The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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SIFage PNl0ies By Tank Thrust
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patrol bnd other i to end haIrmoniously. appointed by gThe powerful UN thrust hurled back elements of three
' cf ONfIip, FAl w1uW permit unise of his e n Nth Korean divisions, who fr b. time threatened ton
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m rnsr he to Mi W onju, 20 miles north offensive Chechon
mrn to a high -making position in hit ioen Within the past few days tr pa firmed that the Allies hadB
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*ip pr msa wage formula Boah c hanging W e as1 Plr o rhel, m-. UN force Ko were pushing north East Central Front Un
S.ent wera .i ete a the Allied flank below thecnt al-fr ti
s h tru ormhe te Cha the series o onfernc e all on hju, 20 miles northwestand oe an
ri nl omiderift iln's offer to oppo, a Uthmu fntWn e
man to a hilgh -making position in i s en. N Y JW vthin the e yd t,

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ere thought Wpointent greeting Red s wh o h ave lost 32,00 lie stopped a bid or a br
I n setting up hi "of mio n i labor i Also arri toda li- e itiativet all along. the O
2si ncat of thewo Mbi-nAl te Bt I rean fronted bfromen the west coast o
tl i walked t i important rigt now on a p con were fer, Frst Ve 8 her0 mles I aned to hei ona Coast -
iothe s stuattion."m Prldnt of the Panama today CiL r r counterofensve a week ago. (Conteeb. 19e Page ),
Wiahead f rn B at- I # don the Panamad r Ane en UN forces were pushing northeing UN troops swept up

rou Co mproan aaTnheywa Coupp anyo of Albtstk ABt FeRee A Mx- B rledaoe, lIon to the south bank of the an p a
Snlyli a hpe t b Ph t he s peo n e erenedta e ar U o a River allon t western and central e sa out
Jan. 15ib, M ,atn tvelsa onr'beaUS former nte -, hed oo" ,.e ... C fr te w e oa tth retnce ere upe .sa. .w eako h -
h a ott. wtL auaid draw W I-TW heN nAireRe he es treating and beaten Chinese on
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e ti d h caohnrmes itofatheca r o f ty.I fean coun teroffensive a week ago. told opn te
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T.Stdeb.19 !P-W s o 1 en e e o rpent t of S c er woldD Lnrc st ere suth ,o we litte a anson o raets he stretch from Keoul east to Yanghi-t ari e enmali

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S. eo ma g. o f tl ewose b o se i B pi N the aols e fensa yAllied- .troopfive miles eata o thioe go o ernm it
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Fare b.d1 (UP-isaionoa en ,incr a. be wel, pc rpale oftmix- yerodDa Lrn w weu tpresureo toa dt ae elpendd aaen en ared-cntre NaotConl

K rsan mediation tml over f nonmuai ent --epinn--- W wlia A Scted to w I w Drenstione attaenuthee or a t h fo edn ms
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Sotepeos Pad Sit ohfsatonBhe givenrEda.w-paro int e1 t a- heloaeman rIpyin tScrehe po baneeS far ySes aval doistc this mCoring obedimcbs to he on
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pedhine o mm Overall formula tse a s "notefe-n WilliamA NewmanJ t r.,h specialrB oerrow. mn B a a ese trape importance e inc o thwestiva te l ea as ars datin asd o n-

oce_ __t LONDON, Feb. 1 (PW)-It was Of Balbod Harbor t Cnaal estabIsmrrent wa oIn tsn Commundt cross.
tain's newl-assined Cl b cale w b l nn announced today that the iden- fina a and commercial cir- Oluseppe Pucchlon a Com-
d e Lamd flsreewpresentative of the enr t l Red Tank sal be tieal Brxitish', United Ote and eshe. mun partisan lre n theeader at eastne

tntd New York and re- thatdespi e thefac he'lis- day In BalbdaMagetrate's Court 9W9prench notes .to the I es Un- The ashes of Capt. David Mc- It tr haown that work on oil Valdarno, In the same area quit
t ~wnto against 18-yod Leonard A ffice. on calling for a oumnar, LaPren veteran Panama Canal and gsone fthonsand the arty to join Maanani and

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spaks There caed nto spe al session The youth s held under 00 were delivered arrange-ow thiserof enneons
e. wl e M e a eofitr. ment f ar Dickie'Younere cted this week Aheod ond aripe!
h-OFA.MmaiicaTosatCoainft whih% south of louethern ew

c ae S ado for ne- R oa eformdl ldhebod r mited thahete oantwd ak -f ..e Kr,, ,.. suggest tnhedeputies oth gr th .tnveal n s tu -oAtS .ivnnMaima t
acifottace-t: olerr.dmer a next boyeetbee eninth ha s b eentclo Sioe th ons m uis Pt ca
raonCCNn HoopD" Stars Admit d 'e "dw h d nd e O es r u
-a.. ',t m u ;- N c as-fire Discov ered inside by a watch- *nu 'a"-oe ""use-a" oa international ternb to Russ and re ui l oag
-theiCh inese fOWInmi government an and nitorhe was unaole .pronou fridet on and not jur uet O-ds -Capt. McLaren was well--t t t
6= =31.ced be able d MinisterfAlfredou avef. NavaleDistrict,.this morning

Sa .l to get a door p n to sc and leara or V la but turned alon o, G ai rearmament known on the thmus and par- EWARK NJ. Feb. 1anama (UP)- threatened to punch b boss o
nt out te dow, cutng hlwey .as icpated n an nspecton of e man or woman who com. the nose, he should have promot-rmadwE
N-W m nFeb. 1 ub (UP) Hogan said these wecre the Arg f rh rii. g thaetso o whom wee une several world-famous canals Inhthe thathe mos t about his lob, hci ed himP"
Three star ers on the n-harges: ked up a short time later by to died aboard ted t nd itto connection with the overall company and hs bos usually In addition to finding the com
SiM iSsrs p CY Col.k ... t Dc. tr Dei 9 a t t soh oowltheriw-en to the Co- whilettle Dick notes t expansion of alble s sphere in to rel s t worker a fourblish- lalner a the man most lklto
tIe at sem Ye aestals" Square bosden here Roth Ro- commie Dnda l hich aeAreed to our meeting i scusssac ro h em canal here. year study showed todat Co- be keepng the company n the
a and a traction or lot of last Novembr. At time were esab l buta fre meant report or returning to his which made the study, said that keep workers happy with athlete

ub SR t MadiMo 1-day Jal term. ded, tor specific ,ubfoots till te te he had successfully gotten who whistles at his work doesn't no discernible. benefits to te
a a Frank Ho- e Tthr e e trca WaeI. sestee.lT y ou a uti e deputies meeting lifeboa away. The report produce as much as the man who work they do.
-eo- ta astl I T eahm fber s ase ra ofDerm a parked otin h h harg cmn- said he "displayed nerve and gribe. e2. Producing of aow workers t
n n e ArHnOl nto ae resourcefulness worthy of the whilee this type will often foremen usually doesn't e e

ased we A tree daughters and two grand- driving urge to succeed will send box of doubt value in bull
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Sommtteeh ls hadf .a 1R Law-weeks.InadispatchfronCo-ss ur t ben t- s .ds o l b e

p cobu i S ro meet in- Pt aiso -bringd e sI moberron wih oe prdue ,1n-&h 6 L Hohte an lkeays

get aa spokeshavear bla S s v m 5make McLrran of Chrleston* l Inautcthb made ets survey mringoony
3in i '11ll"byotCl i Oa l after p| It (HPo '- at th e Prudential Insurance Co. she man with the gripe dr
3irahn tAssemblyusessionRe Tr Th Western erO cE seaaaA wetre conduct Itemby rnte S ucrnearefuturer o

Doeneatwsta causes o ftt By Copiro Coto ad eo
manadantorho-waeir ric sannouteus-Cofathe treatMnaval and sub I- tawina awe
_li_. tgdo nehs eb. 19tUP)threat oened topunchhis boss
frUNeb19aste warerthe frfir aeated Iannietn o 6tate m abandoned wih com- t he nshsolha oo
no" atod ay. treducadists police.,. Sho les-
hedLam was ffowInedtid c aldthattle they decid ed to4leanoh
Now York and re- .ad tet te v- te dFrenchpnotes tomtheen ietiUn-s ioat a a The report proue amuhhepman whon"t worktthey aldo.o
caaplanes as v._ PUN e ach adotp edev--. against18-y -ofodm pa Leonard A oL F e ai h dslncallingvforea r n aren... eteran PanamaCanal gdi 2. Proding of slow workers fn
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China..and" and a dm.. anR, It-,..GdoIadi conterenceoofisorwei.nEterlofsBalboa Harbor yehter- will be eprt s aon."the h ashion ed
-thatbet-rIdTithionmber's last MeotlnSsofnaal pendinlreh ordinaryohearingncingmafternoonu
T"k's-Itl ermwill be hell atlahp. ,eld at.Wichiadren, Capt. .e was this same0subject bakItoworkriefeparyesmorale.
tdtSday. It WillobeInVthe natusrervv.hbyhinswmothalservMiredwt or AheaapGroducingpen-.Whehe
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PeacCwwllH.eenOtarsrAdm itld 1,. ing ....r day- C a"r I,.4 here kerd isconductingasimilarubetter.
____"h ofd x i e re en roueth ee t w e. studiesatofe yo he Cha

~~U~p~fl5S mOudebaker wr.~a ~U~IR
-S 'll W I _I IG N, Feb. 1 (UP). A Prudential spokesman said of the best oet
t has lmted the report may produce startling s
the O fMmopper for Ovllnreslts.dd' ep legL
00eMIe MCAthe bu O O
.B.A M .-. =,,, 81

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4AR _.- F .*. .. -Tf Pl re- A iv-*ls '
fr,. ,_* *

urgo and Freight-Ships and Planes-Arrivals am
' .1... m .



New Orleans Freight Service


IS. Levers Bend ................................Feb. -S
. Flador Knot .............................. Mareh 1I
.S. Levers Bend .............................Mareh

Handling Refrlgerated Chlled
and Getneral Cargo.

New York Freight service


B.S. Cape Avinof ............................Feb. 21
S.S. Cape Cod ...... ............... ....Mareh 1
B.S. Cape Cumberland ......................Mar. 4
B.3. Call Arin ................................. Ma. 11
,S.S. Cape Avinof .............................March 11
Havana Freight Service
Salli;gs Weekly from Havana to Crist6bal

Weekly sailings to New York, Los Angeles and Seattle
Occasional sailings to New Orleans and Mobile.
tie steamers in this service are limited to twelve passengers
Frquenl Sailings from Cristabal to
West Coast of Central America

- PanamA 2-2804 Col6n 20


Sailing for Curacao and Hamburg
February 28th.

Excellent passenger accommodations available.


111 Terminal Bldg.

Balboa, C.Z.

Tel. 2-3537

Harnett and Dunn!Bus Owners Set Up

Resuming Classes Service Between

At tCrstobal 'Y'

Ballroom dancing classes will
be resumed at the Cristobal
YMCA on Friday. Feb. 23. with
Homrnett and Dunn Leaching.
Classes for teen-agers will lbe
hbd from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. and
dioup classes from 7 to 8 *),i
each Friday.
Private courses will also be
given bv appointment. which may
be mode by calling 27.-3105 ne-
fore 9 a.m.
biarnett and Dunn are present-
ly giving classes at the Balboa
High School. Balboa YMCA and
at a number of service clubs.
T'lev teach the waltz, fox irot.
jitterbug. rhumbas. the charles-
C. samba, tango and mambo.

'This New Amazing
ough Mixture Comes
From Blizzardly
Cold Canada

P4ompoundeo trom rare C.onadiar
PI14 Balsam. Menthol. Glycerine. IrSh
Moss and other splendid Ingredients
B04ckley's Conadiol Mixture is differ-
er(t more effective faster itr
action. Get a bottle today take
a teospoontul. let It lie on your tongue
a moment then swallow slowly -
fetl its powerful effective ictior
spread through throat, head a n o
bronchiol tubes. Coughing sposra
causes fop right away It starts tc
loosen up choking ohlegm one
omln up cloggeo bronchial tubes
Now you'll knot whv over 30 mil
lion bottles if Buck ley's have bee'
sole In cold. wntry Conodo
Your own druggist has this great '
Canadian discovery.

Paralso, Red Tank

The small bus owners who op-
erate between Paralso and R'd
Tank formed an association re-
cently. It was announced today.
The purpose of the body -the
Panama-Paralso Transportation.
Service is to organize the uus
service more efficiently between
the two point, mentioned above.
All busses In the association
will be registered under the or-
ganization name. They will run
on a ten-minute schedule.
Directors of the new body are
Kellogg A. White, Charles Dixon,
George Hamilton, George De
Souza. Gladstone A. Stewart and
William Oltoh.

three out of four persons in Min-
nesota appear to think all public
employes. Including university
professors, should be required to
sign loyalty oaths. The Minneso-
ta poll of the Minneapolis Sun-'
day Tribune said a representa-
tive sampling showed 74 per cent
favoring the oaths.

S 0 Join the


With the
Highest Quality


. A.' -.- ..

**m:M -p=

Wheel Chair doctorr

Paralyzed From Waist Medic
Comes Back To Run Ow ispital
NEA SpecaU C ISl

UP '3

this way arhen I le4e lo."

BENBON Ariz. (NEA) It's a
24-hour-a-day job for a para-
plegic If his ailment sl fairly re-
Yet Dr. James M. Heaser who
was paralyzed from the waist
down only nirA months ago is
handling a Job that takes the
most vigorous kind of a man-
the job of surgeon and general
Dr. Hesser's spine was levered
when his automobile went out of
control as he was speeding to the
scene of another highway acci-
dent. He spent weeks in hospl-.
tals recovering and learning toW
take care of himself as a pari-I
Meanwhile he couldn't get
back to his own hospital too soon.
A graduate of the University of
Oklahoma Dr. Heaser had settled
down at Bensbn a cattle and nuu-
Ing town of about 2000 after
wartime duty at Davis-Monthan
alrbase not far from here.
He gradually built a small cli-
nic into a 10-bed red adobe hos-
pital. With earnings and 01
leans, he put fh almost every-
thing a hospital needs: X-ray,
surgical equipment, transfusion
facilities, even an ambulance.
After his accident, Dr. Hesser
could have lived out his life com-
fortably on his sizeable insur-
ance. JHis weight had dropped
from 167 to 130. But he was de-
termined. at 43, to get on with
his career.
.I'm trying my best to do what
I did before I got hurt," he says.
Now he's back as school doctor
-as well as doctor for the town,
county, a railroad, and a power
At his hospital Dr. Heuser sees
20 to 25 patients a day. He tries
to work only otur hours a davy,
but often finds himself running
over this time limit. Next year
ie hopes to be strong enough to
stave up eight hours daily.
He'll make house calls now in
absolute emergencies, and hopes
eventually to make them more
often using a wheel chair for
short distances and, for longer
ones. a car whose throttle, clutch,
and brake are hand-operated.
As far as Dr. Hesser knows, ho
is the only paraplegic in the
country carrying on general nq.g -
dical practice, including surgery.
In an operation he handles the

- w

blues I Simply ake wold-knows
Ino Ma bedilms -d you e.
help mdUtraliMe mMn .
se upset "ftull fdle' veaiUghs
-Whel yea ske sake heo ass
speedy, C.n u. m
only as anu B ar Mdayl
OWTSoI orI11 WEcI107

'.- ,

InstrumuMtp from his wheel
hair. ", do one Just as well
this W When i stood up." he
says. ersm babies cuts out
dpEfid UtU. es everything he

Dr. 's hospital is doing
0o weli ..M looking for a doctor
to amu Ida. He now employs
three no and two attendants.
"Tha4le goal of aill Prsple-
glcs is 1. becoe Independont
physially and vocationally, to
be able to take care of them-
selves," Dr. Heer says. "I'm
working' at it."

Goeorgla Bloodhounds

Track Down Killer

Of Nocurnal Singers
BEAWFO11, B.C. Feb. 19 (UP)
-Bloodhountsa and a sheriff,
working in their, own ways,
reached the same solution to a
triple murder mystery in a few
pre-dawn hours and won a con-
fession from the man they ran
Testimony at a coroner's In-
quest here today showed how
both Sheriff J. 2. MeTeer and a
team of bloodhounds followed se-
pmarts trails to the home of
mrith Harvey. 40-yearAbld Negro
"waterfront loafer."'
Coroner Roger Pinckne said
the case was cleared up before
dawn yesterday, within four
hours after shots from a 45-call-
ber automatic felled Wilson Mc-
Alhaney. Aubrey Oodley and
Lonnie Godley. The fourth mem-
ber of the amateur singing quar-
tet, W. C. Swain, was not hurt,
8Sain told Investigators that
he and the others were sitting
in an automobile about 1 a.m.
Saturday, after a night of socla-
ble singing, Just across the Beau-
fort River from here. on Ladys
Island. They often sang together
In barbershop quartet style.
A Negro appeared and said
"What's all this racket about,"
and one of the quartet demand-
ed "Who in hell wants to know,"
Pinckney said.

With that, the white men be-
Ran to get out of ahe ear. Bud-
denly one shouted to Swain to
duck, and he stayed inside as
shots roared out. McAlhaney, 21
and Aubrey Godley, 39 and the
father of four children, died Ins-
After a few seconds Swain
said. he emerged to find the men
dead and Lonnie Godley, 5,
wounded. He flagged a ride a-
cross the bridge to summon help
and the younger Godley, who had
three children, was taken to a
hospital where he died nla a short
Sheriff MeTeer Immediately
checked two beer fpints nearby,
and found that Harvey had been
in both that night, and had a
pistol. He went to Harvey's home
and was met only with denials
that he had anything to do with
the shooting. Meanwhile. Me-
Teer had asked State Prlaqn au-
therities at Columbia to rush the
bloodhounds here. "
They arrived before dawn and
after being started on a scene at
4he scene of the shuoutiA, Pinesx
ney said, ran immediately to
Harvey's house 300 yards away
and tried to push In the door.
Harvey again denied the mur-
ders, but by that tume the font.
prints of a man WhV appar'nnUy
ran from the scene to the home
had been found, maebftr HRar-
garvey was eat to Columbia
for eafekeepnM, iand I a short
time sent word bMu that he
Wanted to see t he esOff. Me*
Toer went to the prbom and
eatMe out with a 1 g 0LO .
.The eeronarfst Ue i
ded that Harve.^ Se4 bi
Plnekne, "*i n asse at
a "'aterfrt !" S
-V .. .r .

- .. ~ ~






ALuLEt 00f




Enough Is bneour

GOing Too 1Pr

Libby Aadvis

AU44 Wrt ORA. 0R LA^AU
D CHKACtM iijFigt eR %wrTt4
-TCIt4NS *1" t&FoR -aATIm D /

1..: -

I .'

, *l .
*. .

ly A ,_


B r MicumAL Owa


S-o A ~.'. .'-. .-- r-.-. -: '. -- -'---.~ -.

Crlnt6bal 2121

---- -




*...: : ...

. ; .

_ .-

4. b.. '., ". '.

. si s

it, on e
of the ob or sh l
Smltatons eo tha#t
at.o what we got Itn
/-a .N. ,.

Soland Movsto $Splif Small

Wst NafionAwy'from Pact
,; : i _. .- a '



take ,r
we li

ia t mod
clec.. iefmmsl oree.oe' wddk
hat MicTe flsii* 11* the So-
vietC '*bjsanlng an attert
th flte plan .a for sent.-
In our more divIions, about
S. ,. to .nowr. In
tr m a ter if
thei e *tormen I .or that
some might e brfu81 home If
jt i" "4. .

" .olss .fJlo/, the
hathe Danh
W e to, andid a -his
d Ne lands colleagues
Iw te ammoned to the Warsaw
ftelnr ministry and a mromin.
entPlbh official tresses their
"mWanu interest" with, Poland
pn thf werman question.
A Busela communique said
Pand tas ked the four coun-
te" to try to Infuence the Wert-
e a O s to hold 6 Big Four
tnea i with Russia od Ihalt
ae a rearmament.
The tet of the Polish note, re-
IefWd by the Polish minsters In.

is = MM

that ,noWQptals, said "The nir
of the German war
Met stern Germany la
:ttthin a policy whoeh
the interests of Oer-
that mflltairstle
as they
WIoill take adva e
to further ther
'tWhey Will turn against
Wl.J today let militarism
e'A n b Germany aud
the neighbours of Oer-
Siany be threatened."
the notes urged Atlantic Pact
coufmtllg to join Poland'-n sup-
rtIng the Soviet Union's '"In-
Uae of Nov. 3 in sugestinq. a
meet of the Council of For-
lThOe P h minister to Bel-
ttAbeander Krajewski, to] 1
a news conference that he a-.
ed the foreign ministers of Thite
four counties "to use their in-
fluex to speed up a Big 9Y.
onfeftnce which Would be the


Construction office removal at Hotel EL PANAMA with
dismountable sectional' wills Inoluding all plumbing
and slectrioal work. Sealed proposals will be received
untIl 3 p.m. Tuesday, February 20, 1951 by:

Arango & Lyons, Palsmith, SA.
Apartado. 1848 Tel. 3-1211

0m0 men. ., .-. ',.
There are somSe 'u
pAPnatic effttlflla S f
*tudying the q i
his letter was written 4 nir
knowledge and encotteuwi.
Acheson charged week
that the Communt. t of
Rumania, lrungar and y u
ria have violated peee4reaty
imitations on the e 'oft their
armed forces.
This charge a elosely linked
with the Italian Treaty question
only hope -of preventing the re-
*rmament of Germn, which we
consider would Inetably lead
to war."
The four countries to which
the Polish note was sent wen e all
overrun by Germany in World
War n.


S'WAlMOWQN, Febt 19, (UP)
.t nan turned 27
Atutyb .tt she was no more
ead to Nt "Mrs." in front of
her $e IaO-t she was at 21. al-
though her father sigh4 for a
There wre no beaus to dinner
at theBtair House family cele-
bratin --just a Missouri cou-
sin, J. Truman of Grand-
Margart stinsists she is go-
ing to toan her bachelor girl
status unt the right man ap-
nears, taiys the man is going
tobehW t0 find he will have

becam'idj fbur of the countries
Werw Ax 'nations, and their
.truatfi ,wgrp Grafted slimultan-
eously In 194 by the United
States, Russia, Bri t a I n and
tirane. .
,LOdP Mid Russia already has
"ao tely. nullified" the Itaz-
IP T91 by refusing to go
t h ~It' a promise to ad-
nt the United Nations.
1"O. MN.,he Basd, the conditions
Wwh wited when the treaty
wai4 nO longer apply.

tof put: *i dItetds

Sdle of -t bk t winter,
appearIag a clubs, the
sMet" wd y ith
a score of bA bcelorl.
She,6acf l 'Whenever
I'm alike" wn Adoesn't In-
terfere with~ very serious at -
tention to Zar-pFar.
With all th. r herit-
ed from htir ther, Shs b tak-
en on a an-qf nt winter
concert totr pn, confer-
encei atieyhtc0:bhe prcteies
several houl :every day. In be-
tween are anmdwihed teleion
and radio appeagances l lth
time ourfto re some of her
favorite eot w t
She" -jtum eum wthe ar
she is ;( plel up the op-

tfbd on a $ m0,000-a-year radio-
TV -.Per trom the National
r 6oadOitlQR Co.
A year ago. the nation's fittrst
daughter lpghed at superstition
by plftying bridesmaid for tle
fourth time at the wedding of
DrucleS nyder. daughter of See-
retary of the Treasury John W.
But she sla not the 6nly bach,-
lor lans left among her chums in
Washington and Independence,
Mo. Her best friend and George
Washington University class-
mate. Jane Lingo, still is among
the unmarried..

Marriage has crossed several
one time boy friends off Marga-
ret's list and she has done some
crossing herself. The latest was
Washington lawyer Marvin B3a-
verman. To engagement rumdio

she aid., "I never expect
They sUtll date. though. 'r`e.-
STonight she saved entt*itU
er 'favorite beau" of all
dad. e ed to pw
birnday ditty if she wuAll
for him.

W JOil I|B

With t h
Highest Oust









*j AYSi 5 Cett
SsRea Trade Mart

The Jewely ,r
lf emn A---ie.---


Telephone 2.0870

* '.%wfll
"'V y







(Central 84)

DEP*'TM. W. 5

Children's Depoartment
Ladies Depqrtmetn
FInest Dresses
S Itoues, Skirts
S' eumes and Cosmetics
ft Items
S- | ,

Sporting Goods
Wrist Watches
.: .- "
-- .'" ". ,

ID .t.PRWR o-Pi





Home Furnishings
Kitchen Accessories
Office Supplies
Electrical Items
. Hardware
Men's Furnishings
Flatware Sets



' .sa


.1 ..1. .
a a ***ss -

.... -21.50,
. 539
a.... .18
... .39

Gorgeous cdlection of DRESSES .
SILK BLOUSES Al Colors. ---.....--
SKIRTS -Ltst word in fashion ....

S .-.-- -..


..-- .59
. 9.75
1.59 to 3.19
.... 6.50

. i .

-~ ~ a *~.


IYLiL'~u;U`iiW~y~ l~L..S.-2~~ a .IL~_Li

-:-..1: *. .t

. ^ ^ ~ -..-- .. _'f\ "
- ..-.-- : .. .


.. ..L- ". .

~ ~

.. ," "" .,-*. -","".., '
-i r. .'.r
* L i .,
.. ..;a .-


* 9



r" ---I'



ITS a real pleasure to invite you to visit our new dream Dqpartment Store. .
ANTONIO'S-INNOVACON. We've combined the famous quality merchandise
carried by Antonio's and tIe popular priced lines of La Innovacion. to bring
our dream department store out of the air and make it a down-to-eath reality.
WE have re-modeled, re-decorated and re-vamped displays in our bright 'n shiny
new store at No. 84 Central Avenue, but we have the same old policy. .. TO
AND, because we believe-'that variety is the spice of life, ,we've assembled the
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TO celebrate our opening, we're offer ng money-saving specials in every de-
Sincerely yours,'

- :* -'t ;.;.e .--'_ ...-

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_. "', .;.: -i;-A

yl rrrrru.~-i~;.--r ~rlr~crrn.-r+ ... ---_-r -~~r



- ----

----.. --- r---- I

- -_1.


O? ***;'.

. .

7- ..


