI SUA)M,Agoto.7 La Asammblea rtehaz6 en ambas la herda reIbda n el abo- -
-VP)~S- e Mst i N- el plan de Viahlnsky men por un di0pr de rev61- TOKIO. Urgente, agosto 7. cludad de Kaesmg' 1 a-
clIn a a R a- el al an d apdyo de los ver que en un (no doe sul- (UP). General Ridgway do por accident. Ry e-
S ita 00 'pa" rEtados Sovu6tia. cidlo se blio el Senador de los rehuS6 reanudar las con versa- a6 la expllcaci6n MamBl-
na14' repptets9 .dl j oaei en studios de la .CQ d de clone bobiwe et ces de fuego como "Insiflciont".
ag. Mi Pd dP mea de termlnar su a lmr- hasta tnto. loe eo niUtas no mi su trannani .- <1"
iItS la Aaam (Bio defm Rs 35 el doinln ag I s d@. Ma*mtei q u e tan, Ridgway d
"JM Mmo n"'* ipS d I& Los 4" .4 a entoudene
Sachib" I'= .- dm -,Is ciudad mLi aceptaci lnGUla~
N" so- boos r sonsdiet.A
Wa .bu premo d ondodaibnl al es o
r1aa_ tt--'uai iat. hn.
J*|>i~ij~il^4A 7 1 ^ ^ *p~ ^ ^ ^l jl S vela ^ *^ la amu L* MS ~ ~ M 11'03 CC _[1!'* tM ^'^Mffig^StA. i -

ttdscIon '.de
dudalm la
k. tde' s

t-. m
no na

La vejoeidad ue causa del

accident automovilistico

del domingo en la madrugada

Debldo a la alta velocidad
qua llevaba el autom6vil ma-
nejado por 0. B. Anderson,
se debi6 el accident automo-
vilistico ocurrido el domingo en
la carretera que le cost la
vida a la dama norteamericana
Ellen Kienbaum.
De acuerdo con el Informe
presentado por los peritos de la
Seccl6n de Translto al Fiscal
Tercero, se ha podldo consta-
tar que "'este accident se debi6
a la gran velocidad y al des-
culdo en el manejo de parte
del conductor del autom6vil, G.
B. Anderson".
I En la tarde de hoy el Fiscal
Bellido practic6 una inspecci6n
ocular del lugar del accident,
asistlentio los sindlcados y los
testigos presenciales del acci-
Begun las ultimas versions
sobre el accident, la dam&
norteamericana Ellen Kienbaum
pudo haberse salvado ocurrlido
el primer cheoque, pero debi-
do a la segunda collsi6n, cuan-
do el cami6n cargado de ce-
mento se estrell6 con los ca-
rros ya chocados, la sefiora
Klenbaum sufri6 nuevas heridas
que le ocasionaron la muerte.
De acuerdo con las declara-

Ametrallado av;6n pedirdn
commercial al votar la Unive
sobre Rio Janeiro

(UP) -. Un avl6n de pasajtros
cb Ila empresa "Cruzeiro Do isl'
fu# alcanzado por dos balim
cuando volaba sobre el Futetst
Copacabana de sdta capital.
El accident ocurri6 minjtos
despuds de haber levantado e.
avi6n vuelo en el Aeropuca'to
Santos Dumont con rumbo al
Uno de los disparos cruzo el
Ipterbor del avol6n hirlendo en el
UaloU a uno de los pasajerob. El
pUoto regres6 Inmedlatamnnte
il aeropuerto en donde los pa-
aJeros fueron trasladados a o-
ire av6n.

be =e supo que cuando el avl6n
VW6oI sobre el fuerte se esLa.rn
It reliando'ejerciclos de tiro, in-
Stirl6ndo la. posibllidad que la
fMaSte Wsya aldo alcanzada
.dispan. am asar..
1" "- ,, *

clones del soldado norteameri-
cano John J. Thomas, quien vl-
ve en Las Cumbres cerca de[
lugar del accideAte, 6ste lleg6
al lugar en donde se enoontra-
ban estrellAdos los otros vehicu-
los y comenz6 a prestar pri-
meros auxllios a los heridos.
El soldado Thomas junto COB
otro pasajero trasladaron a la
sefiora Klenbaum a su auto'-
movil, pues esta sangraba pro-.
fusamente. Fue en este mno-
mento cuando apareci6 el ca-"
mi6n cargado de cemento, qut
venla a gran velocidad.
De acuerdo con testigos pre-
senciales, el conductor del ca-
mi6n salt6 de 6ste cuando vlI
que el choque era inevitable.
El segundo choque, cuando eo
soldado Thomas se preparabA.
a trasladar a la sefiora Klen-
baum al hospital, es probable
que hays causado la muerte de
Detalle curioso es que uno
de los testigos declar6 que in-
mediatamente despuis del acci-
dente revise los frenos del ca-
mi6n, pudilendo notar que es-
taban en perfect estado. El
conductor del caml6n, por su
parte, alega que los frenos no

fateriales nacionales

los industriales a

irsidad de Panama

Una comlsl6n de industrials. exigencias modernas; poar esta
hara gestiones para que la Uni- ra Ines, alegaron los industrla-,
versidad Nacionat use la mayor les no se justifica que se usbn
cantidad de products naclona- en las construcciones naclona-.
les en la construcci6n de los les products extranjeros quao
pr6ximos edificios que dil h a pueden ser suplidos por lo,.
Cass de Estudios se propone nuestros tanto por su Qdida'
construir. como power su acabado.
Dicha comisi6n fue nombra- La comisl6n de industrial.,
da por el Sindicato de Indus- nombrada por el Sindlesto -
triales al tener conocimlento de ra hacer las gestiones pe
que an los pliegos de especifica- tes a fin de que sea usada,
clones para sacar a licitaci6n mayor cantidad de nuestros
public la construcc6n del pr6- ductos en la Universl4ad
ximo edificlo pars la Facultad cional, qued6 integral power
de Derecho, se exigen mosalcos sefiores Enrique 0. Araneo,
asfilticos y serviclos sanitarlos cidio Gonzilez y Severino
extranjeros. .riente Sienz y tione el ean
Los Industrials conocedores de visitar a los Sindlc.d
de la materla s formaron en Universidad y demis
el seno del Pindieato, en la se- des de nuestra Priaera
s6n Ilevadsa a cabo ayer, que Estudios con el prI a1te-a
los mosaicos naclonales suplen dicado, pues los inda
con mayor eficlencia los mo- gamen a etpresar nosF-
salcos extranuerw, y que los claente a las
servileos santartus quo so fa- ado. a laS q uIhle"
brican en Panama aon de alta el *eapio on cusao aat
calldad I atiafuen todaS Iis 10 Iao a la t S

. ... .

i. .. .-r7 1 ,

I- ,

. I

SUso de n

i.Ma- mI I

WlA DO@.-



dmAswar de WASHINGTON uLlamado dl Dlijr* General de Unesco a la
AnMooe AR...AS. om.. PFo DH EW PARSON opinion ) *ica y a l. ..ei m
ODITADO P0o LA El papel de F l apel Sia M luoar contra
rA A AMERICA. a. A Z dA. lptan tel SDalM f foontr a
Ie L dl a1Die t rI m entar la
-oIO.A PANAMA AMICA. A. Drew Pearson dice: Los Rusos tionen dos divisions de Llamado del Director General inatruc lica y favorecor
L UNPCNO -AL-o74o c-R R-AL Kva ARADO OALet No. ,7 4 paracaidistas que amenztan al Jap6p; estan esquil- de la UNESCO l: 1 pinl6n la inform con el anhelo
SL mond al Ti Sam. pblica y a los goblernol de desatrolar una mejor com-
N TALLER *IToo. N STA CrAD CA H. e. 7 M 1 m prensOon e1ntre Ins naciones, l
Omy n,, La Confederencia Gmd-nal de log puebl$W Lo dbaPusieran do
EM A tWASHINGTON. El Gene- est6 equlmmdole a los contri- la UNESCO, ---rpmn aakncque one mee"oo mncial parsIsa co-
IDEAS QUE DEBEN CONVERTIaSEa ErN LEMA ara radley, qu end no aasdgne uy tdloe recomprn e s senta, w1o Es- municaoi~ td penmlen-
enoja tan facilmente, so sinti6 al cobrarle a las fuerzas arma- tados miembros- no qubo clau- to: eof pupi Impreso.
"El Panam-Amrica" ha insistido constante- astante diutado cuando ao cnco eces rarsu VI run clebrada No t en ate co, d
po que uno de sun propios por- preco deo fabrics de las piezas hace poco en Paris, Sin* car-una mercan;6 cualqulera. En
mente en la necesidad de que se oriented la eco- tavoces habia dado en una con- do repuoeto. garme de alertar a la ini6n el fondo, l# ize se halls en
nomia national con unt criteria basado en la rea- rena d sa e nomb Ra ola conclus6n a jue a und a tio so 'derecho nalle
ldad y ajustado a las circunstancas fundamen- tas que habia sido transferlta Canara de epresentantes, enl bre uno de. lo grIaves pellgros a la edueetI, el derecho a
tes el desde Corea al Jap6n.a abzado or el Congrlta que amenaan sa odau on la cuturea, l doereeho a a in-
tiles del paIs. El incident sucedl6 en una Porter Hardy Jr., de Virginia. y u oa inform ILIs' dca:tr a formae,4 1ome la Nelona
En diversas ocasiones se ha puesto de relieve conferencia de prensa en la ~n un informe confidencal dos de los prma11. medics Uidd ls eron an ls De-
en nuestros comentarios editorials la convenien- cado ec6 loco nste chb d aS bulttadas cs tend en s o-p os ypar s end cara ni al del 10 de
cia de abrirle nuevos y mejores rumbos a la es- nos habian aumentado Eu po- t's lunee arise sumaran a apreciarse: Me refers aa dl o-
derio en Corea del Norte mien- varlos bllones de d6lares du- suficiencia creciente en rro- Darijo, en co-ecuencia, un
tructuraci6n econ6mica de la Republica, con UR tras que el nuestro se habia de- rante el program de conm ducci6n de papel e pi6dlco apremiantel lamado a todos los
plan que tenga por objeto habilitar el interior en bilitado. pras en la actual emergen-y de pap de edicn. gobernos para que, concientes
@Ia".Contin uaydcanped iine de edic pe a e de pa ext r sm u gravodad del pro-
un amplio sentido de producci6n y de trabajo. Lo que sucedi6 fee que e 01. form qu debido "en parts cada vpez ms auda en sel m blema la que aludo, tordes co
En tiempo de crisis seguramente se compren- General Ridgway habla ca- a la repartiel6n de las ganasn- do e ntro. El alclenada de urgencia las medtdas qe s-
blegraflado a Washington pl ci- a. estus cantidades nuna do entero.El a=a acelerdaoden tiurgencialaits mredd p.quot o-
de mejor la urgencia de buscar la explotaci6n de diendo permiso para transfer odran ser recobradas per loa despr os avan dla tucan- conjunto ar peit, en
Ia riqueza national que, hasta el present, se en- r Ia div nen cetn ba me deimpuestos una tidades les en los dis- Primero, aumentar la produc-
c la el Norte do Jap6n debido .nueva negociaci6n". tintos paiseps, aeentila e des- cl6n de pel de
cdentra sin explotar ya que solo se han hecho a al hecho que los rusos tenian El informed dice que dentro equilibr itenaconal.n de pa peridco y
ese respect lo que podria llanmarse pequefios en- de. disiones de paracaldla- de Is industrial automovilistica Unveridade y Ai cuels a papel do edocl6n, pars 1 cual
t a x k s a l on, am n a a n dIla N o r e m e n d rt a ,r c a pw h ai nt o, do -
pu ota otaonadas on is Isis ld eotlte "un acuerdo de caballe- recent do libros Indispensables y mcnvendria, po r e ans parts, to-
SayOS. akhalin, amenazando el Nor. ros o un acuerdo informal" por de cuaderno. Eae cl mentar el pr hmieto d
El pueblo panamefo debe erigir en lema la t del Japn. el cual e comprometen a co- tos manuales. Muches de lo nuevas mates prims po
brarle 91 Gobierno "el precio que todavia se obtieneil, osten- otra parts, favorecer, mediante
habilitaci6n del interior del pais en el multiple Aunque las dos divisions qu s le da a los distribul- tan preo prohibivo Los acuerdos inter4 ales, las
concept de la riqueza. En ese sentido seria con- .usas solo tionen avoien su- does como minimo". presupuestos familiares padecen nversionesade capitals a lar-
veniente tener en cuenta c6mo se han desarrollado la vez, Ridgway queria estar. "De all. en adelante, parece en consecuencia. La educaci6n az o no entra
otros paises y en cuinto tiempo lo han hecho. De en guardla contra un staqueo qu e'nhay limited en las ga- det alonf. so elhla c m pro- en1segua ndo t6uno mientras
sorpresivo contra el Jap6n en nancla", declara el informed. metida. Si eln~mero do 19A esa responds
ese anilisis facilmente se llegaria a la conclusion caso que lams eonveraelones Come resultado, el Gobler hombres que a peden h y a las necesidades, reales deo cad
de que nosotros debemos imitar, dentro de la re- d tregua fracaaran y losi no e obligdo a pagar leer aumentae solo en un 5 nac6n, table entre todos
ode que nosotros debemos imitar, nnistas lanran ug "cuatro y cinco veces el pro- por ciento, resultaria imprac- los pails tMnreparto mis equi-
latividad de las cosas, los sistemas empleados en fensiva en tran ecala. dIo actual y las gananclam ticable, enla locircunstrcias tativo de lbs recurso oexistens
son repartidas entree 'todos o10 actuales, proporcionarles los li- en papel do pari6dico y papel
otras parties para lograr los fines que se persiguen. Washington di6 el permiso intermediarlos -el fabrican- bros, la publicaciones y los pe- de ed l6d.
. En los Estados Unidos de America, por ejem- para transferir la division d te, armado, disdor,esdo- ri6dico a que u aprendizaje dae no adotarse eass medi-
piG, se hizo famosa una frase que luego de star regroso., al Japdn. Tal movi- tallista y reparador- cad lea da derecho. das a Is, nlyor breve4ad pou-
pl, se hizo famosa una frase que egomiento de tropas es sumamen- uno de ios cuales recibe "subs- ble y en un Intento comln de
en moda se transform en un lema que fue adopta- to secret. Pero el funcionarlo tanecalmente el valor comple- sMuchos dalos y muchks re- buena voluntad, Is educacl6n y
del Pentag6n, ansioso de probar to de Is pleza". vistas han dejado de pub~lcar- la informaei6n estarin on pe-
do con magnificos resultados. "Go west young man, que los chinos han usad o l pe, privando asa, deun medio ligro. ,o ded caricter
go west," fue lo que podria llamarse la consigna del conversaciones de tregua para "Cuando el precio de la pie- legitio de expreai6n a o idl- pricteio s lmponen ya sin de-
pueblolaen umentar stpoderlo, reveao) za a levado, entonc eo-vrsidad natural de las opInto- morn.
peblo americano, la cual cal muy hondo en tod movimiento d esta division n bra solo dos y trees ees s e. Otros, an tnido qures El Co o omico y o
el pais y constituy6, por decirlo asi, una nueva men- particular a un gran nimero valor original; pere uando el tringir el numero de sus p- cial ha sido informado de las
de periodistas entire los cuales valor de la pieza es relativa- ginas. Los que subsisten venden resoluciones adoptadu per la
talidad que se tradujo en constant deseo de hacer habia varlos corresponsales ex- mente bajo, so cobra dies sus ejemplres a un precio tal Conferels a General de la
producer esas vastas regions de ese giganteco pais tranJerox. m a is veces su valor", expies ue ohay lctores que renunclan UNESCO. Todos los Estados que.
Cuando el General Bradley el informe. a comprarlos, o que lo corn- dan invitadon a conjugar sum
que se ofrecian entonces como una halagadora es- supo esto, trat6 de comunicatsae an menos frcuentemente, lo esfuerzos con ese important
peranza. El tiempo se ha encargado de ratificar el con el Jefe del Estadd Mayor. Un ejemplo tipico, el cui cual reduc e ampo dsu n- organmo de Nalone U-
del EJ6rclto, General Joe Co- describe el Comite, c el ca- formacln y restringo sun peil- nidas, a fin de adoptar cuan-
profundo contenido econ6mico y social de aquella linn, pero no pudo conseguirlo. so de los parabrisas. La "Troy blidades de libre. examen. Por to antes uns solucitn, que solo
frase, "Go west young man, go west," que ahora A pues, el General Bradley -Sunshade company", fabri- razones obvia, la prensa inde- uede ser international, a un
llamo al sub-Jefe del Estado cante deo los parabrisas loxpendente es ondlarimers ,aec-
recuerdan las generaciones presents evocando el Mayor. General C. L. Bolte y vendl6 al EJercito a 285.4 e ada. En las cond clones en que
despertar de aquellas fuentes de riquezas de los-Es- orden6 una complete investiga- da uns Aparentemnts, ote trabaja, eat Ilamada, o a des-
cl6n para averiguar qul6n habia preclo fue considerado dema- aparecer o a convertirse en
tados Unidos de America. revelsdo el secret. slado bajo por la Federal Mo- un product de lujo, vedado al:
Seria de desearse que ese ejemplo se aprove- NOTA-Bradloy tambln se e tor Truck Company, qu u e hombrede a calle. Ahora bien,
chara crtre nosptro~ y co tenaclad y patriotis-. tavs6 delEjercit eclas6 que la duea .Min f undida s samnte y ven d-
lo elevaraos I condl de a la ide' d o- Nc e Ue cl dellbe- A da A-- a to. No
Ibbilitar el tsteior die a p ic n done ver- va, F haber- Truck Com i erl de la de-..
Im cet inaL hasta slegaw umlinstrar lea IR *u e i B r 1
dederamente radica el porvenir econ6mico del pue- oMs co otinuo D ha eary al .mi, que .
blo panamefio. partamento de Defensa des. hiciera lan ofertas. .Ento s ..
_inti6 oficialmente al porta- la Federal consigul6 el mone.- M/ IA
roz del Ejercito. polio del negocio con el Go- -,
deO l oblerno por 52.50 y SALE PARA PUNTARENAS
U SM DIIIES 1 F TE lA f j La industria automovllistica 57.50 en lugar de 28.64. SALE PARA PUNTARENAS

