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Panama American
"Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.
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Mobilizers Say
USSR Must Hit
Now Or Never
WASHINGTON, Mar. 30 (UP) Top United States
mobilization officials, in recent testimony before the House
Appropriations Sub-committee which was disclosed today,
expressed the belief that the Soviet must attack the Unit-
ed States now or never.
Defense Mobilize Charles E. Wilson said the three
year rearmament drive now under way will enable the
United States to fight an all-out war. He said the United
States will be very strong by the end of this year.
Wilson said that even If Rus-
sia attacks before the three year
$150,000,000,000 rearmament pro-
gram Is completed the United
States' present start toward the
buildup of plant capacity and
tooling will enable the allout
production of war materials.
He said that when the pro-
gram reaches full swing next
year the United States' total out-
put will be $325,000,000,000, of
which one third will be war mat-
National Production Adminis-
trator Manly Flelschmann said
the United States will be ready
In one year, and that Russia will
not have a chance by 1953.
"Our time of greatest peril is
f Other0" mobilization officials
warned that the United States
In short of nearly all raw mat-
erials needed for defense pro-
duction. The main exception Is
Bruce K. Brown, deputy head
of Petroleum Administration for
Defense, said hostile submarines
could cut off one seventh of the
United States' daily petroleum
consumption of about 7,000,000,-
000 barrels.____________
Western Delegates
Optimistic About
Big 4 Conference
PARIS, Mar. 30 (UP). Dele-
fates to the Big Four deputies
meeting here today are more
optimistic than ever before for
of reaching agreement on an
agenda for a Foreign Ministers
Western delegates are expect-
ed to ask Soviet delegate Andrei
A. Oromyko a number of per-
tinent questions today on his
compromise proposal which
broke the three week deadlock.
One Western spokesman said:
"Despite prevailing optimism It
Is still not time to sign on the
dotted line."
Economic Stabilizer Eric A.
Johnson said the United States
has been too conciliatory towards
Russia. "But the chances of So-
viet attack shrink with every day
that goes by because the West-
ern powers are getting stronger."
2 Former Officials
Of Credit Union
Pay Judgments
Judgment* banded out last
Jan. 23 against three former of-
ficers of the Army and Navy
Civilian Employes Credit Un-
ion were satisfied yesterday by
two of the three.
Yesterday afternoon an order
was filed with Marshal John
E. Hushing, who had previously
seized automobiles belonging to
Frank C. South and Joseph Co-
plan ordering the release of the
The notice to the Marshal,
stated that the "parties had
arrived at a satisfactory settle-
ment" and had filed satisfac-
tion of Judgment and dismissal
of their appeal.
The Marshal was authorized
to release South's 1947 Bulck
and the 1947 Chrysler belonging
to the Coplans and claimed by
Mrs. May W. Copian. Hushing
was also authorized to return
to $2,500 cash indemnity de-
posit made for the Credit Un-
ion by president Earl V. Trux-
The Individual Judgment
against Copln was $525 and
that against South totalled
$1,000 $600 as unauthorized
salary and $500 as a bonus.
They were also named, along
with former treasurer Bert D.
Foye, In a Jofct Judgment of
$5,062.00, "the amount of the
shortage prayed for under the
original and amended com-
Missing Yacht Manned by Fla.
Beauties Found Safe in Gulf
30 (UP). A Coast Guard plane
found the missing schooner Tro-
plcalr and its beauteous shorts-
clad girl crew chugging safely
homeward today only 35 miles
from where they started six
days ago.
With sails furled, the Tro-
plcalr limped along on Its auxi-
liary engine when a PBM from
the St. Petersburg Coast Guard
Air Station spotted the yacht
about 2:30 p.m. E8T In Its own
The 40-foot craft was about
five miles in the Gulf of Mex-
ico off Bradenton, coming Into
the lower reaches of Tampa
Bay Leading to St. Petersburg.
The girls waved at the plane
and Die Coast Guard sent an
83-foot patrol boat to escort
them home to anxious parents
who had waited three days
without any word from their
daughters on the wind-tossed
They started for Havana, Cu-
ba, with 22 other craft Satur-
day to "show up" the local
yacht club for not accepting
them as entrants In the St.
Petersburg-Havana sailing race.
As late as yesterday morning
the young models and office
workers, captained by veteran
navigator Le Hederman, were
headed southward against 30
mile an hour head winds, ap-
parently lost.
A fishing boat, the Thresher,
passed them then 52 miles
southwest of Venice, Fla., and
advised them to turn back. But
the fishing vessel's report did
not reach the Coast Guard un-
til the Thresher made port at
Venice today.
One of two planes recalled
from searching the dangerous
waters far to the south located
them within three hours.
District Coast Guard Rescue
Headquarters In Miami Immedi-
ately called off the search by
Coast Guard and Navy planes
and Coast Guard cutters which
had criss-crossed a 90,000-square
mile are of roughened Gulf
Waters north and west of Key
West for three days.
Unanswered immediately were
such questions as why Heder-
man and his crew did not use
their radio to summon aid or
answer urgent calls.
Fears mounted for the safety
of the Troplcalr which was
defiantly flying the Confederate
flag when It started out and
Its crew as the Gulf was whip-
ped with winds that kept small
craft In port and with know-
ledge thai their four-day food
supply had dwindled.
The Ill-fated trip started as a
lark for the girls, aged 19 to
23, few of whom had ever man-
ned a sailing craft over such
a distance of open water as
the 285-mile voyage to Hava-
Hederman trained them for
three months prior to the race
and scoffed at the St. Peters-
burg Yacht Club racing board's
terming them Incompetent sai-
lors. He said that "pound for
pound" they were the equpl of
male sailors.
Hederman's crew, all resid-
ents of St. Petersburg, were
Janice Kaufman, 19, his sec-
retary; Clarice Willis, 20, a
sales girl; dance Instructors Pat
Fenner, 21, and Myrna Bibb,
21; Marian Hall, 24. a labor-
atory technician and experi-
enced sailor; Helen Hobba, 23,
a publicity writer; fashion mo-
del Dottle Sherrill, 20, and
Betty GUchrist, 23, a free-lance
photographer. _____,___
Gittens Found
Guilty; To Be
Sentenced Tues.
Goldbourae Cornelius Gittens,
25, at 12:25 pm, today was con-
victed of the attempted armed
robbery of the Paraso Club-
Not a murmur from the pack-
ed courtroom greeted the ver-
dict of Judge Joseph Hancock
who, a few minutes earlier had
asked police officers to station
themselves at all exits from the
room to prevent anyone from
leaving or creating a disturb-
Gittens will be sentenced
Tuesday morning. A request for
Increase of his $1,500 ball to $2,-
500 was asked by the govern-
ment but this motion was tak-
en under advisement and will
not be acted upon unless some
attempt Is made to post the
lesser amount.
In handing down his verdict,
Judge Hancock announced that
he was disregarding the cor-
roboratory testimony offered by
the blood-hound In establishing
a connection between Gittens
and the hood and gloves found
In a Paraso garden the morn-
ing after the attempted hold-up.
"This Is not to say," Judge
Hancock told attorneys In the
case, "that the law relative to
the Introduction and develop-
ment of such testimony will not
be received or Is not legally
correct, but In view of the cir-
cumstances surrounding this
particular development, I am
disregarding it."
He pointed out that a major-
ity of the courts In the United
States are accepting such testi-
mony. No defendant, however,
he continued, can be compelled
to testify against himself.
"And that carries with it that
no one should take part In any
practice or demonstration which
could convict him without be-
ing advised of his constitution-
al rights so that he can either
agree or refuse to participate.
The bloodhound testimony had
been Introduced yesterday after-
noon, for the first time In a
Canal Zone court. Witnesses
from the police testified that
two volunteers and Gittens had
been taken to a location near
(Continued on Page 6, Col. 8)
Senator Challenges
Truman's Authority
On Atlantic Army
Senator Kenneth 8. Wherry,
R. i:eb.. In an 11,000 word
speech prepared for Senate* de-
livery, said that President Harry
S. Truman claims the power of
a king or dictator by sending
United States troops Into the
Atlantic Pact Army without con-
gressional consent.
Wherry summed up opposing
arguments in the Senate's Great
Debate over plans to send six
United States divisions into the
Atlantic Pact Army commanded
by General Dwlght D. Elsen-
hower. The Senate votes on the
measure Monday.
Wherry denounced what he
termed a sinister camouflaged
effort to place United States
troops under International con-
He said the success of the ef-
fort would give Mr. Truman and
the "bayonet generals of the
Pentagon" powers which con-
form only to "the exploded
theory of the divine right of
He said: "A dangerous concept
of the powers of Congress and
of the President as Commander-
in-Chief of the armed forces Is
being foisted upon the American
people bv the advocates of a
Presidential dictatorship over
our military establishment.
"Surrender the power of Con-
gress to determine the character
of the aid that shall be given
under the North Atlantic treaty
and a mighty push will have
been given the United States
down the road to military dic-
Hear, Hear!
Panam City Mayor Angel
Vega Mndei today wrote Po-
lice Chief Jose A. Remen
concerning the possibility of
banning the sounding auto-
mobile horns in the streets
of the capital.
Vera Mndez pointed ont
that similar action had been
taken In Caracas, Venezuela,
San Salvador and San Jos.
Costs Rica, and suggested
that a trial period of one
month be used to test such a
ban. The area of quiet would
extend from Hotel El Pana-
ma through the center of
Air War Hits High Gear
As Jets Mill Over Yalu
(NEA Telephoto)
TARGET: GENERAL Ma]. Gen. Robert Soule (right) hits
the dirt as he's pinned down by enemy sniper fire in the
Lijongbu area after his helicopter landed near the lead
tanks. The pilot. Capt. Robert Winkler, (left) of Planada,
Calif., and the photographer also had to take cover. (Photo
by NEA-Acme staff photographer Ed Hoffman.)
Judy Holliday, Jose Ferrer
Win 1950's 'Oscar Awards
Judy Holliday ("Born Yester-
day") and Jos Ferrer ("Cyrano
de Bergerac") last night won
the Motion Picture Academy Os-
car awards as the best film ac-
tress andactoroftbeyear^^
Another Cold-War
Incident Narrowly
Averted In Berlin
BERLIN, Mar. 30 (UP) A
major new cold war Incident was
narrowly averted early today
when emboldened East German
People's Police blocked off the
highway corridor through the
Soviet zone for on* hour.
At Drelllnden, where the high-
way enters the Russian zone
from the Western sectors of Ber-
lin, West Berlin police caught
two East German Police trying
to spirit a young man Into the
Soviet zone.
She screamed as the East po-
lice car was about to leave the
West Sector. One East German
policeman was captured. The
other escaped into the Russian
zone. .. j
The East German police guard-
ing the Soviet zone boundary
with Russian military police
promptly retaliated by lowering
the barrier across the Interna-
tional highway, preventing West-
ern vehicles from entering or
leaving the 110 mile highway
The East Germans demanded
the return of the captured po-
liceman before raising the bar-
rier. On their side of the boun-
dary United States military po-
lice were told by their superiors
to keep their hands off. as it was
strictly a German affair and no
Americans were involved.
This Incident came on top of
hot exchanges between Britain
and the United States on the
one hand, and Russia on the
other, over the fusillade fired at
five United States army sight-
seeing buses taking 73 women,
children and servicemen through
the eastern sector of Berlin.
United 8tates authorities have
demanded that the Soviet pun-
ish those East German police
responsible for the incident.
"It was only a fortunate mir-
acle that persons in the buses
were not killed or seriously In-
jured," the United States protest
Civil Defense
Advisor's Office
In New Location
The office of M. E. Walker,
Civil Defense Advisor for the
Canal-R a 11 r o a d organization,
was moved this week to Room
267 in the Administration Build-
ing at Balboa Heights, and is
now In operation In the new
The telephone number of the
defense office remains the same,
The Civil Defense Advisor has
been located in the small offlee
on the porch on the second
floor of the Administration
"All About Eve" was voted the
best picture of 1950.
As the 23rd annual awards
were announced amid Hollywood
glitter at Pantages Theater here
last night miss Holliday and
Ferrer listened by radio in La
Zambra, a Spanish nightclub In
New York.
Arrangements to have their
acceptances telephoned to Pan-
tages Theater went awry. Only
Ferrer was heard.
Both winners played their
winning roles on Broadway be-
fore the two plays were filmed.
Other winners were:
Josephine I/.ill ("Harvey")
Best supporting actress.
George Sanders ("All About
Eve")Best supporting actor.
"The Walls of Malapaga"
(French-Italian) Best foreign
language film.
Joseph L. Manklewlcz ("All
About Eve")Best director and
best writer.
Darryl F. Zanuck ("All About
Eve")His third Irving Thai-
berg award for "consistent high
I production In the past three
| years."
Six awards this year went to
"All About Eve." "Sunset Boule-
vard" ran second with three.
Accepting his Oscar by tele-
phone Ferrer, who recently de-
nied all Communist sympathies
when he appeared In Washing-
ton before the House Un-Amer-
ican Activities committee inves-
tigating Communist Influence In
Hollywood, said: "This Is what
I consider a vote of confidence
In more than my acting ability."
J. F. Mllliken,
Long-Time Resident,
Dies in Jay, Maine
Word of the death of J. R.
Mllliken, former armament
foreman at Ft. Amador, on Mar.
25, reached friends on the Isth-
mus today.
Mr. Mllliken left the Isthmus
In 1947 to reside In Rosedale,
Miss., but died In Jay. Maine,
where his daughter. Mrs. Crls-
ty Schjevlland, now resides.
Besides Mrs. Schjevllland,
who Is the former Phyllis Mll-
liken, he Is survived by his wi-
dow, Agnes, and his son-in-law,
Rev. Crlsty Schjevlland, for 10
years was pastor of the Pedro
Miguel Union Church.
Mr. Mllliken was 68 years old.
He was born In Campello, Mass.,
and had been employed in
Maine for some 10 years before
coming to the Isthmus In 1914
to Join the old "Fortifications
All of his Isthmian service
was in fortification work, which
was sometimes the responsibili-
ty of the Canal and at other
times of the Army. He had been
with the Army continuously
since 1923. From, 1916 to 1920 he
was assigned by 'the Army to the
Watertown arsenal.
Balboa Tides
High Low
10:15 a.m. 12.3 ft. 4:00 a.m. 2.4ft.
10:49 a.m. 12.4 ft. 4:37 p.m. 3.5 ft.
Analysis of Debris
Shows Globemaster
Blew Up In Midair
LONDON, Mar. 30 (UP)Unit-
ed air experts today start-
ed an investigation to determine
what made the four engined
Globemaster, carrying 53 airmen,
blow to bits over the Atlantic a
week ago today.
The experts finally got some-
thing to go on when the United
States destroyer Benner picked
up 105 pieces of debris Identified
as parts of the missing plane.
About one of every three pieces
was charred and most were
splintered evidence that the
Globemaster blew up about two
hours flying time from Ireland
on a flight from Limestone,
Maine, via Gander, Newfound-
A spokesman said there was no
evidence the Globemaster was
sabotage, though some British
newspapers continue to specul-
ate that this may have caused
the crash.
The search for survivors will
continue all day with planes and
helicopters from the United
States carrier Coral Sea taking
Fort Kobbe School
Enrollment Swells
As Cocoli Vacated
Five teachers and 180 children
at Cocoli Elementary School
picked up their books and pen-
cils and made the big move to
their new school at Fort Kob-
be this afternoon. They will be
back in the regular study rou-
tine at the new location Mon-
day morning.
The students who made the
move Include those In kinder-
garten and in grades three
through six who Uve at Howard
Field and Farfan and those
In kindergarten through grade
six who live at Lecona. Rous-
reau and the Naval Ammunition
They have been attending
school at Cococli pending the
completion of necessary renova-
tion work at Fort Kobbe School,
which was opened In September
only for students In grades one
and two who live at Howard
Field and Farfan.
Only six rooms In the east
wing of the. new school have
been In use since school open-
ed. Repairs and renovation work
on the remainder of the build-
ing, which will be occupied by
the students moved from Co-
coli, has been In progress since
that time.
The teaching staff at the new
school Includes Miss Helen
Starr, Principal. Mrs. Anna M.
81nk, Miss Doris V. Summerlin,
Miss Lillian F. Balrd and Miss
Evelyn Swartz.
The elementary school at Co-
coll will remain In operation
for childrn who live In that
community. The remaining en-
rollment will be 142 and the
teaching staff Includes Miss
Shirley Moffett as Teaching
Principal and four other in-
The Fort Kobbe School was
built In 1941 but was not used
until this year. Soon after the
building was completed, de-
pendents of military personnel
were removed from the Canal
Zone because of the war and
the new school facilities were
not needed. It was opened this
year because of a large increase
in school age children In West
Bank communities.
Red Casualties
Up To 760300
The Chinese and North Ko-
rean Communists have suffer-
ed 760,300 casualties through
Mar. 22, according to United
States Army estimates.
An Army spokesman said
here today that this total in-
cludes killed, wounded, prison-
ers and non-battle casualties.
The last Red casualty figure
published by the Army Feb. 26
was 543,000. Of these 260,000
were Chinese Communists.
The non-battle casualties in
the latest estimate are put at
76,040, including 31,000 Chinese
United Nations forces have
taken prisoner 139,000 North
Koreans and 2.300 Chinese
TOKYO, Mar. 30 (UP) Red MIG-15's and United
States Sabres clashed in two jet dogfights near the Man-
churian border today.
Swirling fights occurred when 30 MIG-15's tried to
attack 38 Superforts which were bombing Yalu River
bridges in the Sinuiju area.
Thirty two escorting Sabres attacked the Commun-
ist planes. After a 10 minute battle the Reds were driven
off, with one shot down and two damaged.
The second jet fight was between three Shooting
Stars and eight MIG-15's 20,000 feet above Sinuiju. There
ore no reports of losses or damage to either side in this
All over North Korea the air
war "hotted up" as the land
war slowed down.
The attack on the Yalu
bridges was the heaviest yet
made. Results were "good to ex-
cellent." Red China sends mos8
of Its reinforcements and sup-
plies Into North Korea across
these road and rail bridges.
When the 30 Red Jets launch-
ed their first attack on the Su-
perforts at 30,000 feet over Si-
nuiju 30 United States Sabres
raced to the rescue.
A Royal Canadian Air Force
pilot from Montreal, on ex-
change service with the United
States Air Force, shot down one
He said: "I caught the MIG at
about 17,000; feet and hit him
with a good long burst. He went
Into a series of violent rolls, and
kept rolling till he hit the
ground and exploded."
The two damaged MIG's es-
caped across the Yalu to Man-
churia before they could be
For the second day B-26 light
bombers struck the Communist
airfield at Slnmark. inflicting
heavy damage to the runways.
By noon today 5th Air Force
fighter and bomber pilots claim-
ed nearly 300 buildings contain-
ing Red troops and supplies de-
stroyed, and another 100 dam-
Mustang pilots continued their
tunnel blasting sorties. With
rockets and bombs they account-
ed for two In the Namchonjom
area and one near Slnmark.
The Chorwon area was hard
hit by Corsairs of the 1st Ma-
rine Air Wing and TUunderjets
of the 27th Fighter Escort Wing.
Tanks, combined with tho
heaviest movement of Commun-
ist night traffic of the Korean
War, gave Allied fighters and
bombers a field day. They struck
heavily at more than 2,100 Red
vehicles clogging the North Ko-
rean roads last night and be-
fore dawn this morning.
On the ground the heaviest
Communist troop concentrations
are said to be in the wild My-
ongjl mountains, six miles south
of the 38th parallel and 15 miles
west of Chunchon.
Red Italian Deputy
Goes on Trial After
Slandering Pope Pius
CHIETI, Italy, Mar. 30 (UP)
Laura Diaz, 30, a Communist de-
puty, when went on trial here
today charged that she slander-
ed Pope Plus XII by saying his
hands were "dripping with
Diaz, whose Parliamentary im-
munity was lifted for the trial,
faces a prison sentence of from
one to five years If convicted.
Court President Carlo Pieran-
tonlo in his opening statement
accused Diaz of violating the Ita-
lian penal code by saying at Or-
tona a Mare June 13, 1948: "The
Pope's hands are dripping with
the blood of the children of
Greece and Palestine because he
did not do anything to prevent
war ravaging Palestine as he
did not do anything to prevent
or limit World War II.
"There Is no Holy Water which
can wash away that blood."
Crime Group Votes 30-Day
Extension: Cities Move
WASHINGTON, Mar. 30 The Senate Crime Committee
voted Itself a 30-day extension
today as Its year-long disclos-
ures of lawlesseness and cor-
ruption touched off an un-
precedented nationwide drive
ag-ainst racketeers and corrupt
public officials.
Simultaneously. It agreed to
press new contempt charges
against New York gambler
Frank Costello for his failure
to supply a statement of his net
worth. It dropped previous con-
tempt proceedings against the
New Yorker after deciding that
he had purged himself by ap-
pearing In New York.
The committee, which had
been scheduled to die Saturday,
voted unanimously to continue
until May 1. It will hold no
further public hearings, and will
devote its time to writing a
city-by-clty report on its in-
quiry and drafting legislation
to crack down on the under-
Senate approval of the com-
mittee's action was considered
almost certain in light of the
thousands of letters pouring In
from all parts of the country
demanding Its continuance.
President Truman praised the
work of the committee, but re-
minded the public that the pri-
mary responsibility for enforc-
ing the laws against crime rest
with local communities and in-
dividual citizens.
Even as he spoke, cities, states
and towns moved swiftly to
clean up gambling and other
rackets which the Senate In-
vestigators had brought to light.
There were these main develop-
Albany, N. Y. Gov. Thoma
E. Dewey, appointed a five-
member crime commission to
Investigate and prosecute gamb-
lers and racketeers In New
York State.
New York The Citizens Un-
ion, a non-partisan civic affairs
"watch-dog" group, demanded
that Mayor Vincent Impellltterl
and Dewey fire all public of-
ficials known to have kept com-
pany with Frank Costello and
other underworld characters.
Boston The New England
Watch and Ward Society set up
a publicly-financed crime com-
mission to fight rackets in all
New. England states except Ver-
St. Louis Gambler James
J. Carroll surrendered to the
U. S. Marshall on charges of
failing to file an income tax
information return and was
freed on $5,000 bond.
Chicago A number of anti-
crime bills were pending In the
Illnols legislature.
Des Molnes, la.' Attorney
General Robert Larson recom-
mended establishment of a city
crime commission.
Milwaukee, wis.Police Chief
John W. Polcyn, regarded by
the FBI as one of the best, said
any police force could clean up
gambling If It is free from
political control.

I >AT, MARCH 3, 1951
Cargo and Freight-Ships and Planes-Arrivals and Departures
Great White Fleet
New Orleans Service_____________________Cristbal
S.S. Chlriqul ...................................**}' *
S.S. Fiador Knot ...............................April 9
8.S. Chlriqul ...................................AprfJ 16
S.S. Levers Bend ............................ APrU zo
(Handling Refrigerated Chilled and General Calf)
New York Freight Service_________________Crietobal
S.S. Cape Cod ..................................April 1
S.S. Cape Cumberland .........................*Pr."
S.S. Cape Ann .................................April 19
S.S. Cape Avlnof ..............................April 24
. Freight Bailing! Weekly from Havana (o Crlitobal
WeeklJ Sailing! lo New *ork Loi Angeles, Sn rranctsco. Stallle
Occasional Sailing! lo New Orleans and Mobile.
(The Steamers la this aerrlc* are limited to twelve passenger
Frequent Freight Sailings from Cristobal to West Coast Central America
Cristbal to New Orleans via Cristbal
Puerto Barrios, Guatemala________________Midnight
S.S. Chlriqul (Passenger Service Only)........April 2
S.S. Chlriqul ...................................April 18
Country's Flag
Pretty New Orleans Girl Accuses
Young Cotton Broker With Rape
___n ____
1 Depicted is the
flag of
6 Its capital is
13 Vegetable
14 Pleasant
15 Cover
16 Expressing
18 Psyche parts
10 Pronoun
20 Withdraws
22 Height (ab.)
23 Distribute,
as cards
25 Fuel
27 Rim
28 Peak
29 Whirlwind
30 Lett hand
31 Higher
32 Area measure
33 Cloy
35 Carry
38 Arabian prince
39 Openwork
40 Negative reply
41 With unequal
47 Till sale (ab.)
48 Prosecute
50 Home
51 Rest
52 Came In
54 Strainer
56 Alarm
57 Dragged
1 Meteor
2 It is a member
of the -----
3 Free
4 Month (ab.)
5 Poker (take
6 Chest rattle
7 Among
8 Precise
9 Georgia (ab.)
10 Fetish
11 English city
12 Cuddle
17 From (prefix)
20 Pullman cart
21 Able to be
24 West Indian
26 Sheathing part
Answer to Previous Puzzle
IJW.raiZII |HW2IMI21 \
HI *rjifii i[-]iu;lMkii IB
III 1,7.1 i.ll -JWI21 I K73( 4
Ul l,M k7JI II-)""
adi 4i-:^ BgESa '-,l '
|-;r_i|-l ssssssssastssw iC-lI-l
i ii2jmij;-ii u i
i j"_* i i_m ii fcHJUUMMBBIMMI 1IJIM
mi uiiuu ;-:'-'<:, jijizi
33 Feels
34 Sum .
36 Lively
37 Reposed
42 Vehicle
43 Adam's son
44 Vein of metal
45 Diminutive of
46 Bird's home
49 Greek letter
51 Stitch
53 Comparative
65 Butterfly
Pretty Cecile Patricia Ross tes-
tified today that Andrew Mes-
alck, Jr., a wealthy young co'.ion
broker, picked her up In his
arms, bore her screaming into
the cabin of his yacht, 'Wufflc"
locked the door and raped her on
a bunk.
Messick. socially prominent
and believed to be at 20 the na-
tion's youngest cotton broker, is
being tried before District Judge
Bernard Cocke on a charge of
aggravated rape. The maximum
penalty for aggravated rape In
Louisiana Is the electric chair.
Miss Ross, a shapely, 19-year-
old brunette clad in a demure
dark blue linen dress with 3hort
Jeeves, a white, lacy blouse and
white gloves wept as she testi-
She said that on' their third
date. Messick drove her to the
west end of New Orleans, on Lake
Pontchartrain. stopped and ot
out of the automobile. He told her,
he said, that he had to run the
engine of his yacht to charge the
Miss Ross said Messick return-
ed in a few minutes and told her
he would get a chair so she could
be comfortable while he fixed the
generator. The chair, she said,
was placed in the bow of the
"Where was he?" Assistant
District Attorney Phil Trice ask-
"He was standing near me."
"What did he do then?
She said "He pulled me fTOffl
the chair.. .and kissed me/'
"What did he say?" Trice ask-
She said he told her "Thai's
the coldest kiss I ever had."
The prosecutor pressed Miss
Ross for further details and she
told him In a tense voice that
Messick "tried to pull my arms
around him" but that she held
on to two ropes nearby.
"I became frightened," she
said. "I held on as long as I
could but he broke my hold. I
pulled away from him."
Miss Ross said she tried to es-
cape, running around the boat
but that Messick pursued and
"picked me up."
"How did he pick you up?"
"He put one arm under my
knees and one arm around my
shoulder with his hand under my
arm." she explained.
She said she screamed "Put me
down; let me go."
But she said Messick "canted
me into the cabinet and threw
me down on the bed." She said
he locked the door and "som-
thing else" about three feet from
She said she jumped up but
that Messick "threw me back
down and told her to get calm.
"You need a psychiatrist and
maybe I do, too," Miss Ross said
Messick told her.
She said Messick threatened to
gag her unless she got quiet.
She said she pleaded with him,
explaining she had been In an
accident and a doctor had advis-
ed her not to get married for a
"I asked him if he had any .f-
llglon or conscience," she said.
"If he believed In God. He said
She said she resisted Messlcks
advances "with everything I
could "
Miss Ross said she had never
"had anything like this happen
She said that she pretended to
faint after she was raped and
that Messick wet some towels and
wiped her face.
Q. Then what happened?"
A. I got off the boat. He tried
to help me but I wouldn't let him
She said he took her home; she
ran into the living room weeping
hysterically and told her mother
and lather what had happened.
The state contends that on
their first date, Messick tried to
fondle Miss Ross's breast, but
"did not repeat his error" when
he took her out the second Unit.
Judge Bernard Cocke disallowed
the leference to "error." ruling
that "whether the touching of
this young lady's breast is a so-
cial errora faux pasis a cuu-
cluslon" and not a statement ol
Young Wife Found
Dead Week After
Husband Gets Shot
RIVERSIDE, Calif.. Mar. 30
i UP i A sheriffs posse has found
the body of 18-year-old Mrs. Do-
ris Cook near an old quarry,
about a mile from the spot where
her husband was found shot to
: death two days ago.
Sheriff's Capt. Don Schraeder
said one of the patrol cars used
in an intensive ,search of the
lonely Gaviln hills area near
Lake Mathews radioed a report
1 that the woman's body had
i been found.
Schraeder said he did not
know whether the woman had
been shot or died by some other
' means.
He said a 20-year-old Air
| Force sergeant held la con-
nection with the caseras "In
the field"with the search-party,
but that he did not know
whether the sergeant was with
the car that found the body.
Weston W. Walrath, Chief of
the Sheriff's detectives, had
, announced earlier in the day
that he would seek a murder
complaint against the youghful
sergeant, charging him wl'h
slaying Richard cook, also 18.
. H1NGHAM. Mass. (UP) The
new bell of the Hingham Meth-
odist Church hung in a fire sta-
tion for 75 years before it was
bought for the parish by popular
Marriage Licenses
GASKIN. Edward Ashton, 33
of La Boca, to SPRINGER, Ana
Maronette, 27. of Panama.
CHRISTIAN, Robert Gladstone,
| 35. ot Panama, to JACKSON, Al-
ice, 30, of Balboa Heights.
BANKS. Mr. and Mrs. M. E.. of
Panama, son, Mar. 28, Gorgas
ALEXANDER, Mr. and Mrs
Hilton, of Panama, son, Mar. 28.
Gorgas Hospital.
Social Lioness Eats
In Kitchen at Swank
Star-Strewn Party
Mar. 30 Movie celebrities
Mar. 29 (UP>.-Movie celebrities
and socialites staged a lion hunt
here when a 400 lb. lioness es-
caped from her cage at a swank
party. She was captured half
an hour later.
Helping capture here were
Sonja Hnie. William Powell,
Gordon Macrae. Allan Jones and
directors Mervyn Leroy and
Harry Joe Brown.
It happened at a three ring
circus party. The animals were
being transferred from box
cages to a large circular cage
i when the lioness named Martha
i escaped into the desert.
While the hunt was on the
cook went calmly about her
business in the kitchen. Tbe
1 lioness stuck her head in the
kitchen door. The cook thought
| it was a dog and tossed the
i feline a piece of meat.
A waiter rushed into the
kitchen, saw the lioness, and
frightened it away with his yell.
| Recapture followed.
Revitalize Your
Feel Younger
Look Younger
Nothing ages man or woman mor*
than achea caused through bad kldno
action. This may make yuu suffer from
Getting up Nights, strong, cloudy Urine.
Burning. Itching Passages, Nerves,
LHzslness, Rheumatism. Backache, l*ef
Pains, Circles under Byes, Swollen An*
kles. Loss of Appetite. Energy, etc.. be-
cause kidneys which should Alter blood,
fall to throw off acids and poisons, now
creeping to Joints and muscles. Cyitex
helps your kidneys In I ways; 1. Helps
clean out poisonous acids. 2. Combata
erms In the urinary system. I.
oothes and calma Irritated tissues. Get
Cystex from any druggist. Act now.
See how much better sou feel tomorrow
Guess He Does
By V. T. HAM! IB
is is
y Appointment
j gry Appointment j^
-gr^ Cin Distillers ^*k
rPT to H.M. Hing George VI X
Tanqueray, Gordon & Co. LtaV)
Stands Supteftoi
may mean kidney trouble
A function of the kidneys it to eliminate
harmful impurities from the system. If the
kidneys grow sluggish, these impurities
in particular excess acid-accumulate and
setUe, and become a cause, of pain and
suffering in joints and muscles.
The way to tackle the root of the trouble
it to help the kidneys. They should be
toned up with De Witt'i Pilla the medicine
made specially for this purpose De Witt's
Pills have a soothing, cleansing and
antiseptic action on the kidneys that t
brings them back to perform their *'
natural function properly.
De Witt' Pills are a very well-tried
remedy. They are sold all over the world
and we have many letters from sufferers
telling of relief gained, after years of
suffering after taking De Witt's Pills.
They act on the kidney quickly. Why
not try them for your trouble ? Go to
your chemist and obtain a supply to-day.
De Witts Pills
srt nude specially foi
De Witt's PUI ara
made under strictly
hygienic conditions
and the ingredients
all conform to rigid
standards of purity
for Kidney and Bladder Troubles
Sound of Strife
shoots at
hia\ pieoaa
A Hard Master

Italian Government, Shipowners
Argue On Merchant Marine Policy
ROME, Mar. 30 (UP) The
dispute between Italian shipown-
ers and the Government over the
building of a new 25,000 ton pas-
senger liner points up a bitter
argument over Italy's merchant
marine policy.
Shipowners want the Govern-
ment to use shipbuilding funds
lor cargo ships and tankers, due
to the high profit return on a
small Investment.
The Government wants big
passenger liners, owing to the
prestige and hard currency
brought in by tourists.
Since almost all shipbuilding
In Italy Is done with Government
funds the Merchant Marine Min-
istry always has the final word
on what will be built.
It Italian shipbuilding costs have
been among the highest In the
world since the end of the war.
In the past year they have climb-
ed still more.
Tr,e Merchant Marine Ministry
says British shipyards presently
quote prices 40 per cent below
Italian yards. German yards
quote 60 per cent below Italian
prices and Japanese yards are
even cheaper than German.
The Government 18 months
ago appropriated 34,000,000,000
lire for a shipbuilding program
including a number of tankers
and cargo ships. There funds
have been entirely exhausted,
and the merchant fleet Is still
below pre-war tonnage.
According to present plans,
however, and counting all types
of merchant craft, Italy should
reach her pre-war tonnage fi-
gure within the next year.
Italian shipowners protest the
money spent on one big liner
could produce six cargo ships. A
25,000 ton ship in Italy costs $27,-
200,000. A cargo ship or tanker
of around 10,000 tons would cost
The Merchant Marine Ministry
defends its policy by saying: "We
need passenger liners and that's
all there Is to-It. The Vulcanla
and Saturnia are 25 years old.
The Vulcanla Is now under re-
pair for storm damage on the At-
lantic. A new ship would not
have been damaged.
"Passenger ships bring us hard
currency from tourists and they
carry the Italian flag abroad to
keep high the prestige of all the
merchant marine.
"Cargo ships and tankers make
more money for the owners
that is true but the problem Is
bigger than that."
Shipowners like Achllle Lauro,
head of the Flotta Lauro of Na-
ples, says the building of another
big passenger liner will not help
Italy's merchant marine pro-
He says a sound maritime cre-
dit program, a reduction in Ita-
lian shipbuilding costs and In-
vestment of foreign capital In
the Italian shipping Industry is
needed. But only If Italy builds
smaller vessels which will bring
operating profits.
Merchant marine spokesmen
counter: "Shipbuilding costs are
not that easy to cut. Costs are
high because the yards are re-
quired to keep on thousands of
unneeded employes.
"Anyway the new 25,000 ton
liner Is being built with Italy's
own money not ERP funds
so we can spend It as we wish."
Italy has one 25,000 ton liner
almost ready for the Genoa-New
York run. It will be commission-
ed within the next few months.
In addition a 10,000 ton pas-
senger liner for the Italy-Egypt
service will also be built this
Army, Navy, Air Force News
Purged Red Police
Stage Protest Riot
In Viennese Streets
VIENNA, Mar. 30 (UP) More
than 200 purged Communist po-
lice went on the rampage In
this city yesterday, wrecking
trolley cars and blocking traffic
In an attempt to storm Vienna
police headquarters.
The angry Reds were protest-
ing their dismissal from the
Vienna police force in the big-
gest antl-C o m m u n 1 s t purge
undertaken in Austria, which is
jointly occupied by Russia and
Western troops.
The Communists derailed and
turned over tm-ee trolley cars
and tried to use them as bar-
ricades in what was intended
to be a siege of Vienna police
headquarters in the city's inter-
national sector.
The speedy arrival of several
hundred emergency squad police
prevented further violence.
The Reds shook their fists in
the faces of loyal police, shout-
ing: We will hang you yet."
The Austrian Government this
month cracked down on a Com-
munist stronghold Inside the
Vienna police force and dismis-
sed 600 Reds, many of whom
were known to be agents for the*
Russians while on the payroll
Captain Koepke, Coco Solo r0\u Heltzel Joins
Commander on 3rd Tour Here Communications
of the pro-Western Austrian
Police officials said the lead-
er of the rioters was Fels Mar-
guiles, a Soviet sector police
officer whom the Government
has repeatedly attempted to
dismiss for disloyalty, but who
Is being backed by the Rus-
CHICAGO (UP)A young man
knocked on the door of Mrs. Olga
Blsuttl's apartment and said, 'I
have some news about your son."
Mrs. Blsuttl, whose son Is in the
Army, let the stranger In. He
pulled out a revolver and robbed
her of three rings valued at
on all
100, Central Avenue

Captain Lyle L. Koepke. USN,
returning to the Canal Zone for
his third tour of duty, will assume
command of the reactivated Co-
:o Solo Naval Station on Monday
nornlng, April 2.
Brief but colorful change-of-
command ceremonies will be held
at 11 a.m., with Rear Admiral Al-
bert M. Bledsoe, commandant,
Fifteenth Naval District and
members of his staff, present.
Captain Koepke is relieving Com-
mander C. B. Farwell, who Is be-
ing assigned to other duties with-
in the local Naval District.
The 44-year-old Capita in,
Mrs. Koepke and three children
arrived from Washington, D.C..
earlier this month and have
established residence In Quar-
ters 24S, Coco Solo. The children
are: Henry Bell Twohy, 12,
Candy Gertrude Koepke, 4, and
Taffy Grace Koepke, 1.
Mrs. Koepke is the former Ger-
trude Jackson, of Colon. Her fa-
ther, J. J. Jackson, who died in
June, 1B43, foi several years was
in charge of Canal Zone com-
missary stores and later operated
the Jackson Laundry In Colon.
Her mother, now a resident of
Santa Clara, currently Is a house
guest of the Koepkes. Also here
for the ceremony are Captain
Koepke's father, Arthur Koepke
of Flint, Mich., and his sister, Mrs.
W. I. Foss of Bay City, Mich.
Between April, 1943, and Fe-
bruary, 1944, Captain Koepke
was In command of a PB2YZ
patrol squadron, VP-1, base.I
at Coco Solo. The squadron pa-
trolled the Canal Zone area and
out to Nicaragua, Ecuador and
the Galapagos Islands. Koepke,
then a commander, brought the
newly formed squadron here
from I'SNAS, North Island, Sau
Diego, Calif.
Following a tour of duty in the
Pacific ,as Operations Officer on
the staff of Vice Admiral John
Hoover, Commander, Forward A-
rea, and assignments aboard the
carrier USS Lake Champlain and
supply and repair ship USS
Chourre, Captain Koepke return-
ed to Coco Solo on September 32,
1946, as Chief of Staff, Air Wing
Three. He remained at Coco So-
lo until October, 1948.
He had been promoted to Cap-
tain on March 17, 1946, and the
same day married the former
Gertrude Jackson at Norfolk.
Captain Koepke spent one year
at USNA6, Norfolk, after leaving
Coco Solo-and then went to
Washington, D.C., to serve with
the Air Warfare Division, Head-
quarters, U.S. Navy. He directed
a section dealing with military
requirements for Naval aviation,
both ship and shore based.
A native of Flint, Mich.. Cap-
tain Koepke graduated from the
U. S. Naval AcaJemy In 1930. He
took his flight training at Pen-
sacola, Fla., In 1931. Various sea
and shore assignments between
then and World War II included
duty aboard the USS Saratoga in
1935 under the present Chief of
Naval Operations, Admiral For-
rest Sherman, apd membership
in the original pilot group aboard
the USS Enterprise, commission-
ed in 1937.
Colombia's Officers For UN
To Attend Maneuvers Here
At Quarry Heights
The new Assistant Director of
Communications for the Carib-
bean Command at Quarry
Heights Is Colonel William E.
Heltzel, U.S. Army, who arrived
Prior to his present duty Col.
"Heltzel was a student at the
Armed Forces Staff College, Nor-
folk, Virginia.
During World War II he com-
manded the 69th Signal Battal-
ion, XX Corps of the Third Army
and immediately following the
war became Assistant Signal Of-
ficer of the Third Army.
Upon his return from Europe
he was assigned to the Office of
the Chief Signal Officer in Wash-
ington, serving there from Octo-
ber 1948 to July 1947. He left to
attend the Commanding General
Staff College, Fort Leavenwoi^n,
Kansas, graduating In June, 194B.
His next assignment was that of
Assistant Professor of Military
Science and Tactics at the Uni-
versity of California at Berkeley.
Colonel Heltzel, during the war,
was awarded the Bronze Star
Medal with one oak leaf cluster.
He was also awarded the Purple
Heart Medal, the Occupation Mo-
dal and the Crolx de Guerre with
Gold Star of France.
Prior to his military service.
Colonel Heltzel attended Purdue
University and was graduated In
1930 with a Bachelor of Science
degree in the electrical engineer-
ing field. Following graduation
he was employed by the Ameri-
can Telephone and Telegraph
Colonel Heltzel was accompan-
ied to the Canal Zone by his wife,
Mrs. Cleda M. Heltzel and they
now reside In quarters 19 at Quar-
ry Heights. He Is the son of Mr.
and Mrs. Elmer A. Heltzel of Ak-
ron, Indiana.
Fifteen officers from the Co-
lombian Army battalion which is
training to Join the United Na-
tions forces In the Korean bat-
tlefields will observe US Army
Caribbean maneuvers in the Pa-
cora-Chepo area next week.
The coming maneuvers will
comprise the second phase of the
Army's "Operation Chepo." They
will start Monday.
The Colombian battalion's com-
mander, members of his staff
and company commanders are
scheduled to arrive by air Mon-
day. They will be taken Immedi-
ately to "Director Headquarters"
in the maneuver area for lunch
and a brief orientation prior to
their attachment to the battalion
representing US Forces.
During the second phase of
the z.OOD-man field exercise,
each Colombian officer will be
attached to hlj counterpart in
the U.S. battalion, In order that
a maximum amount of practi-
cal experience In the field will
be obtained.
Lt. Col. Jaime Polanla Puyo,
the Colombian battalion's com-
manding officer, will accompany
Lt. Colonel Frank H. Llnnell,
"U. 8. Forces" commander; Ma-
jor Luis Leyvo. battalion plans
and training officer, will accom-
pany Major George H. Duck-
worth, who holds the same posi-
tion in the 33rd Infantry's 2nd
battalion, and similarly each
other staff member will accom-
pany his opposite number in the
U.S. battalion. An Interpreter will
be furnished to each of the visi-
This week, units now In the
field have been undergoing unit
training in preparation for the
second phase of the maneuver.
The 1st Battalion, 33rd Infan-
try Regiment, which participated
In Phase One. has been replaced
by the 33rd's 2nd Battalion, with
Col. Linnel assuming command
of the "U.8. Forces" (the princi-
pal component of which will be
these 2nd Battalion troops.) He
replaces Lt. Col. George L. Ma-
bry, who commanded the "US.
ftrces" in Phaaw 1, "B" Trooy o
the 45th Mechanized Cavalry Re-
connaissance Squadron has been
replaced by "C" Troop 4n the
composition of the "Aggressor
Force." Lt. Col. Leslie R. Wilcox,
however, remains In command of
the mythical Invading force for
the forthcoming phase.
Chorrillo United
Burial Scheme
Members To Meet
All members and prospective
members of the Chorrillo United
Burial Scheme are asked to at-
tend the last Mass Meeting for
the month of March this evening
at 7:30 at the Bible Truth Church
of God, 39 West 26th Street.
A. A. Blackett-Forde. chairman
and founder, desires a punctual
attendance as many matters of
Interest will be discussed and wiK
only be approved by the majori-
ty of members.
Cristobal C10 Meet
To Be Held Tonight
CRISTOBAL. Mar. 30 A re-
port on recent conferences with
armed force officials will be giv-
en here tonight at the regular
meeting of the Cristobal chapter
of the Government and Civic
Employes Organizing Committee,
The meeting will be held at
the Club Tropical and will be-
gin at 7:30 p.m.
The speakers will be Ed Welch
and Edward Gaskln.
Fliers Get Break
England (UP) Six hundred of-
ficers and enlisted men at this
Royal Air Force station went on
a month's extra leave. Their
camp ran out of coke for heating
purposes and closed until warmer
weather arrives.
'something to crow about"
UnJtr ^i<
imsfy ^/
Sold at:
Served by:
Hotel El Panam Balboa Clubhouse
Pete's Catalina Garden Panama Hospital
SI Rancho Balboa Y. M. C. A.
Sorry the Downing chicken ranch has no phoa*.
Picas* call Balboa 134 for Information.
The prizes will be based on the National
Lottery Drawing of May 20 th, 1951
Certificates will be exchanged for

