The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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SF i TO hurIl TOKYOFbb. 15Ul.-FifthAireForcsm b
-* .sa sd today that fight ad light bombs iSk
anists. With a Wc, of combat soren s up to 6,
WIa La rGovermn afternoon.
S -. The main effort ws clse air supft of UN troops
gof t-eMilitaly Policis
+,euPolicmie who ire holding the ble cIs cetrdl o UrNroops ..
ry suf a .fer- On the western front, UN forces a bndomed KiCspi
..." tm --s to n LQNDQO N W-eb.r 15 (UP) Airfield, and the heavy cruiser St. Paul hit lW ~te wiort 4 ..
no to aeath. -Witon hurchillM Cth the Han River and west of Shlel for the third straight dp
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he e InsBbl o htedrry e governer- caring weather permitted the mnune t re astace and j fined.
a lnn o a et. 3snw not a ment in e d I~enalra to now heavy aUl omfenalstr but Fifth Air with e eFrani-Amerean eo
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44 from -ecud" Role -t6 _o ,-
field and iaM he could no longw about 260 new casualties. rounded there.
ni.ot Tu support 'ts defea policies. The previous record for a sin- muhniswelre I
Soofthe r t fh d add: Igiate ds tactical air strikes was add 'wertimuo b
S bS 'ita so l e ofasithe growing opiniooneon. 13 wbeh a total of 619 er- the fight when
on ber of the nation." fectve aortleeWs flown. u
lge o ./.. Twhe wartime Pr- Ta e P iter A helicopter of the Third A th e uy uh o
Mid th a orw ,a opened theS eu debate t go rescue squadron went to the Chipyong. cut .-
itif. proceeding w wt tohrseS thU it le- whh e lmaxd, it rejcue of a F-51 piot from about nlIt forees, .r
no4 75 mile be dhind thlines.To Pa nsa d otion
This morning an Avianas of Prime Miniter Coent At- Injured. He was returned to his uered Pranco-AIe
Blban, which had baeen lee. *p ue While the r l9
l n from Coloma lit leida Amlto Arias told a But the government li ex- attacks hit CObmmunlst ve- ed Chipy
and held here onet re tve of f al 00A- peted to wn a ce onfnce hices from the front-line area dered aside
Sdy evacuation to the Zone t and O Iloyee Un- vote, after surviving the em- back upto the supply lines into southeast of th.
hr, was relea sed an i th imo n in h has nev- barrasment and scare noi orth Korea. Bflota claimed 70 It itl at t
Sd to return to M- the of wages hurchillatt e destroyed. 28 damaged. Other Chinese armitp
S. about o d eeno on.ornhe The eatiaet auryed Labor laimS for the day Included: 8S7 men each a O
S6 message ." tominli, the Chief eac In of -the Wmdll
bidaptee t w eie et t-m erob
.MM t-d, eer', ondibwti be lTea had lW e l eb WW ars and three bridd .ltlon on thenr
a~ny nA brie -l00 nmaht mde toRd would 5 o t gov or destroyed; one Thre 4 i
Sroby te mter tve on the in pretereae to bring nump our
ee to CO at in- a a general election which ra dth a f fuel dump
of Conservatives U are favored t four un emplacmen r

o ou of of -Ye a g g a s out of* t o ain1ta- oit carrier lnsk U- N i *N t
.r$ R B: .&, :, ~"016,h Tofleo -
110 10b as PMon rearmament to0

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P'i'R^Sen dlarte beyond thouM aU.ill nted thei r apply of eligible of New York are arriving early thatreidentB wt
iah oauUP enle onu m m ..

oeeia t Republin. Th hS older menO tomorrow morning for a stay toe. l o-rt they en, tha
Son -,thed tot~hh^ A0 Aot t herenof app-teroximeavnely one wtoek. oDraft -a10an.t dded demetotr l

Sthe n. t irled (oth othe P aa The bill now goedto the Ben- Rockefeier and Kre)aer are In tha one: "the wetteat first laIt
ri s r An5avth dto t eat 8e where it wir not be ra der a harge Nof the L atin American o a bty r aince 927.
Shld trp ed until the controversial troopfoo the Foreign Department Thsy concede, howtwer,
pt had notUa 3 o the analo Mmumn to-Burop& AWiOT e i eted-" ofteChaeandare ating the that the duration of the rain
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jtg two. Hfadadodan Ottctar) Haf ia (of aouae Armed frervacev Cammit- ethmufl of Panama. They w eil that although the totals rer nds
e ood e ber-f w ih f u tla io mldorint a *smili bult eall on hh ofitlcals of thde R period over whih the
when *u .Ionat adk tn th SS athue n idat boapro have b C h PanaslmNa nd the Cianal reu fotr makes it fm wep r
et~rManet cerlaies beyotten l ate month before 18earold recent Arnlo Aria. Ra all yesterday a wet t

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IfSr feIet f n chldlea husbandsa for David, Chrq to inspect tohe Incea t Bl gh at
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itept lb et ho aryp s t conrveralte A .he ofthe Fre iog n d Detpurn then sae i tsc On
Sae drydocked i t o the tnr iti to her oi aie iurton ote a
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I -rom ucwriend' ----Adwq--. they wbr l at the ofCthiatlan sp-m h ua to b ie ugnosnainue meats

Heps also repo*ed to** ad, b Or Policemen s the recent da BbA HLhs
ms "As wtye o theSos t Isthmusor aror They wih a the tot r

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in -er s ern hi nthe rofai toe easroe itwpoilable -ll pb- Two Residents Of e ny the th alio i It.
w asn et fo r tte rr W ash l oag aer Ws. wh e be, c s e that1.on5 ot c ar o hof hla tot h ald rm h ater

4y l.. wl. hs aT hlae.Inm t Ser o rte ioBrca.Tobled r s Pe si.deastsouhrar R n al t ry o all wetre t
M tobe toat. Wse Balboa station, tele-m huaon. They wi atun and 2.9l at walboal
cils ua nds or doiond t tt" -e an o o l o omBOe, i nectanimo us the i he at b. a

af s BSSa os t y t The m l i b held at the d eped r t an ed bIran r e Cr-v tby wn atn t he watheIr
g3lentwo haeanave)oblentke beo renCtonarub in Panama City and odRsoceelandt wte fr o a .Inayesteo top
ne l.a ahave to. re .- e yut fora 1 March 16n u repo rted this week by Canal Zone lon non-experta who only g

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she Repso. a bes a nel v orchestras wbl play for swil motoring to 1 Vocan, where t side, It started among 8:anal

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tme ta a May lo o Pes and hle othe Comm ery t Ionuest The wast have It that the Prelt
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.be- i' Imae e acobt snc' ---eralse r"--vicoes were Tickets for the 18th annual bHhothe so thite re on F i ntheam ree onthoebrury ae
lived d whasInSa m medoSrvie otsthu pytesnoi.Theyherlewingu ready made honithaerasfr
--tsderi s mlaerbi Cadl Irday and wee foliiatd to be aovtn on the P fperi e side by
naIve of nVr thoname now available at all p h- iO K re, usR ancd cdatlo H t
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enpgW.1ne bemefu g teatunu s dsaaorDldidt.ndh 2.t6a Baai
.7 b ntgo orpawthe. nlyn oae1277. TebHe1t
inII The ball will be held at the enahe oaTo bWe 1Ur -ra what the weather o

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havtoaboe-IWksO ined the canal rtonlban CIt d an t odll f the Atlio.c ide were aordms t aymeoyeof toi-e
u t iles n All m. IL at Is bt fo March 16. reportedthis weekly CanailZone weIn ofn pedrts w hlontin l gu
Nnar .of f is acom enda-v e-toor't ole wet. intheMdn' -thur steani an sa
a at ,-._ i._ C__unelT twdwllcosto orchetra wil pla for etra m+ornig obe s ory 'u a Caa-
._-r_-LOOM 2DIntHu Howard Hope, collapsed while walking fdent la ordered a geuatLon L i

-near the itereturon om tovar C p
Yn11Highway nd Whlock Street. HIs reason thueptort Ism t-a
Sl r. 11 Klmen~dorf, ptawhe he was pronounced -eady madedwithave
li'd.Dixie Lballfor Merby Dtyoo 0. A. Rukn autop- in tam
.. .an- au has been request. trenched Local nlasthtoneu of
"Chawal'tbearles Oreonth 60. Orena- dry season that e s from

in12tk-ed to have .umro

* -Am

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and Freight-S s and Planes- Arriv .



New OrWi Freight Service


=L s t d .........::: ................. i.

.S. Levers Bend..............................March

Banduu C f 'ted. Chiled
S and Genea rf.


New York Freight Servic
-SOm i *

8.8. Cape vinof ............ .................. Feb. 18
8.8. Cape Cod ..................................Feb. 25
B.S. Cape Cumberland ..........................Mar. 4
8.8. Cape Ann ..................................Mar. 11
flvam Freight Service
Salhap Weekly from Havana to Crlt6bal
Weekly sau inT toNew fork, .Los Angeles and Seattle.
Oeaslamalsainn to New Orleans and Mobile.
The doenemn in this service are Umited to twelve pasengers.
Fg1i.. Sailllon fI Crist6bal to
'Wet C estof Cgnm America

Orlitmbal 2121 Panama 2.-204 Colon 20


IL&. (S % fa.)...... .. ... ..... le
fVoal CompuE .. .ee
l A.. ... ... .. ... ... ... M
e5i d (ceMM u ..9.. a a ... ... ...
l n *A (r mLd) .. ... ... ... ... I
k m te l At. *** *** *** *** -
S.e .. .. S.. .*..
S.. ( .. ... ... ... .........
fmme Onu b -.. C .. (Cm ..) ... ** *** *,** **. I
a emal A at S. A. ... .. .=8 ... .. a .. ... ....

Iuma. d maoe COash ( ... ... ... ...
-IFete A ListS Cam (Comman) ... ... ... ... U
vsmamgeu a Liht CimnZ (P4fe14) .. ... ...
me ...e ... ... ... ... ... 4
SsCSemhmui. tie ...... ... ... ..*.. ... 1
c mli a... ... ...... ..5 o 5 .6 o ee *.
hmd rw& a. L Co(Comm ) ... .. **

Shipping &J

Lie Due Sunday
Trygve e Lie, secretary T
fthe United Nations, w top
lefly in Panama ear d
morning en route to Bantla,
Chile. According to PAA, he 5
leaving Miami at 8 p.m. Satwr-
day on El Interamerlano which
arrives at Tocumen shortly after
He will attend the Initial ses-
sion of the UN Economic and So-
cial Council on Feb. 20. On hip
return trip to the United States
he w visit Lima and Quito.
Hi on the agenda of the cod-
ferenc Is the question of forced
labor. F r ears ago, the Ameri-
can Federion of Labor request-
ed the Un d Nations to inves-
tigate the a nt of involuntary .
labor in memb countries
recommend measu to e n-
Lie will reort to deleg seat
the Santia g o repliea
of member over us. It is
understood t at 32 nations have
indicate their willingness to co-
Another large California yacht,
this. one the 194-ton. 115-foot
Brodie, arrived in Balboa Tues-
day from Los Angeles en route to
Guayaquil. She is owned by Hen-
ry P. Haldeman and carries a to-
tal complement of 11, including
a chef.
Built in 1931. she Is the former
Salchanick, and under that name
transited the Canal in July 1947.
Her master on the present irip is
the same as on her former tran-
sit, Captain Jens J. Kristiansen.
The big yacht, luxuriously fitted,
has a 22-foot beam and is pow-
ered with two eight-cylinder 8
by 10 oil tnglhes.
Mrs. Clara B. Haldeman, who
was signed on for thte trip as as-
sistant purser, is leaving the
yacht here and flying to Miami
En route to the Isthmus the
Brodie stopped at Mazatland,
Manzanillo, Acapulco and La Un-
ion. She is clearing from Balboa
Tanker Finished
The tanker Catalina, which has
been drydocked in Cristobal for
overhaul since early this month,
Is a southbound transit today.
She is en route to Ecuador to re-
turn to service. Local agents are,
Andrews and Co.


I f 0f b



. .-- .-.-


Excellent Accommodation Available


Pacific Terminal Bldg.
Phone 3-1U51

Masonic Temple Bldg.
Phone 6-3161

_.-_ ;rly to


r the Pn American Games


offersthe following

_ Ing s vices

t Intaneri t world's
moAt luxurious 4., provides
01 fastest daily ervic between
Panama-Balboa and Buena Al-
em: 13 ha 15'. (Twice a week it
ffers even greater luxury and
comfort with the exclusive Fiesta
SLounge). En route, you may stop
off to visit the beautiful West
Coast capitals, Lima and Santiago.
Economioaj tourist fight4q twice
a week are another outstanding
Panagra service. Fare reductions
up to 25 %. Comfortable, speedy
DC.4'. follow the scenic route of
& InterAmericana

23 yn eiparlenO l South AeMriw




SPM&eaudAo aewdopessee em. e
pwremApo" G&

a viWs
I o NWrutSK

toa, dim to clear to sea without

M4r5ANnto Miami,
,araa-carryln Manabl.
te .ealy yesterday from
MtOer ; O t reef on which she
ran UPoC last Sunday, today
Isen route to Miami. -
She )g in tow of the PanamA
ana salvage tug Taboga which
Vt to her assistance and helped
in floating her about 4 a.m
y day.

30- Year-Old


A Gold Mine

GOLD DUST: Sweeper at plant
In Fort Madison, Ia-pans gold
as he cleans floon.
There's no gold In the streets of
Fort Madison, but there's $20,000
worth of It In the floor of a fac-
tory here,
The gold has been accumulat-
ing In the floorboards for 30 yearly
in a pen manufacturing plant.
Now that the plant is getting rea-
dy to move into a new building,
ly made -tae BI L *t3jgT#,'-*
000 feet of old floor, which will
be "mined" to retrieve gold chips
and dust.
Prospecting would have been a
lot richer, however, if it weren't
for the ilaborte precautions tak-
en every day by the W. A. Sheaf-
fer pen company.The gold-work-
Ing departments Are given spe-
cial night-time vacuum cleaning
and all aprons and smocks used
by gold workers are laundered on
the premises.
Laundry water Is put through
settling tanks, and the winnow-
ings are combined with the
sweepings and dust. The blended
dust-assaying at high as $60 a
pound-is stored-in ordinary gar-
bags cans until it's shipped away
for reclaiming.' .
Otherwise, sy- company offi-
cials, $100,000 worth of gold would
vanish In the fir or down the
drain every year.

Satellite i&ss

Sign Declalion

Of Liberation in US
(U81) Exiles from ten com-
munist dominated European
countries,. now living in the
United States, are redidications
themselves to the liberation of
the "captive" peoples behind the
Iron Curtain.
Approximately 200 exiles, In-
cluding many former High Fsank-
ing government officials and
diplomats, attached their signa-
tures to a "Declaration of Liber-
ation for Central' and Eastern
European Peoples," at e6remo-
nies arranged here by the Na-
tional Committee for a Free
Europe, Inc.
The declaration originated
with an informal group of for-
mer European leaders who have
been meeting regularly for two
years at the New York\home of
Origore Gafencu, former Ru-
manain Minister for Foreign Af-
fair.q and Envoy to MOSCOW.
The declaration, signed at the
birthplace of the United States
Declaration of Indepedno,
says in part
"..We, exiles M Albnia,
Bulgaria. CshedbelWv ito-
nia. Hungary, Latvlia., tithuaia,
Poland. Rumania, Yugoelaia,
loyally united and sin-le I
thought, dedicated by the
found sufferings and
aspirations of oat.Wr-_ ,
"Faithful to tho -
predecessors who,
of centuries, *havet
exile but in ioMt:..
free world, .t '.M Wi .
the Institutions. m
liberties of t. I
"Wish to .
Republie of
of America, MilW
good fortune
of freedosM
sage of
&Way peopV" n ,

"*- i M i

* i4 I,,
*; ";.# ".
-.' .

, ..
". ". '.3.

-. i


LI-B- I -


- v. W--. -a- -". -
M wt\& 1t ,an.1 ut MWL.M

A rA wP

~;"-~~L't -.
-... I
I -

'3* *

-.0 -


6Ur BOARDING HOUSE .. with ... .




4 Al. 14jlj

*ld% Se w

Patron' Story

." .

sADo.sf WE MUST Gaif 1', 6AY iY ,p
-'MRIaoD 6BsteM L.ACcla s FAHS'.- Hi
aLIu-O, GerGtis, a fou a

sM Icupid &WALnU

B- aAl ,


a':.. -




I I.
I i

r is
-, C

i-.. ;.


; ---

7- ,


~I ~_

- -----


I r

r q. .-
L *.

por war

W Woods., 512.
I-thfn drove
W Deri Me-
brothers to
, &= =op.e.._
one out pre-
aM new job
_.ked to ber-
*.ikflat. La-
Sdrove them
ftbned when
t out with
at fled to her.
MEd her cloth-
Ofrom the
Rb; Her mother
S'enstdat a
from town
found where
4It later six
tet seat tlui

of 0o

': .L: ?


.. : '-, ..' ', O N

twae.proud to an ow '


ur New Store 'RE iD

o 's Innovaci6n

For *w 44 19l YMOUTI "BOWlf
$35 ni p-um a..i M -0. S. -- ae- *
way. i" rm i

4 i lrg ru ""!. .

Love It... Adore 're !
- Thee s it.P are brightly ma the flrst robln ..
pretty as t first blooms In your garden!
Lovely Tropica Desigus
Petal nSoft olors
Zflhu1t~ftwrB AndEA ut

.And alauy

108 entMr. A

rmanmt ]lnoh
V otAe Lovely Materials

venue Tel. 2-9418

." -. "
\. .. .. .', "-

Kee YourBa Fr

From Irritations.
'' i .* i -**


(At 84 Central Avenue)

The Bt in Its lass .

