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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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S ri 95.'"_, .,



In Zon



SFured By

Smort s Columnist
aoee to- ---
l92- Z Tha-cUlht of Canal MZone


P) -ao
rer, mp
k, P*am.

le iai

"ler. "


- Tr"-is Wtn!
U. I (c -y c
Ur) cb I InSouth
NKor to romot-a
ed Maj. -0. wa-rd Corps,
Kto .te r o pro. m -

-20 Persons tranded 9 Hours For DakM El

-In Pin de Janeiro Caileu Car W.,?b,

S WT.Ls m.A ..

OK's CZ Plan

The Canal Zone will have a Oraft board. TIh date o :
which it will be established and details of th local argi
ization still have to be worked out, according to on au&
nouncement today from Balboa Heights.
Word that the Selective Service headquarters in Wask
ington had authorized establishment of a draft board hi
the Canal Zone as recommended by Gov. F. K. New-
comer on Dec. 8 and reported in The Ponam6 Ameriee
on Dec. 14 was received in a cable from the Washing-.N
ton office of The Panam6 Canal.
Male American citizens in the amended, "as soon as pos.b
Canal Zone, between the ages of after their return.
18 and 26 years, will be required Following a Presidential pr
to register, clAmatlon In October I requ1..
ing registration of U ltfleai
Establishment of the first draft 18 through 44, registrations wae
process, so complicated for Zo- taken in the Canal Zone but lu
nians In two World Wars. actual Selective Servoi Board wi-
Procedure during World War II
and announcement of the Selec- Registrations were h an d l
tive Service headquarters' action through the zxelfutve eet
S was announced this noon In the as Registrar. Th oveal *w !.
following press release: States addresses were on i
to the draft board In the erea m:
JAf^ "The establishment of a draft states residence and Vt2i'
board for United States citizens out States addressdea
In the Canal Zone has been auth- Board No. 1 in Washington
orised by BSeectiv Service head- the regstranta bekl
frt quarter In WasLngton, accord- cll by the Baurd
In to Information received at they ware regitered.
Balboa Helighte from the Washn f relation Ine CanalI
ington office of The Panma for a;iioU a arS've

e imoa_ h un2 I_ n n. eb .. waThe deta i -the local a.on For jor jlo f- d

b pl u h *left at U Al- the cr's tw wy i 00eet along thfeI to 1ba o ber requesting the OUtablhmentr
at L be Duls G ther, i aSn nW dl aaul ts of local el Serve mach.
11 wi ebg tifso Do JAI.IRO, Feb. e an electrician, with h tat n el and Ieactlt~ntUI t opo-

u, spnrse w -. oI A te tSe srmed ,ano l o ne org.nisa..
rhw awmy hajat o thedltct1ar pagan The rd arlosee WA8Ea INGTON. F
.1 ,L ... .. ,on w+,.,
As hea a t plm A mrlthe he wlambed i~ilflrom diti. e elae "we the Ca _toboz"bu- Id ta o oreprele I .-

bi--0 -tMh montn wloM ene eMnap toea oo one n ext year. We wl met 1a providing to the etabl inshme ana "o urgent" i .
.. ... yo, .there Tbbemh nooewal etsoltnd hu o unb ew n cable o sacu rewed up by

^ f a mo ng tourit~, ca1 before. But that not3 the ob- draft board Icn each of the Unit- details.
S ~ che i pread through the atet now." ed State ouess o
aa ed p ed BCanal Zoneoan._ed The joint foreignn aa
S"ht on the p.m. when half-way aro the present Trman spoke at a The Canal Zone has never had and Armed service Commtt
he _____ sd p und fearing V *rm- .Ke not In the midst of a Poll- a place of residence for purposes of the cost of the '
i to jgml: !W rMh~dlP- nm Ing cable might snap at m, min u!cal camvagn now but we ua- of Selectlv Service, as authorlz- Eurape program. aI
It rebetweed th e breakfast meettin of Masdonicst ed ie the Selecive Aervce Act ofm caollyed a gro o r
5IFerees patrolled A l la one next mar. We wil me etar y 140 roving or the creation a ls forare ionn this m
ie beinwayn ear, wethey prd motor- t eoturtlon Mars have dneb the predent o one or moread hou not be lnator upenh
S. c y moan tlo Cordeo Fts, t before But that not the ob- ldrat beards n each of the Un1t- details.

N.Oe. WS~r. O'Daniel, aK"!"^ will salaked boa! bus wwre'eivelr- hla coolheaded action l cking as proposed Iw administration- Zone residents subject to the The.e Included Lt. en. Cur
Ao~ r p g oth e s tod spread throul h the S.a Int o e no e-iorer

S Attache to simted tl n Dtri Cot J Joe anh to prev e ary to provide a cont u d snw a ou5 the United States within five ranJeoint Foreign clatidl
Sr- ibeieedT p.m. whenmptg to run to President T man spoke a. a Te Canal Zone irh never tod and AGen H ervice Coirel
Sl chasm betw een Urca and the breakfast mting of Msoic a elective ervlce board. From called a group of. Anir sone ho
SFoIbn am a o famous Sugar Loaf mountain. leadersevl. Dewfenode B e c r ta 1940 when relmstraton waws firs t icers for uhe allegedlyt morn
r c o A ntive ouu an_ ve agreeable exper- l I- he coId wipe out what he

t ;'o'v 'v hS.e was t naturll amn ultit udeod that he wosald taeHde eaft ed "Rualae rve atom-boa
tn)o b Ao. u:5m 1 atl l}- c y aga H oerh se Toeore Marshall also spoke nd required fit or mean between 1 and **
S4:15 .m. nteernorro e om Ireao tzone aid thre t tof n-yar-oda 25 yearsT of age, to 194, Canalt Wherry' suggestion
Sto h oan. i 5-. b a Sosa Hillta Tuarrah. Bar- bus d~ens aa receiver- his coolheaded actiround to proposed dmtron- Zone residents subject to the These included Lt. Glen. Ou'
Siyp the to esml a es employed by the Air ehree and w&'dshi, Wuae Trans- aoo and ahen to the i flt p u- Dr. Harmodio ArIs neds-t were required to register In tie .op Le day, hela of the rtl
S rru. tce to ...c. .alo 1 ,0. the Army. .portr nooan gar Laft, the,000tpe at the and Publier otTe-anatna ht nlt speee to Se butebs ttsUnted states di vth
S- gtteiwife, a HonsMa brief Ds tract tng to runy om p mn ad ool of trained manpower. l s water their return to the Len.Hugh nereec, etPactfor
t yeaI o -oe tax nevanuer dllnes. rondb fior t.he digmlal aro p dea l nthsn Sita.e, or, as the -l w w ars ae L en. Harold eorge. retire, and
oldtburo m pa-ed o sa tOat the- moany has eymour Oreeainmn, a tourist nMlj. Oen. O. A. Anderson, wbr
S i oln ADegnt. a0 : ~ .l e will Mof mdcd or from London whoo s abof e detor W Y tM A.p o retired tar he ielveney M-
: .m. o w h f situto.w.u no bY Cheae s Lod tha .str hiOsa sd orIse marked that If v5en the .
unIiqunuoreTlhle y ptnbl jWo i.oo hge wall, a n5uraioser l of. h won't a vedran aratble expert- "e wphe could wipe out what he n-

d- hC- < a t wed a a line' buteen operd ating nama Ameican thohout a hmfwthaumber "teus ia' the right direction"-bom
,.,rs. uroles. 1 ofSa T. the UpLtd State. I ame hem r he cTh me:lan fo6 nasot hae mised the"atnellwoudNst .. u^ e *"e -

fH" 1 o ihlll m r the Canal ine and Army, Navyeeep from the ound to Ura mou

ehThe as dissolved H and Air Force actnvdtwes.
a .. r _. employed by in M itee ana Army. Tras- taln, and then to thetop oi'au- Dr. Harmodlo Arias. kitor Lldermue as th in opporic toe pofi to eul |l
le 15 the rmy.lm .wMr. haarf wah as iStt Du Rmse wo k aidderhr th ntui to Zone No Acti on I n R
enn to Fcerkl. tAeintoyrdoTm to wen. Bsenhower'o itlnMieo

L_-_ a and bgles, pnabed bac b twoiht ga L Two yount eas0 of aTgn American t Diablo Caal Ztone cha idren, as of to- whose members dade repreivi
on. -h wife, a s on, at yOtlll for eA full moogn eande s a apntment of Mrs. anorat e to have en.taUoves of the Paa
n 4 tt1 p t ond iaidd rete optp thee oin t reports o the sp ech Pact force.
-oyd Dllr m r o the lclalw said the abl. ap- Altant to Robert La e a oed boe rutors o General Hoyt B. anen.
4JJ. oU.fts ma ldaw in was 0an -e f e o an government spokesman have ly backed the plan Mondavy..
Sa-bc te"."tn4: 4.ft .w Bar- bii pd.1 threerio Z denied thid e ossibjlty. tSenator obert A. Taft sai
et no expiation for tdbhe ige- rs.p McIrhenny hal eto n a Iin ,thelre es drtyrhad the rhenatr atio strIn

Pau It was beliah ved tathen tht tle resouton advance by.
A to 4+ an ag an onan t v s to tr e Chebf Exeestle old hean- Senator Henry Cabot Lodge wa
0 hra eeroes ho wt ah nb er "frai edanp m t "step inthe r hrtt dnthcton
," rance They mid nm_ lflon woutperiod of yum nshe hAvr had political i gues now n- but did not meet is mann ob-
,V income ta Most eveG t bluoort- sdorrtl edetreld outstand a ace d e sn Soverttns o, n tn h eer, laew stla. G

CaOLa;1 k fr rron ibecndedroLonesd h w ,,,:
not C goann t oLeo y Cal te r wit his oCanal siteone asad
R m eaH aebtddadh would5 ram eAsitatn Lia t n
T.nd ofreew, -.fa. ,a nghhveUmihter the_'TwoBn Mice'
Gn n M-se ddha u_.avnre To yo..u soNtn Tng ht n Tonight At Diablo Canal Zone children, as of to- whoe members include rp
Tb.. wMlt.Mn nor th wes__ e O Itr '"n'.iQ__ Garint adn-G dayt T, will aru n be able to have sentat.ves of the P dt
.14 Uoliyinbabsran dha Traes be htan an t The Theater uld players willdances an parties, attend ma- nal, Army, Navy and Air lorust
wIsla in ai mlt w+ lnl addrm th nationtb- 'nY m -- The Thete Odpys
Wut n-agtaed- 10 0u sew bm of o nama ea their 1f1 retUrn othe stage tonight and ees, Is all polio barns The committee i hat i
.40tFederast.l" Mr.Be... at.. all .pot b tomorrow at the DiahbloH e htl ed. Up to late thi morning 1e _epdem.c, wo
wouldmc ht Ielp the by afovre hell for u l mgdost
Moetan atobeuse rc t." and 15 huwrindailde d medInn tote cts. swimming at Amador beach, but, no medical reason to cshi
'Tro. htau. thh P anm Y Th curin ri at o po m I vwof the removal of all the present restrictions." o nay
d De e the Tckts fmt on ale for 1. restcthons, thl was expected cases have been reported In t
let he p st Canal Zone sim Sm. La.
1Whe5 value, hiaen Pa-amA had not taken any In annoubclnl th rim
a 143ft.1,asi ld, this morning on lifting of control e
2fur I3. etWduls-Mr. t@ Cllfn hatuhlas bansn. Yesterday Panda- Medical Adpisory.
!11 of the fmA th Director Dr. Roberto stted:
hap hein te .4' Franks t. Wange formrroh Isofefa rPcommended t h a t "The wUnilln ts _uht te
no li ee has butive Usntetari and Advisr to Chief der 16c again be pr- operation ball thiai
Tesiaoetgnnl top erideofL t y attend movSe theaters hahabtnntso atd mmmb
I,.n nee turn now asse 1polino hadwi C
.CcY aliftni ater bcf tame tim e In amni out the -s
ongdat ama doPla mn
4rroes --ofChipynaleZoaealaZonesandarmynNavy.n

ea nnounc edmmose yes- largemease
T hev u dissolvedth e Joint the uAia t l ofact vit
12i 7t comnwteee die I th .,
an temr-.Z. me Poi Ban.
... ~... -nt- SD. .g:k.n
$atCN s Lf... R ,od er. until.. his ..;. "."o 'r .+,.'.=,.a" Edu"ca"tion-,-'= o -A- .c ". -"".-
"I ... the a helicop..ter to '*"+ +'- ... .":"
o fc r M ... .."I .+ ; .. ._+. :.-!::+_.. + ..y.,1,+ ] ,.. .- .. 8 .. .... = L:

:rf. 9,ra

.p~a I f a. .
-. -@- "
S r '
-- I^''.: .* *i '-'+*.: '
'* .'. .


:f i.. ;,-;
+', 1. ",'; .- .' :

'. ,.


R,0 pa-w.-7,

Ilm =m


;.-J' */
* '* tt





Bl!-.--; '**.' '

,Ll -"r'> ..-. "

if .


,ed. igh.. '

;.nd Feiht-:

Planes- Arrivals

New Orlean Freoght Softe rtlt

8.S. Levers Bend ...............................Feb. It
.. lMador Knot :::....... ................:
A Steamer .................................... March
S.S. Levers Bend .............................Mar
A Steamer ................................. Apl
landimle Refrigerated Chtile
aUd General Care

Sork Freight service


S.S. Cape Cod .............. ...............March
4... I ape t umberland ............. ......... Mar. 4
S.S. Cape Ann ..............................Mar. 11
S.S. Cape Avinof ............................Marh 11
,Havana I-reight Service
Sailii;Ks Weekly from Havana to Crist6bal
Weekly sailing to New York, Los Angeles and atUe
Ocaslonal salllnls to New Orleans sud MobI.
the steamers In this rielcs are limited t twelve poUangeri
Frequent Sailings from Crist6bal to
West Coast of Central America

Crind6bal 2121

- Panama 2.2804 Col6n 20


.S8. "BANTA LUI8A" ............Due Crist6bal, Feb. 22nd
q.8. "SANTA ISABEL" ............Due Crist6bal, Feb. 28th
8.8. "BANTA BARBARA" .........Salls Crist6bal, Feb. 28th
8.8. "SANTA CECILIA" ...........Balls Crtst6bal, Mar. 5th
M.V. '"OUN NR' KNOT" ............Due Balboa, Feb. 23rd
M.V. "COATAL ADVENTURER" ....'Due Balboa, Mar. 12th
M.V. "AILORS SPLICE".......... Bails Crist6bal, Mar. 4th

SCristobal 144 2135 PanamA X-05U 0557 Balboa

1507 S5ll

Wi~ U- -


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lVaseine HR AIR
Y' -m--a

Shipping &

a first JeapmsI ho
tran-lt the Cai B r U
War continued on from the
United tat ssest oust to Oer-
Th L reported n the Feb. I
ule of the PhIfic ShLppet wleh
a just reached the tsmu.
The Japnese shl, the paselft
Mara, carried scraOs from Japa
to the Unted t when abe
e the Caal c. 1. .
e up a full eargo of coal wVhlb
she carried from the U.S. ast
Coast to Hamburg-Bremen, be-
coming the first Japanese fla
vessel to call at a European Nort
Atlanti port since Pearl Harbor.
Pacific Maru will return to Ja-
pan via the U.S., the aSipper re-
Uniforms ani People
New uniforms for the Spur Co-
la bueball team, to be used in
the Caribbean series In Caraaol
w~ioh starts today, arrived here
over the week end. The uniforms
fht rom Havana on last
Arr via Bfaniff over the
week end were Maudoe Davtis
head of Braniff's resel tion eeo.
tion who is en route from Lima
to si1lu, and 0. O. Braman, dis1
trit trrafic manager, with Col.
Arturs Laeea, chief oi the Peru-
vin Civil Aeronautics Commis-
They were returning to Lima
from Dallas where Ool; L.eo had
gone to Inspect automatic laad-
II i "










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Ko. a "1" a stret Tel. I-W

sa.u.-sa -. W,. u

I~b A




*ru i* iuja. AaM. mwrrr
Itrolttf /1rs. Swelyn ]Manl,
Har reth aH, and r: and M.
Herbel Bolmer.
Ane -L. BammArlt&na
and aurhte, ary"L. Khvlt.
Major Mrs. George M. Stl
niou n2 two o5bldren. Mr d
MIN ls1ene ibus, Mr sad
Bana smith, Mr. sad Mrs. Carl
0. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Cli0ff1o
N. Smith, Jeanne X. Boners, Mr.
and Mrs. Ira Buoyman .Mr. an
Mrs. Merman Weber, a d
Mrs. aymond Wheeler, Mr. and
Mrs. JU White, and Mr. and Mrs.
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A*hwy *^ rla-e




4 ..



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aV .- .
Viyjfl 1. .u Ai

Bl" f A r. I1



till Plottng _
-WE ---W -

Mo "Weu

rr YranAft^aal.La




S Tivell Ave. Te
O8 .-A". _

-. -
..,_-:*. .. ....., ., ,./ '.- ": / -- '-,
::-:I:. -,-. .. -;,-* -,:;.. *-. =,, ;;: -, .- -- -

* *.' ," -; .
it-S:, .. *~" .-; .*- ,'. *-



.- -7

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_ __ ..._. .

-I, rr I ,

- ----- ----

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L~c~qM~ji~T ~



S."le Th"
. a flue

lag ol f~w

alm bet" asny .a
| wl at 1*
eta. toinit

on of
dancee ib

,t a Of tta-

flubtawi be needed -
n1 Ow mpnths to keep
7 and production.
it Pf4 lab'slaid If any auto
Snqmr manufacturers consider'
ti ,pedthe first half f
V Ir because of strikes or
;r d ireshons that held down
Their production they may apply
MI for hrdship relief.
A Several auto concerns ha4 low
S reduction rates for that period.
raler was shut down for 100
ds because of a strike. A sales
lurmp cut Packard and Kalser-



than i t
511W a"report. .

Negro Schoolboy
Chokes on Fishbone
TALLAHASSEE. Fla., Feb. 21.
(UP) 0. C. Harri,s 15-year-old
Negro student. choked to death
on a bone yesterday while eattng
hurriedly in a race to fluah
Iuteh before othe r studenta- 4t
hbischwool. Principal Amy Jack-
on said toda.


I*.r WID be Opened at te eottsh Rite Temple
.J" + .i k e s U su a l K an e
4:M9 P.M. TVS)AT% FEBRUARY 3s, 1951
er ma- For the Purpoee of eatu a fneral Bervies for
.Iyna t. Oaur Depsrtsreha
n Janua- ,
of U A member t: Valley Ledge o.
. h er i es will be b, ;A% Meettish Bite Temple
Master Mameastnty r Weeteqeerted to Attesd.
w ere eeretary Wmbiptl Maste

ter last bight in the death of 4
commuters' i the Woodbridge,
N.J tfln wreck.
The .td Jury returned 4
tudict ch could force
the ral to pay a fine of $.-
000 for each of the live list
when the "broker express" rolled
of fa temporary trestle last Fe.

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on all DRESSES and SUITS

ile coastal

and given
Ce Amerianm.s
18 years.


S SMeet

egn Affairs, at
S anyone of them.
of consultatilo
t the back-
l'Oermany' g ex-
SMr and with the d\t-
tin3 1939 the consult-
became a major
ISew World diplomacy.
*f conference became
rxpedient with the
r-ti~nes which enabled
gembly of foreign min-
ol~a oned no serious
MteI the routine pro-.
t g departments.
o.f the consultative
met at Panama Cl-
1989, its primary ob-
"consideration of
preserve the Ameri-
pt free from conflict
iB d, in'the air, with-
waters, or within
i. primary defenseof
ihemlishere ."

rer nt.ema w declarations had
O Ae political aftermath
known as Pan- later, They rallied
a ns, te a opinion to the sup-
Theconsltative prt Uguay n Its strict on-
established in Ui Waof eutrality laws a-
Buenos Alres or German warship Graf
Maintenance .of r Peaet e pocket battleship took
and the prTTle wa, IMaohtevideo harbor but
ended at tP gth -a the ongutyan government or-
Conference of A a S"a t J ue departure. it was sciit-
at Lima in 188. tied by Its eCew outside the har-
The "Declaration of Lima" pro- bor.
vided that consultation would Thi second consultative confer-
occur whenever "the pMpoes ae- ence of American Foreign Minis-
curity or territorial nteity pf ters met at Havana, Cuba, July
any American republic .s threat- 31, 1940, Its primary objective oe-
ened." It further provided that ing to study "problems which
consultations would occur among might confront American repub-


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'ion. SR rihmg

137 CENTRAL AVE. 137
L I Ep. __ -n _

,- .i-f .--
". ... .
- -:- 4 t. .. :

PC-RR Workers Buy
$121,34 In US 'BondI
A total of $121,346.00 worth of
6nlted States Savingi Bonds and
Stamps were purchased by Cm-
nal-Railroad employs during
January, according to the monLh-
ly report fr@m the Finance Bu-
. Cash sales amounted to 570.-
609 and $50,717 worth of bonds

Th;anwmemi_ of ComtE
No. 19h.St 0fO., are e
that the rtwill convene
regular session tolght jt 7:
Corinthiap. Temple, 2 Ce
Avenue. PAnm Glt.
were purchased by payroll

-now ex-
eIbbd 3 a4Sssa states
0 t onefof the
Am *e-Stc Octd, lapses,
iAt that t there was wide-
spuad su, iou that Nazi
rmnany in aitttd pt to take
over tat Hemisphere
colones a ft .rBritalt. France
and the Np, etnds. specially
Bue ..odt f the islands in
ne Carlbr bn were tremendous-
ly iskoortut the petroleum
supply.' a = .
The major acecomplisahment at
Havao was a declaration that
any transfer o4 eeloles within
the Western Hbmbiphere would
Sra'ded a entrary to A mer-
ican pinciples and to the rights
Of American states to maintain
their security and political inde-
Dendence. Mpasures for inter-
Amerlcan economic co-operation
were also approved.
The third consultative confer-
ence of American Foreign Min-
latera wag called as a conse-
quence of the attack by Japan
on pearlt Hrbor onADec. 7. 1941.
It met at Rio de Janeiro Jan. 15,
1942. A resolution presented
Jointly by Colombia, Mexico and
Venezuela proposed that Ameti-
can republics should obligate
themselves to sever diplomatic
relations with Japan, Germany
and Italy, the first for having at-
tacked and the other two for
having declared war on an Amer-
clean state. At the instance of Ar-
gentine and Chile the resolution
was modified.
Aa unanimously approved it
aald "American republics In ae-
cordance with the procedure es-
tablished .by their otan laws and
In conformity with the position
And circuastarioes obtaining in
each country in the existing con-
tinental conflict recommend the
breaking of their diplomatic re-
lationa with Japan, Germany and


. _

9 '


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Oq- i *
km. V


CAI A F-' L l A F .





'.& ti -i'f ; '

*.at -,M -
- -. -N' Th. r V-'-

S -


i k

I .


i-- -- L

p O!RS


9044 J4-el"t

league Leaders Pla

: The Max. R: Steapel insunricemen bowlers gained two
ait on the first place H. 1. Homa team last night at Diablo
: the Stempeleers broke &he season Jinx of the Fuern y L.I
rhousers, and scored a these gamevietery for four point
the H. I. Homa team managed to take but two points from
Tropldusa paintmen.
With but five weeks remaining in the twenty-eight week
Std. U6nament, H. I. Homa new leads with four points ever the In-
" mSnoemen, with the peesible outcome of the tournament hing-
st; on the last night of play, when Stempel meets Homa in the
fIail match of the season.
B "Hopwrd Engelke of ruersa y Ls scored the evening high
I8Ms with 380, and the nigh. grae of 25g in the series against
I t~a pel, with Dalley Dailey el Angelial scoring a 251 for second
ig h game.
"Full details of last night's play will appear tomorrow.
;iResults on Alleys L-4 were upsetting for Tear Two, as com-
pMtlive Team Four roaed away to an easy win oz 4-0. A total
of X770 pin fall was turned In by the slow up-ward gaining Team
Four being highest for th enight. Joyce Kullg was Hi-gal on
thti Team rolling three above Individual Average games total-
l t 473 pins given a hand by Olga Grau who in second game
bowled 183 score for highest single game in this match, also
highest game turned in by her since beginning of league. Elsie
BtIllon gave a helping hand with her highest game being rolled
In iitrd game, that being 167 score. Elinor Browne starting out
rather strongly In first game with a score of 162 coming down
to 137 in second and still way. way down in third for a 94 but
gaining one point in Individual Average on first two games. To-
gether these gals made it pretty tough for Team Two although
sill remaining in cellar position In Team Standing with this
For Team Two. Oladys Pescod could be seen again rolling
three above Individual Average games to boost her average up
one point again this week, with a HI-gal score of 461 pin fall.
Having little support from other teammates, her well rolled
tames only gave credit to her Individual Average. The loss of
four point still leave Team Two in position to match Team One
their rivals for second place in Team Standing.
Team Three came back with a 3-1 win over Team One on
Alleys 1-2 to inch away three more points in Team Standing
from team, who stood in threatening poaltion. They now hold
an 8 point lead over Team One. This Team was on a losing
streak for three weeks and although not rolling the high games
usual seen by players results turned in found Ginger Blount as
Hl-gal with a total of 447 pin fall followed by Helen Light's 417.
Helen managed to rolled one game above Individual Average to
told on to the 146 of last week, which has now been tied by
royce Kullg of Team Four. These two gals will fight it out next
'week for second place in the "Class A" Individual Average stand-
ing. Isabel Setzer rolled below her usual games turning in 410
totall pin fall to keep her average as was last week.
On the other side Team One started out with a strong lead
if 34 pin to take first game point but fell considerably in last
two to lose game points as well as total pin fall point. Ruth
Tortorici rolling a total score of 479 for Hi-gal score also high-
est for nite too, taking high single game honors for nite with
first game of 184. Ann Wichner with amazing curve roll turned
In two above Individual Average games with her third game
being one pin below same. Florence McElhone has now placed
herself in position where her place in Individual Average with
135. can now carry her to the division of Class "B" Group if low
scores as those of tonight are followed next week. These girls
tried very hard to take Team Three tonite as a win would have
placed them two points away from the lead In Team Standlng.
Team One will face Team Two next week and agaitr the decl-
s'ion for second place will be faced.

Team standings are now:
Teams Won Lost
No. 3 ............................. 47 29
No. 1 ..... .. ..................... 8a 37
No. 2 ....... ........... 3 40
No. 4 .'...................... ... 46
Ruth Tortoric still leading in Class "A" Group with an aver-
ire of 157 followed by Helen Light and Joyce Kulig both tied
with average of 146 Class "B" Group leading are Elsie Stilson
and Ginger Blount with an average of 130 each followed by Mil-
lie Hartz and Olga Orau both averaging 128.

Scores for the nite'
TEAM No. 1
Huldquist ......... ....... 116
W ichner ................... 127
McElhone .................... 119
Tortorici .................. 184
H dcp ...................... 12
Total ........... 558
Blxbv .......... ....... .... 105
Price .. .................. 102
Hartz ........................ 110
Pescod ....................... 158
Hdco .. ...................... 25
Total ................ ... 500
TEAM No. 3
Setzer ................ ... 139
Blount ..................... 132
Smith ................... .. 135
Light ...................... 118
Hdcp. ........................ 0
Total ............... .. 524
Stilson ............ .. 133
Browne ................... ... 152
Orau ........................ 125
Kulig .... .................... 145
Hdcp .. .................... 24
Total ................... 579

Prizes were



won by the following:
.Hi-3 Games Ruth Tortorici 479
Hl-Single Game Gladvs Pescod 168
Hi-3 Games Oinger Bount 447
Hi-Single Game Elinor Browne 152

Balboa Relays Meet Committee

Requests Athletes Cooperation
0 -

With so many athletes (1321
entered in the Balboa Relays for
this Friday. the Meet Committee
is requesting the cooperation of
all athletes in helping to make
the meet go in a smooth manner.
All boys are asked to assist with
the following procedures estab-
lished by the committee: Num-
bers and shirts must be worn
while competing and the num-
bers may be picked up in the hall
of the Balboa Gym any time af-
ter 6 p.m. Friday Cristobal High.
Ralboa High. Junior College. Air
Force, Boys' Club, and the US-
ARCARIB School at Fort Oulick
will get their Drograms, numbers.
Instruction, etc. as groups,. and
all others may pick theirs up In-
The awards will be made as
Mss after. the completion of the
yent as possible, and all boys
wo Pace in the first three are
nvsted to go to the awards
jdBlrdlicht after the event to get
award. High point ran tro-
presented by the Tropical
wyl be awarded on the

same basis as last year. That is
each member of a relay team will
get the total number of points his
eeam scores in figuring the high
point award Only the first three
places In both relays and indivi-
dual events will count in the scor-
Inr for this coveted trophy.
The committee urgently re-
quests that all contestants stay
away from the finish and start-
ing lines, and don't gang up
around the jumping pits. Be on
time for your event, as all those
not there will be scratched. Ath-
letes should become thoroughly
familiar with the following time
7 p.m-High Hurdle Heats,
Pole Vault, High Jump, Discus,
Shot Put, Broad Jump.
7:15 p.m.-100 yard dash heats.
7:30 p.m-Opening Ceremony.
7:50 pm.-Mile Run.
8:90 p.m.-Medley Relay.
8:10 pjn.-Hurdles (Ftoal).
:20 p.m.-100-TYard (Finals).
5:30 p.m.-8-0 Rlay.
8:40 p.m.-footbol Relay,
6:50 pm.-Mile Relay.

LBHS Piles U

Wins Again:

Silver City I

La Boca High School
coached by Physical Direc
ton Parchment and his ass
Gloria Holness and R
Matthews, are piling up
pressive record of victorle
tercsholastic games with
City High.
The La Bocans wallop
Gold Coasters In the soc
ries for boys and scored
victories In the girls' vo
championships. A sweep
boys' and girls' table tent
kept the string of victor
broken for the blue an
The two local rate
hooked up in one of th
thrilling baseball series a
the Isthmus. La Boca dre
blood by bagging the ope
Mount Hope, 5 to 3. Sllv
bounced back with a sl
verdict at the Balboa St
Back at Mount Hope tl
teams fought to a sensatlo
tie. In the deciding game
boa. the La Bocans open
throttle and scooted awa
7-3 decision.
La Boca High squad cc
ed the following. Colon (
Ferdinand Alder, Harmodic
mings. and Edward G
pitchers; Billy Griffith ai
tens, catchers; Luther
first base; Nicolas P6rez,
base; Alvin Lloyd. third ba
fredo Farrell. shortstop
Wally Cox, Roy Holness, F
Reyes, Jimmie Charles. i
Haywood and Earl Clark
In the girls' softball sere
La Bocans downed Silve
three games to one. Outst
on the squad of the victor
Dorothy Joseph. Sarah 8m
Norma Campbell. pitchers
Burke, catcher; Katie
first base: Belva Drew.
base, Dolores Johnson,
base:-Evelyn Wilson. ."-o
Ruth Springer, M. Smith.
Wilkinson, Norma Hall an
Burnett, outfielders.

FIghter Connfesse

Padkrtcip g In

Fixed Bolng Ml
- MEMPHIt; Tena., FebJ
-A heavyweight fighter l
here yesterday that he
through a rehearsal ofl
fight in a hotel room, ani
lost the bout according to
Russell B. (Huddy) Seo
was a state witness against
Casone, a gambler, and Ja
Manley boxing promoter w
freed the fight between
and Oscar Buchanan last N
He said Maaley participa
the "rehearsal."
"Buchanan mnd I square
(In the hotel roo-r)," !"-:
"Manley came between us,
ed us how the punch wo
thrown by Buchanan as he
The prosecutor asked if
was supposed to go down w
unch, and the boxer ani
Yessir." He said he did,
third round as arranged.
He said he received either
or 2158 for losing the figh
had been promised a perc,
of the gate and one-third i
tinr winnings, but "very fe
were placed."
Manley introduced him
sone, Scott testified.

