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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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SU1i RP -s Possibil
N. ----- 0 ";
S .: a t of ll o w
t IV
^ln-la- i irn..lawi iinea try of oA~reulture and others.
f..Bist of -He t to olon to pay a
a aof vllt'to- be1 84M MWhere

a d." ,- i. Instimtute of tO-j wi af-
by aThe V. -,a.h t has -
na 0*.,otf-94,5M,
m rator .o f-0'05Crte program aof
medt of s4technical asditw e to undevel-

r The um to be allotted to the
Sto" cuadsr, .i. d two separate countries will be deter.
evening of th d latr after on-tle-spot
ne offa ex- conferences with otfctals of na-
pe He wmonfer- tons who wiltke part In oo-
encsnItals operative e)p t.
and largeraas Ata pres mnfe eDr. Ben-
and a et' ne n ty bis group
in the tato. De mt nave
He was Ipe ear- been p the h
nestness of thuent Ctalty.of._t a"$ people and
Officials and byte unt of stauan ws hva: come to the
information asv a n ithe United Biatlta fsPanama on a-
subjectsa of aGt health gricult d itoal work.
and education U. l bassy He added tIM h believed- that
S with d q1 tMO and de-
These ba IInn moLtYraon of .iethodst his
w h P gruested wilbe able to paeryiopsuc-
techncal. o& r the eItyU In Panama after the
Point For pl with icultuire Point ur program Is a memo-
of rice pru -I priori--
l aterdaY Dr, AUilSC11- HelBem Tidtes
ed the mddldm t to be
PMat FO*t "m I nmem- 6:08a..i Ml kt, 11:10 am.n 1.7 ft.
bet of the-u qty5:3Bp=..L:p .4 11:40 p.m-0 ft.


t To Panama

sand auLor .of a Hlghly-lnterestng
g. At book called "Lbor Lawyer" in
and sale which reference a made to his
khe Ca- appeawnce In the Osman case
n the an othe enatna cases in
Of this which he- be s been involved
its in throughout is profeuslonal ca-
ols case ie sit with the Socalast Par-
Oidt was ty when It seemed about to fall
coufd under *e Control of the Reds and
bthe his efforts at combating the men
SMa. fromhasaow ha not been con-
Mmand- fined 6. pi es releases. He has
i Canal been.actively In the field against
them tor tro decades. Xn fact.
'.visit to WaldM pan ed leading part
ulted In th0 of the story,
hipare- .1'The I In the Pan-
0 eatlon aaatol tol ef
eaet w I for two

:'-~ ~


A- braham

.-t..' ..'- .; ". *-?, -.'
".-., .. .' f. ..


wa ", n.e an: .

bunt -ebrt nth"
thanm d th oe

I itf Gi
I (ip

Yes ,ir Cobb answered. "We
fired 4bout 0 rounds toa. T08
IS a good un. We kill tg.otf
them, evaIf we have to fire from
3,000 to 4.000 yardo"
Afterwards. Oobb, a ldb-
lookm cowii man with x-bind
but d4st. toothbrush musta..
"I'U be wed. That'Vshe
IDf KtU nI^~ tip freit JB^


enta are now Itain in n3
first aid courses n a

preoara for civil defense -
arrangements have been mAde
tor new classes for both be.gin.-
nerg ad Inetruetron n t
sides of the Isthmus, aeording
to informaton from M. E. Walk-
er, Civi Defense Advisor, and
ww AWNo

d V

Lieutenant William U la of( 0
the Fire Division, F Aid
ChA rman of nar anlre Zai.
ihaptier of the ntRed Crol.
Reostratmon for new c ai e ait
nBalboa, nco, and le aboh
He wkhts will be taken started
Friday at the mlubhos, ad
eommrssardes in each of the
Registration for a Meond 2niht
c.lass in M argal will sta
Thursday t the Maargarita Iub-
house vand the eouse Wil bean
Monday under the Instrutin of
Lieutenant A. U. CUiaa of the
eFire Division.
Clec for inestrucs will be
held In the near future by ay-
mind J. Amoro of theNration
Red Cross, who will tairsieO
the Isthmus Friday frow Was-
inlton andie will be h oe l ant
three weeks. Amltro win ery
histrutor a for the prdongat
while he Its here and will er-
odty persons who hae held -
treuetora' cards I an tUen pt.
Toee Who wish to have
atruftora' cards recetife ae
asked to telephone the offM e of"
the Otvll Defense Advisor at Bal-I
oa Hedghts, telephone i-l19r.
New Zone Phone
Directories Willprga

Co On Sole Soon
The new Canal Zone telephone
directories, wcadh are now e
distributed to subscribers, will be
on asae to the public in aboft ewo
weeks, according to Information
from the electrical Dvison.
Announcement will be mad
when they are available tor pur-
ThDirectories Will be t
the blueprint vaule In Room 343
of the AdmWntration Bu.ldinfr
Announemgen. t "e pie Mader

The directories will beesoldyat
e vault In Room 343
Heihs Theepric Wt oth"X
deter~tbWim M pnad f
i~a'*M Eet lU pandi=.o
Club will *M MBt Wotr
216011 Intrt 300 Vl b* ISS
1wt^-~u^jfasJt* winess- how-3---
EBMBB~f^'^- ^wv- ftbuk^^^"

Santa Claus Lane
Gives Party Fund
To Polio Drive
The residents of Oleander
Iler 11alboa, better known a
ghlaha h Lan e" because of
Stie te lk "Cbrist decoar-
tos. has eea erbuted the sun
of r52 to tBhe 11 Polio Cam-
gapi, accordMin to an an-
nouncement made yesterday
by Wesley Towsend, pokee-
aun for the residents of Olean-
der Place.
Towns-nd announced that
the eoantibut o was money
ohih amo been 1pent
Ste we0-kndwn "Block Par-
In" Nil mae year for the
adf o Of ndeor Place and
nearby s Since the l9l
"laqk Party was cancelled b>
C cause of pololthe rediden 5 fiu-
! thorized the reIsnnfrgdnds to
go to the l,5l p, U, .Sdp

- --- ----- ---


. aL- 1




off the switchmen's strike.
firemen and conduct
reduction In their workweek,
no loss in y. The me

At Chicago, the gov
called on W. P. Kennedy,
men's presiw nt, to t.eaU
tempt to prove that the
acted in Contempt of e
court Injunctions In the MwM
men's strike Wat December. -.
Trainmen reporting hers
hurried into yards to e
jam of idle freight and II .
Cer cars which had W iled uj
pst week..
Balboa PTA Board WAI
Meet Tonight at
^S&e Board of the Balboa
School PTA will meet taGUn
7:30 in the library of the
Welfare Board building on
Boca Roaed. :

- .
;' ,

P"Q *;.
-, t '- ,r- .
'. ._... ...1 **;* ,,

" *

-0head N

head Ni


o .

From Parallel
,o ., o.,.

TQKYO, Feb. 7 UP).- United Natless
:anced elf,0 the majofront today to Within siht
they were paced by Amherican infantrymen who
,eds off a hilltop in a spectacular bynet clhrge l 1
six atles from the city.
Covered by a curtain of artillery fire and pO
by three- fast-shooting tank forcr, the 8th Atey vM
the Communists back one to four miles all along the
rean front.
Allied artillery moved up behind the troops, brbeq
Seoul within easy range, but they ignored the city too
rarily to blast ten to 15,000 Red dug in below the
River for a last ditch defense st.nd.
On the central front the threes Ii 0 and O forces, drove,
day-old 10th Owrps attack gaed tha h way to within s
more than two miles and =st oM of a onoonh wilea
seard within 25 miles of the road JunoMon for ile Cqua
8th p=lel. up1V .. ,
Spectacular hand to hand M anwe 2-29
*fighting rased sonth of -eou M u _nal' orth rora M
AmericAn, T h' and Puerto "taui e fo i.
RidmInantrymen nuhd theft ond stai~ t d aynd.a^
line forward wit ftourmU r OW on a WSmWes
of the M atv. At one it posut rallway.
,task foea oego tak men who @N_-A
were taantryom an n a wn.-

i otif up_ th mflr.Aout down M
*.TS1S^ MrtiSM A~

other o :0 ii tla
an at orpted o te s a e.
.Thefoner o#t eu e tcr Mu ted u

ao= tnag 134)r&tth.robph
dvne -ofte t askos dan men
enablod'l to link up with an- work movementID~

aroa &A Wging rm of Aerl whcr
wa general all across the western ti backroa wr a t thl
ad. and Itet reitamne of A a- -I ioni 8
f doreen On he ut N- mot Vtdal--the nat"Ln
ronttheRod&fouht back IninWsngomai
aZqp runL from ton men to fdealn W tomwee, &
M. bttalon l&h tried I-*& fdrl e/tolwrms,
to104Ing, to Battle the disutebe
the minHoengsong-Ron honX l ~loa n h o
mad. A battering ram of the r railroad a,, nd e fhour

0. Bennett, A
ailnistration, known m
press conference at
Wday in Hotel El ?aP
t) are (1. to r.): RanRM
am; U. S. CMhrs d'At
hie Affair. Officer

w win And

CZ Moth* With

Women Priomers
The Cabal Zone's method of
h==PrrUpms was

tuaLb e Vllmo p l.
the JWI tl _
Ot^agB ffor 0.e*14me,

taee and Io- J
ed waiting pirrt tn

reourhchlr ge o tf e
Cantigra o a. onftued sNay

nant mosevnin sles
bwais supndie anlldy 46We-

meno -which he and other
ftwL-fore oahave Eu|her-a

*Med nayar's of Istuoaifl
women *WU j uvenlt ftlf
"an be Yovn rehabilltto treat
ment whH they We aenA
their sentences. ,
Vllma, Ab was pi hUp Ws
December In Aneon. sh e It o
leased f-rPo Mg. sip
,&At July oen partof rtot
Pntenc., waIs e
16ord showsfd rd Qtlql
for reburih-g A'
{our tre MIX six vfte
three pery hree a mohe
queht petty lareeny and aone
W4e *"s one of tw"rpa
woman offen br t m
the District Cort ye_
the first crIinal call. l
December. The other wpBIr.
fandant wa s RrlI i
alo known u M
tillo, she welp'ktl i i *tf
In the Tlvoll cunwr her
fourth charge of retarnlgt We
Canil Zone. haim P ..1-
nant. Impositi, of- &o sntee
was suspended O wa NO
ed ona year's p ..
Otheresentece o -dur-
Ing the court so.s
eLsco Caballero. thr: months,
escaping from custody- re
Alfonso Fraser, three months m
Oamboa for a stabbing Wlat Nov.
30 at the Pacific Clublie Ale-
Jandro Morales, six m=iPare,,.
pended and Onar iNuri,, one
year uspended for b*11 oy
,e Albrook A10e'J] lutl
Dec, 12 Morales am reM
both 21, Ban Bla; M emai ft;-
dolph Jarrett, 31.
two years suspended
a fictitious cfteck;= 00in'Ur
tinez,. 26 Paaain it-th
in Gamboa tor b a a"-the
lothmlan Construetr'jae
house at CurundU I, .
Lo~ GP -i f

44*YNW- P

Of ,vi ..- --I'

-d^ uE ~ .'..;" '. .-. .HI'

'Rete Expets

-.UmwffEw eting

W which, affrEeewt ftedeOr
O gF tert
,. .

egmt Mae e !
ma on t.* h n

llnk-Trimmed Brasseres Go Like

Hotekakes As Miami Season Booms J'
/ ''".
M I A M I, Fla., Feb. 7 (UP) $19 and storage even" M .'
Tense tourists are letting go forb d Ide such ent
what many feel may be their l s0 muent aJ*. Lewis a
tang, this winter ploxi T er ad h Uearis now
Idts best buses nin Iy= f ed a.i..-i
A l s y hotels and .et g at reut -.
itrmme bra.ere, wbere an age of $lUM)Q ..
ad the goltC n,, from bet- day is spoet tpluth e W
-nf-conM lou eh to Cops mutuola- Is t .7 per cent-M.-.;-.
009Mgt Cubwith Its $30bot M=4"Sf-lv~oM be af
e i ta taing advantage bo to
theeese PnHg wmne soU. lj'

n ur ever last year.'T F
aor ,a pveto we
aU'lineI mfrad contrd ek

~e~^ans a fr t d a'er '-
af AmerisM. fa .
10 luj'the lst i rn .
sI id., .-.g

,.. ., .....

Ks 'Defeh ComesB
gt. I ivu -for

^a~i^S'S^^'^"^ ^^ G~il^^** aodthM ntimert
:..^jl~j{^K^the otoeam-tluk t ^a^^^ ^Of


the Ca-
p repr-

T o,-W'M *M...6 -..-.

-- -- -- .q.i'.,,if

25 Miles

~ Ckwges

POin Four Sees More

-Sr s



140 Ortmns Fright Servic


.....................Feb. 5
r............::....:" ... .Feb. 12
A. I .e........... ................. .....Feb. 1
q.&eavermend................. ...........Feb.2?

andUn fre tea. CtUi
-d enenU darr


m York frdteht Service Crswtai
8. pe Ainn .................. ............. Feb. 12
S.8. Cape Avinot ............ ...........Feb. 18
8.S. Cape Cod ....... ..................... Feb. 25
S.S. Cape Cdmberland .......................Mar. 4
:1lavana Freight Service
dSallh n, Weekly from Havana to Critatbal
SWeekly salUing to New work, Los Angeles and S-eale.
- Oecaslmbsal aluin s to Neo Orleaus and Mobile.
..eo stqmere Isen b service are iblted to twelve paINeurs
frequent Saillags from Crist6baM to
:West Cost of Central America

Crist6bal 2121

r- Panmni 2.2804 Col6n 20

lhe Pacific Sleam Navigalon Conpany
AS, Royal Mal Lines Lid.

JB. "FLAMENCO" ....:....................... Feb.
M.V. "SAMANCO" .............................Feb.

M.V. "RBINA L PACIFICO". ................ Mar. 3rd

S V. "SANTANDER" .......................... Feb. 8th
V. "LORIOG .............................. Fob. 24th
8.8. "DALERDYK" .............................Feb. 10th
S8.8. "LOCH RYAN" ..........................Mar. 5th
.9. "DIBMRDYK" ........................PFb. 7th
AS. "LOCH GARTH" .......................... Feb 1th
"PAuepting pasners in 1'rst, Cabin ani Tilrd Class.
*u WIpMior acooamodaUon Yavilable for Daaensers.
All s talt subjeet to Change Without Notice.
* F COMPANY INC.. PanaI Tel. 8-&I. /IS 8t B1lbs 1iuI



" "-;"

lib euwon3 Praw Avg CzILA s>h -

PAe5UN Ua:jcx To PL'MOITa W1 'AVa:
S S.. Colombae ................... .. ..... Maria 4
&. Liberiate ........... ............ ... .., ... FoberMur 8

"'-a "*" ,n -aoa

Shipping & Ai e News

United Nations *
The large movement of Umnter
Nations officials and attaches tu
Santiago, Chile, for the 12th an-
nual session of the UN Economic
And Social Councn, which con-
venes Feb. 20, gets under way this
Tomorrow night a goup of 20
of the delegates will stop briefly
at Tocumen en route via Panagra
and PAA from New York and Mi-
ai Forty-six more are due Feb.
2, 87 on Feb. 15, 53 for each of
two following nights and 32
on Feb. 19. Approximately 30
others have already left for the
Chilean capital.
The return trip begins March
20, with 330 delegates and repre-
sentatives scheduled to return to
New York b. March 24.
Extra sections are being added
by the airlines to handle the hea-
vy passenger movement, which
comes during the height of win-
ter travel to Latin America.
Via Braniff
Mrs. Donald Orefe, wife of Bra-
niff's manager for Panama and
Ecuador. left Monday night on
the airline's flight 601 en route Lo
Kansas City. She will spend sev-
4ral days with Mrs. Forshay Rus-
sell and her father, Harry Minty,
of Kansas City, who have been
Visitors here and who also left
Motiday night. Mrs. orefe will be
back here Feb. 11.
Mr. and Mrs. George Hannum
left early Sunday for their home
In Wichita. after a visit here.
1annum Is a Braniff stockholder.
'%pest at the Hotel -*amer
r Mr. and Mrs. John C. Long of
anras City. Long Is a well-
known contractor. They will leave
Friday night for Lima on Braniff
on -b trip around South America.

Snow Bound
Onty 39 passengers ar scheduled
to leave the Isthmts Friday on
the. 8. 8. Ancon, according to the
advance passenger list from the
Panama Line offices at Balboa
Thte complete advance list foi-
Cpl. Dorland L. Avery: Mrs.
Hannah E. Brissett; Mr. and Mra.
Edward V. Buck; Mrs. Ann C.
Burke; Richard W. Coy: Mrs.
Anna L. Cunliffe; and Mrs. Elder-
mae A. Duff.
Mrs. Geraldine Ouilds and two
children; Mr. Arthur Hardle; Mr.
and Mrs. Joseph P. Hardie; Mrs.
Sue 11g; Mr. and Mrs. William D.

5T. "SATA CCILIA".............Due Crlst6bal. Feb. 7th E D
. SANTA MARGARITA" ....... Due Crist6bal, Feb. 14th

:. "BANTA ISABEL" ............Sails Crist6bal, Feb. 12th FMI' It V H W _,m
B. ".ANTA MARIA" .....'........ Sails Crlst6bal, Feb. 19th 'Ty n J

M1". "SAILORS SPLICE" ........... Due Balboa, Feb. 17th.
M.V. "OUN0 RI KNOT" .............Due Balboa, Feb. 21st

M.V. "COASTAL NOMAD" ........ sails Crist6bal, Feb. 10th

tsi 3144 211i PeansmA 3-5 0557 Balbo 1557 i153


m'"8teuede4 5&O
Is per *Iha tender, d7 or allyT O.ecasionali
ml 0she1 by usightly pimple, bliead. i
saseh O.Ukwe ? eep ees a ~l~s( qoad for see
well as ain sgrym with asomal ids
whe'^ ^s te *ee uunpiulems prlms awaprl

M. .. -.--1WO Nw 9ma-



Jopo! and Mrs. Mary A., Iu-
ohn J. Martin*Mrs. H
Smith; Mas B
ret T. 31h; Mr. and Mrs. C .
Spaster; and Mrs. Russell 1.
8traan& Pvt. Robert D
Mr. and Mrs. Claude E. Tow-
ery and asn: Mrs. Catherine .
WTrner; Leslie S. VanCampen;
Anthsay J. Wachta; Lt. Cmdr,
an* Mrs. Arthur H. Wehle and
twM jIldthn; and Charlotte D.

