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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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r.AN.....1 T e.l eds Aiming To Split .

EFb Mon Woman DieAfter local Hadquarters LOON F7idsli
Mpvyof~ Chinese Troops r Atlen
I__ BhtWilson ________

~ MpJ. ~3rgt Mkp L...AirFore... .Co..-... ., 5 noad eC. H today swung into a full scale "peace" offensive headed

e w"" "IOOdy Fighft Ifn IR" """-Waiting WOrd rom Noth AtlanticAlliance and prevent the rearmament of t
ilwft.stes claiming -- aP b l o mH Western Germany.
AMr .p et So st wr killed or rthsirtauhn2A t ct thi r m beean motvated byi a *ae^ ^that thle wase foreign policy pronouncement given to the Comma
et eph d dler skies.. over most of I e th. .e ch.te.., jYom -- party newspaper "Pravda" in question-and-answer form.
positions and Commumelt cauem. The t ccurta gntire -efenme aetup Army, Navy atd Air Force said that war was not inevitable.
Sae b and or bu headquarters here today were
d per b of b we on a wl e w w ed out, to h uch org taln t
Tr.pt_, a-"nu ,....'.

w -J t hi.h.w, wu left In Sean. centated 3he b rtLtete in tned and pack- ubam"t ,rm, re-i na ron to a tony cn. The schooner Glorl, overdue Nations reaoluion delr-ng th
STComunit MIO-- ise ts Ale were n AComn

S a g oSrf tapd an ABled r-80 reconinals- ~deperatelyut e-ttand Julces-- procested in the Thd ma came after the tards afternoon by he Panama Iland, was reported tafeetoday ors au disgracefull."
S e plane made l'" b o y, o a packing rm, "dy'i ncrea la nrl to 10 per Won e Tlm A (A faell report of Ctha tt*

a d Er GA wtture o cid af f tOf ra *itor oaru W. 5po ple, t beenon sa 4o-ho awonne l oncte B ue qrpoled an f the pesacel. A e pIopa ofte
S .-W_.,.--., SOn

a i W 16att aled hn ien n e IW Ktyo and t pi e OtEu er!. th0 Inomi MrtSrtabFler br. 1ealdenata Smoin- CLONDON, Feb. 17 (UP). rssi eee h omtslte .

S"tinB t m et m oret o lglo w atemptetde reres ng Jonstot hro pt Dee Sreta Ge ore Cs. tman aboaru, wasod bad an ro d1 w astg w rc t adi

it 37 4m- Korea tillo a a suFrtertWBfwill te a gotd M ihel l aJoufS, wiapw u K h f ect, ws nt e rhe isays thand Nw a oaldenritled reb, on the -1 Cogsta Riawrn aa thed b
hoe I r lf s w l a the a dn atodad swune Arnto a full scale ea t te
0 W60 ".i f og Board yester- .oh d

jt aw o ie d d h d e ir o iedrt 0
r _it ha tPwr" from.the o B cag a l aoen fP- mm .es sale,,.,fn thoe n ohaw SS tal in tb itin ronra Fi tv e himself-i in an apparent demnop e t he
S_ ,, fu to., h wa 3a w wounded whn biea firm wighl l and fe r .ow fIo w ut-aib, t i ngWoemuhaordN rltha Atlantic Alliance and t inreeoTthe deom at ng

s -s ttack wa s lef Inm f uim Ites ienlabo en the Ctragey. rgagg twe.e Indoed fand pac k-he bit rm eI n o to n m can. h Army or por ed ateu are aonna ullae astot n can.
5 nJ'4Oje U Ten commlnrs boi lethrs a l- tgt ly brdh r ia conteelue ------ desay t *ua. nrw oodmark eit a u rn, Tr an.U s eorvieces were Canal ye. f or fave should i at e S an rA e wa Chine C t s a ath cd
..., '.. s, P fnaclaimingo a -t en G em ny.o "t ld .AI. W ese o e r D

o4l I M t ,at. .n ,t tlse he h ,,- wa b the ue an ic s r I h hle me a3te r the afterno on byal a. psandrtry weap b raoret ed arueoday on q son an hdis c ef ur,
"tha f okrb" t.e qareln ebepn tw o etop d S tt acin, ton boamd vrled o tTo tl rl tht be ne a n-e corecton o th ter os Wige Ctu Ria moren Heaard that wrugam ano atw hb'

t hen l teo Bkilin-. vinin tesu c He d ed instntly. ruaWi5 oUth a W deTnh n M oAfAene. a(Al ftfa repporogt aohe freid e oh re tnu nem e rt o eed tats.
"- o wanet"c wentaboeld waee a oioaed nt. htae oe sano o e t, rgler Foa ltre. paol t h-at hn vromf rcser on thewrm ow t p- m r anti n t SLnd o

6pe4 Wdot ona ftoooougleInAto theou ds t of t uch neXwt e- Imrfpoin apart ysot oda 8tann "e onchr The pse r d aw P n avdhainh
So A.o, i the a gn ndCo dmunaist..Jotrensetot,. whTh..nw toWIputmems harmy, dandAit rol en-auidta Dwshponthwehil m a se
ButL opposite the RP FW I still a

iedeal hW W bereotwoplemen A who1Ifo elstn wisos forfes ta t e lery dn thu was nor r v ah-ndir Fo rce m nder. t o r lhe amtervAla

ught-the nods acou rnteen Wsc mbn sh fd cmu a pt o to. h e arC ttoe r an t then a order o rweak no to extend the me O rih a Bri t ain a ne

cznwile i are folla onagselsue tb e 5S w IC a1 a Nw in tf ta. th eIte a today kha t h co re weta M Ae ( o un t f ak t1ow01n.S h ne
I91 011nuO peil It an- &my IeMvieipersononelhave

irot is ISothethreees eri tes ofef ths tso a eh)Inh e sdenti p O. ver Werc e hdhinsh r pe m md
slo e 8e ate Ihoul nlU

beckoblateth e onI n sw3B bSedngt Iavte Aoerstramn 1 ed -th Thi back angieecuiv attn th 10Patcnaa anal It ould mneeare I For etHbem oa. Bit aln ae b bee a ra
ofh and lhu b, 0 leg. Iuts M..scarcityar@n Sv=wage -ceilong e rnrn*m The re s cmaxed anhn thre-Atl s's t d -"'t

annativepofPoes, At us S li-sufsa* b gmyUted e rr acan ane o n t R s d la rn ce Pc e ll o
60ddit 112h- rend e rhpa.hviki ieth, wtreela br"umaor IlnC ta Rarc 1 Noewa w pe

s aentO h er e mine firms will d o at a Me el sof D e W anoeani-d p ex Thr day h to aaliden aot the thuncer
ws al_ was0f "M1ON .w m e- e. ltwoabrohboa erti con u ed rhorearge ipannaZanle. tin n an Aepolonyeru Gora roerde wcatln reyonlgt o aado he car Cd
aind 'A t1. nd p 0s fOc t tha T a i hacamelustrthe American a d teInbcnn 7 rPfTh combed then area aroud thLocnFun
w % lnsAMuthodf-CO- b. amron i.United Sa cn o t ynge AtomJonnhi wth th adin L nrIt tl e, clord. Se Ford M rs. Berrca

or W eta meurisg Cge upon also mai
Mn ebto to b ges eoho oI eas the fbordingh wn h fa d stop IIMtYi l torP.Hnion ompsn ed n 3.Aal o follow ng ACatnPale a n r seartcandt hN Rusoa's faorat thearcisg
"e ne rthbmnJ l or e nbutf mn f tli ed Is ta e r t hy .-.m anh er ftprenuaannaten enre wodhe b dieh w obe rom rnn.oFoi a t ould limit pay Tthee
..ti idms- an hgat TUd-r t nsAsa.e mad e QPort Seb Oted n stanl ws foriarpnki eg f nrm, I nce ato .esih n i to 10 per w rnundon The P ansm l Amerilan. (A fl r ot a.

Iolrs Fd ptOoEgofthne aDtaatabnhhoiad," whoife f n l th e entabovew a naidlao tal Colan. 15, nn Canal workersCol6nn Fort Captain Om r r meneabenund a

severaleyearsvlng t 0ra x the cetJ Theohnnitd Lw h at t mlan vtr a yg to e p i0.or t of the at s s
I'a nousn toerramn. S ecrt ;p Po er v sa t p s ti 1 m. Won er a leftin Ar.t Seretary f e rend r e. with 17 porte engo ers and eew- 'Falnirsa e ad t
ed l, whowev e r, traw0 a IOtack ea sed at hI sbm aoefn e eas on foer e, othe -ge byth locAl stltorlid t- iono mpeled f a tille w ar i c onviene.a J Teo vag shud hanve akn r D a o low it

tollowing oreA I toW ti d lsignlhn r tn oNr
s t d-i,' e aWhoe a f the effect, wstu- hoe th lel
i lan e t.t It commitees-d-tnod y'teh ru otbrc ethe realt evcoe of 225,ho
140 Inaes be as ked men at nat aot.d e help "t- nationof a- wh ole seiWo, qifok-fmust buy groceries onanado thepr Sao pot-a Srtalns pared dmde a
poumterod onoAlweektif$boywa dhelopments" whadd eU trddoff.N aloe-
to-. 6"crisis"nInathedufso pror Thate ordera]'a does tmve a n da T he ArmyN ay Club ate FrtFu

.eeo o o Coam.ble.h th reInw8tteiidnero fe&t A emad orsagin opeAne for Ibowr
prces for 5 .sl g tersenierf"mecnn her twis enginr Ifr tomanaroriy neadoek. sthtin g for a
-rlare cutmryoin A ad were msan dodilhy d uinlorin- n usdtor. p th wrupe miar-o workers. T htwolbne nm uuatl Bothalnchneons owd at e rt r rlv sa thath ifr R.
W.d # 0t EK II. th. _w ts.con o tanker whoe ina t Mk u t it entopayffrc thImmediatexyAS boutraanminer southeavservedsIar
_Tied tatlhM be teen u oo seauthis- weekeel worabe enweaft c rgn it e ntnue. rsrbow the et o ethroh A enedr6 a yT hanrd. he wotheai e r ntIt d not' hav

."to d othe_ _retathyBaoo the 1utreperahoag e.Al- on T d anc
ot whe:End a ihall' h ou ghd n he hdie s be trvedy thot01 h 'now (ooUd-scar)lc Da viedMe poratrst wil n Whel nonverxtth, Th ursdya- shl nt'a (Ck noL

Tederortohoebws wastmetwb l andt Md le Alnicsae w ornin at wgorgasI hefliles toda f or lookater nwoAr-we mci ns e fclub rs

Hunown Int. Dr ty. arH Mr Truf mansaid is makingd m hisitar firs por
-lsan-,,, ,toa rtmile Ds..JlsSla un gtMfunrTe be t i s. Unionofinhe b lan orItIntheCan. 3Z. An C tnal pilthe f or stilltop d see t: _dre e
i. a th e dg Mr.,wasOthteratm s hape."reJunodThe.z dema nded a15-cenover 20 years. ef a washu sent "ote -1
IrI oateto htimaM]IMI ,T dsrbda epcnavag-i dnc'agenKor e ane warbrokwo en wou dayBsinesaorningatsmrgaiHosit

161?the nWise f oudnohavA ostnlad on Te on the hPan a.sofiayt. p
0W-al"rteauens*DeHe p aro tbe ao mpado nit by pbl ice reftoy- tColookforS at it 1of the sthmu ne
niriet fh_ ieseve tranfrsnrlhaso er w oas tae nasho WA h r e x he A rn Stroet ry Fora Pe, ra hemul.y woh abs e Loalrvivrcs tare daute,
Pna1AM ,._of ndshpng"taeM onbluonamt toaTh tkef.d afhg enera tar tn o sArmy withraedn o g tedminesdny an d ain Mrso.Mrlt ai wofBlboa
adorveduingtbbmen00oestated .HeS aidtof-edefe nse xpw ce d hetak
..otovn nTTecu ofnOoeohe Nort It a yndBad-as e
federal Workers,4btoPer.n 16 u im l an..Bellr e and Cdn:Mike369ul d bornuOfay, w198oBoard .n reo tto-outtheron
anr" UI Shi" Td Tl__i k__e to e r"ver. 'mmss. wh-ticIoVd .thethnwler To Coss-wee 3 tPatralel
SZMVU In r un, mo a nerhourswsheos ult 0 tne ttbawrequhred

We buredon Pagei5. 1ieTD oMtrip who m n" W faAIl talure In get material from near- R e

Sror Fous p do report d today that the Peal lines were set ma Political Controvers
PirOh onuan Swedish freighter CSUrister SileS up at vrtt the mills early
anMsyMlvaoni Court mu, ow powe CavyS Ab^ t aisr, where cBay LEROA POPE til operating under the Unit- questions which might come up. sibity of revision of his in-
Tana. OU trporttutnce N -a GS.CMorton. wire esq ded, s "otInued opera- ed;Nations reoluUon of Oct. 7 Thirdly. MacArthur's state- struction If It was decIded p0-
se r l two ore sh l hr'bmwInhtvy ti aons. Te osdete d of the trke YORK Feb. 17 (UP) which gave them tacit or Impll- meant on Tuesday in Toko that liccally wise to tay south of
S% ohe t1he MB e two oe Te pfte Coasth wav s I. n16M od where40,- The White House says that Pre- it authority to cross the th the ueation of crossing the 38th the old dividing line between
C e C ail t oThursa epy.7amss a Nleft other Job sident Truman's sitso t that parallel and "unify" Korea. This palel was "academic" at this North and South Korea.
S Ct oe Canal Z1ne. aTh seven c ew 7In120 o0 her the question of whether or not resolution approved by the time anyway, and that future Meanwhile Britain i s
SM Yor Ia-day ea7gm 27ia.ntd a .s enbers wenre a 0 idt oa o toca0,U- tocoshe 38th o MS tK o- Geeral Assembly 47-5. found developments were dependent edly pressing the United
6 1W d 13-day rtiii- ._ 10 s, tar wrfor f"M ta wa a sa io Effl r only the Soviet bloc against it, upon "International considera- not to cross the parallel toi r
as" M UMS s h r n ----- -t Ie fai-n Noew matter must be onsrdw but eight nations including In- tWs and decisions not known lest it Intensity the Cha
tr pm-e ine the context of all, trS an- di abstailned. This ftsoltl n here (Tokyo) yet." Communist action and res
e 2- ett e .t nouncements on the S. e that "lU & b- The position appeared to be any remaininR possibility y
S. -wool-- What it actull M -R 'W sate stem be taken to' ensure that Mr. Truman was talking of peace.
boon koa total more i t f of now n stability throughout Korea" and the situation as It existed at the
Tr'sbforeWnal=av h elections held In all N*- moment while Acheson and Some diplomatic quarters con.
ftSttUsiaave a 4 e SI2tnoab- ty ilesglie tso r "the establishment of a MacArthur were talking about tend that the United State el
aJi 5 rml Rieve. d Matles or tt oWW states uled government." po lble future developments in ready has ordered its
tltwomIthe International field. commanders in the Far
i ld tSecr- Seaadly, Secretary of State Ia ther words Mr. Trumnan's to cross the parallel at
.Da.n Aheson's press confer- saet-an that MacArthur still time.
statementt that the United hbs United Nations authorisa- They aer that t
his .was in constant consulta- tha to cross the 38th parallel states q unwIlling to
toh other nations a he thought it strategically l Wst It
in 1 on any6M7O u wt did -t hle out the pas"V nea toN
+ : lll' 'm i' '-+ ', l I I .... 'I -', I+ I,. .. .. 'III :Ii I .... II --I I I I I= I i+ iii" I I i i I d ii15I I=ALL'

-,- .

* A

Igo and Freight-Ships and Planes-Arrivals a
^ ___ __ ____ 1. _


New Orleans Freight Service


J.L. Pltano ..................................... Feb.
8.8. Levers Bend ............................... Feb.
8.8. Flador Knot ..............................March
8.. Levers Bend .............................March
handling Refrinerated Chilled
and General Carmo


New York Freight service Crist6ba
S.S. Cape Avinof ................................ eb. 18
S.SCape Cod .................................. Feb. 25
S.U. Cape Cumberland .........................Mar. 4
8.8. Cape AKn n ...... .....................M ar. 11
Havana Freight Service
Sallins Weekly from Havana to Crist6bal

Weekly sallings to New Vork, Los Angeles and Seattle.
Ocessional sallings to New Orleans and Mobile.
The steamers in this service are limited to twelve pasengers.
Frequent Saiingas from Crist6bal to
West Coast of Central America

6Crietobal 2121

- Panama 2-2804 Col6n 20

(A Limited Number of Passenger Berth)
to BIor ":
.. point Lvqu ....................................February 1
N.. Washinton ..................................... February 80
.s. Bernlrer ........................................... March 10
MS. Wlnnlpeg ..................................... March 13

8.. elb m .......... ........... .... .......... February 23
.. Co4om ble ...................... ................. March 4

Cisetobl: FRENCH LINE P.O Box 5015 Tel. 3-.67 & 1I18
Fnami: LINDO I' MADURO. 8. A. Box 13
Tel. PansmA 3-1683 3-111

Ite Pac i Seam Navigation Company
SRoyal Maill lins 4
M.V. "SARMIENTO" .........................Feb. 22nd
M.V. "REINA DZL PACIFICO"................. Mar. 3rd

M.V. "LORIGA"- .............................Feb. 24th

8 "DALERDYK" ..........................Feb. 19th
8.. "LOCH RYAN" .......................March 13th
BS. "LOCH GARTH' e.......................Feb. 17th
IJ.. "DURANGO"* ..........................Feb. 21st
*Accepting passengers in First, Cabin and Third Class.
**Superior accommodation available for passengers.
AB SaUDae SubJeet to Change Without. Notle.
fPAClu C STEAM NAV CO.. Crtst6bal Tel. 1654 165
FOnD COMPANT INC.. Panama Tel. 8-1251/1258: Balboa 1901


8S. "SANTA LUISA" ..............Due Crist6bal, Feb. 21st
8.8. "SANTA ISABEL" ............Due Crist6bal, Feb. 28th
J.S. "SANTA MARIA" ............ Sails Crlst6bal, Feb. 19th
8JU. "SANTA BARBARA" ........ .ails Crlst6bal, Feb. 26th

M.V. "SAILORS SPLICE" ......Due Balboa., February 19th
M.V. "GUNNERS KNOT" ............ Due Balboa, Feb. 24th

-NV. SAIORS 8PLICE"............ Sails Crist6bal, Mar. 4th
Magebal 3"6 naamamIa-am-U. eUS? albosa sn 31


w --* *

Your Hearts"
-'*" '
.)-* 8_ !".

I ScrwSt. j.

SDepleted a Grate
1l ntensticed 7?
14 Sea eagle 8 Lampreys
1i Depends 9Repair
19 Woolly 10 riillan
18 Symbol for tin mMaw
19 Snooe 11 Hospital
20 Sorrowful resident
21 Editor (ab.) phydician
22 Possessed 12 Requfrements
24 Bitter vetch 17 Lough lava
25 Observe 23 Abjured.
27 Hostelry 24 P entrates
28 Negative reply 28 0temrnties
29 Delirum 27 Notion*
tremens (ab.) 32 Erected
30 Within
31Eye (Scot.) | I"
3 Legal point
33 b imb
36 Scatter
36 Plant Juice
S3 Ancestor of
S3 Moccabin -
42 Here (Fr.)
45 Symbolfor
selenium I
46 Fleet
.48 Explosive
SO Expensive -
al1 Her roles are
Slketfhose of
53 Icelanlcxnyth
5 Splinters
I Morass n
2 Spheres of
3 Unit of
4 Connect

Wiw below.


40 PaNd lb
a neAw
41 Low fe

4 U xpens
44Presat'. "
* math (Nh.)
47 Insam
mrin .40 shd A(f
mper 52Symbpol t
low rhodium

16 New Employes Join Canal

Force In Latter February

Sixteen new employes, sixof
whom came from the United
States, joined the Canal-Rail-
road organization during the first
half of February, according to In-
formation from the Personnel
The new personnel from the
United States, their birthplaces,
and positions in the Canal or-
ganization follow:
Jasper W. Strickler, Kingsport,
Tennessee, power plant switch-
board operator at Madden; Ar-
nold S. Hudgins, Mathews, Vir-
ginia, electrician In the Aids to
aviation Section at Gatun;
Harvey Engstran St. Paul, Min-
nesota, baker in the Commissary
Division at Mount'Hope; Harold
Pernandes, Cambridge. Massa-
chusetts, assistant engineer, me-
chanical refrigeration, In the
Co mmisar Division at Mount
Hoe; hirey D. Pyle, Somerset,
Ohio, nurse at .orgas Hospital;
and Guy P. DeLong, Mt. Joy,
Pennsylvania. cablespllcer In the
Electrical Division at Cristobal.
The new personnel employed
locally, the positions and units In
which they serve, are:
Marine Division-William J.
Cronin, towboat master, Cristo-
Meteorology and Hydrography

Section-James M. Thompson,
engineering aid.
Railroad and Terminals Bu-
reau-Patriall A. Appel, clerk-
typist at Cristobal.
Muncipl Division-Wlbur A.
Coleman, tractor-bulldozer oper-
ator at Orlitobal; and Carlos J.
Lauterbach, utility operator at
Management Division Ray-
mond 0. Shuey, administrative
lnanee SBreau-Natalle C.
Adam&, bookkeeping machine op-
erator, and Arnne Linoln, olerk-
oiee Dvlison-David L. Bidi-
op, policeman at Balboa.
License Section-Rhoda L. Fox,

lH cky D e ry-i fr .
l oMUt d4 aseMO-l ad awe"
wae nw minthe hm idm.
they can hea l
.GMeAwe tIS

Royal kNetherlands Stleamshlp Company

BAARN ................................ Marh.18
UE8TIA ................................Masth 39
PLATO ...................................Feb. M
FLEVO ................................... eb. 35
DOURO .............................. Mareh I
DOURO ..................................Feb.
HESTIA ................................. ar. 19
ORBESTE .................................Mb. 3
DBLFT .................................Feb. 5
ORESTE8 ................................Feb. 25
Cristbal: i1.1821L In0 PanamiA -8M Balboa 3719


The annual meting of the Panamt Insurance
Company, Inc., will take place on Thursday, March
1st, at .4:30 p.m., at the Salon Washington, Hotel "EL
PANAMA." to consider the following :
1.-Election of Direptor
2.-Changes in the By-Laws
3.-Inventories and Balancee
4.-Any other matter duly presented to the
February 17, 1961.

I I Io4 V J. illI

'ou nr-
'Qr un'-

tao hgKex-

Labor hhab

In Ho oefMomn
LONPDO, Peb. 1e (UP) .j The
LONDON Feb. 17 (UP) The
a consevave attak o he Lai
bor goernumt' defense a0,le-o
a Warn of V1 YOtee-three
a the goverainmen5h m cMe -
a* majority.
A conservaUve motion askig
the HouN to delare e. wef
denee" in the ovmm ae
Ity to organize effectye:T
for Britain was d#eiwa, S8%
The House voted after be
Whaton Churhll d th
Britain no lo leato the
"inePtitude and bIcomrmpetnq" of.
the government's um t
_Th Conservatlves d
ei attempt to mea e Att
See0Jtvernment by Presenting a
mn ai he tranmafer of
agraauidnntg (eAnutd
production cheme fromntheii
nty of Foed to the Colonial
Office. The ote come next Tues-
etniwhl&e a Conservatjve* b
election c ut the Labor

Caent bate edS-
ley, a wartime cabinet minister.

Double Coelra Ba
Mrs. Butan *an celebrate
e 10ther bithbrtda bytte dIng
agveriany party.

eau an tVesraft riayed, "Fa-
ther, toegnthem lfor they know
no what the do." Can anyone's
wrongs = those Hforgave I
How ca One forgive great
wrong? 1 tor the offender
Is one teM Odd often gives
understiadtni that changes ha-
tred td pity. -A the French- ay,
"To understand all Is to forgive
Or pray for God' spirit of for-
giveness. Then. quet say, "I
fully and l, give X (men-
tioeing; th& a of the offen-
der):; I Le i andg let him go.
I eom~a e ;2 v the whole
buslneI' l a. As far as I
am Ion i finished for-
ever. I a the burden of reseni-


:?-.z l
u. -i;,

r. u w- p .. ,,- ig.s-_
ment upon the =wtithin11e.
elsfreenow,adLa o. r*g -
of hig Ufe.
shed. The -a ale
us both treI l4hank OWt."
Tbft gat u ap toobolt m
buslIMar. akeu
ceznplete. Your hapneu.
health apd en u wIll. now
be greatly changed, i. te, w ....

I --.r~-~'~- e Tj. I




-.O --

Ve Sp

Chase National Bank

t the Otty et New Yord

a~ resources oer "'0

General Bonking

eoilmbs in Finanicg ImgmpS d g 8 p0 .

1* II -


That's the RUM we're

looking for...


* Mower

*Ad RiMld

* Crysld lw

"The DIrs and UllrkkI i h Your GuWre m e dI


'It, I ~i%~yzE'- ."





By Popular Deand... Cong and







*.. /


.. ............. .... ... -


r- Yar

t Mr.
a ha

af. Mi
ht, M
I9. A

, ,.; 1. : n d,
Pepri, JMP. Thaoer, J. M
c*, Itay gdn R. D.
tero, C. ecYle and
. -ea- .
Colos ati sM". Seheiba
Cotnif fpdlki Harry
f. p Panma ate expect
re p by alrplal
XN-w6-5T4CiR where the
spept the past pveral mo

V, iginia,
oiii rparelt M
Mrn. Barry A. Comley on
Mrs. Roert Lessigck gkve
nert-brldgb atd e na.
Thued igevening it
i 0 lboa. er other giuei
Bead sForgemn,
0e ae DIf6er; Mrs. Angi
Wit ,)MrA": Freod q rr
Sy,. Mrs.
Ada and Mrs.:. Joh
s- .1
This evening Mr. and
Ieaslack are entertaining
ally 'at their home for
Lacklen and a few of her f
Iltehs Arriving
Seem MIami
Mrs. R. D. Wright of Ne
Mouth Carolina and Mrs. C
ttrden of Beattle, Wash
*va arriving by airplane fr
a 'g t o t or I%.s
3hmus, rs. W .
"UAst o'f her,: Aullm
d tot, .
L d a

wg .r o, 5Tia-mU.a a
to to Panama. They w. bathe;
-law dln..
terwr.M. a mr W. K. Doelon
50Ut atreistg ehaViata,
;ht. .
t-Shr- "Mr. and Mrs. Mayle retuine4
wuer to the Unfted State, lat week
= fromshelq wud t tou886
b C uP land, W v- *b ,-
n their and otr relatives. Before
Caoal e ora they vURited
ad ,w Mrs. a pents Capt. ad
: teed Gn..i p Nchols in South
ln youth, M achusetts.
dof the
VIlsteritihelag Monday
After a visit of several weeka
iddwas atXI o. ilel Mar with Mr. and
dsome Mrs. ugene C. McGrath, Mr.
n IM and Mrs. George .C. Nrkmyer of
Matthews, Virginia, plan to leave
at thu MOnday to spend a few weeks In
id MrX a iatemala and Mexico.
I.M. r.
Ir. and
ir. Irge Attelndance
Ir. and at Woman's Club Supper
d Mrs.. A large group of the Balboa
IE Wdaa's Club and their eUets
adt attended the club's bareue
id. r. Steak supper held. Thureda
Ir5 ;U. night at the home of Mr. and
L6ot. Mrs. Charles P. Morgan at Ml-
*flIPat- raflores.
[ Helm
mlloWi, Among those present were the
ulther, president of the club and her
via, Mr. husband, Mr. and Mrs. Frapk
haMmp, Riter, Mr. and Mrs. Morgan, Mr
ete and Mrs. E. K. Daly, Mr. and
Ms W. Carnaphan, Mr. and
ernard Mr. William p. Taylor. Mr. and
Hrry Mrs. J. B. Fields, Miss Claire
I. Pon- Ogden, Mr. and Mrs. W. D.
Qun- Bright Mr. and Mrs. M, Shen-
J. A. non, Mr. and Mrs. Truman Ho-
Senke, Mrs. M. Schaap, Mrs. Fred
Morrill, Miss Anne Morrill, Mrs.
a W. Scott, Mr. and Mrs. L. D.
Boney, Mr. and Mrs. O. Z. MI-
Schel- chaels, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rey-
ted to nolds, Mr. and Mrs. C. Blyes-
;* from tone, Mr. and Mrs. Brnest Zel-
y have .nie. Mr. and Mrs. George Har-
ntb. ris. Mr. and Mrs. J. Conklin,
Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Tom Smith,
Mr. and Mrs. David de Castro,
Mrs. Virginia Holmund, Mrs.
tkn AnnaeMartl, Mr. and Mrs. Doug-
rho Is las J.ohnstol,QM. hpi Caries,
r. and MrA .Ben TIImC. Mmr Fdith
Ancon, Walsh and Mr. and Mrs. L. B.
a des- Morris.
howe Oflere Wives Luneheon
ts were at El Ranobe
Mer. The Fort obbe Officers Wives
us M Club held Its monthly luncheon
xruary 14 at lI Rancho In Pa-
ai-8= th M present.
n Wat '. Mrs. Perxotto Introduced her
$ other, Mrs. Otterman of Wash-
d Mrs. ligton, D.C., who is visiting her.
I ifor- A colorful program of Pana-
Mrs. manian dances was presented by
friends, the Cajar Troop, following the
Hostesses for the affair were
the Mesdames MacDonald- Met-
wberry, calf, MaArthur and Mandersun.
ington, BirthAnnouneement
om Ml- Major and Mrs. L. A. Carleton
to the of Fort Benning, Georgia, for-
bs the merly of Fort Amador, annonuce
;' and the birth of a daughter, their
:AC. rit child, on Feb. 14. The ba-
S a granddauhter of Mrs.
and el ttts of urundu.

