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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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"~ i~:y~:'s '' .

r -


ie afe" Abraham Lincoln.

Ie .'- m -



In Kaeson

rI1... '


S thumb ps O r photo'.
of t cod lIa st left.
pwrre c. .sderg '
r ."m .. ...p [.
^ -..*-~l-aK Ae.- -.;; ..?' *:*- *K--A ^ .

c aniomnix, arv vwwas
dam pWent to work to.
miles in iV" days to

nbod large
ph. In ana
Valley T1
dla's Centri



I .-'..*rr;~

Red Youth In March

In Berlin Hits US

-a -

BERLIN, Au. 4 (UP) Tens
of thousands f young Conumu-
nists of East manyy dressed
in blue shlr marched In tha
streets of ast Berlin topdy
singing and.'bouting anti-An-
erican slogals. If they were 4ot
dressed in blue shirts It would
seem as It they were members
of Hitler's Brown Shirt
Prior to the celebratl*on
which hwll last 15 days or more,
barricades were constructed J
two or three streets that units
East and West Berlin. under the
custody of the People's Police,
which also imtnted guard in the
stset Ia order Wt permit traffic
to qmotinuea'
TIt beginxlnz of the Commu-
nait abmpalin included with the
act4hat 1),ll commerce be-
tweez .east-ant western Germs-
ny continued at a standstill for
the third utive day, -2 the.
padt aw r small o W
Sby t dlnof o oret
ported pe Isto oft'
ii~t- f&rr a rn i-t

East and West, 4) The Commun-
ist Prime Mnlater, Otto Grote-
wohl urged West Germany to re-
I participate in the North
A % 1 Pact army of General
B I er ang r affirmed his
admo for a peace treaty
with many and national uni-
ty. .

From Wisthoint
WEST POINT, Aug. 4. (UP) -
Army cadets ftalag expulsion
from West Point 4or cheating
held a mass mee g today to
protest a "raw deal.'
They gathered 1 the gymnas-
am of the MlfthR Academy be-
fore stars thr. nal procese-
ing" leadtot t.)1r being "cash-
iered" ad .:.t eb t one alter
another of.'be.i number speak
'bitterly a nst Academy -au-
tiorities. O cadet shouted
"I want. 1.1 Advice." Another
aid: am to demandan
hIn EnM At

Offcialn. meAIVh le. saidt
.# 1 e)laets ddlimg "d for heating
I n lassoom te are soon
8' '' ade to be carrying rflesi a dr ftees.
P^olowaing s on made Tey will receive "general dis-
by the Secretar) of the Army in charges" which wl prevent their
response t -labor-union requests ever being commissioned, Selec-
tor a labor representative on the tive service officials said the ca-
board of directors of the new d who forget tl Army's motto
Panama Canal Company, Wl- Of' "Duy Honor Country"
liam Green, president of the wl be processed In a routine
American Federatlon of Labor, fabbhitti.
has presented two names. Co fltqnal burcms ai a-
SThey are those of William C. bout $)en had cOnfessed tO the
Hushing. former Canal Zone la- ehesi
bor leader, and Boris Bhisken. Lt. i. JautnwiD. Lea Pub-
R using s at present, Chair- lic Information Officer at West
man of the National Legislative Point, spiked spec lation that the
Committee of the- American Fed- Academy might hve to abandon
eation of Labof, and Shisken is its 1951gridiron hedule. 'nclu-
an economist. NOt mOrr than one ding the annual classic with.the
man will bb 6 ed, even if a Navy. a
labor r erentatiVe Ischosen. "We will have football team
Accord t the Secretary of this Fall and we tetend. o .earry
the CLU-MTC een was asked out our schedule," e said.
to make the nmeintion because
it was felt a'goutslde represen- Tanker, F i r
tative on tht board was prefer- I
able to a ost n. 1l
All placesO ton the board were Coiide 0 U. S
st am, Shata Damn In filled, at lt report, and It was "
oz cial ceremony, the big understood that a vacancy had to "BATTLE. Aug. 4 (UP)-The
*ibwater will.'travel 500 arise before any definite action 10,lo -ton tanker. Tullahoma.
al-alley project, could be taken. and the 7,600-ton freighter P
and T Adventurer, collided a-
,,bA g out 14 miles t-sea off the
ligland's Pinup Gir Noyt Northern Ws ton coast
early today, an, the Coast
Guard said that ox man aboard
oSt HOni, FurS, Fancy Stuff the tanker was ed.
o Tri
E. Wash.. Aug. 4, (UP) He dropped the offer to $30,237
SHUill Hauser, gang- and Vetrees agreed to buy. Now ,we know why Port Cap-
* -up girl was left with- '*I'm buying it for a home and tais get gray. Jgntering the
over her head today plan to move in with my family." Canal Thursday Were three
swan4 home.was sold Vertrees said. He had been living northbound freighras with the
re auctioneer's gavel for In an older neighborhood for four names Triland, Ttitone and
1 a Spokane electrical years. Trident.
y esmana, ,"
M He said he had to borrow "some
ye ar ago'the star of the money" to meet the Bureau of
.t fauver Crime Commit- Internal Revenue's minimum IE l ta P
is In Wash ton.D.C, price for the homee. 1 1
it 17000 in ths seven- Vertrees p64d little attention to
I h-styl odawa Ina an ex- the trampled4Mwn that was ruin-
e kane rsdupntial dt- ed by more than persons F ro m A r
had hope" to settle who came to look and buy yester- F o A WrI
S with her hdsband, day.
*kler Saw Hauer. to
you t'spn. .The boy The sale today lowered Mrs. By Drew PMuson
er now are laChile. Hauser's back income tax debt to
$115,881 from the $161,000 tax a- WASHINGTON. Aug. 4 Al-
y Jadk H. Vertties. 38. gents id she had'owed, though Argentine Dictator Juan
it house I $W-WT more Peron and his floWs# alter ego,
government minimum Agents hinted broadly that her Evita. have been working hard
6100,000. hbe hose was C c converUtible n an Fran- for three years to opAke her as-
Spc 8pokan_ b of cited, and a station wagon in New ceptable to all thelesupporters as
r'r auc- York owned by her husband will a Vice-Presidential candidate,
to aP .* ent be sold shortly to further lower there is still a diehard core of Ar-
ofUj ay the figure. The Is also a $48.000 ay officers who 4At't stomach
IIOf- e it some of her property the idea.
S f ta- In CM o As recently as Jm 322. six re-
SI= saw suAtnttk-t the sale she presentatives of $ group, most
S' s to i uz14 of her lavish of whom are state at Campo
f de Mayo. the Igarrison
just outside Bu -4ree. called
wy cap't aroundd," she en Peron to Is ow howC
She, .. why they felt about r. They
Slash whh were very ou ut didn't
yetosta et mch hsatief fInreturn-a

f as-

Official us

Backs Move

By Ridgway
-- -
Official sources today stated that
General Matthew Ridgway's de-
clsion to suspend the peace talks
was taken with the full approval
of the Departments of State and
Democrats and Republicans a-
like expressed their approval of
Ridgway's suspension of the
truce conference until the Com-
minists offer an explanation of
th. violation in neutral Kamong.
Democrat Tom Connally. Presl-
'dent of the Senate Committee on
Reign Relations, said t hat
dway had taken the perfect
action in "adopting a firm atti-
Republican Senator Owen
Brewster said it was difficult "at
this distoce" to interpret Ridg-
way's deeion, but he believed
that Rideway forced the issue by
putting to a test the good faith
of the COMmunIts, and "estab-
lishing a small psychological su-
"A vulgar display of the _2-
munist armed tore seennm e
to be an aoles=omx ovev aa

eple to "ofidence"i; n
dldgv .'w I. 'Shin we ll
made e a lJ o newsmen as
he boarded jm u lane in Idle-
wild on his return to Xngland af-
ter hearing of Ridgway's inter-
ruption of peace negotiations.
Hi added: "Perhaps the situa-
tion can still be saved. What we
want is the cessation of hostili-
ties. It is my hope that we can
carry out this common desire."
When askqd by newsmen if he
felt confidet that peace would
come about, he replied "it Is pru-
dent to remain optimistic."
United Nations officials in New
York di4, not show much preoc-
cupation:. a the temporary sus-
pension of the Korean peace con-
In fact the notice brought a
certain :,ount of relief to the
New York officials because from
previous radio transmfus i on s
from Tokyo it had been believed
that something terriblehad hap-

'Coastal Nomad'
Finds, Loses
Fellow Traveler
The Grace Line's ship Coastal
Nomad had an unscheduled
nomad aboard yesterday as it
transited the Canal Robert
Martin. a 39-year-old Costa
Rican was being detained in the
Balboa Police Station as a sto-
waway. Martin listed his oc-
cupation as "seaman" but no
reason was given for his hiding.
He sneaked on the ship at Pun-
tarenas. Costa Rica.
The Coastal Nomad is bound
for Colombia and other Carib-
bean ports.

TOKYO, Aug. 4 (UP) General Matthew RidW
today suspended negotiations in the Korea deadlock-
to the flagrant violation of the Kaesong neutrality by,.
Communists. .
The announcement was contained in a message Ig
the Supreme Commander of the United Nations
was transmitted by U.S. military radio in English, KIM
and Chinese.
Ridgway said the United Nations delegation will
away from Kaesong until it receives "a satisfactory.exl
nation and assurance that violations will not occur aliN
The message was directed to North Korean .!
Minister Kim II, and to the Commander of the "Voleut
Chinese forces in Korea under General Peng TehHl
Through official witnesses and photographs, ik
proven that at 1:45 Saturday (Tokyo time) military g
ed forces not belonging to the United Nations were.
served in Kaesong not more than 100 meters from thew
ference building. These forces which comprised an iin
try company were marching on foot.'in the direction
peace talk headquarters and were well armed within
tols, grenades and automatic weapons.

Ridgway's text further stated:
"Permit me to call your atten-
tion to a message transmitted on
July 13 by radio which directed
you to follow the simple guaran-
tees, that a zone would be creat-
ed gor the meeting that world be
entirely free of any military per-
sohiel fom either eld.. In the
amtmesage I amlo proposed
Nt 'The poutral one shall ex-

they were considering the
tory of Kaesong as theirs.
Bingham declared that
he was near the. camp,
15 meters 7w, he wa for
retreat hwb c em-- aailfil

ence would suppressed and al- day, V i 5
so that the roads that would be violation whi hcah
used for the arrival of the dele- during the reces'of the
gates would be completely free of tion. Joy de the acts
armed military personnel" aon" the utral
Ridgway's message went on to C mm
say: "On July 14 you answered The chief of thn Cm
my message by radio-telephone, delegation, General Nam Ia
saying among other things, We ised that there would be
have received your proposal of vestigation, after which the
July 13 and we accept. Kaesong sion disbanded until Sun
will be the neutral zone as you morning.
suggest.' I am now calling your
attention to this flagrant viola- Apparently Rldgway
tion of guarantees that j asked, ed the station much r
and that you promised to give. Aftr the company of Co
"The United Nations delega- nt soldiers passed the c
tion is willing to proceed with ence area, Alled patrols an
the conference as soon as it will tred Communist soldiers
receive a satisfactory explanation rounding the neutral one.
of this violation; and an assur-
ance that it will not recur." Eight-Foot Wall
Ridgway ended the message
with, "I am waiting for an an-
swer from you" and signed it M.B. Of Water K s
Ridgway, General, U. Army,
Commander in Chief of the Unit-
ed Nations. 5 In Colorado
He made this decision after the
Chief of the United Nations del-
egation, Vice-Admiral Charles LOVELAND, Colo. Aug. 4
Turner Joy protested the sing Flash floods in which ehbt-f
of a company of armed Commu- walls of water swept out of t
nist soldiers near the delega- front range of the Rocky Mouf
nation's building, which occur- tains during the ntht caused thi
red yesterday during a recess of deaths of at least five persons, 13i
the conference In Kaesong. cluding a mother ana her turtl
It was the second time that children.
Ridgway interrupted the negotta- "
tions because of truce violations Searchers recovered the bo!
on the part of the Communists. of a teen-age girl who perish_
Allied correspondents who were when the wall of water hit tl*.
in Kaesong Saturday also ob- automobile in which her fathl,'
served the presence of armed mother and two sisters were rl*
Communist troops in the con- Ing. The mother and thle othg
ference zone. Cameraman Wade two girls were believed drowned.
Bingham of Telenews found a Dikes of the Buckhorn Resnef
Communist camp at about 1.200 voir west of here burst. aendra
meters from the conference a wall of water down Buckhorn
building. This indicated that Creek

ron For Veep'

Meets Protest

my Brass, But Die Seems Cast:

table work with her Boceal Aid
Foundation. agency thr o u g h
which she rewards the faithful
and hits her enemies where It
hurts the most. (When Delfino
Cabrer, a Buenos Alres fireman,
won the marathon at the 1948
Olympic Games. Eva's foundation
pet 1300M pesoe then about
$32.J0" to buy him a house and
a car as "tokens of the national
gratitude." y
She should be allowed to con-
tinue with those noble labors, ar-
d the n rather than
d Into a political
Swheh, he added
S many Argentine
mal lmt ry mln-
found ,imgosable to
'ajl of a Woman in
the na oLtwasM
-he em-
.M.d 1I

Peron. In reply, was at his af-
fable, suave and disarming best.
In the first place, he said. he
realJy had nothing to do with the
question; the proposal to nomin-
ate Evila had come from several
labor unions and was strictly
something for the Peronista Par-
ty convention to decide.
Furthermore, they must realize
that acceptance of such a postu-
lation would depend on his own
decision about standing for re-
election- and that hadn't been
made yet.
(This. of course, brought ur-
gent exclamations of "'Oh. but you
must," "The country needs you,"
and so on, from the visitors.,
Finally. Peron concluded with
his most Ingratiating smile. Evi-
ta really shouldn't be thought of
u a woman at all; she was above
and beyond considerations of sex
la her slfless service to Argentti-
Ma. Be did not aee why she could

II *.

not carry on perfectly well froa
any high office that the peop9.
might nsist on elevating her t
Peron qdded. *
That was a broad enough
for the Army men, who went
way from the interview With
conviction that the die wav ,
ready cast and Evita would
tainly be Peron's running
in the next election
moved forward from
1952. to November of tJi' .
Note: It now seems
tain that all Argentla
parUes will agree to
election, rather than
didates who wotdW
chance to campaign' .
publicity outlets of any
little or opmilBty a
anyway, under the neaw .
laws. .
4. i~f- -1 i


c4"' ".'
f-A, .. -..

Si4 ( 1T



Wi' n To Maiiin I

,igers Edge Red Sox 2-1

SDrop Them To Third
By United Press

.EW YORK, Aug. 4 The Yankees maintained their
.half-game margin in first plate over the second place
.ians as result of their 11-3 trouncing of the Browns
nd the Tribe's 4-Zsuccess against the Athletics.
The Tigers edged the Red Sox 2-1 to push the Bos-
onins down to third plac.-- one-and-one-half games
k of the Yankees.

The other scheduled American
e game was a night contest
tween the White Sox and Sen-
tore at Washington.
Bob Kuzava coasted to his
enth triumph as he scattered
x hits while his mates collected
I including roundtrippers by
oe Collins (7th) and Yogi Berra
is 17th).
Bob Feller became the first
either in the majors to win 17
nn when he beat the A's 4-2
tnugh needing ninth Inning
elp from Lou Brissle. Dick
kwler. who dropped his 5th
verdict against four wins. went
Sthe route for the losers.
SRookie Leo Kiely had a shutout
-0 wi thin his grasp going in-
Sthe ninth inning but Johnny
roth walloped a circuit clout
th a mate aboard to give De-
It a 2-1 win over the Red Box.
[ank Borowy, who pitched only
e eighth inning in relief of
rter Fred Hutchinson. was the

SJuan Franco Tips
--Hercules Fonseca
-Black Sambo Don Pitin
.--Bartolo Valebiza
-Black Bull Islero
I-Royal Coup Plnard
-ilver Fox Battling Cloud
--Chacabuco Grisu
gI-Honey Moon Gaywood
-Miss Fairfax. Cotillon
.l-Grito y Plata Taponaso
-White Fleet Mr. Espinosa
One BEST Mis Fairfax

ippy Harvey !
sarvey, all is well,
you found, as we can tell!
Want Ad you answered to a

Ion you'll be president, wait 't
1 l

winning pitcher. Walt Dropo's
fifth homer was the only Red Sox
Well Blackwell evened his
season's record at 10-10 by
whipping the pennaft-bound
Dodgers 7-3 and handing Don
Neweombe his fifth setback of
the season. The Reds scored all
seven runs off Neweombe. Bud
Podblelan took over for Brook-
lynn the last three innings.
Little Murry Dickson notched
his 14th win against ten losses by
beating the Phillies 7-3 at Pitts-
burgh. Ralph Kiner and Gus Bell
helped Dickson with their 27th
and 12th homers respectively.
Ken Johnson was the losing
The Cubs edged the Braves 7-6
in eleven innings. Joe Hatten,
the third Cub pitcher, was cre-
dited with his second victory a-
gainst no losses this year. Bob
Chipman, the fourth Brave hurl-
er, dropped his first game against
one triumph.
The Giants and Cards were
scheduled to play a night game.

Diamond Queen To Be
Selected By Local
Rate Little Leaguers
Local Rate Little League
youngsters, who are thrilling Pa-
cific side fans with a series of
spine-tingling gaines, have been
bitten by the "royalty" bug and
will have a queen to rule over
their diamond domain.
Each of the four teams in the
league has chosen a candidate.
Miss Monticello, the pride of
Gamboa, is charming Margaret
Welsh. Miss Twin City, the choice
of Red Tank and Paraiso, is the
enchanting Marcia Oakley.
The midget talent couts of La
Boca came up with two dimpled
lassies. Miss Fergus will be Judy
Semper while Missn ill willbe
Marcia Bushell.
From the proceeds of the Lit-
tle League Queen Contest, the
youngsters plan to provide sec-
ond, third and fourth place tro-
rhies; championship Oscars for
he members of the champion
team; baseball charms for the
other players of the loop; and
awards for leading batsman,
leading pitcher, homerun king,
and most valuable player.
Count of votes rallies will be
held On the following dates:
Aug. 11, 7 p.m., Paralso Gym-
Aug. 17, 7 p.m., La Boca Lat-
teen Club.
Aug. 25, 7 pjn., Santa Cruz
Gymnasium (final count).

Sunday's Program

BaSes I-1l" Natives-6V2 Fgs.
rs: 15.00-Pool Closes 12:45
First Race of the Doubles
1-Tap Dancer E. Campbell ll0x
--Don Catalina M. Guerr. 120
e-4izck Ahead E. Silvera 114
ely Molly E. Dario 112
-Uerciules F. Avila 115
-POltlUco M. Hurley 109
7-'onseca B. Aguirre 116
nd Race "B" Natives 7 Fgs.
e: $350.00 Pool Closes 1:15
Second Race of the Doubles
1-Stella M. Guerrero 110
---Don Pitin G. Alfaro 122
Proton A. Vasquez 112x
-olden Tip A. Valdivia 114
E-loina G. Cruz 113
Black Sambo V. Castillo 121
-Lolito Jose Rodriguez 110
Batan A. Mena 115
R ace 1-2' Imported-4'2 Fgs.
$: 375.00 Pool Closes 1:45
-Certa H. D. Peralta 109x
Vermont E. Alfaro 117x
B-Bartolo V. Castillo 120
Tartufo J. Ruiz 117
Timias) H. Reyes 110
lory's Ace M. Hurley 117
--Goyltoi Jose Rodriguez 115
Tully Saba E. Silvera 106
Valeblza G. Cruz 117
Race '1-2' Imported--4V Fgs.
$: 375.00 Pool Closes 2:20
y Ariel R. Vergara 120
Tetravera R. Gomez 120
WNa. Trail J Samaniego 112
terlude A. Valdivia 112
hopaja V. Rodgz. lllx
ovelera 0. Cruz 120
amenco J. Cadogen 118
k Bull B. Aguirre 120
-slero C. Iglesias 115
Pulanito J. Avila 120
I Ue "A" Imported 1 Mile
: .-Peel Closes 2:55
ose Rodriguez 118
C. Ycasa 117
.ft. Bamaniego 113
B. Moreno 119
V, Ortega 110
S|saported 1 Mile
-Pool Closes 3:
the Doubles
5 J., Jr. 105x
S. oIse. 114

3-Batt. Cloud B. Aguirre 115
4-Porter's Star A. Soto 120
5-Silver Fox A. Mena 115
6-In Time R. Kellman 120
7-Agradecida A. Vaesquez 105x
& -Gran Dia J. Rodriguez 120

7th Rac, "C" Imported 1 Mile
Purse: $650.00 Pool Closes 4:05
Second Race of the Doubles
1-Newmlnster B. Moreno 120
2-Curaca R. Ycaza 107x
3-Grisu A. Soto 118
4-Paragon B. Aguirre 113
5-Chacabuco M. Hurley 112
6- -Microblo K. Flores 120

8th Race "F" Imported 7 Fgs.
Purse: $500.00 Pool Closes 4:40
1-Guarina M. Hurley 120
2-Rondinella V. Castillo 120
3-Gaywood V. Ortega 114
4-Rechupete J. Sam'nlego 115
5-Betun A. Bazan 120
6--Own Power B. Moreno 112
7-Delhi A. Vasquez 117K
8-Honey Moon K. Flores 115
9-Carmela II A. Soto 118
10-Hechizo B. Aguirre 120
9th Race '1-1' Imported--6' Fgs.
Puirse: $375.00 Pool Closes 5:15
1-Beach Sun V. Rodgz. 112x
2-Baby Betty) H. Reyes 109x
3-Hob Nob) A. Soto 114
4-Cotillon A. Phillips 115
5--Alabarda C. Iglesias 120
6-Don Salomon C. Ycaza 115
7.-Nantago J. Chuna 106x
8-Miss Fairfax B. Agulrre 120
9-Purple Spray G. Cruz 108
10th Race "C" Natives 7 Fgs.
Purse: $325.00 Pool Closes 5:40
1-Arquimedes J. Baeza, Jr. 109x
2-Filigrana C. Chavez 109x
3-Muneco R. Ycaza 10)x
4-Casablanca Jose Rodgz. 110
5-Orito y Plata C. Ycaza 120
6-Duque A. Vasquez 103x
7-Taponazo C. Iglesias 196
11th Race "D" Natives-.4i VgaL
Purse: $300.00
1-Mr. Espinosa M. Hurley 120
2-Pesadlla V. Rodrigue 10Sa
3-White Fleet A. Basan l10
4-Romantico J. Cadeon 112
--Oolden Babe I. Uvas 1W0

Twin City Rokies Se aseons c.. d
Twin City Rookips va 1ill La Bocas 83 W 3 L
Twin City Rookies vs Fergus Cubs 4 W I L
Twin City Rookies va Monticello Gamboa a 5 W -- 1 L


F. Bannister ............... 2 ,0 20
L. Blades .................. 0 14 21
R. Blades .. ........... 20 4 2
Er Del Ro4 ................ 4 0 0
C. Garnett ................ 6 7
H. Killings ............... 46 10 9
H. Holder .................. 59 16 23
Ramon Jimenez ........... 59 13 20
0. Maynard .............. 9 2 3
C. Moreno ................. 38 8 4
Paddyfoot .................. 1 0 3 0
R. Samuels ................ 43 3 16
C. Timling ............... 4 1 0
A. Titus .................. 42 21 11
TOTALS .........I.....470 109 130

0 0 0 .00 o0 1 1 ,0 0 0
4 0 0 .I50 12 4 2 2 0 1 35
0 0 0 .100 5 4 11 0 1 2
0 0 0 .00 0 2 0' 0 o
1 0 14 .14 5 5 9 i 1 A1
1 0 0 .198 9 5 13 '0 0 10
2 0 2 .390 15 8 9 B 0 1 31
4 1 .2 .39 13 0 7 4 1 1 32
0 0 0 .33 2 2 3 0' 0 1 3
0 0 0 .105 2 -17 11 0 1 0 4
0 0 0 ,000 0 1 1 0 0 0 0
- 1 0 0 372 6 65 5 2 0 17
0' 0 0 .000 1 0 1 4 0 '0 0
2 0 0 .262 3 8 20 ,. 0 1 13
18 1 P5 .277 79 71 106- 5 5 9 165

AB R RB 1' .ERA S0
F. Bannister.......... 27 8 6 51/3 5.34 3
C. Garnett .......... 73 12 23, 11- 17 2/3 3.72 14
R. Jimene'............170 22 43 12 461/3 1.56 42
R. Molinar ............13 0 1 0 4 0.00 1
G Moreno.... .... 2 1 1 1/3 1.98 0
G: Timling ::::48- 5 6 4 72/3 3.12 3
TOTALS ...........336 49 81 34 811/3 63

Muluel Dividends

Juan franco

1-Resorte $7, $4.40, $9.20.
2-Carllimpio $23.60, $9.20.
3-Bufalo $3.60.
1--Slxaola $15.20, $4.40, $2.80.
2-Toreasa $3.60. $2.60.
3-Don Sizzle $2.60.
First Doubles: (Resorte-Sixaos
lI) $80.60.
1-Cafiaveral $4.60, $3, $2.40.
2-Tapsy $3.40, $3.
3-Miranda $2.80.
One-Two: (Cafiaveral-Tapsy'
1-Riomar $58.60, $20.20, $6.
2-Manolete $25.60, $6.40.
3-Volador $4.40.
Qulniela: (Riomar-Manolete)
1-Dlctodor f,80$2.60.
2-orsewood 32.20.
2-Apred i5,-$4.0. $.08
3-Levadura 9.60.
1-Riding East $37, $7.80, $2.20.
2-Polvorazobe) $2.200 $2.20.
3-Oalante I1$2.20,.
Second Doubles: (Caribe-Rid-
ing East) $155.20.
1-Dofras Elelda' (e) $18, $7.80,
2-Ben4digo $5, $4.20. ($4.40
3-Bien Hecho $2.80.
Quiniela: (Dohia Eleida-Bendi-
go) $37.60.
1-Alto Alegre $5.60, $ 2.60.
2-Cherierberibin $8.0, $2.80.
3-Mariscallto $3.60.
One-Two: (Alto Alegre-Cheri-
beribin) $56.6.
1-Coraggio $4.40, $3.
2-Tamesis II $3.
1-Tin Tan $8, $3.80, $2.80.
2--La Suerte $8.20, $3.80.
3-Fulmine $2.60.

Along The Fairways

The Oamboa Golf Club, scene
of the recent Pan American
World Airways Invitational tour-
nament, plays host this week to
its members in the 1951 Club-
Championship tournament.
Three net scores of 72 were
turned in during qualifying
rounds resulting in a playoff be-
tween Lieut. Youart of the Fire
Department, "Cactus" Latham
and Joe Clayton of Civil Aero-
Early match play scores show-
ed wins by Bob Engelke over Pat
Patterson; Ray Euper over Jeff
Goodin,. Jr.; Harry Hart over Ray
Gangle and Harry Robinson over
BoB Blake.
The public I. invited to be the
guests of the tournament com-
mittee this afternoon at the
beautiful community course for
first-round playoffs.

Like LeBaron,

Weeks Draws

Marine Leave

AMES. Ia., Aug. 4.- (NEA). -
Bill Weeks, who holds nearly
every passing record at Iowa
State and in the Big Seven. will
play with the College All-Star a-
galnst the professional champion
Cleveland Browns In Chicago,
Aug. 17.
Weeks' ease parallels that of
Eddie Lebaron, star of last year's
All-Stars, in thathe Is being giv-
en a leave from the Marine
After showing well In the East-
West game, the Cyclone Ilng-
wbot was quarterback f we win-
niag team In two b gase In
Honolulu last January.

6 0 1 -0 2 3 0
11 1 3 2 1 6 0
18 2 1 8 3 12 6
4 0 0 0 0 1 0
0 0 0 0 0 1 0
2 0 0 2 0 5 1
41 3 5 12 6 7

Ruth, Jackson Only Greats

Who Hit Ball Exactly Alike

NRA 'Sports Editor
NEW YORK, Aug 4, (NEA). Those who saw him consider
Joe Jackson the greatest natural hitter. /
As a kid pitcher, Bab Ruth saw Shoeless Joe Jackson. so ad-
mired his swing that he e rpied it.
Nature had more than considerable to do with the peculiar
-ance and power of Jackson and i =, -
o ith. They were pigeon-toed, r
Same pigeon-toed batters,
This no doubt accounts oc
eir being the only two great m
io hit exactly alike.
Jackson and Ruth, let thaOt
Lters, stood pretty close to thi ae
A g ts lith their left toes facing
g and the right toes turned I'
Dd pointing to the far right t
dnd corner. The handa wei.
ay down at the end of the bat .
Joe Jackson bhey gave it all they had in tht Babe Ruth
only way they knew. -.4
Ruth, the pitcher, wasn't supposed to hit, anyway, so swung
from his he The an first broke the hoe-rn aecprd with
2 fad tw e st oe In &10, the last year l i h he .took h is
turne .~ Lei before'N d Barroy switched ~ t he-oitfeld.
Became he hot at the fences and stands from th n outset, an.
developed into the Sultan of Swat as a pitcher, Tyrus RaYmond.
Cobb called Ruth a home-run specialist.
Jackson and Ruth being the only two standouts who batted
identifically clearly shows that hitting is an individual talent.
Anythingsh go as long as the hitter comes into the ball at the
right spllt-seonc..
Didn't Lou Boudreau wrap himself into a pretzel? You won-
dered how the splendid shortstop unr aueled in time. When Stanley
Musial first came around, some keen analyst cracked that Stan
the Man wouldn't be in the league three weeks with that swing.
The left-hand hitting Donora Dandy stands looking over his right
shoulder like a running thief with a ecop o his tail.
When Arky Vaughan first showed up, he had a pronounced
and wide straddle, bid not stride at all, simply broke his front
knee, yet Lety O'Doul predicted he would lead the league.
I Asked why, O'Doul, the batting-stylist replied: "He has a un-
ique style. He's different."
Mel Ott had an extremely short stride, lifted his front foot.
Ninety per cent of the good hitters have their feet together.
Ty Cobb onhe told Harry Heilmann to get his feet together.I
Yet overstrilkig is the most disastrous qf faults. The batter is
finish. striding before he hits the- ball, if he connects with it
at all.
Cobb, Jackson, Ruth, Heilmann and O'Doul crowded the Dlate.
Rogers Horneby stood as far back and away from it as he could,
waited for the pitch to expend its energy before hitting it at the
last split-second. The Rajah stepped in to whack outside pitches.
Musical Is something of a left hand hitting Hornsby in being
behind and away from the plate, but his feet are together. Joe
Medwick was away from the plate a bit. So was Al Simmons and
the current foot-in-the-bucket swatter and wide straddler, Junior
Joe DIMagglo Is a straddle hitter, Ted Williams more normal,
or not too wide.
Hitting Is a matter of striding and timing, so a balanced stance
is perhaps the best for a beginner.
It reduces the likeh6od of overstriding.
Not too much can go out of whack.




American Leal
TEAMS+- Won Lost Pet,
New Yotk, 38 .62S
Cleveland. 39 .614
Boston. 1 40 .604
*Chicago A 45 .559
Detroit. 46 52 .460
*Washinln44 56 .40A
Fhiladelphl 9 64 .3J9
St. Lo. 3 69 .317
*Night ame not Included.



Chicago at Washington.
St. Louis at New York (2).
Detroit at Boton.
Cleveland at Philadelphia (2).

(Night Game)
Detroit 000000 002-2 7 2
Boston 000 001 000-1 7 1
Hutchinson, Borowy (1-1), (8),
Gray (9) and SwIt; Kiely (2-2),
Wight (9) and Rbar.
Cleveland 010 010 020-4 10 0
Phflade01 020 00 000-1 9 2
Feller (17-4), Brissie (9) and
Hegan; Fowler (4-8) and Tipton.
St. Lous 000 100 101- 3 6 2
New York 0i0 006 22x-11 10 1
Suchecki (0-4), Mahoney (8)
and Batt; Kuuava (7-5) and

National Leagu
TEAMS-- Won Lost Pet G.b.
Brookly.. 64 M .646 -
*New York. 57 47 .548 9%
Philadelphia 51 51 .500 141
t. Louis 47 48 .490 15%
Boton 46 51 .474 17
Ccincinat. 47 52 .475. 17
Chicago.... 4 52 .453 19
Pittsburgh 41 59 .410 8 1
*Night game not included.

Boston 'at Chicago.
Brooklyn at CIneinnati (),.
New York at St. Louils.
Philadelphia at Pittsburgh (2).
(Night Game)

Brooklyn 000 00Q, 210-- 8 0
Cincinnati 000 430 OOx-7 10 2
Newcobe.. '-I,- Pd btana
, = d '- Po
Philadelp'a 0lo 1
Pittsburgh 020 120 x I
Johnson (2-2), Kohstanty .(7
and Wilber; Dickson (14-130) and
McCullough. .

Boston 0 00 012 1-0 5 11
Chicago 001 000 0 0- 16 4
Wilson, Estock (4), Patiie (6).
Ohapman (1-l) (8) and Cooper,
Muelr d(4), St. Claire (8); Lawn,
Leonard (8), Hatten (2-0), (9)
and Burgess, Owen (11),

- ,



.Viraat, nd oted himOel N o Jn r bgori.
round knooxer. h e
4 fbul, In a xth, an .
Since th~ epringtlme brawl with. R tdoneb.
four consecutive knockouts, over Cedlt H-udson,
ake LIaM n l-eJoe in 31 rounds.
no fewer tha 6 knocko.ts
TOe ~ M arpon hbeasen 5toM of l0e A n
sixth b ;a the n ,flallor had a badly udt eye. .k eI
wasn't flattened. ,..
M is not a. Oollshed boxer. In .the da W .1 y
called h typ the PierI of wa .
But t left to the AW a gt etrm o l oe
made him an alluring attraction. ike 2 Mietafo, wi uLatt-

What 4Abot Thi Gy. tows q .
-Murpbyir dcisive seven-rauM d s .s Y I;h
Stusoulm iJune 7r made sSi a-
thee envfirow, First bs) f4h -6 ."'l ,
tory. Secondly, his victim had been J the
As a conequee, the man in tt
of the kind f r atchmaklg by the teraI4d td m-
presario AI WeqL ~ has Yen the e to
gave Murphy ft.beating In their 10.-l aeriln he Oard
True. the fault in the current stuat Is l al the ir
national's. Jack Hurley, who manSges the boxer IN o,
has chosen to become iawolved in a hotels wrangle WlUI Jim
Norris over the television, split. .
Hurley hap held out f. a a special video. deal, and Norri* h i
insisted that his contracts prevent ary devato, ,
It may be that in tebMatthewe situation thet As MeOW
thing imore tfha Imets the .
I is conceialethAat after Harry ad wppod Murpy, and
indicated his r.lines .to do' us mieh for Maxim., er :inog-
ing enthusiasts In rhIs ara tried to. by Into fte atthPs
enterprIse, and met with 4,curt and expressed .fusal trm
Hurley. c a Ld ; y ,
However, can ody believe that these n ar
enough weight to dor MattheW, in the
title situation? ho snickers, "Are you kidding w
wait and :ee what happens after August 22. Justfde ou u
will triumph. .
Murphy One of Those Sailor Socke,
While wating r Murph to lsh offU M next t
we mght take look at Bob and hiW antecedents.
Like 4Jsk Dempsey, ob was born in Colorado Flagler, to
be exact. ,Just as Jack fought udek a ring alias, so Is MUrphy
operating with Mn assumed eor. He w born Edwin Le
Murphy is a product of the Navy. He came out with six aic
ti .l fr service In a dozen major battles bamd the

Edwin uiaf, tir..ah E ox
50. With 3 ut one w hd ,
fights.. ;-. l
nIn 1945. while IUl In the Navy.
and entered the professional ranks. In St 0[ he
took a four-round with one Ray Raym and
belted out, Al Wrgt inth He. .
love to fit" Mr plains, 't
presents verl lucrative oe.nit for
Joe WItags n,,MG


An easy way to

Seask for the best

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There s nobeer wm of adiacinag e dm ly ib UK
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fine Scotdhm no upeor

DPitid and Bottled in Sotiad
mm Uilll
*r a*a


hmLA le&TLe 1 ..

m angl B2 A


Se -

I Hc




N."S vig w,
.l~m JlMli ~-tK Ck iT..
a. ,,eas b* C *g LY..
|H9: AOEAS .
I **. '| 1 w ^ .

>. ^- ., ,-'" .. J. *


R 'O

-'v. -' S

o' *-A;




PIwrr8BUR, lug. 4 :igm
, -As ONs party t the tatrht1
,.the Pirats w involved t

the rap o
fered $2W0000Q
and my Dad v
"The boy
young. pltch
"But now
how Brookjp
he's a .aiYr
Meyr says
way about mi
Dressen appw
Palica. But nc

J ,...W o .....B' ,. ." ,. ,

e By D aQena's Blast

SkTA!.' .h that reasen

1,.0 T'mrw al hard e
t o was the bull
th. Dodgers
mar, recaliS .t Palica's
ned to. at Shot-
Go, but that, tton let
one and got results. Palica
big winner late last year.
I ipFr argues that alica
ip hard as any man on
nI staf.
s.l t a nonchalant way of
", ERelber aayl. 'and even
nood games It looks as If
t trying. He just flips the
at it, comes in like a bul-

'em out and a lousy pitch if he
doesn't." Raiser says.
"We thought Palica had pret-
ty good stuff in that game."
Milton Stock. Buc coach, says
he thinks Dressen's action will
have a deaaging effect on the
Brooklyn scoung program. Boys
have to leave home when they
go into baseball, he observes, and
a scout often has to sell a young-
ster's parents on the merits of
the baseball organization as if It
were a college.
"They have to Inculcate in a
father's mind the idea that his
son will be looked after as If he
were at home." Stock says.
"It may make it hard for the
Dodgers to sign players if people
get the idea tha their boys could
be exposed to that kind of cri-

Hanover Names Its Own Horses, And

Stick At Badge Of Harness-Racing
.. By a~i GoAo SON I edlay water It has been C. N. Myers purcl
NA W )r a Kdltor sol, but very few switch. of the late A. B.
S- .The reason te that Hanover Pat. L. B. Sheppar
HANOVER. PA., Aug. 4 (NFA). tg is a badge of merit. head man and pi
When you go to the trots, Wed 'sItagast BY Far United States Tr
thee seems to be more Hanovers There is o particular pattern tion.
than horses n the mng of Hanover hones.
IXt Something .anover this although a considerable percent- 767 Horses Oji. Fa
or Hanover's Someth that. age are idttifled so the first Coxe had collect
SThe runners aever, had a-7 sme, as in E-dward Hanover, co- gaed racing m
thing remotely approatchng this Ipida with the' first letter of geat stallion. Di
*etradrdinary, situation even In: the name of the dam. in this case. rom then on, Ha
the days of the many .Valdinas ear)'s Princess Martha. The and gnrw.
and Darby, ptr vhen the Army horses ae name for well-known There are 767
preceded the names* of all .lts owners, .e Phellis Hanover, Farms, including
* thoroughbreds with, Reno. Blake Hanover, etc., and re- customer-owned i
The Jockey Club's registration nowned trainers. White Hanover, yearlings and we;
department finally prohibited Egan Hanover and so on. are 110 Farms-c
reiterative monikers. They caus- The Farms consist of several customer-owned a
ed errors it making op programs, wrapped into one of 2000 acres, are 170 Farms-ow
confused $2 bettors. situated in the rolling and fertile 121 of them .fos
But apparently no one minds valleys of the Dutch country, both record totals
in the booming standardbred outside Hanover, Ph., 11 miles mares, sent to thi
sport. from the hallowed ground of bred, foaled the:
The HanotIr' Shoe Farms Gettysburg, 14 north of York and also a new mark.
horses are named as yearlings by 40; northeast of Baltimore. Hanover is consi
Lawrence:B. Sheppard and mem- is is the 25th anniversary of lings to .The Star
bers of the office staff. The founding of Hanover. That tion Sale in Harr
The name of a trotter or pacer occurred inl .1l6*en H.D.Shep- game's only mllli
can be changed for a fee of $1 pard, his son. Lawrence B., and tion, in November

1 BEHIND THIEONEBA.LL-Club Guad6lajara's GregotLo Gomez,
eft gets up lateto' block an attempted I by Club. Leon's
*Armando lOr a inthe opening soccer nmt at a new million-
dollar stadium ia-East Loo Aneles. Calif. Te ses, the, best in
Mexico, have a long-standing fetd. (NEA)


chased the stock
Coxe of Paoli,
rd is the Farms'
resident of The
otting Associa-

ted outstanding
lares and the
llon Axworthy.
over just grew
horses on the
g Farms and
mares, stallions,
anlings. There
owned and 96
ducklings. There
rned mares and
aled this year,
s. A total of 100
he Farms to be
re Ihis spring,
signing 121 year-
idardbred Auc-
isburg, Pa., the
ion-dollar auc-
r. This is a new

nigh ior anlyarm, th e previous
having been 100 sent by Hanover
two years ago.
BDUI .O Or Setter
HaqMVerw ;asproduced 22 trot-
ters which have done 2:00 min-
utes or better. The only .four
two-year-old trotters to go in
2:00 or better-Hanover's Bertha.
Titan Hanover. Lawrence Hanov-
er and Rodney, which was Ed-
win Hanover-were bred there.
The highest-priced yearling of
all time, which brought the larg-
est amount ever paid for a har-
ness horse at auction, is Imperial
Hanover, which went for $'12,000
two years ago. The top price for
a harness horse yearling prior to
that was the $42,000 brought by
White Hanover in 1947.
Hanover has accounted for
tine Hambletonlans.
Star's Pride Goes There
Hanover's roster of stallions,
either 2:00 sires or 2:00 perform-
ers, which have stood or are
standing at Hanover show the
importance of the place to the
Earmarked for duty at Han-
over after his racing career is
Star's Pride, the world record-
wrecker of recent weeks.
Star's Pride, brillUnt four-
year-old son of Worthy Boy-
Stardrift-Mr. McElwyn, wasn't
bred there, accounting for the
name, but his get will be Some-
thing Hanover this or Hanover's
Something that.

SWITCH-HITTER-Right gad left-hand pitcher see different
sides of Red Sehoendienst. The Cardinals' great second baseman
\belted home runs from both sides of the plate in a game in
Pittsburgh. (NA)

Big Bonuses Stir Bad Feeling;

Kids Should Have To Earn Them
NEA Sports Editor

NEW YORK, Aug. 4 (NBA). A-
In a questionnaire. Rep. Emanuel
Celler asks: "What in four opi-
nion is the most undesirable fea-
ture in organized baseball?"
As you no doubt have heard, a
House subcommittee on monopo-
ly is launching an investigation
of the game. and Representative
Celler is the chairman.
Replying to the Brooklyn poli-
tician's query, the first thought
is too many bad clubs and over-
paid poor players, but when you
dig into it the answer is the bon-'
us business.
Giving totally untried kids
huge iums has created more ill
feeling than shoving in the sub-
way at the rush hour.
Until the so-called bonus rule
was repealed, major league out-
fits had to carry useless work-
men, playWshorthanded, or. run
the-risk ot losing- them at the
waiver price or in the draft.
Meanwhile. the youngsters made
no more progress than a player
eliminated before the start of a

High-priced peagreens can be
farmed now. but the dissastis-
factiop of the established hands
Wakefield Should Parade As
Horrible Example
Johnny Sain and other skilled
workmen started asking ques-
tions when the Braves paid
Johnny Antonelli $65,000, and
Billy Southworth's troubles start-
ed in Boston. The Pirates gave
Paul Pettit $100,000 ;.,the ex-
pense of a honeymoci'and the
Lomita southpaw has yet to
throw a ball hard. As lackluster
a. they were, how do you sup-
pose the seasoned Buccaneers
Dick Wakefield, only 30 now,
this summer signed as a $1-a-
year coach with the Lawton,
Okla., club of the Class D Sooner
League, but that didn't work out
The Tigers handed Wakefield,
the Michigan sophomore. $52,000.
an automobile and a fat con-
The nonchalant young man
from Ann Arbor got all the money
he would ever need before he
broke in, so told Billy Evans
when the Detroit general man-
ager tried to shake him up.
In place of having Wakefield
buried at Lawton or elsewhere as
a coach, organized baseball
should parade him around the

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Thousands of unfortunate people suf-
fer from so-called dyspepsia, acid indi-
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acid stomach. Esatlqnce, C and other
stomach distress -brouht on by' excs
acid. .
If tese peope would try drinking
slowly after each meal fa a glan f
hot water ro.tnl ip a spoonful of
Nautricld. theym4Ibt In a very short
ey a11pWI oWu
time be able at good substantial
meals without unib w a the disturb-
wuse of dlstrWe.
m -tasp a -u stomach
H t-am to which a
0= 0101 if b a been add-
ed wmill y neutralize tht
gexme food and thus
rYO set quick
%mi C B am oba

country as a horrible example of
the bonus binge.
Landis Handled Those Who
Dealt Under Table
Any club forking over an ex-
cessive premium should be made
to play Wakefleld or two weeks.
That would teachthem.
How much better it would be
for all concerned it lads of ex-
ceptional promise were made to
earn their Christmas packages,
say $10,000 down .and more as
worth is demontrated.
President Fradk Shaughnessy
of the Internatial League sug-
gests such a regultltbn, but fears
that owners would circumvent it.
too, in the frenzied bidding for
potential stars, who never were
so scarce.
In the case of Pettit, a Holly-
woodd ovie gpn4'bt around tme
;h-school rule'by sigi the
scholastic wonder to a, 00l9t con-
tract, abd peddling it to the
Pittibufgh club when his class
Bob Carpenter of the Phillies
and other magnates complained
about under-the-table transac-
tions during the life of the bonus
There would have been none
of that under Judge Renesaw
Mountain Landis. He had way
of putting a finger on and, deal-
ing with sharp practice.
Anyway, the bonus babies
should be made to do consider-
ably more than just come and
get it.



