The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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ro m To Euro

4tIng Mo-nt^r Sees Taf FsU AchesonSa
.! .... forn Cha. o ah Uihmus R on aays e

'_"_ 4 the o AirPowerWiI
_'___. -Wowen l b audience, OWVbrpe
.' :-' ,' m "1" ." l eri labe ag" Ie -l "t-'d by lider Luctan I V i T /

,of, -. ro, what the A- su WASHINGTON, Feb. 16 (UP). -.Sretary of Sh '

narns e e r of o tSSembly I S onml b r a n"^ Dean Acheson today urged the United States to rush
the2 OS you ar I rUnd troops to Europe "ow" to prevent war or a
Sc r e. olds F al H. Allied victory if war co
Sa a the h ve be h' "*to troop. to pe one Congress B.ore the Senate Foreign Relation oald Aramed I
mass pu, to the statement of ti.ani befor h.eM actedo vices Committees Aches.n aserted that sir ald see
*l thdre field oh-ey- are eona But heldMr. should alone can not deter Communist aggression in E
tBf =nf T^l uence t7e a- -. tlde fse cr submit ff chapel, tere bd. [ M He added:
,,------- ,. te to g 8daribben anai wri Hele If aclia I were built, he ad National Assembly cation any Interat lua He added
t7a a hn -,nama BonaS f a cldstit. fr h..s o h ISt Wain sesoo tb o cm ofaSo r Nor can they by themselves assure victo 1n gW
men and women of the MJno the Pr t term today-for 29 troop. ate and
--u ly' ent o failth who re n thAe rvl N.mAacusortng which three i-Eu w ill "fp. Acheson emphasized that no
...^ I 3in w.faMv5 *-e, here, tender ato nora wee apoved. He said he may testify on the other action would be as effee-
VSl L G ^n .n imA-American Whethr th legislative body troop lSu.A before two senate tive as sending ground forces.
ntn o- A o h i uelred hm woul be a meet had re- committee. He uread Cong eS and al other
feln d j.. lr Bow- aon o the by- support the admnlstraton'
of. wspr staye Elas muc imftie waleed out i:n .M f5 K"troops for Europe" policy. m ft r
adesid b *ics fme -,, e M I d.on by the -r"i He a added that such uniie d
p evidences tof the pI o tceu- d snnuo n t o to d eshp r _h
j .- fa 1! T'ittlltlllllllll # ,. tuwem adohM tvof the Itt ,lsla an. ryintian-a- I.-a U.Wi. 1l....wes1,rn n' uropean dmoral -* .u a xAn
the "sparA of leadership" which
i m hlls t i auioe let, 0 am.nw n urgently need.
Mm JIwish Welfar aeeimenio,.amo them. an Ind- GOrgas Ettal after .an ltdn Acheson did not mention a-y e
"a- la _oa~ra mon_ 'Ronad, t t nawl O .. 0gan a of ser months. Death was troop finte. But Defese S -
at i n r te tlon venting oty Unit-ca sed o r. a cretary Marshall said Thn
tc^ture of the Ze iSns towad spiritual ed Naton measures. al tcon n I hasi te to the Unlted States plans to nd
the o"'eni ie an o ,,,,- 'o t__ te_ goet Ot 1s to, four diveliot.. In addition o _
eeowithe'a two now In Europe.
So ree o ya s uni Acheson soffed at proa Mea
Cie 0fes. largrent of changes wPan- advanscd by herbert over
The d e"b edO- C Wanal. Thesoan year ae and other that the United dut
So h Pana sphere through ir a -
Si, oUI td In re-. the 's e order f diS- candles. power. He aid troops mut be e
o2 2 gio lii again o b lead-regarded to di at ritln dispatched to EuropE without Hte anwl
.de aa of the Canal.*" l I.flt that the most hm. disapproving an oan A activee of Dedham, Mass, delay. He emphasized: Tripann. o
o..the oaRl woeue he was born min l, he "Our Allies are i their.
eKo1s1*aident sf det Jg asw tical olln contribut--n i now. Whatever tax
n1m a nstion .7 ,. aor tHeo Fi ava,, rit months In 19r he wa ks aWe mrny following
Ss tl officer on the B inland Iwd the poist our country has taxe be boosted to. east,
tWO-ts of Thid v oalteo w areqed L a 1918 riak pf all is that we miigt once President's proposed $.400
f., ,B91n|N^ "0* I ---- afIIprope_ 'nd91 the prool and twoen ords unt.l a t1924 he sailed again hear the bitter refrain Increases.
? 18 w'lnr. commerce of er asem lacking aoS quorum, then Bglnd. For several months n Iy to remedy the mistake. corporation taxes should l
Notnge dUsd ndn for the PannMtedr.- ol b atitoon. We s carry for-ahowvr
a1 th e ador ne Tho 1924 he wu assistant marine su- "We are now de In a priod

dig n eaoing anti-wentbacktos eeaagainHnbof th e etire wordare founde. a
Slf t l nf ranting special powet to the He came to the Canal Zone in no greater contribution to the r;e..... Hai
e she emergency. Ac 5 sps o p tr ent thes ereun
EdO iN tl Warns P ons _i *n sbhen U
Commissaries will pay r iner- hr ltbbtiunait transit In Oct. the cus of acio n hi reas n a been rbqIn

Otterstromnishis wile, a resident os Balboa The Se&cr a e m equitable types of taxation.
wted thea1eaih Heights and three daulhte tr hes: mh tdne "... tabhemaanner
0ou41e ds td at Wh or tIueI-M Is a- rr. inwihtr Mrs Douglas icks of Mchin, and sie of the U. coni- aloa Ti
th e ma to BloomsburgPa. ad Vir a s directly related to pe's 12:07 am. 11.3 ft. 6:32 am.
0 as Ing In gnoney fo ucae.leet h ere thte bdd to ttwo one Uv Tsree 3-1's oftheiFgrst

aYugoslavia Seen Ready To Invade.
Sste d purchase autlity must also a sa choner Oloria no tour days A .i .
e Nor p ree n to tlhe case a h p- overdue into San Andree Ud r 1 n | Ir

iM=5 c"ish "i o the ,ea.h K y's TiMte firs "'s y8 Al IDania Ir A attacked By Soviets *
^In their effortA bortth Taebtaln Albrlane offir 1
fielddtt 11,a1116,
willlMB.diledownlr a1earch.- there flittle doubt Yuosblaviea Another factor which han led From these bases fst Un'.

Sk l ? lunch the apprre amunt e Shits was *ii would occupy Albania If it is as- officials here to ponder the pos- States lanes capable ofarvlU
[mhsihl alown on the a tori.ty today af- Docking at Colon at nooa today, talked by Soviet or satellite sibilll of a satellite attack on atomplc ombscoul4 within a
gmsde4 h which Is e No money if be i for t ahe tr d e wity an however, was the coastal boat trop Y via the campaign of few hours reach any area

.a i M cash pOurchase ca r o will ', tE. n- Merit Wells. whose master I cer- It is said this may be one way biter denunciation carried on of the Mediterranea ad.
I .s .* d- Oonly the p .Uthcihty to Pa 3sh Corte u tane that he sighted the miing to discourage the Invasion of Yu- against the Yugoslavia b the ra- devastation to Communist
Pet" e---- u'Ktives rig:" 'Arb "L Ian moral e&V

inte. The purchase carts d fond t n- formation Is being obtained from a matter of increasing con- satellites, ties.
hesitt, hm to ers r b s to the location whih he or to office s here. Added to these points ae Some offialre think

gag the-approp am ont Will be a note asked dres las t Sat=urday saying 17 hasze Secretary of tate gary and Rumania have received Itate longer before ath
l eo puncthed on thoe t do warned. Se peners antd ce. be wa e- Dan Acheson. He has given an an increasing number of Soviet satellite agress than

e ported missing w t had not plied warning that the United special n and of Soviet arms, the in se o
n. .e e tr.e Tohemanl edte .g A wen of areoon n ost WASeIe N o n to were invaded, production has increased. e b
'pbheun the r IVjO. 4 e". f o -nifFllmhtsased Hee did tht b saying the Untt- Indation that these gns of Authoritatie mt wu

"i ii ha g.wB. the gCaribbean ifar ove -n ed States' reach ton to aggression possible armed a sn are said 'ThIeste will bo the
Ees U at :gr to hours yesterday aftmoch wS.. eould be seen in Korea. viewed soberly by tain as well ter to funnel military
Io fine a ao.fh ecay oa V out results Observers took this to mean he as the United States laen n the Yugoslavia t
B. m I. N on l was trying toa warn the UoB..R. known fact that experts of these Yugoanlas are mnattacke
ane par 0ularly its satellites to oernment Is have been in Thee sources said that

tij^ mi..., B #i n lbO~a AlimOny Een earlier, Acheson had to sive f and w oslavia ls dthat plans wlv
,-, ph ;twlr:. Merit Wells. whose master Is oar- It said thk y oe onei wy~ br aenuneatton aarrseo ic

M M reP d bown concern about military ac-a a attacked. aped a toh e
-ool a oi Aoday wa b Iv-ty aiiIn the Rssilan sat ohel- h o hoawoer. Anglo-Amerdia ot ype o areswh ncludInll
V1e1 111rgley AUEGAN a1, Canal. 7 %%ts an o t the esn endudoTaggi

h hormtison s bein s h ed thaatesn Vcn atr e4l 'oblem of what Tgeal
-pt hted the lori, United 8ates neeraor mor o repo t the t&oud of retamlo Ia ..
ke hes- Mrs __ hI bO S the terms Mshl sand when an ftratld em
SToma. pd men t bd not Implied wonl that the Unk p clurred andra- staff offrs rmso,
faroffpowerw.ereHersaib were
_110 dispatched toEuro-rwithout Id.n rop M uol
QW do. th'i" "ob fithe Canal." m. pthe Caribben an On na e trter' reaction to aDedmon Wa ..dea.u.He e. mn mreg.
hr "l 1,-. td a rWB houri yuerdayr idlmoo ~Lfsla- oould be hen in Kore IM. h "elu AMOS are buldrman tu wel er mo -
out ruutth. Ob-1ri tthe this to mert he S, tic punlu d 8thu e f a een r the g Yreates ON

*U")--Tse 191tto n arn the risk of _llIs. that we conce Ps ol. .
Canal Zon"4t w b ts waked oumt ofthe chaube e f

S -. ".

n .MeMedft any advance ttoas
another deterrent the0
g Incation from T7
Ahe M statement that that
he would react as noIn
t id a aggression AISm a
^ eoaseeta the lpaets s

p *


_ _____


'., 4

~_ ~

... .. ,-.. .: ; .- ...... .- _
- -+ *.''. '"- .*. .* -

..i.i IC .-I, ... ..

si Fr...ght-Shipsd -- es-
:. t


New Orlean Freight Service


.ta. Le B .. ............................ .. .. eb.
Flader Knot .............................. Mar
L.. evers .Bend ...............................March
SHandU.l Beurierated Chied
and General CartE
tew York Freitht Service Critbal

L.S. Cape Avinof ................................FMb. i
8.8. Cape Cod ...................................Felt.
68.8. Cape Cumberland ..........................Mar. 4
*8.$ Cape Ann ..................................Mar. 11
Havana Freight Service
Sailings Weekly from Havana to Crist6bal

'Weekly salag" to New Work, Los Angeles sand Seattle
SOelmadonai sallings to New Orleans and Mobile.
s steamers In this service are limited to twelve pasegenrs
reqaent tSallings Irom Cristtbal to
West Coast of Central America

Crlst6bal 2121

I Shipping, &
.ee officials of Pan Amnerl-
Airlines are due here next
.' U to spend several days on
A vin are: Frank Powers.
iI director of PAA's Latin
division; Edmund Bre-
Latin American pivisilon as-
istantt auditor and William Ra-
VI n finance director for the di-

I f of Lamber
7th a large load of lumber
S0a n tons of general cargo,
; 1 ;adT Frester is due Sun-
defg ght In Balboa from the
nited States West Coast. She is
r JIng 700,000 board feet of
1 fler. This is consigned both
to0 anama City and the Panama
Casil. In addition she will dii-
eae the large load of general
.i Forester will dock in Bal-

2Tur Parties
Two small tour parties are due
here Monday aboard the Grace
n Lt' Santa Maria. arriving from
t* South American West Coast
Ea route to New York.
One party is conducted by Jo-
L Chacon. vice president of the
House of Travel,Inc., of New
a kt; the other has a conductor
Houston Compton of the Amerl-
ema Express Company of New
Tork. The advance passenger list
of the ship did not show ho!
many were in each party.
S Disembarking here Is Col. Tom
S toughton. U.S. military attache
at Montevideo. He Is accompan-
led by his wife and their four lit-
(te daughters.
SGrace President
Peter Grace, young president
Of Grace and Co., was a visitor
Hamre briefly today. Accompanied
by hi secretary, he was a passen-
ge on Panagrfa's El Interamerl-
meo from Miami to Santiago,

- Panama 24.2804 Col6n 20

frLine News
Baker's Tour
Oscar Kuenne, of Omaha, Ne-
braska. head of a large bakery
concern, is spending several days
on the Isthmus studying the local
bakery situation.
With Mrs. Kuenne, he arrived
Wednesday via Braniff from
Kansas City to spend several
They are on a tour of Latin
America and will go from Here to
Lima. On their trip Kuenne is
watching bakery methods In the
countries he will visit.
So, if someday a Panamanian
finds "sops boracha" or an em-
panada for sale in Omaha, he will
know how it got there.

Cameron Back
Donald Cameron, manager for
BOAC in Panama and Central
America. returned late yesterday
from a short trip to Bogota and


Marriage Licensea
BLANKENHIP, Robert R., 25,
of Fort Clayton, formerly of
Nashville,,Tenn., to WONG, Rosa
Maria, 21, of Panaml.
LEON, Jesus Alexander. 23, of
Fort Kobbe, formerly of Phila-
delphia, Pa., to RUBIO, Anna Ma-
ria 233, also of Philadelphia.
WOZNIAK, Edmund, 21, of Pa-
nama City. formerly of Milwau-
kee, WIsc., to VARGAS, Maria Es-
ther, 21, of Alajuela, Costa Rica.
REECE, Mr. and Mrs. Gran-
viUe, of Colon, twin girls, Feb. 13,
Colon Hospital.
NEWELL, Mr. and Mrs. Jasline
B., of Silver City, daughter, Feb.
13. Colon Hospital.
JAMES, Dr. and Mrs. Richard
T., of Ancon, son, Feb. 14, Oorgas
Hospital. I
ISAAC. Georgiana, 61, of Silver
City, Feb. 13, Colon Hospital.


for a quick

After *flu or other illne PHOSFPRINXE
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the ptite, proidin the gentle mtnulue to
Ige Vis thigs goin gin. So reaponeiw ii the
Sbody to to help of PHOSPhRIIE that
mprovmnm may be looked oe smont
Im, medsely--endevry day wibrir iMsof
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e... at velvety maao,
mrb lihtnes and ad avor
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paMka eand joya ral fati

-*i^,' + .


Russell Stromberg

Assigned to Duty

In Seaftle, Wash.
' When Russell E. Stromberg,
formerly employed as Wire Com-
munications Engineer by the
Public Works Department. 15th
Naval District. was transferred to
the District Public Works Office,
13th Naval District, Seqattle,
Washington, he terminated a
nine-year stay In the Canal
Mr. and Mrs. Stromberg depart-
ed for the United States last Fri-
day aboard the 88 Ancon. They
will visit with his parents in Sta-
ten Island, New York for ond
week after which they plan to
drive via Los Angeles to Seattle.
He came to the Canal Zone in
1942 as a Pan-Canal employee and
worked with that organization
for four years, after which he ac-
cepted employment with the
Public Works Department of the
15th Naval District.
Mr. Stromberg is scheduled to
report to work In Seattle by Mar.
1, according to Headquarters 15th
Naval District.

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3:30--Musie for Priday
4:0-Mmuslo Without Words -
4:t1-David Rose qhow
4:30-What's Your Favorite
5:3S-What' You: Favorite
S1..-Evenini Salon
7:00-TUNE- (El Agulla)
.7:45-Here Come. Louis Jordan
(VOA) -v V
8:45-Spprts Wage USA (VOA)
9:00-Cavalcape of America
9:30-All StaN Concert Hall
9:45-Americ Sings
10:00-World of Music
10:30-American Favorites
10:48-Jimmy Doreaj
11:00-The Owl's Nest
1:00 a.m.-Slgn Off
Tomorrow, Saturday, Feb. 17
6:00-i8gn On
6:00-Alarm Clock Club
7:30-Jazz Salon
8:15-NEWS (VDA)
8:30-Morning Varieties
8:45-The Dukq Steps Out
9:00-NBWS w
9:15-To Be Antmunced
9:30-As I See It
10:05-Off the Record
1l:05-Off the Record
11:30-Meet the Band
12:05-NEW TUNE TD3
12:30-Popular Music
1; 15-Personality Parade
1:45-Three Suns
2:00-Bob Eberly and John Oart
2:15-It's Time to Dance
2:30-Afternoon Melodies
2:45-Battle of the Banda
3:00-Organ Reveries
3:15--The Little Show
3:30-Bebop Bash
4:00--Music for Saturday
4:30-What's Your favorite
6:15-LONDON ffrr
6:45-American Folk Songs
7:45-Jam Session
8:I5-In the Sport Light (VOA)
8:30-Platter Parade ,
8:45-Radio Amateurs
9: 30-Al-Star Concert Hall
9:45-Fred Waring -
10:30-American Favorites
10:45-Date for Dancing
11:00-The Owl's Nest
1:00 a.m.-ign Off
Oxplanatop adf Se mbol
VOA-Voice of AmericaE
BBC-British Broadcast I ii
areno Meloearo ft t
1920 and came hae t i
year and a half 1 %
e was a cagetwi"t
year and a half hw
man. After thaa
1000 houses In

_- IW.. .

Grefian Juliet I

Was Forced int
0 a-
CAO EA, Crete, Feb. 16, (UP --"
The two young lovers who nearly h
plunged Crete into civil war de
nied yesterday that their ro- it
mance started in a pre-marital wq
honeymoon on a pine needle bed IM
In a cave on Mt. Ida. f;
Twirling his luxuriant mu- fra
teaches, Costas Kefaloghianos ad-i I
mitted In court here that he kid- 11
naped utiful Tasoula Petra
kgtogiP and took her to the cave
on the fabled playground of the
ancient Greek gods. lea
But he denied passionately that T
he raped her In the presence of i
armed men of his mountain
band, as her states charged. He 0
lIved her too much, he said, and- rI
besides she had a stomach achie, "
There just sang love songs in the dA
moonlight, he protested, until cav
they wete married. tra
Tasoula, 111 of influenza Inn "
Athens and awaiting a baby- moc
agreed-with Costas. woe
Tassoula asked LUat the Kefal- nig]
oghmianos ahd Petrakogeorgi ta- ble.
miles, who.,threatened to engulf Ilo
the island in civil war over the to
romance, let them alone. I
"I am Costas' wife and I love Tam
him and there is no sense trying pos
to sepaarte us," she said. antd
Costas took the stand In hbe pril
own defense In the courtroom T
here. He said he fell in love with stoa


Wtre as usual. in ede-
_-t,,tdc*lded to abduct
I V X Tassoula she
S y," Costaa eaOd,
Smon me in the
rft tIoe" Mt. Ida in a
ne an o deep with its en-
flnce amooaEed with leaves.
We I Saive songs In the
on6 I promlaed Tassoula I
*-L not touch her. The next
h-t l got stomach trou-
. W ONws y to death because
t. and did not want her
nsp ed' .by the love songs,
souls analf made the pro-
dl of manage, Costas said,
I they were married by a
4t. *
'a-uous confirming Costas'
y at-the apartment of his sta-
in Athe.n maid they were too
eh 6ao i0 think about rape.
a iat bie had ent a sworn
itente to the court here deny-
that Coot forcibly took her
he ptath who married them.

'our community Station

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3. --.,
4, "'..

. .'-. -- -'' ..".-*f --' ..
"'' l y : T .. -
-; "- ". "" ". '* 1,"

mu.. **- --- w a u o1Ia 'iz* .'-


".+' ]-- "*': "A'--
- A .-..
' -.-- **;. ^. .

g ;i;.# :. .4?
:. ... o +:x, : I
ell i"ta k w'"'.:',.T : .",.:-+.. .. .:".-' .. .,-


7 .'

:F 4. 3.




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-& 4 4
- .4.

meomar or
* made a- w

[*," .
'^I&' JlM



** ... ..' :lW < &

I 91

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.< .

----Hi--I *'

- IT

4 "

-a. 4-. .

.94 Snua lion

t UE,
the great NEW
'I 4 4.

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-. .. -.4 4* ,.4"



', "-*

1 ,

r. w


*. ..*

m a n




*'-:.. -* &

,::.. ;, .. ..
" *: -. *a t ; -:.. ..

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GO.-Out hor they appear to be talet the Li
l baseball White House selroisly, ani it is ei
efa Is based on something more substantial thaI
ali.len inspiration. It isn't as If someone Jut ha]

-. j'ijbl.nk him. Tbe Ohio Governor has backing of a sort, at b(o-offie.
4iekor at a record Wi ."
SAn unidentified Washngton politico Is quoted as saying he's all of the 1I'tils .
I t i to bet his house and lot that the 55-year-old wire-haired vane ticket e a
i named to replace the unhappy Happy Chandler when Almost all of e 1
-owners o to she polls.asain in Miami next nth. And port advance tales us It I L .
Mt gley, owner o the local Cubae, req ted that better than last m '
wr under consideration. ..."So are four or five others," it. LoUs arde ad. .
M Sad W. Braves repo lower wig-t
sale. .. '*
I (se to, ate I was unable to get in touch with Wil har- The Cevalnid m Indans a I" .

PO ial5 eadeatio Of course, he would have professed to be to- at this time, the Cleveland
r U lu n ed on the matter, as is his custom, but there is no vapoe was $800,000.
j te g ell who reveals so little with so much charm. Ticket Director Pete ofH
k anda worst bwto s Itrity tas ever orsays the rNew Y ori Giants ae
7a attitude largely explains why ills long administration running ahead of 1950. Hot a.
i n so pl asantly free of strife. Long ago, as secretary to estimates l 00,000 will be ad
*IJohson, ery founder of the league, Harride learned th elected before the end of eb '
A deu't want to- be told what to do. yver since bhi ruary. The Chicago White a t
ato been: ."Dent'make anybody mad." Had Chandler been far ahead of their all-time ad-
S af rt he wouldn't be up to his ears in turmoil now. vane. The White Box are over
l club owner really getting ready to -hand over the the 10,00 mark. Last P .i-
S l' office to apoteUr po itician? You'd think they $1,00 had e the
better by mow wouldn't pou? Still, be..Th club own- h'e hih-wlateri. r .4
109a they never wl learn. I Co not mean thiu. slap The Piladelha clubs th
L h. In his field he is no doubt outstanding-but his fe 4Phls and A' -- report d fvac
M-eutally ) politics. That's how he happened to get where he is. sles at new highs. Dtro it's 0 ringin
thousand-dollars tops its record s-t ire h
320.thousand of last year. The t~he Gree
WHY ANOTHER POLITICIAN Tt. Louis Bro ns report 00s1 V n r
I would have to doubt-that any important bloc in baseball is e and Chicago Cub report a
-ps him. He's practically an overnight starter. His hat rise in advance sales over last l Air -ore,-
Semse spinning into the ring until last week end. It Is re- year. Army been work-
Sral circles where he fr Influential. to reach the1 947 record.* Pitts- pa b 1* )
| .tn thal t the first news of his candidacy came from Ohio pollw. Drooklyn expects the advance ........ ;g S-! taum trea -
Hi qualifications? Well, among other things he played bush thoupands-dollars, exceptionally r D.e ent
ligue baseball--a circumstance w hch might caloeivably endear high for a cellar club. The o- fs a. a the I Reas W S t .
i' to Del Webb, the part Yankee owner who s leading th e ton Red Box and New York Yan- held o al of Feb. 23M Fralnk WlU b4 s a i T .- t th .
.ht against Chandler-and was, known as the "Terror"in the kees saysales are good. shbo putters the meet. de w 'M
northernn Leagues." Just how the young man achieved this awe- The Washington Senators do d d .. .
apane appellation his supporters unfortunately do not state. not sell advance tickets, but say rr a Fr i
they will start doing so next Sat"0uurday' Pro, 0 ue eir -... .
SBaseball s the only big business in the country which seeks year. winS t lift oth- i ,
S ltaide leadership. There may have been some excuse- when old The Braves' figures are 'off t a w th the r
Judge Landis was fetched off the federal bench In this city 30 20-per-cent from last year and -l- A. enter
aek Bx scandal, the worst blow to tsIntegrity I t ..has ever cord. The Cardinals report sales tila f. 'l4-" N yat ve-- .4 I-p i. A can :.
S entered. A flamboyant fan and a headline-dffl Jurist, Landis "o ff ust a little." P.? -oel Cles- l r 125 5
'was brought in as a front, and, because panic prevailed, given Signed contracts still are Fwl~t Rae of the Doubles 116im Tip NOT.-fu
extraordinary powers. reching Major League clubs l--Do-talno OE 11 mp: lClx
As it turned out, at about this time a young moon-faced with the St. Louis Brown's;. 3-TapIn 1r C. sla 11 las Tap
SMeo uthw LBou Bleater signedms-ap GlE AC R. odgesa 114 ulso lruaAS At
ant with spindlys lpstarted to hit the ball farther than it had pitchers Kdh Helttzelman and --oldor J. Rodrlueu 14 ri -DmA Tap 1 eQ~iui u 14 t- -"-DllF .
ter been hit before, so the scandal was quickly forgotten and Paul 8tuffel an catcherr Ken J R. Ycal Ix. ar
attendeAce soared. If the game had a savior It was Ruth. Ac- Silveltrl inel Phiadelphia Phil 6-Eletono A. Vasquezlian10l A
soas If the game, hasod 7 sIMono P. Julian 107 'v .l.
ilyandis' contributions to baseball have been exaggerated. contracts, catcher Walker Coo- -Peadilla E. livera 10x tp () Aason
ae whi n he was faced with a really tough decision-the Bob per and right-hander Johnny '9-Jeep A Mena x l0 i Ath C IW
S Feller ease-he dogged it. fin okayed Boston Brave ( v
But if there was some psychological ex use for Landis there terms,-1nd andi Bobby nrs orge d Race "" Na Pool Cl p 7 ~~ e Wild Wire
:- termsn and iobb Bet-ldrso Purse : lowti:55 -- B R. V Wie M....l., "$55"--0-. -F Cse l us. -. C
was none at all for Chandler. Even If baseball hd needed a Trant are in the Pittsburgh fold. Second Rce of the Double s a i l I
b.y then, which It didn't, the lyrical Kentuckian, being Just an- 1-Lolito V. Castillo 122e 1. Mene .
ether United States Senator, and a professional politician along lo e 2-Marselless V. Ortega 118 .o y IS i
S it it, had little to offer. He was virtually unknown to the fans. F Ight Dope 3-Repentino C. Doss 120 f3- A V
By United Press -- oton Dsver 1 I" '
5-Tapop"so A. Mena 10Sx r.
HOW CAN YOU FIGURE 'TM l--El MIao F. Rose 110 p In
Lightweight Champion I k e d C. .-t
How Chandler happened to be picked is typical of the way Williams got off the hook yes- M3rd Rae mprt F.= i ep -4 I i
th_ club owners run their affairs. They had met In Cleveland in terday when the Massachusett urse: $27L.60- Pool Closes 1:U 'Pulrse:. .$-0 C0l .Ai; I'".
41 to replace the deceased Landis. Hours had gone by without Commission lifted Its threat of One-Two wagger Coat J. P 110 1 estr
agreement. Finally Col. L. 8. MacGenius tossed Chandler's name suspension. 2-Haste Ctr RJ. Pomhs 11 -skas) T s"e" I e$
into the hopper. Wearily the other owners accepted. Either the Williams has scheduled to 2-NHaste Star Gomel 114 2-Paekas) Plol Cl l.
Scotch had run out or it was time to catch a train. meet Igg Vaccari in Boston 3-KuNavao Trail J ulan 10 s3A ieriy y ,..ta
4-Kurl C. RuIZ 111 4 011a5 ',ilver e -
next Monday night. He ran Into 5-Rossoning I. Flores 120 y A I "c...r" .
Later Horace Stoneham of the Giants, who cast the decid- A d6ubie-date problem when a -Hanna V. Castllo 122 .
ing ballot, was to moan: "That was the worst mistake .I ever bout with Joe Miceli k, Phila- -HI t 12 68a% s. t
r made In my life." Now Stoneham is one of the most active cain- delphia was rescheduled for the 4th Race "F-2" NativesN 4 Fp. 8F-Jn Time, B. u .... Malaya 1o 0
n't try. You'll go nuts. The one comforting thought is that sachusetts Commission said it Quinles 1 ,.Tto 'A. .F.avou i e-Sn
baseball is so much a part of the American way of life even the would suspend Williams unless 1-Carola H. Reyes 101x -
mIen who run it can't kill it. he honored the Boston date. 2-Nena E. Silver 101x lth I ee "nB l dUt l -- le I s
That situation cleared up yes- 3-singapore C. Rui 119 P 4se 0 i hat P cl oseAtlM awn
The commissioner's office, of course, should be operated by terday when the Callahan A-l 4--Princesa E. Julian 105 One-Two ea
a baseball man. My nomination from the start has been George in Boston released Willams 5--El As R. Gomez 110 i.Aee A Mena 0UW
Trautman, who is currently running all the minors. He has ex- from his contract. The champ 6-La Espaflola A. Enrique 103x Wire 6. Ruts zlt -
ecutive ability, is thoroughly familiar with the laws and peculiar has promised to meet the win- 7-Danubio 2. Darlo 102 PF. Jaramnflo if ii
mechanism of the game, has good common sense, is no weak- ter of the Monday bout between 8-Tranqulta .P. Rose 107 a t. Phillipsi
ling-and was not brought up In the school of politics. There. Vacarri and Roy Andrews. 9-El Flaco. R. Ycua 07x Wi. S. ven-me
are others with impressive credentials. I just happen to bellev -B. Pl-de 156"
Trautman would make phe ideal choice. o5oth Rsei"iIt 1 Il --ertaaL C. Chaves -It Highest Quality
S TAT-AT-ROME ZPurs.: M. ,-t C oe 2:5 8--O"live Blossom R. VSsA. U M0rcd-
I wonder if the club owners realize how foolish they look to 1--Paques) IR. Treos 1.4 ,
men In other lines of business? They must give the impression Tallahassee. Fla. INEA). 2--Pepsi 00 ) V. 10lo 120 10th BRae "F-2" Natives-? 7W. F T .
the are incapable of developing leaders in their ranks, or that Florida State Universlty will 3-Mon Etollo V. ArmI=0B Pkmaj7.1 -P oelSPeod f wlaAI asi tn A10011
th er breed is such that none of their own can be trusted in play, all of its nine football j-Atagon Siltveas 13 x 1-- .wuero E. Jullan 11
a position of authority and power. games in the state this fall. -Betun Bamablego 115 2-La vora) A. Vasques 10 .
... ~~~~~ ~~. ." .. ,.,. .