Ua ij. .o-ton "a s es

;hf4th Sreet Lux Building

Returned Recently from Europe and Back to Work
at the

It will give me gpeat pleasure to serve you again
in all your beautyneds.

Phone 2.1322 Anoon Theatrb Bld.

GWtruotin oaffioe rempwal at Hotel EL PANAMA with
_i M mi- wle .ncluding all pwn.bIug
wUv49 0aM riprepMlf wiN I reOWeved
.-B_ T b. y Februaryy 20-, T by:

-- :'; i' .# -...-

0nsp..8 k ing *
a--'Woman's Cluli .
rdrty '-with Mris.
a. Jrr.0 at her hon
D ,and after the tea the -
a shown through M'. s
T s garden.


: Marriage Llieas .-
MON NO. Jose ZacariaM, 46. 9f MIBB p h f
OaGmbea, to DIAZ, Maria s e la KISISAWNA5, (atmhin
17 also of oamboa. flo Coese of HUgIN s as
PQW. Charles DouglMa. 10.,' ift .cehlbT s of IN Smh
JP4anama City, formerly ot Lo s mi base is vi
Cal.. to PLATAXI i en of ter e S ad a ml
AAnuu1a Rosa. 23, of Panama aShe came9to bhsafl r 009it
at r uate of Shauffler IMI, ad ao
J RVIM, Carl Clifton, 39, of b"* The AIeh is WON 1
Oamiba, to BARBOZA, Leonar, has as its eeal eet teo I
32, of Corosal. Ing the luncheSm by Mrs. CrS
Births leeIonic Asseeotles.
STOMAS, Mr. and Mrs. Me-
Donald, of Paralso, daughffer, Ar
b. 10,Gorgea Hospital. JWB Ad
soFe 4lon, n, F c shows 4th hI4btl
OARIBALDI, Mr. and Mrs. Za-
carlas of s silver City, son, Fb. By i
SULLIVAN, Mr. and Mrs. Ken-
noh. of ParaiNo, daughter, eb. The fourth exhibit by local ar-
I1S, .o r Hospital. tists, to be shown at the J.W.B.
R E,Mr. and Mrs. George, Oallery, under the auspices of the
of Panhma, daughter. Feb. ,5, Canal Zone Art League and the
Gor Mr Hospital Jewish Welfare Board Armed
SJOHN, Mr. and Mrs. Sa2 :n-1, Forces Service Center, will open
of Landlease 1025, daughter, at 3 p.m. tomorrow with a group
Feb. 11, Qorgas hlospitbi. df ol paintings by A. B. Con-
.*INOROSE, Mr. and Mrs. verse.
Samuel, of Panama. son, Feb. 15, Converse, who, in the 1950 An-
Gorg_ Hospital. nual Art Exhibit celebrating Art
wCTARu, Capt. and Mrs. Joseph, Week won first award fbr oil
of Albrook field, son, Feb. 15, painting, has a more varied back-
Gorgae Hospital. ground than many Canal Zone
PLORINE, Dr. and Mrs. M. C., artists. He obtained two univer-
of Balboa, son, Feb. 15, Gorgas sity degrees, majoring in pharm-
Hospital. acy, and in art at the Universities
of North Dakota and Iowa. While
'.eaths in Iowa he studied under the dis-
CEBALLOa? Evaristo, '9, of tinctive American artist. Grant
Limuon, Feb. 14, Colon Hospital. Wood, He has also spent two
BERGER, Florence, 55, of Bal.- summers in the art colony at
boa, Feb. 15, Gorgas Hospital. Taos. New Mexico, studying dy-
LAWSON, William, 65, of Pan- namic symmetry an4 modern art.
ama& Feb. 15, Gorgas Hospital, On the Isthmus, Converse stu-
McLAREN, David, 52, of Bai- died with Rosimond Gaydash,
boa Heights, Feb. 16, orges under whqse guidance he has de-
osital Fe 6 pat many local subjects in a
Hospital. variety of techniques.
-w r B id M c In the showing there will be
'Tw Blind Mice' several examples of still life with
Flowers, andcape studies with
Tickets Go On Sale, swg6A.t e end t,. g-
Ion Panama and the Canal Zone.
Id his c rrent xhibit will re-
Tmain opeofrwomM a.m. to 10 p.m.
Tickets for the Theater Guild's until March S at the J.W.B. Arm-
production "Two Blind Mice," ed Forces Service Center.
will be on sale at the Balboa A cordial invitation is extend-
Clubhouse tomorrow and Mon- ed to the residents of PanamA
day from 6:30 to 9 p.m. and the Canal Zone to visit the
Tickets may also be obtained exhibit.
at the box -office at, Diablo Club-
house on the evenings Of the per- Junta Femenina Lists
formance Feb. 21 and 22. MeetingTuesday Night
Shot By bror The Junta Femo nina de Bene-
..LYME CENTR. N. H. (UP)- ficenlt, will hold a meeting
Percy Raymond, lumberman, re- TUeday at the Pacific Clubhouse
ported that a deer hunter shot 7st-5 p.m.
and killed his 1,5-pound work Al. m smbers are urged to at-
horse. ........ ......- teD.

Any recipe dtm calls for milk is a KLIM recipe.
Your favorite dishes are richer, smoother, more
nourishing with KLIM-and KLIM is so
convenient and easy to use. Give your family
ezura ourisatmen etna Savor with deli-
cious KLIM!
1. KLIM Ip.s0AO. ilk
2. KLIM I..o.-w ..eo r*eser.e
3. KLIM qeamy s iwy. ,ae.M
4. KLIM .is .u e.ot f .row w shmr..
5 Kl Ma fMaNemWr Ol oom ms
6. KLIM b ree-av-ed for ea f ..lea
7. KLIM I a i ies..aeWir.mse.b. .
8. KLIM s pr, e"ed ,d, s.rett o frel

om ts i, of Ia Boca, Canal Zone, Panama, a junior at Shauf-
oeial WeCla, Cleveland, Ohio, was among four studmtents awarded
&tM Fmnsader's Day Luncheon held at the college recently.
ct of Kb Student Government Assoclation, secretary treas-
Wr of-the International Student Group In the city of Cleveland.
* bosus eof.her association with Miss Dorothy Knowles, grad-
present piretor of Religious Education in Union Church, Bal-
ad peptble by the Panhellenio Association of Cleveland, which
ae sof student scholarships. The presentation was made dur-
I f enUmsey, chairman of the Gifts Committee of the Panhel-

Ceomilssary Milk

Delivery Charge

Will Be Changed

The delivery charge on milk
from the Commislary Division
will be changed the first of
March it was announced Friday
at Balboa Heights.
The new rote will be 75 cents
per month for 25 or more bottles
delivered. For each bottle less
than 25 delivered during the
month, a credit of three cents
will be given, .down to a mini-
mum monthly delivery charge of
25 cents.
The delivery charge has been
three cents per bottle.

St. Paul's League
Will Hold Meeting
On Monday Evening
The Youne People's Service
League of St. Paul's Church wili
hold its first social meeting on
The meeting will be held at the
home of Miss V. Witter on 10th
Street, Parque Lefevre, facing
St. Christopher's Church at 8

For The Record
.CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (UP) -
Cambridge city council proceed-
ings will e preserved on tape re-


is best
for your


Special Price
1 Month Only!
Call for appointment
Balboa 3677 Armed Services

YMCA Beauty Salon
(YMCA Bldg.) Balboa
Open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Dorothy Gray Cosmetlcs.

. M

O- t -- .

US Autos To Lose Glitter.

Under Steel-Slash Ruling

WASHINGTON Orders ban-
ning use of nickel in new-car
trim and reducing steel available
for civilian use were Issued last
week by the National Production
After March 1. under the NPA
order, nickel plating may not be
used in auto accessories, dash
panels, gas tank caps, grilles, in-
terior trim, lamp housings, win-
dow mouldings, radiator trim,
wheel discs or window levers.
Nickel-bearing stainless steel
will be banned Apr. 1 in bumpers.
grilles, hubcaps, trim, wheel
rings ant wheel covers.
Manufacturers, however, w!ll
be allowed two months to com-
plete nickel-bearing Items start-
led before the effective dates.
The government edict on the
use of nickel apparently means
the eventual disappearance of
chrome-plated and stainless steel

bright work except on buIg
bumper guards, hub cap,
handles and window regulilS
frames and slide channels.
Although no industry Soh8C
would estimate when ebA
plated grilles, hbpd orniaO
and the like will disappear, Q
order specifies that manufaett
ere will be allowed Just '
months to complete nieker-b4
ing items started before the i
fective dates.
Industry sources said the no
likely substittue for bright we
would be paint, Just as It i
In 1942. There is no satisfaetj
substitute for chrome platb
one large producer explaed.
The nickel cutback order c
ered four applications: ;INe
bearing stainless steel (conta
ing from 6 to 22 per cent nickel
high nickel alloys (those na
more than 22 per cent niol
nickel silver, and nickel platiM


,rva 9o






Our experience and integrity are your guarantee.




TEL. 2-0610

The NEW '51


"pleasure cars"
in the following
models ...

* DODGE "Kingsway" 2-door

* DODGE "Kingsway-Custom" 4-door

* DE SOTO "Diplomat-Custom" Convertible

All Equipped with the Spectacular and New "ORIFLOW" Shock-Absorbers


PANAMA (Tivoli Crossing)
Tel. 2-1704

COLON (10th Street)
Tel. 492-J

- -4 ,




i "f ; t7 .. :. '
^ .: ,..9 ,,




by Panama CanaN sce B un Ponrn...

JOE WILLIAMS ajtw :Gof Tousai F4O41 Jnt4P
Forty-one employee of the ... "
OHICAGO.-The chaste aptoe type in the record books will and Wa tons ener Ac- binson D eci ey.,n N ew obby
Suture generations that sugar Ray Robinson became the counting "Of cf will take to .theyi
dleweight champion of the world when the referee stopped links at the Panama Club Mew -C i
.tight after 2:04 of the 13th round had passed but that won't in their third annual Washing- berto De V aid Pam ', '
the truth. It will be only a technical entry. ton Birthday tournament on m O r t Sit a d d
The Harlem Hepeat actually won the fight in the l1th round Thursday, Feb. 22 with the first ,t
of the most stirring rounds any modern championship has foursome teeing off at 8:00 a.m. $7, -0 MOp
-when he survived a fusillade of blows in he corner to This s the third annual tour- th V"
meve to the center of the ring where he proceeded to batter nament the Finance Bureau hbasa NE-WY3 -.
*k e LaMotta into such a state of punishment that only the bell held, and from all indicationsR r blng ,idlNEeW wi gt Dro whoe 1
him from complete obsolescence. 1ill be the biggest and bet one spring Training RumblingS -c weffI lhurp agt, whoe halt fod 1
athunkTaoik own aBedong the foorite to cop ar ae am:n.g. To wa..d 66 seveyr n r hot id:- aB
What followed was pure anticlimax. Throughout the 12th the yet. t ..oKi ong Ra newy o world decide s ewen p ols aeor so t
t, chunky Italian wo s kno awns t eBronx Bull reeled and Aongh efasvritasto Are Beginning To Ie. ch hps he defend aim -. belarp .anow O
ered as somehow he managed to remain erect in the face low honors thin .ear are last o ,caons he t.i ..,
hen the referee uould decide that the butchery had gone far Preston Trim, Ed Durham, Am- BY UNa fED PR EIe theweolte' v u he ap r-me. M -a
h 0Mold Bruckner, Ira Wright. and 0 'ar Rad 'ty a he ex i eu t 18-Mo laet-d a -, o.
Sill Wlchmann. The latter has ......plc-tie
Still on his feet but utterly exhausted, his record of never taken off three weeks to tune um of spring trainin 'in Misourt, of the Weatern A- S lm d bThe b on
having been unended in 96 fights intact, LaMotta lurched to his up his game, and can be consid. a be* to be heard alone :oclation. kinedo m.. Theo eu61Ar 1
corner without protest and hung over the upper rope, his head ered the real darkhorse of 07thoe at e Dnp u y he can' wait to anae oroge Oinfordsour.- C hiag 11 o
* cushloned in his arms, blood dripping from a split lip and a cut tournament. Th 39?1 y'oak Yankees open- bt trained a.ndhonesoI n s pistersin Chicago Ib-ho W I
and heard the lateful words... 'Trhe winner and new Prizes have been donated by edther n hool in Pho e r Iood y wth .t seyerd o l that him la
many Panama City businessmen nix, FMist D atse n Walt Drope -Ve rookie of the year in ,will robinson ma-defend the 147- hbi s.
and the three local olf pros. turned u t the Boston led So: art limbering up with the pith- pound litle.t Ttam 4 thlies-
his home folks In the stadium his fat buil years ago, andto Among those who have been go- camp int s, Florida, ane mrs and patchers oA Mofnay. An- tenere sines qeiry Ic01ial going d I 1
h i o s dtn father bun t yedrs aomt%.
while LaMotta was thoroughly exposed as a run-of-mill chain- ero with their prieman, Julo Ca- will ta wokn out with oth pred iot te o ed right d lyed ave tl of 1
S navagIo, L. Maduro, and An- atterymen nat wes. And, at ue elht-ndert o righoh hand, hedged a little when round. re -

a TTde R BATLE FOR SaIX c a'o- t tgmlPanamaloner A.B. "Predicting a pennant would be ed about hpl i. Defendl Chamon Tony t r
e, hA dTe lsteate anbsd ou r hsA buffettClub, Junheon w berb Pro at advance party of 12 Phe s left who won 20 ga Carpenter. "A to I e if h beat o in oaotta Wed- wita .f

-vorite, and the least that can be said for him Is that he went e C e a
At tha he managed to make a bitter, exptina fight for six mtangel wl y l-"rm ure th te. eaday niht n did beat li D
ut in e th tradition of fghng men. l was simply up Prot Amador nce Dre ter, Flonida, training camp. The owner of the ladel- aMotta O-in hi in the 1th ftit r
t a superior fighter who had beaten him in four previous Itor Arnold Brucknert year, several other ma- pa Phis -il-yo- a e i et- round to t*e the middleweight Tied for t r we Mo t Wl .
and was on this night, at 155 pounds. more formidab Jo ae clubs aed a fus te-says the eb r e titea har of the U, ad MeI "
S a datillers, National Baewry. Mot- 1o Iwm l rw title. aiOoA
LaMottan ever. d wih a rush, carrying he figh o he Ca- h te edtheir contender-buo of th at's ay he' Robinson, with a slightly brues- Amteur ey,ali wheorlfd. oet y s
t dark-skinned danng career, reven to the prmtve, n the B ra Leaue lat year through the Natiol La h ed right eye oand a, baly bruised P140o' s u. l R

:* rt-down, unadorned science of rowai upon wh-01ch he had built his Also Ernie Novel a-amewn- The firt practe w i te t nlngt m A .
e1 oh ba ot handAuncue.lnd .r.a right hand hedge a liMttle ,when rounds. -
A Robinson BITTER BATThadLE FOR SIXooed lieen was t Cring remmIsssioner A. fig. "Pred ting pennant would be aled about hi plant Defend Chi on s wn y

Snd or pound by a long e itrtch. He wah conter4udnuouthely back- Boregulaton Braves asy he carpenter. "A tA nrrt fhter. Why he'd oat l a th

Saway, flicking LaMotta with light jabs, throwing long rights Kid Evs of P~manan and Co. O, The. AIflvle1 s" a. Broolyn x o en F. Cbario troubleUni ty e Mt lt c ort ofthWn k1 W g rle!?nr2Hg un
Sometimessed inspiration feeds from strange bosoms, and the at 12:30 Ch.m. or colmediately fo back e unt the March t can't losthe Bradenon, rid like That comfe ntl about l otta Chnd h
ffe ty of Chicago's aromatic stockyards may wave ired the lowing the completion of the deadline for the start of triain- Curt Simmons without hgetting defend thestenuor leaea ch.
oBull to extraordinary laborsGbut the chances are the tournament hurt." John binson, h Iu ld I oso haviru ion u tto
hIt wasncriticzed untellow had come into the ring with deter to his ten-round fethnkerweht elr Casey ten el Carpenter I hopi ho o tm h tan e- f naw le

1 clppings and even then he was unable to take fulT char e. nin~lation bout tomorrow night at STANDINGS 1 contract d sad-y he weighs t. from Ch ., day' tusoto hteithgtera on aon day RSun MarM1 5 o
tomake te fight of his punches stalkndhhe dd. He Just wasn't refuse oanam Gym. T Woer on Ly 0 pound -a outp 10 47 eLaMota tle to thout thatp ran ro4k nter "
Sbenoughod trickled rom Robnsonutnd minor league pro- the sack lft when e the fyuturs h boarded tran eha
e ries of abs which LaMotta had scored with atonshing de- r form-th me that oe ...... .. 33 All called nto te Army. Robinson and r agreet
At that h managed to make a bitter, excitinthe ery top of the fightforsix .. .. 32 25 Another noupa ith Interl Club

Instead of *olldifylng hli gains Robinson tell back further in gao imnreyve durln workouts ElPioho .. .. .. .. .. "4 3 W P er major league pitcher s igthe vope ate hl up n t unr
dsth and seventh, midwaypoint rather he tried could haybeenstab- that Colonites are expected to Ca ke .. .. .. .. .. 2 3 oon" Pippin hav gned s plythhting. Fren ays e e

sut h could coutheter wtit of several an- In pitchers o] m Pauls tufm Vsea oWaRobin.rC bahAV e oi5ler'rS cag utttfae Tele
iook bg arena who felt for certain that Robinson must sure- ele f rey L Merrll. 139 145 167- 45 oRoihe yr itatwon sn h w he loned In the lty-off
Swin. kee regulash of the near future." A d ,ohnny Br it ton d ensontalks, Lbeth7in2Of I n their attempt to the ea

In.irlve-te Walla I ui Thomp 'oa ge, peroft a'n thubt r
EvlAll through the seventh, as Robinson danced and flicked in hoi ammS Medina an 0 i ** g t. a_ Cy a
LaMottast arted with a rush, carrying the fight to the sleek. Or111sbut not luastW-Federico Peummer EL PINOCHO b eior in l "

l-down, unadorne d scit was evident he h swat upont what he had built his- are thefeatherweih listed in the ters Leau last year through. zrd Charles. y bodtoP 9noa at
e it u o which heAlso Erle Nevel, a 21-game win- The first practice segIon will "I've seen Mh t flght,', rs shtelppI s=1 thtal pt to o te tad

dan rk-skinneda nnfg. mtaster reertiound thathe primi tivn F B u B l. 2 1 d1 35i i iWerhave a prlvate sllfulc nor with ombinationumonts woandkg.ckey be hldtod. m then n itTh n was no co obinso. "I, e I do all o A 22 l a ree te, t CO

MRobinson punched LaMota all over the rin n the ninth. In Thentheurorof To Handictle, who batted .113 11 at 11Jop- 39squad will rt n hT cent of withe net in that contract. h o n ii
the 1Robinson had nhis shot looked like the rlng's greatset fighter Maon-Medina match wi be ven a But the wiont 't boe recog- CHEVRO lT "ORD aERCURY
c round of the fight, one of the most dramacontic ndeed uously ve a shot at Plmmer TOutfielder hwinnerof 0 1 nizthe could by y boxing com.That on. idaynht.
*g ficngar dby w Mota wnit ljs .thr oninguy ack-n lchOl rven he -- v ta's a terrifoa I hter. Why he'd "TH" a E"
yester Aolenr dhornhmeto ge C a o tre ieanlenb
It probably true LaMotta with light jeff ts of LaMotta's flong rights KidEvans of Panam andCo 125 125 1- 375 r 3 ollv de 0 Ave. h 1
":Which missed repeatedly, striving futilely to mesh his styluch cand Insd e re. foradenton, F ord 3 134 110That comment about. Laotta y virtue ofti Mug v lrIe r .

harpneffective two-hand excellent co -ordination and wonderful mo- Wo 11 Fasett 16 163 4866 uB sR t f r
wound tup thehat he frequently escapes wth no more thair training extraining camp. ordon visite and Charles ld, many to believe he snior lea
aellent condition for wom ched Boston neralMaar J Robiso was holders. -nt-g he te tl htt le sp
It wasne, moved until the fourth that he s ene bean to lavWOMAN'S LEAGUE u.ulpn Thhrsayyr a i gn ev n bAtte M b Ltitlee n *hVoneh'14t

'*:' suhed forward with a r~pipng uppercut, followed with a stunning weather to compete In the week- M. Hl dreth 167 151 144- 463 .a
Shook to the head that eook the Bull to his heels, and a series ly vent. N. Rley. u136 126103- 355 signed.e .. t .r M b r tk the b o iipg.II

of punches that drove him backward into the roe where he was The winners were: W. Lavers. 13615813 432 5contract.d says he weighs t itle from Char nle.
l. citing under more cruel punishment eas thbe ssounded to put First 18-Hole F1ight aMotta A. Cooley fu18 122 18- 448 oitabou Than t dyt u J el eyt re ntmL0- ,
an enblood to trickled from Robinsons nose actical purposes the consequence of Chocolate has been flshin hi Rancho .. .... 35 22 lighter than last yer wn a he brdd ti r ro oer

SaMeries of jabs which LMotta had scored with astonishing deft re-Emmy Meador, Lousne hitit s3p G foraNew York.Jakevnyento Inthek

F foreroldst 694 864 6- 01 whaI to teathd ff sng ner dity mtr
lGross-Ealoleen De Luca. EL RANCHO ub He has been MutIo25 32 Paul Minner of tie Chica Ub lial.Laottawlf the n l h
fth and sixth, still moving in reverse, as nhe tried to estab- that Colonites are expected to Cass Mike..........32 5 Cotton" Pippin signed as play- fighting. Friends sona the e; pical Laundry quintet hqlts *U f

inaTllmAA INet-Oleana Harrins-aaeofenton. o in thLa BoFa Playground wa fort sto-. fg i ti. p wP.s
hich he could counter witimmunity. back him "en masse" tomorrow n st ager of Reno .hthFa r gafor te another tI n it on Wa- yith t.wi .te r i
s- H calculations were faulty and LaMotta piled up points in M a w l th g mcnihht.e akWese..itl Ater that, ldo& wt t r
and in the sixth-which was to prove the Bull's biggest Mean w while, the same an bem ilebarks .14 105 14%- 401 father th n wiothr in

Wednesdey .lb a .Wilno 14 1 14 I1- 401 .1 .t R U t l a alo IL WpIsA
nd- e had Robinson hurt, hanging on and there was a puz- tha IEvansL as e la Cunninghm 142 150 137- 4 29 logal connd 'to meet the
Slunder the tutelage of Aubrey L. Merrill... 139 145 167- 451.- Rbinswaves he w ibatev ad leeinthe'ly o r
Sloon hWoodruffsc.ue...a". Czp.. 810787- 234 r Ibea different ealleaguer______________l S

Wa makd loan. with auarnte on firsee mortHaan de Aicap. "83 78y- n s Ofel wifnn t11he aig e M pi
Sn fSylvester Wallace, Llis Thomp- --g 9 ii ,al',lot43-per ameltSag ss ---(
All through the seventh, as Robinson daned and flickedIn eamauy Medina and-last le nyI
the tamest round of the tight, he was readjusting his range and but not least-Federico Plummet EL PINOCHO will be.the other way arousndjustP0
In the eighth it was evident he had got what he wanted-a vant- are the featherweight listed in next time,
age point from which he could operate while in motion without the present championship elimB- M. Fessier. 155 118 151- 424a'Weavsaprivatecontrctfor M
danger of retaliatory fire. It was in thin round that he got his nation. ". B l 1- 3 are bout in Je,, admifrts
skillful combinations working. From then on it was no contest. It hap been reported that Wal- N. Johnson .122 1 118-- 363 a'wr a;Rbon.'ac ou s gets"0 per
.. Robinson punched Laotta all over the rinIn the ninth. In Then the suryvvor of a Thomp- Handicap... 113 113 113- sB9 cent of the netIn that contractL

..-0m0 td But the contract won't be rese. SGAS g V r
t*he 10th he called his shots. Then came the 111t--the most dra- son-Medina match will be given- -ATTERY V L /
ubatic round of the fight, one of the most dramatic indeed I've a shot at Plummer. The winner of 050 675,u--1ngc
etki in years. Oddly it nas LaMotta who lit the fuse by hacking the latter match would then tac- Jake gave ie oh0a small&- For 1949 1950 "PLYMOUTH" "DODOr
Rcooinson into a corner and showering him with leather for some We the winner of the Wallace.- cenflag thal-P do the dt
tirty seconds. Evan% or Chocolate contest for CASA MIKE oW." INVERSONES GENERALES SiA.
the 126-pound crown.
It Is probably true that the effects of LaMotta's flurles were Blind .....125 125 123-- 375Jo1 bed Fr& 8ise d Iaf*3Ave. Ie- ""241o1
more visual than vicious, for it Is a Robinson conceit in such cir- T r. Frankel 123 134 110- 367
oumstances to stand still and roll with the punches and such is his Along The Fairwoys 0. Muller 164 117 122- 403
s sharpness of eye and excellent co-ordination and wonderful mo- W. Famr. 15 lJOS149.- 466Ib amReaa I '.
bUlty that he frequently escapes with no more than a ruffled .Handicap. 117 117 117- 351 -' K--a......
coiffure. T hursday's show ers failed to ---- ----- "f
The roar of the crowd was sudden'; stilled as Robinson broke Fort Amador women golfers. WC
, loose, moved to the center of the ring, caught LaMotta as he Twenty-three gals braved the N TAHITI
rushed forward with a ripptng uppercut, followed with a stunning weather to compete in the week- M. Hlldreth. 167 151 144- 462 At a neetin of theLa'oop"
-%ook to the head that hook the Bull to his heels, and a series ly event. N. Riley 126 126 103--355o Cyelsdnltom-
of punchesthat drove him backward into the ropes where he was The winners were: Tr Laers. 136 158 138- 432. YQp flack. Field andC e e
tlt~ing under more cruel punishment as the bell sounded to put First 18-Hole Flight A. Cooley.. 158 122 1686- 448 Itt T h uldt a night i
an end to the round and to all practical purposes the end oftGross-Vie Ossenfort. Louise Handicap 107-107 107- 321VW1s*1O ET W as d that the Seek would

deposits oare accepted thru a period o enter. .EntrI*esst tot i e e --e entrsM a1be ayst--or
i M City seeretry by lsfebh 5. CIty i y cl or town. 4 o
of 48 weeks. Secretary Is n FUrebatk, 3Boxn3... youmeeold rsaS AStth
S7388, Curundu, CA extrapowertohandle rn I &lemnthiff&d -besi e
Individual safety deposit boxes, tor jewelry an ______ ou t crnk beenn a V
documents, In 4 different sIzee. .. l job... extra ruw. lum stlId ns'.a usessh "e A torp
,(' gedness for hard their Relay perfnrmances r
OFFICE IN PANAMA: COLON BRANCH: S ,,slow" service in allclimaes more outstanding. m l j e ag
o1 COetral Lie. sl Fre t at at @erm. i.. and low maitre.- -ikatwit.
eer of at aWas .ib Ia c. Whem n 's Any ort fan who lc t wit
I R XID ... YOU h d m su o & "ie
S.R. DoI RX CARLOS MOUVNES V gtwo me1:t Srundayht,

Mama ou ss ub-Maw'NUSS m IdaowIlMm Frtda a

V. .":;-.. M.,, mo m" ,., "7


. w !. "...
*" '- -y' -; r: '".-
.*V "' ,/. .s ^.
.2-" -


N -w .,,:-,
- ;,,W.

e n- -:.