IW .aElks Plan

bOi CoStl Visit

To RerO Grand Ruler
Lodgle others of Panama Ca-
nal Zone Lodge No. 1414 of the
Benevolent and Protective Order
of wU111 V Journey to the Atlan-
tic Bide today to visit *lth
their Lodge Brothers of Cristobal
Camal Zone Lodge No. 1542 on
the ocasion of the official visdta-
tion to that Lodge of Ralph Orge-
sau, the present District Deputy
Qrand Exalted Ruler for the Cp-
nal Zone.
Orasma, wh sla the representa-
give of Grand Exalted Ruler Jos-
eph B. Kyle here on the Isthmus,
vialted Lodge 1414 two weeks ag
when over Canal Zone I
turned out to hear him.
Exalted Ruler William J. Dor-
of Lodge No. 1414 announced
hs moltng that no special train
would be run for this occasion but
that many members would be
traveling to the Gold Coast In
their private cars and those who
wished to ride over could make
contacts at the Home. He also
stated that many members were
making the Journey by the regu-
lar evening train which. leaes
Balboa Station at 4:45 p.m. and
will return on the night train
from Colon which leaves there at
10 p.m.

Vehicle lonpeion
Sol for Anmoprol
woldb rn o ti o W .in u

Commeralal velhile VIspectionf
will be made and velhicl InspeUc
tion stickers, required for com-
mercial vehicles Pana-
ma and operated in the CarSal
Zone, will be Issted oply in the
afternoon at both the Anoon a)d
Crlstobal garage, it h n
announced Rt BalboawW t4
The new Inspection hour s,
The pew Inspection hours, wJll
be from noon to 4 p.m. Monday,
through Friday. Inspections havy
been made both in the morning
and afternoon,
Starting Fe. 17, the hours will
be shortened gain, with Inspec-
Lions beng mde only.from 7;30
to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.
New vehicles will be inspected
at any time during the regular
repair shop working hours from 7
to 11 a.m. and from 12 to 4 p.m.
Monday through Friday.
The hours for Inspections and
Issuance of Inspection stickers
have been shortened because of
decreased business at the Motor
Transportation Division garages.
About 90 per cent of commercial
vehicles haTe passed the required
Inspection and Inspections have
dropped to the point that the
business can be handled in as li-
tie as two hours daily.


AwL3! 0?

T~ 3*~
i-,M. ~ -

Now They're




%WILL t.U 6150 FOR Ic,1i415.uAmvs
%- 1 OPS "tit W i^B j S IS T14E 9 Gato
111MS LItU A P1M3,0 RMT"i6 AN AJttlS.
tPAC1 To BRiN A w ZoO,'-'
HsiMPAIIes! "1I45 MANs




1.- .



MW: .2


The Cttberat Day



'I .1
p -.



M Ind n e .....................,M ..,.....8,.
U.S. Chat ....................... .,,s. ....... i,

----------- ---- ---

mI -" I .

for soNhs due .
to eidse,
*o piamnmte.l-d -.
tive--for both adultss ,,d.
child=. At YOUr dru








I '~

'- :




i anio rF
*If of the

fatner I

an eves
hope the
'to se.m
told the
that .waj

F bd-r

1.L *


SIt-roduced by ,0 ,
i,-l of, United States Ar-
'will be IcluddKIl'
aeW mands on dPi
the an Febru
a Department .
ounncement rqpelqd
e Fulham,. '4ei
S.rt Clayton, te
Sfirst-prize A-
Sa carved ntt
r o te akhibitsa will "

contei e d 'Iae
Pentagon display, and the win-
ners will b.announed MaJ.
Gen. wdF.. Wlt e Ad-
jutant GeneraAL

radlolog w
ARIB Da -,
with the
avy Air Force
Meyers &. Sh6re.-
Deputy Chief of
the lraduai
D wanted the di
talked o th .
Eino an Cof t i
and cInlait .
scores on..o
Were made bp.y,
Frederick E. WfidmI
V6OP and COD;,lt8A.
ey Jr., 33d Inf.;ItA",
BiD. Powell, 504th FAU. : a
Rn Boyd, 33d Int.; ANrt .i
,uen, Pan Canal; OSgt. Dan
3Gunter, 33d Inf.; Leisd ,D.
fletke, Pan Canal.
Graduating with smores qt
jeWe Capt. Walter Thc0 ,
GVW and COD; let Lt. -S=
8. Anderson. Jr., 45th M06 .;
lit Lt. David Nugent, 9M AA
AW Bn; 1st Lt. EdWard f. pa-'
tol, 764th AAA On Ba, d Lt.
Jr.lme Penne, USAI; Sit. Athur
.C. Bllmyer, 7450th&U.

rook AFa Tips

March of Dlims

6oal; Makes $MOW
The Caribbean Altoml n -
has exceeded Its $(000.
has raised more thba. In
19-day March of DIbar .rIve
Brig. Gen. Bmil c. e CAM
commander, a.rotn
The total fi l _i- d
0e6twen the Canal m
ted polio chp ,
ney to drve were w W r
bond raftt wrtch drew H ;
contributions from airmen in the
pay-lines a week ago, whch a-
mounted to $1092 and 4Aa feor
two round-trip' ticket to Costa
Rica. which resulted in $IO00.
Ever since Jan. 15, benefit acti-
vitlee have been staged. at Al-
brook for the Marcb of Dimes.
concert tby the 77th Aro
band, 'bhilahil-.,batbteue. a

out I Ralpl

lhId. .
I Ser-
1 e'*

icp Canal
tdispose of
1 hiopee.che

i) Puth fralb in the drums
padiy pledices

r trs iefnto tied
.it sill not be
br t one cartons.
rne r and
IS net be placed
0thea picker-
dan not han-
ish, it is ex-
mand clean ISnse
e d i most economi-
trash it they are
o aid in0 a carton or
la the t~rah recepta-
the packer-

W AW yQN, Feb. 7 (UP)-
The Sazia iwto proved legis-
lation to pt'~t President Har-
ry Truman t reshuffle Federal
agencles 09 a temporary basis
a carton or

voice emoratic
leaden rot differences
with Ipubilan opponents. The
blU now -le to.Wie House.
In no wes t .fotrm, the bill
would an to~rsi the President
o proclaim temporary reorgani-
zation plaKi tor defense pur-
poses. The plans would become
effective after II days unless
specifically alapproved by Con-

Cau. Sponsors

Weekly Tours In
Summit Gardens
'biUl n~w- id p.$ House .

The flht of a series of weekly
coand.uto' tours of the Canal
Zone Experllnent Gardens at
Bummit will be held laturday
morning, according to Informa-
tion from the Grounds Mainten-
ance Division.
The tours wll be held fcom I
to 11 a.m. aturd ays unless.
Arrangements fr thed by Con-
IWeftTours In

visiting pteods at the Osrdens
publtc4 to provldte stors
mtheorning inty to inspctr th
Gardens accompanied by a guide
who will explain the plante and
ance Divion.

oy i rgp, Nurserynman athe
lZVerlmen Gardens, will o0duct
. te weeltl tours.
L.ii iirm iiiiM11111 .L



,7 E YEAt .J
"'I '--A

Fly. KM to

Peris, Madrid, Rme... All Europe


me '
!#-DAY q Rp W KAlTI


SWme upeD KL.LM Mwrvke...
>J*"wg fme"ed he WNe fmeI
".hrift Seasm" hs nally ac e lto I
Ow. .Kat no*m .paM low 15-day mad trip
M 9 all 2 u -pe. Fly the Nortn= rooute by
or the Southbm route by DC-A.
MiWr aloy ak travel atr is haaio
a a bk* b I

SL PanamAi

, iM~3

.2 :.

,xr Y.I.,

S li p .

64 .~s~ 1.. -
wvu *oW

"Yo* ntte~ *. i1il ouitt some
players 'm5ek." -mhta a
Pittsburgh mder. 'The mistake
usually ost, "m or a slam.
No. Aoz.i t,eidb'w tooit
anp then nobody
no efalrmean

Nthat the
ud th etr bourooyeni
cloned w t orie t way. with
it on d le. _e ntIt would still
be petty dedvein smo, yuu
wouldn't gt Witt up In the
newsprp--untl" 0U tIr It in
the neer
We cn e an eeparallel In a bridge
North's bid ;o five dasnonds
was part of t.-Blac ~id Con-
vention. South. by Udmg four
no-trump, kds6iked bo many
aces Sort-h hg'. forth, b bidding
five dtmons, replied that he
had one ace (npt necessarily in
diamonds, OI s.oure.) Uit's dou-
ble of fledpwOnd* was meant
to suggt a If"rable opening
lead to his partner.
South wasn't worried about a
diamond lead. He knew he would
be able to discard a small dia-
mond on the ace of clubs that his
partner had promised to supply.
All he needed was a strong trump
holding In the dummy for a
grand salM. He thought boat
bidding ueVnf but lost bls nerve
and bid only six.'
Six spades was a fine contract
and shOuld have been made. As
it turned out, however, .south
might Just a U well have had the
fun of bidding seve. He would
not have .mule it. of course, but
he didn't make the small dslam
West opened the deue of dia-
monds, and .South won with the
ace. He properly laid down the
ace and king of pades, hoping to
drop the queen. When that card
failed to appear, South knew he
had to lbsea trump trick. And
South got a little pelis about
the diamond loser i his hand,.
South was very anxious to geLt
to dummy to discard his low dia-

neut. '*
Untfrtunately for SAuth, t ut made a mt htb'.!
was alte tw twruuf.t-u1 a wm9lso very unluy AM
Bait then took the king of a- tho would have Wen oi
Smonds, setting the -lan&. eon- t eof had held a siWom N
tract. pould hwB bitS1
South had a blind spot, of pof his hlo p wr I
course. There was no need to dij- this had happ ned O
Card his own low diamond on wold have paid no attpit"
dummy's ace of clubs. He should the hand, never resllng tM
have led a second higl heart had really made a mistakes
,rom his own hand In order to wa It actually turned ot A
discard dummy's low diamond. eAfted a leuon that ho
East could ruttfthe second heart, forget In a hurry.

Panami No. 58 Justo AlosmeMa Ave.
Foot Treatments, Cor.n Caloues, Ingrown Toe Naift
S Arabb apports.- REDUCING Treatments,
Slde idSla Machines, Tarkt"h Baths. Male and fea
operator. For Infeumattoin e6: 3-2312 P
t -- -_



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. 4-Piee Plastic Cannister
' Sets-4pecial ......... 5
Barbecues (Large BSie)..lG M
Plastle Knife Holders.... 35
S Kitchen Curtains .........8S

PYREX Sets (4-Plece).
Satin Bedpreads (Double
Bed igue).
Bedroom Curtains, from.. 3.95

Flatware Cases ......... 1.
Aluminum Pans (5 Sixes).
Colored Dinnerware Sets
(2o pieces)............ 8.50
Plastic Pitcher and Glass
Living Ron and Porch
Floor Lamps.
Shower Curtains.





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~"- -t







i *>

i '

rr---------- I ------ -- --;----------


Ck. *

. .., v,


Gan Club lNotes

T irLOmr .A
l Jaffray, of the Albrook-Curundu Gun Club, firing a .32
S. caliber target rifle, won the 20 shot any caliber, any aight j.
fired Sunday morning at Far Fan at 200 yards. He scored "- ...
home a arton of .22 Long Rifle target ammunition for *-*: -_ -__ _-_
Second plae, fting a Remington .222 with hand loaded am- MIAMI, Ina., Feb. 7 (UP)-I't .',''- '
iwn was Ar1hle Turner of the Balboa Gun Club, with 171 mr heavyweltht champion e "
1 aL"'. Gone Hogue, also of Balboa, firing a .22 Hornet, took Loutt Is content he'D get : ".W E -,;
SS3 Wint 17T and 1 x. Gene fired high score with metallic Omelo Agramonte of a
8j Turner and Jaffray both used scopes. Cuba tonight In their schediltw
/ob ni shooting a .22 Long Rifle, and SBtutevant Todd., ten-round bout here.
*" JcothIlred scores of 16. Lyman Jackson wa igh Joe heavy favorite to e
L3 i1_0408 with 164, although actually in seventh place, the dedel and also a [l a
S't this match, instead of e thae perennial choice toA by a knockout ____ __ _____R_ ....
S : te t*e.e target shooters andthe pwer b s cause of impressive workout.A .
only to have aitrred it up to a greater degree. Lew RYt and trim streamlined figure he aix
gt out hl 30-06 free rifle (weight 18 ba.) and seemed much portln. "
out when he was not allowed to have ar a r hold 1 tated that e fee l M
nt d. It seems that some careless reporter oed a fAt well he would rather hte op
..r. to be used In last week's story stating that m a .ent6be heavy yweght champ. p "-
.be standard equipment with 18 lb.. rifles. When last t- sam Charles.
S' e, Mr. Ryan had finally cooled down to the stage w e It's another comeback fightfor
r onldered his original intention to sue for libel! the 36-yeerold Louis, and he's

R. rner .............. ...... 1. Ro.p. 16t8 h e- i got Joe 'swte "1 dow T
de t ou e d h u pW for Iton j7

ow ardtockett ................ .. 142 mos e no potatoes or bread. ih^^ %*. Jbe u, i ? S"-
UfC. Brud ................................1.38 Aoueteo ML,1.0.PI C

Eevett MStacy ... ... .......... .....* ..* 126 srta sne h fiet -e tolr o
Tom JcNeoll ............................ .. 1.... ee641 Je'6Dt 6ote- hsa D.thmoof*a

Mrs. E. C. Budd............................ ase itoowforyby." .
i CRISTOBAL Jrs. WIN SECOND d AgmWnte lu the winner of s33 A 0o for adalt W eri ae" -
PLACE SHOOT OFF IN RIFLE LEAGUE o 1proe ionna bout-1 seree don
knockout. Louis is guaranteed a t m ad younger. caeech
SDICK DILLMAN NEW CHAMP; Madisron ute Garden return in- D to hiD Joptn haWtatom nihe htomaa
ALBROOK-CURUNDU TEAM CHAMPS bout with the Cuban if he loses. "od-timers" metig a Peoria, the c rilting a ba-
-. The Cristobal Junior Rifle Club team fired 1120, an. average A cr^w o is exete t On T e Alleys. *o gave,,him vera ood a pennan I
? { per man, to defeat the Balboa Juniors in the thm ian l ight. Admisaon prices have a tranetusons t he w 4 he firti
second place shoot off. Dick Dillman of lboa and C eight. Admission prices have a transfusions hteo hs w nlt- his fir ,t ,
Ples and Henry Watchtel of Cristobal all fired 281 to te for eanwhe, International Box- CLASSIC BOWLING LEAGUE on steadily grew worse.8 l f 1am sprk- p
of 4pn.smaltcl Nsh-W11b put a severe ei nal days were spent h an aea eb ,he Wild

The final standings in the rifle division of the League, there- in Club matchmaker Al Weissll a the a e-League title lra t ent re pen l e e sa
Share as follows: Won conditions fo a ou-Charle re- ea No. 3 by Street was born at
DIClbroK -Curund A ....................on L tuardiconteSt.aThe firs at .nur. In ttohusout., Nuh-Wlm a., aept. O,19hnage
Arook-Caurundu M ....t.h........................ Cphartes accept and the other l meone "hot ev, famef e as batter If tte nfate *0 1 b -
SCristobal Jrs. ....*............. f..........1 ,na* 7 3 would be victories over Agramon- pah Pt Petite tried, but coun't Walter Jgveiel b leba if' e
Balboa Jrs. ........... .......... ..*** 7 3 te and Andy Walker who eis Gme overall strength of all-tima gre t it A A
SBalboa Brs. ..................... *....... 5 8 scheduled to meet gJoe Feb. 23 In Ish- Pat score 0to two werre palre.d,- St A
,. rrsttobbaalrll .fired02810 alfort fO, Td a .0lOW___________LNG An Hd from 190 to 1911. e ih ... oand d International Box- sfaaeaWal yete r r. Stam e d the Staral k-
S130 for his six high matches to walk away with the ndv- t to ad softball -0 t Pedro
am lnon both indoors and out with the .22 for the present Whnder .. 175 1" 1 19-- 539 eatehAga ball yswt*an the one-hi b of "rt" t
S t-i ht hotr took Dart In the Indoor shooting reb-rockC. 198 1m2 153- 513 the Wahlitms Mm t Chen r o i
ogram with the six league teams. Scores of the ten high In- p tSnts t elkeo 78 s 58 4--L 510 ne i n eeth. News. p r btSaea.
v adsuals, and their team affiliation, was as follows: -0 Morto. 31 226 70 1-- 600 ferre taftothAer o m,
I Wo oost tx Morton 1 6 8 170 eAla.,. 523 Terre pt. 90 ,ee f td.irst Is thatg a ined
A Competitor Club aggreate BY GILDE RTO THORN l f tt p7 .,U at migt
Earl F. Mitchell -- Albrook-Curndu................................. 169 1"l W meet Wnson, 10-- 588
James N. Scheibeler Crstobal Jr. 1692-55x S.C.O In the final game of iK.j.1rk. -00 186 -1-,- 599
Babmo S 16 the interscholastic series. Of the 0 .s9 186 121- 59rEtsh0sho and d.'
Bob Demin Albrook-Curundu...............1673 tree as r yed LB.- Madeline.. 211 172 172s- e ae r ate sa i
Fred Welrls-....Balboa S........................s.coieduledtome.JF
Sn Albroook-Curunduh.....s... .... 59 a.B.s won one, loat one and Balcer.. ., 222 18l 18e-J- 579 t Ttrhee l whii as a pay
Joe Fuller Balboa Jr ...................... 1660-56x Big Ed Gooding, who has not 88 I --an 1 At, hi Jan afm 0t1 of trad np
SAl Joyce Balboa Sr ..d...................... 169 et a pared in any ames, m Kalser-Fraser alpo scored a llJIt the Pactfh6 0e de Beer league toa the legality of the a
t10ohximt't choice to start this finalshutout "over. Oldsmob t, Not two and one-half gmes. t or me and I m ust