Ist, 2nd 6th, 7th RACES

3rd and 9th RACES

For the convenience of
our patrons we are now
operating both at the



S 3.
^^.: ^--" .....
'..- ^- ^..
hit ,

"D" Importeds

1 Mile

SPurse: $600.00 Pool Closes: 4:05 p.m.



- .J -4ta.s-4

& -



5th Race

"A" Importeds

1 Mit

Purse: $1,000.00 Pool Coses: 2:55-p.m.

1. AVENUE ROAD ..........P. PhiWp 106


PINARD ......

.... ...... B. Aginrre 3L6
Fe. J.rmuirs o''i s "
. aa.. ... o. IL.I.'.i rum

S. .* E. S *5 I .
& -* ^, 4A~t b V 1:- ^ ^ ^

S-- -.q.--=-q-rr~-"-- sbStJa~q* -

-~ I ~- -. -~ -
* ,t&g--~- *: -
- -- A.?r ~I-4~ s,4S~ -- --

4th -end .Th "SAC

-. 4Z3'M #*flWACWrc;;- .

' 9th ftw* "B" Importeds 7 F. F
, i 75oA0.00 PeI Gin.SilS p..;-7

., ;:..."" .. .. -.. .
* ...a'.O E T ,.O,.... .......

3. ?OtV h A"t..'..... ....t....

i 4flJ9ff OflU*U*. *UWAJ.' 4.t $ f

6. .. ..........e -L

-- -~ -: *~

'It-.r t

S-. I:. -
:--~ __

- -

4 .1:4 :t-., -. -- -
~'t-AtS A~


7th Race

ESPARTANO .............. V. Ortega
POL'ORAZO ............. L'. Cstilo
PORTERS STAR ............ C. Yewae
GORSEWOOD ............ B. Aguirre
BELFARSET .............. R. Gomes
TIP TOP .....-. E. SUvera



S* '' -. -.'

rre, J,'u" i.
re. -a U---.
r. *.

* d .
Eh:, -*":.1,-
s ^

- .. r"r4- r
441 t OLI P A A 1 2

y matche, ys ha,
j&4. Tearm ?

outoft thadt they pan..?

their pyn

sad CitronIn d a h et '
'- u-OUt of th l I On "f

5 tolarS 'd.t when the plha ca e

i '0the Sd ;tar e sf MI
a(lB l rO c ye to an doa p

1B~r iH tlt )br e s 71 wiethn them. da pe a
MA.WtealeAM .aby t. erp. In this otoh
"MCkw a I fteIt L r ored i. Et canned b wrdas ;44 od
10.t tI 6: to s e a i out e ia h at o
Wer i s e two polts. ThobeIs laed
Sd other members te ger ad a tron f t
C wh thed g 0.t
-,on Stie al re mn dftje

ua--st scores *upr anid 't and I tsea or sil pl
Divi n deeote lsTm '16wg.

BurnsMa sones te p sla ed p an as he pla

-r Lth ma ~n tch) ohe M~~t tm o SU the goingWA "r

455 haOdO8 R But Li.ol, a. "ietnd e oo- touc fOg 4 ep tman
msut.cNb weth aa a a 43e Moran dee nib n. ob atalo |o e-
..agf~tJaWhiee h u e alj% -dbr_ 'la '

wa-hl op andt. a and am .- '-

,noSfe Dhaa, s a irt$t defeated ea i re
,t- ea a. oeroneporin t anr 5 w.e ll" ddtl rel -le r

.1/* "qu"A ift:nflch" l .*c- tea di I I Ir one yea. i tI Iu
te s ah poin t sa Ph -op ao ts go 4 4 s w- w
MAO lon PAUomatch, .th eaylor total of
z o a 7 i tj"" of
--The result of "t4ope la d.
ualhadaane um s._ t nodron.e po y -

thsrs mat ch)dherth




I -



-.ham =deenha

aggy AIPP$1 Esmajold
..---,7.4--- -
i 5. JfNli5 Iq orewhour,'
*- .... -




We proudly present
the pride of French'Autommotive Industry


The economical
luxury car!
Pictured here
are the Sliding Roof
Saloon and
203 Models.

The perfect combination of modern design and comfort with
the sturdiness and durability of a car built to last a long, long
Economical Over 30 miles per gallon of gasoline.
It will be well worth your time and trouble to examine and
become acquainted with the most smartly "balanced" car on



(Hash and Wilys Agency)

Phone: 2-1790

:. -,

One block from Tivoli,crrmiig

. *-. : .. *- -.
-^ -* ,, .
...-y&S.: *. -;. -*

-r *f.._ **-*.* .-

S-CiuWN ches Listed For

of Pan ama Again

n Inte had
-the i. Z Ed Beckman.
V mA ia ini- S I 4H1lBa
he re AS J. .. R iey, o. B.
ntlention M MUller, Xddle
noU liu R. W. WPoo

it.our ball-hbet hI.and, S e fl, Jr,, Dave Ma-
t ee for the Sm AtmiQ telte Trim, Br, r.Carl It was learned today t
r ,t PanamA. S mi 'ris, Jarl t CEmuond. Beckman, Green Wave mentor,
-or, DBraowns Br has tended his resignation to be
Svi on successIve rQB.tOOK effective in April. Bec.kin. took
,.- .- over the coaching reinat Junior
S o t the Joe abaro Matheion, College in 1948 and will beon the
anm iMt t c le WoO n W s, ob until his final day o the
re sn tie d ibel tiodd, A1 l R ich As1hmus. "
s J BrdJoe ws r With mall squads iltd fac-
s and Brazs engage French, Joe a I 6ra. Day, il tlas and equipment, coaching
B,,a Summi. Ven Prior, WMorland,PUlBRU- at Junior Colnge a r been any-
netaweiT ne e.Paiul J e .or Ca wrlha al Zone with he reen Wave
pni0 OD s Po' t Allternates.:DI ]own, Roger basketball squad and l raduay'
fun Capples with An., Oris, built up sports at Junior Collae 's
the play moves to until in 1950 his oys won te
SPanam meeting FOR AM OR football basketball and baebaull
l sitrazos opposing championships.
aatehes wind wlun at 'Bob Lombrola J. Thompson, The popular coach ha always
i Amador will lah Bud Haunoad, H. BeaU. Vinnie fielded a dangerous, weU -coach-h
O ad Summit will take Lombrola, B m Oarriel Perc Ora- ed team that displayed clean play
ham, Luther Flen, Dave Star- and good sportsmanahlp
e clubs have some r, T. Mrana, an Lew Coach Be-kman's plan for the .-
at avaiablp for comPe- tre, B. Robinson. W. Phillips. H. future are to finish graduate AeYnaA t
it now but the rosters 7h bp H. Oardner, E. C. Wood, work for .:is Master's degree this wamp V
Sbolstered by the addl- J. Wiams R. Murray. K. For- summer a.zd to accept a teach- tour i
rfeaalonan. allowed this rest, Haligan. Ing and coaching pd0tlon in New aTOur tee.Cmhl
tr. first time. Jersey or Ficrlda. When question- P@elwhtSe Chii s
tbaro will play for Bra- ed he admitted that he has ay- ^r-ola so6-2o
tIMaarron for Pana- -" *o eraloff rs ln New Jersey- and pi ds, h lh.. Sat
ammond for-Amador. the school authorities before ed Willie Hoppe several
Ia that will be in the es making any decision. His lon in exh
i4n0dat: wAl b I LnA D6St L range goal l to et on the staff
PANAMA of a ood college nd work under
Sita Ouardia. Herb Miat- one of the tp coaches for a few
SLan6non, Anibal Man- B years.
rile MacMurrav, Bill VVery popular with the student from Mami with a fine
idStor (Rey) Valdes. I With the the coach will sorely be mlsse tion ahd a reat name
mSB~l. Dick Dehllneer f.y not on!y for hl work n athletic sports world a bl
S stanton Brown, Highest Quality and ability to demonstrate the ny Bec an, the old
A ,s Dave Westman. \ Mercha dise fine points of the game but for ketball star. Is conidSte
NBob Lawler. Max ICrCNU his friendly at titude and conduct greatest player of them aB
I, is e
4tte, Sylvester Bu deb b., m l under pressure as well. Junior experts.
naker, rnesto de la Un College's loss will be the gain of We want to wish the
In. b Ma .he ec.rol that others hun In. best of evelrthinlg ande-
itea: Erneatlto de la Coach Beckman came here things from him in the6,


In-p Z~

4 TO
, LatI-



. ,


_ .
- ...l


. i team Toviin it tn


,1 ,

r.l.ri; ;

-- p i.,t fl~r tEL' a ~*


SAutomobiles Miselloneous Household e e .. PROF
'2:-.-Buick 1949 Super Con- eave $150.00 FOR SALE;-Refr-gerator, rad.o, fur- 'tT Cri0aIl 3-
Quarters 249-D, Coco So- LOl III II nature, household effects, bicycle 1.. '
symeniued d quick sale, house 799-D, BaSlbop ". ASen C bah IF .t..
Len 1: I. *Phone Balbda 2920. RAM. S Cla
SAI4,E:-1949 Pontiac Chieftain Lans 1: I FOR --.-c- ft. 25cleottGaa 2 4ni iMhewd, electric,. aPhe- 3a* .
Hydramat.c. radio, heater and Inernational Jewelry store FOR SA -7 ft. 25 cycle fiert nodrat rates, Ph
frister, new tires. low mrIele. adiolning International Hotel very ood condition, $85. G E. E lnk 1l r 4.567.
I.i Ft. Gulcl, 88-328 or washing machine 25 cycle, $40.
k F4 FOR SALE:-Long playing records of 539-A, Cass.a St. Cocoli. FORt cottage Seecliff
------ ---- all make. Clasical and popular. ATTRACTIV
IN! 1949 Chevrolet Station AGENCIAS DIAZ. 37th. Street FOR SALE.-Washing machine Con- MO y TS. Phone JOSEY,
* INs duty paid, low mileage. No. 6-A, phone 3-1029. nr, 60 cycle, used very little, like 1Bal lit
t tires. Call "George B. Law- new, cost $175 00 w;,l sell for WBL OLDl
Colon 800. FOR SALE.-Royol Doulton hunting $100 00 cash. No I FranciSco De *i flIa UIttAf CO#l0 T.
and coaching complete set for La Ossa Ave Apt. No 24. hC iWg lettfAC iger- WHO R A O
SALE:-1950 Chevrolet 2-door e.ght. Extras, 25 cycle motors. 395-- fil n on I .phone -I" -I
Only 7.500 miles on speed Cocoli. Phone 2-195. FOR SALE:-One General Electric boq Z W t > -nds".
excellent condition. Call Roaster with broiler, $30. 471-D. FOR RENTb,-oCh o e Sa -
mji -nl, .Colon 800. FOR SALE;-Refrgerator Weting- Cocall, C. Z. f R A c h cottages, Soo-
house, 25 cycle, $125.00. Air cliff Acres. Phone POSEY, alboa W
SALE:-1950 Pontiac Stream- compressor and paint gun Electric FOR SALE: Must sell out imme- 2695.
r, 2-door WS.W. tires, radio, motor 1-2 H.P. 25 cycle. Phone diately leaving for Florida. All N-b- ote e- f f -
i0 miles. Mr. Berger, Cristobal 2-1714. household items for sale, Bodo OR NT:--Beah cottgeds. aeacliff
c Station. 1949NashCrystal glasses and goblets, silver Acres. V EBtY ATTRPo CTIVE
FOR SALI:-Dlgs. 0eetrman Plinch- coffee service, 4 pieces, rugs, old MONTHLY RATES. Phone POSEYI
ALE--Good buy, 1949 Nash a., phone 3.1284. Ha oe 505 Co- leeds spray set of dishes, fishing Balboa 2698.
*ar. Phone 2-3392. 1489 Dor. lon Beech (Central Aveame) $79. equipment, kitchen utensils, brand, Apt. D. 00. new horse saddle and stirrups and FO R RENT
.ALE: 1947 Crosley Siedn FOR SALE-Beautiful tropical aqua- so forth too numerous to mention
.350.00. Duty Paid. House 23 rium fishes 43rd Street No. 13, Seed, Apt Stewart No9 .Federica .
iE^p$ 4 Boyd.St Bella Vista B 11 Boyd, Apt. 4 in rear 9 a. rin. _- r -------_---------_
4. 50 St, Bell Vista. Bell Vista. 10 p. m. FOR RENT: Two bedroom house
Eft SALE: 1949 Tudor Custom W in Bella Vlt to pe ron who will
wV,% rodio. Duty Paid Con be W ANTED Lt:--EIctr.c incubator Cal l h iu nd hou-
f.l6nced. 1936 Pontiac 8 coupe Thone -.0255. hold aQipnmt. Reasonable price. S-JjHJ 1
S...-.. r -d. Dn- o. P iane Mi lln- s -- Phone Pnnnna tm- 3 t7

unu ----do WANTED -Small furnished Oport-
l S ALE:-Renault. 4 doors 1949. ment or house 1 or 2 bedrooms
i Reasonable. Tel. 3-2503 3- Not beyond 50th Street.
| 1235. Lrt.,ih Legation. Panama.
S SALE:--1947 or 1949 Chev- L E S
- Wit fordor Sedons, in very good L E S S N S
S *eeqiflon. See at house 251-A.
Gah., LEARN Waltz. fox-trot, ittebug,
FOR SALE:-Chevrolet 4-Aaoor sedan many other steps, Balboa YMCA.
1948. Two new tires. New battery Harnett & Dunn.
In excellent all around condition
House 630-B, Ancon. Tel. 2- RUPERT BENNETT'S
1832, Studio Of Modern Piano Playing
Offers three courses, practical, popu-
FOR SALE.-1947 Oldsmobile Sedan lar and classical piano playing Free
model 76. Hydramatic, and radio demonstration, No 9 Juan It. Soso
.'S0823. Plank, Balboa. St Phone 2-1282 Panama.
SALE:-1950 DeSoto Custom
uub Coupe with radio. 7 tires.
Smiles $700.00 Oown. 2- Itaian Cardinal
Lione trains with extra track and Mo
accessories. $4000. Phone 3.2184 MOves nto Seniorr
house 141 New Crisiobal. .C
SSALE:-1941 Plymouth Fordor rr a e
Sedan $325 One large maple ATICAN CITY, Feb. 16 tP)
drop-leaf table and 6 chars 2 VATICAN CITY, eb. 1 tUP)
mNotors 1-4 H P. 25 Cycle. 5611- -op Plus Xll today no0mnat-
Diablo. Tel. Balboa, 2649. d Oluseppe Cardinal Pizzardo as
___1 ___ __. sDioblo._ secretary of the Supreme Sacred
F OR SALE Congregation of the Holy Office.
Cardinal Pizzardo replaced
Real Estate Francesco Cardinal MarChetti-
Selvaggiani, who died in Jan.
POR SALE:-House 25 x 26. maids
quarters 14 x 30. light plant.elec- The new secretary Is an Ital-
tric pump, oll blocks and plastered, ian. aged 73. He was created a
tile floors, mahogany paneling on Cardinal in the 1937 consistory
walls, all strictly modern. 1House by Pope Plus XII. Bishop of Al-
1i, 2nd Ave New Arrailaon. 12 bano and titular Archbishop of
miles from Ferry. Jack Dovis. Box Nicea he holds many other Vati-
127, Cocol.. Canal Zone can posts, including the prefec-
ture of the sacred congregation
OR SALE -4 1 -2 Hectares land of seminaries and of the univer-
1 -2 m-le East of Casino Santa Clo- sity of studies.
ra on International Highay, i, -n-
cluding 1wo small buildings and
900 gal wotprtank, Mill sacrifice O e
Phone 3-2573, Box 235,4. Crs- Snakes Take Over
Ship's Hold From
;OR SALE -Good income property Sh Hold
near beach at Seacliff Acres. con- .Stev ed .
listing of FOUR COMPLETELY uDan Stevedores
3,500 meters of high. level land; HAVANA. Feb. 16, (UP -
with water and electncitv ONLY Unloading of the freighter Gulf
$7.500 00 Phone POSEY. Balboa Banker came to a sudden halt
2698. today when stevedores found
numerous brown and white

FOR SALE snakes ranging up to eight in-
l LE ches in length wriggling among
Roats & Motors bags or rice which comprised a
..OR SALE--Outboard motor, 7 1-2
SHP. Martin 60 new The ship came here direcly
Cheap. House 8124-B. Margarita from Chilean ports, according
_- -- -_ to port authorities.
FOR SALE -1947 Harley-Davidson
motorcycle 74 H P. A- 1 cond.t on Ship official sent a specimen
Many extras. Navy Radio Slation is the Natonal Hygiene Insti-
Farfan, C Z Ralph E Hill Phone tute to determine if the snakes

are poasonou.







A Telep

'..-,-, :
', "'.itf-
. ..' ', a

fund rfesel L SO &M Is a N
bile donated anmymeoly to the Cai ls Chipter i Il t
tile Paralyls. -
h Bted won the ear with the mMbber o76n l the ~nama, ta. ttery
rBia pletwe. Dr. 1 K-0. 0" f OUte Chat f 01 t eMutele
Foundatom, qresmts the kei to feA L ttuaw"t asitobl, tW tiA fl

small reasonably priced, gas stove FOR RENT:-Ctomnpltely furnisheIad a'aesa-o ltA eJIS (l iIt ]..iit p'roSd Let f an et ol 40 N! of :i.. i tB ;'
four burners, baby crib, play pen house, 2 bedrooms on Via Espoc Aa ENLIA) G -5 Dr. Courtney; WU .-O ,ofln, PMst im CheA ,e tea; *d u. WU .,N ,
Phone 916, Colon finall) 3 I mbks\from Hotel El .. .. gare. "
SPoarlaml. Tel. 2-1756 office hours i*.Nf llM NelnWFm -e--- ..---- 1- "-:-- J
FOR LE Portable sewing ma-1 or 3-21 1 after 6 p.m. C11e s

China ware, console radio, Kobbe roms, American home, near A n- T puf
Quarters 1448. phone 84-6107. con bus-stop to American women Set e
References required. Telephone In m.:
FOR SALE -Beautiful blister fig- PanarmA 2-3067. e So pS
ure"' mahogany bar. three leather- FOR RENT:T.-'hrbeda bn- eTsit t, w inco be an fr n^cr _ilt s;m, 4
covered stools, brass bar roil Call low. Very d location. Sabana essultant, will establiy h n office ews aeUtion grad tt
Pedro Miguel 4-52. Road. Apply at house 810. Sonny 3m22 FW For the ftthll g Red cross in the Gambos Clbho or ta the am Ws
FOR SALE -New Chinese Rug. gold Boy. Tel. !-3041. t. o nd Cami the commander D erio& of ane-.8 b
color. 9 x 12 s0000 5 -D in Cht al teef l Lietenant WHE W e e e c .
color 9 12 $400 00. 24-D. In best location, cool and modern I1eneral Che m i b e ntwe., b nwsitt e ]m lnig wed dyns, B
cbCocom. phone 2-103. cholet, two bedrooms,, personal requestedd of militrll Vtnoent IM v a.telent oftga e
FOR SALE -Bedroom suite. dining. d-ningroom, two porches, kitchen, We ire the larN Gt om umnler ien ohe ca rt o ne am 1oa Civic-toUntl thie w. ontu to
civnlinesioeloitaubegivUen sal will be available for nd for uch serie in b"
ins country, also peruvian silver- eton, Fois of ground, o.n15000..o msofMASS civilian, be seid and be given t e .r i
wares Juan B Sosa street No 22. 27th East 47th St. Phone 3-2220 the opportunityto contribute Va- thu0 f 11 Ointile LO Ilzidti-M P trld, Or Unil t hu0sM
Apt 7 from 6 p. m. to p. m, Diablo iffor Fa ctoy luntary Io t pailn.t lef bhoasPr00 p y i rftod T
FOR SALE -Mahogany China closer. RENT t 16th St. -,- Tel. -236001 general Mor | stted that:
dinette set 0823 Plank. Balboa. OT"Americans are fully Sawre of
FOR SALE --One Westnghouse elec- Apan ente the human d taby an efforts e x-
tric refrigerator, model D-9-47EEPE. -r H U Eended by the ARneer liean aL ed O "
9 cub'c feet Excellent condition FOR RENT: -eBeautifulone-too c t it Cross whenever need ar bi. To
Can be seen any time after 6:00 furnished apartment. Electric r- continue this worth wiole work,
p. m House 5448-K, Endict St. frigerator. Also furnished room US W V S funds mt be hobtiu illy on
Diab~o HK d .with private bathroom. 43rd Street 'DA gMy f tf hand, Overy American Is cogni- -
FOR --SALE -Three matched wood- d the meday require the assistance oAr *A U I
golf club I10 00 Baby carnage, FOR RENT -Apartment for rent, "GL the Red cross. AS iesance at
55 00, crib and mattress. $25.00, 43rd Street East and Ave. Me"t against the results of diaster,% -
Curtl;n stretcher. 100, 2 occa- co Coil 3.0140. 1e lick of food, shelter, elOthilg,
sional chairs. $1800. extension FOR RENT -Apartment in exclus ive it Will save you oat your naendi tdM0is It behoo S eve .
goe the3 00. baoth.nette 5.00FOroningApm.A No e. A mican a f0u o rnthe AmleriAQ
gates. .$ 00. bath e 55.00. residential section. Compo Alegre, O1 tie ans tou nga1 trdh 1951,e
2 145-A Curundu. Canal olne. Corner of Rigardo Arias and 51st a ttrAIN r s s anae r i
S Street. For further nformaotira ot:fthihlwortbY i oonel Virl .'l M
FOR SALE and O section. Apply oportment oJy o1d bde, w ih de inatd b ty poG e s mit a.Moll
Houses No. 6. samebuildin. means lea str kes hiS personal represent if lo
O L 1L le FOR RENT m -To bedroo* apart- WATERPROO .. .keeps pad rinate the ha Cror Fand hI l
et FOR RRENT -Two bedroom at dry. Lens clothes dampenin. rive within the military etb W
FOR SALE l-Modern chalet Nue- ment. 2 baths, good location, I l wl last Indefinitely. lishmentaIn te Canal ol....
v Arroiian, with va'ler and elec- Beila Vista No. 32, 44th St. Phone I w- l stp
tricty Call 2-3078 3- -085. Only $3.25, postpaid., mu "
FOR RENT Two bedroom port DUNMORE AGENCY S To Pay Expenses
China Reds Tighten Cngre,." Col nPaenama 3-1'.52 I a I.; P. o-s0 For. Point 4 Exper t 0 Io i k M tf or 1 iI
'Bamboo Curtain' FOR RENT -Apartment and living- Tramportaion
room. diningroom, bedroom. gar- W
HONG KONG. Feb. 16 (UP1) age 46th Street No. 27. For in- H ARING AIDS The United States wh bearWAS.
Chinese cormunista are tight- format-on call ot the same house the expenses of tranpotatioto,, -,. ..
ending the Bamboo Curtain be- Apt. No 18. and from Panama for Am erican 15 $
tween China and the outside FOR RENT.-Two bedroom apart-IONOX experts and technicians who wLU 47 1Na hAEsW$2000 W
world. All travel out of red ent, very cool. Call 2-2443 serve as consultants to the 2 DOOR DA. Like new.
China has been halted by dras- public under the PointF, our
Lic new Immigrlation controls. mT REPAL- a, Iy t was announced y
An estimated 2500 Chinese FOR EN SALES- specialize service
from Ho ngKong were turned Rooml SERVICE avi e wie be r-edily availabnN as $
back by Red Guards at the bor- to Panama at very small cost, COPE. Hardly used.
der between the ritish Crown FOR RENT: -Clean, comfortableA a Foreign Ministry spokesman
Colony and China. Another 1000 furnished bedrooms, meld's sr. added. I m |1
Chinese were refted permission vice. centrally located, First Street, A' ff ftt
to cros into Hong Kong. No. 5. Telephone 2-1541. r ce most of the professors 1490Nash 1W"411.$148
Chinese border guards also ad advisers are expected tO 4 DOOR SEDAN,.
halted all shipments of beef FO RRENT:_To sinle wimersn o ne .;or der the ats ices of the Dark BlueB oed, White Tires.
from China into Portuguese large room, cool, Indepertdent en- Lro m.=. avi tht e e
Macao, west of Hong Kng trance. balcony, Cntrl Avenue yesterday advised school offial
118, top floor, to.draw up an estimate of techA 4 5$1 i
ir inen Siheet eipr viesrs and teachers need- 9N s KG J $a1495
Purt e in en els to ca.r y out 'the Point Fou
UN PLANES A mcoUCE. ...mBeautiful G -dy.
Rpro9am._ White Tires.
BLAST REDS 7" 108" s. s Nationalists Beat w
(Continued from Page 1) Large assortment in I Red A49 J tson
my weather which had kept UN 'izes and colon. Off Red Attacks IUWU ,-,.
air cover virtually grounded. DO D Kaotong Island = = e ig
TA R is indicates they may.have r eP i if .k m
been seriously hurt by the heavy | API F, TioOl, i 1h I
Al R altlfes they sustained Trom Short S leve ....4.50 NA it0 AO)b Natdnlistdlj
artillery and ground fire in Long S ves. $.150 fro m Quemoy,s id wer 4a DOOR A I .aa j -
the past three days.' However, l of Chinese communiste were 4 DOOR A81 A real Sift. "1
ENit is believed certain a new at- Guayabanas .... 11.50 driven awa t irom Ka-otanm Is- -
Stack is imminent-probably a- land by Na onalist troops last
Fainst South Korean focmes a- CA Tuesday.
A 5th Air Force spokesman It Is pid the Communiltl at- 4 O SWAN.
said that four helicopters of the Ave. Central 165 tempted an amphibious ~"n w Shiny black with White T ie.-
3rd Air Rescue squadron-bat- In early morning tog, bt e pre
tllng blindlg snow, and D0- Tel. 2-2490 drilen off itter aturioustwo-
mile-per-hour winds-evacuated hour battle. furlats r
12 wounded infantry- The teds used motor-driven 6Nis W $0.
men from front-line positions junks and selling veseel.4
this morning. Nothing Wasted Kaotang is one of sevetpl 4 Di eIDAN. New DarkO nte n
N amabl Islet at the mouth of the Paint. Perfect Condition.
SHe added today's flight raised BOSTON (UP)-Isasiah Kelly, Minklano River, whah flows
to nearly 1,000 the number of a market man. bouh t a bear from the mainland s tioopie rmby 4 o
men evacuated from front lines from a hunter and sold it in one aa Srait. It is one of many $ IS
and behind Communist lines by piece to a Chinesi customer who t eatl isgndist abill ocellld by
helicopters. L-B's and other air- planned to eat the meat, preserve the N)tUoalins. ts. f DOC% S7DAN. Just Pulatet.
craft of the rescue detachment the alin, sad make sup eat of the X -New Now .1. _lu-
COMPARE stationed in Korea. head and paws.Mp ly lik new. Duty PUS.
COMPAREYesterday 28 seriously wound- Ary Mareh of m p
ed soldiers were brought to the *- I-1'i 6suIadathi haki ,l9.11111117lowi
rear by six helicopters that 0Tod tehI3 th-Nt
anded Within a few hundred TA U.S. MAA tA final 1fijure of 514,I091 W. 4 %
yards of the enemy's front lines. W R:ORtHAN cHARGra1TD ona 17Chuea-
-,T8 m AN-CHARGEDE. T.,Donahue ._as the
sler RUaDmmwn oons12tos us .?T W!'? I~ur m nv
phone 2.0870 VENETIAN BLINDS mv o of the cam- .
..-mnetha.t mwereo- 1.

IS8x 64 inches...a7.0
S8 x 64 Inches... 7. UUS SI&IO
40 x 64 Inches. -. 67

36 x inches... 7.
. TJ _1!3 "_lTPO.W ,

.... ._ '.s _.3'_.~...... ........-.- ... .. ..._..;. ....-.-

-. ; -S
S '"" ..- .' -
II .' ', .- .'* .. -. -'., -., t ,'- .'
". ... ^ .i.-, ^^ ', ,,:. --. .. fe. '.' .



* .



N-... -

- F-z,,




Take advantage of our Easy Payments
or win tihr our Club Plan! "


, D. P-.a *h4t. ..$5 heIb
* -r .. :"

rhao d IO atoO


food .