N. Pratt will
worship at 7:15
MM1 preacher,
If the Panama
Sand special
ndered by the



Methm at Eity School

After e M k oQ f recess due
to the lo gR16. tke Pana-
U Methodist Bunday School will
i me ativities' tomorrow at 1
AUl pupif. are urged to be on

-- -. 4..-

ITi *t
t ~~ -" *



snow asES 0Op.




1'711 OCEAN DRlVE:
with asmond Oftre.
Joanne DrMu
TONIGHT 11 ? -..
For the fir$ttiteIn Pane"!t


a,18i r a, prt t -
t. wer uI r 4W Wea v am
pletaret of 310w PDaviaP. rz.;
. wanow. SS S mp svseow
r. Cummlns, du- e7. arek,]n. PM,
w wtyhini- M ut y e.-M w". *
in Panama C. aM b,
^ ihedes*rker.*. R Smth. John Laesh.

members attended te JIN U
i .. ALL JOIN u

C. hu~e fAse. ILCTrrao, Calif. (UP)-M
* 4rand Mre. R. R. Waggoas Prantk Jones, the only WAC r-
s wdehi kfrsmMWewhCmlNs aerve In California's m fla
tobal to noun 41 Oatun. Mr. ha, ha been recalled o s-
WaMner etatoned with thUe M y, but e lan 't vm
Me D"tlWrOent in Gotn. harmbyehind. Her huomba"
fluk, a Navy veteran, um -
sa Mr. Thameduty and 1isawalt-
- Mr Cal sstm, o of er on, Frank, Jr.,
e. Mi: and Kr. c. a. Thomas of n esnct the Navy two months
th Gatun. will leave by plane Sun- so.

TO a
(A Newly Orttlww ptipt Chureh)
Cristobl, C. Z. Z- ouar Ive. at 12th St.
Rev. Fred JOnes, steor y. le. Je Dittmar, Evsangtet

- 71.E1

a Canal CluIbaouses-.
S Showie Tonight i:

The cemoy was pert
ort elevenS AjM. M a, el
1.ude I.P. W

ertnld at Quarter se- 1
Son Voysae inner Party
Mr.and aMr.D.R.MBcM
tertalned with a dinner pa
thve #I V

421" WMo


SabE QkAJItNG 4 Ptia MW
Am faafn y & amkuse, w aas

h,, l Wi llt i
aUi eine e11l1
, -* P


0 ."




- 1 tKO ite PicdwfM




This is a stoy of sexual hygiene ... Ifparts of it
shock you, remember it is based on facts!
. Are' YCOUT ing the mistake of believing you can
keep your children innocent thru ignorance!
P 0

s a so taaIdl: ."PU aat
esi -- m "|PRE .T T' i
S beoar "AFewa' Le s Tc e IMzagh

,.MPO ,.. Audio.Hyas--Sm
.., *maEr: "OR fM'a"


M C' T "W.IxNH-fsTE. '7",
w *ndgy: "Prettyr Uab"


Mr. ud Mn,. Mse-w
RtrAM to BSt"u
nMr- tMrs. tRobert aesser,
ia n daughter. Patreido
Mi,- ..rly of Fance Field,

end and Memphh en route o
LO Angeles where they plan t
Mr. Menr haa resigned, his
position with the Panama Canal.
ItSe regular meetings of taie
Cristobal Star C(ub we hWl4 at
U.e GritoW M Tas TeS e
BTht8Wu erft with Mf.
W. U and Mrs. Bay Pet-
m l meeting a president.
t mraig .and evening
mM Pouto the butine
me the gu pp b


Clark GABLE e Barbara TANWYCK
&ie abewin imda-y A MMuer

ContInuOs Shows Startinq at 2:30

I '


* swm!

- ~luqwj-.- C-~~Wi;n~Epi~a'c wt.,: -s


SU1 A. linR.
rd ,ag.os. tw,


RMd .d ud 'a". c we.
violece and reprisal
Switch -

31' 3:IT 4,:n 6:41 5,53
The mot nnest f m '.of th'
ese meDun. -

Ae NLnn a& c "a cu

MAi= SU I P M11MI iIf U

Yvonne de Carlo Richard
Greene. In
Plus -
Audle Murphy Gale Storm. In
(in Teukumoor)
Ramon Armengod. in
Also -

p -

If: 5: 4.: 6:H P:.N p.UM
ctory of tow he d attlr
ed t a trontlAr's croimroeS



Burt Lancaster Dorothy
McGuirre., In
"MISTER 880"
Also -
Tyrone Power. In
with Anne Baxter
( Chapters 4-5)
Plus -
Two Other

vYu wq-'t
Iqrgat this

four men and
Iwo girls found
themNilves in
the power of an
apparently harm-
I-Myoun mqn... It
happened to them...
it could happen to
you...for this il
ripped from life itllfe

i.uMW's iM inm-.%
--Iu ^j~_^


p S-------


Zelvery.. a a


Canal Zone Direct Shipment Prices

One Ford Custom Tudor Eight

One Ford Victoria Eight (hard top convertible)

Three Mercury

Three Mercury

Two Mercury

Six Passenger Coupes

Sport Sedan

Convertible Coupes

One Mercury Monterrey

One Lincoln Sport Sedan (hydramatic)


I ON AUTOMOBILE ROW Panami Tel&. 2.133 A 2-IM

__________________-- -i.-




vi Pi:.W(' t" -... ..-.
- --

...... A J i

", '-'r ^ .f_.




-. ..rkw.-- .' =. .-.. -r'e b)y. ...

4_ AFOR SALE WFOR SALE FOR SALE 5ORTS co',,'#srMiB T onr thir -m:-1" ''l "

Rt SALE.-Buick 1949 Super Con- Ladis of the West lnk -- Every FOR SALE:-RefrageItor, radio, fur- Shl treal, gas" range & refri- A?
artble. Quarters 249-D, Coco So- professional beauty service is con- nature, household effects, bicycle, erair... cM mmodotes 7. Priv- no"" o
I t 02. veniently available in the Genall quick saim, house 799-D, Balbo. a 0a 'st- t beach (2 mn walk). p '- t bCommwi l kt er wa-r t y. -- ....
OXd.r 194atu, n TBlis.s Cocolh Clubhouse Beauty Shop. Phone Balboa 2920. BallStut pngpong. badminton.A t.
-1 9r4. _aPontiac Chieftain Stateside operators... uiet, r SALE ftFrigidir a cyc et Coall 4557 days; 4-230 ve- At "" now
droulc, k r io. idn g atmo s p .hBnreo. Ptoo t FOR n E :ho f. s gdd le 25 cyclenow bi*i N TE -Aer Santa -a
S ste res mileage. for face treatments, tints, etc. va f ry g tood condition,$ ts d ....teason... the Zo nel ta ne r ." .. .
SG 88-328 or 88 hone 4.557 washing Dmachine 2 1, 2 c e r0. a t ead K- .e t d u sawe w

1 door Phone 2-3392. 1489 Dor- h e 5 ltsed. u 0 Coe, OR cyScAle, usdE very little, like m;o. .rats.Phne AN.D_-- ... ...---- Dl "e yf ,re 1.v -. A l N o. .A. -ittWt -nf, aB''-" .
2. u0Ap0. D aNa : ,rf 5ts new cost N o.0 will F ran or. -5a 6 7roe. ORon CAN

r -FO SALE-/1947 Osle Sedan e s r : 2 S 100.00 cash. Pfrh n t oo u Ausrou n i4n .e/ 4 .-.. t OM W oieit IUnot ler K, i00nyohe .Tt l ;al .w ; -IR. .
] '6R BnTero ralJewan rr y, Io n M. 5 IIe La Qu.a Aved Apt. No. 24. /WFedler 1 ,- N C ta ei,'" .,. "..
t 0 Dut Pai. Mouse 23 .. ...._ .oM. ..w,. .- l-
50 ,St.,;Be9 .loV ta. aj F O inig Internatinal Hotel r.civr p. -. ,repje I e .p ogLr. ',g,,oola .
FO R A LEd"Lo nE aiy re lg'lo TB records of Ooahtster with er E.l.t d. .... I hlU tedIt"" -Y"hwrcowthlthe
. .n.. -o S0 4 a Odr 1 al makes. C acss tical popuadpular. Cocoli... po 2 B .n c2".z- $0b. Mid eeikneds raaM mul rr .gI....itee

Vlub Rnoule br2 I oi 5os1 Artur olo FOR S E lec- rc 471-D. 2.Balrs -te Ffll Rb pwofl the UNe M M anals sad
I. 00rsonble. Tel 3-2r03 r-- a- A.ECNtCo dIA. 9 7th Ste FO SALEBe- romu selo u.m FOR RENT; R eah t- oteroom iacf mT!eUtr mI .wuhw. ae bu eas t. b.OWIballC 1 S bt l T
tOR i. N sp o n, p 3-102 9 diotely r lePaving forb l orida. All n a t Ec 1 IM Tt mmna e Phone Y e f e -~p egot ws, phe o, U aBts o S -it;

house t 4L new f:it ba 1. 33rd --- __t b.__c 5 1 c- cingow oir s eu, ,inai- By Teo. 330 I e oe ri a ndero aain e $17a5.0 intll sell ftoa AmTethea 9SISE BI
' FOR SALE--Chevrolet 4-door sedan OR AL ma P household ten s for sale. bn sodao "RlE i-5 m 4-7, aCANT IS "1 .ingta_ a n bir 1534 s uw s.,

*S S.AL E l.B --- Two 4ew9tres---.- New ue a hoga br hre batteryer-u FO RENTe -l W p consas. bero .i gl
I iexcen r 0ndion' er, phst e 1-12i 4. oName r05 Cse- Crysta l gasses and. goblets, silver e .. O b
S Bl e neos.h u Paind .-1out rP e AN NE 5..B coffee serviLce,- 4 piees rugs, old F O, ee. ._es ....orer te o a a d. .
leedsAEspra4ysetSo.dishesistf.ishOinLog9 Gen era.lEet g hereW coun ideol s*1o Wi t effoov- flS -0 attc .0t1 Uit
eooquipment,~0tCoo utens0I.alsdC T nhrbrand/o Patc- o i. h 2M n prm dh "sigh priceftdtodar.n s loni sicni 1lty ct tieinr_ -n-.-.. ...'
O ALE-47 O l SdanFOR SALE -- Bargain. Piano, excel- new horse saddle and stirrups and Il Ifro t thlait busin es, aothe a t eo tl r tate
model 76,n HydroTmat,, andradi. lent tone. 3rd of November street, so forth too numerous to mentionLE:B. droomeashad'11 1111. Be..o thIr1" ll s no se fo antyonhe 'ra t 1h the.ra p e /--s
. 0 3 Pa Buab h s 5,A310.F AE:oM ustsell Panama Seo Sm SteatiNr o .m iee, Feadre-i -s r e tha, R E.. the 2 reots of 1r 02 "11a11111tg" the' .
Si Pnew bttr /0./.Boyd, rAt 4 cin rear 9 ia. mA l_- friKIa te1u O.thra Id o m cu tries .hn e lo -m e =t.aolIrs," t /.ean
FOR SALE.-150, c evroto Crusetomena FO R ONALSAE asmt &eiv 10 ".th rate hoo dSe. m. A 1V7now S t jhein st themod f lm n-e .ol wr e UP TA
ne t .ires...... ... FOR1rBrnod stFRoNerma n o.lnk phoue'ol-0tr.B,:-Tahree bedroom bunga- omft ea n w ar .t a4 ,t o
I1 0,00 mlles $0.0t..a0o u d owdnit 2= I Kw. 1or 5 volts, J. Arturo Cstio FOR SALE-Eas ctre in bator. Cillv -...Ii-, t u Ino- I-
Hous s, o -eB, S 4000PonTel.32-2184 __-_______/____I_...._ law, veyo good l octatn. S1banas S UI8 ,f-t f t .h1 i -11" 00" 6" 'NO -

mdrop-leaf tableaond 6 chairs. 2 lamps, iron, roaster, etc.) lCair- uarters 144-A, Phone 84-61r07. largeoymvicinity Golf Height. -
5i J DIablo. Tel. Balboa 2649. N '4'B ure" mahogany bar, three conrete, 2, bedroom Vl a Senae...lee.le-au as .on, Win snteail tes tls..slo.a nd_" w... en- 00 11:00- a
FOb SAL E -' IBuick four door 1938. I Kw115otJAurCsil. covered stools, brass bar rail. Call cREtt:aWe .SetdFranciso. 'Call 25- -e a I I .tIsa. to theUnited whle so bradn te

oy No ,, Phoe' 151..... RUPERT BENNETT'S a FOR SALE-New Chinese Rug, gold/ Pflfll-he iT b -dmoilmed '.-tts troopsaft ethoe wr s' a a .-.Im, O_.,.
FOR SALE 147- Kaeiser. recgndi- Studio Of Modern Piano Playing 1cOlor, 9 x 12. $400.00. 524-D./ w/ iaR The dttob l4lS wa effect-/ fendin teel-st the. United/ ".1
t/oned motor' $600.00. C all Coca Offers three courses, practical, papu-| Cocoi., phone 2-1031. | Apau ents /Fed in .t .m-etag, a sad- --..80.onn
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c wickersdemonstration, No. 9 Juan Eo. Sosa FOat iALE-yBedroom suite, dnig- FOR RENT. Beautiful one-room"- the first de.' In 1348o,. tde U .i reaSthey
FOR ,SALE:- Buick 1939_, 2spar e St. Phone 2-1282 Panama. n room .. likene,set A yt.r Ad' mn 1346'I adi tionnheo s the. bul r 'for preserving
St. No 30. cornirhJgsmohArosemena wares. Juan B Sosa street NR 2, frigeatar Alsoed room z ean ___ were rsIou romserviceInthebltO fwarIntoa o-xf
drp-oa table a.. ner caistre..2 lam sPronastere/ala r with private" bathroom. 43rd Street e t I19.6, 194714_0.o. WheHitheops/-1 ..e ..tlf'tRsUli W ld wa / (3 ',-
7, c Ave./ -1.stools, ba brJ-l t o At 7.Fa""o No. 1. / I -2- leratIon oO D top te helaw-. ha nM S nm a n.lin ',.he

| OR SALE Leaving country. Sell MARRIED COUPLES-A cordial wel- FOR SALE --One WestinghOuse elo FOR RENT:-Apartment tor "rent, l ancBldr'e Noic s l e n i l:l
Plymouth Coupe 1942, renewed come and a profitable hour will be tric rerigerator, mlel D-9-4d 43rd Street East and Ave. Mexi-l th flo tae ois, ,salt'
S mechanically excellent condition, yours at the "Couple's Clos" of 9 cubic feet. Excellent condition. Stalin 3.040 m nn Sad,ea -would have realiz- tt C I a ..A l.
.an esee 7 o8 ho ,rBaptist Church in Balboab Can be seen any time after 6:00 CC, Coll 3.0140. O__ed easily tht pUW country could F e 5 dld, D.2el i, 1 ga RlT
Sday. Sunday from 2 to 3 p.m. 46th Heights. 9:30 each Sunday morn- p. m. House 5448-K, Endi.cott St. FOR.RENT:-Apartmrnent in exclusive ..o..opAed.-e p ha a NOrw amd.slauk ofe1e1M."t iu"' M ""
Street No. 27. Apt. 18. ing. Diablo. residential Section. Campo Alegre. The "PANAMA HOTEL" at the .Ahe reduce consum- Atlantic ble, and 20 Latin Am-
corer of Ricordo Arias and 51st ercsIn ..ather e-d sit- rican rpublisncdlnl Cuba, l:.-.Amef-"aa Cbciauies
FOR SALE tFOR ALewthE c 4 chadrs vinroom nit .Streets. For further information DIABLO MIRIORFACTORO!t ae its,, ,A, -, -l.
S R L2 bamboo chairs,. porch chairs, unuNo.w4,a.16&M8LToll.yTM -sMarmedAtor a. wa1
MotorCycles glass vitrine, 4 beds with mat- No. 6, sam building. Industry." "', iativU of thes 2;odi!
| _- Heal *nitle --------- Itresses, pictures., Pilot Radio. mis- FOR ENT: -- Two furnished bed- ch a 'reeklessapo Upoll Yd counttthe lOaU tow bes .daeoid- O d. t
I- Hts .. FOR SALE Smalol English Dot mo- cellaneous. 44th St. East No I m. ro.^merica home, near A n- have-ledo tsate upIng .ef.sat r's- ias4 0
1-2 mile E of Casino Santa three speeds, 60 mph. Phone. .encesrequired Telephone "Prie hillier Atiid ould 11'S i th
ra n International Highway, in- 4-323 Pedro Miguel. FOR SALE -Mahogny China closet.P 2-3067ave. awn by h spe- O S

F a SanE int ert o rna4 property mur speak English and S ,.h Hou. 0, Po. ,gu., 4-481. FR RENT:--Apartment and iving.edw i ry t MNtht d o
twob smat lbuildings a nd.dinette set, 3-piece living room ___ ____ ___ leseeaswe l_. buy th e exper on_-Lealvity.ssOf the Ch 7 -...

l dtng tfOU idn andY gui 31 tr FOR SALE.-MahKonyOr dChe, no ls haeMOnsEN .A.....shobedrdoo m _IO apatW'.4Ii- ....:we

'3W00 meters of level land. WANTED Experienced woman for gerotor, running but needs enew dfaoretaon -c"C at ahe snama. house aIS.* odi mP eB ..lre wi-h otI t.' Che U...
S._. with water and electrrciy ONLY general house work and care of thermostat. $35 00. Parlor upright ,,- With Ru".ls bul .Il (M nnes People's .ePLe' .a 9:0.--M;wtm.wa ts cmP ri
S SA .-500 00. Phone POSEY, B muboa s small ch Englishd. 6 dys a week sh. Apply paHouse 140no, good condition $175 00. FOR RENT:-ATwo bedroom oport- l 5 peaime worL veIt "opM uto ,tepeled ot the right to vo0e Inr (i)
Aimi a* F2698. Sundry afternoon or Monday ater Call fer 5 o m. weekdays J. F me nt, very cool. Caell 2-2443 b r: a p r ," Stad tht "it CaR rI -w ag
|^- ~; -- I 4 00 p m. Apt. No. 4 Radio Mira- /F, 5DMnAsk, 0-592-D, Mind ei St., Ancon, b--- SI ra. Io emm and ,.ndd not almultaneously th' t a o- r' 1' "Thus. being turnedvnto tool M. flt tlikt tt .u,
stin mar Bldg. a Espf FOURo. C. Z. FOR REeNT- Nicely feurnnrhetl port. *J** flate war induetryeid lp war, othe Noanege hmVr oD
5 r K Lrs of high level land. WANTED Experienced woman for geratorng e c regerrunningo but needs new : wr. o armed forces H i on tie ame time 11:00-gn Of
wiSECRETARY Must have perfect FOR SALE-ookshelf wcker clothes tor. Al screened. pbod surround- Ilehp_ indarg itself n sa OteuOflsy"asIt Is o to be a world Re9dioWl n W o ch "
9 BOt Si Molor knowledge of English longuoae hoamer and basket, 5 foldng sreen, ngs. $.00, situated at 112 Via LpL pAFAMnTl m-tu rupteasy." nlStalsai enjoying eqtualghat.t",t can the U'ti-s lel
_i. S-. Write giving references and past green prc, verins, eecric savers Blsaro orrol, near Roosevelt. e Callr Rosvl ag -- A443.ttlee can only bel tht tWlin *aid. O A---,. o V-5
: ORSALE--Outbord mot, 7 1-2 experience Box 1078, Panama. pMira- Fisk, fl0-592oorlmps. ndiSrect c.n Thetre onSAS. ee for fi"es and le not "'multaneoulwth in ,... o. BBbrtie Brod e uia
mar Bldg.P Mrtin a 60 Like new a ing lht fture FOR RENT-Nicelyfurnished rt arimamentsry' n Ad a matter ve war, the UN o- C a
Cheap. House 8124-B, Morgarta. pictures, odd tobles, picks, bed FORRENT-Apartment, sitting room. IwtePh Its armed fMoorces t oit I tlOls at th. same tme c

:'S R rnTtorcycle 74 HP. A-I conditionY Must have perfect Tel. 1 f855. de t. Bsel e Vsta, 43rd Streeround- ote aph finding Itself In a state of.. g t a world o rg*tn t of
knowledge of English language hamper anad basket folding ..... screeniu Tel. $ -0450, i ssituatedat 112ViaHaTL oeoy. le e l se-
l'_ t761 and household equipment. Colle 45 FOR RENT-Modern, unfurnished or Tl -s them by means o(P.u dect into the 1 I l I 1
rn w or Write giv- ing references and p ost green porch blinds, elhoetric shavers. Be hlf-fsarihd one bedroom nearpRoosevelt- FAtN '.mOT, Sen e l eWOy war .n n ly .it An s i ,
F"r- SALE-Outboardmad, F7r experienced -Bo. 1078.,he w -b Panama. percolator, floorlomps. indirect ce- SAS er ae-Attlee a la by. Sis. f .o....

oe 8124-3,taror cm er pictures, odd ta5000 Doublepicks. bed F0. FOR RENT-ApFurntmnthed sion.bdroom, b ae ten eA why dimate i. rof flc t hN .l r-.. ....
l bo6YMSundAo Lostes ot horses, icebox cabinet. potted dining room, two bedrooms, kit chendl sLabo Wpov r ta as d. *k oraato a' as o i- U A
G 8.O. Y CA is sad St.. K nab- andFedervic. Completely ndNo PhoneLaborgovernmentt be1..t.nth.. -Tas rs

W-: ItrllAr U,-l+ A wide variety of program ac- qth Street 8055 Apt. B, Colon. /------- I 0" \ ste 8iete ates C(.(a china and g?'ran ts' aAwror' M -i.d how -talln could prensa salleind Vndari'-u
--' Hia rell Iur tlviutes wUl be offered from'i to1 Tel 904-L FOR RENT To retponsibll party. I. -r Ient al'l*w^*/ Miied n" hope to confer "with e cot MnhIon tB epreseidttte to m 1,.
FOR AL-194 Harley-Davidson plants 79p.m.. ain or averniine. Co-Ed Completely furnished 2 bedroom I L I' Attlee rel a triwhich he accu n o n terdayto cu ii
p l swimming, hotdog roasted over FOR SALE Rattan dining table witho apartment in Bella Vista for 6 J ..- / tce why didnhea Rtsa Ahst 'tsl mnner." whilh rmslled in the neW
oI IxIrail rucnilaioSI charcoal fires, dancing to rec- 6 chars. Ration Ivingroom set etc weeks. Use of automobile included. / -* I11^Mala for" i rtl 8tockholm: The iberl newh a u.pent.. publCeltiox on..a
Sonrds ping-pon and other abie To be seen Sundo between 10 23 Ave. Niconor Obarrio, *prrt- e / _ast. Oni ariti 1 n .usd 4a- "Dag ments of the-Amter" .id.
Il A iAn ForfanI, C. Z. Ralph E. Hill IPhoemen ar e odly nved to Street No. Sellsn gFad Slutrl tukrOidO, s ealtpt to dde ric.lda ad who aled appeatthe

e. 1. A uu, t wi.l beroFO RE T -at, and household equipment. te the e r lle 45 FOR RENT-Modern, unfurnished or r them by means of dt Into l

II hurch. La Boca, tomorrow at 7 ties. o.chr en, Peru wveit- mpt. Roe DUNMORE AGENCY *S'm" Ln arlt!n e "which aUll is talr." sudden to_ Illne.s S.^_
a m. wi" "ll be featured with, ape-J 33Phas I ,-.,,_t.__,-,-/,,vhoone,.._ P 21s ........... / ..nsetobdomaat
l se,-. Balt r .reoducedb h Servicemen and their wives O SALE 25 cycle Westnghouse FOR RENT: Clean, fortbeo /. .. /ater ttel;ono l di ... ... o e. attet t
or SALE-Chrt Sund-Cray for the dur- Thold also reserve the date o refragerotor. 25 cvcl a Easy Spin- furnished bedrooms, mTd's ser- / erv peace- b, ofTl I'etl da onIwsG .Tottr w.. meetlgu. .
n o the lenen eason Saturday. anno. ncwhen a t ala drier washna machne. .vna room ice. centrally located. Fir Streetr nt.e h Mnwhlh-e An n todg o
r 0 0orie o;rch e ta dance w2ll be held in b fPurn re bSlndE s kitchen table ond No. 5. Telephone 2-1541. i'A a Time Saver Sta rAte we s1 !r S o l Communt- P -' pavitn rcotrpbD ust.s L
Io A previous ceebraton Ouf the the auditorium of the Balooa chars bed springs ond sor REng T--To---nso,- HEARING AIDS per/,'u..,o -' ..BB dh m: ,.TheCmmit .. Prews ndl .e a r,
S WU tke place at 6 a m Morni o e for danc n and nshngs House 476-C. Cocoli. lre troomn cool, .ndepernden e fOO san-u alln lt ^ y n- pforU b ok anre Itt n a^
i-. prayer anld church school ort patriot decorations wll be-.. .. Central Avn Ty ^ t i
4- scheduled for 10 a.m., also ve3 used for this special Febrarv FOR SALE -0 Table radio General $60 8, top floor. t tnishedoesebrejetdroar mr eytheeiheadlni s dehy did he reelatjecRiou- h tns *
S er ad er b the Rev.occ Junior Hostesses of the Electricesse, 5 tubr $4, shr $40. Americand o Fr- apartment opposite park school an RPafhIR ma'sUNProposal aI d ( s ede.'1) A eb
3pmbe 8r.0. stuffed furniture $8n Kithen cab- ocean Federico Boyd N. 1, 4tPhone b of-ou a nte pe d Boa w ace pact between f thSo-s c
A w arificeal caro o for making am a t nt7.00 Gutcr $20. Stove $30. 3-159 16.o 1 3 SERVICE e Union,. Britain, the e t.3 "A oouroe"nsck olStwaincd p e ad Se. sn

nnrprna mattress, RENT on To responsible party.e dnng room h hope to confer"with those
gs canor shine. Co-Ed Completely furnishedrom Cedro- 1 ceerral s 1 t a t
| S POcr's o old He I ro es offered from to Tel9 4Ll etc wee ks. Useo f ia Arnet na .sked.
i Crch osan E ars dogs routed over FORnt E- Rattan dining table withE apartment in B ll oVista' f I Ae r a al he., bdiss W i .
tr helpu in stmut resdancingto Rattan ivingroo Ave. wc atobeini e.. Amaerpar t- Wp s atsoatrtu t.-otthh ll.Tm NTvherm w sa oi
e. At San Will -I-/L __._ _. W/, woe than7the d peloposals .f .rMoIlIediate
3terdsWping-pong and other tab!e To be seen Sunday bevi of armaments andother :nr P"M s u eter ap
I m games will be enjoyed. All serv- am and 6 am,. 2nd Perry il Mont 14.,Anayonsibuilding, weth.-ipd-'-lUO n (il wd'1111e111114 W111198. attack. o Attlee.1wa a Uno s l Soli