Se hace saber que existen, ademas de las anuncladas el
28 del mes pr6ximo pasado, las siguientes citedras vacantes:
Colegio FELIX OLIVARES C.: Una (1) regular de
Ciencia General. Una (1) inftrina d Mocano-

grafia e Ingles.

la voz emoclonlt.
Una presentacion de
La casa de las novias.

1090 KIcs. HO A

Se complace en poner a la orden de su numerosa
clientele, su nuevo itinerario a las
provincias Centrales

Por s61o B1. 5.oo
Sale de Paitilla. 7:30 a.m.
Sale de Aguadulce. .... 8:30 a.m.
Sale de Santiago. ..... 9:30 a.m.
Sale de Chitre. 11:00 a.m.
Llega a Pantilla. ...... 12:00 m.


EFl Whiskyma 4sfino
que se embotella


A fin de eseoger el personal necesario para la Secreta-
ria de la Ser nda Sesi6n Extraordinarls del Consejo Inter-
amoVlsanoe .on6mleo y Social se recibiran en la Direcci6n
de Es tadistca y Cons de la Contraloria General solicitude
de empleo par lea siguientes cargo:

Mecan6grafa Jefe
Mecani6rafas (Espafiol)
Mecan6grafam (E-panol-Ingles)
Mecan6grafa (Espanfiol-Franceis)
mimo*rafista Jeo
Mbneograflstas Ayudantes
Official de Documentos
Tradutoere al Espafiol
Traductore al langles
Traluetor al Frances
Ofleial do Traniporte


Telefono 3-13 1 Aeropuerio Paitilla
en Santiago llame al Aeropuerto
en Chitre llame al Sr. Jorge E. Berbey

( Lee latIrm dMs deberin presentarse poerwnaimote en-
tre 7 A. y 1M :3 P.M. y se les concede plansb ata l 9 de
ageSto pars Ispresentacli6 de la sellcttud errispmadlente.

fsrnaim, 31 de aJulo de IN1.

So*mta~b GeWal.

S ai -

...udalud lae...delimlas... .
alimentos da calidad fn apeaMee
eavassdo m plmna lidum. MAi do 500 Con.
serve Alimenticas Moauin* f utaa, leigumJb y
carn ... cona todo u Msabor y oo todo valor
nutritive origiaL De veta en todas las tmda
do oonmetible. .


Acepta carga y pasajeros.
Cale Sa. #24 ,- Catedral
Tel6fono 2-2043


SelecaCheme El se

Resuelve Sus Problems de Dcordo Barra
/' /



No realize ese trabajo de 'pintura o decorado que
tiene en mientes hasta que ves la SELECT-A-SCHEME
de Pintura General. Este iigenioso seleccionador de co-
lores hace tan ficil escoger los colors apropiados, como -
manejar el indicador de su telkfbo. Nada mnil practi-
co y nada mis seguro que esto.
Permitanos mostrarle adermis los nuevos tonosmde
PINTUJRA GENERAL: lo altitno, los colored de mods
y mis elegantes para interiores inclayendo los moder- _
nos tonos acentuados.
Cull.s 17 0est y "H" T! 2-195, Psim .

Ave. Horrer. 7064 -.C Comso
AIAS Y 4 vd.




,, 1. m. 'i i .



vicio Mis Rapido y Directo de

uilla, Colombia, Sin Transbordo

Nuevos Constellations

Servicio Superior

canse en el Lujoso Lounge

icio Cada Martes Intermedio

to 14, 28, Septiembre 11, 25

La Empresa de Aviaci6n
M6as Antigua de America
.Mmo d1AtA

Para Mayor"sJ BmU .e
irijase Ageste de Viaje
a Nueuirks Agentue GeneraleS

A .- .

: '" ", : 9'




-- U'

S' ,- '
.'* < .- .. .., -.: -'\ \


.anamai,Agosto de 1951.

I I i I I I "- i l I i II / : ... -" I l U ,II i __ i i ill I i lW !

. -.I .- .L ) =- .


wommi -


k # 5



so, Deonli

,e aseuatemad, s en
eab jd Ja ues. La b aterter do
stiva eda eg
I m S., MPier YVrcc4re I
3le a Almarn, Seereta
Irdo.,e, SMari Uleutyr
rdw, 8a1ho a y Mayor Bl

Coleccio,'nist.. Incl1~yanse en nuestro granny


Que van desde B|. 00 b Sananales,
Es su ptat oporuan tid de poseer los tmoi'hits" bailables
V tode la csem dt mslca qua s#F esritu d#ee.
C I os Cyrnos pala Reg los


...,.: ,I SO

estamos desempacando

Jw*oa.Ade 5 pms. de pyrex
en color ........... 4.50
*.%. i ..,n,.:4
de as pin-
tados .... .. .... 1.75
Jarras de vidrlo pintadas
para rve ......... 0.55
Maqinas par rllar coco 5.95

Ciehileos para la ocina........... 0.35
Semrtleteros plaiseos ........... 0.A
Cajas plisticas para pan............5.50
Juegos de 4 laths de plastico...... 3.95
Cernidores de harina............... .80

Termos de 1 gal6n...... ... 4.60
Termos de 2 galones............. 9.95,
Saleros BLUE MAGIC contra la hu-
meodad el eo........ ..... 1.50
Repuestos pari saler BLUE MAGIC' 0.50
Moldes para hacer eonoqe-- por 0.9

Lata can parrilla para uar.. 1.25,
Sarteoes grades eon taps... 4.50
TApaderas de plastic pars
fitetedra, .................. 2.75
Latas platadam para pan:..... 1.65
Juegos de latas para cdcina.. 1.35

info de sla Utier-.
ia. miembros de ia
pll de la PoUge*f
Canal, sel eoma
lna neo muostra a
Ms ulen te maners;
,; Carlas Cabe"s
aeral; Sim6n de. I
ranelseo Monaeda
olomi Carri6n, To-"

I -
'"M ntras yo sea Minslatro deo
GebIfo -Y Justlela y mientras
sea Presilente de la Republica
dqn Alciblades Arosemena, tla
radio panamefla y la prensa
tL1idra laI mayor libertad po-
sble p)a expresar sus ideas y
augestiones. Habra llbertat de
radio, puedo decir, al rojo vi-
v', expreie ayer el sefor Mi-
nistro de ooblerno y Juaticla.
LlcebcladO. Miguel Angel Ordo-
fiez, al iaCer uso de la pala-
bra e el..ejo. Congress Naclo-
nal de L RirdIo panamefinaaue
se verifico en el Paraninfo de
la Usiveridad de Panam.
El Mtlptro Ord6oniez prontn7.
cl6 un coQceptuoso discurso y
fue.larganiete ovacionado por
los delegados al Congreso, in-
tegrado per .radloperlodistas, lo-
cutoresa y trabaJadores de la ra-
dio en generaL. Tambln asias-
tieron miembros de la'Llga Pa-
namelna de'Radio-aficionados,
Wlembros ,deo la seccion de Ra
dio-Patrilla, dirigidas por el
Mayor Bartolomw Carrion y
miembros de la radio de la4.
Fuerzag Acantonadas en la Zo-
na del Canal, observandose en-
tre 6stos aJ1. Mayor William l D.
Ceeley, Tenlente WMllams Jo-
seph y la Iecretaria sefiorita
Laura Orta.
ie"id, a.. a Directivca
Prnunerlo el d4scurso de blen.-
venlMaia los .detegads el co-
noeldo Iftutor. y gelente de 1o
Radio Mramr, 'ufor Loren-
zo B. .8 OMAn, o. Inmws
eiat .:e r irf

o.,.Coureso .NaclnaL de. la
Radio Panamefla, la cual que-
d6 integrada en la algulente
Guillermo Rodofo .V'a 1 d s
Charris, president.