Do a million of othes Am "
dly. Ue thi favorite *e fe- T

tar ~sumlow ad m 4-
weeeas wess mouse -

-.'- -

"pleasure care"
in the following

* DODGE "Kingsway" 2-door

D*ODGE "Klnlway-CIstom" 4e4o

DE SOTO "DiplomattCutarm" Convertii
All Equipped with the Spectacular and New "ORIFLOW" Skock Abbors


PANAMA (Tivoi Crs)sa .
TeL- 2-1704 ..
-* '

COLON (10s SUft)


....'-k -t .. .-
.. -,.-* -* -: .- -., .-


Sak i*od-Hud

tr~ordishI a !iii
Sused O D as Jun I 1
S. on HONe KONO f ub. 18, (P) .-
...." ad pelabe sou se0 imported tonight
--J* out.lueMaoTooe-"ag the No. 1
6 order was is- Chineos munmu leader. had "r. o w. ,
lure Depart- been stricken by a heart atteeack sam Oy ruh iui -
s Cr .p..... rt IndcAstod a the result of overwork and the
T ......rly be Oomplioated by urlO acid, in.
691e1 r-ptiagency actedon the have a touch of tuberculosis
H O 6 that branch .OOf flood of complaints which plauIes many Ohinese Red
tidd of De. i Wgeale and retail meat leaders.
OffIu go said 011 pa1S e of Whom warned The first indication that Mau
Shave been t it ave to go out of was ill came when he failed to
Hl se ie tit b NU they got relief take part in the celebration of
1 thj super-market Ing of thteOhlnes*Ruusan trea-n
aria M odt, i ma e t it had been loca ty of alliance yesterday.
YNN0 b uble e es a we~e since price cell- uat it has long been known
NAnewoeIr1l mllns, a O Jut. 25 because It that he suffered f# heart trown In V-8 there are delicious Juices
-dMr M.d u.N on thepuni Vl ad r ab sobprice ble. Premier Josef Stalin sent a of garden-fresh vegetables-not just
Ikil hot'on p una h8 u l d by the packers. r p of Russi n heart spe cialis ts
r de- t to Pelpin recently to treat him, one. Ths why V n hsli to treatvely flavor
untin *-0 i_ bbaa oe r ; InformM said, but they failId ana wholesome goodness no single
While price cub oil ta Yuk l KWUII tlheve his sedio
Ta hasi Mh" SII"- 116 Go wllesd Mao's name from the lis ot own tempting flavor plus vitamins
we i h a8 Miedalelyownsi dontThe Peiping Radio omittedwW ca match.e Eac Juc a .
- 5 tU Pcif flrVicd a dinner Jr, He hael t deit w arould n to lo r those who attended a treaty-un- A, B, C-calcium and iron. Your
INIidoS ay sella Curlin a dinner salt Would lead ve'uid ntvolsany qafmalv p t o8. arty gi ven b
when hfe lo prices. Th mal be i Soviet Ambassador N H family will love V-. Serve it often.
a afternoon at the Iwhil his n umers would be headi- O ff dt Rin Fili chin. and the Communist New
Us d Whift tp hecomple- ts !b01ee*hotta ge. China Agency admitted he wal l Ivry gln of V4 Is a dlobes. blinds ol
"h aetuslnothera n ev. o0e N.Y., Feb. 10 (UP)- not there. This was a most impor- Tomeatoes Celry ansa Cualrs PsFdley
iea aI Nthe afternoon a sc L ace n Th A's powerful board tant diploma atil event and Mao Ltst wtu Wr s spin esh
e&ee-_ i i.-wI c was l 24,21 ,ti'ouwaned =f t th rd ut l a ounce tomor- hardly would have missed it vol
w sm MOrs i maaeransandAwill ban sacs o- untarily.dstheMkenoCmpbl'PVI

don ate blad &l, d b a h I B l rsaroi e1 Tit -
heow at 11isn, t the meB llled? N t1o 11menthfly roearve a 0 m1 olt oct. A soub to -
b.ass in PanMMlTa"e present*a a Cit m. agalpih sti tan, for 1t t trd recently
ston was lmad by the Ambasn- POpeW ho an pt, ead string coui ad tubular t that athe ple-
sador. Cent OlS gln inO LI.'u- furniture frames in civilian ins H&
pesence Lor' a usta p ro h--h oI yato 21 =o will decide whe-
of Patm and t. he Canal oAle iin i e found blood f from S PasoW ex took a ree the films license
KIM an-"Chief,", Saddling ra e nby kMba "feet, thra n li three-romPdu mud'le.a ngRt e State Hoard of
S Virgnia MoLaren muted Tie#ww wall, ha re ekedI in an ued by Row-
sMod IM Tpll "Mule" and Musical mn of lOod alblo were austrial Le e Ie an ed by Rossnl-
t H 4 5t bby She ll u ring maond in lhe e t, under t leld In N*rtC ityw s m the story of an
idta1?vbblo"diandt lived in NMw Yorkctl T, whererMi-lused by a man
The masriaIof ide Ruth Ads "Toan bilC ulng0mr bu10s1:b 1 chael was born. ffft StJosepby aphma
b &taai slnt Wat e o t e tnno.y About Shll dre and 10 hors- a f l he off 1 aso v billsewit Joseph. She
ta, on e ay t the dinner, Jucadn m a esn..A 4the rlef-stricken mother, hrs. child a miracle,
h ned by membn er s and their C r, was h aeld o iOs- a Catholic religious leaders
aUt stammered "my husband return- dinal1Bpillimu directed all Ca-
--- h ---' g i !t. Z en. and Mrs. Mica el wnanene th, ofi cete r first review t he. film, di-
or in c- oS. a, to, but we couldn'rt, rm reacted' JO aelB urstyn, Inc.,
eent A tt rud t of eC p, andMrs. rth t e assistance of th w Amerilan dhtributors, to show 9
ah ret; w. a bnrd s the Muler. then he o o ~t oeeY why the picture license shouldAveeree 6,rnudutu a'wy Ade Bnt
t Warr en dandler ta0 M w u stwe nIn tour not be rescinded. There Is0- fe y t. i Ba ... B
nlmi w deore found bdy on StAte amreme Court Justlee ore .in w... you at an me ot AB
month in Pnama, where baturetso low theb t o~ep t V. worth refused to -r "ins.' .
will Ieside. '117& tel; register on an a W block the regents nearing, bSo .srna, Pre an Pm
A. H. m term meter. As I sought, by the distbutors, but
Won sr r Ni l. N; 2:35 a.m., the chilled and- a 4 es m u rstyn attorneys boycotted thedr n
Miss Wilma L. L. en and Burton Head. M r! |--- _---, wO---- hureayn att-n I-----d-ths--r-nt l 4- Ut 3
Laren and Burton Mead battered little boy was pro- hearing They argued the sub- all slas o to w
Mhia a98W4aooLoulsvjiNl, .nounced dead. t betr I sI committee had pre-o dged the *u l a es mew
;ent l, who heas spent 9l9as OLuait e.sienht Muller's story of the incideptsge l w film without authority to do so te ..
past baal weeks with her sae0 at Berue Heart V al leao to Michael's death was es aseU m and that the regents had no pow-
and aunt, Judge and Mrs. Jos .h A comnaitti O- 7M ting 111 be seth, Hallman bai. The fath- r o_ do" st o teni er to revoke the license, already
J. setk, n Anson, is leasillf eld tonight at1:1 In the Sacred er sal he remetbeze fw de hew as t mew rem.
by airMane tonight for her home. ear Parish Hall, monL to t ls and "must have blocked out| | view Board.
toh plan for the Silver Jubilee Tea or something." But he insisted he _. T TORE
At S alMI 9 Pla &ad tBower to be leld Feb. 25 ftor didn't kill him. a- A ao'r
Mrs. Vers Eliot of Boquete has the benefit of St. Vincent's NeIt hbors said they heard -
been visitor for several days School. 'The party will mar.kb e "budina sounda d child's WEN WH S FFER
this 1es at Hotel El Panama silver anniversary of the butd- cry a oty before Yehael was m w OWF
Ing of at. vient's huob found unconscio, the officer. n
Recent Afmfals HtMSn Members of t4b Who re sail F.
Mr. antd Mrs. Paul Prentla, willing to f 1hdwlonh TheMullersnamehere lst Dec. IlS -21 Central Avenue 6 Tivoli Avenue
who rtved recently fitm S a.d -uames K' wsi M ask-
ton t reside in Panama, were d to telephOa toWd Lola iCo-
.o.E.o i 4 then feel CHILLY FELIX B. MADURO, S. A.
Hoe's Good News Open from 8:S0 am. to p.m. and during gnonhear.
THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Are- pa betwesl o e m m ..oa d 1 and
nALBOA ~ nt hat trying n tional 'middle-
BABOpertodu eo.u liarnle wemeDlfees thlsm alke
Study February 13 youn sou er tesif e Mem shes .feelclammy, so
1u-11M *lilualLawsofiAeeand Meaiea -t bo eve ON DISPLA Y TODAY .. ihe NE W 51
Ch.,r-Roe.Ik of Ages"-B-ck" ON DISPLAY TODAY The
7:e--"Will We Reewaise Our Loved pe In Heave!n ?"h Wa1aMAseomh n I tahelPinkld upg,
AdlbaU*dor Qauartet--"T`e Riches of Love," I tor hep bead up .-.
(Bth services will be broadcast on8tation -70.) Phl'sompendsins noopiate D O D G E and D E O TO
so habfetmag drugs It elps satUn
O % 0(you knaew what we meam1). This great me d-
llae als has Iwhat Deters aMl a stemkiee
toni edlest
INMTA Orye mO ea gu t LYDIA 3L
Its A Pleaure To ATP
ATLitPNhERAMS TALsV wiTh aiLed OeM..
Uv. W th Ba tf l Furniture! I PANAMA TRUST ydb 1 Plflbam's VEGETABLE COMPfllNS.



_^ r mom


-;":-- ,.--a ,.

.- ,',:

.- .. "


"m mI. d
laC3c Socuity ***. ot. 4ata .5Lt tfafw 378

111. Geoge Poole, Sr., of Gatan, was bosteo for a tea
|Bla-edafy afternoon compiluenting her sisters, Miss Vivian
of Schenectady, New York. and Mrs. Marge Barber of
eld, Mass., who are spending two weeks on the Isth-
i The tea table was covered ith an elaborate embroidered
3 t and centered with red carnations and baby's breath,
Ps-lM`= &d by red tapers In silver holders.
wl Mrs. Leon Egolf, Mrs. Howard Harris. and Mrs. Gilbert
eW alternated at the coffee serypce. Mrs. George Poole, Jr.,
*ed' Miss Barbara Egolf served punch.
,u-I The visitors were Introduced to 150 friends during the
,y.'gfternoon and evening.

k ged Couple Ramsey, Elbert Ridge, Bill Saun-
S ,tained ders. Kenneth Ferguson, Bobby
Mr. and Mrs. Lionel De Castro and Talmadge Salter, Walter
M4p&rt Cned at their home on 5:hl Kuh't Tomv and Jo Jenkins.
..Jrfet in Colon with a dinner Mrs. Ralph Cantrell assisted
-*.ty complimenting Miss Lur- the hostess.
'Idne Frankel and Mr. Lloyd Al-
.*berg, whose wedding on Feb. 24. Card Party
wil be of Interest to a large cir- at Fort Davis
gle of friends on the Atlanic The ladies of the 764th AAA
S ide, Batallon met at the Fort Davis
The other guests were: Mr. ind Officers Club for their weekly
4Jt John McLain. Mr and Mr;. bridle game.
i1atnice Watson and Miss Eve- The scoring prizes were won by
-4Ine Frankel. Mrs. Thomas M. Larner and Mrs.
,-.--- Robert Carrollr The traveling
Another dinner party was given prizes went to Mrs. James B. Stu-
tpMr. and Mrs Abram Sasso. of rie and Mrs. A. E. Hill.
Roosevelt Ave.. at their home for The other members present
the affianced couple. Mr. and were. Mrs. Walter Skeistaltis,
Mrs John McLain were also Mrs. George W. Kennedy. Mis.
present. B. K. Ogan, Mrs. W. D. Bailey.
SMrs. J. H. Wiggs, Mrs. Milo
inner Party Gardner, Mrs. henry Hartwig
for Miss Albanese and Mrs. William Lindstrom.
Miss Nancy Albanese. who sail- .
ed today on the Panama, to r'- Three-Year-Old Celebrates
turn to her home in New Yor~, Charles Andrew Lilsky, son of
was complimented with a dinner Captnin and Mrs. Julius Lusky of
give by Mr. and Mrs. B. 0. Tyae- New Cristobal, celebrated his
man at the Hotel Washingion, thiru birthday at Mrs. Cox' Nurs-
Wednesday evening. ery School with the following
Mtr. and Mrs. James Brown anti classmates: Ruby Livings t o n,
C again and Mrs. Morris Dunn Laura Dorow, Michele Rainer,
SweA also present. Cisy Bowman. Charles McCkIl-
Miss Albanese has been spend- land, Diane Dietz, Jon,
-.n Jome time as the house guest t iVickey Belanger, Sandy Bo1wcn
.o&tlaptain and Mrs. Dunn. .And Michael De Estrado.
tu In the afternoon another group
eaartures of irtends celebrated with him at
M.h. and Mrs. Bertram Booko;t the home of his parents.
MItt Wednesday ror tneir home in Those present were: Jimmy and
QuUpos, Cosia Rica. They hae Janet, Hoverson, Bobby Walker,
been the house guests of Dr. an 1 Pan Maedl, Barbara Rudge. OGeo.
Mn? Wayne Gldier of Colon Coleman 3rd, Janet Clute. Jullus
qeadh for the past week. Lus~;y, brother of the honoree and
-.- .. Derid Dietz.
.**Miss Lilia Leignadier. of Colon, The adults who were present
left by plane Thursday for a visit wer'o Mr. and Mrs. J. Hoversu ,
with relatives in San Jose, Coi,a MI s William Long, Mrs. Carl
Ricat, Mp.edl. Mrs. Julius Dietz, Mrs.
*. George Coleman 2nd, Mrs. Wi'l-
Mfthday Supper Party l."m Clute and Mrs. Rudge.
KMr. and Mrs. E. L. Sears of
f-4 Solo, arranged a supper Valentine Party
V at the Chiefs' Club Tues- Brownie Troop 32 enjoyed a
o honor their son Edwin Valentine party at their regular
ears on his 15th birthday ann.- meeting at the home of Mrs.
va ry and Glenn Noonan on nis Harry Seaman of New Cristobal.
Valentine theme was use he 17 members of the troop
t "VIentlne theme was uset: were present with ten young
'i .the large cake was miscrijta guests and five parents.
Ut the first names of the non- Miss Helen Patton. the gir.
.0w,). Scvut Executive attended and
The young people enjoyed an lead the group in dancing and
VJtnng of dancing and gamtit. group singing.
jMases were won by Jiun Ramsay Two of the group celebrated
and Lotty Stephenson. their birthdays that day. Th.yv
,..,'he other guesLs included: were. Jean Seaman, who was ten
Mases Peggy Hamilton, Nancy yeal' old and her mother. Jean
portwright, aPi and Jean Sharac, vereled a Brown)e book ma.-k
M4aine Henning. Elaine U lia- from the girls and Mrs. Seaman
-IerlRoya Ann Reece. Ria Cassa- was presented two arts and cratts
;y,4'Barbara Hickey, Nancy Ram- books.
ay,. Nancy Kariger, Arline VaiI- The two Valentine cakes were
rm!rgrift, Sheila McNainee. Boboy served with other appropriate re-
Willlams. Marie Jenkins, Messn. freshmnents. Prizes tor the games
ickk Reed, Bill Walthers. Leiter were won by Evelyn Hawthorn
Damphier, Freddie and Jun'or n.nd Jennie Kay Jefferles.
rJuas. Roy Wilson, L e sliei Auxiliary Meeting
hinehart. Paul ,.. The Women's Auxiliary of tle
Zimmerman. Bob Bailey, Jim American Episcopal Church of


o Thanks to delicious CIapp's Pears
L&APP' Foons are so tempting
sbi- enjoy eating them ... so
utrftiou. they grow up strong
nd healthy.
Yes, CLAPP's makes o/y baby
Modk. That's why CLAIP's know
rhat babies like-and what's
ond for them. too! Mot ren d-
and on CLAPP's, and doctor
ywher recommend it. R e-
wiaer, your doctor is Me fuoe /
SMority m feeding your baby. *
CLAPP's PAmu are only one of R -
ho 19 delicious varieties of I
hopped and strained fruits and ;
aletbles arepad by CtAPp's M '
or beb yAU are tasty, mu- ,
m~ou, ad mnomisica.

Our Saviour told their regular
monthly meeting at the Church
Wednesday afternoon, with Mrs.
Dashwood Darling, presiding.
Mrs. Russel Wood and Mrs. H.
E. Pihlgren were hOstesses fG:
the occasion.
Mrs. Roger Oreen of the Paci-
fic Side, presented a study pro-
gram in Symbolism. Chaplain AS.
A. Cookson closed the meeting
with the benediction.
The ladles present were: Mrs.
E. A. Cox, Mrs. George ngelke.
Mrs. Beverly Turner, Mrs. R. J.
Neeley. Mrs. Frank Wolf, Mrs. 1.
W. Millspaugh, Mrs. Mary Enie!-
ke, Mrs. Julian Dietz, Mrs. Fran-
cis O'Sullivan, Mrs. B. 0. Tyde-
man. Mrs. C. B. Russel, Mrs. C.
0. Kelly, Mrs. Surse Taylor, Mrs.
F. L. Scott, Mrs. F. W. Scott, Mrs.
Reginald Armstrong, Mrs. Milton
Cookson, Mrs. Maynard Peterson,
Mrs. Clyde Stroop, Mrs. H. 0. En-
gelke, Mrs. Kingsley Williams,
Mrs. Earl Orr, Mrs. Eustace Lee,
Mrs: H. W. Bigelow and Mrs. Hu-
bert Thomas.
Girl Scouts
Have Valentine Party
The members of Girl Scout
Troop 27 of New Cristobal met at
the home of their leader, Mrs.
William Clute for a Valentine
pFarty. Mrs. E. C. Orr, assistant
leader was also present.
An afternoon of games, skits
and Informal refreshments was
enjoyed by the group.

6eorgla Youth, 17,

Re-Enlists In Armyn

To Return to Korea
COLUMBUS. Ga., Feb. 16 (UP)
-Cpl. James E Horton began his
second hitch in the Army today
-at the age of 17.
Horton enlisted when he was
14. and was in combat in Korea
when his true age was revealed.
He was shipped back to his home
at Eastman, Ga., but only for
long enough to get his parents'
consent to reenlistment.
The youth was sworn in again,
at a legal age when parental con-
sent is given, and immediately
asked to be sent back to his old
outfit, recruiting officials said.
A member of the 25th Division.
Horton had won a Corporal's
stripes as a medle'l corpsman.
By getting back into the Army
within 90 days after his dis-
charge, he will be entitled to wear
them again.
Recruiting officials said he will
be sent to Fort Jackson. S.C., and
then probably will be returned to
Korea to rejoin the 25th, as he

French Policemen

Break Up Paris Riot

Staged by 5000 Reds

PARIS. Feb. 10 (UPI--Squads
of French police, wearing steel
helmets and swinging night
sticks charged into an estimated
4,000 to 5,000 screaming demon-
strators in the heart of Paris last
night to break up a Communist-
led protest march.
Dozens of the raucous demon-
strators. many of them members
of the Communist youth move-
ment. received head wounds dur-
ing the football like "flying
wedge" charges by police and mo-
bile guards.
More than 500 demonstrators
were arrested. Including Commu-
nist Deputy Maurice Oenest and
an unidentified union represen-
tative. One policeman was hos-
Tne demonstration was called
by the Communists to protest the
arrival in Paris of a three-man
German delegation to a confer-
ence which opened today. Repre-
sentatives of 12 nations are in
Paris to discuss France's "Pleven
Plan" for a unified European
army Including small German
Upwards of 7.000 police massed
in and around the busy Place de
L'Opera in the center of the city
to block t he demonstration,
which was scheduled for 6:30
Tightly-formed squads of offi-
cers charged repeatedly to break
up parties of demonstrators who
began converging on the square.
Shortly after 7 p.m. police prefect
Roger Leonard. who personally
took charge of the operation, or-
dered the square itself cleared.
The police moved In quickly
and herded the demonstrators
into side streets and boulevards
Scores were arrested in brief
skirmishes, but by 7.30 p.m.. the
Place de L'Opera was completely



OF# TO MEU Shown above are 16 of the areai Canal Zos.4'e
befir OJpahtare Wednesday night oq Braniff's f 4i IC to Lima, Peru T. i
spend A wk In Peru, including a fow-day trip .
Slauded are wives of Army, Air Vorce, Navy
tie in arranging the tour. believed to be the e 'A4si m one from the,
s in Mrs. Guinavere Brock Of Alrt* ..- e third t
gSW0 going on the trip an: Mary SRV Susn VIF5 5Tg
.SaSiW ,ImJane Popker. Bernice Sprigall, se Gage, Se'Mj
StetMpel, H lI Hesner. Aliee DuBols, Jean er Wlby, Carrie

. a





~ta~ ~;SQ

p to

3 ;anueUe
* Amerlga

.A.~ 4~J

ROUTE STEP Led by a baszooka man, a Tlne of UN troops moves aleag the outeklrts of
a small South Korean village. The soldiers are moving to the front lines. (Photo by NSA-
Acme staff photographer I Hoffman.)

Truman Says An ti- inflation

Program Blocked by

President Harry Truman has ac-
cused the House Ways and Means
Committee of jeopardizing to'e
anti-inflation program by delav-
Ing action on his request for $10,-
000.'iOO,000 in new defense .axes.
H'? made the statement at hi3
weekly news conference in re-
sponse to questions about the
Committee's'decision to hold ex-
tensive public hearings on uall
possible sources of new revenue.
The Committee's action waS ex-
pected to delay House action on
a tax bill until April or May.
Since the measure still must be
passed by the Senate after It
clears the lower chamber, It was
likely individuals and corpora-
tions will not feel the new tax
bite until July 1.
Mr. Truman pointed out that
one of his main purposes in ask-
ing for the new levies was to put
the brakes on inflation as soon as
po.siole by siphoning off excess
purchasing power. The commit-
tee's action, he said, runs counter
to that aim.
The President also:
1. Disclosed that Government

Official Charges

Govt. Forced Closing

Of Coffon Exchange
NEW YORK. Feb. 16, (UP) -
The government "forced" the
nlo.inrg of the New York Stock Ex-
change, its president Perry E.
Moore said yesterday to a Con-
Moore said that It was Impossi-
ble to operate the Exchange un-
der government price regulations
and that other exchanges in the
country also closed, in a wire to
Rep Ralph Gamble. R. N.Y.
"The closing of the New York
Cotton Exchange was forced up-
on us by the government," Moore
said. "and we flatly deny that our
action was prompted by efforts to
put pressure on the Office of
Price Stabilization."
Gamble had said the Exchange
was closed in the hope that price
ceillihg regulations wou I d be
In Washington. Rep. Joseph R.
Bryson, D,, S.C., read on toe
House floor a resolution from the
South Carolina legislature de-
manding removal of "unworka-
ble" price controls on cotton. it
said conditions in the Industry
had become "chaotic."
Learns Hard Way
HAMILTON. 0. (UP) Miss Al-
ice Lazaron. 32, went literary un-
der court orders. Because she re-
fused to answer a subpoena to
appear as a witness, Judge Fred
B. Cramer held her in contempt.
In lieu of a $100 flate, She** or-
dered to write a 500-word essay
on why a person should ooey a
jourt subpoena.




............................................................ .m t.i "s.

stabilization experts are studyingI
the possibility of rolling back
food prices.
2. Said the permission Gen.
Douglas MacArthur received from
the United Nations last October
to cross the 38th Parallel in Ko-
rea still holds good.
3. Said he will visit the Aber-
deen, Md., Proving Grounds for
an Inspection trip tomorrow.
The President also said he still
Intends to as for another S,-
500,000,000 inqew taxes. He said
the idea of sending a two-pack-
age bill to Coneress was to zet a
first installment of $10,000,000,000

.' yn ., .s
as quickly as possible and then
study the overall problem.
Under the bill now before Con-
gress. individual taxes would be
raised by $4,000,000,000 while ;or-
poratlon levies would be increas-
ed $3.000,000.000. Another W000,-
000,000 would be raised through
steep new excise takes on tuto-
mobiles and other durable gop0s.
The President. Secretary of the
Treasury John .W. Snyder Vpd
Economic Stabilizer Eric Johns-
ton all have stressed the import-
ancut of the tax measure In bdh-
necrton with the fight to 'clanip
a.tirmn lid on prices.. .

'. :' : ." ..'. -.-. .1


'9~4 a

- n r, "r-
r, -~-,"-r
A. .'; .

-r,' .S ,* -y t
- *. '.- iJ "





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love f i -
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"- &
.,- .Th ,. t ." ;
,- .** ':-iT w 'v '*'

* TA-ft FT.

, Ailmer' yqtr ,:,

.G S^, r..,-.Tg .L

.-.-: ..< _,. ^ .,._



(A Newly Organized Baptist Church)
Cristobal, C. Z. Bolivar Ave. at 12th St.
Rev. Fred L. Jones, Pastor Rev. Jess D.ttmar, Evangelist

~ ___ __


. 'Al __ .


In. 1




.1-, -
-". \"^'

dthern o Southea
a Sn.,- .
- I *' .': .

Maw 4eg qi$umOWe N Wgs rw sUUe zacwq x
ySen MW for & toer
mp ug auela cares Ill

land oneull University $1,0

01101 r studies In the tlWry of
t, x-ctb an carbon 14 dating labortory

w t- .. .. ee... io n .

lowIn S.Utaik-> arm. f cOr M6 t boeheml-

for research insole phh y -
Sashinto. $10.000 fir the Unit-
Scommiltte of the International Union of
r n *of tts research
g n g tyciand ntu relaticas, over

0 ford U v*41f

announced- the folowun grants,

kt it i
,tlW a

rseomu esofr
im ourselves as

i, mna


Ilce nbs have'-t -. fbred if per-
A000 for t foray haps half thatrength in Mala-
ya,In a less attiv gueills war.
SThe Unted States has been In
S, ,h .Atlanta ...; 01,0 for physics laboratory Korean fighting about seven
12V eadt setseff. months.
: .. l'ta..S 6 for scientiic departments. Budget-wise, France ad Brit-
0der ppthodlege.Litle Rock. Ark.. S0,000 for science SI hav.been spending nearly as
t large a. percent of thtir na-
S I. ot North CpauDl $30m,000 for the Institute of tionail income o defense a the
at at Oth Chrolina -ttae College of agriculture and en- United Stai t er cnt for
"" the British and re against
al plannnt Asotatton. Washington' 4Ci, $0.000o for eight and a half for the U.S. Onj
to research program: of its ,of a*the S.ouBth. the new budgets for the coming
..ear, this ;wUl not hold true. The
avim-$41 bIllion U. .. defense budt et
national lamW Tho, British "
SA A I billion budget will be 13 per cent,
TMA A .lm JS the Freneh $2 bllion,11per cent.
.q !+ 9v9 J i \rq. / Britain nd Fln Te o ave uni-
So .venalmteb vw The Unit-
ofTW-,, ed a,, ,Is t
t.e M4xIIs eo un, rmIsenode e Tbh B Ameibsee *ri
LSuesm, af treaved *vc do -n b **a Iap"@ z t w -M4 under eit

+e, m -**eepedatgi Ar SaShgus ap men In 2er .es is
of -e n -4W- m on ol
a ....... an'*The tlited BStts prop es to
Q UICKIkOURING murnoce of .00 and ou Increase It armed forces to
4 stWll, e te WS0 n. T 1 wo: 'Isbe 2.3
Fron1obbe, th rpowrW' a er c g on of

+checks. tic s on forest t Ib put Into the
"A IFI t N ot T M o uropean defense am M yet
slh a o Te S IfioVut m aim. ig the ,- 2.
4t%#nit nmruoewi.,m /f.,.,-D S ^M '^ ,^,.1I
Fort mbi th is W1- force Idea is ca rruied ong
h andli goaw Field su. n gu p- J
syou trou.h 18ho.. S^S W .._ oForance, with the t opu
datige 6 -or Pa sama tlronte'so wa d t rt
at even M o ton, would earns the brf
oe dth murder sleep what the e UK rWeit-
S., e veledl sleeve of eare wemn s threw aeinate
-in.a.s wae -.e y. Z Ier
'IA you b t. yar n The death t of each days Fe r aeWithWt O o gf I

se "" emlves -hemorel.-
'--""NwindaWOsitu' ation. woulIneeho le slect t

... 9..r ....* Ie- *tie befme Ocll tbe r Any- ,
.thnsg. t tWoa b do mtoe
mu -r fle vl strei n French seos-ol n-i
:ota "1 <__ ,tat ternaiafy, wllmT have a good I l
id atcar pow* to way) '-by@ I i
Fr I 6 nl-,, of The moem eIs- the French
min as wek W O ne ple mel themselves, the moren
7100=1m10 puia btb afo a re-

i J -lftn',.;dnto

~" ~AM.-w.- ., ,..-... n -
-S ....--. ..-Am.-O W.. A in --on: -: ,,- ..: .- .
: .4.-- .. ..... lenn .. "
41 "M -t--INa-* --

F.i-^'," "- "" "s.-- -.., -.* .. .r -^ : .....;!.. -,... 4' j :. ; .... '. .+* -
... '.. : .. :.: -..". ;, i-:k.+;,: ;-d ,. ee.k- : Or- The, I X :O. WV. the.. ... ch
-'.' :..: ..4. .. '! .00.... .1..:..-l--o.;.- themsel-ve.s..,.,. ,: ,: th.-.-.-. re,

+".-..:.'.-'.. .+.--
.'T ',- c a ..

4- "

-- o -
WAeflrIe.OL-Organised labor, hitherto the l
most useful the Truman administration's po-
tal a. o benn tkt o feel like a step- J
child. I rabor is prepared t
to et lka ve ry YS a r elassertive step- .
lGld. Tb' Jaqt was .e ilesr to the harass- 1
e4 Presendt Trwai 4sgwhen Wil-
"am Green, PA toe Al. wPl.p Murray of
the CJ., ordiaiy fr-from friend rivals,
ade a d ad prlmage of protest to 1
TMhere tt. O.mediate reas s for the U
labor lead descent n the President. First t
.th went to ote tti; ptpoeed transfer of M
nmapower aU tl lro n eeble3Secretary of
AW = Tow,. to.the no means feeble t
ef MotUler Chbarle K Wilson. The also b
anted a labor 6man anointed as an opposite
number toiWU cf$lide, Lucius Clay. InaL.
short, t wan a hand n making mobiliza-
ts .i 4 t bdee, with good reason, V
,a & -i&t is*tot mae ee. emo And. le
a-l nownt believe thatte appointment of
S& *6r .0 mae as& chif policy maker m
wlM .aa Wm ns ruction. particularly with a
ther leSadr like the redoubtable John d
L Lewis *n
Yet Green and Murray are determined to a
h fstheir way.on at least one of these two
-m11 u up"et with the President. Their r
S D grievana moreoverSi, s Otrong m
pZps patched up their difference to e
Ourdaof extent. May has 01e-to
Maid be w" f"se".e..for gohe'
to for the mobilization
mi^ te of the RalwfY Clerks; T
t ., the moot lkey C.IO. o
le to Og H Green I
eaedon bothfhINg there Isa

:at-red. : trouble
'u' 'efm ---
..gat o -

_- .

i. labor's bed. Labor took a disastrous beating |
n k g the regular Democratic candidate, i
oe 0d us=n, against Sen. Robert A. Taft, and
the memory rankles.
More.generally, labor simply feels left out. I
Not only are there no Sidney lllans in the I
mobllaatlon program, but In the whole Admin-
Itratlmn there, are virtually no pro-labor men, i
t the New Deal stripe, in any positions of, In-
fluea& "Hell." one labor man has said. "we'd i
taVe 40ne just as well with Dewey." And since 1
tM labor leaders take a fat share of the credit
01' Trunan'b triumph in 1948, this rankles even *
itally there are the pressures under which I
he labor men find themselves in an era of
coblUWitlon coupled with rising prices. Wages 1
have been frozen (except that the hated John
L. Lewis got his raise), while food prices con- *|
IU to climb, thanks to the solicitude of both 3
onrees. and, the administration for the farm
vote. With prices climbing, the pressure for I
higher wages is already on.
Labor men see worse trouble in the future,
moreover. Inevitably the mobilization effort Is
already beginninR to cause very severe labor
ilsloeatlons, and it will cause more. As rearma-
ment gets under way, raw material supplies for
11 sorts of non-essential industries are drying 2
P.. Automobile output, for Vample. Is being
edueed to 6 per fent of 1 This process
nsiM- It likely that upwards of a million Work-. 3
rs wl sbe thrown out of Jobs although only
aspsrily in a few months. This pro-spect 3
m not make te labor leaders any happier.
But the fact remains that the need to become
ery strong very quickly willmpose hardships
Everyone. A Kood many of te labor men's I
rieomess.,moreover, derive from the endless M
n for political power in the labor move-
TYet labor doe hye one legitimate 4
uepa for complaint the mobilIzation pro- 4
31 rMBd not be SlmldI y In tthe hands of 4
= =af It Is not Important that there/6
labor ruffled feathers
..t moothe pretty seOn. But the
m-Md ..e caused to the mobiliza-
b1tbDbek "sreemnt which1fees151
im x r u a max i In.)
'"' C *


State Banner

a Delted is the
state ag of

i les In
1 Ian d ein

10 CUlImbed
22 lbilish
version (ab.)
I3 Famed
mountain in
this state,
Pike's --
5 RIla
i7 Sea easle
21 Swerve
S Trinity term
10 Preposition
1 Chemical
12 Average (sb.)
4ils i-U
5 Namrate
3 Chvn&ee.ies

0 DowW
I1 Colvei
lft Se" e

*Cie. ., x

Answer to

1 Appetser I
2 Wild ass

3 Collegeder E
(ab.) .'4Ca p 't.
10Girl's namme 2 Its spGV
I Asest- -
12 It is known sa Z33Wireless "s
State" plant
1? Direction (mb.) 3 Bind
20 Outlined 2 37Ogled


I .