+n.e.f Sa m- _t(

44 4-C
v.. vs

nm.. r-* *'

l SK3



cL cam


Planning a Vaeati Tr p..

Jre's. wbtyo'u' *aA.
p : *: ; r

4v. -m< m. l lm m:m
*-.--. *- : -|, *-"' '"- t -'f'a'-S "-' -* '*

-^ -+.l -,;,-" I.1--



NOW lso


20.00 and 25.00 .. ..... ... reduced
25.00 and 30.00 ... ..... reduced
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SIZES: 28 to 44




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Playtex Guarantees

Slimesm more
something laneli
than any other
Bold plui
ful oumCLs.not 6

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100% effectiveness arai net Dpe lash! r-

Mothen/C Give you baby the adentifie pro o from diaper '"
mw .ha omly Playte Dby -Oil. wdw apd C. will pa e.. ,
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TNANIjMt... deaZys he baeml. that mus diaper m di hAnd a '
Playtes makes this guarantee... your money hacuk if yw *
y ever develop diaper rash while uing Playx Baby Oi i '
Powd and Cream eoaeey

m .\. -

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With ?RAW=IU!

Keep Your Baby
"Socially Acceptable"
apytj* Baby Pants

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tame M un dtmwN ta Se seb. l
"mh meW ,t ma .

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Al Playtex Baby Items
are sold at States prices.



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3. i
A -f.


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- .

. i



... .o... ......-'...


.ltw does Hopy Chaler m"and with e baseh In D
high to a gra pper. That most ma SS at McGrath field and will be
and adjacent sentiment may or way plot be P"_i9e11 Then dedicated as Elks National Youth
?r was a rush to name babies after hins ar here, Day
partof th country may ~ 'the Balboa Elks Lodge 1414 will
Other parts of the country It May be diat9 t resent a beautiful thirty-two
STexas for example, I foundhe .ati- t gold trophy to the Cha. i-
*'sI port. and was tasured t b ports i tpq ion m deep a ofIthe all day a ndfair In ad
'Rth rand West Coast cities, on hand .qr the CiotditC i' tion to the traveling trophy,
e lvention, that his administration was well recaed i ethllr the Ell.s wil present prizes -
-eafers. There was bewilderment that his contraak was 0t to be bas, balls, gloves, etc., to th.
L n d Ineatp o r participants in the tournament. mr b ",
"What did he do that the owners don't want W siA more?' Each boy in the tournament
a popular and recurrent question-a question l oldn't an- will receive two chances on these
then-and can't now-except to gay he evidently had proved awards which will be given awa
qIbtisfactory. No formal charges have ever beo presented. at the championship game at 3:
Jre has been no hint of wrong-doing, double-dealing or lack m. The tourney will start at
Sprobity. I a.m. and will continue
S. For some .reason the owners have refused to make m p oi-their oaom. a w onti .
ance a mistake on the part, I must believe, or this a rougout the day, over two- -
ways tens to create suesp icieon of sinister machinations and hundred young l pote ntial ball
jrospts the andled bystant er to wonder where the body Is prled players will pat r cipate In the -
t We know how othe owners' decision to divorce themselves from The ceremonies athe t ChAm-
Meb lyrical Kentuckian was not based on any one major thing but po I s gam e starting art D0
r father on an accumulation of minor irritants wh h led to m., see the Elks Di strictDo -
Santagonisms, petty 'reprisals, split ranks and t mthereoatrnosple -;GrnMx Altedt.f Mt tu Rueno
gly acerbic ty which now prevails in the hi gheB echelon of the C anal Zone, tRalph btra u
m. throwin out the a first ball with
I alted aler William Dorgan ofh a .
NEITHER SIDE WARRANTS CHEERS Balboa Lodge 1414 batting the 100 Vo q)
This is a situation from which neither the owners nor Chan- ball and Exalted Ruler Dr..fHar
""'ter can emerge with prestige. It Is a situation largely of Chan ry Eno of Cristobal Lodge 1542
A ers own making since he went out of hise way to look for catching the first pitch. h, r
uble, but the owners' approach has been remarkable for ab- As this is the first year for the
i e of dignity and diplomacy. It has reached a point where b t celebration of Elks National .-
difficult to latinguish the pot from the pan. Youth Day throughout the world, BALBDA WIGN ATHLETES These Balboa Z out of eseas sports.
4 Not all the owners are opposed to Chandler. At last actual a large number of Elks and th They r the Bulldog entry I n the Football h -
aht nine were on his side. These included men like Connie families are invited and expected will on Feb at -te lb $ a stre
y a cerbt y who nt o w presaey Inn thwhi h ma e ch e Ctonn w ilp I anhe dere. t 1 'N .... s t.a t which
Mak Ca; riffith Walter Briggs. Phil Wrigley and Tom Yaw- to attend this gala afa Te Pal and Ted s. were ulldog
40moh..and oTed Xce .Us ..we.. Q nrv gv- .hi Bulldo
S I had presumed this fact might influence an opinion as public i invited to attend atls on id team last fall, while Norris was an an
aineot th anti-C e hand le t ers, Fred aigh of the Cardinals an i there will be no admission n ll r e R
od Del Webb of the w Yankees, both new to baseball and richesorb-w ch s s arge. fistymr t
mail indicates otherwise. og dN O c e The tournament will be a sin- h
Jules M. L gerthal, 70n Grand ConcoursehN.e C.,nt w esr e gle elimination champion l shipI~0 W is M i e t Crn M a :
Pi.ak and Griffith, ase cially, as the greatest deterrents to pro- and all games will be five ____ lea-- P*bnso W ins th crown; M ay
gess and square dealing In baseball venerable old-timers who affairs. The coach of each team
abuse their respectable pasts to short-change the customers with and the umpires for the tourna-d -
cheap and interior teams. As for Chandler "e has never ent will be feted to a luncheon ah s e
gotten close to us fans, all the while pretending a great dignity at 12:30inthe Gamboa Civic Cenbt I 1 or Le, at ,.,r,
ed by a his personal deportment fl W."ard o -- tar by mothers of the Gambo4 Try Fo ai t MMHolp tn, and le .( O wr ha mpio nshi
JT. P. Curtia. the Rita-Carlton, Poston, writs: "I am forced team.
to wonder why the men who pay the freight should be expected All the "Di League teams will
be is not wasted. Is there a -rule in business that you cannot di- Ing community : Ancon, p Robinson today placed t he
Axlas such an employCe? If Chandler had any character he would boa, Pedro Miguel, Cocal, Diablo, leweight crown on his head O 1 ttR.
t11 the Topping owners to go to hell a-4 resign but being boa,, Gatun, Cristobal aU V ter resting it from Jake La-S
ty a Wl can the thought of t oeartg b l from the Margaritd The coaches of the Mott and began negotiations for
golden to trough must ma e him shuer. can ve him." teams in thourna lent will be siot at Joey MaxiM' light- The H. I.t om kel er rkept while Minor b ort 'foro
S t r a Pa t XLoui Funacci of a eon, Paulaeight championship at their lead In the Major Lesae had 530 ana eper rolled a
he CHANDL FAILED IN 3 IWor b arst of Balboa, Ed i pn ho's Madison Square Gar- last night at Diablo eHtp 509. The r ad less
This Isen the unvryng tenor of the ltte!n Ihave re- DiaOblo, Bill Mamma of Catl, n in late Mach. when they too three ints than 500.
SYt on the subject. t a obeen,8t an re t e Robinson, who vacated his.a.wn the Anu .. team wiaes oie th Sl enB
i wointraordlnary and would be even If It wee true the ZestaI er. is u2M T-0 ren of am a s 9how .
ra Gergeno welterweight throne at the ina913, 97e and n52 for a tal of Ing, the Fuerse yLuztem. pre-
-f diced against the man, which Is debatable. n when the P alumbo of Cristobal, Howard tent of stop ing the blood- 244, while thehMut .utempelnt ently team eam. r e- g a
i- Eseundeniai e te Mer-uthaxistulpieatysardcamio the t od e o be n ts o t A- -uth A n
Undeniably clear-cut you usually hear a s nting voice Wodof atu and Paul Mosher ared eor 1402in five kept pac behind thm take sooation, split four 9 its with f
SB o defend his new 16 0-pounde dt- ry gthe o it f T 5
ampalenin g fan or ChandIer. In my comment s I have sought to 4h6al wil e he G ue I ta e remt u bt it a g Uaod ognal teaMn two g w ile B k a e
showtere are to th sides to the picture neither attr ve, a tha lonsn the tournament a n J otta e but meanwhile y e oma tes Presently ave me an pifall. ng M the
e t ono hiherorl we ro Chae o than it Is for somet ee th amone tuln t hryfor aimslpounh a
at fn the owners woare. oeeoin himn To thrn n. thSatoC h r sen A-Frasr team in m t ofio e R IO, er. w awe ia tee, hse n 162
rein basteba for d tht bt Webbe himself t w iso n reord that g f a Ls R er om behi nd t gie a- hn91 ard t5 nbopptra tr 0. nth W. er1.. f. ..l i e
et-rich-quick owner la ng but a rarity these days. expect to dethrone last year's battering before stopping .him eks, butthe t a team rafug- with split, an Woan4 dI WitA
recent years we've had Bob Hannean, Col. L. 8. MaGenlue and champions.Theastrong teaps this on a technical kneekent at 2:" ea to budge front t pAeisteit on 471. The Insurance nen were led
illVeek. Not to neglect oti y) Rickey who got out of year a pear to be: Ancon, Balboa, of the aith reag to become the first place. bya Morton. w ho bad a fl
nm Ctb l with close t o a m lion o l and Gatuhn first welterweight champion in The tempeitei ast tight lost 7, followed by Schael pr wii'V
U tl na few days h ane trou. i andl .er had a chance to The umpires for the tourna- pulisMotte bstry to win the the first ame when Colstonr 8 Mpd Yarb roug
came back. This was before his talk at the ball writers' din- ment will be Bob Likins. Harvey middleWeight grown. came g the ~d game AMto% W0
.. 'went c EvanstFritz rishentawithampion Inowsmannowylead
ar here the other night, a talk in wh he mset to great leng th Parker. H 1r% hrit the -e Robenme feomedin a 1/ it U .8. h o Presho.,. .newly- ipoao WMud lin n
Sto say nothing Faced with a wonderful o opportunity to prea ney, Fred Mohl and Herb Kohl- LaMotts a180. mrow e l t champion, ht a oelt lwB
f ro tons his administration efor an influenti menr The official scorers will be Matchmaker Al Weill of the In- had srie the evening Ia Mher etc ah haf-
s-ing and, fs or the most part, open-mined baseball and Mrs. Paul en at Diamon d e international Bain Club, pleased with 2 91 and f or C47. i 1 39 aver her ,
iv audience, he did no more th punch the bag-and a ve 1 and Bill Beor Dithond 1 1. at la t night's betr t hain W eex- oh firsp pEa w n 0 aondtn a
+,y n oth i g ,s eed wlth wonle|u o .*oredt tnhia toepre. her.tored R b 9d e o h =an. .. e-' Ir a "'~A"N d Tr -' "t h
wandy bag It Was. When he had ftinished I felt embarrassed be iTed tathme oury to pa Rob the- hd h ol f th 01 st eebr a 2.^ preae Cana l oe a
for him and for baseba 1. 5,07 tAhr6 Spion it d on d ther m -w _l Son 911an be
__inson and Maxim for a light- 200MIn Iot a tlide 607, follow treated to a leani t
Arm y Sports heavy title tilt at the Garden late e by 11~lth 556 and itd- ". nM. o atlndindl- the Le meet00
Kentucky W ildcats Still Up to the moment the referee nomAngeInI mat e rd
COROZAL ARMY BAE, Feb been a close thrI battle La FrealeU led for Roma with 1 w ing e9 r Swab
15-The Albrook Flyers yesterday Motta won ath he first followed closel by Dillon with) Team the 0)1
SI R afternoon c ser d the Corozl w tr o efsieBrounds. t o Beat with 17, Filemark with er os 6t2 MAhurt 1
anked N o. IN atioArmy baseball tetm by a 12 to 4r o s and Arnold, sutbbhing or Bar-stros.. 6 o9 21, MeAfhur has t
score, to k prk Corozal off the lake increase his margin by gles, with 6830. Ingraham was ht at0 .. b 8 27 1 0ct ynd
USARCARIS Baseball LgUS taking the sit, seventh an for the Angelina team with 593, ir Cat ....2 3 2 bot e
NEW YORK, Feb. 15 (1UP) Ible with Yale and Harvard. And unbeaten ranks. Thus Albrook eighth by lear margins With with Pederson behind with 566, & W M..4. 1 1 o20me wtb el r a
The Kentucky Wildcats a ain Indiana is favored over North- and Fort Kobbe remained the on- his blistelaring d attack. Dailey with 522, Taylor with 17 ..ho. t 1 e h
dominate the weekly Un ted I western. ly undefeated teams In the lea- however, fromthen thrond and Crecelus with 512 The i- oho 5 3 J anamr ie
gne' eroaogwa1Hot Shots.. 3.5. e d pro5f ess onal
Ptess basketball ratings. Slxth-ranking St. John's may Bue. on LaMotta steadily weakened quor men tried vainly to k no PpturShnts.. 4 25 turnediprofessional.
The latest balloting by 35 pro- run Into trouble with Niag ara while Robison gaa e off Homa construction Paper Shuflers. 1 2Along with t4etwo
mtinent coaches puts the Wild- but the redmen figure to beat Cotton, for the rlyers and Ro- streg bsoed DI U tao W so ostnmwthe ta e eDIVIDUAL Maroos
cate on top for ti)e fourth straight It. Peters. at. Louis has a tough chinski of Coroal were hooked but we rific force of a 2844 series bow ter individual game-Ge seeing waby i ; -
week and the seventh time this one in Wichita, but Brigham up in a fine pit er's el until Ray took the ninth, tenth, le- by the latter. o -Wi r Cata-233. Hi.l .ri At.
eason. The Oklahoma Ales- Youn is the choice in two ames the sixth inning when soehinski venth, twelfth and final round The Tropidura team went into three-game asries-Carl Coope a
try-finished in the runner-u ley meets Ripon and Drake, while ed him out of the box w p bar- the eleventh round on Lagotta breaking the S-way tie existing Dets*lk.....4 A horb na
wthour hits and Zuruns. staggered around the ring a asice the previous play, by et- 0r 1e 31 fromth
(.' Iuumbia. the only major un- yard squabble with North Carm- 1lUhter hyh i Fgh- inss ba h eg three points from the Last po 42
I ranks fourth. Indiana Is fifth. St. o who leaned hato one of could hardly raise hin but lel i a splendid 100 relgart 'am,: : 42 U bt"
venth: Brigham Young. ei hth: conference leaders: It's Columbia ear over the right-center ay hit lake with everything he h total 'of SO, while the Petito .s. .ast.. 15 re to '..e
adley, ninth and North aro- In the Ivy League, Kentucky in field e for a home run. Until had but the most he could Ga was bd 8t SM and 852, tak ing N 44 1i. -a d ...
ffma State. tenth. r the Southeastern, North Carolina that slith lnnin, the Flyers and stagger LaMotta repeatedly and e lastg Di Male h hlsflbykn 424 15. 40at
aln top 10 should have smooth State in the Southern. Texas and Conceal were t] at one run cut him up.
~es with Xavier of Ohio and west. Kansas'State in the Big Se- Tine Flyers got 14 hits off the round were gone and it was ap a 696, allowed by Eay with 8mith .. 34 154 I )i*l-.e
ennessee. The Oklahoma Aggies yen. Illinois in the Big 10 and the Sombumd pitching forts of-Re- rent that LaMotta was out ~o SM and Balcer with 546 and Radakovich. 39 166 will w et
also have two games comna up- Oklahoma Agglis in the Missouri chlnhi, Gibson, Trotter and Tor- is feet, the referee stepped be- RhodeS 580. For the Petite, SAheldon ..... 27 ",
with Tulsa and Detroit. aanas Valley. Arizona leads in the Bor- han, who ease in to pitch the tween them and rained Robin- Pat himself with 555 was high, Thompson. .. 36 1 l,
State f ures to take Iowa State der Conference: Wa hin ton ninth inning for the Coroeal son's hand. -. ... Of de .,g alh wl)

ords of basketball is held by 15th gasge's only homer. Chatham, room for nearly two beers after
& -' ranking Long Island University Binch, Salafanl and Cotton each he left the rian. He was sq ear Aat saW. WAth a, i
The Blackbirds beat Murray State got two hits. oolapse that doctors ge s lee itat even
30-67 Tuesday night for their For Corneal, MIsialek led the oxygen to pep hia, p.1V 'a exoectedr wle band.
140th straight win at home. club at the plate with a double .__7la genral p i se or.da
Beaudoin and Worthington eac- Du arrlson S* .. .o b.
Ihcollected one hit during the ,s.-.n "ge.

