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One Way.....|1"N J
Rwnd Trip* SUM
Panama Ammcati
"Ul tfce peope fiio f/i troffe and the country 1$ tafe9* Abraham Lincoln.
Seagrams \M.
Y/we/>fJf// //"/,/ f /
PANAMA, R. P., TUESDAY, MAY-15, 1*51
Massing Reds
From Airmen
TOKYO, May 15 (UP) Spring rains, for which tha
Chinese Communists have waited patiently, have come to
[Korea, bogging down the United Nations army and driv-
ing Allied warplanes from the skits.
The Reds began their expected moves immediately
by massing forces on the north bank of the Pukhan River
on the central front, 40 miles northeast of Seoul.
Allied patrol tabbed repeat-
ledly at the river in effort to
I reach the north bank and find
hat waa going on. Each time
I thev were forced back by heavy
Communist fire.
The United Nation force re-
mained tense but ready behind
the barbed wire barricade and
the minefield protecting their
front line foxholes.
Rain flooded foxholes and (run
I emplacements, slowed down sup-
ply truck and elf propelled
artillery, and rounded the
'round-the-clock aerial asault.
Observers predicted weeks ago
that the Red would trike with
all the force at their command
British Chutlsb
Alerted If Drop
Into Iran Needed
LONDON. May 15, (UP) The
4,500 man lth Independent Par
rachute Brigade has been alert-
ed for a possible air drop in Iran
In cas* British live ft endan-
gered there, according to Inform-
ed ource her.
The source said Britain ha no
Intention of all-out military in-
tervention In Iran.
The paratrooper probably will
be flown to 8ue2. or to a^Britlsh
' base in Iraq.
Meanwhile the British Foreign
Office wa putting the final
touch on a firm note to Iran
urging Immediate negotiations in
the oil dispute, to avert the dan-
ger of a world-wide crala.
A Iran prepared to nationalize
the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company.
Britain waa making a supreme
effort to persuade Iran to open
bilateral talk for a negotiated
settlement. .
Officials said Britain is not
likely to be provoked Into any
precipitate action which might
suit only the Soviet Union.
They said Russia, which bor-
ders on Iran, has been lying low
In the pait few weeks watching
events the "with a most lnter-
|. ected eye." ..
" Meanwhile In Teheran the
committee charged with nation-
alizing Iran' oilfields was con-
ferring in the Majlis (Parlia-
ment) building where Premier
Mohamed Mosaadegeh spends 24
hours dally, for tear of assassin-
A spokesman warned that the
responsibility for disturbing
world peace would rest with the
oil company if it refused to hand
ver Its Institutions.
It's Official:
Wiley To Pjonama
(UP) President Trman to-
day nominated John C.
Wiley, fonaer ambassador to
Colombia and a veteran of 35
years In the U. S. Diplo-
matic Service, as V. 8. Am-
bassador to Panam.
If the nomination is ay-
proved by the Senate, Wiley
will succeed Monnett B.
Davis, who h now ambas-
sador to Israel.
when the spring rains came to
hamper the United Nation ar-
However the Allies poked far
Into North Korea before these
rains came.
Their advance forced the Reds
to itrlke back to protect the
massive supply dump that they
had brought down from Man-
churia during the winter.
The first Red offensive was
stopped within a week, with an
estimated 70,000 Communist ca-
sualties. But It forced the Allies
back Into South Korea, and re-
moved the threat to the supply
25 Sailers Feared
Entombed Aboard
Burned 'Valcour'
NORFOLK. Virginia. May 15
(UP)-rUnited States Navy res-
cue workers began searching the
burned seaplane tender Valcour
today for the 25 sailor unac-
counted fpr after the Valcour's
fiery collision with the collier
Thomas Tracy at the mouth of
Chesapeake Bay.
It Is feared most of the sailors
will be found entombed In four
sealed compartments which will
not be opened till all remaining
ammunition and aircraft gaso-
line ha been removed from the
In addition to the 25 missing
men, nine sailors were found
dead in the engine room, an-
other was burned to death on
deck, and another was found
dead In the water by a rescue
None of the crew of the Tho-
mas Tracy was hurt.
Score of sailors leaped Into
the swirling currents at the en-
trance of Hampton Roads after
the Valcour developed sudden
mechanical trouble and swerved
Into the path of the Thomas
The Navy said the accident
was "unavoidable."
Azcarraqas Make
Habit Of Playing
Before Generals
The Azcarraga family of Pan-
am seem to make a habit of
playing music to welcome five-
star generals, according to the
"Cavalier," a Lebanon (Tenn.)
Frank Azcarraga, a military
cadet at the academy there, was
a member of the band that wel-
comed General Douglas Mac-
Arthur on hi visit to Murfrees-
boro, Tenn., the home town of
Mrs. MacArthur.
The cadet's father, the paper
noted, directed hi own band for
the welcoming ceremonies when
General Dwlght D. EUenhower
visited Panam after World War
Toung Frank is the son of Luis
Azcarraga. well known Panama-
nian planista and organist who
has been featured over Radio
Lula also appear regularly at
El Rancho.
Arnulfo Tried
Call To Truman
In Last Hours
15._(UP)-* The White
House said today that
Former President Ar-
nulfo Arias of Panama
attempted to talk by te-
lephone with President
Truman before being re-
moved from office by
the National Assembly
last week.
His call was not put
through to Mr. Truman.
The White House ex-
plained that the Presi-
dent does not accept te-
lephone calls from the
heads of other states un-
less arrangements have
been made in advance
through the State De-
Assembly To Set
Dale For Trial
Of Arnulfo Mas
The National Asaejnbly. called
back in special session this
afternoon, is expected to set the
date for trial of Farmer Presi-
dent Dr. Arnulfo Aria on the
charge h abued hi* constitu-
tional Dowers.
The Assembly has.already Im-
peached Arias for last week'*
decree which revoked the 1948
Constitution and precipitated
the bloodv violence culminating
in his overthrow and giving Pa-
nama Its flth president since
the laat elections.
A majority vote 1 needed for
the Assembly to set the date for
the trial but this is almost a
foregone conclusion.
The penalty, if Arias is con-
victed at the trial, will be in-
terdiction for life from holding
public office.
260 US Citizen
Navy Workers Get
Hourly Raise
Pay raises, ranging from two
cents to seven cents per hour,
have been authorized for some
260 United 8tates citizen em-
ployes of the Navy In the
ungrated skilled labor group,
Headquarters 15th Naval Dis-
trict announced today.
' These wage adjustments,
which will become effective
Monday. May 21. are in accord-
ance with the schedules of con-
tinental United State Naval
The raises average about five
cents an hour, or 40 cents a day.
Defense Week Events
3:30 5:M p. m. Navy
and Air Force Exhibit. Bal-
boa Prado. Canal Zone and
Panama public invited.
7:3 p. m.Talk on "Ato-
mic Energy" by Major E. G.
Halllgan, Ancon Theater.
M'Arthur Plan Will Cost
US Allies, Warns Bradley
w i
Land Chosen For New Summit
Townsite Borders Golf Club
Selection of a tract of land
along the east aide of Galllard"
Hlghway and roughly midway
between the roads to Paraso
and Madden Dam for the de-
velopment of a new U.S.-rate
townsite on the Pacific side was
announced today at the Gov-
ernor's office at Balboa Height.
The area, about 300 acres large,
is In hilly or rolling terrain im-
mediately south of the 8ummlt
Hills Golf and Country club golf
courae. The boundary of the new
townaite on the north ide leaves
ample room for the expansion of
the present nine-hole golf course
into an 18-hole course.
In addition to the area which
is to be developed first, two
tracts of about 100 acres on
either side will permit future ex-
pansion of the townsite.
Since a town of about 720 fam-
ilies is planned, It Is expected
that at least one of these will be
required. Of the two, the one
lying east of the original town-
site Is considered the more de-
sirable. This area croase a sad-
dle on the contlnentaldlvide. The
area designated for poslble fut-
ure development wait of the
main townsite 1 on the opposite
side of Galllard Highway and
much of the land flat and low,
which would require considerable
expense in fill and special drain-
The area selected for the new
UB.-rate town Is one of two
which were considered. The
other, designated as Area "A," is
bounded on the eaat by Madden
Road and on the south by the
Panama Railroad, a part of
which 1 land occupied by the
Canal Zone Experiment Gar-
The major factors in deciding
the alte of the new town were
those of accessibility and the
nature of the terrain, although
preliminary estimates Indicated
that the Initial townsite develop-
ment costs would be somewhat
lower for the area selected. The
factors considered In final re-
commendations of the site se-
lected Included the following:
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C-47 Flies Plasma,
Ether, DDT to Aid
In Salvador Relief
Carrying thousands of pounds
of relief supplies for earthquake
stricken El Salvador, a C-47 from
the Caribbean Air Command took
off from Albrook at 9:26 a.m. to-
The plane was due In Salvador
at 1:26 and will return here late
today after discharging It sup-
Four planes carried relief sup-
plies to Salvador last Thursday
and two more went up the fol-
lowing day, with additional sup-
plies and equipment.
On today's plane were 2,500
pounds of DDT, 400 flasks of
ether. 100 flasks of blood plasma
and other medical and hospital
supplies. Also aboard the plane
were six portable spray units.
The medical supplies were fur-
15th Naval Dis-
WASHINGTON, May 15 (UP) Gtneral Omar N.
Bradley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, declared
today that some military measures proposed by General
Douglas MacArthur might mean "broadening the war^and
at the same time losing most, if not all, of our allies."
He said he and the Joint Chiefs believe such a risk
should not be taken.
Bradley made his statement in opening his testimony
before the Senate Cpmmittee investigating Mac Arthur's
Vaddy Flies Cub Non-Stop
Coast-to-Coasf In 23 Hours
Deceptive Red Planes, Unhidden Allies,
Threaten Aerial Pearl Harbor In Korea
15 (UP). It could Happen
here A sort of Pearl Harbor.
The Communist air armada
seeping south on. wing of de-
ception could find countless
rich targets with relatively lit-
tle fear of detection until the
damage ha been done.
It would be a calculated risk.
Slow moving attack forces would
risk the wrath of the lightning
fast Allied jet on their return
The big Question la when. If
ever, the Red will decide that
the likely result would Justify
the risk.
. Allied trooBa In Korea have

grown careless of their air
flank. The abandonment of all
pretense toward camouflage has
left that flank exposed. Despite
the mounting threat of Red
planes entering the war in
strength, possibly .In conjunc-
tion with the renewal of spring
offensive, no serious attempt
has being made to camouflage
Allied Dosltions.
The surprising number of
Russian-type planes which form
the backbone of the Chinese Air
Army are strikingly similar to
the planes used by the Allies In
this theater.
Flying at moderate altitudes
these planes would not attract
undue attention from the
transport of Allied air force
dot the ky. There are C-47.
C-41. C-54 all craft avail-
able for years to any customer
on the commercial market.
A CommunUt pilot flying a
C-47 with United State Air
Force marking could It in the
air for hours over Allied posi-
tions, observing troop move-
ment, command post locations
and antiaircraft defenses.
Or he could take photographs
aulckly and study them at his
leisure at his Red base.
The Russian Mlg-15 and the
United States Sabres are so
alike In appearance that it takes
a trained eye to see the differ-
NEW YORK, May 15 (UP) Max
Conrad, flying father of nine
children, set two unofficial rec-
ord for a light plane today by
landing hi Piper Placer at La
Guardia Field 23 hour and four
minutes after taking off from Lo
Angeles, Calif., on a non-stop
flight. .
"I really didn't expect to make
It" aid Conrad, who ran into
some bad flying weather In beat-
ing a 13-year-old official speed
record by seven hours and 43
Conrad took off from Los An-
geles at 3:35 pjn., EDT yesterday
and arrived over La Guardia at
2:39 p.m. today. The veteran
flyer, whose wife ia expecting
their 10th child In September,
said he flew muqh of the time in
his stocking feet.
For food during the two-day
grind, Conrad munched on
graham crackers. Occasionally he
glanced at a Mickey Mouse toy
which his children gave him and
which he regards -as a lucky
"I almost had to land at Akron,
O," Conrad said. "I had to use
some extra power because I had
run into some bad storm and
weather last night."
He said wind buffeted his
blue and cream colored plane off
course, with the result that he
flew a total of about 2,761 miles
Instead of the 2,461-mile course
he laid out between Los Angeles
and New York. The plane he flew
was the same one he piloted
across the Atlantic Ocean to
Rome last year.
The official non-stop distance
record for planes of hi type 1
2,155.94 miles.
The old distance record was
set by John F. Mann who flew
from Van Nuys, Calif, to Jack-
sonville, Fie,., in a Meyers mono-
plane on Jan. 13-14, 1950.
I feel fine." the greying pilot
said though the strain from the
long ordeal was apparent in his
face. "I've Just been wondering
where all my gas came from for
the last eight hours."
Conrad started out with 185
izer. U rea languishing gto.of gas which overloaded
feature. From a distance even a i "",_".- arrived at Iji Guar-
pilot would have trouble telling! Pounds He ?",ved,"ig.f?JL
whether a Jefa wing was In the | dl with about.30
middle of the fuselage or beiow, ""ft^ Ztle trouble S (fa-
nished by
trlct, the
units by the
llfornla," Conrad aid. "I couldn't
Russia has put out a cooy of. -
the old United States Havoc fet over i.ooO ffWjoMjheJttat
medium bomber. Flvlng south at
night the "A" formation of these
planes could be mistaken for the
returning flight of United States
B-26s which make regular night
runs over the North of Korea.
The Yak propeller driven
fighter ha casual resemblance
to one of the Roval Navyjplanes
In Korea, the Sea Fury.
The Russians, and possibly
their Allies, have a faithful copy
60 miles... the air was warm and
humid and the plane couldn't get
a heavy 'bite' to climb higher...
"I ran into lot of dust storms
and was sometimes Just scraping
over the ridges and In some cases
Just made It."
The Mlg tall aaembly. with of the United State Superior-j 11:33 a.m.
Balboa Tid
Wednesday. May 1*. ItSI
Conrad estimated he averaged
about 100 miles per hour ground
sped and encountered varying
headwinds and tallwlnds of 25 to
30 miles an hour.
About 30 miles west of Kansas
City, he said, he began to climb
slowly until he reached an alti-
tude of 12,000 feet to take ad-
vantage of a tail wind.
"I was afraid I might run out
of gas and I had to baby the en.
glne and use very little power,"
he said.
The 47-year-old pilot said he
had only six hours sleep in the
past two days but wasn't sleepy
when he arrived. He said he
would not go to sleep until to-
night, first taking some calls-
tenlcs in his hotel room to "pep
me up."
During the Interview, reporters
suggested that he sit down. Con-
rad smiled. "I think I'll Just
stand a while, If you don't mind,"
he said.
Day and night unarmed the elevator high on the tabll- tres.
American Legion
Gels Sailfish Club
Building Rent Free
American Legion Post No. 1
last night voted to take over the
building now occupied by the
Pacific Sailfish Club.
The Sailfish Club ha been
closed since March 0 but the or-
ganization's lease runs until
Post commander C. N. Little
sand that the Legion is taking
over the building on a rent free,
maintenance basis with the Pa-
nama Canal stipulating that the
building be put in condition
within a year. A Panama Canal
estimate on the cost of repair
Is $5.000.
The present Legion building
on Balboa Road Is In such poor
condition that it will probably
be demolished .
The Pacific Sailfish Club has
been in financial difficultly for
ome time. During the first
seven months of last year losses
totalled $4,574. In September
members, however, voted against
a $25 per member assessment
and Increase to $5 of the $1
monthly dues.
The following month members
voted to keep the club open on
a limited basis until Jan. 1. At
the October meeting it was re-
ported that the club's debts were
such that the liability of each
member would be between $40
and $50.
Additional attractions were
added but members failed to
turn out and in March the club
was shut down. Since that time
some of the furniture and the
Low club eaulpment has been sold.
5:17 a.m. proceeds from the sale being ap-
5:51 p.m. piled toward the Indebtedness.
Bradley went on: "At the
same time we recognize the mil-
itary advantages that might
accrue to the United Nations
position In Korea, and to the
United States position In the
Far East, by these measures.
"While a field commander
very properly estimates his needs
from the viewpoint of opera-
tions in his own theater or
sphere of action, those respon-
sible for higher direction must
necessarily base their actions on
the broader aspect, aetual or
prospective, of several theaters.
"The Joint Chiefs of Staff, in
view of their global responsibil-
ities and their perspective with
regard to the worldwide atrate-
glc situation, are in a better po-
sition than is any theater com-
mander to assess the risk of
general war."
Bradley said the United State
and Russia represent two cen-
ters of power supporting oppos-
ing ideologies, and that from a
global point of view It 1 of
prime importance for the Un-
ited State to prevent Commun-
ism from gaming the manpow-
er resource and induatrlal cap-
acity essential to world domina-
He explained that if Russia
ever controls the entire Eur-
asian land mass then Soviet
satellite imperialism may have
the broad base on which to
build military power to rule
the world.
In Berlin, Greece and now in
Korea, Bradley said, the United
States ha met the challenge of
Kremlin Inspired imperialism
and thwarted direct action,
though in each case at the cost
of money, resources and lives.
"In each of the actions in
which we have participated to
oppose this gangster conduct we
have risked World War III.
"But each time we have used
methods short of total war. .
"As costly as Berlin, Greece
and Korea may have been they
are less expensive than the vast
destruction which would be In-
flicted upon all sides if total
war were to be precipitated."
This Is the key point upon
which Secretary of Defense
George C. Marshall rested the
Administration casethe likeli-
hood of a global war with Rus-
sia If the United Stabs adopted
MacArthur' policies for pushing
the Korean war home to Com-
munist China.
Bradley Is reportedly armed
with more document to sub-
mit to the committee to show"
MacArthur did not lack Instruc-
tions and explanations of Unit-
ed States military and foreign
policy In the Far Eaat.
Marshall Says Ike
Opposes Expansion
Of War In Korea
Defense Secretary George C,
Marshall indicated yesterday
that Gen. Dwlght D. Elsenhow-
er opposes expansion of the Ko-
rean war on ground, it might
deprive him of the men and
arms he needs to build up a de-
fense force in Western Europe.
Marshall told Senators Inves-
tigating the dismissal of Gen.
Douglaa MacArthur that Eisen-
hower 1 "familiar" with the Ut
S. policy of locallalng the Ko-
rean war and ha given no lndl*
cation that he considers it "un-
While he did not say dlrectlyi
that Elsenhower disagrees with-
MacArthur's proposals for ex-
panding the war by bombing at-
tack and a blockade of Red-
China, Marshall said the Eu-
ropean commander has voiced
"concern" lest the United States
make Far East commitments'
which would deprive him of the
four American divisions promis-
ed to Europe.
Marshall added that "we fear"
carrying out MacArthur's pro-
posals would "seriously affect"
the planned buildup of Eisen-
hower's force.
In his seventh day of testi-
mony before the Senate Investi-
gating Committee, Marshall also
asserted that MacArthur's "at-
titude" made it necessary for
the high command In Washing-
ton to handle him with gloved
hands up to the day he was dis-
But he insisted that the ouatX
ed Far East commander wa# x.
kept fully Informed of the Ad- \
ministrations alms and "policy-
decisions" in the Korean war,
including the fear that Russia
might enter the conflict if the
United State bombed Manchu-
13-Year-Old Takes Stand In
Balboas White Slave Case
A 13 year old Panamanian encounter was in a local rat
girl, nervously twisting her commissary when, she said, Le-
handkerchlef and squirming In non told her he had another
the witness chair, thla morning soldier who "wanted to speak"
took the stand In Balboa Magls- to her. Nothing came of this.
trate's Court as chief govern-
ment witness in the first "white
slave" charge to be brought
here in some time.
Defendant In the action la Al-
fred C. Lenon. 30. Panamanian
employe of the Pacific Locks.
He was represented by attorney
Woodrow de Castro.
The case was one of two sex
charges brought up during the
morning session of the Balboa
court. The other was a charge
of lewd and lascivious conduct
with a girl. 5. brought against
Oscar Allen Wolcott. 21, Pana-
manian. Hearing on the Wolcott
charge which was originallv
attempt-d rape waa continu-
ed until Thursdav to permit the
boy'a family to obtain defense
In the Lenon case testimony
was introduced to show that Le-
non had put the 13-vear-old
Into the front seat of a car in
which a serviceman was sitting.
The car wa then on Mlraflores
Road In Pedro Miguel. The girl
admitted that she had relations
with the serviceman and. under
auestionlng. admitted reluctant-
ly that Lenon had told her ahe
would be beaten If she told any-
one of the Incident.
She said she had seen Lenon
onlv once since the night of the
offense on March 5. The later
she said.
Not presented as a witness
was tfie girl's 15-year-old aunt
who. police said, was also in the
car last March 5 with another
Lenon was ordered, held to
trial In the District Court under
bail of $250.
In the second case, that a-
galnst Wolcott. the defendant
was arrested yesterday morning;
after he had been seen behind
building 940 in La Boca with the
child. One La Boca resident saw
him. called two other women as
witnesses and summoned the
police. The defendant, who had
been frightened away, returned
to get a bag of mangoes whict
he had left on the ground an^
was followed by a nephew
one of the women until polio*
arrived and captured him.
Wolcott's father, who came to
his sons aid In the courtroom,
told Judge Ralph Chlttlck that
the defendant Is "not right in
his head." Like Lenon. Wolcott
Is held under $250 ball.
Informed sources told The
Panama American that
Lenon had received money
from the two servicemen.
The monev was tarued over
to the girl's aunt, who even-
tually gave her five cents.

page rwo
Cargo and Freight-Ships and Planes-Arrivals and Departures
Shipping & AirLine News
Great While Fleet
New Orleans Service
8.8. Chlriqui ...................................May 88
8.8. Levers Bind ...............................June 4
S.8. Chlriqui ...................................Jnne 11
(Ra.tdltna. Rrtrlitrralrd Chilled and* Central Canal
New Vork Freight Service___________________Cristbal
S.S. Cape Ann ..................................May 10
S.S. Cape Avinof...............................May 28
S.S. Cape Cod .................................June S
S.S. Cape Cumberland .........................June 9
Krelghi Salllne Weekly from Havana lo CiMeae
Weakly Sailing lo New fork, La* Annie*. Man r'randMo. ScalUe
Orrailnnal Sailing in New Orlraaa anal Mobile.
(Tilt Steamer In lhl acrvlre are llmllrd lo (waive SSaamgart)
rreaiMol rrelgkl Sailing (rom CrtMobal lo. til CMai Central America

Cristbal to New Orleans via Saj|f
Puerto Barrios, (iuatemala______________Cristbal
S.S. Chlriqui ....................................May 15
S.S. Chlriqui......(Passenger .Service Only)......May 89
8.S. Chlriqui ...................................Jane 12
The Pacific Steam Navigation Company
Royal Mail Lines Ltd.
M.V. "SANTANDER""... (omits Buenaventura).. May 18th
SB. "FLAMENCO"...............................May 23rd
M.V. -REINA DEL PACIFICO"............ ........May 28th
M.V. "SALAVERRY'* .............................May 22nd
a.8. "KENUTA"...............................Early June
M.V. "DURANDO" ................................May 18th
S.S. "DUTVENDYK" ..............................May 26th
......May 25th
Dtlng passengers lnjirst, Okbin and Third Class.
accommodallalravallable for hassengers.
Sailings Subject lo Chance Without (Vettce.
PACIFIC STEAM NAV. CO.. Cristbal Tel. 1654 I65S
FORD COMPANY INC.. Panam Tel S-1257/1258; Balboa IMS
1 Depicted
14 Blackbird of
cuckoo family
I Relied ripe.
4 Beet
1 Exists
83 Wlte
7 Symbol for
' erbium
hotnr (Bib.)
38 English jueen
47 Group of
h fetched pieces
88 Open
BJ Cubic meter
88 rile-u tu
1 Have on
2 rtabaa river
4 Bone
5 Recant
tremens (ab.)
7 Right (ab.)
8 Passageway
between rows
of seat
10 Tidings
12 Rot flax by
11 Pewter coin
16 Musical note
19 Demur*
21 Bustle
24 Lectura
Antwor to Previous Puzzle
cllBiJ'--idVlSM r i.Mi)
' III J\-)i'.-: !UI .Ml-.
ill-JHI 1
a. 11'
an iu_i LS_
U J, ]| BbaasssissBa _;jl JLJ .j
PUSI'-M-JI (..III:-: ilj StLJ
wi lia-"". :-iui-:\i v :H
I li 'C-i'-iil liS
25 Greek mount
27 Kite part
28 Location
32 Freebooters
34 Soothing
35 Before
42 Near
43 Tear
44 Social insects
48 High card
48 Head covering
3S Floor covering 52 Measure of
38 Snakes are*
40 Tidy 64 Symbol for
41 Individual tellurium
vil (nntifita*
ess* uacot ia unbeatable.
to mm* oa. onmia?n. r*Lcin
- ST^FV,-
To Los Angeles
Branlff Airways will begin its
through service from Panama to
Los Angeles next Sunday, airlines
officials announced yesterday.
Passengers leaving Tocumen a-
bout 3 a.m.. will be in Los Ange-
les at 8:35 p.m.
The only plane change will be
In Houston. The DC-6s used on
the through run will follow Bra-
nlff's route to San Antonio, fly
from there to El Paso over the
Continental Airlines' route and
from El Paso to Los Angeles over
American Airlines' route.
On the westbound flight the
Los Angeles plane will leave
Houston at 3:15 p.m.. arriving In
Los Angeles at 8:35 p.m. East-
bound the llight leaves Lo* An-
geels at 11:05 p.m., arrives In
Houston at 8:05 a.m.
Several more penguins, these
destined for Europe, are aboard
the ships due Thursday.
Headquarters for tMe Olympic
Whaling Company are in Paris.
Its head is Aristteles Onassis, 50,
Greek and also owner of the Cen-
tral American Shipping Com-
pany /
Pernle and Co. are handling the
whalers locally.
Whalers .
The mother Ship Olympic Chal-
lenger and a fleet of 11 whale
hunting boats is due In Balboa
Thursday en route to Europe
from the Antarctic.
One of the smaller craft, the
Olympic Fighter, Is coming In
without a rudder, but a spare is
aboard the mother ship. The
Fighter will be taken through the
Canal and drydocked at Cristobal
to have the spare rudder Install-
The fleet consists of the mo-
ther ship, two supply ships, two
tankers and 12 hunting boats.
According to Panagra airlines 80
harpoons were rushed to Chile
from Germany via Panagra to
enable the fleet to continue its
successful hunt for whaleoil. In
addition to the harpoons, spare
parts for the expedition's helicop-
ter were Included in the 11-ton
air shipment.
After six months In the An-
tarctic, the 650-man expedition is
reported to have obtained about
21.000 tons of refined whale oil,
valued at more than 89 million.
The expedition is headed for
the Arctic ocean where the ships
will spend the summer In more
Arriving here last week was a
forerunner of the fleet, the Olym-
pic Leader. She had aboard a
penguin which was taken off the
ship In Balboa, sprayed with Ice-
water on the Balboa docks to
keep it cool and shipped out by
plane that night for New York.
The Danish fisher. Olympla,
was southbound through the Ca-
nal last week, en route from Esb-
jerg. via the Azores to Auckland.
She Is stopping at Tahiti en route.
The 70-foot. 44 ton craft car-
ried a crew of 11. She Is skippered
by Capt. H. S. Nyborg.
The waters around Denmark
fished out fo rthe time being.
Olympla will try her luck around
New Zealand.
To Salvador
KLM, Royal Dutch Airlines, last
week inaugurated the airline's
new weekly service from Curacao
to San Salvador, via Panama.
Stops on the new route are: Cu-
racao. Barranquilla. Panama. San
Jose, Managua and San Salvador.
Extension Into the two Central
American republics of Nicaragua
and Salvador extends the airline
network to cover 54 countries
over th* world.
Written for NEA Service
Here We Go
8* 1 HAML0.
High Hood Prossurt
If Hlh Blood fntnri make*
roa dlny. hare palna aroeua*
heart, headaches, ahort breath, ta-
digestlon. palpitation, and ewoUaa
anklee, you can gat almoit inatanl
relief from these danfferoua ayrnp-
tomg With HYSOX. Aak your
cbtmlet for HVNOX today an* tajal
reara younger ia a (aw daye
? A10984
? xet
4.1090 ,K5
? J10874 4>AQ2
848 8788
? 89
at*8h West North East
1*. Pan i Pass
2* Pass 8* Pass
4* Pass Fsss Pass
Opening l**d-4> J
Enjoy th* comfort
am*, thoughtful lervic*
which h* v m*l PA A
"first ch*l" of
vtr*n lr*v*krs
th* world over.
Mexico City
Control Amorlco
PaA provides the on-
ly daily service and
until Sept. 30th, an
excursion/are to
Mexico City of $207,
good for 60 days.
Miami s Kings ton
Now Or loans
Thrifty tourist serv-
Ice... with five
weekly flights to
Miami alone.
The fastest flight
12-1/2 hours...
DC-6 service all
the way.
* Only PA A attars
i* much
It* r*ir Tr***! Jsjtat ar -
* istias
Pm American
Htmto AitnrAYS
Fbais L StrMl r4*. I, T.1.1-0*70
Colon: SUM SWs T*l. 10*7
There are certain situations
that every good player should
memorize. A few times a year
they are bound to confront you.
and If you're ready for them you
save many hundreds of points.
Keep your eyes on the West
cards In the hand shown today.
One of those Important situations
will soon develop.
West opened the Jack of dia-
monds, and the-defenders easily
rattled off two tricks In that suit.
South ruffed the third diamond,
led a club to dummy's jack and
returned a low spade. East played
the five of spades. South finessed
the queen, and West made the
correct play without any hesita-
Figure it out for yourself. What
haopens if West plays the six of
spades? South looks the spades
over very carefully and sees that
his only hope Is to catch the king
of spades alone at this point, if
East still has K-10 or K-. a
trump trick must surely be lost.
Actually West properly played
the nine of spades. This gave
South something to think about.
Apparently West had started
with the 10-9 of spades, and now
he had the blank ten left.
Acting on this reasonable as-
sumption. South led a club to
dummy's king and returned the
jack of spades. He hoped that
this would continue the finesse
through East and at the same
time pick up West's ben.
East covered the Jack of spades
with his king and South won
with ace. but now West's ten was
established. Since the defenders
were bound to win a heart trick
sooner or later, th* contract was
Now, all you memorlsers. study
the West hand. When you hold
three to the ten In th* trump
suit, make sur* to play the mid-
dle card on anv first-round fin-
esse, it may not always work, but
It costs nothing to try.
In Jasmine Lan*
$AANJv>^,TveiLocToa'rHB. 1
2000 modern rooms
spotless comfort
7th AVC. |irUl VfaaMf
al Itu. So a* | *st at, SaWJS>

TUESDAY. MAT 15. 1951
Despite War Talk Tourist Prospects
Look Good, But Nobody Plans Far Ahead
NEA Staff Correspondent
NEW YORK, May 15 (NBA)
Americans seem to be packing up
their troubles In their old kit bag
and going traveling. AH signs.
say steamship and airline of-
ficials and travel agents, point
to a pretty good summer, despite
war Jitters. But there are a
couple of buts In the picture.
It should be a good summer,
but people aren't making long-
range plans as much as they usu-
ally do. They seem to be waiting
until two or three weeks before
they want to get moving.
It should be a good summer,
but there is a let's-not-get-too-
far from home movement
underway. Maybe it's war Jitters
and maybe it's inflation, but
bookings are better for domestic,
South American and West Indies
travel than for European.
With those two buts firmly in
mind, here's how the leading
steamship lines, airlines and tra-
vel agencies feel about summer
prospects: _
Cunard White-Star Lines: They
anticipate a year that will be Just
as big as last year, which was
terrific, due mostly to Holy Year.
People seem to be booking a bit
later than usual, thougn. All
tourist and cabin classes already
boked 'as usual," and the "bit
of first class space now avail-
able" will, they say, he gone
soon. >
Holland American Lines:
They're "not suffering" because
of war Jitters. In fact, all tourist
and cabin class accommodations
are booked through October. Flrsf
class, though. Is a little slower
than last year. Even In pre-war
years, they were never booked
this heavily this earlybut they
don't have as many ships now as
they had then.
French Lines: Business com-
pares "very favorably" with last
year. Even out-of-season book-
ings (early Spring and late
Winter) were "extraordinarily
United States Lines: People
are booking later, particularly
those traveling first class. Last
year, Holy Year, people expected
a "mad scramble for space," so
they booked summer passage in
April. Thia year, they're booking
closer to sailing date, but there's
not much difference in the num-
ber of people who actually sail.
They expect "carryings" will be
"very satisfactory."
Air France: They're having
"one of our best years." Business
seas even good in the dead of
winter. They're booked solid for
some time.
British Overseas Airways Corp.
(BOAC): Bookings are up about
10 pe.t cent over last year, which
was a redbrd veftr. But this year
they have 14 flights a week,
compared to only nine a week
last year. Nevertheless, they're
very happy about the whole
Pan American: They were
afraid, around last Christmas,
that the war scare would hurt
this summer's business. It hasn't.
Bokings are up about 15 per
cent over last year. They have a
feeling a lot of travelers were
"scared by Holy ear last year"
and thought they'd have trouble
getting reservations. These peo-
ple aren't scared this year;
they're going.
Trans-World Airlines: They've
noticed a hesitancy about book-
ing in advance. The trend this
year Is to wait and book shortly
before departure. But they don't
think that trend is the result of
. a war psychology "it's Just be-
cause world travel has become
commonplace." They look for a
summer that,will be a "banner
travel year."
Thomas Cook and Son, Inc.:
They think the front-pages are
having an effect, although "the
Ktuation can change overnight."
Ight now, though, they don't
think this year will compare with
the big Holy Year ol 1850. It will
be a good summer, but not as
good. People aren't making the
long-range plans; "they Just
come in a few weeks before ihey
want to sail '
American Express Co.: They're
noticed more travel domestically,
to South America and to the West
Indies than ever before. For ex-
ample, the Baffin-Lake Louise
accommodations could be over-
sold four times this summer.
They think "school teachers and
peopls without family connec-
tions" will go to Europe as much
as before, but people arent tak-
ing their families to Europe. They
also look for a short season,
pointing out that homeward-
bound bookings are already high
for September.
As if to convince people that
European travel is a very safe
thing this year, the American
Society of Travel Agents is hold-
ing its annual convention in Pa-
ris in the Fall. .
While You Sleep
If you auffar harp, slabbing pair, If
TMnts ara swollen. It shows your blood
iay b# poisoned through faulty kidney
action. Otbr yn-.ptorc of Kidnty DIs-
ordara ara. Burnlnr. Itchlnr Faaaasaa.
"on. Cloudy Urln. (Tattlnf U
Kilts, Backaohaa. Lumbago. I.aar
Pains. Narvonsnss. Dlszinaaa, Had-
rnej, Cuids. Puffy Ankles. Clrclea on-
slar Byes. Lack of Knerjy. Appetite,
to. Cystsx flchta theea tronles by
alvina; tha Kldneya la 3 ways: 1. Help*
lean out poisonous acida. I. Combata
germs In the urinary system. S. Soothes
and calma Irritated tissue (let Cystsx
tram any drugilst. See how qulekly it
YANKS IN FRANCE are confronted with eye-catching displays put up by Parisian travel
agencies This one is equipped with a midget guide. This summer should find plenty of tour-
ists in Europe. ?'____________________________________________ _
Industry Persuaded
To Relax Opposition
To Price Controls
HOT SPRINGS, Va.. May 15
(DP) Defense Moblllzer Char-
les E. Wilson said here he thinks
Government officials have per-
suaded a large bloc of the na-
tion's leading business men to
support President Truman's re-
quest for stronger wage-price
-They don't like It, but I think
they will go along." he said at
the plose of a three-day mobili-
zation conference here between
high Government economic of-
ficials and representatives or
hearly all branches of industry.
Agreeing with him were Secre-
tary of Commerce Charles Saw-
yer, Economic Stabilizer Eric
Johnston and Price Stabilizer
Michael V. DlSalle. They met
with the business leaders, who
are members of the Commerce
Department's Business Advisory
Council, to give them a complete
report on the mobilization pro-
In two plain-spoken speeches,
Johnston and DlSalle warned
that inflation will hurt industry
as much as any other segment of
the economy/ if the powerful
lobbies now at work in Washing-
ton are permitted to kill controls.
Wilson said that at the very
worst, production of new cars,
refrigerators, washing machines,
vacuum cleaners and similar
consumer durables will be cut
only another 10 per cent or so.
That would leave the output of
those lines at about 70 per cent
of 1950 levels, when American
factories were breaking produc-
tion records.
Volcano Photos
On View Tonicjht
At Balboa T
The Balboa YMCA is announc-
ing a special feature for all fans
of color photography at 7:30 to-
night in the "Y" Auditorium. Ar-
turo Manzanos of Mexico City,
gene-al program director of the
Mexico City YMCA, will show
kodochrome slides of scenes
which he has taken in Mexico.
TheLe Include views of the vol-
canoes Popocatepetl and Paricu-
tln. the latter a close up in erup-
Also to be-shown will be num-
erous slides of the sea resort.
A c a p u 1 c o, the IxtacclhuatI
(81eeplng Beauty> and the an-
cient pyramids of Teohtlhuacan.
The showing tonight is open to
residents of Panam and the
Canal Zone and the military.
Th-ve Is no admission charge.
Vet On Ledge Stages
50 Min Skyscraper
Death Leap Threat
MIAMI, Fla.. May 15 (UP).
A Marine Corps veteran was
snatched off a 19th floor ledge
of the Dade County "skyscraper"
courthouse last night after
threatening for nearly 50 min-
utes to Jump.
Chief Sheriff's deputy Claude
High identified the man as Frank
Syno. about 28 of New York.
The courthouse Is Miami's tal-
lest building and is located a few
blocks from a theater currently
showing a motion picture about'
a young man who threatened to i
Jump from a New York hotel.
High said Syno told him he
decided to commit suicide "be-
cause life isn't worth while."
A fireman and a deputy grab-
bed Syno as he leaned in a win-
dow to talk with them.
Syno teetered on a narrow ledge'
outside the window, alternately
waving and shaking a finger at
the crowd gathered inside the
Several hundred persons
watched him hanging from the
window ledge from the streets
below and from nearby buildings.
Notice of Annual Meeting
of Stockholders
Notice Is hereby given that
the Annual Meeting of the
Common Stockholders of Re-
frescos. S. A., a corporation of
the Republic of Panam, will
be held on the 1st day of
June. 1951 at 10 o'clock In
the forenoon at the office of
the Corporation, Avenida Cen-
tral No. 33. Panam City. R.
de P.. for the purpose of con-
sidering and acting upon such
business as may properly be
brought before the meeting.
Women Swell Totals
Of Defense Workers
Women, taking advantage of
the growing defense program, are
beginning to make their presence
known in the manpower field.
The latest manpower survey by
the bureau of employment se-
curity shows an increasing de-
pendence on women in defense
and. non-defense ldustries.
Many employers are turning to
the women worker to meet short-
ages of male labor in new or ex-
panded defense plants and In
seasonal occupations.
Since January, such cities as
Hartford, Conn., Waco, Tex., and
Wheeling, W. V., report an in-
creasing use of women in fac-
tories, on farms and in offices.
In San Diego, Cal., women now
make up bne-tiourth of the ranks
of aircraft workers.
Other cities cited a need for
women this summer and fall
when production expands still
further. The Davenport, Ia.,-Mo-
line-Rock Island, 111., area re-
ported women were the "chief
source of local supply for sum-
mer jobs." In Springfield, 111.,
"housewives" were expected to be
added to the labor force.
CORNWALL. Mr. and Mrs. Ro-
bert, of Silver City, daughter. May
10. Colon Hospital.
SMITH. Mr. and Mrs. Melton
B.. of Gatun. son, May 11, Colon
OIBLIN. Mr. and Mrs. H.F., of
Balboa, son. May 11. Gorgas Hos-
HOPE. Mr. and Mrs. L.A.. of
Rio Abajo, daughter. May 12,
Goruas Hospital.
SACKMAN, Lt. and Mrs. H. A.,
of Fort Clayton, daughter. May
12. Gorgas Hospital.
PHILLIP8. Mr. and Mrs. H.C..
of Gamboa son. May 13, Gorgas
Columbus, O., Charlotte, N. C,
and Dallas, Tex., reported at
least half of the unemployed in
their areas were women avail-
able for future Jobs.
The Bureau's survey of 151 la-
bor market areas also showed a
growing housing shortage, pre-
venting many areas from recruit-
ing the necessary workers.
Housing "critical" In Solano,
Cal., "housing shortage deters
immigration" in Mollne. 111.,
housing "tight" in Columbus, O.,
were typical of the reports from
nearly a dozen cities.
The survey showed that
throughout many of the major
defense areas, skilled workers
were at a premium. Engineers,
metal workers, machinists and
alrcraftworkers were beingI
sought more and more In areas
outside the Job location.
All four officials appeared con-
fident the meeting liad dissipat-
ed any threat of a coalition be-
tween and the farm bloc to kill
or water down food price con-
Johnston ruled out suggestions
that overtime payments to work-
ing men and women be withheld
until the emergency is over.
"If you're going to have defer-
red wage payments, you'll have
to have deferred dividends, too,"
he said.
4 Tfvoli Avanue
FAIRMAN. Chancey P., 85. of
Colon. May 10. Colon Hospital..
CLARAMUNT. Jose, of Ancon.
May 12, Gorgas Hospital.
RAMIREZ. Fernando. Jr.. 29
days, of Panama May 13. Gor-
gas Hospital.
JONES. Julian. 65. of Panama.
May 13. Gorgas Hospital.
You like it ... it likes
you The drink of all
drinks at a popular pries.
5-Sise Plastic Covert. Box.. .10
l-Slse Plastic Covers. Box 1.2*
Vegetable Bags with Zipper 1.11
Glass Vinegar Jars......... .95
Mustard Jars ...
Set of 8 Plates
Fish Form ...
and Tray,
Stainless Kitchen Forks
Chromium Cocktail Mixers
Glass Punch Bowl (14-Piece
Set) ............ .......22.50
8-Piece Glass Convoy Set.. 8.50
Straw Bags................ 1.85
"Happy Chef' Kitchen Note
Pads.................... 1.20
Dish Brushes...............30
3-Fingered Venetian Blind
Brushes ................. 1.50
20-Piece Colored Lunch Sets 7.50
Brass Sprinklers........... 1.95
Second Floor 5a. Avenida
H"a > m
ro4 u aaji las Ufa
Offers you the new SUPER 88