Take mM/kjy

imd feW, d g q

04 G L a
Lmro -ml nM wcor lim I
r. iWr MMeir fV ^ e..
&Mdar e i"T ss reasir

'-- teams are s follows: D. Jones, In ClA= 8, Archie "Hot Rod" .P g ^gIMLt-
suavel; Cl. Patrisr heavy qu- Tunr, who wa rwon eAn
WI/ ment; 0. Parrla, ron CGlaws ,. and Ed FMRed iii
i4II#jgL g 1 Danitels, Daredevils; A. Pettit, 01.- Gp there.
Mbraltar. Fday, eib.. 25, there wlli Oa h

AM eiia NI 4003M W Ped an Mondays tkrrgolt s repreenoth
Fool c 1 Th danxled games -tbird the alhein
S ottinu nt b tn l t don leader eet shooter t
of organs, "h he *a3l t ati lake pa .n I
at FbasofanlM ISarsin.*# ANN" LWNAM
.'. a e ..eU60 .w

-~ i.I~

*1~. .; -a' -. -. *K -
r .;-

-a ,*r...'k- -

N. ..

teamS, h t' 1 ao
Store A .:
istants 12 "-'

s in In-

ed the o., *. 4
-cer se- i 3 5..
decisive ;
Ileyball -
of the
nles un- Irs.th1 4 P A
d gold 1 n I.ilI

schools u reiv
ie most J l
een on R a
!w first
ener at ,en ed :.
er Cityv I t .-
Ick 5-4 INTERSCEOLASTIC CHAMPS The Cristobal 0~rVsity nrb 1"k t ailf "
adium. Canal Zone Interscholastic Batbll Champi onls. the d oi 1 thme rt Iby ubkld it
he two early stages of the Schoolboy Lo6p because of thft fai b to sister d whln- Dt u inaln, las
)nul2- nng one of their first three games. The team display ed -" t datewhat It 9.. MEW
at BSl- takes to pltalie on their opponent errors, menDr t .the e~t
ied the Pictured above, standing left to right: Cach Le Palumbo. T.II i. nr uas double si. n 7" I rIn. 'fur
Sto a ilson, R. Bailey. E. Sears T. Hughes, .Kurt, id P. Whitlock studentt Manager I they dated un lomrt r, m trim~ to .* *- -
omprls- Kneeling, 1. to r.: J. Anderson. J. HatgI, I0. SmIth. L. Rinehart, A. Marat, R. l.-ter, J. 3-1.h-
Colona. Ra amsey. P. ohnson.dMP o Dave ed S& pe at
o Cum- game for Mettas to e up
eooding, morh lne a M m y --- --
nd Oit- m op r a -
dParri- Or boa I tA u ediasp o Pv Dai. Wu e ia.ude i
second t h fr Wpl teythr .
ise; Al- ---, ..r,
: and At OIle 5ue
R6mulo caio-i-. .l
SammyTounmey et For H. 0eI -40 W Den itp
e. out- a for thil bainl 0 g(1 (UP)-
,oon-. .to _er n cfeld The new otoow eel at Ohi
lea, the _l sTtateois= the boe
r City, third. Sob r to a h t
ending r under wit iisd t
thanwere was credited with h tai G Ianea Dtol f
Wao sniht Ou H tn obrf

Edith The wh t l-looking ilBalboae i ble to their 4&..
Wilson, O Marcu Swl abyd 0. Da c Cnsona drl pROTC drill tm a a V4=illp o t sa6
Ol,,o, Oiver Swaby, Dick Jo son To cr te t pdrt l -u o n ea A tat D
second drill exhibition at the second an- e called th stre
third nut ambcalled irlke Ia Do f lr nweek. The tullte D a o yonly.
ambo Invitation I'D" out oh thinning .homaspth.. or na
Ometa Star oca Track el League tourn a m t cel- eed bar llnt ball Tl thlast "ys r."
me Star At La Boca Track etebrating at south six fran ., he m ola t
d Enid Day' at GA or te h ednTir a- t an Ohio. Sil
St f drill team has been very Impres- two tte. st had l
Approximately 1800 track, field that Pefialoza has ever turned Cadet Lt.. Co. rank Male underi tob MX ir ie a" before f
5 and cycle lans were on hand at the distance his young lb- the directloi of Major oiarti. ct ir st omCwst *I ofI
the La Boea eIlaground Sunday tance star. -le ted over ins All the team coaches and play- run offam AM Scott li thi
morning to witness nearly 100 perform ers areready in the r b I wu t9tan sM succeeds asi l r,
contestants go though their One of t lS_ h iro o and allh v thratvet leused whn Wald t My oroit toe int-
andh Itecto',ii isn ou7l ifa mori tnan wheln Walt Moh nn folRlowd with-b P_ .r.t'
paces in the I9 event program pectator's o!t -r ad when mt demadi
eh eld under ideal weather condl- one-mile l0 C Mi ttravelil l a double.g '.
I(UP) dd ete ,tle o p 1t,1 F W wl matahe to l game h *aion ,0
Hpnors for the day were th Me f s .Mour- Cr a-=I winner eahe to aturna nd lp get d tt W reve
(if) ed j divided between o under way tomorrow morning Uer. Thom tst
awd and Dil4qhl4r e. WV Mable sc tth F-ld,wiedwth Gattin p by o ms t tl n Tta
fedson, ver-satle l-aund was a a d g Pedro Miguel at Diamond groundito second to break the
nt from Balboa captured around wit eaty finally t 8:30a.m. Athe me time on and stole second to brk the r
fixed jump with a leap of 5I est, coming over the finish line head aod 2, Diablo will be pa- I Lea ht eord.
d then inches, took the broad Jmp. aof the others. mo arg arita to start play rt ho led ta right Ina *to i 1n-
pBn. i1 feet 3 2 inches, and r a Cla Completes ret are follows, e 'all-dy affair. The chain- l driving home Otey wth the
it, 3, on the third p'lae 4xl 0 etpr with the a listed in their pnhp game will be held at3:46 scod dring ohe Ot wh t
Frank relay team.. order of filish: rp h.m i second arunof bI g ron f b IAs i.
s A. Johnson's performance l -Mel r 1en- Orenon, The Omboa recreational au Mt his second dibe to third
bo re- the more outstanding in rie ai I waby, L : ers-10.. cities will be available for the ng a g
Bcott as he has been working ot f0o 300-Meter Open-O. Swaby, L. entire family who intend to ta y ain
ov. 1- track only a few days aice coal- Sobers. A. Grenlon-21.0 for the entire affair. The swim- iat
ted in pleting the season with the high 100-Meter Class "iP-.. Ford,lming r pool, picnic tables te lni in nlaty
school baseball team. Dryden, C. Hall--ILL courts, horseshoe .ouarts; tlaSnl mtlat.
ed off Oliver Swalby. ardent at Abel 3M-Meter Clas U""-P. Dlas, alum, and swin will be aval- my of thee i eT- imig
S ravo, ran second it) the hundred 4. Richards, F. Wlliamsna-2.4. able for those who desire to, eu with toueh of thi lall wi"
show- meters then came right back to 460-Meter Open-r. Parker, H. them. I liip0-e
uld be capture the 200 meters inthe fine Wldon, F. Raybourne-53.7. A first and second all-star team at
e broke time of 21.9 from suc~h a datersa S -Meter Oven-J. Phillips, will be selected at the conclusion detail that e ven
as Lester Sobers, MiAred =O enry Crux, E. Waldron-2:08.4. of the tournament by a commit- r deown ps Mn-.
IScott and Charlie McArthur; wby al 15-I .Meter Open-.Oscar Kour- tee of competent judges. The m et on pa ue t On.
ith te so anchored the winning relay any, W. Amedes, .Jos6 Sala- winners will be announced the .
wered team composed of himself, Gre- 4:29.7. following day. PD
in the lion, Marcus Wilson and 0. Wal- 8I0-Meter Open-S. Peflalou, All participants In the affair
lace. This group covered the 400- A l H, H. Gonstlez-17:01.7. will have the op laty to wini 5. As A ff
r meter relay distance in see- 1 0I0 Girls-C. Goodiln, D. one of the na w8rds
et. Be onds flat. Barker, J. Vanorn-G8. Which the Balbo Lodge 1414
entire The 100-meter finals was a IM-Meter Girls-C. Oooding, ill give away att champion- In The
bet- thriller from gun to finish is D. BarkerJ. VanHornL13 flat. ship game. All players on each
Gbets renlon niuped Swaby and Lea- 4xls iaeter Relay Open-(l) roster will be given two chances AN
ter Sobers in an almost blanket Swaby WallaceWilson; Orenion. on these prices which Pill be ANAMA AME th
to Ca- finish. The time for this was 10.9 I) lobers, Thompson, Mathews, drawn by the queen of the tour- c P nmas
and it is doubtful if more than a Hall. (3) Riche Ostrea. Johnson, nament., h
tenth of second separated all Young. C. McArthur.
three of these place winners. til o Meter Relay Open (1) Dtrict Deputy Grand .al ted S
Niufies and team. 121 Cruz and Ruler of the Canal Zone. Ralph
Clair Godby put himself into team. Grsmau. invites all the Els 8afrl
the double winners column 1 Mile Messengers Cycle--Bea- their families to attend and hel
when he took the shot and the thy. Samuels. L. Smlth-4:00.0. dedicate the first Elks Niationa"
discus. Although the distances 14-Mile Class "B" Cycle W. Youth Day in the Canal Zone.
were not outstanding this high Williams, M. Smith.
school junior is a growing Pole Valt-C. Beckles. 10"4'; B.
you.n lad and his name Herring, 1; F. Pond. 9'l0"'. 5M N 1CU
bound to appear after mtany 3 r o a, s Imp-D. Johnson
outstanding sports achier- '10": Jaimie Balas, 5'10": Hym- NOTES
ments before he finally hangs lon, T', ,"
un hi athletic shoes. Shot Put-C. Godby, 40'10"; 8. ," .
Sim6n Pefialoza opened the Manhis, 36'S". Next Saturday afternoon at 2
morning's activities with a ree- Diseus C. Oodby. 112'0": Louis o'clock there will be an addqd
ord breaking 17:01 7 in the 5.000 Tremblay, 104'0"~. 8. Beckles, money.410 ga.L Skeet Shoot at the
meters This was the fastest time 101'3". traps of the Balboa #ltb. The
entry fe far this "hootwll be i
Inter-Club Matches Paraiso-Red Tank "4o0. ee tss.
Five dollars will be added to
2nd Round Schedule Softball League via thre ewis tm, Clah ds Ad
Changes Annenced Opens Monday PM B, prcentage. There will bepren-
-.oae who don't own this alae. so
The Tournament Commlttee ThParlidso-Red Tank Softball come over to the sheeting
of the Panami Golf Association League will get under way at grounds and get hintd this shoot
announced the following pm. on Monday, Feb. 26. when and have some fun.
change in the schedule of the Heavy Equipment, one of Red There should be ke comnue-
inter-club matches at Balumit Tank's leading softball teams, -ton between J. T. _oWLatyLPt d'
Hills next Sunday. clashesll with Gibraltar, a newly n and Bill Cutn ilB 'lr
Inorder od congeson organited team. .t.. pae ian Class W.
rof tho crde, to h a e fint feear's competition will be t Joe Hayden
teams of e elfbw t fie f very rf, judging from the play third time at the ___t__
starting at 8:45 .m. Th other of the different teams in their Club 8unday last. Dill loust ItI
five teams will tee olf ltt"l ar' up lpmes. "th hooi-e ffafter a ie ;t Ie ... yV 0W
4:11t 5 a Managrs for the different each.

I ___ -
---- ------ ---- -- ----- -- --



a i

- .

'*-*. .

'"-' '

L *.*-~-. -.
I-. F -


x Is

y Church

Feb. 31, (UP)
Congregation of
R1 a approved the
lr3 dLy ~the Beatllicatton
S p p X, and the ceremo-
y 45lTly scheduled oy
Ppe i 1Wr June 3.
Jueli l the anniversary of 'n.
births o tP Plus X and June 3
.P1. of his baptism.
Sit i Congregat Ion mot
Pes today and approv-
edi decree which Ia
moving Beatili-
lgtlon on Feb.
ll e two miracles
t o Wbettflcatlon.
-Preplxtll for the ceremony,
one or 't-Lt Important In
the AIlfP ..any years, as

I __ ___*






Our experience and integrity are your guarantee.


me on wnein t M-
clemency only"
."' Ie appealed to

l'L ahers bound to
P, oIldren.'
Swas so hocked
ater of the Gospel
wIter out of tie
married her in a clan-
I ftt it undoubtedly
'JW mind. He almost
fC Douglas said.


TEL. 240610

teaml t o w1 o Roth nd
Sb Sl, were inaed In t ~_ "fix" oand Wa.
W. Wall, cf They nave been charged with accepting gamblers' bribes.
AiA ," som y ato seven hits ad two .ultral Group
L.iwt Attorn.ods. .'soned

At Brld thre of the HUdOn n..e jOf l kJ a
aSa. W~l, a n out w oA tnwoit A o ajo
.ann t e atlbat. Met S un day
"trait. p. ^ K*fl hlte'e t_.s Meet ,
Mi=a.rlealTr naf far dOUr
Halbrook, lb W.h add to e Shn Thz o Abajo Cultural vtap
.Daniel, Wt. hoa hen 1rm wi l an to ioffer sthe PObrli
C ,nim3, mh m, o a .pr nS toen_.h bettst ann cuturd ana d.
isb win r at Alet. eaital entertaInment at its
rot. J. pnp h iMe ,it lAt I meetunag
HalbrookI, 2b 'IfdqW, a t a The1o Abjo Culturlb tis l

pires: Lke and Albrht d an dy Lynch doual tin Iroup'to oer theo romote
up itf getant 18-1lta hre-t bii' ulg.the be cultural leve, they la

ga nii fj'Papmmt Radio. Eddle the hnts and suggestion of the
brtd Ro and emeffectively ler atranslated nto ae-
S t.(rised r. a0 o n, t&e Iz the ttecommurnty at. 1g.e.
o bat. erta to reach the The last meetag of Jan. 1
a"pirs" Steer pitcher' range in the a Ileest speaker Cespedes t urke,
S TO THORN fourth when they scored five director of the Pan lee'o
lettlul softball Leause runs. They got f sive. more n th. Hi
sfWteventh, wPdspt tired ion 'of onts and esions" ws galn
ret .j. ... el Rtodo aiaem. eRue a dedsir to hear hi
prroHdn.oe. 3 7 ,3s hipto On gunfay. Feb. 25, cmuni Dwat .-
ned Omproy i avid Rotebean to rh te Afred sHowell, BA M.. of La 1oc
teethrilling Brownite were Rado' top bats be guest speaker. This r
mWlsn Ott STHOanSta cru t two fr they ecore. lrence iees to be a very interesmu
P oll and gavo upof Steer alno had two rgram and a large attendance
mp on 3 h ro the If i mrntalpatetd.m.
inb ant. on. + to the On .unilla. Fb. 25, Min ..;
"'**ai Jr. threshe 01 viv d Robert& and Mro* thy Howell, DA.. MA.. of La Dw2

10 tLl

4 r -



You es only 3 or 8-the hostess, purmer, possibly
the pilot-bs aetually thee are thousands of tmldAd
Brmaiff emplo*mI workla around the clock to make your
Sh wr, f ,aster, mere uuriom. Tbe mechaneal engineers who ch.k
yl pae, the weather iad fpail uat the dispatchers, all e
*fias, hta4o wre perosplily aterMtod in your
SSfi "ad effort. It's t he wm om any Bmalff flight you
nh..*ssdt El Co WiIat Ior, raui'sdehum sleeoper plane,
iMd1rt hlietLle seh t airesee. Whereer you go, you'll have
SthM-amb t yr y em fie Askbo sheet mir'slow fare

.. y. .-
Sn *. MM = -.'- w. +""" .-

.'. : : '- "."

k '[ '

* -' ft'



. '....


SECOND $ 1 0 .oo



Certificates wll be exchanged for


5 Emply Packaes for Each (lC klt


.F- -- -- .- --" -......'--
. *^ ,- .++ -. .* .- ..:- ;.^ ." *- .. .... :, ..
: ....- -+ ...-, .: +. :-. +.... + :. -.v .. -:



$ SOO.oo


Jr. :T




- .4



- -


*t *^. *; <- '^f -

i ; -" ...
a~~ h : ,. : -, .
.- -- --- .".., R t. --. ."
SU. Ai_,_+ o .+ .: ..

SC AN ;y '
$CA ~ wf i'iH

S Panama American ClassifiE

SALE:-Porch shades for four
omily. 1937 Ford 2-door, A-i
bAandition, new tires. new battery,
2 kitchen stools. 211-B Pedro Mi-
"guell .

9'" SALE--Dodge 4 Door Sedon
'- 1. 1946 F.uid Drive Radio, $850.00
. -': at Cyrnos Nash Agency. Duty
: Pa.d.
S7OR SALE:-By competitive bids. 3
,, Chevrolet 1948 Tudor Sedans; 1
i. 1949 Ford Tudor Seden. Good
S condrton. Driven locally. Low mi-
Sleage.. Individual bids accepted.
Can be seen by appointment. Tel.
~, Balboa 2-1475.

mve $150.*
Lulselll 9
Leu t: 1, I
Le f: 2
lternetlmal Jewerky se
odlomning International Hotel

FOR SALE: Libemry table, Iarge
electric fan, 5251 Dioblo Apt. F
Phone 2-2836 after 5 p. m.
Save shoe leather! You'll end up at
Panamusico anyway if you're look-
mg for records, so why waste
time "trying somebody else first"
huh....? No. 127 Central Ave
Nearly at the corner of "J" St

t tR SALE.-1950 De Luxe Chevro- FOR SALE.-Beauty Shop equipment.
Sr let C'ub Coupe, undercoated. Ex- I Helen Curtis Empress Dryers,
cellent condition. Bargain. Tel shampoo chair, shampoo bowl.
83-2195. Curundu. Hgts. Phone 382, Coco Solo.
: R SALE--1950 Tudor De Luxe FOR SALE:-Camera Kodak Ektra
S" Ford V-8 W-S, 10,000 miles. 235- with F 1.9 Ektor lens and two ma-
SD. phone 382. Coco Solo. gazines backs. Finest 35 mm co-
-*-mera. Will sell for $300.00 cash.
SpR SALE:-Must sell this month Call Dr. R. E. Arias, Balboa 6456
1938 Chevrolet coupe. 7 cu. ft from 9 a. m. I a. m.
Frgidaire 1 Yr. guarantee left
RCA table model radio and record
player Bamboo cha r and settee FOR SALE
See evenings. at houy 147-D.
New Cristcbol. M. Salmon. Household
%-' FOR SALE -1947 Kaiser recondl-
onEd motor $60000. Call co FOR SALE -Electric incubator. Call
toned motor $60000. Call Coco
So:o 4.'7. phone 3-0255.
o SALE-1949 5 passenger De FOR SALE Mahogany dining room
FOR S'A," "" 9 5 passeng-r DIset, crib. youth bed with mattress,
Luxe, Chevrolet, satin green, pur- seccr youth bed wit mattress,
chased Oct. 1949. 9.000 miles prch shade Peru ve. 69. Apt..5.
radio, seat covers. first $1,350.00. FOR SALE-Leaving. Furniture, mo-
Orr House 1517-C, Ake St. vie camera, Peruvian silver, Misc.
Ba'boa, Tel. 2-2728, rear office Apply after 4:30. House 5358,
2730. Davis St Diablo.
FOR SALE.-1942 Oldsmobile. duty FOR SALE:-One Westinghouse Re-
poid, bargain $425.00. can be frigerator, 25 Cycle A-i condition
seen at 827-B, Empire St. Blboa or trade fr 60 Cycle. Aprtmnt
or coal Corozal 2257, from 7.30 N. 2-B, e Miguel.
to 4 30 week days. Sgt. Turner., '- -B.Pd Mue l,
-FOR SALE -Leaving country, bao-
'OR SALE: 1947 Crosley Sedan boo set, sittingroom set made
B 35000 Duty Paid. House 23 Cows, 100 00 both. Tel. 3-
Apt. 4. 40 St Bella Vista 0602
;OR SALE -1948 Chevrolet 4-door FOR SALE:-Modern mahogany bed-
sedan in excellent condition. $950 oom et Mde by Cowes O cos-
00. 630-'1 Ancon BlvId, Ancon ... ......
00. 60- Anon Bld Anon sion price. Also baby set. 34th St.
Tel. 2-1832O. No. 7.
FO SLE-- Sae -mene
FOR SALE: Save time. new1951 FOR SALE:-Bamboo settee elec-
Ford Custom. 4 door, no mileage. trick livingroom clock. French ta-
C. Z. list price 2-2367. pestry, 2 cameras, felt table pod,
'OR SALE:-Model 'A' Ford 1931 horses. spring, and ntattress, tool
$50.00 Cheap tronsporlotion box I with lock and dry unit), pair
Phone 916, Colon. lighted bamboo wall plant holders.
...Eh-.kkitchen garbage con. porcelain top
FOR SALE:-Bargain! Chevrolet 49. kitchen table. 2 dresser mirrors
convertible, with rodio, can be Call: Dr. Courtney. Phone 2-2378.
finance, for your information see or house 560 Corozol Quarantine
Frank Aleman. Smoot y'Porede" or Area. Feb. 22 between 8 a. m
call Tel. 2-0600. and 5 p. m.
A Good Investment
is a GOOD USED FOR SALE:-25-cycle motor for
BUICK Coldspot refrigerator. Call Balboa
2949 after 5 p. m.

FOR SALE: 1949 Chevrolet with
spare tires, perfect condit-oh. $1,-
S 400. Can be financed. Phone 83-
3284, from 4:00 to 8-00.
S FOR SALE:-1950 De Luxe Chevro-
let 4-w'or. 1.000 mles Not had
1.000 mile check. 1423-D, Bal-

ra'ts & M,,tors
FOR SALE: International Tractor
model A. With implements. Call
83-4207 after 5 p. m. 657-B. Cu-
-. rundu Heights.
Real Estate
ftR SALE-Modern chalet in Nue-
vo Arraloan, with water and elec-
tricty. Call 2-3078.

r Miierllaneout
WANTED --Unfurnshed apartment.
3 bedrooms, 2 bath-. Call 2-2644
FOR SALE: Bedroom tar employee
S wanted, with Panamanian family.
B. Thiesen, El Panama, Kitchen
WANTED.-Good phonograph, hand
or 25 cycle. Phone Mrs. Moble.

F Help Wanted
WANTED: Experienced maid. 611
Anron Boulevard upstairs.
WANTED--Young man for general
work Must speak Spanish and
English and have R. P. and C. Z
commercol driver's license. Distr-
buidoro Elctrica. S A. corner of
Ancon Avenue at H Street.



"d ,

A.FnaMa Col6n
^*i-- ---^- ------

FOR SALE:-Studio piano. Beauty-
rest box spring with innersprnng
mattress, Norge washing machine
25 cycle. venetian blinds for cot-
tage. child desk and chair, wicker
chairs and table. Miscellaneous
patted plants and African violets.
House 35, 5th. St. after 5:00 o--
FOR SALE:-Singer sewing foot mo-
chine, general refrigerator, g a s
stove, baby crib, stroller. Phone
916. Colon
FCR SALE--omplete mahogany din-
ingroom set. beautiful ceilinn
lamps. Arch shades, Peru Ave. 69
Apt. 5.
FOR SALE-One Lionel Electric Train,
accessories end 25 or 60 cycle
transformers. $55.00.; One General
Electric, large table radio, 25
cycle, $75 00: One electric fan, 25
cycle, $15.00. miscellaneous items.
All. excellent condition Full de-
tails. call Balboa 2-1579. See at
743 Enterprise Place. Balboa. Apt

Harnett & Dunn are giving a special
price' 3 50 per month Latin 7 30
p. m. Amercan dancing 8:30 p
m. Thursday Balboa YMCA

Ballroom dancing classes Crisrobal
YMCA 23, 3.30 p. m. teen-
avers 7 p. m. groups $3.50 per
month. Harnett and Dunn.

LOST:-One brown police dog with
a white patch on fore head and
block spots on body, name of dog
is "Butch" Reward to the finder
Alemin. Colombia and 49th St.

New Zealand Uses
Emergency Powers
In Dock Strike
WELLINGTON, New Zealand,
Feb. 21 (UP) Prime Minister
Sidney Holland today declared a
state of national emergency in a
move to combat the effects of a
nationwide waterfront strike.

The decree gives the govern-
merit almost unlimited powers to
conscript labor and materials
and to commandeer transport.

35 a4 Inches.. .7.
3 x 64 Inches... I.W
40x 64 Inches... 1. I
34 x 73 4na ... ?.M
4 x 647 Inces.e.. L. .
36 72 inches... 7.0
el 3-1713 *l last 2thSt

IRAMLICS Santa Cla beach,
cottages, furnished, electric, re-
frigeratlon, moderate rates. Phone
Samboo, 6-541 or 4-567.
Willirm Santo Claree each Cofa
Two beroo0m. electric re rigro
Htan Roelqo raon Phone 61
boe 2-300. Except WeSi-ends.
Philis. each mot M, Sarte Cloro
8oi numb6r 435. kt. Phone
Ponomo af -187 .r Cristobol I
FOR RENT:-Beach cottages. Sea-
cliff Acres. Phone POSEY, Balboa

FOR RENT:--Two bedroom cottage,
No. 30, Bella Vista, 45th. St.
Rent $125.00. Call Lapeira Tel.
32622. 12 to 5 p. m.

FOR RENT:-Apartment for rent.
43rd Street. East and Ave. Mexi-
co. Call 3-0140.
FOR RENT-Nicely furnished apart-
ment. including el tric refrigera-
tor. All screened. Good surround-
ings. $55 00. situated at 112 Via
Belisario Porros. near Roosevelt
Theatre and SAS.
FOR RENT: Beautiful one-room
furnished apartment. Electric re-
frigerator. Also furnished roorr
with private bathroom. 43rd Stree
No. 13.
FOR RENT:-Comfortoble well ven-
/_WU.d two bedroom apartment in
/ BellaoVista. Call 2-2443.
FOR RENT.-A rvndern apartment
in 46 steet No. 8, consisting of
porch, hall. diningroom, k.tchen.
two bedrooms, maid's quarters
with private service. Price $120
00. Phone 3-0351.
FOR RENT:-Apartments. one bed-
room. parlor, diningroom. kitchen
both, at No 20 Via Espoaa. see
De Castro. B Avenue No. 24. phone
2-1616. Panomi.

FOR RENT: Apartments of one
large, one small bedroom, sitting-
diringroom, kitchen, bath. at No.
9. 44th Street East Bella Vista, see
De Castro. B Avenue No. 24.
phone 2-1616.- Panama.

FOR RENT: Two furnished bed-
roms, American home. near A n-
con bus-stop to American women'
References required. Telephone
Panama 2-3067.
FOR RENT--In Bella Vista. beauti-
fully furnished rooms with all
conveniences. Mexico Ave. No. 69.
near 43rd. St. Phone 3-0553.

Red Mortars Hurl
UN Tanks Back
(Continued from Page 1)
the commander and general staff
of the Communists in Korea." He
added that the Russians have
"been waging was against us for
five years" with the objective of
world domination.
O'Danlel-an ex-commander of
the U.S. 3rd Infantry Division In
World War II-said the Russians
"are applying all known princi-
ples of combat" in this war
against the United States.
Renorting on the Air War, the
Far East Air Force said its own
Navy pilots hit Communist tar-
gets In Korea yesterday with
more than 1,200 sorties as they
bombed communications facili-
ties and destroyed or damaged at
least 15 tanks-the largest num-
ber sighted since mid-December.
The day's total may have been a
The Air Force flew 956 of the
sorties and British and U S. c.r-
rier planes flew more than 160.
On Monday, Air Force planes
alone flew a record 1,039 sorties,
but Navy sorties were not report-
ed that day.
B-26 Intruder bombers sootted
train of flatcars which they es-
timated carried at least 15 more
tanks. The B-26's found six trains
moving from the Manchurlan
frontier and claimed three
wrecked or left burning. A bright
"bomber's moon" aided the night
flying Intruders as they shadow-
ed the trains from tunnel to tun-
Okinawa-based B-29 Superfor-
tresses took over the bombard-
ment of the northeast Korepn
port of Tanchon 170 miles north
of the 38th Parallel from the 45.-
000-ton U.S. battleship Missouri.
The B-29's dropped 20 tons in the
Tanchon area.- The Missouri's 16-
Inch guns knocked out three
bridges and blasted railway !"-
stallations there into a mass 1'
twisted wreckage yesterday.
On a visit to the front, General
Mark W. Clark, commander of the
U.S. field forces, Indicated the
Army may bef n bringing U. S.
troops home from Korea and re-
placing them with trainees on a
large scale this summer.
"A rotation tln Is desirable
and we wouldn't want the bur-
den of this war carted by people
already here," Ciark said u hp
boarded a plane for a return
flight to Tokyo.
"But," he dded "before roata
tlon on a largIe ide can begin we
must build up our forces In the
Far Eastern com-"'-nd. It is rc
ing to t'*e some time-severs
months atlest." -..... I


I oo Il


6 e, IIIb

Via BapBa. Near lsn Frane
TeL 8.2ia3
i -

a --

Our MIRRORS decorate
No. 4, 16 East SL TeL 2-6M

10,000 Claim By
RP Firm Dismissed
(Continued from Page 1)
insurance'claim was one of sev-
eral submitted.
Receiver Frank H. Qreen. dis-
allowed this claim on the
grounds that the insurance com-
pany was organized and existing
under the laws of PanamA in the
Republic of PanamnA and that
it had not complied with provi-
slons of the Canal Zone code
whereby foreign businesses are
authorized to operate In the Ca-
nal Zone.

In his opinion, Judge Han-
cock points out that any -cor-
poraLion doing business in the
Canal Zone without having com-
plied with provisions pf the code
may be punished and that "in
addition to this lenalty, every
contract made by or on behalf
of any foreign corporation af-
fecting the liability thereof or
relating to property within the
Canal Zone shall be void on its
behalf and on behalf of Its
assigns but shall be enforceable
against It or them."
He adds that it is "Hornbook
law" (a students' textbook) that
a court "will not lend its aid in
enforcing an unlawful contract."
After citing authorities, he
concludes: "Enforcement of the
claim of Compaftia Istmefla de
Seguros contra Accidintes is de-
nied and the right to recover is
decreed unenforceable in this

1950 Malaria Rate

Hits All-Time Low

Among PC Employes
The incidence of malaria a-
monp Canal and Railroad em-
ployes reached the all-time :ow
of only 1.1 per thousand last year
in both sanitaed and unsanita-
ted areas, less than half the pre-
vious low record of 3.1 establish-
ed in 1949, according to year-end
statistics from the Health Bu-
The rate of incidence has drop-
ped markedly each year since
1946 and the present rate repre-
sents an even more notable im-
provement when compared with
282 cases per thousand employes
in 1908. which was considered a
remarkable record at that time.
The annual rate decreased
from 12.5 In 1946; to 11.8 in 1947;
5.5 In 1948 3.1 per thousand in
1949 and 1,1 per thousand last
The number of malaria cases
among employes. including ,e-
current cases, was only 22 last
year as compared with 66 In 40,.
126 In 1948. 296 in 1947 and 345
in 1946.
Among the factors which have
served to decrease the malaria
rate probably foremost Is the
close cooperating among all
health agencies the Canal
Zone and the Repbuic of Pana-
ma in malaria etML nd pae-
vention, accodtJ. Gen.
George W. lei t bDirectr.
Other reasWuW S I toweed
rate were t iam
the public in eaurem;
Improved Bep| .nt .
reventive: .. d lae.r
applies fnd better methods of
S.:/'lbuion of lsecticdes, Ou.
.!e aid. .


-m W


Commander h to
eral asked the Sr
tqre was taken dl
by Gen. Morris -


Major. Sein

Assiged To Duty

In Uuifed States

Major George M. Beignlous
will depart from the Canal Zone
on Friday for his new assignment
with a Tank Battallon of the
82nd Airborne Division, Fort
Bragg, 1.C. He had been as-
signed to Headquarters Caim-
beah Command as aide-de-co mp
to Lt. General William H. H,
Morris, Jr.
Prior to coming to the Canal
Zone in November 1949. Major
Belgnious was the Arm,o red
Traninng Oficer, United States
Army Section on the Joint Bra-
IH-_Uted States Military Coil-
duringg World War I he served
in Europe with the 10th Armored
Division from September 1942 to
July 195. and later with the
Sixth Corps and the'Seventh Ar-
Imy He participated In the
Rhtneland-and Central European
Born at Kingstree, S.C., In
June 1921, the son of Mr. and
Mrs. Francis P. Belgnious, he at-
tended The Citadel at Charles-
ton, S.C., graduating with a
Bachelor of Science degree in
fMrs. Selgnious and then two
children, son RAchard and
daughter Pamela Anne, will ac-
company Major Seignious to Ft.
Bragg. They will leave Panama
aboard the 8.8. Cristobal of the
Panama Line.

Venezuelan Ship

Dits. Off Va.