Gamboa Softball Tournament Starts Tomorrow
Eight Teams To Compete
For C.Z. Championship
The drawings for the second annual Gamboa Invita-
tional Men's Softball Tournament sponsored by the Phy-
sical Education and Recreation Section have been made
'and play starts tomorrow morning with eight of the strong-
est aggregations on the Canal Zone playing for the Cham-
pionship. No teams were seeded in the tourney and all
drawings were made on a numerical basis from the hat.
Balboa All-Stars were the num-
ber one team selected from the
hat and will play the strong Na-
val Ammunition Depot team
managed by Torr Murphy. This
. game will start at 9:45 a.m. and
should be one of the best games
In the tournament. The Balboa
team Is managed by George Stan-
ley and his lineup will boast such
. stars as Bobby Ganss. Presho,
Skinner, Barnes, Baldwin, Mc-
Lane, Baldwin, Jones and oth-
. ers while Manager Murphy Is led
by Pitcher John Wallace, one of
' the best hurlers to appear in the
.' tournament last year.
In the opener at 8:30 a.m. the
"' number three team selected was
. the Firemen's Insurance team of
' Manager Don Bowen's who will
face the 5700 Maintenance and
Supply team of Albrook Field.
' The Albrook team is managed by
" Sgt. Albert Creel, and they fin-
ished first in the Albrook Field
I Softball League.
I Lou Hilzinger Is the mainstay
- for the Insurance teams. How-
1 ever, he is backed by such stick-
- ers as Scheidegg. Pescod, Ander-
son, Turney. Scott, Adams. Med-
S." inger. Boatright Mead and Mc-
Arihur. The Albrook nine can
match this strength with such
pitchers as Rhodes and Vic New,
along with hitters like Daniel-
son, Coycoult, Domello, and Ma-
The Atlantic side will be rep-
resented by one of the stronger
outfits of the group, at least this
is on paper, they will be known
as the Cristobal All-Stars and
are managed by Raymond Sim-
ons. Simons can call upon Pugh
or Carl Simons to do the hurling.
This pitching will receive the be-
nefit of such capable hitters as
Egolf, Hall, Armentrout. Rankln,
Dockery, Palumbo and Swearin-
The opposition for the All-
Stars will be the strong Summit
Radio Station which placed sec-
ond In the Navy League. The
Summit team has two good hurl-
ers in Bodnar and Sims. Man-
ager Walter Smith has plenty of
power at bat with such hitters as
Connor, Grisowskl, Cvale, Du-
da, and Croteau.
In the last first round game at
12:15 p.m., "Pop" Townsend's
Balboa Elks team will play the
First Rescue Squadron from Al-
brook Field. The First Rescue
Squadron has such outstanding
stars as Polich, Derrico, Jones,
Straub, Brown and Rossiter. The
Elks team who won the first half
Beer League title are led by
Woodruff, Soyster, Taht, Roberto,
Chance, Evans, and Capello. In
addition the Elks have one of the
better fast ball hurlers in Fritz
Cheney and have added a hurl-
er In Big George Tarfllnger who
also Is one of the better hitters
in the Beer League.
The semifinal game will be at
1:30 p.m. and 2:45 p.m. with the
third place championship game
at 4:00 p.m. and the title game at
5:15 p.m. There will be free beer
for the players only, however,
the Gamboa Recreation Council
will operate a refreshment stand
for all others In attendance.
The money prizes will Include
$40.00 for first place, $30.00 for
second place and $2000 for third
place. All managers are request-
ed to have their teams readv to
play on time and have their line-
ups in to the official scorer fif-
teen minutes ahead of game
time: all infield practice will be
taken of Field 2.
The decisions of the umpires
will be final, and any arguing
will result in ejection from the
game, these umpires will have
full control of the tournament.
All the recreational facilities will
be available for the kiddles, the
public is invited to attend the
all-day affair free of charge.
DeVicenzo Up With
Leaders In $10,000
Azalea Tournament
(UP)Argentine golfer Roberto
De Vlcenzo today tied for third
place at the end of the first
round of the 72-hole $10,000 Aza-
lea Professional Open golf tour-
De Vlcenzo was competing
against U. S. star Marty Furgol
who held a one-stroke lead for
first place.
Michael Homa, Jim Ferrler and
Amateur Harvie Ward tied for
second and Lloyd Mangrum and
Tom Bolt tied with De Vlcenzo
for third.
(Editor's NoteDe Vicenzo is
well-known in Panam golfing
Meet Scotland^
Favourite Son
The fashionable drink everywhere
John Wtlker & Sana Lid., Scotch Whuky Ditlillcn, Kilmimock
1st Race "E" Natives 7 Fgs.
Purse: $275.00Pool Closes 12:45
First Race of the Doubles
1El Mao V. Cerceno 117x
2Domino E. Sllvera 107.
3Casablanca J. Cadogen 108
4Risita B. Moreno 112
5Mr. Espinosa B. Agulrre 120
6Volador F. Rose 107
7Tap Girl R. Trejos 104
8Luck Ahead A. Mena 105x
9Stella F. Jaramillo 120
10 Gold'n Patricia V.Arauz 114
2nd Race "G" Natives 2 Fgs.
Purse: $250.00 Pool Closes 1:15
Second Race of the Doubles
2Pon la Olla
6Black Zambo
E. Julian 114
G. Grael 112
J. Cadogen 112
R. Gomez 112
R. Trejos 110
A. Bazan 112
7Campesino A. Mena 106x
3rd Race "F-2" Natives4'/2 Fgs.
Purse: $275.00 Pool Closes 1:45
1Peggy E. Sllvera 100
2Exitoi E. Campbell HOx
3Pepe Plata ID A. Mena lOOx
4Politico B. Agulrre 112
5Cacique J. Phillips 109
6Juan Huincho R. Ycaza 97x
7Tapicero J. Baeza, Jr. 102x
8La Plvora) M. Arosem. 103
9Baru) F. Rose 119
10-Rocinante A. Bazan 110
4th Race "F-2" Natives4' \ Fgs.
Purse: $275.00 Pool Closes 2:20
2Strike Two
6El Mono
J. Phillips 115
A. Mena 101x
E. Julian 114
J. Avila 121
G. Grael 110
J. Baeza, Jr. 117x
7Miss Fabiola E. Sllvera 100
5th Race "D" Natives 61 Fgs.
Purse: $300.00 Pool Closes 2:55
1Manolete i C. Chong 107x
2R. Hood, Jr. E. Julian 108
3B. Tardes Jose Rodgz. 110
E. Corcho 104x
8G. y Plata
M. Zeballos 113
R. Ycaza 105x
R. Trejos 124
B. Agulrre 116
6th Race "H" Imported 1 Mile
Purse: $400.0 Pool Closes 3:35
First Race of the Doubles
1Arabe II G. Alfaro 120
2Scotch Chum R. Trejos 114
3Cotillon A. Phillips 116
4Alfonsito R. Ycaza I07x
5Certa H. E. Campbell 106x
6Pamphlet B. Moreno 120
7Milros K. Flores 120
8Riding East J. Saman. 120
9Armeno J. Cadogen 112
7th Race "F" Imported 1 'Mile
Purse: $500.00 Pool Closes 4:05
Second Race of the Doubles
1Gale Force G. Grael 112
2Tip Top R. Trejos 120
3Wild Wire B.Aguirrell8
4In Time) F. Jaramillo 106
5Own Power) B.Moreno 120
6Lacey g. Prescott 115
7Cup of Joy A. Bazan 110
8Porter's Star D. Tuon 117x
8th Race "E" Imported 6'. '. Fgs.
Purse: $550.00 Pool Closes 4:40
1The Dauber B.Moreno 110
2Lituana) F. Jaramillo 104
3Fright) J. Phillips 120
4Blido V. Ortega 120
5Mimo K. Flores 114
6 Cobrador G. Grael 112
7Paragon A. Mena K'.x
8Nehulnco J. Ruiz 111
9Walrus J. Baeza. Jr. 103x
10Delhi E. Julian 120
9th Race "G" Imported 7 Fgs.
Purse: $450.00 Pool Closes 5:15
1Mon Etoile C. Chavez lOlx
2Prestigio R. Trejos 112
3Secuestro J. Cadogen 108
4Pergamino A. Mena 101x
5Betn M. Arosemena 104
6Pulgarcito B. Aguirre 116
'MIAMI BEACH -Perhaps the finest tribute ever paid to Eddir
Collins, dead at 63, came from an evil ballplayer, a blackguard, a
crook who happened io be at the same time a teammate. It was a
tribute to his staunch incorruptibility.
Over the years, piece by piece, I believe I have learned most of
the details of the Infamous World Series fix of 1919 which saw the
Chicago White Sox sell out to the gamblers In the fall classic with
the underdog Cincinnati Reds. Chick Gandil, the first baseman, was
the contact man. It was his Job to deliver players who would go
Collins was captain and keyman of the White Sox and aa such
loomed Importantly hi the conspirators' plans. There was doubt
that the plot could succeed without him. "That's one guy we can't
get," Gandil told the gamblers' agent. "And If he ever gets wise we
are sunk. He'll tell the world."
As It turned out they didn't need Collins. They made the fix
stand up without him. Ironically, Collins, the untouchable, was
mediocre In the series Off his play, he was more suspect than
some of his teammates who were to confess later they accepted
bribes. He scored out two runs, made only seven hits In the eight
Sames and hit .226, against his season mark of .319. In contrast
Joe Jackson hit .375 and was errorless In the field with 17 chances.
There is a reassuring moral In Collins' career young men, going
int.i sports should respect. It is important to develop your skills.
much more Important to develop your character. Collins' reputation
wa3 so intimidating Giindil would not even entertain the thought of
approaching him. And at that time he was still a young man of
28. If there was an "unhealthy atmosphere" in those days it did
not touch him. I must believe it can never contaminate any honor-
able person, ballplayer, basketball player, prize fighter, Jockey or
whrt have you.

You read that Collins was reluctant to discuss the sellout or
any of tire crooks Involved. I discussed the matter with him several
times. He seemed to have no sympathy for any of them, not even
Jackson who was practically an Illiterate, or young Buck Weaver
who had been caught up In the polluted swirl of bad company, nor
did he have any patience with the explanation that a penurious
ownei had shabbily underpaid hired hands.
"They were old enough to know the difference between right
and wrong," he would say with a cold level finality. In his book
there was only one way to do anything, the honest, decent way.
The crooks were not exposed Immediately, though rumors and
suspicions were rife. It wasn't until the following year that the
blow-off came and the shocking disclosures became a part of the
record. All through 1920 the White Sox were in contention. They
carried the Issue down to the wire, ultimately bowing to Cleveland's
thin two-game margin. "
Despite the fact that they won 96 games that year, as against
88 rho year before when they were not suspect and presumably
played to win at all times, Collins told me they threw at least a
dozn games, or tried to. In some games they had agreed to throw
in 1920 the pitching was so formidable it offset efforts of the crooks
to lose.
Collins recalled one game In particular where the betrayal was
so Flagrant the pitcher. Dickie Kerr. came back from the mound and
snanped bitterly: "How can you win when there are crooks on your
team trying to beat you."
It was, Collins .said, the first time the subject had been brought
out in the open by any of the players.
Kcrr had won two games in the series. An undersized left-
hander, who ranked third on the staff,, he had been thought too
unimportant even to consider by Gandil and his clique.

The White Sox went on to win this particular game. It was in
Boston against the Red Sox and a fellow named Ruth was Just
switching from the box to the outfield and the manager was Ed
Barrow who was later to lay the foundation for the remarkable
Yankee dynasty.
Tnls was one of the points Collins would use In arguing the
pre-eminence of the l!il9 Chicago team.. ."They were so good that
there were times they couldn't lose even though they were trying to
throw the game." I was traveling'with the teams in those*"ays and
I must put in with Collins' appraisal I never saw a better tem and
that goes for the storied 1927 Yankees.
There Is little I can say about Collins, the ballplayer. I haven't
said a thousand times. He was the greatest second baseman the
game has ever known. He had instinct, mobility, surehandedness,
sublime deftness and resourcefulness. I didn't get to see Nap Lajole
until his superior telent had become patchy with age but Tommy
Connolly, the umpire and a keen Judge who goes back to the birth
of the American League, assures me Collins was the better play-
maker, adding, "There was no doubt about it."
As I say good-oye to an old friend the thing I remember best Is
the positive horror Gandil expressed when it was suggested that
Collins might be bought.
G. Alfaro 123
K. Flores 120
10th Race "I" Imported6'/a Fgs.
Purse: $375.M Pool Closes 5:40
1Cinta Azul) A. Mena 100x
2Tetravera) R. Gomez 108
3Frutal D. D'Andrea 114
4Hanna Jose Rodriguez 107
5Porthos F. Rose 105
6 D.D.T. B. Agulrre 110
7Mete Bulla J. Chuna 105x
8Silver Fox
R. Trejos 112
D. Tuon 109x
11th Race "B" Natives 7 Fgs.
Purse: $350.00 Pool Closes (??)
1Amazona) R. Gomez 106
2White Fleet) M. Arose. 108
3Proton J. Chuna 119x
4Don Pltin
G. Alfaro 122
E. Julian 122
Juan Franco Tips
1Tap Girl
7Tip Top
11Don fiiin
Black Zambo
Manolete (e)
Scotch Chum
In Time Ce)
Amazona (e)
-Don I'itin.
Powells Blast Gatun 134 In Final
Game Of Atlantic Twi-League Series
Powell's ....
Gatun .. ,.
Won Lost Pet
.2 1 .667
. 1 2 .333
The 1951 pennant chase in the
fifteenth consecutive season of
the Atlantic Twilight Loop come
to a close when Powell's handed
Gatun a 13-4 drubbing at Mount
Hope ball orchard.
Powell's took the first game.
6-3, and Gatun came back with
a 12-5 win to even the series but
were unable to stem the power-
laden Powell outfit in the final
game. Howard Finnegan. sponsor
of the Powell team, can be well
proud of his team which brought
him the 1951 pennant honors.
Every player on Powell's de-
serve all honors heaoed upon
them for a great uphill battle In
staging a great comeback in the
second half. In the humble opin-
ion of your scribe, the two play-
ers who changed tne 1951 champs
from a so-so first half team into
an unbeatable squad In .the sec-
ond half were Harry Dockery and
George Carty. Both of these fel-
lows played great ball in every
fame In both batting and fleld-
ng, Carty hitting over .400 while
Dockery was In the .300 circle.
In the series Carty was the
standout player, hurling the first
and third games, giving up five
hits in his 6-3 win and only part-
ing with two blows in the last
game, to account for both victo-
Powell's staged a great last in-
ning rally that changed a close,
5-4, game into a 13-4 rout when
they chased eight runs over the
plate. Up to this point the game
was bitterly fought with both
teams getting a lead only to give
it up later on.
The box score:
Powell's AB R H PO
Dockery, c. 4 2 1 11
Collins, cf 5 0 0 0
Carty, p .... 4 1 1 0
Watson, If ... 3 1 1 O
Highley. ss. 4 1 l l
Louis, rf 4 3 2 1
McCullough, 2b 4 2 1 0
Thomas, lb 3 1 2 8
Maldonado, 3b. 4 1 1 0
Totals.....35 13 10 21
Hall, c .
Johnson, 2b .
Egolf, ss .
Hooper, 3b. .
Swerlngen, lb
Welch, cf .
Pescod, p-lf .
Palumbo, rf .
Grace, rf .
Sasso, If. .
R. Simon, p .
Coffey, p .
Totals.....24 3 2 18 11 10
"Yes, I always ask for it"
There ate definite reasons why Scotch whisky can only
come from Scotland; and why none is finer than White
Horse. The reasons lie in the barley, the climate and
crystal-clear water of the Scottish hills; in methods of
distillation hardly changed through centuries; in men who
have made a loving art of their slow, unhurried work in
bringing White Horse to final perfection. Always choose
Scotch whisky and ask first for White Horse.
WHITE HORSE Scotch Whisky
A pleasure to rementbera joy (o see again
1st, 2nd 6th, 7th RACES
3rd and 9th RACES
For the convenience of
our patrons we are now
operating both at the
4th and 8th RACES
Saturdays Feature Race
8th Race "K Importeds 6% Fgs.
Purse: $550.00 Pool Closes: 4-.40 p.m.
1. THE DAUBER............B.Moreno 110
2. (LITUANA...............F. Jaramillo 104
3. (FRIGHT..... ...........J. Phillips 120
4. (BLIDO..................V. Ortega 120
5. MIMO ....................K. Flore 114
6. COBRADOR................C. Grael 112
7. PARAGON.................A. Mena 105x
8. NEHV1NCO.................J.Ruiz 111
9. WALRUS................;. Baeza Jr. 103x
10. DELHI...................E. Julin 120
Sundays Stellar Race
7th Roce "B" Importeds 1 Mile
Purse: $750.00 Pool Closes: 4:05 p.m.
J. CHER1BER1B1N...........E.G. Castle 124
2. RATHLIN LIGHT...........A. Bazan 120
3. PHOEBUS APOLLO........B. Moreno 110
4. ALTO ALEGRE............R. Trejos 110
5. (NEWM1NSTER............E. Silvera 103
6. (BEGONIA................ B. Aguirre 123
7. DICTADOR..............A. Phillips 122

Gaviln Favored To Beat Hairs ton Tonight
Cuban Signs To Meet
Bratton For 'Crown'
NEW YORK, Mar. 30.-^-Cuba's Kid Gaviln is
favored to beat deaf-mute Eugene Hairston tonight
in the ten-round main bout at Madison Square
Garden. Hairston will enter the ring at 155 while
Gaviln expects to weight 149.
Welterweight Kid Gaviln Is In
top shape for his. tune-up bout
tonight with Gene Hairston
probably the last step to a wel- |
terwelght title bout for Gaviln.
The long search for a world's
championship soon may be over
for the colorful Cuban. The bolo
punching veteran was scheduled
to sign for a welterweight title
bout todav against Johnny Brat-
ton. The National Boxing Asso-
ciation recognizes Bratton as
welterweight king but the New
York Commission refuses to go
along with the idea.
Gaviln has fought for the
welterweight crown twice before,
but unfortunately he happened
to be fighting the man most ex-
perts rated as the best fighter in
the ring pound lor pound...Su-
gar Ray Robinson. Now the ex-
perts figure the Kid's waiting is
over. That is. if Gaviln still has
the tremendous stamina that
made him always dangerous.
First on the agenda for Gaviln
Is the bout with Hairston. The
rising middleweight already holds
a split decision victory over Gavr
lian. Of course, that was at a
time when the Kid was supposed
to be out of shape. Since then
Gaviln has put together a string
of five straight wins.
The Gavilan-Hairston bout
will be the last at the Garden for
a month while the circus takes
Best Ball Qualifying
Starts Tomorrow
The annual National Distillers Best Ball Champion-
ship will get under way tomorrow and Sunday at the Sum-
mit Hills Country Club with the largest field in the history
of the tournament expected to tee off in the 18-hole qua-
lifying test.
The qualifying round may be played either day. No
starting times have been assigned.
' The big field will be led to the starting tee by the
championship pair of all championship pairs, Johnny Mac-
Murray and Jaime d la Guardia, but the unusual inter-
est displayed in the affair this year is due mostly to the
addition of an extra flight with handicap allowance, giv-
ing everybody a chance at the beautiful prizes put up by
National Distillers. '
Among the teams entered are, for the first time, a
ladies' duo Virginia Keenan and Marion Taylor and
a junior pair Jackie Hammond and Sandy Hinkle.
Houston Whitewashes Flyers In Final
Isthmian Exhibition Tour Appearance
Basketball Coaches Vote
To Return To 4 Quarters
Sports Editor "Caribbean Brete"
The Houston Buffaloes wound
up their four-game Canal Zone
series yesterday afternoon, with
a 3 to 0 shutout over the Albrook
Flyers, at Beam Stadium. A cap-
acity crowd of about 4.500 fans,
including Colonel Jos A. Remn,
Chief of the National Police of
the Republic of Panam, and
Major Alfredo Alemn, ex-Minis-
ter of Government and Justice of
Panam, who were present, j
watched the Buffs and the Fly-
ers go to the sixth inning in a
scoreless deadlock before the
Buffs finally broke the ice to
come up with two runs.
Rac led off the Buffs sixth In-
ning with a base on balls. Wltte
laid down a sacrifice and was
thrown out Williams to Chatham.
Rac moved to second on the sac-
rifice. Shofner was intentionally
passed putting men on first and
second. On a hit and run play,
McGaha beat out an Infield hit
to third base and Rac continued
around third base and slid safely
under Corbln who missed the
tag. Shofner advanced to second
base, putting runners on first
and second with only one out.
Lewis followed with another in-
field hit to shortstop loading the
bases. Fusselman reached first
base safely on a fielder's choice,
with Houseknecht taking his
erounder and making the play to
third base forcing McGaha.
Shofner came in from third to
score the Buffs' second run of
the inning. A heated argument
started after McGaha. sliding
into third base, spilled Blnch to
break up a possible double play.
With two outs and runners on
first and second. Williams picked
Lewis off second base for the
third out to end the rally. Lewis,
who knew he was picked off sec-
ond broke for third where Blnch
made the tag for the out.
The Flyers came up with their
biggest threat of the game in
their half of the sixth' inning
when they loaded the bases, with
two outs, on singles by Williams
and Sclafani and a walk to Leas-
er. But Patrick bore down to get
Stanley on a third strike to end
the threat and leave the bases
The Buffs made It three to no-
thing in the eighth Inning when
Shofner connected for a circuit
clout over the rlfrht field fence.
(Continued on Page 6, Col. 6)
The basketball coaches meet-
ing at Minneapolis yesterday
voted to return the game to the
old system of splitting it into
four quarters.
The Rules Committee made it
official by okaying the recom-
mendation from the majority of
the coaches. Starting next sea-
son, there will be four 10-mlnute
periods in college basketball and
four elght-mlnute quarters in
high school ball.
The committee also approved
the painting of an orange "out-
line" target, 24 inches by 18 inch-
es, on non-transparent back-
boards. The target now is used
on transparent boards.
Members of the Rules Commit-
tee say they'll experiment with
two possible changes next year
to cut down excessive fouling.
One experiment will be to give
the team that was fouled the ball
out of bounds at mid-court even
if the free throw is made. The
other experiment will be to award
two free throws for every per-
sonal foul.
At Peoria, Illinois, the four
teams still In the Bradley "Cam-
pus" Tournament are waiting for
tonight's semi-final round. The
pairings find Utah playing Syra-
cuse and Wyoming taking on
St. Petersburg, Florida
Giants 101 000 0002 6 0
Cardinals 200 300 lOx6 8 0
Koslo, Gettel (7) and Noble;
Boyer. Munger (8) and Garagio-
la. WPBoyer. LPKoslo.
''t.*.i*n:.uiur. .int.
Don "Q" Rum
Finest Puerto Rican Rum
Distributor: DURAN
Phone Z-VSU
Gun Club Notes
In a shoulder to shoulder indoor match sponsored by the
Balboa Gun Club and fired on the Albrook-Curundu indoor
range, the Balboa handgunners took over the Albiook-Curundu |
team by a score of 1266 to 1178. Fred Wells of Balboa served as i
range officer. The winning team members took home gold me-
Tech. Sergeant Curtis Peterson of Albrook-Curundu took the
first place individual award with a score of 267, but his team-
mates showed lack of practice with the hand gun and failed to
give him much support. Captain Dan Crumpacher and Fred
Wells, both of Balboa, took second and third place awards with
264 and 258 respectively. '
One-point Todd of Balboa had his specialty back fire on
him as he fired 257 to be squeezed out of the money by one
point. He had third place cinched until he blew a beautiful 8
or. his last shot. He was heard to putter that "the 6 will never
replace the 10" as he left the range.
One man on the Albrook-Curundu team whose score was a
little underdeveloped requested this reporter not to print the re-
sults. However, we print the truth and all the truth, no matter
how horrid It may be. Therefore, here are the scores, and let
the quips fall where they may:
Slow Timed Rapid Total
Dan Crumpacher .................... 8* 84 86
Fred Wells........................... 80 88 90
Todhunter Todd ..................... 85 86 86
Wolchick .......,..................... 75 "J
Lew Ryan ........................... 78 86 79
Curtis Peterson ........
Gil Kemm ............
Leo Sherman ..........
Carl Bishop ...........
BUI Jaffray ...........
Slow Timed Rapid Total
86 89 92 267
For the confidence
that QUALITY insures-
Volleyball Classes
To Be Held Monday
At Balboa YMCA
Volleyball classes will be held
at the Balboa Armed Services
YMCA on Monday and Thurs-
day starting at 5 p.m.
The class is,open to service-
men, business men, profession-
al men, and others desiring a
regular schedule of exercise
and fun to keep in good phy-
sical condition.
For further information call
at the YMCA or telephone
Enjoy the peace of mind that
comes from knowing your car
is equipped with a superior
quality, reliable battery. Insist
on a Prest-O-Lite Battery that
gives your car greater starting
power more dependable
service and reduced oper-
ating costs. For high quality
and maximum performance in
your car buy a Prest-O-Lite
No. 71 17th Street Tel.: 2-1726 2-1728
Red Sox 202 000 0305 12 3
Senators 220 020 0028 13 0
Parnell, Nixon (6) and Evans;
Bearden, Harris (7> and Okrle.
WPHarris. LPNixon. HR
Boudreau (Bos.), Hoderlein
Lakeland. Fla. (10 innings)
Reds 003 000 042 615 16 3
Tigers 203 102 100 0 9 11 2
Raffensberger, Blake (5),
Blackburn (7), Erautt (8) and
Pramesa: Newhouser, Gray (81
and Ginsberg. WPErautt. LP
Gray. HREvers (Tigers 1, Pram-
esa (Reds) 2.
Bradenton, Florida
Phillies 020 010 1015 13 0
Braves 000 000 0000 4 1
Miller. Brlttln (7) and Wllber:
Hall. Estock (7) and Cooper. WP
Miller. LPHall. HRJones
Elks Wallop CAA
11-6 In Beer Loop
Wednesday night at Ancon
diamond the pace-setting Elks
further increased their lead in
the tight Beer League by knock-
ing off the CAA nine by a score
of 11 to 6.
8tout hitting by the Elks gave
hurler Cheney plenty of margin
to work on throughout the game,
the only threat being a four-run
fourth Inning when loose day a-
field plus some timely hits gave
the Radiomen four runs. George
Tarflinger on the mound for the
CAA was hit freely and was fre-
quently in hot water as his con-
trol was erratic. Big George with
three hits was the hitting star of
the game.
The important Pan Liquldo-
Firemen's Insurance game on
Tuesday night was rained out.
Tonight will see the Star fc
Herald and Firemen's Insurance
teams clash, the winner moving
into the secend slot Just a half
game behind the Elks. Game time
is 4:45 p.m. Come early for park-
ing space and a seat.
Wednesday at the Mt. Hope
Stadium, the La Boca Midget
team bowed to Silver City, 1O-0.
Patrick Qulnlan, southpaw ace
pitcher .toed the slab for Sliver
City. He proved a very promising
youngstergetting nine strike-
outs in a no-hlt, no-run game.
The lineup for the victors: T.
Laurie, 3b; C. Robinson, captain
and cf; C. Ashby, lb; D. Donald-
son, c; E. Clarke, If: R. Smith.
2b; B. Tull, ss; E. Jordan, rf; and
P. Qulnlan, p.
The Silver City team copped
the Atlantic and Canal Zone
Championship in 1949-50 and
1950-51. The employes of the
Health Department donated a
beautiful trophy which went to
the S. C. lads after straight two-
year wins.
The Sliver City Junior squad
journeyed to Gamboa and met
Santa Cruz Aggressors for Canal
Zone Championship when Silver
City emerged victoriously, white-
washing Santa Cruz at a score
of 10-0.
Joseph Bartley and Lloyd Smith
pitched for the winning team
and Bartley was the winning
The winning team: O. Myrle.
R. Thomas, V. DeSousa, R. Lewis.
L. Smith, E. Archibold, E. Frank-
lin, R. Alston, C. Josephs, and J.
Joseph Bartley made a new
record when Silver City met Cha-
gres for the Atlantic side cham-
pionship. He garnered 18 strike-
outs In a no-hlt, no-run game.
lY' Hoop Managers
To Meet Monday
There will be a meeting of
all team managers on April 2
at 7:30 p.m. who are Interested
in entering a team in the Bal-
boa Armed Services YMCA
"Warm-Up" League.
The league will start April 17,
with two games played a night.
The first game will begin at
7:00 p.m. Plan to have some-
one present at this important
meeting when final decisions
will be made.
for a new
When the appetite fails, the vital resources
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pbviical energy sag. Resilience weaken*.
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/Mr InfliiMM.
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now tire. A cleon cor! Como
drive it and wo know you'll
toko it' Only $430.00 down. Your
Inc.. Tol. 2-103J.
=OR SALE: Chrysler 1949. Now
Yorker, used one year, cost new
$3.600. radio, seat covers, beit
otter over $2.000. See Ned Neville
N.C.C.S. 2-2851 or 2-1653.
:OR SALI:1941 Buick Sodonotto
Super, color block, four brand now
tiro, rodio, outside real view mir-
ror. This eor it like now an ax-
cellent buy! Only $460.00 down.
Inc.. Tol. 2-1033.
tOR~SALE: 1948 Studebakar
Champion 4-cloor Sedan. Good
condition, 14,000 mile*. Can be
tmanced. $950.00. Coll Albrook
3243. __________
Trodo-ins. Financing
I*"" Your Pontioc-Cadillac Dealer
FOR SALE49 Super Con-
vert ib!e. Quarters 249-D. Coco So-
lo 302.
FOR SALI:1949 Ford Custom Tu-
dor V-l, olor dark gray, four
brand now tiros, plastic seat covers,
outside roar view mirror, radio, po-
liticly A-l condition. Poy only
$430.00 down and drive it away.
Tal. 2-1033.
Do you hove drinking problem?
Writ Alcohelio Anonymous
Bo 2031 AiMon. C. Z.
Wast Bank Lediei. Top quality beau-
ty service is conveniently avoiloble
in the Genell Bliss, Cocoli Beau-
ty Shop..quiet. relaxing atmos-
phere privte booths. expert op-
erators .. current prices. 4-557.
Dr. Wendehoke Medical Clinic, Day
and Night Service. Control Avenue
133. Phone 2-3479, Panama.
Bids will be received in the office of
the General AAanoger of the Com-
missary Division, Mt. Hope, C. Z.
until 3:00 p. m. Friday, April 20,
1951. for furnishing 90,000
pounds, or alternatively 45,000
pounds of fine granulated sugar.
Forms of proposol with full par-
ticulars may be obtained from the
office of the Supply Gr Service Di-
rector ot Balboa Heights or from
the office of the General Manoger,
Commisscary Division, Mt. Hope,
C. Z.
FOR SALE:High glen oil point*
and enamels. Mildew-proof. $3.25
gallon. Trooidura Stores.
BOR SALE:30 Gal electric hot wa-
ter heater. Porcelain cabinet, $60.
00. Phone Cristobal 3-1865.
FOR SALE:Deep water diving out-
fit, complete with three hand air
pumps, will sell cheap, make offer.
Phone Garr.boa 291.
FOR SALE:-Studebaker "Champion"
4-door, 1948. with radio tires,
po.nt and engine perfectly kept.
Duty-Paid. Special ot $1,300. Coll
at C. O. Moson, S. A.
fOR SALE: 1946 Chrysler Now
Yorker fordor sedan, color groy,
Huid drive, radio and four brand
now tiros. Dollar for dollar you
eon' gat a better buy! Year FORD
2-1033. .
FOR SALE:1950 Chevrolet 4-door
De Luxe, black sedan. Heavy uh-
dercoot, oil filter, new battery,
muffler, toilpipe, chrome vents.
SI.65O.0O. New Cristobal 353-B.
OR SALE: I 9 4 7 Studekaker
Champion 4-door sodon, color
dork blue, lour brond now tiros,
plastic saat covers, radio. An A-t
or! Only $360.00 down. Your
Tol. 2-1033.
FOR SALE:Kodok 35 mm camera
with case, flash attachment, built
in range finder. Extra lens, Portra
No. 3 + and No. 1 +. Phone
Gamboo 291.
FOR SALE:Home size paint spray
outfit, compressor operated by
1-3 H. P. 25 cycle motor. Com-
plete with hose and new gun.
Phone Gomboo 291.
Mothers, child specialists recommend
JUMPING-JACK Shoes for correct
walking habits from the cradle to
4 yeors. Sold exclusively of 8ABY-
LANDIA. No. 39 43rd Street.
"If it's for the Baby, we hove it!")
FOR SALE:Housetrailer on lot at
Coronada. Six hundred takes both.
Further information phone Balboa
2933 or Box 743, Bolboo.
FOR SALE:--A piono "Klein," new
$275, refrigerator $125. Stead-
man Myne. Ave. Balboa No. 10-
103, room 21, Colon.
FOR SALE:1947 Ford 4 door sedon.
Excellent condition. $750. 58 Cuba
Ave. Tel. 3-3213, Panamo.
BOR SALE1949 Nash "600" Tu-
dor Sedan, color groan, four now
tiros, excellent mechanical con-
dition. An A-l car, good as naw!
Only $460.00 down and drive it
MOTORS, Inc.. tal. 2-1033.
FOR SALE: 1948 Dodge Sedan,
excellent condition throughout, new
tires, fluid drive. House 41-K. Go-
tun Light House Road.
Trade-ins. Financing
Your Pontioc-Cadillac Dealer
FOR SALE:Radio-phonograph RCA
Victor Console with three speed
chonqer. AGENCIAS DIAZ. 37th.
St. 6-A. Phone 3-1029.
FOR SALE- Records of 33 1-2
RPM. All mokes. Classical and po-
pular. AGENCIAS DIAZ. 37th St.
6-A. Phone 3-1029.
FOR SALE:1951 Mercury converti-
b'e green, block top, white side
walls, rodo. 5.000 miles, 800 dol-
lars down, balance finance $60.00
per month. Albrook Field 3171.
_ SALE: 1946 Lincoln Sod.n,
color green, four brand naw tires,
push button windows, nylon saat-
covers. A real bargain! Only $400.
00 down and driva it away. Your
TORS. Inc. Tol. 2-1033.
FOR SALE:Dodge Coupe, excel-
I lent motor ond tires, $150. Coll
! Fort Kobbe, 5272.
WANTED:Diningroom chairs, writ-
ing bureau, liquor cabinet, bomboo
furniture. Phone Colon 1337.
WANTED 2 used cars. One old mo-
del, one new model. C. Z. Write
P. O. Box 1474 Ancon. Informa-
tion including price.
WANTED TO BUY:Ploy-pen. high
chair, single bed. Tel. 2-2442.
Wanted Position
Full time or part time professional
position for or related to following
qualifications BFA and MA de-
gree University of Iowa, painting,
art history, advertising design ex-
perience. 2-2945. after 8 p. m.
or Bex 254. Ancon.
WANTED: Girl Secretary. Apply
Casa Central, Bolivor 9th and
10th, opposite Post Office. Colon.
FOR SALE 1936 Ford, 4 new tires,
new battery, new motor $180.00.
Phone Bolboo 3607.
FOR SAI E 1940 Hudson. Good
; condition, $300 00. 25 cycle
i mochine. $45.00. 25 cycle
refrigerator, $75.00. 8055-D. 3rd.
St. Margarita, house 3-2314.
FOR SALE:1950 Chevrolet Bellair,
rodio. white sidewoll. 6.000 miles,
new cor oppecronce. Tel. 3-0738.
FOR SALE:One Plymouth Sedon.
1936 with rodo. Good condition
Call Martin. House 1060-B, La
FOR SALE Chevrolet 1949 four
door sedan, low mileage, duty paid
Tel. 3-1289. 3-1818. Cristobal.
Mason's Barbecue
And Ball Game
Will Be Tomorrow
Chagres and Darlen Lodges
AF V AM will hold their annual
barbecue and softball game to-
morrow from 11 a. m. to 6 p. m.
at Cocoli Ball Diamond.
There will be games and
horseback riding to keep the
kids Interested and the annual
softball game will be in tiro
afternoon between the two
Invitations have been ex-
tended to the Order of Rain-
bow for girls and the Pacific
Chapter Order of Demolay.
New York iNEA) John
Azaiy of Columbia's undefea\-d
basketball squad was the only
unanimous choice for New York":
All-Metropolitan team.
Methodist Circle Plans
| Bazaar for April 5
A bazaar and concert is being
plannrd by the Methodist Wo-
men's LeapAie Sewing Circle for
Anril 5. officials announced yes-
The affair will be held at the
Geddes Hall. The public la in-
vited and admission will be free.
FOR SALI: ---- Diningroom furniture,
livingreem Furniture, Simmeni
double bed, Servel fat relrigeraiter.
II exceptional bargain. Plemeria
Nocionol. Central 210.
FOR SALE: Shelvador refrigerator,
8-months remoining on unit guar-
antee. 2 electric clocks, oil 25
cycle. 610-B, Cocoli 2-1069.
FOR SALE:Gibson refngerotor, 7
1-2 cu. ft. 25 cycle. Excellent
condition. 386-C, Cocoli 25-
3652 until 3:30.
FOR SALE: Must sell. Todoy ot
bp'goin price. One maple bedroom
suit 4 pieces. Innerspnng mattress
and coil spring. $150.00. I crome
Dmnette set, $60.00. I modern
/ moid gar range 4 burner, excel-
lent condition, $60.00. Justo Aro-
semena No. 56, upstairs, Tel. 3-
FOR SALE:One Custom Made Couch
$190.00. 2 armless upholstered
choirs. $87.00 eoch. I Kroehler
platform rocker, $85.00. 2 uphols-
tered occasional chairs, $75.00
pr. Phone Albrook 2102.
FOR SALE: "Frigidaire" 7 cubic
foot refrigerotor, 25 cycle, oil
porcelain. In excellent condition.
Telephone Panomo 2-0028 be-
tween 4 and 6 p. m.
FOR SALE:- Brand new 8-4 cubic
foot Norge refrigerotor, 60 Cycle,
best offer. 1489, Dohrmon or
Bolboo 2-3392.
FOR SALE:Refrigerator, Coldspot,
7 cu. ft. porcelain inside and
outside, $60.00. House 1560
Apt. A. Phone Balboo 2933.
FOR SALE:Maple bedroom suite 5
pieces. Innerspring mottress ond
coil spring. Spinet piano. China
closet. 157 O, Pedro Miguel 4-
FOR SALE:Singer sewing machine,
Magic Chef, gas stove. Underwood
typewriter, baby stroller, ploy-
pen. Phone 916, Colon.
FOR SALE: Frigidaire 25 Cycle,
very good condition, radio, plastic
furtams. miscelloneous. 131 New
Friendship club dance Hotel Pan-
Americon El Voile. Jimmy Dunn's
Orchestra, featuring Hornett &
. Dunn Ballroom dance teom. Satur-
day, March 31st, 8:00 p. m. 75#
per person. For reservation call Mr.
Lum. Panamo 2-2446 or Mr. Dunn
Start leorning the Tongo now! It wi
be your next dance croie. A mes-
sage from Hollywood. Balboo
YMCA. Harnett and Dunn.
LESSONS:Beginners ond interme-
diate students, you can leorn prac-
tical or popular piano playing in
rapid 4-6 months course. Accom-
plished clossicol players in three
months or le's. Bennetts Studio
No. 9. Juan B. Sosa, Tel. 2-1282
Coln Provincial
All-Stars Trounce
Atlantic Side Nine
FT. GULICK. Mar. 30The Co-
lon Province Amateur Baseball
League All-Stars defeated the
Atlantic side team by a score of
7 to 4 in a game played Wednes-
day afternoon. Mar 28, at the
Fort Gulick diamond.
Winning pitcher. Gallardo,
struck out one man and allowed
two hits. Gallardo was replaced
on the mound In the fourth in-
ning bv Cobo who struck out
three men. allowed two hits, and
walked one.
Cobo was replaced In the sev-
enth inning by Forchinv who al-
lowed two hits and walked one.
Forchiny was replaced in the
ninth inning by Adamson who
allowed no hits and walked hone.
Losing; pitcher. Reyes, struck
out eight men. allowed three hits,
and walked three.
Colon made one error. Atlantic
side eleven errors. Batteries: Co-
lon Gallardo. Cobo. Forchiny,
and Adamson. pitchers; Pertv.
catcher Atlantic side: Reyes,
pitcher: Cruz. Morales and Bel-
mont. catchers.
The Colon team scored two
runs in the first Inning, two In
the second, one In the third, and
two in the ninth. Atlantic side
scored two In the third, one in
the fourth and one In the sev-
AKRON. O. (UP^ Detectives
are on the lookout for the thieves
there must nave been more
than one- who stole a clam
shell. This shell, however. Is not
of the eating variety of clam. It
a type of digging attachment
used on a steam shovel.
vVill.oros Sonto Cloro Deoch Cottage
Iwo bedrooms, tloctr.c refrigera-
tion. RocKgas ranges Phone Bol-
boo 2-3050. Except Week-ends.
ftiillipi. Beech cortoge*. Sonta Cloro
Box number 435. Bolboe. Phone
Pone-no 3-U77 e> Cristobal 3-
Invites you, your family ond friends
to pass o week-end at the most
comfortable Hotel in the Interior:
Beoutiful view terrace; wide salons;
neat, comfortable private rooms;
best restaurant in town; air-con-
ditioned bor; gas station with me-
chanic repair shop; oirplane trips
to acquaint you with the Interior;
short trips at reasonable prices.
Santiago de Veraguas
Visite*' by meny American femilies
6RAMLICHS Santo Clare beach,
cottages, furnished, electric. re-
frigeration, moderate rates. Phone
Gamboo, 6-541 or 4-567.
FOR RENT;One independent floor,
privte entrance. No. 4 First St.,
Perry Hill, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths,
garoge. Coll 2-2374.
FOR RENT: Modern 2 bedrooms
apartment, in newly constructed
building, for further details call
Mendei & 7ubieta. Phone 2-3035.
FOR RENT: Apartments of one
bedroom, sitting-diningroom, kitch-
en, bath, at Via Espaa, No. 20,
see De Castro. "B" Avenue No.
24. Phone 2-1616, Panama.
FOR RENT:Apartments of one bed-
room, sitting-diningroom, kitchen,
bath, at 44th Street East No. 9,
Bella Vista. De Castro, "B" Ave-
nue No. 24. Phone 2-1616. Pon-
FOR RENT:2 bedroom oportment,
livingroom, diningroom, maid's room,
balcony, Bella Vista No. 8, Colom-
bia Street, Apt. 5.
FOR RENT:2 bedroom oportment,
corner, sitting-diningroom, screen-
ed, $65. 56. Porros Avenue, key
oportment 3, Quijano, 8th Street,
No. 15. Phone 3-0234.
FOR RENT:2 furnished apartments,
two bedrooms, living ond dining-
room, etc. 45th St. No. 34.
FOR RENT:Top floor. 3 bedrooms,
livingroom, diningroom, porch
laundry ond maid's room, garage
For information inquire downstairs,
No. 56 Justo Arosemeno Avenue.
Modern furnished and unfurnished
oportments. Contact office No.
8061. 10th Street, New Cristobal,
phone 1 386, Colon.
FOR RENTVocation quarters. Ful-
ly furnished apartment. Bello Vis-
ta. Two months beginning April
6. Phone 3. 1939 after 5 00 p. m.
FOR RENT:2 bedroom oportment.
livingroom, diningroom, moid's
room. Private entrance "Hispania"
Building No. 3, Colombio Street.
FOR RENT:Nice apartment in 49th
St. No. 14 (top floor) with garoge.
Open oil day. Telephone 2-1248.
FOR RENT:Best located furnished
room in Bello Visto. With all com-
forts. No. 13, 43rd Street.
FOR RENT Room furnished, cool
clean, ideal. Reosonoble. 48th St
No. 7, Bella Vista.
FOR RENT: Room. Furnished or
unfurnished, with both. To respon-
sible gentleman. Perejil la. House
14, Apt. No. 9.
FOR RENTNicely furnished, large,
double, cleon, cool room; modern
convenience, hot woter ond phone.
To respectable married couple or
two persons. Peru Ave. No. 65.
lower left.
Pern Will Raise
Meat Output; May
Market In US
President Juan D. Peron told
a visiting delegation of the Los
Angeles, California, Chamber of
Commerce today that Argenti-
na has decided to Increase Its
meat production by 30 per cent
because "we believe we shall
shortly be selling meat in the
United States."
He said: "I am fery pleased
because we tripled our trade
with the United States last year
and we hope to reach even big-
ger figures In the shortest pos-
sible time."
He told his visitors that his
Government satisfies both ca-
pital and labor. "The only un-
happy ones are some politicians
who have lost their business."
Disappearing, towel bars
Cup Shelves Spice Shelves
Pot Holders Utensil Holders
and many others.
Geo. F. Novey, Inc.
279 Central Ave. Tel. 3-0140
niMom-maue (or livingroom
let, Couches A Cluhloni
Let me figure your material
needs Free Estimulen
S a.m. to 7 p.m.
la the season for
Visit our stadium area store
on new concrete road.
Light Trafilo Easy Parking
English speaking clerks
Model IIIF Synchronised
Direct C.Z. Shipments
At Factory Prices.
Plaza 5 de Mayo
Panam, R. P.
#20 Tivoll Ave. Apt. 1.
Tel. 2-338.
Hours: 10 to 12 a.m.3 to 6 p.m
Via Espaa. Near Juan Franco
Tel 3-1503
Alt asee (i.
At Kate*, Including 3 nah, from:
Hall v: S 8.M and up
UeekJr j.ooii and up
Special rate (or families and longer
Fw re*ervillonv write ohnne or
r see your travel agent.
Ill f synchronize!.
C.Z. shipped
at factory prices.
LobbyEl Panam Hotel
Phono 3-0199
Pro-West Resistance Teams
Match A-Bomb As Red Check
Russia and her Communist sa-
tellites are plagued with .under-
ground resistance movements
which are eating; like rust
through Stalin's iron Curtain
emfilre, according to Western In-
telligence sources.
Intelligence men believe these
underground movements may be
almost as important as the Un-
ited States' atomic superiority
In restraining the Kremlin from
sending the Red Army rolling
across West Europe.
Reports filtering out of East
Europe and Russia through fu-
gitives, and admissions from
within tht Communist empire
itself, leave no doubt of the ex-
istence of underground resist-
Recent evidences of serious
troubles behind the Iron Curtain
1) The arrests and trials of
resistance leaders and spies in
Poland. Czechoslovakia and Al-
2) The Red Army Day bomb-
ing in Tirana, capital of Alba-
nia; .
3) The arrest of former Czech-
oslovak Foreign Minister Vla-
dimir dementis and other high
ranking Reds on charges of an
anti-Soviet plot to seize control
of the Czech army;
4i Sabotage raids on Red Ar-
my ammunition dumps and the
purge of 190,000 "unreliable''
Communist Partv members In
Hungary; ... ,,
5i The removal of unreli-
able" officials from Rumanian
cabinet posts;
6) Broadcasts by Radio Free
Russia and the distribution of
handbills In Austria's Russian
zone, both urging members of
the Red Army to Join the re-
sistance and revolt;
7) Russjan announcements of
the mysterious deaths of a
number of 50- and 60-year old
On The Alleys...
Standing of teams and indivi-
dual players of the Atlantic Sec-
tor Bowling League for the week
ending Mar. 28:
Teams Won Lost
Los Maestros........54 30
Los Chivos..........48 36
Los Vagos..........47 37
Bair Cats..........46 38
Rams............39 45
Paper Shufflers......36 48
Long Shots.........33 51
Hot Shots..........33 51
Responsible for these and oth-
er incidents, according to docu-
mented reports, Is a shadowy
army of between 200,000 and
500,000 nameless men and wo-
men many well armed, and
some of them organized in forces
capable of open attack on Red
Army units.
Here's how Western Intellig-
ence sources size the resistance
forces up:
The Soviet-Polish Ukraine
Between 50,000 and 200,000 anti-
Communists organized into re-
giments and armed with tanks,
artillery and machineguns. They
are pledged to fight for the li-
beration of the Ukraine.
PolandA "Polish Home Ar-
my" of an estimated 100.000
men, armed and supplied in
sufficient strength to make oc-
casional attacks on the Govern-
ment forces from forest hiding
Chechoslovakia"A very ac-
tive underground which under-
takes active resistance and sa-
botageevidence of tremendous
ferment," according to former
Czech Ambassador Dr. Jura J.i
Slavlk in Washington.
RumaniaTwenty active re-1
..High individual game: George
E. BalrBair Cats233.
Highest three-game series:
Carl CooperLas Chivos622.
Name Average Hdrap.
McKelvy ...... 170 20 .
Cooper........ 168 21
Detrick....... 185 23
Davis........ 164 24
Hlpson....... 164 24
Sexton....... 161 26
Behnay....... 159 27
Huff.......... 158 28
Nelson........ 155 30
Boykm....... 155 30
Johnson...... 155 30
Smith........ 153 31
Radakovich .... 151 32
Godwin...... 151 32
LaBacz....... 150 33
(Continued from Page Five)
After the Flyers' threat in the
sixth inning, Patrick, who gave
up Just four hits during the game
got the next ten batters out In
For the Flyers, Williams gave
up six hits in going the route. Of
the six hits, onlv Shofner's hom-
er was hit out of the infield. Cos-
ta doubled after Binch deflected
a hard hit grounder which rolled
Into foul territory.
Corbln got the only extra base
hit off Patrick, a double to the
right field fence. While for the
Buffs, McGaha, who collected
eight hits during the four-game
series, got two Infield hits to lead
the Buffs at the plate.
Binch turned In a fine defen-
sive game at third base for the
Flyers, handling six tough ground
balls and raced far Into foul ter-
ritory to get to catch Steiner's
A manager's delight came true
in the third Inning, when with
Fusselman on first base. Stelner
dropped a bunt down the third
base line which stayed about two
Inches inside fair territory and
finally stopped half way down to
third base with Corbln! Williams
and Binch hoping it would go
Starting lineups:
Houston Buffaloes
Stelner. 2b
Costa, ss
Rac. If
Witte. lb
Shofner 3b
McGaha. rf
Lewis, cf
Fusselman, c
Patrick, p
Albrook Flyers
Howard. If
Houseknecht. ss
Chatham, lb
Williams, p
Sclafanl. cf
Binch. 3b
Leaser, rf
Stanley. 2b
Corbln, c
tar Larry Parks opened the
Washington hearings of the
House Un-American Activities
Committee investigation- on
Communism in Hollywood by
admitting that he was a mem-
ber of the Communist Party 10
years ago. He said he quit and
was loyal to America.
Marshal Seeks
Colon Woman
On Documents
Documents of considerable lm-
Eortance to Mary Evelyn Parris,
elievedly of Colon, are held by
the United States Marshal's of-
fice in Ancon. The documents
must be delivered to her In the
Canal Zone.
She Is asked to contact the
Marshal's office to make ar-
rangements to receive these. The
telephone number is Balboa 2856.
Eroduction records fell at the
IcPherson College farm when
one sow gave birth to 35 pigs
within five months and four
days. The first litter numbered
20 the recent one 15.
slstance groups bearing such
exotic titles as "Black Cloak.'*
"The White Eagle" and "Wave*
of the Danube."
BulgariaWell armed follow.
ers of Nokola Petkov and ex-j
ecuted peasant leaders have
made direct attacks on the Gov-
ernment forces from mountain
In addition to these known
groups Intelligence officers sayj
other anti-Communists in move-
ments unnamed and little
known are sporadically active, i
Together with numbered thou-;
sands who would strike If hopo<
of success presented Itself, I
resistance forces are believed ca-l
pable of fighting in the rear and1
crippling Russia's Unes of sup-!
piles across East Europe If the Red1
Army should strike.
"Next to the atom bomb thee'
have done more to curb Stalin in j
Europe than any known factor,*
according to one high ranking In-
telligence officer.
(Continued from Page 1)
Chiva Chiva and had been di-
rected to hide. Blondie, one of
the two Gamboa bloodhounds!
disregarded the other two men,
and followed the circuitous'
route which Gittens had been,
directed to take.
Highlights of this mornlrp.ii
session came when Abraham D.i
Williams, a part-time employ? of i
the Paraiso Clubhouse revealtd
that he had been threatened py
one Clarence Martin "becailao I
was a friend of the police." and'
when Basil Headley. now serving
14 years for the attempted hoi:'.-,
up. refused to testify for the r-
fense on the grounds that "li
would further incriminate ma '
In Balboa Magistrate's Court a
month ago Headley had declared
that Gittens was not with him
during the robbery try.
Williams was Introduced by the
government as a rebuttal wltnc*
to refute Gittens' statement that
he had spent the night of the at-
tempted robbery in Panam...
Williams placed Gittens. together
with Headley, now serving 11
years for the crime, and a trnri
named Duncan Prescott near iho
Paraso Clubhouse between 9 and
9:30 p.m.
Martin. Williams dec 1 a r e rt,
threatened to "hold me and beat
me" when Williams and Mart':
met under Williams house in Pa-
raiso a week after the robbery az-
Defense counsel w. J. Sherldnn
attacked Williams as a "gossip"
and "stool pigeon," charge
which Williams hotly denied.
In summing up the case As-
sistant District Attorney R. K.
Hazard discounted Gittens alibi
and the statements of his wit-
He cited a court ruling on ad-
missabillty of bloodhound evid-
ence and read a section from Sir
Walter Scott's talisman in which
"a hound pulled from his saddle
the Marquis 6f Montserrat, thus
accusing him of the theft of the
banner of England."
In his heated summary Sheri-
dan called this evidence "blood-
hound nonsense," declared there
was nothing to connect Gittens
with the mask and glove found
in the garden.
"Investigative proceedings of
the human brain are much more
reliable than the Instincts of a
dog," Sheridan asserted.
Score hv Innings
Houston 000 002 0103 6 1
Albrook COO 000 0000 4 3
Winning Pitcher: Patrick. Los-
ing Pitcher; Williams.
McMillan & eacan