e National Oallery Chkmpionship. This match is usually fired onlhe ball. but one wonders how Dillon rolled over l."ur"had Col6a's Chocolate a Pan.- ars 1 2 1 a n re
a bout April, he'll fare when he 1ft es. a bats- 595 and Lev1 548 Ted mWIber am3rKid Eva toyhl6M- .b 1 tina
SbThe gold medal presented by Bill Jattray for most improved man. really took an 1lev'tor ride with e4 ap during trbani n- 3 1 1 0 Nwtk a w
voters in the League was won by Robert M. Harris of the Oonrad Griffith La Boca's first 112 the first and 203 the ay's ten-re f ish 4 3 s y City to
Irine Barracks team. as he brought his average up 62 points string catcher, will for the oth- next. Kaiser- er had all men emptenshig p llnatlon B. 1 0 0 New Jerse Mat i
I- tween the first and last three matches fired. A silver medal er half of the battery. Griftilth over 500 and Lud Frelsels with sheduled for the Pana m V1 .,1 0 "We
r second most improved rifleman, awarded by N. E. **Tuffy" has been a valuable asset to La 606 was high man for the league tienal Gym i 0 00 waye"'dfonS
llan, was won by Roy Perkins of the Cristobal Senior team. Boca because of his ability to for the night. Wilber Norris had eth boys are already in t I 0 1 8 0 we couldn't
he bronze third place Improvement medal, presented by Noel judge opposing batamen, ls keen 583 for one of his better nights, sha with only two days of lard ,e 0 0 5 0 once the
1 bson, was won by Noel's Cristobal 8r. team mate Floyd A. fln a ohdt her. and, most OLeMOBL "O T" wft This it Ch tp 0 hecol't
- The league season was a highly successful one. The Balboa Luthr ar 6d"L e'z'eAl- Jamion. 1 81 8- 445 goat te determine the heler of Totals .... .. S 9 1 21 10 From one end to
ors last ears' champions, lost several close ones, and final- red Farrell and Lucky Lloyd Crooks. 30 59 he lef a nthe mapdrenched
l handed in ird place. A fine team, they were always danger- will makeR up the infield. Roy Wilber... 113 03 10- 40 muw son by the late i tan. Star -era- ABt PO A went Into a ifreSi
Hs. The Cristobal Juniors came like a house afire at season's Holness, Romul6 HRe y sand Dillon.. 185 188 173--548 ej _s ay. Levee. b .. .... 1 0 0 1 0 from 15 pu,
to overhaul their Balboa Junior rivals and win second plac mes Charles wlurd the out- hy t's sad will be t s.... 0 1 1a
t weeks shoot-off. The beat the previously undefeated ng res 8d bo.,
brook-Curundu champions by two points when they badly "Bludge" Alder uandd; Col6n Col.o- n. ..3 00
Ig wGilbeek's shot-f ThKe y beat te psreviusly findHr rc mmingofrob a, 5 81 3 rudst
/geeded a win to stay in the race. AISn-ColA l-fial will pit aby aer, of. .. .. 3 0 0
S There Isn't much to say about Albrook-Curundu, the win- Additional wer at the late oasBest..... .170 177 160-- 507 A9galart Nete.- 6s7tleb- Bars, f..... 3W 00 009- .
' qrs' except that they averaged 280 per man throughout the will be supplld by Earl Clarke Freieas. 190 212 100-- 60 W.wlser edatshes but .ell, .... .. 1 0 0 -. e
r, *and never seemed to have an offI night. The shooters will and Wasclly x, brother to C. Norrise 192 10 201- 5- 5 e s ore over ate- Ihl, I.. .. 1 0 0 IIa.
S now move out of doors until next October. "Bunner" Cox who pla ed along Pederson 1 1 1i7- b IelmSge SapeI p SS.. 2 3 0 0 ,
BALBOA GUN CLUB JUNIORS CHOOSE Brathwaite and many others on 'ailM-lr uwmround contest is -. -
NEW DFFICERS AT ANNUAL ME.ETING the hlih school tea m two years o Wnth the 1 nn ,be-t D aded at tha nd Totals ... .. 21 0 liS6 8 k n st llt

I.,ho u"nh" Sln Radio
JThe St ors sirsll boaJh.oe rasba h untt ther .nnub e.tlr a.. ended to, w d w hohn a tea e re ahadtotthtoe
tg ie i wel s t n se to woFeb. 4-10, bowl- Tas the evious wee.openin bout
St huwi C onal High SchoolM aell week. st- k toe wit hsNotd Ai o t 1out t to a puns ed up lineup as a num t that If hm
S elected Roger Kelley as Vice President. Everett Httacy t tan s om ea o thhe ane e
l Trurer ill handle the Club's finances for the comn yeardclassmates,te istonh andvfriendst s tem orbower. C you there
o NThe Oldsmobileed "Rocket" useary.s g gasoline available w oeems'hoJwsS ba lo
en the range to the young hopefuls who may be expecteH to Join gaofe-as for those who had not D1cedtheefistuthdtaka'o .;3 1
u B during the coming year. intended to, we wold preciate :lge, hae5 aiin srsrig dcaeehadllhtIi
These officers yw here a busy year with the Club'- exel- your prles ence f youit. G11 tit phov- '.0 nd, w*wth. :te- r I10i.eol
lent program for developing new shooters, as well as the burden sfble to attend. TlcketL Wi 06wbe shghmnfo h.el eSagu meet .nU rmDowenosado10 00ait
andwasswinninRoyteafrking heCstobal
developinNrrswiBtng teasfoealryearys Isthminc oladnery on sale att
u.tiofnallHI h lardhi weeng. 1 14a Itons with XTNo. Aa, yeoMfut.fa d"osud up U.
Theleauigheaohwlaiweek.uccesfamieI*etefrmineXAbeiof aee ofu 31912 wer t n-

The Oldsmobile "Rocket" uses ga soline avoilable aindDilo. 1O n 73IH
everywhere today -- and usesp/ess of it. Ia ey W.m .. If 5

Only "0 L D S M 0 B I L E" has the all new rs is wIa
Rocket v alue. .... 15 a
oo. Be. t 7.....7.. .. I0
T-i-Soonn- o

OLDSMOBILE ALL-NEW ROCKET FOR 1951... 2 oWa -eU ...... -0 0
V W nd n verseem d to hav an ff ight The sho ters wil and Wall Co brthe to.orri.22.191 148

gI-. .. .... ..... ,

Pananmd Auto, S. A ........ .:l
paam xtIII ...I +
'~'- or eo ia
.+ .. ;, .


- r --" ..

E W*Lrd


a e

- U


C .. A T



, -,,

.4 .,
P' .-



!- .. .. ., .

Pdl, -

KI ,

M, s. Donald. of
40Dt I.,Q|rugM~os-

-.Mi. mnd Sirs. Clo-

pit, son, b. 2,

on. iur4 l

'dau g teeb.
rs.. .ar-

daughter, Feb. 2

nd Mrs. PauL of

ill~ I Ge 1 ags"B

te-y, Wimtdas, exI. :-

sw O sa Oye ere eo leawr jvuin ur

On the 1the i.-
= Mr ie -be Qm-
Sat a r at
the a o i b .a by
a buffet eu o to be le at
the Balboaa a Mona
evening by Pa '1a Canal Unit
No. 1 of the Auxiliary.
B Mr. and a. William G. Hull
oPedro MI.gu4 returned Mon-
from a trip to New York and

Morgan wil
g clas-

the evening cto p.m.
mad they will continue for eight
uuipculte Mondays. Registra-
MU d hesuld be made ae on as
Wise at the front dea*In the

&hCobnartymeetisr of the
ltdcwa&4iheld at the
Balba t Office Friday
moanin Mrs. 0. 0. Parker pre-
d In leeofn. U o Davis
who uA "ISble to feben.

M~Airtate b 1 t. iton, .rs.
Dotasme iun. ew. wUde-
oAld thMt't Brownie Lerder
would meet In the future on the
ge"td Thuraday of each montn.
Wishem l aber
Th Pae *0l2fih Club will
nek tomorw, beginning at p.m.
An imeerm and. th juestu are
oted to attenZ




IN T" j-OR


omea Louis Jor4

5T i(VOA1
':L0- Playhouse
***" (BBOC)
;o-Ls Urown
1&o--Amerlcan Favorites
S ; -TO.- Owl's Nest
12:00-.Slgn Off

Tomorrow; Thursday, Fe4 A
6:00-Alarm Clock Club
'7:0-.Mornin Salon
*18:5-NEWS (VOA)
8:45--Je"S sears
: 10--AA I See It
51B-Off the Record
l the Recorl m0omo.'
12:00-Luncheon Music
12:30--Popular Music
l:15-Personality Parade
1:45-t''hree hum
2:00-Call For 4t6 Paul
2:16-It's Time To Dance
2:30-Afternoon Melodies
2:45-Battle of the Bands
3:00-Orgkn Reveries
3:15-The ttAe Sbo
3:30-Mulc o Thurabday
4:00-Muso Without Words
4:15-Negro Spritual "
4:30-What's YVr Faworite
6: 15-.ening Salton
7:45-Jam Session
9:30-All Star Concert Hall
9:45-Cams Loma Time
10:00-VARJMT B A N D B
10:45-America Favofltes.
11:00-Owl's Nest
t2:=00-Sln Off
Explanatiem of Symbols
VOA-Voice ofr America
BBC-Britlsh road east I n
RnF-R-dodllfudon Francat-t

35 z 64 Inches.. 7.8
38 x 64Incheso.. ..70
40 z 64 inches. ..M
42 x 64 Inche... 7.
4 x 723 inches.. 7

reLs3-1713 SM 5 th St


nu "

Mac TOUB8 VWW ....
I wwn battlefreat (tfa^'^^X
way (left, rear),
Lit, CoL Anthony SW
U.N. forces threw a
in a northwM 1 t4

Lutherans Switch

A antic Services
To Margarita
Lutheran Services, heretofVe
held in Cristobal. will now be heM
In Margarita. according to in-
formation received from the Ifv.
H. T. Bernthal, pastor of Re-
deemer Lutheran Church In Wal-
Bernthal stated that the saiy-
lces will be held every Tursday
at 7 p.m. in the former, Marga-
ta Hospital. The public Is cordlal-
ly Invlted4

Silver Bells Club
Wil Hold Visitors
Night, Square Dance
The Silver Belels Sporting and
Dancing Club will be holditg its
Visitors' night at Club Tropicakl In
Colon tomorrow at the usual
hours and will sponsor Square
Dance and Exhibition at the Pa-
cific Clubhouse in Panama on
Saturday from 8 p.m, to 2 s :
All club membeft ft rdnioth
sides of the Isthmus are cordlaily
invited to attend these functions.
Musical t be dispensed by Mur-
phy's Band.


Use M ns by Powdr after
eths, t diaper mchas, sad in bo
Iweenu times, top. it
notheM-proteclI 1
WT P"O My..
6 wr mu l

9fl a-l,,L.lL&
At "atu i emh baby ith
ftsmfiiunse' Baby 5*MobAa
fr It odayl

W I .- L d

tours b
how kldg-
hrmy, and
mr's pilot.

La Boa Schoolgir
Cut i Bike Mishap
A 18- r-old La Boca school-
g8i was badly cut Monday af-
ternoon when, riding a bicycle,
she ran Into a glass window al
the La Boea school's study hall.
The accident took place about
X p.m. velyn May Wilson was
on the bicycle. She put her lelt
arm through the window and re-
ceived a four-inch long gash, two
Inches wide police said.
She was given emergency treat-
ment by Dr. Jultan J. Hunt cf
the La Boca dispensary and then
transferred to Orgas Hospital.
BOSTON; ().-Worried over
the safety of five youngsters
playing on the roof of a nearby
garage, Francis J. Cole, 40. de-
cided to help them down. Cole los5
his balance wh climbing to the
roof and broke a leg on the pave-
ment. The boys Spt down safely,

And here' why. This newwim-
proved unitary napkin has extra
motion on the edgis-exim sA s.
-to help prewmt dning. And
there's a triple safety shield for ea.
ra-long protection.
Are ye. enjoying mt s dv.




0 Give your skbi a soft, vdvy,
\ sweet-tinted finish with Pond's
heavenly faoe powefer. Beume
it's "sheer-gauge," Pold's Bem.n-
flower Powder drifts on gtlby,
,,mooly ... n d for.fiuim
Choose yw Pond. Ber dy.

Ch N.- e-.' e nt .'
D. e a l .. r .

u e where
SPOeIr ld

tfte afo, Yrtg e about
eight almsu ~.r
hugh gets u n darkness to
take qoft dawn pilot for a
crQp-dusMtng tmabWi e spays
lettuce and and other
erop with .overCYthirom a-
nde to DDT. ,g 2 per Cent
on a charge of er thousand
pounds of du wheh makess 20
to 35 minutes to unload.
After as mant-a 5sx spraying
trip, it's tie. to be off for
school. For duattng he fles a
Navy primAry tralinr, and for
making 9 a.. classes on time
the company let him use a
Ryan trainer, which It keeps
around for ulty ppoe. .
And old han at flying, Hugh
calls crop g st. ictly
work." Clmds and unch take
through 2 p. m., then he files
back and returns to work-dust-
Ing, gassing up, working over
the dusting planes

A reserve Air Force lieuten-
Hugh flew 1809 round trips to
ma-India theater bonibing mis-
sions and about 100 ound ton rips
over the Hump. Once he and
his crew had to bil out over
China's interior, and it took the
seven of them 33 days to get
back to their buse.
Hugh flew 189 roun'dtrlps to
Berlin during Operation V ttles.
On one trip a sack of coal lodg-
ed In'him 0-54' stablllzer. His
oo-pllg and engineer threw out
5200 jfulds of coal while he
struggila4o land safely.
Hugh., wh halls from Indian-
apolis. is after a South Ameri-
can job that will make use of his
flying ability. Right now he
does his studying after his small
son and laughter have been
tucked away for the night.


OFF TO SCNOOL: After finishing his morning erop-Me "-
chores, augh L. Murrell packs his books to fly to subed

Amnnul Meeting of Ihe Sloco l

The Panami Coca-Coa Bofll(g Co..

The Annual Meeting of the stockholders of The Panamu
Coca-Cola Bottling Company *1U be held on Tueslay, Feb-.
ruary 0., 1951, at 4:00 P.M. at the main office W
Company located at No. 19-A Jon6 Franeisco de la.
Avenue, Panama City, Republle of PanapMi ..


ENJOY the marvel air of spring.
SLEEP under woolen blankets.
FEAST on local delicacies!
Boquete oranges Strawberries.
Wild game of many kinds.
Home grown vegetables.
Country butter and cream.
Home-made pastries and bread.
HIKE. HUNT and go horseback riding
exploring the mountainous landscape.
LOUNGE by the blazing fire-place
your favorite drink in hand.
Daily: 58. and up. Weekly: 59. and up.
Special rates for families and longer stays.
For reservations, write, phone or telegraph:

or see your. travel agent. *

these wonderful, sure-fo-pleaos.
puddingsthat you can make n a \
*pdig you"'" """



* '


Ima Americ. Clos,

Automobiles Mismeaneowi s 1 u .ac h iC
Ao number 435.t o
t IB o SALE:-1947 Ford Fordor Se- Are you one of the lucky ones with Penoml 9.1877 or Cretb .
don. Excellent conditionM. Apt. 1l1 naturally curly hair Haul Engel 167.
'i S Sunummit Radio. Telephone e 25- of the Genell Ills iBeauty Shopi s 110
L.' expert In shaping, stinl and GAMLICH'S Santo Clara becih("
2. ..styling natural curly heads. Coca- cottages, furnished, electric,
SR SALE; Ford Model 1949, 6 Ii 4-557 Tuesday through Satur- frigeratlon. moderate rates. Ph 1 J '
passenger Club Coupe. Whitewall day. Gamboa, 6-541 or 4-567. '
Tires. Duty Paid. Phone 2-2556. FOR SALE.-Be- tiful matched pair Wlim S Cla ech '
FOR SALE: 1942 Mercury Four of momse antlers suitable for club, Two bedroomsL electric efte
&a door sedan. Duty paid, $325.00. bar or den. IHouse 8123-B, Mar- to Roc s Iranges. Phnon i God'do
09 House No. 0426-C, Ancon. garita, phone 3-2573. boo 2 3050. Except Week-ends. uthtn t
B WR SALE -1950 Chevrolet 2-door FOR SALE:-Troiler, all-metal, 1-ton El Voile- HOTEL PAN-AMERICA- UT
.| De Luxe Styleline Sedan, under- capacity, $50.00. 718-C, El Pro- NO cool mountain air beautiful a0 .w 11
coated, seat covers, finance avail- do. Balboa. Tel. 2-1473. scene y. Rooms $2.50 per day. a A,-C p g b.
able, phone Corozal 4198. Meals a la carte. For reservatloftS
S blpho Coroza --- FOR SALE:.-HouMe-tiler on lot at telephone Panama 2-1112. 1 r pr
FOR SALE--1930 model A Ford. Coronado Beach. Phone oalboa a person to dig er the answer
.00 ~i4 i ood tires, sealed 1812, P. 0. Box 743, Blboo. GRAMLICH'S Santa Clara beat for

S.ALE-Ponti4c Sedon $550.00 recordS. Long pl.ying. All makeo MONTHLY RATES. Phone JOSEYf do reidmel enaTprsn
., 23 Curundu. e to e cottages, furnise d, electricity, re- a 0--1"T- hThisel c pn during Lent
FOR SALE:-Boyllbke A-)i ondi- frbgeraFon, moderate rates. Phone s d s e,
SAL. 1948 Frazer. owner 5toe 44-A, Curundu Hes. Tel. Gamboo, 6-541 or 6-300.a du:"nMa lonpfb y W I
i ng. Con see it Thursday all 83-2114. Ted Morris. FO RENT-Beach cottages. Seacliff wm

d FOR 5ALE.-E 1R 2 H. P. 25 cycl4 Lea. : FOR RENT-House, two bedroom. aclf CLUDrL saidtoday thatt to of Iron Westart by tngourrelation-
i..J day. Es lboo Road. "/54-B. FOR SALE:- Claslcal and pIoplar Acres. V ER Y ATTRACTIVE that, by I folowing Ciirist'e
SALE-Pontiac Sedan $550.00 records. Long playing. All makes. MONTHLY RATES. Phone JOSEY.Wi, Wly :."-d ha dw do and canle e .
S phae 25 cycle20-440 Volt m otor A20 enci Di, 3th Street N ished at Golf Heights for two Curta2698. de "all shi to r el f-exam-
1-2 H, P. $25.00. Phone 2-1714. 6-A. Phone -1029. to clear up the IMuZ
F OR RSALE:-Renolt 1949. 4 FOR SALE: leach the House FArboror Affairs enced. Aor Wentneprtual
Like new condition. Very reasonable. Tel. bench aw, onbl. C par Committpleteee topp rolth deart. O veant oury much toartn .
3-123 al fom 9 to 12 and 2 to 5 table and 3-4 h werthe ae Depart- have .to seek is love and
Scycles. Hbui P He re "pljsmake In. new and contrite
No. 153, Gm 5ar C. Z. OR RENT:-Col residence ith 3ad t thnk can let rep- e hear
FOR SALE-L 11 rtment S. bedrooms, diningromele officref, in- resentatve Iron Curtan voe g
rested e or 544, ncon, C Forio" hot water, trr o told the y otin o
OR ALE.-Good ncome proper FOR RENT-2 oprtment Ro Ablo y about our $600,000,000 atom bomb then ad forgven "Lord teaches "
F with water A nd electnc12. ONLY FOR SALE--25ns f: West.nghoe FOR RENT:-FHouse, two bedroom. can't lose a thing (by lampo of ron We start bvy$ ting our relation-