The Paralso-Red Tank Basbet-
ball League swung into action
Thursday night 'before a fair
sized crowd. The four teams are
Victor 5, Cyclonia, Pico and Lake
Martha Bynoe threw the first
ball in the inaugural ceremony.
Cyclonia nipped Pico by a score
of 26-25. Both teams fought hard
with Teddy Smith making two
fast baskets in the last two min-
utes to give Cyclonia the edge.
Top scorer for the game was
Frank South with 10 points.
In the second game Victor 5
had an easy time with the Lake
View team who walked away in
the first quarter and continued
to win by a score of 68-24. Tom
Lowe starred with 20 points.
The finals of the volleyball
championship was held at Pa-
raiso Gymnasium Thursday af-
ternoon. The affair was sponsor-
ed by the Physical Education and.
Recreation Branch, which gave
awards for the games.
First game was won by Paralso
High School girls over Silver City.
Three sets had to be played. SU-
ver City won the first and lost
the other two. In the last set Sil-
ver City had Paralso 10-1 when
Evelyn Wilson got her girls to-
gether and finally picked up 12
straight points to go ahead and
win the game--score 15-15, 9-15,

La Boci defeated Silver City
Jr. High School Wir4s T the most
thrilling and extng pme lay-
ed. La Boca gav twice by
walking off the thinking
the game was& when they
volleyed for a peo~.f time. Both
teams taki the advantage In
and out. La caiae through
with two points to beat them,
score 15-13, 13- -17.i.
La Boca Jr. Uh bo toyed
with Silver Ot defeat
them tS"o *akHzt ga% u-1O

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'EA Sotaff Correspondent be volumin s both a regards
yardage and tbric. The, inside
PARIS (NEA) The facy or lining is as important with
names under which Parisian this creator 6 the Qutside.
fashion dictators are unveiling Jean Des Ieq has completely
their Fall collections is one good discarded the straight skirt and
indication of what's in stdre for proposes to center all the new
style th, l Auumn. fullness at the ba k. He lunches
Sa~ Dior calls It the "Shapely Look." the wide-whi ed skirt over
Fath's line is ttie "bgret," Bal starched petticoats. The Direc-
main's the "Enchanted Flute," a tore Is the period which has
i and Desses' "The Bluebird." most influenced this deslkner;
n choolwaistlines are raised and collars
e b c -sometimes creep ip to the ears. iamD COPn= ara IN eala tol. fe
& e Generally speaking, shoulders .. .
n o*and klmoi s 'sleeve carry on All iced coffee starts with good melting of the ie e
Through another se ca, strong hot coffee, rem ember. I simple n yrnp o Wrenar u
Colors show a preference for a akes Clen c Salten still of the to taste.
"dynamic" 'redts, followed by Pali-Anter1lCoffee. Bure ,fors .. "- B ,
"wild" greens. sulphate blues and e top.uknqo-how. He rs er Coffe lot
4,1y |eall the muted "'fur" aIades. "Fat- to ric answer. There are two ways (q ee
-. al" black, of course, still remains to prepare it: On e re caol
Sthe most elegant of all. al beCooled th double- strength co fe e s
PARIS IN THE FALL: An artist in the Paris newspaper It's to the bht designers that eMake o oee atength- c cream Wr lt
A Flag Do .ool in ,New York, Dorothy Spatho "Fitaro" sees lines like these in the Paris Fill collections one must turn for whimsical no- one standard o ares maure (or vanilla, t t* dream.
gives her cocker-spaniel, "Spaats," the sit-stay command. Pur- -Fath's "Egret" (left) and Dior's "Shapely Look" (right) tios. So far lines shown have its equlvalefit, t level ma4ur- Combine coffee, cred ,,
se of training Is to teach dog obedience. Owner and dog take been influenced bytall the etr- int bl.espo of ourffile to su r yl d Vad-
e tire course together; dog is never trained by stranger. cage veils will stress the mysteri- tian Dior, father of the "new" spectie history of Paris ge o insthfee-atets of e to i -
U'. alluring, ultra-feminine 1951 look, is said to have also subject-o ha caused a blooming o hen- atrof 'freshly .e a
NEW YORK (NEA) The school with frills; it does not ed waists to the same gentle nins, "cofs,"as well as all sorts cn o.mel eIr m
bqxer who thinks he's a lap dog teach parlor tricks. Its aim is to bl treatment. He ho used a great of turbans, torfades andl top-rt 6 w 1n aoe t
treatment. He ha used a great of turbans, torado and ftop- .or ..n. a mor.Seth l ot. u, ..... g.9; I. -h.
and the cocker spaniel who likesI make each deg who's enrolled The "New Look" threaten a many deep-ptled. fbrica as well knots or for dt more-thanr. ee thour!
to ump all over guests are not into anobedient, well-mannered return offensive. Skirts have as those with plenty of "body" to The Dretoire influence canill tall gl w,
really problem dogs. They simply companion, crawled down a few inches low- them. be traced in hats, too, while the cotred chill in retrtey o! double-strengt coff
happen to be owned by masters If the school has a motto, t's It would seem, therefore, that er than in the Spring._They wll ath launches "magic" pet- hardresser are how hair- eelue wi ; at filling glsses to
who've never realized that dogs. "Your dog Is your best friend; be smart women this coming Win- focus and command all the in- ticoats to underlina longer and do's with Cthgfonis and twists dine fle tyrup. or, sugar an falling ease top
e children, must e taught to his friend." To this end, the own- ter (at least those who can af- terestwhe bodices will be de- fuller skirts. ll will be in- placed at a new high point at cret with t of
er teaches each exercise to his ford to keep up with the Mode) mure, simple and form-fitted, trduced th panels and the back of the head. Q ler h. Allo w i the One We a .I o
bl e r.ustlJEg achieving -a new le Con-Ma t w tlat, pnsa t of th
'B pet. under the watchful eyes of will wear grandmama's rustling achieving new pigeon-breast other devices. at will also fea- the One We
.In a unique charm school for skilled instructors. Owners are petticoats under skirts which are look by the help of darts and ture a square-cut arirhole which Veils are a "must" on all but lke Best
i, gs here, just one course is told never to shout at their dogs said to be itaging.a "brutal" re- whalebones. "b is said to be tyew. the most Informal type of winter c Dilute one can coneentrat4
tght: obedience. What makes nor to stamp their feet. Often, turn to fullness in many dis- Sleeves are to be more fancy Pierre Balmi on the other "bonnet." and even modern wo- Make coffee double strength qulck-froze orange ipa pi-
s shool unique is that th parents enroll a child and his guises. and there is a definite return to hand, shows' fu verskirts lo- man cannot deny that it does by using half te a t o. rectd on can; .
owner must take the train- dog for the course. The first thing "Haughty" collars will com- the choker collar. oped back ove~ coat of a much to ad4 a touch of piquancy coffeater to the nalcu glasses. F el glass w
n with his pet and must teach the child learns is that he must mand a regal bearing while bird- Besides dropping skirts, Chris- contrasting s ae, l cots will to a gal. Inc taSr hass t o- dicu btle-ste ngt co'ee.Ase r
fir each exercise. The Flag Dog never tease or torment animals. in tall .l.sensdouble-strength coffee .
TTiinlng School is not a charm 4//) tI ( The a tr. strong cotee aftl.w drop almond tract to
". PAt the beginning of the ten u/ C e. ot/ o ve r an for the dilution caused by t glass; stlr gently to n.
week's obedience course, the ca- -ReC OM if. ...... .
nine student is taught to walk -/.
SC rby his master's side without pul- eo rtn Room,
ling on the leash. Once he's gotu eWF- Ot
21' that, he learns to sit and stand
O-70 7au hM iCe on command, to come instantly
when called, to do a high Jump You will admit a new recipe
and a broad jump, to fetch and for the iae old ingredientS
hi 'aisiren song of style causes carry light bundles, to retrievetake some of the drudgery out .
a wardrobe to go on the and to pick out his master's per- of getting three "squares" a day. tA,
rocks. Heeding the allure of the sonal property from a number of And also, that the excitement of ,
4est thing'in sleeves, shoulders, different objects through scent turning out something different
and hem lines, many women discrimination. At the same time, makes the summer kitchen seem'
wo are exceedingly fashionable his master is learning to handle a little cooler, WHC INVN JCE C f wuin t s d
one season find the next year- him with intelligence and under- icWhCw eewINVENTD s iEA eIfcwl, a for's aa a arom
-and the rest of their "up-to-the- standing. Spinach Loaf alike brgh-eye willing tle follow who buys he l el at thelIorn-drughrFeo the
mfihute" garment's lifetime-that If there's envy among these Spinach is especially good in poatons of the swarnkiest restaurant, pople j4t nturaf, 1w4 Ice eem..,
they are anything else but mod- students, it doesn't show up in a vegetable loaf. Prepare exactly and nourishing and wholesome as It.i, it's good .r them. A few pf as eld'-
ish. I class. When a beautiful boxer as for creamed spinach, adding a stcrs may remember stng off thp porch wlth a id -r ,
named Lady jumps a hurdle with little chopped onion for flavor. bag of salt and a good deml of patience, turnIng tf'cro uhtit our r'ms
Unless your pocketbook can ease and grace, beginning stud- Remove the center of a loaf of almost dropped uff m making ice preqm for' compny. Th taste of real
easily supporVthe whims of fash- ents watch with intense interest. stale bread, leaving a shell for homemade ice creope is still nCrive f.-- so what a bl ing that tio we
ion. it's a good idea to stick to The students take their work the spinach. (Use the crumbs in homffermyoua ice cr ta t'is tsh till anr nd cosno w ctlAt'sbelngt tei .o *
the conservative for your basic very seriously. And they look to puddings or other baked dishes.) O Pudding and Pieo Filling, cn be frote n o in lr clr' r fgrotye fith .
clothes. With inexpensive fashion their owners for the only reward Fill with the hot spinach mix- obsolutely delicious to Fat., Be sube, thfrotu tyorau efe*rto-bsl- dding
,touches, you can pace styles they ever get: a pat or a kind ture and moisten the' sides and and Pie Filling, because that's thre-f0nrths o th I:atl this Ice crer.
without wrecking your budget. word. Owners are not encouraged top of the loaf. Bake until hot is so good. Jell-O0 Pudding and Pie Filling is s rich'n creamy-smooth, yobi
If leg o' mutton sleeves are to give their pets bonbons or and crisp, then cut in slices and nee4,only qne gqp oft.r to pk .o uf q iue re.
crowdingg the shop windows, a- cookies, serve. ..iioe i qa i
-void purchasing a suit or a coat On graduation day, the once Mrs. Letha Booth of the Kings ee Cre
.Of this cut. Chances are it's a uncouth canine is a polished cit- Arms Tavern in Williamsburg, 1 package JeUll-O Pudding afl( 2 cups mfIbi
one-season fad. If you want to izen. He won't chew up slippers Virginia, suggests this new one. Pie Filling (any flavor') 1 ep crem, whippe
demonstrate you're in the run- or rugs, break things, snoop a- Creamed Onions With Peanuts c up sugar"
Ailing, purchase an inexpensive round in gutters or display a Make a good cream sauce with Combine pudding.mix and sugar in -saucepan. Add.milk grduolly, blending
bgluse with this type sleeves fondness for eating tin cans and butter (recipe found in any good wll. Cook and stir over medium heat uwfil mlxture'tmed toa bI1' and Is
You can toss it aside when a old cigar butts. But his character cook book). Boil onions, and pour thickened. Chill. Beat slightly with rotary egg beater. Fold in hilpdd .
drastic change of styles begins and spirit are intact. He's all dog, sauce over them, adding salted Turn into freezing troy of autohaotic refrIgatoor setting cnt"l 'for "te
Aguting the age of this garment. but a canine with charm. peanuts either chopped or whole. cOldett temperature. Freeze foIr I hour. Then turn intO a bowl 'nd .bar aft
Cover with battered bread rotary egg beater until smooth, but fotmelted. ern rto the tray ahd (re
crumbs, and bake until browned until firm. Freezing time: 3 to 4 hours. Makes. 'full quart.
on top. 4 DIFFERENT WAYS TO PLEASE on the water The cleon, dewy bra*
E~~haJ From the University of Con- ~YOUR FAMILY! That's what youI coli goes right from its pect o
necticut Janina M. CzaJkowski a find in Baker's 4-in-1i Instant Co- don't even thaw it beforehand ii.
suggests this dessert that com- NEW YORK-(NEA) Going BY GAILE DUGAS It also has a single shoulder coa. For this versatile new mix not a pan of boiling water coks in, '
,.Sa biness two plentiful seasonal in-down to the sea to swim in- NEA Staff Writer strap in these color. only makes delicious cocoa, it also very few minutes. When you ser
gredients. wolves a certain necessity for mi-nhe-rmakes creamy, rich fudge squares to the Spears or Cuts, t.ey be t*d
Rhubarb-Orange Scallop being properly turned out. The A full-length hooded sweater luck into lunchboxes or pile on luscious, beautifully pgaew Birds Eye
Three cups rhubarb. 2 table- suit should be adequate, fiat- is snug-fitting bodice and skirt, (right) by FranceS:' Bider pro- a pretty dish for the 'coffee table. Broccoli is quick frozen 'wihen If's
.spoons melted butter, 2 cups tering and, quick-drying. It fastened with gold clasps from videos a cover-up on any beach. Makes smooth, smooth frosting for fresh from the garden, so thoai all its
sugar. 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg, er-up against possible sudden This piece goes on over swim it zips all the way, can be cream. You'Il be pleased with the chance to wilt! It fits into your 4ae=
61. grated rind of one orange, 1/3 chances in the weather. pants. In wet-sand brown, the worn with other sweaters, and ease and economy of Baker's 4-in-1 a-week shopping schedule; too;
cup water, juice of one orange. A sleek swim suit (left) in suit is banded in yellow-and- slacks. In this instance, it hides Instant Cocoa and your f6rmily can buy ony quantity ao4 keep the
Cut the rhubarb into one-inch virgin wool measures up in red at waist and bodice top. a matching, strapless maillot. will be pleased With the results! packages frozen at home nde nlts~
*n* McCardell has made this suit you must do two things: I) Use- "CAKE TOUR OF .TE U.g,,A" jh
with h? Io.c a br. Oe JE R GI AE T a brand that assures good flavor, one of the most riqiae rqipe boq'.*
KV IY KGSUMMER SPE(CIAL J I S and (2) brew it correctly. No ts -we've even seen. in 3" -ages,
K g pieces. Mix the melted butter amount of know-hew can mooke poor it contain, some thiLteen re
Price Includes your script Inltiell with the bread crumbs. Then tea taste better but fine tea con cipes and the historical oUnd
Heavily plated, beautifully styled .. combine the brown sugar, nut- be spoiled by wrong preparation! So of each. Its editors the
exclusive "Signature" is Old Compeny meg, and orange rind aeparateal. I begin with Maxwell House Tea, to country to find' out .which .-,er the
Plate made and guaranteed by the be sure of bouquet and vivid' flavor; thirteen most popular coals inAmes'
Wn. Rogers Mfg. Co., Meriden, Con. bPlace alternating layers of the arid when you prepare it, put the tea rica, qnd how. each ws made.'Th
So lovely, you'U want morel With tea- rhubarb, augar-spice mixture, in the cup or pot fist, then odd bol also included 10 Pointers to. Pv
spoon, you receive list of complete and bread crumbs in a greased ing water.- Not .just hot water Cokes a mighty useful
pattern and prices. Sendl for the 5 caserole dish, using the bread beltlun water. Allow it to steep for of measuring, mixing and ,boilnks
ning value--offered by -lb crumbs for the top layer. Com- I 'oat least three minutes, preferably hints. The result, with ,plcturej, Iful
Kellogg'as vAzr, bet pick 'n' bine the orange juice and water five. In that time, the rich, choice inth-rctio s end the history 9i each
fun of all! 10 generous booe,7 .' and sprinkle over the mixture. "....j flavor of Maxwell NoutTia will be recipe, is a valuable and. upetineg-
woll0bebcopreleased..and when dri it, it 'oklet. Apcropateis, the f
cereal favorites- Grand anytime Why ave a Home Cover and bake in a hot oven .wi be compteteln Tre ti ein s and recommended t'roughot ise he
Permanent ? (400 degrees F.) about 35 mii- ..satisfying. Try this ssterm .ind*,e foremost calce flor dh the 'ntSie $
utes. Remove cover and continue if you don't increase your- teanl'n- Swans Down Cake Flour fapeu,

.... with inadequate facilities, baking about 10 minutes, or until NOBODY LIKES TO srd If you'd ike a opt t his vlv ex d bkle
- no certain finished look, and the rhubarb tender and the NOBODYLIKESTOsprd f you'd like opy of this
no guarantee when you can topping is brown. Serve with story hours in the kitchen. But i r send 15s and the coupon below r
Sf nfl $ l have a professional one com- plain or whipped cream. is it wise to take short cuts FRANCES BARTON
lete for only $7.50! It will your m9els Ies appetiin o P. O. BOX 893
Soner.and look better tiou. That's wy Birds Eye it- PANAMA, R.
Your Mood Has Wings vben s chwtables met. nd so on losd is 1t o
These can be had hree deieratey all of us .They give re free- Tour of U..
-.-----. --.......-- .. ..- M TH A Three deliberately flirtatious Jergens Co dom and less w,- end ds much. .
u- tt U T. AA, t m ums MONDAV thruTHURSDAY lll to set your mood for him ... subtle ee9nt. setimaes more viteamin oas' the
Si that liner. remind him of a deihtf lfrsh variees dot Birds E Brocco li
Ps dm. ....... iemto peatsu Make Your iger... re tes. em'mplo; i'cooks very
teegoos with tial c~iL. Fe e e sb e your ai versatile you. If you wo he ighthearte klsnot one :
ut ikyaI lnoIitt-mfnd f d Apointment L wear gay, fresh Mornin Glory. Vivade .e advance. prepr on uri. ; e.. nop
7B. te -" i Ely! ^then spicy, irisp Pink Frtg is youw fr You don't lift o paring knife or turn --
-.......................................BALBOA Zia, a bit daring is bewitching and tempta -.E
prBEUThrSOP Jr ens eolopmes to send your me*-
.......................................... InBEhe wd o keTp.hlP veaemberig. tt I
qT................................ .....6 ".'ost, s. e AOENCIAS W. H. DOEL, S.A.
7W Gusti r a i Cg &Ms B-a. ctabbes,.a PANAMA AMRIICAN Box 322 Panami .

I -
*: i..,
I.' )t~ -


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in-o mi


a:'l~ '_I -*~ .. -

no ri

4' r-

--L- -.
,. -. .

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":' : ":,-" : .^-v. ..". .7 .- .-... .-,-
p Trio..1 Ca -ipIe Entire
Ll31 c a or & -k a iA


-isti.Miaght "'chuii". M'. Homer Woffardt
al 'rant or,

an McClure, Mrs,
W. D. ~No Mrs. C. P..Pree-
all, 4Mla. hez, Mrs. E. J.
.hutma Aff:. Homer Woffard,
Mrs. ank Cooper, Mrs. Shir-
... lay ulse, B. S MacMaster,
t Mrs. Mullet, and Mrs. J. Picked.

S a g wsg en lkse ant eir guests are. n-
n t th 'new vltod to a pttab party thin aft'
gtheQ a, 5t ernoon at 4:0 in their clubroom
lo and Mrs. Ih Balboa.'Musle will be provided
A .C for dancing.

istabbs My Breed Rapidly

kt Possums'Do Better'
--.- "" By JACK L. IMION
v -a -- k--
bodlce. h I U sekMted JEZPTRT ON CITY, Mo. Aug. 4 is found In almost every state.
trinmm t -incIrusted (UP.). -, When It comes to Any dog, from the pedigreed
dates,an and kits 8ne .multiplication, the vaunted, ra- to the cur. can tree a 'possum
wore a bandeau of matching net, pidly-reproducing, rabbit can and bring home the bacon, or
vith'bows on the d, and short take, a, backseat to that old 'possum. There's a reason. The
mitts embellished wih pearls. slowpoke of the woods, the op- 'possum just isn't very bright.
Her shower bouquet w*s faibon- possum. In the early 4900's. a natural-
ed of dusty-pink roses. The Missourl conservation 1st measured the brain capacity

Mi.. SheWla
iu Shell Wal'ean, wh*
he haadle4 the uelety eol.
for ev- al so btf naa
newspaper, io ew The PLna-
uma Amerlea's Aeting Soelety
S b i tor for the Peilore 8140.
Miss Calhoun's telephone
qu=mber o Pamma 3.-M43,
where she asy be remteed off
atate.adring tBh *ay, Wlt not
after 7 p.m.
Her Igul address tex ,
BDlb He4ighty Ci. l e. ,U
All ito*as for sra _ep Side.
Soelety ceolmn should be mnall-
4d*or telephot to Mas. Cal-

Colonel Wilam cf ,wa best
mdan. The ushrwxWVre Major He-
Ar Bulo.Mr, James Macou-
bry, Cpt i Chles Whitlock,
Over two hundred gu est at-
tended the reception hqld in the
ailrobm of the Hotel TTvoli after
he wedding. . the wedding and re-

SAfteer thte3w eddtng. trip, Lt.
and Mrs. Waggoner will make
their. home in. Fort Oulick. The
bride, Woret a golg-away suit of
brown shantung wth green P,-
Mns. AelbiadU Aremena
Entroans With Tea'
:.Irh. AlcbA des .Arosemena,
wife of J xcellei7cy the Pres.-
dent of the public of Panam,
was hostess for a tea at her resl-
dence .in Bella Vista yesterday
afternoon in honor of Mrs. Jo05
Antonio Rem6n; who returned
recently f'Oa a trip to Lima,
Mrs..Bennett Hnored
At B. Voy geLuncheon
To- fete Mr. Irving. Bennett,
who is leavit g Mn'atrip to Miami
early next week, a group of
friend gave. a luncheon n Ithe
Balboa Room bof El PanamA on
Attending the luncheon were
ars. George Arias, Mrs. Charles
Smith, Mrs. Audrey Kline, Mrs.
Henry Fdane,. Mrs. Charles
Maeurray rs.- .ohn Arias,
Mts. John M Mrs. Brack Hat-
ler, and Mrs. Leon' Greene.
Retwrne* From Wshlagtoa
Camptfller. general of the Re-
pubi c *of namPa oHe drique de
Obarrio returned by plane from
Washington, D. C., yesterday.
Farewell Luncheo
For 'Mrn. D StaemOn
Mrs. Edward Barlow and Mrs.
Paul Brnard were hostesses for
a bon yoyage luncheon at the
Hotel Tvoll Friday in honor of
Mrs. Theodore Di Stefano, who is
leaving soon for the United
States to make her home in Lou-
a"ian". Covers were laid for ten.
Jrp. Euene' Wolfe
Noa'R $ at.6.o I..
Mrs. Eulgene Wlfe of Chorre-
ra w*as uest of honor at a tea
and baby shower given by the



$5.M0 UW

acomlalsoist can cite figures to
pr9oe that the 'possum can give
Brer abbit a run for his
money when it comes to pro-
ducing young.
A mature cottontail rabbit
produces a yearly average of
about 17 young in four tters.
The laborsav)ng 'possum may
produce just as many young in
a year and does it in only two
The 'possum may be slow a-
bout most things but the freak-
ish little ial has the short-
eat. gestatibn period of any
NortIr American mammal-only
12a days. However, the time
4I lengthened a little because
the young. spend six to eight
weeks in the mother's pouch.
At birth, young oppossums
are quite undeveloped and it
would take 270 of.the tiny crea-
tures to make an ounce. They
are so small that a litter of
16 would easily fit in a table-
The 'possum has many pe-
culiarities not shared by fellow
Noih American mammals. The
America freak has a pouch
similar to a kangaroo, a mon.-
ke-lke penslletall, grasp-
tng clawievi thumb on the hind
fo and more teeth than a
'ddntal boratory window-50.

pers iM l at one-
Vth the e. ehe
lan't worth only 30
4,0tt-- but it is used in Jack-
ets, coats and trimming.
aaskes Nice Eating
Te 'possum will eat almost
anything and conversely, ali-
most anyone will eat a 'pos-
Sum. Baked the omnivorous lit-
tle mammal is a gourmet's der
light to some. For this rea-
son, the -posum. which weighs
from four to 12 pounds and at"
tains a length of about two
and one half feet, seldom lives
longer than tight years. ;
'Possum hunting has. almost
become a national spbrt. The
wily little rambler of the wood



No. 32 Central Avenue Is
From Aug. SIXTH, where,
You ean cool off with
A Cold drink of Milk -
Soda, lee-Ciesm etc.-
"BEAT the HEAT" whilst
you shop at the "A-B-C"
"Serve Yourself Counter"
Where Antonio used to be
There youll find the
"A B.-C"'
Lumber TWENTT-EIOiT.A-v.
Central in Mansam City.
ferreodent ste d and
e.aprtment 5tw etc.
S am. te s pA.

NewA... for your


Seci7l 7m

ITr h -....
at uOd a ltow. ow prle-l

A -

of a 'possum skull, he compar-
ed its thought equipment with
that of a similar sized raccoon.
The oppossum's wit-box held
only 25 beans, while that of
'the racoon measured 150 bean-

NEW YORK, Aug. 4 (U.P.). -I
Modern art, late flower of an an-
cient civilization transplanted
from France, is pushing its roots
into the virgin American soil.
A genuine artistic climate is
in the making.
Already there have been some
very gifted modern American
artists. -
One cqn recognize the first de-
licate beginnings of an American
tradition. The air is filled with
the expectation of things to come.
In the meantime, some impa-
tient critics and museum direct-
ors think a complete survey of
what American artists have ac-
complished so far would enhance
this country's present position in
the world of art.
Ais i *tep In this 0-
-Elisabeth 14-
"A H. Maunr.
a "*i Rns seca's fil.
mIen"i nr." (Wyn).
Save-t ued Maurer from
the wafehouSes was a commenda-
ble action .Indeed. It ought not
t9 have been one, however, with
the intinlatlfn that this was a
case of mIstunderstood genius.
Maurer was certainly gifted.
Nevertheless, he was' a slow-
moving ploieAer who fan 20 to 30
years behind his time: His mis-
fortune was that then the Am-
erican public was not prepared
for even such a delayed modern-
Maurer lacked the moral
strength to cut himself off from
family and friends and to devote
all his energies to art. Having di-
vided his loyalties he failed both
in life and in art. At the end
he committed suicide.
There is perhaps no- greater
tragedy than to waste, one's
life. Yet, misfortune is no subs-
titute to greatness. There Is no
gain In making believe that
It is.


ie N I isi i im- 40, uu Miles

CAIRO, Egypt. Aug. 4 (U.P.).-
A Ca'i.oo nian iand -Jo Irqnch
friends have ret ni nd to Ceairo
after a perilous nine-mpnth,
4.200-mile padde down the Nile
River. possibly the longest canoe
trip ever made.
Tall. blond. John M. Goddard,
26. of Los Angeles, a former Un-
Ited States Air Force pilot, head-
ed the expedition, which crossed
jungles, deserts. swarmps,'-repu-
tedly impassable cataracts and
areas never before traversed by
white men.
The sun-tanned trio put in for
ten days at Cairo and then set
out northward to reach the Me-
diterranean at the Rosetta
mouth, bringing to an end the
first complete descent of the
The venture began last Novem-
ber 2 from the farthest source of
the Nile, the Kager4 River, In
the land of Ruanda-Urundt, west
of Tanganika Territory. The Ka-
gera feeds Lake Victoria, out of
which flows the Nile.

Photographic Record
Ooddard's two French mates
were Jean Laporte.31.a'n interior
decorator, and Andre Davy. 36. a
The French Geographic Society
and the French Museum of Nat-
ural Science patronized the ex-
pedition. The trio explored the
whole length of the river and re-
corded it thoroughly for docu-
mentaries on film "to let the


MISS JUDITh ANNE SMITH, of Margarita, whose engage-
ment to Mr. Kenneth C. Krogh was announced in yesterday's
Panama American.
Due to a make-up error, some papers were printed with
another picture over Miss Smith's name. The mistake was
corrected while the run was in progress.


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&x242, 4:

cesorlee and the orchtMd
from her wedding bouquet.
SMrs. Dunn was born A
C. Z., and was reared andI
ed-er eduhssilonont t
Sh1e Was graduatedL ,C
balHi ghoo, wI*
U. 8. Navy ptaldpia. i
Mr. Dunnwa rearQ4 in
Georgia anda graduate
the hiph a ic here
class of 14 At that time
tered the United tatesa
received -I* lc tr
^^^ burs Office at
young couple will
ona. ,
MI- Eleanor Kuller ..
HoMored at t"art 4i
*Miss. Eleanpr KlrO
was the guest of ojr*
shower and bufett
was given at the'
z1 A. Dyerof M
evening. Miss Jean
co-hostess with Ml r.
flowers shand tall
were used to a
with -white 6ehid
presented, *t
meant oth

world know more abut the age-
old institudon the Nile repre-
sents." Laporte'said.
"We didn't take the trip just
for the fun of paddling through
4,200 miles of Water," Laporte
added. "We staldied everything
we could about the river and its
influence on culture of the peo-
ple who live on its banks, es-
pecially the isolated tribes, we
also collected specimens of the
fauna and flora en route."
Cataracts Encountered
Six roaring and foaming cata-
racts and innumerable smaller
rapids were the biggest obstacles
on the way.
"Tearing down the river a-
round blind turns and shooting
rapids for sheer thrill is incom-
parable." Goddard said.
Africa's crocodiles, hippos.
lions, rhinos, elephantA and o-
ther wild beasts were met by the
hundreds during the perilous ad-
venture but rarely gave the three
men any trouble.
The three adventurers lived
mostly on the game knd fish they
caught along the way until their
firearms were gone. After that
they ate from the provisions they
had brought along with them
"Just in case."
For the greater part of the last
nine months they dreamt of
many things they wanted to eat.
The first dream to come true in
Cairo was good ice cream. Each
had two helpings of It.

Miss Dorothy Engelbright
Weds James Edward Dunn
Miss Dorothy Mae Engelbright,
the daughter of Mr. and Mrs .T.
E. Engelbright of Margarita, ahd
Mr. James Edward Dunn of Rod-
man, C.Z. the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Carl J. Dunn of Rome, Georgia,
were wed at a beautiful candle-
light, double ring service at the
NaVal Chapelyat Cdco Solo last
evening at 6 o'clock." Chaplain
W. W. Winter of Rodmnan, C. Z.,
read the service.
Seven branched candelabra
entwined with white blossoms
lighted the chancel of the chapel,
which was banked with palms.
'Cornucopia baskets hled ar-
rangements of white agapanthus
on each side of the altar. The
pews were marked with clusters
of white agapanthus tied with
satin ribbon.
Mrs. H. W. Cassibry, organist,
offered appropriate nuptial mu-
sic, preceding the ceremony and
played the traditional wedding
march and' chorus. Miss Rita
Howard, soprano soloist, sang "At
Dawning" and "0, Promise Me."
The lovely bride, who was es-
corted and given in marriage by
her father, wore a gown of ivory
colored satin made with a tight
fitted bodice and full skirt that
ended In a cathedral length train.
The high neckline was of illusion
with a yoke of delicate lae lace that
extended over the shoulders. A
fan-shaped godet of satin and
accordion pleated lace centered
the skirt from the waist to the
hem. She wore elbow length lace
mitts that- ended in points over,
her wrists. Her bouquet was a!
shower of white roses centered
with a removable white orchid
corsage. Her fingertip veil of Il-
lusion fell from a coronet of
starched lace and orange blos-
Miss Beverly Lindstrom adt-
tended her sister as maid of hon-
or. She wore a strapless ballerina
gown-of lavender nylon over lav-
ender taffeta. Her stole was of
lavender nylon with taffeta glove
sleeTes. -'
She carried a nosegay of pastel
colored flowers frilled with pink
net. Her headdress was of match-
ing flowers and net.
Miss Joyce Hawthorne and Miss
Jeanetta McLaren were the

bridesmaids. Their gowns were
fashioned in the sage style as
that worn by the maid of honor.
Miss Hawthorne wore yellow and
her nosegay and headdress were
trimmed with, yellow. They also
wore nylon stoles with glove
The mother of the bride chose
a navy blue taffeta with an over-
dress. of navy bhle lace for the
occasion. She wore a headdress
of navy blue and white tulle..
The wedding reception was
held at the Hotel Washington fol-
lowing the ceremony. The lounge
was attractively decorated with
white flowers and tropical green-
ery. Mr. and Mrs. Engelbright re-
ceived the guests with the mem-
bers of the wedding party.
Mrs. Henry D. DeVoll,.sister of
the bride, who is visiting here
from Sedalia, Missouri, was in
charge of the guest book.
Mrs. B. Donald Humphrey serv-
ed the three tiered" wedding cake
which was topped with a minia-
ture bride and groom.
Mr. and Mrs. Dunn motored to
the Pacific side and will spend
several days in the Interior of
Panama. Mrs. Dunn chose a
green embroidered organdy suit
for travelling. She wore white ac-

Those prepeart g ind;aed
mother of the honoree,
Jmn KfUler, te s r
Charles Terry, Mxr. lO D
Mrs, Marir Fraar, Me: _t
l nhommqw, Mrsg Da404. ,
,7Wi. Walter H. Kurht.
Troop, Mr R. D. *
Mr. Max Welch. Mr,.A,
Hlidgins, Mrs. James Ob
Durwood Stringer, Mr.
Hawthorne, Mrs. Jerry Whj
Mrs. C. C. Clay, Mrs. W. W. 1%
man, Mrs. Joseph Hily, I
Leonard H. Scranton, and .1
Misses Lois Shannon, Doret
Dennis, Ann Wichener, Pa
Dovel, Joyce Hawthorne and I
neve Dough.
Board Meeting of IAWC
Colon Unit
The monthly meeting of
IAWC Board members oj th't
lon unit will be held at te IAM
Building at 6th and Meldt
Ave., Monday afternoon at- :
All board members andm'ateros
are urged to be present xnd 1
following memberss axre aked
attend as committees are to
named. Mrs, Albert Motta,
Paul Beck, Mrs. Robat LeA
Mrs. Rafael De Boyrie, Mrs. Js
A. Nlfiez, Mrs. Albert 0. Dil
Mrs. Isaac Oorlo, Mrs. oe
Bazain, Mrs. EuStace Lee, M
Milton A. Cookson, MrS De.
tria Rus9dlmos, Mi Thel
Godwin. Mrs. mrnesto lst"
-Mrs. Humberto Letghfdier,1
IL. B. Hunnicutt, Mrs. Dithard
Carter, Mrs. mnrico Burlan
Mrs Anltollo A br
Belanger, I. ec ,.
goire and Mrs. Jr I Wino.
The regular monthly meoe
of the IAWC wilr be held MoaI
afternoon, August 13.

In The *






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----- ~~~ _~~~___ __~~~_ _~ HBLa

- r

- i -;I .

*- -" "' *5 -*. y-.T'-
.. j ^ ^ -

,,L *'

.' -^

MISS EDNA MAE REED of New Jerey', whose benigement to
Guy Martin Newland of the Canal Zone' ls annoubhed today,.
..- 0 -
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer John Farley of Lawrence Township,
Trenton, and Ventner City, New Jersey, announce the en-
gagement of Mrs. Farley's daughter, Miss Edna Mae Reed, to
Guy Martin Newland, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Kenneth
Newland of the Hotel Washington, Colon.
Miss Reed, daughter of the late W. Russell Reed, is a
graduate of the Baldwin School, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania,
and is a senior at Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, New
York. She was presented to society in the AUembjy of 1940.
Mr. Newland was born in the Canal Zone and attended
Canal Zone Schools. 1ie was graduated from the Kent School,
Kent, Connecticut, and in June from Prinoeton University
where he was president of Elm Club. He holds a reserve
commi~slon as a Second Lieutenant of Artillery and was or-
dered to active duty on July 18 with the First Armored Di-
vision at Fort Hood, Texas. At present he is taking the As-
sociate Field Artillery Officers course at Fort Sill, Oklahoma,
and will go to Fort Hood in November.
The wedding is planned for November.



'a.. ""

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wheels, 1942. One Intemoational
'FOR SALE:--Leaving Isthmus. Me- 2 1-2 ton, 1947, long chassis. In-
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parlor room set, kitchen set, plants, chassis. One Mack 5 ton, 1947,
Westinghouse 7 ft. refrigerator, excellent condition. Telephone 2-
porcelain cabinet 25 cycle, radios, 0610. Panama.
radio testers, porch wicker set.,
"Radar & Electronic Courses." FOR SALE:-1950 Mercury 4 door,
Miscellaneous, silver jewelry cost 9,000 miles with radio. $1,750.
price. House No. 1. Melendez Phnoe Corozal 85-4269.
Ave. brtremn 4th-Sth Sts. Cristo- FOR SALE:-1951 Chevrolet Bell-
3*232 ________Air, Power Glide. One 1948 Nash
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4 Framed tapestry size 27" x 60" 8th and 9th Sts.
$3.00; 3 wooden window cornices. FOR SALE:-1951 Chevrolet 4 door
.50 cts. each, used curtain rods, De Luxe 1,600 miles, rubber un-
odd pieces of China and .glass derseal. Tel. 83-4176.
ware perfect for buffet suppers, odd
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WEABINO I NEWLY EARNED CAPS AND VNS, the twenty-one membiWt# df
Cross GrayLady training class of the U.S. Army Hoptal, Frtt Clay on. ate a i
ing graduation ceremonies In the hospital aud itor4um .last week. Beginning t
June 21, the women have completed a program of lectes, discussions d o
pased a ten'-hour probatory period 'In the has pital Wards. F. H. Lerchen. tJra
the first row, Balboa Chapter Claran" of the Aierian Red Cross, ani Col.
ham, Comblpding Officer of the'T. Ary H hospital, to his right, addressed tl
Mrs. George K. Withers, chairmen of there new volunteers, sits at Lerchen's left, I
land H. Hewitt, Chairman of the Hoispitl Gra y Ladies, sits to the right of C0ol.'

Luther's Letter To. Wife

Discovered In Finland

Hill M1ke4 *

tales, neea painring.i anex ro re FOj ALE: n191 ,Crysler, iNw to 4U 7 in all Uot r daily LAIUL JIU .
Maker, above priced, very cheap. Yorker, 4-door sedan, in very gooders n Panamn4 a old and
House 779-D, Tavernilla Street, condition., Phone Coco Solo, 36- PPe (bby oteiMn (U.P.). An old Finnish for- handf-pro. e I..s o he a-eman er il
all dy Saturday r Sunday. 8607. bined I P ester forMing through an An- The text -the letter, they 3, plans a pl Bover N -a--r
FOR SALE: All porcelain refriger- tque tre to have sd s ont ed in a book, al tomorrow a ruber bar
tor, $50.00, large and small dry FORSALE found a letter Martin Luther "MainLuther ee in Au rel before a pr ed crowd of
closets, desk, China :closet, tables, wrote to his wife in 1541, five waj1 .Hrau e + von Rein-. 300,000. Hill "ideO tlae 16
chairs, andmiscella ushouse-oatstorsyears before his death. ha Buhwaer Band foot high Can Fal
chlas, ad o.Helou6 Ac ______hoes L UX Two Finnish experts said the l ub ed inLeiig in 1909. It barrel made s-hv duty
Blvd. FOR SAL.E:-Leaving soon. Will sell: ----letter, o-- grey, hand-made pap- .a r .odIune a _ol- te tubes ashet. er.
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FOR SALE :-AII porcelain. Westing- gine; 6mm movie camera, pro-inland was a expertbel he letter had tes ive hne
house 8 foot Refrigerator. $125.- sector. Coil 5-325. IBLINDS
house 8 foot Refrinertor. $125.- sector. Coll 5-325. BUNDS mystery because the text has also been published in the ear- over the FaUe an4 only rree
Champion Strlite coupe, $1,500 WANTED ISCELLANEOUS RESORTS e Luther letter published in T lter ws wrten when H' younger b r, Mao
00. Phone Bhboa 3193. rmLther was 5 and some 24 Hill, now a private i the Ca-
OR SALE:-Westinghoue refriger- Automobiles yo v a d rinkl pre ? Willloms Santa Clara Bech Cottages. el In the letter, dated Sept. 18, years after. he ted fam-naan Amy tried to go o
FOR SALE:-Westinghouse refrier- A omo e Ak A.m s Two bedrooms, Frigidore Rock-Tel. 13 the t Protestant advised his us 95 theses on e door of a the N t er
ator, 9 cubic feet, 25 cycle, $40.- WANTED:-1-2 ton pick-up. Good ox 2011 Ans, C. gas ranges. Balboa 2-3050. 22 e th St. wife to remain calm, apparent- Wittenberg the .to protest in taf4e au
00, electric ship's chimes mantle WANTE:-2 top-up.o 8 lyi t he face of the threat to what he felt were abuses of 100 yards above t hk Hs
clock, other small clock, girl', condition. Call Monday 4 to 6. Cu- Bids will be received in the office of Phillip. Beach cottages, Santo Clora. Central Europe by the rampag- Papal Indulgences .by the Cat- helpers ped aoavt elt
bicycle, $15.00. youth's bed rundu 2208 the General Manager, Commissary Box 435. Balboa. Phone Panama ing Ottoman foWes of Sulet- holic Church, and the b alone.
$5.00. 762-C, Barneby Street, Division, Mount Hope, C. Z., or 3-1877, Cristobal 3-1673. an I, whh had captured Bu- A. Broberg, the 77-yea-ld A crowd t
Balbo. FOR SALE Supply. and Service Director, Bal-Gralic. C DR. CARL AHLTEEN apest only a few weeks be- forester who found the letter of te rer it
boa Heights, C. Z., until 3:00 P. ACTo fore. in a collection of old papers, the Fals and c oo the
Leaving Panama, must sell Philippine Real Estate M. Thurdoay, August 23, 1951, co ttO c Ice b i The letter, lU most letters said he was sure It ad bbeen rocks below. He W have b
Rattan set, 8 pieces, $175.00. four when they wilt be opened in public, stove moderate rates. Phone 6- olee: Sel before and. since, complained in pessn t leas snce, kill
burner gas stove, like new, $85.- FOR SALE:-Two bedroom, concrete for the sale of 20 Holstein heifers, 541 or 4.567. H s that Fu Luther had not w rit- 1 18. bar..
00. G. E. washing machine $85.- cottage, Santa Clara, completely in four lots, frim the Mindi Dal- HOTEL PAN-AMERICANO. El Voile Mes wdeWd T.Mane ten him for some time. He wa unable to explain Hill l t n an arfoam
00. Via Belisorio Porros No. 56 furnished, electric ice box, gas ry, Mount Hoe, Canal Zone. Sperf p for August Room with eas pm* The letter said: how he o It. td fImight mattress Ind the banel when
Apt. 10. Ferguson. range, terms. Phone 6-541. Form HI- p with full par- priveteboth $35.00 per month -To Kaethe LutherDeutsch. fAY n fona Ger- he goesover the Fall tomr-
OR -SA-LE: Mahogany diningroom tirs obtained in the $20.00 for 15 days Meals a la iene the h member anye, ra. He w
FOR SALE: Mohogany diningroom Help. n off of8 erol Mntedger, car .eslatios Tel. Pr. 2-. 11. ... 3 a. oo ted oge
suite. House 129-A, Gomboo. p: isWony n,. Mount Howo. r .P...U,. ,,..
a', land Servce _______ "G-, U. F. (b n
c.-de Westinghouse Refrigerator. references. Do not apply if not "Dear Ka e, .,I aenwith
Sday Sunday, 0. 612-D. competent. No. 75, Peru Ave. up- F R RENT KEROSENE Mmtk Lamp hve Urban rn to you'so you
-coli. stairs. shall not be hte4ed it cla-
v W e e e,0M Candle Pwer of Maodana Wht mor from the ets to
IOer Waste Gas, LOST & FOUND Oen Ve .toal, a*.n. -- n o. otd frl e o d
*osm AbeoluteI ite not write or (one Word un-
T FD FOR SALE: Very cheap. National odem furnished-unfumlshed apart a t plo, .o .n translatable) alt gh.Ou well
SEm 1~ cosh register. "Sanitary" meat ment. Contact office No. 8061, 10th o ump. No know that we are not without
A substantial reward will be given grinder, 600 Ibs: on hour. Freezer St. New Cristobal. Phone 1386. Co- o Simple a Child Can Operate It know tat wee are. not without
for the return of a Diamond Plo- suitable for restaurant. Ham slicer, Ion. f 9.95 Lowest Price
BI1FFALO. N. Y.. Aug. 4 (U.P.) tinum Ring and a gold ladies gas stove, 4 burner and broiler. 4 $9.95 Lowest Price men of Measeny of tare noble-
-Three cardinal sins of the 'wrist Watch lost at the Tivoli Ho- Neon lamps, 48", 3 tubes. 1st St., FOR RENT: 2 bedroom apartment,. ever Offered In Pana'mi. vatd. Sell an der what
'gasoline wastrel" are costing tel about two weeks ago. Abso- No. 7, Vista Hermosa. Tel. 3- recently built, maid's room. "D" youV can and will meet
'lew York State motorists more lutely no questions asked. Coil 1468. street "El Cangrejo" Tel. 3-0460. All Pas Available. you s i... the aodofhis a
000,000 annually, ac- telephone 3-4304. pur sin, with bthe "ods of his
than. $274000000, annually, ac- tph -FOR SALE:-Piano Winter Spinet, 18 FOR RENT:-Furnlshed'or unfurnish- 0o *ale In Al ElIDWAs eand nger. Herewith O.bless' you.
cordt to one of Amerlca.s top TEN DOLLARS reward for return of months. Cost $850.00, now $475. ed one bedroom modern apart- aN IQte Store "Amen .
aSutomoUte engineers, kit of tools in black case marked 00, Q St. No. 5, Apt. 12. ment, gatrae. 168 Via Bellsario Dstributor: "Sunday after lrt 1541.
Demar 0. Roos. vice president G. A. O. No question asked. Orr Porros.
'of illys-Overland, blames the 4 Limon St. New Cristobal 3-1862. FOR SALE:--Commercial Refriger- WONO CHANO, S. A. The two experts, ho studied
waste on impatience, negligence ator. 12 holes, 2 temperatures, FOR RENT:-Apartment, living-din- col6 9th St. A Blbo eAve. the letter said It probably was
anl.. Incompetence. Because of it, operate on one unit, completely ingroom, pOrch, bedroom, garage, Tel. SO the original rather than a co-
v ry New York automobile own- E N overhauled and rebuilt, SAS Cake terrace, kitchen, mold's room, Panama 93 Cenhral Ave.
,r ads bout $81 to his gasoline I-E CS S 0 J 1 S Shop, 224 Central Ave. Lux lamps, venetian blinds. $65.00. TeL. 2.27
tab, eacn year. RoI sad.gPianoInstructionfor Building. Via Porras o. 64. Also furnished Legion e Sale
Modern Swing Piano instruction for room with sanitary service, private
SRoss made his conclusion a Fter beginners and advanced students. FOR SALE:-Baby's crib, Simmons entrance. For information Tel. 3-n Crit
v nKF series o( controlled Fees moderate. Bennett's Studio. spring cotton mattress, baby's pot- 1863 '-, TAXi
ilage tests. His figures on Juan B. Sosa No. 9. Tel. 2-1282. tie seat. Eastman 8mm movie ca-
a Lewastage were based on----- mero 3.5 lerse, all in very good RADIOy .ext S u
cu nt asoUne prices through- condition. 8185-A, Morgarita 3- FR RENT O OB [o1 CAN RIDE
out the state, number of miles Pedro Miguel 2382. F OR RENT OR MORE CAN IDE CRISTOBALAt a. on
"got" per gallon by the average C I ERA PAS Sturday, the 'Elbt 8. Waid
motorist and the latest available Civic 'un l FOR SALE:-1951 Chevrolet Bel Rooms A nit of the Amercn Legion
mileage figures released by the VIC .CoUnII Aire Power Glide 4,000 miles. 24-Hour Phone Auxiliary will hold a bake sale
National Safety Council.Mee Will trade for Sedan on blue book FOR RENT:-Furnished rooms with oe A at the Hall, for the public.
The two worst gas wasters, MeetS TomorrOW values. Boxer puppies delivery 3- porch and kitchen. Apply Chose SERVICE Pan. J There will be cakes, cookies, IAT A MTt
aside from habitual speeding, are 4 weeks, Crossman 23. Col. 1,500 Bank Bldg. 11th. St. Bolivar ___pies, and some fine home-baked GIANT AND Mi' ET--aptow
jackrabbit starts and quick stops, There will be a regular Rds. Amm. Cylinder .Bolex H. 16 Phone 233 Colon. items. RitlingBros. m B arnm iBalley, ti
oos said. Speed alone cuts mile- monthly meeting of the Pedro Movie Camera 3 Kern Poillord American Legion Auxiliary wenthe 's
age almost in half. Miguel Civic Council, tomorrow lenses, carrying case, Golf Clubs 8 FOR RENT:-In Bela Vista, nicely members wishinR to 1lp or to a 50,000 11att1 lnt that wrodus as muh liht an e
at the Union Church basement, irons, 4 woods Wilson's 027 Guage furnished room. independent en- furnish bake items, please con. 100-watt t lmaps Built by G as a tunt ll
His study 'showed that faulty at 7:30 p. m. Train Set. 5337-D, Davis St. Dia- trance. M6xico Avenue No. 69, tact Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Oriffon, "Light'i Golde Jtabhtlw," no practcal u was ound fo tl
park settings, cylinder compres- blo Hgts. near 43rd St. or Mrs. Crum.... Telephones Ft. nmtil it was gently in the a f a c s d
sion and tire pressures cut gaso- All officers and members of Guick 870. Cristobal 1033 or \the bg top.
line efficiency between three andthe Council are urged to at- FOR SALE:-Four automobile tiresFOR RENT: Clean, comfortable Cristobal 2389.
Six per cent ad costs the motor- tend. In addition, all new re- 6.70 x 15, used, but good, for furnished rooms, tnaid service. r ________.
$at between one and two cents sidents of the township are cor- many milse, require recapping. Centrally locate. I" Street No.HOSPAL
extra for each mile he drives. dially invited to join these 5648 B, Diablo, 87-4278. 5. telephone 2, '4 Panam. P HOSPITAL
Other common mechanical faults monthly meetings. 2 VI Jer,1 (11.e Frad. Rs o R)
Roosg the obrnc eh thes aee ar-A ri
DServices Inian r001 Mass
air filters, drawggi g brakes and F eral OSer ices M ic ena ne eus o a "
improper wheel alignment. Ca Miscella ous e s-a12 tase m
Roos concluded that the aver- 0 i neorders t eaa
age motorist gets less than half For Mrs. L. Clarke WANTED TO BUY:-Steomer trunk On P a. an
the motoring miles he should with wardrobe compartment. Call
out of a gallon of gasoline. To Be Held Thais P.M. telephone 2-1704, Paname. KARACHI, Aug. 4 (UP)-Ra-
a srisfMr.dio Pakistan quoted press re-'Im ore
Beach No Safe Place Funera services for Mrs. Laura ryi ports that Indian troops were mp ted
larkeof Panam a City, who died Woryng No Obstacle massed at Hardaspur, only two
For le Triplets Friday at the Gorgas Hospital, miles from the East Pakistan Conned Hams
r Age Trplets will take place at the Herrera TO Century Of Life border.
Cemetery this afternoon. The radio, quoting Indian PE
REVERE, Mass., Aug. 4. (U.P.) SYRACUSE. N. Y., Aug. 4. Agency reports, also said thatPEK
The beach is no place for 8- Mrs. Clarke is survived by her (U.P.). Worry is supposed to Indian troop movements have DREWS
ear-old triplets, according to husband Fitz Clarke, her son Joe shorten a person's life. In the "intensified along the Assam-
r. and Mrs. John Russo of who is called "Cuba" and a case of Mrs. Katherine Gilcher, Mymensiglh Border during the KRAKUS &
ielsea. They tried it with their daughter, Beatriz. it hasn't had any effect. She is past week.
8h. 100 years old. The reports gave no estimates ATALANTA BRAND
aIrst Danti got hit on the head Her son. Julius W. Gilcher. said of the number of- troops in-
ewith a stick and was taken to a his mother has been a worrier volved. They said that some are offered by
doctor's office for three stitches LETTER OF CREDIT ON ever since he can remember, ad- Indian I foresil composed ofLOS
the wound. ding: "She specializes in trou- "Nepalese and Santhal units TACA OPULO
He was on the beach recover- NEW OLDSMOBILE bling herself about things which were fully equipped with modern L Tue four crew members ft the raft "I tharg." wh
'bg when his brothers. Joseph f never happen." weapons." COMMISSARY ,. a .ro n- Or =umez a searts.a..
S Anthony went too far into for $180000 will sell fr Glcher thinks his mother's Pakistan had previously pro- Anto he Oh-o-atMead ulle,-W.ashliom
e water. They were hauled out. 1700.0. Call Cristobal longevity is due to the fact that, tested the" massing of Indian P6one 1000 Col6n .410,n n ho hor *.at Modeaul r WFllMrod etto Vtae
ved by artiflfUial respiration u 111 after 6 p.m. until recent years, she kept her- troops sleaR the borders as a NOMN DELER V dlle 116G 1 Dod, o Brown tad -fir )dMary lMk M ray. "Io t.
then treated at a hospital. self very busy. "threat .to..e.."






* -



figure s

that speak

for themselves

Last month THE PANAMA
AMERICAN carried 291 0
classified ads as compared
M OAJiM ^ I-n 1a l .4 a. '4011W





I ;a'--



,'- ,.i

I -h



* ',

,,'Ni .

_ "




pill-. .- ., y- ,-, ,.r. ..0.y .
^~~~~~~1 -^^^'^-^
'" i ; *; "' -
E-., .. ,, I .. .

.,,f .if te i .-^ ..*^,r-^. 2 *,,*.. .


S0 i a

.ttonal to r(Smoot
; ,'=: o .: .

and Paradex)
11:15-The Sacred Heart Pro-
11:30-ret the Band
12:00-Invitation to Learning
SP.M .

