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TO *
One Way *'" {
Round Trip 14175
(NBA Radio Telephoto)
GALA GOOD-BYE A Tokyo, Japan, sign painter puts the
the llnlshlng touches on one ol the placards which were dis-
blayed by the Japanese to bid Oen. Douglas MacArthur good-
bv Supervising the work Is Mrs. Toshlyo Oda whose husband
sponsored the 1948 "MacArthur-for-Presldent drive In Japan
(Photo by NEA-Acme stall photographer Richard C. Ferguson.)
(NEA Telephoto)
BOOM ROOM As the controversy over Oen. Douglas Mac-
Arthur's dismissal continued, a MacArthur lor President
headquarters opened for business In Washington. Tacking
up a picture of their candidate Is Ervln Hohensee. executive
secretary o the organization sponsoring the movement.
* *
MacArthur Off To U. S. For
His First Look In 14 Years
w rocpiM**^
Panama American
"Let the people know the truth and the country it $afe" Abraham Lincoln.
Expansion Of Korean War May
Open World ConflictBradley
HONOLULU, April 17 (UP)
General Douglas MacArthur, af-
ter working here yesterday and
last night on the speech he will
deliver to Congress Thursday,
took off this morning for the
homeland he has not seen In 14
With him are his wife and son.
Hb Constellation Bataan is
scheduled to arrive at San Fran-
cisco between 7:30 p.m. and 8:30
p.m. (10:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.
Panam time).
His take off was shifted from
Hlckman Field, an Air Force
base, to the International air-
port, a public field, after press
and newsreel cameramen com-
plained they were roughed up by
Air Force police at Hlckman air-
field when MacArthur arrived
there from.Tokyo.
Hundreds of persons crowded
the terminal building and ad-
jacent areas to watch the take-
Yesterday MacArthur made a
triumphant 20 mile tour of Ho-
nolulu through cheering crowds
estimated at 180,000 to 200,00
Ersons more than turned out
welcome the late President
Franklin D. Roosevelt when he
met MacArthur and Admiral
Chester W. Nlmltz here in 1944.
Sun baked laborers, colorfully
dressed cannery workers, and
bare chested children cheered
and waved at MacArthur In his
first public welcome to United
States soil.
The cars wound their way up
to the National Memorial Ceme-
tery of the Pacific In Punchbowl
Crater, and extinct volcano.
Alighting from his automobile
MacArthur carried a wreath of
orchids to the flagpole and with
shaking voice and trembling
hand paid tribute to the 13,000
men buried In the cemetery.
He later accepted personally
an honrary Doctorate Of Civil
Law awarded him by mall five
years ago by the University of
Hawaii. Some 3,000 students and
citizens watched the ceremony.
As he drove through the Wal-
klkl resort district sidewalk
crowds were thick.
The MacArthurs are staying In
the same guest house as Presi-
dent Harry 8. Truman occupied
en route to his Wake Island con-
ference with MacArthur last
48-Hour Week
Urged For Zone
A bill to establish a basic administrative workweek of
48 hours was introduced into Congress last Monday by
Rep. Olin Teague, Dem. Tex., accotding to word received
here today.
A copy of the bill, which has been numbered 3609 and
referred to the Committee on Post Office and Civil Service,
was one of several recently introduced and affecting gov-
ernment employes in the Canal Zone. All were received
from Washington by Rufus Lovelady, president of AFGE
lodge No. 14.
same day a bill, referred to the
same committee, to reduce the
present 28 day ilinual leave to
15 days per year.
Other bills recently Introduced
S. 1271. Introduced April 5 by
Sen. Dennis Chavez, Dem., N.
M.. to permit employes of the
Canal Zone Government and
the Panam Canal company to
appeal decisions under the Fed-
eral Employes' Compensation
Act to the Employes' Compensa-
tion Appeals Board, rrtid twice
and referred to the Committee
on Labor and Public Welfare;
S. 1217, Introduced the same
day by Sen. Homer E. Capehart,
Rep.. Ind., to amend the Canal
Zone Construction Act of May
29, 1944, as amended, to make
eligible for annuities thereunder
certain persons who completed
a sufficient period of service
during the construction period
of the Canal to make them el-
igible for a third period of an-
nual leave but who did not com-
plete the full three years of
service to make them eligible
for an annuity under the exlst-
lng provisions of the Act; read
Recurring reports were freshly twlce and referee to the Corn-
current in Panama today that mltrte on Armed Services;
John Cooper Wiley a career i
diplomat whose last foreign post HR jjm introduced by Rep.
was that of Minister to Iran i Arthur O. Klein. Dem. NY..
The bill sets up a 48-hour
workweek, the work to be ac-
complished in a six-day period,
provides that for pay computa-
tion purposes basic per annum
rates shall be regarded as pay-
ment for employment for 52 ba-
sic administrative workweeks of
48 hours, establishes a formula
to convert basic monthly or an-
nual rates to a basic biweekly,
weekly, dally or hourly rate,
provides for one and one-half
overtime over 48 hours, togeth-
er with compensatory time off
for Irregular or occasional over-
time work. The bill would ap-
ply to federal departments, in-
dependent establishments and
agencies in the executive branch.
Including Government owned
and controlled corporations.
Teague also Introduced the
US Pilots Say MIG's
Flown By Russians
United States Air officers here
are becoming more convinced
dally that United States pilots
are battling Russians in the
skies over northwest Korea.
Since the first Russian made
MIG-15 Jet fighters crossed the
Manchurlan frontier last Nov-
ember the nationality of their
pilots has been a mystery.
For reasons they consider good
though not publlshable
airmen consider at least some of
been made In rather small
Last Thursday's battle, in
which two 8uperforts were shot
down, Is one reason for the In-
creased regard for the Red pi-
Previously they had circled
high In the sky without too
much enthusiasm for tackling
United States planes.
On Thursday however they
pressed a vigorous attack on the
bombers from their sanctuary
the MIGs are flown by Russians.! across the Yalu River.
J. C. Wiley Rumored
Next Ambassador
For US In Panam
would soon be named United
States Ambassador to Panam.
Neither the Panama Foreign
Ministry nor, the UB. Embassy
had any word on the appoint-
ment, but it was understood
from other sources that Wiley
has already been recommended
for the post by the 8tate Depart-
Born in Bordeaux, France, to
American parents, on Sept. 28,
1893, Wiley received his early
education from private tutors.
April 5, to amend the Ser-
vice Retirement Act of May 29.
1930. as amended to provide for
retirement on full annuity at
age 55 after 30 years service,
and with optional retirement
at reduced annuity after 30
years of service when age Is 50
or mire, but under 55; referred
to the Committee on Post Of-
fice and Civil Service;
HR 3557, introduced the same
day and also by Rep. Klein, to
amend the Civil Service Retire-
Figures made available by the
Air Force Indicate the MIGs
have made a fairly unimpres-
sive showing during the five and
one half month period they
have been attacking United
States planes.
The Far East Air Force claims
to have destroyed or damaged
147 MIOs in combat. Eleven
United sutes planes have been
shot down by the Red fighters,
according to the Far East Air
But some high ranking of-
ficers here believe the Far
East Air Force bas been lag-
ging In its loss and damage
announce m e n t s. Pressure
has been applied to speed
them up.
As far as can be determined
now the Far East Air Force has
lost one Sabre, one Thunderjet,
two Superforts and perhaps se-
ven Shooting Stars to the MIO's.
While Air Force sources re-
main positive that United States
airmen have demonstrated their
superiority over the Red pilots
they are less prone than previ-
ously to scoff at the Red fliers.
Two additional factors are be-
lieved to explain the low kill-
rate against American planas
gun-sighting and armament.
While the Untied States planes
carry rapid firing 50-caliber ma-
chlneguns the Red planes carry
the slower 20 mm. cannon, a
deadly weapon If It hits. Appa-
rently it has trouble hitting.
The Reds also could be having
maintenance troubles. Except
for last Thursday's onslaught by
about 100 MIO's, attacks have
US Marshal For
Massachusetts Is
Isthmian Visitor
Arthur J. B. Cartler, one of the
Air Force officers said it was
not the work of beginners.
Ridgway's Views On
Final Victory Said
Same As Mac Arthur's
WASHINGTON. April 17. (UP)
Rep. O. K. Armstrong, R., Mo.,
said today that Lt. Gen. Mat-
thew B. Rldgway and "practically
every high ranking officer" in
Japan and Korea agree a com-
plete victory cannot be won
without carrying the Korcsn
War Into Manchuria.
Armstrong. Just back from a
trip to the Far East, said Ridg-
way's views are "substantially"
those for which General Doug-
las MacArthur was fired.
Rldgway had said previously Z^TtX^T^^
that only a negotiated peace |i
could end the fighting under|
present United Nations policies to back lt up.
which prevent bombing Mancha-
ran bases across the Yalu River.
Armstrong challenged Presi-
dent Harry S. Truman to order
Rldgway back to testify before
Congiess. so he can be asked of-
ficially what his views are.
Armstrong talked to MacAr-
Warns Against
Taking Chances
CHICAGO, April 17 (UP) General Omar N. Brad-
ley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, warned here
today that any move to enlarge the Korean War might
plunge the United States into World War III.
In apparent answer to some views of General Douglas
MacArthur and Congressional Republicans, Bradley coun-
selled against the United States rashly serving an ultima-
tum on the Chinese Communists, or threatening the bom-
bardment of the Red Chinese mainland.
He said: "Any recommended course of action which
would enlarge the present war is contrary to our best in-
terest, and by jeopardizing world peace ultimately would
threaten our security."
Bradley was addressing the
National Association of Radio
Television Broadcasters.
He said the United States
cannot take chances on anti-
cipating Communist Intentions,
but can determine the Reds'
capabilities and prepare to meet
He said: "Otherwise we weuld
be In a guessing game without
"The best chance for the sur-
vival of our way of life / and
our freedom Is to continue co-
operation in mutual security
efforts, and to continue ne-
gotiation in this world wide con-
tact as long as possible.
"An ultimatum would either
commit us to a so-called pre-
ventive war, or gain for us only
a temporary respite from war
referee We would be playing I still the enemy feels that con-
Russian roulette with a gun at j dltions for his victory are more
our heads."
He" outlined the United States L ----------
a" MacArthur Mum
KIMm? iiltSy capabilities
nresent conflict whenever
thur and Rldgway before Prosl- .,!! practicable."
Hr>( Truman rrmnvrd Ma.'.Ar- ""'*"* "f. *T,______,v,_
He attended Union College for ment Act ot May 29, 1930, so as
one year, and Georgetown Law l0 provide a ull annuity com-
dent Truman removed MaAr
Armstrong quoted MacArthur
as proposing that this country
send a mission of 500 officers and
1,000 men to Formosa to help
whip Chiang Kai-shek's troops
into shape so they can be used in
the fight aaglnst Red China.
Armstrong said his trip con-
vinced him the United 8tates
should help Chiang seize Hainan
Island, south of China, as the
Artnur J. B. uaruer, oneoi "H ,t.mlni.nll nnlnt for an lnva-
government prosecutors In the l^^^L*^
cases against Financial wizard
While admitting no early end
In sight to the Korean War un-
der present conditions, Bradley
added: "Because we are intent
upon avoiding World War III
we are not making moves that
might lead to enlargement of the
..,.. mnfiict whenever lt is
School for a year and a half.
His first foreign service was a
clerk In the U.S. Embassy In Pa-
ris In 1915.
After service In The Hague,
Santiago. Buenos Aires, Caracas,
Iran Oil Workers Back On Job;
Ears Wrapped Against Red Threat
TEHERAN, AprU 17 (UP). Laborers with protective
bandages en their heads, owing to Communist threats to
cut off their ears, returned to work by thousands in
southern Iranian oilfields today.
Tbe Anglo-Iranian Oil Company's refinery at Aba-
dan, one of tbe biggest la the world, still closed by strik-
ers, was said by a company spokesman to be a hotbed
of Communist unrest under the firm control of parading
Iranian troops supported by tanks and armored cars.
The powerful National Front party, which demand-
ed the nationalisation of Iran's oil Industry, promised
workers that when the Government finally took over
they would receive tbe wages lost under the Company In
the present strikes.
Meanwhile some Iranian deputies are reportedly pre-
paring a bill calling for tbe nationalisation of the So-
viet-controlled caviar company which operates from the
Iranian shore of the Caspian sea.
pensatlon for employes involun-
tarily ./ jarated after having at
least 25 years service, referred
to the Post Office and Civil
Service Committee; and
HR MM, the latest Income
tax bill (already previously re-
Copenhagen, Madrid, Lima, Ber- ported locally) Introduced Ap-
lln, and with the 8tates Depart-, ril 0 by Rep. James J. Murphy,
ment in Washington, he became; Dem., N.y.. to eliminate retro-
first Secretary of the Legation
In Warsaw in 1930.
In 1934 he was counselor of the
Embassy In Moscow, after which
he was transferred to Antwerp,
Vienna. Estonia and Latvia.
After service In Colombia, he
rose to the status of a foreign
service officer of minister class
and was assigned to Portugal In
1947. transferring to the post of |
Minister to Iran In February
British Submarine
Foils To Surface;
Search Under Way
active application of Income tax
for Canal Zone federal em-
ployes. The text of this Is Iden-
tical to that Introduced earlier
by Rep. George Miller, Dem.,
Cal. The Murphy bill has been
referred to the Committee on
Ways and Means.
Benny Meyers
Jailed Again On
Income Tax Count
Honzl many years ago and now
U. S. Marshal for Massachusetts,
Is visiting the Isthmus. He arriv-
ed yesterday from New York
aboard the SS Panama with Mrs.
Cartler and Is sailing Friday on
the same ship. They are at the
Hotel Tivoll.
Cartler was In active law pract-
ice in Massachusetts for 37 years,
primarily as a trial lawyer. Then
he served over 17 years with the
Department of Justice's Criminal
Division before he became Mar-
shal for Massachusetts with head
quarters In Boston.
He has been active In politics
I and was once defeated for Con-
gress by the present representa-
tive from his MassachusetU dis-
trict, Joe Martin.
BALTIMORE, Ml., April 17
'UP) A former major-general
PORTSMOUTH, England, April I 'n the Air Force has been sen-
17 (UP)The 1,620 ton British tenced to Jail again.
Philippine Officials
Seize Cache of Arms
MANILA, April 17 (UP) Gov-
ernment forces seized from a
hidden arsenal today enough
i firearms to equip a battalion of
I troops.
Fifteen persons were arrested,
Including 11 Chinese and four
slon of the Chinese mainland.
It was the almost unanimous
opinion" of everybody he talxcd
to, Armstrong said, that this
would not bring Russia directly
Into the war.
He quoted Chiang as saylnt,:
"The Kremlin tyrants will ne-
ver risk a war on two frontsin
Asia and In Europe."
Armstrong quoted MaJ. Gen.
Claire Chennault, former com-
mander of the Flying Tigers, as
saying Red China could be
knocked out of the war In two
weeks with proper use of Ameri-
can air power.
Chennault now operates an
airline In the Far East.
He said those who despair of
an early solution are apt to be-
come frustrated and dlscour-
"There have been recurring
and louder whispers in 'vr of
forcing a showdown, and de-
livering an ultimatum to those
who encourage such 'local wars
On Content Of
Congress Speech
HONOLULU, April 17 (UP)
General Douglas MacArthur gave
no ldlcatlon while here of the
content of the speech he will
deliver to Congress Thursday.
However he desclosed lt will be
In general terms.
This indicated he will wait till
later to begin his defense of the
Far Eastern policies that led to
his removal by President Harry S.
MacArthur has kept a tight-
lipped silence on his dispute with
the Truman Administration ever
since his dismissal last week.
Newsmen were forbidden to
and who continue to opsiruci approacri ^m on hu arrival here,
sincere efforts for peaceful ne-
gotiation. _. .
"Any such direct unilateral
solution to the problem would
be militarily unfeasible.
"I wonder If these responsible
citizens have pondered the con-
ditions of such an act.
"Any ultimatum must state
clearly the irreducible minimum
of what we wpuld regard as sa-
tisfactory, and it ordinarily Im-
plies a threat to use force If
these demands are not met.
"There dissatisfied and Im-
patient strategists and they
are not representing the views
of responsible Air Force officers
suggest the threat of bom-
bardment as part of the ulti-
"Our policy is to avoid war
and to promote peace.
PC Dental Croup
To Meet Friday
The Panama Canal Dental As-
sociation will meet Friday night
at 7:30 at the Fort Amador Ar-
my it Navy Club, lt was an-
nounced today by President Dr.
A. E. Gerrans.
Col. E. C. Lowry, chief surgeon
of Gorgas Hospital, will be guest
speaker. He will give a talk on
cleft palates and a peculiar lung
Balboa Tidw I
Wednesday, April It. 1951
12:52 a.m. 7:07 a.m.
1:17 p.m. 7:39 p.m.
Baby Liner At Balboa Awaits
Millionaires World Cruise
One of Britain's four largest veteran mariner Capt. John H
yachts Is tied up todav at Bal- Evans, who has been a seafaring
boa's Dock 7, ready to take man since 1904.
American m u 111 mllllonair.- He was properly and Britishlv
Filipinos. The weapons .. mostly Rlc4hard j Reynoids around the modest about
submarine Affray, with a crew
of about 75, failed to come out
of a dive off the Isle of Wight
this morning.
The Admiralty said lt was pos-
sible the Affray had misinter-
preted her Instructions regard-
ing surfacing, and might not
be In trouble.
Destroyers, planes and hell-
copters are searching the area.
Yugoslavs Ask Swiss
To Act If Break Comes
BELGRAD, Yugoslavia, April 17
(UP) The Yugoslav Foreign
Ministry announces that lt has
asked Switzerland to represent
Marshal Tito's government In
A United SUtes District Court
Judge at Baltimore sentenced
Bennett Meyers to a year and a
day In Jail and $15,000 line for
income tax evasion.
Meyers recently was released
after serving almost three years
for getting a witness to lie be-
fore Senate investigators.
His court troubles aren't ended
yet. Meyers at one time the
number two procurement officer
for the Air Force faces two
other federal tax Indictments.
In Washington, meanwhile, a
Jury has been picked to try an
Ohio Congressman on charges of
taking campaign gifts from two
former women employes.
The trial of Republican Con-
gressman Waiter Brehm was re-
cessed until tomorrow after the
carbines and submachlneguns..
were hidden In oil drums five
miles north of Manila.
Hungary In case present strain-
ed relations lead to a break with Jury was picked in federal court
the Russian satellite. 'at Washington.
Salamin Resigns
RP Cabinet Post;
Urriola Appointed
Msdesto Salamin resigned
today as Minister of Educa-
tion and Cristobal Adan l-
rrlela was Immediately nam-
ed to succeed him.
Simsltaneons announce-
ment of the resignation and
the appointment was made
br a spokesman of the Pre-
Rumors of Salamln's re-
signation had been current
for some time.
The baby liner Is the 540-gross
ton Zapaa, designed and built
In 1930 for a wealthy British air-
craft engineer named Napier.
Napier died before the 193-
foot yacht was completed and
the Zapala was sold to Sir Rich-
ard Fairey. another British mil-
lionaire aircraft man.
Early In World War II she was
commandeered by the British
Admiralty and has one sub-
marine to her credit.
Reconditioned after the end
of hostilities she was sold to the
Zapala Co. Ltd.. of Surrey, Eng-
land, and Is now under Indefinite
charter to Reynolds who flew
In last night from Miami to Join
her here.
Her history was recounted to
The Panama American yester-
day afternoon by her master.
hla command.
which Is large enough to be
called a "ship." as he did. but
his sharp blue eyes gleamed
with well-concealed pride as he
described her and he ran his
hand affectively over the smooth
varnished wood pannellng her
main rooms. There wasn't a spot
on Zapala's gleaming, holyston-
ed decks nor anything out ol
order In that part of the yacht
which he took a reporter to see.
Big enough to carry 14 pas-
sengers In more than ordinary
comfort. Zapala was not deslKn-
ed for anything but English
summer cruising and her lo-v
celllnged rooms were a little
warm In yesterday's stifling
The present cruise will not be
Capt. Evan's first around the
world. He has made two previous
world trips and knows many of
the port Zapala will visit as
well as he knows those around
Zapala's home port of Ports-
On the present trip a tentativo
schedule calls for a visit to the
Galapagos and then a trans-
Pacific crossing via the Society
Islands, Rarotonga, Samoa, Fiji,
Noumea to Brisbane.
She will cruise Inside the
Barrier Reef to Thursday Island,
over to Ball. Surabaya. Singa-
pore. Colombo and Port Sudan.
She will sail through the Suez
to the Mediterranean, stopping
possibly at Cannes and Monte
Carlo before rounding Gibraltar
for Lisbon and England.
Last year Zapala crossed the
Atlantic to pick up Reynolds
and a party at Savannah for a
Mediterranean cruise. Earlier
this year she cruised in the
Caribbean with Reynolds aboard
before he flew back to the Unit-
ed States preparatory to rejoin'
lng her here.

f UESDAY, APRIL 17, 1951
Cargo and FreightShips and PlanesArrivals and Departures

Great White Fleet
New Orleans Service
8.8. Cbiriqni ...................................April 16
S.S. Levers Bend...............................April 21
S.S. Chlriqui ...................................April 30
S.S. Fiador Knot ...............................May 7
(Handling Refrigerated Chilled nd (leneral Cargo)
New York Freight Service_________________Cristbal
S.S. Cape Ann .................................April 26
8.8. Cape Avlnof ..............................April 24
S.S. Cape Cod ..................................May S
S.S. Cape Cumberland ..........................May 12
Freight Sailing* Weekly (rom Ravan le Crtitobal
Weekly Sailing* to New fork Un Angele, San rranrlsco. Seattle
Occasional Sailing* to New Orleans and Mobil*.
(The Steamers In this tervlce are limited to twelve passengers)
Freqoeat Freight Sailings from Cristobal to West Coast Central America
Cristbal to New Orleans via
Puerto Barrios, Quatemala
S.S. Chiriqui ...................................April 17
S.S. Chiriqui......(Passenger Service Only)......May 1
The Pacific Steam Navigation Company
Royal Mail Lines Lid.
8.S. "KENUTA"..................................April 19th
M.V. "LORETO" .................................April 22nd
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO"' ..................May 2nd
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO".....................May 26th
M.V. "LOBOS" ...................................May 2nd
M.V. "SARMIENTO"..............................May 8th
S.S. "LOCH AVON"" ............................April 30th
8.8, "LOCH GARTH" ... .........................May 6th
SB. "BERBICE" .................................April 2Bth
'Accepting passengers In First, Cabin and Third Class.
Superior accommodation available for passengers.
All Sailings Subject to Cbange Without Notice.
PACIFIC STEAM NAV CO.. Cristobal Tel. 1064 1655
FOKI COMPANY INC.. Panama Tel 5-1251/1258: Balboa 1905
Beef Cattle
Answer to Previous Puzzie
I 1 Depicted beef
! originated In
r Scotland
'11 Separated
! 13 Deduction
! 14 Station (ab.)
; 18 Handle
17 Sailor (slang)
18 Discern
.20 Sweet potato
-21 Sties
22 Eye (Scot.)
.23 Symbol for
- Indium
24 Trial
. 26 Shade trees
2 Abraham's
home (Bib.)
30 Indian peasant
31 Poet
.14 Symbol for
15 Oa the
sheltered side
16 Disembark
18 Goddess of
the earth
39 Symbol for
40 Prevaricator
42 Distant
45 Mohammedan
48 Pewter coin
' of Thailand
II Fourth
' Arabian caliph to
82 Hunting dog
64 Heavy
56 Beaten path
5V It is a breed
hornless beef
Church part
Burmese wood
Note in
Guido's scale
Symbol for
Short jacket
Male sheep
i iwzimi iiaiMui isiawai
Un*( K-llBl 11 l***l !MM
25 Pertaining to 42 Evergreen
an era 43 Near
27 Groan 44 Unit of
28 Boss reluctance
32 Rowing race 46 Fish sauce
33 Forest 47 Type of fur
creature 49 Babylonian
36 Hawaiian god of the
garland earth
37 Fleet 51 Rebel (coll.)
40 Endure 53 Palm lily
41 Passage in 55 Indian
the brain mulberry




tJS tfSOt COB"ona* Cuueur. Ointment .oa,. ^
Ration and .nfl.iam.uo. and checks .kin tioubk. ooickl,(.
(uticura ifeo<
'OINTMENT I to'"'ulNt
Shipping & AirLine News
Hans Westfal-Larsen. a direc-
tor of the Interocean Line. Is a
passenger aboard the line's new
motorshlp Moldanger which ar-
rived today in Balboa on the
last lap of her second round trip
between Europe and the U. S
West Coast.
Carrying general cargo, the
8,500ton ship berthed in Balboa
to take on bunkers and water.
Westfal-Larsen Joined the ship
In California for the trip to Eu-
Monkey Business
A collection of simians and
birds Is flying north today from
Panama on consignment to the
Miami Rare Bird farm. The
shipment was made via PAA by
Mrs. Genoveva Hall o El Can-
In the boxes at the airline*
air express office yesterday were
seven large monkeys, described
on the bill of lading as "ring-
tailed monkeys," nine tiny gray
marmosets, five red marmosets
and 50 small birds, all of the
finch family.
All had come from Panama.
Two of the larger monkeys were
quite vocal in their objections,
either to being caged or to leav-
ing the Isthmus.
Chilean Yacht
The 100-foot sailing yacht
Serva La Barl, of Chilean re-
gistry, cleared Balboa Sunday
night en route to Quintero,
Chile, from Miami. Her master
is Jorge de Giorgio and she
carries a crew of two officers
and six men. She grosses 80
tons, nets 05.
Written for NEA Service
? J5
? A Q 106
? 9843
4AJ 1087
? K72
Both vul.
Watt North
Pasa 3*
Pass Pass
Opening lead* J
Local agent for the yacht Is
Paul Sullivan. 8he berthed In
Cristobal and was southbound
Sunday, going to sea without
docking In Balboa.
Capt. Warren B. Smith,
veteran Panagra pilot who has
made countless trip through the
Isthmus, has just rounded out
20,000 hours of flying. Of that
figure, some 16,500 hours were
chalked up during the 20 years
Smith has been with Panagra.
Airlines statisticians hurried
to calculate that his mileage In
his years of flying would have
taken him on five round trips to
the moon.
Smith Is known among Chi-
leans as the "Caballero of the
Andes" because of his 1,632
crossings of that range. One of
his "firsts" In 1933 when he flew
the first airmail from Santiago
to Lima In one day.
Smith holds the Medal of
Merit, awarded by the Chilean
government for his rescue work
after the earthquake disaster of
He now lives on a farm near
Miami, and when not flying he
la out looking after 20 acres of
avocado and citrus trees.
- O" o/a "mona Wo
"Sometimes I'm glad when all
of the cards are badly placed,'
said Hard Luck Joe. "Then there's
no possibility that I could have
guessed right and played the
hand some other way."
Joe was referring to the hand
he had just played. He was sure
that all of the cards were wrong
for him. but his partner had a dlf-
rerent opinion.
West opened the Jack of clubs,
and dummy won with the ace. Joe-
next took the ace and king of
spades) exha u s t i n g trumps.
Crossing his fingers for goo'l
luck. Joe then led a diamond
from dumy and played the kln
from his own hand.
This was not Joe's lucky day.
(Naturally enough, for Joe claims
he never has one.) West took the
ace and queen of diamonds and
shifted back to clubs. Declarer
went through the motions of try-
ing for some fanciful sort of
squeeze, but It was all pure moon-
shine. He had already lost t#o
diamonds and a club, and he was
bound to lose a heart eventually.
The contract was' therefore set
one trick.
Do you think Joe was un lucky,
or do you see his mistake? De-
cide for yourself before you reac*
Joe was not unlucky, for he
could have made his contract by
playing it properly. His mistake
occurred In the play of the dia-
The right way to play the dia-
monds In this hand is to lead a
low diamond from the South
hand towards dummy's jack.
If West has the queen of dia-
monds, he must play it onceno
matter who has the ace of dia-
monds. Otherwise the Jack of
diamonds will either win at once
or else will force out the ace.
Assuming that West plays trie
queen of diamonds on the first
round of the suit, the defenders
can do no better than cash one
club and then knock out the king
of hearts. The jack of diamonds is
next led from dummy, forcing
out the ace. When the defenders
promptly knock out the ace of
hearts (best defense). South
cashes the king of diamonds to
discard dummy's losing heart.
What happens if West doesn't
hold the queen of diamonds? In
that case. East wins the first
round of diamonds with the
queen. Declarer must then lead
the next diamond from dummy
towards his king, in the hope
that East has the ace of dia-
monds. After all, the way Hard
Luck Joe played the hand, his
only hope was that East had the
ace of diamonds. The proper Une
has that chance plus the chance
that West has the queen o dia-
Late Ship
The Orace Line's Santa Cecilia
is northbound today in the Ca-
nal, one dav late from her usual
schedule. She arrived In Balboa
about 9 p. m. yesterday.
Two Zone Youngsters
To Be Generals Here
Two Canal Zone youngsters, a
boy and a girl from the 4th. 6th
or 0th grades, are In for a thrill
the middle of next month.
'.'hey will be "Generals-of-the-
A r m e d-F o rces-for-a-Day," as
part of the local observance of
National Defense Week, May 13-
19 and of Armed Forces Day, May
19. In addition each will be a
guest, with his parents, at the
Hotel El Panama from noon May
17 to noon May 18.
The pair will be selected for
winning slogans which they will
submit on subjects appropriate to
the observance of National De-
fense Week and Armed Forces
The contest is sponsored by the
Central Civilian Committee for
National Defense Week and will
be conducted with the coopera-
tion of the local schools.
Contestants must be United
States citizens and students In
the grades mentioned above.
Each student may submit only
one slogan, on regulation sized,
8 x 11, ruled tablet paper. The
slogans are limited to 15 words In
length. Contestants will be Iden-
tified to the judges only by sex
and .-chool with a key number rt-
ferrir.K to the list kept by ;ach
Entries .must be mailed, not la-
ter than April 27, to Hans Pede.--
sen. Box 22, Gamboa. Pedersen is
a member of the civilian commit-
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Come Here, Fish
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y ?. T. BAMLIS
It Cant Be
fc 1 tOOW eS V.WT,
CM*VO\. VOOVt ft 1Y&
VMaMef OOtA i.f\b"T
OWfc MO GOttl to
TV\\tt6 VilVi
On to Chesire
si x no iuijeJnc.j. '" u *i ffT flff.
No Valets Today


MacArthur Lived Events Of Historic
Drama During His Reign Over Japan
TOKYO, April 17 (UP). Gen. Douglas MacArthur's
departure from Japan to receive a hero's welcome in the
United States was only one of the dramatic and colorful
events in which he was th? r--*rol, dominating figure since
he arrived here Aug. 30, 1945.
MacArthur started oft a momentous contribu-
tion to history when he accepted the Japanese surrender
aboard the United States battleship Missouri in Tokyo Bay.
It was on Sept. 2, 1945. This correspondent was sit-
ting astride a 5-inch gun just above and behind MacArthur.
The Japanese arrived. They
looked as If they had been cast
lor their part* by a HpUywood
casting office. MacArthur firm
and determined .ran off the pro-
gram as both master of ceremo-
nies and star. _____
MacArthur told the Japanese
they had come not to talk but .o
sign. He showed them whereto
sign. Then he said, In a (curt
clear voice:
-Let us pray that peace be now
restored to the world, and hat
God will preserve It always.
Before the Japanese could say
anything MacArthur announcwl:
"These proceedings are closed.
Next came the raising of ne
Stars and 8trlpes over the Amer-
ican Embassy In Tokyo.
The embassy arden was nuea
with colorful charactersAdm.
"Bull" Halsey. Lt. Gen. Rot-e-l
Elchelberger. not to mention
hundreds of GI's and half a dc*-
n |"n?nese gardeners who were
cleaning up Inside the white walls
of the comDound.
MacArthur turned to F.ichel-
berger, commanding his 8th
Armv and said:
'General Elchelberger, have
our country's flap unfurled and
In Tokyo's son let It wave In its
full *lory as a symbol of hope
for the oppressed and as a har-
binger of victory for the right."
The flag, symbol of victory,
was raised. MacArthur succeed-
ed Emperor Hlrohito. traditional-
ly the descendant of the Sup God.
M the ruler of 80.000.000 Japan-
ese a ruler more absolute, m
fact than any gmperor had been.
It was June 29.1950. Eour days
earlier the North Korean Com-
munists had swept over the 38th
parallel frontier Into South Ko-
MacArthur was oing to Korea
to take charge of that situation.
He boarded his plane. Smokins
his famous corn cob pipe, lie
faced up and down the aisle of
he Diane as I watched. He paus-
ed now and then to give some or-
der which has now become his-
For one thing, he decided to
end his air force north of the
parallel to strike at North Ko-
rean air fields from which the
enemy was launching aerial at-
tacks on South Korea.
In my "ringside" seat I
watched a Yak fighter plane
atari chasing us. MacArthur
watched calmly as American
fighter pilots drove off the Yak.
Before he returned to Tokyo
that day, MacArthur went right
up to the Han River front. He
was chased by enemy strafing
planes. He made up his mind
that the United States would need
additional manpower to stop the
Red aggressors.
All of us felt a little bit confi-
dent that day. But things went
bad. and from bad to worse.
Not until th bold behind! be
lines landing at Inchon did our
spirits rise again.
Inchon was the fourth great
incident. MacArthur again wa.s
in the midst of the history made
that day.
MacArthur was up before dawn
on the morning of the landings,
:ast Sept. 15. Again I saw him at
his test. He stood and watched
the bombardment of the shore
.positions of the enemy, hoping
that day would be the one on
which the tide of fortune turned.
In the foggy dawn, MacArthur
watched the landing. As the siin
came up and progress repot ts
reached him, MacArthur bright-
ened. By mid-afternoon after a
tour of the beach area and an
off-shore glimpse of a beach a-
bout to be assaulted, he was In
high spirits.
The Inchon landing broke the
back of the North Korean Com-
munLt Army. MacArthur had a-
chleved another brilliant milita-
ry feat.
(NEA Telephoto)
ITS A WATERMOBILE A flash flood in Washington, D.C., marooned this car and Its three
occupants In Rock Creek Park. Rescue workers had to use ropes and safety belts to remove
Elias Nadelman and his 18-year-old twin daughters, who narrowly escaped drowning. Here
one of the girls Is being carried to safety._________________________________________
Oct. 20.1950. was a big day even
tor MacArthur. I flew with hlni
in his Constellation plane as ne
supervised the Jump of the par-
atroopers on Sunchon and t'u\:-
chon north of Pyongyang, the
North Korean capital. Then
MacArthur ordered his pilot to
land on the newly captured Pj*
ongyang air field.
Pyongyang was the symbol of
the Communist enemy and
MacArthur had won that sym-
That day MacArthur jokrd
some. When he met the comman-
der of the post-war 8th Army, Lt.
Gen Walton H. Walker since
dead In a jeep crashMacArtrnir
a.sked him If "Kim Buck Too" was
around. It was a pun on r.iie
name of North Korean Premier
Kim II Sung.
Envoy's Attitude On US 'Duty
To Spain Is Irking Americans
It was 8 p.m. Thursday, Ap;il
12. i was standing by the eleva-
tor on the sixth floor of the Dai
Ichl building in downtown Tok"o
and Watched MacArthur leave liis
office foi the last time. He had
been fired.
Accompanied by his mlllt;y
secretary and his aide, MacAr-
thui came walking down the
highly polished floor of the long
corridor. He was erect and stem.
But MacArthur relaxed when
he came to a sergeant standing
at attention. He was back in a
normal soldier mood. He said
goodbye to the sergeant and
thariked him for his excellent
serv'ce. After that there was an-
other sergeant to whom to Witt]
The two sergeants were -o
choked up with emotion the-
could hardly talk. Their lies
was leaving. They wanted to
talk to him but they couldn't
MADRID, April 17 (UP).-The
feeling expressed In by Spanish
ofllclais mat the united Staies
owes Spain financial help is
irking American quarters here.
That the ieellng exists among
Spaniards has been made ab-
undantly clear In speechesi by
Spanish officials, Including For-
eign Minister Alberto Martin
Arn a major pocy sPeecn *!!Z
fore a plenary session of tne
courts last Dec. 14 Artajc.made
It plain that the simple ha t in
the West's poll:y of ostracizing
Spain was not enough.
Artajo said it was in the eco-
nomic field more than any other
that rectification was due to
Spain from the West "because
in that field the damage done
to our people Is more easily re-
P8"If truly the decision of the
United Nations which put an
end to the international case or
Spain is to be definitive one
cannot limit oneself merely to
removing the objects which were
put in our way In the P*st-
"One must repair, as the Cl r
of State, Generalissimo Francis-
co Franco, said recently, 'all of
the sufferings and privations
which during ten years the
Spanish nation has under-
gone.' ~
This feeling, pursued by Span-
ish officials in informal talks
with Americans, is beginning to
rub the latter the wrong way.
Even the Americans who fa-
vor all out air aid to Spam c',
not agree with the premise that
the United States owes Spain
They do agree that If the
West is to be eifectlvely defend-
ed against Communist aggres-
sion Spain should be brought
into Western defense plans.
That being the case, they fa-
vor economic and military aid
to Spain capable of bringing her
Armed Forces up to date and
putting the nation back on the
road towards economic recovery.
But this would be In exchange
for Spain's military cooperation
with the West, for her geogra-
phic position, and for her first
rate manpower.
They also believed for human-
itarian reasons In helping Spain
to a limited extent with her food
But American observers here
deflnltley do not feel that the
United States automatically
owes Spain all of this as retri-
bution lor past policies against
that nation.
On the contrary they feel that
the sooner Spain gets rid of the
idea that the United States has
a duty and obligation to help
that country the better the re-
lations between the two coun-
tries will be.
Marriage Licenses
McGARVY, Victor Theodore. 20,
of Albrook AFB, formerly of
Cornwallis, Ore., to GRIOGS,
Slxta Galtan, 19, of Curundu
HO WELL, Fred Albert. 28.. of
La Boca, to GU8TAVE. Mabel
Veronica, 21. of La Boca.
JAMES Arnold Joseph. 34, of
Panama City, formerly of Costa
Rica, to LLOYD. Tiney Alexan-
dria, 34, of Chiva Chiva.
DUNMODIE. Mr. and Mrs.
Philip, of Gatun, daughter. April
12. Colon Hospital.
BROOKS, Mr. and Mrs. Wll-
llan L., of Margarita, son. April
13, Colo nHospltal.
RIOS. Mr. and Mrs, Alberto,
of Gamboa, son, April 14, Gor-
gas Hospital.
GORDON, Mr. and Mrs. Eric.
of Red Tank, son, April 14, Gor-
gas Hospital.
PALMER. Mr. and Mrs. Albert,
of Gamboa, daughter, April 14,
Gorgas Hospital.
CAMPBELL. Mr. and Mrs. A.
H.. of Panama, daughter, April
15. Gorgas Hospital.
HAYWOOD. Mr. and Mrs. I.
E.. of La Boca, daughter, April
15. Gorgas Hospital.
LEWIS. Mr. and Mrs. C. N
of Panama, daughter, April 15,
Gorgas Hospital.
BROWN. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd,
of Panama, son, April 15, Gorgas
WINFORD. Mr. and Mrs. II. L.,
of Curundu, son, April 15, Gor-
gas Hospital.
REEVES, Catherine. 71, of Co-
lon Hospital.
LAEL, Guillermo. 37. of Ga-
tun. April 13. Gorgas Hospital.
PARRIS. Lenworth. 2. of Chiva
Chiva, 9prll 14. Gorgas Hospital
FAGAN, Baby Boy. one day.
April 14. Gorgas Hospital.
ROBERTS. Eva, 72, of Pana-
ma. April 15. Gorgas Hospital.
ISAACS. Reginald, 59. of La
Boca, April 15, Oorgas Hospital.
Acting Police Chief Prefer Dog Catching
NAPOLEON, O, April 17, (UP)
C. H. Klug had to make a toufch
choice but he gave up the acting
chief of police's chair so he could
remain county dog warden.
More than a year ago, Klu.",
who holds the rank of patrolman
on the police force, was named
acting chief. At the time, he al*o
held the Job of Henry County dog
The state examiners' office;
said, and its ruling was upheld*
by the attorney general, that h$
could not be both police chief.;
and dog warden.
Klug turned In his chief's badga:
and kept his net, because he fig-;
ures he'll be better off financially*
He retains the rank of patrol*^
man. .>
Group Meetings
The Thanksgiving Day of the
Independent Order of Gallliean
Fishermen. Inc., will be celebrat-
ed under the auspices of State
Grand Lodge No. 8. on Sunday.
April 22. 1951. at the Loyal Vic-
tor Lodge Hall. 219 Central Ave .
commencing at 1:30 p. m. A well
balanced program has been pre-
pared and all members of the
Order are cordially invited to
The monthly meeting of the
Past Chief Rangers Court will
be held Saturday. April 21. at
8 p. m. at the usual place for
nomination and election of of-
ficers for the coming term. Fin-
Rritish Leaders Plan
Yugoslav Visit in May
British political leaders are to
visit Yugoslavia next month. It
Is announced that members of
both the House of Commons and
the House of Lords are to return
the visit made recentlv to Brit-
ain bv a delegation representing
the Yugoslav Parliament.
Marshal Tito will receive the
British representatives during
their stay in Belgrade.
Cocoli Children
May Still Sign Up
For Summer Program
Children of Cocoli who have
not yet been registered for the
summer recreation program will
have one last chance for re-
gistration at 9 a. m. tomorrow
at the Cocoli Gymnasium.
After that time, only new re-
sidents of the community and
those who are transferred there
will be registered for the sum-
mer classes.
All volunteer workers who will
serve In the summer recreation
program at Cocoli are asked to
attend a meeting at 10 a. m.
tomorrow at the Gymnasium.
This meeting is very Important
since definite plans will be made
for the classes to be given and
Here,s Good News
For Mothers!
PlayteX* plastikool swam.
Cool, smooth, wather-proof Playtex Sheets give long-last-
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Non-metal anchor rings for
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87" x 27" 75c.
27" x 36" 95c.
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Made of tree-grown latex, Playtex Baby Pants stretch all
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Having trouble
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give you
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They ensure regular easy
motions, cool the blood and
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Ceylon and India teas b tke
choice of those who enjoy goo*
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Surgical Instruments
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Tele. -1MS and X-1M
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Tea and Coffee Spoons
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Picnic Kits ..........1395
Bread Board (large
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Hermetic Metal Corks .30
Wall Plant Pots...... .80
Plastic Hat Bags...... 5.95
Plastic Garment Bags
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geS) ..........2.99 to 5.95
Chamois ..............*0
Styled to win your heart with
beauty, made to win your prim
for dependability, Gruen
Precision watch is perfection
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Second Floor 5a Avenida
Inn firlTlii-Tilt
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lull iiri-T.ii SMItu
17-jewel Graen-Pred-
sioa movement.. Smart
Gnu Cirtn Csiitillitiu
17-jewel Gruen-Preci
lion movement. 14 Ku
old case-
1S7 Central A*e. 137