Without Propeller

t. eri
ua CL&"-i the Gen-
leniea on.l. the ple-
nines l f Port Kebbe
i. Ray Coemmanding
(Ofi US. Army photo)

PanM"".. l

The Panama Pyoject Office;
U.S. Army Corp of 'Engineers,
again is offering some focal
buildings for sal&, It was an-
nounced to..ay.
They rlarq lated at Quarry
Heights, at 1Coroal, in the Pier
20 area,.at Fort Clayton and on
the ClitvACbhlT Road. They will
be sold'e'Qae bid Item, on an all-
cash'b : I
The itrctures, which are now
open to inspection by prospective
purchasers, are quite varied In
One-birrcks Is for sale at
Quarry HeiPts. Te Corozal
propert1myuncludes two storehous-
es 0 nd two quarters buildings.
In the pi areasa repair shop
goes under the hAmmer,
At Claytona. tool shed, four
storage sheds, two warehouses
and five misellaneous structures
are for sale, The Chiva Chiva
Road structure is a pump house,
lcate aut .a, quter illel

Service Clubs Rase

$I10 For Polio Fund
Almost $1.000 of the Armys to-
tal contribution of more han
$14,000 to the March of Dimes
was the result of effort by var-
ious clubs, according to WOJG i
Clarence C. Dietz, fund custo-
Officers' clabs. NCO clubs, wo-
men's clubs and the National
Bojourners contributed the total
of M8.,6. said bDetz.
The various club fund-raisng
enterprises Included such expe-
dients as benefit dances, benefit
bingo games and at least one
cake raffle. t
The grand total of $14,352.73.
announced Monday by Chaplain
(Co:.i Edward T. Donahue, Who
guided the US Army Caribbean
share In the Dimes drive, is still
subject to modification. Dietz
said several miscellaneous ants
and individuals have promised
additional returns.
The total contributions In the
drive, under six headings corre4-
ponding to major commands,
follows: Fort Kobbe units, SS,-
505 59; Atlantic Sector, $62I.72;
65th AAA Group, $1.,9223; Pa-
cific Sector (less Fort Kobbs.,
$856.02; Caribbean Command
(plus Hq. USARCARIB, and.1h,
Spepla Troops), $$1.42; H $ Ser-
vice Operations a COD, $2.319.-
94.' "

Fourth Meeting
Fails To Break
La Prensa Deadlock

NORFOLK. Virginia. Feb. 21.
(UPI the Coast Guard said BUENOS AIMS, Feb. 21 (P)
the Venezuelan ship Ciuded de A fourth meeting toy be-
Caucas. bound from New York tween ILa Prensa" reprsnta-
to Venezuela with abput 40 men tires and the New Vendors
aboard, is adrift 125 miles est Union failed to break the dAd-
of Cape Henry today after losing lock in negotiations for sttle-
her propeller In heavy seas. ment of the closure now.-
TLe Coast uard cutter Cher- most a month old.
oke Is expected to reach the No date waapt for aw ther
Ciudad do Caracas about 5 p.m. meeting.
The Coast Guard said the'ship
lsno Immediate danger. he is Air Mail P* kU S
catag aS cargo of dry goods. -- --
The Cludad de Caracas wa At Ps tfl -
last at Balboa January 29. She
has. a overall length of 338et il
and proes tonnage of 5054. he Will Be..-
waxs ,#rryla a cUroM ,
add cocbiaLeanf roa sBe- Ti e et Et
o to Nw Yarl. She i a ua ti

Ss at aU CIvu aa da-I
I %T AM ... .-- .1.
S.w,., 4.._ _,the nr ew vew ..-,I
bI:45 a. ate'

heet eft hie television ast- -L e hanste olA-
reotly betrw ththehermostat h'i Ite & t-
0ke$ UM b ine ta C'rf r aa


- .1

- -.C --- '.

dim m and sair-
plad 'owl l Mwe hban--
died hi the eralorne, aad 868
Individual tan, totaling 133,-'
447.59. wearmade.
This ydar tith military and the
Canal Zone drifw for member-
ship will be closely coordinated.
All of the proceedss from the
military capalga will be turned
over to theulo0 l chapter.

* Thirty-s men and one wom-
an. a WAC, were graduated Fri-
day afternoon from the Panama
Area Damag Control School.
United States Army Caribbean,
Fort Amador, making the 27Lh
claw of armed forces personnel
and Panama Canal eivillans to
successfully complete tWO com-
prehenive two-week course in
chemical and radiological war-
Colonel Ragnar 1. Johnson,
commandant of the schpol and
Director bo" the Disaster control
Center, delivered the opening
address reviewing the organiza-
ion of the school and Introduced
the guest pea er, Colonel Calix-
to Ceel ale Tai AAT.
Ty1Yg'- for t% honors *Ith
scores of 100 on the flnna exam-
tnahton were 1st Lt. James 0.
Tuthill, Co. F, 45th Meca. Cav.
and 2nd Lt, Jose L. Rodrigues,
Btry C, 482nd FA Sn.

'Charge IK SI

OK at Amp C6timy

In New Cash P
Charge accounts may be used
at the Ancon Commissary after
the change to the cash u e plan
early next month in hb same
manner as at other retal stores
of the Commissary DIvMlon, ex-
cept that no coupon boof can be
purchased against charge ac-
counts there, It was announced
Many inauiriee are being re-
ceived by the management of-.the
Ancon store concernll et 'arg
accounts after the new ale eyse-
temrn is adopted. No coupon book
will be sold in Ancon after the
change is made and therefore
those customers with charge ac-
counts' who buy books against
their account must mike such
purchases 'at other stores. Other-
wise. there is no change planned
in the manner 10 handling
charge accounts at the Ancon re-
tail store.
Rapid oroRres ls being made
on the alterations to the Ancon
Comm ssary preparatory to
adopting the cash male jan. It
has been annouuoed tbt .eW
system will become- effective
March 6 and si ns annouping
the change are benw orominent-
ly displayed in the store.

Navy Annueaes

SupervdoryJ Do

At Rodman Dit

The Navy announced today the
vacancy of a oaltlon at the Nal
Supply Fcllity, Rodmap, C. E.
(West Bank).
Responslbltltee ofthe aid n,
that of Storage Branch Super- ;
so,. General det Ie .i ftladi
planning and nsew Ml ope
tons of the alutts
w plecceptea unitl
19w1, be aodptld u e at -t
the Natdml BUtSai t
ply "ia --ty C- -

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-~ Lfr ,& ;'gw '



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ti. -CIAN
*l i 6 --" "" U-i "t "n a"Irln 'on'"

"l. r. .lio "r I ehe 7 ARNCE.o h-OW

p,___$ -:4';.:ea .r 4 a LOuis J]orian

F8:00Cr MCounty A (VOA)*

-+lgAA iSTHWA St ..o,-Bto '10:30--e Bo itf^ord
S5 agrf ; aSraetie door -U5 al: :3. :. Li 20-.The r e NeSt.
Is 1 gftehet the party eak 12:00-gn Of

,D Ih t" A oe -' Coo C ao, o ." M 1*c -
-,e" tonAih yhfonin at a ho- he- inomw, Tbopla Fl eb.
Paied It apTHEet-

0 ia ^fal Sv LW o ght at tu e Dia- a "m eiout e 6:00-Alarm Clock Club
Theater. Crts I

x .I a mploye .. ,tesided o ,i n ,h 0- EWS 0
lB lB t U 199 until e :-Mastc MTHc WOo

S, Ov owaeiei n t ee a 9:1 45-NC RED HEART PRO-
h+i .d. e.: mW Egne. Diviso fo Go

WSWI I Il an enine withS3 t U r s e tTLANTe5 te.,e (UPe lisnwao e. .Na-NW

ta nd M rs. Au 80RENHEN Delbert Dteyle, avsagain, Albrny G a. my f1iniashool !SdioSSon :0A SS. 8t
WIU a :0,j 1 laterU"O Y by

it t. o ,oro i. ome l. oeee t "ire o n tn a ta ho r- Tlran .. wl r 10:1-Lu- w Them R ae ( A)
t iAA Sd Re"one Par Jet.I he n ot not un n tare f Lo '
VW X950421F 8:r15-0 0 M M1 9-TATOR- Dr-

..triu ew York e p .T 8:39 h e0-- Mo ntReC A (VOA)
M .ta ra l min a t he h r faahile n (o na Ne 30-L W S
lDM .ofr ya arl t ~MaEl weie d a o the Th a-r iuotth e iot

-uee S e b. t N D elbet owa meminge Aany G d h la tool pp) hdies of two been P.? M. ro 8r .
veg-S Ivtt Mnlo, rde n door 17-r.4 m !TSA,-- 0Olar.

_i-s. .,Fcltnvi sl~or LAp:pao0- en e a g-Tgt wS h t.

toa pat fM fa roa frM t r. 1 was P t 1:00-Ln t oed OW N
M '.7iU tI. oeoam .o ana Z .ti of al Nie ro e Tsve a s be ar-tehd n dfLoryr t w, :0T btnar au Feb A -,G Idisr, desent- B oi n t ar to l r ane ini t r s a. :-P At P R d e
It Coln Hpind Mlap" tonight .gu w:Mam Keea

S e Fort o an P f orl to dh u ring h er war to b' Ap elyexap u be im oa

r Mr an T rbu. an IA he i he a w Nere e hee n I:0-Aerm Clock Cl
",A.... a-- Thi dots INhI 7: .01 Morn- ng S oon R

M M a i8. :97-NEsa parents Ol, hbhyt l atheu) e a h odwe s ofe thoeha14 teen 0 0-r0 A teO job
Soe ak. eueor nm of tppe1. a lndssarho, nfn se r e her mr o ane on 8:1-TA Me tle f S O

Mior .nd + o, I Adaho Mrs. iiO*l F tImio r e, lea IcthlmPe nt- I' washo t w tim l returnefrod Iso iort a wthen 17r and mAn 2::00-MUoHi ForD TNsda
a_ c 01CirltxbtI ol sm, tn FLneb. a go Tda e ao a e ng ladd that oahe a ne a er e ond tol 1 ath cte :ar M0-a ih W )
thaFo e .9spital. 'e o, wb o lao C the O lto De h o- wrale e oa aPety Ns ooe o tdede o Dn thet9: b. e 0- e5-N CrEW a

te omoaIw toda fo theu PATO and Mn ta m 39 untiDl atIl, cad at a lt arted n gN:Wa a r
diW th re e rited M r Det fo r ach 1 r. Io oe the W e wln the r A

M g s~0l lnow an. The mafheeatdivbeiensdead orath of 0 am vo RAM.
or gMr.uaensdsMrs.aabroryn wO l b- AInvtedtOf ir.the least 30 was the gir boiso:1:- S T H
o th i on t er.. ando Dol Mh a TA I m ra e e l i a n u or y, The]y 8at t- N EAod of SPA- OIc e rlea

1. OU Alf Md the loflornl be us ofie C- Cheo .tt.U h r a by.+latI twhre sch o omnb 2:h-1 rOM TTOes Id
iMi. use S lrm. Cre r n loot Dons t tof Ciur o arh otee p rSiinee t hei cl a thir l ad ent sn 8:h d : VOA.- Att) o f N t E
m.. .b r o Ma rat n sr n ren UtRI MO ,V.WIe tat_ tewo)l erlhTpoe. 4RO DN R .(V A )
.. and wee t o of :00-49Mt

Wih. aon eaa po or' w the loal mewu tet tehe noord 'a o nt'd.)
21121 iv" y t egner wiYth. thets A. cTA. Fab.,rbo on- 9u) A-MUCHaB INDING1,N THE

w wl l take pla L O un da, s tF. 1o Mr wir oo- teah d ssenton.e d tw Ih t h ma .. .n that. The liri.. oie arInt e close caurs, A tar Coner Ha l
one f t ob nl P lns oreissiang- O, lay h .12ol rs 1d,100 (UP) The- M bodies om o two oo Tn Pd

meW Chorh in. O, thos i tal ca nla- tlkma n thp year nld .eo e the famidnly twlooker .. .. he!. Miss oL"tons n Deto t' oig 4:--mum Litho t Tidm e
la n &.. F lt A ,ahi f a ne, eb. h, f o eo u s ey mheed eas ooft ehe RaPs fo d rt tee wrslme itefon
lnat e opde.r atth ei M pea nve. of t o er oS W ho as a ,f o henld 0i Al- age gitols their boy re lr s lr:0- Vsuna t leonMu ao
S ing wiort Mad ht, rIdaho, to UA, Aid edeam wr d r-w dne at- r tele d he M s i.tO h elerto e a- thel balc ,

te3 States UM1 a s Theaetin will be hedin fthlevl herr and asky"Did t oner w tne o m oerboo e Joam ner With e :105-Amercn Faor.
@1ler 6,s122 H Sar-g heoto bhir e g e w rabeas cornasd wi be- platnedl ha. b ee emi sings in e JraLnd R em sart anighitooth 1 Owl's Nest
-.. __-- -- tha.e Loer's e Land mor-1 2:0ola Moden
teaot m ea ln* W re tLWe R n ae llwoo, 4to fowld vi thge oi tl last notice turned up ha t Nda ed oa %ark e a :-n
ft. M an a n am or m t s aM n E or three ndt the residence o r old ndng La th e y L ve' :A--Voag ofAria
Mrstif '. both a. of F.ort M.,~ .ind &oA_ hadt Eae Nel c.upnt-s appu aWei rsn vitcms OC ,t:--Th See aun s

nd Nel ie at th fara Ieho l1en -or14 Th r 1 Y t e a ta sh i Woodsae t t h w l, 17, df hvn Time To Dance
hde an d to C1n trmunt ed C811 l en tnc e t kpar eno sha becp Ho en mver swhng tsipea F tihay e R -BatlodifOfth eBa rnd s
we seo to the oarchio funr ahidint a ndtw eregtc objtecth fai -tats m:0g-Organ Rptiriet

of am f Cot beionl fro oorm mostori. ofTthid oth er mr d e o herante er p reswoal:l0-edT Ai OTe WANTE

. A,,bsa N= to n, Lar- neMo. .T ay ateyear Chirmr t RC0MND Vaie e3towretuantafwitm IL-e', .__ PE RI,:00--. (P POt'SA
i w i take lac. t ea. 1 kO Elug ree Frokln. Cs nte ncd 8 eaIrt sUmNd etrmain Dl oea.h 17. and Ane- 3:0--Mude For Thuridar
Wr ffnte2raFluysl for In s hoo che l dLr han d woa s8 .ow too bhu pto la thon Patuto, 17, ya Sq uNew- Dea uedthe Withodut Words i
o Paten Ineti.v minmu hegtand wl hter. Patsyo Nalo u :-o
fori tb wal s P A TT O N b y t h e. a nd ors. t= 1U P W oh hUd n o t b een he -ted Sta es Cir uit sh w a g o n g
Sa el o w s toPoofeAp e alsifr h er f e d o m e r a n d friens n Al T h an oi a S a Y ou r lF tor io

VM s it taught boaueie e,_ a Hkda. ban N rrd. of aid s .ughs r, w w a verndy lA Inbill hol erd syaid a he 8:t --ifiT S hBeaOt
t~ en TMh is m~t'. w ais.r.e ir A rndnMrs.g an ,e Itoohel far t a le oe m i es thrn e our ictime had wen dead for at 7:08-eveningOa THEt ____
d l7Coiloa- t he l 0e b, thei sa otzores T o habe a corus h. ih P fae ho aus de o und. T he car was out oFrUR
Ct-0.0 16 os a to r np de o.o t d endta er. Mgi 4 ol d votdte rin a tialton swsw lhhh 7 b:30-nABmST atoRTe REVIEWd
if, W h a llLlll. lat was saf nowemr, win mr ASLnswere 0:00--NEW A XIT AP OR D BO

jh aeetwah d t tyennd e o ari tan feeine th e car thd ben s en (V OA)m
oftg iii Uni 31tilWn n beadce se N d2htl
Kin5di. it T:he pevi .. .. the te ea ltw o coue- thar c n iOMb
theC* ofhe ChA DOASe. manyoron Oct 20 M.or VI us Rhad pIO s d ttheHE v- 8:3sT-w t (VOA
.k I.n. A. o fTan d Rodney Ju etn e mordHing hhat P NePwrent1day night and wenre asphyxi ated OA --o& CetAM eriP c VOA
R1_ o M IIJ r l with ah onl .l I that she le and h edaccidentally w n carboneine m:00- MU H BIBND I
HP wilt Wk On the thild Deve- I~ther Mamidy tr mt loorkin fl e ar. oxie m d Into the closed car. MARSH 'h
iiSaINT COtks n and his wife Qe d 0 the TheaPt MI" Colton and Do Doming 9* Sa Concert Hall
White SM0 n 1. h Rays found Q that ihe were slumped in the ne5 s Loma Time wdd
U N oWIII SM Nsf dlil at Ng r. Yatsn "t- ter telephoned M ers ofherlt "e e- HEtT W and M iss W oodr w ers t ANTD 3
Ih. AtMgoThe meeting will be hold in theoPatsy Nell has beell missingrce Jr.yand Robert dt, both of 11: yeas ,m e
Iwm*F i ,tgin at 7: So psm. Needham, saw the 't o parked In __Owl,@ o lst
OaI s e for T ho e 0e a p /ohe ,e .q : w in k in d M rs- M ~n a ml y wdt h e rey C h LO L a n e y este rd ay i norn 1 : ig U en O ff an d 9 1 h
eU;lr f. 2 Sl Ay th In g T hey said th ey uaw th e oc- W U nited 8 o f Sym bols
-+~tu d o ------ il tle i* da zot .M oLr Y vette M adsen h reedot Patsy Noll Was al right an d cupa nt, apparntly lar rpin
AuPeIW Of'Dr anId -t ta- GOuh t f d rLa totlo f 148expl.ine a have took no l further notice _l On h eaoAh
!t.U itod Alnf Th% I Woll t* tIUfn Appeals Sentel ce lit thorn hMOW sooner except bf A ORh 3rItish &OR d c a.s thI n P
_2156C1AU G Dr. 0.Unid !r TAM U nders tood from the agilcar stillthere ths mwmithe' '. s-i i appealls fro the c vito by a +
S r that O r members of her f l- they
W-j A;amUMMWm to Poo&* MoW-r 11"OrtD MOM= at RICnHMOND. Va., Fita o1, (up) nn were In mrlant4L wOer-)Ier

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wateh brcelets
fo rTEN
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137 CENTRAL AVE. 137


s\ "heer-gaue up

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soft-spoken cleur Ponds Dream _
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Becaac., 'It's "sherr-laouqg,'
Pond's reamflower Prwder
\ moots in evenly, exqu itely..
gives your skin a doelcte radiance
that lest I Choose from eight
glamorous shadel
Is. ree" ? NI Now
Pwder i- "eeL, difumm ... I*Am
powder a r a leeow ks e Uo Iso aM
and mere deoleI lb" Olaf"




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l of Q Oem. CooM k i, ti4gsA. f 2% 2%
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,fSS 7-

WINl 50 (
py~yr*^. Pniro~ry~ E

.S : ,.

.PAg .. ".
-. c .
- a--.

The members of the Tigers Club, with personal friends
W Mr. Lloyd Alberp entertained with a stag party at the
rangerss Club to honor him before his approaching mar-"
Miss Lorraine Frankel and Mr. Albera will be wed this
W-* Over 45 friends attended the buffet supper party, which
Sas arranged by Mr. Ernesto Estenoz. and Mr. Mareso Mora-
.J-i, the Club president.
I -

Kat Party
a Fish Fry in Gatun
he residents of Barro Colora-
do Circle and a few friends ar-
S raged a no-host supper party
and iis hfry on the lawn of Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Newhard and Mr.
and Mrs. Howard Harris Mnduy
Seiening to compliment Iss VI-
vian Couse and Mrs. M ge Bar-
btr, who are returning to the
United States Friday.
Those who participate d were:
Mr. and Mrs. George P ole, Sr,
S Mr. and Mrs. George, ole, Jr.,
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Maldin and
Virginia, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
Graham and Martha, r. and
' 4 Mrs- Arthur Albright a John,
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Newhar
Carol and Freddie. Mr. and Mrs.
Howard Harris. Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Willoughby, with Bill and
Ardis, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Croft
with Carlton, Leslie and Ray-
mond, Mrs. Elizabeth Row:ey
and Carolyn, Mr. and Mrs. Lee
Nash and Andra Lee, Rev. and
Mrs. J. W. L. Graham, Mr. and
Mrs. Leonard Long. Mr. and Mi;.
Caleb Clement with Orin and
Mary, Mrs. Alice Clement, Mr.
and Mrs. Leon Egolf with Barba-
ra, Mr. Richard Egolf of Balboa.
Mrs. William Basham, Mrs.
William Badder.

S Boon Voyage Dance
at Chief's Club
A dance was given at
Chiefs Club on the Coco S-
Naval Station as a farewell dan
for several members and th
families, who are leaving soon f
the United States.
The honorees were: Chief a
Mrs D. L. Wilkins, Chief a
Mrs R. H. Stevens. Chief a
Mrs R. O. Ferguson, Chief a
Mrs J.E. Kriske, Chief a
Mrs J. H. Phelps and Chief a
Mr. H. I. Wink.
T .e door prize was won
S dilif Phelps.
Dinner Party
for Affianced Couple
Miss Lorraine Frankel and h
Lloyd Alberga were complime:
edovlth a dinner given by M
und.Mrs. Cecile Alberga at tht
S residence.
Men's Fellowship
S Meeting at Margarita
The Men's Fellowship of t
Margarlta Union Church m
Monday evening at the MaIga
ti Clubhouse for their month
diiftei meeting
ixly men attended and hee
a W~lk given by Major Edwa
Hal!!gan on "Radiological D
A moving picture showing t
affects of Atomic Radiation w
alsq' shown.
Couple Celebrates
48th Wedding Anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hight.o
e't.ho are visiting their daug
tar and son-In-law. Sergeant a:
Mrs. A. F. Lloyd of Fort Gull'
celebrated their 48th weddi
ailniversary Sunday.
lThough Mr. and Mrs. Hig
tower are from Virginia, the
wedding took place in Waver
r "iple Birthday Party
Major and Mrs. H. W. HanI
eatertained with a party at t
i Pom Gulick Officers Club Sund
for their three eldest chlldre
whose birthdays came within t
The honorees were. Eileen w
wts eight years old, Hal, Jr w
was seven and Bill who celebr
tfd his fourth anniversary.
Three pink heart shap
cakrs, trimmed with red heai
and appropriately inscribed, wi
three lollipop trees, sent by thi
grandmother and red bougai
villa, formed the decorations i
the refreshment table.
The guests included the sist
of the honorees. Lynne and Ma
Hankel. with David McCracke
Jr'. Karen Davison. Gladys NI
ves, Joanne. Tanis and Pat Pat
son, Edwina Tart, Peggy Je
S Diana and Phil Godwin, Ter
.' Compton, Roberta Moore, Robe
Hope. Tim Hale. Kathleen ar
S Michael Swanick, Barbara, Sh
ron and Patricia Preiss, Chris

99 9



na Pumpelly, Rosemary Smith,
Virginia and Jimmy Shaw, How-
ard Pumpelly, Maurice Webb
Wayne Jr., and Rickle Bart of
Balboa, John Loyd, Janice and
Don Lalche.
Fifteen parents of the children
were also present and assisted
the hostess.
Cotillion Club
Elects Officers
At the Saturday night dance,
the members of the Washington
Cotillion Club elected officers for
the new year. They were: presi-
dent, David Mcllhenny; vice-
president, Stan Schmidt;. Treas-
urer, Bill Grady; Board of Ditec-
tors. Roger Deakins, E. B. Tur-
O. Specht and E. W.
During the evening the mem-
bers of the club extended con-
gratulations to Mr. and Mrs.
Stanwood O. Specht who were
celebrating their llth wedding
Y.M.C.A. Holds First
Dance of New Year
The first dance of the current
year was held at the Cristobal
Armed Services YMCA and as it
was a Valentine Dance, was en-
titled "I Love You."
Miss Eunice Hassan was awar-
ded k certificate and gift for be-
Ing the Girl of the Month.
The hall was beautifully decor-
ated with a nine foot heart In
the center of the ballroom ind
Valentines decorating the side-

'Lift Up

Your Hearts'

(A Lenten feature of the Pa-
nama American, prepared by
the Rev. M. A. Cookson, Episco-

*' '

'. -. v .'

walls. Red and white streamers
formed a canopy for the ball- ar
room. The 60th Army Bland fur- y
nished music for the occasion. n
The Senior hostesses present ga
were: Mrs. Margaret Austin, Mrs. h
Lesleigh H. Davis and Mrs. E. br
F. MeClelland. One hundred and
12 service men were present with su
the following guests: Misses An- st
Ita Cheeseborough. Jacqueline
Oledrick. Mrs. M. lewski, t
Mrs. George Denton, MlG ala- "I
dys Berbon and Miss Delta Ra- W

The Junior Hostesses In at-
tendance were: Misses Dorothy
Rowley, Dorothy Englebright
Mary Sherry, Eunice Hassan
Sylvia Austin, Dolly Tucker, Lil-
lian Williams, Maria Carpentier
Dawn Preston, Rachel Garaon
Fay Howard, Lois Howard, Bet-
ty Ebuenga, Helen Marquard and
Jeannette Marquard.
Birthday Supper Party
Charles McClelland, son of Mt.
and Mrs. E. F. McClelland of
New Cristobal, celebrated his
fifth birthday with a picnic sup-
herl party on the lawn of the
The guests were: Jimmy Free-
man Austin Smith, Billy Haven-
er, W. T. Jefferies, Jenny Kay
Jefferies, Carolyn Holgerson,
Christopher Atkins with his sis-
ter Ann.
Hospital Notes
Mrs. Samuel Aycock and Mrs.
Gilbert Owens are patients. In
Colon Hospital. Mr. Howard
Harris and Mrs. R. E. Cox have
been admitted to Oorgas Hospi-

Af- -*5


Written for NEA Service

N 3To

A' U

AQI 1a08









r F



Spl Church of Our Saviour. A K7 v10o
t New Crlstobal.) J 52 tI
4r. 843 J9in
elr FEARS OVERCOME *K7 69532 i
SOUTl (D) w
"Nevertheless, though I am 6 A 5 2
sometime afraid, yet put I my I 9QJJ6
trust In thee. j KQ10
he I will praise God, because of 6 A10
net his word: I have put my trust Both vul.
ri- in God, and will not fear what i h Wst HNerh bat
hly flesh can do unto me." Psahn 1 N.T. Pass 26 Ps
56:2-4. 2 Par 4 Pam
.rd Pas Pas
.rd In the verses above where the ollead4
)e- Psalmist says, "I will not fear Ow
what flesh can do unto me," ne
he means human enemies. But even
vas if we have no enemies it is still Probably the most useful bid-
-flesh, our nervous makeup which ding weapon to be developed in
causes us to fear, recent years is the Stayman Con-
vention. One of its chief uses is
Fear is natural. We all have it. to find a major-suit fit, if there
w- We share It with the animals is one, after the bidding has been
h- With them (and with usi it is an opened with one no-trump. The
nd instinct to avoid harm or death. method Is Illustrated in the hand
,k, It makes them wary. But once shown today, taken from Sam
ng the danger is over, the animal Stayman's new book, Eupert Bid-
evidently forgets his fear. Not ..o ding.
h- we humans. We tend to go back North's response of two clubs.
eir In memory to a fear experience the Stayman Convention does d
ly, and suffer the pain of it many not necessarily show a club suit
times over. Instead of being the (although in this case North has
victim of fear God would help us biddable clubs.) North's real
become the master of fear. There meaning is: "Partner, bid a ma-
kel are u few well-tried rules to'help Jor suit, if you can. Otherwise,
he us ride our fears past any dan- indicate how strong your opening
ay ger: bid is."
in. I. Don't be afraid or ashamed In answer to this plea, South
hle of fear. It is natural, and when naturally shows his biddable
controlled and used, can be hearts. North promptly raises to
ho wholesome, game, since his hand is clearly
ho of game-going strength opposite
a- 2. Don't fight fear Itself. Fight the strength shown by the open-
the cause. The cause of most of ing bid of one no-trump.
e d our fears is a lack of practice in West opened the seven of
rts riding ahead o the situation and spades, and dummy won with the
th looking back a' it. This is some- king. A low trump was returned
cJr thing animals can't do. But we South played the queen and West
n- can do It. Have you ever said: 'It won with the king. West led an-
or wasn't so bad after all. I'm sorry other, low spade and South won
I got so tense and worried about with the ace.
ers it." At this point South had to
,y 3 Use your Faith. Put your re- cash the three top diamonds in
en, liglon to work. With Christ we a hurry, in order to get rid of
Ie- can go through any experience dummy's losing spade. And then
ti- no matter how terrifying, sure he had to lead trumps from his
ss, of coming out triumphantly on own hand. and had to guess whe-
ry the other side of it. Does your their to lead the Jack or a low
ert faith stay you up. A true and trump.
nd genuine faith overcomes fear I When the hand was actually
,a- will fear no evil, for thou art witn played, South made a lucky
AU- ns." guess. He led the Jack of hearts,
forcing out West's ace and drop-
ping East's ten. This limited the
trump loss to two tricks, so that
Starting TOMORROW! he couldiafford to lose a club
A Suspense Filled Drama of later on.
A Young Scottish Girl Charg- Regardless of West's return,
e d With The Poisoning of Her South could ruff his last spade in
French Lover.. dummy, draw West's last trump,
Sand make two club tricks.
If the Stayman Convention
were not used. North would Jump
to three no-trump; and that con-
tract would be set. West would
open spades and would event-
ually win at least three spades
and two heart no matter what
South did.


a -o
At oi


SgIing with "Mr. Universe" a wonoernu acirau
S Goom Wore Spurs" al- The novel by C.L.
tame time. The for- for Bogey to speak
leted in New York but accent, but movlegs
law about ftovie-mak- pure Americanl i
f$ adow of the Em- his sizzling love s
is l ung. He groaned: new co-star. tS r
Mw done In .Hell's "Playing a E tL-
l my first line and above and beond
l brw a pop bottle at could no more Ae
e- ney could get sw
S* Cagney or Gablef
S Main has won her Gable. We're Il.
jattl Qe down Ma Kettle's strip charaoteri.y
.teant s3astlcs where Pa Ket- ble up the M1l5l]dl
le U 4onBoed. The new "Ma a-boat. Get off ih
nd. Ph' settle At the County aia they ma k 7e
'air" s wa fad her on the gentler pie don't like it.
dif. Lauren Baeafl wl
"'rXI'mft happy about it." grit-
r-loiOd Marjorle told me. Our
lew dieO, Charles Barton, is
o ng in the sweetness OPENING
nd sos0 Itnme down. People Tt70MffE
lwayi feel so sorry for Percy .o-rw
:lbride when I start yelling at
im. Now Ishow I'm sort of proud
f Pa.!
Movie folk who weren't around Il I
when F. 8aott Fitzgerald hit Hol-
ywood are waiting for the first
fflcial biography of the novelist,
The Ftar de of Paradise," to hit
he booksuill. A
Here are a couple of facts au-
hor Arthur Mizener will disclose:
F igerald's dream girl In his
early mnleteown days was Lois
Moran. LOis once persuaded the f
handsme writer to take a
screesfr st, She wanted him to
so-stEar n a picture with her.
The lst movie script turned
ut by Fitzgerald was the screen-
lay of his own "Babylon Revis-

'aikee woman says she's solved
he parking problem. She drives
ito a garage and asks a mechan-
i to adjust the rear view mirror
whlle she does her shopping.

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C 1WHAT WAL MAJ SAW aRthered tl hatg "'wih
%PWIIUehI11. loreally meant ti.was
Louis WaldnfIs aoitati Mo, ItiK heO :,
,. d .llerg w itst. u-.'d"

nfacmnt. coobof thedWit in the Unite et ltent S P an letLma itw s l wht
eCxs ntS n which flourished ine the Canal one the spor I lel hing to.and

,.ld' W lie those hon di or of me m s ofthe a ~u ptil hadl comle a ol ely to show meas
G un ch f shed in te Caa Zone wK .tial legny t
It roe without maying tht.M Wldminwodetf .o iut Ltheir Dlmt I return-i
Mrbomanhur mrgahto oratingI tof or it ht the mit
Ifac t, on e of the best Inrhe uppoat eIot L iof rthat tIrl n dw onn r i ert c iow r.. -
esten 3pfut Lo l 713. UPW-CIOedl cas ci.atrt through thate ol ,_ towering,

wenrs n.xeraine m cIs unable ri 4.wh 51 neck feeling. in-
wod itea njoys th one in operation? liprotes Slt o But what did te dpall me wae
ondilon and to ee hi her wam et not the b W OR enr Moran, lo man wth a
that th international Ofe o 00 number d up e -around- chron bu, never em- w
o ti and not Local 713 UPW-C10. All the a town who andec about e- ed to etomfortably nto rad a a edium, co

ROpresntatL4 ve are American dozens. ly acepn amlar bt ce ha appeared p t home wIs,,n the-t
t were enl tened however o he ubverive c greeting they were t ele art fled his alter
o our Inote mrnational t Mr Waldmand Wrand th me o t tis ,t t o b l ta
hen National CIO expelle member th at to em The r CiIy t t and aura i t a long d devo tra a
majority of u joned with Local e. 0 of r a ae the Morgn h und a rror n whingch "l- ba

ortniaateonf only to carroon our ie C a w- number m iaul e and talen r need no contrive d the
dilr on dirot.natien and low wagel a wh h arte pevalent l g th n ove or thin to ortllaee ipg

Area under the flag of the United Wtait l wh t e almot a frnsly In t thatt ear merely rx con- in

Mr. Waldmantknowy.Iand ,h f Pnl W CSUM thatio tnew a9e1V tcall@ off b$ gt gret St
asnothae rcal-rate r is an nterericanditie n. As fare- a eo hi. I of t md g e
ei an enjoy; thatn s to orIanlze n dedpro.tes again b ha But what i appall m me wasw l .
wetrhemonlylerciinghtpanenichnabl hI whicht 7 neckee.ngrupparn
T oni and p ov t y eoi hi n er a e M. w a d on d nteo the, presaeh I sderan bloa Y O .Henry .Mor n., as mn wit s li
tat he International Office ofreomumb North a m lan. 50 t t i Dny um br rD ofS t.t -S gasn n -
DITOi and not : We are glad to print the e letter by litown who w lnd o ut c And _trio ett y "mloa ito ras o a eo .m, con
Oere-entatlve& are Americat ncitaiens....... gerly, a e l' familiar gytt .ee..tiy has appeared.hp at h.ome .In .

o our lanteasyprovna lff.ic an Iysanrlfsatemna A st waerront a n thif pmrtilar program were a altr
whtn Ntional e io Pe let Irater inte teden s mmain T a, who peer" to rema an wo played a rbl o (and ivery wenl, ary
maorlty oas "lti med up with LocalSO I-i-6h adw aoetic or reCoflTUle i i aSu too) ond whio lto d l m ultaneousy ona ywah

orlswerato Moniy tm ca s right placn, wn h oin. Mo.cow or fretab pa.e h oit an the Mltin ad Sttndoahmne no In whoiohie age
kdlno, ..._ wove a bomb into tha w hobby oef aeling all wom backward, and Mte i
t ei no er the lto be UIntuited it Communm. eIn fact .It of automobile r-t nounting em hindead-to; to, a Cocek nal

ald obligation for everyone to interest himself In this dead] a mad gadget went 6b' er from Brooklyn wio flippeh flamt uaa- toaf
Mr. Wst and to prpak a the doctrine oat Communll another almost gone with the wind d te on that s con- insh
aenor. Local rate emplores of the Panms Canal were expo-ed a g are diser was a Mexican Chllhukougs about tget Inp
. approximately three yearsof to nhe byUanerit t a e re other labor chiefs
Weanonlthe rd a e ml i. a Wno the o a op ou Meily cOn the clsy tl ent a ho, the M
he U. 3: Arm.y, If Iai permitted tods. anIa" d nd itner c kt iem iintglz n o t h s. y ae h off .ipt
mSere ndo t es wers e i the a or totoe si wme e seso inIu tbi s fe- M A cMet tll rs
lio n d on a e olluni th he goo i ee- er t .. n d waion b itah totiheo the bas r 1
airound .I.u t-- or"t- supp-in I r neved s.em- w.