FRIDAY. MARC'l 30. 1951
lllrt. J\*nn$lh i/iwlanJ
Bo, 9b,BJoa JJ9ku-J* 2/336
Dr. Chen* Chen Yo, Chinese Minister to Panama, was
the guest of honor at a dinner riven Tuesday evening by Dr.
Shirley Gafe who has spent the past several months In Pa-
nama. Dr. Gaje returned during the past year from China
where she had been for two years with the American Friends
Service Committee.
Mr. and Mrs. Hermann
Give Supper Party
The British Consul and First
Secretary ol the British Lega-
tion. A. H. B. Hermann and Mrs.
Hermann, gave a buffet supper
Tuesday evening at their resi-
dence In Panama for a group of
their friends.
Miss Ortiz de Zevallos
Hostess at Supper
Miss Rosarlo Ortiz de Zevallos,
daughter of the Peruvian Ambas-
sador to Panama and Mrs. Emi-
lio Ortiz de Zevallos. entertained
a group of her friends at a barbe-
cue supper Tuesday evening at
the embassy on La Cresta.
Mrs. Coley's Tea Honors
Departing Navy Wives
Mrs. L. E. Coley entertained a-
bout 40 guests at a tea given yes-
terday afternoon at her residence
on the 15th Naval District Reser-
vation. The party was given as a
farewell for Mrs. George D. Ly-
on and Miss Martha Lyon. wife
and daughter of Captain Lyon,
U. 8. N., and for Mrs. C. T. Young-
blood Mrs. A. C. Wood and Mrs.
Worthlngton Bltler presided at
the tea and coffee services.
Mrs. Lyon and her daughter
expect to sail April 7 and will vis -
It In New York, Philadelphia and
Cleveland. Late In tire Spring
they will go to Wisconsin where
Captain Lyon will Join them.
Commander and Mrs. Young-
blood are leaving April 26 for his
new station in Seattle, Washing-
Returns from Washington
Miss Glorlella Calvo has re-
turned to Panama from a trip to
Washington, DC.
Mrs. Bullock Honored
Mrs. Max Smith. Mrs. R. Smith
and Mrs. Donald Scott entertain-
ed 15 guests at a surprise gilt
shower given for Mrs. Asa C.
Bullock, Jr. The party was held
Thursday evening at the Scott's
residence on Curundu Heights.
Visitors Honored by
Dr. and Mrs. Strumpf
Dr. and Mrs. David Henry Poer
of Atlanta, Georgia, were the
guests of honor at a barbecue
supper given Tuesday evening by
Dr. and Mrs. I. J. Strumpf at
their home on Herrlck Heights.
Dr. and Mrs. Poer left Wednesday
after a short stay at the Hotel
Tlvoll In Ancon.
Luncheon Held
at Hotel Tivoli
The Tuesday Club held. Its
monthly luncheon this week in
the Fern Room of the Hotel Tl-
voll, with Mrs. H. J. Qulnlan and
Mrs. W. C. Hearon acting as hos-
Others present were: Mrs. Fred
H. Hodges, Mrs. H. C, Anderson,
Mrs. 8. S. Edge, Mrs. John Crone,
Mrs. Earl Baltozer, Mrs. Ralph
Otten, Mrs. J. D. Logsdon, Mrs.
Norman E. Rocker, Mrs. Ira L.
Wright, Mrs. Harry B. Yard and
Mrs. Anna E. Weston.
Mr. and Mrs. Brame
To Reside in Texas
Mrs. Clifton Brame, the former
Nora Ford, has left to Join her
husband and son in San Antonio,
Texas, where they will reside.
Benefit Card Party
This Evening
This evening at 7:30 a benefit
card party will be held In tne
Gorgas Hospital Nurses Quarters
by the Evening Guild of St.
Luke's Cathedral. Those playing
are asked to bring their own
cards and score pads.
College Club Meeting
Monday Afternoon
The hostesses at the April
meeting of the Canal Zone Col-
lege Club will be: Mrs. Henry A.
Storrett, chairman, the Me.ida-
mes Bach, Eckberg, Eugene,
Fleming, Fletcher, Foscue, Ha'.e,
Anna Jones, Kaska. Lewis, Mlsen-
heinier. Nail, Whltver. Wilson,
Zierton and the Misses Brigham,
Farley, Hayward and Newland
The meeting will be held Mon-
day at 3:45 p.m. in the Jewish
Welfare Board Armed Forces
8ervlce Center, Balboa.
After an informal tea and short
business meeting the World Pro-
blem's Study Group will present
Dr. Shirley Gage as the guest
speaker. Dr. Gage will give an
informal talk on her recent ex-
periences In China.
All members of the club and
women Interested In Joining the
club are Invited to be present.
Visitors in Boquete
Among the recent visitors from
Panama at the Panamonte Ho-
tel in Boquete were Mr. and Mrs.
Samuel Lewis. Kurt Meyer, Mr.
and Mrs. Johnny Arias, Mr. and
Mrs. B. M. Arosemena and Mrs.
A. Zubieta.
Michael Newlin Coming
Home For Visit
Michael Newlin of Boston,
Mass., is expected to arrive Mon-
day on the SS Ancon to spend a
few days with his mother, Mrs
Beulah B. Newlin and his sister,
Miss Betty Newlin, of Balboa.
Michael is a candidate for an
MBA. degree from Harvard Busi-
ness School this June.
Balboa Heights, C. Z.
SUNDAY April 1, 1951
(Malachi 3: 7-15)
SoloMrs. Nellree Smith
"The Stranger of Galilee.'
(Psa. 119: 57-64)
Special MusicInspiring Song Service.
Pastor Beeby speaking at both services.
Broadcast HOXO 760
cfici tnwrud'infofaAmbuM
cfitufitem dtmctm /
ONLY # 222S^~~
D. A. R. Meeting
Archdeacon Townsend will be
the guest speaker at the meeting
tomorrow afternoon of Panama
Canal Chapter, Daughters of the
American Revolution. He will
speak Informally, giving annec-
dotes of revolutionary days. The
meeting will be held at the home
of Mrs. George Eugene, Apart-
ment 5, 765 Barnaby Street, Bal-
boa, at 3 p.m. Visiting D.A.R.'s are
invited to the meeting and mem-
bers are urged to be present.
OAS Committees
Coordinate Ideas
For Hemisphere
A sub-committee of American
foreign Ministers will today at-
tempt to coordinate a group of
military resolutions offered their
conference here by several
American republics.
A resolution presented Joint-
ly by Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay
Cuba, Paraguay and the United
States asks American Republics
to support United Nations se-
curity measures, with particu-
lar reference to the "uniting for
peace" resolution adopted by
the last assembly.
Another resolution concerning
Inter-American military coope-
ration, and designed to give a
more solid position to the In-
ter-American Defense Board,
was offered by the same coun-
tries, except for El Salvador re-
placing Cuba.
Meanwhile Peru and Bolivia
individually submitted resolu-
tions concerning hemispheric
Mexico, Argentina and Gua-
temala have already objected
to references to the United
Nations in the Joint draft reso-
lution on support for world or-
In Santiago de Chile President
Gabriel Gonzalez Vldela said it
was absurd to consider as in-
terference In the affairs of an-
other nation President Harry S.
Truman's statement before the
American Foreign Ministers
conference expressing the hope
that Bolivia would get an out-
let to the sea.
Bolivia's only present outlet
to the sea is through the Chi-
lean port of Antofagasta.
Registration Will
Start On Tuesday
For 1st Aid Classes
Registration for the third se-
ries of first aid classes to be
given In connection with the
Canal Zone civil defense pro-
gram will start Tuesday and
continue through next Satur-
day, the sponsorship of the Ca-
nal Zone Civic Councils and the
Balboa and Cristobal Women's
Registrations will be taken at
cither the Commissary or Club-
house at Balboa, Ancon, Diablo
Heights, Margarita and Cristo-
bal during the regular Club-
house or Commissary operating
hours from Tuesday through
The new classes will start as
soon as enrollment is completed
ami the rolls for each course
have been made up. Those who
register will be notified by te-
lephone or by mall of the meet-
ing time and location of the
classes In which they are enrol-
ON THE AVENUE New York's famed Fifth Avenue Is Jam-
med with Easter panders as thousand* participate in the
traditional stroll after religious services. Frilly bonnets and
fur coats were the order of the day as the weatherman pro-
vided brilliant sunshine, chilly winds and low temperatures.
Father Konan Will
Speak At Breakfast
Honoring Bishop
The Reverend Joseph F. Ko-
nen, c. M.. will be the guest
speaker at the Communion
breakfast, to be held at the Ho-
tel Washington, Sunday at 8:30.
Father Konen Is a native of
Allentown, Penn. but spent
most of his youth in Easton,
Father Konen has been on
the Isthmus for the past three
months, gathering a knowledge
of the Vlncentian Missions in'
the Provinces of Bocas del To-
ro and chlriqul as well as the
work being done by the Vln-
centian Fathers on the Zone
and In the cities of Panama and
Colon. At the present time he
Is the assistant to Rev. Frederic
P. Gehrlng, C. M., famous Pa-
dre of Guadalcanal, Director of
the Vlncentian Missions with
headquarters In Philadelphia,
On this occasion. His Excel-
lency. Most Reverend Jose M.
Preciado, c. M. F., D. D., will
Zone Gl Injured As
Jeep Overturns At
Gamboa Tank Farm
A Zone serviceman was hospi-
talized after a Jeep which he
was driving ran over an em-
bankment and overturned In the
Gamboa tank farm area Wed-
nesday afternoon, Army spokes-
men reported late yesterday.
Two other soldiers riding in the
Jeep were unhurt.
At Clayton Hospital Is PFC
Joe D. Pollock of Company C.
33rd Infantry. He has a ruptur-
ed kidney. He was reported yes-
terday to be In satisfactory con-
dition. His companions were
8fc. Paul Hlnkle and Sgt. Alva
P. Cox, also from C Company.
The right front wheel of the
Jeep was reported to have lock-
ed on a downgrade. Pollock was
pinned under the overturned
be honored by the Knights of
Columbus, Council No. 1689. The
Most Reverend Bishop will be
presented with a certificate
commemorating his 25 years of
membership In, the Knights of
Whole MILK Powder
35 38 40 42 34 36 X 64 x 64 x 64 x 64 x 72 x 72 inches inches inches Inches inches inches
IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. Tel. 3-1713 #22 East 29th St.

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Written for NEA Service
? AK74
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N-S vul.
North Rut Sooth West
14 Pass 1 ? Pass
IV Pass 1 N.T. Pass
2N.T. Pass 3 N.T. Pass
Pass Past
Opening leadV 2
When today's hand was played.
West thought carefully before he
chose his opening lead. His op-
ponents were conservative play-
ers, and their willingness to bid
no-trump made It fairly clear
that they had the unbld suit
(spades) well controlled. He "be-
lieved" the club and diamond
bids, but decided that hearts
might be the weak point since
North had never rebld the, suit
and South had never supported
it. Hence he began a defense that
was to end with a most unexpect-
ed setting trick.
When West led the deuce of
hearts dummy played low, and
East won with the Jack. East re-
turned a low heart and Wests
ten forced out dummy's king.
South entered his hand with the
ace of clubs to take the spade
finesse, and dummy's queen of
spades naturally won.
Now South found out the bad
news when he led to the queen of
clubs,1 and discovered that the
suit did not break. This was u
bitter blow, but he hopefully took
the king of clubs and gave West
his "ilub trick. West naturally re-
turned his remaining heart,
knocking out dummy's ace.
Declarer cashed the last club,
saving two diamonds and two
spades In his own hand while
East saved a spade, a heart and
two diamonds. Then South led
the singleton diamond from the
dummy. East properly put up the
ace of diamonds at once and
cashed the last heart. This trick
squeezed poor South.
If South discarded the king of
diamonds, the defenders would
immediately take a diamond
trick, so South was obliged to
blank his jack of spades. There-
upon East led his ten of spades,
which was covered by Souths
Jack and West's king. Dummy
could take the ace of spades, but
then West made the setting trick
with his six of spades.
He Lost Plenty
RICHMOND. England. (UP
Playing bridge in a local hotel,
Mrs. Dorothy Fulton found her-
self with 13 hearts. She called a
grand slam. Her husband, play-
ing against her, outbid her with a
grond slam in spades. He lost. 'I
could have divorced him on the
spot," said Mrs. Fulton.
Starring h "Twe Flag! Weil",
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Bo, 195,
W Willon JL yiu
(/a Inn Jibpnont (//*
The flower-decked Gilbert House was the scene of a sll-
Ter tea riven Wednesday afternoon by the Cristobal Woman s
Club for the benefit of their Philanthropy committee
Member, and friends called during the afternoon from
2:00 to 6:00. A program of musical selections was "'"a
by Miss Anna and Miss Rita Fisher, pianists Miss Vola"da
Diez, accordionist, and the string ensemble of the Cr.stobal
High School under the direction of Mr. O. E. Jorstaa.
Cuaig and family, who are leav-
The long buffet table was cov-
ered with a Canton linen cloth
and centered with yellow ala-
manda blossoms f 1 a n k e d by
three-branched silver candela-
bras holding green tapers.
Mrs. Jesse L. Byrd. Mrs. 1
ing to make their home In the
St ntps
Mr. and Mrs. Main sailed today
to reside in Memphis. Tennessee,
where he has accepted a position.
Mr. and Mrs. McCualg are
BevmVon and Mr R J. Neeley leaving the latter part of April
uresded at the coffee, service, for Phoenix, Arizona. Both men
and Mrs P H Wolf, Mrs. S. J.! have resigned their positions
Taylor and Mrs. E. C. Cotton : wit
served tea. ....
Mixed garden flowers in bright
arrangements centered the indi-
vidual tables at which the guests
were seated. .....
About 150 people called during
the afternoon. Door prizes were
donated by Motta's and Shaw s.
Mrs. Paula Verga won the first
prize but was not present to re-
ceive It. The club would appreci-
ate it if Mrs. Verga would stop
The host and hostess gave or-
chid corsages to the ladles and
the friends present presented
them two pieces of Wedgewood,
is a bon voyage gift.
The other guests were: Mr.
and Mrs. Wallace Thrift, with
Barbara. Billy and Robert. Mr.
and Mrs. Sam Mauldln with Vir-
ginia. Mr. and Mrs. Tracey White
with Claire and Billy. Dorothy,
Elsie, Irma, Patty and Sue Mc-
Saturday in the ballroom of the
iotel Washington.
Beta Sigma Phi .eetlng
The Beta Chapter of Beta Sig-
ma Phi will meet Saturday at the
home of Mrs. Vera Perry In New
Cristobal. The meeting is called
for 1:00 p.m.
Visitors at Coco Solo
Captain and Mrs, Lyle L. Ko-
eppke of the Coco Solo Naval Sta-
tion, have as their house guests
Captain Koeppke's father Mr. A.
C. Koeppke of Flint. Michigan,
and his sister. Mrs. W. I. Foss,
Jr.. of Bay City. Michigan. The
visitors arrived Saturday by air-
plane from Miami, for an Indef-
inite visit on the Isthmus.
bTthe Gilbert House and obtain Cuaig. the Misses Ruth and
her prize. Mrs. Leslie B. Clark \ Kathryn Daniels and Eric Dan-
won the second prize. j els.
Mrs. Stanley Kidd was in
charge of the arrangements for
the tea. and wishes to thank ev-
eryone who assisted in making
the affair successful. The other
members of her committee were:
Mrs. J. W. B. Hall. Mrs. Frederick
Dear, Mrs. E. R. MacVittie, Mrs.
Oilbert Morland, Mrs. Frank
Wolf, Mrs. E. J. Malla. Mrs. Roy
The bon voyage theme was car-
ried out In a model ship which
formed the centerpiece and min-
iature ships as n.'acecards.
Brunch at Mrs. Scheidegg's
The Lydla Link of the Gatun
Union Church Auxiliary met at
the home of Mrs. C. V. Scheldegg
Wednesday for a meeting and
Mrs. Gilbert Lee, leader, pre-
sided and Mrs. Fred Newhard
gave the devotlonals. after which
the business meeting was held.
Mrs. William Badders and Mrs.
Howard Munro were visitors for
the morning. The members pres-
ent included: Mrs. Milton Saw-
yer, Mrs. William C. Smith, Mrs.
Walter Watts. Mrs. Ralph Gra-
ham, and Mrs. Sam Mauldln.
Luncheon Guests
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Rob-
inson of Diablo with their house
guests, Mrs. Robinson's mother.
Mrs. Katherine Llndhart and
Fort" Mrs".' r'. b.Theri'ault, Mrs. Miss Kathie and Miss Bessie
Roy Hearne, Mrs. R. W. Rubelll, \ Powell, of Denver. Colorado,
and Mrs. R. G. Leigh. spent Tuesday
______ side.
Mrs. Ayers Complimented
With Luncheon
Mrs. Freda Ayers, of Wllkes-
Barre, Pa., who has been visit-
ing Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Link-
er, was the guest of Mrs. Linker
at Juncheon given at the Hotel
Washington Wednesday.
The other guests were: Mrs.
Frank Sweek. Mrs. Victor May.
Sr.,- of Gamboa, Mrs Raymond
Babara, Mrs. Harvey Sauter, Mrs.
Leonard Heltzke, and Mrs. David
on the Atlantic
They were the luncheon guests
of Mr. and Mrs. John Brown of
Margarita. The visitors are com-
pleting their visit on the Isth-
mus and are returning by plane
to Denver.
Informal Supper Party
Lieutenant and Mrs. H. R. Del-
aney of the Coco Solo Naval Sta-
tion, had an Informal dinner par-
ty at their quarters Tuesday eve-
Thelr guests were: Command-
er and Mrs. R. C. Ray. Lieutenant
ijgi F. R. Nordengren and CWO
and Mrs. R. A. Flndley.
Bon Vovage Dinner Party
Mr. and Mrs. Dixon Daniel en-
tertained with a dinner party at!
their Gatun residence Wednesday Cotillion Club Dance
evening for Mr. and Mrs. James The Washington Cotillion Club
Ma(& and Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Mc- will have their regular dance this
Benefit games 691.95
Fort Clayton 1,729.76 40.8
Corozal .... 654.17 39.4
For1 Davis .... 513.90 51.3
Fort Gullck 411.59 548
Fort Kobbe 2.141.95 36.8
15th Naval Dist. 148.55 8.7
Quarry Heights 166.33 111.0
$8.119.62 54.1 "
Total Pet.
Red Cross headquarters also
announced the following new
contributions bv individuals and
$100 Dr. Harry Eno; Antonio
Tagaropulos. S.A.; Star and Her-
ald Co.; $50 Armour Inc; $25
Julio A. Salas; Edith P. Engelke;
C. Casullo; Isthmian Construc-
tions Club to Have
Ladies Night
The Lions Club is sponsoring a
dance and buffet supper at the
Strangers Club for Saturday eve-
ning. There will be a counting of
the ballots for the young lady to
represent the club at the con-
vention at Chorrera next month.
Tickets vare $3.00 per couple
and may be obtained from Miss
Federica Guardia, Miss Xenla
Bertonclnl and Miss Maria Gri-
maldo. The funds will defray the
expenses of the lucky young lady.
Red Cross Collections Over
$10,000 As Drive Nears End
Red Cross cash collections to-
day1" stood at $10,094.06, as the
drive for $25.000 neared its otos.
b.lll to be heard from, however,
were final reporta from most ma-
jor Panama Canal and Railnad
Credited in the $10,000 total
were donations ol $6.065.53 from
the armed forces. More than this
sum has been collected but not
yet turned In to headquarters of
the Canal Zone chapter. Yester-
day Col. V. F. Shaw, chairman of
the Military Red Cross fund com- private organizations in the Ca-
mittee, announced that the mili- nal Zone and tire Republic of Pa-
tary drive for Red Cross
had brought In over $8.000. This 54 per cent of the $15,000
military quota which. Col. Shaw
Is certain, will be met.
Contributions to date brenk
down as follows:
Armed forces donations, ?3,- tors; L. R. Sommers; H. I. Homa
Co.; Ca. de Productos de Arcilla.
S.A : Colpan Motors, Inc.; Singer
Sewing Machine Co.; Anonymous.
$20Ca. Cyrnos, S.A.; Elsie
Skillman; $10Colon Import and
Export Co.; Ford Company. Inc ;
Otto Hausmann; Cristobal Gun
Club; Mrs. Florlne Prager; $5
Frank Scurlock; T. Y. Denham;
A. A. Sasso; $2E. R. Wilmerd-
ing; F. S. Oakley; J. V. McGlm-
sey: $1E. Guante; Mrs. Ethel
Tate; Bolivar E. Garaicoa; Ma-
ria L. de Garaicoa; Vicente A.
Martinez and $.25Joseph E.
065.53; armed forces, all-siar
baseball game. $287.45; Panama
Canal and Railroad organization,
$589, divided $305 in cash and
$284 in pay roll deductions; mis-
cellaneous contributions from
the Canal Zone (retired employ -
es, shipping companies, contrac-
tors etc.I $418.58; Panama City,
$2,163.50, and Colon, $570.
Meanwhile individual military
units reported their totals which
stood yesterday as:
Post Total Pet.
Fort Amador $. 817.54 81.7
Albroolc AFB 843.88 56.2-i
EE33 ^ v':^^^^p,^^|
1 .^assisk. ^MItM**a*k. a m #* pi 1 & M
i **&*~
... Thanks to delicious Clapp's Peaches
Clapp's Foods are so tempting
, lie bles enjoy eating them ... so
nutritious, they grow up strong '
and healthy.
; Yss, Clapp's makes only baby
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what babies like- and what's
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jnember, your doctor it the final
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chopped and strained fruits and
vegetables prepared by Clapp's
, fur your baby. All are tasty, nu-
tritious, and economical.
Cuboree at Margarita
Cubs from both sides of the
Isthmus will hold a Cuboree at
the Margarita Bowl tomorrow at
9:30 a.m. There will be a parade
and Inspection.
Parents and interested friends
are invited to come and bring
their picnic lunches.
Radio Programs
Your Community Station
Where 100.000 People Meet
Today, Friday, Mar. SI
3:30Music for Friday
4:00Music Without Words
4:15David Rose Show
4:30What's Your Favorite
5:35What's Your Favorite
6:15Evening Salon
7:00Organ Moods
7:15Radio Universal
7:45Here Comes Louis Jordan
9:00Calvacade of America
9:30All Star Concert Hall
9:45Fred Waring
10:00 The World of Music (BBC)
11:00The Owl's Nest
1:00 a.m.Sign Off
ARCHIE and his Troubadors, the musical attraction now play-
ing nlghtlv from Wednesday thru Sunday every week at Panama's
newest and finest rendezvous, the American Club, formerly the
Palm Terrace, pltuated at the foot of the hill from the Hotel
The American Club is fast becoming the popular nlte spot for
those who seek delicious food, well-mixed drinks and a delightful
atmosphere. The ZEBRA LOUNGE Is the mecca for those who
desire the Continental "look" and surroundings. This popular ren-
dezvous Is presided pver by Rolando who knows how to mix any
drink to your taste.
For those who want to dance while dining and drinking, there
Is the cool spacious Bamboo Room, one of the finest bars In town.
'Pepe," for years your host at the old Atlas Club looks after your
wants. You may enjoy the finest In mixed drinks and the know-
ledge of quality plus service. The Rose Room Is ideal for your
small, party.
All In all. the new American Club Is a long-felt want In Pan-
ama and nothing has been left undone to make this the foremost
bar and restaurant in the city. The large crowds that gather
each night at this popular club proves this statement.
An excellent seventy-five cent lunch Is served dally In both
the Rose Room and the Bamboo Room. A well-prepared menu,
with your choice always available.
Amazingly low prices prevail throughout.
The American Club is under the management of Hector Downe,
Panama's foremost entrepreneur.
Watch your children grow up full
of life and energy. See that your
men and women of tomorrow get
nourishing food today! Nourish-
ing, delicious Cream of Wheat is
easy to digest you and your chil-
dren will love itl Try it today.
Tomorrow, Saturday, Mar. 31
6:00Sign On
6:00Alarm Clock Club
7:30Jazz Salon
8:30Morning Varieties
8:45The Duke Steps Out
9:15Women's World
9:30As I See It
10:05Off the Record
11:05Off the Record
11:30Meet the Band
12:30Popular Music
1:15Personality Parade
1:45Three Suns
2:00Bob Eberly and John Gar'
2:15It's Time to Dance
2:30Afternoon Melodies
2:45 Battle of the Bands
3:00Organ Reveries
3:15The Little Show
3:30Bebop Bash
4:00Music for Saturday
4:30What's Your Favorite
6:45 American Folk Songs
7:45Jam Session
9:30Hit Parade (VOA)
10:30American Favorites
10:45Date Tor Dancing
11:00The Owl's Nest
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Kxplanation of Symbols
VOAVoice of America
BBCBritish Broadcasting
RDFRadlodlffuslon Francalse
Memoirs of First I
Gorgas Chief Nurse
Exhibited al Library
Featured In the current exhibit
of The Panama Canal Llbraty
are the memoirs of Miss M. Euge-
nie Hibbard, who was first Chief
Nurie at Gorgas Hospital. They
may be seen in the display case
on the first floor of the Civil Af-
fairs Building.
The memoirs contain Miss Hib-
bard's impressions of Panama,
the Canal Zone and health and
sanitation on the Isthmus when
she was here from 1904 to 1903
and include considerable lnior-
matlon, particularly about'An-
con Hospital, which has never
been published.
The memoirs were dictated by
Miss Hibbard about 1038 whlie
she was living in Mlveme, Ja-
maica, B.W.I, and were written
at the request of Mrs. Herrics,
widow of the first chief surgeon
at Gorgas Hospital.
The exhibit also Includes a col-
lection of pictures of Gorgas Hos-
pital and Health Department
personnel taken in early con-
struction days.
Coln Will Revive
Colonial Fairs With
May Exhibition
COLON, Mar. 30 In an effort
to revive the Portobelo fairs of
colonial days, the City of Colon is
organizing an Agricultural. Cat-
tle and Commercial fair that is
scheduled for the second week of
A province-wide enterprise, the
fair has been promised the full
cooperation of the Canal Zone
community. The Atlantic Side
Canal Zone residents, are plan-
ning a rodeo, yacht races and
several other activities.
All the foreign colonies of Co-
lon will participate in the f*lr,
each erecting a pavilion typical
of their homelands.
Aside from these activities and
the agricultural, cattle and com-
mercial expositions, the fair will
offer a wide variety of amuse-
ment centers and entertainment
events, among them cockfights,
fire-works, a bathing beauty con-
test, dances, etc.
T Crowder parlayed a $1,000 In-
surance policy into $34,000. He
borrowed $500 on the policy to
buy timber and farm land. For 22
years he saved the income on the
land and re-lnvested It In more
timber land. Now he has 700
acres of land worth $30,000. $3.-
000 In cash and the original $1,000
Insurance policy.
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It Strikes Neglected Gun*
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32 to 38.
Flix B. Maduro, S.A.
Chez Margot La Villa de Paris
Motta's (Panam-Coln)
Almacn La Parisin
Ofelia de Navarro (David)
Tel. 1-2135 Panam
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David was a busy fellow,
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uperb lightness and grand flavor!
Try the wonderful recipee on the
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Tktrt are tho other Yardlrr Colofntt including ant
which tchatt thtfmmout Bond Strut ptrfmm.