mob rot
Quarter Million Fans To See Today's Contests
Balboa Gun Club Riflemen
Retain Herrington Trophy
The Balboa Gun Club Sunday won their second leg on the
Lt. Col. Herrington Trophy when they won the Canal Zone
Shooting Association's annual Iron light Dewar match at Far
Fan. This was their second consecutive victory in this event aa
they won it last year also.
-. Balboa joined their top senior and Junior shooter* In their
No. 1 team, and this strategy paid olf as they fired 1970 to beat
cut Albrook-Curundu, the latter taking second place with 1554.
The Balboa second team with 1548 took third place to beat out
the two teams from the Cristobal Juniors which finished fourth
and fifth.
Dick Dillman of the Balboa team fired the only possible of
the day when he hit 200 out of 200 at fifty yards, then dropped
5 points at 100 vards when a trlckv wind came up to finish with
393 for high Individual score. Al Joyce and Joe Fuller, both also
of Balboa came up with 393 each. Al's 22 x ring shot* against
21 x's for Joe gave the former second place with Joe getting
third place award.
Billy Joyce of the Balboa second team took fourth high In-
dividual with 392 followed by Bill Jaffray of Albrook-Curundu in
lifth place with 390. The day started without too much breeze,
but Far Fan's irlcky winds soon took charge, and caused many
usually dependable shooters to fall by the wayside. It would be
Interesting to fire an anv sight Dewar match down here on a
windless day. so that some comparison could be made of the
caliber of local shooting with that in the States.
Al Joyce has announced one of his popular DCM qualifica-
tion matches with the big rifle for next Sunday morning, 22
April, firing to start not later than 9 a.m. We have some fine
shots down here with the big caliber guns, and these matches
always get a big turn out. The match next Sunday will be a
strictly Individual affair, so that each shooter will be on his own.
Entry fee one Balboa per each.
The team scores for yesterday's Dewar match follow.:
Joe Louis. Still Hopeful Of A Shot
At Charles, Admits Feeling His Age
5 Yd. IB Yd. Total
Dick Dillman ....................... 200 195 395
Al Joyce ............................ 199 194 393
Joe Fuller .......................... 198 195 393
Roger Kelley ....................... 194 195 389
Team Total ...................................... 1570
59 Yd. 1M Yd. Total
Bill Jaffrav ......................... 194 196 390
Bob Deming ........................ 194 195 389
(ill Kemm .......................... 196 193 389
Earl Mitchell ....................... 192 194 386
Team Total ...................................... 1554
56 Yd. 1*9 Yd. Total
Billy Jovce ......................... 195 197 392
Wayne Lucas ....................... 192 194 386
Clayton Breckon .................... 193 192 385
Fred Wells .......................... 197 188 385
Team Total ..................................... 1548
50 Yd. 1M Yd. Total
JoHn Fahnestock ................... 195 193 388
William Knott ...................... 195 192 387
Codv Staples ....................... 117 190 377
John Droste ........................ 189 185 374
Team Total ..................................... 1526
5* Yd 100 Yd. Total
Ray Pinto ........................... 196 191 386
James Bchelbeler.................... 196 190 885
Leo Constantlne .................... 192 187 379
Henry Wachtel..............,...... 194 180 374
Team Total ...................................... 1524
56 Yd. 196 Yd.
Jos. Zembroskl ..................... 191 191
Robert, Harris ...................... 182 192
Paul. LaRochelle .................... 187 185
James Weeks ....................... 184 184
* Team Total ......,.............................
50 Yd. 100 Yd.
He]}) Moore ......................... 196 190
Jadk O'Connell ..................... 190 187
Lew -Ryan ......................... 186 178
V,- L, Underwood ................... 173 178
Team Total ..................................... 1478
50 Yd. 196 Yd. Total
Ervln Schrunk ...................... 188 193 381
Jaaifcs Flynn ....................... 177 190 367
John Baczewskl .................... 182 181 363
Chris Yelton ........................ 183 ,179 362
Team Total ...................................... 1473
5td. m Yd. Total
Howard Stockett ................... 189 185 374
Cliff Brewater ...................... 180 186 366
BUI Derr ........................... 179 186 365
Gene Derr .......................... 186 179 365
Team Total ...................................... 1470
M Yd. IN Yd. Total
BUI Merriman, Alb -Cur............. 190 193 383
Archie Turner. Balboa .............. 196 185 381
8. Todhunter Todd, Balboa .......... 192 187 379
B1 Bright, Balboa Jrs............... 191 185 376
Noel Gibson. Cristobal .............. 189 184 373
Rov Perkins, Cristobal .............. 184 186 370
Frank Anderson, Cristobal .......... Its 178 363
George Parish. Albrook-Curundu ___ 180 181 361
Joeeph Clemmons, Balboa Jrs....... 175 173 348
Bill Martin. Balbua ............... 183 161 344
Andrew Pompura, Marine Barracks .. 168 172 340
Al Jones. Balboa Jrs................ 187 158 325
DETROIT. April 17 (UP)
Former Heavyweight Champ Joe
Louis admits he is begining to
feel his age. The 37-year-old
Brown Bomber says he'll quit
trying to regain the heavy crown
unless Champion Ezzard Charles
agrees to a fall title bout.
"I'll Just quit trying to win
back the title if I can't get
Charles In the ring with me by
at least November." Says Louis.
"I don't figure '. can keep a good
edge on past that time."
The Brown Bomber spent yes-
terday nursing a cold In a De-
troit Hospital. Louis expects to
be back on his feet and in top
shape for that may 2 bout with
Omelio Agramme at Detroit's
Olympla Stadium.
"Winning back the champion-
ship still means everything to
me." says Louis, "but I'm not
gesting any younger."
The former champ makes no
secret about his disappointment
over the postponement of a
June scrap with Charles. The
fight was called off In March
when Charles suffered a cut left
ear against Jersey Joe Walcott.
'I was so set on fighting him
right away." explains Louis "that
I agreed to take only 20 percent
of the gate."
Present negotiations for a se-
cond Louis-Charles fight are
bogged down because Joe's ma-
nager, Marshall Miles, insists on
a 30-30 split of the gale. Jake
Mlntz, brain trust for Charles,
refuses to accept those terms.
Miles argues that Louis could
have afforded to take the short
end of the purse if the fight had
been held this spring. But, says
Miles the delay cost Joe money
and he wants a bigger cut now.
Louis still Is hopeful. "I figure
we can get together on the f lnan-
clal matters," he says, "If Charles
really wants to fight me."
The Bomber admits he thinks
fan pressure will force another
fight. Charles won the first bat-
tle last September at New York.
"I weighed 218 against Char-
les," Louis explains, "and since
then. I've trained down as light
as 207. That's too light. Mv best
fighting weight now will be
around 210."
Joe's personal physician, Dr.
Robert Bennett, agrees that the
Brown Bomber has trained too
fine. Dr. Bennett says it's a good
thing the Charles fight didn't
come off this spring. He blames
Joes recent siege of colds on the
fact he trained too hard for
"Joe was mad at himself after
losing to Charles," Dr. Bennett
says, "he overdid It a bit thin-
ning down."
"I'm going to keep right on
training." says Louis. "Then, If
Charles refuses to give me a
fight, no one can say I didn't
La Boca C.C. Scores Easily
Over H.M.S. Superb Eleven
Along The Fairways
The Summit Hills golfing gals ;
are busy making olan (and buy- :
inf prizes!' to entertain the
member* of the Panama Wo-
man's Golf Association on Sa-
turday, april 21. Representatives
are asked to telephone Miss Tobe
Ely. 2-3626. and submit club
entries. Teelng-off time will be
8:6. Mrs. Bylvla Carpenter. PW
GA president, will preside at the
regular business meeting follow-
ing the luncheon awarding of
Over the weekend the first
round matches of the PWGA An-
nual Handicap Tournament were
completed: Mrs. OraceDehlinger.
medalist, was defeated bv Mrs.
Marparet Mandevllle; Mrs. Ma-
rlofc Taylor won by default over
Mrs. Slddie HlDson: Miss Virginia
Keenan beal Mrs. Svlvla Car-
perjter. 3&2. and Mrs. Pearl Trim
elimina'ed Mrs. Emily Grant bv
the same margin.
Ih the lower bracket of the
Championship Flight. Mrs Ellen
Kenna beat Mrs. Pauline Marsh,
8*2, while Miss Adamary An-
derson upset Capt. Rayna An-
derson. 3*2. Miss Thelma Ood-
in bowed out to Mrs. Margaret
Cantrel). and Mrs. Bea Tvrell
lost 3 & 1 to Louise Reynolds. In
the First Flight Mrs. Merlene
Davidson defeated Miss Tobe Elv
5 is 4: and after ending all even
afler 18 holes, which meant
another round. Mrs. Edith Ma-
thieiron beat Mrs. Dorothy La
Crolx, 2 up.
Mrs. Pearl Trim and Miss Vir-
ginia Keenan played their se-
cond round match on 8undav
but were deadlocked all even as
they walked of No. 18. All second
round matches must be comolet-
ed by Sunday evening. April 22.
High Rood Pressure
If Mich Blood PrMr< raaaea
reu Slizv. htva aioejtte)
imti. headai'lira, alien kraata. )-
dlreetien. palplutiun. anil e..uan
anklaa. you can cat almoet inotani
rollaf from three denferou evme-
loaaa With HTNOJT Aak 'your
chemlet r..r HYNOX today and reel
reara younfor la a fw dai
Sports Briefs
In an All-American final,
Doris Hart of Jacksonville, Flori-
da, won the Rome women's tennis
crown from Shlrlev Fry of Akron,
6-3, 8-6. Dick Savltt of Orange,
New Jersey teamed with self-exll
ed Czech Jaroslav Drobny to win
the men's doubles.
Acting Chairman Sir Harold
Luxton says that Australia will
hold the 1956 Olympic Games no
matter what. "Financial and
other difficulties will be over-
come," says Sir Harold, "and
Melbourne will stage the Olympic
Games." The Australian Govern-
ment hinted last week that the
games might be called off If they
Interfere with a housing project.
ARCADIA, California. The
Six-year-old handicap star "Vul-
.S"'sForRe" who won mo" thn
324,000. Is dead. Boarding ranch
operator Francis Keller says the
1949 winner of the Santa Anita
Hsndir-ap died of colic last aa-
DUKAN Tel. 2-222*
Before the largest cricket crowd
of the season, Captain Belgrave's
La Boca C. C. Isthmian cham-
pions, defeated Captain En-
gland's XI of H. M. S. Superb In
an Interesting game played on
the La Boca Ball Park, Sunday.
The La Bocana, taking advant-
age of perfect wicket, batted first
and rang up 167 runs for 7
wickets. Leonard Roberts lustily
attacked the bowling of the vi-
sitors for a dashing 57 not out.
Captain Belgrave wielded the
willow for 39 and Myrton Edghlll
contributed 29.
At 3:30 P.M.. the visiting XI
took the field and stumbled into
unusually acurate medium slow
bowling by Christopher Greaves
and W. Ford. The devastating at-
tack of the La Bocans and ac-
curate fielding dismissed the vi-
sitors for 76 runs of which Cap-
tain England scored 29.
It was evident that with a cou-
ple of practices the visitors would
nave extended the local players.
Captain England complimented
the vlctores for their spirited
play thanked Captain Belgrave
for the pleasing arrangements.
The visitors were lauded for their
display of sportsmanship.
La Boca C. C.
C. McLeed ct.wk. Thorlngton 2
M. Edghill ct.wk. Bird 29
C. Greaves bowled Thorlngton 0
J. Lord run out 3
E. Belgrave stpd. Bird 39
E. Roberts ct. Chappel Bird 7
L. Roberts not out 57
W Mike lbw England 11
C. Lashley not out 4
Extras 5
Ridge bowled
Bird c&b
Chappel bowled
Surrldge bowled
Cave ct. Belgrave
Trumpess 'bowled
England lbw
Thorington bowled
Woolnough bowled
Lane bowled
Wady not
Lord 14
Greaves 4
Ford 0
Greaves 2
Greaves 1
Ford 0
Greaves 29
Greaves 0
Mike 18
Greaves 5
out 0
Etras 3
Total 76
Fall of Wickets: 1 for 19: 2 for
19: 3 for 19; 4 for 20: 5 for 22:
6 for 22: 7 for 22; 8 for 55; 9 for
73; 10 for 76.
Bowling Analysis
O. W. R.
Belgrave 5 0 12
Ford 10 3 11
L. Roberts
8 6 6
4 0 11
6 1 18
4 0 15
Pirates Clip Reds
Total (7 wkts. declared)

Bowling Analysis
O. W. R.
Thorlngton 9 2 34
England 10 1 45
Chappel 6 0 24
Bird 5 3 35
Trumpess 1 O 14
Fall of Wickets: 1 for 2: 2 for 2:
3 for 13; 4 for 76; 5 for 77; 6
for 104; 7 for 147.
Dillinger. 3b
Metkovlch, cf
Bell, rf
Klner. rf
Westlake, If
Strickland, ss
Basgall, 2b
McCullough, c
Chambers, p
Werle, p
ab r h po a e
5 0 2 0 2 0
3 5
1 0 2
0 1 10 0 1
12 10 0
2 1
0 0
0 1
0 1
0 0
1 0
0 0
6 0
3 0
0 1
0 0
0 0
34 4 12 27 12 2
Army Sports
FORT GULICK. C. Z. April 17
Once again the 20th Military
Police Company of Fort Gulick
will enter a team In the annual
Cristobal Rrmed Forces YMCA
Basketball Warm-up Basketball
League which Is chqduled to start
Tuesday evening, April 24.
This vear the coach will be
First Lieutenant Walter G. Mc
Bride who will have 17 men on
his squad; of these 17, 7 played
on. the Atlantic Sector team last
year and 1 of them played for
Corozal. The team members are
Cpl. Joe W. Davis, Pvt. Rodolfo
Miranda Escudero. Cpt. Robert C.
Spencer, Pfc. Billy W. Taylor. Opl.
Billv M. Hughes. Cpl. Keith L.
Ludwlg. Cpl. Donald R. Bund-
rock. Pfc. Ronald R. Smith, Cpl.
Leon L. Pockrus. Sgt. Clayton E.
Burrows, Pfc. John B. Hogan. Cpl.
Leroy H. Melton, Cpl. C. Bonk,
Cpl. John E, Burton. Sgt. Edward
J. Mann, Cpl. Ray Muvlle, and
8FC John W. Cousin. The vete-
rans are Davis, Bundrock. Hogan,
Mann. Muylle, Cousin, and Spen-
cer. Spencer was selected for the
National League All Star team
last year. The National Leanue
was one of two league In the 1950
US ARCAR IB (Panama Area)
Basketball Tournament.
Adams, 2b
Osner. cf
Wyrostek. rf
Kluszewskl, lb
Adcok. If
Schef lng. c
Hatton, 3b
Stallcup, ss
Perkowskl, p
Sox, p
Smith, p
ab r h po a e
0 0 4 3 0
0 13 0 2
0 0 0 0 0
0 2 10 0
0 10 0
110 2
12 13
0 1
0 0
1 0
0 0 0
Woodhouse Claims
Uncle Millie Had
Just An 'Off Day'
NEW YORK, April 17 'UP)
When you want some Informa-
tion about a horse, ask the jockey
who rides It. That's why Hedley
Woodhouse was mobbed after
"Uncle Miltle" ran eighth In Ex-
erlmental Handicap Number
wo at Jamaica.
The J. J. Colando colt was a
top-heavy favorite to win the
mile and Ranch 8tahle's "Sonic,''
came out of the pack to win by
half a length from "Jumbo".
Woodhouse, seemed to have
the answer.
"I guess he Just had one of his
off days," the Jockey said.
"It's really hard to explain the
defeat," Woodhouse added. "He
was due for an off day, and I
guess that was It. You'll Just have
to throw out, that race."
Except for a slight bumping
that Uncle Miltle took goine
around the first turn, Woodhouse
says the colt had no excuse.
"But that didn't seem to both-
er him," the Canadian-born rider
"I thought he was ready to
move on the backstretch but he
wouldn't extend himself. He just
didn't feel like running," Wood-
house added.
The win by 8onic causes turf
experts to revise their Derby rat-
ings. The burst of speed Bonic
had left in the stretch to grab the
lead from Jumbo, makes him a
serious threat In the mile and
one-quarter Run for the Roses.
Of course, the weight factor
must be taken Into account, too.
Sonic had to lug onlv 103 pounds
in the Experimental, while in
the Derby he'll be toting 126.
same as every other horse. That
could make a difference.
Pirates Edge Reds 4-3
In National Loop Opener
United Press Sports Writer
NEW YORK, April 17 Neorly a quarter of a mil-
lion fans, hopeful that the weather won't upset their plans,
were all set to help the Major League get their jubilee
seasons going in full swing today.
0 0 0 0 1
1 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 10
0 10 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0 0
10 10 0 0
li (I (I 0 0 0
38 3 9 2 12 2
Pittsburgh 013 000 000 4
Cincinnati 000 010 200 3
SUMARY: Meeks grounded out
for Blackwell in 3rd. Permesa
filed out for Perkowskl In fifth.
RVan walked for Fox In seventh.
Howell singled for Smith in 9th.
McMillan ran for Howell In 9th.
Runs batted in: Westlake. Strick-
land, Chambers. Usher 2. Hatton.
Left on bases: Pittsburgh 8. Cin-
cinnati 8. Struckout bv Blacklwell
3. by Foxl. by Smith 2, by Chamb
ers 1, by Werle 2. Base on balls
off Blackwell 1. Perkowskl 1,
Fox 1. Chambers 1. Werle 1. Earn-
ed runs: Pittsburgh 4, Cincinnati
3. Pitching records Blackwell 4
runs, seven hits in three inning.
Perkowskl no runs, 2 hits in two
inning. Fox no runs, one hit In
two innings. Smith no runs. 1 hit
In two inninas. Chambers three
runs, eight hits In 6 2-3 Innings.
Werle no runs, one hit in 2 1-3
lnnlnes. Winning pitcher Chamb-
ers. Hit by pitcher: Blackwell 1
(Basgalh. Doubleolays: Strick-
land. Basgall. Klner. Adams,
Kluszewskl. Adams, Stallcup 2.
Attendance 30,441.
Guardia, Pinilla,
Motta Win First
Round Matches
The Spaldlng Singles Tennis
Tournament got underway Sun-
day morning before a select
group of fans at the Panama
Olympic Tennis Courts.
Several former champion In-
cluding Carlos Eleta. Germinal
Sarasqueta. Ernesto Piate, Ale-
jandro, Tart were present for
the opening ceremonies and the
This afteroon George Motta vs.
Croslln Guardia at 4:30.
Wednesday Vlcent Pascual
vs. Julio Pinilla and Ernesto Pl-
nate vs. David Halman at 4:30.
Thursday (4:30i -, Howard
8pauldlng vs. Harry Willis.
Friday (4:301 George Ma-
duro vs. Frank Hladky.
Saturday 13; 00) Bill Hele vs.
Myron Fischer. (4:30) C.
Chadwick vs. R. Alfaro.
The results of yesterday's mat-
ches follows:
Croeslln Guardia trounced Luis
Rain washed out the official
opener in Washington yesterday
forcing left-hander Harry Tru-
man to postpone his plans to
throw out the first pitch for the
game between the Senators and
world Champion New York Yan-
kees. Now he'll have to toss out
that pitch and "officially" open
the season five days after it has
begun when the Yankees return
'to the nation's capital friday.
The big show today In each
league will be right here in
New York. The Yankees come
home to open at the Stadium
against the Red Sox before
45,000 fans including Com-
missioner A. B. (Happy)
Chandler and American Lea-
gue President William Har-
It will be the Red Sox who will
furnish the greatest challenge to
the Yankees In their quest for a
third world championship, most
experts believe, and, the game
today will be for blood.
The same situation holds true
in the National League where the
pennant-defending Philadelphia
Phillies oppose the Brooklyn
Dodgers before an expected crowd
of 28,000 at Ebbets Field. These
are the clubs which battled down
to the last day last season and
tney are co-favorltes for the cur-
rent race.
Rain could upset proceedings
here, for it was drizzling steadily
yesterday but the Weather
Bureau lorecast that the show-
ers would stop late last night,
considerable cloudiness and a
high of only 50 degrees was ex-
pected for today.
Both Manager Casey Sten-
|;el of the Yankees and Char-
ey Dressen of the Dodgers
made last minute lineup
changes. Because outfielder
Hank Bauer has a lame
ankle, Stengel will start
young Jackie Jensen In left
field. Dresser, decided to
bank on a rookie, Don
Thompson, in left in a
switch, relegating Cal A-
brams to the bench.
Dressen also decided to pitch
young Carl Erskrne Instead of
his ace, Don Newcombe, because
Newcombe complained of sore-
ness In his arm.
The Phillies will rely on their
strong-armed right hander. Ro-
bin Roberts, while the opposing
Ruiz Vernaccl 6-1, 6-1.
Julio Pinilla downed Angel
Delvalle 6-2, 6-4.
George Motta won from Cyril
Taft on forfeit.
pitchers at Yankee 8tadlum will
be Vic Raschl for the New York-
ers against lefty Mel Parnell of
the Red Sox.
The chesty New York Olantg
will go to Boston to play the im-
8roved Braves and two ace rlght-
anders Larry Jansen of the
Giants and Vern Blckford of the
Braves will battle It out there.
At Chicago Dutch Hiller of the
Cubs will oppose lefty Ken Ra-
frensberger of the Reds and in
Pittsburgh, the Cardinals will
start Gerry Staley against little
Murry Dickson of the Bucs.
Elsewhere in. the American
League It will be two great hurl-
ers, Bob Lemon of Cleveland and
Hal Newhou8ers of the Tigers
before 45,000 at Detroit, while in
Philadelphia In the first night
opener in the history of the
American League, little Bobbv
Shantz of the Athletics will
pitch against Bob Kuzava of the
Senators. At St. Louis, Brownie
strong-man Ned Carver will
pitch against Ken Holcombe of
the White Sox.
In the only Major League
fame on Openning Day, the
rates beat the Reds 4-3,
spoiling the Cincinnati cur-
tain raiser on the season
while the long-awaited Yan-
kee-Senator contest at Was-
hington, at which President
Truman was to throw the
first ball, was postponed due
to rain.
The Pirates made the great
Ewell Blackwell look like a
?ery ordinary pitcher. They
knocked him out with a three
run flurry in the third after
singles by George Strickland,
Clyde McCullough and pitch-
er Cliff Chambers provided
the first Pirate tally in the
second inning.
George Metkovich, battling t
regain a Big League Job, was the
key wheel for the Pirates with
three straight hits touching off
a three-run winning inning with
a single.
A walk to Gus Bell. Wally
Westlake's single and an error
and wild throw by catcher Bob
Usher and Strickland's double
provided the rest of the fuel for
the rally.
Earlier in the fifth Bob Schef-
flng and Grady Hatton doubled
in succession for the first Reds
The game was marked toy
the debut of Ralph Klnner
as a Big League first base-
man and he made one error
but handled ten other chan-
ces cleanly.
Don't lef Sun and Wafer
Wreck Hair and Scalp!
Sun, water and wind gang up on you-make
lisir dry, unruly...scalp parched, flaky. But
not when you make a daily habit of the fa-
mous Vitalia "60-Seeond Workout."
FEIL the difference
in your scalp
0 ronda' brlak m>m with
timulaung Vitalia and yeu FEEL
lb. difference in jour aoalp-pre-
vent drrneia, rout trabar-
raaainf, flaky dandruff.
A Pront tf BriaM^f vara
SEI the difference
in your halrl
Then 10 econdi to comb and yon
SEE the difference in your hair-
far handaomer. healthier-lookinc,
neatly groomed. Get a bottle
of Vitalia today.
and the
New, fer cream tonic fans lighter-bodied
Gives your hair that CLEAN GROOMED LOOK
"Be sure they are White Horse"
There is no whisky like Scotch Whisky and no finer Scotch
than White Horse. It is distilled amidst the highlands of
its native Scotland; aged, matured and watched over with
unceasing care by men who have the inherited instinct of
generations to guide them. At the club, at home, wherever
you may be, you show wisdom by ordering Scotch whisky
... and prove your experience by asking for White Horie
by name.
WHITE HORSE Scotch Whisky
A pleasure to remember a joy to tee again

Pacific J^oci
I tin ^Ktnntth filmland
'&. 96, tLtU JL+L-VA 2 1336
Tne Ambatsador of Mexico to Panama, Eduardo Morillo
Safa, honored the Veneiuelan Ambaiador. Enrique Castro Go-
mes, at a luncheon of 2 cover given today at the Panama
01 The" guest hat Included: the Ambaaador of 'Dr-<">;
Ho Ortiz de Zevallos, wh. is Dean of the Diplomatic Corps:
a group of officials from the Panama Foreign Office Ri-
cardo Brln, Chief of Protocol. Avancbo Chevalier Assistant
Chief of Protocol. Julio Brlceno, 1st Secretary, and Dr. E. Lin-
ce; tht Ambassador of Argentina, fcnrtqiie Lop Muftta; the
Italian Minister. Lulfi Marianl; the Minister of Honduras.
Marco A. Raudales Planas: the Colombian CjWge d,">"
Carlos Manuel Borda; the Brasilian Charge d'Affairea. Osval-
do Barretto; Jesus Ferrer Gamboa: Enrique Molino; Dr. Eneas
Quintero; from the staff of the Venezuelan Embassy, t. Sl-
fuentes, Secretary, and Commander EUnre. Naval Attache;
and from the staff of the Mexican Embassy, Gonzalo Men-
dosa, Secretary, Carlos Guadarrama, Chancellor, and Vice-
consul Herrera Cells.
Flowers Draw 750; Display
Held Over Until 7 Tonight
Minister and Mrs. Menant
Arriving from France
The Minister of France to Pan-
ama and Mrs. Guy Menant or?
expected to arrive here today by
airplane from Paris.
Judge and Mrs. Hancock
Sailing Friday
Judge and Mrs. Joseph J. Han-
cock of Ancon will sail Friday mi
the SS Panama for New York tc
spend two months vacation In
the United States. They plan to
motor to California and to visit
In New Orleans and at their
home In Louisville. Kentucky,
before returning to the Isthmus
the first of July.
Cocktail Party to Honor
Mr. and Mrs. Hope
Colonel and Mrs. Harry D.
Schelbla have Issued invitations
for a cocktail party to be given
this evening at 6:30 at their re-
sidence in Panama City. The
party will honor Mr. *nd An.
Stanley C. Hope of New York
Mr. and Mrs. Hope are guests at
Hotel El Panama. He Is president
of Esso Standard Oil and Is In
Panama for the Esso Conference.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Prater]
were the guests of honor at a
buffet dinner which Mr. and
Mrs C. S. Neville. Mr. and Mix
Emmett Zemer and Mrs. Doro-
thy Hamlin gave Sunday evening
at the Neville's home in Baiboa.
Last evening Dr .and Mrs. Den
nls F. Reeder honored the visit-
ors at a small dinner party whlrn
they gave at Hotel El Panama.
Mr. and Mrs. Branstetter
Hosts at Supper Party
Mr. and Mrs. Nell Branstetter
entertained 12 guests at a buffet
supper given Saturday evening
at their residence on Balfcoa
Mr. and Mrs. O'Hearn
Visitor Here
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. O'-
Hearn of Washington, D.C.. for-
mer residents of the Isthmus, vis-
ited here briefly yesterday and
today on their way from New Or-
leans to San Francisco. During
their stay they were the guests dI
Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Scott in
Mr. and Mrs. Moore
Honor Visitors
Honoring the visiting delega' es
to the General Management
Meeting of Esso Affiliates in I a -
tin America. Mr. and Mrs. S.
Scollay Moore gave a cocktail
party yesterday afternoon In the
patio of Hotel El Panama.
Mr. and Mr. Prater
Honored at Parties
Mr and Mrs. Jerome F. Pra-
ger gave a dinner of 27 covers
Saturday evening in the Fern
Room of the Hotel Tlvoli honor-
ing their son and daughter-in-
law, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Prap-r
of Berkeley. California, who are
their house guests. Their guesrs
included relatives and a few close
Luncheon at
Hotel El Panama
A group of students from Cris-
tbal High School, accompanied
bv Miss Adamary Anderson and
Mrs Humberto Leignadier tour-
ed interesting places in Panama
and at Balboa Heights yesterday
and had luncheon at Hotel 1
To Visit In
Virginia and Kentucky
Dr. and Mrs. William Henry
Orant will sail Friday on the S8
Panama for New York and plan
to spend a vacation of three
months in the United State*.
They will visit their son and his
wife. Mr. and Mrs. William Hen-
iy Grant, Jr.. in Arlington. Virgi-
nia, and at their former home In
Louisville, Kentucky.
Mrs. Gorin Going
to Minneapolis
Mr3. John T. Gorin of Golf
No. 5
Evening and Dinner
to match!
39th Street Vista del
Heights is leaving by airplane -
nlgnt for Minneapolis, Minneso-
ta, where she has been called be-
cause of the serious illness of her
Dean Ferris Speaker
at Tower Club Meeting
The Tower Club held its month-
ly supper and meeting last even-
ing in Bishop Morris Hall of S'.
Luke'i Cathedral with Dean Ray-
mond T. Ferris the speaker. His
subject was "Religion hi the
Among those present were Mr.
and Mrs. Jack Buechele. Mr. and
Mrs. James Hunter, Miss Claiie
Ogden. the Rev. and Mrs. Anto-
nio Ochoa, Mrs. Ferris, the Rnv.
and Mrs. Gideon C. Montgom-
ery, Dr. and Mrs. S. B. Robin-
son .Mr. and Mrs. William Mal-
lory. Mi. and Mrs. Roy D.
Reece, Mr. and Mrs. J. Palmer
Smith, Captain and Mrs. Harry
Bach, Colonel and Mrs. Vlrr.ll
Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lu-
cas. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Runkcl,
Roger Greene. Major and Mrs. E.
J Foote. Mr. and Mrs. W. C.
Fritz, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Don-
aldson, Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Metzler. Mr. and Mrs. J. B.
Fields Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Edwin
L. Luce, Mr. and Mrs. William
Taylor. Lt. and Mrs. William
Bercaw, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth
Newland. Mrs. C. DeWitt Brlscoe,
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stadt. M*.
an dMra. Frederlch de V. Sill,
Mrs. Cecil Banan, Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Dentn, Mr. and Mrs. Will-
iam Dunscombe, Major and Mrs.
William Peterson, Mr. and Mrs.
George Matthew and Dr. and
Mrs. David Porter.
Alpha Gamam Deltas
to Meet Saturday
Celebrating Alpha Gamma Del-
ta Sorority's International Reun-
ion Day. the local alumnae mem-
bers will meet for coffee Sarui-
day at 10 a.m. at the home of Mrs.
Nell Branstetter 212-A Darien
Place. All members of the aororl-
ty are cordially Invited to the re-
uni nand are asked to telephone
to Mrs. Branstetter at Balboa
"See How They Run"
Wednesday and Thursday
. College students In the Class In
Dramatics of the Canal Zone Ju-
nior college, whose accredited
study work requires the finished
preparation of a play along pro-
fessional lines, will present the
world-famous Phillip King farce-
comedy. "See How They Run" at
the Diablo Clubhouse Theater on
Wednesday and Thursday. All
seats are reserved for the two
showings, with a matinee per-
formance, as usual, to show the
play to school children. Nine col-
lege students are In the ca3t cf
the fast and furious farce-com-
dy and all theater-goers of the
Isthmus are In for an entire fuil
evening of laughs at the presen-
tatlo nof "See How They Run."
Entries In last night's flower
show, which attracted 750 peo-
ple to the Balboa YMCA auditor-
ium, will remain on display be-
tween 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. today.
The show was the graduation ce -
remonv tor 189 women who have
been taking the third flower ar-
rangement course given by Mrs.
Charles P. Morgan at the YMCA.
The dlsplav the third of Its
kind to be held In the Canal Zone
to be held at St. Andrew's Parish
House, April 28.
Federation Meeting
Thursday Morning
The seventy-fourth semi-an-
nual meeting of the Panama Fe-
deration Women's Societies for
Christian Service will be held
next Thursday for a morning ses-
sion starting at 8:45 at the Bal-
boa Union Church. There will oe
a mid-morning reces, Instead of
usual early coffee, for benefit of
Atlantic side people who must
leave their homes early. The Ba1-
boa Union Church Ladles Auxil-
iary, with Mrs. Nellie May Toone
as chairman will serve luncheon
in the Church parlors. A fee of
50 cents a plate will be charged to
help defray expenses
An unusual and Interesting
program has been planned for
this session by the following
members of the board: Mrs. A. C.
Ellis, president Mrs. H. I. Tlnnin,
1st vice president, Mrs. G. H.
Davis. 2nd vice president, Mrs. M.
L. Piper, secretary, Mrs. N. N.
Shaw, treasurer, Mrs. F.,S. Plevc,
assist, treasurer, Mrs. R. H. Hicks
and literature chairman.
Mrs. R. P. McConnell will be
the accompanist on the piano inr
the ieslon. Devotions will be giv-
en by Mrs. Geo. T. Darnell. Jr.. of
Gamboa. Rev. M. A. Cookson
from Cristobal will give the La-
vocatlon and Mrs. Bobble Levy of
Balboa will Issue the welcome
which will be followed by Re-
sponse by Mrs. J. E. Grlnnell.
Representatives from the Phil-
anthropic organizations which
are helped by the Federation,
will be on hand to report and
have an Illustration of the type of
work done by their group.
Rev. R. A. Gray from Gamboa
will sing a group of songs. Mr.
Paul Prettls. pianist, will piay
several selections.
Delegates representing the va-
rious organizations will be pres-
ent to make reports and be pre-
pared to cast the vote of their
organization on the revision of
the By-Laws. Report of Resolu-
tions Committee will be made by
Mrs Vance Howard. Rev. A. II.
Shaw, pastor of Balboa Union
Church will close the session with
the benediction. This program
this year has been dedicated to
Atlantic ~J)acieti