Ihs Coudan jnot in ua not okncow UA the dea mDoruabti a bou tAatleN"BOe of the mr a- C e vanot fin
S ore senate laebo r -c nitioe w enls ik e oobuyingaopst u V Aes .hh Cfl has sc cin hieeded iu co
e le death-march iberia evedn of thee ad ethmresbesi it lye. At i mvr ar en Ptl p T a re man main- TO
fs d r eetion l o tir s w ila tn e ecrtoy if Thhe 'bs o nation in t ave deemar or in present. aW crewy you
better Winalsuder the banner of L 00,t bt"n e r .he in ou ie tnt be an an vlu dAo melnto.-, w hee ,rhe usdedt pea er bh
rajority o r Join e Local we td ntegaed Cir L au I is d nt s "- ai pi
- ated Eta andep tion ether world war h eo secuitart to e we AIM ieiwrt of DI' ill o d pIr- l emon't h i lnet.~o .a....... ee
owork hnd onht under your anner a we ve done l to all c eua s u t thed a
It does noa fact seem to r no othea r f rrespondent should lean ti iblat=oa or fothreamen coitr on tinitrieon, c in oex
haly on th fact that "through the dark days of the first shop stewartmends lost d a cans would h trea y sel

d the second World Wars no loot rater r made an attem these n e led b" Tha,
to sabotage the Panama Canal." Our correspond ve letter iust c an l Ua4 ca A within the ast f ortnight, in contrast, the ohPup-

M" well advance as proof of his honesty the tact that he hs '"a "-$ now 9' of ll president has dlacussed t lenM ethly iden
"A Loyal Local ater' but we are ostr ed t observe that Ittt
saosldsctry miit i atldlwwgeatr a sa a e du proFe, h Is samend t at A n wat erfr nt loe in thi a rticu orl narroto gr were a l(a
tea ronee the al no loe l ranptr Intrted in m nili. S, gGpr to r -anW played with rn g nine ryi ele tre

srtod put hiem r tis ritplc whi c isn mosc t o wa b for epi who 4w. the carinet ad sa rop e an t W mad
Selul. oovtwnue bomb into st a& b o eiwhat o a r o. or y backwa, and iu
Ts oblant lon afor every neo to r s telt h mto lf In thf i Uead it mAon4l I dget nt-dytcr ronm Brooiyn to th a tg .. t og
wsOerge whoh threaene our csiv.izt on. i lo support the oan-p.m tue ly and f t thae union F l"e n mouth, n a wondered og nat hu
Etunisqtsad eto p.ipaig t the doctrhie of eommu.Snisma eeat lost lone with the Wd e ops
1aotter, or. Lo a r ate e ampiaysofm the P. na,.ma audn were expse pavs of his car. rister wa a Mexicl mshiuau, a t the lp
oe,. approximately tIree years to indSUgollen, Dy a serhenu o ee SeOtirer labor ci e fff .
wlalrt -known Commun who rli the Com. uorganizers of UPW- o 'it Won't talk about I S .i tom
owa n to e aoetmunis. the were given wole- ne rted alln. MitATTERg-Oi ""/ l lg
1,10 Lo an dofl12t ei= the octn. th Aated them raiser ween 7fts pen ig bu t IsO fAad h ap b e w
l ntu r thousands 0' local rate employs, Those local "21t!'
Wyso h dnito I wel wereuCiomUniest or Communist elm-e I,13-11 rise a. .. or anI
beIkho ofrom tene to time i the locl pres--ertain In The an operation is te im o,
AM1we Communit cornize asf not broken up by the CaAt d r-'D-!.l-- In Dotelt rthat WAINGTON,-..One Of the more eIU Wish
o government or oi the liocl raters. It dislntognratd s th-e M-E.S V ,, c0 ayar out1o fsm eing developments in a disouragg pe"io d i: a for
one major exceptions c o expome thi threat to the security of the duri21 one strke i a huge in- ] changem In Pident Truman's a le c
PaNrmal Canal. eUO@Wgcnt renownednfntofihttorthe problem orfhis cabinet.)TMonmacin- Te
It traseges under stharbannerc90spndE oeat .,. een a month aaor the present il d cwyrnuO I
afuLmoai n0tianof foremenr In r holvsit y tah ido,, l to all nt h a. tee
It. we otry t tnodestroyta democratictsystem_1s op stewardSW#be an4 action AdminIstration, oinuM#g r-dWlg p i exa
anite t seond Worl Warothsno rldwa er madesa n attemt iW tho p Rdrerade weekeseporte, woud help shecure nd t nl unity also- a
healy o nd te Wfiaht 'ryour tn tera d wrnhark dasof ewatheofirstt pUu times i tstd, le
as weli advance tasyroof of his noety the fact that he n haun W. sti hIthinthe l ast for o tel
never robbed the telbos Branch of the Chase National Dank. ,_t_--'~d"~,. -.ays.n ow offcill lndent then elulsed the coalin-ftonIea anl wein
tven If there had been many hundreds of girman tympathisersby l oal, t "I s me c gp _and ..mpathetical ywithaTnu ofa thO m nwel
AmLon locl ratLrs during either of the Wor l Ware. it would have t wi t a hou were d .isostrw rekclosest to him.Non$ definit ha neup T
aert that any local rater ever had such a p ijec in .mind but n bn racket. he be dc th ea w
the proof that no one attmPed that projet, fraugt with d o uh tineto ta inetnee. tw l
itoIs-odds dacger i teovery turedn, Cos not mean that there was ther a onnvecton be- this has at least bosomyafpllnl to t nba d eanto

We could contoh ad infinitum unzipmpln what our cla- of the Neuter tOus advisors nwhoha liboonflmngCoitioh
__espo ..nde to in all has advance as.argument... Tha ... .,.ur saw oel Co eUcm,,nawo, ha,

made a blanket chage.of dloycalt-evOnf of dmI slal thIenking- ee f .Atsr uis !n", in his determ nat"on n to ch 'Pr
iaoant local rate employee. out he fct i that The PanamaC nlw reex 0 fsedte e tthtle m e rSsishort
Amr. icanoxforthlyrtmroee years. al os aImp9lored thothuindesof MPA ofhica.wfaMeith tttoq uiea-
'lknlowraers, fote smuprtwing Comtay or nizersnof .l d to Judge aje now uslitnd to think tha Prsh
r ocN O7e 1 _is thefctto h organizers. of O t k bo u the Preident would cet te resnation of come
Lolwn2todeCaomniaethemsweredivnelyn a nhdole-h leted .t e_& 114dle' 0 Sni f nbu S'ecretary of State Ahehson-if itt nro actum
is cof whetheelidn Wterwarned tbthemtatif ty I sponItaneously offeredwh ich Is aang twolJ
to-do this.thwoeverofterwadheoedeto cas j gs0pMeo bor raffrom. the former Preell atitude.I
pulih ed from. U 1116toea 1116a n th lca --s--ertiny n o*"WUWWSWBV W B2V~

This i sDotsa Id any spirt of trimouhant glee, but 5theJ Uo 0? th e nh es tinues t ButI
botght it. they have It-and that would appear to be that. tho"y"6M'-W"repeat that SecretLry Acheson is the very best Amer
Mail exz d. -W o i 01ilA PW man for hais job; tIat SMeeesor woud run powew
_.____.__. W y.--f ,_- *_ Into lthe same trouble onres; and tht deal
SMIP TALK p the attacks upon Aeheent art really attacks up- which
The Mall Box: Cristobal i '5 cW* on han, Truman. The
Pew that we are paying tae let's use some of that mne s Truman in fact Msel to have ulred a I -at mana
' to hl operate the Pana Rairoships. It a known f th IS Sit* S *W e"d conviction that Qt, riottbod jtL
one the reasons for the high lpre Is that the profits m fL. *_ thM of any member of thF* % ouee l I .e i
the tssary are used to ope te theshi If tI chbeavert o.lIfreves a 5 vo high or low, is motivated by a desire hast
Sthe food down by private Uta, then let's do it that w"y, etrJ itoue a le to t the President" anyone who i far
is no reason why we should operatee theme ships when the S#. ly criticlied rr h b 'FecrR t of tate merel
as s hth. onoh Pr pre the shabbiest W ho o.t Wt 31"M, Th-
Y rTmay offer the excuse that you are given choee trans. t people knty loluence at the be prett re of sinceI
t6 tZtion to the States. well the money you could save on reduced d and batter, po angry. defense A y ei. ston I
MWou*ld y our way to the States and then some. the abte that the a SW sm. a hi
S^th they vs to d1ajtcommercial prices to bring to oc ketw- N % gogt In dws ry suppe.t wS tha'ts true then letIs Ontheia ." c Ut s* a
t MIt down and only paY commercial prices as ut a tho rI tacEhese f e
aeuserGntWouldd they obe
p- yi on -oweo-ut.
"" ; .M"it AsA-,W a.t-

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4Be nod a tod bag
Idiocy w :
RUARN hs."no. I
mount, 0i
.ed tt M=le
ad weight of a bar of soap. His specialty .- -
howling in righteous Indignation while two
rely madens harmonized (you should excuse u
expression) to "Tennessee Walts"(- (you6nt
ulOxcuee the erversion of the word waltz). rauy
t, It Figh? hosadiOn Wo the popularity a a
..... besar wee
4 ver the Brooklyn bosk, the speller- hk would be w byTM
irdi, nd the man whoplayed music on w we by
l0 glove by owin to escape. The
lame Was recorded seriously oq L metr, and b Wi ,
mated, at least to me tt a great .many h-n i"th l, I
s, tha lgtreat many
vth 136' Ino b1i reaction to
cur At tre toward~ lugubrious inpop- l na
songs. !fac h a efc
gan treats all this naonene with the .e-. veffet
me it deseive, s hi accord wo
Wt to the contestantsWile.._a, st-gl. .
alvre for a small fee gm sOws.
ea up one third of aIl e a no

be watcher finds ipeasy tbo 6lien, too. tac
are crammed full of quises and contsts, r njsa'ep.,'pyqt
re people trade their di nlt tr a-e t tar
e the cameras and opn th lr intei.ence
uilt, you have imt roelal u ite onArblo a rn,, ae o e' "fi
van show as an lndex to the trade. tnew -10-022 --, i -- es
porter once who sald.he covered so many Twre is no wv than
storil that when he was forced to viat thea or a o the.
nsane asylum he never knew the difference. -g-.S of A rdo-sSIn.omewithu putig i
L Is where I stand on much TV fare. T- to Wort. -
ee appears to be a Ireat deal to humor r ietiaa i
y in stripping people o ingaind decorum, u i0iwiiim"'ve. ii "-,---l
eat deal of fun In making morons oordin- t &-"
nice people. Th missed question the f
;embarras"ment wins appiausor It the :m &
of Mortimer lil.rd.
r. Morgan has hit a professional stride fl- Arfdo's ether rMtuns t ha, e followed a ittla p i
y by santifytIL the foo llh, That he has:e "ptU z 1 4-"3a1ya he

F FACT e wiping out the underworld if a specl itax ft i

wart A Pl. bai.....llll.l......
The United l ctrical nw eo
to do so. And th hM 111t be regarded. must tht It io eet ln W but0 f h
fixe Sa :eunar ":-

l ao to -In I
id into the A, Peat
Treasury=it a for r
plie must be foundhc i it- hI~e ofthees
retary of theOfesuan Jobe te s.* tc re pe h u
r subordinate awm r a th Pre
t wi never asf, ut-pder is ot atA i
He has at leas two ot 1 dof 1 b U iase uMow .l:;atNM
posltlon he tX I dL taIgsate nt th e i
as he has dnerk pmel Ie. I Me auave- Intal eeretafrof
Probably be the si foe the Prsident a i"tM
'Rinvatept au othe r ri "-An t elery f t '.
avisor of 1m whom thea "
York Govro would aertsly have made a
.ecretar o e ifhi ad won inU. "1. 'I

n oenment pr the grl or -.i
epis one of ethoe be condtIonay dis- workers --e m .,
d for Snyder's plae.

ogesston wu at lt be greatly siprosed. "
ea t way to describe tis evolution in the -'-'
enr t'so ct andl to ahinkint Iukf all the I d and "A" O-.
trelue, in the Truman adclstration is --
SL strengy ahend o slthe -" S-tiio-..or.- W g-_ a- by'.-s'i bS:of.
lepublicansof Sell'.setatue, the position a& IF -.

t wi sul beOn CItol nful whtha the IN.fThf k.-
lown itelf out. And to acti l thi ande LOCBAgJa 3 .3
1vly, In repon"e to tihe ch ages
are surely ahead of us.

White Joue and Stat loth ave -
10W cvcat mhea ns-that the-. -

essional atorm

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outdo,!7t' ao
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W7 rs do La Pquren- o p r o qul-tu4 rn que v
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Pt dp^l^ P ~ W- 'Bfla", 0 a 1! r de Jaoeiro, pu-

or oft vitsel. dt
sa itermu' d *.to s regar que hao t


use a i
mo m.omp

Al a por Ias
s u neg dno

J. Bancock

peto noa
un del WSfkti

mcoitdI or ton
son vade no


wr A "dip

h antsa a na ea ins trna ..

ritea ebr aanoiada fa lh ii Ml a' Lu amigo. k MM o
la dec B torm de tat d B
quo hiUe ae ato and B o a stl-
Pslofie baj e mrm fl deI
1y, sate auCa djI astlia yos tll-
mums d40t co Ids trabadis r od Ia pr-
lu do- tei altua hacls 1m TOlle pans
icrlten ifaclllts rss operslone, e tn-
oi rr ec- o a qf a al l etoe de
oa por O1t earss a ris a. t el Rio
k, de Na Cardera mtt Sonid eenttrulda
22 en Ra"Oe oclan deOgAlno,. Di-
dE SEgu- cbo puftl eI aw paae
** ar*> ater lols riom ls
"SS5d la Blon do UOfmtoca eMtA
Lutuflado prate sdo na etnut-
""h Kn relacln aon MN rut do Na
aids en cutes 1 MoIltro P ttfo dl-
o quoe habit. eaaInado uDa
llama lrededaw del crrta J-
rammo, debdoe a atudics Obes
A1DA el terreno. ErA r&teorxt pra-
e mu ellminacln Sedn do a-
de via Inutil.
n resacl6n con el ostad de
(Pm a Na ighaCtoa oL

.* '
'Pr. Educacidu Fisica" por

ranidMa de cinco. nillones
--Para conocinlento del Pf-
-bco e'dpe-ataenpte de los Fl-
OfroS da&S menores Grla a IrMn GdOeneral
do Canos g Telcomtanlsale-
so remeavem ue au hpa n a*ln
r wPw a de d im
an dsssprecido IastOnr aunteS-
PA& ptr Dvot No.' ft d

gram". a Ota ln deuna ai7 "aP

mW's GemLrU 0 jse ~ Sto sHa. 7UBaQw.a a.
doe* m W-t .#IW .arri di e
,_. w rrt -^Jr e^t AJ Q J^^^AAJ

IT' .'- **m r^ S^ 1.-
-^ .. 4 W 1 .-4

flak .* *f7"

9'c '*, I'.


r N l
I' 7


bo rlumior onm^JIL

MSanlo, T doeo l
ma alaPig. t.L) latis
ondad 8Zeabs

Be ha sancilade qu en la
Zons delCal Caa habrauni 011-
cina de Rsclatomioamte .uero aun
s iginera ena s liltlara y
en diode tendri s a oflelnas.
segs.4nunelo beebo ea BDalboa
La potllcS noilb-da o Wash-
InWta de Ica eurtelei del 8er-
vI= lecltlvo. am o1e he
autorbado .el extabeltiento de
una Olctlns doe stlulaento
lo romedoria l'aciombrnador
SM sweaom er eil d doedmbre
pasadE py publeado ed 14 del
S:moers, ne e.erl6dico.I
SM da amiieanon
centre I mtbI tsarin on it
blreal6n do ane. XI es-
tabilmleonto de l.Ofilcias de
Rcclutainlento fulhra i-
tema to reclutm to para
pueotrom vectnum polMite',' pra
los cuales nue mo y mpllcado
en las doe gueitrw undalws

Se da inmportoncia
o la reunion de
Las esferse lteramericar us
conaldstrn qui sla reunion
del lunesa nltre pmesldentes
dominlnclo, Rafel TruJUlo y
halthao, Paul Mgaller, a Uin
Ow 0omWctv'.. In a rea-
loneo eontlnentalts p que ls
nots Oeal Confunta tirnada
por amboe dsoetasg ds
kouldarl comtnotal en lo0
actusa momaO-- do crisi
t aw" euar* Na rouni6n
Cn mm Co s em hao
loU- --l --i& 0~
I" &g&,. us.a

" WA

ilk. d mi


S ola ma f

**lIbnae ndo el gaado
Sato xO aui g
itnrna quo ot I ma
A PASO Z ledBee oenlo
eo ol Interior, y 7icd g
m Y116 ue Mc~ando PON -a

y^|f rw laimirlu-

wadtos copqes

jj~y^^^^*''-^pm_.i .^,^

: ...(


M' 65 -.



-I-- ..

i *:' 4,

$1 General Map
.: .03

* KQ1, Feb. 21 (I
aUi~per Qineral Jdlb;
Bdel, Iaetor de I
Mer 7 antis U
de los tadots
jbflbajada do Md
sceiandant- y a
rode loa -OMW
Tl q 7 p Ruts, ha b
AMsdo Na uurra lN
ltmdai Dper cinco ei

la. Mniti6n do JfM
lo tall adoa Vnldam
nd a guerr a mundbit
iosn tietn apsel
Sprincilpl conapol
be. n is guarrt oat
plUnm eln
Por uo parte, el De
Arthur ordou6 r Is t
las nacionus Unidal
a Inclrtiva" on eal i
batalla on un vleits
n *l mar loas buqus
rra do cuarenta y
toneladas de oI NitN
ldo, entres sl el @1M
teron is costa nW
Cftc. Lom cafiones dk
-j2 puladas del MWi
tlinoron tre puente$m
aon las inptaialon
csrsler. en, Tanchc


Urn tlbflb
-. ;tn-*irl fai

W aINr muon-
tr FUno eft obrpmM: 4
Oa a l1 do Sea la d I-
lmai den anOFad ar l d
a "WIG do eta, r San-
to Tom a a paepl E ha-
btnda mperto a.
de hby toy s s restntccliao
a is pb~seasc seoma irn de o
monte -qeIsCai do -paisdoI-
La orden fin dads apsr is Co-
malI6n MNWW Awsonr Conjun-
ta de Na Zns 401l Canal cam-
puso"tO fo log mdlWs, Mapyor

ri stw WUIUf- g& fvrusw
del ab do s Unlo
doPeJvai el rttanalnte Coro"l
jmAph C srue n o idel ()a-
Iaaedo As hrabdel Cartbe.
Isl rmunl en quo Ms tog
decline partu cI Wr.
W. fort, o Jef
d Oal te na 0.
Countnei Jeto do NNW=n
Prvsrentlva del Canal de Pan-.
mA y 7 tuvo en O ld n
cue no ha hhbldo ua caw ds d
el 23. do Bners pomade y qu
probablemente no. habria alt
Incldencia mis grave.por el res-
to del afio.

Sobre programas indebidos

de Ia radio habra. reunil

en Gobierno el Viernes 23

Se cndean 19 programs "Tu Me Hiciste Perversa,
Pndora:"t, iHqoar Duke Hogar" y "El Super Jaem"
31 Dlrotor dl Dpartaantoa neral, esipecslmento oea rela-
de Preas t aio 4el Minis- lael6n a la propraa rndia-
tarieo d =o.b Justlesa, I y Yus mueorga boneficlo
Le. oa i f. rad ha en- de la culture."
vta ttat S a todw 3e P Alcalde del DbRito Li.e.
gemt7 mrlm i de eis la lo- Angel Vega Mibnde As rtgl
cafldd, tat U~ rouani6n quopr nota al IsblUtre do Go-
s ha d eWlebha on 610 des- lerno y Justici, Mamr Alfre-
pacho of qlrsed m3 de loe co- do Alemin, parSa torma-
rrlente la 10 de la malana. tan medid a fin de poner
treno a clertsa nov squo se
La molta le s al: "Ls presen- transmiten por tars *mbaorsa
to tiene om 9o a:irtar a Ud., de la localidad. lar t" leo van a
como reWosftnti legal de it perjulieo de Ia nift
"Is"ra e flm*9, auns, ru- Ia nota del AloSe. debil6
nia quoe Mo a on el 6D- a .Tarlas quejae r M=o% a an
partsaapt. .tFof y Radio despacho contra lea noiMse ra-
l yiba ir'. corrinte dials, tales como "T ae i hila
ra* 1 d10 G h& a. lM ob- to Perversu", "PesAde y o#o
jo e r i m enclnadc programs "E sowJ 7
e e do ior t Mos con rea- "'ogar, Duce H o r. 1 Comal-
perto a It rBdlfftul6n en p. IW Municipal doe Saas s-a
S leos habit ma uifertf u -VA
ie~ proromnan doetrul pris-
Pars komberos vi avrtuZd a -
sea e i na dbdn Is nota iaw a
polkruo iala 'toc AaLI Tl MnstoiGdt&r-
Oni no no 'y :sJuauiao, 'oft.r eiaar
Is& c l j to "pnido"mlnanel o.gterotr
I 4~ l C "nes: a hd
ai < nrtraB 3dI-
Ineft em ei Mm
Er e tfltofir *h

-w a
MM do

; ru eggs dorm r an log w-
21o del reU lo de Colrn.
]d poable mue el arqulteeto
Oulliermo doe oux hats lo dl-
eflaro paroa lorelfrentesa Iefoo
de dlnh ria'fr se est pensan-
do bacer una sp de ato. ai
cls la er:olWn de un LaMiom
ilus oro a nu a razo.

Sera beqtlflcado

on uonioel Papa

Pio X on Roma
21 UP) El 3 de Junto ser
beatificadoel ofpa Plo X eni
la ceremonla iraelosa rquo fua
aprobada por el Papa Plo X11
y la Sagrada Congregacl6n de
Eata soert IA primersa beat-
icuaci6n do us papa decade 1672,
y es el primer paso an el pro-
ceso do canoi&ci6n do Pla X,
quien ocup6 ia sede pontIlcll
duede el 4 de agoato de 1M03
hatsa el 20 de agosto de 101*
Loa preparativoe comensarn
Inmedlatam ente.
El Vitlcaua ha reclbldo all-
lea de solli4tudes de admLuOn
a las cerelonias, y a poalle
quo se celetren l aire Ulbre pa-
ra que puhdan asiltir cuantos
deseen haorlo.
La fecha del 3 de junlo ir0
escoglda por ser fecha de bdu-
rzo del fallecldo pontilke
quIenm nacd6 el 2 de ljunio do
1835. 3 IltImo papa proclama-
do beat tud Pio V, el 27 do a-
bil do 173 y fu caoniza'lo
despue6s el 22 de mayo de 172.

Uaman al orden a
casas de comerdio
por itumplmento
Slgulendo Ia politics do exig lr
prontitud en l deopacho de las
6rdenes de matersla coloeads
en el oommrulo de esta plan, *I
Minlstro do Obram Publlcss e
eatt dgrtjjgndo a varisz casas
comerclale soliclttndole Ia a-
trega de leo materirale que n
necosarko part Hver a cabo
obras Inetadaa on Panama y an
Il Interior de it Roublcs.
DiOchSa 6odenea, dio *l MInt
tro PatMl ila
hace ajacha timpe. p naob

dM Pan d w ar nW ans d Ge
mfa lorandeitraCwnw t1rt-
Ien cable que aotno el tren
tiretos 10 lmol, t rndo etes
el primer ap oldaute ocurrido
dePde que comnco6 a funclooar
ate servlclo en 1912.
Cuatro do lo0 veite pruajo-
ror, do nsoftres y dom nifos,
quedaron colgando on el eipa-
clo al roipeues el cable, mlen-
traa al tren aOreo dafiado se
encontraba an el ne pacia a len
metro de Ia montaIna Urea, la
prImera etapa pars Ilegar a
Pan de Asdear, come a una al-
tura de 200 Metros.
El penoso rsecate tom6 today
Is noche, pues el husco cable
perfect quo quedaba, as us#
para tales areas on unt vago-
nets en la cual s6dlo caben cua-
tro personas. Durante varlsa
horas dur6 el relocate de sla
velnte personas, desde las 3:45 de
Is tarde a las 5 de la madrugada
cuando todoe los veinte pasajeros
del tren asreo fueron rescatadap.
Este qum ha sido el primer
accidente de sate ginero, de
un trens areo, traneportado por
cables centre el espaclo com-
prendldo centre altos cerros, a
200 metro de altura, que atra-
p6 a veinte personas, tcrmln6
felismente con on rescate pe-
(Past a Is PlAgma 6 eel. 2.

tpo u mqp|.

Alaur9 dow 42 l
nos o qumrid IS Ir
cone puniuL c 61,
Hne doI uA conherda ue I
aios do edadV
degon e lMaprcnd G l
AlvarMe cUandeo asta Ic i
qua no queria aeguir Ire I
relaelones marital conm L
aftndole uns hernds on l
derecho, aunque I cond:lb iis
la Alvare no es de raed4d; .

Soli6 con rumbo.ol
Penal de Coiba un'N
total de 24 press
BIta tarde a las a2 00 debl6 r
lir para Colba un barc
detendoas qus doben pagareo
donas on ea ColonIal Penal, so
gSn fulmof Informados po I:
Jete del Departmento de Ora -
rrceci6n, Br. Antonio Donate s.
En el irsmorn barco a t un of .
pleado del Censo, quien ira 1s
Isla de Colbs a levantar. al Moe
so agro-pecuario do dicha Ealli.
nia penal. .

Seri extendido el program

conjunto de Estados Unidos

y Panama sobre la educaci6n

El programs conjunto de Pa-
nama y las wstadOs Unidos Oars
deadrrollar nuevas Ises de la
educaclCh panameia con la coo-
peraclon del 8ervlclo Cooperati-
vo Interamerlcano de Educaclon,
ae opera deait el 26 do febrero
de 94, por Is Asambleia n
septlombre de e insmo natio v
nuevamente on febroro de 1949
y 1950, sari extendido en el pre-
aente afio.
E doctor Wallace C. Cum-
mlna, eeoclallsts en educac1dn
Tocacional habl en el Propeller
Club, en Coldn, sobre at@ tduico
linrmando quo re allzarin
proto euatro proyetas on Co-
in PanamA, Divlia y David
ex bincaplg en oue el. mayor
nterdsa I la solucl6n de proble-
Bn prictsia do agrlcultura. vi-
ft di hnonr. mnamlento e h1-
OLa toabaNNo manualwe v pe-
waa tductria. a insmo
soue me fortltfl an loN lao
6tt lo dstintas pueblo ame-

en Is Escuela Profeitonal; -&
Envio de seis profesorea del A 1 ;
tes v Oficlos a hacer eatudil 5 2
(Pass a la PAgina 6. COL ) .,

Folleci6 el iltimo
de los generales ,
italianos del 14
FLORENCIA, Feb- 21 (UP) i-. *
El tnico uobrevviente do dm
generalesa del htrclto ItlsU
de la Primera Ouerra Mudst
falleci6 anodhe, a la edad &
a8: Mao victim do una hboma.
rragla celebral. -
BI General Pranceleo av
Jio Grauioll, parUtd6 a s
campafla Itallanas do
aen I6M y do Lfbfa ft
iDurant m la prima
sundial fi Jof d G
Mayer de rvads eaOpa
drelteo n el treated
trio y dirll6 lo
la victoria d
M" tarte ta W Ta-


e-- .... ....
'- ..' 4 4 ^ -



N 'V

4 ',-"; 6 .^--it'




Sp !sitte Son las que obtuvieron sus
de su visit a rird a6l0na

"-! a *r ponlo Irico cartas antes del afto de 1946
a clento metlen- -
del Par5alo Codr dt l El xmo. -
de guerra bo.n- r. fl tAI la Replica, Mile de personas qu obtu- de manera quo el t.ahino
IaWnsan, 120 mias Dr.. A Ari M,, Uliva- vieron carts de naturallisacn cince afios pars los eetesa
gjiif-l ci s ptimo dia r a*O varles Wto P como cluddan o panasmeoos an- aiticulo 11 e vaene el quinae
Saacaron tan- conmeonw el Aundo 0aner tes del sao de 9486 que no han ano doe 151.
do Belo. inui *1 onlaslquto del P16 cumplldo lot rpqullto exide----
central los ala- car d Telqtiunres, U por la Constltel6n 4aclonal
SH qif p1 1 oontrado sino Homens1e iaclonal a tA patro- que entr6 a roegl el 1d de mau So reoluplazai
Su rscnemi- cinado per el Departtmnto de do eeil ao encuentran ante
I& de conce n-i Culturas del Mnistedao de o du- la peapetdo a de tdes u eca- *i
S1d WA onc Le caCl6 hdad dP eluddis panameloe. a oi
l stac a Aw oron r "manit, Una co- Be ertba qua el Atero de per- 05 l
soi1 has rl- mnlusn del-Comilt Organadeor, sonaaen etsamsondleloasel- s r .
aDe 4r w -t sto uean re- compta p warl ares Do- to Y duo mreu s ia mlr no q O- Itrat c d
n* fpeJ r : '' a Chu SmiscloW BrSce y C., Teeodteo drs i cuml on ow re to do
at a de dChecn hBra, dro Belache lPro- nuerat OCart Manls. debdo si CORal ,rolto Oat eal
e I w- son .Iago r min oporllad raM W^ M) Derh endtre- cuLt o Dlapodo de tiemo Ar U r ags
5 f5155P' tqurofanguetlooPs qdo atcumu21 (UP)-El General Merku
{de a eomuni3bao ttri t fo on allttde hn rt 54rs DrueDL.ArfaAriasC CiarkCoamandante GeIal
es aai rt an canbast en m la erno straim loll do r a ICotltucltn. es la terroetr -do lo e iatadi
hacsi el nor- kquojntiers, op U Lo- 11 do % Cbou scltn
nr M Ut. Ele r oors d arde pt r Elorotedqnee asdou e msept6 lA Indld rquoal co trutel
S s a eropianno ti. a dsl eM blosi ,ente: Art comenzar a regres ar t
lmtificada dow-"Articulo 11-Lom quo uetufl- v ins hegra en la
posilcnes doitahNix- sLhjLro os 9 o i re ar- d o ren reoapa-

fo* o Ciiea d LPeCo Isn pu din sd tz hards PWsr doa bonos
doyr Ml3Bn ado luceds on el ICel cinin do CIM a ente. pero M plan de rotacl6n d to
ufsa- frovitoffrtral, &I oeste Ioa cht- In f j porderin at al expirar ante ea deseable y no ae deses:
5inow ran Ni MtKos miBuen j- vbftai 21 Pdft tdnlno no hubleren comprobs- tods la Rfuerra seft wporta".dftt
Bm Isa- -1riu ljef ero'rfiondo elcr"ac Vw rud do que poses el idioma cste- lIs ente actusalment an lft
6.F~ SF-T- a. "tn..Jtaesd lox ta- Iano y noctne elemientales do te de batalls, manifeaW
SurlSr~llk ro S^rnds Ob foia Reografa, hisrta y owmte- al tomar el aal yton enlc
tO-M dAtantdO*a erumar el Han *sno ferb cl6n polltics panamenAm". coresno jars rrr a
Sy eoo4 o aeaetrallado y eDauodo con lu dirpoilclo- Aguego wante GI
ouul iw- u lDOW ntult parece us- La hMJ n do p dpilre t otca oan perlodo de teriofl Rrlc0turaiti6 056- Naclonal. lNa scha en quo comea- ao tropae on grand eala
uo gstw-. s sbatet con alsladas atMs*I quo dfrltte lai ho- z a regtr part Ia Nacic. an I comonsar Ms necesltaA
in, putrt- (Pacs h e itia eoleuns 0) ra) doIsd to d ot tSxAMl1 Most dxe qulnce difeu d epa do u i trmu oa. tropai an el Wc
PrcaWdo4 doe is ReptbVl6l 0oc- blcaci6n on is Oaceta Oficial, es del mate, lo cual tomart
---torh Ar-- Awias Yr M a inido dclr. el 16 d marzo de 19. meaes per lo monom.
dos Agrcultura. Comerelo m In- ---
S -strr, don Ricardo tAras .,
ermHanecef 1 Sotmfido unacomtsl6nuoatlasPr sldo En f dru dtc
Inade bowln" S5or. An form a dram tica reicatat

.unproao th20
iaBt ?F&M 20 Pajeoros en tren a6reo

K C~i te sn Atsbas hacia Pan de Az car
C atn u- -.xW21ft- Nkb,21-'I

PNrdae perder la ciudadania

pauaeflea miles de personas

I ~~m_~~~r _~_ _~___ I_

: V -.. !I !o










* ..