B7 H BTAIIT r O. BOX 134. PANAMA. R. Of P.
149 MAOIBON Av.. New YOIIK, II7> N. V.
24 OO
Walter Winchell
In New York
The tete Benjamin Siegel wu a. terrific hoss-player...
Like all that unhappy ilkhis bis ambition wu to own a
turi champion himself.. Burs invested many a dollar In
Bar fleahall disappointing... A breeding pal in Kentneny
(who picked them out for him) called one matineeU ex-
cited.,. "This," he ejeculated. "ta it. Ben! I've got a world
beater far you at last. Bought K for my 5 Gs. C mon down
and see It"... Brother Siegel Journeyed to ol' Kaintuck and
fell to imbibing Julepe with seme old Blue Grass onies.
After losing his all-night battle with the bottle, Bugs
went to the stable to Inspect the steed... '"Are you cray-see?
he barked. "This horse is blind!"... Perhaps confusing his
own condition with the nag's. Siegel refused to buy it... He
flew back to Manhattan in great indignation.
That horse was Bay View. It won the $100,000 Santa Anita
Handicap. Paying about S10g for $2. The Bug Was Never
The Same.
Siegel, a brainy guy (who might have been a big click on
The Right Side of the Law), once worked out the most perfect
smuggling dodge in history... During Prohibition days, New
York disposed of its garbage by towing it out to sea in huge
barbes and dumping it... Bugs decided it would be simple to nil
the empty barges at sea with hoochand unload same at the
City Sanitation pier.
Obtaining the connivance of the barge boss (by promising
him $4 a case on all deliveries), they set sail... The first voy-
age was a bust... Because Benjamin and his Broadway sailors
(what with rolling seas and the pretty aroma of freshly removed
refuse) all got deathly sick and couldn't load a case.
The next time, however, Ben recruited some genuine sea-
men, and everything went honky-dooly... The little barge
boss, who didn't trust Ben and the Boys to give him an hon-
est countbought an adding machine... And, on all subse-
quent voyages, parked on his pier clicking his arithmetic as
the stuff came off.
It was Too Good to Last, and finally the Feds moved In...
As the agents swarmed onto the dockBen and his men fled.
But Mr. Barge Man stood his groundholding his machine
rrlmly... He was the only oje arrested.
"I thought," he said in court, "the whole t'lng was a trick
by those guys to distract me from keeping the right count."
Joe Adonis was a power in Brooklyn for many years before
the reporters ever heard of himand here is how they did...
When Adonis got Into the Tall Money, his mother (to whom he
was devoted) used to take hefty sums from him... "Mama," he
said, "how could you spend so much money running the house?"
"Never mind," she told him. "Just give it to me."
When she died. Joe expected a quiet family funeral... Ins-
tead, the neighborhood streets were congested with mourners...
Adonis learned that his mother had been distributing the money
to needy neighbors, swearing them all to secrecy... The services
were so big that the press took notice, and in no time Joe Adonis
became well known... Later, a newspaperman-pal advised Joe
whose real name is Doto), "Get rid of that name, or you will
have trouble all your life...'Joe Adonis' looks too good In the
Mr. "A" is called on constantly as arbiter and peace-
maker in the aitter and. never-ending war between the bet-
tors and bookies... Such as thk one which endeared him to
all players who heard about It.'.. One matinee about three
years ago a Jersey kenickter of great physical strength (but
very low credit-standing) wagered a well known bookmaker
S50 on an I0-to-I shot at Jamaica.. Under his arrangement
with The Book he had to pay in advance, an unusual proced-
ure and the tip-off to his Dun & Bradstreet rating.
The horse won, and a few moments later he bet $200 of $900
winings (which The Book hadn't paid off yet) on a 12-to-l
shot Just going off In Maryland. It won, too... Then came
the flash: The Jamaica winner had been disqualified... So,
instead of a profit of $3,400, the poor guy lost his $50.
He blew his top and started to choke the bookie to death,
as any hoss-player might want to do under the circumstances.
Luckily, Adonis was nearby... He ran np just as the bookie's
kisser was turning purple... He ordered them to break-It-up
and held court right there... Adonis ruled in favor of the
bettor, who enjoyed the biggest afternoon ef his career, win-
ning $27,000.
"How could you do that to me." the bookie later wailed
to Adonis, "when you knew I was right!"
"Technically you were," Solomon'd Adonis, "but his In-
tentions were honest. You should thank me. Yon'd have been
dead in another minute."
Labor New*
By Victor Riesel
anyone tell you these glamor
people are sophisticated. These
stars are warm, sentimental,
sincere and woefully unin-
Now they're getting angered,
I found as I sat with them and
was made an honorary mem-
ber of one of their talent
unions, the Screen Extras'
Guild, with those wonderful
old-timers the Farnums and
the Snub Pollards of the old
silent westerns and ple-ln-the-
face one reel comedies.
I found, while sitting around
with them at Chasens, that
king-sized John Wayne would
rather talk of the day he baw-
led like a baby when 5,000 kids
greeted him in England, and
sang "She Wore a Yellow Rib-
bon." And dry-humored, mono-
cled Charlie Coburn prefers to
chat about the American cons-
titution, and Pat O'Brien will
toss you the name of a horse
that surely will win tomorrow
But now, when they find that
only a month or so ago some of
them naively tried to hire ac-
tors who were secret Communist
members, these anti-Commun-
ist film people were angered,
for this is what their AFL lead-
ers are telling them.
The Communist Party is
pouring money into this
movie community. Part of
the pro-Soviet apparatus is
building a theatre front
which plans to produce films
for children and will try to
reach millions of kids by
getting those pix on TV
This outfit also, in its
catacombs, hopes to get its peo-
ple Into the mushrooming USO
shows so they can get into the
Army and Navy bases to observe
and disaffect.
They've discovered that one
of a major studio's top produ- ys.
cers, closely associated with,
those soon to be making head-
Unes out of Washington, lslso
A favorite hangout for The Boys (until it closed last year)
was Duke's, a restaurant in Fort Lee. N. J___ Run von never
Imagined a place like it... Its teevy set showed the ballgames
Its radio offered race resultsand high stake gin games flour-
ished ... Mothers and their tots, wandered in from nearby Pal-
isades Parknot to mention the fat men .freaks, acrobats, et al.
from the sideshows... Top level conferences went on through
all this.
The final touch of the fantastic was sunolied by Dunnlnger
the magician, who lived nearby... Willie (Morettl) Moore, who
presided over the Duke's proceedings, once saw Dunnlngers's
spellbinding act... He bet Dunnlnger he could flgger out his
best trick: Escaping from a tightly locked heavy canvas bag...
The magician took him up. brought one of the baes to Duke's and
left it there... A sight to see was the gambler chief trying vain-
ly to Get Out of The Bag!
Willie, known as The Comn (short for Compadre or god-
father), Is proba My the world' biggest sucker for a touting
story... Touts all over know It because Wm. has fallen for
every conceivable scheme.
One day two seedy-looking strangers walked into Duke's
and told him they were horsemen from the West. That thev
had figgered out a sure way to beat the races... They said
they found a new way to grow hav with dope right in it__
indiscernible in saliva tests... "This," /hey assured Wm.
"will make a punk nag make a bum outta Citation!"... Wm.
took the bait... "Count me In." he agreed.
"Now." they said, "first we gotta buv a prettv fair horse,
about a ..5,000 clalmer. Then we gotta find a nice spot In the
country to feed him this hav for about six months. And. you
know, we gotta eat. too" Sooooo the sucker uut un the coin
the horse ate hey and the strangers ate thick steakswhile
tension mounted at Duke's for The Rig Killing!
It finally ran at Garden State. Coming in Dead Last!
Frank Costello, now having headaches via Uncle Sam. once
hnd Uncle as a partner in a lawsuit... It was when he lost his
$27.000 in a cab and the cltv refused to return It... The Income
Tax peoole stepned in. seeklnK the doneh to satlsfv a tax dis-
pute with Costello... A tax agent, he chored. pocketed the tax
monev he Dftld... The tiilari'-vs ironv: The cf>se was listed cm
the court calendar: "The U.S. Government AND F. Costello vs.
the Cltv of New York!"
Samuel Smug!
Samuel Smug it smart, 'tis true.
If you were he, you would be toe!
Sam can always find good buys.
His secret Is to advertise!
has his secretary secretly dlstrl-
b u t e Communist literature
right on the lot.
They know of another pro-
ducer who called a group of
non-Communist producers to-
gether some years back and got
enough money from each of
themunder pressure and pro-
test, of course to help the
West Coast Communist Dally,
The Peoples World, get started.
All this and more will come out
next month when one producer
tells all in a great surprise
Out here the Communist ral-
lies sound like revival sessions.
The other night, at the fare-
well party to Gale Sondergaard.
her husband Herbert Blberman
asked the audience to grasp
hands and squeeze each other
along the aisles and pledge thus
to come to all meetings.
The crusading Screen Ac-
tors Guild (AFL) has discovered
a terror drive by the Commun-
ists warning many actors not to
tell what they know. Toughest
pressure Is on such men as John
Garfield and Jose Ferrer.
The FBI is checking
through more than 40 top
movie producers, directors
and writers who will work
for the International Motion
Picture Divtsion of the State
Department as technical
consultants on over 400
films which are intended to
tell the world, via the screen,
just how our worlcing peo-
ple live and earn their bread
and butter. There will also
be labor consultants for this
new State Department Divi-
sion. The Screen Writers
Guild, knowing how slowly
the government pays its per
diem consultants, will put
up salary and expenses for
those called by the State
There is much bitterness here
against Paul Robeson who has
been cutting recorded speeches
and sending them to Soviet Po-
land, and Russia itself, attack-
ing our way of life. These .are
quietly mailed to Soviet propa-
gandists and the singer's mes-
sages are air-waved to the rest
of Europe and the Orient.
There was much laughter
here over the shrewd Congres-
sional questioning of Commun-
ist Party movie Commissar, V.
J. Jerome, who, In accordance
with usual Red technique, was
refusing to answer queries.
The House Un-American Ac-
tivities Committee counsel sud-
denly snapped "Were you ever
a member of the German-Ame-
rican Bund?" Jerome said he
had to talk It over with his
lawyer. After five minutes.
Comrade Jerome stuttered, "No."
This broke the chain of refusals
and technically set the ground
for contempt action based on
his refusal to answer the other
questions on his activity here.
Eddie G. Robinson has
sent much material direct-
ly to FBI Chief J. Edgar
Hoover, Including Robinson's
testimony before the House
Un American Activities
Committee. Eddie said, in ef-
fect: "If your FBI agents
can find one falsehood, then
go ahead and give it to the
Committee so that they can
cite me for perjury."
There is also much lrritatlcrt
"n movie labor circles here over
tress Joan Fontaine, who vl-,
i ted several branches of the |
va Peron Foundation down in
Oh, Boy! If He Only Had His Hook Baited!
Pander's Parole
muVh inside the Partv that he NEW YORK-As long as curious and embarrass-
' lng questions are being asked so freely these days,
I would sure admire to see a clarification of Just
how Lucky Luciano's parole originated. Governor
Dewey said at the* time that it was purely routine
endorsement of a routine parole board suggestion.
At the time of Luciano's graduation from Dan-
nemora, Governor Dewey announced to the press
that consideration was being shown to Luciano
because of war work. "Upon the entry of the
United States into the war, Luciano's aid was
sought by the armed services in inducing others
to provide information concerning possible enemy
attacks. It appears he cooperated in such effort."
The foolishness of this announcement did not
become clearly apparent, at the time, even when
there was printed suggestions that this murder-
ous thug was to be given a Congressional Medal
of Honor for his wartime heroism from the safety
of his cot in Dannemora. Anyone who was doing
thinking at the time would have realized that the
United States, filled as It is with honest, intelli-
gent and decent Italians, scarcely would have
needed to call on a hood who knew considerably
more about Brooklyn than about Naples.
I fell to brooding over this when I dug the boy
up in Havana a few years back, as he was working
up a sympathy campaign to sneak himself home
againor, at worst, remain snugly in Havana,
within easy reach of his underlings in the dope
business. He was, at the time, conferring with
some of the top hoods of the nation who had
flown in from Miami.
I pulled a spot check then and there with Wild
Bill Donovan, head of the 088, and with Army
and Navy Intelligence. They never heard of the
bum in any capacity save that of convicted pan-
der. Dewey's office, in the form of Mr. Charles
Breltel, told me that Luciano's deportation was
merely routine, in order to rid the nation of an
undesirable alien who had served 10 years of his
It now pops up that Lieut. Cmdr. Charles Haf-
fenden, who wrote a letter to the parole board,
was employed' as City Commissioner of Marine
and Aviation, which put him in charge of the
city's piers, from which goons kept the press
forcibly away from Luciano's deporting ship-
same ship to which Frank Costello paid a call
with a bulky briefcase which might have been
filled with money.
It also turns out that a new explanation of
Luciano's wartime heroism comes outHaffenden
says that Luciano was nominated as an under-
cover informant about dock doings, because dock
doings were largely dominated by Italians. An-
other Informant was Socks Lanza, another hood.
It just so happened that Lanza was running the
executive end of the narcotics racket as Luciano's
deputy, and the Job was getting too big for him.
HIS collusion with the boss was desirable for In-
terests that sure had nothing to do with winning
a war.
Haffenden says he overstated Luciano's value
in a letter to Mr. Breitel. Mr. Breltel appears to
have been Interested in Mr. Luciano, since Haf-
fendtn said he had written to him to inquire if
"Luciano had been of any value?"
Another wild explanation that was volunteered
at the time was that Luciano had many contacts
with Nova Scotia fishermen, and hence was in-
fluential in anti-submarine defense.
Now It seems clear that, simultaneously, Luci-
ano could not have masterminded the Sicilian In-
vasion while running the dockworkers while con-
trolling the Nova Scotlan fishing Industry while
.serving a sentence while being of no value what-
soever according to later statements from Dew-
ey's office and from Gen. Donovan. Army and
Navy. I think that a great many things might be
cleared up if the exact terms of the instrumenta-
tion of Lucky's release could be procured by the
Senate committee on naughtiness.
Keep Kefauver Committee
By Bruce Biossat
Unless the Senate takes action, the Kefauver
Crime Investigating Committee will be out of
business Sunday. It deserves to stay alive
The most qualified observers, and that Includes
judges and other legal experts, seem convinced
that the committee has conducted a searching,
productive and fair-minded inquiry. Considering
the automatically sensational nature of much
crime information, this investigation has been
surprisingly free of that taint.
But the story has taken longer to unfold than
any senator may have guessed when the commit-
tee was created last May. The Investigators are
still striking it rich, as the probe into New York
crime amply shows. They need more time to
round out the picture.

Frank Costello, New York gambler charged by
the committee with heading a national crime syn-
dicate, undoubtedly was hoping for the commit-
tee's dissolution March 31 when he stalled off
talking before It In his recent appearances. It
would be a pity if he were allowed to gain the
advantage, he sought. He is a key figure and the
committee should have his full testimony.
Furthermore, the committee should be kept in
existence long enough to permit it to draft care-
ful recommendations for laws aimed at cleaning
up crime conditions. No one Imagines Congress
could legislate crime out of the picture, but it
might make many criminal practices vastly more
difficult than they are today.
Even without any new laws, the Kefauver Com-
mittee has brought great discomfort to the crim-
inal world. Publicity, especially as defined in the
era of television. Is poison to underworld char-
acters. They've shown that by shying away from
TV cameras whenever they could.
It would be hard to measure the effect this in-
quiry and its attendant publicity have had on
national crime operations. Unquestionably the
Impact has been substantial, though the evidence
of that has not generally been spectacular. Chi-
cago furnished one of the best examples when
an aroused citizenry went to the polls last fall
and slapped down candidates believed to have
benefltted from a crime-politics alliance.

Certainly the committee has earned the right
to continued life. Its extension will be fought,
mostly by politicians who fear the committee's
earnest determination to expose the crime-politics
liaison wherever it is found. But such opposition
ought to be brushed aside.
When the committee has done Its full Job.
thought should be given to the idea of a perman-
ent national crime commission to keep the spot-
light trained relentlessly on U. S. underworld
leaders. On a more limited basis, commissions of
this sort have been effective in Chicago and Cali-
A national commission need in no way lessen
the power of Congress to investigate crime any
time it sees fit. And it would stand as a concrete
symbol of the sustained alertness of the nation's
la '., u V f.l Oil
hardly politically brilliant. Fon-
taine wrote In the visitors' book
on the very day when the Pe-
ron dictatorship was smashing
a great newspaper, La Prensa:
"This day has been a fascinat-
ing experience which I shall
never forget. Seora De Peron
cannot be sufilciently congra-
tulated on her magnilicent ins-
piration and on the manner in
which she ha:; Implemented it.
Okay, Joan, neither will the
family of the newspaper worker
killed by the Fascists when he
Iried to do something about
something called a free press.
Oo home. Fontaine, make pic-
duenos Aires. Beautiful, but tures If you must, but apologize French people all knew that an
to your fellow unionists here. I American actor by name of Paul
Want to know about the effect I Muni had once portrayed an evil
of American movies abroad? ; American gangster called "Scar-
Well, recently the AFL's roving face". And Irving had to move
agent In Europe, Irving Brown, | fast to kill the Impression that
went into Marseilles, once the! he was an American thug.
Commies great stronghold.' And I'm happy to report that
There, along with anti-Corn-.this column's exposure of Har-
munist seamen, he organized ry Bridges' flying 500 goon
strong arm squads to fight off' squads, which were attacking
the Soviet mobs which were un- loyal American seamen and be-
der orders to dump our arms fleging their union halls, forced
and munitions into the sea. .Harry, the Nose, to disband
Immediately, the Commie them,
press labelled him "Scarface". Good! We want to taste
not so much because Al Capone here of gangster democracy a
was known on those docks, but La Russe.
because the seafarers and the Cosyrjht 1951. Pot-Hii Syndicoi
Drew Pearson says: European Allies need to coordina te
information regarding Communist agents; Philadelphia
tennis champion becomes Eisenhower's top diplomat;
Brass hats hold grudges a long time.
PARIS.One of the most Important needs in Europe today
Is a coordinating agency to stop Communist espionage.
If a Communist agent leaves Norway and goes to France of
Italy, there Is no way by which the French or Italian govern-
ments are tipped off regarding his entry. Consequently he may-
operate in France or Italy for several months. Then, when thing
get hot, he can move on to another North Atlantic Pact country.
Only between France and England is there exchange of In-
formation regarding Communist agents. If a Communist leave*
F'-ance for England, the British authorities are immediately no-
tified and vice versa. However, no such arrangements are la
effect between other members of the North Atlantic Pact.
In some allied countries, furthermore, the Communists are
Indirectly subsidized by big business, especially in the case of the
German Industrialists and the big Italian manufacturers around
Some people thought General Eisenhower was going either
social or political when he appointed ex-Ambassador Tony Blddle,
former Philadelphia tennis champion, as Staff Officer in charge
of Diplomatic Relations.
Blddle, son of a J. P. Morgan partner, caused heart failure to
deep-dyed Philadelphia Republicans when he got aboard the
New Deal bandwagon and contributed $90,000 to the Roosevelt
campaign chest. In reward, he was appointed Ambassador to
Norway, and Chip Robert, then treasurer of the Democratic Na-
tional Committee, made it a habit, whenever funds were short,
to get Blddle on the trans-Atlantic telephone and suggest that
it might be wise to ante up a little more because other party
contributors were angling for his Job.
Later Blddle became Ambassador to most of the government
exiled by HitlerPoland. Norway, Yugoslaviaand has now turn
ed up as foreign liaison man on Ike's staff.
Those who work with Blddle, however, pay tribute tp hi
ability to handle peoplesomething which Elsenhower,, n hi
delicate Job, can always use.
Before Ike arrived In Rome, for instance, Tony Blddle visited
Iialy to pave the way for his reception, and there was met by
Gen. Rlnaldo Flore Vernazsa, who pulled a very long face in-
deed. Eisenhower, the general warned, could not possibly make
a public appearance In the main part of Rome. Instead, he would
have to be taken quietly to a suburb of the city and kept" under
wraps while high Roman officials came to confer with him.
"Communist sentiment is such," warned General Flore Ver-
nazza, "that there would be riots, even revolution. GeneralKlaen-
l'ower would even run the risk of assassination. He cannot enter
Rome publicly."
Blddle listened carefully, said .he would report back to Elsen-
howerwhich he did in Lisbon that nightand then came back
to General Flore Vernazza next day.
"Mon general." he said humbly, "We have considered your
advice carefully. I am sure that It is excellent advice, because
you know your country far better than any of us.
"But there is one thing I must tell you that I don't Ilk
to tell you. In fact, I don't like to tell anyone.
"However," continued Blddle, "we Americans have an in-
feriority complex. When we talk to you who have 2,000 years of
fighting behind you, you whose people have known fighting ever
since the days of Julius Caesar, we feel greatly Inferior.
"And it would give us an even greater complex If our leader.
General Elsenhower, should sneak into Rome as if he were afraid.
Furthermore, it would hurt our fighting spirit for the ftate.
"I admit that we shall be worried when General Elsenhower
arrives. We shall be worried and afraid. But, mon generaipwe
shall take our cue from you. And as Eisenhower drives do^rrthe
streets of Rome, we shall endeavorlike youto be unafraid/'
General Flore Vernazza beamed.
Furthermore, he got busy, and Italian officials prepared
a terrific sehdoff right through the center of the ci", for Eisen-
About a year before Pearl Harbor, the U.S. Army was en-
gaged In a backstage argument over the then-controversial Jeep.
Gen. George A. Lynch, chief of Infantry, wanted to add the Jeep
as standard equipment to his infantry divisionsIn effect-make
the Infantry mobile and semi-mounted.
Other planners in the War Department were opposed.
One day this writer got a phone call from Col. Stanley Gro-
gan, attached to Army press relations, suggesting that I talk to
General Lynch. I did so, and subsequently wrote a story about
Lynch's stymied plan to give jeeps to the infantry. The story
may have had some small part in winning the battle of the jeep,1
but it also had some small part in losing a War Department
battle for promotion.
For, later, Colonel Orogan was taxed by his superiors with
having made the phone call to me, which he readily admitted,
i All outgoing telephone conversations from the Pentagon build-
ing had been recorded that day). Later also. Colonel Orogan
came up for promotionbut was not promoted. The years passed,
his contemporaries were made generals, and eventually one of
hit friends on the Selection Board dropped the hint that Grogan's
phone call regarding the battle of the Jeep was still being held
against him by the grudge-bearing brass hats.
In Munich the other day I again talked with Colonel Oro-
gan, who is doing a highly efficient though unexciting job in
charge of army "housekeeping" in the largest military district
of Germany.
It will be part of Grogan's job to house the new American
troops to be sent to Germany under the North Atlantic Pact
which presents a tough problem, not so much from the point of
troop housing but from the viewpoint of families and morale.
Today there are approximately 40,000 American wives and
children In Germany. From the point of view of morale, they
have done wonders. The minute the wives arrived In Germany,
morale, efficiency, general conduct improved.
However, in case war should break, In case the Russian at-
tack which these troops are being sent to block, should come,
then these families would be in grave danger. First they might
become hostages to the Russians; or second, about 20,000 Amer-
ican troops would have to be diverted from the front to evacuate
these families. _,
So the Army Is caught either way. To date It has ruled- that
families cannot accompany new troops unless housing is avail-
able in advance, which probably means that sending of jnoro
families to Germany will be curtailed.
(Copyright. 1951. by the Bell Syndicate. Inc.)
Cristobal, Canal Zone
l the Editor:
,Rong with the current scourges
of income tax, high Commissary I
prices and kindred visitations of
locust-shaming plagues the like,
of which the Egyptians would
have shrugged off, there exists1
yet another outrage perpetrated
this time upon the auricular
sensibilities of defenseless peas-
ants blvouaced In a certain sec-1
tlon of the fair village of Mar-
I refer to an Instrument known;
as the accordion, aided and abet-
ted by Its inept manipulator. In
the hands of a Pletro Diero. a I
Phil Baker or a Charlie Mani-
anti it is indeed a pleasure to lis-'
ten to. But in the hands of a!
misguided Individual to whom >
the even fundamental basics of,
music are as obscure as the the-
ory of relativity, supersonlcs and :
ne Hindu rope trick, it becomes1
nerve-wracking ordeal compar-
able to the Chinese water cure.
And when the virtuoso's reper-
toire consists of Barcarolle, from ,
the Tales of Hoffman, solamente, j
ad lnfinitum, ad nauseum, ad1
wolgastIts tortured an
fully audible mistreatmen
place the Spanish Inqulsl
the same mild category asJBMa-
tlon into the Campfire OlrBHdl-
ous though the comparisoTTmay
strike you.
These porous-knit Taj Mahal's
we refer tolooselyas quarters
permit of enough normal and un-
avoidable noises without adding
to the picture an Infliction fjf this
A hunger for musical expres-
sion is understandable: the In-
satiable yen to pour out trie very
soul through the medium" of a
mail-order Instrument of -dubi-
ous quality Is comprehensible
provided one's sense of cofnpre-
hensibllitv leans preponderantly
in the direction of imbecility;
but the appropriate place to woo
the Muse with a squeeze-box Is
some nice Isolated spot like sec-
ond base at Mount Hope' Sta-
dium, and not in Canal Zone
quarters where hapless tenants
have no defense against this dia-
bolic assault upon their evening
peace and ouiet
Hopefully, *--

'inevitable Korea Stalemate
Raises Question on Future
8TH ARMY H.Q.. Korea, Mar.
80 (UP i With the Korean War
apparently entering the inevita-
ble military stalemate predicted
by General Douglas MacArthur
many questions are being asked
bout the outlook for the luture.
compelled to strike deep and oft-
en behind the Red lines to pre-
vent another Communist build-
If Chinese supply arteries were
left unmolested the Reds could
pour enough men and materials
Hereare the answers to some into North Korea to post another
of toe mostpertinent, based on \ major threat to the Allies In the
Information available to news- south.
mfflal 8th Army headquarter.: Will the Chine.- try agam to
Will the United Nations army throw the Allies out of Korea?
push on to the Manchuria.. | A major Communist offensive
SM-r" right now seems unlikely. But m-
No Not unless the United dicatlons are the Reds probably
States declares war on Commu-
nist China. MacArthur has said
the 8th Army cannot drive the
Communists out of Korea with-
out major reinforcements or per-
mission to bomb Red Chinanei-
ther of which he is likely to gel.
Will the Allies cross the 38th
PYsllForns0rnedlstance when Korea" as" well M the rest of AU.
the tactical situation calls for Si. The Reds are prepared to MM
will attempt one more push if
and when they can bring up rein-
Just what do the Chinese
Reds want in Korea?
The Moscow-Pelping axis, solid
despite minor disagreements,
wants to throw the West out ol
Is there a good chance for a
cease fire along the present
battle line?
a long time doing it. Falling short
of this objective they are willing
to settle for tying up seven Uni-
No Even should the ground ted States divisions Indefinitely.
JlriU'nV be confined to mh.or They are willing to gamb'e
pa'tro'i actions Tor a long time the their oriental patience against
United Nations air force would be I the West._____________________
French Commander Confident
Red Spring Offensive To Fail
American Society
To Choose Officers
Monday, April 9
The president of the American
Society of the Republic of Pan-
ama, S. Scollay Moore, announc-
es that the annual meeting and
election of officers for the 1951-
52 term will be held on the ter-
race of the Atlas Brewery on
Monday, April 19, at 7:00 p.m.
The nominating committee hao
selected the following slate:
President, S. Scollay Moore
Vice President, Leigh R. Cram-
Treasurer, Louis Gomez
Secretary, J. H. Harrington
Five of the following nominees
are to be elected to the Board of
Directors by the membership of
the Society:
H. R. Knapp E. p. Todd
T. Y. Denham Otto Nausmann
W. L. Simpson Tony Raymond
George Novey. Sr. Harry Slnnott
James Piala Harold W.Sander
J. C. Wright, Sr. Robert J. Boyd
J. E. Westman Dr. F. Raymond
J. E. Healy. Jr. Al W. Sears
Georg L. Capwell Chas. H. Aeree
John T. Gorin Brack Hattler
Buffet supper, refreshment
and entertainment will be pro-
All members have been urged
to turn out and are requested to
bring along prospective new
members. There will be no charge
for attendance.
As In previous years, the an-
nual meeting is strictly a stag
NEA Staff Correspondent
----- O -----
PARJS, Mar. 30 (UP).Gen-
eral Jean de Lattre de Tassigny,
French commander In the Far
East-,-Is confident his troops
will repulse the expected Com-
munist spring offensive In In-
dochina without United States
The- long-awaited communist
Viet Minh attack should get
under- way within the next two
weeksfde Lattre warned before
returning from here to Indo-
china, following conferences
with Mie French Government.
He,aid: "All we needed were
French reinforcements which
should arrive in strength in
the next few months and an
Increasing tempo of United
States, arms shipments.
"Since the beginning of the
year United States arms have
been .arriving in Indochina in
greater and greater quantities.
"We don't need American sol-
diers, or even volunteers. They
are wanted in Korea. I am now
confident we will be able to
handle the situation ourselves.
"I am confident our troops
will hold and protect the entire
1 ; ma, and even the approaches to
Ttl*t attack has already be-
gun"at a few points in the
Tonkin delta."
De Lattre, ex-ground com-
mander under Field Marshal
Viscount Montgomery in West-
ern Union headquarters, which
Is about to be absorbed in Gen-
eral Dwlght D. Elsenhower's
North Atlantic Treaty head-
quarters, took command in In-
dochina after a series of French
setbacks last fall.
The riceiands of northern
Indochina were wide open to
Viet Minh attack from Com-
munist China In the north. De
Lattre. with a wide reputation
Coliege Drama Plays
'See How They Run'
At Diablo Mid-April
The College Drama will pre-
sent laugh-laden "See How They
Run'' at the Diablo Clubhouse
Theater April 18 and 19.
Tickets are now on sale un-
der the direction of the College
Students' Association. Sales
booths will be set up in the
Balboa Clubhouse lobby and the
Diablo Clubhouse lobby on the
Sunday before the show.
"See How They Run" was first
produced In London. Its novelty
won It success. It does not lit
Into the established pattern of
modern comedy.
In IS49 the comedy was adapt-
ed for American production.
The unusual features of the
English show were retained. No
Broadway producers were In-
But as the revamped and re-
vised .farce won success in sum-
mer stock performances about
the .United States, Broadway
producers changed their minds.
Bidding for production rights,
finally won by Vinton Freedly,
\vu"kven and high.
In a gripping
jple of romance
cud suspense I
! as a taskmaster as well as a
I brilliant tactician, rallied the
defending forces and saved Ha-
noi and all Tonkin province
from almost certain collapse.
He returned to Paris two
weeks ago to ask for reinforce-
ments. The National Defense
Committee, headed by President
Vincent Aurlol, has authorized
. approximately 21.000 additional
: troops for the Indochina theat-
er, which now comprises about
150,000 men.
It Is expected one third of
the reinforcements will be
French troops, one third North
African colonials, and one third
] native Viet Namese.
The estimated strength of the
| Viet Minh forces is now above
960 well trained, well armed reg-
gular battalions (90 of which
are in Tonkin) plus about 90
"provincial" battalions of ir-
regulars. '
Hungarian Dancer
4 Recitals
Starting Monday
The Cultural Department of
the Panama Ministry of Educa-
tion is presenting Elizabeth Sza-
bo, Hungarian dancer who is
making a tour of South America,
in a series of dance recitals next
Elizabeth's performances ar
scheduled for Monday, Wednes-
day, Friday and Saturday at 3:30
p.m. at the National Theater in
Tickets range from $2 to 50
cents, and may be secured at the
theater, or at the National Con-
Elizabeth has won the enthus-
iastic praise of critics in La! in
America and Is now adding La-
tin American dances to her re
Hans Janowltz. well-known Pa -
namanlan musician, will play
the accompaniments for Eliza-
beth's performances.
The programs on Monday and
Wednesday will include dance
numbers to the music of Chopin.
Mijinone, Ivanoff. Smetana. M'.a-
kovsky, Liszt, Shostakov itch,
I Borkiewicz, Lehar. Debussy,
I Frescobaldi. Schumann, Schu-
bert and Rimsky Korsakoff.
For the Friday and Saturday
1 programs she has chosen some
< numbers to the music of the
i >anie composers, plus numbers
' danced to compo s i t i o n s o
' Strauss. Antnimo, Brahms and
! Victor Huerse.
Jewish Women Plan
Benefit Card Parly
For Israel's Blind
The women of the Jewish
Congregation are sponsoring a
benefit card party for the
"Lighthouse" la home for the
blind in Israel and for the
Hebrew University. The party
will be held Apr. 4 In the Club
del Mar San Francisco.
The Lighthouse Is a school
for the rehabilitation of blind
people of all ages. They are
taught vocations beneficial to
the community. Last year a si-
milar benefit was held with
part of the proceeds donated
to the school for the blind in
Door prizes, dancing, ping
pong, as well as refreshments
are being planned. Tickets will
be available at the club en-
There were also be a white
elephant sale of Interesting
clusively Yours: R.-i Cameron Is
pulling the reins on his career
in the celluloid west to give
John Wayne competition In the
action movie league. Republic
has tagged Rod as too important
lor sage-brushers and will give
him the action hero buildup.
First in the series will have
him playing a deep sea diver.

Clifton Webb is set for "Fa-
ther Does a Strip" at Fox. It
once had the innocuous title
of "The Girl Next Door."..
Plot of Cary Grant's "Dr.
Praetorious" title to be
changed is an eyebrow
lifter. The story of a doctor
who marries an unwed mo-
.ther to stop her from cojii-
mitting suicide.

Louise Rainer's return to Hol-
lvwood for a two-week footlight
run of "Joan of Lorraine"
brought her half a dozen mo-
vie offers but she nixed them
all. She told me:
"The right one wasn't there.
In the same breath, Luise ex-
plained that Paul Gallico is
writing a story expressly for
her and there are plans for
filming It in Europe. As she de-
scrbied it: "It's about a peasant
girl. Very simple. Not glamour
but love."

Patrice Wymore Is blushlngly
denying the rumor that the
stork will be flapping over the
Errol Flynn manse this year.
Testing on the Warner lot for
the role opposite Gary Cooper
in "Distant Drums," she wall-
"It's a Hollywood pattern.
During the first two months of
marriage, they separate you.
And for the next two months
they say you're going to have a
baby. It will be children for us
some day. Errol's wonderful
with them. He talks to them In
their own language."

Aftermath of Nicky Hilton's
slug-iest at a Strip nitery Is
that the club's photographer
got his walking papers for
peddling a picture of the scrap
to an L. A. newspaper. The len-
ser denied the charge and
claimed that he had sold the
picture outright to Nicky. How
the newspaper got It, he said,
was a mystery to him.

Jennifer Jones is being
baited with a ton of south
of-the-border gold to make
a picture in Mexico City.
Abi-lingual version of
"Carmen"..Its eye pop-
ping, that's what. Shelley
Winters plays a sweet, shy,
demure bride in RKO's "Be-
have Yourself."

Tip-off on the wedding bells
that may be ringing for Wan-
da Hendrix and UI art director
Bob Boyle Is that Bob is build-
ing an elaborate hometoo big
for bachelor's diggings.. Jane
Wyman and Greg Bautzer are
avoiding the glitter dens for
the quiet spots not covered by
the Hollywood photogs. Mean-
while, that seven-diamond ring
Watchtower Plans
Sunday Services
A baptism'service will be held
tomorrow at 8 a.m. in Kingdom
Hall No. 21. Colon Street.
At 6:30 p.m.. a public lecture
will be given by a special repre-
sentative of the Watchtower Bi-
ble and Tract Society, L. L. Ro-
per the subject being, "They
Shall Not Labor In Vain." This
will be followed by a study of the
Watchtower on the subject,
"Beggar and Rich Man Expe-
rience a Change."
The public Is cordially invited
to all of these activities of Jeho-
vah's Witnesses.
and Mrs. Bert Bonzo find their
hearts and their home a little
emptier these days. They have
just seen their sixth son off for
the armed services.
2:55 4:55 6:55 9:00
= AND ==
A* l(k Lwn fit** tfftetM
TONIGHT-10:30 p.m.
Do you
in the
You will
when you see
, "The
Paramount'* thrilling
picturization of Dorothy
Macardle's hair-roiling
novel of the supernatural
2:50 4:35 6:45 9:00
0on &OU
far ra?
co siarriaa
Directed by JOHN FORD
' eium mmis son if m mmeu
starts TOMORROW!
that lights up Joan Crawford's
face In "Goodbye. My Fancy," I
Just learned, was a gift from
ex-boy friend Bautzer.

Ed Gardner's movie, "The
Man With My Face," filmed in
Puerto Rico, will be released by
United Artists. .Bor Crosby is
beaming. Princess Margaret Just
ordered a complete set of his
Bob-cat recordings.

Red haired, barrel-chested
Gene Evans, who leaped from
bit parts to stardom In one
movie, "The Steel Helmet"
every studio in town offered
him a term contractgroaned
through a grin about his suc-
"I haven't eaten in so many
years all this ric hfood is killing

The freckled, rugged Gene
pounded on studio doors for
three years. He told me:
made the casting office rounds
four times a week with my
agent. Nothing ever happened.
They'd tell me: 'You're off type.
They don't cast people like
[Panama Canal (clubhouses
:M a.m.
and "PHANTOM RIDER" Chapters 1-11
The Talking Mule...
Little Tough Kids. In
Gene AUTRY, In
"Wagon Wheels Westward
and "PHANTOM RIDER" Chapters 7-8
Panama Canal duohouses-
Showing Tonight
4:I> :15 1:
Saturday "PALLAS"
(: l:lt
m ABin UTC Barbara STANWYCK Wendell COREY
a Remember! Spook Show Tonight at 10:3O
_______________Showing Saturday OI'KHATION PACIFIC" ____________
:1S A S:M
Ingrld BERGMAN"* Charles BOYER
t Repeat 1
'Mi r M
a Spencer TRACY
1:15 p.m
(Saturday i
'I'd Climb The Highest Mountain'
Saturday 2:3 Matinee: "Traveling Saleswoman"
:1S 8:1
Saturday "LOVE HAPPY"
' <:1S A 8:35
Clifton WEBB a Myrna LOY
(Technicolor) ___
Latest News Events
and Cartoon!
Get the screening that's
guaranteed not to rust, rot or corrode!
s| sSb at :! ss; m: s: ::::
** *. ; fit ^^ ****
James Mason Mareareth Link wood, in
Air Conditioned
Edmund Lowe. In
Jackie Cooper. ...
Cash and Free at 5 and 9 p.m.
R..lph Richardson. In
Laurence Olivier. In
Abbott and Costello. In
Pranchot Tone. In
"PILOT No. "_______
This is Lumite, the wonder screening
specially developed to withstand tropical
humidity like ours.' Constant rain means
nothing to it! Salt air or spray don't af-
fect it at all I And that's not all.. i
the tills or sides of your house. Cleans easily with a damp doth, la
every way, Lumite is the ideal screening for every exterior use.
because Lumite screening has greater resistance to blows, and
because it can't mildew or rot outl If won't sag or bulge when
properly framed ... and it's easy to handle.
than all but the cheapest screening I And can tay up all yeer
'round, because: Neither constant rain, salt spray, nor soft air can
harm Lumite screening I
tWarad U. S Tradi aat
MARK) GAUNDO, S. A. Panama City