w mttm j* nu z
8o> 195, Cmtmn DiLplfn* (ml** 37%
Auxiliary Meeting
in Cocoli
St. Andrew's Auxiliary of Coco-
li met Thursday at the home of
Mrs. Ralph Shuey. Special gues's
at tne meeting were Mrs. George
Matthew and Mrs. J. B. Fields,
Jr., cf Balboa. Arrangements
were completed for an Altar Tea
For all Occasions...
French Crystal
French Perfumes
French Dlnnerware
a Venetian Crystal
Italian Figurines
English Figurines
All new hits
The latest equipment
for your dog.
li Tlvoli Ave.
was inaugurated by Mrs. F. K.
Newcomer, wife of the Governor
of the Panama Canal and Mrs.
H. F. Eckburg. president of the
Car-lenas River Garden Club.
Winners were announced as
Class I (cut flowers)ill Mrs.
A. C. Medinger; <2i Mrs. Robert
J. Boyd; (3) Mrs. T. Shervonlck
(honorable mention) Mrs. B. L.
Class II (fruits and vegetables)
(1) Mrs. Ana de Quljano; (2i
Mrs Marie Brazle; (3) Mrs.
Frances Sharp; (hnorable men-
tion) Mrs. A. M. Bledsoe.
Class III (exotic r dried ar-
rangements(1) Mrs. Dlone Wil-
liamson; (2) Mrs. Robert J. Boyd;
(3) sMr. F. T. 8mlth; (honora-
ble mention) Mrs. Delia Akin.
Class IV (dish gardens or tray
arrangements)(1) Mrs. Ana L.
Arias; (2) Mrs. Ana F. Farr; (3)
Mrs. Carlota Lowe; (honoraole
mention) Mrs. D. L. Norton.
Class V (special occasions)
1) Miss Carmen Sol Bosch, 21
Mrs. Lldla de Gomez. 3) Mrs. J. B.
Robertson, (honorable mention)
Mrs. Frances Sharp.
Class VI (horticultural) ;)
Mrs Eda McCoy, 2) Mrs. Glenn
Conklln, 3) Mrs. Eleanor Win,
(honorable mention i Entry No.
Class VII (natural containers
locally secured) 1) Mrs. R. B.
Slgafoos. 2) Mrs. Grlnnella. 3)
Mrs. Robert Motion, (honorable
mention) Mrs. Graciela de Pare-
First-prize winners received an
orchid corsage and a set of three
ceramic frogs; second-prize win-
ners received an orchid corsage,
and third prize winners were
awarded a package of plastic day.
Honorable mention winners re-
ceived a ribbon.
The Judges for the flowers show
were Mrs. Jeanne Karch, Miss
Lois Morgan. Mrs. Hortensia Ai-
faro de Alemn and Gaspar Pa-
Members of the flower arrange-
ment class presented Mrs. Mor-
gan with a gold pollera chain and
a pair of gold pollera buttons.
Mrs. Morgan gave Miss Betty
Young, YMCA program director
and the show's Judges orchid cor-
sages and the hostesses for ;ne
evening corsages of wood roses.
Mrs. Morgan also presented on
antique green flower holder to
Mrs. R. K. Morris.
Pouring coffee during the
evening were Mrs. Newcomer,
Mrs. Bledsoe, Mrs. Eckburg and
Mrs. Worthlngton Bltler.
Mias Nancy Dyer, whose wedding will take place next
month in the States, was surprised with a miscellaneous
shower given by Mrs. Benjamin F. Kuller. Miss Pat Kuller
and Miss Jean Dough In the ballroom of the Hotel Washing-
ton Sunday afternoon. .
The long tea table was centered with a heart-shaped cake
and a floral arrangement of pink carnations and white frang
pan! blossoms. Mrs. Jerry Whyte presided at the coffee ser-
vice and Miss Ann Wlchner served punch.
The Emblem Club wishes "Jaj
thank Mrs. Dora Bell and her a**
slstants. Mrs. Edith Hennlng 'or
arranging such an enjoyaoi
evening and also the Elki tffZ
their cooperation In making it a
The guests included: Mrs. Ea;l
Dyer, mother of the honoree, Mrs.
E. C. Dough. Mrs. Betty Huteh-
ings. Miss Leneve Dough, Mrs.
Jean Perry, Misa Arden Arm-
strong, Miss Pat Leach. Mrs. Bet-
ty Gour. Mrs. James Thompson,
Mrs. Florence Redmond. Mrs. J.
T. Styles, Mrs. Malma Ruiz, Cor-
poral Barbara Kasmtre, Miss
Muriel Jordan, Miss Sarita Mi/-
rachi, Miss Julieta Pretto. Miss
Jean Lawson. Mrs. Bobby Copare,
Miss Carmen Calonge. Mrs. 0)fi
Nordstrom, Miss Joe Calogne,
Mrs. Olga Nordstrom. Miss Joe
Calogne, Mrs. Peggy Keller. Mrs.
Eleanor Haseloff. Miss Mary
Ruth Scranton. Mrs. T. A. Bren-
nan, Miss Dorothy Dennis. Mrs:.
Jean Coffey, Mrs. Evelyn Wade.
Mrs. Marie Fraser, Mrs. Vlotiet
Deaklns, Mrs. Marie Moscartto-
lo. Mrs. Beverly Berger, Mrs. Ca-
rol Ooulet. Mrs. Mary L. Rob-
ertson. Mrs. Jackie Stringer, M'.sj
Marlon Karlger, Miss-Frances Al-
exaltls. Mrs. Marguerite Schom-
mer. Mrs. Obdulia Coffey,
Margaret McKenzle. Mrs. Ev"-
Ivne McKelvy, Mrs. Roberta
Egolf. Mrs. Vera Perry, Miss Ma-
ry Jeanne Wlesen, Miss Lela
Rounsavelle, Mrs. Rita Adams,
Mrs. Betty Adanczak. Mrs. Bev-
erly Halllday, Miss Louise ,i.
Mrs. Geddes, Mrs. Sylvia Austin
Brady. Mrs. Samuel Blackburue,
Mrs. Emily Sommers and Miss
Pat Geddes.
More Mouths To Feed
Marguerite Spleer told a televi-
sion program master of ceremo-
nies ?he had three dogs and was
Mrs. N. N. Shaw who has 13 years j given a can of dog food for eac.'i
of continuous service as an o'ft- one by the sponsor. When she re-
cer In the Federation and Is leav-
ing the Isthmus to make her
home in the states.
turned home, she found her Eng-
lish setter, Lady, had given birth
to 15 pups.
The family of the late
through thie medium wieh to acknowledge
all the expressions of aympathy during their
recent bereavement.
PHONES: 2-1f30
* 2'ld33|
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with hot water or milk before you
go to bed and you'll sloop like a
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a Hamilton. For only Hemllton lives up to all the itauJ-
ardt of fine watrhmikin.. Terted accuracy and time-
enduring beauty bae earned for Hamilton the title,
"The Ariitocrat o Watches."
Agonfo Genero/
M. liednos*.. Aportad 493, Panama. R. P.
Stag Luncheon
at Fort Gullck
Colonel James W. Pumpelly
conducted a group of officials
and business men from
and Cristobal on a tour of the
USAR Carlb School Friday, id-
lowing which he entertained the
gentlemen with luncheon at hlJ
Fort Gullck residence.
At this time the 20 guests were
introduced to Colonel James E.
Bowen. Jr.. the new commanding
officer of the Atlantic Sector, who
was the guest of honor at the
Pan-American Day Observed
by Inter-American Woman's duo
The members of the Colon Unit
of the Inter-American Woman's
Club held a reception at the club
building Saturday evening 'ron
6:00 to 8:00 p.m. to observe Pan-
American Day.
The large room was decorated
with palms and baskets of tropi-
cal flowers. The long buffet table
was centered with an arrange-
ment of gladioli.
Receiving the guests were trie
president of the club. Mrs. Gun-
ther Hirschfeld with her officer?.
Mrs. Julio Nino. Miss Thelr.ia
Godwin. Mrs. Anita Neff, Mrs.
Hans lilies. Mrs. Dash wood Dar-
ling, Mrs. Camila de la Guardia
and Miss Adamary Anderson.
The past presidents perslded bt
the buffet table. They were: Mrs.
Humberto Leignadier. Mrs. Hip-
lito Fernandez. Mrs. Julia Em! -
lianl and Mrs. Stanley
Musical selections were played
by the Cristobal High School
string ensemble, and Mrs. Nor'oert
Schommer sang several selec-
Men's Fellowship Meeting
The sen's Fellowship of the)
Cristobal Union Church will held.
Its April meeting Wednesday a
the Church at 7:30 p.m. Rev. J.
William L. Graham will be tne
fuejt speaker.
An entertainment film will \.%
shown and refreshments will re1
served. All men of the parish are
invited to attend.
Emblem Club Dance
Very Successful
The dance given at the Elxs
home Saturday evening by Em-
blem Club No. 52 was attended by
over two hundred guests nrl
members. The terrace of the cim
was Illuminated with strings of
colored lights for the occasion.
Music was furnished by Trymm's
A number of nice prizes were
Co'on 8,ven a*ay. Mrs. Henrietta Chek
received an electric coffee urn
donated by RCA; Mrs. Ruby Ro-
binson received a floril chira
bowl contributed by Maduro';,
Mrs. Margaret Larrlson and Mrs.
Dora Garcia won bottles of
champagne from the Dog Hotue
Bar; and Mrs. Marguerite Schum-
mer won a crystal vase from
Shaws. The headache basket
went to Mrs. Betty daughter.
A feature of the evening's cn-
Surprise Birthday Dinner Party
Mr. Fred Bell of Coco Solo, was
surprised with a dinner party
arranged by his wife to honor
him on his birthday anniversary.
The Invited guests were: Mr.
and Mrs. Kenneth del Valle, Mr.
and Mrs. Howard Clark, Mr. nnJ
Mrs. Carter Curtis and their
daughter, Joan. Mr. and Mrs.
Howard Hennlng with Lorraine
and Norlne Hennlng.
Rehearsal Dinner
for Sigman-Alken Wedding
Following the rehearsal fit 4
p.m.. at the Coco Solo Naval Cha-
pel tor the marriage of Miss Shir-
ley Slgman and Sergeant Fav
Louis Aiken, which will take place
Wedensday evening, Mr. and Mrs.
R. E. Slgman entertained for tne
A supper party was combined
with a housewarmlng at the
quarters to be occupied by the
newlyweds on 10th Street In Co-
At this time Miss Slgman pre-
sented her attendants gifts of
Siamese earrings and the but
man and groomsmen were given
Siamese buckles.
The guests Included: Mr. and
Mrs. Maxwell Butler. Mr. and
Mrs. W. L. Kellv and Mrs. E. C.
Wedding Announcement
No invitations have been Issued
to the wedding of Miss ArcK-n
Armstrong and Mr. Max Wetoh
which will take place at trie
American Episcopal Church of
Our Saviour Friday at 7:30 p.m.
Friends are Invited to the serv-
ice and to the reception whi'-h
wUl be held at the home of the
bride's parents at 8:30 p.m.
Panama Federation Meeting
The Panama Federation ol
Women's Societies for Chrlstl in
Service will meet Thursrt&y"
morning at 8:45 a.m. at the Bal-
boa Union Church. There will to
a mid-morning break at which,
time refreshments will be served.
Luncheon wUl follow the morn-
ing meeting and Is to be served
by the Auxiliary of the church A
fee of fifty cents will be charged.
There will be a nursery In wb-ctt
children may be left and a spe-
cif l children's luncheon, so that
interested mothers may attend.
This plans to be a very Inter-
esting meeting as delegates of tne
Philanthropy group which are
assisted by the Federation will oe
oresent to tell of their worn.
These will Include Major H. T,
Tucker of the salvation Army,
Mrs R, W. Rubelll of the Crist-
bal Woman's Club, Mr. and Mrs.
Holness of the Panama Prison
Work. Rev. Fred L. Jones reprs-
sentlng Mrs. Witt's Work; Mrs.
Maryel Iglesias of the San Blav
Mission. Miss Claire Ogden of tha>
Bella Vista Home, Mrs. L. M.
Flske Of the Seawall Mission. Mr.
John L. Mason of the Hlllop
Mission, San Bias Point.
The meeting and program art
to be dedicated to Mrs. N. fi
Shaw of Pedro Miguel in appro*
elation of her 13 years of conti-
nuous work In the organlza'lon.
Ladies are requested to max*
arrangements through the presi-
dents of their organizations for
transportation to the Pao "Id
Mr. and Mrs. Grady B. Hart'l-
son presented their Infant son,
tertalnment was a group of selec- James Calvin, to be christened at
'.Ions which were sung by Mrs. (Continued on Page SIX)
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Learn to dance waltz, fox-trot, jitter-
bug, rumba, tango, m o m b o,
Charleston. Balboa YMCA Tuesday.
Thursday, Saturday all day. Harnett
E. Dunn.
Newcomer Calls
For Observance
01 Loyalty Day
Governor Newcomer has asked
Canal Zone residents to observe
Loyalty Day on April 27 this year
and to Join members of the
Veterans of Foreign Wars in the
Cn'ial Zone in ceremonies plan-
ned as a rededlcation to the
p.u-iriries of Americanism.
Loyalty Dav is set aside each
yea1' bv members of the Veterans
of Foreign Wars of the United
States as an occasion on which
Ihev ask all citizens to join
them in a rededlcation to the
principles on which our countrv
was founded.
The Governor's Proclamation
concerninr Loyaltv Dav follows:
"WHEREAS, the need for a
complete rededlcation to the
principles and ideals unon which
our country was founded has
never been greater and
"WHEREAS, the devotion and
allegiance of each citizen to
these principles is essential to
the perpetuation of our country
and to the continued growth ot
freedom and economic opportun-
ity in America: and
"WHEREAS, the Veterans of
Foreign Wars of the United
States, an organization chart-r-
ed bv Congress, has demonstrat-
ed Its patriotic devotion to our
government and unauestlonerl
lovaltv to the Constitution o!
the United States: and
"WHEREAS, the members of
t>ip Veterans of Foreign Wars of
the United States have r">t -
ined that one day each year
should be set as'He to uivc nil
citizens an opportunity to join
them In a solemn rededlcation
to the princinles of Amrrlcinlsm.
and have determined that April
27. 1951 shall be observed as
Lovaltv Dav.
Newcomer. Governor of The Pa-
nama Canal, do hereby earnestly
urec well of our citizens to sup-
port this most worthy and so-
lemn observance and loin mem-
bers of the Veterans of Foreign
Wars of the United States In th
Canal Zone in those ceremonies
which they have arranged to re-
mind each of us of the privileges
as well as responsibilities we en-
joy as citizens of the United
States of America."
Atlantic Society...
(Continued From Pate FIVE)
the 11:00 a.m. service at the Oa-
tun Union Church last Sunday.
The pastor of the church. Re-.
J William L. Graham officiated
at V.te service.
Ranch Birthdav Party
Sam Puller. Jr., son of Mr. and
Mrs Sam Puller. Sr.. of Brazos
Heights, celebrated his fourth
bir.'.'day anniversary with a por-
tv at the home of his parents
A Ranch party had been pr-
ranged by Mrs. Puller and Gary
Irving of Gatun, had his horse
"Buringa" present to add a rcal-
fotlc touch.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Irving
were also present with fhlny-
ivr young guests and their p? -
Oo you have drinking problem?
Writ. Alcoholics Anonymous
Box 2031 Ancon, C. Z.
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reno, Panomi. Tel. 2-2656.
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and enamels. Mildew-proof. $3.25
tolln. Stores.
FOR SALE:PAA tickets; reserva-
tions accepted at its new AGENCY
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PA Office. Ample parking space.
FOR SALE:Fibre drums, 220 lbs.
copa city with interlocking hoop
lids. Coll Suovel 2-2059.
FOR SALE:Gos stove three burn-
ers, Underwood Typewriter, stroll-
er, youth's bed, baby crib. Phone
916 Coln.
Boats & Motors
FOR SALE:Republic Seobee, re-
licensed Morch, Five place, excel-
lent condition. Leaving for States,
must sell. Make offer. Box 2792
Cristobal. Tel. 3-1874, Mon.,
thru Fri.
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ter 4 p.m.
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er 3i'xlJ' mirror. Dining table
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cleaner with attachments, never
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blo Heights.
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field maple; Livingroom set; 7
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table radio; 9x12 Belgian rug;
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FOR SALE: Record player, auto-
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tropical crystal $40; Refrigerator
Westinghouse, 7 V2 cu. ft. 25 cycle,
all porcelain $100; Kitchen clock,
Telechron. 25 cycle $3; DeSoto
Coupe, 1939. duty paid, $250.
House 5620-B, Hecker Place, Dio-
Wanted Position
SECRETARYFirst Class, By-Lingual
Stenographer, good technical trans-
lations, with many years expe-
rience in American Industries and
Banking Institution. Good Knowl-
dege of general office work, ac-
counting and filing systems, of'srs
her services. Apply Stenograp'e r
Aportado 513. Panam. R. P.
Experienced housekeeper w ith reco-
mendotion desires job as house-
keeper for bachelors. Tel. Ponoma
Wahl Due Wednesday
For Short Stay Here
Charles F. Wahl, for many
years a leader in Canal Zone la-
bor and more recently Washing-
ton representative of the Locks
Employes Association, is return-
ing to the Isthmus tomorrow
He has resigned from the Ca-
nal service to Join the National
Mediation Board. He expects to
clear up his personal business
on the Canal Zone, Including a
report to the Locks Association,
by April 28 when he will return
to Washington.
The National Mediation Board,
which has headquarters In the
General Services Administration
Building in Washington, is head-
ed by John T. Scott, Jr. The
board has three members. Wahl
will become one of the 25 me-
diators working under Scott.
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wotea fn-e eaay breathing- and a.,u-.d
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?i. <"l".iu5hl''a-j wheeslng. in..,.
i"g. Hal Mendaco from vour druec-at
today. Sen how much beirer vou ma
aieop tonight and how much bitter yo.
caa teal tomorrow. '
Casino Sonto Cloro no registra-
tion, oops, sorry! NO RESERVA-
TIONS NECESSARY! Enjoy bracing
cool swimming at Panama's most
beautiful beach resort. Doubles
Gramlich's Sonta Claro beach,
cottage*, furnished, electric, re-
frigeration, moderate rotes. Phone
Gamboa. 6-541 or 4-567.
Williams Sonta Clara Beach Cottages.
Two bedrooms, electric refrigera-
tion. Rockgos ranges. Phone Bal-
boo 2-3050. Except weekends.
Retired Americans: For only "$35.00
we lease house and land on Trans-
Isthmian Highway, 20 minutes
from city, with river, light, run-
ning water. Inquire personally I 1,
36th St. near Lux Theater, Pat-
Phillips. Beoch cottages, Santa Clara
Box number '435, Balboa. Phone
Panama 3-1877 or Cristobal 3-
Graduation Held
At Fort Culick
Ft. Oullck. C. ZAt a Grad-
uation Ceremony held at The
USARCARIB School on Satur-
day 14 Enlisted Men graduated
from the Radio Operators'
Course and eleven graduated
from the Cooks' Course. The pro-
gram commenced with the In-
vocation given by Chaplain
(Captain) J. H. Donovan who
was followed by Captain Ricardo
V. Vasquez, Acting Chief of the
Communications Division, who
Introduced the principal speak-
er, the School Commandant
Colonel James W. Pumoelly.
Colonel Pumpelly addressed the
group on what their responsibili-
ties would De now that they arc
qualified radio operators and
cooks and congratulated them
on successfully completing their
courses of study. The Com-
mandant then presented lot
diplomas to the graduates and
the program was concluded with
the pronuncement of the Bene-
diction by Chaplain Donovan.
Music was furnished by the 60th
Army Band conducted bv CWO
Daniel Miller. U.S.A. Graduate
were: Radio Operators' Course
Sgt. Luis O. Lopez Rodriguez.
Cpl. Leo G Ward. Cpl Earl H.
Oesterling. PFC Cecil V. Cooper.
Jr.. PFC Ralph S. Cook, PFC
Joseph A. Beaudoln. PFC Rich-
ard G. Grefer. PFC Cesar H.
Vlllafae, PFC Juan Rodriguez.
PFC Eli Torres Lebrn. Pvt
Humberto Bermudez. Pvt Vltlnlo
F. Santini, Pvt Pastor Colon
Torres, Pvt Manuel A. Quile?:
Cooks' CourseCpl Mark E. Red-
ding. Cpl Ramon M. Soria, PFC
George D. Troy. PFC Merle D.
Steohenson. PFC Larry J. Ber-
nell. PFC James C. Lee. PFC
Justino Rivera Torres. PFC Cur-
tis E. Morris. Pvt Joseph L. Af-
friseo. Pvt Juan Vinas Mar-
chany. and Pvt Mariano Cruz
FOR RENT:Independent house up-
stairs three bedrooms, service.
Downstairs: Sitting-dinin g r o o m,
kitchen, maid's room, lavatories,
gorage. Garden, yord. Three min-
utes bus stop. Belisario Porros Rd.
13 Street No. 7. $70.00 monthly.
MENTS. Modern furnished-unfun-
ished oportment. Contoct office
No. 8061. 10th St., New Cristobal.
Phone 1386, Coln.
FOR RENTApartments in the "Do-
rita" ond "Carmenara" building,
Via Paitilla: Living-diningroom, 2
bedrooms. $65.00. Tel. 3-0068.
:OR RENT:Apartment in Ansonia
Building. No. 1 Eost 44th Street:
Living-diningroom, porch, 3 bed-
rooms. Telephone 3-0068.
OR RENT: Two bedroom apart-
ment living-diningroom. $55 Key,
85 'ia Avenue.
FOR RENT:Two bedroom apart-
ment, sitting-diningroom furnish-
ed $65.00, oil screened. Entrance
Son Francisco. Phone 3-0234.
FOR RENT: Furnished apartment
large bedroom, both, very cool. Via
Espaa No. 16 top floor. Tel.
FOR RENT:In Vista del Mor, small
apartment. Cool, quiet and nice
view. Phone 3-0276.
FOR RENT:Apartments 1 & 2 bed-
rooms centrally located in modern
building. Apply Phone 2-0480.
OR RENT:Room for single and
responsible gentleman or lody. In-
dependent entrance, bathroom. Pe-
rejil 1st No. 14. Apt. 9.
Warner and Warren Hartwell are
perhaps the only twin brothers in
the United 8tates who are 50-
year members of the Masonic Or-
der. They are 81.
Shippers May Gel
Representation On
PC Company Board
NEW YORK, April 17 (UP)
The Army promised today to
consider the request of the ship-
ping companies for representa-
tion on the board of the new
Panam Canal Company, accord-
ing to a letter Assistant Secre-
tary of Army Karl Bendetsen
wrote to National Federation of
American Shipping President
Frazer Bailey.
Bendetsen said:
"Should the shipping Industry
desire to submit the names of In-
dividuals whom it considers to
possess proper qualifications,
they will certainly be given
prompt thorough attention.
"Naturally, I cannot assure you
whether the Secretary will ulti-
mately approve the appointment
of anyone thus nominated. And I
should add that the board mem-
bership Is now full.
"Thus, to make any new ap-
E ointments the secretary would
ave to remove someone."
Shipping circles, meanwhile,
said the new company probably
must raise Canal tolls rather
than reduce them In order to
put the Canal on a buslnessbasis.
Under the reorganization, the
tolls will be entered as credits,
adding $2,000,000 income. How-
ever, increased revenues will be
offset by other expenses.
Pay Windows For
Local Raters On
Altered Schedule
The pay windows at the Cris-
tobal Branch of the Treasurer's
oflice at Cristobal will be open
ater In the afternoon on Mon-
days and Tuesdays of local rate
pay weeks, starting April 30, It
was announced today at Balboa
The change Is being made so
that employes can be served at
the pay windows after their
regular working hours.
The new hours on Monday anrt
Tuesdays of local rate pay weeks
will be from 7:15 to 11:45 a.m.
and from 1:30 to 5 p.m.
The pay windows will be
closed at 4:15 p.m. Wednesday,
Tuesday and Friday of local rate
pay weeks.
Vincent Knott Burial
Set For Tomorrow
Funeral services for Vincent
Knott of San Miguel will be held
at noon tomorrow at the Corozal
Chapel. Knott died at midnight
last Sunday at the Gorgas Hos-
The funeral cortege will leave
his residence on Carlos Icaza St.
No. 17. San Miguel.
The popular young man is sur-
vived by his mother, wife, a sis-
ter and six children.
Virgil H. Barker
Ex-CZ Educator
Dies In States
Virgil H. Barker, former As-
sistant Superintendent of the
Canal Zone Schools, died last
week in Washington, according
to Information received by
friends on the Isthmus. He was
81 years old.
Since leaving the Canal Zone
In 1937, he had served as Super-
intendent of Schools at Stanford.
Connecticut, was employed in
Connecticut for the Office of
Education, and for several years
before his death had served In
the Office of the United States
Commissioner of Education in
Washington, D.C.
Mr. barKer was born In St.
Louis. Missouri. He was graduat-
ed from State Teachers' College
at Klrksville, Missouri, and at-
tended Columbia University. He
served as principal and superin-
tendent of schools In Missouri
and Illinois about 15 years before
coming to the Isthmus.
He was employed as Assistant
to the Superintendent of the Ca-
nal Zone Schools in September
1927 and held that position until
August 1937, when he resigned to
return to the United States.
Mr. Barker Is suylved by his
widow, Mrs. Mildred Baker, a
former teacher in the Canal Zone
schools, and one son, Joseph H.
who lives In Washington, D.C.
Mrs. E. B. Hussey
Funeral Set For
Tomorrow P.M.
Funeral rites for Mrs. Eliza-
beth Barzey Hussey. who died
at her home Saturday, will be
held at 1:30 p. m. at the Corozal
Chanel tomorrow afternoon.
Mrs. Hussey. a native of
Montserrat, was a long-time re-
sident of Panama City.
She Ls survived by her hus-
band. Joseph: sons William,
David and Austin: daughter
Sally: her brother David Joseph
Barzey; a sister Mrs. Phyllis
Barzev Lee of Montserrat, and
two grandchilren. Anita and
Margarita Hussey.
UN Forces Press
Forward Against
Spotty Resistance
TOKO. April 17 (UP)United
Nations forces launched a gen-
eral attack all along the west
and west central Korean front
today against the withdrawing
Chinese Communists.
Elsewhere along the 140-mll
front the Allies advanced against
virtually no opposition.
One officer said he believed
the Reds were withdrawing to
another defense line near Chor-
won, the big Red base 17 mile
north of the 38th parallel.
On the western front two
powerful United States tank and
Infantry task forces lashed out
from the main line early today
to spark a general advance.
One armored force completely
destroyed a Chinese artillery
and mortar dump which con-
tained about 70 tons of ammuni-
The murderous Red artillery
and mortar barrages on the ap-
proaches to the western end of
the Hwachen desevoir disap-
peared Tuesday after stalling
the Allied drive there for six
Fifteen miles to the east, at
the other end of the rescolr
the Reds fought back In three
sharp but brief encounters.
Meanwhile Gen. James A. Van
Fleet, who took over as 8th Ar-
my commander Saturday, con-
""elhJa-batJtl.e.fl;o.nt. tour an*
said he was "delighted with Uia
morale and with the confident
soldiers and leaders" he saw
For the fourth day In a row
Superforts blasted Red air base
In North Korea.
Old Miss' Rising
To 70-Year Crest
In Four States
The highest crest of the Mis-
sissippi River in 70 years rolled
southward today, threatening
thousands In Minnesota, Wiscon-
sin, Iowa and Illinois.
Elghteen-hundred persons in
St. Paul. Minnesota, have aban-
doned their homes.
No further rise in the crest ls
antlcioated. But flood warnings
have been sounded hundreds of
miles downstream.
Observatory Closes
For Current Season
Regular public visiting houra
at Miraflores Observatory have
been suspended and the Obser-
yjjtory will not be reopened un-
til the next dry season, It ha9
been announced at Balboa
The last regular public visit-
ing period was Sunday night.
Since January 15, the obser-
vatory has been open to the-
public on Sunday nights and
by special arrangements on
other occasions. It has been
operated for the Schools Divi-
sion by Earl o. Dailey, of the
Electrical Division at Balboa
i and Clarence True, of the En-
gineering Division at Balbo-v
i Heights.
Summer Recreation
Group Meets Tonight
There will be a meeting of the
Ancon Summer Recreation Com-
mittee in the Ancon Gymnasium
tonight, at 7:30. The response to
a preliminary registration was
very good and more volunteers
will be needed to care for and
instruct students.
Anyone who ls willing to give
a few hours weekly through July
and August to help carry out
the program, will be welcome to
attend the meeting and assist In
making plans for the program.
Mavppint Editor
C. H. Gallowav
Is 'El Panama' Guest
Clark H. Galloway, inter-
American editor for U. S. News
World Report, arrived here
early yesterdav for a stav of sev-
eral davs. His last visit hero
was about two years ago.
He is on a tour which will
take him around South America,
returning to the United States
from the South American East
Gp'loway ls a guest at El Pa-
Paraso Lad Runs
Into Police Car
A young Paraso lad, Hernn
Milan, 10, was still a little sore
today but otherwise unhurt after
a minor accident Sunday night
when he dashed in front of a
Canal Zone radio car.
Hernn was knocked down
about 7:45 p.m. when he rah
across the street between a bus
and police car 71 which was be-
ing driven by Officer Paul M.
He was treated at the Pedro
Miguel dispensary for minor
bruises on his left leg and ankle
and was sent home.
Police classified the accident
under the heading of "carelest

Aim, OMiauUfa Sassr "M" 4-Dmt Sasfl. 'Hrdrt-
Afsr- I'lutupiiinml sr mtrm cl. wni.rin,
mnd trim W/uirrsrss1 imS/sM CAsna* uirssul afies.
Oniooirndyou imoie it's NEW! That sigethat styletell yon immediately
that OLIamobile'e Super "88" a America' newest car! And inaide its brand
new body, you lin.l more roommor) view! But wait till you drive this
triumphant new Super "88"! OncriiUand you note it's GRF.A 77 Oldamobile'a
"Hockei" Engine for '51 bring* you new gas savings! Oldsmobile Hydra-Matic
Drie* for '51 brings you new operating ease! And Oldsmobile's new Super
"HH" rhaasia is brilliantly designed to bring you the smoothest "Rocket Ride**
eer! So ace the great new Oldasnobil* Super "88" at our showroomtoon!