.1:"00-The Jo Stafford ftow

2:MEOp eM nd 4y;l h a n y
I ,'-Wat i, tai
1:15--. Se 8^' heart Pro-s

7:00-American Round table

7:30-Through the Sportsglass
7:45-Radio Varletles U.S.A.
8 40-Sports Roundup and News
8: t5-Report Lfrori Congress
8:30-Almanac from America
9:00-United Nations Review
9:30-Excerpts from Bing Cros-
by Shows (VOA)
10:00-American Symphony
11 :00-Sign Off

Monday. Aug. 6
A.M. ,
6: 00-Alarm Clock Club
7:30-31>orninv 'Salon
8:1 5-NEVS (VOA)
8: ;--Morning Varieties
8:45-Music Makers
9:15-Stand By For Adventure
9:30-As I See It -
10:05--Off the Record
1-105-Off the Record (Cont'd
42:00-News, "
12:050-Luncheon Maski
S12:30--Popular Music
1:I15-Pera t' parade
1:45-Amr Orites
2:00-Here tie 'The Answers
2:3-Af t on Melodies
2-45-- of the Bands
3 tar Concert Hall
9 :8 Little Show
S ,C For, Monday
',.' o Without Words
David Rose Shov
.4) at's Your Favorite
"'1to Lgan Back and Listen
,enRn Salon
7' hk Trail, Kelloggs
Srts Review
1: 4ee Coapes Louis Jordan.
8; .ews and Commentary by
S*ayvnond Swing (VOA)
'- i-Patter Parade (VOA I
(M-.Salute to Bolivia (VOA)
' 0 "l0-atoryv U.SA. (VOA)
93-COo.r'nmentator'e Di g es t
,:d.. OAtd

dow (IMC '
i,1 :06-TMhe Owl's Nest::
SMidnight-Sign Off

Tuesday, August 7

6:00-Alarm Clock Club
7:30-Morninz Salon
8:15--News (VOA)
8:30--Crazy Quilt
8:45-Hawaiian Harmonies
9 00-News
9:15-Sacred Heart Program
9:30-As I See It
10:05-Off the Record -
11:00-News -
11 :05-Off the Record (Cont'd.)
11:30-Meet the Band
12:05-Luncheon Music *
12:30-Popular Music
1:15--PEsonality Parade
S1:4-Rhythm and Reason
2:00--A Call From Lee Paul
2:30-.ftirt of the Vikings
2:41 Of iQe Bands

.: .OUniveldt (VOA)
4:1 .lawte CEcert
4:30-What's YO1a favorite
6:00-Panamuse Story Time
6:15-Evening Salon
7:00-Christlan Science Pro-
7: 15--Muscal Interlude
7:30-Sports Review
7:45--Jam Session
5- t' On our Mind

" of-tne,

A V -Rai

W yelhxray, Au. I

Clock Club
7i : Blon
:3G-M-nUt Vaieties
i: Mhidc Makes

IS; h e -

:15--Personality Parade o
1:45.-Americam Fvorites
2:00-New and country U.MA.
2:15-It*s Time to Dance
12:30-Poulaoo Melodices
2:45-MN00s on JAmz
3:00-Newtar Concert Hall
3:15-Peronalite Show
3:30-Muis for Wedneday
4:15--French in the Air (VOA)
4:5-WtAmericanYour Favorite

5:35-What'4 Your Favorite
6:00-CLeon Backuand Listen
6: I5--venink- Salon
7:00-It'ns Time to DFrance

4:00-M45Heri oes Louis ordsan
:-ZWS and Commentary-
rkmond Swing (VOA I
4:15-Twenty Questions (VOA)

evolution (VOA)
9:00-Jo Btafford (VOA)
9:15-enRadio Forum (VOA)
9:30-Commentator's Digestat
9:45-Sports and Tune Of Day
10:00-BBC Playhouse
11:00-The Owl's Nest
12:00-Sign Off

Thursday, Aug. 9
6:00-Alarm Clock Club
7:30-Morning Salon
8:16-NEWS (VOA)
8:30-Crazy Quilt
8:46-Jery Sears Presents
9; : 14- ACRED HEARTj, P -
9:30-As I See It
10:05-O1f the Record
11,:0 -Off the Record (COntd.)
1:30--Meet the Band
12:05-Luncheon Music
.1:30-PouIlar Music
li"e? liy Parade
1:45--Exeirslovl In aenet
2:00-CaB For Lea Pg:.
2:1 3-Date .for Dancl
2:30-Atternoon ME4lesl
2:45-attle othel .ds
3:00--Anrical Debut
3:30-Muiuc For.Tburlssy
4:00-Mualc Without Words
4:15-Negro Spiritias .
4:30-What's Your Favorite
6:00-Pansmualea 8tory Time
6:l5--Evenlxn Sa8en,-.
7:00-Makb. BeUevp' Ballroom
VOA) .
7:30-Sports Review
7:45--Jam Session
8:00-Wotljd News (VOA)
8:15--doA) Oou00try, U.S.A.
9:00-Meet Eleanor oosevelt
9:30-Commeztator's Dig- est
9:45--Sports Teune of Day 'and
News (VOA)
10:00-Hotel El Panamni
10:15-Musical Interlude
10:30-Take It From Here (BBC)
11:00-The Owl's Nest
12:00--Sgn tff

Friday, August 10

6:00-- inOn and Alarm Clock
7:30-Request Salon
8: 1-Ne (VOA)
8:30-Morning Varieties.
.8:45--flc 'Makers
0 :00-News
9:15-tand y Por Adventure
9:30-As S ee At
1h00-s and Ofthe Record
11:--1 L Oft the Record
12: l-nel
412:o--Lauacbn Muasice
12:30-P-pular Music
1:15-Permonaltv Paade
2:0 -eg of trane w F)
:15-a Tame To Dande
2: Attesoon Melodifr
2:5-tt of the Bands
3:00-All Star Concert Hall
3:15-TA Little Show
3:50-Mwe sr imlday
:0-Music Without Words
4:15-.-Davl' oe Show
4 3hS' T Your Favorite
6:00-Lean Back and Listen

#1:3"- --p...
I7:45- netdan


Nu -, Yes,

Ele u Get In V enna YO=i
Aug. 4 .P. -" Iwoo*
telephone comp- There Is a time signal., of "'
Lives etuberlbers course, and an information
number SIan any service fur telephone numbers.
nationn anyWhre. There also is a special infor-
S( rates, however, by nation service which will pro-
"a" tone for tun- vide the answers to any ques- -
In I..umpet or cello, and tion the subscriber has.
a er recipe. How tall is the silver knight
Th correspondent receives atop the city hall? A 30-se-
ealbs Into ded for the. Prater coTd pause, then t pleasant
swni bith. The Sovta comr- vToce: "the central spire is
M the inner c.;y comn- 339 feet tall, the knight atop
a is kept awaMk nights it is 11 feet three inches, but
.a trying to get a taxi. if you include the spear he
cab, Cais to one top member IS carrying, the figure sl 17 FRECKLES AND m RwU
,o! the government are received feet. nine inches." FRECKLM AND HIS PRIEN
by .t_ Ae Hof drug Store. Stock reports? Dial Ap-062.
e other outlook? Dial The telephone company also "
S....* provides bus schedules, a snow AHIM R.
Sow BUy winners In today's and road condition service in A *BoET
o t tery? A-065 reports 739 the winter and a 'special elec- REWAgO FA5s9- N
Pe5O'L guessed all 14 games tion service. On polling nights, HAS BEEN PLATI
Sguue '. each winning 318.50 business men suddenly discov- OFFERED
en .a er the company las usurped F-O"R T
their lines for 12 hours, so it o CAPr E
11 :-the Owl's Nest can hadle thousands of calls
1:00 a.m. 81gn Off for election returns. T
Dial A-069 to tune any mus-
.. turday, Aug. 11 ical instruments i "a" or so-
AM, called "normal tone.""
6:00-8tgn On-T he A l arm The newest addition in the
ClOck Club daily dinner recipe. A recent 7-2
7:30-J4azz Salon one was for "string bean soup.
1:!--News (VOA) stuffed turnips and new pot-
8:30-Morning Varieties atoes, a special for housewives I
8:4- -The Duke Steps Out ployment, because It is simple
9:00;-News to prepare in the morning
8l-Women's World and put right on the stove
9:-Wo ns World I ee when returning home at ALLEY OOP
10:00--ews night.
10:0&-Off the Record -
11:00-News Festival Girl SIMPLE W
11:30-Meet The Band A iJOBMAY BE ULL KN
12:00-News Fo-m D lNE fISLU
12:05-New Tune Time Ready For Whirl
12:30-Popular Music -
1: 15-Personality Parade NEW YORK. Aug. 4. A 19-
1:45-Tour De France (RDF) year-old blonde who was born in -. .
2 00-Latin American Serenade New York has been chosen as ,
2:1-Date For Dancing "Miss Festival of Britain". She. ,
3;31-Afternoon Melodies is due here early In August by ':
2:45-Battle of the Bands British Overseas Airways plane.
3:00-MarchTime Chosen from some 4,000 com-
3:15-The Little Show uetitors ad the mos,-attractive
3:30-MhcLeans Program intelligent and gracefl girl to j
3:45-Musical Interlude represent her country, Judy will
4:00-Music For Saturday take part in a one-day even-
4:30-What's Your Favorite packed program in New. York.
6:00-Guest Star Judy will continue her round-
6: 15-Masterworks from France the world goodwill flight in ErIt-
) ishworks from FranceCommonwealth aircraft BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES
6:45-American Folk Songs to major cities in the U.S., Ca-
7:00-Gay Paris Music Hall nada, Newp Zealand. Australia. ;
(RDF) Pakistan. Ceylon, 'Egypt and i '
7:30-Sports Review Ital". I "01S
7:45-3Jam Session TI 1 only long-distance Journey
8;00-Newsreel U.S.A. (VOA) she has ever made before was a
8:15-Opera Concert (VOA) one-way voyage from America to i
8:45-Battle Report (VOA) Britain. Judy's mother was here VO
9:00-Radio University (VOA) on a vacation when Judy was
9:15-4Stamp Club (VOA) born, but took Judy back home ,
9:30-Radio Amateurs Program to England before she was three
(VOA) m .
ir VA ) upor. Tune of Day and uy was a stenographer in
o fDyawd'(VOA t Btaorfice of an oil eom-
10:00-HOTEL EL PANAMA e won the competi-
10:30-The 11G0 Hit Parade tion sponsored by J. Arthur
11:00-The Owl's Nest Rank's Gaumont and Odeon Cir-
1:00, a.m.-Sign Off cults of movie theater in Britain.
Most of her life Judy has lived
Explanation' o* '--hols quietly with' her Customs Of-
VOA-Voice of America ficer father, housewife mother
BBC-British B r 9 a ud&ca st ing and two sisters (aged 11 and 22)
Corp. In the London suburb of Kens- CAPTAIN EAST
RDF-Radiodiffusion Francaise ington.

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-- W -- m

Sr.My. Ki Gom a VI
* T.ngiersy. Ganion f Co, L.

" P p i ON- DOOR STEP ,


l| TB PA~FM PNTBP AY #AM!~ IF 90P~lt ^
. LaRA Toa_ w_^^ 5H -- 1
.k-- 1

My Word

Defiant, Eh?

Tell Us

McTigg Returns

Hold Still


DiviDeiD om Tre i00 t. 140W ABOUT
i9eTE i TroSe YOU 1 *et Y Te ou -
V/ACATIOt vWOtT 'itoo. YT.w l v ,-


;-- .

MIP IT, MOTCr T. o~.
tat C~T-Oi.' M


0m V. T. SAMN






7__ ____



* .. '?s

. ?' '-

. ..



IT 16 ALM4> Wls 1
To Mswr No cat
YABm uiiYM.

.2,1 ;_.-

is is


-~- --------- "

'Goodbye My Fancy' Now at Balboa

Has Joan Crawford In Star Role

I"aflz l' a nationally irnin- 20 years earlier for staying out
oat Obresswoman ben Invit- all night with -of all people-
ed toMecelve ad honorary degree the man who is now the college
rom lert Alma Mater and hav- president himself.
Inr It become known that she Therein lie the ingredients of
was expelled from that school "Goodbye, My Fancy," Warner

CAMERAMAN FRANK LOVEJOY tries to take the joy out of
love for competitor Robert Young who romances Joan Craw-
ford in "GOODBYE, MY FANCY," the new Warner Bros.
comedy showing today at the Balboa Theater.

Bogart, Due at Bella Vista

Found 'The Enforcer' Tough

HUMPHREY BOGART shows tough guy Ted de Corsia how
Such tougher "THE ENFORCER" can get, in a scene from
fe police drama distributed by Warner Bros. and produced
by United States'Pictures. Zero Mostel heads the featured
cast of the film, due Thursday at the Bella Vista Theater.

If Hollywood made more films
like "The Enforcer," said Hum-
phrey Bogart, during a recent in-
terview "the problem of juve-
nile delinquency would be easily
Bogart, who plays a law en-
forcement officer in the police
drama, opening at the Bella Vis-
ta Theater on Thursday, con-
tinued, "I feel that in the past
too many motion picture have
glorified the tough criminal. He
laughed at the law and got away
with it.
"I was probably the worst of-
fender myself," Bogart readily
Admitted, "but I hope that those
rod-toting, first-throwing, law-
breaking roles are over for me."
The rugged actor pointed out
that in actual fact, the police
departments in any of our major

cities and especially the F.B.I.,
have men smarter, quicker with
a gUn. and rougher with their
fists than any hoodlum you can
"From now on I want to do
my shooting and slugging on the
side of the law," Bogart insisted.
"because that's where the tough
boys really work."
In "The Enforcer," distribut-
ed by Warners. this new Bogart
credo is well illustrated, for the
criminals are shown in a more
realistic light, and the police
get credit for some fearless ef-
forts to rid a city of a crime net-
A United States Pictures pro-
duction, "The Enforcer" features
Zero Mostel. Ted de Corsia and
Roy Roberts.

Bros.' romantic romantic comedy
which has been termed In ad-
vance one of the funniest films
In many seasons. The picture,
based on Fay Kanin's outstand-
ing Broadway play, showing to-
day at the Balboa Theater.
Joan Crawford, whose latest
dramatic successes include "Mil-
dred Pierce," in which she star-
red with Jack- Carson, "Flamin-
go Road" and "The Damned
Don't Cry," gives one of her rare
performances as a comedienne,
n the role of the 'female pol-
itician who tries to educate a col-
lege faculty and winds up tak-
ink a few lessons in love.
Debonair Robert Young makes
his introductory appearance in
a Warner Bros. film as the col-
lege president who loses his heart
to Miss Crawford. Among Young's
recent successes are "Crossfire,"
"Sitting Pretty" and "The Se-
cond Woman."
Frank Lovejoy rounds out the
stellar cast of "Goodbye, My
Fancy," and it is interesting to
note that Lovejoy made the hard
climb to stardom in less than a
year's time probably due to his
sterling portrayals In "Break-
through" and "Three Secrets."
F.knmed on location 'at Occi-
dental College in Eagle Rock,
California, the film captures
much of the typical student life,
Including the dormitories, a huge
amphitheatre, vast acres of
greensward and a majestically-
built recreation hall.
Eve Arden heads the featured
cast of "Goodbye, My Fancy,"
with screen newcomer Janice
Rule, Lurene Tuttle and How-
ard St. John.
Vincent Sherman directed the
screenplay for Warner Bros.

On The Records

NEW YORK, Aug. 4 (U.P.). -
RCA Victor's original album of
the Hugh Martin musical "Make
a Wish" is packed with solid en-
joyment. Nanette Fabray, star of
the show. does a bang-up job as
the pretty orphan girl who goes
out into the gay world of Paris
to make her way. She is sup-
ported by Melville Cooper, Ste-
phen Douglas, Harold Lang and |
Guy Lombardo and his Royal
Canadians have a new fox trot
album issued by Decca "Souve-
nirs." ':.he9ieight "sweet" tunes
in the set', clude "Once in a
While," "Soon," "Singin' in the
Rain," "I'll Walk Alone," and
"Somebody Loves Me."
Margaret Speaks soprano, niece'
of the late composer Oley Speaks,
has a good album for MGM in
which she interprets four of the
beloved songs of her uncle. Rich-
ard Aonelli, baritone, sings four
Speaks tunes in the album. A-
mong the numbers are "On the
Road to Mandalay," "The Hills of
Kerry," "Star-Eyes," "Morning"
and "Sylvia."
New Singles. Tony Martin's
newest love ballad is "Tell Me"
(RCA Victor)... Peggy Lee has
a good pairing of tunes from the
Broadway musical "Two on the
Aisle" "My Magic Heart" and "So
Far. So Good" (Capitol... The
Mills Brothers ask "Who Knows
Love" (Decca) ... Sarah Vaughan
sings a melod y based on
Claude Debussy's "Reverie", "My
Reverie" (Columbia).
Bill Farrel may have a hit with
"Go Go Go Go" (M-G-M)... Nat
"King" Cole's latest offering is
"My Brother" and "Early Ameri-
can" (Capitol)...

David C

Hot Adventure Sweeps

Through 'State Secret'

Coming Soon To Lux

The screen's supreme adven-
ture in suspense, Columbia Pic-
tures' "'State Secret" opens
Thursday at the Lux. Theater
with Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.,
Glynis Johns and Jack Hawkins
In depicting the stark drama
of a man fleeing for his life in
a strange country, whose lan-
guage and people are unknown
to him, "State Secret" is cram-
med with the mounting tension,
the off-guard surprise and the
unconventional twist that in-'
evitably stamp it as belonging
to the top company of great ac-
tion dramas.
Sidney Gilliat, who wrote, pro-
duced and directed "State Se-
cret" has been shrewd enough to
relieve the audience of some of
the almost unbearable tension
by introducing both humor and
beauty, the former in dialogue,
the latter in backgrounds which
he also utilizes as the stage for
the compelling, surprising clim-
."State Secret," which inevit-
tably merits favorable compari-
son with such top adventure
thrillers as "The Third Man,"
and "The Thirty-nine Steps,"
starts off at a deliberate pace,
but speedily gathers momentum
as Fairbanks' situation grows
more, desperate. Stumbling upon
an important state secret of a
small European country, revela-
tion of which would .cause the
overthrow of the government, he
is made a tacit prisoner by
Hawkins, a high cabinet minist-
er. Fairbanks escapes, and the
chase is on through the winding
streets and twisting alleys of a
strange city. Almost run to earth
by his pursuers, he takes refuge
in the quarters of Miss Johns, a
song-and-dance girl, who be-
comes his unwilling companion

in flight. Over rivers and by
mountain cable car, fearing de-
tection at every turn, they final-
ly come to the object of their
terrorstricken escape, the for-
bidding mountains which are
their last barrier to safety. There,
on the heights they finally are
trapped as the movie moves on
to Its shattering and surprising
Hawkins is superb as the hunt-
er, ruthless and charming by
turns, thus making him a more
malevolent opponent. Lorm, in the
role of a cynical black marketeer,
gives this Frank Launder and
Sidney Gilliat Production some
of its brightest moments.


Great White Fleet

New Orleans Service


S.S. Levers Bend .............................Aug. 3
S.S. Chiriqul ..................................Aug. 5
S.S. Chiriqui ................ ............ Aug. 19
S.S. Byfjord ..... ........... ..................Aug. 25
(HUam t Ref rialed Chiled end General Cargo) ,

New York Freight Service Cristobil
S.S. Cape Avlnof .............................Aug. 5
S.S. Cape Ann ........................ ......... Aug. 12
S.S. Cape Cod ..................................Aug. 18
S.S. Maya ............................. ..... Aug. 26
Weekly Sallinfgt to New York, Los Angeles, San Franirsco. Seattle
Occasional Sailngs to New Orleans and Mobile
(The Stmaers In this service are ilspited to twelve passengers)
Freqtenl braist SalRings from Cristobal to West Coast Ceenral America
Crist6bal to New Orleans 'via S;ils

Puerto Barrios, Guatemala


S.S. Chlriqut................... .... .....Aug. 7
S.S. Chiriqul ........ (Passenger Service Only)..Aug 21
CRISTOBAL 2121 -- PANAMA 2-2804 COLON 20

rvetAtmy lyeaJ9 Classifeds
qm gm1 mm

. hitney.




.................. va ng me on tne screen uave sa i, Jane RussellU," Mona protesteda
'That poor girl. Doesn't she know "I mean I'm just average and
IOLLYWOOD-(NEA)- Mona that exersice can help her con- Jane's er er I mean Jane
Freeman, a movie doll-face who edition" probably was uncomfortable."
wouldn't any more think of mur- Johnson: "Tsk, tsk." I said that I'd ask Jane about
during the King's English than "I did 'Dear Ruth,' 'Dear Wife' it some day.
Oreer Garson or Vivien Leigh, and all the other little-girl pic-
passed the word to me today that tures. But then the script of 'Dear "Let me know what she says,"
she was "unbound for important Brat' came along and it said that Mona winked.
stardom at Paramount." now I was a college girl.
"People forget that I'm 25, mar-
Unbound? "So I left off the harness and ried and a mother," Mona de-
Yes, students, I did a double- showed up in a sweater. They claed. "I'vebeen at Paramount
take, too. took one look at me and died. since I was 17. An actress simply
"You mean bound," I laughed, They say, *This girl's too devel- can't go on playing kids forever.
figuring that the heat of the aft- hoped to even play a college girl.' It gets awfully boring. I want to
ernoon had rattled her. On with the straps again." play romantic roles. I don't mean
"No," insisted Mona Freeman, Johnson: Two more takes, the kind of movies that Ovilia de
"unbound." Mona the Moaner moaned: Havilland and Bette Davis make.
The peaches-and-cream beau- "I'm not being strapped down An actress shouldn't attempt
ty blushed as she peeked behind again unless It's for a remake of that until she's,30."
the door to make sure that no 'The Major and the Minor.' That e *
evwdroppers were around, was a grown woman pretending
"You see, I've been living off to be a kid. My last fling in the Marie Wilson about marriage
the flat of the land." boyish chest department is in talk with Bob Fallon: "I've got a
I flashed her the come-again 'Darling, How C o u I d You.'" lot of things to do first and that
e. Everytime I'd lace myself up, I'd includes doing over some of the
contract has been extra think. Paramount, How Could things I've already done."
," Meam whispered, flick- You." *
e speek of Uat very deliber- "I played Joan Fontaine's very
from the edge of her scoop- young daughter. Naturally I Actress Gene Courtney's line:
neekline. "Blading." couldn't play it standing next to "It's so quiet around MGM that
. n mean..." Joan without..." Mona caught you can hear a Pinza drop."...
"Yes," sighed Mona. "It's those her u n d e r I i p between her Bob Hope and Gary Cooper will
-aged parts I've been play- teeth. "I mean, it's fun to play a be rival captains of the Comedi-
It holds a girl down. There's teen-aged idiot for a while, but It ans vs. Leading Men baseball
iurt of corset thing. It's a doesn't build ycu into a star and game at Gilmore Field Aug. 6.
l.t piece of material and it it doesn't sell tickets at the box- *
Where the-er mustard plas- office. That's why Paramount is
when you have a chest now letting me-er-expand." Marilyn Maxwell, just back
ch on?" Had Mona heard how Jane from warbling for GI's In Europe,
Sa movie that's been held back front with the autumn leaves...
t's wht a lot of peo- from the movie theaters? Jane, I The publicity build-up ordered
," g snapped as informed Mona. went around dis- by Fog Ir newcomer Ann Fran-
Jurl or Denim Darcel gulsed as a boy in that one and c is the biggest since Peggy
It's given me a doubt she was one strapping Cummins was agn by the siu-
aomple: lad. *I, dio for "Forever Am .r," the plc-
of people see-' 'iou can'L compare me with turn he nver completed.

'Tokyo File 212'

Teems With Espionage it Cei

Coming as a timely and vivid- Oemmia employers; and helps
Iv actionful elodrama. "Tokyod Paro turn against the Rusuians.
File 212" develops events in Ja- How the young Japanese sacrif-
pan stemming from a Russian ices himself to save Peyton's life
inspired plot to hamperAmerican nd reveal the suave master-
military operations in Korea.,mnd behind th t:whole. Cain-
Starred are Florence Marly and *%unlst plot forms the exciting
Robert Peytoo, Hollywood play- Climax.
ers, who are supported by a large George Breakston and Dorrell
cast of Japanese stars who were McGowan produced the offering,
enlisted in this. the first Amer-
ican feature film produced in
Japan and which is for RKO
Radio release.
It's due Thursday at the Cen-
tral Theater.,
Filmed as a Breakston-McGow-
an production, with the approval
and assistance of the American
military authorities and the Ja-
panese government, the picture
portrays Miss Marly as a girl
without a country who stooges
for the Communist group, while
Peyton, a former RKO con-
tractee under the name of Lee
Frederick, is cast as an intel-
ligence officer sent to Tokyo. to
learn the identity of the Com-
mie ringleaders.
Posing as a carefree magazine
correspondent, Peyton accepts
Miss Marly's offers of assistance
in showing him around the city.
He tries to get in touch with a
former college classmate, Taro
Matsuda, a known Communist
and son of a respected Japanese
In a series of dramatic epis-
odes he convinces Miss Marly
that she has been tricked by her

Young Charpentler'

Will Play Flute

At Nainal Theater
A young Panamanian flautist,
Eduardo de Charpentier, who has
just finished his musical studies
at the University of Chicago and
also at the National Conservatory
of Paris, will be presented to an
Isthmian audience Wednesday at
the National Theater at 8:15 p.m.
Admission will be $2.
Charpentier is being sponsored
by the Minister of Education in
cooperation with the professors
of music at the National Conser-
vatory in PanamA, Alfredo de
Saint Malo,Mr, and Mrs. Alexan-
der Fe rlgm Teodoro Tirelli,
Hans Janowltz a nd Eduardo
Charpentier H., father of the
young musican.t.
The following program has
been announced:
Quartet in D Major--Mozart
Allegro-Adagio-Rondo I
Eduardo Char 1Wl t
Alexander Fenl l vw '
Teodoro Tirelli, Viola
Elizabeth Felnland, Cello.
Trio Sonata in G Major-Bach
Adagio-Allegro -Ma Non Troppo
Adagio and Piano-Presto
Charpentier, Flute.
Hans Janowitz, Piano.
Jouers de Flute.... Albert Roussel
Pan-Tityre-Krishna--De La
Charpentier, Flute
Hans Janowitz, Piano
Two Interludes. ... Jacques Ibert
Andante Expressivo-Allegro vivo
Charpentier, Flute.
Alfredo de St. Malo, Violin.
Hans Janowitz, Piano.
Nocturne and Allegro
Scherzando ......... Gaubert
Charpentier, Flute
Hans Janowitz, piano.

Happiness Formula
Left 'By Man, 67,
Who Had No Regrets
MEMPHIS. Tenn., Aug. 4 (U.P.)
Milton S. Samuels, former St.
Louis resident, had no regrets
when he died here. A statement
he made before his death read
as follows:
"My house is In order. I am
sure of myself and have no fear.
I start out each day with the
thought in mind of serving my
fellow man and doing as much
good as I can. I have had a won-
derful wife. I have a wonderful
daughter, son-in-law and grand-
daughter that inspire me to go
on and on."
If I have an enemy under the'
canopy of heaven know not
where. If I did. I would go and
square myself. So what more
would one want inthis life? I am
happy and smile the hours away
each day."
Samuels. 67, made the state,
ment after his wife's death and
asked that it be used when he

Defense Program
Raises Mishaps
In Older Brackets
CHICAGO. Aug. 4' (U.P.). -
An Insurance executive reports
that the step-i;d in defense pro-
duction is taking Its toll of ac.
cidents to older men.
Robert Howe, bead of the
compenation claim gertment
of the Kemper lnsulne Grout.,
said the boost in accidents is
the result of increased employ.
ment of men in their late 50's
or older.
"We expect more tdustrial
acedents of this pe lter in
the year as defensi auction
InaMN.1" H owo vriw,
lder peons are sieh more
= Xm to in becauM
of the brittleness at
records show
Clawn is~t~k

and tfor@I0-rrel d w tW ow"A
Katuhalk Eald
of 1tro, ands
sUo Satto anid
have theAb
Several muic fet

PLOT'S END! Robert Peyton, as a United States Army secret
operative, gets a final entry for "TOKYO FILE 212," drama
ot danger in te spy-nets of the Orient. Glamorous Florence
Marly ts co-starread with hWhu in this Breakston-McGowan
Production filmed ertirely in Japa, with the approval of
U. S. military units and the xover ment of Japan. It cemes
to the Central 2eater Thursday. ,

; .'. -


f you've lost tf 6r y ve found It
If you'd rentit or you'd ell.-. ..
Tell the people all about it
P.A. CLASSIFIED buy as Well!l '




It's DANNY boy.. in a wonder world of fun
and frolic I...
Corinne Calvwt, ia
(IN TCHNIco ) W)

*f *** **
James CAGNcEY .-
Doris DA
L ullPB"U

RA L -- A V L SA 7.

a-&'^ Sav tr>GTm f TI YXAZl

M* Ido~l of Minllionw



so One o yer Saw Such WoodI *
S Stewart ORANOER Deborah mZ, lq

^B!Law Am->1

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D~~~vWG Wan. .Tt
A o '=oayn

- Seetimi


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-f.v, 1 Lev Elec1k
,-bonw r-cW0

. ..s _ircle 4 a, 1l M p0Mr m4 l.. e odifico ioi. coi. d Ciones por intermedio de sus diputodos cuundo & Iwe.
7u laMt^ e .9 i Asumblea.
e la ly, xit ~eOtras fuentes tombidn han informado qu 4
a ,i-.' .. rt g .Sobia dent. de la Repiblica, dar6 IU Dr. Ricardp J.
M W nisre fe d b,,,.n e r .ban Ly Electoral para que sugiera loas reform. 4e
.., M i y pmresm Ir t trabojo y u p N pi sMter Vl plioge- d'modifica- vez sea nombrodo Abogado Consultor dok mfnides

C Ln(

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---" Bal lesnd-|^
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- --- -=Ir'. V. .. ..a_. .. ,. -

rnAuAOA, r, wuMujYu. AU EW 1 41

"WI ----;~~_


s para controller a prostituciOn

general Ridgway suspendio

0 S O i -Clofes dae K-aesoang
| ,

M *

s comunjitas v

^eutra1Iad de 1f te

I iA r tropas-

K30,Ati (UP).-aUu nte
RId4sendid los (Wici


merol Mat-'
aebre It tre-
Ide to net-

&kBi del Co-
i4S se trans-
it on ingl6s,

e .,. ",a-a el rAsil

dtntro de rdri'geraoras

3VA'T TQN. agosto 4 (PP)
tion6 pquak de L va york
omas descubl rto _or laA au.
oiadtdes do adu ft ea-
Brasil. a bordo Te t
rmactern" habla M ea-

Toliatti pide 16

ROM Agosty 4 (UP)
jt al Partido Comulitsta I-
no, Palmiro Togllatl, pj-.iM6
Id.el ,te generales par aesa-
ear l podr al tnuSvo &e
0 de Alcde d e oaa Itper "It-
Wrr a* pueblo Italigno le ja
elvtud pr O imperltualtasa
airteamericanos y de la pekdU-
3. de una naeva muerra..

mela pdr dOla Dadlet- de tent-
d am e.ta idad el 21 de Ju-
1 BegiUn locr Iorm del Bradll,
las amnas ferea, enucontad
so e inltsri de refroerado.-
Se g a peraonas re-
tidentsoe 'o btatez&.
En cuanto a sla Policia de
Nueva York. detuvo a Arru-
da y de OlYreira por tener 124
revd veresa n su powder, y tam-
6en Ifnotto6 en an habitaci6n
documented de etibarque que
indlcaban que hablan embar-
eado trees lavadoras el4ctrices y
dos refrigeradorke hacia For-
talezsa bordo del "Mormac-
SI pollefa de Nieva York in-
form6 a lat autoridades brasd-
leuas de lo ocurrido. Arruda y
Olivetra st en detenidos en
Nueva Yor acusado de vio-
lar la ey Sullivan mue prohibe
toner armas tin permiso espe-
cial de la Polcia.

0s alemanes creen que es

rminete que los rusos se

hncen a la guerra mundial
- eRANCFORT, "a00 5. (X8) rian lamte en canto a
b..ta haora no he hablado la polbfldad de un ataque ru-
un mato aemit quo so Un nortamerane, quien
e.ieu I a estA -4t tet at ecrmlate d Ota it.
pan t* w ttf eft aa9 owotto k-
e* mBemnuo ate el to (a. i
Syque ene. 1rn o
puto a ald que. rums no aarmia nun-
lot ea. M
As* claro atA eIla serdkld a
s Alea-^ que ihle sate Pa qui e4

ER n aOw

Pedrin*ina Zong

Lai 'sateorg Alfreo de Hoisii
y Mao$ detenc, n
ha sdo ordtaa pr el FucaL
\aaquez DaIm Se can refugiedo
en Ia Zons- Eel Canal, .egun
infrmes obtealdos -S fuenCt
office. "
84 mot. ha eformiado aiamla--
mo ue so e t W haefIndo ge'-
tionas par ednaoegulr que l.-
etnu otrdad de la Znda del Ja-
nal Alt etltreuen rItaa autore-
dad 1 aigas .omo delin-
cue .e ,,m1a 4.* rn
Biurt* md iatoc de lea-4


VAROOvA to t /PPI ..
.El Cogenl ala,* Nowlktl,
uno do los nueve ofieiales pola-
eso ajmwdos de t l y a-
plonite, declW c 9 a-
aey. Tercet Secretprlo de la
Embajada Br aninc en VaLwO
via era tMno 10 q indMvidua S
travds de los etales la "orga-
nizacidn aubverpeva" transmtiat
y recibla t fortunes.
Nowleki, que como otros troe
oficiales tambMn ae declar6
culpable, mnantf*Wt6 que Maasey
es e9nocido c e l ombre de
"Beta" en la "rgn l6n" y.
que habia onv ado por correo
diplomatico cinco mqnsames dis-
ttnados a una mujie agent 'Ie
]a "organizacl6i subversive' en
A Mauey, que todavia s en-
cuentra trabajando en la g'r-
bajada brithnioa en 6sts api-
tal, ae le habta meonclnado
brevemente a coamtenos del ul-
clo. En aquella oesal6n se hao
que Massey se haba pesto en
contact con el principal acu-
sado, Mapo General tatislaw
Tatar. '

M archa contra la Contraliria

euciaron unosi obrero* yer

ara rla jes
r: Ardedor do tresole sto. jrnaleros del iWInl4rlo de
Obras Pblitas, inicilaron to quo *aliof.aron de "otnaO.narcha
ontra la Contraloria", cuando 6 apee~tnaron ata-4nfifana
a seas oficlnas dei Eatado on el objeteo 4 reolahlar w4 pago
ou *u jornales do tfthaj.-
Par# evitar Is be higulents des6rdenes por la aglo-
ptraci6 d9peorsonas y 9"eausoontento quo demostraron los
ibrqros, Ia Poliok Naclenal mtvi6 un piquate 1de policias

A*t u ya pVmedia do In tf o avia perrii *oIan

La ,tuub16n
does d Obraq P6
nglas, fcibleron h
Wrfi. pagados '
dIrigleron en las h4
L44 POllota Nac
de la Contraloria .



e: Berhli
BERLIN, Igosto-
Decenas de mile*
communists deoAlem
tal vistlendo cami
mareharont por Iai
Berlin Oriental ci
gritlndO fraseo ant
ricanas y salvo que
camisas parda las
azules podrit hab6r
do por mlembros de
de asalto de Adolfo
En visperas del c
las celebraciones d
pafta de Ia paz quo
garAn quince. dias,
dos terceras parties r
que unen el oriented
dente de Berlin e
truidas por barricade
ras bajo la eustodla
cia Popular que tam
ta guardian en las ca

Na swo .soglda

una cmid(6n del

MIn, Ed6caln
EstA para firm del Presl-
dente de Ia ptblieoa el decreto
por medio cua ae nombra
la Coml16n eeanora Gel ) la-
teri0 de d. cl6nr Ar cual cs-
tar m fora por .4a Otilia
Aroaemen d ejelja,. Prote-
sar Cdmar A. quint y el Lic.
Fedletoo Ve14 uems,:aqg in-
formes obtenidu en tes c-
flellee. .
Esta comni n tendrai. mu car-
go asmeorar al. Ilnlstrd ft E u-
cael6nh en loa.S tos leqMia del
Rm, o. .

1.*M normadlzadi a lnd Io trabaja-
q40., quo rolbli 'bt salrirs por pla. J-d- .
i jni a doe que Mus jornele i atraaades s d i OS
el ses4o ?a. 4 done s congreo los

lbonal mantu na oig 4 en' la puerta r *Ja *- -
Teral hata .q so narmapz6 al orden. l4$iO peOU istas
f .XI1 ndicato .de Radlo-Perio-
Se d seit64 plenariA ayer
Ss6 sus del oad l Beagudo
mIlex d ivenes o,=6- de Radio, reosultando
= m--,,- w"-" .r/ ...... eleetos: Eduardo C. De Freitas
.' M., Tomas Gabriel Montero J.,
tft y Lulas Etribi Jr. y como su-
,9 Ut folllCar .nU rljd plentes: Tomis Dias Villa, Car-
A lot Cabeza Luna, y Erneto L6-
1 OiW tlta Clrtanb % 8e aprob6 elebrar elPrimer
I ca i .a n.Uo c Oongreso de Radio-Periodtstas
S ... 1 de Septiembre de 1951 con
5 (UPY de pede eonti ar el trit aede aqui en la capital; y la
de j6venels public. presentacidn de un Proyecto -
eantia Orten- I comlenzo do ) campa4a bre Legialaci6n Radial, y o ro
as. azules eomunista coincide o6n: 1- sobe instalacl6n de un Con-
calles dedo el comerto emtre el orieon gp o Centro Americano de
intando y te y qooldente de Alemania Trabajadores de la Radio.
t1-norteame- continga estancado por tercer
en vez ae dia conseoutivo. oriented U
is lievaban aument u m oeflo servieio O a S. S. l Papa
qole toma- adreo augment a a mis de a --a ,
las fuerzas 37 tonladas do -mercancias tw o ederacio e
o Hitler. las conduelda por sire desde ,
Noileno d o.lA de goto. S-os dlrio Traba adores
le la cam- comun tat de Alemania Orieon- ... .
Sse prolon- tal amftazaron per primer vez N LUIS: Argentina Agosto
mAs de hla con unur-mevo bdlueo de er. 4 (tP) El Obispado de &Aa
de las calls lin ceot6 repress a la sus- cludad capital de la Provlnsta
y cl occi- penas6n del comerola entire o-~ de San Luls expidi6 un comunI-
staban obs- riente y.occidente. 4-El Primer cado en que dice que en un mit'n
at o barre- Mnlitro Comunhta, Otto Gro- celebrado el sAbtdo fultimo aqui
de la Poll- tewohl' pOblie6 un esortacl6n por la Confederaci6n Geneiral
amMbn .mon- a Alewania OccidentaV&ara que del Trabajo as profirieron "ex-
lles en don- ,' M a to naitmi I eoinmns e) (Pass a la PAitLe e. Columna9 6)

Hong Kong es un barril de polvora y

los rojos pueden hacerlo estallar

for BAx BU T
(N. A. N. A.)


NOWBKONG, aw .4 ).(6-- -

-. jZg. U Eftm. perin
,. s. -. rW nari -,M e
ea s s paesm l e
e e ar s p aeows Mlut mndtia.P
71 ebrom de e-o

;. sr. a jpa

0 no

eoSO5i*oeado. en la cs 0 *ue se 5Us
funto a Is s dimada baht Sowbel. De
o babIlaeIs podfa var Isla shbin", a
Miss de u m ela be
.CU didMco hombre de no oiM W6
tialee Sfte qbe' l eomumteas tl-
m tvi m *oang Kent. la Gia Bretais
deuartla sia merma.a Cais.
OT eo stlaulftcaria eimwsate ue aso
a: mas feermd ibrse mWw4" asgre6.
Lequ *qe ovelate adU diMms. ige.
Lo. ervfm .vteU mafd laOMaN
pon-ft 4* m- em. COMAM "- T a g-4

T iuore m
E aqui l
lmw britIMflv i
lea primrms 4

isle emlpeJe
e le rojes-
o =e I" dem
I* mejw.

K7 4 ep"

-Ayer fue dictado por el Ml-
nisterto de Goblerno y Juaticia
un decreto por medio del cual
se dictan medidts sore mora-
lidad publica, con lo :u1 cul-
min una de las caipaas de
"El Panama Americat. He aqui
el* texto del decreto:
DUCRETO No. 157)
(de 4 de agoato doe 1951)
por el cual se dictaa mnedidu
sobre moralidad y Salud Pd-
1 Preoldente de la Bpoublica,
en usa de sus facultades legal,
Articulo lo.-Son atibucionoes
del Minlsterio de Ooblerno: y

Justicia, de los Oobernadorea.,
Provincia y de los Alcaldee, oda
la cooperaeln de la Policia Nao
clonal y secreta, prevenir y ri.
prnmir la prostitui6n. Loa s
frmedadeos vnroeu seran ag-
troladas por la Direoctin B- "
ral de Salud Plblica, tanto de*-
de el punto de viata del '
n6stico como del trtaa*nto
madico adecuado, y la uca
ci6n sobre profelaxls individus4
en las condlolones que deter'
mini el C&dlgo Sant.t.
Articulo 20.-NI Tr1al TIe
telar de Menoro aoopupfra
la autorida de poia y u-
3 2 P 8

Anoce se inauguro el

una reuni6t que ser- de expreul6n 1i I R blicas
vira <^o Introducio6n de lot not ai-k la slao. "1a.
deo-ados, ai incl6 anoche m o W--0 000
I Congreso Naclonal do Ra- nor tu'rtu ..puuaM a Ia m
dio on los salons del Jardin sorus y las 'prmnt del pals",
Balboa. tmnnln6 diondonau.
Los radio-periodlstu presn-
De acuerdo con informacione t ar&n Una maeton pa es
hechas a ete diarlo, la soIle- establezuca el Colegio Radio1
dad Ondas presentar una mo- adjunto al Colsgio de Perodi-
ci6n al Congreso para que so mo eon la Universidad NaelonaL
recomlende al ejecutivo que no "Uxiste gran entualasmo par un
pongan Impuestos a los radio- colegto para locutores y perie-
receptores on Pahama. distas, done se les enaoe il
"Eato ser(a una manera in- diferentes faces de la radio",
direct de suprimir la libertad nos dijo eote representante.

Acto teatral con prisioneros

de guerra piensan hacer los

rojos en Alemania Oriental

BERLIN, agoeto 4. (UP). -
La Alta Comlsi6n BritAnica in-
form6 que los comunidta de
Alemania Oriental pro yectan
realizar un "acto Teatral" con
50 prlsioneros de guerra duran-
te el Congreso de la Juventud
ComunJata que comenzara el
domingo en la Zona Oriental de
El anuncio de la Alta Coml-
si6n decia que tiene informes
de que esos prisioneros han si-
do preparades para que actfien
como "norteamericanos aman-
tes de la paz" que desertaron
de las filas del EJdrcito de Ea-
tados Unidos en protest con-
tra el "Imperiallsmo norteame-

Haoy se celebraron las reunie-
nes preliminaries del Congreso
que durarA quince dias y eo
el. cual los dirigentes comunb-
tas han dicho que participart.
dos mlllones de persona. Ac-
tualmente se encuentran ea
Berlin 175 mU delegados y a
ha dicho que O m5il eataran:
presented cuando me inaugure
offllcalmente el Congrso a l&-
una de la tarde de mafiana.
La agencla omunista de no.
ticias "ADN" dtuo quo hoy hia
bian Ilegado a Berlin utn grup
de 500 delegados de Braui, Cu-
ba. Ttnez, Argella, Italia 4-
Iran. _

Ce menterio Romano de enorme

valor historic

en las cercanlas de T~nez

PARIS, Agosto 5 (EPB) Al
nataenrse n contact eon iiclarse los trabajos pare un
cementerlo military norteameri-
na ranr ompeteneia entire cano en los alrededores de la
Slo. I"emn .:w.. Cuando cludad de Tnez, ha sido des-
uatmMyerM as baeo d e cublerto un cementerlo de los
We m dorontr en e aDtiguos romaros, segfn anAun-
* bkitdaeo, reflea la pal- cla Harold A. Keats, miembro
6 et e5juiore demotrar de la Comisl6n de Cementertcs
i ao uedes hacer o mig- mUlitarea norteamericana-
ita. aiso e pe W en baeer- En las tumbas romanas se
han encontrado los restos de
damea. b re d oe Beng muchos aoldados, ml como. ar-
teuIdad peIr le eommnis- mas de las que usaban los le-
wIa. Per iW tnate, ewria fl- gendarios que conquistaron Car-
malihte1l e eroe on enal- tago. --.
"Hemoae descublerto lo qua. fut
SMatak eakM wlks, quM una vTo n eamon de obltr.a
as mmWede eONme ue Ode romanesy eartSagnee", dl-
soms & 0 0m .Sce Keats. "a erate u as atlas
0 4m2itasa a Vi oa realment extraordlnario, que
X a n e. au xoeptaamente Intaoresuai enjr-
Ma tim a n teel m w emento a los arque6iooa del
odr efa a r- Mundo entero.
So ame mf mtMAes 3 3 sitle en cuesti6n, aituado a
wuBirui ri si, p. unor poeos klImetros de TO-
aite eaDwy eusag IP. 'ne, fud ewoglew a aamr pa-
v w u supuatwr .VaNt de oB a-i

Uares de norteamerlcanot qw
murieron en la campafia d0
note de Africa durante lI s*0
gunda guerra mundial.
Coma el terreno era algo quo '
brado, hubo necesidad de vMY
larlo, y al hacerlo los trabaja-
dores encontraron no salo lta
esqueletos de soldidos romant(j
aino tambidn arms, monedas 7
otros obletos de la 6poea. &e
eata forma ha sido podble .I'
dentificar facilmente el peVaiodE
en que el sitio so oeeavrtl aen
cementerio. Kate pe ido -s e
mhsano de las guram t
eats indics q' en. EMeve
menterto de T nems uft
rradas los-. cineo a .ask am t
dadme norteama m m
rNron duraOte Is .a i
Africa. din
d i redera do
riedoa... S* mi.

se descubre

I .1


Por vagos e indeseables se

podra deportar a los duefos

de todos los prostibulos

_I_____I_~~~ ~_




- ~''' '

.., -- '. -,:"

": '. ,' .-

r ". *. '* '



". ?, .


- '^ .-t



m *Bede llure

',-a.t. '.**' I-' '*'* >*- *:

I ,,,,,,,, .