* .- r-

* .~]4 '.-~
-:-4 A- -3~4~~


S4 tal. ea

Il Ipumas ^ in he we"ol wage gefts ed t"
inample, w81 ann to 114the abil
SI me;e Iintional-SNO
Chapmeeh We ae a a in t hbou.4a1 00wU

s aly the Prosoent oa"in sth h
b& 8 "dn 4I. think _.w e -blow. meW h
00 wea t htis to-lie o ecav bhe .d.o it
-a i -t. ai..thatbo
to his odv Mers lad swt to his
Btt o o pas lae 31 orsde with
past w ac zhew o__ fromeone of the big t
S NOTn Wilson' chief sed isa few men around hfimO

with General George m rsh then Secretary of State
the Importance of Uenetrat ng the Iron Curtain in order-tN
fute the Moscow Radio pand Convince the Russian people
own%%f xobasic friendliness of t le t Amerlanpeo. r
secretary Matsall seemed conf ce at that pe ahat
was to be gained from drwlat a dstnimtIfn betweentt
Ilan people and their gov er a m a, nd it ikalm
SAmerican people had no-quarrel wit the t npea
In ea nation wh l has no free, pre no churches, sad
A -tmment to exercise a check rein on the Krl, the only
Sprev.:int a preptous declaration of war Is contact wt
This act of courser the chit reason for tha l I
-The Krem 's greatest lfearsl that te RuMsan people
i ecre ly Mars allt e at that time, av ored m akoi a

Don't. ft-The-Gi Is i_;.
S war U a mt d .- Upie- m of and th E utside. wrld. I t was a8s ted "
i such a speech was made, translitonsiIn th Ruf m .an
Sy 1 RUARK would be dropped behind the Iron Curtain by waeth
o oFor some : rae this speech was, never .
Butpow, foure ars later, 1 Senatqm have. sam A.
NEW YORK. We have kudde@ a do her Job as weE as any man. Better than tim urging friends between the Russianpeople
in past times, with e. ldS of a l dra many. American people.Thi as the e of resolution tut a
in moments of f a ert B w very seriously I am as muh against a smuggled, dropped or a m or other got I behind o
ous Intent. New M1 a draft of womanhood an I am against a draft Curtain.
bome lady of th l In elst ,w a of labor. In a state which tendamore and wore ml TOs w ma'r. TOAST'
In With a deadMan re ti at toward absolute controL you have to n a fore French Pemler Rne- Pleven returned to
gal. stand liable with th men, a eut few protective strings loose. If you can hold ci- attended a stag dinner at French mb
combatant duty. villan labor cand civilian womanhood free of directly across the table from Senator E on W o
It makes a lot. of sn, There is the IlSg g government edict y keep a balance of power the etch foe of European aid.
record of seul bet aiatop In soet ors of civilian control. Throughout the meal, the Preth Preier and the
to look at. The rls ce* forn s Let any woman who wis es t c ome workn isolationist chatted tltedtl about ue er
reserved a pretty fair sha. at equality. a war come Work in as a nurse opuesree- told a bou visiting Ne e Ue wand o
administrators you can't best 'em. they served ly. as girls join the W oo and Waf. The but- of Nesrag as beet ee ttle.
with distinction as voluanteet in th last *ar. strehed hand.of welcome Is there Le 'em Wherry responded with s story In mself.
It Ia syi la tI At nw e ery4tork eungit w rinthewar plaatseand labor on-the farms, *tateWOP Chalmirtahe had1aade 0Woll tI1al
skipper ship or Sat e f ..or ey Ietm in ily.will. an4 take over for the abseet gen ri across the state, As he moved triM tota I tn-
the infantry on a conpar levyy with their In atever necessity Is Indicated. But volun- weat Nebraska, th caeg upon k small O- mit -
male competitors. taril. received no advance woqd. and wasn't S,
But dot subject them to a itary draft. their t, h* found ed up le local Repu eeder
S atisSe sao V e "i twe. anLpe NRortonsuggeW le you for a ranged'a pp rally at night.LA I t went I at
thr mnd o warne Xt recent twar t- pir poptiation sb t toa ha f govern- ther Nebraska O tie. Th e th a
wo edbrbadly at as le, jobs. The ` o s l hand. Tgo wh control I. too wma wThel An exbang 'w g ith e lo
e4 In shipyardl as spot-welders.. The dr e cabs people. w M. th--r -~. I% hm~ono w oe ust n
Sd tolled inatrcraft pats and. i general, b oruw6 iJ2 arranged a tn c.
per0 amed any tasks their had t9yberfrat .-Inever undergstImating the power of a wo- The French Premer- laughed he and sortily,
All lojic Is on the side of a feralidVraft. for m we havq a tty potent moiety Avi.TOe were talking back and forth- as If Wherry were 1an
-so mch of war Is adiinistrationAl and so lit- gas will make S.lot of nistakes,'in the adnta poter of aid to Europe. When it came time for the
tle1 actually. Is macsrited with. the man With lmtratilon or their' intuition, but they ,form toast., Seator Wiley of Wimoonsl.- MOMahou of
the gun. Rut I personally would hate to see A powerful politceaL. bloc and the politics. ar Sparkman of Alabama, Le. man of New York and
womanhood draft activated, as they sy In ,sared stilff-of them. Politicians and generals Msgachusetits 5l drank to the success oa ran
Washington. .tmke mistakes, too, as do cabinet ministers aa relate Md the French. aid program.
Ad ol t mere men. We need the lade largely finally It came Wherry's turn to lift his glass and
Apart from fatherhood man Way has little free to lndu)ge their Iron whit. to Pleven, he declared:
left. tqr his very own ave war. It is true that II t comes to last-ditch defense of the land, Mr. Premier. I may ask a lot of questions. Butd I wan m
a few girls' hatve Itr ded into what was gene- I will M rm y old lady with a ball bat slid put to understand that I am in favor of helping the. Premch.b*Af
rally construed as an's bltes, and Intrud- her In business for herself, and figure she will Colleagues are -wondering whether Wherry will now mp4
bd very, well, TleWacr ajnd the Waves and acquit herself well. But on her own time, min good the pledge he made at a private dinner. ,,
Me, m d Um M what they had to you, not subject to selective airviese.'
do, wiltu ed In m un e nidforms, S e the ldes have taken over pipes pants KOREAN CIViLIAN CASUALTIES.
and undou ethe gotft.. -I and politcw- mere man hasn't much left to The grim clasualty figures from Korea Shoe, as Msal,
T inere Is but admiration for nurses. separate. him from the weaker sex. The least Innocent civilians suffered the most.
No corpsman .a0 4tnotlon In a hospital like' a they can leave you Is something fair to come since the first shot was fired last June 25. a atagg
beautIul, wonderful., emale-type, nurse. A Lret- heaw to. Nor do most of us men wish to sacri- total of 1,300,000 persons have been killed, wounded' or le t.
tu g t004 s a melody, but from floe our last prestige in the dovecote, which Is these. an estimated 700.000 were civilians including
Ams.. .lto n t 's _vaUable:.. than penicillin. the right to be suimmoned to protect thle trails estimated 5,000 babies,
And Ir Air$c -and Italy and the fIts = arm, while the trails stay home and ap- Compared with these figures. American losses were
Pa iea a dwell in the, mud and plaud. than 48,000 killed, wounded or missing. At the mm@ tibeia
United Nations forces Inflicted a toll of 254,000 combat -
on the North Koreans and 134.000 on the Chinese Comm
In addition, the United Nations has captured 1304
Korean prisoners of war though only kboat 1.000
S Restive Labor prisoners. ".,b
V l ad (Copyright, 1951, by da Bell sonsynn, :,e..)

+ T. *

-L_,,~----------- ---

"*** ......

*';' z

. .. ...... .-.....- .- -.... .....^ .. i;.;.~ ^.. ,- ^

|rmy, Navy, Air Force News



E. n. -,

Maybe they should rowl t t. pz tour o.' hlee
Krasna picture that's hUPPO i aI w
to bring Jack Benny ack to the h w oer tosenh
screen, "No Time for zabeth ?" ted her les TV .ln h s -gen"eral was
about It:N80 390..,hbo ho t., .. S- -. wea.
"i tthower shownn ,oi'A W .5_1*0*Ulu
so they gave me the script 5Ofl* ratedtthee-
and asked me to work on it. smootLhest ui an .it..- M m rm be
0i0 Rear AdM. Albert M. Bledsoe, Commandant, 15th Naval District, examines the $1900 But V' been so bU with cord. It lo .e ?.If S Srhengt
eck. representing the Naval Supply Facility's contribution to the Polio Fund, which is pre- radio and TV that I haven't ther memodted his 6r ,_ 0,1UT OURt
anted to him by S. L. Henr Industrial Relations Officer. while Comdr. W. W. Winter. looked at it." was making i It p as Went won iset r ar mOr
chaplain. USN leftt. Saul Wynahaw (second from right), and Comdr. F. J. Roberts, USN, Does Jack pine for the per- along. It was smooth and even. ta OWN se-
* Commanding Officer, Naval Supply Facility witness the event. (U. Navy photo) Wm m e es Picture Nostbling. Every nten ty olve......."
(U.S. Navy photo) 'What the Hades. Pictures ct,
and TV. They're the same thing." Th. TV audience, of course, Such' car 't the only
r AyWarner beaut y Angeoa couldn't see the big eards, They method of get the text be-
Gormer Warner beauty Angeabe
e a ul Msuo of contract with: "I'm In my late
20's and have a child. We would
Both be embarrassed if they re- b
f erred to me as a 'starlet'
SI again.'....BOb Ryan has arrived l
e ga. rsatea"namev a lue" stage, e u T
three film ra last year grossed
R LI 0 campaign more than $7,000,000.
Hollywood show-must-go-on-
Secretary of Defense Gen. story: Tim Holt worked in
George Marshall has issued the scenes for his new RKO @age-
following statement in support brusher until noon on the day
of the annual Red Cross cam- of Jack Bolt's funeral...... Its
pain: hush-huAh at RKIO, but Howard
Hughes will follow "Two Tickets
"For many years the Red Cross to Broa4way," his first musical,
has been regarded as both the with re-mafke of "Flying Down
symbol and the source of aidto to Rio," "Top Hat" and most
the distressed in great disasters of the Astaire-Rogers hits.
of peace or war. But never in its e *
long history has it faced a larger
test of its responsibility than it IT'S HERD
does today.
"Vital programs for the Arme News item- "The 1951 Nation-
Forces mvst be rapidly enlargedalopcorn Week ha been set
to keep pace with our fast-grow- hor b aO 'o-r ingeu
Ing military strength. The emer- week theaters-et colbeat inor
agency calls specifically forceoor-
dination of a milita y.slid civil- notes:
Itan blood supply, the strength- t
ending of disaster preparedness Television is hacking at WAl-
and intensification of first aid ter Lantz' door bvdut the dean of
and nurse training. There is an animated cartooas-he started
ever mounting volume of essen- drawing them in 1916 still
tial services which the Red Cross hasn't tumbled into the space
must provide for veterans, channels. He told me frankly:
"These programs are public re- "I fust can't afford to
sponalbilitiea and their execution make 'em for TV. I asked
l requires generous support from $6000 for a one minute corn-
the American public. mercial and the sponsor did HAT EISENHOWER SAW as he talked to the TV eameras
"As Secretary of Defense, I a back flip out of my office, were big eards like this on whleb his speech was printed.
wish to state the Red Cross will It's like the days of ProhM-
have the full support of the De- bition and bathtub pin. Now were below the cameras, and he fore the speaker for easy read-
partment of Defense in the effort instead of gin, they re mal- seemed io be looking right.into ;lng. Manizscript pages can be
THREE GENERALS.-Brig. Gen. Robert Lee Howse, Jr., Act- to meet its 1951 fund campaign Ing $25 TV cartoon com- the lens and the home photographed on microfilm.
Inl Chief of Staff of U.S. Army Caribbean (left) is con- goal." mercials in the bathroom." every minute. This gave the then projected on a tape. and
gratulated by Maj. Gen. Ray. E. Porter, Commanding General, Lantz has been produeiftg a viewers the impression he was the tape run through a project-
U1SARCARIB. (right) on his promotion to general. Watching Chef program of cartoon features for addressing each one of them. ing machine like brokers use to
Is former Col. Francis A. March, also of USARCARIB, who 1ofArmys Universal since 1927-now six a personally and individually. "1f stock market tranpc-
wAs another officer to be notified of his promotion to the year starring Woody Woodpeck- tons.
rank of brigadier. i llL. Here er. Woody, like all of Hollywood, Since Elesnhower is far-sight-
0-oIL- Ieivisi1 I has joined the western cycle. ed, he could read the cards Elsenhower's appearance was
Coming up for the inkwell star without the glasses he uses for so successful, however, that po-
On .are: close work. That eliminated, teh litical spellbinders will undoub-
M or Porter Visit Forts OnInspection Tour "The Puny Express" and, in reflections which war the TV tedly copy his technique. Which
line with the firearms epics, apOearances of spectacle-wear-
Col. Stephen Y. McGiffert 'Slingshot 6 7-8." ing men such as President Trun-
S, ,Chief. Troop In formation and Biut while ducking o le- main. *
D vis, Gulick on Inspection Education Division, Department vision, Lantaz has to blush. m
o o the Army, arrived at Albrook He's on television evmri here were frol 100 to 120 EATRE
FORT GULICK. Lt. Gen. was at the 60thArmy Band, where Air Force Base yesterday for a night as the unbilled star of hand-ti lettered words on each of LUX THEATRE
Willam H. H. Morris Jr.. Corn- Ch Warrant Officer Daniel ten-dayvisitasguestofthe Unit- a cartoon series titled"CO the 21 cards. It took three menAR-COND OND
ander In Chief, Caribben Miller. Commanding Officer of ed States Army Caribbean. Heezalier" which he made all afternoon to make them. A (AIRCONDIONED) -
Command and Maj. Gen. Ray E. tne Band. took the inspecting for the Bray Studios in New number had to be made over, as
Porter, Commanding en party on a tour o the building. He was accompanied from M- York 29 ars ago. Eisenhower revised his text up NOW PLAYING!
an he i bile, Alabama by Ma. Frank K It was the first combination to the last moment. Two Army 'he most exciting pc
U.S. Army Caribbean. visited Lhe Next stop was the 20th Milita- Tourtellotte. USARCARIB Infor- of animation and real life ac- officers stood with the cards, r It l and
pots of Fort Gulick and Fort Da- ry Police Company motor pool. Lt. nation and Education Officer tion. and moved them as he spoke- atrue
is Tuesday. Gen. Morris was ac- Irvin L. Cox. motor officer of the who is returning from a TI&E Lantz animated the series and to give an even delivery. '711 OCEAN DRIVE'
companied by his aide de camp, MP Company, showed the OGe- conference In the capital clIv. played the "real life" sar. Now "with Edmond O'Brien
Lt. comdr. J. R. Swanbeck. USN. erals the various vehicles used by While here. Mc fert will in- 51 and gray-haired, he sees mor hat Pqti Andrew and
The eenarls arrived at Atlan- the men under his command. aspect major USARCARIB instal- himself on his TV screen as a Wally eschler, pianist for the ORROW 11 PM.
tic Sector Headquarters, Fort (dn- Next In line on the Inspection lations, evaluating Troop Infor- black-haired boy of 22 while hi Andrewsters, will race Patti'sM S H
lick, where they were received by were "George" Company of the mation and Education training wife chides, "What a haml" almost-es., Marty Melcher, and (MIDNITESHOW)
Col J. Slack, Sector Comman- 33rd Infantry Regiment, compa- methods and techniques. The nine-year-old girl in the Doris Day to the altar. It will be For the.first time in PanamA
der and members of his staff. ny under the command of Capt. same series is Anita Loulel s onth beforeWeschers
Colohel Slack joined the Gen- C. F. Hood; the 20th Military Po- Last evening Col. McGiffert same series is Anita Louse s months befinalore Weschlers
trols' party and their first 3top lice Company, where Acting Corn- was guest of honor at a cocktail FLIPPED FOR IT i C f YOU eo
pany Commander. Lt. Joseoh party given by Col. Worth L. Kin- oL Andrews is yawning over
Kormylo. showed the generals' dred, U.S. Army Caribbean In- Larry Parks and Betty Oar- the rumors that she is about to I1 thE' pt
oarty the day room. barracks, formation Officer, at the Fort rett have picket "Heads or wed actor Mickey Knox. 'e ie
arms room and mess hall; the Clayton Officers' Club. Tails" for their Broadway debut ex-Mrd. George Jessel's reason: ,Wl yu.
hee'Army Education Center. where as an acting team ...Dean Mar- "He's not free to marry yet andW
Nthe generals' party inspected the On Monday the visiting colo- tin and Jerry Lewis are toying he's not interested. But together
.various facUlities available to of- nel will depart for a four-day with a film satire on "Last of we play a tremendous game of
hicers and men who wish to eu:- FATal tal eins at oer AR the Mohicans."..Gig Young's canasta. That's all there is to ."
er thetr educationandlis 7 o unn i. FANTins tions at o i next will be his first western. It.
to a lecture on "Military Polire co. upon completion of which he h WWIULI,.
For na and Records" being given will return to Washington, They're whispering that Betty A cotxiple of set decorators
by Sergeant First Class James Grable's antics on the "Meet Me were talking about the heavy
Wheeler; and the Noncommi4- Alter the Show" set reduced Oscar talk for the sets in "King
sloned Officers' Club. where Club Shelley Winters to the status of Solomon's Mines." "If they win,"
-'4. Secretary, Master Sergeant Will- an amateur dabbler fIn movie said one. "It will be the first
:~~ tlam L. Graham. showed the geri- .y temperament.... Skip the ru- time God ever got an Oscar."
4. erals' party the various facilities
~available to members of the club fllflavgu
and their guests.
After leaving the NCO Club. *f m
the Generals' party went to thedishes A
air conditioned Post Theater with.
where they were entertained wi.h I' JOHNaGARF, IllEDat
mrv4ic pinyrd by the 60th Army STARTS TOMORROW! .. .. t e

of acd or W. Pumpelly took them on a per- *'- .
pdy help neutralize e- A-ter lunch, the generals' party
aw..ghtu I-Next mero/mS, a they witnessed artillery crews fir-
r gende Isiave before break- ing at a target towed by a plane.
-e only as directed From Galeta Point, the gener-
where they inspected "Able"
ra Troop of the 45th Cavalry, com-
3 LAZATI?-quidc. ne NoncommIssioned Office, S 5"".-
iv ,hesnmmpoz L where Club 8cretary. SPC
whnd. the 7M4th AAA un I'
i. motor pool; the Sc.. tNE .
.:r.i.tons motor pool; a i d
.,a:.:.qu:r.ers Eattery of tne .,
-04th AAA Gun BattalIon. .-


'" I ,.
nmics it e *. he wet- an4 .
nieanq thai- mkf aA p. a
ruan of aulbJ po u

Teen-A ge Raise
$518 In Arive Mor
March Of Dimes
Among the recent contrtfu-
tions to the March of Dlmes was
$513.01 from the Atlantic Teen
Agers Association. The money
contributed to the annual drive
was raised by' two benefit babe-
ball games.


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violence and reprtall
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Bolms Galore



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war. Ion as dla sdc d e e "l.'d" re e la qu v ce-Pr d nte del

s na de pagos en la tonal Bank ardo las . --11 d 3 dD* E. u. zre.s 1 I.aaea, ,con .n lueurcnles mn Peanmo F s s- I n form drmAtca y vioa- Intervino lueyo en ea debp
en de n de D eten ora or r en en 6 a e D. oes peran or ofrern e tn lent trmn6 a e n de el D. Jore ca q n
Sen la del L Tbl la prmer coc party n honor lo do los dipado e ad es que el ho d
Spa a am, ne y en Otto T. re r, vic reld l6n presented pr d c rpecto pry
de e a Repba. dnt de la Re dla 10 a ha ealado t del Cha Katonal Bank, of Victor Nava, medante el al retaba ald a la

S Mara de. t ra ne aco- the ty of New York quene declaraba nulo el Decreto r perarlo.
ta en "um* t-augdre el Aftea e de l j deD. ar osr .la nde Trab o. Prem .oa y e. uanegarofrecn la madrugada de Ley que provoc6 la salida del comfll e que el Puui s
Vi O iW .Ae S lprogramsA d&e alud blca y to hoy a PanamA. L Iencado Didaclo 51Vers do novador hubtera preaentdo w
dAo Ubase cldrou 5 e lo cual han v Oraclela Re uuo i g gae tos altos funclonarioq( vie- ig Caja de Seguro Social, sc prayecto, ue eio lndical6la
e IS lI n npecltoresit CruA uoja Nael2,oeq ua Ispr. m nen a viltar lai chIo uchrsa- a lraron de i. u CAmara en-ie qu e a dado cent
Ss neatr aa aer en eenog i lea que mantiene on el latino fl de protest por la actitud que al dlctare ese d to
1que on e mi atro hore mas ut eoa empresa bancaria para dar- asumida pat el vice-presldente cometid un actor inco
Sare n dencuen mo.a i e w e A soe cents del desarroUo de la encargado de la president nal y qu el hecho de que
Lo de lw leto de mn A political llevada a cabo por ese D Aguatin Ja6n que fue -ca- tuviers ali el Minitro de
dthe City of New York, quieness

dl el Prelooacldn de boleto o rif" 1W a huts ele dia 22 de los carrien- ea rreglamentaria". ba l ndlsasdo a las clraru
dof EptadMi Dea- y rsina s,-onR ,"ND.. N. ao.Uic,=d a ..,do

"B pa doa dOe lao e (Chet doe CamU a Feb. 10 (UP)on t.l Los hechos ocurrieron on la decllon de eats agrun to
r "Qo eiMI beth p,-,e. u-ea.on1,* AmlnRodlls fa. 'en6 Ch idDef anormesagoientien lB. EDNavaBs ltnsr-le dia uerpard priyen,
M Oe trt m "ra eIra de uadalu hr empresbuelnca r para da re-ent6 un proyecto de reso- de reaoll6uon.l
I tvA t feb. 16 (UWJP),;. Sof 1. del a Ne *r en spresuren a en- El Mayor Alesian fucldn que declaraba nulos lou Rabl6 entonces *l HD. We
o. OA rneraa her a l o dstare. miegurarer ba aumiw ofectos de2*pereto-Ley No. 21 0. Peres, quien n express uea o
Ia a Bdonde a aley 134 di 1A43, Organica do quo era leay dlae
el .a acv s Provta. la guerra e- rro la Cala de Seguro una nimid r ue luo e S
.el e orte, _s e laa 4 wm na RIs entonce o de la po- deade punto vista,

a n rl enhower l ue odai reo y naval rt admnstrt teln- pouicl6n, a lo eual rebpond6 mara el ionorn de
da oB la dbaa a a12 de d ______ nida por al te meorar ila mnaha de los u el a elc INr atbre l d que rt
eoala 12 f te 1-ne _._ on e I n re.- ,olb no p.uad evitar la agre- asdnto of t clalea en las Pro- ia. Que cuandto a entrara d" laLeyOrgan del gSur,
d O e e l e so- a anis n Europa. vinca fu (. eron abordade on eno a s dculn pro- ea ob
m a Wtran- ran eatoerie P. q y d. Ai 'p : "Ni tampco un agajo qu brain ee de re n toe no
Sl tech o 4 o.lnao ,t r toda, per podMde par i masa s Mayek Arfredo Alem pi expdel d. todo. n, nio
de de y p ero rar as vitoil a de la gue- tro 4 oblerno y Justicia a tB E ED Henrfue rl tae ln
t'1l "" .-.--. "y '* n>" *" ..'_" "l Ae l", o+, tr o.i ,,: +de ,-.. !^
l dm 88Ll e l S. .aid^ do liaI tUe nde, er- sldepoxm1admhal don Ioon ud1edela seo lpllclrei do riO-doCe 5b0N e 0 aaol pal soourfe rlosm

n Fldo 1s .a r lon ett re ama uo ers n ron I de l cvo lAl
IO ne"d l ea d .n r nar S L r---qe et e erena pWlPr vinc ial. sISealprdo Sd e e laa uordle y n m vn t a

CAWlS S l -AMo r 6 ante C 4 g Sr.nda; exhibdeon d ela m& ladoe e D. rictson 9~1- nio ,r
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a 5 t a d La PreqVa "m"n"""'d "n -ai- to ual dee an le aov Pe-
If tte e t N, anRarrye, 1trmee l a d i oria er a uerIta lua uln ia eunda del a OsIN C li"ba a e i
P a ad C. We o I& ca an crll oton oD a. ne e uo o ma.r d e n ien a d orn Isrd p otas di ag,

An" de o d e udd 4 aan to. o d l a ore ta r mlola L a a l u po a dlan da de
ha..cita para t 1W to .M N 4 i pt Vade -pero de "om a w a Af, rde e ibn n la axldo ertrso n 0es o-

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s rrdos phdy p a and 01r plc onsrh pructs c do Bugan "a eh ala
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-ianes do.I &._M!rumsntO de iiCtoi- aconLlclonando Isomlaj0.
,mer MOM ..If to crra ts rataag ddonallnedoolua m corbpe nuttsu co nudnarh-.maim
en su ada"l KUMoi -.1,d eo =mleaM C oonve-n c ..rtd. ore ....... en ,utr i"ascon oepca,. .. .... dod-nFIs ," tudnoe
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WASfJ p i n do quohaymu1esdoIone d o siPlones. Lei
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[al 4) rovermcasm.are E..a ena. oWASHINmTOlN, eob. 16 ModerUInst hitter ,-.
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q8 r d& l que in ;Pvibit Aw Mom-neda tqudao i sreMe bdolre-os 5OPolElualdr2a11106 Ge oI&

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M-ARA0mOnlI ARIAS. DiacrTon


Comoquiera que el palm al fin se va percatando
Sde que el Canal de PanamA no seguira siendo fuente
de producci6n monetaria para nuestra vids' econ6-
e mica, l6gico es que busque otros medlos para su de-
sarrollo. Entre esos medics el mAs indicado es el de
Sprovocar ia atracci6n de capitals pars la iniciaci6n
de pequefias industries y para el ensanche del tra-
Sfico eomercial.
El moment actual parece propicio para ess fi-
S malidad, en vista de la tendencia que existe en Esta-
des Unidos p r parte de algunos capitalistas de bus-
car en la America Latina oportunidades para sus
inversiones. La necesidad de preparar ese pais para
qte pueda defenders de la agresi6n rusa ha traldo
Come comecuencia un aumento extraordinario en
Sls impuaetos. El capital, en tales circumtancias,
trata do emigrar hacia otros centros donde los im-
"uestos no resulten tan elevados.
Pero.el nero hecho de que ia imposici6n sea
modera4- a o constitute suficiente atractivo par aIs
IJverai6n. Se require algo mas. Es precise que el
ppies que aspire a las atracci6n de capital y de trabajo
ueantenga cierta estabilidad social y political. La in-
qlietud y la incertidumbre han sido siempre ele-
alentos nocivos para el progress hdmano.
Ahora bien; no eabe duda alguna que el pals
tero clama por nuevas inversiones; que existent
recursos naturales que esperan s6lo la mane
dpl hombre de empress y de trabajo para producer
pt*Acias adecuadas, y que los impuestos que rifen
1n son exorbitantes. Pero falta el capital indispen-
866le para iniciar la explotaci6n.
Esa falta de capital podria suplirse ahora si fue-
rt possible convencer a los inversionistas de que so-
"- capaces de mantener Ia estabilidad politics y
al que es necesaria para el bienestar general.
que todos anhelamos con vehemeneia esa estabi-
progresiva, no hacemos lo indispensable para
trar que existed o que puede existir. Cuestiones
orden politico,, a vetes, de vapidad o de amor
en ecauiei m, s.interpoqin ipare crear Is
6i06n de que ham surgide series cotlictos.
La Constituci6n ha expresado el doeso piadoseo
que lo. 6rranos del Estado actien "en arm6nica
e~aboraci6n". Si por lo menos los altos funcionarios
maCionales y los Consejos Municipales procedieran
do acuerdo con esa aspiraci6n, sin duda se pensarfa
a. el exterior que hay una mayor estabilidad poli-
tica que resuliaria propicia para la inversion de capi-
talWs que tanto necesita el pals.

Selecciones de Noviembre le dice



--al mismo fiempo!p
L o. -. a. e .mee s tablet as de.
- esies deedeeea naeral
les*e. e nm on en pricIle.
dee, do mso esgnism.

Someqtone do Novlembre. pA4inm Is.
rM lt I* mAgica medicinea verde"
. Mlidun ente doUsne el ml allentic
te~nma Is namia olorm. del urpo
'lBidIcina mUloIPo compustia d
Omf.Iis cual Be puede conmeiuir
e l dqpuli" boUe las pequao m table.
ew.rdm Iiancdas "KNNDS"
d d beM tablet "INNDS" coda nm-
tmnuminan con su ditr.a preocupa.
W ne ma Su a lallento y Otra maoeP
ole per un dia enters.
C6mo Trabaja "ENNDS"
o M tun refresnuto pars su slleno
tampec unc simple deodorantse Ein
ir gte do*ris En pocos minutes de.
MH el anl slento. causado par I-
calli. tabaco. cbolln y halitoai Ern
n* 'ori lo] males olorem del cuerpo
iw recfn, h astm los malea olore-
na ea p"ar Is mauutrucidn. sudoi
omsaeds. etCre. Quedando Ud. libre
odSmult oJlres de los pies a Is lebeza.
Per a rlkn milep do peraone bendW-
e. a tablet. "NNDS"

PrIMSdo ea eunr
"hi Medleln Vwede"
ENNDS' no dtin o Ia trnsplrael6n.
ilmplemente Ia deodoria. no cubre l m
mais olores. mine quoeJoe ellmin dade
denuTo de u orinanleo,. do mode so-
Giro y natural
Rocuerde: EM Ingredlente principal a.
Clorofll'a un deodorant natural. Crib
Drobedo clentlflcunenee qua la media .
cinm verde" no am dafina al orpsnlim
Utted puede tonar mtrnqulunmenat
"NNDS" ltods lu difas.
Proteglde lode el dia-o
delvelrea mu dlaero
Ln medielna mllauroa continue traba.
Isndo durntoe todo el dim, aunquo Ud
no se pueda baftar
Garantlzado para eliminer los male
olotes par un din enLero. o le devolve-
remos su dinmro. No ae arriugue. do.
tenpa os nlmains olores v ma] allento
Pregunte por "ENNDS" en mu farmacla
Cuesta uno Does contaveom olamenif

Red Panamericana

tiene los

mejores programap
j -..