Ill I I '/IJ* I I I I I --I I



do Bleta s lmaSan, -
Id general
n de la ROsA,, tflita-

o: Frncisco M cada
o. teMscaro o fm Bi
oze, Hdctor Bantacolm .
yor Bartolom6 Carritdm ,
.J directive fue Juraeuita-
4,or el aseor Mola& Peretra
ailep fue el presidentA del
er Congreao de la. Radio,
uado on el& asa e d 9o l
dad de Chtr4 $ Is
xdiacdualn e i.4de la A
g.SBtinuacl6n ofa w a
lectorea Iatl U de
ilas masa tterenupa t-
idas, diacutidea y .ro-
oen la magna AMUdMe e
61dio Panamela qum tvek
dayer en el Parnf de
n tra maxima cass do* eu-
d. He aqui oeas ponencls y
el tombre de los delegados pro-

Lireib. 8 GalAn, Luis
M. o Vtr Julio Gu-
4a..-onencla por medio de
la cual so reconoce que el se-
eor Igacio* de J.. Vald6s Jr..
lue el acpador del radio-perio-
dism en Panama, me le da una
voz de simpta y soie lament
s e otl de aalud. (Pre-
sentafR pr 1rf delegados Car-
lop Cabe Liuna, Eduardo C.
de flgsWI M.. Tomas O. Mon-
tero J. y Lute M. Botello P.)
5a.-!Ponenxla per medio de la
Jeual ie ha un secuerdo vivo
de los loeutorem TomAs Urriola
PFnz6n. EmLa 06 y otros, Be
pidi6 me guardar un minute de
malenclo come un homena]e a
sus memorial. (Prosentada por
los delegados Carlos Cabezas
Luns y Kduardo C. de Freitas
M .

.la.-Ponencia por medio de
la cual se solicits al Poder WFe- 6a,.-Ponencia por medio de
outivo que present a la A Iam- la cual asablicita la fundacion
bles Nacional la Ley sobre Ra- de la Escuola del Locutor en
diodlfuil6n., (Presentda por lo" Panama. (Prebentada per los
delegados Luis M. BoteUl_ P., delegadosa Eduardo C. de Fret-
& Sevillano. Lorenzo Xanchez tas M., TomAs O. Montero J..
GalAn, Eduardo C. de Frelt Carlo Caboeas Luna y Molses
Tomas 0. Montero y Slm6n de Pereira).
la hosa 7a.-Ponencla per medio de
2a.-Moci6h por medio de la Isla cual so solicit la ayuda del
ctUal. se le dan las graclas al Goblerno paiamefio para la ve-
Dr. Octavio M6ndez Pereira, rifieacl6n del Congreso de Ra-
Rector de la Univeraldad, power dio de Centro Am6erica y Pana-
haber cedido el Parsal-ate y mi. (Presentad. pbr Eduardo


(Pabco, Certalnteed y Armstrong


.6' x 9 B/.9

.7'x 9'... 5.48

9'x10 ...'.. 748

9'x 12' ... .. 98

Ademis: -


Avenida Central 91




anuncian proximamente la aperture


I Via Espafia y Calls 7a.
Parque Lefevre

con sus departamentos de



Al mismo tiempo Las Tres Amigas del
Pueblo ofrecen un nuevo surtido en:


Champagne Codorniu

A' enset y Santa Maria
en todos los tamafios



- *1~~~**

IE doedtor A o nIia aehe
hijo, reputido 'irat. I pa-
namesO, ha si esid ido por las
CAmira de J6venea de eta clu-o
dad pars qua dteto una -confe-
rencia sobre "Divulgaci6n del
#oilo" en 1 pal5n de actors de
la Escuela Repiblilea .de Vene-
A est actor de dlyliaLel6n
clentifica qe se verilftark el
pr6ximo miTreoles 8 de AAto
a las ocho de dla-oobe*oat In-
vitado el pablico-en gaferal, es-
peclalmenbe lo padfa de famt-
lia del menclonado centro ea-
be eata manr I,. la C6mara
de J6venes contm .n i60U cam-
pafia de divulgacldi olentlfica
que ha mereeoMo el 4p6U. iso ge-
neral de la cludadua la y que
ha contado con- It 'coopqrsi6n
d e distinguldos profeslonales
panameflos para levarse a ca-
Deapuks de la Conferencia a-
nunclada se proyeatarAn varlas
cintaa cinematogrAftlop codidas
gentliments per el Departsmen
to 4e ReLclones Culturalea de
la Embijada Americana.

C. de Ereltas, TomAs G. Mon-
tero, .Carlos Cabesaa Luna y
Fernando Eleta).'
a.-Ponnencla por medio de
]a cual se soliclta la eitminacl6n
del pago de dereeho de Intro-
ducci6n de Tranamisores. (Pre-
sentada por Ell Acrtch, George
Dawson y- JoM6 A. *Cmell).
9a.-Por medlo de la cual se
escogi6 a Davlid. Chfltut' Pra

L ,m s ul do S t Sespa

la celebract6n del. Tefter q -prouI6 el senior
greso de Radio el pr6zimao Id R. Vald6s, president de de 4
de 1962. rectma el cual le va1U6
El Congress fpe clausurado Ihosi' iplausoa y felicltk
con un conceptuoso discarsoqte de loe delegados e innvi





TEL. 2-0610


Nuesro Colosal



Para Ninos
y Ninfas...

Shorts..... .
Pedal Pushers. .


.Pp Avenida Central 100


Calire 26 y. 24 3'r g' Caie 24-4 'x'

Telifoee 2-1045

Distribuidor Armeo
- Avenida N1'rte NM..17. Apartade 1211:


Sano, Robusto y Alegre
Huracin a y aoda siempre a ptas. Se arrstra power debajo de Iss camas, mete
Sas eamUm on wdo, revienta este muAeco, romp. aquel oepejieo, voles al awo,
qudaies snar Ia luna Cads fuss de la cudita es un porrao. cada incento
de bir a cualquier sills, otro. Tranquilo y sonrienat, cusado no unne un
chcaE mueswra un araAo,. y a vwmes sale de no so donde can la cars cinada
eso us carboncro
Lm verded IaIm y plans ae que on la,.asa el due6o absoluso el y que todol.
#a- cepci6n., rminan por comerselo a boes A el., s. al dialillo travieso.
vigprooy legre, aliamentdo con LACTOGENO., a leche que conoien todos
Wts elemewmeU nutrinvos quo favorece el deasnollo, fortalcesn los baeM
Svigrofs el* organmisme.
d-FA A99



~- a

de pCn;




n"'" **'


placela noticia

)treaci6n de una

fsanitaria en Sona
RMO JBU8, agosto 7. Corres- mores quede
)g Con verdadero be'.- pacio
lietto ha aido reclbido en ca- Dice un pj
t oiuntdad la noticia so .r> con amorwe
S-creaci6n de la Unidad S.:.l- actual gobie
aria en Sona. forma tan
QL ase Irreb
Se eapera que tal proyecto saa oe que el p
.e una, realizaci6n inmediata y radica en el
m eatos pueblos deiados en cl que pars co
Llvido, puedan recibir el baL'su- tener un int
. o que alivie sus dolencias, pucs telectual m
e sRabldo que nuestra poblacion Jekus agrad
Iural s consumida por diferen- blerno y es
te i entermeddeoa y que sus u ',- de lo proyee

1-Nota musical.
4-Cittdad de Italia.
13-Que carece de acento.
:Z-Duracion eterna.
7J-Fardos o bultos.
*D--Rio de Chipa.
-0-Para remover la tierra.
o-Famoso violinist desapare-
1-Inculpado, procesado.
Rece, Inv.
Prefjo itoseparable. ,...
radio. '
-~Terminac6n verbal.
we de corra4. .
ehar6. ble
no-zio cl continent -
ue dan nacimlento a -'un
solo hijo.
S1-.Ojorsencillo de los insectos.
-CBlera, enfado.
Rio de la America del Sur.
corta esatturf.
AV* domstlcA.
_Arfp -- --

Importadores ,
Tagaropulos, S.A.

I DetMe r.pidamente, sin
pelier. el udor.
8 Hw dompreeer iamendia.
menam a dor del sudor.
S4 ofree oueple. pro.
me"d do Me*na M diai.
4 No bt is pl aemal-
pumb sok a dast .

k sobre


n perdldos en el es-
roverlo: "obras ha-
y no raones"', y'el
rno precediendo en
plausible, da prucba
Mtlble sla aflrmataci
orvenir de Panama,
I interior del paJ y
mnprobarlo hay que
erior sano fisica, in-
oralmente. Rio de
ece e gesto del g.l-
spera la efectividad

2-1gual al 52 Horizontal.
3-Azote, discipline.
4--Que trabaja en barcos.
5-Terminacion de diMinutivo.
7-Nacida en Irin.
9-Nombre e mujer.
10-Nombre de var6n.
16-Escuela Literaria America-
na, Inle.
1,P-Nombre de mujer.
2(:--rQue .no causa .dolor.
21-Capital europea.
St-Cantores primitivos.
l -Del vbo tr.
ft:-Planle j Ds rojM.
2v-Producir lhisportRoteo.
31-I4mina, tabla. .
32.-MarcharI, Inv. ..-
35--Cludad de Italia.
37-Ped zcs de ,teja.
39--oldado 'austritco.
42-Letra castellana, PI.
44-Ciudad de Francia.
48-Letra castellana.
47-Arbol legunminoso.
48-Cloruro de sodio.

5 No mancha mi daia la ropa.
6 Nunca m esa ni sM penD
arenoMe. come le* desodo.
rmes oerdinarioa
I No s ransom. as deavaece
eones "cold cream".

aedMM dot m eaW u m- ouljamsaM to


Los chiricanos celebran su IV Anks

Con motive de la. eeIbracift delJV Aniversario doe I fandacI6n do la "See edad Civin de
Chiricanos" de la cludad capital, el domingo pa sado se iev6 a eabo an ato e MHltral y un-reglo
balle ei loo alone. do dicla soeiedad. Para tal actor fueren Invltados leo a=leobros de dite-
rentes agrupaclones interloersas, quienes envia ron nutridas delegaciones e ole Wt 4on eolorido
y esplendor a la fiesta. na la anterior fotogra fix podes* ver en el center a la t nta de
la oeiledad Civiea doe Ohrtpanos de In capital, Srts. SilVa- Rois Fldrez, el Prsidentle da So-
ciodad, Capitulo do Co 1n, Sr. Edmundo Castillo, el Vice-Presidente d la ad, Sr. Don
Mituel Amat, loy Ios lem b de lea delegaclo ne qaue aitleron a dicho e at.. a.Srta. Silvia
Rosa FP6res pronunci aun eomeeptuoso discurso en el cual detall6 l labor de 4l bolIedad du-
rante sus euatro afies de e istencia y anunci6 quo los chiricanos se pro pro Mlaelar una cam-
pafia para doter de esouelap a los nifios resident tae en la froqtqra con Costa Raa. Sin duda al-
guna Is Socledad Civies de Chiricanos ha desa rrollado una gran labor y bajo la Presidencia de
la Srta. Fl6res seguira laborando por el blenes tar de la ublrrima Provinbl r rlofeana.

En Chiriqui traspasaron a

una sola persona globo

de terreno del Gobierno

DAVID, Agost& 7 '(Correspon- denominado "I1l Origano que el
sally an m o raI suscritu gobierno r6 v a-
p tr e ble de ha- fios a lr p IA
nist 1ero4 sBnhI oe preser.- cultores. Lo 0 eai Ollistatai 0o-
ta formal queja contra la admi- mulan seriob cargo la Ia adolv
ntstrkel6n de tierras y boaque[ nistraci6n actual, oonsiderande
de esta provincia, por haber c- I que no se ha procedido con jum-
dido a una sola persona, lotes ticia.

La Sociedad "Pana-Hato" hizo

various regalos utiles a los

alumnos de Rio Hato y ChirnU

RIO HATO, Agosto 7 (Por e'
Corresponsal Una delega-
c!6n de la Sociedad-Pana-Hato,
formada por j6voqes del Chiriu,
Rito Hato y de la capital visi-
taron boy las escuelas de 1 io
Hato y de El Chiru y en pre-
sencia de maestros y padres de
familiar hicieron entrega ala
Direcci6n de estas esc'"
re modestos pero signlficat 1os
regalos para los alumnos de ss-
tas escuelas.
Mas de quinientos cuader-.os

y lUpices fueron entregados con
cl ruego de entregarlos a aqie-
hos nifos qfte mAs los necesiten
por el moment.
Gest-os como este son diguos
de imitarse pues, ante todo, ni.n
sabido ellos brindar su sencl'la
ayuda a la niflez de estos iu-
Por este medio 1Is direcLores
de las eacuelas doe l Chiru y de
Rio Hato hacen piblico su a-
gradecimiento a esta Socleuad
y les desean 6xitos de toda cla.e.


it IOea Se U caIva 1e s

Piden un doctor

vednes de Jaque

Hemos recibido la sigulehte
carta par au publicact6n:
Panama, 28 de Julio de 1951
Exmo. sellor don
Juan de Areo Galindo
Ministro dO Prevlisto Social
Present ,
irxclenUalmo eflor: so o*
L brawentb tiiehe como ob-
jet#- pedirle. su buenos seivl-
cls para el pueblo de Jaciqu
(distrito de Chepigana, Darien)
regi6n miA apartada de la c4i-
dad capital, por lo que siempre
ha careeldo de asistencia me-
Conoci ndo su inter6s por la
salud del campesinado de Loda
la Repfublica y como morador
del pueblo de Jaqu6 y miembro,
de Ia sociedad "Jaqu6 Unido",
me permit pedirle encarecidie-
mente que tenga Ud. la bondad
de mandar un doctor o una cn-
fermera a dicho lugar. La so-
ciedad "Jaqu6 Unido" y el pue-
blo en general le quedaran a-
gradecidos eternamente.
La. sociedad "Jaqlu6 Unido" y
los del pueblo estamos conatru-
yendo un dispensarlo en la po-
bluaen de Jaqu6, pero carece-
mas de recursos. Estamos diL-
puestos a cooperar con el doctor
o enformera que venga.