~ r

summit Hills


~ Gun Club Notes
Led by Irvin Krapfl, who fired a red hot 560 out of 800 to win
the sold medal for individual high gun, the Balboa Gun Club .23
pistol team fired 2111 to win the first smallbore pistol match of
the year Sunday at Far Fan. In second place watthe oCrstabal Gun
Club team with 2002 to take the place from Albrook-Curindu by
,.'c '-Albrook-Curundu otalled 1991 to take third place with plenty
a6 pare. The Marine Barracks team felt the loss of their ace, Lt.
dol John Miller, and were never in the running.
Arv Krapfl as a shooter doesn't do anything 'right except
get results. He never practices and he- never cleans his gun. He
':.ale no attention to all the little details other shooters swear by--
Mn at. But when he gets up on the range and points that me-
S= ingh mass of rust at the target, he can be counted on to get a
god score. Other handgunners practice all week, and then stand
m an gnaw their nails while- Irv outshoots them.
.* Ills.excellent performance in Sunday's match was made even
:better b ythe terrific and conditions under which it was fired.
Gusty, blustery winds had shooters staggering as they" tried to
maintain that six o'clock aim, and at one period of the festivities,
several targets blew off the carriers, and the competition looked
more like hare and hounds or some sort of paper chase than a
pistol match, as the shooters leaped around the landscape pursuing
targets. Some of the shooters would rather have lqft their targets
blow away and try again, but In the middle of all thi s"hooraw"
as they say in Texas. Krapfl stepped up to the range and fired
a nice, well rounded 100 possible in timed fire at 25 yards.
Second high individual was Captain Dan Crumpacker of the
Balboa Gun Club military team with 547. Paul S. Stewart of the
Cristobal team took third with a 533. Johnny Giles of Balboa
team No. 1 also fired 533 but Steward's superior rapid fire relegated
Johrfy to fourth place. Balboa's Fred Wells fired 523 to take fifth
place award. Thirty shooters took part.
Breakdown of team scores was as follows:
BALBOA No. 1 Slow Timed Rapid Total
rv Krapfl .............. 173 197 190 560
John Giles ................ 166 186 181 533
Fred Wells .............. 157 182 184 523
Sturtevant Todd ............ 168 370 ,157 495
Team Total ........ .. .................. ...... .
Paul Stewart .............. 155 190 188 538
Frank Anderson, Jr ........ 165 174 173 512
Joshua Cunningham ........155 182 150 487..
Rey Perkins ........... .. 150 163 157 470
Team Total .............................. ........ 00

T/Sgt. Curtis Peterson ...... 150
M/Bgt. Oilbert Kemm ....... 161
1 Capt. Robert Gorder ........ 156
A. Bill Jaffray ............ 142
i Team Total ............ .
Capt. Dan Crumpacker ...... 174
t ke Wolchick ............ 135
eorge Duckworth ...... ..154
a v. L. Underwood ......... 129
Te T n Total ........... ........
JaKe Bernson ............ 159
SLew Ryan. .. .......... 152
Archie Turner ............ 134
STed Albritorn .. ........ ..130

183 176 509
170 170 501
173 171 500
175 164 481
. .......... 1991

179 193 547
171 167 474
166 136 456
165 145 439
. 1................. 916

.- Team Total ....................... ........
,- Ricker, Theodore ........ .. 153 166
Stringer. Randolph .......... 126 169
Col. Howard Turton .......... 136 158
Duerr, John C. ........... 133 154
Team Total ................ .. ........

173 514
155 475
161 459
151 434
.............. 1882

166 485
171 466
155 449
161 448
. ............ 1 48

7rp Carl Bishop, Alb-Cur .... 131 171 171 474
lames E Stearns. Cris. ...... 153 169 135 457
Carl P. Haynes. Marines .. ... 111 165 160 436
Floyd Robinson. Cris. .. .. .. 120 161 155 436
Noel E. Gibson. Cris ........ 115 157 156 428
CldoLn Breckon, Bal......... 121 133 93 347
JOAQUIN--- ___._..J....f.........................

Blue Devils Whip Curundu 18 to t made by Louis Charles. who hit
In Physical Education Circuit a long high ball to center field for
In the Junior Baseball Physical a triple. Final score: Ancon 18,
Education Division of Schools Curundu 4.
Leagues. the Curundu Civic As- Physical Education Jr. Baseball
sociation D' and "B" units en- League Standings
gaged the Ancon Blue Devils and 4D" LEAGUE
the Dlaolo school teams over the Teams- Won Lost Pet.
week end Curundu........ 5 0 1.000
In the "D" League games, Cu- Ancon. ........ 4 1 .800
rundu defeated Diablo in a dou- Balboa No. 1.. .. .2 2 .500
bleheader. 9 to 1, and 10 to 2.Bat- Diablo. ........ 1 5 .167
tery for Diablo was Curdse and Balboa No. 2...... 0 4 .000
Lovelady and for Curundu Best
and Hayden.
In the "B" circuit games, the "C" jAGUE
Blue Devils collected a mere three Teams- Won Lost Pet.
hits and eighteen runs. 'while Ancon..........3 0 3.060
Curundu had one hit and four Balboa ......... 1 1 .500
runs The game proved to be very Diablo......... 0 3 .000
dull and a contest between the
mrnoundsmen as to how many "B" LEAGUE
walks each pitcher could allow. Teams- Won Lost Pet.
The number of walks amounted to Ancon.......... 3 1 .750
'4. which Is a record for the "B" Curundu........ 2 1 .667
League. The only solid hit was Balboa. ........ 0 3 .000


- ..4- -, -'I


*;1( 5'

CristobaTifablo f

Williams Niurls Ba

Army Sporti

Teams- Won Lost P
Albrook .... .. 5 1.0
Kobbe.......... 4 1 .1
Corosl Signal ..4 1 .1
West Bank .. .. .
Amador .... 2 3 .4
Clayton ........ 4 .1
Gulick. ........ 0 4 .
The Albrook Flyers retain
their lead Saturday and Bund
in the U.S. Army Caribbean bai
ball league as they defeated Ko
be, 9-3, on Sunday and trnimp
Fort Amador, 15-3, in Saturdy
The winning pitcher in t
ame, played at Kobbe, was Par
ianco. Carpenter started f
Kobbe and was relieved in t
third by Cruz. Corbin and Nice
were the catchers. Torres hon
ered for Kobbe in the nint hwi
one on.
Corozal and Kobbe are tied f
second place. The Oorosal Sig
team defeated the Atlantic 81
team from Fort Oullek Sunft
6-4, with Roshinski the winnli
pitcher. Baudoin hit a homer
the fifth for the signal nine.
West Bank beat Amador at th
latter's home diamond. 5-2. Bua
pitching the win. Luna caugl
until the eighth, when he was r
lleved by Raines after suffering
a sollt finger.
Other Saturday scores wer
Kobbe 4. West Bank 2; and Cor
zal 15, Clayton 11.
One rained-out game will b
played Wednesday at Fort O
lick, when Clayton visits. Time
the game is 2 p.m.

Juan France

Mutual Dividends

1I-Golden Babe $7.80. $2.80. $3.4
2-Rorantico $2.40, $2 20.
3-Hercules $2.40.
I-Robin Hood, Jr. $32.60. $9.4
2--Luck Ahead $f.80, $2.80.
3-Stella $2.80.
First Doubles: (Golden Bab
Robin Heood, Jr.) 515.20.
1-Fanglo $3, $3.60. $2 20.
2-Tartufo $4.20, $2.20.
3-Costina $2.20.
Third Race One-Two: (Fangi
Tartufo) $20.80.
1-Oblden Patricia $2.40, $2.2
2-Rialta $4. $2.80.
3-Tana $2.60.
Fourth Race Quinlela: (Gold
Patricia-Rlsita1 $11.
1-Pinard $3.80.
I-Phoebus Apollo $3.40. $2.1
2--The Bath Road $3.20, $3.
3-Alto Alegre $3 60.
1-Galante II $19, $6.
2-Paragon $3.40.
Second Doubles: (Phoebus A
ollo-Galante II) $83.20,
1-Golden Triumph $3.20, $2.'
2-Agradecda $8, *5.80.
3-HOb Nob $4.20.
Eighth Rae QuWnila: (Gold
Triumph-Agradeedia) $d280.
I-Begonia $.80. $2.40. $2.20.
2-Rathlin Light $4.80, $2.20.
3-Full $2.20.
Ninth Race One-Two: (Beg
nia-RathUn Light) $10.4t
1-Don Joaquin $23.00. $9.20, $4.
2-56, $3.80.
3-Fonseca $4.40.
1-Strike One $5.80, $3.60. $2.40
2-Opex $2.80. $2.20.
3-Recodo $2.20.

o- .. .
I The Standings V
SWon Lo .

Stbal. .. 18 8 a i
....... 1

Crpatebal ......... 5 2 ,714 KidEmh l36. Of Panam City
ledable.... 3 4 119 last nil -r d an esy ten-
3ay i round viotoary over Colon'a Kid
e-. *0J .. ... .... .. Chocolate: 131, at the Pan-
Sm Oym before a fair sized
Ss League leading Cristobal Mottow ll W 'w back two. u4 ad refe
Sipto .0t tonight (weather permitting) OagIt to POa- voted n favor o
Sho. Rl*Montezumos at Mount Hope Stadium. The Mttos' Sthet la share th
hor Dyet T omas is expected to oppose the Raumma Jerry lented th e oWner of the bout.
hesly Scott the mound. Wallace s included in the
tly hT group n w i lrtpating in the
mnfeat era e' inton con-
th The Baftho Drawers A Inkt teststoAd Sucsorto
SdWil- D.A. 1s th rn vacant by the late
[or 5*-hlt huis of lefty Bill WFR- s Istanlej'e to a*tsr
al lift ovwI eybroke the Man- Stanley'
do zeuer -laly broke the Brewers. .. evan._ffa to a ast start
e n tame splayed at the bS aal-r .l 1J ad in the first roundolened a
Splayed at the Bal- IV long ash ver Chocolate's right
ng W V M'a I eye. Tt t- Kept extending
In T Ther John ber Ii downward Avt after three rounds
Sh ree e Referee s white shirt
he up bithft-three of them to wasrna -competelyred.
Ih B udhint. lN W YORK,. f h. 1 Midway thr h re. i
RMdw It br ws t theI f t fh
ht The District Atto tAs'i-de- round, a shofriht flush on the
*. Thri .of the six Montaumna aided against taRku a t-- ja put pl te down for an
ng Mts Vore oered In the second urday on the sIta ght counio' wver, Evans loaf-
lnnin" were good for two knockout suffre W e- ed and allowed Chocolate to ,et
le runs-isTe oly DIablo.runs of the weight Padd To i out of hi daze by the time the
.0 onu. square Garden Friday 1, round was over.
There were several flurries of
be Two Balboa runs in the third A detective questioned t-yer- exchange% w heh brought the
u- tied up .the game. Two more old Young In hia dreaming aoom fans to heI feet but on these
of Brr t allies In the fourth put following the kayo at 2:7a oj the occasion Wvans usually had the
Balboa Sead and they remained second round by Eugene (Sit) better of tgd atftep hurting his
there. The Brewers wound up jHairston. Young was dowit five opponent woul4 fail, to try to put
their scoring with one In the se- times during the brief fihu, three over the finishlta blow.
venth tn4 two in the ninth. (Continued on Page IGH?1) Chocolate's mouth-piece was
knocked qut tree different
A times. He w also bleeding from
a deep eut' on h lip when the
124 Entered For 2nd S ao.ebe 1dfuh"t
M Baby Hawkins. 135, and Beto
A n u* *' B a R e ay Scantlebury, 132, fought to a
En QdrRw inar oh bo n which no
0. Annual a a Relays handdswerTa
were boys
0 *butted, elWid, hc ded and
-- -- tried almost every illegal trick In

o0, One htndred and twenty-four li've that good a night on the the booW. The deciatom was well
is the number of 'entries fto the 23rd he is a cinch to win, received.
*Second A al Relay -The Hawkins-Scantlebury bout
Second gr a4 B aba Relay. Tickets for the Relays may be was the six-round seMilnn.
slatedtpl. Ithdisr r ty a turcahgtath Ba.lboah bs -O .be. olthl. six-rounder also
e- the Balboa Sthdium. This totalfrWthe ,
tops the number of last year's iea Uwittt'he yaiafl V rabetweeniodbtfu
entries by two, and is very en- 4:1.5 p.m. Price of admissloa.I 50 Anpudia and Battlng b udero.
couraging when the fact that the /,ents. .nhudia came from behind to
heavy jtrainnag e hedule has held .
the Ariny: ntriel ;o a minimum.. E
The AtMetic Club again came .
o- In with tie largest entry aa they
have 24 dpind .go. Next in size
was Balboa.,i' with 21, Cris- s
tobal Hig, wlt018, Canal Zone
20 Junior Clage sad USARCARIB .
School at. rt Gulick with 14
each,'Baloa Boys' Club with 13,
Navy with nine, Air Force five,
en 504th and 33rd with two each, .
7461st with one and 903rd with
one. The Army entry may be
smaller than last year. but it has
some of the outstanding athletes
80. among its boys.
Sgt. Rosario Rodriguez, from
the 504th FA at Fort Kobbe-tIs
odds-on favorite to not only win
his pet events, the shot and dis-
cus, but he is also favored to set
a couple of new records in the- -
process. From the-School at Fort
p- Oulick there is entered a group of
former champions from many
South. American and- Central
40, American countries. i Y
The Navy comes In with a
gropp of sprinters and field event
men that nave been working out
en daily for the better part of tihe
month. Heading this group is IR.
F. Loar. sprinter and broad Jump-
er. The Navy will have two string
relays teams for the 440 and 880
events, and J. R. O'Connor in the
o- The Flyers from Albrook have
three men returning to the meet
who competed last year. Jokin
.20 Sweeney, vaulter, Richard Gar-
eta. broad jump, and Frank
Bradley, mile, are the trio. This
year they will be Joined by Max .-.
Gassman. mile, and John Warr-
'ne. high jump. Warrne has a best
Jump of 6 ft. I in. and should he

Alvin Dark Wins 12th Annual National

Baseball Players Golf Championship
United Press Sports Writer
0 -
MIAMI, Fla.,,Feb. 19-The ltew' loan Association, won his third
York Glants' Shortatop Alvin straight trophy in. the annual
Dark bettered his teammate, event by defeating George Saab
Pitcher Jim Hearn, by one stroke of the North Carolin State Lea-
yesterday to win the 12th Annuai gue, one-up, in the Inacptive Play-
National Baseball Players Golf ers' Iivision. Harris' victories In
Championship. 1949 and 1950 came over both ac-
The battle of the Giants was tive and inactive players.
even-stevvt at, the ninth hole Both Dark and Hearn said they
turn, but Dark's birdie four on had been playing golf only four
the long 15th hole. followed by years, and then only in their
Hearn's bogey four on the 16th baseball-free winters. Dark said
gave the shortstop the needed most of his golfing had been per-
margin with a six-over-par 76 formed on the country club links
card, at his home town, Lake Charles,
Dark won a spot in te finals La.
of the Active layers' Dvilon "It's a little easier back home."
this morenn with a two-qp y'ie- the shortstop paid. "One time I
tory over oer Freddie Hutch- shot a 67."
inson of te etit iers. Hearn Hearn,. too, aid he had aeen
was mhatbed agalnt his tm.n- better golfing days. He swore he
mate after takIng.a semi-finals had shot three sub-par rounds
win over Ken untt pitcher for since takin up le tame In 1947.
the N the N a lhae In addfi tot be win-
Middle t I~i Leagu. ners in l divio of
Fte r of Miami. forfewly the to t W* $iW00 woth
with Cumlius, ., in the Ane- o mercehan te.a .

* *. '-. -I-

-~.A.-- -,
.r:.J',P~ .-s .-4.,ah.-c. -a-A




mair wimgl h

an b than o i
e ever theOive-week
for thirdl..
ThWe ht e tnt, Fort DavIS,
4at out theiPrnedtigsa honm
club yested May, mew swiMg Ant
action thti. Arn week end t
Summit but ey don't figure lo
o anywhere lpl th1u ey are
kelv.Mto promi ubXs'om, m
spots. '
eIntr-C tourney, which
wa; naUmed sAW t'o Peter-
so0 ifi wind up#PsVAamA tour
week1 hence alM O things pro-
ced eeortW-to theA present
trend it will make the underdog
ummit lads very happ and cer-
tainly would have pleased old
"Pete"r no end. -
The te-a ofGesorilUey
and 4ee nkem e .e -lewed
te- wa omr etho Su I teeI
Warbsro-JIm MI a l-m Com-
blslatlda for three OAts. and

nch hla opponent almost, help-
IFas %he fp moen ts of the
last round and earn the draw de-
in. Both boys'weighed 110%.
C7ado Kid, 11 scored a clear
cut decision over Baby Patrol, 11,
in the fovr-round ptlilfb try.
OGDEN (UPT--A traffic cita-
tion ainst an Ogden resident
was dqisrsoed c 1uly in city
crt, despite the fact-6 ~t ifresf

v toTr sis ingi h fAry
In Krea.


70. V-ng -C

AMADOR.. .. ...... ..
1. P-Macarron-.Novey. .
A-B. Lombrola-TIhipp-
son .. .... ... .
3. P-Mitten-LTabr. '..
A-Hammond-Bell. .
3. P--. MacMurraysOal-
Indo .
A-V. Lombrola-Oariel
5. P-BUbbchmttt... .
A-- %a ham-FiMnLf ..
-Starrit-Mlranda ,
-P-Deilinger un-
7. P-Valdes-de a Or'da
A-Lewtr-Robimmson .
8. P-Gerrans-ObaChdck .

1 3.' P rw ,Budeaa 'tr
A-Forrest-Hallgan, ..

0 FORD-TRAINuD MECHANICS. Your Ford Dele offers
you the services of Ford-trained mechanics. And becoude they are
gained to do the job just right, they save you time, trouble and money.

S... .. ; :; i

- ;': ;" s ',- S-. ,

, O- p -. .. W, a --- _-, .
m tke yewurzFzM .At i
Te .k.e i ot re Fo.rd Sero 4 e

. &

~pi -'? i -:.~

"- '. -, -:-. -,,A .. .-.. .
- :,-,.:^ .. .y l~.;: ,.'-A saaf^ ^ s
".-'- -" -"' N "; "." : '

I - I -

_ __

= = 2 L

~_~_ _


; -. -I


I =

__ __ r~~_ L~LYIL*~LY


-. .


P:- .--;*&
h:r_-: o;. ---4 .
i :-/ -:-.--":.^
i? :."-::.

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*. *, ?
f "' -

Minist L to Panam, S .e-.I e ose t
attL Bone.- ihu I falbur7 u.1 7 .. .t.
aerL Pary to slele* n wetfta the ofm a t on W
Gouagle Afe~flo honor guests.
0tu.'- was awto n- nt$Aeiudend Mr** .

ribba ten Command And -A, a. n. andt thMr teadenve in
tert dinner o tq Peria left during the wee
eadar nd MrL M tby airplane on a trip to o with
aide-de-amp to ener Morr CAmerica.
tile guest of the OtOtwAen -
uMinhiter to Panama, o duty here. mer e
nteBone- ne % ueIrS.b. .z
Maner Prty tNo aoewelWO ussoafRur at
S a f eneral o night by ands.
riend command and Mrs. man at their reodence In ta
hugtm H. H. Morri, Jr.. are 6n- Vista.
thertainng 90ry~elghtB, Dr. Irvin retired recently if-
r a Mor and Mrs. a. ter many years servic with the
rI thOwl dpard a Mture POiW a ht o
-Wths#Ujited S atMe. Ir9ae expect to-leTav wi fm
bitter sslnous has been an few months to reside In *WA
aide-de-camp to General Morris Carolina.
dulng ie tour of duty here.
VIstors Kitertainu VisitsoPanma
MrJi^ hflOjgg flf and her Gloyerformer
San INmKac1. Oawaa W
nama as a farewell to.
friendai ;befgnetbeir. &,W U 0 Mo t r toSantoago.
Thursday for thor home. They --
Panama with xre Da@Mairsmi4* Sast

Mohibeth Morri. Mrs. tany "t
tost Mrs. Joseph H. Banfouk, M MC 501anu
Mrs. J. Vende Grene their
Charles Barden. Mrs. Earl R b W
man. Mr.J. Walter Young, Mrs W- It cl ity.
Xaneth ewlan4 and Mis Ma- wlarri Saturdayy plane
rytNewlad, fromCaracas.
ryolewlandl. "' C
General and' Mrs. Elehelberger Feme BResident of Patina
erearty Yios Here
rtutt fWr Lt. General Mrs. Altd Marvin, a former
and Mrs; bt Eichilberger, resident of Panama, arrived re-
wd.l rsl hrs here. Mr-, oid Uy from California and is
Mr. O ..Mlbury ga a SUng Mr. and Mrs. Timothy
buffet pr Saturday evening Woodruff in Panama.
at the residence in Oolf -
ghts, ..; Inforal ms r
ler ws ta- "Mr. Si ., Olharles Aldn
: toned- am many efttertai small group of
*.* 1, Iwte, nee Em- thoh friedat a buffet super
IS a former resident Saturday .ening at their home
:O'slMg t attending in Pana .

Sfeyou- Seen...

'W really msonetUg bedfult I
-* *- Seo it todty I
a.9(N NHOI AM ae

U -



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U "'

tn lea tt

r 11.-A.

- t l"r

2mut,, MI. d Bernard Porgaen. is
ha godmother. u z U4 nhes....t
Mrs. Lacklon, the former Mary i. p M Ioc... 7J
Jane Comley and her son are 4 1 C ... Yan
tlng her parents, Mi. end F, l::: 1 .
In. Hrry A. Comley in Ancon. x .
-- x IS tsaoe... 71
parish Ceaversatloa Groep IM AT t
eets Tomorow Tli7Is3mjta
Mrs. nElabeth W. Medovln wim 17

Just reslied
.,",,- ROLA" ADIOS
for 1951 Cars

191. filBm Sg A.



eTl5 atwed to

0"t teseet Tool-
an, me t tUnta or

Sue tod g out with
n, ,or quoted ouo-

It juiwMt allegedly told po-
o l oowed Miss Xoutoumb
idal night And saw heot wit
aOtlW man. He followed her
531ethe dentit's offie where
_.Kl d hor Why she wouldn't

0ir_.t &V atf. I ran
at h rbbd u r poc
t r 1aie wanted thoui
M robbahd done it."
The purse w found later near
Oe nUro traksg but $ wu
lsnt.ilOtoemette told polled
O pert of the money for
4ad a owlbeforeb he de-
4 to su.nd'.




Wn4itine 'm
,," hn emad.


r otta ..


on all








S -

presents 4 rugged series
odds spetaoculwr new car
scores engine sendaIion
introduces Skyliner Styling


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. AtT-OS

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*.^i~ titui *--f. *i--
- 4 "

%0u WLBr W11
ih t BAftLeay





. . . . -....._. -
.*...y ~ .: .. .

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__ ______ ~_~


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_~ ~__~_ ___

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' ... i.' .. _

.- .

.: .',,, *

S''" "' .


r a*ma American Classif-e

P. ama American Classiied
_____I.--_m I



Mardware Pambing
mblldlIa Cabinet
:4 tte s hking Marine
Meters & Suppfles

a. F. Nvey, Inc.

.-.l .

!ftU Cpma, Near Jamb France
'Tela -u

MtaK C-eh- A OBMI |
h mmi m Is u st-e. N
SLtaft "~m.=I lam
N.M. S---S-aio I B i.iM


-Our MIRRORS decorate
N. 4, 1 East St. Tel. -2800


1 It's a Time Saver
0 Heat reflects
surfafc euabie seo
to save te lens
eme-Utird o you
SIrlng m. Aobe
Ali veab allow
Sfast evlpellaem of
Sir ItsNy -. ead-
ard board mu-;
y a nd s ee m 'ely
e with simple
ao Silver ,telU it
'S e zl ra5, p.15lese P -. 3
room &t,11. I.



Threat To Allied
Flank Remowd
(Centinhed from Page 1)
forces pU lMdback to the Kang-
aung area 20 fltes south of the
6th Parallel in a line-stralght-
snin operation. They were not
under Red pressure.
. Naval Front A task force of
I4 carrier-based planes knocked
',ut Communist 75 millimeter
batteries which opened fire on
the UN fleet units bombarding
Wonsar, the East Coast port 38
miles nbrth of the 38th Paradel.
There is no further word about
mouth Korean Marines who occa-
?ped two islands and, landed in
he suburbs of Wonsan lont
West Coast The Navy began
Swafynd-the-clock unloading at
Inchon newly captured po.:t
ZLmiles west of Seoul.
Tank-supported troops on the
Chechon front jumped off early
today under rolling artillery oar-
rages and strong air strlW-s
They fought over snow-covered
batds and trails most of the day.
striking straight through the a-
'%s where the North Korean 5"h
,Coops made a bloody but unsur-
it-ful attempt to break the Al-
lied line late last week.
,J'tUlery alone killed-an esai-
i tfd 200 Reds during the ab-
"gW but overall Red casualties
were not totalled. Further east.
t South Korean troops clashed
th. 1,000 Reds some six miles
cof Yongwol. 15 miles ea"..-
east of Ohechon and were
g. :ted holding their own.
t dispatches painted *his
S of the Korean fighting
west; to east:
l ntern Pront -- Turkish pa-
fl pt the entire length uf
PeOnin su to wibtl

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vertible. Quarters 249-D, Ceo So-
lo 302.
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FOR SALE::-1947 or 1949 Chev-
rolet fordor Sedans, ini very good
condition. See at house 251-A,
FOR SALE:-Porch shades for four
family, 1937 Ford 2-door, A-i
condition, new tires, new battery,
2 kitchen stools. 211-3 Pedro Mi-
FOR SALE:-Dodge 4 Door Sedan
1946 Fluid Drive Radio, $850.0.0
at -Cyrnos Nash Agency. Duty

FOR SALE:-By competitive bids, 3
Chevrolet 1948 Tudor Sedans; 1
1949 Ford Tudor Sedan. Good
condition. Driven locally. Low mi-
leage. Individual bids accepted.
Can be seen by appointment. Tel,
Balboa 2-1475.
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let Club Coupe, undercoated. Ex-
cellent condition. Bargain. Tel.
83-2195, Curundu Hgts.

Real Estate
FOR SALE:-Good income property
neorr. beach at Seacliff Acres, -con-
3,500 meters of high, level 'led;
with water and electricity. ONLY
$7.500.00. Phone POSEY, Boalboa


OR RENT Two bedroom chalet,
large yard, vicinity Golf Heights.
Phone Balboa 3749.

FOR RENT,-Two bedroom cottage.
No. 30. Bella Vista, 45tb. St
'Rent $125.00. Call Lopeirao Tel.
32622. 12 to 5 p. m.

Servicio de Radio Samaniego. We re-
pair any make of radios, at rea-
sonable prices. Guaranteed jobs.
12th of October St. No. 21.

3 CCNY Hoop
Stars Adqmnit
(Continued from Page 1)
State and the Jan. 2 game a-
atinst St. John's. CCNY bqat
ashington State, 59-43, but
lost to at. John's 47-44.
The -CCNY team last season
became the first college team in
history to win a "grand slam" of
the coveted National Collegiate
athletic Association and Na-
tional Invitation Tournaments

The team was a disappoint-
ment this season. The totally un-
expected loss to Missouri was the
first of the season, and the team
lost a total of seven since it be-
gan its current campaign. Roth,
Roman and Warner all were
stars of that team.
District Attorney Hogan prais-
ed the work of 20 detectives,
who worked 16 hours a day to
develop an anonymous tip into
the arrests. Questioning through
the night and well Into the af-
ternoon led to the confessions.
"But," Hogan said, "for me
and Assistant District Attorney
Vincent A. 0. O'Connor, who
headed the investigation, there
is no joy of accomplishment. I
wish any person so tempted
could have seen as we did these
stupid and dishonest young men
when they admitted thelrjullt.
"Tears of remorse, sefrepent-
ance, scalding thoughts of the
perpetual heartaches their dis-
grace will cause parents and lov-
ed ones-all of these came too
Hogan described the events
leading to the fixes this way:
Sollazo met Gard, the former
Long Island player, at a hotel
resort In the mountains near
New York during the Summer.
He offered Gard a "chance to
make some money" as a contact
man for college players. Gard
At the start of the season,
Hogan said, Sollazo 'brought
Gard to his swank Central Park
West apartment in New York to
"seal the deal," Oard brought
Roman and Roth to the apart-
ment for another meeting, to
offer them the chance to "make
some money."
Roman and Roth thought It
over and told Sollazo they were
afraid they could not throw a
game by themselves. Warner
was a key player, they said, and
might get suspicious and tell the
coach. They were told to cut
Warner In on the deal. Warner
Schaff, the NYU player, was
brought in by Gard. He agreed.
and offered his teammate, Jim
Brasco, a chance to get in on
the "easy money." Brasco refus-
ed. But, Hogan said, Schaff was
given $20 and $30 gifts on the
possibility that some day he
might become "Important enough
to help."