- '~~*) ~

*-=- r

S.. SwINGTON toofta6 lual
IARuOoDo Nam^N itucaam
".. .. A.M. .oo.E.ooAe *",- -AsA .*--1 PA'".or Alej dro Agu achado
kW6 W8TALL_ SITUA 4N.STACPIAD_ G" No ,,7 or .4Alan o AguilarMachado
MENENDEZ PIDAL Y EL PREMIO NOBEL D d L -.. ... e k.epe da ". eaoit .eoade d o.a tdo d
deal amirica--en lus m f eu PlenarFi s e.vid 8a
-Dsew Pearson dice: L-diptlom6es nrte-americonos s amria-n sl .o o pYenari v del -d nvid va- aM
kn 'ublicaciones de tipo lterario llegadas a t6n sorprendidos per las demostrociones amiatosas del o Uer nIS Mdoa.SiMayo rdeSan Mar-5 tP a
Panama. hemn 4efdo que eatfe. los candidatess al Kremlin. artieuia n de .sr tona
Premio Nobel deinvestigaci4tn lteraria figure don WASHINGTON. i- mts hi b a SE K RVISlON DEDE VALORS alea
Ram6n Men6ndez Pidal, el luastre Director de la plomat com norteo mereans boyc ..etRp nw iaa fliesta s- U |e.
Real Academia Espafiola de la Lengua, -acadimico Ti" 1?5 IdobSm !_ ri' Te1 .s.. .s msau u ra lad oa-
de ntumero de la de la Historia de Madrid y de la politico mAsl utereai en- eMviadem n iu. aft di & a ita o
Hlipamtic Society of America, ademis de Doctor do red usiSd*ed Sa7i de a m on ac m ]a _L .e d I e f a.
Honoris Causa de muchos importantes centros de rie de mov m0o. l eJh i6tucearian terminal de eero )umano. i tet4
peultura. p Kr bwseanle la erra fria. Est o m an laciones con-
eUltiro* q s amistad eon os Uzsdes. do tomades an erie. tin I de ester ,bonon an
L6gico es que se piense, entire los elements si los examinamos 1to a Abora, sin embargn ha aso *r c lonal de il- tO
dl mndo, e n Mno, quiza's no te an pr. Udo a Ia a lo un artioulo pau. h fia t ulo de "Senti- g 10
eutos del mundo, en don Ram6n Men6ndez Pi. tanca. Perto sl 1o0 eaina- boicado Isr el ex-i-m ba ,.dor t ide o pa- qo
dal para ser distinguido con el Premio Nobel. Y en mom en connunto, poeden to- Alea under tanoky, t apoan ecoceptos nitidos, a- que .
la America que habla espafiol la designaci6n ha de hplomticos eitinliadeosa Radio- da e Mose exigiendo lea centp produico eT texto justond l ator mho
acogerse con singular simpatia, con exceptional mirarlose om o una trteua amistad con Estados Unl4eo. de tan trastdentales yaportu- hora el la defend iar, do-
n:idda deStair,edel",
pars, quo ls Estados Gnpidos nas Ideas: "La Urdversidad dicldoes o r meior doctr. del
frvOr. oamfnoren us eseorn de RESUCITO TROYANOVSKY Naclonal Mayor de San Marcos piit nrtit co.a
La labor de Menendez Pidal cabe calificarla de movaisseln. sin embargo, al orgaalar,. por intermedio del es padec endo ,
los movimlentos han b ontl- No hay duada "d qlue Tro-t 1lstitt a Plosofia de su Fa- Vnra t etud, t ota S ri
ingente sin caer en el facil y pomposo ditirambo. nuado tan seguidaiente quo yanovsky ha idoe a geuta cultad ,de LetrM e Congreso do nitrt*ao t.a ur*
La cultural do don Ram6n es verdaderamente pas. no puedjp mer ign rads. m noe amigo de Ustado Unide, Ploso tundra laer dele. iflear vi
El primer movimlento fue Extuvo de Embajador ,a Es. 16 al dae ullo del present* to e, o mterlt. 5eoAiS
zmosa. Pudo ser mas vasta la de don Marcelino la oferta de pasz heha per tados Unidos caandb Rusia anio, abriga el proposito de reu- de le eplrltuak -i otrt sector,
jMenindez Pelayo, por ejemplo, pero no mis hon- Malik, segulda per na ran- reanud6 racrn oned c n se r a un grupo, de deatacado el que pretend someter la dis g- im aBlrac6n y npesia 1
en no ca conversaci6n entire el Em- pais durante la adinlnstra- pensadores do Europa y Ambrl- nid del hombre los Impulses deo e3ta
da. Alguien ha dicho que don Marcelino fue mas bajador Kirk en MaoeA y el el6n Roosevelt. TroyaniR=ky ca, a fin d que discutan pro- V =8 de arowi ctura etar
Ministro Gromnyko e4 el cual me bizo tan anUmio de ZEto- blemas que Interesan a la re- tal, ee actor. confuse come es- .selndlo, aet,. -l1bx
retrilco y mas ancho: don Ram6n es mas agudo y xste di6 a entender que er dog Unidos qi fue "%tetirado c 6flexi6n Wes6flca de oedoes los tA,. n epoceso de transcklOn y brtraw ln tat dd lt-a
preciSO. possible que los chinog no gi- como Emnajador. tiempoa y tambl6n aquelles que de conQuuitas. apenas aparece l S uradO luego,
P d leran la p, er e le c6 a *el hombre de nuestra-6poca re el hortaonte hist6rico como una pRrA dei l terilisto o
uee Cnsiderarse al eminnte professor como Kirk los nombres doe los dos Sin embargo, hae anos po- c o-cone proplos, como los tremenda anminaza. Podriase fule. vive *eac eao an
:una gloria de Espafia y de America. En 1899 gan6 generates comunistas en Co- cos dias, apar~il6 an articu- Alejandre Agar Machado problems originates quoe el enfocar esta desconcertante an- miarge ivir. plastadeo
rea que poproian Wittear Was le escrito per 6,1tltaiade o"Pr mundo ontoinior]ne. piantea aIa ctenmla flles6fica". Cite has- tals sdialUcon ei eaemle c ri-in *ttlnao y a! .
ipor oposici6n la catedra de Filosofla Romantica en conernaclones de" pe, o e rso qu6 ,rotneo namistd antea a la Ilenalu filo6ica. Cito has- r dtolicto el Imnle Heely mu a s .
la Universidad Central de Madrid. En 1939 fue DespWs de esto, les diple- tico-Norteamerleana", la eal ta este ti Arra, el cual me he tornado a libertad de ubra- d No na Tprop
ubilado. D los tres a los stenta aos acudmticoS titico e l fue blicado per na r r, recon ome-reconozco qu entrafa nplicacones de d plf entca ma ne- *ons ula na
jubilado. De los tres a los setenta aios acudi6 ca- do enter se proentaron re- ta sdo Mos$o. argo alcat By dt enectos poeitivos. cuyas consecuencits han cara traacn31nte en lax cbaMvtorla a li e t
da dia a former investigadores en su aula de Ia pentinamente en an flestas Es ebvio que Troyanovsky de descend t de un amblented r abstracciones, tipica- pga o corren, la Antrovo- de ia poe a enmided. es I1
niversidad el insigno maestro. Hy, a los ochnta celebrando el 4 de julio a ge no hublera ecrito el articulo menteteor6tico, a los dominos dilatadoa sde la sociologia y la i Fopifa FlOca. allanos cad i par Interp
niversidad el insigne maestro. Hoy, a los ochenta ieron las Embaadas de- In previa autoriz n del Polc international. dia mis l almlcimo a oue con lo apote e la m
tados Unidos. Anteriormento Kremlin. conduCan los teoremas sociales Picologia Descriptiva y cau
y dos afios de su edad, prosigue su area. Trabaja tado Undo. Anterioente Kremn.______ El encuentro del bombre con- DOs nuevas vias ante un rev l ar onrestarnos q lsto mon tamb
a diario en tres obras nuy esperadas: "Historia slgo mlamo e sin duds, el epl- ando conturbado con Ia verdadera tealidad dldel rno o n v,
te la lengua espafiola," "Historia de la epopeya" Carola Yonmar ara El BraS fl nanotee d a la s deas En Is actualldad, dos nuevas epte creador de valored, del ser a e ntln ralld& del
"Romancero general." filos6floas. Ouantos esfuerzos vias ofrecemos ante un munde adizlalee. que- ~ el hotbre, No. esym menclas .brot ala n
recital el Vierne itM d encaminane acrentar Ia conturbado: la una conduce a poca ra asiste tein dad creado oe
Seria inadecuado en esta nota haMlar de los hum Ia ftei rCadeYbdO de d ailatr proteso de preip tar nuestra realidad en cuando afra: "l hobreae tul e
ibros de don Ram6n. Sin embargo, habra u ci- en el T. National caitrculture, sou admirables; eor I^m l del no ser, con 10. gu- .ba.a
ibsiempros de don "Gram t6n. Sin emb argo, habrfola," que r i. Rl o .NCIOnfguno o ed tanto, ni p odria se pretend scabalar Ia o ex na direci6n sin limited". con orvmir. ,
tar empire su "Gramtica hist6rica espafila" cu- archer cu urae tendr l serlo, como el empefl i de las periencia del ser, y la otra 11 -
a primer edici6n es de 1904, obra que ha ido per- efecto en ei Teatro Naconal El sefor Secretario deEdu- do en present udza anor des- hst la o es ecr, ms a n S chan cada d lo fraq
feccionando en sucesivas reimpresiones. Es la mis en honor del seor Ministro de cacl6n nos ha remitido el l- cubrir, la verdadbra naturale- Kant, m ala de su raz6tte6- que van en Ia cajita de Kabul, ea la pala l
Educaci6n, Ing. Ricardo J. Bur- gulente oomuntcado relacloia- za del "Soe Hombre", envuelto rice, a recrearnos en 1.I cono.
clara exposici6n de leyes fon6ticas y morfol6gicas midez y seflora, un gran recital do con programs de intercam- contenldoen Ia plenitud de is templaci6n de los products .ob- fric boel cabl y ad is. Et l p
el espaiol. Con don Ram6n Menndez Pidal se o que ofreeerifa xiarol blo cultural auspiciado por el vida c6smica. Ya ei siglo xvII Jetivadds .del espiritu,-en una cedhimleto tan se6loo para sar "Klbd" pll ,
ide smfiol. non dons Rm*n Mndp i dval edeclamador espaola Gobierno del Braait: traz6 una huella luminosa enla dimensl6n que nos muestra, con .
jmplantan eq Espafia los mtodos de investigaci6n Yonmar. COMUNICADO DE PRENSA direcci6n aefialada. Descartes, ar umentos supremos, que 19a CIa i.
lingiiisticas que fructifican on sun libros y en la Dadas las relevantes dotes ar- En atencion a un nuevo pro- al inicia el im6todo inmanen- vida no estA hecha, sino .ia-
Orientaci6n definitive de muchos discipulos. Sus es. tisticas de Carola Yonmar, co- grama de intercamblo cultural te de filosofar, extra entonces cl6ndose constantemente.
nocidas por sus magnificas ac- para estrechar aimn ms los j.- de las canteras de la realidad El frofesor de la Universidad
studios sobre el Cantar del Mio Cid lo han situado tuaciones en nuestros centros szo de amistad entire las nacio- vital del hombre, asuells frase Cat6lca de este cultisimo id, .
entire los primeros romanistas del mundo. docents y en las que se ha ga- nes del nuevo mando el Exce- suya, henchida de extraordina- Alberto Wagner de Reyna, a .
n dL e la admiracl6n qtie su es- lentislmo seflor Presidente de rias perspectlyas para el des- tudlar enun libro do limiltal
Ha dicho Valbuena Prat, con su peculiar acier- cuela artistic despierta ante a Repibica del Brasil,, Doctor arrollo de las encias. "Plenso. proporcite, pero de pere d nts ides
que don Ram6n Menind.zs Pidal e leom-a todos los p abloos cults, exist Fetu as acaba csde Ins- la ego, existe".a te ergia ,o densro, s el motive a lan tisO
ro ~dn a m, fVerdadero inter6s por asistir a tj en' 0 to Biull" desti- same. Justo reconocerae quero cin ldoa edio .. Oat 4.
C Anr i f l eculturp l eh df fi ao la-st funcl6n, encontr ndose Y nad estudites de Agustin, con quien l autognosis mental dedo He ln. sta
ra es siempre just y media. Menndez Pidal fcasl agotades tat entradas. Am6roas e se hayat n distind- aleanz6 u c nt realme te psr to ir 1 ioa n,
....doonsontulosuncuronos par.u"CElosPaniabos:mf."psnep'nmedon atitaul sdo, -a1 so ra g.
re el novecentismo de la critical cientifica y fil- Procedente de Sur Anmrica, os n ros e dtios a lo s 1 t8er 1. s sta frase: "El e sti
gica sin la aitud agria del escptic ni la suf- Carola Yonmor nos visit h c Et premo ceatiron un e soy SI de's l. dea tal suerte quo alempre pae 1
gitcla sipafat deihv tres afios, ens aquel po a m 4 e As de las 81 se considers, como harce a etoavia no u es eseaa W iolal. a
eincia arrogance del osado. Es el sabio que leva tuvimos ocasion de aquilatar la Fuerzas Armadas brasileras ci Ia corriente cartesiana, el pen- adad, s esde antemano, a do-
dentro a! artist. fama que conqulatark su nueva estada en la cludad de Rio de samlento como el verdadero cir, mientras el exstir existe no
La Ambrica que habla espafiol ha de apoyar la forms de "decir poesia". Nos Janeiro pars dirutar den c ntro del hombre, elerror m- dalc edo nunca mue totL-
andidatura de don Ram6n Menindez Pidal ara agrad6 much su escuela decla- rama recreativo durante un d cen troY qu por s tir se habr alcanzadoa at
l Premio Nobel do Literatura con fe y ontusiasmo. matoria tan Intima, duIce En Ia Secretaria del Minise- medio harlase nalpitante, Ia In- Mo.seehabti op totldad ehabro
Contituy n honor para "El Panam-Am e e d ar n el rio dEducaci6ns dar dependenci del mismo de e no exstia Desconsoladora
t Un- honor para "El Panam AmC poeta, verdaderamente aRom- los Interesados toda Informa- to surja comoeexterior a 61. perspectlvae Meta mis sa Eimp0le
ica" hacerse eco de esta noticia en su column brosa en muchas de sus inter- c6n. E curso de setas ideas fi- y an6mica, como liite de -
PanamA, 4 de Agosto de 1951 sfticas, hubo de ensancharse. das nuestrais esperanzas, d las Como aperitivos on perfeetai.
U .ieerr n pre d stacion Carlos IvAn Z hafiiga en nuevas direccadoes, en Kant. pequefias o grande tragedas
Secretarlo de Educaci6n Al respect. dice el eminence cc nuestro vivir, que la miana e
S- Garcia Bacca, en la pAgina 100, disoluc6n en el seno de o ab-
S u la P L PAA f 1O Iquelor do au reciente obra: "Siete Mo- soluto, a que conducen no po-
eIs UE. se m ean deloos deos Filosofar": "Para Kant cas de las fantalas, que tant
an de* ne a inu *e n r R o* ya se habia pasado esa 6poca de impresl6oncausan a An a sator- A
Spa entregar a barrido o de exigencia delim. mentada de oso oientate' &EGUNDA 5ESION ED tAO DNA
Sip Sr nss idinterior:aue si el "Yo EnIs.a p~gina 148, del libro ya
pt teeOnounas nav s alemanas plenso" clertamente poseenelo a- citado del lustre Garciatos Eseax
der deo desembarzarse deo todo. en Ia confemencla oQuo correa- Anu s
WASHINGTON, Agoato 4 tiene tambidn el powder de a- ponde a Hendeggeri o elModoITIAML,
Ud.fiene ra n de es rlo (UP) Estados Unidos ha -a compaflar a todos sin estorbar Existencial de Filosefar, aE ha-
esrzr nunclado que so negara entre- a nada. l a este porral o seas clariflca- r Ui l a l
gar a la Un6n Sovltica 13 pe- dor del pensamlento modern l
Su PROSPERIDAD la del PUE O PANAM quefor barcos alemanes reclE- No iporque diga yo que "dos y filos6fico, a que aludo abora: D C E IN
Su PROSPERIDAD y la del PUEBLO PANAMEINO mados por el Goblemo de dos son cuatro" se alter el teo- "Por esto dira Heidegger que
dependent de nuestras industries. MoacU. rems ese "dos y dos son cua9- clertos conceptos universaos,
'Los peritoo en asuntos marl- tro", v no porque disa: "y como el de ser, son desoubri- SECRETARIA GENERAL
y timos de Estados Unidos, Gran p1enso que1 Dios existe", atento mientos de sentAmlentos, oenn- n *?'
Bretafta y Rusia prepararon en en lo mis minimo contra la don que damos a los entes a los A fin de eager el personal neie pari la Searet-*
LA FABRICA PANAMELA DE PINTURAS tie:mbr deo 7oabarcos n al ienb PademDios pr ast esta burrimento, desgana,deodnte- erlno on mloo y 8 l e n1 n r
eS innUStra IalCOn envnsiad a us dnio en no a compafiar, y tiene derecho a a- gen, tones en que tocamos o n t
eciida nO nRu dJo que habiagr compaflar, a todas las verda- componemos la sintonia de Mcng e
decidido nO or en vigor el de Eto s lo qu va a tratar nuestra vida copaciente-, nos 41 MeSngrafan efeL.
**W plan y expllc6 que come el misa- de aprovechar Kant". Hasta desprendemos de cada coas, e- Mcan fa ( S iu)
moe habs side redacta'do solo aqu la cita del erudito colega ro no podemos llegar a des- 1 Meean6gvfas (13n e-S'rle)
i LA FABRICA pnor perito., no esc de naturalcza nuestro. prendernos de todas e blue. 1MMeis-. -)
L FA RC 4 r aV obligatoria para Estados Unldos. sta sujecl6n al e no des- Mimeoffl ydsxt
existimos do hecho, que-la e*- 2 Mqb flass Aodres
1." Provee empleos. AVIACION GENERAL, S. A torcimo, snduds a- n a
guna, poa contemplar 1s BUs- 2 Trulacteres al gll s *
e tancia del existir, no en el ente I Trad.etora "
Individual o alslad 610 10 1 Oflelal do Transport,
"BPage impuestos. ^Se complace en poner a la orden de su numeroso e vle las vida nutet la quo e r.
3^^l "i.. determine las relactones de un Lo intersado debt proesenxiarampersntmtBe
3 Vende products de clientele, su nuevo itinerario a las 7 con su mundo", que enfoca to AM. y 1: P.M. 7 los eoneede plaxo a! be| *
e a ..u ue ite a lasel problema en formal distinta. ageto pars la lpresentacl6n de la snlleittad ilto
calidad a memos prdeos. provincias Centrales Qon apoyo de su categorlas e-
i 4 I- Jerarquia de alorer normaUvos /d.a d JuHi d1. ti ix
\ Amnenta el nivel de vida de la conduct, con la cual las .PaamA, 31 de Jalip d 191.
P e6 1 a 5 O0 *esferas de lo bell. deo JI junt-
al ofrecer mis pIr em dinero. i -
P O T S O O 8 5 o o IIIJI Jf II .. I I I 1

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S ote genelUamente desco- del -universe. Un studio mun- arat i vapor trabaJ6 2S3at,
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venciranos e do nueytroa wS o dora'que se traga la ma- humans nunea obtenlan sufl- La tripulac16n consistia de un
mefM*. dejando la ecdal6n fa tcon t raio.y todo y por\iun clente allmento para su salud, grupo para suministrar agna y
noAao en sla eopramia do a- costado t bOta basura y per dearollp y gor. leAf, un fogonero, dos hombres
treosn meores rao P p el ofro el arrez ensaeado y pr Por qu Amricra es tan favo- para manejar los arados y uno
Kiz* esta amigable .tal timo a la piladors o al molino recida en esta eterna lucha por de los inventories. La opericl6n
uindo de mnisnera provideoncl de arro y luego e-h ehquecto. el pa0 diario? Ns porque tene- fu6 un dxito pero el paclente nr
flul I orado por "LIand f oebo observar qua el sistema mos un suelo mis fnrtil? Ac- qued6 muy bien de salud. Lu
qa ',,que me parece crrecto aunque parezca sencillo requie- tualmente, la produccl6n per nuevas "maqulnas de traccl6n
traduiIr como "Tierra do Abun- re muchau horas de trabajo, de he trta qa menor que en otros de gasoline" que siguieron. sua
4dcia". Eran nml intn__ones slete' de la mafans hasta que.el contneonteo. Es porque tenemos paos eran m&a livianas y eti.
tinak do nuevo It argpmenti sol desaparezca, par todo un Mlo tierrsa? LO, stados Unidos tie- &lentes. En 1901 el tractor "Old
oel con tan poderoso r reto o y que no es tan fAcil .como seh- nean come 7% de la poblacl6n No. 1" V tu terminado, pesando
obnsiderando que mi am- iare on uns banca del parque del mundo y 6% de su tierra, 20,000 lbs. y desarrollando 22-
poa ptsona ammentow oeu-y bUanamente t o tree o cuai- gualnmdenos a los demas apro- 45 caballos de fuerza. La ten-i
da y deseando eiOttrle la po- to palabras despreocupadaa xinmadamente on tnrminos do dencia en rebajar el peso al-
ile pdrdlds de un ttempe pre- composer bl pats, o descuartizar tierras per persona. Como po- gui6 pronunciadamente y ezn
cloan Cqn exposicionesa dom la- a un amigo quo generalmente demos pues, producer much 1908 un tractor con motor de o
o extenma, eatui e que era pre' no estia present. eb mi alimento er capital que en cillndro pesaba 10,000 lbs. Hoy
trouble part .ugtntar mi. VmP4- Deog hacer dahads aobre un otrae parttM deo mundo por dia un tractor que desarrolla 22
do vista, ls traducc d det eile que mo a pocos conocen ejamplo0 .o veces mas granos caballos de fuerza peas menos
PiIrraio do "e ta et o que a' prop, desean igno- pr persona que on America del de 3,000 lbs. En el afto 1918 ae
del "Land o ontY, rar. preducl6n de arros ro- y trees veces.mAs que en diefaro los tractors en las
- g. sin la menor intencl n veilente del cultfoe con maqui- Asia? mesas de dibujo para la produc-
oTl e reharme ode una poI nas, en nuestro concept no al- La repuesta es: "Mayor pro- cl n en masa. Dos de los desa-
qi6n ventajosa. A este amigo canoa el 10 por clentQ de la pro- duccl6n per agrcultor". En este rrollos mis importantes ocurrie-
adi estc ensayo; digo ensayo duccl6n naclonal itendo la gran pals, la fuera roductiva por ron en un period de 8 afios
Oe envuclve terminos y el- may'rls el producio del traba- hombre es multlplicada por el cuando en 1924 se disefl6 el
SbanMe doe la enga iglesi lo de nuestros campesinos, dl- uao de los modernos implemen- tractor del tipo triciclo y en
4u m serA mu.y dicfl precitar dnraml s con las ufas, porque toagrlcols. En Higar de pro- 1932 se le adaptaron los neunA-
Sn.una traduoel6n corrects por s dos unicos implements que ducir la eergia para hacer el ticos. Estos dos pass no sola-
dlmth que ellos han nacddO de usan y posiblemente los nt- trabajo, el agtculter.Americano mente transformaron la indus-
sombros caprichoso si prece-l co que conocen son el nmchete bhase u d eneria mecani- tra sino a la agriculture mls-
o -son las aevlaturas y i oa. Para que, sAte tia ca. ]l .es doctor de fuera., no ma. Ellos asentaron las bases
2npuwta para de- evoliclenara.saertL i que la tuheto de dsta. del tractor mdderno que hoy
taSS U G1 uinstanl r mejor=ra trash de 8e estnma qu cada agriculto- conocemos."
ano, de Moqu ra en losAftedos Unidos produ-
S le 5 que en con- ce *wflrBte alimento para "Lanf of Flenty" fue publica-
Sde- cep mi ol1016ucl6n quince personAs, que es trees ve- do en 1950 por el "Instituto de
..u'cpoi- "que sufre a paso cualq ser; ces mns de to que producia antes Equipo Agricola" de los Estados
Srntes cualquler alatema. .' a de inventarse el arado de acero Unidos de Norte Am&rica y de-
Mb-ae o, re- e stiva deo derae rIn y la trilladora. En los dias de dicado t los que diseflan, cons-
Setc. negative d yp ta las Colonlas, el 85 por elento de truyen, distribuyenL reparan y
q' oy por hoy 6sto pe reclaq el team a- las fuerzas trabajadoras era usan los equipos agricolas mo-
pe tn-i iato predilecto ble del tiftpo. .Los necesarlo para producer los all- dernos y aunque estA escrito en
no a do nuiesatras ms asino los siatemi a llWs 1 E a mentos pars sostener una exis- ingl6s, creemos que ha le ser
tambidn de nuestr0oos yO0 Yprogreslva peo IO = o Ye tencia minima. Hoy die solo se de intelFl pars los muchos quo
cm an todavia eascea. an9 si en estrecho tiempo .i,,-acor- necesita el 15 por clento de ea- estamo Interesados on conver-
n mo est nu .tro olticos, ta este process, la uIevludn se ta fuerza para obtener no solo tir nuestra agriculture criolla
i=oarV mi .etpo.son sobre torna en revoleld6n. llestro la abundancia de alimentos sino en una Industria s6lida, que sea
ote a grno noo 0 potqe eas el sistema agricola represetitado una gran part de las materials la base para el desarrollo de
S. f ?nosSUstst sino porque on la labor penosa y poco pro- primas usadas por nuestra In- nuestro comercio y de las otras
.s el icoa que brinds un brit vechoas de nuestro campesina- dustria, a pesar de que el con- industries en un campo pr6spe-
lante porvenir tanto a hacen- do ha de suftrir una revolucl6n sumo por persona es much mas ro y de propio sostdn. El au-
an alosgpequehfos agri- si aspiramos a mejorar nuestra elevado. mento de poblaci6n, nuestro de-
eda4dO omo a aws i 'economtla tan- deetplta en la seo de mejorar el standard de
cltre detullidid. Es -evolucl6n ense-' "Un equlpo eficiente en ma- vida. exigen de una manera
Tenemos los dos extremes, los fiarle a nuestro campesino en nos de agricultores "libres" es urgent e imperiosa a creaci6n
em lrmis que lguen tonas- l Pd meo s 10 quea h tonado el mejor aseguro contra el de una political econ6mica sana
e-a -i. lusistema usado Pp u macaas dcads a los gtandes "HAMBRE". y definida quo nos permits no
Uchos iglos y queo nab h expe- palise park aleanzar una meta 81 un ,gricultor de los ar solo prduci par nuestroa con-
Amentado inguna evolucli6n Y tan ibenoftelosa. as revolucl6n nes hublera reencarnado n, lon sumo sino quo tambidn para ex-
IM. taqrco Ithre qnue emplean efirster del. mafo de I a an tipie nes hublera reencarnado an, lox portar, quo semi el. mio medio
6. dae s nsc itunal masmo dad afieja do or nuestraIi tempos de nuestros abuelos se0quo nos har possible eln dia de
tsa don a nia n ims dad, acjo pr d n el a Pol nbles m plaeoento su de np t mafiana el poder adqunirr los
d L eann- tics h tica de olvido'h a. cHerloimplementosa doe l po-iarticulos quo par razones obvias
DretonlblemElitO ~oel ln abroro del campo egobiada pel so avanz6 en Is Ecad Media con Canal, ni el Turismo, ni el co-
las montafiess lue go o n e r i l noeni pondicion Yn o- el inventor el arado de madera mercio do trinsito, ni el puerto
b trascendental a ili misma sas de prodiuccln barata, abun- y c6mo el agibor ar g sigosu1 llbre, serin suticlentes de por
tirra quo no pileden volver a ~ nelg y la oportudlidad de en esta labor pe r largon siglos 81 para sostenernos.
ptlrvar iu dopues do varlos compartlr con Ios habitantes de sin ninguna mejera on equipo o
lift.. tl ,siueanlpu O u.amrassc a istema. Vino entonces un pe- Solo la agriculture nos puede
r;piendis tietra pare epos- superadas condiciones de un v tiro y nestimal de la iniela- ce qu nar hace te pel balar on-
19sta vo y ussi no de la "7im
tapr ~A cOranu loraoon%4a l tr.sor eioes 'vim-rmaolqnppOarloner tiva libre y competldora, cuandoa pletar nuestro ciclo econ6mico
eow o geran s,,c ranura qude 'Lan co adel h modrnau, h este Implemento bislco hizo bsldesarrolloas aors ns able
c"Land of Plenty" en s a t- mks progresoa en una sola gene- el capital privado est Ilamado
calzos, Y a su tempo Is. tea mis Interosanteos no a: racl6n queen todon loi silos a- elctiam eats "nev o
Sshueegoel tedtoso trabao "i oamblo deo los mtodo ee ctuar eta "revoluin"
de reeclf n con unW Rorgn al mintuales io do "fuerea" en rires de ola historia. En 1868 slempre y cuando que el estado
onainotable lnvencift meior6 mantenga una poUtics quo ga-
mVA al dedo indeo, m ateo m lat mon gdoii -american a en la calidad del arado america- rantiee su estabilidad tal como
pa to eec de mats ma. mnos doe untsigloan "un. do l- no. Desaparec6 la tendeia ~ lo hace actualmente con losa-)
E d pufdos actuminados sona l9- oansf a hion&s de mayor a seorcerse, con l nueva blenes race, valores negocla-
maceados de una manra muy eane "en la& historiah lumana.M e storenacsroicon'Cts o esn V ics a P aa a ec
lMgenlosa, des.u6 i e oe des- La mersacland r de. la halen- vrtedea cde accni "cntrad bos, omrci, etc.
o .yper tin el pl"n y ro dd sha levantad el doe suave" y border nempladioss
y e so nolo s s do queim fd o de iscos se D agriculture organzada
I& nla 0 os o oa "army oduesn nuestro aimeon Invent6a en 1847 SProesoi d floreciente y pr6spera nacerinx
ombre que rae osa- bra. h tradb una abun to pr50 aflos. El ara n do-ras- muchas lndustrias derivadas.
a so ha onabcpanaau aaan o tra se ncomenz6 P ussr con todo
nte shadeuSerto aboada ncs im no anin- ditoen 1947 y hoy die es uno Rogamos a quienes deseen ad-)
poiblement cal a- a ,t era de los implementos de voltage quirir el folleto "Land of Plen-
.. ,,,alo rbha lobrado un con-
moe eroad obr ron de o mias versatiles, ty". que se sirvan dirlgirse al
U g nde I s ndaPlar. i a oro A travds de los aflos, con las apartado 217, Panama, R. P.
n Regaleo Utl i glade a r dSelP resrdeonus-eos mejoras en lois arados, gradas y
odnt r mees aes e indibi l d'e rastras el agricultor americano s a a un
SOpo O N5mm or "es lsaro doisa Atr ss e atora6 en su tniciativa usan- V lita Pan a
e," iondusrord do m ul- mdo una recus de aniales cad s a
aqurprooris agr.Incola usu dt udshuid mv o s numerous y tras un 0 d
olegr ra! n. 51te yg o s jtrtb a- lproceso lento de evoluci6n quo sminrvisor 1
do.negri Iaorndogulonozosrn extendo6 par mis de media
Udo reeord sdo q ~ : a d n incaiglo nlao fu& sinedeaopius d oe Is
ilsterra 4d u e od168 enteoanfFsguerra mundia lcu ando h CabFlex
-u.. s 'Ened '20thc Century .Fox
,:.. ha eradm da wm'ntes, _e pla" .ad de-Tree- a d m-tro
"'be f. tm t del ar. La palabra "tractor" era
.. d poc igniflcacidAl part el Procedente de las cludad de
ir ,p **' eTOhz Pb1haste 1906-i Br cuando Buenos Alres se enpuentra en-
D* Do Wos ctro eabgspit s de Predeon varlos anunclos de tre nosotros .el dltlnguido ca-
Aafricants com o na abrevia- ballero y culto amigo, -on
S7maur-4u' "i trn- turf para decir "maoulnas de D. Cohen, supervisor de lo
gr ldhaf e Is bafit I& itran 6n de gasoline". El pre- "20th Century Fox" pars lor
d iicmu rs cbr del tractor agricola fu la paises de la America Latlna:
S "-is miuina de traccl6n a vapor, Realiza aetualmentt el se ur
M que o Una vida peetacular. Cohen su vistsa anul, 1o cual
U"n cle oer mots en Isa oeena agrico- nos lo retorta n tros large
.**^ | Un eemrtrt se 10 'ba: "n la, I& labor tu9 efeenlva eomo donde resdi durant muchos
l 0v oR 4 IVa a te d fuen Iam pr Im- aflos. habindo ograo captar-
Se up E sefior s ohen f durantes

." "- a ".- "' S "S '.

Surtido Especial en
de seda fria con encajes, de
1.95 a 2.95
medianos y grandes en
roaado, celeste y blanco
3 prs. por B/.,1.00
finals de nylon do
la marc B.F.
.15 denier'
51 gauge

Plaza Santa Ana


Lo nis indicado pa
doede no hay aci

Tanques para Agi

I pDa


Se. Central No. 20 (Antig
II i


Visit nuestro
para verlas
en demostracl6n!



RECUERDE que la Cia..
Singer le ofrece facilldades
de ago al alleane. de su
bolallo que no enrueatra
Ud. en otra part.


la vent especial de
finos a preelos comple-
tamente econ6mlcos.

Avenlda Tivoll No. 6
ha ocupado CASA GRANT..
con el fin de expandir sus negocios
y facilitar sus exhibiciones

Aproveche Ud.! Todo a precio de Coset!

.Comrpre Mas power Menos.Diner.o!
ra pOblados
ueductos. VESTIDOS.

ua con Fltro de sefora, deade... 2.95
Acabados de recibir. ABANAS
de 1 gal6n e puro hiso.. .' 9.t
de S galones 1 FUNDAS. ...... 1.75
de S galness
Iran utilidad y efielente
imiento. Compre el su- No pierda esta ocasi6n que le briada
antes de que se agoten.

ARCULos DE CASAI. L. Maduro Jr.
as Ferreteria Duq) Ave. Central 100


SINGER aGerra abierta al alto cost de la *
'La Reina' ha proclaiado decidida.
A que vea nuestros precious 1
S Y se convenza de al pdblico no


Con cualquier modelo de
quina Singer se confec-
SUd. vestdos, no T R JE
rta cuin delicada sea su T R jES
dea. pues una caracteris-
a de aIts Mquinas de ou gran surtido
ser Singer es que pueden a los mejores precious!
nfecclonar con facilidad
ibajos finos que no con-
ue Ud. en otra miquina.
para nilias
on todos los tamafios
S- de la afamada marca "Loomcraft"
do Vistosos colors!

^K^ >/ rt t n -

AvoMnii Cful 7l Tel. a3IS Pumm
AVrMS Ilmkwr M" Tel. i OG Ma.

IAVE. C +T t30

-I -

_ _I _I ____ ~_ _~ _

| II I


El\ -

, 1

Iv ... .

... .' .

"~s_ ~'


*I ". .. ..A % ,,
~. .. r "--..". 'TR., *;* ,, 7* "; ': -.;: Y .._" ,'"-*.*,'
-:: ''- .. -." 3 "' -"3.-
-..- -"' ,* "* *" *** .. '.[-,y w ,.

la F&aci6n De BaseballH a

Gestiones Con El Fin De Enviar

Nuestro Equipo a La XII Serie

La ermracl6n Naclonal dO
baseball Be agitara en el, senti-
do de buscar pars sufragar los
gastos que demanded la preqn-
taci6n del equipo de baseball
que defendtri nuestros clores
en la XII series de baseba,
Con tal fin se escogi6 en la
ultim sesi6n una comisidn con
el fin de entrevistarse con el
Consejo de Col6n y otra que ne-
gociara con el Comit6 Oimpi-
Tambien se design una Co-

mlWi6n quo vlaitara al Presl-
dente de oi Repfblica para ver
qu6 ayuda puede prestar el go-
blerno 't la eleccl6n paname-
Aiiftirio sla Federaci6n dis-
pu~o folebrar una rifa de un
vlaje a Mexico ida y vuelta.
Con respecto'al nombramien-
to de director y asistente no se
lleg6 a ninguna conclusion y 'se
nombr6 al Sr. Jos6 A. Cbeca,
examinador en asoclo de Lanu-
za ySantaclara para que eleven
a cabo eate concurso.

SElSanto Domingo es fuerte column

en la estructura de nestro deported

El prestigioso Club Deportivo
Santo Domingo llega hoy a sus
13 aieos de vida continue y ac-
tiva, dentro de la satisfacci6n
de sus entuslastas y dinamicos
miembros y de la admiraci6n
y apreclo de los depbrtistas y
aficionados en general.
La trayocteria del Santo Do-
mingo ha tenido tambidn sus
escollos y dificultades, pero han
Sabido vencerlos y continuar a-
delante para encontrarse hoy
en un pedestal elevado en el
Deporte Nacional.

Mirando la vista hacia atria,
encontramos que un grupo de
deportistas, entire los que se en-
contraban Jorge M. Herrera,
,,*Jo&6 A. Diaz, Rolando Mir6, Jor-
ge A. Diaz, Arquimedes Paredes,
,Javier Cass N., Osvaldo Marti-
,nez, Jose Juarez, etc. se reunie-
ron el 3 de Agosto de 1948 en
*l mismo lugar donde actual-
mente esta su Terraza para
fundar el Club. resultando elec-
to para Presidente Jorge Mario
r Herrera, quien fu6 reelecto en
1939 y en 1940; en los dos si-
-gulentes aflos ocup6 esa posi-
'cl6n Rolando Mir6; despuds de
3941 a 1947 estuvo de Presidente
.Anibal Casis Neira, decade esa
fecha hasta ahora, esti ocupan
do dicho cargo el conocido de-
portlsta Antonio Racines. quien
Aanoche wolvi6 a tomar el man-
do por otro afio.
Numerosos deportees practice
eil Santo Domingo, entire los que
se encuentran Natacion, Remos,
as grima, Softball, Levanta-
'la1lnto de Ppeas, Lucha, Carre-
Jas de Lancha, etc.
'ParA %Bevar a eabo su labor
durante todo este tempo, ha
contado con la ayuda de per-
nas entumiastas, comprensivas
carifiosas de nuestra juven-
td, entire los que se encuen-

tran los ex-alcaldes, Carlos M.
de la Ossa, Fernando Alegre,
Mauricio Daz, Angel Vega Min-
dez, los sefiores Rogelio Cort6s,
Virgilio Patifio, Ing. Celso Car-
bonell, la familla Herrera, Dofia
Lola vda. de Herrera (q.e.p.d),
Ren6 Misteli, Aurelio A. Dutari,
Angel Del Valle, Ramon Real,
Rafael Estrada, Alejandro Arze,
Ernesto Castan, el Mayor Sa-
turnino Florez y los distingul-
dos honoiarios del Club
Tiene su Personeria Juridica;
la actual directive, que tom6
poses lti de su cargo anoche la
componen Antonio Racines, En-
rique Donado, Herminio Ochoa,
Victor Beltran, Diego Sanchez,
y Fernando Ochoa; el Abogado
Consultor es el popular Lic. Ca-
milo Levy.
El Club esta empefiado en
efectuar nuevas mejoras tanto
en su Terraza como en las pla-
yas cercanas, as! como inten-
sificar sus actividades deporti-
vas para cooperar efectivamen-
te cen el Deporte en general.

En la cuadra del Institutc
Naclonal, a las 9.30 a.m. sos-
tienen hoy su prActica regla-
mentaria la novena Azteca Jr.
bajo la direcci6n de Silvestre
Pra la misma deben de
asistir todos los Jugadores en
especial: E. Arias, E. Roux, R.
Cucal6n, M. A. Cordovez, C.
John, E Sheriff, V. Lopez, S.
Avila, M. Mendez, F. Urefia, U.
Alvarez, H. Alvarez D. Pernin-
dez, R. Qrillac y A. 0. Grimnas
Jr. con sus respectivos unifor-
mes y manillas
Victor Mendoza,6


Con. BEPartidi

En el otro juegodeesta tardeen el

Estadio chocaran Santander y Anc6o

Esta tarde finalize el. Cam-
peonato de Fitbol de rimera
categoria de la Liga Provincial
de Panami con el uiltimo par-
tido seftilado a targo ,de lus
El juego comenzara a las 4
p.m. en punto y actuara de Ar-
bitro A. parchtment.
Aunque el resultado de este
encuentro no afectarA la colo-
cacion de los punteros, el en-
cuentro es de importancia pa-
ra los interests de ambos on-
cenos, ya que ademAs de ter-
minar sus compromisos con una
victoria, representara para los
espafioles finalizar con mejor
puntuacidn y para lo pacifis-
tas clasificar en la cuarta colo-

Ambos equipos han practica-
do con gran empefio para este
cotejo y se preOentarin con sus
lines completas, esperAndose
un partido refiido y satisfacto-
El program de ffitbol de ea-
ta tarde en el Estadio lo com-
pleta el juego de segunda ca-
tegoria del Campeonato Pro-
vincial entire los oncenos San-
tander vs Anc6n Jr. a las 2 ,y
15 p.m.
Este encuentro tambidn pro-
mete resultar movido e intere-
sante ya que el Santander lu-
.charA para volver al comando
mientras que los anconistas
menores se empefiarAn en man-
tenerse en el grupo de vanguar-

Partidos de los campeonatos de la Liga

Prov. de Basketball para el mes de agosto
Los Campeonatos de Basketball de primers categoria de los
circuitos Masculino y FTemenino, y.el de seguIfa categorls de va-
rones, se van acercando a su fin y terminaran en el present
mes, con 1o cual la Liga Provincial de Panami ha confeecionado
los programs para las distintas fechas en la siguiente forms:
Lunes 6: Centenario-C. Eleta (Menor Masculina), L. Chester-
Carta Vieja (Mayor Masculina).
Miercoles 8: Operten-Danar (Mayor Femenina), Bam-Cartas
Vieja (Mayor Masculina).
Sibado 11: Ciela-Alemin Jr. (Menor Masculina),- Danar-Malts
Vigor (Mayor Femenina), Carta Vieja-Mauricio (Mayor
Lunes 13: Barn Jr.-Pepsieoola (Menor Masculina), Mauricio-Lord
Chester (Mayor Masculina).
Miercoles 15: Operten-Cirdenas (Mayor Femenina), Carta Vie-
ja-Lord Chester (Mayor Masculina).
Sabado 18: Eleta-Madurito (Menor Masculina), Malta Vigor-
Cardenas (Mayor Femenina), Mauricio-Bam (Mayor Mas-
Lunes 20: Rebeldes-Ciela (Menor Masculina), Barn-Lord Ches-
ter (Mayor Masculina).
Viernes 3 de Agosto:,Bam Jr.-Panamericana, Oridn-Optica So-
sa, AlemAn Jr.-Rebeldes.
Martes 7 de Agosto: Banm Jr.-Madurlto, Eva Per6n-F. y Luz,
Viernex 10 de Agosto: Panamericana-Lefevfe, Pepsicola-Barce-
Ionsa, Aleann Jr.-F. y Lus. j
NOTA:'- Low juegos de los Lunes. Mi&rcoles y Sibado, se inl-
etan a las 7:00 en punto, y los Martes y Viernes a las 6:454p.m.
El equlpo que no est6 present a la hort indleada perderA power

EN EL BUFjPT OFRECIDO A AMALIA AGUILAR. El viernes Ial medio dia le fud ofreeido
an lIu Siciaas de Peliculas Mexicanas de C.A.S.A., un buffet a la sensaclonal estrefla del bai-
le y del elme mexicano, Amnalia Aguilar, al cual asistieron las mAs destacadas personalidades
de nuestre mundo einematografico e invitados especiales, que dieron a Is- fiesta animaci6n y
lucides. La fete de Sinchez capt6 un moment en que "la mejor ballarina del cine", depar-
tis amgablemente eon don Armando Moreno G., Secretarlo del Ministerlo de Goblerno y Jus-
tiela, ea presencia de Tomasito Cupas de la Redacol6n de "La Hora" y alto empleado del De-
* patamente de Prensa v Radio del Ministerio de Gobierno y Justicia: Carlo Soli Bosch, Re-
dactor Jefe de "La Estrella de Panama": Enrique Molina Reyes, Gerente de "Pelimex" y Moi-
o6s Torrijos, Jefe del Departamento de Prensa y Radio.



I l 8 de la
a las 0 noche

---Un program que le brinda la emisora faverita--

DRed Panamericana

En la marathon de

hoy corren los

ipejores ciclistas
Los mas varlados comentarim
ha levantade I& Marath6n i-
clista que se corre hoy de Pa-
nami a Col6n y regreso con la
participacl6n de los mejores pe-
dalistas del pals.
La prueba parte a las cinco
y quince y se calcula que tcr-
minari alrededor de las 11 y 30
de la mafiana en el Estadio O-
SValioso y bells trofeos y
premlos se darin a lod gana-

Atractiva function en
el Cecilia present hoy
el Deportivo Pacifico
Gran interis y entusiasmo
existed por la atractiva funco6n
de cine que ofrece hov en la
mafiana el Club Deportivo Pa-
cifico en el Teatro Cecilia. co-
mo part de sau actividades y
para levantar fondos con qud
cubrir sus gastos de equipo.
La pelicula y los cortos han
sido seleccionados para satis-
facer a sus numerosos favore-
cedores v la funci6n comenzarA
a las 10 a.m.


Devuelve a los cabellos su
primitive color, hayan sido
6atos rubies, castafos
0 negros.
No es nOCivo No mancha
Es un product de oalidad.

mportante juego

celebran el Azeca
y Aracely maiio

En el circuit menor del
base de Santa Rita
El lunes as mlden on el Ea-
tadio Olimpico lax novenas Az-
teca Jr. y Aracelly en juego de
suma importanela para las as-
piraclones de conqulsta de am-
bos equipos.
El Aztecs quo bajo nueva di-
recci6n esta rindiendo buena
labor espera veneer a'sus con-
trarios para asegurarse una
posicl6n honrosa en 'el estado
del Circuito Menor de la Liga
de Santa Rita.
El Aracelly por su part cuen-
ta con buen numero de Juga-
dores entire ellos un buen lan-
zador de bola ripida para de-
tener las pretensiones de sus
El Azteca anuncia para lan-
zar a Eduardo (Lalo) Roux. po-
seedor de air control envidiable
y una curva pellgrosa, el Ara-
celly no ha dado a conocer el
nombre de au lanzador. Base

del Carie clausura

oy su remiones
Hoy ausura sts reunions
extraordnarias la Confedera-
cion de Baseball del Catibe, que
se encueritra reunida aqui.
Las reunions se iniciaron el
viernes, y el program confec-
cionado se ha estado desarr,-
llando a complete satisfacc*on
Hoy tiene lugar un paseo a la
Isla de Taboga y la sesi6n de
Interesantes e important a-
suntos se han tratado y rosjel-
to entire los que se encuentian
la aceptaci6n definitive de Pa-
namA para celebrar aqui la IV
Serie. de Baseball del Caribe,
con la particlpaci6n, de eqiipos
de VenewelaGuq)a, Puerto R'-
do, Cold6itik, qu lu aceptada
como miembro de la Confedera-
cI6n, y el equipo local.

Entregan heoy el trofeo
Mauricio al campeon
de base de Chorrera

Mauriclo Menasche, propieta-
rio del Almac6n de Deportes
"Mauricio" don6 un hermo-o
trofeo pars el Campe6n do las
Liga de La Chorrera.
En un gesto de desprendl-
miento, Menasche dijo que 61 es
tA complacido de cooperar con
el deported en toda la Repfiblica
siempre y cuando tengan debi-
da organization.
Hoy en la mafiana en el cus-
dro de juegos de Matuna se
hara entrega del Trofeo en el
partido que sostienen el Dep.
Chin Campe6n de la Liga In-
vernal y el Uni6n, Sub-Cam-
Hasta la present el Sr. Me-
nasche ha donado various trofeos
a distintas Ligas de la Capital.
3-VALEBIZA Tully Saba
4-FULANITO Ranchopaja
5-PINARD Royal Coup
6-GRAN DIA Batling Cloud
7-GRISU Parag6n
8--GAYWOOD Betfn
9--COTILLON Miss Fairfax
10--TAPONAZO Grito y Plata
11-WHITE FLEET Romantico

El Granillo pinI6

doa blanco al Frente

Patrl6tico por 4-0

El Granillo pint6 de blanco
al Frente Patr:6tico antler en
el Estadio Olimpico en la con-
tinuacl6n de la Liga de Base de
Santa Rita Circuito Mayor al
vencerlo por pizarra de 4-0 en
7' actos de gran duelo entire los
lanzadores De la Lastia de los
polticos y D. Urefla de los gra-
El Granillo lo mismo que los
politicos conectaron 3 incogi-
blas, pero los utimo pecando en
* ocasilones aprovechan cigarrilleros para anotar sus
0. Carrera y E: Quintero re-
sultaron los mejores bateadores
al conectar 2 de 4.
Anotacl6t Conden a"d
B. E.L
Granillo 4 2S
Pte. Patriltico 6 3 6

Cam mead. latmAer6s
unss deIla Confederas
repres~ea4o a 4 los disMnto i ,
que el ,FNsidente delay C
nupraelp enO dne l46e I Os 1 e IPA e

"cI"sdIVA niusak

.. ,- ., ,

La Ligfa De FutbUol%4t

El Dep. R.i* Han sido ivitdas ,cuquta

y el Feris enl naciones a la Conferencia e

gran choqe

COLON, Agosto 4 (Por Nando
Quintero)-Hoy domingo, en e_
estadto de esta ciudad Y en4 las
horas de la tarde, proMIguea lo1
campeonatos de balOMIlte '
las categories primera y seMgl-
-La pelea se na echo mAsW-
conada en la divisl6n emnetr
donde various oncenos vienen -1
chando duramente por a lanc r
el penddn del preaefa _afio -
El program de ihaflnai. do-
mingo se incica W It una de If
tarde y el primer lance sert
de la menor, entire lb equipos,
Deportivo Centuria Jr. y Pan-S'
ma Sporting.
Luego de este lance entrarAn
a la cancha del estadio. los on-
cenos del Abel Bravo y el De-
portivo Amazona.
El triple programs de la Lt-
ga de Fftbol colonense se clerra
con el choque de primer divi-
vi6n entire el Deportivo _eris y
el Roque que so traen 1I que
blen Ae puede lamar. "u'f pe
lea de gates".. p OM dispute
del segundo pstos .
Asi pues elP erla y el Roqtte
deben ofrecer un gran partido
hey, juego que no deben dtar
pasar por alto log fanatleg
acudir a la cite-qtUe hacea L-
ga Provincial de1 fttbol
dando en eate apo
a& deported de l 'pat&4* y a
la vez disfrutar de usa taBO
tarde de balomad.

Paz para firmar paz con Jan
WA8HINOTCWN, D. C., Agoato dente manifesto que ai fir-
4 (UP) El Presidente Tru- mara el tratkdo ca qupro
nian. anunci6 en una conferenl- bablemente hara el 'Se ario
cila dle prensa quie inaugurum' de Estado Dean Acheson,
It confewncia del tratsd. de It
pa con li Japs n'eFi Oan Tan- i A Is' A conferencia hani sidO
Ciaco el' 4 Sdptloebre en invltadi cjtaents a1aonei
doeide ol 'eS ra uesI p ncle t l ntre n7r 'itW gil6n Sovtlic&.
ml imtortante diacurs Ob: .n cieftts efera se crwe quo
frienlac6n con aqueo alsA. Ruia, que se ,Reg6 a cobrar
U' P craldente dUo qu sau vl- consultas 6 00.' J610t-- -tot
sita de doo- dias.a 14 cota occl- Dunles. encarJgdo d proparar
dental de Estadds U'ldos con el tratado con .j. 8aW- no
motive de d sa conf6renia i -tl- asltira a is conT.-fnMt sin-
pedi que reklice el recoridte embao,' d uraite l7eI. md
$polico" dql pals a principals dias lq diplomrticos MVBtloe
do etOft como so habia pro- han estado preguntando *. otr a
yectado. embajldas extranjeraa g re *1
Truman dijo que au papal en numene de delegados qo ean-
la confetencia de pas sera vlarin a San Franpir o y .a
inaugurarla oficialmente y pro- .rango, diplomitico ade lo pmS
nunciar un diScurso. El re'al-mos. ,


C Cebds ua id

Sbe.sdu c

- is lta do e s pe pms b6


Ll Jli




I -- IkE.

I,. ^

-- ------- -- -- 7



-, .'.

t ^--


.._*. .

r: ',L



*ama Comprende Diversas

Para Damas y Hombi es

f. a

Ibttis'dewrNi. .5lilyrvw ','ho. La sla-
rpwaorw li l or dx'BUw per una mini-

!V. i

I ;

N) W MIg O TL -. tas vistas reeogidas por mapstro fot6-
set a'eIe m jab.leisadtees de la carrera estelar, calbsada Ja
WjJIi aaoIbJAl. 'E el eomnmto. de is mr tda todoo s1b eie plires
-eya u q6e vpartIe may .ruado. peso ya e eJan' e Ia
an m Ietrofs seli icolocdo cereal f-los punters Full air fnaee
iehs1o enl tIrra qnaeha, el pupiflq A-Cantstallo logi6 jar a
enerUte eetuerse no lieg6 a omipilrue c el tri-mfo, puea siMgpre legr
way. kMen uedf saprearm an el finaL Terceree leg6 FP i* w.


t. de lo
ra r nocheaoa-

grp a eamelar en Ba radio fawrita-;--i

, .:,

Hoy en Ia maflana tiene lugar
en el Estadio Olimpico un atrac
tlvo y esperado torneo de oista
; Campo cop numerosos even-
os y la partAcipacl6n de damas
y hombrea.
Las .competenclas comenzaran
Slas 8 a.m. y serAn on honor
a'la Republica del Peril.
El program comprende ca-
rreras de 100, 200, 400, 800 1.500
y 5.000 metros; Relevos de 4-100
y 4x400 metros: Salto Alto, lar-
go, Triple y garrocha, y lanza-
mientos de Bala, Disco y Ja'ba-
En las Damas competirin en
I D 50 y 100 metros y en el Re-
evo de 4x100 metros.
Los mis destacados atletas de
Col6n, Panama y various puntos
del Interior participarAn en los
diferentes events, pronosticin-
dose pruebas reflidas e intere-
El program comenzari con
el saludo a la bandera; luego se
guardara un minuto de sllencio
a la memorial del Prof. Augusto
Brondi (q.ep.d) Presidente
fundador de la Deportiva Artes
y Otiflos, y organizador de ea-
ts competencia, y luego so de-
sarrollaran los events.
El Jurado de Honor de las
Competencias esta formado por
las sigulentes personas
Excmo., Sr. Emilio Ortiz de
Zeballos, Embajador del Perdu;
Ing. Ricardo Bermudez, Minis-
tro de Educaci6n; Ing. Norber-
to Navarro, Obras
Pdblicas; Coronel Jos3 A. Re-

Los Cigarrilleros D

Invicto Hoy En El

Hermosa Contra
Los cigarriller6a del Chester-
field se preparan para defender
su-invicto en la Liga de Fttbol
de Vista Hermosa en el partido
que. celebrari hoy contra el De-
portivo Llaurad6.
Este choque ha levantado el
Interds de los faniticos de Vista
Hermosa que esperan un lance
refildo en los dos tiempos.
Los otros Juegos que present
el calendarlo de este circulto

m6n C., Comandante Primer
Jefe del Cuerpo de Policia Na-
cional; Lic. Manuel Roy, irec-
tor General de Educac ln Fist-
ca; Ing. Ernesto Enriqu Argo-
te, Director de la Eacuela de
Artes y Oficlos; Tomas 0. Du-
que, Lic. Plinio Ortiz Director
de la Escuela Republica del Pe-
ru; Tomis A. Cupas, Ouiiler-
mo Rolla, Joaquin A. Ortega,
Arturo L. GonzAlez, Adolfo PN-
rez, Drs. Agustin Bosa, Alberto
Bissot, Manuel Ferrer Valds.
Arturo Collante, Carlos Eleta A.
Jueces y Ofielales del Tornen
Juez Arbitro, Carlos M. Ro-
mero S.;
Director del Torneo y Juez
de Partida, Carlos Belizarlo.
Jueces de Llegada, Carpio Ta-
pia, Josd M. Casis, Fellpi Per-
domo, Alberto Balizarlo, Jose 8.
Cronometrista: Cecilio Browfl.
Ashton Parchtment, Jaime Ve-
lez, Cliford Loney.