Coino es del dominion puiblico, una empresa de
transport national, Terminales Panami, S. A., que
tiene por objeto trasladar carga de Col6n a Panama
y viceversa, ha encontrado algunas dificultades que
le ocasionan trastornos econ6micos en sus activida-
des. Nos referimos a la competencia de la Compaiia
del Ferrocarril que opera en la Zona del Canal.
Tal come esti planteado el problema, Terraina-
les Panama S. A., necesariamente tendii que sufrir
las graves consecuencias de una situaci6n desventa-
josa frente al trafico del Ferrocarril, a no ser que
se Ilegue prontamente a una soluci6n satisfactoria.
El asunto debe ser estudiado con detenimiento.
y rqsolverse mediante negociaciones serenas inspi-
radas en un hondo sentido de justicia.
En la actualidad continfia en practice el viejo
sistema de que la mercaderia que se embarca en el
extranjero en puertos del atlintico con destiny a hI
ciudad de Panama viene en form tal que vista se
entrega directamente en la Capital, eliminandose
asi la posibilidad de que una empresa panamefia
pueda recibir la carga en Col6n y transportarla a
:Panama si los interesados lo quisieran. Este es uno
de los aspects de la cuesti6n.
Como se advierte ficilmente lo que esti suce-
'*endo no puede corregirse mediante gestiones di-
retas entire las dos empress aludidas. Se necesita
'que los gobiernos de Panama y los Estados Unidos
-de America en comun acuerdo y basindose en un
4 'principio consagrado en el Tratado General de 1936
'de que la Republica de Panami debe beneficiarse de
las ventajas comerciales inherentes a su posici6n
geogrifica, logren eliminar los obsticulos que estan
perjudicando a la Compaitia Terminales Panami,
-S. A.
Mediante arreglos adecuados se podria obtener
S:que la mercaderia con procedencia del extranjero
Sque transportan los barcos de la Panama Rail Road
S no venga con la condici6n de ser entregada en la
ciudad capital, y que los ca'miones de la empresa
panamefia dispongan de las facilidades convenien-
tea para powder retirarrarga de los muelles le la
Zona del Canal.

V .A

COMO PESA LA PALA.-La pequefia Linda Jane, de 3 y ,
afas de edad, time un gran problems limplando la nleve que
eubre a Cincinnati. No es que la nieve esta dura... es que
la pala pesa much.

Algo que no se ve todos los dias!



e. CLUB ,. 30 ,.....s

50c. 75c. 1.25
Jompre su nrmcro favorite
hoy mismo!

Avenida Central 91

_ .. i


r nc b IOm m-rrom

P. I : ,
de la Semansa

Suna Coniderable
"1fo$tActividdes del
(N. A. N..A.)

11<. S*c,-.-.
'' "* "f ""Iv^W~V

.I, -' .," ,... .. .-
v .-.; --- .;,,.:. *.:4' i;+ '
. --. -, -- ..i -



SFesbren.16(EPS) -Eta
di d S ma evideima. do noerlosMa
toe Ina gartty GAoad MUM to
_ldllai: 0ti6 Oe jm U10 pMade .Las
22%S a e q1uo e el at lamo period ado1
@Pas.U .mineonu per come tInfman Qu tuvl
met amero. El aumnte ove4tas rf
S *%pan m mofseory Ward.
a i lpm amu meS & dome el
eta l ,e las e eoles s inesovm
Ss- eos brlUlantes, Ls srestriccloneW a
aslotsb yeta de aparates el6etrices.
muceateWto de Comerelo easlala los r de
asumM rea U,0 milloe d do d6tlres, lo o la oi
VidAd q so nota en lsa venta al per manor.
Pt t pairte, le hmbre mb do neoeso.
vislftofommsa 4e log impuestes. YT e
a i e a smanI A .mst
A=A i .AI.n ...t.n. an lsA

kl lunes por la mainas lle-
g* a Cadiz y ya estar6 en Ma-
drid el nuevo Embajador de
los Eatados Unidos en Ispala,
8r. Stanton GrifUW DuraSte
claco afios no ha hablib Em-
bajador de los Estados JTnl-
dos en ladrid. El ultimo sali6
de la capital de Eapafa en
Dieimbre de 1945. Eso O: no *a
interrumpleron las' elacioneM
centre los dos passes. Trabal6
la Embajada denodadamente.
El .Sr. CulbertUon, como Enear-
gado de Negoclos, hizo una In-
teresante labor. La B baJada
la Integraban un centenar de
personas. Entre ellas figura-
ba un panamefto do nacilnln-
to, Teddy Benedetti, hijo del
Fulo Benedettl, Inolvidable a-
migo. Teddy actuaba no as
sl aetua agn en la Oficifla
del Agregado Militar de la Em-
Antes de partlr para Espakas
el Br. Stanton Griffls visit6 en
Washington al Embajador espa-
flol, dog Jos6 FMlix Lequerica.
un bilbaino active, conocedor
de los Estados Unidoa, acos-
tumbrado a tratar con los an-
glosajones. El Embajador Le-
querica sabe cuil es u' deber
y posee el talent necesarlo pa-
ra desempefiarlo. Nb se trata
de un personaje ceildo al pro-
tocolo, sin inlclativa, dado a
las revereoiclas y a los piropos.
Es un caballero amigo de ac-
tuar, acostumbradb a los no-
goclos, que se halls en su me*
dio en la activldad norteame-
ricana. Amigos mios muy que-
ridos tal Pedro OGndarips
Urquijo -- me retratiban a dbn
Jose F6lix Lequerica como el
hombre pars la circunstancla.
En opinl6n del. Sr. OGriffli la
puerta pars una cordial co-
operaci6n political entire Esta-
dos Unidos y Espafla e ean-
cuentra on el LnteroaMblo a~o-
mercial y la colaboraci6n eco-
n6mica. Declare que va a Es-
pafa a trabajar por una -es-
trecha inteligencia entire ambos
paises. Y se justlfica. Al fin y
al cabo Espafia e l pais antl-
comunista de Europa por exce*
lencta y el primer enemigo de
los Estadot Unidos en ia actua-
lldad as el comunismo ruso y
los comunistas repartidos per
America. Estos communists son
los que alembran el. aptiameri-.
canilmo. mn antlamerlcmanmo
apoyado eit la envidla.,
El rf. Gritfftis s an thombri
I egdelos a WT' horttlmerica.
.IPtaitalnbte*~ tin loue"cfe-
cesaia alora Espafl: "hombtes
de Meoelos. s1, cm b se' a dl-
cho con mAxima- raz6n," a dul-
tima guerra fue ganada 'tato
por los. generals como port los
industry a lee snorteamericanos,
quizA mis per istos que por
aqudllos, y no s6lo en el Son-
tido de la prodbcci6n sino en
el de la organilarl6n, el de as
comnrensl6n de las realidades,
el de la clarldad mental, lo
que se necesita como Embaja-
dor de. I0s Estados Unldos en
Esoafia es utn hombre de aBos.
Espafia esti urgida de "pro-
ducir." Es el verbo de la era.
El Embajador Griffis pertenece
a ese grupo de seleccl6n norte-
americano que produce. Este
hombre, fe, con su enorme
calva, con su facha de profe-
sor de Unlverpidad. compren-
der .,a Espafla_ Y hard que a-
comprenda e -Washlnioon.
Porque en los Estados Unldos
no hay mala voluntad hacia
Espaila. En todp caso hay des-
conociUtento del problema es-
paftol. Como en Espala ocu-
rre otro tanto. En Espafla no
saben del norteamerlcano. Se
figuran al norteamericano mas-
candp breva, o con un puto ca-
sl deshecho eptre los dientes,
Incapaz de aprender el espa-
flol. dispuesto a Imponer sus
millones en cada circunstan-'
cia. Y no es ial, no es as. En
Estados Unidos abunda el hom-
bre culto y comprensivo, el
hombre es udloso, con una
mentalldad anplla, Ventilada.
Tampoco los Estados Unidos
se han enterado de e6mo eM
el espafiol. Se han flado de los
malos espafolem, de los que crl-
tican a Isabel la Catolica y go-
zan con la leyenda negra. Tam-
bien por sac los hemos pade-
cido. Y basta han hecho pro-
selitos. El espadol, para el ente
medio norteamericano, se vis-
tole de torero cada tarde, srita
"'ole' par un sI o per un no,
bebe manzanllla a toda hora
y no conoce la luz eliclica. Be
equivocan. Hay muchos sopa-
ftioles que no han asistldo Ja-
mas a una corrida de toros, que
son amantes de los deportee,
que no beben vine de Jerm
y utUlzan la radio y Ia electri-
eidad y hsta lIs miqulnas de
aseltar elecrical que all rmis-

- El Presidente Trumsr ade-
gur6 a los encolerisados dir!-
gentes obreros, quoe msrn tra'a-
dos equitativamente on el p3r.-
grama de movllizact6n e h0zc
arreglos para que ellm so rcu-
nan con sus mAs promlnenter
lugartnientes a cargo de la e-
conomia hacional, pars que oil-
cutan sun diferenctu.
Los dirlgentes obreros dxi-
ron que sl blen sleotados porl
la actitud del Ptreldente oTr-
man, esperaban ver los, resul-
tados de las pr6dxmar entire.
vistas para determlnar el- ec'-
to de su vLsita a Came laeS.
Se viene rumorande, lnsilaen-
temente, que los dlrlgntt o0-
breros quizi retiren Wo *po'o
al programs de moviUMaol6n del
pals debido a los pusesi aduP-
mados en principles hata aliu-
ra sobre la fijacl6n do un a:u-
mento, en la tartfa de los
La primers reunion endri 'iu-
gar mafana a la 11 eon el dl-

mo se fabrican. Y discurren. Y
leen. Y siguen la literature y
la filosofla y Is elenda norte-
Se percatari de todo el Sr.
Stanton Griff s. Y a limarin
las aperezas. al eas Mto no le
grade al comunilao lptoma-
elgnal. Y eso saldreoW/paoan-
do los quo no som s pom la-
tai. Y ansiamos un mundo me-


Hasta las diez de la maiAara del dia diez de Marzo de mil novecientos cincuenta y uno so
recibiran en el despacho del Tesorero Municipal del Distrito Capital propuestas bajo
cubiertas cerradas pap el cuido, conservaci6n refo taci6n, movimiento de tierras y
abono en los jardine tde ls parque de. Santa AnaP-ndependencia, Lmeseps, Bolivar,-
* Belisaro Porras, Estatua y Paseo de lalboa, Urraca Avenida Federico Boyd, El Caw.
grejo, Plaza de los Bomberos, etc. Los pliegos decondiciones erin suministrados en isL
Tesoreria. .

rector de establlzacl6n, Eric
Johaston, quien eatd estudian-
do sla f6rmula para permitir un
aumento mAximo de 10 poa
ciento on los salaries que hul-
cio el candente
del obrqrlamo contra el progra-
ma de movllizacl6n.
Los portavoces de los sindl-
catos dileron que estin "cou-
siderando culdadosamente' 'a
oferta hecha por Wilson ,e
nombrar al dirlgents obrero
mlembro de Su personal. Aila-
dieron ellos, sin embargo, que
"no es clerto" que Wilson ".-r
clra oferta hace cuatro sem;-
nau, ino que por el contrario
tritase de una Invltactin
Los dirlgentes que confercn-
cIaron con Truman son, Wilson
Qrn. President de Ia Confe-
dral6n Americana del Tr Ua-
Jo, Georfe Leighty, President?
de la Comlsl6n Ejecutlva ae
Sladicato Ferroviaros. E min
RPove, Vice-Prealdente del Con-
greso de Organismos Induslrlp-
le1 y Al Hayes, Presidente del
Slndicato de Meoanicos Tir


tiene los

mejores programs

J mfones


iVs hoe^^S~s

adoptado; a la I
ae laS
tfes mria a tos
Estcadi b10t aolleo -
ten y i u n confor-
mes I a n le ga tos
qua su or origine. La
naturaloea Y ob)eto de eatas
misiones e n detemilnados de
conformldd on los goblernos
respectlvos y entire otras mate-
ria so w9 utdlo de
los stesMi shm pro-
gramas, regimen econ6mico-ad-
minlstryatl, etodoa y mate-
rlales de eOlSansa o, en otro
caso. el estudlo de clertos pro-
blemas pairleares relactonados
con sl Introduofldn de la ense-
fianza Patuta y obligatorla, la
ampliacl6n do tal emnftanza, la
educacl6n de boe, lucha contra
el analfabetlmo y el meJora-
miento de lea materials docen-
tes en asi ElvwMaro gsadof.
n -un- .in h r l

aw*10 41iw
\'-y -i';iM~tj

As rnts

Abora tsdo el aiud ,
vajais a Is. modmis .
4 ioMes




Para ma

etelemte m
ideas y 3. so-*

yorsn lafnm.M:

AyWifa TivoUlno. g- TuliimsGW a O ,
'. .A / I I ,'
.* ,* I Si r- .i. *
Agente. de ViaJes aaterlaspde

Sr *jr


Usted vo 6tao a 26 81. Oammusm, Wl NbruaeY
Po ubpoeiblemnt. el pilot-pesro.sln*wt sonaJi. le I
empleedos trenaaes de la Braniff trebejankde Im P4 oras dd
da p.haber mHu vul maos gu rotip y IJoujo. Los ienam rait
que chequesa su avi6n, el meteorologirta, el rdio-tdoegsp ts, lee
dwp ebdor.., todo son peawirtM .i at4n.
pmoruamatet IntemdsvM M. n mu Mgwurd Ay osL 8 1.
caelquaur Tvel hlio que antd e oji-'abuo
eom dorsmtia w e k je. E Itr.tiur. -
Deadequiwa Iue vaya, used teams li a

na so aeat wiA erhi -eera e lwe- b vbr -

am.mdPM Braiff BiA er m .

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ON"goe .sea
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ldu'm T~ob,-*

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:j.-_A;..-; .. ...

* n-

oras 'a, t, .,i, .,
Em l Ilmado arreslo Steelma del 21 do dlemrba a Ipi6
el principle do una divisl6n eqattiva de gxanlo= *a s.lro-
nes y obegwee,sidMt r al adeptado per IL Genoers IMO. Bl-
ted maes stely e otr airnrames empress. lam iM. n wo
aUqu i ft seeptado, fau abrogade eusado I aMlw repee-
tires fueIr abandonadeM. Do todem modes, e a fflt sM am en.
tendlmleas as msea aeptado per empress lad pmdoola
Ku eliant al mereade de valres, si B aot6 .iao m us -
Jor Iatp d d e la Inrvri onit per las eelomae W pr-- doa
"anwd q oe per las do loa furrocarriles.. in l0 g. dob.M
exceptual las do clertas emremas terrovila To p, amo io At
choda_, tnvo mis aia, eotiaoln de loe aImMs aaeAs. Lo to-
ns d esorpora-eonea en general tavieron ua miea doe n punte
y oedie on lea ltimos trei meses, pero Ila aotivldades del mer-
cado ban n frido cierta dismlnuci6n.
n as emismln de boase del Banco Iternaeu.o I al tree per
cieato y por un total de dnnewents millions doe 4dar Tva ser
otreelda al mercado el 21 de los corrientes. .BOHWd de ol s Wt-
dos de Noeva York y California al uso y % jor cloeto fueroP
ofreeides eta semana pe Ml eaas J. P. Morgn y Epha Loob
a Co.
Las eompalUas de secures de vida estin iamande Ia aten-
ci6n do rI Lmlatur dea 41 eMto d N wva ok allde l rAildg
cregimioate de smu vlOiW y la dletseamto do la qu6 pdpusm
adquirir con se fondos. Come es eabd, tale sipresai tieana
S fe t( r I e a I".man.. mple. d W ,
i li ak dmamsanda ..emisae, .sea-M
mess qe' hoy as paedes compare; IEs aatr4tagde5 gna s lrasi
han doeletrido demauuada f talts e, to, r o seIMs
ban beane Men, pueore quo timena q.,Velar per Isadas .
millarews do liyeralofrtas y deo aU ge me pita In riteMo
de Ia dea6da I, emosde Isa sompea ias dee m id I.a-
irtierem aumos eoasMrables ea aeeelones frrovimrlasi qua l eo
perdlern gram paut de sa valor.

Los diriente obreros de

Estados Unidos puede que no

apoyen plan de movilizaci6n


..-I/. ;



.i J. t -
,...: *^ ..^, .
. ... ,. *.. ; ','., '" ......
.1k ai

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ak t :

t$ aLtos
'U 'S

'auT" W' ,
awrt yf.,9Mh

*iato. <* 5i .4e Exte-
xBa.5 dIam jit Ame-
ramA 0 reuns- 6q: de mar-
i pao ratoaar a lm ias dd4
gaie mumado entr a agroealt
AumW lea homubres de 1taa-
4 se bn consulted en tod
la bitetor de la I dalatgG, :
priuclplp de Is 'conauitat" ha
Sdeo tzq~rallaaO- y tenMltd
como tal ior la KRep q l A-
merlcanus en I alottia dcIle
y -els asios. Bate sitema ha
permittdo afroltar problegSua'
en forms flexible y pratlca.
SCepooto- ome, Con ermon
glas. Panamericans"*, el prote-
dimient de consult tua etat-
bleeld aen printalao en la Con-
Serencia de o unO Alre parL'
p mant enetb de la Pas In
9 y reiornado n la I~. Con-
L Wrela IInternaeional doe lo
LadoW Amerflano 'n LUnit,
198. La "Declaracl6 de Lima"
provee que M bar, en cualquier
memento qu L a9z. seu-
ridad 6 Ps Wt.ldad :-fltorrlal'
de caualqer R t pbeblU a ameri-
eanr ast namenasada. Be acor-
d6 posteriormente que loi ml-
u9trma o rblaloea exteriores
e cuasuie erepbits iamenrca-
ua pOdrI Inlc e tasi donsul-
ta*. stoe lmtemas 'voluclno de
la nscewidd d 3pratener del
nasslar alama no e omeqnZa a
epandirse entonces, y con la
u era *n INF, adqulrendo
oesa de. uevo tipo
s d s en el Nucvo
"au dearrolla ,f e favorwedo
oer l progresoM en lua lne
ishet, lo que permitia a los Mt-


;" +, -...






Rrelcione Exterloreg
I rhtpgament* sin qa
"a 1n tra r trabasijo
de kia rnesictivd

La o U d6sta tuvo lu.
*5'r 61 15 de bep-
u.lmabw 'e 19i, para dGiu
w. MM pars proteger
Msin del conolctp guer'ir-
bAs~Wi il tiArrfas, aire o a*
ASW oinetl natleo o dentro de
Hm Area de defenaa prtmari
d"l heml"fera occidental.
La ~ eclaraci6n de Panamli
tuvo gran importancia politics
poem rses despuds cuando flue
nccearto respaldar al Urugja.3
ecn. l lucdente del Graft Spoe.
baeo de guerra alemin, que
a refWugi n puerto uruguavo
.7 aoo sarpe fud ordenado In-
mp4laauhnte por el goblerno
0rguayo. .I
La gegunda confeenla tuvo
hlgar en la I ba t*, Cuba, el
21 bI Jullo di Y para die-
cutir Ita br de estados
no americanm an terrnltoa
go Af lcq de o q $ eiArcas. Be
lua que loe naib trataran de
Lomar las coluoia Inglesa rl-
'as .apetr61ei .' otro. produc-
tob. entonces queo
cualquier trsafr nolia de co-
loniu europeas dentro del he-
misferlo' oelcdenal era contra-
riaa Ios prialploM y derechos
de los Estadol Americanos de
maatner Ias lpridad su Inde-
pendencsiappl Be aprob6
adems la ooperael6n econ6-
nmica. .
J& 3a. Confecencia ue reunite
en Rio 4e Janeiro, con motivo
del ataue a Pear Harbor por
lo japoneaMs, el 15 de enero de
1042. nteonea es roeomend6
'romper relaciones diplomAtlo
con Jap6n, Italia y Alemanla

Americ puede acabar con el

afabetiskmo en 10 anos, dice

un funcionario de educadAn

eor Harry W. Prasts

WAMdIIOTON, Feb. 21 tUP)
- El doctor Guillerrme Ma&e-
tL, jeft do a oficlna de. Zdu-
cacl6n de Ia Un#bn Pinamerl-
cana, dolar6 que la rep(bl-
ca americanas pueden acabar
con el ansftabetmo en daie
afos i M o oabterna, ]a prenm
y la opInl6ta poblica coopert'
con program que estin s.l-
no prepaados per is Qrgani-
ual6n de E~tates Americanos.
31 Consjo eo0naloo y do-
Sde las Naelones Unitda y
oeducadorse emropsos eatn
ayudando en alguns fass de
dicta campaafia y I expeion-
miaferlo occ dental e podrt a-
cla quoe obtenga e el te-
pl ar en la tanr de combatlr
el analtbetluno en otras ie-
glone del mundo.
Naanetti, ez-ministro de E-
ducad6a de Colombla, decitn6.
en eaten ta a la Prens- Uul-
da, quae alcla que hay aproxi-
maadam teU sem ta mllore e
analfabte de i 1 Aosr at7
en la reptblcau amerianu.
Qu el problema el anafbe-
ulmo vait de Isourdo cn I.
diltribjel6n de oi poblaen in-
digena asy s udina s lou ta'-
gares ddeoa. les tie bala I

u .propio dialect. AgregS que
cl primer gran pao de esta
campafla contra el analfabe-

I. -" =

AVION A CHO OrI-te nure avl6n el "i a lt Cdoe ", n "td ulo volador
y m- e ~ laneado aoC a porta-avloBnes asender Afldasueate t lateptar aviones ene-
E. a V fabr iSdq ae I Douglas en Califoramls ha parade todas la prueb as a-
t affrls ti. Su eor alta de cola y slas do trUanguleo ae us secrete mllltar.

a, r Il menu a largo pilaso,
la lWmtCloon de Guate-
litre Visitmte Guatemalteco -' ,-
mass ha d oamiptr ou prose-
so hlbas Is plealtud." Cree en
(f6 ta Per / hmbr eomo Arevalo, como
EeSTBH-EBMAIA 8OE) Arbesx, "Biq ell T- nuo ae-
SVisits del Mayor Victor B. un dia, serA in dia de perlee.. gEs o leubipr iters can
Plate jres a nuestro paWle o ol6n, en que oa dere ch Is p ..Pand noa hblrab do ta
neo a dIeaperelblda J por justc as intsponganm por at so r.epOreaib6. Ns habl deCsps
n as d rM represenltas lo." Cree on a Eduesels, sle-n el vajer.: "Normalida Is o-
autbffier lds uajuventud roe do 61 mis=m edueaor: aCutes tial6. es palm me tna-
ulemauils detalteeia, y, pl- dritloo de Mlonomil Politie af in a E eropa. tudAl trs
elsagMatem aso de loe g Historla Militar an is guOla s dosiOn slesa oe laltos Es-
SOlitOeOS.nS do Guatemal x, tWlldies PFbtIA y ySoa do
miame tempo qu esrtaditae Parts. Inritdo por el gobler-
deo deleho n ta Universda no franois ful a estudlar la
de San Carlos. Aunque evits Cnapo ia de l. o e Afi -
tlablar dCe mis nmd, ceraiemo P ona oaab par elutr-
OSoraon iformanrds un peo de Coau I lnaeso.lopmsri uel
v ida: fluados enr a oEsuels eonta te mis
'olit6teesC do OnQu ',o *xpeldeaclstiPd I
eamunaesid m ere n odmlete f- idsteo E-Moane ido
on is e vviMfAmerlwo *,bt2speDe .-. d aoA r C rl. Bua
'COa sa tIat Al Mer; oMe D~ aeveo a Ereps,. ptaCdl
Ar1tll0Io do on del a .t do Cultura Espala do Roses.
ime asular -de oedlavtud y ,- ---'-aar,
tMlria. El W do Oetubre do el f' no es disi& atrai.Re
.lamo alo estalle la rievolut seir Ipolrble. ldarl, el o'
1 6n, stindo 61 qulen dl6 Is pr- peetiul0 d rrador do aquq-
maln **elal de Ige. "A rvc,. Ilo palmne nin SRi po
-lun -oo-plearse que r quoller h gus. Els Z ash s0a0 l Oe-o
****----------- -Afatj **ftia f^>*kCf w V ivwJW. *--- -- -noc-pi-o '- que-- --'i .--- o
arui Eohmo a ndar I r .- 6er i0 Ueol VJieo Muunon au
l9el.a no ltaee to m saicte sip1cto humans de lisabre y
Sdisale t pan us fuode rvio-' ,esolein, risairm mi conve-
ate l tite o tspertar ela revlonari." .... --..
C de Usm seaolaus. "Sin e-- ...Hablar eo ete i taeitl gu-
barge agres creo que, temalteeo e hablar een Is noe-
.ii ne a Inmedtamete cnomo lIo v Guatemala, asi faete, nb-
-, ... esperabs is Ja'Uvtud Impetu' ble y arlnt; Srnte de.ln-

timo en el 'hemiferdo occider.- s mis paruns, au auS.3 m-
Lal ca dara duando l Oftcs haeen pbe~lble Is 1 p f
Regional det Educaciba Furna- .~ n at l es e- St ta
mental en Mxbleo.jb Mas aus- do em% astemta eein f
pic adr porT UIl o y la Or- arolladers.

igailuacn dq los Stade A-
L oie~na ,tendrk sa nede en
Patzcuaro, M de Michon-
can y ca a nes de
maru, can Meda ea ta baclin-
G. "Erendia* donadal' efc.;-
to por. l Genral .eU C'r-
deui. Bfer uAna aOet nor-
mal para eduear maexl ean la
ILSch contra e in as oi
en sua r oepeqtos p ej Al
prmelple habrt a 0 b pa
maestro de 5 repolepa niat
eprcuan a Miico ey Pd'roamor
Laeas Ortas do Mtico, erA Pt-
rctor. l gobleSrq mexioan
be facUltado loo n ervlioe de,
cuatro perltmo en edcaomIon r"-
rat. Mntre lo' profewres ae
ainolennn a Latl Obreg6n uw-
tllo, Isals OGat Ansoto, La-
guerra 7, Nael h, el ltUd
nofM perlto en eduneaeln vi-
ual, dos primer mexica-
nor, l torero e colomb~ sa y el
Cart pdertofrrquelo.

epesgas 01 ter Pflte, en
el moemia. 40 strolastareo,
de Ia edCedebots4e. tnrmslb6n
de mUIado-ean.JW de Janeiro,
a deond fr eL~ iwt pe mu go-
blerno. I n t,~ibamo co-
me ns habla del sMn pueblo
brasilero de Is .oeaV toU que
calfltes de farlS. No s ne-
eusrto departir largamete con
61 pra dare oenta de que no
staemos ate s. mlltar inil-
camente. K also ma. Un ser
human de asts ealiad, que
no ole ree ean is feras i-
no tambt6n a el ate, n tI
poeesi, ea Is belles, y eapta
la mis dllada eopreoiones
del uAlnereo ama fin soenbill-
dat l E med de te aenas
propaIs de e alnMi military,
estadla iemtanteu~m te, snefs,
y esper... "Anuae as iadud-
ble-noa diae-que hey, sin el
respaldo de do flnsa son im-
porible ass reform traeen-
dentales que el mando aecesi-
ta son urgenol, ha de Ilegar



Sdw wN

HU i-
|- *e~

-. :
pearnestr '

TC" i .. -a`

_. -

.j ';.
." E ,-


ltuinta AVE
estia desempacando
Blancas. Tallas 32 a 38.
Talls: 24 26 28 -30
Especial: 5.95 7.95
SLACKS a 4.95
Negro i, azul, verde.
Ta 24 a 30.


La media mA fina.*
Nuevos colored elaros.

Tallas 2 a 4 y i 12
Colored claro.
Especial... 3.25 4 5.95
Deade 6 mese a 1 0af.'
En jersey blaneo, rea
y celeste.
Negro, rojo, blanoe,yerde,
amarillo, squs, & osta.
32 a 40.
Espcial... 10.95 1735
U Q U UW ffi a _
eas ha grass .3

y:"-- :r


occidentales irn

eguros la reunion en -

de su poderio military

Per K C. T 1 3 .


en IColmbia per

modern pilratas 11
MRKNWIrA, Feb. It 31 (UP vit
-- 1 Intenamkn nuval tnf.r- V Ista
m6 que el rmsolcadr Aguha,
capltianade por don Juan del
V e, fu6 a tdo per una caa-
dra de forajidos mnmasalia-
do. halee4o fuelo contra la LONDRZ
nave dude .tn punt denomni- En lo elrci
nado. Cantauallo, abaJo de la Bretafa y
Dotrda. hoy qu Rt
.Areg6 el r. Intendente ique quecon r
el remolcadPr no aufrl6 mayo- Ia I vltacl
rea dabao. La nave prelsAba cidentalesa
servicing a I Tropical Oil co de mar
paty. e ha envlado un Inves- MiMlatroa
tigkdor especal a Barranca rnores de
Bermea, para obtener mayctes clas.
detalles ebre el atentado. T, fFuran
____ san que ya
Sr ginada en
Hie Ano ei vol
pseear de
hechas rec

las acusaa on esmoTu M
rearme unilateral do
Occidental. Los dIVpA
sotlienen que no p
que la Conferencia le.
asunto de especulacionai y
tanto, ya que e hablara
camente, Rusta tendra la sPW
tundad d demostrar num pM6.
Aunque los rumom susmsm
que IL conference trate
la demilitarizacl6n de
nia, los oceldentales
ron a Rusia que seguirt
mindose a meno. quo. easw
rearme de oi sat611tes.
' Las potenclu oceldte
tratarin sobre la liteL
mundial en general lneluciuv
crisis doreana y la intmfl*t
ci6n de los comunlutas ehI
e nella, mientras qua e lR
por su part, pareca estar
cldida segun los canjes
notas a tratar otros aaunt
europeos, ademns del alem :..


Sde 1henille A
de l/a aamaa. mars

Corlina. as &A.o


Tor Begelle Garera Orti
El ARio bcolar de la mi'
grande ienaslones, ha sido el
que acaba de terminar (16'0
1951). Enfermedades de todaq
classes; paperas, alfombrias
toaferinas y Pollomlelitia! Tc.a-
blore db tierra Inundsoloaes.
accidentes de todas claaes y p7 r
~ltimo, aguacero t torrenciaies
en el mes de Febrero. Pero eo
insb61to del came ea, que a pe
sar do todas etas talamldaLeN.
agregandoe otras de orden e-
con6mico y moral, casl todos lo.
alumnos de laa eacuelai nan
salido con aprtiflcados y diplo-
mal Parecia en los actoa de
giaduacl6n. qve se estaba re-
partlendo Jujuetes y duloes en
el Dia de la Navidad. Y todo
eato se debe, a que on alrcilar
dirlgida a los colegio so p.dio
que se elimlers a todos los cs-
tudlantes que habian obtenido
un promedio de Cuatro. y CuiA
e evitaran l raos racsolo Aniks
Hicla a d6nde vam7s? lEto.
son los progress de la educa-
cl6n qua es cantaletean a '.t-
da moment? No debemos pen-
sar que uto es un engaho a at
mismo, a los padres de fami-
lias, a la mociedad y al Estado,
lo cual traer fatales conJe-

qetad, de toan el perveDr.
Saltdame ea 65 a Guatqmla,
a w pueblo, a le qw amaen Ia
ltbrtad, a ref poetaI ss mesa-
S. a Lradere, w "l-
...5 ie. P owR-
te jutuu, ham boshe doll o -
tft Fur, hsa peehe *l Poor-
e~its a a hua pars el me-
b an eams fl otatre: toda
urns Iseelda.
ransai, Pebrre N' de 1M51.