15 miles of the 38th Parallel and
28 miles northwest of Seoul with-
out finding a trace of Commun-
Central Front UN patrols
pushed two miles 4orth of Chip-
yono without finding the retreat-
in Reds.

leve $150,00
Leise III f
Lea e : 1, 5
Les f- 2
lameMtieal Jewelry semr
adjoining International Hotel
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AGENCIESS DIAZ. 37th. Street
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phone 3-0255.

FOR- SALE-Kenmore washer,. need.
repairs $25 00. Coldspot 6' refri-
gdrator, running but needs new
thermostat, $355.00. Parlor upright
piano, good condition, $175.00.
Call after 5 p.m. weekdays. J. F.
Fisk, 0-592-D, Mindi St., Ancon,
C. Z.

Leaving Panama. Selling all furniture
and household equipment. Colle 45
No. 30, Bellavrset. Phone LaVorre.
Panama 3-1717.
FOR SALE 25 cycle Westinghouse
refrigerator, 25 cycle Easy Spin-
drier washing machine, living room
furniture, blinds, kitchen table and
chairs, bed springs and inner spring
mattresses and other household fur-
nishings. House 476-C. Cocali.
FOR SALE Mahogany dining room
set, crib. youth bed with mattress.
porch shade. Peru Ave. 69, Apt. 5.
FOR RENT: Beautiful one-room
furnished apartment. Electric re-
frigerator. Also furnished room
with private bathroom. 43rd Street
No. 13.

FOR RENT Furnished room. Estu-
diante Street No. 105, Apartment

FOR RENT: Two furnished bed-
roms, American home, near A n-
con bus-stop to American women.
References required. Telephone
Ponom i 2-3067.

Help Wanted
SECRETARY Must have perfect
knowledge of Englihsh language
Write, giving references and past
experience Box 1078. Panama.
WANTED-Cashier- with experience.
bring references for interview on
Wednesday 9 to 12 A. M, Alma-
cin 25 Centovos, plaza 5 de Ma-
WANTED:-Moid, Costa Rican, Co-
lombian, Nicaraguan, Panaman-
ian. Must live in, and speak Eng-
lish. Couple with no children. Ap-
P;y Mrs. Peterson, 364-C, Ancon
(near Police Station).
WANTED Portable light plant.
1000 watt, 60 cycle, 110 volts.
House 553 Cocoli. Tel. 2-1931.
Responsible American couple, no chil-
dren seeks cool, quiet, two tied-
room, furnished or unfurnished,
apartment or house, Panama 2-

Tito Orders Partisans

To Cooperate With

Western Allies

BELGRADE, Yugoslavia. Feb.
19. (UP) Marshal Tito has de-
creed that any Communist who
questions his policy of growing
cooperation with the West will
be treated as "an enemy of the
party." informed sources said
This was the Interpretation
these sources placed on Tito's
5.000-word speech to the Party's
Elite Guard Saturday. The first
pait of the speech was a down-to-
earth reminder of Communist
Party discipline.
Tito called for democratic dis-
cussion of unresolved issues
within the party, but he empha-
sized that criticism of decisions
after they have been taken Is
"The Party line Is not a dog-
ma. it la not settled once and for
all." Tito said. "But It does set
certain limits outside which one
can not go. And if anyone goes
outside those limits. It means
that he must be regaled as an
enemy of the party."
Tito also seemed to leave no
doubt that the Party line. onc:e
established, will bind everyone in
Yugoslavia whether a Party
member or not.
At the same time, Tito reas-
sured the Congress of Army
Party members that "we are not
alone' and he spelled out for
them the value of Western warn-
ings that any attack of Yugosla-
via will not remain localized.
Experienced observers linked
Tito's speech, which was splash-
ed on all front pages here, with
a series of local party meeting
held throughout the country this
month. At the meetags Commu-
nists were told to stop regarding
Westerners as "imperialts" aid
wo begin to call them "friends."

GRA hi-. ita Clara beach,
Electric, re.-
itte rates. Phone

'1110a Coateamss
!ilef teirtc ret-lgero
H"4 ji. M Phone gol.
boe ~! i al Week-ends.
M11 WO1 W SoVI& Clare
ilbe. Pho e
to _$. a Cristobol a
1.7 1' ,-n

FOR RENt04- rtment for rent,
43r4 t e t and Ave. Mexi-
.c. C iaon. ___
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ment, r.M(r electric refrigera-
tor. Allt Irniied. Good surroind-
ings. $55,q. situated at 112 Via
Belisorlo Pdrros, near Roosevelt
Theatre and SAS.
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rooms!; II*) room, dining room.
Upstairs'w pb 'h. $75.00. Apply
48th 5trelt S4o,. 3, Apartment 1.
FOR ltENT-@*Apjrrfent,"sitting room,
dining room, two bedrooms, kitchen
and served. Completely indepen-
dent. elle "Vista. 43rd Street No.
64. Tel, 3-04%83.
QIU!ia tD. Mats. (UP) --
After. tarbUing for Louis Colli-
son. 25. an eaeped prisoner, for
15 months, red-faced police dis-
covered that during almost the
entire Intervl he had been con-
fined to another jaLfor another


Yield No St

-"La FrenWt" .
vendors met for I
morning, then adJ


I ..w

, ..- ^

*-. ,t ..
e,., ', ..

La Prensa ad k
nuel Contensa Da
advisor Manuel
sented the paper.
chief Sollas And
newsvendors a Wt .
Both partly e
a statement on t
which was held at 1
conciliator uado. fa

Hsopital At i
Clayton Cte
Changed ri'a
As of miAgift day,
12th Station Ib tal t -
ton, w.lj. be, known ;n t
Army ifosnital. Portt
Z. according to A# -
nnunpement nu e,
William D. Oralt.oa i
inR' Offleer. ,
.. .
'The renaming of thediSh
IB In accordance. itt hingp
made through t.
States where at -tl -ahiltal
have been, re US
Afmtn Hospitals and
the name of their lottltI
Friday wag cha&n a tha date
for changingR tR.. .aik. Mtce
most of the adgnmtz tive tned-
ieal reports termilsta ht this

Valve Corp., 0,b~r Iid<
Inc.. and t Plymouth Co
During their.4 o th
mus. Mr.. aring
stopping at the.Hotel El
a .


, i




,. .-


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'br* e o, .o i h el e f.a g ,.,,.

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beautifutwtopme'olor harno. .ri... *
is. .. .and with e rooms w p
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Foot Sests."

MOREPEOPI w -- to-VROLIam M0A ofte etf

i ';0- -
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'., .
* ; : -


r--'. ~

. ,-'. a: .. ..0

* .9 .

~;* ~ ~is~1~6s j9j4 ~4iy~tt4~ :

.. .. .


. .
.-*: -,.' .-
. ". "...-

^ 4



. I









**'. JAk-4 -AT6 .a -<_

-.1 ; I


U.." ~


.' -
fr- ;

B"".-" : *

F 16 .

.ewse.a~ae -
~ ~a


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. fa. e the APm
4* St i md-wu
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I Carpenters'
. and :.

,ZAy ore ou f whyja

teo next Junee.
*xtt .doesn't soften TO-
Stry, born of whjtt, e the White
to deliver more t n a.
Ibe to labor a td pt, is
mInis of n dnllas and

'. anal-

w w w i -1"'wi 'i.*

.-A- I p .. : ...
.n :. ^ ..-. .. ,.- "

sosube i. lunar ,de'I .e I i of t deem's

.. t g.a i thedmis a lmit to what ete sea

janamsa WATCH OUT!

I Vithe. 2 .1
',. i ^^r-^^ ^S ^. ^Z-y^Q '^^. ES^'^^^~ ^^^ ?^^

w- s .I per a.


4 date


hat yas

ars to

- i + ,, '. .. -.,

Draw.Poems Ss: dous inds Sip:tg Ir
WO"i ,mpre b ay so ns, e b luv tm; .mrl -
re.cuElot caMin Kewe; Trmmm defmr to
oat Iladia relief tonf cn.

met ta Is" ling
Arts Ioutdatlm, wh0 whwb travelin near TItlk i W 1 o n
Sto a village where talin's Ior ve
H er ho e w ,_ t oR iv e I ,o llS g

proved t 1be A,,o l yo.Telin amass hw

nose farce of 3 000 ma**Of -UI018r Z don't bdW
A yer later, Nmoith immeow a5t1eBONA "1000.3

san doetato. Among other
*p motr. b etodAmlieeno
Stall maintained in q an. Atua not 1111n MtS.m

B re o Vstnd o S theIn his mother.t Ntioal f ad
...e-r VICWIOR IN RoEanr

0e0. Matthw Rd as g imc, idt oa e mtd :
Sr .'turning the 5oat WuindPiealan dtest .a U ited +-Mu1

tad h. t w in.of ge ol eOrY In n who 1
hetd aidoIt no hURrUMuM'I

SeOMM -A udirn wal dinne. He c ta irest .ani an tM bl an
neo force Of M2 VJ6. .en .,. .. ,-.

SMacArth off balan e in N th.
iNston r Pue selinizhd h In thoeue or oll t

Koreua he now Ti ve to bentual .r an Y.
Purposes, MaeAn rthurh p t the lboI

command. fte hngcl oo, eh of th Is nt .ate, seas
p UAK Arthur still remains Supreme Commander.taig. otu G M
Te aoArthur virt o uallyn wahed hi h ran e ioef the or w ra
ad. ingthe on relused to dend hia ef our Nationa Guardflo ha
NnFur the more, R dgway, con sng:he n tafro tmea t.fmhe *
eed States, apbeen the amore Inde ndent than the feldaetg pea
.who had m. order MA athur In Japan and who, thes
closetto himfor dketuiVS

e e te e ey aoaPe th s n nta on elI o a rthat. there has ene, n .

sb ~ and closeda ove ee se l oth upetweenMacrhlrtmeel.844 '0.T h latter- me d.
uandemiateaet y gue sede the e different t ss h TL He hasnQU ietly.,aketUtphib dm d
tthe divisi onal level. ohaad Pr h r aofd fr eau t ahi
e I e .orl given the U.N.h Army a ne thene n i and
P_ er_ tt fo pr ptl hm t the hend fo eat complex on the whpart of the troops into n .n' f

ad cplteof bfltom pay bise lopital ilmand t. o gi wre to the ben whh andteron f t. nIt.of08Uited t whl 'ffii do
p ash h ak o t ao adsand. you k ) no h dono d ole T hough onopo sitesides of tohe politialdt fene
-olfM anady from then rn day of rancso bAPl hariye d warteos ntl s fnd felt wa great li s .es' lM e Wo u
tw edd dr eHe ai ge o lbue t mreal a .....go
S. -f rm a le t -- -a Oridiron. Club dinner. He ha been known to b e eful to Tnh
.W YORK-As W p .ble EDidans biu Is not a "worthy" oldies n ma wqpreion worthi- man for having lifted _the ban glint I whi~h or .
fom from both enod n AndA. m..rb, nut merely a man" of Oerdevelop.rd ran- wyearsws imosed by Franklin Roosevelt. l
,Bilshaa wMo Me~ v in *am o r an ties to match his overdeveloped but never ca- omea Who t e DHouese friends aoargd tht rut n nhaolTh.t
iat many wind Po i, s Mt le mt i uled talents. w It n vlitnY ad h it a aud to Iin frrequlue 't
dead. Raw ginand I e our. hu st- o We traf-flk much In broed charity&ves to- fereine0m, 7noethe00e -t np-tos

... a .no .reem c ntte ed. o h rewle n t lor- tn e or. he a e not e t e r.
UPta VI I 4 p= t eAPle wO rime day. duIti-miions o ae raised foher fuie lses position where he could damage Iobbon Ieore gn bPo eS.
aU. busted and dll ,t all e worthy, kll. wndsato d Ian t to ... rr e an4d w
Nt I In the mu effort to help the Trumn Introduced eoverbsalonw: "
. I Mito seiedh "i mle Cendon sam "the edvi be a worthy cause.o because of

S10004Or Off a1esop a lot of eleasurei andfwe Wall the mea fy broke up. It was sgnificant thit r -
estned to dies tthe lther ay lty the ual. e soveimes help atheon us ooe erence and h umanitarian po explain toe conclusions ou f the
he had given the J wor l rebnada to i and spurn the needy panliadler, Pon= to Inda. "'

f to the Hoover lied that, althogphets he was pot m ...ce to the press.
bvenemfi. m & _as to need for a shot of cheap hooch may be as m o- Indianp i r fo Trm' I

ofPee W turned upIm anFrancis you sy who pn mentarily realto him the heat need forTh aGIC Je ACCIDENT
s and doe. to death, overburden w itho t somebody e's uplift. o tte a Ao t tht i o

S ATT F A T Swevtate Dt eans Ahaeo uieta snwd thile M
land emaciated from a o I f liver alimient. Why I give space to the benefit which Is havethorfIdo
AUors sometimes forget -to eat, w You OW.) not a charity donation, bat a dont-eon of talent mew paengers o ,uk IndoM

His old bdds from theM d.ayOfJILbyhh-prid artists to help fllow-It Chhng H.a IdgOV .a n Joo Chong were released oe
t regarded more adelnquency eeWee Russell Amean not whtiht recalled with Wlker survived
S art form. rom hustled the b deservin candidate for works. he vacated to the Tokyo enera Hospital. They are: u
surviving n s in the burisiness to throw clearly Chins" candites very sappeldom need n the appremote whaton Tneeded f i without renting Belon and st a e at
a coule of benefits to pay his hospital billsad on of good works. A. (Co. ht, 1l by the rltea, le.)
push him back on a bandstand., E z ood.. t,.outlind s eam
I" -- e. i ealy been t .iven In San Francico: All he had was what hIs frends felt was great .He said that drought, floods earthquake, and about every, other
Ynot11g York next Wednesday at musicalgenium, which he bestowed lavishly and 9,000,000to 5^000 orpo.
whlat Eddie Condon, the git- for very'i.ttle money. He abused himself to the "Th:. Io'- b ad' ..ecause .pcnt
&I- o ca ls "non-leaking" point of near death, and none of his old, buddieslo ....Intake ofba Is graine .shaideeaenoen.11,10
are no free insiee0td the bunse. Few of them are within Some cold water wad thrown on they roec n eab aers.

IImpoM- Wesehis eoblity uaiftno sob stories be wheat__onthe ports.d he understood ocean shipping wsighlt.
Ia tten in.the;be r s. No musican who pje. e ,Se.erl _sd te.isc..wio,...President iTrumve-
Ise Ii .the YNow York show stands to g eupted to &I Mr.. .;'. or .2_views __dwhokm
Ion, _A, rA..; ateliby I the publicity devoted to the con- the Plan was fesIble over's conclusion was:T
oorold.re5IeWw. -a nteatt never failed to come to the rescue of the hungry, and this
I'ii-: "'4Edie oedon sn -.--"that ee Wee W'-u t. me" 'iiC broke up. st was signiti.ant th'at Poo?

eveu moen thItha t t 1is not a bad definition of char- .. ACI.EN

jep .crash that killed Gen. Walton Walker.
However, the South Koreans have quietly sentenced the Ko.
ATTE R. 00 W IF A C T reandriver who crashed Into Walker's loop to three ya bard
-rATTE" FiACr.T.h driver. was KyongmNek. Hit Passengers Ink t.
"II -L -Lee, Chong M an Pak and n Joo-Chongs- were reled 'iWer
,O NyJU .p oIp I investigation of the accident.
.2m, ftA MThree American soldiers In the jeep with Walker survived and
.. wore evacuated to the Tokyo General Hospital. They are:,.LI.
W IH I~it .II crisis Ia Asi' a d i clearly -Chineseunits have appeared in the remote Col. Layton Tyner, M/Sgt. George Belton and Spt. Francis R4eaIn,

tIn a 1s 4n aitervenu m u i- u Nw pr t m a n an awavised is ov-
brupt. For a eoondtime, rnmnent to yield this region to China or et
teRraib rn p plans have badly car- ready to fight r It. There Is evidence that
ried. Instead df driving the United Nations the Chinese armies in Tunnan Province are
Army from the peninsula, the Chinese off.esive passing Suplhes to the Burmese Communist
has been hMN. And e suffering the n l am, there are warnings of a
ravages of o Osee t armes .'tat, which would overturn the ltesent
are now F losing W alent a W-etn government in favor of a Chiba-
|dtividh a Al bOeneral Ridgway's aggressive regime. And In Indo-China, the native
tas :.. .. .-t eorSes of Ho Chi Minh an said to
I e. It natutal that Mao pioed, under Chinese command,
T"-Tag ShP t hurried to Mosow to dis- .- so "liberation army" across the
cu the a lo with the nisaea of the ae further reinforced.
Kremi. T'of Mao's MoOw Journey, Thse itu.s In the wind am not thought to
frst -prite! a- space, has not. been padi- .podtad as iaediate explosion. In Indo-ChM-
tively confirin d bt it is now officially accept- na, exfaipIl, Ho Chi Minh is expected to be
ed that the. C.Mse0 -and Russian leaders have allowed oW aire try to defeat the French with
held an -imptat meeting somewhere during his own VWt Minh troops, and a Chinese attack
the pit UortI_ is eft fA ded as likely to occur tomorrow.
Unfortunately, the American policymakers are What will-happen if Ho Chl Mlnh faUs. ha
in th position of being pretty sure mewWhe been decided. It is- thought, at the
that .th .W Ie as taken PVla. without .jMangR o Chinese and Russian leaders, where
known w dsos were reaehel. events a holiam must have been made between three
alone -il th4 tale. Meanwhile, it is inter- posIble .comees: .
e"tin to r w e various signs and portents
wlc ~ nemV Wm e a bearing on the shape of 1. LDilse aged by their misfortunes in Korea,
things to ome. the Chinese may seek a serious settlement there,
One6 M4he-h -striking of these portents is In wth case the rest of Asia may be consl4er-
an analysis of recent developments in China by ed as temporarily safe.
aepe risme .anc. military observers there, the 2. The (inese may Improve their position In
gist of w beIm known here during the vi- Kor I withdawaing enough to shorten. their
sit of aM Re Pleven. These men, just supply Uem, and then try for a stalemate there.
spelled imf their posts in the Chinese in- In mu ease, an attack on Indo-China may be
t=6or, v. aital maoypognts. O to compensate for the Korean set-
Fik O n Comeiun program ee..
Ao( internal reee trueaon I, The Chinme may double their bet In Ko-.
this n"ow il abandondL A H oenmes% .nthe large fo they still have
e Ifllt ea p' th t Iau, and at the same time launch
extent .,- mot il Yew*- o W l aall alomn the southern border, In
8 2t8I ..a t. of LB. in Burma, and possibly on Hong
Io trained u"as1rO of o W.
nqw further conquests in Asia m their c e is between such an so. -
areI B S or long range, of this knowmrdgimt o failure as the Rus lans.made
R gaa "aio w sh wa launch- w wht *up the Berlin blockade: or the
ad shortly after the king m eoe of onealin a bad mt sa-
td o o tov. nu~ bl a helusvictory: or a'en-

fill.- i ,.. ..
,' i .

Musical Insto m entP ia Pi u
LMSIC IMlllen~t


4 Thrust fotb
12 Made
shee's cry
15 Wine cup
21 Outing utensil
18 French coin
19 Tantalum
20 Looks
22 Adjective
23 Minced oath
S2 Cipher
27 It les a
double -
29 Nickel
30 Note of scale
31 From (prefix)

35 Volcano In

S" tsrulse
40 DkwetmC(ab.)
41 Treaiates,
OM~aring tool

erit "

3 Costatellation
4 Pronoun
5 Bulak
lIt was
do the--
7 Political arou
8 Shelter
10 Shoshonean
11 Settle
12 Elicits
17 Pages (ab.),
20 Devoted
21 Hurries
24 Trojan hero

26 Drug 44 omnster
33 Pertalningto 46 Consider
the mind 46 Gaelic
34 Chemical salt 48 Large snake
36 Disposition 51 Fruit
37 Worships 53 Manusmoript
42 Comfort (ab.)
43 Cubic (ab.) 55 Pair (ab.)"
M P PSn ft- U

-*-* -Wt- -.
-. ; ::. ; :,

- -- ..

=- "1 ". -.'- J -
- -.'-" .
t. ".- -.. *s .*^ .-* .;" : ... ,.''-"-'- ^
S~.- --.+ ....:,.', ...; ,..i.i-aa"3.' .--A.. -. -

- -- .1..





. .:-:.. -. "

/.. .. ,. .-: ....- .

.i TALO-PANAMERA SOCIETy aenr ur or a vacation
SThe Italo-Panamef1a Solety gave a buffet dammte at. and Mr. and Mrs. Alan Doad,
the S n-ers Club Saturday evening honoring their new o- who will leave in the iring t
H ai Woard of Directors. reside in the United States. witl
The officers of the seclety are: President, Mr. Correa Mr. and Mrs. John Kernick and
G: .--p.esident, Dr. Combine Leone; Secretary, Mr. Dr. and Mrs. Rafael de Boyrle.
B. 1 Nillo and Treasurer, Mr. Angelo SchettinL
..mong the Invited guests were the Mayor of the City of Gatun Star Clutl
Colon and Mrs. Jose D. Basan and Major Pastor Ramo The Gatun Star Club will hold

Guests attended the affair*. tsreulrmeeting Tuesday

The other guests were: Mrs. J.
W. L. Graham, Mrs. George
Poole, Jr., Mrs. G. 0. Thomas,
Mrs Fred Schwartz. Mrs. C. T.
Swearingen. Mrs. Semon Ther-
lot. Mrs. John Fahnestock. Mrs.
Gilbert Lee, Mrs. Fred Willough-
by. Mrs. Arthur Albright, Mrq.
Ralph Graham, Mrs. William
Badders. Mrs. J. A. Cunning-
ham., Mrs. Doyle Snyder, ,Mrs.
William Basham, Mrs. Leon
Egolf and Mrs. J.W B. Hall.
The weekly duplicate bridge
games will be held this evening
at the Margarita Clubhouse. Any
interested bridge players are cor-
dially invited to join the group.
Last week's scorer were: East
and West: Mrs. Julius Loeb and
Mrs. Irl Sanders, Jr., Mrs. H. A.
Hartwig and Mrs. H. F. Green;
Miss Jean Doble and Mr. Harry
Friedland. North and South,
Mr Julius Loeb and Mr. L. E.
Cottrell; Mrs. Garland A. Orr
and Mr. John Fahnestock; Mr.
Sam Roe and Colonel H. F.
Dinner at
American Consulate
The United States vice-consul
and Mrs. Charles Whitaker en-
tertained with a dinner party at
the consulate Friday evening.
Their guests were H.B.M.

Over a 170 members and

Miss Limnio Guest
at Luncheon
Mrs. Ramon Mouynes and Mrs.
Robert M. Hull were co-hostess-
et for a luncheon given at the
Strangers Club yesterday to com-
pliment Miss Maria Teresa Lim-
Miss Limnio will be wed to Mr.
Laurencio Jaen. Jr. on March 4
at the Miraculous Medal Churc.1.
Those attending the bridal
luncheon were: Miss Emma Con-
oan. Miss Federica Guardia. Mirs
Susanna Jaen. Miss Vilma Basso,
Miss Finita Correa. Miss Josera
Calongg and Mrs. Ruben Arcia.
Farewell Party
for Mr. and Mrs. Wink
Chief and Mrs. H. I. Wink were
honored with a bon voyage "At
Home" given by Chief and Mrs.
Paul Gardner at their Coco So-
lo residence Friday evening.
Chief and Mrs. Wink leave
Saturday after completing a tour
of duty on the Isthmus. He will
be stationed In Norfolk. Virginia.
Buffet refreshments were serv-
ed iroma.table using a ship mo-
tif Ir. the 'appointments. It was
centered with mixed tropical
flowers flanked by white candles
in silver holders.
The friends who called during
the evening gto bid farewell to
the popular couple were: Lt.
Comdr. and Mrs. Paul Balay, Mr.
and Mrs. L.' Cellucci, Mr. and
Mrs. Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Mangonne, Mr. and Mrs.
A. G."Preen, Mr. and Mrs. J. E.
Richardson. Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Von I~off. Mr. and Mrs. G. W
Stonner. Mr. and Mrs. W. n.
Duncan, Mr, and Mrs. L. I.
Oill1M, Mr. and Mrs. E. P.
Brown and Messrs David Eber-
enz. JeRol Leeser, M. M. Gesn-
berg, Charles R.' Smith, J. H
HagaA, Ronald Oatridge, Donald
Currier, D. L. DeRusso, Frank
Tate. Harold Miller and Peter B.
Surprise Shower
Mra. Rocco Moscaritolo wni
compUmented with a surprise
shower given by Mrs. C. W
Wade'and Mrs. George Marceat
at Mrs. Wade's residence in Ne:.
Cristobal. Friday evening.
Aftdr the gifts were opened
games were played and the priz-
es wqCe won by Mrs. Frank Kell-
man, Miss Jean Dough and Mrs.
Viol Deakins. '
Reftiunts 'ere served fron
a buffet table centered with ;
whiti cake; topped with a minian
ture doll under a blue umbrella
The. cake was encircled with pet
tit-fours decorated with pinl
roses. Mrs. Kollman presided a
the punch bowl and Mrs. Mar.
ceau served coffee.
The other guests were: Mis
Nancy Dyer, Miss Arden Arm
strong, Mrs. Ruben Robertson
Mrs "Jack Randoll, Mrs. D. C
Zitzman. Mrs. Willard Huffmar
Mrs. Jean Nanni. Mrs. B. J
Craig Mrs. R. J. Deakins. Mrs
K. T. Daly and Mrs. Clara God
Emblem Club Meeting
Cristobal Emblem Club No. 51
Will hold its monthly social mee-
Ing at the Elks home Tuesday, s
'7:0 p.m. A very enjoyable even
Ing has been planned by the hc.
teases, Mrs. Albert Arnold, Mrs
Paul Armentrout and Mrs. Wi!
lam Brooks.
AJI members are cordially i'
vited to attend.
Dessert Card Party
Compliments Visitors
Mrs. Howard Harris of Gatui
was hostess for a dessert canasta
party given at her home Frids
evening for Miss Vivian Couse (
Schenectady and Mrs. Mare
Barber of Springfield. Mass., wt
are visiting their sister and br,
ther-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Gec
Poole, Sr., of Gatun.
Miss Couse won the Card Bis
go prize and the table prizes wei
to Mrs. R. B. Ward, Mrs. Lesi
Croft. Mrs. Poole. Sr.. Mrs. Ba
ber. Mrs. Lee Nash and Mrs. 1
W Millspaugh.



(A Newly Organised Baptist Church)
Cristobal, C. Z. Bolivar Ave. at 12th St.
Rev. Fred L. Jones, Pastor Rev. Jess Dittmar, Evangelist

evening at the home Wo Mrs. Ar-
thur Albright on Barro Colorado
Circle in Gatun. Miss Judy Am-
mEon and Mrs. XEmett Argo wi'l
be co-hostesses fr the evening,
The meeting is .called for 7:30

Visitors on Atlantic 8de.
Archdeacon and Mrs. Gideon
C. Montgomery, of Cocoll, with
Mrs. J. Clarence Brown, of Bal-
timore, Maryland, were the
guests Sunday, ot-Mr. and Mrs.
Merrill T. Webster'at their home
In New Cristobal.
Mrs. Brown m taken on a
tour of Gatun and the Locks.