Jueces de Saltos: Miguel Clo-
vis, Abel Pereira, Joad Reina,
Donato Golcochea.
Jueces de Lanzamientos: Pe-
dro Austin, Oscar Rendoll 06-
mez, A. Velasco, Gabriel Sin-
Compiladores de Eventos Jose
del C. Corcio, Temistocles Moli-
Anunciador: Ernesto Morales
y Justo-Abel Muirllo.
Verificadores de Vueltas Vic-
tor Yanis y Francisco Mingo.

)efenderahn Su

Futbol De Vista

El Dep. Llaurado
futbolero estarin a cargo de
los oncer.os: Cerveceria vs Ar-
senal; Parque Lefevre vs Eva
Peron y Vista Hermosa vs Mi-
Estos partidos tambidn deben
resultar muy refllidos ya que to-
dos estin luciendo a la altura
con miras a la conquista del
campeonato de la presentte

El Sr. Cipriano Paz Rodriguez
Gerente de la Eso Standard,
ha anunciado que el XIV tor-
neo de golf annual Esso sera Ju-
gado a partir del proximo sa-
bado 11 de Agosto.
El popular torneo de golf que
se lleva a cabo todos los afos,
esta vez trae la innovaci6n de
que pueden participar jugado-
res aficionados pertenecientes a
los otros clubes del Istmo, por
ese motivo se lea ha extendido
la invitacifn correspondiente
por parte del Club de Golf de
Nueve valiosos trofeos de pla-
ta, especialmente importados
del Peru y actualmente en ex-
hibici6n en las vidrieras de la
Kodak serin repartidos entire
los distintos ganadores en las
categories ern que serin selec-
cionados los Jugadores de acuer

do con los scores que hagan en
las vueltas de clasificacion que
se IlevarAn a cabo durante los
dias 11 y 12 de Agosto pr6xi-
Los jugadores que logren ha-
cer los 16 scores mis bajos c0m
pondrAn el primer vuelo, los se-
gundos 16 el segund vuelo. Los
32 que le sigan perteneceran
a la tercera categoria.
Los desafios por parejas se
iniclarAn la semana siguiente
a bases de "Match Play" dea-
puds qu,. se hayan escogido los
tres grupos. Los partidos serAn
sin gabela; los Jugadores que
logren la mejor puntuaci6n en
la primer vuelta, en las tires
distintas categories, se harkn
acreedores al premio de meda-
lista. Los otros premios seran
para el 'ganadc y segundo en
cada una de las tres categories.

Partido de fftbol en honor del Peril

se present esta tarde en Barraza

Esta tarde a las 3 y 15 se
efectuarn en el Campo de Ba-
rraza el interesante partido de
Futbol entire los equipos Au-
gusto Brondi y el Peruano-Pa-
namefio, como parte del Pro-
grama Deportivo que se desa-



rrola hoy en honor del Perd.
El Dep. Brondi esta formado
en su mayoria por ex-artesanos
y el Dep. Peruano-Panamefto
lo componen jugadores del Cho
Ambos conjuntos han prac-
ticado satisfactoriamente y se
espera un renfido cotejo.
El juego esta dedicado a la
Cdlonia Peruana; se ha infor-
mado que el senior Francisco
Ditrani dari el saque initial y
estarb en dispute un trofeo
donado por el deportista John-
ny Arias. Gerente de la Royal
Crown Cola.


tiene los

mejores rooramas

Gran Cotejo Para Los Ases

De La Pista Se Corre Hoy

En El.. Hipodromo Nacional

Royal Coup

Es Nuestro


La prueba debe resultar
muy reflida desde la

Los campeones de la pista se
enfrentarin esta tarde en el
event estelar que present la
cartilla hipica Dominical, sobre
una distancia de 1600 metros y
por un premlo de B.1.000.
La carrera se muestra suma-
mente pareja ya que ocompeti-
rAn cinco ejemplares, todos los
cuales tienen grand opci6n pa-
ra obtener el triunfo. Entre
ellos tenemos al discutido cam-
peon Royal Coup que buscas
nuevos laurels contra los me-
jores 6quinos de a pisata.
Royal Coup tendra como ad-
versario a Welsh Loch, Phoebus
Apollo, Pinard y Rathling Light.
Como ea do imaginer este cote-
Jo debe resultar mnuy refido en
todos los tramos y el ganador
deberA extenderse a fondo pa-
ra poder alcanzar el triunfo.
En otros de los events este-
lares de hoy se enfrentaran los
equinos de I eclase "C" sobre
un tiro de 1600 metros.
Compiten aqui: Newminster,
Curaca, Grisd, Parag6n, Cha-
cabuco y Microblo.
He aqui nuestros pron6sticos:
En la primers carrera Fon-
seca, segundo Politico.
En la sgunda carrera, Black
Sambo, segundo Stella.
En la tercera darrera, Tully
Saba, de segundo Glorys Ace.
En la cuarta carrera, Black
Bull, de segundo Interlude.
En la quinta carrera, Royal
Coup de egundot Pinard l
En la sexta carrier, Battling
Cloud de seg Ado Sir Fox.
En la sdptfla camera, Cha-
cabuco de segund6 Newminster.
En la octava carrera oRndl-
nella, de segundo Hechizo.
En la novena carrera, Ala-
barda de segundo Fairfaix.
En la ddecma carrera Arqui-
medes de segundo Taponazu.
En la undclma earrera whi-
te Fleet de segundo Mr. Espi-

Beau Jack II se

enfrentara a Kiko

Mosquera elijueves

Beau Jack II invadiri la dl-
visl6n de los pesos mOscas el
pr6ximo Jueves en la pelea que
Sostendri. contra Kiko 'Mosque-
ra en el program de Boxeo
Amateur que se colebrari en el
Gimnasio Nacional.
La cartilla que se presentara
el Jueves es bastante intere-
sante y serAn vistos en accl6dn
Vernal Valentine va E. Grtums
118 libras

-Wilfred Johnson vs i. Ottis
100 libras
Beau Jack II vs Kiko Mosquera
112 libras
Jesus Ramos vs M. Portillo
118 libras
Sonny King vs Luis Samuels
147 libras
Ivin Martlaf vs S. Perry
Ch. McIntosh vs Toriblo Garay

La, Aristocrata
de todas las

Dio w

-| -*.

La Semano

en Deportes,

----, porI nrol

BASKETBALL.-Anoche se inaugur6 el Campeonato Ferne-
nino de segunda categoria con el Juego Electrogas vs. Nehi...3n
Santiago de Veraguas se efectuara slempre el VI Campeonato
National de segunda categoria el proximo mes...El Lord Ches-
ter continue firme en el comando de la lusta mayor masculina...
R.etlrado el equipo Madurito del Campeonato masculino de pri-
mera y suspendidos por un afo los Jugadores de dicho quintet
que fueron a jugar a El Salvador sin el debido permlso...El Da-
nar march de primero en la justa femenina. .Contintia ofre-
clendo reflldos partidos la contienda de Catedral...El Bam pro-
pin6 la primera derrota al Lord Chester en la segunda vuelta...
Dos victorias obtuvo esta semana el Mauriclo.. .Va entrando en
su fase decialva el Campeonato masculino de segunda...Mafiana.
jugarAn cigarrilleros y licoreros en el circuito mayor...Se orga-
niza torneo en Arraijin...Con gran entublasmo se eatA desarro-
Ilando la justa de la Liga de Colon...El Ministro de Educacion y
el Director de la Normal ayudaran al Campeonato Nacional...
Atractivos y mOvidos juegos estan ofreclendo los torneos de los
distintos planteles. ..En juego relajado el Pellmex derrot6 al 0-
rl6n por 117 a 57 en la just menor para imponer varias marcas
individuals y colectivas y donde-E. White anot6 94 puntos...
Las inscripcionea del torneo del Marafi6n cerrarAn el viernes..
Pesd tendra un equipo en la capital... El Lolito termin6 con 'l
invicto del Estaci6n en la contienda de Ant6n...El Comit6 Olim-
pico y la Federacl6n manifestaron su inconformidad con actitud
del equipo Madurlto...Eligi6 nUeva directive la Liga de Coc16
con H. D. Broce de Presidente...Un Comltd esti laborando en la
organizaci6n del pr6ximo Torneo Nacional...La Universidad es-
ta desarrollando don entusiasmo su contlenda.

FUTBOL.-Esta tarde finalizara el Campeonato de primers
de la Provintla de Panama con el juego Pacifico vs. Hispano...
Para este mes se. ha anunciado la apertura del Campeonato Na-
cional en el Estadio Olimpico...Francisco Ditrant nombrado
nuevo Presidente de la Federacl6n Nacional y Miguel Rivas
actuarA come Subsecretario...El Roque de Col6n le gan6 a la
8eleccin Chorrerana por 3 a 2 enh el cuadro de los t1ltihmos..
Ayer. se reanudaba el Campeonato capitalino de segunrda con
el juego Ambato vs. Hispano Jr. y hoy chocarAn Santander y
Anc6n Jr....En los pasados juegos de la just de Vista Hermosa
ganaron Lord rChester, Ori6n, V. Hermosa y Millonarios y hoy
se mediran C P receria vs. Arsenal, Lefevre vs. Per6n, Cheser
vs. Llaurad6 y Millonarios vs. Vista Hermosa... El Anc6n enlpa-
16 con el equipo de El Salvador en el hermano pals y a yr
Jugaba con el equipo Marte, de M6xico... El Dosman se perfiia
como el Campe6n de primer de Col6n y, ltlnwmente venc6
al Feria...En la segunda del AtlAntico el Argfelles tr)unf6 7
Centuria y Amazona empataron...Refildos parti6is estAn fre-
ciendo las -tustas del Oratorio, Instittito Naial y AE O* 0-
ticios.. ..Se terminarAn los nombres comerclaTis en los equipos
de todas las categories y circuitos...La Federacldn estudia am-
plio plan de trabajo.

BASEBALL.-Hoy terminari sus sesiones la Confederacida
del Caribe que estA reunida aqui desde el viernes. ..Se ha. pro-
metido ofrecer en Panami la pr6xima serle del Carib... (onti-
iian rindiendo satisfactoria campafia la mayoria do~ Iuestros
peloteros en el exterior... Se gestiona la prticlpaciddi f uin e-
quipo de Colombia en el campeonato professional de'atfd .Con
gran interns se estAn desarrollando las contiendasW:dl LW- g
Santa Rita... Esta semana finaliza el Curso de AnotMort.. A-
tractivo torneo estin realizando los machis...El Ang@elUni on.
quist6 el Campeonato Semlintermedio de la Justa J06n4 d
Panrt- Rita...El Canadd Ie gano a la Seleccl6n ChorreraW por
6 a 5.
BOXEO.-Nuevamente se neg6 la pelea entire el campe6n W.
Brown y L. Thompson.. .El campeon Brown lide elevada suma
por pelear...La Comisi6n amateur aestiona la presentaoln de
pugiles zoneitas y portorriquefios aqui...En los encuentras ama-
teurs de la semana ganaron Andrade, J. Moreno, E.T&ytlor, L.
Diaz y T. Shaw.
HIPICA.-Cinco caballos de la clase "A" tendrbn a sp targo
la estelar de hov en Juas Franco ... Cuatro jitetes susnaildos
esta semano....Full y Gorsewood triunfaron en las 'prinlpales
prueban de la semana.
VARIOS.-Oran torneo de atletismo tendri lugar hoyr-n el
Estadio Olimpico.. .Hoy se correra Marathon ciclista de PanamA
a Col6n y regreso...Lucido result el homenate a Jose Cheea...
Se gestiona intercamblo deportivo entire la Normal v la Pyofe-
sional...Esti en circulidln el segundo numero de "EcO'.Dlor-
tivos", de Col6n...Junta de trees personas administrara el dim-
nasio de Ant6n...Esta semana finalizarin las Competenda in-
tercolegiales Ae Volleyball. ..Universidad. Llceo, Abel B Drb y
otros pianteles estan desarrollando con interds su just de *Vo1ey-
ball...El Licenciado Anibal Illueca nombrado Presidente del Co-
mit6 Olimpico... Nueva column con el nombre-de "Tribuna De-
portiva" redacta C. T. Rodriguez....Tendra su reglamento la Pis-
cina Olimvica...Hay quejas que fueron s61lo promesas lo de la
Piscina del Marafi6n, pero Educaci6n dice que informara pronto
sobre ese asunto...Se record la memorial del deportista Benito
Hull ...R. de la Espriella nombrado asesor del Comitd Olimoi-
co... Stisfactoria explicaci6n ofrecieron los luchadores en Rio-
mar ...Tomas Cupas nombrado en el Departamento de Prensa y
Radio del Gobierno...El campeon de billar McKeown ofrecerit
exhibiciones en la Zona... Celebr6 su 130 aniversario el Club De-
portivo Santo Domingo y anoche tom6 posesi6n la nueva Directi-
va con Antonio Racines de Presidente.. .Numerosas obras de-
portivas esta realizando el Ministerio de Obras Pi~blicas a cargo
del Ingeniero Norberto Navarro.. .Animados juegos esti ofre-
clendo el torneo de Bolos.. .J. Ortega renuncia el cargo de Dele-
gado ante el Comiti Olimpico.




Por esta semana unicamente

-----------.--3,. *. --- ""S

* Ti

L A- ,'A

rEl Proimo Sabado Se Inicia

Aqui El Torneo De Golf Esso

MM w
le- *




-" *.

,f r

'' .. .. "

u ..-..... .. -
,AGINA ,11-

NO Hay Mejor Via Para TENDER, QUILAR, f-t .

Que la ruta al e rtamento d los .

Nuestros Agentes a Nuestras Oficinos to atenderlin .
AV* Ave vll No V t.. 4 eaus Ca$l .D- Osate 4.
,.Minimopo. .elo-19 ...eL2411,1

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cficio domestic Buen sueldo. Ca- aislado, per* clte. reosi mode- Pago inicial minime .100.00 y dos recimoros. Colle 7o. No. 15. gang do artiloqs sobre'eXis- con 0 ve fUrs de lude oia a reda ll
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te, Pens.6n Julieto, Rio Abajo, pre- M.. ilegand, a Juan Freoce. Tel. a AIqiLlamos equipo oesodo pao D, cerca del Hotel El Panomi .3 ha re nDo rd 1' II*. "
guntor Bodeqo La Luz. ?.1.503. mov.mientc do tiiru. portamento de solo comedor, d ozo lo Ia blo
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y plonche bien y duerma en el caoba. Acuda Bazar Panami 104I eem Russo o al telfno No. 3-3685. compraAdo o melort? Una i -
empleo. Traigo referencias y yen- Central u oficino Agencia Michel Lemon a pdr 61 N... B/.9.9arto eno a e n Re Mayor (:k-285)
go de 1 a 3 p. m. Avenida Balboa Simhon. Avenida "A" y calls 7o SE VENDEN: SE ALQUILA: Aportomento, sota sameI' s pu l o W. A. Mten ar, ;, : -
No. 45. Panama. Col6n, Tel. 1386. Lotes en "El Congrejo", desde B.5. comedor, porch, rcin auto epiroa RC.De ve tam l ETIr lA ll AnleMro;AdatoD-Rondo.
75 M2. Tombfin chalets en lo Ex- ge terdzo, cono, cuort eta- Eduardo Ch entire, flts. .
SE NECESITA:-Magnifica cocinera. SE VENDE:-Piano Winter Spinet, 18 posici6n, Bell Vista y El Congre- Ido, laimparas y venecianos, 65 d6- Ave Oentral 279.
Debe traer references. Si no co- meses. Cuesto B.850.00, ahora B. po. Excelente oportunidd ~e cae lares. Via Porros No. 64. Taom-. Tel. 8-0140. bldorM: r-,:.
noce su oficio no se present. A- 475.00. Calle Q No. 5, Apto. 12. si bin un cuarto omoblado con se WON CAN, S. A.
venida del PernNo. 7, 7alo, ----- Ca Ao. produce buena rent od vicic, salida privada. Tellfono'3- Cl=6a .- a llg *,yAVe. Balfi nque O
PARA CL JAR')IN: Abonos, hormo- produce 1b&63.enameve.. Se al3.
SE NECESITA: Un a lavandera. n s. insecticide., plants. semillas ROBERTO MIRO s 2-12Tr P A tc aria-
poanchadora. Colle 50 iJosc de y pates. Se O mton orrieras, limpion VENO:--Lote de terreno ,000 0- PERDIDO Zapt erie ,4. 3-NT.M,?"
San Martini No. 10. lotes quimicaniente, controlon pes- metros cuadrados en Curunoicf, lugart Tuberia Negra y 0a-'
tes. Consultos tcni iis. Alfonso done edar I Est TuberianNetgras tOat
SE ALQUILA Teeiro. Tel. 3-1593. Esp ndia egratiicaci6 serotorg
SE ALQUILATejeiro. Tel. 3193. del Ferrocorril. Informa: Lic. 1. d ol que regrese una, sortija de ,. R U,
CuarloS EE VENDE MUY BARATO: Mi- Lpez Grou Teefno 2-2944 plano o con bnrllonte y un reloj. pul- e AcerO y Piat s Tu ....
quina Registrodora "National", un VENDO:-,-Medio acci6n do to Gallero sera de oro de senoro perdidos en .s Al: i
SE ALOUILA :- Cuarto bien amo- mohno poro r-oler corner "Sanitary" de Chlrrera, incluye edificio do el'Hotel Tivoli hace dos semanos. 9 Pinturasf Esialtes y. W t
blado, entrada ,ndependiente. Ave. con copocidad para 600 Ibs. par concrete, doy focilidodes do pogo. No se harn pregunts. Llame te- di
Mexico 69, cerca coalle 13. horo. 1 Congelodor propio paro Informa. Lic. 1. L6pez Grou, Tel: Ifono 3-4304. B S 9' 21' r d e7jnr 'i
restaurant Freezer", cortadoro 2-2944, 1 Feaoai "dale" y reme.roo agpo tA m etf de IM aP I-i
SE ALQUILA:-Cuorto sin muebles de jam6n, estufa de gas 4 fogo- --- SE COMPRA Ferretera "ae y DFABEICAlt NACIONAL Dogit, .
para hombre solomente. Estudiante nes y plancha 4 hlmparos "Ne6n" SE VENDE:-Kiosco "Col6n Prospe- "Corbi" l PRDIM A ALIDAD ti. a
82 48" y 3 tubos. Para informes: ca- ra" situado colle 11,- Domingo :Deo comprar baul corote. L-il
-. -. .- -- I le 1o. Vista Hermosa No. 7. Te- Diaz. Informes alli mismo. Col6n, Deseo comprRICAar baaul comrote. C t o
Cua ti amcblcdo para hombre solo- lefono 3-1468. -..-- .- me al telifono 2-1704, P9nomA. D con 1 Tu lcte mportas0.
menpte. Colle Colombia No. 8. :-Cherolet951 SE VENDE:-Lote de terreno de 1932 COMPRO aRecilla. leche do nispare TIlb oenebilbs...4. ,
ap-rtamento 5. SE VENDE:-Chevrolet 1951 Bel- M2 en via BelisarioPorras, cerco balete. Polo jo e ciesTu Dobles......
S------ Aire Power Glide, 4,000 mills, se Ia entrada del Golf. Poro mayor in- do pluso. Osmend L. Medi ae Ci- Tubaos 7 Sencloios..... 6.0
e did combiarA por sedan en valor de formoci6n Ilome Tel. 3-2081, Pa- Hie No. 11 Aportodo 277, Pe- T. bas Dobles...... 2.80
Se llCtan me dias "Blue Book" Cachorros "Boxer" nam.. No. Calle 16 Este No. 4 Tees_--44 4..........2.00
3-4 semonas; cilindro "Crossman" na.nami. Tels. 2-3335 y 2-2988 Ye e*- x 2.......... L0
nitarlas para la aplicacton de 22 Col., 1,500 RDS, AMMM; Ca- Vendemos barat Cods x 2....... .75
medidas prevenTivas y educati- maro peliculas Bolex H-16; 3 len- SE COMPRA ralidad ptsblicas". para vender mis" etc., ete.
vas aplicables a las menores tes Kern Poillord. Estuche para po- Articulo 11.-E ste Decreto Te.. e,-1 Apartdo 2W9.
de 18 afios de eciad. en rela- los de Golf; 8 de hierro, 4 made- tender efecto a partir del dia... US
ci6n con el ejercico cde Ia pros- ra Wilon. uego tren electrico SE COMPRA-Pick-up 1-2 ton, bue- de... de mil novecientos cin- FUM1144[ON INUS7,
titudc,6n.y o ias actividades an- 027. Colle Davis 5337-D, Dioblo nas condiciones. Llome Lunes 4 a cuenta y uno, y modifica las Tenemos exactamente el GOomfAi y Liiaes Lta.
tiso !ales sl~ila res. Hgts. 6, Curund6 2208.. disposiciones de decretos y re-. "' kL'L
Artisoculo i.-La Policia Na- s.COMPO:-Lote de erreno de 60 soluciones anteriores sobre la VIDRIO que Ud. necesital ad
ional y Secreta impedirdn por hectAreas en Chepo, debe tender material. Fibrica de Espejos
todos los nedios legalese la pros- SE VENDE frente a Ia carretera central. Pora Comuniquese y publiquese.
tituci6n clandestine, Ia explo- informes: Lic. I. L6pez Grou, Dado en la ciudad de Pana- EL DIABL
taci6n de la prostitucl6n aje- Articulos de Casa Telefono 2-29.44. a, a los cuatro dias del mes EL D ABL
na y cualesquiera otras prti- ---- de agosto de il noveclentos Calle 16 Este #4 Tel. 2-2600
cas que afecten la moral y la SE VENDE:-Gngo, motivo vial. LAincuenta y uno.
salud oviblic.i. clasificadaRs co- I Juego solo. cogedor, recmara SE LO I Alelbiades Arosemena. O "
mo faLa.a punil!es por el C6o- Caltl -46 No. 19, Apto. 1. Tel. 3. ,E I El Ministro de Gobierno ya ,1.m ,
digo. A0minlstratlvo. Para tal 3392. Locales Justicia Migad Angel Ord6es "
fin puedeh detener a les perso- SE VENDE:-2 comas-tunas _de''___-,_ieazd
has soirendidas infraganti en EVLod E:oficina.EMENT
]a ej.cucl6n de acts libidino- bo con colchones nuevbs. Lbor 'Er ALQUIL-:-Local par& ofilino. N.J-o n
sos enlgares p6blicos, 0 en 2-3504. arribo del Teotro Central. CM N d o t Per Jay eing0
eaos n ?lcSgares pEVblico,, o en. o h o Roja y Verde l(. A... P) n IS, <
hotels, o en casas de cita Y SE VENDE:-Muebles usados deosl. CLINICA. equtpoda, altos. Farmoclo Unidos el cuarenta por ciento ayVed. A
otros sitios destinados a pros- comedor, comas, mesitas, etc. Pre- Solozar, calls 16 Oeste No. 28, do los soldados muertos en la L oI 4 (IS-l O ntM o teB1 ,
tibulos. Tamblen podrdn dete- cibs regolados. Ocurro Avenida Pana"i. guerrastrsespanto de que los tat, cacara- i acuaaci6n de qu les
ner, aan cuando no sean en- Per --87. Los familares delotro ses-d tanues cnen toe- on taione dder
contradas infraganti. a mujeres _._-- tip or ciento han expresado el v dos tanques de cincuenta tol4e- on i mltacion u de d mada ;
de notoria mala conducta.cuan- SE VENDE:-Refrigeradora, buenos SE NECESITA Ceseo de que sean sepultados de 15 y 30 Ibs. ,.._ puede ue sean ples proede dl ado o
do personas responsables de- condiciones, B.50.00. Escritorio 7 tn el sitio en done murieron itacLon ~Les iM ade :*, a t a ran
neuncen que aqu llas estan a- govetas, 2 Bxtensiones con silla, General Keats indica que seha apro- de oZincs Te do s fto exUe ondI: f s mo
feetaclas por enfermedadesve B.60.00. Belisarci a P 83-A..-bado un program que sefiaa vos e Tenemos ea eulsteinla:r tedipIlbin con orgullo, durarte La deaconfianua '
nereao cuandolasencuentren Tel. 3-2082. o orros SE NECESITA:-Coaso. estilo chalet, un gasto de treinta millones de IA celebraconea del Di eaml
en r.ctitud sospechosa, a altas c-- ------ -- con tres recamaros, que teng c o- dolares para el establecimiento UBaatill n e o Caolop, W*general, e
horas de la noche o en lugares SE VENDE:-Refrigeradoro todo por- ridad, patio o jardin, en barrio re- de cementerios de guerra nor- Balanz I as 'HIERRODe 0 mientraM FrAirni la n a. e.. 'Id 44del *hR...
done pueda presumirse que se celano "B.50.00, "closets" peque- sidencial. Aviso ol oportado 1340. tcamericanos en diversas par- DdIalnzas Ie1tCf O do mu nuevo podero armada, se e. Be ha expredo.
dedican at ejercicio de la pros- fios y grandes. escritorio, ormariol Telifono 3-1651. tes del mundo. Cada uno dc e.- DE FUiZIOA encuentran desconcertados ante cidn en cuanto a.. '
tituc 6n. chino, mess, sillas y articulos de o--. 'los tendra una capilla. la WIR UE cia la acuaci6n lanrada contra el solado ordinaH, to
Ar. o.- osa 601-A, Anc6n Boule- I'SE NECESITA:. Joven manicurista ccnstrucci6n de stas aumenta- gobierno de-que loa en r*c cl no nada de~e,
Aracul 4o.-Las mujeree cap- que sepa inglis y quo quierod el gasto prebablem nt.ete f Almacenes Rom rO ---- ysqtl. fe recbe oelequi

mandancia, de '1a Inspe -iOn' no .Aao e 5' os familiares de los sold uos lono pintada. de0 el heeho de qte eml rmnch
o dae o AlnvleO icia enterrados en ellos. d. toUd sW Rt emanarlo degaullsta "Lo del eelto ranes ea motive
Gteneral.z de,- p or pancS cii-l47 --a -- ------_SO Rapops r I ____ Raemblement' "(La ReuniRr,") do chlates en Paris y el de que,
s del oitoises. ss dliaas SE VENDE:-Corro Buick, sedn, SCELANEA coE unico cementoerio ue ere i ,ati tulado o "ia- durante los dias ma eaeliendy
interior de Reblica, a pueos modeo 1947, color negro ldadosde otras naconalidadestana ana no es el mtodo a- pgajosos del verao, los ola-
de que 6stos "t en sobre el Illntos nuevos costado-bianco, co- TALLER Auto El&ctrico "Purru" slao dePusan en Coea d e de MIAMI en vidrlo, "li' decuado para la defense nacio- doe franceses destacados cerca
caso a la Dirpeccti de Salud me nuevo, rdi, cubre asentos Vende. cargo y repair boterlas usa- o establecdo para las ro- o alumni. a afm6 ue los tanue S- de Siu p o u
Public, dentro de la oras Liome tetfoncs 3.-338 2- dos. Colle 21 Este No. 3, Ponoma. pha de as Naciones Unidas. L-. ACANALADO t aban hechos de madera. cu-- mee de lanat que pnohtlene nada
siguientes a la detenc6n. par 3102 3-1310. SOr. oyd. Se recibirapropuestas en la oficino ta es la primer vez en la hi- Rieles de abrir blertos de metal y de la tela de atractivo.
los fines del exeuen y trata- hVENDEN CAMIONES: I GMC der Gerhnte General de la Divisiun toria que se crea un cementcrio y errar para inmtada para slmular el acero. e los cdy probieasa princit
miento aedi co adecuado. 5'"ulaodos, model 1944, exce- de Comisariotos en Mount Hope, asi. CortinaJes. 2' x 6 y 2' X 8' goblerno fue fustigado por pa es pensamicn
Silas detendas son mayores enters conNdEiores; I GMC 2 1 -2 ZonIo del Canal, A en I del Supply ----- --i- hater engafiado al pueblo, to polite ancd~e el mAs disa
i t poiia deb i tonelodas, rado 10 rue- & Service Director, Balboa Heights. n Corrtina aaibre 2 Alegando que todo el articulo cutido es el relaconado con la
tio itri n mediata-, 2 1 -2 toneldos delo 1947 Agosto dE 1951, poro l o ent cn Kasn a una dit ra ns Deea Naciona de ran- ta dicn e et hapucea
ment, a fin de que cnozca del chassis l ; intrnaanol 2 de 20 novillos Holstein en cuatro e nor dde n r deledef a, declare que tal mentlr dico program. Declaran
caso y lo decide despues de 1-2 tonelados, modulo 1947 chas- lotes, en la Lecheria de Mindi en no de fa co en ca tr Lda nueev tlend-n a de-morallzar tanto al que todo el material -de guera
lnve igar y consultar con fun- sis ccrtk I Mock, 5 tonelodos, 'f4ount Hope, Zona del Canal. Los Estas fuerzas que se acercaban a PERSIANAa ejercito como a la nacld6n, po- debe fabricarse en Francia, fo-
coiro copetene de la Di- model 1947, excelente cndicio- formal c poro los propuestos coar eectivOs de una co ia VE CIANA niendo en ridtculo el esfucrco mentando asi la ilrdustria fr-n-
recch n General de Salud Pu- nes. Solicitor informs llamondo detalles pletos podrn obte- de infanteria marchaban a pie COWES aconal defense de anca esa n v de tabrcarse
blica. La sindicadas como res- al telefono 2-0610. = nerse en 1, oficino del Gerente en direcci6n al este y estaoan a prectos l mnistro radico6 una deman- -atades Unido de Sond ts
pons oles de contagion venereo -- General en Mount Hope, Zone b;en armadas con fusiles, pis- blen bajos. da eontra la publlcacl6n deBau- Iib a eite ..
volun ario deben ser puestas a vigencia de este decreto se con- del Canal, o en lo del Suply & tolas. granadas y armas auto- d h sta imedatamente -deatua n herramlenta u pFrania meJorat
ordenes del Ministerio Publico. sideran provisionales los permi- Service Director, Balboa Heights nia.tieas, asi como morteros". ---Aa de haber vto la lu el arco j herramlentas para mejorar
Si las detenidas son me- jos o patentes anterlorrtente Zona del Conal. "Me permit llamar su a.n- R.A (fOWEI A TC s monbn ado. e potential de la Industria pe-.
nore. de 18 anos de edad, la concedidos par nnegpc1osdeho- ci6n a .lo siguiente. El 13 de A. -WES y CLa. El conuincado del ministry de sada francesa. Los comunlitos,
Policia dara aviso inmediata- teles de segunda eategorAa, ca- en tales negoclos. eulio emiti un mensaje por rf- Tel. 2-0756 Ave. Cuba No. e7 Via Espalita No. 121 DefestNaetonal dice asi: por otra part, afirman que e
mente al Juez del Tribunal Tu- sas de alojainleito, .etc. E1 Mi- Artitulo 0lOo.-Antes de expe- dio dirigido a used que cont"- Tel. 3.150 -: ~emansiun Le Ressemble- program de defenma s total-
telar de Menores. a fin de que nisterio de Gobierso y.Jhaticia, dir nuevas patentes comerciales nia el siguiente parrafo: I, -- -- -_--_- mr ent, en un articulo publtcado mente innecesario. ya que el
adopted. conuntamente con la asesorado por la. Polcia NaCIO- para opera hoteles de segunda 'arantias qoue pido son simplts -. ci 27 de julio, titulado "La jac- mismo no hace mAs gue elevar
Direc~on General de Salud Pu- ,al y Secreta, y por inspecto- categoria, casas de alojamiento, v pocas. Consisten en los rc- tincia vana no es el metodo a- cl ya alto costo de a vida,
Ulica. las medicias qu .sean ne- res de la Dtresecan de Saliud etc~ serao ieceaarlo que el Go- quisitos primordiales a la cre- I Ul a S S deeuado para la defense a nacio- que el mltmo es de nat vrslesa
cesar .s para la curacion y me- Publica. investigari las condt- bernador de la Provincia, ase- ci6n de un a zona paralas col a- S. l es culpable de Varias de- agresa BO defennusa. e lara
jorar. ;ento (lt la conduct de ciones de seguridad, salubridad sorado poart' funelonarios comi- fren'ia na ni n ,- .. ... .- laraones alsas al describe la t que acusn al gobierno fran-
las sdcu- obmoreidalenlaraceioneJsfl sloadoasaraI Polciaraclo-llopada ibreabsoitamcn"-al SuobPanifno" yruono

--sa- p a -L aer U L 1 7A -f -W--. "" I o n e s i nj ur3i ou ocan s-c a
las ,:-icac. -vy moralidad en que se encuen- sionados por la Policia Nacio- .opiada libre absolutamen i 1 de e, ISumo Pontifice" y que en w,,ta"caldad del material militrda
Ar ulo 5o0 -La Policia po ren d i c h o s establecimientos, nl y secret y por -la direccion personal military a uno y o aro de ello el Obipne uenos ;- mostad al apfiblieo de Par tad Uidos.
drA. c 'tener asimimo a las due- : asi como el lugar de la ubica- de Salud Piblica lleve a cabo la llado. E 14 de u ot d ell e durante el defe del 14 de Tratando rnsetdramente de
fios o administi-radores de ho- cion del edif4cio y las relaciones investigacOn 'de que trata el aoE1 rd outdSPITAL des se entrevt con el Pre. dulro clde
teles, pensions. cass de al- de vecindad, con el fin de re- articulo 70. de este decreto. contestaron por radio mi mn- vs. dente Permn para "manifet -re lio aer aend a demostra beo e la yaa i lao
jamiento y otros sito-. dieonde slver si pueden o no- conti- prevlo informed favorable del sje diclendo entre otras co as sn y el proundo desagrad conti-que mPreviolnfrmende ae favorable delo a eelprofundodesaradoonuea un la,
Be constant nte 50eexolota la~nuar prestando serviclo al pu- aobernador, el Miniterio de A- que habian recibido la propu- M- J V 'Wernhnde, -. Veteitnarle ci pueblo cat6lico de San Luis entire otras cosas, que los tan- ya a otro, a mUdO ataca
prost uciin. Los detenidos por blico. grutura, Conerio e Idu- ta feclada el 13 deo julio y qae s s.a habia escuchado tan grat s qes de cincuenta toneladas ue durante n ams eelones
este motivo puetecs a Articulo 8o.-Tan pronto CO- trials, resolved. 4cerca de la habian accedido hacer dc Kee- Te P anams..11 A como injusta. exoreelones". tomaron pal'te en l desfile e-Ia derecha mduleda. La
6rdenes del Fiscal del respec- ao se haya .verificado esta in- concesi6n de a patent para ong una zona neutral.rannd hiculos de madei a cuber- de et ho Ie
tivo Circuito, para los fines de vestigacicn, el Ministerio de Go- ope rs i A--negooio, y el Gober- "La delegacl6n del Comando Afiade que el o rodente Pe- ta jpa dar & Impres 6n do -. Itd del eletrado frani eo
la in truccion del sumario nor bierno y Justicla procedera a nado-..Sental caso, permitira la de las Naciones Unidas eosta dis- Perdit8aS Venecianas LUX r6n, "enterado con anterloridad minam de bierro pintadas. tA completament v coronV de
violation de disuosiciones per- ordenar el cierre de los esta-apert ra dl4 eltableeimiento, puesta a proseguir las confe- de lo ocurrido, expros6 al Outs- El ministro dcid6 ponerle .o ptde
tinen es del Codigo Penal. i blecimientos que no reunan las despus de haber sido notifica- rencias tan pronto se reciba B. .9.50 po su personal y profundo dis- plelto a esta publecacldns debido rte meate 7 de que la otra
Be dara aviso tambien al Go- condiciones esenclales de segu- do por dicho Mnisterio, y de una explicacion satisfactoria de Entrega gusto por cuanto ni 61 ni su a su propaganda, la que tietde .ita h0e tegura de que ,o
bern ilor de la respective P,'o- ridad. salubridad y decencia, y haber notificado a la Policia esta violacion y la seguridad Inmediata partido nunca se habian 1.14- a desmoralizar &l ejdrclto y a queae ha hecaio y de *o qe
vinci:. y al Ministerio de Go- autorizara a los otros para con- Naclonal y Secreta y a la Di- de que no volveria a ocurrir. Reparaciones pirado en sentmilentos anUica- ia nacl6n, asi tomo a poner en queda por htper sea lndrtau-
bierr i y Juticia pars los fi- tmuar en su. actividades., con- reccl6a do Salud Publica. Entre tanto. ia delegacil6n del renerales tllcos", por lo cual hacia i'- ridiculo el program de deftn- tibl,.
nes (e cerrar los proqiibtulo.s y orme a su; respectilvas aten- 'Comando de las Naclones Un- caer la responsabilldad en ci o- as. national". Entretanto, el cost de la vi-
aplic r pens correcc,,:nales a Les comerciales legalmente ex- Paragrafo: Las patents que das permaneceri dentro las li- j Industrias r'.dor que formulO Aas oexpe- Kte Incidente llustra las dill- da aumCenta dia en dia. Los
los ifractorer. cuando el los pedldas el Ministerio de Agricultura. Co- neas de las Naclones Unidas. PanamericaUia stones. cultades a que se enfrentan lot preIo. al mayor ban at-
proc-dan conlorine a aL poS iio- Arliculo 90o-El Minisierio de mercio e Industrias expida a Espero la resnuesta de ustedes. Calle 29 23 nmoderados franceaea en sus n- mentado un cuarenta por ol.n-
nes Iales Gomerno y Justicia oiciara in- los establecilentlos de que tra- Firmado. M. B. Ridgway, Gee- Te s or sat#2cer a lo le- durane el ao p do y
Art culo 6o -Los duenos o mediatamente al Ministerio de ta este articulo y las referen- ral del Ejlrclto de Estados U- oTel-11 mdntos extremMt enIoeelel"- areo an quedado may f
admLildtradores de eases de cI- Agrlculiura. Comerdo r- Indus- tes a las menclonadas en el nidos, Comandante en Jefe de i .uecen alos -oUten del oak,. N4 o ae la ua. B zoblmnh hheho
ts o de otros lugares done sC trias. informandole cuales esta- articulo 8go. que sean autoriza- las Naclones Unides". dificio que usa la delegacl6n, 1 :u l. _emr. --" ---ein a__i_
ejerza la piost mlcion podran blecinientos de esta clase han dos para continuar operaciones Ridgway tom6 esa decislo6n y en el moment en que las rehuse partictpar en dl IM t- .p *a e)l --I
tmblen ser penados como va- sido cerrados y cuales han con- tendran claramente escrita la despuds que el jefe de la de- negoclaciones se hallan estan- to del Pacto del AtlAntuoo del U fr"' f. i .agmandio-a onlV fer -r.O alol i
y deporLados, FI fueren ex- tinuado en ejerlicto a fin de siguleplt atdrll : "esata pa- legaclon de las Naciones Unl- cadas por la exzgencia de los Norte al mando del Genwrale, ..- i a I- o ... ebena a nmrIopl ro .. .. m ri.m
k ros, como elements in- que proceda a su vez a la can- Lente no autlbI el funclona- das, vice-Almlrante C. Turner comntaoLas de quw los allados senhower y reanud6 ss *-1- co Mao d es1-- 'm rS..--a ..-.,-
e, con base en las le- celacidn de las respecLlvas pa- miento de prosUtbulos ni ntn- Joy protest par cl peso de abandoned el terr-torlo conquta- tselones para un trMtAIW ,'- "- ...s ido 0. 'em S ,.
ue regulan la material tentes comerciales de quienes guna otra actividad contraris a una compahia de soldados co- tado al Norte del Paralelo 38 cn Alemanla y Is. gam a &d as- MErt i fl.d enOU, e Tp-- SI,,Srle-i r-
.-. 16% 70o.-A oartir de la no lienen derecho a continuar la seguridad, salubrldad o mo- munistas armados cerca del e- tras ardus lucha. clonal. lg- Iu.ita IW-i-t, r d .ao

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Snepob a y PresmdMato la, ru Roja Nacional,
pIrat ri a lad da ass que Rfman la directiva
Mgs. Is euAmra de Arempena. la soelora Hilda O0. de
WAer Okgs A. de Leigpadler. sla ofeora Kepke, la
e amn..'kt qeorae JuHsa Emillani.

f-Ai EDS. .Vista .4a a~ el Club de
:y.etepra Maritza Guiwaeo- d Porras, quienes
I timpabia de lam dams y caballeros de su corte
Ia MeNatt, Adelita Calder6a. Graglela Campagna-
i Afimneo e Ida Vkllartio y loI caballeros, Ricardo
srto Etripetaut. Jainmd de Jan6n, Alfredo Bergui-


Forlaitzcase elm do 1

Grand Ino Reconshuyenle


(L uV

iNuevo encanto para la tez que no tolera
una base espesa! Usted vera la manera
tan admirable que un cutis delicado res-.
ponde a esta base tan diffana y primorosa.
Antes de emnpolvarse, apliquese una fini.
smna capa de Pond's Vanishing Cream
en el rostro. Ulted obtiene una ba*e
mas liviana, mis tenue, que asienta el
maquillaje divinnmerite, y su rostro luce
exquisitamente natund. No es nada gra.
Losa ni luce brillante. Y no hay problems

A i uerzo
En honor de la sefiora Evan-
gellMa B. de Morales, la sefiora
Aida E. dceAllaro ofredo el lue-
yes un aluerzo en mu residen-
cia, al cOal fue invitado un pe-
quefio grupo de sus amistades.
Un grupo de amigas de la se-
iorlta Berta Barreda, distingui-
da damita peruana que nos visi-
ta, la agasajaron anoche con u-
na simpatica fiesta en la re-
sidencia de la sefiorita Panama
Con el nombre de Lourdes Gl-
selle fue bautizada en la Iglesia
de Cristo Rey la rifia llegada
recientemente al hogar del se-

"Co. aUn ba w de Pond's Vaniehing Cream jami. me siento
maquiilNda... s in embargo retiene loo polvos tan admirable.
mente que rara res necesito retocarms durante el dia. EEm
base de Pood's,tre.c, nadsa grasa, es perfjc para mi tea."

de matiz, pues esta crema satinada s6lo
deja en su tez una capa ligera y trans-
parente. Asienta los polvos uniform.
mente ... jy 16s retiene!

;Ndpido treastense facial an S Upropia casa.
SiNuevo encnto en 60 segadoe! Aplquese eta nocie la
mrefrcaate wmars de Un Minuto Co Pond's Vanish- (
i ing Creau Emiiwase an I cara. except los ejos, un
gruess caps de la area&. Quietels despuds de 96l1on |
uinwto. So eth gqueds a m susove, mis despejadn. an

4 ~- -


. .

ALMURZO. A-pare~ at un graup as emiguntas a ni s We resItia uernarrenew,-que
agistle6n al almuerzo que en celebracl6n de u rumpleafi0s ofrecleron sus padres, seler Fran.-
klin Bernal y softer Mercedes Ponce de Bernal, el domingo en el Hotel El PaaumA. De Is-
tsqlerda a dereeha, las joveneltas Marta Bugena Ponce, Cutlta Phillips, Oderay Parades, Tep-
sita Bernal Ponce, Mireya Peonce, Maritsa Halphen, Carmen Correa, Leottor Zarak, Malgda Ce-
aefto, Augusta Truti, Lisle Phillips, Marianela Ocafta, Makisol Arosemena, Gerta de la Ossa,
Vllma Ponce, Rosa Elvira 4Qintero, Irma de la. Guardia, Isabel Abrahams, Ross Arams, Maria
Elena Ponce, Mary Susao, Eugenia Cattarusso y Shirley Durutng.

RECEPCION EN LA EMBAJADA DEL PERU. La feto ecapta a la sefeoras Delia de Akin, Su-
sana L. de Arias, el sefior Abel Cifuentes Spinetti, Primer Secretario de la Embajada de Ve-
nezuela, la seftorita Emita Roland y a la seoforita Rosario Ortiz de Zevallos, durante la es-
pl6ndida recepei6n ofrecida en dias pasados por S.E. el Embajador del Perui y Deeano del Cuer-
po Diplomitico, Dr. Emilio Ortiz de Zevallos, y iu distinguida sefiora doias Mary Th. de Ortiz
de Zevallos, en conmemoraci6n del aniversario de la Independencia del Persu.

flor Jose Ram6n'Garcia v seflo- llarino y sefiora Maria Ester A- jas en viaje de placer.
xa' Mary Calviflo de Garcia. rias de Vallarino. Los feliclta- -
Fueron padrinos el senior E- mos. Cumpleafios de hey:
frain Calvifio A., el senior Esta- Seftora Marta de Pool de Pa-
nislao Garcia Jr., la sefiora Em- Nuestras fellcitaciones para el get.
ma B. de Aguilera v la sefiora senior Alberto Aleman Jr. v se- Sefiora Daisy Halphen de Cle-
Telva G. de Stanziola. flora Peggy Zubleta de Aleman, ment.*
quienes celebran en esta fecha Sefiorita Doris Arias Vallarino
Bautizo el primer afio de casados. Sefior Carlos Alberto Chiari
Reeibi6 las aguas lustrales Ia Sefior Carlos van der Hans
nla Irma Graciela de Sedas, Saludamos cordialmente al Sefior Enrique Alberto Tart6
hila del sefitr Carlos A. de Se- seflor Arahbbaldo d .Obprrio v Nino Juan He16or Miguel Diaz
das y ,la .sera SarT.Millares sefiora Maria Teresa V. de O- Conte.
de de'StfAi. Puivrn AuS padri- barrio, quienes cumplen hoy 7
nos el sefior Gilberto Lewis y la afios de casados. Cumpleafios do mafiana:
seflora Virginia de Schultz. --- Sefiora Marta G. de de la
Nuestras felicitaciones para la De Sur America Guardia.
nueva cristlana. Se encuentran de nuevo entire Sefiora Allcia L. de Core6
nosotros el sefior Emilio A. Ca- Sefiorita America Valdes
Abandon el Hospital det y seflora Olge. Moya de Ca- Senor Inocencio Galindo Jr.
Acompaiiada de su recien na- det, quienes han regresado de Sefior John Wright
cida se encuentra de nuevo en su extenso viaje de luna de Sefor Mario Fonseca Zamora
su residencia la sefiora Rebeca miolel. Los esposos Cadet banr fl- Joven Ram6n Arias Calderon
Quintero de Burgos, esposa de jado su residencia en la Via Nifo Alberto St. Male Ferrer
nuestro buen amigo don Cesar Bellsarto Porras. No. 62 en don- Niflo Guillermo Miller Pedro.
TT en se nnnn a las 6rdenes deip

Burgos. una vez mas feliciUtamos
a los dichosos padres
Anotamos complacidos el res-
tablecimtento del doctor Daniel
Chanis Jr., oulen abandon la
Clinica San Fernando.
Despuds de haber pasado va-

sus amistades.
De los Estados Unidos
Presentamos nuestro cordial
saludo al senior I. Roberto Ei-
senmann, quien regres6 ayer de
su vlaje por Nueva York y

rios dfas recluida en la Clinil-
ca San Fernando, se encuen- Para los Estados Unidos
tra de nuevo en 's residencia Grato paseo deseamos al se-
la sefiora Juana de Benedetti. nor Federico Humbert v sefiora
Nos alegramos. Ester Azcarraga de Humbert,
quienes siguleron anoche at Te-
Abandon6 la maternidad de
la Clinica San Fernando acorn- ;
pafiada de su linUa recin na-
cida, la seflora Mercedes Ger-
baud de Morales.
Aniversarios de matrimonloe *
Felicitamos cordialmente al
sefior Manuel R. Arias y sefiora
Flvirita Vallarino de Arias, quie-
res cumplen hoy afios de casa-
Celebran en esta fecha afios
de casados el doctor Octavio Va-


Edith, LMllian y Mildred Huggins
Agradecen por este medio a todas sus amistades
las manifestaciones de condolencia con motivo de
su reciente duelo.

Panam&, Agosto 5 de 1951.

30 0 de descuento

en todo nuestro surtido de.

FIGURAS, etc., etc.





1.090 Kcs

3:30 Rltmos norteamericanos
3:45 Carrera
4:00 Arsenio Rodriguez
y su conjunto
4:15 Carrera
4:30 Billo's Caracas Boys
4:45 Carrera
5:00 Trio Vegabajeno
5:15 Carrea I
b:30 Bailables panamericanos
6:15 La hora luterana
6:30 Filigranas musicales
7:00 El concerto dominical
8:00 Cancionero
8:15 Bailables tropicales
9:00 Buenas noches

6:00 Buenos dias
6:03 Almanaque de la
6:30 Noticleo
6:45 Musica paa el desayuno
7:00 Sabores de mi tierra
7:30 Notleiero RPA
7:46 Su Melodia i'redilecta.
d:00 Fiesta en Manhattan
8:15 La discoteca international
8:30 Hablan los Astros
con Antinea
8:45 Cantares de M6xico
9:00 Los clasificados del alre
*9:30 Dedicatorlas.
10:45 Noticieo
11:00 El Mundo del Vals.
11:15 La novel matinal
El Arabe
11:30 Cuba. Su Masica y sus
11:45 Grandes Interpretes del
12:00 Serenata Espafloa.
1:15 Noticiero
cortesia de "La Hora"
12:30 Lucho Azcerraga
y su 6rgano
cortesia de la Fabrica
Nacional de Salchichas
1:00 Variedades musicales
1;15 Lbs Boleros de Moda.
1:30 Cantares de Aftnrica.
2:00 Noticiero RPA
2:05 Orquestas de Sal6n
2:30 Sendas Musicales
con Anoland
rtega i daa s1-! Awilla

2:45 Sn Novels Favor# &
"tA Bien Pagada" e
eortesia de Kelvix
3;00 Momento Roemntleo
con Ovidio Rodrigues
3:15 El Arabe

0 tpx esgnit/ca


No se preocupe. .
Comience a tefnir
su cabello!

No so alarm por ese pri,
mer cabello blanco que in.
discretamente asoma en eu
cabeza. El ROUX OIL
SHAMPOO le devolveri a
su cabello el color perdido
con un tratamiento muy
fAcil de seguir. Ya verA
c6mo su cabello recupera et
color primitive, mas una
belleza y lustrosidad it4.
comparable .. su preo-
cupaci6n se convertiro en
delete a la primera apli.