SAFE FOR PRESS h, rocI." Ba aeWins Tom Open T
p with te gems.' Chariton
SAFE FOR for Coroal, bed Stanley ofat
A SiYW l S KIN Former heavyweight champion least two base hite when he raced The Arkansas traveler-Dutch i'
LAST 5 SKIN Joe Louis has arrived in sam far into let-=ntev field to make Harrison-pcku i,000 on his
Francisco for his Feb. 32rd bout a one-handed laig catch of latest trip to T L
with Andy Walker. Louis ays the his I drive. Hoad ended the Harrison beat Ford by
LARGE IS SMALL W Walker bout- may be his finCal Coroe lighth-inning rally by one strok 18-hole
tune-up before a return go with racing far Into foul tory to playoff for theao golf te
R9' ichampton Baard Charles. catch extoen's drive. Champlhp shot a
Another boxing champion Around the nfld, Nouknecht four under r over the
Lightweight Ike Wil a of the Flyers and Goodman each Brackenl o.
faced with% a iatsa k- tnrne In fine fleldi g plays. Antonio. ird toa" a 6. .
f Inwoht atthe easeTe41-year
il ne S amnighAtitles f : Hue the7-o ear-.old S Sot fsd
ll- apnet.t11m : taae1 s. placenonda TSs.41coe -
0was Sdf*est; to S, ; BW6-h, Sh; of 265. .f-
woo-. Joe ef mda in P el-, 2a- Cotton, lead after Ma e Sa *
M m D toe boa t put over CO030 AL; a b6off as FordI feM the so-e
until nemat day betema of a aritona ct: I Wrt times off e
ol i c.. asi: -s S .rf ..^donS*1-'B a-... .
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ON. 'DISPL AYTLAOD AYk 14,Lo o s s
hre ssogaS-ofdmentarMao-
.ns si iashrlaaded behind rolls te aeei
__* -5tr^ a ,rper- 9M t a t. a lS
*i e'rS~ Vs dlf bwllyl one m Ie t s as acts. ae co m

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to ehafhplee moran. y en- other dod oeunidentifled
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actual a but T han AiO tt to Oft to Land" ofq et t h e firWM t an e W
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4 .It "t .. Moa ao. and: to thde lower Hallstone was bo vManphe
b Saary de anois 'w hit by "Just happened at h -


0. Ds". KAR ,," N"TIr a. recently domted partho s e, d ge. t ,o CRYLE m.
ot. dhe wel r w un d n o'tl e lthemoved bwarte

""_a`A 'o-dn.eof ,torro otheems el e t every m 't attwrnPy epan whohlat l
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i 0 1 '1n of :G n osthem If they weres prhi Stoddard 10rd the fd er- rifle-

ad-- 9,--^ l>tatetob, theyInbarefooted. he dTrs

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ff-^PK ..*n t! he wlt widh /thes 'e aUullooso t'nd Ag eIle pl *m* Ie h

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St. e- Cf, 5 I IoIof&. IMr t.9d the p -ro-
*o *tt'- tii s O! t3, -^0-7- '''Amari'an ,t1*,dx. "bota 4:0 am. lcOarda z toI ,erled I BO

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i 2-$0. *)e.ftI
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$1.300. House 32, M is dag RATE
"9boo Ba.lboa.1,,
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e. Quarters 249-D, Coco So- large electric fun $2w,0., 5251 -17 b4ie65
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radio, new 6 ply tires, FOR SALE: -Long' pleyin r pf MCH'S Santo aeI
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ition. Panama. diately leaving for Florida. All fr t"athat-
a -- household items for sale, BDoda 'OOM AND BOARD:-Nic e fur- 13,( )
LESSO NS Crystal glasses and goblets, silver nished cool clean room WItp.iome. 1 ''e op m eetin p1l l
coffee service, 4 pieces, rugs, old made food. 46th Street 18-A Doly Mri` U lr'atIk
0V notr learn from prfeionl leads spray st of dishes, fishing Phone 3-1789 or 2-1693 offices V. aUtre d leand tsi on ad
equipment, kitchen utensils, brand hours. staihei,7 6
cto rn Amerinand enow horse saddle end stirrups and46W i*-ttWtetofr
rin Dancing. Balboa YMCA, so forth too numerous to mention. FOR RENT-urnumish rorn. 4th of, inod O .o
Narnett & Dunn.See Sam Stewart No. 1, Federico July Avenue, upstairs, No. 7. d. t nr an id na... disarmaiment
Boyd. Apt. 4 in rear 9 a. m. =55C1.0044
Ar y Ba.d .W 10 pm. FOR SALE .,f, .he.. n
y at Ci. blt y FOR SALE:-Electric incubator. Call Boate a Motors Magi Silver .' a Le's ~np statement a @ r ma e..of
at isto Y phone 3-0255. et'V 841e0,ate ,ob Mal akdi O t. b le90lv t "
SDinse FOR SALE:--Cheap, bedroom fumi- FOR SALE:-1947 Harley Davidson, DUNMORE AGENCY4 11 M1 rvusly nnomued ,.in
e 4 x rg b tf wa ttofte with any challenge uec2Th,
arehereby acc rder FOurbner baby ri, l rayn. 6 cPnditione Ai.W D pa
talentlne 46thbSt.eNo.e30.yTel. 3-1a80 _ggg_ SER _asret
Members of the Junior Hot- FOR SALE -Piano, upright Grand, FOR SALE :---S H. P. 25 cycle mo-

Valentines Dance on Satur- "; ,,] .ha Mo ed tT '
Feb. 17. -" eiR hB ChM REPARe.
60h Army Band wil F SALE WISEWIS

FORSALERe5A l Estath e L eaves Fort WqhaeALS ooLwn0 tha -PaN#AX

tric pump, all blocks and plastered. ao onI a, Fnreb. 15, (Uin Itmi- a u ra'.
F lWA t le floors, mahogany paneling on pWe as O.lsppe Di Vltca rmerloanntailm

A .A K PRI T. FOR SALE:-Vacotion house with lot He will attend a meeting of the tee o
a gON. Defeudmt. 20 x 30 meters Maria Chichita. Communist dominated World 72"'x 18h -09 siaw- been formal a .ny n
PJlYU Docket .7 near river fishing. On Porto Bella Wara.w. Larp assortmeetin i that Mah'ks dei (U s

u.- -U oR DIVORCE road. Accessible year around. Ap- W ith ~stdail defectons iniz ndole. o unt the
abfl-amed defendant; C With aumstasu deetiniIiizs n~icil-.
-n hereby required to apoper and n 10.086, th C the ta Cft sity ita
Phe complaint filed in the abare- Ion. was believed that Vittorio a an over China's UN
action within ninety days after ousa m-ma
lrat ions afto FOR SALE:-41-Hecarsland veteran of the Spanish war and &eUws
Pub~lcation. FOR 5ALE:-4 I-2 Hectares land Eelr oIm 8pv" wwas .So...-
ose oa your failure to me ppm 1-2 mile East of Casino Santa CIo- of prisoners In France. Italy mud :poI wasp
p- ,Judgment willtb tike
yoiu bdflt taken ra on International Highway, in- erm vaid give a ca- Short
i1 the complaint. cluding two small buildingseandp rept ont ItaIy'jQonun- Loot Slevs.. -t ;
the Honorable been Jos~ ,. 900 gal. watertonk, will sacrifice. .at 1streuill ai d pobs sam ..
Judge. United btalpa District du. wa
e DI.r ef the anal Zone, r t Phone 3-2573, Box 2354, Crk- espla of the failure of the ouayabnas ,.. t
a d e o f TJe nu e MCe r m. 19 6 1 ". J r to b a | re c e n lt C o m o u n it t rl d I lU rM .. o ~
C. T. McCers c., Jr. -t iGo"-
-e ".'.ISTHMIN A
as- th'eILDputyMClW4kW


^SS'a~~~iliB~~te6^1*^ '-

IrL Priest ~ glIr lOP10 A ,-% .IIAWM.M
MPIlRK summons l-sifte
N ~ tot se~a 1 rved U AsJt~m lJlJ. ,. 4-
e publication purab nt to
AS the onorable Jos ph J.
14m. United tetes District Marrbge Ihe0111"
the Dist"et of t1the Canal
SJa uary 35., i 1 adn ed -
filed In thi action ini t;e CHRI8TENBIN. Renr, --Af
Cerk of er ,ill UR States Gal.. Colombis. to ILA ,m*
UPS reo t "Iisho. at Sal- C res, 31, of toe i Dw
C. T. MeCeemltroh Jr t TI'
Clerk o Jr. E
c* an a- oe1._Penn
cW tas@esea

Sore u. Wim PMrt

Trwo Red N0rty

om -=
d to somm

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th axn
k. Ste1
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Mr. iJ.
Lyman. Mrs. 8
m qn, Mrs. Slp


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Sup tw ~aw- rw eras
'he seandi of tn *ff.
Pl veWa pte OFt

is emanwnend

p lwue tlaersow wuti -
y trom. DeCfWMe rstar c(
w V. apsBy, oten of r..
JoiRItcMa of staff.
>theM Srvl



ab dry iaMSe fli
J Iu t ai l out, emt mad

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al Guardmen have
I service Indiual-

e called Into se
UQi otf*w pr
ARe boeen lit

i after at le'it 14 w
aet time, It wan aid
artanen had bee
the'W OSlf

Note to MAiMs of the

CAmra deh Pr d Co6A

Members of the Cimra- do ia Propledad de Col6a
are sted- to be reseadt at the etin f to be heMd
Fdy library 1951 at the oal Chauber in.
the To amo Buoding at 7th St.

Ngaimambers are al viatted.

POW,' m e*w fewdists.

rNot C make.up. Nero gresy

Goe on wsidef water. Stay on-
nSmudlonger Ilhanpowder.
Pis, d o rylI Can't spill over
hsndbegm or dark dphe.

I angel-s*weest md.ue.. imple w. w w ny pow

83 North Ave,
Tel.: 2-0610

3 Martin So.u Street
'el.: 3-14
tw- .il 14A' i




vimaw Ft lMqspe, n 3. o
.-1,i Whe.m. +,, .

pine ko a Iumpb*. Add ur w'l
00pe bd bl wllU. Gradually ad
W ipeth. Cook Aw a&
wmwtrntatr untir'tixtwe
iD to a boil. 3d two
-asptantly. Make about ,,:




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I**I~ *
Were busts 'WOrn.
Iwoskun earn in em
a uma~at ~j

At,. -

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Vat .ks.L U

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~n *i **** I.
wa W W -'L*!..:l/* 1

tiAW.r --Af
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-._.. -Y_ -.. r. ,. .
.- .". .. .
...',.,'. ,. ,* ,

. --
f, *'
; ;- :.


~ 4Q.


77..-- ,!






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I-L. _. ..


S."*- t..'.--y ; rrt.-.iw

'Your Coaumunity Station

r, eD 100.000 PoesA Met I
4. Presents
Today, Thursday, Feb. 15
380-aMuuc for Thursday
40--Music Withoult Words
4til-Negro Spirituals
4:30-What's Your Favorite
SH00-STORY TIME (Panamu-
*- 6:16-Evening Salon
7I45-Jam Session
8: 15-Commentator's Dig east
9:1'0-All-Star Concert Hall
9:45-Casa Loma Time
(BBC) a
10:45-American Favorites
10 l --Owl's Nest
12:00-Sign Off
S' Tomorrow, Friday, Feb. 16
6 6fW-Slgn On
6:uO-Aarm Clock Club
i .10-Morning Salon
, I 8I5-NEWS (VOA)
8:30-Morning Varieties
8:45-Music Makers
9:30-As I See It
10:05-Off The Record
S u110-NEWB
11:05--Off The Record
11:30-Meet the Band
S .M.
13:05-Luncheon Music
12:30-Popular Music '
S 1:00-N-WS
2:15-Personality Parade
1:45-Rhythm and Reason
2:00-The Old Chisholm Trail
2:15-It's Time to Dance
2:30-Mternoon Melodies
23:45-Battle of the Bands
I 3:00-Hoosier Hot Shots
3:15-The Little Show
3:80-Musle for Priday
4:00-Music Without Words
4:15-David Rose qbow
4:30--What's Your Favorite
6:00-Mandrake the Magician
6:15-Evening Salon
7:00-TUNE-C0 (El Aguila)
7:45-All Star Concert
9:30--AllStar Concert Hall
S 9:46-Fred Waring
1.0---The Owl's Nest
1:00 a.m.-Sign Off
Explanation Of Symboeb
VOA-Voice of America
BBC-British Broado a s ati n
RDF-Radiodiffusion Francalse.

L *"Old-style bath-tubs now can be
restyled, The American Magazine
reports, by simply using a plastic
cover. It comes in various colors
with contrasting ruffle trim, slips
off and on readily over the tub
-: top and. above all. hides the tub
"fe0t" and old plumbing.

Johnston 1ys .Con

Endaniged Without P
WASHINGTON, Peb. i fP) cOn the smplI.h .f
- Economic Stabiliar Eric ,
Johnston said yesterday price Johns M t
controls will be in -cnstat a e' a
jeopardy" it Congress tfai' to Ook e as
pass President arry Trumain fa
$10,000 ,0.00 tax. bil quickly. ut the atdmanSgt-
He also warned tht. e prob- fauSh too "' lebi 4
ably will demand tighter credit t~e. ..,
curbs to help check inflation at Otftlew .
Its source. leased, h. -4W. a
Testifying before the House living coates h
Ways and Means Committee, the 7 per cent since the sa t
lormir movie executive and Koreaf War. .
Chamber of Commerce president He disclosed that h' t fat wt
voiced hope that the full tax a srolbaaekof ploes W e~a40 Oft
increase requested by the Pro- fee ts at Jannu r lev, ,
sident will be approved before abAndoned the
July 1. administrative
When Committee Chairman too great and IMt
Robert L. Doughton, D., N. C. poaible to roll
objected that a tax bill can't be Other economic v.
written "too hurriedly." Jqhn- 1. The WAget
son replied that any "protract- Board still was spit-
ed" delay in raising taxes will on a national wage Swi
'make the job of stabilization workers wbp tave flb b a'
impossible." wage Increafes-res tly. It .wa s
He said inflation has almost expected ultimately to peam );
wiped out the $41500.000,000 tax Inreases of somewhere between
increase voted last year and 8 and 12 per cent. A side lssue ba
that it cannot be halted by is whether the final figure will
wage-price oellings alone which include Tringe benefits such as
are "only a drug to temporarily pensions. r e t
2. Lawrence Myers, Chief of
Sthe Agriculture Department'.
sugar branch, aild there. Is no trip
Newr ason" why retah l sugar prt oe1 04
should rise despite cotary t
speculation. He said 46te S
"Breaking the Sismarcks Bar- slie are adequate t g
Hier," one of the new books placed all monta. an
in circulation by The Panama Ca- Johnston discounted fears of
nal Library during the past week, some lawmakers that the L
Is the' fourth in Captain Samuel nomy cannot stand a newLqx a
Eliot Morison's history of naval boost oftheseise proposed by
operations in World War Mr Truman .
This book Is concerned with the He described -" "fair and
continuation of Operatia eon qul
"Watchtower" up from uadal- equitable" the administrations l
canal and'New Guinea until Ra-
baul was taken arid the Blamareks.
Barrier was broken. The book also
contains the beginning of the ad4- C a
vance along the New Guinea- 0 t nfama e tnal
Mindanao Axis as far as Timor.
The complete list of new books Showing To
at the Library follows:
Yachts Yaehtman's, camera, B
Mitchell. BALBOA marLNo
LitratreAb4 sM
Literature -Tp literature of a aW .S
crime, Queen; Family reunion, A| A-- --. --
Nash. A N C 0 N **7,
Biography, history Compan- ,-s a- a
ion in exile Molnr; Zane Grey, "e I a.y
man of the West, arr; Breaking
the Bismarcks Barrier, Morison. DIABLO HTS. e
Fiction -- Walk with the devil, s:is s3:
Arnolo; Th loved and envied,
Bagnold; Three exemplary no"
vels, Cervante a a.vedra; Ater- COC 0 LI oo
wards, Fenwick; The far lands, sa a uN
Hall; Foggy; .foggy death, Lock-
ridge; The horns of Capricorn .
Mller; urderbefore marriage, PEDRO MIGUEL
Neville; She rode a yellow stal- l e IN.
lion, Reed. *
Replacements Themwoman In B A coi
the pctre, August;The Cabinda A A G O
affair, ead;2 e cTheless hang- I I .
Lay that pistol 0 ,- ,..
down. 0owPll), B.ant journey, .r A 1
Selby; Wbid, sand and stars, G .A I U N Jme wmr1
Saint Exupery; Great French s:- "THE f
short stories, Speare; More poems, M ,
6Us "TN
Spare These Kles! I -,r
operated by the Blue Blid Bak- b| "I. 'ISM i0 'A WOMAN
Ing Co. here carry this warning: :15 soU r1oI."I,
"Hit me easy-I'm full of pies."

.*' -

' aof a, p 10t 1 .... -

*ql btet satelgites
t Iae far enough to en-
to do ayth he
Sonferred last night
aleaer Marshal r
6---4w ture of the dedus-
6 s, diclosd.



f urg
e wiva
a In a
A era I

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p. *~ S*. V

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as a

MT 5

w faces S
el le


0S'* ar a 'dm al as"":. "i
.. ba;s.w.r.n7. eem-,so ;P f l

4 0DISTN OON" h uS

S SHOWS: 1:15 STARTING N 1' D A kt
3:41 6:-8:50 oTODAY 1 1 IT A s



.- A.




9O A .wv or btyil Mo s

BECAUSE of the disckosres made in this
powerful gambulng iosms tried to halt
tioia with threats of. violence and reprislt

It was only through the armed
tion of t police in Los Angeles,
Dam and ocher commuities, ti .-
sory was able wo reach the screen!
I __'




Mightyl "sech aester" and "aWdWiag "ichg lMO aesh in mrtl sembol ..
s he Arctic's srangest mystery unfolds before year eyesI

h wasat osnT wp..... .



A-rF aMr


1 .. -" -' ';*' -* -f ."
-. .. ... ..- .--- a .. ... .
--. --4 >rtJht 4&t~

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* ^ ,- .

-. = .

OV -.- .

T-.. V .