I| "El Aviso Oortuno'

8, Feb. 21 (UP).-
ulos oflclales de Oran
Francia so confiaba.
isiaaceptarn aun-
eaervas mental -
n de loe pales os-
a la runi6n del cin-
zo en Paris de los
de Relaclones Kxte-
as 4 grades poten-
icess e Ingleses pln-
,que I dea ue ori-
Ruina, esta naci6n
veri atr8a shora a
las fuertes critics
clentemente en una
al "Pravda" per el
Italin. Be ha pensa-
iblemente Rusia pon-
obatbculos para rea-
onferencia en Wash-
ique ellas uglri6 tal
a conferencla Inicial-
30 de diclembre pa?
o as sabe los passes
s ofrecieron come al-
a Paris come sede
ton es la ciudad que
n el Asltema rotati-
sede empleado hasts
el centro de la pr6-
nl6n de los cuatro

Avenida Tivole NA4tO .
'i .-

i -- do FLEXEES

> /
9 de dibulos asimitricos -..

con brotelos do finas cintaso

Bi 14.95
CeODe eepr en Flees ... peOe er
prelano k idMlr meadilmme delo
meda. Cen dempro an men s ere de
moyor roelse a lt belsM ML m dI bie. .a
pre tobemer w daIw e eaeouAl y emde
m6I esbeI. SoM MeO ei e ..i
de Nyrolen (nylon eo -e rIpiod"lld T
royen do mr coVert y m Vebmtend .-
Sl.e d...d.e emlis pp ee .a er sa
A r. Slese. No drle de edqllr we*fel sji6..32 d Sl

-sestg doide o ,|.
*,wod E".gd****s.g********"
-a *ee bkl fluna..u

,_* -r

. .. ?

V* F t^

~~ii 4..

Mariscal 8
do que poe
ga ciertog
lizar la cc
Ington aum
sede de la
mente el :
sado. Comc
de Ia Conf
re toca, el
vo de la a
shora, ser
xlma reui

Los diplomiticos occidenta-
leass se enten con conflanza en
vista de que por primer vez
desde Ia guerra e llo podrtn
sentarse a discutir con Rusla
en lI convicc6n de que ya sa-
tin aumentando su oderio ml-
litar y de que eatin Identlfi-
cadas en su determinacl6n de
resistir cualquier agresi6n.
8e tiene entendido qua las
potencies occidentales en Cu
reuni6n en Washington traza-
ron el pla de c6mo abordar
sus probleraas con Rushl y a-
cordaron denunclar al mundo
las verdaderas races de Ia tl-
rantez actual y desenmascarar


s5o piess.
Uame ai tel foo1 3-4391
de 7:30 a.m. a 4:30 p.m.



tar& Ia invtad-ii

Asuad ER -0 *O.- .*

MMMA eRO .. .- ;.*-.

Iera concluida la carretera

pe enlaza a Chitre y PesO

---'I c1 ~


-' ;.~v1~sr


; L' trabajos s

terminarin antes

de las fiestas

Henios sido informados de
fuente official que hace algu-
nos dias el Han. Diputado. Ing.
Plnio Varela, actual Jefe de
la Junta Central de Caminos,
lmapartl6 la orden pars que se
concluya la carretera que une
a Chitre con Pes6, antes de
la celebracion de las fiestas
patronales del San Jose de Pe-
se, que se verificarAn los dias
16, 17 y IP. de Marzo del presen-
te aflo. Como tal noticia es de
gran importancia para el pro-
greso de PesE, nos vamos a per-
ntitlr'a hacer algunos comen-
tarlos. Hace mas de cuarenta
a os que se esta trabajando en
la carretera Chltrt-Pese. Se
Iniciaron dichos trabajos con
1 administracidn Amador Gue-
rreMo, durante la cual se cons-
Stayeron los puentes de "La
Chiva" y "La Secreta" y otros
&' d menos Importancia El puen-
e te de "El Pajaro" fue construi-
dao durante una de las admi-
'jWiltraclones Porras. Segtun In-
Stormaciones. los primeros ca-
rros que entraron a PesE lo hl-
\ cleron a duras penas en 1923.
El Hon. Diputado, don Julio
S Arjona Q. consigui6 para esa
S poca que se aslgnaran para
la carretera de Pes6 B.50.000.00,
Spero de esa partida apenas se
Sghstaron B.10.000 en algunos
puentes pequefios El resto, co-
'-mo slempre. fue a parar a otras
a' obras. cargandolo como se ha-
'. bia hecho antes, al camino
L Chitre-PesO.
En la administraclon del Dr.
Harmodio Arias M., se hizo el
puente "yEl Barrero" y se ade-
;" lant6 bastante la construcclon
S*-" de dicho camino. Luego se su-
cedieron gobiernos que no hi-
cleron casi nada por dicho ca-
mino carretero, hasta que la
i administracl6n de don Enrlque
A. Jimnnez. le did un empuje
S preclable.
Es. pues, motive de gran re-
S ocijo para los paseenses, sa-
S ber que al fin veran convertl-
dos en realidad los deseos de
aue se concluva el camino que
l a une a Chitr&L
SQueremos destacar aqui tam-
-. bi n la tenaz lucha que ha
'lantenldo la AsoeCcion Ci-
V ica "Pes6 Unido" para que se
O bnrcluys este cami o carrete-
],,-. La. aprretera sia Inaugu-
.v rda durante las fiestas patro-
Sn.ales deT San Josh, cue se ha-
:f'l con la presenoia del Dr. Ar-
Smlfo Arias M.. presidenle de la

elrres6 a Panami
Plcenos dar una calurosa
blenvenlda al estudiante Ma-
SLuel M. Vasquez Vtllalaz, quien
Svene a disfrutar de unas me-
recidas vacaclones en su puer-
blo natal, "Villa de Los San-

El jovencito Vasquez Vllla-
laz regresa de Managua en
S done ha sido objeto de la hon-
rosa a.signacl6n de una beca
anual otorgada por el .Cole-
glo Centro America en done
cursa studios, al haber obte-
1alo las mas alas calificaclo-
e8s en su clase.
Aplaudimos este gesto del es-
tudiante Visquer Vlllalaz. que
eq esta forma contribute a po-
nar en alto. el nombre de la
rttria y feliciamos cordialmen-
sus padres, don Manuel M.
SVuquez y dofia Elida Vlllajaz
da Vtsquez

La Socledad dGe Panameflos
Empleades an el Canal de
Invita por este medio a to-
daE los panamelos empleados
F ad la Zona del Canal a que
alshtan a la reunion que ten-
drka el viernes 16 del presented.
a las 7 p.m en la Escuela Jus-
to Arosemena. situada en Calle
17 Oeste' y Calle "E."
S e encarece la aslstencla de
todos, ya que se discutaran im-
portantes puntos




1-Fuerza, energia.
6-Partido Argentino Liberal,
12-Mamltero roedor.
13-Del verbo emitlr.
16--Calumnlas escritas.
17-Nombre de mujer.
18-Animal con plumas.
21-Nombre de mujer.
27-Del verbo soler.
30-Nombre de mujer.
31-Pleza superior de la
34-Artistas de circo.
36--Ofical del ejdrcito turco.
37-Capital de Europa.
39-Hoja de lata.
42-Deseo vehement.
46-Natural de Rusla.
48-Del verbo asar.
51-Balle tipico argentino.
53-Cludad de Francia.
55-Natural de Anam.
56-Parte en que se subdivide
la miolecula.
57-Del verbo salir.
59-Saludables, Inv.
1-Pasar It noche on vela.
2-Nombre de mujer.f
3-Del verbo gemir.
4-Pueblo de Corufia, Espafa.
6-Mufieco. tilere.
7-Agrupaclon Mllltar Iberlca,

Se comenta ci

en Santiago q

crisis de Gabi

NORMAL. Feb. 20 (Correspon-
sali.- Anoche se comentaba
con Inslstencia on esta pobla-
clon. sobre la poslbilldad de
que produzca una crisis de ga-
binete como consecuencia del
dLscurso que pronunclara el Pre-
sidente de la Repiblica hoy.
Fuentes enteradas y las cua-
les se conslderan aqui Infall-

Recibieron ate

59.122 person

dispensarios di

Cinco medicos prestan servl-
cios. acompanados por 14 en-
fermeras. 2 farmactutlcos, 5
practicantes y 147 otros em-
pleados del Departamento Me-
dico de la empress. Hay un to-
tal de 164 camas disponlbles
para la atencidn de los enter-
mos, hablendo Ilegado el nl-
mero de hospitallzaciones 124
horasi a la citra de 37.053.
Fueron hechas vacunaclones

Jiras sanitarias haran a

las montanas de Penonome

FENONOME, Feb 19 ICorres-
Ouall.- El medico director
i la Unidad Sanitaria de Pe-
afomE doctor Edmundo Men-
ta Gutierrez v el dentists
mlama Institucion doctor
so Arellano Mejia. ban
saa pars este verano una
de iras sanitarlas a las
tnes rurales de la mon-
-f de los Ilanos coclesa-
Iabliendo efectuado la pri-
-visits al caserio de Are-
mamcas en las dmsembo-
del Rio Grande. Are-
es un pueblo de
ala orllal del mar
7 .p a Ir deud e-
As alt hay que efec-
del recorrido en pe-
bogando sobre

el caudaloso Rio Orande. Esta
semana los distlnguldos profe-
sionales prodigaran el beneficio
de la clencia a los moradores
de la montala muchos de los
cuales jamas 'segurajente se
han visto con mEdico alluno.
Plausible par declr lo me-
nos es la idea de los aludidos
profesionales quienes encontra-
rAn alvc alas Ineomodidades
de mu viajs devolviendo la
salud a taltos serea deadieha-
dos que par primers vas en mU
vidas recdblrn la bendfica in-
fluena ch ntitlea.
Suen viaje doctors endie-
ta 7 Arenfaas y qu D le


a ... -" .

curses de eno a Esc.
S S .U. .. .;;*,-I., o

In m imenmuo

ia sqiiraclhn

del Sr. Bayard

NOWaL Feb. 20 (Corres-
ponal).- .t Ia mafina de ayer
ge U stala, r os today norma-
Ud IV l=mreaas en el Inm-
*4i4*ta&W -am e con ac a tait 'll

3Ai a lIammSntLdo. -
iS id. Doctor Vie S-
alumnnos no hen
4 59tapf aetitud de pro-
tests i iMat0 y aIlguno. ds
ta l aextremas." To-
8-Del verbo libar. do ps ai _lar que lae -rt Q _
s-Perteneciente a Is mili a ldvew ia r elemein tra
10--Querido con adoracia. cdvao e-, Id admnbot tr la6 nl
1l-Gorra military. cbon o n de ibotut n fra la-
1-Del verbo tesar. bores n [e t tuto han trace-
14-Espiral bo tesar. sado. AnShe as le brInd6 un
19--Espiral de humo. agalJo l Director de Educa-
22-Demostrativo. cln Amrad C0snt6n an El Ran-
24-Plnzas quirdrgleas. cho dserta- pobllad6n el cual
26-Igualdad de nIvel. uI may co ncurrldo.
28-8e streve Fotor l erarliit t
2--Adverblo de lugar.. dl deae 1r sg s de s
31-Oxido de caleo. NIv l nica del d a
32-Descendlente de Agar.
33-Relativo a la naturaleza. R, RUR Y RA
35--Agarradera. Dr. Rod guez E.
38-Brotar, surgir.
40-Sacrificlo, Inv. -r a
43-Traldor, desieal. hay enr Penonom e -n
44-Del verbo asomar. NOTA: ete ri U s0 nm- tuedla 4 M- an etracto
45-Novenos. PENONOM, Feb. 19 (Corres- vo servilos permanent q re r mw a emebnliento
47-Deaocupaci6n. ponsal).- ZI Reverendo Padre estableeret tas upea s t I oder. leiters. Duelsa
49-Letra griega, PI. Miguel Angel Mor6n bendijo Interior de "El Panami-Am- asted si slpe sobre saign
51-Valle de Espafls. syer Is nueva clinical que ha rfle", pars benefllee doe ii poblebnit and&ge Inie su
52-Organizacl6n Tradiclonal ablerto an Penonoml el doctor productores agritelasu l lpass, pteank t qn Is publilere-
Ib6rica, Inlc. Federico Rodriguez Emiliani, Sera an servile de lnter-aten- mesn. eatm e di resoI e o1
54-Autillo. Superintendent del Hospital suits mutual. Cuslquler artij t6enlms d.ialn a Ihuastris-
Aqulino TeJelra, de Penonomd. uleo quoe used les y seS 0 le del us l@t weuaran
f,,'19,-1111 1w 011Al acto asistleron los familla- dere important qua n lues tre Pr tb er I aM, -oae ao
risdADR del Dr. amlliani, Ia rtas. eampenis s a fe- p0I- lsgOf- el S6-
enfermefas del hospital, los ca- do, .re6rtealo evirele a s"E Ide in ter-asMlts
balleros professor Ruben D. Car- Panals-AmeIn e a C El e. muatus t a"o dqr agr il-
le, Lie. Rubin D. Carries Jr., Gllnrms Dele lo ois tar 7 s W.
don Ja # Maria Grimaldo F., a-
Dr. Anibal Orimaldo C., Dr. Pienas asted establecer una be procede a evitar los medio
Ediberto Grimaldo C.. Lie. Hil- cria de pollos? O ha perdido de que ILA.'t ran sna sAI.
debrando A. Nicosli y Pdrez y usted Is cria anterior y plen- En el ~Ubln ca dsebe uted.
Sime6n C. Conte. El ar, Ro- sat eatablecq una nueva? En- procafgi.r nds mar sq s ulo,.
drigez Emfllani con' sgenti- 4toncp tl doe cosae princi- de tal manners que los maima-
za suJMa hivit6 a Is encants. pbles por 'delante: 1) La limn- leS b fian tfn n o-f ttaiCW
dora Brta. Ciel Orimaldo a.- plasa de J aulat, polleros, lten- con a l uelo 4ldrotstments. E
ra que hiclers los honored doe llios, etc., Con dseinfectuntesl denClel, tmubltn, ocsede
l casa hy quo elpamos rar fuertes par lo maeos tre 0 dea lor lnMnsai de qua ejO
vecea en una clinic se han cuatro dias antes de que a u adicto las s ves, pus muchos
pasado coma syer ratos agra- nueva remesa de pallos league d esto Insectos del campp,
dables. a su finea, y 2) 81 la enferme- los paqusAos sear alsojo, J o
dad que diezm6 sus animals men los huevm s y larves d
tiene &Ilgo quo ver con lom- clartas en ermedade y lesgo
AvisO d brices tipleos do aves, usted de- las ave los lnleren dquir
do la enteriedad.
)n insistencia --H
,Notl Pilblio Segunddo del Ciroultc dor
ue hard una Tb.1.6roin rdul I Cirti d, an Palmas Bellas

oeOvns rnl amea LEDUARDO WONG R.C.S-Gran descontento e-
bles, Indican que ayer habia LEE. rl establel mlente derN adado X8te an ia pblaci6n de Pal-
tenido lugar an las presiden- CANT"A ALBERTO slt.a, a lea bs. anrs Bellr can rieacl6n a las
Jot. de Ir cas 7.10 dr Is AnidC Caonlr
cia de la Republica una i- tral calls m.: Od a ent, m11in d caiiflcade cnes finales de que fu6
portante reunion a la cual a- hchar por a sums di .1.u 00.00 (Doe bjeto la maestra Vivana 0.
sistieron Miembrol del Direc-' mu hlalbo si. y adel mlOs T mots l0 di Ceballos, par el director Te6-
Artlerli 777 del C. d r Comerelo me *a.
torio del PRA, diputados y 10s h. em publiael6n. fil Diz Melo.-Segian informs .
Ministros de r stado, donde e Dado a col enti lo r 17 d iasr el eo obtenlda par este corresponsal,
habl6 de Importantes medidas d o' Freo 191. os la poblacln data so lansard a
que serAn tomadas dentro de n'ot.r Pdtbl ico srleunde a it lom cmcIs le on el meI de nmayo pr6-
los pr6ximos dias do Col6n. ximo, protestando an data for-
md par la persecucl6n politics
AVISO DO RIMATS qu, contra much s padres de
familla, el corregidar del lugar,
INEl eunritoSerr.I ia del ju.g0da (D contra Is menclsnads V mai-
dnci in i medical Tde orero del Circut do par nm .*on run.tra e tt pefiado el director
a lono de mAlusell Ejecutor, sI pihil. Melo.--eS-Ogn lns informs ob-
HACE EABER: tenidos esta Inquietud viene
rS rel o QUoA da Tr rtsolueldn r chda 1l qialnace dde hace algunos meses, cuan
ale) do lo orrI d ictd dat ru do Iasoced a civicas de Is mis-
nrl pormlator Joan AlradoTa f ma poblaci6n se han aperso-
ae a a ada de que o utorlars as vents do la ado l desacho del refor Ins-
l C la ldio tore-au e r e ridei a i sl'o Ii Ormandole de los stropellos
d;nnelhOsptl yT.arlo. rtc de irho rriPm fIne ia1 tor dt e eido ediar
Scontra tifo dea. res lur *l ret a ni d- objta la educaci6n oemte fia
maria. el svarampl6n, la Lu- res u r qu e orrlpond a lo ~nee donde se hablu dejado p or
bereuloss y Ilas vruela un nfi- Mv'rao*e""n'. *' oe "* --MM dd o otao dON e s [ sa par
berculoscon y la virla n ti n Orsn deut b an des completis a labor del maestro
mer de 8.294. EUn total de 207 **Lo do terrr.o mareCade en ol ad- ejerlndo ablertamente rna
Casos due arldad fueron aten- mro ten io n : 171 qu form par" ptepoli ntrma
didao y ei nim ero de hospita- 'oa eIfin em Noo17.004mtt l politics contra m ei-
?ntd75 d To 424t o do im es. d I. extras, autoridadels arios pa-
lizados de carldad (24 horas Proidad. Provincla d *l Pami. cura dres de familiar.
acendl6 a la cantidad de 2.183l lIndrons 7 medida seao I aui ates:
nr i afo ad con eml lots orntltr Id l () do Is
missat f ln; par ei OUr, mide mlate
El cost de las opneraciones (i20) metro s y liad c n l lots (79
del hospital y l dispensarleas stentinueve do is mism foinm: por e@
ascendl6 a la apreciable suma rts. troints metro (o) l oimit eon
de 8.197,670.62. io qu restado i o e mcll@n do usn ima n,
en B.91,323.33 par lbs ingresas poe el aOrte. mide arelat s) me ni
de estos organisms, da un coo- -Iaris on .1 late selaotl ldd doe l
to neto en cuee concspto par bervir do bza@ parr Ol errm ie reat
B.100,347.34 l costa total dia- ma do NIL DOSCIENTOS BALDOAS 0I.
rio por hospitaizacl6an per per- 0S00 e).Srin posauro admal bles I
sropars due Ge 3Mln er- ? 1 ct quoruban em dos t-orer arte** do is

de hospitaluzacl6 par persona quler. eansiAnar preoviinse : el d"m-
P e ho 1 rnat re. noe r den t do I m Ir

paia se gast6 I& cantidad du o aUmlit'"slea 'c ore 11M fa dn d0d
B.50.00. for Ltas. 3e am en pedn cmo m I aes t awafS i
aon l cser Psro do ido tase hyra sts
abo dne utivan do Is cosmpsato d lam i o Fnubose dar e hms I vea. o
Boal l sarle. AlSle Tse BnaSme er l,
Bay cinco e cuelas a stenlida Gcar po 0. irin o IV& ZsIa -do L entermles
lupars de Is de.mii 7 el afnl uas, n rd tvet l de La k itnL m : l0a ,-to.
aerro d lbas msotrosnml nn nm. s ddld

de alumnor que relhorn In.r s n DuJM Ann ove n dL V U d-

mantenlmlento de est e esoue- sais na S dK w -
\a, de B.12,231.. en el abo s-U Ivl I 4 g -.
tcolnr. ico mut t s doA

tay un tot d Ca nejores, aAea#tS a -:
d portv.s.. -
de ~~~ ~ i ,, unmo clercbi' ia-wmh


S"'i-, -- "

S ir,' t '. ...__

Pero a por -
blo M %i-. .

La Unit it Co.

'pggdre Abril
I0 0QW, Feb. 21 (UP) La
CompaAla Frutera declare qJe
1J div p .md de la compa ii
pags un d6r extra y el givi-
deno trimetral, pgan T opn-
tavos por accitn comun, Pag
deros al 13 de abrll a los accu-
nastm imsritqs el echo de
El iflo prsado se pagaron dl-
videndos extra de un dlaf en
abril y -otubre y el dividend
corriente is elev6 on Julio del
aio pasado de cincuenta a se-
tents y caico centavos.

hi. tbS

1A -
UA ttJ--H

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hems 4us as 15g$ csia a
o Iaic

seas o POTUM.cidr m

cet ad que cibuy

suede con Irr o iqadls us ir
uman cmn la cu ib
POSTUM I flaurWa lies
Be meatrEmose

No Hay Pnfemav
ICrNaowm a rim ftfu a sI peUe ur ag kO jQu6 hbr
a. Sor. pans csa bnsl a 1l ipeb 0 *1 uedo? lamblbq
pw *I l rtki aTIt S mder1 't4la ca m deo m.
hbak -j wyeb deurdimye a
pwaMtessu A qllAr WierllsCof de sor y v*
u fmamUm, I Wmuadd. V vhi6 a ash dI ma is rju.
Bdirl u bai lrln sy mh

sl 'Il 'A :' w' 'i tb e
A, E W e

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ma un~~:c~to. va~ics, -

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r 4


.. n o .-c, S- -
norte wecanosft c700

S"i V. ,- .|


Wasy 7,00B pmr

/ 130 9:i. 40
Slo resarepos g
a'.k au-tro "
pflble epidemia di
Fdo a su tealraP
moma a .a olr

- 1

B Wllta T. -Boyd ofr.
S1c6 AMyr un asotal on a tI m
denlu'n Lr a -Qlta aL eI t futm
Invittdo un patup de ous MsngD

P, O odate de ftrancts s en.

eatada e- dneemoos.
parm lri tada UnidU
MWi -taus vie Ic domesmo
al mnor ftuan Ard -$oMiZan .
. MedgsQ. dC Afta,.
aluleroa ayes paI ta ttado
Unido y .Oaad
Perw Se Amdrlda
siuid hay ltera ogotA dons
d e pi rt U~ tempotda vt
a do a (r tfamllares
rs Lulsa 0. de Burpos. at
t. *44dieS~ Gdy~lk*.

~:od6U ~r IQ
r, 1~ Edurdh L
jCk.~fr~ndr rro
p- .

IWM fri oik en Cor.
en a p trher El aol-
ar si ,; slontras que
isa, eparaim atomamtlo.

No irn a los frentes hasta

ru seyr. aurn u paCrna as
S& uas h an cumpdo les 19

. cfutogratulaci aflos J6venes de Est. Lnidos
r .... or Jofaltqu a Barret ye e
on-ae- M sdo D ir t p ro- eWASHINOTON, febre 21l- well D. Taylor, mubjefe del Es-
ansmna doe orrl, por el fell (UP)--Lo J6venea desre los diez ,ido Mayor a carlo de las opera.
arrlbo de suprlmog"lnito, oeu v o 0bo tso y medio de. dad an clones del edrclto. revl6 talei
rmo asyor en Ia Clnlca BDan I tst tado Unido sarlan reclu- objetlvoa en una nioda de perlo.
Fonado. Lados: plMo no Iran a loe freftes distas. hadendo hibeapl6 en quo
de combat hats que aan en.bas cosas dependen de que no
Ritablheeds cinapUdo loe dims y nteve- abol se agraven las relelones entire
Anotamoa complacidos el res- M gan proNb en prisolaola Co- Rulia y Occldente. Tales objeti-
tabledmlento de ia saeora Amd- nlsaln de .Puerls auaa n de veo tendrcia que Mr olvidadol
rica Arias de Abadia. quien du- ,a CAmara en una autoritael6n en case le gravars eas situas
rants various m guard cam a dlas aFuems Armsdai c6n lnternacionl.
en su rneide-eoa. el
en ralde Po el eldrcito 1E plan de reonlnamiento fu(
Compltaunene restablecldo expree6 1 a ampo quo to- expuesto par .b PrWdente de is
ab'unto ,LU e l Iopital San- niag e4 que a dr Comlsln. larl VlUI -. quien di-
to 'ms el MleVor Victor Avila lcenewl deii dMoS de .Ju quo tal eonvetm obllgaria a
N. Non alegramos. -serv5 leO dL Is has fuermt armades a reduce
N. Nos lermo. Gu "Ird se la Re- sue elgxeneia soml el estado
Abando06 tail nador rya, mao a erviolo 'acivo filico y mental dele reclutas a
S ll n odesde aU" 90pWs6 Ita Rerra co- mAs bajo nalel rUe1velente du
elo Caervo Not reana. a ,nte t eagtl -uerra mun-
A.I dial v a elan i a l actual a.
n btA ifrm ada t* to cl aunmlntoS d bllbrs casada
PrT no te a a S S ii sl hljoe y tros de quienes *6lo
Spteu a "a B o.b. dida nlos dseAde ut ersona Dara au
a deC POras ,n'embr0 d.lao Quatla aelo- Osmtenilmerto.
o A rto Gerbaud L. not o d1e la Rfsev __
na^ i FAbesW a Z' 29 El Gener ,al4., .Max-
S .Red Panaericana
Stiene los mei ore


;'*: **; -

UeS estaroi na nuev dguer

SW D AEL No uaes todaval' Ru ia

S aCIVI preparada par ecrentar
Dow AMalMb asquives que ha-
..,a A oI* 41 poderao de la c. ,At.m b
n vacant n Is Corte al p eu.dero de la B1 A
pWama de l, fud designed
dp o data m A por ePresl- 0 .
al do CvllI, 'Director For Barry Ferguson
as dledal 1d ot de las -I
Person, Al f late di. Regiltro NUEVA YORK, Feb. 21 (IP) tan serlo paaa tque R[u sa uAT
CIlyU actual ml Sub-Direcor, Norteamericanos quo par ind o lars au, em a
Mior D1 iego rcia Monge, cblar major anteradoe, muc Tercero, an uI si ha
bulen trlgI aa lnhtltuei6n de ellos dlplaoAticos en dJ- ado que los %et at
mie itr"as e Orano Eecutivo nteros puntos detra de la "co,- rcclamo ruses hn
daeignara sa. D rctr. tina de hierro" rusa, y an put:- ltlnamente.
-- dtoo peligrodos del media eslce y
-A curresponsales en las Areas vi
(,' do eMIPL AROS IpOYr tales donde la guerra, pueJd
," catallar, parecen inclinarse a
la teals do que no habri gue-
rra en eate ario.
Eatos grupos han tenido JFar
e ercuniones, una en Paris y uLrA
c l Estambul para camblar h~a-
preslones a Informaci6n q'le
condusca a dar una idea d la
'--nu"'EnT es;tuaci6n rusa en vispera J:
e rsk (~ .uue nR nona guerra mundial. oBegnnei-
d i o tae doI a RepSbela r nslguno de ellos tie.:en
1. .do, 6 en la maians doe -o ldas id6nticas sobre el .n3-
h su. Apareo os I o h*MIa ten de n I Rop t no pry klema, pero en gent!a
bmra. Aopare a i.I a elemIopea e n quea oalad se I l nan a pensar qua Ra-
at0 d Araful11e 9 a el s elIeder don Joo6on n la
.a, a intaentar la guerra a.-
aum@*.dod fflor:. :a. I
ml a. Ni Rusla ni sue sateh i?
eslfAn listos para ir a Ia gue-
ira es la Impresl6o l de laos l-
plcAmlticos detris de la "cor1-
Alto porcerntsje de caballos h :" "m c.: I g
Alto ori e. e a os na de hierro". Y at los cou.-
Eo nlstas dan ete paso, ellos ecin- islege | ea., ,
r Celebra hey an h oy m PIeAflOs cien en que puede ocurrir s.-.-
eo nuest o 01 Bela don Max lo en tree puntos: Alemal .a
es eenepo Jimin e, Jef do E edacel6n del Yugoeslavlia e Irn.
parl6dlce "La Nlu6"n'. Pao tal
del al d trip s n fist en Las concluoiones genereled ,,d
d al deasm. .ml.nd s particular tn wn: Prlmero, Alemanil, Ilos u- IOud fresco y c6modo se .toa,
Irope de osu nammess aml sos no se moverin haoa la gue- none cuando lo lava con Ja
dos. Al publiar a nuestras p- rra hasts ester l stos pare la Johnson y I* unta aun .
CHEPO. Feb. 20 (Corrupan- atacados del amenazante mal dlnass uaoer sa LoterMfa, or- guerra at6mlca, debldo a Rue Aaeite Johnson! y l aeotn pevuaa
Ml).- Despu6s do un terwer de trpamasmiasia. 81n embar- mulMogs vetoa per sn ventura sue fuerzas tendrian que mna- tAcionen de Il plelo..Eljt
tratamlento practicado peor los go. me abriga Ia esperanza de persenaL char sobre pequefas fuerzas Pe frea i a p ... "" rda
weterinarlos quo llegaron ho, saivarlos ya que sla inyeoci6n Etados Unidos, Inglaterra y fresca y suaviza. Ambofa
ae ha comprobado qua de los qu aso lea ha puesto tiene la Francia estacionados en el oaste 1 piel ... propordona"
primeros clen caballos Inyecta- propledad de ser curative en a nien
dos en el primer tratamlmnto, primer tdrmino y preventive El Minstrootalemin Una Venunoe niien ACEITE
ha resultado el ocho por elento an el segundo caso. la Carretera Bantilago-David el ambos podrA eaconderse al a-
Ministro inform textualmente: taque, lo que permiltlr el a-
Sarreteara qentiago-DavidLaqueid at6mlco sobre Rusma JAB N
as una carretera qua tdene el Ce- nquen
ueO ede no estar aceltada, pero que parece ellos no quleren o,
l d n o pF. moA esti en perfectas aora. Begundo, en Yigoesla- O
dion" de transito. via les interest detener cn JOHNSON
Al referirse a los trabajos que tempo al Mariscal Titole p-rl teme- moalso...
de lu en C a aza s se adelantan en la pobhlai6n de coue continue la revuelta cvn L mijr Pmer unV
San Francal*co de la Montafa'n Moscil y evitar que esta se e-
CARAZAS, Feb. 20 (Corres-, poblacl6n. Igualnmnte donde asC oonatruy ua aescuela sa desea Hungria
pongal) Hua de no pnto paiara mtentra1 tia lu0ld o0m Rumana y ullgaria ataquca a
.acabs dA Lnzka~ao ri CAOM io I6 p ealIidends Yugaeslavia e*s ella ..
Moradores .de.. eata .do un dientea' quet' I ocotraMeA 0 eI .de lavistehas a tre `
acaban de firmer solemnemente daese hace dog alo eaon 4t~ 3' r a delantan n Arpilda- mantlenen an los tes ha
compromiso no .par impuqs- rios elementos de eata locall- enter do lo sep ba y at clendo ver qua nada tiene qi
to de luz mientras la PanamA dad. Caftsi i as manitfleta pro-lo a ooatInuaban tie- vtt can ello, pero no dichos da-
Electrlci no .sti.bzec en do- fundamente resentlds !)or acti-- zdoq ecornait 01 a tesent. el no estin suficlentemDtei
bid&& condlciones las instala- L -e Vrzosp l
clones del abI e contla etdeCaInd renc sorasu-Witnera euol sor ainmados hoy pars atacar a Y"- 1 w N
tuyen un l inntpellgro y mlendo Compafla Panami Elc- erbgar el mesnI
do Mayo pa6xmo, goeslavil7 ypar tanto necLel-
.an aspecto ho roroso a ets tric.SdaS1

Ie 1 0. ad0AG -E



Pagar todos los mi
o de un apartamle
ae concrete a hech
que puede ser un
su laot en la Nuevo
do frente a la Ca
W co i al preclo de B.20(
Facilidades de Pago

Cia. de
CALLE "A" N9 3
Sml m@ e 1S a w I. lip iuel. I y mIn


eses el alquller de una habltacl6n
ento es una incomodldad que no
aos sino en palabras. Una acci6n
hecho y no palabras, es comprar
a SBeoc6n que estamos urbanizan-
rretera Central desdB500 metros
0.00 como pago Inlicl.

Orandes Ventajas

Lefevre, S A.
TELEFONO: 2.3332


U -v






Se comenzar6n a ehtregar ma su rsidencia u oficina el dia 22 de Febrero; se le
srplica tender a mono su Directoro de 1950 para cambiarlo por el nuevo de 1951.
Si despuis del 19 de Marzo, no le ho sido mntregada su copia, y si el nimero de su
telffono comienza con "2", drvese recogerla en las Oficinas de La Fuerza y Luz,
Avenida Central 105; y en nsetr Sucursal, al lado del Santuario Nacional del
Comz6n de Maria, en la Call. Semue! Lewis, si su n6mero comienza con "3". Los
Directories estar6n a la vnta prea el publico desde el 19 de Morzo.



