The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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ure -t-i, ,t he.

ARMf tl"Sl wothn.
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-- -F

In Klore
B? J~ A ~ .i'-v

-'.i. e ---0 '

Ataik 31Traps

UN Bata.ion

ITH THE 8th ARMY IN KftREA, 1eb. 12 (UP).
ASouth Koron nilt which Sundgv m Ih WC-
mie north e*rba Sth Porolleteithe eqwt tdsf t
wore fcd to withdraw obwut fer miles e a pomt
A the holdaory de Red pressure,
Oil the cuithul t a omoahbng Cummumnst g
by -0" n1u of thr 0' C *iiand two N III

today and rlekdAld forces back as much q
sale niles.
A South Korean petrol was also driw back
Seoul by heavy small-ms fire, according to an Ameri. -
wpolkWmens. A "-\ M'"&'_ bombarded Allied" :

Ir "

r Rain Sine '.


't Funy.,
-lmp 2 .W.
atir'iiiSl 11 .1

. ,

Ao ...-,, -. _yi-
northe that bhit the
harde,' on the Atlante
corded .19 In heaf ranlB ;,
uzday ad Sunday a ue d
with 1.17%nohe. in .t -au
rtod in 1015.

1 abaut
the re-
aw haMI

f of he radioed for a bhtueeaa y-
I f e terday after havting le ed l-
blp- tobal Frlday en route from 0aGy-
lam aquil to Miaml witi a load 4of
.. The Manr b woho ed
tM. The bTanbta I oned I i
m qaet the eal atves:e,

n Hoppy NewTlyW
t G en Ch ov, ate1
SArring FeI JN
b.*. *


the Niated RMona
shaed the dan Hrer.
dntral front, the Chinu
rth ICoreu who dro
ddon back Inf$he eIt

rtsat~ road maW Ol

an th i i

*.The Red aren
oeunteraot rem
ifh a mMrrful

B til SetAt

1 Still iL t 1

9oultor A

35A FOr futh-
S. The M d forces
sk aho be ba t In
*rtohat hethat d*SI

fe t 3 PFNeral Services
*4 Not Yet Arronged
For C. H. Hoffman
who wants the tern of -
Wpt at the prNSt 21 anWal arrangements had
mse d the o*r not bn completed tbe morning
YA "p o, ta fo Ohr t Henry Hotfala, re-
f et fltan chc. tretd Dredging Divilon em-
S5 tCba W4r who died suddenly Istur-
Sl at m fIn the An Coam- group aoffman arrived .1Jte
uIEft an I. s from hp home in
th .Deflsle p Bear matitago in the
to. in 4- 2r la i n t
E. Vtha t she had not
aft wil L IO husband since Decem-
SaMItkn WfV d e.b- r he came to the Car
d1af 18 in TM= ed nat Zone for medic treatment
S"to loovk o& t Mr. Roffman, 79) was a ve-
re. by b a orf the apanatsh American
hii hloued. wBe ad been retired for

thu hps run weuuuu

at-t .. .a ;
lus tens. alo i
uxoept for
ather ,on ala
ullo. behind Red lkt I .
a'ur"dayt hisDm U 4
The p2-gau o ieot UsedI -
thett .a-st
the attempted rabghv U1'..
pro ty of latemmlge
at 11:05 p.m. laIl
men committed Ap I,
noset A. wpm
the m anatr of the Walst -Clu
They were sourt
by attorney WaiUMt l. tU f iO
and the hearing of efi3
continued until Wewe *a4
Headley, po wws setet & l the
clubhouse after wa'tree iW s
Jules de Hoider to oi- -
tain help from t tvo-%
the bufldi, told. aeitat he .'
Sthe robbery be

r to attend the ceremony.
right several valuable
rI.and civil police were
put to handle the throngs
bands who crowded
te magnificent marble
n. palace where the wed-
pwace. Oifte for the
I3-year-old Shah and
X s was di-
In 19 from Prinesn
of Egypt-contilnued to

e'Joi e talin of Russia
et to have tsent a
Nk doat Valued at
W iNdde and a doskI

Pli ai w W I
^B...i e .h-.
.. a,.

bla ln ,tar...w
W UN Tebhag
tAJd 1f tMe sum-
a U uf Ira. flub.

ecuted. it is a mumum piece. '
United States Ambassador
Henry Grady's person l t to
the Drnaegrom Is a d Ivory
elephant tusk.
The palaces in th city of I o .
tremes, in which gret wealth -
and grinding ovety, eateIr
and western civlIm blend In
modern and 4ndtUmt arebtec-
ture, were fllqd with dist.-
guished guests.
Tall," lovely Boraya wore I
of the most fabulou
gowns of a' te. A aisn
Dior a was o
lam.e *t .
monds a.t
Twenty thougsu
worked t 5 U.
hk bome tot
a at a r

fhoew n *.

I1:A At..


an's' Shah, Lovely Commoner

ied In SnowBl1anketed Teheran

:- ;..F,


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eF iRcUIT COMflj

ewO 1urt


y** *- -
_A ? *,', ,-,. -- .. *i "' .,
"-'.--lt-r.t, : '-- "',.


a PFirht Service Crihtibe

.L. ador Knot ............................... b. 1
JS.. PAtaM o ......................................feb. 1
8. Lams Bend ...............................F sb. M
8.S. Flador Knot .............................. Marh-13
handlig Refrierated. hlled
and General C*Tre.

*New York Fredht Service
i..N. -- i.- i


S .. Cape Ann .................................... b. I
8.8. Cape AvJnof ................................Fpb, 8
SLS. Cape Cod ................. ,................. peb. S
J1 r ia pe.r Cumberland ...... .................. 4

S ee y frutm avasa to CrIstal

lnt Si

lZns to New Work, Los Angeles sad Seattle.
nat sailings to New Orleans and Mobil#.
in this service are Uilted to twelve passar.
dlingx from Crist6bal to

oast of Ceatral America

:Oit6bsl 2121

- PanamA 2-204

- Coffn fA


From San Francisco ...................... eb. 14
: From Los Angeles ............................. eb. 17
. Zrom San Francisco ...................... ....Feb. 237
I iFrom Los Angeles .............................Mar. 3
Next Freight Sallings from Cristobal to Lee Angeles and -
Ban Ftanolsoo

1o XL. e Angeles and San Francisco.............Feb. 17

1,lemB .... .... 8

For lowIhainil pply to Agents


C'GIst6bal 2211 Pmanam 2-2904 2.2804

WmEE us ESCtkB -- :e 4o trn et a tdent and. un
fled to safety in their night clothes from thl bamninr IWild-
a l in oeklnham N Iova etla, The 4truaure, Meount St.
Vineent Celege, buried to te grand as firemen were
hampered by a poor water supply and sub-re weather.

0- 0
so s-m

iammurea N S.A IA. (1 Prft.) ... ... ... ... .....
AtSem Ir Ineo Corp -PuS Irest Fduel COmpuMy ..
Abuse Ly 5, .A. ............ ... .........
C mM I as e a. a. A..... .. ...... .. ... ...
C ar Usnedso P i S. .A. ... .. ... ... ...
eSao d fov* e.IA. S r A ... ...: eg.
iem do, emS do LeakM A. .. ... .., ...
l am fse me do ACamt w > ...... ... ... ... ...
AmI .A. ....... .... ... .. ...
vt* Ae .ll .. .. ... : :, .. ...
Pes aMIN.D.. ...O ...P...
:-M, .. ...... .. ... ... ...

~M~g~ ~9e 44 ego 0's.4 44.4 44
lll (I A ::: ::: :,:..........

tM l to


. .u
- a
to -
ts o

ye war

anaUrs, a rpru
world t agi
St19OM4gW over
d tdnna%6e over,

t'Lift Up

a ship ow-
bee a ge-'
oatoft' m
; a feature
d and- onn
yar has

Your Hearts

(A Lenten temt wof the Pa- I

S hnaa of Our Savaur,


SShall we this Lent cultivate our
soil. resolve the.nourishment of
God, and carry t the crop into
life? One'wTy ok dotU thi IR
to toooperate In heplnrto bring
God's love to othrs-welcome the
stranger to the Nou of God. Tae
second part of te test is not a
peasant picture. God forbid thao
our spiritual hif should be -a ne-
gieteed auto produce nothing but
thorn aqd bIlera,but we have to
watch onti of then are
growing lh the w6 without our
help. May the 4M' put forth by
our soll have the blgsn, of GoLu
upon. It.

That Watch Repair Job
Shouldn't Be Put Off
BLOIN, Ill., eb. (UP). If
your watch needs repairing, get
the Job done right away, Wil-
liam H. Same4ps advises.
Sameus., director of the Elgin
Watchmakers' College, predicted
that jewelry stores may have to
hold customers' watches several
mwathbsfl M 3 UMr they did
during World wlar
8tepped-up IhlTr prepara-
tioht ma' eSeakt aJortage of
oedialits, he i An "over-
supply" of watbmnakers last
spring already has been cut
down ainee tha Korean war
tarted. he reo d. ,,



Sleep'Somd All Night

.rhe largest selling medicine tfo
cronchiti ond Aethasw i an ell ot baS-
di,-coa*d Cavm.a UuCblv. Co-
nm Mlture Itre'ct*0 *a
blemin f tto sanhfl end now meld
in all dfu ptll.
There is swthing Ao iefe nd iud
in *the4ld 2 o 1 -s In wM-t.
emn l het r just a!-e bdtaihf
and meny ffer. *o 00e-eMOw
and e rsed sleW, 5* 5Wk-
bod, al, pwftent. bonWitWl o uo
ha ift You If yea dtn't belleve
-, get q bentet m e a
a a Mhm e t a diefS *SN
sh"i" bre o oa! h* pa
mts btag~s dihhet.


VAj 9|4

Rather vuL.

I age tthag us 10
somen t uine,u aS 1ew Or-
ans reader. think t t's
your fault for putting ideas into
our hads.
and south rtea 'thAr, ai
then led t 4 hatto an
returned, A I 11
Nuome tmr, Mliipl a Nw Or-

"He hader. "Wehik that It's
yomas fault seor hputt Ideas

onur lr Ilr.. -
and aoutp pofnd tbP thad a

The result w s .
South loedt two d th mokn anrt
and a spade.It .he bad puiup the
cstake of t Ibe ul4h i md
his contract.
"How are ou 94 go g
wsanour In :l bou t. ta ~itre,,

out of thu one ?dM Are you
probably did WI saIOuR 00
on the ubjectk of mwheh. t
one of the opponents 3A Or
shown unusualt ui bty l 1
should usually Play hle Mta-
piston tru mp
Wnd y sou. I never mi tht the
finesse will always wo That's
the difference iMtweaf a -4
tage play (usually 00 '334
a sure-fire play (als worked).
Most mpo rtant of all Ioul.fv i
never recommend. I.
hand in the way
had only himself tA =0efo l o0
ng ity, with a t X
The right play Im to trup
third diamond and leads
to the king. Thet t Orumn fS
be abandoned for the lmmu
Declare should rst asth, 1o
then would Itube*ultyotiM Wai
trleun i mpesse.
Miond you, I never lad that the

West would win with the'quw,
of hearts, but tmof would wou
lead back a club or a lamqtLAj
either case, dummdy ti14rut

d in th orta i wathe
playe right play lo toakea Istum ,

but Sout should e. 4Mb fl
all possible in pgalqt *
losw of thatinemet.:

JWot W win he

wo o
of heart, but then

either ca, du
ide. u .. .

che~p wS

am B



' A*at ..
k-.::'....- _.

. .


+ ;' .. ..3, H
S.*.-.+. ,:.-..
B1 ^'..," -+.:

".. I


x!- .-. ..
,'-.+_ :-,:-+,,,.,.-v : .+

i -
0* b..


r. IR. ~ A.
-. ....t p .


14 M4rvw




nM BOUSE ... wth .

AMrva fA4 H~

1 I,

-. : -4



S. 9 ..-
'.'-- ,---

. -- .--

a -. .--.


.. ."*



..... -.._

- i

... .ate I
' ,- "'" i tllion
K. n ac



of Col6n

Whies to a cnmieg that total payment of 195s
Social Security taxes st be made by February.
28, 1951. After that date, the Social Security
Office will impose t sanction grated by law.

M-t 1-



- Ct
~i aA~ intl

u I'

tu no

"t di

E, 'sV4f

"' S,.S .,t : '?
t e le W.

"? -,*?'"--'. ." -*-; -v
k,. t ,-rke ...

-'4t%. 1 .4W .

I ie Aouur u-
t Amlador UOf&en
will hold its _atnu
iiness meeting W
1:80 a.m. at the
lub. The hostemasgI
W.rBundm.J *, .




o.. re my

.n ihp NIt the DaSSntoadP
I a on Towmaeurast
f.i t. l All bridge plaS
W a -at ptao In ed a
a w bloeIg|

ist w f. the P i

aI of Si i g.
ait M 0 daas.

S-"Stem '7


; -" -': -_- :I -

.3' -.-c- -1
.-1 E --

albums eee
M .pS n fT
me of pretty I
ilrd who *&A.

I Creoa. At
bleeding. At


It 1Kof wood and smaw r saMiges.
bons in first aid up bIaute clothinwill serve
ta. P rk o~W l lu can be
-tom bomb in- if N l. pppr. oani,
Spriclpal em- im l eauton or pans
s, I_ about the can-be betpaiia and uri.
boof any big ex- ni '
R- aooion Inrurle. .

mtures. t 01. raging
L he 4air1y tanhniMl bb'-Bt fli l -

i be. ie "fj febe.Ud

02Year ro

Of New-Born Id
(UP)- A_ .- Nei ,lbnwlr' loI
a itys he wilr 1 n, u mbth
bounced y ta.--b..8-
year-old wife .haa e -
wth another
The Rev. Jamie t&slth id
I wife, who gar birth tfwi
.o year ago, ht

-- *-. The couple, mIr .ed r U,
years, ow had even chdre
uda n e rsof age.
tiett c MI. Boho wasU br an
._urch 6.wir. I ,,,, M& {stoft9, Va, on Ma
0. e ofW., i i, Paul, 1,
-t t d Swh T nts and the
-" the met- new. ,. -y

day .

-- Two crew embers and a
i l"iesh-dfhiW sul we killed
when an Air. ow S-5 bomber
'era ar Invited to crashed and exploded on a farm
wit plicate near hern, tWee..other airmen

arouteu "b.;t to 1 Air

* t etlm's n of suffered
ng broken tg hWS taken to a
hospital at Iowa City.
sold '" ...
1o W t 40

times by a To
Miss lar d's d body
was found in a s .em of her
Park Terrace thoe a but
police belied Fri-
day night. Th I been
ivg alone while
her mother was
"W have no elde e to who
committed his b.t It looks
Chief Archie "We are
checking all ii .ends,.
and she had utitt* Of them.
mhe was &very and nice-
Bullock said several young men were fed n two
albums had ben ed and
released, but U ters also
would be Inve
"I think It dm' eaione she
knew," Bullock sad. "There Is no
doubt about It. He was let Into
the house. There is no evidence
of a break"
Medical Ezaminer Le4 T. Myles
said an a ttpvenad between
SO and 48 stDaiemu which cov-
Sered her w Mee her
lace and -pl ._i and
one lung were lel e
"It wasone 1 the sit brutal
and vicibus muMefj ayve ever
se n," Myles said. weapon
smay ave bees. A4% falt type
knift @
nMabk said Sau M dm a

:- :.