S L Jte e Anl Ice men are or dia ly invited to Street No. 19 aa naeka o. '1 Medne a a lii ie iwhi d.temnptt l tit at tov w ait to aM

n wrge r Loore, Len. sruit ath will be no 72" 108" Ma gticat Siater b bel tVi g iUted Sa dtou0y a c a

t 8Ttaff t nd. Reguu arl s t ahre wIn- t werve e as rCe o_ neteion cal roel Iwith tisecute tegro Larff araortmtnt in llea In the oht thuat .l f las t B
blChoral eucharst at St. Peter's harge for the evening's activ- e ard thd war p t pat out fo fhop e n w
leaetcsbyouthb. ih t ddhe ban a 'peace "'.AMIs faltering.s
Church. La Boca, tomorrow at 7 tres sRoDUNMOREA Y gro" In Britain?

am. will be featured with a a upe- porch shade, Peru Ave. J6a9.aApt.o w5t 1. .em3315 ese "ItIs obviousthatp rIme1 t omi purd t n
.....s il havet _o,,_: D.. Washington:., .on,.,no a- 7 .... *
cial setting inroduced by the Servicemen and their wives FOR SALE 29 cycle Westinghouse FOR RENT: Clean, nmfrtablen a Vs5r Attlee13 not in faor DRI- dkn mati offlc sad tin meeting

.n of the lenten season. Saturday Febe. 24., whenna gala drier washing machine. lvna room vice. centrally located. Fir Streetanew agressorldI ar,'sameounis a Faea
pre viousclebraiono the orchestra dance will be held I en furniture blindseP kitchen table and Non .5Telephone 2-1541. ADhSsdti si. a" r ll. i P
Apreiouclea1tethe audI.torium of the Halcia chairs, bed spring and inner s Ciring FrEnto snle. pero oTe r Question-whtdo think Rome: Th. C p d 1
.praye and church schoolare P.atriotic decorations will be .wn. "todStatesreectlinalyep.-lah linit"-ali1ai
scheduled for am. also yea- used for this special Febrr FOR SALE Table rado. General 118 topfloor n fs
pers and sermon by the Rev ocana ts e Electric, 5 tubes, short and longF e N N poslsMade by thepeople'so- hat war i 'not in a ble. Th
Lemuel tno w'vl information- McoolPA-R hIS S AW5.c., o dtof C whn i ch againwn

etormnnerspr-na mattress, one dining room that Fthe attisa ad tiHert-__

lenten offerings can be obtained P .w .set.IPerfectionokerosen r ange. trORlAENeT Nor. 18,heAp 7m. C ani- g enera..lan'dE o:iceh kigh A
Members/and friendsIn the 1.FI,,1 ,ORREN T-Furnish ed;room I l worse than theh Ohincsoa StSIl

-* -. '- '" .i 'F, : .. a. .V
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its. read technical books,
selessly on "heavy" sub-
rely frivolous folk, be-
Md the Washington
.ho Ignored the ordered
ar. who feasted Oa the
page and air y waVd
n away. The uim-ai
distant Th Implies-
Swar were awfully Ian-
We wer sport ans,
'n' Andy fans, and the
heavy people, none of
wlyes today who canant
arm.lobby even me the
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des.tiny. their dollar
baby booties rises.
me in his mind for much
scans his paper keenly,
adio for draft news. He
destiny. The hairy. Bol-
e home, today, because
filed in Korea. We have
government control in WW
rollback and. freeze are
able to you and you and
t budget used to be dull
cetime conflict between
no more Mac. That tilt
another bite off your pay
1 Who wIn the service
ether Mac di or don't
iw, nobody fretted about
giant "Ulitle." Theeneral
today, as symbolized by
iUow of every John and
destiny? Everybody you
,s of it. for the simple
a piece of It.

course, the same Job was
In Bulgaria. the aging
ordered to Moscow in
murdered there in July.
litrov'e deputy. Traichq
m view. to reappear on
Send of the year. Since
t of the Bulgarian Com-
ance. Including 'almost,
p, have been purged pri-
e Prime Minister. her-
orious Moscow stooe In
the new chief of army
Panchevsky, is a former
' national-minded Cont-
tried and found guilty
llowers have aince been
the President of Hun-
das goat who led the
eratio Du-ty into i 4l-
iouse, or at least he has
ng men n the govern-
SZold, an all non-Hun-
mdaer of the Army, Gen-
be Russian.
han M12,000 members of
ad been purged, by of-
A of 1960. Lastyear the
aleftalneu of Romanft,
puty. OeorVl u DeJ. were
lly disciluned, and re-
e,. Here again;. ussan
the army. and the So-
flormed the main Rea-
to a Russian naval bae.
of their Red Army1 -
i not only the national
whole apparatus of the
rt- of evidence,
ient is a polite but dea-
as and Caalltmrna Ma-
attacked Maiics. the
ot be addessed to Au-

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Drew Pearsi Says: General Ridgway pu!d by
Kmo ia *f; tidgwoy deae9rv9 g-ptsc
weent viwTpy Sestaitry Achosen hMiw. be
imnted of n. ,

crIndit lor theurrenr victory, the oi -towipae tAots .t
general R ,dWa wa imaorea direct from W
Shere bnafebi po Chmetf oiSt e an soai
mletakps ofsmm oSruW_

A,_ iMM to military .obsee .wo r. ea the bo
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t*o St-llteis eo MaoArthur codu.ed on l,.ite
General for .i t d today befdrect tt. from
hobe- af1er tiw nopk Chief ofSta ff San M as ash

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Lorl in jt to military owbe who oimmi the w,--

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It een rolllfr ovler Ca hou r da before anno uningu a it

oral ack. de f A't know tq uae Co mmunists w o.
eight to ten coordinate their abein tru To te

patrols ay enemy territ ory In e a was oinr wepn laaensd thi
aforce."y orerntas wher A todisrtr ay Caenet os -11nW

Inflict asat casualties atw ro nd to survey en
ions. Th et a sof atrag MacAbrthur f Meed tdt' ....,te
Chineeol a aer thei 'haW U pt, wtst ,sweptoari ck. .

38th Parallver. dHowevry's loaR duny toe fi two wha-- t
ommunist- euftl-A.

In a elatio a nA d n t te to thur announced his offesiee
Same Marning ItW meelunce more clattered ihiptlon. ps wol .be
lrley lleauM tme Air ltOe hw rakited enemy phisotfionl wit ad

In North Korea w2e strtced, whereas the Chinese it.

ltnce. wire t oly a few inU from their su opply
iltuattonha, -. been rt.sKL e -.- ..... ...
i .gg ay'sa _lir cl s c.W1" '.

.heck other to Robertion L. Smiti, who lat both
both legs to coorea, then ad his teeth rked out by a
ommunist. MDopnald was so touched that he wrot .
front check for $land asked Sen. Lyndon Johon of Tilexas t
forways later to he qu sudrupe amp going wutee.l.
added advantage of bg upon fullme," wrote ereant iDmld ,

"that the Pfe. mOIc ht i a little bomethno coming from mat
of us who haven't t beenasnhit, l t t me rtl, hee-u
In to weeks. Later. t ItlehN of the 1bt that th0 0teun 1o

one. Ho,"Weverd Donoan, walosses duringthe boss of twohe clock n
a Office rcasualtie Services at th me d time taking toda.
InThe Ofairnessral returned to Mahis oland offices, noped b the Air Fe

successor -outfit,. Central Intelligence Agen, nd wa s "/
by a conchantious guard. Ten a receptited poit l Son.Thi W '

deo vast eating a ard ivmb his full name, ades and w
waniS f reorted to .be diing in of

InDu tifull the man who once ruled reas tpreme over his -

lSecretary o ta Dean on got an ed the sup.
headaches of entors at a private luncheon for new lbe wA
of the Foreigan Relations Committee. .
Over the coffee cups. Sem. Ouy be ett, the whitaeu h tlh

olon from Iowa. tMcDonald of Fort Blss, Ts. read is
chk very has been swamped with mail on t foign
bothlegs" hn Ke. e then ad lhetsters alone toutlie ya
Chrmistma. people are contaled and bewildered. They wa oto
a.know whack or poly la asked why. The hostlty toward the to
Deorwartmet canth be traced riht blak to the bewilderment oef t
"Well what waswe do about wrote? Aeheeon t onld
"that the store ovmaybe has alittlend over athin" was ils adist
"of are our boy figaven' htin in Korea Wy do we A d s an *ar
for the defense of Western Europe? Why t, we ral ta
i"ey are doing alittl w e natorf the debt the iseNtary of
nte. "WildembWe of the Departmeont ss of tweaking a never'
d I Oade of22 peeche in the last 10 days," otnter d oa
of Aoheton'is amdes.

o/ Snat O t shook his head. "There are only two pMp
who arry the weight to be listened to the President and y e
sMr. ucretary. enou must stmp the country, if need be, to e '
byplai iaonsclentl ous guard.e n po ecy." l

to fill Realtar t i tat a secretary of State d hoot ha n.
Duto be two eole -man who ocean, ruln order to sell foreign
toead tches ubl and the Senatorse: anat a private ludent of foreignew ms*o.
kn order w decide what ourthatpollcy nd why. The should be. It is hard to find
ea manl who cat should we do about It?" chs

hy are our boys fi ghting In Korea? We Syndte. In.)


Seatr iletesho hi hed-Teeae iytopc~

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ih jinln l**jkil

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fesr you i

,-. -..* *.. *- -.. .
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- '"*


, .;." --r* .-'.'- -t'
* :Na > !<* .S- ^
'' .. .. .> .'i ,' *!
...........r. >.*.... *

S- t "
% ; S WM I A c f l h c

lt aator
Ba lbo.,
Wloo e and Bible Clasn ant.,
6 10:151i aj., "CQMUI TIoU
We Will Do Thee Good." A
cl ,es wulla Il valteu. Poat-
Ih Sunday ea onth
jom mtourth o mna.y
a vieo Center., op w-
ro w Sunday. *xends a aCt
W @mna to all nitauv oranneL

ALT. aLUtnA, aorHA.LL
A WMr oAll.


.M 0I. Hrlm brt Mn .
mea e s at :3yr and Saan.
som a. Sunday school.
d i p.'Is Meetlng.
11 6mmr. Evening Prayr *and Serwon

I7 Bl t an d M1nd i Avenu.
Jtsr. loSuan Pratt. M lnatr
kmday Servlces at *:39 a.- and 7115
g*a; Sunday School for all age at 3
n 1day 7:30 p.L. Weekly Prayr

i Prptt. Manirta
nday o"a I am. and 5:1u p.m.
Iltday School for all ag at 8:30 p.m
,awuday 7:30 p.m.. Prayer Metingi

Salvation Army
Panama City. Call@ d tro
vlc st1 11 aim. and 7..0 pm. (Mal-
CWvpllul; Sunday School at 3 Pa.
MLqove: Ol 5 es at li an. and 7 0
wa. Su Sehool'atm2:0 pm.
Re Tank: Service at 7:30 pam. Sunday
School at 3100 aJm

:..' i ..-,*'.? .i / ,% f.-.
*"..;. '" '


"T.,ow e
rrir' *r


ig a ef 6 a

mMlwhihl MkefbeemONtdh t thwM^- ,. .F
she W m -A Mo Ole m Chans
Ser wl M KA ft i- .Inghe ded.t sw eis o la s pa at

Air Fea Mm *sl lM
-, .w, ,. m e,, to-
6 T .. c. Ii a 'a it v. piy

,Z i t ',h. ~m. ,H~ffl ff9MDtlfMeMM ...............M",'
al.f oa --. .....fyqas-fs I Ibiad -mi-d _O^t, @ Ad .-


ar c y.m '"... ISI '

ALP"'_ .. S fff-, ,M ............... _M

Phone EStee liii
"Tow ulmh Anwd" ard- i
wIll a welcem lfl btmIy"
w iam a.kay. raste

for aU M. a
*:0 -- u a. o
N* 9!*!

p lba. tar

Coln. lath Street amiSh Sdt t 3. Wiin
ervc at ....... 11 am. & 7:30 p.m ra Can --th 1Ca gpt si San-
Sunday Sool t.......... p.m. aculate -a f e
Service ato. am.&t 730 p.m. 1at; All

and 11:00 ea. munlon a
S enBedlleon gunday: 5:0 paJ 7:00 pa
Seventh Day A-a g2-94.3g .
Adventist 135aU "0 m.
S io day &t 7:30 ajm and IaHoly C
12:10pa p Chur- h
r 0 ?oie s I BJ ltSeneed: f3~,7:1r pm. Moinl
CAbo V i Cit, No. 1 J. A.Confelon: u. blsthe l t (.C.
City Na 2 JaeleA Friday, 73.1 to t00l.m. Y* Y.oung
ita (Sabbath Bervlees only); Every Saturday: .30 to 5 0 p.m.: 7:00 o.m.
* Aol Lawes. Cherrilo. P. A. Henry: to 8:00 p.m. Wednea
o b C. D. Abrahams; Gamboa. A. Cathechism-Claw: Grade.School Child' Choir R
A. rizz and Soanish City Church E ran: Friday 3:15 pA Hous
duido 1lob Study Club:- flb School Students
Wd*~eSdmdayJO3 l 0Wdn. Chlue c
Atlantic Side Canal Cat ur TheV Rv.
"" Ca J CBeph & n;Cris- nd ant Thay 750 V^ Rev. .XA
'.. "---- s, a.s
SMe hnit i at 0 blic
SFremn. Pastor, Rev. Vincent.3yn C.M. (H.C. ft
Sunday Mate.: 7. nd 0o Pm Young
Sa Oah school each church Matrda Weekt y a: ps a.p. Choir r
Si3 a.m. Divine worship II a.m. Sunday Sunday School after the 8 oclok Man at :30 p.i
niLht service at all churches poV Miraculous Medal Novmen aerviM.a Womeno
pti e indicated. Holiday I : 6 and 3 am. day. at 7
Cailons. Roary. nilty 7m00 p.m. HoUe o
3#ida y land 7,pm. people.
Union Church8es "utA n SfIAkV
l IoUvar ka way Oatun

I Wher Uall rtse operate with itieuloueMedal NOVaW t. mes. The Wab.J
i' HInTet tam*e-* Firt"1d.CoUoRtsl Coatunin 7IMam
auaSad liberltyImaDetn-aa Sunday? Baa 38:03 a.m.'.or
aonS and ehtyl ino u Week sMaa. Thldam and Satur- (H.C. 1.
THE ATLANTIC SIDE day 7:000 a1.1 e .i
48mplow M dal 7 T *p.m. .- .. iae
Sunday eam ? 0.a.m.. 7. a
ThewN OV. PHaven. SuCnf Saturday 60 to 70 p.m. Commuh
Worship service and Cburch-tfimoe C. DEPAUL In

S5.0 0 Broadas on O: Hh -.C;oliay IdT I
5:0T CwinPtt s Endeavor at 7 p.m. ,*. Wolnoa
TI.a s. H Bll pr, at 7 p.m. N Med n at Omee
non giss. ; pan. aidayP Oa art.classO7e5 Im. Holy Co
= 3:3 ible ahool. MoSachool". 1by:' to "P.
.100:4 W h0p a'r lce and Church-tine Cadh Ci s l th 11 45
6:20 th Fellowship. Bsens lalon 7:00 psm. 6.0o am.
Pa=Hto. Rev. Win. J. Fiman C.M.
41m aim_ '- *Sunday Man ............. 7 .45 a.m
.lbda ied at San Pablo Se t. Holy Day Ma ............ 6 a m.
9 'Offid e Phone o .l 2 Sunday School ............. :4 .m SI
UM0 ftWrchSchoip Free Bi -rylce. Service. ThuSrday n 213t t 7:0B pm
5InClhristlPan SE and Church-Urme Conit alous bemore M ad--
-g Sunday
Te'cVouth 5o Htiolnso p CHUMCH O c TUE HOLYAl :0 D m.
i0 Chi? Rho Seorl a argt a. C.Z.
6*:0 Pot Hi Felowsih. .p Rev. Willm. J. Finn. CM.
730 Service d On Song. M aI ...p...............7... :15 C :
a Bed moand St. Thomnaa Ave. Sst r CHhB a E. T
lu AlexaderH.Shoew. Hmnll 'cn-~U....*. ew CM ms Aon.
S oS0Sf Sy ch Frreeh u. inlNsteie a N.i. .wSi lesc ,rBrow e, .5M
m e nd C se rvc e aSda r s v.sConis c aiens S un day 8
6.90 WostiHlnFerlowe. sWhip ReWiams. 5508a.:0n
Flat rday Harms .s c :0 30a. 1 o 3.0.

arvce in Oamvcboa. C 7 ener u na 4y : a. 5 :C.m

it "r" S .'chooN oar. id Wdnd
service s .. ..u n. ..p.... 9: t:y p .

90n ISunda.t3I3f -Cluro cp lthe 11m a
AN oUnitarian r-9%z raft 5: 0 & 1 M. 8 I
Bire Topic ouCantriLya4 &It-.:30p.m.
S out30 ItW eSedsld Mt u1 by a t Junor0nd. Ml anda
f ro desiro. TAB6A : C hoor W I
armSch pols-Youth pillowmhip Subject

DivineWr sifor o Su deatlioo: "The C ap0 i n of Thet A
100La. Game.' sta ula t s o t Newly Selected .A. .
ln Armed Officer.y and ThVim

ISabt os^. C.l har. all.AgRn.rd Lm2'. CMd
nan MMns 1111S' a-nd 3: 7: as.0. m
Toa. InPlttYu Weeay ............. e at SuC. 11.. a .Im.
rot servi ce r5% tN ov llN E!6 -- SUNDAYS:

Your pc..- a ligt i"o 5. .. 3m0 .. h
".. it. c dillfro dl aita dy. M T720' pa
serito 5 -.e:I= 5.m.C

T J. end levin v Ta mLrd'seLW.51. 20 ma
-- "ss. ,.. ItO & & 61 a S FIDM- A IrS:
Lim, Ses. m C.Zvnaw,+. AW.w L,, -, a pin ,,

a i--" h,, a. Sallo

-. ".

.. ..., ,.





Ioly Day Mug ............. -" M.
CatechliM Ia Thuraday .. 390 pam.
Rio Abajo, Panama
SMtda UMab .............. C:0 am
Holy y 1 ........... *730 am.
I dl.ct &. Sunday ......... 7:00 p.m.

Christian Scientist
fint Church of Christ. Scientist. Ancon
oN Ancon Bouavard.
Sunday 11:00: Wnenday 8:00 pj.m
Sunday School :30 am.
rho ChokhON Cr"i alaniaris
IS3 Street & B N iwy
Sunday 11 : a-. mWednsty 7 p.m
Suna day',Sool 910 m.
Chrkl aI Sdcen eSady, Gabe
Civic Center Butdln
Sunday. 11:30 a. First& T.f.Wed.
*Sunday School0-10:15. 7

tMonin. Prayer and Sesmen.
.u*y WaPthe tenth Holy Come.
ind ilmoj.)
--ZEvening Prayer and Sermon.
l% SLrnear,%Nivy
tonm A. ColonPalteor
nmmunlcs 1:30 a.m
School I:3p a.m
SPrayerkm 11.00 amn.
mt Sunday tl In e month.)'
Peoplt'l VMper..Service 4:0
lay, Holy Communion 8:30 p.m.
he-mal 7:30 a.m.
a of Prayer for all people.

inmunalos 7:M ,3a
orship .Ii ajn.
t Suda..In thtl month.)
PeopleJ Iellowship 4:00 p.m.
hearml- Wednesday evenlni
SAuxilIary 2nd and 4th Thus-
*30 p.m.
f Prayer and Fllowahip for all

A cors. Nist.h p

N. .mvery rldyl Mominl Pray-
t. Friday.)I
,GA I3
ea Chumah: Sev. D.A. oers
2nd. and 4th. LSndays Holy

S:00 p.m. Touti Orgmatlcew.
.L venlng Prayer and aras.
IL tce at unie tlarys M-very
L Tuesday Grri ndly So-
L 2nd.* and 4th. Thursday

imunlo 4th Sunday 1:00 p.m.
he Rev. 1,. Shirley
SHoly Comnuunion lat. Sunday.
nmnuntons 5:10 a.m.
m Church School.
nd Holy Days. H.C 7:00 a.m.
1. Mrgaret's Chapel.
MIararita Hospital.
'a Rev. M. A. Cookson
School 3 am. Evening Prayer
*h Jbe Ho ly Ceofelte
Van. A. F. Nightengale.
uondap 820 ajn. Holy Coinm-

Rev. D. A. Osborne
Holy Communion 2nd monday
SSunday SehooL
Evening Prayer: tad and 4th
7:00 p.m. Youth Meeting
ly: 86 0 pL. GIrrs Prlebdly

Osbomre & 3R. C.A. .8Cwell
,. Ho Coamnunalen and Mar.
nd SftL Susiay.
P, a w amn dd-
tol nM PIE nar tW add-

Nladtenia. S.D. .M.A
eaw. Rite fleniald AtwellU
eneable Archdeascon
Holy Commnuioln 9M amn
lvensons and Seanom.
r cmUc UI*sU-'4S A

S.T l Boterl .


Mayer, au

Pa r nPs

Po .Bases

4d Stations

*****............... **:
S .. ..... ........ 0:35
11. A .................. :00
................ 11:00

............... 10.

............... .....
'gl *0 ...--"" ... *:00
Sunday ............. ..
.. ........... .... 1*:0
.M........ .......... 130
.".......' 8:906 9:00

Manp ................... 6 :10
lUN A ROJew D. A

irrldly ...... ................... 1201

lpocopal Rly Ciommnmlo .... 9:00
Sunday School ................ 930
nday W h ................. :15
Awning Woreh,'11:0


Sunday Masm
Sunday MaUs

Tu day ....................

Other Churches
And Services
Apartment 1 Lxt I utdn. 34th Street
PanamA Thurday; L and Dis-
cutioni 8:00 pn.
Chreh of Jeau CabS at stn Day
Saiute (Meeman) Jale0, CS.
Sunda School 0lM ura..
ServIce 10:30 a.m.
At JWB Armed Forwes.Sevl Center
on La aocs Road
0O51 Balboa R0d; -lbo
W. Harland DilbeckKv aui
Telh 4ne 2-M

tIBle Study ...... Wflseq 140 p.m.
Lidle. Blues Cia r Tlurdy liS pJD.m.
aCUaC or CyYSL-0H Cab th
We meet in the Amen Les Lic Hall
In front of the ClubhouMe.
Morning Worahip 10:0 a a.
VlaltorC welcoree.
idls Bible Study at OetU.
Phone Gatun 415 or It. GUllk M1.
Chaplain WHilla m Ilir
Sunday School .................. 100
Mo W ............11:00
Yo mPpr'' Service s......... s:4
venmWorh ............. 700
Choir Practce, Wed=e _y at
7 -.0 p.m. and Saturday .00 am.
S. Raephae 2el ,0 ANIMMI
13th St. West N& 1
Holy Cuchart: Sunday at 70 amm.
Tuesday. Wadn~uday -W Thsreday
Seorament of Unction U iuSer-.
vice) First Sunday at elb lpeS at
7 AO pin.

AtL Revn. JanL.V. UN W
Moaing Wotsp at *S"aa
re dp wamp t...... 0_5 a-.
Dible Seraise at.........9.. pa0 p.
Dva t at.. ......... 3 p.m.
-Holy* a
Vem""m Aimm ow- ^


" ,. '' .


S..r, :-. -
., ,, : ** -. .

.:- ]-' ,: .
:" '1

. ." ,, "
), "






jA OfE~i.

ta 4l


'' '_ .; .

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*sp -ms


Vc mt
TI fL ?

TAk.e ath Mr. Patrene

w ON"If
M*S .






mat IC OF CHACER a tALL. vii lACI& INlBS^A
loA. M1 AIAEI FtW P iU O AC A.

-toAiM -WH 4A'P-FR FOl 3iLCtS-4
all ATelrt. lf -

6rifiwKSi.I ^--*'I.-Ji


G Gl.J 106
10 WALK 14
Nb, LQ


* ,)'. ',
I. **-...



41" .....
,, .^* s '- ,.] -^ .

F t ;' .-


Page* I m-J .. .


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t ?lltttW.


Lr sMm Panu- N
WE l A'l* W WII

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h ^- "" ^ ie t ^ *"

.Attle pod

p I--

ad como 00

- '.5.

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ISZP4 S *w 'yaai
.. 0=oto pe
Sna cotio u 'd
5. 7 otro grapo ,i

ywa,- MI
mtoan; m0stI
snarpl, km _

n ei

____ ___ ____ ___ ___ II

Sde paz

ON %

WA I '

un total de

S TOj1O, febroe Tl.,
S Tree "MdIvsloM a Q
4 a.mul"lha y ia
r Chebba., sitad a
S-uo per el cenilto C
A das a I, viela cabakI
!4 to de d iad., mlemtr
Pa fterup do Iam Naulq
St 81 norte ret-soS
M a-olSase .de PrYO

a -p
i la

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hid da Is



DE ib


i-: r t,
- .1 4 .A -


de Stali

- O

En Washington declaran q

es repetici6n del "disco

conumsta viejo y gasta"
Es peo probable que el Departame-to die

-, -- *a a" I "n a"- exp da declraci6n offiial sobre dns
.' 41 JW. pwiww o -
V lka .tj. WASHINGTON, febrero 17. easnto a la desmovolaMt
UU ... "I (UP). .-. Los functonarios pari la fuersau rus. "m,
S1 lahIentariM y diplomAtuos no seunerdo con talin et.t
S d oledleron Importancia ala guearra no es InevotM
la dos VeilnI ntim dielaraolones del Pri- dl6 Vorys, "t .todo i
/ mer Mlnqto Bovidtlco Josa6 culdamoa y. no lgnI .
S-- Stalin heohu anoche en Mos- que lo nruoss no nw
CAURCA8, flb 17a () Donp i y 7 dieron que lI mimas Pere croo q la is4gun
Agba pe dsrA" AuSeb 1 )m-DSios on uns repeUtcln "del vie06 inevitable at ilos ell attu
a perdidoe 0D A naP& le.t" do' y gastado di co munlata". actuando en la forms on I a. y heridoms dt4 .Jere l M Depkrtamento de tatdeo o ha veoald haolendo"
y hid comenz6 a tudlar Inmedleta- 1 ReprieMtanto
Sars ind .utS p ra ve mente los despachos notleloWs no James 3. Van Zandt
t, t an t la n pti de e m empron que aw reorodujo el tasto t6 burlonamente o
?meo norcore- *tlirdo oft 8lr is entro ta .e $taUn con do Staln de que ataog p
om. slorcero- a", Abms, pro6 una el perl6dico Pravda de Mosc6, doa esat condenado at j
I" pines fuer-i "S- o do ti pero sus funclonarto- dUjeron rrota en Corea oass
W. -te e s qu o probable que eex- a cepte lasa condledonc .'
CO ipsle r l7 &jama S ? t, ^,,S' ^ laplda deabracln.b agu de d ola Chinm omuaatom
a e parn se.xii vsde -os a di nuinS el asntoe hey miamo. sanit du1o: "Ts Jo 6tMl
al Suar.u Sirdi l MS l Benador Republlcano Bur- que hable y no el puebtso
We Iinor6 qaue S tan a lquodo-r? Jere ke B. Hickenlooper slnttub6 las teamerlcano. 81 e le pro
LiWai euo n vn aAtolfqo o s erd rescol6n en Io circulon del tame a tte, o ebtendrul
as n -Is rela-? 9 Cdngreso diclendo que "es el repidesta .dlsntas". VIn A
.M3 Weni to- IS8L130if p m l mo disco gastado de la pro- afiadi6 que si Rua ha ,
,w ue tr-a p.et6 o olO. panda eomunlsta" y que "al clado eoldado a.te Mo apif
mortal fuego AbraWs obrv6 que Ia pro. talin desa ais pas de veras, "eatermos y vea" ds
tleria contra du r venesoln ha Ido au- todo 1o que tiene que haser es termin6 lIa s unda gtl
faieruas rojsa en menta e yge oha l) atedo en dencorrer la cortina de hierro mundiaL, entawe"nues t I
a-t.e .. poco antes del 1 geoS semal de Vene- y tratar con las otrMs nacto- vice do Intelfeclae et*
sa ei lrm6 quoe euando pri- nes a base de Intenclones pa, pletamente equlvocado, oa:1
x' as reias on mer6dt6t a Venezuela td 1933, cificas". dudo".
n deS dias y ham- Is preducel6n dS arsa dos 323 a1 Reprcsentante Republica- 1Bensidor Kenneth. W
tJ4.jSU es ui -6M2,96, m bWutie La pr6xnM vidlt no John M. Vorys, miembro rry, dirigente de la minoria
oan I 'pdtr-d la7 be o 1044 is lapedue- prominent del Comlt6 de Re- publicans an el Senad,
S maye r i eot6n e dae N atl ubr aen.- tiones lxterlorea de la CA- pie Stalin debe "ce osar
:k^ lt,%fc 4 g toene .quo Is produten a Baja du in ambaJes ni hech a a Isaltusra sb k
S pa mantUitvo nA, pronedlo rodeas qle "Man mnte" e' (i(ass a b p6glsa igt 4
Ita e..M e doe du mdll6n 47I mul barriles
.ric an- dariel n I. a .
9111111. DM4) n!