Aqul Hione uslded
una merfende eaquide
Jhm do PH"
Mart--1MB wle J"l k
Cualquien puede sir u sea c
con a ricesr miics de Amao
JUiLma Lo 6aBk que hq a qi
h*c u **gregul isual pwul *
Islie o irge. bati y vdir bml
,M-n. Tonp Is Mua o -u -
calenam y unuad cono pls.
Ios pria"irO ater a lad6 ) 1
par I Otro y oa cco mims
dung ummd e punqngqem,
abroM*e del sandd o Td~e
diss o de oeas causds Jm,
Io* Panquqiu AAl Janis&.

-.~ uLtu Impm
*h*~-* ~ ri

*1r. -






am de urro n y progress de PaseA.

:~a~: lb

-. *..

*" ;-- 1
: '-Xb-/

N w oof




U VUNDIN :-cluee. tbew ae ee.
osm s ,anlade, ir-Tm Iseewt*
s l h d em I e e lFlame e s e s.m m

w- u.mNbM a, Jm e tel,
53 S15 .OI 17 sp.

1 VEW lacubad 1a elictrica.
STel. 3-0255. .7
i_ VENDE: Madera da on par-
fectas condiciones. *precios sin
competencia en Io laza. 1 x 6 -
2 x 4 2x6. 2x 8 4 x
S4- 6 x6 8. PAREDES
Y'CIA. LTDA. e. Pablo Arose-
mena No. 10 yD p6sito en Poi-
titleta Call 12. els. 2-3238 y 3-
VENDE,-Ex isita Pollera de Hi-
lo talco en trmbra. encaes mun-
dillo, Friarl Avenida B, al lado
Bozar Froncis.

SE VENDE.-Enfriodora de botellas
marca "Kelvinator" abarroteria
"La Victoria" No. 21, calle 18
Oeste Pr6spero Pinel.

! SE VENDE --PLYWOOD de Abedul
1-4 grugso. Mide 48 x 72", a B.
6.00 cdae uno. MUEBLEIRIA LA
COMPETIDORA. Calle 16 Oeste
47. Tel. 2-3181
IVENDE:-Adquiera sus tiquetes
f de la Rifo de Los Leones, par Sis-
temo de Club en La Coso del Pan-
tal6n. Si no se lo gana pagando B.
S 1.00 seminal durante Doce Semao-
as tamben se Ile entregari su ti-

II deme comprer un core. llonlas.
u motors a cualquier arlefacto o
. utensilio electric (Iretrigeradora.
lovedoro, limparas. plancho. tosta-
dera, etc I llame a Cr"'os Guevart
Tel. 3-1033 6 3-1".0.

L: demaras son costosas. Nuestro
* surtido esti complete v el serv,cio
de entrega es inmejorable. ALMA-
CENES MARTIN. Avenida Nor-
teo 83, Tel. 2-0610.

& E VENDE--Refrigeraaoro. estufa.
0 "Magic Chief'f Imedidor agua B
l: 16.001. cornpresor. obonicos., re-
' glitradoro. umadora. mhau'na es-
. cribir. vic fola (Billor B50 00).
S camera ino. Renovomaos colcho-
S ns. nes, etc. Aqui anunciare-
S mos sus compras v ventas gratis.
. COMPRA VENTA San Bloas. Ave-
do NorSe 65.


iSn Al' Nitre: Hiciendoie
" eonto vendedor en 'n Joyuria 1Ha-
. a. Ave. Central 56.
C"WO h prlef .aoftwst vendedor
cqb htlror el cemer io. ue Iar-
p r par hemire It h od-r.
qCo I 27-A. I
E' 'NECESI.TAN.-DS hombres j6-
V"al de buena presence y con
p tioncis en ventas. Presentarse
1r '.ferencio. American Protec-
-Alon,.Ave. Contapl 47 No. 24, al-

W DE O lquilar cosq de 3 recamoras,
C .p urgencia. Llomar 2-2417.
SE NECESITA --Tenedara de Libros
'. cp expenecia. Debe hoblor y es-
cribir castellano e ingles Hotel Er
Panumi, Sr. Gersten., auditor, en-
Stre 5 p. m. y 6 p. m. No llame par

* siguientes facturas de nuestra Em-
presm: 049-C, 5050-C. 5321-C.
519-C. 531 -C, 9144-D. A lIs
S poesims que la p lesan, lee regi-
ecm eMouniswmae, pore su cenve-
SSelemel. sMo Ie sa enie de esei
SACEll S. A. Tel 3-1371 Apar-
F tedo 1910 .Panamb. R. de P


-S 'ALQUILA:-Amploa local venti-
ledo para otcmas, clincos.. esce-
S1 privada Via Espara frente Pe-
Srejil Primera. Llame 2-2443
SE"ALQUILAN--2 locales en Ave.
Norte No. 61. Informes Tel. 2-
" SE ALQUILA:-Local poara of.cina,
a rriba del Teatro Central.
St.ALQUILA: Local propio para
oficina a dep6silo en calle 80. No.
S'15,. frente al Poloc.o No,onal 0-
curro al mismo local o lame ol
telifono 3-1147
51 ALQUILAN -Exclusvamente pa-
Sre oficenas locales cintrcos en los

sit" do Avenida Central 44 o
r-1Mtdo6 modicas S.liciten infor.
f-" m o'on In Almacenes 5 v 10 con-

th Mc Nulty Aminta Solis
de Osese. Eladia Solanilla
ogr, Andrea D. de Rodri-
verina de Bilva. Muriel
a, Hasel Surgeon. Georgina
i de Sierra, Joaquin Valla-
O S 0. Viaquez, Otilla

Bienes Raices
SE ALQUILA:--0 so vende. Case de
campo en Chorrera (El Cocol Tel.
3-P255. .
SE VENDE Negacio praductive 'e
lar c6ntrico y camercial .orA.o
pbderse tender personallkntei V-
formarse en *1 Comlsarlatd Poha-
mi. Calle 21 de Enero No. 6,

SE VENDE: Lote con frents a Ve
Espono y cerca ia Hotel El Porn-
mi, 8.12.500.
SE VENCE:-Barato motive viale,
contnna, hotel. restaurant. Nue-
va Espoiaa, Chorrera, inf6rmme
llamando ol 3-0699.
SE VENDE:-Por no poderla tender
personalmente su dueha, abarrote-
ria pequeia, buen equipo. bien si-
tuado y con muy buen promedio
de venta diaria. Call 43 Este No.
58. Bella Vista.

SE VENDE.-Centrico y acreditdo
negocia. par no poder administrar-
se. Para informed describe al Sr
Kuvlen. Apartado 1828, Son Jo-
se. Costa Rica.

SE VENDE:-Propwedod situada Ca-
lie K No. 5. venta mensual 225
Bt:lboas, garantizada contract. In-
formise mismo lugar.
SE VENDE.-Refresqueria en Aveni-
da Central No. 174. Alquiler bo-
rato Informes alli .msmo.
SE VENCE.-Por no poder otenderlo
Salon de Bellezoa "LIA" Avenida
Central No. 27. Tel. 2-3210. ,
.SE VENDE--Borato propieded co-
mercial Calle "K" No. 5. olquiler
mensual 225 bolboas, gorantizado
contract. Informe'e mismo lugar.
SE VENDE.-Barato, propiedad co-.
mercial Calle "K" No. 5. alquiler
meniual 225 balboas, garontizado
SE VENDE:--Casa Maria Chiquit,
ideal para fines de semano. En Ia
carretera Nuevo Portobelo, frente
oc6ano. arroyo limpio pora pescar.
Comunidad rvanzando. Precio
gonga P.--" Informes 1 y
Roosevelt. Col6n, El.
SE VENDE --B ERIA par motivo
viable. Coalle 3 de Nov. No. 9.
SE VENDE:-Lote de terreno de I .
425 Mts. Carreters Transistmica.
15 mills de la capital, antes del
puente de Rio de Chilibre, Rio al
lado y atris. rboles frutales. 15
Cts. el metro. Informes Sitio Chili-
bre. Llivo Sinchez.

SE VENDE:-La iltimo case de ur-
ban.zaci6n ICAZA V NAVARRO
en colle 13. Son Freanisco de to
Caleta, 3 recimoroa. solo-comedor.
cocaine. baoo. Late de 406 metro
adldos Infaormes: Juan Nat.
rro, Avenifa Cuba centre calls 25
y 26 Este. Teldfono 2-0481.
SE VINDI Casa completamente
nuevo de dos opartamentos, de. 2
recimoras coda uno. lote espacioso
cerca a Via Espaoa y Hotel Pana-
mi. B.24.500. tiene hipoteca. RO-

S. BOIOWEIR-Pintor de cases. con-
tr.tista. conselo t6cnices. garon-
tia par .jn aFo, presupuestom gratis.
Tel 2-1276

PERDIDO:-Melatin do pre., color
heicacelte entire caeriors de VI-
NleM y Pederiegol. People *tiles
"lements pae so dueoe. Segrumt
He Quee. Idificle Chetlerfield,
Apte. Ne. 1.

Ser extendido-

los Estados Unidos: 5. Planea-
miento y disetfo de la nueva Es-
cuela de Artes y Oficios: 6) 8e-
minario para profesores de in-
Los Iroyectos actuales son:
I Educacl6n Vocacional. Artes e
fudustrias en a) el Instituto de
Artes Mecinicas de Divisa: b aun
departamento voactonal en el
Coleglo Abel Bravo de Col6n; c)
reorganizaclon v desarrollo de
ia Esceula de Artes v Oficlos: d)
artes Industriales y escuela vo-
racional en el Coleglo F611x 0-
Aivares de David. v 2 en Educa-
eldon rural el GOoblerno de los Es-
tldos Unidos estA envlando cin-
co especialistas en educac6n
rural aue se uniri al personal mc-
tualmente en la republica, mien-
tras la contrlbucion de los Es-
tados Unidos aumentari en I30.-
000. mientras Panama ia au-
mnrnta en $22.000. Este asoecto es
tUnto mis lmoortante cuanto
oue Panami tLene dos veces mis
habitantes en el area rural aue
e nla urbana.

En forma-
noso, cuidadoso que ocup6 today
la noche.
Las autoridades han ordena-
do una investigacl6n de las
causes de la ruptura del ca-
ble. mientras el trinsito p6-
blico era suspendido indefini-
damente hasta el final del res-
cate. El earro fud eostenido s6-
lo par doe cables al romperse
el principal. Los Altimos pasa-
Jeros fueron reseitadoa onoe
horas despud. del sacldente.
Uno de loe h6rom del rescate
fue el electrlcista, de la comps-
flls, Augusto Ooncalves, quian
abord6 l ecarro del cable- rato,
aquleti les pasJ'ros, orgeant6
el recate, .complelando el tra-
balo deaMdes de redar el earro,
a las 2 de la mafana, amletras
mfe aguardaban mus manio-
bras. Hali came 80'.pmma
en las des montahes emando
Wornd a4 acoeddeme.

SE NECESITA:-Buena cocinera qua
duermn en @I empleo. Buen suel-
do, inutil presdntarse (I no sabe
mu oficio. Tel. 3-0255. Srg do
SE NECESITA:-Empleada pore ofi-
cios dom6sticos. Calle 37 No. 7
dltos, esquina Ave. Peru.

SE NECESITA:-Empleado con ex-
perlencia pare el servicio, tiepe
qua dormir. Calle Uruguay No. .23.
SE NECESITA:-Empleads oficios de-
masticos mayor 30 afos. Call@ 12
No. 13. San Francisco, Via Porras.
SE NECESITA:-Muchacha pare cui-
dar dos nlfos. Calle Daridn No. 5
Apto. 12-A, (en patio atris).
SE NECESITA:-Carguera con expa-
riencia. Campo Alegre, Calle Ri.
cardo Arias esquine de Calle 51.
Apartamen 3.
SE NECESITA -Empleada pare of i-
cios dorm6stis. Ocurro a cesa No.
2. Calla 13 ste, uiltimo piso.
SE NECESI :.-Cocinero. Calle 48
E No. Apto. Bella Vista. Po-
SE NECESITA: Dos empleadas
blancas para matrimonio. qua se-
pan cocinar y planchar. Cirijase a
calle dicima,. esquina con Aveni-
da San Francisco de la
Caleta. Chalet Cormencita.
SE NECESITA:-Coc.nera con reco-
mendac16n que duerme-qn el tra-
bajo. Familla peqiefa. Blen suel-

SE ALQUILA:-Cuartc, pare refrige-
rac16n. Mide: alto 8', largo 12'.
6", ancho 8'6". Consults seAor
Davis. telifono 2-1043.
SE ALQUILA: Cuortos amoblodos
pare hombres solos. En lugar fres-
co y traniuMo."Calle Moaiono A-
rosemena 74.
SE ALQUILA:-Cuorto amoblado con
comodidades moderns a B.20.00
Tel. 3-1032.
SE ALQUILAN:--Cuortos a persons
solos de buenas costumbres. Calle
46 No. 2. alto. tel6fono 3-2755.
SE ALQUILAN:-Cuortos can frente
a la calls. 8.8.00 seminal. Pon-
s16n "Chriqui". Ave. Central y
calle "A" No. 2. Tel. 2-3030.
SE ALOUILA--Cuorto con balc6n
amobladoa, refrigerdora, cocma Si
Is quieren. mottinion.o response-
ble 6 persona solar. Call. .9p. No.
12 .

Articulos de C( a
SE VENDE:-Modemo juago de re-
cimora. Caoba hecho per Cowes
Precio de ocasi6n. Tambi6n juago
de baby. Calle 34 No. 7.
SE VENDE:-Piano pequeao de stu-
dio en buTnas condicines. Cells 41
No. 31. Tel. 3-0672.

SE VENDE: Motivo vioie, juego
bamboo y juego solo hecho do
Cowes. gango, 100 Bolboas ambos.
Tel. 3-0602.
SE VENDE:--Maquina "Singer" de
pie, en goarng. B.45 00. Ni bardo.
case perfctomente Avenida 73
SE VENDE:-Estufa de gas De Luxe.
regulador de horno Nada .mis
B.90.00, Informes 11 y Roosevelt,
GANGA! Vindese mrtive viaie. pre-
closos muebles, salo. dormitorio,
comedor. cocina, casi nuevas, y
vajilo de plato, prec-os boiisimos.
SJuan B. Soso No. 22. Apto. 7.
SE VENDE:-Refrigeradora Westing-
house 7 pies, today porcelona, co-
ma double de caoba. colch6n Sim-
mons $30. bicicleta de niia casi
nueva. $25, c6modas, cama senci-
lla. coma de niAo, Ilmparas y si-
lHis a precio de quemo. Calle 46
No. 27. apartamento 24.

NUEVA YORK, Febrero. 20
1USIS1 Colombia, Cuba y
Mexico figuran entire los dis
paises el mundo que tieneu
mayor numero de estudlanles
en las instltuciones de alta .ta-
scEanza en los Estados Uniati'.
Este becho se ha puesto de
manifiesto en el tltimo ceiiso
annual del Instituto de Educ4-
ci6n Internacional, organlsmo
no gubernamental que fomen-
ta el intercamblo de estudlan-
tts entree eate pas y el externir.
El censo del Instituto, corres-
pondiente a 1N0, muestra que
23,813 estudiantes extranjetos
so matricularon en las instltu-
clones de enseAanua superior en
los EStados Unldos an el oo,.-
lo de 1950. Eate numero supe-
ra en 3.000 a la clfra de 1949,
Ludica el Instituto.
Un vocero del Instituto dijo
que "e halagador ver e6mo
ha habido un sumento
cial en el unmero de estudin-
tea, en ves do diUmlaur" pen
a la condIclones do prturb.
clia mundlal.
Los dies poise qu tienega
mayor rcpresptacei da es*ta-.
diantes on: CanadA UU: Chl-
11:8; Mdxlco. S; S a.

7 .Pa- a .. I
:=, '. .--.?. .--.

No, 34..

',:Kw K.:yu y Iau,.
T.l. 2-0364.
Amnto fresco
,tAs reciaoras, dos
10 imviclo. Clle 45'

SE ALQUICA---Ap.arrtommntos do una
y dea refores *n calls 50 No.
S23, parOe nformes llam oal 3-
SE ALQUl.A':-Piso n Avenida A
No. 6. Opr' a la misma ca a
Iloam. I' tltfano 3-1147.
SE ALQUILAy-Apartamento moder-
no, doe. recimnres, porch, salo,
comader,: Coine, cuorto d eam-
pleada coat sWvicio independent*
t, en coll 46. Precio B.120.00.
Tel. 3-0351..
SE ALQUILA.i-Apartomento paque-
fo. Via E ,l-p 2015, Informes to-
lfone 2.296, Estudiasnte 136.
SE ALQW ILA.-Apartamento de dos
recimoar dos batos, Bella Vista.
Calle 44,E,.No. 32. Tel. 3-0815.
SE ALQUILA Recimara grande
amueblade con todo ,Io necesario
, porea ntrimonio sin niAos y un
cuarto pore soltero. Calle 45 No.
SE ALQUILA:-Apartamento. dos re-
cAmaras, sale. comedor. cuorto em.-
pieado. Edificio Hispana, calla Co-
lombi No. 3 entrado ,ndepen-
SE ALQUILA;-Apartamento mader-
no de un recimara. Sin muebles
o a medlo amoblar. Vra Belsoaria
Porras 168.
SE ALQUILAN :- rtamentos. O-
currose a la a cina de la caola
del Seguro Col6n.
SE ALQUILA:-Aportomento. como-
didadem modernas, con solo-come-
dor, dos rcimaras, porch. tinas' la-
var, etc. casa 33-A. calle 32 Este,
por B.70.00, Llame telifono 2-
SE ALQUILA: Aportramentos en
edificio modern. lugar cintricp.
Tel. 2-0480. 9 a 11 a. m. 2 a 4
p. m.
SE ALQUILA:-Piso alto cosa 10 co-
lie Uruguay, con tres recimaros.
sola amplia. comedor, etc. par B.
9000. Llama telfono 2-1456.

ALQUILASE:-Ampho deportamento
can dos recAmoras, meseta, sale.
comedor, tins pare lovar en azo-
tee, balconies, etc. Cosa 23, Ave.
I. Llome.Tel. 2-1456. '


Profesor de experience do closes in-
dividuales de inglas, a precio m6di-
co Especial atenci6n. Alurpnos
aplozados. Llame 2-3437.


SE VENDE:-Panel Chevrolet 1946,
perfect estado. B750.00. Garage
Elias. Tel 2-1995.

SE VENDE.-Pontiac 1947 Sedonette
8 cilindros. derechos pagos, per-
fectos condliciones. Tel. 2-0086.

SE VENCE.-Ford V-8 Sedan Coupe
1947. 6 llantos nuavas, radio. ex-
celentes condiciones, B.850.00.
Informes 11 y Roosevelt, Col6n.

SE VEND; -Gango! Chevrolet 1949
convertible, con raeot, so puede
financier. para informes vea a
Frank Alemin. Smoot y Paredes a
llame al telhfono No. 2-0600.

SE VENDE -Oldsmobile 1942 Hy-, lantas. tapiceria, cu-
breasientos de Nylon nuevos, ra-
dio, motor a todo prueba. buena
carroceria, gron oportunidad. La
Parisien, Ave. Centrdl No. 113,


RINoDE A... ,



algo do Ferrert, hrzi
Materlales" uM el Joarl
Coelmn. ObjmO se.

Ioo. F. NOO 1, Inc.

* MANGUERA8 para jardtn
dex25' 5 x25' jx50'.
Marca "GOODYEAR" ...
A precious fantastioos.
todos los tamarfos, a
precioa reduoidos.
SIN, maresc "Mava".

Rl rdo A. Mkr-I

Ave. B #* Tel 2-29"


La mis antigua.
e La mis acreditada.
La de mayor stock.
Rio Abao #2154--Tel. 3-0524.
Aluacen Calle "I"' #4
Tel. 2-1752

CLUB DE B/! 1.00

SComodas chicas
de cuatiro gavetas

S4 Sillas



."t '
*..' ;*

FAN l' "oS .

*l TWflR'"I- WR O


dade 1/8 H. hbasta 41 H.P.
CoMUNeG: T'el. 2-647




"Solarpruf" para vitrinas

Telf. X-T Pansami




dh Kwoere
de 7 pies3, cOr Congelado,

Cia. Econ s, SA.
Call* 34 No.4 -Ef 1ifo LuwL

Las acciones-
acclones de patrullas a traf6a
de todo el frente, en formal -
limar de la que Inlcl6 la lmui-
tada ofensiva inlclada el 25 d
enero pasado.
Lan patrullas americanas lAA
seguldo avanzando hacia el'no-
rueate de Wonju. cuatro mbi,
ai norte sin opoaslcl6n, sin- Ci-
contrar concentraclones aE nero-
osat de Wonju, a61o encactrAaM
patruIllas rojas cinco a.aS' al
nt y cinco a site mIUlaS l nor-
oante. A cinco millUas dl noroe de
Chipyong se encontraro n 4e-
quefto pelotoneas chin qu
portaban bolsas do dm
cargadas que se cree las is
como los que los am.et1ioLK
liaman "bangalore", unp as 5 .
cie de torpedos en unas tubISc
con el cual se acercan r* o
al objetivo para haeorloa. f.-
plotar y atacaron en Initil TeV-
ganza una patrulla de tntleSua
de los Estados Unidos. Los a-
tacantes. en un numeto. 6 6qa
dc treinta. fueron barridues .P
el fuego de las ametraUlldora
y los tUnque's.
La comunistas lanuaron in-
fuitraciones en los arenoso tA-
rranom de Sel peroe fueron re-
clhaados. Dos tanques roJ r
fueron Informados -4l er del
rio Man cerca de loa uburbiM
Industrisles de Yongduxgp' a-
tacando el estc e e d te e otI r.
No ase mbe mis al respect.
En cuanto a Iu efuers m 4-
reas han contnusdo usi a sA-
ques a los objetivoa, dmstrtl d-
do anques rojos, y lob B-I aie-

am la, or w f qu 6 s haqo

gin- labw drtruido taken que
nce ded:Uq. Lo e-
dos ado Mancslura y-alsogan
haltr destruido trus i h*oa. LA
iun 6 44 I6 sIM futesa d- boa.,-
barded, Loa fortloeas bomaur-
cne loW .pWDateu Ao Hawu-
. ur"yongus, 'O hort en la&
coa horsest&. d Coea. L 8q
bomb (AltAemvn eats vz
no 0tuKiatfg., mo IN tdi.o-
ka IPOlMWt WM 4&'rAa ft-
lsa lIas d, omabtale de los
rojo. que turson obllgsdos u
rtrUraf #1 nerfae eiithnimz-
Le cerft da o lhe n.

Poa tt"d
leNltn dWHoti dur .;una
uvdntIs e. p l WWfS-
RTiQ D O Us-
vari lnombi d WiTA DE
CULtURA 1IA, Man'rwa
et artloulou del De eto ya
para mejor ils trael6n da-
moo a continual6di .el tipo de
loas ssU9eioUtnoa:
TipO a).
Cantidad 1,000,000.
Color: Cuadro roj, oeentro
Beroo. .
SPoicln: Norieontal.
Daerlpeo an a to
pslor lit W end e.1=811ell
do Panat f' Mbtveo Central,
viyta dt. )ttdfo OUtaM ; a-
Jio d la fig ura. '*Pr6 Mucs
oln Plica, a- lo lados la pa-
CbrIl "Clmorreo "o s1 eequl-

Sr. b Is ef "I"

. Pocrlpcin: Be diferencia del
saterior lomeate o en quo el
mWtlvo centrals es "mblemsa
Cantldade: 1,000,000.
Color: CuMtdro vrdae central

Clop n: Vadericmal. '
.Deferipcl6n: 8e diferencia de
log anterio- olaen qu el motve

central e central blemade d--
.el6h hales.
Cantidad:-. 1,000,M00.

Coldr: cairo violets, centro-
tro nero.

.o16na: vertical.
Derlpt6n: Be .'41rencia de
loe anterlores e qohe el motive

tvo central ab el 'nde 6bolo"
I 0

pwa dep6sito o taler.

adult.. .. -' .:,

drA veriaggv @4 dieas 2 en.
el Teatro N&Olisj..
sal coumo tamblfo sia dls5S 1&
atos que ae dnsarrollaria el'
dia 24. segOn el programs. El
Dr. Aras aoepto ultop l Ipj- -
Como dijlimo nte, elR
ponsao Li.c tendri, uIga dt i'
el Teatro Nacton el ll .delO .
Juesente a lea 8 pim. y al pro-
grama ea el s iute:
a... 'Lohengrin" -- ?reledlo .
Wagner. .
1. Disc'rso de o rtumra po,
el Presidents d(l Comitt. Br.
Dom4ciano*Broge y c.
mI. '"Peer Gyat" Mu Awr
de Aae: Grieg:
IV. Panogirico del Patriale
don Enrlque Linares por'd0m
Joad E. Lefevre.
V. "Von Duce Muerte ,
VI. Discurso do agradocinien-,
to por don En.rue Inatu. rr,
en reproesntaoi de li fulaml-
Ua Linares. ,
Ve1. "ptr.if y Profesl6a -
del Grala: Waner.
VII. Himno. aconal.
La pJrte musical eorrer a
eargo de la OrquO T SIMOnle
Naclonal bIo b a K i teeclo 4el
Profege, Walter vSqr.
2l- progama R *R 4dl 14
de eebzrdrm ema .l
:00 .m--'
gIM en la I1lei do e' ata
T5:30 m.-coi do .Im

Sate Ana m e l d o "
mulcpo do.e PanamA- a is-me.
morli del Ilustre Patriclo. 14
ete acto el disu p .de Jonda
eorrera a cargo del 'r. Altoaa
Pdr.e. President delI CWoejo
para agra delr ml i aV- -
*nq reid famila -a ..
em. r-. Francoco Joad 1La.
-0:00 aM.-PeregrinacibjB a l "
tumba do don Enrique LUnare. -
En elicementerio hrA uso di
Is palabra el Dr. Publo A. Vaa-@
ques. Magistrado de la Oort
Guprema deo Juticia.

C e lo- M M i .al ..

time iamem P""
do ari Wso

'A#e&jMae U TeL. s-MSk
oafiumSwresa< TeL A3-14S

Antes de baser sun eompras
de" ee artieulos, eonsulte
Mstu pMelpo personal-

S g ='a '







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"" O"O""M

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;** ''._

- -.' ,-



s astetas -a vhgs


/L" a is adoe suetse on as a i dl
.~~~9~9 .... po Is I ai s res &
.r sto mae a No
A YOR, p&rf concursar p
do lo 4ueas Olimpi- d tr
,on Island, as peturna quoe de
bidd S ta personas p r*
part, Zell 4A el 9 y elres 000e ar(s
to ml s5Iate. Cuarantq h
Ao 7 an el qpu sf pteo loa Estadox sIeptuade iNl pra tarl
t ni pn 21 Especial do ah r tti g 4e err 04*
olph B duigo, S do Febe- rail pe ullil. s, gc o otras
-iOamn White o, cAds PnmA m oanesIonu N sepsi quo mu-
n to IS la pun apelIl DC-4 el 19 cboh tistu quo g111nn a ABue'
i anAMtaD' pain sede, Mabc ilapo egL an 0dam iseUIa hau .. -
^ bEba*r. Ar plme BsInSi.cureI o fE" I rep.rmentacl6n viotar obt punte d int Soft Ball que so vensrlf6 is ,toa a y quls s1 4a .*
glt^ ^.maiCtwos w anan ai las ttiemrr roudnal afrt lSt- nmec, deblondo compe- en pek talesW elW b*I- Irrllandeo a a nti a del namUreO pteO I adiiti t
_-.l-s .. l.. --- '".. ,teron Ue hlablhlen iSr- t nlrm ul e d su t loe- nSne lo s o ln do Pl- lIs neehes ae Seas d sA Rt.
a-an e lugoso elt ras. WIs 1og uargmai os Bia- AWpesas ea nIsoeteas los prihm0r6 JUOi.t
Scontra los ll Auspl4 por el Prealdente :liocheo lso Ctirstr del Li1: Bar y rate., o jutte rl Pr s :o Dn
de lo oestadas. de. RYoJ.i Juan Its Jg Juegu se in- Igua n orearetn d lo da 1 parti doe in.nagurel6an.
SIdaho, etc. clsol dkl 4b1 dobrero y du- Prinimm do su ease on lu de bar Is -ban4 posa .1 Presoldeats do s lg,
idd quo O a In Ooells raInh.a 8 do Mario. Cor- lA~ Jun es O pico alh ne de loes ulmbr. de Ia lenmts drltIv mp5
_.,; .u~ftlbl -^ ^ad.r p qtr.uo no Mouti juqaudo e3 o du. 1. tWofie campos do pla r hm llt sit 6 miSa r. Manuel Boy, Sf del Dpto. de .duaecla Feld.--
LoA9 a poar de se AUr M dI AUtltlMo1 pIbtM de natcld6n grand mo da ttAD ue s ttaquo
eW fo al la Uni veriad d doee L d p or today la cudad ntoman a de l Sa o
Por A. A. PINZON) auI6 sBr el Intmnn dft~m- i1r k a aro pra do o flo t
tre A. A. IU P log tahureas y IN J9d 0 duams. d pan 1ano prtximonen Sa rtinoi CI l
des City Coll)e _de n a pebrau de pteta y campoe HInI, .nlanl idla.
CALE,9 LA LIGA COMI EJAL ALL Per A. Pnz6n O. ork. En las dwelar ... o'"' '- -
ri t pr de= Island" M p h d e El Deporte a C. De Cicl sm0-
""a Irtar' "vs. Cafp DuSn u rAneBcon Anterds 01 'msf
I -d Coajip s. arm Auto zdoreL Fuerza yLus e primer.arroglo 8e a,
C A vs. Auto Ompnroy b i U I ta de los equ- B M y deeldle.n n(o noetusolin) uno er olt e
-Vtdrlera Ptreo POO de ls LLigP Interns de Ba- cn el "neredlo.' I eottuuaeIn) uafIO el seflor BoltI
s Vidrieras P6rei posoa Actuaslunte estin en It' Aor en conex6n con el via-aur
Svs. Radio Busl ball: P Ptor. tad *in tmfla y puaedenM anta estro o je ac Buenos Aires, la Comlsnl6in l6como miembro de lsa
Sva. Control del Come6n tbucn 3 1 75denados ina pens que nfuctt, conslder6 de mundar cuatro Cyclite Internationale yt sll
2, VAuto vs. Banco Fluclaro Dis~trbcn ..9.3 1 750 etre I cinco aios. fondstas y un veloclata pars cit6 copia de los estatutos dGe
wVa. RonO'mlanteuma .2 1 .-o -- n cpe particlpar en lan pruebas de sta entidad. Nuertra qo si
EOfiuusoals. 2 2 -P.e1r O1Ms- 0ando pos l de com- Fondo, Medlo Fondo y de ve- lue aceptada, rolbtmoaM
ls Ron Mota Empota ... a 2 l tidor e entrs a los cules tene- locldad. En una seal6n regular de loas.statutos a Code Bpepr
1 s Ron Monteua P. "ria ... 1 La Oa te. fin de semna el Hip6- mos nada menos QPU al potro la Comsl6n ilegamos a un y el trabajo de confec u
3 b ush vs. Mat~ .tt's.ud .y~ Lann ....0 4 orno omat e alpresntar va- Phoebu Apollo, a athng acuerdo que los cuatro elec- come, pero n vta e
8 StoOmphoy va. Ce~ved .r aonPS d baseball 'Oi Pod- m6 veci6 reu pruhs qu perl U calidad Light, .r Che ew- Mconam pare xico, ms un coan da Comn
idiMOars z vs. Ron I ~meo a. ci t. Oe obt una nue de los eompldores sin lugar a minst w. as carrera sera sbre velocta debia Ir La Comir- renunoi sn del no Qyntne nt
S l~o ario y dudua deprtar el enthusiasm una distanmla de una milla V sl6n por conduct de su Dele- trabajo se retrua. eidembsi i
47 Wtolaegn" vs- BeU.S. ^a y ,con5 Pl P V de los fandtlews locales. per tmn premdo de .70.00 d0o, pidi6 los cinco al Comit6 go, dentro do poco tlmpo t
Sv" s. afm i to u eb da .badonrn .1Talab as3r d-o eIns apn e se ta t En clas e "C" tambl6n te- Ohmplco LUacional, pero des- earo n termsnados n o
V s. Panami Aato judo etctuafo 61 sibado onto 'L4 alTao Pana-1-4o69- exiftenrIt e' event eate- -eusdounaruniones, en vi- Los t a
10 .-Ron Maoitzuma vs. Auto Ompharoy tare. eop sontinuaciln df e 1 td ulo d.el mm O- a Jar sabre u u distancla de 140Q nemo un iosa rrrs QOs .se apr io-
c10 -Rado 3sa I d a iga Intrnd In55 4 3 ba8 r sobre un0 di"tanA d 1 rents un a snre srao- a del estado econ6mlco del Ca- chamo haist shora demustai 3
S. vs. Vldri -easlfdarto do ls PLia Intern& of d o ~ smetros y por un premlo deS ontsa uwmen itrea mdt6 esta petle6n u reducido claramsnte quor Cdemlan
IS R tmetmoB.n vs. BancoFlao del a Ole. Psnamses de oer- _cm .u 100000. 1Cop st Reh o mi esta en 6 redcd o salm m Ctan" las
4 vnc. R- o, t an a arra fi n Tne a dos, y cuandot pldi6 el ComltclonddeC no, nto f
g s vs. PanamA Auto ~~o rre o of a not s- d cr oe on as d p eb y cra. Ade- ath Road, oa l, HuOi o, Huai qulenes puedan ser los dosl- tors come la presents. I
7 ? -A s. dnap a rf mdea k. .Fright,Lsyne y Emltoraod. Oonl. r d en blen del deport a alo
17 tf guroy v on.rlr a dl C5o 5 5 pia. pre"No**cicnt__ Ave=@ Mad, Dynn Layne par pr d ver enelmendado.
10 A.tos ytvt. oBaoearA o ho a u mlcoda de Emile o Pa-
S0 VntadR oom-n vs. d "oafMarnsn aI es 6ncS .O I is-Is clase "o" a nfrentan oidd dGoie. pr a a o- .UW )
Va .ro3 no. 4 .Eo, 9o5Soq--s, efjmplsare doeAsId C s d
ei e t noca anR, 'iai a ms t eb o e onrsEe *e -d dadsn g es ne n i s sigulente reuni6rn do IsS

p, ls' f vs. ataas Cerrud En el mego de snotball T- a vn p-r decialon La adoption de una estatn- niento- d6 are.. Oluo adBl,
t4 -uNm. a vs. Ron lateo fonoN' t v enl6 a Ingenlteria e t Ms ""s on. osu e resulados doa s que tmo pobre O n la temp1 .-
5 Pre va. C Durn de Telon chocolate e- da del ao pdo en ul