,-; .VftMP *PAM"A No. aN0 6704 I .LINZ i
as'a Ams.-f"flil_ pA mgFA PANM&~Ai.
hfnpi gS i .11.9e CerfltAL AvYNuet E9TWaN M 12TH J a*W lh g aS,

eN. a-W

cX#;Ifj New York

S(Richest Girl In the Worl)
matter was the romantic buas ef ,th ..
l t-of-the-Week was Talo Bankhead (
the ipert) in a car flying the confederate .._. a
TomtU Manville changed his mind about i111 12
8th .-Mn. Dean Acheson has a sleth lo J he
ahy Ipelddling oils and using her signature...lmi laM
=eal (of New York's 400) will soon mke .it
unoBue Lyons. wife of the Commy ingt_,
auuasonia and is home from Unlv. Hop-T.Th -
say the Paul and Grace Hartman spit-out W.
eaion of a psychiatrist. She is tep e in
Il...It's a boy at the Jack McCabes (gP ,
bofh of Time.. .Col. J. Drexel Biddle has a '1 1 '
suet em Gen. Ike's.tat. .Walters report- Ml
E ) Is "an excellent tipper." Why, the Dir* OM
Capi t! .
As tithe Tennessee William predicted in a 'i re
Other ante, meridian: When Maureen Stapleton ant Wallath,
Inbryonlc stars. arrive at the Martin Beck Theatre (the (_or
their pretendiW in the new hit, "The Rose Tattoo") til N
their names In the marquee lights.
Palm teachers are teh-tching about the
bI aroda's new-constant comp. A divorced ..
its hear the Sultan of Morocco will seeoon
5.E ] $ r to CathoUlicism. If true, he will hbkv (t
a" last year wooing Ava Gardner In
Ifaneo by courting the Dictator's top peeve, te' 4 h
of Valena...Horatio Luro, the glamour guy of te
isto alledly divorcing his long-time Argentine s I n
la E will then merge, they add, with
OGafdnr, Winnie's ex... Guess WWho won the D D
at Jlaleah at.? S ,
We are no fight expert (some scoopi, but Joe LouIe *a more
exciting than ever at Miami Stadium against the Cuban Agra-
monte...Agramonte was so good he made Joe look' treat, we
-bast...Lad Joe flattered him it would not have bad tie ee-
tricity which his solid socking and markamafinstahiD mratd in
the tinal breatuless rour t... Agramonte didn't fall, We gumetIed,
because when he was in trouble he clutched, grab and tei all
over Joe... It Joe kayoed him, the lana would have d: ": "9t-up"
...w'aey left delighted with the excitement...The 0banh.sM a
right cross (Graziano told ringsidersi which la lethal. It ddn't
bather Louis...On Feb. 23rd (in Sain Francisco) Joe doUTiliver a
Runyon Fund cheqcIlor $2b,000 to Univ. of Cal. And,s f hb. 14th
4 10 Ray will ditto. Univ. of Cal Both champs ibins Mem-
bers of Tnis Club.
Admiral Olsen's 4ghtr Betsey and inaln Uillip
Ryan (ex-Navy gria captain) will Commit Maerger in mid-
June.. .John trueson, who Jerked seas in a Jamalca drug-
store a year ago, is the acting sensaysh (Coastenu jia in
miits *i'erefaA'.. .Add orug sto.'e toda-jerofer ung:
"603." The 03 mean Good TipperThe3 hemeat in t Tis
the number of the stool occupied by the pathrot...
The passing .of grand gy Eddy Duchin (leukegma) sid-
dened everyone. Cancer insiders broke the terrible news
(to us) when he was stricken last year and when his pals
pressed us for the lowdown-keeping a poker face was an
S agonising ordeal... Composer Bmmerlch Kalman, whj
sutero stroke, is up'n around again Stanly Wals -
ker's dghtr Joan is Newsweek's new film ed.
Washington Postmarks: The Prez will request a huge loan to
France...Sen. Joe McCarthy has repudiated Upton Close. tihe
doatta l rider... They say Ex-Ambass J. P. Kennedy. a life-long
Dowmm., nay become a key man in the GOP setep.. The FCC is
p(Iptfed to announce new frequencles for educational teevy pur-
D S..8.teds4 are discussing the Army Information and Education
-.eI ce Bulletins. Is there a Tourich in that gov't outfit?...The
commies have instructed that a program be promoted to send
ibes to the Nat'l RR Relations Board demanding a 40-hour week
and other benefits for RR workers... Didn't Gov. Dewey tell
American Legion biggies he wouldn't take a Truman Cabinet post?
Pteresto In only the Top Spot: nuttin' else...Bome of us would
it I ts better If loans to dictator nations didn't include Lincoln
ennis, Roosevelt Dimes or Washington Dollar bills.



The Mell lBe Is em ssopa for s f rederm of The Panme Ameiseme
Letnr se received gretefHlly ad cr hediedJ ni e wholly s nfidentlel
If you contribute a letter don't be Impatient If It doesn't appeer the
saxt day. Letters am publhed in the osder reasived.
Pa try to keep Ith letter limited to one ege length.
Identity ef letter writers le held In skstrlet confidence.
This newspaper esmUmes me respoallbity for stotments or opinions
preeed in letters from reeder.

OOVER, l'iFT PLAY GAMES not capl themselves Isolationist3.
They chImplon themselves as
Diablo Hta. heroes of the budget saying that
ietor, The Mail Box they will save the country manv.
Panama-American many dollars. What good are
Panama, R. de P. dollars If you are a slave?
Deir Sir: Mr. Hoover has used the o-
S the past two weeks Senator rean Conflict as a basis for his de-
QZR t Taft and ex-President ductions. He has seen how de-
Herbert Hoover have made state- vastating and destructive the air
ments, which if not given recog- and sea forces of the US have
nitton for what they are, may been there. However, he does nol
have a drastic and disastrous efl- take in consideration the Lc;
fett on the future of the Umried that our air and sea forces are
states, e opposed by air and sea forces ci
Essentially, these statements like strength of the enemy. It
boll down to this: build up the air is a fallacy to believe that air
power, bulld up the sea power, and sea forces could operate so
but do sot build up the ground freely and destructively If oppos-
forces, for. the part they will play ed by powerful air and sea forces
in any future war will be minor. of the enemy.
Mr. Taft and Mr. Hoover are The air and sea forces of the
reintroducing the power -fight be- United States are vital and inte-
tween the land, sea and air fore- gral arms of force, but the main
es, which existed before the Ku- body of force lies on the ground.
rean Conflict, for political rea- for it Is this force that takes and
sons. and this is tending to con- holds territory, that closes with
fuse the public at a time when and destroys the enemy. Ground
unity in thought and action troops are the basic element of
should prevail. Instead of being any lighting force. All other ele-
Prophets of American Destiny ments are built around them to
they ar-actually politicians plpy- aid them in carrying out their
nthe old game. mission from an overall stand-
Yiese statements remind the point. Without them the other
writer of the dark days of 1939 41 forces are doomed to failure.
wiht Isolatio n is t s, such as Mr. Hoover makes reference to
Wheeler, Nye, Fish and Chas. the vast Red Armies of Eastern
Lindbergh. by radio programs Europe and Asia as the powerful
s and newspapers bombarded the forces which we will have to i.ce
public ear and eye with appeals upon sending 'troops to Europe
to leave Europe to the Nazi. and and Asia. Her has a sense of se-
to se our turtle shell about us. curity In that two large oceans
*s ttsned to these men, separate the US from those con-
S w e would still be fight-tine This is a false sense ot
r : A Mr. Taft and Mr. 'seurty, since only a few miles
fighting against the sep art Alaka from Russia.
of troops to Europe with I So let us not allow this illusion.
j on that Eur o p e that a strong ground force is not
herself. However, I necessary, atke a top heavy
E*Slt realize that, in pro- IHumpty-Dumpty of our Armed
wpe vare protecting I Forces andl amperil the future c.
L anove s[Couro OML Wen the world.
and Mr. HooTv der edondpeMmder

- "- s

tion, I say ge, so.
Espeelaltly in-
fluential &rle
who always
there's d
Let h at the
thousand of A gry
BritishlfM egs
ly food r deep in
tne holds 97 0
tdes ofJ th'e1
greatest; r
Let the cyns
sneer at th e, 16, .
000 Brlh .men are
led by a W -
munlst un e M l 1o-
bal labor e niof
seven meal were
arrested over l4d, ut
7 new a nto' thll
into their Uton8.
Seven men a Iwater-
front wildlattsWb t ieds of
whom left the lMdes th
weekend to inVad e es an
clash with the" pole. Seven
men immoollmied several million
tons of shipping' ind Ife-giving -
carlo. AnarW .1e ytmen I s.
'ine power ul U en of Trans-
port and Goner1 o0,kers, larg-
est in the woI, led by the .
world's most uasful labor
leader and plt .F _Ernie Be-
vin, who doubles M e empire's e
foreign minister; helpless!
The other. loyal watertron
workers, more than 30,000 of
them, are helple
The Comm= Undercover
quietly. organized ts. revolt, so
strategicalty plaeits handful B U RK
of agents on asg, waterfrontBy RUAR
section, so passioitely aroused
thousands into vil t action to -
settle the l eviti grievances NEW YORK. We of the television audience technal fluff It Is rip for a two-minute tirade
that all are heisless No food are not unconscious of the boons of gracious from the comedian. Not vy fuany.
gets off ship to t families of living it has brought into the home, such as The Iovls, you know, del in cameras, too,
London, Manchester and Liver- the hair piece for all male actors and the bared and rey Itrrpt the sequence of a comedy
pool. chest of the lady actors. Plus, of course, the to allow the omedan to work off h 1 animosity
animal acts and their Inferiors most comedians at the You Just accept te camera,
Remember that the next time who are morally responsible lor the death of in movies. here. It is a medium tha.
they tell o that handful of vauville, brings you e ltanment. It Is not a substitute
Communists can't capture any- We are grateful for Godfrey, and it is nice, for the at ll Chley's Aunt. ,
thing to, that the old 10-day blue shirt has come Ther the of timing, too. It Is pO-,
Now l*e MWd pouth to Afria- ag in vogue, since the TV cameras adapt le ,to makA*e te of a show eome out e
ca. Tntellipnce se e- -l now-white shirt Jront. Girl singers with the lata commeirtal and the station bre t,
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the dark content to head o and the Indians are fine. I was going to agy, ran out of time, and a we dt a
Communnt-inspired racial too, that even the celebrity shows are sable, oial for herring, or ice cream, or jaethin
lence. or example: Y but since amugslEng myself into one, dsgused a swift change to a statlonann uncm
The British West African GOld as Sherman plingoley. I am not todiy too sure. another spot commercial. The a' he
Coast Colony -recently decided But it is about time, now, that the television which also was cut short. Hpipe th
that such was the nature of this people accept themselves as no iongdr a tiovelty, and Is exactly like sawing the-last p g
B"new it would run the subject to frequent flaw foolish flub and a sort piece of detective 'fiction or the last reel o
t etion the natives of dull desperation at being mixed up in the movie.
Was known t .thing at all. It cannot last forever on roller
trained mumbo- lo derby and puppet, on dog act and quasi come- The boys have been around tiUs business
tors out of the A dian with the Joe Miller approach to humor, enough, now, to have kicked the creases out 0
Soviet training et ven HopaloA Cassidy may pal their media. It.s their rolm; not
.among the i It seems Just about tulpe- that the camera mine. A camera is not a novelty. A sht i om-
on strategic Gold oast. But ceases to be subject to gags. In the script. We tation with a slide rule will tell you how much,
thie was held anyway. went through the vice-president gag, endlessly, T1e yot1 have for program, commercial sadiS-
in radio, and not one single listener ever got tlon identification.
i e, choosing their much of 8 bang out of a sponsor or a-network Some of the camera work I have sea in New
.C tCos by primitive executive as a piece of comic structure. Every- York lately would shate hee.directr of a S early
Sbesidet such y t body's got personal troubles, and you don't have silent flicker. It isn't zgesa. Some has. been
as Red patriots, blui to buy other people's as an adjunct to an even- superb.
es. fish cows and el- tug's entertainment. But there is no o the eeuslatthe
t OVERWHHELMING- The TV camera, now, has replaced the ice- medium is new and I toGUAi it ept-
.L VOTEDe tCOMM'ommuT. president and the sponsor as an involuntary ness because of Its n 7 Wa
Th tries sent a ommun- villain. It is a stook ga for the comedians, can justify poor
ista #m-ees of the avowedly who have written it actively into the act. They mobile on the beas of i M V
pro- liwan "Convention Peo- derive delicious humor from wangling with the is the time for all good TV sow
pis' ry,"to to the legislative man who points the thing, and Whn there s a bugs.
assmbly. There were only I
seats to be filled. The Commles I
came within four seats of a
eleal aweep although the na- Loan I I a
tives. damt know the difference
.ea on awee Marx's mus- a
and KarlMarx'sbeard. By B Biossat
An .000 natives voted. o
Thi wed was swept by Comrn
inLe 'eopagandistsa nto the AN unhappy combination of bad weather and It seem quite understandable ftt t, may
Ota$ immediately, to stimulate natural disasters has broht sizable parts of Americans. including ne of their re sntt-
the Oulsntals into a soliI color- India to the brink of famine. Even to main- tives in the Senate, soild be-thagrited at I3-
ed front against the White tain its very scant rations, the country needs an dia's behavior and thl somewhat reluctant t1
world.' Now watch lor riots extra 6,000,000 tons of grain this year. It has extend the desirsd austitanee.
acro the continent to cripple asked us to supply 2,000,000 tons of this amount. But the government feels, andl y 1it
our taking of strategic minerals Indian officials buy 4,000.000 tons and legislators agree that to. da s
for ap atomic and garden var- elsewhere. They seek the remainder from us on starving millions -because we the
eW apn s. a loan. But our government has decided it try's conduct o foreign affa n be play-
ot .ci mental, any of this. would be better to furnish the grain as an out- Lng politics with human misery.
RUle tw a map Stalks the Eu- right grant. It would cifte to aboutt 10,000,00Q. This view gained emphasis when former pre-
rope i ntinent. He has made A State Department official already has made sident Herbert Hoover agreed ecntly to help
tji g ts to most of the So- a preliminary appeal to the Senate Foreign Re- President Truman plan aid to the famine areas.
ntinental labor head- lations Committee on the Issue, but the com- Long famed for his humanitarian deeds, Hoover
uar since he left Rome. His mittee doesn't yet have a formal aid bill under nevertheless is a stout opponent of Administra-
Sep before Moscow s study. ton policies.
Waraw. n Poland he will r- From the fact that the Senate group didn't
r, to the Red labor supreme gin action Immediately the notion arose that IN pite of this opposition, h Ilendin his
.Id command hidden the.r. congress was sitting on thb plan. Strictly speak- support because he bellves "the Whited
tei flies on to Moscow, ig, this isn't so. But it It true that a good has never failed to do ts best to aid arv
am is Oluseppe Di Vit- many lawmakers are cool to the idea. people and shouldn't fall in thi case, eer."
t eof the Italian Corn- Chiefly, they resent India's undermining of In other words, Hover s a In acord
mmt labor organization. Some f. 8. foreign police by attempts in the United with America's long tradition of s orun1g il
of ple specialize in such Nations to gain peace with Red China almost saster-strcken peoples all over the ace the
playf labor action as qAching at the price of surrender, globe. regardless of their polities, the religion,
* t y guns, 200 hand gre- or anything else. And by suwpu hi -
30 rifles and 2.000 rounds THERE'S a feeling, too, that India's grain tlions he appears to be ilsnttf we all
of Inlton "In perfect opn- shortage is at least partly due to its bitter trade ought to do the same. .
d aide Italy's plants. The war with neighboring Pakjstan. The Indians de- With this kind of backing, t hae
peral police have Just lined to take available wheat from Pakistan. strong that the grain program go
stock hidden in tae And they have planted much newly reclaimed But it probably won't ha lot
Filotechnica Salsol- acreage not to needed pains but to cotton and hot words are flun abpl,
Always ready .or lute. to enable them to achieve greater economic by those who feel oinds -hg
comrades. Independence of Pakistan. .sighted both at home and a ,
pin will m tell UnseRl
helat well the Do- 1 11* t *
_Jo pean networkk Is-

to carry out th- f
labor actions* or- --
Moscow at. a m e -* "
r season in a :
Dec. 1 to Dec. 7.
xtan. expect on
S*ptember: l, Wea
ig october and in Coy .
S i Asia, about the sa.e
,. ;-* -.B

One of
ton BI


wnrno T ..
I first of aIL,.shrewd,,farighted Victor c-m

Sal nd at the very

kter when for P4, t hea of lode
ld Alle Properir
d appoint the diretors of this German
lnted not only Imanuel, but mIanuel'a C
After Crowley stepped down as Allen Pr
placed own efaI d asi lat, Jfilm
iostion. ~~~am. m r
Victor 2'an=es Louey Johnsn, o th- _oard
and Film. Joihls, ob tne not onl a director,
Mel at a retainer of W ab0 annually.
Later, when' Markham stepped out as A
o4an, he got A Job In Louej JohnAon% law
body rated -#ath other's back all the way
T- However a ot o .poltla had tibol: ey
Siul-swass hfrinm lanufacturinj of 4.95
.ones, and Ifl d sateynteAc dyes It W
erty seted br the o nt u th
prT out from .oasseW, N t ,w 4 n t,
lives ald diretorP. .a


mAlth w i


*] n3Velp


while, also, t O. rnfent h' followedJ|T
of seing o lff laperty -seized dueS
nal Anilne fand reins unasol-s
tind itrial pawn in rty politics.
C_(Csflsittt, U, bthe Be Svnlesat


C n ine' r d "

:. II p1
UOSW -asU-- -

.ornuthm .s s t
.iOUtqglan -stte
12 iorseraei1g 14SUp
term 20Fruit
1i Muddl 21dntiemd
.iPetrifekh usoamt I
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--...'. ,..-.- _.-, .. .. -. '
i i W:- .a .,: -_- -:: .... -- _= .