Acaban de liegar

para autos 1951
i-tEVROLEr" 'ORD" ", "MERC
g^'LYMOUT" "DODGE" 1949 -- 1954


M &reh agi de la a0ms #3 reqm 3-31s
. -i .., '



Mucho se hs hablado del als-
lacionismo de los Estadoe Uni-
dos. Ultimamente personalida-
des tan destacadas como el 8o-
nador Taft -posible candidate
a la Presidencia de la RepOV6
blica en 1952, indudable repu-
blicano representaUvo-- y el
ex-Presldente Hoover --q u e
fracas com o Presidentoe pero
que conserve una aureola do
hombre honrado, de amigo de
la verdad antes que de la po-
litica- han pronunclado dai-
cursos que ban Impreslonado
hondamente y que han aido
muy comentados.
Los discursos se han tacha-
do de alslacionistas. Los Es-
tados Unidos -segun amboa
caballeros- no debian meters
tan hondo en los asuntos eu-
ropeos. Ante todo, la propla
defense de los Estados Unldos,
los intereses de los Estadoe U-
nidos. No se justificaba el en-
vio de miles de hombres a Co-
rea, de millones y mlllones y
millones de d6lares a Europa
para detener el comunismo. A
ultima hora, lo esenclal era de-
fender el territorlo de los Ea-
tados Unldoa del comunismo; y
nada mas.
Pero ha hablado Dwight El-
senhower y ha destruido cuan-
to han dicho los alislaclonistas.
Habl6 Elsenhower hace esca-
son dies por radio a la na-
cl6n enter. Los aparatos de
televisl6n recogieron el discur-
so. Nada de leer unas cuarti-
lias. nada de ponerse delante
unos apuntes, unas notes. Il-
senhower pronunci6 su discur-.
ao a cuerpo llmplo. como quien
habla en una esqulna al hom-
bre que se encuentra en la
calle. Alguien ha comentado
que es la primera vez en la
historic modern que un ge-
neral. que no. ea el Jefe del
Estado ni tiene eri el pals nin-
guns posicl6n political o gu-
bernamental, se dirlge a la opi-
ni6n national en sla forms en
qu se ha dirigildo a la de Es-
tados Unldos el General Eisen-
hower. Be ha afiadido que pue-
de que en ella hays un actor
de enorme habllldad political
por part de la Casa Blanca -
que es. en el rondo, el reco-
noclmlento d e I Incondicional
prestiglo de que goza Eisen-
hower ante el hombre de la
calle-: pero con halilidad, o
sin ella, el reaultado ha .sido,
ante tp4o, ; -o01-60",,t de
la gran personal del g-,
neral; despu6s. su extraordlnai.
ria capaeidad de persuaci6n pW-
ra dirlgirse a la opinion pu-
blica y el hecho de que el
"europeismo" de Amn6rica del
Norte hays quedado establecido
en la conciencia del hijo de
Estadoa Unidos de la clae ime-
dia cornm o una verdad indiscu-
Y es que hay que admitir que
haber Ilegado Estados Unidos
a la cima del poder en el mun-
do. le impone obligaclones. No
se vive el siglo XVI. Be vive
el siglo XX. Y precisamente los
Estados Unidos han alcanzado
ese puesto preponderant por-
que son el pueblo de la hora,
el mas altruista y el de ma-
yor empaque: el de un advance
industrial y commercial sin com-
paracio6n acceptable en el pa-
sado y el de una formacl6n
que poco a poco ha llegado a
un nivel de justicla y de dig-
ntdad que ha adquirido la mA-
xima categoria.
El General Eisenhower es la
representacl6r de lo mejor de
Jos Estados Unidos. No tiene
amaneramientom del p oa I ico
professional: poses habilidad pa-
ra tratar con enerpia y per-
suacl6n tema tan asperos con
la urgencia del rearme, el ser-
vicio obligatorlo, la fe en Eu-
ropa, la neceildad de aeudir
quler Intento de agreslo6n que
pueda producirse contra ella.
Es la negacl6n del alslaclonisa-
mi. Y represents a eaa neDa-
cl6n tn mlltar, un autentleo
Tras las palabras de Eisen-
hower. trau la deGlaraclones de
Elsenhower en el genado y el
discurso que dirigi6 por la ra-
dio a la Naclon, el alslaclonis-
ma ha muerto en los Estados
Unidos, o esta moribundo.
Y habra que declr also mao.
QuIEtzA el Oeneral Eslaenbower no

21 aUriogaist as fl a".W
S de VNbr Haya

otr bM h. de hu. quo w adelaRta -e gusate t tin'w
maser VWlor Ba" l Hays de Is Torre, ha expedideo ISa me
qus paitmes a eomtlaela: s:
La vida de Am6ries Latina se ha carsomait pim..-o
Carlde t atel s rclio de lm dettchos psitisWM, a1%
pars i ix N toea el l amian y o pnmS=eMI al
veneid. 2 bt significa qae a neeeri o eoe
eamin~ se pars Ulegar, efqetivasMe, a, la (I eIM
im reqeM r mistnma det S amparad per a e
hombe r', a lsertes clrcunstaiuleale, sin inyeeons alntoladi-
man ylbaje a imapero de lal Ubertad.
Use 6 lee primer pesos e*amiaasi a i .e l-.
mrfftfl* e ls video latinsmntrcansa, fAd i uS del
ermdoA d Aelo. Oraclsm a 61, me ha Impedldo, a nOtmbre do
los dsm humans, que la persecucf6a a loa onenid sim
pan3 .lvae te ls vida o pars encarselar a nqmerg a.uldud-
eo in Mates, yeuy uileo pePad. consists an hubS ?.wa
t ols tobumrade a un pal si el "viate buen" 4
venedeMrM. Mowed al Dereho de A2ilo, el refto de t -
torime pOilesm aatl-demoerAtless no paede eelebrma eoa el bir.
bare eapectoule de sariflear, en ra6an de s eroe po
los adversile Me6Itei-eo de qulenes han tIunUSad I
sea el aigmeat de o la fuerms. La eeoneleah dto Adoea, e
amid n etrtafis de los pueblos, abe que la Bbeortd de pen-
mr, di oeslMt 7 de votar, amn e aut6ilea pars a myoria de. los
latol mserassne. Pero e so oales al adverse qua el Deetho
de Adto IMra de eutigeos lamereeldes a none nvos eSl at- a
liuates, euya vids, ast sea en el exillo, sigue slende an neleo
do mewjoeo das.
Deade u Is linstituelin d ae sllso diplomantice u aseptada,
en la teopia r san a prActiea, per cast todoes lo palees de At6-
ries, Ico ibs enoonados veneedore ban e petade a nonma hu.
matah de Is vitda continental. A nnain -M0o e lbablea
scurrid ne ar el salveonduste soeliltade e drelpetant
diplomitleoe doe an naci6n am!ia. eenmuels, Anrit o ababla
cohvenelde de que el odio politico tiens oe un ni7s ee lamite
era el Dereoe e de Alo.
Pero he aqui qus la victoria political del Geeal drid on
ei Peris, esaeueseu a de na elipe dei fueas onlra el b1 oerM
constitmualml de ee pal, samema eo sepualt M g en-
vas del Derecsh de Asillo. al erar pertraae s a
desl clamor' de Aa6riea. el malfesodueto ua 18s dl-latlams a-
lomblanes sellctern pars ias qU el et r tJl I5mays e dIs
Terr, sacoide a Is Jarisprodenela interamerieal y al pab li
do Coleobis, pudleora abandnear el territoleo peruan di6P s d
la derrota smfrlda potr la demoerac e aelqu pal I
y ne sl6e se trata de la primer vieluald6n maiflosta del De-
reebo de Asilo en Auxrica, sine que, temande stamun el ejem-
ple del Peui, salts a la vista ua r6imnae de eosspelia on central
de Hays de la Torre, puan lo goblieroes pea isa, inelusive el
del General Odrias. habian respotade y pracUmedo eea norms de
la vida continental.
Per otra part, en el eaw qae contemplames aparece Ia e-
rarqaa. del maslade. El oeeier NayL do la Terrea s ana doe las mi
emiuenteg cambres inteleetuales de Amnrica. Sue sernviwle I
deubrimiento spiritual de auestros peeboes y el deavelo per
construir una structure polities capas de dominar las irregula-
riades de la vida latineamerleans, le deatnamen seme Instre s-
teneoder do Idealb. A sue, al negirsele el mslveoendeto, me
smata contraeIs la teigeneia del Continente y eontra ms ele-
.vado propolto del Derecho de Anleo: el de aipedir que pereceaa
qalene imepulsan a aIs histeri.
El Circul de iPerlodistas de BosotA considers quo uan de lens
-mis perentorlas obliglciones del gremio es la de velar por la I-
genelp de los derechos humans, entire eIo eales se cuentsa el As
libertad de porenm y, dentro del imbe Amerteatno, el de aoilo
diplomAtieo, ya qua merged a 61 me Is pone eertapla a lal Pw-
seeeltomel, l salthmetaLo Iy a Is fMt .
S-. .e lbto.n a a .todA e-e pe
de Audelharaprne l .e1 M. "UBp st defend s
los derMshs del nmbte y de la. congl&" lruidlca del a0
ftrio. bes posible..seeuAlar lee meua ltues. asetasgosae la *
Amerlea pars qae el e6b1elr de Ud a ,es entlerr-ql sDerj,
de Asao y Victor Re Hays de ls Torme m raseato de ola is
cbheque qaeiene viviTemo deed el 3 e enero'de 1949.

t4nga amblclowes political, no
desee aer el .pritmo Presiden-
to de los Eitados Unidos: puss
bien, despu6s de su discurao
pronunclado decade u despacho
del Pentag6n ae diria que Be
ha condenado a i mlamno a
ser el Presidentse de lo 8 sta-
dos Unidos en. 1962. Esta e
la verdad. Y n sea. el Juleto
de un periodistkts alado de un
pueblo americano de habla es-
paqola. Es la opinl6n de mu-
cha gente que plains. Alguien
ha escrito que hay aclertos -
como hay errorep-. que no se
comeoen impunemente. Y el
discurso de Elseonhoer us aun
aclerto de esos. Ul "aclerto qua
tiene corolarilo
Por algo se calcula que las
palabras del General fueron eas-
cuchadas por cincuents milllo-
nes de norteamericanos.



Ave. Central y Calle 5a.
No. 24-Ave. Central No. 40

Se notifka a los cios de la CAMARA DE LA
PROPIEDAD DE COLON que deben asistir a .W r.eai6a
que se efectuari el Viermes 16 de Febrar e '1951I
a las 8 p.m. para elegir oueva Directiva. Acto que se
celebrara en el local de la Cimara en el Edificio Tole-
dano en Culo 7a. -..
Se invite i i-eate a ted. los propiotaris, sun.
que todavia 0 S blbre maciad.

Tedmm bo. Jee" am J
omo.mes r meeese seow e e
penm-d bd o6W Jsipele


W vs n
E. mvii

it htain eorddolsmt a a -
Nis doIs Ne peeIbve odlnlim.
10- I p i IivN-r"
p edon rtelrsme wesea.m

K sofat as s.

0a.. 3
inum ast *



Hoover a Europa: -*

Franci no esti

anuente a que se

arme a Alemanla
PARIS Februro. 1A (UP) -
En un etuio detalipdo pre-
sentado la Confersacia de 12
Naclones que omtensa mafia-
na, Francis abog6 por que los
palace occidentsles organicen
un ejdrcito upido uropeo, a la
vez que reaulvan el proble-
ms del rearm, alemain e inm-
pida el re giilento del ejer-
cito o Estado Mayor alemun. El
plan se present por los emba-
Jadores francese a lon gobler-
nos ante lo- cuales estAn acre-
ditados. Por primers vez los
alemaneso iartllparan en una
conference en plan de Igual-
dad deaeu que taermin6 la gue-
rra. I
El Gobierno ha prohibido la
manifestacl6n comnunista q u e
iba a realizarse en la Plaza La
Opera a las mle de laI tarde,
para protetar por la Inclusion
en la delegaclon alemana de
sells ex-gsneralos nazls. Afin
cuando el OoMerno nae Alema-
nia Occidental anunci6 que el
tnico mitar en la comlalon
sera el Coronel Ulrich de Mal-
zleres, los comunlatas anuncla-
ton que de';todos nod6s efec-
0*rian la manifestaclp en
eekaio al Goblerno. ,
; lI plan Frances, conocido ge-
nperlmente como Plan Plevdn,
fue anunclado por el Presiden-
to del Conaejo, Ren6 Plevdn el
24 de octubre pasado. Bn esa
fecha Francis proposna quoe 6-
lo s permltiera una pequefia
patlcipacln alemana, ncor-
porando sun unidades al ejer-
cito europeo. Los sucess pos-
teriores han convenotdo a Fran,
cli que e t rearme alemrn no
conatltuye un pellgro laminen-
to para eae pals.
Algunou passes no se han
mostrado muy dispuestos a so-
cundar el plan frances y u61o
Alemania, Italia, B6lgica 'y
Luxemburge han enviado dele-
gaelones completes a Paris.

aiMe POr r Ol

: -. -" PS

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vl I dt g .de T na:
LUNIES K :juv S.-: .
SPara mayres informs:


Avenlid Tivoll No.

SAgentes de viaoes atismadlu

1* A-

CLUB de 50 Semoana

por una pequefia cuota se maual .,



F LAS TA tfiS :-.






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Tefoneo 2'-"45



f" Vuele p6r la KLWM alo- drs, i

Pars, Mdrid, Roma...a Toda EuroQr


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S' "are obtem:et i A
...fe. ... .!.'. *telW s e de lo a t
Sdeberi a alli d
nt- snerviclo de p
.ls7 a motor at-
as; carreera en- i
"..P u inded de Pant- M
A. 'A e to Nacional '.
A .- pe e Q optlq6n. es logl-
#0. o no es mdens Balj in than smerviclo co- p
aa ce a bs s, e da .amoe tratando d
S1rld1 .*eblers mer or.e-
par une coI
hehoMw quoeLa situaatin
aermo s de gran.l a que el dinero que
b.s M la lflm paer cludadanos hpa-
SW. Pnta aldelaSatrg e w- U0elo del scaresi al. la r too prestado par
a tta5o6-* au a .ledP de lahlbooWp dol Ferrocarril de
ae ug e pu us 6 erdan A i d e nt y eautg e y la natfc dean foima
i t a eros van a pt -
s ala tRla a uded de a de una comps-
,.l .. aa de a reI e nbalbqa) p d p d la Ga-
maly enril dl s une sei- nJada Onicaz e nte pri Coen bl sa niero que no pua
Aaa ded e b ?a de 1e50, ll d 0ca are na d d el %dr nrrocarrilI deI .a- efpnfbebr a rnla qn e
U ftt nor a'tn quoe espsan ., hy idiLopisLw dep6sito que eat sl uado a Mr trl aMteo ulcionaleso de oBf-
ee S a c _"er ,apdos con l- dcaces it proh ilca distalncia de tro l1cs1 d Ap^ ras n t^ e los que nouotai
Sm'm il- qnp@ure p ae ae- ots per la iCompaftia del mu ales de BDaboa. La o es aonftontame l. Fmpleamlos un
m n elI aaemo "eo4uanSpo rt aor ores da PanamA, qua o e- m a euijmada en hutsa foaml a g de erO uelativamente alto e-
l rnde, de lea mdee ta .cT elles a llos camipoes onalderqable demor, P taea a cd ldM os a Inasmedos y so, nosf
m tq. ytespetnosaI, incl o Doamos alauat c lomo resultado, alegamos no-. unts empu ia exclusivamnc..teA
7i ltocla~h~clfr na S dttntpAosdo is maer tste l a clie a lou camiosdeu loculeeademon, ^ t*t.L c SOIt panem a lefosys n
cAo 'quM6 e oalst ao tendhis- o te, que reconocom- otros, Eastos adlclonale e in- naeol., que pertenece a co-
a mos que lientr a fin de poaer oted el derecho que asltoe a Ia necesjdrl s. e cl enate ya otros citdaoa-
relbihr .en lou sieaos musees, Compfala del lerrocarrdl a co- Treinta die a despu6s hai"r ber nen caya aporaciones col a-
pubis' carga d los barcous sums a qua en Isa .- resntao suTerminadles Paisna- lain pomuccn un imortaute
Metes d te u o fhoixhi lsramttdo quo so Ia e a e Iaha-Ba0par tonelada. por ci egmitido coma miembro de ltctr nu qea eraso da
n hrltam enter so ilzo el m-
e sa le del 1ail carts eu eenrones Gerentea G- la Itn emblOargo. i los cam o- paf del Faerrocarril de PI s- nuntio dae la complete reorga-
beo eag al y rC e a du a g 1caral e earib ele 6 deaJust oa ei pervde tuleQipanc aE a iea- aa)unct6 una reobje en asu trea de o la tZon del Cana
.ae tte .es p Istne as 1uo0W, cc foris n encrust dl-I0d1 mal llas, ia Compa-es Sal tarif a parsel anenoo di CA- par So quo tods las operacic'-
Doves as readooeyblmem p a cendo quw la Compania "a Peorocarrll de Panama pore!- ga a travys del Istmo. La -re- ens, en m future cercano. s*-
M es l as qu0elma cl permltlrisIa entrada de ca -bids t lo 2.10 par tonelda slp bajia fud ordenada, no oobattan- A dirlpida pae r la Compafita
lls epesa es e ida alguno a los muelles paq incutlr en los gastos que a- to el hecho de que an Febrero del Canal de PanamA, una nat-
*U NEcena el Mialtro ra recibhr carga de los barcos carr eate manejo adilcional dae de 1948 el errocarril de Panta- ress cmercial pertenecalte
eRoenal ExterPora Na Ar N c y.aprue ba d quea I, pro- la earga, antes meniconado. mA aument6 su tarnts per el tegramo nte al gobierno de loso
ama ~n epadblicsa de Panamga sinela e estos ceamtnes ean 15s r l s actualidad, el dep6-Po maua Panjo de a a a n los mue- s tads Unidos. En el paesado
r Mlnistro: muellesi hublera Icterrumpido go cnuantrt tan congestionado llies. En nuestra oplaln, 6ta a do p eni d par partc de la
Sabsts cul asda ee forma ale- ua. l personal- de a Compaf.ia ea una iluseraei6n urrica del o npaftla del Ferrocarril gd
el mayor feapeto deses- na ela operaclones normaleas n el Ferroarrll no pueadeoa sp extreme a qu la Campriat del Pu-im nae facalia del mpr-
S ror Is ,atencl6n de 8u sels; ante par eol conrario, los ra ia earen de inanera efliden- Fernocarril de PanamA estA doA- s Io fanmes de lucro. Aihora
l L l qna FSi. 5, dat doe samoions fueron er- to y dentro de un lapse rao.- puesta a llegar a fin de haier- esta o lm laetn e "ha desvo-
que a nui liitasa an varl J ocasuones pr uble e ainunap o asones e le front, o de liqudar total- necldo an el nitedo iurea tropl-
l n,on lae a Impan-i e personal del .F.errocarrtl tde *i l a las er press patt- mente, a cualesqulera eompeti- eel Toda actlvidad e n el Ca-l
t4e i 6n de UA n- eo delS Peantm que otrabaaba on los eulares quake so-encarguen elas dares potenciales, pellgrose pa al is de presumirs qug e oser
transporte treanalatmico po la muellea per la eficiencis coiN- o sa do ai datribal ep a- n ella que s ueperflien on el coan fines de lueha. Ya no ex-
Caoapsla del Ferraocarrll de que so llevaban a cabo es treloe de le carga a fin doe ei- transport tlerrno strde nterno tit Me eunald com epaeia con 6
Paam a an pterjulueo del ptoi-e mismau operaciones que shora tar mayores l demoras an ls on- 861o u Ingnuo dejartde ble penuonalidad. l quea egtmp.
@o en Iea l ,ay rucinoso qul delra ersl Ornle GOeneral ir- triea a suras clienter. Et con- praclar quela Ionreja ea n Iat.-set an sus f. inmedliaos y dn-
1 emplasmt prtvad que ua- paslble ie sdo t of uaars. gutin ls vecido registrn tcdua nifi Ge actreoa deola cargs C vorsos, badle unas veaes en.
deican a ell a, on la Repaoblics. or un nartodo considerable y travel del arctmo ea un a- moral doors tonoa t e una con l a-
Termnaa PanaA A., s clara que 1 a tros a- te flrse drgd dretamente p a pr y otra on
ei- usa 'oapsfi panamesi tones se lea permitiesras recibir minales Panhami A. Esto si vat autoritars deGl Gobierno de
cobatltulda par ascritura MA- cargla en los mueles, aumen- Durante la estacl6n lluvio- hace aim mas notorio cuando los .stados Unidos an comple-
bi No. -1d901 de 16 de Octubre taras en aumo grado ia aflcien- a, las empresau de transport uno advierte. que ni los comrer- to srreo de combats.
de 1948 insorit en el ReOsts- cl en el servilolo quei dariamo privado sutadren series demons clanrtes consignatearios ni el p- La nsers compaflia del nCa-
te Pialco, Personas Mrcen- ol Diblice a. general, a tal uMal que us clients, debido bliao en general recibieron be- nal de PanamA no ase un aUU-
til, Tomp 181, Folio 50, Astento punto que etotoanatitiria u aa que la Compefdia del sPerroa- noficio alguno de eas rebate, rio favorable pars el comercio
45O. La principal sctividad de competes real y afctiva i-s t'll de Panami no puede sac- slendo las Onicas benefIctlada-s do nutra pequaeA RipYtblica
la -empress Os el acarreo de ra el serviclo ferroviario trans- rrear is earia del costado del laW compaflias cde vapores e]ec-Ya sltormentada y debilitaten
m caneias de los puiertos er- a lstmico de la Compaftlis del Fe- baron i almac6n de depto tads. par le vt legul elcors y
males, del Canl .de PanamA ocarll deG P sanam. r r s del al t Lempo. En un Informe que fre so- do artulos d jo en a Zn
a travs del latmo tacit mu No eoaspart at clara criteria bicembengo, cuando lilueve, el metido al Goblerno de Pariand del Canal. Que el pasado nr.
dutino final en PanamA o en dc Sb rucelnca que de acuer- Fp otrrll de PanamA ai ears par el Dr. Thomas E. Lyos. aide una desatroes experiur-
Col6a: Nueutra Compelte tione do conpa le prtctica que shora sin vgones, y en ia misma for- *ecretanio ujecutivo de Zons aa o pars todai aquela empcoe-
el nas moderno equipo de ca- Impers se nos oblgla a recair ma pddran hacerlo los camlo- Liabres Extranjeras del Depot- n privadas que hban ensays-
mines quiE soa conoe y u dn per- a care in el depsito dec la hes (los de Teanmninales Pans- tamento de Comernclo en Wash- do oinpetir con ai Compaflba
K -d-e .- -I


Que CotruAiri

Cog ia CHrfk#lof

I.0dernu.. Cabinas,
. Bsall., eto. Cade4
le da derocho al us
a toted y su familiar
plan usted reolbe is
manicia do 100%1
oa do las emprea

aoe ll70


Elegate y Moderno Hotel en el "Edin del Isto"'

- Vitas lhcmparaFMs Ambiente Agradable.


Bar, ftotaurant*m Plcina, Cancha de Tenil, ial6n
Aosesn de B/.-100.0- piadera con facilidades -
a un costo para la empreoa de B/. 100.00. Con seto
u inversi6n y ration su aicl6n, habiendo hooho una
sobre ou inverai6n y ademis participa de las ganan.