$7500,00. Terms to possible all porcelain, 9 ft. refrgerrtor. apartment, with maid's room, gr- down on them). I 1 -ll shi t' -a
buyer. Phonas e 220-440 Volbo 2698tor Bargan. : 2Boy's furnished at Golf Heights. for two "Where I uve, imer s id, e
FOR ALE-949. Tel. 83-4176 ef- el monthsstarting March first. Also_ P 0n mf ndM of S hn a t th Historic Clock atoy Sco Mark 4Jsp Awe
4 p. m en adodnoatng Internatonl Hotel new outomob4Je if desired, locaon .Tel rt United toate alrel. dy has gbo 1 I to clear up thetll
milge. Cal-Call SForptima" No32 or tle- can keep tabs on o all irutn FORonof RENT -Apart tmr, ment, o to pea restricted H rk; prepar-
'. FOR SALE:tcond Ft. Aux-Sloop e- FOR SALE:-Beautiful color fishes phone Panama 3-2006. the new Atomic expkgva plant Ing our~obs sothat od cpn do
excellent condition well found rea f Telephone Colonaquarum. 44th St. No. I. upstairs. nearby.n dplomatet rp enave, with, and through
FOR SALE:-32194 Kaser, rcond- 443 7 a to p m 3016 VACATIO IN TH HIGHLAND NEW D I 7 (UP) -.
oned motor 600.00 Cll Co OQUETRivers made the hwas e in ask- All ofn at tir s have experl-
SolFOR SALE FOR SALE:- Pano. Lester. V FOR RENT:Furnshedng the House apartment aga t similar curbs placed on women, re filed spiritual
gonette condr section. Very reasonabe.arage or sleeping roomrst floor fresh- A lud 3 ro. representatives in th two son injured hen a historic

SE Tfence House 725-. Cocol1 Phone Iv pointed. Gas mnd lights electric 9 n m ia t Countriet. lock tower toppled on pataro-
SlHe3l Wanted T 13-. 1 From 9 to 12 aludnd e. P 1If tion directing the oate Depart- have God. to seek H love and
R E oa eat h 2 to 5. FORcrRENTtr:-Apartment for rent. 1 Uredtt ment to restrct ctivl atiesof such compa m lino1ryer, and we

WANTED, Drocra-nuse or ex ing-room Met. Perfee conddtion. FOR RBuNT:-Ntce yumSphed optrte. tor reteySnhop.wio. pon i rn rtan dtSomarov he s treeo- deathemolducity h tfelot--
mul ad rernes F Sd Po43rd Street East and Ave; 9 Mexi- P 11AMNT.; BqLervesaryranw the brie I a ro n
FOR E f orwa' Ar Te 2y WANTED:-4 x 5 enlarger in god co. Coll 3-0140. se .toP.M.rdilot. t sHesladtheyaree"plot- find 0 Vf, tof that moment
San Francisco or telephone 3- porch gn"de, 60 cycle 14 HP Nw Guina. at any rate, apparently power-,
SHousemad wnng g onditodon. Pck 805 Apt. R Beutifu9th. FOR Rcely furnished apart- don't think we can let rep- less ia.roah Him and hear
FOR SALE:-Lease I1 apartment S St Colon, phone 904-L. Fti e ion n
furnished electric refriger.ngle beds wh p d FOR RENT Fv room furnished Time Saver Gnehasbeerepore y the H lp F
edses. To dressers Two rocke or, allmen. Screened, good survernment countrites run about ov our The t time you etoyour
opentrally located. Easy rented. In- Oo sane mattresses, to WeOV e the largest landscape likethan wild4,000 na ives n a prayers. M th s happens to you, .. .
comm.erested write 544,ul oorn Shelves. Tenty glass bottALE r orr. near Roosevelt Theatre I l ters of L S EurChina closet," River told the picture t e scene o yourselfnt up
.Co nearo committee. the company those first de student
propertyHounhold "Don't you know they know ciples strrg~ nlg our Lord, and -.
FOR SALE .-ooand so No p Car Colomb.FOR RENT-2 apartments Ro Abio D iblo Mirror Factory about our $600,000,000 atom bomb then ask l WI them iLord, teach
nnea beach atoSeacliffPAcres. con- FOR SALE. -Ref Mogeror. G. E. 2- 2 rooms each, alo I exthonorablroom.e per- th Tel. 2-20 plan The" us to pray." You wil soon diso -
FURNISt AfPFORCMPLENTELnd cycle, all porcelain, $50.00. 718-'- M. Hall. Dunn. Barber Shop, 24 er what God can do through
GeFURNISHED C. El Prlor 40 pTeles cro2-473ckery Streetru Avenue No. 69, Ap. 5. sealed the Iron Curtain diplo- prayer. Dowofe -uricu"tur

3 500home tr Must high, level land go to se 8045 Apt. 3, 9th St. Colon. Close Lux Thetre. m volcareno t our friends-you cve. Tester- _hnol_ at B le I t
Swith water and electncitv. ONLY FOR SALE--25 cycle Westinghouse FOR RENT:-Furnished two bedroom for bo- tca' pto n asted halfhour. ehd
$7.500.00. Terms to responsiblee all porcelain. 9 ft. refrigerator. apartment, with maid's room, gar- adown onl thei)."n Hbi'oklmpiSeven W edl A sl
buyer. Phone POSEY Balboa 2698 Bargain. By's bicycle, $8 00. age. two bathrooms. telephone, *at help farmers hold their crd,
I- "17-B. Prdo. 44th Street No. 3"7. Apt. M. For "that's the only part of the nol- "he nleu-uh
uORNSALE:-1949 Pontiac"Chief- Phr L1eio okpea-democd
ainfour door sedan, radio, heat- FOR SALE:-I mahogany Bedroom information call at 2-0160 Pan- on that eve l t warasen eho dewe b

) fodotWANTED m Sevenson bet teehp12nn, P. ..r. om2dn. '.a t '. a fro Pappe n FohurA e 8 .
o er, defroster, two tone blue and suite, I mahogany dining table to6p.m__ ah ou.- ne Uae" Saspla a ad which e s i e ff Id
gray has been undercoated. Low with 4 choirs. 3 end tables, one Se eser oe mente i tat already has
,p- mileage. Call Fort Gulick 88-374. 1950 Frigidaire. 7 cu. ft.. all in FOR RENT -Apartment, lth St. AL restricted HungarianMd lmna-
- -ti perfect conditio R n. Telriephone Colon East No. 6, upstairs. Phoe 3-Test an diplomat reprentatives
f FOR SALE:-1947 Kaiser. recondi- 443-J-7a. 7 m to I p.m. 3016. VACATIONIN0 1 THE. HIG*LANI1DS to asmas areaaround WauBing- NEW DLIr Fb. 7 (UP) -
toned motor P P600S U00 C; C nl C' t o OF OQUiETE n. This wasn retat laton Seven pa err, Including two
Solo. 427 between 4 and 5 P. m FOR SALE:Bpaby carriage. bthi- FOR RENT:-Furnished apartment All.0 aainat similar curbs placed on women, were moisture ontent per-
netted, car seat. teeter babeaoroge or sleeping room. first floor fresh- At at n irenatves in those two sons Injured when a historic

F abDa MnC.wdeoor u ike oM nwa ll-ure rigroa *l Hd rl nt bn curtrienscaodra Beaten Byplachines on paui
Sfence House 725-C, Cocoli Phone lv pointed. Gas and lights, electric Daily- t".00 -h do p an dcou tres.eb c ck toweD t.ppld on pa rs-

He lp Wnted2-1980. refrier atori included. Phone 2- WdJr dine. -- randee nm

S mHe lpa of our a le n 1 ri ver arn ea or tW t The government would prob- by. rikeheune. tol estagr uhte l of the
gve them to a fcricend." 0 pht ce dely- hattwo claes eect.ons would thenRivers' resolution would resquie The tower--s tuated on Chan-
SANTED; PraocweL-nwuse or ex- ing-room set. Perfect, conditon. FOR RENT:-Nice rumfthed apart- 0i'rCM, -e-write, p.Me 8a s Department to restric1',dif Cha4. one, of he. budee
ience woan with very best 50th St. No. 30. Phone 3-0593. nt military e students According te legraphtest "pub Irolic S urtaiot n diplomats t the streets n the old city of Delhi-
s o t a ste p o o same extent that U. represen- was built In 1857, the year of
qualifications and references to Porros. 99. HOTEL PoNAMONT.veconuetete tves are curbed In those coun- the abortive Indian "War of In.
care for new baby. Apply Tuesday. FOR SALE.-Beautyrest double r edsREo e eour t hvm. eldVries.odependence" a4ltt the ft-i-

*b or Ssaeee.r r tat. Gen. eMsorri Returns e erapedbuiltahe tt.led o epd ae c-nstur the muit-
Thursday or Friday 9 a mn to I2 complete; 60 cycle electric fan;
noon at No II, 7th Sr E. Coco I umaoogany wardrobe; wicker chrs; FOR Strke l h, which British historians Paca Dll
d Son Francisco or telephone 3- porch glide, 60 cycle. 1-4 HP N ew a Vas the "Indian Mutiny."
m6 Mo; ingble lamps; floor Jr lamps; Rooms ea y a.mea h ocano The tower is a memorial to
33 :^fi General PRICED TO SELL. Phone OSEY, FOR RENT Beautiful furnished
ho usme, mo wnng ood RIEDhymentoaroo wrte atrom with private bathroom and a e a -
Must sleep in and accompany foa- kitchen. Ee trc refrigerator. Near dAumb ,A u str.aia,9 Effi ittring
1:' mily to interior week ends. Houe Fbus stops. 43rd Street No. 13. (UP).- Anotner "major" erup- cien
b." 150 (one way street to Quarry FOR SALE.-Two pairs mahogany i 0I" Lion by Mt. Lam=ngwn on New T H I-'
Hgtsl Wednesday after 6. single beds with springs and mat- FOR RENT Five room furnished I t's a Time Saver Guinea has been reported by the TonH elpF lftj'
______________ tresses. Two dressers. Two rockers, apartment. Screened, government I Elt! ,aT e.ii, government's volcano-
NANTED: Reliable salesmen to Diningroom set. All steel desk and inspected, good neighborhood, 2 issilt refleetilfs 1 gt at Vort Moresby. CHICAGO, (UP) Fsxlelt
operate as club agents. Excellnt choirs. Drafting tables and stools, baths. innerspring, mattrelses, to CO?0 surfaceenablesyou Mean ,e ae and 3e may me more monet as p
commisions. Wonderful opporlun- Shelves. Twenty glass bottles one responsible people. Rent to suit.on -Ee
ity. Caso Feoh. 10th St. between gallon each. Phone 3-0943 18 No. 82. Belisario Porras Road. Only ronln-lime. 'l iong-fo rmant volcano erupted drying methods dicoverd bY
Central and Ju-te Arosemena No Calle Colombia. FOR RENT.-Furnishe, room. pri- [ $' eleentelt6routre 0,1*t&& atomic-like force last agricultural engineers.
..__01.-_.__olon.-FOR SALE. Mahogany furniture, vote entrance, to honorable per- fIt eesom" of "The surrounding area was
General Housemaid wanting. good Parlor lamp 40 pieces crockery son. Peru Avenue No. 69, Apt. 5. / volc sealed off from visitors as ths Edgar S. Dawne, agriculture
home. Must I've in and go to set 8045 Apt. 3, 9th St. Colon. Close Lux Theatre. a ils any stand. volcano continued active. Yester- technologist at Battele Ingtituti
FOR RENT -Furnished room for ba bora-or day's eruption lasted a half-hour. Columbus, O.,e ibeds wi
nesday after 6. house 150 lOne PERSONALS Mchlorseparateentrance,$2500.drewM help farmers hold their cgtpl
woy street to Quarry Hgts) Ave. Ernesto Lefevre No 32, Par- wile t. 81 Dir00W. e, nur until they can sell them at1 he ,
qua Lefevre No. 32, Parque Lefe- S period of peak demaL
Hi kids! Our dance classes-ere still vre., A i N T T ain 5 p e meodsof p eak dei db
~AI~kUT~toen Ir high & high school. Only DUNMORE AGENCYWg or as The methods described bY
WANTED see Mrs Stevenson Gym Hornett P-0 Box a 318Phoes-s32 1 Continued fromPage1e Dciety of Agriculturhe EnAeprs
Miscellaneous I-IA lU B4_DdIg lCbss trasl was going "50 to 60" miles were (1I heat -pu rip dryli;,
A -e w r nman hour. Thne Pennsylvania said which he sid is inbre effidient
~of Znd dWinner Of AFmederi, AHIOaspeed-liit of 25 M. p. hI. had allows moisture control and 411"
magazines. Don't throw away. give inAFns been set lor this sector of track. minates fire hasards because
them to The Saatooi ,Army Any Cot Rip n e On eg .The train leit New York at It is motor driVen (2)air dry-
quantity collected. Tel Balboa o R eProspective students for the W N W OnI To 5:02 p. M. and was scheduled to Ing with a "fluidized bed" cf
3693 or Colon 743 P Up; Can't o second semester of the Balboa reach its destsnaton at Day air. The air is blown tPhrorih
High Scool's .. driver .training Of S e Votei Uody Held Junction at 0:59, without a bed of grain keeping grAi par- 1

A thrown front wheel from a Ide l O e Vargas n unTd e to d to
""B .- _. ^.^ passenger bus cost Sidney George eral's lane h h retur nautboried strike of 1, dok ospt the dead to mr- E te
Reeves, 38. pnami namn, a a 26t via t, ae bt ,erlcan sledo sis thr workers in Lverpooanoldiers were rushed to Wood- A (L b
fine today in Balboa Magistrate's coat a brook flchester idled 83 ships today and
Court. .about s .vessels. Including some cargo oes bridge from .nearby Camp Kil- s0t.1&Ery d agatma it i
Reeves had loaded his bus with vital to the western airw effort mer to help Btte PoI e j kp
lon p assedgers ht bu ItBut the National Dock abr the public &awa fom the wreck
Frisy evening ws starting 7Vy wI rd which sed the strike msep h a w b at the vt ntIt.
F edni n a nd e c la r ~ statistics said that attem pts to bh e of t e em baikm ent had 3 4 -----0MW t
0of when lus on the left front u o'- ,i spread the strike to London had been so peeked wtbh sightseers-
A ( A wheel ma and the wheel C that ruers scarcely could
TI S J.M oft. olie found that three a The strikusen t o tldsoud,
other lags had been ising r protest the sOe of recent pay hta. .An 11 of the New JeTe.
CO ere bt add guilty to a charge ramm -nsre o sl me n%
of driving a vehicle Ia usan e 'hie first big attempt in the
____________.__......riv.e to upet aumuam nt.,
----. -. -. .. ..... ...
: llrl : I ii I i" "- -II, -: ; ii ., II: "
z,: -.. -::: _* : ':' -- :. ? : -: : ; ':. :., : ..-;,-

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F eb.
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Totl A MN
B eights,
til I etQo11e of Engineori.

ar4s graduated
ChinaOTK OU he entered
andisapla- t m.,aw
NOTON 14the 80th En-
Official a c Company.
that more than h C t m
we natives have _s.a,, with her husband
from north mtoo.
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Son the outome t the
s In f the Reds 0 evein 'botlEDa
li the Reds tnt, ~~~~e phIue of the annual
Present French state of ONl and Railroad
eotbased on sst been finished DO YOU KNOW dat wENO
ontsiveoutposts and, oiwitht retei e wlrerave ad sadtudmds"
c onstrhction Is n ,th
Slong with train units whleh eshnyou upentallya
rn t et Namese t are mae year during No-physically, a a rae
v demb ebar. invigoradng pick-ms-up?
4 jj~~~r Danger of a strike Into bdo -WmUlnj under the control of uVAEMW
Ce ina by Red China wax se d DO YOU KOW
ear alrichan acootvm
Ilia j111d 'byDonald R. Heath, U. B. L-15 mhle, much a ommn-
byStorehouses,thatadash of ENO in inft" Te ns aw
ITstowhsayC cmnp10:e to the Viet Nam Statea n Weha, te ouss, aiu i
n .. In addition to spKorea and dod pot offices. g
China, danr spot uder rw- i relieve a sick
name ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ful% a Justo offlwthbysrtgae nld h complegtedsi

,b .he would .not Z. ... Hong Kong and Formosa. ants ai-Railroad re- gg ga boff gaggag ragga <
hms. 504ha ee atXe I ath said ominously tIs, t I la tutrs i-..beadache;or liveuish-

S-'a. s.' The next three months are aldu
4LI4le forO theL I"
th brdrs' isradio repwoni luing office buildings, schoolmv-'anSd over come

S c. (UP). sto be of dtical importac. tad, tennis course, wov'ness"wh
so -Intelligence statics, gymnasiums and followsunwiseeasting

rfmilaltjn bs $ In addition to Korea and ooh peost offices. ordrndug?
lg letter easier~ diChina, danger spots upde r t- nwane a
e manh e dt oled watch by strategistst In rclude ThO- e eoveog tra, ansit
Wt be would notas Hong Kong and Formos wounits 01-Ralroad re- ra Ind n set nrmn
al dot W: Te next three months are siaid sie ~6t o npo MA ed.Jtlplhgfek
~wbo e was Sbia.An Mich- (MP. 0111 to be of critical importanegN Ieats Inro) ntrywr. m s a .,Weif
U~~T Heath made no outrlgfhtg- 145 paiuni ~S 30 for roofing.:E SMtM TIOE
ton ,Ur dictions of what action t hR11it- five lot tbn and 25 general Iim MEEE.UWW ed toe
be o e utback hi hISrOie d States might undertake if In- repair iii .....strnuaiSal
11, ~ In Anlnd, resM d~lg the Obtm~ u do-China were Invaded, butsaid The cost of such matintenance 5Th~y~i~
I" wnt,"sid'alM& dog at- one, of' biNs200s "collective action" by tree nit- work for the Isca years 195 1,
Z f s* i e fear utitute a- tions was the best insurance for 1952 and 191 amountsto tonoreow
Wt LeII" their preservation. than a third of a mlllion$rbliar
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NJ.- .
f.I- Il,' |M H |


- ~9T


Think of it! Every 5 minutes. a powerful Branff-Liner takes to the air... -
somewhere in the Americas. Evqry minute of the day. hundreds of air travers in North ad
South Americs are enjoying the finest In Braniff comfort and luxury. 8oek a reod
of secomplishment can only come fom years of experience in fast, safe passenger ervie. That's
why Braniff-with 22 years of flight experience-is recognized today a ome of the
world's rest airlines-4erving the hearts of both Amerlca. Next time you travel frly Oral-
3! Conqulaedor for de luxe service at no extra fare-or El Interontinental -for enfortabls
air aoab service at avings up to 2W. Ask for rate, flight informs-
tion a wryatiosm at your travel agent or Braniff ticket office.

St1 ~ ~ ,*J..q 42k.