Place your order now for immediate MAY OR JUNE DELIVERY
Ave. Justo Arosemena and 30th Street
Phone 3-0759
fhi/ippme JHhm RhvHhk
CO***KMs** DARIEN BT* I IT T11. 2-2II

ag rom
TUESDAY, MAT 1*. 1*51
Yanks Dp A.L. Lead To Two-And-One-Half Games
'Jubilee Stakes'Definitely
Off; Count Turf Suffers Cold
BALTIMORE, Maryland, May
15 (UPi.Kentucky Derby win-
ner "Count Turf" has a cold, so
they've called off all plan for
the Jubilee Stakes.
That was the race which Plm-
llco Track officials hoped would
help crown a three-year-old
champion. The reason... none of
the first four Derby finisher are
entered in this Saturday's run-
ning of the Preakness, at the
Baltimore racing plant.
The Pimlico sponsors wanted
to race the first four Derby fin-
ishers, and the first four in the
Preakness, Only Count Turf's
owner Jack Amlel agreed to
run his colt in the Jubilee. Now,
with the son of "Count Fleet"
sick. PJmllco officials have called
It off.
Count Turf has been confined
to his barn with a fever for the
last week. Trainer Sol Rutchick
doesn't think the Count will be
out for more than a few more
days. Then, he'll resume train-
ing for three-year-old stakes
coming up at Belniont Park, New
Tork, which opened yesterday.
The big one at this Belmont
meetlha is the Belmont Stakes,
June 16th. The Stakes $100,-
000 added is the third Jewel
111 racing's Triple Crown.
Cristobal High Hoopsterg
Win 2 Over Junior College
A nice little fellow cashed in his chip shots the other day.
Leo Diegel. Cancer got him at *>2. Volatile, garrulous, fretful,
hie temperament was not tuiled to top-flight golf, at least it
didn't teem to be. yet he wa> a championship player.
Dlegel was never able mj manage the big one, our national
Open, but he was good enough to take the national POA. a
toughie. twice hand-running and ne played the Canadian Open
as If he owned it, returning with the trophy four times.
If vou ever saw him on the putting greens you'll never for-
get him on account of the wav he stroked the ball, one elbow
pointing north, the other south, a most exaggerated stance that
made him look as If he had a bellyache. It was his own inven-
tion, his wav of reducing away and controlling the hips. None
of the other top pros went for It.
T The little Dutchman hao the shorts when he died. They had
been playing benefits for him and taking up collections. Among
the contributors in our tow.i were fellows who didn't know him,
. never saw play and, in fact, cared little for the sport lUelf.
A fact not oleasant to contemplate. There surely ought to be a
better way.
By and large sports does a pretty fair lob In looking after
..its own but the system .can't be perfect when it becomes neces-
sary to solicit aid from strangers. Of course, there are some fel-
' tows who wear vou out trvlng to help them. Dlegel wasn't that
kind. He was a good worker right ud to the time the country's
No. 1 killer DUt the finger on him.

Tin- Is a Shameful Thing
You'd think after all these years, most of them gaudily pro-
"fltable. the various sports would have built homes and hospitals
for their own. From time to time, you are shocked to read that
a famed sports figure of the past is found dead, penniless and
In squalor
Buddy Ensor. the brilliant jockey. "We did all we could for
him." Marshall Cassidy. who seems to speak for racing around
here, told ine. No matter how much thev did it clearly wasn't
nough and the misery and the shame which marked the Jock-
ey's end must continue to naunt his associates.
V'The oaseball players nave a benevolent association with a
Tlt* performance record, bu-. funds are limited and there is no
lopg-range program which visualises a home or hospital, and
wnen a desperation case comes along the victim must depend
On public charity, an indignity that scarcely adds to the good
will or the good name of what are pleased to call our national
The Hack Wilson case, for example The records still de-
strfbe him as the greatest home-run hitter the old league has
produced. When he quit he had ho pension to fall back on. as
.es the Drsent-day player. Maybe he would have squandered
y,,. anyway, but the sordid story of his physical decay and the
iitglect of his fellow men did not make stimulating reading.
" Such things should not be in a business where the MacPhalls,
HAnnegans apd Veecks sett out for vast profits in quick time,
8 DlMaaglos and Wllllamses draw down $100.000 salsrv checks cios" on Frl<1*y nlRht. And even
ajad high echool kids are bald bonuses ranging from $25,000 to ai that their only chance is to
1100.000. There is much work ahead for the new commissioner. I throw the league into a tie by
KTiome and a hospital for the old and the sick should have top winning both of the season
J.C. .
Won Lost
.. 4 1
. t 2
.. 1 4
life and pulled the game out of
the fire 31-21. Ramon was top
man for J. C. with 8 points and
little brother Robert Baiter was
high for Cristobal with I.
National League
J.C. ..
Won Lost
.. 1 3
.. 1 4
Sullivan .... 8
Manning .... 8
Allgaler .... 4
Blackburn .... 1
Zimmerman ... 0
Wachtei .... 0
ft pr pt
0 3 2
% 4
* 8
21 13 16 54
The turf's leading money win-
ner so far this year "Moon-
rush'' has been entered for the
$25 .COO Golden State Breeders'
Handicap at Hollywood Park this
Saturday, it's the first start at
the Inglewood, California, track
for the five-year-old speedster.
Moonrush. winner of $193.250
this year, will be ridden by Willie
Shoemaker. Two thoroughbreds
ejected to give Moonrush com-
petition are "Gold Note" and
"Special Touch."
Tonight's game. Balboa High
vs. Junior College at Balboa.
Cristobal High School took two |
wins over Junior College. 54-38 I
in the Varsity game and 29-21 in !
the Junior Varsity. ^.^ j^, ^^
Junior College did not seem to! _. FG FT PF Pts.
pack the power they did two T/0"1 3 12
weeks ago When they upset Cris- *}c n* '"i ? 4
tobal In an over time tilt. In this J*ullen .... 2 8 0 9
game the Tigers started in front *J H?ur' 9 7
and from then on kept adding 55A, "ur- c- e 0
points to this lead. The first ^"""P* > 3
quarter ended 11-7 Cristobal but' 2S '...... I 1
that was as close as Junior Col- {!/!?, k.....S
lege could make It as the half we,cfl.....0 0 1 0
ended 27-19. In the third quarter!
the Tigers scored 13 points to Tot' M 13 38
f. C.'s 7, to gain a commanding i
Brooklyn .
Boston .
Chicago ,
Pittsburgh .
St. Louis .
New York .
Cinrlnnati .
Lopat Beats Indians For
Eleventh Straight Time
By United FrtM
NEW YORK, May 15 The Yanks* took a two-and-
one-half gams lead in the American League when Ed
Lopat, supported by a 12 hit barrage, pitched a six-hit
11-4 win over the Indians in a night gama at the Yankee
Stadium last night before the season's tap crowd of
66,265 fans.
Boston at Cincinnati (N.)
Brooklyn at Chicago.
New Vork at Pittsburgh i v >
Philadelphia at St. Louis (N.)
No fames scheduled.
American League
It was Lopat's eleventh straight
win over them. Lopat now has
beaten the Indiana 30 times as
against only six defeats in his
American League career. The last
time the Indians beat Lopat was
June 17, 1949. .
The Yankees Iced the game In
the sixth when they batted out
starter Lou Brissle on three runs,
all brought home on Jerry cole*
man's bases loaded double. Thev
got four more off Mike Garcia
in the seventh.
Bulldogs, J. C.
Clash Tonight
At Balboa Gym
Balboa High School Will put
everything It has Into tonight s
interscholastlc game With Col-
lege at Balboa Gymnasium be-
Sinning at 7:30 o'clock. The Bull-
ogs have to win tonight to stay
in the fighting for the league
priority on the agenda.

Cristobal is top team with four
wins to one lost game and to-
nights battle is against the
Green Wave that is a lost cause
with only one game to its credit.
This means that the Bulldogs
can make it a three to two game
i ?Punt wltn a wln tonight and
Othi-rs much more .uccessful leave a heritage much less "ten K on to tie the league
When Dirwl Maile It Close
Dlegel'i end was not lacking in a certain dignity. There were
friends Who did not forget him. He was not totally In want.
Nd he died knowlnK he hud made the good fight and played
- game well There Isn't much more we can ask of you down
e. otr -
I saw Dlegel In what must have been his first national Open.
That was In 1920, the year Ted Ray. the huskv Britisher, won .
wi'h 295. There was a four-wav tie for second at 298 and Diegel
Was one of the four. A 77 over the final 18 beat him, just as
R was to beat Jock Hutchtnson. Ray. unsteady himself, three
Over par. -backed into the championship.
Thev said Chick Evans beat Dlegel that day. Coming down
he stretch. Evans, who haa won the Open as an amateur four
years before, took over Dlegel's bag and called his shots for him.
They said this upset the voungster. broke down his concentra-
tion and caused him to miss shots he might no: have missed
"Maying on his own.
Qhances are what beat Dlyel was pressure, the sudden realiza-
tion he had a good chance to win. the mounting Importance of
the shot at hand. That haopens all the lime. It happened to
mwchinson that afternoon and he was even then an old-timer.
sTtrr that was destined to be as close as the little fellow with the
a-range putting stance ever eot. Too bad he ouldn't have made
17 point lead. The reserves came
in during the fourth ouarter to CRISTOBAL JUNIOR VARSITY
starve off a college rally. r- FG FT PF Pts.
Wally Trout playing his usual' Ber 0 2 0
steady brand of basketball was! 5ry.*nt.....i a
top scorer for Junior College. 2,er' I.....* 2 4 6
Anderson. Sullivan and Allgaler SalteJ- R.....* 3 3 9
led the Tigers, | R'nehart .... 0 2 1 2
In the Junior Varsity contest! McLaughlin ... 3 2 1 6
It looked like the Tiger Cubs were i ponatantlne ... 0 0 0 0
slated for their first loss as they HatB1.....2 0 0 4
played very sloppy ball and the
Junior College Juniors led all the
way. The Tigers finally came to
Little League
1. Pet.
2 .750
3 :s 4 .625
8 .375
ft .375
.10 9 15 29
College proved to be an easy
target for Cristobal last Friday,
but the sting of that defeat may
have put enough new fight into
the Green Wave to count to-
' On the Gold Coast the betting
Is on College because they want
to see Balboa win the pennant
for them and thereby get the
decision out of the way by Friday
Nothing would please them bet-
ter than to play Friday's game
for the fun rather than the ne-
Don't letSun and Vfaer
Wnedc Hair and &alp!
Son, water aits' wind gang up on you-mass
lloir dry, unruly...tealp parched, flaky. But
not when you make a daily habit of the fa-
moa VlUlis "80-Sesond Workout."
Slim Fat Away
If fat ruin* /our Sxar* or maku
r*u her ol breath and andanaara
rour tMKh. you will find It ey
to Iom half pound dar with in.
toRMODR. No drastic duiln( r
i*roi. Abiolatolv safo. Auk your
hcmiat for POftMOOB and atan
Mirnmltig- toMarra*
FEIL the difference
in your scalp
O Mcondt' brifk nin with
timc'.ating- Vitalia and roa FEW.
, i.Tfdne* in your Scsla-are-
#!!. rrfi-, font t-nbar-
inf, flaky dandruff.
A rrtmM ;l awtM-Marr.
Sll the difference
in your hair!
Then 10 teconda to comb and you
fcZk: the different:* in yoar hair
rat haa.Homer, healthier-leokinf,
neatly (reomed. tiet a battlo
of \ italis today.
nd the
for criam tonic fans ghler-bodled VITALIS HAIR
rCREAM. Gives your half that CLEAN-OROOMUD LOOK.
Fire Depart.....4
Saint Marys ... 8
Police Depart. 8
The Little Ltagus swings into
the final week of play. Mathe-
matically, the race could wind up j
as a three way tie. The big game
for will be the Curundu Council-
men against the Fire Department.
Smokies. Curundu should win
this but it will not be an easy
tussle if Eddie Kirchmeir pitches
for the Smokies. Bobby Best of
the Councilman will be trying to |
preserve the one game lead his
team has.
The Hlllrrian "Automen" meet
the Coppers, and will be out to
make it six in a row. After losing
the i list three games, the Auto-
men started clicking and now
the yare the strongest team in
the league. The Automen will be
out to down the Coppers and thus
stay in the race, so that they
can beat Curundu on Thursday
when these two teams meet.
The first half champs the
Sears Catalog Kids assured of
a position in the playoffs, will
meet the Saint Marys "Saints."
The Saints will be gunning for
the Catalog Kids who nosed
them out in the first half. Lem
Klrkland who has three one hit
Sines this season will toss for
e saints, and Ronnie Mead will
do the hurling for Sears.
In view of the possibility of a
three way tie, and In order to
make room for the play off of the
tie, games scheduled for Satur-
day have been advanced to
Thursday. In the event of a three
way tie. curundu drew a bye, and ,
Sears and Hlllman would play on
Friday, with the winner playing
Curundu on Saturday for the
second half bunting.
In the event Sears do not win
the second half, a three game
series will start next Tuesday at
Balboa Stadium with following
Sames on Wednesday and Thurs-
av. between the winner of the
first half, i Sears) nd the Win-
ner of the second half still unde-
The player agent, Jack Wat-
son, who has been keeping \he
records of the league has released
the batting averages of the first
half. Pedro Salas of Hlllman ltd
the parade, while Tifnmy Hots
was the home run king.
Trembley ... 2
Ramon ... l
Totals .... 8
Teams w
New Tork .... 17
Washington 18
Cleveland .... 12
Philadelphia 7
St. Louis .... 8
i i
Detroit at Washington (N.)
St. Louis at Philadelphia (N.)
Chicago at Boston.
No other game scheduled.
Don Bollweg, hard-hit-
ting third string first bait-
man of the St. Louis Car-
dinals and former star
with Cristobal in th Ca-
nal Zone League, today
was traded to the New
York Yankees for Billy
Johnson, it was announced
by radio.
The report said both
Bollweg and Johnson, vet-
eran third baseman, were
waived out of their respec-
tive leagues.
The Yanks got an un-
anounced amount of cash
in addition to Bollweg.
The Red Sox edged the Sen-
ators g-7 in eleven innings at
Kaston The Red Sex received
topflight relief pitching from
Harry Taylor who blanked the
Senators for four-and-two--
thlrds innings before Gil Coaa
dropped a pop fly by Matt
Balis for a two-base error that
sent home the winning run In
the eleventh.
The senators had taken a 8-0
lead in the third off lefty Bill
Wight who was knocked out for
the fifth straight time.
The Red Sox cashed In on the
wildness of starter Julio Moteno,
getting three runs In the third
on four walks and a single and
two more In the seventh on two
walks, an error ahd Billy Good-
man's safe bunt. ,
They tied It Up at 7-7 in the
eighth with doubles by Baits
and Dom DlMagglo the key blows,
then won it on Taylor's tight re-
lief pitching.
These were the only Major
League games played.
FT PF Pts.
1 4 3
1 1 5
0 4 4
1 4 1
2 0 2
4 3 6
0 3 0
1 18 21
000 300 228 018 8
006 010 1100 007 11
Wight, Scarborough, Evans,
Taylor (1-3) and Batta.
Moreno, Harris (2-2) and Gue-
(Might Game)
New York 11, Cleveland 4.
No other games scheduled.
Rookie GU MacDougald got
Lopat off right with a two-run
pop-fly inside-the-park homer
in the first inning which right
fielder Sam Chapman played
like a sandlotter.
Hank Bauer slammed another
two-run home run In the fourth
and thereafter the issue never
was in doubt. Lopat was touch-
ed for two homers by George
Stlrnwelsfl and Jim Hegan and
both he and Coach Jim Turner
admitted he got a little careless.
Dividend Notice
Notice Is hereby given of
the payment of Dividend #1
on the Preferred Shares of
Refrescos, 8. A.
Holders of bearer shares
may change coupon #1 at the
National City Bank, Panam
City Branch.

of Freedom!
Salas 'Hi .
Hama .
Tschudy iCi .
Hotz iSei .
Wtnklosky iSei
Bateman (Hi .
Brulin (Set .
Kirchmeir <8ai
Loveladv 'Sai .
Best ici .
O. Durfee (Sei
35 '
FUR 8ALC IN tu,.,
Distribu or i
OIRAN Tel. 1-2228
Roy Watson (Set 28
Htyden iC> 31
Johe.s iCi 28
Phillips (Co> 32
Curdts iSei 21
Htad iSe> 21
Lesiey Hi .22
Crowder >Sa> 20
Trimble iSa> .23
J?esl of Payers had lower than
JOO average. \
Initial indicates team: M
Hlllman: SSmOkles; CCurun-
d-j| e~ Sear5; CoCoppers; Sa
From 1 to 5:30 p.m.
On Automobile Row
Phone 2*1033


pacific ^ociitif

Vfln JCHMtk %wLJ
L 96, &tU JJ*U O.t. 2*1336
Ttt# Geverner ef The Panama Canal and Mrs. Francis K.
eweemer gave cocktail ballet laniay evening at the Gev-
er.eVs Ait an Ralaaa Heights far the /' ja Carps
f KMInaen U"lta Statae Arsay, presently stttleaed an be
Isthmat and their laalet and far ha visiting afflcari af tka
leter-American Oeeaetle Servey.
Colombian Officers
Honored at Dinner
Major General Ray I. Portar,
Commanding General United
States Army Caribbean, and Mrs.
erter, gave a dinner at II Pa-
8am last night In honor of
aptaln Camilo Torrea and Cap-
Uln Alejandro Roto, member; of
the United Nation infantry Bat-
talion of Colombia, who are vl-
altors here. Cocktails era aerVed
at the Commanding General's
Quarters. Port Amador, before
the dinner.
Cocktail Party
ComellmenU Visitar
The lieutenant Governor of
The Panama canal and Mra.
Herbert D. Vogel entertained at
cocktalU recently at their quart-
er* on ialboa Heights, compli-
menting Miss Olga Gldd of New
York City who Is sailing Friday
for New York after a visit of two
Weeks with Captain and Mrs.
Harry 0. Newhall at rort Kobbe.
Farewell Parta* far
Mr. and Mrs. Lockridie
Mr. and Mrs. C. Roland Jones
entertained at the Sunday even-
ing supper-dance at El Panama
Hotel for Mr. and Mrs. George
C. Lockridge and their daughter,
Mis Beth Lockridge. who are
sailing Friday on the 8.8. "Cris-
tobar for New York. The Lock-
ridges will motor to thel.r cot-
tage on White Earth Lake Irt
Minnesota, where they will spend
the summer.
With the honor guests Mr. and
Mrs. Jones entertained her moth,
er, Mrs. McLain, their daughter,
Miss Barbara Jones, Ralph Huls
and Donald Francey.
Last evening Mr. and Mrs.
George Carter Orr gave a family
dinner for the Lockridges before
their departue.
Cocktail Party '
At quarry Heights
Captain Thomas K. Wright, U.
B. N. and Mrs. Wright gave a
cocktail party Friday evening at
their quarters on Quarry Heights.
Mr. Orr Arrives
From Detroit
Thomas Orr arrived by air-
plane Thursday evening for a
visit of two weeks with his pa-
rents, Mr. and Mrs. George Car'
ter Orr, in Balboa. Mr. nrr '1
Accountant Bxecutive for Merrill,
Lynch, Pierce, Fenner, ana
Beane, Investment Brokers, in
Bailing Friday
On S.I. "Cristobal"
Miss Nina Wade Norman,
daughter of Mrs. Nicholas Nor-
man of Alexandria. Louisiana,
and Bella Vista, is sailing Friday
on the 8.8. "Cristobal" to spend
a month's leave in the United
States. She will visit her sister
in New Orleans and relatives and
friends in Alexandria and
Shreveport, and plans to return
hare June 11.
Mr, and Mrs. Ralph Curies and
their daughter, Margaret, of Bal-
boa will sail on the same ship
and will spend the summer In
Virginia and North Carolina, re-
turning to the Isthmus late in
Mr. and Mra. Shutt
Give Breakfaat Party
Mr. and Mrs. William Shutt.
entertained 30 guests at a Sun- i
day morning breakfast at their
home In Ancon honoring Mr. and!
Mrs. George C. Lockridge before
their departure Friday on a va-
cation trip, and also in honor
of Thomas orr of Detroit, Michi-
gan, who is visiting his parents.
Mr. and Mrs. George Carter Orr,
In Balboa.
Guardia, Mr. and Mrs. irnestito
de la Guardia, Mr. and Mrs.
George Novey, Mr. and Mrs.
George Novey, Jr. and their
daughter, Betsy, Mr. and Mrs.
Irving H. Bennett, Dr. and Mrs.
Octavio Mends Perelra, Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph Scadron, Mr. and
Mrs. Norman Scadron and their
children, Mr. and Mrs. Charlea
B. Smith, Mrs. Roberto Heurte-
matte, 8r., Mrs. Francisco Arias,
P., Mr, and Mrs. Enrique Miro
Suesada, Mr. and Mrs. Robert
cGrath, Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo
Alemn, Jr. and Mr. and Mrs.
Carlos Eleta.
"Theater Banaaet"
At Hotel Tivoil
The Fern Room of the Hotel
Tivoli was the scene, Sunday
night, of the annual "Theater
Banquet" of the Canal Zone
Junior College. Tills Is the
"achievement banquet" of the
college year, since all persons
?resent were required to work in
he drama activity of the college
In order to earn the right to be
present. Covers were laid for 34.
Tom Peterson, business manager
of Delta Psl Omega, national
honorary fraternity in dramatics,
was toastmaster.
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence John-
son and Dean and Mrs. R. C.
Hackett were special guests,
while other faculty members
present Included Miss Dorothy
Moody, Mr. J. 8. McNair, Mr. and
Mrs. Suben Turbyflll,- and Mr.
and Mrs. J. A. Lyons. The spe-
cial committee for arrangements
of the banquet consisted of the
Misses Geri Snodgrass, Martha
Hook, Anne Howze, and Martha
Irvin, and other women stud-
ents present were the Mluee:
Jeanne FreUels, Isabell Tamayo,
Patricia Kelly, Carol Sergeant,
Drucilla McConnell, Annie Nl-
colson, and Betty Newlln. In
addition to the toastmaster.
other college men present were:
Jerry Welch. Hugh Turner, Frank
Robinson, James o. Raymond,
Jr.. Jack Ray, Larry Parks, Jim
Orvls. Paul Mullen AH McKeown,
Lou Malla, Charlie Harison and
Jack Corliss.
Entertainment for the banquet
was furnished by the newest
members of Delta Psl Omega,
while the singing was led by Mr.
McNair, with Mrs. Suben Turby-
flll at the piano.
Birth Announcement
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Houghton
announce the birth of a daugh-
ter, Rima Barle, their first child,
in Boulderd, Colorado, on Mav IS.
Mrs*. Houston, the former Opal
Earle Lundy, is a daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. William E. Lundy of Bal-
boa. She and her husband, who is
from Brattleboro. Vermont, are
graduates of Bates College in Le-
wlston, Maine. They are living in
Boulder while he does graduate
work at the University of Colora-
Party at
Kl Panama
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Llndsav
of Summit and Mr. and Mrs. H. T.
Lelsv of Pedro Miguel entertain-
ed at the supper-dance Sunday
evening at El Panama for Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Corn their
daughter, Caroline, and their
eon, Donald, who are sailing Fri-
day to spend the summer in the
United States. The party also in-
cluded Judy Lindsay and Robert
Among others seen at the sup-
per-dance at El Panama Sunday
were: Dr. and Mrs. Jaime de la
Brownies Hold
Mothers Day Meeting
Members of Cocoll Brownie
Troop 37 held a Mothers Day
meeting Wednesday at the home
of their leader Mrs. G. H. Davis
with Mrs. Oeorge Walker assist-
Danielle Harned presided at
the business part of the meeting
with Maebelle Walker and Veron-
ica Holmer acting as secretary
and treasurer. Plane were made
for a Parents Night and slumber
party to be held at the end of the
school year to close Brownie Ac-
tivities for the summer.
A flag ceremony was held which
was followed by an Investure Ce-
remony for the following new
girls: Carol Agee.-Carol Free. Lu-
cy Taylor, and Jean Farr. Joyce
Clark, who recently transferred
from Kentucky was awarded a
year pin. Troop Committee mem-
bers who were welcomed bv the
troop were Mrs. H. L. Holmer,
Mrs. J. F. Free and Mr. D. R.
Each Brownie served refresh-
ment* to her mother and pre-
sented a Mothers Day card and a
gift of a hanging plant which she
had potted in a decorated cala-
The girls who attended with
their Mothers were: Sherry Ack-
er. Lynn Boteenmayer. Oall
Blankenahip. Claudia and Patri-
cia Davis. Danielle Harned. Ve-
ronica Holmer. Lvnn Kielhoffer,
Sandra Watkins, Maebelle Walk-
Pimples and Bad Skin
DO-! free* lr. Meteatlin
)n tfliAfurine *! kleealak oh
SoApV.'. Ac*, SHaAk**e. Sytlle*
*>*4 H*4 BlowkM. I>a I Itl a bo* *"'
etia*. r*u /! tofefler ae>S eaaee !"u
te ios* >tr mooes. Ahi so itt
4 SUS Ml. *1le tkllft Tv sr
Omni Citan year *i ft en
lOtk with N!K*a*rltl, a r***t MMII-
I AttortOM o*r*M*Bt.
s-way ttmm _
Niaeeerm t a aof*ailt kleos, attTar-
ont from any *lHlks*nt e ha>* '"
o**n *r fait. It I* net gT*a*y But f**l
almo*' Ilk* a aowtftr h*n you apaly
It. It raMflr BOM I>' tit* par f Ik*
kin an* Mata tka a* *f skin kl*m -
lshti. lath at term, oaresiui ana
fuacu*. Nlaaotem raaiali* a cinkia.
tion af lacroflanU Wkitk ikt akin
trouble* In, tkee* tfcr** rayt: 1. It
achia tka Sktaraoat ar paraalt** aftta
r.*a**MJ0lM for *Ma tseerieri I. It
a. mi air *taa i-kin. tarsia* and
smartTa aj reete an oeattee k
Ma. I. It Mint aatar* k*l th* *kia
, ton *ivty ttaaoth.
waaSi* roar
1* aclantUVcall
akin travel*. i<
_ .1 tka Itikine kemine
oatl eaaartiaa, tk*n mru ta wark im-
mtaattly. **arina an kaolins .'""
ait, maalaf It eoftar, Mttr anS r.l-
MoOtA. la Jvit a fair tar* e*ar
Mrrar will t*li reu that kara M tka
feraatnitai j*u bar b**a a**dUt to
_ woeojtpa
>iaa* NlkOarm t
oatnotaMta t* ifkt *
wormKit it iff < i
ssFOfts rn
i'lur juur kint* jtA you luok I
tiraillv*. t* k*lp yu Id fritata.
Ni**rm ht* kroagkt claarer, kaaltaltr
ikin* ta tkcuaaao. *vk aa Mr. R. K .
"I *Jt*r* fra* tarrlkly
ho writ**
Itihlns, karklkf n4 (Saartlnc etna
far it roars. Trlot T.rytkia At lait
1 kaart vf Nlttetrfli, ft itoaort tka
itchlnc al**ot immMlataly aftar tka
Drat application. I could aa* ray kin
learlna- an th **r*nt ay. All th*
r*d >*'*H(urlne klwtak* and avaly akin
iappard in It ity* My frlaadt tr
ainand ky tk* imerovaaiant In m> -
Ott Ni*d*rm from yaar oroTlt la-
lay. Lak In tk* alrror In tka marnlng
>r.d th hlf impr*T.m*t. Then jut
k*ap an uMa Nl(eerm for one .
ih*n hew eoft, clear, arnaotli ana
mattnatlcajly attracllr* >avr akin US
aatarn*tk kind af akia toot will taska
ran dir*d whererar an go. .Oat
Nlsstria tren y*ur truewi" *
er. Mary Olll. Ann and Lucy Tay-
lor, Carol Free. Jean Farr, Joyce
Clark, and Carol Agee.
CZ Active In Colon Fair
Plans; Opening May 19
Xtrtiee to
Volunteer Werken
Women of Pedro Miguel and
Fort Clayton are urged to attend
a meeting ef volunteer workers
tonight at 7: SO in the basement
of the Pedro Miguel Union
Church. Whether or not there
will be an arts and craft* program
far the children's summer re-
creation program depends on the
number of volunteers who attend
this meeting.
allege Cl.h Groa
a VIM Panama
On Thuradav afternoon The
Know Panama Group of the Ca-
nal Zone College club will be con-
Sucted through the National
chool of Painting in Panama
and will visit the National School
of Ballet through the courtesy of
Juan Cederlo a tour of the Na-
tional Library has been arranged
for the group by oalileo Patino.
All members of the College Club
interested in this tour are invited
to join the party which will meet
at 4 p.m. at the foot of the Ad-
ministration Building ateps in
Dance at Balboa Heights
Friday Evening
The Civic Councils of the Paci-
fic Side are sponsoring a Com-
munity Dance to Be held on the
Administration Building Terrace
at Balboa Heights Friday at 7
p.m. This affair is a part of the
celebration of National Defense
Week and music for dancing will
be furnished by an Army-Air
Force Band. There will be no
charge for the dance. In case of
rain the affair will be cancelled.
Beef Price Rollback
Goes Into Operation
In US Retail Stores
The Government's two top econ-
omic officials warned Americans
as the first dollars-and-cents
beef price ceilings went into
operation not to be "complacent"
about inflation just because
some prices may come down
Defense Mobillier Charles .
Wilson and Economic Stabilizer
Kric Johnston said that even
though there are no shortages as
vet. the nation must intensify ra-
ther than relax its controls pro-
Starting; yesterday all cut of
beef and all grades are under
dollar and cents celling prices in
all retail stores across the coun-
try. While--the general level of
beef prices probably will remain
unchanged, the action la the first
step toward rolling them back a-
bout 10 per cent by Oct. 1.
Sen. Harlev M. Kllgore. D., W.
Va.. noted In a broadcast over
West Virginia stations that cat-
tlemen and meat packers are
making a "bitter attack" on the
beef price program and "frankly
admit trier do not want any con-
trols on meat."
But he predicted that Price
Administration Michael V. DlSa-
lie will take steps to rollback the
cost of other essential Items if he
is successful in his fight to roll-
back meat prices.
Kllgore observed that meat now
la selling at 192 per cent of pari-
ty "and 100 per cent is supposed
to be a fair figure."
Rep. Thomas A. Jenkins. It.. O..
countered that the Administra-
tion's rood price control program
is a "fake" and will make short-
ages and black markets "Inevita-
ble." He also struck out at the
President's request for authority
to pay subsidies to farmers and
food processors.
Municipal Division
Friends Plan Party
For Aram H. Hatch
On Friday evening;. May 25 at
7:00. the Municipal Division Em-
ployes Association will honor fel-
low member Aran H. Hatch upon
his retirement as an associate in
Municipal Division affairs since
ents, party chairman. The occa-
1917 according to Leo B. Clem-
sion will provide the opportunity
for the members to extend their
personal respects and best wishes
to Thomsa F. Folev and Garth
B. Jones who have severed their
services with the division In or-
der to enter college in the States.
Clements extends a cordial in-
vitation to all Division Employ-
as. their ladies and guests and
friends of the honored guests and
the division.
The program includes dinner.
Presentation of honored guests
will be at eight while music for
dancing and other entertainment
will start at nine and continue
until midnight. Refreshment will
be served. Reservations can be
made bv calling Mrs. Ann Beckley
and Mrs. Georgle Attard at 2-
Hatch entered the services of
the Panama Canal in 1917 as a
Junior Chemist and the following
year he was placed in charge of
the laboratories. He continued
working In this position until
1927 when he became Director of
Water Purification and Labora-
tories. Hatch is retiring from the
position of Chief, Laboratories
and Water Service.
Hatch was born in Alntab. Clll-
cla. 1889 and was schooled at
Missionary College in his home-
town. In his early teens he came,
with his family to America and
settled in Massachusetts, spend-
ing most of his early life In
Brldgewater and Cambridge.
Following his graduation from
Brldgewater Normal School in
1911. he received one of the four
national scholarships offered by
Harvard University to graduates
of normal schools. With a First
Group scholarship in his second
year at Harvard he was gradua-
ted having supplemented these
rewards by working on tables and
tutoring during the evenings.
With a Bachelor of Science he set
out to get his Masters degree in
Chemistry which he achieved
within three years also at Har-
vard as an Austin Teaching Fel-
Match did considerable work
toward his Doctors degree before
taking a position with the Bos-
ton Transit Commission. After
serving one year with the Com-
mission he entered the services of
the Panama Canal. 1917. His im-
mediate plans will be determined
bv his acceptance of one of sev-
eral Invitations to serve as con-
sultant in private enterprise.
Try Maxwell Hosts* Tea today
...tad oat wby this alead af
Ceylea aae Mia teat it dee
ejtBiee af those who eajoy gee*)
tea: Avalante alas la tea sag*.
COLON, May 15The Canal
Zone will participate actively in
the Country Fair that is to be
inaugurated in this coming
Saturday, May l*th.
The Fort Gullck School will
have an important exhibition of
its own at the fair grounds, as
will several other Canal Zone
Among these exhibitions,
which will be lodged under-
neath large army tents, will be
the following: A topographical
may of the Canal Zone and the
Canal itself; Indian relics from
Cocle, such as jars and pots;
and an exhibition of the mak-
ing of the new Zone postal
stamp, dedicated to the local
rate employes.
The Information Division of.
the U. B. Embassy will bring
to the fair a photography ex-
hibition of the Agricultural,
Health and Industry programs.
The Embassy will also present
continuos movies.
The Inter-American Coopera-
tive Service will hold exhibi-
tions of Rural and Vocational
Education, which will include
the following;
A metal lathe, operated by
a student; a realistic exhibi-
tion showing the principles of
electricity, tUCh as magnetism,
and the way an electric motor
works; exhibitions of several
kinds of wood, together with
some finished products, done
by students, such as chairs, a
pulpit, and other furniture. Two
tables with informative litera-
ture to be distributed to the
fiublic will also be found at the
air grounds.
Aside from this official Canal
one participation, many clubs,
schools and societies from Cris-
tobal and Balboa will also take
part In the activities of the Fair.
^/itumtic S^ocieti