(Ti p ) do LA m
kr to nque _I e
r-w vial lao at lorlo er feateB. y a orden r
s, to*$Io s re ld a 6re tprrs e deo -
aB to t ,n. d P
aAa. arllon qevfees x te: amsi ns de of- t

,e total, 1.e- '_. aL'taI_ :dIr': de cdales r -.aom i tf.tJflt, la 1 y
alaas s man- Ar .. Puoi-. ,o. elW fr
3 laup l ratd tavo. lae Mxian- Cuerpodt-MarmtOsBatrarlsa w
twireer MIe temearad" g cl ta a ot eon- la fuern 4 ad pal- A

drgiAm t an ti.n agxg ar ev6 p-d ,. xle el ,
U.M raWonormlent. lo to: fa m luC S dof *
hor t a vor del. SuIndlcatq ed.Idereho l i S J
Itsno l c~. de vender todo o eenplares cu rim rarn sa
Rtorse a I'0s tamOrS edte punto no ad U 8te It, 3 l qu abfu 'e ChileAo plA
vSet y del Sl deFtq ddef dUo na uie t

fusa mlovender eyemplasW de cones I n

a e' atrmeada. As. nmi an t a n e WASHINGTON PI N 517 (USI3S o
-n, eaWg e a t.fl- [oo0 Lu-r binD trspr nte doe d
ado ja E md los ataMds eT hAS4 Consejo tai
n a .ee m lea 1. d lc dm e con y a dal od ami Naclo- .I
l s sanutedas!- 4deberan nombrare aso n Ul nenebata dole- A
.Mi@ d. el Sindicate PAo oen gael6n de atote mfnsIbros a oh'o
%0 ) (Pass a Ik a reuln quo a eat.ees* -
.1eaa a an&ab ra n tlg tI a A2
i. part dj2lOdde u s]o.ublee fe
a lirt de Is- i : 1 ; W alter Ju
KotLciugnr 'nW r= Ida
IsO fle

at an ntabtecer COltaCto Labinfufnembremause-. ,
-tu i ol c d*on IDe-
10 onto 1o

.- TOxKIO Febroo ti (UP) PO n21aepaSot a utvo l
: ." .-A'. .' ." ... "rtr d '' hA c tu ;en t "ioM n u
8uloer dreto n h, l io.
h eo bFfis ru-

k-,. 150111281111 U_"--
;- "On t ,i. ta. n

-- ,,---
f a, s. ,.- c a unaPlt, talfir 1k e* I
Mhf bale d tI que

rt.conal pot g caonm" owipl

ierdmial punna shn9liento

IraNt fsau0qr esta matsnaPa
bho VTmS himm a heranoGIl y g6 a la
"W de a teo-e do e deapuai
uha p uariqta tm- rdadeI do.ceneLc laN caasBl
ila entt'- pf ro- .que aIsmoriginaron. '
3d eetls saf al1_ op^ LOn primerora onttervenhr on
medlyrm na leis cans do lea VUlciedo fueren
mat- t7e Hnpsbo S Ion agent do Pdo1a4 1842 y
I ls *1 *s41' i WAtS 4, quo eontnonsa a Pablo
Y -"li-r ,te em Vilalau mueato fa .u Mhare
.IW, do sangre .l em .al a un
aS a SeenaS a, A-, Jade. La foolslca trafdb al has-


rfO biW Vpial a Sofl ia UspapE do VI-
lUm6a llahz berds y.a
R., m ;, ," -, .
u Ao a espoeo Gil mien-
4 sdrt na tram an numerbom dea cu".
eau sea rieoe I at lugar
d so ar v- _el suc.o. _. d_ de Pa-
Iucd 6 cuer- ble fue leva2nf wmto di-

r! Li- Sofi Baspera Vialas
faMied6 en el *t Santo
laInfor Tomas mantes do ora.
i preiu, por Prpontabs pt ri
a del Prier do arms blanes elot y
ie. Calo. en sl pierns que u
to=au qu1 l muorte. No a W
t a&l sautoridades d M st laI
a. I" autor- (Pa a la n ins Iesbm". )

N eao resultado
i do potrileo del
it. dentro de Is

Fik te ntrado

l bat Gloria
Hoy se nform6 que el bazco
la Glorla que habits e0,do
perdido r cinco dims, est.,ba
a salvo eft Lm6n, Costa Race.
El Capitib del Puerto de Co-
16n, Oscat Teran, inform6 que
el barco, eon 17 pasajeroas y
tripulantam, habia sido encon-
trado por asna nave no IdMe.-
tificada of alta mar, y reml-
cado haats Lim6n. No ase abe
la condlctn de las personrgs
que Iban bordo de la Gloria.
Los intannes han termina-
do una njIqueds de trees dias
por lon salones del Primer Es-
cuadr6n df Reacate del ej6rLI-
to ameriemaio. Ayer, tree avlo-
nes estuvon volando soba, el
area alroedor de San Andits,
Shlcilero 4 una inpeccl6n de
la ruts, y otro avi6n fud dam-
pachado e mana para con-
tinuar la tsueds.
La Glorli sali6 de Col6n rvm-
be a SanJAndrds el OAbado, y
se Informed que atab perddo
el Martes. .B vlaje a San Andrcita
debl6 tempr solamenb un dia.
Jap6n no se halla


incapiz de rearme
TOKIO, leb. 1.7 (UP).-1 Pri-
mer Minisro, Shigeru Yoshida,
dijq.l Parikmento que el@ Japn
.est econocamente Incapacl-
tado pars rearmars, aunque
quslara. I
Yoshids a e: "Bl el JaT6n. en


AU 1

91 Dr. Aftwb Cara ha' i4W so&i*
del mehcionado orffninmo -
Hoy fueron designadoplas sl- cando, ilts OaGTrdo d
gulentea persofa profesrome del green, Asl MatilUd JIm
InstitutnoVn que uio- tde D Tyl r,MMmS i
nar eon la Eodela Ntmal J. D. Savin de A Lnards m
Arosemena. (Pass aa ts fA. 6. 0@1.
En nueara edlel6n de mafia-
na, publicaremos el texto integro Dm a Ia aa
del Decreto. N oU %iE nWbE .j
Luis Oacar Miranda, Olga C. l aluM -r
de Treylsani, Teresa A. de 8a- *i i a 1a ;
i]ar. Matilda deo Lombardo, -
Benigno T. Argote, Julia N. 0. n MIInm
de Urrlola, Euloglo Quinteroi. nSumiO ncuuiuii
Berta Zurita doe Franceschi. Ge- .
neroso Emillsn, Mars Salcedo, Durante tods la seman&s
Luis R. Salvat, Noveneido Es- trante se eguir la Iac& t
cobaT, Zenalda Vasqpez de Mu- de lon alumnus nueoyo parns
rllo0, Rafael Escarreola, Esther gundo, tercero, cuarto y
Vega, Josa 8. Puga, Modesto de afas del Instituto Naclonal:
Le6n, Luisa T. Zerr, Carlos M. Ha notificado la rectorisa
Romero, Marina HernAndez, Oc- este centro de estudiom q
tavio M. Castro, Victor Calde- pago de la matricula de
r6n, Francisco Figueroa, Roque hacerse on el mes do Abrfie-
J. Lozano, Max Donoso, Herbtt tfecha que as fijart oport4
Gordon, Adllngton Bucknor, Ti- mente.
to del Moral, Harmodlo Cente- Los boletines de fin de a
Ila, Jos6 A. Cajar Eacals, Te- han aido repartidos ya gr
resa B. de Ramos, Amints A- a la cooperacl6n de .Tim
raus, Sara E. de Rivers, Ange- fesores, puesa on el
Is Mindes M6rids, Radl F. A- quo el Instituto ue
points, Gilds Manzzo, Clorinda eote trabajo no se hublera
Reins de Tufi6n, Yolanda M. dido repartir antes del ma
Madrigalees, Jo6 del C. Lus- Mayo.

Doce naciones estudian plan

Francs para la formaci6n

de un ej rcito en Europa

PARIS, Feb. 17 (UP) -Los
representantes do 12 naclones
occldentalen, lnclulivi Alema-
nia, me reunleron on el MinL-
terio do Relaclones Exteriores
Francm6 pars estudiar el plan
sobre el ejtretto de Europa pie-
ntado por pFrancis. al cual e-
r I a n incorporados unidadel
Lo sMinlntrem que concurr.s-
ron ayer a la 5esi6n lnasu-
a, eotuvleron hey ausente, y
Wo pasm fueron representadcj
por funclonariem de menor ie-
rasquis y diplomAticos y pert-
ton militarem. Su pr6posito es
entudlar a fondo at el pl-n
ftra c onntltuye una solulifn
depDrobb do In pArticir5-
tBalea o en sla defenaa do
ops OCeldMental, o a5 es oLrc
Pewoeo IpracUcable.
a regagfn, quO fu6 secret,
eon la explieaclhn per
44 priite delegado frane.s,
#a" Alphand, mobre ac6ao
ftWMr plesM que Mo puWoe
aPmlesr d KdJrclto uhropea
taoas. Bas ea fues efieca de

Seri llbre" en

Bolivia pr6xio

torn electoral
LA PAZ, Bolivia, Feb. IT
-1 Presaldente de iflla, -
pu de pretar e uraeat
gal, ha expresado s ampbM U
cia do que todu psm p nit
lticas, sin excein aotvea m'
campafia para la eleccloem Vai
lamentarlan. El PresodeAte b
relterado que su Gobierno aM
tondrt absolute neutraUdad, qI
gurando el Ubre juego de nuSW
tidmo. -
* Presldente declared: "-J
mejar forms de preotiglar I
menia ac, ya que bpuebbe 4
bre do elelgr el Gobl ri
Lmi. He amoqrado quoe MS
aSAec de yo Mat le qt
mtiir un trgaft Oe
-r'. -.-
pria .i

vb ~ps 1 1 elm. .463

* 4

* C,.
I-... --p


. .
- ^ &. .. '-

en t nehol

-I- --i

E~u~olo~ul.r-rz, r. r.;a-;~Y-l

" r --'

- ~'

:+. ,** .'-+ ,.

A. .- *.as
* .
h .* ;..'

;. ,

" '




lM..5 I-
'. tva +
I'" ,1 '. In


--v4 'w.,r.. r ;<

. -:;- $. .*:'
.- t 4


iIOttWI~ AttricaN

*at.m' .b p ..A S. o0'Econ
I sp.. 2-0740 (CNTwaAL. PqIVADA' APARTADO POSTAL NO. 134


En repetidas ocasiones nosotros hemos puesto
infdfsi en ft necesidad df que los funcionarios del
- Organo Judicial del Eltado se esmeren en el sen-
St*de.d ograr la mis pronta evacuaci6n de ln nego-
'cies q t euman en sue' respeetivas dependencias.
S sabe que el tiempo empleado en fallar los
Scasm que se someten a las autoridades judicialet
*aim4ca atrasoe de meses. y de arios con lo cual se
perijdica indiscutiblemente a ls comunidad.
: La Justicia debe imponerse de acuerdo con sum
normal rgidas pero dentro de la mayor brevedad
t poalble. No se puede admitir 16gicamente que la
absoluci6n o la condena de un reo, por ejemplo, es-
r del pronunciamiento de los jueces power un pro-
l ado tiempo injustificable. Comprendemos que
Shay circunstancias en las cuales los trfmites legalese
eavuelven complejidades multiples que necesaria-
m ent toman tiempo considerable a lo largo del pro-
ceo. Pero es evident que casi siempre sucede lo
mismo ain cuando no coincidan los cases en las
\, eeodiciones aludidas.
Nosotros no pretendemos entrar en detalles so-
bre la material. Solamente queremos hacer un 1la-
mado a los funcionarios del Poder Judicial para
que, conscientes de su responsabilidad, encuentren
la formula mis propicia para acelerar los process
dentro de la normalidad de la ley, sin que ello pueda
prewtarse a peligrosam precipitaciones que serian
Siaonvenientes a la causa de la justicia.
Hace muy pocos dias la prensa inform de una
sentencia en relaci6n con un asesinato cometido en
Octubre de 1947 y que hasta ahora ha llegado su
".' process a la etapa definitive del fallo.
Por el prestigio de las instituciones democriti-
cas del Estado panamefo es de esperarse que los
dAeos de la comunidad en relaci6n con este pro-
SMema de multiples aspects sociales se cumplan de
acuerdo con el mis alto sentido de justieia y segin
e- iMprincipios que inspiran las eyes respectivas. El
Organo Ejecutivo y el Organo Legislative deben de
cooperar para ponerle fin a esta anomalia y poner
oen manos del Organ .Judicial los instrumeptos ne-
arilos para resolver kie cases de di tnr--

Ministerio de Agricultura,

4 Comercio e Industrial


' Abreae a cnncurso la adudicacl6n provisional de cuarenta F401 b cee
de studio n el Inlliltuti Nacional de Agricultura de Divis la ciales
nearrean lon servicing gratullon de enieflinza, alojamlento. allmentael6n y
CodicaIneq: Edad de I m 11 aN I Ao Ternilnhclon de estudlos Primarlos -
Comnportamiento eemplar Buen ulud y Capseldd files.
Cmprnbanlte: L Doctmenlacl6n rrquerlda puedes er today en papel simple
v cnmorende lam uiguientea olezase
1-So-lcitud dirilida da Miflintro do Agrlcultur*. Comerrlo *
Industriesa nor Ml dr ladre nmadre o tuLor del splirnte.
wuyi direecl6n coatal y telegriflea debe dare clarmente
2 artida de Naiclmienin.
bloame di in4efelarzfa Prlimarla
4-Boletn de Callfleacloni do VI Grado.
5-Tarjlet de Callfraclones del iltimo eafo de etudlon. en
raso de que l intereiado hublere uistido 1a in cudls
--Conitancia d hbuena ronducta finrmnada por tre persons
de reconoclda honorabilldad.
T-Cirtlfcado medico de buena ulud, cpacldad fHlies y
Plan: Lis solicitudes serin rtecibid hasta *l 128 de irebrrao do
1951 en DIvIa Iinqvituto Nacional di Agrlcultura) en Pa-
namA Departamento de Agriculturl) y n david (Servtina
del Tomento Agricola i.


Scretarlo ad A iultura.
rebraro 15 de 195!. j1

Caja de Aktorros

Instituci6n Garantisadn per el Eslado.


Paga 2% de interns annual en dep6sitos
de ahorros


Weetuamn operaelones de pr6sames con gararttisa de
primeras bipotecas v prendas comerelaleo.

Dep6sitas semanales de B/.0.25; B/.0.60; /.1.00
'y 8/. 5.00, por un period de cuarentiocho (48) *.

dues an Pamam: Ave. Central esulnse emn Calle 'P
iaus Col6n: Calle del Frienn eosqul a se Ole 7a

H 0 RA AS:
in. a 12.30 p. m. Sbadoes: I a.m. a 12 m.





- Bn Paris bay g taO idt-
chos panameftos que estan eU-
tudiando masica y anslhUs va
a regresar a Panama desp*ue
de haber dejado el no. ,dq
Is petrie ai envdielabil'5lb
en l1 Cludad Luaz.
Jatme Ingram. y el
Deo Jaime Ihgram he har
do en alguna otras ocalon. Por
clerto, hace poco mes. de. un
mes se ha casado en Oa
en sla capill.a -rlvlda" 4a
Iglesia de an r, l
lica par exceleihce de lk 'erk-
tiandad. Me describe =t va -
rresponsal parisiense -qu,,eot
motive de l s boda de o-:,at
so tradoa6 Ra iR a y.s n. a.i
tu6 como 6ttigo- a Ola s.
pilla que yo apenas recuerdo:
una caplila con pinturas del
XVIII, "no muy. buenas pero
muy asiables", eon excelt-
te luz. Cantaron tres culitas
un ge.oriano de calUdd. Hubo
monsefores sacristane, eome
los de la 6pera "Tosca": y ac-
tu6 un sacerdote panameflo, el
P. MacGrath. No s s6 el rito
toledano, tan espaflol y tan
hermoso, porque para usarlo se
necesits la capilla espaAola, y
Ils de San Pedro son cipfllas
itallanas. Jalme con su esposa,
Nelly, otra artist, viaJaron en
luna de mielR par Italia. Fue-
ron al Sur. Roma es desagra-
dable en cnero y febrero. La
"tramontana", la lluvia come
alftleres que se clavan en el
rostro... El Bur es el encan-
to. En febrero comlenzan los
almendros a florecer. Florecen
en blanco y en color de rosa.
Sorrento y Capri son miglcos
refugios. Por alil fueren a dar
Nelly y Jalme. Desde Borren-
to me esacribleron una smable
tarjeta. En ela, en primer t6r-
mino, aparecen los pinos de
los sardines munlclpales. Habri
compuesto music en Capri, en
Sorrento, Jalme Ingram? Yo
creo, que si. Con Nelly del bra-
zo se habri acercado a Anna-
capri, a las ruinas de la villa
de Tiberio, y al medtodia' se
babri sentado la pareja ante
una meslta de la plaza, Isa mis
acogedora. del mundo, para a-
dorar al sol..
Felicidades 4elly, felicldades
Jane. "Augurl'". .
Pero hablemos de Charpen-
tier. Charpentier' pertenece a
nAs famnila de indslcos,. Es ma-
ramiloso. pensar: qua saya en
Panam" lH on*po de ersopas
quie teftsga su propia agrupa.
cl6n de m6sica de cimara, que
hagE msites, que remna dos
flautistas de calidad excepelo-
nal. Yo. alguna noche -no lo
saben los Charpentier- los es-
cucho. Una muchacha se en-
frascaba en estos dias en Bee-
thoven en preparation de sus
examenes del Conservatorto. Se-
guia yo su insistencia de es-
tudlante, su fervor y su con-
sagraci6n pare veneer ]as di-
ficultades. Y me complacia. El
Joven Charpentier que esti en
Paris, primero diafrut6 -me-
rlcidisimamente- de una beca
en Chicago. Estudio con Moy-
so, considerado como el primer
flautista del mundo. Alli reclbi6
su grado de Master", y mar-
ch6 a la capital de Francla. En
Paris trabaj6 como un loco. El
19 de enero se prosntd al con-
curso en Ia aeccion de flauta
del Conservatorio. Eran train-
ta y seis los aspirantes. Char-
pentier fue de los tres escogi-
dos'y ocup6 el primer puesto.
Me asegura ml corresponsal -
y hay que creerle porque Os
persona de exquisite gusto.-
que tiene un sonido y una mu-
sicalidad extraordlnarios. as

su Instrumento Charpentier.'
Escribe musta. Ha adaptado
dos temas Indlos de San Bias,
de los recogldos per don Mar-
ciso Garay. Mi informador me
dice que estair dentro de la li-
nea de Debussy. Posee el beca-
rio panameflo un gran criterlo
musical. e .ha emnpapado de
Paris. No pierde un conclierto.
Esto es, el goblerno ha echo
una gran inversion al enviarlo
a Francia. Y ojalA se le logrs-
ra la beca. Ello le permbitlria
estudlar composlc6n mas a
fondo, hacker mas costs. Beria
Me atrevo a soaicltarlo tanto
pars el como para Jalme In-
Lo hago convencido de quo


Carlo Meayms V.

-inaMTssg |{



is do Is tra9

...y al fondo la madre eoresau o Is i

Veiite millones de Bolivares

gastara Venezuela en barcos

CARACAS, Febrero 17 (B..V.I tuacidn del serviclo de ullra-
-La adquiicion do otros mar eas muy buena. Las coa -"
buque. pars au servicio de ui- van blen y s cree que este afo
tramar, as. do suma urgeoic'a la Compafia Vene9aOa de Na-
pars Is CIa Venezoana de Nae- vegacldn pueds tender meIjoLe
gaci6n, yw elloseha sollcita- utildades.
do al EJecutivo Nacional Isa -Soubre todo ---p al6-- cu.--
cantidad do 20 millones de uo- flames on que podams ampsar
livares, sau anunclb eate ines y mejorar nuestroi servicloi
el gefior LulS Oonzalo Martuet, hut
Prealdente de esa emprLbA Fals apoye y baks bque
navlera. sin embargo pare's el erctlo
En las oflcinas de la Com- de ultramar, pars quor ote r-
pasia. An6alms Venezolana do vicio pueda loarar mayor im-
Navegacvne.. se llev6 a efctto pulsa, hacen fiats alsanat uos
uns "rueta" de prensa, en las objetlvom inmedlate: obtcnn
cual el Presldente Marturet, la una m a y o r colaboraci6n pcr
form6 'a lo reporters ae5ta' part de los Importadores; ob-
del resultado de la asamoeaL tener 20 mUlones de
general realluada pars oir jars la adqulotlen de oUtGe
forme de Ia Junta Directiva de sis buques.-
sla sempresa sobre las actwvidr- sobre lo primero, el seoia
des del ultimo semestrk, co0n- Marturet expuao:
prendldo entire diciembre del -No hemos recibido del o -
4 y mayo del 50. merclo el apoyo necesrid No
Satlafecho. de Isa labor re4l1- hay lu auffelentes 6rdecnu de
zada, optlmita sobre lon .e"- dospacho per nuestro buqieb
vom planes por desarrollar; es- y normhnlmnte los bareos vi.-
tuvo el sefor Lute Gonzalo Mar- nen con talta de oargs deide
turet. Dijo que en el serviLo lo Estadon Unidos.
de ultrAmer y en I -lineai na- Insl-atI muehe el Preldente
clonales -la d e I & t9 y. la de la Ve Laom*a de Navegacl6rp
del Orinoco- la coas hao-nan a quf f. eo tafiti-A. *
Ido blecn y hata meiot de lo payo del cqmrcl aImportedor,
que patede lmagl arae. -y el ote apeeo.;..? Los 20
servioi doe ltrantr millones? piegunt6 un reportero
-Be adelantan gelation cou
Una utilidad liquids de js. el Ejecutlvo--contest6 Mart yet.
241.950,45, tuvo la Venesolab a B eAld que decade haee u.os
de Navegacl6n durante el so- dos moses se ha hecho Is patl-
mestre comprendldo entire al- ci6n, y las cosa van blen en-
ciembre del 49 y mayo del 50. caminadas. Hay lqteros en ra-
Sin embargo, para el Presl- solver el problems, on tender
dente de la Venezolana de Na- Ia sollcitud.
vegacion aquello no era touo. -Y e que -advirtl6 el Fc0-
Habria otras cifras., tros ne- sidente de la Venelsolna de
chos concretes, que comproon- Navegacl6n- nuestro programs
ban el exito obtenido con el ar a ampllar el servlcio de al-
servicio de ultramar. tramar con los nuevos ls bu-
-Se trata -explic6, con wa- ques, responded a una poilhica
tisfatclin- de nuestra poslcion de garantizar el transport L.a-
de impulsar una political de re- ritimo; un constant abastckI-
baja fletera. mlento pars el pals.
-81 -inslstl6- creo yo que xpllc6 la situacl6n, inlyr-
6ete es el mejor servlio i4e matndo quo la empress jS!
hemos podido preostar a sl ecL- cuenta con el 3 por clento uel
nomim national, tanto ofldal volumes total del flete nacl,-
como privada. nal en las bodegas de bujies
Agreg6 Marturet que Ia poll- proplos; y que agresando Iq
tics de rebaja, algnificara este sets buques qua mantlene1 alq'-
afio un descenso de un 35 por Jados, spends legsa a un 13 per
clento en los coats do los fie- elento de bodegas disponlble del
tea; is decir, qUe el pats PaNs- volume total de flete.
A en. material de fletes marl- -Esto area una situacl6n a-
times la cantidad do eorea de menazante --nslatl6 Martur-'
70 mitlenes de bblivareos menos -- para nuestra Industria na-
que el af pasado. viers, y para el proplo abas.e.-
-Se esti trabJaindb tmLitl camlento.
Marturet- por Is econoOmia Ia- Itepuso que em blen clara pr'-
bcohil. declr lo que podri ocUrrirle a
Tamblbn inform6 que li sl- Venezuela en cao de una con-
I-tizenc s mundial. 8e perd.e-
as u" blen para el mafiana de rA esos buques alquilados oe-
PanamA. bo a clusaulas cqntractualej;
81 tiene eco mt petici6n yo Is Venesolana, de Navegacion
no i~e de ganar nada: mejor no podri transportar sine el 3
dicho .l: la alegria de contri- por clento; y el pals quedara
bilr al. progress musical de practicamente incomunieado.
este pals, a que dos nuevos -Urge pues -concluy6 en Se.-
elememtos den gloria al nom- te sentldo-- la dqulslclhn in-
bre do Panami. No es poeo. mediate de I sets buques.
Un saludo cordial pars Char- Dane las p6rd5a
pentler, pars Jaime Ingram. T Los otros do servielos in-'
que sigan, que no desmayen. ternos -el doe a costs y de; 0-
Merecen triunfar plenamente. rinoc- ban sld0 mejorad os




SEtOS, S. A.

S. notifies a he soionoleu.ta la Compafi.a Pan.s-
meAas do Seguro, A. quW la rouni6n ordinarla annual
do la empress, tndra lugar el da Jueves 1 do Marzo
pr6ximo, a la 4:30 p.m., on *I .Sl6n Washington, Hotel
"EL PANAMA", para tratar sobre los tilguonto punts:

1.-Elaoeion do nueves DirectorMe;
2.-Reformna a statute;
3.-Aprtamr miutrrios y I&"
4.-Cuaur in e masunse q*u o dAbM nanto
proaesstai a iS.Ahiblew.