Deseando que la present tVn-
ga buena acogida y antlclpan-
dole mi aincero agradecimieutr
qiUedo de Ud. Atto. y S. S.,
Emillo Moreno
Cedula No. 47-42786


pue va e isa roaul-ed

1 toa quo d arutn d con lOda
entuhlama ileo a lHover a la
Ssooiodd a' .el miamo camino
de roegam tlt*ardd ue hasta
asots ha tio
Ife dI directiva deo
Prmsideo O del Bust;
Vleeprau1 m Motas6r Rodri,-
gt ez p:tl .arlo de Actas y
Corresp AD Alcibiades A.
Picota; S* I4rio Alcibiades
Froune E alo de Asuntos
Socil si A t5as SBibuet: Sb-
secrettari fMurlolo Rodrigues;
Scor.ta ie. rO i .anual, Re. ta
Rivera; u oratarlo Bonarge
Ulloa; iIta10rio de Preuan y
Relacionse, Manuel A. RioS;
Subecrttrilo 4oae Concepc6On

Los- lbrroranos

hacen slleged
Homos rooibldo para ul publl-
cacidn to 1ulente:
La Chora Jullo 31 de l961,
Stflor, Don',
Temiatole .Ide la Barrera,
Juez, 9o.del Circuito, *-
Pzesentm. '
Senior Jueb:
lI Comiti Pro Mejoras de La
Chorgrra tlhe el honor de oa-
ludar a usted ateta yt repe-
tuosam te.
BefAor, naotro. los componfn--
tc de d4e10o Comit6, solicitamos
a uutW I, W Informne qu6 tra-
ycctora tornado el procgso
de loI OIr *. de La Chorreras
el cual se encuentran a su dig-
no cargo,
Hacemo e wa t a' solicited, en
v I st a d- que lot mienclonadou
Conetjale durante el t1iemp
que llevan de eatsa al trite de,
la COama eiliea o.otrrtranal
o hat 'he6h nada on Mw d
blo. ya qe h hIlm oas
enedentsan enjulelado pea
tillumltaciln doie fU di -,'
"fior Juez, el pueblo de La
Chorrers, eap6ra. conl anslt, el
11amado a uico do. l6k ientoio-
nados Concetalkt, pata .,ue ai
ocupen sus pueate'A lftalern-
tea y a ver at asto, rsefiorw Ua-
con algo por nuestro pueblo, YO
que los principalet no acciea#n
ni hacen nada. por eotttr coe
dijitmos antes, -eperand. el f;
11o del Tribunal a su icrgo.
Con motivo de Ia prepente nos
es grato sucribimrno de. usted
sue atentos y segums sevidartel,
Diaetmedes R0e4ft.
Rafael Uwcera.
Jo mPintos A41t
Secretario de Propaganda


tione los

mejores proornmas

IA b4adt de rodamiento plane, sadii-
. lamite-de mis espesor que is d4 Ie
llantas corrientes pars carreteras.-fec.
i aimeno resisted el uso y abuse y hbW d46
it U. S. Royal Fleet Delivery uns iMs
verdaderamence *coa6mics.


SA zI -
.wL, ; ,

dmt aiMrste 6 de ata t (
n .' on eets to

vria Mi el e>e lral, mrtn ls ta.
pOrla tculal u fu d Ma un I" fa-
m0ale t a rokplagsu qupo' -f
toato, tal e6oa h amoMi- Mpra ) a to.
teeld6o do* "on f ialurl T
66 deida -l M aer M isA 1 1 d
6, 4 oe6 Ii j p j a 5'- ..ia 'sj
e,.pre, quien east Uadnat a c oe tom bai n.
proetar un. eneqrado, erviio, nistracidn eta empress pa
tuvlaem dMl ph mo A reueuito., i= mJor orilcieo.

Protest la Asocia

PeritoS Aropecu

SCa de tucin de bo me
Socl MdM. IPAto AfoMU&. to A urftfrfo
riot ha dAe=uoI &la In r la euela de Agrieudr de Di.
soluel6n .' vlsa .. -' ., -
RSIW11EI6U del-Capitulb de Ia A- 4- Hacer un iamaon a tod6
se11el6 dS Pite At utk* hR capitulop dl A1 o a16i
rm to. wmwPit M Agpmsm maW paLra
f:. 'que l unan a la luchb per co -
1.-- 1rr ._". ito .w lo. mgruado dbl fi-
per la 1w4 totti al de AgtIutura
AgrOpcuarlos e ptMbau s n cicotelrados eamo los iU-
serl mIa l w t n1A io ttIroa RtenWtores de 11 agricul.-
la de gerrof y t L 3tw y eM tura det lala.
otros famntos, tellpaddI& la Juftn GOie N.
proteta lanand a lI psb iedad. ecretart Provincikal
por 01 capital central. Wgasi A.L (*
2la. Intorm a cret y eestaNo i y
al Mnitro de Ag rcultura rr41 lM. -
-nueatra olucid" d e pr"otet. r 66**1
3- 01olltgAMm $ 51 o- M

Ai. omS W. .f. OL, -A,- I T 2"
Ave. C.vaI No. 1'4-- Panam .- Tel. 227



AllP,. ^ J.

- W I uinbmn5 UUURU"nHU

- ,A

*~ ~''-'




^* "'Si

-.+v .

T, A.%-*

~ ~''s~/- IV-J.j *
I .....



~d.f~am ispais 401 aikumo IjOvar
~~"Ivalor del tiqiuc'. WA 3. L'(.
iIi sum proplam barajam y lAploOd. )I
Ia~ I




.-UrniNdo. lotI y oroNE14a.
-.M MOI R J o W60ohico 60

S-iLavaelsw, Ti sd be, ate.


.LiiI las I indore ied4 de l ciudadI


mwdtey eelofts.
wt Asm E.aja.

....... .* .o.

it leto dem, Ewn teoA lax *aM;
. 1ft 9ltal emdelb. on **we .



bSWu ap* 81 telefmO IW&
S *, Lm s loeasi qu9 0
k w a n *n lr e1nt0k.

S legra*I el Soilie
,ae de Lemn,. A *elU
l lupr en la Q~lute
Ktt lf t aS l mAbado 4 a- A-
Ifcha felicidede- padc-
m .i t ] rown nacld$ qult"
Sa ombre as Oerml-

Con l aombre de Maria Mr-
Codes N. bfutlpda el domu.u-
aI I& Ifa, do Cristo Rey I
ni Illegada reclentemente al
hogalr del Ingenero Franciouc
M. ml s Jr, y aefiora Mne-
d O liaut da Morales. rue-
ort L. telno lat aefio Mar*
aa )iWS Ie4 Oulando y $I-
Mc. P1Uo 0erbaud. Muchas tc-
"ield/Is- e dieaino. a Ia us-

AUAi at ellopltal
AzotaIoanS oomplacidoIa a ie-
jorlais LStlbenado Pelpe Ta-
pia C. qulen abandon l&CU*
nica ha Fernando en dorudo
estuve reolufdo por varloa di.
Not 4.d Dbel.
' .4 i p ras horasdc a-
yer d06g eulatir en uta olu-
dad el apreclable caballero dsn
mort n trr aa
la ilda de Oristo ftey en d,n.-
de eAtujleron en Capilla ardiene*
;t hasts la f h del sepelio quo
tuvo, lugart la:00 p.m., $si8 -
do ete una Vtofluda manlfc5"
taciAn de pena y carlflo doe Is
numerous famillares y anfl6sa*
des. Preentamos nuestka .MA
sentidi froses de condolencla &
#us numroam deudos, muy e.i
peclalmente a mu esposa kta
Recuero de Preclado, a sus ?h*
jos, Gloria, Rita/ Julleta y U*
rio Prtold $'Tn, y a sum her-
mano3, W* Nardo Gaty 7
sefora Mftedla Prelado dt
Grsy. DOeator Alfon Pr d-
d0 7 eeftork sther N. do rp-
clado, don Manuel Preciad y7
sefi6ft RAqut' A. de o,
y -aftier Rogello Preciado y se-
*tr.. ido L de Preciadn '
be ib 3a.6w Unldo.
P, PMlaw BgoerdWX ualIV-
ArOwmeun, Oirente del .B3acO
de Urbanlzacl6n y lbabliIca-
ci6n, quien ha regresado de eu
corto viae a los st$o .UnMioO
De Cleimbtia
SaluelaM cordialmente ai Dr.
Frank Raymond y MAtora Ar l-
ne de Raymond, qulieane rer,-
san hoy mu vort vtaje iper
Cal, Colombia
Do Lima
14 damoh la blenvenida ai a e-
fier mnesto Brin y afora El,
na de Brin,tulsen atempaloa-
do dd *iu hijas Ull 0oy a la
capital, procedentes de Ltmn
Para tAr Am6risca
Deapu6s d6 abtr pasado u-,n
corts tem-porada en Panama,
regress hoy a i'a, Peru, lugur
de su retidMela, el sefor Auil
Berafi. To depe4 ,.
Sigleron ayer r la Via .i6-
re pra M lb, Colombia, el
aelor EhM1O M `sez y el In-
eoers Ricardo E1au Mtniez
En ca eludd VbpAran a su '1-
ju y hermha, la Madre MartA,
en #I Canv@4 de la Esaclavas
del BagradO 0ef 6 dei
Les desamdB 11 filla viaje.


Sabdo 11. a las 3 p.m. row
n6n en el Institute Nacl&mWal.
fW de partir cnWtamtei
peropuerto de t oim"n 4 r
Mr al seftor Young
Domingo it, a lat 8
aida en el Hotel Co a
tlunes 1I en la mafia", p t
fcales a loa di9natari a
.W Cdase tentoaae "
Sftoree *y ayudado a mpt *
merables estudlantes paslama9 $
ob y me persa una .6016,. a

Para M4tleo .
Despedimos at seflo JoM 1Vo
taingo Franceschi., quien partly
para Mexico el labado en i|ale
de vacaclonee Muy grata t5tat,
da en rM le tfdeseamo .
Aaversarlo de matrimenio
SCelebran en eats fecha e ,tpr-
mer aniversarlo de su matrhlit
nio el senior Carlos lean y eso.
flora Luz Margarita C. de lt iA.
Los felicitamos.
Ctampleafios do hey
Bra. Leticia Guardia de Men-
Sra. Ana Isabel Adaimes de
Sra. Rosario Shelton de J4*
Bra. Mercedes Alba vda. eI
seflor Abrahan Alberto Use-
nifto Eloy Alfaro de Alba
nifto Carlos Ozores .TypakIot
Sra. Cecilia Cedefto de Alvarem.
Cumpleahlo de mafiana
Bra. Carmela Arias d 4,
Sra. Isabel R.. de Alemin
Bra. Berta 0. de Fkbrega
Dr. Rafael Wendahake .
fir. Oabtlel de la Ouardia 0.
batrriO ,..;,i *
,, efOr Manuel & Qaray
enifia, Pri.e Lloyd Aro.e-

El Club Miurba col0bra e-t
tioche a las 8:00 p.m. en el Clui
Union una important reuri,:
a la cual se supliea la punloi.
asmistencia de todoa sum soci3
en vista do I&' lmpottancia d
los asuntos que can a treat i
pertinentes al t ra m etiva; qv
organisza dicho club a beneflc]
del Orfelinato de Malambo.
CentM10 do i svundadl6na d
la Congretacl6n las
BSertas de Maria.
El dia, 15 del present men
la R.R. Madras. ervas de Mv
ria doe ts, luda, oeelebran
Centenario doe a undacdln d
su CongregaclS .y con ta
fau&to eonttelmiatq.tb hoy dl
7 a la 6 piA. r principio I
NovenA de*1 ft tra ra. de 1
Asunci a en s Cgpilla de l
Creta y l dia 16. fatividad c
sla ,Stuio de yrgen Marl
a r6a Oelo., W 1id 1ug a 1I
9 a.n. eo laSanta Igoeia Ca
tedral una Mima .ele oe Por
tiflolal o la qu Ofletara i
Exemo. Br. Atrobpo PrancL
(| fa a &k PAt. a Cel. so

a I "-



A Ofrecemos en .
todos lob produc- lA CUCHARA DE SCOTT
o' w de esto ecre- D flosti Duradere
d diteda taCeo. em Homne -

r 1.% Ch
M llo-u

4I in~etrf

HAATISI bo'sq ageq mrade 4
baleimeb Idb s Uo el us
.efivu plp4a..V^l sm Mla
=seaterftbds wbaOweM
-s sel ^aM amel. Xh ls X
AlWiNS pm lsiook P f

a. Poo^^

1.o aeWoen ho-
itW/ oymungr. Todos los
Iat-' 6I yoan residido
niztezrnaclonaleu y
SIX t, atn Invitados
cipat on el program.
_^- ._.y -.

dSof de Colon
Ta- 43 Aptdo. 1-4
El dige cuatro -e los corrientes
celebri sue natales el Jovencito
Inrique Visqup Bay6, hijo del
hogar de don Xramo Vasquez
y soaiora, dof Rosarlo bayo
de Vauues. Aui.upe algo tar-
doe le hacemoslegar nuestras
Advenidlet; *
Be encuenttaft de gala con
el naclimentb de una heredera
el hogar del sedor German Lem
y seflora Ivona Eker de Lem.
La pequefia Germane naci6 icon
today felicidad el dia cuatro del
resente mep en la Clinica San
ernando. FeUcitamos a lo a
venturoso 'padOe?,"
Aniverparieo d
En el dia 'de ayer qslebraron
un afio ma de unIon matri-
monial los espoaos don. Victor
F. de la as y, leflora doia
dol .4 d 'la ( Nuat.ras