. .1

City Ticket Offees Aveni 4T
S- Te!ep!Hie 109 ec TwluetAkM
:.'l .( ...ah .I
NC. -a., o. 10-9 tl-. a : ft1;.|l
.:.,**..' '^*K ;*- ._'f ..-

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~ifjl~dtt C&

. timr. and Mrs. Delos Tuttle shown above, cuttlng
:'"ding cake at a reception held at the Balboa Elk
-lwlng their marriage Saturday evening at Ft. C
"yel. Mrs. Tuttle is the former Erline CuUen of N
and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward J
New Cristobal.
(Photo b)

Calla lilies and white gladioli
mwre used with lighted tapers on
jt altar. A prelude of organ mu-
s1e,and the traditional wedding
marches were played by Miss Ma-
1z Townsend.
,.he lovely bride entered upon
Aibp arm of her father, by whom
Ase was given in marriage. She
pose an afternoon wedding dress
Of white brocaded taffeta.
The strapless fitted bodice was
finished with a pleated tulle edg-
ing which showed at the front of
the low-cut fitted Jacket. The
abshort skirt was very full and
maae with wide pleats. A shoul-
der-length veil of tulle fell from
j,.tlffeta Juliette cap. She carried
a white prayer book topped with
a double orchid corsage from
which fell a ribbon shower tied
with orchids. Her only ornament
Was a double strand of pearls.
Mrs. Charles Hammock was
atron of honor for her sister.
MAr dress was of orchid brocaded
fteta. It was fashioned with a
ltted bodice having a shawl col-
which formed cap sleeves. The
t-length skirt was full and
llred. She wore matching net
mitts trimmed with taffeta flow-
.ers. Her flowers were an arm bou-
quet of yellow carnations and she
wore a matching arrangement in
hpr hair.
Sergeant Aulton Newton was
bestman for Sergeant Tuttle.
4 reception was held at the Elks
Home in Balboa following the ce-
remony, with over 50 guests at-
ding from both sides of the
The parents of the bride re-
.;1eled with the- wedding party.
Mrs. Cullen chose for her daugh-
tr's wedding a beige lace after-
dress made over egg-shell
matn. Her flowers were oink roses
aM& she wore an arrangement in
The bride's table was centered
With a three-tiered wedding cake
topped with double wedding bells
imd miniature doves. It was en-
iled with pink carnations and'
*by's breath. After the bride cut
he first slice Mrs. Richard Dan-
elsn served the cake. Mrs Paul
e rs wps in charge of the
%ride's book.
After 4-short local honeymoon,
Sergeant and Mrs. Tuttle will be
' t home at Apartment 514-A,
Bago St.. Cocoll.
Mrs. Tuttle is a graduate of
Balboa Hiph School in the class of
'4q2nd attended the Canal Zone
J or College.
e Party For
.Ei Bowling League
1e64embers of the Coco Solo

mixed bowling leal
Informal picnic su
party on the group
quarters of Lieut.
Wrobles of the Ci
Station, Saturday
The guests inc u
der and Mrs. I. J.
mander and Mrs.
Lt. Commander a
Diehl, Lt. Comma
P. L. Balay, Lt. Cc
Mrs. A. H. Wehle
Mrs. E. L. Hamon,
bert Davis, Lt. (jg
A. Loy, Lt. (Jg) a
Mandeville, CWO
ward Hensley.
Visitors at Coco S
Lieutenant Con
Mrs. Paul Teach,
Florida, arrived o0
Thomas" and are t
of Lieutenant Co
Mrs. D. B. Diehl of
Naval Station.
Mrs. Thomas P.
arrived on the "Th
her home with hi
nant Commande
William J. Meaghi
Solo Naval Station
Mrs. Meagher
I houseguest while t
port, Commander
Schafer of the U.S
from Washington,
Crist6bal Woman's
The Cristobal
will meet at 2.00
for their regular r
Ing. Mr. Lesleigh
the speaker for the
musical selections
by Mr. Norman SlI
The Philantropi
requests that each
a can of soup.
Saddle Club
Plans County Fair
The members c
Brook Saddle Clul
for a picnic lunch
meeting. At this ti
made for a Fair t
the end of March.
Dinner Party
For Gavin Family
Mr. and Mrs. How
Mr. and Mrs. W. C
Delores. Laura and
as their dinner gue
tel Washington,
present was Mrs. I
Mr. and Mrs. Ga
on the afternoon tr
the Pacific side an
day morning for




I ~ ~i ilI .M.

T. ole- ....

They will make their home
Mislsippi, after residing on
s thmus or the *pt 14 years. r
0 t and Mrs. Coope'
to Analversary
eg eantannd Mrs. Crl Coope
celebrated their l8th wedding
anniversary wfth a buffet
their Fort Oulick quartets.
Their guesta were: Mr. wnA
R guire Mr. and,
George Sg, t. and.
ward Dlckilnn, Sergeant
mond Bahney and Gary
Bleek Dance Seseeftl *
The Block Dance which and
s onored by the N.C.O. Ot
Club of Fort uUlick to raise *ua r omen
for the March of Dime, was
very successful a i. olfi
eMuic wa tumlsed by th a
60th ArmyiBan d.a t kM -
Vchestra. A nwuber of .01oor s
were given away. laclo d
gave a door and a
1V table which was rafflodfo W
by Sergeant JoephPalm
Sergeant Carl er,
mTrs. Thelma Smift donated
Sa door prize as did the chef at th.
N.C.O. Clqb. Approximat4ly p
was raised by the club.
SAffairs Arranged t
For Auxiliary Preddent
A full schedule has been plan- r1
AMrs. Reed, National President of
the American Legion-Auxiliary i?
and her secretary .Miss Jeannette Ye
Houston who will arrive fatur-
day for an official thrde-day vildt i
.. ~, to the Department of Panama i
Canal Zone.
S.their wed- Saturday morning will be spent
s Home fol- sight-seeing and shopping on the
"layton Cha- Pacific side with lunch at the
lew Cristobal Gamboa Golf Club, as guests of Ma
1. Cullen of Chagres River Unit No. 6. This "ettlng
will be followed by a trip through getl
y Joe Hickey) Culebra Cut to Pedro Miguel. At
5:30 p.m., Mrs. Reed willgive a M
gue enjoyed art radib broadcast. The official de- r Laurh
upper and beer apartment function will be a ban- rmA Teach
nd floor of the quet in the ballroom of the Hotel whe- about
and Mrs. Fred Tivoll that evening at 8 o'clock. not yealy serious
oco Solo Naval Sunday they will drive across Piper confided.
evening, the Isthmus to the Atlantic side a y things to di
ded: Comman- for a luncheon at 12:30 p.m. at -.J taine
Frankel, Com- the Fort Gulick Officers' Club Cob who click
J. W. Schwartz, the guests of Elbert S. Wald Uni the love story, "B
,nd Mrs. D. B. No. 2, and Nathaniel J. Owen fair,'.Will b reu
under and Mrs. Unit No.3; and a trip throughthe RIA. strangers.".
commander and Gatun Locks. Hlywod fashic
, Captain and L wd gets to
Lt. and Mrs. Al- On Monday, from 10:00 a.m. to pRS Clack for til
g) and Mrs. M. noon, Mrs. Reed will visit the of- l asi of "lgy D
Lnd Mrs. D. C. ficials of the Republic and Canal the U ., Vane's
and Mrs. Ed- Zone. At 6:00 p.m. a buffet sup- verse the blling.
per will be served at the Ameri- *
-- can Legion Hall In Balboa, by &eto Davis'
0lon Panama Canal Unit 1. ihMwed MeIe In "A
mmander and .t..t.Va'e started
of Pensacola, Birthday Celebration y p "
n the "Private Little Judy Ann Oberholtaer Ba in an old 1
he houseguests celebrated her first birthday with form, he, hair Ui
mmander and a small gathering at the home of w12 g81o lIrt sres
* the Coco Solo her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rue- s3upp. Nette, bh
sell E. Oberholtzer, of New Crtsa- 'hdilhtg wb Dil
t6bal toa Bennett an hi
Meagher also other Man's Polst
omas to make The guests who celebrated with 1 *
er son, Lieute- Judy were. Mr. Anthony J. Cat- e. P7 Dow on t
r WChaplaln) anzaro, her grandfather. Mr. her visit to hotme
er, on the Coco Tommy Catanwaro, her uncle and Ten.:
-. Mrs. Robert Waggoner and Patty "They never rus
had as her Ann, of New Crist6bal. with Mr. went to a- Rotary
he ship was in and Mrs. Ernest C. Vefto and Paul dad and to some
M a r garet of Curundu Heights. meetings. The book
Coast Guard, asked me to talk i
D C. l* T They think there a
IA d .TA n0 fr1 hind every corner h
i Club WV IUa III Il ing a good public
when the dignified
Woman's Club A n nl l IMm dent said, 'Do tell
p.m. tomorrow A IUWe 11u I vs Montgomery ClifLt.
monthly meet-
Davis will be For Boy kou s
afternoon and 1 h y o s
will be played
ade. Colonel Richardson Belee, wee
hy Committee toastmaster at the Annual Boy
member bring Scout Dinner held at the Hotel
Tivoli Tuesday. Major General
Ray E. Porter, Commanding Gen-
eral. United States Army Carib-
.of the Brazos bean, was the guest speaker.
Smet Braosunday The Annual Dinner commem-
and business orated the 41st Anniversary of
me plans were the founding of the Boy Scouts of
to be given at America and inaugurated the
1951 Boy Scout Week.
During the dinner Danny Cox
gave several musical selections,
accompanied by Professor Hans
lard Wood had Janowitz.
C..Gavin withLUX
Lou and Billy One of the highlights of the
ests at the Ho- dinner was the awarding of 8pe- He wu tough aa
Sunday. Also clal Awards to Scout Leaders
Henry Hotz. present. These consisted of Certl- 1m.. an
vln will leave ficates of Merit. Camp E1 Volcan *
ain Friday for Diplomas. Boy Scout Statuettes. "r*
d leave Satur- Also made during the dinner RIGs
New Orleans. was the report by Vincent Biava,
Council President for 1950. on
the activities for last year. After C E T

is report L| fava wu jnWa yWUie
Will R. Price. Incoming president.'

*4041 Pco Boyd.Ave
rnl6n R. P.
f Phones:
1002 1003
In ervythbiu
Inspected by Oth
Health Department



ia at tif i


tw u.


tave t ft
Mh moppets in
4ir Utand 'a
aty Par"-have
pse of advanc-
growth. Snorts
younger all the
ting older and

ie-Vic Damone
hied the blush-
-it stage. "But
s." red-haired
"We've got so
o career-wise."
and Joseph
as a team in
September Af-
nited in "Sonri
. .Lend lease,
in: Margaret
p billing over
he English re-
angerous." In
I contract re-
All About Eve"
a trend. Der.
On Moanflght
baseball uni-
pigtalls and
irs Instead of
y the way, I
rector Comp*-
I script, "An-
the subject of'
town Athens,
h me there. I
meeting with
S.ladies' club
k review club
on Hollywood.
ire wolves be-
here. I was do-
relatlen. job
madame pres-
me all about

." v 9S

Mrs. Morgan Will
Give New Fl er
Classes At YMCA
The Balboa Armed Services
YMCA announces that Mrs. Clias.
P. Morgan will gain offer to the
public two courses In lower Ar-
rangement beginnalt Monday,
Feb. 19.
The morning class wMll'held
from 9 to 10 a.m. and it registra-
tions are sufficient, there lll al-
aq be a Monday evening -eras
from 7 to 8 p.m. Thee elghb-week
courses are offered frte of charge
by Mrs. community
service. .
Registrations should ba placed
as soon as possible at the Front
Desk of theY.M.'C.A. All women
Of the Canal Zone and of Panama
are cordially invited to attend.

Lutheran Church
Lists Srvic

Special Lenten services will be
held at Redeemer Luther 4an
Church every Wednesday night at
7:30.. beginning with tonight, ac*.
cording to an announcement by
the Rev. H. T. Bernthal, pastor.
The general subject of the Len-
ten sermons will be, "Behold Your
King," The sermon theme tonight
will be: "His Crofn: Of Thorpn."
A cordial invitation is extended
to the public.

G- t I re- in

t h_


I I'






id known how to trat'themn
p- -Dk Pkowet

I 4 Cbmmndtion.a


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uSed .nlj ~4sr....

I ~ ~tkmm ~ '. I ~-



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:' -' .1
i" -; "- ^ -.

't ': "R~




Sensational dram of violence --. ." ........
and venance I The picture that won two
BARBARA STANWYCK Academy awardsl
with Walter Houaton
----- ---- -------in-.
D. Andrews Farley Grnmsr. Is

Suspense In the nlightl itrigm at dawval
Suspicion around bhe world.

John Wayne. i n J = Amero, In
with Joan Crawford
A blt I
Robert Taylor Amudrey | aS ATU ATI

we .j


1-saw JIw



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'9. 'c.j.y.' -


afl flu la. b m. si
AVI.,Ma wV YmK. (17)N.SY
9.0e 016.00

ter Winchell

New York

^ : -,,f'4:. ,

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,.<-yi -*.+,:: *s^".ff, ;*
, .. *
*^,nii-:.-? ..... '. ".'* :* .....; *,
- *:-. ... -:. ;- ; ...
- '*'' J *- ., -- '** .
.. ... '...

J .-" < ..". '.

pe They wt. it SiV
mmW mat wa SO

at they saMa der
' edited MSites" :?lei2 B

for a' 9WII*P wit

-o the acter

ando pe, that we a e,
* until w e.en at .

g best org ehtte.".

It-Knock to a a big ordahnce t about
balanmed her: to turn.
S le'U a good Why are of such
td all those labor leader.a -j 's Philip
ain told Jimmy Murray Reuther
lamMes,"I wish hitting the warn-
t nothing." ing picket' time?
They're fflfliW human.
araywrigbt They hate t6
- S be Why baM. atod Ame-
ad ttw.'S- rican e te lbor just
0s names in alerted all Itt labor papers to
amtoows to stir up their 9, f members
Nia a feat with the Jal,* l,"5W business
trem1 Me brass has ta inet te charge
14 hops to of the U. S. dtepase mobiliza-
auspect that ton"?
SemI my- ..
ba, and it For the answf ve got to
be play, Its go deep behind t scenes of
labor's intisl tAJ'a fs with
the White e HatI. o is furl-
Ipe" angles ou na its prt.lva ol atItona,
Ft-'rorts on a it uses n rmy galt 'argon to
ft-Etd Press, describe it a t alst the
sef-st Toronto Administratlo.i-flfI it can't
asetSs ago get any help' govern-
I. n setooand ment even on the slightest re-
Ne*t IM~eanquests.
r ,ti. For M~trop~? On3 of the
IPl r hit theP".., ofte
St e lne onwage stabillvs is the Textile
a.nd he na Workers' chef, mul Rieve. Hun-
'and er name .i of .-i,,-- os are ,,t