Limpia ... Colorea .
Es perfect!
Distribuldor en. la Repfblika
de PanamA v Zona del CatKl
I WTy W r 1 17 r

Calle "A" No.a
Tel. -2971



Vl compafiero inseparable de todo' enfermo.
pues por sus cualidades nutritivas y firel
digestion, permit alimentar al paciente en
forma lcil. agredable y complete. De venta
en todas las botlcas.
Depositarlos y distribuidores:

Ave. Central 49 Teldfonos: 2-0312 y 2-0318

.~ 4'


* IT'

* V.41

Lm t mri, AMOKC
S tiie T4wm l h ba.ed"i&e vmue, r@in obli(g *al(.i. *..i le, It,, -El Dooinio d Is ViW."
E'8"i4 o o qI & "C45 c-" pi>e petd. uicipr 4e d J r or olo d odow o my. Aai u e l a &aI"ues v I"
m o.n Im s de pot a1*2 poe oiim or, r o4qu *I douo Odel pod" CPONM f4. U. y
M-e __a*---"-Y 0--- ----"-.-.. .




* 'I?

* V.-,


'.4 p.
* "'A-,


1 ~ 1

.4 .
* __ ~ ~*.. -.

.. Vi
- ra,~z. .~. .4.

.. iA


. '* .

.~ ~ .

-. niIe

* not,
~: I~
* ill


Resortes, el mejor bailarin pies, y s6lo asi se explica que se
lel cine mexicano, se present pueda bailar como baila Resor-
.6mo un verdadero professor de tes en este su fltimo film.
bale en msu mejor pelicula: La foto represent una esce-
'8"ile, ml Rey", que estrenari na de "Baile. mi Rey", en el
!I pr6ximo jueves el Teatro El- ensayo de uno de esos pasos de
dorado, balle creados por el gran re-
El nacid con miisica en los sortes.

El Fakir Urbano y la Prensa.



David Silva, el notable ac-
tor del cine mexicano logra la
mejor interpretaci6n de au ca-
rrera artistic en "Cuando A-
caba la Noche". sensacional es-
treno que para el pr6ximo fin
de semana, comenzando el jue-
yes, presentari el Teatro Presi-
dente, en la que tambidn apa-
recen Rafael Baled6n, Lilla
Prado y el popular actor c6mi-
co, Oscar Pulido v la actuaci6n
especial de las sensaclonales

i ntirpretes del "mambo", Las
Mellizas Dolly.
"CuandoAtcaba la Noche" tie-
ne en su trama todo lo que
pueda interesar a logs xblicos
amantes de los arguments
fuertes, es a1 dramtfioa his-
toria de una mujer desampara-
da, que no so detuvo ante na-
da para 10rjar que la felci-
dad Volviera a su hogar-y en-
contrar en su hombre y sus hi-
Jos, la dicha que habia perdido.

"La Palma de Tu Mano" es la

gran pehicula que present

"Eldorado" el Miercoles 8

Todo d, corio < eMxi

en "Ur Dia de V.w en

Teatro VW edadet Jueves
Tea J = .r

Coot el marco admirable de
M6xico pir&mides toltecas,
milenarias: el celebre Santuario
de Nuestra Seflora de Guada-
lupe, ae desarrolla la trama
vigorosa, emocionante, de la
pelicula "Un Dia de Vida".
Totn el eolor y la gracia de
la tierra mexicana, con sus
ier es contrastes lo aut6cto-
no y lo espafiol animan las
escenas de esta obra maestra de
la cinematogratia, realizada por
Emillo FernAndez, director de
sonoros y merecldos triunfos.
El dramas Joco en "Un
Dia de Vlda." Parece arranca-
do de una realidad sentida y
vivida por los actors, Columba

Dornmngue, Roberto CafiedO.
Fernando FernAndez. "
Columba encarna el papel d4
una mujer, alegre vlaJera y
Caftedo el de un coronel coir-
denado a muerte. Por quA qut
so el destino que ambos se en.
contrasen en la primavera 4 I
las iluslones y en la vispera der
dolor? La pareja ideal que for-,
man estos personajes central,
les, camina por una send que
necesarlamente acaba, y por 10
que ella debe volver sola,'sin
l61, sin el amado.
Vea esta joys de la cinem-
Variedades decade el pr6Mhn'0quaoits.expertoa.o- knoeftut awpthm
Vtograia dmexicans' en c6 to ? l pertro- tn
Jueveu p i 'o@ Veterano de herro, t pei a 4W tftdo el
= a __ Walcott. boxeando come t sera trai4 a enmr
con maestria y valor extraor- elusive e to
Vlarkos arrebat6 [el etwo.a lus. presn d1WOU @w
O .- pesado, al venced0r n- anunola 'nu t'c tot
tible de Joe Louis: el gran ra el da 16 el
ador, Ezzard Charles. Fue Un triunio d4 la mi
10 movlda y sangrients batana 'cionada y una notic
Snqe termin6 con un sensacional ne de plAcemos a loO
'kc 0

dias paand"i la ultima cena con el fakir Urbano, qulen el
martes se emcerrari en el Teatro ropical en una caja de
Sidrio eon el fin de pasir 4O dias y 30 noches encerrado sin
p.vbar alimentos. Cotvi9 i6 el fakir Urbano la comidaW que
d ie de cooper dua tJ Sum dias de enclerno a por terto
tw toedo emnl M iag'rado de los peril ta

Humphrey Bogart se destaca
en Sm Conciencia" en el

Teatro Bella Vista el 16

* Ia impresionante pelicula ti-
,tu)ladya "Sin Conciencia" fue
SroaG4da por la United States
SPictures y sera presentada por
la Warner Bros. el pr6ximo
jueves en el Teatro Bellavista.
lu iargumento estA basado en
das dr6nicas policiales v contie-
me sMesos aensacionales rela-
clo~ndoa con el Sindicato del
Crifth *que realizaba sus tru-
culentas op-raciones en todo el
territorio norteamericano, de-
jando un rastro de muerte a
' su paso. Con Humphrey Bogart
- imponlendo la ley. despuis de
haber pasado muchos ailos en
* el cine como malvado pandille-
" ro, la pelicula se convierte en
algo enteramente distinto a to-

do ;lo que hasta ahora Bogart A
habia Jhecho. La Unda debutan-
te Patricia Joiner es la victim
de los malvados v a quien Bo-
gart quiere salvar a tods costa
de las garras de los criminals.
La acci6n es violent, el fondo
de la trama result terrific, y
la direccl6n de que la ha dota-
do Bretalgne Windust realza su
realismo. Hay tipos que aun
siendo repulsivos impresionan
hondamente como el que carac-
teriza Zero Mostel; conocido c6-
,mico de las tablas y el cine, que
aoii cambia de tActica y se
vuelve taciturno v serio. "Sin
Conciencia" mataban los pan-
dilleros. que decian que Bogart,
como el el Fiscal Acusador, era
rudo y "Sin Conciencia".

El conocia los intimos y tur- dramiticos Insospechados, en la
bios secrets de ella, y penso pelicula cumbre del cinema me-
usarla en vil chantaje, mas no xicano: "En La Palma De Tu
cont6 con los irresistible en- Mano", film que rompe todo
cantos de esta mujer sin escri- precedent en el Teatro Lux, al
pulos v su astucia felina, que ser programada para exhibici6n
bien pronto lo hizo su c6mplice especial de pre-estreno el dia
en la mas tenebrosa aventura miercoles entrante. Primera vez
pasional. que el Teatro Lux exhibe una
Arturo de C6rdova y Leticia pelicula mexicana, pero es que
Palma, un astro consagrado v "En La Palma De Tu Mano"

'Cuando Acaba LaNoc ei' cOn

David Silva presentara este

Jueves el Teatro Presidente

A bailar con resorts en la

pelcula "Baile Mi Rey" que

estrena Eldorado el Jueves





_ __ ~ __~____________







S .J ,

* ~-'~r





(Photu by C l e sl1tn).
.." Fr iarksoro tnsl. :sw* us4,-t :\ .




."t. -

*^ t ^


' S "I

*t| I
^ 4
^fvt ;*
^"*3! -^3
*4?' ?:

^^ I
. t ;:

J *1




S ', ..




1 i J

2t ':\

~< "-2 '*

r" ,'*f

'iit' f ^'

< ^1

. '..-** |
'*"'**'.;; |
*-. !
-* *% 6
'.-ff S




A NEWLY PROPOSED pay-rasie bill was guaran-
teed to give some Zotians something to smile about
while they contemplated the roller side of govern-
mental legislation. Designed to boost their salaries by
$400 a year, plus differential, the bill has passed the
H Bouse Post Office and Civil Service Committee. Be-
sides all classified employes,, firemen, policemen and
schoolteachers of the Dist. of Columbia would be In-
Another version of the pay boost, an 8.8 per cent
increase was being considered for action-in the Sen-
ate. Although dliierences would be ironed out by
*House and senate conferees discussing both propos.-
als, civilian employes stand to gain from either de-
While rumors were rife about reactivation of mili-
tary facilities on the Atlantic Side, Washington of-
,ficials of the US Navy's Medicine and Surgery Bu-
'reau told the House Appropriations Committee that
they will attempt to reduce the high cost of maintain.
ing Coco Solo Naval Hospital.
-0----- o-
A rare type of blood, AB, was sought this week
for a Panamanian snake-bite victim. The Paun.
mi Amerlean's call for hc;p filled Gorgas Hospit-
al's needs adequately. Although her leg was am-
V puted, the 34 year old woman Maria Angela Sa-
rate was in satisfactory condition a week after
having been bitten by what authorities believe to
have been a deadly fer-dz-lance.
Although a "Bad Penny should always turn up,
It didn't in this case, and six and a dog almou -
lost their lives. lThe 80-ton oioniuian Ireiguter was
loaded with a $15,000 cargo of copper sulphie. OovA-
ously somebody di riot know too mncn auoat chnemis-
t:y, for one day out -of Haiti, the copper, gnawing on
the metal portions of the hud cause uncontrollable
leaks. After a losing light vvwih a boc.- e obrigaae, a
lifeboat was let down and tile six Colombians to-
gether with their mutt oruied around in mid-
Caribbean tor 40 hours until they were picked up uy
an Esso Tanker, the Manhattan.
Safe in Cristobal harbor, the castaways were enjoy-
ing shore liberty, while the poor little dog wasd ae-
tained by the quarantine- autnor.ties.
A hidden treasure case was resolved out'of court
this week when John and Iiary Carter agreed to pay
Sol Palitz' attorney, Woodiow de Castro $10,000 for
worm-ridden bills that were turned over to them in
New York. It seems Palitz' later had a strong dislike
for banks. He buried $13,187 in a Brooklyn backyard.
When it was exhumed by his son, it was in extremely
deteriorated condition. The CarLers, residents of Cu-
rundu happened to be vacationing in New York at-
the time, and on their way to Washington allegedly
promised Palitz to redeem tnie bills for him. He claim-
ed never to have received payment.
The Balboa Police Station may soon change
its name to suit its customers. During the week it
housed an epileptic, a dead reptile and a ship's
stowaway besides the usual run-of-the mill traf-
kic offenders.
Speculation continued as to resigning Judge
Chittick's successor, but nojame was forthcoming
"for at least two weeks m ore."
Other Calamities In Brief: An infant was found
dead in Fort Kobbe, bellevcdiy from drowning... Air
Force's 1st Air Rescue flew to the aid of a Chitre re-
sident who was badly hurt in an automobile accident.
A repudiated lover tried to slash the throat of his re-
jected love, a young Panamnian girl who was rush-
ed to Santo Tombs Hospital for treatment andj is still
in serious condition... After a long and lingering .aU-
ness, well-known Irene Molleda Hushing died Tues.
day night at Gorgas Hospital. She was the wife of
U.S. Marshal for the District Court at Ancon, John
We may not have any visiting firemen this week,
but other species of the genus V.I.P. were well repre-
sented. There were writers galore, a criminologist a
probation officer and even one millionaire.
The second joint step taken by the United States
and Panama towards a new cooperative agricultural
development under the General "Point Four" agree-
ment was designed to spur the Republic toward econ-
omic self-sufficiency. Effective immediately, the pro-
gram would provide for increased agricultural educa-
tion, and research services.
Meanwhile, Panama's favorite staple. rice, was back
on the grocery shelves this week as 13,000 bags arrlv-'
ed Sunday from Nicaragua aboard Somoza's ship.
Treasury Secretary Victor Navas resigned this week
following a minor political flurry which grew out of
the issuance by the Reform Party of invitations to a
ceremony honoring the memory of the late "Pancho"
'Arias, founder of the party.
He was replaced by G-l teo Solis. an attorney
and former Minister of Government and Justice
under the late President Juan Dem6stenes Aro.
o -
A well-known Panamanian businessman, Roberto
Heurtematte, was named Panama's Ambassador to
the United States. He will leave shortly for Washing-
*ton to take up the new post. And at the American
Embassy~William G. Arey, Jr. assumed his duties as
Public Affairs Officer. He was formerly with the Em-
bassy in BogotA in a similar post, and succeeds Joseph
J. Dempsey.
A second strike attempt this week by the Commit-
tee Against the High Cost of Living was frustrated
when Panama business continued "ar usual," pro-
tected by National Policemmn.
9l PanamA Hotel was readying Itself for a big con-
vention to start August 20 of the Ipteramerican
Social and eonomnic Council in which over 21 Am-
erican Republics would be represented.



* TWOiGH THEY SPm IT many fruitless house. gian
te Aw explaining .ioI 10 to e UummUn s,
te ed Nations. neottig. team at
not yet got around to telling their own home foai
where lies their propo3J r -Mine wnch thie eds
have so adamantly relcoted.
Right through th -1-ias.ton Kaesong talks, up till
Wednesday, the people c. toe west naa presuIneu rmafc
Chief United Nations L:otiator United Staces Vice
Admiral C. Turner Joy anu his team we'e hollng out
for an armistice along ne present fighting line.
The Rteds flatly demL.iueu this armisLtce anould be
along the 38th parallel. 'Lis we were told painly.
Then Thursday came a sLory, credhed to the Unit.
ed States Information L. 3tion in Tokyo and released
to Japanese papers for I eir guidance that the United
Nations team was Gemsaialg truce line well north ot
Pyongyang and Wonsan, as much as 130 miles in ad-
vance of the present fil.hting line in places.
This brought the real ation that there had
never been an offleal announcement of what the
United Nations team was asking for at Kaesong.
Saturday brought the suggestion from sources close
to the United Nations negotiators that the Reds were
pl-ggiig the propagagida line that the United Nations
were demanding the nortlerly truce line, so that It
and when the Reds agreed to a more southerly line
they could claim to have beaten the United Nations
bargaining price down, and thus save their-Oriental
This hardly explained how the original suggestion
had come in a semi-official United States handout in
Tokyo, handy enough to the headquarters-of United
Nations Supreme Commander General Matthew B.
And ptill the United Nations teanJhad not disclos-
ed to its own people Its, asking for peace at the Kae-
song talks.
A briefing officer Friday declared the United Na-
tions demands to be modest.
He said they were short of where the Reds alleged
they were. But seeing some Red claims had mention-
ed the Yalu River line is an Allied demand the Kaee-
song negotiators could still be asking for something
well soumh of thle. Red allegation, yet well north. of
tue present battleline.
,'ne briefing officer said nothing of 'the Red decla-
ration that tne United Nations team was demanding
recognition of the fact that in the air and sea wars,
they were virtually conquerors right up to the- Yalu..
The IN negotiating team is headed by an Ad.
miral add includes an Air Force ooloneL It- likely
would feel in no way bound to gauge the state of
the war by the position of the ground forces. -
But what was it that could be put to the Reds In
detail day after day, yet not mentioned to our own
Were the military negotiators afraid that If the
general public caught them asking for more than the
present hiring line there would be a popular demand
wo call Korea quits as the armies stand now, and have
done With the killing?
A United Nations spokesman, putting his five cents
worth of snmog Into this murk, declared yesterday that
the United Nations suggestion for a demarcation line
is sufficiently general that a stand for a definite loca-
tion need not be made.
oeeing the enemy Knows every detail of the Allied
suggestion, it's decent of him to let us in on the secret,
even that far.
- The ground fighting flared from time to time, cul-
minating in the United Nations capture of Million
Dollar mountain on the east central front.
This eminence covers an area for miles around, and
was coveted by both sides.
it took everything the Allies knew about artillery
and air support to soften the defending Reds bnouga
for the attacking infantry to prise them off the
mountain top.
iElsewhere the land fighting did not rise much
above company level.
he Reas continued to protest the continued bom-
bing of North Korea during the peace talks.
The United Nations did not protest the Reds
clogging North Korean roads with transport bring-
ing supplies and reinforcements up to the firing
They just went on with the bombing.
-- o -
The football world was thrown into an uproar by
the virtual dismissal of 90 -West Point cadets for
cheating at exams.
The bombshell, it seemed, would have a tremend-
ous effect at Michie Stadium.
Any effect it might have on such bombshell con-
tests as those presently listed in Korea, and possibly
later in Europe and half a dozen other parts of the
world where West Pointers are supposed to be useful
has so far been deemed too trivial by comparison to
-0--- o-
Britain announced that her now four-jet heavy
bomber the Valiant could fly 600 m.p.h. or better, car-
ry an atom bomb.
Britain has also almost readied a test atom bomb,
precursor of those the Valiant is designed to carry.
There is still speculation as to whether the British
bomb will be tested in Nevada or in the Australian
desert, where the British already have a hush.hush
guided missile range in operation.
The United States Atomic Energy Commission made
its statutory semi-annual report to Congress, by way
of explaining 'where the money went to.
As usual Congress got an accounting that would
satisfy not even the treasurer of a smalltown Barber
Shop Quartet society.
And as usual Congress looked willing to toss in a
few more billion any time the Atomic Energy Com-
mission asked for it.
US production of atomic bombs reached an all time
high in the first half of this year.
The US displaced Canaida as the world's seend
largest araanium pedeer, still trail the Ielglaa
Work is going ahead in efforts to develop atomic

Smde A -mce Suplemnt -

t the Vanal sa re liS i
eunation ghPR So to.r'j ^

tor is I '
If the dcal m e merge sue w yst fiSM too
eliminations, .thoy wil onetiue WllaulDrt,
Pa. for the Little World Series to be hqld later thi
;---n- o
Old Joe Louis continued his climb back to the top
of tae heavyweight ranks in an effort to becofe the
fLrat m4.n ever to regain the world's heavyweight .
championship afher losing It, -
Joe came on fast in the last four rounds of a he-- 'i-
dined ten round. copwest against Cesar Brion of At. L'
gentina at San 1 ranclscos Cow Palace WednesdaUy
night to earn a unanimous veroict.
Brion, however; was applauded dellrously It e -:
,*nd tile bout. lthe stout-hearted A t- ,
t.ood up toe-to-toe with Joe in the fd
suagg6d it oat for the fall three minutes.
The fight was even at the start of the seventh. But,
in this round Louis started landing telling left to the-
head and lace. From that point on it was all ALouis..
A crowd of 15,000 paid $06,000 to watch the thrilL
iit battle. Movie rights gave the fighters another-,
A'top baseball official has told a Congressional--fub.
commisa ee that baseball's reserve clause must stay if
the Minor Leagues are to survive.
President Qeorge Trautmuna of the National Am-
ciation of Professional Baseball also told this com-
mittee which investigates monopolies that the terri-
torial limit rules are another must for the Minors.
"The territorial limit recognizes that it is necessary
to have an area -to support a baseball team," says
Trrautman, "and it is better that one Minor League
shall live than two die."
Trautman pointed out that a Minor League team-
usually is a losing proposition even with the terri-
torial rule. He says a 1960 survey of 134 Minor League
teams shows 65 per cent of them were operated at a-
loss. -
As for the reserve clause -Trautman says- Major
League teams would lose all interit. in the Minors
without it.
"What Ineentlve would there be," asks Trat-
nian, for -a Major League team to teaoh had deve- .
lop a ynabg player it it kner at the end of the
eamsn the player wmid transfer to another club?"
Under the reserve clause, a player must stay with-
the team that signs him unless that club trades, ellss
or releases him.
To give the committee some background, Interna-
tional League Publicity Director Harry Sinslbons read
six-thousand words on the history of baseball.
Committee Chairman Emanuel Celler then suggest-
ed Major League baseball officials should do some
"constructive -thinking" about the location of their-
teams, Baseball was warned it would violate anti-
laws unless Major League teams were set up West of
the Mississippi River.
Celler suggested- putting Major League teams int
cities such as Baltimore, ,Milwankee. Houston,'Min-"
neapolis and Montreal, as well as on the West Coast.
SCeller says some people have mistaken idea that
he thinks a third Major League circuit should be set
up on the Pacific Coast.
"This Impression, is entirely erroneWs,* Insists
Celler. The New York Demoprat says there ant .
be some changes that he will insist base~ .
can'tihave dictatorial powers forever. Celler a -., ,-
tioned the power by which the -Major Le*gies
themselves decide which clubs' are in the -ors
and which in the.Minors.
Celler sees the day when baseball has four Major.
Leagues. Celler sees Big Leagues in the Northwest
and Southwest as well -as the present National and
American Loops.
The New Yorks congressman says four leagues would
give boys more incentive to enter the sport.
Celler also says baseball must give the players more
say about electing a Commissioner, In discussing sala-
ries and proving a forum to hear complaint. .
The excitable manager of Oharles Ia
has drawn a $500 fine from the Pg n 8
Commission. The Commission ruled that e
the night of the Charles-Walcott fight
were "detrimental to boxing." '
Mintz was put out of the ring that night
of his loud objections to Charles Dggeof
delphia, one of the judges. -. "." 0 ,
"In view of testimony Introduced J& t"i ease"
the Commission ruling said. "we find Jaks Mia
guilty of conduct detrimental to boxing a
him $500. Upon payment of the fine. his ut
willU be lifted."

-..-' /.

engines for ships and airplanes.
The report said nothing of the hydrogeWf bQ ;
President Truman, growling
cage, signed a new controls bill INe.l
of the safeguards which ne haL. t :i'
essential to holding back inflatl -.
He said he would have vetoe bill butb
contained clauses vital to the afP.ton odcgl" ..
tense effort. -, .
o r--- -. l --
In Warsaw, shortly after that genial-frib. j
peace pursing satellites, Molotov. had giveui -t'mf
the benefit of a personal visit, nine senior officials of
the Polish Army, went on trial for their alleged esplon-
age associations with the West.
Not on hand to observe a spectacle so purifying to
the soul of freedom loving Poles were 16 sailors who
mutinied and brought their ship into Sweden, and
four young people who stole an antique airplane af-
ter a gunfight with the guards, and flew the Baltei
also -to Sweden ...
All 20 sought political asylumn,~rom the aedost
loving gang running their country.


,T Ar A'

- .4

5 U IllW

tion o- t- national .
OToMnneaUs f ile OVA t
-led the *an "dictatorial" anr
"'soclalstic." Althoougt the mal-
or resata4ce came from Re-
publicans and most of the Iup-
port came from Truman De-
mocrats, the fight eAut across
verty lines-.
CVA ajpporters contended
that development of Columbia
River resource. has been hit-
and-mtss, with various govern-
mental agencies. principally
the Army engineers and De-
partment of Interior ompon-
ents. planing darps and reclam-
ation projects- without coordi-
They believed co-ordination
could be achieved by forma-
tion of a three-man CVA board
to give over-all direction to te-
wowroa plsaning along the Col-
umbia and, Snake and their
tributar1bs and lands bordering
the waterways. -. .
Opponents said the North-
west's power and conservation
needs could best be cared for
*by an Intg.'ated programs
bringing together public, pri-
vate, federal, state andJocal
agencies ,
Davidson kept beating .the
drums for CVA Finally be lost
out in his bid for undersecret-
ary of Interior under Secretary
Oscar Chapman. Then he pro-
posed what amounted to a truce
between the forces of CVA and
those Of the munolpal and pri-
vate power syste a as a ~nans
of solving the region's power

Dc rdm ~ ala advocated a
r '.twn the North-
r aa OtIenWla. ith each
L c b g to the other
dtiitg Alme' -0 power efrpluse&.
wIth the emphasis on.
CVA .o., be Cqelumbli BasIri
It~ e Y o* ltitte, meinm-
MCian of the -Btate Intet-
state comp",Ct .committee and
Bonneville Power Administra-
tion are workLng toward the
lntegratJon-without-control goal
for power developments.
The old struggle betweenA sh
and. power interest along the
Columbia and its tributaries
still continues, hot as ever. Fish
and conservation interests, fear-
,fua 6tf further decline of the
salmon and sports fish popula-
tion, so far have blocked pro-t
posed construction of a pro-
posed private utility dam. on the
Deschutes River in central, Or-
egon. That lasue, like other fiah
vs. dams arguments, appears to:
be headed toward co'promaie,.
Including fish ladders and ex-
pansion of fish hatcheries;
Misfortunes Pile Up
On Hapless Farmer
HUMBOLDT, Neb.. Aug. 4. -
(U.P.). Frank D. Nemecheck,
farmer, is one of those upon
misfortune plies up.,
Nemecheck nearly lost a foot
while mowing the lawn with a
power mower.
He recovqre4, went back to
his gardening work and In-
jured his eye when he ran Into
a hedge thorn.
On f2s way to Omaha to see
about the eye, he was Injured
when his car Was, In collision
with. another carrying two sol-.
djers back to their base at Fort
RKey, i ,







All Siss for

Brimsh Bilt

-N o. 14 Central Ave. -.Tal. t-# '*)
AI avamwable at:
No. M r.d le la Oea Ave. (Aotompoble Row)

uE. I* mI*M I .1 I

p-[FI-.^ij- FZI{LI--

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spades 60-Young 115-Cut the 2-Masculine 39-Culture
6-Storage salmon outer part name medium.
place for 62-Period of from 3-First 40-Pale
fodder time 117-Sense note in 41-Melody
10-Egyptian 63-Baseball organ Guido's 43-Peruse
sacred bull club 118-Garden scale 45-Wise
14-Sorcery 65-Dull gray- implement 4-Barrier man
19-Opaque ish-brown 119-Mark for 5-Dilatory 47-Plaid
material 66-Turns out omission 6-Keep a 'cloth
"0-Clot 68--English 120-Domestlc tally 48-Globes
22--Expiate statesman animals 7-Electrified 49-Handsome
23-By 70-Exists 122-Buffoon particle 50-Trend
24-Feeble- 71-Swell of 124-Rove S -Note of 51-Unalloyed
minded the sea 126--Ashes of the 52-Once
person 73--Lugal seaweed scale around
26-Doctrines minority 129-Through 9-Pointed a track
27-Hug' 75---Exclama- 130-Con- arches 54-Happening
20-Birthplace tUon tainers 10-charitable every
of Abraham 77,-Red 131-Fend off gift three
30--Ribbedl mineral 132-Having 11-Dance years
fabric 79-Legal small step 55-Orient
32-Armed wrong elevtlion 12-Pronoun 58--Play
combat 81-Edges 134-Unit for 13-Separate on
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before sounds wire collec- 59-Pouches
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42-Blood to 141-Potassium 25-Sound 76-Imitate
44-Aeriform 93-Drink to nitrate with 78-Midday
fluid excess 143--onstitu- normal 80-Action to
45-Salt A$5-Male duck tlonal breathing recover
46-Agitate 97-Goal change 28-Performs goods
48-Fat 99-Nothing 146--Cotton 31-Part 82-Pro4
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letter 102-Vehicles 148--Holy book 85--Cuts off
51-Section 104-Beverage person 33---Son 86---Watering
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candle land Scotland accord 94-Conclusion
Average ise e*t lutl: n5 IlBaMIfe-Ditrbuts by inXs rFMure SyiMadje

ments ,
119-Let fall
123-Set in
to the
142-Note of
for God

(Aakwer to be found elsewhere in the Sunday American)




l ', .--r.

I M" 1 10 0

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.. '

IIS 117


SoU IQ444 44 147
,r -m, "^ < ... m7 .-77

[,/ ^ ^ -^ -- -

w r I r^ i// "e l/
IT, U "'" l^. IT iI p

-, -) -1-. 1g< 7-^ -7 --^ a
sr ^ ir r~y% ^w Ir
ar- ir- mir- w ~ s

------ --



--------------- ~~-~c~-~3



(From The Poetry Chap-Book)
Arched in vast light, we move a
little way
Across the sand toward the
mercurial sea
Shining against the south; the
i empery
Of space, tnwalled, glistens
above the day.
Sahara calm and openness prevail
r Along the' thunderous. fringes;
from its cell
Of cloistered thought the soul
escapes to dwell,
Momently lifting with Icarian
Amid the solar vision till it falls
Tenderly toward the litter of the
And muses on infinitesimals.
: Of shell and claw-print where
sandpipers glide;
Then, man-reverting, sees blue
mirrors flow
Over the beach, with your face
caught below.
Douglas V. Kane.

(From Hippocrene)
Cast like the bee tree which he
in mold of gaunt and gnarled
the bee man. patient as the hills
he climbs, sits by the flowering
and waits one busy laborer
to find the box upon his knee.
He walks away; the bee returns

Whenbables are fretfulrom chafing
and minor skin irritations, Mexoana
Medicated Powder brings prompt
relief. Quickly absorbs Irritating,
excess perspiration on hot humid
days and nights. Preferred by mod-
ernm mothus everywhere for after.
bath dun Buy MeMana for the
baby, but let the whole family
enjoyits cooling comfort.

for more bee bread and su
a score are working at hi
A little farther on he goe
he knows they carry it b
and thicker still the swar.
Across the field, through
and brake;
the hill is steep, the brier
and then it stands agair
aching with sweetness, t
tree there!
Tomorrow he will cut it d
of wild, dark honey, have .
Some people buy their sw
the bee man climbs a lone
Frances Stockwell

(From The Lantern
Old burly Sea, the garden
the shells
along the reef. the tinted
the pale..
Tilled by the tides, they b
on the beach,
rose cockle, iris tellen. vi
sea flowers, blooming und
green-glass lights.
No shell too paltry is of
for white sea-fingers to m
in firming the contours
island shore.
Of islanders who dwell
that Sea,
no man too humble is of
and hand
but his devotion and his
mundane toil
will shape the substance
native land.
Alison Tho

Why Suffer Long

From Itching SI
For swift, sure relief from
bearable itching torture of
and many other akin disord
Kozene Ointment. You not o
fast and prompt relief from
meeting itching, but contint
over a few days will in 'mo
case clear up the cause of the
You'll be amazed how soon yo
trouble will respond to the rem
curative effect of Kozene Oin
Thousands of jars of this
Ointment are sold annually
such cases and with remark
nsuits, even in cases of long s
Koxene Ointment is on sale w
drugs are sold. -

If you've lost it or you've found it
If you'd rent it or you'd sell-
Tell the people all about it
P.A. CLASSIFIED buy as wellI


owi:Za Ab A pu.Uia.BD. Bal Twu paAM AMi"mCAir Peh.. uM
57. H STsET P O BOX 184. PANAMA. R. oF P.


Sunday Amemncm Supplem.

io A -T. .

WASHflfTON--.U diplomats hav. been
l"W over W tul bethe-most nterestI
ig olitlcal de eIopment inSlde RUp.a_ elis
V-B day--namely, a series of moves by the
Kremlin urging triendshlp with the United
ddenly Taken alone, these moves would not be im-
1s box portent. Taken together, they could be sign-
s; Ificant. Diplomat& are inclined to view them
ack as a trap to u the U.8.A. Into less moblila-
tion. However, .the overtures have continued
ming so steadily that they cannot be ignored,.
First overture WAs the Malik true prposal
brook in Korea, followed by a frank talk between
Ambassador Xirk. In Moscow and Deputy PFor-
rs tear en, Minister Gromyko in which he mtIniated
et the that the Chinese might not want peace, but
ave Kirk the names of the two generals in
he bee orea most likely to talk truce.
own; Following this, Soviet diplomats throv gheut
his fill, the world rouddqve turned up at the 4thh f
eete in July artles state by American- mbassies to
celebrate Independence Day. Hitherto tleye
ly hill! have boycotted 4th of July parties.
There have also been little hints dropped
Lnwell. to the diplomats of other nations, that the
U.S.A. and U..S.R. could end the Cold War.
These have not been taken seriously. .)
Now, however, comes an Article by ex-Am-
bassador Alexander Troyahovsky broadcast
) over the Moscow Radii urging friendship with
the United States.
d with
That Troyanovsky has been a genuine friend
blossom of the United States there can be little doubt.
ossomHe serve here as Ambassador when the United
olet States and Russia resumed diplomatic relations
under Roosevelt, at which time he was a
bridge-playing favorite af various Senators
er and conservative Washingtonia s. In fact, he
got to be so friendly toward the United States
all the that it probably caused his removal.
nani- Never a member of the Communist Party,
Troyanovski was called back to Moscow 'and
of the demoted to a relatively obscure Job in the for-
eign office. It is believed that his demotion
beside was caused by the No; 2 man in the Soviet
embassy, Constantin Oumansky, who wanted
f heart his job and who reported to the NKVD that
Troyanovski was more pro-American than So-
viet. Later Oumansky did get the Ambassador-
ship, being subsequently killed in an airplane
of his accident in Mexico.
Meanwhile, Troyanovsky has been living in
mpson. obscurity in Moscow-until a few days ago,
when he contributed an article on "Why I
believe in Soviet-American Frienship" to a
new Moscow magazine, "The News." Obviously
ner Troyanovskv could not have written this with-
out the official O.K. of the Kremlin. Nor could
|n* the article have been broadcast over the Mos-
kin ? cow Radio without some carefully laid strategy
behind it.
the un-
Eczema What that strategy is, U.S. diplomats do
ers, try not know. It may be a trap; it could be
only get
the to- a change of heart-though they doubt it. How-
ued use ever, they are studying these moves carefully.
mt every And for whatever It may be worth, here are
trouble. the salient portions of the Troyanovsky arti-
our skin cle as picked up by the State Department
markable irom the Moscow Radio:
able re-. .
standing. "The Soviet Union %and the United States
wherever have a common boundary. It passes through
the Bering Strait between Chukotsky and
Alaska, or rather between Big Diomede Island
and Little Diomedes Island. The Big Diomede
belongs to the Soviet Union, and only a few
miles away lies the Little Dionmede, a U.S. pos-
session .
"The fact that the two great countries have
a common boundary Is often forgotten, and
the general belief is that they are separated
by boundless expanses of ocean.
"Still more often is it forgotten nowadays
that the two nations have common interests,
the belief being unfortunately ,encouraged that
the Soviet Union and the United States are
divided by an ocean of insuperable differences
and irreconcilable antagonisms. Is that so?
"Relations between nations are not the
product of a single day. They are the result
of a long historical process to which mapy
factors contribute, economic., political, geogra-
phical. and so forth.
"Well, neither the history of Russo-American
relations nor the history of Soviet-American
relations, (in a word), neither in the past
nor in the present. provides any warrant for
the assertion that the two countries are di-
vided by irreconcilable antagonisms.
L [ I

to experience- t t atton. ftbukt on the
same side of the front. ; 'f

"It Is not-the Sexstoece but er the h .-
sence of profound o4zuflcts. of in e t
distinguishes the rutIs me
great countries with X.IN "r"fltt _r
and vast natural resore that rm tnor e
self-contained and economically independent
of the rest of the world. .
"What ls more, we know fr6m history that
the two peoples have always been to
each other, havy. always been utua in-
terested in one another. This, was true In the
past, and it is true now.
"Russi'4 progressive men followed with deep
interest and smpathy the strugle pf the
American peop tfor 'independence. Radtshev
earned Cathern's wrath because of.',his ad -
miration for the American revolution and
profound respect for Amerloa' great sentit
and statesman Benain frank i It isto weIu
known, too, how hligHy Pastel Bouleye, Pa-
novski and other Russian leaders pried the
Americat RevolWtIon. "They even studied the
American onstitution, which in its da
a progressive elopment. .
"Natuirally enough, these sympathies wtw *
not shared by Russia's rulers. Catherine IX
refused to recognize the young American re-
vublic. But, on the 'other hand. Catherine re-
fused to support Engandi's hostile poliMy to-
ward the United States.
"Russians' have always admired American
efficiency, the ebullient creative etiergy of the
American people, and their democratic Apif
Americans ,have always had a dee6 rept
for Russia's cultural attainments and ap6e-
elate and esteem our distinguished Lrte
and artists.
"The national interests of the two countries
have never once conflicted, through the long
history of their relations and often enough
have harmonized. This has been proven in the
distant past. in the recent; past, and it Is
true today.
"The Second World War is still fresh In the
memory of both. the Soviet and the American
peoples. In that war,' their ties .of friendship
were still closer knit.
"Yet we know that In those years when
the Soviet people were engaged in a truly
titanic struggle against Hitler's hordes, there
were men in the United States who built their
hopes and plans on the expectations that the
hausted, and said so aloud.
"This Was not, only an offense to the :Rus-*.,
sians. It was an offense to the American peo-
ple, who were following with. deep sympathy
Soviet Union would be weakened and oex- .*.
and concern the Soviet pe..le's struggle a-.
galnst their common enemy, Falcismm, and for
the salvation of civilization and, progress. :
"Differences of: political system and goverf -'
mnent can be no bar to the development, of
friendly coo ration th the advantage of both
countries. This was borne out during the
war. Cooperation is Imperiously demanded by
the political and economic interest of the two
"The Soviet Union is engaged in a .lganlO
program of peaceful construction, and ieace-
ful construction always makes for broader
economic ties with the rest of tlh world.
"As to the American Veop,'I, have had the
opportunity t6 observe .thi i ly. a I
know that they ente .4 r4eyfee for
our people. I cS otl b4 i! th- soif
enance the video red
the Soviet Unio, s wide, agateIn
United States at the present. .
"I share the view, expressed by Pie4
Roosevelt in a message he sent to M. I. .
inin on July 10. 1941, shortly after Hitler 'Ger-
many attacked the Soviet Union. Th Amer-
ican people are disgusad at armed aggression.
They are bound to the Russian people by firm
ties of historic friendship.
"I 'am and always .hav, been a, 'firm be-
liever of. Soviet-American. 'riendshIl, because
I am convinced that It Is in the aerest of
both nations and in the lstere.;Of peace and
severity. Elimination of' v Am ten-
dion would certainly bep, -ao ct tlapdUrinf
world peace.' .
NOTE.-list winter Sr e, s colV -
umnist pointed out t te s .d move
the Kremin could .-wq be. peaces
offensive that might c -.l0 nd out from
under our defense mob.
(Copyright, 1951, By e, Ine
1 + n : + ... : .

+ ++

, U a



at our 4ta affairs,
. ..
n0ibed by aw of allotting
W base aothe basis ol
d.a requiempt that both
In the membership.
of Mue was to attempt

"M r 11 =t r-Ito,0 u mu suurb.* I e opposWte,
lt .o. "e "frii thpa rte yrage mo ember

lotZ ^ ^ OW a tetimony o lo Ir.t rOWW to -the ef-
31.10" 014W f rthe a-efttld Republican members
Of tbR.C., had beea cleared with the Democratlc National
Ooimmttte .... .
A4er r. s oifstom which has grownup recent
Years; hat.of deslgnating certain, asA r-
irese4n vos of 0tu tltally untested p .at, such as man-
ageme. agsoultr. labor, and the general pb l.
er as, Bable. ds4ssialon, at the tUm that the Ato-
ml. ItAct discs1ed. to effect that there
should _e i tWV oa agriculture, of the lAw. of the armed
force of meAl e. v a such caommisn. -
rW's. Vet1i*h*polpAe to this, aid I am opsed t tt'he gen-
ers j "-"e.
I'ta M too often proved objectionable In Its operations, because
It is based on a philosophy that asks an American to pledge his
allegiance to a particular interest. and to place such allegiance
above that to his country.
Itla. not right to ak any American to serve on a governmental
bodfy~a a pleaded for specla.. ntat.. t. Very member of-that body
uhuu act only n the best nteret of the United Stats. To do any-
thmn else is to make a mockery of. our fundamental patriotism.
S -If we a to have wi e decsi ons, we must have men so familiar
with their subject that they are capable of making wise decisions.
This zturally will lekd to men with backgrounds Intimately
wrap up In the problems. amd'il many cases, vitally affected
by he p len that-ar under ondeation.
But. f these men are unable tg, serve on the governmental
body so entire unbiased Judges, then I say that they must refuse
the appobitmefits. They ust never be put In the position of an-
aweriajk to special interest.
TEli-Bj @ -of labor and Industrial leaders prefer a single
arbl p tr ynamulti-party board Jn grievence cases.
have-abo found that boards composed of many parties
of interest-bdainess labor, agriculture, etc.-do not even pretend
to operate for all of the people but only to take care of them-
slves; Bach party tof interest goes whole hog for his own special
The inevitable result Is that the special interest merely wran-
gle to~e who comes out on top. Don't forget for one minute that.
Whether it is management, or agriculture, or labor, each is only
one interest, within the entire framework of American life.
The theory of our courts is one of objective judgement by an
Impartial tribunal before which all parties to a dispute may pre-
se.t'Aets supporting their respective positions. Why cannot, we
submit the rights of various special interests to a similar body?
We have beeomie distrustful of the expert witness because we
have foupd that he invariably testifies In support of the side which
presents him. He never appears to be impartial.
If such expert were selected and paid by the courts, they
would then testify on the basis of the public welfare, not on the
basis of the interested of their employer. -
They would be permitted to be true Americans. They would
econsder only Jhe best Interests of the United States, and not be
responsible 6 a speq~al group.
S The ultimate result of setting up equally divided representa-
tion on advisory bodies Is that almost invariably John Q. Public
gets the short end of the deiT.
The gtvernmerit and the public representatives, when such are
appointed both-have the oddly balanced role of a supposedly im-
partial mediator with special consideration of the general public,
but these representatives are often so busy protecting themselves
against the ax-sharpening representatives of the vItay Interested
partVs at the table. that they are able to devote little or no time
to the ptotedop Of he public interests.
Public issues, whether before a board, a committee 6h. Con-
greas, or the Joint Chief of Staff. should be settled in the interest
of the puC. .
iFnal. I should like to see men refuse to be designated as
labor me rib .or management members, or representatives of any
self rou~ p on a y Federal commisslo., and to emphasize in'
the that they will serve, but only as Americans.
e ~has been a great deal of talk as to the necessity for
start long the road by adopUtng this principle?

-" e ero. t. nd Soputd"n to Sunday Cros.w Pua.
dle,No. 334. published today.

S.t .mu .ftuI-M
SV,-'NDAY,,--(--UST S.191


By Jack Lait
0 -

wia. weather wor BV'way down to an
ver- w capacl at the legit houses.
I Two on UB the.added 0srtt,. went right
Into an unusual m slce it had
Snce sale... Oramercy Ohost"
dltapeeg ftr the light of the strong sun after
a round. 1M performances, a $00c00 casualty...
"Kis Me ate" rang down last night after 132
weeks, with a take of about one-third of what it
rew in its best weeks. It will tour after Labor
Day... "Oklahoma I." as a returnee. never got
going stmrog and struck Its sets at the Broad-
way. The Croupe will go abroad.
Ash "n otevens and Kolney Allen were the
oldest' of our regular dramatic critics. Thel died
within one week. Ashton wa my: buddy for more
than 40 yearl His widow, Katherism. known to
all hir friends as Kay. will adopt the name Kay
Ashton-teves. Though she was on the state,
She will enter his profesdaon ahd become a writ'
er... Keiley never had any literary flair. He
was a good scout and well beloved, but with no
arty pretnIlon s, which may have been Just as
well, since he served the buyers, salesmen. et
al. who .ild Women's Wear... George Jean
Nathan IS. nOr indeed the surviving patriarch
of the reviewers and I herewith dub him
"George Dean Nathan." %
FOOL'S GOLDENROD. I walk In Autumn
where we walked In Spring..along tbhe augh-
lag lanes of yesterday, and every faded leaf
Is whispering "Love always enfls this wav...
always this wav." I walk In shadows-where
we walked in light., safe In the shining armor
of eur dreams-ebhaqng will o' the wisps of
lost delight.. .suddenly grown so old--so old
It seems. Like one who goes back to a child-
hood street that's haunted with the ghost of
happy years, I earn to catch the muscle of
your feet...only to count my renary-of
tears. I walk in Autumn In a world anart,
dreaming. while. dead leaves drift against
my heart!
Most deflghtful hideaway of New Yorkers is
Ray Dillman's Casino-in-the Park. in Jersey
City. five minutes from the trans-Hudson tun-
nels. It is not a "road-house." That style of car-
avanserle went out with Repeal. There are sub-
urban retreats which are patronized during dog-
days bv metropolites who can tolerate untainted
air and the sight of a bush. Dillman's beautiful
cafe is in a unique spot. both as to its tanribles
and' its sentimental appeal. For Ray was long
the chief host and factotum in El Moroco and
his New York acquaintanceship is choice yet
comorehensilve. J. C. can scarcely support a pre-
tentious cafe. But Manhattan habitues have an


Peter Edson In Washington
N SA Stalf Correspondent

WASHINGTON-(NEA)--John L. Lewis of the
United Mine Workers, who in 1950 wrote letters
to the coal operators telling them not to let Re-
publican'Robert A. Taft make campaign speeches
on their properties, has now received a grudging
tribute from the Ohio-senator.
It happened at a Senate committee hearing.
Economic Stabilization Administrator Eric John-
ston was the witness. He astestifying that
wiiout wage and-.price controls, U.S. wageleqvels
wo0)d have advanced for more than they have.
Senator Taft challenged (his dea. sayig he did-
I1't think controls had madeniuch dftference.
"I disagree intensely," ald Johnston. '-Look
whabv'Mr. Lewis gqt for the coal miners in Jan-
uarv before wages were frozen."
"Just supposing Mr Lewis had had that busi-
ness three months later," replied Taft. "I would
be willing to bet you a hqt that he would have
gotten what he wknted... As a matter of fact,
rou had t come Jn after he got it and approve
it retroactively."
Price stabilination Dlrector Michael V. Dialle
ude a speaking tour swine out throw*b 'iUne-
apols, Dulutand Fargo. Mr. DI.alle Is no grat
beef-eater-himseL. But every plaeg he wemrt on
his tour they served him fish. Intally he Veraek-
d: "I don't know whether y6o're serving fish
I my honor or because of me."',
Office of Price Stabilization has Just put out
an order decontrolling tombstones. Reason given
was that they had no appreciable effect on the
ost of living.
Old line government bureaucrats are finding
mobilization Director C. E. Wilson a tough man
o deal with. The Department of Agriculture re-
ently went to him, asking that allocations of
aluminum for rural electrification cables and
In mate for canning be raised to helD farmers.
Wilson told them to take It up with National
'roduclIan Authority. which was supposed to
handle such things. Agriculture people had tried
ha.. and it hadn't worked. But Mr. Wilson re-
used to overrule the NPA decision.





SoaM Ankc SIpplm

Delay ovpr appointment of an Aircraft Pro-
duction Board has been largely due to argument
with Harold W. Boyer of Allison Engine. director
of o-oduction engineering for General Motors.
He was a member of APB in World War II. But
he declined to come into present defense mob-
Ilization set-up unless given absolute power. .
Defense production officials now in Washing-
ton don't want to give Boyer this much author-
ity. It would give aircraft production priority
over everything else. If Boyer doe come into
government, he will be first General Motors ex-
ecutive to join the team.
Another surprise on the list of Washlnalon
lobbies iM an organization of businessmen wh6
are actually in favor of price and wage controls
to ftiFht Inflation. Founders and heads of the or-
aLiaen.loAe N. Mtevens. of Stevens Industries,
awson..I.. and W. L. MAllester. of McAllester
Hloerv Mills. Chattanooga. Tenn.
Outfit has taken the name of "American As-
sociatton of Independent'Industries on Conotls
and Taxes," It will also fight sales tax Idea,
which many bne business groups have been n-o-
motine as subb a tut for higher Incopme and cor-
poration taxes to finance defense effort.
B ef prices wil soar and serious beef short-
age.will develop if controls are relaxed i, eaiy
way, according to Department of Agricul' e'p
latest survey of cattle on feed. It covers the 11
corn-belt states from Ohio to South Dakota Ne-
braska and Kanmas and show nine per cent few-
er cattle on feed than a year ago.
American Meat Institute. which is the na"-rers'
trade association. translates this into 117 mil-
lion pounds less beef In the nevt sq to 90 'tvqs.
than in same period of 1950 This is ashn't nie
nound less per adult bit tha'mb enough n a
Rhortare to encourage black market, without
llve*tok slauphtpfqtr oanotas.
There are still more cattle on ranwe tbln
Pver before. but feed-lot operators haven't h'-,-' .
them for conditloninw and later merketin" The
threat of nric controls and roll-baeks Is blamed
for this situation.


.. I

Intense loyalty for their friedu--perhaps be-
cause they HIave so few.

Claudette Colbert opened in a Westport, Con-
nectcut. atraw-hatter in Noel toward's newest,
flmslest. most bored play, "Island Flings" Clavdie
is electric in it. despite stuffy lines dealing with
a happy South Sea population which finds its
carefree existence topsyturvied by a Labor Party
governor, who wants to apply socialism to these,
children of nature who are content with pot-
ernallam. Coward has slipped. His peculiar Rift
of bounce has lost its tension. But his theme is
timely and sprightly, and with the effervescent
Colbert breathing oxygen into It. the plot seems
to move Leon Janney is excellent also.. A re-
turn engagement wns booked after the first
night and it will be a sell-out.

Rudy Halley will draw 3,0600 a week in
contrasL with his $110 as the master of cer-
emonies od the Kefauver TV hrppodrome-
as the narattor In "Gangbusters," a television
seriaL Meanwhile, he Is running on the
hopeless Liberal Party ticket for President
of the New York City Council, which keeps
his ballyhoo unbroken, so that he can begin
his professional acting career on Sept. 4,
sponsored by a raor corporation. Kefauver
has cleaned up, selling the material he rot
for the public record. Sen. Tobey, Ill right
now, has lecture offers galore... It's an all-
round elean-up for the starts of the Senate's
plunge Into circus life.
Henry Holt & Co. will publish, In November.
-"Show Biz: From Vaude to Video." This should
be the McCoy. Its authors are Abel Green and
Joe Laurie, Jr. Abel is and long has been the
bright and authoritative editor of Variety. Joe
was a headline trouper, a comedian, who, since
the mummification of vaudeville, has become a
radio star. He has written copiously for Variety.
too. As a onetime mugg on that trade-sheet I
hereby put in for one autographed copy. to roost
with my few treasures on the shelf reserved for
books near to my heart.