9C7 -

East Zaning MIeb.-(NEA) -
Michaan Stae was voted the
toughest gt ent of last season
by the Notre Dame football play-

n wOMn-wo wanIle to
w-protect.himself and

tr to keep calm
S -thosbe who are.
*- special need for
Sll asne on children,
to remain with
workeMrs be on the lookout
L(aoro lMJ iD1shattered build.
t cause further
hato d, Amon these
EM-.*$ leang roofs, we!
n1oo oMlb cause of fire and
S kb tho qualifled medical
rindl ,U itftediy would be
killed s ad.- ed. Others, be-
cause of- da2m- to transporta-
tlon In. W& be unable to
proceed fliately to the
poita wbewruth are needed. For
ed to Cr forlif highly im-
poreant. '
Fe. Me sa Inmjured rson I4
able to do for hmel the better
will e his chances for survival.
For t .a may be ble to owntlfe by knowi, how
to atop svree bledlag by direct
pressure to he Woixt.d1 6S ca-
nelp Infectiop .f elg
a-.eL0 n andkerchie or undadd
EquallyI mporta n
person wth a kow e o i
aid can guide those wlo -
ing hnm. If he sueUe
pinejury, he winu tthatbe
be eased onto somethln rid
like a broad board or a ooen
door, instead of a trethw,. It
can save his life.
If he believes he h ba, broken
arm or leg, he can poWIt I out to
hiarecsuer- thins paxUw the In-I
Ju'd member from further in-
Jury, If gl frM a1e Im-
bedded I hi a fau of aMU he
will inlt they be removedonl
by competent medical personpeL.
The destruetiveaeu" of an
atomic blast will alnoa certainly
damage or wipe out cosiddrable
amount Of medel supplies.
Persons being the Inlared will
probab have to do a lot of im-
prov .,
Newspaper, for ezamplp, may
be used under palletsa o mat-
tresses on the floor as protection
against moisture and cold. Rolled

* *e *

Christian Science

,* Teaches Reliance

On God Alone
Attend a free lecture entitled,-


Sof Chicogo, Illinois
Member of the Board Of
Lectureahip of TheM
I of Chst, ttentist, -
too, Massachustt
"I ie.IMIT m~


o- A.M.

.* '- .'
- -. -

...... i.

l ta and
accompaar, M major
i; y **.' I




IMuslad set h -
. 'm ...t h $75.00
-l wi at -,

p -w.v 0

Reg. Trade Mark

BLANKET SLID B ose method
of ImproUntlu advocatid by
the. Bed Cros. Bve a fra
person can meove a heavy per-
son in thse manner.




The Jewelry Store
137 Central Ave. 137


]XTe~r milverAUMRIMiii MWr -.

a 2

Pritfr.AU the World to See that

)Doilar for Doflarr (wAt eata Pontia t
1 1. < *' *

* iu aset -iuranlf. ThIs ON wumaum Lxcamera NUw Urrfl3Ue_
With DItl et Ro ver N Gu-Who 11 l IHIRemindful amNe a "lam msi.N

11E U a,.u... u NU t *Wilknowma with Whh.Maw e.. L a- m r M
; ST. F Uw R i' w m .. .. at. e v mu
L.WST.P--BICB CAR WITH *TBA. "DIMm 1 a w V1211
MlATIC lE W I" Sc.. Ruei .ma. emaululapy keh am n oh of
Mm i mn. di i Mum m a t wm h- 1951Ml All Stel
With Tn' Ch I lhar sia I-. the e" ItedTradi emoast L
Egt D.luspdi. *'-lS IInf lrah Ii m"T aaI eaIs.IeLmIEli st


S-. AC. _OLON ,
m I -

7-- ;- -

Lit T.

- d ". '. .

- ----------- ---


., ; '".. .




'r .



lotta Insisted On Fihtii

.~b'k 1 0

Bronx Ne

41.- NZA Sports EAditor
'VS ICAOO, Feb. 12 (NEA)-
&"e LtMotta livye only a few
lUka from Sugar Ray Robinson
the teeming Bronx.
tSeare is one of the bitterest and
t protracted neighborhood
tlrlbs. the kind New York pro-
B3trt long relished.
And the sixth edition is to be
Mnted at the Chicago t I-
14 Three previous
l[ial have been staged out of
*i Yoark-two in Detroit, the
I c hiciao, ept., 6, 1it5.
"! reasons for this one-the
of champions-going to
i s that LaMotl, the
$i ht monarch, ftured
ld a better in the Indy
In Manhattan- fian-
Sad professionally. The
Rnaider Detroit and Chi-
lucky towns.
Mtt and Robinson. the
letter, do their own busti
[Ii4 th/fformer has done
Itas ehiibited his usual fl-
acumen holding out on
Sunti he got 45 per cent.
5 ui.the word of Marry
Shat Robinson settled
Syou have It from Man-
i~jeotor Markieon of the
tonal Boxing club that
tlpant ined away the
it~ n and brpaocMting
tfr w astonishingly low

our package deal,"
;in knew what he
talking this one to
re the Stadium ac-

tpiBeeto m IUlum.
a Rvance sale Indiated a
pUfout, so here may be ad-
Sroof that video d nowt
S bnetlc attracting.
n& taking II per cent
what he thinks of the re-
t their styles make their
a lively and close. Rob-
e stand-up combination
.and bitter. LaWData, the
lig body-belter and left-
g Iron man.
observer looks for an ex-
*j M rough party for even
eight rounds, after whh I
ve an ideRobinson will come
t n.,Xv.;nas cut up and
or knockf t LaMotta lt
ie 8oh bU nothing an the
o f the latter would surprise

here has beea as much Milo
nd between theMIn past on.
ements. There will be no more
five or six this trip, perhaps
In more-recent starts, Rob.
n has been coming in at from
to 157. He says he expects to
Igh 153 this trip. A Bronx phy.
an, Dr. Philip Brunorl, helped
Ott& do 160 pounds.
At W, LaMotta is a year older
tan obinson.
Robinson t a 13-5 or 11-5 fa.
iot., depending on whow you
ke. but their previous ousted
Wre closer than the four-one
More would indicate.
LaMotta had Robinson on the
ltek taking a unanimous 106-
r dun~l eciaion in Detroit Feb. 26
t3.It was nip and tuck for 10
unds in the same Olympia only
nights later. when LaMotta
red another knockdown. A lot
* -competent critics thought La-
* otta won when Robinson was
S'arded a split decision after 12
7 minds at Chicago's Comlskey
Irk the last time out.
- 1t will be the 22nd anniversary
. Chicago's St. Valentine's Day
~essacre, but this one doesn't
pgure to be one-sided.

SJoin the


With the
Highest Qualit)
Merchandi / ,.

IAL Sir 0


ighbor, In Luc o

Bob Harris Of A(rnes Newo

Isthmian 30-06 Recordman
---9 "-
ob obHari, of the Marine Barn i Vn Club over
D. C. M. 200-yard qualification eow o ad uins 1'lar
M- arand rifle tre 183 out a le
Isthmian record y Master neant Gilbert I*
hiok.CurMndu Gun Club last yew orpal Harris actually W$
based the teafoo a'to 9f 1 iKemmn became the new reox
older, on h a t superlty Over the rapid fire s
of the course, where hi- sO was perfect,
Harris has been listed among te top ten "shooters in ti.
Marine ope nationally with the military weapon we are tar
formed: he hae als recently become one of the top local pe_ -
formers with the ., avi won the Isthmian Gallery League
Improvement medal wit th weapon.
In second place -in da's I individual match was Sturtevaopt
Todd of the Balboa Ounn with 188. Bill Jaffray, of Albroo e.
Curundu, with 18, squeetd i to third place by virtue of an al-
most perfect rapid fire so. dropping only one point, while Pa&
LaRoehe ll of the Marines, also th I took fourth place awar.
Although there was n team ogametiton in tbis match, It t
interesting to note thtt the Marine Club for the first time ainee
1947 dominated this class of voting, as heir top five soorea toW
tailed 987 against 918 for the Ueboa OGun Club and 897 for AIl,
brook-Curundu. Oil Koemm, ~ Albrook-Curundu, the old record
holder, unfortunately was not present to defend his seore. Shoot-
era are looking forward to the day when Xemm and Harris meet
over this course of fire.
Scores wee congatently high, and no shooter failed to qualify,
all except, Tour mains expert rating. The scores:
Competer Blew Rapid Total
Corp. R. M. Harris-................ 88 15 193
t5teva1nt Todd ................ 55 i 188
I n J1af4r y ....................... 6 134 186
Paul LaRo.le ................... 54 132 186
Earl Mtaell ...................... 52 133 185
41 Joyee ......................... 52 133 185
Archie Turner .................... 4 131 165
Joqeph teMbroa ................... 3 1831 184
1d. M, M nna .................... 56 137 18i
Bob biung. ...................51 111 164
Lewis Ryan ....................... 49 .131 180
Olayton Brekop ............... 50 IS0 1M
L pan Jagso3 ................... 53 127 1. I
CliffttBrew ter ..................... 51 1IN 1'
John Wawt ................... 49 139 176
aaE rd Sla ......................... 48 I 177
C. E. Mayo ........................ 51 1S 177
AndrewPomUara. .................. 47 139 170
William E. Way ................... 49 127 176
V. L. Underwood .................. 50 135 175
Sherwood Stacy .................. 60 15 175
Fred Wells ........................ 48 188 17*
Edwin C. Budd .................... 1 138 174
Ted Albritton ..................... 48- 10 168
Virgil Worham ................... 47 118 165
Howard Stookett .................. 42 111 161
Tom McNeO ...................... 43 6 '139

Along The Fairways

The monthly tournament ot
lhe Panama Women's 0olf ASSD-
oatiqn will be hld at the Gam-
- ta outry Crab on Saturday,
Feb. 37. StartIng time tfore the
early birds) will be 8 a.m. En-
tries should be called in by Fri-
day noon by the club represen-
tatives in order that, pairing
can be made. Please call MMs. Do-
ris Post., .293.
A brief business meeting will
be held following the luncheon
and the awarding of Vilaes by
Mrs. Sylvia Carpenter, F.W.OA.
pridant, and there will also be
id meeting of the officers
and club representatlvyp.
- Members are reminded that
the annual dues are pDayble. All
new members are welcome to
participate regardless of golf
game or handicap. Players are
reminded to step out on the prac-
tice tee this week-Gamboa Is the
tricky course which has yet to
age a score lower than 90 posted
in a P.W.G.A. tourney.
Thursday was another big day
for the women goiters Qf the Ft-
Amader Golf Club. Thirty-one
matched shots for the lucky or
unlucky blind holes.
priwe winners were:
irt 1 moe Flight
Janelle Chl a
Second 18-Hole Flight
Eileen De Luca.
Shell 8hreck.
ee Lawler.
Nll-l Flight
Margut Uhring.
Mary Alle Sgafors.

New Haven, Conn. (*WA)-
Diek Samaaler, Princeton tail-
back, has been named by the
New Haven Gridiron Club the
outstanding individual opponent
In the Yale Bowl.

3Ao) v i ii
Flrst Doubl: M OWNi]ti-i AMa-

--Volador 6, ,..2
t-Romantico i.2,_12,90.a
3-Golden Faith $i.20.
. Third Rame Onr.Two (Vola-
dor-Rompntiee) 11s41.
1--eep t8i.,0,16,40,14,4.
2-- u ,0, U3,0.
3-Exito $8.20.
Fourth Race Quiniela: (Jeep-
Barn) 131.
1-Avenue PRoad 4, 8.40.
2-Full $3.40 AE0
1-Paragor85.Q, 4, 84..
sBreeze ound j.40, $5.20.
3-Doras Ti1me a.
l-Newminstr 1,3.80, 3.60,$ 4.60.
2-Alto Ala.e 1.0. .20.
3--Martacelto 8780;
Seoeond o I (Paragon-
NewMarnspr) I
1-Golden Trmph 5.60, $5.40,
2-Lltuana 6.610.0
3-Athos $4.40.
Eighth Race Qulniela: (Golden
Triumph-Lltuana) 118.80.
I-Pulgarcito $7.80, .80 $2.20.

Nsuth bReeo ONe-a (Pulgar.

3-VrsTi RACE
1-Lolito 10A.40,4.
3-Marseolesa 2.40.

r *

- ~24- *

make appearance on the Can l
l y rthe u wfter w enet3 p-re.
i a of the Balboa Theater, Aon
u m the softball benet gunme t
c tKI u rdah, night at tho LLM th. l

.. ..ra sin. -.,

4E the "D" I

it e, .,
a f y e.r .. ,

Swe r** *

1 9. vial

frm ;Z otu attrition win Ito the LitA lmps. veb -

L6 Presho Cop*

Bowling Tourney
Perez and e and two tri
C7D nies for bit three

All Events Title .a.or
'N' d
The annual city tournament of the 'apC.nal wllipU g Ag.- o pter, VlerelU1
elation came to a close Saturday night with the following a sha Kart nd
pins being established -
The "Top" of the Pacific Cosmopolitan e e O f
Leo Presho, Dick Colaten, Herb Cooley, Floyd P rn a WO Li
Udene took the team championhip with a=,t "h se of a League
Presho teamed with Bad tilt ti roll tl t n t
was enough to wina da thle* s t. Le al-. eulw TI is A ftlo
a rad total of 181 to aror the AI-Events rews as
Wilber NVrr withhos 726 scratch score to %ake thone s xingl e ANsUA G UNe
title rounds dut the list. 4.,r
It the handloap,. w irqn the cash pries are awarded, Oipal (The *adle)
stanings e thew recevng prices Is at follow / Teas.- ..W -
Te Champions ope of the Ceoiopollitap Leag 61787 1
RgenSeranndhapinosal Frimes
I Fuersa y Lus. Major League $160 344 3004 A100 M-nme--ou t
3 Budweiser, Cuundu Men'sc1 a 0iBifo 1
Ope............... .. ..... 4 0 0 go40
3 Tops oMopolltan Mixed 1. st? 106 Bo 40 NHOWhel4 lambrtaaaol
4 Hort hots, rdnance ...... 2707 242 0
5 Boyd Bros., Major........ 788 a21 3944 2 -
^, ^ :. --. 1 1" 1 l p -- il'in i'


G. 1

Corozal ltl one on.

lante t

li.- .... ....l.i .. .u .


Al nb-

A Wl~8.

.i,,F4 I-,


Doubles Champlones Prehe-Balcer 1171
Hapdojap sah audleap Tetal t
1 HubbardDvoryak .......... n 00 134
2 Baylon-Huda) .............. 1 1268
3 Arnold-Rielptt ....... 14 141
4 Morton-Yarbrough .,.1..... 15 74 128' i1
6 Jamison*ro .... ..... 90 1110
6 Diorosta-Xenwrty .. .. 10 304 1314
7 Whitney-Coleton .1 ..... 1120 88 1

Singles Champlen W ilbew orriaT I
ndciap Scratc e1h H,4cap Total Pri
1 W. Norrio ................. 721 42 88 20
2 8aylon .................. 51 0 711 17
3 Kelsey ..................... 0 104
4 Ornat .................. 102 1
5 Colston ................... 0 683 11
6 Heldenrelch ............. 7 8 8 48 10
7 Eady ................... 587 47 635 9
8 Dillon ................... 614 16 630 8
9 Engelke ........... ........ 14 618 7
10 Balcer ..................... 28 0 628) 1
11 R. Walker ................. 554 74' 628) 1 -
12 Zebrock ................... 44 626 4
13 T. Norris .................. 116 323 3

A1-sents c hfmatl Low V I o1802
Handcilap lerateh Handltap Total
1 H. Hubbard ................ 1696 234 1930 $
2 H. Kelsey .................. 1596 312 1908 9
3 J. Ornat ................ 1596 306 1902 .

Interest In Second Balboa

Relays Steadily Increasing

Interest in the second annual slated to go in the hilh jump, 100,
Balboa Relays, slated for the and a lap on the 440-yard relay
night of Feb. 230 at Balboa 5ta- team.
(Ilum. is rapidly ineeai. All 8 ,oon Just returned
branches of the AMed.U-S t the iVrit y of Mwryland
have been working out daily at wm l O hland for the and
the stadium track, With plVeral] gPg eieTt4r-mile relay, pro,
pole vaulters, Irinter aBd I he En't called into the 8er.
weight men getting I ape for vi* first. Paul Karat, J. 0. coach,

Through their paces, ant ibo
I5 Junior College men hitting th
cinders to get in shape for tb
first big test of the seae. Ti
final group of men waRtig 01=
at the stadium have befat2
striving for positions
Athletic Club entr,. -
At presTent the thl
will have Louie f i_ p
vault and high I
hichrhe .e
vird t Vl.

Th omp -


-- ----rr~r a.*-

"Ye, I always ordet Wh

For vW6UW Whoe palate is responsive to
hbu istho wsky of hi choe.. W. it Hox
to the tstu; e b orbecS iha bIM

b :i t- wf-

UMd i Wie Horse by ope,
.l n* .R' .. .: .

- i-. W -sI M..". .2-. -.






You get MORE PERFORMANCE for your gasoline

DOLLAR with Oldsmobile's GAS-SAVING

high-compression "Rocket" engine.



Panama Auto, S.A.