Radio Programs
Your Community 3tion

Where 100.000 PeM p Mee

Today, Monday, Feb. 19

P.M 9
3:30--Music For Monddy r
4:00-Music Without Words
4:15-David Rose Show
4:30-What's Your Favorite
6:15-Evening Salon c
(VOA) il
7:45--Here Comes Louis Jordan
(VGA) %
9:30-AU Star Concert Hall
9:45.-Proinenade Concert
11:00-The Owl's Neat
12:00-Sign Off |
Tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb. SO

6:00-The Alarm Clock Club
7:30-Morning Salon
8:15-NEWS (VOA)
8:30-C-azy Quilt
8:45-Hawaiian Harmonies
9:30-A I See It
10:05-Off the Record
11:05-Off the Record
12:05-Luncheon Music
12:30-Popular Music
1:00- NEWS
1:15-Personality Parade
2:00-LeS Paul and Trio
2:15-It's Time To Dance
2:30-Afternoon Melodies
2:45-Battle of the Bands
3:40-Organ Reveries
3:15-The Little Show
3:30-Music For Tuesday
4:00-Music Without Words
4:15-Polka Holiday
4:30-What's Your Favorite
' 7:00--5010NS OF PRA?'C
S7:15-Organ Melodies
S7:45-Jam Session
(BBC -
9:30-American Band Concert
9:45--American Debut
10:30-American Favorites
10:45-Date For Dancing
11:00-The Owl's Nest
12:00-Sign Off
Bxplanation Of Symbols
VOA-Voice of America
BBC-Britisb Broadcasting
RDF-Radiodiffus5on Francalfs
Jail Waived for uCpid .
The Rockingham County Jail may
be sold at public auction soon.
Officials decided it was cheaper
to lodge their prisoners at the
Hillsborough County Jail in Man-
LhL rt



With the

help it do do Mao VoLd. Sbirdy,
chewing Feen-s.anim gpusM In
fine medicine to ve gfUamS hM-
ft- sows k ieMy, saeU y pIM e
the disive mysin T"yl Cody.
C etd Cew Pw IN O dt
I direcudndfhelt-m-ia.Ccs-
aim the rvery imdidm V"ta Wa

'P~tW KI i> -^

~.r.. ~'~*'



no S

Ing "Show. 3t w
wto the chin of a

mayyet bethe ,Joan tt
save movies-from I'
o Lynn Marl Aals
teal a acting hon- I

asT m's-,h ae -
il neehow wit"h w
rlKu :l worry abeoust -
STV when wor e
.and her sh kle

yet be the orward t

,i i'W. VisION C.
t#-rA*i falling gently over-
ue ^jndl||mkf asThe of a_ lo a

cu e 4 ~Gregory Peck Is
i MBayward to the
loik at the down-
o& andBathshe-
W~ =.4 he towers and
saw ._ th tBiblical cityL

ure, wgnabtbn the end of a long
SD heba. Director
{K~ u nilm that toere
s no lee -the film ad ant
%%A%-- nearby, quips:

Marrie Main is bellowing over -
he oaeaony of the calliope, a
armlval barker, screaming ehl-[
Iron and hawkers in "Ma and Pa
Cattle at the County Fair" on a
colorful outdoor set.
I wonder around the itedlti
epliea etf a county fair an .taL
It a bofh to look at the j* n
fruts 1r2 vegetables t f!jA U
in the eanua eut, ht e.e
of the ietrse. Real sam of
canning art have been obtained,
but the prop man has gone wild
on the label which won't be seen
by the Omera.
A jar of pickles, If youbelieove
him has been put up by Nora
Eddington Flynn Haymes and
Claudette Celbert has entered the
pickled watermelon rinds. Mrs.
Miniver is the name on canned
corn (?) and Rhonda Fleming is
inscribed on a pint of apple Jelly.
Maybe the prop man saw
Rhonda shake in "Lttle kgypt."
Another war film, "The Fight-
ing Coast- Guardsman," is being
shot at Republic with Brian Don-
levy, Ella Rains. and Forrest
Tucker. Extras In military uni-
forms crowd a fight arena set. I
spot Ella and Brian in seats at
the far side of the rnfg cheering
with the rest of the crowd as two
wrestlers leap and cavort. One of
the elastic-boled lads is a TV
favorite known asr ."Tle Blond
Apollo." When I ak him how
movies compare with TV, he
grins and says:
"Television is a lot easier. You
can miss a few times 01 TV."
Ann Blyth., Prinme. Shall.
mar of Samarkad, playing a
scene with scores f armored
Mongolians and Chistiam eru-
saders in "The GoldenM orde
at UI.
Ann in harem pints, a ied me-
tallic robe and a pearl headdress
is something to behold. When the
director orders."Print it," the set
lights dim and the fierce extras
go back to playing gin rummy
and canasta. One fierce rugged
bearded Tartar sit. down and
groans, "My aching corns."


W this pisUtwiy
SDo' let n rhmh mdkiam add an
constipazion misieT. Gnd6. dc.
give Feean--mint works. ei.Maul.
SJ iese sa: Chewing ,z food


cowboy Clotho
*a his aa'r
ay free-$a

rested in no
ores" at ad
0,850 htddeo
Sheriff A. I.
Ma4 he wue
Dth ttohef I
ort :of en t
sorted, "I dos
ver on a her.. w. h
Friends In a
he youbthas -.M t
*r, son of M..
0#Hde, a er- Odft aa
pu's stealnS-so long file
Ue-he is safe. U' "
No charges law of u.
pet against the r th
gents held the ked d o
further nto- his ae lon es _
would not allow onts
o him "All I
eportis0 j! h Astn, left t

>e arrived ian ABM Mon- (oi
ay with the a ,iwn a.. k times Im
atchel and cabe .e, driver The I
2harles F. M eus Sta conti- A apu
u te tour. .- me n
Murphy tol W l County to
filSh eriff Dt the boy Re
d he uo bi, long rules Wh
uzp-bladany-. ookd
He said he .- e the boy for
round 74arel days no
isitlng Fo rt A Cle- the
urne and ai oMmnd-Mrop
aid he bought mae imp iv "What
Western costumes in, Worth Cu t
and headed boak for r o:
There, Murphy sal h. helped
he boy buy a I18 automobile "Wat
which the youth wrecked. The down
cab driver said he escaped after 'N1
the wreck.Ch6
Banders Sheriff FoU sald he
didn't know how the youtI reohe=waT

, ..-I

.. T
I a ,in t

27 "You
iS~gfll V


is doaft
the saU
hat amti
n the sae;
I Young,
do here,
trying to
he said,
'm doing

tlgandma c anat (Wktwasa-






5315 s5l



Third Prize

Little Joyce Smith

Feeling Much Beffer

After Pin Removal
CHARLOTTE, N.C., Feb. 19 (UP)
-Joyce Smith, 7, rested comfort-
ably for the first time in six
months today after a specialist
managed to close an open safety
pin in her lung and remove it.
Joyce, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
L. K. Smith of Gaffney, S. C.,
swallowed the pin six months
ago. It was discovered during a
routine examination two weeksI
Four attempts were made to
remove the pin from her lung
and on one attempt the clasp was
broken. It rested point up, adding
a hazard to removal.
Dr. V. K. Hart, a specialist for
25 years In removin_ foreign ob-
jects from children s bodies, ex-
plained how he removed the pin.
"Joyce's case, although. consid-
ered routine in the profession.
was made unusually difficult by
the fact that the clasp had been
broken, off the pin," Hart said.
"That made it necessary to ro-
tate the pin and then close it to
shield the points."
He used a pair of special "ro-
tating forceps" to turn the pin
around. Then the safety pin was
pulled through a protective ring
so the points could not damage
the broncltal tube. It was then
"extracted without any trouble
Hart made no incision. The en-
tire operation was performed
through the little girl's mouth.
He said Joyce was "resting
nicely and should be able to leave
the hospital in a few days." He
t said she was "very happy" to be
rid of the pin which had kept her
in and out of hospitals for the
past two weeks. The pin had
caused her to have a bad cough
but had not damaged her bron-
chial tube.
Joyce was brought here yester-
day from her home after a week's
rest. She spent Valentine's Day
with her parents and received
hundreds of messages from
Friends. Most of those from her
a schoolmates contained nickels
Y and dimes which swelled the fund
f for her medical expenses to $421
e Dr. Hart was as relieved as
0 Joyce that the operation was
- over.
S He told United Press that "You
people have caused me a lot ol
- trouble on this thing."
t "I have received letters fromr
e all over the country from laymer
- telling me how to get this pin out
.It's going to take me all after-
noon to answer them."

.. =.- .,. ., ,
,Z--- .j .l.-^^LrkSi- ..:-_- ,- .-. ^ifc-jrt

Trn.m f etu,# e- 1 (m 0 | m ,




DW" Aq

" L..-, EASE A.
'b !ans


Complete Pril.Wlamg Numbers In t, e Oibw Drawig 1 M 7, e7 Vhi2ll 4
Th tia.-cket h sILerfi ea "i.'. A.

First Prize 62 0 3 $ 520

second Prize 1 6 42 $ 15,600.00

mAa "-e- -" P- "F-- r r _,ft H>i- ; .-- ;, .. q. .... : M '
m .IN |..4.4. ... "MI ,a s s-
asMs m.oe s n s.M|l I |eM I .p l M

-.p uxM a I ad sn S m mo " s m "'W 11av- Wow w.-8.

a .._ I' n" .. -

136 s.W-I m" 1 me n Imm aIn4es "m isiyl m "Le e n- ,
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IN ---- 2----,------


Hoy se verific6 la sesi6n final de la Honorable
SAsamblea Nacional clausurindose asi el period leo-
k gilativo que se inici6 el dia primero de Octubre de
Durante este lapso de mis de cuatro mesesa el
pais estuvo esperando de la Asamblea una labor
positive que se plasmara en eyes propicias para el
desenvolvimiento national. Sin embargo, en vano
fueron los deseos colectivos, pues, salvo raras ex-
cepciones, la Cimara, acaso por el ambiente que pre-
valece, di6 preferencia a la discusi6n de otros asun-
tog, durante las Ilamadas "horas de incidencia". \
La afirmaci6n anterior podria demostrarse se-
fialando multiples casos concretos, pero no parece
necesario entrar en detalles de esa naturaleza, ya
que seguramente lo han advertido en la intimidad
desde tode. los bands entire los cuales se hall divi-
dida la opinion p6blica.
Pero para dar un ejemplo bpsta anotar que ni
siquiera el Presupuesto General de Gastos de la
Republica Iogr6 la respective aprobaci6n constitu-
cional de parte del Organo Legislativo, no obstante
que el proyecto fue presentado a su conocimiento en
el tiempo adecuado. Y para que no se intent demos-
trar que fueron otros problems los que impidieron
que se aprobaa la ley. aludida debe tenerse muy
present que en repetidas ocasiones various diputados
trataron de que la Cimara funcionara doe veces al
dia con el fin de que una de esas sesiones se dedi-
cars al studio del Presupuesto. Sin embargo, nunca
se pudo lograr el qu6rum reglamentario para las
sesiones proyectadas.
Con relaci6n al caso del Presupuesto para 1951
todos tienen que convenir en que no fu6 aprobado
inicamente por negligencia ya que en mode alguno
Spdria alegarse otra raz6n frente al argumepto de-
fIntivo de que a pesar de los esfuerzos de algunos
Diputados en el sentido de que hubiera sesiones es-
peciales con este fin, ello no- fue possible. QuizAs se
deba a que el tema ofreca algunas dificultades de
caricter politico, al tener que aprobar recortes apre-
" cables en la erogaciones.
* Es evident que la Cimara logr6 algunas reali-
Szaciones come la ratificaci6n de los Convenios Inter-
;nacionales pendientes y otras eyes, pero adviwrtase
^ que todo esto se obtuvo en muy pocas horas de
2 sliones.
El breve anilisis present no tiene por objeto"
especulaciones political en torno a los errors senfa-
lados, de log cuales no es responsible solamente
- determinado grupo. Unicamente queremos que eate
comentario recoja una experiencia que ojali sirva
para el future.



Saldri para Curacao y Hamburgo
el 28 de Febrero
Excelente acomodaci6n para pasajeros.


111 Terminal Bldg.

Balboa, C. Z.

Tel. 2-3537


,.o 4 Ls i M mSs *& aca0N. mSAmt Aw ML i

MN.f Se ia '"Podbu-l%"" r"-Nab ', s *e is-a.y

i m a A. h m "i p n d p p .* a i h i
bEhTdnllD A hi _d ml MM p1 p*u M a t M
-0 0mass mam S. Ism** sonI--s ma .W-



i rica

No me vuelvo loco ante la
fachada de San Pedro, ni ante
el barroco del Jesu. Pero ai es-
toy a gusto en Santa Maria la
Mayor, oS me quedo horea y ho-
ras ante la blancura do la Pie-
tA de Mituel Angel. on nu ca-
plllita, conform se entra a
mano derecha an San Pedro.
Me cansa la columnata de la
Plaza ante la basilica: me en-
cantan las fuentes...
Y en el Vaticano preflero an-
te todo, sobre todo, la capilla dr
Fra Angdlico, me da mnledo la
Bixtina y me dejan frio las es-
tanelas de Rafael. Blasfemla,
blasfemia, me dir alsgulen:
bueno. Digo ml verdad.
Pero, es luz de Paris, as
gracia de Paris... Venga a nos,
Paris, querido corresponsal.
Tienes raz6n. Aunque a veces
tengas ganas de gritar en la
calle Rivoll "Bata de sio ametria".
Amo los pueblecltos de Italia,
amigo mio recordado. Amo
Arezzo, amo AHsIl, amo Peru-
rmgnlano y sum torres py mu
plazas y sue calls. Me embo.
rracho de luz en Capri, en So-.
rrento. en Amalfl. Me revienta
Pompeya. No se 10 digas a na-
La compensacl6n aqui, en
nuestra Panama? La tenemos,
la tenemoS. Ante mi ae extien-
de un pale veranlOgo de
montanas azalea: ion uazlea, a-
migo m1io, centre nubs grinms,
con veladura. Eatran en ml,
viven en ml alma. Y luego, el
mar. Otro mar. Ni 1 Mediterri-
neo nt el AltiAnco. Nuestro
mar. nuestra bahia. Gloria pu-
ra. delicia pura.
SOmo ecada uno eata sums do
sensaciones. 4y del que no lan
sienta, hay del que no tens la
posibilldad de eota emoel6n.
Y qui lejos me he Ido de Ro-
ma y de Paris.

~ ~~rm___~. ~




Pareceri qhe' nos eolocamoi
en otro mundo, que nos empe-
fiamos en vivit' en eAro mun-
do; y no ea asl. Plenso que traer
a un peri6dica dintmico estas
notas es ofrecer a los lectores,
a un grupo de lectores por 10
menos, motivones d reflexl6n, y
ello es algo.
Por eso, de euando on cuans-
do, me aleJo deo 10de eay nYmae
paseo por los recuerdos. Quisk
encuentre amigos de setos re-
cuerdos. No se trata do eaqui-
var temas, doe solayarlon. Be
trata do qua otros los aborden
con' mayor discrecl6n que yo
mismo, y "la inaistencla aburre.
Ml corresponsal en Europa -
uno de mis correaponsales, el
mas sensible..- acaba de pa-
sar unos dias en Roma. Reside
do ordinario en Parts. Y me
comunica sus impresiones do
Le ha gustado Roma. Le han
agradado los romanos. Es que
nosotrox non Uevammo blend con
los romanos. Los critical los
italianos. Hablan do su dejadez,
do su AnUmo alejado de la
preocupaclones. Saben vivlr.
Son mds griegoa quo los mUa-
noses, que los turineses. Nl
hombre de Turin, el hombre de
MilAn. el hombre del Norte en
general, es mas hormilga. El
romano es un tantico cigarra.
Vivir por vivir. Cantar mien-
tras los dias se suceden. Fla-
near por el Pinclo, flanear par
Ia Villa Borghese, ilanear por
ma Via VWneto Incomparable,
por esa Via Tritone, por ems
pequefla via tortuoa que refine
tantas tiendas de antiguedades.
. Qui defecto le encuentra ml
amigo incomparable a Roms?
All! Quo no ea ordenada. Y no
lo es, no lo es. Para un espiritu
culto quo loega do Paris, Re-
ma es el desorden. Aquellas
perspectivas de Paris, aquellas
uimetrias de los Campos Elisoes,
do Ia PInPh de Ia Concordia, do
los bulevares, de los mismos ba-
rrios bohemios, no se han de
eneontrar on Roma. Aunque me-
duzca un paseo por el Tram-
ttvere, con sus "trattorie", con
ulnones. con sud barqultas
' paean bajo los arcos del
nte fabuloso que lleva al
Catilqo ded Sant'Angelo, ese
caylo qua fue un monument
Pero a in me enamors Roma.
Me enamoran sus plazas, sun
fuentes del XVIII, sus call
amplias y tranquilas, imprevis-
tan: camlnar cerca. del foro.
huir del collseo, quedarme un
rato coqrnmplando ua colum-
na, descrir una vila con sun
arboles eftenarilos...

Paralso 14 de Febrero de 1951
Sr. Director de
"El Panami Amdrich",
Panama R. do P.
&r. Director
rPliceme dirigirle s"ta para
que me publique en su bnuy a-
creditado diarlo,
El pr6ximo Domingo 14 del
present, se llevart a cabo la
instalaciln de la nueva diree-
tlva que ha de regilr loa-detl-
nos de ests por el period de
1951. A continuaci6n la n6nas
de la directive quo ser insts-

El partldo Conservador no se ladsa
alals d los asin partido. Por Tullo Rueda; Presidente, Ed-
el contrario, va a slecclonen en lix E. Arrieta; Vice-Prealdente,
bloque con los candidates de Serglo T. Rueda; Secretato.
eao elemontL con n las muje- lermelinda P. de Robinon;
res de Socioedades Cat611cas y Sub Secretaria, Juan B. Mar-
dema s aupaclones qua no es- tineaz Tesorero, SUvestre Qafi-
tin InscrituM como partldos y Zale; Sub-Tosorero, Jose del
est4a alineada a las demo- C. Herrera; Final, Alfonso A-
cracias. large : OGuards, EstandarLe
Por tanto lon cqndidatos a SINDICOS: Luis A. Rodriguez,
concejales y diputados lo mis-
mo que los alcaldes serAn co-
nunes para lon conservadores s o
y los sin partido; todo conce-
dJal diputadp, o &mc1lde merkA &l S d
ctamb on comen par los sino ar
partido -T Io cotsrra1orva dlo i'
Todo conceal b dIputtdo sin lIs
partido sert tambitea conceal 1 I UI
o dlputad de sl lista caoner-
vadora, lo mlsmo que todo di- TEL AVIV, Febrero 19 c- -
putado c eoncejal' onservador rael o sel fnico pals del 'muaddo
sert de loi de sin partido. que Inslate en dediear nueve
Be lanzarl una Ulsta corn- mese del primer atoa del sNr-
pleta do esa forma par el par- vicio mllUtar (de un total d*
tido conservador. La lists mix- do aonas) al adiestramiento a-
ta tiene que ser aprobada pro- gricola. Bsta rams del ejer-
vlamente por el directorio del cito en Is qua sirven losa conas-
partido conservador que la pa- criptos de 18 afloa de edad oe-
trocina. Va el noabre de "Nalal", cx-
El partido Conservador pide presi6n mnemottenica que en
a todos los conervadores a vo- hebreo significa "Juvontud Piv-
tar par los candidates sin pa- nera Combatlente". Los of c.i-
tido, con la misma unanimi- lee e Instructores de la Nahal
dad quo deben votar par los proceden principalmente do 'as
candidates conservadores. colonlas agricolas. Todos eAioa
El partodo Conservador pide non hmbres y mujeres j6vcnep
a todos los electores Indepen- entree 19 y 27 aflos de edad. a-
dlentes, no in.Scrlto, sin parti- rralgados oen el suelo que cun-
dos, a voter per loa candidates tan con un canoclmiento amri-
conservadores con Ia misma u- cola general y qua han sido e,-
nanimidad que voten par sus cogidos especialmente par su
candidates a don de mando y sun cuallua-
Todo cludadano panameio des permonales coma gula y
eat& obligado a ejercitar el de-maeIstros.
recho del vote, Esta formula El adiestramiento en la Na-
de votacion dA la oportunldad hal eomprende' no solamente el
a lon Independlentes, a lno no curio biasoa do entrenamien-
Inscritos en ningdn partido, a to milltar que recibe todo sul-
lon sin parido y a loa8 pairtldos dado de infanteria. Tamb'i n
que no hayan podido lnhcriblr- trata de buscar la atm6aitra
se conforms la ley, a Votar i- de lIa Hgan j(ia fuerza jujia
bromente par sue candidates doe landestMl de defense orgaaii-
un amanera estrictamente de- zada antes 4 a cresactn del
mocriatlca. Eatado) con u sentido de ca-
No hay ,compromiloa despuds maraderia y/de s ervicios pc.-
do pmsadam la elycoon*e conn naonle ajmtonte doarrolla-
el del partldo Con- do. Io eual Influy6 muehiniro
servador, pars los qua no per- par mantenqr sempre elevada
tonecan al partido. ia moral deo los defennores 1P
Panama, diclembre 21 deo 1960 Israel.
C. I. L Ia 0Om. Tanto los jefes militares ca-

N. B.-Los cuoclenteg electo-
rales no se refieren nunca a
votos individuals sinq a pape-
letas de partidos, ya qqe el
cuociente no tiene otro objeto
q ueel de averiguar a duintua
repreaentaclones tiene derecho
cada partido agtn el nfimeroa

de sus papoletas. Los candi-
dates no tionmn por si mirnmoa
cuoelente electoral
La ley at referirse a los cuo-
it. aennta como primers
rla que a e adjudlcara a cada
parUdo tantos representantes
como cuoclentes haya obtonido.
81 rest aiguna representa-
ci6n. vista Ie corresponde al
partldo que hays obtenido per
lo menos la mitad del cuo-

Gilberto UmttS, Alberto Pine-
da 7 Luis 8. Ramas.
VOCAL1 rieque Parcia,
Vietorile Garcia, Te6ftlo o-
mez, Perfeeto Fonseca y Joj.
M. Oarcia.
Estsa aeoblad que. tiene 22
aflos de ohk Ip1do funda.
cuenta can un numero regular
de Wocioa y *plOp, que bajo la
buena coopsl cin de los dl-
rigente y MW smiembron ha lo-
grade obtear un buen a'norro
asi como tambl6n han conse-
guido tenr sue mlembros bue-
nos auxuliof
Las reunlones de data se c,-
lebran on Aralso los terce Ju-
mingo de eadft me a las 7 p.m
y pueden sogenclarse sin ob-
jecl6n alguna. Componen esta
sociedad empleados latinos rip
la Zona del canal.
Sin am me ddspldo on no.,-
bre de la Socledad de Benfl-
cencia Latin de Empleados au
ia Zona del Canal.
Sergio T. Rueda
Secretario i

aos pra las

me el goblerno se preocugai
porque atos dos aftas de ser-
vicle mUlitar contribuyan ttn-
to a la educacl6n de la juvcn-
tud como a su adlestramlento
de combat. El ob etivo que me
busca e@ que en el future tolo
inraeli de 20 afoas de edAd Jan
un soldada competent qua tin-
ga conflanst en at mlmo, y7
que poses una mente cultindas
habilidad agricola y apego a1
auelo y al palm Esta juvensud
producirt los mejores comaa-
tientes. Una juventud asl dark
los mejores cludadanos.

Eligen Direcliva
ile ex-alumnos
del I. P. A.
La Junta Directlva do los Kx-
Alumnos del Instituto Pn A-
mericano tu6 escogida ayor den-
pu6 de efeetuarse el reuta-
o de lon votos.
Pre4idente Henry Kourany IS,
Primer Vlce-Pdte. Enrlque Llau-
r9d6 1944 2do. vice Pdte. Ru-
bin Angulo 1947; Tesorera Ne-
llie Kwal Ben 194 socnetarla
de Acta. Alicia Sien 10WO, se-
cretArla de Corresondenuc
Og Barnoes: 1948, S oretarlo
d e Propaganda Angel Jabd 4
8eeotar de d Eatadstnt Vl e-
torlo CuanM; 1948 Vocal Eric It-
alo: 1949 y Fiscal Ritardo
Lay 1984.
L Nueva Junta'Direotiva to-,
daraA posesi6n el dia S4 de
Marzo pr6xlmo y para esta oa-
qamin sae ha preparado el re*
blMiento de lk nueva cla
graduada este alo 1951- y en
estas reunl6n se dara un asa-
salj a tedos los ex-alumnoa e4
concurran. La nueva Junta Qi-
rectiv endrA una rseml6n u1
compaa de la Diretva sa-
lUente parn planear eata reu-
ni6n del dia 16 de Marao n 61
Colegto de las Sabanas.




U Jmotde mmf M a tMa teiab db O &l S 1
puebul M- B-7 fi a : s"o s .

oMuy df1eU k irA nMio M mta tin ouaHr min i. .a-'
MterM aee p0.iuMa ur *I, ers 4 ae A, Ie
n sgor k Ma ago am v6alu
tad" par Io c usoC_
(Temaft de "E TUIM"I BGootpi)

S .-

Cita por este medio a sus accionistas pan la Auatbles
General que tendri enluar enIn oficins de la Corn.
patia, Ave.- ,Pe rN, 25 ea dio febr de
1951 a 14A 8:p, tj it

Be notifies a$ laITreqdou 4 1 Ma r.AMU
zo de 1961, a. lunuavv (9) y di-* (10) de la iMnana,
so IlovarAn a cabo an l despacho dl Ceontraler General,
las siguientes lltaoonea : ,
Sumidis* & cabnlo par. et uCeraup Poll.
cia Nacoel: 9 a.m. 1o. de.Maro, 1951.
S.iadto do Wa, couecd.i do Sthnm, m-
mlmaitro de gargs y dormbtas: 1 ma. Lt0. InO,
Los pliegos do cargo seran entragados durante las
horsa hAbile. .

SPanama 29 de Enero do


I .




Aviso de Reunuin Anual

a los Accionistas de la Compua a
La rouni6n annual de los accionistas sera colebrada
on las Ofloinas de la Compafa, Avenida Pert No. 25,
ciudad do Panama, el dla 20 do Febroro do 1951, a laa
ocho do la noohe para lo sigulentei
a) Preosontaci6n por la Junta Directiva del Balance
y cuenta doe Gnanois y Prdidas del itlmo ejerclolo;
y proyecto do dlstrlbuol6h do utilldades.
b) Elaoci6n da Directorm y iuplentes.
c) Reform do los Arttoulos 4, 35 y 22 de loI
d) Los demAs asuntos quo puedoen tratarae on
rouniones ordinarasa.

Por orden de la Junta

4k s .... .
Rob Sero tarl ate


Hasts las diez de la mariana del dia diA de MaM dew
reelbirAn en el despacho del Teaorero i~cpa'del 1
cuMbtas cerradas pars el cuido, cow d Am tora
as oa los jardine de los parquet d-.-mta. Ana,
Sbairo Porra, Sntatu y Pasco de Bal3e,. Unsea,
Plaza de bero, e. Lqji de eq
.*, ... .--
* 1 1 *: ,_ -* .,- -. *


Biwtaviatto cia lan o

tf lt.OsiW pndfl b


S t z


r Via

S Lacsao!

Sonee B. 35

Pai myers. suams

i". f. **t*b m ea 5 4** .
-^~ a. M'- f' K*ju -fa-i>"

~I~~_~_____C~ ____~__~ _I



. I

I -

Proyecto presentado al Direc-
torlo Conservador para su dis-
eusa6n pge C. M. de la OsOa,
vice-prtlwnto del partldo.
31 prIbre de junio de 1952,
el pueblo pinameflo con arre-
glo a ki Oonatltucl6n eligira
log Co8 Municipales y
los diputa4os nacionales.
El partido conservador inscri-
t legalmente va a laa elec-
cons 7 para asegurar un cuo-
clentn forms un bloque, una
allanza, dle ulteriores compro-
misas desaues de las elecciones,
con los obreros, agricultores,
empleadosi ntelectuales y mu-
Jeresa, tedas sin partido.