Colon Orncii 12 I7S Cintral Avinu ktwmii.uth ano isth strut
349 MADISON AVB.. NIW YORK, t7 > N. Y.
POR (IX MONTH*. IN ADVANCI-----------------------------
S 2.BO
Walter Winchell
In New York
False and misleading statements are shunned in the commer-
cial world. In the diplomatic world, however, they are exalted as
State Papers...The President gave his rounds lor firing Mac-
Arthur at 10:30 last Wednesday night, but the real reasons and
the real cause had been orlnted that verv morning on the front
page o the N. Y. Times.
This is the dispatch: N. Y. Times: Page 1. Washington: "Brit-
ain has suggested to the United States that Communist China b*
brought into the negotiations for a Japanese Peace Treaty...and.
further, that the Treaty provide for the ultimate if not immediate
return of Formosa to China'...By China, the British mean the
regime of Mao Tse-tung. (Communist)".. .In short. Sec. Acheson's
commitments to London call not only for the sellout of Formosa,
but Japan also. v
said Mr. Truman: "If history has taught us anything, it Is
that aggression anywhere in the world is a threat to peace any-
where In the world. And since World War 2. we have been putting
that lesson into practicewe're working with the free nations to
check the designs of the Soviet Union.. .That is what we did in
The actual records show that since World War 2, the
President has earned the title of the greatest appeaser in
history... "This is what we did in Greece," is not what Mr.
Truman did In Czechoslovakia. Poland and eleven other
countries.. .He surrendered them. He didn't Intend to op-
pose Communist Imperialism. If he did, why did he, as re-
cently as one year ago, pigeonhole the 70 group alrforce
mothball the fleet, and then tell the American people that
"peace" was near?.. .The news Is that until very recently
History hadn't as yet taught President Truman the simple
fundamental that you can't appease a dictator.
"The attack In Korea was part of a greater plan for conques-
lng all of Asia." said the President...This is the very same man
who called It a "police action" onlv eight bloody months ago...
"I would like to read to you from a secret Intelligence Report
which came AFTER the attack," continued the President., .it is
apparent that for a considerable time the President has been
furnished an Intelligence Report AFTER events happen, such as
the Bogota riots...An Intelligence Report, after an event, isn't
an Intelligence Report at all. It is an alibi.. .Obviously, If the
Intelligence Report had been effective, President Truman would
have had more troops ready to meet the attack. The so-called
Intelligence Report had already been contlrmed by thuosands of
American corpses...If the President really wanted the people to
read an Intelligence Report, he would release the Wedemeyer
Report to the public.. .That will be the day
Labor News
By Victor. Rlesel
Said the President: "The whole Communist Imperialism
Is back of the attack on peace in the Far East. It was the
Soviet Union that trained and equipped the North Ko-
reans for aggression".. .But the President failed to men-
tion that the Russians were sold jets by Great Britain.
That the Soviet Army rolls on British rubber, and the So-
viet soldier sleeps in an English woolen blanket... The
President did not say that the chief source of Red China's
supply was not Moscow, but Hong Kong and Singapore.
That would interfere with peaceful international relations,
as the truth often does.
"The questions we have had to face," continued the President,
"Is whether the Communist plan of conquest can be stopped
without a general war "...The President apparently forgot his
Bec'v of Defense George Marshall had, within the last month, told
the Amrelcan people they were already,in a global war and fight-
ing for their lives.
"We have taught the enemy a lesson." Intoned the President.
"Te has fuond out that aggression is not cheap or easy"...The
truth is, however, and the records show, that the enemy seized
eleven countries while Mr. ruman was busy disarming our country
on an "economy" basis...The "enemy" took eleven countries
without firing a single shot, and without loss of a single Russt-, i
soldier...That's an easy bargain, as the Gold Star mothers u'.
Korea would be happy to testify.
"Why don't we assist the Chinese Nationalist troops to
land on the mainland of China?" asked the President...
Answering it, he said that we would be running a very
rave risk of starting a general war. But the truth Is the
hiese Nationalists and the Chinese Reds fought a full-
scale war In China for three years out of the last five, and
not one American boy was involved. It was the State Dep't,
under Acheson, which pulled the rug from under the Chin-
ese Nationalists, thus freeing the Chinese Red forces to
attack Korea.
The Mail le> ii on opea lerum toi reseats or The Panamo American
Ittteri art receive*' reterully and era handled in o wholly confidential
If you contribute letter don t be impatient it it doesn't captor the
nent dey. Letters are published in the ordar received.
Please try te tap Hie letter limitad te ene paga length.
Identity ef letter writers rt held in strictest confidence.
This ncwiaopei assumes no responsibility for statements or opinions
espiessed in letters from readers.
San Antonio. Texas
March 5, 1951
Dear "Doc":
Well what do you think? Sat-
urday night at 9:30 the telegraph
operator called me up to notify
me that Juan Arias, Jr., from Bo-
quete was In Beaumont and
would reach my house en route
to Mexico at noon Sunday, but a
stop for lunch at Seguln caused a
slight delay.
At 2 p.m. I saw a big new
Chrysler roll to a stop with Mr.
Brown with Juan and young Juan
his grandson as fresh and ch .:-
ful as could be after a 15-hun-
dred-mlle drive itom> Ft. Lac-
dale Florida. We enjoyed 2 horns
of pleasant talk over old times in
Panama and especially Chlriqul
after which we piloted them a-
round Loop 13 to highway 81. an.!
another thousand miles to Mexi-
co City.
They intend to return in about
10 days and spend a short while
with us before returning to Flo-
rida. I want to thank Miss J\x/
Parada for a copy of "February
in Panama. I enjoyed every bit
from cover to cover.
After the dryest and colde3t
winter on record, spring is on us the trees coming to life,
grass showing up and flowers oe-
EInning to bloom. Planting wil!
t a little late, but the farnuis
Intend to produce a record crop.
With the Army using so many, in
both military and civilian work
the farmers will find It hard to
get labor. But there is always a
surplus in Mexico. The "flu' is
hitting the country hard but so
far we are in the clear.
My 88th anniversary Is March
23rd and I want to be there so
here is hoping.
Until another time.
W. J. "Pop" Wright
Etowah, Tennessee
Dr. Harmodio Arias fEditor
The Panama American
Panama. R.P.
Dear 8ir:
I am 15 years old. a Junior in
high school, like swimming, resil-
ing, shows, basketball, football,
baseball and best of all photo-
graphy. I develop, print and take
my own pictures.
The reason I am writing is that
I want to write someone and get
a correspondence started. I am
taking 8pan 1 sh one of my
high school courses, which I
think Is a very interesting lan-
guage to speak. I think it would
help me and the other person, If
they wer studying English, a lot
to write.
Anyone writing will get a pos-
itive answer. My full address is:
Donald Wells
Route No. I. Box 53
Etowah, Tennessee
I would appreciate It very much
If you would print this. Olve It
to somebody that would write.
The unlisted phone on my desk
Jangled early on the morning
General MacArthur was turneo
out. My caller was the leader oi
the same band of waterlront
men who. for months, have been
refusing to unload Soviet slave
labor goods on our Eastern piers.
His voice was strained and
tense. All morning, he said, the
dockwallopers had talked of a
protest strike against the Gen-
eral's removal. What should his
committee do? They were con-
fused. The piers might be pa-
Together we reasoned that
the men should work the
wharves and not delay mil-
itary shipments for high
policy would and must be ae-
ctded elsewhere. But one thing
jack said as he cut oil; "Our
boys are confused." And one
thing can be reported here on
the basis of reports from the
world over the United States
stands in danger u) losing the
understanding ana sympathy
of working people everywhere,
Including tnose in this coun-
try, unless a clear cut foreign
policy is swiftly developed.
Small wonder tne wharf work-
ers were confused and planned
to march on their union halL
Only two nights earlier, or
example, they nad gathered to
near an appeal irom Air Force
Colonel Looke, up from Wash-
ington, to convince them to
move some 20U bales of silk
waste, stamped "Soviet Russia."
This shipment had come In on
the &.S. Washington, and, as
one longshoreman politely ex-
plained to the Colonel:
We understand that you
need this silk, and we want to
be patriotic. But so long as
there's one man here whose son
was killed In Korea, we don't
put a hook into those bales.''
The silk waste Is needed for
use in automatic Navy guns
and the Departament of Oetense
went out and bought it, Indirect-
ly, from Communist China, in
other words, the money for the
200 bales of silk waste was in-
directly being paid by the Amer-
ican military lorces (via a Swiss
merchant) to the treasury of
the very nation whose armies
are killing members of our mil-
itary forces.
And the longshoremen dis-
covered that the Deiense De-
partment Procurement Division
could have purchased all the
iilk waste it wants from Itaiy,
whose silk production has zoom-
ed in the past few years.
All the procurement officer
had to do was to order O-2 to
look in the telephone book and
get the address of the American
Silk Council. They nave all the
data. .
But no. We buy it from Red
China and move it in, marked
"Soviet Russia," and expect our
waterlront workers, on whom we
must depend for world arms
shipment, to understand what's
The story Is the same with
the S. S. Batory, or example.
That Polish ship, now owned
by the Soviet Union and des-
tined for eventual conversion
into a Red Troop carrier, would
sail tnto New York harbor
loaded with Communist World
Federation of Trade Union
leaflets urging our port
workers "to wage a united
fight" against our government.
Then came word that this
escape ship of Oerhart Eisler
would no longer have a New
Yord pier available. What
happened? The State Dept.
moved in and found room or
it in New Jersey. Results: The
Batory will return, with its
Soviet agents and propaganda
Nor is this confusion on policy
limited to the wai.erlront. Just
travel across country, as I have
(or almost 10,000 miles, and talk
to labor men. They'll tell you
they want a clear cut policy.
John Lewis, on the other hand,
has never been know to need a
psychiatrist for relief from in-
hibition. In his last Mine Work-
ers' Journal, mouthpiece for
600,000 coaldiggers and affiliat-
ed crafts, old John L. blasts the
Administration and demands a
clear policy on Korea.
Nor is this confusion limited
to American workers. European
unions are constantly needling
And to keep the British,
French, Italian and other con-
tinental labor leaders sympa-
thetic to us, the AFL and CIO,
and the government itself,
have had to station hundreds
of labor people across Euro-
pre. The CIO rushed Victor
Reuther into a permanent Pa-
ris headquarters for just this
And, over in Tokyo, even the
"Oeneral Council of Japan La-
bor unions" the SOHYO
with 3,2j0,000 members, whom
Gen. MacArthur permitted to
organize and function in free
labor organizations, rec e n 11 y
voted to stay "neutral" In their
sentiment. For its leaders were
confused on our policy and, liv-
ing next door to the Big Bear,
were taking no chances on
eventually being crewed up.
From the word over, In re-
ports telegraphed, mimeograph-
ed, printed or personally trans-
mitted the sentiment Is the
same. They'll take American
leadership. But where is it?
(Copyright 1951, Post-Hall
Syndicate, Inc.)
PIGEON-HOLE PARKINGAuto parking gets a big lift in Spokane, Wash., with the operation of
this automatic parker which Is half trolley and half elevator. Powered by special motors and con-
trols, the car parker runs on a track in the middle corridor, lifts the auto to the desired level and
deposits it in one of the "pigeon-holes."
Matter Of Fact
WASHINGTON. Either President Truman or
Oen. MacArthur had to be fired and a gen-
eral cannot fire his commander in chief, it is
really as simple as that. The fact that MacAr-
thur not only violently opposed the Administra-
tion's policy, but continued to say so in an end-
less stream of pronouncements, made a show-
down sooner or later Inevitable, as MacArthur
himself probably recognized. The only real sur-
prise Is that Truman decided to dismiss Mac-
Arthur Immediately, rather than taking the
easier way of waiting lor the signing of the
Japanese peace treaty.
The reasons he did so are inherent in his
character and outlook. For one thing, Truman
is extraordinarily sensitive where his powers as
President are concerned, perhaps In part be-
cause ne knows that he became President by
sheer happenchance.
For another thing, there Is Truman's absolute-
ly rigid code, deriving in part from his days as
a machine politician, which demands a relation-
ship of unquestioning political loyalty, given and
returned, between "the boss" and his subor-
With Truman cast In the role of boss and
MacArthur in the role of subordinate, this re-
lationship was bound sooner or later to break
dewn. The breaking point came with MacAr-
thur's statement of March 25, which challenged
Truman's Presidential authority, and with the
Martin letter, which In Truman's eyes was the
equivalent of trading with the Republican ene-
From beginning to end, then, the decision was
Truman's, and Truman's alone. In the battle of
the titans which is now In prospect, this should
be borne In mind. Already MacArthur's dismiss-
al is being described as a trlunmph for Secre-
tary of State Dean Acheson, and for the views
which Acheson is supposed to represent.
This is Inaccurate on both counts. Acheson
was of course consulted, but he played no de-
cisive part. He was not even present at the
White House meeting attended among others by
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Omar Bradley and
Presidential adviser Averell Harriman. when the
President finally decided to act.
loreover, it Is odd but true that after the
Chinese intervention in Korea. Acheson was the
strongest proponent of precisely the course Mac-
Arthur now advocates, including bombing the
Chinese mainland and using Nationalist troops.
He was only dissuaded when it became clear
that this course would wreck the Anglo-Amer-
ican-alliance, the keystone of American foreign
In fact, the strongest pressure for dismissing
MacArthur came, not from the State Depart-
ment, but from the Pentagon, Secretary of De-
fense Marshall, Undersecretary Robert Lovett,
and all lour Joint Chiefs, whose directives Mac-
Arthur had consistently disregarded, unanimous-
ly favored the move.
But the final decision was Truman's and it
is Truman who must now play David to Mac-
Arthur's Goliath in the great struggle, with its
enormous implications for American domestic
politics and world strategy, which will now cer-
tainly ensue.
The Taft-Wherry wing of the Republican
Party clearly sees MacArthur as the ideal rally-
ing point for an all-out attack on Truman and
through Truman, on American foreign policy.
The results are likely to depend very largely
on what actually happens In Korea. For if the
American forces suffer a shattering reversal In
the expected Communist offensive (as Is all too
possible, for reasons which will be discussed in
a forthcoming report) MacArthur will seem to
be triumphantly vindicated.
The demand for the bombing of the Manchu-
rlan bases will then become almost Irresistible,
and Truman, who has resisted this demand, will
appear as the architect of disaster. It may be
that MacArthur himself has been fully aware of
this possibility.
Bombing the Chinese mainland might be the
prelude to a third World War. But whatever
happens, one thing Is clear. The basic issue
which has now been posed is whether or not
the main American effort, in peace, or war,
should be diverted from Europe to Asia. Mac-
Arthur himself has repeatedly posed this issue,
most recently in his astonishing reported state-
ment that Formosa is more important to the
defense of the United States than France.
This familiar problem Is the real Issue, behind
all the drama and uproar, and It Is as crucial
an Issue as this country faces. If the United
States Is not to be left without an ally In the
world other than Chiang Kai-shek, it can be de-
cided In the end, as It has been decided before,
In only one way.
(Copyright, 1951. New York Herald Tribune Inc.)
Peron's Press
By Peter Edson
WASHINGTON (NEA i Argentine press cov-
erage of the Latin-American Foreign Ministers
meeting in Washington offered a fine example
of Peronlsm in action.
With the great Independent dally, "La Prensa,
Of Buenos Aires, suppressed by the Argentine
government, the remainder of the newspapers
In that country did a rough Job of criticizing
the conference and the United States and neigh-
boring countries, particularly Brazil.
Also, copies of Argentine newspapers airmail-
ed to the United States during the conference
reveal that there was much printed criticism of
the U. S. press, apparently for Its Interest in the
closing of "La Prensa" and the flight to Uru-
guay of Its distinguished editor, Dr. Alberto
Gainza Paz.
Nearly 400 newspaper correspondents were ac-
credited to the Washington meeting of the La-
tin-American Foreign Ministers meeting. Most
of them were correspondents permanently sta-
tioned In Washington.
But nearly 50 were Latin-American corres-
pondents sent to cover the meeting for Spanish
and Portuguese language papers, magazines,
news associations and pools of papers.
From the Argentine came one man, Carlos V.
Dobarro. He was accredited a* a photographer
from Agenda Latina, an Argentine press asso-
ciation. But Buenos Aires newspapers received
in Washington reveal that he also filed daily
dispatches, appearing principally in "Democra-
cia" and "Critica." These are the mainstays of
the Peron press In the Argentine capital.
One of Dobarro's first dispatches, appearing
In "Democracia" not lone ago, was headed, in
free translation:
'America Faces Problems Already Solved by
Peron." After noting that the opening session of
the conference was held in Constitution Hall,
"that seat of reaction," he wrote that "this
probably accounted for the cold and formal na-
ture of the proceedings. Then came this para-
"The Argentine people, accustomed as they
are bv now to seeing their problems solved
through persevering action on the part of their
iustlclailst government popular well being,
education and social security would be as-
tounded to witness the fact that these problems
are still mentioned (at this conference) In terms
of promises for the future."
This note of Argentine superiority to the rest
of the world appeared in other dispatches. In
one It was noted that "the Argentine continues
to stand on a solid economic foundation, while
the economy of Brazil has been sold out to the
United States by the Rio government." This ap-
peared in "Critica."
An editorial in the same paper declared:
"Assistant Secretary of State Miller (who is
in charge of Latin-American affairs) has lately
been devoting himself to recommending a gen-
erous policy of "cooperation," the purpose of
which would be to have the Latin-American
countries ship their products for the sake of
idealism without considering, for the time be-
ing, the insignificant problem of payment In
"Needless to say." the editorial continued,
"there are always distrustful people, like one
Latin-American diplomat mot named) who sum-
marized his impressions as, 'This is merely a
new good neighbor policy. We are good, they
are the neighbors.'"
"Democracia" followed this up with a veiled
threat of opposition to United States policy In
the United Nations. It editorialized as follows:
"Just as thus far the American newspapers
have hardly given any publicity to the meeting,
it also seems to be forgotten that the 20 votes
of the Latin-American nations may decide any-
thing in the hall of the United Nations."
There has been violent attack on the Ameri-
can press, in all the Buenos Aires newspapers.
This is probably In retaliation for American
press attacks on the closing of "La Prensa."
A recent editorial in "Critica" declared. "Yan-
kee Journalism seeks scandal and lives on scan-
dal. Its circulation Is based on calumny, on In-
sult, on sensationalism and never on informa-
On the same day, "La Epocha" had a long
article headlined:
"The Majority of Dallies In U. S. Have No
And "Noticias Grficas' in an editorial declar-
ed that "American Journalists Are Agents of
Wall Street." This same editorial noted with
smug satisfaction that the Argentine occupies
the safe "third position" between communism
and capitalism."
On the announcement by Argentine President
Peron that his government had solved the mys-
tery of atomic power, the Argentine press de-
clared that the news had "a devastating effect"
in Washington. 8tate Department officials were
reported to have "grabbed their hats and run to
the Argentine embassy to find out what it was
all about."
Drew Pearson says: GOP Senators should decide Mac-
Arthur-Truman controversy by showdown Congression-
al vote; MacArthur's policy means all-out war with
China; Japan couldn't defeat China, how could wt?
To Senators Robert A. Taft and Kenneth Wherry
United States Senate
Washington, D. C.
Dear Senators:
The nation has been facing an extremely Important question
as to whether the direction of foreign policy shall be with th
President or with the commander in the field, General'Mac-
It Is a question which goes to the vitals of our constitutional
system, and which may cost or save American Lives In the
future. It is also a question over which there has been a great
deal of political sniping and which, in brief, has gotten out
of hand.
Therefore, I respectfully suggest to you, the leaders of." the
Republican Party In the Senate, a means by which this erucial
question can be settled.
Republilan leaders won an Important, perhaps historic vic-
tory by voting that the President of the United States was not
to send more than four divisions of American troops to Europe
without the consent of Congress. Therefore, I suggest that having
established this precedent regarding the direction of military
policy, you follow It up by deciding the question now posed by
General MacArthurnamely, shall we get Involved In war with
It Is the role of Congress under our constitutional system to
represent the people of the United States. Your mall, your tele-
phone calls, your visitors from back home give you a better gauge
of what the people think than the White House; certainly bet-
ter than a man who Is 8,000 miles away In Tokyo and has not
been In the United States for 15 years.
Furthermore Congress has the power to declare war. The
Constitution provides this, and it is clear under the Constitution
that the Congress is to take such a step only after the clash of
debate, only after giving the nation an opportunity to listen to debate and make its views known to its Senators and
Therefore If we are to have war with China, it is vital
that there be full, fair and open discussion.
Such dlscussltn is also clearly indicated by the No-More-
Troops Resolution passed by the Republican Party 'under your
This resolution, as you, Senator Wherry, announced to the
press gallery, was the "Wherry Resolution." I suggest therefore
that you introduce another Wherry Resolution, resolving: "That
it be the sense of the Senate that the Executive branch of the)
Government adopt the views of General MacArthur and that,
as between Europe and the Far East, we meet the threat of
Communism in the Far East by bombing Chinese cities and, us-
ing Chiang Kai-shek's troops without regard to all-out war."-
I suggest that you take MacArthur's views exactly as" ha
has written them in his letter to ex-Speaker Joe Martin and. put
them up for debate. In this letter he states quite clearly that
our most Important front against Communism is the Far East,
not Euroi i, and that he wants an all-out battle on this front.
Such a resolution would give the American public an op-
portunity to see exactly what this policy means.
The American people if I know them, are anxious to localize)
our Far Eastern lighting as much as possible, not spread It.
And, during a Congressional debate over a second Wherry .Re-
solution, they would have a chance to make their views known.
They might have some views, for Instance, on the Pentagon
belief that, when you start bombing Chinese cities, when -you
land Chiang Kai-shek's rival troops on the Chinese mainland,
you don't localize war, you spread It.
War with China is something which Japan at the peak of
her military power was not able to win. Yet Japan was only a" few
miles from China. We are 8,000 miles away and already straining
our transport lines to keep the relatively localized Korean opera-
tion supplied.
Military experts all agree that fighting China would be-like
fighting a sponge. Such a war would last 10 years. We have already
seen how cheap Chinese life is, how wave alter wave of Commun-
ist suicide troops were thrown against our lines in Korea merely
to explode mine fields.
What General MacArthur wants, as stated quite clearly In his
letter to Joe Martin, is that China be the center of attack against
Communism, not Europe. This is the debate which occurred all
during World War II, when Elsenhower needed troops for'the
European theatre and MacArthur wanted more troops In the Pa-
cific. Even the same two military leaders were Involved Elsen-
hower and MacArthur. .
Only this time, any Far Eastern war would not be against a
small chain of islands easily Isolated by naval and air blockades;
but rather against two great land masses China and Russia
with 600,000,000 people plus the greatest supp:/ of raw materials
in the world.
And having visited China I can think of nothing Moscow would
relish more than to have American troops get bogged down fn a
long, drawnout, bloody war on the Chinese malland.
Of course, I may be wrong about this. But at any rate It is a
decision which the American people ought to have a right to pass
on. And the only way they can do this Is through, their elected
representatives In Congress.
You Senators should debate, therefore and the American
people should have a chance to lltsen the actual strength of
Chiang Kai-shek's troops. How many troops does he really have?
Are they loyal? Would they desert to the Communists as they have
in the past? Do they actually have the strength to defend For-
mosa, let alone fight on the Chinese mainland?
You should also Investigate the amount of arms Chiang Kai-
shek permitted to be sold to the Communists; also what became
of the great quantities of arms we sent him during the past war?
These are Just a few of the questions the American public Is
entitled to know about before adopting such an important policy
as General MacArthur poses.
And If you, two of the strongest Republican leaders In the
Senate, really believe in MacArthur's policy, then you should not
merely Issue statements about It. You should Introduce it In the
form of a resolution so the Congress can discuss It and the Amer-
ican people can evaluate it. After you have voted on this one way
or the other, then let It become the established foreign policy of
the United States. ___ _^
And let both the commander in the field, General MacArthur,
end the White House follow that policy without further equivoca-
Respectfully yours,
(Copyright, 1951. by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.)

'pecp.e want to laugh more than
ever" Is the tip to Hollywood from
the barnstorming Spike Jones
*nd hli music wreckers.
This Is the best tour we've
ever had,'' he told me on the tele-
phone from CamUen, Ark. "The
laughs are iouder and more sin-
cere. The people want to forget
the wsrld"s problems."
Spike's first live TV show in
Chicago, he said, "was the big-
gest thrill I've ever had in show
businessbut It has to be on
Illm." He returns to Hollywood In
May when Mrs. Spike will keep
another date with the stork.
Samuel Goldwyn's plan to re-
activate the Goldwyn Girls as a
girls' softball team in "That
Great American Pastime" re-
minds me of the time Grouclo
Marx saw his first fern softball
jame. "It was the first time," he
later explained, "that I ever
wanted to kiss a shortstop."
The big laugh In the film comes
just before the world's champion-
ihlp game when the star pitcher,
who already has six children, Is
Denched because of pregnancy.
Wanda Hendrtx is beaming
again about her career after play-
ing a spitfire heroine In Hal
Chester's "The Highwayman" for
Allied Artists. Chester is raving
iibout her performance and so Is
everyone else. She told me:
'Being Innocuous and swtet
didn't get me anywhere. This
role is what I've been waiting
my contract says I can't do a
Broadway play," she told me.
"Jerome and I are both unhappy
about being separated."
Polly fumes when she's referr-
ed to as "an overnight wonder."
She's in "At War With the
Army." and the unreleased
That'sMy Boy" and "Warpath."
but she Insists that she's been
slaving away at a career ever
since she was five.
Shelley Winters explaining her
run-in with Jonn Garfleld during
the making of "He Ran All The
"I flipped my lid when they
wanted to change the ending.
When I accepted the part, the
script said I was to stab him.
That's the way it is now and it's
a wonderful ending. They're all
happy about it."
John Wayne heads back to
Europe to star In "The Quiet
Man" in Ireland as soon as
Director John Ford Is well
enough to make the trip UI
will use two year-old-twins, Kim
and Ken Schmldgall (want to
bet their names will be chang-
ed?), to play the single role of
Ethel Barrymore's grandson in j
"Oh. Baby!"
It may have been told but It's
worth repeating. The week Walt i
Disney opened his $4.000.000 Bur-
bank film studio several years]
ago, he took a group of distln-
gulshed friends on a tour of In-
After the basement-to-attlc
tour, Walt led his party to a|
swank conference room for cock- i
tails. It wasn't long before he
noticed that everyone was
chuckling and casting embarrss-
ed looks at the ceiling.
Walt looked, too, and was star-
Chester Has something else to I tied to discover that the ceiling,
yell about in the picture, rie
turned kindly Charles Cobmn
into an arcti villain. "And", say.3
Chester, "he comes off great."
JERRY WALD and Norman
Krasna are singing the Lorelei
made of a soft soundproof fiber
board, literally was covered with
thumb tacks. The mystery was
solved when a Disney artist made
a sheepish confession.
There had been a story confer-
ence the night before and a group
song to Humphrey Bogart for the '" < n '" "?? a Vu.p
ar-irln. ml- In Ruriri Rrhulh-Ws f rt'Sts had ,ndU "> J" th"r
starring role In Budd Schulberg's
The Harder They Fall"... Th5
Mltzi Green-Joe Pevney stone
bundle Is due In late April... An-
other swashbuckler. "The Trea-
sure of Franchard." Is being pre-
pared for Tony Curtis at UI.
usual favorite "thinking" pastime
of flipnin; thumb tacks skvward
to see how many they could stick
In the ceiling.
Even Philo Vance couldn't un-
scramble the romance clues that
Liz Taylor Is scattering around
town. Liz, with her shoes off. was
at a local spot with Dr. Lew Mo-
rrlll. who was once reported en-
June Preston !o Sing
Tomorrow at Kobbe
Adolfo Arias E. Has
Tor ^ 1n Cor^edy'Dover Road'
Her studio bosses may not
know it. but red-haired newcom-
er Polly Bergan will be reading \ gaged to Rhonda Fleming,
musical comedy play scripts
when she joins hubby Jerome
Courtland In New York on the
completion of the new Dean
Martin-Jerry Lewis comedy,
"The Stooge."
The reason Is Polly's refusal to
be separated from Jerome If his j
first Broadway musical, "Fla-1 June Preston, young operatic
hooley." is a hit. "And nothing in soprano who sang at Ft. GuU k
ast night, will give a concert at
Ft. Kobbe Wednesday at :30
Tne Internationally known ar-
tist ls'aDpearing under the uus-
Dlces of the USARCARIB Special
Si" vices Section.
Her program last night inclnl-
od "All the Things You An,"
Strange Music," the "Italian
Street Song," and "Velia."
She was accompanied by Hans
j Janowitz, one of Panama's iore-
most concert pianists.
Miss Preston, who was assoclat-
' ed with the San Francisco Opera
Company prior to her trip
: through Latin and South Amer-
ica, began her career at the age
of 16. She studied under Maestro
Stern of the Berlin State Opera
and later under Guido Plcco.
renowned conductor of Italian
Opera at the Opera Nacional In
Mexico City.
The young star spends ap-
proximately 5 hours a day in
practice of her various soprano
roles for opera and concert pre-
sentations, but manages to find
time to swim often, since this
sport is especially helpful In de-
veloping Droper breathing among
, i singers. Her favorite role Is that
.rt i .ViImh T Thiw Mlml In La Boheme, though
part of Latimer in he TheaMlshe u a particularly Interested
Guild's next production Doyci ,he ro,e of Sa,ome from the
Road" by A. A. Milne. The play opera of that name
will be given at the Diablo Thea-
ter Wednesday and Thursday. A-
pril 25 and 2C.
As Lallmer, Adolfo plays a
charming wealthy owner of a
"sort of hotel" on the Dover Road.
His hobby is using his money to j
ave people from themselves.
Adolfo studied drama with
Written for NEA Service
For the last week or so we have
been discussing the changes In
the Canasta laws made by the
official laws commissions in this
country and in South America.
Some of those changes have to
do with red threes.
What happens if you draw the
last card of the stock-pile and
discover that the card is a red
According to the new law, you
just put that red three down on
the table; and the hand ends
right there. You don't meld, and
you don't discard. All play Is
over for that hand.
In other words, you don't really
get a turn to play In this situa-
tion. It's Just though the hand
had ended before you drew ex-
cept that you have one more red
three down on the table.
Another point clarified by the
new laws has to do with a meld-
out on the very first round of
play. What happens If the first
player melds right out before
anybody else has had a chance
to put red threes down on the
In this situation, the other
players show their hands. If any-
body has a red three, It is put on
the table. "Nobody Is penalized
for failing to put down a red
three, because nobody has had
the chance to put the red threes
down. I
Any red three put down by the
other players in this situation is
scored exactly as though It had
been put down normally in an
ordinary hand.
For example, suppose each of
the four players has one red
three The first player melds out
at his very first turn to play.
How are the red threes scored?
To begin with, each player puts
his red three on the table. Nobo-
dy draws a replacement card,
because the hand has ended.
This means that each of the
three remaining players is char-
geable for only ten cards instead
of a normal hand of eleven cards.
The first player, who melded
out, gets 100 points credit for his
red three. His partner, the third
player, also gets 100 points credit
for his own red three. The reason
is that their side has melded, and
you get a credit for your red
threes If your side has melded by
the time the hand ends.
The second and fourth players
lose 100 points each for their red
threes. (They also lose points for
the other cards in their hand, of
course. Their side has not meld-
ed and they therefore are debited
for each of their red threes.

What happenea if you fail to
put down a red three at your first
chance to do so? (This is some-
thing that should happen only
by accident, because it Is consttt-
eied very, very bad form to break
anv law deliberately.)
At your next turn to play, you
put the red three down and draw
from the stock to replace It. You
also make your regular draw from
the stock. However, you are not
allowed to take the discard pile
at that turn.
Incidentally, If the hand ends
before you make your correction,
your side is penalized 500 points.
i This Is 5 big penalty, so It's very
unv.ise to get careless with your
red threes.
Harnett-Dunn Dance Studio
Undergoes 'Official' Change
Never-Never Land
That strange music, you have
heard lately In Margajita Is the
Polynesian dance chorus getting
ready for their part in the Va-
rieties of 1951 to be given at the
f Margarita Clubhouse on May 1
and 2 at 7:30 p.m.
This bevy of South Sea Island
"beauties" are on their way
North to fill engagements in
some of the largest places, of
entertainment but have con-
sented to stop here long enough
to let us enjoy seeing them in
! some of their exotic dances that
have made them the talk of the
South Pacific.
They have done many com-
mand performances for most of
the crown heads of the Pacific
So If you want to forget your
troubles for a while and dream
of far off places, come with us
to se ethe Varieties of 1951
where the "rhythmic" dances of
the Islanders will carry yoi;
! away on echanted wings to that
never-never land, coming back
to earth only at the final cur-
tain. It's all in fun, so watch
for more news of the "Varieties."
Hcrnett and Dunn, most popu-
lar ballroom dance Instructors on
the Isthmus, now is Just plain
Harnett as dance Instructors
only, that is.
Reason for the change Is that
Dunn, the male half, has accept-
ed a position with the Canal Zone
Police Department and must of-
ficially sever his connections
with the dance studio.
Dunn, however, will continue to
assist Harnett (Mrs. Dunn) with
some of her classes and private
work whenever he can get time
off from his policing and he in-
sists that billy clubs will not be
used to keep pupils.
The lovely Harnett will leave
for New York In a few weeks fc
s Teachers' Refresher course and
she plans to frequent the most
popular ballrooms to test the po-
pularity of the different dances
and latest steps.
Harnett and Dunn have alwavs
featured the very latest in danc-
ing, be It the revived Charleston,
the mambo, the peabody, the
westchester or name your choice.
In ballroom exhibitions they ex-
hibit the most Intricate dance
patterns with smoothness and
grace and have been particularly
successful In imparting this abili-
ty to their students.
In view of this It is good news
that the official break of Har-
nett and Dunn doesn't mean that
the classes won't go on. Under
the direct supervision of Harnett
and the part-time guidance of
New Canal Employe Dunn the
"dance will go on."
ERP Dollar Aid lialy,
Jobless Still 2,000,000
No War, River Says
: land, (UP) Villagers here think
i World War III Is not Imminent
I because the River Mlsbourne has
; begun to flow again. They said
; the river dried up during World
War I. disappeared again Just be-
; fore World War II and had been
dry until March 1.
Youth Sent To Jail
For Car Tampering
Tampering with a parked car
near the Hotel Tivoli and loiter-
ing around the Pacific Club-
Thomas Woods Stevens, director house early Monday led to a tot'd
of the Shakespearean Theater at of 45 days In jail for 19-year-old
the New York World Fair, who^e Argemlro Hurtado,
versions are used in most schools. I Despite his youth, Hurtado
After a screen test bv Warner, has a record of conviction and
Brothers, he quit school and did subsequent six-month lmprlson-
"8ay Youth" lor Frank Tul tie. ment for rand larceny several
Tiis was an independent picture. ye?/s aK0- ...
Then he returned to school. He He was picked up yesterday
directed the dance numbers forlner lhe Pa,:iUc
all the Stanford plays before his
graduation from the University.
He worked under F. C. Strick-
land formerly of the Stockbrtd'ye
playhouse. He formed part of the
Tahoe Players and did one season
cf summer stock there and play-
ed in the Peninsula and in LA!
Adolfo did a picture at MOM in
FwiiUh called "First Pat rot"
which was directed by Roy Row-
From acting. Adolfo became a
diplomat. He was for six years
First Secretary and then Chatg '
d'Affaires in Lima. Peru, for tne,
Republic of Panama
Back in Panama he was man- ,
ager of the oflice in Panama cf
the Coca Cola Company for a
year. He has now opened the New ,
Yorier, a men's shop in Bell
Vista Panama City.
While in Lima he did a series ,
of radio Shakespearean readings
for the British Embassy.
One of Adolfos many interests
Is painting. Last year he liad
one man show at Dagnafs on Ti-
voli /We-iue in Panama City. H"
rra< also wrlten articles and <'-
^^^Biys. One of the latter. "And
^^Kip DuoK,' i:a uevn u.-ed in
Police disocvered that with a
screw driver he had broken the
lock of a wind ventilator of a
car belonging to R. J. Beck and
parked in the Tivoli parking cir-
He drew 15 days on the loiter-
ing charge. 30 da\s for tamper-
ing with the Beck automobile.
Revitalize Your
Feel Younger
Look Younger
Nothing ac<> man or woman mor
then aclisa caused through bs.l kidney
ctlon. 'Ihl may male* you suffer from
attii;g up Nights, strong, cluudy Irlne,
burning. Itching Pin>i, Narva*.
Wnin.aa, KhaumaTiain, Backache, L*g
Faina. Urdes under y*. Swollen An-
kle, i .osa of Appetite, Knargy. ale. ba-
cn Moneys whlrh should Piter blood,
fall to throw <-ff acids and poisons, now
creeping to Joints and muscles. Cysttx
he.i. your kidneys In 1 ays. 1. Helps
clean out poisonous acida 2. Combata
arms In the urinary aystam. t.
Soothes and -Hlma lrritste.1 tisanes Gag
Cystss rroin snr druggist Act now.
e hua- much Us lie. sou real lam
M-G-M presents
iii.M* mum
with sWrxs apeciallies ay