PanamaN, Fi 17, 16r t 1.

notawblm sa Venesuia-
na do .efaS dtnte i.
tlnerarloa nlos que comeao
nice unoa dos meses.
-Ademba --d9o, Manure.--
,las p6rk aOftle ulempre se6 ilf
tenido lo en Mtos servlcr:-s
debido a que son eatrietamcn.e
de utlldad plica, ban -.'lo
rebajadma onI beumene; y =c-
tualmente & .un .90 per cici[3
menos de jo ,ue eran antes.
TamblAn .l.onr6.el Preaidti,-
e de aIs Venesolina do Nave;a-
ci6n con rupmeto a estos ser-
viclos Intsrue1 qua la empicah
ha pedido del goblerno un uiib-
Aidio de Be. 250 mil mensuaics,
ya que no puedes crgar con ir"
pirdidas quo daum un servilo
pars fine* deo uU1 dad pblica.
Sobre Is be. -do e- subsidlu,
la Venezolana, do Navegascon
podri mejoar tmn mia. los .kn
Vlajan a Europa
Aparte de esat rueda de pr:in-
sa, que tants' repercusl6n tL oa
en los circalb:-econ6micos, 1uW
anunciado en Is. loficina, de re-
laciones phbUIs de la comia-
hia, que antes de fin de ow's,
saldrian para Inlaterra. el Poi-
aldente, colo Luis Oonsiio
Marturet, y el Dr- Eudoro BAn-
chez Lanz. mlembro de la Jun-
ta Directiva.
El vlaje de Marturet y sAn-
chez Lanz as rellagona. co. la
adqulicidn de otrow buques 411e
la eo ea dt. So mw-al 4n
cido fluvial vengolano. Loa p j-
quet'-stAn botidoi a? kgu -em
Glasgow, a comfenzot doe aep
tiemAbre un y el 12 de octubr_
el otro.
Dii antes de salir pars Lon-
drag Marturet y SAnchez Lans,
fIatop agasajados ed lass ilel-
nas de la Venezolana de Na.Oe-

Aviso al publico y al comer-
clo en general que por Escrl-
tura P blica No. 284, de .12
de Febrero de 1951. doe a No.
taria Tercera del Circulto do
Panama, adquiri por compr
do Ana Magall6n de Liorte,
Is abarrotoria my catiarls
"La Salvacl6n". sitsa en Ron
Abajo, Sabanas do eats clu-
PanamA, Febrero 12 de 1951.
Dola Lau VlIalobos de Lo

de mrioo. .aB leal.ou I
duds, reelblri.*'i' "Ptti d .M
por los estibleolmlentoa
Pero asl no se pudier
tar tamaAfo dasMtr eom
co y. flAeiL a
su buet volu tRim i 4yd
cifr eti los UtdKl


de Ocecir- -'fIO lilO "tO w
la Rebca M o el -Plan Al-
d gfavar m I1nte lo n t Mk
primeros. artlounl ., e do r m@ rendlatento fles, con arIs ar lap t s as uis
recargo,, 6aher frb, Bow,.
las neaidap del Gobterno.., arIendo doe
quLe iina oe aa -oo 1nsta l
Com iara la thtras a i ta
su aplladMfZon You roetaurao- va dq J. -,.
tea y' O.ubons,, dodtf. aftlf on d OS it;m,;i-(
atria ab.8m icaptba pag COl to dt Tel tra4o d *Caa i
dinero oi i uia"uoaow.. .T 01, rstricaoeSfMiA. c.M.
enorme pfjulqul e 4to oba trasftdo,.n -1 h .
slona a PanamA eati a la ,vii. aumpii s pnLi
ta con, m di obsmavr en ego. Anowio Iis ip i. '
estabticefllntos ue *I mayor T adu 71in 131 )
ntmoro de- sua pma t de iSm at4 *
son TVwfapIos, oSiSw yJ red- ras Is y -spa -
dentms df Panama sin nfnlg
derechc a e0e prlvuhego. BbigE is. bus.


Oficina do construci6n dot Hotel EL PANAMA eon
parades on seci ns 4diamabls. Inoluyende td. ai-
pleomera intslaolono's *etieu. Dd oMTr t4"nar.a
per at IIlcttadr. Propue .tai.s lladald. rih-r Mahi..
hasta las 3 p.m. del Martes, 20 do Febrqro doI s51por:

Arag o & Lyons, Pa hAI
...-... ... -.

I -

Aditite *ib mMilk
n& ask --~--

CLUS di 50NS S.

* OHas de prenl6 "Tempo'"
* Bidcleita "Vikcin


* Limparas de mes

Avuifda Cmttul 9l 4' ?^r
' ..' .


... -.. .... =,

La COMPARIA PA.A.fl. f-* 2.

Y LUZ reeda. pr exist edIo a iit

e se einmtimn en mora por d*i 4o

NeOWsdeserviclosoqu eieam ps'$sr

ofclin a pegar s- cuentas, a fl&lli

tober que murrtr aa via JudP4 a Is sputI

d6n de los servile; y imbr *i l Is

demo, s,yawWesa [Epre

dcr d orvlnco d. isai e a. dup


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;;*. .^*.~~~ t, .:^**- *..

- *^ ,.-,:' ,:" '. ... -',-. -., : ..'.'- -" ... .. .'' -

o ncrn a da a d quiere que Ch. ''

mflc u.r.Mp. emprendoer Cpimasta Brine Tratade I
ana 'r J4W A* AS S lSWM In Kin. nu 1 Jf ne n e* (


- -.- _.- _...

MUPs del norte dai
a Ite temen r
ft-._i___o, pero ml, .-
ipSI norleameral-
LOMU O en el ar.'-
.Jt. :lantener CCL to
% = -Ial1~6n. favure*
lou=e lmnitado de es-

U01Kp rwrj w." i'..ujwww11V wU--. vu um fWBn,. jepvu ,. .. cII1 i
u7'" n..... ...--.. ..% U '_ .. de Nebrdn
Fe... R m alkO .nQU.Icomuns- i
-t". .u"n(N. A.. X A.) 9, a"nIs e firni aa deJl i
aide 71p9rom 17 ( 88nop oone al ele, res. dfe toh eq -
., 4le mentoreef del ataq: ,or 6o qu 45 a .d tde erdadero e-
cn.Nettd.r ono aIInft .o" l ."eeV loo grandes poblems. Aon fcto iuaftI a s lograr la par
.]A -. = .enI li untran On Isa e0 a navegalda p ia s uportnao- Y It, oS bti 4ead n Asia at i3
ra s ca m gL No lPe defender .eIs Japonsas. a tble ezclts1 a is China conunsata
SSonw go. a o 'i d h el ho a ei derro.tado. a-. e la.s britnio. l. l ae gnenoal
.s, d do qwi.s~ s prep' aratve 4 to :de l.o Co, dts ., rl. e random re ._ .
,ru l, Sel6 rte f O..tI taeuprat flots -e na' u'del lt a permianencla de
crants-dloe tt O at a un adsa u a de a a ep n d ha habd
ISdoae Ge q -a hablen tme p do aue ee hrcatea s i a' el p 6 t, 'acione", W hihtoa.l s -s ien s .do que aqudl ha
udt meao' oper-Bl mbgto DWlle soe ha& an. c2o lsaber a Lonras 4n e elo .W e- hI6o a reunire con la
ev:al' a ieiul 0e p.,tem o a cm e le- d, j c pe- atera, P 0 a no t t-'" q oa B" .. 1nx
t.p*.l l ft quwg e lo rg pala ,al t .l sot ho contaetso on tadoa Unido no puedenmal- D _m I la n eIlo nalista china quo
See vatoI mie- l 310 teb01 del W oviet lance and a de de o tpeer a los apnesmo pEr t mi .l. A n xo.
aMW on sd Ms el.I wydo, T aqrIr a.-t Igootlavia6 da- t4dls0 i utUrsadas en que 3wpo0 indefinigl y quo, par- Lm a Plini plo ta lrogOr de ,uISe ieLA Tomnaoe IsCram p aobonuanr etilonG s de ma oher del; aluauss.-
ic n'. duSd nSqe.Sna|n.. ';-~I.rst t e sl ver ail a l n tratrado de pas cop brevivir, lap6n itequo -- YeIOUI amnell is t le e ouldsogoa isdela fCRoj a contains prestande rvia s l
ige4W i mB olao t q de Cm re eln en e c ha
tA p" wa -5!nw'P %fol0ars4ualA- saricr Y epartar artiu".* P quo 5 GOUCi uya un Lram ta- d .ar. a"" 'a 8 "l .. ...--
cc lu nframuoin miltar aol' sottado unilatosbpus.te
ne --f as 4snanp. -a p ebe. Par pa gar part reme, o e oon Jap6n. q- as N ones Embos de
lt a- I aLa nto No ,fs em.B e la pu caiones do s lJap6n debe toner may ru ealnlit ee mando pr ocho ile mao
&-am wwO -o ", A i0, u W. a- ons dr lI dEx-nl-.renpo.

dell hoa la ideae GdreS its opsla omaneaIselan li. I roanacion.ales *. NodsJu- Millounst e dlards fl loC'n TrypfLiso.nrquoea n

_et 'V g sui str 4- d rie ider a Nort hsa leg tt P u so ental a ner as to do MO- -- de la costa dde lae Mana reve lesasnc da Comat tuelcas y la A tm des to M ichael,
Atiitlo@ O. JlA tr, on nortrl ba toe toat Gt0del iGe infe Nf AeAtaab Undo pen pars, ernaorunldmles que nabritinlooaw ai tco ermttqlsoqu4 losm '
,c ,.r cCse ensi p, Dt.. ,lteqa.ow Sl Ge l .a t e erea mo el. doe., pynl qne.. a ir alroa do mEs srea o nl duranto d guerra e mins o naho mn ides e m cooe -oasaol'C c

uas cdeasm Gel relsiVcsemo Eshgurode tosur3 oemi ater dl los rd r G el pa do tds c posn l amnpeneasDeolans, ela lamo Le UU rwa wn.ocaaxdesaiii l
U m a tdea.rel ma.toe _-ops p uroW sdelw ert U' te borr deO aParws permitLrle l "Jp iUnt IIPIMa lea lsitaria ver quc seS i-
Qu- raso i d o .,I slL.a.p la r m e c euua r porel6nju dets, d atea pri- s I emp oan reotrlccione Lom a -
r6, s .l to sades.n, s- R !q Le 4 oa nel mp' d lt e enJ Import.neeaon man, Washhinf rAon tendrA ur e il~,lndtrlahjaponosa. Aunque A E UCC8EN Ferero.17 un sistomauniveroalyfiromec t
I- td c Yorn- ra2c adc. .!t 1a britesa m rm que mror deman d a U El seoeoner, te eatablecidodeseguri adcoic- -El o tr o-
aef6W r nBdeIs g cu o-ts ~ aitmm.S o .lhtsI arnados Mdme a lada, Laeadikse L cImadia esoera, moaadIs pera rena fido le Naones Unld, Trlge t contra is guerra. a cnt e l t
viwca, sumde atite o o apro- .i lrit IoUatoge doe Rualsen ,artel genei daoe general -- O eM preooupn los h baroot '- nlode solo .iiM ieonepEs p xcao- NaionesUnidu loaren el desar- lo s "Cei broque mls Natoneo d-ie oa ,, pe rtre po -lead

he w Ies m Ais y to t l u pr pl eSeIsa-o q gia M arlr y do lGtaas dnas qe p rer ne ta ss no M areco a s- i G c E N
L adiaond ao r nealr R a dmS-n enosat uryr e ol, n queroJatre Imo.,di s r e osete rc reatesuee
ohpde s e, dee Is alpt n 5d 4 m Wnalc6 auu. Is vetaismunlesd a quo le ganbdola semo Islsnea or d s duds quo poer.stan une me mundlal, "no imparts c uin das lo lograrin. p oar dist- lo lo E ...
nan deo fies omt e screo a e olmales quo.. ns.uma.i a repectivas ailes quo tienn Ca r a eAbr QuoDulle parze e ia on at. e ns pars ca.. n este pon dooba-

S ls s i e pircinme lante. ae y am in temor e flotalel a6ndoIleSaCI PoTs A qaos polodoabecuo y poioo que uro v ny lrosaovivi.os". Lo anoi
to d st 9I s e.VeidenAnr eertita ie ena a

tism p Pm g G qpg Cesqueras de I costs del Peel-,_ ,,. t. brove estancia ienlviIo". E Cmt ue ciada par Is A- tamo .. e
I SM .1 6 olum Ge IsGne do Isdol i .TWO1 Dal g ovistyIs isde loeaatad.oeunt- a inoo. orparn onohtra_ ada I 1. mlsl6n ancabezeda.par do un comit6 fomado rpr dole- despuis deoque el Presidente Tr- cionerios man Zygmut. Li
vltAeis, 'eoasg"uida, goVW D. enow e nm o e on s -n -rrecont a a e. |Alters, pero _so apers quoe Dulls. oree qu lo o Entados U-gados de 12 nacn ,d es.ignaclo man sugirio en mu discurso del ex-Conm ro,-- e ll
7 so condenHli y Jo reoultadoa mtui lmQ .oa en. urdo ulaoo paz dr do p el ndd y I- p As loa r a ie laNacon Un que ns oradd Nacone noor ey
de Is misma puedel reaum rse M U'.r laps l favor oel rearnw oasar t ogrsdn poder G e f ,tIatrts d a s dtu into _amtre -Ion s; miln del. Lejano Oriente n h- |O NU con el objeto de estudiar I&a posiblidad de una nueva g eso n ra julia M, .e -.inp lu .-
a g r a t Go) di..,, AA l.o oo e. npPolitburao d pnt ar toast pr.i.spma ssenquomat U a 1Cy e m o mo a u r c G qc benar b r po e c s l b.

e t "a-de 010Drlesto de ar ine VISI ONd un rv l d -. .. .. o _r Ion pr- de le n ae. p r
gulepte fikntot1 aes podrlonmo- ita.r ratada do pas. Wa .hdapdn ls rdividan eirev atils- iOapota al tistado do Paz con un solo pupa Isobra GelsCo- blemas Ge control do is enorgis do i nt
6". hoa e aedl asao-Gl o lthen mres.& E e pa om eapa re noA.' o4 0ap1n, X viJo do DuD lles mmtn s e-nergis Aomlca ca n i s aco mIca y do osyrIonarmameto con- mne u cargo.
Sal kl Fllpnas., Autralia y Nueva de Armamentos Convencionales. vencionales. Se habia producldo
Partquo ";e-,Z,,n-aGabr--uou-ngVrounYi.salnolt.rftndorZeandaaddebarn aunar dLno A referirse al desarme, Lie d io- anternormenee un estancamen:o Otr t
que. contrals Europad q Oc- asefurads l b.t ntdo fu"au n a m. n i modo do penar. Jo coma resultado de Is.negativ e anServb el d
contr a hUa"gEeror&oadeIM.dyoet ea ur6opteno ds ctoiLSALASp Y CIA. LE oI-Unin Soviticaaceptar Illt a
110 W, .. .. s t g....... .... ,t-el.... l.oeem unis"' oni d e m ocrlciU no de Ic dies m isrgrande priicip io qu erigen elncontrIol. .decoWadf
a Ion.atedsUnos. (To doearrsgare na Is gu owrra duelst del Pstablpdoertm eme sm arelsl"A dO C LNOd"Uric olamdeIs granto- r indlpim qoies ey ontro s amo and y10
winportm t d ojar sontado oa to o t5a reiunelar a Is politics- DEReNA", Ge ate plain, P si at. mediassAm al pitieesAna a ues! on quon e Iana clo- principles quo habian side sos- tam tj
plt o' a.. .ists, .Gel oc.. c. do r ant- fpsse u a1na sen l er osi En O pert nes Unidas logren levantar Is.tonidas par inyarle ak yainadora cedido
pmbbado de quo Hitler no.erin tln, atsurar s Ronerac6n. ali quomds!mor i aO 1 RTO ERLRIRA. ha dejado do mowet cargadolosarmamentosdolo deonla embryos do las Naciones dasduo ttim fl
ui Ide verdaders de Isa ctl- .'.. ropueblos delmundo como part de Unidas. total G 25 palac
tus britinica en agosto de 1939) 5-El principal o utuar o g u eplePI doi Ge mints ousa y qupas sIs lutsto no saldrhAromsn- ".
re-- principaanrlosetaerioru
t--L9 bs ent -. rnoe...asa mb por .eualequiors ,treone quo Gdihe Roberts Homra
Er .... ..... .". ." .n s, t m ala i do S o -ton .-

d o *;'G n a o 1L .. Z.".00 -.- .. ..w "I" ech o o ritd,.
-a ,,,,1!-iN, ,, ,, a L saa r CIT LTDA, e a it nAOtlef r.MsfL.
MNBealintod 'es| *a 'a_ .
iraso de 1552. "o(C estate eviden- __,_ _'-__,
eci4 asdgus, do quo e lSoviot hac
y9Qdado Dnna PBBFECCN.-DC#9 P C tol la plaerneoinentamod
tiens n tto ooL qo mnprre U.aslionl .1u, de ola IndutdLa

AL.,MAN .P Menos de 2 dos leq.*n y ... no "ftraino".
mPor qusoe ha noegado lPresidente Aisoin ds Mixico alelgir sues-PT
sor? .-... VISION analiza las ltuaol6n political quo tidne a todo Mxico
tratando do pMnstrar el porvenirl
Dirootamoent do Paris, VISION tram una rovmladora doeorlpoin der recur.
gimlento del poderlo military francs, ,jQu6 hay do la Franoiarevi-
talizads.des Premier Ren6 Plevin? ...Francia me transforms rtpidsmants
on firms bsati6n do la defensam uropes y no on "amiga. d bionvenisnoia""
del Plan Marmhalil.
LQu6 hacen los Ilamadom cat6licoa "do izquierda"' para suavizar al con-
flcto entree M Ruala comunlstap y la democraciaa? ... .,Por qu6. no ISg6
al General"Eilenhower a viuitar al Papa duranto su reoafentr mnii6n do L en
Pu en Europa? .. .,Cuil es Ia posiolin do la Iglisia hdy dig? UJ

nes Berlinas de tocho corredo
0" Be rlina descaorable

Vnarevista de noficias pa inl Amhrica Latina (Covetiled 4 p erus)
SEditadaen Nueva York, Centro Mundial de Noticias

I L n->.,_ =.-..- .-t-.

. .' ,.
" -* i
*A_,l.-t -.'. ':..,

.=--;, ww. .1I

'. :-/
-- .' ,"** "
' .,- ': s-s
:"- :i';*..-* :.:*',

V. Tot: -i:.;


S(Agente de ASH y WILLYS)

uno cuatra del Crice Tfti

- -'- ,--

~V~Ki.tQS(~3k iz~;. : -. -


"*.. '-. _.,, y:.."

Bancarios en


- '** ,-

'"erdn revisados en Santago

los titulos de los solares"


El Alcalde del Distrifo pide C R U C I G

a todos los propietarios que -

presenten sus documents
U -
SANTIAGO. febrero 13 de 1951 obras, y a objeto de coadyuvar B
El Alcale del Distrito ha la realizaci6n de un catastro
enviodo para su pudblicaclon el que esta oficina estA levantan-
s i tet' -comunioado- do al respect. ,
S .4. Este despacho extended esta
La Alcaldia Municipal de San- solicitud especialmente a los
tili"rSoliclta por este-mnedio, a propietarlos de lotes ubicados
todos los. propletarlos de sola- cerca o en torno a la Granja
res desocppadoa, .u )cados en Agricola y la Escuela Primaria,
esta poblaclon que, en, la ma- a fin de buscarle una solucl6n
yor brevedad -posible, presen- adecuada al problema plantea-
L ten a est.e despacho sus titu- db con motivo de la construe-
los respectivos documents clon del estadlo y la apertura
que acrediten slls derechos, a y trazado de calls.
fin de qvitar confusiones o di- De used atento y seguro ser-
ficultades con motlvo del tra- bidor.
Eado y apertura de called y la Angel E. Riera P.,
corstrucclon de determinadas Alcalde de Santiago

Terminaran el Alcantarillado -

y construiran. las calls de -D o:

la Poblacdon de Sona pronto --Deverb atar.
11-Estado de M6xico.
BONA. febrero 16. lacion con la terminacl6n del 12-Simbolo real.
EL PANAMA AMERICA acueducto, construcci6n de las 14-Rio de Siberia.
Panama. alles, alcantarillado e Instala- 15--Planta hortense.
P el6n de Ia luz en forma subte- 17-Grasa de clertos animals,
En las horas de la tarde del rranea. Coma la part de la PL
dia de ayer el pueblo de Sona Ministro esta cumplida exacta- 25-Regi6n de ,Francia.
fue honrado con la vista de mente de-acuerdo con las trees 27-Pronombre personal.
Sui Excelencia la Primera Da- partidas que el Honorable De- 28--Cuerdas para star.
ma de la Repiblica. donia Ana liatogna logr6 incluir en el pre- 30-Mass de hierro candente.
Matilde Linares de Arias, pre- supuesto, que uaelnde a 107,500 31-Compaflia Salitrera Argen-
sitidnte de la Cruz Roja a- balboas y que fueron destina- tina, Inic.
clonal, su secretaria la sefori- dos para la escuela, calls 32--Que as ha hecho de dia.
ta. Rem6n. hermana del Co- alcantarlllado; pensamos que e- 35-Cloruro de sodio.
_ndante, Primer Jefe y de su Ministro selOr Patiflo debe tam- 37-Preposici6n.
ticelencia dofia Maria Santo- bldn vialtarnos cuanto antes y 38-Reglones.i
domingo de Miranda, Ministro ddee este moment, le exten- "-Conttrcci6n.
4e Previsi6n Social y Salud demos en nombre del pueblo 42-Polaina, calzado.
fWMtea. Vaniamn, d Las Tables ed SonA uza muy significativa _44--Nombre deomUer.
,.n SantiagQ aumento Ia dis- la d 4-D rbq ,catar..
j3agulda comltlva que trafan Tambin la minstdo se dirigi6 4 Cno de los Intdbsa moel-
Sfit muchos amigos, entire Jos a los amigos pidiendo realtad .canoe.
SUales distinguimos a don I-al partdo, cual partd, ca ad que distin- 49-Prepo 6n.
Scoin de L. Valdos. don Julio gui6 muchas veces en el sonae- 50-Sueldo annual.
Sarela. el Gobernador senior fio. 52-Composlclones politics.
dtiz, el Inspector Carrizo y mu- 54-Nota musical.
Sboa otros. 55-Drama musical.,
A su llegada en uno de los 1ina Cargo do 57-Deldades pagAnas.
IP cos que con anticipation se JOSE A. C JAR ESCALA 59-alsa grande.
pararon y entire cafnona- -
y saludos descendieron de MNODMAS vat s'
carros, para luego 'subir a l lOR MA
tribune en donde la sefiora 1-Parte redonda y saliente de
de Alain, ex-Gobern'dora. Los Correspoa ales deberai una case.
7 dl6 las gracias por la visit efiirse a law misu desapasiona 2-Preposcid6n inseparable.
b el Interns en las obras que das anorm's priodisticas Debes 3-Bebl e. alcoh6lica.
', adelantan en esta poblacion. envlar al peri6dllee los aat 4-Rezan. '
S'a palabras blen atinadas, que I notilcas mis interessuam squ 5-Igual al 18 horizontal, pero
Wprecieron aplausos de p.rte afecten a la comualdad ED ab e on plural.
eol pueblo que los escuchaba. soluto as trata 4. ana reports 6-Acci6r OCat6llca, Inlc.
. Contest estas palabras la se- tidad oara haieer determlnadJ 7-Afecl6an del aparato respi-
flora Ministro de Trabajo y eoampa olitiesM.k ratorlo.-
7Previsl6n Social y Salud Pibli-
ea. ratificando los ofrecimien- -
tos del Presidente Arias en re- Se celebraro un
congress de base Ser( aSgasaad

Levanladas en Santiago l V i d
-- 'U oc rEn SI altima seil6n de la Fe- 10o Vicepreside
deracl6n tacional de Basball
B!i!.;!,l Ulld de Aficionados, pdr moci6n pre-National Bank
r -? na sentada par el federado por la Is
avo aoc J a los Hombres Pr'Incla de 01 Marco A. q
Vo Mendoza S., despu64 de psar
Freuentemento levantad- o mlo- studio potr una comisl6n y ser /
to redo btnquetinr o en a 'probada por los Wederados, se
-lna. dolor on Ia boa, doe la epina acord6 convocar un Congreso DAVID, febrero 16. (Oortes-
,jor. en I& ,Inglo o spierna, vi-r Tecnico durante aIs clebrael6n ponsal). Cireulan las invl*I
Fliouldad. deblildad. p#rdida del vigor
baeoulino. son cauadoa por alguna del Campeonato Nacilnal de taclones para el agasajo que
m to rmedad do I PrFstatad Par Baseball Aficionado de Panama brindara The Chase Natio-
SovolverrApidamentesusala prueb s Que se llevara a cabo en Santia- nal Bank de David y don Out-
i U"vo traamlentu nI.. jctllo lla- go Provincia de Veraguas los llermo Tribaldos Jr. a los s&-
auo seana. s o Impentotagen anlo meses de Abril y Mayo. fires David Rockefeller y Otto
maudark a revigorlzar u gAndaula La Federaci6n tendrA bajo su Kreuser, quienes on su condl-
Ottla y h.i. a entlr en. Ob. autorizaci6n la organizacl6n y cl6n de vice-presidente de ese
,I g ^ Rogen on cualuler farmiaci supervigilancia de dicho Con- Banco y milembros de la secol6n
S"greso. Latinoamerliane del miamo, vi-

| r The Chase Nationc
of the City of New York

r A a A,, I
tFe nch

s1 f~1 as




P&-Prenda femenina.
9-Animal carnicero.
10-PFrut tropicales.
1 --Boques, montes.
13-Arras;, destruye.-
16-Relativoe a la orogenia.
19-Contorme a las disposicio-
ne s de Isa ley.
21--Signo ortogrifico. Inv.
24-Adverblo de cantidad, Inv.
26-Graminea comestible.
29-Del verbo sacar,
31-Figuras geom6tricas.
i3-Sgno musical.
34-Tratamlento espahol.
36-Clase de perros, PL
39-Que no son f6rtiles.
42-Planta piperacea de Oriente
43-Punto de la 6rblta celeste.
51-Del verbo arar.
53-Isla del mar Egeo, Inv.
56-Preposici6n itseparable.
58--ota musical
"so ir qIpN OF AVEN

)s en David hoy

ntes del Chase

iue nos visitan

sitatin esta provincia pr6xl-
El agasajo que brinda el The
Chas a los ilustres visitantes
tender lugar mafianae abado
a las slete y media de la no-
che en los salones del Hotel
El de don Guillermo Tribal-
dos' Jr. a las doce del dia en
el Club David.