-, t. -...a- .' -. .. -

| ,^ ; ... ,, ^ ^ ^ ^-, y;. '. ." m
.a u*. -. -" "
., 1 -" -, : av ." ,- ,
.. *. .. i .
f1' & ta& ufik IK ill. *" .~ .*... ,

a. -
I -,

\ r:" .a 1'1.. '.. k. i .. -
y. ,; .,M r .,^ -.. : .- ... '(.. .^ E ^ .:....... .. ..
; *' ;-- *. -
S, .- .. ,. ... .
a ,". .- '., *-' --,++ "-
.'- -v," : ,- .* ... .. .*'" :'* "
9* 4
, .* ... ".- : + ,, .\ ",'; .- .f ..ii i .' A .'... .
.: ** ._- *.. 1 '- '6 *
. ,- .' ** .. ***- ,

.. ... .
t :. : -. '- r.-
t. .,




* *2 -



e @@@e*

















EAtiznado C:te:

Hoy nos presentamos a Ud. con traje
nuevo y orgu1sos de poder ofrecer a la culta
ciudadania panamefia 1o mejor de nuestros es-
Seguir al compds de los tiempos es nor.
ma que ha seguido y seguird la famosa casa de
Novedades Antonio y su hermana La Innova.
Impulsados por las convenlencas de
mejoramiento y hadcidonos eco del clamor ge-
neral, se ha impuesto la fusion de los dos m s
atractivos almacenes de Panama.
Essamos convencidos que esta union de
I fuer4,Pr nccN W con miras a dar mayors
ventaja a nuestros clients ser, sin duda acogi-
da con el benepldcito de nuestros favorecedores.
ma de vender articulos de alta calidad a bajo
precio, es la solucin inequivoca de todos los pro.
blemas q4e pueda Ud. confrontar para el desen-
volvimiento normal de su economia domestic.
Hoy pues nos presentamos a Ud. con
traje nkevo y dispuestos a celebrarlo con una
orgia de precious bajos.
De Ud. AUos. y Ss. Ss.









- *0 S@OO



Juegos De Poreelna 53 Pzas.
Jueges De Porcelana De 32 Pz a
Plito Conil "

Caerok s De Almia.Jo Desde
"O A ,-. '- .: "I.r I


- m uL

4 .1 -



0* S

Nuevo' Surtido De


Vestides, Fantastica Coleeci6n
Blueas De Seda En Todos Los

Col De
Fab Ultimos Estilos

.P .
.*a A

1.59 Hast 3.19

B fefe~c^ -te.'* :". a... -!'- .




5 a

.... ~---. ;.-.~ --

A A -:LAkTES 20,

+ -


+ l 4 "- "' "___










*00 0"



-.* A ,

-I I

mr -TC -I6 l B r 1 .

1-Novellsta trqnces.
.. --Anirftal sudamericano
S10+-Bede *e m ou
S11-Hornila otaill
i -Malabarittal
14-CiudAd dql Asia antigua ;
lfk-Escuela Ttcnita 'Ecuatoria-
aa Inic.
S17---Cludad de Finlandia
* 19--Semilla aromatic
20-Clase de tela, Inv.
25.-Sensaci6n del olfato
2 S--Que hablan en puiblico
- SO--Adverbio de cantidad
31-Primltlva, original
2 5-Pasl6n
. 9-Plants hortense, InV.
- 40-.Ofclal del ejercito turco
41t--Prenda de mujer
S4t2-Cuchillo de hoja corva, Iny
44--Rio de Francia
44.-Bebida alcoholic
51j-Trenza de espadafia
5 i--Ayuda de campo
8 6-Catedrales
-Del verbo notar

SPagina a cargo de

SPALLlMAS-Ieunao cUar.m b
KRAL-r-ai ObdlPa Otmw

Getiem. L
al. ARUELL u Am
* fllE-T.-Kariua Waes.
S O DR PUNTA-Uatrti Mbsa4p
lA l CONOPMlON-Ls A Gra m
LAM rIPx-iIMrio I i me
.lALAOA-T4lmhtIelM Patilo
ABOoNClTOIr--irI Cabtl
U3ROM-Antmilo Blo
U-Wuel 5mastuarla Jr.
r: ANDBD-FI-alUo tim aIIIn

, o
TONw-Aaumlo J. Ja.e
IjTA-Jua 4. D, Vaamom

SSA BTO-TAaMo Ollneirda
SPOCI-J A. Carnoa
S OasB J53IBU*-reMe .Wr
' PALMAS-Oiea G6tIlla
'...E pAV.MJLr *r !
A LA VA--a-olm Pluns6a
,F. F RANC1bOO-IEllo Airroha P.
J.- A r--Jmoa GGrnert (YViMvt

S" ti. i.a. e.
,.A8 IIIMA--E-pld*iTdf QuuM
. AOIIAIPAriTULO Justo V11urm
(LoS Santes
ANmOO-Donsetno Mernme
A A. MARIA-Ieartos Barn.
LACARACA-AquIlineo Moremo A.
UA _iTA-Lbopoldo Aromwim.
&K%081-Josiali UMooiiua
: A.. AIB--&oirl' Otilli Von
k --VIrgillo Ar6fulo
S ABtLA-Josen ADnmie samen
LRAREA-Jos Neves Annlio
'ORI--EduWgi M. d Go-alm
- LNQU-Casrimnro namsmef
W VA-Anael BAresm
... BA LLO-Te6filo Maio
j.3OMRERA-Aulbal Martins
jAME-FedreoUnBon G.
PO.J P-Jos B. Fuertne
.AALMAS BELLAS--Reinalde Ofbllti


m oerupcid6n cuinu puede
I NfI wer. provenide.
* Cimis -.

A- .A-"

umIshvM r:L^j:.a*apPI
1iuMiw v r~jAA
ir^-Hr^ w r AWWiFP^ rM>
j-. a

_ ~rtW .. 1 i ~'i

t '.- -
J Zr'~

*~ A

v-u.--- --.


1 .

TN I I I I -- -
E La Ctora de J6vens de esa

2-Genero de aves de Australia pDoblacon realUAZ cauupafna
4-Del verbo atorar .
5--Desabrida ic ara construction
6-Grao extens6n que e cu-.cvica para su contruccio
bre con la vista.
7-Del verbo unir -
8-Alimento providencial Penonom6, Feb. 18, 1951. hablaron en el acto el Prei-
. --Poner un instrument a Panama America dente de'h CAmara don Juan
tono. Panam., de DlD errera, el Licenclado
10-Fango Interpretando el deso de ea- Nico'sa. y mo6n 0.
12-Impida a poblaol6n y de las comuni- Cont. Otpn6 o un anima-
1 -Demostrativo, Pl. dades rurales del Distrito, la do df l CIl~o presldi
,1 -Expendio de bebidas Camara de j6venes de Penono- por Ia .d6 MstMca de Pe- P
21.-Redondeles o circulos m6 afiMada a la Junior Cham-, nonDiod, -experts Direc -
23-Nombre de mujer ber International, realizando clds de o- ffidador Profesor
26-Del verbo original plausible esfuerzo colocd hoy Ia MAzxIno Carlol Master los 5
27-Atreverse primer pledra de lo que sera Miembro de la Cimara Junior
29-Terminacl6n de diminutive el Primer Ciclo Secundario de el Curs Coadjutor, prestantial-
31-Proyecto Penonom6. Es la pledra pri- mas damask y centenares de pe-
32-Hacer ruegos mera qued6 instalada en terre- nonomefis Los. Juouores Inter- -
33-Fruto tropical. PI. nos que para Ciclo Becundarlo pretia la b.tailtud de la obra
34--Ap6cope de anto, Inv. y sin otro afln que el Mayor y por ello ollcltan Is ayuda
36--.Del verbo merecer progress de su pueblo oedleron electiva del Pobierno, de laI
37-Turco espontineamente los hermanos entidades elvicas y de todos y
38-Sablo fildlogo francs ,Conte miembros de la Junior cada uno de los penonomeftos
41-Improductlvo Chamber International. Fuera de d onatredlse diohb obra serA c
43-Participale de palabras del eBfuerso y del deseo de sus de enormen beneficloa para Pe-
45--Paraiso miembros de la Camara de J6- nonom6 y CoOe. P
48-Organizaci6n Liberal Obre- venes de Penonom6 no cuenta Corresponial. p
ra. In c. -pars la construccl6n del Ciclo p
50 -Letonia, Abv. con ninguna ayuda, ofictl nl nifCat a
.particular en este moment, pe- I -ab m p io VtWe h
S b Iro sat es de esperarse que una
Sera brindado un vez compenetrado el Ooblerno M | I 1
de la necesidad del Ciclo paraporel tra ado" I
Penonom ofrezca efecetlvo re- -
ag a jsal al Dr. dursos pars la construccl6n de Cesar Arlona
ilo. obra. Aal miemo la Camara ....... ..r. r-
Alfredo Canto espera el aporte decididoLtodos SANTIAGO, febrero 19 (Co-
pueblo de un edeficlo de v sta l rresponsal).-- Rog imosle dar
Santiago 18 Febrero proporciones Sociales y Cultu- del Interior a)B u- iin tele-
Panama Am6rica riaes como ser el Cico Secun- del In erig i to tbal I
Panama daro. do 'Penonoml. ,Do is C-. r ams Organi^te T rabs- I
mara Ge J e,#vesd GePasmA Ic t POinciVa5 6 I lnteror PaldI-
Sin distingos sociales, ni de slatteron at actor de olocacidn do,.no convlone traslado su-
banderias politicUs, un grani de l primnra pledra el Director p e a) n josti Ar l fa -al -
numero de veraguenses brinds- .Internacial de Cmara Ju- moeacerus a iscuale -
rA pr6xilmamente Un agalo nior Lcncado Hldbrando peramo tn o gridad.O Br. .W
Dr. A. Canton como recono- Nicoria y Perez quien contaga- niatro, a usted le consta que
cimiento a la destacada post- dNo el entuslasmo de s Ju- el seftor CtNar Arjona es muy
oftn quo ocupa-dentro del an- niors PenonomeLos otfrw ge- |competentg en el puesto que
damlaje educativo del pals. Co- nerosamente donar ia-' puerts desem" p*la.
mo ea sabido el seflor Alfredo Principal del edifice f diez AU David aerrio. Daniel
Canton regres6 hace pocos me- puertas m "-Par "- -- a /laie- 3 .. PedreoSaturno,_ -
ses de los Estados Unldos con colaare s p.-V'a alas e- duro Vallaraise Vio ute C, 3a.
el titulo de Dr. on Educacln En el ucblo v .^wIt a Seymndo MDeU doI Boliarl ,
y en la actualidad esti frae .int c me l ue t O ADemtlo uwie o aiIe
a la Direcci6n de esta en ell O--to-.- _-- ,Iudable u '. CAms- "ua.", a dntonios mo aeIsa
pais. Ahora el Ejecutivo lo ha na neceita Prta su .proycto aeii.^ .Quia, Rodaie Ao hlaIy ,
escogido para dirlgir el cursoyuda.oficial y particular onf to- Miel Aalopts. TelRma io Atha-
de verano en la Escuela Normal mao aasoo ;el diod Oriiu
J. D. Arosemena y es do eape- tarseaP 010o nomI del Cricd que Rodriguez, Andf L6ph Jr..
rarse que dada su experienq anto as ela y neceslta. Estos
y preparaclon, este resulted un terrenos cedidoa tlenen capaci-
verdadero exito. El pueblo ha dad suflolente Data.varies g-.
mirado con impatia sta eaeco- alos a s G d o.l RED PANAMERICANA
t -inima e V ie u a Is Pro-s Presbitero doctor Miguel Angel ti e 0os
vincia de Veraguas pormlazos Mor6n bendijo a primer ple- III I
famlliares Y de vieja amistad. ra y manifesto sus deseos por
Segulmoa informando. el exito de la obra que los Ju- .m mlrP nrnrama 1
Corresponsal. n ores con tanto celo auspician .IiJuI. pr. ,ru ,.um A

conoce y

las sena


-- i-ti


de trafico



Xicina do oonatruccl6n del Hotel El PANAMA con
aredes e9 secolones ,dqearmables ineluyndo toda la
lomerfa Inrtalaoiones el6ctricas. Dede ser removida
)or el licitador. Propuestas selladas seran recibidas
iasta las 3 p.m. del Martes, 20 de Febrdro de 1951 por:

Arango & Lyons, Palsmath, &A.
SApartado 1948 Tel. 3-4211

. ; _

-.a -- ,

nois tAi e. is-A.M

0f5lo0 ..o. 7w3doo1--
rrlmtest, *Ie
coPUDS0ts ln

coma.)m, n _ot

tivar s q".e E'. R "
mer Buplete sor F bit ants
DE RYAN, pesto que use man- pr et dellto de Abe
damle jaia *Sitaselai tnoded. Tumbianu
l.. senior s A ps L6pcsc q -
Con gran sorpresa despum do denuncia prse a '
venri actuande la suplente des- nor Reginaldo .4~
de; el dia I e l n. tes, o w d4I o
enU la & de h 1 debidst .
isnl:o i uevo' slefto PB ..
E E. LOP E, quien ha si- .lver Geono te

Atalays, Feb. 1s, 19681 p ese. Solo end
PanamA Am rica. hauta IM dCe del dia dqrante
Panama. ,dor wsoee al1 m mu-nhol eam-
Vecinos. eota desean aervilo Dumin ore s re sAn ser a-
Unldad SanitarIs sea durnnleaa dIeso. CopEM ,W R aaldo de
todo el dis 4 cuatro vece ai lo..anterior a la autdridades
mes contando Atalays como un cqmpetentes.
buen edifico Unidfld debe s*
provecharse el mismo lo mAs Corresponsal.


Ndmeros Elteros Premids on el Sorteo Ordiqarib No. 1667 del DiWmfgo 18 de Feburro de 19.4
Sbillteentero compreade 2 fracciones dlvididaa en doi series de 26 fraclote c ads una denominada "A" y. 'B".

Premio Mayor

egundo Premio

Tercer Premio

SPnwEE i 1462

156.M 1303
3s.6 146a
IM.N Il3
16.66 183
IMse. I m3

PremI, NO PUkl NO.

Z.M I M 1M6 aM
so, 2m 2 I39U





ft-oa Nass
156.66 4m
IM.M6 41I
2,66.M 42M3

Ia.N 093
156.6 4a
M15.M 4803


"Ia. 6 -
1sMee MMge

ut.M *111
IU,. I
2.M65M 'M
asNJe0 s1 11
IM.M *M3
IMS.M eggM
1MM 5 MM

B. 52,000.00

B. 15.660.00


In." TMU
5I6.6, 113
m.m. 73
IN.M6 I 738
IM.6 TMs
IN,.M TM13
-w 710


9yasn .4
IM.M* I -M3
u- a-
IM.M1 I $t1

15a.. 686
1IM.M 615M
15.6M Mm
IM.M '6M6

fr *- i ,

IM. -
IMseM see




I4 2.10II M. M Si| US Min Mft. M IXM IM.S Mm 10M1T 0. | M S | 21 M .W I

U4 I i m I I i */ I lIi SM G

Ml 1 31.M4 I t6 13M.6l6l IO t. 1 4A I MU 6' 136.M 45 13.66 1. IT 1 2t 2I 4 41$.6L I M KI 1t 6 l.


034 I I Is "mI- isM lAIisesM 3 1 IM.M 6 6m I-.M m Uj IM.M "Mn 1M If 1 IMM IM IM.-M
I I -- l i
S111 IM.M I ilT .M 1M8.M1 IM.M | I0. 1N.M I. t ll 1.l M'f IMn.M 01 I
218 I3.M 2216 166 1.6 164.M 132 S2I.M 1-5. 1i.M I ia a"M 1: h Il A s -i .

Lo' premlos del Sortae del Cdomlqo fueron vendIo fl: el primero en Chitrd; el segiudo y el teretro am Panaia.
LEs neoveleato billets esteem tomlnaMes an y -nsrenmadtlm ean IasH sM e Iedmse mts o eide" eon
"mculneta -9 pi IaltaM (3/UtS).
Por billete enteo se entlende las elnseuvt a I=0t ca i1e 0omponeq lS doe sertls "A" y "A".
FIRMAN SL ACTA: La Aitoridad: El Oobernador d6 la Provlnca de Panama, JOS DOMIWDO -80TO
El repreentante del Minlsterlo de oNsotda y Teoro, JOSE MANUEL VANUIA.
Trm l't M "' '."
vm 3 ergos.-- a No. 746-2l.l 0S!L u Mi.. '..


MI -T -- 1 --
U1oe U en
Oee. 'F



s.-p .. -
ka trains

* .

.! ilis

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. I I -

__~ _~_~_~~~~~~ ~~~ ~ ~__

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* ap^t^^^

I + a1 di t I

*c~ -:; -Jg-;-".-..t:;.,:":.4;.t

7k. -. -
** ..k' .~ -

.. .-.. .: .

- Ut PaNa~





r de mntenIer contacto doa
y dopgat era

veron IIiev

Sl m torl C ase. .nat Cn, one
3m- 1tl o ie o ue"Sto an Chinmdo Mo-

s I .u e eeuietra m dot 1l.

en iondteaw.

Eta.deepacao da dh. mh en o

ion 4 ent oto CIn v ahenanais
J0er no is embsada" bnltes,.nleea

PETICOTES GINlURA- 2.95 ,r ea a t prte ur d.
R.o, celete, blano. TaUs: China fue l conetoatuda
pequetls, median, grande. "q Dnor lap comuniataa.y que toy o*
mTnustag no han lorado conoi-
PETICOTES GRANDES-2.95 l har mu dominio alm.
Tlha 40 43- 44 y S.. nt mAnamo Informante.
Blanco y oM.' duriante leos mses reclenteM ht
r, :-i -' ,,-t \ crectdo extraordlnartamente el
oCAM SEY -o de reMatencls anti.

iB...l: Tiei; :'3a-0. *Afrea aue para lanzar :va'
r Ldebkt.

M Eontane. Las bands de guerri-
E1Wia .h.225 herea as ESIuman .do.@las. n
m a h laintervenctdndlreota Gde loM
naclonsUltst; perD Aites tratari
PTIcoTES BE CI TURA ynrla coan arm v mu-
oNlP'ANTI Is NINAS i o n filonet, 55 0o0o 0on dinero.s
t yelt, l; I r ot d los edtih pIblw. A
~Til:-2 (Le8r del enorme ro que Co-
--i Ella: i-4y..;, I" S I ren, hay muchoa marinoas de-
SEpeal. 5 cado l trico d es. De
Especal.. 2,25Formosa me envian todos lo a-
O1A- '* Oripol de oue loe aclonalitaa
nueden preachndlr. ast como di-
nero. CIe ion deseunbarcados on
Sdeterminadon punts d.o cotsa
china. en donde Catrullas de
g uerrlleros a c recima.
A El nele& o de loa guerrillerqs
T\ PETICOTES PARA NIAS opera en chunkipnga, s cias
SI Bn Jere batista, Cue fue capital na lonatita du-
S 'Jlr Talus: 8- 12 6 14. Lante sla ueun. a muerra mun-
c y pial r29' dial. 7 hea otro riwpo Importan-
Se .. re cuyo cuartel general eata en
chengtu. una capital provincial
ROia celeste, blanco nro, Atrilo Lbs naeionalta, al truladari
1i65 1.95 2.95 s 3M5 ,a uobierno a Formosa. dearon
ein vl tierra inlle chita cente-
COMPRE AHRA nares de adles de Solddos que
Sno podian Hevr a Ia Ialsv que
kson o.ra guerrilslre-. operandos
bjo jetatura in1 general T
STun -nan uno de los princlpa-
lc lueartealnten de OhilasA
Lea' rel-ehen. r c

l^.teStoI twlb, sri ete avidit
bt3&adeauuese drmte laie maule-
Spuede 4d.Cs UolAr s0 milas por
teM por la RAW. L slouet a is
etwer- ud el Sual fbI tomada sla
Mff u


Mire at future de su bijs l eesrelam eon
un lote de terreno. Paras ear esto Ia s readad,
ngrm est nuatro CLUB DE LOINSt y tea la
uert de lanaieo eon alo /300 seomanales.


OWUe "A" No. 3

Teloneo 3433U

' '" .** .1,:



45RPN 331/3 RPM
Desde nis dfamtiles por Eleanor Roosevelt
"Pops Lik the Show" y "Call Me Madam"
bht Isa bisita Misica Clisca con
Tosca y Ia NBC. -

Ave. Central 29 Tels. 1.2566 y. 2.334


quae lliermo C stado ev6 a so herero a na de las
i s alias ctegorlI d- so reino pol las excelentes armaduras
doe ierrm y acerm qe ateo coafecclonba para protecci6a do los

S asiaiSmo, s .l paS omerciales, lsu hIdustria, los patmimes
y los obreros quo luchdi por el progress en el maundo de oy,
S hua elevadoe d oSI O COLECTIVO DE VIDA a las mi aha
Scteoeria, porque am a que on el SEURO COLECTWOIDE
S VIA Meacueitram s r iate protecci6n pars elos miusme uss

Sn bins U


. '

Do M JURO, 8;A.
FARMl 1 .p9! *

* .


don cde

7notta $

&manac de Vesti

t/ %







No plerda la oportunidad do adquirir
primoroeso vestidoe oon poeo dinero.






Y osl oncuentran l gran oportunidad on el Club que mas ventajes les proper-
ciona. Siga used of mismo plan y obtedgo la seguridad do vivir ods conforteble.
monte desde el moment quo so suscriba a nuestro Club.

tuestro Club es el que time
mayor omiero de socos y d
mis satigno de la Repilica.
DR 6 .

Con 45 Semanas: Jueeo ps
ra Sai doe Pleas.
Radios, Refrigeradora, Lave.
doras. Miquinas do C ser.
MAqulnas de escriblr. Istufas
de Kerosene. Abanices. LAM.
paras rstidenoidles. Archive.
. dores. Estufas para gaps. CtO
chones. Lln6leo6. Alfombras,
Bicicletas de lao mojeres
Llantas y atrasu pars
Carros. Chivas y Trucke.
Relojes. Sertijas y otras pron.
dae do Joyerlm y Paterlfa
Juegos de Cubiertes Vajillas
Cristaleria. Artiuloes pari re*
Trabajos garantizades.
Cualquier otro artioulo deide
diez balboas on adelants.
No tenemo s curMa ts -i
ageonites vdedors.
Reparamem Radios do
oualquior marea.

Entregamos Is mercaderia I memento de suscribirse. enviindola a s cams.

Ademis del ndmero que llija REGALAM08 OTRO NUMERO CON EL CUAL tIENS
OPCION A GANARSE. 1 Juego do Rocimare o Comedor completess. quo obsequit.
mos SEMANALMENTE a nuestrbse uscriptores.


S. A.

Mmueblrna Ferreteria Areuloos de Ca
Jouveri Pla tris Objetos para R IegalI
(Ave. Central No. 20) proximo a a L4hrlia -(Antigus Perretort a uWUe)

El mdrlto de nue ro Club o vpeoneude per mnles do hease OOn t10e iBa b4ibAt-

U.AL: La atedusetal Madem, 8. A DeptWu Gde made 1 1es
SPaert, Ventaaas, Marcom y Modura p rs .onstmtruccl. tota
egM"er etUow tralbo .g demBdL amo en la m teI& de udoIes
tI M y ma e 1 is aoe d ap .. ..:
Ao owur. Ua detesress h-l a) Vest lar Au Oe 4

t._I 1fty~r~;-*irjlliil --u -*-- C* -

en todos los



brIeeo Meteuoe -
bra Inglaterra.
horse, y as usido en
d6reeha ea la e otre




Socios favorecidos on Febroro 18,
de 1951:
fr. PANDOL S. MILLNGS Zio AA OCal G. No. I*M --
I|ft d o semn T sII *"m1- e sal n Pa tmaer, abn.-
Mir. u" a GaS. cor can I ioan&.
S. Al CLSmT Pultel No. 21-A I Vita l aweeei
* -d e rt 1e s ee at ,,s u r
ituaabflthuI ma. ia is daambps. -oa"psInterses. DaOw.
dr. WsonsL A. Nt Cult 14 Outs .e. K I Uebtl de
o fa elamte, e Inhiltat. G. oansda m3 s emnaas.
9etI. n OA CALDIMON Calls 1? Oe t e. I I CaItle
I l Mjf TI I Co .t OtOmda C- U smasm.
Sr. ABIHAM BOqtIZ w Ave. A e. a at aeN ie dIru
..i "s m -wi "Fmt lOBe G.u"nda ten? a uIaats.
gr. til O maIOIOA -' Avs nett, No. N14 I Radil di
I sole~ rNMdU. rMh." GF e. 7 *-m ...,
Br DEMXNTRIO U. UIOLA Calls n U. o.11 -1 CU is = adera
en eter cults son Sprns y ColuMn. Gamada am IS amanas
Sr. OTO nEL ANDY e- Ule 3m. i. K. I bile marn "Bush"
it Ca.- vherni GUan r li m -Mauss.
deT h bpare ste Gsonn I se II means.
*M. TOMAA D. DX VILLA AL Ave Ancn, No. 13 1
MHr Ma s xtmli y 4 nplmdiande psn emesr. smail.
amdn color rnmsalm l Gm~a6 cunm 12 sma.
Sfe. KNIICTA B. E AL O Calls U Otst. N. 4 I
Raid are e "R.C.A. Victor" s tr andms. Oanesea m I
r. I RT ca e. I. Is -- I Ca d i metal cn
ns roIrth6n. Giasde emn I sem1a 4.
Srt. u ANZA TEJADA Ave. Central, No. 2 I Cam Indl.-
vlul de rmadera a Choleit 7 py ta u d rmierts .bawn.-
udsi n sler via. o soeu n s sImInas".
sr. J0oS rONSECA Calle C. A. Mendo., No. 61 I Nadle
SlewMt Warner .e I tubs. (oast eon I1 ssmiM.
Sr. JOSm mLx AMADO Call A. Ne. 2 -I Mesa mrlierls
eon toi vidrls. CGanmda tn t. s .manas.
Sr. AsE MORALS CaHs Is. No. 14 1 Spring de rorte per
csde u, nmr. "SliamnM Gnaid e6a rt muanz.
S? JERSOM0 9. ADMA83 Ave. Cmatral. No. 15 I Came rus
herstsmd un uolor natural -eon Stea y Cleh6l OaMids en
*n. ANA PUSEZ OD. BROWN Calls 14 Olt. Ns. 90 I aunlf
de od sMeelsnes parA b4d, e eteolr tusd. Gas6 en BS
Sr. lnIONl BOTELLO lslarria do MIntranetl, Na. t I
lieletta par hkstre mB r "AunastW" ring doe U".Ga OMad
sn sq snanas.
Sru. OGPORIA HUBRTAS Call C, No. s I MAula de
uscrlbir maren Underwood. (asieu eon 31 semuas.


*AVISO: Por motive do inventario, temporalmente
haremos entregas do muebles per site.
ma do Club, con un dqp6sito REDUCI-
DISIMO. Aproveche eats conceml6n Tnica.


I7--YII-~-_ --- -- -- --- ~ '-- '

1. --~--. -~_

I~ __~ -~ ---al

- -I --




. .,, .