Lou Nova, the Yogi heavyweight. Is selling'
Chevrolets... Harry Matthews. thepnly pue who
licked Bob Murphy recently. Is having his preqs
department scream for a rematch. That was se-
cretly signed up weeks ago. but he lets svmoa-
thetic sports writers keep on demanding it...
Danny Cox. who was going places as the tenor
lead with the Los Angeles Civic Light Ooera
Company when it had to cancel its schqd'le is
in town. Caught in a situation not of hi qmrk-
Ita. he is "open." and should be a find for radio
or personals in the East.


Pro-I m n i .' .~
(Piturea4 t4U e by talprh and
Coaline Skinner)

Have yew ever trahe ed the
and amesd families here, yet e
7%e newsan swessamy *of- te

nevirt tr nslted the Auig Ditch.ow
threh me years of it.U.
howActually there's no excuse for

,people not making this mem&_--
able trip f they have Ca few dol-a

lars, about the cost of a day n
bthe comtrke, for examplel.
and oursed famies, there tare no st-
around advertiansiteng the Bigs but the
Or evePanama Canal Company wilf it.

rent a launch, tug or even the -
specitual yacht, the Wolcott, tor
people not making to transit mhem-

Panama Canal. Or even take a
curtailed trip.hey have a few dol

A full transit Would be f ronm
lars, about to Critobal, or fvice versa.

However, thousands of tourists
here settle for the nine mi.
Oftrip through there most historicalgns
around picturesque part of the Can-
Panama Canal Company will.
rent a launch, tug or even the,

special yacnnel, thfrom Pedro Miguel to

That'sny grou what most of theransi tourhe
Panama Canal. Or even take, a
curtailed trip.

parties ar full range. It ws sometimes
possible to jristobal, or vice vepartys.

by paying a nominal sum, but as
Howsuggested above, you can makef tourists

up your own party, and rent
your own coveyance. The price
ohere settle for the launch i amazingly cheap.
trip thHowever, you should call the

, Panama Canal Company officials
andto get the ratesque part of the Can.
alWe channve been fortunate toMigue take
Gathe complete transit, Balboa toboa.

Cristobal, on aircraft carriers.
From the flight mosdeck of thetoseur
giants, arrange. It ouis view of the
possible to join a cruyside is avail-rty
able. And then there's the fun This asene of Gatun Lok f the Panama Caal may ok like m tl a It e e
of "suggested above, ytingit out" ican mathe locks
up your own party, and rent

youras the Canal's fine and exper- of the locks rcicevlng the overhaul t rell receives every fourth year. The blak structure cter I a great mte
efor a launch Is employees squeezeap.
the owever, yousize carrier throu ghld call the
Panama Canal Company officials
to get the rates.

Wehavembers with only a couple of from the Cunard Line's CARONA on her nd-the-wr cruise.
inthe cmplete transice. Balboa to
Cris.operatlon requaircraft watch-

m .icer's precision with some of
the largest naval ships afloat.hese
gianThe five pilorious vion eah carrier
surrounding countryside is avail-
able. And then there's the fun This scene of Gatun. Leeks of the. Panama Canal mtay Ook Ike eoastulaelne days. X4t me! It's the *ext 01410

cooperation with the locks forces
inas the Canal's fine and exper of the locks re in the overhalItelarly reeves every fourth year. The black strtreIn center s a reat an integrated effort thatitr

never fails.
Flnes pictoriemloyesu e gate folded back nto the wa.wbl s apated. This view lkg deep t the empty leek eb ber waal passage of theta

Panama Canal came with a tran-
sit from Cristobal to Balboa this
chambers wi on th only a coupl of from the Cunard Lines CARO A on her round-the-wrld crisorlde.
cruising CARONIA of the Cunardnce.
his -operation requires watch-

Line, handled locally by Pacific
Steam Navigatpresion C with some ofpany.
the largest naval ships afloat.

The day wa five pilots extremely bcarrighter
cooperand sunny with cthelockuds poised in
tIn sky behinted every vista. Mts-

s es were impossible. You pointed
the camera and there wals. a

scene worth recording. Or so we
thought !
On these pages are shown '
some of the highlights of ourthe
Canamal transit. Wcame with a strongly re-
sit from Cristobal to Balboa this

commend that you maknd-the-worldan
cruising CARONIA of the Cunard
Line. handled locally by Pacific

Steam Navigation Com a partial oney.
Thyourself. Till then this may bright
and sunny with clouds poised In

the sky behicond best thing, a photo-

graphic transit.


ses were Impossible. You pointed

the camera and there was at ol.h e h
scene worth recording. Or so we
On these pages are shown

he aste s b s tou a s e i s pr ee some of the highlights of ourtca lo wt w c
Canal transit. We strongly re-.
commend that you make a tran-

sit -or at least a partial one- he biggest artificial lake n the world.
yourself. Till then. this may be

PA(the second best thing, a photo-IX da SUNDAY, AUGU
graphic transit.


If w Q-Cporse
inen WOO

didn't .
..use y

Amolin P(1,
at lie

geny he sJ S.., ets f*

emangele*M he astns-o Gatan ake loms aead the- eleti toigmlspeae4 at f h alswt h

SFrom tbbe lefty sgmal staten, atop Pier 6 tt Criteba4,
ail hipe are handled lote the harbor and the entrsnae to
the Panaus a al.

A jood arWah m t oI t-"
- hfal p "rt P N0t 1 -OW
i L 1 ,- < -,

the chmanel and rm-
( 41'ulu eguapjeut bouy aleng the banks

Leaving palm-studded Cristobal, the passengers antd crew
watoh two Panama Canal tagn warp the glant cruise Iiwer
away from the do6ks. The coaster, Stella AMarl, is tie(o o
the o-poeut" pier. **."".I. .

The CEM us Lia'. approach the "wft-me" *f Pedre aif LWeeks f the
asmB Ca snal em hri -tde-worM rnft. eb- of the center wal of the Panama
Canal *leeks &ss a "weose" ike a. fer preoetiem eiaMht m)tagr by lps. A
luttwer hip. owla the l pite dire.. u fl ed up at th eemwte wall. Note the
attffle anrw whk direHt the ship.

For th test ii n Fotos & Features

.. It's The Sunday Amerkan

w. Y A UST5. 1 i AiHii -i "iii

At Gatm Leels, one of the greet itter eti Ia soen
opening to admit the ship Ite smother chamn r *here It
will be ruase another step on Its 45-foot liSt fmu oeas eto
Gafes Lake level.

for fhe

price of

every Sun y .


.9 7 = "


* .


P- I E. ,

h .7

I 11:1 __ _I___~_l__r_


; ~ ~~;,~ :.;:..:




n~'I e






'I -.h


'.- *~-'

El Dominicl

.. -I

,. "e .

* *wery Sun yd

The Sunday AmeriCan

7Af( :AN4 0A'4 *MfV SARS /A
rmyr4. 0499 ,
&4 i E 71A

SION z "~F rN7 / 8T E/W A fl, NW THNv

'vr/ErCa;sFnmivC4WAflaorr/4& i
Afruvor OF /x oa so ow crwO


pN .DAY, AUGUST 5, 1951


for the

price of

every Sun

I~ &



... SUNDAY AUCm ,'-
A U',*
lk --- '- r r

'*' ^ ~ ~ .-* 1 Jtt s- a -- ----

: __ _~;r~~ri~ll_ _rl__l_______~_ ___ ____~l~__Li____ ____

_~ __ ____________ II ___V_~___

.. -. "T .. .- -...

or the

price of

every Sunday

^ ->ARRVAL/y-'



PAWN eG6N; 10 uAl..4




~uhit DUWrc~a kdjpgmertPAE LV




-.I-- ------------ -- -- ------ 1



:El D~

The Sundy Amnr can
': e-., A Man.


- I


n -




ARTE CONTRA LA MUERTE: Metido e4, ka los astas dl toro, desafiando
muerte por l gli. @en *I ei el diesto de con s"ngre frif y volor probado
bicho a- pess certerws del c apotemeim tB e In los tribunos ung ovaci6n estruen-

s spremia el corije y .el atte.
fiesta- brve- de posi6nw y 4erido, wt y vlcoeles, como ls posiones in-
7dmeobls dfeo peblos khispan cupa sangre .v. l rojo yive al lirico- ensuAeo

In leM rem ticimas... Text.: Redccidn.


PWAMAt P., DOMi]qO, AOOgTO 5, t151


.' ,, *
*' m *

, -+ ., + .

; '-' ,, .. .
;' .'i w-

i ". *-''* .
Ai *i A,

^^h '-'^h-^

E mediodor de Irdn-"

B ografa d vell ,
C i a n ... mA t- v '

Ningfn ixnbre en la polite'
smericana, es mAs faicinante
que W.. A. Harriman. Tiene el
prestiglo de una inmensa for-
tuna, que desde el siglo pa*dc
.reemplaza a un frondoso Otbo
geneal6gico. 81 su nombre ,nc
tiepe una resonancis igual a lo1
de Vanderbllt o de Carnegie, ec
.nicamente porque la ,celebri-
dad de los millonarios estA dis-
tribuida, como muchas otreas,
per el azar. Perow su padre, E-
duardo Harriman, fue al mismo,
titulo que ellos, una de esas po-
derosas personalidades que cons-
truveron, al miamo tempo que
au inmensa fortune individual.
la colossal fortune national de
los Estados Unidos. Hijo de un
clerigo de 200 d6lares por aftio,
muchacho de oflcina de 5 d61a-
res por semana, penuefto agen-
te de camblo de Wall Street.
lharriman padre, tuvo. durante
la crisis de 1893. la audacia de
comi-rar la "Union Pacific Rail-
ro"d" en quiebra y tuvo el m6-
rito de construir con ella una
red nr6snera a la cual afiadl6
la "Southern Pacific et Illinois
Central". Fue denunclado con la
inas extrema violencia por el so-
:nxlimo -naciente. pero hasta
el dia en que su cueroo delgado
uticumbf6 al agotamlento, per-
inaneci6 de pie luchando y
oreando. Cuando se abrl6 el so-
bre testamentarlo, se encontr6
solamente una line de su es-
critura: legaba todo lo que po-
seia a su mujer "para que su
fnrtina se haga suya absoluta-
mente y para stempre". Eate
trst-mento es el mis breve que
F haya hecho para transferir
I.- r'oniedad de cien millones
tip d lares.
William Averell crecl6 alter-
r'.tivamente en una casa de
cincuenta piezas de la Quinta
Avenida. y en un castillo de
c.tnto cincuenta piezas situado
robre la crest de una monta-
fin. Se Iledaba alli por medio de
un funicular privado que podia
tranoortar autom6viles per las
e-rreteras sin salida construi-
(rs en medio de la selya. Pero
e'n medio de este lulo extrava,
p.dnte, el bar6n de los ferroca-
rriles, seguia siendo un hom-
brx! concienzudo. piadoso v
-"gente. Endureci6 la capara-
76n -hereditariamente debll de
su i bi. y le inculc6 idea idea de
r e una dran rinueza, consti-
tuia una obligaci6n v una res-
r'isabilidad. La semilla germl-
n o nr&fundamente en el esoiri-
t,' del oven. Cuando sali6 de la
Universidad de Yale en 1913. el
rvdre habia muerto, pero el hi-
jo interpret su voluntad al
e'riair aue se le admitlera come
conductor de una locomotora en
r' "Illinois Central". Fue sub-
jefe de estaci6n y la promoci6n
siuitente, director de la Com-

IHata 1932 no fue sino un
hombre de negocios
Pu (nica originalidad era el
Interds cue le destinaba a Rusia
comunista. Adquiri6 la conce-
si6n de manganeso ruso que los
Fo-!iPts euerian arrendar por
veinte a aosial capital extran-
jero v establecl6 los planes de
uma fabrica para concentrar el
mineral. Pero el viaje que hizo
a Moscil en 1926, lo apart6 deG
su provecto. Vi6 a Trotsky irre-
mnediatablement. acuebrantado,
comnrendi6 que la ascension de
Stvin era inevitable, y consi-
cerr6 qie los Soviets no manten-
ran. Esta clarividencia le aho-
rr6 la desventura de los otros
inidustriales comprometidos en
los ne-ocios rusos, oue perdie-
ron todos sus inversiones.
Las ideas fundamentals de
harriman sobre la U. R. S. S.
se formaron desde esa pvoca.
Ju.g6 que los rusos eran en el
sentido hist6rico v no peyorati-
yeo. de la palabra, barbaros que
no crrean sino en la fuerza y en
lo fttil. Anot6, por ejemplo. que
pasada la frontera, las flores
desavarecian de Icr corredores
de las granias. La convicci6n
de oue existia un abismo entree
el Oecidente y Rusia, a mitad
asiAtica, no lo abandon jams.
Un privilegiado
No existia en el mundo entero
an hombre mAs privilegiado que
William Harriman. Habia recl-

*"A&f$IA DOS

Here4ero de una inmensa .fortUna, claeificit
entire los diez primeros jugadores de polo en el
mundo. De la alta sociedad neoyorquina. Adopt6
latasis de Roosevelt Embajadoro ek Moscu, amigo
d&8Stalin. Recibi6 I amisift de eje'it'r el Plan Mar-
shall. Se halla ahora en Persia tratando de apagar
el incendio.

bido del clelo hasta la belleza
fisica. Era un tdrmino medio
centre Gary Cooper y Ray Mill-
land. Se Ie consideraba como
uno de los diez mejores ugas-
dores de polo del mundo, con
un handlicap de ocho puntos..
Pero no era ni un ocioso ni un
espiritu frivolo. Habia, side ele-
gido Presiflente de la Union Pa-
cific Railroad. y dirlgia el mis
important de los bancos pri-
,vados de Nueva York. el Brown
Brothers, Harriman & Compa-
Recibia en su casa a escrito-
res. artists e intelectuales. En
este cenAculo de izquierda Har-
riman sigui6a sendo un revubli-
cane conforme a una tradicion
familiar blen anterior al enri-
auecimiento paternal. Los Har-
riman venian de la Isia ultra-
republicans de Long Island. v
el abuelo. cldrigo de 200 ddla-
res por aio. tenia las mismas
onlniones politicos oue el pro-
oletarlo de 30,000 kllometros de
vias fdrreas.
La presentaci6n ante Roosevelt

Quien condujo a Harriman
ante Roosevelt. elegido recien-
temente. fue el hHio de un auar-
nicionero, v se llamaba Harry
Hopkins. Weshlnqtori era un
hervidero de ideas con fre-
cuencia extravagantes, cuyo
coniunto constituye Io oue se
ha llamado el New Deal. Fami-
liar ee Hprriman. de cuerpo en-
fermi'o. de esoiritu atormenta-
do. Honicns chaperoned6" al
multimillonario en este amblen-
te de profesores v de econocl-
mistas socializantes. William
tom6 la costurmre de definlrse
como un republican reforma-
do. Desnues... una noticia sen-
sacional sacudi la sociedad de
las doscientas families ameri-
canas: el marnate del ferroca-
rril. el bannuero de Wall Street.
PI bileo dal grande Ediardo. el
brIllsnte jugador de polo, habia
acentado un pueqto secundar.lo
en la National Recovery Ad-
ministration de F. T). Roosev""
cue trdos los canitalistas pme 4
canos consideraban no sin ra-
z6n, romo una emnresa de a-
np'touia v rie esnolisfidn.
Los dem6cratas dileron de
Harriman que era el primero
aue franaueaba la lirea v los
repiblicanos cue e-a el nrimproa
en tralcionar si close.'La dife-
renria no era sino una cuesti6n
de terminolo'ia.
I.n prol-ci6n die arriman
hacia la izquierda continma. Al
mismo tiampo el versonaie se
con-entraba. Seiuia siendo so-
ciable y conservphn la costum-
bre de. llevir multitud de invi-
tados di fltimo moment. pero
su.s gustos Io llevaban todos los
dias mns bacia las co(as series
v el trabalo en nrofunridad.
Poco a poco abandon el polo
nor el Sky nue abraz6 a los cua-
renta v eince afins con ardor
Se habia divorclado en 1928
de Kitty Lenler Lawrence v se
babia vuelto a casar con Marie
Norton. divorciada de Corne-
lius Vandervilt Whitney. Be ha
dicho de ella cue se ha casado
con los idos mAR orandes prti-
dos y con los dos mis grandes

nombrM ferroviarlos de los Es-
tadose Unidos.
En Washington se estableol6
en las Inmediaclones de hfn
parque, encima de un acantilla-
do que ectuerda la montafia de
Ramapao Raine, done se ele-
va la. e ta sg ga de sus afios
juveniles. Crulaba en viejos
autonmoiles hacia el misrfto
a coolna los domingos. oara
respetar el repow semanal de
aus servldores. Pend no habia
ninguna atfectacl6n ni ninguna
demanglaoia en la modestia de
este $nufsimo. Era mzAs bien la
ditlcultad que ofrecia una for-
tuna extraordinaria que no se
concllaba con la ldeas nuevas
de oilen .a posea D16 una yve
100,000 d6lares al sindicato de
miners para spstener una
huelra. ,e hublera dicho que
T* afieos en Moscu han heoho
de l, el ap6stol dei Qeedente
- La guerra v la amistad siem-
pre flel de Harry Hopkins lan-
zaron a Harriman en la gran
political. "Habla introducido a
Hopkins-dice "Life"--en la so-
cledad de los dominios aeflorla-
les de Long Island v de Virgi-
nia. en el mundo de los yates.
de las muieres 'nagnificas y del
'Twentv One". Hookins a su
Yes o introduJd en la sociedad
de los 1rimeros ministros. de
los Presidentes v de los Jefes
de F.stado Mayor, en el mundo
de tla personas imoortantes,
cuvas carteras estan ilenas de
ultrasecretos. En Lobdres, en'
una noslcl6n un poco indecisa.
fue ejecutor de la Liy de prls-
tamos v arriendos. En 194b
Rqoe~velt 1o nombr6 Embalador
en Moscal, y permanecid hasta
Fueron oara Harriman afios
decisivos. Es orobablemente el
extrpnjero cue ha tenido con
Stalin las conversaciones mi
numeroses. las mAs largas vy las
mas profindas. Es probable-
mente ouien oenetr6 mias en el
funcionnmiento v en la esencla
del regimen esvi6tico. Desde
antes re Yalta y mientras
Rooseviet se perdia eon Is nul-
m.era de omesticar al tio Jose,
Willipm Harriman habve corn-
nrenfldo. Antes de a
Moepe crena coino el Presidente
de los Estqdos Unldos cue una
colaboracl6n padifica era posi-
ble. ppro plounos meses de ob-
servacl6n lo convenoleron 'de
cye un eonfllcto violento seroa
91 contrarlo el lote Inevitable
del future. Critic6 las conceslo-
nes infitiles con las cuales A-
mrrcla ensav6 de comprar un
anaciouamiento nrecario, v lle-
6 a las conclust6n viril de oue
hbbia cue construir una unldad
del nindo 'occidental para evi-
tar el vencimiento.
La nrimera fase de ese ran
pron6sito oue se prosigue irre-
,nisiblemente a trawds de todos
los nbstfculos es el Plan Mar-
rhpll. Harriman fue el Embar-
Jador ambulante. Durante me-
ses recorri6 a Furorn recibiendo
no mn-nos de treinta personas
nor dia v tomando c6nclencla
profunda de un continent cu-
va unidad es una ley de la na-
turalera ultraj.iaa por los hom-
breq. No fue siemnre un buen
dinlomitico. Roz6 las susec ti-
bilidades naelonales tan deio-
rabies. pero tan reales-como las
enfermedades. y por lo mismo
tan respetables.
A pesar de u sonrisa lrrecis-
tible le faltan cualidades tiles
como la elQcuencia v como el ca-
lor y no eo persuasive sino en
comets,. muy restrinaidos. EstA
desprovisto del don de las len-
guas 'que el Sefior ha dado como
arma esencial a sus ap6stoles
v se encuentra Inc6modo .lunte
a ]a Torre de Babel. Pero on
su apostolado Mltrshalliand. ha
reforzado unawconvivencia fun-
damental nue es la inica virtuid
indispensable a los hombres de

I M'

dua u fueron t
ddolgnd ad a minemo parka'.
batir a Roberto Taft en el* Oh.
Taft fue reelegldo taj
meste. esta vietora y eStde-
rotrots salaon al IndestrlctlbI
Dean Acheo. La asreda de
Harriman copra el patdo re-

Per n Kdroto Aletl
1)ubllcauo hMamssido"dkeaslaf
violent&.- No eran.rinsible ya para

No e ooce e lxactamente el
cuadro y ts lnites de la m-
si6n de que esta encargad
Harriman en Europa. La.coordl-
nacl6n de la economic yel rear-
me es obligatoriament aun ca-
Ditulo important. Otro. cauitu-
lo capital es probablemente .l
futuro ejerclto alemanf Bradley
-cuya Inteliencia de las si-
tuaciones politlAs asocia a
una simpllcidad de soldado-
ha declarado' publicamnente al
regresar de Eutopa. one no ha-
bia podido abordar el problems
torque los hombres politicos
franceses estaban demasiado
Interesados en -sus eleccwnes.
La hip6tesia se levanta Harri-
man Blegs. Hay cue reeonocer
al Goblerno americano que no
ha perdido uhi instante.
Harriman es partidarlo sin
reserves de an eJdrcito alema,.
TambiJn es phrtidario de un e-

U Is'-

A,ecuelta un rgan-o lo
nmismo que una grand pdrsahall-
dad para el arbitraje .Inemaste
.tOW la maneauila y hos' a-
Htrriman present Inonve-
nientes. de los cuale m lWincl-
paI e, as s MWdades
que diesplerta en i Ica. Pero
present aIs. venta deo conocer
if ondo la materla europea y
e cr*er en el Occidente con
odo su Instinto y today .a ra-

La Earopa es la & Ulmoels
plmb6lea del
Be puede. cacular que desde.
hace. dies asos. Aleamana ha
gstadd para el mundo exterior
id0 mlildnes de d6lares.
La-tls de la myorla de los
republluanos a de que es Inmpo-
sible continuar estas colossles
largloess sin c nducr a Am6rl-
*a- a Inflaom y a la&ruins.
Robert Taft va, mas lejos y
sostlene que Amnibca .no ea tan
rica como pars pagar la prima
de seguridad solieitada or
Truman, y ha rolamdo ,una
reducciln ia s4bfh"K naclo-
al do 70 a S nlIMP;oes de
d61ares. Con unas lgica ence-
gueclda, solitta s U ea-
mente la extensl6n d.aguerra
al Extremo Oriente.

jercito japonm ven general de Abundan lao pruibis de luea
todos los eJ6rcitos quo puedan a ayuda aal mundo no a arrul-
restablecer el equillbtio doe lsasr ad G1 P0po IOosL-atm
fuerzas destruldo en prdvecho diealel bieiosata am crlea-
de ios Soviets. Su certidumbre no ha. progrsadoen en-
les queel Ocidente i invenci- te El ntmerp de autoa6viles
ble si smh .lobaleor aS deo-ha logrado ,18. millones con tn
cir totalitario en la defense de promnedo deB-ttomvil .pr ca-
la libertad, ,pre cue es ddblI y da tre hlbitante.l El ndmero
estA coidenado si saedesmembra do cast con nexera ha pasado
a nombre de suA desconftba- del -al 7' nor into. Y las'
zas y de sua particflartamosn l- a C4. on lfono .ha pasad
cionales Alemania es necesariadel41 70potciento.Lapro-
porque toen doer auJnnn ne- udicl dn.e el poderio Ocon6mico
lsaor. Seria toIms peilgtoo ce- de 10, t doe Uaidos se han
Until, el no admitir a Alemania doba de .
sing simb6licamente. Debe f -
hguroren las .fpa mlvtatyien er u1 Impteuesto e ha eon-
e Occrdente coallgadn ipara a verUto en una especie de Pesa-
totalidad de su cuota. dflls naclonal. an esto se iao-
nesalemad s oe nudus. ya~ los republlcanos-Para ganar
El esquema del rearme ale- la Casa sBlnca "Eurupa-sangul-
man sostenido par Jdhn .Me- jiuela" serA el animal laimb61ico
Cloy, alto comisario de los Esta- de 1952, al lade del elefante-
dos Unidos en Bonn, es el el- ma~cota del partido republica-
guiente, segfin ae dice' 10 a 12 no.
divsilones, cerca de 250.000 En 1951 el rearme de Europa
hombres, una aviacl6n- tactica sera puesto en Juego del lade
y 2,000 carros. Algunos en el del Levante. En 1952 sera pues-
Pentagono quisleran ir mas Ie- to en juego del lado del Po-
jos. Consideran que 25 divislo- niente. Cada nueva experilencia
nes alemanas son indlspensa- trade un peligro. Pero lo mis
bles t slse qulere llegar a las 90 extraordinario es que la causa
divlsiones necesarias pars de- del Occidente triunfara.

.E Dr. Jer6nimo Remor V-isi9 la PON.\.

El Dr. Jier6ain RemoWIa (al eetb), *tlMte Mialtre doe
Rilaelones Bxtwerim de a Argeathi, senveusade S. B-yea
Prilee (a I derecha), gecretare Gal Itefaw 4 1. Nuoames
UnMid. A la feeha e Ii i li a larguim el'Wm tSsaa l omnal el
Dr. Remorino era embajjdor de aIs Argtlaa ea WadElagt"n 7
epwresentate permaueat do s onp a i ONU. A lat Isoerd,
el STr. odolfo Malen, repin)ta tewle i d a Ais kaen d

C-- PAUYSMfUC~ b~~~U(



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14 4 IM Gfeo ql( T.isDE.aitu

y b in ir a l pIuonar"ami" r A-
m" si ie6 v ea s a ch doS pr n ve-
mino dea0 oma lsque da a- h.: ,
d In 4=o c e-
Marie, per su ua s di- ,

.u o ..- za de l orca-

.a c..u .Ar .1 .j .

iderauda fome U abia ade rado s hetidas hurlleqen ea dentro-
lueg a aich atero6. -$ e la-. haa c a de ee traaba -

ma. Luego Leila estuvo conver- confundir a 1 polcl a. En un ex-A
au herao y se retr6 a mu a- lmart de albaNlA ... "*.a. a.
poaento. Su ar, laado tar varlas camla vieja d horn- 3

den George, se encontraba au- d bre. Al pie do la camae una r
siented a collnla do cngarrelo y Juntd a 4s
entas Reed y yo eta- et ablerta la ua, (4) hu n de -
eesla -d nkcall ovaetnt ueLI pan ne n D InU T* baren .I.

Srastros qe o a a del rto de er Oa o- Kansas City, del c-
d ( ntIh L rin--V...

el victi- fit eli Joen Lesideel hue den ce ea de .
ndoario estaba otras cola pudo deotrare y tremo de la cam se ve un

a camsa tamben d hombr. del 9 d mherrzoaho l e encontraba Lelaa su martin de albafdesdll A s oado por ella
posent~o. 8U adre, Ilamade tam- varies eamisas viejas de hom-
e. A e de la cam una lado exterior, al pie d la -en Chicago en un ae de n- dpuo toar una terrible en
Se estaba c co bre puera tenerse contra l e cn un renmoento cruel enoun

OtWE u n o f s pantaleoa de hombre-. Al-i desvaneci. cue puso de manifesto su port-
Mentras y ears eta I en an amblerna, lal (1) Collas de velgarrn collosla (dec) antes, (3) martillo, (4) huell masulinae, aigunos de s mI-

fi lener IIn rrllios, Junta a unas 1luellaa do taron ser una de loa lezas mai par Io lanto. lo quo cabla era
astros. Las hueompllan Interestigae6n del erimen t c perfecto"r r de cKansas a ty, del cal

S. un hmbe qe cal.aba zapatos que revevictim la a tractvaos detJole s de persona. Pero la tarea resul-n Leila Wesh (5).

s a nimer6 siete. n sobre el criminal. _to masn dificil de lo quo se pen-
SW ndudablementeta huyela el victa- Com el caballero en cuestin sabora de que el v ctimarlo era
I direio, estaban etras colillas. u- pudo demostrar que la rgta de alg oven namgo opretendlentaba nn-de
Ge- reuPe Utp d edna camesa,aambindehombre, del9demarzo seencontraba I Leila. que desdefiado per ella

SDel la d po exterior, al tr le dcom o a u en Chicago, en un vaje de e- dspuo tomar una terrible ien-to
-tente c de metros del Pa yentn etana un a Pern aa auvictlmau v de que y ia corrospndencia pivada de
Scarngero estaba colsado sobre pudlIa cera tenerse contra ta d epapa- Leila se con un refinamlento crueldaron a en-
S, dunos pmanchtalos de hoangre. Alli d en san notes del clarecer el cas. No se ctaba-
--0. .... ii- .."e tambin se rea oll laso desubrliga- Lo is guantelas de algodin resul- to deai I rilul daUIo, de nto a umnas uels de ta- s poca otuna de ella. Esto ersona quo cuplora deantro er
-e ples mascul* inos. Las huella de nteresnate en este casl Pon r- tratar de locaz toar a esta clase-
a un hombre que callaba zapat8 que revelaban clertos detalles de persona. Pero la area resul-
p q eus ald b ntimer6 siete. sobre el erimihal. c a mes difkinl de 1o que se pen-

SEsa s huelaa s se aleaban e Aesar de que le haba que- saba. Entre amigos era migos intimos
Ciy e direcad n narestemnasdguodolaso rido dos heridasen la garganta de rlJpvenonls cantaba ninuhr
S c sen metros de la ventanas u n la piern a a su victim v dudae ue y la orrespondencias pri ncivada de
1 H --atesus -ton e.- pe par de guantoes blanos de algo-nera cam de l eta aued6 empao pap-Leta tampoeo ayudaron a es-
ddn, manchados de sangre. Y da S ene sangre, los guantes del clareperon el case. No se ctareba
algo ms P Phallb-~s se des 6 un criminal apenas mostraban u- en ellos el ombre de n brnguna-
pedazo de case human : el a- nas pocas gotas de ella. Esto habersona sue cupera dentro de
S rrancado a esa pernas de la josen confrmadoba la tafirmacon de los la teoria aolciaca. sus mejo-
l aseinadaenc ciruanos de que la persona ue rea amigos eran venes. dediltca-
deos a c manej el arma, sin duda uyor dos a otras a ctividadues princi-
1 nio e oos nmest dete] unton escalelo er aun expert pos- palrente comerlales, oedr s los
Sder rane" olaose t utls zablemens sublters no tenian un mjano uales pudieron esentar feha-
S 2 =o horra Tmpo y preocu- a heia Reed-e lanseinorda Wores u namblin clients coartadas Nue les libra-
pc criminal sexual. Peo esta teo- A estas horas el ca o habia ban de toda sospecha.
S.ra fuerevisasa dos dias desou, coebroa uon notoredad enor-e o

: Le propormcion ua l ena repu- n Varios cirujanos examinaron mento de descanso. Pero su ta- clon6 nunca el nombre nle nin-
. tai6n comeial. las heridas cue Leila reciblera rea era dificultada por la mul- gun pretendlente.. La oven.
en la Rarganta, y en la plerna. tipllcidad de informes err6neos aunque muy atractiva v rica. no
6- La da un rIbi pnIrmanentel Y declararon que el euchillo de que reclbian. Parecia shora que parecla inclinada al matrimo-
ontrib 'carnicero haado alldo nie de la prctcamente todos los habi- nia, porque ambicionaba ingre-
S-Contribye orro ventana no ue usado pr el tantes de la barriada Plaza ha- ar a una carrera que le propor-
w.crireal. La forms de lam he- bian visto a alguna petsona hu- clonara trlunfos intelectuales o
,. yendo de la resldencia de los comerciales. Y asi. aunque tenia
Cuesta poco ridas. dileron. demostraba oue Welsh la noche del crinrn: La numerosos amigos, no era dada
Ss a olamente podian haber/sldo hysteria general cobr6 caracte- a noviazgos ni relaciones frivo-
,,-no hace falta saldo ntfninmo, inferides con un instruoento res tan alarmantes que Reed las. Todo lo cual hacia aun mas
S' fino, tel como el escalpelo de se vi6 obligado a hacer una de- impenetrable el misterlo de su
S *" un cirujano. claracldn indicando que no ha- violent muerte.
.- tHt NATIfMAl fITY lN El martillo de albafill tampo- bia causa para tal alarm, que oOo
3 .- e 1 e rn.AIUH I .. a con parecela haber sido usado por Lella Welsh no habia sido ase- Este mlsterlo no ha podado
F "OF NEW YORK -* el aseslno. va que no oresen- sinada por un loco escapade de ser resuelto. El caso de Lella
Staba la mentor mancha de san- un asllo. sino aue se trataba de Welsh sigue siendo una incog-
m jd y < gre. un crimen cuidadosamente pla- nita. Coma tuvo que reconocer
'" *iWWVE *n s f Las camlsas v el pantal6n de- neado y ejecutado. par algulen elie je de policia Reed. qouiza
i lados or el victimarlo tenian que tenia algfn m6vil especial d ste haya sido uno de los pocos
las resoetilvas marcas de la- y oue a la vez estaba famlllarl- crimenes perfectos aue se re-
vanderia y no se necelsitaron 8l- zado con la casa v costumbres gistran en la historic crimln.d
S no unos pocos minutes para es- de la famllla Welsh. de los Estados Unidos. Up crl-
S. tablecer a quidn correspondian. Cuando se supo nDblicamente men culdadosamente planeado,
Con gran sorpresa de las auto- que el criminal habia marcado diab 6lcamente elecutado por
ridades. el dueflo de tales pren- a su victlma con la letra "8". un Indlviduo que. indudable-
S. i das resulL6 ser un prominent eacrlta con la misma sangre de mente, leos de ser un loco
euful ChI*C A E^ ciudadano de Kansas City. Pero Leila-un detalle oue al princl- un asesino vulgar. demostr6 con
al sert nterrogado saial6 el si- plo se mantuvo en secret---los su erica de cirujano que per-
7U U iM a Etlpo. en el tnaio de su casa. don- diarnios dieron amplia publci- tenecia a una clase educada.
de su criado arrolara por or- dad a fantAsticas verslones so- de la cual e espers un alta
S. -den suys una cantidad de roon bre extralos cult s amorosos. responsabilidad moral.
l1 DFamma B MIs vieja deseartada ya del uso. Ba- cuya traicldn- e pagaba con la Cual rtu ei motivo de este b-
S. to patio quedaba adyacente a muerte. Pero la policla se moa- rrlble crime? Esta es una pr-
n la residencla de la lamills tr6 poco dispuesta a aceotarlas, gunta *que probablemente la-
-. .. Wels. Loas investtgadorem no dudaban mais podr ser contestada.

SDO.. Aq.. ". ..... I1 PAthIS A ReAd

* .j

* .~


I .*
i~ ~t-~
-- f


Por imme. Guyon y M. Auger
(Modelo A)
Los nuiev abrlgos tienen
muevo largo tambidn: nvuve

ddcimos. Asi, solo muestran una
parte pequefilsima de la falda;
lucen mejor con faldas estre-
Estos nuevos abrigos son may
elegantes con sus lines sim-
ples y sus materlales suaves. Se
ven en Jersey de lana, otoman
de seda, g6nero aco-'donado de
lana y similares. Tienen sufl-
ciente peso, empero, lo cual ha-
ce que las solapas, que son tan
importantes, luzcan debidamen-

Los abrigos de esta clase son
amplios y tienen la espalda flo-
Ja, asi como mangas rangltan
con largo de tres cuartos, mos-
trando en general una agrada-
ble brillantez.
(Modelo B)
Simbolo de Paris es "el pe-
quefio traje negro." Para ale-
grar este conjunto, que puede
ser de una p dos piezas, se usan
pafiuelos escoceses o normandos
que se atan graciosamente en
la garganta. Estos pafluelos ha-
cen juego con cinturones rojos.
Otro estilo favorite es Ilevar en
el frente de la blusa un adorno
de fular blanco, plegado. Una
rosa sobre el pecho afiade otra
nota de color. Tambi6n puede
llevarse el reloj pulsera con un
laze de cinta atnarrilla, como
una especie de broche.
(Modelo C y D)
El model C muestra un bro-
che de brillantes en forma de
flecha, que se usa para cerrar.
el traje por delante, en vez de
El modelo D muestra una ro-
sa que finaliza el escote asi-
m6trico de una elegant blusa.
(Modelo E)
La era de suntuosos vestidos
de novia de encajes y con lar-
ga cola estA declinando. Los
models actuales representan
no s61o el traje de novia de hoy
sino tambln el traje de gala
del mes pr6ximo y con este ob-
Jeto stAn creando models que

podrian llamarse de double utill-,
dad. I

Helm ha creado una tinica
larga de encaje lrlands .para
cubrir un simple vestido blanco
de tul blanco; Fath present
un traje de satin blanco con
cuerpo sin mangas adornado de
perlas, que Ileva una pequefia
capa de cuello alto igualmente
adornado de perlas pequefiltas.
El pequeflo manto es del mismo
material que el traje. La falda
es amplia, de tul, con bordados,
y hombrHBls de tul, con largas
mangas. Estas pietas pueden
quitarse y permiten transfor-
mawr el vestido en un elegant
traje de noche.
(Modeio F)
Los trajes de noche para es-
ta temporada caen dentro de
tres categories, a saber:
1) El de estilo fund sigue
slendo deslumbrante. Unos po-
cos son, como en 925, entera-
mente adornados con lentejue-
las, moda que ha revivido Cha-
nel con much 6xito.'
2) El romAntico traje de en-
caje, de organdi y muselina de
seda, tan amplio que para des-
plegar la falda es necesario sen-
tarse en un sofa. *
3) El nuevo traje arlesiano,
creaci6n de Dior, que tall la
figure y cuya falda cae en cas-
cada, amplisndose especialmen-
te en la part posterior. Este
estilo se ve especialmente a-
tractivo en falla de seda; se
usa con un pequefio bolero. que
deja al descubierto el jub6n de


tiene los

mejores programs


A) Abrigo de nueve d6clmos
de largo, de otomAn a cuadrqs
blanco y negro, con botones y
cintur6n de charol rojo. So ta-
sa con una falda muy estrecha
de g6nero acordonado de sedan
B) Pequefo -traje pnegro abri-
Ulantdo power una corbata y pu-,
flos de tafetAn blanco con pun-.
tos rojos.
C) Broche en7 forma de fle-
cha, de brillantes, para cerrar
el bajo escote de un vestido de
terciopelo negro.
D) Una. zos a arilla recal-
ca la line sifmtriedade una
blusa do satin gris.
16 Traje de novia de musell-
na blanca, plegado, que pUade
transformarse en traje de ro-:
che al quitArsele las anchas
mangas. En tal caso debe usar-
se con un refajo rosado, ama-

rillo o verde. --
SF) Incruestacioaes de terclope-
0o dan ana sorpiretdente nota
a un traje do noche de tul
Xin casa de Piguet, uia ele-
gante tinica de malana, de
franela grla oscuro, estllo ca-
misa. El traje ae usa con una
gran corbata de tatetan negro
que se fija por medio de un
bot6n al mismo.
Impermeables de color blan-
co, cerrados en el cuello por u-
na corbata escocesa amarillo y
Cajltia de plata para loa pol-
ves, qud enez lorma de un co-
rua6n atTves o.. por una fle-
US.Ada ao y e7 mrcada en un



DOMINGO, AGOS 6, 91951


..-- Ignoranela de quo la mayoria df
DVAGAONES SO E no vivs mu qu
-D1e--a do Ito y no ent ao amU
"edia. Una frivo at
... .. otis0te do .a

d T. e numero dei.
Ss *a ver "Coe-
: too" y y seA a-
09#0"108d0m .n e e w vi anuaclado n ta y los ieva aL taInato, aIn cas, le q aoppndz muco a .
o 1 tl A1wte Ur i4ebre -deseos ondoe deformnWr". Ig- Iaber manter m ftreuraH. la crttta.. b a un am sna,
.lg e Ai lto B q Ai objeoeoa eoe n o mo nntre meno ae a-e cwpropda. el cine eonM do como paa-
l-ne qd itkantes qM s o- 00-g onto., mo e enet116 116a mmnetwOr a als, r.gdo ubre tr lo m o
d loop. e ta1 y W bm prqp6- _ba y ae srota. Ua a budcardistraoaol o a beer
.m.tee. X e lo i de 1.' debo tomar contacto-y pltar un Yvam de cerve.
-, ig Dh H .ar a ,, su rtquexus go s entraga-
46-USA a. "1o Wln P000 S POGO A lAr1"91 De ah6 que el papel de ls
5 *H9t 01 e Uft Orb aWe man *e- claq-olubea,tU ae tn on fuu-
16tiSa# aonmd 14 creto algoy as 'nte de- iaa citico- tiaUvaM, seaas .,
A.'s ow s io J S luWado aprina oorre ucho copideutble y convengs ai- ^
Z ...2f ou uw a m, N6.beta t 08l0g de exotnguilrte de noD darosco. oaa nuestraas.rue.-.
.n atot.ia toBqurM dofar de 1 IndA que Un tallo a0s Do a. quo.e acepLr a .
IconcaJi~daBboarfcoBw teio l 00 a sw udencAdo lal ederacloni .O
_____ teasto 4- Voltaire e el aue-clubie. Ocurre,. por d-s-
.. a. .. ejetnplo tiplI c de enOs trIuAlo1 grocla, que, los mismaos c- r.
i .. .. .T .,.,->- t\r -#. -tr a ,d un .t1 yA& S-- n dato, do ass l que cipab soen laespaces de rec--. -
i.r ra lag cw ore. Poro 1105 3la y nalina O pare- aerur ins bcntas viejas, pues el
"oew. Z tdi- con. 1o.Me. Qiatron. epiritu ape- v6rtigo industrial presciende do
h" am r. n La rentem enter eldo. lable c0 ne las part colocar las nuev.Ia.
do 3Mldo Interptrotaciloe Puse sal Fu-W o J*eg6 a. creerse
n8. B J e pr Ia e ntu lam tru aide actrites, Ore.a
mt e' el slo asmmn realmente Is .de oVo- 'larbo nmr otras, disfrutarla
q do qdfU4 I* tal-. 0mi mpre a s topInt reta deo un lviao qu Rachel y
1 'a mOI6n Racipe. Ta no as B terpreta t a Sarah rAhardt no cofoclarca on.
Sya no- p@olin reemplaSr Voltaire. Nada de eso. en ea moment
actor porq, ue able tomado Nietzsche escribl6 --en "Oal resent ed Imposible lograr qt0
PLr e in puchA eadenas ante- Bavoir", sl no me equl voc e.-. pjvens, quo no padleton
rems. Y poimpooer la fibm cit. *6 preAu nmmoogenr entire aIseo.ocer I la en .ia % c,
1taso cualtr dOia ra. ate a- onta y los h nores:- st u- puedon Admlrr a .I Garbo en-
Ipeelen _- conduae r6" la gloria. deja los bonorea o "La dams de lea camelila Las
I~Kilo se explica porque -el 1.- c-etam sop mircaosamente des-
.dOe fl3E m5aDrR. 'nor y los honotoes van a 10o i- tridas. a dama de las o- .-
C6mo so remeod6? Be bus16 alble y la belleza es esal in- mella" tiene que ser ilevac ,
a un choter do eamas estatura visible, se recoge sobre ae mis- a la paintalla con nuevas estre-
qu e so. nt6 al lado del otr, mink, economiza hasta la res- las y segtin procedimlentos a-
y pmanej le Poontroles sinque piracl6n. Una pelicula realizada cordes con la march del pro-
el piblico .pudl percibirlo. port nosotros lmpone nuestra greso (en color, relieve, etc.J
1iprt esenela, nuestra firms -di- Un desastre. Mme. Barny, direc-
--Escuhe, amigo advdrei6 ria mjor.- sin afectar in- tora de la cinemoteca de Nue-
Dorrell se trata de una per fortunadamente sla obra que c- va York, afronta las mismas dl -
secucl6nA. E1 auto ha de alatar menta y nos impede perdor to- ficultades que Langlols, de la
"la contn y o dlar aquella s- do contact con quienes ea tn cinemoteca. francesa, cuando
O .MA GRA. espq iona e o tl oa paheram.f. del denosd qulna a ti di rLna m en trance de comprendernos. asp ra a salvar una pelicula
eO eNAB G RAleNe ae RivtO 41. d.e Us 3. teelada f .icade PON.he mU' Uut i a qu so. vuiq ue ydestroce amos se felicity de serle, y no mu- plin ecapa a esa terrible ley
te-e aw m eva ytoa au i lumi a -' do mo.' emo e e ato. en qud stain quedamos fre por ello ms que en esos de la destruccl6n porque pS-
Apmear de siu pesorneamsa mde errer c mleoos o ae-e heres. deplorable Instantes en que el see .su propla empress y no se
3.os auxiliares- japoneses ex- hombre experiment necesldad avendria a ser victim de cler-
plicaron que tenian cuatro au- de contacts y de calbr. Es Los procedimlentos. No menos
to s i uales. 81ase destrozaban nuestro barro el que entonces clerto es que ae exigen sumas
d C ya gt trees todavia quedaba otro. clama. Cuando el alrj a reco- fabulosas por la reimpreal6n de
Sbra su equilibrio, se congratula esas .peliculas y que si a(im se
Afortunadamente todo sa16 de tener buenas bodegas para exhiben algunas de las muy
p e i ebien a la primers tentative. el reposo de su vino. En los vieas se debe -a que en dicla
elcula de espaunque o aon e en el lt ara que malo mementos suefa en una pca no existia la ley de la
pehic-ul "aH deBi-p e chocasen con un jeepn que es orga en que ese vino se des- destrUcci6n. For ello Reni C lair
taba frente a los cuarteles del borda y embriaga a todo el ha pedido que e opte por el
ea ro e a el Jue.ves r general Mac art corMac u. mundo. En esos Instantes, Io dep oito legal.
.e"eque aumenta su soledad les lai Jean Cocteau

Florence Marly .y Robert Pey-
La lhabildad de clerto who- tor, habian dejado como esce- ton, al frente del reparto, so-gOf
for de i -Japona or poeo 1na final, la perecucl6n en AW- cundados por un brillante grupoF
da at e -con el c 'oyecto de to por las calls de -Toklo; Pa- de actors Japoneses, trata de Mile FRANCE
filmal' l a iV ia doe Corea", ei ra aC ltima nocehe' e ut1iZsA-" un complot urdido per un gru- "300Fe.
Tokio. aete film do espionage ron todoe los aequpos -de elec- j po de conuAnistas pare inutil-
en el LeJao Oriente .ee dais- tricidad dis(ponbles ipara zar el stuerzo de guerra deo las1.
tribune la RKO' Radio,- oa IN lumbrar varlas- nukdras de ca- Naclones Unidas en el campo
primers pelicul realizada por le,, icluyendoi losn cuarteles del do e talla de Corea.
una empress extranjera en iue- Oeneral Douglas MacArthur.
lb japonis.' Como minc1tabs el gul6n, Las mAis d.teacadas estrellas At 00tic "
Dorrell y 8tuart, McGowan cuando empezs6 la persecuci6n del cine Japonds solicitaron el S IN
productores-directores, sal' co- de los "vilanoxs", un detective privileigo do tomar part en
mo George Breakiton, produc- debla salir do ian edificlo, sal- "La Espia de Cores", prnimera
pelicula que -una compaffia ex-
tranjera filma totalmente en
suelo japonds, principalmente
en Toklo, la capital.
El melodrama. producc!t n
SBreakaton-McGo*an que dis- SP. OROCCO
tribune la RKO .Radio, y queoFE
projenta una Intriga y espiona-
Je urdidps por un grupo de co- ALGERIA
munistas para anular el es- .
fuerso de guerra de las Nacio-
nee Unidas en Corea, present&
en su reparto, que encabeza .
Florence Marly y Robert Pey- ARY I
ton, a un grupo de notabilial-oi
mos actors Japohses. Katsu-
halko Haida, a quien llaman el
Bing -.Crosby Japon6s, y astro BASES EN ESPARA--Et Inapas nos mainstra Is locallzaci6n de Ian
del cine, hace de "piloto Kami- bases que plenia adquirlr los Estados Unidos en Espafa, en case
kase" (suicida). Tatsuo Salto. que se flnnrme el tratado military entire ambos paisnes. So ha a-
distinguido primer actor, hace nunciado que el acuerdo eha sido aprobado "en principal".
de padre de Haida. un ex-Mi-
nistro del Imperio. OtroS gWran-
des actors son Satoshli Naka-l m ld
mura. Relko Otani. Icimaru, CONSTRUCCIONES
Heihachiro Okawa y Suisel
La pelicula ofrece muchas es-
cenas de la vida nocturnal en R PAO
Toklo, asi como muchos aspee- R ARACIONES
ton de la ciudad.
S Escrna y dirigida por Dorrell PRESUPUESTOS
y Stuart McGowan. su Inter6s
crece hasta el emoclonante eli-
ma final. CO stc ra
.. .. .nstra~ctora

A AtrAMB TOCAN-Es po usiMe sf te l. S miasd
A..rsti" l:........ii ..... :, i 118tO-95 ^ eIe 108 1
sa* eaer maRemta po # la uaeii. de Mose. .

SDOMINGO,i A9o6i. AP 195 D

TEL. 2-0610

S. A.


!-- i' !