ROME, April 17 (UP)-After
three years of Marshall Plan aid
i Italy can point to definite gains
in every phase of her economy.
but thj .right for self sufMfJency
is far from won.
E. R..P. has brought $1.223,-
734,000 into Italy. This has ef-
fecteds every side of Italian liv-
ing. *
Phones are better. Railroad
are better. Housing projects are
being; built at a fairly good rate.
i Dams and hydro-electric pro-
jects are Increasing Italy's pow-
I er supply. Raw materials have
; been plentiful to keep Industry
But industry is still producing
at onlv 60 per cent of capacity.
The lira is stable, but inflation
is a real threat.
Living costs keep Inching up.
and the Government still spends
' E. R. P. funds slowly. Unemploy-
i ment Is still around 2,000,000,
; and long talked about public
1 works programs are slow to
! materialize.
Between extremes of things
accomplished and things undone
critics argue the merits of E. R.
P. and its real worth to Italy.
One view is that without Mar-
shall Plan aid Italy long ago
! would have succumbeH to Com-
munist control. Her Industry
would be only a fraction of what
'. It Is today, and the standard of
living would have shown none
, of the gains registered In the
past three years.
Opponents of Marshall Aid
claim that E. R. P. has bungled
in Italy, that corruption in Gov-
ernment and industry milks off
most United States funds, that
unemployment is not being cut,
and that the Government's eco-
nomic policy is too conservative
to attain the goals et up by
the E. R. P. authorities.
On the statistical side ail
Italy's major steps forward are
jindeniably due to Marshall Aid.
nfn 1946 for example the train
trip from Rome to Milanthe
political and business capitals of
Italywas a 12 hour overnight
tourney. In 1951 a six hour ser-
Wee twice dailv links the two
A total of $219.200.000 of E. R.
P. funds went into Italian State
owned railways In just two years
to make such improvements
Italy had a tremendous hous-
ing problem post-war. Milan, as
one example, had 30 per cent of
its homes destroyed or damaged
beyond repair.
E. R. P. has provided $48.000.-
000 to build 355,000 rooms, of
which 239,000 have been com-
pleted. An additional $8,000,000
i was provided to complete the
1 problem next year.
Other millions have gone into
repairs of war damaged homes a
and farmers' houses.
General statistics fall to give
the exact picture of Just what
E. R. P. has meant to Italy.
But todav there are 565 new
auto and rail bridges where only
wrecked structures stood at the
end of the war. They are among
the reasons why transport In
Italy Is running at peaks well
above pre-war.
Italian Industry has benefited
bjr $253,179.000. Medium and
small Industries got an ad-
ditional $6,034,000.
This aid has covered everv
branch of Italian industry, and
in many cases has been the only
1 reason why some firms have
' been able to keep operating.
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Rumos de Panam q
7 su
untante el Chino Garca
HOT a Ua 8:M p.m.
Panama Amrica
TUBERA galvanizada
i". f r ti* 2M
Via Espaa 121 Tcl. 3-1561
PANAMA, R. P.. MARTES, ABRO, 17, 1951
Pueden ser lanzados los Estados
Unidos a una 3a* guerra mundial
Cualquier acto que provoque
la extensin de la de Corea
conducira a esa catstrofe
Una clara advertencia formula el Jefe del Estado
Mayor, Omar Bradley, a toda la nacin
CHICAGO, Abril 17. tUP>.
El General Omar N. Brad-
ley, Jefe del Estado Mayor
Norte-Americano, al dirigirse a
la Asociacin Nacional de Ra-
dK>-Dlfusl;n y Televisin ad-
virti que cualquier acto para
extender la guerra en Corea,
lanzara a Estados Unidos a
una tercera guerra mundial.
En una aparente respuesta a
los puntos de vista del Gene-
ral MacArthur y loa Congre-
sistas Republicanos, el General
Bradley aconsej que Estado*
Unidos no debe enviar nlngta
ultimtum a los Comunistas
Chino, ni sugerir el bombar-
deo de territorio de la China
Dijo: '"Cualquier recomenda-
cin de una accin que tienda
a extender la presente guerra
es contraria a nuestros inte-
reses, y el poner en peligro ;
paz mundial, por ltimo ame-
nazara nuestra propia seguri-
Dijo que Estados Unidos no
puede arriesgarse a anticipar-
se a las intenciones comunis-
tas, sino "determinar sus ca-
pacidades y prepararse a ha-
cerles frente". "De otra mane-
ra sto serl un Juego de con-
jeturas sin arbitro. Estaramos
jugando la "ruleta Rusa" con
el revlver en nuestra sien".
Haciendo un sumarlo de la
poltica militar en Corea, Brad-
ley record que es fundamen-
tal que "nuestra poltica ex-
terior debe estar basada en
nuestras capacidades militares
para sostenerla".
Dijo Bradley: "Han habido
crecientea y continuas deman-
das en favor de enviar un ul-
timtum a aquellos que auspi-
cian las "guerras locales" y
quienes continan obstruyendo
los esfuerzos para una nego-
ciacin pacifica. Cualquier so-
lucin unilateral directa del
problema sera militarmente
imposible", agregando que "me
pregunto si los ciudadanos res-
ponsables se han percatado de
las condiciones de tal acto"..
"Cualquier "ultimtum" debe
estipular claramente el mni-
mo Irreducible de lo que no-
sotros consideramos satisfacto-
rio, y casi siempre si no
siempre sto implica la ame-
naza del uso de la fuerza si no
se cumplen las demandas".
"Estos impacientes e insatis-
fechos estrategas y ellos no
rPasa > i rr Ca s>
La eliminacin de los tres
Departamento^ de Educacin
la propuso el Gobierno Nal.
Con esta medida ser posible el nombramiento de
muchos maestros que se necesitan
Truman hablar a
la Nacin por la
radio el jueves
WASHINGTON, abril 17. (UP)
El Presidente Truman pronun-
ciar un discurso a las dos
de la tarde del Jueves, el cual
ser transmitido a la nacin
por radio, poco despus que el
General MacArthur hable ante
la sesin conjunta del Con-
El Presidente hablar en la
Sociedad Norteamericana de Di-
rectores de Peridicos y como
en ocasiones anteriores, el Pre-
sidente hablar de aquello que
se quiere dejar constancia y
ocasionalmente de otros asun-
tos. Su discurso estaba seala-
do desde mucho antes que se
fijara la fecha para la com-
parecencia de MacArthur ante
el Congreso.
Be espera que el General ha-
ble a los legisladores a las
12:30 del dia, a menos que por
razones de su viaje tenga que
modificar el sealamiento.
El Secretarlo de Informacin
de la Casa Blanca, Joseph Snort
dijo que el Ayudante Presiden-
cial, Mayor General Harry Vau-
ghan, recibir a MacArthur en
el aerdromo nacional de Wash-
ington, al igual que se ha he-
cho cuando ha regresado el
General Dwlght Elsenhower, u
otros jefes militares.
Al preguntrsele si MacAr-
thur recibir citacin para en-
trevistarse con el Presidente ai
asi lo solicitara, Short contes-
t que "ciertamente", y aclar
que hasta ahoasytio se ha for-
mulado tal solicitud.
La Legislativa Permanente
decidi mantener el actual
plan de Provincias Escolares
Se incluy en el Presupuesto la partida que existia
para cubrir este sistema
El sistema de nueve provincias
escolare; ser mantenido en el
pais, al Incluir la Comisin Le-
gislativa Permanente la misma
Es mencionado John
C. Wiley como nuevo
Embajador de E. U.
Aun cuando no se ha podido
averiguar con certeza en fuen-
tes oficiales quin ser el nue-
vo Embajador de los Estados
Unidos en Panam, hay razo-
nes para creer que tal desig-
nacin recaer en el Sr. John
Cooper Wiley.
El seor Wiley ha desempe-
ado, entre otros, los siguientes
cargos Importantes: Embajador
en Colombia, Portugal e Iram,
primer secretario de la Emba-
jada en Varsovla Consejero de
Embajada en Rusia, Austria y
partida que existia para los gas-
tos de esta organizacin.
Tal decisin que significa el
rechazo del Decreto dictado por
el Poder Ejecutivo para Instruir
20 provincias escolares, en sus-
tancial reforma al sistema, fu
tomada en atencin a exposi-
ciones razonadas que se hicieron
durante las sesiones de la Comi-
sin Legislativa Permanente, de
parte del ex-Mlnlstro Max Aro-
semen a, don Ricardo Lasso,
Asistente del Director General
de Educacin Primaria, Eduardo
Pedreschl, Inspector Visitador,
el profesor Jos de la C. Luz-
cando, Director de Enseanza
Privada y la seorita Sara Boti-
llo, elemento destacado del Ma-
gisterio Panameo Unido y una
de las ms consagradas educa-
doras de la Repblica.
Los representantes del Minis-
terio de Educacin, seores Can-
tn y Oiaz, no hicieron la de-
fensa del Decreto del Ejecutivo
porque declararon no estar em-
papados en la materia, el pri-
mero y no tener nada de parti-
cular que decir, el segundo.
Present renuncia el
Ministro M. Salamn;
nombrado de Urriola
La supresin de tres departa-
mentos del Ministerio de Educa-
cin, o sean los de Cultura y
Publicaciones, Departamento Ge-
neral de Educacin y Seccin de
Diseos y Dibujos fue propuesta
por el propio rgano Ejecutivo
a la Comisin Legislativa Per-
manente, a fin de poder nom-
brar ms maestros que te nece-
sitan indispensablemente para
atender a la creciente poblacin
escolar de la Repblica.
Se sabe que sern numerosos
los maestros que se nombrarn
con esta medida, que de otra
manera no seria posible por ra-
zn de la crisis econmica por-
que atraviesa el Tesoro Nacio-
Se ha indicado que la supre-
sin es de carcter temporal y
que apenas lo permita asi el es-
tado del Fisco, sern reincorpo-
rados estos departamentos al
Ministerio de Educacin.
En el seno de la Comisin Le-
gislativa Permanente se expre-
s axtraeza por la ausencia del
Ministro de Educacin a las
reuniones de ese'organismo pa-
ra discutir el Presupuesto del
Denuncian Abogados
de "La Prensa" una
grave anomala
BUENOS AIRES, abril 17.
(UP). Los abogados de La
Prensa, Manuel Ordez y Ro-
dolfo Luque, enviaron una co-
municacin a ambas Cmaras
del Congreso Argentino en que
denuncian como una "anoma-
la" el hecho que el interventor
nombrado por la Comisin In-
vestigadora del Parlamento con-
tina a cargo de los bienes del
Ordez y Luque sealaron
que las funciones de la Comi-
sin cesaron al presentar su
(Pasa a la pgina < columna g)
Fu "extremadamente difcil"
la decisin que tom Truman
para remover a MacArthur
(UPk El Presidente Truman
dijo en una carta que el "Co-
mit de Veteranos Norte-Ame-
ricanos* dio a la publicidad
hoy qu fu "extremadamente
Notable mejora
tuvo Laureano a
fines de semana
RIO DE JANEIRO, abril 17.
(UP). El doctor Napoleao
Laureano, cancerlogo que pa-
dece de cncer, mostr una no-
table mejora a fines de se-
mana en su estado general y
sus mdicos declararon que el
paciente muestra mucho mejor
estado de nimo, pero conti-
nan reacios a publicar los re-
sultados de las inyecciones de
Impero, allegados a los m-
dicos dicen que stos conside-
ran que al menos, parte de la
mejora general puede atribuir-
se al nuevo suero del cual se le
administr la primera inyec-
cin hace dos
olfc tomar la decisin" de
destiiuir al General Douglas
MacArthu, "pero la causa de
la paz mundial es ms impor-
tante que individuo alguno".
La carta fu enviada en con-
testacin- a un telegrama que
envi a Truman el Presidente
Nacional del Comit de Vete-
ranos Norte-Americanos, Mi-
chael Straight, la semana pa-
sada, informando a Truman
que ese organismo lo apoya-
ba sin reserva alguna en su
El texto de Truman dado a
la publicidad por el Comit de
; Veteranos es el siguiente:
"Es motivo de agradecimien-
to saber por su telegrama que
usted y sus compaeros del
Comit de Veteranos elogian y
comprenden mi decisin de re-
emplazar al General MacAr-
"Fu esa decisin extrema-
damente difcil de tomar debi-
do a excepcionales aarviclos
que l ha prestado en cargos
de gran responsabilidad, pero
la causa de la paz mundial es
ms Importante que individuo
"Muchas gracias a todos us-
tedes por asegurarme su res-
paldo en la pauta que nos he-
mos trazado".
Le cortarn las
orejas en Irn a
los rompehuelgas
TEHERAN, abril 17. (OP).
El MajlU (Parlamento) le dio
al Premier Hussein Ala un vo-
to de confianza de 78 a 1. abs-
tenindose el poderoso Frente
Nacional de votar.
Algunos diputados intentaban
reemplazar al Premier con Ala
Kaled obteniendo el apoyo del
Parlamento "en la presente si-
tuacin critica de Iran a fin
de que tomara las medidas ne-
cesarias para el bienestar del
El Frente Nacional, que de-
mand la nacionalizacin de la
Industria petrolera de Irn le
prometi a los obreros que cuan-
do el Gobierno se encargara se
le pagarla a los obreros los sa-
larlos que han dejado de de-
vengar de la Compaa Ango-
Irania de Petrleo.
Mientras tanto, en los cam-
pos petroleros del Sur de Irn,
los obreros regresaron a sus
trabajos con las cabezas venda-
das, en vista que los comunis-
tas los hablan amenazado con
cortarles las orejas en caso que
regresaran a sus trabajos.
Un portavoz dijo que Aba-
dan, cuna de los disturbios co-
munistas, se encontraba bajo
el control de las tropas de Irn,
las cuales se pasean por las
calles apoyadas por tanques.
La dieta Japonesa
est agradecida
de Mac Arthur
TOKIO, Abril 17 (UP)Las
dos Cmaras de la Dieta Japo-
nesa, hablando por el pueblo ja-
pons, agradecieron al General
Douglas MacArthur por haber
preparado "la senda para la in-
dependencia de nuestra nacin"
La resolucin, aprobada por
las Cmaras Alta y Baja en se-
siones .separadas ayer dice: "El
General Douglas MacArthur, ex
Comandante Supremo de las po-
tencias aliadas, ayud a nues-
tro pals a salir de la confusin
y pobreza que prevaleca al ter-
minar la guerra, y ayud al Ja-
pn a establecer una democracia
y lo encamin hacia una eco-
noma propia, preparando la
senda para la Independencia de
nuestra nacin".
"Todo el pueblo de nuestra
patria est profundamente agra-
decida por estos excelentes re-
sultados alcanzados por el Ge-
La Dieta acord "expresar su
gratitud desde el fondo de su
corazn y su alta estima por el
General, representad" la volun-
tad de todo el pueb
Esta noche llegar al
aeropuerto ^de-San ico.
el General MacArthur
Ciento ochenta mil personas te tributaron una Ma-
yor bienvenida que a RotXevelt en HmoiuIu-.
HONOLULU, abril 17. (UP) 180 mil personas ms de las
que le dieron la bienvenida al
Presidente Roosevelt en 1944.
Lo nico que se ha podido
averiguar sobre la naturaleza
(Pasa a la Pgina 5, Col. 3)
Se cree que pilotos
rusos luchan contra
los norteamericanos
WASHINGTON, abril 17.
'UP). 8c ha sabido que los
oficiales de las Fuerzas Aereas
Norteamericanas estn cada dia
ms convencidos que los pilo-
tos norteamericanos estn lu-
chando contra pilotos rusos en
Desde que el primer avin de
retropropulsin ruso cruz la
frontera de Manchuria en no-
viembre pasado, la nacionali-
dad de los pilotos ha sido un
misterio. Nada ha sido anun-
ciado oficialmente, pero por ra-
zones que se consideran bue-
nas pero no publlcables, los
pilotos creen que por lo menos
algunos de los aviones son pi-
loteados por rusos.
Misteriosamente se
desvaneci toda
resistencia roja
Todo parece indicar que los comunistas no
aceptan el reto de Van Fleet
El General MacArthur, su
esposa e hijo saldrn del aero-
puerto Internacional de Hono-
lulu a bordo de,su avin "Ba-
taan" hacia San Francisco a
las dos de la tarde.
El avin debera salir del ae-
ropuerto de Hickam, pero los
fotgrafos se quejaron de que
haban sido "tratados mal" por
la Polica Militar a la llegada
de MacArthur a Hickam, asi
que se decidi que el avin,
salga del Aeropuerto Interna-
cional de Honolulu, el cual es
el aeropuerto comercial.
Se espera que el avin llegue
a San Francisco a las 11:30 de
la noche.
El General MacArthur estuvo
trabajando hasta tarde de la
noche en la preparacin del
discurso que pronunciar en la
sesin conjunta del Congreso
el jueves, en defensa de su con-
ducta como Comandante Su-
premo en el Lejano Oriente.
MacArthur hizo ayer un re-
corrido triunfal de 20 millas
en Honolulu, en medio de los
gritos de jbilo de las multitu-
des, las cuales se calculan en
Varias casas tendrn que ser
demolidas y deshabitadas por
orden del Alcalde Municipal
molida* vC* detF*? MI: de-Remn, 28 O. Chorrillo, No. 64
das San o"^ dMhabJLa-| ,demoler cuart0 adicional; Ro-
por'la toldU .rden P^ida berto Chevalier, Ave. Central
Dichas vi! dirfQ. eI dia de hoy-I 275 ,demoler barraca que est
Iran ^n rnrSSSL. "h encV!n; I en la parte de tri); Cslmo
v ,C^rMoHdl5-ne8 e sanldad I Mitrotti, 21 y Ave. B. (demoler
y seguridad deplorables.
Las casas que se han ordena-
do demoler o deshabitar tienen
un cuociente de ms de 75% de
condiciones que la hacen Inha-
bitable, segn la.norma adop-
tada por la Comisin de Vivien-
da, de manera que resulta ma
costosa su reparacin, que un
nuevo edificio, y, al mismo tiem-
po, representa un peligro para
la vida de seres humanos, que
en cualquier momento pueden
ser atrapados por un derrumbe
La Alcalda ha comunicado
tambin que deben ser desocu-
padas las siguientes casas: En-
rique I. Boyd, Ave. Central 152- i
Toms Arlas y Co., Ave. Central
100; Herllnda de Arlas, 15 O No.
91 (una familia; Rogelio Aro-'
semena, Ave. B No. 2 (La Logia I
6. (familias): Mateo Sari, 20 E.
No. 11-A: Alfredo Sierra 8.. ca-
lle 5a. No. 20; Guillermina A. de '
Casco Daz, 7a. No. 15; Ricardo
Mir, Ave. B. No. 75 y 77- Ore- '
r, .*.. ..1------.1. ^^---- iru, nrc. o. no. j> y 77- lire-'
brrcaJidtdePi^?ioP0r ,U "'"to de los Rios. Ave CentralI
La A*Swu^kltar,B- a 14B (lres casaJ: un en el 'nte1
la^ata.SSf h* comunlcad0 a ,y dos en el patio); Gilberto
en nn ^E. i?1"80"*8 Paa 1ue Brands. 25 O. No. 8 (varias ca-
!? J?. Pa Improrrogable de 8ltas); jmlo Quijano 15 E. No.
3 *". procedan a la demoli-
cin de su* propiedadee. cuyo
plazo de condena se ha vencido
con creces:
J. L. Flowers, 27 O. No. 3;
Banco Nacional, Domingo Espi-
nar No, 21; Magdalena H. de
Mir, 2a E. y Ave. Cuba; Octa-
vio Icasa, coln No. ; Carlos
8ucre, 15 O. no. 2S: P. Gonz-
lez, Ricardo Arias (caseta) Da-
vid de Castro, 14 E. No 9 'de-
psito del patio)); Alejandro
7: Agustina Lopez, 22 O. final-
y Eulogio Reyes 21 O. NO. 5,
j 22,100
Prof. Cristbal Adn de Unila
El seor Modesto Salamn.
Ministro de Educacin, present
renuncia noy de su elevado car-
go, y el Profesor Cristbal Adn
de Urriola, Gerente de la Caja
de Seguro Social, fue nombrado
para sucederlo.
El anuncio simultneo de la
renuncia del seor Salamin y el
nombramiento del profesor de
Urriola fue hecho por un vocero
de la Presidencia de la Repblica.
En los ltimos dias se habla
rumorado insistentemente sobre
la posibilidad de que el seor
Salamin se retirara del minis-
terio y se acogiera a la Jubi-
No se ha anunciado hasta a-
hora quin ser nombrado para
el cargo de gerente de la Caja
de Seguro Social. Se rumora que
ese cargo ser llenado por el
seor Jos Oiler, astual gerente
de la Lotera Nacional de Be-
neficencia. Tampoco se ha indi-
cado si el Lie. Salamin ser de-
signado para otro cargo, aunque
se ha venido diciendo que ser
nombrado Embajador en Espaa.
Cuarenta Becas se
otorgan para el
Inst de Divisa
El Ministerio de Educacin
acaba > de otorgar 40 becas -a
los estudiantes del Instituto do
Artes Mecnicas, con lo cual
se ha favorecido a los que ob-
tuvieron los mejores promedios
por talles en el segundo se-
mestre 'de 1950-1951, segn el
Servicio Cooperativo Interame-
rlcano de Educacin.
Presentamos a continuacin
el decreto que lista a los fa-
Concdese beca para cursar
estudios an el INSTITUTO DE
SA, durante el primer semes-
tre del ao lectivo 1951-1952,
a los siguientes alumnos:
Ros Ellas, Serna Vctor, Lez-
cano Feliciano, Barttlet Moiss,
Aroeemena Jos de la C, Gn-
dola Bienvenido, Rivera Ro-
dolfo, Corro Zesamo, Miranda
Nodler, Ballesteros Eplmenldez,
Ortiz Ivn, Vaca Carlos, Ro-
driguez Pablo, Alvarez Ramn,
Barragn Antonio, Campos Jo-
s A., De Gracia Santiago, Ga-
llegos Boanerge, Ledezma Ful-
vlo, Prez Alejandrino, Gonz-
lez Narciso, Russo Rodolfo, Mo-
rales Anibla J., Ortega Julio,
Cerezo Rogelio, Batista Agapl-
to, Rodrguez Luis H., Corde-
ro Csar, De Len Carlos A.,
Huerta Jos O., Gonzlez Juan
d* D., Guerrero- Revillac, Ro-
bles Gonzalo. Castillo Ansberto,
Vlllarreal Aristbulo, Botello
Rodrigo, Corro Ramn O.. Vl-
llarreal Plcido, Soils Arnulfo.
Contreras Carlos.
Se ha restringido
el uso de Tintes
de origen vegetal
La Junta. de Produccin Na-
cional public una orden res-
tringiendo el uso de tintes de
origen vegetal. Incluyendo el
extracto de quebracho con el ob-
jeto de conservar las existen-
cias limitadas, pero la disposi-
cin no afecta el volumen de
El anuncio dice que el que-
brado de Sur-Amrlca-especlal-
mente de Argentina y en can-
tidades pequeas de Paraguay y
Urugauy-constltuye el 55 por
ciento del tinte de origen vege-
tal que se consume en Estados
Unidos. La mayor parte del res-
to es de origen local.
La orden tiene los propsi-
tos de confinar el uso de tintes
vegetales al curtido de cueros y
la manufactura de productos
farmacuticos como cidos, a
menos que se autorice especfi-
camente su uso en otros prop-
Actualmente la Industria pe-
trolera consume gran cantidad
de quebracho para mantener la
condicin fsica del fluido en el
cual circulan las perforadoras
de gas y petrleo, pero el que-
bracho puede ser susttluido por
otros productos qumicos.
TOKIO, Abril 17. (UP).
La resistencia comunista se
desvaneci misteriosamente a
todo lo largo del frente Co-
reano de 150 millas, por pri-
mera vez desde que las tro-
Gas aliadas cruzaron el Para-
ilo 38 el mes pasado. Desde
todos los sectores lleg el re-
Setldo informe montono: "No
ubo contacto con el enemi-
Slnembargo, las tropas de las
Naciones Unidas no han sido
Ofrecer recepcin
la "Esso" maana
al Dr. Arnulfo Arias
El seor don Cipriano Paz
Rodrguez, Gerente de la Esso
Standard OH Company en la
Divisin de Panam y su se-
ora ofrecern maana mir-
coles un "cocktail buffet" en
honpr del seor Presidente de
la Repblica, doctor Arnulfo
Arias y seora.
Este acto social de gala se
ofrecer en los salones del Club
de Golf de Panam a las sel.s
de la tarde, con motivo de la
primera Conferencia General de
Gerentes de las Compaas a-
fllladas a la Esso en Amrica
Latina, que se lleva a cabo en
el hotel El Panam de esta ciu-
seducidas para lanzar una po-
i derosa ofensiva hada el norte.
Las tropas de las Naciones U-
..-an ia pasma t>. eat t>>
Panam import su
prsenle cuota de
harina de trigo
Nueve de los quince pases
latino-americanos Importadores
de harina de trigo, integrantes
del acuerdo internacional sobre
el trigo, han completado sus
cuotas de Importacin para el
acuerdo del ao que expira el
31 de Julio, segn informa el
Departamento de Agricultura.
Los nueve pases que han com-
pletado sus cuotas son, panam
Bolivia, Cuba, Repblica Domi-
nicana. Ecuador. El Salvador,
Haiti, Mxico, Nicaragua.
Los pases que tienen saldos
de sus cuotas de 1950-51 son
Brasil con 4,941.000 bushels; Cos.
ta Rica, con 58,000; Guatemala
con 9,000; Honduras con 147,000;
Per, con 198,000 y Venezuela
con 730,000.
Venezuela ha anunciado que
los pedidos de importacin se-
gn el acuerdo para el ao que
comienza el lo. de Agosto deben
presentarse a )a Comisin na-
cional de Abastos antes del 15
de Mayo.
Tanto Ballis como Alvarado
se mantuvieron en el careo en
sus versiones originales, pero
mostrando Ballis ms seguri-
dad en sus afirmaciones. Ba-
llis dijo que Alvarado habla
ido a Nuevo Arraljn la noche
del 30 de marzo y le entre-
gan a la Pg. 6. Col. )
En espectacular diligencia
de careo se hacen feroces
cargos Ballis y M, Alvarado
"Tenga im poquito de moral," grit Ballis a Alva-
rado congestionado por la ira, delante del Fiscal
Jurando ante Dios y ante su
pas, decir la verdad y nad
ms que la verdad, el costa-
rricense Mareo Antonio Alvara-
do fue careado esta maana
con Manuel Ballis, en una es-
pectacular diligencia practica-
da en la Fiscala Segunda del
Circuito en la que tuvieron que
intervenir miembros de la Po-
lica Nacional y de la Secreta
para evitar un choque violento
entre los dos Integrantes del
sensacional caso del Expreso
Al Iniciarse el careo, Alva-
rado salt de su asiento y en-
carndosele a Ballis le dijo:
"T me las pagars algn
dia..." Ballis que permaneca
sentado en una de las esqui-
nas del despacho del Fiscal
Sandoval. perdi su acostum-
brada calma y dirigindose a-
menazador a Alvarado le gri-
t, congestionado por la Ira.;
"A mi no me hables de hom-
brerias, t matastes dos en
Costa Rica, t eres ms matn
que yo, tenga un poquito de
moral, t no eres ms sinver-
genza porque no eres ms
grande" y al llamarlos al or-
den el Fiscal, Ballis dijo a Al-
varado: "T eres un pjaro sin
Por desacato al
Presidente Pern
arrestaron a dos
CORDOBA, Argentina. Abril 17
(UP)Los dirigentes del Partido
Radical Argentino (PRA), Ama-
deo Sabattlnl y Santiago del
Castillo, ambos ex-Gobemadores
de la Provincia de Crdoba, han
sido arrestados acusndoseles de
desacato al Presidente Juan D.
Se acusa a Sabattlnl y del Cas-
tillo de haber hecho manifesta-
ciones irrespetuosas para con
el Primer Magistrado de la Na-
cin en discursos polticos quo
pronunciaron en la localidad de
James Cralg.
Ambos fueron Interrogado*
hoy por el Juez Federal Dr. Isi-
dro Griega, quien despus orde-
n su arresto.
Ha aumentado la importacin
de productos de la Amrica
Latina desde Junio de 1950
WASHINGTON, abril 17. (UP)
Las estadsticas del Depar-
tamento de Agricultura dadas
a la publicidad, muestran un
aumento general en las Impor-
taciones por los Estados Unidos
de principales productos agr-
colas Latino Americanas desde
el comienzo de la guerra corea-
na el 25 de Junio de 1950.
Las cifras publicadas no han
sido analizadas por pases, y
representan un total de Im-
portacin de todas partes del
mundo, pero en estos productos
Latino Amrica es el principal
El Departamento compara el
volumen y el valor de las im-
portaciones durante un periodo
de siete meses de julio de 1950
a enero de 1951, con el mismo
periodo en el ao anterior.
Caf crudo: 1.659,574,000 li-
bras por un valor de 791,355,300
dlares, comparado con 1,787,-
096,000 libras por valor de 532,-
910,000 dlares.
Cacao: 326.&16.000 libras por
valor de 101,285.000 dlares com-
parado con 312,987,000 libras
por valor de 55.796.000 dlares.
Casena: 15,027.000 libras por
valor de 8,045.000 dlares, com-
parado con 26.030.00 libras por
(Pasa a la Pg. CoL 4)
Ser observado el
sbado el da de
Fuerzas Armadas
Proyectos tentativos hechos
por el Comando del Caribo
ique incluye el Ejrcito ,de los
EE. UU. del Caribe, el Decimo-
quinto Dlstrtlo Naval con su
destacamento de Infantera de
marina y el Comando del Aire
del Caribe) para la segunca
observancia anual del Dia 6e
las Fuerzas Armadas, el sba-
do, el 19 de mayo, fueron a-
nunciados por el Comandante
en Jefe del Comando del Ca-
ribe. Teniente General William
H. H. Morris, Jr.
La fecha ser la culmina-
cin de las actividades de !
Semana de Defensa Nacional
de los EE. UU.. las cuales se-
rn auspiciadas por las orga-
nizaciones cvicas ms promi-
nentes de la Zona, desde el
13 hasta el 19 de mavo. El Pre-
sidente de los EE. UU. Harry
Truman proclam la fecha
Uraaa a la Pg. a coi. ii

MARTES, ABRIL 17, 1951
Por razn del Tratado de 1903 Panam ha su-
frido y viene sufriendo ciertos perjuicios de ca-
rcter econmico, que han contribuido a retardar
su desarrollo industrial y agrcola. Por este moti-
vo y por otros Panam tiene derecho a ciertas
compensaciones. Con esa idea en mira se estipul
en el Tratado General de 1936 que Panam debe
"beneficiarse de las ventajas inherentes a su posi-
cin geogrfica" y, tambin, que las dos partes con-
tratantes se obligan "a cooperar al propsito de
asegurar el goce pleno y perpetuo de los benefi-
cios de todo orden que el Canal debe proporcionar
a las dos naciones que hicieron posible su cons-
A pesar de esas estipulaciones hay varias cues-
tiones pendientes que, de haberse resuelto satis-
factoriamnte, habran mejorado nuestra situacin
econmica. Parece ser que es muy difcil para los
Estados Unidos percatarse debidamente de la na-
turaleza y el alcance de nuestros problemas de esa
Hay ahora indicios de que se ha planteado
nuevamente la situacin. Nuestro Canciller, el Dr.
Carlos \. Brin, aprovech la oportunidad, durante
su permanencia en Washington en relacin con la
Conferencia de Cancilleres de las Americas, para
insistir en la reconsideracin de algunas de esas
cuestiones que, aunque sin trascendencia alguna pa-
ra un pas de la vitalidad econmica de los Esta-
dos Unidos, tienen especial importancia para Pa-
Como ejemplos de estas cuestiones tratadas
por nuestro Canciller con los altos funcionarios del
Departamento de Estado se mencionan la referen-
te a la paridad de trato para los panameos em-
pleados en la Zona del Canal; la eliminacin del
llamado "25% diferencial" que se ha venido apli-
cando en la compra por los Estados Unidos de pro-
ducios panameos, y Ja cancelacin del monopolio
de hecho que se atribuye lu Panama Railroad Com-
pany para el transporte de la carga que llega para
Panam a los puntos terminales del Canal.
Es lgicay loable, desde luegola gestin lle-
vada a cabo por la misin panamea. Es de espe-
rarse que as planteados tales problemas, el go-
bierno de los Estados Unidos coopere con Panam
a su pronta y satisfactoria solucin. Y que esa so-
lucin sea la iniciacin para la consideracin de
otras cuestiones no menos importantes que afec-
tan seriamente el bienestar de la Repblica.
El "Aviso Oportuno"
Es fa to to v F/Vw/?v?
Asociacin de Contadores de Panam
Quedan invitados todos los miembros de la Aso-
ciacin de Contadores de Panam a la Reunin Ordi-
naria que tendr lugar en el jardn -El Rancho" de esta
ciudad el Mircoles 18 de los corrientes a las 6 y 30
minutos de la tarde. Se tratarn asuntos de sumo
inters para la Asociacin.
Directores Profesores
Cursos dr Prrilo Comercial. Secretariado. Contabilidad,
rstenogralia <;reK. Mecanosrafia. Ortografa v Redaccin.
Aritmtica Comercial. Inglrv
CURSOS SUPERIORES: Contabilidad Avanzada,
TaquimecanoRrafa y Problemas de Auditoria.
Atenida A No. 48 Telfono 2-2921
Ha* odo?
El mejor
CLUB de 30
5CV 750 1.25 semanales
0 Preciosos
O dueos
0 y estilos.
Avenida Central 91
-..> -g^5^:
novsimo teatro
por O. Ai. 1/
No hace muchos dias el Lie;
Isidro Beluche, Director del De-
partamento de Cultura del Mi-
nisterio de Educacin, con no-
ble y loable preocupacin, se
dirigi a los directores de pe-
ridicos y de radiodifusoras pa-
ra invitarlos a que desarrolla-
ran programas en homenaje a
la memoria de Isabel la Cat-
lica, "la augusta soberana que
hizo posible la simpar proeza
ocenica del descubrimiento del
Nuevo Mundo".
El prximo 22 de abril, es-
to es, el domingo que viene,
se cumple el quinto centenario
del nacimiento de la Madri-
na de Amrica. Claro es que
de acuerdo con nuestro calen-
dario la fecha no ser exacta,
pues la reforma gregoriana es
posterior al nacimiento de Isa-
bel de Castilla, y ese 22 de
abril no estar calculado de
acuerdo con la reforma. Pero
lo mismo ocurre con el descu-
brimiento de Amrica, y an se
celebra el 1Z de octubre.
Lo de menos son estos dis-
tingos. Lo serio es la persona-
lidad de la Reina de Castilla.
Las polmicas, en torno a .esa
personalidad d i s t i nguicjslma
han sido mltiples. Lo verda-
deramente lamentable es que
los mismos espaoles, volcanes
de pasin, hayan contribuido a
pretender rebajar figura tan
excepcional. Los estudiantes de
Panam han sabido de tales vi-
lezas. Sin embargo, por mucho
que se haya querido atacar y
se haya atacado a Isabel de
Castilla, hija de don Juan II y
de Isabel de Portugal, ha que-
dado la fama inclume de esa
mujer digna de todos los res-
Isabel de Castilla y merced
a su matrimonio con Fernando
de Aragn, logra la unidad de
Los designios de la Providen-
cia maravillan. Tras un rei-
nado tan desastroso como el de
Enrique IV, el hermanastro de
Isabel: al que precedi otro
remado, largo y terrible, el, de
Juan II, nadie hubiera previsto
esta visin poltica, esta tuerca
prodigiosa de Isabel y Fernan-
Y con ellos se hace la gran-
deza de Espaa, Y en poca
de formidable emocin; !a del
Se dir que el tiempo fa-
voreci el floreeiiniento 4M-a-
quel reinado: y tambiu le'un
obstculo. Se necesitaba lina ca-
pacidad excepcional: se nece-
sitaban muchas cosas para que
surgiera Espaa como potencia
de primer orden. No descarte-
mos la labor de Isabel y Fer-
nando Seamos Justos y seamos
Nace Isabel en un puebleclto
de la provincia de Avila, una I
provincia castellana fria y mon-
taosa. El puebleclto tiene un
nombre gracioso, potico: el
llamaba y se llama Madrigal
ele las Altas Torres. Juan li y
.su esposa, la medio loca Isa-1
Del de Portugal, posean all un
castillo, si queris, un
modesto. El palacio semejaba
una casa fuerte, con adornos
morunos. Hoy se lia transfor-
mado en un Convento de. Mon-
jas Agustinas. Por cierto que
se ha restaurado con habilidad
no corriente en las restaura-
ciones arquitectnicas.
El da del nacimiento de Isa-
bel era el Jueves Santo: el co-
rrespondiente a 1451, como an-
us dije. El doctor fsico Tole-
do anotaba, nostlgicamente,
unos decenios ms tarde, en su
puntual y enterado "Cronicn",
e.stos renglones: "Naci la San-
ta Rehia Catlica Doa I 'ir'
hija del Rey don Juan II e
de la Reina Isabel, su mui>i.
en Madrigal, jueves 22 de abril.
cuatro horas e dos tercios de
liora despus del medio da..'. |
1451 aos". Dos aos despus
fue decapitado en la plaza de
Valladolid el valido de Juan
II, don Alvaro de Luna: era
un anciano el Condestable. Lle-
gaba a los 65 aos de su edad,.
Cuando la futura reina al-
canzaba los tres aos, mora el
Rey, su padre. Se Iniciaba el.
reinado de Enrique IV, al que
la historia conoce por el de-1
nigrante remoquete de "El Im-,
potente". Y-la reina viuda, Isa-
bel de Portugal, ya medio per-
turbada se encerraba en Ar-
valo. en otro castillo de su pro-
piedad como el de Madrigal,
como el de Soria: con ella se
llev a Isabel, su hija. Hasta
los diez aos vivi Isabel en
Arvalo, olvidada del despreo-
cupado Enrique, su hermanas-
tro y su rey. En la tristeza,
en el abandono, en la casi mi-
seria, se form Isabel de Cas-
tilla. Al lado de una neuras-
tnica, su propia madre.
Dura escuela. Quiza esa es-
cuela fue la mejor para la fu-
tura reina...
Decepciones de un Pacifista
Por Narciso Garay
Conversando un da con el
entonces Secretario General de
la Liga, Sir Eric Drummond,
comentbamos los mtodos em-
pleados por l Consejo para
darle solucin al problema
manchuriano y le exponamos
con toda franqueza nuestra opi-
nin, contraria a las contempo-
rizaciones y los acomodos con
la doctrina de que daba aquel
Augusto Cuerpo. Sir Eric, for-
mado en las disciplinas del Fo-
reign Office de Londres, no es-
tuvo de acuerdo con nosotros
y nos manifest que en la di-
plomacia era preciso ser realis-
ta y no remontarse hasta las
Despus de tantos aos nos
hemos puesto a pensar cul de
los dos tenia razn, pues la
verdad es que por practicar esa
clase de realismo dej el Con-
sejo que el Japn ocupara to-
do el territorio chino que con-
vino a sus intereses, y por ser
realistas en ese sentido Cham-
berlain, Daladier y los que con
ellos fueron en peregrinacin a
Munich, alentaron en vez de
contenerlos, los apetitos impe-
rialistas de Hitler, condenaron
los recortes territoriales infli-
gidos a Checoeslovaquia para
satisfacer a los Sudeten ger-
manfllos y prepararon sin que-
rerlo la invasin y conquista
de Colonia que prendi la tea
de la Segunda Querr, primero
europea y luego mundial.
Aquellos apaciguamientos y
contemporizaciones pertenecan
a la diplomacia del siglo XIX
y corran parejas con la estra-
tegia militar del tiempo en que
no se conoca mejor sistema
de transporte que las muas.
Pudieron, s. producir efectos
Inmediatos y de corta duracin
en beneficio del mantenimien-
to de la paz, pero los efectos
mediatos y profundos fueron
todo lo contrario: paz para hoy
y guerra para maana, paro-
diando un aforismo popular.
Nunca nos convenci el ar-
gumento de Sir Eric Drummond
por ms que lo revistiera de
una fraseologa seductora de-
nominndolo "el sentido de las
realidades". Prueba de ello es
el discurso que pronunciamos
el 7 de diciembre de 1932 ante
la Asamblea Extra ordinaria
convocada para tomar conoci-
miento del informe de la Co-
misin encargada de estudiar
el conflicto manchuriano, don-
de dijimos:
"Hoy, como ayer, mi Inters
se concentra sobre todo en los
principios esenciales del Pacto,
en la salvaguardia de las ga-
rantas de derecho de ,que de-
penden la existencia y el por-
venir de los Estados que no
confian sus destinos a los aza-
res de las armas. Desde lue-
go, encontramos en el Informe
de la Comisin un pasaje que
define de la manera ms feliz
nuestro propio punto de vista".
En este punto de nuestro dis-
curso reprodujimos el pasaje a-
ludldo del Informe de la Co-
misin que deca asi:
"Fuera de la China y el Ja-
pn, las dems potencias del
mundo tienen tambin, en .el
conflicto chino-japons, un in-
ters de primer orden que de-
fender. Hemos mencionado los
tratados multilaterales existen-
tes: todo arreglo durable y real-
mente consentido debe ser com-
patible con las estipulaciones de
esas convenciones fundamenta-
les, sobre las cuales se afianza
la organizacin de la paz".
Y continuamos por nuestra
cuenta diciendo:
"Al hablar hace un momento
del sentido de las realidades
de que hace mencin el Infor-
me, tenia en mira, sobre todo,
sus conclusiones y sugestiones,
pero en este orden de ideas
conviene evocar el recuerdo de
los esfuerzos laboriosos del Con-
sejo que culminaron en la Re-
solucin del 10 de diciembre
de 1931. Esa Resolucin cre
la Comisin de Estudio median-
te ciertas concesiones en el do-
minio del derecho puro que mo-
tivaron reservas y declaracio-
nes de principios por parte de
la mayora de las delegaciones,
entre ellas la ma".
Los pases miembros de la Li-
ga haban suscrito en 1931 una
tregua de armamentos que de-
ba surtir sus efectos desde el
lo. de noviembre de 1932. Du-
rante ese periodo ninguno de
los signatarios poda aumentar
sus armamentos. Expirado el
plazo, una prrroga de cuatro
meses, hasta el lo. de marzo
de 1933. le firmada a Instan-
cias de la Conferencia del Des-
arme, entonces en plena acti-
vidad y de la cual vamos a
ocuparnos en seguida.
La Conferencia del Desarme
fue inaugurada a principios de
febrero de 1932. Ella se pro-
pona, como objeto inicial. In-
corporar en una Convencin
plurlpartita el fruto de cinco
aos de labor empleados en
sus trabajos por la Comisin
Preparatoria del Desarme que
La matrcula de la Academia Mercantil
contina abierta para todos los cursos
CURSOS NOCTURNOS: Mecanografa B/. 3.00 Esteno-
grafa BA 3.00 Contabilidad B/. 3.00 Taquimecangrafa
B/.5.00 mensuales. ESTENOGRAFA A MAQUINA (Esteno-
tipia). Fcil de aprender. En cuatro meses puede escribir
y transcribir hasta 100 palabras por minuto. Venga a pre-
senciar clases y a conocer las mquinas cuando guste.
Ave. Central altos Farmacia Preciado Tel. Z-tZZ"
en todo ese tiempo habla alle-
gado considerable material co-
mo parte integrante que era de
la Tercera Comisin constitu-
cional de la Asamblea anual de
la Liga. En esa Conferencia del
Desarme tomaron parte vario*
pases no afiliados a la Liga:
Estados Unidos, Rusia, Turqua,
Argentina, Brasil (que se ha-
ba retirado de la Liga poco
antes) y Costa Rica.
El 22 de junio de 1932 la De-
legacin de los Estados Unidos
comunic a la Conferencia la
Declaracin que en esa misma
fecha hacia el Presidente Hoo-
ver a la Nacin Norteamerica-
na. Herbert Hoover, entonces
Presidente de los Estados Uni-
dos, es la misma persona que
recientemente hizo otra decla-
racin importante al pueblo
norteamericano sobre la guerra
de Corea y en desacuerdo con;
la poltica internacional del
Presidente Traman.
En su plan de 19327 Hoover
recomendaba que los armamen-
tos terrestres, martimos y a-
reos se limitaran y redujeran
en el mundo entero a la ter-
cera parte del volumen que en-
tonces tenan, y sobre esa base
construy el relator de la Con-
ferencia nada menos que el
ilustre estadista checoeslovaco i
Eduardo Benes, hoy difunto-^,
la Resolucin que someti en
esos das, prohibiendo adems
la guerra qumica, la bacterio-!
lgica y la Incendiaria. Pero!
Alemania se encontraba enton- :
ees obligada por el Tratado de
Paz de 1918 a mantener en
determinado nivel su fuerza y
se vali de su condicin de
miembro de la Conferencia del
Desarme para protestar contra
aquella restriccin contractual y
reclamar igualdad de derechos
en materia de armamentos.
No habiendo obtenido satis-
faccin de su demanda, Alema-
nia se insurgi contra la situa-
cin de desigualdad en que se i
I ia colocaba y se retir de la :
Conferencia el 23 de julio'de
1932. Esta medida comprome-
ta gravemente el buen xito de
la Conferencia a que todos as-
piraban, y durante los cuatro
meses que durq la ausencia de
Alemania, las Grandes Poten-
cias se entendieron entre si pa-
ra acordar que la Convencin
final que resumiera los resul-
tados de la Conferencia reco-
I nociera a Alemania los mismos
i derechos y obligaciones que a
I los dems signatarios en ma-
jteria de armamentos y seguri-
dad. De esa manera Alemania
reingres a la Conferencia el
14 de diciembre de 1932, y al
amparo de su aparente cola-
boracin ev la labor de redu-
cir los armamentos y organi-
zar un sistema efeetlvo fie paz
universal, pudo camuflar el des-
arrollo extraordinario de sus
fuerzas armadas acrecentando
su podero militar e inculcando
al mismo tiempo en la concien-
cia de su pueblo, mediante una I
propaganda hbilmente dirig-1
da, la necesidad de imponerse I
economas y preparar la ven-'
ganza nacional ajustndose el
cinturn, bajo el lema de "me-
nos mantequilla y ms cao-
La ocupacin de Renania no
se hizo esperar, y no necesita-
mos rememorar aqu todo cuan-
to vino despus. Francia no
ha podido olvidarlo y no es
extrao que mire hoy con des-
confianza la Incorporacin de
Unidades militares alemanas en
el ejrcito de las 12 Naciones
del Pacto del Atlntico que va
a organizar en Europa el Ge-
neral Elsenhower, antes de fir-
marse el Tratado de Paz que
ha de poner trmino jurdico a
la Segunda Guerra Mundial.
Pero la experiencia, reciente
bastar sin duda para preve-
nir nuevas sorpresas e imponer
garantas ms eficaces de se-
guridad colectiva para el fu-
Volviendo a la Conferencia, es
evidente que sin garantas de
seguridad es imposible conce-
bir el desarme de las Naciones,
y los estadistas de aquellos dias
no podan dejar de compren-
aerlo asi. De ah que la dele-
gacin francesa a la Conferen-
cia de Desarme presentara el
14 de noviembre de 1932 un
Plan de Desarme General y Or-
ganizacin de la Paz que no
entro a discutirse sino en fe-
brero de 1933.
El da 6 de ese mismo mes
yano' 'a delegacin rusa pre-
sidida por' el seor Litvlnoff
presento un Proyecto de De-
claracin sobre Definicin del
Agresor cuyos trminos resulta
curioso consultar en estos dias
despus de todo lo que Rusia y
sus satlites han hecho y des-
hecho en Europa y en Asia con
posterioridad a la Segunda Gue-
rra Mundial.
He aqu parte de lo que Lit-
vlnoff propona:
"lo. Ser reconocido como a-
gresor en un conflicto interna-
cional el Estado que primero
| haya cometido los actos si-
bi cuyas fuerzas" armadas,
aun sin declaracin de guerra
hayan Invadido el territorio de
otro Estado.
2o. Ninguna consideracin de
orden politico, estratgico o
econmico... ni la negativa de
reconocer a este (territorio) los
caracteres distintivos de un Es-
tado podrn servir para justi-
ficar la agresin p.evista en
el pargrafo lo."
El 16 de marzo siguiente, el
Primer Ministro Britnico pre-
sent otro Proyecto sobre Des-
arme que pas con los anterio-
res al estudio de una Comisin.
A mediados de mayo siguien-
te de la Delegacin de los Es-
tados Unidos, M. Norman Davis,
envi al Presidente de la Co-
misin del Desarme un Men-
aje del Presidente Franklin D.
Roosevelt dirigido a todos los
Jefes de los Estados participan-
tes en la Conferencia propo-
nindoles que firmaran un pac-
to solemne de no-agresin, que
reafirmaran sus oBllgaclones de
limitar y reducir sus armamen-
tos y que convinieran en no
enviar ninguna fuerza armada
de cualquier naturaleza ms
all de sus fronteras. Este Plan
Roosevelt pareca muy de a-
cuerdo en sus llneamlentos ge-
nerales con el Proyecto de Des-
arme presentado dos meses an-
tes a la consideracin de la
Conferencia por el Jefe del Ga-
binete Britnico, Sir John Si-
El seor Motta, Presidente
del Consejo Federal Suizo y de
la Delegacin helvtica en la
Conferencia, Invit entonces a
Mr. Davis a que dijera si los
Estados Unidos se asociaran a
un Plan Consultivo como el
propuesto por la Delegacin de
Gran Bretaa y a adoptar en
caso de conflicto las medidas
adecuadas para definir al agre-
sor y hacer cesar la agresin.
Dos das despus contest Mr.
Davis la pregunta del seor
Motta manifestndose en prin-
cipio de acuerdo con su con-
tenido y agregando que "si los
Estados Unidos aceptaban el
veredicto pronunciado contra el
responsable y culpable, se abs-
tendran de toda accin enca-
minada a hacer fracasar el es-
fuerzo colectivo que los pases
emprendieran para restablecer
la paz". Posteriormente, ya en
posesin de ms detalladas ins-
trucciones de su Gobierno, el
Jefe de la Delegacin norte-
americana volvi sobre el mis-
mo asunto en estos trminos:
"Todos los delegados saben
que el Gobierno de los Estados
Unidos de Amrica se propo-
ne enunciar su poltica en ma-
teria de consulta y de neutra-
lidad por va de declaracin
unilateral. A ttulo de ejem-
plo y sin contraer obligacin
por mis palabras, dicha decla-
racin seria concebida ms o
menos en estos trminos, supo-
niendo que la frmula redacta-
da por Sir John Simon fuera
aprobada por la Comisin Ge-
'Reconociendo que toda rup-
tura o amenaza de ruptura del
Pacto de Pars (Pacto Briand-
Kellogg) es cuestin que intere-
sa a todos los signatarios de
dicho Pact, el Gobierno de los
Estados Unidos de Amrica de-
clara que en caso de ruptura o
de amenaza de ruptura de este
acto, estar dispuesto a con-
ferenciar con vistas al mante-
nimiento de la paz, si una con-
sulta de ese gnero se organi-
zase conforme a los artculos
pertinentes y^a la parte la. d-
la Convencin de Desarme. En
caso de que ft Conferencia de
las Potencias lomara una de-
cisin concerniente a la deter-
minacin del agresor, con la
cual ef Gobierno de los Esta-
dos Unidos estuviera de acuer-
do en plena Independencia de
criterio, dicho Gobierno se obli-
gara no emprender ninguna
accin y a no dar ninguna pro-
teccin a sus nacionales que
estuviera comprometidos en ac-
tividades encaminadas a hacer
fracasar el esfuerzo colectivo
que la Conferencia de los Esta-
dos emprendiera contra el a-
gresor". Esta declaracin, agre-
gaba Mr. Davis, se redactara
en forma definitiva antes de la
firma de la Convencin de Des-
arme y seria hecha en el mo-
mento en que los Estados Uni-
dos de Amrica depositaran los
instrumentos de ratificacin de
la Convencin.
Sin embargo, cuando el mun-
do crea llegado el momento
de coronar los esfuerzos de tan-
tos aos en pro del desarme y
la seguridad con la firma de
la ansiada Convencin, Alema-
la Conferencia del Desarme y
nia se retir definitivamente de
de la Liga de las Naciones a la
vez, dando principio a la serle
de actos que condujeron a la
Segunda Guerra Mundial. Ya
en ese pas se haba consumido
toda la mantequilla pero sobra-
ban caones y haba que bus-
car la manera de utilizarlos.
Para que se vea hasta 'donde
era duro de convencer un pa-
cifista de aquellos dias, repro-
ducimos a continuacin la nota
al pie que aparece al final del
capitulo V de nuestro libro
"Ao y Medio en Ginebra", im-
preso en 1943:
"Al entrar en prensa este
libro, el retiro de Alemania
tanto de la Conferencia del
Desarme como de la misma So-
ciedad de Naciones es un he-
cho cumplido. La gravedad de
este hecho es tal que ha con-
movido por su base los opti-
mismos mejor cimentados. Con
todo, no se han cerrado irrevo-
cablemente las puertas que
pueden conducir a una solucin
pacifica del problema del des-
arme. (N. del A.)"
Desde entonces hasta hoy he-
mos vivido 19 aos ms, lapso
suficiente para desvanecer mu-
ehas ilusiones y hacer ganar
muchas experiencia. Ahora no
son los Estados Unidos los que
se hacen de rogar para acudir
en defensa de los pueblos agre-
didos; ahora los remolones son
otros". Ahora no son los chi-
nos las victimas de agresiones
extranjeras; ahora son ellos
mismos los agresores en con-
nivencia con los coreanos del
Norte y sabe Dios con quienes
ms. Corea no sufre ahora la
afrenta de la bota militar ni-
pona, antes bien espera que
le venga alguna ayuda liber-
tadora de lo que antes fue el
Imperio del Sol Naciente. La,
aspiracin universal de hace 20
aos era el desarme general; la
esperanza de hoy es el rear-
me del Occidente so pena de
no sobrevivir a la embestida
efectiva o potencial del Orlen-1
te. Hitler se retir de la Con-
ferencia del Desarme en 1932
y regres a ella cuatro meses
ms tarde para retirarse defi-
nitivamente un ao despus;
Stalin hizo tambin una esca-
pada temporal de la Organi-
zacin de. las Naciones Unidas
para regresar a ella hace al-
gunos meses no ms... Se re-
tirar definitivamente algn
da? Cuando su pueblo haya
consumido Bastante mantequi-
El veto era antao el arma
que. esgrima el Japn en el
Consejo de Ginebra para sub-
yugar a China; ahora es Ru-
sia quien fulmina los vetos en
el Consejo de Seguridad de la
ONU en defensa de sus sat-
lites agresores.
El Japn imperialista reco-
noci al Gobierno del Manchu-
ko y celebr con l un trata-
do de alianza despus de ha-
ber maquinado su exaltacin
al poder contra el Gobierno le-
gtimo de China y mientras se
debatia el conflicto armado chi-
no-Japons en el Consejo de
la Liga; 20 aos ms tarde Ru-
sia reconoce al Gobierno comu-
nista de Mao Tse-Tung y ce-
lebra con l un tratado de a-
lianza despus de haber Inter-
venido n su ayuda durante la I
guerra civil de China para ex- |
pulsar del pais al Gobierno Na-
cionalista de Chiang Kai-shek
y antes de regularizar la situa-
cin poltica en el Pacfico me-
diante la concertacln del Tra-
tado de Paz con el Japn.
Pretenda el Japn que la
cuestin manchurlana era una
de orden puramente interno en
la cual no tena por qu inter-
venir la Liga de Naciones; asi-
mismo pretende la Rusia de
hoy que la agresin de la Co-
rea del Norte contra la Rep-
blica Coreana del Sur es un
conflicto de orden puramente
interno de la nacin coreana
en la cual no se justifica la
intervencin de la ONU.
La agresin japonesa a Muk-
den en 1931 y la campaa b-
lica que la sigui por varios
aos fue una "guerra disfra-
zada" bajo las apariencias en-
gaosas del conflicto domsti-
co con que se la quiso encu-
brir; la agresin coreana re-
ciente, fomentada por Rusia y
respaldada militarmente por su
satlite asitico No. l, se ha
pretendido camuflar t a m b in
con el argumento especioso de
la cuestin puramente Interna
de la exclusiva competencia de
la soberana coreana.
Por ltimo, conviene tener
presente que antes de empren-
der Hitler su guerra de con-
quista pro Deutshland ber
alies, sobrevino la guerra civil
de Espaa que dio al traste con
el gobierno de la Tercera Re-
pblica Espaola y les sirvi
a Hitler y a Mussolini de la-
boratorio experimental in anima
vill (los espaoles eran los co-
nejillos de Indias) para el des-
arrollo de sus ulteriores planes
diplomticos y militares.
La guerra civil espaola po-
dra tener hoy un paralelo sor-
prendente o como dira Spen-
gler un "correspondiente" en
una guerra parcial europea en-
tre .satlites y ex-satlites de
Mosc, pongamos por caso. Se-
ra para Mosc un observato-
rio y campo de experimentacin
ideales, al alcance de su mano.
Y si tal cosa sucediera; si, co-
mo tanto se rumora en estas
tiempos. Yugoeslavla fuera el
teatro escogido para estas ope-
raciones de ltimos toques, ten-
dramos all el eslabn final de
las afinidades histricas que de-
jamos reseadas y que vendran
a rematar en una prxima gue-
rra universal, as como los an-
tecedentes de estos consecuen-
tes de hoy remataron en el es-
tallido de la segunda guerra
universal. Y pare de contar en
cuanto a afinidades histricas.
Que estamos geogrficamen-
te muy distantes del teatro de
las hostilidades actuales y que
Panam no tiene Intereses de
ninguna clase que defender en
aquellas apartadas reglones del
globo, son verdades de a puo
que a nadie se le ocurrira dis-
cutir. Menos discutible an es
el hecho de que la tcnica ha
acortado tanto las distancias
geogrficas que Corea dista hoy
de Panam menos horas de
vuelo areo de lo que distaban
Pars y Londres en horas de
viaje martimo cuando ocurri
la primera Guerra Mundial.
Tampoco es discutible el he-
cho de que Panam es miem-
bro de la Organizacin de las
Naciones Unidas, como lo fu*
en su tiempo de la Sociedad
de Naciones, y no podemos sua
ciudadanos aspirar a loa dere-
chos que esa condicin inter-
nacional nos confiere desenten-
dindonos a la vez de las obli-
gaciones correlativas.
Si algo significan los pala-
bras paz, justicia, derecho, se-
guridad, libertad, no les volva-
mos las espaldas cuando no sa
trata de sacarles ventaja sino
de ofrendarles sacrificios para
evitar que desaparezcan del pla-
neta o pbco menos.
Por otra parte, la confianza
y la tranquilidad que nos ha
inspirado nuestra experiencia
en las dos guerras mundiales
no deben obrar hoy como ma-
las y engaosas consejeras. Una
tercera guerra mundial no noa
sacara tan bien librados como
las dos anteriores, y es obvio
que si la guerra atmica llega
a visitarnos esta vez, no que-
dara ttere con cabeza en nues-
tras principales comunidades.
Todo lo perderamos: padres,
hijos, hermanos, parientes, a-
migos, bienes materiales y qui-
zs hasta la misma patria. Que-
dara la tierra arrasada y loa
hombres convertidos en un ha-
cinamiento de huesos calcina-
dos y carnes achicharradas. Li-
berales y conservadores, dem-
cratas y renovadores, penerres,
pri y pra, todos sin excepesin
pereceramos. Al cabo de varios
aos de estriles tentativas por
la unificacin liberal, lo qua
los liberales habramos logra-
do con nuestra imprevisin y
nuestra Incuria actual, sera la
unificacin nacional en el seno
de la muerte colectiva.
Elevmonos por encima da
las divergencias polticas y los
distanciamientos ideolgicos
imitemos a nuestras amigas y
asociadas las grandes demo-
cracias americanas y europeas
previendo la hecatombe cercana
y aprestndonos a defender los
grandes ideales por los cuales
vale la pena de vivir y morir.
Pero para cumplir a cabali-
dad con este deber de elemen-
tal humanidad y previsin que
la conciencia panamea nos
impone, tendramos que orga-
nizar e impulsar un movimien-
to previo de unin nacional,
an cuando solo fuera con es-
ta nica ocasin y para este
solo fin determinado. Las me-
didas que para ello hubiere de
tomarse deberan contar con el
respaldo, la colaboracin y la
representacin de todos los gru-
pos sociales, de todos los par-
tidos polticos, de todas las in-
dustrias, profesiones y activi-
dades gremiales, abriendo un
amplio parntesis de entendi-
miento en nuestra atmsfera
local saturada de querellas In-
testinas. De otra manera, seria
intil toda tentativa en esa ge-
nerosa direccin y ms nos val-
dra prescindir de ella de una
vez, pues sus verdaderos pro-
psitos seran mirados a tra-
vs del prisma de las pasiones
lugareas enardecidas y no tar-
daran en ser catalogadas por
media poblacin o por sus tres
cuartas partes como nuevos
Instrumentos de opresin y a-
mordazamiento disfrazados ba-
jo apariencias falaces de se-
guridad y sobrevivencia nacio-
Panam, febrero de 1951
Despus de escrito lo anterior,
el Gobierno ha creado una Co-
misin de Defensa Civil exclu-
sivamente compuesta de ele-
mentos oficiales. No es el ideal
que en el ltimo prrafo aca-
ricibamos, pero ya es algo y
ojal sea suficiente.
De Plstico Duradero
en Colores Hermosos
GRATIS! Pida el paquete grande de
Emulsin de Scott conteniendo una
cuchara linda. Obtenible en seis
atractivos colores. Y entonces d a
su familia todos ios dias esta tnico
alimenticio, rico en vitaminas y pre-
parado cientficamente. Es recomen-
dado por muchos mdicos. Pronto
Ud. veri a su familia mis fuerte y en
mejor salud.
Tnico Alimenticio de Alta Encrcjia