Miscelineas Bienes Raices Autom6vile
. v NDINP-Cl ves, tubers n ,;. SE ALQUILA:-0 so vende. Casa do SE VENbE Buick 1940. Exclente
m ceanlade, FP-Tex( Icet6 campo en Chorrera (El CQcol Tel. Could. busno liontas y repuesth.
"eledee pemr cele rtlesM made- 3-0255. radio. Precio base- B/450.00. 'Mo-
im. bevemeamn. eucmasde. etc. a r en- tel. 3-246;, Avenida 1a. No.
I proima mi. bejols e plane. SE VENDE Negocio productive on 32., El Carmen.
AOINCIAS GLOIALU, Vie. lis. lugar 6ntrico y commercial por r to .
s' ., e Jua Prnca. Tel. poderse tender personalmente. Ih-
MaW a formarse en el Comisarito Pono- .
ma, Call. 21 de Enrro No. 6. S NECESITA
SE VENDE: Incubadora elictrica. V S
Tel. 3-0255. SE VENDE Un negocia. Colle 18 D@m6stic
T -025 Este bis No. 70.
SE VENDE: Madera usado en per- SU VEND-- Lot. con frente a SE NECESITA -. Una carguara con Ci
fectes condiciones, a precious in SE VINDI: Lote con frnte a Via reforencios. Coll@ Colombia y Colls
compatencia en la plaza. 1x 6 Espara y carco al Hotel El Pona- 50, Apts. Mayfair, Apto., No. 4. SE
2 x 4 --'2 x 6 2 x 8 4x m. B.12.500.
4 -6 x 6 8 x 8. PARECES ROBERTO MIO., 2-1215. SE NECESITA: Emplcdse serial, per
Y CIA. LTDA. Ave Pablo Arose- S competence y con buenas referen- asW p
mena No. 10 y Deplsito en Paoi- SE VENCE:-Borato motvo vtle. c.os, pora 6ficies do casa in gen- 1. -
tilla 'Call 12. Tels. 2-3238 y 3- contina, hotel, restouronte, Nue- ral, dObe dbrmir en *I ampleo, pa-
47. va Espoao, Chorrera, inf6rmese ro informs dirilose a call 49 No. 1SE A
I________ llamando-ol 3-0699. 19, Belle Vista, muy c'_

l.W final y colle 43
- Apartamen*o. Dos.
lrionmedor. No. 150
m. Acuds Foto V.
iWo ediflclo.
- Apartamento: dor
id, comedor. En piso,
rch. $75.00. Ocurra
23,'Apto. No. 1.
- Recamara grand
ai todo Io necesorlo
Itio sin niAos y un
iltero. Calle 45 No.

-Aportamento fresco
, tries recimoros. dos




SE VENDE:-Adquiera sus tiquetes SE VENDE:-Por no podoerla atendr SE NECESITA:-Empl.eda pa Porh".Ljarto seviio, Colle
de Ia Rifa de Los Leones. par Ss. DE n oSE NECESITA:-Empleada pare olf- No. K,' .
tm de Club en La C del Pan- rsonolmnte su duo, barrot- cos generoles de cos, hra de AL pr no c
talon. Si nose 1 ogano pagandoB. ria pequtfia, buen equipo. blen si- trdbaojo do 7 a 2 p. m. Coallse 48 SE AL Aportmento, con
I 00 seminal durante Doce Sema- tuoy con my bu promeo No. 27 Bella Vista. d i O ir, con solo-ca
as tambin se entregar de venta diarna. Colle.43 Este No. dpr, U oros, porch. tinas
sle58. Bello Vista. SE NECESITA:--Corguera y cocine- vor,.' Ie33-A, calle 32 E
que e. ________ ra. Deben dormir en el ,empleo. par .70W. Llome telafono
I VINIDE-Mdquis perter.edersm do .VND Casa comp letmente Calle 48 No. 2. aportomento 2. 1456.
pes "DuqP-Er form Pi e nuevo de dos aportomentos. de 2-
m. 4" 6it' ". At.oi A "- recimoros coda uno, late espacloso SE NECESITA:--Cocinerq competen- SE ALQUfLA,-.-Pbo alto caso 10
ce Te 2.326 a rco a Vio Espa~a y Hotel Pane- te. call@ 50 No. 48. lie Urwui. 'con tires rec-mar
ol. Tel. 2-310. mi, B.24,500, tiene hipoteca. 0.-. lo coPed, etc. por
SE VENDE~:-Veinte botellos de vi- 5ETO MIRO 2-1215. SE NECESITA Una buena emplea- 90.0. LUp tel fono 2-1454
SdEr di ngalon di cacd ca ., ----i- CO do con recomendaci6n para servl-
dro un o n gal6n de aa cidarid c- SE VENDE:-Coso en San Francisco cip de case. Tiene que dormir en el E ALQUILA: Apartamento c
do C con un tleta de 3 remora, safe- empleo. Muy buen sueldo mensual. Juan I. Soum No. 3. Tel. 3-36
SE VENDE:-PLYWOOD de Abedul comedor amplio, Lote en esquina Esquina Calle 49 y Colombia ALQUI .E:--Amp d r
1-4 grueso. Mide 48 x'72", a B. de 406 metro cuodrados. Buen No. 11. ALQUIIASE:-Amplo deportomer
6.00 cada uno MUEBLERIA LA precio. Informes: Juan Navarro. con d reimarras, meseto, sc
COMPETIDORA. Calle 16 Oeste Avenido Cupa centre colles 25 y SE NECESITA.-Empleado para que- comedar. tina para favor en a
47. Tel. 2-3181. 26 Esfe. Telfono 2-0481. haceres de coso. Debe dormir en el tea, bolcoeis, etc. Casa 23, A
e .. mpleo. Engel Ave..Norte No. I 2 B. Llome Tel. 2-1456.
II AeNe comprir un cerre. alontos. Rdteeisendimesle inspeccionar y comr- unos escalones hocia el mar.
motors o cualquier artefaco o paror el modern, espociosol c6- SE ALQUJILA-Aportomentos mod
utensilo electric Irefrigeradora, mode chelet de 3 re mares Mcon SE NECESITA:-Empleoda para cui- nos, aniplios, frescos, una rec
lavadora, lampaors. plancha. tosta- 2 baRos etc. situado en Call, 40, dor nmo etc. Cormir en el traboa- moral, call la. Perejil, desde B.A
dora. etc I Ilame a Car'os Guevora, Vista del Mar, No. 3, con cuol- jo. Colle 44 No. 30 plaort baja. 00. Inf6rmese Formacia Son R
ne omnlwaf hnn hdl

'. T el. 3 10O- 6 3 I 0 ra orr
Ts.3-103363-1' 0 quiera osto aetie. La campare- SE NECESITA Empleada buena les.
pci6nis gvrtls pero su resultddo d Debe dormir en empleo. Troer re-
SE VENDE Equipocomplet de oitive e, po Ud. Wolff 2- ferencias. Colle Dariin No. 5. SE ALQUILA:-Aprtomento de
Restaourante consistent en' Estufas. 2388. Ato. 12-A. reemartra, dos'baros, Bella Vis
Refrgeradors sills delulo, me- SENECSITA:-Buno cocnero qu Cll44ENo.32.Tel.3-08
as. luegas completes di va ills, duerma en el emplec. Buen suel- SE ALQUILAN Deportamentos
ot en d cocna etc. etc. y Ta e raD Citad do, inttil presentorse si no sobe uno y dos recAmaros a $50.00
muy raon able. Dric aCntn y Justlcia as tratara sobre la su oficio. Tel. 3-0255. Sro de $90.00. Edificio ALBERTINA. Av
"La Florida" Cale "K"' No. 6. forma de elevar el nivel cultu- Arias. nedo Ecuador y Mnxico. Cuidac
*-------------- ral de nuestra radio para quie ---- tiene los vs. Tomas Arias, T
I endeemos las melores marcas- Pin- pueda derivarse de ella todo el Familio Europeo de 4 personas busco -1707.
turos Sherw.n Williams, Corradu. beneficio para. la cual ha sido empleada con buenos referencios
ros Schloge v Russw.n. Celotex instaurada. ,k para los hoceres de a caso y M ISCELANEA
S paro cielorosos. Cement Ponoma. Termino 416ndonos el Lic. sepa algo de cocinor. Debe dormir
SBisagras y ferreteria Stanley. Po- Faundes: "0& es justo que I o en el empleo. Buen sueldo y trato.
pel Sisolkraft y un surtdo compie- oyentea tengan que escuchar Ocurro Alexonder Son Froncisco, SOW --Pinton do
to de otros materiales de construe- varlas horas aguidal de mare- Calle 13, cosa 21, Lunes despu6s treat isto. eonMis tienicos. ago
Sc.6n enlregados en su obra cuon- boS, guarachasy demise cancio- 4 p.m. tfo par uin afMo. presupuestos groa
do los necesite Nuestro Lemo ne populacherma, tan s6lo por-- Te 2-1276
Caolidod Superior. Servicio Esmera- que la persona ique esta frente PERDIDO Servicio de oRadio Somoniego. So
do, Entreqo Puntuol. ALMACE- al microfono o el productor de PERDIDOn talasa s radios
NIS MARTINZ, Ave. Norte 83, los programs radliles tenga ,c nos m6dicos. Trabojos gorantiz
Tel. 2-06L.Q.. uns cultural que le impide a- PERDIDO:--Perro policla color cho- dos. Colle 12 de Oetubre .
preciar la buena musica y los colate con monchas bloncas en ,,l12d-- rl----
buenos programas,'Ea 'por Ataes Bello Vita el* viemov-por to tar-
SE .NECESfA razones que plenso pedirle la de. Recompens al qlue lo encuen-
E N cooperacidn debida a los pro- tre. Familiar AlemAn, calle 49 y SE VENDE
n General pletarios de emisoras para que Colombia. Artfcuio de Ct
meJoreri su personal, ya que la Is----
' "-"- Alg Ixtt: Hocinddose radio es el vehiculo mis direc- | |||
agente vendedor en lo Joyer H- to de orientac6n, teniendo la ALQUILA SE VENDEN todos los muebles y eq
S waii. Ave. Central 56. ventaja de que llega a miles de po de cose par motive viobl ext
2 NE,"-TAN:-Tres ogentes yen- dentro y fuera de li fronte- 3-1717. ,.
.... .A oyeC aentesm 1 yaun 'md o tempo, Cuarto. rior. Calle 45 No. '30. Tel6foi
doelres p:ra el Club Renocimien- ra patri-as.". '-
to,. lle -17 Oeste No 31, Tel ra patrias. SE ALQUILA;-Un cuarto en los al- SE VENDE: Baratisimo. Estan
2-2673. Pueden se caballeros o tos de la ponaderia Anc6n. Colle peinadora, come, colch6n Holly
dartios pero con ombiciones de o 'VrOS CASO"i Estudionrte No. 195. Actida Apor- wood, gemelas, coobo, spring, cc
g nqr'dinero S e es suplico sir- tomento J. ch6n de resorts, bicicleta. Tel.
van traer su cornet esposa, dejando su carro esta- 2749.
cionado en una calle cercana, y SE ALQUILA:--Cuorto refriterodo.
*M NICESITA CON URGENCIA los al salir del cine pudo constatar 'Informes calle H No. 18, toelfono SE VENDE-2 cunos con colch6h
Sigulentes fractures de nuestra Em- que los ladropes le habian ro- 2-2948. spring intern, juego do comedy
presa: 5049-C. 5050-C. 5328-C. bado una bacteria nueva avalua- uno estufo Perfection kerosin. S
519-C. 531I-C, 9844-D. A loi da en-B.27.00 y una llanta nue- SE ALQUILA:-2 cuortos altos Ave. Francisco, Ave. 6o. No. 12. Te
pe sona que lIa peans., let rogs- Va avaluada en B.30.00. Central No. 82. Ocurro a los ba- 3-1971.
m e comunicerse. pare s conve- jos Almocin Nuevo Mundo;
Plancie, cee Is Garemnacib ta t
Empremo. CIA. PANAMlIlA D P ra SE ALQUILA: Cuorto omoblado. LECCIONES
ACIITES. S. A. Tel 3-1371 Apar- enetran en entrado independence, en Bella
todo 1910 Panama. R. de P. Jiadas a cinco mills al estc de Vista. Tellfono 3-0760 solamente
-Sedl cruzaron el rio y estain- para soltero. COMIENCI HOY MISMOI Si U
SE A UILA ccron una cabeza de puente SEALQULA urto cn sabe leer y escribir. pueds aprei
SE ALQUILA norte del banco aunque tuvi- to o sin ello hombre o mu- t;emn su propio coso, nmuy co
-, ron que retroceder bajo el pe- .t sola Ave Peru No 2.- to tempo: Ingis, Comerclo, Con
0Iocales -ado fuego comunilta con am- trucciones Motores Diesel, Ing
tralladora y morteros- SE ALQUILA:-Cuorto grande con nieria Civil. Refrigeraci6n, y mi
SE ALQUILA.-Local commercial en bolc6n y entrodo independiente. chas otras mAs.. ISCUILAS$ IN
C lie Chiriqui No. 2 Inforimes te- pra uno o 'ds personas responsoa TERNACIONALIS DE lA AMER
lono2 -28 o2A8 anun rbles. Llamar 2-3356. CA22,LATINA, Aparte 91. Tel. 2
l"fomo 2-2948 2-2948 Alanundarse- bl"s Lomor 2532, Pamamli.
SE ALQUILA:-Locol para of.cina o0 SE ALQUILA:-Cuorto omoblodo, B.
clinic: Avenida B No. 59 altos te hombres en las carreteras 25 00 mensual, pora hombre so-
Acudb sucuFsal Sylvaona en mis- siete mIllas al norte de Wonju y lo. Entrodo separada Avendoa Er- Ndee
:,, No deje que el diploma de su
: mo edficlo. treat mUls al aur de Hoengson. nesto Lefevre No. 32, Porque Le- qi ue ci diloma ded
SE ALQOILA:-Local para oficnea. En ]as montafas sus centrales fevre. hiJo se ensucie 0 SC pierda.
arribo del Teatro Central. P lar. --sfuerzas surcoreanas I a M,..hl.-. 1 mARI 1
rnrTlr~ Atdhl La Muebleria EL_ DIABLO

. 5 ALQUILAN:--Exclusvomente pa- coreano de slete an ueve millasm A d e I pondri en un Undo mareo
re oficinos locales cintricos en los as norte de Chechon, pero al =a r on vidrio. a un preelo bjisi-
altos do Avenido Central 44 o norte de Chechon ha habido d- I me. Avenida Central 8
procis m6dicos. Soliciten Infor- biles ataques rojos. los resultados censales es un
_ maci6n en Almacenes 5 y 10 cen- En la costa estate, la fuerzaa process delicado y complicado
tavos. surcoreanas hicleron retirar a como lo prueba la misl6n que
Kanchung. 20 millas al sur del ]leva el senor Marecki al Ecua- Tenemos en existeCla:
tparalelo 38. En el frente naval, dor, para servir de Asesor del
*- *j,*''7 aviones destruyeron baterlas Departamento de Censos de oI0 .
SE ALQUILA: counts de 75 mmetroqu ese pais. en esa material. A su HIERRO DE
abrio6 fuego sobre la flota de reireso es posible que o*entre-
las Naclones Unidas, bombar- viste nuevamente con nuestros
Local eSpaCi deando la costa este de Won- funcionarios del Censo sabre R U E
an. No se tiene mayor infor- estos problems y la experien-
p*arn, delsito o taller. macl6n sobre los marines sur- cia del Ecuador en esta mate-
para depOsito o taller. coreanos que ocuparon dos islas ria.
6curra: y desembarcaron en los subur- CLAV 0 S
blos de Wonsan la semana pa- C
Cia. Santefta de Licores rada. En la costa oeste lar Ma G A N E de today clase
Calls "H" No. 23 Inchon, reci6n capturada, 18
mills al sur de Seoul.
Tel. 2-2964 Las filerzas de las Naciones Z I C
Unidas entraron a la ofensiva' 1iN
a 10 mills al norte de Chechon,
en el coraz6n del territorio co- A
muniala. Luas fuerzas avanza- JALA
AVISO AL PUBLICO ron 4 millas a pesar de la terca 2 6 2
resistencta norcoreana, para 2' 6 v 2* s *8
De conformidad con lo que capturar un estrat6gico punto'
tablecl el Art. 777 de' Codi- .Lto una mills al sur de la lla Calibre 26
.o de Comercio. aviso al de Chahon. El ataque our6 todo
blico que por medio de la el dia respaldado por artilleria
tura P iblica No. 255 de rodent e incursloneg aereas.
o 16 de 1951 de la No- Lo gra ndes caflones se acredl-
Segunda del Circulto de tan por sl solos alrededor de
a. he comprado al sefor dascientas muertes, pero laS ba.-
LOENZO DURAN Jas totaea no hansaido ca (
Stableclmlento comerelal ladas.
ledad denominado 11 1 U
=fencione en @lN," Bao4B a l- CMntI d, a a-
lle 16 Oeste de etd que sabmn s que el Br. Ibarocn si. 'w
CabU dnee n s **ortadn sobare lc p A....i

----- w; erm._.I..ian" "eY0 ftquio aCU..




Aceite ra
Do vento n

______.__ __...____________. .. .
-, -. .

75. ,'y.
a q. .
we. alg de ra~4 e34es "6olarorif" parsa vitrinas
Materials I d f ..
er.- Cocina. d, Pes. Telf. -240 Panama hen por
60. VENGA A UON .o 'sa
Ro- Y 81 ND o o M El dr a .,". cas e. 0.. een ia sBy -." ,;n
bi- 0 Wo PoM Eprogma de o.m Md eS
TRAR 8U008, CON US .. .0-TA- I& toAiemans. '
- LE DIRSMOS DO?14DB M Mi. (P)- '"Rar- done el sal brlla, s
;o acts onho nor ,,imew o alosi almnesdi o ee. na,, .
UGoO. F. fC. Io he*a, para due podimoa seas. -
1 0. eF *N Iy hM de do, iE Linares dormtr en i is". Bn ltr... r, .
Y 1 "'o los rearnen",. e due- Ie tecuerda a uno qt
ve- P moa ontln on el los gardas franceas n mnands emplearon eu arte
dor programs de los actors que se M t41n. *'.Jejenu que su pals gia n Mucnho dxtok lten.
e. B I S A G R A S celebraran on honor a la me- se convierta en dampo de bata- dieron la Galas. de leso brb- ,
morla de don Enrique Linares, Ila cuando los cafioned abrah ros aosteniendo s a lines. an~-o
C 0 B R E A D S, el dia 23 da.los corrientes: fuego. No queremos mas gue- Rin.
de bronze y cronmadas PrOGRAMA P rra aquil",* .r'a oe d def,~ .. al oa
SI--Lohengry"- .... Preludio 'Las chapas de .Autom6vUl de afioq do paz bajo aquel siateiha,
la g ont nortei'merleana de ou.- *.e 1 ltaue, claro ea-
n. CORREAS DE II-Discurmo de apertura par el pacl6n svempre hacn que en 1s 't "Varo pir B lel one 6 Ai
DPresdete deComit eo conversacl6n se able de Ale- tratpndo de x demwaiado apri-
S TRANSMPsident del Comi, S r mania y de la guerra. En et sa'eado lj, amo Ma
is. T R A N S M I S I ON DomiclS&lO Brace y C. sitib, donde los Alpes ,merdldo- Artth n'A Careal"
de lona y caucho III-"Peer ynt" Muerte de Ae nales besan el MediterrAneo y Aq lIs gente habla de l
r e -G r e g h u n d e n "o l, b rf. % U. e 1 1 1 3 1 1 ;. e 0
~r* ~ ~IV-Panegirico del Patricia Do n es es' at lam ediflios .UniseW16% it
Enrique lnares par Don Jo- aa a d
- A eE. LefeIre Doa. 's po metraill y guerra civil. Ambas pareceeq
S'"e RiLeo A. i0er r s lMle reea ord a uno equiditantes en el timpo...
.V .V._ Du. Muert ....... :nto l italianos mo n artculo que no MA lita4
.............. oac.80gkeyak? 4 %.ti7ePfti, asteltr., .
C A Sij'O'ai fri AeMVIht-t- d "Il
A VI--. icurs de -radAclmio j io ...S o atea. y taccos so
p0 Don riqueLinres Jr o que lo 1 itallanos IFncllente yati,
Calls 16 Este No. 4 m Linares la qure que as rea me log ale- .ho que tiven en remolquo --
Tell. 2 -3 V "te N..m.l Linarea. mansifsde la" z6oat 601deftnt r-t- akamovilates.4r .*.mgir .1
Tel. 2-3335 V- "Parsiral" .... Proe6n le a porque lo tuleron como a- qu cree que puede esapar
SPanamidel Oral ........... Woner lladoa diirante 1a paxada guerra t.G prtsiWmi li tlmnt-no' Ison. ,
e- Panam VIII-Himno Nacional. mundfal. Apenieron a respe- tiene a los rusos en c Rip.
no t i ^ i i NOTA:- La parts musical ai. t&,os Coo bMiadbd., Vieren Nunca ha h t- '
rrer cargo de Orot Nunca h ta r i
En EEiJN :cLa pairtonsalaQ 1as- cmodefendiern Anzio y Mon- ,Has o eO venta, t oWe'ar y .
,te Sinf6nica Nacional bajo la di- te Casino. Screen. ellos que los hotels cerradoa Los que no
S FABRICA DE ESPEJOS re6n del Proesor Walter emanes podrian defdeme nen medod eapar ue
>l- LAN jor que nadle el Ait y el Da- tren iquidar su capital y aqui-
3- A M- nublo. rir tambl6n medlt de loe-too
LA ARAN. ln. Los .forasteros han Uiado
Sqguen discpsiones tranes, como slempre, los birtulo o loa.estin liando
de La mis antigua. -' tuvieron a los alemanes de one- parp marcharse 'a iua. Hay
or La mas acreditada. SObre el dcso del d migos. Vieron a los soldados pocos norteamericany aqui e-
;anr acreda* s e norteamericanos hacerles mor- to tamporada.
el. La de mayor stock., dirio "La Prens d' el polo en esta costa. As, pues, al r ar a loe a
00 0 LaPrensQ Crreen quoe pueden bacer ]o mis- lemanes o no r~jt is e ha
SIEMPRE A SUS ORDENES. moa con lot ruos., del mismo convertido en 1A I.tife n can-
BUENOS AIRES. febrero 19.-. que 1o estA~ hadiendo actual- dente del momi.> l" s fran-
Rio Abajo 215--Tel .-04524. (UP)-Los lefes de "La Prenni enente cop l as tvopas de Mao cases ae hanih 8s ls Isdea
Almacin Calle "I'" #4 V los vendedores as reunleron Tae-Tung. de combatir otf t es.' Fero no
Tel. 2-1752 durante dos horas esta mafiS- El pueblo frances parece ea- en F;Ancia, por fv*a gehbral
d isa para reunirse nuevamente t opueste por lo generaL a BEisnaewer ", dicen. *i esler-
n- mafana. ,s arme a' los alemanes di zo de los italians. tn limitas-
r- B D / El Administrador de "La. Pran- ..o. occiddotal. No distin- do or el' tratadode p*,.. y ih 1
s- LUB DE B/.. 8a". or Manuel Contena. r fpiclaramente ptrie y .qpinta columns. D M qus
e, *"^- a* David Otero v el saesor Manuer los q Uie eatAu bao sla dol a- exclaman: "GOeniMfT ._l ob*
u- Ord6fies representaban 9l elo. n t4c Creen que at los war, werla a bo ,-. rar-
i- CAMA DE CAOBA, talla- rl6dico. mientras que el jefe de .Wdd'uq" rearman a los mar r4pldamentef s a.,.e-mas-
I- da, spring corriente, col- la U.n6n, Sollazo, y otros dos 40 eitd.d4ildeitales, loa rusoa nesl A ellos les. .s 61itir :
ch6n do algod6n c vendodpres atendleron a l .reu- toml -esto et do- pretexto pai y sosteper fuert=rlB : .-,
h6n do algod6n.* nldn. NInguno de Ilo dos RgeO d fti la guerta. De manner La fLiosofla d&ea .uan ia
CAMA DE CAOBA, spring limo liformacion alRun aserwa Q 4e desoan que el general Ei- occidental, el IhI IL. -
do las puntos tratados, re O e wero.r P stco a Wntar an sn- w.V- no Jh .agolstn a
an aspirales, tcol 6n do a at% unu *da Is 1 1Aa a 8 ."a n
on ospirales, colch6n do aue tuvo Jugar an Is oficins del Of msns muralia ddfensiva, dn Is part sur do Ia,1 f tr .
algod6n (sin talla. conceUador Eduardo Zanocbhl. go alemane par otoeripx r a a" "
PEINADORA MODERNA, Europa en otro '1aralelo 38".
ospejo 30 x 48. Hueasin- La idea de queseto puede ha- Regresoron o sus
e ESTANTE ROPERO doe y iu si-raep.a*
lam apoit 1 grades puewtos britalWf. S, Insef On labores obreros
40", espejos interiores. Londrea, Liverpool. Southka*p- Ud "i
ton, Olapgow y Hull trtjatn al sur de lgica
Sonomalmente. pero letet de-nn St 3
IA rebeldes" de huelgas no BRUSLAB, Feb. 19 (UP) -
autorizadas ser6n enviads a la Un r" 80,000 mlnros
"MUEBLE OANAO, corte mahana acusados do cons- mfillOS Ut nde colbl an el a& s do e:
pirtar e instlgar uelgasa fie- ca, a bus. labors duapiz: s
MUEBLE ENTRE-ADO gales y se toeme aIs huelga pa- Ma de o380 mamanO i 04a una huelga que .:UZ6 ;e
ENROl daonal puede ser trattads i se tta, _cyia miayoris, 40-de-,-, nno. dim,. ara ,,n ,Au-
tratsa con esperana. clon aMJad W&Panamad-n mr cft1 W s'.gst et
ALAMBRE DE PUAS '. ----- ooupa.S- g cse^ do asiolS -s
ZINC GALVANIZADO GraIcasI s.n % 1. .-3

2 x 6 y 2 x 8 ms cerano en 8ur Amdrilcn- n- 7 d y C .*n"d3to 9. 4. eCr o
6 y 2x D P8 ra rOalizarloera aolt dntof, .
r3alST^oert l acwe toa. rnt- expl en.a*M, Ns I&Ut a Aot pi*e
SALAMBRE DE PUERCO S l lrsiadmdteoa 2clta 5 1 0 m M




olo Abou Saad. hizo loa ar-
ORAPAS de I pulgada WrA su admils6n al tnenlp
CLAVOS- Hospital Shriner.
de I a 5 pulgadas c lasala o pread6n ys,
foe de haser sus comprau e Miniro Alfro A
eost artieulos, consulted srden6- los agntas de aij
..l T a Mexco, do ie I
estres precious personal. ,alentr la Md 6n- do s
ate. Maie en Balboa, admfa
Ior el Reverendo LoUte.
-- A. verendo Mem



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*. Eq

i. 4

Srev Val'e.
.m ,, anii.

n|la sdea or Felipe A.

mdeseLmos al
i o Poveda Jr.,
gIm-J ton
Er~~~fl~ ^ ~ao

'"milab de El caney, en-
duC s pm aron el fin de sema-
in,-a teAer Jau e d la Ouar.
It jr. y flasrsa omar P. do
*p la iari ia el eftor 6cavto
bMnid' 0. y Msoqa Marina P.
de MNeside y el easor Artatldes
Romieo Jr. y *aeras Ana Olo-
ria 8. do pmero. .
te al Vaile

X. A E.. mw
Be hafrAes S 4taiL,.i M fI intsr. a as 7 a.m.

"' t'Flhtap 0te4 rn
k. fi 1.. i u .. (4.a c ,, ,a W ,J .i-.

JtSou. ymA d*n
... r-c -. -" "-- .,.r. .

es Ur de las empress miis poderosis del mando
y 6o fabrica *rtfculos de prlhmera caliad .