Bo 195, (j*tun 'DMpkofu Qmtm* 378
Miss Rosario Lara waa hostess Saturday afternoon, for a
miscellaneous shower given at the homo of her sister, Mrs.
Thomas J. Butler, Jr., to compliment Miss Julletta Prctto,
whose wedding to Mr. Thomas Lara will take place Saturday,
May 19 at the Miraculous Mesial Church.
Reserve Officers
Announce Details
For Defense Week
Carl J. Browne, the Reserve Of-
ficers' Association's chairman of
National Defense Week activities,
has announced the detailed pro-
gram for the week's activities.
Today at 3:30 a-display of Ca-
ribbean Air Command and 15th
Naval District equipment in Bal-
boa's Prado will take the spot-
light. MaJ. Bdward G. Halllgan,
of the Disaster Control Center at
Fort Amador, will talk on "Ato-
mic Energy" at the Ancon Thea-
ter at 7:30 p.m.
The outstanding activity of to-
morrow will be the annual din-
ner Of the Reserve Officers' As-
sociation at 7 p.m.
Thuraday. at 3:30 p.m. the U8
Army Caribbean will stage a dis-
play of its equipment in the Pra-
A band concert with massed
colors at Balboa Stadium at 2
p.m.. will feature Friday's observ-
Saturday. May 19. is Armed
Forces Day. which is "the big
day" for all the Armed Forces,
with displays and demonstra-
tions of equipment, supply and
activities at Hangars 2 and 3 at
Albrook Air Force Base.
The "Generals for a Day" will
be presented to the major mili-
tary and naval commanders of
the area and to Oovernor New-
comer Friday morning and they
will participate as members of
the reviewing party In the maes-
ing of the colors. With their par-
ents, they will be feted at the Ho-
tel El Panama during the even-
ing and the following forenoon.
Tea was served after the gifts
had been opened. Mrs. Olmedo
Alfaro and Mra. Juan Ventura as-
sisted the hostess and Mrs. But-
The guests were: Mrs. David
Pretto. mother of the honoree,
Mrs. Vicente Lara. Mrs. Jose Ma-
ria Goneales, Mrs. Humberto
Lelgnadler, Mrs. Raul Fernandez,
Mrs. Manuel Ricardo, Mrs. James
Ford. Mra. Augusto Lara. Mrs.
Neal Hatji. Mrs. Antonio Albero-
la, Mrs. Carl Ender, Mrs. Peter
Ender Mrs. Frank Bremmer, Mrs.
Archimedo Guardia, Mrs. James
Salterio, Mrs. Julio Vial. Mrs.
Isaac Osorlo. Mrs. Isaac Sasso.
Mrs. Agustn Cedefio. Mrs. Raul
Herrera, Mrs. James Coffey. Mrs.
Robert Von Tress. Mrs. Abraham
Pretto, Mrs. Enrique Torres, Mrs.
Alexis Vlllallndo, Mrs. Gustavo
Vlllalas, Mrs. Laurencio Jan.
Mrs. James Cain. Mrs. Teleatino
Muoz, Mrs. Jorge Patino. Mrs.
Luis Castillo, Mrs. Raymond Hat-
ten. Mrs. Mximos Carrizo. Mrs.
Marcel Belanger, and Mrs. Gilbert
Solas with Miss Vilma Sasso. Miss
Lilla Lelgnadler. Miss Alda and
Miss JUma Lara. Miss Joe and
Miss Carmen Calonje, Miss Lulu
Stevenson, Miss Vilma Rosanla,
Miss Yeyita Guardia. Miss Hercl-
llta Herrera. Miss Marisln Fer-
nandez, Miss Chatty Muoz, Miss
Jean Lawson. Miss Jean Dough,
Miss Leneve Dough. Miss Sarita
Mlzrchi Miss Muriel Jordan,
Miss Blanca Beverhoudt, Miss Pi-
ca Guardia, Miss Rosa Lee. Miss
Norma Wong, Miss, Nancy and
Miss Dinah Sasso and Miss Gio-
conda Apolayo.
Bon Voyage Dinner Party
Lt. and Mrs. Paul V. Davis en-
tertained With an informal din-
ner party at their Fort Gulick
home last evening for Rev. and
Mrs. Ernest La Font who sail to-
morrow for New Orleans and a
nine-month furlough in the Uni-
ted States.
Alao present were Rev. and Mrs.
Fred Jones. Miss Louise Jones,
Miss Jeanlne and Leland La Font.
p.m. Members and their guests
are requested to wear costumes or
formal attire.
There will be an orchestra on
each floor of the club. The dollar
admission fee gives a chance on
the door prizes.
Margarita Auxiliary
Sponsors Dinner
The Woman's Auxiliary of the
Margarita Union Church is spon-
soring a chicken pie dinner to be
given at the Gym following the
Little League Baseball game Wed-
nesday evening. The dinner will
cost a dollar for adults and 50
cents for children under 12.
Reserve Officers Dance Saturday
The Reserve Officers Associa-
tion are holding a dance at the
Hotel Washington Sat u r d a y
evening from 8:00 to 12:00 p.m.
as a climax to National Defense
Tickets are a dollar per person
and lt is hoped that a large group
will turn out to make the dAnce
a success.
Brian Albright
Leavea for Washington
Mr. Brian Albright, who has
been visiting his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur Albright of Gatun.
left by plane Monday morning to
return to Washington. D.C. Mr.
Albright is with the 380th AAA
Battalion which has been called
to duty. They will be sent to Camp
Edwards. Mass., for training.
Card Party at Gatun
A benefit card party will be
held at the Gatun Masonic Tem-
Dle Thursday evening at 7:30.
The party is being given by three
groups of the Woman's Auxiliary
of the Gatun Union Church.
Bridge and canasta and any
other card game, which people
desire, will be played. Refresh-
ments, table and guest prizes are
included in the admission price
of 75 cents.
Mother's Day Dance
On Saturday, evening a Mo-
ther's Day Dance was given in.
the ballroom of the Cristobal
Y.M.C.A. Mrs. Margaret Austin,
the mother of the "V" was hon-
ored and received a large bou-
quet of flowsrs in appreciation of
her services.
Miss Dolly Tucker was acclaim-
ed the girl of the month for hav-
ing given the most hours of serv-
ice during the month. She receiv-
ed a gift and also a certificate
for contributing a hundred hours
of service to the "Y".
A hundred and fifty service
men enjoyed dancing to the mu-
sic of Gardner's band.
Rev. J. W. L. Graham was In
charge of the arrangements. Rev.
Graham is pastor of the Gatun
Union Church and was associated,
with the U.6.O. during the past
war. He Is assisting the "Y" while
Mr. E. F. McClelland IS on vaca-
Committee of Management
Mr. E. S. MacSparran, chair-
man of the Committee of Man-
agement of the "Y" has called a
regular luncheon meeting at the
"Y" tomorrow at noon.
Captain L. L. Koepke. com-
manding officer of the Coco Solo
Naval Station and Col. James B.
Bowen, Jr.. commanding officer
of the Atlantic Sector, two new
members of the committee will
be welcomed at this time.
Progressive Circle Meeting
The Progressive Circle of the
Cristobal Union Church will hold
its regular meeting Wednesday,
May 16 at the Church with lunch
at >:00 p.m.
Mrs. Samuel Cralg will have
charge of the devotlonals and
Mrs. Harry W. Moist is hoateaa
for the luncheon.
Birthday Party
Jackie Wllloughby. son of Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Wllloughhy of Ga-
tun, celebrated his twelfth birth-
day anniversary with a dinner at
the home of his parents Satur-
day followed by a theater party.
Celebrating with Jackie were:
Joe Hannlgan. Ralph Boggs. Eric
Daniels. Bruce Smith. Freddy
i Prltham, Micky Cunningham.
Freddy Newhard. Teddy Slaugh-
ter. Mike Dare. Ernest Stlebritz,
Harry Keepers and Raymond
Music Recital at Gilbert House
Mrs. C. J. Genis of Margarita,
presented the members of her
music class at a private recital
held at the Gilbert House Sun-
day afternoon.
Those who played for their par-
ents and families were: Jacquel-
Ine Ashton, Carol, and Elaine o-
Hayer. Ramona Anderson. Terry
Lewis, Elaine Slevers. Stephanie
Beck. Andra Lee Nash, Margaret
Joudrey and Grace and Kathryn
Refreshments were served In
the dining room following the re-
cital. Mlts Joudrey and Miss
Kathryn Argo alternated at the
punch bowl.
Mother's Day Dinner Party
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Glaw-
son were honored with a family
dinner party at the Hotel Wash-
ington Sunday evening to cele-
brate Mother's Day.
The other members of the par-
ty were Mr, and Mrs. Ernest Cot-
ton, Mr. and Mrs. Anthonv Fer-
nandez Mr. and Mrs. Wendell
G. Cotton and Mr. and Mrs. Wor-
den E. French.
Carnival Dance Planned
by UW.C.
The Inter-American Woman's
Club Is planning a Carnival
Dance to be given at the strain?-
an Club Saturday. May 20 at 8:301
Mr. Christian Receives
Gift from Frienda
Mr. James Christian who sailed
Friday after retiring from em-
ployment from the Terminal Di-
visions, was presented a rifle as a
bon voyage gift by his co-work-
ers. The presentation was made
by Mr. Reginald Armstrong.
Girl Scout Leaders Meeting
The leaders and their assistants
of the Brownies and Girl Scouts
will hold their regular monthly
meeting tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. at
the office in Margarita.
All Atlantic Side Leaders are
requested to attend as informa-
tion regarding the summer camp
will be taken up.
Music Festival Tomorrow Evenlne.
The annual Music Festival
which is presented by the Music
Department of the Cristobal High
School, under the leadership of
Mr. O. E. Jorstad. will be iven
Wednesday evening. Tickets
which were purchased for the
nroposed presentation last week
will be honored.
For oeaiy't kin, noihinj soothe
and protects like Johnson's Baby
Powdir. Ute it afitr
badn. at diaper changes
usrro* rou
&W W iJZm. Jus odd milk one c-M

A/mm 4w &
You can be tare you're giving the finen when roe give
Hamilton. For only Hamilton live up to oil the ttand-
ts ol Una watchmaking. Trued amirsry end time-
enduring beauty hav esrned lor Hamilton the title.
-Tba Aristocrat of Walcliet."
Aponte Coitere/
M. Isplnese, Asertado 493, Pannnw F.
Can't Slp WH?
Drink a cup of POBTUM prepared'
with hot water or milk before yoa
lo to bed and you'll aleep like a
bobyl POSfTUM doe not contla
caffein! Get POBTUM today
and enjoy a restful sleep!
it's the same

The More You Tell ...The Quicker You Sell! v \
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Minimum for
IS words
3' each additional
No. 4 Tlvoll Are
NMB* ?-22Sl
He. 4 r*utn of July An.
~ 1 t-t44l
Parqae 4 L
IM5t M.lindo Avt
N. M "H" Sir-.. P4BMB
Na. 12.17 Cuuil Ave. iulun
- '
Tel. 3-171S
#22 E. 29th St.
FOR SALE1946 Ford Tudor Sedon.
5627-D Hecke. PI. & Rousseau.
Diablo. All doy Sunday and alter
4:30 weekdays.
FOR SALE: 1940 Packard, tour
door sedon. Good condition. Good
tires, radio, $325.00. Phone 2-
1954. 611 -D, Cocoli.
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store fronts.
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FOR SALE1937 Ford Panel Truck.
1934 Plymouth Tiuck. Both in
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Balboo. Call Balboa 2-2790.
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O't the floor for C. 2. Direct De-
livery. Price 1951 Studebaker V-
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FOR SALE:High gloss oil point
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FORS ALE.3" Belt Sondar, extra
belts, 8" table saw. extra blade.
Phone 6-304 Gamboo. House 147.
FOR RENT: Spacious, completely
turnished residence built on 1600
meter lot, with 1000 meters ot
lawn and garden. Three bedrooms
. with twe bathrooms, two servants
quorters with servonts bothroom.
lorQe kitchen with breakfast nook,
vestibule, /dlmngroom. parlor, of-
fice, garage, two terraces. Furni-
ture is muted modern and in first
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Portilla and Panama Golf Club.
Available for one year. Telephone
Phillips. Beach cottoges. Santo Clara
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cottoges. Electric ice boxes, gas
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-Mr. & Mrs. Canal Zone:
RE-UPHOLSTERING call us or vUlt
our ahow-room Custom built furni-
ture our apetlallty. See our Deco-
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TIONAL I PHOl STI ry (A. Herei) J.
t. de la Oua No. U (Auto. Row)
>New Telephone 3-4628.
best of itskind in the city, any
moke c< car satisfaction guaranteed
FOR SALE: Today only last
chonce, leaving Zone 1951
Hudson Pacemaker, two-door se-
don. $1.945. just broken in well.
Telephone 6312, Balboa.

Model 11 If Synchronised
Direct C.Z. Shipments
At Factor? Prices.
Plata 5 de Mayo
Panam. K. P.
(For Duration of the
Orders will be taken only
until MAY 24th. We'll
continue the service.
Price Remains at $85.00
to Canal Zone
Time Payments Available.
No. 18 "J" Street
Tels. 2-2386 2-3265
It yau are interested in a GOOD
USED CAR. come to the NASH
Several different makes and modali
to choose from!
Befara yau boy saa what we have
to offer'
One Mas* from Tivall Creasing.
FOR SALEFollowing good bargains:
1946 Lincoln, Club Coupe, only
35,000 miles; rodio, leather, good
t.res. $900.00; 1942 Eiiick 4-door
sedan. $390.00, radio, new up-
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Oldsmobile convertible, $260.00;
1937 Oldsmobile Coupe $150.00;
1935 Ford Sedan $110.00; 1949
Ford Station Wagon $1.000.00;
all duty paid, opply Agenci
Ponamotores "G" St. No. 27, Pon-
oma, R. P.
Value $721. far $300.
Round Trig Ticket to Rio.
Via D C 6
Call lalhoa 1653, after 5 o'clock
Wanted Position
WANTED:Biliguol American with
administrative, sales, tronsporta-
tion and general business experi-
ence desires position. Write J. D.
Box 134, Panama.
FOR RENT:Well situated house in
Bello Vito. completely furnished
and equipped, with large garden,
. three bedroom, two bathooms, etc.
ample closet and storage space,
for four months from June 4th
Telephone 3-0444.
Going on vacation, would like to
place dependable, honest, Sponish
speaking maid full or port
time. Mrs. Harold Le Claire. 2-
WANTED:Responsible family re-
quires chalet, three bedooms,
gorden, garage, moid's room, etc.
Tel. 3-2492.
WANTED TO BUY: Second hand
zinc, perfect condition. Also 10
tarred' posts 40". Write your offer
P. O. Box 1895. Panama.
^^^^ Rooms
FOR RENT:Nicely furnished cool
deon room, meals i( desired, Bella
Vista, 46th St. 18-A. Phone office
hours 2-1693 evening 3-1789.
FOR RENT:In Bella Vista, nicely
furnished rooms, kitchen privileges
if desired. Mexico Avenue b9,
near 43rd St. Phone 3-0553.
FOR RENT:Room, furnished, pri-
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Two bedrooms, electric refrigera-
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A partments
MINTS. Modern furnished-unfun-
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Phone 1386, Coln.
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?7o, C'n,ro1 Av""-. Telephone
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FOR RENT:- -Apartment for rent,
43rd Street East and Ave. Mexi-'
co. Cal) 3-0140.
HT.FRfLTARGERERS InrT,tl#a,<&.Tr? lnch of the *uns and tanks exhibited by the Army
dl.nK i?e. ArnLecl Force: DaT, E.hll?,t last year covering- the weapons as thoroughly as a
soldier Riving them an overall check. The Big Event will be held at Hangars 2 and 3 at Al*
brook Ah Force Base this year. Army Navy and Air Force will present a Joint exhibition
on Armed Forces Day, Saturday, May 18, to which the public Is Invited. "on
________________________________________________________________________(U.S. Army photo)
Armed Forces Day
Atlantic Schedule
Given In Detail
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Position Offered
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FOR SALE:1948 Nash 4 door. Car
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1 1 th Street. Colon.
WANTED:Girl pianist for Kinder-
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Ninth Street. No. 24. at San Fran-
cisco, or collTel 3-4183.
WANTED:Office clerk, knowledge
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lombia Pictures. Colon.
Real Estate
Phoae 2 j 3 j i
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Monthly Payment SIS.
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FOR SALE:11,865 meters, 5 rooms
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R. P. M.
Central Avenue
Jn't cough aud c'.jjfli. atmngle, gaap
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House completely furnished. In-
quire Ross r/o Casino Santa Cla-
ra. For informotion coll at 6 p. m
Tel. 3-3212. Ponomi.
Air Force Has 7 Jobs
Open at Albrook AFB
The Civilian Personnel Office
at Albrook Air Force Base has
announced seven opportunities
for employment at Albrook Air
Force Base. The positions open
are Engineering Draftsman Gen-
eral). GS-5; Oral Hvgenist OS-
4; Clerk Stenographer GS-3;
Patrolman (for duty on the At-
lantic side. CPC-4; Carpenter
Foreman. WB-17; Radio. Electro-
nic Equipment Installer and Re-
pairer, WB-17 and Electrician,
Applications may be made by
civilians on Standard Application
Form 57 and further information
may be obtained bv calling at the
Civilian Personnel Office Albrook
Air Force Base,
Panama Rotary Club
To Hear Defense Talks
At its regular weekly luncheon
on Thursday, the Panama Ro-
tary Club will observe National
Defensp Week which is being or-
ganized locally under the direc-
tion of the Reserve Officers As-
sociation of the United 8tates of
Guest speaker will be Lieut.
Joseph B. Williams, who will be
accompanied by Col. Worth L.
Kindred. Information Officer,
U.8. Army Caribbean.
The luncheon will be held at
El Panam at 12.15 p.m.
Pacific Council
Bids One And All
To Defense Dance
Pacific Civic Council to Spon-
sor Defense Week Open Air
Dance The Pacific Civic Council
will sponsor an open air dance
Friday night, at 7 p.m., to climax
National Defense Week. The
dance will be held on the apron
in front of the Administration
Building at Balboa Heights.
Members of the Pacific Coun-
cil will act as hosts to the com-
A Joint Army-Air Force band
will furnish the music and the
Clubhouses plan to have soft
drinks, hamburgs, and hot dogs
Charles Garcia, President of
the Pacific Civic Council extends
a cordial Invitation to one and
all to attend this old-time get
together. Charlie says, "Come on
out and Join in the fun. There
will be plenty of seating room,
ample parking space, and an ex-
cellent dance band "for free" in
the coolest spot on the Pacific
side. Your only ex|ense will be
your nickels and dimes for what-
ever refreshments you desire."
In the event of bad weather
the dance will be cancelled.
Charge Reduced;
Dario Range. Gets
Jail For Assault
A charge of assault with a
deadly weapon, brought yester-
day against 21-year-old Dario
Rangel. was dismissed this
morning In Balboa Magistrate's
Court and a misdemeanor charge
of simple assault substituted.
In recommending the dis-
missal of the more serious
charge Assistant District Attor-
ney R. A. Hazard aid that Ran-
gel had no record In either Pa-
nama or the Canal Zone and
was entitled to "at least one
Rangel pleaded guilty to the
assault charge and was sen-
tenced to 30 days In jail.
Hazard told the court that
Rangel had become angrv be-
cause he believed a bus* driver.
Manuel Garces. was too atten-
tive to RaAgel's common-law
wife. Early In the morning of
last Monday Rangel stopped
Oarces' bus and threatened the
driver with a shartyoointed
sheath knife with a 5'i inch
blade. Thev were separated bv
passenger in the bus before
either man was hurt.
FOR SALE:25 cycle 1947 Frigi-
daire. borgain. Owner leaving. Call
Cristobal 3-1562.
FOR SALE:6 aluminum Venetian
blinds, ond wood porch blinds for
flat type house. A youth bed.
electric troin stand, plywood witfl
two horses. 6x6. House 1406-
C, Carr Street, Balboo, C. Z.
FOR SALE:Refrigerator in perfect
condition, selling on occount of
buying larger one. No. 34, 46th
FOR SALE:Bamboo and mohogany
diningroom set. Like new. House
127 Pedro Miguel, offer 4:30 p.
FOR SALE:5 piece Hoywood
Wakefield set. Chair $42.00-
Rocker, $43.00; Lounge $75.00;
2 tables. $5.00 each; 7 piece
mahogany dining set, $175.00.
Montle clock, 25 cycle $9.00.
Card table with Extension top $7
00. House 5337-A, Davis St.,
FOR SALE Refrigerotor, excellent
condition, $100 cash. Coll 3-
0406, Edificio Chorlos I Lions
Club House), Ricardo Anas Street.
Apt. No. 1.
FOR SALE: Doybed with inner-
spring mottress, $35.00; bamboo
desk with chair $45.00. Bomboo
tcble $20.00. Bamboo table, $15.
00. 2 bamboo tabourets $10.00
each. 8122, Margarita. Phone 3-
FOR SALE2 Venetian blinds, youth
bed. double bed, (both complete!,
Shelvador 7- refrigerotor, China
closet, sittingroom set. dining set.
telephone table, oil mahogony.
Priced reosonable. Leoving. Coll
Fo 9 ft. all porcelain. Excellent con-
dition, $150.00. 0262-B, Gam-
boa. Tel. 6-371.
FOR SALE-Mople twin beds, bed-
spnng, cotton mottress. double
bed, mohogany corner cabinet. Ca-
thedral pattern, silver plate service
for 12. 769-A. Son Pablo. Balboo
FOR SALESinger sewing foot mo-, typewriter, gas stove, youth
bfd, bed. stroller, baby crib. Tele-
phone 916. Colon.
St. John the Baptist
Church Reschedules
Fair For May 26
paT!?o.c,nlJdren's Pl^round In
f Qk Llfevre will be the scene
of a benefit fair planned for Sat-
urday. May 26 by the parishion-
qSiu ?' i0h:l the BaP"st de la
Salle Catholic Church lr> Rio
.uProceeds oi the ialr HI 8 to
the fund needed to complete the
parish hall Saln Martin de
The fair was originally plan-
ned for May 19th, but was post-
The following day, the corner-
stone of the new hall will be laid
with appropriate ceremonies. The
observance of the feast season
of the patrci saint of the church
will culminant on May 31 with
i program at the Pacific Club-
FOR RENT:_Nicely furnished apart-
ment, porch, porlor-diningroom,
kitchen, sanitary conveniences,
bedroom. All screened. Tiled. $50.
00. Apply 112 Via Belisorio Porras
near Roosevelt Theatre.
FOR RENT: Modern furnished
apartment in New York City, from
July! st to labor doy. Desirable lo-
cation near subway facing beauti-
ful pork and Hudson river. For
f'"ther informotion coll Balboo 2-
FOR RENT: Ideol modern apart-
ment, bedroom, livingroom, dinet-
te, kitchen. Darien Street. No. 8,
Aot. No. 2, next Street from 4th
of July Avenue.
Boats & Motors
^OR SALE-4 40 gay marine en.
glne, complete. Coll Panama 3-
From Balboa
to Cristbal
it's the same
Detailed plans for the "open
house" celebration of the second
Annual Armed Forces Day Sat-
urday. May 19. on the Atlantic
side of the Isthmus were released
The time table, subject to
change, follows:
9:00 a.m.. Joint Review.
9:30. Band Concert.
10:00, Demonstration: Search
and Rescue.
9:30 to 10:30. Combat Films.
10:30, Demonstration: Naval
10:45, Demonstration: Field
11:00, Demonstration: AAA
Also, between 10 a.m. and 12
noon, an Army field kitchen will
be In operation, furnishing cof-
fee and doughnuts and exchange
facilities will be available. During
the same two-hour period, the
chaplains will hold a display, and
communications e q ulp m e n t,
small arms and combat vehicles
will be exhibited.
An Armed Forces parade will
be featured, with the following
contingents in order:
60th Army Band.
"F" Company. 33rd Infantry
"C" Troop. 45th Mechanized
Cavalry Reconnaissance Squad-
C" Battery, 504th Field Artil-
lery Battalion.
A composite battery, 74th AAA
The 20th MP Company.
The 12th Marine Guard De-
Detachments from Coco Solo
Naval station and France Air
Force Base.
Detachments of assigned non-
coms, students In the non-com-
missioned leadership course, oth-
er US Army students and Latin
American Students, all from the
USARCARIB School at Fort Gu-
The Latin American students
will Include both soldiers and
sailors from Colombia, as well as
soldiers from Bolivia. Costa Rica,
Cuba. Guatemala. Nicaragua, Pe-
ru and El Salvador.
Vole Inconclusive; Price-Gouging
Bolivian Congress
To Elect President
Allies May Get
US Retaliation
LA PAZ, Bolivia. Mav 15 (UP)
Bolivians will probably wait
till Aug. 4 or 6 to know who will
be their next President.
With only about 3-.000 of the
votes cast In the May 6 election
still to be counted exiled Victor
Paz Estenssoro of the National
Revolutionary Party has 54.049
votes. Government candidate
Gabriel Gonzlez has 39.940, and
the other four candidates have
31.350 votes between them.
Under Bolivian electoral law
Congress must elect the Presi-
dent when one candidate falls
to get an absolute majority over
all others.
Congressional action Is set for
the first week In August.
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Convenience to work, recreation
and shopping facilities: conve-
nience to railroad facilities;
undesirable areas In yiclnity;
favorabillty as to prevailing
winds; and Interference with
highway traffic. In all but one,
convenience to railroad facilities,
the area selected was given high-
er ratings than the site adjacent
to the Canal Zone Experiment
The general slope of the land
in the new townsite is toward the | held a" tj,
Economic Stabilizer Eric Johns-
ton proposed today that th
United States retaliate on Al-
lies who are gouging this coun-*
try for exorbitant prices on raw1
He told the Senate Banking:
"We have a few aces In oufi
hand too." i
He said the United State
could buy up other raw mater-*
lals in the world market and
charge the Allies enough for
them on resale to make ud the
I difference the United State
now must pay for such essential
materials as rubber and tin.
Johnston also said some sub-
sidles may be required In thai
United States soon to hold down|
the prices of commodities which!
Have risen far out of line wltri
the rest of the economy.
He refused to name the conn
moditles, explaining:
"if I name these products pub-
llcly their prices will be up still
further." ^" '
Christ For Youth
Group Plans Benefit
At Baptist Church
A send-off
Postponed Festival
Of Music Tomorrow
On Atlantic Side
Music fans from all over the
Atlantic side are planning to at-
tend the C. H. S. annual Spring
Festival to be held in the
C. H. S. auditorium tomorrow
postponed from last Wednes-
day) at 7:30 p.m. under the
talented direction of maestro O.
E. Jorstad.
The evening promises to be
an especially fine one. The pro-
gram will be divided into two
parts. The first part will con-
sist mainly of numbers by the
Grade School and Junior High
School. The High School Glee
Club. Band and Orchestra will
be featured in the second por-
tion of the Drouram. The selec-
tions plaved will be of a popular
and patriotic nature.
There will be a number of
solos during the evening. Rita
Howard and Tommy Jordan will
sing the famous duet "Thine
Alone." Johnnv Fahnestock will
play "The Message" on his
This program Is In comme-
moration for Music Week and
is sponsored by the Cristobal
Hleh School Student Associa-
All those who have tickets for
the Festival will find them hon-
ored at the door.
Church, tomorrow, commencing}
at 7:30 p.m., arranged by th3
Christ For Youth Fellowship oil
Panama, on behalf of two delei
gates and a solist. Harold A*
Dawson. Goldburn P. MaynartU
and Miss Omenza Green.
They are expecting to attend,
the Grand Christ For Youtht
Rally and Conference in Phlla-j
delphla on May 19th. This will
be our last effort to raise th
necessary funds for traveling:
expenses. The Church reouest-i
ing that all envelopes and of-
fering be submitted tomorrow.!
The general public is invited to
attend, and we are surelv de-
pending on you for all assist-
ance and cooperation that will
Edith Cavell Society
Holds Musical Program
All plans are being made by
the Officers and Members of the
8oclety, to hold a Musical Pro-
cram on Sunday afternoon at
their regular meeting Hall, com-
mencing at 2:30 pjn. sharp.
Popular performers of the
community will be present, to
dispense their various talents
with Instruments and vocal.
northwest, the direction of the
prevailing breeze. The entire
southern part of the tract and
most of the area along Galllard
Highway can be terraced in such
a manner that the streets will be
at varying levels and thus per-
mit the houses to be advantage-
ously located for the prevailing
With the selection of the area
for a new townsite, the necessary
preliminary planning for grading
and the Installation of streets
and facilities will be pushed ra-
pidly forward.
The work planned In the area
during the coming fiscal year
will Include the grading and the
construction of the required .
water supply, sewage, and elec- I make this a success.
trical facilities to the town limits I _____________________
for a total of 870 apartments. nJi-r*:^ C....1
This work wUl cost an estimated UeOlCatlOn, derVlCe
$1.550.000. and it is expected that
bids on the work can be adver-
tised for contract within another
four months.
The new townsite at Summit is
one of two which has been se-
lected for development during
the coming year. The other will
be for local-rate employes locat-
ed north of Corozal Quarantine
Station. It was recently an-
nounced that approximately 300
acres of land between Corozal
and the Fort Clayton-Curundu
Road is being transferred from
the Army to The Panama Canal
for a new townsite in that area.
In addition to this land, some
adjoining areas already under
the Jurisdiction of the Canal will
be used In building the new local-
rate town.
Work planned In this area dur-
ing the coming year will include
the clearing and grading of the
entire area, construction of an
access highway, and the installa-
tion of water and sewer lines and
electrical facilities to the town
limits for the eventual construc-
tion of 1,070 apartments. It is
estimated that the townsite pre-
paration will cost approximately
$1.675,000. It Is planned to have
this part of the program ready
for bids by next October.
Both of the new towns will be
required in the long-range, $80.-
000.000 quarters construction
program since it will be neces-
sary to evacuate large areas In
Ancon, Balboa, Balboa Heights,
La Boca, and Red Tank preceding
quarters' reconstruction in those
will bel
Requiem Mass
A requiem mass will be held
tomorrow morning at 6:30 at the
San Jos Church of the Golden
Altar for Mrs. Geraldlne Camp-
Mrs. Campbell, who was a re-
Held At Corozal
On Mother's Day
Chaplain (Capt.) Merle W.Ber-
geson. of the US Army Hospital.
Fort Clayton, conducted a Mo-
ther's 'Day dedication service
Sunday afternoon at Corozal Ar-
my Chapel in which the partici-
pating familiesall from ForO'
Kobbewere churchgoers who>:
have been regular attendants abj
Chaplain Bergeson's services for
several years.
Not only the children took part'
In the ceremony. Parents and
sponsors were present.
Youngest of the children were
twin boys. Jack Lawrence Smith,
and James Henry Smith, three-
week-old sons of M-Sgt. and Mrs.
John L. Smith. A little daughter.
Christine Verona Smith, also waa
dedicated in the ceremony.
Others were Carla Willem
Watson, infant daughter of M-
Sgt. and Mrs. Carl William Wat-
son; John Steven Hayden, lnfan
son of Capt. and Mrs. C. B/ Hay-
den. and Joseph Steven Owen,
Infant son of M-Sgt. and Mrs. Jo-
seph H. Owen.
All the military personnel who
participated in the ceremony arc
members of the 33d Infantry Re-
giment at Fort Kobbe.
Red Group Said
Operating In
Portsmouth Yard
(UP) The Navy called in th
FBI today to investigate a charg
that a Communist cell is oper-
ating in Portsmouth navy yard.
Frank Sawyer, 8tate Adjutant
of the American Legion in New
Hampshire, reportedly charged
that there is a Red cell capable, -.mi/urn. wiiu wa a re- uihi icic is a nru ucii cap
sldent of Panama City, died one of committing sabotage in the
year ago. yard.