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- --- -- -- r--- mop"-

" Co.p

-: *



soH c.
am ell



i -am

name as ; SejS&a 41 u 'Ahi- .- .S T., l '

* u5t5or p a cve see-

SR mnag 1r A 1o m pa rW o
portly mo S lat birth-
glted y- ft a -" t h
kththe utaous eomt were c rl
prsedat*eirna to vedl-tometlW

&uo M wnd WI TM TrrW

W t o.~ ~oa a t ve i
rO^ rd

ly. J
I and ia
for 4

bY' c-ww


a. .- .,

Senandi a
______ rI lt Jack'L

P.h* ,

rA, tl

Pmonamd, -.av i

re two churches.

jan a u uuuuanparw,. ass
by and om,. Americans.
,Toda a .-.i. sitori
h sla e th dilf s a

isvto en P be t t

w are spre. a
mce. taxis are rePolal w r yn
W .hamlm, the allon re s -
ii are apresafdlair. ae 5o

gtoa- work, the Spaniards
On tie farms.
Frane "s also home to many
refugees from behind the Iron

besides the Pales.
Figures reveal that there are
close to 88,000. Oernn im
France. These are fugtives from
the Nazir e and ex Miyoq''
of war who electso t l
Scountry after hey were -


ohor /

Is mn

the Awn lt, wUl, W l
meting tomorrow at 7:at'
Ue*ewill be regular bualnei
a social hour to follow. All
em rsa ae cordially In"
ittens a -
fr.e ndkjatfx h interior





p' 'y, ",- m ill

sntr school In a.
0 -9

C 9^ Church to
fantry Center o

cand s tt aodance with
rthe utilizing to
La n.I

b e Churchoto
'anrid as Is In rd Lne with
t b t adval o the Korean
combat uJlpgeie sof its troop

ftnnwh aSf W5f DtbeftV Corn-
mond. oBtMh nonated by
the Preddo,' to the. ruiki of
maJor en on Jan. 1tA
Ch o of es ron,

Dean, Commad .l M oi
the 24th eInfntr Ot
.a un divonf
troops aunt to Koreia, the 24th
Infantry Division, has been I
the combat area since July 3.
gfaglng the uneny north of
p the th Divdlalon fought
Id~l: se on
asa &* .. We

i slbs y Ih hes s i

DON T K^ Vyf...

onW UMACiMTIa ...soTrwxW m O
SA -.e-*N.s ..AKES

WA&T.vw c

of the dAkum,*wuu*$.,
m fs.l sl^.atu nse awl'.
N8 UmetabL WotIet vs.
rSe(n fr Saewviag pack-
Ame kI t% &aBy bappy.
rn. Qm. toe Junior!
spelm Win I-Asl tea.
.on., Bf m -_


Moo CboW.m.IN
8,A,, 9fo. 1, Ntet(^t.,.hB.
- Sares MLdi- AIms- -
U4, 6Ce


the 4thDNto wmu.cnt in

W r the ioam the ulhe-

uzea4 for P t arldbas

aow o, o o anum i
Cw a tI the obat xlapieior
wa at It
c. 3bu* calbubat zprmlo

action t i _WOrM, Wu I and
World WM t

Whbweer from thee

owhelp'wi "am dw hW
*femid hlMy tt dm sM i eod,
s tl "

^^^A^^-A f ft l ^ tfA

jw y y' T ^ ^*

UMasam aamiaaAA

nRver im!w
a cutl

* uid, New iate achaisl
Stikn all


U.mUasmd hp a ierne S
11weysomeseuweilwho z11 p
emd anidpmaM MwUwIW
ar symalauisn atd.
Have soare always nun at hand.

a, q .S.o tl
lwrnar but asyftasa$ss!^S

r------ *i' "


-4. u 1*J

Need A Good W CW



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El Rancho

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Kiwi. Made only from the finest waxen aod des. .


asI NIO!shoe pills!

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7 V

&~t~V p



?i"3wr not



Hardware Plumbtang
Ctehen Garden Paint
Building Cabinet
rntture Fishing Marine
Motors & Supplies

6eo. f. Novey, Inc.

n *

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w We are the largest
importers of GLASS
VAWl hMirror Factoryy
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i roning Board Cover.
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TolI-Paying Ships
' Transiting In Jan.
"Totalled 452
The number of ocean-going
Il paying tolls through the
sanfa Canal dur the
th of January totalled 452,,
e same as the previous month,
lind there were no significant
changes in traffic on various
trade routes, according to the
monthly report from the Man-
Sagement Division at Balboa
*: Tolls during- January amount-
ed to 61.854,308.34 as compared
With $2,207,232.80 for the same
mopth in 1950, and $1,771,576.
JO in January 1949.
Translts averaged 14.58 daily
S las month as compared with
SISM In 1950 13.13 in January
2 lW. Of the total transit last
moith, 234 were northbound
S nd 218 were southbound.

Cold Raindrop
Excites Residents '
Of Boise, Idaho
BOISE. Ida., Feb. 12, (UP) A
l seven-year-old Boise schooltlrl
apoted a "gold colored thing
shaped like a raindrop" which fell
about 2 p.m. on the foothills
northwest of here and "seemed
to explode." she told her father
*jttle Judy Ann Bushn ell,
laughter of Mr. and Mrs Ver-
S n C. Bushnell. Boise. told ler
rents of seeing the weird ob-
nt while playing in the yard.
Earlier, the Statesman newsp2-
e office in Boise was asked by
wo excited residents if they had
L y information about a flying
ea t which exploded over th e
S ills due north of Bolae.

Prompt cash paid for used
t mpa. If you w nah, mer-
LMndise such as fountain

.'I .,



FOR SALE:--1947 Ford Tudor Se-
don, good condition, original own:-
or, undercooated, $975.00. Balboa
FOR SALE:-1950 Buick Super Rive-
ra. 4 door Sedan. Dynaflow, Radio,
wh;te-side wall tries, seat covers.
Call Balboa 1654. Can be finap-

Geed Condition
Law, Low Pries!
Finenee Available
CIVA, :. A,
Cadillsac & Pesontiac Dealer
CONVERTISLE--Good tires, gbod
motor, new battery. Chevrolet 41,
De Luxe. Duty Paid. Call Tel. 3-
2463. 30 Street No. 1.
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W. W. tires, condition perfect
throughout. Inquire. Old Cristobgl
Barber Shop.
FOR SALE: '49 Ford convertible
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Balboa 2550 until 4 p. m., then
Balboa 6341.

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Good condition. $275.00; one
1938 Ford Coupe, interior poor,
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Phone 273-6212.
A gool buy, well cared, for 1947
Ford Sedan, finance available. 609
Ancon Boulevard.
FOR SALE:-Colt "45 automatic No-
tional match. "Colt -"22 Match
Target. call 2-3643, between 4
and 5 p. m.

Real Estate
FOR SALE:-House 25 x 26, maid's
quarters 14 x 30, light plantelec-
tric pump, all block and plastered.
tile floors, mahogany paneling on
walls all strictly modern. House
61. 2nd Ave. New Arroijon, 12
miles from Ferry. Jack Davis, Box
127, .Cocoll, Canal Zone.
FOR SALE,-4umished house with
land at Cerro Cornpeno, $3,000.-
00, Lambert. Tel. Barlboo 3447.
FOR SALE.--Villa No. 79 El Hato
12,500 meters. Accommodates
eight. Horse and Saddle. See week-
FOR SALE:-Beautiful lot in Nuevo
Arrallon. Looted In AmerRcon
highway. Call Panama, telephone

Boats & Motors
FOR SALE:-Fishing Cruiser. 22 Ft
Chris-Craft, topnotch condition.
No. 414 Gamboo Yacht Club. Will
accept car or outboard motor in
trade. 501-D, Cocoli.

Help Wanted
WANTED:-English speaking maid
to live m. Experienced house work-
er, laundress, cook, and nurse
maid. References required. House
476-A, Cocoli. Phone 2-1066.
WANTED:-Active experienced Eng-
lish-Sponish stenographer. Send
application with full particulars at-
taching photo. Box 297. Balboa.

London Dockmen

To Return to Work
LINDON, Feb. 12 (UP). -, The
unauthorized dbck strikers votes
this morning to go back to work
tomorrow in the face of a threat
by the Labor cabinet to send
troops to work the more than
150 idle ships in London, Liver-
pool and Manohester.
However, at their mass meet-
ing in Victoria Park., the dock-
era also voted to continue in pro-
test action against the arrest of
seven of their leaders.
The dockers voted for a token
walkout Tuesday when the se-
ven men, appear in court to
answer charges of "Inciting to
strike." They will picket docks
and hold demonstrations in sup-
port of their leaders.
Before voting today London
dock6rs shouted and began to
walk away when the wildcat
"port workers committee" put
the wife of one of the arrested
men before the' microphone.
Strikers called:
"We don't want any women
hbe, we will be having children
n xt.u The men voted not to
hear the wife.

Pay Car Hours
Upped Half Hour
Payment of local rate person-
nel from the pay car at the Bal-
boa Heights Railroad Station on
alternate Wednesdays, the local
rate nay car days, will start a
half hour earlier effective Feb.
t was announced today at Bal-
boa Heights.

Cameras, clothing, etc.
be sent in exchange. Send Starting on thatdate, the pay
ir more stamps ear will be in operation at Bal-
Sboa Heights at 6:30 a,. m instead
PAOEWOOD of at G647 as at present.
The change is being made to
355 N. Dearborn accommodate workmen who re-
Chicago 10,inl. USl A tport at work Pt 7:00 a. m. to give
C1cago 10,.111. U.8A. ,them enough time to be paid
befot going to work. --

, .

Ssupart,, new halrdo, Special Vealt,
tine rMes. Gene' i Sule Cpeoli Sei'
ty Shop., 4557.

sus hWtua
Lea I le
Loas.f, 2
Imememelesm JeWqy ele
adjoining Interpafool Hotel
SW11 AND Ai l4U'
The Pnama Canal offers foar ale and,
alteration to the highest biddae
BuUlding No. 143, Pedrb Miguel Chlb.
house, at Pedro Miguel. Seaed
will be received in ti office/ a.
Supply and Service W V A
boa ,Heights until 130D A. M,oan
FebruMry 28, 1951, when thy will
be opened In public, Forms of prt.
posgl with full parpculars may
seeured in the offices of the- Sufl
and Service Director, Balboa Heights,
dnd the Housind Managers In Pedre-
Migubi and Balboa Heights.

dak 115); Len, Design, some latest
.. Costs $175; Tourist sells first
$85. Telephone Mr. Boyce. 2-
0242, tonight, between 6-8; to-
marrow morning 7 9.
"DULCINAS."-Juice oranges," eat-
Jng oranges and grapefruits are al-
ways of selected grale and ex-
ceptional quality. Accept Wily
fruit that has been stamped -
Dulcina registered trade mark.
Sold distributors Poductos No-
clonales, S. A. Telephone 2-0028,


FOR SALE-Frigidaire, excellent corl-
dition. Must be seen to be appre-
ciated. 3-1898, house 8170-A. ,
FOR SALE:-All porcelain, 7 cu. ft.
Frigidaire, 60 cycle, like new,
$150. Also miscellaneous house-
hold goods. H Street No. 61 or
telephone Panama 2-1274.
FOR SALE:-Refrlgerator, radio, fur-
niture, household effects, bicycle,
for quick sale.-Hous 799-D, Bl-
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Norge refrigerator, two door $65.-
00. Round diningroom table,
porcelain top kitchen table.

FOR SALE:-.Plano, upright. Grand,
small, reasonably priced, gas stove
four burners, baby crib, play pen.
Phone 916, Colon.

FOR RENT:-Apartment for rent.
43rd Street East-and Ave. Mexi-
co. Call 3-0140.

Burglary Charges

Placed Adaist

144 Cbb Nwesboy
Two charges of burlay were
placed today agint MontumaS
Martinez, 18, Ban BM Indjan now
unemployed b u t formerly a
houseboy for the 844 Club.
Martinez was one of three de-
fendants appearing in Balboa
Magistrate's Court this morning
on various charges of theft.
He was arrested early Baturday
morning in a hallway of building
0853 on Balboa Road,amen's ba-
chelor quarters where a number
of the former 844 Club members
now live.-He had left his shoes
under the building and had a key
with which he was attempting to
open a room door.
One charge was based on this
entry of the building. The other
states that the night of Feb. 3
Martines entered room 36 of the
same building. Police said that
$30 was missing from a wallet be-
long to Charles I. Colburn. Mar-
tinez has admitted having taken
the money and Wld he needed it
to buy food.'
He Is held under ball totalling
$1.000 for preliminary hearing to-
Other larceny defendants were
Bernice Elfreda Robertson, D., 22.
Panamanian, and Juan Gonualez,
18, Panamanian. The young wo-
man pleaded guilty to two charg-
es of stealing *W bills from her
employer, Lloyd D. Murphy of
Cocoli. The mony-one $20 bill
on Feb. 3 and another on Feb. 5--
was taken from a brief case
which had been stored in a clos-
Oonzaez was apprehended
yesterday morning when he was
taking a $25 camera from a car
parked on Mamel Place In An-
con. The camera belonged to
Howard H. Blaney. Oonstez drew
15 days on the larceny count and
the Murphy's maid wa* sentenc-
ed to 15 days on eitch of the two
charges against her.

12th Newsman
Killed In Korea
IN KOR 41 FabRU (UP) -
Jean M. D war
eosepea.tet far the French
Prese Afel (AP) Mwas hiled
whea he a as it d a whiMe
en patrol a uae teaes
rancen ea m I eCnd beftlt
u&d-ewt iAs U the
number e ear euemspem lste
Biled lEtWa-.


imta Clara beach,. r
ied, electricity, 're- l
feete rates. Phoe nd

ScottAges. Seadiff Al
rES Phne JOSEY.,

1 I rrlll, l ta b I ne

'5"t'' lately furnished
Vyetjljiens on Vio Espaoa
eeks from Hotel' El
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AgIe agMaimn "MICIPuInIM111 *mameel agilnw'l
NEW-r NEW IL" W' NW >7 N W E
Brilliant new styling With strikingly beautiful Wit, upholsitry ad al a mur, m iet l
featuring new rille, fender lines, contours and colonrs... poiaumntms of out tuldi! ovnl t
molding and rear-end de- plus extra sturdy Fisher Uni- qsalty... and aithb etra dl c wid
sign Saving Chevrolet steel construction, with eraMou se lies soom for -.d .-.aS with pla
that longer, lower, wider. Curved Windshield and driver ad all paNeOWen'M- o '.145 -ip iastrmenh t i
big-car look. Panoramic Visibility. big "Five-Foot Seate." t1wo ha ehe ... j

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On Foreign PoC Q

YW YORK, Feb. 12, (UP) -
rThomas E. Dewey broke
with top Republican
limen yesterday anq said it
it be "utmost of folly' to de-
R utpon sea and air power to
ect the United Stn:es against
Imitnist aggression.
kowey urged that America mo-
le faster, that more Amerlqan
Ipa be sent to Europe immedl-
y and said that he felt the
loyment of troops was no
Lness of Congress.
e thus took a stand diametri-
y opposed to that of former
dident Herbert Hoover, who
lay night said we should
;e our faith in defense upon
rwhelmlng sea and air power
Sad of sending more troops to
ope to be swallowed up by
lin's armies.
*e also took sharp issue witn '
h top Republicans as Sen. Ro-
t Taft of Ohio and Sen. Ken-
si Wherry of Nebraska who
e demanded that congress
rove the dispatch of more
erican GI0's to the European

tthout naming names. Dewey
of the raging foreign policy
ito that "any isolationist Is an
o Staln."
on in an obvious reference
Ir. Hoover's sea-air philoso-
Dewey said "it Is the utmost
Ily to dtpend on air and set
or and I thought evelybodf
ted that in Korea."
av ne who thinks you can
Pd the U.S. or any substan-
part of the world with any
)ot of three branches of the
f o e Is Ignoring every
B. of history," the tittlar
Iof the Republican party

WATER nUI R 1. J. OranWges, Mager oF tiib am
Company's new "7 pft" plant on urf o M ie'Forl '
operating highlighto of the plants xoently-lal*t -
mutlir water purlfer. The fIt*wh .t el ofIto t.ea
btaus, tbie tpurifler remove al efigi eemeat m m
' water, thereby awurlag the flavor of "7 Up" p A loaly
remains eopetmntly the same.