CALL 7I 035TE #71, ESQ. A n "
PANAMA Telifoes: 2-172M 7 y -1
~~~~ L

Negro, azul, gri*, verde.
T as:4- 286-2830
Epecial... 4.95
Botones Dorados
Blancas, aqua, mel6a,
verde. 3 tall.
En todo color
2.50 y 2.95




de tPrrnavera

0 0.8

Bellas telas en precious colors primaverales...



Colors firmea.

Avenida Central 108 Telifono 2

_ :



de Iltimo minute!

anunciani la


de sus dos almacenes

en uno s61o!



sera el lema

del nuevo local.

Tallas 2 al 8.
En algod6n
y en ray6n.
2.95 y 3.95
PARA NINOS...-l.65
En colors con dibujo.
Talla 2 al 8.

CREMA' MEDICADA Quits barrillo.



(Central 84)

y seri la mas modern tienda de Departamentos

de la Republica. Mantendremos las calidades de

ANTONIO'S y los precious de LA INNOVATION.



*. K




SPANTALONES......... 3Z.; 4.49

.. rAfalad

,....O.qS .g....







ii 5~

i r

1 _

Lm -



t4 ^*^ ^*.i^


el FdrroeptU de PanamA es influencia que sea aproplada y razon a eata bumilde boB-t
in hecho notoilo y vergonzoso de acuerdo con la costumbre su ayuda efectiva. ,
hora que -s h sabandonado international, para ayudaraus Nosa repetlmos, con el maS
oda simulsalo' CompaSAll a ser reconocidos como e3- respeto y cosiideraci6n,
del Canal de: a se lanr.a transportadores en la Confs- cuentes aervidores de Sa
6 la paleatra41* ogoclo sin rencia del Atlantlco.yiOolUo, Zo lenctil .
inguno -deo 1 vjose y simu- na del, Canal de PankaM, C.)- TERMINAtflS PANAMA .;
dnos frenos, abrigamos profun- 16n y Cludad de PanamA, con OTvaldo Relbken
dos temores por ia superviven- sus ofteinas prinelpales en 11 Presldente "
la de una ueccl6n Importaate Broadway, New York 4, N. Y C4dula No. 11-12816 '
e la vid a condmila do la he- EE. UU., la Conferencle de Car- PANAMA. Octubre 31 de 1 ...
)iblica. ga de la Costa del Pacifico y
Reaumlendo Izuestra peticI1n. Canal de PanamA con oficLtai
os puntca sabre ip catales rn- princilpales en 16 Californa A V I SO0
lamos Isa vlloau synd udel MI- Street, San Francisco 11, Call-
laterio al glSoo sargo de fu fornia y la Asoaciae6n de La- Aviso al pdblico y al
Exceleencia, a 16m iguientgs neas de Vapores de la IAntilans io en general que par
)- Que hs g ha presemnte ofl- y Transatlinticas con ofichlnas tura Plblica No. 284, 4d
ialmente aI Goblerno de los principles en Londres, Ingla- do Febrero de 151, do I
lstados Unidos y al Goblemo terra, Ptara Tercera del Ciru
de la Zons del OCnal eL deLo Porque conslderamos que el de Ana Magal6n e rmp
del Gobierno de Panama doe ue e f I c I a n to funcionamlento de la abarroteria y carni
a Iso vehiculos a motor de eai- nuestro servlcio es de intcr6 "La Salvacifn", sits, e-
tresa respopabslea lsi ea pPr- publlco y de benefictlo direto Abajo, Sabana de eatse
mitldo, durapte las horas nor- para el comercio de la Reptult- dad.
males de trabajo de los mue.,es. ca eatamos seguros de que el
reclbir carga en oIQ de Clato- Ministerlo a cargo de la miy PanamA, Febrero 12 de 1398
bal y Balboa. competent direccl6n de Su Ex- Dells La Vilialo .be 5
2'- Qut hag, usa de toda la celencia le prestara de todo co- ,




1.74"99. MEDIAS..............

1N T
.'.*i :'. '-.- '

,y -MAm

DL ~A Uu3WA ~ M150 fliPi


RA.M dU .i-

C .i~ i C
-LI C .,
a -~ -

e encuentran


1-Elevacl6n de terreno.
It-Informar, prevenir.
14-BcEtenal6n cubierta de arena
11--Tletp de barro para sem-
brar flore.
11--Del verbo remesar.
11-Atereals de ahora.
1---Indio suramericano. Inv.
I -Detenga.
21-Extretildad de las aves.
2 -Plja preclo.
1--Organizacion Politica Espa-
fiola, Inic.
2--Emplea, utiliza.
.-Nombre de var6n.
--Provincia de Francla. .'
3$-Silbato de embarcaciones
de vapor.
3 d-Quiere con adoraci6n.
3 Ovido de calclo.
3sRatero, Abv.
3-Lisa, sin desniveles.
Hijo de Noe.
Poco corriente.
-Movimiento nervioso.
4- rfido. astuto.
4-Se diera cuenta.
Lejana. distintO.
4 ue carecen tde acento.
4t-Adquirlr cordura.
A,-Asamblea de c\lrigos.
1-Igual al- 26 haJzontl.
3-Alga filamentosa.
-Que @f01 n ldcor n. .
-Crem que se forma en
clert s iquldos.
T-' Carllsta. despectlvamente
0Del verbo arar.
Envlar, despachar.
1.--Letra castellana.

11-Yunque de plateros.
12-Extremidad de las aV
18-Dios de los mahome
19-Relativo a los polos.
20--Pone apodos
23-Natural de America.
24-Emitir sonidos
25-Pago o emolumento
27-Articulo ndetermina
28-Rio de Espafia.
30-Tesoros publi.os.
31-E Ti noRrteamrlcarn
33-Ave cuban de rapiflt
36-Cantar las ranas.
37--erpiente venenoisa.
39-Cuadripedo rumlante
40-Ave de plumaje negro
41--Lia Radical Argent
42-Vocal, PI.
43-Direetorio Municipal
toral. Inlc.
44-Ap6cope de santo, In
45-:-Medida Inglesa de lo
46-Del verbo asar.

I I N 08 AT

i l l m1

Se ruega a nuestros corresponsales s
breves en suS informaciones, pues debido
poco espacio con que contamos nos seri i
possible insertar sus noticias a tiempo.

El Aviso Oportuno"

"El Mercado Sin Ig.ual'

Es Barato y Efecti


Eslin on desacuerk Ru gran entusias fto ltl ie ici de

con a separacl6A Proiuceia de M Herrera poh ?a tpHEI hICIaR

rr l a M dico Asistendal ZbeJ IhrSs
LA PERA, febrero 15 .(Co- OCU, febr9r' it. (Cgrrespo.n- de
rresponsal). Rogamos a us- CHITRt. fbrero 15. (Corres- L selorita Rog.U hI _i* mall. O io Ordene del dtd
ted publicar el sigulente tale- ponsal). Crees entualasmo don seuquiel Idrt, -Al- Mintro Patlo eneUentra aU u
grama: *Ministro Obras Plbli- en Herrem par la Sira m6dico calde de Chltr, y etl., I e eata loosjid el Ing. Bells- veaneIe n~.a-ry-e Ie 1St6e9a a s
cas, por este medio expresamos slstaboelal qu el doctor Sama. p sector Sanitarza R litIal, rio 8Aensesenaurgado de los tra- darse a r r m dal IaId';
a used nuestra protests por rnego lniolar on abril y el cuenta can 0el poW de I so beajs prtel wnar s pra a econs- guPe rc o sn s u e uta .'Ien p M
el traslado hecho en la per- congress on Macarsaoa. Anoche cdedd de. Chle AS MSIOh trueldon do un puente sobre el del earoe del pro.reb.-. m
sona de don Cesar Arlona co- se postul6 en Santa Mari a todo el pueblo ehitreuid. rio Oc Paso, La "GuabsU". 1 6pe de l conqui t a, -.
mo Superintendent de esta la s ofor ta Matilda Tello y Rate torneeo qew ta ..e ..,,l minI do as hle. bam'i a
Beccl6n de Caminos para otra hoy poituIa el Conlt6 Chltrea- por alto cIvimOo.det-dM l* i a",m 'I ma'I-t gclna n ... ain enSf. do i.muy y j on I*
Provincla En esta rein e no a& hi sefit rits e R candidatam y Muo unl1 m vluneatmi rseo u rel on s iIsfalta( Se rga
re laia rpr funcionarios ca- uez. rAi mAs estreahalmette a. to quo vemo lre l41 cum- nIsalMn apropi#od on nuest ia -s1
plimtnrl ,* "^1 'vo tsno ol tO m e im, -a 6 reomin 9 u M O Jw Bo y.1
paces y reponsables que Ilenen .uebis hermanam. Y dart ma- pllment o formal prome est dltic ide A io i-ri.t l.F
ves. su cometido y la persona a Epdras. gran contingents de yor brillo l Cono iO e Aue- hecha par su BXcelals Dr. contar eon-na ,,ntsa, a- rim
anoa, quien no. referimos lo ha de- .votos en el esoruttino de Oodzro I a Ms Jr Mado Amlsten- a.Arnul Aria dursta et- praop rad alr rP,
mostrado en el poc o t que mque s celebrar6 el sAbado 17. cial. Iee Iaall ma nla a Ons ranjeres wp agda "ul
leva de estar al frente d ate ..- bre Isa olucioe doe r Ip.or- nac'" Ol'SI s quo soreemn por Cerro .Cb la. i ..-- '
departmento. |*1- tante problems. Mlentras tanto, -
Apelaos epritde rrollandova ta adelantans g sttones parn ter-
por roa fin de corregir e.sto quse eSi ta r a 0vasta inaci dtrbaom del hamd- A r
consideramop injusto. Afectlsi-i r ital deastepo RD Cln, tam-I;c tt
Mos. 0 b9n6npromet do par B uEOcehen-
-" o I" i .o Os.. +no ong IVA"
do. an Zanorn. o CV. D lav idntar ia en Santiago ca. 'l pCeblo ocueo cta Ias
Almpo. ,s tebaCedenC., .a w S Aa en -anpromelss heehas ppar el xe-
Facun Guerra, Rafael C6lod- lentlaimo sefor Presidents, ea
o. ba, Jolo Caballero, .Jose ide a ANTIAGO, febrero 15. (Co- que as Importad po r un co- pro.nt realdad pare honest
a. C. Caustllo, Hortenslo de Gra- rrespons l). Muche se shamercianta d ate plr -Do- CON-de atCU A BECASds regone
ela, Manuel de J. Almanza, Da- hablado del abandona on que partamento. ficilit al Intere- mejoramlento general do nuemA E
niel de Leon, Manuel de S. Al s- enouentra -hey la manidad mado la cantidad olloltad a un r AtrtrM ai.m r.e dpice lopr4vi li. do c flit
mana Manuel Barri, Vicente pQblica. No en todas parties su- cost igual al que ha ddo ad- a Irn tutati Al de divi, lam 9t
o. Caballero, Emidio o nz alez, cede lo mismo. Con gran cor- quirido. as ... lt, tagn
ina, Rub6n Zamenno, Alne d pplacinea bheamo norado ueo los A Inslnucldi del ]aspector Ir dtnfmc ra meora Maria 8. doe ,L. .
Grais, Valentin Almanza, Ve. empleados enearados d l Do- Alvarez, el Municiplo, Pa r in- Miranda, me lntereare en que qo -.oMedki au'gadA. ism f.- m"doemi-
anle rr, Jstino Castillo, partmento e lbidad n termedlo del seoor Alailde, be en cad Unidard Itora que a Do mtc td pa d wa td ape hape
Ele9 Clemente Caballero, Juan B. eta poblal6n se estn toman- comprado cierta e~thtd p- un"eona en el Interior, com- l l
Castllo, Jos6 A. Castillo, Ale- do Vo inter l en el manea- ra usarlo an el mereado y prara periddloamente cantlda- u'e o _tue
v. Jandro Batista, Francisco Cam- nlento de la eluded y us Il- en el matadero. Por otra par- des para suminlstrarle a los vcur e d s 4clrm
nglitud. tllo,. rededores. 1 Inspector Provin- te ha tenido gran expendio en lnteresados a cost de factura. --sel.s de aesel..
clal de Sanldad. *eftor Fran- los reataurantes, kioaeos do co- Eato traeie como resultado una n da-S. -' .
Avs 1J,, I1 Alvarez A y mus ayudan- midas, dulceries, refrcsquers, eflciente campita para la de- t-.-iItu-.dtmo eme'te.
tp AVISO Jl t.e. meo"res Mariano Echevers y en donde ha tenldo un mat- truccin de ate terrible ani-
Eugenio Pinllo han inlelado nifico resultado. rucclin c i de bumi atlduict firm da pr tr .em-
una formidable campafla con- Tenemo Informes que el di- mal. de r T cslds honorab ild .
.AVISO DE REMATI tra I mosca, que como abe- llgente Inspector Banltarlo de Nuestro lincero reConocimlen- -- Ci do buea lud. epsid f1ai
1 ..... rJuaib rard mos, ea uno de loam peores ene- las ei6n do Remedlos an Ietosa ice o e i] t n-
migo del hombre, ya que ea Provincla de Chlriqul, f6orL to a ]o pectorell anitarlo uto o 7t It.p*
Qe c ae. ladoM Idia veln, loco tranlmisor de terrlbles enfer- Armando Berroas, a ugestl6n de eatsa eccl6n por la exce- nmrtmn= .A g ), .
die lo corriente, din'tra do lam. eho d* mledadea. del Inspector Daniel LIsso y lente labor que eatAn demarro- .uo A
ma ...v doe s dalJ dim. pars Uevar el dI inspector Alvarez ha ad- Alvarez, ha solicltado clerta llando en favor de esta Provihf- ,
remtde I.ilulim. bln* oembr- quirido pare el use del. depar- cantidad para ponerla en usa pre m-5'
gadoo en Ijudlco quo iliul Lit Rntg-. i r- 1
i k. p"ri~ilIt rmtim Arturo P-sealt. tamet i u car una Apri-, o u.go .. *
'rr... m.qulnma do c sor -marc. clble cn&tidad de a t O tr.0 a nlstracl6n. N- Ilamada "peg. p osca y
14 yIr* s do' e m rIn I, m hoI olatiu 268t, I{ N A a/ a
I IlotI s de1 te0 3 ( pelao de dim '"'. 00' ... : f.. ..i '
tin j olSrim
I E-pelo 10.09
TOTA iB 240.00 e pecialniente creados
sorm. posture admisible a que aubra pa porne Is ara p wrcio rIe
do. terceras partep de I,, avIl|o, pre-
IS I s consagnacif del A' do mas mime
on el Deeipcho doe ia ecremrl del Tri-
bunl.8 ,,,,. 'de.rescura yelegancia
Hmii IsIm once do 1 m. ian. w Id-.
mi1iran posturls, y de rsa horT halgL .
ser l dedre del dia se charn l durate todo el dia
as y repujU, adjudlcAndoles los blenae
al al major potor.
PIanam. 14 dre Fhrero de 1951.

Red Vanamericana

line los -

S meiores programs / (

aor5 LESTA
a 15


- INTRANQUILAt YAR-Ldo unma.- .. -o." e.
INTRAN30 I. rnbarha Ai mueso. C3~/~k i Al lavarseccon JabdmdmSalalLifcbuoy(SalRvid)
u m. .,,er,,es dl car',LAVINDIR su cuerpo iesentisve.odun=t toidd d Il
s.of no li trobarAi el ,uIt -.- (L,.,.d, laises ) dia. Su profu Idame Igo Umpiador iespumia -w.
salud y la a elicdod. ald e cam realidad hace desPatce C eagot-ento y cogn-
biando pira POSTU l cale ser el "Jabn de delundsu frescor p ar espdcile de mis empo. No sao t
q e lie de calel.. y el"Jabn d Ld Mundode guarded aa. d Jab6a de S
,L** "*, ,, ,"u ifebuoy (Salvaidle) annO-pars. cons I. .
mleIr 4me Io m ai r Pmrfumedao tambida con la ftmIes Lvaanda Yardley : Sle pita el Ruo, f." du..nt. tdo -dim.

vf, ,T.U.. va.. am. t d P.esp .Tmk co orrisquiitomdeomador. PARA FRESCOR PERSONAL CONSTANTE B' .mO,


P.Pero como arte de Magia siguen bajando en el j

Arroz Blanco ...1... 100
Papel Higienico ..... 8
Lote de Camisas a 1.25 c/u


Sardinas .. ...




SSopas Campbell's
de Care .... ....14
Pasta de Tomate Francesa
Hoy .... .m..... ..1 *
Ajos a ............. 284

9 I-ocaorrou"

Petti Poi ... ...


... d

Lote de'Cammiu y
NGuayabras par....
Niflosa .......79* c/u


Toalla ...

.. ..... 57*

Sabanillas ........49*
Pate par ... ,
Nifas .......12 y25*,



... .y a ..

+., .
.- : ,* p ,
____*___&. "- *' ', *

.. -.- _._.._.-.%I

4 :S
imp ^ ^ 1 : ;"..

- .- .-. -

I ..: ,.- "
./.. r *-..-V

.-~At~.~.~ ma _

une.itos Sob.romos
2 -a ImI 2II 4u. 2ii m~h.ditdk p.
Skm.ciMdltI el de boramw
\( 5 7, enochMm matecm Uam olech (m/m)
Merclar togredientes secos, agregar i
teca y luego leche. Enrollar, corter y
near a 450" F. (homo caliente) de 12
Siempre quedan riqufsimos con...
P C IIIUCT .al. h"
rCALUMET ded.....




_ __



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I I; "I" II : I

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.h Jb. dXiM i-
J6 pe

hit pae veOIst 1; '

SMiller proae
tebro t 10 a ugslai& zo a Lima (v
d los e an un I *1 Con- dindose el mi
i de l atl 1 d fci a lip sdoobre nami. u reg)
...... l !.. .! q .. I.... ._... .

o" o > p S to as. E azmsTw iPrea ra-OlnaI'mo p
nlun. a 1301 :46am).o
$'^c"1' ':. ... "C ...." A 1 O^ fteono m n.e P
Sei. BOIL*. sst*j..- dta o bl
pr1o t0 an *4 1 do hey cpua seuaoir basts el
1i its d I t V ..... 1i t otllIsor i- I untoI p e3 d lde eotruc-
S O l e 44 lWld aoISnf us Au Wrl im I
..-Is or l a .nada .. I 4 n ro al rlol Ur eI e
0 1 1:1 00'. .. ._ .." e rs, ta s ldras n do l I ro i d#nt re- sa
Eelth ,sdpnde toe in VtL.. i ti- [do
t0s a '"aams .- in Is e tt do le$ Eat2s- F
*ela o io- pr- 'u 6i". *lood oo n ra .oto a Ia
I. ",us 161p I o0- apgiti n oa;oCiflMr, ltO itii-

"Isei M...4- .
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.n o dtan ..o io an ns, Plropl alo erodl Sub- ru lua
x m Ur". L d Or or o. t S6ai -t. o "e-on sp o oa- r "on .e r

.... o s, r ( mc manon G-p o f maSc Ip e l cn umer e t., orl-. l.
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al endru.abva!l ento do mu pr m d i a hdo oes d no ham a v l n .3 a"iomn-debonuaurs capital-arg-ntina
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I-declare quoatinpolite s tdqu@e.n d uerza murc1reenamE n PUereLt
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sIdomIpara Iapolloevlvea ,:o*e orion'r 16. UP. v del Parale 8. LE A Ysut-
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"Ap- i -desemrk lKito p. rolb Pll Wada nts Ana

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podazadm.SbInroyesportm on demo-

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p.l ,nuert o s tau toepars re'' Plaza Sa"nttaAna

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&rajfs ae 3JTodnO
)ese 8.95

lUe 34 d-ificlo Lux
Tol. 2 3.6f

s ejercicio, ailry sol en su vaucclo-e



Call 0o

Santa Ana



LC. VKice




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y sF4 y olgunos otros


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;- .-..4 '


'Miscelineas Bienes Raices Autom6vules
ViN*t-CIlo Pubene mgw SE ALQUILA:-0 se vende. Cos de SE VENDE:-Chrysler NEW YOR.EER
r oeese omlade, Pr-Te- (etMa coriipo en Chorrrer IEl Coco )Tel. sedan, 8 cilindros 1949 topicerla
i lde pee dlr. eo e sessM made- 3-0255. doe cuer y otros occesorio, f aill-
M-as .qwamume. esesedes., aft. --dades de pago. Ver a ESKILDSEN,
e ls passee bejes on .pleas. SE VENDE.- ~Und tionda on ct li 16 Agencias Pon-Ameraconas, S. A.
AGINCIAS GLOSALIS. Vie e. Oeste No. 4. Tel-2-0825.
-. I"* omde e Juan eence. Tel. SE VENDE:--Caso 25. x 26, cuorto SE VENDE:-Automovil Ford Sedan
"150 para em~tleada 14 x 0, plants do 36, derechos pagos, 8.80.00. Ave.
SE VENDE: Incubadora el6ctrica. luz, bomb slictrica, todo bl3oques Mexico 69, cerca call 43 tel6fo-
Tel. 3 0255 repellados, piso mosaico, tablillas no 3-0553.
do caoba en Ia pared, todo estric-
S VENDE: Madera usada en per- tamento moderno. Casa 61, Ave. SE VENDE: Oldsmobile Sedan
fettas condiciones, a precies sin Segunda, Nuevo Arraijhn, 12 mi- Hydromatic, 1942. Ilentos, topl-
compotenci en Ia plaza. I x 6 Isis del Ferry. Jack Davis Apdo. cerio y cubreasientos de Nylon
2 x 4 k2-K"-'2 x 8 *- 4 x 127 Cocali, C. Z. nuovos, motor a today pruebo,
4 6 x 6 8 x 8. PAREDES bueno corroceria, con radio, gran
Y CIA. LTDA. Ave. Pablo Arose- SE VENDE:-Cintrico y acreditodo oportunidad. La Parissin Ave. Cen.
mena No. 10 y on Pal- negacio, par no peder adminmstror- trial No. 113.
tinle Calle 12 Tels. 2-3238 y 3- se. Porae intormes seicribo al Sr.- ...
3476. Kuylen, Apartado 1828, Son Jo- SE VENDE. Pon-Ameri-
.....- L si. Costa Rica. canos.S distribuidores de
3 VUNINM:--LLenta 700 z 15 do ...los outom6v'i CHRYSLER Y
Slones, maevas, y muy hberem. SE VENDE:-En el Valle magnifico PLYMOUTH re a al major pos-
Piple pare hives y trbjlese p- late bien situado con servicio de tor los siguientes r os:
ude". Reconstfuctere Nacienal. acueducto, precio m6dico, facili- PACKARD SEDAN 1I
Ave. Pari Ne. 7. Tel. 2-0406.. does do pago. Tel,' 2-3248 Pona- CROSLEY STATION WAG
mi. FORD SEDAN 1939
SVINDE:-Miquia perferedere do HUDSON SEDAN 1940.
page M "ucyrus-Erie". Portfora SE VENDE' Refresqueria Teatro HUDSON SEDAN 1940
m do 4". 6" y I". Antonio An- Victoria Para informes ocurra alli N E TA
sea. Tel. 2-3206. t misma. Avenida Central No. 193. SE NECESITA
SE VENDE:-Maqunan de oare acon- SE ENDE -Chalet n El Valle. In- Dom
dcaonado. Colle 36, No. 6. Tel. formes Oficino do Correos do El _________
3-0644. Valle SU NECISITAi Imploode. Slms
SE VENDE -Por no poderlo tender SE VENDE:-En El Valle. cerca Ho- sueldo. Debo dermir n el mame..
personolmente su duefo, abarrote- tel Pan-Americano, modern cha- Callo m 4n Vldis No. 1. per-
rio peqsieho. buen equipo, bien si- lel con dos recAmoras, plant elc tomento 4. 2. pin.
I. t,'c.t y con muy buen promed.o trica. 5.200 metros terreno. Pre- SE NECESITA:-Empleado compe-
de venta diario Colle 43 Este No co rozonbble. Tel. 3763, Balboa. tented y sera pars dos personas
58, Bella Vista GANGA! Vndese f.nco en La Cho- grondes y n,6a. San Francisco do
SE VENDE -Vidnros de1 -4 grueso rrere. entrado -El Coco". carretera In Caleta. Calle 2a. No. I1.
de 18'x 42 18 x 43 20 x Cental Uno hectreoa Casa. Arbo- SE NECESITA- Muchach oven
50 y 24 x 60 MUEBLERIA LA les frutales. B 300.00. OcC'rrose pora ofacios caseros. Debe dormir
COMPETIDORA Calle 16 Oeste Moreno calle 15, San Francisco, en el empleo Calle 50 No. 10.
47. Telefono 2-3181. No 42 ene1m ----------
47. T----f--n-- 2-3 ------No4SE NECESITA: Corguera. Campo
SE VENDE -Adquiera sus tlquetes Recomenddmsele ,nspeccionor y corn- Aegre equin de called Ricardmpo
de I Rfo de Los Leones. par Sis- parar el modern, espacioso y 96- Ares y 51 oopartamento 3.
temo de Club en La Casa del Pon- mdoe chllet de i recemares con
taolIn. Si no s lo gana pogando B. 2 Uanos etc. situado aen Calle 40, Si NICESITA:-impleade con ex-
1 1.00 seminal dorante Doce Semo- Vista del Mar. Ne. 3, con cual- perieucie pare muider nils, quo
as timbien so Il entregari su tr- quiera otra oeerta. La comparo- doerma on ompl, venge d trim
S quote. c6n es grls pero su resultodo de a sells, fomille. Rmnero. Avenide
Spooell* sler pora Ud. Woltf y elbiey Celle 33 esquine.
SE VEtBE:-Propsdedd. can buenas Cio alle ea.. No. 22, Tel. 2- ,
S gnanclas. crco playa en Seocliff 23 SE NECESITA:-Empleodo pore co-
S Acres,. Ansiste'en CUATRO APAR- cino y limpez o de case. Debe dor-
TAMENTOS C 0 MPLETAMENTE mir on el trobalo. Ocura Via Es-
AMOBLADOS, y 3500 metros de SE VENDE pano 1 3.
. terrene alto. y nevelodo, agua v
terr'eno elto. lda mads B 7500 SE NECESITA -Empleade con expe-
'ectricded. Bdes B 7500 Boles y Motores rienc. para servicos domesticas.
lmar POSEY, Balboa 2698. r sepa olgo de coceinabuen
a SE VENDE--Motor fuera de borda, cus sepe alga di cacnu on
Cuando no encuentre olguna sp- N1-2 H P. Mrn "60". Com sueldo. Ocurra Ave Per, 55, Apto.
cilidad quo necesita. vis.te nues- M 4.-_
tro atr-oncon en Calle Martin Sos8. ne C 124-8, Mar-
Allii tnemos un extenso surtido Bgnto a SE NECESITA -Bueno cocinera, de-
doe 'rtlcltoe poco r uco nes: per- be traer references. Ave. Peru 75
SEno. n4lasy tur s SE ALQUILA alto
c es i 'tfao n&o, tdmnrquetei, SE NECESITA:-Buena cocinera con
l odhlse. gl experience, debe dormir on el em-
St IN pleo Buen sueldo, familiar peque-
stris do la Lechoria) "Tol. 3a4j SE ALOUILA--Local para oficina e na. Informaran Ave. 4 de Julio
|e. __dlach__Tl_ chnica. Avenido 8 No. 59 altos No. 19
$cuda sucursal Sylvania en mis-
SUAYAUANAS me dfici. y n m SE NECESITA: Emplooda seria,
competent v con buenos referem-
Pure Hiloe SE ALQUILA -Local omplho y fres-, para oticios do cain on gone-
co paro oficina, clinia 'o eecuela ral. debe dormr en el -emplea. pa-
.' etile Cubene privada. Muy cintrco. Precio mo- ra infbrmes dirilase a call 49 No.
' $110 derado. Llome 2-2443. 19. Bella -Vistoa
SCASA FENIX SE .ALQUILA.-Oficnaos pora Profe- SE NECESITA:-Empleada poro tro-
Ssionales y Compoanis. Balos del bajo domestco Colle 37 No. 7
,Aveniede Ceeln 155. Arzob-spado Telefoio 2-0319, de loltosl esquino Avenida Per,.
STel. 2-2490 8 E NECESITA: Persona quoe sepa
SE ALQUILA:-Local pare of.cine. cocinar. NO tione quo dormir en
m Nrriba del Teatro Control. el empleo,. y unia empleado para
SE_ NSI__ I --- oficios de casa, riene quo dormir
eeral SE ALQUILA: Local prop.o pore an el traboi. A,e. Monuel Ma.
Serial oficina o adep6sito en calls 3a. No Icoza No. 26.
15., frente ol Polacio Nacaonal
Ki..1ee d Al xtr: Hoclendose Ocurra ol msrn local o llame a SE NECESITA:-Empleadc do 30 a
'. gents vendedor en lo Joyeria Ha- teletono 3-1147. 50 aoos que sepa cacinar bioen V
waii. Ave. Central 56. hacer el oficio de Io case a fa-
-E- TA-P-raun-ne-o- o- ALQUILAN.-Exclusivamentte o mli pequeot. Venir con recomen-
SE NECESITA.-Para un nuevo ne- r a ofiinas locales cntricasm n los n.Ave. Ecuador No. 4, be
gocio que sere obnerto en altos do Avenido Central 44 o a s
." esta ciudad se necesitan models precios m6dicos. Soliciten info,-r-J
Para quae vstan troles nocionales moci6n an Almacenes 5 v IC con- LECCI ONES
tAcuda,Colle B. No. 79.. tavo__________________ LECCIONES
St NECESITA:-Muchcho de escue- Profesor de exeriencio do closes in-
e. no 1u4 oOs do ra oaen PERDI DA divdua'es de inglis a precio razo-
der nrlos. despues de ka escuela noble Especial atencion o alumnos
Debe dormir .en.caso Acudo Colle Inoble. Especial atenci6n a lumnnos
Carlos A. Mendoza, No 66. PERDIDA--Cartera, cidula y pope- oplozados. Llam@ 2-3437.
les importantes en un bus, qulen El Estudio de Piano Bennett con cla-
Sa devuelva a la direction de Io Ise modernoas de piano. ofroce ires
Su E ia cidula sern gratificado. curses pract.cos de clsicao
tos paiesd haber viola- SE COM PRA y popular. Demstrac6n gratis
los tratados deiPaz de Ia SECOM PRA Juan B. Soso No. 9. Tel. 2-1282
'agunds guerra mundial'al su- PanamA.
imenta' au usarnamnento. Ahne- S| COMPRA:.-CCOPR de oroduc- COMINCE HOY MISMO! St Ud.
1aon no di6 nimeros, pero o-.rus ci6n noconal exclusvamente. on o E es nbir. pueds opren-
c- g n a d os dimero on q ue m W cuo lcluter cantidad a I 2 10.00 sab@ leer yr scr ib r, pu ede apron-
uclnars dijern que W col de 0 00 der en su prop case, en muy car-
ton rree que Bulgaria, Hun- I tonelad d 2.000 lbs. netasbien to .mpo: Ings. Comercio. Cons-
y I 7 Rumania juntos tlenen limo;a v seca. puesto y pdesa ean tucOnes Motores Desel, nge-
:eerca de 600,000 soldados y .an nuistro plant di Is ciudad do Pa- n,er,at Civi.MRefrigerod;6n,D y -mu-
bserca de 600,000 soldados y .an nm CIA. PANAMERA D0 neeo Civi.1 Rifrige6n. y mu-
?oblados er nsta ro audi orza-o nACET I A AAoAdo 9 el choIs atrrs mis.. ISCURILAS IN-
Otro factor Importante q~ e PanamAA R. P. Tel 3-1371. LATINA. Apemtido 93, Tol. 2-
ha hecho a los funclonarios en SE COMPRA.-SIBO FRITO iDenre- 2532, Penami.
Washington medltar sobre la tdo) de primer caldad a B 0 14 LA
fiolbllidad de un ataque s '- 1i la .bra nets. en cualquier con- SE ALQUILA
Iwte a Yugoesavia. esi a cam- tided de Panama. Se odserte que
-a 6ia de acusacl6n desaiLdAj se rechazarl todo sebo de proce- Cuarto o
"'pes" la radio y otros medics deonac extrentero a todo sebo no-' ---- _--------------_
Ipublictdad de los satelites cn:'- caonal que hayo sdo mezcodo con SE ALQUILA--Cuorto grande paro Yugoeslavla. Ademas. se ri'- sebo extroniero. CIA PANAMMEA j6venes soltoeras o cabolleros solos.
mors con insisteocia que ls Dl ACEITES. S. A.. Corretera del Ocurra colle 37 No. 6 "Sal6n Car-
r.aenrsas sreas y terrestres d Aeropuerto Tel 3-1371. men" te'6fono 3-0713.
reibldo n gran n--m. -SE ALQUI.A---Curo fresco, pare
45 speclalstas asovi0ticos aA nitD 1o s PorMue Lifmvr.. Colli 2a.