PAiO MENSUmL 20o0.

S"La-Cas de oe ViNrhes y iheMloP "

S Aola Central

* lflhwtPtM wi Af

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.n. An U

e 'saos maiu
,e.q r.

l lemH a anei lnueavor cruiniap.

, AJtoetial jaiptcidos el BM*
meldto ads eflora Iu
4L quiren durante vp-
S .uar ema en Au re-

,o8 a la sefiorita Ba-
qael w. quien sail6 pa-

a de Aria;
IafaaJ de Junhn

imuaise pero amesas umu-
ladas en Rel y lsa Ju-
*entad a F lmema. Dic-
tara las onferencim el R. P.
61ix Dominnguqu, Suerior de
its AAgustin de la Ileats de
Invi amos por ete medio a la
Asoclacldn de Uelstrm Titula-
das y a todas las asoel de la
Juventud Cat61iea Femoenina de
las distintas parroqulsa de la

Aviso JWkia

XEl sUerlto Secrotarlk 40 Juzlado
Tonrre d l Circulto do TemM. oan fun-
clones do Alagell Ejoogltr, aI pabli-
ce an general
Qua per rosluvl6a ftehde el quince
(1) do lorI oortalte, diteds dentro
do Is moUeltud promote"da 4t Tribu-
mal par el efier J.anu AVmerdo a fin
de quo Ie le au merorm aIs vta de los
dorechos quoe ums mnonme Wos tienen
an uO lota i teamo1a, o be sealado
jp dim ctoree do Nare deIl 4 on cur-
so, page qua deatro de a lessga-
le twesa lu ear remote t4 los de-
reoes oqu eofrlponden a eI mesnores
Alvarado on el lot@ do tMMn ue a
continuael6u o detallas
"Lote de terremo maeado een cl nd-
mtro qotntiuan (T71) Gau, fora porter
do I flnea No T17.004 IlaSelt ml folio
178 del Tomo 414 do Is 3emel6o do Ia
Propiedad. Prolpels do Paem6i. euyos
IladeroI y vmedidl son las sigulentelr
Par el norto side vilnto Slotno y in-
do eon I lote esteoUtrias (15) do Is
slams fine; per el Bur. Mide veonte
(Uo met ror* y lnda om *l I .e (79
Cotentlnuove do In stbe Pa ;: por el
te, traints matro (l_) I imits eon
Mn feaja de torreo dtido plira m er-
'vidumbrO aelle do e om finch ; y,
par oI Oote. side trolnlie (10) motro.
y limit con el lot NGtfltid6r do is
listoa fince*.
lervlri do lw va pars ol P to Is eu-
o00o.0). Serfn p oturau s dmloisibles la
lue rubran hIs dos temre pi rte do Ia
eantidad antu indieads.
Pra habilitaere omeoso pter se re-
qulere consiflnar previlsmast en l des-
pacho el cinco per clento do Ia sumau
asignada come base dl remote.
Hasts las cuatro de Ia tarde se olrin
Ice propuestar 9uo- eo s b"an y desde
0u0 her hrastm 1 cleo d OIn tardS la
puja y repujas y me sdjudleari Is fin-
e5 en remate al mejor poster.
Par Lanto so fula el present awvlio
au luger pdblleo do e Sertemtarf. hoy
dio, r Vnuev dE Pebord de mil move-
cldtemoa eimeumo 7 0.
El Secretario, Alluacil EJeautor.
Caer vrle Zeaia.
El copia
Penae, Di n y avu do ebrreo de

ly 0'

r4 MW 4SjWy/P41

y ;


& aa el al*uleteo dia uW
via drea con rumbo a 41
Jacnelrh Braell, para reudieie
con sus famllares quenes re-
Mdmtiea en aqueUa cap tal y
de u padre ocupi el tI*Me,
lubajidor de la ReO act 4e
PxnamA ante el Ooblerno ba -
igfpe0 tue ofrecido por.el.
)or isoma F. Conroy, 6noW

I emi A em Sn An-
m no pudo a-
Ig 05o encontra-
Sospital local
,or" nvrea entan-
n le reln6 la
dady e sairvle-
S y nos vinos y

A la fiesta asuti6 un grupo de
= les" damll a panamenas, ea-
ntes actuslmeto de coleolos
do, eauts ddad, y muy proml-
nuntes ya on los circulos socla-
eam sanantonta os. Las dama
uanam u nvitadas. ademas
de Is aflorita Qur6s, fueron las
eSguent: tela-eorita Magdalena
AragOn, fKttle Orimaldo, Car-

El bloqueo por war a la China

Comunista har as dano a la

Gran Bretata que a eoe pais

LONDRE8, Feb. 19. (UP). fo. La Gran Bretafsa especial-
Los expertog britnlcq ic for mente sufririm porque las im-
nmaron oy que ban ad rtl Od6 pcrtrcione de ChL.a son trees
al toblerno que p1 bMqueo do vec\ s mis gr.nda oe t,0 ex-
Chila por mar ISrA b dalO pu1rtctonea a', me
a Ingllterra qua at Regimen : ta. Ademas, q anon exper-
Comun ta de Pelpin. Los ofl- tos advierten quala. pedldc del
ciales que eatan eUaminando comerclo a traYvs de Honw
los posibles e*fotos de santo- Kong puede p ner en pellgro
nes econ6micas contra China la sagridad de la colonial.
dijeron que han Ilegado a la Los experts que estin On la
conclud6n oe qua el W-.rueo en nvestigacl6n del problems ex-
gran eafal lharias accident, presaron tambl6n sua dudas a-
muy poco blen y much da- cerca de la practicablidad de

dueAs del estaelemiento comearlial "LA OFICnIA MO.
DEBNA", de osts ploas, par este media avisa al piblio ean
gamral que el defior J)OBETO HEIREA ha deJado de sr
ampleada doe ota ea y qua per 10 tanto no sold4M ts ,
sable par soale.quiura trates que diche Roberteo Waera
haa en nuestro nombre o per saum alluna 4 Ie se s pa-
rads a difpo ex-empleadeo omo pago que so intent haer
J. L. SALAS OM. LTDA. o a La Oflcina Moedem.


La libreta qie contiene diez (10)

boletos de lao Monumental Riffe

del Cluab de Leones, con los ndu

meos 3920 3921 -3922 3923

3924 3925 3926- 3927 329

ha sido ENCONTRADA y-it

persons que han comprado di-

chos boletos est6n debidamente


FAIM .**a r aWm9u0 I

men C. Vlf.,a r Olort -Iana No-
yo, Adds & Aslsyt Nficra Guy
Hollman. ruaon tamblen In-
vitade. los aeforee Ou Hollo-
Iran, Alfons Oams, Rdolfo
OAIo_, m walda Xlm4ez y
doctor Ramiro Eatrada.
En r eUitaei del eaor
C6nsu, Tbo"mu ir. "0nroy, ail-
6. M m, mis-
tieron a la cena la seftora Fran-
ces Whitr y el sefior PeMpe Can-
tt y espoa. aE event fue ame.-
nizado por una conocida orques.
ta de l looslidad.
La distingulda agasajara se-
florita Quird expreo6 su agrade-
cimlento al C6nsul General, a-
gradeelmlento de oue hicleron
eco tamblen las demsa Invita-
da queuo uedaron encantadas
con Is fluta.

estal modidas de bloquear la
costa china torque primero la
mayoria do las poblacl6n china
esl lgada y depended de la a-
gricultura mAo qua de la In-
dustria, segundo porque la ex-
tensl6n de la costa china hace
dificil sl no mpoa ble cerrar
hermdtlcamente todas las ru-
tas a las tierra princlpales,
Lercero porque much del co-
mercio continuart a trav6a de
las rutasa terregtlres, cuarto por-
que el Soviet. puede dar asts-
tencia a la Industrlas chinas,
particularmente a aquellas en
quo Ru ti Uenve interueso.

lea "El Aviso O ortuno'

is.;' .
rrz,* -*^ + .. f .=

For Jahm L. OMttr
WA8HMINOTCT,'eb. 19 (UP)
-A yea de q= &oia diea 400
bros c. etaolntaometaoin
no son los cadidatos, osB nom-
bres del a s r do Robert A.
Taft, de.4l enal bfRhower I
del Gobernador Thomas E. De-
way, ae claslfean altoa en la
eucena prealdeaial de los nsta-
dos Unldos V 11I, .
Taft y Bwnhower son men-
olonados hna ireeaentemente
1pr los pUliticos que tratan d
figurare per adelantado euaI
ba doe r la nomlnwc6n rea
blicana. oe coauldera qua De-
weay, omtnado an 1M4. y 1948,
come el poible older eft un moe
vtilento pa "dotoner a Taft".
Be arew que Truman ortA no-
nmlado nuevem te 5m 61 lo
q4ler, sin emba. o gunma re-
publeanos dicen que TrmafV
asti tratando de que mUnhe-
wer s a suuceor, lo emns dl&
niflea que el famoso general
'uo"r er oandidato del on dos
[a grande partidos de to
Estados Unidot. La political en-
ouentra uns varledad actual.
mente on la discusl6n de la
opinion de toa k elados UnTldos
sin mandar tropas de tioera a
Europa, cuAnto y en que cir-
leuneancla bajo el PFacto del
Atlantlico. Taft qutore Aue lj
tropas que se envien tenga la
sancl6n del Conjreso y quae 6s-
te especlflqu el nfmero y. la
proporcidn do tropau de lo8 ES-
tados Unidos en ung de por ca-
da nueve doe la naclones euro-
peas. Los republinnas que am-
patizan con 'aft. sosat een la
misma teal& Dewey que desea
que los Republicano. nominen
a Eisenhower sostlene que el
Congress nada tiene que decir
en cuanto a d6nde as envien

?IM adqr rtpubl4Eib B
ge W .'a ne 'sulWs
monte hey en ju
del dia de Lincoln

mlnacl6n del as d 6erafta
Jo qu los de6crata lea
et a Me oOr par&
pa a oam na poique p
c0o1 de o asIdem.
lbumbower t nadldo on! .
estado deocriAte de lL,-T
peroe opel6 an el repuUth
de N ia y nali n m
vida dl nunca ,
born aflade a ninfuno de loe
dos part dae.

en it l h

"Pravda" cnamir6 al
nes" de Is Union oU a' cK -
un rospaldo al W rogram. d s
;-gaz" do stapj. p Voto % f
comun*L no tuvo a \mA ,I
n6 en cads dtrito, votan o fLZo -
el Supremo Soviet Io n -
mnvlttlcs. "Mailoneo de im
doess. dice el "Pravads" en m.
editorial,. "fueron a las I -
Trofundamente impress lM
por lam repuestia de J.
Un al octrepmh asl del "hmvdS
oue cubri6 contestacl6n total
las preguntes de milloneo d
mentes alitadas del mfund% ef
todos lo paie v ue q etableef .
un programs de lucha nor uns
paz final para todo el mundo"* ,o.


El encanto

de today mujer


Base y polvos-Itodo en unol

I Nevel Do lo mds fdll do apIIer. Maquillaje muev
y admirable, de matiz suave, deicado-y tam fdil de
usar. Angel Face se aplica con la mota que tae. Sin
agu, sin mancharse los dedos. Y no se rsefs. ES un
maquillaje de lo mis ingeniaso-jy tan balumb

|NuiFees"u Wiae m qe .he peol
ve. Angel Face ingedien-
to "adheivo". Es- imngr-dhespecalo
bas que Angel Fiae t. c
unformided y sr'A iivmmte
aSu rooms

i Nevl No a deamts Liuews ie-
Angd Face-en hla b, la male
Peafto e via1No mien-dm a
se "ceme ,no w hngpa l Fstkd
Pod'seeel mauquiljsidle... I cta
-pae tods ocasiad yea tod k poc.

6 lo g .. COM BA p a O
." -+:.-.+ .. ,..-+. ;, ++,- 41 .. ., ., .

Ar' An M*inni"

porque ha mecontrado
lo que tato bascabal




-1 depie yde aJ


' *


--- 7~- ------

I -. --, -- .

-- -- --

--- ------ ------ -- -a -. 7 ---1---


- o..

pouibles candiatos par la

Presidenia en el ao i9S

S -


. -ImisopEpoIr- I .




* *

sa. t noche alas 10 p.m. par- el dia 25 do los eorrileptes. I rA el conoe depoUrtlsta l
tir.hacis Buenos Aires la dele- La delegael6a panameA mons- Ipe Clement, quiea s hta n- a
&eol6n de Panama quo partiel- ta de 43 persmas y salem t on trade may op ete &i s
papai n los Juegos Panamerles- nE rhna spsril s. Ial s ,aa I PalMl.- ',
nos, torneo de confraternldad .n en los dislO1
Amerlcanos, que soe inauurarAi Al frente deo eta embajada an que tomari pwrta.

Delegados de Costa Rica



Estos dos entuslastas y destacados deportlstas de Costa Rica
'son los delegados del hermano pais al Congreso Teniceo del
V Campeonato Centroamerieano y del Caribe de Futbol, y
Smlembros de ia embajada deportiva que representui a los
c : ostarricenses en dicbo torneo. Se eneuentran aqui l ede
aper, y al presentarles nuestro atento y afectuoso maludo de
blenvenlda, les deseamos 6xtos en sus funclones.
.'w -- -------------, -----

&Pinardgan6 en franco galope la

carrera estelar de ayer en I. F.
& Begonia volvi6 a imponer su clase

!- -For REDEME- Coup fut retirado de la carre-
PINARD, el caballo argentino En otra de las estelares de
que reaparecid en la plata des- dyer, Begonia el magnifico po-
puts de un breve descanso, se tro de propiedad de don Anto-
im mpuso ayer en forma que no nlo Angulzola, volvl6 a desta-
- iej6 dudas de su extreme supe- care y conquist6 sonoro triunfo
rioridad en el principal event sobre los equines de la case
'*' hipico celebrado en la vieja can- "B". imponlendo su close y con-
a sabanera. sistencia sobre Rathling Light
'. que lleg6 segundo.
Esta rueba celebrada sobre Begonia tom6 el comando
una distancia de una milla y I dede l sallda y resasti6 con
aun kctavo,. fuM un fAcil triunfo' valentes los ataques de Full al
para el argentino de propledad principo y despu6s de Rathling
ne don Oscar Ghitis. que vino Light que se present con una
dle atris y como un bolido' pas6: fNerte atropellada en los fina-
9] comando, al entrar en la tie- les.
rra final paras -enr etejndoe- -Otro de los equinos que ayer
e en un franco galope. Avenue conqulst6 su segundo triunfo
Road ocup6 la segunda coloca- consecutive fud Golden Triumph

En gran juego vencid el Camel

a la Policia ayer en Softball
: Esta tarde juegan 0. Jiminez Chesterfield

(Softball Social)

Cam el ..... .......
Optica Sosa ..........
FPolicia Nal.............
Cerveceria .......
Aleman Jr. .........
Pinocho ..............
0. Jimnez .......
Mauriclo ........

Juego de Hoy
Optica Jimenez vs Chesterfield
Juego de Mafiana
Madurilto vs Catedral
4.30 p.m. Santa Rita
Resultado de Aver
Camel 4-Policia Nacional 3
Esta tarde juegan en el cua-
oro del Instituteo los equipos
Optica Jimenez y Chesterfield,

para continuar la Interesante
just social de softball. Para
ambos competidores eas d au-
ma Importancia el triunfo.
El juego de mafiana corre a
cargo del os equipoa Madurito
y Catedral, conjuntos eatos que
se disputaran una mejor colo-
cacl6n y ,Io ultimos buscan la
manera de lograr su primer
triunfo de la contlenda.
El juego de Ayer
Ante una concurrencia quo
Ilenaba en total a Santa Rita,
el conjunto Camel, se impuao a
li Policia por 4 a 3. Los gana-
dores se aduefiaron del coman-
do y continuan invictos, Dud-
dley lanz6 en gran form por
los ganadores y De Souza por
los perdedores. En el aegundo
episodic marcaron los del Ca-
mel su primera carrera, volvien-
do a la carga en el tercero,
cuando entraron a la cass en
trees oportunidades, en tanto
quo en en ese mtimo episodio la
Pollcia regastr6 dos carreram yr
otra en el sexto.

Se pospuso para manana la

SI nauguracidn del Congreso

S El Congreso Teenico del V que liIegd6 el pasado martes pero
Campeanato Centroamericano y tuvo que volver el viernes. le
del Caribe de Futbol, anunclado inform al Ing. Norberto Na-
ipara inaugurarse ayer tarde en varro que regresaba hoy. Y de
esta ciludad. se pospuso para hoy a pfa e eaperan los
S mianana martes a las 4 de la Delegaosa deu temala y NI-
Larde en el Salon de Sesiones caragua.
del Cqnaejo Municlpa.. Todos los detalles para la
Este camblo se debl6 al re- I inauguracidn del Congreso Tec-
traso en la liegada de various nico se encuentran aqul. Entre
Delegados y a la decision de las facultades del Congreso
otros pauses de enviar su Re- Ticnico se encuentran la de
presentante al menclonado Con elegir el Tribunal de Honor del
greso. (Campeonato, nombrar, el Comi-
Ayer Ilegaron los Delegados te Director quo actuary en el
de Costa Rica. setiores Ovidlo sigulente period; arreglar el
Godmez Q. y Francisco M. Ortiz Calendario de Juegso del V Tor-
La Ilegada complete de la de- neo: designer la Bede del VI
legaclin del hermano pais es- Campeonato Centroamericano y
tU anunciada para hoy. del Caribe de Putbol, etc.
Los Delegados de Panami al El Comltd Organizdor del
Conlgreso Tecnico son el Dr. Torneo y el Comit4 Director de
Juan tlecosia como Delegado y la Confederacldn tendran esta
Wi Proesor Oscar Rendoll 06- nuoche una reunl6n en cojunto.
mez como Assor Tcnico. a i 7 y 30 p.m. on el ConmeJo
EL Delegado do El Salvador. Municipal.

Ctntiua Estd

kw heEl S

Per a. DA V.
La UK* Oa s. de Soft-
ball coutta trflla noche an
stuts Rta cad un interRatet
Se iod, el coal debutanm" lo
eq Mo Vldrierm Pdres y Carve-
Sluego quo promete rolefil-
dM mtematives, en el cml lbI
muchachos de Is calle 13 Oste
S Integran el conjunto lu-.'
puloso, buocan debutar con urns
En los fitlmos Juegos los gi-
nadores fueron, Lop Mimictl,s
Control del Comej6n y Monte-
zuma. I
Bate juego va dedicado Ml
selor Carlos Jermides leasa,
Gerente de Vents; del Almasen
Kodak quien lanuarA la primers
bola del partildo.

I Softball de Ia

Fuerza y Luz [
(Por A. A. PINZON)'(
En el primer Jueg doe epiao-
dio extra y el major eofectuado
hasta almra en.]a Ligsa Interna
de Baseball de la Empress Fuer
za y Luz, la potent novena del
Dept. de Dlstrlbucl6n se impumo
a] bien acoplado conjunto de
Empalmadores por anotacd6n
de 5 carreras a 1, ayer domingo
en el campo deportivo de Pal-
Kate partido se earacteriz6
mas bien, por el gran duelo. de
lanzamlentos que sostuvieron
Csar Castreildn por loa Tale-
floniatas y Yeyo Mer6n por lox
Dintrlbuldorea, saltando eate l-
timo on el 8 epasodo, eritran-
do en su ayuda Wimpi Guerrero,
marcando en la pizarra una ca-
rrera per bands, cerrando el
9 episodio sin hi ni carrersa.
En tanto loa muchachos de
Distritucl6n on su Oltima opor-
tunidad dejaron a los Empal-
madorea en el cuadro completa-
mente sorprendkdog con un so-
berbio cuadrangular de Plache
Young con la aslmohadillsa lie-
ias ganando e s eata form re-
tido partldo que por su impor-
tancla tuvo quet extenderse a
nueve entradas completam.
El lanzador C. Caitrell6n per-
mitl6 5 lndlacutibles, perdiendo
este partido en buena lid,
imientras que Merdn aolamente
permitla 4. Incoglbles, saliondo
lanzador gashador W. Querrero.
Con este triunfo, los Diatri-
buldorea se ponen a la cabeza
de eate nteresante Liga Inter-
na de baseball eon 3 triuntos
y una dersota.
En el primer partldo del do-
ble que estaba concentrado ayer
en la malana la novena de
baseball Tel6fono No. 3 so im-
pua HampUamente al Garage
y Almuf- por 14 carreras a 4
'on Juego earanta de emool6n.
El lananor ganador fut C. Ma-
rrero, quien estuvp tambldn ex-
celente con el bate, bateando
3-3, resultando ol perdedor J.
Hoy se efectuara el partldo de
baseball entrel as novenas Off-
etna Generar y Planta Elictrica
juego date que eastaba pospuea-
to por causes que no son de
Para malana, el calendario
de la Liga Internh de softball
no soefiala el Intereaanti parti-
do entire Emnpalmadares y Plan-
ta Eldetric a s la 4.30 p.m. en
el Campo Deportivo de Paltlla.

Kid Evans se

impuso onoche
a Chocolate
A pesar de la gran valentia
de Chocolate II anoche frente
a su viejo rival Kid lEvna, de-
mostr6 que sua mejors a diaa
ban paado.
Evans obtuvo el veredlcto de
los trees Jueces, por decialin;
Chocolate sangr6 profusamente
por la ceja izquierda dead el
primer amaltjpero finalzl6 con-
tragolpeando a ou rival. Evans
no ae apuntd un knock out por
la gran experience deo u rival
dislmulando sau malos rates,
Chocolate cay6 en el aexto anal-
to recibiendo el conteo regla-
Despu6s de un demorado fa-
I1o, coast nunca vilta en el bo-
xeo nuestro, fue declarado eam-
Spate sangrlenta pole cele-
treda entire loa aguerrdos pi-
gUea DBeto sAnttebury y Baby
Hawkans doe la s ta AUAna.
Rodolto AmpUl de la costs
de Oro, tuvo q conforma
con un ampate HntB a Bat-
tling Beudero al doalucir a lai
mAyorS 60s lom amlton. daepuis
do ser o ftavorite do la ait6n.
Babyr Patrol pa c vurdlcto de
doe juiew.
La concurrent ela slge aume-
Lado en el beoau y no dtumen
dejar. da o.m= aoMrma
h"ms S h St tea



- la de &pac6 nq

hb el Comiti Orgaiuza

Se M n nuevas rgetioite parsA
sudan tod Iosm pai u centroan

C?.--. 7

R* UsleaUsmio Seaer Prsidente d 4. dlit. Aral-
to Ax*%, et la is ded l que o anoI %
.dw. T V Campaonato Cntrommerlmme.y .1 ,M..i
a3 lUMgeunar eleialmente las compete n-
pia eDnl pIrmo mlreoles on la t4 e 1 t
W1 Pmidnate contest satutfa er eal ue
Ie :^ Dit0rldanlMtaor, endonde Re s-ielsbft mros-
-aim t 4 a p-' ene sMe hun.po:rtanti s 1 deorsJ. Inter-
nat. y deolarara oflelalmente InauguRdte el C(meBaAto.

Igucn la geastlenes
& velto a renacer la ean-
de que Nicaragua par-
pe mpre en el V Campeo-
nato Omtroameflcano y del Ca-
rib doe Futbol, anunciado pars
lamuttuarse el mndrcoles .n la
trde -a el Ktatdia Nacional,
de acuordo con la comunica-
el6n retlblda del hbermano pals,
y on donde se maniflesta qua
ae reanudaron las gestlones en
forms satlsfactoria, y hey se
sabi I respuesta final, segun
el algulente cablegrama
Ing. Wavarro.

Deade sibado hAoense gestio-
rnes particlpacl6n equipo Nica-
raguense, habulndose consegul-
do en principle pendlente sola-
mente auflclente nAmero juga-
dores eaten cbndicionema r, lo
que sabrase definitivamente lu-
nei. Neacearlo saber fecha ter-
minacl6n Campqonato. Lunes

caatro y mdt hablrsmte teld-
De Diego.
En Honduras tyuen presen-
rindoeo dilfultade par di
viaje del- "to de utbl al V
CampeoanAto entroeamerlkano y
del Carbe, y egfan ao puede
deductlm que dotaltvmmente
dclho psga no etarsA repreen-
tado en el V tornmeo.
Primero a aleg6 que la difl-
cultad estabas %n I epidemia
del Polio, suando. oteo eollUo
qued6 salvado, ae present la
diflcultad do fendos,.al Iolucio-
narse ste s aauto, os ha. Dreen-
tado shors tro problema, de
acuerdo con el. sgulente Cable-
grama recibido do Honduras:
Ing. Navarro
Ya no tratase dificultadea
fondo, sino Imposibilidad reunir
jugadorea, Inconvenientes per-

La autoridad superior del Campu.

de Futhb sera el Congreso Tecmco

La Autorldad Superior del V
Lampeonato Centroamerlcano 7
del Caribe, serA el Congreso
Tecnlco, anuncslado para inau-
gurarse mafiaa on laIs e an
esta cludad, y lam partI per-
tinentes a dicho Congruo, de
acuerdo con los EstatutcUda la
Confederacl6n Centroamerlena
y del Caribe de Futbol son la
Articulo 6S-Pars las mejor
marcha de la Confederaci6n. me
establece come autoridad su-
perior, un Congreso T6enico el
que me reunirA ordlnariamente
cada dos afeos, o extraordlna-
r!amente cuando un motive ea-
pecial lo jusatfique y, per con-
vocatoria del Comlit Director,
on la cluded sede del Campeo-
nato de Futbol pentfMmerias-
no y del Caribe. Cada pals ten-
drA derecho a un solo voto en
el Congress Ttcniao.
Articulo 7o.-El Congreso Ttc
nico start Integrado por: un
President, que maer e Presi-
dente del Comlti Director; un
vice-Presldente, que seto el Pre-
sidente del Comit6 Organisa-
dor; un Secretario quo soer el
del Comit6 Organizador y, un
Delegado y un Aseaor Tdenico
per cada palm integrate do la
Confederact6n Centroamerica-
na y del Caribe de Fuabol.
Articulo So-El Congreso Tie-
nico se reunira en el pal de-
signado como sede del campeo-
nato, En 61 aerAn diecutida to-
das laa cueationcs que Intere-
een al Futbol y a Ja reallsa-
el6n de dicho Campeonato.
Articulo go.-Lam mailones del
Congress T6enloo. Osern proel-
didas por el realdente y unica-
mente tendrAn voto, loo Dole-
gados, con la reatrieelon de que,
en asuntos relaclonados con el
Campeonato .a dearrollar, so-
lamente podrAn votar los Dele.
gidos de lo palses partlcipan-
tea. En auseneia 'de un Dele-
gado, el Asesor adqulritr las
facultades correspandienteo a el.
Pon facultades del Congreso
ai-Aprobar, modifics o 1sm-
probar el Calendfeto d Jueagos
qpe le present al ComaIt Or-
Fanizador para la eelebrlacln
del Campeonato. Caus de Im-
probacsln de dicho Oae ndario,
6ste ae formulgra W meo Io

del ConU l taW t=
A On eW l S rote:
d)-Conocor$ a 41 zoo-
dilde por *I

formats de los presented estatu-
too que le aean propuestas y las
que han de aer aprobadau por
lam dos terceras parties de vo-
tea del os delegados saiatentea,
para que surtan efecto.;
h)-Resolver sobre los auun-
ton que lieguen en apelacl6n al
moment de abrirse la Asam-
blea y que aeso ref1pre a resolu-
rcl6n dictada por el Comlt6 DI-
rector y se entire a conoser y
revisar la Inscrlpconesa deo ju-
gadores, deblendo aer el Con-
greso Tetbico quien deba cone-
wer la calldad de amateurs do
'oa Jugadore insacritos;
l)-Dlscutir los asuntos quo
figuran en la orden del dia; y
J)-Deaignar la sede del pr6.
ximo Campeonato Centroeme-
ricano y del Cartbe de Futbol,
la en propledad y la suplentL.
Articulo 10-Lam seslonem del
Congresao T6enico se Inaugura-
rAnp or lo menos diez dia an-
tea de la aperture del Campeo-
nato y clausurarAn antes de la
terminacl6n del mlamo.