CumpIGes.m do boy
Haa la eluded de Panama
hacemOs llegar nuestras coa-
gratulaclones al sefor Guiller-
me Aleman M., por celebrar hey
msu natales.
Haiti San Francisco envla-
moas us cordial saludo de fel!-
citacin a la seflora Aura Val-
des de Correa, quien hey umna
un ai mas. de vida.
PFeeltamos a la nifsa Nidl
Veles-en el dia de sus sataleS
quo celebra hoy marts.
Compleafle de maisaf
31 nifito Jose Ram6n Garcia
Jr., sums maiafna ami4rales un
afio mis de vida. Hasta la clu-
dad do PanamA en Gond resi-
doe on su amoroso padre, I
hacemos llegar nuestras U eUc-


.U.," ,It

I^ **. j *


- 1* -

WA6HIOTO4'WOat46 7. -
r(USI). Ui'. tnmario del
Departamento 4d mxtadg decla-
r6 .qe sl a UonIP Bovi$Uca es
realmente ilcera con respect
a la "amistad", debe publicar
la resolueldn aprobada por el
Congress de los Estadas Unldos
hace una semnians, y la carta
del President Truman, en que
se reaflrmaba -'1 1IQta de
los Estadoa Unkids ha 6L1 pue-
blo ruso.
Edward W. 4rett Soecreta-
rto AMdllar = ar& as.untos
p6bllc 0o a una transmni-
al6n de raditgyl4 que las
autorldades sovl6tloa dieen a-
probar Ip idea 1 'amistad
sovlutico-amerlmaa. -
'"Estt blen", continue, "si
los dirigentes del Kremlin son
AincerOa en sum procedimlentos,
los retanmoA ruvamente a que
ubliquen la carte del Prosiden-
e y la Resolule h de Amistad
del Congreso para que los pue-
blos del UR88, la vean por sl
La resoluci6n, que obtuvo la
aprobaci6n final del Congreso
el 2 de' junto, reaflrma "I1
hist6rica y s6llda amistad del
pueblo americana pars todos los
otrom pueblos" lncluyendo los de
la Unl6n BovldUca. La resolu-
cl6n y la carta qua fueron en-
viadas por el Presidente Tru-
man, fueron entregadag a Ni-
kolai MikhailovitCh Shvernmlk.
president del Presidrum del Iu-
premo Boviet de la URs por
el 3mbajador do ]Ktadoo Unl-
dos en Mo j Al an 0 Kirk.

SI plensS her pate-

IN, pi da Polvo de
Hornear Royal e in-
sista en estenombre...
porque cl prestigio de
Royal sepresta a mu-
chas imitaciones. Por
eso debe exigir Royal
en au famoso boteci-
Sto rojo.

M u..II lSee o Jonuge. I taoe
is soeinaew unoes minnut.m. IN"e"fed*

La mis suavo de la tost
maltatism. protege do
No ha nmada OO MOAM.
Pedud do M A** -

r fup oftiapM~ma



S-- a me prn eceise mic*

4CI VE3 LdoLumX

Una vez lo pruebe, meri au preferido.
Tiene todes la cualidades de los
esmaltes de ufias ms cares a much
menas precio.

Cutex de Luxe "Nail Brilliance" viene
en exquisite freaco, con un c6medo
aplicador, igual qu los eamalt
mis lujomos.
Con Cutex de Luxe "Nail riliance" la
ufas permanece b-eloIa e inaltirable
per dias y dies. No M apgrie. No
afects la piol. Novisimes matices.

Prueb Cutex de Luae "Nail
BrlHance," hey siamo. Quadari usted
adminds aco&

do Laze

I ?,




-~4LI ...W~




~,. -:

iftsocticldn *1 6- omn eI

a g i gseo f de sre.ato

M ..
cujda~t *co ^**cooiw
Si~i' 'i ~fflifft a
B4 awo- m*i



I, -.- Jl

Ayayayayay! Quo qu6 hace a- Oallda" o~to m thsi a
qui el Diablo Tun Tun? atn; erAn today e
Be ha venido al Carnavall aldatas Il "Reinfade
Er' diablito Tun Tun sabia, sadas". Y la reina del "I0M S
porque el es muy Diablo que vallto" 8. M. Maritma I
Panama no se quedarial sin su r a la relna y el premdlo
alegre Carnavall entrada sera uns semana
Svacacones para dos peat
Ayayayayay! Y c6mo gozael (y el Diarlto 'un Tiu nI
diablno Tun Tun penaindo en "Paraiso La Restinga" en
el "Reinado de la Casadas" 0 boga..
"Reinado de las cazada" que
con '8' o con Z', el Diablo Tun Y, a la Reina se le dark
Tun sabe signilica lo milime, homenaje un valioso
aunque el diccionario diga lo ain olvilarse tampoco del"
contrariol cipe Consorte' quien rec
opra la celebracl6n, una caf)
Ayayayayay! El 16 es el gran whisky. .c
dia para sate reinado en el Club h .
Uni6n y el Diablito Tun Tun ha A y y yi, C(Cr.o gow a
sido nombrado ya por -Los Mlu- Dlatil 3 Tun Tun pensand
ras" enredador No. 1 y bufon "el r- r'o de las caszadas"
excjusivo de Su Majestadr! .cl L.;ui Union el dia 16.
El Diabllto Tun Tun sabe rue C'aOQ. claroa Angelo
los Leones tienen dos cand'da- pc '. Argelo Jaspel", AngA
tas: Lupe D. de .iMlaio y 1 i' l "AnSelo Jaspel', fdtft
J. de Duran. tambien los I':()- .. la algarabia con su alu I
tarios lucharfn porque tr ic music.
su relna, Ana Lucrecta r. de
Andreve; Eater A. 'e .0. Ayyayaayayl Ayayayayayl
Lautltin A. de Alba. Elv.ra Eile- Diabllto Tun Tun ya ha co.p.
na de Icaza, Mnrc-la Cucal6n do diez tlquetea doa entradg.'-
de Ortega, Elvi ita Z. de Arias, ra .si tener 1,000 votes p wam
Hilda P. de Ariv, Lta 8. de Es- reina favorital
tripeaut, Yolanda M. de Eskild- Ayayayayayl como, pero ea6
sen y... la candidate de "La goma el Diablito Tun Tun.

Spu en eos requslmor sn udines quoam ...
pueden preparer On on srntim69a



I ..

- 4 .-.
~ *-(

No Hay Mejor Via Para VENDER, ALQW COMPRAR ledt.

Que La Ruta Al Departamento De Los CLAS CADOS DEL P. A..

Nuestros Agentes o Nuestras Oficinas to stE ider6n:

Ave. Tivoll No. 4
Tel. 2-0=1
Parqe do Lo epse

A' e 4 de Julio
Tel 2-9441

Aef MelendeX 18.659
Tel. 255-Col6n.

Calls* it e u MX.. si.

'c X IN" 57. Pa, e "
Ae CmIai 1-176-CobHa.