HARTES. ABRIL 17. 1951

El Gobierno venezolano contribuir
aumento a los obreros petroleros
Treinta millones
de bolvares dar
para este asunto
CARACAS, abril 17. La Junta de Gobierno de
los Estados Unidos de Vene-
zuela, en Consejo de Ministros,
dict un Decreto por el cuai
fijan normas especiales pol-
las que se regirn temporal-
mente las condiciones de tra-
bajo en la Industria petrole-
ra. Dicho Decreto, ledo por la
cadena de radiodifusoras de
nuestro pas por el Director1
de la Oficina Nacional de In-:
formacin v Publicaciones. Dr. |
Humberto Spinetti Dlnl. esta- |
blece una escala de sueldas que,
comprende aumentos propor-,
dnales que van desde dos bo-
lvares para los trabajadores
devenguen hasta veinte
tres boli-
treinta o
bolvares diarlos, a
vares para los de
ms diarlos. El Decreto enfoca
otros aspectos tales como el
problema de los trabajadores
hospitalizados o victimas de
accidentes de trabajo, la cues-
tin de los comisariatos y mu-
chos otros puntos que benefi-
cian positivamente a los ser-
vidores de la mencionada In-
El Dr. Carlos Tinoco Rodil.
Ministro del Trabajo, hizo una
exposicin a los trabajadores
de la rama petrolera, el mar-
tes 10, de la cual extractamos
los' siguientes prrafos:
"El Decreto que establece las
normas de acuerdo con las
cuales han de regir las rela-
ciones de trabajo en nuestra
industria del petrleo, expedi-
do ayer por la Junta de Go-
bierno de los Estados Unidos
de Venezuela, se ha inspirado
fundamentalmente en la nece-
sidad de atender las legtimas
, aspiraciones de los trabajado-
' res y las razones justas In-
vocadas por los empresarios,
preservando al propia tiempo
de todo riesgo la vida econ-
mico-social de la Nacin, tal
como lo impone la responsa-
bilidad del Gobierno para con
con el superior inters de la
colectividad venezolana. De es-
ta manera culmina un proce-
so durante el cual la gestin
oficial consisti en facilitar los
medios apropiados que condu-
jeran a un sano entendimien-
to entre la representacin de
los trabajadores y, patronos".
"Las nuevas normaos estable-
cida contemplan efectivamen-
te de modo principal le mejo-
ramiento econmico de los tra-
bajadores. Se consagran au-
mentos que van desde dos bo-
lvares como mnimo, hasta
tres bolvares en los trabaja-
dores de la nmina diaria; y
desde sesenta bolvares hasta
doscientos en favor de los de
la nmina mensual. Queda asi
establecido un salarlo mnimo
de diez y seis bolvares dia-
rlos para los obreros".
"La situacin del trabajador
petrolero venezolano contrasta
elocuentemente con la de los
salarlos mnimos imperante en
la misma Industria de pases
de fuerte produccin en el Me-
dio Oriente, que era, para 1950,
equivalente a slo cuatro boli-
te del general. Pero el verdade-
ro problema que esta frente a
nosotros es el de la poltica de
los Estados Unidos en el Leja-
no Oriente.
"Personalmente, y como ex-
oficlal que ha peleado en el
Faciflco, estoy de acuerdo con
la idea de MacArthur de hacer
un desembarco en la tierra fir-
me china para romper el es-
For STEFFAN ANDREWS vio 25 aos con la Infantera de tancamlento militar de Corea.
(N.A.N.A.) marina, rehus reirse en la Militarmente, esto es lo nico
WASHINGTON, Abril (EPS> Isla Wake, obligando a los Ja- i que puede hacerse."
l g-eneral MacArthur pro-' poneses a pelear furiosamente | Devereux acusa a los brit-
Se celebrar el
Da Panamericano
en el Congreso
Ceremonias especiales en el
Congreso de los Estados Uni-
dos pondran fin el martes a los
actos que durante ms de una
semana han tenido lugar con
motivo del Da Pan Americano.; Voco deliberadamente su des-: para poder vencer a sus pe-1 nicas de Impedir que se rompa
MacArthur ha puesto ante
el pueblo la cuestin de la
poltica hacia el Oriente
Oficialmente, el Da Paname-. utucln. con el fin de poner
rlcano es el 14 de Abril, pero ia cuestin de la poltica de
como este da ha sido sbado, Truman hacia e! Lejano Orien-
cuando no sesiona el Congreso, te frente a los ojos del pueblo
la celebracin se seal para el
El Presidente Truman, al ha-
cer un llamado para la celebra-
queo grupo de marinos
1942. /
Indicando que hablaba como
un ex-oflclal que haba cono-
ral James Devereux. famoso
hroe de la isla Wake.
Devereux, que ahora sirve en
clon del Da Pan Americano, t ei congreso como representan-
dljo en reciente proclama: "A te de arlland. cree que esta
todas las organizaciones lntere- era ]a nica forma en que un
sadas y el pueblo en general, que Vlejo soldado como MacArthur
norteamericano, dice el gene- cido muy bien a MacArthur y
se asocien en ceremonias apro-
piadas; testimoniando asi los
estrechos vnculos de amistad
existentes entre el pueblo de los
Estados Unidos y los de las otras
repblicas americanas".
El sl3lema interamericano.
que sabia cmo actuara un mi-
litar que cumpliera estricta-
mente los principios militares,
"Si MacArthur hubiera ol-
vidado por un momento la o-
bllgacln de un oficial, de no
retirarse jams ante un enemi-
go, habria sido amargamen'e
criticado. Por otra parte, la
cuestin de nsoburdinacin no
a dos diseos de casas que caa-
ron premio durante la Conven-
cin de los Constructores de Ca-
sas de Chicago. Arriba vemos
una casa de tres recmaras, la
cual puede ser construida por
$10,000, y la cual s san $8,250
en premios. Abajo vemos el di-
seo de la casa que se llev el
primer premio por la mejor ma-
nera de usar el vidrio en una
construccin. En este cbncurso
hubo 2,727 concursantes.
vares con quince cntimos por
da, elevndose para los obre-
ros altamente calificados a no
ms de ocho bolvares con
treinta cntimas".
"Conviene sealar que no
solamente las Compaas pe-
troleras habrn de soportar la
cuantiosa eroR-acln. Al Fisco
corresponde aproximadamente
un treinta por ciento de ella,
o sea que al Tesoro Nacional
dejarn de Ingresar anualmen-
te ms de treinta millones de
bolvares pnr motivo de los au-
mentos y mejoras acordados a
los trabajadores. Este sacrifi-
cio fiscal ha sido hecho por
el Gobierno a ln de asegurar
la mayor armona en el desa-
rrollo de las relaciones indus-
triales y de aumentar el bie-
nestar social de tan Importan-
te sector laborioso d la colec-
"Aquellas aspiraciones de los
i rasa a la Pat. 8. Col tf
Esta noche pngase unas
pocas gotas de Va-tro-nol
en cada fosa nasal. Rpida*
ment desalojan la estorbosa
mucosidad, descongestionan "1
la nariz. Ahora usted puede
'respirar ... y dormir.
poda provocar una decisin
sobre la materia. "No poda
renunciar", seala," porque un
oficial no puede dimitir mien-
tras sus tropas estn frente al entra en este caso. Todos los
enemigo. Su nico recurso era militares reconocen el prlnci-
' provocar valerosamente su pro- po del control civil y estoy se-
agreg el seor Truman, "es un j p|a destitucin para llamar la guro de que MacArthur ha sl-
ejemplo de progreso en el caml-1 atencln de todas los electores do siempre fiel a este prlncl-
no de la paz, la seguridad y la \ 0bre ia cuestin de nuestra po. Los demcratas tratan de
cooperacin". poltica militar." I confundir el Incidente, hablan-
Los oradores durante el Da'
destitucin del general MacAr-
' thur ha hecho pasar a segundo
trmino la discusin pblica
i sobre el presupuesto, que has-
ta hace poco era el tpico n-
SERVICIO CONTINENTAL (Antonio Batet): Con motivo
de la apertura del Curso Escolar, saludamos y nos ponemos
atentamente a las rdenes de los Comerciantes y Planteles
de Educacin, informndoles que en nuestro almacn pue-
den hallar cuanto necesiten para tener el mejor surtido de
tiles escolares.
mos a la disposicin de los Comerciantes y Planteles
de Educacin de toda la Repblica, la ms completa
lista d libros de estudios y obras de texto, para todos
los grados de la Primaria, Secundaria, Bachillerato,
Escuelas Especiales y Universidad.
Vendemos a los ms bajos precios, porque nos espe-
cializamos en este ramo y nos abastecemos directa-
mente de Fbricas y Editoras, vendiendo solamente al
Vistenos o llmenos por nuestro telfono 3-32 50
y gustosamente nuestro vendedor le har una visita.
Ordene todos los libros, cuadernos
y dems material escolar al:
Antonio Batel
Calle 30 Este, No. 21, Panam.
Telfono 3-3250 Apartado 1379
Tenemos todos los Tsxtos, Diccionarios. Atlas, Auxiliares de la Literatura y todo cuanto
necesite, proporcionndole el beneficio de ahorrar tiempo y dinero, puesto que no tendr
que buscar nada en otra parte, tenindolo todo en nuestra casa.
Pan Americano recalcaron la!
Importancia del mismo este ao
en relacin cpn la reciente reu-
nin de cancilleres americanos.'
Sus palabras han sido eco. de la I
proclama del Presidente Truman i
en el sentido de que la Organi-
zacin de los Estados America-
nos 'ha demostrado su efectivl- !
dad en el mantenimiento de la
paz en el Hemisferio Occiden-
tal". _____________
TIMES de anteayer, en un des-
pacho de Washington que decia ,
que la cuestin de MacArthur
no estaba decidla todava. Pero
en el mismo peridico apareca '
una fotografa del secretarlo I
del ejrcito nortame rlcano!
Frak Pace saludando sonriente
al general MacArthur a su lle-
gada a Tokio.
Aqu se cree que Pace lleva-
ba un mensaje de Truman avl- |
sando a MacArthur de su des-
tltucln, y que la tarta del ge- !
neral al representante Martin,'
de 20 de marzo, Invocando el
uso de las tropas nacionalistas
chinas contra los comunistas, I
fu la gota que colm la medi-
da y provoc la accin de Tru-
man. Pero el tema de la carta
no fu tratado muy en serio
por la prensa britnica.
Los conservadores se pregun-
taban por qu no iba MacAr-
thur a escribir tal carta, en'
tanto que los laboristas creen
que "Truman habla demasia-
do." Tambin se sostena aqu
que MacArthur tenia la mala
costumbre de mantenerse en
contacto demasiado estrecho
con loe politicos. Por lo gene-
ral, se le considera como vin-
culado a las lineas partidaris-
tas y en tanto que los conser-
vadores aprueban su actitud,
los socialistas no la creen acer-
El pblico en general no se
explica cmo pudo Truman
destituir a MacArthur del cargo
de comandante en jefe de las
fuerzas aliadas en el Lejano
Oriente. Se olvida que las Na-
ciones Unidas delegados la di-
reccin de las operacones mi-
litares en Corea, no a Mac-
mero uno aqu. Tal destitucin Arthur personalmente, sino al
tom enteramente por sorpre- gobierno de los Estados Unidos,
sa al pblico britnico, ya que'' Por lo tanto, ste es respon-
la B.B.C. en su trasmisin de! sable de la campaa coreana y
las siete de la maana, siendo 1 tiene en consecuencia auto-
repetida luego en todos los bo- rldad para nombrar y destituir
Klines noticiosos del da. comandantes en Corea, aunque
La nica indicacin de que se supone que con el conoci-
era posible .que MacArthur fue-miento de los otros miembros
ra reemplazado apareci en rifle las Naciones Unidas.
El general Devereux, que sir- do de insubordinacin de par-
en tal estancamiento al oponerse
al uso de tropas nacionalistas
cninas en Corea. Al electo dice:
"Los socialistas oue comm>p-v
el gobierno britnico son con
trarios a este plan. Saben muy
bien que perturbara su cOutci-
cio con los chinos en Hong-
Kong. MacArthur conoca esta
actitud. Es por esto que deli-
beradamente forz la cuesln,
sabiendo que significaba el fin.
d su carrera millar. Para dar
ese paso se necesita valor y
"Por supuesto, soy novicio en
cuestiones parlamentarias. Pero
de todos modos, me doy per-
fecta cuenta de que esa ha sido
la Intencin del general Mac-
Arthur y de que el problema
que tenemos que resolver es el
de la poltica norteamericana
en el Oriente."
Se teme que el prestigio de
E. U. en Asia sufrir por la
destitucin de D. MacArthur
Estamos desempacando
Cortinas de porch y de sala
en damasco y en tejido
Cortinas para recmara 3.25
Cortinas finas con ce-
nefa para recmara,
desde .........4.50 a 10 00
Arandela de algodn
con mottas para la
ventana de la cocina.. 4.95
Almohadas de espuma
de caucho con forro y
zipper ...............14 95
Lamparitas para rec-
mara en rosa, celeste,
amarillo, verde....... 2.95
Decorador ATECO pa-
ra dulces y cakes
desde ................ 2.80
Piezas ATECO para
hacer toda clase de
dibujos, pieza......... 0.20
Moldes aluminio
para hacer NGEL
CAKE ............... 1.00
Juegos de vasos para
6y8 ................ 1.55
Cucharltas de te y caf 0.35
Cucharitas para postre 0.40
Cucharas redondas pa-
ra sopa .............. 0.40
a Tenedores para carnes
y ensaladas.......... 0.40
Cuchillo para mante-
quilla ................ 0.40
Cuchillos para carne.. 0.60
Maletas con cubiertos
y platos y tazas de
plstico ..............13.95
Tablrs grandes para
amasar .............. 2.50
Tapitas de metal de
cierre hermtico...... 0.30
Potecitos de pared pa-
ra plantas ........... 0.80
Maletas plsticas para
sombreros ........... 5.95
Estantes de plstico en
colores para colocar 8
y 12 vestidos-----2.95 a 5.95
Franelas para limpiar
autos, muebles, vidrio 0.40
En Esta Primavera...
la linea aerea que It brinda mas por su dinero!
Ahora es la poca propicia para au viaje a Europa! En la Primavera .1
Viejo Continente ea ms atractivo. Un clima moderado, el teatro, concier-
tos y dveraion.. nocturnas, adems de una intensa actividad social. Pero
lo mejor de todo...Ud. har m. con tu dinero, su dinero vale mas!
Cinc. O Mas Por El Volar D.
Un Solo foto).
El ran de "Paradas Mltiple." de la
KLM le brinda sorprendente, venta-
jas! Por, ejemplo, un Boleto de Id. y
Vuelta Paria le permite visitar a
Montreal, Nueva York, Londres.
Amsterdam, ^Para. Para Roma .
podr visitar a diez ciudades por .1
mismo valor de un slo Boleto! Todo
fin cont adicional. Iji vasta rd
area de la KLM en Europa le
posibilitar infinidad de
variaciones en su.
2Ud. Pedro EicooorEntr. Cuatro
Rutas Di ill nial...
coNsmwr/ON o oc-d
1. Via Montreal
2. Va Nueva York
3. Por la Ruta del Sur Atlntico
4. Via Miami
El S.rvici.
Inmejorable D. La KLM
Dond. quiera que Ud. vuele por KLM,
Ud. vuel en Primera Clase! Esplndidas
comidaa. lo. ms finos vinoa y licorea,
adema, de 1 atencin por parte del per-
sonal desbordo, que han hecho a la Kl.M
tan lamosa en .1 mundo entero.
Para ms informas dirjase a:
BOYD BROTHERSCalle 'L' J. Panam. Tel. 1-2008
dems {encas de viajes reconocidas.



Ms de treinta delegaciones
asistieron al Congreso de
Azuero celebrado el sbado
Con todo xito se electu el
Congreso de Azuero en la sim-
ptica poblacin de Macaracas,
durante los das Viernes, S-
bado y Domingo de la semana
pasada. En l se dieron cita
ms de treinta delegaciones de
los pueblos de las provincias
de Herrera y Los Santos las
cuales presentaron y discutie-
ron ponencias de gran impor-
tancia para la vida de las dos
provincias y de gran repercu-
den nacional.
Fu de enorme inters la
brillante exposicin hecha por
el Dr. Francisco Samanlego
obre los resultados obtenidos
en la jira Medico Asistenclal
de la Provincia de Los San-
tos, efectuada el ao pasado.
En dicha exposicin el distin-
puido galeno hizo un profun-
do anlisis de la realidad in-
teriorana, llenando a conclusio-
nes de incalculable valor cien-
tfico y social, las cuales sern
publicadas oportunamente.
Correspondi la inauguracin
fiel Congreso a su Presidente
Don Ovidio Daz quien en mag-
nifica improvisacin hizo re-
saltar la Importancia de que
ste como smbolo de unin de
las provincias que forman a
pennsula de Azuero y como
estmulo para el fortalecimien-
to del movimiento civlco Inte-
riorano. La clausura estuvo a
cargo del primer vicepresidente
Ing. Roberto Reyna, quien en
su discurso resalt la impor-
tancia de las jiras mdicas que
dlrije el Dr. Francisco Sarna-
niego; present el panorama
de la explotacin de que es
vctima el campesino paname-
o y afianz la trascendencia
de la labor que realizan las
asociaciones cvicas interiora-
La Confederacin le Asocia-
clones Cvicas Interioranas es-
tuvo representada por los se-
ores Alonso Bonilla, Nicanor
Castillo Jr. y Celedonio Guar-
dia, quienes en todo momento
dieron al Congreso su ms de-
cidido apoyo. Asimismo, las de-
legaciones de la Universidad,
de la Federacin de Estudian-
tes, de Asociacin de Profeso-
res, de la Federacin Obrero-
Campesina y otras que esca-
pan a Ir memoria, tuvieron
magnificas Intervenciones que
dieron mayor prestancia al Im-
portante congreso.
4Indica menoscabo, Pl.
9Isla griega del Archipilago.
12Ave trepadora.
13Clase social, galicismo.
14Del verbo arar.
15Presentar a consideracin.
17Especie de pual.
19Repeticin de sonido, Pl.
20Memorandum, Abv.
21Pieza de artillera.
23Clase de dientes. Pl.
26Articulo, Pl.
27Voz de cantante.
29Gorra militar.
28Nota musical.
30Pez comestible. Pl.
31Tejido de malla.
32Preposicin inseparable.
33Del verbo velar.
84Serpiente antillana.
35Fuentes para sopa.
38Semilla aromtica. Pl.
39 Rio de Rusia. Menos 1.
40Ejercen el sufragio.
42Congregaciones religiosas.
46Gas de olor fuerte y
49Baile tpico cubano.
1Del verbo Ir.
ITerminacin de diminutivo.
tiene los
mejores programas
3Nacidos en Lima.
4Nacido en Letonla.
5 Letra castellana. Pl.
6Tratamiento ingls.
7Organizacin Tradicional,
In le.
8Tranquilos, en calma.
9Caja grande.
10Metal precioso.
16Igual al 19 horizontal.
18Caudillo rabe.
20Extremidades de cierto
22Polo positivo.
23Hija de Saturno y Cibeles.
24Pabelln del odo.
25Clase de tela, Pl.
30Carneros de origen espaol.
31Noveno mes del ao
33Conducto de la sangre.
34Sacerdote zorostrlco.
36Campesino inculto.
37Figuras geomtricas.
39Zumo de uva fermentado.
40Forma de la segunda
42Nota musical.
43rgano de la vista.
44Igual al 49 horizontal.
47Zona Occidental, Inic.
- nt VFR
i*nnn nnrt irir
nnra ana
ClOlNlSjI s t|aUo D |R
A IR lo iiO T oWaIn 0 6 o
W3VV3 (1HH3 3Ua
kjAlN 0 AlLlA N os
UJLS fciaiJ! U
Quieren que les
construyan puente
en Calzada Larga
Calzada Larga, 16 de Abril
de 1951.
Director de la Voz del Interior
Estimado seor:
Rugole dar cabida en su In-
teresantsima pgina a la al-
galente carta:
Plinio Vrela
Jefe Ad-Honorem de la
Seccin de Caminos.
Obras Pblicas.
Estimado seor:
Me dirijo a usted una vez
ms con e! deseo de que tenga
a bien de prestarnos su coo-
peracin en el problema que
da a dia est siendo una pe-
sadilla para el puebo en ge-
neral, ya que nuestro medio de
comunicacin que nos conduce
a la ciudad capital tiene una
obstruccin, de algo que seria
ms o menos un esqueleto de
un PUENTE. Comprendo que
esta no es la primera de esta
especie que le dirigimos en es-
te sentido adems de las va-
rias visitas que se ha dignado
usted a aceptar en su despa-
cho. Comprendemos Seor V-
RELA que si solamente estu-
viera de su parte, no nica-
mente compondra el puente
LARGA sino tambin los de-
ms que estn en este estado
en varios lugares de la rep-
blica. Espero de Ud. quien ha
tenido un amplio sentido de
cooperacin para el agricultor
ver realizado el ESQUELETO
EN PUENTE. Deseoso que los
Seores Mrquez y Totl White
Inspectores de esta Seccin le
presten una cooperacin a es-
te pueblo QUE SIEMPRE LE
Dndole mil gracias por la
atencin prestada, a la pre-
sente se suscribe,
Caries F. Robolt,
(Secretarlo Pro-Mejoras
, del PUEBLO.
Llega a Macaracas
el Dr. Alberto
MACARACAS, abril 10. -
Corresponsal. Procedente de
la ciudad de Coln lleg a s-
ta en las horas de la tarde del
dia 7 de los corrientes el Doc-
tor Alberto Espinosa, quien ha
sido nombrado por el Gobier-
no Nacional Director de la U-
nldad Sanitaria de aqu de Ma-
caracas en reemplazo del Doc-
tor Terencio J. Delgado, quien
fu trasladado a la poblacin
de Caazas en la provincia d
Este Corresponsal que tuvo
la oportunidad de entrevistar-
se con el Doctor .Alberto Es-
pinosa a su llegada aqu, pue-
de informar a los lectores que
el mencionado Doctor viene
animado de la mejor voluntad
por llenar su cometido. Que
atender en su clnica con
mucho gusto a todo aquel que
le solicite sus servicios profe-
slnales y que se propone vi-
sitar peridicamente los Corre-
gimientos de este Distrito y al-
gunos del de Los Santos que
le Indique el Departamento de
Salud Pblica con el fin de
ver como vive el campesinado
y curar a las personas que se
encuentren enfermas y que
por alguna causa no pueden
venir a la poblacin.
Tanto las autoridades loca-
lea como el pueblo en general
le han ofrecido al Doctor Al-
berto Espinosa una decidida y
amplia cooperacin.
Durante tres das ser
fumigado todo David
Poro poder hacer cambios de importancia que mejorarn el
servicio, ser necesario interrumpir la corriente elctrica en
todos los circuitos de los sectores comprendidos entre Calle
"J" y Avenida Central entre Calles 17 y 19 Este, el Mirco-
les 18 de Abril de 5:00 a.m. a 7:00 a.m.
H sido, es y ser un gran factor *n al desarrollo d*.
progreso de Panam.
SMBOLOS DE PROGRESO. La entrada de la imponente Escuela de SantiaKo aparece en
cata fotografa. En el frente un camin conductor de correos. Dos smbolos de progreso
para nuestro interior de la Repblica.
El estudio del nio
Libertarla G. de Cohn
El informe enviado a nosotros
por las directoras de la escuela
Nicols Pacheco prueba que las
medidas recomendadas en re-
lacin con los alumnos excep-
cionales han beneficiado visi-
blemente a 'esos alumnos y a
la escuela en general.
El establecimiento de la Ho-
ra Social; de la Sociedad "Co-
operacin Juvenil" de la cual
forman parte no slo alumnos
problemas sino tambin aque-
llos que tienen deseo de coope-
rar; el establecimiento del Es-
tudio del Nio y la Investiga-
cin sobre alumnos que aban-
donan la escuela, han permi-
tido que los alumnos problemas
de conducta se transformaran
en alumnos cooperadores, disci-
plinados, estudiosos y que se
ayudara a aquellos que se ale-
jaban de las aulas.
Con esas medidas, las direc-
toras y maestras consiguieron
que todos los alumnos traba-
jaran en clase de modo ms
eficiente, hasta uno que pare-
ca incapaz mentalmente.
La sociedad "Cooperacin Ju-
venil" se dividi en comisio-
nes. Una de ellas tuvo a su car-
go la vigilancia de la limpieza
y ornato de todo el edificio;
otra comisin cooper en la
disciplina y otros alumnos se
preocuparon por la salud de
sus compaeros; gracias a esos
esfuerzos fue atendido a tlem-
po un nio cuya salud estaba
bastante delicada. A un nlftlto
i abandonado se le coloc en una
| Institucin y a un alumno que
I tenia nogar impropio se le brin-
d acomodo en el hogar de uno
de los socios.
Las nias tambin tuvieron
' su tiempo libre agradablemen-
te ocupado. Con retazos rega-
lados confeccionaron parte de
un mantel y otras cosas Indis-
pensables en el comedor de la
escuela. Estos alumnos ofrecie-
ron sus servicios a la Cruz Ro-
ja. Solicitaron tela para con-
feccionar y roptas a los rtlos
pobres. La Sociedad de Coope-
racin Juvenil se hizo cargo de
la preparacin del programa de
Navidad y llen su cometido a
plena satisfaccin de todos.
Con objeto de conocer a fon-
do todos esos alumnos, se les
hizo un estudio completo, lo
cual permiti conocerlos mejor
y ayudarlos con xito.
Las directoras se propusieron
tambin iniciar el estudio de
los alumnos que abandonan la
escuela prematuramente. El pri-
mero de esos casos fue un a-
lumno de VI grado que no ha-
ba podjdo ajustarse en el gra-
do y qtie se haba retirado de
la escuela. Investigadas las cau-
sas, se aplicaron los remedios
necesarias y se consigui que
el alumno regresara a la es-
cuela, trabajara normalmente y
satisfactoriamente el curso.
En el caso de una alumna
que se retir para atender a
DAVID, abril 17. Corre3-
rresponsal, La Oficina de
Sanidad de esta Provincia tie-
ne acordado plan de fumiga-
cin de la ciudad de David du-
rante tres das. Para tal fin
ha elaborado un horario que
comprende las Zonas Sur y Cr-
eate de David para el Lunes de
6 a.m. y de 7 a 9 p.m. Zona
Norte martes 17 de 6 a 7 a.m.
y de 7 a s p.m. este da mir-
coles 18 del presente de 8 a 7
a.m. y de 7 a 9 p.m. Esta
magnfica labor de Sanidad del
Inspector Ricardo Vargas se
extender adems a Boquete,
Concepcin y otros puntos d
la provincia.
Mil ciento cincuenta balboas
han colectado en Son para
la construccin de la iglesia
SONA, abril 17. (Corres-
ponsal). El Domingo 15 del
corriente mes tuvo lugar una
reunin de la Junta Pro-Igle-
sia en el recinto del templo,
precedida por el dinmico y
entusiasta Padre Alfredo Lpez,
quien recientemente ha sido
nombrado Cura de este pueblo
y ya ha comenzado a desarro-
llar sus actividades en pro de
sus feligreses.
Se procedi a nombrar, o
mejor dicho a confirmar la an-
tigua Junta, Integrada como
sigue: Rvdo. P. Alfredo Lpez
como Presidente; Srta. Stella
Mara Sosa, Vice-Presldenta;
Don Ignacio Rojas, Vocal; Don
Fernando Dutari (Pillo), Te-
soro) y la Srta. Anglica Al-
varado, Secretaria.
El tesorero dl cuenta de laa
colectas anteriores, indicando
que haba un saldo en efec-
tivo de Mil ciento cincuenta
dlares. Lo que va es una ba-
se. Se determinaron comisio-
nes para recorrer los campos
haciendo al debida propagan-
da y colectando las limosnas.
Muchas personas ofrecieron
sus donativos.
Se estableci nombrar una
Junta Pro-Iglesia de loa Sona-
eos que residen en Panam
para que tambin ellos desa-
rrollen actividades para este
mismo fin.
Desde estas columnas hace-
mos un llamamiento a todos
los buenos hijos del pueblo pa-
ra que tomen con todo entu-
siasmo esta gran obra.
Con gran imponencia tuvieron
lugar los actos de coronar
a la Reina Bexie Rodrguez
I un hermanlto enfermo, se die-
ron los pasos a fin de que la
; alumna pudiera seguir prepa-
rndose fuera de la escuela sin
, abandonar su trabajo.
El resultado de esta labor de
I estudio y mejoramiento de los
| alumnos redund en beneficia
| de la buena marcha de la es-
: cuela hasta tal punto que pue-
i de decirse que la escuela mar-1
cha por si sola y que todos, |
> maestros y alumnos se sienten
j contentos.
Durante las horas que per-
1 manecimos en la escuela en en-
trevista con la directora y 1%
subdirectora, pudimos observar
(que tanto en el recreo como
en las horas de clase la disci-
plina era natural y espont-
nea y haba una franca alegra.
Esa disciplina slo es posible
cuando hay directores y maes-
tros comprensivos, y de ver-
dadera vocacin
La escuela Nicols Pacheco
se propone poner en prctica
una serle de ideas durante el
proximo ao escolar. Una de
ellas se/ la organizacin de la
Sociedad de Protectores de la
Escuela, lo cual permitir poner
en prctica muchas iniciativas.
Los directores y maestras del
plantel mencionado deben sen-
tirse satisfechos. Los que cree-
mos que los medios empleados
por esas educadoras son los ms
apropiados si tratamos de redu-
cir el nmero de repetidores y
Con todo entusiasmo se efec-
tuaron los Importantes actos
que, con motivo del Reinado
de Su Majestad Bexie I., Reina
de Azuero, tuvieron lugar du-
rante el ltimo fin de semana
en la poblacin de Macaracas.
A la llegada de Su Majestad a
la simptica poblacin, en
compaa del Dr. Francisco Sa-
manlego, una gran cabalg-ata
seguida del pueblo macaraque-
o dl la bienvenida a la be-
lla reina y al ilustre galeno.
La coronacin estuvo a car-
go del Presidente del Congreso
Don Ovidio Diaz y durante el
desarrollo del programa en
honor de la Reina y su Corte,
el nilto de cinco aos Csar
Gonzalo Daz declam un her-
moso poema, recibiendo por
ello clamorosos aplausos de la
concurrencia; asimismo, varios
Inspirados compositores maca-
raquefios ofrendaron a la Rei-
na con hermosos gallinos y
En general, el Reinado de
el de problemas de conducta,
confiamos en que estas expe-
riencias han de animar a otros
maestros en tan delicada tarea.
Bexie I. fu una nota ejem-
plar de sentido social y da
gran camaradera, que logr la
unidad de las provincias do
Herrera y Los Santos. La Rei-
na, en sus magnficas inter-
venciones agradeci al pueblo
la distincin de que habla si-
do objeto y lo invit a hacep
causa comn para lograr ia
formacin de una "mstica In-
teriorana" y apoyar a las jira
mdlco-asistenclales del Doctor
Francisco Samanlego.
En todos los actos del Rei-
nado hizo acto de presencia y>
se identific con el entusias-
mo reinante, la Reina Tiple
Nacional, 8u Majestad Martha
I. con varias damas de su Cor-
te, lo cual fu una nota do
verdadera unin de la masa in-
terioran*, qua fu may bier
comentada por l concurren-
cea la aMa aeciea de Nka-SsKzsr.
Utted est doblemente eeguro de
aliviar tu dolor da cabeza cuando
toma Alka-Seltzer, porque ai anal-
gsico y alcalino. Alivia 1 exceao
'da acidez gstrica qua a menudo
acompaa al dolor da cabaxa. Con-
eervalo aiampre a mano.
Compre al tobracito da

de i
t l
C. Gonzlez Revilla & Hno.,
distribuidores en Panam
J Detiene rpidamente, sin peligro, e!
1 Hace desaparecer inmediatamente el olor
del Sudor.
3 Le ofrece completa proleccin de uno a
tres das.
4 No irrita la piel normalpuede usarla
a diario.
5 No mancha ni daa la ropa.
6 Nunca se seca ni se pone arenosa, como los
desodorantes ordinarios.
7 No es grasosa, se desvanece como "cold
cream .
MiUotut da mujere ttaan cawaarfjrmai la i