-Pw A. D. V.-
GrOpe Tomas Cupau (Padre)
Maraf n .......... 4
S 2bma l ......... g
Graneir .--... 5 3
Patia .............. 4 10
Maum-ee 5... 51... : 1

Grape Antonio Sarla
G. .
C. del.Tuira ...... I
A. Cal ........... ... 4
Carts Vieja ......5
ates ............ : 5 "
Jueri ............... del lai-e
b Iraae
ggM*w a -tia 3Ut

C. ItsI -* .. oa ia

w E m3 E. be.est'-aI
**3!"^ ^Sia1


,- .



El Dp fco

*N medifa a^tuas -
mo, el ie lrvo P.aflo8 .
Init6 apMuc .u .ampeonIto
interno dmlVa'l; -.ual a ua e
del oas v. vsW -y, p-rove-ho
frutem s ome q abehla
grads a ,o:' -msBWslamc
y bu a&-lattjon que vitne
Slabo I. nm directlva,
bajo Ist )nr M del Br. Ms.
rlio. ema,-.
Ebatse amateeltmta deportivo
ha comamado s. reagluarse con
el meaor ae los dttoil ya que a
mia do p : qu el Club
tenia de slbdo: el.- Enma-
nuel BomUls-nuevo aspirante s
msoco-hon un pato dio tde tod
encomlo ofredd entllmente mun
trofeo a la panJs triunfadora
deo eats mpeoto.
La" doa horaa que auro atrl-
mera part de ets compatmola,
/eatuveron ple -. de osm g ftl,
per cuanto ead&o unade Im p.
ejaa h v un d.arfht do t.i

nica y de domlnodat'unhllgoa MeuU via a ), -"-mcj ac
a! fin lam pamoj doe -Gallardon tr 1. omm id ste
BonUla y Duque-Paredes que ao stsm e TiteOnte eloni
JuOaban conks lIa preJd d ni flsot en u dIssilo v doi.
Aboelo-ermre y Viami-L6peW adasoeldod o a ite el asnn A*
respectivamente eCrapdo ado de as hoat lsdi de Id bn sate
esta siptles voil deportiva magao; pes 16i] ab-W; rsT o
hasis 4 .Szilmno eres on que os ln -ess R .S inAtsa- d(
continuar la ,juta. m e, tto hay'ba i- e ta ca p
--. .. profm.rde. n aluer'-f 5ewpge- Lp
tagor q e an ur ta b -
Se inicia tornieo ca. and uas Mal mar- sdo y
S. ,s n el preewnlA. la v i lete
de tennis en E. U. live depra sr'yr (d
r Arbitro4 yNjorde lnea. tos"I
NUXVA YOR, Feb. 19 (U) L-
-La Asoclacin de Tenlf de Nada sabemo ottealmente, y r
ils Estado Unidoe, inlci6 tomrneo peo nos tmn inamo .que lo -I labor
per el mpenatoaclonal ln- arbitro rdo mAn: MAr- Lan6
Sea l .11, ly MTo. .iFe t. ti nod
S e s1 quo ti pra'
rem qu.ien gan el t qua ,F et p
ale paao s enfrentart a Rl- un poco de IntetC Los v
char C. Selein on uno de los. Marques, as mia dinldoo, jados
32 partidos de la primers vuel- aplica major el reglamanto, ea de I
ta que as celebrarA lahaa y pero e falta peronalidd, ea cotr u
a seflorita Chafee campeona racter y ao em casuaments U macarr
del afo pmandd a Ia, asfras perdildn. El primer tempo lo Is qua'
Jean French Fallot. hace mejor que el segundo, humor

SI so paldu abe apneiusr lo equilho, be.a aEl wAiky do an
pmaDh..da lHa Wmite Hone. Suave mi sMes. asiwpm. Rays

adbo elanded. n lai Y
de (-fiul amyae di a- whisky t-A lmm.1 1 Pliwd
ilild. hi HeI~ pot a "


br, -1; -

to ]A lad' ? 'Y a 'l" l.:' .". .'
r .b .: '5.

alel *p Madeo apti"

uodo -
Be isls I .
!del l de p p" *. ",

e F-,u' =a a ,et. l -m--
Am one0Mo M1iflt 'e
jw ta "nt oc epwDomlc. -C
.'.ha Z .. r! elB pim un,,,


o -a -c l.

leno de '
is do patrte 40e sbb

em aoQmuDcique d n
upars? 'a basio-

ec ToP-

eraw r an -tL.

eu M annmpt Al-amen
w dod

rla ueuel ad beervn
anada-m *a
rent6 .el maA fno buea
y camaraderie.

yr samaradajls.

5~4~* ~
I.- -

- .-. ..


I r. I -

l F, d:
Mj #a


Cicrto, yo siempre pido White Horse.



* ;.or.y- ......{ t:;J~ .:.',, % ;- o .'-
1..,, .
MR"W : .


, I

- ~ ,f *-

I fmm

a jq*~
e ?.;J~r

sr~*~ ~ ~ tQ. -. **.- *-,

* p .

- -

.i .

- _,--, ? "

MMi .___ -S -I


I' ta


I.t .......... .m...l .. 0.

"' a
** : .t. ... v,- '" '"1

PS chipos eMO
>"'. ~ '. '*' ^ 'v
." "o"' "t r

1to- m l-
Wf.. ..s&-ite. ,

55^ a no,4aa delashurttu del *

tmw o~n Hong aong.
Shdcho de qqe
Wnidas hmaan cou-
Ia China oomuniata
a n greora he altera-
Is amdi Ios brltAnels-
e s n gsb- an ang z n. La resolucCa
e a n eate sent do fu6 aprobada
O ClgAPSk. a B-pwf la -Amambles General el l'o.
"lema rwatde se la nI. 6- 4A febrero, Con tna votacl6n de
iab bdera o 0 ocuarents y oustro a slete, na-
T tb Ge bla blendo votdo ia Gran Bretafl
V n k el m e- a favor de la mslms. Ausplcia-
-Jg su deo Ch"LU. da p, lo Estadon Unidos, di-
SaS r eablawin instaba a --l
Ode i .are que elo amne Nadonem Unlda a seguir a este
-01. saueli poaldanpa la Iapostcl6n deo an*
t a61o a l mundo .1ibr eloaes al goblerno de Pekin. l
ao'eAiul_ ta. renes y camlo- embargo norteamericano prol-
aw ltabaa tabln materia-be el embarque de articuloa de
C. UTrra. con destino a loe BstadO Unldos con destino
IM El preolo era elevado, a la China comunista. Bin em-
S ," coma aitas eItabln bargo, hast eata semana, el
i to a :paaarlo, seg n an- comnt de sanolones tenia to.a-
t~a 1: la raita/Pathfinder en via due celebrar eu primer rcu-
in Lelto lnt6a.
Jon ong (que significa "A- l embargo norteamerlcano
guus lsm nteal") a nunsa iisa rebatard en un veinticinco por
dodclotJiie t16^metro do de r- into Isa antidad do articd.osa ATaE DtAS DE LAS MAS--La n reJa. do una eead ne
o y ntdandos y oho kol6me- quapod- conauirse ien else npon a ate recluI. do BaE auintin. California.o enftl
tr de ancho. China ae la ad6 mercado de Hong Kong. El alo oan m obra de arte. El reelue g y6 obre loa nifeo que vivTes.
a la Gra Bretaha sgomo-botin pado Ia colonial gan mil mi- la rinas en Europa y "6 eto como tems de os euadre.
depu4s de Isa uerra oontra los ones de d61ares en los nego- E ehleo trabaja bajo una rehabltael6n etableslde a
traflutes de opio n 1839. Al- loa, debido principalmente al AS
gituioa ao d pB loa britA- laumento en las compras hechas oL
nalae ondq en l ontl- por loI comuni tas chinos, 1o
nente tGo9 de arrinda- quo explicaba una tercera par-
mlnto durante noventa y nue- to del comerdo total de Hurg
" oar d franja j e "- "Kong.
Emso 'Itfeaen y .Mientra Mao pueda compra .CONVOCATORA DE REUNION
nrT H Im]a, la que ftu articuloo occidentales en la Chi-
ado nevs territorts". na, s colonial de la corona bri- ER AL
p caonvlrtleron a tAnlu parec etarL asalvo de Q NE AL DE ACCIONISTA
onelKL ons s uno de los ue- a-'amnanaza de invasi6n comu-
SI bels del Orlew. ntsts. Pero sI la Naciones U-
onvirtlero n tun centre nldas le Imponen sonciones -y Por este medio se notifica a todos los acido
ho mercal prepaen y en un deeomando als auceda- se les de la Compafia Chitreana de OaseoMs
al% ")oalf mg arplandeTeiate trmlnnan a lona omerclantes de
de la lrtonsa pf, tamblp. Raps o ng las exstencla, o y Refrigerai6o. S.A., ue a reo6n general tendr
ay M1 No t ce ubml beguxo qua la colonial n lugar el 28 de Febrero, alas 3 p.m., en la Avenida
un mudll.d eompleta- eanvf~ t aen una eiudad lan-
ment a a0o la uu colonia de taa o ean unm.aneo do a ta- Cuba No. 6.
su iu de habltats0, e* quu r par part de lo comuals-
a 1p~u de la pu- tas o ambas ca. a

ORW wcwires
titftson E

-ew itucho
'.. AVIV, Fb. 9- Las co-
wmlcsoloui.teiovlarsa do Is- -
i ool rolin Wtta comenzando a
fdel de complete a- -
.dw as hallaban, lo
Oa na parte ase debia a
flmbGM quo prevalecle-
-dum I& Is poca del Man-
Toda .Is ferrocarrilera
l e ne Ras el Na-
lra- ft -Lydda-Rafah. que
~il l 2 ialZk metros de via
standard" ; y:.Ia que iba de
alts a Sasmakh, con 87 kil6-
fetro. de v1p angosta. No es-
taban, on operacl6n otras dos
*nena do via angosta: la de
lWarm .a Nablus y la de Afu-
a a Nablus. Todas las lines
nlan una sola via, 1o cual evi-
ba que se proporcionase un
ervlelo treeuente y provocaba
Elemoras dobido a que era ne-
cesarlo qua los trenes se cruza-
son 'en la e1taclones. La ma-
yor parte-del material rodante
y los coaches de pasajeros eran
viejoa, neceastaban con urgen-
e 'quoe Ales reconstruyese o
reemplasne. Bajo estas cir-
cunatancis la competencia de
lea carreteraa estaba llamada a
SDeade la creaci6n del Estado
de Israel Ia situaci6n ha cam-
blado llgeramente. Las tarifas
"exorbitantas que cobran mu-
chas compatflas dedicadas al
transported por carretera que
determine la elevacl6n del
coato do las construcciones y
del desiarrollo Industrial en el
Interior y an lugares remotos
del estado, pueden hacer que se
modiflque esta altuacl6n.
La mayor part del antiguo
slatema ferroviarlo ase hall en
territorlo Israeli. De las lines
que estaban en uso, solamente
ae halls on territorio palestino
ocupado por Egipto el tramo
de Deir Buneid a Rafah, que re-
lativamente carece de impor-
taneia y mide en total unos 61
Deade que los Ingresos del fe-
rrocarril y asu gastos fueron
cinco voces mayorea en el pe-
rdodo de enero a septlembre de
1947 quo en el correspondlente
de 1949, as obvio que ha debido
reducirse consiuderablemente el
personal. Esto m ha debido en
part a la neceeidad de adies-
trar personal nuevo a casa de
la pequeo8 proporel6n db Judios
quo anteriormeote estajfan em-
pleado eon los terrocarriles.


n I




S jgI

S. I

turbo so espfrltu. SIen c mu ema so conmmms leche, tome,
mnm detormnmacl6: proviase Ud. 'tempr d e e ea .
pol"o NUDO. Al ped. y igr I mna DO so
aemrari pora Ud. 7Iy lo syo01 el minliire do md e JAY
leshe mna, limpla. de gusto nquisito. del miA alto
valow nritiv, slempre igual: amejorable. La loche
en polo NIDO es a product NqETLt y I fame ft
de quoe pgoa los product NESTL ea el mundo '
entero ha side conquistads a pulse por ou caUdad

%a VttVO

m ..






CTn todo p/acr presenlamoS

./ o utLo ola Jtndstaia

.1..#tomocttica Yrancasa m a

"El Caballero


l dl d li l6 d l d


Pl I UoUIU omo aliUlIMn we unm IIvveuu

alrevia del avenlurero mis genial,

mis cialco, adorable y detestable

que muer alguna hya conocido.

Berlin descapotable
(Convertible de 4 puertas)

Sintonice desde HOY ytodas las noches a laq

El Caballero Varona". 7 15

TC.,, b 't --. -
-"- 2-, *'.,.^ ... ", "- -. "
, .. ." ^ ^ ^ \ r\,,* ', --';-,: .- .- .^ ,., : !. ^; .- ... .' *
, .- -, -.% e Q S-- .. : -.- -:,. ....
1 .*. 'e '' ".'-.- .,? ....^.'..'-^ -. -. *" .. ..- ". ".. ;. "
.. ... # "- :-. .; --.=" s S.. .- -- -- -, ;.. .. =: ..,-.

-Un program esear n la radiqfavorita

I- a A1d iPanamerecana

I.S, .- .r

-.. i :t. --
.; ,t.. -~-"
, .." 3: -.. .. .

La perfect combinaci6n de si disefio modern con la comodidad
que ofrece en condiciones mecnicsa y durabilidad, le hacen el
carro de today la vida!
Econdmico, ya que consume mis de 30 mills power galn.
Sun xito mundial lo acredita la creciente demands que permit
uns producci6n de mis de 300 unidades pot die.


(Agentes de NAH y WILLYS)

Tel.: 2, P .

..- J- -. *..
. *1%" ;" '-- ?:. .*


-. .
... :- :- .-'.: : ,...- .-


A ancustrm-d



Ecoromfoa! -
Lujo en



Jmmmw %:-
.' -

,-:I .



/ J

*- 4h
1 5'

I '
St Sc'

-t -


-- ~

---- __ I



-- -- ------- ---- -il --








Il= Lr


* -

., io

INGENIO IRLANDES.-El soldado Tommy Carlisle, de Irlanda,
|o ensefa sa ms companeros en Cores eomo prepaarse usa
tina do bafio, extendieldo un pedaso do lena sabre una Ilants
y llenando aIs cavidad con ague.

"La Suerte

se Divierte' es

una de las mas chistosas de

todas lasiltimas comedies

Burla. burlado, John M -
Nulty, el satir cuentista a-
mericano, ha Ido plasmand',
a travys do su coploss produc-
cl6n literartia tipos tan intare-
santes de mujer, que, con JUs-
Licia, ha sido conceptuado por
la critical, como uno de los nsaw
Seminentes psic61ogos femeninus
do los actuales tiempos. Y d-
cimos de los actuales tempo.
porque muchos estudiosos sz:-
tienen que la mujer no es i,-
mutable -por aquello del eter-
no femenino-- sino que. po:
el contrarlo. es de naturalc'
tam cambiante que su psicoic-
Cia es, casi slempre. el ref.e:o
f4el de la 6poca.
En "La Boorte se Divierxc"
John McNulty, pintaba el camso
-muy jocoso por cierto- de
un esposo model que se ha';ia,
anado una fortune 24 mil o-
*i an una encuesta rad,a!.
11 premio no era efectivo sino
Op mercanclas y, el pobre B!.
&awrence, el afortunado gar.a-
O3r de la encuesta. sin un c r-
'tvo en el banco, tenia, no aobs-
tUnte que pagarle al Esta-.o
la suma de 7 mil dolares ,P.r
qbnceuto de impuesto soabre los
4 mil ganados.
Present John McNulty ui.a
_rie de Incidentes jocosos quc
1 ocurren al infeliz afortuna-
incldentes que son. rulicAl
os que sirven de habilis 'ii,
dOrtina de humo a la veneinu-
1i tronla que el cuento encic ra
'Pero la midula del cuento ro
- jt preclismente en los Incl-
(entes de la narrative, sino pn
toe el hear del pobre y saft-
apnado Bill Laurence. hasta tvr-
tonces apacible v fellz. s e r.
de pronto convertido en un l"-
Nno, cuando, despertedas ia,
&pBias de su mujer Amy Low-
pence comlenza a disputlar ci
eu marido sobre el destino quo



La musical mas grande
bajo el sol!
Des horas de diversion en gran
estilo. Espectaculo incom-




debe darseles a los diversos jb-
jetos ganados
Y fud aqul donde las lecLoa.s
de "La buerte se Divierte' .zli-
Lontraron lo mas emponozLi.-
cior ael veneno, pues al verae
sorprendia en este intimu as-
pecto de su psicoogia, ,reacc.u-
narbn con gian vioiencia, pu.r.,
segun Desmanis, bna mu]er
que se deja retratar quiere utL
si pintor sea fiel y et retrato
pt lClou .
Las critical y las proteb.e:
menudearon y ocuparon las pai-
Rinas ae ios perlouicos y
Las por much tempo, y ISe-
ron mucnas Ias re mstas y p,-
rnoaLCo, que ooLuvieron uul
autor autorizaclon para rediu-
uUci Su amoiou CLue&nL. 1a11-
tos y tan apasionaaos comro -
Larwni mcieiun que jroauway
ievara ei cuento a la escei:.
j, ante la uemanaa consLar.Le,
ia2Uth Century aox uevu e,
jocoSu arbLmeiito a la panit.i-
nLa, Sajo ma oriiianLe Cioec;. )nl
ne Wanmer Lang, sirvienaoid cG.
ionao la musica encanLaood
,e Lionei Newman.
James Stewart y Barbara
Hale, b',cen ae Ios e-posos Ldk-
Lence y la encantaaoroa ,iaiie
%.oou tiene el papel ae la pia,-
tora Hilaa Jones. Olrece la te-
licuia un veruadero aerrouL1e
ue lujo y de alegnra y sus p.'e-
closos vestldos han sido uir.-
hados por el famoso disefiaudL
de Hollywood, Edward Steve. son

Red Panamericana

fiene los

mePores programs

Por JUDItriImphi I
Aity a 422 A t o"e NM
assM.ocd 3i 2 =30n.o

Fellettacln Ci 01 *e 16 de los cOrrjal*
El niho Ratl Orumberg, iu;o toe mntbaor do la ienortta M -
de los emposeos seftor Don At- rl _M Lmnlo y del joaen
mando Orumberg y wfAora L- Lsurao Jadn Ocafia, quiezien
dia de Grumberg, sum6 el. di eontrWgr6p matrimonlo proxi-
18 de los corrientes un 40o maWuone, A gste acto social
mis de vida. Le deseamos 4Ue asistieron todo los miembr',
cumpla muchos mas ilenos oe del "City Bank Club".
Caii19 Eu de hoy
Aalversario de Matrimonlo 'Fel o au a I a fiora WA9-
El dia 17 del prepente mes cis Colpahe doe plftnia en la
celebraron un aflo mAs de u- feeha da sai natales quo toe-
nl6n matrimonial los espowos toja her Lunes.
seftor don Lino Clemente He- -
rrera y eofors Amalia de He-
rrera. Aunque algo tarde le' Anivernario de Matrimonio
hacemos llegar nuestras con- Bn el dia de mafiana fes3-
gratulaclones. Jan un afto mA de uni6n me-
trimonil los espoos sefto r don
Agasajo AMIlo Ferrarl y senfors dofAs
El seflor Don James Dorow Sofia BEtenos de Ferrari. Quo-
Gerente del National City Bank remos oer los primeros on o*-
de Crist6bal, y soefora ofrecle- licitarles y desearles que cole-
ran un agasajo en su residl.n- bren nuhos mAs.

Diez millones de personas

estlin sufriendo en Estados

Unidos de afecci6n cardiac
Por un Corresponsal Especial
(N. A. N. A.)

NUEVA YORK, rebrer le
iEPMS En los Etadog
dos 'nay diez millones de per-
sonas que sufren enfermeda-
des cardiacas. dice el Dr. Ho-
ward B. Sprague, presidents de
la American Heart Association
"Es una triste realldad la de
que estas enfermedades cauoan
una de cada dos muertes.en Icr-
sonas mayores de cuarenta y
cinco aflos", agrega el Dr. Sprn-
gue. "Lo que esto significa pa-
ra la nacl6n, particularmente
en estos moments de incet".-
dumbre internaclonal, es iacll
"Las enfermedades cardiacass
causaron 637,679 muertes en -tos
Estados Unidos en 1948, el u1-
timo aflo sobre el cual poeeP-
mos estadisticas al respect
Esto slgnific6 mas del 44 pir
ciento del total de defunciont-
Por lo tanto, puesto quae a.s
enfermedades son las mayors
destructoras de nuestra po-ji-
clon. debemos enfrentarnos *.
ellas con todos los medlos a
nuestro alcance.
"El fondo para 1951. destlipw-
do a combatir las enferme.-a-
des cardiacas, ofrece al piOid-
co una oportunidad para c.u-
perar en la campana,.
Lo sigulente es un resume,
de lo que sabemos sobre elisa
y lo que se hace por evitarias
El control de las enfermeda
des contaglosas han destruidn
el terror de las
cardiacas Moy dia quien surc
de sifilis., difteria, pneumonia
tifoldea, etc., no se compIL:a
necesariamente con dolentihs
del coraz6n. La penicllina evl-
ta o mejora en gran part Im
fiebre reum#tlica. Bu mAs fatul
complicaci6n, la endocaraiths.
es en gran parte evitable 'v
curable hoy. Antiguamente, era
un clento por clento fatal.
En lugar de la antlgus
creencia de que el coraz6,a y
sus vasos no podian ser toea-
dos, los m6dicos pueden inser-
tar ahora un finisimo tube pa-
ra hacker diagnosticos. Con eios
se sacan muestras de sangic
parsa ser examinadas. Estbs L-
bito se meten en una vena I1l
brazo. For el resultado del e-
xamen, el mddico eabe la cjn-
dloi6n del coraz6n.

om di moesasis
plhadurem. gPepaoemOal

El Dr. Irvlne H. Page, doe !a
Clinics Cardiacs de ClevelAnr:,
ha ofrecldo una Interesante 0-
rie de instrueciones para la
personas que tienn alta proe-
sl6n sangulnea y pars quiedles
en general son d6biles del eo-
razdn. He aqul un resume dr
1.- Camine slempre no CJ-
ra, especialmente al subir aI-
caleras. 6
2.- Deje su labor antes de ue
se slenta extremadamente i-
tigadd ,
3.- Duerma una o dos vees
al dia, sl puede; preferlblemen-
te, media horse antes do almor-
zar y una hora antes de co-
mer. (Antes, no despu6s).
4-. Coma manJares livianoi,
5-. No abuse del caf6 ni del
tabaco. Tome una taza del pirl-
mero al dla: fume trees cigarros
o quince cjgarrillos al W-d iau-
mo, promedlo.
6.- 81 I les possible, salga del
trabajo suflcientemente tem-
prano para que pueda hacer
in -poco de ejerciclo al aire Jl-
bre; no insista en hacer depur-
te exageradamente.
7- Acudstese hastante antes
de la media noche.
8- Mantenga ua peso normal.
9.- No emprenda discusioues
ni busque emociones fuerLes.
Las preoeupaciones causan gra.
dafto a la persona de fucrte
presi6n sanguine o corazan

Una pelicula que le hard vi-
brar de emocl6n... La histo-
ria de una mujer que se revel6
contra las costumbres de su

ep"UMd[ Ono .

4:00 Nottoile XPJ
4:15 Valu
4:30 Petiioal
6:00 Vibaleo h4WeM s
Na"he VS -
6:15 Poema -M Atd tt
Blds do 6e1M
6:30 Maulsell us
6:45 La .u Wevels
7:00 6olo0 4 r o
7:15 El Oada 0S

7:45 Donde s 3jI0 HMi
8:00 Mi8ca Vartods
8:80 Sorenlets l 1Amdrlem
9:00 peormaodes
9:15 MelodlaM P ortfas
9:380 91 lt Mu-l sOY
I0:00 poe M M I -
Babas Oordem

6:00-IRUM Dipms
a:0 DWMj dor MuIisual
:00 L V del luterior
Tore de Monarullo
7:10 matinales
8:00 O 8 muastros
,:30X VA de Hoy
9:00 OO del Air
9:890 1 U musical
11:10 f*Venoeolana
11:40 MriS varlad
12:00 iu ao del Hogar
12:15 Noftluei e.PA
12:80 0Ooo4 do 6rgano
Luoboh Asoarraga
1:00 KotWlero Deportivo
Gullwrmo RolaS
1:15 Cantareo de Mtxico
1:30 Aewe"d porteIos
1:41 MUS Tropicales
2:00 Notl#u
NLot acitonal
:05 nte do Ieto
2:16 Pet e/ans




350 M a W nqtr el Oin mo ito h mpqeerr do maww
oaasn ambtas le gime a sits i
elMate m i n i spor4 rin m u mu MO.-aNOe. p F w i uems


(Al'o Aeend nado)

"Una ma.raillws. IntpreSacidn do I cublerte
tormento quo habits on @l a ilmwauw"
NW. lowsf .



Pilmada tel eame ueedl6 ... con
la protecclon de la polleli.
Edmond O'BRIEN Joanne DRU

:M-S:1-n. 4:1 .1I
Dlvi rtase conli aSlda
rne Dunne
Fred MacMurreF
"Yen A
Comportir .
Mi Amor"
(Never a Dull
Ademi- --
Ganador del Premlo de la V

Hap felices a o .iase ebrd ddIsN

(Bob And gSlLa)

SL pellcula mis au-
daz. mas cruda y
mAd slncera Jaml,'
filmed par el cine



Yvonne de Carlo Richard
Greene, en
AdemAs -
Audle Murphy Gale Storm, en
Doble en Coloreal

Ram6n Armengod, en
Ademoi -
Mapy Cartes, en

Resortee. en
Impera s AWTm. a s

Miu im

Gary Cooper, an
magmaA ODWo"
Ademfa -

Alas dd. en-
-,Etw&m u


DBraina... Bomarnal.. Mde t
con -
aOJ 0
Foire vAROAS
I Nuevas Rumbe y
Camdones aI

Surt Lancasutr Deethy
McGuirre, an
"EL CA80 5o0"
AdemA. -
Tyrone Power, en
con Anne Bmaxer

Johb Wayne, en
Ademis -

Roddy McDowall, a

Tin-Tan, mn NOCHI DE BAlMI
"NlmAi a IAneeb" 1 ,a =LA -
Adm"e- OCA
LtMma 0 .AAM I -AM"P.. .

BarMl smrle "an
mm=R A41mg. ,.

Dme AadM -,. m-
1"l. A s empw.
'EMO iu


l, aelendhadt tamnbi6n conmina 9o-injea muno, d
Pierre BManehar 1 .




El Impact DrgamAtico do Argentina Iono*41m




Ill -- -- .-- ---'--- J

Ella era bonits y dead Su corte do mkiradores
crecia dfa a dia, pero CERO en ofrtas mtrimoniales..

La bellisima y escultural vedette, en s mis formidable
comedian dramitica del afo...


* -~~:



___ ___Li

,F1. --- --- -

HOAiU H4 230

Rda%' Poncumencana





------- -- ---

_... ~ ..

I :

. t.

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