N E A 'i
Apartamentos Miscelineas Bienes Raices Domisticos C O MERC I AL
SE ALQUILA:--Aportamento moder- SE VENDEN:-Cleves, tuberie negra, CIA. DE LEFEVRE Tel. 2-3332 SE NECESIlA:-Carguerc de exp-
no, sala-comedor, 2 recimoras, 2 *care ecanalade, Fix-Tax (cort6n VENDE LOTES riratia con'buena recomendaci*n, Mantenemos unia ento de
porches, cuorto empleado, garo- aisleder pera ciale reses) made- Pago iniciol minima B.100.00 buen sueldq, ocuda colle 39 No. 5 gnao articuloI lObt -
ge. Calle, 47 No. 3. Tel. 3-3338. res, lavemenes, excuedes, etc. a Mensual 8.15.00 de 9 a. mrn. a 6 p. m. ana de Li wO "
los precies mis bejas en plaza. Lotes con Calles y Acueductos de tencia done it f dBOREZ
SE ALOUldA:-Apartomento de uno AGENCIAS GLOSALES, Via Eips- la Ciudad desde B.1.00 el metro. SE NECESITAi-Empleado para sat- PINTURA o w venden a log
S y ds recamaras. Colle Primera Ae. Ilegendo a Joan France. Tel. Alquilomos equipo pesado pora viclo de casa que sepo olgo de c6- mi haJog DredOs.
Perejil 14. Pregunte par Aseodor 3.1503. mcvimiento de tierra. cina., Dormir en trobojo. Buen
de 8 a11. Informes tel6fonos 2- Alquilamos lotes a largos plazas. sueldo, Dirijose Ave. Cuba 58 n
2-3181 2-0082. SE VENDE:--Dos, reflectores Studio, Club 4e lotes, B.3.00 y B.4.00 Apto. 6, Por ue no aborrr diBero
-- un Tripode. Foto Anc6n 85, Estu- semonoles. comprando lu major?
SE ALQUILA:-Aportamento chico, diante. SE NECESITA:-Seiora de 30 a 35
r ratrimonio solo, lugar centrico. SE VENDE:-La fomoso y vieoa can- ofo0s, quo sepa cocinor, B.20.00,
Avenido Central. Informes calle H SE VENDEN-Peces de acuorio, plan- tine "Brady's Bar" en el limited. empleada para trabajo general quo GEO. F. NOVEY, Inc.
No. 18, oficina en la moiana. tas, Via Espafia 11, frente establos Vea a Benny, el continero. sepo lavor y ploanchar bien, B.30.
__ _:__Aprt__ntoen San Juan Franco. Tel. 3-4132.-- 00. Los dos deben dormir en el Ave. Central 279.
SE ALQUILA:-Apartamento en San S----- S SE VENDE:-La Contina AUTENTI& trobajo. Calle 50 No. 48. Tel. 8-0140.
Francisco de la Coleto. lnformes- SE VENDE:-Mhquina de pionchar CA lantes Torpedo) situado n
Estoci6n Gasolina San Jose, Via elbctrica '"EASY" 110, Volt.. per-1 Avenida Norte 54. Informes ahi SE NECESITA:-Empleodo duerma
Espana No. 2. fecto estaod de funcionamiento. mismo. en cast, trobajo general, familiar
S ALQUILA:-- rtment de dos Sabonos 2038. ifraodo Vista Her- peque,'a. Colle 28 Este No. 2
SE ALQUILA:-Apartamento de dos I nosa. Tel6fon6, 30437, Panomi. SE VENDE:-Casa momposteriao en Apto. 10, despues de las 5 p. m. Articulos de Zpateria
recmaras. sol. comedor. Calle ---- Mariano Arosemena No. 69. Infor-
46 esquina de Parque Urraca B. SE VENDE:-4 vidrieras nuevas de mes alli mismo tarde y marana. SE NECESITA:-Empleada pora ofi- Tuberia Negra y Oal.
75.00. Para informes Ilame 2- cooba. Acuda Bazor Panama 104 --- cos domisticos. Dormir en empleo.
1752. Central u oficino Agencia Michel VENDO:-En $10.000.00 un mill6n Solitite Depto, Calzado Bazar vanizada
Simhon. Avenida "A" y calle 70 de metros2, corretera transistmica Fronc6s. Acero y Pla a
SE ALQUILA Panam,. Col6n. Tel. 1386. Logo Gotun. Tel6fono 1262-8, AceFO y PlatlnaS
:_--- Col6n, Sra. Carnes. SE NECESITA:-Empleado poro el f
L Cuarto SE VENDE:-Cosoa, mess bllar, de- ---- servicio, sin hijos y con referen- iraS, Sfmaltes y
O mas orticulos. Motivo viaje. Co- SE VENDE:-Lote de 1668 M2, m cias. Inutil presentarse sin estos Barnces
-5nE ALCUIL:--Cuorto amoblado n. detras Mercado Piblico, No. Vista Hermosa. Calle 5a. Ideal pa- requisitos. Presentarse entire 5 y
n service, ALQLA:- privado. pe- 2014.. a fbrica. Acepto pago inicial, 6 p. m. a de 8 a 12 m a calle Ferreteri "Vale" y
con service, slid privada. pe- resto hipoteca. Informed: Edificie 32 Este No. 27. i
ferible persosa solo. Via Porras SE VENDE:-Miquinos calculodoras Galvez Avenida Central, 202, P.- Corbin"
No. 64. Tel. 3-1863. aleman4s nueyvs, marco "Bruns- cardi. SE NECESITA:-Bueno cocinera para
SE ALQUlA:-Cuorto do pa- .145.00. "Porras" Plaza 5 SE darmir en case, Troiga sus refe- R ARD A MI
SE ALQUILA:-Cuorto amoblodo pa- de Move.SMeocios. Bueo sueldo Avnida Cu-
S f0 hombre solamente. Precio eco- de Myo SE COM PRA renas Ben ueo Avnd i
n6mico. Colle Estudionte 77, Apto. SE VENDE:-Miquinas de escribir b No. 11, edificio "Nestl ol-
5. nuevas tipo oficina, 8.120.00. Deseo comprar baul comorote. LIo- tos, entroda coae 28.
SE ALQUILA:--Cuortorefri.erante. I "Porras," Plaza 5 de Mayo. me al tel6fono 2-1704, Panamai. S'
5E ALQUILA:-Curto refrigerante ..|IGalle 16 Este No. 4
S Fbrica Hielo Estripeaut. Calle H SE VENDI: Asbeat asn plenches, COMPRO proyector de cine de 16 o SE ALQUILA Te.,. 2335 2-2988.
No. 18. Tel6fono 2-2948. media canales y en pslvo pre- 35 mm. Rojas, Avenida Anc6n No. "Vendemoi barato
SE ALQULA Dos cuartospora a- c econ6mce. Par colderes, tu- 63, telefono 2-2472. Locales para e nd er b art
boIes deo celer, etc. Cla. de Pro- --R--_dnispe S- ALUL:- pr fn
Sballero y partamento en Maria- duco d Arcilla, S. A. V e- COMPRO Reicille. lNche do nisper SE ALQUILA:-Local par oficina...
S no Arosemeno No. 69. Informes a 37-47 Tel. 3-0160 a balote. Page los mejores precoa I Arriba del Teatro Central.
aAI mismo. 1 de Osmond L. Madure, C- ---- -- COLOCAMOS VIDRIERAS
SE VENDE MUY IRAT9: MA. II* 5. No. 11 ApIetede 277, Pa- SE ALQUILA:-Locol omplio, fresco, DE ALMACEN
Squina Registradora "National", un nami. apropiodo pora oficina. Via Espa- NUEST'ROS ESPEJOS
SE COM PRA olino para moler come "Sanitary" SC P OPA e r r i 16. Tel. 2-2443. Duran Mis Lucen Meor
con copocidad paro 600 Ibs. par SE COMPRA:oCOPRA de produc-
JTOMOVILESUSADOS oro. 1 Conelodor propio pr ci6n aciana excusivomente, en CLINICA, equipaodo altos Formacio FABRICA DE ESPFJOS
restaurants "Freezer". cortdora cualquier contidoad o B.200.00 lo Solozar, coll. 16 Oeste No: 28 El -DIABL O0
1941 1949 a do om6n, estufa de gas 4 fogo- tonelado de 2.000 libras nets, Panama. Call16 ~Sate No. 4 Tel. 2-.2W
EXPRESG INTERNACIONAL nes y plancha. 4 lAmparos "Ne6n" bien limpia y seca, puesta y pesada
** aoe 5. N. 24. Cater | 48" y 3 tubes. Para informed: a- en nustr plant de la ciudad de SE VENDE
CUe .N.4,CatedrIIy 3 tuos. ParoHe informesa N : e- PanamS.-CIA. PANAMEAA DE
.itno a -. m o|468.a mIa ACITES, S. A. Corretera del Ae- Autom6viles
*EtonANE. rpuertor Tel., 3-1371., ..o. 2 r
-d SE COMPRA: -- S0 71IRITO Ie SE VEN!E- o ( Mineea.iz2d.
w .. ,C_ ..0.15 Iao libra neta en cuolquier Ptrice .45.00.o, Cl* vJrdn de
por sus TALLER Auto Elcitrico ."Purru" contidad, entregodo en Ia ciudad Poz, Parque Lofevre' chalet verde.
Vende. cargo y report boterias'uso. de PanomA. So advierte que se re- SE VENCE:-Plymouth 1940 con- Felpa Ne ra
Sdoas. Calle 21 Este No. 3, Panama. chozard todo sebo de proceden- vertible Coupe. Precio B.300.00.
Repa racionescia extranero a tdo sb o nacio- Tel. 2-2010. de 15 y 30 Ibs.
Re, lracionsI Venga enseguido poro que se opro- nal qua haoya sido mezclodo conSE N. ... C. r Biks Si
Sveche del gron boratillo, gobar- extronjero. CIA. PANAMERA DEi SE VENDE:--Corro Buick, sedan, 4 VA
Nosotros le ofrecemos dinas y retozos floreados. LA MI- ACEITES, S. A., Corretero del Ae- puertas model 1947, color negro d
td l LAGROSA, Montescrin 2. ropuerto. Ilantas nuevos costado blanco, co- CaVs de Zinc
toda clase dmateriale nuevo, radio, cubre asientos, b
Liome telfonos 3-3338 2- ci
do construccl6n de a SE VENDE SE NECESITA t"s .2e
deG conetrunci6n de a SE YENDEeS 3102- 3-1310. Sr. Boyd. |nzS D tctO
ir m .- alta oalidat4 y las Articulos de Casa _ener__ SE VENDEN CAMIONES: 1 GMC d
SE NECESITA:-Bornizadores. Fabrl- 5 tonelodos, modelo 1947, exce- m
famosas pinturas SE VENDE:-Borota,r miuinadco de Muebles La Garantia, Rio lentes condiciones; 1 GMC 2 1-2 A cR n sr m
Svor, 60 ciclos. Avenida Chile No. Abojo, No. 2154. tonelodas. tipo armadao 10 rue- A cen s o er
25 Apto., 3. Tel6fono 3-0066. dos. model 1942; Internoci -
SSHERW IN -- SE NECESITA:---Cuatro j6venes de nal. 2 1-2 toneladas model 1947 Ave. Norte No. 48
SE VENDE:-2 comas gemelos Sim- cmbos sexos, con experiencia, en chassis largo; I Internacional 2
W ILLIAMS rmons, c6moda, chiforrobe, todo propaganda. Avenida Central No. 1-2 tonelodas, model 1947 chas-
color ivory, completomente nuevos. 47, Apto. 21, altos, en Ponoma y sis court 1I Mock, 5 tonelados.
S las majors del mundo. Via EspaRa No. 2024. Tel. 3- Avenida Balboa y calle 6, Arena modelo 1947, excelentes condicio-
2319.. Col6n en Col6n. American Pro- nes. Solicitor informes Ilamando PERSIANAS MOVIBLES
ViJstenos y d6jenos mos- SE. VENDE Uno refrigerodor go- v tection. al telefono 2-0610. de MIAMI en vidrio,
binote de 4 huecos, como nueva. SE NECESITA:-Chequeadoro. ocu- madera o aluinio.
trarle el surtido extenso Precio B.250.00. Calle 16 y Calle rro Lavonderia "Tony", calle 12. IA C f A
C, tiendoa La Parada de- 8 a. m. Este No. 15. I I L Rieles de abrir
que temo. p. m. -----------v cerrar para
qu tn o --------SE NECESITAN:-Tres bornizodores, l Cortinajesi
SE VENDE:-Por motivo de viaje, pintor parE laciar muebles y 3 eba- c Beckmann y predic nar el -
juego de recimora en excelentes nistas competentes. Colle 16 Son Rdo. Padre Carmelo Jim~ne iCortina.
condiciones $250.00; un estonte Francisco. Taller de Ebanisteria. Alfaro. Plastica
I XA para libros $50.00; un escritorio ---- Las R.R. Madres invitan a transparent
... ..chino $115.00. Lloame telefono SE NECESITA:--Chofer fuerte, con estos cultos religlosos a todos para vitrinas.
Ave. Norte 83 Tel.2-1061 3-1975 de 9 a. m. a 5 p. m. -- y o Zona, con los files, amigos v blenhecho- -
Calle Martin Sosa* #3 SE ---1D3 buenos referencias y experiencia. res. La nueva
Tel. 3-14IS SE VENDE:-Estufa de gas B.40.00 ..n cedula despus de La Misa Pontilietal. seri ra- PERSIANA
gTel. $-144 una mesa comedor f).10.00. Calle las 9 a. m. Lao Europeo. Avenido diada por Ia emisora, La Voz de VENECIANA
4a. No. 6. Tel. 2-2362. Central y call. 21 Este No. 1. Paonam. COWES
a precious
blen baJos.

PRESENTA Tel. 2-0756 Ave. Cuba No. 67

HOaY M-I -* J U E V


Premiada en 1945
;:.-. ^-- ,
tl.. tm* ,

:* A

como Ia Mecor Pelicula!


' v



i Investigacidn
peligrosa en una mission
secret de
f! espionaje! :

Persianas Venecianas LUX
Sa B/. 9.50
Valle 29 E #22
Tel 3-1713


.loe .-aior ,-,
.s-, ,* ^

con eflr1m to iportado.
Tba *sit au ...4.00
Tuboe4 b ......4.40
.'lubuw r' tllso... 2.60
Tubmes $" D M......2.80
T -- ......... .
Yeou -=t1xI.......... 1.00
Code. -- i2...... .s75
etc., etc. -
Tel. I-1 &Apartado 2029
"s dymLinaem s Ld.tda.

*Joe16 ito es

u uCl. n .

I nil

S Lrl9avwa" cond euM
Marco "Daisy" Por l quo a la propuesUs., mbni '3
d B h v er l k especificamente counde l as
d9 2 95 concerned, a Carta .de la. am d. awp
V Z clona M procrib la B I
rra y fiJ Visto d -

lg 5e ma nalnysoeo de
Tege j *e ; vos armos aOparua qtle' hages ino qplU
eneames eB existenc a. tunclonarAn con aparatoa de horts. Eao qp
radio que as conumica con un bablemente no E
HIERRO DE nuevo traamlaor que ha aido dare las CcO
instalado en la PoUcia Becreta IKaesong.aino haa
Naclonal. mia tardar. a ,
FUERZOEl general d
R- FU Z En la' tasde de ayer,. fueron di6 las condo
designados la qpince uaidadea mingo despuplj
n.evaa para. la Policia Secreta ci6n de las zS
C L A V 0 S Naelonal, con 1I. cual qued6 quej6 de que
womplebo el personal de este nista armado (u
oroman pomo. do a unas cle
de toda ~clasen- la de conferoe,
SAviso Judicial "
ZINC El .iust SeMArl I JumSad i

S 0 U < K r Qu por- roluclia do otreint y unoan
NA LA ta i d r lm I ho p 4a idde Pd Id aaun-

Calibre 26 juDiels eWcutivo propufeto pd. Guardian
S C n., b. A. contra .ld~ardo Barmlento '
aie ba fijado el dim veintilteu do agosto L a
venidero, para que entire las horea let. .
te*, tenga lugar el segundo remate d e
Age iaguientee belaln, prop edad del do-

NPontiae, mdeo d oSIoa*, o *0
0 -v d par. IonW 3 to,,eplI dte.l4. con moto -Ab.f-I a

doo ctrico a no .r
1 1 .. db
'"NCA, _vtlaudo poer I o* .ritios '
mpeora eld l)stado ia es do trodloa a-

mbargo, que las condciones f e Total.. ...o
bienes citados .1 valorI EIgAiloBfo
as las esperanzas de que pue- perito., y serS ofetta admilibie la qu. B aunrp humans
a salvarse. cubrb la mitaddel value de lon blenes *xceo ids ycle .Y
l intent do, suicidio dQe Chi- advi'rtliv'oQ qu *i.V no te preseinaren wt u* -
as ha causado gran conmo- ptr en e *ethvo ",o1aM se ri rltro. d lea riSons.
Cuba. El General ugenco ni a h. d re
'atista, ex-Presidente .de Cuba a ian erd*, or b* obS on en taoesto luaiga e Ia
eclaro que "s nceramente la- eirin las pa y repnoia que e hi. a Id.. oJ hd en 'lo
lento las malas ntuevas y de- lerfen ht ude aJe cerrada ia Biabeut bldo a ca
n I djdicaro..lo..... o l ..m- Iur
mb go ue Paiac hondi la 1911s. ea ro... 0.0 U

quiere conebnatr previamente on el Tr-. la nts ele l 6 ri.ned
bun al el % del valor par let Peritos I nrrltscln funciona
os I bienes en retmate laa uridrlas on *a
ls esperanzk de e e- Pac no, goate dos de admibl noveciw Cau x g adslro ahslo
UE i eSo de s>TNo d h- BtEl Sec retari la
s i .- 3 00.'06 l

r" rean-
el juevea
rsy imupen*l



' -'a'

- d e-hbace del
ereios eae tabo
S ton venBoa .
Splemi, oubs a
I conducted, 4*
do eftimui i T

7 IblatTIv pir
Il d* 'a veJIts v
Utdo d. .des.
ustd complet*-
linft quo ute-
ex hoy miams
_ un fU

Nada mejor,.

-^^ ^ r^a~r

samien's ~et '
dashing hbaPere

Nada mas grande


- 4[.*.

I. -. ,

Minimo por
12 palabras.
3f por coda
palabra adicional.

1,4 ''M .
PF --.- ..! ..... -.*-) -.^

a.,- ~

"-m de KEROSENE con MECHA S i S \l
Con e aelt de fuerse de Iur blance ImAd by
modern. Parmaaece mncendidaM 5 mfic c am= .
Rio Iu*omploetamenu ar- -IMVMIWC50 Ja

,per /o9...B.9.95 ,,-
COREToweim-s loe lee aat&Weel .LAVOS
Ut HI ROBERT IEYTSM **rib*te uld:n. :
ve.I iiii ssIsRT. WONO CHANG, S. A. Le Cifdod tMsi b f JS!Y
rg StaI dill idde Derat rell I Set M em j aMio !at 5. Ave. Bailbog

I- -:" .-.