Mario Galindo y Ca.
Las Pinturas PABCCO
presentan a
en Solos de rgano
a las lt:S0 P.M.
Panama Amrica
TUBERA galvanizada
f f" 1" If 2"
Via Espina 121 Tel. 3-1M3
La negativa de China desvanece
toda esperanza de paz en Carea
.-.. i .. ....... ... i .....
Bajo control oficial ser
sacada otra vez 'La Prensa'
La radio de Pekn ha pedido
la renovacin de "la lucha
santa" contra los aliados
Se cree que esta reaccin es consecuencia de "la
poltica de timidez" de Londres y Washington
TOKIO, Mirzo 30 (UP)
Fuentes informadas interpreta-
ron la repulsa China de la pro-
puesta de tregua por el Gene-
ral Douglas MacArthur en el
sentido que" desvanece toda es-
peranza de un final negociado
de la Guerra en Corea en breve.
La Rado de Pekn vitupero
a MacArthur y pidi la reno-
Se instalarn aqu
los esracionmerros
En la prxima sesin del
Consejo Municipal el Alcalde
del Distrito presentar una
resolucin autorizando al Te-
sorero Municipal para que a-
bra a licitacin la concesin
para establecer "ESTACIN-
METROS" en las principales
calles, plazas y lugares de es-
tacionamiento de esta ciudad,
a fin de cobrar a los dueos
de automviles un impuesto
que se establecer mediante
acuerdo municipal, como jo
hace en las ciudades mo-
De este impuesto quedarn
excluidos los taxis y carros
vacin de la "lucha santa" pa-
ra expulsar a los aliados d?
Se considera a la emisin co-
mo un aviso que los Chinos
citan dispuestos a continuar iu-
cliando indefinidamente y tam-
bin se opina que refuerza m
actitud de los crticos nortea-
mericanos y europeos de Mac-
Arthur, a quien acusan de ha-
ber invadido el campo politic
con su declaracin proponien
jo la tregua el Sbado ltimo
La declaracin se Interpreta
como una amenaza implicita
de que los aliados pueden lle-
var la guerra a las bases uV
costa y el interior de Chin:
con tanta fuerza que "expone u
a China Roja al riesgo inmi-
nente de un derrumbamiento
La Radio dijo: "La declara-
cin de MacArthur relativa a
los preparativos militares noi-
tcamerlcanos y britnicos para
la invasin de nuestro pas es
un hecho seguro. No nos queda
ir.s remedio que mantener u-
x.a estrecha vigilancia. Desde
el principio de la invasin nor-
teamericana y britnica de Oc-
rea hemos sealado que el ou-
(Pasa a la pgina 6 columna 8)
Brasil aportar B. 108.000
para construir biblioteca
de las Americas- en Panam
- Es muy posible que se Inau-
re en esta ciudad una moderna
biblioteca costeada por todas las
Repblicas Americanas si con-
tinan con buen xito, las ges-
tiones del Ministro de Brasil en
este pas, don Paolo Germano
La idea del Ministro de Bra-
sil de celebrar el Cincuentenario
de la Independencia de nuestra
Repblica con la construccin e
"La Malvada", Judy Holliday
y Jos Ferrer ganaron ayer
'Osear' de la Cinematografa
"La Malvada" gan seis de los consagratorios pre-
mios que se otorgan en la Meca del Cine
De oportuno se
califica nuestro
editorial del 28
Hemos recibido la siguiente
Panam, 30 de Marzo de 1951.
Sr. Director de
El Panam Amrica,
Estimado Sr. Director. puedo sustraerme, como
panameo que soy, al Impulso
de expresarle pblicamente mi
ms sincero aplauso por su
magnfico editorial, de fecha 28
de los corrientes titulado "EL
En muy rara ocasin he con-
ceptuado editorial ms oportu-
no que el aludido. Pocas veces
problemas tan delicados han si-
do planteados con tal claridad
y sobriedad de lineas, y, al mis-
mo tiempo, con tanta precisin,
profundidad y emocin patri-
Cualquier intento del suscrito
de abundar en el anlisis del
editorialist* aparecera redun-
das a la fn^na K. Col I)
HOLLYWOOD, Marzo 30 (UP)
Judy Holliday y Jos Ferrer
se llevaron los "Oscars" como el_
mejor actor y la mejor actriz y
la pelcula "La Malvada", de la
Twenty Century Fox fu esco-
gida lam ejor pelcula de 1950
en las ceremonias de la Acade-
Holiday se gan el premio por
su actuacin en la pelcula
"Born Yesterday", versin cine-
matogrfica de la comedia de
Broadwawy en la cual ella hizo
tambin el papel principal, y Fe
rrer por su actuacin en "Cy-
rano de Bergerac", en la cual
Ferrer tambin hizo el papel
principal en Broadway.
Ambos astros aceptaron los
premios telefnicamente desde
Nueva York en donde ellos y
otros actores se encontraban
oyendo las ceremonias por radio
en el "Club Hispano".
Josephine Hull se llev el Os-
ear por la mejor actuacin fe-
menina de un papel secunda-
ro en la pelcula "Harvey", y
George Sanders por la mejor
actuaqin masculina de un pa-
pel secundarlo en la pelcula
"La Malvada".
Joseph L. Mankiewlcz se llev
dos "Oscars", repitiendo su ha-
zaa del ao pasado. Mankle-
wlz se gan el premio como el
mejor escritor y mejor director,
(Pasa a ib Pagina k. Columna 7)
Pdese una fuerte
sancin contra un
violador de cartas
Se pedir, se nos dijo en la
Direccin General de Correos,
una fuerte sancin de acuerdo
con lo que establece la Ley de
Correos por la violacin de la
correspondencia, para un em-
pleado con diez aos de servi-
cios, a quien se le comprob di-
cha falta gracias a la coopera-
cin diligente de la Polica Se-
cret* Nacional.
El empleado que fu sorpren-
dido en esta violacin responde
al nombre de Noel Sllvera, quien
abri una correspondencia de
importante casa comercial local
y al encontrar slo un giro, lo
tir a un tinaco. Encontrado el
jiro, la Polica Secreta en 24 ho-
ras descubri al presunto delin-
Este es el primer delito de es-
ta naturaleza en los Correos
Nacionales y la Direccin Ge-
neral de Correos no tolerar es-
tas faltas, segn dijo el Direc-
tor General, don Jorge Adames.
Dan instrucciones
para colocacin
de los letreros
El Alcalde del Distrito Capi-
tal, en virtud del Decreto No.
18 de 6 de los corrientes, por
el cual se reglamenta la Ins-
talacin de letreros de propa-
ganda comercial en carreteras
y vias adyacentes y se toman
medidas relacionadas con' los
anuncios y rtulos de la ciu-
dad en pro de la campaa de
ornato y limpieza, ha hecho sa-
ber a todos los interesados que
(Pasa a la Pag 6, col. 8)
Cuando lo crean conveniente
podrn cruzar el Paralelo 38
las tropas norteamericanas
TOKIO, Marzo 30 (P> La
clvlsin "Captol" surcoreana
alanz hasta ocho millas y me-
dia en territorio
capturando otras dos poblacio-
nes y las parullas de las Na-
ciones Unidas avanzaron a lo
laigo del frente de 140 m.Hi-
para colocarse a lo largo Se
Paralelo o cruzarlo..
Un portavoz de la divisin
norteamericana en el frente in-
cidental at norte de Sel drjo
(uc una patrulla americana pe-
netr cuatro millas al norte acl
Paralelo a lo largo del cami. o
ce Uljongbu. encontrndose c->n
el fuego de un can auto.u"-
tico. Luego dijo que no poda
confirmar el cruce del Para-
lelo, pero que Indicaba que ux
divisiones aliadas a lo largo
qcI Paralelo se encontraban en
capacidad de cruzarlo cuando j
lo creyeran conveniente.
Un despacho del frente occi-
dental dijo que los comunista
xilinos comenzaron una retira-
da general en ese sector la no-
che del viernes. Tropas negras
norteamericanas, quienes ha-
oan sostenido intensas luenas
con rifles y granadas para 6ou-
qiiistar un cerro al norte de
Uljongbu. el Mircoles, lo cap-
turaron ayer sin resistencia a.-
Los chinos no se encontraban
Cn ningn punto del sector o.-
-iiiental ayer. Su retirada per-
miti a las divisiones de las
Naciones Unidas unirse a otiiis
en el Paralelo o a travs de eo-
"C, o a slo tres millas al ur
del Paralelo a todo lo laro
-ei frente.
Sinembargo, todava hay n.-
uicios que los rojos piensan
mantener una linea de decu
. i, por lo menos una parte c,ue
se extienda a Corea del Sur tt-
(Fasa a la Pagina 6, Columna 6)
Jorge Rubn Rosas
nuevo Secretario
Cral. del "PRA"
Inauguracin de una gran bi-
blioteca moderna, ha venido re-
forzndose en los ltimos me-
ses, pues han llegado a los ami-
gos de la Biblioteca Nacional no-
ticias extraoficiales de que el
Senado Brasilero acaba de apro-
bar la suma de 2,000.000 de cru-
celros, al rededor de 108.000 bal-
boas, para contribuir a la idea
de esta celebracin en honor
de Panam.
El Ministro de Brasil, que es
tambin Presidente de la Comi-
sin Nacional Pro Biblioteca,
viene agitndose en su pas ac-
tualmente para Impulsar tan
brillante idea.
La Biblioteca puede llegar a
costar, si se presupuesta para
rendir un servicio amxima ca-
pacidad, con ouditorlos. saones
de conferencia, estudios, etc, por
treinta aos, al costo de sesenta
balboas por metro, la suma de
B.600,000.00. ____
"Es para que no
pueda traicionar
al pas", se alega
BUENOS AIRES, marzo 30.
(UP). Aumentan los indi-
cios que el Gobierno del Pre-
sidente Pern est preparando
la reanudacin de la publica-
cin del diarlo "La Prensa" ba-
jo alguna forma de control ofi-
La Prensa qued cerrada el
26 de enero debido al boycot
del Sindicato de Vendedores de
diarlos y revistas y similares,
auspiciada por el Gobierno que
exiga la participacin de avi-
sos del diarlo. Subsecuentemen-
te, el Congreso aprob "Inter-
venir e investigar" La Prensa.
"Democracia", el rgano pe-
ronista dijo hoy que La Pren-
sa puede publicarse de nuevo
pero que no podr volver a
traicionar el pals. De otra for-
ma no aparecer". Las declara-
clones estn bajo la firma de
"Descartes", generalmente con-
siderado como uno de los ms
(Pana Par ft Col Tt
Sobre cuestiones electorales
absuelve importante consulta
el Procurador Vctor de Len
Los Secretarios de loa Concejos pueden trasladarse
a inscribir los partidos en sus respectivas
De acuerdo con una opinin
del seor Procurador General
de la Nacin, Licenciado Vc-
tor de Len 8. emitida en con-
sulta sobre la inscripcin de
los partidos polticos, el jefe
del Ministerio Pblico sostiene
que s pueden los secretarios
de los consejos municipales
trasladarse a las cabeceras de
los corregimientos a solicitud
de parte Interesada, para efec-
tuar inscripciones de adheren-
tes a partidos polticos en pro-
ceso de' formacin.
El senqr Procurador en su
respuesta cita el articulo lo. del
Decreto No. 98 de 23 de mayo
de 1947 que es del tenor si-
"Los Secretarios de los Con-
sejos Municipales estn obliga-
dos a trasladarse a las cabece-
ras y otras poblaciones impor-
tantes de los respectivos dis-
tritos, con el fin de inscribirse
los adherentes a los partidos
El artculo 2 del mismo De-
creto, dispone que el Secreta-
rlo del Concejo permanecer en
cada uno de los lugares refe-
ridos "por lo menos cinco (5)
horas para el ejercicio de sus
Recibir acciones
del Fiduciario
J. M. Berrocal
Del conocido comerciante don
J. M. Berrocal hemos recibido
el siguiente comunicado:
Para demostrar la aceptacin
que merece por mi parte el he-
cho de recibir en acciones pre-
feridas de la nueva emisin que
se propone emitir el Banco Fi-
duciario y las cuales han me-
recido1 la aceptacin de los de-
positantes en cambio del va-
lor de sus depsitos, yo no s-
lo declaro que me sentirla com-
pletamente satisfecho al acep-
tar las acciones que me corres-
ponderan por la suma que re-
presenten los saldos a favor
mo o de mis familiares, sino
que desde ahora ofrezco que
gustoso aceptar esas acciones
a la par en pago del valor de
los lotes que cualquier parti-
cular se encuentre interesado
en adquirir en mi propiedad
Alturas de Cerro Campana, S.A.
J. M. Berrocal
' Don Jorge Rubn Rosas, Se-
cretario de Gobierno y Justicia,
quien fu designado ayer por la
Junta del Partido Revoluciona-
rlo Autntico, Secretario Gene-
ral en reemplazo del HD. Miguel
ngel Ordez quien ocup esa
posicin poltica en el Partido y
quien se separ hace varias se-
manas de manera irrevocable.
El seor Rosas, es uno de los
ms esforzados luchadores del
"PRA" y su designacin ha cau-
sado general complacencia en
todos ios circuios de su Partido.
Varios diarios de la Amrica
Latina se vern obligados a
cerrar por falta de papel
Podrn abrir el lo.
comerciales aqu
La Cmara de Comercio de
Panam ha obtenido permiei
Jel Ministerio de Agrucullura.
Comercio e Industrias para jue
los almacenes que venden ar-
tculos de turismo puedan a-
Lt Ir sus puertas el Domingo lo.
ce Abril por llegar a Panuin
e) barco "de turismo "Empreis
of Scotland".
El mencionado barco de tu-
.>mo debe llegar al puerto de
rlstobal el Domingo en las bo-
as de la noche, se espera q *
an nmero de turistas vengan
Panam a efectuar compras
n los almacenes de la localidad
MONTREAL, Marzo. 30 (UP)
Joshua B. Powers, representan-
te en Nueva York de "Interna-
tional Publishers" declar ante
ia Asociacin de Exportadores
Canadienses que muchos diarlos
Latino-Americanos podrn verse
ojligados a cerrar este ao por
falta de papel.
Agreg que los fabricantes
canadienses de papel deben
compartir la culpa de las di/a-
tisfactorias relaciones comercia-
les con los pases suramerlca-
nos y que esos pases han te-
nido que dirigirse a Suecla en
usca de papel, en donde "ni
un a 300 dlares la tonelada
nan podido prometerse bastan-
te papel".
En cuanto a las actividades
en el Hemisferio Occidental, ex-
pres la opinin que Canad
dcDia adnerirs a la Organiza-
cin de Estados Americanos
En nuestra edicin de nia-
nana aparecer una conceptuo-
sa exposicin del Llcenciauo
Jos Isaac Fbrega, en la cual
se concretan varios puntos im-
portantes referentes al desarro-
llo econmico de la Repblica.
Expreso areo
y encomiendas
se fusionarn
Funcionara, juntos muy pron-
to, para beneficio del pblico y
sobre todo de los comerciantes,
las importantes oficinas guber
namentales Expreso Areo y
Encomiendas Postales.
Dichas oficinas sern ubica-
das en donde hasta hace poco
quedaba la Agencia de los 8tu-
debecker, en Avenida Per No.
19, muy cerca de donde hoy
queda la oficina de Encomien-
das Postales.
El traslado de la oficina se
har el martes y mircoles de
Ja prxima semana, motivo por
el cual el despacho de Enco-
miendas Postajes no atender
al pblico en. dichos das. La
mudanza del 'Expreso Areo se
har posteriormente
Robos por ms de
ocho mil balboas
cometironse ayer
Rompiendo el candado de ti-
na puerta lateral de la Ofici-
na del Expreso Areo, situada
en la Avenida "A", personas
desconocidas penetraron ano-
che en el local, y utilizando a-
cidos, lograron abrir la caja
fuerte llevndose valores, che-
yues y dinero efectivo por un
total de B. 6.100.00. La denun-
cia fu presentada esta mana-
na a la Polica Secreta Nacio-
nal por el Director del Expe-
30 Areo, Sr. Jos Santander
Los ladrones no dejaron hue-
lias de ninguna clase, por lo
,e se cree que utilizaron guan-
tes, adems dejaron abandona-
dos algunos cheques particu-
lares, llevndose nicamente lo3
del Gobierno.
La Polica Secreta inform
esta maana que echndole a-
tena en los ojos le robaron a-
noche B 2.680.00 en billetes Je
$100.00, $50.00 y $20.00, al ciu-
dadano mexicano Anguel ll-
guel tala Carr, comerciante de
34 anos que se encuentra de
trnsito en esta ciudad, aloja-
do en el Hotel Central.
El atraco sucedi en la Ave-
nida Norte, a donde tala na-
bia sido conducido por una per-
sona cuya descripcin dl en
la Polica Secreta Nacional. En
el lugar de los hechos otro su-
jeto desconocido se la acerc a
tala y le ech un puado de
arena en los ojos y al levan-
tar las manos para limpiara?
los ojos, le metieron hbilmen-
te la mano en los bolsillos des-
Viaje a Europa
se rifar a favor
de bibliotecas
Habr una oportunidad para
realizar un viaje a Europa por
nueve meses, a partir del mes
de agosto de este ao para la
persona afortunada que se ga-
ne la novedosa rifa de un viaje
de descanso y cultura a Eu-
ropa que la Comisin Nacional
pro-Bibliotecas ha planificado
para el mes de agosto.
La rifa incluye el pasaje a
Europa, los gastos de perma-
nencia en aquellos pases por
nueve meses, los gastos de pre-
paracin por B. 300.00, otros
gastos en Europa hasta por B.
El boleto costar un balboa
y slo tendr cuatro cifras y
pagar los gastos por un total
de B. 3,500.00.
Fueron rescatadas
ocho seoritas
que se perdieron
Marzo 30 (UP) El servicio Je
Guarda Costas trajo a puerto
el yate "Tropicalr" con su tri-
pulacin de ocho muchachos y
un hombre agotados pero salvjs
Como 400 personas se aglome-
raron junto a la caleta de San
i-ctersburgo y la Polica esta-
bleci un cordn para man te-
nerlas alejadas del grupo. El
fropicalr estaba perdido desde
el Sbado en que sall tratanao
de seguir la misma ruta de U
resata a la Habana, en la cu.l
no se le admiti.
Segn dijo una de la mucha-
chas, en lugar de tomar rumbo
directo al sur el yate parti na-
ca el Oeste encontrndose en
pleno ocano con un mar bo-
rrascoso y su bomba de achicar
agua descompuesta.
Ensayarse en esta ciudad
la prohibicin de sonar
las sirenas de automviles
En esta fecha el Alcalde del Distrito, Lie. ngel Vega
Mndez, se ha dirigido mediante nota al Comandante de la
Polica Nacional, Coronel Jos A. Remn, solicitndole que
ponga en prctica el sistema de evitar el toque de las boci-
nas de los automviles, a semejanza de la practica seguida
en varias capitales latinoamericanas.
Dice el Alcalde que este ensayo debe hacerse siquiera
por el trmino de un mes en el rea de la ciudad compren-
dida entre el Hotel El Panam y el centro.
Esta campaa, dijo el Alcalde, ha dado magnficos re-
saltados en ciudades populosas y de gran trfico, como Ca-
racas y tambin en San Salvador y San Jos de Costa Rica.
En esta forma, sigui informando el Alcalde, el publico coo-
perar en la campaa contra los ruidos.
En esta misma nota se le hace saber al Comandante de
la Polica que debe intensificarse la campaa contra los
ruidos de cajas de msica y radios particulares.
Dispensario moderno en la
Barriada del Chorrillo se
proyecta edificar en breve
El doctor Roberto Sandoval,
director del Departamento de
Salud Pblica, declar hoy en
la Inauguracin del Dispensa-
rio de Ro Abajo, construido
a la entrada a Panam Viejo,
que pedir con la benevolencia
del Presidente de la Repblica,
al Municipio de Panam que
apruebe destinar el cinco por
ciento del presupuesto para lu-
cha antimalrica de este Dis-
trito para la construccin de
un Dispensarlo Moderno en el
barrio del Chorrillo.
El Alcalde del Distrito, don
ngel Vega Mndez, manifes-
que la idea tena el respaldo del
Municipio y que despus de un
intercambio de opiniones y con-
sultas, el doctor Sandoval se
dirigira por escrito maana al
Consejo Municipal, para solici-
tarle aprobase esta medida, en
vista de que un Dispensarlo de
Emergencia en el barrio de El
Chorrillo, es una necesidad mi-
cho ms apremiante que la lu-
cha antimalrica en este Dis-
trito, que est ms controlada
por el Departamento de Salud
En el barrio de El Chorrillo
hay un pequeo dispensarlo qua
no llena las necesidades de un
dispensario moderno de emer
gencia con laboratorios, farma-
cias, etc.. como debiera ser y
como el que se inaugur hoy en
Panam Viejo. El barrio de El
Chorrillo es uno de los ms
populosos y ms distantes del
Hospital Santo Toms y ya wb-
ceslta un servicio Independien-
te para su propia atencin m-
Las declaraciones y acuerdos
fueron tomados esta maana
cuando el Ing. Guillermo Mn-
dez entreg a don ngel Vega
Mndez, Alcalde del Distrito las
llaves del Dispensarlo inaugu-
rado hoy en Rio Abajo. A este
acto asistieron el Tesorero Mu-
ir ta pac a coi
Don Roberto F. Chiari ir a
la lucha final si llegase a
ser postulado como candidato
El Partido Liberal Nacional, declara, ir a las ur-
nas con un candidato propio
DAVID, Marzo 30-5Panam
Amrica Panam. (Correspon-
sal)Don Roberto F. Chlarl en
declaraciones formuladas a la
prensa chlricana, manifest en-
fticamente que el Liberalismo
ir a la lucha con candidato
propioQue conferrsele el ho-
nor de una postulacin ir has-
ta el final siguiendo la tradicin
que le dejaron al Partido Libe-
ral Porras, Chiarl, Mendoza y
Domingo Daz.ILas anteriores
declaraciones fueron provocadas
por el diario "La Razn", que
entrevist a Chiarl por los ru-
mores que corrieron de que ste
renunciara su candidatura en
favor de Norberto Navarro. Don
Roberto Chlarl se encuentra en
David en plena campaa polti-
ca en lo que se refiere a la ins-
cripcin del nuevo Partido Li-
beral. Acompaaban a Don Ro-
berto F. Chlarll os seores An-
bal Ros D., Daniel Plnllla y
David Samudlo procedentes de
Bocas del Toro.
Apela W. H. Doel
de multa que le
fue impuesta ayer
Con respecto a una noticia
publicada ayer en este diario
referente a una condena que la
haba sido impuesta a las A-
tfencas Doel, hemos confirma-
do que la resolucin respecti-
va fu dictada por la Capita-
na del Puerto de Panam y no
por la Administracin Gene: al
de Aduana, dependencia esta
ltima ante la cual se ha in-
terpuesto recurso de apelacin.
Igualmente, hemos podido ccii-
n mar que la resolucin dic-
tada se refiere a articulos cu-
ya Introduccin al pas, de a-
cuerdo con las dispoisciones d
la Ley de 1938, se encuentran
exonerados del pago del im-
puesto de importacin y art-
culos que fueron consignados
y recibidos por fabricantes de
iabn que tienen con el Go-
bierno Nacional contratos sobre
exoneracin de impuestos-
Encuentra oposicin proyecto
de movilizar a la Amrica
en apoyo de Naciones Unidas
La propuesta de Estados U-
nidos de movilizar el podero
militar del hemisferio en apo-
yo de las Naciones Unidas en-
contr fuerte oposicin en la
reunin de la maana de la
Sub-Comlsin A del primer co-
mit de la Conferencia de Can-
cilleres Americanos.
Los representantes de Argen-
tina, Mxico y Guatemala de-
clararon que algunos elemt--
kos de resoluciones en apoyo de
la iniciativa de Estados Unios
U ndian a hacer a la Orgama.-
on de Estados Americanos r.-
oasar sus limitaciones regiona-
les. Aducan que parecen infrhi-
jir las funciones de las Nacio-
nes Unidas.
Tres pases hicieron reparos,
particularmente el prrafo de
la propuesta Boliviana piditn-
o apoyo a la accin de las Na-
traaa a la Pag. Cal. U
Fue localizado un
menor extraviado
La Polica Secreta Nacional
localiz ayer en Coln al
menor Samuel Toral Fernndea
(a) Papito, de 12 aos de edad,
residente en calle la. Perejil
No. 1, hijo de Samuel Toral y
Bertlna de Toral.
El nio Toral Fernndez ha-
ba desaparecido desde el 17
de los corrientes y no se le
encontraba en esta ciudad, laa
pesquisas permitieron localizar-
lo en Colon y se procedi in-
mediatamente a entregarlo a
sus padres. Segn parece el ni-
o haba cometido una falta
y temia que sus padres le re-
prendieran al darse cuenta da

riLtroNo z-0740 (Central privada) Apartado Postal no ta
NOVSIMO teatro
c /e v.
El peridico peronista "La Democracia," de
Rueos Aires, explic ayer, en esencia, que la ex-
propiacin de "La Prensa" se deba a las declara-
ciones hechas recientemente por un funcionario de
los Estados Unidos en el sentido de que las medi-
das entonces contempladas, si se ponan en vigor,
tenderan a afectar la cordialidad de las relaciones
entre la Argentina y los Estados Unidos. Aparte
del hecho de que la venganza nunca puede consi-
derarse como justificacin ni como explicacin, es
evidente que el Hemisferio entero, incluyendo sus
pueblos y sus gobiernos, tiene el derecho y el de-
ber de intervenir en casos como ste que constitu-
yen agresin flagrante contra los principios bsi-
cos de la libertad y contra la cultura y la civili-
No es sta una afirmacin simplemente terica
o antojadiza. Es asunto que envuelve una honda
preocupacin internacional, de especial significacin
para todas las Naciones del Continente. Los pa-
ses que hoy constituyen la Organizacin de los Es-
tados Americanos haban previsto las perturbado-
ras consecuencias de la represin de la libertad de
expresin y por eso se adoptaron normas al respec-
to en la Conferencia de Mxico en 1945 y en la No-
vena Conferencia Interamericana celebrada en Ro-
got en 1948.
En la Carta de la Organizacin de los Esta-
dos Americanos, que fue suscrita por la Argentina,
se reconoci el principio fundamental de que 'la
unidad espiritual del Continente se basa en el res-
peto de la personalidad cultural de los pases ame-
ricanos y demanda su estrecha cooperacin en las
altas finalidades de la cultura humana."
Y ms adelante, en la misma carta, se estatuye
que los Estados Americanos se obligan a facilitar
"el libre intercambio cultural a travs de todos los
medios de expresin."
Resultado claro, clarsimo, que hay obligacin
contractual entre los Estados Americanos de res-
petar los valores culturales y de facilitar su in-
tercambio entre ellos. Y nadie niega ni negar pue-
de que la institucin de "La Prensa" constituye uno
de los grandes valores culturales no slo del He-
misferio, sino del mundo entero.
De esto se deduce como lgica consecuencia que
los actos cometidos por la dictadura militar del Ge-
neral Pern contra "La Prensa" no slo han de
preocupar a todas y cada una de las Naciones del
Continente, sino que tambin caen baio la rbita
jurisdiccional de la Organizacin de los Estados
Americanos. El asunto debe. pues, ser discutido or
los Cancilleres que actualmente deliberan en Was-
Qu piensa usted de lo ocu-
rrido con el General Douglas
MacArthur? De nuevo sus de-
claraciones atraen la atencin
del mundo. Otra vez se le ad-
vierte que no se exceda, que
tenga un poqultin o "un po-
cotn" de discrecin...
Confieso que me es sim-
ptico el General MacArthur.
Declaro sin rodeos que este ti-
po de militar obedece a una
tradicin o crea esa tradicin.
Adems de hombre de armas,
es un politico. Y un politico
que construye, que no se que-
da en la politiquera. Si el Ge-
neral MacArthur expresa sus
Ideas con esa diafanidad que
no encuentra eco en los circu-
ios denominados diplomticos,
es porque tiene personalidad
para expresar tales ideas. Nadie
conoce el desarrollo de los a-
contecimientos de Corea como
el Ilustre norteamericano. Ha
seguido paso a paso esos acon-
tecimientos: sabe de la psico-
loga de coreanos, de chinos, de
la gente de Oriente. T si se
decide a considerar oportuno el
cruce del Paralelo...
Ah! Usted tambin habla
del "paralelo" a secas... El
paralelo 38-_. Ya ha dado que
hablar ese paralelo: representa
mucho en estos aos que han
seguido a la cuasi paz de 1945.
Tanto representa, que la agi-
lidad de las mentes latinas han
hallado en el paralelo 38 base
para traslaciones de significado
francamente cmicas. Las me-
tforas en torno al paralelo 3P.
se multiplican. No faltan ca-
ricaturas de peridicos pican-
tes en las que a la linda mu-
chacha se le haga decir: "Bas-
ta. No contines. No te con-
siento que pases del paralelo
38..." Y el novio se muestra
con un gesto caricontecido por-
que le han detenido en su fer-
vor amoroso gracias a la frase
de actualidad: el paralelo 38.
Pero el General que a usted
le es tan simptico prescinde
de la importancia del paralelo
No, no... Se da cuenta de
su Importancia. Como la chi-
quilla de la caricatura a que
usted alude. Lo que sucede es
que para derrotar a los comu-
nistas de Corea y de China,
ayudados por los Jetazos de
Mosc, hay que anular las cor-
tesas, hay que decidirse a bus-
car la realidad. La realidad no
se separa mucho de esto: el co-
munismo juega con el paralelo
38. Lo utiliza en su beneficio.
Cuando est preparado a su
gusto, no se acordar del pa-
ralelo 38 y se lanzar contra
las fuerzas de MacArthur. Esta
es la verdad., Y MacArthur no
la Ignora. Lo que justifica sus
declaraciones. Las trabas te-
nan que venir. Cuando ya su
efecto era relativo. Porque las
declaraciones la verdad cir-
culaban por el mundo. Rasgos
de un militar nervioso, se ex-
plicar. Ya tendr ms cuida-
do en otra ocasin... Y los
comunistas ven que hay alguien
que se ha enterado de cmo
son en esencia. El General Dou-
glas MacArthur...
Bueno... Entonces el Ge-
neral es casi un emperador en
el Japn y sus aledaos...
El asunto no me preocu-
pa. No se trata de motes. No
se trata de pequeneces. Lo tras-
cendental es detener al comu-
nismo que conoce los recodos
del camino, que se oculta en
palabras como democracia po-
pular, como justicia, como
Igualdad... Democracia popu-
lar, justicia, Igualdad comunis-
tas... No se fie usted. Los co-
munistas manejan con agilidad
su cocktelera y deslumhran a
los incautos o a los mal in-
tenclonados con sus frmulas.
Opongmonos a ellas. No las
saboreemos. Hay comunistas re-
sabiados y comunistas Inge-
nuos. No es hagamos el jue-
go a los resabiados con nues-
tra ingenuidad. Entre los in-
telectuales est de moda es
moda antigua, admtase la pa-
radoja presumir de izquier-
distas, sin usar de la pala-
breja porque resulta tab pa-
ra los cargos bien remunera-
dos y an para los puestos po-
lticos que constituyen sus as-
piraciones. Da aqu esos artcu-
los rabiosos, empedrados de ad-
jetivos que engaan a mucha
gente. Tiene razn el General
MacArthur. Sabe lo que debe
saber. No Juzga desde lejos. Es-;
t cerca del tablero de aje-
Todo eso ser cierto... Mas;
ya ha visto usted que desde'
Washington se frena a Mac-
No habr quien sonra?
Porque se le frena cuando Mac-
Arthur ha declarado cuanto ha
querido. Lo mismo que aconte- :
ci la primera vez.
De modo que seguirn las'
tropas de las Naciones Unidas
ms all del paralelo 38, el pa-
mielo del peligro?
Recuerde la caricatura rde
la muchachil y sm "paralelo"'!
que usted mencionaba. La mu-!
chachlta en el fondo desea que,
se cruce el paralelo con gra-,
Los refugiados constituyen
serio problema para el Bonn
ULZEN, Prsia, Alemania, Mar-
zo (EPS). Se vea mas vieja'
que el tiempo, parada all tras el
mostrador, con su abrigo oscu- ;
ro atado por la cintura con
una cuerda. Sobre el mostrador
haba un vestido negro que ella
miraba de intento con fijeza. Le
dijo al que la atenda: "Gra-
cias. No me gusta ste. En rea- i
lldad, no soy tan vieja para eso I
todava." Se son-l, mostrando!
sus encas desdentadas. ."Puedo
ver aquel vestido color rosa?"
La mujer era una refugiada
de la zona oriental de Alema-
nia ,que haba {legado al cam-
pamento de Ulzen el da ante-
rior, si.i ms pertenencias que
lo que llevaba puesto. Tenia
slo cuarenta aos de edad y
tom el vestido de algodn co-
lor rosa con evldenta satisfac-
Fuera de la choza la lluvia
caa a torrentes. En algunos si-
tios el lodo llegaba a los tobi-
llos. Dentro de la choza, de pie
junto a esta mujer, estaba una
muchacha de unos dieciocho
aos. Se estaba probando unos
zapatos... unos zapatos blancos
Aunque el dependiente le trajo
unos cuantos pares de zapatos
recios para diario, la mucha-
cha no quiso saber nada de
ellos. Los blancos s le encanta-
ron. Sabiendo que slo le permi-
tan un par, an persista en
tomar los blancos. La Srta, Brid-
get Stevenson, la trabajadora
social britnica, dijo: "No se la
puede culpar. Hace mucho tiem-
po que no veia nada tan bonl-
ic frivolo."
Cuando se marcharon las dos,
. contentas con sus regalos de
segunda mano, entraron una
madre, su hermana y dos ni-
os. Eran refugiados de un cam-
po de internamiento de Polonia.
Todos usaban harapos de lana.
Los nios, un muchachito y una
muchachito, hacan tirar los
dedos de los pies, desnudos y
llenos de lodo, que ce asomaban
por los agujeros de sus medias
y zapatos. Necesitaban de todo.
El procedimiento normal se-
i guido en este campamento con-
siste en repartir ropa Interior o
exterior, pero el caso de esta
familia era de verdadera ur-
gencia. Los encargados se afa-
naron, buscando los tamaos
ms aproximados para ellos.
El primer turno le toc al
varonclto. Encontraron un par
de pantalones largos de frane-
I la gris y un "sweter" azul. El
nio se les qued mirando du-
I rante un segundo; luego em-
pu los pantalones y se puso
a bailar, gritando como un a-
nlmal salvaje. Su madre levan-
t la mano, luego la dej caer
y prorrumpi en sollozos. "No
puedo pegarle. Es su primer par
de pantalones largos", dijo con
lgrimas en los ojos. La tia del
nio, que pareca :io estar desa-
sosegada, se las compuso para
pegarle un bofetn que le hizo
quedarse quieto y hundir la ca-
ra en los pantalones, dejando
escapar risitas histricas.
Entretando. a la nlita le ha-
ban entregado un par de pan-
taloneros de lana azul, un ves-
tido de verano y un "pullover"
de color rojo vivo. Los ojos le
brillaban como estrellas al po-
nrselo contra el pecho para
que su madre, con los ojos lle-
nos de lgrimas, le diese su a-
; probacin.
En otra habitacin, dos nios
'de 11 y 12 aos estaban ju-
: gando damas. Haban llegado
esa maana de Elsleben, en la
I zona sovitica. Se vean limpios
y acicalados. Al llegar, tenan
las ropas hechas jirones y los
cuerpos cubiertos de lodo seco.
"Nos dijeron que en el Oeste
se estaba mejor", dijo uno de
ellos. "No queramos estar mas
tiempo en el Este, asi que nos
escapamos y vinimos aqu."
"Hay muchos nios que hacen
eso", dijo la Srta. Stevenson.
"En muchos casos haban rei-
do con sus padres o estaban
llenos del espritu de aventu-
ra. Cuando se trata de esto l-
timo, los devolvemos a sus hoga-
res. Pero si sus padres quieren
verdaderamente sacarlos de las
garras de los comunistas, en-
tonces traamos de situarlos en
hogares y los enviamos a la es-
El problema mayor que exis-
te en el campamento es el de
la ropa. A los refugiados se les
permite permanecer aqu slo
tres das, cuando, una vez de-
mostrado que son perseguidos
polticos, se les traslada a otros
Si no, siempre que estn en
buena salud, se les sugiere que
regresen a la zona oriental. Po-
cos de ellos se muestran dis-
puestos a esto, despus de ha-
berlo arriesgado todo para huir
de los comunistas, y entonces
empieza la triste historia de los
miles de viajeros sin hogar, que
se trasladan de ur. lugar a otro
merced a las personas que tie-
nen automviles, que piden li-
mosnas en las calles o que van
a parar a la postre a las salas
"asa a u Pie col I
Directores Profesores
Cursos de Perito Comercial. Secretariado, Contabilidad,
Estengrafa Gregg, Mecanografa, Ortografa y Redaccin,
Aritmtica Comercial, Ingls y Problemas de Auditora.
3 P.M. a 8 P.M.
Avenida A No. 48
Telfono 2-2921
Vouiprv #>/.
'Como por arle de magia'
puede obtener
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# Bicicletas "Viking"
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CLUB de 50 Semanas
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teca y luego leche. Enrollar, cortar y tor-
near a 450* F. (horno caliente) de 12 15
Siempre quedan riqusimos coa...
Una tumba on la solva
Hollaron I* Mi.O. y ha MHI
.n.anoitnladoi d.l podre
ocultos oo ol jardia do coto.
Condonado la lila dot Diabla,
lo 20 aot aaoretlo par all al
verdedero aoaiina, al qua na cat
ol podro, qua tobia tu riman, par
no olor ol atraa da Como roiitio ol podro la vida dal
panal un rovolar la vordad y >u
Inocencio, cama fono al toroin do
loi ptetidlarioa ... y como proba al
doitino la conduelo, a potar do a
aeaptac ol padra la conlotion dol
omino En SELECCIONES do abril, .n
nto yo, aparata atlo opoiianoMa y
autntico Sutorio y moa da otra* JO
articulot da actualidad a interoi y al
roiumon da ano vivifcenla nvala
acareo da la ordo ratal y mi encante
en el de lot Uoidet.
'. I
Ida y Regreso
B/. 35o
Salidas de Tocumen:
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"Para mayores informes:.
Avenida Tivoli No.
Telefono 2-0465
Asentes de tajes autorizados
Leu en este nmero los reportajes de palpitante inters
Est el Embajador O'Dwyer seguro en Mxico?
Por qu el Comit de Investigaciones Criminales de los E.U.A. llam a New York
al Embajador O'Dwyer? Acept l remuneraciones de los gangsters? Por qu
renunci O'Dwyer a su puesto de alcalde en New York? Qu parte juegan loo
criminales en la poltica norteamericana?
E. U. A.
Cuatro Billones Ms?
Qu pases sern incluidos en el nuevo plan de los EE. UU. y qu condiciones
pedir Amrica? Lean en Visin las respuestas a tan importantsimas pregunta.
Fantstico. Increble. Imposible?
Probablemente no! Vean en Visin un alarmante artculo sobre las nuevas
posibilidades cientficas... una luna artificial colocada en el espacio... radia
y televisin controlables desde la tierra?
* Una revista de noticias para la Amrica Latina
* Editada en Nueva York, Centro Mundial de Noticias.
* Rpida y directa distribucin. ..por Avin
Lea qtiinrrnalmente tambin estos artculos especiales
acerca de: Naciones Unidas, Mundo Econmico, Deportes,
Personalidades, Teatro, Ciencias, Artes y Cultura.
De venta, en todas partes, hoy mismo por slo B/. 0.25
Si a Ud. le faltan Pantalones es porque quiere!
4.95 7.59 9.50
Guayaberas Manibo para Nio- 1.49
1.95 2.97 3.25
Guayaberas Manibo para Hombres 2.99,3.25
Pantalones Especiales para Alumnos de 11
Normal de Santiago 3.25
Gorras de Baseball a 0.64 0.75
LA CASA DEL PANTALN (central 87)

Se acenta la resistencia de los comunistas
En medio de un mar de lodo
tenazmente prosigue avance
tras la lnea del Paralelo 38
TOKIO, marzo 30. (UP).
Los chinos, que estn resistien-
do tenazmente, fueron obliga-
dos a retirarse ante el empu-
je de los aliados. Las tropas
norteamericanas-, sur coreaans,
britnicas, belgas, filipinas y
griegas, atacan metdicamente
en medio del barro producido
por las lluvias torrenciales.
La oposicin rola se hace
ms intensa a medida que las
fuerzas del Octavo Ejrcito se
acercan al Paralelo, y todo pa-
rece indicar que los rojos in-
tentarn hacer una resistencia
determinada a lo largo de los
riscos Justamente al Sur del
Los aliados, sin embargo, con-
tinuaban avanzando lentamen-
te, pero sin pausa. La oposicin
roja se intensific, coincidiendo
con la' respuesta de Pekin a las
declaraciones del General Mac
Arthur del sbado. En la costa
oriental, sin embargo, las tro-
pas surcoreanas llegaron a las
orillas del ro Namdae, y se
encuentran a siete millas den-
tro de territorio norcoreano.
Los- surcoreanos contaron 21
muertos comunistas en el cam-
po de batalla al Norte de Yan-
gyang. despus de la lucha. El
aumento en la intensidad de
la lucha queda demostrado con
el nmero de bajas comunistas
Se calcula que 1670 comunistas
fueron muertos ayer y se to-
maron 75 prisioneros.
Los soldados chinos avanza-
ron arrastrndose, con grana-
das en mano y obligaron a unas
tropas americanas a retirarse
de un cerro al Norte de Uljong-
by. a once millas al noreste de
Sel durante la noche. Sin em-
bargo, los americanos recaptu-
raron el, cerro sin oposicin al
amanecer de hoy. Los chinos
se retiraron ms hacia el Nor-
te, i
En otro sector, las tropas de
negros americanos chocaron
con un regimiento chino y tra-
taron en vano de obligarlos a
retirarse de sus trincheras y
defensas, por medio de fuego
de artillera y armas pequeas.
Algunos de los soldados logra-
ron acercarse lo suficiente pa-
ra arrojar granadas, pero an
asi. los chinos no abandonaron
sus defensas
Otra patrulla americana en
el mismo sector, sin embargo,
avanz hacia Changgo a slo
once millas al Sur del Parale-
lo 38, contra el fuego espordi-
go de los comunistas. Otras
fuerzas sacaron a los rojos de
los cerros al Norte y noreste
de Uljongby.
En el extremo oeste una pa-
trulla surcoreana cruz el rio
Imjln al noroeste de Sel y
slo a seis millas al Sur del
Paralelo, pero fueron obligados
a retirarse por los ataques co-
Un comunicado de MacAr-
thur dijo que los rojos estn
enviando crecientes corrientes
de hombres y abastecimientos

al Norte del Paralelo 38.
Una fuerza naval norteame-
ricana paralizo la estratgico
costa oriental norcoreana en el
puerto de Wonsan con aterra-
dores bombardeos que ya lle-
van 41 noches y das sin ce-
sar. El sitio probablemente el
ms largo bombardeo naval de
una ciudad en la historia, to-
dava contina.
Un corresponsal de la Pren-
sa Unida dijo: "En wonsan na-
die puede andar por las ca-
lles. Nadie puede dormir en
ningn momento, durante las
34 horas del'da, a menos que
sea el sueo de la muerte. Hoy
se han cumplido mil horas dr
sitio continuo. Wonsan es una
ciudad de muerte".
Nombrado el nuevo
Embajador de E.U.
en el Ecuador
WASHINGTON, marzo 30.
(USIS> El Presidente T,u-
inan envi a Senado ayer el
nombramiento de Paul C. Da*
mels como Embajador de ios
listados Unidos en el Ecuador,
'iodos los nombramientos de
Embajador estn sujetos a la
aprobacin del Senado.
Daniels, funcionario del ser-
vicio exterior clasificado como
ministro de carrera, es acta'-
mente representante de los Es-
tados Unidos en el Consejo co
la Organizacin de los Estados
Americanos. Ha pasado 23 aos
en el exterior de los Estados U-
m05, ejerciendo diversos enr-
405 en la Repblica
Su primera misin fu cooio
Vicecnsul en Valparaiso,' Chi-
le, en 1928. Fu Embajador n
Honduras, de abril a noviemUe
de 1937 siendo entonces tras.a-
dado a Washington con el car-
so de Director de la Oficina de
Asuntos de las Repblicas A-
incricanas en el Departameato
:e Estado-
no podr usar el
Irn, afirman los
Por un Corresponsal Especial
(N. A. N. A. )
TEHERAN, marzo 3Q. (EPS^
La Unin Sovitica no podr u-
sar para sus propios fines el
utlrleo de Irn, dicen los Kc-
nicos extranjeros residentes i-
cui. Uno de ellos, britnico, in-
dic que serian enteramente ii*
posible para los rusos transpor-
tar ese petrleo, an en el caso
de que llegaran a controlar los
yacimientos y reflnarias Iran, i
La. construccin de un oleduc-
to de mil seiscientos kllmeuos
a travs de desiertos y mon-fi-
nas,'hasta la rontera rusa, se-
ria una de las ms tremenuas
obias de ingeniera dijo, pero
iio est al alcance de los rusos.
Porque stos carecen de los ma-
teriales necesarios para llevar-
la a cabo. La tubera que se u-
tillza para los oleductos es de
un tipo que slo se fabrica ci
los Estados Unidos.
La reciente desicin del "Maj-
lla" o Congreso iranio, de po-
ner fin .al acuerdo con la An-
glo-Iraian Oil Company que pa-
ta dos tercios del presupuesto
iranio y suministra el siete por
ciento de la produccin mun-
dial de petrleo a las naciones
oclcdentales, fu probablemen-
te inspirada, y ciertamente fo-
mentada, por la diplomacia y
el oro comunista, agrega dicho
Tero el objeto principal de la
maniobra no era obtener los
fuarenta millones de toneladas
de petrleo que produce anual-
mente Irn para Rusia, sino
quitrselas a Oran Bretaa y
Estados Unidos. Lo cual terui
dcsastrozo para el occidente.
La decisin de nacionalizar
Lea "El Aviso Oportuno'
Sta Vi. haaao coa mm tiSaoet. Si ana
enfermos, si no funcionan como antru ay-
delo* tomando algunos frascos de Pildoras
de Becker. Ardor en la uretra; dolores ds
lomo 7 cintura; incontinencia de la sriaa
el no poder inclinarse y leantar blelos
Majos P'dea fritos al uso de Iss Pildoras
| is Becker para los ri&otuM f cj ia. Comas
Tremenda tarea tendran que
realizar para transportarlo
a travs de desiertas zonas
el petrleo iranio parece ridi-
cula a los tcnicos. Sesenta y
cinco mil familias iranias de-
penden directamente de la
mencionada compaa, pero n
realidad slo unos cuantos In-
dividuos tienen las capacidades
iccnlca necesarias para llenar
los cargos importantes de la
Es posible que Stalin pue-
da suministrar los tcnicos ne-
cesarios, a su debido tiempo
pero no podra reemplazar loa
tos no podran salir del Golfo
Pislco si los aliados anticu-
munistks decidieran bloquearlo.
Pero Stalin se anotara, de
todos modos, una gran victo-
ria sobre el occidente, si Ira
inmovilizar estas enormes can-
tidad de petrleo.
Hace diez aos, la produccin
petrolera mundial exceda tan-
to al consumo que slo en ios
F.stados Unidos ese excedente
ca de un milln y cuarto de
ciento buques-tanques sin os barriles diarios. Pero hoy no o-
t'ualea el petrleo de Irn ni- curre lo mismo. El consumo >
podra ser transportado a uln- barca prcticamente hasta el
una parte. Y si por un milagro ultimo barril que se produce, y
pudiera producir los barcos, fa- los Estados Unidos se han con-
vertido en importadores del "o-
o negro" que es un de los com-
ponentes de sus riquezas natJ-
Los yacimientos iranios pro-
ducen ms del doble del petr-
leo consumido por la Oran Ere-
laa, que sufriran una grave
cilsis si dejaran de recibirlo El
resto de la produccin mundial
no alcanzara a llenar el vatio
ittC se producira. La industria
mundial sufrira los efectos de
esta escasez, que represen'.a-
ia un triunfo para el Krem-
lin, aunque la Unin Sovitica
no podra aprovechar realmen-
te el petrleo de Irn.
.Ctnta 4VENIt
estn desempacando
Aqua, Meln, Celeste, Amarillo,
Verde y Rosado.
Especial 3.95
Tallas: 32 a 40
En Estampado y Color Liso.
Especial 3.95
Rosa, Celeste y Blanco
Tallas: 32 al 40.
Especial 3.95
Amarillo, Celeste y Rosa
Tallas: 2 hasta 14
Especial 0.60 y 0.70
Para Nias a 2.95
Tallas: 2 al 8 Estampadas.
Tallas: 2 al 8.
Especial 2.35 2.60
Tahas: 8 y 8. Rosado y Blanco
Especial 1.25
BRASSIERES a 1.65 y 1.95
Exquisite Form
en todos los
Are. Central leO
Bazar Frances
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De Algodn y de Seda Natural.
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formidables ofertas!
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Ahora 3.50 y 3.95
Brewster Coopere
Todo el encanto y la frescura de la
flore Primaverales reflejado en pre-
ciosas telas especiales para moda de la
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el palacio
de las corbatas