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durM aite
mAada an


15 (WP)
It$ comu-
Tun;, se
sabe en
i ofleial
Wtl6 dio
DO dobia
leo, Iero


astos E. U

s en Panarn

Aprob6 a wve Convenciones

Int ai l es la Asanmblea

National en AU esi6n ayer
-0 -r
t It- aedt6n esnt ala 1 re-
JOplS I- tlcl6n d4 1& dauds eeuma,
to ie a s ternlnstar por-
ajfsle an Geet q-tw'-se romp .el quorum. 3
l mil flD. AnltlUAeglt protet6 por
rig ,Wa it I aat. l % 40 watr-

I" feetlM o lo. e sI o lo a11 t Informe.
ND. tUritO'a ApB uqe -I I sepdo debate: ""y por
( UMt-6 l ri9 c ctojeela y .m e ip itA el a I*
INS, peDo 41 a Vatt Be un dewwh& log

tatoreisi6n do h4,blea
[quo asme s i r l. so establel.
to qe S 100s el r10. diotw de csd"i
I fe 1114i boo. 46 Como dis Aw Jos6 Hur-I
I1 RD, AlmellAt- tdo".
pi para leer porU1 oal rm e 4 d


LU que F ea Ot probado el

LLMbA. Esquivel
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. I NAMr
noi s W

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Pjnto Cuart"
Pagras l sueldo y I
gates de vsiaes d
utog tctakis

s dlprograss delr
atsd ooWAldo. hufrs ion
te Cu auer~ldtl---sW
toayen dedo s a f.-
ca lladoNfMpoter..

M ro odr
versidam onal deaPansagg

Inform ea
funclAonst d I Ca
at s de mort rt lt

A wste respecto el MIpil
e Relsatonee Zterioriea
d!riglMe 1 ltivs

s nt aelPan
n r a oente dust.




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iortador de arms

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icts n

LW.- p nUSEWS-a IM
te de 28 na
doa pars la Mis
cana lo mlamo
Orlental y el
-ran l mpa
III win a da fna
Aar 010,00 yaJaa
al Pert sele 3 ha

ads de una2.te d e.on-
loit ).. emuions.o-
stan 4ue lam eredencla-

in I y 2 y
amen ba-
I intent6

e*Mbblame en faafma y iM
tisNmlda per Is bads er
teamerican -eon ml e-
msaeo del Caribe os la Zas del
Le aviones sevan botee ials-
vidm us puedmidejar ea des-
tsa e a y Tan d uiides one ha-
elk Isis do 8sa Andre y el otre
elar4 sbre la ruts siupuets del
Gij lorlt a6 de Cel6n el do-
min eo. 11 de Febmreo.

"En la Crcel Modelo a

los .desarrpados porqu

cuello no ven a su

Asi lo declare ta mstea en sla audiencia que
oIs& M. Visuezs Dia

p5, rj u

a .Lewis y E. Writer A. |

S. cenuui ptaaeste al Eleutiwv y me ise e M
veldba ick-a lo S Jefer de PoU e
Nla i h al miatwdtoeden d

Bitter WW=f loa ao- Lu a aore
che en ela flbode eat& uete d elMeron (tM
clu ad, pUars Mutltr I banqutete nes cmo u an elye.
cue IN ftl oteco eomo un o eares Lis.
eeonlmlento lIcom ince- lab.ig doosm)
totaro satualiO.uu hid e. columna del dialo Pa.
y ten preDmaute wai ven to ase si ug, y o ne
aeUntanlao dee .e. raa % C de o sa a
oftecor egon fr n cs oo mdd c n O a .
*S a brrActual. hiclerma fuerta
t aementa ede do iatntl ca p"a n
bl pr tdoi d.doct Mla
ton elnento door= d, 0 _a
inta.b r oa casihno.l d d edeldo.dIs
Pmonuneteron dtmir mr blow Is un ^n do los t
l ato deldpalm. con Ir
ofrcer sert astg o wores unsainecvi cse on aon' a
don Roberto I. Clr, 4alm aeuHttasm
mencionea oo vaible andids- i
to rea idesale de la Rept-
blies por uno de o lIM parkdw po- :-
ltieo. at Leblad Jos Imag e "
Fabreg 7 el honorable d1.utado JuzI a '
Jorge A. Illueca. Btos ofrecl-
-club de la Zna
lo est& n Ms de 500 eapeotadores
610 Wdesilucionaron ayr tard
ccando la' revlal6n oral do s
o de cause contra loa doa
elosciedel Clubhouse de Pariaoo ConB
tinuabs en Is Corte de BalboL
A las 12:30 del dia los 80 as
IS ie s- slentos en sla "sa de Is C t
estaban ocupadoas, y centre a
y 400 ma. se encontraban fue :-
e le celebra el FBal del edificao. Lo unmco quo d -
dleron ver fud cuando lot 0t: '
scusadoa, Basil Headley y OCt'N
bourne Gittens fueron ter
de loa CArcel por dos pollela.
En Is Corte. el Pieas!l Ea
Fisher pidl6 que e pospumale.
el case tta el pr6dimo .aIo..
pues do deo o o tet-ge p-- o .
cipales del Goblee esati .
hospltallzadoe y no podlon d e*,
clararet. :-
El anotador de tlempo, r-
ritt Drew, quien perdI6 Is
to del dedeoI di a t
stentsdo fu Mtraldo a 1i N
pero se enttle
Gorente do)
flahsa -

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Ia lusts a
wptum 41


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por V.


1ANAMOEI AREISg smrTom aasouooanarc
'"Pun" a$I, anageol. flesh It IMN, e0oi --r.
taurina -querido Justo de a. .blero/
RRE DEL HOTEL TIVOLI Ida ..uu-h -do,
tries Si cano ylol -
El Gobernador de la Zona del Canal ha anun-l .&. ra Porln r. alo" rl a t
ciado el cierre del Hotel "Tivoli", que ha venido fun- torros do M6xicoat a a4 saos .pan

eata cludad, del Hotel "El Panami". Tal determina- ss uot PqnmanO d.t .% or '
cI6n se debe sin duda al deseo del Goblerno de los un sunto de reo ll ita, ~ d
E tados Unidos de cumplir con el entendimiento a btnA e& on tomw a
d.e g ue a ,itima harmw
e nea lme6 a rmepecto cuando se negoci6 el Tratado r .- a .
G general de 1936. ipo bata nto torsos u-.:

En aquella 6poca los negociadores de los gobier- -.,&Mx. c a a M oem. u 6 /
S nosa de Panama y Estados Unidos expresaron lo tanet so define 4n s r. P s
.t, d o s 8 1 g u s t a b in l o & m ea ic a .- ,lc,. -.
SnosOran contra sI
taban INo va "
Deseamos dear constancia de la honda oro tanto. tro is cota no 1i
.complacencia que nos ha producido la manifes- convenia a un srupIto. 21 s .;.- I Of
pltO qu e no produce ssnagwn, ,s .qu -,.
taci6n hecha por los representanten del Gobierno el gruo ,qu no nevab ,e'n-
de los Estados Unidos de Amnrica durante las to a la plana. mYr .xl or*II".MO Ia 99
negociaciones del tratado, de que el Gobierno de dperua Is albooadoI qsutoros. delfAial a q6o*a
o t dos Unidos de Amrica no tien o e.ula in-la% o isttoreroal .. a sPa
tension ni el deseo de competir con ]a industrial I. n e1 < eli-reasel das .m. j a
panamefia. Tambikn nos es grato saber que en ser lot mejores pero no lie- dPW alrO
lo tocante al negocio de hotels en Ia Zos del la p an. Y tioe run aa o g I .
Canal, estos fueron establecidos con Ia mira de empresarlos. Porque, an eor.D I, 0501
Ilenar las necesidades del trifico de pasajeros quen tiene raz6n a sel p I- emo
en 6poca en que los hotels establecidos en Pa- Msin .aol q i- ra dse-r .ubr"u- S ,
namA no estaban enteramente capacitados par e p tAculo, Nanopasi del oa e a sii
o. e % G e p --.'e pa ... ," penso aZ rya I A ..
ello; que tan pronto como eats situaci6n cambie IfEadol.O toreros.!Me fiuroe urefe e *no eona el 1 e 9 dotSI.C./o.
satisfactoriamente se dejari elnegocio de hote- algo. eido t os dclasfIcd,6n d tod e onivnr al a prtd Sq A e la pad w onta
lea enteramente en manos de Is industria esta- lot ticnico. seritrA pars pocoe.. dn i .Y0 m ede-empofo. e ooay pla-MAvg a man -
blecida en PanamA, y que la prosperidad de la a atrg s d tor rot. ceogurc-, also por el reapeoo atl d aa e e
Reptiblica de PanamA en 6sta, come en otras ma- grupo cobrarn meora hononeareoon- rid lU.aervidor pfit wA i eAion a d l MloP ara b -
terias es vehementemente deseada por los Esta- random stuaro rqueo del Io ne. lentores do o1 el tml s10af te, tensi., r '
S" "' tr lo deSlot r io raa.a u r ys fa l "Ica- Yr welsma.&"S m eCl -rs, et.7,*.n.
dos Unidos de Am6rica tercero y lo. del tqrpero qu dad00 general tMrLm 0o, e '...f
tiene entendido que el edifice del Hotel rAn I altima palabra. at un primer n nd ympor el. de l q e
torero del cuaro wgrupo se a- qus ,. m tondems-t b we .l COal%, ."101eor Mataft quoall 19 .Y..
Sivoli"- no se dedicari al alojamiento de pasajeros rm toar ltoroy a traelu o eu u- t rarde .Angelarcaia !%tis-d e del a r ar 'esth qu d lo,
t no estin directamente vinculados en close fines vo ml espect t ac.s l ,% oque, pu-nu,spon.... CarActoe h diante dIo ns lteati0 a sme-
ou c rsoe as! Jo&primerkrupoRpbIVo .orruei Larl do pate do sp ;I a 1da 9
1l Canal. En otras palabras, si ha de cumplirre asi lo querrl batio" ylo on a oocmleonto, efor Di a Pte ptdo is ale 1 do na e eamt s -
t tdtamente con la letsra y el spirit de lo convent- demostrari acudimndo a? M .- rco- er, que 1 ut de n ado l imitade do i r a tol6n vtmlens e "d
s6lo podrin hospedars en eldel an- rild en qua tea snunelado el aoma ch" oir a_ d ._ _ou sore m ra lSie- vsded e a7ndoe am tnh ". .
uo Hotel "Tivoli" la prsonas aq o q,. pretCie .el .I dro, m b6no QuoOnSvelO C t bIn nuentra pyoon lam Le3b qeo trahajar el vaoo cn- -
d i. ads 39- aL'pi o an-diso de TrabaJo en sU articulo yeao 54 doe 1941 ys5 de 16,queo eaY aa? ,4 u. .to.. ... '
apart 2o. deL Aticulo III del Tritado General pas.l". Stompre xaist% ouo de lM9, o d'inal 10, estar dem- regulan el ejorcly dol i ,abod ho trlea t
S po espeoli1 figura slo lian- tee, p wcuars veas consecutiva, entree otroal oes qu wgo emnWn- lobse b e, t doeir, so-
d 93 et .pom oe o. am "1U- psano, ce oentacu-n- A ; acia. y qua r die. d. us ga cis. Amba q -uo4a "qu o.m
Ha- *'o rS"afi% ri Para; .Io p8 .Itea lastroes eusSa-: i- n I Jefaturs do Is UnIOn 1ndl- 4e per tal'ejerelelo; quj4nos eo- ibre la preladlds que Contra
_rstiatetr-_.Pars,_.Ortega, Luis. D sl., T, 1 dn ,.liel. ea ha tAn facultados para elo, y qu lo obroeros Garcia asogura no- On .es cuO q ..o
eion saber que s ecumplen de buena fe Ian ne- Agustn rPari"Par ita", Mans-lo MO*lug u MSS ppeigipq !* o, o homa4 ofA .
| | ol Go Tonz l.le P a o m u o P lpe pro m ef .... .. "r
tones ac adas pwr i da gobleuons. Y a InUAIs, Peo 4 C? air mtt FS&tk mbn P
.e ltude.sar conarfdamente en que e n tin, a artorell Ju- Madicato expresagi, y a us, 5 ai6n, dan margin para quo I& critlesa, pumslWas lo. qus eas 6 ror& a g
t e 'oi" o ae coRVrer Ilo Apitrolo y oul ns I- psmar ade i opoaonl.n 4 conl, dl s t en lai tenbaldd hadcn os, pwtl m i
tid, ai siquiera indire tamente, en un conmpetidor|c '_ /d iad., a1r[.. curo IsLa... .

... .A- .....U trW'. cont.udo Aturloi zo- con ; 16 -1i0 o .w wp -."2
deo a industria panamenia. Y yodir.a...P or qui,.no fi-i .n 1it" tualt-iC1 ex-o k-j n eoato zt01oace, aatr.nade 'Ve"e"on! -d .-..eaI,

IS BARATO Y EFECTIV0 t"M0 Nnd^B@ ^ ^as01 emunts oel spUanlel especially -An -erm)n x a pERO 1
__ _ __cons_ i por pa te de la rbarbtrari a nan dl y, en y, a qliuer 0eustrayrqu@a q iW zeo ..
tofpite IDannveudsa en.olo on a-iclto, a Iso ipodo las dispou lconsdcuenla, dorl eisa, me sotcuando oowwetafenlto f
cuiwstroen el -grupoe eundo? clones regulad.ra s Is mate-muy peor el contrario ajustada qe dadslas impo asibi a l
EL "AVSO t OPORTU NO' yvoquiln o f negA4- r: el memorial dedsar1oon eti rWis t nsi s a af

F. rmr Pe n"dat *' destrIctamonte & l quere o de I& ) eaencer e suer es oad o M111 .
p iei op. PeinM qr ei A preas I ent Ado tp h p y aapderado .rJayr dso nad o. -l proil e al tou d
quoP quevotencuenttrdp on eos eP lea s taaIaa, rauutrd aesn1 We# uaplauso o Itas l a
ES BARATO Y EFECTIVO o ,I. Pa r. 10 rc uo nr d one erIatabm i.
'udo? U i clyoordo dIs quo refon s parts do Is d amuncla do Garcia aUra, y susatw moa a 8M .
stor l emachot do Ia ltale-bo ru ceds a sueui

Ipr ula a gusto Pepin yoroas eds donace lg*sosndson Mt InMa tpoeia?, o I imports 1a 00 o
Il -repiu-s tree cudaro yl at s nl ..d...-e _m ,.atlanLc a"aonlia aI-gWo "-m ma n, Imot to

SO E co i vad a r ovefepor ab de los mhh en eAS bs.ifoma an queeonStemeraras. quotamS; 10)ep at d es adq
enuLs lazas donlro. Pc A h, ilgar9 tladastoosquaplan- 0doImiemol a laiquo e co M Sa &w
habitsnqus celecnloent ci gnu-mexicanoquapptayspare- tean I obruresp ante outsIne- fines bstardoGiless"aa 48 Ap0no aitcuu Ios
po. .. 'ecia,, ...doIc .. 3 ecaorl en lot _Io e na tet m eA p nt. qua 4p e com --.........desentento qo 6 e.a. .
Segid. cIpoaol ua entl slame. As! i rt"e y has refuersa die logIso propam, Cas I. sqo a S .
Pars qud serviiin lo .t g up s? .do a t d te ms @ a awgwmam do loe patron, Dtan6 s mrmosm o --
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Madrid.,btdo eo viva on pasu- .A Mi ena S 6n lot hmY ,rissuesd 9o av ut
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booms insm clncuentsi nil p1-l1"615, p1M taarn mop us erssiat ... .Qwr "36' a ... _..l
leam" l Udimp.. dir. io d Abos todo. almuado 3 iM,,pr- ".00 190.
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corrida. Y I vamsS a S e stiare- Adeoe yl a n- r.b.r: AU-.-r
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EO NOTA- *Cum eI ____.._____ ji M Ill'P" .,. lT Ii am.i"/[:.:-.


Helho on Cam-
I.bfdg, eatro do
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tow q_. ,_ ,
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Il -dM, d.r vo,. de hlld sd ido, loI cl..tes dMpIie- a d..e F o e se ro
d. e fa .Un 7e t r8ll n fo aarn un wUamenros oen las s huta euan-
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u1rap, d~lnchao y U- Ctdral con un Ig oa ntuamdOa lacaur de

do po tOS l e ro Jlu6 p 6Avenida Nor- vtida. festa del acoate- quoe otdf deam yot un iJyt o
. Pod, .41e dl-rigl il r.oateurMt te Render s 'Otro de los animals m .d- verola para a cbtqu lleria,
oaf--- qe s11 .ite.n. rlton:e para -

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dc a i iMeqour aotaM Tri us
a tnmi larums dm d l ar s i .

en que Iu Nacilones, Libr a
SmantendrAnArmemtte uiddIs"
dujo lawyer;
3. 21 fuerte oepiritu mostr-.
do por las Jurau de las NuIto-
, nes Unldai que luchan contra
los agresores comunlatas en Co-
.4. propino que a e st sl-

canmando en ua
ducle6n *am.

me o". 8u snblvo I
ntforuar la 4 &
.Q hae li.u

-I Avwo

Mire al future de ai IHJoNe y n wa.n
late do terrene. Pars Bevar a I ,ill.M ate,
Jngres en nuestro CLUB DE RIA y 1toa" Ia1
suerte de ganaero leon 615/o BH MNiamaluf

Calle "A" #s

Teldbm: ..-4M



Nuestra experiencia y seriedad son su mejor gaaf 'f


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n,".. .a o 'Ilak. cnreden ,tal ne-
Sacm qe el Consejo
isom [ Ml. M iPl"% Panmi, reeonol-
,'as" cm vida ld tl erd'l tra-
Saw aBrla d-hiWUwb. u oBbe qw, eomoi
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idOffP l.T A-i.i~itntudijlH

Dos n Uno

Con today su excelencia !




con orgullo

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de un nuevo local que reine



ail- twc .


las mds estacadas

ualidades rthodernas.