wey said that if the United
falls to build. up Its armed I a Inr
In Europe It would "de- FBI In
the magnificent progress of
t two or three months" in
Srearmament. drcour-
etern Europe in its rearm- w P aI
efforts and "mean to the /
na that we had abandoned
WASHINGTON, Feb. 12, (UP).-,
wey saidhe heartily approv- A military secrets case which
Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhow- formed the basis for a feud bc-
orts to build European de- tween Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy,
Tand said he did not believe R., Wis., .and columnist Drewv
the business of Congress Pearson has been sent to the Jous-
.tur troops are deployed ticsee Department for investiga-
tion. it was disclosed today.
again Dewey broke with Secretary of the Army. Frank
lg Republican leaders such Pace, Jr.. reported the action In
[ Hoover, Taft and Wherry. sepaarte letters to McCarthy and
have demanded repeatedly Pearson. Both of them released
Resident Truman get Con- the !ettelrs to newsmen. At the
aatApproval before more -q time they lasftd statements
ar fnit to Europe. egah clainnag the other's activl-
S, pnm ed on NBC'q "MelL ties wre the chief object of the
.res" televirlon program. Inquiry.
q''"T not believe deployment is
.er of Congressional c- Pace told McCartny the Arm) s
the Republicun leader jaitl. investigation nof the incident has
matter should properly btL een completed with "negative 'Ike' and the Chiefs of results." In both letters, he laid
the Army sent the matter on to
point blank if he thought, Defense Secretary George C.
ilted States was mobilizing Marshall who in turn referred it
pough, Dewey replied: to the Justice Department.
." ." I The case involves publication in
Pearson, newspaper columns of
Aakad if he thought President Dec. 30 and Jan. 31 of intelli-
nan had lost the confidence gence reports on the size of the
American people, Dewey re- Communist forces in Korea, es-
: "There's always the ques- peclally the Chinese Red troop
of how many." Then he add- strength.
that he believed "less than 49 McCarthy charged this was a
dent of American public opin- "leak" of military secrets. -He de-
's behind the President. maned that the persons respon-
S'-- sible be tuftrned up. Later Pearson
S all claimed that McCarthy, In read-
IMi n al ll r Ini to the Senate the exact date
of "Dec. 15, 1950, and Army No.
I U 3019" from an Army report, him-
twX d l eU self violated security.
McCarthy said he had sent
;HILADELPHIA. Feb.'12, (UP) Pace's letter dated Feb. 7- on
;AOW. Averell Harriman. top for- to Chairman Richard B. Russeil.
n policy adviser to President D., GAo. of the Senate Armed
arry Truman. said yesterday Services Committee. And. in a
that the free nations must have a letter to Russell, he charged that
.ftllbal strategy" to meet the the Jan. 31 publication came af-
rrate of world domination by ter a public announcement of an
-'ie Communists. investigation of the earlier onb-
; leations and also after the Army
Ie sald Communism cannot be reduced from 15 to 3 the number
leted by any single method of daily copies It makes of its in-
by military strength only, telligence summary.
exclusively by economic and McCarthy told Russell t df
Ia programs, nor by moral fictit "to understand why a
alone." thorough investigation by the
Army did not disclose wheo was
who advocate concen- violating our espionage laws by
our energies exclusively stealing and handing to -Pearson
X gae part of the world or one this material."
of the situation fall to un- "I feel confident." McCarthy
land the nature of the strug- wrote, "that If the FBI is given a
he said, in an apparent re- free hand In conducting this in-
ce to former President Hee- 'iestlgation the thief will be
oover and other Republican found."
of U.S. foreign policy. He asked Russell to check with
the Justice Department to be sure,
one who attempts to find the investigation is made and
way out by concentrating that Attorney General J. Howard
i area or one phase of the McGrath gives the FBI "a free
does not understand the hand" in helping with it.
r of the threat we face, Pearson's letter from Pace also
courting disaster," he said. was dated Feb. 7 and contained

Ir sVa.O

stigate Feud

ny McCarthy

replies to several questions which
Pearso asked about McCarthy a
use of the document date and,
Pace declined to answer him di-
rectly on whether there is a .e-
eurity risk in .dclBolng such'
parts of document. But In an-
swvr to whether gtcy of with-
holding secret documents from
members of Congress had been
reversed, Pace said:
"...This policy has not been re-
verseMss4he eaOstt mator ihe-
Carthy. Senator McCarthy re-
ceived no special authorization
from the Department of the Ar-
my to 'examine secret messages.'
Pearson issued a statement say-
Ing his exchange with Pace "indt-
cates the senator from Wisconsin
is under investigation by the
Justice Department for giving the
exact date and number of a se-
eret cable." Pearson's original
publication did not containn any
date or number.

1951 Dodge Display
Attracts Big Crowds
The 1951 Dodge, on display
over the weekend in tse show-
room at Colon Moto, .Inc, at-
tracted large crowds.
Although the local distributors
have only one Dodge Coronet on
exhibitiozi they were still able
to give road demonstrations.
Outstanding among the many
sweeping changes for 1981 are
the new "orifow" shock absorb-
ers, which enable the Dodge to
travel within safety and comfort
at much higher speeds.
Colon Motors will continue to
show the 1951 model through-
out this week at both their Pan-
ama and Colon m ffice

[aA'AT TH A'7}


The most rea la are




1. 9

P-v aW-

NEA) -
uba *h.all


jfym ) an d. l A
Sthat hca'blls o
plier and
ttSthat I S

maidth, other m a
[ band1to her
that hev'hus
utian, was to
itg. He's been at 8
course Itup saw
bn Miirand a .,

Kar Inflection
armen was sesvSqB
pro-Iebaatian^ fig

"The 4WrungI'm spikking,
A&"1 like It," she
Mf change it. Chop
Vey fonnee. Last
e for Joseph
Sowing, 'Wot do
hall wrung weethMiranda? She
9 [np!t j Ingliss. She can't
*m .. ed to know, hab
Is pidgin English
a i n aaf talk? .
uhtf of gdwial," theBr.-
atlia eii fe~sed. "I'j sar
wwuuagethg end Dave leeooks tn-
,a'm w- wt I say wrung,
-eT B' e. Pretty semo.
"tweantm some to Ametlca,
I don' know n theeng, honee.
I'm have dose a bbys bpec of
me. We spik an time.
I mek,first movleaD t cot me
ees Miand. 9- 'He?
They give m.e l net. m bet in
Ingliss and theenck. In Portt-
guese. My head, she got big
Had aaythir, else changed
about Carmen? I asked.
The fruit salad on her noggin,
for Instance?
Carmen looked pained,
She walled that her pear-
Phaped vowels were getting her
into hot water. Sebastian would
have to'stop correcting her mis-
"Pipple get beeg Inasf wen
I'm leaving eftfil! Jisawle
and banana" inI ea
be surprise how 4Iwet Is
my pobbilUe. Onwe my ad
they are nsYplr iweut ba-
naas I am not Canea."
The Miranda r eire, theM ?
Had Carmen traded "I got a
Lovely bunch of Mangoes" for
"Ah, Sweet Mystery of flfe"?
I got her loudest baw-haW.
"Honee., I'm surprised on you.
Can you see me singiMfng balla
Once on stage. I am horse around
and sing to de pipplis:
"Brom' day, he come along,
"De man I'm love...
"My pobbUie Is shacked to
nieces. I'm hear them any, 'Wet de
iall wrung weeth IErana?T She
notes or something?'
But wait a minute!l-
Come to think of It. Carmen
decided there had been another
"Only was lung, lugl thne ago
wen I'm first on Broadway. I"ls
wear bra and bare .def, ply
I'm cover bra with h beadm
Is nawtheep to see but beads.
One show girl is asking whyand I
am blosh. I am tell her I got g
bust aMd I am mocabShame. She
loft at me. Is good to have bex
boost in America, she ta me. NKt
night, honee, I km throw beads
Her marital boat, she whlnkd,
Is now "honky-dearle."
"Tak' me pretty anU time
learn haw to handle m hes-
haq'. He's like a b wibe. Be-
twinn us is only Ieee igh
We're much hoppy. I 9e4l t
town, he ealling me v .m niNlt
He say. 'Gee, babes, I leo ye
Her hubby is in the b asiewof
converting little TV screen t bit
I said I'd be seeing Orame and
ilhe called after mec
"About the acentabobefwill
believe you If you say I don't
hive one. honey." ...-
ise .




ae-IVT .. ,"-
l On M
.'*.,* L4W B

taem .

.f uL. r

Complete Prhte-Wbmlntlfu *fbm Mhe mw$toS lb 1461"& PSryI 1
The f titatis h ples ur2 I A" a h.

FirstPrize 6 4 52,0W

second Prize3 : '5

Third Prize $
-'. .| .._r ...r

IM ,



,. .. e" .. .
" M s nIt in A .q
M ac 0/, so" e l'
.tNa mmS 49

-eta 1hs

TaC assM.

441ft. 1

Use i

all f-J

Swt *4I
Im ;
on .1


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g .. .. a. ,
.m j es.e -.n ma e Jun .- -
qga glU MIS ago tis SWUM Jl


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a t ,',-.+.

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Z S -.-- -_ -* ,--'"
'-- .. .... t. .-.
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r. .. I .. ,. ..I .. 1 .-. -. i i i-.-. ". %
- t,,"-.-.+-.,.';.* .:'. "..- ,i ,.' .'- .. *?.' ;..-.*l-^- ^ i ^v. -.. +"' .+-" -.t / .t s,


B-A *,4*


dio ,-86
ed ."?-- '

a~ytttt I



I wai- a g. t S r
um sa-1 L tLr I 2-La L

41- **** 1oriJ JstllI l M f e t3
.. -a ms
*;,*-:-'- *.' TIM fi

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:.L..,, iVvA.4.
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f4L4. 4
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imA 1- Cnn
v,:: lt in eo

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lt ioe en

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E.:o ta. -

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flu Lt5SU*.

muar Venezela

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buloer ier ,
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*p uuea S >jad, o

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quao a tana 'i"t
dil.. no *u er V.n
* ah~, 'an ekqxda I us 4,'

assW d fl

Z---Td .0BBw 0--oW-MA-0-ft
kw~ba ci gigitesusm nO Ge

x&rG "U p~tnkMRpa
Yrinrt del giaoi~ast.

de so-
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*'lea 54 ,

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r .. m ... :cu 4-

rS An to f I....N. FS. a is a. f

5j D't&aausaiuinto dcl Cons. s
As i4 a labor de revisi6ua-

g *AsUdwaI los resulted, .
.a1 oM ,s dm a. a 3a r

S. .tt tubs-
San h nunva
ma CoutrsSo
DOW Is ne-I
emu"I"M lw&
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wg. S

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qu. Is r .umm -.
ir~n a lao guvn '


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,n prrama de atraccio-s para. lo4 afioonad a o Q 0 lP i? H
tro do d O s Iili
E PERJUDICAN 4ao Coe n per

S Dijinos ean aquella ocasi6n que el moment el i nto

propicio para gestionar el asunto tomando en consri comestu unnex o iptt 0.^0 aB
derai6n que algunos das sigularef ventjmoas goneoreidad to ore -,.

Sque cfrece snuestro pars hay que sumar ahora la' c ,a; a JS ei t a &I
dedidad que -lodria brindar a los deportistan de la Y o oma stwdoessfl, ,. B_ I do n'nciar a H ,
ta 4e l hotel "El desPanami"o del turmmo ane

ma haean palpado la posibilidad de ilhrementarao Ieraqud b qou aS rama d
1wsrr o.rftrTf

ropio parae ramgestnar el asunto tomareyendo que co .on 6auntos- .d InQenerixa aa5W ,S ; ,s ,3 i
derasi6n os qpue ala singular convenIvenetaa ncia q gmT de si .. --
Squ efrecea estro pas hay quet seumara exa ore luico mem l, O ;, ^

odidad que odria brindar a lcomeportisdeporte h demostrdo1 que 11003lil; compafa sitao
| Una media como esta no perjudicaria sensible- e .r c! -' n x. DE DOTADUBA. On dI p cn mias ana 2S &
p- es el hotel "El Panama don ,eraiftI l ex-.- j-. .. -.

s-tnte at fiasco, por el contrario, indirectamente, le no tra unos chaparrones fanw patiMi a inPrtaels dH lepabli a cMrecgle to ne- ble, pgB
beneficiaria muchfIimo, y en cambiosi servirla para taSs ae onrco2n tops I rt^l^ m del '- '-*-^-A^ ^ ^^
Sbratar las actividades pesqueras en lo que a atrgc de ca nosven adopr a- e S S

c6n turistica se refiere. Hay que recordar que en & inenr mosc a so d m S a d
Paam los iyaputopa sore s l gasoina on dsuma duro ln u fria E-so tcrementars M_ ci .e. loequa &
meate altnte ramturvoa. Y snsacireyendo onaquoe e.Jo'Louuntdeo .oee onatd # a* 3.tulo.O dIL Ind al

Comprendemos que desarrollar un program en Ecoia no ea PanamA. ae in- f *l per d sobo VIBr a lBa pect
a- as noss roponemo" boy sugerft Is convenience, com edo muho Waotr o1w.- A7"& e o, -.

f cavor del urismn nod es obra de un mopento nu tae- f tcon bain m t rrramen e cM e r s f& de od-. con tinua

poco de facil realizadon solamente con una medida armado. SMucho mia baratose prine fll d ,
vano la gmenionada. Pero sI estam s segar oe qu e xclusiv rimer. m mucho mat car6pico, yY oder7 aSS ., o 1 ,S -g, Aua sL.a
Sallutinan una comerie de disposiciones de mbidamd ent r SSSSe G ma -S.. '
"meida h adm s oa qnuo ieon -b ,1,4wmps a l sa e hm aa pe .- 1rcldnoldv1aM es U

estudiadas en. favor del asunto pronto se lograr a mi tS "esditc a t'f lorpreheS .SeeterpLa h um p terribles nido6 d- 1t1
;diertar inters y entusiasmo en el extrAjero en sible sLad I Va A LA I A. Da i Ltidd pda
a ial oler, call quo ce cdopie- ymLrWkg3Dc R Cn i la,"Con miras asafAW

Smente a fiscd or el cont ha rrra-oieglado l" .iVrectameire, noe chpre tmtB starrof sl lo LIB s .y I uoasnepbid*ric pente u b .... n -.... -
beOefalr se consiermo, y en ambote pae del go- mcalleap.e nisebnc amn @es. aab LaEE., Wa mnt *ta delers 11

epecialmnte, en 10 que respectL a la pesca, aigo que arre ne pAr octav m ,u M a a ari o a
a y bien podria llegat a signiqicar pars el pais una do emb is iveantdO a in*r L~. --- t d .ed Wr o I pae
te de entradas tal como sueede en otros lugares que ro eon m te- a m' WvI S *M el as t, n. ... usuont..

Sofrcen, a, veces, men o, fal.ld a.des ,- ,-araie, que as W4 _-drs1adll a b a, e 1,e .- ". .
SPanam lestenipuestos n sare ,las golia son ouron aperan P aocataces Cna e-. ,,oei.,6, /W 2a ta Y qiu I o i
obtuvo tn sensaionlai trluzfq. Tam -IN
uni te altos. /aEbo.cina4aovno_=..1trd o1?-i-ea- oo.flf ml, Lrdo C012log0
Comprendemos qu randesarrollar un programs ,en foo, no es Cpanam. sc in- p i ps goblet V .. 6 .ArlUa -l,... / Cmnniad l
favor del turismo no es obra de un momento 1W tam- n l i hi 6n dto qou Uaoer_ qua e Ca tentee f als n vat Sa e e l-.

0C on ese dine ro... No podra mI en e do M. ...od oC ... a s= 40 9M dele
,oe do ficil realizacin solamente con une la calle Lc m e hormatog6n seoobdhl dh d iata. ellto ds ater ev y. fl a Vrwa. a abanm. J. d le -
c omes moncionada. Peroe s estamos seguro que ofeal primer me dirm qu o el u caro del aJOlNO db Ctt1 saec para --..-- U.m_. a ,, r6 9pars a-

Mt. galto ag ha echo ea diz lar- olg s a la formf rietas r e las qu COBMt la vietwe)*I Gra4 S lf1 .. l RIL U
|me aglutinan una eerie de disposiciones debidamente dbuldo n una Erlrsh.o Ua., B.,, _kat-idte .l odd, y- eel ldesa ta, Sk s -
Sestudiadas en. favor 'del asunto pronto m^ e lograrI N oe dorrata numertoay e_ g aSa j asal lw lMattt; Mau .e .posm..o, ad U -.yI
m i u es t a d is ti a si lo Q p f ie -Jesmt or et s d o #A g o iaml iL n. i m a n- d elr drso.. .. d" -
desopertar interis y ntusiasmo en el extrinjmero enre cabaleroso smiuotne a ne DVlTE A A MNISQtAC0N Duratae te"is Vareo urcia/ t L Tea il e tSed mlta ..i
e- b ent. -,-niero Pati o--: de 194 1951, i .... ...- ..__________ELSM ds a____ __ 1 .... ..