S mO a t-rmas de manufacLuraa rroyecta Manhener- No. 33_Pru _eer__ ol_
'Ruslmsa, y que stu propia prochr- SE ALOUILA-Cuorto omoblado, B..
Within Ge armamento na aumen- ral a la efectividad de la es- 25 00 mensuAl, pora hombr so-
atdo conslderablemente, tructuraclon de las fuerzas te- o. Entrado dparoda. Avenidb Er.
i rrestres que las Naclones G nl t Lafisre No. 32, Parquo Lo-
CAtlintico del Norte se propo- fersa.
nro Santuario-- n;n desarrollar bajo la direc- SE -Crtpa
peaonas v fe color un mi- i6n v el mando del General SE ALQUILA:-Cuarto pars coballe-
:masro aureclable de libretas del Eisenhower". ro solo do buenas costumbres. Callo
-aincionado chalet qua era El Secrelarlo do Defenaa d.Jo 46 Este No. 2. Tel. 3-2755,
eatruldo detrAi del hotel El nue oroporclonalmente la cm'- SE ALQUILA- Cuarto complete-
i..nBson y cuy, o planes e stari tribuci6ri umerliana sera m manto omuoblado e independientO.
SfMzdo elaboradom par el atqtal- vr en fuerta areas y naval-s con balcon. pore cabollero. Callo

ncmona| aOn oaspar a- que en fuerns de tierra. El po- 45 Ne. 19
La construccl6n correradterio m ingrundde de loa Estp---
cargo del Ing. Manuel Cal- dos Unidos estA en el aire SE ALQUILA:-Hebite6n can en-
.el mar, dijo trade independinte y su baef
I emanaaentrante so reun- anexo pore cable. B.30.00.
on' el hotel El PanamA, las Con muebles a mn s, Perejd,
Go los diplomitleos, cqp w I .. ca Na. 14. Apto. I
f hso organlzar un festival' Nodeje que el diploma doeMa ALQUA: ._e. a Vsto, cur-
ieohotel destinado a co- iSALQUKAE 7, f.
tandos para. a obra. La np e emuide o s pierda. des .mmuebladr. limie, frscos,
posibemente. se eet- LMB EL MADIB de i0.0 moreAlce. Avo.
proximo lunes. aun- m ,m B l. D-OMixio- 69; caca oi c43.
'l mInforme sobre @ste -M A tan Im 1 A SE ALQUILA.-Cm o q persona do
a- das axv. br coalu -h C S N.
...U: '

-i -, .-4

*I- *. ac*-.. a-- '.."i .---

SE ALQUILA: Modemrno ampli
. apftamentoo de do recimareb,
tola-c mredor dos iearvic~Oe, 4 s
porches etc., y garage en-colle G-
roqlo Ortega No.9. Compo Alep".
SE ALQUILA: --' Apoartomento en
Avenida MixTco final y calls 43
SEste, ollme- 30140.
SE ALQUI'Ar Apirtamen*e. Doe
rocmnrea,- ualaocomdor. iNo. 150
Calls Estudiante. Acudo Foto V.
Studio, on mismo adificio.
SE ALQUILA:-Piso. n i Avenide A
No. 8. Ocurra a la misma cmn a
llama a teldfono 31147.
SE ALOUILA.t-AnnrAtmmdnto Ad ounj

t .


Case it BS44-14 TL 3-T4 1


. A :-partamentodoun..
roc rmra, sala candord y c cino. -
Call* )a. Pmojil 14. Pumd. worse rs
de 8 a 11 A. M. Asndor tlone :,I *
llave. Informan tdu.en 2-3184. A TI IOrgAnlis Caja de Be- .
SE ALQUILA: Apartaqnonto saja, -- guro Soal, to e habia de- .Trt orr L
comedor. umq rImaroa garage. SE clarano det forms peA ay leJu
Call. 46 No. 2r7. Inf6rmnes a comaso ibla piesentado laI permfnese en sn Ie ows. n M $on uftg
misM case, aparta.Mento No. 8. EN GALONEL 9 EN demmads., aprpeeF se r .e...::
SE ALQUtLA:-Apartiaomnta dos re- TAMAO S i rensoIu0j a. B tdl6 que Is .
cimora, pu. uwarse poro Cin : t *t idl fteuranoisi. Som EL Se r Amu ar d b .
cc u aficia. #Y fresco. vam@ 2 tide A Votetdtb, fue negada Ia Ei. HW a ft .
354 sa. LAlitud y,3a tVMA ent6 *f sla -iC .i a-l a. 4t- -?
SE ALQUIL.--Apartomento moder- ue elo n del dia. y
no. do unq f4mora, garage. Via el resultado.tie 18 i 17.-
oduqr aa areVa:IOd.Boiilo Poreo 6 168. ,..."talen Benrkls Bearn, sos- WABH2GsTON, ConsrJo teonumic y fEO 4, y
tuvieron que habia g. (US~.. 1 secrdtarid de Es- Santiago de-Chile, la etral T.
A do negad Isa proposicl6n par- tado. Ausillar para los Aaun- mienza el mattes.
M1IC LAN A que se necesitaban las dos ter- toe Interamerlcanos, Edward 0. Los planes db MilleaW
S H Lceras partW d- tomlembroa Miller' Jr., Maldrk i st semIan anunciladog ayer pr i-
1. 5BOM"-Pintor do cases. con s ode oF iu A uia presented para au sprobaci6n. en v4ajo do vlaits a 01into p0al- to de Estados Dean Ah
trtoatit. conee tacnlicoe. garan- 1d FMisS L.a Prestdesi fue de eli sea asmericpa. Durante su via- en su conferea de nla
tie anone. oreeupuosos grant q ona rrri a is reuni6n del MncIono bi Bpfl,
Tot 2-12"76 Codas criteria y resolve quo is eV- t lapaeuos quo Wt e vtia,'
... ._____ tacien smdeo d feronpr mayoria ... Argentina, Chl 'Pof hi
Permutemos. teeamo, 1.500 metros. VENGA 0 .. El HD. SZurta spel. de la de- AIftON1a oiultaqu .. er T t..
Corrasquillt. per outom6vil buen SI 81 NO MOS clasln preaodenclal, porque la O41 2l1 eereti quo ..8 d I.
estodo, semi-nuevo y qu oaborten O NO P.D OL conalderpba lrreglamentarla. Be sale el sbado, 0 dlt
diferenclao n efectivo. Teltfono TRARS voted hat y el resultado fue un I mere a Rio de 'anetr0, sen. '
2-3704. L E ? D empate. El Presldente sostuvo 6 4 U diendo invitac6rn del C a t 1t
CONque con au voto so decidia y Jos Neves da Fonoloura, y Y ar.
entonces e media de un as- mem ticipar eon conversaclones *_pT
S ALoUILA ndalo mqyiksculo, ya que to- .- I ploratorias con la nuev iadalt
SE LU .I LA o. F dos los diputados hablaban a n' tracl6n et relacl6n eon.oo
'Is Ves, pel zlr) Zi ta manlfes- CANBERRA, Australia, febre- cooperacl6n entire Bra4H. lI-3 *-
E IL Coosooplt Iet 16 que el etraban or- ro 16. (UP). John Foster Du- tados Unidos.
SE ALQUILA:-Cos compit eque conasdeabmn quoe la titud Ies, Coneseera y Represents"- Derpuhs el Secretiage MPSMf
amoblo;o con dos recomaras an Trapiches do 2 y 3 bolos de president era nconsttu- Especial del Deaphtamieto se irigrA a M al.vde
V~o Espo~a final, atros cuadros mnarca "Chattanooa" clonal o irreglamentarla. do Estado, declare que el AL- asistir a las ceremonial do iW-"
Via Espoia fnal., a tres cuadras arca "Cha 00tanoogan" de7l Hotel El Panam nB Liamar at Convenelonee IXternacionalem quier otro pals. DiJo quae n Ja- el6n del nuevo Preside-nte,
2-1756 eon horos de oficona a al Mollejones redondos Dace convenclones Interns- p6n reclbid miles de mensajes Andrts Martinez TUq T.pi*
3-2111 despus de los 6 p. m. cilonales fueron aprobadas en abogando porque no paya rear- bftn prlsenclsrl el .X *tR I n
Mliquinas de moler maiZ tercer debate por la Camara. me. ternacional del Cinbe eohl Uru-
SE DESEA y moler came cuando se encontraba en el En una' onferencia de pren- guay.
recinto el Ministro de Relacio- ss manifeat6 que no puede de- A lnVltaci6n ddera-
CAM10O:-Deseo combir cuarto ue *, Vasos para cantina deo EteroradecDr Carlo d- irnada obrta a nhocraoeloo -68eArefaro Miller oe J irO
.750 mensualen n calle 14 agste. y 8 onza,. putados la forms patribtlc co- so tavo conferenclas prelmina- los Primeroe sJueo PanF err-
B 15.00.oDrlsen a Combi'o me habian aide ratiflcadu en res con las autoridades guber- canoe. Eator et Sen iEtalzA-
partodo 833 Panam a.m I- la Camars esas convenciones nameilaps. J Declar6 haber. lo- ran dn 25,. de I u eo*l. a-dA.:
SAmuchas de las cuales tenian grado un progress en las nego- marzo en adelante 'aes ec-
.udo Asir l mAs de cuatro aash do haber isclnes de" paz con el Jap6n tuarAn eada cuatro afloaebh in
SE VENDE si A ado presentadas. y t ele rk4. ot ps: c"fe,0 P r .,tlnto del Hemlaferlo.,
SE VENDEOc l l o leyes m fueron aupso* an tas en tahion. De- De la Argentn Mler Ir
Ar u de Cbadas en tercer debate y ocho -pu ser c u do decidirse, A b p b sgr a.rt*
VENE:Refrrad CrosAve. "B" 68 en qgundo. cundo y dn e puede tener nn del Coneo
SE VENDE*-Refriceradora Crosley luIar la qferencla pars el 8ociIla la D1Sira .
tuego de mimbre, de recimara y Tel. 2-2988." Vroyeeto sobre terrenos tratado, en Taso que laI hays. uno de los grades organ ismo
otros onseres de. caso. Baratisimo. Panamade Aay B -I efior "Dllea agreg6 qua de la O NU en l Amrils La-
Casa Blboo Apto. 13. aam El proyeeto de ley par mef as entrefistari con Jacobo Ma- tina. En Santago har Miller
S Ne dr adel cualm se declaraban adW lik 4e Rusla, respect a la po- uns visits de .cortSl& al Pre-
SE VENDE cuefrigerado, raod, ,,b.cue---a-a dicables unos terrenes qibildad de la participac6n sidente Gabriel Oo dzle Video
muebles, articulos de caso, bicle- V I D R 0 S ,.d. I. manteau de Asuat- ru Ia.
to. vento ripida. Casa 199-D, Bol- VI RI 0 S prendon las ontas d ua testmdo auna preguhts Antes de regroar" Washing
boa Tel. 2920. Balboa. provoo6 un encene didodebate an pericdlats australiano, ton, el Secretarlo Miller harA
SE VENDE:-EstufA de gas, doble. De / Pulgada ya que un grupdo de iputado diJo no tenefo conocimiento de una visits a Miller. No se has
cuoatro quemadores, horno grand. pidl6 que se trajera a segundo blonces nortamericanas para daune la de cida a os
de poats. B.75.00. Ave. "A" 119, o i debate. Cuando el Diputado A- blcer bases on Astralia, y salae ca p.
Apto. 29 ^ rrocha pedia la reconslderaci6n, tales comoe Is Manus.
SE ------- -- ---d 1/16 me xuspendi6 el Orden del dig hbro-- m, fo-to -
SE VENDEoEl Petron mO famosa Z- FABRICA DE ESPEJOS ara discutir Is reeoluel6n Na- DR a-Prnot*ei- bneiew .
cocn oAvedaPentraona.Cai5.Z-vas.son: do 10 a doe doe Ia msA
do. Aven,da Central No. 45. LA GARANTIA 150-- habia 'lamado la &ten- ana y de3 de tarde has-
SE VENDE: Baratisim. Estan te L UAR T IA cl6ni del Goblerno de los Estados las diez de la noche. La
penadoro, coma colch6n Holly- Rio Abajo #2154 Tel. 3-0524 Renin de-- eid hacia lealidad e propa pin a Fe nde a
wood. gemelas. ceobo. spring, col-Roaj 15i-T easm acciones arbitraria toma. tiende al &$Tiblico visitate poa-
chon de resort, bicicleto. Tel. 3- Almacun Calle "I" #4 r el Geflicos obreral MracArthr, ra orlentarlos sbre l watilo de
2749. Tel. 2-1752 r o lbertad a l ran-rairmarle au-
__________________ _simplemente otra fase1 di a ds crininales de guerra" La alntr pu-
EaND --e cimpafta en que durante saos not sales qae la corte quet6grafo a quienes s to soli-
SE VENDE-7Refrigeradora Westing- el doctor Oainza Paz, direetat conden6 a esos criminals de clten.
house 7 pes tod- porceiana. $100. de La Prensa, ha aido aseso do guerra estaba compuesta no s6
Magic chef. 4 fogones. $30. cma par una serie de actor y ti- Ia pr representantes de sta- Po rB--
doble de caobo colch6n Simmons L. A quest gubernamentales, ekM dB Unldoa, sino tambidn pr
$30. bicicet de smncio, cas a nuev y valerosamente, mantealfado Rtmla, Oran Bretan., -China, des de que en ninguna form
d$25. c6mods. table de plncilharlo, lcam- 0avetero y ropero a La Prensa cumplendo, 'ranclas. Holanda, Casai, Aus- constituirla el Tivo I un 'punto
s o ,Bias a price r, em odeberes de peri6dico libre. "Qul, tralia, Nueva Zelandis, India y ae competencla pars los hoteles
paras v slas a preco do quema. modern. lramo qu los peridla Plpinas.. de PanamA.
Calls 46 No 27 apartoamenta 24. sramos que lnos upera i6dtod n.__
Cama de cnoba, spring Fetados Unidos tuvieran n un- va- .,
SE VENCE -Refrigeradora, ostufo cointe, colch6n de alua vez rente a la lm am a dm d Am dr
Maqic Chief" imodidor iguo B. "n altuacin" ll m o E .aA fi
1600. Compresor. obanicos, (bi- .algo6n. ian.
liar B 50 00), comes, jugo rec En M6xico. el EmbaJador ar-
mra. bolate de coucho. Renovamos Ceama de hierro, spring gentino, Oscar Hasperue Bec-
coichones. springs. etc. Compro- corriente, colch6n de rra, duo a ia prensa que "se
Vento SAN BLAS; Avenido Norte ha tfalsificado la verdad" en ..
65. Aaui onunciaremos gratis sus algod6n. cuanto a la huelga del ltndi- I
compros o ventas. cato de Vendedores de Diaries
NUBLERIA 0 gentina habia sido lutimada
Tenemos en exislenda: Pa uel ] I s prensa mundial. A -'
Se is ca: Mueble Oanado ... DUO que el Oobierno do Fe-
r6n no Uene nada quo ver conI .
HIERRO DE Mueble Entrogado. el problems entire La rna ay
hdelgisutas no han recibido
REFUERZO ninua orden del Goble rno a
ALAMBRE DE.PUAS n o. l conflict c-un con-
VOteto etre el capita-ismo y el or .C
ZINC GALVANIZADO tMbiJO.Ud tan confileto esttoreoawn
CLAVOS xd^r tbesy nam- Necesita Un Carro
CS press Y cuatro m2lloner 7 Me-
dio do trabaladoreseo ar ntinno fl Q m unlm M a io ?
de toda case. ALAMBRE DE PUERCO goan doabsolu libertad.Mo ?
S* ORAPAS de I pulgada !entina ie ha asombrado an-
tla fUerte reaccl6n mundtal
ZINC 0 CLAVOS- contra Ia huelga de L. P P1kmAP ftodem10 IlHI
*ZINC *de I a 5 pulgadas y lf no se ha odo fIo jor
ACANALA mas oaJtraajadores pudieran deoir
ACANALADO ,Ante de haser ses compra de. ^0o.
t. e esto artl8ulos. ,onsulte
Calibre 26estro preles Q aRucda- (AtiTgA

Aimmeims RomerosLrT- pr..... .bq~mdqs
S Ave. Norte No. 4 bate do hqy abrej 5 la rs fl W jw
qfefler. ya quoe oR WW -
-streo C m.ent be .*.. a la.

VI V Espe

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-'t .-.- -" '" "- d- -*" '- .-' "* --'. ". .- 'i, *"-
,.- ".. W .W .. &

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H .S. .. -. -.--l8}' ;..; "f~ j -^ -^ .-. i-.. -"i 'rw 1 ----ai ....



MAu4A T fr.1

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W ^- '^- ".---."-- "--

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-..^ ^ -- ':_ -,
,. 'i .. ..._. y j ^ ^ *i-

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m,;,I .-- -. -. :
S to lo a terrse-
as a trea sa re nfler.e
Uni~fw. ,

1100d 565 tiome
u a suropa.
del Inform e ea,, a.-
eur ta-
t6=- i9-0heq

3 .lsae magu quo Is
mastida4. scoac6m y Uilte
d smauno occidental Os "Nm
auperior't a deal*- Uni a W
Sltic y sm uatitts. Eltalg-
'me "eaku' l patero armp-
d aoulcs- em ut'o muud -
no 6ee ttoibrol y dime ouea
Momet puede obtener otros 90-
- O hombre .. Ee cna at,
t, tales cco Bu a, C-
eoeslovaquia, Polonia y Ruma-
N ina e deie j us Iu ful-
175 dlvulanes. En cuanto aI

adviertse todos lose ontribuyonte ianqilinos
de Il Gaft de a ei o Social, quo Ia instituol6n no tione
f oii autorliedo para serviolo de cobranlas. Todoe
lo 'peg deMerAn .aerse on .l Caja do Wsta oficina
yfevtair d sts mode srproesas par personas nm auto-
rlf 't .,, .

eel*n, 14 d febrwt drt. .
.'; ...


Compre Ud.

u aco, ios d6 r es 115 4i
hobrsa sowbt Is am, mien-
tim qu tad uNstao o y ..0"
'nadi, Juntos, tienne dos mro-.
S361 mil, es dealr, uA total
ev 1 curon mlUlon cuatrocloen-
.to setents y.sla mil.
Las elfras correspondlentee al
mundo Occidental Incluyen. los


Lea en cate niunero los reportajes de palpitante interns
ALEMAN .. Memos de 2 aflos le quedan y... a "futurismo".
,Por qui as ha negado el Presidentp Alenon do Mexico a stogir muoe-
sor ,. .. ,IVISION anaUza la situason poliesoa quo tions a todo Mtxioe
tratando de penotrar el porvenir! -
Direqtatente do Paris, VISION train unw rvetlader descripci6n del reour-
gimlentas e .pedrlo mflitar frano6s 4 4 hay do la Francla rovi.
talizada dl. premier Ren6 Plevin? .. Francia so transforms ripidamente
on flirno basti6n do la defense europea y no on "amiga doe convonienia"
del Plan Marshall.
Lft hacen los Irmsados catOltco. "do tbqulordas" para suavizar el con-
4iIws se rt Rut4 oomun ita y lae doeomcrolast... L Por qu6 no ll*g6
*I C General Elsaehower a visitar al Paps durante au reciente mist6n de
paz on Europa? ... j(CuAl I lIs poeil6n de a Islesia hay die?


*Ua revista de noticias para la Aetrica LatiL

* ditada en Nueva York, Cetro Mundial de Nolicias

* R6pida y direct distribucidn ... por Avi6n
Le qincentimote Mtmetif e sotd rticulos espoeiatl@
amres d: Nmelsons nidas, M unde E f4finer Deportee,
P. m lw t6ti9hv eaatr, .CieisI -,'Artes y Culture.

Ntoda est cuadro

hItaaaeuCita U

a. 7. -
& -^t-^ '**&~ '-t-. .. 4 -.-
#4^_UfK&.._. :>Z 4* -

sAt'a :i

Ila steamer eo aS "'f m IOq a".Y B MS O smnu,
Awarem en eaIsjlo In B!fosIetiol L A n-
bIal,, de mn OM WWM "i
0 To do Ia Bora, rodoa de II.mbtt-n do-Re tu I%"02
.-..-.- ,. --
efectivos -de lol ejrcitoe, me- tambl6n a doe -llonse 700 mil
rina y fuersas aresa. 3 Infer- hombreu on Iam reiervas y no
me agrega que las potenclie caltone dato algalo uebre lae
occldentale podrima conaselr rwervsu ovittcu.



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Nn cuanto a Is satitud de Is-
reel, dic' l "T laa" txtuial-
mente: ,"uraeI ha tmfoido t
deesiftnfl qe pnadS* eontri-
bruir a reolver el pbblema d
be refuodgw.- fHMal. nIelado
quie M obUa dlsupto e dUos-
tir el mmto pisnado po encut-
ma de todus laU prI~at s
cueotnes petdlentu ent -
rael y I etuadm arabes: ha
*'eptado. on principlo, el de-
ho.-de Io refusldom a corn
penacl6n por cita selaie de
propledad; y ha entribuldo ge-
neroesmente al Iamado "fendo
de reintegrac 6n" cresdo por Is
Amambleo General pars romen-
tar refulades en sumu nuevs

cef Sooo 0i/o

el NUEVO gran



ont qwu pose gusto excelents y quea meager lo major...
preftes y ha preferido slempre lo Chryet. IC mineO., mis fine sadn,
OwhrpeSt it shora, ha sido asimiml s mhi ome ise le *xlento en
mtaP do4 autom6vflke, hasts a Chime 41se.

La Revista "TIME" dedico reientemente tres pdginas enters

I i .

., ~t P.- M AHA, .
:.A4 t. net t rdl.,nE .) .. ....
" i. *a- &-n. ..... ....

Aft 24 4r240.--

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La Lkog .Amb@*

i i tOND3So n et s1. l
CoMMf P io s l Is lcgs A-
ramm"g 3 cim,
mtde T v e.0Ie1 10
i i rt. NVb mIc

do ref W8 que vl-
~ vn OisH a ga et -

Sveclan dl mu e UAmw pon-
do en imoilrt Mlrtat poitl-
^^^ tieba y computer
sets raat sRl *"Tiese" dirt
^^^ elos Arsbas e01 dItb maple /
coan a aemprendel goe la ,na-
litle ao pare aptr aontra Is-
reel, y del cuel esilo.piedis
SLa Usee de o tom refugtado ,
nas "Tlawe", Itine con-
s iecueno1 flu kmSAMfi *so-
tabtllbdud APi. y soecamius

que trar fsa I rtn
con la Agencda Ayui- y 0-
brua doe Im aclon. Unidu.,
Sorgalamo immilrse, on el es-
ars o thoeato de.auantsr k INo
panentemente en

IotaLs, Dtatd Vwaldsa y
otraM i, pan Is p6tlmos
16 meems, lues a ou ftin.


* Ia PAA mase *al as
minor aChiOcaia ns teo
rifass mSi eseon icai y el
servideo mas fpido. Sole.
most 12- e P I
ru doeChieago. 31 DC4
deo s PAA sale diafamme.
te de Tlonam ale s2:30
AM y Cl D-S do Delta
a ia l:6PMa 8C) del
mismo dia. Sf. e cierto,
el Sevi dEieo de Primers
SClas asignifica quo
usatd vuela en lujose
DC-6 duraute todo
c viaje.


Servib do f1. Cam

Viojs -SB|U


~'" '7
.. -I
.4%~ .~
*'~ 79,
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Con tre mea b1ja ifrin i

en a of esiva le I l 6

destiaroa bncIahenchon

TOKIO, feb. 16 (UP) Leam, pla al0a. sjw d l
fuem hlassi, on @I tate sf A. 1 *
cnat tta fet na ms chm m

L WaJu rla7 arreter o. e it .o cn a ..p.
22 kontrca1s sIl sntrso n "M4 sawnO, .
Wonju 7 1 s al Paralto 38. s. .. ojmtpaVo er -
Lou rojos dearlaron -s fta- ;o de g-od
aip1. qauo las fe rL s M wtoMtoeoIr a as ,y M r
t iea Inortoamericanu .us q a o -trebao ats
vyansieb 21 0r -a0 awp om y quo f s-*-
, Chi.on. pars. aocorrer s u e na o Te o..d.a t. ,
upilda oAmbste ftranco-ame. Ilteo u perimetro def i io .
risen qa e taba ,cada Gdnde ctuado Ied _t columns de -so.
It'po a on WI fr nt comunitas utlWaron L-t
ohrdoea *us reoursBs dia y
Un ptavos er te o de O ...t r- Chip ,ero no legra.
ito iu te lu tuemron avanr n ps lmo d
las han ? S do nf krarr S tIrreno. C' V qu los sit -
en la poolionsalcM al aur- dos. valoi qo6lojs ro .eo we-
eat di Woau y 7 a lort. e bau aganian pa n tf m
tena retens an TIriantf agban a bayonets caEs
central alrodeda or e ld aft o : "
y Tokauru. El malmoI $1 rsula eCn, s n 'slon e 2-
lo quolas baj asMA dure re ult do n Wong a log ;
do ader Be calcultn an *

britineuss lgulron mavanando -t
* tdop.. c,.el oe d-l a .
Ael el note en column a pa.
rlule, I)mlnando unidad tra .
*scarunusU. 81tin lo MUM"
tribe a cuti mUl i do Chip- I I
Le tropa ,franceas qu dI I ,,Sift- Al
lIenden oute del peut e l
Jam con antrchs pariarn I
eueots abaj inun atqul ol-
aids. sin mmto l Nag. c9- -
sentrdo la Rrtilerlo dbsA
rst6 1 staque antes do que
genrs, a las linear francemaa.
En el frente occidental, as
sureste de SMI laS fueims deo
Ila Naelones Unida estaban en-
emaundo tmam resistenia do
los comunistax los cualMs *w-
tionan un bolo de dim milulasu


,f e-
cA pa-


1~ ,t *

~jt77~fl~7 *.:*t- 4%;
* -R
x n~.. ~. VA'

Hlonduras No

El Magnifico Caballo

Gorsewood Reaparece

Maiana En J. Franco

BLAB "Tanque" Aguirre
quien rtorna mafiana, montan-
do pars el "Stud Cantagallo".
'Un programs parejo e Inte-
lesante se presentara maflana
en el Hlp6dromo tiaclonal el
cual mares el retorno del jine-
te Bias Aguirre, una de las fus-
tas mis discutldas del momen-
to que montara pars el "Stud
CantagaUo". Tambion volverin
a la cancha los lnetes Catallno
Iglesias. Vicente Ortega, Cuto
laramillo y otros mas.
En la carrera estelar se en-
[rentan los equines de la cla-
se "D" sobre un taro de una ml-
lla. Complten aqui los ejemnpla-
res, Espartano, Polvorazo. Por-

terms Star, GOorsewood, Belfarset,
Tip Top. .
n otra de las estelares so
niden tambltn los eJemplares
de la clase "0". EstAn inscritos
aoui: Cotill6n, Bedultio, Arme-
no, Jepperin, B6sforo, Alfonalto
Lituana, Athos y Scoth Chum.
He aqui nuestros pron6stjcos:
En la primer carrera se
destaca Domin6. Tap Girl tiene
En la segunds carrera Marse-
llesa es un robo. Prot6n puede
En la trcere carrera Kurl
no debe perder. Hanna oes pell-
En la cuarta carrera El As
eS nuestro escogido. Nena parp
el segundo lugar.
En la quinta carrera Ataisn
defender nuestro pron6tlco.
Pepsi Cola puede imponerse.
En la sexta carrera debe abrir
la dupleta Bedulno. LitUana oes
En la s&ptlma carrera Gorse-
tano y Polvorazo seran conten-
wod e s nueetro ganador. Espar-
doares de culdado.
En la octave carters Apprisse
debe galopar. Beach Bun para
el segundo lugar.
En la novena carrera Bseastl-
tava se destaca. Arabe puede
En las d6cina carrera Sin Fin
es nuestro escoirido. Bart pars
el segundo lugar.
En IS la und6cuna carrera Mene
es nuestro escogldo.

-Slete miembros del ejtrclto
y dos de la Fuersa Aerea for-
, martin part del conjunto norte
mnerleano a loN primeros Jue-
. oa Panamericanos que se efec-
tuaran en Buenos Aires del 25
de Febrero al 8 de Marzo.
En Columbus, Ohio, ae esco-
1 & el conjunto de natacl6n que
SevarA a Allen Stack, ex-atleta
de Yale, en estllo espalda: en

Se celebrari ppa.

de boxeo el Dgo.

en Aquadulce
El Empresarlo Al Garcia hizo
una visit de cortesia a la Co-
mlsi6n Nacional de Bozeo y fuI
muy blen recibido por loa miem
bros de mencionada comlsi6n.
El Empresarlo Al Garcia re-
Rresara a la cludad de Agua-
duice hoy viernes done presen-
tarai naflanas sabado 17 de Fe-
brero cinco peleas y una exhi-
La pelea principal de este
sabado sera dedicada muy es-
pecialmente al Ing. Norberto
Navarro quien goza de muchas
S impatias en las cludad de Agua-

pecho a Bowen Stassforth de la
Universidad de Iowa. miembro
del con junto norteamericano
que el alno pasado compiltl en
Jap6n. En eotilo lire a Dick
Cleveland de Ohio, que el sA-
bado pasado establecid nuev
record mundlal en 100 yards.
Sammy Lee de Is Unlversldad
de California, campe6n olimpi-
co do 1948 y Miller Anderson
que quedd en segundo lugar
ademas del novato Berwell Jo-
nes de la Universidad de Michi-
gan. En distanclas medias a
Mili Heusner, campe6n Olimpl-
co de 1948 y Ralph B Sala cam-
pe6n unlversitarlo de 440 yar-
das el ao pasado. Ademas
Ronnie Gora de la Escuela tec-
nica superior de Chicago uno
del osa mAs destacados universi-
tarios en estilo libre y Charles
Moss de la Unlversidad de Mi-
chigan tamblin notable en es-
tllo libre y de pecho.




Tap Girl
fee Atas6n
Secuestro (e)



Social Deportiva

El entusiMta y condo de-
portista, Ricardo Tovar colebra-
rA malnna au' cumplemaos, 7
hastas t eva York, doae so on-
cuentra resldlendo nM @ompla-
cemoa en envlarle nuestras sln-
certas fellcitaelones.
El "Fullo" Tovar tuvo desta-
cadas y meritorlas actuaciones
en Futbol, Basketball y Fron-
t6n, y en todo moment e bha
preocupado por las cosas de
nuestro deported.
El conocide futbolista Victor
Heramo, figure de relieve en es-
La a6tivldad cumplirA aolos ma-
fana, y con tal motive le en-
viamos nuestrau felicitaclonesa,
deseAndole 6xlto en sun distin-
Las actividadea.

Se gesiona la

presentaci6n de

Sandy Saddler
Las Comslones de Boxeo Pro- Col6n y PBnama s
reunirAn el pr6xlmo adomingo
a las 6 y 30 p.m. en el Jardn
Balboa, con el prop6ito de dis-
cutir ra techas pars los even-
ton del present aao en embas
cludades y tratar otros asuntos
pars el mejor entendimlento
de ambas entldades.
Entre otros asuntoa nel Boxeo
Profeslonal tnemos lJa infor-
maci6n de quo ne esti gestlonan
do el viaje del Campe6n Mun-
dial de peo plums, Sandy Sad-
dler, pars que pfrezca una pe-
les en el Estadlo Naclonal.
La Comlsl6n do Col6n ha pe-
dido a qa de Panamat a pudlera
levantar la suspension al pro-
motor Luls Craig, este empresa-
rio se encontraba suspendido
en Panama, Col6n y tbdos los
palsea afillados a la NA.A., pre-
clseamente a peticl6n de la Co-
misl6n de Col6n, pero esta en-
tidad ha revocado su declal6n
y shora levant6 la suspenal6a,
y lo eatA comunicando a las
otras entidades pars au de-
bida Informacin; la comlsl6n
capitalina tratari sate asunto
en li pr6xlma reunl6n.
Tambl6n se Informd que el
empresario Copeland continua-
ra ofreclendo programs rnr -
paldado por el sefior Carlos

Estan confomes

con los trIajos

de un Estadio
En sesl6n celebrada anoche
por sla F.NB.B..A. y con sla asis-
tencia de todos los fedoradoa:
si nombr6 al federado por la
Provlncia de Los Santos Go-
fredo Orimaldo como Tesorero
y Josad Ponce, Fiscal.
En es misma soieal6n el fe-
derado Pedro Medina Alain;
en comisl6n quo Ie encomenda-
ra Is federacl6n en vlaje a
Santiago de Veraguam, se mon-
tr6 conforme con los trabajos
del Estadlo de Veraguas esce-