...-.- *

ft suna q ew.y~ 'fs




. .-, '. ;
m'*;-I6lE*.; ""

le w-4t e P0oUo,-
qI jdlo~ado 0.1loilmen, in'



I W N,, ---
T E Ar 1 LUX -
LA MuA QUBsa MirE lN
L O TRA UoL...
"La Pelirroj]a Enamorada"


' .*. ..-

I Domador de Diabloul
B31a Crosby, en




A las 5:00 y 8:00 P.M. |


Dir la Major Bailaringa
del' Cn*el


Acompaiada por la
Super-Orquesta .


.. .." .. ..VEA a: --.--A
* *.** r .u ; '* t _____________

,Aed6nI Romance

-en -
"EL lJO0


eon LtA T' 'IAPLIN

g A
Randeo la

'On Tierra"

B 115.00 on Prem omes


tU I A f5 An"

_______ HOY yMA4ANA

SBurt Lacsfter, en
3-K&1aCONE, I. VCla UA"
S AdemS-: *

Pedrp L6pez Legar, en
Carlos Orellans, en

"La Pandilla Va Al
.* A f. A f A"

Adeaxd: -



En Dobdi Programa .con laiForadidalle Pelicula a
'CHACOTA .- ,' -
S IA H1* t IJA 'D E LA OTR.A."




COD lw-m nMC.O.


Una muier. ambllosa quo
destruye la felicidad de los
suyos yque, sufre en sti ins-
tinto deMadre...
en -



arga Lopz, em

Garwio i PMb, w-

.0 Preeios: .35 '.so .15 a
Armando Calve LllMa .
Del VaUe, en
Adem s: .
Charito Granados Carlos
L6pez Mocteunm, en

Noee e Banco! SaW200.
Para el Pnblieo a las 6.-1
Louis Hayward, en
Jan l epurs, en

AdemAs: -

Marsha Hunt. o
Hurd Hatfleld. an

Sofia Alvarei en
Maria Antorileta Pona, en
,,r. A im ~ W~? A n* A,,

I1 Vengants es Dulce'



-- ORAW -wI -
el cantante do moda y su
Orquest Argentina

el formidable Ventrilocuo,
Humorists., con los genios de
la escena "Don Venanclo" y
"Don Gregorio".-

Luneta: 60 cts. ialc6n 30 -- Hay Medias Entridas.
NOTA: Termloado el eapecticulo del Fakir "UREANO", date
sera trasldado al Teatro "MAYO" por la Funeraria
",ALVAADO e ,inmediatamente puesto -en ethlbi-
cl6n as qeL eate teatro clerre sus puertas durante el
dia y sla nocne. Precio de ExhiblilTn: 30 c. 20 la media.


1.090 Kcs

Dramatlzacion, cortes8a
de Avena Quaker
3:45 Cuarteto Mayo
dirige Rean Santos
S4:00 Notiolero
I cortesia de los almacenes
4:15 Dedicatorlas
S:45 DrAcula, El Membre
6:00 Vibraielones del Aire
por Nacho Valdais
6:15 Canta Avelina Landin
6:30 Sucesos do la s umanidad
*:45 Sus canclones preferidas
cortesia de Is Floristeria
S7:00 Lucho Azevaraga
y su 6rgano
cortesia del Ron
"Carts Vieja"
7:15 Lazos de Odle
dramatizacl6n, cortesia de
Cigarrillos Camel
7:30 Paginas de Amor
dramatflcl6n ooresia de

rte0 a doe Rhoda
8: t Iar o de una Mujer
dramatizacl6n RPA
cortesia de Almacenes
La Aurora
8:15 Dos caneiones y an poema
Carlos M. Porras y
Anita Vlllalaz
cortesia de Max Factor
8:30 Alto la Musica
cortesia de cigarrIlloas
Lucky Strike
9:00 Majeres entire Rejas
dramatizaci6n, cortesia
de la Casa Angellni
9:15 Los Trovadores
d~o Oalante
9:30 Presentaci6n del "Pakir
Urbano desde el Teatro
Tropical. Cortesia de la
Empress "Mayo"
10:00 Los Panamericanos
10:15 Francia y su misica
10:30 Mtsica sin palabras
11:00 Buenas noches
6:00 Buenos dias
6:03 Almanaque de las




SCoo aIs Acuacion ipecital de *



6:30 Noticlero RPA
6:45 Mtsica para el desayuno
7:04 Sabores de nat Tierra
7:30 Nottelero RPA
7:45 Su melodia predilecta
8:00 Fiesta en Manhattan
8:15 La discoteca Internacional
8:39 Hablam los Astros
ton Antinea
8:45 Cantares de Mexico
9:00 Claalfleados del asire
9:30 Dedicatorias
10:45 NotUcero ltRPA
11:00 El mundo del vals
11:15 La novela matinal
El Arabe
11:30 Cubs, -su mfsica y sus
11:45 Presentaci6n del Fakir
Urbano. Cortesia de la
Empresa "Mayo"
12:00 Serenata eapafiola
12:15 Noticlero
cortesia de "La Hora"
12:30 Lucho Azscrraga
y su 6rgano
cortesia de la Fibrica


'""" 1 Dia Solamentel "I"
Paarsa remlz6idIbuld'baSt
titnte ves las -venturas de
una dama vendedoras
"Pelirroja Enamorada"

-- MARANA!--

La filtima carcajada la tuvo
el destino-cuando estos dos
quisleron burlarlo, valifndo-
so de crime y traicionesl
"En la Palma de tu Mano"

... .. pe oinai
con -
-- JUEVES! --
S Gran Estreno!
--- --,..-.,:-- -

La caza de un hombre en
todo un Continente!

i UWiAT,,e

Naclonal de aldehlchas
1:00 Varledad musical
1:15 Boleros de moda
1:30 Cantares de Amdrica
2:00 Noticlero
2:05 Orquestu de sal6n
2:30 Sendas Muntsles
con Anoland. Cortala do


SEa~pecticulo dellS oe
Fakir e que Von. laI
era encerrado ca uIlaveso en
su stadd, formakfhnte lacra-
do y sellado per 30 diaes y sume
nochws, donde vivirm ain comer
ni beber, bajo control di au-
toridades, prensa, radio, pla-
blico notario Carlos Crismatt
que dar ft.
En sla pantalla: -
Desde Ia 1: IMm.
"Soluci6n Fant6sticu"
con -
Ray Milland- Joan Peters
y Paid Douglas.


HOY! -
ns Popular .35, ., .15
Armando Calvo Lll
del Valle en
"Mtdico doe uoardik"
Charito Oraeados Carlos
L6pN Moctesuma, en


-TM.- p
ie Nul
'"'**< i


e n. 8 |





La verdad descanards sobre
un problems social que ea
el viclo de las drofas y la
marihuana... Que extiende
suN tentaeulos a Colegios,
Oflcina, Clubes... y hasta
los hogares!

Un film que todo Padre debe verI
...y todo alumno de escuela
secundaria I


S| La Pelicula Cabana del Memento!

Un Canto a la Belleza Natural de la Mk jer Tr6opical!
Tiene de todo un argument moral, balles, cantos,
Afros, Mambo mucho mambo)... y magnificas escenas
de desnudos est6ticos!...




P4 A iI )N. :

4" c


. -......

11 A aQlt itrWt
2:45 u npvela tvorita

cb ,1dllo Rodrigues
:1 a Arabe

t I* .1 -

I .. : .


. --I- ---- .-- ;_.-

*; ^.^

- it

* '(!

. ..,. -,-

,p ela-3 Afi wie M A ., .-i -,\ -.

"* 2 1.."P' 4 "
'*'-***^.fe *^ -^. -

i programa'Alto la Musica' PANAMA AUMiRA ....

e d lanamericana R& PAI l0SUM

psremis orvalorIdeB.561.2 PRESENTAR'1.0 VII CE

teresante torneo se efectuard za y Dep. Alvarado, formado
el miercoles de la pr6xima se- por profesores de dicho plantel.

Js anotadores de beisbol aceptaron reto
del San Bias para jugar softbol el domingo

El. equipo del Curso para
Atotadorez de Beisbol ha acep-
tado el reto del equipo San Blas
para sostener un partido amis-
toso de softball I proximo do-
mingo a las 2 de la tarde en
el cuadro de Santa Rita.
Ambos equipos estan practi-
Cando pars este atractivo cho-
dte que promote resultar re-
ido e interesante.
El conjunto de los anotado-

res esta compuesto por Loren-
70o Ellis, Andres Urefia, Carlos
A. Durant, Agustin Aguirre,
Antonio Gordon K., Jose Agul-
lar. Manuel Juarez, Jorge del
Cid. Juan P. Smith, Restituto
Ortega, F-lix Smith, Manuel
Tulloch, Liberato A. Saavedra.
Jaime Gdmez, Septimo Simp-
son, Agustin Reluz y Nestor
Sarmlento OGrimaldo Cordoba,
Director, Maurullo Torregrosa,

S UA'CUN'O PAI0 pala las almorranas-
L otro product Grove.
QeRMIszA Revilla & Hnos., distribuidores en Panama.
S,..: F ,.

go, entre, cequiposa ue o nmu- queesrealmentebuenaparalapied
bres, 72 equipos de 2 hombres Esta nueva f6rmula le permit a
de 115 indiidualscr Pe el parao used afeitadas a ras de piel, niti-
el torneo fueron de 5744 equipos das... iy sin irritsci6n!
de 5 hombres, 12,780 equipos de Maroviloso Ingrdients
2 hombres y 25,567 individua- A nueva Crema de Afeitar Williams
les. contiene Extracto de Lanolina-re.
Desde 1906 hasta 1946 han si- ciente descubrimiento cientifico con
do reconocidos por ed ABC lo! mayors propiedadea "bendficas"
siguiente: 3219 juegos de 300. para la piel que la lanolina corriente
1737 Juegos de 299 y 1213 de S61o on WILLIAMS
Continuaremos dando por me- Ahora-cada vez que ousted so afeits
dio de esta column records re- con Crema de Afeitar Williams dis.
gistrados por el American Bow- rruta de esta maravillosa substancit
ling Congress. v ademai ... usted obtiene ana afei.
i _I a mAsnitida,mejor. Use Williams
a ia unica crema de afeitar que contiefm
La Comisi6n Nacional de Bo- Extracto de Lanolina.
lliche tiene reunion hoy a las
6 p.m. en el Club Martinz. Es- /
peramos que esta vez asistan |
todos los comisionados, Bres.
Rend Estripeaut, Mauricio Me-
rasche, Albert Arias, Johnny C 5
Wright, Carlos Chiari, Alberto
Hilbert y Carlos Barba.



& h el V



HOY a las 8.30 P.M.

Por Ia Red Panamerkana





1090 K0cs.- OA


un0motor. Sonhli
bells do *ncerhdo
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este piograma auspiciado por Ia Lucky Strike 9e u e
y Ia Grant Advertising Se enfrentaran manana Ateca Jr--y Tambin wa represetacio a s trees ,tes

Aracelly en el base menor de Sta. Rita Juegos Bdarianos de cuerdo coB Prometeua:HyL ,)]
El Circulto Menor de la Lig en Jego de 11 actos por 3-2, J l J S D JL I..aU t
en pro! I bus man ra de v MAf

.al^^el Azteca Jr. que 4trige el del lanzador abridor de la tribu los VII Jaeg Depertives Cen- gunts relaenada con ese asun- .' Or Z--fbigh te
emao Woodruff, tratart de sa- melicana; el Aracelly no ht a- treamericano y 401 Calbe de tp, se esprs en terminos a.- GO DB AIA "
lir de su ebala raha. pra tal nunao su lanzador. acuerdo e con l elar ones tisatorendo de l
fin han sido sometdo en los e espera que este partido delSe PlaRe- st d poder G
ltimos dis duro entren- result redo como los ante public Doe on n- Arose- cr pr ue **
enfrentarsa las 4.0 p.M.a dipmelores.6n o vs- ma cump el opromiso ad y ...