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meno Ia idea de impular el turiumo en general Y, avees elu t oa l o a earls ioh B. eunn el m.. 1i. UM .. i r .Ast a a
epecialmute, en ldmno quo respects a Is. pesca, algo qumaro .e par octave vop aelnsp -t eapC- "-t al lau-, -

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-- fuente; de entradas tal come suede en otros lugtrai co- fla*s S S e le e wares uese st n tel la s M en .. n .
freen ,a-v s, m o ahid naturals qu es cuadrtlas ..ta b are 3-5e s s sm e m t- o". nra
_' le a so Ie d.eopobeISi rr a .iS. d ,u uu -, -'
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de de usa estula en analmacea de C leag0, e plene I e. han do de yol me aues chapa- ear dese@ er di ee la shC af trp 1&
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Con ese dinero... No podria imt.dit USwh vmnbUSUUS 4 Re InasJ emtlasu A Aorn -- ,
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os etieos, dostrebap deun a lnaSra uad en8u ei4a, inl,.l s xa e I r-desd em atl-a uII 4III
Series de partidnae del Preaupue- RiGi n IDUTRAs mardm -Cuyb adcaIpital ela a I
..ah.: ea t in bln a deel ci dals i msss ..caM.-inmaRo as1s p-7,ehdmob3e.
cular un interim al dne EY .an'do.le.teea .sft N Soe gE
cabrqu descon taro del rnonrto mi;oS em W a la ref"b m l-tk-"a d ilase p ba g .

K ? 'r ,, abeR sanli. el"^,,^" coe ee ,as r Cn e ds deamua deyrfhM s jt" .,aMal .g. ,. ." nllas Go. so,.-I. ,
tarooluo anualdparsd p e Brazih l On-ImNst aoeambrade Bsritrg is a I uesragee aW.
modAcaso acercarnoaaMIs readad. fcisr den a g
P or qu6 no hacerlo? Qua sto ute doR t .alsd Te.,ra G etad -an
as parece tun poquito a Is DUltRAJTE 4 ADNDIP ACION del GraR. Dutly, Varge ClUi t.o. .b. l Ma l"'fo"is.
scuenta do Is, cotnera? De p n e nmne l, r vrle anAt a doa e r tartMent e de d I & dvi-I! p .o.l Al' -.
ScuerdoSin embargo, aso tl1r ties, raeluld en ma n le >do SacB da., No obetante,- aBa els Paname.E torso dot 1-.'
dantro de o s l6gics.,. d.mta el ,pars. eae"P _. .. ..I
9, ~I ........t... do .te. l i 4J s b e tern e r Goals uag I. .
ore r y d s a rdo ) a o ura *a re tla co n@A m *
Al ciab do dos semensil-a gdouetarso teres u*e! basUl aidsermasdo unaAs amron ua -
caI.cula 70 quo _aMY nI _g-. elevaclneo nalsae ac We. egm ra mcams. oe u e u on.,:
nlero y quo par To ttnth pue- to deaenbteasth u.Smi R_-u is-w t' tmgoaiid de Ie ha- -
d- No equi ocarme- estatar r- clenarlie deo Du ar fronts a is ttu o 1.8 -& .. o
minid C fa tI d ye taacn f eon el Cuandoe DutvrM iM e s u afos de Sobllem, Varges 4.
calle sp nsma: Ia dstrutarfmoa neador dela Is ArgeS n imPad preialnte-

charquitos -a I ilatguts. --, ayslae. a ;44use ,.i silt- u.ww

Patifno, me derle, proi y ayism l Vdo tu.. -o elt e- ""alw,'
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| ,++9 all rmadaion vso Itona fo mol 1rAm, Ca .o wm o.L ~ +em lm s !-~ 'im 5" :i ql,

ne~oManuel aml mfismlie6t iii soamm3- a"IdiAe et
t o. Plensm que estaud r ."-
i toe olo do Ie s ae e do A"to, q.a
caaactehltlso. 1
'\ Us4s prenmoieRiok he@W.Un rf5twrledo aesteequ uusn
quoaUto he mmclous& a
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.40 w.

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riotsHM s'u*Mmr Lout. B Matoslul
Le. n. 1et6

& s h ban publeiade
eytE Xelstaba, pr epee,

i WASIWNVTON, flebrto 13 -

on R mmB a p s~at8 ,
SteKtaii aw a Rpu ala ga
CUatm setnuass mis tsrd.,
cuando L p rimer tenlehte 34L
'. cl. DJuigaabMUl so rindt6 a
lt'alemnaso ean ILa batalla .de


ri no dur6 l
%sto 146 t el t*

g usa. un oq,
ae tism oam*

r oou ontra dse
pnael" del geS
mte Go aOpre de onb ri.
fltiit WI larsl. Urn rei
o p csu, ouMeO Wa
p an eoaeI raca

ttx doa p-
ftoen faulta de dioe
d alu capatcidadqo pao-
L 1a preguntO Ou t

qu rl elan etbre, cundeatioa
-dobtda o p aideon a ru. or c.

tnudncIM p lctrlcldad, qu roatd
d eunpmento.rac dIe
an A,
06 lugen A dr.

dlomsunts oriental ofrca. uin
b (unoli douelo -
wal. oruls a unom dowre'n

it) ti '.* Ml Ile
do con el s apldo 4&j deeia l.

Mir Frodbabiloemine, Bnunc an *as
DoA 1 ipdad. Taha habis recibido tab-
fueNrm nstldO. ita *ubtlodad coma m 1 61a e1n
MS tratarOa dC que is noticia de M captuas
IN. dp -ocU- Ileg6 a Tolothin,donda estabs
d. nclaelB el cuartel geeril del maria-
wusmpu2Yam cal do eamIpo U M their Ton
otshe Kl, quO muge, Jefe del Carto Eujro!-
dog). to. Un ofictal do lnfomaricldn
wil mitar de la .fuerst areaM ale-
mans, el oomandmnte Walker
H lters -unao d loas que In-
terrogd a Tash- dfscriba la I
scene en nsa 09p0clo de mew
nmorandum personal quo acOM-
pam6 a la copia dl. lnterro-
"Aproximadamfente a las diez
do Is naas", ouribe Hol-
terns, "recibi una slmada tele-
t6nics del couwdaspto Helm-
dach. ofacial do Inornacl6n
iimUitar, quien me ordeM &per-
aensMinh* en mu cuartol gene-
sal. Atravuando el jardin, U11-
TVn alita a oe poca minute.
ol.idach me reoi6 Ocan estas
plabraa: '" tereqE Gerpo Mo-
torfad .Acaba._. m r QUo
imn1&uodeclm OisldfmN nda-
R. Sa- hircho pralon ert T hiljo
do Stain. Qu I parece?
Sblen". 'resppwl, _fqbemoeae
-un vistasO meot aete mu-
Schacho. Hart quo l1 traigan
btob conoclendo la Isituact6n en el
cartel general, el comndante
S Holtersa abf uoa su tedria quoe
darue prima $I qudIa Aegurar-
so un papel en e1 hiat6rico In-
4!?cidente qe s eataba desarro-
S Mlezttras hablibamos", In-
forms e61, "pene rApidamente
t qIue reagec- en co6mo valetme mejor de la
situatol6n fronts a mis colegas
J M_ 9del ejtrcito, e srte que no
l tuviese que rtmoUar a eate
W n interrotatorio".
ajor El comandato in nUte.OM
& a1b 6 la OB-u1Lldsd ldia
Oaap anterior ub t de co-
a tA s'a- rresponsalesa abt0la are-
v im geada al, s umeb dois la ers
oaSoe asres en Tolatbin; 1 oquipo
isM do quo dapenuam sompnendia
-Se- un camion iara jafts bedn
Mt M.- de should, eloXam con-
Sda adreb s re disp-
oc- sable para q o -cmuiulgr Intoa-
Bcr (natorio tlo"@", tto
a ago onto a trata
.*con el oeal a eaxsgo CM les
n=XMAI it I
_, wwyimwit. im (rama n
Sn sportar los oi e *a-

."Lift 8E sM)w


AWiwli del estgMA

at ,nmgstormo aq
8C0. interregatn-de
-sNO Modb-
r stun-T- nduls
es Ctlasuo s
* tr.-B1ta usted unwer
eon el preiaidente 6 1
de Comlaarios del @cNlo?
8,-4oy uu hijo mayor.
TBha dUjo que spans ftodil
Iabsr alemin. Agre quo n
ink euisIna so l enrW
tide a i-aje a
v Owr an miottvo u
so nunes two lugw
P.P^at6 grado o r 1
elAdrao gov ; loo y e&5q a
dkd servia?
R.-Primer tentente oo el 4 o.
Regimlento de Obumm, $u
if a is Ddelm arut DISW
witdada, el reglmientode d at4
|tllhers quo proatebe sorvlolos
O- 'ta Dielmacuarts DiTiO.,
|P-ntouces. c6m vtno a
nuetrams llnesa?
R-TO... o5 deckr, Mblo 4S
n propledad, lo queVids
do eats divitdin... 2e 4doI
dibandado el 7 do JuM, y to
que qued6 de la dMId afue
cowo. S
P.-VIno usted a nueat-a U-
neas voluntariamente a fup he-
Cho pralaonero on combat? -
R.-Voluntarlamentv no. Me
i oblgado a ell. .
-P.Fue uated capturado &o-
o0, o Junto eon algunoas de mus
camarada. y, en t et aCoa,
cUan at enan ustedea? -
R.-Deagsroladamente, @1 moa
uuile tiflaolnte iDe'edo. ft

s ma'bombnrarm torr -
ts minio IVi *?O;a Ba6
un pupdo do aol dty d R 6Jr- -
alto Ijo, qu-Mmte do abrir-

4alm extcre
I Istme. ss la
I eneuent rae
* "7 (3p", de
Sealiad del p
ra lotografia e
irmutit". Soe li

W tfiwrza pars es-
rtue yo lo dt-
atacase las unidades
Asi lo hice. pero los
I r6u 4 08 evidentemente
Dt6t.a it valor. Me encontri
*07 ad dGe mis artille-
iw o A; d e fueron y
uIt aW volvi a a eheontrar
uno solo do ellos.
P-Y e6ao Ie trataron nues-
trd> MNedoll ?
Sme quiitaron lae
betas. pero, ifers de eso, no
as me f tratado mal. a decir
verdad. itho -sea de paso, per-
mitneme dear que a los pri-
stonom e lomanes no so les tra-
ta mnal tampoco. Lo he visto
bon mix pr la ojos... ni at
quiers a. lop. psftcadlut as.
La frAme wapleada por ysa-
sn4 Iquierl a lox paracal-
gias" no eaa gnt5 a USal In-
terrogadore,. qulene le hicte-
ran dar. ung trga y balbu-
coantq expUIcacln de por que
crela 6el qu I tropms deo pa-
rcftcftioA db aconusidera-


Red Ppiamnericana

tiene los

mej ores programs


dton desolpacaudo

CARTERAS. ... 3,95 y 4.40
Nmgrt, axugo. bisncasa
blanco y negro, blanco y asaul.
ZAPATOS a 10.95 i
ianeo 7 aul, blanco y rolo.
blnnoyo n Y W. Tlaa 4 a 9.
S14 y 3.45
)asoma: mojo, bhucoa
aul, brown, aqua.


NES-Jt 2.95

Iordow y Pteedaai
Tallas: 34 a fa.
Various estiles con pa ras
brillantes. Cortoes lagos.
* 2.95



YS~geO JANZN 1951

'I t

W :' & lor

=UTis.A I 4m-si pi b ale
nala.a afloe atde tolats
1 OMSceKfp. 0ia4b s t
=Wkstelsa kft ts -d
roduioe qu sm ue tolf
d fotflcdn) .
be ins beblla 'flas de "gdr-
manes lnfeulaor. con sla que
envenonaba lao pole, airven-
doles saf a los alemnanes. A-
greg6 quo se hWab espturadp
a otra sepia en un tranvia
en sla cludad de Smolenak, vim-
tiondo on el unitrme deo loa
mUilclanau ruos.
"Ella comnpr6 a un boleto". dl-
Jo Tasha, "y ahM fue donde
cometl 6 un error No debi6 ha-
berlo comprado, ye quo IM ml-
liclanog ruis inunca pagun on
la0 tranvias".

zSeciooes iMW@le dice

S at mimoYE tfWR fm

dal mismo tfo0 -

La seumbrese amom 'Is- Ses
series -on dcsies s. u wsl
(Cloewnlis). SfetOvemosef dlimis
I o ekes. shakes a. so'pri'ple.
*~ dentf- Ctde so agel **me.ii
SlkeclionMe do N(imbsre, 9ms
reports la mAIica "imedidna v
gus tted~M(t B* amtsl *l
V 1m ma kia olom de lcN..
]a t iMea milemi comum
Clonrfil. la cual Zs pude fa.air
a cuulbulr botic a'n asuuAif toaa
Rta vwdai 11rmu WdfIMDS'"
=0610400 tablets "3MlD "code ma-
n~r rodUH adt diarM RNoerps*
aids iobn mu ma! ulletop oomIM
dSm P -W Udis, on"".

WNDXuL? "rn -""
a 6 a, i
linou qu a = b'
c Tou
probedo elmtificameite Ie
dMana vwrf' no as dalnas l
S mar a

La ma"dIa mIN
iOW-anstoSm 5 as a u
no n mahai
slospe u ian mimelu Is
Pres7me W N r s' S-t
cuuts n-Hag-gs c ynab#s

a todos lao contribuyento quo 'estn on moral o_|
pago de sus cuentas correspondlentfs at& aflo do IIL
quo so concede un plazo Improrrogable hasta-e 2,
presented me* do febrero para la cancelaol6n
Pasado em* ttrrhino, sate dopacho pplloari las N
nes que para lI efecto Is otorga la lby. -
., -1


Hemos procurado ser los primeros en tener un gran surtido de MuW
blesy Mercaderfas para que nuestroe clients tengan la facilided d
eenoutrar comas buenas y fatiles para la cana, y alcauzar mis conedB
dade. haciendo useo de todo desde el momeato qu-se susevrnib 0
nuestlailub1 Viva aejor jAicrubilidomerthn sutWa
---- ~Nuesto Club of el que4ll$
SOCIO PAVORECIDO EN FEBRERO II, mayor a.tere de sodfsy y
DE 1951:
I ? -ftBT J)M* S

.7nI00 mAnsA C

Con 45' SaMtM:.
raS!ak de 5I Fi
Radio, R*frl dmr,
dors, Mniulnas do -
Miquinmu-do ecrlbir. ff4"*
do Korosene. Abanloao.Us* "
paras romldenolaslcs Auwhb i
doro, Estfas para ge2 Qfe
ohon@, Undloos, Alombras,-'
Beloleotas de las mejorr r

Llants yy eBastra para-
Carro, Chivas y Trucks.
Relojes, Sortijas y otras pron.
das do Joyeria y Platerta,
Jueogas do Cublertos Vajillags
Cristalera, Artfculos para re-
Cualqular otro artinuls d4"ad .
die: balboas on d*Ianlut.

No toesmos carames it
agents veadedoms.
Reparamos Radle d --o
oualquier marea. 1

Entregamos la rcaderta aIt moeamento de suscribirse, euvaindota a cas .
Ademis del ndmero quo *lls REGALAMOS OTRO NUMERO CON EL CUAL TIEt
OPCION A GANARSE. 1 Jueg. do Recimara o Comaedor completos, quo oboqulsa
Imos SEMANALMENTE a nuestroa susoriptores.



Maublu *l Ferreteria Articulos de Case
Joveria V P'tfria Objetos para Resal .,
(Ave. Central NAk 20) .rKpo a Is Loteria (Antigua Fcrrotgtai bt S)


*I m4qth0 do nust=e 441ib 1nooneo4co per miles do hgargew nt tes IsW
^-! -'- ^ ^- ~-j: -- ^ ^

A Depdltos de P VSo

difghledter remean ga
**two* rmoanap

''~jT *i



swinm S -

04 40, .
easil- "

ra' It-
L4 as-

F. 230
Tre ta




quoe i b
del lets
,twi, flsq

trr n%
asia is

* rft mai
brean Si

I deo
d* a.


are C

SoAor RITO LOPEZ Call* 17 Owt- he -
I juego ppara sala estilo Renaclmlento spa-
Aol, oompueato de: I mofi,. 2 ,pottronas, 2
mocedoras, 2 villas y 1 mesita do osftro.
todo tapixado y batnizado en.jApe' naranja.
Ganade con 2 snmanas.