TUESDAY. MAY 15. 1951
WHIP NO MUeL.IMIO JJ^**^'**l"*,?,,t?^*
TlLtPHON Manama No a-0740 .'*!'
CAM.I ANiim M*|*IWieAM. Manama
Colon 0"iek.
14b"'~MsON Avt.. NIW VOK.
I7 N. V
f 1.70
1 BO
14 or.
Wolter Winchell
In New York
Labor New
Nation! btrott symbolise national Ideals. They ara publicly
acclaim* incThUtokaUy enshrined-slnce their4 eompUah-
mentewreaent the aspirations or the; people... Although the
uffi^twhaa neve7florlfhl militarism American, have al-
Wtfl had tha deapaat raapect and admiration for our famous war-
rioii. It U ritnuSant thatthe nation's glortoua military traditions
aw tooted taTaehlevamenta of men whoae touchstone waa liberty
aSs not only pay homage to their mlUtary .kiu-butthe
fact that thU attribute was a weapon In trie battle or decency.
(tea Retort E. Lee ranks'as one ef history's moat resaark-
tbTaaost arofoond splrttaal faith. He had courage wlthrat
arrogance-."dignity wtthoot snobbery. A gefMeman In the fin-
eat sanee of the word who was idolized by his soldiers and ns-
nettedbv htafoes... Lee freed bis stoves prior to the Civil
War And he did not believe in section. What he did believe
was that separation was better than union and war .. H in-
tensen hUdoootion to democracy that at one time he allewod
enlisted men to ELECT their officers!
Typical of his innate decencv was this Incident. Early in
1865 lenslnr that the war would soon end, Lee Indefinitely
postponed the execution of captured Yankee spies.
Ha was a military genlous who put aside his sword after thfc
last shot waa red and praotlced the arts of peace. He served as a
coltegTpreetd.ntta the post-war era at a *^]*S&
out of a desire to render public service... Hia greatest.Wungi
came alter the war. Lee devoted his life to eradicating^the bltier-
neu that had split the nation. Hi was the living spirit of Lincoln s
phrase: "With malice toward none"... When he was attacked for
forgiving his enemies, Lee replied simply: "I have never seen the
day when I did not pray for them."
Teddy Roosevelt was a soldier In the dashing, heroic tradition.
A flamboyant warrioras courageous as he was colorful. Roose-
velt hYslsted on sharing every risk of the Rough Riders who gej-
toMdwRhhlm... An* no reminded the peop; e of his military glory
when he returned to the political wars. While campaigning for
New York's Governorship, he circled the speech; circuit wearing
his famous ntlltary sombrero and was accompanied by a half-down
Rough Riders in full uniform. Before addressing voters, a bugler
would appear to sound the calvary charge.
Gob. Grants weakness for alcohol h as well known as Ms
military exploits. It stemmed from an inferiority complex. At
ono timo he was farced to resign from the Army after a fnUni
spree.,. Despite the legends, Grant kept bis drinking habit
near central daring the Civil War. Hh success as a military
commander banished the feeling of Inferiority and inspired
tmsinsit Ma drinking habits during the war were greatly
exaggerated by jealous enemies... There Is a famous story that
when Lincoln heard the rumors about Grant's alcoholism, he
quipped: "Well, I wish some of you would tell me what brand of
whiskey Grant drinks. I would like to send a barrel of it to my
ether general." __. .
It never happened. The yarn was invented by a reporter for
the New York Herald. ________
Admiral Dewey was welcomed with one of New York's wildest
vation3 after his triumph at Manila. He marched through a
triumphal arch on Fifth Ave. The monument was the work of 30
archltetts.'.. Idolized by the people, Dewey looked like a cinch
for the Presidency. However, he ruined his political chances with
a single naive remark: "It's easy enough to be President; all you
have to do Is take orders from Congress, and I have been obeying
orders aU my life."
The editorial barrage which followed that statement splintered
the Presidential timber.
Incidentally, the editorial Waits at Dewey Inspired this verse:
"These heroes we're extolling... A fickle public drops... Folks
chase a ball that's rolling... And kick It when it stops."
Andy Jackson never forgot that he was a soldier. A pair of
six-shooters was standard equipment with him. He carried his
shootln'-lrons while he waa President and once used them against
a-man who Insulted the first Lady.
Gon. John J. Penhing lacked the electric personality of most
great soldiers. But what he lacked In personal magnetismhe
mad* up In military ability... Pershlng was stern and austere, and
his speeches were seldom eloquent, although brilliantly logical.
Ironically, some historians still credit him with the classic phrase,
"Lafayette, we are here!"but he never said It.
When a soldier confessed to him that he was frightened, Penh-
ing Intoned: "All soldiers arc frightened. Courage Is fear that has
said its prayera." ________
Generals have emerged from every American war (except one)
u tha most famous soldiers of the conflict. The most popular
warrior of World War I was a SergeantAlvln York.
Gon. Sherman believed In Inflicting as much damage as possible.
Ha claimed ending a war swiftly was the moat humane method.
During his famous march to the sea, Sherman's forces ruthlessly
destroyed 80 miles via the icorched-earth policy... That Is why he
said: "War Is hell." ,
Ironically, Dbde'a General Lee opposed slavery, but not Yankee
General Sherman.
A Break in the Clouds
The Mail tox Is H '" 'eon o Tha Panana Americas
keWen are recslvse rotofohr "< hselas whoay I ras omrisate letter son bo lrsslnt H It sestft't sboosi the
os Say. L.rtin an eoMblres in tin order receiveO.
Pisaos try M kns tha liHira limites ts sao safl* lingth.
ISmm> e* lettsf write! hsls la strictsit cssfidsao*.
ThU aowieeeot one* as russrwlUMt fa* Mstsaioati oeraleei
vaiciti* la Isttefi I ram nasiri.
Pedro Miguel. C.2.
The Mall Box
The Panama American
Panama. Rep. de Panama
At present the Canal Zone Is In
the midst of one of the annual
fund campaigns, one of the most
worthy of all but at the same tune
one of the least publicised.
A campaign that anthers funds
to aid canoer sufferers, to support
the cancer research program
that is mankind's sole hope for
the control of this horrible blight
on the human race, to aid in the
enrty detection of cancer in those
hi whom It would otherwise be-
come a gnawing killer such a
campaign should be publicised to
the limit. The opportunity to con-
tribute should be presented In
every public place to reach each
and every person capable of con-
tributing even a penny.
Cancer not only kills. It malms
and cripples. It causes untold p-
ajeay and suffering, heartbreak
and terrific expense. Few of the
thousands effected can afford
the heavy, long continued ex-
penses of cancer treatment. By
donating generously to the can-
cer fund we are not only extend-
ing a helping hand to those in
dire need of treatment they can-
not afford, we are giving the
cancer research program the ne-
cessary funds to develop and per-
fect the treatments, cures, and
methods of detection that will
enable mankind to halt the de-
struction caused by cancer and
perhaps someday save the Ufe of
your sister, brother, daughter or
We here in the Canal Zone have
given hundreds and thousands of
dollars to organisations for re-
lief, recreation and entertain-
ment" for those living in this a-
rea. Now let's give as readily and
heartily to an organization fight-
ing a horrible disease and work-
Ina for the benefit of all man-
Don Quixote
My Victor Jttesei
Old workers, like old soldiers,
won't fade away if a new and
imaginative political strategy
succeeds. Millions of oldsters
maybe organized Into a power-
ful pressure group one big
union if some labor leaders
find time In this crisis to push
filana now being made by their
No crack-brained scheme, this.
No ham-and eggs. No SO every
Thursday. This would be strict-
ly a union drive to keep all old
folks In one big union once they
retired as union members under
a pension won by their unions In
recent years.
It could be a union of 16,000,000
ex-unlon members In 10 yearr,
led by CIO or AFL officials.
Right now. there are fully
5,000,000 union members covered
by penalon agreements which
will give them up to $126 a month
once they retire. This la triple
the number of duea payers who
were covered by pensions only
two years ago. By 1961, there will
be 15,000.000 ex-AFL and CIO
members retired and living un-
der union plan pensiona.
Attention was first called to
the growing number of "union
retired folks" by Florida of-
ficials who told me that the
average pension under the new
industrial pension achimes will
be less than $125 per month."
This information, coupled with
the knowledge that migration
of Old folk to Florida is in-
creasing heavily as the num-
ber of pensioners increases star
ied Florida on Intensive work
nnder their Retirement Re-
search Division. One of the first
chorea of its Supervisor, Irv
Webber, some time age waa to
plan for moderately priced
"We have worked on plans for
neighborhood villages for retired
people," he told me. "Communi-
ties suited to them because of
physical accommodations to the
special needs or older people,
which would be located near a
The Florida authorities no-
ticed and so have labor leaders
elsewhere, that in St. Petersburg
former residents of most north-
ern states have formed "state so-
cieties" which meet regularly
and run social activities. About
70 per cent of these retired old
folks come from states north of
the "Mason-Dlxon line" and east
of the rough line drawn by the
Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas.
That's the big Northeast heavy
factory and big city sector, where
the bulk of the country's Intern-
ational union headquarters Is
The political and social pow-
er of these older people, now
with a fixed Income and a
desperate desire to keep living
costa down tu manhole cover
the travail of the retired by
level, has been realised by some
of Walter Heather' colleague.
And they decided to look Into
setting up a Uttle known com-
mittee to explore the possibili-
ties of organising abose who be-
come too old to be unionised
workers. At the last United Au-
tomobile Workers' Convention
all retired workers were first
voted "lifetime members In
good standing without pay-
ment of any dnes."
And. in a public appeal to re-
tired workers In CIO. one man
who has been at work preparing
information for that committee
pointed out how. In 10 years, the
15,000,000 retired ex-unlon men
will have an Income "greater
than the average yearly nst pro-
fit of all corporations during the
last five years." That's at a rate
of a $100-a-month pension. And
It's bound to be more as new un-
ion contracta are negotiated.
"And who could claim Jurisdic-
tion and organise this great new
economic group?" this commit-
tee spokesman. Frank B. Tuttle,
wrote this week in the Michigan
CIO News.
"Who, Indeed, but the CIO,
which has alre.ady taken Juris-
diction by bargaining for them
and, in one stroke, Increasing all
social security pensions by 80
per cent... Organizing these re-
tired workers will not require
anything like the work vid ex-
pense that we have In organiz-
ing other groups.
The men who organised the
unemployed council*, the WPA
unions, tbe aitdown strikes, all
between ISM and lftl, "Are
now being included in the first
class to graduate from tbe
school of mass production and
receive the degree of retired
pensioned worker. Tattle said
in his appeals to all retired folk
to contact him for organisa-
tion under the slogan: "Too old
to work; too young te die."
They "have to be organized" to
"deal collectively with their pro-
blems", this chap said. And al-
though labor's top leaders ara
absorbed by the world's war pro-
blems, they still find time "for
a great deal of discussions of the
possibilities of organizing their
retired ex-members because
there la a great awareness of the
potential of such a force on the
political front, "a highly placed
labor spokesman said this week.
Significant words, these!
qtie WSrHNfiTOrt
I- ., v i >. i 6*
Dog Days
NEW YORK. It U only fair to report that we
have had the baby mowed, as per plan, and are
gratified to learn that we own a poodle dog. alter,
all, instead of a yak or an aardvark. We have also
learned that she has eyee. up to now a decidedly
moot point. ..
It ia a peculiar thing about females, be they doga
or ladies. One trip to the beauty shop for a new
hairdo, and the whole personality changes. I
knew a lady once, a handsome brunette, wno
came down with a desire to be a blonde. Once
the peroxide waa on the locks, she under-went
a severe change of spirit. Where formerly she
had been frugal modest, retiring and a decided
homebody, she blossomed overnight Into a giday
She began to buy daring dresses, at fabulous
prices and sulked when a quiet evening at home
was suggested. She took to lunching at costly
cafes where groceries are weighed in karats, ra-
ther than pounds, and forced her liege lord to
learn the rumba. It developed that ahe had owned
a blonde spirit, all along, and the drab coloration
of the brunette had merely been a protective co-
So It was with Ma'mselle. the she-ooome ov.,
had been a rather retiring bale of hay. unsure of
which direction she was lakln*. ,
to peer through the thicket of topknot that lell
over her faoe. People laughed as soon as they aaw
her and made rude remarks, such, as rim is a
dog?" This gave her a feeling of Insecurity, caus-
ing her to eat books and earrings and cufflinks
and furniture, which In turn alfected her diges-
tion and my temper.
Al this Is changed now. Sine ahe has received
her first hair cut something called a "non-
sporting clip" at heaven knows what exorbitant
fee she la convinced that ahe la a dog, and rather
a handsome one, at that. She Is also convinced
that she is a lady dog, and has mannerisms to
match. She switches her hips when she walks,
and has become disgustingly cdf with her old
playmate, the omnivorous boxer. I hope this flir-
tation does not lead to a more permanent ar-
rangsment. because in my weakened condition I
do not feel up to God-fathering a litter of half-
boxer-half-poodle puppies.
This same beast, which used to be happy In the
simple life, such as masticating my best hat or
chewing the rungs off chaira, now is beginning
to hint broadly that she would like to be taken
out to lunch, say at the "21" Club, where the
rloh dogs go to strut and preen themselves while
their mistresses consume eight or 10 martinis and
a light table d'hote priced at no more than a
couple hundred bucks a throw.
In the City of New York, this lush living leads
to such things as mink coats for the cold weath-
er, and at least a rhlneatone collar. A deep and
gnawing discontent at being a dog at all sets In,
and they all finally wind up In the hands of a
psychiatrist, Just like their mistresses. The old
man fetches up In bankruptcy court, and another
chapter of shattered^ives is written.
I do not count the horrid cost of the monthly
trip to the beauty shop, for a rearrangement of
canine hairdo, but I do resent the growing lack
of esteem In which the animal holds me.
She has begun to cast scornful glances at the
battered furniture and the spotted rugs, without
realising that she herself Is responsible for the
battering and the spot*. I have a feeling that she
cllaapproves of my personal appearance, and have
even taken to shaving before breakfast In order
not to appear unkempt under her majesty's cool
Insofar as punishment U concerned, when she
forgets herself sufficiently to mutilate the coffee
table, we are hopelessly at loss. No mere mortal
of lowly antecedents has courage enough even to
think of spanking a lady of such elegance and
breeding. It would be like taking a stick to Queen
But n one point I Intend to remain firm. If
this danged dog don't quit posturing in front of
mirrors, I am going to stop her dally ration of
caviar and filet mlgnon. and put her back on dog
food. I am getting a little weary of eating horse
meat, myself, even though It does keep the budget
In balance. .........____________
Matter Of Fact
(Copyright 1M1. Post-Hall
Syndicate, Inc.) ____
PARIS.-For the time being, "ra o! the
Army Dwlght D. Elsenhower and his intern
tlonal staff are polishing up their ob. *
ting on with whatever can be done '^mediately,
and biding their time. But before long, some
pretty grim decisions are olng to have to be
taken about the ultimate size of the Atlantic de
tense forces and their eventual composition and
dUPFUrstncomes th. great issue of Oeman part-
icipation. For the present, a 1 efforts ?e
lng directed towaris organizing P'*"? 2
defense of the line of the Rhine, to whlch^of
course the Germans will not contribute. But
thla Rhine plan has long been recognised im
very poor atopgap. And. German divisions are es-
sential for a defense nearer the Eioe.
The signs suggest that this delicate question
will b? appWhed obliquely. The global requ r-
ntente for an adequate forward hdeene. *"' J
plainly stated. It will then be obvious that. UU
number of divisions cannot possibly'be P/0"*
except by German participation, or by the heavi-
est iaeriflcea by the other,Western Europeans.
Thus the French and their yPth1" *f
have to choose between rejecting the principle
of an adequate defense, or accepting the Ger-
mans aa equal defense partners. ,K!om fti
Second, comes the controversial problemi of
the air-ground balance within the *
ern defense force. When this reporter left Wash-
ington at leaat the Pentagon *w ^U 'h-rnly
clinging to the old rule of thumb. d'v'sl,hn;
one air group But the beet minds here on the
AUied stiff. imon, the propectlv<|nuap mU-
ltary leaders and among Gen. Elaenhower ^sub-
ordinates. alWhave a different concept Their nue
la- the smaller the ground force, the larger the
ir forceThu. the "necessarily JnHted^jWem
-round army must be supported and suatainea
by really overwhelming tactical air Pwer-
By severing enemy Unes of communication,
by chopping up enemy forces moving Into posi-
fon. by destroying enemy supplies, the air li^ to
li5 of our sm>ler defending force. Such la the
nit the enemy's larger ground army down to the
theory. But for theae purposes, perhap a nuno-
red air groups overall will be needed In Europe
Jone, in addition to the home defense air forces
In America. Britain and elsewhere. As Sen. Hen-
ry Cabot Lodge has already shrewdly demons-
trated, getting this kind of sat aftctpry air bal-
ance may demand drastic re-thlklng of Am-
erican air plana and program In all fields from
appropriations to production. wr r>f
Third, pomes the unpleasant problem of
manpower. The French and several other Eu-
ropean Atlantic pact partners still follow the
pre-flrst World War training system, which will
not put modern, combat worthy divisions promp-
tly Into the field. the French, for example,
are to meet their commitment of forces for West-
ern defense, they must extend the conscript train-
ins period from eighteen months to two to three
years And they must allow some conscripts to
serve in Indo-chlna. so that professional troops
can be brought home and formed Into the train-
ing cadres that the French army now lacks. Here
are more thorns to grasp.
Fourth, there Is the troublesome question of
facilities. The need to get on with the construction
of air bases is apparent everywhere from Turkey
and Cyprus and Tripoli around to France. Here in
France particularly, there Is a massive air base
requirement, since this Is the natural region from
which to back up a ground effort in Germany or
on the Rhine. Many sorts of installations, from
headquarters to supply depots must also be pro-
vided and paid for. And the difficulties thus far
have been so great that even the headquarters
from which General Juin and Norstad are to com-
mand the main European ground and air forces
are not yet available. ....
There are other Items that might be added to
the long list such aa the crucial Mediterranean
problems already explored In thla space. Enough
has been said, however, to prove two ptate, pen.
Eisenhower will not even have a full set of tools
for his job before the leaders of the Western na-
tions have done a lot more hard work And even
after his tools have been provided. Oen. Eisen-
howers Job will take a long tlr.: t? rcrr...-----
(Copyright, 1M1, New York Herald Tribune Inc>
Draw Pearson gay: Treasury shouJd prob incomo tax of
John Capono; Democrats knift low-cast housino,; Real*
estatt lobby wins by Congressional default.
WASHINGTON.Secretary of the Treasury Snyder has now
appointed an A-l Man. J. B. Dunlap, to head the special tax squad
probing underworld Income-tax returns. Here Is one tax return
l,s might take a special look at-that of Chicago's Ermlnlo John
Capone, brother o Al Capone.
John has quite a free and easy way of making out his income-
tax returnso free and easy that the average businessman would
be locked up If he operated the same way.
In 1849, for Instance, Capone reported a total Income of $23,119,
which ho said came from "Miscellaneous" sources. In IMS his In-
come waa $30,150, also from "Miscellaneous." In 1948 he reported
$10,180 from "Miscellaneous," and In 1S4S $$,810 from "Mlsaellan-
eoua" plus $800 from the Precision Metal and Machine Co.
During closed-door hearings of the Xefauver Crime Commit-
tee, Capone was questioned regarding thla by Investigation George
"Mr. Capone," observed Robinson. "I notice that you list your
sole source of Income over a period cf years as being simply mla-
cellanens. Do you prepare your own returns?"
"I do. And I give the figure to an auditor and he files the re*
turn," replied Capone.
"What kind of figure do you give him? Do you break the
figure down... Or do you give him Just a lump sum?" Asked
"Well, I give him my entire Income," Capone retorted.
"How do you arrive at that lump sum?" Robinson pressed.
"Well, I Just keep track of it," Capone fidgeted.
"How do you keep track of it?" demanded the Investigator.
"I keep track of it from day to day," parried Capone.
"Do you put It down in a hook?" Robinson persisted.
"Well." explained Capone. "If I win any money today, and I
win the next day, I forget about the first day and Just keep track
of the total balance."
"How do you keep track of the total balance?" Robinson, .fired
"In my mind." reported Capons.
"How many times did you speculate last year?" asked Robin-
son. '
"I can't keep track of the times," snapped Capons- "There were
numerous times."
"You kept It all In your head?" demanded Robinson.
"That la right," Capone agreed.
"Then you come up at the end of the year with a balance?"
Robinson continued. .
"Yes," Capone nodded.
"And that Is what you put down as 'Miscellaneous" id'your
return?" asked Robinson.
"Am I being tried for Income tax here?" snarled Capone; an-
"You aren't being tried for anything," shot back Robinson.
"Wc are making an Inquiry, Mr. Capone.''
Mriybe the Internal Revenue Bureau ought to make an inquiry,
too- ^..
Republican Congressmen have been chiefly Identified with the
reai-sstate lobby in the past. However. Houae Democrats helped
knife their own President In virtually killing the Taft low-cpsi
public housing program.
It was Democrat Ed Goasett of Texas, long the spokesman Eastern business, who sponsored and led the fight to slash Jhe
program to 5,000 low-cost, public housins; units a year. 70,000 units
less than President Truman says Is our minimum need.
The Oosset amendment, while seeming, to keep the housing
program alive by a few token projects, actually snuff out the whjole
program. For 5,000 units aren't enough to aatiafay the alum-clear-
ance needs of one big defense center like New York or Chicago
and the administrative costs of a shoestring program will be so
so heavy that Congressional eobnomyltes are bound to follow up
with a demand that the whole Housing program la ditched.
This Is exactly what the National Association of Home Build-
ers and other real-estate lobbyists have been openly demanding
a suspension of public housing altogether.
Ironcally, Administration Democrats from big cities, which
need public housing moat, hod as much to do with adoption of the
Gossett amendment If not mote than the Republlcan-dlxie-
crat coalition.
Gossett and Oop Rep. Wolcott of Michigan, another real-
estate lobby wheelhorae, cleverly forced a vote late Friday after
members of the famous In-Tuesday-out-Thursday absentee club
had made their usual mass exodous to New York and elsewhere.
As a result, the Gossett amendment won by default. 181 to 11$.
Though New York would gain more than any other city from
continuance of the public housing program, only five of its $4
house members were sufficiently interested in their constituents
to remain In Washington and vote against Oosset. They were
Democrats Gary Clement, Vincent Qulnn. James Delaney, Donald
OToole and Christopher McGrath. all of New York and Brooklyn.
Sixteen Manhattan and Brooklyn democrats, however, wot*
absent for the vital vote affecting their districtsHeller, Anfueo,
Keosh, Kelly, Heffernan. Rooney. Multer. Cellar. Murphy. Don-
ovan. Klein Fine, Powell. Doiiinger and Buckley, and even Frank-
lin Roosevelt, Jr., whose father helped pioneer public houalng. did
:iot stick around to vote. Three New York City Republicans also
vero not present to vote-Latham, coudert and Javits.
Philadelphia, Another big city with alums, also was let down
by Its Democratic congressmen. Its two Republican mambersTIfir-
dle and Hugh Scott, were on the floor to vote against tbe Goasett
amendment, but all four Democrats from PhiladelphiaBarrett,
Grauahan, Chudoff and Oreentook a run-out powder.
So also did Chicago's Democrats William Dawson and Jetin
Kluczzynskl. Dawson, a Negro congressman, representa one aj Die
most congested areas In the world, while Kluczzynski's Polish dls-
trlct is only a Httle less so. However, they did not bother to veje.
Another significant absentee was Democrat Bob Poague of Wfo,
Texas, whose constituents recently voted for public housing la a
Other Texas absentees from cities with public houstaifujajo-
arams were Frank Wilson of Dallas, Paul Kllday. of 8an Frartg^cQ)
and Clark Thompson of Galveston.
NOTESome of these absentees may have been 111 or outj>r
town on legitimate business, but the great majority had no Sjcclte
for missing an important roll call like this. g
(Copyright. 1851. by The BeU Syndicate, law.)

Canal Zone School Activities

C.H.S. News
By Jeb Wilkerson
OH.8 Is back in the old groove again. True to form every-
thing was cancelled or postponed last week because of the pol-
tlcal disturbances in the Republic.
The long awaited Music Festival was one of the Postpone-
ments which Atlantic-siders must endure. The stage was all set
or Mr. Ozzie's song-ieste when old Mr. "Bad Luck" caught and
dampened the c.H.S. spirit again. A new slant on the tradi-
tional palm irends were to grace the stage. Sandra Hammond
and Andrew Llm were only two of many hard workers welldlng
their paint brushes and producing pastel effects on the green fan
shaped leaves. Fortunately the flowers had not yet been picked.
'. Even though the past week has been an unusually unlucky
ope the seniors of Cristobal High School are not moping around
freary halls. No. Indeed, they are making plans for Senior Week.
Although the plane are strictly top secret, one can surely bet that
me mighty strange and exciting doings will take place In C.H.S.
Tst Wednesday the graduates of 1951 were seen reaming in the
halls sporting their graduation caps.
Final Exams are approaching. It's a terrible thought
! but soon it will became a reality. Students are seen
cramming in every last bit they can before the final blow.
Something new has been added to Miss Keenan's girl's gym
This time it's Jumping rope. There are even, after school
Jumping contests. Square dancing has also found the Gym
_ During the periods one can walk down the hall and hear
r Yolanda Diez or Miss Keenan herself, giving forth with
:1c from her accordion.
| On Friday night the Cristobal High School Tigers won over
the Jr. College varsity by a score of 52-38. It was an especially
food game and it was too bad that more didn't turn out to see It.
Big doings were taking place last Saturday night at the Coco
Solo Officers Club. The R.O.T.C. Awards Ball was the scene of
much merry-making. The highlight of the evening was the pre-
sentation of the Governors Cup to Henry Wactel who received
the highest score in the Examination. The decorations were of
an appropriate kind. The Gulde-onswere painted on the pro-
ffami. The R.O.T.C. Insignia was used on the band's music
Last Wednesday classes were excused at 2 p. m. for a Spe-
cial preview of the Spring Music Program. The High School Or-
chestra played "The Legend" and "Theme" from Romeo and
Juliet. Johnny Fahnestock played "The Message" on his Trom-
bone. He was accompanied by Anna Fisher.
The High School Choir sang: "I Dream of You" and "The
Night is so Young." Rita Howard took the solo. Rita and Tom-1
my Jordan sang a beautiful duet entiled "Thine Alone." .
The Grande Finale consisted of the Junior and 8enlor High
Schol Choirs singing while accompanied bv the Orchestra. Tunes
heard in this "Patriotic Fantasia" were: "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp,"
"O Columbia the Gem of the Ocean," "There's something about a
Soldier," and "America."
Shooting for the Scholastic intra-mural Rifle Club tourna-
ments began today. The ten high scorers will shoot for the In-
dividual NRA Chamnlon sometime this week. Here's something
for CHS students to look forward to: The Awards Assembly which
will be May 21.
National Defensa
Mir 12-1*
Panama K^anal (clubhouses
Showing Today
ilS :#
Wed. A Than. "HARVEY"
:1S a 7:5
COCOL i Humphrey BOGART o Gloria GRAHAM
GAM 80 A
G A 7 U N
Jerome COURTLAND a> Beverly TYLER
'THE PALOMINO" (technicolor)
Wednesday "THE LADY EVE"
CIS 1:11
fverfooiy tfeaJs C\a$s\fie$
B.H.S. Notes
By Louise Glud
Just three weeks from tonight the Senior Class of 1851 will
break all connections with Balboa High School and be but alum-
ni of a great alma mater. That's right, only three weeks till
graduation and only ID class periods to go. It doesn't seem pos-
sible that the great day is as near as it is. Like seniors are
writing in the ZONIANS, It seems Just a couple months ago that
they were freshmen.
Oh, there I go daydreaming again when there has been
news that needs covering. Only to remind us all of the near-
ness of the end of school are the many banquets. On the even-
ing of last Thursday the Lettermen held their annual banquet.
The "feed" was had over at the Elks Club, Another athletic
banquet to take place is that to be Iield by the GAA. This ban-
quet is scheduled for this Saturday night, the nineteenth.
Last week's main topic of discussion was that con-
cerning the SA elections. After a full day's voting, the
ballots were tallied and the winners announced. Irwln
Frank will succeed Frank Mayo as Student Association
Prexy next year, and holding the office of vice-president
will be Bob Peacher. -
Another happening that received a great deal of attention
was the distribution of caps and gowns. It was a shivery feel-
ing as each senior received his own robe and mortar board on
Friday morning. It was not only that feeling of having butter-
flies fluttering within your abdomen, but also a feeling of sat-
isfaction. The sensation of satisfaction would be that of having
worked tediously for four years to reach a well-earned goal.
The ROTC Annual Awards Ball also took place last week,
Friday night, to be exact. The formal for all cadets and their
dates was held at the Army, and Navy Club. From all reports,
the dance was more than a success for it was not only the time
for the hard-working kaydets to receive their awards but also it
Diovided an evening of enjoyment for all.
Today at 9:20 there was a pep rally held in the
Upper Gym. It was held in preparation for Balboa's last
basketball game with the Canal Zone Junior College
Green Wave. This game is being played tonight in the
new Gym at 7:00. 1
BHS's last game against College, which, bv the way. was
played a week ago tonight, was a victorious one for the Bull-
dogs. The score was 42-31. The JV game was not as one sided
as the Varsity battle and ended in favor of the CZJC five, 44-41.
It Is necessary for the Bulldogs to pull through tonight!
With the backing of all BHS'ers and the will to win, of which
B.-ilboa has both, the Red 'n White will not only come out on
top tonight but also be the winners against the Blue and Gold
CristobaHtes this Friday night. Our team will play on the Tiger's
court. By beating College tonight and Cristobal on Friday, our
team will have won this year's basketball championship. Come
on klddos, get behind our boys and give them the support they
As of today BHS Is under the acting prlncipalshlp of Mr.
Harold J. Zierten. Principal T. F. Hotz is leaving for his summer
vacation this Friday. Have a nice trip and a pleasant time while
in the States, Mr. Hozt!
Radio Programs
Your Community Station
Where 100.000 rMOto Meet
Today, Tuesday, May IS
3:30Music for Tuesday
4:00Music Without Words
4:15Promenade Concert.
4:30What' Your Favorite
8:15Evening Salon
7:00Bllgh of the Bounty (BBC)
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8:00NEW8 (VOA)
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Day (VOA)
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12:0081gn Off.

With the new
JOHN DEREK ^rgm,ready
Diana LYNN
Tomorrow, Wednesday, May II
6:00Sign On, Alarm Clock Club
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Day (VOA)
10:00BBC Playhouse
11:00The Owl's Nest
1:00Sign Of
Explanation of Symbols:
VOAVoice of America
BBCBritish Broadcasting
RDFRadlodiffuslon FrancaUe
Woman Lawyer Will
Direct Education
For Girls' Stale
Mrs. Kay P. Fisher, Assistant
District Attorney, U. S. District
Court, Ancon, will be on the staff
of Caribbean Girls State In June,
serving as Director of the edu-
cational program. The an-
nouncement was made by Mrs.
Nelson W. Magner, who Is direct-
ing Girls State against this year.
Mrs. Fisher is a local girl,
having come to the Canal Zone
with her parents, Dr. and Mrs.
H. L. Phillips, when only four
years old. She attended Canal
Zone schools, graduating from
Cristobal High School, and at-
tended Canal Zone Junior Col-
lege for one year. A graduate of
Cumberland Law School, Mrs.
Fisher did postgraduate work at
the University of Colorado at
Boulder, became a member of the
Bar in Kentucky and practiced
law there for two years. She
served in 1943 as Assistant Dis-
trict Attorney here, and has been
living in the Canal Zone off and
on since that time.
Assisting Mrs. Fisher on the
educational program will be Mrs.
Pat Ryan of Cocoli, Mrs. W. Ga-
lusha of Albrook Air Force Base,
Mrs. H. Bunty of Balboa, Mrs. Ve-
ra Simonsen of Diablo Heights
and the Misses Annette Godby,
who was Governor of 1950 Girls
State, Patricia Walker, who at-
tended Girls Nation in Washing-
ton, D. C. last year as a repre-
sentative of Caribbean Girls
State, and Marge Wiley of Al-
brook Air Force Base, Sonya Mor-
ley of Fort Clayton, Juanita
Meeks of Fort Gullck and Helen
Klssam of Gatun.
Caribbean Girls State will be
held June 8 to 14, at Fort Sher-
man, through the courtesy of
the Commanding General, U. S.
Army Caribbean. Girls of the
Junior classes of high schools will
attend this third annual session,
which Is held under the auspices
of the American Legion Auxi-
liary, Department of Panama Ca-
nal Zone.
The fundamental objective of
Girls State is to create better
citizenship. Girls "learn by do-
ing" under the guidance of

Florida Governor's
Ex-Friend Brings
Impeachment Threat
(UP) A Miami legislator an-
nounced today that he is ready
to start drawing up impeach-
ment proceedings against Gov.
Fuller Warren.
Rep. George Okel of Dade
County, one-time close friend of
the Governor, called on the Dade
Bar Association to provide "two
or three attorneys" to help him
draft articles of impeachment.
OkelT threatened to bring such
action against Warren shortly
after the Governor reinstated
Dade Sheriff James (Smiling
Jimmy) Sullivan on April 9.
Okell said evidence presented
to him and to the Haley "Little
Kefauver" Committee investigat-
ing crime and political corrup-
tion was ample to back up an im-
peachment move. However, he
did not disclose what the evid-
ence was.
Okell said he hopes to get the
need give you no anxieties
There need be no reatleu nights, do tears, no baby disorders,
if yon have Aehton A Parson Infants' Powders handy.
Mothers all over the world have found them soothing and
cooling when baby is fretful through teething, and, best of alt
* uai m mm *.
Special Bus Routes
To Run For Visitors
Armed Forces Day
The Supervisor of Public Bus
Transportation for the Panama
Canal. F. D. Hunsicker, announc-
ed today that the Canal Zone
busses will run special routes for
the convenience of persons going
to the Armed Forces Day.celebra-
tlon at Albrook Air'Torce'Base on
The event begins promptly at
1:00 p.m. and the first busses will
leave early enough to arrive at
Albrook at that time, with addi-
tional busses following the same
route at ten minute intervals.
The Canal Zone busses will tra-
vel the following route on Satur-
The starting point is Shaler
Road, thence to the Ancon Laun-
dry, up Frangipanl Street, past
Ancon Clubhouse. Commissary
and Post Office to Fourth of July
Avenue. On Fourth of July, the
busses will go (o Balboa Road; on
Balboa Road past the Chase
Bank, Balboa Clubhouse. Com-
missary, and Post Office to Dia-
blo Road. The busses will then
travel Diablo Road to Haines
Street, to Diablo Commissary,
then on Walker Avenue back to
Diablo Road. From that point
they will go on Galllard Highway
to Gate Two at Albrook. This
route will be reversed going back
to Shaler Road to take care of
those who desire to leave early.
The Gill Transportation Com-
pany, serving Armv and Air Force
installations will provide service
to Albrook from all the Army
stations on both banks of the Ca-
Greater Miami Crime Commis-
sion to help pay the costs of hir-
ing extra attorneys to prepare
proceedings against Warren.
The legislator did not Indicate
when he plans to Introduce the
Impeachment proposal in the
House of Representatives, which
must institute such action.
Tonight 7:15 p.m.
Motion Pictures.
Self preservation in Atomic
An Atomic lecture by
Major G. Halligan.
AT THE SAN JOSE ORPHANAGE in Panama City, a delec-
table gift of mangoes Is unloaded from an Army vehicle as
the kiddies warch eagerly. The fruit was gathered at Fort
Amador and Quarry Heights by soldiers of the 516th car
Company and of Headquarters and Headquarters Company,
Special Troops, whose First Sergeant (left), John J. Tobln,
supervised the delivery to the Institutions. Holding the other
little girl is Pfc. Herbert 8. Dowd, also of Special Troops,
while the driver, Pfc. Kenneth L. Doucet, of the 516th unloads
the first c^-ate of mangoes.
(US Army photo)
* *
'Operation Mango' Swings
Limbs; Orphans Eat Fruit
The old Army detail of policing
the area has become a major ac-
tivity at Fort Amador as men
from Headquarters Special Troops
enter the initial phase of "Opera-
tion Mango."
Under the direction of Ma]. P.
L. Peterson, with Capt. Wayne
M. Douglas and 1st Lt. Earl D.
Foster acting as coordinators,
the mission of the mango-men is
to capture as many mangoes as
possible for turnover to various
orphanages In Panama City.
Since the beginning of the op-
eration, three crates of mangoes
have been delivered to the Asilo
de Nuestro Seora. Other orphan-
ages on the distribution list In-
clude the Asilo de la Infancia.
Orfelinato de San Jos, Hospicio
de Hurfanos and the Asilo de la
Santa Familia.
"Operation Mango" is a -sea-
sonal activity performed by
Headquarters and Headquarters
Company and 516th Car Compa-
ny. The organized athletic por-
tion of the training program is
devoted to the gathering of the
fruit and in addition, volunteer
crews collect the mangoes dally.
That Peterson's mango pickers
please the populace cannot be
disputed. If one Is to Judge by
holiday attitude of the little or-
phans who receive them.
- J1861CA TANDY aoaarr aim*
In Technicolor I