. ** ..*

=1. .I A







AHORA 1950 i

Antes AlORA
20.00 y 25.00 .......... ... .,.. rebajados a 12a20
25.00 y 30.00 ................. rebajadoe a 17.:
30.00 'CELANESE' y 'CELBROOK',. .rebajadoe a 21.95
35.00 'RIVERCOOL' y 'TROPICAL',. .rebajados a 24.95
45.00 y 50.00 de PURA LANA,....... rebajado a 34.95
De 2 y 3 botones y de double pecho En tamales 34. al 46

4.95 y 6.45 ... .......... rebajados a 3.9
8.00 y 10.00 ............. rebajados a 4.
7.50 8.00 y 10.00 ........... .rebajados a 5.
10.00 y 12.00 ................ rebajados a 6.9
Tamales: 28 al 44

hA .I f it


4 7A 1







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, .

' i I ,I '

S gm

a 11 .



.e .

is gasolineras av
*' ..- .* ;^ '- ^ ,i-'-, "-

ician gran c

v H-o-

tures estaciones que venden Lo Leow ..

combustible han rebajado elhorrra In

precio a 38 cts. el gal6u t- Nb. 1. 011
~ oLA CHORERRA; reb. 14 (C44.1
0 rreuponalap Dentro de pa
DAVID, Feb. 14 (Corresponsal) Una formi- d3W i a lea
able competencit vienen sosteniendo por espacio de de construcci6n de lo P *ar ....
rias semanas las bombs de gasoline locales al re- fantiles s quoe hmr VWdo .... M".?
do' dad. largo UGMUo. unu 0t fl ,U.11 1
bajar el valor del combustible hasta 38 treess ocho) iu preocupacion" maxim .. "
tntav6s el gal6n. Tres de estas bombas mantienen lot miembros d.e ets am ,
-ee precio y se comenta, con raz6n, que la compe- t.ra tender a los gutes i.
tencia que aqui se ha iniciado tendra repercusi6n esta obras los Lanen d TU
-i otros puntos del pais que la alientan las compa- mao 214. 00dquo mnta .
.ilas gasolineras que en su intent por dominar la on Tesoreria como product di
:plaza exclusivamente, Ilegarian a limits no imagi- Is Veorbena elebrada 1en a lae
de Noviembre pando; adeaks,-
.nados en cuanto a rebaja del necesario combustible. materiales depositeao (come-
to) donado por la Compeula
Cementoa k. A. do PanamA .
por diltimo, ha puesto on ata
i pirroco do San Francisco doe feas a Ia vents lo$ tiquetes de
Is rifa que ha de efectuareH el
16 de Abril prslmor eon tres
Virqa as nos hace una aclaracl6n Chetr, ma. b K,
premis sad. Un carro mares
.. .Chevrolet, modelo g-, comnie-
San Pra laeoo de Veraguas, no me consta que se hays n-" Laments nuevo, de cuatro pacr-
febrere 16 4e 1951. vertido ee caps tal n de qn tam. com3o primn premier tna
Sr. Director de modo aproximado. Como el a- refrigeradora de sela pies y c-
PANAMA AMERICA. sunto es de capital interns pa- no tercero un radio de ,Ads
faudad de Panama. ra la Nacl6n, me atrevi a pre- iubot.
ay seftor mio y de today con- sentar a la Honorable Asam-
alderacl6n: He vlsto publlcadq blea de diputados un manifies- Los Leones chorreranos p e.
en la edicion del diarlo de sl to complete' Cof varlo CIana- ran la cooperacl6n del Wlb-
digna direcci6n, iechada" en 3 derandos e Informes entire los co etl general en laa actividades
de enero, una fotografia en la cuales. y con anuencia del Ex-' que vienen realiando y, en par-
que se muestra la fachada prin- celentilimo seflor Arzobispo do ticular, de las Institucloneos aH-
cipal de la Iglesia de San Fran- PanamA en visits especial, fl- blicas y privadas para la reall-
cisco de Veraguas:; glesia de- gura na relacl6n del paro de las zaci6n de estas abras de ur-
clarada. monument n a clonal obras y 61e ruego de una revi- gente necesldad y en blen de .
e r el Goblerno de ta Rep(- saln de presupuesto y gastos. la nifes chorrerana; y han pe- HORIZONTALES: 21--a6nto; at e' -
a I t a por yo ignorar abpylutamente dido al Cnsejo Municipal, n *. 3-- _.P o.b. a ae Gd los
e alegro la vista por lo que todo lo reference al asunto. A- vista de eats urgencla. que no -1-itt repetlcl6n.
eor ella hay de realidad ya que gradeceria eate Informe. demora por mns tempo la Iase- 4-Mledf' de plata.
eil estado de ets estupenda Ademis afirma que de o mafrcald6n del terreno- -.i aeriforme. Spt.
colonial es de un total a- presupuestado part fue recau- 12-Dbel Vto arar. a7-Alta fa l9 -.
ono en lo que se reflere a dado por suscripci6n popular, e 13-..A- e,6h de hierro y car- j ,lt dun.
lat ncesidad de su reparaci6n. versl6n inclerta a todas luces No a0t1n de acUeirdo bon 4,J oi. 1., P.
Cdno todo cuanto Il respect por no haberse ablerto nlngu- Wt di V. igado de maden o 44vAdvel od0F. "
a' baga me pareee poco. agra- na suscripci6n y si habetse re- i o W i-Dio.e ft p a .
derco ai informant la noticia cibldo una cantidad de 5,000 COn el atrs 15-Lad al desculdo 46-Isis d Mt do Irlands.
Y su lovable empefio de infor- balboas. donacldn eaplndida de o* I S ltre.ue-lo pin- 49--Arbolt d.. ,Ves ieloa.
ntr .a la opinion en material un coronel norteamericano, que Arj a en Santiago ustre. S0on- -Arbmant ,
tast important para el honor fue deposltada en el Banceo 1-L Ibr laI tierra. si-Tmer p einsMhotna.
lse la Repfblica. mias tarde pas6 a la custodia SANTIAGO, febrero 14 de 1951 a20-Famoso aetor e6mico ar- 2-Cloruro doe odlo.
H d del Gobierno de la Rep6bllca. EL PANAMA AM3RIOA. genUno. 5--nCuarea Y nueve en ni-
SHe de minlfest*e sin- embar- Con as cantidad y lo presu- Panama. BL.-RIusom de un penal. ineros romano.
0 que. como parroco y comno puestado por la Asamblea se Los que firmnnamo reoonocien- 24-albar, Inv..
iAopector "ad-bonorem" de laS dl6 comlenzo a la obras. do buena labor del Buperinten- 27-Torminatl6n de diminutive.
fnas, me Interesa una aclara- En resume: NO creow se gas- dentq ArJona, haemota pablico lp_.-Pal6 de la baraja espafola. S OLUCION DI ATRK
4fn. -imo intereas a today la m auma indicada en la nuestto detagrado con mu tras- 30-Prepoalcl6n.
Wlnidn naclonal, pars que qe- prensa, ni siquiera aproximada- lado: 8* S-Notsa eal .
-. rmmnliaaoto lo que hays mcnte i ta l st1 L -A,&sq.gat6. "ah *u -_r..
"A s verdad oft:oI lt nformac 'deonuc teo E at dats S0 hou .R -
Seriodistlca que a titulo de co- Asaaibea en informed entrega- ta. Frane4~m a, uau ( 5--Terminacln verbal.
anetarlo so inserts al pie de do i- honorablee Illueca on is val% a s- '- 36Rela6n do heohos prP
i misma. ciudad de Santiago para qu M Lbde Le6n,hsl 1 oAparele a
No puedo aegurar, porque anas con los Honorables Aro- AjAa, nFable D o, 4--e. spnessM .
Carezco de datos., pero si me cha y Navarro., estudlaran el s Guest, Antonio larels 4a-Avc d Mexico.
Strevo a consignar una aftrma- asanto fi smu presentacl6nitN. a sti"Ml Sa r Sle 41-Nombre de var6n.
016n, qoe blen ia creo ajustads coamo mlimbros lnados M* o stSeS, rillno 43-Que tienen voracidad.
Sla reaMa; y eq qpe el in- pd' Is! mI ma, b--tudlo 45- or agradable.
.;ormat' S podild cometer de todo lo relact' T, on el Oml 't V tor 47--Organizac6n Bocal)lata
a4os etrrorl Involuntrlo en' la oIsmm nto.. na n i raicn Ola. i c.
'informacit' eomo inspector "ad rtcioo. 48- bMatorral. In
r ., 48-Matorral.
bhonorem". poca bha alo mil in- uto as seier DIntot, lo que U 50-Entretienies.
'tervenci6n official. 8in embargo me interesaba poaet en claro. A 5-Adverbio de lugar.
Ituve alguna, en las firms de los Agradeclendo ai Informante au *Del verbo omnitir.
p3agos de jornales a los obreros, interns, pues no dudo que as 6n-En el mar
lpara cuyo efecto el arquitecto uno de los muchoa que deseen c l 57-Nosotros.
(ieflor Cortes me present varias ardientemente, ver soluclonado BI--Unicos.
1planillas. Puedo deoir cOn ver- er asunto de la iglesia de San 59-Rio de Espafla. ELImI mNE
dad que no lle iL firmnar el Francisco y a Uited sefor di- AH
Valor de 4.000 baslbos. Xnton- rector, su galanLeria al hacer eo
tes? por quc aflrma el infor- publica ml carts, qUedo de Ud VERTICALA: LAV |ANA
rante que se gantaron 10.000? Atto. y S. 8.. CERRO PUNTA, feblrero 14. LTll. AS -CANAS
Tal vez Al esti informado me- Andre Ruailope, (Corresponsal). Ahogado pe- I-ExpendiLo de bLbAd-.
lOr que yo. Por 1o menos a ml Pirroco. rcl bOy un nilo doe slte a- 2-C61era. enfado. "ACEITE VEGETAL
it lo; rebal6 en una ar que o3-VestidurA" 1 ordotal,
I de puente y cad al tur- R4-Pared ata y an s. MEXICANO PERFUMADO"
IS1TUTwO0 DE ARTrS MECANICAs5 p fuerti uV vera- onido. D a l cabllos su
no, nueva doearacis cl sm par .-Conozco. ovuolve a los abollos u
Divisa, Pray. doe lenra ha en que tantau vec se 7-ear pan. primitive color, hayan sido
ha pedido. 8-Ensopar pan.
EXAMENES I9E ADMISION 9--Barrio de Constantinopla. 4atos rubios, castainos
Sm10--Igual al 10 horizontal. .0 negros.
1-Las solicitude de ingreso Obaen lbesar al Inatituto antes R PANAM IA A 11-CdigOal de peUcl64n de
de 20 4e Febroro, 15ii. RED rANAMERICANA i l-C d d No es ooc vo No manchi
2-Los exament do Admisldn (Matemitica, Espaflol, Apti- l--Epoca. % No emivo manch
tud para la Mecanica v Habilidad Mental) se efectuaran 18-Jornada. Es un produoto de calidad.
en el Instituto del 20 al 23 de Febrero. 1951. 1 30--Del verbo asar.
3-Parte del examen es la entrevista del aspirante con los UIi1C IU3 21--Nombre de mujer. PREMIADO EN VARIAS
Profesores. Por eso ae require que los aspirantes me In- 22-De corta atattrat POBICIONES
ternen del 20 al 23. La pensa6n durante el period de e 3-Dicho de- aab'1.
exambn es trea balboas (B.3.001. meSiOrS p faam s a5-Nombre famealan
4-Los aaplrantes deben traer rope de cama y demar ense- p -Capital uropi.

res to e uso personal.
5&-Hay cupo nara todos los Tallereo (Auto-Mecinica. Cons-
trucci6n; Ebanisteria. Electricidad. Metalea y Torneria
Mecanicai. Para Torneria MecAntea. tElectricidad y Cons.
truccion es convenient haber aprobado el Primer Ciclo.
Jullo F. Barbs G.
Becretarlo de Educacl6n



S. : .. -. ...

So imad

y h detruido HE~IQ

* en vadst* 1.:

G e M fioas en &b ,'oa .B-
ah. r .lo s- o

tornado StJ'ayL c dt- e qmaob par at e
ti .s S .: gsdo d.. :d- ., :'. .. .o .,UM.
SC do Quin-

Su if n "rain pO-
ligro. Lathbro e tea, enter- 6gg
modad mtnaltlment conocds ha s'
O pr n arro-
traml frs n tera s n nuehtro tl,

palm '-a.t'ol m,, o u t a- no "a.' sob ."7. + W .+ ..... :.ii"<. "e *"
vanando con pas gigantacoa vat
au nuota per a an esquo no l- 3 -
medad n%' enter eonocida Aft
nado, 0: ast. a rgando a nues-
tras frontraM, Ya en nuestro to,` Y

pase a anuestra frontera. Sin U84 lu
embargo, dobemos estar preve- pAel '4- l,
nidos y pt lo pronto me deb brS der fM t 3- dK MNa M
dar urgaentAnte todos los pa- II alts
sos ne .ti par controlar L d. M toja
la pla g.lUuano de months 4" *taoa. *
"T6r70 Si e eat" afectando ad beeI1 ffW* ntitd a
seriamn4. puatros hats, so- del al; user al ate- au s ue r
bre todo t las provincl s doe o u A S. 1 trSa, a -tde roe
Chiriquif y Coe. IW w 1 10 -5 b*A y.
81 rAo. itlnamos la pla- i ftsdt3. 4t tta ter da-ae Ms to.g & e amsw m
ga del 85ano. de Monte, nues- ets-. S0es. slA di
tro ganade quedarA tan dobi eva polo del ganado, deoro fantat

que s de sum fiportan d d' de-t-olloa d# is ri e que
mair a las mdae neIem t c tesa, ldo elt l. de antes de o Ik
no esporar* un dis mb m'
aby on l .alglno g. a ..
t. A so ha eacrito bastW
to obre esto, pero no se no a l loe. e6rod I nado, qua e
alado con ormmeia en.'t l MAei.. 1 "5 '
an general para zetermbin dl ien in 0 t 1t de Pars mai detallh e.
taplaga. # l. ei _oae e n ftaa
SPe medlo de edot eauisaft l1 I ustodes lon d"Utrum no d Monte) l i U
It amas a tod e as M F o n y o- o xtmwat,
proveedores qUe ba;fen t M irse a l a t f. fi,
aadd de 15 A 15 diu, eno i IKV4 15 at de marso-51 Mat, Gande eon maho
onss afectadas poar r el Q i n lt f months 1 uel to y at to wglrtalvlMil ...
No importa la medical ..--
nta, to la garrap l
r omo el o i I)t
y lrdane son rm A IO CNSALB
ts, que oasI&proarw i nuetum
Is plsaf Ydest
a es a mocash ponm en bres
Lastoralesy yon 0*Ipolo
a plunha contra of w rtat sum o4ue wivemp
.d ho aas M dc te -
I eora n ie mms f ,. "
porque los baf aon a.
sAs efectivas en esta ts e .
quo no caen fuertes Uuva.* r '*4. a r
lstilnuyen el efecto de lo.
fios. ..:.;-
m un error creo que i
near el Ousano de onte
animal, se vs-a acab: ec a
plaga. Em necesario hacker la
eul a sla mosca y heeetr1 r L
huaevo y larva, antse doe W "
s tu se metan baje el, -o u -
del animal, donde qaltal b B .S. *
.. + r;ii+ :- m ff l-; .:.*--*.Ljif I


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-4' -4-.


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"." --* A' ^ :". .. *.. ;. ; ., .;' ^ '"
.... .. ,*..- .. J ... .
ii 'il 1r. i i.


-Z. 1 9-

*u; b *B *1 M 5* .i

Atle~tl *SeBi export6 a
l4 *atri tslet a
Supflltmndanto 4p 1 As- ma ql baa pasd
ua Wmval en saua, Mait-' stoi h ostaido est
ahAussetta. meurto O '. de QnaOs
do 1A nave. Its Lmtadsr ant. 1Mi

S seabilze aprt6

Piden -wdi ha *ldo au
to Piord, so lea dUo quve sv di- to d t silo s
nyi tn at MI ani tetio. doM TM6 M-tu
balo. deoptaeo pd slrl

Lou empleados de La Pre- iberM3
"on u dmdlo'n A

a eonen n petln qu ao pma do
to on, se lea dijo Qua so di- logMUM a on Mos. ..