W7~~ F W~.,

-. 2iren J/frmando xZbia'

Wong CLveonel 3laad57on

A ventura de las ideas LIBROS
S por Mois& ChonM. P L F.
La double postura fuerzos que parecleran supero- --- --
lilosofica de America res a sus fuerzas". Por eso los IDEARIUM
vemos Siempre imitando, tra- IDEARIUM
He leido con sumo interds el tando de hacer Io que Europa De manos de la companiera
erticulo "Al margen de una po- haee, pero incapaces de sentir Dora Harris, hemos recibido el
nencia de Frondizi". cuyo autor en la intimidad del alma el es- primer numero del vocero cul-
es ml amigo V compafiero uni- uiritu de una cathedral g6tica 0t ural costar icense, "'Idearlum".
versitario, Isaias Garcia. En de una pintura del Relaci- dirgido por eT Licenciado Teo-
reaUlidad de verdad, el tema que miento. Son imitadotes, pero no doto Olarte.
nos present me ha venido pre- creadoreb. Ofrecemos a nuestros lectores
ocupando hondamente desde En cambio, nosotroe, los a- un bosquejo del contenido de
hace algun tiempo. Los mo- mericanos de tradicl6n hisptni- esta primers edil6n de "Idea-
rmentos presents exigen de nos- ca, reconocemos sin reticencas rium" que blen dice un director
otros la bftsqueda de aquellos nuestr nferlorldad con res- en ia nota editorial, "sale a la
elements que han contribuido pecte a Europa. Y b)or qu1 no? luz pufblica con. el determinado
y contribuyen a la formaci6n "El Hispanoamericano. a dife- prop6alto de servir la Informa-
ideol6gica del Nuevo Mundo. El rencia del Nortesmericano, no ci6n cultural que muchos cos-
tema, como se verA, no es cosa oculta su sentimiento de infe- tarricenses, amantes del saber,
nueva, pero ha sido poco cultl- rioridad. Todo lo contrario, to anhelan. Pretende ser un indices
vado en este pals, en donde pre- exhibe, se estA continuamente de los giros que el pensamlento
cisamente se puede comprobar autodenigrando", dice L. Zea. Y filoo6fio, clentifico y aratstico
la distancia enorme que separa esto es lo que en verdad aeon- vaya trazando en el munda.real-
a la Am6rica Sajona de la Am6- tece. Pero nos esforzamos qn mente culto. Nuestros puntoas
rica Indohlspanalusitana. crear algo propio, americano cardinals de referendcia ae con-
La conflguracl6n hist6rica de por su origen, latino y espanol densarAn en los problems de
Iberoamnrica es diametralmen- por su tradlci6n. Las creaciones filosofia, de clencias naturales,
te opuesta a la .de la Am6rica filoa6ficas nuestras tienen un de cienclas soclaled y juridicas,
del Norte. Nosotros los ameri- subido sabor indo-cristiano. Por en la complea problem.tlca
canos latinos llevamos en nues- eso, somos humanistas; por eso ue implca la literatura. la lAs-
tras almas la revolucl6n, como concebimos el mundo -antropo- toria, a pedagogia v el arte".
dice German Arcintegas. Nos- 16gicamente y tratamos slerm- El criterio invariable que prest-
otros hacemos las cosas y luego pre, -en todo moments, de ele- dirA la composici6n y la selec-
cavilamos sobre ellas. El ame- var al hombre a la mas alta cl6n del material, responderA,
ricano del norte no. Educado dignidad del universe. La Ame- tanto en su forma como en su
en otra tradici6n, altamente rica Sajona, pragmatist, utill- contenido, a norma de rigurosa
industrialista y cientificista, pri- tarista, superdesarrollada (que objetividad y de acrisolada de-
mero plensa en el paso que va es cast una anormalidad), no cencia intellectual. Son estas las
a dar. v luego actua. Dos acti- slente en si las palpitacioneS g nicas restricciones que limitan
tudes que se pueden resumir de la vida. D6lares y dinero; la amplitud de nuestro crite-
asi: Iberoamerica es el coraz6n, rascaclelos y bolsas de valores, rio. Con esa advertencia queda
que cae en la exaltaci6n misti- esa es la America Anglosajona. rclarlficado nuestro campo de
ca y religiosa. capaz de llegar a Nada de efervescencias interlo- todo aquello en que lo pasional
los mas sublimes estados de res, nada de embriaguez religio- y lo toscamente personallstas
tension spiritual. La America sa. se mezclan pamra menoscabo y
Anglosajona es "decididamente ruina de todo generoso prop6si-
cerebral; es la cabeza; de alli Los latinoamericanos hemos to".
Eu extremado individualismo y sido unos eternos rebeldes, v
su incapacidad de sentir las por eso queremos transformar Recomendamos los siguientes
pulsaciones ritmicas del univer- el mundo conform un esque- articulos:
so. ma ideal trazado en los cenA- De Camilo Jos6 Cela, "A vuel-
En su ensayo "En torno a una culos subversivos. Nuestra fllo- tas con la novela; del propio
filosofia americana", Leopoldo sofia es, nues, una filosofia del Licenciado Olarte, "En Torno al
Zea sefiala el hecho de que corazon. No cuadra con nuestro Existencialismo"; "Aporte de
mientras por un lado la Ame- Animo el cAlculo frio, sino los Italia a la Pintura Moderna",
rica Hispanica no oculta su afanes misteriosos de la exis- por Jorge E. Guter; "Pincelada
complejo de inferloridad con tencia. La filosofia del norte- Hist6rica costarrlpense", por
respect a la imponente cultural americano, sin ser kantiana, es Rodrigo Corazo Odia.
europea, la America sajona ha- rigoristica y se mueve por los
ce todo lo contrarlo: "El hornm- cauces de la 16gica y del cien- Estos son a nuestro juicio, los
bre de esta America (la sajona) tificismo. Lucha entire la cabeza articulos mAs sobresalientes de
los norteamericanos, parece que y el coraz6n. lucha entire la ra- "Idearium".
no quisieran dejar de ser niios, zon calculadora y el sentimien- FeiUcitamos calurosamente al
Se conforman con sorprender y to, tal es el panorama general Licenclado Olarte pori la acerta-
admir'ar a los mayores con es- de la filosofia Americana. da selecci6n del material que
ha ofrecido en esta edici6n pri-
mera de su "Idearium". -


Hace algunos afios un grupo de partidarios de los "Estudlos So-
"entusiastas pedagogos" se di6 a clales", que de paso no son nin
la Magnaa y no menos notable studios ni tampoco sociales, es-
tarea" de hacerle algunas refor- timaban que valia la pena me-
mas a los planes de studio de terse por este camino, ya que la
las escuelas de segunda ense- "ciencia pedag6gica" es la en-
ha. Entre una de las famosas cargad4 de decir la iltima pala-
reformas figuraba la implanta- bra en las cuestiones que le com-
cl6n de los Ilamados "Estudios peten. Pocos advirtieron el pell-
Sociales", asignaturas que sona- gro que esta media entrafiaba,
ba ea nuestros oidos a cosa nue- pues se daban perfects cuenta--
va y, por lo consiguiente, incit6 y lo siguen sosteniendo-de que
la curiostdad de mis de un des- los ERtudios Sociales no son otra
orientado professor de segunda tosa que una madeja mal hUva-
ensefiansa. nada de concepts de geografia,
La famosa asignatura, califi- historic y civismo. Y el argu-
cadas con el nombre de Estudios mento de los amigos de la nove-
Sociales lIeg6 a ser considered dad eram, el sigulente: que a los
Sales llcg a ser onsderada estudiantes hay que presentarles
coma el "non plus ultra" en cues- esudianes hay que resenaes
tiones de culturala general". Ha-los etmax en s u conjunto total;
tones decultura general qu no era necesarlo dar tanta
bia un sobrado entusiasmo hasta que no a uneesario dar tant ha-
el punto en que se crey6 que di- bia qu ir pr parties, tratanda
cha asigoatura era lo que con-
cha agnatura era lo que con- re de encontrar sus relacol-
venia a nusetros coleglos de se- enconta sus elao-
gunda enseflanza. Pero a costa ne1 pars llegar asi a un "con-
de que? Pues sencillamente, a cepto general" de las cosas y a-
costa de sacrificar el studio que horrando en el estudiante los
se merecen la geografia y la his- esfueraos intelectuales acostum-
toffs en, todos los grado do Is
rgd brados. Por lo visto, la intencl6n
segunda ensefianza Sin embargo,
esta no era ninguna objeci6n a era la de quedarse con las "ideas
tan MaravlUo, hasignatura. Los generals" sin ir al fondo de las

El delito mas grande de los
partidarios de los llamados Estu-
diios Sociales estriba en el hecho
de que han querido borrar e ig-
norar los campos propios e inde-
pendientes de la historic, de -la
geografia y de la civic. Han
querido echar por la borda los
frutps de tantos siglos de esfuer-
zos realizados por ge6grafos e
historiadorea; han querldo des-
truir el venerable edificio de la
Historia que data desde la Anti-
guedad, y lo mismo han ,querido
hacer con la. geografia de no
menos venerable antigiiedad. Y
qu6 es 1o que ha pasado? Que
dichos sefiores, sin sentir ningu-
na emoci6n hacia el cargo que
desempefian, han querido hacer-
se mAs icUi la cAtedra que ejer-
cen. No queriendo estudiar His-
toria ni Geogralia, sintiendose
satisfechos con lo poco que po-
seen culturalmente, se emp6flan
en darle al estudiante una ma-
teria que lo inico que ofrece son
nociones, generalizaciones, con-
ceptos vags e impreclaos. Todo
porque esta es la Altima palabra
en educaci6n. Como si lo ultimo
fuera lo mejort

Los que sl6mpre nos hemos
preocupado por estoe asuntos,
hemos preconisado la necesldad



Vn elemental senttdo de Is en responsabilidad.. Es el caso
justicia y de la decencia pro- de que los profesores sin titulo
fesional obliga a la mente mis no poseen una discipline aea-
cerrada a reconocer el dereche dftica, rigurosamente univer-
que thenen los miembros de la slta44. Bo. de la experiencia
Federaci6n de Profesores Ora- es argument gastado. Y noso-
duados. a reclamar oIflier cuki- tros, .como universitaios, debe-
plimiente de t~lL Oranlca -de mci defender el princlplo se-
Educacidn, en lo q'" respee a g6n el. c -is prelacidcn be tienen los pro- secundarisa deben' ser ocepadas
fesores con titulos y con espe- por personal que hayan dedl-
cializai6n s"obre los que; por pado afsio 4e ,studios "n una
una u otra causa, no los po- material deteMs4.

een ay quiehes, sin encontrar
Durante todo el meas' de ji- ramones suflcIntes paiW1 d4fn-
nlo, fueron apareciendo en .la der laposleion de lo40 10 feo-
prensa -local la -oplntones de resin titula, aurgUmetan que
destacados jurlstas panameflor estoa sefores hIan dedicado los
en el. caso que nos ocupa. Ca- mejores afios de su vida a la
be advertir aqui quo todoe coin- educacl6n. Pero uno o pregim..
cidleron en un punto: que el ta iogmbrado at s q esto
articulo 10, del Decreto Ndme- sefiores no ecbhia papu Por-
ro 2010 es legal, que se con- que nosotros tambf6n podemol
trapone de un modo rotundo al esgr nir el mismo argument.
espiritu de la Ley Orginica de Pero no 1o creemos necesario por
Educaci6n, Como se sabe, la Ley un elemental sentido 6tico de
Orginica concede a los profe- laS cosas. Reconocemos que
sores sin titulos unlversitarios existen profesores que han es-
la posibilidad de ejercer la do- tado trabajando en esa profe-
cencia secundaria por un perio- si6n por 'ias de quince afios.
do NO MAYOR DE DOS ASOS, A esos profesores hay que con-
slempre y cuando hayan pass- siderarlos. ASi lo creemos hon-
do por Un examen previo. Sp, radamente, pero tambien cree-
embargo, el decreto que regisa- mos ellos pueden o han
mental el articulo pertinent podido perfectamente haber he.
cae en un error tremendo, pues cho studios en la Universidad,
pretend que basta con tener ya sea en la noche o en los
una nota no inferior a cuatro cursos de verano, para de es0e
(4) o su correspondiente para modo obtener los titulos correa-
que se le prorrogue la licencia pondiehtes. De modo que no
a un professor determinado. De existe ninguna raz6n para pen-
este modo, la permanencia de sar que se estA haciendo una
un' professor sin titulo universi- gran inJusticia at los profeso-
tario, y lo que es poor, sin es- res con grado reclaman su de-
pecializacl6n, se asegura de un recho "de participar- en el vas-
fodo indefinido, violando de es- to movimiento educativo del
te modo el espiritu y la letra pals. Actualmente los graduan-
de la Ley OrgAnica 47 de ,Bdu- dos del profesorado estin rea-
caci6n que persigue nada me- lizando todos 'los esfuerzos po-
nos que la profesionalizacidn sibles para exigir al 6rgano eje-
progresiva de la educaci6n na- cutivo que proceda, una
cional. nocido el fallo del Tribunal de

VeAmos este punto: la profe-
slonalizacidn de la ensefianza.
A tiempos nuevos, nuevas mo-
dalidades en la ensefanza y en
los usos. A nuevos tiempos,
nuevos elements, puestos a)
dia en mdtodos de ensefiansa y

de eliminar de los planes de es-
tudio la segunda ensefianza los
Studios Sociales, como una me-
dida saludable para nuestra Edw-
cacion Nacional, como una ma-
nera patri6tica de que "los ba-
chilleres salgan de la Eecuela
tan bien preparados como-hace
unos clnco o sei afios. Y en lu-
gar de los Estu4los Sociales us
grapo de upiversitarios ha pen-
sado en la necesdad de dirigirne
al Ministro de Educael6n para
que scan reemplazados por los
estudibs de HISTORIA Y GO-
los grades de la enaefiansa se-
cundaria. Porque at esto sigue
asi, tal como estA hoy, nuestra
educaci6n Ira perdlendo min y
mai sentido cultural y patri6tico
y nos encontraremos eon que a
la vuelta de unos cincoM afio mA
nuestra escuela Secundaria no

podra.preparar estudiant s para
ia Univeraldad.

1 o Contencloso Administrativo
que sumanmente sra favorable
para los profesores con titulo

Los prop6sitos que nos ani-
man son prop6sitos inspirados
on fa justtcia, en la decencia y
en la legaUdad adminlstrativa.
No estamos contra nadie en
particular. Simplemente quere-
mos que se haga justiefa y qIe
no vengan ciertos elements o-
portunistas que se mueven en la
Asoclacl6n de Profesores a acu-
sarnos de enenigos de la edu-
cadc6n o de cuaquier otra co-
as. Ertamos dispuestos a Ilevar
la batalla hacia adelante y a no
permittr que se burlen los altos
y nobles prop6sitos de la Edu-
cacidn Nacional. En esta gran
batalla por la cultural, la Uni-
versidad tiene una alta reApon-
sabilidad, y es la do apoyar en'
todo moment nuestras gestio-
nes y nuestros reclamoe.


tiene los

mejwes programas



I I I I I I P.I Mi I I I !-


.''T -'



M .

Sue-no y ,y"RW dd

3y 1"W el eaud-WW. IijWal wd.NWe. I m.m .-U s15
1 arte $y la acoiin sab doe m6-
.En el folklore nrista existent 9 tomp~anl mudia M &a y
clones o0 vulansa BI3r EieNI hNehios: b gngg m
etao olentodel np.os. pa- madeon s era "* dsoe lo real. I bree
&egiag la peal osbai fMO.M Wg
pr celebrar los ofci e ,
Cetho remendar y la*r1 Ipa, C1* afl d eawt panorama Jug me
etc. Muy tiplcasM; dren- Vd Vi o .dtexns anotar
guess y cantos de car toe, que toa e a t-
mismo que la descrp di ma ai et r oA
veralones popularea. Vipamos n ma' ai como raba y laW t O l at Sraba o de
omparsa: dau. Primero elogia al pue* rca buue y prpce
"La comoparseendean ao.bloss quteen tile t%%a; dodtWtefia surge I
o r .rb. maa ftrl nispero"' y luego termlnfan el latea. Lon Juan dewa ik an
_eaB ron,, utt en Miguel M. Lira: Pero el artita no ttene
La commpars negra menA- ...p digue N. LiN a l de tranrm" el
dLoobe un ad e u n uc lueo e

y as nmeredos amera tanada "Pi n-"e t-me -*e. ee au :u"eap
dpro ~.aard a t ed pone en oe n.

;Or .I e ., d e mpdroto del allna l eCaeTo merpreadente que an no-f
Tamblan la hembr; Rarboa ..asdle .l B -WeA, se t aya initeresa- o pSe r la*

bar con su mresenatel Ato g de "* a lltograhia ae uo jete mflitar. Pe-
los. grades pests, W b6 n a. rio n falt o s da

SDar, condotero d el Sodanis-:*.''! .i pa pr iw mrosay. Ao emtrnen, dQueuan o-
po e. 1.n aat Bn lavgs 8n emr- vda. el ri y In ac n. A

onoese as netgra.Dema., lo, decolor try.- ,tr&e le de ecantab snterr mins
Es retin o de cjeaey maund I a de lejarpa 9de todpos a-, eto y o rna tt parlamento-
es flob de 6bans hme "3ia0e 0 onS. dUle ivc .-up ena t ense Inola.accdn e l-a
l U e. aone ad ade de .t t~l ar ea i, sa elnto en el or
e y e.le.g0 y e v -er ,d. sut .e ue i qtafc '.tet fror. 1 ta.. Ohateta briand rue sold" ado,
yar en s oevena que. ,Jt e' m.ere n explore dor;td u lomtie, mt de
lone elansla dee, e a. b Lando extatenci co e ro noa dejarta n as dMemorlabs
al rpAgi.,negro go gaco e proundo tedo. de Ulratumrav. eloaint-goxupery-
yen coyda aeo del _y pIo s- ali qtue rrate mtnemre a lomeu- pcmaba sobremanera su prontraln
SOray m a o; m pari mrto de- cn d pito. o r a meente qu lean n-
Tnego bine .ae Vemra lan foraOa. mr erte, sel eque leto y tba el vuelo ade Into real y nacia

Senvi~diearsa rwea Saba' oan' le mtaa tumbso- Maj J-i entonces, de su oficio, una obramento
d. fl lexibi no del rey fundb-yla ee.spb eostarrnse, da de acar6 basta ol puto se advierte
do ha lograb I-ad ese aevracones enooque alos mtes diel are y la aove
:el ere0 -al l vera do saChaeaubrianad du soldajoamdoiar.e

Seon su ctria icI, iee de
lo.g ad pots o~ E-. &OW f te a._OQ 'rto n sus largosa proods de

crioe ondoel adro del ds it s suete te-I a m,: ar ulretiro A es n ealno deaMe orba
'reta oofy ConocoisnaZ f .lons dea oado color tra- wUltraltumba". Saint-EbaxupseryM-
Is retoib o dofo y m |audp, tar do.1teiaarlado detodn lu-d pyodto pero a menud tarleamnto

ers e ara del ano alench da ,etl e pte de n. ;droa etoar Au mon al q ne o a&e

rosvezrsosbancuet,' sl o, ,16n- BeI, a^ ,M en i os nte de-l ar te m -
de oa ndebl soeareo, m dtel or onde te e aia ur en lu'la en a nov.
traea rs e. alce :art) Vors:s |do s m h o lt qn 3's. rm e Chateaubrian fu6 son. ado,

y,....Sbx .u....p --e et. cc q. el e le
yenroas bnatcas ,u, paor e. ti en copyo a muert* ton. ,- lodmrad oripmL. tico, ied eo
i nsd Ls do lafittr1*rtdo r P0s prtido; Bsuslargos e orodosft de
tiene e ln aia del bro Ieris, I bland F u ednetencila rcoumbaS@-i retire nos dejaran las "Momorlas
Setpeutinx. hforss ytereo jgaciongs deoprofundo tedlo. De: doUltratum^a". Saint-Exupery
ibra y nauestra. analoa tpsa; toIt is a alogria miranda con ou- de pilotopo. ro a menud levan-

fugotiee queVoVens ao-..a .. e .mu .rte, -..e.quelto ny taba l vuelo d lo re med y bacia
eideadoesaseveraclonesqeun pa its e undel arte y-Lyautey I
o do d sabia muyaadnnoestn bien. defilds. El

16 sabia muy bien.I"

iLe3 ie loj

,ivo en desiertos de huesos salobres
donde el viento gime como un mendigo,
donde la luna padece de sombras,
donde la arena ciega las ventanas.
Racimos de lamentos amarillos
se sumergen en lodas las espaldas.
Horizontes ambiguous sin pulmones
respiran levaduras de demencia.
Inmensos rebanos de moribundor
transcurren como pajaros nocturnos
de caries desangradas por los vicios
con ojos sin pupils y sin forma.
Rituales rumores, lentos, egudos.,
se incrustan e* los llntos congelados.
-Sus ligrimas son brumas sepultadas
en tierras de sonrisas disecadas.-
Labradores de secos imposibles
oscurecen los surcos .in simientes
en que el agua se la been los muertos'
y en que danzan implacables las llamas.

El 'Aviso Oportuno"

Es Barato y Efectiw

De mi s6 decir que me han
interesado siempre las relaciones
del creador con la cosa creada,
y singularmente las relaciones
del que manda con sus subalter-
nos. Obligado por las cxrcunstan-
clas a dirigir una fabrica, Megul
reflexionando en los problems
del jefe. La vida entire obreros me
permiti6 apreciar claramente que
el product del trabajo es fun-
ci6n tanto de la calidad del jefe
como del esfuerzo de los -opera-
riOB. -
Toimeos como ejemplo doS fA-
bricas equipadas con las mlnmas
maquinas, que emplean el mismo
ntumero de'obreros; una blen di-
rigida. la otra no. La primer
dara ganancias, la otra p6rdi4as.
Idea que me parece de tanta im-
portancia como la noci6n mar-
xista de la plusvalia, y sin em-
bargo totalmente subestimada.
Cuando la guerra me sac6 de
la fAbrica, encontr6 el mismo
problema en el ejdrcito. Alli tam-
biWn era impossible asignar un va-
lor a una division, a un cuerpo
de ej6rcito sin tener en cuenta
a los respectivos jefes. Un mill6n
de hombres mal mandados no son
mAs que una muchedumbre ine-
ficaz; pera si de su mando me
encarga un verdadero jefe, esa


tiene los

mejo programs

Sil PAMMA A [inicI


hbay tirano bueno". Esta frase
deberia apareeer, grabada eon
letras de oro y sobre mArmol, en
todas las mesas oficiales. Pero
come hay guerras y hay ej6roi-
toe. yes preciso que las fuerzaa
tengan mn mando, es mejor que
I las eten bajo p mando de je-
fes duefios de si mismos y del

unimlt a bhae forn atie.
Mb toe6 eombstir etan una u ivl-
sin. eacocesa: cambi6 do
ral, ypudo ver c6mo e einmn-
so organiame adoptaba costum-
bres nuevas. y adquiria las vir-
tudes --o defectos- caracteris-
4icos del nuevo jefe. Be compren-
derA que. pb.euionado por esos
probleava,l me sorprendlera. de
que. deapues de la guerra, los ico-
noclag asae pronunclaranx contra
mis hirpes. Naturalmente, yo no
resptaba a "todos" los jefes. Pe-
ro me parecia injusto. absurdo
y pellgroso near a priori el va-
lor det mando. Ello explica el que
cuando Plerrefeu public "Plu-
txreo pminl b" yo le respondlera

Como hacia hincaple en el pa-
pel, en todo instant. del jefe y
de su genil, era natural comple-
-mentar "Los Dialfgos Sobre el
Mandb" con la blografia de uno
-d e es ecultores de la realidad,
Beeribir una blogratla es, desde
luego. una proclamaci6n de fe en
el clividue. Un historador qua
crea ipndado al jefe por las le-
yes feoba6mtc&, rehusarI siem-
Fpe reconocer Ia Inflenela, en la
hitoria, de una voluntad indl-
$vdooL Par:m mi. que tengo al
bhombre par sujeto v creador lq
ntmo 4ue por objeto sometO!d
a ley' I. biorafia es una de las
nrmWs esenciales de la historic.
La vidt. de Disraeli que un solo
hombre; imaginativo y valeroso
pudo transformar, en Inglaterra.
el partido Conservador hasta el
munto de hacer de 61 una colec-
tividad popular. La vida de Lvau-
tey demuestra que un conquist>-
dor. si es moderado, se reoudia
la destruccion, si se empfa en
crear y si sabe respetar a per-
sona-hUmana. puede convertirse
en fundador y pacificador. Lyau-
tey se definia a si propio come
"un animal de acci6n". Ningun
rersonaje le venia mejor a un
bi6grafo que se ha interesado a-
pasionadamente por los resorts
ide la acci6n eficaz.

con "os Dtialogos". Creo, o mejor. esoero que la
Sleetura de los "Dialogos" y de
Defeqdf alli aljefe de genlo y "Lyautey" pueda ser itil en el
sostuve que cler~as virtudes. so- moment present. Uno de los
bre todo el valor. la honestidad males que aquejan al mundo desa
yel doodAio de si mismo. le per- mis6 de dos euerras es un fata-
miten Imponer au voluntad a.un lismo fundado, no ya en la vo-
porvenir todavia incierto. Tests luntad de Ali como el de los ma-
compartida. adems,. por Alain. hometanos. aino en unsa xLen*-
,Ni@ eptaba 61 el mfat6rialismo l6 iniustiticada del determl-
etreo, y profesaba, como Au- nismo clentifico..Los hombres e
gusto Comte ultode10 gran- sienten arrastrados per corrien-
des hombreS. Rh realidad, nl si- tes hiat6rieas tan poderosas aue
quiera buscaba mu h6roea entire tEmen aparecer Ignorantes v ton-,
los militares, y ain escrib Ccon- tom con cualguier intento de re-
tra 6tos un libro severo: "Marams, asistencla. No admiten que un
ou la guerre jug6e". Sus critical pufiado de heroes pueda torcer
aparectan justificadan por tantos el rumbo de la historla. Esos I-
jefes carenes de las virtudes del bros deberian ser leciones de 11-
jefe. Itwonmosco con Alain que bertad. Ellos habrin logrado su
upo de loo grande peligros de objetivo si por su mediaci6n los
A guerra ese) aner absoluto deo lectores Ilegan a pensar no sola-
que inviste a tnto individuos. mnte que "el hombre es un pro-
La mayoria no es digna de 61. yecto" sino que el mundo huma-
no puede ajustarse a los proyec-
y a los mejores los pierde. "No tos del hombre.

TANUES VERSATILES Los tipulantes de este tange
sostleen que con un tanque se peede hacer de teod y pars
probarlio o dedlesa a mecar sus pantalones con el ealer q4a
aidee el tube de escape del mimo.


1 .4 --, I


--- ~--=- f

' i9

El. ~V~

porque brindca m6s@rWi
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mReponajes de to a ole -. Micas Servielo U.P. d o moticl extranjeras Fotografias. Depores. Crucigramas diarfos
N194 4 1. 4 e, ic at as ano.. con articulos de Inter-.
NWf tde. et pais v no IW ALL efta on mance eon articulog e intern.


/ ./U O S. rAeA; "VE-
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.' 1 -

.JARME 440/R,
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FAA/GEL-... A VERPAO?/8?/C- /
NO, RprML, LO. 4A Y CON-,
c7AR&/ FESAR.'



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SUZ50o,/4Ro YUfO, DE-c"/eE uA'
JUA,VQQE Se VA S4 //A" 's-L. y
ZL CA S6 DeL V/65/ Al M/57TE/ON.df



'-I-ie A PAMA AA--r, Dsw!w

Po MIN, i A.OST. I 1
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todR indole C6mica Serveieo I
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jeL3iyryl"lS ~CS).lt~if

.N ., ..

LA MONT''" "A4,A.*"


Per Carls Balasar U3 LA cong. .
Cares ero a SlMsmr, a- -rd twriepo tan qtnbbral
ldea .I messat esitari- Ya el en donId
com, sitae. eultw. r l- pant, e ataves Ilimda. re-
fivew Tnltr e a:tw udMc p eftlt. V tbol en
ai ou~tuta I hbo- '*rbol aItabaMift 3oi ai-
Se sxtrAla Iqule0toie madoe. l ardllar Ui 7
rfoimewve, emibMe s nus- los currdsa abna p"ltadas plu-
t ad* .R mii m u pzns i oens.
i-wr que ic *I e.-. et aiero.
enter Ias m an 4ere. En
taois del ?1uflxI: el d br -b i Ciluelo.
reMdaumeate, emP. Upag PoU Ms pared. jAUMa aromaa
durant JaI eualeM ta~ore fu"trtM 'de, floas s y fru-
em mI iradw whl amh ,- tas veneeMAs ,
a**yo **'._ .*; ,B ita. .. ..
aueoteo.r d .-I hay anj tuto doropa,.

SUMMOh 0 a 6 el ee poool .pared6fn, y eintrej
raS6nmbhlsde lee i6- Isa va -Wa de la profou-
mar teWtles. w s. didad as htaoa doe agua tfrnca.
t*rir 011 "01 7:k -I aNo sequsla Isquebradal
sm a .turad d, W Muy alto. mono. aulladores a-
dPhiMo ad f&ima@ldd& rrojaban r frutM mordida, y por
RANlueg."tdlAMeONTeA"- todoa parties derramaban ef-
t. So.*- lMAN, ta fi o de P ljaros que noI
a0n praloMe. IMe, -'. an.
d el p r o l o o u te r. .. ..

Todavia estaiba oseurw
do salleron.

A. R. -IQud te paree ai almorsa-
. mon? *

,0 uin-

elinm Parijare y Cello Coropa
iben a reoonoeer un Blano baldio
que el primero queria denunclar,
e Invite a au m ingo de alempre
para que lo acompaflara.
--Cojamoe por esta ladera.
Clerto que pudieron haber da-
do la vuelfa por el-camino de
los e ornizuelos, pero resolvieron
atravesar la enormidad de la
montafia pars llegar mAs pronto.
- -iCuldao con una culebra!
Los dos hombres se escurrie-
ron entire una marafta de beju-
cos y raices en un lugar en don-
de era desconocldo el sol.
--Tu machete es Colin?
Chapeando con los cuchillos,
que se quejaban con voces me-
talicas. adelantaron un buen tre-
cho pars entrar luego en un en-
redo mayor, y. tuvieron que a-
rraasrarse nuevamente debajo de
la raigambre.
-Mejor hubilramos agarrao
por la picada.
Caminaron varias horas. y pa-
ra enganar la pereza se dieron
a sllbar en contrapunto un mo-
tivo lugarefto. En acompafta-
miento se oyeron matracas de
pajaro carpintero y flautas de

- Despu6s, ambos hombres se
echaron a modo de bueyes.
Celso Coropa recoi4" en la
palms de ia mano un rayo de
sol y auspirE:
-l ay veces que no me gusta
Is vldal...
Frente a 61, habia como una
torLura de races y bejucoes.
-...Y hay veces que 1i.
Untrue la torture de races y
bejucos habia una ftieor.
Despuda de una breve consul-
ta interior, Cerso Ooropa se atre-
vl6 a decir'
-Hombrd, Belim... He pen-
sao Irme de alWI... Me han ofre-
do trabajo en otro lao... Me
pagan meijor...
SeUm pensa en lo que debla
-81 ea que to pagan major...
-y despues: --CuAndo penaas
-Mafhana mesmo. Pero...
Era mejor confearlo de una
vez. sin rodeo, bajo el recogl-
miento de aquebla gran catqdral.
Luego entraris en expllcaclnes.
Selim comprenderia... Fue. alem-.
pre tan indlferente! Y que bien
poco le Importaban las cosas de
-No me voy solo... Dijo te-
meroso, y luego con firmesa:
--Jovta se va con yo!
hobre el dresifliaderon as6 vo-

-;Ve vos qu6 raro!... lando un quetzal y dej6 un arco-
Tropezaron con dos calaveras iris.
de venado entrelazadas por lox
cuernos. Sellm Parijare y Celso Por fin los hallaron. Uno junto
Coropa tralaron de separarlas. y al otro. No aparecleron ma. quO
sin lograrlo. las dejaron colgan- los eaqueletos y los cuchillo.
do en la horqueta de una celba, Blancos aquellos... Herrumbados
en cuyas ramas se pendulaba un stoa.

'is ~

Texto D.tFc0

. .

R L...

wD eeneura ,aseles. xi
present elements e d42 dJ
astitea mserecedo's (f, Uth
ci6tpartieIar,-rit d4 o0
quo perdoea y unaie -.Ia
brean temAtk a Hflumn
podtica qu 0 o d 4A
formal-, el Jdiado d ftel
Coneurao Mcardo MW-ftde
deolerto el Primer Preiloya
code el do al bro P
FUQAB ALB.. frmad
Jean Pavor. y el terero al 1
SEduard* Ritter Alian. Te
Dias Blaltry. Reque Javier L

PanamA, Julio de 1951.
Sefores 3iiembros de la 0Cc
slOn Organlzadors del COnc
Literarlo "Ricardo Mlr6" (1
A los suscritoa, Miembros
Jurado Callfleador en la See
de Novelqa, se lea encomi
hacer un studio y estableci
equiv lencia de m6rito entree
cuatro novels presentada
certamen de este aflo. Son
"El Guitarrista", por Max
. "Gilberto Martine. por N
rod; "Puente del Munde",
Ryskal; y "A Orillas del X
tlin", sin peud6nimo.
Habierdo deliberado am:
mente sobre la.calidad liter
do es trabajos. el Jurado a
d6 declarar desietto el Pr
Premio", amparado en el Di
ParAgrafo de las Bases que
tablecen tal norma paras el
de que ninguna de las no'
presentadas so haga acreedo
tan sefnaadislma distincl6n.
Hecha Ia seleccl6n de la
bras, quedaron descartadas
de el tnlcio de las conversaci
las ebras tituladas "A Ortilla
Xetetlin" y "Gilberto Marti
cuyo valor artistlco fue cc
derado muy a las zaga del d
otras novelas presentadas.
"El Gultarrista" y "Puente
Mundo" merecleron un culda
examen pues clerta equivale
de meritoo entire ambas dif
taba la armonia do opinion
que St blen es cierto que la
mera logra imponerse por
fuerza imaginative, la segu
se hace notar por su rlq
Despuis de un culdadoso
lijo studio de estas nove a
Jurado resolvi6 concederle e
gUnde Premlo a la novel
Oultarrista", por MAximo.
Tereer Premio a la denomir
"Puente del Mundo", peor Ry
El Jprado considers opor
dejar constancia de las m
aurgidas con respect a las
velas premladas. conalgnand
aasM- diversas sugestiones s
las mismaa.
"MI Guitarrista" nos dej
Impresi6n de una gran obra
nada en lo major de la mai
"1 autor nos conduce con
perlda a lo largo de la pril
part de la novels. En esa
ohents paginas iniclales nos
llamos a Pedro en plena In
cla, (recudrdese al artists
leacente de Jolee) Intanela
ra, sobre las olas glaucas d
mar con pieces raros y mpe
116gicas. Despreocupada In
cia del muchachito intelgei
ulen la loca qimers de
0l5D6n onvierte In aempli
noctasmbulo y bsbOll~mo to(
o galt.rra.'Tras la vga III
ft aI.aderdowqjiUe* best"i
-- m'- -ma~n~i fajhl *' jUiwfl-

f a

F '.g -

rma d taprdo. Ped. o m roN oW r .U4a9r qua jie.h lle el atlsbo deo
s us Aloe mos y rde ms fat w criaftura vigoowam; en ella. la
,,,o t e.Oal e',;iddahubeIora podido
ub^"%^J83.%p :a ~ ult ma nifMco

R WW OOis-

Raisa ue da3. p5* de Ia no"a a
.. ..souiallad 'b n 2i mft- Il t~ eia de Un
drO y yS entsrewtaean e a Wpl en flV IA< st pr l ,oquj-
Ia oe Mllio.y la do o W r "-I' --9.. juego del amoi y
sonales e endqble eeyas.. ,- ,r vvider que la
No logran on veeas eti- tabad6mta p M tra. I ada hace
- tura de obr y .terman e -I mti monstru ie Conuria, quo
*M1-%19y V. n elknicdo oa t or la 'bOmpuoa Is'I

3nd6 desdrunr la buena 6mprea.n que tn brI o m alvad 'o res ta
er 6a n provi c ra la quim l de Peo- nm radod de arsuem ona
ISO do .d maestro. Do., qumcht rrakisr tor.aIftniln a&matri-
del Asofilamyo d o Jurisdo este ret.- on' dlihombre de I
del lat delqeuora la re ap e s -n eim .Ide le ame conaer eu
;enlin turas-edo oIa brLy p taoilneo r. mdon neq a -esu e
ed deatruiar Ia, buna,5Imprsl~n.y rem
em- del guesarrst a qim darle doem- Rn e in a s rnladgne a s infleq o

dp e osamdua d a terat,atl y emprenda viaJe SM xieo can
del que. refn elJuemo .lutes alale- ne m ia tW 8@0 f eharn cone

pl6rosuros deben apareaer in qw- diet ?S o.t' .unre
I lam dro. rmno. ;. nluestU nmb*eteo d ., nuo. logra
rarl A J oente del Mundo. este reo- lhaei't pa0r de dhombre soeria
elor lato deblera liudad dre Pa de S rs rl Uno amiBspo Abco stu
imo; i intense conflicto pslcln r rs. La mias ierounlial es que
Sesn- del gula acon rt prsdarle mproI- escanda rein au muerte. o
PO adspone el portano a la etura pepmOaes IsVa Mxcocon
velas qu,su ran dramauemg o luces r e- Dde eaco. slenaos f era del-
Dllacros ^ ^ 1 P&Ce Jt M dWe sou tra&dis T aneni..ur
raf lFente del Monde" N la no- psiqulitLicb. do donde logran
r vela de presiv udad; peo e Pauto no Pr61o rla os ams lgos. An y at,
S arumentocer acto en a trg-do d obra regrera eee de anam mconNel-
Cs oda centuria rs paeg ona Lander. son y quand o dcolic da foen erm
des- e tantca con u tepasar6oo quprde la ncarrao d su muerte.
ones diprotaonist el a l largo de una ctaone y no h-
velas su gran dramatismo y mu rique- Deade mum comlenSOa (f era del
DMa a za exprealva; pero 01autor non Pr6logo) la tralna em floja y 1a
hace retrocer acto seguldo dos obra entera corece de emocion.
LS 0- centuries atrAa para ponernos El n auto, abugando de 'la forma
dea- tanto de Ion antepasadon de la narrative, acumula accidents.
ones protagonlsta. a lo largo de unma sltuaclones y tietallau que no ha-
s del setenta paginas recargadas de cen otra cosa que recargar el re-
ines datoa y detallea que blen pudle- .lato volvt6ndolo pesado. La no-
oneS- ran haberse omitico. vela se salva per la fluida rique-
Slas En esa mescolanza de perso- ma del lenguaje y la propledad
najes no hay un solo oaricter que conque el autor maneja el idio-
e del se destaqu9 nitidamente con tra- ma.
doeo zos firms y certeros. 861o en Blen podrian suprimirse 1oa

s. ya
s, el
y -el
io. de
a la
mera .
s 0-
s ha-
e un
nte a

kce iw

~,;4qvsuei,. -


.,. ,


Ram6n H. Jurado, Director Del

Dpto. de Cultura y Bibliotecos
Per media de Deorete jegeutive deld re de Agooto ual-
time, fud debIlnade para el alto e eDire.t del Depar-
tamente de Cultura y Bibloteeoma el MmiusterOteG Educaelon,
el esoriter naclonal RamI6 H. JSradoe. llft a .e ha sabido
eonqulstarse an mpllio prestigle, no slO .eq[ I lucha por la
anperaclen del puohfe panameAo, Aino e.,los ternenos de la
Ilteratura patria. El acertado nembramlen.,.dentro de las
aoetaalUJ eiUastaoleiasB. tie-
ne na seatlde que no puede
mens de roeioieUar a qule-
a"e, oeme nowetres, fineamog
las-Ma S.etra.aMbleespera na
Seas Ia MHbnro6n de las classes
ppujl ares piaiso sUa incor-
pmrelb6&a Mlai fventeg de la
eulu w .ConeoMmeomo del cri-
terio llue a en is actualidad
SaIba al Ministoede doe Edu*
'euld6, podem dr fe de la
forMa lateleatual de Ra-
m6 IL Jurado, eireaustan-
eMbs fBleok quo habrin de
taueo en. benefole posi-
r'sla on"ua nunaL
pa rsn nuestra
r". i.a entrega ana entre-
"t"aba el eqipacero Ju-
1er ,qs4MVtl fit do que bags
a.ogykija e miga ha
...A .-.fa Ie. eve p Unf P'.s-
^ *iBBB"Bf



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Mposki egro
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i as matt.. 9 : ner a son t u a ine mena 0 a Su do 1 W ""
4.... P^ t >> l to.- com0 lZa d a el lborz mdo lt e o 1on I bodae d 1l

.... i"rranMd .dl l i l. m rlaeas'. a :l re .a et Ra- .b... la 6t ons hicleroi a
,. ee l e d rlca ona aldea unda eii
.m sp o deel p ao r-droar-os
W W -oleIrkleore elpleIoSn O amW. onw d rime C 0avi

AlKISN aaareatsae east,
,,.t n I. c on s : em el dulmpoetel tbobem

,Bsfes e e 'O en.e -- 1 a di b y o .3r a t ur.- e a j e al o mi e r s. P erv t am b it_ l a u s e ne- ..
SenSA 20.1e2 n do etl rn1ave lloa o pl #el_ ite t

Bn Umiento Lale '1a' i poet. dc bH d y 14 enchabn en el' 8. adade Lemos e p.3"M 71 5Yk
d ~ el no l-aa $ rv h Oegg trlte su I coloqulos rt
....', a-s- ----ddre r alegr adel I r ""bee emln w.a

orrM l am ct6n l--r Im miaramma .S oe. .Ril ler- ba y epra ra lona t elerm ma
SUneier o ie I&...1 ge1 -- 8-iet od, ege.. La felicilad cuBndia
m,,el hd' e .in -- Jnen roatur e o o btrahd, 7 -
.- ,,., roae,. do .ob"-eotoalodel ritm ae g1...
!Ie be U .. r e ---1-+ aauJ ban onIoloui--doie Su senag...
log' po"d.oen boa de d 'a d- ossAW
AU- on., ,&- 01 m m qI canwatcl quo -itamo. :

.. .m de-.rvo.-an ran n.ft er ,.W s. j--o n "o im" dol v,.io.tte.. .

m p. --, ... .j vital do au o rporeldad fi-,Mueb"a ", rtt a n an6filma dUJO sun grnmadeo e ultrwe l -
do 4A9 elq,1. ". _dLtOhio .....el 1 t d bol del dolor, ,O otado p c e.01 -
,. S T mu ,j o o ehO e.,'I do ,,c-l6n, del Infortunlo, e n leojaus
o fd o ... -. -uj. stieras ',,reci6 las notas de'Ia
do frietn .vve en su Seau -

.a .. d7m I dS tras. It .. i.db of ltr o.m.ertO d o e a + e erania,- con sabor de rime do B.-.

a M ~ mW 190 v _6 z ft r e ora I&lat co w- "l e qu- e M r i nt em o;

2.1n midn awL, T.11 n u a ,livfin load i rls.o -oai m oLit-.ra o al airm 1-- k .

nal Ae neo 'entregaron ra aM m
Scomnadeedl6n loa tabam que
oen @ da aeB
S ,.-i1 General Mnmuel Quin'-
"tore ivarrOal. su carrefr mll-
a tar y -lgunos OomentI;, i. acer-
esa do sa campaAs del Imso du-
, rat tla dnoiefeIl. de.
e. do tpor "ono Pab.lor" d
o 2.-Un tporte a a 8 .Stoa. Ps r
- oin m. irtnadG por "Santae &ri(".
, -d-,p iA a lonSo ea m de e-.
o p6bli d Pasmsa eon otg N-
adoe Un0mjol de's Norte A*p4rtca
a Ia lur del Tratad del Qnal
- do 1M. 9-(13) pgina, mnais
6. 15 pignas no- enumeradas In-
teroslidas eatre las 23 y 24. Fir- -
1 mdo0 porOe" "
a 4.--apitulos de Htstorla Dl-
.ep'nnbota en loo albores de a&
& eplbli. Nuestra a tconclla-
s. -eldun co. Colombia. 20 piglna.
- ?Irmade por ,Usapafia".
- ue crite-nlo de este. Jurado ca-
,ilcar pare analisar los trabajos
- priesntadO at .concurso, toner
d: muy on cuenta..pi en e- s'" Ae
c- umplian I'0 condiclones que
eoig !a historla qentiliOa. Mato

'Al bMs, rit"t del eandemb
depkerft el -a nmotral,
lr3,n e, ra a

Sa tambor. em mtsl,
de l ra -puta ertclnagl

* s-aer a J.a llena. s*tairJuuata tambldn o
Ia a hrma b de lg tats- tub eiantar de sabor my
hm e ; hora eortlegos y ltoo. kete oangi la elogia d
ei e r review y ISlIts. W. Qu --o" quoe mojor pareee
i, tm ,1.. A e m.e, q o me lon nea.
rltis tarbtemy ardeates
-a *- A__ ", ._el vi te y la m rem.

Los moradorea de otros .con- mn .
t tontOe establetelron, duM Los libertdIrea, eomo Wash-
coma or de culture, i a coipra ington, Bolvar y an -Martin, hi-
dei hombaso de-o olor. Dlch4a lr- cierlon ped*oa It eaclavltud. Y
ta de negrod' doapertd. A* aivdO tanto el idio mco el m 1egro be
de tod. olar e do 4te0 quo no- iallaron ye en tlerram propilcia-
. oclbabe.n hata l- corleciaoa jto Rugin0 Pedrosa a expre-
peola. 't xodo 'e lge barco _sa asi, 'hablando del negro en
ne ros sm. la prdli. de Am6rica:
o. maes ,bajo lo- gma de ue- ... ..
go, eLlte doe la temepbsttd Ti fuiste lbre .aobre Is Uerm
se ewcarg ruo-iAchae veca. ode A .eo mo Is -bete. ono wlos
ra krr aqueo .onvoyes de- fen r arbole
ouintate quo veni-'dem c em teU ries, come tussoles.
x _s gUEUIU 1.0 A 1IW U5

" onh dee pdo cIake l r
e oiqadefr d4 abated
Oh, ule dle atarg," vieteo
gale6n ardleondi en',re"
iQu de bareoso, de baroos,
itde 6I 0 .4o 6 del nogma!
Quk argo falgr de eoaea
iQu6 ate el dl d negret

I"e carms"&1aj I."S Cle mV
"l easa ancha.
En vArioa paises americano la
ran, negra tud progresando en
at itmerarto. Bus nfclesoe em-
preftdleron au luchC por la sub-
..aslstondla y el progress econ6ml-
co. hasta obtener uni deaahogo
mAs natural en su propia vida.

In &us fiestas Ingenloas,
dans a Isa rumba- trazaron a
espirales,. Ramm Guirao expli
un belle Wa:
Arriba, Marta Anton*es
abaseamsea Dies.
Las serplentes de toe brasos
4ean seltmde la" euentas
de an dollar de jsb6n.
T el jamalcano Claude M.
Kay. se express:
Elle ball% y cant6 gricil y
eon laa flotantes gaoas en tor
Sde sus formal
Me paree16 ona palms
majeostuoa, y flexible
ergulda y adorable despudsd
la torment

b- identras yo bregOe la ai ,
uy before on sur6.por oAs,
lei quen hara?... Il haer?
Tar ve pr su sambo amse
doriente suspJrari;
o tar Te-ai me recuerda..
iLJort... ;iLloIri!
Nm nacimiento de los bijos po-
b16 de amblecones la imagina-
Ia cj6n del hombre de color do a-
'ua qaestas Am6ricas. JMientraa eltoa-
V.& poso laboreba al aol del tr6pkeO,
la compafiera atendia a loea que-
haceres caseros cantando al mIs-
mo tempo:
"Yo sabe lavi, plamehi,
Jae& dulce y coeima,
Cuando lan galla eantA
C. ya Maria t levata.
P tone jas a eafe
y lu6to eoge tiblerM
y 1o maca pa vendi'.




Y cuando el nen6 se emperra-
ba a Ilorar en la cuna. la ma-
dre solictta corria a endulsarlo
con canciones parecidas a esta
quoe eeribi6 Bmillo Ballagas, no-
bilismo defensor de la vid a del
Dormlt ml nengre
ml nen e N t .iaL

Sesa, -USqueaw oe umntere pretatta AIgun rapsodas ha llegado Dientede mersnae
criticano., labod interp retattan orden ni condor- npide a tal perfecci6n en la descripei6n bemba de eaimite!
S- eritc. y trabajo de aintesa blecer ningn odon nl concier- Impiden que se le otorgue el mas de la que todos los versos de su
y exlpolcton. to, 8repite 1i elo pre- alto galard6n que el. Concurso contend .uenan como flautas Cuando tu slia lad.
t.n reviston practicada cotn e- s enstaad im.1 oi. fna pegal 'gfte o.e ltmn do los trbajos y en' lo Interregnos de los he- ba a ser boelader...
toe crterob. favorable, ldeneraL- .n3o.--a Oa por.-- por .a ...ia do i ante mscti-bn-ma ae ove un acom sgulente re ad m lo ba,
Meo de la ci encia historica. que yur. ea. a ,e oeten la; ,-a ...... *1"* re- --.-- ,^ y. .... -- nenlre d amw'

o .*cture scientific. No ti referelo e qu son la grant ortalntS captu de nts1ra l m Jr conocimlento del mis- Calaep6 y beabu educario, el negrito a la es-
-do rmes lgtimidad-do today s rouena y me adier- tno. Pero. mes que de un tra- bambi y ealab6. cuela o a1 colegio. L. G. Daman
b ion, de, sTe ale eta' .raeaos fon sotnndas -tamiento proplamente hstico, Elaneoeorv dice engtloba diclho roceso en )os t-
e dlel ,gdor-or otre par- ...r, virfidembargost e l fel ob-n o .tak aqu do una inro u :- -t lev o
. s o.ntic. N, reniltanint d e -anr h a laie rnl.1 dae l e domnta documental al tema.. N o heay to .

initin l a presee del e tra e t 'ni au c ondtnan.dsudAa i o ue -r-te labor l E "a a ..... de enan es el n de lo.
S l e raelo u m da.. .e.a eond St qa h o o rl eada en a fadng el pan de el r de nlt
.ma.. esuodlo, tratbajo ofraen de o p ntelo ada Po ..tol o ai l, a r r a deesre fine. n. dr riiendehaae

Sfaltoenoa rpor Adtnitio. a stflo .p .1 sgar fi. .0ne d..ecare am an en @ele, nesnds: ,sl no te'sabes Ia leefion de
lacaeetae dl dapea nsablea& a-Po- elto lel r-mera desp iona ero-1repnor meoe hitarad,

m e erenctu a que na perflu~.y, .pta e- cura, ae adlitdlquevel aegundo irn a misa sin
I dreferl s reld6n .con. el na al ,enm. Inode ,n m- preta 1 o;tralpo fm d prP Calabm kambu, ta ttrae de drominge.
t o n oterOi.dqlolof ieno d alea non idadnt ckt.y ae "Cor do eprelna oer oa ..
reeie .. e.d. ..a l. mt i fl6ar de eailnape- trqaboajo que fon ia "Usagana". Ia rde y c.g Loo Juega del mu tadchn de
de pg y la %d.p..e -lt De loaneoresanlembron ds Lo elleunloqulo5 galantes de color los tatsa el uruguayo dlde-
Vu -lo ex e tay ldret y ta Oc Oanldot. uervlda- l nradBnearo. el co- ono Pered Valds, Aio la qd-

s e quon aw p nS- ao u d de flS s ee a ol Ge.sea, 'ed6g0 Mi prom o matrimonial du sur- (Pass a t P as 8I rT ,
-on's(. tMotno iiwkii-A. se 'lo "OMIM!^)Q, AGOoso JPa ..
rJras _.c^i"*';^Se -'-~e f W M. ^/ ..- o o **




A" -

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