AcUon a only
John Wayne
can perform I
A Cuban Show Full of
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Escribe: Vera Fontanella.
Panama Amrica
TUBERA galvanizada-
r r r ir r
PANAMA. R. r- MARTES. MATO 15. 1951
TU Espaa Ul TcL I-1M8
La investigacin de los sucesos
abarcar todos los aspectos
Hay 500 detenidos
y 550 estn ahora
en libertad
LM tres FUcales del Circuito
da Panam r el riscal Befando
del Primor Distrito Judicial, les
licenciados Vianor Bellido, Ale-
jandro Cajar, Darle Sandoval 7
Carlos Augusto Lepes, han es-
tablecido temp oralmente ene
despachos en la oficina del Di-
rector de 'la Crcel Modelo y
adelantan conjuntamente las
sumarias para formarse concep-
to de si por los actos ejecuta-
dos per les Ministros del doctor
Arnelfo Arias, al suscribir el
Decreto derogando la. Constitu-
cin de Utf, les cabe respon-
sabilidad penal. Les Pscales
mencionados investigan, asimis-
mo, la responsabilidad sue le
puede caber a las otras per-
sonas detenidas por los hechos
de sanen ocurridos en esta ciu-
dad en los ltimos dias.
Be nos informa que la labor
de Investigacin es enorme, ya
ene comprende el esclareetmien-
Puede provocar la Guerra Mundial
el caso del petrleo en el Irn'
Quieren que Mueca
sea el acusador del
Dr. Arnulfo Arias M.
Los HH. DD. Marco A. Robles
y Lorenzo Barraza han expre-
sado que veran con (rusto que
el H. D. Jorge Illueca fuera el
acusador del ex-Presidente Ar-
nulfo Arlas y sus MlnUtros en
el Juicio que se adelanta con
motivo del Decreto Ejecutivo por
medio del cual se derogaba 1*
Constitucin de 1948.
En efecto, los mencionados Di-
putados manifestaron que ellos
daran gustosos su voto para que
el Diputado mueca ejerciera las
funciones de acusador ante la
Asamblea. ____
Inglaterra exigir que sean
iniciadas inmediatamente las
negociaciones al respecto
Medidas extremas tomar el Parlamento de
para expropiar todas las instalaciones
Pas revista ayer al Cuerpo
de Polica el Presidente con
el Ministro de Gobierno
Se pronostica la
cada de Marshall
y Acheson pronto
Observadores est.eehasnente
conectados con la Casa Manca
predicen abiertamente que loa
secretarle* de Estado i Defen-
sa, Acheson y Marshall, saldrn
del gabinete antes de que ter-
mine este ano.
Dos de esos observadores a-
lrman que Acheson est ya
"condenado" y que su separa-
cin es slo cuestin de tiempo.
Agregan que ser destituido tan
pronto como se calme la tor-
rasa a la Fas. Col. i
Nombran a John C.
Wiley Embajador
de E.U.en Panam
Bl Presidente Truman nombr
ayer a John C. WUey, ex-emba-
Jador en Colombia, y veterano
de 35 aos en el servicio diplo-
mtico, como Embajador en
De ser aprobado el nombra-
miento por el Senado WUey su-
ceder a Monnett B. Davis, quien
recientemente fu nombrado
Embajador en Israel
Wlley ha estado manejando
(l*asa a la Parma col. Si
El Excelentsimo seor Presi-
dente de la Repblica, Don A.-
cibiades Arosemena y el Minli-
tro de Gobierno y Justicia Dr.
el ngel Orddfii, pasaron
ayer al Cuerpo de i o-:
llca Naolonal en una ceremonia
que se efectu a las cinco de le
tarde, e el patio de la Polica
El Presidente y su Ministro
de Gobierno llegaron al Cuar-
tel Central de Polica acompa-
ados del Edecn, Teniente Co-
ronel Rodolfo U. Castrelln, del
Secretarlo del Ministerio, Don
Armando Moreno G. y otros al-
tos funcionarios del Gobierne.
Aili fueron recibidos por los Co-
mandantes de la Polica Naco-
nal y por la oficialidad y la
tropa que estaba en rigurosa
El Dr. Ordez hizo uso de
la palabra y manifest a la po-
lica que esta gesta habla de-
mostrado que "era posible la
Identidad entre los hombres q'ie
portaban las armas y los ciu-
dadanos en la sublime empresa
de hacer patria"-
Al hacer uso de la palabra el
Presidente Arosemena dijo que
"la Polica Nacional habla te-
nido una nota de distincin al
servicio de la Repblica, respal-
dando el movimiento ciudadano
en defensa del orden constitu-
cional y reconociendo las de-
cisiones de la Asamblea Nacio-
nal y la Corte Suprema de Jus-
ticia, que dan titulo al Gobier-
no que presido".
rasa a la Pag Col J)
TEHERAN, Mayo 15 (OP) Los funcionarios Iranios
advirtieren a la Compaa petrolera britnica "Anglo -
Iranian" que haga entrega de sus
ilaciones a Irn
r(ricamente "porque sto pudiera sealar el comlenso
la tercera guerra mundial".
La advertencia fu hecha per los miembros de la co-
misin de once miembros del Parlamento Iranio encarga-
da de poner en prctica la ley de nacionalizacin petro-
Hoose ln Makkl, quien acaba
de ser elegido secretarlo de la
comisin, dijo al terminar la
reunin: "SI la Anglo-Iranian
Oil Co., no entrega sus insta-
laciones a Irn caer sobre ella
la responsabilidad de alterar la
paz mundial; esto significar
el comienzo de la tercera guerra
mundial. Tomaremos todas las
medidas a nuestro alcance con
el objetod e reclamar nuestros
El presidente de la Comisin,
Alahayar Salen, miembro del
Frente Racional que dirigi la
campaa que culmin en la
aprobacin de la lev de nacio-
nalizacin del petrleo, dijo que
Irn est determinado a tomar
posesin de la Anglo-Iranian
debido a que es la cuestin
"ms vital para nuestro pals".
Dijo que 'el asunto no es slo
un problema econmico, sino
tambin social y poltico y para
Irn es tan Importante como su
independencia". Aadi que "por
todos los medios posibles tene-
mos que ganar el completo do-
Pssa a la pgina columna (1
"o Constitucin no autoriza
compromisos oqn los Partidos
Polticos/' Eduardo Morgan
Se refiere al problema que ha surgido con respecto
al Gerente del Banco Agropecuario
Agricultores de los EE.UU.
se proponen hacer llover en
5.000.000 de hectreas
Los rcultores tendrn que pagar menos de un
centavo y medio por cada hectrea
"OYMON, Oklahoma Mayo 15
Estados de Oklahoma, Texas y
Kansas tienen propsitos tie
provocar lluvia artlflcal sobre
las casi cinco millones de hec-
treas que abarca la llanura
que se extiende a travs de os
Irving Krick, meteorlogo oe
Denve, perito en la provoca-
cin de lluvias artificial, espera
que ste ao haya en ese luar
una precipitacin mnima de 30
pulfadas de lluvia en vez de las
U que caen normalmente. Los
agricultores tendrn que pag"-r
un promedio de menos de cen-
tavo y medio por hectrea.
La lluvia- se provocar en
nueve condados de los llanos de
Tejas y Oklahoma y gran par-
te del occidente de Texas.
Bl grupo de Krick logr un -
Xito sorprendente ste ao en
ia regin de los montes rocallo-
sos del Estado de Colorado, al
lograr nevadas de 268 por cien-
to de precipitacin normal, To-
do el Estado de Nuevo Mxico y
las des terceras partes de Colo-
rado ha contratado ahora Ioj
servicios de Krick. \
Hace aclaracin
el Administrador
de la E. Normal
El seor Francisco Rodriguez
P., Administrador de la escue-
la Normal, nos ha trado para
su publicacin la siguiente a-
claracin a una noticia apare-
cida ayer en un diario local:
"En el nmero de ayer de "La
Hora", aparece una Informa-
cin del Corresponsal en San-
tiago en la coal se me hace
aparecer como elemento dlso-
clador en la Xscuela Normal.
Para que el pblico desapa-
sionado y sensato Juzgue la ver-
dad, quiero expresar que du-
rante el tiempo que he perma-
necido al frente de la Adminis-
tracin de la Escuela Normal.
Jams he instigado a la huel-
ga a los alumnos, profesores o
empleados, ni tampoco a co-
meter actos indisciplinarlos
(Pasa a la P Cea. ti
Para su publicacin se nos ha
trado la siguiente carta:
Panam, Mayo 14 de 1951
Excmo. Seor Don
Aicibiades Arosemena
^residente de la Repblica
Estimado seor Presidente y
fino amigo:
Acabo de leer en un cuadro
de la primera plana del diarlo
"La Nacin" un comunicado se-
gn el cual al Banco Agro-Pe-
cuario corresponde al Partido
Liberal. No puedo creer por In-
concebible la enormidad de se-
mejante Irreverencia. Todava
no se ha lavado la sangre ni se
han enfriado los cadveres de
las victimas del movimiento
restaurador de la Rep.bllca y ya
se esbora en el horizonte de e-
lla un cuadro tan bochornoso y
Los que nos sumamos a la to-
talidad de los valores formando
la levadura de la mesa para po-
de elaborar el pan sagrada de
la libertad que hoy alimenta la
vida nacional no podemos creer
que tal comunicado tenga jus-
tificacin alguna en la granlti-
ca solidez del gobierno qu d-
preside y que no puede defrau-
dar con sus actos la plena con-
fianza de que disfruta por la
voluntad libre, deliberada y
consciente del pueblo pana-
SI el orden de la libertad de-
be prevalecer en la .Republic*,
de modo que la de cada une
termine donde comienza la de
Pa/ i. Pg. g. CeL 8>
Gobierno autoriza
la apertura de la
Emisora H.O.Q.
Por resuelto dictado por el
Ministerio de Gobierno y Jus-
ticia, fue derogada la resolu-
cin que suspenda el funcio-
namiento de la radioemisora H.
O. Q. de los hermanos De Mena.
La emisora fue cerrada hace
algunas semanas por miembros
de la Polica Nacional que obe-
deca rdenes dictadas por el
entonces Ministro de Gobierno.
La emisora sall al aire sin
autorizacin alguna cuando se
desarrollaron los sucesos de la
semana pasada, y su situacin
ha sido legalizada por el re-
suelto a que venimos haciendo
En Estadstica ha
sido nombrada la
Srta. Carmen Mir
Un sealado honor se ha he-
cho a nuestro pas en el seno
de la Comisin de Estadstica
de las Naciones Unidas reunida
actualmente en Lake Success,
en la persona de la seorita
Carmen Mir, Jefe de la direc-
cin de Estadstica y Censo de
la Contratara General de la
La seorita Mir, la nica
mujer que forma parte de esa
Importante Qemisin funcional
de la ONU, fne designada vice-
presidente de dicha Comisin,
en la cual forma un grupo de
los ms destacados expertos en
aquella materia, representando
a 15 pases de Amrica: Europa,
Asia y Africa. La Comisin ini-
ci sus labores el 7 del presen-
te y la clausura el 18.
Gobierno y Justicia
recibir al pblico
slo de 4 a 6 p.m.
El primer Secretarlo del Mi-
nisterio de Gobierno y Justicia
hace saber a los Interesados
que el Ministro recibir al p-
blico de 4 a 6 de la tarde.
Esta medida ha sido tomada
en vista de la gran cantidad de
Ebllco que se aglomera en las
oras hbiles de trbalo, lo que
oras hbiles de trabajo, lo
imposibilita la buena
del Ministerio.
Se transmitir la
audiencia contra
el doctor A. Arlas
De acuerdo eon Informes da-
dos a este diarlo, las sesiones
extraordinarias de la Asamblea
Nacional, sern transmitidas por
la Cadena de la Asociacin Na-
cional de Radiodifusoras.
En catas sesiones la Cmara
har use de las facultades ju-
diciales sealadas por la Cons-
titucin para Juzgar al ex-Pre-
sldente Arnulfo Arlas, y adelan-
tar, parejo con los tribunales
Judiciales, los procesos seguidos
a las lis ni l personas Indicia-
S hicieron ms
de 20,000 tiros
la tarde del 10
Informes logrados por este
diarlo en fuentes oficiales in-
dicaron esta maana que du-
rante loa dias aciagos y san-
grientos que vivi el pas, la
semana pasada, se hicieron
en esta ciudad por parte de la
Polica Nacional cerca de
quince mil disparos. Las mis-
mas fuentes Informaren que
durante la tarde del ataque a
la Presidencia de la Repbli-
ca la Polica dispar ms de
cien bombas lagrlmgenas.
Esta informacin no induje
los disparos hechos por los
partidarios del Dr. Arnulfo A-
rias en el Palacio Presidencial
y en la Secreta, ni tampoco
le* que hicieren lee franco-ti-
radores desde las azoteas en
diferentes rea de la *t*dad.
Testigos presenciales, vena-
dee en estes asuntos elevan
loa diapares durante estos
dias, tente de la Polica como
de los diferentes bandos poli-
tice* a an total de tO.OM
Muy concurrido el
sepelio del amigo
Ramn Ehrman
En la maana de hoy se llev
a cabo el sepelio del conocido pe-
riodista Ramn (Gallo) Ehrman.
quien resulto herido en los su-
cesos ocurridos en el Palacio Pre-
sidencial el Jueves 10 de Mayo.
Gran consternacin caus la
noticia de la muerte del Sr.
Ehrman, siendo su sepelio su-
mamente concurrido, y asistien-
do al acto los miembros del Sin-
dicato de Periodistas de Panam.
En el cementerio, y en repre-
'Fasa a la Pelns t>. Columna 7)
Solicitudes pendientes en la
Caja por Bl.477.774.00
Inminente ofensiva J
preparan los rojos |1
Con la Iletrada de la Primavera se ha
dificultado el vuelo de los aviones
TOKIO, mayo 15. (UP). 1
La primavera, por la que tan
pacientemente esperaron los co-
munistas, ha llegado a Corea,
deteniendo el avance aliado, e
impidiendo los vuelos de los
aviones de las Naciones Unidas.
Los rojos comenzaron su mo-
vilizacin inmediatamente con-
centrando sus fuerzas en la ori-
lla Norte del rio Pukhan en el
frente central a cuarenta mi-
llas al nor-eate de Sel.
Los rojos se movan caute-
losamente en grupos de mil y
dos mil entre Kapyong y Chun-
chon. Las patrullas .".liadas ata-
caron repetidamente en el ro
Pukhan, en un esfuerzo para
llegar a la orilla Norte para
averiguar lo que estaba suce-
diendo. Sin embargo, en cada
ocasin fueron rechazados por
el intenso fuego comunista.
Los observadores -Hados di-
jeron que la concentracin co-
munista est tomando fuerzas
poco a poco bajo la constante
lluvia qu lleva ya dos dias
Las fuerzas de las Naciones
Unidas permanecan en tensin,
pero listas a entrar en accin
detrs de sus barricadas de a-
lambre de pas y de los cam-
pos de minas que protejen sus
trincheras de avanzada.
Las patrullas aliadas encon-
traron una fuerte oposicin ca-
da vez que encontraron a los
rojos en medio del lodo de la
tierra de nadie.
La lluvia Inund las trinche-
ras y los emplazamientos de ca-
ones, entorpeciendo el avance
de los camiones de aprovisiona-
miento y la artllera, lmpldlen*
do los ataques areos contra la*
tropas enemigas.
Hace varios meses los obser-
vadores, predijeron que los ro-
jos atacaran con todas sue
fuerzas cuando llegaran las llu-
vias de la primavera. Sin em-
bargo, los aliados lograron pe-
netrar hasta Corea del Norta
antes de la llegada de las llu-
El ataque de las fuerzas a-
liadas oblig a los rojos a ata-
car para proteger sus enormes
(Pata a la Pag. eel. 7)
El Ecuador y la
Rep. de Guatemala
reconocen el Gob.
Los Gobiernos de Ecuador y
Guatemala han enviado sendas
notas a nuestra Cancillera en
las cuales comunican que conti-
nuarn "complacidos" las re-
laciones diplomticas entre so*
pases y nuestro Gobierno.
Como informamos en nuestra
edicin de ayer un vocero del
Departamento de Estado del Go-
bierno de los Estados Unidos do
Amrica, declar en conferencia
de prensa 'que hasta donde el
sabia, las relaciones diplomti-
cas entre Estados Unidos y Pa-
nam continan normales bajo
el nuevo Presidente de Panam,
don Aicibiades Arosemena".
Tres mil millones de dlares
anuales se invertirn en los
pases poco desarrollados -
Plsn en ese sentido han presentado a la ONU cin-
e perita "fe renta resten*
Necesitan slo la
aprobacin de la
Junta Directiva
Cerca de medio milln de bal-
boas en prstamos hipotecarios
estn pendientes en la Caja de
Seguro Social, segn informes
quo nos fueron suministrados
en fuentes oficiales.
La lista completa de los prs-
tamos que ascienden a B. 477,-
774 que solo necesitan de la
aprobacin de la Junta Direc-
tiva es la siguiente:
Eva Mara O. de Rodrguez,
Las Sabanas, B. 7.976.00.
Juan C. de Bal. Nata, 5,200.00.
Margarita Q. de Vsquez, Mi-
raflores, 6.700.00.
Olivia Maria Lay, Miraflores,
Carlos Luis Snchez, Parque
Lefevre, 9,200.00.
Jubo C. Medina, Parque Le-
fevre, gOOO.00.
Albina Maria Gutirrez, Bo-
quete, 9,400.00.
Mercedes I. A. de Young, Mi-
raflores, 7,399.00.
Juan N. Calvo, Aguadulce, 8,-
Guillermo Jurado, San Fran-
cisco, 14.8J6.0o.
Joaqun Rodriguez, Chitr,
Pasa a la Me. a Cal 1)
Activamente participar la
Zona del Canal en la feria
que se inicia el sbado
Har exhibicin de armas y otros materiales de
guerra, la Escuela Militar de Fort Gulick
COLON, Mayo 16 (BPP) La
Zona del Canal tomar parte
activa en la gran feria que se
ha de Inaugurar en esta ciudad
el proximo sbado 19 de Myo.
La Escuela Militar de Fort vu-
llck ocupar un gran trozc de
lerreno en el campo de la Fe-
ria para montar una grandiosa
exhibicin de armas material
de guerra, etc., mientras que
numerosas otras entidades de la
Zuna acudirn tambin a la
Feria con sus respectivas exhi-
Todas las exhibiciones de la
Zona estarn colocadas debajo
de grandes carpas del ejrcito,
junto a la exhibicin de la Es-
cuela de Fort Oullck. Entre di-
chas exhibiciones podemos ollar
las siguientes: Un mapa topo-
grfico de la Zona del Can&j y
tiel Canal mismo: reliquias lu-
dias de Cocl, incluyendo Ja-
rras, potes, etc.. una exhibicin
de demostracin en la que se
har el nuevo sello postal de
a Zona, dedicado a los emplea-
dos de rata local.
La Seccin de Informes de la
raen > i> rt r coi i>
No se ha presentado
a los Ingenieros la
resolucin del Agro
Hemos reclbie de la Socie-
dad de Ingenieros la siguiente
aclaracin La Directiva de la
Sociedad de Ingenieros Declara
que la Sociedad no se ha Pio-
nunclado en Forma Alguna S->-
bre< el Proyecto de Reorganiza-
cin del Banco Agropecuario.
mes recogidos por nuestros re-
portes indican que en efecto, el
proyecto de reorganizacin clol
Banco Agropecuario, de que ha-
ola nuestra Informacin de a-
yer, no ha sido presentado an
a consideracin de la Socleaad
oe Ingenieros, cose que se nar
en la prxima reunin que di-
cha entidad celebre.
Se ha reanudado
la audiencia de
Haya de la Torre
LA HAYA, Mayo 15 (UP) La
audiencia sobre el caso de asilo
de Victor Ral Haya de la Torre
se reanud en el Palacio da la
El caso de sello del lder apris
te peruano, Haya de la Torre
ha sido sumamente debatida en
lee crculos internacionales.
Haya de la Torre obtuvo asilo
en la Embajada de Colombia en
el Per, siendo reclamado por
las autoridades peruanas y ne-
gndose Colombia a entregarlo.
El caso fu llevado a la Corte
Interncional de Justicia de La
Haya, y ese Tribunal interna-
cional resolvi en audiencia an-
terior que Haya de la Torre era
refugiado poltico, pero ne ex-
pres con claridad si el lder
aprista deba ser entregado a
las autoridades pe reanas.
Por su parte, las autoridades
peruanas reclamaban a Haya de
la Torre, y Colombia se mantie-
ne firme en su decision de ne
En vista de todo sto, el caso
de Haya de la Torre ha vuelto
a ser llevado ante el tribunal
Internacional de Justicia, y se
sapera que esta ves llegue a ana
(Paaa a la pgina eetasnna I)
NUEVA YORK, mayo 16. (UP)
Los pases latinoamericanos
tendrn ocasin, prximamente,
de Impulsar un ambicioso y re-
volucionario plan mundial, re-
comendando a las Naciones U-
nldas para elevar marcadamen-
te el nivel de vida en las re-
glones de poco desarrollo eco-
El plan recomendado por cin-
co peritos econmicos represen-
tando las principales reglones
del mundo, establecerla un fon-
do Internacional que distribui-
rla en distintas formas tres mil
millones de dlares cada ao
con el fin de preparar a los
pases de poco desarrollo para
absorber inversiones de capital
en un total de 19 mil millones.
Las recomendaciones sern
consideradas esta semana por
la Comisin de Fomento Eco-
nmico de las Naciones Unidas,
rgano del Consejo Econmico
Social, pero no ser hasta el
28 de mayo que todos los pases
latinoamericanos podrn. apor-
tar sus opiniones.
En esa fecha se reunir en
Mxico la Comisin Econmica
para la Amrica Latina en que
estn representados todos los
pases latinoamericanos adems
de Estados Unidos y los pases
europeos con posesiones en A-
En los crculos latinoamerica-
nos de las Naciones Unidas se
cree que los pases de la Ame-
rica Latina respaldarn las re-
comendaciones, ya que repre-
sentan el esfuerzo ms concre-
to y dinmico propuesto hasta
ahora para disminuir la des-
igualdad econmica existente
en el mundo.
Veinte voto de Amrica La-
tina en la Asamblea General.
Junto con los del Medio Orien-
te, auguran la aprobacin por
una amplia mayora.
Declaran sin efecto
lodos los pasaportes
diplomticos en uso
El Ministerio de Relaciones)
Exteriores ha enviado el si-
guiente comunicado:
El Ministerio de Relaciones
Exteriores hace saber que a
partir de la fecha, se ha pro-
cedido a declarar sin efecto el
uso de los Pasaportes Diplom-
ticos, Consulares y Oficiales, ex-
pedidos por la Cancillera y qua
se encuentran en circulacin
actualmente hasta tanto sean
rehabilitados en la Direccin
del Protocolo.
Panam, mayo 14 de 1B5L,
Los Estados Unidos rechazan
una propuesta sovitica en
el Tratado de Paz con Japn
Peda que se incluyera a la China Comunista en
la redaccin del mencionado instrumento
El Concejo cruzar
ideas esta noche
sobre la Alcalda
As lo han informado va-
rios miembros de esta
Se ha Informado a esta/redac-
cin que varios miembros del
Consejo Municipal desean cele-
brar esta noche Una reunin ex-
traordinaria con el fin de cruzar
Ideas con respecto a la posicin
de este organismo con respecto a
la Alcalda del Distrito.
Segn lnormes recogidos esta
maana en el Palacio Municipal,
algunos munielpes consideran
que es indispensable el tallo del
Tribunal de lo Contencioso Ad-
ministrativo para q' se atente
definitivamente el precedente de
si un Concejo puede o no decla-
(Pasa a la Pag. Coi. >
Los Estados Unidos rechazan
como una "burla" la proposicin
sovitica sobre negociacin de
un tratado de paz con Japn
una proposicin que entregara
la cuestin de la redaccin del
tratado a la Unin Sovitica, la
China comunista, los Estados
Unidos y Gran Bretaa.
Lo anterior fu revelado por
el funcionario de prensa del De-
eirtamento de Estado, Michael
cDermott, quien dijo:
"La proposicin sovitica de
que el tratado de pac sea pre-
parado por un consejo de mi-
nistros de relaciones exteriores
representativos de la Union
Sovitica, China, Estados Uni-
dos y el Reino Unido, es una
propuesta que la Unin Soviti-
ca hace cada ves que quiere
detener la conclusin de la pa
con Japn. Ha sido siempre re-
chazada por los Estados Unido
y lo ser ahora.
"El esfuerzo sovitico es obte-
ner un veto y ahora con la ayu-
da de China comunista un do-
ble veto sobre la paz japonesa
IPasa a ka Pag. S. Ce*. Ji

Panama Amrica
un mmninnttn
t*t'r*N* 1-074 leiNTKOl mvVO! *** ^Tl ?* '
..... --"- .....' *" "' -"'

En presencia de los ltimo acontecimientos en
los cuales se puso a prueba la potencialidad del
pueblo panameo que supo determinar el rumbo de
stos, es muy conveniente que se ponga de mani-
fiesto una verdad incontrovertible que es miiy .f-
cil de palpar: nuestro pueblo ya tiene f en s mis-
La experiencia de esta jornada es sumamente
saludable para la vida del pas. En primer trmi-
no se ha establecido un significativo precedente
para que se sepa de una vez por todas que aqu
nadie puede imponer un rgimen que se salga del
ritmo constitucional. Pero, sin lugar a dudas,, lo
ms importante, lo fundamental, es que cOh esta
demostracin el pueblo panameo se siente con la
capacidad suficiente para transformar el panora-
ma nacional si alguien intentara violentar la nor-
malidad jurdica y poltica de la Nacin.
Es sumamente conveniente que el hombre de
la calle tenga la firme conviccin que la sobera-
na reside en el puebloy no slo en la mera doctri-
na filosficasino en el terreno de.las.realidades.
En diversas formas la comunidad expresa indivi-
dual o colectivamente este hecho que hace que el
pueblo tenga fe en su propio destino y se sienta
>con una gran responsabilidad de encauzar la vida
de la Patria por la senda magnfica de la Rep-
Hasta la saciedad se sabe que en esta oportu-
nidad no fueron los polticos los que con la llama-
da tcnica verncula hicieron o deshicieron en re-
lacin con el problema recin pasado. Y eso lo sa-
ben mejor que nadie aquellos que en una u otra
manera intentaron poner en juego maniobras de
trastienda a espaldas de la realidad constituida por
Un pueblo viril y dueo de una gran conciencia c-
vica ante la cual sucumbieron las tentativas de
^arreglos" de ltima hora, y lo presienten tambin
los que piensen desviar el sentimiento popular.
Es muy explicable y muy justo el orgullo que
palpita en todos los crculos de la comunidad. Tal
como lo han exaltado diversos voceros de la opi-
nin pblica internacional. Panam ha dado mues-
tras de una indiscutible cultura poltica de hondo
arraigo popular. Hasta desde afuera nos dicen, con
admiracin y simpata, que con el pueblo paname-
o no se puede jugar porque su paciencia tiene l-
Por #. 2). m
La pasada (rata heroica d*l
pueblo panameo Tino a dernos-
Irar una vea ms que no es
posible un relajamiento en los
rganos del Estado con bene-
iicios particulares, is o s o tros
nunca heios intervenido en la
poltica criolla y por tal SM-
Uto nuestros comentarios en
esta hora de restauracin na-
cional sern para todas las a-
grupaciones que se identifica-
ron con el movimiento y para
ln* cado! en esta gran erueada.
Nuestra fluira totea triste.
Kl pesar que nos embarga por
anta sanere derramada es di-
fcil de describir. Cayeron h
la lucha estudiantes, civiles y
militares. Recordamos sobre to-
ds al Lie. Rubn quiis Apon-
te, n muchacho melo y lle-
no de vida, acabado de gra-
duar en la l'nlversldatl con Mo-
tas sobresalientes en la facul-
tad de Derecho. Muri por sus
Ideales, otros estudiantes tam-
bin cayeron en la jornada. Paz
en sus tumbas.
Nosotros les estudiantes he-
mos formado una fuerza tifa
en el pals, luchamos tin temor.
con miras a conseguir nuestras
ms caras aspiraciones Tons*
Mentes de este deber naci un
dia, una agrupacin cvica far
mafia por jvenes intelectuales,
luchadores infatigables, noble*
de corazn: K frente Patri-
leo de la Juventud. Esta agru-
pacin que siempre se ba iden-
tificado con el pueblo ha la-
chado todo el 'tiempo por le-
var nuestros Ideales. En esta
ocasin, tambin luch ert con-
tra de la dictadura los Zulgas.
Caizadilla, Molina, Sofa, Pia-
netta, veltauer. Mermad**. Ju-
rado, etc, etc. ton muchacho!
de valor, kan etpuett* as vi-
das en numerosas ocasiones y
por esto esta columna univer-
sitaria pide al pueblo paname-
o un juste reconocimiento pa-
ra cotos desinteresado* paladi-
ne! do la vida nacional. Man
sido ellos los ma infatigables,
los que siempre han manteni-
do viva la llama de todas las
jornadas y os justo v "humano
reconocer hot la laMr del
Frente Patritico de la Juven-
tud, cura, luchas han sido v
sern siempre por I engran-
decimiento de nuestra pats.
Auestra Universidad ae Un
salvado y el prximo lunes ini-
cia rutoa la* oase*. la a aulas
se abren libre* de temor y ion
estudiante* te aprestan a la
lucha escolar con ferviente In-
'.ea "El Aviso Oportuna
HASTA PUEOAOORES.Dispuestos a tirarle a los Rojos has-
ta los fregadores, estos dos toldado* estn cargando este frotador
con dinamita. Lo que falta es la aprobacin del oficial de arma-
mentos del grupo.
Un "Hamlet" admirable: el de Carlos Limos
Cuando la Compaa Lope denial; hay bruma en las Ideas,
V*ga, a etiyo frente figura Car-, como en, el monlogo ms all
lo* temo*, actor excepcional, I de los adjetivos. Suple las de-
El Consejo de Europa muestra
entusiasmo por ayuda alemana
Par su pronto Mlbh-
Mra lo fsi produeJdo
Pr U4I rSifrlaaf .
Aaraatbl* ti paladar y
tflea-paft IdultM J AMpl
A It ventl en Itl firataciai

LA NATURALEZA.Calos no son ningunos pjaros. Son na-
da menos que unas bellas flores llamadas ( rotularla LaburnifellH.
Catas flores crecen en Auckland, Nueva Zelandia.
Hooucro HOtWtCH
EaTftASBimoO. Mayo 'EPSi
81 canciller de la Alemania
occidental, Konratl Adenauer al-
to, delgado y de pmulos salien-
tes, ha convertido en una fi-
nura vista con buenos ojoa en
las espaciosas salas del Conse-
jo de Europa, en esta ciudad, lo
mismo que Ir. de Winston Chur-
chill, de Inglaterra, de'Robert
Schuman, de Francia, y del con-
de Carlos aforre, de Italia,
Justamente antes de que die-
ra comlenr.o esta nutva sesin,
se admiti formalmente a Ale-
mania a la Asamblea,, con to-
dos los derechos y deberes al
puesto, y Adenauer fu electo por
unanimidad para ocupar un es-
cao en el Consejo. Junto con
los Relaciones Ex-
teriores de pise europeos, que
formularon el pacto de Bruse-
las y que actan como" toa se-
nadores del Congreso de los Es-
tado* Unidos.
Quiz algunos norteamerica-
nos no se percaten de la Impor-
tancia que est adquiriendo es-
te Consejo. El mismo significa
pira Estrasburgo lo que la* Na-
ciones significan para Nueva
York, pero ert ve* de convertir-
se en una cas* de dlsenclones y
altercados, este lleno de amis-
tad y buena voluntad.
La.ausencia d los rusos hace
que el ambiente".sea de amistad.
La ausencia ae los norteamerl -
canos hace que sea hogareo,
manteniendo los problemas en
un plano local, regional. Ningu-
na nacin se encuentra en 1
tuacln embraeota por pensar
que est obligaa econmica-
mente con los Estado* Unidos.
81 aqu hubiese representantes
de este pas, las laborea de la
Asamblea pudieran degenerar
en algo parecido A una corpo-
racin en bancarrota que ae en-
frenta a sus acreedores.
Como estn la* cosas ahora
'aqu a los delegados les gusta
venir al Consejo. Vienen con es
pirulo constructivo, alegre. No
se escuchan-' susurros sobre qu
posicin van adoptan1 los ruaos
o los norteamericanos y a qu
De Plstico Duradero
en Colores Hermosos
|OKATIII Pida ti piquete grande de
Emulsin de Scot conteniendo una
Cuchan linda. Obtenible en teit
atractivo* colores. Y entumes di a
tu tamilia todo lot dftt este tnico
alimenticio, rico en vitaminas y pre-
parado cientficamente. Es retomen-
dado por mucho? mdicos. Pronto
Ld. veri a su familia mis fuerte y ea
atejo* talud.
fit n Iiiii i i
f Alia fr "ii
lado habr que aplacar o seguir.
Mientras ms reuniones cele-
bran, ms espritu d mistad
Los britnicos y los suecos
pudieron haberse convertidos en
Os .dominadores del Congreso,
como hacen Rusia y los Estados
Unidos en Lake Success. Pero
no lo han hecho, Aunque han
dicho qu no ms frecuente*
mente que nadie ms. apoyados
par las alemanes que ante* d
ia llegada de Adertaur- eran
lo* representantes .que ma re-
paros hadan..
81 los britnicos, ios suecos y
los alemana* no quieren coope-
rar, nadie en el Consejo se sien-
te obligado a allanarse a ellos.
'Procedamos sin ellos", es el
parecer de las dems. El Plan
chuman demostr ese espri-
tu en la prctica. Lo* alemanes
tiemen todava que ratificarlo,
ero Adnauer cree que puede
vencer lot desacuerdo* que enla-
tan en Bonn y lograr su obje-
Los observadores que cono-
cieron la Liga de Naciones, a
cuyo desplome asistieron, se
mostraron cnicos desde l prin-
cipio por lo que respecta a ios
Naciones Unidas. Lo* europeos
habran perdido toda su f en
la misma, de no haber sido por
su actitud en el conflicto de Co-
De lo que principalmente se
8Qjan en cuanto a las Naciones
nldas es de que est llenndo-
se ms de lo necesario de dele-
gados de muchos pases peque-
os, los cuales revoletean en
torno a ella como gaviotas en
torno al barco. Aqu no hay
rabes agitando mis albornocSS
ni morenos indios hi esclavos de
ceudo aspecto que le den colo-
rido ala escena. En vez de esto,
un gran nmero de letreros en
todo recinto no* dicen de dnde
ea sta o aquella delegacin;
todo el mundo se sienta por or-
den alfabftlco y puede vers a
un Ingls de las Islas Britnicas
sentado, junto a un griego, un
italiano o un turco.
cerr su temporada en nuestro
5rimar teatro el domingo en
i noche, me sum en honda
melancola. Cario* Lemos aca-
baba de interpretar el ''Ham-
let" shakespereano. Ko tuvo ni-
mo ni para despedirme'del ad-
mirable artista y de sus com-
paero* de farndula. Se acu-
mulaba la emocin en mi. L4>
que acababa de presenciar ea
el escenarlo no era comrt y
corriente. Tras la comedia ge-
nial de Caldern "La Vida es
Sueo", la tragedia iormida-
ble del Ingls, 1 "Hamlet": si-
gui a lo barroco hispnico lo
barroco britnico. "La natura*
lena se parece a Shakespeare"
dijo una vez Victor Hugo. Y te-
nia razn. Pero Shakespeare
necesita hombres que lo inter-
preten, que asimilen 1- huma-
nidad que trasciende de aus
creaciones: pooos como Carlos
Lemoe, cima de lo* actor** es-
"Hamlet" pertenece a la po-
ca mejor de Shakespeare: es
una de su* grandes tragedlas.
'I Rey Lear'7 plasma el amor
paternal: "Macbeth", la rmbi-
cln: "telo" resume los ce-
los: "Hamlet", el amor filial.
Lope de Vega que escribi "Los
Tellos de Menese*', hubiera po-
dido concebir. "II Rey Lear";
Rojas, que hizo Garca del Cas-
taar", hubiera podido pensar
el "telo". Tirso, eon la pluma
que utiliz para "Si condenado
por desconfiado" tal vez lo-
grara describir loa crmenes de
"Macbeth": la musa de "La Vi-
da es Sueo" acaso habra ins-
pirado a Caldern un "Ham-
let*. Pero Shakespeare era el
nico capaz de abarcar las cua
tro obras, de reproducir lau
grande* y feroces pasiones qus
a la humanidad agitan, preo-
cupan, Impulsan.
Treinta y tantas obras de Wi-
lliam Shakespeare concentran
l energa creadora Suficiente
para componer mil ichocientas
comedia*, caso Lope d Vega.
Pero reflrmones al "Hamlet"
de Cario* Lemos, la Inter-
relacin de Cario* Lemos de
. tragedla shakespereana, de
acuerdo con la traduccin li-
bre alguien escribira dema-
siado libre... del poeta his-
pano, Jos Mara Peinan, cuyo
verso no es el de Shakespeare
precisamente. Hay exceso de ri-
ma, que desvia el nervio ge-
Su Cereal
se Vuelve Manjar de Angele:
Veridirs Cnm tk Lech*
La Crema Avott de Mesa es
verdadera crema do leche i
tpet* extrasuculenta .'
eatradeliciota. Es una crema es-
terilizada! No requiere refrige-
racin i ntts de destaparse. Cdnf-
prete una botella boy A f
pruebe e*0 aublime tabor qua
da a los cereales, frutas, pottret
y al caf.
a* comttvA so* m su
Le gusta ... i cae bien ...
La bebida aristocrtica
a preolo popular.
ficiencias del traductor tra
ductor, traidor... el tempera-
mento de Carlos Lemos, un in-
trprete formidable.
Quien le hubiera visto una
hora antes en el Segismundo
calderoniano no lo concebira
en el Prncipe ana*. Y. sin
embargo, la sorpresa super a
toda previsin, a toda lgica.
Carlos Lema* logra un Hamlt,
rtra en el mundo de Ham-
. tan intimo y tan barroco,
a su manera. Contradicciones
de Segismundo, contradicciones
de Hamlet. Contradicciones que
son las eternas pregunta*: so-
luciones en aoeidn: misterio de
La caracterizacin d Hamlet
por Lemos es perfecta: la Voz
colabora: y- pareciera otra voz,
d Otra portn* que aqulla
emocionada de Segismundo. Is
todo este Hamlet d Carlos Le-
mos hay una Irona mejor, un
humor... que no puede ser
ms que Ingls. Aqu el barro-
qulamo no ea desgarrado como
en Caldern: e* misterio y lu-
cha. Hamlet no hace todas las
preguntas como Segismundo i
sugiere muchas ms preguntas
qu* la* que expresa. Se mue-
ve Carlos Lemoe en escena gra-
vemente: sus palabra* acusan
latigazos: Segismundo lo* da:
Hamiet hace de las palabras
arpones. Hiere ms con las pa-
labras, asi se deformen stas
Por el traductor. Si Actor ven-
ce al traductor. V hasta vence
a la pobre cantilena de la ri-
ma. Shakespeare cre en el
hombre, en la grandeza de las
manifestaciones humanas. "Kfa-
da hay tan vil que no ofrezca
algn bien", exclama el drama-
turgo ingls. Ka la *uem na-
tural que proviene de loe sen-
timientos. Pero hay otra fuerza
que acta: hay una potencia
extraa que transforma *u na-
turaleza: contra esa fuerza te
yergue la voluntad: contra s*
fuerza lucha lo,
aquello que quiere contrarrestar
la lneludibllldad d la materia
Hamlet crece: Hamiet, en Car-
los Lemos.
Hay dos Impulsos en Hamiet,
los dos. lmpulrtot permanentes
de la vida: la razn y lo* *n-
timlentos: estas dos fuerzas In-
tervienen en su soliloquio, el
monlogo d en xutenei, un
tanto desvaido en la traduccin
de Pemn. La vida se estira,
como un Incentivo d realida-
des y sueo*. La vida, conver-
gencia del pasado y del futuro
en el presente, se diluye en ra-
zonamientos. De la realidad d
la vid* pasa a la irrealidad de
la muerte: "Morir, dormir...
quila aollar". Tropista en el
camino con Segismundo el d
Caldern. L muerte en Sha
ketpeare ee una fuerza positi
va: es... l Renacimiento. Co*
mo en caldern, que a su mo-
do a aneara tambin al Rena
cimiento. Surge el smbolo en
Hamiet cerne en Segismundo.
Hamiet n moraliza: SegJsmun*
do, si. Hamiet expresa. Ya est
bien. Y Carlos Lemos, en cu
Hamiet, expresa. Y sus manos
ayudan a expresar ptetfigieaa-
mente. Y su testo tndetortptl-
blt, acierto mximo.
Indeciso s decisivo, Hamiet.
Cejemos lo dicho sin amia-
Jes: Si Hamiet de Carlos Lemos
tt admirable. Haat compa-
rable al de oiivier, compren-
dido por un temperamento de
actor completamente diferente.
Muy hermosa la postura en
escena: auneue el Castillo de
Ilsinor no es medloval, sino ca-
si contemporneo de Shakes-
peare. La leyenda si es me-
Difcil ha d ser colaborar
con Cario* temo* en tarea tan
inmenta como 1* de hacer l
tragedla ihaksperana: 1
Compaa Lepe de Vega se a
cerca a ello.
felicitmosla. Y eonfratul* i
mono* d* haber aalatido a le,
representacin d "Hamiet" por
el admirable actor.
JaAMSssftA^BVJaa> -
Mea comodidad
para los que usan
He mu una manara agradable de avi-
lar lis Incomodidad* qu* prttfrttl un
dentatura postila fl*ja.nXODMT>rM-
taetsi. un nueva salve aera aeivartar la
(Untadura aortlza, la mantiene mil fir-
memente en l beea. Mindanao mayer
enodidd. No **M itfuacUn ptflajila.
l ataaH** ind-ctaM). Ne agria la beta.
ontrtrrtu el "tor a dentadura Mt-
tlM'. Suaviza #1 aliento. Obtenga riX-
DftT iratttetni en cualquier^arnUtit
Tagaropulos .S*i
eximia declamadora espaola del REAL CONSERVATORIO