Plaga de gusanos verdes est
azotando cultivos de tomates
El Dr. Francisco Samaniego
llegar a Panam el Domingo
El domingo lo. de abril, arri-
bar nuevamente a la patria
el doctoi Francisco Samaniego,
procedente de Caracas, Vene-
Viene el doctor Samaniego a
cumplir su compromiso para
con la Provincia de Herrera,
proporcionando mediante la ji-
ra rndlco-aslstenclal. su apos-
tolado como discpulo de Hip-
crates, en bien de sus seme-
jantes que tanto lo necesitan.
Segn programa acordado, la
jira se detendr por espacio de
tres das, 5. 6 y 7, en la pobla-
cin de Arraljn, Iniciando su
mareha final, Provincia de He-
rrera el 16 del mes de abril.
Hasta ahora las Federaciones
de Sociedades Santeas y He-
rreranas, a travs de un es-
fuerzo encomiable y digno de
loa estn cumpliendo sus obli-
gaciones a entera satisfaccin.
Todos los mdicos de la Pro-
vincia de Herrera han brin-
dado su colaboracin y otros
de la Provincia de Lqs Santos
Por tanto, a pesar de todas las
dificultades y sacrificios, la Jira
mdlco-asistencial a Herrera, se
puede rjronosticar, ser un com-
pleto xito.
La Confederacin de Asocia-
ciones Cvicas Interioranas, en
combinacin con las Federacio-
nes de Herrera y Los Santos
trabajan afanosamente para
revestir este acto de toda la
solemnidad del caso. Se sabe
que asistirn diferentes conjun-
tos tpicos, organizaciones cvi-
cas que quieren sumarse a es-
te homenaje, tambin de otras
provincias y graj cantidad de
personas que sienten las nece-
sidades del Interior. La mani-
festacin terminar con un mi-
tin en el parque de Santa Ana,
abriendo el acto el simptico
chiquillo Csar O. Daz, hijo del
compaero Ovidio Daz, si-
guiendo en el uso de la pala-
bra Celedonio Guardia. Secre-
tario General de la Confede-
racin de Asociaciones Cvicas
Interioranas; Ingeniero Roberto
Reyna, de la Federacin de He-
rrera; Ovidio Daz, por la Fe-
deracin Santea, y el doctor
Francisco Samaniego, quien ce-
rrar el acto.
Esa misma noche, la colonia
interiorana, con la asistencia
del doctor Samaniego, la Rei-
na de Azuero y damas, se tras-
ladarn al local de la Confe-
deracin, para animar el lti-
mo escrutinio del Reinado T-
pico Interiorano, que decidir
cul ser la reina. _________
8r. Director de
La Voz del Interior
Estimado seor:
Mucho le agradecer se sir-
viera darle acogida en la sec-
La Voz del Interior, a este pe-
queo articulo.
Como estudiante de la Es-
cuela Normal Juan D. Arose-
rnena y como ciudadano pa-
nameo, deseo manifestar al
pals entero nuestra Inconfor-
midad por el completo aban-
dono en que nos tiene el Go-
bierno a los indios panameos.
Pertenezco a la tribu de los
guaymies que como se sabe,
comprende parte de la provin-
cia de Veraguas. Chirlqui y Bo-
cas del Toro, y como tal no
puedo permanecer callado ante
tanta desidia y negligencia.
He presenciado en muchas
ocasiones la participacin de
mis conciudadanos de la sierra
en las luchas electorales; he
visto cmo se aprestan a cum-
plir con el deber de elegir fun-
cionarios administrativos muy
especialmente a los mandata-
rios; pero jams he visto que
esos presidentes hayan hecho
algo en favor de esos seres, co-
mo si no furamos hijos de es-
te pas. Pareciera que nosotros
los indios tuviramos el deber
de elegir y contribuir .al sos-
tenimiento del Gobierno, pero
en cambio no tenemos el de-
recho. como lo hacen en otros
Fue decomisada en
Arraijn gasolina
en la Semana Sania
Durante la Semana Santa fue-
ron decomisados en la Aduana
de Arraljn un total de 77 ga-
lones de gasolina y se devolvi
la cantidad de 25 galones a
quienes comprobaron que tenan
permiso, pero que los haban
Segn las reglas de seguridad
toda persona debe sacar permi-
so de la Oficina de Seguridad
y tener el visto bueno de la Ca-
itania de Puerto para poder
ransportar gasolina y llevarla
al Interior.
La prohibicin es de carcter
general, trabajen o no las per-
sonas en la Zona del Canal. La
medida tiende a evitar los pro-
blemas de conflagraciones en
accidentes por malos procedi-
mientos en el transporte de ar-
tculos inflamables.
pases, a que se nos atiendan
y satlsfaguen nuestras justas
aspiraciones. Necestame* es-
cuelas, comunicaciones, etc. en
una palabra que nos alumbre
una pequea luz de civiliza-
Dado pues, el injusto aban-
dono en que nos tiene el Go-
bierno, bien valdra la comple-
ta decisin de abstenernos de
participar en las elecciones,
medida esta en. la cual he de
disponer todos mis esfuerzos a
fin de que mis conciudadanos
se sientan alejados tambin de
los deberes cvicos.
Ojal el gobierno procurara
reflexionar sobre este delicado
asunto para bien de una gran
parte de la ciudadana que re-
clama sus derechos.
Santiago, marzo 16 de 1950.
Pedro Carpintera.
l.S I'AI.MAJMiunu OltMlTM I
EL RKALSis Obuil, Contrera*
DAVIDCuin Ai.araOo 4.
UOQUETEEnrico* Win
'.As i.AJAv- Amauo D*sr*r*
JOLEGAAIJeaniBda larrs
8AN FELIX Demetrio *!
GUALACA Trmletorlea PstMU
BogUERON Antonio Sloe
rOLE fldel Santamara tt.
SAN ANDIESr*o*tlo* Uto***
l'KNONOME*B*0* U 0*M*
sGIIADULCC R..I.IU, Kaele* atraa
ANTON Antonio 1 Jaas
NATAJuan d* D. Vaaasss
I.A PINTADA Garanto Imutn
OLA(Inraimo Gomai
RIO GHANDt -Io,l 4. Uraata
RIO HATOTaraao Ualroa
Un redactor de EL PANAMA
AMERICA se enter hoy pol-
lino de los agricultores de Los
Santos que ha venido a la ciu-
dad para discutir su proble-
ma, de que las cosechas de to-
mate se pierden en los terre-
nos que ellos usan en el rega-
do d Los Santos.
Los tomates crecen hermosos
y bien, pero un gusano, oruga
de mariposa, los penetra sean
verdes o maduros, perdindose
la primera cosecha.
El hecho de que sea nica-
mente la primera cosecha la
que se pierde indica que cual-
quier mtodo de exterminacin
de la mariposa o Insecto que
produce el gusano o cualquier
medio de romper el eslabn o
ciclo de vida del parsito pue-
de resolver la situacin.
Nuestro redactor pregunt qu
hacan los agricultores en es-
toa casos y le fue contestado
que los tomates eran general-
mente arrancados y tirados al
suelo. Segn dicha informacin,
ni se entlerran ni se queman,
lo cual por supuesto permite
que contine el ciclo de vida
del parsito. Seria conveniente
que los campesinos que con-
frontan este problema quema-
ran los frutos Infectados y que
se procuraran por algn me-
dio regar insecticidas contra
los insectos que se acercan a
las tomateras.
en Arraljn un
La Capltania del Puerto con-
frontaba hoy serlas dificultades
para localizar a Efrain E. Cal-
dern. con cdula 7258 quien iba
al Interior en el auto con pla-
ca de Panam 7748, cuando le
fu decomisado un cargamento
que venia dirigido posfalmente
a Joaqun Him, al apartado 929
de Ancn, Zona del Canal.
El decomiso tuvo lugar en
Arraijn. La mercanca que es-
taba en paquete postal dirigi-
do al correo zoneta, pero el Sr.
Calderin no tenia ni factura
comercial ni permiso para pa-
sar con mercancas de la Zona
del Canal por la aduana.. El
Sr. Calderin manifest ser em-
pleado del Chase Bank, pero all
y en las sucursal' de Coln
manifestaron que no le cono-
tin DE JKSU -faator Btame
LAS PALMASCtaai Cordilla
CANAZAS- -Pedro J. Merlo
"^AL" BRE Mtiutl Contlea
ATALAYA Samo*! Pintn
SANTA FEJoaaol (.arria (V.riloai
LA VILLA OS LO> a A I IOS Praaata.
Caldtvto O.
CI1IT1E Kaaaon Panos
lAS MINAS EpidanM* golatara
EL ',AftAFISTULO Jaate VOlarre*
'Loa Santoei
'JOANCODonaciano Hanaaaa
STA MARIA Kfeaorte obla.
MACARACAS Aquilino Moras, a A
PARITA Leopoldo Aroeeeaeae
TONORI-Jeainl Moeoser
virios' sn.,,, otllla Vats
OrU__Virrlllo Arfulo
LAS i ah.a- J.,., Antonia asa asee
(HARARE Joe* tnnh
r-'H'Rl-.r.rlaaliaa y im QosaaJee
PESEJorts AceArra
PALENQUE--Ca.imu, ama* O
CATIVAAnta) Barcenas
Se sorprende a unas
tiendas de Chorrera
evadiendo las leyes
Se ha comprobado en Adua-
nas que algunas tiendas de La
Chorrera han sido sorprendidas
vendiendo artculos de contra-
bando obtenidos en la Zona del
Los artculos de los Comisa-
riatos de la Zona del Canal que
fueron encontrados en dichas
tiendas, fueron decomisados. La
Tienda Triunfo, por ejemplo,
fue penada con B. 25.00 de mul-
ta y el decomiso de las mer-
Los comerciantes de La Cho-
rrera han Informado que algu-
nos de los mayoristas les en-
tregaron esas mercancas y
ellos suponan que eran bue-
nas. La mayora de los fraudes
ocurre con la pasta de toma-
te. Se advierte al pblico que
tenga cuidado con la proceden-
cia de las marcas Contadlna,
Punch Tomato Puree, Califor-
nia Queen y Rlalto.
Se recomienda a todos los
comerciantes minoristas de Pa-
nam y del Interior que exi-
jan facturas, para evitarse di-
ficultades en este sentido.
Ser reparado el
templo de Pes
dentro de poco
PESE, mayo 30. Se llev
a cabo una Importante reunin
en el Aula Mxima de la es-
cuela de Pes, previa convoca-
toria del seor Cura, Reveren-
do Luis Anguk) Barraza, quien
ha sido designado por el seor
Arzobispo para atender la pa-
rroquia de Pes. En dicha re-
unin se trat la reparacin de
la Iglesia, que ya es urgente
llevar a cabo. El Ing. don Pu-
ni Vrela ofreci sus servi-
cias para confeccionar el pre-
supuesto y los planos, en for-
ma gratuita. Los representan-
tes all presentes de la Aso-
ciacin Civica Pes Unido, ex-
presaron que la agrupacin ha-
ba acordado ayudar a la re-
paracin del templo con 3,000.00
y que esperaban que en igual
forma lo hicieran los morado-
res del pueblo. El seor Alcal-
de del Distrito manifest el
deseo de hijos de Pes de dar
su aporte una vez se Inicie la
obra. Se acord nombrar un
comit una vez que el Inge-
niero Vrela presentara el pla-
no y el presupuesto. El seor
Prroco se mostr muy inte-
resado al mismo tiempo que
ofreci todo su apoyo.
Maana ser el
festival de la
Srta. T. Velsquez
I, Afta* -al w.
Maana ser el gran festival
bailable en honor de la bella
candldata de Bocas* del Toro al
reinado Tpico Nacional, seo-
rita Teresita Velsquez.
Este gran baile se celebrar
en los altos de la Nueva Cam-
pana, amenizado nada menos
que por la popular orquesta de
Armando Boza.
Enorme entusiasmo reina
entre loa simpatizadores de la
candidatura del a seorita Ve-
lsquez por la celebracin de
este festival que comenzar a
las ocho de la noche hasta las
cuatro de la madrugada.
'.ea "EJ Aviso Oportnnn"
1Del verbo roer.
8Del verbo lavar.
12Dirigir, encaminar.
15Resultados que puede tener
una cosa.
19Porcin nfima de materia.
22Rio de Italia.
24.Poco "corriente.
25Tortillas de frijoles.
30Composicin literaria.
31Letra griega.
35En este lugar.
38Del verbo amasar.
37Gnero de algas. Inv.
40Prefijo Inseparable.
41Instituciones docentes
47Mono, cuadrumano.
48 Relativo a la eufona.
50Del verbo arar.
51Hueco que se abre en la
tierra para sacar agua, Inv.
1Ave fabulosa.
2Metal precioso.
3Rio de Francia.
4La alegra, planta.
5Prefijo inseparable, Inv.
6Letra griega.
7Letra castellana.
8Arroz con carne y viandas.
9Composicin para una sola
10Del verbo ver.
11Marca de gasolina.
13Puro, sin mezcla.
16En ningn momenta.
20 Del verbo tasar.
22Flor blanca.
26Parte amarilla de los
2P,Nombre de mujer.,
30Clase de tela.
33Que carecen de cabellos.
34Amianto, menos t.
36Del verbo arder.
37Operacin aritmtica.
38 Semilla aromtica.
39Prefijo Inseparable.
42Uno de los nombres de la
43Punto cardinal.
44Dice, forma anticuada.
45Repeticin de sonido.
46Preposicin, Inv.
Las autoridades
de Veraguas estn
haciendo poltica
SANTIAGO, marzo 30.
Sr. Director de
La Voz del Interior,
Mientras que el pueblo de
Santiago tiene en la actualidad
varios meses de estar sufriendo
las consecuencias perjudiciales
de una escasez de agua espan-
tosa, algunas autoridades olvi-
dndose de sus obligaciones y
los que se llaman ser defenso-
res de las causas justas de la
comunidad (falsos apstoles),se
han entregado en cuerpo y
alma a las faenas polticas uti-
lizando 'los mismos sistemas
tradicionales en un afn de de-
fender sus Intereses personales.
Esto nos demuestra una vez
ms, que en Santiago solo se
realizan mtines de protesta
cuando se trata de politiquear,
pues han sido muchas las irre-
gularidades cometidas por fun-
cionarlos pblicos que han de-
mandado la accin directa del
pueblo y ste ha permanecido
indiferente, nosotros que siem-
pre hemos estado martillando
en bien de los Intereses de es-
ta provincia, Sin bombo ni pla-
tillos, hacemos un llamado a
todos los veragenses dignos
para que se enteren quines son
los que hoy estn aspirando
puestos de eleccin para des-
gracia de este sector de la Re-
nn P.nnt]ft Minn
ana rana qirh
_jHHHraa .aHHaa
ruinn Arana
amHU uHLaidLiLJfj
.LJH BHfJ 0013*3
_aia yuur.iQ hhu
J'J LirJUFI-Jl.tJ ..ti
LEE 0[nHs U m IJS
TodOs tt.fM fcofO.04 M Ctr-aloiWI
Mi invitar m h* v'iiitanri laUno-
mmmncanot y muchoi /won fie non
ponona' d hab* porolV
en los ^
la amrom** eardiolmanfa *-
licuor a Im rsepecfrrsf dminie-
frodorai Mroraes asa Wels/lode*
maro rseraKK mm raasrvocionaa.
St turar traaqullo 4e aablente faotlllar
Cautralnaent* ates*. Cuarto* amplio*, ba-
o privado. kltcltan*ttaa. H 00 ana pereona.
M.M por dot Apta 4a 1 I Miarlo*
Psate* aaaaanalaa r aaeneualee para aanl-
llaa rabalaaoa haata Hi. Darlo tapaAol
a cario Sr. Mariano Portoul. CaWaeralar
FLTONOTn.. Tal. TR I-IOOO. Ajo*, asa
hoUlaa Camarn. Park Plaaa. 7 maraon
SEVILLE HOTEL, laatbaon *.**. th
St., carca o* faasan "itieaia la malta
4* la aamln*1". Baaplaaatoa y tslaa 4a ha
ala espaola 500 coarta* aas bao*. Doa
aamedora* j mil Baila larras*. aUMtacio-
n aanetllaa. 3; aoblaa. II II
I* St. Loa*Ha*4o ti al aantro 4a la *tu-
4a4. Cuatra aoaM4ar*a lamoaoi Ovar-
tea eon baft* 7 radio; eaneilloe 4a*4
lia Doble* deede I7.M. TaaabHB apar
tainlantoe para familia*
Carea 4e las Naclonaa Unldaa. Tranquil*.
Moderno. Cocina soalente, radie. Ulerlelon
aira acondicionas*. Piarme gratia, fianellloa
oeede CSI3 54 Apto* 4a*4e SII00. Pra-
ele* ermanalae f nanaualti eepecUle. Se
habla aepanel. Cable "etutlonotal".
afrtsal* Ptnnwlf.nla. SWUon. n ti oo-
ru., le lu miodm uatiIm y compra.
1M0 hftMlataClonM oon baft o privado, radio.
lu errlraU halada, BKRViDOR. Precloa
at**!*) MM., f HO Otras' ECmpleadoa t
habla apaflola la aUoarn partan a Imcntf
at corea da Tlata juara. Contnientt
lara toda termnala*, traniportta. dlar
atonw. Utndw. 6a A?t ISM cuarloa con
bafto. Stnoilloa dtadt $4 35. doblaa daadt
T.M. Ttltrltlda. St habla atpafiol
wtr. tn ti aori*n da Tinta fiquart. 31
pitot: IM huaptdta; ambttnU atracU-
rm Cuarto* modtrnoa j alacrra, con ba-
ilo j ducha particular, radio gratia r
acua halada circnUott \j ttlovlaln
lamban! A corta dlatanela a pit a* taa
woa f llanda prlpcipala*. aj cono tub
tarrnto j dmnibui Sdt del "Diamond
H or ata hot de Bill? Rom Habitaelonat
aanolIlM dtade USU.M: obla* datdt
Dfllf.M RartaurantM oon alrt aconditlo-
nado. Cabla: "Parottl Ntw York".
HOTEL DIXIE, uo w. st m h
tal uta adorno tu ti dimito do TIbw
Btuart Todo* cuartos con bailo, ducha.
radio. StnalMoa datdt IS M Doblo* dos-
do 3.M. Escriba para rtsorYaclOne* e
felloa*. panlsh Aattrtcan Dtpt.
una cuadra da) Par quo drtntrol. corea do
la Quinta Artn'.da 7 centro dt compra*.
laainlflcaa haWtaelonoa amatbladas Dos-
de 13 60 oon bario
EL NUEVO CORTEZ, (rent* al corree.
Habitacin** ton airo acondicionado, 14 f
|7 Bao prltado 80 habla *paAol.
St.. contro d* aliaaal Pronto olelna* Li-
noaa Aereas y Omnibus. So habla panol.
Bird A NI 1 Bt. adjunto al torminal ae-
reo contral. Airo acondicionado opcional.
HOTKL WILLARD, 14 St. At Ptnnayl-
tsnlo Aft. Cosnplotamooto oon tiro acon-
dicionado. Hsbltaolonoa anpliai oton-
cln tldente rico on la trtdteln his-
trica de la capital nacional. A do* cua-
dras de la Casa Blsiica j oficinas im-
portante, del Gobierno Cerca do Uondad
* ttairos Cocina excelenU a proesoo ra-
nnabloa an loo r-moooi oomodores dot
WUlard Cuarto* daodo D8I4M: ftpton.
saacniricoa a ptelo* modtrado* Btcriba
cablegrafe para ntw laiLonn
Est circulando
nuevo nmero de
"La Provincia"
Se. encuentra en circulacin
un nuevo nmero del peridi-
co "La Provincia" rgano de
a Federacin de Sociedades
En dicho nmero se encuen-
tra acticulos de verdadero in-
ters general, por lo cual "re-
comendamos su lectura.
Tambin presenta todas s
candldatas al gran reinado de
Afuero, las cuales se disputa-
rn el triunfo en el ltimo es-
crutinio que se celebrara ma-
ana en el Jardn Balboa.
Chorrera celebrar
fiestas patronales
el sbado y domingo
El sbado y el domingo pr-
ximos la poblacin de la Cho-
rrera celebrar con todo en-
tusiasmo y esplendor sus fies-
tas patronales.
Para tal efecto se estn lle-
vando a cabo varios prepara-
tivos para recibir a los cientos
de visitantes que se trasladarn
desde la capital y los diferen-
tes puntos de la Repblica a
esa poblacin para participar
en los festejos.
El programa preparado para
esos dias es el siguiente:
Domingo lo. de abril A
las 6.30 a.m. misa armonizada
de comunin, general.
A las 9.30 a.m. Misa solem-
ne orquestada, con asistencia da
tres presbteros, con sermn da
encargo especial; y por la tar-
de, a las 4, gran procesin coa
la imagen del Santo Patrn.
En estas fiestas, las noches
del sbado y domingo, habr
en la Plaza Feulllet, servicios
de refrescos y comidas, sorpre-
sas y tombolltas a beneficio del
nuevo tempo.
Adems habr fuegos artifi-
ciales, cucaas, palo ensebado,
rias de gallos y otras diver-
El Club Social Quinto Patio
celebrar dos grandes bailes en
los salones Orqudea, frente a
la Plaza Feulllet, las noches del
sbado y domingo amenizado
por la orquesta de Angelo Has-
Sin lugar a dudas que las
fiestas patronales de la Chorre-
ra sern todo un xito, y en
especial los bailes, ya que exis-
te gran animacin entre loa
residentes de la ciudad capital
para trasladarse a la Chorrera
a bailar y gozar honestamente.
La Sociedad Cvica de Chi-
nanos con motivo de las re-
nuncias con carcter Irrevoca-
ble presentada por los seore*
Jos I. Guillen y Dlgenes Ar-
Jona, presidente y secretarlo da
esta entidad, tendr hoy una
Importante reunin con el fia-
de elegir sus nuevos dignata-
5 .lent
usted dasfro-
lodo, sin nimo porp nodo?
MaH+ SBTIOHI aw llaj.Ha,'
t teman Mi, han hallada alivia
tomando POSTUM *n vet di t
calf POSTUM ca un* bebida
saludable-, hecha de trigo y oros
cerealet No contiene ni cafena
al oirat drogaa que puedao oca-,
alonar otrvioaidad deivelo.
Pruebe a tomar POSTUM por to-
lo 10 das, y juzgue por lot ra-l
aullado, .,____ '
... da mqulla
Polvos, compactos, col-
rate* y lapices labiales.
Calle 16 Este (Central) #r
Hoy 3.50
Un Lote a 50c.
CEBOLLA .... a 8c.
a 5c.
a 16c.
Para Caballeros
Un Lote a 1.00
JUGOS de la Mejor Marca
a 2 x 25c.
a 2 x25c.
Otros 6.95 Nosotros a 4.48
KLEENEX a 23c.
KOTEX.....a 39c.
Otro Finsimo .
. a 12c.
. a 14c.
a 8c. Ib.
BACALAO ... Ib. 33c.
AJOS ... Ib. 32c.

Informes para esta seccin se reciben en la
IKeaaccin Social
Telfono 3-31M HORAS: 1:00 a 10:00 a.m.
Apartado 1S4
Precioso Aniversario
En las primeras horas de la
noche de ayer, doa Martina Es-
quivel de Pougher, reuni en su
residencia, el grupo de personas
que el da 27 de Marzo de 1950,
salieron a Europa en peregrina-
cin al Ao Santo.
Artstica y primorosamente a-
rreglada, la rica mansin de la
seora de Pougher, pareca con-
vidar a salir de nuevo.
Un diminuto avin colocado a
la entrada, multitud de focos de
Calle a. No. 1
Directora Prop.
J!a7ns !
SUYO CON "/6022
AY 2-1833
en seda y en algodn;
tallas 9 a 44
7.95 9.50 y 11.95
da seda fra
an blanco, rotado y celeste
desde 225
de Jersey "MOJUD"
a 4.50 y 5.95
en gran variedad
de coloree
Nylon 51-15
con taln negro
Ave. Central No. 67
"Artculos de Calidad a Precios Razonables"
colores, e Inmensa cantidad de
flores, mostraban un panorama
Una buena pelcula de un via-
je en proyecto que dentro de po-
co Iniciar la Compaa Panam
Tours dio principio a la magni-
fica fiesta; despus un susculen-
to buffet, cantos y msica com-
pletaron delicioso recuerdo.
Asistieron al acto: los Reve-
rendos Padres-Directores de la
Peregrinacin Jess Serrano y
Manuel Prada; la Madre Ber-
narda; Sor Carmen; el Ministro
Marian! y cu seora; Alfredo O-
rlllao y Raquellta; Roberto Van
Horde y su preciosa esposa; Da-
vid Robles y su seora Maria E.
de Robles; doa Nina Mastelarl;
doa Augusta Struz de Diaz;
Mara Icaza; la seorita Mary
Pranceschl: Delia Sosa: Maria
Clement; Lul Senz; doa Hil-
da Vallarii... de Monte verde; Tia
Licha y su seora madre: Mara
Isabel A. de Urlbe: Enriquetlta
Morales : Beatrlclta y Dora
Lyons: Isabelita Brld; Marta Jor-
ge y algunas otras que se nos es-
capan al recuerdo.
Alfredo Orlllac, con su inimi-
table salero, hizo la delicia de la
concurrencia. La gentil seora
Martlnita Esquivel de Pougher
fu reelegida reina de la pere-
grinacin y coronada por la se-
orita Judith Parada.
Como trmino de fiesta la se-
ora de Pougher rif cuatro pre-
mios: un collar de finsimas per-
las; la suerte favoreci a la se-
ora Mara E. de Robles; un pa-
uelo espaol a la Sra. Core y
un magnifico abanico a la Sra.
de Diaz.
Hacia medianoche se disolvi
tan magnifica fiesta dejando en
los nlmos Imborrable recuerdo.
T en el Hotel El Panam
En honor de la Unidad de Co-
ln, el Club Inte/americano de
Mujeres de Panam ofrecer el
nrxlmo Mircoles 4 de Abril un
t en el Hotel El Panam. Las
reservaciones debern hacerse
antes del Lunes 2. llamando a la
seora Elisa Maria E. de Heurte-
matte en Panam, a la seora
Allce de Lombard en Balboa o a
las oficinas del Club. El precio
de admisin ser B.1.75 y no se
vendern tiquetes a la entrada
de dicho acto.
Cambio de Residencia
El Dr. Eduardo A. Chiarl Jr. y
seora Dora E. de Chlari han
trasladado su residencia a la ca-
lle la., final, en el Parque Lefe-
fre. en donde se ponen a las r-
denes de sus amistades.
Or Sur Amrica
Presentamos un cordial saludo
de bienvenida a la seora Matil-
de A. de de la Guardia, quien re-
gresa hoy de una temporada pa-
sada n Argentina
Para los Estados Unidos
Grato paseo le deseamos a la
seora Flora B. de Chlari. quien
sigue hoy para Nueva York en
donde permanecer durante va-
rias semanas.
Sigui ayer hacia Bogot por
la va area el seor Demetrio
Fbrega. Lo saludamos.
Feliz Advenimiento
Con toda felicidad a venido
a alegrar el hogar de los espo-
sos Rafael L. Lizardi Morales y
Elvia Fernndez de Lizardi. un
hermoso nio nacido en el Hos-
pital de Fort Clayton, anoche.
Nos complace presentarle nues-
tras felicitaciones.
Rendirn tributo
a la memoria de
F. D. Roosevelt
(USIS) A la Conterencia ae
Cancilleres Americanos se le pe-
air que considere una resolu-
cin en la que se rinde tribu-c
a la memoria edl extinto Pie-
sidente Franklin D. Roosevcit.
La delegacin boliviana a ia
reunin ha hecho pblico el
texto de su proyecto de reso-
lucin, asi:
"Por cuanto, el precepto a-
sentado por Franklin Delano
Roosevelt Presidente de los s-
latos Unidos de Amrica, M
ijue la poltica internacional d-
se ajustarse a la poltica Jel
buen veoino, constituye un piii.-
clplo que Incorpora el respeto
a los derechos fundamentales
de Estados asi como la coope-
i acin entre ellos para el bie-
nestar de la sociedad lnteraa-
"Por cuanto Franklin Delano
Roosevelt, smbolo de la coo-
peracin interamerlcana, dedi-
c su vida entera al manteni-
.mento de la libertad y la de-
mocracia en el mundo,
La Cuarta Reunin de Con-
sulta de Ministros de Relacio-
nes Exteriores Resuelve:
"1. Rendir fervoroso trlbu'o
a la memoria de tan eminente
cludadado de Amrica.
"2. Designar un comit de
cinco miembros de esta Reu-
nin para que coloque una o-
frenda floral sobre la tumba
de Franklin Delano Roosevea
tn Hyde Park (Nueva Yorki,
como tributo de los pueblos de
Amrica a su memoria".
Del Interior
Procedente de Las Margaritas
en donde estaba pasando la tem-
porada de verano se encuentra
en la capital la seora Olga N.
de Navarro.
Cumpleaos de Hoy
Seora Berta G. de Thayer.
Seora Haydee de Suescum.
H.D. Aquilino Boyd.
Seor Octavio Mndez G.
Seor Juan Pastor Paredes.
Nio Ernesto Antonio Boyd
Nio Manuel Antonio Daz Jr.
Nio Juan Antonio Crdenas.
Cumpleaos de Maana
Seora Gloria A. de Escoffery.
Seora Julieta A. de Alfaro.
Seora Gladys J. de Strunz.
Seora Juana V. de 8ucre.
Seorita Angela Arango.
Seorita Clarlta Cecilia Aran-
go Fbrega.
Seorita Clarlta Cecilia Nava-
rro Smith.
Dr. Aurelio A. Dutari.
Seor Max Stempel.
Seor Julio Ignacio Alemn.
Seor Julio Arosemena.
Joven Carlos Emilio Aroseme-
na Navarro.
Nio Octavio Fbrega Jr.
Las Enfermeras postgradua-
das de Obstetricia de la gradua-
cin de 1851 del Hospital Santo
Toms ofrecieron anoche un buf-
fet en el Jardn El Rancho. A-
slstieron como invitados de ho-
nor la Dra. Ligia Sogandares. el
Dr. Gaspar Arosemena, el Dr.
Gabriel 8osa, el Dr. Aristbulo
Carrizo, el Embajador de El Sal-
vador y seora; seor Froiln
Davies. seor Aristteles Malo,
seor Julio Jan.
Tambin estuvieron presentes
las enfermeras Raquel Oarzola,
Tllsla Lpez, Ruth MacDonald,
Justi Robletto, Adela Ettlene,
Teresa Degracia y Emma Bernal.
Para celebrar el cumpleaos
de la bella seorita Berta Jara-
millo, le fue ofrecida ayer una
fiesta por mi numeroso grupo de
sus amigas. La felicitamos muy
Sociales de (olor
Tel itt Aptdo I0M
Cumpleaos de hoy
En est dia celebra su ono-
mstico la seora doa Luise
Estenoz viuda de Oeenzier. Coi
tal motivo le hacemos llega,
nuestros cariosos saludos y de-
seos porque cumpla muchos
aos ms.
El doctor Dulio Arroyo ce-
lebra hoy su cumpleaos en
medio del aprecio y estima de
los suyos. Por este medio le ha-
cemos llegar nuestro saludo de
El Joven Nataniel Hooper Es-
tenoz festeja hoy sus natales.
Con tal motivo lo felicitamos.
La lnea area de
Israel adiestra
a sus pilotos
JERUSALEN, Israel, marzo 30
(Eresnews Exclusivo) Las Li-
ncas Areas Israelies "El Al",
cuyas actividades crecen da
a da, estn empeadas ahora
en un vasto programa de adies-
tramiento de su personal, .jue
es como si dijsemos que la
compaa vuelve a mandar al
colegio a todos sus empleados,
desde los empleados de ofici-
na hasta los capitanes.
Dirige este programa, que cos-
er casi cien mil libras Israe-
lita solamente en el ao 1951
el seor Joseph Gregory, pilo-
to de la Primera Guerra Mui.-
dlal y camarada del Capitn
Edie Rlckenbacker en la famo-
sa escuadrilla Lafayette. De bi-
Ja estatura y entrando en car-
nes, el eftor Gregor tiene gana-
da la reputacin de ser uno ce
los hombres ms calificados Ct
la Industria de la aviacin; a
la que ha dedicado 38 de sjs
cincuenta aos.
Tres expertos extranjeros -
si como capitanes de vuelo, ca-
pataces y otros empleados c-
aficados de la "El Al" tendrn
a su cargo los cursos de adic.s-
ti amiento. Tambin han lleva-
do varios especialistas de la
Lockheed Aircraft Company, Vos
que familiarizan al personal ie
mantenimiento con las carac-
tersticas de los aviones Cons-
telaron que se estn comparan-
do ahora. En forma similar, Ids
v-uatro o cinco pilotos de avio-
nes de este tipo de que dispo-
.fc ahora la lnea supervisa! n
a los otros pilotos en los vue-
los de estas aeronaves, y al
n.Lsmo tiempo se impartir ins-
irucdln al resto de las tripu-
Unos 60 mecnicos, la mayor
Hasta la ciudad de Panam
enviamos un carioso saludo al
nilto Tolto Daz por celebrar
hoy viernes su cumpleaos.
Nuevo cristiano
Recibi el lunes las aguas
bautismales el nlito Rogelio
Antonio Lombardo. Fueron pa-
drinos el seor Manuel Sarna-
niego y la seora Dora L. de
Domnguez. Nuestro saludo pa-
ra el nuevo cristiano.
Celebra hoy sus natales la
seorita Emma Salabarria. Le
hacemos llegar por este me-
dio nuestras sinceras felicita-
De nuero entre nosotros
Por via area llegan hoy de
la hermana Repblica de Cos-
ta Rica, en donde se encon-
traban pasando unas merecidas
vacaciones los esposos Sr. Car-
los J. Ortiz y seora Evangell-
na de Ortiz. Nuestro saludo de
Cumpleaos de maana
Nuestras anticioadas felicita-
ciones hacemos llegar al doc-
tor Flix Stanziola en la fecha
de sus natnles que celebra ma-
ana sbado.
Cumple maana un ao ms
de vida el Jovencito Alex Vlez,
hijo del hogar de don Carlos
Arturo Vlez v seora doa Ro-
sa Valds de Vlez. Le deseamos
que lo pase muy contento.
parte de los cuales son israelies
estn dedicando dos horas ile
su propio tiempo a asistir a
clases. La compaa paga pur
tilias dos horas de ensea.i.:n
i.'.s cuales estn lnclucdas en
sus ocho horas de trabajo. En
virtud de un acuerdo celebra-
do con el ministerio de Traba-
jo, se admitir en el curso a 20
licenciados del ejrcitos que
tengan alguna experiencia an-
kilor, y el gobierno sufrgala
i.i mitad del costo de su ense-
anza. Adems, cinco mecni-
cos se hallan ahora en Estauu*
Unidos siguiendo cursos de es-
Nueva planta de
petrleo habr
pronto en Haifa
HAIFA, Israel, Marzo.Den-
tro de pocos meses, en el vera-
no de 1951, las Refineras Con-
solidadas de Haifa inaugurarn
una nueva planta de "cracking",
segn se acaba de anunciar en
esta ciudad.
El equipo de la planta ya
se halla en Haifa y se espera
que su Instalacin quede ter-
minada en unos dos meses. Gra-
cias a este proceso se obtendr
a un precio econmico
Un vez lo pruebe, ser su preferido.
Tiene todas las cualidades de los
esmaltes de uas ms caro* a mucho
menos precio.
Culex de Luxe "Nail Brilliance" viene
en exquisito frasco, con un cmodo
aplicador, igual que los esmaltes
ms lujosos.
Con Cutex de Luxe "Nail Brilliance" las
uaa permanecen bellas e inalterables
por das y das. No se agrieta. No
afecta la piel. Novsimos matices.
Pruebe Cutex de Luxe "Nail
Brilliance," boy mismo. Quedar usted
admirada con
de Luxe
smeltr de lujo a un precio no de lujo
cargado de Negocios de Panam ante el gobler e ft los Estados Unidos y representante inte-
rino ante el Consejo de la Organiacin de los htados Americanos, hace depsito del Instru-
mento de Ratificacin de la Carta de la OKA. en la Unin Panamericana. Con l aparecen
en la fotografa (Izquierda a derecha: Dr. William Manger, Secretarlo General Adjunto de la
OEA; Dr. Alberto Lleras. Secretarlo General de la OEA y Dr. Charles Fenwick, Jefe del De-
partamento Jurdico y de Organismos Internacionales de la Unin Panamericana.
(Foto Unin Panamericana)
gasolina de mejor composicin
que la que ae ha obtenido has-
ta ahora, asi como combustible
de aviacin de alta riqueza
octnlca; tambin se produci-
rn los gases necesarios para la
planta de nitratos proyectada
por el gobierno.
El gobierno Israeli destin pa-
ra la fbrica de productos qu-
micos cinco millones de los
treinta y cinco millones de d-
lares que le prest reciente-
mente el Banco de Exportacin
e importacin.
El gas que se produce como
subproducto del proceso de
"cracking" es una materia pri-
ma esencial para la fabricacin
de nitratos.
Se espera que la nueva plan-
ta aumente la produccin de las
refineras en un 25 por ciento
de su capacidad total. Esto re-
presentara un aumento del 40
por ciento sobre las operaciones
del ao pasado. Sin embargo,
toda la produccin se dedicar
todava al consumo local.
La operacin de la nueva plan-
ta qued estipulada en un a-
cuerdo negociado el mes pa-
sado por el seor D. Horowitz
con las compaas petroleras de
Otro acontecmlento de impor-
tancia en el desarrollo Indus-
trial de Haifa es la creacin
de una fbrica destinada a la
produccin de acero estructural,
la cual comenzar a operar den-
tro de 18 meses, proporcionando
ocupacin a doscientas perso-

para limpiar I cutis, como
base de polvos y para sua-
vizar las manos
La ventaja de la Crema HINDS de
Miel y Almendras es que una sola
crema de belleza cuida el cutis de
la cara, la manos y el cuerpo.
Gracias a su fluidez, limpia la
piel a fondo y la suaviza. Es, adems,
una excelente base de polvos.
sela simpre y mantenga en todo
momento esa encantadora
apariencia juvenil!
Gi&ncu ck ?Me&\y Ct&ftenoOuz
Cnriquicida Con Lanolina
Sus invitados experimentarn mayor placer
i relucen en la mesa los cubiertos de plata sterling
de Gorham. Reflejan buen gusto y prestan belleza
incomparable a una mesa bien puesta. Conquistarn el
elogio unnime de sus invitado.
Recuerde que lo cubiertos de plata sterling de
Corliam son de plata macizano se gastan
nunca y cuanto ms se usan ms bellos lucen.