Un gran surtido de objetos
para regalos

Hemos recibido NUEVO EMBARQUE
En models originates y exclusivos

AVISO: Por motive de inventario, tonmporalmente
haremos entrogas de mueboles par siste-
ma de Club, con un dep6ositeo REDUCI-
DISIMO. Aproveche ostaconcosi6n Onica.


-,il.~~ii... i 1 I

I -



.. .

- V

-- -- .--ii.-*f

.Bik- 1 --

I andes
*rl* *9I.

- ,-A P

WS0% de un sector de ocho

ts. a los lados de las

rreteras seran utiHzadas |

I Organo EJleutivo prctil-
A i amente ha aancionado la Ley
qv8r destina grande zonas de
fir'rcno aI patrimonlo familiar.'
q" ens ha ,do doevuelta a las
A.lPble ocon objeolones do uc-
I'Xua Imnportancla, las cuali
--asrn aceptadas por la Ciantara
b: lM 1ealon de eats tarde, po-
i tt monte.
III teto de la Importante Ley
:. e1 sitgulente:
I de do d2 M11)
"Pr la oals ae establece u.a
-on I ad terrenos naolonalea a
S10 largo do la margenes de lusi
earteoram y as reglamentsa s,
Aur y adjudicael6n".
Artlulo lo- a Partir de la
YT gIonl doe esta Ley. la tierras
'mtacnnali comprenlddas en u-
; ha falsde ooho kll6rietros do
Sproulllald a uno y otro lIdo
S4e0m lianea trazada de las ra-
. en construold6n o que
en el ltur'o a oonstruyan, sdol
AlerA a'judiasdaL para lox fl-
Y .iJaa conformes alas con-
Ile.ones que en los articuito
Oldtt am esq se determinan. s
-tri grafo: Cada vez que a
oIgUelva la construcel6n de una
p:rre t el Orno BajeouttwiI
erfa a dewarara compare '
Idas dentro de los termlnr'I
d etat Lev la porcl6n de tiertffN
s 4prrespondlentes..
i. Arcul 30. Una axtnaln 6 o
lentp d4el 10 por clento del
w* total de quo trata el sr-
Wh Bantertor as dWstinam a
Vo phlnuciont do Patrimonles
itaes 'queso ereerian por
~ %e4bUoWVD SOe .1 Iey 23 do
1 B l a restante sert paroIn-I
i-^-- p -,Il estableclmiento -n omc-tim rti arletuman
49f .tdaatrnlala..4s exKDPdPOta-
+ o6u a o dalquleir otro sistcnao
.0 eoxplotaclon coleotlva o e0-
rltual, esteablenculento do ser-
.etaso ptbllcos y pars arrendiar
k personas naturales o jurAdi-
.p que ase obllguen a
iM torrenosM al domarrollo agrl-
0a o Industrial.
J. Articulo So. Las conceslunes
l o ando no exoedertn pars
m elna persona o emprsaa
fo en heoatresa. ouando Be
de ezplotacl6h algrioola
., quitenttas cuasisdo' Nom
.,.aeplotacc16n peouaria o W-
Etna. En los contract i o-
[tiW ie oafdopar&ia mMidiS
a quo las tierros arrendedas
n puestas en 'explotaci6n
rPntro de un tirmino no ma-
mR do un aifo no menos de una
bulnta part de ian mimtal y
Sra resolver adminaistrativa-

mepte el contrato con la I on-
silglente reverelOn eal do do
los dereehos coneaO0S It den-
tro de un period de tres as.0
no estA bajao explotaoln uia
porcit6 mayor quoe s
nart en los repectovo0 oontir.
tos seguin 1la carActeristlcas de
cada caso.
Articula 4o. La distribu*
clon de ls. parcels qo gfectp$-
ran de modo que todao loa x -
grioultores. tOngen llbwe L eOs
a la carretera, ya doe ioda 1'i
mediator a. blon mediant a'
minos y senderoa o arvidutm-
bre transltables facllmente on
today estQcl1n o M l.
Articulo so. El rno an-
proplarA lor terreno de pr-
pleded dplvada no eplesagXt
que estuvieren comproalidos g
la Ifaa de que trata el articul
lo. de qofaorailddd con 1o *"
tartldo en el seApite a) del ar
ticsgo 9S de Ip Cpnatituoi6n Nb.
Articulo 60. -Tosa persuna
que compruebe haber ocupudo
tierma eomprendldam on lt faja
de que trata el articulo lo. pa-
ra fial agrieosla lRduatPlmlie
durante los cinco ailos anteril-
riUa J1 vigenoia. de I* pries.e
Ley, ten drt4*(r a preoertlte
a que sele conceda el usufrun,
ds l-a mismas con las limita-
elones que en cuanto a Area
eptablece s0ta &ey-.
Articulo lo, -Teda person
gue dese aeuoer a it dsltO-
stclonea de la mnprowen. I
levari Is a89l"ltud correau
diente al Mlnl teario AIt-
pultura. Co merolo le I dua ias
el cual resolveri lo que seaq el
Articulo So. La resoluclon
nmdtant Is oue an ,.aoMw 42o
el usufructo de las tlerras de
que trsta ot Ley- deber w
inlscFlta en A Rotilro de laI
Propldad. '
Artioulo 9o. Lam dIspaslae.-
nes de Is presence Lay no ion
plicables a los terrenos que
forman pArteoe d reserves In-u-
genas creadas por Leyes anoe-
rilores. y que pudleran esta In-
cluidas en lIsias de quo tra't
el Articulo lo. de Is Preaeote
Articulo 10. Eata Ley recirt
dado m LuandIon y odlOpa 91
Artiq lo 206 del Cddlgo Flical
y la Ley 22 de 1941.
Dada en la &ludad do P-
namt. a los dlas del mo
mil noveclentos cincuenta y.v
l Prealoente
El Seeretaria

o 8no@ ha traido la 4igulente
Sarts pars mu publicaci6n:
.PanamA, Febrero 9 de 1951
..e.. or Redactor de la PAgina
' t1, Interfor,
t rito "El PnaamA Amrica".
a1f0r Cajar Escala:
S E la pagina del Interior, de
"X. Panama America", del dia
de Febrero, aparece una cai ta
S I Prealdente de la Repebibca
i ] a Ministro de Oobterno y
usticia,s por e] senior Raiul UOs
tn. la que este se refiere Inju-
m oaahnente a supuestas lrrtgu-
larldades en inscripci6n ael
k Wmrtldo Frente Patri6tico efer-
Stuada en la poblacl6n de La
I Chorrera. En vista de que coad-
yuv# en la dicha inscrlpca.'n
P como ningun vicio legal -pe
produjo en la misma, He Pre-

Aviso Judicial

H lDri o Pfblln Tercero del Cirrutvo de
a con cedul de identidad persu.
alI nmero 4;-Itp1
,Alicia o.or es r .roiela Mr...o..t
oral. DaBrtia Quepda ldo Moscole
v r Ao tuima Monrote de Ochan han
I afllitduto Ia socieded e'lenia dei co-.
o-lo hn Is eluded dIe Panam,. Re
oo do Panama cn un rairal de
.5iM.00, sportado en Is litulene for.
I AM Luis Moscote de O ,h. B
:-' *.C0: Aliie Momeote. B ?50 00
iJ. lel Mo ote di ('C ntormi R 50o0 )u. y
f Quosda de Moicute. B I ;1,
l-a1 Ia socieded tendri nor -nbji'l de.
*e a lea 0 osocio e U refreersueria
brle'Ar7 v y Velnt ml por meinnr ,ic
flrtaoi varisa. Que el torm,r,,n ide
6 de Is socledad ae de B arso-
S 1 od an ques e lrra eriBr Pea.
oln *l Reoistro Publi o Q.,e
ht slauac6n do IoD biene ngi...
Is Oftelidl t attrS a cargo ide
1- La MOe.lp de Oeeoa y Berts
l Io "lo coal cOnta n s1 tarrit,.a
No. 248. d*' 7 do Febrero de
et44andide oI 1a Notarils a u car-
Foebre d iU.
t. Xs..a Awle P
uSs :40

sentado Denuncio C r 1
Contra el Beflor Rail 03a.
Ante la Alcaldia del Diastrito eo
La Chorrera, PFor Injuria.
Sirvan estas linear de re.-
tiflcacl6n a la especle oficlooa
que en forma de cart aparui6
en la pglina por usted diriglia.
, Queda de usteqd, atentamete,
H. E. Rierd-

iNunca descuide

una cortadura!

L m.s ee loe slMn M pueds in.
focIr-no se arriguel

AiMjM pew h INmWede" a m
Con compluas do rcunmcromo
o Tiro-Tri-Cina.
Tsmp *ypi tu naI& aI mao.

- .
1' w
-. 9' -
Otis *. 'C. t

m a.


1.M |
i**e*i* |

-'8R* :i~

1MI. 2175

1M.t M sow







pnesmoasmtoe uinosO ta* Ass* r@a IMgena pets SoMS

de Santa Ani; y en la pobleoi6n ui 6'L-j $ imlmallart s m*aguniflco progrulau Cureo -N
a 18 y I b del pMente. 1a, tod el oas. btao n a eoulaio IU ll m idlele o1 l n-
sonto 7 1 In.FIN

yeniiTs en mau respetuooa reYroDpre, n l oen.a.e .t feUi numl ag. a1
Maiomnt y 1aoa Mamria, por sa aI t Cina y oe lab quo la I s UlaU ralM Pe
Comew. a o o4014


1-Rellgioo. que no es saccr-
dote. -
7-Que no eenen amiatad.
14-Cudad de Espafia.
15- -Departslantto de Fra.neia.
15-Metal quo atrae otroe
21-Igualdad de nivel.
23-Del verbo saer.
24-Agrup O6n R Ubllcana
Dem6erata, Inlc.
25-Bitado del Lovante.
27-Del verbo valer.
29--Medidas de capacidad.
33-Fruto tropical.
35-Conducto menor de la
36-Auambleas de eClolatilcos.
38-Mineral en bruto, PI.
39-Del verbo salir.
40-C61era, Inv.
41-Uno do los hijos de No6.
44--Ave fabulous.
Jlr-Cachorro de tlbprdn.
50-Perra callejera.
52-Del verbo arar.
53-Del verbo sonar.
5M-Juntar 0.
57-Del verbo allsar.
2-Pronombre personal.
3-aBnderin a pend6a do
4-Lf Gtherl, Inic.

7-Del vrbo .toar.
8--ReDtl dialO de & alogris
9-Rio de-hA.u
1--P-era .
11-Co sliaa csae polticag.
17-Tipo de comientde etrltc.
a-c. iit.l a -r s

..- 1


is I

no .M

dameI- a
t ism i
@I Ruea


iate e p


A +-1.1F' "-; ,. "1

: *",
^-~ i *,-^ iV I

-- W

1 1 i i~i i. ., i n ii~ i ii. n_ l '. .m '-i :. i *


32-Sociedad Alemana cOcla-
lts, InWO.
38-Arms do loo Indlos atI1tlai
41-Residene moradoa.
42-Caldo muy espeso.
47-Aparato de pesca.
49--Iguadad de nivel.
51-Posesivo, PI.
54-Del verbo dar.
M--Medida chinA de lonitud,

m e 5IN S Ig w"n. M I M6- m k -" N
-- us Wi- ;6"a ai
sM o leM IN 1" 1meM dU IollB s m i s atMw tl
1.... r.i .. ,' i .-,- ,'
Lon preo os del Sorteo del edoLino tuwa yd a t91 paIl4 1te, y egd *1a m a t
Ls nuevqeteu billet. s r= tbrmis q f asOW>SI #.3fr.4l pu p WIN
POi blilete enters eo am d I Z5 I A.'ng 4 .
rIBMAN EL ACTi (o Auoridao: M a Povwtng*Ude
i rpbtoetnte, del lAlt fte .Omnit016
- S" IM -4 ..m-.. .. n *B .. .. ".... '..


61* Uvd. oerDlet

Los 61Otimo 4i
detilicM ficds
cba. I
'el "M,*

.:71--- 7'-
.a, ..tM u p

+. f;,d ...-" +, "o :^ .
"* .f-.. -**" "-.- t .- -

p "i"
S 'o C- "t: rJup. 7>"'%

qua in-^1*".'jB^^ ^


*.:; l "r
!l i l^k i I^^^^^

* W^.- ..;


me. 1*6A Me
.=:= .-

,reae .: +, 'g;+ '+.
. 41..- t ,i_@ _lP_
M,, .S.g, ,. ) ...w

_~~nrf l_

A_ IPOimUThi#T$

-.. 4 -



H. E. Ricord present una

denuncia por injuria en

La Chorrera contra R. Ossa
r! El denuncio tiene relaci6n con la impugnaci6n
S- de unas inscripelones

USIA OFIAL- DE li tOY. A. 1 '

31 bUliMO.TO bes pprendp 5B fraewaseel AvditWUon s f dft 3

Premio Mayor 6 97 6 B 5 2 S.O

Segundo Premio .5 32 5 15.600.0

Tercer Premio 9 9 7508. 8."-S

Ia i it fi.,u- .s. ::I
S..- I ..ansUs "mI l | -
I e i O" 1" m m "1"- mi' .... g r + ''*+" ."rf l 1 .

*, tP
se asell iss iaso Isem age. a s '.1M W 4 g 96 Iit% t
I .'i.^l,.. ".M. I.. t.l u J w,''I". l l .
if- 1i2 iln 1.t g Is 12.t mE I3 | r 120:
T I 'I A-

IlZlklllUs llJl l.

------ ------- -- ~- -- --~c-

,. i_~.....

' :- *

~i~TEW~ ~





..... =,,,,,,-ui




' .. ".".- ,v --





k aA-. '...

' '


J- ;, UP,


vS lj IRI. *e
T.&*a fltt W

D*- e--l

ts b
l..rt d. o u
*puns &-Ia Rita"-a a

aIM,- I "ai

HiC~i ,- 'lt il1 ".^1*

M.afia iSA. ttCA
iEE~r~t Aao
wancrmuugucarwhnuoprsu e


aw *maduoam Cef
N wlisa bobflas4
olmlent & Hol Y
dg nquirne 4

par lg flrt b *&
mo Mletra H ;

M .dno qM atuaS.t
ados por David Way ,
Swell y la prol s-
jrd en lOp an-iasde Ii
s grafta.
udd Abbott y LOU O1Qlt
tamblin tieng quo uIr or .8
t do inos esatafadore


rnedo a n

av eorrn as m ea
4blc-.on m-.
d, US dy ti a ,
d nd an g, .ada

uontel doU p
plonlol B n 1 an.

SEs p la i qis

di l so .a Chinah de atgrebora

Sreilucif6u reelente de la O

UMVA DLIT r1b. 13 (UI) 4nma do un arreto W
-41 ri Mtro Jawbl *.
S de l China Comunlaot coma feor d(ti: "Core y el
meee o. er Is y la diamuta de a l :rie O e eatIB CM
.. n de p o t en ot ma el no it# I e n a
too*., rame de Alemanla ha suen- '4 a m mit
sea tajw1$0 el pltgro de una Vurfa l va-te aleu marahan gpi
t I t rp f'd tia ndial. ees elces pa e isoe
.e .- piee on Aria y en otro
Al baer up rec"ento de ole rea sran afee taydM tvI
MGon Qtuio eais tdipeuuiohes sobre Corea on sA blaMente per Ihs guerra.
tlWtm'otwalwM wM NadIZWI Unidas. Net-o' J-O .**e .s .6mg me aoregle
r .* Rs 1 4e prolb6s '- r g--l aunto del resar de i AdA*-
*- galU N nortMomea os a ha ass. Ls -.**f'*. -I.r emvn
g. 16L, bad, per el moment, con las come vial a Buropa'".
"Sr ----- ,------- l
o .. .... ,

SUM CoB Re. : :-. :o-,0"

RI el a
Mfifa b~l. MAN

Zna "tien. PihI,.mI -".