En tin delicado redtfJ potico dedicado al estudiantado panameo.
HOY A LAS 8:30 P.M.
Un programa estelar n la radi favorita*
la [Rea [Panamericana

Se propone que los
repudien los acuerdos
Tambin el de Yalta en el que
se ordenaba que se entregara
al soviet las Islas Kuriles
s Unidos
fl Representante Republica-
no', Lawrence H. Smith, propu-
so que Estados Unidos repudie
1' acuerdos de Yalta y
fin un discurso preparado pa-
ra ser pronunciado en la C-
mara dijo que' los acuerdos de
las dos conferencia "han lan-
zado al mundo libre a un esta-
do de confusin y ansiedad. En
Yalta y Postdam los principios
morales le dieron paso a la ciil-
canera poltica".
Smith argy que la repudia-
cin de lqs acuerdos'de Yalta y
Postdam nos ganaran "millones
ae amigos en el mundo entero".
El acuerdo de Yalta estipula-
ba que las Islas Kuriles y la
i-arte norte de Shalcalin y
islas adyacentes se el entrega
ra a la Unin Sovitica, y se
le arrenaar Puerto Arturo y el
pago de reparaciones de guerra
Rusia por parte de Alemania.
El acuerdo de Postdam orde-
naba que un Consejo de Minis-
tros de Relaciones Exteriores
preparar los trataods de \,z
con los pases derrotados dei e-
e. aprobada al completa des-
militarizacin de Alemania, re-
conocer al Gobierno provisional
de Polonia y rijar las condicio-
nes para las reparaciones de 'a
industria aemana, particular-
mente aquellas que iban a A'J-
:.ia desde su zona y las
Hasta el momento no hay in-
dicios de que la Administracin
de Truman se muestre partluo-
na de repudiar los acuerdos.
Las elecciones francesas
afectan su poltica exterior
PARIS, Mayo 14 (EPS)
La suerte de la poltica extcilor
norteamericana en Europa set*,
afectada, por las elecciones que
celebrar Francia a- mediados
de Junio prximo, dicen los ob-
servadores ms autorizados. Si
las elecciones son ganadas por
Ijs extremistas de la derecha o
los de la izquierda, el programa
norteamericano de ayuda mili-
tar a Europa occidental sei
El Gobierno de Gran Bretaa
enva materiales a China
tas para la fabricacin de m- dores se aprovecharos de la si-
quinas. Poco despus, el gobler-' tuacln y el primer-- ministro
no, obligado a ello por la opi- tuvo que enfrentarse a una an-
nin pblica, suspendi el em- daada de preguntas hechas
barque de tanques "Centurin" | por los miembros de la Cma-
Per H. J. Sargint
LONDRES, mayo A. (EPS>.
A pesar de la diversin cau-
con destino a Egipto.
Ahora se dice que se perml-
.ti que fueran enviajas a Chi-
na ciento veinte mil toneladas
de caucho, durante loo nueve
meses que terminaron en mar-
so pasado, el mismo .lempo que
tres mil quinientas toneladas de
hierro fueron enviadas all en-
tre enero y marzo de este ao.
La opinin pblica est no s-
lo desasosegada por esto, sino
molesta por la evidente renuen-
cia del gobierno a dar lnfor-
La? restriccioiies de precios
etilos Estados Unidos no se
terminarn el mes de Junio
NUEVA YORK, Mayo 14 (UP)
i En opinin de gentes eope-
ciallzadas en la marcha de los
problemas econmicos, las res-
tricciones de precios en Estados
Unidos no terminarn el pro
ximo 30 de Junio.
La revista "Business Week",
en carta comercial de fin de se-
mana, fechada, en Washln&lur.
olee que la terminacin en esa
fecha de las medidas reguladc-
'tt "no que una rer..o-
ts; posibilidad"! Con sta opi-
nin est de-acuerdo el "WV.l
Street, Joiimte.
En tu odWon del Viernes di-
gestiones en el Congreso. Pro
los legisladores no votarn de
aianera que termine la ley ie
produccin de defensa base
ae salarios, precios y asignacio-
nes el prximo 30 de Junio'.
Por otra parte, el Presidente
Truman dijo el mircoles "ije
ios que propalan la nocin ten-
ia de que podemos atravesar
ate periodo sin regular los pre-
'.*)os y salarlos, estn haciendo
ul pas una buena dosis de da-
o. Esperamos que ste periodo
uo sea largo y que llegue el mo-
mento dentrp de dos o treaao,
cuando podamos comenzar a e-
ce: 'Pone* fin'A las restricc.o-
nes es l objetivo de nuevas hmlnar restricciones
Los jefes del partido en el
poder decidir en Bolivia
quin ser all Presidente
LA PAZ, Mayo 14 (UP) la
decisin rie quin ser el pro:.i-
ino Presidente de Bolivia >>oe
un perodo de cuatro ao est
hoy en manos de los Jefes del
Partido Gubernamental, Union
Republicana Socialista.
Vctor Paz Estenssoro. candi-
dato del Movimiento Nacional
Revolucionario, de oposicin ob-
tuvo, el. mayor nmero de vo-
tos en las elecciones del Do-
mingo ltimo, pero no llego a
conseguir la mayora absoluta
fobre los otros cinco candidates
combinados, como lo exige la
Esto significa que el Presiden-
te tendr que ser elegido por el
nuevo Congreso que se reunir
en Agosto
A base de los ltimos escruti-
nios Incompletos. Paz Esten-
ssoro tiene 14.345 votos ms '-j*
su contricante ms,
Gabriel Gosalvez. del Parado
Unin Republicana Socialista
Pero sta mayora todava nt-
resita cerca de 8,000 votos p*-
a ser la absoluta requerida por
la Constitucin.
La mavor parte de los parti-
dos polticos creen que el Cor.-
Red Panamericana
tiene los
peores programas
ruut> CON
greso debe confirmar la eleccin
de Paz Estenssoro, pero el Par-
tido Unin Republicana Scela-
Lsta, que tiene una gran mayo-
ra en ambas Cmaras mantuvo
| silencio sobre ste aspecto de la
minado, porque ambos grupos
jon francamente antlamenca-
nos y poco inclinados a aceptar
la direccin de los Estados 'J;:l-
os en ios asuntos mundiai*.
La continuacin de la actual
ayuda econmica y militar nor-
teamericana a Europa occiden-
tal, y principalmente a Francia,
slo podr ser asegurada ?vr
una" victor la de los partidos
centristas, que ahora ejercen el
>:oder por medio de un siotei.a
que se basa en la substitucin
de George Bldault por Rene
Pleven por Henri Queullle.
A pesar de la multiplicidad d"?
los partidos polticos francesas
.as elecciones de Junio sern
"libradas" realmente entre tres
grupos poderosos: los comunis-
tas a la izquierda, los deug.u-
iiistas a la derecha y los cen-
tristas que ahora estn en el
poder. Decimos "libradas" po'-
que se trata de una verdadera
batalla que decidir probable -
-nente los destinos no soiamt:\-
,e de Francia sino de toda E-t-
ropa occidental.
Los comunistas, bajo la direc-
cin de Mauricio Torez y de
Andi- Marty, basan su campaa
naturalmente en una platafor-
ma abiertamente pro-sovi.icsi
v antiamericana. En su mani-
festacin del Primero de Mayo,
los Estados Unidos fueron pio-
clamados como el enemigo h-
mero uno por todos los oraduros
y hasta los vendedores de pa:i-
letos pregonaban su mercaji-
cancias bajo el grito de "Impi-
dan la colonizacin de Francia
por los norteamericanos. Estos
han hecho ya una colonia de
Pars, pero debemos evitar q>e
colonicen el resto de Francli".
Al mismo tiempo, al otro ex-
tremo de Pars, el General e
Gaulle Inici su campaa on
una plataforma basada en un
nacionalismo tan violento que
debe Interpretarse como p.o-
pulsor de lo mismo que los co-
munistas demandan: la elimi-
nacin de la influencia y direc-
cin de los Estados Unidos en
jitiropa occidental.
t>e Gaull, un Mstico.que tc-
r.avia suea con la hegemona
multar de Francia sobre Euro-
;>A occidental, concedi nica-
mente que el general Elsenho-
wer es el lder apropiado pura
las fuerzas de la alianza alln-
tica- Por otra parte, demande
que "la repblica faneesa, or-
ganizando ejrcitos que sean
auyos y disponiendo ella sola de
su base y vas de comunicacin,
acte dentro del marco de .a
tatrategla atlntica conforme a
las condiciones impuestas por
sus intereses y su soberana''.
Y pidi adems que sea un Jife
francs el que comande todas
las fuerzas terrestres, areas y
navales en el Rln, los Alpes y
el norte de Africa, "porque la
alianza debe ser esto, una -
1 anza. y no una subordinacio/i".
ra. SI las declaraciones minis-
teriales tenan algn valor, las
mismas equivalan a decir que
no se haban exportado mate-
riales estratgicos cop destino
a China, durante los ltimos 3
meses, permitindose dichas ex-
portaciones slo con licencia de
la Gran Bretaa v de Hong
Kong. al mismo tiempo que se
prohiba totalmente la expor-
tacin de artculos :on los que
los chinos pudieran hacer la
guerra. ,
Desgraciadamente, sta no
sada por las fiestas que tie-
nen lugar en la Oran Bretaa,
los britnicos han tenido tiem-
po de alarmarse an'.s las notl- j mocin alguna sobre las por-
cias de que grandes cantidades; taciones, asi como por la falta era la verdad y Attlee tuvo que
de materiales estratgicos han de sinceridad mostrada primero I Ponerse de pie y lar excusas
sido exportadas a la China por ,por el Ministro de Defensa. Em- \ Pr haber exagerado
la Comunidad Britnica y que,' manuel Shinwell, y luego por
al parecer, seguirn llegando a
territorio comunista hasta que
pueda ponerse en movimiento
la maquinarla del embargo.
El pasado otoo se levant
un gran clamor aqu cuando se
supo que grandes cantidades de
herramientas para hacer m-
quinas se estaban exportando
a Polonia. Dicha Informacin
fue aportada por el ('irector de
la compaa que produce di-
chas herramientas, m su sen-
cilla honradez discuta l la
prudencia del gobierno al per-
mitir que dichos productos fue-
sen enviados a un pas poten-
clalmente hostil. Despus de es-
ta revelacin se suspendi el
envi a Polonia de herramlen-
el primer ministro. Clement
Atlee, al ser Interrogados so-
bre la materia en la Cmara
de las Comunes.
bldo decir por haber hecho una
relacin falsa) la situacin por
lo que respecta al caucho, que
es. ciertamente, uno de los ar-
tculos ms necesarios y vallo-
Naturalmente, los conserva- sos para hacer la guerra.
^(/UAtl Sfet riqusimos pudines quo
pudn preparar on un aantiamn...
So los agrega lacha,
aa cocinan uno* 5 minutos, i Eso os toda l
PALCOS MODKRNOS.Estos nuevos palcos ultra-modernor
le dan un glorioso aspecto a la Sala Real de Londres. En el mo-
mento de tomar la foto se estaban llevando a cabo pruebas de rf-
cnstlea durante el concierto de la Orquesta Sinfnica de I.ondrr*
Est desempacando
Cubiertas Plsticas para ta-
par vasijas. 5 diferentes
tamaos. Caja............N
Cajs de Cubiertas Plsticas sf*5k*; # ) JA
para tapar vasijas. I dife- /^r^N^^v^-X/
rentes tamaos .......... 1.20 41 i j jk^S W_W
Bolsas eon Zipper para
guardar vegetales ....... 1.1
Vinagreros de vidrio........5<
Frascos para Mostaza...... J.25
Bandeja y ocho platos en
forma de pez, juego......1S.S5
Cuchara Cromada para Coc-
tel .......................M
Poncheras de Vidrio (14
piezas) ..................22.5*
Convoy de Vidrio (I piezas) 1.50
Bolsas grandes de paja___ 1J5
Libreta de Apuntos "Happy
Chef ................... Lit
Tenedor inoxidable Sic co-
cina .....................M
Brocha para fregar platos.. .Jo
Cepillo triple para limpiar
persianas ............... l.M
Juego de Lunch en Colores
(SO piezas) .............. 7.50
Surtidor Ae agua para re-
gar el jardn ............ 1.M
ABIEKTO DE a 12:M j de 2 a S.



HOY a las 8:30 p. m.

por Radio Conti
Est Lista
cuando suene
su Telfono
Est l^0no!
suene -su*'

Gnese el monumental Jack Pot
Regalos! Premios! Obsequios!

Sea feliz y tenga suerte con


1 f 3 1* 6 T 8 1* xo u
J _B^_ _Br_
r5 w Pn |I
LS 19 B20 2i JH r^H l^rM^ Rl Hi25!i
" JPM 1
33 MM 35 Fmi FH IbpH
" -MI m"
si |s2 -
l-- -i

1Cola de ciertos anlmes.
5Remover la tierra con el
12Rio de Francia.
13Embarcacin a remos.
ISInfusin suramerlcan?.
IdMontaas de Italia.
18Hiciera amagos.
2dAdverbio de modo.
22Poner tieso alguna cosa.
25Relativo al hipnotismo.
29Letra griega.
MDe una raza pura.
82Igual al 5 horizontal.
84Que adula.
tDignatario de la iglesia.
38Empleo. Inv.
3PDel verbo ir.
40Respuesta de los dioses
44Agarrada fuertemente.
47Estado del Medio Oriente
48Tratamiento ingls.
49Imperativo de orar.
81 La unidad.
83Sensacin del olfato.
11Artculo. Pl.
17Instituto Socialista Espaol
19Amarro. '
22Con dolor.
23Llar, amarrar.
24Poco corriente.
25Porcin de ganado mayor
o menor.
26Ciudad de Italia, Inr.
27Que lleva pelos.
28Internacional Socialista
Universitaria, Inic.
32Del verbo aducir.
34Conjuntos de Instrumento*
de un oficio.
37Punto cardinal.
40Composiciones poticas.
41Rio de Rusia.
42Apodo de los Eulalios.
43Ciudad de los Estados
Unidos, Inv.
44Emplea, Inv.
4Circulo o redondel.
2Provincia de la India.
3Letra griega.
5Reducido de precio.
8Nombre de mujer.
.9Que vende man.
10 Del verbo arar.
Pgina a cargo da
solucin or ate
canaoQii goboeu
rann mki e ei-.hh
nriRPira EfiE eph
mntn innnn
naraann eeiji:jm
cian ami
arann EBHtJ i.P.irj
nannciE rr-rnnr-j
He aqu algunos de los principales nabellonei de la feria aer-
cola, Industrial y Ganadera que te inaugurar el prximo s-
bado en la ciudad de Coln. La foto nmero uno, correspon-
de al nabelin de la Colonia Griega, la nmero dos, a la Co-
lonia Indostnica, la nmero tres a un cortijo andaluz, de la
Colonia Espaola v la cuatro, a uno de los tantos ranchos
que se estn levantando en la feria.
El Comit Diez de Noviembre
declara como hijo predilecto
de Los Santos al Presidente
Convencin sobre
narcticos se est
estudiando ahora
Jfork, mayo 14 (USISi -Un
-"Proyecto de convencin quc
gunirla todas las medidas in-
rnacionales para el control de
las drogas noreticas e impon-
dr nuevos controles, est er,
consideracin de ia Comisin de
Narcticos de las Naciones U-
. La Convencin, que reem,l-
taria a las ocVio convenciones
anteriores, formuladas entre
Wi2 y 1948. ha estado en estu-
dio de la Comisin desde hace
Varios aos. Un proyecto que a-
llora tiene dicha Comisin lle-
gar ms all de los acuercs
anteriores, al disponer Un con-
trol internacional de los tres
narcticos ms importantes: o-
pio (morfina hoja de cocana y
yerba India marihuana).
Despus de que los 18 miem-
bros de la Comisin hayan co-
mentado sobre el proyecto '>
convencin, ste ser revisado y
se espera que el proyecto fi-
nal estar listo en 1932 para tu
aprobacin final.
Algunas delegaciones, entre e-
llas Francia. Canad y los Es-
tados Unidos han indicado y-1'
criticaran el proyecto de una
sola convencin, basndose en
que dispondra demasiado con-
trol internacional a costa del
control nacional.
Lo referente a la hoja de coc i
esperara una accin posterior
de un informe de ia Common
de la ONU sobre eliminacin
gradual del cultivo de la hoja
Algunas naciones se han opacs-
to al control de la yerba india
basndose en que la planta es
til como fibra para la fabrica-
cin de sogas.
La Comisin tiene en estudio
lo relativo al opio, y una* vez
que llegue a un acuerdo este
control ser incorporado en la
El Comit 10 de Noviembre ha
expedido la siguiente Resolu-
El Comit 10 de Noviembre
lo.Que como resultado feliz
del movimiento cvico ms gran-
dioso que registra la "da repu-
blicana de nuestro pas, acaba
de ser Investido con la Pri-
mera Magistratura Je la Na-
cin don Alcibiades Arosemena;
2o.Que el seor Arosemena
es hijo preclaro de la Villa de
Los Santos y ciudadano meri-
torio por mltiples concejos;
3o.Que con la exaltacin de
don Alcibiades Arosemena a la
Presidencia de la Repblica, la
Villa de Los Santos, su ciudad
natal, adquiere especial prepon-
derancia y escala el puesto de
honor que le corresponde como
capital espiritual de nuestro
lo.Dejar constancia de su
profunda satisfaccin patriti-
ca y de su Jbilo intenso por
la exaltacin de don Alcibiade;
Arosemena. digno hijo de la
Villa de Los Santos, a la Pri-
mera Magistratura de la Na-
2oBrindar a tan preclaro
santeo el ms amplio respal-
do moral, a fin de que su ges-
tin gubernamental iniciada ba-
jo los mejores auspicios, sea
fructfera para el pais en ge-
neral y para la Villa de Los
Santos, en particular.
3o.Hacer entrega personal
de la presente Resolucin a don
Alcibiades Arosemea. Presi-
dente Constitucional Ce ia Re-
pblica, en el curso de audien-
cia especial provocada para el
efecto y en fecha que ser se-
alada oportunamente, a fin de
que todos los santeos residen-
tes en esta capital contribuyan
con su presencia a realzar ac-
to tan significativo.
Dada en la ciudad de Pana-
m a los doce das .".el mes de
mayo de mil novecientos cin-
cuenta y uno.
Carlos Olmedo Quintera Alfaro.
Paalo Arosemena V.,
Secretario General.
Alimentos, medicinas y plasma
sanguneo est enviando EE. UU.
a las vctimas de El Salvador
V*ii y c4ff*lt rlwMBKjsi tM .!.
MM* Ce****** M HlfjUW < lfii*. lHicti
para >,* fflmnm, mm*m*% *. *>#!.
r*crq>4*4>t. PPiawlqrr y CUchiHtftrNB.
(USIS) Deben llegar a la ca-
sual de El Salvador artculos
mdicos que los Estados Uniuns
tnvian para socorrer a as vic-
timas del terremoto en ese >ul*.
Estos artculos han sido des-
pachados por la via area por
ia Cruz Roja Americana. Otra
ayuda, que comprende frazadas
> material mdico adicional, te
enviarn despus, dijo un vo-
ta o de la Cruz Roja. Esta li.s-
titucln ofreci ayuda a la Cmz
Roja de El Salvador poco des-
pus de ocurirdo el desas.ii o,
causando la muerte a centena-
res de personas, y dejando sin
hogar por lo menos a diez mil
Los terremotos tuvieron la-
gar ci sbado y lunes, principal-
mente en la ciudad de Jucuupa
comu a unas 90 millas de la tc-
pital, y en la localidad cercana
de Chlnameca. Sufrieron daos
as mismo las poblaciones oe
Santiago de Mara, Berln y U-
La ayuda a los Estados Uni-
dos fu solicitada por elTfiiius-
uo de relaciones exteriores Ro-
berto E. Canessa, de acuc;-1o
1 Detiene rpidamente, tin peligro, el sudor.
2 Hace desaparecer inmediatamente el olor
del sudor.
i Le ofrece completa proteccin de uno a
fres das.
4 No irrita la piel normalpuede uiarla
a diario.
No mancha ni daa Is ropa.
Nunca se seca ni se pone arenoss, como los
desodorantes ordinarios.
No es crasos, se desvanece como "cold
con cable recibido por el emba-
jador George P. Shaw.
El embajador dijo que fueion
solicitados entre otros artculos
medicas cantidades de penicili-
na, eslieptomlclna y plasma
angurnca, asi como alimentos
i opas y toldas de campaa
Envan felicitacin a
los radiodifusores
desde Caazas
CA.SIAZAZS Mayo 15 (Corres-
ponsal) Los locutores de la
cadena panamea de radoduu-
jin se han hecho acreedores a
la admiracin nacional y al te-
conocimiento unnime de ios
Habitantes concientes y
qc Panam. La labor desplega-
da por estos incansables y va-
lientes paladines del aire es
digna del aplauso y de la grati-
tud panamea por que a ellos a
su patilotismo a su f y entu-
siasmo se debi el triunfo de
la democracia sobre la Urania
en los momentos dolorosos e>
los das ocho nueve y diez de
mayo del presente ao-
Con espritu sin apasiona-
miento polticos ni partidaristas
ni con todas corduras y forma-
ron los acontecimientos y orien-
taron la conducta popular pi canales de seriedad, verdad y
responsabilidad buscando en to-
do momento la tranquilidad ge-
neral; no hay panameos cjue
no lo reconozca as y por co
este humilde corresponsal 6u-
gieie la conveniencia un gqtufa-
jo nacional a tan valientes lo-
cutores que sirva de estmulo c-
timulo ejemplar y de allego
para persistir una jornada tan
noble como esa siempre que 'os
intereses de la patria lo re-
quiera. *
I.a PALMASh,m OatMnaa
EL REALSra. Obdulia Oaatraraa
SOQUETEEarKaa Wat***
LAS LAJAS--Aaiu taarm
J'ILF.OA AUllaadl Sai rara
CERRO DI rUNTA-Baaim Mlraada
aaal ""
la coNLJcreioN Lata a aa
SAN rELlXai.trW **!
JUA1.ACATamUHclaa PallSa
KORCONClTOfrara eunM
rOLE Pid.l Saataiaarta jt.
SAN, ANDRES 'tin. Mtraata
PEN0N0ME Staiata O Caata
ACaiAllULCSC Roaalla
ANTON Aataala J. Jasa
SATAJo.a as D. V
OLAOaaaiaw GaaMa
aiO GRANDE-J. 4a Gruta f
RIO HAiOl.ra.o Qalraa
POCRI1 A. Caraaja
'.Is.aszAS Padre J. Mara
-tLCBREMlmtl Oaattlaa
ATALAYASaaiaal Plata*
SANTA PBJaaaala Garaia (araaaaal
CaldarSa 0.
CHITRE Raata Prratra
LAS MINAS RaidtaMaa Q. la tara
ILaa Saatoal
CANO Doaaelaaa Maaaaaa
UTA MARIA Mlaaoru RaaMa I
MACAR AC AS Aaalllaa Norm r A.
PAR1TALaopaldo Aiaafaaa
rONOSIJaaqnla Moaaaara
CFDASIaAnrlf. muja Pata I
OCU__Virgilio Arofulo
LAS I ARLA*.!" Aatoala Saa
SI'ARARFJt>.# Nlaaaa Atala
TOCRN-EdaTkaa M da
PESEJoraa AaeArrata
PALENQtnt-CuhBtro aaaaaa G
CATIVAAaal Brraaaa
PURA LANA.Esta oveja Inglesa ha dado nqda menos que X9
libras de lana, que en comparacin con el promedio tie 18 libras)
que dan otras ovejas, es una nueva marca mundial.


Por esta pluma descartar usted gustoso
todas las dems!
rarker JL

con el exclusivo
mm AtMnelc ilMk

9 Poseerla es apreciarla! Relia
7 de soberbio funcionamiento
: ;. slo la nueva "51" tiene el
mtodo nuevo j mejor para
llenar, depositar, retener y hacer
fluir la tintael Sistema Aero-
metric de Tinta! El fluir de la
tinta est especialmente regu-
lado para proporcionar rasgos
suaves y perfecto* al escribir.
Compruebe las numerosas carac-
tersticae nuevas que encierra
la nueva "51". Vala hoy mismo.
/ua/&ma. mocdada, tStmndb/
Precisa: Plumas Parker "51" $13.50 y 16.50
Distribuidores y Central de Atencin: Ca. Internacional de Ventas, S.A.
Calle 28 Este No. 10, Panam, R. P.
Edificio Panamericano. Calle 8a. 7 Ave. Bolvar, Coln, RP.