* 4
* Al



5. ii


t3jBsjttd ,ai'e. ..A yud'rRb1bil d frfned drunks: of work Mass., NEW YORK. A friend reports fro Chicago
wtl "whIh almni;:.h a ghost hat we are finally o lly t war. he gets
Beands ia the Night: i Max's Stage Detea : town whenan Wool- his from war's Odd harbinger, the professional
s t In Ma's Stage eDas Iao en Co. plant oartnd. ,
Wme B atom bomb s1aas At sal M say "Save yd there. Th r. Fin- "A man was hustling up tl bakee" he
m us y eam Long itslay d1...At O s ... w r ally, the mO ae says. "And the old. boy looked t. eman jack
Cmey. eAome ytlt imy ae wo -stt".ed11n1 .1 me blketke mFor in the eye and said: 'Take it ea, bud. Tlher's
cubeom: "A Commu don't m ke
C,..Atteom: "A Com ite us ae s st ha e e. l 'tlSmd reasons appny a war on and we got plenty oaomu % iut hilp
t t stlu, wb they feature a chres deelde ~ is awlSl hard to come by.' Pom. t oit .
street alt elby feature ers e- 8 Mr. -the the friend said, "I regard ul ks qffielaly iat
NOW ew : ente e the most ex- Q e r The sad phrase reenlls some mighty pttiul
te s o. fighting memories of the last one. T n t n
rlomK sonorm.nn os oe$s vate wptn a tm w u tdoi n ys .
An rWknor a n omw'1t of" weapon by nearly everybody _t cover up their
togin" tosthe-gwa- w -on. te~dI9Sjitrp their pri-
etroom '.l^ wi informed.. J el a t1i hn d that rml It was the stock excuse for selfishneas and
,.. *...w,, Ov e" lo f an t r r d i.' provokd Pe t a a o swindle, for misbehavior, for slovenlines. for ex-
e the k -belted tehe ll n the" nloltation, downright crookedness, bribery and
out it tr' 'fltkounwda r 0.;corruption.
.otseP o*gW1#u tfe labqr Thumbprints still retain on the fat neck of
nawy Bainbews: Th a certain German writer in Phladlpblu
"LiAttle Rock Oetawty"... Inni De Campo's first disc. the .iJtrsBraiden. .turl Wa' recall, who was alleged serving a a-m e of -
.Carl King's "Croasroads." very adul. (WOR-ty)... SanmJ. -. aad.Vrr^- odim' unior officers just returned from a 10 onths,
's music-magic.,.Beitt Davis in "Payment on Demandr. Thee's the flying box er tour o n an ammuntio srlp, and were just a
-lthe Music HaI...TbqhoLee Viley-Joe Bushkin recurdlnw, s k, run. by the c.. 2auto little edgy in the nerves fr6m watching trionde
a Dreamusil"...ThM t eRaye at the 5 o'Cuock..n r.Kitte w Tu.. Y c being blown up. They had also been forced to
r 3a.imlcry at the Chez Paree...Jackie Miles' golf Rag .a w *W to get the .govtSa t for 24 hours on the hl,.glookin theci
bout the nouveau riche Delancey Btreeters. Hilartouas to* .a cause nobody was doOiS any ip
laughs.H they wit holiday.
_ih...__________...: until wlast" S The waiter brought the drinks first t of
1 U S1EO UM -- TI t1 S OWN COLUMN i n Soth ioreh eir ether man in months a pf .
WIS 1 teUM m ow COLUMN ridly bo, sented the bill.
The Railroad Uhon feet "What's this?" one officer aid. "ng
aw y. T h ey wimto h a v e sev eral m or a.'" -". .- "'. .
iiMi BA L OE fr wiy. They wo *-- Don't you know der'.t.i.varn? OW th* i
t PA ILernment on their side. 't you kmnow drt @ 1
SM A IL B A Mr.E Tr han's sweating aide, said nastily, In a thick German accept Ve
Jon r. Tr elman, has been don't trust people in uniform no more. Ve got
me as me n u ea team ta e mdo n atrhe t Pahnm. Amarlse mSqatnl. .What's happened n b to collect after each road or maybe lose money
'p su se5mtSenual m In eud he cadiednt ln thws escenesois tte from bums In soldier suits."
dsbs e roaes b e d p. brotherr The two officers said oth paid. .d drank
S sn a We don't Ibe ,mlitiont I a doentean r ,ml tlMit M ear, Insisted that-ue rally UIP. Somehow the drink did taste as good as
/Pq sa lv a. eaa ,og t lin.mes mm4- d into the l Wash- they had anticipated. But Is S0otd to
ttte bop the mlefS HiminI onm eni eepo k. sltagn negotiations their h5h- thirsty sailors, and they gulped It down and
"I m- wl msn ba hed in strict ron lidence. eat road executives, with power -Ignaled for another.
Tib arNsWaper nese me neslolnihi to. tenements t ai 01 pinlm01 to bind their companies to a
uueesd I'eioWeln ITem eoedn. contract. a
0 But when the deal was made
RBUDTTAL rented for less depending on dis- ads Dec. 21, the rail union
Dear r. Zonlan: tance from beach and faculittes hefSov had to go back and Jo
Yo'ioLtea InSunday's Mail B.)x offered. lt proval of their generall Joseph M
S shocked the home owners in I have had a home on tanti h union residents are calo -
SataClara.Certainly, thacondl- Clara beach tformorWant unonpresidents are call- -.
Santa Clara. Oertainly thecondl- Clara beach for more than t* These men, closer to the rall-o
ons a describe have not been years and to my knowledge thers than anyone else, sim- WABRNaGTe is one key fact, which
broughtto the attention of the has never been reported a caseDCf, told their comparatively hardly anyone seemr to have nottced, lnt the
aClara Civic Council. We mumps or measles or anything 5 io national chiefs thaS mess we are in about On. T a .ouM s.
Greatly appreciate your let- you mention as having ortllgas. ieted more from the a ringing resolution. The S follow suit
utin a &ow just where yu ed thee. In fact at least fiveC t' administration and to 'The American sdeltt p heave and
found seeh deplorable couditlopi inent doctors bring their chlidrt St k and get t. earth to get the Unt N to r Ci-
so that the Council's Mitation regularly to their homes inanLt sa happening right down na s a ns araggrem I nd
Commntee can take nlrimedlate Clara for vacations and week o in all industries. The tap on the wrst, he A&L S h _no et yet
tas to correct them. The Coun- ends because they know it is such b, secutves are a con- agreed how the ChMea, Ire-to be punis
el aotandwillnotperltone a wonderfully, healthy place a ~~'the national labor when and if they are torall found ulty of
i taA _to contanmisatthe youngsters. It is unreasonable .to f ow the government's their crime.
whole believe that these professional price and tax policies. The situation was almost iCl drat
Ina as we consider San- men would make substantial In- d o't want to commit ed b) a recent meetu with the S of
- t l Panama's finest play- vestments in homes and bring lies'' tb higher costs and the State and Defense -ia t t tad some
with one of the best their families to Santa Clara year rfits before thev know rumors of which havegot n t the ris rs
e .i the world miles of after year ifit were as unsanitary s will be rolled back, are correct, every sort of m was canvassed
n ;-nd; no rocks or and dangerous as you describe. and ~ .h$h the taxes will be. solemnly and at length, BsaS onn was
S S.. e absolutely tree ol On inquiry you can learn that the rantlexr labor chiefs wont found to each one. AAAt the de, with noth-
Sfrom ty sewage area i especially recommended to -ea .eat hold their rank ing accomplished, the v'3 Mldi.t disoled the
ig oqt angy kind and be- people with respiratory disorders. andb members back. gathering with a compliment on a. fruitful dis-
ty owners take Sufferers from asthma and bron- Ans- wh.en the goern- usslon.
Sin their homes chitis have been greatly benefited says, oi're part of All kinds of plans have indeed been drawn up.
S maintain high by vacationstaken In this dry el- tl w wbrds, the labor The most eat Ie s a i V t to supDRt-be
t of sanitation for their mate. Incidentally, statistics will Ioagers retort yes, we're several hundred thousand Chinese anti-Commu-
thas well as for the com- tell you that there is much lesm adusr, biut you don't list- nlat guerrillas with air-dropped supplies; to re-
Sfd protectkan of their rainfall in this section than In 1 as. They poant. to a Inforce the guerrillas' operations by r attacks
S a most unfair to judge any other place on the Isthmus. o parley set by the on China's highly vulnerable 0 of n
community by one ur- Now that the Income tax and NawsW Production Au- communications: and tg ad ia
oerence. soaring cost of living are making f4W and say the labor forces to land in th easily laensle A
Sa iderble dent in budgets, igmrs were not een in- es. In the middle p d, _t ere Iare iP s
.be h g ,t2he a n
anlation "very high rates." many families are unable to take I. he had t et nt the basic theme of va blockade the
tfdoirmation, the maxi- needed States' vacations. As asn .m4r otice from a press China coast. And the tp on the wrIst w re-
beach houses a v- economical alternative Sarta DSeu. presented by a plan to la l an interstin*-
a da each for fonr Clara meets in a small way this: o trikes, which are long range embargo trade tA CommsunisA
awfing small chU- definite need for rest. relaxailn no ytdolag any real dam- hina.
ates are given and change. a, are labor's warnings that The objections to these should be obvl-
than week If you. Mr. Zonian. will take will not freeze Its am w ous enough. The all-out ttem to discommode
Sthe vaca- the trouble to inspect my p aso that later the o t he Peking government by up tha Ir
ty for com- home and guest house and U" en say, Well, you did your teal enemies would veI I
Ssoreene unds and houses owned by thi Lber knows It want be Immediate object. at it
service; Oramliehs, autes. Philli abo strike later. far moral. operation the
Sgas Shrapnels, Williams (just to pet and, pro legal ly br n on It
S iposl mention a few nearest the beach) yfns. So It's aya to IT told a maler a sia. Wlit
21mdtabig and can prove that any of the :rtnie 'In the White WMee t the worried a n
4ua$ Srething Is conditions exist such as you men- lg: W'nly think about the
g O AMK ing ttion, I will gladly give you a free pp'S am l dstetw. We'rr oviet Unlion.ths
weenk endt in my guest howse... -srpe Ip w. n woaw
t ahtaisthemacutom. youllhave 1 t war."
to bring yu r own linen. ht Q.r- W.' P e" s t* ,
1 ae ao "- ... taek- navel

Wr On

0. K
.rtw M was down at the other end of
tie dingg converse with two other wait-
ers tried to catch his eye. His
e. not catch. They coughed, beckoned,
with swizzle sticd. and, did all
tent acts by which one is sup-
S t waters who do not wish to be
.n,. Of the officers got mad and
h. bhe whistle, or hiss, IS an ac-
te1 pto O i In all Latin and most Euro-
aw p charged the waiter, bristling
'fu don't vistle at me like I va a dog!" he
screamed. "Ve d p't jhf to Lake dat no more,
vl If-ia n on..."
A scant two days before the two officers had
been actively at war with submarines nrn bY
people wlt1 the same accent. One man's hancs
reached out and seized the waiter's thick throat.
a eea bulged and his face purpled and knees
9-mt. The choker's voice was very quiet, but his
eyes were slightly mad.
"Sit, do.." he said. "Down. Rover. Ni.ToW-
ser." L *. '
The manager came running up, his mouth
open to excoriate and -I- arnn wavnh TT
little officer got up ans' picked up a bhsT. Hk
voice was quiet, too.
"You wanna die with a,-dhair around .u4d
neck?" he aSed. The manager went away. "T.
little office sat down. The big officer released
the waltw'fsTieck.
Vp., do,', he said. "Walk down to' the end
bf the room '.
When the walter reached the end, the big of-
ficer stood up and whistled piercingly. The
waiter came at a gallop.
"Yes. ir,". he said. "Please, sir. What l would
"ou like. air?"
"Nothlng.' n the big officer oaid. "Your hotel
stinks. Let' rgo. Hank.There's a war on."
I suppose the whole drearv cycle starts again
now, with *wong on both sides.

1 Po cy Making
Stewart IAlsop

place too heavy a strain on our available naval
resources, and would necessarily include a block-
ade of Por.#Arthur, which is a Russian harbor.
AS for the uap On the writ oef a long range
trade embargo, It is what the American govern-
ment will probably propose next. But the dam-
age done tT#e Chinese by a long range trade
embargo, i, America's allies overseas can be
dragooned isto voting it, will hardly compensate
for the damage done American Interests by the
bad feelingsAngendered in the dragooning pro-
The plain truth is that in November the Chn-
nese Communist government committed a fla-
grant act of wa. which the American govern '
meant. for excellent reasons, did not choose to
trea as an act as an act of war. In those circumstance,
it would have been better to keep quiet, awaet
developments, and concentrate on getting theo
Korean situation in hand again. The course in-
stead adopts of demanding that China be con-
victed of a line when no adequate Punishment
was ready, was from the first, and is today, a
mere exposure of weakness.
The worst of this situation .s that this high-
ly dubious course has quite evidently, been taken
as a concession to public and Congressional opi-
nion. A gestire had to be made, it was plainly
Felt, because uf the natu itk biter and universal
indignation against the. MneI Ommunlats.
Of course, it.Congrw- a..4the country were
truly incapawe at psndsftudl g end accepting
plain stateamie of, fet ut -great ationl
problems, the AmerIemaM i O would have
foundered IQ before ths. Wo real trouble, at
the moment b1 ta tbe.ll Usl tr* ije
eseciallv the
bottles from- thte

p a men .e i,
"Torat ask

' -A .m*o

up a of" i
i. eo t m nsmdaa"

u"Taat ot thrr.-
gAnd Begiim." he continuedim

w~and ._you alo
-.namely that Rusfa atat aeof
at the age of i .-
"And Wt n it," IAminI.- '"fl
WeI. op.aWm m n

N Avry. = bAt aaa er er
Cenpsstan itpfrs s relis o
mTmber- of the arme sad m ep oul "s -. '
Note -whOle o W de 1 nft a to Anat oaf

gaxior ta dmoip uiogOW0t pro
chitor ait fr, mh.,e the t Y t U m.-m

M onmo rA SUlM MOW. FanN -t}
Millions of Amerlcana, though dredging W ar,
.nxiu t elpfta goverinmat prepare for t.t w-..
Ilt. There Is a p at. Iunha nrnesd of _ro

a eAd atnv i e i vncr en c o- '-ml

t. 11..towmt KVo.M.ano .A -
-t _if. ha.. V Xto' t -. _- s -.
pare plaftwo".u Aoti a 0iswho ae rt

Ward catalogs SrO@ Bbehindlthe Jon Ou .rtaln'__^
W .... Pro vaeir. a n no
A Daid l]t"Sf t,-Let Justices of the.
men, and otar mnpu e volunteer their _*esrM y +
the preparation df ppers relating to v.io0lton t
Thi Would save time and expense In p intiu a
Daiel T. Cox, blpeot, A group
we&.as others throughout the tiaon, have a,
x eveone to pAu4 -At 12nqnn daily fi a minute o
C dveie ,w3 aer .of fChere., la i t
gravf, or electricity niater ofWU cd a.e of
Carl Landmaa, #8lo Ato, Callti-41etewt
to combat Russa propaganda, the staff to be
etugeis of Soviet ojp ....sibii.
M. L. rDonohoe, h 11o, W. V-ourteen
ing licenses were Issued last year. Theholders of t
caz snoot with- considerable accuracy. They can be
home defense.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard. M. Jardine, Jackson egts fl
Persuade the nation's No. I pianist to make a recordon-..
the benefit of the U. S. A. Regardless of the .mue. m ltlsjHIL
sure that a record by H. 8. A. at the keyboard would ouWu
Rev. John R. Steolle, Indianapolis-A temjorflyt-
should be organized in advance, in case of an atomic
(Copyright, 1351, by the ell Sndiatea Re.)

F Fam. Sm. I APHBJff

BtUOI"TAY 3Minesd rool.k

3 Zen" Toi *
epotd 4 Coaty oa-
famos sets5l
the ,

t-. .1. 8D ow

7istper tndf0

is 1Aim n-i-i
r -whmnn




. .

.. .. F.. .
.- -.-.? .# -- -,, -- x -
.. ..., ..... ^* ^* + ',


There's A

By M

ke l



~lff ~'


" ..


-PR C~


-'. "'

.... -.. ... M ...';
Mflfld msISn :

NO de lI
16 vii

-a go faf~daf~
i11 S^

p~ -

a i b Lme

;E%'S..n iul

ram- Bie

. ---

*. .s
an I

en 0


.. *>*; :!.. -i^
amm ie



iknuaJ at&Iud-

S15 doe '
bt 1 Auditorium do
la nochs, .
a toma deo
auwo Presdente de
o, doctor Daniel O
ipetdura de la Sedst
el President do 1
deula Panamefta de I
Antonio Gonsa IM
2-Xu men de la Acth
t4 is .hademia Kd '
-o6I de ,. p6r ell4

r ArshPraie A *




koe4f*'Obras Pfibll-
00olgo Impulas a
nu do Ma clliiU en
r dol t cludad, en a-
I% gap cantidad de
_l Mo rwcto
Pi mEelonad tde-
6el Minlstro


i)6s en

IDO. W. L Fb 7
.10 aaunusl11 tpouo-
ma masts Blut

,pealr diji
i 1 ouar2
a Mtissle

- a sL


= dfhmO deln
a Isa choco.
e esposo on

febrero 7.-
M eata noche
nl contra las
ido orden"deq
amo resul-
buelga ferro-
i Juet federal
ola auto de
adeoms. de-
do loam proce-

* .-1'- *w ,* -
Is Admlnistraia i
ReaoIs Inter-m.
r bawI arfehlo y*
nMlpHeotoqJm .
dAod -epn acjprt dip
bor c~dttwe rerW~ttrto.
Cho an 4W"acalonde,

Dia a dies auden a Is
I'e Rentas Intemmaa I)
damO eon el fal .ld
dis o rectlficar S
A 31 doe Dt I'
sppto do Impun W.
t4 stramadoa is I
718,81, qut a e 10 .co
tratando de cobrar.

'a p

detd de contoratldt eliB'1 ow
tieuo 82 do Ia parts di 4
3"Nda de las p treemnt as
pide la existences de scoavenm
reginale o agenda, para tin--
tar asuntom relatives al nmai-c
S(Pass a la Ir. i Co, LI)

Don Pawcul Urek

d. S&puro SW I

Durante el curae de !f
mana fue nombrado. oug
to do la Caja de uoaU-laW
el Or. Pascual Urfi, oap
*do hombre de leas d
Provlncisa de Ch$Ir y Maila
. bro prominent Amitde Nro
I voluclonarto AutraU
lste nombrummlsmteocb.
Il Qrente del Beloi 80oA l
Crlat6bal AdAn de V1 b. is
*sido blen reelbido didk ._e up.
lldades del nueo, aub eato.L

10os eapturaron el pqto clave

lndedores de la ftal de Set

SGa fuerza la deciS as retricn

los eeeros ferroviaries miastsm

Wa- ui Lse reve,11' losu sioldod i a

I (U P ) (UiPP o b a la e
s-uI efyne o0 a 1t4 d- ti
apars re- pW.roduc m n

Simdo u ovia e

noj quo dtfliodon a SitI
retroedUdo oea kU 6me .
ai d north o I Z
dal ataque do)u
funcu. d ldo Im NlctirtMU
Un porotas d4l At
Briad" UnMw. d..
Chiona bhan
urs nuaea Un KM
1 nue8 et
ft Bib06 d4

so amc po v pese gon-
Sen ma.efoeeotivo sr-
quo as eooce. m capm-
s "-ol eUm saan ro-
I--PVP pars
arevedad- es un polvo
quo de scuerdo con ex-
w hechoe con el mis-
Mnt ga $ran pro-
iel la o dt e la cian-

alron eortadarina do
awr volarma a. meA

us il tren h g
a dotlol6aot Smt
* di.q oct -e low
roaU deacmc8 lau g v un
rl6 Is retur tetal d u.
ido. LX orerom
a terse de na D:i
ratpado do e.rtar da
erWor e asio de tow u
arm #bder .stroer Io e*a

a o ue Mto eu
I" lor :mue. e
-0n o en 1 e "Di min


la Poll IS Beereta

rcdae aprBa prj

i a,. J SrS^Sp i m a vsmflWra.
.del homsptal oS do ngdotudo p'
B ue penecf4on Is vTo" nga, d'io,'Qb's
If de aml y o 1 mod, do do ayer en la I

Abhao. Gelfn -veds le isHeW
.que @ l com l d. IL rnun r W s ,
per anuy oeead eAD 1tenta 7 eineoo libey trlt
to de is atemda loas aeSctwIo.
dsream 7ydeladploL
nskiik quoe el Yde Antonio Morle fue suacu
emente el mA poten- pr el easmtlaere noctrn
fmldas coooldo r el CSa da habr "a
pero que su usm UsoNa o a e_ A TaaMOr" oUn trala.
fa PIafta m. Colem. m P lm l4alm)l aetuma *),

uria estims que el asunto



SAlemania e de capital inter6s
i ;lOWi Feb. I (UP) La--
ifD Sorvltica contestando 1 m
S f tre potencla, occideo- i u e
dal 23 de nero, oetaituc.
tieneo -umtoe.
lo- eira lgs,. a .macl6n 1 se' arrdais'
lovitica de que la deamilta-
rlzacl6n Alsmana a de I Isna- -a- -L ti -
yor portancia para allvior per mn U -NU vl4N
la e Inftermaclonal y me-
Hoy Jorr las relaclones entire lat El menor dt tresa do .dea
Chl- antra grande potenclat. Ernesto Ricardo rMd m
hm a So---. Rftica los caos ue sidente en Ckae 1 oats Mg, =%
h. a o potenci locldmentaiem e-- ri6 ayer als ameoe -abide*

to 7 C 1 U
'a, Wa ackrmado el mimi do ii dIbpe.nuS@ de) Hospital flu.
as "ar- wooe matur- daim aI
da.6u.lms eon ojan- m edo) cranesl eml .satma ng

.dAm.e de Ener9 no M.*
Seq a au*o49 tse qua e Oob S11 opro mo1hr
oMt *0 meMdia Ingdiittbli. M a ao5f
IrIAiSJUemanUa, el Gobilao *noi g MaV-
I& : or l Conle tfT on
der~a s.aie en uM
rl. a quo M owi s
if~t M-ldM de Xaro B aui-smaS'SM^ BM
s? ^ ^"*l~cnJvddwB^



A. 7;-



* .* *-, f




Af h.


_trigIt. o te acdMte

E I per dhmxeartiefta ecurddu B fti7
1ai*en o la"it2n 7 at+
e, ,,- *

e la desmilitarizaci6n de

_n _.