31 Bank

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V Esic~ltaeno on, u FPiameimemfmnLo de

Imferrsdamrs Eei vECpc eadw

' ---=I -~ ; C-~-~7r

Son Baqueos aiftl6nos ql

en Mayqva yana ine alos

primcrow o cuartos. (gfos
0 i

La Dlreccl6n dq Educaein
Secundaria inforfl .ep ia ma-
flana de hoy quo pa'a el pr6-
ximo aflo lectlvo, 8610 habrin
en la Escuela Normal J. D.
Arosemena. 95 cupos en el in-
tornado para nifis y 35 pira
vatones que vayan a Igresar
a primero y euarto afio ,res-
C d m o recordaran nuetros
nuestros lectores, en la Escue-
]a Normal s6lo serin jreoibddos
en primer aflo los asplrantes
de la Provincia de Veraguas y

en ca.. ue queden algunos
cupouia5 V .l meo. as log lu-
gares II" eca a la Nor-
mal. Can respecto a los cuartas
aAo8 Ns rlbirA alumnos de to-
dos los rimuros elclos de la
.* K1.' m e" eata semana
se abrieroqh lat matrieule pa-
rs los eunoa reulte. que se
Inician h. ~_. y 7 oMo ae ve,
ya, han qued.d. reduoldos a
95 y 38 lxis pou eon 1l inter-
nado, a&Ae pArM alumnos ex-
ternmp tod0avia Ma espadad

Maiana tendri lugar Ma mlft

a ia memoria de las vic

de la nave "Josefia Mon

Se nos ha enviado la sigulen-
te carta para su publlcac6ln:
PanamA, febrero de 1951.
Redactor de la
PAgina del Interior.
Sr. Director:
Despuks de un 'cordial saludo,
me permlto dar por anticipadas
las graclas por ia hospltalidad
que usted ha de brindarle a
esta pAgina bajo su acertada
La Asociaci6n Civica Jaqu6
Unido, en reclente reuni6n por
acuerdo unAnime as encuentra
de duelo con motive de la tra-
gedia de 4a Josefina Mon, que
dicho de paso, hacia el cabo-
taje de Jaqud (Darlin) y esta
capital,, alendo esta la mayor
tragedia, ocurrida al pueblo de
Jaqu6; y. por tal motivo invi-
ta a suB Tmlembros, a la *co-
lonia jaquence, la darienita, re-
sidentes en eata capital y al
public en general y a sus mal-
tiples amigos, a una misa que
se dara por el descaiso de
Jas almas del naufragio el do-

nI alrmo SiMor&s in eso maUmsm
os* aflu06norraa s*lme rana *-
0rn 1 iAd naie i .o~ eumdienu-
to I.1 GIlnArld prinesipa ar .q tr
sum almorang ds o tri'lmaer *?a:
I Calmo 1 i*oeuryis-omemfon.iAu
nlflla ). e. A~yuL~ a o~ltrifaP lm
Ao bottom hey bimmA
lia^ l O eia eie&^
l I [

mingo 18 de los corrientes a
las 11 de la mainna en la
iglesia de Ban Joa6.
Esta intitucioh agradece do
antemano. la salstencia a este
acto pladoso.
Del 8eflor redactor,
Su Atto. y 8. 8.,
JutM Reyna Q.
Secretrlo de Jaque Unldo

- I


.. V 4 .

-.- 'IR,

V** eas u tre seflarM

que Como
metv el dxito
e '*i ,an ml eueirrk la
Jy* M ,dlW 8 A 8netal que en
I6r m vw f y mayo of
lev*.s I a Pr rovncla'de He-

I4btulb iu teniuO
lvendo de. acleate o
14 a todo". lot 9fo
rrmeM *e *1 4ua811m ento deo
uaae mls6lo. que pMra todoe se-
6a do WaYr y orgua por W4
nobles proanotox quo cptra-
Ar tanto: ocuffhoa, ch'itree-

nds, "anAi efiO,
tabMosa, antmariaa z o-
troe pueblos patto *
maMbdo Is ein d ,
31 de Imisne e-
m,le daru t iha e*te -r
tpt'en. aue en fele hare s Y-IJ
cunstancis enfstizart: 14l i6n
hace A fuuema.

S. vende Ud. eigarrillos o rope sport,
EL PANAMA AMERICA U e propercioms mi
clients porque tiene m6s lectures.

S vend Ud. b dor!* o articulos de case
no hey medio r do obtener compraderes.

4 sq dedica Ud. a la venta de lic es... o ea mdtndc
o ii po'r i contrarie quiere pro .io War
entretenimiento ya sea por lao otdtsl radi.les "
clubs necturnos 6 cines,-EL PANAMA' AMERICA
Is suministra mayor numero de cltefs

g* vende Ud. frijoles... o caviar....
EL PANAMA AMERI sabe der q melor publicized
y a m6s Iectorem que no g6n otre W o. ,

S4 = *sou remo comercitI son los biones races
o los autont6viles, cualquiea cosoN que unna
fimlli a interest, EL PANAMA AMERICA
so lee nms y por medio de 61 mds compares

a a presupuosto de publicidod tki% quo a*
uiOag naottro pt O estoai miudi s
*t;pn as mayorr quo CgoquiMu fPOW -.

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_ ,.."... **X5.' ''. .:. SS ,.' t 4/=
-V-A. .


*' -- .*

t DiBs egdM tAg. punAK AL

Agenoi el ls ilulientes lugares.
Correspond o en ui prinelpalmn plm* d4e* Exterioer.

EstU in ondilIonie de pretar today laset de
w'vloloe bnoarioe. ,
... '** ^'^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ i^ IM M ^ ^ ^ MI n In n I l .


Total de recurses: asks de B 0

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^do e1 protueist poe O2atsqe do -tan- carre teral situado a unes 32 m ya q
a.. ',a asea-tauresaador
o res d e n" coptra-at caro n a .ljam tait i i l
iadlato los com istas quo p naL t ron n 7
c lentq del 4 xa ls troops s uroorernas M -; Par gut l
asosripoaom s l ltac us *'
-u c en-. tul6 Ptt cla- hfbi pn 1t1ade a tir a o a dla 01
nes do-nude g na p Buenos de la carreters O alDpl da nes rduts y
SdI o vendie A.- a e:..o n idtol Norte de Is eluded. tdlavm i son "se tea". u
, a los ILo 1 conalderad8 mus b en de Rn el frentes occdental lm t7tictas speoalt en al
&to a 10 Indole politics que somo con- Inueras de Puerto Rico luchao- ui6n d vehieules
muI Al al pre- ilco, obreto o eomerelal. Que ron contra los unit .s con Ls at uea mayo'.a .. a
reff et durgate Una a etrs adis la manlobra so hamltd as e iobetas, grzi orm hta tao Oa d-
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do M d de oe- M d dieVs d s.- a ha vuelto a r puest Betl n Un recodo del rio Ha. ra a R00 de t n rupao
iti n IoN 8al.0 A,-In saris e pa. sobre el tapetea en lasm Amd- Lo portorriquefos tam b iln eomunlatas
M. OW'l de l0 0 0 _, rides. I.artleaulo S I luetr- capturaron n tisco ai. 1s mllas
iw, dea wa e oo coa!amil ueLa par au part, I. do con fotogratffes del Proes- al ate de pul. ,
fbod-e, ce ] m -i d expreO dentePer6n y e Napolenao- Fuerzas communists en ndme-
ihbilj tii& l w.1not0s d*r ida lamo jefe del ladicato de Vn- ro indeterminado contra-staca-
di De Pool.A -a, -de T jaabd' o dedores di Diarlos. ron a lac tropes portorrqueflas
B.ur rI A&I act. s. d Ex-u an ot enuIsad I a -a A
PAM l elna i-CP l Si quQe cIn s neuonuo- todavia continuluabal Ischs4 ". _.
AI L.Unl "o. s-e ma---llw .Irl el e principal IT no .... A ,& RN s ma: Core23'2,n., N
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ltdiems a Ear smashes as ban-aION derechno que 2 de'dlcleinbre v 718 el 27 de
l r, ete mele4 a recibir hboy. WnA. s. a! insistencla Enero. 7COR A,1febrero 17. (UP). r ml pi,
.. i .a.. 'at is vents del Un portavoz dljo que diez avio- --
II ela.e de im d. is B bl e del de- El enome trsaatlntico pr- nes comunlta MIO-1i sta- .
ifth r -aho &' o tpalon y eaten tenece a la Holland Amei-ca ran a un avl6n allado de reco-

el 3n^&seYjL doctor Lu uisPadft1 N trvo., eanA el deltt-dafo alguno, El portatvoz duo .
Pn do dosooho p node aer cedido. Line, y saSt hbaludo an L*5c0- nocimlento tl Star de Chanju
aummbro, el delogado 5iOeiaoCsyt i~oheneia do Is van- inrido de 16 dlsas tocando las a norToYe, ptro no is 05us6
1 en tor Lula Pad ervo. per parte del in ro e Barba |os, Sn Juan,q doI alguno. Ee po itavs d
M. da ye lar1 -U Pl t pm un monopollo in uiraCuao qu o avonea comunlsta I
ils dos curc, ueno do L mU dbeo r( ) e p P quo u ers, lo de- CrIatbal, i A -au-Prince y L i ron v o s pr & avn t
I A :0. i m.,, el, -. l noor bdoresd rn .rl r W p tulotn, asle. .abaa' aliado, pero que date ae metl6
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p. ade. I e l us truov vtioia 1 0 l llca s La rwciones y tam,- altura, Ilagandoea salvo a u
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esitao YoMu atesa d, Inel M. tioo Cloment Att lee pt de- I..G tar ne dt eWlLinLamer N general Partridge, om- n-
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ocutdaeai- p lhabe pacld nd tome ona enrvta e ditiaE rs L .en.a.coe.y La moun.etas .chod\o Coresb".
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me" l har a-a stMI&'rooen el ej itto aA Pp, MnUiio b- 1 eal lidor Republicano Way. O AJAltarosllp hanfula rIws
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Padre.. OP odan d*A r1 peg1tos dhLo o tr aloAtS*esI hna lUmon un"xt 6, et uio sabre lnu tando m ara fortalecer dmed 0 rsaS piri SNea dJ
sasmflbg es s oa .r1 DMrrend r radl d uc e 'awn rs ,tlcul o l p Ici
voa m lSnptlrd I&belaicwlr i DqUN ubde sataquemattleer. La pmsen atrlce el 5n Ps- is allanua del AtlAntico del- CLdoDSDaP&&.
irinr boy.4 a ea dutndM bui vuplal, Ie I& eremona-Ida-"Ispu asd o r palado omentd 0a entrev=Sia eI ..- ,, esT..,= "--'-" A 'r"nsa, "Samedi oto -- ,mis pronto possible Bi en
J oi rptuent sasg do alasI p. padsnd por d pdre d e t tpou r adaten f rue i doYork et s .pa l txto m u ia t S a- quo e S. e l iC .LEVAa-
ante l altar do to Reom I lot aOr1los 0 i Malsor. Doomingo Ilcuentans do nuevo cl io6 muy tarde paer hacr, io. ,- ,.II-I-',quaqeda-2
enaldora r 10,9or L 4awerts VotelA y oe gaqusi vds. do Tro 01 Coronl HarrySes- NI ltinltero do IAclonS ban toAira La Pren-
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t oT Ibranep y olar.u14emdWraer don umldn. Pralt e 1c/ ao .Attlee ar fO ]w o4O1 d1tn racr ;- ralacaDloIat en ,-',a p- .
Go tld Sc fbsg DBlanes M de Varela, don J a s _o /on og alor ec oontulddo d 6Ua-- P.-- I.. ..lin oa naLpVntruJend dsu prapln easei. La vidl -Ide l so puede
dirkIsr laovs una vaporo- aVrels y a efort Acracla do ,Va-7 .ud3mo&I5 l.eforFelipe Sc desolof d el en is alt u ScLa prendo unalateIonIa.Nuova-Soaol 1 m by e ud
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y encaje Importlda empccAl- p oorUr Ida R, .de West qui-/]oa tadasm Unedos. rud s erqua "L JunoaIraI& cdel dre-:quo-etmfnt arrtera Central.I.
IsLoru.Aobtodsa0vnodorerlinapree ao8 o an.L o so "brc .de... q ue "Lan-d'"
-. 0.E, ieurr eni deysfrotT,,, ,.sit n ific v ti es marnbldn lar- -l d,.a e ooti.l Todees 00 metro lproeio do
pencojes u st-nid"o p:So V r ft, Dr. Taomntso 2n APronto retablecmilsento Is da- pidez con qua Stalin ooitea:- DnEdBtenTalo & Sdloda coer-i/20. .,,:,"i
lm ul~ioas ... .. Cor- y sa..or LA.i 4a.elaF., aS Gun D r, a os a Is, efstora Cecilia.P.t6 la declaraci6n qua sobre V. itivo. ae quu ia etAalndo vie- B.0i com pg ".
aer- sav, mpalad, ,,n an ,, r y at d m 'd e oRuiz qule~utfre quebrantom litica exterior hizo Attleoe s n a _tin e ie r diaulo arantino
r ames adorrowap raa 0.b a l rin reprcsontadisr pr deo Alnud en 0e Hospital Pane- Cimars de los Comunes el lu- eLa Pr y qu eon terina- ORANDES VENTAJAS FACILIDADES DE PAGO
f ~alt mr tplodedlbriam oer cni aelr. Juan Ra) NBrin y st- A rna tparnado. Attlea hens tensi- do con Ia susponsicnotemporal
orp psdre s nIr preclids fl ora Le tar A. S m ,in. Dr. Vie- -f..aso .enI as -titm as.sem s- Se aug e Bu dlr li uo, declare au so-
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Fb6ia1~qspllatSanta Tomis. Jo Attlee an i6n: 111A
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Sonora NugenietH. do Martin qull Sn d i- mitietm'in blat
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ahsMycmavyifMoai.i,.u r I G GALAN ACASARES I
_in ww pf1sucraftide M mia' t Embajadores del Tango, que nos lligan directamente
CWrms Tal. rPU""it SAMP / *j do "El Tabarls" de Bueneo Alrei.
La "As4 OiMe I'm. an eab fl .W


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S Miscelaneas Biene Raifees Autom6viles Aparamento. COMERCIAL C0 MER CIAL
M. VBINNSt--Clve. tubere mes., SE ALQUILA:--O so venda. Cosa de SE VENDE:-Autom6vil Ford Sedan SE ALOUJLA: Apartamento en
? esu welded, Fir-Ten tes campo on Chorrerao El Coco) Tel. 36. derechos pagos, B.80.00. Av. Avenid Mdxico finally call. 43 VIIA
S elbled e pore gOW e me r ne mode- 3-0255. Mixico 69, cerco calle 43 tuldfo- Este. Hlme 3-0140. co
twa, levmele. esemeduu. ,,. a no 3-0553.A
& pecie m es on e 5E VENDE:-Uno tiendao n call 16 SE ALQLA: Apartameno. Dos DE ALMACEN
AUINCIAS GLOALES. Viy Eap. Oeste No. 4. SE VENDE Buick 39. 2 Ilontasa do rec'mro. uala-comedor. No. 150
Ase Hgeie a JaN plramn". Tel. Sreserva nuevas, bacteria nueva. Calle Estudiante. Acuda Fato V.
S5E VENDE:-En el Valle magnifico 8.15p.00. Calle 33 No. 30 IEsqui-. Studio, en mismo edificio. LNUESTROS ESPEJOS
r., o. ~~Iote bien situodo con servicio de no Justo Amrasemenal.
SE VENDE Incubadora el6ctrica. acueducto, precia m6dlco, facili- SE ALQoLILA:-Piso an Avenida A L jor
S Tel. -0255. does de page. Tel. 2-3248 Pona- SE VENDE Buick 1940. Excelente No. 8. Ocurra a la misma casa a MD hALce Mj
Tel. 3 -0255. mi.. .? Coupe. Buenas Ilantas y repuesto, llaom o t Ilfono 31147.
1SE VENDE: Madera usada on per- S esu radio. Precio base 8 450.00. Mo-
fectos ccndiciones, a precious n SE VENDE:- Refrsquera Tetro reno, tel. 3-2462, Avenida Ii. No. SE ALQUILA-Apartament de unaAB D PEJOS
competence an lo plaza. Ix 6 Vctorio. Para informes ocurro all 32. El Carmen. recKimcra, Salo comedor y cocina.
2 x 4 2 x 6 2 x 8 4 x mismo. Avenida Central No. 193. SE------ Calle l1. Porejil 14. Puede verse I P A LO
4 6 x6 8 x -8 PAREDES VN -- in SE VENDE Par motivo viia., un do 8 a 11 A. M. Aseodor tiene
Y CIA. LTDA. Ave Pblo Arose- SEVENDE -Chalet on El le. In- Plymouth Coupe 1942, renovado lave. Informan telifono 2-3181.
maCInaNo. LTDA. AyDep6stblo Arosen P- former Ofc de Crres de El mechncamente y excelentes condi. -allo 1 k #4 Tel. -2
tillo Colle 12. Tels. 2-3238 y 13- Val clones. Puede verse de 7 o 8 p.m. SE ALQIJILA: Aportomento sal,
3476 SE VENDE El ultimo lae en parte ho/. Domingo de 2 a 3 p.m. Colle comedor. uno recimara. garage.
alto del Congrelo frente La Salle, 46 No. 27, Apt. 18n.
SE VENDE Un negoci. Cle18 dl Congre freno. 7, Aptsma coma, partameno No. 8. RINDE MAS...
precmosa vista, 836 m2. Patterson.
Este b's No 70. 2-2346. SE NECESITA SE ALQUILA:-Departamento, dos ES MAS ECONOMICO...
S1 VINDEN:-LLentas 700 s15 d o. rermaras, solo, comedor, cuorto
S lIonegs. nuvs. y muy berates. SE VENDE .Negocio productivoo n Domistilos empleda. Edlficio "Hispanoia". USE SIEMPRE
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Ae.i Per. Ne. 7. Tel. 2-0406. mi. Calla 21 de Enera No. 6. Celle RAMai Vald. Me. 1"liot- SE ALQUILA:i-Apartomento do dos d Is50!5131 11.1 poll
SE VENDE Ganga. piano. excelente te tem e 4. 2.. ples. recimoras, dos bWaos, Della Vista. FPANDO U8VA__ CIONl ux iN iS -
s5n-. P an n e leN nueva de dos apartamentos, de 2 SE NECESITA:-Empleada con expe- ECdsbALNUI oA -- l3- D VentorOSA
5, Ponamel. recimaros coda uno, lot@ espacioso riencio para servicios domistices, SE ALQUILA-Recimoragrande Twrile.: lS TmJO INS_- ** ."eJ, .M'.
SVENDIl-Muina perterdee de cerco a Via Espooa y Hotel Pono- que sepa algo de cocina, buen omueblqda con todo lo necesario A 7 111& l d
K5 VENSE:-Mdquim perirederie nr cdu la i reSnciaiosdo mtco sI/L -yad SE AI Rcra rd Su
pes' "Bucyrus-Erie". Perfeor pe- mi B.24.500, tiene hipoteco. RO- sueldo. Ocurra Ave. Peru 55, Apto. paro matrmonio sin nifos v un BELLA VISTA" *. I -d
.m de 4", 6" y 3". Antonie Am. BERTO MIRO. 2-1215. 4. cuarto pora soltero. Calle 45 No. NiSm faNe. II -
sofa.Tel.2-32.19. El d
la. Tel. 2-3206. SE VENDE -Por no poderla tender SE NECESITA Una cocinera conu S Ae LU-pIod -e 'aa m Elul cr3 Pa -lee
SE VENDE Lindos pececios de co- personalmente su duea, abrrote- experience. Calle B No. 12 altos. SE ALQUILA:-Apartomento dos re-
lor, para acuorio. Colle 43 Este. rio peque a, buen equ;po, blen si- :cmoras, pued usrse par CIIni. 'ia e
No. 13. Bella Vista tuada v con muy buen promedio SE NECESITA Uno carguero co co u oficiha. Muy fresco. Liame 2- A
SE VENDE Equpocompet d enta dar Call 43 Este No references. Calle Colombia V Call. 2443.A. lr do Fwe letul Poleea _
SE VENDE Eupo complete de 58. Bella Vista 50. Apts. Mayfair, Apto. No. 4. alic 0 p.
Restourante consistent en: Estuf as. SE NECESTA: Empeda r. SE ALQUILoA Apartadr enb moder- u .teaaOl } PeR& Ji 1a
Refrigeradoros, slos de lul S, me- S EENE C Chale au m nosidalo.comedorddosd echmaros. Coclas.GO sd tIse Poees. Au
so& luegos coompletvs dde aClelosl SE VENDE ic-Chaletnuevo.SonS comp tentey con buenos referen- dos Irvicios. Avenida Chle gtmcol1
bteras d cocaetc etc Todo Francisco, dos recimaras, omplia cias para oticios de casa en gene- 41, telifonro 3.0847. VNUA A V, f
b an perfe d cocina, ec etc. Todo sala-comedor. dos porches, garage Odb db doper en el employ po- Y 81 NO LOB TNMOS AVISO KMAT CualQuier. d arrolHo future deende de deeAN'
Sperfecsconble. Dirse a preco icoempleadOla 400 metros. s- inormes ddriase a call 49 No. ALQUILA C6modos pe rte- 0 NO PODMO SU MINT S- El Osusrito Iratarlo del Jua.edo
muy razonable. Diriiase a Contin to p ara mudaore. Precio total: 19. Bella Vista. net de Una remimale c- rRR L COl-N USTO sterional de TrabL ,gIthblico, y comideracionu inteniacionale
Florida" Colle "K" No. 6 B. 11.000. con facilidades de pago n mdeor, mCime y ervlcio. e B 50.00 E DIREMOB DONDE 0 .. h. kaldo M diA velatorho
malores cualqumer artefocto a riencia que viva nuestra casa Coll Calle C 28 bss NM. 2. Informed: a a fT.i n a 40a' 'e de "diPa. "l" i ari i La Case S, do .o la de- y solamente ,I m oVlthce
maro, e.ctrca urefrigrtador. SE VENDE-Propiedad con buenas Primerao Pereldl No. 20, Departa- HUGO ONZALEZ, tel6fiieno 2- 'Vr0den en at Juti qm- sim Lula Anto, ba d e p a s m Idoa
vara, imporas, pancho. tsto ganancias, cerco playa en Seacliff mt o i k Tr mut e .r r, se debe o no crus el Pral.lo ron. Elsta rPereult cln remsda.p
dora. etc Ilame a Carlos Guevaro, Acres. consist en CUATRO APAR- SE NECESITA Empleado con expe- Sinmr eB.12 i0 38 o CMoeo, as ali asaunto de be quo am "a
Tel. 3-1033 6 3-1740. TAMENTOS CO MPLETAMENTE ruencia paA service d. coa, r MISCELANEA 14 oyi- rdld ai s amir g aoelda ..100 eatrat militar,.eb. r co.- pda oosb on fpa
SVENDE Znc ocnlado calibre AMOBLADOS, y 3.500 metros de medjo dia. mensual B. 15. Tr.,- Tr1hes'de 2 3 bolos ". o. a.oo siderado d to del ctet de 4 l
No. 26. LAminas n de alumi- terreno alto y nivelodo, agua y go references. Avenida .de Julio .Wot0ddTrapiches'de2y3,bolansinu o.0 aidera sto declat o s e
o dabre. ,e'ectricidad. Noda mAs B.7.500. No. 21, El Sol. Apartame to 10. Pinor dp.casescon- tta obre la tia. eee
Lab POrEY.Balboa2698.*..erreistoconseems tcnico.tirin-m tTOTALd.240o00
oVILLANUEVA Y TEJEIRA Llamar POSEY. Balboa 2698. SE NECESITA Empl mayr d ie r n a. s fdgratisI ne re de asmt I umsdi doe- orqu e e eci r 9ue t dmlent de
CIA. LTDA. ENT pl0 me .n Mollejones redondos clenicintoa balb,- i. (D.240.001 betat o e o neral Dougls ncdo".
SE VENDE Verdadera gngoa. Un 25 es o con experlencle penr cui- Tel a7.1216 er& pol ur admisible ia que cubra lau MacArthur y au fiUerati Uenen .-
SE VENCE Aslentos plast,cos ra parc, en El Congrejo gen B 30.- der smie, que duermn en temple err* Maquinas de moler maiz aid la o, pr Ia autoridad para crusar el Pa- 2. El S ,retai do
EEde Asientos iplae para laco en El Cangrejo en B 30.- e do moleramaizo. is nnnRoero.d* ddeas ai ralelosas. a onosgolI5r da-sDean Ac
inodoros. Accesoros de piomeria 000 con foci;dodes. Salo-comedr "vne tra el o f mill semo. SE VENDE molr career a oI, IDPacho d S ari.dlelo 3 Na-
S en general Tel. 2-0540 ompiha dos porches preciosos cod Avnid y Cell. i suil._ y maoir carae bunei. clones Unlds 0 lo Mmtados Utnsl ontereno a lo
VILLANUEVA Y TEJEIRA recamra con servcopropio. apar- SE NECESITA -Empleoda pore tra- Artiutos de (as Vasos par cantina de md. o m, i aa,. hea i a lo d un contraorden. Ean
CA Lora dubTD *A dimpt^ aacurhmrmculno de o Vasospars cantina de teso I ahorn s
CIA. LTDA. tamento pare empleada. 1.200 me- bale domistico. Colle 37 No. 7 m eaVuentes dieron el &- t
SE VENDE Madera. cement. ba- tro todos cercados, construcc6n (allosl Avenida Peru. SE VENDE:-Refrigeradora Crcsley 6 y 8 Onzas. jamy repuj.or adjudcindoles lea blioa n g ll con ato" dentro del na
rroa de refuerzo v alombre de ama- se sPaterison 2-2346. SE NECESITA: Persona que sepa jueo de mimbre. de recmra Panama 14 d F r d 1951. ne Preadent Truman ol
rror Tel 2-0540. -genienPatt rsoni2-2346.SE NECEoTA Otros enseres de case. Baratisim o. LUIS J. M ARQUEZ B. e ien e lt Pr esiren m an
oVILLANUEVA Y TEJEIRA cocnr.N tlie quedomira ins B CosiIbem L Aprt 13Sa o deben etrcler General Artur efle,
CIA. LTDA. Receenmend e inspeaccionor com- icios emplee, v una empleadorm par SE VENDE Un state grand MeacntIe A.r,1. I.~ tarit op del Generano eel '
parar el madrno. espocioso y 6- otcios di csa. tine que dormir SE VENDE Un estnte gronde con AVISO L t lcrth'r stan operando toda-
,IE VENDE Claves do tode toma- mede cholet, a reAlleares cor, en el trabaoo. Ave. Manuel Ma. dos espeios en 8,25.00. Aven.da LAa sus. Sei aria d u an aTr. JRbajo la reowlud6n del 7de r o r"
o, rpas, alambre dd puns, mlli 2 bajos etc. tuado n Calle 40. Icoz No. 26 B No. 13, Aportamento 2. S o n L 'a 1andoasd a e d n a o aaldas ,h q. el s m
.Vdmia del r. Me 3 co. 14eSEor, aloe 0 e lelesexo
Lde LANUVe A TEJIRA quVie del Mtr, Ne. 3*. con ual- SE NECESITA:-Empleada de 30 o SE VENDEN todos los muebles y equi- Ave. "B" 8 Qe n el JulA o ordinatito onvr r'Ad ao0 tlmpBclt Caorusel 1 la "lcnamcersndoel y Y laW
IANUVA Je otra oferta. Lo compara- 50 oaos que sepa cocnoar b.en y po de casa par motive vioje exte- en eJedvo se idoe Ila i raeo 38 terna nto la o es no
CIA. LTDA. ci6n es igrfse pero su resultado de hacer el ofic.o de la coas a fa- noi Calle 45 No. 30. Telifono Tel. 2-2988,. Nave 6n wto su A.. .ntra at reolaul6n ue g-aiprobada conoclan en Tolo todavifa".
' VENDE I motor 3 h p 60 positive vaelr paro Ud. Wolff y milia pequeAo. Venir con recomen- 3-1717 All atome. heare uatei -de Ie df o d M :-ie----- _*"
yclos,moa General Motors- nue- Cia Calle 5a No. 22, Tel. 2- doc16n. Ave. Ecuador No. 4, be- -Pleanam ten lupren tTribunalq
2388.Mlegal..eas. uonlEaEen at@e Trirudal1 .
vo de fJbrica.-.l'18.00. Vista Her- 2388. los' SEVENDE Un luloso radio d me- rote de l le ble o t dJg a lavan tfraa n nuI .s
'mesa. Celle Ricardo Mir6 No 52 so. marco General Electric de 5 to- plidad del denaindado All Camro, 5vale.s Ett .. ..'",
altos boa. iandes cort y largo. pora in- redow lo Perite on la s suma de v S .
tos o SErVENDE SE ALQUILA ores iosetal Sr.rFeponde, FABRICA DE ESPEJOS 1B3.-M0. i s cibenbAL eg, t .
VENDE -Vidros de 1-4 grueso Bozar Americano. Central 71. 15 Asdle de ascer e d e rracarrl am i con
do 1 x x42-- 18 x48B- 200x H Boles y Motores nanl s i SP de pnS pa aR..e0 .... .0.01fom enter au vista
-0 y 24 60. MUEBERIA LA Bole y MOtor Can SE VENDE. Refrigeradora. rodio, LA GARANTIA atrrza odeovl. o e E Demetracepeulu mar ahora un pacto de e.cll .
COMPETIDORA. Calle 16 Oeste SE VENDE:-Mor orfuera de bordo. SE ALQUILA Chalet concrete, muebles, articulos de case. bicicle- es a 50 c-u ......... A.) a seria tanto
47. Telefono 2-3181 7 1-2 H P. Martin '60'. Como porch, sole comedor, trees recima- to. en rida. C '99-, l- La mas antigua. o de de ..............o. ATENAS, Febraro 17 EPS) pertluo como imprudente"
vo Borato. Cas 24-B, Mar- r ecioo. e 19 Via a o. La ms acreditada. 76 holes de, zinc de dore pl ded El primer embajador de rit'. Pregunts: "Durante tu cnO--
SG6UAYAIANAS 'ata. Bei,'nrso Porros, No. 3. Telefono SE VENDE:--4 estates para ropa. aro00 c i-up.egunda man.e. a. 10 en Grecia, Radila YoyanowvE.1 versaclones con alto ftinlos0o0 ,
S3-2730. meso de comedor con 4 sillas, jue- La de mayor stock. nombrado recientemente al ret- rios griegos, ha diacutldo a .
Pure Hil AA go poro salad. 2 sllas de bamb., si- Total ................3......l" 'd nudar las Telacionea diplomati- ted el uso del puerto de a.o1 20
tileSE ALQUICubLA LECCIONES lies de herro, vitrino, 4 cames SIEMPRE A SUS ORDENES. Sl dor i d na r a cat entre ambooro passes, e nica para el transport do 1a t.
loae"s*fc"" ____ con colchones. retratos. Radio Pi- teriormente descrnos y To se admitiri que la nueva amistad grego- ayuda norteamericana que vt
ny 1.50 locaele Profesor de experiencia, da closePrafet, vda closes in- lot, varies Celle 44 Este No. 6. Rio Abao #215 Tel. -0524. a ubra d hbi yoelava puede y ebe s a dre a Y oeav"?
CASA FENIX SE ALQUILA:-LocaI arodo dividuales do ingls a precio rz- Ap. .Tel. 2-1752 Para hablltarse como potor e ree- n ar paz en los Baloancs. Respuesta. Mis reuni.
A p n ude mercadei aooSeca. noble. Especial atenci6no dalumnos re connleiar preitmente en I sretmrtegos h ..
ro negocio a mercadero se noabe. Especial atencon a SE VENDE 2 cunas con colch6n de Irla del Tribunal el cinco por clent dl le squl i1 text de la enLoe- o ls e alomadamna Cogs a-
Avenida Cntral 155. Via m ica. Vua Porras No. 99. aplozados. Llama 2-3437. spring interno. juego de comedor, Isa baa del remonala tevia que Ci embajador tno S e mamon. i
TeL 2.2490 SE ALQUILA -Local paor oficina o El Estudio de Piano Bennett con cli- una estufa Perfection kerosn. San taints aloaesd. o quse had Mda da-cnced, con caritr exuao e S e alone m
clin ca. rAvenid B No. 59 altos.s ss modernas de piano afreesicetries Francisco, Ave. 6a. No. 12. Tel aUB DE /. 50 hr d --u cnco.eme orneti__ gob unater sl lmapuesLo o etl o maentela
Acuda sucursal Sylvania en mis- cursainprcticodemisica clisic 3-1971.tu5 Ut11 LmyVrruas quo msohci!ran haita limer. Is.oblenoadel marin!TiLo at0
JDe f i EV popular. DemostraNo9ci6n. grate s UB DE B/2 2.50obsaprovisional al la S aoero a oreole todom osni- on t" o ferrtn
PERDIDA m adificio. opular. Demostrac6n. 2 SE VENCE Per motive de iale ur vise a e ret f ue feron scustrados entre abo pa pero
vendo los muebles a preclo He queo- eys obdofebrero de m ilceale d ene eclo- dturte Ia sguera civil griegs," e. puel 8et, t| ado 9-4,
SE ALQUILA--Local amplio y fres- Ponomn me. Un estante de dos espeios. r cuenta y uno. recbr os matplae nsiuao r
PERDIDA:-tCartera, cdula y pape- co para oficina, clinical o escuelo coma dble con olchn una mesa ApL ecr etaria luaie E to. Respuesta: "L acttd de mricanos, qu deben Igar du-
Is im..ol a lo dn ec, n privado. Muy cinirco.t Precio ma- SE ALQUILA u i 4.C w ^27,A m- MariaHelenaCnterns-sa ,apIa.- yU paVnlsobr ert I.a rtme
SI devoelvoa I dreccin di I erado. Llama 2-2443. m ny une mile. Calle 46 No. ",Pto. Panmhn, 1 difebrera do 11.IonocdaLam -2obi Prountee: ruesI".o
cidule seri gratlflcado.UIS8de 10 a.m. a 12 a.m. MARIA HLEA COME. e' blen.-onocida..Mi gobleeo
SE ALQUILA.--Local co amrcal en _SE VENDE:-Refrigerador. Westing- mo ernisra Sereturati cestar akde 6nde Ol -u aeads par uns n. c
calle Chiriqui No. 2.Infonmes-EN ficlone Unides penr Is devol'a- teu rs
SE NECESITA fChqu2948No. 2.2948.nfores e- SE ALQUILA:-Cuorto grande para house,7 pies today porcelono. $100, ior bl c6n de eStos nos a orcua. ltar de los Etadom Unsdo "
i SE N CESITA o 2-2948 2.2948. ij6venes solteras o caballeros solos. Magic chef, 4 fogones. $30. camo t n r HoM e tra- T. ha -d envaa on gpe .d. Greca"?.
rGeneral SE ALQUILA:---Ofc.nos paor Profe'- Ocurra calle 37 No. 6 "'Sal6n Car- double de cabo colch6n Simmons 'Ialie ropero de ellos y uno mayor, de Clen- Respucata: "Todsm ios qu a *
S sionoles y Companias. Bales del men" tefono 3-0713. $30. bicileto de niao cas nuevao, causade l tragedy. Sofia to inunt y trea i, man la pa eben udar a
Alga e Eatre: Hocindose Arzobispodo. Tel6fono 2-0319, de $25, c6modas. camsencilia, coma con pejos ex ores rza Prado de Vila er on vispers de regresar a Ore- preservarla. Roy debemos p.
tU ded lae: Hocendse r oisadm. T 2SE ALQUILA:---Cuarto refrigerado. do nio, table de planchr. him- peranza Prado de Vnialazoers de n e r eeepnro ns e a rs vlam o en l p n
eit.ive .eCedrn 5t ovria H6a- 8.Informes colle H No. 18. telSfono paras v sillas a precio de quema. oUna nocidde onforma de LHod ba. Sore at puMno en- an e- la muant en i p
ii Av Central 56. SE ALQUILA:-Local pao oficin 2-2948. Call 46 No. 27 aprtmento 24.MIIUEBLERIA T 0N too nd de P de o de e p y
GE6 NECESITA O0icln,sta con expe- arrbo del Teatro Central. SE ALQUILA Cuorto en Bella Sta misma mafiana el F- g ava." _____
Sriencio. tene que hpblar Castellano SE ALQUILA: Local propo pora Visto pora uno o dos caballeros. cal instructor tomaba declara- Pro eg unto: "Recenteme-, e,
SIngls. Ocurro Jovera Tabti, Ave S Aofcina depLsto en c olle 3a. No L pae al Tel. 3-2947. Tecmos en ezisteMncia: MUEBLE OANADO cn al seIor M ianuel .o6 Ba- Io dirigents de lo8 pales sa-
Central 137o i5. frenae a Paloceo NaoonI. e rraza, o 3ro hermano de lo i Dro- tedmte de Rush acumaron a Gri-
.E NECESITA -Muchacha d escue.- Ocurra al msmo local o lome SE UaUaLtAn -o sun hios rcabl 4Rt* MUEBLE ENTREOADO" to tas bquen g do que y. ugoelavs de eatarse
Ia no menor de 14 onos por aten- teleon 3- 14.esre No. 51, B.20.00. Inform es Pablo habia falleeildo. Julio A- vecineoS. Qud puede usted dectr
'der ninos. despues de la escuela. ALOUILAN.--aucluhivamente -e. Ave. "A" No 16. r Rmu a dames., banltat y vecino de al respaeto?"
bb darmir in csa Acda Calle rr oficinm locals cmntnico en t.s C Ft CaaZeade. i Uru Villalae, Inform6 que v16 a Reipeasta: "Eto e entera-.-
Carles A. Mendoza No 66. altas d Avenido Central ALQUILA ALAMBRE DE PUAS Pablo cuando apufaleabs a uu mente alse. Tal suasldn ea
precca m/dlicas. Schciten Infoer- 25.00 mensual, pore hombre so- hormana CiI, ontonaes Intent- tn ubteruugo pars-- odar
'Ss permibra-v e nest Lefeyre Na. 32, Parque L.- L ZINC (ALVANIZADO no y as l o ultO de enema, prparsatives militaree en grAs
r_ _aVes fire. C 2 x 6 2 x 8 ntrando en lucha con Pablo cacela que eos otros pelies 5s-
LI. s *r --------- __ex y px8 la posesidn del pa al. Lu- n haendo".
puede tramitar las it- ALUILA:-En Bella Visto. cuar- A charon abrazadoe, raelm ndo Pr nt: "Con ldra ated
aramente el Goblerno i.a- ta tos amuebleodoe., limpos, frescos. de toda clase ALAMBRE DE PUERCO Adames una mordida wao pu- qued la actual ts aitualo n msidear wied
4A. El Gral MacArthur so: No dejequeel diploma deSos desde 8 30 00 mensueles. Ave. d flalada en el braeo. Pablo o- y los staquea del COminfrn
mAgu_, manejando la interpre.a- ;Mexco 69, cerco celle 43. QRAPAS de I pulgada gr6 safarse y entonces s .dib contra Greek y Yugoesiavies
f de todo asunto import a'- hljo so ensucie o se pierda. 6 c o 4R. d pupfaladare a enn el abdomen, -ufccan a pato milYtusr e- av
sh s e deavie de la police La Maebleria EL" DIABLO SE ALQUILA---Cuarto a persona d. ZINC CLAVOS- mur endo instanttnme-,m e.. tre ambor passes"?
Ida. L i C L L buenas costumbres. Calle So. No. d I 5 d Resputa: "MI eonsM -
4, -e Io pondsA en uSan.ndo mareo i i36 e 1 a pUlgadBS 0 s Vilalaz fue operado eats raRquenoW alssol ie-
o alcon sidri aa nr A AnLbaMUU l Anteo do baser mum compram mefina pr ol doctor Parlej* to biateral con Oriote. s qe'u
as, ,lm,,Ame. 1- AveNlDM Centrlral AVISO AL P UBL e opra ini estado no ea de considers- amboa paises son mlembros sde
I Iol- mo. ientraIi AVI0- A PUBLiWO y _~ 8' -lde estos artleuo*s, consulte el6n. y tione varlat herid de la Naclonea Unidsa, qu o a
-idels Guillen. Ahlcia Vi- De conformldad ceoftfl que 2x nuestrec preeio personal- arms blanca en el cuefl. eps de revolver toa W s
tl, Pastora Romero 3de A V S e0tablece el Art. 777 del Cd.- Calibre 6 ment. Beun versilonu. recolida s quon e0 nnateA. ufte. gVS
ii V U I go de comercio, avito al o el lsaar del suceso, a! p m o pero harm Seetqs