Informes para esta seccin se peciben en la
Kedaccin Social
Telefona *-Il*X
ORAS: l:M a le:M a.m.
Apartado 111
Buffet -- t I
Para agasajar ft 1 *enora Leo-!
ora Heeart de De Sola quien
procedente de San Salvador y se
encuentra pasando una tempo-
rada entre nosotros, el jenu
Guillermo Bt. Malo y eefiora
Mltzl A. de St. Malo ofrecieron
un bulfet en *u residencia.
Participacin ^e_M*Ti!n"n?n<,.
Circulan las Participaciones
para el matrimonio dela.seno-
rita Analta Arango, hija
or Francisco Augusto Arango
y seora Dora B. de Arango
con el caballero mncUcoJw
Qujano Robles acto uqe se ve
dicar el prximo W
rt mavo a las 8 P- nven la igie-
ill de Cristo Rey El matrimonio
era de carcter extrletamente
privado, por motivo del reciente
duelo del novio.
De los Estsdeq Unidos
Saludamos al Dr. Thomas O.
Johnston quien lleg en das
pasados a Panama a reunirse
con su esposa, seora Nina ve-
larde de Johnston, quien se en-
cuentra desde hace varias sema-
nas entre nosotros visitando a
sus familiares.
Aniversario de Matrimonio
Saludamos cordlalmente al se-
or Manuel Jos Paredes y se-
ora Emma L. de Paredes quie-
nes cumplen hoy doce aos de
Celebran en estafe cha el no-
veno aniversario de su matrimo-
nio el seor Vctor de la Guar-
dia y seora Viola A. de de la
Guardia. Los felicitamos.
Enviamos nuestras felicitacio-
nes al seor Lulcas Zarak y se-
ora Julieta L. de Zarak, por
el advenimiento de un varon-
cito. ocurrido en dias pasados
en la ciudad de Uueva York
Pronto restablecimiento le de-
seamos a la seora Juanita B.
vdi. de Benedettl quien guarda
cama en la Clinlca San Fernan-
or Marcos Miranda y seora
Rosalba Y. de Miranda, quien
llega hoy a la edad florida de
los quince aos.
Campleae* Se Hoy
Seora Nidia de Dueas
Nia Luz Cecilia Vallarino
Nia Gladys Galera Iglesias
Sra. Digna Testa de Laurence
Desde hace varios dias se en-
cuentra recluido en au residen-
cia por motivos de salud el se-
or Gastn Garrido. Ojal me-
jore pronto.
Anotamos complacidos la me-
jora del Dr. Julio Alemn,
quien guard cama durante va-
rios dias en su residencia.
Quince Aos
Nuestras congratulaciones pa-
ra la encantadora seorita Mar-
cela Miranda Icaza, hija del se-
Cumpleaos de Maana
Seora Turra Vagllo de Marti-
Seora Marta J. de Morris
Mio Ernesto Orlllac Navarro
Novena en la Iglesia Se san
Francisco (Ciudad)
Se est llevando a efecto,
desde el dia 11 cuando comen-
z, la Novena de la Bantishr.a
11 iniciad, en la Iglesia de San
Fianclsco a las 7:30 p.m Acu-
damos todos devotos y catlica
en general, a darle gracias a
reina de nuevo la calma en
la Santsima Trinidad, porque
nuestro pas. La Misa solemne
sera el uomiO'-'-
R. P. M.
Ave. Central 68
Fn tes CATARROS estornu-
dar no os el nico sntoma
Alfe lee tnoleitiet del catan*
dolor d* cabeza, febrilidad coa
Alka-Seltter. Por ter alcalina neu-
trali al ascaao da acidez. Por tar
aaalgeeico alivia pronto al doler do
caneco. Compra al obra-
cito con la tableta de
Alka Selt/er
Las ejecuciones en masa han
comenzado apenas en China
Por F. W. KB
En un discurso reciente, el san-
guinario alcalde de Cantn,
Chu Kuang, manifest a sus
oyentes que "las ejecuciones en
masa apenas han comenzado"
y que sern eliminados ''muchos
otros espas y reaccionarlos al
servicio de Formosa y de los
Estados Unidos."
Informes de fuente autoriza-
da Indican que esta adverten-
cia ha sido reiterada por o-
tros altos funcionarlos comu-
nistas chinos, inclusive1 el go-
bernador Yeh Chlen-ylng, bas-
tante conocido en los crculos
Internacionales por haber re*
Eresentado a los comunistas en
i comisin de mediacin enca-
bezada por el general MarshaU.
en lMo-1947. Entre las presun-
tas vctimas estn incluidos mu-
chos ex funcionarios naciona-
listas que por oportunistas hi-
cieron causa comn con los ro-
Lo voceros chlnoi aqu aflr-
rr4rTqu~ls7puf pu y ejecutjle
nes que se estn llevando a
cabo en China son el resultado
de los "consejos" dados por Sta-
lin a Mao Tse-tung cuando s-
te visit Mosc. Mao, segn pa-
rece, regres a Pekin en abril.
Slalln le seal la necesidad de
eliminar a los elementos dudo-
sos, agregando que China tenia
demasiado habitantes (ms de
cuatrocientos cincuenta millo-
nes) por lo cual era convenien-
te reducir la poblacin por lo
menos en una cuarta parte.
Aunque no hay medio de con-
firmar las conversaciones que
llevaron a cabo Stalin y Mao es
un hecho que las ejecuciones
en masa chinas estn reducien-
do la poblacin del pais. Se sa-
be que slo en la provincia de
Ktvangtunq han sido "liquida-
das" ms de ochenta mil perso-
La estacin de radio de Tal-
peh, rgano del gobierno na-
cionalista refugiado en Formo-
sa, seala que la poblacin chi-
na est siendo disminuida gran-
demente por las bajas en Corea,
las pulgas comunistas y el ham-
bre. Las jvenes son enviados
a Corea como simple carne de
can; las personas de edad
' mediana son ejecutadas bajo
j cualquier iretexto; los ancianos
son abandonados para que
mueran de hambre.
Las muertes por hambre son
i aterradoras en el sur de China.
Esta hambre es causada, no co-
mo en otras ocasiones, por se-
qua* Inundaciones, sino por
las medidas de las autoridades
comunistas, que decomisan los
viveros a loa aldeanos. II arroz,
que es el principal producto re-
gional, e enviado a la India
a cambio de algodn, yute y o-
tros artculos. Tambin s en-
Ancho: 36 sul{idas
Ave. Central y CaUe ti E. No. l Tea. t-llM y l-llM
Nuevos motores para aviones de
propulsin a chorro se fabrican
El caso del Cardenal Midzenty en una
pelcula de imponderable intensidad
dramtica "Acusado de Alta Traicin'
Fabricante Ingls los produce
a razn de uno por da lo que
se considera como excelente
"Acusado de Alta Traicin'*
es la Intensa historia dram-
tica alrededor del : eusacional
caso tras el infame y verdi-
co caso del Cardenal Mlndszen-
ty. Con explosivo impacto dra-
mtico se descorre ;l velo de
intrigas que empaaron la ver-
dad de este acunto que asom-
br al mundo y ipasion la
conciencia de todos los pue-
La lucha heroica de un hom-
bre contra la fuerza teirible de
la opresin, el conflicto de dos
credos diferentes, y el contras-
te entre aquellos que destruyen
con sana y los que laboran
con entereza resaltan en esta
pelcula verdaderamente sensa-
Charles Blckford, Bonita Gran-
vllle y Paul Kelly actan en
los estelares de esta impre-
sionante cinta que usted aplau-
dir desde el Jueves en el Tea-
tro Bella Vista.
Contra el analfabetismo y la
miseria se funda un centro
de profesores en Patzcuaro
PARIS, mayo 14. En el da
de hoy se Inaugur en Patz-
cuaro, estado de Mlchoacn,
Mxico, un centro de formacin
de profesores y preparacin de
material de enseanza, destina-
do a las futuras campaas que
se organicen contra el anal-
vlado a Hongkong para obtener
moneda extranjera. Los peri-
dicos nacionalistas afirman que
los comunistas compran gaso-
lina a los portugueses de Ma-
cao pagndoles con arroz.
PFRDON.Qa sucede con esta foto? Bueno, mientras esta-
ban colocando el letrero, te eouivoearon y en lugar de poner
-United State* Post Of fir*" (Correos de lo Estados Unidos), pu-
Itersa "Uatle State* Post Office (Cerreos de lee Estados Desata-
perfteelow*! p
Estos Matices "LIPS"
Duran Aun Mas!
Ue el nueve leel leblel rend acre
ceaeervor linee *m leeie
iBwra aaaajfcl met I fWd't 'Oles", f emees el mete
torero el 14pi labial ju dura borat y herot y hroe
... labor euro (duche Mll tai labios epodo* mt
ootaiiradore ave mme*... loa le nueve y morewfaia
formula secreta o Peas' i ene l perqu I /No so
|Ms aoelotol rWt "Ufs" Imparte a tu
lable un eieeete eotbmd*. No o* aroieee.
(No ** empolle, no SO retace!
iMartleos So fteoeta! Armenixan con tu
Sao, con ni veemto. | Veo usted mhmo to
notable diferencie on to balelo do eu*
lebioi con otto nuevo formulo mgico de
Pond's "UeV'l
fabetismo y la miseria. La ce-
remonia tuvo lugar en presen-
cia del Licenciado Miguel Ale-
mn, Presidente de la Repbli
ca mexicana! del doctor Jaime
Torres Bodet, director general
de la Unesco y de las autori-
dades y miembros ^el cuerpo
docente. v
Cmo director del centro, ha
sido designado el seor Lucas
Ortiz, ex-Jefe del Departamen-
to de Educacin rural de M-
xico y en el primer ao de fun-
cionamiento figurarn maestros
y profesores procedentes de El
Salvador, Mxico, Guatemala.
Per, Ecuador. Haiti, Honduras.
Costa Rica y Bolivia. Estos pro-
fesores se proponen estudiar los
problemas relativos a la edicin
de manuales, textos de lectu-
ras simples, cartas murales y
todos los elementos necesarios
para la enseanza de las pri-
meras letras, de los rudimen-
tos de la higiene y de la agri-
La apertura del centro ha
despertado gran nteres entre
el profesorado de Amrica La-
tina, puesto que trata de des-
arrollar las nuevas tcnicas de
la enseanza de acuerdo con
los dictados ms moderno* de
la pedagoga y teniendo en
cuenta las necesidades de los
por John Crawford
LIEJA, Blgica, mayo 15. -
(EPai. Un laorlcanis IngU
esi produciendo un motor i,
propulsin a chorro para aero-
planos, el cual es de diseo RolU
Royce ingls, para Instalado e.i
ios aviones fabricados en la casa
Fokker. en Holanda, paia el "e-
Jrclio europeo" del general
uwignt D. Lioenhower.
Dicho motor se encuentra ex-
puesto en secciones en la feria
industrial lnCernacional de'Lle-
Ja. La produccin es de un mo-
tor diarlo, lo que se considera ex-
celente. A los hombres de nego-
cios norteamericanos que visitan
la feria se les menciona este
plan con tanto nfasis como el
que se pone en destacar los m-
ritos de la tcnica de la produc-
cin y de diseo, ambos de los
cuales son dignos de nota.
La participacin de tres pa-
ses en la produccin ofrece un
cuadro fiel de cmo Europa se
las arregla para equipar sus pro-
pias industrias. Puede verse un
funcionamiento paralelo en la
produccin de artculos de tiem-
po de paz. asi como en la de ar-
mamentos. Este destaca la inter-
dependencia comercial de los pai-
paises latinoamericanos. Patz-
cuaro se encuentra a 2.500 me-
tros de altitud en una regln
que por au paisaje ha sido
llamada la Suiza mexicana. Es
un centro histrico muy Im-
portante y que cuenta con una
gran tradicin de tipo huma-
nstico y educativo. La tarea
que se proponen realizar esos
50 educadores que proceden de
9 pases latlnoamerlcanoa con-
tribuir grandemente a crear
un criterio de conjunto ms a-
certado sobre uos problemas pe-
daggicos y por ende un ma-
yor espritu de colaboracin in-
En la creacin del Centro,
han participado diversos orga-
nismos Internacionales como la
organizacin de Agricultura y
Alimentacin, la Organizacin
Internacional r del JTrebeJV 1*
Organizacin Mundial de la Sa-
lud, que proporcionarn perso-
nal docente para este Centro.
Tambin contribuir a su sos-
tenimiento la Organizacin de
los Estados Americanos.
Los cursos durarn 21 meses.
Se trata de formar dirigentes
de la educacin fundamenta).
I SI el xito coronara el trabajo
del Centro, en i aos podra
asegurar la formacin de 800
1 profesores especializado*.
s europeos, que los nortame-
anos encuentran tan difcil de
itender hasta que la ven en la
ctica. Est muy bien tener
ido lo necesario para la indus-
la en el propio pals de uno, p?-
o es Igualmente virtuoso coope-
ar con los vecinos para llevar a
abo la tarea.
En esta Interdependencia lo
me hace que se lleven a cabo
trias Industriales lnternaclona-
es en Europa; las ferias son las
vidrieras o los escaparates de la
acln. Los compradores de los
oaises vecinos se renen aqui pa-
ra ver qu es lo que ellos nece-
sitan. De toda la Industria bel-
ga, una tercera porte de los in-
gresos procede de la el-^oracin
de ahut'.s materias Drlnras que
sern utilizarlas por ltimo en o-
tro pais. Las propias materias
primas vienen de otras del mun-
Sin embargo. Lleja tiene algo
que ofrecer por lo que toca al
abastecimiento de materias pri-
mas. La ciudad se encuentra en
medio de unos vastos terrenos
carbonferos. e: la parte sur de
Blgica. Con sus ochocientos die-
cisis mil habitantes. Lleja est
situada sobre un laberinto de mi-
nas de hulla, y sus colinas ms
altas son montaas de claco, tan
viejas que algunas de ellas em-
piezan a cubrirse de vegetacin.
Lieja se encuentra a horcajadas
sobre el ro Mosa. al que se re-
cuerda como un valle estratgico
en ambas guerras mundiales. En
un sentido el Mosa es la princi-
pal arteria de comunicaciones de
Lleja. A lo largo de los muelles.
se ven las chatas gabarras de
cargar carbn amarrados de 4
v de cinco en fondo, con ropa
lavada tendida a secarse sobre
las escotillas. La flota se extien-
de kilmetros y kilmetros, lista
para transportar carbn hacia
Occidente, rumbo a Francia, y
hacia Oriente, rumbo a Alema-
nia. Por fin, el Mosa desemboca
en el Rln.
En torno a Lleja hay ciudades
industriales ms pequeas con
gran variedad de produccin, es-
pecialmente metales. Esta regin
es una versin belga del Ruhr a-
lemn. que no est a muchos ki-
lmetros de distancia, y produce
una variedad interminable de ar-
ticulo* de hierro y acero, asi co-
mo los productos qumicos aso-
ciados a dicha produccin.
En vista de que posee estas
ventajas naturales y habiendo
levantado una gran produccin
Industrial. Lleja Inaugur la fe-
ria hace tres aos como un pro-
grama para aumentar las ven-
tas. Tenia dos edificios, uno car-
ia del rio para un festival acu-
tico en ISM v otro usado para
Datlnar en hielo en las tempora-
das que no eran Invernales: am-
bos edificios eran propiedad de
a eludad. Con fondos del Plan
MarshaU se construy un tercer
edificio en siete meses. Eso es 1
que la industria del aur de Bl-
gica haba sonado. La Industria
capitaliz una organizacin sin,
fines de lucro con casi un milln
de dlares, y asi empez la fe-
ria. En la misma se exhibe el
progreso de la maquinarla dp
minas, de la ingeniera mecnica,
de la metalurgia y equipo elc-
Siendo un centro de importan-
cia, la feria de Lleja ha atrado
a los productores de otros pa-
ses.' dedicados a estos ramos do
la Industria, asi como a los ra-
mos relacionados con ellos. Entro
las setecientas cuarenta y dos
organizaciones que exhiben sus
productos aqui. noventa y dos son
de Alemania, ochenta y dos do
los Estado* Unido*, setenta v
nueve de la Oran Bretaa, sesen-
ta y echo de Francia, un pua-
do de Holanda. Suiza. Nomcra,
Italia y el Luxemburgo. Ms r>
la mitad de las lndvit- "t r o
exhiben sus productoi son de r
tros pases, teniendo la pror'*
Bl~l-a trescentrs res firmas rep-esen'adas en la-
La lndustr'n pesada est mu*-
b**n repre.-?ntada. pues el ejr-
cito belga f present con un
seis mil piezas de armamen'o
para que fuesen reproducida ert
diversas cantidades con obieti
de tener piezas de repuesto. El
ejrcito les est pidiendo a lo* fa-
bricantes que presenten licitado-'
ne* para las distintas tarers.
Puede aue haya que realizar sl-
runas de stas, como la fabrlcr-
cln de cpsulas para grandes
provectes. en otros rltlos.
Asi. pues, la feria de Lleja ha
slmoltficado grandemente lof
problemas del gobierno relacio-
nados con la obtencin de pie-as,
haciendo posible aqu una exhi-
bicin, en el preciso lugar dW*
los fabricantes puedan calcMa-
los costos de produccin. Y Ins
fabricantes encuentran tambie i
la ventaia d obtener contrat*
en la feria.
En pocas palabras, la rarn
principal de la existencia de >as.
ferias es la economa que resulta
de hacer negocios tanto con loa
compradora* como con los ven-
Nutra Sis Hemos Con
Bastante Hierro
finios y Oleirieims
D esaparcan
r* primera opllcaelflm *e Hlaefei
Mar* mr peeate ase mi ll ee llm-
|a, aclara y anviO. Nlaedorm ea un
uero ateeubrlmieat ue mata lee
Ortneiua y Parielta e la, pul u.
eoa la tanta Se Beeem. PleaeeaOe t
rnpelenea. ti <* Hfcrarie c
leo traotoraea fe 1* piel kaata a ne
reioera leo aermeaae ae ae eeooa-
aea ea loe paaa*. ASI aue. esquiara
e oa feroiaeeatlea hhcesorm her
mino para limpiar aBa sraaee, acia-
NixeSarm r> -
Pesfdow oto *
Los hombree y mauleros So OSitaS
quefevantaSa ton loa SJU0 moa ,
lonocoerton M
Lae koa.b.. y mujene atoltue y aml-
bumunrioe que ufren ireetoraee ote *"*<
v i>iirhu ,*m m felina, aeeeaua beeUele
hierra y mele ate ifn cm He eee esa-
erjo uaie aeejor aera pert u etluS.
Au elueeet amiiuee, ea eenei. reeliaut
todo n mtbo Heee teoer une prarieMa ee*>
nenie d hierro. He lo foaiMrio reaulteri iae-
lUbUmaote ua letedo de luilud, nomoal-
dd y quehreetemieaU en giailll.
t.. PERRIZANle eeeve eonhiaeetie He
hierro y otree eubettaeiet que producen fuerte
y que een nietrlbuidei ta lee fcmteeiee, te
uaaatceetdedpere ete del cuerate jar
ateatea He UaJPUtTieeH ae eaiieaen Uerto
Scieeie pera proporcionarle ti euarpe la
caaudad queeeeaatta.
I homhree y Buitree a te lita,
a .Jetea, ttateoa y felloe de ea
rieeroto. part todt le tente que at i
ea vea oondmienet el FERRIZAN ae rao
alendado v vendido por tedoe lee batana
feraitalntient Sontetal. a preeea bey etaaeH.
CAMPEONAS.La jovencita en el centro es la campeona hor-
neado de dulces de lee Estados L'nidos, La joven. Marchita
Benton, de IS aos de edad, se llev el premio entre 21 finalistas
en el campeonato de horneo on loo Estados l'nidos.
S&ora! Seorita! Si cada ase* tufro
I'd. dolores agonizantes, nervioeidaS
Libatmien a cauta de deaarrtgls
icionsl dl organismo femenino
debe tratarte. Cuanto sois prona,
laato mejor, puet tsot drtarreflos
orgnico- -pueden ceuiarlc mayor
sufrimientos ti lid. te detruida. YL
recuerde que let calmantes quse
salo alivian el dolor temporalmente!
o remedian el nu!. Regulador
Qatttlrt es afamado por ai* eses*
Uotet resultados contra las crjajaf
gestione* y desarreglos fussdow
ale* del organismo propio d l*>
mujer. Est gran remedio no toist
alivia eso* dolores y malestares aisto)
que tonudo de acuerdo con las
Instrucciones ejerce un efecto descon-
gestivo, tnico y regulador que Kaes
mucho bien al organismo. Lbrete Se
east sufrimientos! Proteja tu tahal
Formal, del Dr. j. OmPtlrS
Ni lot esmaltas paro ufloi mti
cores brillan mol que CUTIX
941* Cates, eealieae "eatmr
loa", aurre y atarttUloto
iasredieate que ceaaerra al
brillo ea le aitt por diat
y din. ta tfriatarM, eet-
prenderie a deuelerarte.
AHORA Lepi. labial Catet .ear,,
perdorable. Prea asa labiui eiqaiiita
ornete, atraetjv* iaeMdtal., Ea snetieei
qae ceeabiaea aroaanleiooaimi aoa l
remalle Cote par* lae aSae.
El mmmltt pmrm uAs* mes populmr Aul mundo.
SI quiers lo mjor n jugo d naranja..;

5 '
T ir
NO hay mejor Va para VENDER ALQUILAR COMPRAR etc
que la ruta al Departamento de los CLASIFICADOS DEL P A.
Nuestros Agentes o Nuestras Oficinas lo atenderen:
Mnimo por
i 15 palabras.
3* por cada
palabra adicione}.
Tiv.ll No 4
tj. t-isi
Prea* d*
Ave. 4 Se Jail
TfL t-441
An. llaleaSea IS.tse
Tal mC'blM.
Call* U Oeste Mo. M
Calle N* IT r.n.Mi
*v. Ccatral 12-171 Celes
DA SOCIAL Hace adaracin
APROVECH:Pinturas y esmalte*
extre brillantes o pruebo de mcho.
B 3.i golon .Almoceras Iropidu-
Bienes Races
SI VENDEN:Clore, tubera esra.
cara acanalada. rix-Tei (cartea
arlaaar poro cele* reietl made-
ras. Iaamana. aacasede. ate. a
las areele mi baa* ea aleta.
a, Heeondo a Jueu rteaee. Tal.
SE VENCE: __ Incubodor electrice
Tel. 3-C255.____________
Vendemos plexos de segundo mono
para cuolquie- morca de corro.
Garage Cosine. Avenida Centrol
No. 29'._________________
SE VENDE BARATO:Lllantas 750
x 20. 825 x 20. 900 x 20. ICG0
x 20. tinacos buenos condiciones,
colchones, mquinas de escribir,
maquino de hacer llaves, sillos pie-
gobies de metal, manilo de I'.
Trinsito. perfectas condiciones.
Almacn Gonzlez. Ave. Central
SE VENDE:Vendo semilla foroguo
gorontizoda. Tel 2-1807.
SE VENDE:Llantas usadas 750 x
20 900 x 20. mongueras de
oir, agua. Todos tamaos. Ger-
nimo de la Ossa. Intro._________
SE VENDE:Algodn para colcho-
nes H Cts. lo libra. Ave. Central
238. Tel. 3-3021.
I Un anuncio pequeo con grandes
ofertas. Lotes de todos tmanos en
tedas las Orbonizoeiones a pre-
cios realmente bajos Vistenos
personalmente y conversse da lo
asombroso de nuestra oferta. Wolff
y Ca. Ltda Calle 5a.. 22. Tel.
SE VENDEModerna casa concreto,
magnifica inversin, facilidades
poge. Colle "A" No. 14 esquina
12 Oeste. Vase dueo altos.
SE VENDE:__2 Quonset Huds. Para
informes llmese 3-0455._______
SE VENDE:Tinacos reglamentarios,
bebederos paro pollos a buen pre-
cio. Hoolateria Calle Coln tjlo.
46. prximo Cof Sitton.
^ -#>
Solicitudes pendientes
Vctor M. Villalobos, '"arque
Lerevre. 12.800.00.
Benllda Rita Cspedes, La.i
Cumbres, 14.720.00.
Elvina Snchez, San Francis-
co. .^7.000.00.
3ilvla E. Alvarado, San Fran-
cisco. 10.500.00.
Diamantina Delgado. Vista
Hermosa, 8.800.00.
Alfredo A. Archibold, Rio A-
bajo. 6.960.00.
Josefa Maria Gonzlez, La
Carrasquilla. 9,200.00.
Rosario A. de Osorio, L& Ca-
rrasquilla. 7.280.00.
Henry L. Taitt Miller, "arque
Lefevre, 7,000.00.
Dorls Estela Jan B, Carre-
tera Transistmlca. 11.752.00.
Evella M. de Aguilar, Ll Can-
grejo, 14,450.00.
Filomena Crdoba, Los San-
tos. 7,676.00.
Evelia Ma. Biussard, San
I ranclsco. 8,400.00.
Alba Rosa Daz, Pueblo Nue-
\o. 9,153.00.
Elodla B. de Escobar. Santla-
to de Veraguas, 8,541.00.
Aquilina Roy de Vos. Urbani-
; acin El Carmen. '4,000.00.
Luis A. Snchez, Nuevo Arral/-
iin. 2,500.00.
Williams R. Slln, Paitilla, 9,-
Mara G. de Anguio, La Ca-
rrasquilla, R 200.00. A. de Senz, .'aitllla, 14,-
C 00.00.
Daisy H. Lara de Tan, Alta-
mira. 10,012.00.
Victorlo P. de Guerra. Mira-
flores. 6.700.00.
Abel Guibert. Altamira, 10,-
Dora B. de Porras, Parque
Lefevre, 15.000.00.
Raphael L. Pearson W., Alta-
Blira. 8.472.00.
Iteria T de Af. Parque
.evre, 5,700.00.
Margarita de Rodrigu /.
I'rancisco. 8.160.00.
Olga Gwendoyn Hinds,
Abajo, 9,052.00.
Juan Antonio Rivera. Urba-
nizacin La Pradera. 9.632,00.
ngel Sucre. San Francisco,
Julio Esther Bcyt'.a, Paitilla,
Antonio Llagunes ^arras, El
Cans ejo, 15.000.00.
Julio L. A. Clement, El Can-
rejo. 15.000.00.
Edward Lloyd Lowe, Via Es-
paa. 11.000.00
Jorge Anchisi, San Francisco,
Ros ado Saldarla. Mercedes.
Ian Francisco, 12,200.00.
Julio Enrique Boyd, El Cn-
telo, 15.000 00.
Total B. 477,774.00
SE VENDE:Carro Chevrolet 1950
cuatro puertas, nuevo, con llantas
de repuesto, no fue gonodo en la
nfa del Club de Leones de lo
Chorrero, 200 millas recorridas.
Informes en la estacin Larri-
nogo en la Chorrera, B.1,500
SE VENDESiguientes gangas: 1946
Lincoln Coupt B.900.00; 1942
Buick Sedan B.390.00; 1940
Oldsmobile convertible, D.260.00;
1937 Oldsmobile Coupe. B. 150.-
00; 1935 Ford Sedon B. 1 10.Op;
todos con derechos pagados. Oe-
rrose Agencio Ponomotores. Calle
'G" No. 27. Tel. 2-1185. Pen-
me, R. P.
Excelante oportunidad vendedor entra
2) v 30 da edad que hable ingls
y espocl con educacin secunda-
ra. Sueldo y comisin B. 150.C0
mensual garantizo. Exigimos rafa-
rancias. Bazar Americano, Central
No. 25. Panam.
Extranjero desea trabajar en casa da
fomilio. Llame al telfono 3-0825
de 4 a 6 p. m..
SE NECESITA:Dos soldadores de
arco pora trabajar en el Abattoir
Nocional en Paitilla. Tel. 3-0432.
Familia responsoble necesita chalet
con tres ecmeras, jardn, gara-
ge y cueto pai a empleada. Tel.
SE VENDE:Chevrolet 1935 Sedan,
regulor condicin. buen caucho,
buen transporte. Colle Carr 1417-
SE VENDEStudebaker 47 en mejo-
res condiciones, motivo de viaje,
buen precio. Ocurra cantina Chica-
go, Central 157.
PERDIDA:Cartera con documen-
tos personales, perdida en el Tea-
tro Capitolio, quien la devuelva
ser gotificado. Andrs Guerrero.
Mercado Celidonia. Telfono 2-
PERDIDO:Perrito polica Belga. 2
meses, se ofrece gratificacin, lla-
me Tel. 3-05"09 o Avd. Ecuador
No. 20.
PERDIDO:Un perro polica" choco-
late con mancho, nagros en el
cuerpo y una mancha blanca en
el pecho. Se perdi de la casa el
Domingo pesado. Buena recom-
penso al que lo encuentre. Jorge
Alemn. Colle 49 y Colombia No.
SE COMPRA:Jeep en buenas con-
dicionas. Oferta Reconstructora
Nacional. Ave. Per No. 7, Tel.
COMPRAMOS maz amarillo a B.4.-
00 qq. El Molino Criollo. Fiami.
dos por los estudiantes. Hao;
aaems dos mesas con literatu-
ra informativa para ser disl-
L-ulJa al pblico sin costo. C..e
educativo sobre asuntos de sa-
Ud pblica ser otra dt las ex-
hibiciones de la Zona.
Adems de estas exhibiciones
oficiales, numerosos clubes, lo-
cuelas y asociaciones de Crist-
bal y Balboa tambin tomarn
parte en la Feria.
Se pronostica
menta desencadenada por el
caso MacArthur.
En cuanto al General Mar-
shall, se le permitir que se
retire de su cargo antes de que
se llegue a la nominacin de
candidatos presidenciales para
la campaa de 1952. Se le con-
sidera demasiado ligado con la
cada de China en poder de
los comunistas para q 'e su
continuacin en el Gobierno fa-
vorezca a los demcratas.
Lo ms curioso es que son
los senadores demcratas los
que ahora presionan para que
ambos secretarlos sean elimi-
nados del gobierno. Consideran
que es urgente, especialmente,
la salida de Acheson, en bene-
ficio del partido.
SE NECESITA:Chivero responso-
ble, para transportar nios de Kin-
dergarten en Son Francisco. Soli-
cite informes en San Francisco.
Calle Noveno No. 24. Tel. 3-
SE NECESITA:Vendedor con ex-
periencia, en el ramo de licores.
Ocurra Vrelo Hnos, S. A. Colle
32 Este No. 2. traigo referencias.
SE NECESITAUn tractor D-7 Bull-
dozer. Hago su oferta al aporta-
do 1500. Panam. Tel. 3-3021.
SE NECESITA: Oficinista conoci-
miento estenografa ingls, caste-
llano. Colombia Pictures. Justo
Arosemena No. 7092, Coln.
SE NECESITA: Zinc de segunda
mano pero buenas condiciones y
10 postes alquitranados* de 40
pies. Dirijo ofertas Apartado 1895
.SE NECESITA:Dependiente que
sepo hablar ingls, sueldo y comi-
sin a persona competente. Infor-
mes Joyera Nueva York, Av.
Centrol 159.
-E ALQUILAN:Exclusivamente pa-
ro oficina* lcalas cntrico an loe
altos lo Avenido Control 44 o
precio, mdicos. Solicitan infor-
macin en Almacene 5 v 10 cen-
Locales comerciales en Marono Aro-
semena y Super Mercaao Calido-
nia; tambin an Rio Abajo,
67.1 2.00. Dirigirse A. .de Boutaud.
fel. 3-0338 '
SE ALQUILA:Locol pora oflcino.
arriba del Teatro Central.
SE ALQUILA:Locol Comercial: E-
dificio moderno frente Plaza San-
to Ana. Compaa F. Icaza, Ave-
nida B 79.
SE ALQUILA:Magnfico lorol cn-
trico, apropiado para oficina o
clnica. Avenida Central 68.
SE ALQUILA: Apartamento en
Avenida Mxico final y calle 43
Este, llama 3-0140.
SE ALQUILA: Aportomento en
Avenida Central 279. Tel. 3-
SE ALQUILA:Aportomento moder-
no. Calla 47 No. 3, sola, comeder.
2 recamaros, cuarto, servicio, go-
roge. etc. Tel. 3-3338.
SE ALQUILA:Apartamentos: C-
modos, ventilados, edificio moder-
no frente Plora Sonta Ana. Com-
panto F. ICAZA Avenido B. 79.
SE ALQUILA: Apartamento, uno
recmara. Calle 52 No. 18. Infor-
mes Apto. No. 8.
SE ALQUILA: __ Apartamento bien.
ventilado, dos dormitorios con ba-
o, sala-comedor, cuarto de em-
pleada, instalacin, oguo colien-
te. Buena vecindad. Bella Visto.
Colle 44 No. 32, Apto. 4. Tel-
fono 3-0815.
SE ALQUILA:Apartamento planta
baja, casa de madero, en San
Francisco. $35.00. Informes Tel.
SE ALQUILA:Aportomento en San
Francisco de la Coleto Informes
calle 14 Oeste 59. Primer piso.
M. Diaz Doce.
SE NECESITA:Cocinera con expe-
riencia y buenas referencias, buen
sueldo, acudo colle 41 No. 19.
SE NECESITA: Muchacho soltero
sin compromisos, paro cocinar v
ayudar en los dems quehaceres,
que duerma en el trabajo, fomilio
pequea. Calle 37 Este No. 2.
SE NECESITA:Empleoda pora ofi-
cio de casa. Tiene que dormir en
empleo. Calle 47 cosa 3 Apto. 5.
SE NECESITA:Cocinera buena, que
duerma en empleo. Avenido Ma-
nuel J. Hurtado, ultima cosa. La
Cresta. Fomnto Fogarty.<
SE NECESITAN: Dos empleadas
para oficios domsticos. Ocurra
Jenimo de la Ossa No. 10, ofi-
cina Gelabert.
Aceite Eldorado
D* venta wn
Se encuentra entre nosotros
nuevamente el St. Rosendo MeT
re L. ex-teaorero Municipal de
Panam, quien lleg procedente
de los Estados Unidos en donde
fu objeto de delicada opera-
cin. Complacido anotamos su
retorno y esperamos una pronta
Puede provocar
minio sobre nuestra Industria
petrolera y personalmente es-
pero que los britnicos tendrn
suficiente buen sentido y juicio
para enfocar la' situacin en su
propia perspectiva. Si la Anglo-
Iranian rehusa hacernos entre-
ga, tomaemos las medidas ne-
La declaracin de la comisin
ha Indicado que Irn no ha to-
mado en cuenta la sugestin
hecha previamente por el Em-
bajador de Estados Unidos, Hen-
ry Orady, aconsejando que se
demore la nacionalizacin de la
compaa petrolera.
Hosseln Makki advirti que
Irn retirar el permiso de re-
sidencia en iu pas al personal
extranjero de la Anglo-Iranlan
si la compaa se niega a entre-
gar sus instalaciones a la comi-
sin. Dijo que "entonces se ve-
rn obligados a salir de Irn".

Tenemos el surtido ms
grande y ms fino de Mol-
duras de Metal para I
NEVAMAR para uso sobre
mesas, fregadores o canti-
nas. CORALITE para pare-
des y NACTOR para ti
frente de las tiendas.
Are. Central 279 Tel. 3-0141
Ciudad de Panam
LONDRES. Mayo 15 (UP> El
Ministerio de Relaciones Exte-
riores de Oran Bretaa le est
dando los toques finales a una
firme nota que se enviar a
Irn pidiendo las Inmediatas
negociaciones sobre la disputa
petrolera para evitar una.crisis
contra la direccin del plan-
tel o contra el Ramo de Edu-
Las personas que me cono-
cen bien, saben de mi seriedad
y mi respeto a la ley y nin-
guno que no sea un difamador
puede llamarme "elemento di-
soefador" en una escuela don-
de he hecho labor de cumpli-
miento, Consagracin, eficien-
cia, y de cooperacin con to-
dos, tal como lo comprueba el
siguiente certificado expedido a
mi favor hace apen-is dos me-
ses por el director de la Es-
cuela Normal J. D. \rosemena.
profesor Vicente Bayard, que
"Repblica de Panam. Mi-
nisterio de Educacin. Escuela
"La Constitucin
os dems, es necesario qu
quienes nada pedimos a VM.,
precisamente porque eata.ncs
dispuestos a cooperar desinteie*
sedimente para el xito de iu
administracin, lo respaloanio
decidida y abiertamente para
qc Ud. sea un" Presidente^ ab-
soluta y -totalmente libra en 'u*.'
ejercicio de su mandato sin
limite que el de su Juramenta
de cumplir fielmente la Con-.*
tltucln en la cual todos ter.p- ;
inos la garanta de nuestra
guridad y Ud. la firme-a rtc sil
La Constitucin no autorUu la
validez de compromisos come (t
tie que corresponde a determina-
do partido poltico nada menos
que el Banco Agropecuario time* .'
Normal "J. D. Arosemena 22 dcuna institucin de fomentla*)-
febrero de 1951. De Director !,a apicultura y la ganadera -I
de la Normal, para Francisco com" 8U nombre lo indica, cqr.-
Rodriguez, Administrador.
Memorandum No. 7.
Tengo a bien, informarle que
esta direccin ha apreciado su
labor durante el periodo esco-
lar 1950-1951 en la siguiente
Das ausentes: Ninguno.
Observaciones: Labor satisfac-
toria. Es un servidor competen-
te, responsable y cooperador.
Vicente Bayard P.,
Director. '
Inminente ofensiva
de pos 11 o s de abastecimientos
trados desde Manchuria du-
rante el invierno.
La primera fase de la ofen-
siva roja fue detenida en una
semana, costndole a los rojos
75,000 soldados. Sin embargo, los
aliados se vieron obligados a
retirarse hacia Corea del Sur.
vertida por la falta de
en su manejo, ne slo en una*
competidora desleal del comer-
cio y de la .industria, sino en
un factor perjudicial' para los
asociados, sobre todo las 6taN -
mis necesitadas de la pool
cum, a la cuales ha encareca'
a vida. Yo he sabido, con re-
pugnancia y con asco, que I'
gobierno pasado se vall el
Banco Agro-Pecuario para a-
menazar con la ruina a una
empresa comercial honorable
sumiendo la linea principal ris>
sus negocios. Basta este antee--
dente y muchos ms para
el Banco mencionado no co-
responda a un partido politice
sino que haga parte de la or-
ganizacin general del Esiado-i
conforme al angranaje de suv
administracin. |
Los compromisos que los par-t
tidos polticos puedan concertad
Las Fuersas Areas del Le- *ntre sl- dentro del Ubre juego
Jano Oriente informaron que d* actividades no pueden
*c*" ""'" *"', y ,, ***"- fig. ,1, vninivn n i rtnim morales que ei excelentsimo se-4.
a estaba haciendo "un supre-l" t gffi.'fc .^An"i or Presidente de la Repblica,
mo esfuerzo" para persuadir a a &astecimlentos de Sarlwonl tJene con todog panameos!-
Iran de que Inicie conferencia:? '"> de aestruir ios materia-, iM r.iai. nn ,. r,g" _,.,. 0,a5
bilaterales1 para negoci.r un suerra destinados a l:SttTP!rtWo,tS1SiS
SE NECESITA:Cocinera competen-
te. Imprescindible que duerma en
caso Avenido lo. (Carrasquilla)
No. 55, entrada del Teatro Edn.
SE ALQUILA:Locol cntrico, es-
pecialmente acondicionado para al-
macn, depsito, oficina. Ocurra
"La Democracia." Ave. Norte No.
SE ALQUILA:Local comercial pro-
pio para tienda, barbera, seln de
Belleza o Almacn, en colle Co-
lombia No. 2, B.50.00. Ocurro Tel.
SE ALOUILA:Cuorto independien-
te. Calle Estudiante 105, arriba
ponoderia Ancn.
SE ALQUILA: Completamente
amoblado edn atencin del oseo.
Paro hombre solo. Colle Colombia
No. 8, aportomento 5.
SE NECESITA:Cocinera, fio nece-
sito ir al mercado, ni disponer co-
mido. Avenido Ecuador 26.
SE NECESITA:Persono seria y res-
ponsoble pora todos los oficios de
casa. Infrmese: Ave. Justo- Aro-
semena 4, clnica.
SE NECESITA:Empleada domsti-
lavor y plonchor, horos trpbojo 7
o 3, sueldo B.20.00. Ocuro Pet-
tersson, Vio Espaa No. 5, Alma-
SE NECESITA.Empleoda con bue-
nos referencias que duerma en el
empleo. Via Espaa 2022.
SE NECESITA:Empleado pora ser-
vicio de cosa con referencias. Buen
sueldo. Ave. Cuba 58 apartamen-
to 6.
'mbajad de los Estados i.i
os traer una Exhibicin Ful.'-
rfica de Programas de Afc-!-
altura, Salud e Industria- ru-
sentara tambin la Embaja ia
i na exhibicin de cine continuo
El Servicio Cooperativo l-
lar-Americano tendr ex!;5-
uoues realistas, demostra.ipo
is principias elctricos, como
Magnetismo y el funcionaniiin-
o (c un motor elctrico, etejt.
jiciones de diferentes o.a-
b de madera, incluyendo '..
aecnlaeln de un pulpito, s'-
i*u y otios muebles, to-
ran a
recientemente la cuestin del
prstamo y arriendo entre los
Estados Unidos y la Unin So-
vitica, en la cual los Estados
Unidos tratan de obtener la de-
volucin de buques usados por
el Soviet durante la segunda
guerra mundial.
El seor Wiley, diplomtico
de carrera, fu embajador en
Colombia de 1944 a 1947. siendo
entonces nombrado embajador
en Portugal. Al ao siguiente
fu designado embajador en
En 1919 el seor Wiley quien
ahora tiene 57 aos de edad,
prest servicios en la Amrica
Latina, al ejercer cargos en San-
tiago, Buenos Aires y Caracas.
Tambin ha desempeado pues-
tos en Madrid. Copenhague. Ber-
lin Varsovla. Mosc y Viena.
Wllev es casado con la seroja
Irene Montague Baruch. No tie-
nen hijos.
SE ALQUILAN:Magnficos cuar-
tos amoblados, frente al mar para
matrimonio o jvenes honorables.
No. 5 primera escolero Ploro dos
de Enero.
Pato revista ayer
Despus del discurso la Ofi-
cialidad desfilaron ante el F.e-
sidtntc de la Repblica y el I-.'l-
II..,to de Gobierno Terminado
el acto, se brind en los salones
uci escuadrn de caballera un
uuffcl al Presidente don Aist-
uiades Arosemena. al Ministro
de Gobierno Dr. Miguel AnBel
Ordez y a sus acompaantes
Los Estados
Es una burla pretender que con
la negociacin de un tratado de
paz con Japn en estas condi-
ciones se producira la paz".
La proposicin sovitica est
contenida en una nota entre-
gada al embajador de EE. UU.
Alan G. Klrk, en Mosc, el lu-
rar la vacante de la primera au-
toridad de un distrito.
Como es de conocimiento p-
blico en el Tribunal de lo Con-
tencioso y Administrativo se en-
cuentra pendiente de fallo la Re-
solucin dictada por el Consejo
Municipal el 29 de Agosto de 1950.
por medio de la cual se declar
vacante el puesto de Alcalde titu-
lar y se llam a ocupar en su lu-
gar al primer suplente.
SE NECESITA:Bueno cocinera que
sepa cocina y disponer. Tiene que
ir al Mercado y no dormir en el
empleo. Buen sueldo. Avenida
Manuel Mo. (cazo B. Campo Ale-
gre No.26.
Artculo de Ow
, SE VENDE: Mquina lavadora
"Norge" 9 libros, nueva, B. 175.-
00. Panomsica. Colle Monteserin
No. 4
SE VENDE:Refrigerodoro en per-
fectos condiciones, motivo, necesi-
tamos una mis grande. Colle 46
No. 34, altos.
SE VENDE: Estufa elctrica pe-
quea, lavadora elctrica, muebles.
Jos Francisco de la Ossa No. 30.
Apto. 12.
Alambre de Gallinero
y de Puerco.
Alambre Cicln
para Cercas.
Alambre de Mosquito.
Ricardo A. Mir,
S. A.
Calle 16 Este No. 4
Tels. 2-3335 y 2-2988
Se espera que Gran Bretaa
vuelva a hacer nfasis en su ca-
tegrica negativa a acertar la
nacionalizacin unilateral de las
concesiones de la compaa pe-
No se han confirmado los in-
formes de que tropas paracaidis-
tas britnicas se encuentran lis-
tas para ir a Irn a guardar los
campos petroleros.
lineas del frente comunista.
partidos sino por nor-
, mas generales tendientes a la
i !?, : ..d m l>olo^i-\ las'cuales tambin deben subbr-
5n t8'' clLee,QUle J""1 dinar partidos honorablemente
sido llenados con abasteclmlen-| tIg actuaciones
tos en anticipacin a la rea-
nudacin de la ofensiva co-
Sariwan se encuentra al Sur
de Pyongyang, entre los para-
En la pasada lucha, que ha
culminado con su legitima exal-
tacin a la Primera Magistra-
tura del Estado, mientras los
Directorios de los Partidos, como
Persianas Venecianas LUX
a B/.v.SO
Calle 29 E. #32
Tel. 3-1713
lelos 38 y 39 y cerca de la en un cuadriltero, disputaban.'
costa occidental. i.aua intereses polticos, el puebla
Este centro de abastecimien-1 panameo formaba un solo ha*
tos se encuentra adyacente a i de causa en toda la Nacin para
los patios ferrocarrileros y sir- I defender sus idesiles. Los Dlpu-.
ve de punto de transferencia de I tados la Asamblea Nacional
abastos que se envan a travs i dieron un magnifico ejempi
de rutas ferroviarias y carrete- cuando, echando a un lado lo"
ras desde Manpojln en la fron- intereses polticos, cumplieron).
' tera del rio alu.
honrosamente el articulo 107 aw
la Constitucin racional, quel
dice. "Los Diputados., una vea
elegidos, representan toda I*
Tenemos exacta-
mente el VIDRIO
que Ud. necesita!
Calle 1C Este #4 Tel. S-2SM
SE VENDE:Cuno de baby en B.15.
00; un estantito en B.20.00, un
bar chico poro solo. B.20.00. Ocu-
rro Ave. Ecuador 20. Poredes.
SE VENDE:Refrigerodoro en ex-
celentes condiciones, B.I 00.00 ol
contodo. Lime telfono 3-0406,
Edificio Charles (Cosa Club de
Leonesa. Colle Ricardo Arios Apfo.
SE ALQUILA:Espacioso residencia,
completamente amobloda. en lote
de I.6O0 metros, alrededor de 1.
000 metros de csped y iordin. 3
recamaros con dos boftos, 2 ha-
bitaciones para el servicio, con tu
correspondiente b e o; cocino
Srande. desayunador; vestbulo;
comedor, sola, oficina; goroge v
dos terrozas, situada entre Paitlllo
v el Club de Golf. Pueds ocupar-
se por un ano o mis tiempo y es-
tera listo el lo. de Junio. Tel. 3-
10,000 horas de garanta.
\ iu alBaPekj fcLeerwH
Tel. 2-2847
Ave. Norte S3 Tel.Z-Mlt
Calle Martin Sosa Ne. 3
Tel. 3-1424
j Muy concurrido
sentacin del Sindicato de Pe- -Nac'on-' n<* sujette a^rtin*
riodistas. llev la palabra el Pre- P>n n,a.l J ol MK"?
sidente del Sindicato don Luis i 1s. jetados de su condnela".
Gonzlez. i Quiz los Directorios de los Par-
El cadver rial sr rhmon .. tidos polticos no hubieran que-
tuvo en capilla "tecnia rld0 4" % W Prldem*
Iglesia La Merced, desfilando an-
te el mismo cientos de amigos
Sin duda alguna, la muerte del
pero los Diputados representa^
ron toda la Nacin, que com-
prende a los que no perteneee-
Sr. Ehrman constituye una per- m0* n'n*un parUd,? .Poltico,
dld enorme para el SlndicauTde > y obedeciendo a _los dictados d
Periodistas, a cuya entidad perte-
neca activamente el 8r. Ehrman
Ramn Ehrman fu nombrado
su conciencia cumplieron con ek
augusto deber de hacer justicia* .
Yo estol seguro que los H. Dl-
hace poco Jeledei Departamento P"18'10* se mantendrn en ese
de Prensa y Radio del Ministerio i pla" d* al,,ura <-n Que se han .
de Gobierno y Justicia, puesto que colocado del cual no descend**
desempeaba cuando fu herido' "*" Pa inmiscuirse en la ad-
mortalmente en la Presidencia de
la Repblica durante los sucesos
del 10 de Mayo.
El Panam Amrica, a cuyo
personal perteneci el Sr. Ehr-
man en un tiempo, se une de to-
do corazn al duelo del compa-
ero desaparecido.
La investigacin
to de los hecho< antecedentes a
la pretendida dero|-atorla de la
Constitucin; lo que ocurri in-
mediatamente despus que la
Asamblea orden la suspensin
del Careo par el Dr. Arnulfo
minlstracin del Banco Agrof
Me propongo, aprovechando la
oportunidad, proponer que el
Club de Leones de esta ciud;;u>
y los de toda la Repblica, in'.- ,
cien un movimiento cvico &.
cooperacin directa hacia i;, ,
conjuntamente con todas Ir.
dems asociaciones de Igual n-
dole existentes incluyendo last
Cmaras de Comercio e Indus-
trias, a base de una completa
exclusin de poltica partidaris-
ta, para que el apoyo que lo
ofrecieron todas las fueras vivas
de la Nacin al movimiento do
restauracin constitucional, con-
V;^*JSssTissi] obteno a fin e ev,tar- '-