Empiece a coleccionar un juego completo do
cubiertos de plata sterling de Gorham
adquiriendo algunas piezas, a las que luego iri
agregando otras de la misma clase y estilo.
Seleccione el estilo Gorham que ms le guste.
The Gorham Company, Providence, R.I., E.U.A,
Adquiera los ruin./tut tn unidades del
mismo juego. Cada juego compona da
cuchillo, tenedor, cucharilla, taedor de
amalada, cuchara de sopa y cuchillo de
KING EDWARD mantequilla.
CASA FASTL1CHRepresentantes exclusivo en Panama

LU .!!! i
NO hay mejor Va para VENDER ALQUILAR COMPRAR etc
que la ruta al Departamento de los CLASIFICADOS DEL P. A.
Nuestros Agentes O Nuestras Oficinas lo atendern:
Mnimo por
75 palabras.
3* por cada
palabra adicional.
An. Na. 4
Tti. t-nti
rru* 4
At*. 4 4* Jnll.
Tel. -M41
Asa. Meteaaaz 1I.M4
Calla 12 Ot*l* n*. iS
Calla '*" Na. U huu
Ava. Caatrai 12-m
APROVECH:Pintura y asmarlas
istra brillantes amaba *e asaba.
1.3.25 olea. Almacenes Treaieu-
II VNDEN:Clavas, tabana aet".
acara acanalada, fir-Te i cartea
isloder pare calas rasas) atada-
ras, levmonos, excusadas, ate. a
la* precias ms bajas aa plata.
a. Helena* a Juaa Flanea. Tal
E VENDE: Incubotloro elctrico.
Tal. 3-0255._______________________
F VENDE:Por viaja, gallinas ti-
nos, ponedoros. carotas, blancas.
a precio razonable. Pedregal corre-
tera Villalobos, caso No. 7.
iE VENDEN:Dos hornos de gos po-
ro Dulcera. Telfono 3-1560.
-.E VENDE:Ampliadora de fotos
con caballete y cortador con ex-
tras, Rizzo 1573-1 corretera Ga-
viln. Balboa.
iE VENDE: Llegoron los famosas
plumos Esterbrook. Coso Zoldo,
Avenida Centrol No. 45.
ie aceptarn propuestas en la ofici-
na del gerente general del depar-
tamento de comisoriotos, situoda en
Mt. Hope, Zona del Conol, hasta
los 3:00 de la torde del viernes
20 de obril de 1951, pora *uPlir
90,000 libras, o alternativamen-
te -15.000 libras de azcar fina
gronulodo. Los formularios para
hacer dichos propuestos con todos
los pormenores podrn obtenerse
en lo oficino del Supply b Service
Director en Balboa Heights, o de
la oficina del Gerente General da
Comisaiiotos en Mount Hope.
Encuentra oposicin
ias decisiones de las Naciones
Unidas para repeler la agre-
sin. La mocin de "unirse pro
jaz" recomienda especificamoi.-
tc que las repblicas america-
nas unidades matares "para el
envicio en apoyo de la accin
emprendida por las Naciones
Colombia, Uruguay y Cuba
lo obstante, insistieron en que
.as resoluciones no son lnco.v.-
atibles con la Carta de 'as
.'iaclones Unidas, y dijeron que
otramente dan realidad a ios
acuerdos pasados sobre solida -
:ldad entre las repblicas amc-
La subcomisin cre tamitn
i.onsolidad los dos grupos de ta-
. eluciones que tienen a su eai-
,.o. Una combinar el sentido
>.e las tres propuestas para or-
anizar la defensa militar del
.emisfelo mediante estudios ce
i Junta de Defensa nter Ame-
. icana y el suministro del ata-
i erial e instruccin necesarios
i nalizadas.
La otra pnencia consolidar
as resoluciones de seis nacio-
nes y la Boliviana en apoyo se
is Naciones Unidas.
Bienes Races
SE ALQUILA:O se vende. Cosa da
campo en Chorrero (Ei Cocol Tal.
SE VENDE:Lote da terreno en Par-
que Lafevre, 1000 M2. Esquina
Caifa- C v D. Precio 8.2.50 M2.
Llama Tal. 3-3224.
SE VENDE:Magnfico chalet dos ra-
cimaras, solo-comedor, cocina, ser-
vicios, porch, 600 metros cercados,
garage, por solo B.3,500 pago ini-
cial. Patterson. 2-2346.
SE VENDE:En Chorrero, chalet, so-
la, racimara, dos dormitorios, ser-
vicio sanitario, 4002 Barato. In-
formes Cantina Nueva Espaa.
SE VENDE:Dos lotes en Los Cum-
bres, 25 minutos de Ancn, todas
utilidades adquiribles, cerca cuesta
benita, como 1,000 M2. seccin
creciente, buena inversin y s para su casa. Para informes llame
2-1293 Balboa o escriba P. J.
Runktl, Apdo. 249, Diablo Hghts.
De oportuno
dante y profano. Pero desearla
dbil eco del clamor popular
ernacionalistas que. a no du-
darlo, entonarn, hasta hacer-
las resonar en el marco solem-
ne de la Cuarta Conferencia de
Cancilleres de las Americas, sus
voces de solidaridad con la Cau-
sa panamea que tan bien ha
patetizado el edltorlalista.
Al que se ha declarado CAM-
PEN de la Causa bolivariana
en el seno de esa Augusta Con-
ferencia, la Divina Providencia
ha puesto en sus manos la cla-
ve de la solucin de la Nues-
tra... tan semejante y cunto
fls simple que aquella. Loada
sea La Voluntad Divina!!
Del Sr. Director, muy atenta-
Demstenes Vergara.
Cdula No. 28-38252.
SE VENDE:El Comitarioto Paitilla.
calle 13 No. 8, San Francisco. Te-
lfono 3-2569.
VENDO lotes para edificar desde B.
1.25 en adelante M2. Tambin re-
sidencias con renta, y edificio co-
mercial en Ave. Centrol. MARTI-
NEZ. Vio Porras 58, frente teatro
SE VENDE: En el Espino de La
Chorrera, casa de concreto, sobre
bases, luz elctrica, agua, servicios
modernos, toda comodidad; irboles
frutales. Tal. 2-3090. Panami.
SE NECESITA:Carguera con expe-
riencia y responsabilidad. Buen
sueldo. Via Espea No. 23, bojos.
SE NECESITA:^Cacinera que sepa
cocinar y goce de salud. Calle 50
(Jos de San Martin) No. 10.
SE, NECESITA:Cocinera que haga
oficios domsticos poro dos per-
sonas, debe dormir en el empleo.
Traigo recomendacin, Avenida
Mxico No. 56.
SE ALQUILA:Piso entrodo Inde-
6endiente. No. 4. calla lo. Parry
ill. 3. dormitorio;, dos bonos,
garoge. Informes Tal. 2-2374.
SE ALQUILA:Poro familia pequea,
apartamento dos racimaras, cocina,
servicios independientes, parada
autobus, B.40.00, esquina Calle 3a.
con Avanioo 5o. Son Francisco. 2-
SE NECESITA: Cocinera compe-
tente paro 4 personas y dispuesta
a ir al interior cuondo sea nece-
sario B. 12.00 quincenoles, Ave B,
No. 61.
SE NECESITA:Empleada para ser-
vicios generales de casa, que no
sea muy joven, tiene que dormir
en casa. Ave. Monuel Mora de
Icozo No. 26 Campo Alegre.
SE NECESITA:Empleada responsa-
ble para trabajo en general qua
sepa planchar para dos personas,
buen sueldo, hoy que dormir en
coso. Call 46 No, 22.
SE NECESITA:Empleado para ser-
vicio de casa con, experiencia y
bueno recomendacin. Avenida Pe-
r 28, tercer piso.
SE NECESITA:Empleada qu* co-
nozca trabajo de Abarrotera. No
venga sin saber. Acuda a Comisa-
riato Sitton en Calle Coln.'
Alumnos novatos e intermedios, pue-
den aprender o tocar piano, m-
sico corriente o popular en curso 4
6 meses, los que saben clisi-
ca en 3 meses o menos. Estudio
Piano Bennett. Juan B. Sosa No.
9. Tel. 2-1282.
SE NECESITAN:Agentes vendedo-
res de club de muebles, con refe-
rencias. Mueblera Tun (mueble
ganado mueble entregado,) Aveni-
da Central 200.
SE NECESITA:Empleado poro cui-
dar seora invilida. Debe dormir
en empleo. Sueldo B.30.00. San
Francisco de la Caleta Calle pri-
mera No. 2, al lado de la, Iglesia.
SE NECES/TA:Empleada para ser-
vicios domsticos. Dormir en al
trablo.. Traiga recomendacin.
Calle 38, No. 35. frente Embaja-
da Americano.
SE NECESITA:Carguera para dos
nios. Dormir en cosa. Con refe-
rences. Colle 44 No. 31. Tel. 3-
SE NECESITA:Buena cocinera que
sepa disponer y que tenga buenas
recomendaciones. Avenida 4 de
Julio No. 19.
SE NECESITA: Dependiente o de-
pendiente de buena apariencia que
hable bien ingls y espaol, que
tenga experiencia y buenos reco-
mendaciones. La Parisin, Ave.
Central 113.
SE NECESITA:Chalet, tres recma-
ras. dos servicios. Area residencial
preferible. Informes telfonos 3-
3199 y 2-0939. .
SE NECESITA:Muchacho que ten-
ga experiencia en trabajo de aba-
rrotera ."La Corona" Vio Espaa
No. 45.
ALQUILASE: Residencia completa-
mente amoblada, altos Golf. Llame
telfono 2-1456.
SE ALQUILA:Chalet completamen-
te'amoblado, solo, comedor, tres
recamaros, 2 baos, porch, terra-
za, garage,' cuarto empleada, jar-
dn, patio grande. Ave. 6a. altos
del Golf, entre Calles 7a. y 8a.
Telfono 3-2541.
SE ALQUILA: Cuorto omoblodo,
cosa moderna, balcn a la calle.
Hombre solo. B.30.00. Colle 17
Oeste No. 70, Apto. 5.
SE ALQUILA:Habitacin con mue-
ble o sin mueble, con bao anexo,
para caballero responsable. Pere-
jil la. Caso 14, Apto. No. 9.
SE ALQUILACuartos a solteros de
buenos costumbres. Avenida An-
cn No. 27, altos.
consulte nuestroa precios!
Los ms bajos de plata!
MUEBLERA europea
Ave. Central y Calle 21 E.
Tels. 2-1830 y 2-1833
De conformidad con lo que
establece el Artculo 777 del
Cdigo de Comercio, ae avisa
al pblico, que por medio de
la Escritura Pblica No. 1408
del 14 de Octubre de 1950 de
la Notara Segunda del Cir-
cuito de Panam. Azucarera
Nacional. 8A. ha comprado a
Sucesores de Jos Vrela B,
S.A. el Ingenio "La Envidia"
situado en Pes. Provincia de
Panami. marzo 27 de 1951
iE ALQUILACuarto con muebles,
fetreda privada. B.6.00 por se-
mana. Avenida Ernesto Lefevre.
Perqu Lefevre. casa 32.
SE ALQUILA:Cuorto en Colle "J"
para persona sola. Informes Tel. 3-
De conformidad con lo que
establece el Articulo 777 del
Codito de Comercio, ae avisa
al publico, que por medio de
la Escritura Pblica No. 48
del 16 de Enero de 1950 de la
Notara Segunda del Circuito
de Panam, Azucarera Nacio-
nal. SA. ha comprado a Jus-
to Pastor Correa Chlari el In-
genio situado en Mensab.
Provincia de Los Santos.
Panam, marzo 27 de 1951.
aer .450.00, Chrysler C.uar 1*41.
F.r S.a.n 1931, Ofasmeaile Cau-
ae 1936. luanes cenaicienei. Van-
la y arbelee, Panama' Auta S. A.
Ave. Jaste Araaamaaa Na. 40.
SE VENDE: Ford 1948 Pick-up,
excelentes condicionas. llantas
nuevas. Ave Cuba 58. Tel. 3-3213
SE VENDE: Studebaker "Cham-
pion", 4 puertas, modelo 1948.
radio, llantas, pintura, mecinica y
perfectamente conservado. Espe-
cial en B. 1,300.00. Ocurro a C. O.
Moson, S. A. (Derechos pagados).
SE ALQUILA:Apartamento dos re-
cmaras, sala-comedor, cuorto em-
pleada, balcn, etc. Bella Vista,
calla Colombia No. 8. Llamar
apartamento No. 5.
SE ALQUILAN: Apartamentos de
una y dos recimaras, sola, come-
dor, cocina, servicios. Calle 7a. No.
15, Lefevre.
SE ALQUILA:Apartamento, dos re-
cimaras, esquina, sala-comedor,
alambrado, $65. 56, Ave. Porros,
llave apartamento 3, Quijano. ca-
lle 8o, No. 15. telfono 3-0234.
ALQUILASE:Apartamento muy c-
modo, moderno, con garage, etc.
caso 5. calle la. Perejil. Llame te-
lfono 2-1456.
SE ALQUILAN: Dos apartamentos
amoblados, con dos racimaras, sa-
la, comedor, cuarto da empleadas,
balcones, etc. Calle 45 No. 34,
SE ALQUILA:Apartamento moder-
no, calle 47 No. 3, dos recimaras,
cuarto servicio, solo-comedor, porch,
garage etc. Llame Tel. 3-3338.
SE ALQUILA:Piso alto, 3 recima-
ras, sala, comedor, porch, cuarto
d lavar, de empleado, garage. In-
formacin bajos. Ave. Juto Arose-
me'na No. 56.
SE ALQUILA: Apartamento chico,
matrimonio solo. Avenido Central
115. Informes Miguel, 10 a 4 p.
m. Altos edificio.
SE ALQUILA:Pora obril, la parte
olto de lo casa Bella Vista. Tabo-
ga, Tel. 3-3488, calle~40, No. 28.
SE ALQUILA:Apartamento omplio.
Calle 14 No. 2, San Francisco,
frente al Golf. Para informes llame
al telfono 2-1752.
SE ALQU/LA:Apartamento da tres
cuartos con bolcn y servicios in-
dependientes en Avenida Centrol
No. 125, Tel. 2-3491.
SE ALQUILA:Una pieza a matri-
monio responsable sin nios. Calle
7a. No. 1 I segundo alto de 1 7
p. m.
SE ALQUILAN.-Vorios apartamen-
tos en Visto Hermosa y San Fran-
cisco de la Caleta. Precio razona-
ble. Ocurra Librera Preciado.
E ALQU'LA:Local paro oficina,
orribo del Teatro Centro..
Artculos de Casa
SI VENDE:Mueblas 4 ca-taar.
muebles aa sale, cania aeble Sim-
mans. refriaereaera fas Serval, ta-
ja a gracias 4 acasin. Plantara
Nacieaal, Central 210.
SE VENDE:Una refrigeradora Gen-
eral Electric, 12 pies, dos puertas,
60 ciclos. Lime al Tel. 2-100)
SE VENDE:Juago de muebles da
mimbre, barato, en buenas condi-
ciones. Tel. 2-4376 en colle J.
de la Ossa. cosa 8, No. I-B.
SE VENDE: Por motivo de vioja.
juego racimaras caoba, estante 2
cuerpos, cmoda, cama tres cuartos,
masito noche B. 195.00. Meso da
comedor, aparador, 6 sillas. 8.150.
00. Estufa Helbit, 4 fogones y hor-
no. Perfectas condiciones, 8.75.-
00. Calle 40 No. 28, oltos. Tel.
SE VENDE: Refrigeradora Norge
nueva 8.4 pies, 60 ciclos, mejor
oferto. 1489 Dohrmon o Balboa 2-
SE VENDE:Estufa de gas Roper.
nuevo precio. Razonable. Calla Es-
tudiante No. 82, bajos.
SE COMPRA:COPIA de produc-
cin nocional exclusivamente, en
cualquier cantidad a B. 250.00
lo tonelada da 2,000 lbs. netos bien
limpio y seca, puesto y pesodo en
nuestro planto da la ciudad de Pa-
ACEITES. 5. A. Apartado 1910.
Panami, R. Tel. 3-1371.
tido) de primera calidad o 1.0.16
la libra nato, en cualquier can-
tidad da Panami. Se advierte que
M rechazar todo sebo da proce-
dencia extranjera a todo sebo na-
cional que haya sido mezclodo con
sebo extran|ero. CA PANAMEA
DI ACIITIS. S. A., Carretera del
Aeropuerto. Tel. 3-1371.
ib ALQUILAN:Exclus.vamente pa-
ra oficinas locoies cntricos en la*
altos da Avenida Central 44 -a
precios mdicos. Solicitan Infor-
macin en Almacenas 5 v 10 can-
SE ALQUILA:Ideal pora peluquera
nios, monicurista o modista, bello
local comercio! en Calle 48 Este
No. 11. Bella Vista, B.55.00. In-
formes en Refresquerlo Pingino,
al lodo, o llama Tal. 3-1897.
SE ALQUILA:Paro clnica, negocio,
tienda o depsito, local Avenida
Per, esquina Calle 36. B.60.00 3-
SE ALQUILA:Local en colle 3o.
No. 15. propio para oficina o de-
psito, para informes Home tel-
fono 3-1147.
SE ALQUILA:Un local muy omplio
de 400 metros cuadrados en ca-
lle 22 Oeste No. 3. Propio pora
taller, garage, depsito, etc. Paro
informes Home telfono 3-1147.
I. IROOWIRPintor de cosas, con-
tratista, consejos tcnicos, garan-
ta por jn ao. Dresuouettos gratis.
Tal. 2-1276
Si Ud. o su nio tienen un cutis de-
licado o seco, protjalo, lavndose
con ,
con aceite de aguacate. De venta
en las farmacias y en los buenos
PERDIDO:Por el Teatro Central se
han perdido anteojos de seoro.
Se le dar gratificacin al que los
entregue al Caf Taboga. Tel. 3-
Botes y Motores
SE VENDE:Motor de barco 50 H.P.
marca Redwing. Perfecta condi-
cin, completo con eje y hlice.
Gango* Escriba L. E. M. Aptdo.
2857, Cnstbol.
De Vento en
Sus oficios domsticos
se le facilitarn usando
accessorios de gabinete
tales como Toalleros Desapa-
recedores. Tablillas para tazas
v Ganchos para ollas
Geo. F. Novey, Inc.
Ave. Central 279 TeL 3-0140
Alambre de repello
Ricardo A. Mir,
Ave. B No. 68
Tel. 2-2988
Nuestros ESPEJOS
embellecen el hotel
El Panam
Calle 16 Este #4 Tel. 2-260*
. Alambre de Pas
de 1 pulgada
. Platos de Cartn
. Machetes 'Collins'
. Alambre
para gallinas
Almacenes Romero
Ave. Norte No. 48
a Lt mat antigua,
a La ms acreditada.
La de mayor stock.
Rio Abajo #1MTeL 3-0324.
Almacn Calle "1" #4
TeL -I75t
Cuando lo crean
bajo del Paralelo.
Algunas patrullas de las Na-
ciones Unidas lueron rechaza-
das por la violenta reaccin
'ii los rojos chinos, despus it
avanzar hasta dos millas y me-
dias de la frontera en el Ire.'.-
ie central sobre Chunchon y
un corresponsal de la Prensa
Unida inform desde el Cuar-
tel del Octavo Ejrcito que los
rojos estaban trabajando le-
orilmente en la instalacin de
nuevas trincheras y defensas a
lo largo de un frente de setenta
Refuerzos blindados comunis-
tas se estaban moviendo ha .a
> 1 sur a lo largo de los canti-
llos occidentales a 25.millas al
.orte del Paralelo debajo ae la
capital roja de Pyongyang.
Este movimiento de tanque y
refuerzos comunistas le dl a la
aviacin aliada oportunidad de
entrar en accin. Los
aliados destruyeron siete tan-
guea y le dieron duro a ms Je
2100 vehculos rojos que se en-
contraban congestionados en js
caminos norcoreanos anoche-
Seis trenes comunistas fueron
divisados y atacados tambin
Las tropas surcoreanas en la
costa oriental capturaron i
Chosan en la costa y Kara por,
> millas de tierra adentio,
avanzando milla y media en
tcirltorlo norcoreano.
Un nmero de aviones a is-
Uopropulsin comunista y nor-
teamericano sostuvieron tos
jo.nbates cerca la frontera de
Manchuria hoy. Un portavoz iie
la 5a. Fuerza Area dijo que
ios combates comenzaron cuan-
do los aviones comunistas tra-
taron de atacar a 38 super i oi-
laiezas del tipo B-29 que bom-
bardeaban las Instalaciones en
el Ro Yal.
Inmediatamente entraron 32
aviones de retropropulsin ani-
do en accin y despus de diez
minutos de combate los aviones
ojos se retiraron con un avion
menos y dos averiados.
El segundo combate sostenido
le entre tres aviones aliados
a retropropulsin y ocho ovu-
iics comunistas. No se ,ha re-
portado ninguna destruccin o
daos en este combate, aunque
ti resultado fu reportado como
Resuelva su problema de
Pintura visitando los
Atencin esmerada
por expertos en pintara
"Las Minas del
Rey Salomn" para
la prensa maana
Maana a las 10 a.m. ser ex-
hibida para los miembros tic la
prensa la super-producclu en
coiores de la Metro Goldwjn
Mayor "Las Minas del Rey Sa-
lomn" en el Teatro Bella Vlsw.
Todos los miembros de la
prensa local han sido invitados
para esta funcin especial
"La Malvada"
por su produccin "La Malvada"
Darryl F. Zanuclc, cuyo estu-
dio hizo "La Malvada" rompi
el "record" de la industria al
ganarse por tercera vez el Pre-
mio Irving Thalberg por "ia
consistencia en buenas produc-
ciones durante los ltimos tres
aos." Casi todos los honores de
este ao fueron ganados por "La
Malvada", siguindole 'Sunset
'La Malvada" gan seis pre-
mios, incluyendo el Irving Tnal-
ber, y "Sunset Boulevard" se
llev tres.
La mejor pelcula en lengua
extranjera fu "Las Murallas de
Malapaga" (Franco-Italiana).
La mejor produccin musical
fu ganada por Adolph Deutsch
y Roger Edens por "Annie Get
Your -Gun". La mejor apuntua-
cln para dramas o comedias,
fu ganada por Franz Waxman
por "Sunset Boulevard". La me-
jor cancin usada en pelculas
fue "Mona Lisa" por Ray Evans
y Jay Livingston. El mejor ar-
gumento para pelcula fu "Pa-
nic in the Streets" por Edna y
Edward Anhalf.
Esta es la primera vez en la
presentacin de los Oseares que
ni el mejor ni la mejor actriz
estuvieron presentes para reci-
bir los premios. Tanto Judy
Holliday como Jos Ferrer se
encontraban en Nueva York.
Ferrer declar: "Esto consti-
tuye un voto de confianza a al-
go ms que mi habilidad como
actor". Ferrer se refiri a su
reciente aparicin en Washing-
ton ante el Comit de Activida-
des Comunistas, el cual investi-
ga la influencia comunista en
Hollywood. Ferrer neg que sim-
patizaba con los comunistas.
La negativa
Altara VIM ales
Tarifas: Incluyendo Ins 3 comidas, desde:
Diariamente: 11/ ft.eo v m>
Semanalrnic: B/M.aa j mis
Tarifas pedales para familia* i hues-
pede* de larfo liempa
Para reservaciones llame poi relefeno
escriba o telegrafi
o visite a te Agente de Valas
67 42.50
Rifles Automticos
Calibre 22
P S + A
Tenemos en existencia:
de toda clase
2* x 6 y 2' x 8'
Calibre 26
Agencias Globales
Via Espaa No. 121
Tel. 3-1503
Bajo control oficial
prominentes funcionarios ofi-
Otro Indicio de que puede es-
tarse oreDarando la reanuda-
| cin de La Prensa se vio en
I la declaracin de la comisin
mixta del Congreso oue inter-
I vino La Prensa, que declar
oue se est preparando la for-
ma de pagar los sueldos y jor-
nales a todo el personal del
. diarlo y oue no se detar ce-
sante a nineuno. Por otra par-
te, la Com'sin ha publicado
haber recibido distintas peti-
ciones de los Sindicatos auspi-
ciados por el Gobierno, exhor-
tando a la expropiacin de La
"Descartes" do en "Demo-
cracia" que la clausura de La
Prenda se debi parcialmente a
."un alto funcionarlo extranje-
ro que es abogado de WpII
Street" v quien segn "Descar-
tes" hizo "declaraciones des-
ve"on?adas e indiscretas".
El funcionario extranjero a
oue se refiere "Descartes" pue-
de ser el Pecretario de Estado
de EE. TJU.. Dean Acheson o
el Ser-retarlo Auxiliar nara a-
sunto' latinoamericanos. Ed-
ard Miller, ouieres indicaron
que la clausura de la Prensa
"odia lesionar el mejoramien-
to de relaciones entre Estados
Un'dos v Argentina.
La Comisin mixta del Con-
"eso de^lpr hov que el Dr
Alberto Oainza Paz. director y
propietario de La Prensa, haba
sacado de los archivos del dia-
rlo la correspondencia confi-
dencial del extranlero antes de
salir para Uruguay. Agreg que
se ha interrogado a numerosos
empleados de la gerencia y se
continuar investigando la des-
La Comisin dl|o oue^st es-
tudiando la situacin "de las
personas conectadas con el dia-
rlo y que subrepticiamente im-
primieron y distribuyeron con
intencin de confundir la onl-
nin pblica, fragmentos de
declaraciones de Galnza Paz
ante el Notario antes de la In-
tervencin del diario y su huida
para el extranjero".
jcvo de los agresores ea
Los partidarios de la actiud
de MacArthur dicen que la
eaccin China as consecuencia
inevitable de la "poltica de ti-
midez" de Washington y Lon-
dres que han asegurado 4 d
China no tienen nada que te-
mer continuando su ocupacin
de norcorea. Esas fuentes di-
cen que las Cancilleras aa
Washington y Londres han p.-i-
' ado a MacArthur de la lber*
Ud de accin que un Comun-
ante en campaa debe tenor
para emplear la amenaza -e
toda la fuerza bajo su mancio
con el objeto de hacer a 0J
contrincante avenirse a nego-
La emisin de Pekn llama a
MacArthur "el principal cnr.i-
.al de la invasin de Corea".
Dijo que la declaracin del gi-
bado "insultaba a los puebles
Chinos y Coreanos" y "exiga
insensatamente la orden de ne-
gociar con los agresores nor-
La Radio de Pekn calific ta
declaracin como "una fanfa-
rronada desvergonzada que no
merece la consideracin del tSo-
uicrno C'nlno". Dijo que los pue-
blos Chino y Coreano "tienen
poder absoluto para liberar a
toda Corea".
Despus de rechaza* la pio-
puesta de MacArthur la Radio
de- Pekn trasmiti tambin (ti
euitorlal del rgano comunu'a
o.ue dice que la afirmacin aH
MacArthur que los chinos y
norcoreanos no pueden conti-
nuar la lucha 'carece absoiuwi-
mente de fundamento".
"S los pueblos Chinos y Co-
lanos colaboran y luchan, e
sesuro que derrotarn a los Im-
perialistas norteamericanos y
tienen poder absoluto para li-
belar toda Corea. Tal poder nt
puede contenerlo el poder ot-
val ni areo de ninguna espe-
cie'. El editorial agrega: "Eca
ciimlnal, MacArthur, hizo u,:a
declaracin ertremadamente t-
riesponsable el 24 de Marzo. A-
menaz abiertamente con la ex-
tensin de la guerra al teril-
torlo Chino".
Manifiesta que la declaracin
"expone completamente los ra&s
malignos y agresivos designios
del imperialismo norteamerica-
no, y demuestra que los agre-
soi es de Estados Unidos son e-
nemlgos de los Chinos. El prin*
clpal objetivo de los im per ala-
las norteamericanos en su a-
resin de Corea, no es Corea
misma sino cometer la agre-
sin contra China, al igual qi'%
la accin de los Imperialistas
.poneses en el pasado".
Dispensario moderno 1
nlclpal. don Rosendo Merel, to-
do el Consejo Municipal; el Dr.
Horacio Daz Gmez, por el Se-
guro Social y tiene capacidad
nara farmacia, laboratorios, sa-
la de espera, clnicas mdicas y
dentales, emergencias, cuartos
de enfermeras, rayos X, opera-
clones, cocina, etc.
--------------,------------------- 1
Dan instrucciones ^
a partir del plazo concedido,
las vallas o tableros de propa-
ganda comercia] ubicados en
carreteras, calles u otras vas,
deben ceirse dentro de la l-
nea de construccin que ms
abalo se especifica:
En calles. 10 metros lineales
desde su centro hasta la ubi-
cacin dd letrero.
En Calle 50, 25 metros li-
ne" les.
En avenidas. 15 metros li-
Fn Avenida Federico Boyd,
22 50 metros lineales.
En la Carretera Nacional, 25
metros lineales.
En la Carretera Translstmlca,
30 metros lineales.
En las carreteras vecinales, 15
metros lineales.
En la Carretera de Panam
Vleio, 25 metros lineales.
En la Va Belisarlo Porras, 15
metros lineales.
En la Via Espaa, 25 metro
En los malecones, 20 metra
Los refugiados
de lo criminal.
En el caso de estos individuos,
la historia es bien triste. Ne-
cesitan ropas que les ayuden
a conseguir un empleo. Las mu-
chachas no lo pasan tan mal,
ya que Inglaterra lea permite la
entrada a muchas como traba-
ladoras del hogar. Pero aqu
llegan muchas familias: madres
con hijos y sin hogar, sin di-
nero y sin alimentos. Este es
el lado ms trgico en estos
refugiados y un problema dif-
cil de resolver, ya que en Ale-
mania escasean los alojamien-
tos, los alimentos y loa em-
pleos para ofrecerlos a quienes
se muestren dispuestos a tra-
De conformidad con lo es-
tablecido en el Cdigo de Co-
mercio aviso al pblico que
por medio de la Escritura No.
410 de 27 de Febrero de 1951
extendida en la Notara Pri-
mera del Circuito de Panam,
he vendido al seor Manuel
Prez A. la Joyera "LA FI-
GURINA", situada en Calle
Herrera 127. Chit.-.
esas GonsAles C.
Cd. 47-43163
clones Unidas en Corea y asi-
mismo se opusieron a la reso-
lucin de seis naciones de "u-
nirse pro paz".
La propuesta de Bolivia ex-
horta a los Ministros a "com-
ptometer los recursos espiritua-
les y materiales de los Estad
Americanos en sostenimiento da
liaaaclas con ata remedio caero, fcil y
barato: Un cuarto litro da asna, una co*
rbarada de gllcerina. 8 cucharadas de Bar
Run- (o a ra de Colonia) y ano rajita do
Compueato de Barbo. Compre eatoa n-
gredtantea en la botica, mteleloe en on
botella y aeles para teir ana cana* ae-
-un las Indicaciones en la raja del Com-
puesto de Barbo.
De conformidad con lo que es-
tablece el Artculo 777 del C-
digo de Comercio, se avisa al
publico que por medio de la
Escritura Pblica No. 49 del
10 de Enero de 1951 de la No-
tarla Primera del Circuito de
Panam el seor Frederick
Stanley Rudeshelm ha com-
prado libre de gravmenes y
de compromisos, al seor Arch
Lawrence Byrne el estableci-
miento comercial denominado
Transportes Baxter y un e-
quipo para empacar mudan-
zas, situado en Calle B No. 70
ciudad de Panam.
Panam, Manto 30 de 1951.
F. S. Rudeshelm.

El proceso atmico en Argentina
se expresa que est en embrin
Surgen diferencias para elegir
presidentes de la Conferencia
Hacen aclaracin
sobre la noticia
que dio el Gbno.
(UP). El proceso termonu-
clear descubierto en Argentina
para la produccin de la ener-
ga atmica, est todava en
etapa de laboratorio, y quiza
no produzca proporclonalmen-
te los mismos resultados cuan-
do de los experimentos hechos
en la Isla Puemul se pase a
los esfuerzos para producir esa
misma energa con fines indus-
Un examen de las declara-
clones hechas el domingo pa-
sado por el profesor Ronald
Richter, quien dirige las labo-
res atmicas en Argentina, re-
vela que el profesor hizo tci-
tamente esa advertencia. Rich-
ter declar en aquella ocasin
que hay que realizar ms ensa-
yos y pruebas para encontrar
la parte critica de la curva de
proporcin entre la magnitud
del experimento y los resulta-
dos prcticos obtenidos.
Al preguntrsele a Richter
cundo se dispondra de ener-
ga atmica para fines indus-
triales, el profesor manifest:
"Resulta algo difcil contestar
porque eso depende de factores
que no estn relacionados di-
rectamente con el trabajo. To-
dava no puedo decir nada
definitivamente porque estos
experimentos dependen de la
construccin d e instalaciones
necesarias y de que se termi-
ne un gran reactor".
"Esto puede explicarse me-
diante el siguiente ejemplo: Los
qumicos realizan un experi-
mento en tubos de ensayo y
tienen xito; si repiten ese ex-
perimento, tambin con xito,
en un receptculo cien veces
mayor, demostrarn que la pro-
porcin no es completa. Por ese
motivo, es necesario estudiar la
curva de proporcin entre los
resultados obtenidos y la mag-
nitud de experimentos realiza-
dos y para elk) pueden ser ne-
cesarios ms ensayos. l*> que
NO ES LA BOMBA "L"Este espectacular golpe de luz puede lla-
marse una bomba "L" si usted cree que es una explosion de lu.
Pero no; se trata de una demostracin de la General Electric, en
la cual se dramatizan las tcnicas para controlar las radiaciones
de luz mediante reflectores, prismas y lentes.________________
es seguro es que se ha pro-, chado varias transmisiones. La
ducido una reaccin termonu- ltima indicaba que la estacin
clear y que ya conocemos la confrontaba alguna oposicin
evolucin necesaria para su a-
plieacin posterior. Pero debe
hacerse resaltar la suerte que
hemos tenido. En realidad se
necesit mucha suerte para re-
solver con xito este problema
en un periodo de tiempo re-
lativamente corto de tres a-
Estacin de radio clandestina
llama a los rusos a rebelin
Una estacin de radio clandes:
tina de la "Rusia Libre" esta
haciendo llamamiento diarios
al "pueblo ruso para que se fil-
tre en las filas del partido co- i
munista y del Ejrcito Rojo con
el fin de derrocar a Stalin.
Estas transmisiones son la pri- i
mera prueba evidente de que lu
resistencia clandestina lleva a |
cabo actividades detrs de la
Cortina de Hierro. Duran quin-
ce minutos y son hechas en
onda corta, constituyendo una
serie de instrucciones al pueblo
acerca de la forma en que de-
be rebelarse.
La estacin clandestina se lla-
ma a s misma "Cuartel gene-
ral revolucionario de la AN8R,"
sigla de la Alianza Nacional
de Solidaridad Rusa, cuyo ob-
jetivo es organizar una revo-
lucin en Rusia, levantando al
pueblo contra Stalin y sus com-
pinches. He aqui el texto-de una
de sus recientes transmisiones:
"Camaradas. amigos, nanse a
la lucha, cumplan con su deber
hacia la patria, aceptando estas
instrucciones del cuartel revo-
lncionario de la AN8R. Propa-
pien la idea revolucionaria, lu-
chen contra el injusto miedo
que ven en otros. Obtengan po-
siciones en el ejrcito, la admi-
nistracin, el partido comunls-
> ta, el Komsomol, en las fbri-
cas y granjas colectiva?, que
les permita servir mejor a ja
causa ahora y, lo que es ms
Importante, cuando sea derro-
cada la dictadura."
Las transmisiones piden a los
oyentes que repitan sus instruc-
ciones a sus amigos ntimos, que
sean de confianza.
La existencia de esta esta-
cin clandestina anticomunista
en Rusia fu conocida la sema-
na pasada, cuando las estacio-
nes del gobierno norteameri-
cano interceptaron unas mlste-
del gobierno sovitico y que es-
taba preparndose a cambiar de
localidad para evitar ser des-
cubierta. Igualmente tendra que
variar la onda, para que no la
afectaran las de las estaciones
oficiales rusas.
Pruebas de que el movimiento
de resistencia ruso tiene c-
lulas operando activamente han
sido dadas por estas instruc-
ciones, algo misteriosas:
"Atencin, atencin! Todos los
puntos de la zona sexta deben
informar a las direcciones usua-
les, Llamada para los puntos
Bajo las estrellas balcnicas' y
riosas seales en onda CorU./.La h^andad es la garant
Desde entonces se han escu- de la victoria.
La Conferencia de
Cancilleres Americanos eligi
pi evidentes de sus tres coali-
ciones en una sesin en que p.w
piLnera vez se pusieron de np-
ficlesto las divergencias entre
los representanes de los pa-
ses del hemisferio occidental
Los Presidentes y Relatores de
ias tres comisiones son; Comi-
sin Poltica y Militar, Gonz..-
io Restrepo Jaramlllo, de Cj-
lombla, Presidente; Guillermo
evllla Sacasa, de Nicaragua
Kciator. Comisin de Seguridwl
interna, Ernesto Dihigo, de Cu-
ba, Presidente; Neftal Ponce,
de Ecuador, Relator. Comlcicn
Econmica; Joao Neves Da Pon-
loura, del Brasil, Presidente;
Alberto Cmpora Domnguez, de
Uruguay, Relator.
En cuanto a la primera co-
misin, Neves Da Fontoura p:o-
juso a Restrepo Jaramlllo pu-
la Presidente y Estados Unidos
Jo apoy, siendo elegido por u-
nanlmldad. Despus, Colomoia
apoy a Sevilla Sacasa pr.t
La primera divergencia se pu-
fo de manifiesto con motvo de
la eleccin de DThlgo para la
Presidencia de la segunda co-
misin. Dihigo recibi 18 voto?,
Fouce de Ecuador dos, y el
Canciller de Paraguay, uno.
votacin fu secreta, de modo
<.uc se desconocen cuales pul-
ses votaron contra Cuba-
Slnembargo, personas que a-
oiotieron a la sesin informaron
qc el Canciller Dominicano,
Virgulo Daz Ordez, dijo t,ue
.10 poda aceptar que se propu-
siera a Dihigo porque represen-
luba a un pas en el cual se tt*-
oian graguado conspiraciones
contra la Repblica Dominicana.
El Canciller Interino de Mxi-
co, Manuel Tello. explic e
al elegirse a Dihigo se haria
' a base de sus cualidades per-
sonales y no como representan-
te de Cuba. Dihigo, sinembaro.
manifest que l no podia na-
cer distinciones entre su per-
dona y su pas. En ese momen-
to se someti a votacin la
cuestin y Dihigo fu elegido.
La eleccin del brasileo he-
ves Da Fontoura puso fin a un
"Impasse" creado cuando se
propuso al Per en conversacio-
nes extraoficiales antes de la
detrs de la Cortina de Hierro
han sido motivados por el he-
cho de que los acusados se ha-
ban negado a aceptar los dic-
tados del Politburo en vez de
los del Vrvtlcano.
"El principal objetivo de Sta-
lin era controlar las Iglesias en
donde existe la confesin. La
iglesia rusa, como la romana,
exige la confesin. Los sacer-
dotes de la nueva generacin,
entrenados en el marxismo, son
miembros de la NKVD. Su mi-
sin es ganarse la confianza de
sus feligreses y revelar sus ac-
titudes espirituales al cuartel
general de la polica secreta.
"La 'primera Roma' fu fun-
dada por San Pedro. La 'segun-
da Roma', segn las enseanzas
de la iglesia bizantina, fu
Constantinople. Cuando sta ca-
y en manos de los musulma-
nes, la poltica de Mosc fu
establecer una "ercera Roma'
bajo la jurisdiccin del patriar-
ca ruso.
"Rasputin se convirti en el
genio del mal de este sistema,
ante los ojos del pblico. El
bolchevismo ateo dio al traste
con la hegemona de la iglesia
TANTAS RUEDAS PARA QUE?Esta complicada mquina parc-
3ue sirve para aleo, pero no es as. Barbara Wahlstrom le ha
ado un nombre, pero tampoco nos importa. La construy su
padre para un concurso de pasatiempos y contiene ms de 600
piezas, engranajes y ejes, pero sin uso prctico. Es mejor que
la botemos.
El poltburo comunista est
organizando iglesia roja
para oponerla a la catlica
- isizskas??* wr^^s^^
EL COLEGIO LA SALLE En este Colegio se seguir impartiendo toda la enseanza, como
tx isit^w m ^ dad_ ha_ta e, vnseoit con Unto xito.
comida atli
moj Vendido por:
Servido por:
Hotel El Panam Balboa Clubhouse
Pete's Jardn Catalina Hospital Panam
El Rancho Balboa Y. M. C. A.
Como I* linn Downing no lltnt telfono toda i la
iriaic llamar al Balboa 334*.
MUNICH, Baviera, Alemania,
Marzo (EPS). Una quinta co-
lumna en las iglesias cristianas
es el plan que est desarro-
llando rpidamente el polltbur
para vencer la resistencia de
los lderes espirituales del Oc-
cidente, segn el profesor Ivan
Mlrchuck, rector de la Univer-
4nauguracln de la Conferencia
para el cargo de Presidente de
la Comisin de Asuntos
8c supo que varios pases se
opusieron a la candidatura Pe-
ruana y sugirieron que se se-
leccionara a otros pases como
Uiuguay, Ecuador y Venezuela.
Ponce propuso oficialmente i i
brasileo Neves Da Pontoura
paia la Presidencia de la Co-
misin Econmica y Dihigo pro-
puso a Domnguez Cmpoia.
Nevos Da Fontoura fu elegico
por once votos, recibiendo Do-
mnguez Cmpora siete y Ma-
nuel Gallagher de Per dos. Se
deposit un voto en blanco. ma
pues Domnguez Cmpora iu
elegido por unanimidad Relator
Se esa comisin-
sldad Libre de Ucrania, quien
nos dijo recientemente lo que
"Stalin ha revivido la poli-
tica de una 'tercera Roma' inau-
gurada por Ivn el Terrible."
El viejo profesor, en cuya ca-
beza se ven ya hilos de plata,
dijo en esta entrevista conce-
dida en la universidad donde
ensea merced a los buenos ofi-
cios del gobierno bvaro: "Poca
gente comprende esta poltica.
La ml3in de nuestro departa-
mento de Filosofa es hacerla
"El cambio de Stalln en ma-
teria de religin empez du-
rante la guerra, cuando sus ase-
sores le hicieron ver que el co-
munismo ateo tenia muy po-
cos atractivos para la concien-
cia mstica y espiritual de la
humanidad. Muchos eclesisti-
co?, notables vieron dicho cam-
bio con buenos ojos, acogin-
dolo como una vuelta a la 11-
vertad de cultos. El cambio tu-
vo tanto xito que el Polltbur
adopt la poltica de organizar
una nueva iglesia para usarla
como instrumento del marxismo
"Estos juicios que se les han
celebrado despus de la gue-
rra a los sacerdotes catlicos
En ciarlo, alloc iil nulic l,i cualijadci Ja un burn raid.
NE?Cs\Fk brinda taor, futr* j, arom.
KMf Ag ., mn ,,'Mrl. Ji tillan |,ef.*l'v.L.,J- ,- -,
"JJ < !< J, iiilialji mi am .><"
MM ..
EL COLEGIO MIRAMAR Eslt Coleg dar pase a los oros dos y se Tendera.
,He aqu una magnfica oportunidad para usted! tooMq <
le guste entre estos dos modelos de cepillos de dientes
Kolynos. Son cepillos con cerdas Nylon, de ^fato
calidad y en atractivos colore. Un cepillo as se vendera en
Panam por unos 35 centavos; sin embargo, para usted es un.. l
S seor- un regalo de la Crema Dental Kolynos para ayudarlo
! combar las'caries dentales. Cepllese los ^**
de cada comida con Kolynos. usando este ^WRg
es un REGALOfcComo conseguir o? ggggg*
en persona a cualquiera de las oficinas de C ***"
-que figuran ms abajo-y pida el cepillo que ms le guste.
Se lo entregarn gratis a cambio de:
Do. cojo, vaca, d. KOLYNOS, tamao _*
Tre. colas voea. da KOLYNOS, tomona mediana, a,
Sai. caja, vaca, da KOIYNOS, tomona
Si usted lo prefiere, recibir su cepillo de diente, Kolynos .
cambio de:
Una calo vaco de KOLYNOS, tomo, arando y <_>__ _
Z Uno 3 vac* de KOLYNOS, tomona madlano y <*** +
Un. caja vaca d. KOLYNOS, tomona p^ Y O-*
.COMO USTED VI IS UN MOAIOI I Aproveche esta gran
"Jt ^ mlnn. pues la cantidad de cepillos es limitada,
C O. Maten S. A
CfevM. t. P.

eAC'NA f
I <'! AVI.-M (>!. -
I id 'to
Luis Alcaraz y su Orq.
Una Mujer sin Importan-
cia. Dramatizacin.
El Hijo Perdido
Drama Avena Quaker
Coctel musical
Noticiero R.P.A.
Selecciones variadas
Vibraciones del Aire
Nacho Valds
Y Lindsimas Canciones por
Una "X
Super- \
Produccin \.
Filigranas musicales
Msica escogida
Noticiero Deportivo
Por Merel y Aranfo
Solos de rgano
Lucho Azcrraga
El Caballero Varona
Novela "Camel"
El Radio Peridico
Donde el Rio Nace.
Novela dramatizada.
Msica popular
Msica variada
Melodas escogidas
Acordes porteos
El Hit Musical de Hoy
Msica sin palabras
El Cancionero Nocturnal
Buenas Noches.
6:00 Buenos Das
6:03 El Despertador Musical
6:30 Noticiero
7:00 Melodas hawalianas
7:15 Espaoleras
7:30 Melodas matinales
8:00 Grandes maestros
8:30 La Voz de Hoy
8:45 Ritmos norteamericanos
9:00 Delicias tropicales
9:30 Estrellas de la msica
9:45 Cantares de Mxico
10:00 Peticiones
11:45 Comentarlos Vldela
12:00 Msica tiplea
12:15 Noticiero
12:30'MsIca de saln
12:60 La Fiesta Hpica de Hoy
1:00 Aires colombianos
1:15 Carrera
1:30 Cantares de Mxico
1:45 Carrera
2:00 Cancionero de la tarde
2:45 Carrera
3:00 Acordes porteos
3:15 Carrera
Aire Acondicionado
1:10, 2:50, 5:00, 7:00, 0 p.m.
VEA! Dos gigantes-
cos guerreros Wa-
tuzis en un duelo
a muerte!...
Progresa programa
de movilizacin
en Estados Unidos
1USI8) El programa de ios
criados Unidos de movilizacin
para la defensa est realizan-
do excelente progreso, segn
cclara Charles E. Wilson, Di-
rector de la Oficina de Movi-
El seor Wilson manifest en
una conferencia con los perio-
distas que el progreso efectuc-
U en el programa de defensa
Jebe dar en qu pensar a cual-
quier agresor potencial.
Dijo que la oficina a su car-
go har pblico un informe so-
ore el progreso alcanzado en el
curso del primer trimestre \
Wilson dijo que, an cuando
aminora la tendencia del alza
de precios, espera que llegue el
momento en que los .controles
detengan por completo la in-
flacin. Subray la Importancia
de este problema Interno' fren-
te a la obtencin fsica de pro-
duccin para la defensa.
Tambin manifest el seor
Wilson que est en marcha el
establecimiento de un comit
de administracin obrera en su
Dijo el Administrador que es-
t listo un plan para el con-
trol de los materiales y que su
empleo depender de la nece-
sidad de asegurar el sumlnlst.-o
de lo que necesiten los servidos
armados, y que el objetivo del
piograma de movilizacin es a-
segurar ese servicio con el ii;i-
nlmun de Interrupcin de n
economa civil.
Celebrarn en Miami
primera conferencia
americana de msica
MIAMI, Florida. Marzo 20
(UISi Artistas y musiclo-
gos distinguidos de pases a-
mericanos asistirn a la P1-
mera Conferencia Interamevi-
cana de la Msica, la cual se
celebrar aqu del 8 al 14 de
La Conferencia es auspiciada
por la Federacin Nacional de
Clubs Musicales,' una Institucin
wue represeta aproximadamen-
te a 5.000 entidades dedicadas
a esta actividad artstica.
Los conciertos de los artlslps
visitantes, que coincidirn con
ia celebracin de la Semana
Panamericana, constituirn u-
na Importante atraccin-
Los gobiernos de los pases
latinoamericanos han sido in-
vitados a enviar delegados ofi-
ciales a la Conferencia, segn
informa la seorita Irma Li-
bastille, directora ejecutiva. Va-
nos pases piensan enviar a sis
ministros de Educacin y Mi-
nistros de Cultura y Bellas Ar-
tes. Participarn en esta reu-
nion varias de las ms destaca-
das instituciones musicales de
los Estados Unidos.
tiene los
mejores programas
Cmo baila Lilia Prado...!
Y cmo cantan Antonio
Bfld y Rita Maccdo...!
El. era un desalmado, pero
Ella lo amaba mucho hasta
que comenz a odiarle... y
los bailes de Lilla Prado
presipitaron su desgracia!...