"no "u. tione nottoia do que en mente el erello de
4do0s.4inans traneourridM dn th ber tas mouriat
d It ontrop del refoerdo me- tal- pr utivstram i
toral, *e Ministerto haya a- oomo ISa l]bertad do

Ss en uto as7ti s si *tesvlr ao larn o s do refloo a s des aI
ww .r aW

toarso ea 9muoentsla
San v are~os t. "ML PO" QUE TA
VANGaurcia d '
6 ow kai m L do P%.. EmL MUNDQFa

stsos L de riailla ne so m d.
d e cLa cIarlide la ho ti' ha dado en A r em a a -

w r.,:,,. r' W ;1 ;. ,, d S -! S i e a es. o-
lift- -r1 c E ,

0 do IS La nIo e6 re. a la aA nra e a fin 1t dtoior( ldad e H do roj l-P saleglo na d ,. .e m a q lad o C aen g -
parasAtu rt;Vr to leON UN PREiosoJd

qu l .a de pftnoder ltcar dsa de 1n dur-6aopu. sl tre it lo e oGin M or -
,-- AV ,..- Se.." I"ls b o Wn r S. S r ".mI .ae d UY A NU1/01q
i. '- -.. .. "' I s os rasetr a asqul TAea n vu diAu el P

T "a t" nrft t Jt le .0 4 -tg tren.e a ana .pr'_- 1pl-. defen+ c-mr unst con- tlmdelSt^ aue as. .8 LEN LINDOS Y VARI
p "iqrad iar 1 o al tao no pern nao
'awl16ii, N.t_, a.ClS. _ortnla oa "md m Ul i.nySiO s. eero
Lft fo f 1 1 1P
r5... n Pre fl Wk Cattle oon lMWnr a. ..b. h- 6 ,13)-s-- art a. .wi-

S1 .N6yit' 1i0H ^g La-M sgp^ ^ L- Dvee aftmes do I los eel leu eou1 ainan
Ciou e.Jt de Pu Ato t iL laes da I .
..n en tr _ft 6vital.I, qon. ..r.u. rW le, fL a enI m oloe a-
somisSo60 a-J8,Bravo" dind tide p u do ldei 1it-15 TA PIZA-lS CON PLA.liC

S- tanVonLee rojom del ranre a Isd___
.m mA ALmn VJS ilff i e g t dosAL' ,-( ,.or h ,yh. ,, -|naUF||toK ,.teI.m yion, rwcs-u Avi'
Be ke bospun Amn bela* par W e, odo
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S. E. .. S.E.,^ V1
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Iuteii* pge% SE ALQUILA:-O seovende. Cas do SEaqbN a
.li gif bh-Tern uemai Ecompno en Chorrera (El Cocoa Tel. Onalk
pen mo s smies) med-. 3-0255. gnii
ueI)" ea msh, anSE VENDE.--Cgai niunblada, con to-. l nE. ol
Alrr I AL Vie Iel-0 I.r noan #n r Carolna, B.1 ....
h "Pm fiV i 4e000.400. Lombert. Tel. Balboa SE VENOI:-Rmnett
-447. toa, come rpum. P, J Ya

U e VEaDE Marder usada en per. SE VENDE:-Com 25 x 26. cuorto de cuero y otros cT:eore F -A
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2 2 x 6 2 x 8 --- 4 x repelldeas, plo mosaico tablillos Tel-2-082. : "b- bifcln ca n"c .-
4 6 x 6 8 x 8. PAREDES do cao ben t i prted, tedo strich --------
Y CIA. LTDA. Ave. Pablo Arose tamente modern. Cao S. Ave. SE VENDE: -- C hrysl convweA "Mr, L i .
. &m a No. 10 y Dep6sito en Poi. Segundo, Nuevo Arraijhn, 42 mi- 1950 en perfea rm -condi o.l ..I u. .cIltsn- .Pmsjt i
tila Coe ll 12. Tels. 2-3238 y 3- lois del Ferry. Jack Davis Apdo. Ilantas blmands, capa to. e. .o
47127 Cocoli, C. Z. cO i L2,650.00.. Sp ca
37 *uado. magnificas faidaS
I VEININ:--LLeteam 700 x 15 de SE VENDE:-C6ntrica y ocr ditado pago. Ag ncis Pwnam
S poNhie euia- i. l S arma sko co
Jong, mmvii, y may hereto.. negdcio, par no poder admlnistrar- llama Lki dsen, telifono 2- 2 ~ Ed..- ftleo g i.-'lb, j
-Pi* pi m es I a chives y trbel s Pa- se. Para informes ascribe al Sr. ..... l ei N S, ade
a ide. CRe.oe mst ern Nacipol, Kuylen, Aparrtdo 1828, San Jo- SE VENDE: Po repoIMe e ic h .
A*e. Peer N. 7. Tel. 2-0406. si. Costa Rico. 36 sin Ilantas, mty r en perfit a ne
cond6n. PrOagan S. A. el Coil An

I' c^.- SE VENSEDE:-EatVl mkoniorti 6a .0 2s. .
S. VENDE:-Radio Slvertone pars SE VENDE:-En el Vail mr nfico 16 Este No. 9o.2. 31 l7i wee 1
corro. Tipo adaptable, usado dos late bien situado ca merviclo do atlnes "1a "4 '-_.
moses. exculontes condicines, acueducto, procio m6dica. facill- SE iVENDE:-Autela Frd oda,
0.00. Lamar rent Prosku- dddo paga Tel 2-32486 Pan- 36, derechot paes, 180.00. Ave, .ft n *10-'etoontci"moor.
$40.00.:L a:i $nra.rito Pro*kou: act reeitrsnaigr
.or. Corozal 2139, do 7:30 A. M. md. MExicaS,69., ,-,.toc c 43 telSSo- nSC aie i d Com.
a 5 .M. no 3-0553.. n Al r a ie
S 5 P. GANGA! n se nco en Vno 3-055l. esfncon La Cho- 41, .3 4 ll
a'.VINDMiESA-Pina perforde deo rrer, A ntrado "El.Cocl", corretera SE VENDE: Oldsmobile Sod n l a U a
paces "IBupse-IErle". Perform p- Central Una hectirea. Cam. Arbo- Hydramaotc, 1942, lanCen, S telI- b "Ata -At a ~Utod de dos-
s' do 4" 6" y 8 ". Antonie A lea frutales. 9.300.00; Oc rrase cerie y cubreasientos de Nylon I _4 bo a. b .. ella Vis a s
l., Tel. o2-3a20. n Moreno calle 15, San Francis o, nuevos, m6tor a tod iprue i, l u 2.i Tel 3.081. Da d i -
N.tNo. 42. bouen carrocerila con radio, AL usAPRTMT .
SVENDE: -Pion Lester, buena No. bp o uni ad. Lao Parisiin a o. & el frontA. Mo deL. I ? '
condicones, precio razonable. Tel. Rer em dimmlr idspec cionar y com tral No te e de---ms cwf rtabbor d oo e udoed, 2 ...
T 3-1235 de 9 a 12 y 2 a 5. parar el modern, especiso y 6b- -tr_ PNi._ d o d 21
i-15. de9 a2iIc 2m.ed lIOeist doe a risemae con SE VENCD:--Amencie Pan-dn-- -r ena4. ca lrr 'o 13 Prry 40 .o
UAYA AS2 bos etc. situado on Cal 40, cafo s,S A. ditbuidores do iL is r- n En la c r el
.UAYAUANA Vista d.. 1Mar., N.. Av con 5cual- to.. In mjimovilos C YSLER WNW E a EnV ld Co erll ,-
SPur Hie quera otr oferta. La compare- PLYMOUTH mat at efor I 0 im E is a be ,
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S ntio e Cubanse poriv valor pare Ud. Wdtff y PACKARD SEDAN 1940 vindicta I ,a Victor A.
SCiea.. Callo S., No. 22, Tel. 2- CROSLEY STATION WAGON 49. l0 A 1 A e Le6n, pGeneral, y r ear g *

SRrMW.Rl rn Ant con el cucAl t PLtL de .entaren l g te- elB 'Gea De-l, y ...
$11.50 2388. FORD SEDAN 1939 -i e a)el al s ensn ado, et aif c
Avenida Central 155. SE ALQUILA s o frati t F ri cone ae ia prue-a do -- e aa -
e. 2d dn n re- t dl Cocl d Teodro* T ba aduold. por el a..Fal en- t a
,.- Tel. 2-4 s sN. .gL .'E >" ..i "..M !ia
1 EC E ,le ---------------- 19.W co nl constosos. Nunolmro K... 6 de Vitela o d Grac s y el in- ._.S
SE NECESITA ALQUILAE-LCOCommercial, cdl- 1 a1s 0 e ar e
Genealflcio nuevillun Ave. Cba. iSE NECESITA:-Empleeda ropnt o O% .-buW. mIS .

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SH ,- 'Ponaerlcaas, Tnel. -1713. grandes y nitro. on Francisao d CENES MARTINZ, Avenida Nor de d do s- do

S STAr-Aauodor a asadora le ota Cal to Call t No. I e to 83, Tel. 2-0610. toic.- met iRab PlA- U lulo aCrd-s l a e bro deb d "'wq ..
C- e nta Rio 1A: jre acole n SE A.LQUILA-.:-Locol earcofal en ECEranAoe. Cd 3ale o No. 6I5 a, TotI 2e- 0oL, do lecr l iNrormad l prt- -

t curi s. R io AEe Ia L9a Cn. SE2 0 baPplIla. U
P 6n Juloeta. renter Bad calls Chiriaui No. 2. Informs to-SE NECESITA: MCuadhoch on A aI de9 U dr eaa- p cn jee o d td '
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P.intvondeddl b n Joyeria Ha- clinic. Avenida No. 59 5 altos. NECESITA:-Prulrn de irr dCe la scni r a c del a a Co
ire lo nrlde Ruor. Acud sucural Sylns d ae on ms- IdossE y ayudar E n In case .E VIDE-En El Vle El ate" aostenledo ,, e d idoquala s

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.NECESITA --Paro un n Pevo no- rro vs. eja sieveqne-

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-Paor la cal quo sarebfo ee tE ALQUILA-Lclu me Parela. turra Ave.Ds Cnr alt S115. ? leto moderno con os rocimards 5 5- Lm pota I Pocd Nanciongoi nopiane de- qo dstn ead ae a
a ludeal .se ncesti a model de rieot perCentral.c SE ICESITA-- Eocinre pbuena, dcI- 200 Mts Buon precio. 5Parae Inferi b aVma M ue ir srco ei vi rtm Q 4 ; 10 f l a
Stilran, ntars sin refereocls. Ca- m e. :n Toel en B l 30. REMLIE A.D pudocaquede q ount
A U e dCllo.. Nofcn. o desito en clls 3a. No. lie 50 No. 40, Apto. 6. SE ALQUILA:.-Caso completomtentdevndgou-e l. abdro Juio .onu obero to d

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1.".no frente al Piolclo Nocional. SE NECESITA:r- Carguer Cdmo n. amob lae do dos dr es ciaes en cda O er3 oG b e rIll alerte-ntWO NWi.-
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t.5 de la itniclaPanama. ALQUIoN .- to us ena cvn SE NECESITA. :- Em n-plead eon epe- 321715 an as d ia6. m. laAno.oN D- E u l .i
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5Ma nes deta. do noneral L A m Ia
SE" tn e ac e n rdoe Avenda Contrl Na. 45. dieE do famis quo o golrn I bmbs a doptsdo en
bel ee0 M SE ECESETAU --Emple de parel st e ____________________. o2 La mis screditEd8.orcteantemonde Po.-uas eaislKey y aIan-
l y o a cANnteOr, b o c.res generals d Ia cas, debe VENDE:-Rfgrador GEE eLa d mayor stak. Plbetad do u hijan, y qo aia con enmleto do-
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d e autort a cridaos. Tplea. euen sld, fdrilia P U-5e vndo los mumbles a pr do qu ae
_. 300"00000l dAn. InfOrmnin Ave. 4 deiulio Me. Un estante de dos espejos, TlL esra a be -
"For la cual e except del No. 19.e -,.I&p coma ron.ob con colchiis una mesa 5 tpt601o lg quffnnl o
u d-y Una sille. Ca 46 No. 27, Aptodn
d Is ao cotn p |- Se presentarai SE .NECESITA:-Emplaise, Io d10,a. ,m. a 12 a. mC.olyJmdendo*a v 4,.,.,
Sq. determinada elae dcon-competnt0 .Co buns4on- "'C6nrynmnez de
-.,_ de scuerdoa Contelaer-en Pnm e o ies,, otlodo os ca meon SE"VENOE:-4 estqtes ,Para rfts,, i/ A ttl6 5 unA obra'del Dt.
-Czre l re infarmn*esiIo0a calk 49 No. go Pora ,solo, 2 silias dao.-bu. -,-"'' pes)
"Por la cua]ese uelazare-eal "n 19. Dlt.Von.vIles do hierro, vitrina,. 4 comes
G. nvenlo aoab re e Orugsnlcl6n Prozxlm mente legiar t atso, lti-Coide.N.?A, oahac atrarldad a is a ..s.
"Par le cuule sorafieretlfca e Ca ra, miximoa exponents del 50Nalo TAquaEsopo cocinerdbion v d= Amt. 1' entenAa..1.
lpstrumento Pars Ia omnmien- folklore argentino, quiena iarrl- hacer el afici do Ia caos a f-o
*do i s.Oeganzael6n ntern-1ansnuaetragplays proco- miharpoq"u. Venir con racamen- SEVENDE:-Refrigorodaor.aWasting- i
0....[ dol TrabaOoa do fechia 5 n ernes d ias. princplay" eapi- dacihn. Ave. Ecuador NO. 4. be- house 7 poes tode porcelaa, $100, b A
"d noviembre de 1945", taleseuramericans., jog. detabic. do coobl colich 0, o "rAcaudaladotcubi-ms
Per Is Cual e eaprueba e l530, bicclot do nicdo cn.oatnave, rr' 30: mosquito quit ia vibi".4
S.-aIItUar' isganado ei Aplaumo de todoo Ion SE DESEA, .tbodo p oa ., .
"Por li cual me aprueba is Jeatra donde ban aetuado. a,.IJdhniho..tAbldoUOiN-ou balazo 1(Urn-

-, et- sobre privleglon e -nmu- tr-s bajD saaosuepiclon do usA SE AL ILA H Wde-ion dl

IsCUl edica m" L v edOY ni-u ......
ad" con ant, euos M eg Pvoeue partleltoarien AVISO Wbm V
bdcan nguo el nentathlen *tari formado ext- ni0
e'u~vu ,e Mnr mnal del P.- Aviso NJ Ifkbo al
ebate: "Por a cual r Or4 er l el- elo pn e e
witg. Wtflam sa a fts cliii M- CIO ong mura O W uo
U" Partida para 1s 10. L s6 a m nt,-c6dn mi aaPf trl a tuna 2I ti*.4
AMclsna m6dilca y ars obta un p ae d -a ena do e m de0 d I --Mo

-e auteriza asS
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Dep. IIc Informado, ls vern'at a o' ,

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^"'-' Compre ud.
a 1 1 1qot e "in .- -_ -

;LeO, ene e adunumero los reportajes de palpitante inters el V isgrt

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N -dieKt el profld- e6rf oVHIOlit inaliza la *itwi6<8 po0itin que tirns a todo M6xico
Ne%' Tim LI o t ..o o .. .. 9. ....; u. gporve nir.
SM. tt d e .. 0m'n BRE LA.MACA Ri
tag a rd Max- ,, .-- : VISION trash una rsteladora d eripoldn d*l resur.
)tt 11,1a s ;,,t i' i9n ilitar frano Liud hay d la Frania revl.
mm i drnLdo, 1mad ; eno Plovin? ... Fransda se transforma rnApidame ter elN n
m: Jirel U.S. Ad- I A M ..roi. Memos defense europea y no on "amiga de convnnieoia"
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S "a fu pc "*l* e jnunista y la demoora.ia*? ,Por qu6 no ileog6

,-,.: -.-E RUSIA CON SU NUEVO R Y ,0..9 .... ?|

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Chrysler. El nuevo, mAs fine a"o
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S -Ml omit# Mrotor doe A -Con- l. itIeeldo, y lafor6 a Re oaento C a-
iorsMel6a Cremtaereisasa y projects de ngraoms, Mars la
Caribe de Fatbl esh auprobado.pDr el Comit -Organl- aaar e PpeLdF te dle
r u de ayer, Inai qto l n dor l m atbeolsads" Torane .
ngreso Thseae de V Cam- en Isa Idhalte form: Pla el rlaImato el
measto Centreanerieaao y del Tendra lgar en el Passel Colmlt Oiigaan* dr;
S Suibe qu teoat lugar an eat MunalMpal a la 10 de Ia ma-
eluade, me ianngara el ipr- Manm, y las Ml6n Inausural M- Palabs doe I elegad.,
moe demiar. de acaerdo eon rA mims Men protoeolar; Lue 1 Cdalt4 0 .r

'* i-AL

Ray Robinson Noqueo a

Jake LaMotta y Gan6

El Campeonato Mediand

^Wn van exto

Le mauguro el

Esta noche jugarin los
equipos Omphroy y el
Control del Comejin

Por -H. TEJADA V.-
Con todo splendor se inau-
gur6 anoche en el campo de
juegoa de Santa Rita, la just
Commercial de Softball
Los equipos participants en
la contlenda desfilaron com-
pletamente uniformados y el
Min'stro de Goblerno y Justicia
estuvo representado por el co-
nocido Abel M. Perez, lanzando
a primer bola el Presidente
de la Justa Juan Vlleg.
El primer juego a cinco en-
t ras. fu6 un triunfo para los
muchachos del Ron Istmefio
sobre el BUR, por 17 carreras a
5. Los muchachos del BUR sa-
lieron adelante, pero en la se-
gunda mitad de la primera en-
trada los ganadores mircaron
13 carreras para aeguir aumen-
. tando su margen a la anotaclon
lina durante los episodlos res-
tantes. Alvarado fu6 ei lanza-
dor ganador y permitll6 12 In-
coglbles a sus rivals. mientras
qua Ramirez que perdl6 el jue-
go y Martinez permltian 6 India
Scatbles a sus rivals, incurrien-
do los ganadores en dos errors
y los perdedores en trees.
El segundo Juego lo gan6 Du-
run sobre el Patco por 12 a 11,
cidl6 en los iltimos episodios.
Multon fu6 el lanzador gana-
.dor y Lasso el perdedor. Los
ranadoreis batearon 10 Incogl-
D. s y sus oponentea 7, Incu-
rl endo los primeros en cuatro
..4 reAs y los otros en cinco.
Rsta noche jugarAn a las
Sen Santa Rita. Auto Om-
7 Control del Comejdn,
estos que hacen su prl-
prsentacl6n. y que tie-
*M.una n6mina pareja. per 1o
o esperas que el choque g4e
mup reBfldo. La entrada as
tazente gratis.



aora qifa

el semni-pesad
CHICAGO, Feb. 15 (UP)-Su-
gar Ray Robinson ase coron6
nuevo Campe6n Mundial Peso
Medlano al veneer por nocaut
tlcnico a Jake Lamotta en el
decimofercero alto, ,de la pe-
lea celebrada anoche en el aI-
tadio de Chicago.
La peles rue detenida por el
Arbitro a loa dos minutes y
cuatro seundoes del declmo-
tercer alto cuando Jake La-
motha completamente extenua-
do habia bajado la guardian y
Robinson 10 golpeaba por todau
Lamotta Uev6 Is iniclativa y
Ilevaba una ventsja de trees.
asiltos a dos al finalizando el
quinto alto. Lamotta gan6
lso dos primeros con ataques
furloso s al cuerpo. Robinson
gsn6 el tercero y el cuarto cuan
0o sacudl6 a su contrarlo con
vrlos Bueno golpes porer .Jake
peM6 repetida voces a la qul-
jada do Robinson con izquer-
dae durante el quinto arsito On
que tamblin di6 buenos golpb
al cuerpo. Lambtta gan6 lo i
AMMltos sexto- 'apttmo y octa-
vo con golppes al cuerpo princi-
palmente pero Robinson ya en
el .i octavo comenz6 a presen-
tar mejer poles y gan6 francs,
*mJ-,el emveno. i
L a 4aiFs y no pudo
contrarrestar el rApido a aque
d1 Robinson con ambas manos.
Bn 0l d6coa asan 4e a scentu6
la ventaja de Robinson y el
camtuaclo de Lamotta, qua h
ta entonces habits mantenido
vlolanto tren de poles. Y en el
und=cI1o, quodelmo y deelmo-
tereero caatlgo duramente a
Lamott que apenas pudo con-
testar los golpes.
14.802 personas presenclaron
eta peels celebrada en el Ea-
tadio de Chicago. oSeOn el con-
trato Robinson tendri que de-
fender el titulo medio contra
Lamotta en Junio, pero miep-
tras tanto el nuevo campe6n se
prepare para tratar de con-
quistar el titulo semlipesado
contra Joey Maxim, en el mes
de Marzo.
La recaudaci6n de la pelea
de anoche aacendl6 a la suma
de 180.619 d61area.