e La ms antigua.
La ms acreditada,
e La de mayor stock.
Rio Abajo 2154Tel 3-MZ4
Almacn Calle "I" #
Tel t-175*
Tenemos en existencia:
de toda dase
2* x 6 y 2' x 8'
Calibre 26
en envases de 5 alones
B 2.50 galn
Tel 2-3335Calle 18 Este #4
Agendas Globales
Via Espaa No. 121
Tel. 3-1513
autoridades hasta el momento
en que comenzaron los tiroteos
en la Presidencia.'
En | referente al doctor Ar-
nnlfe Arias, la Asamblea Na-
cional conocer sobre so pro-
ceso, segn se no intormo.
nombrando una comisin que se
encargue de la instruccin de
las sumarias y que rendir in-
forme a la Cmara en pleno.
Esta maana te Inform a EL
manecan detenidos a' rdenes
de los fiscales quinientas per-
sonas, habiendo sido puestas en
ibertad hasta ahora quinientos
cincuenta detenidos.
Uno de los agentes del Mi-
nisterio Pblico declar a la
prensa que haba indagado a
la ex-Ministro de Trabajo, Pre-
visin Secial y Salud Pblica,
seora Mara Santodomingo de
Miranda y que en su indagato-
ria habla dieho "que se retira-
ra definitivamente de 1st po-
En las horas de la maana
fue entrevistado el seor Pre-
sidente de la Repblica por un
gobierno a nn ae evitar me-
diante una obra de vergenza
de decencia, de integridad y dr*,
decoro, el acaecimiento desgr- "
ciado de hechos, como el de la
publicacin que es tema obligada
de la presente carta, para for-
talecer en Ud. el eje de la Ad-
ministracin de manera que ella
se manifiesta para el bien pu-
blico y se defienda de agresio-
nes interiores como la que es '
objeto de estos comentarios.
Soy de Ud. con todo respeto^
compatriota y amigo,
(Fdo) Eduardo Morgan. '
para considerar y estudiar al-
gunos problemas fundamentales
para la marcha del Estado El
Presidente Arosemena dijo qua
el Gobierno est dedicado a una
labor de organisacin y que to-'
dos los Ministros de Estado ce*
tan empeados en imprimijJE,
al Gobierno la mayor seriada*
Se ha reanudado
decisin clara y terminante que
liquide de una ves por todas es-
redactor de EL PANAMA AME- te asunto que llera yad os aos
N RICA e Inform que esta tar- y medio, afectando notablemen-
de celebrar el Consejo de Ga-1 te las relaciones entre Colombia
bnete una reunion Informal I y Per.
Hombre enrgico y con personalidad, dispuesto
a someterse a riguroso entrenamiento en vents ds pro-
ducto universalmente usado y de reconocida calidad,
que tenga experiencia contable, entre los 25 y 30 aos
de edad. Buena oportunidad para independizarse para
aquel que rena las condicione* necesarias. Escriba al
apartado 1071. Panam, uministrando fotografa ta-
mao postsl, educacin, experiencia y estado civil.

MAtntS, MATO 15. 1*1
------- -n
Ibrico y Ditrani Cumplen Esta Noche Una &S
Se enfrentan por
primera rez en el
a De
Expectacin En El Ftbol
Ftbol de la. Categora
Provincia de Panam
O. F. P. PU
:::e \ i
...... 1 f
f,ncn .
El Dep. Cerriid Conquist El
Campeonato De Softball
Al Vencer Al Fiduciario
spaAOlt* han reofganlze-
i Hntai pera sorprendlr
di el
l> El Campeonato d ftbol de
la primera divisin de la Usa
Provincial de Panam pMtr.ta
ceta noche a las 7.4 *n 1 RBta-
llio Olmpico otro de los comen-
tados partidos de la Temperada.
entre los conjuntos Drran e
El Dep. Ditrani, el equipo nue-
vo de este ao, que se organizo
Justamente a base de loe mejo-
res jugadores de sus Vales de
,s hoy, le tocar* medirte con 01
Ibrico, campen del pasado ao.
en ui ootej* que promet rei-
das alternativas.
los italianos cuentan con una
escuadra fuerte y agresiva y **
tan favoritos part volver a salir
airosos, mahtnor tu invicto
quedar entonces solos en
punte de honor d la eompo
Loa ai
doe sus _
* sus rivales de asta noche, y
llevar* a la cancha dispuesto*
a rendir todos sus esfuerzos
par* lograr su propsito; ade-
ms. (1 Ibrico que cuenta col)
crecido nmero da simpatizado*
ras, tendr esta ocha una cre-
cida barra que lo alentara para
obtener el triunfo. <
!I!. .......I I I '
1 Tropical mejoro
opcin tn boln con
M triunfo de anoche
unta noche se miden Pi-
nocho y Entrometido*
La apenara de la Temporada da ***V-.V.1.* Pro-
incial de Panama, se pospuso pera el ,0*0*00 M dcMav* en 01
Hmna.i* Nacional, de acuerdo een decision ve tom ayer ateHa
La fecha de apertura se habla Indicad* primeramente para
I sbado entrante, pero debido a IOS stMOsoe de todos conocidos
0 Me a traza ron les arreglos, se pospuse en ana semana el comien-
zo de la temporada. .
Ka la nueva fecha indicada Se laaagnrar* el Campeonato do
la Division Mayes maaeallna con el lete Chesterfield vs. Mao.
Entre los otras asuntos que se trataren en la reonln de
anoche, utin lea pases de cortela a la Federacin, esaipee, Bee-
ilen Deportiva de los diferentes peridico, redactores depart-
El ierre de inscripciones ora el Campeonato femenino te
aplasO ara el lanes al. laoolsnante se aplas* para el lunes ai
la Licitacin para la Transmisin de los Juegos. .
Pot otra parto esta torio a Us 5 en el Gimnasio Racional
teudr* tacar la reunin do les,representantes de les equipos de
basketball de Segunda Categora, para tratar los diferentes as-
res sobro la Inatgaraeln y el Campeonato, por lo a se pl-
aontaal alsotenola a todos. ____________________________
Se Corre Este Domingo El
Clsico "Ral Espinosa
El Control del
Comejn obtuvo
el subeampeonato
Rl equipo Deportivo Cerrad so
coron anoehe campeen do la
Liga Comercial de eftball con
su flotarla sobre el Roneo Fl-
daeiarle por I terreras a a en
el caadro de Santa Rita.
En al Otro partido anunciado,
el Control del Comejn obtuve el
triunfe por forfeit sobra el Du-
El Unin conserv su invicto y el Chin
ogro puntuacin con sus triunfos en la
contienda del baseball de La Chorrera
-Per i. H. IVALDI J
El Juego entre Cerrad y Pateo
suite refilde
Tornee o
fi-:r::::::: 8
-rjl ............... 23 24
irtini ............... M
tildes...... it
.-- ..*.....
El prximo domingo el Hip-
dromo Nacional rendir home-
naje de cario al gran hpico
y caballero del turf, Ral Espi-
nosa, como UQ reconocimiento
a la aran labor que desarroll
a favor de nuestro hlpict.
Por tal motivo te correr* el
Clsico "Ral tapite" obre
unt disttneia de 1400 metros y
por un premio de B.2.0O0.00.
Competirn en esta carrera
ejemplar* nacionales de pura
sangre entre loa cuales estn
inscritos: La Loba, Marsellesa,
Hortensia, Mandinga. Ooldn
Tip, Tolly Baba Baby Rol "y H0-
Los Campeones de la pista
En otra de las pruebas prin-
cipales del programa hpico de
este fin de semana se enfrenta-
rn los, campeones de la pista.
*nj una carrera que ha llamado
f'oderoeaiente la atencin 00-
re los burreros, pues Se espera
un*- reida- carrera princlpai-
mettt* entre- Manld Road y Phoe
but Apollo.
Este evento, sea sobre un tiro
de. 1400 metros y por un premio
de B.1.000. Estn inscritos tam-
bin Dictador. Camar, Welsh
Loch y PlnsjroV -^ ; _
El Tropical venci anoche al
Mlke, 3 a 1, bajando asi ti Mike
al segundo lugar, permaneciendo .
loa peliculero* en 1 tercer puea-
to del torneo da bolos Oafe
Las anotaciones fueron:
Ion las autorHatJei
de Obras Pblicas
Se bao imprescindible la
C*a*rtr*ce*n ds un Servicio
sanitario en el
Jteges de SARTA
li i, ffi; Obstaculizan los
rojos el temario
Handicap 44
Da Jann
de una reunin
fll 2291
44 132! PARIS, Mayo 15 , vicecancilleres de Francia, or*n
731 T74 922 2423 Bretaa Estados Unidos y la
L' Sovitica continan s.i*
discusiones coto semana en un
sruerzo por acordar un tema*
/lo paia una posible confercJ-
ciu de ministros de relaciones
exteriores de las cuatro a*>
114 74* 771 2407
Juego de esta noche
II jinete Flores
fue suspendido
por 12 reuniones
Por remldente en etmbiar su
linea de carrera se suspendi al
jinete r. Rose (Risita) por 4
Je suspendi al ejemplar
DON SALOMCW, por dot Nunlo-
naa por tu deficiente actuacin.
MICROBIO, suspendido por 8
rtunlones nor no haber expli-
uado satisfactoriamente tu pro-
ottart Archie de Obarrio. la
sarrera da ese ejemplar an dis-
uonformidad con tu anterior
--JftLlSfP*1**110 Jempiar fi-
LXORAlfA. por ocho reuniones
por no itber explicado satis-
factoriamente la presentacin
de eso ejemplar en dlsoonfor-
mtdad oon tu ltima presenta-
uspondWo al Jinete K Flore*
a Blido (Agulrre) tn la tie-
rra derecha.
4 rtuniont* al jinete G
ir ata
lOtt por vetitr ata linea de Bo-
rrar. eon al caballo BBTN.
! Por reincidente tn variar su
lnea de oarrar* an la turra de-
ocha atn eetoroer a nadie se
lUtpendl al nete R. Vasquez
)or 4 reuniones).
Ante la reunin est en con* acin una Oferta de os ir*
'ados Unidos, Oran Bretaa, y
Fianolt, sobre tree proposic.j-
nes de! temarlo para lo confe-
rencia. Las tres naciones han
o .-celtio dar el pato de levu- a
cabo la reunin de sus canci-
lleres con, al del Soviet an s.n
que se haya acordado plena-
mente el temarlo. Han ofrei'-o
tjcltbrar la reunion a base de
los resultados obtenidos ha>ta
aiiua por loe vicecanelllere-.
Las tres propuestas fueron
presentadas por las tras nacio-
ru a el 2 de mayo en un eafucr*
40 por romper el estancamiento
que 'iia continuado durante a-
si 10 semanas de
jobie ei temarlo para la reu-
nin de candlleres en Parts.
El delegado de Astados Uni-
dos. Embajador eitraordina, lo
R.-.illlp C. Jessup. ba reoakado
que las tres naciones estn os-
adamente interesadas en la
realidad *de una reunin de los
cuatro cancilleres debido a que
esptrsn que esta reunin ha 'le
toi un importante paso en el
camino de la paa.
tiene los
mejores programas
Coln Garca tiene
buen respaldo para
su pelea del dge.
Por los entrenamientos que
estn realizando los pgiles Fe-
derico Plummer, campen na-
cional de peso pluma, y el p^r*
torrioueo P r a n c 1 s od Coln
Garca, se presume que el coh-
bate que sostendrn el prximo
domingo en el Estadio Oli.npi-
co deber resultar reido y me-1 falta alguna,
El conocido Coln Oorcia ex*
campen de esta divisin, est
practicando todas las tardei a
las 2 y 30 en el Gimnasio Na*
cional bajo el cuidado de Cid
Zcfine y la direccin de Bolo
Royal, as como est cruzando
guantes con Wilfredo Brown,
campen Nacional de peso li-
Como-puede apreciarse, el A-
sitante est respaldado por muy
buenas gente en el boxeo na-
cional, y conociendo su fuerte
pegada, valenta y agresividad,
ser un rival muy peligroso pit-
ra Plummer, que tendr que o-<-
xear con mucho tino para no
resultar sorprendido-
s intercalate y
te decid* en el ultime efttedie,
cuande con las anotaciones em-
patadas Man Solanos empuj
la carrera ganadera can an sen-
cillo. En este encuentre Lola L-
mela result el lantooor ganador
y Mite Mat carg con la de-
Coa loe resaltados *t anoche
adems del cernid qae conquist
el titulo, qued cerno sobtom-
aoea el Control del Comejn, y
el Banco fiduciario termin en
el tercer puesto.
Cuatro equipos participaron en
la Serle final por el Campeona-
te del oftbeif seoiai. y el otro
conjunto fu el Duran.
Dato equipe* participaren en
la Competencia, y los ocha res-
taotoa fueron: rackart, Moate-
suma, terrecerla, Vidrieras Pe-
res Hudson, Istmeo Bath y
Los trofeos, Premios, Medallas
y Certificados estregarn eu
fecha que anunciar oportuna-
mente la Liga Comercial de Sott
Se rene esta
noche la Liga
de Fut de Coln
COLCC, Mayo 15 (Por Mando
Quintero)Esta noche, en el
Saln de costumbre, se llevar
a cabo una imprtente reunin
de lot miembros de la Liga Pro-
vincial de Balompi de Coln
con el fin de darle corte final
al registro de equipos para la
prxima contienda fijar la fe-
cha para la Inauguracin que ha
sido anunciada para el da 27
del presento mes y por ltimo
tratar sobre candidatos a la Fe-
deracin Nacional de Ftbol do
La reunin ser a las 7 y 30
de la noche y por este medio se
nos ha pedido hagamos aber
a todos loa repreeentantes de ios
equipos que deben acudir sin
Baseball do La Chorrera
O. P. PJe.
Unin................a a .eee
Oes. Cbin ............ 1 1 0*
Balboa ............e i m
Rl Paerte ............ 1 .***
En la doble jomada Dominical
de la Liga invernal de Baseball
Amateur de La Chorrera, salie-
ron tirotea loa equipos Dep.
Chin y Unin sobre El Puerto y
Balboa respectivamente.
Buena labor de D. Salinas
Bateando de 3*3, lanzando pe-
lota de hita y ponchando a
14 contrarios, D. (Oatito* Sali-
nas condujo al Dep. Chin a su
primera victoria en el actual
Torneo al vencer por pizarra de
4 a 3 a ios porteos en el pri-
mer juego del dia.
alias recibi una defensa
impecable lo mismo quo tu con-
trario B. Mendleta, pero los
Chinos aprovecharon todas las
oportunidades para anotar con
tut I lneoflbles
La anotaeMfl condensad fue:
C. R. E.
El Puerto a I i
Deportivo Chin at
Lamedor cenador D. Salinas-
Perdedor B. Mendleta.
l Derrotar a Los Indios Ayer
En el l aete le gan El Unin
Al Balboa por 3 a 2.
El otro partido celebrado en-i
tre el Unten y el Balboa tuvo
que extenderte a un episodio.,
extra, venciendo al final de cun
te en el Ido. el Unin.
E. Rodriguez lanzador dere-
cho de los unionistas y C. Her-
nndez urdo del Balboa se
trenzaron en duelo desde el co-
mienzo de lat hostilidades.
El fildeo errtico de los bal-
boeftos contrlbuno al triunfo
de los unionistas, quienes apro-
vecharon los 3 pecade." del cua-
dro que sumados a los 8 lneo-
glbles did por resultado '.as 9
carreras ganadoras.
P. Carrasco del Unin con 4-2.
D. Montllla 3-2 y C. Isaac 2-1
del Balboa resultaron loa mejo-
res bateadores del partido.
.La anotacin condensad* fu:.
C. Hs Es
Unida 3
Balboa a 8 3
Lanzador ganador S. Rodrigue?.
Perdedor O. Hernndez.
Los prximos juegot d la Li-
ga Invernal de La Chorrera se
efectuarn el Domingo 30 del
presente en el campo de jugos
de Matuna. entre
Servicio de la Prensa Unida
Los Medias Rojas vencieron a
los Senadores en un juego quo
dur once entradas por anota-
cin de S carreras a 7. Los Me-
dias Rojaj al "Ear la tercera
entrada no habian anotado una
sola carrera mientras que los
Senadores ya tenan acumula-
das tres, pero los visitantes se
aprovecharon de 13 bases por
bolas y cinco errores para no so-
lo vencer esa desventaja sino
Probar suerte
Pedro Pepe Osorio
como profesional
11 Johnny Bratton Se Encuentra
Listo Para Pelear Con Gaviln
c.'ilcago, fu
IS (UP) Johnny Bratton, de
examinado por "el doctor Vlcent Nardlello, mdico
d la"Cmisn Atltica del Retado V ste declar que el pugilis-
ta se encuentra Mato para su encuentro con Kld Gaviln, de Cu-
ba el prximo Viernee por el campeonato, mundial peso welter.
El mdico declar que Bratton te encuentra en excelentes
condicionee tsicas. Bratton, cuyo titulo de campen welter ha
sido reconocido por la Asociacin Nacional de Boxeo, despus de
examinado or Rardlello boxe tras asaltos de prctica contra
los welters Al Wilson y Walter Halnes. Bratton terminar* su
entrenamiento maana Mircoles para su pelea del Vientes por
la noche contra Gaviln oue tendr lugar en el Madison Square
Garden. _^________
El "PRI" signe inponiemio su clase
en el ftbol mayor del Chorrillo
Ftbol Mayor del Cnorrffie
PRI ........
Dep. Pern .
Dep. Remen
Nacional ..
Mendosa ..
O. E. P. Pts.
5 1 a 11
4 3 3 1*
4 1 4 *
3 3 4 3
3 4 *
cas, se Impusieron al Remn por
4 ttntot a l mientras que el
Nacional y Pern empataron a
un goal.
Ambos encuentros resultaron
movidos y fueron del agrado de
Ha concurrencia.
Social Deportivo
Kos complacemos en felicitar
a la simptica seora y entu-
siasta deportista. DIGNA TES-
TA DE LAURENCE, esposa del
seor Clinton E Laurence. Fis-
cal de la Liga Comercial de Soft
ball, por tu cumpleaos que ce-
lebra hoy.
Lea "El Aviso Oportuno
Los ciclistas del Club
Davenport no corren
en el torneo del 30
Lot ciclistas del Club Daven-
port no participarn en el tor-
neo que te celebrar el 30 del
Ere sent met en el Catadlo de
a Boca. Ademas han Informa-
do que no competirn en nin-
gn concuo, hasta que te
cambio la actual Comisin Na-
cional de Ciclismo.
II Club Davenport de Ciclis-
mo considera que la aotual Co-
misin de dicho deporte no res-
ponde a las necesidades que de-
manda nuestro ciclismo, y por
o tanto ee necesario un cambio,
debindote nombrar deportiva..
que por tus conocimientos, en-
tusiasmo. Inters y afinidad Le-
en las aspiraciones del ciclis-
mo nacional.
El Club Davenport de ciclis-
mo cuenta oon valiosos pedtlis-
tas suyas actuaciones han me-
recido calidos elogios, y entre
ellos estn Ricardo Caliendo.
Carlos Thompson, Juan Ivaldi
Jr., Sabino Oonsles, Ernesto
Silvers, Fiavlo Espino. Pablo
Muoz, Mareo Domlnguer, etc.
El equipo PRI qued solo en
el primer lugar del Campeonato
de Ftbol del Circuito Mayor de
la Liga del Chorrillo con los
resultados del pasado domingo
en Barraza, donde los pupilos
del Ingeniero Navarro, nueva-
mente Ministro de Obrat Pbll-
El Fuertt 25 avani
al primer lugar del
ftbol del Chorrillo
Ftbol Infantil de aterrase
R P. Ptl.
o a
a a
i a
1 4
a *
a a
Puerto S ....... I
selecta ...... *
Independiente .... 1
Guayaquil ..... 1
Peten ............|
Tauro .......... } ......... 1
Rl equipo Puerto 33 pato ai
puesto de honor del ftbol In-
fantil de Berrata oon au victo-
ria sobre el Tauros por a a 0;
un el otro Juego del Programa
Santander y Ouayaqull nivela-
ron acslonet a cero tantos.
Ettoo fueron lot dot nluos
partidos que ofreci esta en-
tienda el pasado fin de semana.
En el Intermedio de loa dos
juegos, se guard un minuto de
llenlo por los deportistas que
murieron en loe trgicos suce-
sos de la paeada semana en te-
itt ciudad.
En ti primer cotejo, E. Rosero
anot ti tanto del Pern y ngel
Wldemayer pate el goal del
Nacional. /
En el otro partido, F. Brunei
con dos goles y R. Brunei y C.
Torres con uno cada uno fueron
loa anotadores del PRI, y R.
Tala marc el nico unto de)
Con todo, este juego fu pro-
testado y la Liga decidir* en au
prxima reunin este asunto
Rn el luego del circuito menor
del ftbol del Chorrillo, el Whin
ter sigui alejndose de sus ri-
vales an el comando al imponer-
te al PRI Jr. por 5 tantos a 0.
Be pide t los jugadores del
equipo de ftbol Lord Chester-
la asistencia a la prctica de
esta tarde en el cuadro del Ins-
tituto Racional, especialmente a
los jugadores. E. Alemn. R. Bo-
tello, R. Mendleta V. Vsq
M. Armuelles.
Con la partida de Pepe Osorio
hacia el Canad, donde Ingre-
sar a un equipo de la Liga
profesional Independiente, pier-
de nuestro Amtteurlsmo uno de
los peloteros ms completos,
tanto como bateador y jugador
Pepe es genuino producto de
la Provincia de Herrera naci-
do en Chltr el da 10 de Sep-
tiembre de 1937. En 1947 dio el
salto a la Provincial catalogn-
dose como bateador de calibre
y cifiendo sobre su cabeza la
corona de Campen bate con
promedio de .348 y la diatincln
meritoria del "NOVATO DEL
Pepe fu contratado por ges-
tin de Carlos Eleta propietario
de la novena Chesterfield de
nuestra Liga Profesional cuya
franela vestir en la prxima
temporada de pelota remunera-
En la recin temporada Pro-
vincial vistiendo la franela del
Pinocho del cual constitua pi-
lar cntrico, finaliz bateando
.309. En Nicaragua donde defen-
di los colores Patrios tuvo pro-
medio de .417 siendo el mejor
bateador panameo y en el VIII
Campeonato result Campen
bateador con .464 producto do
13 incoglbles en 28 veces al pla-
Por au consistente bate le au-
guramos buen xito en la pelota
Canadiense y dejar bien sen-
tado el nombre de nuestra pe-
tambin para ganar el juega qu
comenz Jiqui Moreno y Fer
min Guerra. Barr y Taylor laa
zador de lot Medias Rojas ga-
no su primer juego despus d
tres derrotas. Los senadores ha*
bian apotado seis carreras eit
la tercera entrada pero no hi-
cieron ninguna ms hasta qu
un doblete de Mlke Guerra em-
puj la carrera de Sam Dent
que habia ganado bate por bola.
En la cuarta entrada los Mediae
Rojas abrieron fuego con cuatro
bases por bolas y un hit a Julio
Moreno anotando tres carrera*
y le hicieron otras dos carrera*
al lamador cubano en la spti-
ma entrada. Moreno fu reem-
plazado en el sptimo por Ha-
rris qUe perdi el juego.
Mientras, unto los Yanqui*
aumentaron su porcentaje en el
primer lugar ad os Juegos y me-
dio .de ventaja cuando Ed. Lo- Impuso al os Indios por
anotacin de 11 carreras a 4.
Los Yanquis ganaron el Jue-
go en el sexto episodio cuando
ametrallaron al lanzador Lou
Brsate con tres carreras y cua-
tro ms en el sptimo a Milco
Labor de los
lanzadores en el
VIII Campeonato
En el VIII Campeonato Na-
cional de Baseball Amateur en
Chltr. i Especial para, El Pana-
Mejor average en carrerea
merecidas P. Ballet (CH) 3 Ce-
rreras limpias en 36 episodio*
para 0.75 de average.
Ms episodios lanzados J. Or-
tega (D) 37 3-3 de episodios.
Ms bateadores enfrentados O
de Sedas (BB) 151.
Ms carreras permitidas O. do
Sedas (SB) 03.
Ms carreras limpias permiti-
das: G. de Sedas (BB) 46.
Ms hits permitidos G. de Be-
das (SB) 66.
Ms ponchea repartidos A,
Chvez (CH) 39.
Ms bates por bola* concedi-
das F. sells* (CH) 13.
Ms bateadores golpeados A.
Chvez (CH) L. OonaAlea (COO)
W. Ramos (V) 3 cada uno.
Ms lanzamlentot defectucoOo
A. Chvez (CH) G. de Sedas (8B>
3 cada uno.
Ms balas cometidos H. Har-
ver Jr. (B) D. Vaeque* (Lfl) 1
cada uno.
Mejor average en juago* amo-
nados y perdido* P. Bailee (CHJ
J. Ortega (D) 4 ganados y *),
perdidos para 1.000 de average*
Mas j usgos lanzado* G. de Se*
daa SB) 6. *
Mea juegos completo* lana**
dot P. Selles (CH) 4.
Ms juegos ganados P. Belled
(CHl J. Ortega (D) 4 cada, uno.
para mayor potencia
motriz-4ecdKo por
;H> J. Ortega (D) 4 cada, uno,
Ms Juegos perdidos P. Ceba*
(D) A. Lepes (BB) 4 cada)
gSD)) SS! banooetaolnettoln
J d* las M, Mal
Compilador Oficial
juez y
loi Rones Deben
Eliminar Los eVieJos
" rlesrits
Ayuda a conservar
ese aspecto juvenil
ees nuevi y mirivilloia
arana de afeitar que refretct
1 "entona" la fiel
Ahora usted puede "entonar" tu
piel a la ves que te afeita. Puede
obtener afeitadas reo do piel
saas ntidas, que lucen mejory al
sataso titsapo hacer que Su piel re*
ciba el efecto benfico de una dueva
y tearavillesa lubstaacia que syuda
a stattrvar el aspecto atas y Juvenil
del roetro.
Beto le coasigue usted oon la
Nusvt Crema de Afeitar Williams
que contiene *wmcc se La/uWins-
reeteate descubrimiento mdico cot
mayor* propiedades "benfteca"
Rl Rttraets de Laaolina to rsdrttot
el rosero a la ves qua se afeita. Cot-
arta I* tti... Isf deja atas euav*.
S4|s es WIUIAMS'
Dtspttt que haya probado la Nueva
Crssa* Williams con Kstraoto de
Lanolina, Jams quedar taUatttos
ooa cremas de afeitar corrientes.

"La esesrlencto rao ho estofado
qu* Is* smgggaji fe mayor fvorta
moitIi finocfl loi fit*jy*)4**M ^i*jR
lo," criba J. B. BENATA,
Sslltbary, Rasatia fel Sw, frico.
''Poro obtener oa potencio mdximo,
rslnitalo on nueiiroi camionai un
luego do nuevas Champion cada
13.000 kilmetro*. V lo mojoi
QV en realidad no mo cuestan
nada, ya qvt ha,
detcubierto au* la*
nueva* Champion so
pagan dot si mismo
con si combustible
qu* ahorran."
SI i SM i S Ami
rTeoHoctai *i
teart a aajjM
ascoJA su IDIAl,
CA. cyrnos, l a.

fttARTES. MATO 15, 1151
Un drama en que imperan las fuertes emociones, con
un argumento de lo ms interesante
-^-.fuancojse rosay
-JESSICA TANDY acatar Alma.
4OA-1O90 HOW -1230
Radio Panamericana
1:30 El Hijo Perdido
Drama Avena Quaker
3:45 Coctel musical
4:00 Noticiero RjVA.
4:15 Valses vleneses
4:30 Peticiones
6:00 Vibraciones del Aire
(Nacho Valdsi
0:15 Filigranas musicales
9:30 Msica escogida
0:45 Msica variada
7:00 Solos de rgano
Lucho Azcrraga
7:15 Mara (de Jorge Isaac)
7:3 El Molino Silencioso
, Dramatizado
7:45 Por loa Senderos de
8:00 Ritmos tropicales
8:30 El Favorito de Hoy
8:45 Melodas sureas
9:00 Cantares de Espaa
9.15 Acordes porteos
.9:30 El Hit Musical de Hoy
10:00 Msica favorita
10:30 Variedad musical
11:00 Msica sin palabras
11:30 Cancionero nocturnal
12:00 Buenas noches
8:00 Buenos das
Cardenal Mindszenty
i ua una Ntfit mtfi ***** *
N tMU M KM Mam
La ms divertida comedia
del gran
- en -
1 la tm A fc/ A 1
| mMnMiiM:

Marga Lpez Fernando Soler
Sara Garca, en
Cantinflas. en
"Ahi Est El Detalle"
6:03 Almanaque de la
6:30 Noticiero de la maana
6:45 Msica para el desayuno
7:00 Sabores de mi Tierra
7:30 Noticiero (2o.)
7:45 Su meloda predilecta
8:00 Fiesta en Manhattan
8:15 Discoteca Internacional
8:30 Hablan los astros
con Antinea
8:45 Cantares de Mxico
9:00 El correo del da
9:30 Dedicatorias
10:45 Noticiero (3o.)
11:00 El mundo del vals
11:15 La novela matinal
El Molino Silencioso
11:30 Cuba, su msica y sus
11:45 Grandes Intrpretes
de la msica
12:00 Msica variada
12:15 Noticiero RPA
12:30 Solos de rgano
Lucho Azcrraga
Por Pinturas Pabco
1:00 Noticiero deportivo
1:15 Melodas venezolanas
1:30 Acordes porteos
-1:45 Estampas mexicanas
2:00 Noticias
Lotera Nacional
2.05 Intermedio selecto
2:15 Peticiones
3.00 Selecciones de saln
3:15 Delicias tropicales
w. 1
4^-28 ^r
Si hay algo de romntico
y aventurero en Ud. ESTA
ser su pelcula Favorita!
TUEKO LOZANO M(M!T1W* wm*kwmmmmmmmmm
Ultimo Da!
con Chachita Tusita Andrew Soler
Emilio TUERO Emilia GUTO C. Lope MOCTEZUMA, en
Adems: Marga LOPEZ Victor JUNCO, a
i Precios: .40 M .15 .. -
9 PM.
Bajo la direccin del SEOR DEL POZO
SI quiere florar d< la vida, venga y ra* con
DonaM O'Cennor Jimmy Durante, a
Submarinos, Piratas a
la vista...!
MacDonald Carey
Martha Toren,
- en -
William Holden Nancy Olsan
en *
- Adama*:
Mary Wilaon John Lund
1 en -
"IRMA, La Enredadara"
La Pelcula de Largo Metra/a
de Walt Disney I
En Colorea I Adema:
Un wtupendo dobla programa
en Eapafioll
Emilio Tuero Emilia Gata
Carla* Laea Maeleauma, a
Ademas: -
Marga Lapes Viciar Janea
B.2M en efectiva para el abUeo
a la* :M y S:H aja.
Loli Hall Jam** Cardwell, an
"Prisionera de La Selva"
- Adama*: -
Bill Elliott Adrian Booth, an
Monumental Doble Programa I
Tyrone Power, en
George Montgomei
Tin-Tan. an
"Pasiones Tormentoeas"
Sara Garcia Abel
Salasar, en
"To Quiero Ser Hombre"
Maria Antonleta Pont, en
Joaquin Pardav, en
Vctor Junco, en
Rita Cont, an
Ultimo* Episodio*
da la arle
"La lapada ratal"
(H-1S1 Adema*:
del Oeate"
Roe* Carmina, an
Pedro infanta, en