. ml 1! -




- _, "


L -




.fl.ra7r ~2.1~2 -.1
- "yrs* 1 *<** -a
* 7*.~-* ..--.



WoA 1iO 1iDKfrlaNUBY

: jg- ,MqMAmiri p. a. *- ,
S N su TALLaUM *ITUADUe-s N EaTA :lDAi WAL-aIt,. r-.T 9 -.


Aparentemente mwueie. klbklen log pr4M o
sobre los problems del trinsito en Panamt. Sin em-
Sbargo parece que no se ha dicho lo suficiente, pues
Scsi no se advierten medidas adecuadas que denoten
do plan bien orientado al respecto.
La cuesti6n del trAnsito gene m61tiple' aspec-
toes, y entire ellos indudablemente ocupa un pesto do
importancia el relacionado con el orden en el movi-
miento de los vehiculos. Pero tambiM hay que tomar
=m consideraci6n que es necesario disponer lo concer-
laente para habilitar nuevas ruta& que conecten con
algunos sectors de la ciudad que a veces s6lo estin
.conunicados con el centre por una via.
El hecho anetado trae come 16gica consecuencia
el congestiouamlento 'del trAnsito en determinadas
; cales porque per alli deafilan miles de vehfeulos du-
rante el dia. Naturalmente, esto ha ocasionado y
se xira ocasionando series trastornos a la comuni-
dad al par que graves poligros, que en muchos cases
hian dejado saldos de trigicos y mortales accidents.
Seria de desearse que las autoridades respect.
vas estudiaran sobre el piano de la ciudad este pro-
blema, -y que en vista de las circumtancias procedan
a facilitar el movimiento de los autom6viles que
traiisitan solamente per determthadas rutas hacia
algunos barrios populosos.
Hace varies meses nosotros sugerimos la con-
veniencia de prolongar la Avenida Balboa y la caUle
cincuenta. En aquella ocasi6n .el Sr. Ministro do
Gobierno coment6 nuestro editorial en tirminos fa-
vorables a la idea.
Se se prolongara la Avenida Balboa hasta el
Parque Mir6, per ejempleo, se lograrfa descongestio-
nar las avenidas Peru y Justo Arosemena, porque
habria facilidad para salir del centro y Ilegar direct
tipnente a Bella Vista per el camino aludido. Igual-
meftte, si se continuara la calle cineuenta se abrirla
,as, puava ruta hacia el coraz6n de San Francisco
.la Caleta, con lo cual se le restaria movimiento
: a*.' Vfa Espafia por donde transitan centenares de
,, es para entrar per la Via Belisarj,Porras

!. OjalA que pronto se comprenda en today su mai-
nittd el problehia que implica para el preete y
tambien para el future el descongestionamiento del
trAinito. Esa es una obra que debe interesar a las
ateridades y que se puede realizar mediante un es-
tudio ticnico que consulate los variados aspects del

SAsambe Ordinarla de Acdnlslas

Th Panam Cow(-CoslaBe Beling Co(0

La Reani6n Anual de Aeclonistas de The Panami Coca-
Cola BottUng Company so celebrark el martes, M der febre-
S e de 1951, a lam 4:00 p.m., en la ofleina principal do la
Compafia, situada en el No. 19-A de la Avenida Joe6 Fran.
eldeo de Is Ousa, Ciudad de Panama, Repblica de asnamA.

Ministerio de Hacienda y Tesoro
Administracion General de Sellos Fiscales

Se fija el quince (15) de Febrero del present
afo como fecha do vencimiento para el canje do
* species fiscales caducas por las del nuevo bienio
de 1951-1952.
Alcibiades Arosemena, >.
Ministro de Hacienda y Tedoro
Panama, 30 de Enero de 1951.


Se va de vacaciones


-.|-%*&* lament

Ida y Regres

SI. 33eo

alldas de Toeumen:
Pai mayoree Infemoe:


S-- 5 SOW. .
4.. ,. .. .
;-; e ; ~ *3J '

31 5ILOkho0 EN
l o di. d1h4 laba, yo iea
bninto"en osa colain ;.-
tengo aimpatia a ea eoleBolac,
del mal de ojo y supoago que
del "blen" de ojo. Y me atraWM
ladJtrlbulderas doe I 4uef.
bak euel. .

male de la gentU her a
ris, esposl del Chato, mMadr
1gualmenti de ml Incompa a-
rbe compare el "Capi" Aita-
rez, el Qlmpteo vltdeolo ul
director d po do- la.
vecia NiaiMnal, quea. v
arriba...- bbe de la, cliela
del bilong6 y la utillza cuando
le es necemaro, amn hacer do'
ello ua profeai6n. BB una ere-
yente, u a en secrerto per .
de una serledad magnUica: no
los emplea mAn qua en sua
cases particulares, aguno de
los euales conozco. Como el de
"Planito de mano", pongo power
model comareto.
Pere me apart de dohl te-
ma. Queria yo hablar hoy del
bllongX en otro mup4dos, Port
que me he encontrado con qua
est& slendo perseguida en Bo-
Ionia, la piudad de Ban Petro-
nio, que tiene mis torres In-
clinadas que Pisa --mas y mas
bellas, aunque menos nombra-
dau-. Eugenla Dondi, la "MaljA
turca". que no es otra cosa
que una practicante del bilon-.
o& C1io que no es un bl-
mnS6 parecldo al del Chorrl-[
IoQ y eli MarafA6n, al de Ca-
tedal y Bella Vista y I pro-
pta Avenida Central. Es Un
blongq6 menos aparatooo. Lo
extrano os que el bilouug6 de n
la "Maga Turca", la bolofles"
-como la "lsagne" verde de
la Buca de San Petronlo-, no I"
as usa mis que para alejar is Director
mala suerte, pars extrair loe
Mal~eo espiritus de los cuerpos.
de los hombres o de las muje-
Tes que' el "Malo" ha sefialado -
con su dedo de fuego. No soy que so r
partidario del bilong6 blenho- Dnrteamer
chor: to sugestivo es* el otro: 10 Mtix
el que lleva la "mala pats" a ILWO ta
los entes humanos: el que usa ntoria d
ml amiga Vays y... haste cul- reoe a r4
tas profesoras de colegios de &-4"ear
segunda enseflanza, Corealu.
S "Maga Turca.", Eugenia Is Indu
Dondl, ha comparecldo ante sue norteamer
Jueces boloeseas acusada por deO l omni
un neurastdnico que cree que Stain nu
en vez de haberle llbrado del un efecto
"Mal de Ojo", especialmeinte de oiO poyo
la Maga, le ha aumen tdo la tos agmoas
doals, esto es, ha hecho una dasd causa
iaor' contradictorla. mo Ias

11 "Mt" ha d_.ardo. an.
te usus le-es: "M 11iman lk
"MUNWeB Dto yo no sUy una
maga. Boy, almplemente, una
doctoradf en clenclab ocultas
en Ia Unlversldad de Constan-
tnoipl. Dies me ha dado fa-
cultades especlales y ls utilizo
en beneflclo del pr6Jimo, mas
por paiden que por el dewo de
ganar dinero..."1
Eato e lo quo me hace mis
sosapechose la Maga. 31 que
no quera ganar dinero. Por-
que de oeste etllo de sables
yo no conozeo mas que a ml
amiga Yiya.
La Magsa Turca, popularaisl-
ma en la cludad de la o ultn-
rattlene matildo y un hijo de
ocho f0los. dos estatuas poll-
cromadas de Ban Josa, de quien
es devatslma, y una serle de
fotogrfiaas de ditfuntos, hom-
bres y mujeres, en favor de
los cuales no pado hacer nada,
le quebrd am clencla de ahu-
yentar el "mal de ojo". Ella
atrlbuye sus fracaseos a que los
fallecido se le acercaron de.-
maslado tarde.
La clencia de Eugenia Don-
dl exige un retrato de la per-
sons sobre la cual ha de ae-
tuar. BUte retrato as coleca en
d.eKrmInada mealeta: e utill-
za Un pndulo en -poueli6n a-
decuada y lag oBcllaclonea del
p6ndulo deeeubren a ]a Mapg
su metodo de "ccl6n. La co-
rriente "ben6flea" nace en $us
manos: el Influjo nmagno es
aniqull'do por eaa corlrlnte.
Los juesea de Bolonla han
operado con today aerledad. Bxl-
gleron una prueba perlelal No-
bre las Virtudes aupuestaa de
la Maga.
La Maga cuenta que &u abue-
le. era un hijo de Bolonla que
fue albafil lon CoMtnantiopla
Sy all descuMbr un teaoro en
la casa de un rqulsimano he-
breo, muerto cua$ent aflo. an-
tes. El coQiolaSa en cVa-
rents ai W d oro n, M _
precioa, Y y SVnt.eiu .
des, amim '.%,letor ), Oe .lo
lomen ehajota: e -.6" uni

wi6 tutu
o ". E s :.
Is see 1i

Wah. LiJ

ar- f^'S~^^iiii~BBS

qiue todo .
d=rla, de
hublera r
r.cs Unlda
ridicule c
paz y es
Nadle e
to, que .li
camino qu
bar prince

--Vay e proter a ts. mwdhiash e doe pmalt des1diis~


ituax mi im*"ar en. o '

es tan mala como se silpon
e A. Roberts, -- UnildasI s rm ran de Coca,
l "Kansas C i I la a ld perderia tuido
M- LiS fuer ala d I su proealgilo. Y li Eitados C-
_- ndos taatmidn. to es muy im
I CITY, Febrero. 7 no p" ea Otr a. Ins nego-

la entos pnlet uso,. aip s w ;. am Ip c' m nzar

quo hoy me haeen la b ls iaM 't-qo a .-

loe os cludasano pa-
eata: "Cuando vames
nuestros soldadoa de
udable que el pueblo
icapo etat cansado y
ado de esa gorra. ~IM
aeio de bajas produce
o deprimente. El ti-
de nueatroa supacs-
en las Nantbnes Ulhi-
tapto deaaUenpto co;
lo Jtao mInt ttb a4-
ids el- 6nto deG. visia
0, porqIea l io 0se
eaoeonado onmtra la
comunists II Ntelo-
s habrian quedldbO er

sperabas per aipues-
U cou tomiaran el
le algueron, 104 noc-
nos se proponlan u-
lialmenti mu pronfln

tienen ca en CI- de tfo. o l at
r a I&p ue .' i t fue 1 4O

mB arr-tsas por xta- P 1 clon ds ba-
lana Oncesra ue no o '..

icnoa dmotrnI ydq ua rntoa Ie "
hauer ndo.b'li deflndmis bli .SUB S s ro mdnod
roig ocosd "a do, rUnid .t t ban pslo
rp1 ..o..r i. _c lNas.honii .an u
ahore no0 encontraneu cm_ *o a.Jt..wt peontti@
lac lncontables mUIones de obt- L el Sea. actual pueda;s
nos, wenI zi-f renies~nte ener paBirlpt 'W*tt(Ba-.r*
jnlgol .nueat y que durant 4a hJios Mah.n liaride agdhas
migos de lDs Eptado8 Unido-. nuto Ian Mae WW
** ** MN=l*** 11 *4<^ipfi^

el abuelo doe la a morced
a las artes de la nieta. Lo te'
rrible es que el abueloq de du-
genia era un gastador tremen-
do, y heoy la Mag estA sin una
lira. a pesar del tesoro cons-
Yo creo quo el bilong4 para
acabar con el "rmal d oo"' lo
debe user Eugenia DMl oen
favor doe i misma. Afogdeo
el retratito: no olvide el. era-
zoncitto de oers. 51 eimaontra
alguna dificultad quoe MUM a
aiguna profeaora on lcamcia de
bilongo de nuestra mo ole. 81 Il
mandan el pasa4e, ira haeta

Neddy Nestle

Chocolate con Adcar
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a los hmbres libres

de mi patria

Por Norberto Naverr


AV0S -- .
'""A '^SO

i- 'P6r te modio seo a o nt acoionistas del Hi
tat PawirA, S.A., a u6e ml6n que aa levari a
s-o Ifoispital Papamt, el dfa 15 do Febrero de

i F. A. RAYM

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Tio horoy siempre una copi

de SANSON antes de las comid
i."- ii Y5e!sfWr6 fuerte!

Dovuelve a los ,.buloms c
Sprimitive solor, ..ays sd.
6ston rubios, castaAoso
So nogros.
No es ocivo No mucha
Es un product do calidad.
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4 nuevea eolore do oda.l
Tanlla&I s S a

Sn dardo 7 pla
heblils dE
1.Ma f 2.95
Tallas: paquefa, medlans,
grande. Ocho eolorl .
f clors. 33 a40. -A