MAETE3, ABRIL 17, 1951
Informes para esta seccin se reciben en la
rseaaccin Social
Telfono I-Sllt
DURAS: l:M a 11:00 a.m.
Apartado 134
Almuerzo en el Golf
S. E. el Embajador de M-
xico, Ing. Eduardo Morillo Sal
uirecl noy un almuerzo en el
Club de Golf, en honor de 8.E.
1 Embajador de Venezuela be-
or Enrique Castro Gmez.
Comida en El Panam
E! Dr. Denla F. Reeder y se-
ora ofrecieron anoche una
comida en el hotel El Pana-
mi, para agasajar al seor
Lewis Prager y seora, quie-
nes procedentes de Berkeley,
California, se encuentran pa-
sando una corta temporada en
nuestra capital.
Almuerzo Campestre
El seor Jaime de la Guar-
Seora! Seorita! Si cada me* sufre
Ud. dolores agonizantes, nerviosidad
y abatimiento a causa de desarreglo
runcional del organismo femenino,
debe tratarse. Cuanto mis pronto,
tanto mejor, pues esos desarreglos
orgnicos pueden causarle mayores
sufrimientos si Ud. se descuida. Y
recuerde que los culmame* que
slo alivian el dolor temporalmenl*
o remedian el mal. Regulado
Gesteira es afamado por rus exce-
lentes resultados contra las ce
gestiones y desarreglo fundo-
Bales del organismo propio de la
toujer. Este gran remedio no slo
alivia esos dolores y malestares sino
que tomado de acuerdo con las
instrucciones ejerce un efecto descon-
gesvo, tnico y regulador que haca
mucho bien al organismo. Lbrese de
jos sufrimientos! Proteja su saltad I
v frmula del Dr. J. Gesteira
Noddy Nostlo dice.
Srvalo coa
Chocolate con Azcar
y Leche
Se prepara al Instant*
en la taza.
da Jr. y seora Rosemary P.
de de la Guardia ofrecieron el
domingo un almuerzo informal
en El Caney, al cual asisti un
grupo de sus amistades.
Despedida de Soltera
Con motivo del prximo ma-
trimonio de la seorita Isa
Vallarlno-Cspedes, la seora
Nena V. de Byrnes la agasaj
el domingo con una chocla-
tada en su residencia en Ca-
La seorita Dorlta Barraza
Valds oecl en dias pasados
un almuerzo en su residencia,
para agasajar a la seorita
ida Vallarlno Cspedes quien
contraer matrimonio prxi-
Una piata ofrecer a sus
numerosos amigultos la gra-
ciosa nllta Lupita Ramirez
quien cumple hoy sus tres aos
de edad. Al felicitarla lo ha-
cemos extensivo a sus padres
don Jorg-e Ramrez, compae-
ro de labores y seora doa
Aura Stanziola de Ramrez.
Agasajo de Despedida
El Embajador de Chile en
Panam, don Manuel Hidalgo
Plaza ofrecer maana mler-
coiea un coctel de despedida
al seor don Alfonso Vicua,
con motivo de su regreso a
Chile, en la sede de la Emba-
jada de 5:30 de la noche. Es-
tan circulando invitaciones pa-
ra este acto.
De Europa
Saludamos cordlalmente a 3.
E. el Ministro de irancia se-
or Guy Mennant y seora
Madeaine de Mennant quienes
llegan hoy de Francia en don-
de pasaron una temporada.
Dr Costa Rica
Presentamos un atento salu-
do de bienvenida a S E el
Ministro de Oran Bretaa' en
Costa Rica, seo; Bernard f.
Sullivan y seora, quienes de
paso para Inglaterra, perma-
necern durante varios dias en
nuestra capital, huspedes de
8. E. el Ministro de Oran Bre-
taa en Panam, seor Ene
Arthur Cleugh.
Acompaados de sus nios
regresaron ayer de San Jos en
donde pasaron la temporada
da verano el Dr. Augusto Daz
Q. y seora Isabel o. de Daz
Los saludamos.
De Mxico
Orata estada le deseamos ni
seor Vicente Ariztegul quien
lleg en dias pasados a Pa-
nam con el fin de reunirse
con su esposa, seora Carmen
Andreve ae Ariztegul, y per-
manecer aqu una temporada
visitando a sus familiares.
Para los Estados l'nidos
Despedmos cordlalmente a
la seora Dorothy de Oorin,
quien sigui anoche hacia Min-
neapolis, Minn, en donde pa-
sar una temporada.
Despedimos al Le. Roberto
Alemn, quien sigui para
Nueva York en viaje de ne-
Sigui ayer para Texas por
la va area en viaje de ne-
gocios, el seor Antonio M.
Arias. Lo despedimos.
Da Taboga
Despus de pasar varas se-
manas en Taboga se encuen-
tra de nuevo entre nosotros la
seorita Julia Mndez. La sa-
De Rio Grande
Saludamos a la seorita Olga
de la Iglesia, quien regres
ayer de Rio Grande en donde
paso la temporada da vacacio-
nes visitando a su Ua, seora
Juana de Dloz Senz.
Nuestras ellcltacioens a los
esposos. Carlos Ivn Zftlga y
Sydla de Zftlga por el adve-
nH?Uent0 a su hsar de una
niita, arribada con toda feli-
cidad el domingo en el Hos-
pital Santo Toms.
V*ni I & \ t-. 4. rt* ^\*m. Al.
af '!-*^. ..;* 1
Saludamos atentamente a la
seorita Virginia Escala quien
se encuentra ya restablecida
de una delicada operacin a
que fu sometida.
Cumpleaos de Hoy
Sr. Braulio Vsquez G.
Srta. Leslla Mejia Andrin.
Sra. Luny de Fbrega.
Sr,ta. Rita Cecilia B. Ooytla
Sf. Carlos Berguido.
Sr. Mario de Diego.
Nia Allda Novey Morrlce.
Nio Julio I. Alemn Jr.
Nio Randall Novey de la
Nio Ramn Alejandro Fe-
rrer Morgan.
Cumpleaok da Maana
Sra. Hilda V. der H. de Van
Dr. Gregorio Mir.
Sr. Julio R. Valds.
Sr. Armando Pallis Lacayo.
Nia Ana Elena Boyd Chap-
Nia Marta Gonzlez Ruiz
Nia Vllma Raquel Corts.
Nio Alberto Castrelln Oller.
Est Noche
del discurso de MacArthur es
que ste ser escrito "en tr-
minos generales". Esto indica
que el General esperar hasta
ms tarde para iniciar la de-
fensa de su poltica en el Le-
jano Oriente, que culmin con
su destitucin por el Presiden-
te Truman.
El General MacArthur no ha
dicho nada sobre su disputa
con el Presidente Truman des-
de que fue destituido la sema-
na pasada.
Una caravana de 17 carros
con escolta de motocicletas a-
compa al General acArthur
a lo largo de la carretera has-
ta Honolulu. Los obreros tos-
tados por el sol, los trabaja-
dores de las fbricas de con-
serva, y los nios gritaban lle-
nos de jbilo al paso del Gene-
ral MacArthur.
Los carros se dirigieron al
Cementerio Nacional del Pac-
fico en el crter de un volcn
extinto. MacArthur baj de su
automvil llevando una coro-
na de orqudeas, la cual coloc
ante el mstil de la bandera v
con voz entrecortada y manos
temblorosas le rindi tributo a
los 13,000 soldados que se en-
cuentran enterrado en el ce-
Cientos de mujeres, hombres
y nios observaron rn silencio
al General MacArthur rendir
tributo a los hroes cados.
Desde el cementerio, la cara-
vana se dirigi a la Universi-
dad de Hawaii, en donde 3,000
unlversl t r 1 o s hawailanos y
cientos de ciudadanos lo reci-
bieron entre vtores y aplausos.
El General MacArthur, son-
riente, recibi con orgullo en
persona el titulo honorario de
Doctor en Leyes que le fue con-
ferido hace cinco aos por co-
De all, el General se dirigi
al barrio residencial de Walkiki.
Acaba de ser ascendido al
cargo de Director del Catastro
e Impuesto sobre Inmuebles el
seor Demetrio Pinzn C, quien
venia desempeando anterior-
mente el de sub-director del
El nombramiento recado en
la persona del seor Pinzn
ha Impresionado muy bien, tan-
to dentro del personal de Ren-
tas Internas como a los amigos
particulares que han tenido la
oportunidad de apreciar el es-
pritu de responsabilidad, de
trabajo y don de gente que ca-
racterizan al seor Pinzn.
Queremos hacer llegar hasta
el distinguido servidor pblico
nuestras felicitaciones... desen-
dole muchos xitos en sus la-
COCKTAIL EN EL PANAMA. El seor Scolliy Moore y seora ofrecieron ayer un cocktail
en el Hotel El Panam, para agasajar a los delegados a la Conferencia de la Esso, que se en-
cuentran reunido? en nuestra ciudad.
Cmo mantener la
firmemente en la boca
Le molesta su dentadura poetiza porque
se le cue ni comer, hablar o rer? Polvo-
rela con un poco de F1XODENT (Fas-
teeth). Este polvo alcalino (no-cido
mantiene la dentadura postiza mas fir-
me y cmodamente en la boca. No que-
da ninguna sensacin pegajosa. No agria
la boca. Suaviza el aliento. Obtenga
riXODENT tFasteeth) en cualquier far-
macia hoy.
w. 0. r.
La cruel madrastra y las malvadas hermanastras Idean un
plan para que Cenicienta no pueda ir al baile del palacio real,
conociendo asi al Prncipe, en esta maravillosa produccin de
Walt Disney, "LA CENICIENTA", toda en dibujos animados,
Tecnicolor y largo metraje, que distribuye laRKO Radio.
i POR s
Pag OlTtNEg Pronto Alivio de una
garganta irritada, inflamada o reseca
irritaciones menores de los bronquios,
producidas por un resfriadoprueba
Ud el Jaxabi Tanco Pasa La Tos.
TANCgo es un remedio eficaz, usadoy
recomendado por muchos medicos y
enfermeras. Tancro tomado de acuerdo
con nuestras instrucciones, es igual-
mente eficaz y agradable para los nio.
A la venta en las farmacias.
IdliljlU parala TOS
ofo Ftoocro NOKWICH
P.: 00
El Hijo Perdida
Drama Avena Quaker
Coctel musical .
Noticiero R.P.A.
Robert Garden y su Or}.
Vibraciones del Air
(Nacho Valds)
Filigranas musicales
Msica escogida
Noticiero deportivo
Merel y Arango.
Solos de rgano
Lucho Azcirraga
por el Ron Carta Vieja
Mara (de Jorge Isaac;
Cigarrillos "Camel"
El Radio peridico
Por los Senderos de la
Msica popular
El Favorito de Hoy
Melodas hawallanas
Cantares de Espaa
Msica variada
El Hit Musical de Hoy
Msica favorita
Dramatlzacin de BBO
Fiesta Panamericana
Buenas noches
Buenos Dias
El Despertador Musical
Noticiero R.P.A.
Msica tpica
Melodas matinales
Grandes maestros
La voz de hoy
Cantares de Mxico
El Correo del Aire
El Disloque Musical
Melodas de Venezuela
Msica variada
Msica de saln
Solos de rgano
Lucho Azcrraga
Pinturas Pabco
Noticiero Deportivo
Guillermo Rolla
Boleros favoritos
Acordes porteos
Cantares de Mxico
Lotera Nacional
Msica norteamericana
Cumple hoy 11 aos de edad
la simptica niita Anita Gema
Prez, hja del Sr. Santos More-
, no de Paz v la *r*. pi-'. *-
res. Por tal motivo sus queridos
padres celebraran una ..i.-. ..-
ta en donde asist'.rn todos los
! amigultos de la simptica Anita
Gema. Queremos desearle a la
niita Gema aue siga cum"iie-'-
I do muchos aos ms rodeada
del cario de todos los suyos.
La muchedumbre llenaba las a-
ceras y los carros estaban es-
tacionados, pegados los unos a
los otros a lo largo de la ca-
lle. MacArthur cen en silencio
despus del desfile. El Presi-
dente Truman permaneci en
esa misma casa cuando se di-
rigi a la Isla Wake, a confe-
renciar con MacArthur a prin-
cipios de este ao.
fflA$t4ftt9t... qu ricos! Siempre gustan
i ...y se hacen con la mayor facilidadl
J?/ Cv?,J,?/Arf
So los agrega locho, so cocinan
v unos 5 minutos. \ Eso as todo I
La ma's cmoda, la ms suave de las
toallas sanitarias. No hay nada como
NoeMsda tfovVw*CH<4orW*H
El obsequio que brinda
ms satisfaccinpor su
escritura insuperable y
su funcionamiento
*"*oa de "" L, tti1*1 <10,2.! V
Ni aun los ms caros son Mejores que CUTEX
No ea el precio lo que hace un producto superior,
sino ras cualidades. lie aqu en qu consiste la
superioridad de Cutex. Por contener "ensmelon",
el nuevo y asombroso ingrediente, exclusivo de
Cutex, hace qua su lustre permsnsca inalterable,
bello, en las uas por dias y das no m
agrieta, desprende o descolora. Cutex viene
en tonos muy de moda.
Desde hoy pruebe CL'TEX y convnzase.
VA rtmahr para uas mas popular del mundo
rarker Jl
ueva rarKer
El obsequio predilecto ... por su
belleza, porque brinda escritura sin
psr. Vhora. con el exclusivo Sistema
Aero-metric de Tinta, U Nueva
'al" regula el fluir de la tintasin
fallas, sin wterrupcion. Psra el ob>
sequo que satisface, que dura, elija
la Nueva "51" con el hermoso la.
pie-ero que hace juego.
Precios: Plumas Parker "51" B/. 13.50 y 16.5*.
Distribuidores y Central de Atencin:
Calle 28 Este No 10. Panama. R de P
Edificio Panamericano. Calle 6a v Ave BolvarColon R
de P.

/m<;in< sna
MARTES, ABRIL 17, 1951
NO hay mejor Va para VENDER ALQUILAR COMPRAR etc
que la ruta al Departamento de los CLASIFICADOS DEL P. A.
Nuestros Agentes o Nuestras Oficinas lo atendern:
Mnimo por
75 palabras.
3* por cada
palabra adicional.
ft*. Ti\ll Na 4
ni. mw
Far,up de
A.e 4 4a Jalla
TtL t-M4l
Art Msltaaai t.Ut
Tal nsC.Im.
Calla 1Z Otila Na U
Calla '' Na 47 Panama
A va. C tamal 12-171 CaMa
APROVECHE:Pintura* y timaaat
txra brillantes a aruaba at asaa*
B.3.25 faln. Almacenas Troalau-
SI VEN DIN.Clava*. rafeara iMflr*.
acara acanalad*. Fir-Tai (cartea
aiOaaoi aara ciela raiaal mae*-
ai.' lavjinonoi aicusaata. te
loa praciaa m* baja* an alaia
aja, lititna1* a la* franca. Tal
SE VENDE: lncubodoro alctrico
Tal 3-0255-___________________
SE VENDE: Cochorros perro lobo
legtimos. Tel. 3-2690.
SE VENDEN:--Pasajes Pan-American
Airways y se aceptan reservacio-
nes en su nuevo AG'NCIA de Be-
lla Visto. Avenida Per 25. Ofici-
nas de COPA. Amplio lugor de
SE VENDE:Gallinero con 600 go-
llinas ponedoras, jaula para 432
gallinas ponedoras, incubadora
elctrica 3000 huevos capacidad,
criadora de pollos chicos y gran-
des. No pierda esta oportunidad.
Ganancia garantizado. Precio de
ganga a la persono que compre to-
dos. Pregunte en el Ferry por el
gallinero de Tony o llmelo al Tel.
Balboa 30)2.
de tapiceria
69 c pie cuadrado
Tel. 2-3335. Calle 16 Este No. 4.
SE VENDEN:Barriles de fibra de
cartn 220 libros capocidod con
cerradura hermtico. Llame Suavel
GANGA! Se vende excelente bicicle-
ta. Calle 32 Este No. 6.
Bienes Raicee
SE ALQUILA.--O st vend*. Coto de
campo n Chorreic (El Cocol T*l
Ofrecemos Bella y alta lata frente al
mar. Precio: solamente B/.4.35
m2. Wolff y Ca. Ltdo., Calle 5a.
No. 22. Tel. 2-2388.
LIDAD. Sus 6 relimaras, 3 baos,
terrazas y grondes salones brin-
dan comodidad a numeroso fami-
lia. Situodo en AVE. JUSTO ARO-
SEMENA No. 53, cerca a todas as
conveniencias. Paro informes e ins-
peccin lime o: WOLFF Y CA.
LTDA.. Calla 5a., 22, Tel. 2-2388.
SE NECESITA:Uno empleoda para
oficio* domsticos con recomenda-
cin. Ocrrase: Familia Baln,
Ave. Per No. 54. Tel. 3-0257.
SE NECESITA: Buena lavandera
planchadora traiga referencias,
venga de 5 a 7 p.m. Familia Ro-
mero, esquina de Ave. Balboa y
Calle 33.
SE NECESITA:Cocinera con expe-
SE ALQUILA: Apartamento muy
ver.tilado de dos recamaros sala-
nmedor, cuarto de servicio y ga-
rage. Calle 2o. Perejil No. II.
Ocurra telfono 3-0533 o en apar-
tomentos oltos de la misma casa.
SE ALQUILA:Un apartamento en
Colla 46 Este No. 2, Bella Vista.
Planto baja. Ocurra mismo lugar
o Home telfono 3-1147.
rienda y buenas referencias. Calle SE ALQUILA:Apartamento dos re-
41 No. 19.
SE NECESITA:Empleada para ofi-
cios en general, que sepa cocinar
y duerma en casa. Calle I a. No.
13 altos.
SE VENDE:En "El Coco". San Fran- SE NECESITAN: Empleadas, buen
cisco, lotes de 600 y 700 metros a
B/.4.95 metro. Es la barriada ms
bonita de las afueras y vecindario
selecto. Vea dueo en Via Porras
No. 66 o llame telfono 3-2407.
SE VENDE:Un establecimiento por
motivo de viaje. Calle 13 Salsipue-
des, Casa 14. establecimiento 4,
SE VENDE:Chalet pequeo Club X,
Calle 9a. No. 8. Faro informe ocu-
rra Coso No. 10, Visquez.
SE VENDE:Por motivo de viaje la
acreditada Barbera Europeo. Ca-
lle 17 Oeste No. 70.
Artculos de Casa
sueldo. Para informes Calle Carlos
A Mendoza No. 70. Tels. 2-3122
SE NECESITA:Cocinera con refe-
rencias. Buen sueldo. Calle la. No.
I 3 bajos.
SE NECESITA:Empleada para la-
var y planchar, y otros servicios
domsticos, que duerma en el tra-
bajo; B/.20.00 de sueldo. Cclle
la. Perry Hill. Casa 2, Apto. 7.
SE VENDE:Lindo y moderno jue-
go de recmara. Ganga! Tambin
coma de nio. Calle 34 No. 7.
SE VENDEEstufo de gas Mogic
Chef, esmalte porcelana B/.30.00,
buenas condiciones. Informes Tel.
3-3532 Panam.
SE COMPRA:Un truck volquete de
10 ruedos de doble diferencial. In-
teresados pueden Homar telfonos
3-1841 3-1554,
SE COMPRA: __ Lona impermeable
para tapacargas de trailer. Llamar
telfonos 3-1841 3-1554.
SE ALQUILA:Tractor D-4 traxca-
vator. Vallanno y Arios, telefono
dustrial de aserraderos, ofrece ser-
vicios a empresa importante; gran
experiencia en mantenimiento per-
fecto, sierras sinfin. o circulares.
Organizador y responsable, doy de-
talles, ofresco mognificos referen-
cios. Escribo: Central Correos o
AVISO:Glodiolas en colores surti-
dos. Jardn Berta, Calle 12 Oeste
No. 43. Tel. 2-1581.
Pinceladas Sanativos: Medicamento
cubano. Elimina monchas, hongos,
caraches, granos, herpes, etc. Ven-
ta en farmacia. Exclusiva Agencio
Cuba. Apdo. 1072. Tel. 2-1611.
Ser observado
ei is como el Dia de las
Fuerzas Armadas durante la
semana pasada.
Actividades locales durante
el dia se ocurrirn en la Ba-
. ie Area de Albrook, donde
una exhibicin y una parada
de miembros de las tres fuer-
zas sucedern.
En Panama, como en otras
parles del mundo, el entasis
ser puesto sobre un programa
para la comunidad entera. Un
Comit Civlco Central, para
coordinar los esfuerzos de va-
rios grupos civiles, ser una
Importante parle ce la ub. vancia este ao. El Comit
Central ha mandado cincuenta
y nueve invitaciones a organi-
zaciones civlcas. grupos de ve-
teranos, clubes de mujeres y a
grupos de trabajadores y las
varias Iglesias.
El Dia de las Fuerzas Ar-
madas tu establecido el ao
pasado, reemplazando a las va-
rias fechas observadas por el
ejrcito, el marino y la fuerza
El mote para este ao es,
"Campeones de la Libertad", y
el tema del dia este ao se-
r doble: u> un tributo a las
Fuerzas Armadas como una
parte integra de todo el podtr
material y espiritual de los EE.
U. y 12 una renovacin de
fe en la herencia sagrada de
los EE. UU. en los ideales de
la paz y la libertad y en la
preservacin de stas, a la
cual el poder de los EE. UU.
est dedicada.
La proclamacin del Preti-
dtiui' ii'i'ii invilo a gober-
n;i i dn 'c< r is. lerri-
to-'c re los EE
UU a "r ; i-ar 'ara la relr-
brp"!cn riel da en tal manera
juc se da glora a los mieni-
VENDO:Precio de quema, juego de
comedor. Calle Los Santos, Terra-
pln No. I. Apto. 7.
SE ALQU'LA:Local paro oficina,
arribo del Teatro Centro,.
SE ALQUILAN:fcxdus,vertante pa-
ro oficina* cntricos en lo*
altos da Avenido Central 44 o
precio* mdico*. Solicitan infor-
macin an Almacena" 5 v 10 can-
SE ALQUILA:Local espacioso poro
oficina o depsitos situado en lo
Avenido del Per No. 9. Infrmese
en la Ca. General de Seguros, S.A.
SE NECESITAUna muchocho jo-
ven y de buena presencia. Ocurra
Via Porras 218, de 3 a 6 p.m.
SE NECESITA:Empleada para la-
vado. aplanchado y limpieza de
coso. Ocurra: Cali* 41 No. 37
SE NECESITA^-Uno empleoda para
lavar y planchar; en Calle lo. Pe-
rejil No. 18.
SE DESEA:Uno cocinera que sepa
su oficio. Debe dormir en el em-
pleo. Ave. Centrol I I 5
SE NECESITA:Una empleada. Calle
52 Este No. 10. Apto. 6. Bello
SE NECESITA:Seora responsable
que sepa cocinar, lavar y aplan-
char para dos personas. No se pre-
sente si no conoce el oficio. Calle
45 No. 19.
SE NECESITA:Empleoda para tra-
bajo domstico con familia peque-
o. Ocurra: Calle Estudionte No.
73, Apto. II.
cmaros recin pintado. Sala co-
medor, cuarto, empleoda. balcn,
etc. Calle Colombia No. 8. Apar-
tamento 5.
SE ALQUILA:Aportamento, 2 re-
cmaros, sala-comedor, B/.55.00
lave. 85 Avenida Cubo.
SE ALQUILAN:Apartamentos de 2
y 4 recmaras-sala, comedor y ser-
vicio. Calle 45 No. 5 altos
SE ALQUILA:Un apartamento en
"cottage" independiente de una
recmara. Va Belisario Porros 168.
SE ALQUILA: Cuorto amueblado
con telfono y comodidades poro
persona exigente. C*lle 43 No. 43,
Apto. C.
SE ALQUILA:Una hobitocin poto
cobollero o domo sola y respon-
sable. Entrada independiente, ba-
o anexo, la. Perejil No. 14, opor-
mento 9.
De Venta en
SE ALQUILA:Cuorto a solteras de
buenas coslumbres. Ave. Ancn
No. 27 altos.
SE ALQUILA: Cuarto amueblodo,
ropa de cama, etc., para hombre
solo. Calle Colombia No. 8, Apar-
tamento 5.
Enfermera prctica ofrece sus servi-
cios a domicilio, para "atender pa-
cientes. Cualquier turno. Lamor
Tel. 3-1578.
Ms tarde ser ms difcil
Nosotros todava tenemos
en existencia:
Ave. Central 279Tel. 3-0140
SE NECESITA:Operario pora tra-
bajar con aire comprimido. Via
Porras 130.
SE ALQUILA:Lo oficina y dep-
sito actuolmente ocupado por la
Cia. Colgote-Palmolive-Peef con
cabida de ms de 2.500 pies cua-
drados. Situado frente al Estadio
Nocionol. Infrmese: Wolff y Co.
Ltda.. Calle 5o.. 22. Tel. 2-2388.
Lo Academia de Corte y Confeccin
tiene abierta la matricula para los
cursos de Corte y Confeccin. Es-
peciolidad en corte, alto costuro,
bordado a mano y a mquina y
sastrera. Avenida "A" No. 30.
Tel. 2-2474.
Aviso Judicial
SE NECESITA: Amplio residencia
para Embajada extranjera. Infor-
mes Tel. '3-4065.
SE NECESITA:Baby piano segundo
mano, buenas condiciones. Llame
telfono 2-0757.
SE SOLICITA: Un alistador para
zapatos de hombre. Zapatera Pri-
mavera. Calle 18 Oeste No. 19
por Pedro Oborrio.
SE ALQUILA:Casa mixta indepen-
diente. Altos: Tres recmaras, ser-
vicio. Bajos: Sala-comedor, cocina,
cuarto empleada, lavaderos, espo-
cio para corro. Jardn, patio. Tres
minutos parada bus. Va Belisario
Porras, Colle 13 No. 7. EV.70.00
Llega a Panam la
bailarina clsica
'Flor de Valencia'
Procedente de Colombia y
despus de haber' recorrido las
capitales y ciudades ms im-
portantes de Sur Amrica, ha
SE NECESITA.Una secretaria. Di- llegado a Panam la bailarina
rijas*: Calla Carlos A. Mendoza. de danzas clsicas espaolas,
No. 48.
CASA mayorista necesita vendedor
paro visitor al comercio. Buen por-
venir para hombre trabajador.
Cosmeteria Imperial. Ave. Central
SE NECESITA:Una costurera para
coser calzados para zapatera El
Record. Calle "B" No. 11.
A a tom viles
Notario Pblico Terctro d Circuito
<' Panam, con cdula de Identidad per-
sonal nmero 47-181*.
han constituida la sociedad colectiva de
comercio de responsabilidad limitada
I-AMA LIMITADA', con domicilio en,
Sakanacranae. Disriio y Provincia de SE VENDE: Por 8/ 2 000 00 con
a^uoT^ ?;;.,.. tSS. ,,-0<"' f0C",dades d >0o -' Pckard
La aociedad tiene por objeto princi-
pales- dedicarte a la compra y venta de
artiruloe nacionales y extranjeros, fabri-
cacin de iebn; transcorte de arta.
piidiendo dedirsrse a cualquier otra cla-
se de lcito comercio:
El trmino de duracin es de 10 anos
proi rozables a voluntad de las partes:
La administracin de loa neaociea de
la sociedad queda a carsro del aoclo
Mlfuel Aneel Moreno Correa, y el nao
de la firma social a carao de ambas
socios, conjuntamente.
Todo la cual consta en la Rcritura
Til. .te ] de Abril del ano 1**1, e-
lenili'la en la Notarla a su rsrgu.
Panama. Abril 18 de lil.
Notario Pbllro Tercero.
bros de nuestras Fuerzas Ar-
madas", y tambin mand el
Secretario de Defensa y los Se-
cretarios del Ejrcito, Marino
y Fuerza Area "que e mar-
can el da con ceremonias
apropiadas y que cooperan con
las autoridades civiles en ob-
servancia convenientes con el
excelentes condiciones da dos puer-
tas, con lantas blancos, cubre
asientos y con 6500 millas reco-
rridas. Infrmese con Arias en el
2-2322 por las maanas.
SE VENDE:Cadillac 62 Sedonette
modelo 48. excelentes condiciones,
rado, llantas blancas, impuestos y
placas pagadas. Llame Bol boa
Pueden ser lanzados
Flor de Valencia. Se trata de
una artista Juvenil, bella y dul-
ce, argentina de nacimiento,
pero llena de profunda venera-
cin por el arte espaol supe-
rado y culto. En su corta ca-
rrera, no obstante haberse ini-
ciado a los 8 aos de edad,
ha logrado xitos singulares y
Flor de Valencia dar en
nuestra capital algunos recita-
les y continuar luego hacia
Europa, especialmente hacia Es-
paa, pas en el cual espera
dar cima a sus estudios de bai-
le clasico espaol y perfeccio-
nar sus conocimientos.
Ha aumentado
valor de 13,415,00 dlares.
Cueros y pieles: 199.340,000 li-
bras por valor de 75,795,000 d-
lares comparado con 118.485.000
libras por valor de 43,789,000 d-
Lana sin elaborar: 259,031.000
libras por valor de 208,830,000
dolares, comparado con 207,-
087,000 libras por valor de 122,-
697,000 dlares.
Carne enlatada en conserva:
13.458.000 libras por valor de
representan los puntos de vis- .,,, nnn
ta de los oficiales responsa-1 ,mfz,d!!res comparado con
Pp*.nss venecianas LUX
a B/.9.50
Calle 29 E. #22
Tel. 3-1713
bles de la fuerza area su-
gieren la amenaza de un bom-
bardeo emoo parte del ultim-
17.019.000 libras por ralor de
5,(543,000 dlares.
Azcar: 2,013,000 toneladas
por valor de 227,487,000 dlares
comparado con 1.734,000 tone-
Nueatra poltica es evitar la ldas por valor de 177,995,000
g>urra y el fomento de la paz., dlares
y nuestra mejor esperanza pa-1
ra la supervivencia de nuestro1
modo de vida y nuestra liber- i
tad es continuar la coopera-
cin en los esfuerzos mutuos
de seguridad y continuar la
negociacin, en este conflicto
mundial por el tiempo que sea
"El ultimtum nos envolve-
ra en una llamada gueri-a
preventiva o ganarla para no-,
otros un aDla^sm'en'o tempo-'
I ral de la guerra, hasta que el
lenemloo Mntiera que las con-
diciones oara ,,u victoria son
I mas favorable'. j
Nuestra Sucursal ha si-
do trasladada al Almacn
Principal situado en Calle
16 Este No. 4.
Telfono 2-3335
de mostrador y de colgar.
de 1,000 y 2,000 lbs.
Ricardo A. Mir,
Calle 16 Este No. 4
Tel. 2-3335
Nuestros ESPEJOS
embellecen el hotel
El Panam
Calle 16 Este #4 Tel. 2-2808
Cilampa- "Collins"
de 13 pulgadas
Bateras "Eveready
Tiros "Remington'
Calibre 22
Para todos los calibres.
Trampas para Ratones
Almacenes Romero
Ava. Norte No. 48
La ms antigua.
La ms acreditada.
La de mayor stock.
Rio Abajo #2154Tel. 3-S524
Almacn Calle "I" #4
Tel. 2-1752
En espectacular
g el botn del robo. Alvarado
lo neg. El Fiscal Sandoval es-
t investigando en la Aduana
de Arraijn, si Alvarado pas
I esa noche en su automvil
Todo el careo estuvo funda-
do en los cargos hechos por Ba-
llls a Alvarado en su ltima
indagatoria en la cual ste con-
fiesa su participacin en el ro-
bo del Expreso Areo. Publica-
mos a continuacin partes per-
tinentes de la declaracin in-
dagatoria de Ballls:
"El da Jueves, 29 de marzo
de este ao, como a las ocho
y media de la noche, encon-
trndose mi esposa dormida,
pues ella tiene costumbre de
acostarse temprano, se presen-
t Alvarado a mi casa en Nue-
vo Arraijn, en su propio carro
marca "Hudson", cup, de un
asiento, y yo entonces le hice
entrega del papel donde estaba
escrita la combinacin de la
Caja de Seguridad a cargo de
mi esposa en el Expreso Areo.
Yo ie pregunt a Marcos An-
tonio Alvarado que cmo l iba
a desarrajar o romper el can-
dado o candados de las puer-
tas de entrada a la oficina y
l entonces me mostr una lla-
ve maestra dlcindome que si
no consegua abrir el candado
con esa llave, lo romperla con
una pata de cabra que debe
tener l guardada en su ca-
rro, en donde debe tener tam-
bin parte de varios destorni-
lladores y en un frasco de vi-
drio debe tener todava parte
del cido que compr en una
de las boticas de la Avenida
Central, que creo fue en la Far-
macia Francesa, en dos balboas,
pues yo le va la factura res-
pectiva. Me dijo Alvarado que
l hara ese robo como a la
una de la madrugada. A las
dos de la madrugada del da
treinta de marzo de este ao.
o sea al da siguiente, se pre-
La adorable familia Miniver
regresa en nueva pelcula
Los Miniver, la simptica fa-
milia que en la pelcula "Rosa
de Abolengo" (premiada con 7
premios por la Academia de
Hollywood) se adue de sus
corazones, vuelve a la pantalla
en una nueva historia, que Igua-
la las glorias dramticas y ro-
mnticas de su ilustre predece-
En "Romance de una Esposa"
geon, con ssu hijos del cine,
Cathy O'Donnell y William Fox.
Los secundan un reparto do
primera, que incluye a John
Hodlak, Leo Oenn, Reginald
Owen y Henry Wilcoxon.
En esta nueva historia que .>e
desarrolla en tiempos de post-
guerra, vemos a la Oarson su-
friendo un terrible drama comer
madre y como esposa, llevando
consigo un secreto que ensom-
(The New Miniver Story i, ve-| brece la vida de su familia
mos a los Miniver, de nuevo "Romance de una Esposa" sel
encarnados por la genial Oreer estrena el jueves en el Teatro
Garson y el sobrio Walter Pld- Lux. /
efectivo y cheques, entre los
cuales hablan cheques, algu-
nos de la polica; y que los
dems cheques y documentos
que estaban en la Caja los ha-
ba dejado regados en el sue-
sent nuevamente a mi casa i lo- Ese dinero no se reparti
Alvarado y me dijo que ya to-1 esa noclie o osa madrugada,
nidas continuaban avanzando
pulgada a pulg-ada sin dete-
nerse, consolidando cada nu>-
va posicin contra la posiblll-*,
dad de contra-ataques rojo*
do estaba'listo, y m"W en- Iporque podra haber algo" que b P11/6".. ^omSnW^f'n'a.
S. lnmedlal9tme"te ^ un | habra que entregarlo para evi- UenV. la innci? nmedia a
paquete que contenia dinero en 'ar que algunas de las perso- e aceptar el reto del nue^u
as que no tenan culpa en I comandante del Octavo Ejer-
ese robo ,tuvieran que respon- | cito, Teniente General Jam. s
A. Van Flet, de que lnidert
su tan anunciada ofensiva a*
Van Fleet dijo en Corea ayea
que le gustarla una contra-
ofensiva Comunista porque i
"tendra oportunidad de matan
el mayor nmero de rojos".
An el espordico fuego co-
munista en las cercanas de la
tnorme reserva de Hwachon
Los despachos, fuertemente
censurados, indicaban que los
Resuelva su problema de
pintura visitando los
Atencin esmerada
por expertos en pintura
der ante la justicia. Esto lo su-
geri yo para evitarle a mi es-
posa Alicia y al Jefe de la
Oficina seor Santander Alva-
rado complicaciones en este ca-
so. Alvarado me dijo que es-
taba bien. Al dia siguiente, me-
jor dicho, el mismo dia, como
a las dos de la tarde, en la
Avenida Central, me pidi vein-
te balboas y yo se los di. El
sbado de esa misma semana,
dia treinta y uno. me pidi diez
balboas ms y yo tambin se
los entregu. El domingo en la
CLUB DE B/. 1.50
de plata, 39 piezas.
RELOJES para seoras,
"Bolova", 17 rubes.
gavetas, silla con asiento
de madera.
primero de este mes, se pre-
sent Alvarado a mi casa en
Nuevo Araljn, dejando a su
mujer y a un chiquillo en su
|V 50 almacEnIlectbIc!
Tenemos en existencia:
de toda clase
2' x 6 y 2' x 8'
Calibre 26
Agendas Globales
Via Espaa Na 121
Tel. 3-1503
noche como ataTocho"/ me"- X"^ P"B* h:">
quiero decir el domingo ^deToncrek ^n0reTeeXrterrn^
occidental del lago artificial da
14 millas.. (61 sto es as, sis-.
nificaria el final de una largia
y tenaz resistencia roa dod
carro parado en la carretera. manUner la reserva, asi como.
,m?co vS,f ? l,metrots de la desaparicin del peligro qu*
mi casa, y yo le hice entrega Ias tropa8 alladas debajo Md
de la suma de mil cuatroclen- -
toe ochenta (B 1,480,001 bal-
boas, sin Incluir los treinta bal-
boas que le haba dado ante-
riormente, lo que suman mil
quinientos diez balboas (B. 1.-
510.001, en efectivo. Alvarado
me estuvo exigiendo los che-
ques, pero yo se los mostr
en cenizas, previnindome que
esto le sirviera para seguir a-
rrancndome dinero, pues me
dijo que la prensa deca que
era ms dinero. El sbado, da
treinta y uno de marzo l-
timo, cuando yo le entregu los
diez balboas. Alvarado me dijo
la reserva fueron inundadas.
La represa se haba conver-4
tldo en un serlo dolor de cu--
beza para los estrategas alia-
dos. Ahora se puede hacer p-
blico que los oficiales aliado*
estaban considerando seria-
mente la destruccin de la re
presa por la fuerza area alia-
da, antes que arriesgarse a que*
los rojos inundaran a las no-
pas alladas en su marcha ti\
Nor-Corea. Los oficiales abal-
donaron el proyecto despuea
que las autoridades civiles d.-
jeron que tal paso tendra
i efectos devastadores en la mo-
?. *JnfRS^i h*^ia dl Q!e ral de los Sur-Coreanos. La
la cantidad de dinero era de autoridades civiles hicieron n-
ulef "A1,.balboas v 1uf vo,le fasis en que la represa pro-
haba dicho que era alrededor Ve de agua a los campos pa-
de cuatro mil. Marcos Antonio' ra e cultlvo del arroz.
Alvarado una vez que recibi i
su dinero se ausent en su ca- Todava no se sabe a cien-
rro, rumbo a Panam. Yo ha- da cierta si los rojos huyeron
ba llegado de La Chorrera don- hacia el norte de la represa.
de haba estado jugando ga-
llos y despus de cenar me
sent en el balcn a leer el
peridico. En ese momento se
present un carro y se par
en la puerta de la entrada de
mi casa. Yo me propona a
para escapar al mortfero fue-
go de las Naciones Unidas, o
porque carecan de los medios
necesarios para volar la re-
Otra de las tcticas comu-
nistas que desconcierta a los
ir a examinar un fallo que ha- i allados so las cortinas de nu-
bia observado en el motor de'mo Provocadas por la quema.
la planta elctrica de mi ca-
sa y a manera de prevencin
tenia mi escuadra dentro de mi
camisa, sujeta con el cinturn,
para ir donde est la planta
que est distante de la casa.
De ese carro baj un sujeto
desconocido por m, que fue
identificado como anuel Alva-
rado Gonzlez, al Igual que
cinco sujetos ms desconoci-
dos para mi tambin. Oi cuan-
do Gonzlez les dijo que espe-
raran. Fue entonces cuando
Gonzlez me salud en la for-
ma siguiente: "Qu hay maes-
tro". Todo lo ocurrido despus
reposa en la indagatoria que
yo rend en la Fiscala Segun-
da del Primer Distrito Judicial.
He querido hacer resaltar con
esto de que Alvarado era cm-
flice de los seis individuos que
ueron a atacarme a mi casa
a sabiendas de que yo posea
parte del dinero que se haba
robado Alvarado. Interrogado:
Tiene usted en su poder el
resto del dinero robado por Al-
varado de la Caja de Seguri-
dad del Expreso Areo? Contes-
t: S seor, yo tengo parte de
ese dinero pero no s qu can-
tidad. Yo tengo ese dinero
guardado en el monte, que so-
i lamente yo puedo dar con l,
y si el Fiscal quiere puede au-
torizar al seor Rosendo Ochoa,'
Sub-Inspector de la Polica Se-
creta, para que lo vaya a bus-
car Junto conmigo. Interroga-
do: Su esposa Alicia Bacarls de
Barrls tiene alguna conexin
con ese robo? No seor, ella es
completamente Inocente de los
hechos realizados por m y
Marco Antonio Alvarado. Por
esta razn he querido ser hon-
rado en manifestar todo cuan-
de montes y campos de arroa
en el 'rente de batalla. El hu-
mo Impidi las operaciones ci-
liadas el Domingo, pero ayer
un fuerte viento se llev ek
En el montaoso frente cen-
tral las tropas de infanlen*
alladas encontraron Cmaras
del tamao de un cuarto ex-
cavadas en las faldas de las
montaas por los comunistas
chinos. Todo parece indicar
que los Chinos estaban dis-
puestos a quedarse eternamen-
te en esos lugares, ya que las
cmaras estaban tan bien ca-
mufladas que las tropas no sa-
ban que ellas existan has'af
que por casualidad encontra-
ron sus entradas.
Por cuarto da consecutivo
las fuerzas areas norte-ame-
ricanas atacaron las bases co-
munistas en Corea del Norte.
Diez bombarderos lanzaron ms
de 90 bombas en un aerdro-
mo al sur de Pyongyang, en
donde los comunistas se en-
contraban reparando los daos
ocasionados la semana pasad*
por los bombardeos Los resul-
tados fueron reportados com-
Denuncian Abogados
informe a las Cmaras, reco-
mendando la expropiacin de
la empresa y aadieron que el
proyecto de ley de expropiacin
no ha entrado en vigor an,
por cuanto no ha sido firmado
por el Presidente Pern.
to ha ocurrido alrededor de la
sustraccin del dinero de la Ca-
ja de Seguridad del Expreso A-