narlo del pr6ximo Campeonato
National de Base.
Be entrevist6 con el Ingenie-
ro encargado de las obras quien
prometl6 entregarla complete el
dia 9 de Abril.

.- .'^^ .^ ^ =..^ l ".
'"W1'"*' u "* J Jw"- i

ta t1s^??''^^^ ^-''1*^*

1Cuit espph a


Wisdom ha eemrlsmMaio offloal-
So podri pu mI
i ebido Nare-wI0 -FeoWsden
wberlo NavarmI

ARiemes mloapotble il tear smeleednl A .p
ta1 t 5 etasinaims lmeotasoes no ha a a- tee o
tuieras gUnlOe.s t fyas favor eoneure aestM
eMaipdtao.'O Brtaldato. -
iLO Er,.
MiEet0a t tose I h.reeobldo on cable que M la Ipar-
tMelfma e atemasn el Oampeonaste CeotnM a B. al
iaMfr-iiaTrC seriA el Br. Golemo Gal L -
oIf"a .Ae3Sodo de Iesonlesto..
Ta- A .Aks intcao rm a
aunque na nwon oftical, -.
quou l tboldode Cu-

am it de cao- ( An .
V -;asomit 0 en O Amria pr
dol.,ls pdo er peligro de sla /
polul deaparecldo an
nut meda ua.

cq agoge mafitna "--
Lap=- 6 __A A- -- __ J '-

-For 8. L IVALD J.-
Faltando, eu toaWte B dias
pars la I& uunron del' Quin-
to Camuoons.jUvtr eamerlca-
no Balomsl)o, temtondo a
nuostro EWlO como
escenarlo y deona emarbolaran
las flamant ewngoi 'naclona-
las de paima hrmanos de
Coasts Rca, Curao, Ml Salva-
dor, Guatemala y Hondurms a
loss de dao id ne tia. El Co-
mrlt Organizador compuesto
par el Ing. Nqrberto Navarro
como Prendente,' Danie Del Delp-
d o vice-Prsldoente. Antonio
Oramount TebOrero, Marcoa
Mendoza FiseaL y Luis Ardinos
Secretarlo; personas todas que
reunen las ejerutorlas y crrdl-
ton de verdaderoo deportlatas
para garantizar y salir svante
on tan 4diflell compromise pa-
ra nuestro pals, el. cual, seep-
Lamos on el aftlo 149'en el Con-
greso celebrado on Guatemala.
ne encuentran laborando en pie
firm, dando por hecho la ac-
lebracidn del Campeonato.
El Ing Norberto Na varro, co-
mo president del Cbntte Or-
gnizador, nos Inform6 que oen
sq,reclenfa vlaje por ks palms
que ton'arin part e en e'tas
Juatas, so muestra h entusls-
madbs por el pr6xlzimo Campeos
nato en un pass tan hospltalp-
rio y acogedor qomo, el nues-
tro y que Is partlda del on 5.
20.000.00 (Veinte- mll balboam)
le serat entregado hoy.

el caleufs wam .s cup.s
MkAf" ,eilibrart So num-
jlqj-. O tffntugdo y conoel-
do 4'wus Tomas A. nups,
y *SMIa. los pitaboros
n re aelnas scras
!delitd)USle, desiondole toea

T. C,(Yq Redactor Jetoe e
S8 ~Deportuva del Perti-
eo ^ lBA-% locutor Doper-
tir, see de ko ARD de Pa.
ism.uM-tu ab Deportivo Pfae-
fies de svi m entldades
las Sa i treealais del de-
porte nactonal.

Alacrunes y Ogres

de t Mjugaran

Este damingo s- Inlciasr la
.erie amslftofa etge los equipos
de softbpUr. AAanes de Pana-
mA y attyV* i9 3f0 a s
ha &Cejdtivamento.
Estaslrle = 616"M'ha2r comen.
zado la snmana pasadas pero por
motives que no son de comen-
tar, tuvo que posponerse.
Be. hs anunciAdo que el jue-
go ao llevasr a cabo en el Na-
Ladlo Oilmpico en horms de Isa
maana. .
El Or. Armando Moreno lan-
zart la primers bola de eats


La Secci6n de Materiales y Compras del Ministerio
de Hacleada y Tesoro recibiri propuestas cerradas has-
ta las noeve en punto de la mariana del dia 20 de
Febrero del sao en cursor por el suministro de Comesti.
bles y Material de Aset para uso del Hospital Santo
as especificaiones serin entregadas a los inte-
resados durante las horas hibiles de oficina.

Panama Febraro 14 do 1951.

Jefe de Materiales y Compras

'' '

OAKLAND, Feb. 16 (UP)-
La novena de oIs Costs del Pa-
citlcoa envl6 al Jardiubo Dik
-Wakefield el contrafo por un
d6ar pars Is pr6xima toapo-
rads. M Preidente del Oakland
Brick Laws declare que a*powar
de haberle pedido a Wakefield
que 10 llamart por toMfioo dte
no so ha comunlado a sn par
lo cual Ie env1 6 easte o trto.
SLos reglamemntos de baseball
determinan que el polotero que
Mo haya recibldo contrato para
el primero doe 'Matno se de-
clarado agent Ubreo a fin do
tener tempo pars ponese de
acuerdo se le earnvl6 st con-
trato que sert susttlaido, por el
deflnltivo cuando se deflns el
sueldo que debe peroMlr tem-
poralmente el jardlnero que el
fo pasado fud "envlsd power los
Tanquis al Oakland y que tovo
un salario de 17.500' dlarems.

i .61. .
hate Itodw*

Slr' es '

sdti e fe l de numrc .
4 A. Cen@
jo A;b lm" su 110;

rfl i Pt, eitosm l-
Sorm6: pr

medlo d.m que ono tu.
fMeron ,,aU mst travel
jyupo- qJ-.1 an ctin ce
atapat N atro do ditto
dia ;1a regrora
Genre 4fl.An Vagt.


de base de C. Ric
Edwin Artvia Roldan amim-
bro doI l Federucln Naclonut
de Damo do Costa Bica s oi-
cuntAr entire noaetra desmde
ayer, ya1udl6 a I uMeatn de W
Federal -i de Bobl de Pa-
namal para haeer los arringl
n aoo tles.obla otr.
Intre lmo f trados y los pre
seat a mnostr6 el seflor ol-
an muy eom pleidoa per lgo
atenclonm rcibidra dpJo 4ue
fu pads fitba interelado n,
darle Amptlom al bueball,p o0i
penab haeer Jlru. quincena-,
les con eI quipo. local" 91
cual despude de ver lo incon-
venlentes as dispuso que fueran
Bn Coats Rica e estA levan-
tando en estos moments el" Ia
tadio de Baseball por lo cual
esta Jira serviria jisra recaudar
fondos suflienteas pars Is corm-
Mto Intercamblos deportivos
serfa bloan Acoldo por lot fa-
nttieq titeo qufteaes slompre
teonesi a los panameulon como deportlsue.

ar Waefi
U, K a W

no f. '1mm .1

go -U E. .

"swrando r.lo st.u9
c in I

arnus tares palu ofteo'
detan. u aAs mina, al
do oats e ndas

Acusan uena c-dkiem a "
Dm o

-Per DARKINI- otra pole de revaneha B
Hawklu de Coldn y
El prhto domingo del pre- Scantlob de Piaimal, qu,
aentote mo teidneua un unmag- nes diamtan aun p0elea.
niflco de boxeo, a ve z citoa el .*oMllo
huamp h iirmtT -'n poea s Daridn Leel perlt 'e"tt
revaiecha idW Bna y el cold- Y com at fuEra poeo a me-
exnse Ohoolat .n ea ol 0m1- dir.A hattlhai b euoro con-
aaelo aoa a n lm e de tra el romoes AupuL a deI
10d Itmoau pua nocer al n a stO AlWtm am.
Ctos de lo ad Sta-le in pai m H. soCtA-
io n dipOtd9, eho ONa- SAieah
tents el alaArado Wllfrdo _e mprt- u"C..A i'-ndte.,
,Brown eamped. de Ih llerel na u Par Patrol contra CIM
del istmo, mando se rmidan en ro o 'o 4 uaitea.
U--- i -- U-^--- --- -- ---ik ^ M ^ ^ _R

Ave. Justo Aroemena y Clle 26

Calle 15 y Broadway




7a. Carrera

Premio: B '. 600.00

"D" Importados

1 Milla

Pool Cierra: 4:05 p.m.


1. ESPARTANO .............. V. Ortega
2. POLVORAZO ............. V. Csillo
3. PORTERS STAR ............ C. Ycma
4. GORSEWOOD ........... B. Agufree
5. BELFARSET ............. R. G6Cma
6. TIP TOP ................. E. Sib a




Ah FN FL y


5a. Carrera

"A" Importados

Premio: B/. 1,000.00

1% Milla

Pool Cerra: 2:55 p.m.



4a. y so. CARRERAS



9a. Correrea B" Importodos 7 Fgs.
PrgeBaor;B/. 750.00 Pe. Crat 5s15s p.m.

1. BOLERO ................ '. r .. 107
1. AVENUE ROAD ........... J. Philpp 106 2. CiW'OOD ........... ...1. P. h. i 1

2. ROYAL CUP ............. B 1 .Agane. *-, ,1
4. CHERJIN.N .y4. ..,. g .. .y.........f. 118
3. PINARD,.. ..... ....... F. jara illo .4 "--.--

i a, i e e ..4. .R S ....... ,. ru A',


r5z~ ~,a:f-g~~. .2... -. *-


Miembros del Ejercito y de la

Fuerza Aerea de los Estados Unidos

competiran en Buenos Aires


Todos los radios dejados para su

reparacidn y que no hayan sido recla-

mados en 6 meses, serin vendidos para

cubrir los gastos de reparaci6n.

Servicio De Autos Omphroy, S.A.

la. y 2a. 6a. y 7a.
3a. y 9a.

Para la comodidad de
puestra clientele opera.
mom ahora tanto en el
en el "SAVOY".

. .
;-S"-; -.* -..-.-' :,-- "-. -*. -- .. '-. ,


' 'lag br alogando un ol.
eame rat d y j

'at E do de 6 venida.
.pjo do 'u.A, yep por todw.
aimnbu o to s l palaOem, qua
01 -aMit e d ntedo o e

7 NI., n ls 4pus
La ptomltitos que no. vsit6,
o tue pl4e~ uh uo n brsts
tra'do efu dvmoto de nels-
trs" veclnos del ortie y quO
oplrtkua y- elentiitcnsete ae
_M ,0 orad co* an todo. I sRe-
pbbM*c y7 entire ftm no se
e"tA a Wn6n tuftla, nl iM-
aa : Haubs ao a -o.
X1, omipbofito M BeWa con

J) J I"


*.I K raB B BBB

"s -

A ".'q tr>.-)

- ;~f~i~c~41: .~



* t~W;7AI74T~

., b. *

* ,.-


1~~h 4k'-

sra Rica

e-ke .
bto.ok progi
Pantfe.- lhoho


Tf st au.
A~t Sn a5id

***'4: .J


hay ea C0l


, X. Valencia, F. Camo-
.5 4k,
Cobos y 8. Mc Donald

onAd6 lowsI A. Ttloem.*
part quo as Be-
W do rao Aa" e C. Gonoiez.
vim a esno Io
ner raerle tiaa Aatmalit
la eleen L. Cumberbatch y e
a la XX B Jarlerom
we Amateur. L. McKay F. Malcom, J.
-.' Owls y P. Oaerio.
do la mBmfi. -L L. TJi. Prnvln ial dle 1

n- padas
ir- clear un
ila racter
n- oe mo
de bre.
n- 8eg6Bn
y eludad
en contado
ro- dad ce
"o- de tods
* dorefla,
ue biana y
no que mi
a balompi

WA NM b- -J i. m --u ..r..a... --a-w- U0 a aidomsptoos 1oroanizado- converts,
.__ I& A_41 i-ba. ll. d^\1 Amateur on plan doi so- "ca-dae ude o le a o- cnado

"ad a er A .. cL.m.. .o.., coA e **o nn ma, tr i m, .l "
Ae Is.ln s on1 lod,. sdonde sca-d los
'" Molu- _4fl lt al x lts, 4 j,.loas Juadoru puedan JS, 1 el"de nags
.- w. -. 1 ot --Mo n n lua Plgulente: Optics on que.. tsevnpvad o l'orva sotros e

Puaean El 23 .rdo ,PW1..Psaz, .sIemeJores teadoresamaten ale
ft ,, o3 w "~.Ma.uel Puerantpes_ o wmoqac

edoe n elctro ....k la DIOIge r eoli O pe Malcoms (Cah Dnr)..) ........ 531 10 aldr que deom pefla todu la
e'"ape6o.poad mindsl Silbo WViley Peso Welter. Liua M,. (OUpticsa Bos) .. .....29 12 4 1poslolone. ffr=6rhoy a contra-
pespo8 eped .poe ln ------ e JtJ o HE rroeras (Plnocho) .............. 37 14 1 o n novenaFeb rat. (UP)
e, a t nlaW r .ep atelpe del CTACrIN DEPORTIVA No.rmn Bocasa (Chesterfield) ... ..... 39 13 3 tritra breve con ferencia con
i a tmo de so rpsaneo lL CLUE D RTIVO ANCON Matrco be (Pinocho)................ 31 10 36 d la novena.
C.. pot ra pt emile rds Leonardo (G(umerbatch (Pinocho) ....2 3 g -l
P '. ( nocho) ........, ....... 41 is 3 217
r,,ero time namve, l mi leIaNk o .pa& M5n .e- l x tr ueRC P. o (pincho) ...... e..........35 314FRANCISCOft b. (UP
itrac m y el gseundo 16 ardPirieaidQUO e celebrart .. y -i e mpreareo Bil Kyne of re-
.1Vl ampreurto Jmy. Mu- prtlmo Domingo 18 a I A&11.1S .MOS DE LA LTA LSOVINCIAL DE COLON cl6 25 mGl.d6larel a Ike Williama
ilaN4edla "nunca he vtoto aM, en el lugar do coatumbre. Sbado 17 3:30 Mauriclio v. Cartagena psra que 6et4 celebre una pe-
tsweldo. BI teooM pi- M enau e puntual alsten- Domingo 18 9:30auricio vs. Corarlo. ea peor el titulo mundial do los
aIndendlvtdue que dean di urs importucla relaclo-. ." u qHauan brei M mn ha ganado 49 pe-

a eortaes psrndo IsClu. Farn na ga MolinaY RA yO JquienS sol Its pdo-rde de
etradclf d l bast u v motnte- i_.oe r dran on eugarcom aenr a jiao s e./loa m doe o.. Kyne. di .o qdue o
*'%e souep Kamuin3Sal, '!] L.u.. defende lea d- t aempeufa medial do los ligeros

ogtan eaa pmlueblo doe el lasn K der to Wa
,a jores pAogrmas RD PAN NAMERICANA A ICANOS pI d
l mtee d*o**emuesr quc
tambll 10 gusto a 61.

ranillo ........... a 0,h ne loS
Po 135 artes dse mpten. a acciS. VALD J. A LOS JUEGOS PANAMA
Se pe derrotpa viando pelot de 4 h

yt- fSOnqulo redMage rl'ogrMn asr D1. OS ar 22 deFebrero -.
.rer, a 3 p.., n Aa tLI OAmpone VU dePAN AMERICANOS Afid / de
nt6 en g.DEran an y obAvo Arways
less......66 BUENOS AIRES
Per ea adios inodflI a iodos los acco. Caer............... 36- .333 ALDA DE PANAMA:
n" a doIb anC omplia f lUChI tm Osseous 4aLanandoepelota deo4 hi sAD DE PANAMA:
yaiysK &lA6, LA, quo Is rmulh gomener tendri is6 larrina delCanqSDu.n22doFobroro
.w F j'br.., a In S3 p4a, oe nIa Aveoid a' lom Oampeoneo del FrigrIdal0 0
y empatar con. e l o ismua i c" bRL ODE Bll. AIRES:- .y/
-1,novatou ... nagaa s pre: I, de Mkrzb "IDAAYD''RESO
u cuarta-., victoria consrecutiva
La ueron renra am Ave voll No. 8 Telloxfona 2.045
CATARROS oateadorea refrigervdores, a- Ave. Tivoli No. 8 T"l6fono 2.04"5
q.|uvo encarnlado duelo. con el

veces podemos presen-
apes dfth ol de ea-
Intstaclonal repleto
liones y Jugahai de ca-

S1o palpado ex eata
se puede dar per dea-
quo acudirin a l clu-
ntenareo deo fanitleom
s sa colonlua eupecial-
a coStarrlcenSe, aUlva-
nlcaragu nse, colom-
Sesepafiols que son lam
is gustan del arte del
6 y por las variadas
aelones que hemo eis-
so a aegura el triunfo
muchachos representa-
e Curauo y no eso pue-
or que los fanAticos eo-
n mu raun, aunque no-
'speraremom el toque fl-
"a declr qulen *ser en
in Intercambio de ba-
centro amerlesno.

Aficionados De Costa Rica

Vendrhn Al Torneo D. Ffit
De acuerdo con informacio- parando viaje pars visitar
neo recibidam de Costs Rica., asPanamA durante 1 meno
marcado el entualasmo queo dL competencia -de balo aJl
existed eo el hermano pals por quienes aproveehard laIs
el V Campeonato Centroamerl- Ja de dos compafPiM de avt.e
cano y del Carlbe, qu aso lnau- el6n, y quoe tenen el puaje 4#
gurar el 31 deo Febrero en el ida y vuelta a 135 colonel e
3.atadlo OlimpIco. aean unos once ddlares.
Comoa es del conoclmiento deo En eata forms, &i eMor Xd.
Jlo aficionados, Costa Rica ha win Artavia, quien se encuse
escogido dos meleccionados de tra en eata cludad arreolnmde
futbql, uno quo compeUra en la jira de un equlpo de baa
los Primeros Juegoe Deportlvos ball a Costa Rica este fin d4
Panamericanos en Buenoa Aires semiana, y cuyau informaelovw
y el cual saldri el viernea y el aparec en n otra seccin, est
otro que jugart aqui para el V comlsionado tambltn para arrm
Campeonato, el cual saldra pa- glar y averiguar pobre hQp
ra Panami el Domingo entran- daje, alimentaci6n, faciltdade
te. etc., pars lam numerpas perao
For otra part, alrededor de naa .que vendrin para @I V
300 deportistas ticos estin pre- Campeonato.



Dodge y DeSoto-1951




DODGE "Kingsway" 2 puertas
DODGE "Kingsway.Custom" 4 puertas
DE SOTO "Diplomat-Custom" Convertible
Todos equipados con los nuevos y espectaculares
Amortignadores "ORIFLOW".

PANAMA (Cruce del Tivoli) COLON (Cale 10)





Acaba de recibir

VESTIDOS de sada y de algod6n
stalls 9 al 20
desde 7.95

on tallas grande:
20 -224 241
e 14.50

tallas 12 al 20
*desde 22.50

PETICOTES de seda con encajes
PETICOTES sin tires (Strapless)
BRASIERES "Maiden Form"

en las may acreditadas mars
l "MO UD"
=_- V

'%:: .!

lsnador p. armandoe aurante F
lom 6 actor y"'medi que dur6
el juego; malendo airoso per la
cooperacl6n dScidida de los

ElJinete Julio

Baes solicta

ma oportunidad
Para u publtoacad hemos
recibido Is alsulenti carta:
Panama, 12 de Feb. de 1951
Sres. Comisarios
Del Hipddromo Naclopal
Bres. Comisarloc: _-,
De acuerdo eon la decid16n
tomada per la Junta do Comi-
arlo, atendlendo a la dispo-
siciones de reglamentoa que ri-
gen la activlidadoem Hipicasa, ya
he sido Informado acerca de la
csncelaci6n deo mlMlcencia como
Jnete, por la O serenca del HI-
No obstante, le suplico me
den una filtima opertunidad,
Ipara convener al pitblieo, a lo
honorable Comlsarilo y a mi
mismo, st tengo o no derecho
para aeguir actuando como jl-
nete en el Hlpodromo Naclo-
Sres. Comiaarloi, al em ver-
dbd quo en el sho pr6xlmo pa-
mado, ml actuacltn come con-
4uctor de caballoo deJ6 much
que desear, tamblin es verdad
quo partcipe on un& eatidad
gpduida doe carreto y mon-
tando caballco de muy poca
opci6n, el 99% de lea cumles no
marcaron con jlnetes de mejor
porcentae queu yo, coma ate-
pfuan loe arch yom del Hlp6-
n isa actualdad existed Una
avomalia que perjudica a uns ,
an cantidad de Jinetes y de
AO corrogin. oert, hutas" pars
s Hipic s aclonal. Sto con-
iste en elpago del djpolto
de moatee do varied Jime de
acursen quisesa eson a ma-
-niabra, legra. acaparar tods
lam mejore montm., dando par
resultado la pobr aetuacdn do
%lM doenA.
"rei. conarios i rusgo
me dn otis oportunidad al
"qaal q alM iWe V nrando
,711 561 a- to 10 do
kbrAo h oatrb m baw-
Saomea po volm r
eF ao otra optSa Nf, va-
tel b duefthdo. O*

7 AA.-i


-I ~'I.

;7e Stae wi*

que aniguamente el azicar no se conocia y qua cuando Ia gent
queria endulmar algo temnia quae recurrir a la mield?

asimismo, el hombre ha aprendido qua un TITULO DE AHORRO
Y CAPITALIZACION, adquirido durante su juventud, as el mejor
medio de endular suexistencia, porque sabe quo cuenta, cam
adecuada proteccl6a econ6mica a media qua avanza on la vida.




a .. .'-


Vt -



_ _

7j-_~ r~~-----_--~_~._ --. ~--7-- ~~.-~ --1~~~--~--- -.-~-*






C 4-.;A ,
-f. t .* ;

,I"" ITONN Radio Panamercana
. Apartado 432 Apartado 100I

-lmversario de matrimonio Buffet de la Asoelaol6n PANAMACOLON
Ir" n el dia do ayer celebraron Italo-Panamefia *
'"unf aflo mis de unl6n matri- La Asoclaci6n Italo-Paname- ld
".nlial los esposos Angel R. fia, Capitulo de Col6n, ofrece el
.".'mos y seflora Cacia de Ra- sAbado 17 de los corrlentes un HOT VIERNES Babas Cardero'
.',gna,en done residen, lea talacion de I nueva directiva .00 Buen c
hacemos llegar nuestro salu- Este acto social se efectuar 5 3:00 MI Pecado. Dramatisel6n-
en los ampllos salones del Club 3:15 Una Major sin Importan-
de Extranjeros y sera ameniza- cis. Dramastisaeil6n. MAMANA SABADO
l1 senior Oast6n Regis y se- do por Isa orquesta del Conser- 3:30 El HiJo aerd do r AM.
1 a Margarita de Regis, ce- vatorlo Naclonal de 8 p.m. 1 1 Drama Arena Qusaker 6:00 Buenoa D ia u
lartaron ayer jueves el.aniver- a.m. Be servir&n exquisitos pla- 3:45 Coctel musical :03 Desprtadr Musical
o de I= matrimonlo. Para to& ttaltanos. t 4:00 Noticiero R.P.A. 6:30 Notleleyu
o de matra feiit o Par to talano. 4:15 Seleccione Vladimir 7:00 Bpalolerias
el nuetras fectaons Selinsky 7:15 Melodlas sureflas *
leafios deayr Numpletras congrtulaycine pa- 4:30 Peticlones 7:30 Grandes Maestros
leas d yer Nuestras congratulaones pa-re 8:00 Melodas dAmrica
Reverendo Padre Superior ra la sefiora dofia Aurella Rios 600 Viracone d Alre 800 loia Amica
M!nuel Pulg, se vl6 ayer muy de Bliz en la fecha de sus 6:15 Poema ai Atardecer 8:45 La vo dSe Hoy
felicitado con motivo de su ono- natales que celebra hoy vier- Elds de leasa 9:00 Cantarea de MeXico
mhstico. Aunque alga tarde, le nes. 6:30 Filigranas musicales 9:15 Delicias troplcales
hacemo egar nuestras con- el camos a Is a Elena 6:45 La Fuga Dramatizacion 9:30 Vida en los EE. UU.
Goatlnzclez pones. t r sumas r hoay vfler- 7:00 Solos de organo 9:45 Selecclones varladas
Guozhieo par aumar boy vier- Lucho Azcarraga 10:00 Peticiones
.....Tamblen cumpli os ayer nes un afo ms de vda y le 7:15 El C aballero Vrna 11:45 Comentarlos Videla
floor Marid Rios. Vayan pa- deseamos que 10 celebre mtly Dramatizacion 12:00 Musica bailable
j "Baby" nuestras felicitaclo- content. 7:30 El Radio Feri6dico P.M.
t y den"os porque festeje -Accin" 12:15 Notlclero
chos ms. La nifilta Mirella Stela Este- 7:45 Donde el Rio Nace. 12:30 Mi~ ica de sal6n
S- noz festeja hoy un afo mas de Novela dramatizada. 12:50 Primera carrera
Ida disf rute de todo gero de 8:00 Selecclones varladas Fiesta Hipica de Hoy
r a .os esposs seor Henry licidades. 8:30 Serenatas de las Americas 1:00 Canclonero de la tarde
es Qui6s y seftors Palmira Duo Sollsa y Gomez 1:15 Carrera
de suions r elroPalma Pompos ba. 9:00 Orandes artists 1:30 Musica colomblana
VB. de Simons, ofreeleron ayer Pomposo balle 9:15 Mfisica varlada 1:45 Carrera
W1 medio dia en su residencia El club social Las Inc6gnl- 9:3015 E Hit M usica varl de Hoy 2.00 Ensalada musical
tn almuerzo en honor de los tas, tendra matana .un gran- 100:0 Pemas para Ti 2:15 Carrera
esposos Julio Castellano y se- dioso festival bailable en los emas para Ti 2:15 Carrera
iBora Tina Diaz de Castellano, ventilados salon'es del Jardin
quienes vlajaran pr6ximamen- M6naco de 8 p.m. A 3 p.m. y |
te a San alvador, en. done seramenizado por conocidacanclleres es
f mjarun su residencla por al- orquesta Tropicans. La entrada
~n tiempo. serA completamente gratis jvilal, dice el canciller de Ecuador

WASHINGTON, Feb. 16 (USIS) econ6mico de la conferencia es
Ai --El Minlstro de Relaciones Ex- de la mayor importancia pues sin
I m El P n m d Am dric ?' terlores del Ecuador, Neftali Pon exageracl6n podemos pensar que
l-. i ce Miranda. consider que la la primera line de defense de
reunion de Cancilleres de las Re- los passes latinoamericanos esta
publicas Americanas tratara a- en el terreno econ6mico."
"2-0 7 04 I suntos "de importancia vital pa- El canciller ecuatorlano hablo6
ra. todo el continente" cuando se en una conferencia de prensa el
( Ireuna aqui el mes proximo. marttes despues de haber hecho
0 7 4 Ponce Miranda dijo a los pe- visits al Secretarlo de Estado
Sriodstas que cree que la confe- Dean Acheson y al Secretarlo de
rencia "es sumamente oportuna", Estado Auxillar para los Asuntos
y agrego- Interamericanos, Edward 0. MI-
"Consideramos que el aspect ller Jr. Lo acompafi6 en ambas
S- vistas el embajador Luis Anto-
nlo Pefiaherrera.
Apoya campana Ponce Miranda manifeat6 que
aaldra de Washington en el cur-
S__ so de esta semana por via area
de la Cruz Roja hacia Quito, y que regresari pa-
ra la Conferenc a de Minlstros de
e S i Marshal Relaciones Exteriores que se ini-
S*.e, rlqualmos pudin.e qu. el Srio. Marshall clara el 26 de mazo. La onfe-
*log er srencla ha sidoceonvocada a peti-
pueden preparar en un santiam6n... Por muchos afios de CrIz clan de los Esdos Undos a fin
n .a r"I-i- Poja se ha considerado tainto de fortalecera resistenblca a mrco-
4 -' molo como fuente de apoyo n asconrade pelblgrodemla agre-
-. W I'C.r "AJ os aligid _entiempo d san iomunista.

;EI Vi or Relaurado y Las

fGluadlas Rejuvenbcidas
Bor ya no hay @rto alguno para y fusas y lee a leno de vlda.=
Seotinuar aufrlendb de prdda de v Ete nuevo Aorprondente vi orizn-
a or y con un cuerpO dt bil. de nervlo- dor y reistaurador glandulnr. iamn.ln
*ldad y deprefiOn pue uin intidto Vrko h, h sido Pr l ti
am' ano ha desciblerto la nnaneta pEisounrts en Ilon 'i-tnd i y
Sl y facil de poner fin a esos r.hora sae endse aIul en frArn.nlcI y
: n Yl&.. boti al Varko hrr, qu, I 8-1. Ea- l r-
E te descubrimlento en forma de la lleno do vigur y eneri.'. rof -
., tabletan Ltcliles doe tmar y absoluta. mA&s Jovn. Un frnear de 48 Varko
.r ente inofenalvas. hac Innec V arko es'pecIal de drbleh
A. s uperaclones Blandulares. y ettA At fuerza cuesta
iandq a trlues de per.qnas vltalhIai; m poco.
I3 vigbr. Obra directarmnte sobre Iaq
S &ndula. y norvs. En poraeno ipo, Dev.elve Vigor r VItllidad
SUd.puede notar y sentir quue retaura I


I 1 i v r- ( '.,-


r i

granues aesastres aurante la
par y la guerra. Pero nunea en
'u larga historic se ha entrin-
tcdo a una prueba tan grande
de su responsabllidad como lo
hace boy en dia.
Los programs vitales pare
las Fuerzas Armadas debeidn
agrandarse rapidamente para
S:eguir a un pa!.o Igual con nies-
ira fuerza militer que va ce-
ciendo con rapidez. La emcr-
gencia requlere de manera c-
pecifira la coordlnacl6n de un
abasteclmlcnto de sangre m.1l-
litar y civil, el refuerzo de un
estado de preparaci6n en caso
de esstre. y la intensificacion
de ensefianza para auxlllo en
caso de emergencia y para cn-
f Irmners. Los servicios esen-
ti'lcs que la Cruz Roja debLra
I ro'cer para los veterans con-
linhian en aumento constant.
Estos programs vitales son
responsabillidades piblicas y su
ejecucl6n requlere la ayuda ge-
nerusa del public americano. *
En ml carActer de Secretarlo
de Defense, me permit decla-
rar que la Cruz Roja tendrA el
apoyo complete del Departa-
mento de Defensa en el esfuer-
zo para liegar a su meta en la
ciiTnpafta para fondos de 1951.

"Una maravillosa interpretacion de la cubierta
torment que habitat en el alma humana"
New York Times.


[Michele Morgan: La Mejor Actriz Intemaclonal.
U-7 :- I

En franeo
con titulea






-- ~ i -

J --

* ..' 4 .


9 1

r0- nico. 1

romanUieo U

La radio dramatizaci6n. de una novel audaz,
atrevida, del aventurero mAs genial, mAs cini-
co, adorable y detestable que mujer alguna
haya conocido. .

Sinton ce!

UNES a VIERNES todas las n ches las

"El Caballero Va 'na" 7:15


Un program estelar en la radio favorita--

/a aRedLianameri'cana


,, f fflu I
; -" "V... .. ..

AuDL? j-
"" I

-..4, :

.4 -

sorpeand du al wE dSo de .. Ai
un medor n Ia xpouiei6n de Af4


U9 aI" Ul eomo sucei6 ... eon
I& Pro ln de la poUclia.
Ednmond O'BRIEN Joanne DRa

-rw -
Z:M :;17 4:29 6:41 8. I
DlvltrtaBe con L vidi dil I

an -
'"Yn A
Mi Amo" j
Moment) v:
J___J-- J- l** J k

Hap fellac- a W hijU abritidola .m
ojos baca Isa ei ad .rv10i l
-... .b. A 4 seg .. ,.

SLa pell ula m.a au-
doz. mui crude y
mki sincera jamn
Sfilmda por *I elau
arg ntino I



A MARTE" (Cap. 4-5-6)
AdemAs -
Abbott y Costello. on
y -
Rod Cameron. en

.100.00 para el POblice
Oraon Welles, en

Resorte. an
Imperlo Argentina. en

Dramal... Romancet... Mdan.-l
-con -

8 Nuevas Rumbau y

Edmond O'Betnu, on
Ademis -
Paul Henreid. en
"Nianuna Mujer Malf

Robert Donat. en
-Adani -
Pranchot Toao iB
"PILOTO No. 5"

Ciry Grant, in
Adaemi; Terry Moor. -o
u-" & imnk

"Viv Ml Domm-rIW

-4 i4mAM

- HOY' V

La p Eia aa A


ANK --.
A Itf..."


pwrq~a -21



E' PpR r

-.- *Abbott y Costello. In
EL E8GUNDO CRUCE.-EI seMado Marvin Fulton osUiee on -Ademas -
letrero que fue eoloeado por lI eemnalstas en el Parandk.8. Ann Blyth. en
euando las tropas alladas tuvieran ope retirarse despuis de taW- "VENGANZA DR
mario. El letrero se burls del otto oolocado per las tropas aBada J "
cuando se tomaron este puente.. P A IF.ICQ
Dick Powell. en




ils en Ulfetivol




_ _



_ __ F ___

Ali jos:5i122



AB;F~ ~ I



.I- ;; -

4 "


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