Otra seleccin de Eldorado
y otro xito!
BUnquiuAMARO Nt.tot d. BARBOSA
NOTA:Los menores de edad slo podrn entrar si vienen
acompaados por sus paires!
La Compaa Cubana De Comedias
A LAS 8:30 p.m.
Los cancilleres
americanos estn
en plena labor
(SIS) Los Ministros de Re-
laciones Exteriores de las Re-
pblicas Americanas estn or-
ganizando comits y preparn-
dose para abordar los detaiies
de su reunin consultiva en
inters de la seguridad y de-
fensa comunes de estos paisas.
En su sesin de ayer los can-
cleres crearon tres comits
nicos que tendrn a su carcj
los puntos del temarlo': CoopeJ
i acin Poltica y Militar, ScguJ
ridad Interna y Cooperacin E-|
conmlca. Los miembros de ios
comits, en los que estarn re-
presentadas todas las repUR
tas, sern anunciados en bdeeJ
El Secretario de Estado di
los Estados Unidos, Dean Achc
son, quien habla sido nombia
do Presidente provisional de li
Conferencia, lo ha sido ahor
con carcter permanente- 8x
eleccin fu propuesta por ei.
doctor Alberto Domnguez Cm-I
pora, Ministro de Relaciones!
Exteriores. '
le acelerar el pulso co-
mo nunca antes en esta
emocionante historia de
amor y suspenso!
**** b, R. J. mmmr D.rd ltrMr4 gS1
EiMutlvt Producir Mmrlc* Cttrtr
A Cun.boroufh Plcturt *, Elf|, Ll ,l[mt Mtm
Un Teatro de distincin, elegante, cmodo, con lo mejor
en proyeccin y sonido, y su sistema de aire purificado
que lo hace el ms fresco de Panam!...
Sensacional Estreno del Cuento de Aventuras
Aladino y la Lmpara Maravillosa
El Gran Tablero Mgico NESTLE
con Premios en Efectivo y Regalos a los Nios!
LUNETA: 30 cts. BALCN: 20 cts.
La ms hermosa Cancin
Mexicana convertida en una
Magistral Pelcula !
En una Hermosa Cancin convertida
en una Gran Pelcula!
FERNANDO SOTO (Mantequilla) en


Por R. L. B.
1El Educacin Social
2Su responsabilidad espiri-
3La parte activa de la mujer
en la Educacin Fsica.
Numerosos ciclistas participarn en la
marathn del prximo domingo de
Panam hasta C apir a y regreso
1La mujer durante la era
griega constitua en verdad un
ser relativo dentro del grado de
la sociedad. Todo ello arranca
de la formacin poltica y espi-
ritual del pueblo griego. Dentro
de la religin griega, el hombre
(el sexo masculino) era el men-
sajero de los diosesLa religin
griega, politesa por excelencia,
est presente en todas los aspec-
tos de la vida del griego; cons-
tituye el eje de todo el mecanis-
mo social yh asta la finalidad
ultra terrena de sus actos. El
griego crea que el macho ha-
ba sido escogido por los dioses
para guiar la mujer, al nio y al
anciano en todos sus aspectos.
El hombre era pues, el escogi-
do para organizar, dirigir y sos-
tener todos y cada uno de los
aspectos de la vida en comn.
La mujer tuvo que someterse,
por consiguiente, a una especie
de dictadura Impuesta por el
hombre. A la mujer le estaba
vedado tomar parte en los actos
pblicos, pero en cambio deba
cumplir fielmente "las reglas
del hogar" impuestas por el
hombre, que no solo tena que
ver con los asuntos manuales
de la casa, sino tambin, y esto
es lo ms Importante, en la di-
reccin de los hijos, en cuanto
a comportamiento dentro de las
earedes de la casa. Este ltimo
echo constituye lab ase pri-
mordial del desarrollo de la per-
sonalidad social de la mujer. Es
decir, que el griego estableca
con mucha sutileza los princi-
pios que le Impona, que deba
constituir la formacin no solo
espiritual si no cultural de la
mujer. Sin embargo, la mujer
dentro de sus ocupaciones hoga-
reas, lleg a alcanzar verda-
dera importancia debido no a
toda su inteligencia sino a su
habilidad normal y organizado-
ra. Dentro delh ogar, ambiente
relativamente estrecho si lo com
paramos con la libertad donde
se mova dentro de la ciudad,
pudo desarrollar a un alto grado
de conciencia no slo su espritu
sino tambin su cuerpo. Es de-
cir, la mujer griega desarrolla-
ba en pequeo dentro del ho-
gar, parecidos postulados que el
hombre; naturalmente que de
todo esto ella estaba sometida a
la observacin y censura del
eje del hogarNo obstante su
Inters impuesto por la jerar-
qua del macho, la mujer lleva-
da pot el hombre comienza des-
de esto tiempos a preocuparse
enormemente por la higiene de
su fsico, por la belleza de su
cuerpo. *.
ller y el novato Jack Brltton
dejaron en cuatro hit a los Bra-
vos y los Phillies vencieron por
5 a 0 con ayuda de un jonrn
de Willie Jones v triples de Bill
Nichoson y Dick Whitman.
El domtngo se correr la co-
mentada Marathn Ciclista de
Panam a Caplra y regreso con
la participacin den umerosos
La prueba est organizada por
la Comisin Nacional de Ciclis-
mo; partir a las 5 y 30 de la
maana del establecimiento co-
mercial Smoot y Paredes en la
Avenida Francisco de la Ossa;
cruzar por el puente de Mira-
flores y seguir por la carrete-
ra hasta Caplra para regresar
por la misma via v terminar en
el mismo lugar de partida.
Entre los ciclistas Inscritos
para participar en la Marathn
se encuentran Louis "Chino"
Williams y sus hijos Wllfredo y
Kenneth; Carlos Thompson, Os-
ear Layne. Harry Mclntosh, Al-
berto Cruz, Otls Gonzlez, H.
White, Flavio Espino, Arlstldes
Avila, Jos Cederlo, Humberto
Isaza, edro Reyes, Alberto Ro-
mero, etc. Tambin participar
el raldlsta argentino Severo Ar-
mando Vogt; de Coln vendrn
Virgilio Donado, Miguel Delgado
y Mauricio Smith.
Numerosos premios sern do-
nados a los ganadores y peda-
llstas que se destaquen en la
prueba, y entrel os que han ob-
sequiado premios estn Mauri-
cio, Smmot y, Paredes, Casa
Sport, Joyera la Mina de Oro,
Clifford Bolt, Joyera Tahiti, Co
misin de Ciclismo, Cantina tVue
va Espaa de Chorrera, Auto
Servicio S.A., Club Deportivo So-
cial Quinto Patio, Deportivo Pa-
cifico, Ing. Norbecto Navarro,
El Gran "ao"
Ser hoy cuando Chitar contestar si
acepta o no la sede del 8o. campeonato
Chltr pidi prrroga de un
da para contestar si acepta de-
finitivamente o no la Sede pa-
ra presentar el VIII Campeona-
to Nacional de Baseball Ama-
teur, anunciado en principio pa-
ra Inaugurarse el 8 de Abril,
y en ese caso la respuesta de-
ber saberse hoy. -
En caso negativo, la Federa- neo en Chltr.
eln dirigir los trabajos para
tratar de presentar el Campeo-
nato en esta ciudad.
Una Comisin de la Provincia
de Herrera y Liga Provincial de
aquel lugar, se encuentra aqu
tratando de solucionar todas las
dificultades para ofrece* el tor-
ORLANDO (UP)Sencillos de
Sam Dente y de Irv Noren un
pase y un error dieron a los Se-
nadores dos carreras en la no-
vena entrada para vencer a los
Medias Rojas por 8 a 7. Lou
Boudreau de los Madias Rojas
bate de jonrn.
Movimiento de las Grandes Ligas
Surkont y el novato Art Flower
dieron 11 pases y permitieron
ocho hits, pero apesar de esto
los Bravos vencieron a los Phi-
llies por 3 carreras a 2 cuando
Buddy Kerr dio un sencillo en
la cuarta entrada, avanz a se-
gunda por sacrificio de 8urcont
y anot por doble de Gene
Mauch la carrera decisiva.
Un Jonrn con dos en bases de
Henry Thompson en la primera
entrada dl ventaja suficiente
a los Gigantes para vencer por
4 a 1 a los Cardenales. Los Gi-
gantes llevan diez ganados y
seis perdidos en Juegos de prc-
TAMPA (UP)Los Rojos le
Notas del Club
Deportivo Pacifico
Mariano "RANO" 8osa exper-
to en ojos, tcnico en industria
de aguas gaseosas y deportista
ciento cincuenta por ciento, se
jugar esta tarde hasta la ca-
misa del hombre feliz en el jue-
go que su equipo de softball sos-
tendr con los diablos rojos de
El Panam-Amrica.
Mucho cuidado, ao, con que
esta tarde pierdes no solo la ca-
misa, sino hasta el habla...
Pide a los jugadores del equi-
po de ftbol, la asistencia a la
prctica de esta tarde en Ba-
rraca, asi como a la reunin de
esta noche para organizar las
lineas para el juego del domingo
contra el Seleccionado, a la ves
que se entregarn los unifor-
El Club se complace en feli-
citar a la seorita REBECA SIT-
TON, eficiente empleada de la
Mueblera El Diablo, y gran coo-
peradora nuestra, con motivo de
celebrar hoy el mejor de sus
das, que cumpla muchos ms
y que siempre le sonra la feli-
cidad son nuestros deseos.
Nuestro equipo est practi-
cando con gran tesn para estar
en condiciones cuando se Inau-
gure dentro de 10 das el pr-
ximo campeonato de Futbolde
la categora Mayor. Esperamos
que todos los jugadores le pres-
ten la ms amplia cooperacin
al entrenador Rivas, quien es el
actual Director del equipo.
Eld la 14 de Abril, celebrare-
mos nuestro segundo festival
bailable en el Jardn Balboa, y
desde ahora le aururamos un
gran xito como el obtenido en
el primero. Le recordamos a to-
dos los socios que no hayan ob-
tenido sus boletos, que se co-
muniquen con el Tesorero, quien
est encargado de la reparti-
cin de los mismos.
El campeonato de Pool (billar)
sigue con todo entusiasmo, has-
ta ahora solo hay tres parejas
Invictas y son: Bonllla-Gallardo
Boza-BaJarao y R. Melndez-
Flls. Para esta noche estn
anunciado los partidos siguien-
tes: Bonllla-Gallardo vs Cuevas
Fuentes, Duque-Paredes vs Bo-
za-Bejarano. Se pide puntual
asistencia a todos los socios pa-
ra que asistan a la sesin de es-
ta noche al as ocho.
Exilados de Ucrania piden a
Eisenhower que libere sta
caba que tendra que unirse a
esa novena. An cuando el Joven
de 19 aos al que se conside-
ra sucesor de Joe Dimaggio ha
actuado brillantemente al cam-
po-y bate. Stengel ha dicho que
no desea tenerlo en banco du-
rante toda la temporada y es
posible que lo mande a'una no-
vena de las Ligas Menores has-
ta que necesite llamarlo.
MIAMI (UP)Los Dodgers y
Atltlcos terminaron empatados
a siete carreras en nueve entra-
das en que se suspendi el Jue-
go. Pee Wee Reese y Eddie Mllc-
sls Jonronearon por los Dodgers
y Tod Davis y Sam Chapman
por los Atltlcos.
Fred Saigh, Presidente de los
Cardenales dijo que el lanzador
anotaron al Indianapolis de la .. huelas" Howie Pollet esta"
Asociacin Americana siete. ca- j f"^J8*erado" e Cedato-
rreras en la primera entrada y
cinco en la sexta para vencer
g)r 13 carreras a 2. El novato
ob Hazle dio dos dobles y dos
LAKELAND, (UP)Red Rolfe,
manager de los Tigres dijo que
el juego Inaugural de la tem-
porada el 17 de Abril contra los
Indios estar a cargo de Hal
Newhouser o Ted Gray.
jardinero Mickey Mantle, sensa-
cional novato de los Yanquis
firm contrato con el Kansas
City, pero el manager Casey
Stengel dijo que eso no slgnlfl-
Ttfatrttm ... /qu" rfeo./ SemZ* 3*a"
.y se hacen con la mayor facilidad!
Se le agrego leche, eoclnen
unes 5 minutos. ie ss tedel^__
mente ret a Branch Rickey pa-
ra ofrecerle'cambiar el vetera-
no zurdo por el torpedero de
los Piratas Stan Rojek. Dijo que
no tenia en venta a Pollet, por-
que las dems novenas solo ha-
ban ofrecido jugadores de se-
gunda linea en cambio.
Al preguntrsele si "Rickey
ofrecerla a Rojek por Pollet di-
Jo "no creo que Rickey tenga
valor de ofrecer tal cambio". Se
sabe que Salgh y el manager
Marty Marlon estn tratando
de engontrar un torpedero de
reconocida habilidad defensiva
ya que no hay seguridad de
cuantos juegos pueda participar
Marlon quien tiene resentido el
hombro y la rodilla. Rojek se-
ra un excelente sustituto de
En Houston, Texas, Pollet di-
jo que no esta dispuesto a acep-
tar una reduccin del 25% en
su salario anterior de 26 mil
quinientos dlaree y que no es-
ta dispuesto a lugar por me-
nos. Pollet gano 14 juegos el
ao pasado.
TUCSON, (UP)Los Piratas
vencieron por 15 a 12 a los In-
dios%>nectndole 17 hits-a cua-
tro lanzadores. Raph Kiner dio
cinco hits. El cubano Orestes
Mlnoso de los Indios dl su sex-
to Jonrn en desafios primave-
Al sentirse atetada per el caler! lo* da* parteen
interminable Lvete con Jabn de Salud Lifebuoy
(Salvavida) de manera regular y te untu fresca y libre
de cansando. Su profundamente limpiadora eepuma
conserva el frescor da u cuerpo por tapado de ms
tiempo. Decdase a guardar una patulla de Jabn
de Salud Lifebuoy (Salvavida) a man par asegurar
un frescor que dura todo el dia.
Cita al oss Iguientes jugadores
a la prctica de maana sbado
a la i p.m. en el Estadio Nacio-
B. Castillo. Abel Ortega, Di-
mas S. Arias, James Melch, Jor-
ge Iglesias, Jacobo Mili, Jorge
Scantlebury, Eplfanlo Barsallo,
Clarence Bascombe, Carlos Do-
mnguez, Gervasio Prez, Porfi-
rio Ceballos, Temlstocles Aguile-
ra Jos A. Remn, Jos Bazn.
El Director.
tencla de los jugadores: R. San-
tos. A. Frazer, P. Qulntlne, E.
Cuadra, M. Garcern, P. Zapa-
ta, L. Ortega. T. Armuelles F.
Tom y C. Williams. Dirigir la
prctica el nuevo Director Au-
gusto Kam.
MUNICH. Marzo (EPS).Los
dirigentes ucraclos exilados han
enviado un manifiesto al ge-
neral Elsenhower, pidindole
que, en caso de una guerra con
Rusia, sean liberados los pue-
blos que. como el de Ucrcla, han
sido esclavizados por los rusos.
El Dr. Lubomu Makarushka,
uno de esos lderes, nos dijo
hoy en la pequea casa en los
alrededores de Munich en que
"Todava no hemos recibido
contestacin del general Elsen-
hower, y hay razones par supo-
ner que las opiniones estn di-
vididas tanto en su cuartel ge-
neral como en el Departamen-
to de Estado en Washington, en
lo que a esta materia se re-
fiere. Muchos dirigentes occi-
dentales hablan del pueblo ru-
so como si en realidad ste fue-
ra un conjunto homogneo, y
no un conglomerado de millo-
nes de personas pertenecien-
tes a razas y nacionalidades di-
versas, muchsimas de las cua-
les ni siquiera conocen el Idio-
ma ruso.
"Los verdaderos rusos se dis-
tinguen fcilmente de los otros,
porque son comunistas, aunque
puede que no todos sean stall-
nlstas. Pero nosotros, los ucra-
nios, somo Individualistas. La fi-
losofa comunista no ofrece el
menor atractivo para nuestro
"Sin embargo. si llegara a
estallar una guerra entre la
Unin Sovitica y el occidente,
la Ucrania serla la primera en
sufrir los efectos de un contra-
ataque occidental que se pro-
dujera por Alemania o por el
sur, desde el Mar Negro.
"Nosotros le hemos pedido al
general Eisenhower que cuan-
do se estudien los planes estra-
tgicos concernientes al este de
Europa se consulte a los re-
presentantes genulnos de los
pueblos esclavizados por Rusia
antes de adoptar una decisin
final. Entre ellos se encuentran,
adems del ucranio, los de Po-
lonia, los estados del Bltico,
Hungra e, indirectamente, Yu-
goeslava. Bajo el terror ruso,
esos pueblos estn dndose
cuenta de la necesidad de unir-
se para protegerse."
Los ucranios anticomunlstas
tienen un gobierno en el exilio,
que se mantiene mediante con-
tribuciones y la venta de sellos
parecidos a los postales, que
espera que algn dia tendrn
valor oficial. Estos sellos son
usados por todos los ucranios
Ubres del mundo. El Dr. Maka-
rushka nos mostr cartas que
ha recibido de Estados Unidos,
Australia, Inglaterra y Sur Am-
rica, que adems de los sellos
de correo respectivos, tienen es-
tos ortos. Debemos agregar que
todos estos sellos llevan la can-
celacin de las oficinas de co-
rreo del pas de procedencia.
La celebracin del VIII Casa
peonato de Baseball Amateur
qued debidamente aseguraos,
al prometer esta maana el
Contralor General de la Rep-
blica Don Henrique de Obarrlo
entregar los B.5.00( para les
gastos que demanden dicho cer-
Una Comisin compuesta per
el Alcalde de Chltr Sr. Carmelo
Spadafora, Daroherto Burr o, el
Dr. i. J. Vallarino. Daro Ruis
y Arturo Illueca, visit esta ma-
ana al Contralor Obarrlo, quisa
prometi entregar los B.5.000.00.
En esta forma se ha asegura-
do el Campeonato Nacional do
Baseball Amateur y le toear a
la ciudad de Chltr presentar
este Certamen otra ves, al re-
nunciar la sede Santiago de Ve-
MIAMI, (UP)Los Dodgers
enviaron cinco Jugadores a las
menores y llamaron de stas al
lanzador Jack Banta para so-
meterlo a tratamiento mdico,
Banta sufre de dolores en los
brazos desde fines de la tempo-
rada pasada.
EL PASO, (UP)Los Medias
Blancas derrotaron por sexta
vez consecutiva a los Carmelitas
al vencerlos ayer por 7 carreras
a 6 gracias a los poderosos ba-
tes de Jim Busbl y Phil Masl
y a los lanzamientos de Bob
Cain. Los Carmelitas solo han
ganado tres Juegos de los 17 que
han efectuado en las prcticas.
Perdida una oven
que lleg al pas
como 'cabaretera'
La Polica Secreta, estaba
ti atando de obtener Informa-
tion sobre, y localizar a Car-
men Alfar Zamora, Joven de
17 aos, nacida n Costa Rica,
planea, soltera, hija de Teodo-
ro Martinez y Mara Zamora,
quien lleg a esta ciudad por
la va area el 23 de junio da
1950 con el pasaporte 13582 con
un contrato para trapa jar en
el Club Nocturno Rlalto.
La joven Alfaro Zamora se
present en el Cabarets, pero
no trabaj all, pues desapare-
ci rpidamente de los lmUcs
de. la ciudad, sin que hasta aho-
ra se conozca su paradero
La Seccin de Homicidios se
ha dirigido a todas las policas
del pas y an fuera del pas.'
especialmente en Costa Rica y
Venezuela, aunque no hay do-
cumentos de salida en el Mi-
nisterio de Relaciones Exte-
El equipo de basketball Ma-
ne esta noche una reunin-prc-
tica a las 7 en el Gimnasio Na-
cional y pide la puntual ass-
- HOY -
2:55 4:55 6:56 y 9:M
y en el'
2:50, 4:35, :45, 9:00 p.m.
GRANDE ->""*
La Mejor Pelcula de
- con -
Ben Johnson Claude
Jarman Jr. Chill Wills
- en -
de Lunes a Viernes a las 7:00 de la noche!
Vn programa estelar en la radio favorita
Oxea [Panamericana

viernes. m*o i i*!
los equipos I ndepend iente y Santander
se medirn en el juego de apertura
Mlana se Inaugurar el tor-
neo'Infantil de Ftbol de Ba-
rra** que ha organizado y diri-
ge el entusiasta Tem Molina.
JSacto comenzar a las cuatro
d"H tarde en el cuadro de Ba-
rra y en el jue"o ae a-ertura
ae "medirn loo equipos INDE-
Seis conjuntos se disputarn
esta- competencia y los otros
cuatro oncenos son Selecta, No-
vates, Angelini y Fuerte 19.
Antes del primer encuentro
de la justa, se entregarn los
premios de la pasada tempora-
da y el seor Alcalde del Dis-
trito. Lie. ngel Vega Mndez
obsequiar y har entreRa de
un precioso trofeo al equipo
Alemn, ganador del pasado
torneo. El Panam recibir un
trofeo como el equipo ms dis-
ciplinado; el seor FpntRnder
De La Galera De La Fama
A.varez, recibir un diploma de
reconocimiento por su coopera-
I clon hacia este circuito.
El distinguido y popular de-
I :rrtista, Francisco Dltranl, do-
1 nar y entregar un juego de
medallas a los jugadores del
I ernjunto Alemn, ganadores del
' Circuito mediano de la pasada
Las oncenos Santander e In-
dependiente han practicado sa-
tisfactoriamente para este en-
cuentro de apertura y se pro-
nostica un juet^o reido.
Destacadas personalidades de
nuestro deporte, dirigentes de
entidades y asociaciones depor-
tivas asi como redactores y lo- I
cutores deportivos han sido in- I
vitados a esta inauguracin que
promete resultar muy lntere-1
Equipo De Coln Jugar En El
Campeonato Del Ft Local
Seis equipos de primera cate-
gora y seis conjuntos de se-
gunda divisin se inscribieron
anoche para participar en la
Temporada de Ftbol capitalino
que se inaugurar el domingo
15 de Abril en el Estadio Olm-
Entre los equipos del circuito
mayor, se encuentra la solicitud
de un equipo de Coln, la cual
fu aceptada y su representante
es el conocido futbolista Carlos
Los otros conjuntos son el Ib
rico, campen; Pacifico, sub-
campen; Ancn, Huracn e
Hispano. El juego de apertura
correr a cargo de Ibricos y
Tambin present solicitud de
Inscripcin el nu:vo onceno De-
portivo Ditrani. con una nml-'
na que comprende a la gran
mayora del Seleccionado 'Nacio-
nal, una disc.rsinl arRa y ani-
maba se suscit con este motivo.
quedando el asunto en estudio.
En la segunda categora se
inscribieron el Club Alemn, Am
bato. Ancn Jr. Hispano Jr. Hu-
racn Jr. y Santander.
Con todo ninguno de los equi-
pos, se encuentra legalmente
inscrito, ya que unos tienen an
que cancelar la cuota de ins-
cripcin, otros la de fianza, otros
presentar su nmina completa
de jugadores, as como enviar
sus Estatutos y Acta de funda-
cin del Club que los respalda.
En la reunin de anoche de
la Liga Provincial de Ftbol de;
Panam, tom posesin tambin ,
la nueva Directiva, donde el Dr.
Juan Nicosia es el Presidente.
Dr Alberto Blssot. Jr. Vlce-Pre- !
sidente; Justiniano Crdenas,!
Tesorero. Carlos Muoz, Sub-1
Tesorero; Ernesto Martnez, Fis- :
cal; Miguel A. Rlvas, Secretarlo,
Carlos T. Rodrguez. sub-Secre-
tario; Vocales. Mario, Mezquita
v Edmundo Vargas.
En varlaa ocasiones me ha
dado por pensar si los "Comi-
sarlos" de Juan Franco no gus-
tarn de sus paisanos. Observen
nada ms cuando Imponen
sanciones quienes son los victi-
marlos nuestros muchachos; y
los extranjeros parece que go-
zaran de inmunidad. La Injus-
ticia ms grande de los ltimos
tiempos se cometi con BELLU-
Difc PULIDO, un novato que
recientemente invadi el profe-
sionalismo, un muchacho que en
cada presentacin trata de su-
perarse y le Imponen 12 reuni- | Walrus y Delhi,
nes por tratar de ganar una ca-
rrera y cuatro mas por ganar
otra. Pulido es ."panameo" y
Julio Rodrguez que es "extran-
jero", le ponen nada ms 12
reuniones por comprobar que
Blido se destaca en el
cotejo estelar de maana
Diez ejemplares de la Clase "E" se enfrentarn maana en
el principal evento que presenta la cartilla hpica sabatina, so-
bre una distancia de 1,300 metros y por un premio de B'. 550.00.
Esta carrera debe resultar emocionante en todas sus etapas,
va que medirn sus habilidades destacados equinos de la pista.
Entre ellos se destaca el ejemplar argentino Blido cuyas ltimas
presentaciones lo colocan como el lgico ganador de esta grueba.
No obstante tendr que desempearse muy a fondo para poder
obtener el triunfo. Conten peligrosos son The Dauber, Fright y
Mimo. Completan el lote Lituana, Cobrador, Paragon, Nehulnco,
En otra de las carreras principales del programa sabatino
compiten los ejemplares de la Clase "F" sobre un tiro de 1,600
metros y por un premio de B 500.00.
Estn inscritos aqui Gale Force, Tip Top, Wild Wire, In Time,
Own Power. Lacey, Cup of Joy v Porters Star.
He aqu nuestras pronsticos:
gua Stella. La verdad de todo'es EN. LA PRIMERA CARRERA, se destaca Stella. Mr. Espinosa
que entre Rodriguez v su nalaa- i Para_?.' ?e.Ku"d__Mar-
que entre Rodrguez y su paisa-
no Paco Bravo van a acabar con
Juan Franco un dia de estos, ya
que ellos saben perfectamente
que gozan del don de la "Inmu-
Este es el gran romp-cercas del equipo de softball El Pana-
m-Amrica, "Ban Lala" Lawler, terror de los majagueros,
quien lleva una carretada de jonrones, triples y dobles. En
el juego de ayer con "La Hora" fu boleado cuatro veces in-
tencionalmente y en el otro turno se fu de doblete. Mucho
"Bab Lala". gran tercera, gran deportista y gran compaero.
Y, adems, padre de ms de cuatro...
Kid Gavila'n se enfrenta
hoy contra el sordomudo
Gene Hairston en N. York
Ofrecemos ahora nestros pro-
nsticos para maana en Juan
1STELLA, sin Julio Rodri-
guez debe ganar... Mr. Espinosa
por Jinete llegar all.
2AVIVATO, hijo de Tmesis
...Menc.el ganador es ms
3CACIQUE... ascender de
rango.. Poltico... su nombre
me da desconfianza...
4EL MONO... ahora saltar I
mejor... Villarreal. .enemigo de
5BATAN...ganar con faci-
lidad... Buenas Tardes...puede
sorprender a nuestro escogido.. ,
6PAMPLET... seores co- '
misarlos !atencin!... Armeno1
llegar detrs de Pamplet...
7-TIP TOP... debe robar en
este lote... Wild Wire...aumen
tara su cadena de place.
8LITUANA (e) esta entra-
da es superior... Paragon,
el enemigo de mayor cuidado!
de la iei.
9PULGARCITO. .. quien le
puede ganar ... Atasn... co-!
rre con una buena monta...
10D.D.T....E1 tanque puede
hacerla ganar... o1
no ve ...
11DON prriN ahora tiene lo,
que necesitaba... Lolito a pesar i
de sus libras puede ser el indi-
EN LA SEGUNDA CARRERA. Black Zambo es un robo. Mene
para el segundo lugar.
EN LA TERCERA CARRERA, Pepe Plata II es nuestro esco-
gido. Peggy es -peligrosa.
EN LA CUARTA CARRERA, Villarreal y Strike Two deben
sostener reida lucha.
EN LA QUINTA CARRERA, Roblp Hood Jr. es nuestro esco-
gido. Buenas Tardes es peligroso.
EN LA SEXTA CARRERA, rabe II debe Imponerse. Scotch
Chum es el ejemplar a batir.
EN LA SPTIMA CARRERA. Gale Force defender nuestro
pronstico. Tip Top para el segundo puesto.
EN LA OCTAVA CARRERA, Blido es nuestro escogido.
EN LA NOVENA CARRERA. Pulgarcito se destaca. Paques
puede sorprender.
EN LA DECIMA CARRERA, D.D.T. debe Imponerse. Tetra-
vera es peligrosa.
EN LA UNDCIMA CARRERA, escogemos a la entrada Ama-
zona-White Fleet.
Frente a Dura Prueba Pasar
Esta Tarde ptica Sosa Al
Chocar con El Panam-Amrica
El ptica Sosa pasar esta
tarde por una de las duras prue-
bas de su luminosa carrera pe-
lotera cuando se enfrente a las
cuatro de la tarde a los Juga-
dores do El Panam Amrica en
un amistoso juego de softball en
el Instituto Nacional.
Los primeros jugadores que
de El Panam Amrica 'y ao
Sosa, el padrino de la novena
que gan invicta la serle social,
se Jugar hasta el ltimo par de
anteojos a sus muchachos.
Grandes apuestas se estn
cruzando, debido a que las ac-
ciones estn sumamente pare-
jas, con el refuerzo de Luis Wal-
dlrige Slki Mass est diapuestos ker y Joseph en la novena del
a derrotar a los diablos rojos peridico de la tarde.
De nortes a Granel
Cor KMiMIr
Estn en Maracaibo los Inte-
grantes del famoso equipo de
baseball Prof. Havana Cubans
los seis veces campeones conse-
cutivos de la Liga Internacional
de La Florida, con el objeto de
realizaru na serie de cinco, en-
cuentros, frente a una seleccin
venezolana de Estrellas.
Carlos Pipa Bustos y Hum-
berto Papi Vargas, out-fielders
y el lanzador "criollo" de gran
porvenir Enrique Quique Her-
nndez, unidades del equipo In-
dios, actuales campeones nacio-
nales rentados, acompaarn al
Havana Cubans en su jira por
Venezuela, como refuerzos. Ter-
minadas las presentaciones en
mencin, Vargas, Bustos y Her-
nndez viajarn directamente a
los Estados Unidos, con el ob-
jeto de jugar para los conjuntos
de las Ligas Menores Spring
Field. Bustos y Hernndez; y
Humberto Vargas, en el Sher-
man. Los team son sucursales
del equipo Senadores, de Wash-
ington de las Ligas Mayores.
BOSTON Marzo (UP)Anoche
lallecio en el Hospital de esta
ciudad, a la edad de 66 aos,
Eddie Collins, vicepresidente y
gerente general del equipo Me-
dias Rojas y uno de los ms
grandes jugadores que ha pro-
ducido el bisbol. Collln fu se-
leccionado en 1938 para que su
nombre figurara en la sala de
los ms grandes Jugadores del
bisbol que se haya establecido.
Fue uno de los grandes jugado-
res de sus tiempos y a los 25
aos comenz a jugar con los
"Atlcticos'' v posteriormente con
los "Medias Blancas". Durante
su carrera particip en 2.800 ju-
gadas para un promedio de .333
con 3.313 incoglbles.
Con las autoridades
Se hace imprescindible la
< (instruccin de un Servicio
Sanitario en el Campo de
Juegos de SANTA RITA.
NUEVA YORK. Marzo 30 (U.
P.)Kid Gaviln el cubano del
bolo dar hoy dos largos pasos
hacia la conquista del campeo-
nato mundial peso welter. Al
medioda de hoy la Comisin
Atltlca del Estado de Nueva
York certific que su encuen-
tro del 18 de Mayo contra John-
Ei Alemn busca
hoy clasificar
en el soft social
Esta tarde continuar la con-
tienda de softball social con el
juego entre el Diputado Alemn
y Madurito choque en el cual
los muchachos del Alemn bus-
can la manera de clasificar pa-
ra participar en la Serle final
por el campeonato de este cir-
En el juego anunciado ayer el
equipo Pinocho no se present
a cumplir su compromiso contra
el Mauricio y por tal motivo se-
r multado.
SI el equipo Alemn Jr. se
Impone en el partido de hoy
obtendr el derecho de partici-
par en la serle final que se ini-
cia el prximo Lunes.
ny Bratton ser por el campeo-
nato. Diez hora* despus Gavi-
ln se enfrentar' en el Madi-
son Square Garden al sordomu-
do Gene Halrton en lo asaltos
que lo ayudarn a prepararse
para su encuentro con Bratton.
Segn Mi Miele, manager de
Hairston su peso medio noquea-
r a Gaviln en el sptimo asal-
to. Pero Fernando Balido mana-
ger de Gaviln dice que Miele
esta hablando por hablar y lo
apostadores lo respaldan sitan
do a Gaviln favorito por 8 a 5.
A partir de su victoria sobre
Charley Fussari, Bratton por
cortesa do la Asociacin Nacio-
nal de Boxeo-ese onsiderado
campen mundial welter en 47
estados. La Comisin de Nueva
York ni pertenecek a la ANB ni
ha reconocido el ttulo de Brat-
Gaviln va en busca de su
sptima victoria seguida. Previa-
mente ha derrotado a Billy
Graham, Tony Janeiro, Joe Mi-
cell, Paddy Young y Tommy
Hairston ha ganado trece com
bates consecutivos entre ellos
uno en decisin dividida contra
Gaviln el 30 de Octubre. En su
ltima pelea noque a Paddy
Young en dos rounds, pero en-
tonces pes 159 libras y un
cuarto hoy deber pesar 155.
Gaviln r.o tiene lmite de peso.
En pleno agetre se encuentra
los dueos de equipos de basket
ball organizando su conjunto pa
ra la contienda que probable-
mente se inaugure el primer
Sbado del mes de Mayo... El
Lord Chesterfield y el Mauricio
ya estn listos, siendo estos los
equipos del Juego de inaugura-
tion. Bam, Polica y Cyrnos es-
tn en eso.
Resultados de los
juegos de exhibicin
PHOENIX, (UP)Billy Jhon-
son, tercera base de los Yanquis
sufri "fractura incompleta" de
una costilla en el desalo de
ayer y quedar fuera de juego
Indefinidamente. Al principio
se crey que era solo una dis-
torsin, muscular pero la radio-
grafa comprob la fractura.
El Matas Cerrud se coloc solo
en el comando de la Comercial
Los Msicos de Matas Cerrud i
apabullaron anoche a los mu- i
chachos del Control del Comejn.
con anotacin de 16 carreras a |
4 en un partido donde los "mam
beros" de Matas Cerrud batea-
ron a su gusto y pusieron a Ju-
gar a todos sus "banqueros" pa-
ra balancear el partido que ya
en el sexto episodio alcanzaba
una diferencia de 12 carreras a
su favor.
Con esta victoria se colocan
los Msicos en el primer lugar
de la Justa haciendo perder su
puesto de segundo lugar a los
chlnltos del CCC. *
Esta noche m presenta un
juego que debe resultar emocio-
nante entre el Duran y el Mon-
teauma en el cual se estn pe-
leando el segundo lugar.
Maana Juegan Fiduciario y
Control del Comejn en otro
partido que se pronostica muy
El lunes prximo se rene la
Liga Comercial de Softball en
el lugar de costumbre a las seis
de la tarde. Se cita por este me-
dio a los arbitros Cumberbatch
y Burke para que asistan a esta
reunin a la cual se pide pun-
tual asistencia a los represen-
tantes de los equipos que parti-
cipan en la contienda.
Steve Bllo con dos sencillos, y
un doble empujo tres carreras
de los Cardenales que vencieron .
al os Glgantesp or 6 a 2. Ambas'
carreras fueron anotadas por
Eddie Stanky.
El Seleccionado De Ft y
El Pacfico Jugarn El Dgo.
LAKEL/.'.VD. (UP)Dos jonro-l
nes del receptor Johnny Prame- i
sa fueron la nota culminante en |
el ataque de los Rojos contra
los Tigres a los que derrotaron
por 15 a 9 en diez entrada.
Pramesa con el primer Jonrn.
empuj dos carreras que empa-;
taron la anotacin a nueve ca-
rreras en lan ovena entrada. En
la siguiente en que los Rojos!
anotaron seis veces dio el otro.'
El Seleccionado Nacional de
Ftbol, Campen del V Torneo
Centroamericano y del Caribe, se
presentar el proximo domingo
frente al Pacifico en Juego a
beneficio de Gerardo Warr^n.
Esta ser la primera actua-
cin del Seleccionado despus
de haber conquistado el Cam-1
peonato Centroamericano, y exis i
te mercado inters por ver a i
los campeones contra un equipo'
local, aguerrido y constante co-
rno el Pacifico.
Este partido comenzar a las
4 en punto de la tarde del do-
mingo en la cancha del Estadio
Todo el dinero que se recaude
en este partido, ser enviado
o entregado a los familiares de
Gerardo Warren, que est Ju-
gando aparentemente como pro-
fesional en Colombia.
1DOMINO Tap Olrl
2-AVIVATp Malaya
5BATAN Grito y Plata
7TI TOP in Times fe)
8MIMO (e) The Dauber
11-DON PITIN Amazon
con Vrfais
Friccinese vigorosamente la ca-
beza con VITALIS durante 60 se-
gundos y penese bien. En esta
forma, adems, te previene la
sequedad. Hgalo: Usted notar
la diferencial
. Use VITAUS. iSl!, porque
VITALIS le dar a su peinado una
elegante y cautivadora apariencia,
que le har sobresalir entre todos.
Apliqese VITALIS y confirme el
maravilloso efecto que produce!
MUEVO,1 pira jw
prefieren un Tilico-crema. .
Lo //j y fe da ese
NO' ...v1 NOtm) {ilqa el p*ine!
NO i4uca las menos'
la. y 2a. 6a. y 7a.
3a. v >a.
Para la comodidad de
nuestra clientela opera-
mos ahora tanto en el
en el "SAVOY".
Evento Principal Del Sbado
8a. Carrera "E" Importados 6% Fgs.
Premio: B 550.00 Pool Closes: 4:40 p.m.
1. THE DAIBER............B. Moreno 110
2. (LITUANA...............F. Jaramillo 104
3. (FRIGHT................./. Phillips 120
4. (BLIDO............,......V. Ortega 120
5. MIMO....................K. Flores 114
6. COBRADOR................G.Grael 112
7. PARAGON.................A. Mena 105x
8. NEUUINCO.................J. Rum 111
9. WALRUS.......,........J. Baeza Jr. 103x
10. DELHI...................E. Julin 120
4ary 8a. CARRERAS
Carrera Estelar Del Domingo
7a. Carrera "B" Importados 1 Milla
Premio: B/ 750.00 Pool Cierra: 4:05 p.m.
1. CHERIBERIBIN........*.. E.G. Castle 124
2. RATHL1N LIGHT...........A. Sazn 120
3. PHOEBVS APOLLO........B. Moreno 110
4. ALTO ALEGRE............R. Trejos 110
5. (NEWMINSTER............E. Silvera 103
6. (BEGONIA................B. Aguirre 123
7. DICTADOR..............A. Phillips 122

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