combinado Y POLICA juegan maana Coln v Herrera
Se entregarn los
trofeos y premios
Don l'epe .lUia
lanzar la i a. bo'a
La Temporada de la Liga So-
cial de Softball finaliza oiiclal-
mente maana con la entrega
de premios y el partido de clau-
sura en honor del Presidente de
la Justa social, seor Felipe
El acto comenzar a las 4 y 15
de la tarde en el cuadro de bali-
ta Rita con la distribucin de
loa Trofeos a los equipos gana-
dores y jugadores destacados,
entrega de Medallas y Certifica-
dos al Mrito, para aquellos Ju- I Fiduciario ....... i
gadores, cuya' satisfactoria ac- caf Darn ..........*
tuacin durante la temporada M. Cerrad ........... i
je han hecho acreedores a un | Montezuma ........*
reconocimiento por parte de la Packard .............
Liga. C. del Comejn -----5
Luego vendr el atractivo par- Cervecera ......... *
tido entre el equipo de la Poll- Radio Bush .......S
cia, campen del presente ao y Hudson .............. t
un combinado, formado por Ju- V. Peres ...........t
gadores de los otros conjuntos. istmeo............. I
Este encuentro ha sido dedi-.RUR ................1
El Dep. Cerrud Busca Hoy
Empatar El Primer Puesto
En El Softball Comercial
los juegos
ms comentados
maana uno de
del campeonato
Se alaba la labor
nuestra a favor
del deporte
Sus del Montezuma necesitan
ganar esta noche para mantener su opcin
(Softhall Comercial)
G. P.
Para su publicacin hemos re-
cibido la siguiente carta:
Panam, U de Abril de 1851.
Banco Fiduciario y Caf Duran, giliento g^ Adog **
si no que elimina para a la rue- B, p^ma-Amerlca y
Pje da final a sus rivales de esta La j^rella de Panam
.750 noche. | presente
.150 El Matias Cerrud es uno de jjenorM '
.500 los equipos ms populares por | ^^ lgna de apleuM u ,abor
.555 i estar formado en su mayora
que han venido Uds. desarro-
cado a Don FELIPE MOTTA,
entusiasta y dinmico Presiden- Importante partido brinda es- ta para ellos seguir con opcin
te de la Liga Social de Softball, ta noche la Liga Comercial de para Jugar en las finales, da-
qulen lanzar la prmera bola. Softball en el campo de Santa rn lo que tienen para conquts-
El combinado esta formado { Rita. Les toca medir sus fuerzas' tarlo.
por los siguientes jugadores. a los equipos Matias Cerrud
Director, Fermn L. Castae-, Ron Montezuma. a las siete
.555 por Msicos, y esta noche por d Ud d rf ta_
.555 tener un serlo compromiso de ancla real medlo
.500 seguro llevarn a las gradas de j pginas deporUva* que
.428 Santa Rita una enorme legin uds. d^", todo lo que a
.389 de simpatizadores a animarlos. J"1^ ;etamnte Naclor?al.
'^?! .... i_____.. ._____i__it En efecto, ao tras ao, slem-
.150; El Montezuma es un con unto h ocupado lugar proml.
.166 de mucho cuidando y conociendo ^ent eQ las paginas deportivas
que eJ triunfo de boy repceeen-|Z Lft Estrella de Panam y El
Panam-Amrica, las noticias
de los Campeonatos Nacionales
de Bels o Baloncesto. Actualmen
te podemos apreciar esto en las
Los Piratas Vencieron a
Los Rojos De Cincinatti
En El nico Juego De Ayer
Los Piratas vencieron por 4 a 3
a los Rojos de Clnclnattl en el
Srimer desafio de la temporada
e 1901 efectuado a una tempe-
ratura menos de 7 grados cen-
tgrados que afecto los lanza-
mientos de Ewel Blackwell al
San Blas vs. Chiriqu
y Cocl-Darin se
enfrentarn tambin
das (Camel).
Receptores Roberto Joseph
(ptica Sosa) Guillermo Rave-
neau (Diputado Alemn Jr.)
Lanzadores Luis Walker (p-
tica Sosa) Sidney Tuddor (Ale-
mn Jr.) Faustino Urea (Ma-
durito) Cheney (Mauricio).
Inicialistas Roy Fergunson
(ptica Sosa), Jorge Raveneau
(Alemn Jr.)
Segunda Base Alberto Arango
(Mauricio) Luis Mern (ptica
Torpederos Milton Brown (p-
tica Sosa) Antonio De Jann
Tercera Base Calton Sealy
(Pinocho) Carlos Mezquita (Ma-
Jardineros Edllberto Agulrre
y; Por el Montezuma debe abrir
y Jimmy Arlaln (J-l) .y por el
media. De vencer hoy el Matias i Cerrud Luis Mel (-0), do
Cerrud. no solo empata en el lanzadores de mucho recursos y
primer lugar del Campeonato al' conocimientos.
Deportes a Granel
foi ttKUKftiE
noticias del 8o. Campeonato Na-
cional de Bels. Esto, a mi modo
de ver, resulta en positivo be-
neficio para el Deporte Nacio-
Contrasta esta labor patritica
de Uds. con la de ciertos otros
directores y comentaristas, que
ion una eminencia en lo que a
Grandes Ligas y deportes ex-
tranjeros se refiere, pero que en
cambio, como que se rebajaran
o avergonzaran de saber y co-
mentar sobre el Deporte Naclo-
NUEVA YORK, Abril 17 (UP)
Las Grandes Ligas iniciarn
verdaderamente hoy martes su
campaa que culmina en la Se-
rie Mundial en Octubre.
Salvo las contingencias del
tiempo todas las 16 novenas em-
, prendern la larga campaa Ur-
que le batearon siete hits en me-1 as de brios y por extraa coin- veraguas
nos de cuatro entradas comple-' cidencia los equipos generalmen- San B|M
tas. te seleccionados por los peritos!
Sencillos de George Strickland I y cronistas como los ms des-
Clyde McCullough y Cliff Cham- > tacados contendientes comenza-
bers al que se le anot el trlun-, rn 1a lidia batindose unos con
fo como lanzador, produjeron otros.
la primera carreras de los Pira-
tas en la segunda entrada. Kn Se estima que como 250 mil
la tercera George Metkovich dl j fanticos presenciarn la lnau-
un sencillo, Gus Bell recibi pa- guracln de' la temporada en los
' Wally Westleke con un send- i ocho parques de ambas ligas si
lo empuj a Metkovich. Un | las condiciones atmosfricas lo
error permiti que entrara Bell permiten.
y Strickland dl doble empujan- En el partido entre los Sena-
do a Westlake. dores y Atltlcos se sentar un
Dobles de Bob Schefflng y i precedente pues por vez primera
Grady Hat.ton dieron a la prl-; se iniciar una temporada en
mera carrera a los Rojos en la un parque de la Liga Amrica-
quinta entrada. En la sptima na con un partido nocturno.
Hatton dio un doble, Connie --------
Ryan recibi pase al bater por NUEVA YORK. Abril 17 (UP)
el lanzador Howard Fox y Bob El partido inaugural de la Li-
Usher dl un doble anotando ga Americana entre el Wash-
ambos corredores y sacando del Ington y los Yanquis, se pospuso
diamante a Chambers. por lluvia.
VIH Campeonato Nacional de
Baseball Amateur, Cintr
G. P. Pje.
PANAMA ............. 5 0 1.000
Herrera .............. 4 1 .800
Coln.............. 4 1 .800
Chiriqui...........3 2 .600
Bocas del Toro ...... 3 t .600
Darin ............... t Z .500
Cocl ..............2 3 .400
Los Santos .........1 4 .200
....... 1 5 .167
.......0 5 .000
Juegos de Hoy
Partido de Maana
Resultados de Ayer
Panam 8Veraguas 2
Bocas 5Cocl 0
Herrera 21San Blas 0.
Analizando la presentacin trizada y vinculada en el de- ii y mientras sTsaben de me-
realizada por los caballos >~
que compitieron en el Clsico
Polica Nacional", podemos lan
zar diversas conjeturas acerca
del futuro resultado del clsico
Presidente de la Repblica". Se
rres!asnco^nseriianeas en SS1" *
porte a Granel.
Amigo Rdeme: Al presen-
tarse el Clsico Presidente de la
Repblica no cree Ud. que co-
puso de manifiesto que la entra- mo toda persona amante del De-
jaraineros t-aimerio aguirre da formada por los caballos; ^ conveniente que los
Mauricio) Jaime Trelles (Opti- Dictador y Pinard sera la avori-; mejores Jlnetes iVencar-
ca Sosa), Luis Escala (ptica. ta de dicha prueba. Ambos co-, gaoS Dara tties actos va Que
Sosa), Clay Lashley (Camel). rrleron muy bien. Prlnclpalmen- ese dilf ge e ^^ t"rtDuto a
fuf re.ntln0 P1WA?. ?",': nuestra Excelencia como hus-
deblera obtener un premio por .,, de honor mlembr08 de t0_
su consistencia. Este ejemplar das laa s soclales y ubU.
a pesar de su edad-nueve aos c0 general. Lo hago ms pa-
corra como todo un seor ca- ra dirie Jos B%ont Coml.
baile. Dictador ayer Uto rioo al seor Gerente del Hl-
monta muy floja de parte de pdromo al Patronato de Juegos
Gan la Cervecera
al Montezuma por 9
a 5 en reido juego
La Cervecera puso en peligro
la clasificacin del Ron Monte-
cuma para la Serle final del
Campeonato Comercial de Soft-
ball, al vencerlo anoche en San-
ta Rita, nueve a cinco. Los cer-
veceros aseguraron el triunfo en
la segunda mitad del quinto
cuando con las bases llenas Da-
vid Bcluche dispar un fuerte
batazo de cuatro esquinas.
Con el triunfo el cuarto que
logra la Cervecera, con cutro
El sbado cierran la
inscripciones para la
CHiTRE, Abril 17 (Por s. iva- rpmnnrarla Ja hasket
di)-Los conjuntos de Coln y lemporaua OT DaSKCl
Sosa y Alemn se
disputan hoy el
Corresponde a la Liga
Social de Softball
Esta tarde juegan en el cua-
dro de Santa Rita para decidir
el sub-campeonato de la Liga
Social de Softball, los equipos
ptica Sosa y Alemn Jr. Ambos
conjuntos empataron en el se-
gundo puesto, de manera que el
ganador de hoy se anexar el
El Alemn logr esta oportu-
nidad al obtener ayer un fcil
triunfo sobre el Camel por for-
Maana termina la Tempora-
da con el juego POLICA vi
Herrera sostendrn maana uno |
de los partidos ms comentados
y esperados del VIH Campeona- u Uga provincial de Baske-
to Nacional de Baseball Amateur Dall de Panam cerrar el sba-
que se esta desarrollando con do las inscripciones para la
Panam, Herrera y Bocas Del
Toro Ganaron Ayer En Chitr
CHITRE, Abril 17 (Correspon- ahora en los tornes amateurs,
sal)El equipo de Herrera lo- El lanzadr Randolph King
gr aplastar ayer tambin a los, conquist el triunfo para su I en cuyo caso el ganador entre,
machis de San Blas por anota-, equipo lanzando una pelota de Herrera y Coln empatara el .~* ""?08,, PY ", o,"
Oln de 21 carreras a 0, dispa- alta calidad que dej virgen al comando, logrando asi toda la I1/*"?' -i^'J0?'., J ,1 X7i"
todo entusiasmo e inters en es-
ta riudad.
Colonenses y herreranos se
encuentran actualmente empa-
tados en el segundo puesto, de
manera que el ganador de ma-
ana quedar solo en esa colo-
cacin y s acercar en forma
peligrosa a los punteros de Pa-
Tre0S I.JK, Morr<, P^m&rn clemencl* P"* loa *"**> a-i otoo como don Joaquin Ortega E1 pqujp0 de
sentar mejor carrera Tambin, brlel Alrar0 Jul,0 Rodriguez, I que se esfuerzan bastante por conquist otro
r todas sus presentaciones con
su carrera rendida.
La presentacin del caballo
Begonia si que nos sorprendi
por que todas sus carreras ha-
bla demostrado gran consisten-
cia. Pero ayer perdi bien y se
fu quedando cada vez mas y
ms para ocupar un msero
puesto. La presentacin de Ro-
yal- Coud debe ser reconocida
pues apesar de una mala partl-
. da y cargar el mayor peso de
derrotas, mantiene con muchos la prueba, logr colocarse en el
pelotn que finaliz ms fuerte.
Su Jinete tampoco tenia ener-
gas en los ltimos metros.
Welsh Loch tambin demostr
que no va a la distancia y con
ese peso es imposible el triunfo.
A los dems aconsejamos que no
, deben ser inscritos en el Clsico
en base, fu todo cuando perml- pues degde ahora manifestamos
to Jorge Luis, el lanzador ga-l que ei "Presidente" de este ao
nador que anoche conquisto su I debe quedar entre Pinard. Dic-
tercer triunfo contra una de- tador, Main Road o Royal Coup.
rrota La Cervecera bateo seis Ese es nuestro vaticinio.
hits todos a los lanzamientos de_____
Arla in quien entr en el primero I .....
en reemplazo de Julio Ara, al no i P" su publicacin hemos re-
encontrar ste el plato, des-1 clbldo la siguiente carta:
?ay, qu,ltomar .en ,c,uenta al ?" | Virgilio Castillo y JaramiUq, que I el deporte nacional,
trillo Phoebus Apollo, que supe-, nevaran buena esperanzas pa-' ~
adores gringos, y pronostican
os resultados de las grandes
ligas, en cambio sobre los juga-
dores Nacionales nada saben,
nada dicen, nada entienden, Y
en las pginas deportivas de los
diarios que ellos dirigen, ocupan
prominencias las noticias depor-
tivas de otros pases.
Es por lio que considero o-
portuno recalcar el esfuerzo de, rando un total de 25 lncoglbles tablero de los cqclesanos, men- opcin para conquistar el an-
Uds. por ayudar al deporte na-. para implantar una nueva mar- tras que los bocatoreos conec- siado y difcil ttulo.
cional, para que en el futuro i ca aj anotarse su blanque n- taban nueve lncoglbles. Otro partido que promete re-
no haya mucha discusin sobre mero cuatro. El equipo de Panam conti- sultar reido es el que sosten-
quien es quien en este asunto, j EI lanzador machi rabino de i nu invicto en el torneo merced I drn Cocl y Darin, y que
Igual mrito tienen todos aque- sedas tir toda la distancia por a su triunfo frente al equipo1 ambos tienen ooprtunldad de fi-
lloa que colaboran con Uds. y gan giaJ | a& Veraguas por anotacin de 8; nalizar en el marcador.
Bocas del Toro carreras a 2. En el tercer juego del pro-
triunfo y esta Se anex el triunfo por Pa- grama de maana, Chiriqui se
temporada de 1951.
Hasta el momento solo el
equipo Lord Chesterfield de la
categora mayor masculina v
Carlos Eleta en la menor se han
Inscrito esperndose que en el
transcurso de la semana lo ha-
gan los restantes.
Las cuotas de Inscripciones
ama. Peo^'TendrrT otra I P las categoras mayor mas-
oportunidad si Panam llegara' cullna ? femenina son de B.15.0O
a fallar hoy frente a Chiriqu,\7 P"ra la menor masculina B.
Rmulo Corrichtegul, en la Otl-
flna principal de la Cervecera
osibllldades su opcin de ir a
a serie final.
Cuatro hits, dos de "Tabogui-
ta" Agulrre, uno de Jlmmie Ar-
laln el lanzador perdedor y un
jonrn del "Gordo" Mendlve en
el primer acto con un corredor
ra todas aquelas personas y pro-
pietarios de equinos que compi-
ten en esta pruebas.
Reciban pues, por Insignifi-
cante que sta sea, mi voz de
aplauso y mi ms cordial feli-
De Uds. Atentamente,
Bolvar Mrquez Jr,
?us de haber concedido cuatro
ases por bolas, con un solo
Los mejores bateadores del
Juego fueron Agulrre con dos
hits en tres turnos. Garca y
Luis A., con igual cantidad. Es-
tos dos ltimos del equipo ga-
El score condenado del parti-
do fu el siguiente:
Mentesama its sea *5 4 S
Cervecera SOS 141 xS 5
Coln, 13 de Abril de 1951.
Estimado Redactor Deportivo
Con todo el respeto que Ud.
es merecedor como persona au-
Red Panamericana
tiene los
m^ores proeramas
Eczemas Picazn
Desaparecen con un
Fcil Mtodo
Ju pi.l ti..* cul M milk., d. poro.
dona. a. .ronden lo. r'rm.ntqn,
c.uMn ttrrible Plc*s6n, Rajaduru U Piel. Bcuma, Ardor, oaMll.Ja,.
nuenio, Acn, rupclonaa da la. nial
Buraa. Me. lu ma4ioinu arSiaau-taa
Un alivio Onirameni. mom.ntina.
poro u. o matan la cauta Sal mal qua
on loa grmenea. Nixod.rm, 1
SeacubrTaaiaBto. mata km germana*
n poco, minuto* 7 dar una pial
i'V*' u*r JT, t*rclop*lada ea
una umana. Pida NlaaSarm an au
farmacia hoy mlamo y acaba con
a cauaa, TarSadara d* loa
*<> Dasordenas da la Piml
oa da
Para mayor potencia motrizdecdase por
"Mil nuavaa Capin dan mucWc rmm 'da' mi
Mta ." *c al IV. Tullo AA-MNi Co.t.lar,
Aaj.wMna, "y ma as mucho ads ogrockibia guiar
ahora que antas. Reinstalo un nuevo luego de
Champion cada 15,000 kilmetros. El kilometraje
adicional que obtengo me ahorra dinero en combus-
tible. Y siendo el costo de vida lo que es
hoy da, asa es un factor importantsimo."
Predilectas del mundo entero
por mes J* un cuarto da siglo
Se suspendi al aprendiz F.
Caballero por fl reuniones por no
exigir a EL MONDE.
Suspendido el Jinete Dante D'
Andrea por abrir y cambiar su
linea de carrera con el caballo
FRUTAL, con 12 reuniones.
Se suspendi al jinete C, Igle-
sias por 8 reuniones por monta
brusca en CANTACLARO.
R. Vasquez fu suspendido por i
4 reuniones por cambio de linea
en la tierra derecha con MANO-
Interrogado el Jinete J. Phi-
llips por la presentacin de LI-
TUANA, sus explicaciones con- I Independiente
cedieron con las dsl Jinete Cas- Santander
tillo, en su presentacin de la' Tauros
semana pasada. Se acord levan
tar la suspensin recada en
Guayaquil y Pern en
el comando del ftbol
infantil de Barraza
Fotbol Infantil de Barraza
o. e. r. pts.
Guayaquil ........ 1 1 8
Dep. reren ....... 1 1 8
Anellnl .............. 18 12
Selecta .......... 8 1
Fuerte 25......... 1 1
Esta noche a las 7.30 se rene
la directiva de la Liga Comer-
cial de Softball en la terraza del
Jardn Balboa, para resolver
asuntos de Importancia que tie-
nen pendiente. El Secretarlo de
la Liga ruega asistencia a todos
los representantes de equipos.
Pide a todas las Jugadoras del
equipo de Basketball la pun-
tual asistencia a la reunin
prctica de maana mircoles a
las 5 de la Urde en el Oimna-1
slo Nacional.
En los atractivos partidos que
ofreci la contienda del ftbol
Infantil de Barraza que dirige
que dirige Temi Molina, se re-
gistraron los siguientes resulta-
Angelinl 1Santander 8
Guayasuil 0Taures 8.
Pern 1Selecta 1
Con estos encuentros Guaya-
quil y Pern continan invictos
en el primer puesto; el Angeli-
nl entr en la columna de ga-
nadores, y al Santander perdi
su primer encuentro: Selecta
volvi a empatar y el Tauro lo-
gr puntuacin.
El prximo sbado en la tar-
de continuar el torneo en Ba-
rraza con los Juegos.
Fuerte 25 vs Independiente
Tauros vs Anrellnl
Santander vs Pern
Presentar quejas
Jack Corbett contra
vezMf7ente"aTconjunto cclesa- nam nmbelo Prez, lanzador, encuentro favorito' para !mpo- Pnrrl Frrlt V Harrirlo
no que lo haba vencido en to- que salto en el sexto episodio nerse a San Blas. a was s ssvs\ j ua,ll"Sc
dos los Juegos celebrados hasta' para dar paso a Larrinaga.
Se levant una colecta
para enterrar a Al Brown
NUEVA YORK, Abril (Espe-, pobres de solemnidad,
clal)El recordado boxeador pa' Nat Fleicher, Director de la
nameo, Al Brown, ex-campeon i Revista "The Ring", y Lew Burs-
mundlal de peso gallo que mu-
ri sin un centavo la semana
pasado en un hospital de esta
ciudad, fu enterrado en ef Ce-
menterio de la Resureccln en
Long Island.
Amigos y dirigentes del Boxeo
costearon el entierro de Al
Brown, y evitaron que fuera en-
Softball de la
Fuerza y Luz
(Por A. A. PINZN)
ton, Representante Extranjero
del Club Internacional de Boxeo,
asi como otras figuras de esta
actividad costearon e hicieron
los erreglos necesarios para los
servicios y entierro de catego-
ra. Varios viejos amigos de Al' "Oficinistas" este partido, quie-
NEVA YORK, Abril 17 (UP>
Jack: Corbett propietario del
club de baseball El Paso pre-
sentar hoy quejas contra los
presidentes de la Liga America-
na y Nacional Will Harrldge y
Ford Frick.
Su abogado Frederic John-
son aduce que una parte de la
clusula de reserva del baseball
que le impide contratar pelote-
La (Novena "Oficina General" ros mexicanos es la violacin del
obtuvo su primer triunfo en la | articulo 9 captulo 55 de la carta
Liga Interna de Baseball al de las Naciones Unidas que dice
blanquear a la novena "Planta que cada gobierno mejorar las
Garage y Almacn", por 5 carre- condiciones de empleos y garan-
ras a 0 en juego celebrado el tizar las libertades fundamen-
domlngo en la maana. I tales.
Fu un fcil triunfo para los; ----------------------------
Brown contribuyeron tambin
en la colecta para completar el
terrado en la fosa comn de los dinero para los funerales.
El Gobierno de EE. UU. fija el
salario mnimo a los peloteros
HOUSTON. Texas, abril 18.
(UP). Stan Muslal quien se-
r el pelotero que ms su-
frir como resultado de la or-
den expedida en Washington
ayer por la oficina establliza-
dora de salarlos, fijando un
salarlo mximo a pagarse a
los jugadores de baseball dijo
que eso ha sido un rudo golpe
pero que se resignar a ello
puesto que nada puede hacer.
An no s gran cosa sobre
el decreto", dijo el gran jar-
dinero y bateador de los Car-
denales" pero si esa es la ley
no puedo menor que acatarla".
Muslal no pareca estar suma-
mente "alicado" con el decre-
to que le costara aproximada-
mente 85 mil dlares este ao.
De acuerdo con la orden de la
OES el salarlo mximo que se
permitir a una novena pagar
a uno de sus jugadores este
ao ser el salario mximo que
pag a uno de ellos el ao
Muslal devengo el ao pa-
sado unos 52 mil dlares y se-
gn los Informes logr este ao
un salarlo de unos 87 mil d-
lares. La orden significa que
casi todos los peloteros que
cinco mil dlares como resul-
tado de la orden.
El Presidente de los Carde-
nales Fred Saigh dijo que har
cuanto le sea posible para que
Muslal pueda obtener los 85 mil
dlares que les ha ofrecido.
"Plantear el caso personal-
mente ante la oficina" dijo
Saigh "a fin de que l pueda
obtener su salario completo".
Seleccin de la
Comercial jugar
con el Camel
Doris Hart se destaca
en torneos de Europa
ROMA. Abril 17 (UP)La flo-
ridlana Doris Hart gan su cuar
aceptaba 3 aislados lncoglbles,: to titulo extranjero consecuti-
teniendo bajo control a sus con-
trarios en el resto del partido.
La poderosa novena "Distri-
buidora" sali vencedora en los
dos compromisos que celebr en
nes marcaron 2 carreras en el
primer acto y 3 en el cuarto, no'
obstante de haber desarrollado
una buena labor el lanzador,
perdedor G. Mariche, permitin1
doles a sus contrarios 5 lncogl-
bles; mientras que C. Muoz
vo y tercero seguido a expen-
sas de Shirley Fry al vencer a
sta por 6-3 y 8-8 en los fina-
les Individuales de damas del
torneo de tenis de Roma.
base, y sbftball. En" baseball con- pry en pareja con el filipino
tra la novena "Empalmadores", Feliciano Ampn gan los flna-
obtuvo el triunfo por anotacin
de 6 carreras a 3. Los "Distribui-
dores" castigaren fuertemente
al lanzador L. Beitla quien co-
menz lanzando, y al no poder
les de Mixtos venciendo a Hart
y el sueco Lennart Bergellin
por 8-8, 3-8, y 6-4.
El checoeslovaco Jaroslav Dro-
contender el temporal salt en bny que compite por Egipto y
el primer episodio, y entr en su. que antier gan los individuales
ayuda M. Abad apaciguando un; para caballeros, en pareja con
poco la batera permitiendo 2 el norteamericano Dick Savltt
anotaciones en el tercero y i en i venci en los finales do dobles
el sptimo episodio, por 4 lnco-! para caballeros al os atalianos
glbles; en tanto que Yeyo Meron Gianni Cucelli v Marcelo del
lanzador ganador solamente Bello por 6-2, 7-9 6-3 y 6-3.
permita 4 inatrapables, silen-
cindolos el recetarles nada me-
nos que 13 ponches, imponiendo
de esta manera una nueva mar-
ca en este interesante campeo-
Ayer se hicieron los arreglos nato.
para Jugar el jueves en la noche
en Santa Rita, la Seleccin de la
Liga Comercial de Softball y el
potente equipo Camel, que cla-
sific en la Liga Social despus
de rendir una gran batalla, ter-
minando en el cuarto lugar.
Dos Juegos habr ese da. El
primero correr a cargo de BUR
y Cervocera, que comenzar a
jas siete de la noche.
La Seleccin de la Liga Co-
mercial debut con un triunfo
obtuvieron un aumento en sus' la semana pasada cuando ven-
salarios este ao podrn co- ci a la Polica de la Zona del
orarlo. El antesallsta George Canal, que coloc al gran lan-
Kell perder sin embargo como zador zoneita Chaney en el box.
en ttx> d'mundo
El siguiente compromiso que
tuvieron en la tarde del sbado
los muchachos "Distribuidores"
fu con la novena "Ingenieros
de Telfonos Automticos", en
la continuacin del torneo de
bola suave, saliendo airoso por
anotacin apretada de 10 carre-
ras a 9 Este juego se caracte-
riz por abundancia de batazos
teniendo los ganadores 13 y los
perdedores 11 lncoglbles.
Result lanzador ganador Bur
liiigham y perdedor Victor Co-
Levantadas de Noche!
Ayudo i sus Rones
A cuvrpo humano a* daahac* d*\
xce*o d* cido* y d**p*rdlclo* v*m-
no*o* d* la aanar*. por madlo d* lo*
nu*v* milln** d* diminuto* tubo* o
filtro* d* loa rlflonaa. 81 ato* veneno*
d* loa rlflonaa o la vejlaa lo bacn
urrlr con levantada* nocturnas, ner-
viosidad, dolor** de pierna*, ojera,
lambaa*o, doloraa da laa coyuntura,
acides o ardor an loa conductos. Sa-
bido a la necaaldad d* eeUmulant
diurtico, prueba Cyetex.
Deehtaasa del cido rico T lea
nanos con la receta mtdtca llamada
Cyetex, que es un dlurttlco *tin-.u-
r".u.d* '? rta r paliativo para
la irritacin funcional de la vejli
Cyatax. que ea un dlurftico eitin-.u-
I los "
icldn funcional de la vlica -
vfaa urinaria* en atado da acTdex.
Cyatax aatlafacer a uated completa
manta jr eer la medicina que usted
necesita. Pida Cy*t*x boy mame
en au far*
macla fa-
ayuda a conservar la apariencia
suavf y juvenil del rostro
taitudio y experimentos de arios
han perfeccionado por fin una
nueva y maravillosa crema de
afeitar qua le permite afeitadas a raa
de piel ms ntidas que nuncay lo
ayuda a conservar el aspecto juvenil
de su roatro.
Se trata de la Nueva Crema de
Afeitar Williams que contiene x-
tracto de Lanolinareciente descu-
brimiento mdico cor mayores
propiedades "benficas" para la piel
que la lanolina corriente. El Extracto
de Lanolina le refresca el rostro a la
vez que *e afeita. Conforta la piel
,.. la deja mas suave.
Ahoracada vez que usted as afeita
con la Nueva Crema de Afeitar
Williams disfruta de esta maravillosa
aubstautcia ... y ademas obtiene una
afeitada ms suave, ms fcil. Uso
Williams, la nica crema de afeitar
que contiene Extracto de Lanolina*
Sil cystsa b
..Cyst ex

I a pelcula de las mas
l,n siempre una loca en cada bogar; la inevitable
"Luc,i tii la Casa", una iluminada capaz de todos
los sacrificios y todas las renunciaciones. ..
Con la presentacin en el Cine Mexicano de la
encantadora actriz
Toda la glora del esfuerzo blico que llen las ms emo-
cionantes pginas de la Historia!... La primera de su
clase!... La pelcula de ms actualidad!...

lirrjStmrl |'
Vuelve a la pantalla la perfecta e inolvi-
dable pareja de "ROSA DE ABOLENGO"
cuando haya visto esta pelcula, no di-
vulgue el secreto de GREER GARSON!..
M-G-M presents
- con -
_______James WHITMORE Noncy DAVIS______
plane un "timo"
de $300,000,000.
Un robo de 113,-
000 millas cuadra-
das de tierra. ______
historia verdica...' mas sorprendente
que la ficcin!. ..
Desde la 1:00 p.m.
Los misterios de la selva... La Ley brbara de la Jungla I
Ritos y tradiciones extraas!... Los poderes escondidos...
La fuerza salvaje... Bellezas negras... Fieras enormes...
Todos desatan una furia castigadora que llena de asom-
bros la plantalln!.....
En unos besos ardientes una
multitud de pecados que ame-
nazan la vida del audaz de-
tective. ..
en una de sus ms divertida
SI f*
Un drama Intenso, humano, genial, una pelcula de vigoroso realis-
mo, que nos muestra srdidos tugurios y magnficos palacios, don-
de el drama suree desgarrante..... _^_^__^__

^ dircctor RAFAEL GIL
trabajadores que no fueron
cubiertas por el Decreto, cons-
tituyen en cambio, preocupa-
cin constante dentro del desarrollo general
le su poltica social. Los as-
piraciones razonables conti-
nan, siendo objeto le cuida-
dosa consideracin, dentro de
un anlisis sereno, tcnico y
ecunime que sirva para deter-
minar la solucin ms adecua-
da. El Gobierno proseguir sus
gestiones con las respectivas
empresas acerca de la rees-
fTPt.urpcln de los sistemas de
Jubilacin y ahorro existente.'
y acerca de las realizaciones
del programa de construccin
de modernos centros poblados
en las zonas petroleras que
reemplacen a los existentes, a
fin de dar mejor oportunidad
Precios: 0.60 0.30

La comedia ms divertida del
dia nos ensea la increble
verdad: Los Arbitros tambin
son humanos... Una pelcula
cmica que gozar toda la fa-
Una romntica historia en el
Valle de los Potros Dorados!
Jerome C'ouftland Beverly
Tyler, en '
(The Palomino)
Con Aire Acondicionado
- HOY -
131 la esposa quiere ser en-
gaada... Qu puede hacei
el marido?...
Con Un Estupendo Doble!
"El Pecado de Ser Pobre'
- y -

Un* stira de U vid moderna, en especia! de lo que pata en el
teatro, hecha con tal maestra, que la Academia de Artes y Cien-
cia! Cinematogrficas le otorg
*? 6 Premios "OSCAR'

M^nWonro. H.roP a los trabajadores para que se se conviertan en factores so*
radiquen en ellos, preferible- cales de estabilidad en las co-
mente en viviendas propias y I lectivldades asi creadas"

_____________LILIA PRADO_____________
Claire Trevor, ea
"El Genio del Crimen"
Dos magnates del gangsterismo
_________frente s frente!
"Un Yanqui en Corea'
El ms emocio-
nante tema de
en un triple papel
cmico I
Secundado por
Misterios de Is selva! La ley de la jungla!
Adems: John Calvert. en
James Whiteman. en
La pelcula que despert
mil comentarios!
Aire Acondicionado
B.115.00 en Premio!
Adems: Ray Milland, en
Alan Ladd. en
Jack Carson Dennis Morgan
- en -
- y -
Marina Tamayo, eti
'Al Son de 1 Marimba"
3 p.iculas!
La Pandilla Llega
al Hipdromo"
Sara Garca, en
Gloria Marn, en
del Buen Humor
en una de sus
ms divertidas
pel culis!
"EL cm
B.200.00 para el Pblico!
A las :00 y :00 p.m.
Broderlck Crawford, en
y Stanley elementa, en
Errol Flynn. en
Alan Ladd, en
y Rhonda Fleming, en
Cantinflas, en
Ah Est el Detalle''
- 7 -
Episodios y 10
- Adems:
Tin Tan. en
- y
Sara Garca, en
- y -

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