No e grato fellettar en el Sdi
de mu cumpleafo I al oven de-
portista Ernesto Clarke,, quleo
tanto dentroe com fuera de
ioo circulos deportivos ha side
reconocido ulempre per us aetil-
vidad eaballeross. Clarke es un
fanitico del baseball y ha to-
nido luelda aetuael6n en dl-
versnos equipos.

Tien"s dif icude
los pUgiles amateur
de la Costa Atlistica
CLON, Feb. 14 (Por R. Quil,.
tero)-Una pan ruft n 4d
Boxeo Amateur ets preparad-
do la Comisl6n de eate c m r
pars llevarse a cabo on 1 tlt-
glado del Gimnaslo "Evrarde
N fe'" en fecha pr6xims y a
beneficio de 'los campeones
que defenderin el prestigio de
nuestro puglllamo on el eorta- l
men que ase eonifloard in 1A
Provinca- de Ohirlqui a patrtir
del 23 del present moe do Fe-
Adomis del benetlclo quoe m
pienia hacer pars los mucha-
chog, tambiWn .o scordd dar
corropondtentys \ilplomas dO
honor a los eafpeonos pars
adi otimular Is vluntad quo
tioenon eato muchaos para
eats cliawe deo competencia don-
de no perdilben un solo centa-
Tamblin so nos ha informns-
do quo el viaje de los campeo-
neas a la Provincia del Valle
de la Luna sera par la via te-
rrestre pues el dinero qua han
dado para- gasto no aldanza
ni pars ls sallda y menosa al-
canzaran para viajar en atiq
nets y as mAs ae eata recogidl-
do dinero por la calle con el
tln do no hacer papel ridloulo
Oa Chiriqui, ya que as sabe
as esta clase de presentadto-
na demandan gastes..
la campeones que viajaria
a lriqu son lo gulea ,
Uduardo Weather, cali
peaso pap.i,. Manuel Pr
camoDen peso moaca,
Lew, campe6n peso gallo, ,a-
6 Ed*l* campe6n po pluma.,
Samuel Allen campe6n peso
ligro y Oilberto WVtey cam-
pe6n peso intermedlo.

Social Deporfiva
Hoy celebrs el. mejor de sm
diam el6-aio Joes Del C. Corcio
Jr., h1Jo del conocido arbitro
de futbol Jo086 Del C. CorMa por
lo tanto felicitamos al nifto.

El Cael ve=0

ald Maio ayer

por lal8
or -01 TEJADA
Cast on el memento de reco-
gar los bsat, perdi6 el Maurielo
de lar u primer triunfo de
Ia just socal doe softball ayer
tarde, cuando el Camel se im-
pUso per 10 carreras a 8. Fue
un juego en d6nde los perdedo-
res Ilevaban Ia ventaja de 8 a
4, en la semunda mitad del sex-
to epiaodic, pere las tropas quo
comanda Chbomp Catstaedas le
entrason a leto simple a f T o
ULndo, lanzudoer del Mauticio
parsa lograr on ese episodio 7
carreras y asumir el comando
por 10 a &.
Los ganaderes usaron a Bel-
grave que dur6 dos episodios,
Hernan de Ieaza que gan6 el
juego y Lashley quo lanz6 un
solo episodic para lerminar el
juego. Lindo lan6 today el par-
tido. por los perdedores y per-
mIti6 It 13 discutlbes, mlentras
que loa pwdedodms solo lorai-
barnbatear Indiseutibles,
Xy Juegan Chesterfield y
Cervecerfa y maftna il hacen
Pinocho frente al Madurito. El
domingo -s mlden Policla y

U 'aiim.

Maiana Juegan ti a

Provincial losEq

.. ." ,m 'w


de la


eos IML es"' so pon-
drn 0 dml el pr6xime
mrcog= cnj motive de Isa
inaauuaoft .d.- V Campeona-
to Itflno y del Carl-
be d* ., de sacuerdo con
information toial que noI aun
mInlstrtaig, I DirelaG Oene-
ral do Corre y Talgrafos.



iarraza y ii tMi
ESTADO DE LOS EQUIPOS. a los equip BAhama vs Caribe
G. P. eJe. en Juego do cagptal Importan- b
los ............... 9 ca para ls a piracones brra- c
rasm ............. .M cinas. m
Cheterfield Jr ....7 6 .5S
Cat Duatn .......7. 7 JM De iaUlr alro el Barram en
?p ~ .......... ste Jueo, eorb4 a 4eu j
I r a ............ 4 6 .4 lai del
G .............. m ea o nae .de rrotado
a a Provinial de B uo de
La Liga Provincial do Base del tarrosw & n do kim an-


DeosMtdo dtoho Departamen-
o qul' Is u hev estampilll
ou.wMW ,&S dlstrlbulrse en ,w
mas f Om eo s tone co
el btv d :mla. iu ma, decldli .
Inrcua Aela dIM encionadacle
a ip" rasn am a
enta el is de Mitrero, colnci-
letnd Mal fechas con Is aper- Ay
urn 4e y compotencta inter- a
iacIssl tW.,KfndA lugar e
Mta Clawd.. .
Inform leomes adlcionalo so-.
ire la .mbampilUa "ProBduca-
r16n Fl"f y Deprtm", dare-.
MOB -. de Sit .


de Panama, contins mains nasu didatos a mejor no del sh, r,-. .' "'- -
calendarto, presentando a las Maldra en buses sa. -vi- '-i-- or "fl" u
1.00 pam. en el Itadio Olimpico' toria on el actual ,e_, "del d fpo e-VW 4
Vigor, do la oI JntSto
Siguen Las Gestiones Para ,fomoft -
.. ,/ ea*I roem oboosta,61 re
Que El Salvador Compita 1arun partodo" C
El President Oscar Osorio envia un cable al do Is Cerveceri on aP
Ingeniero Norberto Navarro n, deaptad del parrpdo entry e l
( Los Tigres Cerveceria. eg
Satisfactorlasmente se eatan Ing. Norberto NIavarro
arreglando todos lo tramltos Panama. \ auttunado quo lam autorldad fs
para conseguLr que Salvador Entendo cablegrama a y e r mnitarias de PanamA onvmrin
complta en el Campeonato Por ma.ora ha pospudetose vlaje s nota official en Is cual dt-
Centroamericano de rutboL Sn deportistas atendiendo gstl O rtAn a conocer que la e ma'
Ia maftana de boy el Ingeneroa sandad a que aconsel no ea pru- de sla Pollomielitles ha dospl--
Norberto Navarro recibl6 un ca- dente efeetuarlo. i zOdo y quo no hay peltO dO
ble del Presidente do El Sa1ia- Balud61o atentamente. oentaglo. Al recibir ost ftia
dor, Oscar Osorlo el equall eta Oscar Osorlo, aen megurdad que el equi M Sol-
redactado on loa trminos si- Presildente de El Salvador vadoreflo vendrA la Isla pe-
gulentes: Mientras tanto -e nos ha co- tends de futbol.
lot a .

La ocin para despues do ofeitarse
mos. popular del mundo

La muwor elegant admire a. los hombres de quione. .
pueda eorgullecene.-Tals hombres a meud e ligen
Aqua Volvo, Ia lod6n paore dopu6s de oafitri
Mi6s popular del nmdo. Y los quo Ia uan so ditinlgumi '
per eae airo do elegancia sobria quo
g radio a lto inuier.:,tbmtllad .
enun mhermoa fresco, Aqs Veolve
properidon 100 aplicdcitM abuin o.
demnto Pora tonikfie rooke.0


*-;j. u~ tL%.. &%P
~vTh~t3rAx it

I T~

oI-:WaO. ,

I U:

o alpor
.t11-I san

A A1v5

ww- WgI


.h A
L.Y V. S

.- :.S. .- ;

do I*


e... "A6'" ab

... t ........llk
POW .*.** *-. 4 .5


MaulsM vs Carts 1*f L
me~ ;o ow.~e lm
b :8 l 14

AN CO *,

iEpelal L



In una. pe6 n .l -otr n "altabi 4,a r. w *O..m
y por su belfnmas Ciulduid-p i



I' 'ir


S. : ^.t .

'A"~ *~

* 0 *

-- ... I. -


.~4... 0,

8- ,.



-;-Y -










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.:-. .. .,~... .

...L *
.1*(s w *,1 'l!.


,u.I ~
~ I



- -: :i ii
". .. .. I -', j ,1
oio r i! *i -- ^ -3 ^



av. 1 I.

:' (DESD8E LAB 3:00 P.M.)
PORQUE hocks protegida por la Policia, ya que hace evelacidnes sensadons-
lek .be usob .Rjaet de 'Apuestas de un Sindicato de 8,000,0001 : PORQUE .
fafgiIS iM oo a hizo la redads mAs grande de criminals y apomsadores en Is
bhiodi de dAtados UAidos! PORQUE es verfdica yfu- film dsen el lugar de'
lo hechot! ... PORQUE su acci6n es rhpida como tires de ~ ilador y su ro-
mf mue nmy uddnte! .







.iy ,O rimaw eimtrees e r,... O, *en
WT.y mistartI del AtWIes glIt
A-* ~ ~RWR in3MIAa6- k'W&-Ir-C

6iod om n
___m rsMm

mgm__ -m.momM.*


cl ( r e mCOl OR

'. A .
p '

t abrndtsi m
. Mexalule


via vmSW
KOJO, na
-- tAD



a ,,m -

HJm/M w reat
Jsem bpSo 3Am
Muj m 3A0-br, -

K?'-. itB~gf-A ..

msPam8m~ -

. -

HI 0 Y


narradci alucinante el mI rio fe la droga pesiea ... Droga que
Sevela mundos pcibido y-que deiye almas...





SI-A -

W A L O S ..'" ::
w/ U.M rr -IFm

a .r..
, .. -" :. ,.
M. d _., ,d .11.,-




erl*CL9 P 9L9*I %

Realmente asombrosa es esta pelicula que salvef
de la ruina moral a mds de un matrimonio j. vIrfo
Audazmente franca y humans presents hosho
la higiene Intima y conocimien~o neesarlos doe la '
sexual que ningun padre e hijo mayor debe de tr -
aprender I ... La pellcula que le abrirA los ojae 7.3
enseflara a conocer los




con -



ST anow Um
sTANft ?amm i

.w '" *"| '. .* -. .
4 i *N. ;.ii



No cometa el error de qwuer eM
towner a MS hifos igworetu w q
cowsrvar ss isocenia .. Los ft
to: de larxperiecia son miy sM*
gos estaor casos! -


"m5aofl ~cawoa"



w.MC :

4 ;: SI



.. &t- '

* i s ..m

.* .Im SSiU

r F

- -pm

.. J .

"- .-...A"

* ,- _- -
.*'. .',* ".ir

* qs-


_____ i __

i ..


avw* *ames. ad 10,6- Him

iw .1 *. *9.4 *. .
--*HBIite- *-r

m u g .. t
w. f .

909" Noy ,-
ala -o q 'm" .
c. -_ .- .. .. 4 .

'mimes trme ma.

l... "*.Lum. hi.
an u a
'am60r&a .
don ^r 'V"^

1^ .< -^.^ ^
S :i "' --' : -" .. ,--* '''f -'

""-; .. '- "- *"-, : -* '
.- ... ,* ..,. .. / *-..*

- -. .
.., ", -. '. ,,,,,--.. .
*,- -.. .
: .

- I

. t -ofln0- d .

MI *aw (
.. a .-. e "
AMt68 *f *p yrts ,r

k- .
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VdUUSS ..-...
* 1'.* -P- -.-. p*

rm Own"r'11

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.*F~- -.........
- .-%r.-w.-, tvv'4~-~' -'F *~. -

- .--,.

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: U. ;, -_ 1..;..1
...:.- ... ....r.



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'.., .- ,: .,, .





*^B att vefwa is.
^^^^^^^^^^--.* ,*^ ~^~^ T^W

- bsam. sw quame we at
pSe 3m tsI&,6y ha.

ai ~.see 5
* v^^ so t l' s 3; 3a -
Is sii, *
Lijd del ele senedijn"^**

,-n,*V -.- -.n

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,Wmno Ajr-

.favoete de toqda

dEsla c dabe
asene fsP0e0
u-am a


Uhen iellle

te cderra uelns

fiweu e despejada.

Esta em la .poca en que ls peinados cambian, como sabc toda
mujer que sigue ia cr6nicas de modas desde que se inaugur6 la
temporada en Pidel pando agauo cuando Dior, Fath v Balen-
, ciaga, para noutWar sotamentc trees de los principals modistes,
Inisteroni 4typ s modclos ll hacia atr.t- fot mar tnt chignon sobre la nuca. Pero como
siempre qu-BUenuevas modam se pans pot un period de ex-
perimentaal6.n fei pdiquero sicmpre buacan la forma de crear
peinattas adaptablaeque puedan cambiarse hasta que los otros
searl aceptados definidvamente. Lentheric ha creado c aes pe-
cialmente para jevencitas, quienes adoran el corte a lo paje pero
quieren adoptar el chignon para ocasiones de gala. Si cl
atrs no es lo bastante largo, habri que usar un rollo posizo
para cubrir las puntas del pelo, pcro casi odes los peuqueros
c. ati prparando cstos en diversas formas y colors.

- .

d -


.-.. .,

ar ~u~3~cr

p *

~.y *.4


Y~ ~'-~1

* ." '"

ftu. -a

.., .

, ..** *I ,

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W6: ilT i~

Ali -*cy
* .&Z21:U7 ^ '

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- 4 \-.- :4
- .~--

*' :.. ".-
,:,,, .& '. .* -
'** "-3 (

" ; .

,. I : .,*- .....: Al ,*h

S%. P -

w ..'_ *\ML s- ,

-,. *, .. '


'.4 .3 -

* .-. -I.;. I..

* -..~s.- -~*.,.* *..~.* **' --

',.*~ 4




. o

. .

J A M .,
*': \ ': J-"."

^ l' .",..,.,

.,: .-^ <

, .^' *"

. ..

' ** '. ,tl*.'
' -,.... ....

\ ,' ,'

, i '. ,

'2" 'l

'.< :- .

' "' .

-. .. *-. ."- .

low. .

I I' .: .
t "' -..,> z-. -. ,, a "l



* 'I.

.. ...

S". .

in i
..^ '. *' .. -*l-
S~i '* -

* 2*


o :6hs jieb.e ame. wsq
Mbo ,f..tIs ptmmillas hshal.
chocots .Aqul won vrip 's .

phia o wfavito de su families

A we: Espolerhteua con Ml po.
deoto e de relleuarles ( 4 de
achudandsl por cade librm) Frow
Ik palM sh0i0 con gmls derreids
p lueo eMpolyorselia Mo l i CoCp-
que h plI re o pavc buce *ba
mobre s priq t del medm -N lp
areaue~fwu ci Is cubhr ashdv
phda qut' e# cprf ds
Pritar: Se cure Ius preis ton
barina. usmodo I) -as 0 acba
mrdit de l panu un ave do I II-
bras 0 poay las prs a en aou
bolas de papel con Is harilm y Is
sal svcrdiindolas bien
GiMedMS: AgrOguele it cuchs.
mdiim de al ]l sua miema = blsm-
da un pmilins de A a 6 libras

Frtfo: se p( M p" .
harinm de cadlb 6' W 'Wt:
w camoti k eflel
pr ato blon* -

qhuc de MIs t c Wld
Su t>*4~


-r v.-)rl


'A it'
t~. -
s-jo ~LI4q *ch. -. L -
U. Zn-


j, .

.. It -

-, -^ *... 4

-$ 4* -r ^



Ace aitem A ecoadalo quoe top o
L" a ..,""

/ 0'-" '" TANGEE
El mustivo "efsaco de pelo"
de Toguee susim oie -
dernos matice expresan inre.
ludioble eomo. Ta smplce
mis ficilmente y permanece
fresco mis tiempo. Euche so-
vedomso y elegntes.
Como dl contempla sus labios-
ase Tpnge.

a m s sreses W siNa- mdime


'WVal &opaml
cul o y cj rile con
,den l ,
a a11 V1
Ms : C. .,.

1g.-- -

-: *.* ta '1~- t

4 *-.


5-'.- S

I I l' l'l '1 i n ="



.a "..', ".' ., +,

. ..


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