10. pt eserrbapfiblico que por medio de la eBistian eraes dioeWenilas Jmnulm w P*
lo rofesores arrba comero y p co n critura P blica No. 32M de otrH I los hermand s Villa pr don
.deberan eAtar en sus Febrero 16 de 1981 de os No- cnsa do ns ho c d e nd reer ta
maflana, para iniciar la- general que ninguna persona taria Segunda del Ciraduto de Ave. Note No. 48 estas versions no ba 4 .. .
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^HBI^^S^SF^^M^M^S11 it q'"SS^'ue Magt Dl e1 futbllat -po -Sr8- -"l motor Gooy Cailafiede nos eatan terminados; el tablero de Int~bolatas de Centreamainaestea
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^^a^^^^^^^^WSKmucho 4xite l1- competeanelas (^> ap so pondran en circula- atras fondos, como suce e agn daete~ de per son. w Chirl ni y la Intendencla de loc6 a la cabeza del torneo por La habllldad que demostrQ '
d I.e eo a nt ana laD i l pr6ximo mi roles fe- etra1 entradao que aparecm Bam n Lu n el present muesimbro e l Campeonato naclonal de golf de Vicenzo s yer I e coloc6 en

H^^B-------^-imAR y Col6n* cha n que ae inaugurart en. parn el deported, maa cuando en Eateel Aate Ss"te tenien a camo sede la Provincia. de Mexico que ofrece premtos icl6n de ser un faerf oeal
^-^ *--- ---^^ T^. A^A.H~t i,..ndesta cluded al V. Camapsonatf el decrete indina que ae lievarA so re3eres a dSSw~ ^ le Chirlqtd* P0or valor de 7.500 d6tarea ano- cante en loa torneos CTI lo g
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De Buenos Aires a Caracas.
capital de Venezuela, vlaj el
duo GALAN CASARES y su Di-
rector Musical, Americo Caggia-
no para amenizar la inaugura-
cl6n de la Gran Feria Expousi-
cidn de Venezuela. Sin lugar a
dudas date aplaudido conjunto
argentino se capta las simpa-
tias de los piblicos mas exis-
tentes por la acertada intergprc-
scion que le imprimen a la
cancidn portefia. La honda e-
mocl6n conque cantan el La:.-
go y el vals peruano dejan un
ecuerdo inborrable en el anin J
de los que tienen la dicha de

artistico n pet t

olrlos. Muy pronto tendrA oca-
si6n PanamA de admirar en
los principles Teatros a .te
espldndldo numero musical Ar-
gentino que viene con el pro-
poasito de refrendar .su cadena
de 6xitoa iniclada en el Pn -
No es el dfo GALAN CASARES
un numero corriente de ei?.
que pasan sin pena ni gloria.
Sus blen impostadas voices y
el 'acoplamlento de que goz5n
para cantar en duo los desta-
ca entire los de su genero. B:en
venido a PANAMA el dfo GA-
LAN CASARES y su Director
Musical Amdrico Caggiano.

Sorprende al Departamento

de Estado la entrega de

Darreni a los chinos rojos

Por Steffan Andrews
iN. A. N. A)

WASHINGTON, Febrero 1F;-
IEPSI El Departamento de
Estado se muestra
por la anunciada entrega r't
Dairen. el mayor pu erto doe
Manchuria, a los comunistas-
chinos por Rusla.
El anunclo de esta enirigc.
fu6 hecho simultaneamente pot
radio en Pekin y Mosct6, scour.
se dice.
Los altos funcionarlos diplo-
S mitLcos aqui no saben sl se t.a-.
. ta de un traspaso "en el po-
pel". simplemente, o de un V-r-
dadero camblo de Jurlsdlcd!on
sobre el gran puerto, que ha
estado en poder de los runs
deade la terminacl6n de la se-
gunda guerra mundial.
31 El hecio puede tener gran
Importancia en relacldn con la
b, gi. ierra de Corea, ya qug el men-
0_ ;4PE1d 0pu1t eti frenta -
-e.. Wla. 0a ado usadc
'.jr:--' m. raO por los r cusesn*
Sme Una de sus prafcipalea ua-
..- ses .naylea y mllitares en Aila.
La radio de Mosc6a anuzel6
k quo Ruala babia eptregado Is
ciudad y tAs instalaciones par-
W tuartas de Dalren al goblernon
comuniats chino, unto con die-
S cisla plants y veintid6s enor-
m- es bodegas.
El anunclb ruso decia quo
. estas propiedades, valoradas en
.- les de millones de d6lar-s
-: taban s e n d o transferida
S "gratuitamente" a la republica
popular china. de conformi;pd
con los tirminos del tratado de
amistad ruso-chino de 14 de.
Sfebrero dp 1950.
P-- El Ignilficativo principal de
S ets eritrega es que ella mar-
carla la primer devoluclor. de
territorio hecha por los niju)o
S el control absolute de Daulcn
Aunque la cludad misma iba
a ser devuelta a China, los
rusos hban mantenldo su .:on-
trol sobre ella y Dalren nu..cka
lleg6 .a, ser un Puerto libre c.-
S moe e Intentaba.
CObnrolando Dairen y poj.e-
rendo Puerto Arturo, que ej
una poderosa base naval. los
rusoc dominaban a today M:.n-

A la gente joven, a pesar de sue
Ideas modernas, les agradan los
plates preparados de un modo
tradielonal. El otro dia mis
doa nietecitos vinleron a comer
y lea aervi sops de polio.
AbUflita. eata sops eata sabro-
bWnim -me dijo Juanita-.; Ya
Squitersa yo cocinar como tu al-
fet dia!
Me sent halagada. pero la ver-
a d ants todo.
Us -muy mancillo, Juanita- le
-pd-. Eat s Sops de
:.1 Cunpbell's. Y como td
d twU 6 abroxitma porque
mlpbIs'a la prepara con cal-
f d X OU--jugosoM polllo co-
a fusgo lento- arroz
ianistemo comeo ves,

64uso labl tomado Ia
ea peuHto sin dec una
axlanm6 de profitS:-
Ui A mM anbu a

Los funclonarios del Depar-
Lamento de Estado creen que
los rusos no se mostrarian Lan
dispuestos a devolver Dairea a
China si no hubiera algo inas
detras de bastidores.
Al respect se sefiala que lo,
anunclos ruso-chinos no nme:-
clonan el retire de las auLor.--
dades portuarlas rusas de DAi-
ren, ni del destacamento na-
val sovidtico estaclonado
Tales anuncios se limitawon
casl exclusivamente a dar de-
talles sobre el valor de las pro-
pledades que cambiaban de
manos con la transferencia. Lc:
rusos se refilleron a ellas cowro
"pertenecientes anteriormenLe a
los Japoneses".
AdemAs de las instalaclones
de Dalren, Joe nus han det-
vuelto a. M chinos veintlana
fAbricas de Manchuria que .e
llor afirman haber quitado "
los Japoneses.
La radio de Mosct describi6
tales fabricas como una de ce-
mento, una refineria de az6-
car, various molinos,*varias plan-
tas no terminadas y diver.oas
talleres industrials.

'Hora de Violencia'
es el gran drama
que pasar6 el Lux

Las bom .... .. at.....

para ganar rpi

Eu los experiments qee se

hacen en Nevada estudian o8
- *1 1

SpoiDies uses

Por John
(N. A.
KANSAS. pITY. febrero 17.
(EPS) Hay muchos indicios,
de fuentes muy variadas, be
qua se estan perfecclonando cn
los Estados Unidos armas sta-
micas -aparte de la bomba-
prtcticas, parsa ser usadas 1c-
lativamente pronto. Pero tanto
los lideres como el publico is-
tan alejandose de la idea de
quO las bombas at6micas son
proyectiles mAgicos que perntl-
tirian librar una guerra muy
corta y victoriosa.
La ultima noticia procede de
la oficina de Gordon Dean; pre-
sidente de la Comialon de Saer-
gia At6mica de los Estados U-
nidos, quien dice quae el uo
de la bomba at6milca" en rc.a-
cidn con las pruebas que se es-
tan realizando en Nevada no
es realmente exacto y que mas
bief debe hablarse de "detoia-
clones nucleares".
Al mismo lempo se dijo que
esas pruebas eran explosioaas
atomicas en pequefia escala con
el fin de probar sla utilidad utl-
litar de clertas armas, como
proyectiles gulados o de arttile-
ria. con cargas at6micas.
Otra fuerte de informaci6n
important as el articulo puz.1-
cado en la revista "Colliers" del
3 de los corrientes por David
Lilienthal, ex-presidente de '
Comisl6n de Energia At6mlica
qulen sefialando que la guerra
de Corea ha destruido la ilu-
sl6n de qua los norteamericanres
Lienen una arma que lea per.iAi-
tiria evitar una guerra o t..r-
minarla muy rapldamente, a-
"La posesl6n de ]a bomba a-
t6mica hizo que los norteanid,
ricanos prestaran ningunsa
poca atencl6n a la cuesti6n de
una guerra pequefta o limitada-
Por ejemplo, se ha hecho case
omiso de la poslbilidad de u-
tilizar esa misma arms para
las funclones sefialadas hoy a
la artllnerla, o pars apoyar u-
na ofensiva terrestre o para
destruir clertos objetivos en
particular, tales comO coen LI
ferroviarios. campos petroleros,
puertoa, etc".
La eferencia de Lilienthal
enfoca ia poslbilidad de quae I
material atdmico actualmente
en experimentaci6n sea utiliza-
do como un arms de campana
o para destruir ciudades o fur-
tificaciones enemigas. Ella ha ie
que personas blen Informadas
crean que los Estades Unidos ya
diaponen de ahnas at6mlcas, a-
parte de la bomb, lists pars
ser empleadas Inmediatameate.
Pero, como Indicamos arriba,
el pueblo esta perdiendo rail-
damene la convicci6n de el Tio

La pelicula que quizAs gus- cha. por lo Interesante de su
tara mis, entire todas las pre- terns. por sus actuaciones y por
senladas por el Teatro Lux en el dinero llevado a las taqul-
sus exitosas funciones de sa- las.
bado a Medlanoche. es "Hora de "Hora de Violencla" es el
Violencla" (Dial 1119). que se drama de ocho personas atra-
exhibe maftana en dicho tea- padas en un bar por un ase-
tro a las 11:00 p.m. sino picop&tlco.
"Hora de Violencla" es lo Sin duda alguna. eats esco-
que en Estados Unidos han lie- gencia del Teatro Lux para su
mado un "sleeper". o sea, una Funcidn de Medlanoche de ma-
pelicula que hecha sin muchas flana, encontr ar la mis ja-
pretensiones ha resultado ser I vorable reaccion por part del
un&. sorpresa por lo bien he- publlco.

"Una maravillosa interpretaci6n de la cubierta
torment que habitat en el almo humana"
New York Times


Michele Morgan; La Mejor Actriz Internaclonal. -
VVC[ -- -- T -VA"-

En a seSi
col tke



-.-" ... i .
'- -- .


de esta anMa

N. A.)
Sam puede destruir en un ld-
nutb a su mAs poderoso enealt-
go. El. mtImo Lilienthal dice:
"La idea de absolute set rI-
dad respaldada pot la bonabs
at6mica .ya no tiene el apayo
del pals. Boy, por primer sez,
puede ser vista en perspective
Is bomb at6mica. Nuestro po-
gramas de armamentos p u ede e
seg~li dearrollandose con buen
hxito unicamente el tenemos
eto ea. mente, sin vivir confla-
dos en ia f6rmula magica ba-
sada en la bombs at6mica, que
estorbaria tal program.
',flr o debemos equivocar-
nos il' usainarnos pot la bom-
ba de hidr6geno. Tal arms no
exite y no sabemos con a.:i-
auta certeza vi va a ext tir
Tampo0o debemos career que as
un arms barata, qua permit;ria
llbrar tina guerra barata tarm-
bldr. En realidad, no hay gue-
rras baratas".
Ot evidencia de que el pen-
samilenuto bobre armas atlOmilas
no ea eastAtico la isuminlstra WI-
111am L. Laurence en su lloro
"la bombs del inflerno". quc
trata de la bomb de hidroge-
no. Tal bombs, dice, deblra
usarse no para destruir cludea-
des y centros de produccl6n, el-
no ejircitos en el campo de ba-
talla; paro se ha hecho axJo-
matico penwar que estas borm-
bas, como la at6mica, deben
emplearse pars atacar las gran-
des cludades. Pere career que r-
na tercera guerra mundial se-
ria semejante a la segunda ce-
ria cometer el error de los fran-
ceaea, cuando pensaron que la
segunda seria parecida a la
Todo esto es parsa decir qua
en los experlmentos de Neva-
da se estan examinando todos
los possible usoe de las armas
at6micas, tomando en cuenta
qua una nueva guerra no podria
ser ganada en pocos minutes
con las bombast aot6icas es su-
ficlente para herlr mortalmnn-
to a Ruala, si estA
otro conflIcto. 81 va & hacci
o no, por supuesto, IV s &go
s6lo A hombred del K r e m lin

Aire Aeoistelonado
La peHcula mAs interesante
del ao! Todo ea verdad y
sensaclonal l
(711 Ocean Drive)
con Edmond OtBrien

M-G-M presents aun drama
nuevo, distinto y audaul

"LA HORA de la

.-. .... I..t..r

. ... -.. -
ie *^^w -";


3:30 Acordes portefloa
3:45 Carrara
4:00 Ritmos de Lecuona
4:15 Carrer ,
4:30 PanbOlto Ft
4:45, Carera
5:00 Val ef
5:15 Carrera
5:30 Ritmoas bal.tblu
6:30 Cbctel musical
7:00 Preg ntai y rMpuestas
7:30 La Orquesta kd Roy
7:30 El Radio Parteico
7:45 Fred Wlrning
8:00 Mtsias vatr a
8:30 Melodias porttes '
8:45 Mdoilea de slempre
9:00 La Maipa Bissca
Dramntb NLB.C.



Seltcclones de ola Zarzue-

Musica popular
Canclonerbo nocturnal
Buenas noches




8:00 Buenau Dip4
8:03 Melodias matinales
8:30 vioees"
8:45 Btampa mexicanasf
9:15 MIDM D= an
9:30 Conelerto .matUtino '
10:00 Canutanero de la maflana
10:30 MIaies vaada
11:00 Sorteo de H 07
Aoteria Naalonal
11:15 Mfsca tipla
11:30 Ritmoas del moment
12:00 Ortlz Tirado y Tofla
la Nera.
12:30 Msicas do sal6n
12:50 La Fiesta HipicBa doe Bo
1:00 Boleros favorites
1:15 Carrera
1:30 Espagolerias
1:45 Ca&rTera
2:00 Melodias enezolanas
2:15 Carrera
2:30 Acordes portepos
2:45 Carrera
3:00 Dellicas tropicales
3:15 Carrep.

L A9

:I 'as Its -Y'l
t.'..w'x.i. u m q.c -fla9$ '

'. ..., ,


p'U e i tdo adme 6. .. a
.. i pnote' n de la plolels.
Aft ,i J .im. -. -
* ~-ig-.e-il

Buen Whisky 9scoces


, ,
ow~i,*l '-boat^,flJl .^lfll




Comete Ud. el error de tenqrlos
ignorantes, pars conservart s
inocencial... Prepareloa pars la
v4da de casadosl...



HUaS lencers Sa au )o a -
bridndole los ojos baida los
abismos sexuales ... Evfteles
fracasos dolorosos que arr.u
naran sus vidas fururas! .





por un Condcalosl... Vdnsalosl
extraho YIs reveladln ate sen.
criminal! sealaal en su vidal.,
S-eh quo pegarAn m
-con su honw oan
Marshal Thepnm- Viripals an k mteiMp.
Fld Andre a La Lem
Am"D Sote & U..

*s mAs. grsae -
"h* *n*m$ U

."V en.A
Mi Amor"
(New a Dull
ff~lnudn aij

fa. followw a mbu uM u alra
.0108 haS. ledabutse ceeudalm
"31(006 ,33CflOU


.e., n a uruda
m ilnA a=0mIa
flumada sice dn
arutiunol '.


Yvonne d Carlo Riad
Grme, a
Adaml -
Audle Murphy Gale Stea, -

Ram6n Armeagd. n
* Adim-
Mapy Comft n


"'L iMOA NO 20
BNEtw, *O *

-- -dn -



"ELa. m_ ..,_
I.- --p .
-Te 7*3053 -
5 TIue ac Ripwh r p

S lu V J[G J '4


S.: '
:;" :,". .-' -- i ,. p., ., .; .. : ,.. *. o A o.

S Panameicna


i T *





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