6 Mteria vs. Control del Cmejn 1 no obstantede haberbatea- de 2n e2te dis o dom Nlbde l AtlAntca. gundo debate, pero degraciada- tom6 parte en 7 0ag o
1 lAuatos lm rdy yAn p n 1 neORAo d1l4 a a prbaoeon d e r correl Jt0u, L lu ne -.0
gel, cdra rgb o -NWr- 1 0er1do e oe pIm LadeLayne que no hubo arbatrarle- Boaton, "a psaa r doe y reduqpat-
$ ald.r omd vs. o ah e an don i og aea roft el a r, i dO el Prpo q derofo e pr 0n 0cd e nd mqu antae r i deol wan
7rRmero.. P r OCamTO LOS 1,2A famo&ulo AN" W t do de ad gen la edoEognclio Go do e m poue d doe u sbai l

fM eJ .be vs. l dl o p,1bste, doabs- H d waca undo debate pe deroda- tom pt en 7 ju
Is, Va.. Control del Comejdn 1, no obstate de habor batea- 'W- _0100er4Isendu.k int,. gundordebate,f er perotdegracdan e-ton e

nvs. Panamma oAuto do losngeniros 1 s Incolbles s intep en e~a ndo arti i Lprmnt, de .7 y do qu
9 Maticsh v. Uto Ompbn y al lanadr C.Mp poreoea PudoW opea P tpae los JProf Agustioan Brondiu m (qe.p.d.) i e

W. roRnn. ,tr GO pre,_ anodor u. ~ stipas lele ,a en On 10l de OW-o con N-lando I& tradleln de coa
1 )Mt u vs. ast eo demcu iaorl cudoa les e acen nes e ln de ptet p el ead tirnos d ttuen o ra Pr esidnts, el recrtarlon lore
a1 p6r1n 2ono .tr nolr a ga a s eeeC 0tS roe d Sanda pram r aa

1Vs. B o lducaro bases de ba perdbllsrn nB- Tean c 14 u &Ie eauI.M onn
t edo Gt L. A- mo n otal once co- t xtrav6 no fueron encontra-

1Mr2 e 7 Bov.a aDa nre M. Je@ w3 Bola de Oro ba se, dogelro rea ., t Co- petdore q vale la ds nunc. Hac mi de ten l
1Arom auto Mari.o AMnemena. pnoarrpsa, Feraando Alberto OsoY na que lo cutro priUero n ErVA TORK. b (P) rag nP ia d mig
13 A4tO Fro nte t- vs. 4d Duradando aI tra t con Is as pir- siran .I .o El or Tide. ia nB d rr, dro m he al ex-o un pen Plumed
14 Cerva cea o. vs Lo. trucl6nts de BV. O6cheslmRdor el panae m el Rcam do atloendo y et ta eldon Otpl nlo alat met uen P mes,

V. riodo comprnddo )ntre el 18 ,, -- ries. na J. Lyman a domNAA LON
17-t ,Ro0 el Tateomeanfa vs.a Do n tea vS Boa de Fnero, qen yctu 36 dmu el Mul- Iple ar aton, eRan deRlcl ra6n al uloro qu fei o lr aqlunen ,t
17' l Oro-Prente trco sfactorlamente. et blen d Cosa ctua loa cl r" refut o s tS lat ri os lsr n
18 Cafm r n vs. B.U.R. Mafina s efectusr 6 par- 1 so at 1 empotirin'd Iom ar@prtatOs torlsdo Ioos Blgros oumrn

ulBl ae'Or v No- 4016 ARTICUO B: Bts ds s .8 oe eron p tlllpeolmn de ta a K (
v19. Matis. crld vs. Ron Mote zuma tirudebase ball ent e no- de Batmill Profe oan "rald" ud a u I Aeo id m ,o

2D0Baingo 4 Mariano Aroseme. Mir ded o Director Geva.eral de a Los QAln doeIit on a PaA d

nafrete Patr in vs. Vprtrieust voas Plrants Ridctpiv apr Of- rb te2p91 agsi0s f eba ootn ttferra B Mnds qu do ias t tt i el
va0 ao Fld, programa erto, preorizaasr edo els a del mes on Do dlo ru peso do 135 bras.A

23 S R Iop- vs. Auto Omhmm e i, ,ndoIdab1u J ordeS ure s A s qo el IeadUldarA e te program can
vs. Pt uto osain lvin u e lactua r- ha mnifu qu 4t l otas presontsin el promote-
5 vs. Moiol Crrud Sehac, .n los ca doePrnam,, en log JuegCa Ea U mo IS= ? 6 do dor beaxdor y orgullo del De-

vs.46,0C Zol afot Lo P3tf tt lZPa o nm ltmmlaA *l5 de a MO5 Co o
Vs. C., s cw.,,snombramient' ,. se puar an Wa-o a, ,- Webb, con un o.,o 133 11-

a28 Gl de Orproy vs. Vir reos Imadoe nlnltie-n~or n a... Aen e d la sa dan frnt Ala2d
S a. Vidlao v n ro i Mde roseAmens va a roair do t bida pe rei tao Ud, ha iSv br asaun to s ol ewal- n d REBAJASa ene

BiS~o e Bola~ de~ ro vsa .ovatof-Bo de OCro a I. Repb pta Olare de jtazaegen a" JonM .8 ---a
-Nova pin. T d o o: r Juan 1 nla eudd. uMo 6 d"u at s- ptn el programsen deneral que ha reorganizado su departamento o

Dsab lo Pante :Ma rtes > ;lafAAis lw Bta- I5.0 irta :ln o an* peas.BBr
iIrI ma A- (CRT V taOa CCo I 9ueno sd l de uemana da 0 l fo n dpatructins ba a Vo la direcin de
UB i iae OPer el cui se aon uos b -e do um. q o d eloi Febrer o Worrell v Jore Rivas fronts s
P Por l cua as be an up be d o i Adm m di loos StIM A I & James Mlton .
,m^'n W Aa Pnombramientoe do Inatructores on oets cap .ital. d cat. onad Oyn onu sowma_ "an

Sm Ar' osm ena d Or o vs Fr y e rnto RsPA ble Andos awimqe Aae lugar cono o Oenador lcal C O

cs 1 8 l- O.wn-ro. .atto. qo I" to dC l dr do co lngrndrceer a Is
So et-ab --, erArgentina cuando ts noc
va 2 vn ... ..._ s pa n a 1r. n rta ]unto cn los boxeador
upoIs ,vatos Aguilarn5 s los,,ano An t, ,ecrtnanslosdJuegoso co0Anderson y Luis Rodri- t
Esatin Y4o. -uFront lUW .21 PlU MP A adluoz, 0 S Vi sa b uer -
r M.tmgundo Outlire L, Akdro- ,-o hay un ttua do ones com-_ to.c
Arosornl._ Mau1Juo A rowmons. parrpa, Fernando Alberto Oso- quo los custro primeros UA YOr. Feb. 21 (UP) Red Pannerkia M
M FenePtii-8& 24 FI Pr tr s6co rio. p Stanford 0 am, Ins- sean.ins gas- e alsputn ontre -1 direct ojecuke'w 4..-ia
riode comprondido ontro 01 15 1. i1 -l. J. c L'ynaDR
.'ise~ vs I D0 o 2 5 115 fTa .too vs 31 de Febrearo Y l SO do Abil del M ltJO Me ai u es satin deelaro u i "- t aIs- ,
I.qe O in-ro ntoe trmiftco vs present aleo. reclblendv n Ceos Min, los cl- r reft ha i.o to
rates." rts. 37 VS Dstg. ruotoz det Ia4 4 an un "raid" URIos en lJoe hogo
Domingo.4 arlg roseme .Mdr. es 25 -doiOro Vs Director General do eaLos- ue atP A olettas can- ooIs no
2- mn, Or s. 'krellsr, y rm dirim regr szi os0 m1u aiada "e ta rop rm sd enm l -a
ot l nforme a dii tb O ol- --".1, duldO a Is gids 4

Fm.a-o sInpnioro Civil
.:. *** _A .0...U ot.bmem
qutne urn sumu pamee en .s~uw i

I& ;~

qulenes sendrAn same placer en aten
re es para
.....t. jo.

S. T e.-. -.
OFIcNA, 1 5s Ere No. 2 -2 TA( f -
401 'f b *,' A .^


1 4*'










1, L..

-tali.. -


__ __~


1-' .


- i .l~



.pimnia no w


LOS FUTBOLISTAS TICOS. En esta vista ap areeen los membra de isl deelgacl6n futbolis-
tics de Costa Rica que particjpari en el Quinto Campeonato Centroamericano de futbol que
tendra por sede nuestra cludad. Los.embajadores del futbol tico me eneuentran alojados en
el Hotel Colombia y se espera que rindan una gran actuacl6n en el epmpeonato. Los costa-
rr .:: ses han sido los primeros en acudir al ilamado del Comit6 Organisador de cute cam-
peonato y les damos las tracdas, pues asi han demostrado su gentilesa pars eon Jlo organl-
eauores de epte campeonato. que ahora hacen todos log esfieruos para que culmine en el ma-
S yor de log exitos.

Numeritos de la Liga de Baseball

Amateur de la Provincla de Col6n
Numeritos de la Llas incluyendo todos los partidos celebrados
hasta el domingo 18 de- Febrero.

-&- l-eay-- C. %,-....... 56 9
. f Co .. .... et.. 39. 12
l. -ca. c ...".... 55 16
.ffl d eno M. ...... 51 11
D. Miller M. ............ 51 7
O Knowles AA. ........ 45 12
O. Hardy Ca. .......... 55 7


Mas veces oficiales al bate: H. Charles. AA 56.
Mis carreras anotadas: H. Richard. AA 14.
Mis hits conectados E. Perry. Ca. 19.
. Mis dobletes: J. Carrillo, Ca.; C. Magdaleno M., y T. Biscai-
no. AA 3 cada uno.
Mis triples: S. Butcher, Cor, A. Jimdnez, N 2 cada uno.
Mis cuadrangulares: 0. Barrios. E. Perry Ca, y H. Charles
A A 3 cads uno.

i Mas bases robadas: E. Me. Fa
S Mas bases por bolas: H. Rich
Mas vces 1onchados J. Jon
S.* Mis carreral empu.adas: 0.

Faltan pocos dias p

Centroamedriano de


atlane Cor, 16.
hard. AA 22.
es Co, 16.
Knowles. AA 14.

ara el campeonato

I Football
remos de Honduras cuando to-

do PanamA tatareaba ese dulce
861o tantos dias para la rea- numbre que Ilev6 el equlpo
lLacion del campeonato de fut. campe6n de la Liga Centro-
Be despide de Uds arnables lec- americana.
stores, porque su labor ha terml-
nado. Esta column se creo pa- Son cosas que no se pueden
ra animar este campeonalo, sin borrar asi nomas. somos huma-
ninguna Insinuacidn, sl nigun nso y tenemos que seutir por-
compromlso, nada mAs que un qne a herda es ancha y tarda-
arranque de deportivismo sin- ra para cicatrlzar.
cero y un derecho de servir aun
quiza en minima escala al De- 'icaragua ha hecho una cur-
porte Nacional, reprcsentando va honrosa quel oa enaltece y
en esta ocaslon en el juego mas los'haceresetar. elos teniendo
hndo y mis popular dei mundo, n standard futbold isreto
en lb que llevamos de vivir este ee hacn present y nos honra-
Sglo, su std: EL FTBOL ^ "incon su visia, no irqporta
Ha termlnado la column con ofa cnrtiuonft onid ri
el sugestivo nombre; pero nues- que a confraternidad deporti-
ira labor diremos enfatilcamen- va no hufra quebrantbs.
te que recien empleza hay mu- Nosotros y PanamA enters to-
cho que trabajar todavia por davia no pierde las esperanzas
estos caminos de Dios y sl la de ver la famllla Centroameri-
muerte quiere, estar6 fire comao ana unlda en un solo abrazo
un soldado veteran, con el ar- tajo las luces de nuestro Mo-
ma en ristre para luchar par la numental Estadio Olknpico. En-
gran causa del Deporte. tonces todo sentimlento, todo
li dia de hoy estaba sefala- requemor habra pasado como
do para ertla inauguraclon del una pesadilla, como un meteoro.
Oran Certamen, pero motives ____________
shuy poderosos determinaron su
poastergacidn hasta el dia Do- El ,.;- H
Mingo 25 a las 4 de la tarde. El equipo n
El Comite Organizador esti eu
agotando las ultimas energies se corona campeon
portal de traer a los hermanos
centroamericanos a que se ha- de base en Cuba
gan present en esta just de
Confraternidad. Eata es la prin- LA HABAKA, Feb. 2( (UP -
cipal causa pars que tengamos El equipo -de La habana se co-
que esperar unos dias mas. Se reno campe6n de la Lgsa cuba-
registra el caso. Inaudito que n de la temporada de 1951
hipentras PanamA, slendo noble, vcnciendo al Almendures per
Aempre solicit en.-las buenas a.iotacl6n de 4 carreras a 2 en
SO an W mala. tuando quiere partido decialvo ante una con-
sr au fleta 'todos los liama- concurrencia superior a la 30
:.-as hermanos le voltean la es- ml personas.
pildas. AdriAn Zabala y Bert Hau
Qua manl han hecho los Pa- :u respaidaron con su elective
-"menos, para que se le trate ,ile!ding. Cuatro errors come-
a manera Acaso no mis'tlieron los almendarista quo
60 moaes, que se fue a San Id|eron lugar al triunfo rojo,
con equipr s de futbol. pues los lanzadorsm su le so-
1 __boxe a realizar unas ujmente permitleron treat Inco-
Patronales. A Guatemala gibles. Errors de Andres Ple5-
e vlaJ6 hace 4 meses tan y el jardinero Don Thorp-
en juego el gran prea- son dieron h La Habanas la
r so Vice-C ampnesanotae6dn decialva en 0 cuarto
o1 de Caribe. y que d- I epoidlo.

El equipo de La.

Bola de Oro venclo

a La Estrella, 13-0
La Panaderia Bola de Oro
defrot6 a sla de La Estrella en
ia. Lig de baseball "Darlin"
ayer por anotac6n doe 1 care-
ras a 0. -
Un excei .,atUrabajo realize
el lanzador *tIhieto MendivEa.
Asi la Bola de Oro tom6 pose-
sl6n. absolute .0el comando de
este circuit ptotero con cua-
tro victorias y-cero derroatas.

La fecha de la celebral6dn' de
la segunda Convenci6n de Arb.-
tros de futbol, ha aide trans-
ferlda par a el 10 de Marzo, en
Costa Rica.
El Secretario General, Don
Miguel Antonio Zaldivar Rovire
envl6 comunieaci6n al respecto
ai President del Coieglo Ea-
cional de Arbltros de Futbol, Sr.
Jos6 del C. Corcio, en el cunl
mnilfiestan que eaperan que
Panama, so hag% representar
in esta segunda convezxd6n
Centroamerlcana de Arbitros. de
futbol. El Cmite Organizador
cnvl6 ya la Invitacl6n al coleogalo
ce Arbitros 'de esta capital, co-
mu tambidn nota al Presidente
de la Federael6n HD. Norberto
Navarro, para que lcilera maber
a los Arbitrom Panameoas, por
conduct del Coleglo de Arbitros
que esperan mu asiatencla. El
ComIte Organtzador esera lla
pronta respuesta de IM pane-
niofios para saber deflnltiva-
rrente st se haran representar
en esta convencl6n.

Resultados del
Boxeo Amateur
de la C. de Colon
Refldas resultaron las pleas
amateur celebradas en Co6n elZ
viernes pasado en el Gimnaalo
"Everardo Nufiez" en 'la noche.
En la pelesa ma s Interesante
de la noche Herbert Douglas.
herpiano menor de Young Fln-
nigan, ae impuso por decisl6n
doe trees Jueces a mu pellgro ri-
val Valentin Machure a qulen
tumb6 por la euenta reglamen-
-arla do ocho segundoo en el-
segundo y tercer aalto.
Los resultados do todas las
peleas fueron los alguiented:
San tender Ortis se impuso per
decial6n a Oregoro Martines.
Daniel Vargas le gand la do-
cisi6n a Ortega St. Justin. ,
H. Jones derrot6 a VideJ Mo-
jlca por KO.T. en el rimer
Benito Tuf6n venel6 por ded-.
ai6n a Alfonso Plummer
y en la ltima poles de la
noche Herbert Doulas obtuv9
I decision sobre Valentin -
El pugil amateur de Coldn
Benlto Tuft6n igue Invleto en
cinco presentaelDNa eni sUe
victorias tione usa nade me-
nos contra el' as il Cam-n
Moses de Col*a, uel
cott... '

- >44.

IA_ A MS -A iADio30

eon t -

Pnon c un raiaateIN
mS egutpo '* Bo-
r Arnanido ofl
Redac6un y r-
po do softbaU de Er ht
series, manlfestd a
-,.deportiva quoe a
hi d@ 15 jugadaer fl
SAm .rica a l r p

I; ~b





Regress continuar m u
atudlos TOTI CHANM
El entualdta y conocldo de-
portia a GILB TO "ToU" CHA
NiS regr i ntaass a Meico
a eontinuar su m detudies fner-
iltarlos y esperande que tongs
fells vaje, Ie deseamos zitoh
en sus prop6sitw.
Tetl Chank vs a eaurae el
quinto ale de Medielma en la
Univrmidad Auti6om0 d M.
iles; a jibm ded ll De-.
portive setr kt
en el hermano Dpal.
Felletamos al conocido de-
portlata Edmuundo Kourany
quiln celebra hey au cumple-
afloa. Edmundo form6 part del
cqulpo Mauricto do la Liga Ca-
tedral de bmketball, que con-
quist6 el c ampeonatO.

George Maduro dona
los vestidos de basio
a los nadadores
El conocldo y distlnguio co-
merclante Don George Maduro,
que represents en PanamA, a
sla preatigiosa emprem "Jant-
zen", en un gesto digno de elo-
glo, ha donado a loa do nada-
dores que llevarin nuestra re-
presentacl6n en los Jueges Pan
Americanos, que so inaugural
pr6ximamente en Buenos Aires,
Argentina, sus vestidos de ba-
hos, que usarin durante las
Pelicitamos a Don George
Maduro, por tan galante gesto,
al Igual que a los eoorse Car-
los Mleta, Josa A. Remdn, y Eric
Del Valle, por haber cooperado
tamblin otorgindole los unlfor-
mIes a los basketbolros.

George Gainford, manager del
nuevo campeon mundlal de los
medianos Ray Roblaon man-
c!6 que saldrn. an brave para
Europa donde Robinson ao-
tendri dos o tries enemntros sin
discutir el campeonato.
Agreg6 que Robin on no tie-
ne Intenclones do a tar 'un
encuentro por el Utulo en
Francla. su primers defense del
ltulo seri en Junio contra el
ex-campe6n Jake Lamotta.

Ishneo y Cae

Duran jueganhoy

en la *hCou

-Por BTO:
La contionda Cam
ball, contlnua ew
7.30 on el cmpel
eon el partido a
Roq Istmenfo y O0
-Pgo te en eln cat
aduefara del a
evW usate

*.. -T..h-


. s

- -

El pr6xzine lii I an-
gura en la Chirl-
Xu6 el C do
xeo A m;&,PWa h, r 9
paci6n d 4 .. ...l g
de la cludad 'Ptta, Col6n,
&an Blas y O 1,g.?
Gran entulth sM ro t s t per
sa InauguraidltL GeuAttone6
boxerfr en o vistos TBmv
en accl6n as de scadv a
figures del puagui eo Vtciona-
do naclonal., .

Presentains. a coitlnuacl6ni
el program que w U levra a
cao en esit i ..p p to:
Panan --- ,i06n
Beau Jak a. Weather
l -
108 1l.aB
Victor Asprilt w M. Prescott
112 tIbrda'
Luis Was w v. Lew.
118 ibra
Baby Haward s S. Allen
135 I rs
DIA M-Puerd Armuelles
Panama .- Chiriauf
Victor Aspita wv A. Vega
11 3 libras
Luis D. DiU m v A. Batidt
118 $b-Mae

0 de.. BLde

apG. Withley

A 3. Lewis

.a. Edwin

*M I
E. MsaJbm s 3. Justavino
.1 libras
BegI Jakk 3. Weather
112 ibras
Deme w 4 flrsaa wu A. Vega
.113s litbras
Tony fiaw v A. Batista
118 libras
Arias MnAdes -s M. Barton
126 libras
S. Allen ws M. Rodriguez
135 lbras
J. Withley *' E. Justavino
14 llbras
Dew pate li !o hay

S s'" nw lY de La Hora."
O troB una leccl6n, por-
t etros 8come al Almen-
a1e que nos gane es mue-
-Itrao los de El Panami
ganaremos lejo8, por-
m atemosB acostumbradoa a
raa Ites", mientras que ts
L B*ors", estan habitua-
la or "bolas" y mis "bo-,

La Oegan de

Buenoa Aires, Feb. '21
(UP) En un avi6n de
la Panagra !legaron 43
member de la delega-
ci6n de Panama que par-
ticipar- en los Juegos
El segundo grupo de
52 miembros de la dele-
gaci6n de Mexico lleg6
en un avion clipper espe-
cial' de la Panamerican
En do& aviones espe-
eiales de la Fuerza Adrea
Colombian llego6 la dele-
gaci6n de Colombia a es-
tos Juegos.

Social Deportiva

Pri*mau hoy a asiumpiti.V ibrtas qUB ADk& AC-
NA y THELMA BHOTS, qWuiean isEt am Srinu 6 dS,.-
leeelsado Naelensl de Futbol. g representard a Paami
en el V Campeonato Centroamrtuso y del Caribe s-
lomp6, que ea lnamugurado el domflpgo en elEltadio OUsloeup.

Optkica Jimnez y Optic

Sosa continUan maana el4

Softball Social en S. Rita

(Softball gSoal)

Camel ..............
Optl Sea ........ 4
fenltea Nal. ........ 4
Cereeeria .............. 2
Algm Jr.; .....2.... 3
0. 'Ilats. .....,... 2
Chetrftetld ........ 2
Placheo .............. 1
Maeride .......... 0
Cathedral ..........


' .888

Juego do Hoy
Pelkla Naeienal vs Alemin Jr.
JuAe de Maiana
Optias aites vs. Optica e5ta
Resultado do Ayer
Madurito 11-Catedral 10
U n gran Juego. deben ofrecer
eta ,tarde a las 4.30 en el cue-
dro del Instituto Nacional, oRs
equipe Policias Kacional y Ale-
mAn Jr. cheque date en el cult
loa competldores se Juegan uns
gran oprtunidad pars lr a la

El juego que se celebrari ma-
fans en Santa Rita a Is misme
bars corn a cargo do Optice
Jlmnes frente a Opticea Soa,
partidoe te on el cual los pu*&
pUle de "tafo" BoSa tratar. Go
empptar al Camel en el itio do
Lula Walker (2-0) serA el lan-
ador- de loW del Sou y New
0-1, p r l1w Jlmenistas.
hB el cheque celebrado ayer
tatek, at Maduteo lor4 una as
trecha a obre el t
dral pr 11 earlms a 10,
un pngMto nmmtmnts roU

eul v dicadlo
as auehache dl I
c 0fte o An

I VMe ver, el

en el cual los "catedrAtloos"
amenazaron con dear cl e tano
coaas esta que no pudleron, dan-
do lugar a que los del Madurito
lograran su segunda vietorit deo
la contlenda. Once lMipribless
conectaron los competidores in-
curriendo los ganadors en ale-
to errors y los perdedora$ en
dos. Bantam aria fue el lansa-
dor ganador y Vos el pdedr,.
que recibl6 la asyda df. Cowes

La Irritadda latole-
rable, los ardor.. quo
produce I trastarI
de Ia vejiga deb as W
combatidos -a To-

rw uapu' --" "" "i

c ..seaseqih...g n :
I am
m me. aj


el p ,- paor pml de MoOD ae'

vinoal de mban ppm n ali- nut
* H. Cmnb oren ca..a
form reslIsd g *por XIa mag- .ai ]
qulonn U g6 do S yem2puJ6 2 en "au 0
" -' caazpeauhl CIAM;
Mune. ,.. odla ^ a7%a
caja del aGute' a R on el o ma m--
'4to. acto- de pis de penmltr 5 _____5 5 e
hits 4 earreras, etos no relble-
ros po o*ei.s .bteima bian- g" C *n gs
qulveri del OGatlhoj te per ter- ',ancWWA
ier u ms ah pou fbutade and-
mica. Cump unO.
Asptaela CondM -."

Chatenssto Jr. 69 93

I Eehi dQ '1e Club -a2 e'MkLT
6. flceo Internalc Sata- ml raf i o
ria doe fectuar unat lmaoIn *Aeee srgln
centre los pf.les it! Batt8 n nuo doa 1011 It
el cubano Kide vli y Bill fensoues del dpeorfe
Graham. -Jo y o w lbr
Truman OGtebn alecretarlo del Vaya p osd .el"M
Club d Boxe Inte conal, es n t
explic6 que el ctlblno Oavnlan feUeltelo nB Y _"U|t
eatA en eudamdrteia y quo segn fseesde uoE

enfrentarL a Orahws
Lou Radzlenda de Xa Cemsl6na
de Boxeo de Illinois, dijo que
penuaba que la Ahoclacitn Na-
cional de Boxeo reconoceria la
plea como de campeonato
por que srve a los inter
del b xeo de tenor ettulo en
movimlento." Bratton ha teni-
do sus altas ybaja pero e
mu nuova campafa ha. ganado
echo de suaim dies Altimu pWlen,
sla. f1tima de ellas ontra iBobby
Dqkes al que noque6 en un
Afalto. Dykes habia perdldo por
deciai6n a mamaos de Roblimn.
Pumarl derrot6 a Topy FlIlone
el 18 de Octubre del aflo paM-
do en eaa misma Arena.

.Ds caharad
vateo de ajus,
parsigftr cemnr

m iIs y madytid
WOW jW ml sodoe.4 SAL H02
a. y .. ea 4w e flU a eca
ia w.a d les ha up in: M Sanls *Ci

III age l alli

emfs 2i mothillr
fll a e
.b. m -
m epS mm nq:'


t4 el



Madrhias del equipo de Panama

:~- :

;* :* -<

*" r '
. ; ,

s il

f .. .-

goft- d


;. .- -ri

r i

, 0 ,4 W
, 'o .7.

a a .

; ,. 'r.*' ..a-
t,- ..'.^ .'".. :* .-;'--^--'
, .. .. < ,* ^ *r "i .
*i '-*:;. :*.:/ ,



,rgan 1. *
7 ,-tZa M acon.
deportivo /0, e ato
) :Rolla I-. .,lliPi .. ,.! .'



PARAI TODOS.....Una pellcula plea de graca y humno-
ride, drama y romance, ndaica y slegra....t


feu 5MAMO!
Atre0tan6 us, d p0t=t..dli e m',al.
e 'ate wbu y ,- atysamen l pabnes...a

at e

l a test. come nsuiltsde 1u-
- ta ta-mloento de nuatras
" resv, y oreurs de pt6ro-

Af tu dedarfaciones. an
cn o lo Interior, abo
S" AS legtulasc6n smtencuc
qte44 terlnlmente autoridad
aS Donrtamto de lo Interior
ft T..aenjtar -9 yacimlenotos
ibsm itobs a1Lt, que aBe prue-
be o leglalb.lh permanent.
Perlman 10o que o Corte Su-
Siaemb h fhal tdo quo el Go-
. ~j~" ymi wUtGM. Mnmiunms,'armos
ai d clen
W oetW n Emb rgo,


u quo
An ed

Rm" -uwsrumus ow o
SPTtibuml durant

b*e w tm.-

:n-ilkrt mwk.n if Momi,,


*'..; .'.


- 1~~ -




El .Cip Gipane con sus Giganus Emodones
viae b.hrindarles las dos horns de diversion
m4a holvidble de su vic...


Tree affas prs *1... Cinco milones deLM par
ugtOd@rP... *n t A'en escena eLpeteauAl...
locaneones de B^ mi R -..


;.t. X:

:010 Mhaioa dos Slip W
:15 oleros Pv3orItow '
:30 Milatas sin Ptlabru
00 Buenas Noche
..00 Buenos DIw
1;OS.Depertador Maulead
0.30 NoUtlero
S00 La Vo del Interior
Jo56 Mendleta
7:10 Melodfas matiBles -
8:00 Orandesa nmatra
8:30 La Vao de Hay
8:60 Ritnmos .del Sort.
O.'00 l Correo del Aire
9';0 Deliclsa Troplewa
10:00 Peticlones
11:30 Varladoa Cugat
11:46 Alre s Colombianu
.00 hEtasmpas del 3e

Capturado ayer a
traficnt do la

unmone i. ousan "oan
ds 4s Aosd d 4t9 n

c et a
4M1 M ta dcido-
aisaventsax a a-
it eaun u lko del rMn

w~tLa l g de:Ua mu-
;tWdad 'oipitroe.

* #4



Admire Ud. a ROSA CARMINA en su maravilloms in.
terpremd6n del "MAMBO", superior a todo lo que U&
aplaudi6 -."AL SON DEL MAMBO" ....

tL...... !.. Ia..Aa.4.ea,6O ue14 C


De EosAaR

Viaje at Ote on laI Camedla qut
o bhart detamtlll a
dar al...
mum DAT M. O A DYZIn


Una *=Miom hbWt do mor
..InAraf'da am1m amisda
* windsHCANOM"
MacDonald CAREY
Claude RAINS

. n *.



L .

. .vi




S ies y Jueves






Pummnta '-u dri J ove
do I y busm nrte 1a

M"EI Del
b axrmir
--&' AMONS



Un T.
(Vase as A ssm

A LAB 5:00 y 30 P. M.
Prmae do Ore .1,.
Adeun: Un Oran Doblel
msM Stwut .- ofot Chandlw
tn Teenhcolor I
"ichad Widmark .,Ge Tie-my
"Siniestra Obsesi6n"



JTne Wyman tnnb Morgin
en .
Adomb : *
Dune Clark Virginia Mayo



fpavorta l

."- 7

ll enrcana
,t ".-

$1-.N a I m 57 3
Adamia: Robert Mitehu
y -
Van Jobnon. -a
"Clestriec del Reeu
Admbis: -
Ame AlUy -an


A7 -

-3.codoa- )


Dia Popular 0.35 y 0.20
Emilio Tuare.. -
Ademiv: HuJo d el Canr.
LUbwrtad Latoaque. *
"LaH nueUss dIl a"di

Coloul Doble ProSramal
Burt dncaSte., ma
"EL CASO 880'
con Dorothy McOutro
AdemAs: .
Tyrone Powe, an

O1 Udrbarn Stanwyck. a
m, an Ademia: -
Galn Ruml.G, a
John Waym.
Admi: -
dward G. Robluam. a

"na --scha a


\. % m : se .
: + .*/

., ...

* .; .. r:,

9 .!*" --



43--y riwr

* .1.

** '.L-c' & UWU-<'<.




r:. !.W- "

~ _~~ ___ ~___~_~___II __ __ __ ~_____~~ ~

------ --- -

T. i




** ;***

ii~ "*~;


-5'* I


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