"m. WdeIt c t

sta pIeo
t!, e ;e e'al

adems M rQIS utotae


'a M Aofiged 4OMt

Ig Aqui los tienen ins

! beIIos que nunca

; ,

sbo msSC
36' a" *a I



I l



* -4-

4 1
t~ 9-



'~"c.*, ~*

a pero

en eautdad mhitada '
No plerad oportuaO"iad. .
quo pude *aer la 61ls-i t s



o e, m MN MA"
- Lis sus uso afa.

Me unp pbiqacidn Ideal do bee y polves-ited -
Uaqi Jl Noo pasts mt luce briloeo. Ippart. a la
te us temo uavie, util.,, jagplicall
msquilaje am pastillUs itO e ne bha.
quotas y dMa anll teoI lqeY -pals-
Face simpra emaigo... Ad podri dene, e cual-
quila someto, un .aq Uiilje fresco, dwedue.



B a, iof. u idep

Soar ques

antn a t
Ow '.

qo e,. n a venir

)n,-r P .- .

ran soas lud "d
oa -hs ai r s ~
kiN r DuiMnig fil9

,aau sj nuele a me l
dMoa. ona o ua
Bfay rmes s ueno l e Dera lao

vollia. Iftagad uma mmfeon I&



Eego Mara Ropmems I8
aW.Ua doe SuperfwMd

Im OuIma wL MUe

IMMI t MgalS iml
X1 asPaui Uherwin-WilHaMe
y Ia enise do ftbIea "Cubmsa-
Ia-Tler hea gramde sde fams
anu"dil pe ml un sire ma.
pealide d a mi supe
eahad de pimmua..

gLm ast"s priu gais mn t e eM
J durable e aisMh W^Pat I" e*
SM porto ds I lnboratorois .d!
pinturam MI grtides del

Ea is fabriescids do a plb
is, Sherwin-Wil Iam a
pleas aamlcente sater
. prtis df la major i4
Much vienena de rena
parties del mundo.



ri I


LM f6rmulWs cancebide per

*a ptrdes a nu etM fibrlica-
Ui mds frade del muado-
donde Ms elabor to plturm
s de superior caidad.

Al paprmr pintura, fijese en que la
etiquot mueMase I smrcar "Cubrn-la-
TIrrm" y et nombre 'Sherwin-Willime
-Su mrantia de products de olmM-
J abue dal

- ; SjA
*"." dl ..

,' us

a. Nste N. -fL 4te v.. W KartM ena N o.-3-TS. ShE
.; .^ ^. ^ ; _. ^ ^ -. -,. *^ .

.. .- '

-r -.

~ I

-- --- -------------- -- ------ ---------



"f *'


; ,X k" : '
,A -e

Sm. livemues. osle dlll ** Maora. Inmaculado. Po te
ien prcis mes blMes as phs. Espoflal 300 M2 do constraci6n'
ASINCIAS GLOiALES, Viae lop- excelente. Puede ocupdlIo inme-
-r Iteade JIans rons. TeL diaotamnte. Paro una cita d ins-
M.- r,. pecc,6n
" ---IOEERTO MIEO, 2-1215 ,
SE. VINDE: Incubadoro el6ctruco. -I- M
Tc'. 3-0255. SE VINDiE--Magniflco chalet oamue-

SE V..NDE: P/adera usada en per-
factos crndiciones. a precio ssin
Cnntenciaen an n nlazn m x 6 -


SE NECESITA:-Una empleade I kqrnI
oflcios domrrstice, tiene quC dor- I
mir. Ocurm ""Caliadns Aurer'

;Iblado can todas I*$ comodidedes mrf r"R
que Ud. edl esar oo atof GO.,f
m 0ntoo fa cidedOpotndd SE-NECESITA:-Carpsro y une car
Inrm f6 R bbRTD M *

'K 4.


-" .- .T6e--l.3 8-2-- 4 2. .-....- Cinr. Tel. 3-204.

:.." tiub Cclii 12 lTis. 2-3238 y 1 3-0255. __ Chile 1 65. alto *. TeI. 3-2894, h o_ '_-_' .-
3476 ______ SE VENCE:-Cosa arnoblada, con to. 7-8 m. SE ALstomentos d
E VENDE:-A dquera sus tiqueles rreno in Cerr Comp*na. .3,- SE NECESITA: Buena A un rin Tl, cfisolr, i O
do I* Rifa de Los Leones. por 55s- 000 00. Lambert. Tel. Balrbo Sti r reoncis. Ave. Pens 75 1. n2.
.tome do Club en Lo Casa del Pan- 3447. 2-W4.
altos. .
tal6n. 5 no so Ia gaa pagando B. motive slud SE AL00PILAN:-Asrtementa. do SE nnAt.
1.00 soimanal durante Dce Soma Par motiv salud se vende magnifi SE NECESIT:--Buena cocilnere QU M i o
0as tmbin so le intregr mu .,- negocio on San Jos6, C. R. Parae 0 e qu nof teaino. can su servicio in- W .dmlnhatrltl-
Stmbi. oentregarsu informs escEr aartado 1828, 10 lva plancher, Pra un, de2lopdints par soo1 B.37.50, Ea N GAL dl A d
quite. persons. I ~itil presentarse si 'dow- 114; Sute Arosoagnne. Tel. 2- AA1W ,A4 fe ol
IVENDEN.:--4 ientas cos nuevas SE VENDE:-Una tienda n calle 16 oaceoarel oficle. Colle 45 N 19. 1602, .. .le hon-
7"O x 16, B 20.00 coda una. 6 Oeste No. 4. SE rA:--Emploado. CollS CO. 6 ALQ : Modern, ampilo o
lons. Lovanderia Ameoricana, Tel. S VENDEN: 16n No. 9, Itos, do s r-dmaras, tn
2-038. Lors par hectirea en "La Tranist- NECESIT.--Buena cociner Wdo s rvicmr ero e
E VENCE: M quna de escribir mi n mtrimono. b lvr a r- po2t w y gora en cellne G- 4 hotel.
portitl marca Remington, para in- _____ O IR0. -11 unpa. Acude a Calle Venezuela No. tg No. 9 Camlr Ale gre. I
former Tel. 3-0699. 1SE VENDE -Cosa 25 x 26, curto 10 despu6s d i I p. m. SE AL Ul ecAmor frn c' tab u V. Pat-la
S.lie 6 e 0 -- --- Uo.togrn S. arasbW A l
I EVENDIN:--i L.ontao 700 m 15 de pore mpli od 14 x 0 pia les SE NEC ESITA: -, Emple do actlvoa nc;o ylu-z, hild4 No. 19.. 1o 9e Obn'io,

I- VhoblDE:-Acaby"o de e ro ecbr de- l bi n itudoecol Ferr. visio d tet para ||i 41. Con 3-047 l iae d S'-
S lenet, mueveh, y oy erateois. luz, bomb ecico, odse bl3oqs p ure slor compldetedo deos pe r- R ii *lN. deu Re-ud
reeas S1 a, Cloitt nil 'do ep Oberoll; or
Pre4gias parn chives y trobel e re- pita mos ac tablicS zne sneceito Avenida Tivoll No. SE ALIQ I .- Ali artament *t'rec''W0,10Sd or -
. mudas. Roeonutluctor Noesel, do cobaeson Is pared, ftodo stric- -I0 ep-rtam-nto 19. mol, 2 oMervicls Avenidao4 abit r. dit '. ffiho deo Re--nip

tAve. Pi Ne. 7. Teill. 2.040. taete M A odoro.oo6,Ae Ne. 1c TE v E .-- -0 Fr-lmn- eo mRia' PLJ t lr doeRe d:I3-
Segundo, Nuievo Arraijn. 12 mi- SE NECESITA-Empl-ado p .camp ANl S MTel 3-0. 08oFn vp blectoe otealj doctp Ro- J
SE VEtJDE:-Acebomos de recibir do oiss del Ferry. Jack Davis Apdo. tents pare oficios domisticas. Cac 1--1f ,_ de' S
Ingilaterra iirroglvonizada, a- 1 27 Cecali, C. Z. lie D, Cangrojo dotrks do carraras1111d '-do
rrugedo No. 26 de 2 x 6 y 2 x 8. de perros, d c A amarillo. .SE ALQUILAN: Apartomentos on Y 81 NO oo oal y 8-
Hoe sus pedldos ao 2-0610 o vi- ,SE VENDE:-3Cos 0 an Son Francisco .. dificl m dom d te minAr de O ObNOl do ronel Herbert D. ,
sitemos en Ia Avenida Norte 81 a de la Calota deo 3 recmaras. sole- S1 NICUSITA:-Implede pam. *l- urdm ara sala-comedor an Vogel, 0 1 S interino deost
an nuestro sucursal on Colle Mar- comedor amplio. Lot n au es dedtles pqu fe ll Oe y Ave. A. Tel p o. re2- L. DE O. _tef doal
Stein Sat No. 3, detris do la Leche- do 406 metro cuadrados., molloen ebd es leence.s. 0- 1-02. C A D-
S a. ALMACINES MARTINZ. Ave preclo. Informes.: Juan Navarre. aure o lte 2, Pr jIl N e. 6.
Norte 83 Tel 2-0610. Avenid Cuba entre clloes 25 y Apt. No 5. E A p
no -solo, comdor, dos recmaras,m E CIAL i
SVENDE:-Teda complete, pare SE VENDE:-En Ie Vale magnifico SE ALQUILA dos smvis., Avenida Chile, c -
"hobby" de enmbderomiento, me- lowte ben si uedo con servicio do lie 41, toelfono 3-0847. ,. 1 ..
so y seruchas, tornrquete combi- cueducto, precio m6dico, facili- U O P -
naci6n de' carro Y adisco, Para I- dads de pago. Tel. 2-3248 Pone- ALiIUllIAMOS APARTAMENTON
Iod. ,,e, brrn o.plli odore. '"Ndrill" m. SEEALQUILA:-Cuarteno bilon s APA TAMEN T -94'w w'a
Sldro, borrena, luiadora, drl m. SE ALQUILA: Cuarto o n muebles MODiERNOS ol frent. coas doe lo PLANCIAS DE TYLE.- SPEJOS
l a rttl' l r
Soirti. or itfl cdore. de is adc, in- GAnS' LA-- ANP ara caballero, .25 .00, entrdo mis onfortoabls d o a ciudod. 2 i
to flexilia, ccesorios, h men- a privado. Avenide Ernesto Lefevre, recmr, call 2 No. lr Py RD PARA BA Se I s d
:tas de na no banco ddetrobocon Parumote dei ls t n or LevcsN.-mos Cho.- ar LA HIE verA ado.r3fla.son D ALA0E Alt.PUER. ........I 4 0,
prnsa, accesorlos miscelineos. e- let ubicado on La Crsta., con co- Par Lefev. cs N. 32. Hill, pare vers pdr ves en ao LAMM PAIiER -c .. SHi
rreteria V cooba sece. gabinet modidades pare al mAs exigente gus- SE ALQUILA: Cuorto amueblado, mism case, a rteamento No. co. sa r l
pora herroamientos, motors paoten- to, 8 30.000.00. vntilado, case feamlie. drecho ao4. Par aolquilaor Via EspA. 36,BE E Ei P m ...... .E.i.
ts do 60 cicIos y motor extra doe0 .tolifono, con alhmentos. Cello 43 aportcmento A. Marlana Ortega. ALAMBRE DE GALLINE-. r m E. Saida on- p ,.-. .!., .-_-
1-2 caballo. Su cost aproximodo Chalet ubicadoan Celle 50. 650 Mts. No. 43, Apto. C. ROS. d IrareI ,
S 1.200. se ended todo poe. 13150. 2, s, _omeor, bblotoc, .3 recA-" SEAL UILA6FAm_;JOS...-
00. Laion 211 aea p ort os. 2 baAoLs, pach, coina. cua- SE ANQUILA:-Cuorto, c6mde v SE ALQUILA PINTURAS FAomRIA E ESPEJOSiom
tmerto n Curundu Heights, to s. atio p vim ado, jar-. ventado. nfrrrse an Coil 4 EL DIABL
mec ainCruanu din- y' gotage, 35.000.00.- n o altos, '" anaoA. ( "PITTSBUR11" E '- c6n't. .. ,
culquier harde. .No.9Com 00- '..A.B0to
TA ALTERACIN D Late on El Cngreo. .6 50 M2. SE AL.2ILA-: 2 Ctb l co t e- SE ALQU ILA:-Un chalet do tires Ie Tel. 152T-. .
EDFo0 o i nto -mubblo e Indepmnrnte. recimaraf, salt y cmdor 2 ser. ic-U 0a ---e #Tl -''. *t ____1__
I D IRCIO CLe an Los Cumbres, 2.306 Mts. 2. con balc6n, pore caboero. Colle vicious soanitarios y cuarto de e m-
f .lf Canal de PanamA ofrece on von- a B.1 00 M2. 45 N. 19 pleads in Ponam1l. Tel. 2-1602. "
o atrea y6 oh T o mn ianroter6 p- Ou 2 pSE ALQUILA :--HIit ac in cn on- SE ALQUILA:-Casa cmplefaente
f ,ficai nlemr 143. PedTo Muaonl Terrona n. El.o, 665 Mtrs. 2, paer trade Indopendientr y su bato ma obladE con dos rcimdreh oin Q 1'6 LC No. D.o 4 wr-
bin propuestas sellodas one a of r 3.32.00. nxo par cabllero, .30.00. Via EsprAa final, a tres cuadras Tel. 233385 .

0 ~ n 2 ^ F Dirr e Bntend 7 rO Io Cle o Ce r o n m u eb les a sin IA Ps, P erejil, 2 E Pd l H otel E l M earn m o fs Plnel 2 3 303 5
S de ply and Servce Direc- Entenderse con tlo V Ci. Tlf- e No. 14 a pa a 2-1756 n has do f cin Panam

S Balboa rHeghts hast e os 1 l o a s. o N ECEInTAo...en deohn o l Pan .
for DnoESE2277,Avenidt.a Central, B/ I I tr t
10:30 A. M. dl die 28 doe Febrero 3 v ed a Cnll p. e T par 2111 despuE s doIds 6 p.m. m PO eaei
.e 1951 cuondo se abririn en pibli- SSEE -El",omwor u s1 MOB

diteall Dcoopletos podrn obteners d ,a SEDESE:-ueer -no lmpleado a, deb. o ts B "d oAAf NlA noa* o "'
en Ilas ficunas dol Supply and, co re mLo cales bjrbenreferncias. Averi EN.,pVec D r IeOS -a.
Housing Mana ersoan Pedro Mgauel Se ALQAILA: alra deh 6sip to pti.. ite .. BR 29iJWE.R -pntledo. R on- ADa s4.A n Od lo na Olm O n de'o dafta .-
r Balboa Heoghts code .. 2 3. Lae its l, HE E rinO '. supet' r ngtisD hollI a e