Cordovenas Azte, u n, Jo he-n del Aztca Jn y Arser. to ayer con eac prop6Jito. m uirido, ealae loVII JueosI (x ...... E Per ad
riff, Alvarez, Orilac, Avia, L6-, pide la:aslstencia puntual de rtv ls bu oVIIJuerican egJr ... DeportiI Cen-unt r lanada co
pez, mago Woodruff, ty Aras quds le )an Oreltac Jr. Angeelly no h l a- troelaricae ye rde l Z Vrano dm 1m m mnosemma
hr de su mala racha. Para taf nunclado su lanzador. acueuardo on]Roux, Febio DalonesTIV f l ettoi mafeandoe que o E Per .1.... *

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fin hansido som do en os e espc6n de nestra venra que este partido del Setiord y-d sfH ntBOIRe-estaba
foltimos diasn!duro entren- restate. ,iefildo com Io sante.. p.blicaDolI btad Arose- cer a ydap ara qte" u .a PAa 1 .o R2

miento para cgerepaw, Ic o | En dias pasados eer n diareio En ies i Importantc e reotnl6m o dlet y ..a ,a 1 p .tu i
LaCordovez, Cucal6n, John, She- i dIresecc6n orita TeadaLuqul AztelodeMIClt 00. r o a Jr. dli e oVieuto. i()n r e'... 7w,
n rntrLu eIaeeeriff, Alvarez, Orillac, Avila, L6-, pide Is:ntotenciapnta deariLu .1eabnese, sobre esta r... 3

ca"o drueinda la L S a lal illdra max ,Jr. iEduardonaR ou MUNDDoEPO TIV 'YdemstAnaa en ,foanqua -uEft S. u .::Ii. e
eee n planr1ctIoas. a i BCroswatte, i ltr dgueAn vga tegraor --S-"O"a'`,
advertising todos los martes alas tono Innovaci6n, pr valor VOy e~terltmafia-PoIe al c olega Lic. Inaeo Molntern, comuaniquelo

8.30 de la noche por los micr6- de 10.00 suarez uos puritO o como at Coi Ora iador de l 4
fonos de la Red Panameticana. Una cala de botellas de Cer- La Federaci6n Naclonal de Santiago de Chile, y para ello Secretario e la utga, esino ml Pasadl o JOegsDeordtiei"CeB- MV" lro pd St Sl
Los premios obtenidos por la veza Balboa. 6.50. Ftbol en s.u pasada reunion laborar un program actuaecin personaL e1a eate .caso. troaerM dels Caribe qu. '
Srta. Tejada ascienden a la su- 1la enja de Ron Carta Vie- lam6 a sesiones al Coneso djrbaio, y llevarlo a la p rac- Una noche, n el\Oimpasio Na- tuvleon l.aar en Quatemala i lN mU ir I auea S 1,
ma dee561.25 nbalboas y son los ja,18.75. Tcnico con el propito de tlterrupcn. clonal, el Preside4t der;la Llga E que n isporat irlem s dec ien 1S0oat. r.rit,5 1 .3
siguientes: Una silla Finlandesa, obse- prolongar su period hasta Mar- Se rianiesto que se mantlene me manifeat6 qiue los-Federa- de pst star aquf los Pr6ximn J. S
Una Lavadora Easy obsLcoua- quio de la Muebleria El Dablo5 zo de 1952. La lnstalacln ,el a feha del 16 de Septlembre dos estaban reunidos y que o irina i
da por Lucky Strike cuyo valor 3250. Congress se ha anunlado para para inauurar los Campeo- ueria qudel ascoga Tifo a esa la orA la de dchos evof. Rcardo ..
es de 275 balboas. ,F el viernes 17 de Agosto, y en- nates naclonale de tbol de reunn;naioaturamente se trata- tos.c" *. UO D ..o E 4 2'7'
Un pasaje de ida y vuelta aM La seiorta Luna nos mani- dr- lugar en el nuevo local de lao y 2a. categcrias en el Esta- ba de consegul r on la Liga La Comisidba deleortiva qoe TADO ad AEQUIOS r0 reyoereo eb
La Habana, obsequio de la fesar que stempr escucha los la Federaciln, situado en Ave- dio Naclonal. pe:'miso para u'e el Chester- tuvo ayer ten afls toa e ter as Toern de Bol,.. '5.Y .
Contpaiia LACSA por valor de programs de la Red Pan-Ame- nida B., No. 85. El seoir Miguel Concepcl6n field fuera a l.rSalvador.-Yo tuaclin; estavo lonrmada rel ..7 1 e| ...
150.75. ricana y que pclesa utilizar el La Federac Cer- La Fed n consider que fu reonocido como Represelr- eme opuse a tal cosa, por el.he- Lie. Anibal ldu eca, .presi Dor dens Co ...".. 1 .M7 .i a
yerias Porra btenido, 25,00. su vacalbonea en esa cludad. te compromaso como es la aaui- Chlriqui ante la Federacion. torneo y los equlpos jugaban y los delegadoa Germinal ai-t. tnet) l ......... 3 L. onutr t i
Un vestldo de baio Jantzen Gane used tamblcn el "Jack- tencia al Primer Campeonato con lo ual estr n comp!" muy a menudo por celebrarse rasqueta FeUipe Clement PedC 1 .....,..."... 4 "-ol
coUn guayabera del mismo estilo, Pot" Lucky Strike escuchando de Ftbol de equlpos campeones todos los miembros en c doubles juegos. Mia 'cmpaneros Pdreau'e Gustavr Elsenmann, a Bemesta ......p.......e4 4 .5pcll
da par Lucky Strike cuyo valor 32.50 Congrse soe ha anunclado para par&inauurarhsCo del ampeo-quon s,.iAqe atin6Is e sau iaeonqu*lIn s dsoop edlio Se.arIn-S.oJO
ende 275 baboas. viernes 17 d Agosto, y en- atos nac, saliendo los Federadonal.dftbol deruni6n; naturimente trata- ton.e a t os important

,0 Fn ., Iia Amerana del basket mayor con su triunfo de anoche oioradoedod qeenO ha- at delnldeaaren a.^t Fata oahe delse etrentan n o.t? am lta *do r
U pasajedida y vuaa La eoritaLuna nos mal- dr lugar l nuevo loca J os B rianos e tendr e dcategcrias l Esta- ba d nseDurggenaoe pne '
CLa Habana, obsequ de la fstentenario y Lord Chester- Eleta sufri de esta manera u Di mis tarde vi en la Estre- luar en Venezuela el pr6xime P-iip Mrris ambos equipo c atl i.olo
Cnpah a LACSA pr valor d programade Rd Pan-Am field ganaron los JNo. 85. uegos del sefundo desMalabro en la jor-ancp de Panam una lnfortumaci6n e de Diembreso existoren. 'o ap1.a di 75 lae ot -

basketball Provincial celebrados nada menor de q ue 1 el Madurito viajaria con tambin buen ambeate par op p r dar i og. d o n re .,7 V
150.7 5. rican y que plnsa utizar ol La che en el Gimnconsid quo Naiope rmiso dpue la Fedtraca, n; enl Lique envie una Delegacin, si d.t 5a .6 p uso ar al lleva
a afamaa Jo- pasae a La Habana para paar En el primer deso el n el juego d la ctegoria viamos utna cara Liga a a esa entdad este tMhi se tatnba hy m Leno del Co 6 N ona-
P. o e. _. 5Centenario mantuvo su opcl6n mayor, el Lord Chesterfield se ratificando nuestra opinin.-El Ssin. de Gabinete pars est- Anohe divdderon honorees e ;-
Na o 25,00. vaccine sudad. compromisa lcomorhla series fi-coloc6 a un paso de racl6. tore Sr. RanFbrega envi car dira frm de volga Gusa sNovatoss sen-

1d .e1. 0d L U ^ bUgye n Jiy U CI I l l osetapo e3 a 3r agmars cabrir esos aastos, do Alfredo Icaza el m ayo ano-'
tin vistido do bafa Jantzen Gane unted tambiel "Jack- tonda al Primer Campeonatocon hotual stupn coa me y taal menutd Opcbrro, m anuet ople mendi-44.5 Cl

NUEVA YORK, Agosto 7 (U. pan el primer lugar, medio ne- r FU6 un reildo pleito doade la durito con el apoyo de la Liga Exam~e] para es t Lt ,anotacldn uo .,
cP)-Lan guayaberades Ligas ofrecen go delantucky e e los Indlos. doiirftbol doS equipos c ampeones todae buenas m resernvas driv ob Para quegos. Mviara a El Salvadpc. Gustavo .

Scobtraste porn lo que possible En tercer lugar debido a una FObro del p imo ft enartaen Viea de la. re s cuando todeo u6 ir.entrqiena.-D scopa6 ia
RuaQdor de sus respetlvos erie e reveses estan los Me- | 1i w I A ria.-Wliams 0 .n ,1, un~ s Liga asume la aetltud a,-mn s Nal d hsgt Uf i 1
17.50. Mu-sica" on la. oRed Pan-Amne-1 de--c u nea6oelper- t en r, ,2

ndo uestpya dos tefcras par- dio de distancia do los Indos.* on ada unouero lo m que arn y p t Ica 142 11 2 .
na lmente r. la See poless aguadores de iestas" ganador men s ue pr os Federados responsables en Losaspirntesparaelpto Endara 17 120 146
Mudal en la Lga Americana a los Tigres que an vuelto p Lo Esta noche arreros a7.45 en el perdedores lograba- destcarse este caso.-La uspensan Iy Es- de Director y Aslstente doe la te .I
se .sigue librando una refiida sus fueros redentemente olo- Despacho d e l Departamento Hightowr con 24 puntos, Gut- ternacionarl, la Liga se la pediroa Seleccd6n Naclonal de Bae 739 639 672 2050 teln
luh per el primer lugar cndose en el quinto lugar a 15 General de Educacln Fisica, uermo Qirosa con 13 Ales a la Federacion, que es la que que nos representar en lcomando del
Mientras queen la Nacional los iuegos del primer lugar. En la celebrar su reunion semanal xandercon le ataie este asunto.-Nunca erle Mundlial en Mquie seran NOVATOS eCAe rmu MDurnpyoIn
Dodgers parecen haberse ase- Nacional se da por sentado que el Comitd Nacional Olimplco. "" pop ml mente lograr un sometidos hey a un riguroeo De Jan6n 154 148 115 417 mlannut*o, rtl
Centonaria y Lord Chester- Eleta sufr16 do esta mantra Fu Dias mos tarde vi en la Estre- uar enoVenezuela c pr6xlmp Morris, ambos equipto. fihtih b l

gurdo el triunfo. solo un desastre o un milagro En esta reun6n dar su nfor- del ea anotacd6n por e uartos fu n desquite porque El Salvador no examen a las 7.30 p.m. en el Raudals 124 11 175 413
pueden impedir que los Dod- me la Comisin que visit al Chesterfield: 15 34 54 '71 asistid al Campeonato Centro- .Gmnasio Naclonal, per la Osorio 99 132 158 380 ee. em unis
C'fatro novenas siguen lu- gers conqulsten el gallardete. Sr. President de la Republica C Vieja: 27 33 46 64 americano de Futbol celebrado miembros que componendte Co>- Rolx 123 123 123 .389 es
chandO en la Americana por el Estos levan nueve juegos y me- relaclonado con la celebracio naan en. den esta cludad-Si yo tuvlera in nombrada per la Fed De Mena 97 97 07 291
gallbrdate s una de ellas, los ,di de ventaja a los Gigantes e eesta ciudad de los Juegos la plena seguridad que los Fe- raci6n Nacional de Baseball pa- ---- sepue
Medias Blancas que por largas que a su vez tienen a los Phi- Centroamericanos y del Caribe, rOMWPR derados responsables de este ra Aficionados de Panama, los 597 614 668 1879 0 m i''Ifa .S
emanas cuparo el primer u- lies detrs pr cinco uegos. El de los cuales es Panam Sede. jugo d la category caso ueran a sufrir sanc6n de int egrddantes son: Eduardo La-y Handicap 30 30 30 90 r.
gar, ha deenddo al cuarto cuarto lugar lo ocupan los Bra- Otros asunt de inter se tra- c a un paso d parts e de las autoridades coar- niza Bas antaclar o A
puesto aete juegos completes vos a 17 juegos y medio de los taran en esta reunion a la cual p al s en petentes para ello, seria el pri- eca 27 4 698 195ta
la Lge nhasElota pr l 43 a 35. rEl vido partido al Carta Viejap er o estandoqu la "Federaci6n"d -A-I
NEAY , la resconcedido permit a Ma- tador con 433 punto.r la

-E ORa Lga ao ane i a. PROTJAMOS LA Liga.-Se claramente que los esL ,afota .
Ba b*y .0e"" "O' INDUSTRIA NACIONAL! mayors responsab les son los Report osq ui s dse O ici4
a a Li e o Iba nIa BeOLICHvE jaerarpas ade a la Federa c6n que a El Sala
aCengaaron a los canasteros a de t a Cl OSo
SPr CHIRCA salr del pais, dizque con el
do juap y dos ce a i De Via o DTom A UN AsDrPTA cuento de tender el permiso re- 142 151 1
MMpaCS e ..... UUlquerido.-Para mi fu6 muy pe-
S d artids u Es neEl de Se o enconr coo trt epiembre de 1895 nos tener que dar mi vot de14 9- 1
na n nt a S piless aguades d aficionados al deported de Boli- Mga nAotNO V IrJUsIe aprobacion para la suspension '
che se reunieron con el propo- g An Ig, i e a u p r de los canastero pero todap -ara es p Ldst n
El equipo del Liceo de Sefug- mana en el mismo lugar y h sGenerato de revvir este deported, mo persona conscience reconoce hque nos reprentar en I j I
ritas y el conjunto de la Escuo- ra, y el tercer encuentro sa es formaron a s el American Unan covayadmircon aMeCmad7afita i j la suspension se la merecencon con7HIo i p. u ra
la Superior de Balboa eincia- necesarlo, se sorteara el lugar. Bowling Congress (ABmC La |1 l asobrada raz6n. Ojalp este eri-"
ra maiana serie de Volleyball Gran enLusiasmo existe por reunion se llevo a caLbo en poar cuartosfu Jos asunto se arregle pvadonto xamenAve. as 7.30 i No. 16 Tel. 2-2010 413
end o el Gi snao de las Licestas este partido que promote result Beethoven Hall, New York En en tal y J de la pnmraa para saber quienes son los "a mi- n nmraa r d- 97 7 97 291
comenzdiando alas qu4 y 15 de la tar sumam vez tienen resante. 1901 bajo los auspician osy del ABC Ddoratdos res ponsab"s doeatemiiimil
gar, ha de cendido al cuarten cuarto ugar ocupanIoBra- Otrose acsuntado eintimer orneo r a-are dpar primer ves auto-idadese co- nuza. BlasSantaclaryJo
pu0 edoprte juega campletos vtn a 17 no ojutogs py med do ados tarn enC eaostro reedla cual ptentes para ell, se5iaopi- ca.

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