-Ssple^r^; al* d l2964,nhrare do oficlna. S c.lE Ntra lt -II A Tela2-1r27.6 a1 31.MU O CI
SE ALQUILA:- Localo paor c. o General "e ro nt
vae aetelml SEE VElNCaslod 1
frDearrament oriba del Testro Central. e n/ E b 1/16n6 -- --c-etponi Sa 4sd6-
Depaeno, ALQUILAN.-Exclus vamentpo SENECESITA:n -Ualn chafoer pare re- / S Es Y lVoIeiCA DE9 ESIP0JS bmp "-desapa tIdo ros.
alin, el Departamento de Censoacs rofi a locales cintrcos oen os p aorto. Ex menloelsario so- t- LAr ApGARANF IAy.p o d mp r o
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Se6n. clasficaci6n. revlsl6n, con- prciuas mndo. Sol ; lcertcmnahgedob n reFineo. SE VENoE.-aUna persianv "0 Rer gnu
dTi TaoTp. Coila 29 Final. s- s -Un deEdfia. ptiSr e teos.
eronta Yrectfcact6ne c6n 5 y 1012. -2 x 52, 1-2 pul te. He- Rio AbaJo #2154 Tel. -034amco I Oco, an eldoVlnas Ohue.. o e b dt ti
-:boleta coma un t drevtao tpreo a Paves.r hopr Cowes do Paod r 2002- Almacn Culle "1"#4 'to- equa !DSquel"r--
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.'deos l resultado s. Eats labor ore- or Sn l r Tel. 2-1 2 doddeflro Edn0in a t durante doe dlo, v
v.i tiende a Ia rectificaci6n doe a latoas t SE VENDE: -Rafrigerodotora Crosley H li, Doe l Le6n 'Elsa Ceie oe.. Itw de Isa Wtpot
eudos eroprsn. on I inforse- comenta editoaLo- oeu a c peompran conu oams jubgo doe o umcmbro, dre iesttzR- Jm, d
clonee obtenid esln o npar e- ponriueb Si de niwetok a n .I .13 otros ensure t do case orEatimo. Aid&. I. a. mmin destruetlt do t
vocaciones Y omiiOne. ISuoelni nial: 0cn danz6n par lb ue- comao n Jldn on el desenvol- Cosa. rbbo. ApIo:- 13,I. atVlrpG sdomrean
Sw caos, el Deo r amnento hde a nal es unat. danza, tambore- vimiento do 1eherplm autlmca SE. VEN E:--Frigderi odl de dop- U C D U Bipma e Mo /.o ipm- ,
S.ftecha cetolone. a las rsonas ra., pla ltipuca nciondetl e e un 1 B parIadepient s nonal. La l, o i0G* MULEh GloAria Msag.r a ""

a qu IUO l nf Veini dclolouns qYfImannudo- f e aeun ueduo lebo- poro p hcolena, lcam nusyosrso.aAd@&fcC ct.
itaa hae nviado funionaeuts e da.n6n cubno, o bolero; pero opetacnit haea do deftn- ImA ensereRs vrlos, Call .H No. PEINA MODERNA, Cefio d eoa.ea Se
..? labore s, o mlentado dcio o Irrno' a lnutro objetopblcean do hiUamet aladuestrol conocm- er Apo.emoetala2-1,"4,T O d .,a.odo
S-tnorloeneri de correct so 0 deshacer culture ,on sIta eecu- mentos sabre s Trui. 6 1*r 1Ai- *, asml M-Ta *-

dles amlnas sedonels q u a on -ero Ionpul eraes cu vr i t A Ia "nsd del CBa ^
lioner lam eslonnls que haYse cl6n de erl ; nl tatmpoco I a mica, c6mo funclonan 7 $6oa gVENDE:--Estufa.i,* g, dale, .I iDt ApizaIdo. -mena toe.s a a
hilt iDadpEne a rtamentd'demMreODA.* AUIGA
auldn d sa onsa do tocamosr pe a quo sea bmasta- puedon c or utiflzadasaparm ii-qcuetre quomael--, homegrande *cot uAnrr ififudo de or
evi eaotpa, el De rme con a mnd ulianrtmo ha- oersos prr. hprueasro L do peao B.1.0. Ave. "A" 9 LDA: dERN id ,
emtintva trabajeando con Is mis- waiano; 1o haceimos conci el 0 stni- tionen vaat a repeorcuslan es. Apse. 29. coe gavetas. AroemenaDgg a4 0Ia* el, 04- e e 1k
f". o Intonueldad ui so himinotel profin do atrder la lo ni lsos y uade el torreno do Is (a p DOBL00 viny 02705 rryimn r :K lft
=Islabor premratdrii.-bLoseam- 36veas de cterla mentalidad, a civil contra oel atoaquesWi aIrt- SE VENDE: -_ Refrigoorq, estt COLCH ON DOBLE, m EMontalbinSm W 3bbiW
tlead'os a cargo de estr tarea,sa la matnera de i nzuoelo, para cos, hate i te rreno de Ia s- o "Magic"modidller S Ortega Audinor

plan obaniroquillde todas$ 50.0orloo- timchonado deiekdan- CogaL. toirp
ieor do star trabalando con entoncas hacarles air untrozo trrategia y lia tPtca, milltar'. r ,e lWo. QsP Cres
aeldos rebaJdo., estn rindien- selecto. Lo mlmmo perseguio mams. m, bars do cucho. Renovamas 5dU0 1l
do tans lornads diarl miniema cuando dedicamos un pasalo a Sera cancelado- Vents Son Bias, Aveonie Norte 65. u rIA TH0M Dipl"nsdoModiteT
M.aIdoP arIa terminacia n de Is- una ent.d-d, oaunconcoeto Saia lPn IChen ZonetdatdGarcia ENW RI", ,-..Hl ..
l abor censl va toareducindo del u nanel6n, a brindamos nues- cionado concurso ne "estaban ,W* I U V0 MOrn Maria V., Mira G. bialbs
Sn adido l t btu a un dretor hu- presefltando epecticulos que MUO g Eiait, 6. el me
ir a p ar "es po lh o 8 b. g gDd aPa
1pito. P ver clrainmentoe que en Coma recurdan nuostros. lee- l t
Parks hacer frents ea ets noe- tos ,aoprogrims. ,quo des- tor. c, eur, ,uso,. annv .D MUMLE ENTREGADO) Cultrst +.ea entie
Sitbares, comltento dsm- arrlla a Banda Republicana do limae alunos dis con Mo-RG...Vlo

let*cim, Mden flout RSses, iadomewo M
done slgunus secclones v redu- concerts populares su valor Rrb apuvtPdor.1m do h1. 14p.k
ciendaudeel personal. o equc so cultural y artistico. linJ Pnt.ra raa ,Pau h"s
t.timor. sno que hast cupa di'o- A contlnuaci6n day ei nom- com aoiomIsoCr uzA, mr "
ukndeo lag oficina t h aido a- bre de Ian obras maestras que emltlva, sebinforms qub a:P -..b
..gtedta resgruptndoae conuermo Is Bands Republicana ha sej-Primer Minlatro S0vittico, Jaof ude t5 11V,4 (7ertlA Lhadae b ]o d
L ma nuevas necesidades. La. cutado on los 1iltimos concier- Stalin, envi6 a la noets an A- destmaaas l. Sin
ISM means de dibujo de Iaitlo del presents silo, pars ele-brigo de p ol do ln savitud-tdeP AIa..a 0 r a... -
eocif6n de Cartografia sabre lam var Ia culture Musical del pue. de1Umild~l sai 0S
&ae trairaron Ilnidad do ma- blo: k1ReziPVI un juqo dshAA- mcajS bVim

Atm I
alma. a

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. .: 'i --.e *;.--
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:in +. -;
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I ,JJ.. al .su.
wauJzzzSff fl~~p~~f*

_______ Si

OW I& .90 ,,

-- r- i

Bienes Raiees Autoas6yUes
we, M VINUt SE VENE :-Studbblier 4 puerta
6m Chalet espocioso de 4 recimaros en oeden 1950 come nuove, B.1,500.
-. Julto Arosemeno, eaKuina fronts a 00. Tel. 3-2214, PanamA.



V;.lheorivis, ITeubM. oo ils
aine asmalOd* Firn 1d.e
Aloode pos del=el. epwl moA


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lve Dias P


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^ H ,' .^ '.. i''-'-'.
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*....7.t -
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rraw4y .,;~

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.001, P4-'
LOW- lI,

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idl "lma dr.

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If .eiw t. p mF""I W. "

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am Wi. -,,-O n..- I n,,
foss etntle wrr ree y out
onts ri a mt. Mito .Dis
*ea I M O po mr ,o-
M ID aolo.ur l 14, as

con s4 w~ -


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mens gra hf.

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enci, um5 w do 1
pte au SdS _

t oma s. t a A .d o a" .

respectsiMost 3. oD,.


Por rasone de otdbp Mt R i :,
pers l 4 mca 4Is gasecmi6u
Nasdon q Ue deba d*ectua s 4V4
brero de 1951, ha M I .a ta pa A
27 del 'mismo ot y mA..

Panamai 10 d Febwe de 191

S Minalr. do O mief ..

I ,*, <.;'
"* ; .:.
.. %( .

La Cigarrilos CAM
.. 4 I. ,- .
... ,& .. .," .

- S l



we ...

Varon a

. .;.,.Vir
-. 4..7


** .Ia


.... -..,


Sintoinfee dele HOY y tode Ias noches a lIs

Caballero Varena":

-Un yreoma estelar en la-radio frtorita

Sed Panamericana


'I. *~i

-.- ".


-1 .a -



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c i Itt :aat1


aks cit., duflh UStrt^h

p Iner isom hays cmedb.
as 'lmnea

-- -;J


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r o,-; 1. ...' ." *.- ; '' ,
"- ""1" -A"A """ -

I u, qo
=* ,*

fEs por lo que le

prest6 dreante la

pasada contlenda

Pow Steffan Andrewss
'I(N. A. N. A-)
(5PS) Los Estados Unides
hlarn otro Intento pars obtenier
un arreglo de a Unl6n Bovd#-
tics acerca de t1 ayuda que le
prestaron durante la guerra y
que alcanz6 a 10,800 millones de
El Departamento de Estado
dice que al efecto se llevara a
eabo una entrevista el mil6rio-
leo pr6ximo entire el embajauor
povi6:lco, Alexander S. Pan-
yuahkin y el norteamericano
John Wiley.
El arnunclo de esta reunion
ha sido una verdadera sorpre-
Sas, ya que ae creia (ue las con-
venclones al respect habian
S.egado a un callej6n sin saildr.
*eode que Rusla se neg6 a li-
,quidar la deuda cuando sc la
J116 en ochoclentos millones de
Esta suma, por supuesto, set .
-ademia de la devolucl6n de
Leisclcntos setenta y dos bar-
de guerra y mercantes que
Estados Unidos inviaron a
: tulan durante la guera y q~je
SMoscA se ha negado pernlsLcn-
')emente a retornar.
Un vocero del Departamenito
xplic6 qua se ha pedido a
Auala que pague en efectlvo los
.jrticulos qua se le remitieron
.. sao el plan de preitamos y
'Arriendos a raz6n de trenta
centavos per cads d61ar de au
verdadero valor. La. Gran Bre-
taisa, en un acuerdo similar,
pag6 el sesents por clento del
4 Aunque so despach6 a Moacfi
ana nota solicitando este pago,
tos funclonarlos del Depai t-
inento no tenlan noticia fie
4singuna contestacl6n a ella to-
-davia, ni sabian al es esperda
'ntea de la reunl6n del midrcoles
La notes se referia particult.r-
iJente a los bacos, cuys devc-
uci6n se solicita con urgencia,
%in vocero oflical indlc6 a los
S arcos, cuya devolucl6n se so-
Sicta con urgencla. Un vocero
official lndlc6 qua esta cueasl6n
: saeri el mayor obsttculo parr
t. u arreglo de todo el proole-
)ma de lo a prstamnos y arrien- pe tA penden-
W de se la termtnael6n de las
k guorra mundlal.
1 g eoblerac soviltico ha a-
doptado la nelet6n de que loE
bareos son "inoperables" y q-:e
nmuehos de ellos ya no pucden
utiliarse debido al desgaste y
los dpfioa sufridos durante la
.l Departamento de Estado
~-. ha contestado con una solletud
o; era quea se permit a un ei.
perto n a v a norteamericano
examilnar los barcos y deler-
Sminar su estado actual.
S xtraoficialmente se sabe que
mauchos de loa buques slguen
al serviclo del goblerno sovi. ico
y alcunBs hasta han sido uti-
Ilzados n.ra ayudar a los ro-
naun!Ltas coreanos.
De los barcos facilitadon a


freante a i ISleala Ortodozade idao Pedo ..'San Pablo, Pabo
born, Mihigan, en prottd.e M dL Obi.o
Moldovan, qulen Ueg6 ree t d e. l
El Obp so Mqued6 dent de la iae prroqulal,

prtadeo 433 ApWatade 1MO

El dia nueve de los corrlen-
tea festeJ6 sum natales el seefor
Ino Hooper. Aunque algo tar-
de le hacemos lHegar nueatra5
Hasta la cludad de PanamA
extendemos nuestro cordial sa-
ludo' a la sefiora dofa Carmeit
Diaz de AlemAn, quten el dis
diez del corriente mes festejO
sus natales.
En el dia de sayr sum6 un
aflo mAs de vida el seflor Ma-
nuel Barcia L. A la muchas
fellitsaclOmea que hays reclbi-
do con tal motivo. agregamos
las nuestras muy sinceras.
. Desde el 10 se encventra de
acemes el hogar del sor
anig Rudolf y seiora Velma
Arosemena de Rddolf, con el
felts dvenlmlent6 de un ro-
buto chiqultin naeldo con to-
da felilcdad en el Hospital Co-
16n. Tanto la madre come el
pequeflo Frank Jr. se encuen-
tran en perfect estado de sa-
Campleaflos de boy
Cumple hoy un aflo mas de
Vid las niflita Adelina del Car-
men Durkn H., h Js del sefor

Ruila, treinta y cuatro
barreminaa de gran tamafno,
cuarenta y trees barreminas pe-
qUefio8 y cuatrocientos setcata
y nueve embarcaciones de guiras
de diversos tipos. 1 resto son
barcos mercantes.

oil 0

pros: -tan el

J U E V E S *
a las 9:00 p.m.

Segunda eliminatoria dea



con el respaldo musical de

"LA PERFECTA" de Armando loza

don Octavio Duras y sefora.
Que cumpla muches mas sonu
nuestroa mejorea deeos. N
Tambidn cumple hoy un sao0
mas de vida el niio Federico
0. Hawkins, hijo del hogar de
Federico Jawkin y s ef or a
Cristina C. de Hawkins. Nuea-
tras congratulaciones y deseos
porque los pase muy contento"
Aniversarlo de matrimoelo
-Celebran hoy cuatro afios de
unl6n matrimonial los esposos
seflor J. M. Ruben Paz y sefho-
ra Manta Mollah de Paz. Lasta
os del Toro extqndemos
nuestro cordial saludo.
Para Barrmanufla,
Por via area sali6 ayer pars
Barrasquilla, Colombia, a pa-
-sar su vacaciones al lado de
su tila dofs Teresa Schneider
vtuda do tiosnia. La iefMorilt

trW W b*ss l doe Aire
iP as al Atardecor
g as.; de Icasa
f emosids
-a M Ascarraga
S aballero Varona
Wall" *Camel"

.:4q 4e el Rio Nace
I:A Seaeeolones populares
:0 tBerensta de las Americas
r 8ola .r Od6mea
'6;t 1J ivarilada
.t Musical de oy
.b 'ordero
10:3W Maomnto sentimental
1100 Buen s Noches
4:00 Buenos Dias
WU-D-pa tador Musical
V:IM Noa um
7:00 IU Vos del Interior
S Tor de. Monagrillo
I.: Melodlas matinales
f Qrdea mpestros
8:1 blan los astros
9:00 ElCorreo del Alre
9:30 El disloque musical
10:00 Petitones
11:30 Donde el Rio Nace
11:45 Misica varlada
13:00 Estampas del Hogar
13:15 NoUdas R.P.A.
1l:30 Solos de 6rgano
Lqeho Azetraga
1:00 Notlclero Deportivo
Gullermo Rolls

vu ta ira Rtoohfa. mpranis
que hays tenido gn kt .viaje
y unas placenteraa vsaccloneo
le deseam.



Sus 1IlJOS?.
Comete Ud. el error dq*.tnerloa
Ignorantes, pars consear mE
Inocencia!... PrepArele para la
vida de camadoal...



Haigm fe&e" W limijos a-
bribndole los ojos hacia los
abismos sexuales... Eviteles
fra-asos dolocsos que arrni-

I I;

o qua


ria r
de la. .
Al re
dea ea)
la Amw
y obral
de la

la a

pre- sFAIV
Was- c
r el mcouap
prock Progp
a* 5- AilB.

- tento e
: I 0 B desem-
ittmite u papel de
Abi,.d. d coordins-
, M-Sopr que "aste
t s apoado por
aljer, de Sueca,.
ae ls goblernas
sportaciones rc-
al pre-
S l OMB., hn
-.- aUg] mw liberal-
:t salcome al
A, itencla T6c-
g1, respect
/ ...4s~ar,'

Exittm y humtrftica comedian ? es@Ina .el Jueves
:"- m iCENTUl

Kv. a
f, LIO(
El -drma estrujante o'd s d mujebes ,con la cqui '
se ha ensaiad el.deslno... .:.
La ellcula quo es una acu.
saotln pars los hombre,
una advertencla para las
s s1teram y una leccl6n pars
las casadas...



y el nuevo gain
en -




De los abismos del mal sucje como usC ejeaplo aror
'la emocionante historic de un hombre d Tnia %peM a
terrible vicio y. sutoal regenctaci6n.... ;



~ a.






; -; ..


SAtie y a Is 'u hqnp


COLOSAL nq ju uOOltj i IAL

o s 4,, %. swa Iomwr.,
hms Mast. *. -wm...m



"-, efa n
. ** .nU

narin sus vidss futra! j

nLa mwlaeon m s m-
Macbus quw jxpan am
-.,oneg b sWs al.-.-

9 .

* .- .
.'^ i.



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