.SbsMiMenloe iasedhm eie el nla
e "SbO SSecrl" de Kegg. e rm
I*es Me y euia6 tI ioedel ppete
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Elanc, B aUo, Bei,
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-lA Wif-t Aoes Irreparable a ladi diegidad is repi6bles deantre y
.--. nuestras fronteru. En los ultimosu deos l AmIs aN
eporiein n e dlrge a euantom habits el relo deusrrolido esplrltualmentq y Is eenelieels es e ic e va di
todas laM Iuenuma viva do kpoEM6a:. a l tra- tando, de mode quotue tue ral que as S pecas mam asn
Si.. ud y dol bmpo, a loS ppm a .lufbtntud maran a Alr e entlca a las dministrael6n. 81 aiUas d a
a x brbeai dedleadeis laiWl d4e pensa- venian de elementos q ecargan rd e s repuuMllM4 p
Wi s i ,4 meo de mode partlew.a .ir In t ass popula- log erroarm del pasado, lam mai vibrantes y en a per
i n "el nervlo, l sangre y el epulrit del Par- las nue va generaclonos que adelenden el future I
is.eiMMe a^M di A nu co. P LaLjo de ofr aio eritleas blen Intnclonada y fre ncE ele g
is e volwe e ntra esOU y tat6 de sacallarla
-- de fuer mtuas o mene ablertos a disltmulade. etInd
Sbunasle de sJUttiela umparaban los leitimoes dereebe 46 h
Sp il f~ ~aunda meditaloesa en la sales he spreclado usgdo mid l gobernante y es mas umisos ministroe baianf
:ls tra ndendnels de tal eto, doldi depaRria e del Y earanio de Im talos y de quiems lo dietabam. K |
elonarlo Aut6ntico msar ksa eshenocs 6n'los nacl6 en 61 l idea de crear la Idi as 'l y MordtA" an .po 1
irL te y hombres madame end ftodabmento da una clr la opla6n libre y eancerar on la cAreel a taenes no a
'. 1deaoloies denminas" Pft eTvolhselonsaro In- metan a lavoluntad del gbernante.
jliate (Iu) y que lucha&t denoadmantem untllande to-
-S u. hl soits, pars pontr trin at eJ O material mo- La tusael6n, compatriota, no puede aer mts grave. h- ;
She n c. e o pa. y n taora r isRvn u obs bape de dio e I reasunstanslas exztiores lanfiteras samaste e
Sbl neta gender al. Etis grYe InsrpiaOldAm u tl da, no me sprecia deel goblersno nulan qdu im
195 1, T~y l fpl t cumpulmlenat de irLt 4 laebudIs de ni ninuans actitud reetifleadora, El gobernante demamt
Sh "AarBj t dye eludadano eonsmnente. ti dajl6a s la todo lo papers de huers y parees snhelar dhsepe
eM e nla a examen deapaalenado do It qceAnditn en que ]a tesrera guerra mundial me debate pars quo n ri de r t
OND eb waM t aimtra patria. Eta atitud as qee ornreponde .ae m y pars que. aI ampar. de toi emondletoe
,a qui~en d eo a rtase de I a respeasbOfldM que Ie spa pueds 61 suprimllr lu eleeelono de may e lS o'1e,
r reja Is ripufutsuel a popular de qe oue lasvertldo. en el powder ais all del Primere de Oetubre. violande
los terminantes doe I Contituetl6n. De este plan ha SO
l I me Itul e eon oer de no podroso e- nmbramisnto ars Magistrado hecho on. an sIne
Sl"eo. eallsone de mes. Cualeuliers a Mfue W las ofde tuns- retirado base tIempo de tods stividad, y sobre el enal
S tau lae .S eamep rglo os aIndudable u onhabris side peeime sin la robernante arrojar la ven gasa que lo seeampar ms '-
P'ErNlda. deMi se qups Ias m psIn deto s dr~s I roe bIsa. El s tombs, de prestarmse pars iolar I Carts Magma.
.owld _tbeata rs AAuntiehs s abra do su muns pepuls-
rs wg m s. NWI6 del aglutinamiento do miles y miles de 81 et s scesl6n de desa lertoe y eagalno ha preoducide g
homba Mde, snelmloe, Ingenue, quo yeroaren enpentrar on rl desconelerto en el as. mayer ha sido Is Indigna iun la .
el JA el Dr. Asa 1a Iu Sla eualidades de carter. valentia, capsol- test que ha provocade tnt ea m las flUMs palas rtel PA,
1 9 dad lateitMunali competenlas rubernativ y dprendmlento per- en los grupos de prop raantn, y rwSamUadorme m ban os* .'
aonal neesaries emprender la solucla So los problem ue nervieo el partldo. Anse eitriote espea tmulo dl debate a
s afroentaI itas ty r ealir lam aspiraleones del pueblo a. aun prtnolples Ideales del parttie y ante sl Ineap slda s t id i-
vida ubode d i epri d es, nalidades s y do pop es espirituales pars mejorar siqutera eon mgado anime la Ies4teua latme
yopo PFere ban bastado unoe causes anese pars gqo Ia del pueblo, la inconformldad ms ha itaMadi e .maulfetam
i a a -aI penetre bMsts lo ms Ihonde d. alma del Ideepel6a on haser press eon el itako de la ma ptlttisS.
bldo, n_ .e aspiraciones ha tenle Squala n so. Ineorformuldad y es deallaihm no On qI deqpoe4 iquen
mtenae do reaIsea ltaIagnno de los a roblomeaa os e l pueblo eszador de empleo ueande no satfae ad
, Ialede on earna v a iv s id entrents o n vIsalsn laras con In usts resel6a do ua pueblo quo no h n oemandd s.pp.
it deeol6a, on buenm Juelo. Las condlloaet ds a vida del pueblo ban oneata de Goblernoe an poner fin a la erstnk do 5t k S.
l ogado a extremes Inmopertables. No bay trabalo: el dner ha ha nteo comn el panrtli y el gete en qt.e3 palonm 5s.
SOS s ampre ide on I.eeffla s i popular@, mentzmn samo eom- banD iese lt pstmp -.- u*
dal seamente eon sIate esote de IsVd: los nialleroe ns me paga n m l.a eperue mlembroes d sel. .
S apoeram I meolmnsateano, shorn hiata sIasp1WanmaI1 i J I rI Joel d art p laSe hasloa e
peiure Q hembre dIriqole tse- p -enperas o sha eosh i comei cae l sd Uoserso Velimus., y Isa le a I-s d.
aIs M isconsuia eIs lam amass.. a 8 peiemei o mtron de. es qm.u.u|
Z sssueamtL~t.~ pa..ois Epusmtlaa am o eqo. Inosewrdaats
I- El pueblo, no ebstnte a to In enuldad y eredildad, cuafipn lame .p del pa y
*hery_, .ompara a ee Imn.#B padre de famida qe, violm deaersdamento, -
dompea uido aol 0As tre eC&sa usid a ho-urbO minanueen-
tavo le on Is p J m e S ee alte eS s del Goern eo mpran IANAMEIROS TODOS, JOVENES COMMPAE SO LUt w
propdde valbeHm seB ne per c aeme I DE LA MASA DEL PRA, HnOMBRS MUJlY bE MI
Mi 9 b e alboas y Uevnsm as. ad o tentodm6n y lu. El enmfo .. ... K *. "r-
S le l espital reeass prque .no hay casma y mdvlelau a Ante an estdo de i coast tan apremlante, el deber d toted
pw r n Iaers de que me astan muile y miles de balboaa en vijeos de dl- dadarGo mante de la Patria y de IaI Ulbertades publiess., ees ..'
pleomtlee y en gaj esparsa i h t# o politic. EKes hoambres lie- en actuar decldldamente pars poner remedie al maL H3 pM -r
Ims a Ila a rga comprobasel4 de que, una ves mai, ban Msid en- nir do nuestro querido Panama estA en mane de tods Is l .:
gaad e y dofrauadsdw en osun ae earns aspiraelones 7 efmpren. dals. Sl osta quiere malvarlo. losa ri. SI p ermalS1
dem que al partide y el Sfea laten dieron a adh n s ferviente leote vIendo e6mo so multipllcn es errors de o e Usa
Slee haI I abandenadoe a a p.rof erte. Y enteaden tambl6n que Is Nacl6n.s hundiri Irremisiblemente on el dYw.IS y k .
S ie_ abandon f e omseeusels dl olvido y despreelo de ol prin- rapol6n administrative. 81 es doloroes ver a gque ali .
elpies y el programs ,en gns roeamian las aspiraselnes popu- veqmensa y descomposlel6n nos han Ilevado male geoblesse,. *
SIsre. dil a nlas deprimente meris saber que nuestra pasividad p sfl
m ea o e.unlentroealsamlento permanent de Ia Ineptitud y de Ia inl-.
El trabajador, el lt. el empresarlo, el etudlante q Esmeconvencid de qu los eales d ia
caontemplan el deastre .adml -.thsive y politico del pain no scep- ftut eMno mantnelat onell
tan e xeoss q.ue elo a6r0S 0 0tear ePxpnliar so total raesoe. e del engafo sufrido co nel goble;no de Arnalf Arts.
SLos erroresde hroy no dliparse hablando de er n homo esselto un grupo de hombres de principles, sepanar-'
d doyer. No vale pe nt id asender al powder l Pasrtidso B- U de Is dhrecel6a del partido v olidariamrnes eon lai mass d
Svoelagienario Afentdmley r jleel pal. afrontabs una diffen l- u ladld de PRApars constituir. Junto con numersoes elemi entm -
Stael6o eoenIoles, dglo Ipol6ka y ello mismo nos obgsaba ft dI erses sectores sociales, identifledaes todes en raltoe les 4
S pernsraso en el esfaoem panefltear errores y restableeer mobnn trtad y demoeraels, y en un prop6sito de reeonmteeol"a at-
SbaM ses tmes vids ~t pals entero nsabs pas, nor- ceial, un nuevo partido politleo, que bajo el initflestlvo nam-
malidad, trabajo, progArih. .aoade de saudildam violenata y a- b dae PARTIDO REVOLUCIOANABIO IND EDIENTE (MD..
S ebado de msalr del jped e morvimlento eivico do noviembre., ueharA elvieamente per eonnuistar el poder y ponerle atl rseli-
tods Is a li6a le ofre l6 eoperael6n. En Is emara todas la. de nel6n panamefia. Tenemos Ia segurs prasnsa do gne M1
faelonoes se allanaaon a los heeah cumpilos y quedaro e mam popular del PRA remponder a., nuestre ilmade porquego a
Sdo Ia obra de reconstruol6nu prouetida. Se debl6 precederI a- mass as sabe tralelonada, olvidada 7 despreolads per loe eras-e :
closamente, onforpne.a ai- sidabldamente formulade, tentndoe provechados de es& agrupsel6n. La massm qu forj el PRA -o
cen united objetlus u tIn a enlo naealonacsles, 7 iy on WeiUnls o macriflcio. eon so dolor, eon tsremisenels de.sae.a sibe ao e sb
denels absolute do. s rSdt, ventative v e toideolaters m n partido ha dejado de ser Intrprete de sus sentimlenteo y aspirt-
qnme y partlWuiat. .sn todo Jo contrarlo. El mNuewo elnes pars convertIrse en un Instrumento doe lero de un rape ;
eboernante de wve iteque no habia sprendide la paIs de pelehadores y onortunibta eoladoe de seotrabandeo e on e
clanes do mu prp e rs y volvi6 a las andadas.. oe Obs- flila. La mass sufrids., palleda y hambrsada del PRA abse
tin6 oe ejereer e tar me eass personaL eonvirtlnade a tue el Jefe en quien depositaron so conflanm v ou esspernSa. I
su ecolaboradorese IBW b eU-samisesos mandaderoes ytrtan h dejado postrados en su Infortunto para dedlearse anlds m .
de hbaerI almso e M tan telmnarles de os aemnis 6ane del a tsus intereses particulares.. Tod el espiritu de laeha, las apul- "'
setado. Deosand eMatigar belias o desereones v satltfa r clones nobles, los proa6sitos relvindleadores del PRA oestaban
S enienos perset arwle a W contra Alealdes v Conceejos no sAle ou mos ses prop6sitos animama alen ea hm bonova d ,.
miti. deseonoelend aIs Autonemoi Manicipal. mino parllmando la ad- e alejarnos de jn goblerno quo ha defrandado al pale mra se*
sm mIlaltracl6n locaL partir eon el pueblo las penalidades de una nuevae luacb p i '
pie B6Ourg ii ose pua 4.0i2 ln poderes del eulado nue, ademia uslvil6n Integral de Ia repibUea. Pueblo panmeeno: luchameo
"do babesdentorpl S.elu nefiom ento d 56,. hs auma.ado- Psrs smeoatr atl pai. del e.oas en que m. encontra.
lw I _________ ..... ',




-I ..-, ..... I____

j D340aIo rfpMie If t No H && Is r"&
-W ireuM snomIn ad SdM .
Baw _0"' aB "or

El secret de una hfae

Contenta-LA BUENA SA -^4 --^- -- -- ---------r '

*- -
ISI. iMome buenm suad de Vd. y de
u AiSlUrI Si jdz aM veca e o mlt
crnd 7 moooji ia y m s s oma
zcbusm puhde m quo su faila m-
cosits al mi ismiqas A y D.
Nagplece a tomar Emulsi6n de
Scom do los dfLi, y d.
A i a m fSmilh. Pronto 4
vat usa diferancda e af
I Pauieacim diposici6a y
I lewded o d.
I ill-- Sw fas J,


.a i

".5.-U- -

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__ ~__ _____~__ ~__~~_

. ': i' b I t s n *. '_ g
--do Dafe t o fss

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mw-a- ,:-.r~~?Y L- --.L~ --.. '- .--

pedid al Ministro

ierno la nulidad de anas

ridciones del Frente

s nos ha traldo el siguien-
telegrama para su publica-
It Chorrera, Feb. 5 de 1951.
Sx mo. sefor
Presidente-de la Republica,
r. Mtnstro de Ooblerno y
"r Respetados sefiores:
SYo. Rall Ossa. cludadano pa-
a:plaefo, soltero, oliclnista, na-
'ural de la cludad de Pana-
i ad y vecino de esta, con do-
muicllo en el nf mero 85
calle San Francisco de esta clu-
*a Ad de La Chorrera y cedulado
bajo el numero 46-210 necurro
ante ustedes por este medio a
i' jmpugnar, como en efecto im-
pugno para que sean declara-
-,das nulas, de nulidad absolu-
I ta, las siguiente& inscripelones
* de adherentes al partido politi-
co en formacion lamado 'Fren-
to Patri6tico', inscripelones que
se encuentran registradas en
el libro ngmero primero co-
rrespondlente al citado partldo
que se Ueva en la aboretaria
del Concejo de eatse Dltrito:
. 2 82 Prustacio Santos 64-991
53 Leocadio BSagdrsa 91-2014
5 Jos6 del CaaIRn.
Maure Buarez 60-1752
5 7 Julio Gonzalez 56-1140
X Andrds Oeralta 64-1116
Venancio L6pez 29-1974
: i0 iBenvenide Correa..-
Flores 47-60076
i 63 Roman Pinton 60-601
61 Candelario Jimhnez 28-1069
S02 Saturnino Gonzalez
Flores 47-60090
64 Alejandrp Quintero 64-1110
S65 Jos6 Mafia Mela 64-945
' 6 Rosa Pefas 28-361
Sa7 Ismael Gonzalez 37-1767
SFernando Cerrud 37-1775
s Me baso en las siguientes ra-
Primers: El dia 3 de los co-
Srrientes se presentaron ante el
SBecretario del ConceJo de este
SDistrito, los sefiores cuyos nom-
bres y nimeros de cidulas a-
riba cito, con el fin do. ins-
criblrsee como adherents al
Z partido politico que llevarA el
nombre de "Frente Patrt6tico".
S Segundo: Como me consta
que dichos seflores no son re-
Ideates de este Distrito; soll-
cite ae veriflcaran o compro-
baran sue respectivas residen-
0s,. coma lo estatuye el articu-
"o 5o. del Decreto EJecutivo No.
1 4 14. de enero de 1947. lo
qua no se efectu6 y por el
g.Matrarlo se procedl6 a inscri-
krlo, Coo lo due, sin lienar
S trimite por mi solicitasio.
S Tasbs Me eo'cnsts, por ha-
erlo presenciado, que los men-
Selongol fseores, en su mayo-
ras, no tienen un mes de en-
ontrarse .a. el DIstrito, con
procedencla de otros, tiempo
que consaldero sumamente re--
dualdo para acreditarlos como
Sresldentes; y
Cuarta: Contra los citados se-
fores cursa actualmente ante




&t s aleja de su hogar el peligro
doenfermedades y iontagos /
vs a e el desinfectante de
LTM extermina los microbios!
S OLe coancentrado y ntds poderos
que otns desinfecnantes!

irak w que nhve...desinfecte -M

e l ...
lft aP
S a-
S. Es

ill I I I .I -
IAWM a lag infioeaaIom l WM4 b dOpS annt
... tel mmeamqeluM.e i do aime
as LUOLI. Au. did ,irAd is de y
on ma apua.s LYNo a. l daumu, m dmpe.
amislts mstcrobls.. M 4ub miftmm.
pil y asa -s ls. on I
oeke. t oca,. oue.*.I urSe

el Alcalde Primer iuPlente de
este distrito una demada do
lanzamlento por haberse intro-
ducido, recientemente, in unt
flnca de propledad particular,
sin autoriacl6n legal, sin con-
sentimiento y ni aiqulera cono-
cimiento d saus propletarloa y
las autoridades.
Esta solicitud la hago can el
prop6sito que se le d6 terml-
no a la nueva f6rmvla de
fraude electoral que ase ensa
agregar a las ya coneodau y
que conslste en la praecdea de
trasladar de un- Distrito a otro
sus residents para a lon -
cos dias Inscribirlos como mtWe-
rentes a determinado partido
politico, previo clerto arreglo a
la cedula respective, logrando
asi varlas inscripclones con un
rmismo ciudadano.
. Pruebas: Pido que por el 6r-
gano popular soe tomen decla-
raciones Juradas a los mismos
seflores cuyas inserlpciones so-
licito sean anuladas y se pl-
dan certificados expedidos par
los seflores Juez, Personero y
Alcalde Munilcipales en los que
declared sobre to qua tengan de
conocLmlento en el particular.
Me fund legalmehte en el
articulo So. de la Ley 39 de
1946. el articulo 5o. del Decre-
to Ejecutivo No. 17 de 1947 y
demas disposiciones legalese que
risen sobre lo pertinente.
De ustedes, con todo mi res-
atirl Ossa,
CEd. 46-210.

Tres candidates se
disputan el rmnado
de La Chorrera
LA CHORRERA, Febrero, 7
>Por Corresponaali Trea be.
las y gentiles damltas de em-
ta socledad se disputan, den-
Lao del mejor entendlmlento y
entuslasmo, muy proplo do sis
espirltus juveniles el reflaco
dc simpatia que el Comiti Or-
quideas de esta cludad agen-
cia desde que ase cancelmion
por el Decreto alcaldiclo las
[estivldades del Carnmval.
Son estas damitas lea eapl-
tluales seftorits Vilma Maren-
go quien obtuvo en los escru-
unio celebrados el 30 del pa-
sado mes el primer pusto con
4976 votos; Alexis & Q$ero
Vinigna McKay a I .a) pUo

La coronsci6n de la can"-
data que triunfe de acuerdo c)n
los resultados.del filtimo escrs-
Linio que se llevarA a efecto el
-Abado de Gloria venidero en
cl amplio y ventilado salen
Orquidea,. situado en la Aveni-
da Central frente at Par ue
Mara n Pullet de eats cdudad


en la- Pri

-77R U C I1j

1-Ave domestic.
7-Del verbo aducir.
13-De pequefa estatura, Pl.
14-Viento del sudeste.
15-Nota musical.
19--Antluo reino del Asia.
21-Aparato de ,pesce.
22-Cant6n de Bulza.
23-CerAmlca, Inlc.
24-Isis del Norte del Pacifico.
25-Cosas engarzadas en un
27portado con una sierra.
30.-p menuzas con los dientes
31 scuelia Independiente Do-
Tmlnlcal, Inlc.
32-4lete, en ntmeros romance.
34 el r vrbo sar.
37.-bundanmtes, espl6ndldos.
42-Punto flo en la, historic.
44-Atfuentes del Paraguay*
45-Animal con plumes.
46--Gobernador turco.
47-Natural de Mauretania.
49-Stderal. Abv.
51-Cuerpos legislativos.
54-Zons Oriental; Inc.
59-Destruir, devsatar.
60-Del verbo sanar.
1-Cabellera postiza.
3-Nota musical
4-Uno, en Ingl6s.
6-Isla del mar de Irlanda.
6--Estable, permanent.
7-Cluded de Italia.
8-Del verbo decdr.
9--Bsonte de Eqropas.
10-Preposicl6n Inseparable.

ll-Juego de nalpeo.
l -Aentumbraba. I
147-Y ambre ingl6 de mujer.
20- Si verbo ar r.
2- l% Wl vertical.
24 nv.
3 -Camp e para una s aola
28-Debe under violentamente,
9--Que si reproduce por
3S-fUatltuto Politico America-
no, Inlc.
34-Nombre Judio de omuer.
3&-I mis ilustre de lob pin-
tores griegos.
9-Jirdkd, de nfvet

41-C lf seda. -
43-Qaerida con amor.
41-BamiUllete. Inte.
51--Oxido de edlelo.
52-Rey de Hungria.
53-Hoja purgante.
56-Artieulo neutro.
58-Socledad An6nlma. Inic.

* .-


,;K ^ --^ .:- *. f
.2A'Ar 'J-"-k.ii .- t. .* I

Colao consecuen tb e Moedlante ti
relative a la cooper m funcion o, t
de cimarronn y el an del mea en c. ,,n 'i-.e
destiny de gua&sp I. 1idht en La VafIletu-rs.-M .e
fuerte, en las inme alde b de sorprendidos Lal= Plo
la poblacl6n de al Pi nedldto Pino, blaurilo L~pe,
de Veraguas AdmUIltrulOtn Fl ares L6ph'CfllOMio Ateinci y
General de Rentas lWterns ln- pulllermina e rs tranagrao-
cl6 una batlds eneaminsad a res de la dl.pulad-ne-t gales
aorreglr esa anomalla. Con ft- vigentes s*oi venta de chicha
cha 3 je febrero, el Adminis- fuerte 0o garapo.
trador provincial report que la
Coilsipn despachada no en- De la capital se despach6
contr6\'ningh n caso en San tambldn una eotmalan Integra-
FrMaciag mismo, pero quoe en da por Insapetare de vigilan-
Mtfi rands fueron sorpren- cla fiscal,, qU asU -M dirgie-
didos Domingo Hidalgo y An- ron a Chamb, Carlos, Be-
tonio Garcia; en La Vadealta, jueo, CaPiro O urAer, y ArraI-
Antonio Soto y Luts Duarte, a Jain.
quienes se lea aplear la san- M sAbabdo Jrs capturaron a
clones que establece Isley. dos "cimanroneres" en San Car-

Rem6n se reuni6

con los ddl PNR

en Chri qud 3
DAVID, wnero 7 (Conroeapn-
sals. Con motivo de sl vi-
sata que Ilew a eabo en eats
Provincsa el Coronel Jou6 An-
tonio Remoi pr uistir a la
festividade di la CsudelslIs
en Bugab, concurrS In la is a-
Sfana dq hoF a una reunl6n
celebradi por el Directorio Pro-
vincial *dtl Partido Nacional
Revolucionmri, en Is eual par-
ticiparon aecp a1 Junta co-
aultiva del Direetorio Provin-
cial y milembros del Directorio
Diatrltorial m Da4 V ,.
A eats reuni6n aslatl6 tanm-
bhk. d an Ae..#ze Ag Uro
d r pleS del Dilector
4a lOaluI 1del Paldo y don A-
lejandro Ooh z Revllas. Dl-
putado a la Asamblea Naclo-
nal por la mlmas agrupacl6n,
y miembro del Directorto Na-
clonal. *

Numerosos pacientes
atendi6 en Cahazas
el Dr. L C. Prieto

CARAZAB, febrero 6. (Corres-
ponsal). Labor noble del Dr.
Luis Carlos Prieto continue en
el misfto entualasmo y el m i-
mo interns. Ayer Ileg6 a eats
poblacln acompafado del Dr.
John' CtUe, del serviclo co-
operativo de educael6n tinter-
nacional, en an caricter de di-
rector de educaci6n rural y el
(Pass a a Fig. 7)

los y a cuitro en Chame. LOS
Inspectors fueron re c ibldom
hosttlmente y sufrieron ataque
a pledras de parts de los ma-
lentes ded4Wi o a este nego-
clo. l domango viltaron Beju-
co Capir, donde no se had
It marts en la noehe sor-
prendieron a unt sefiorm en
Chorrers vIendldo c hiebh
fuerte. Todsw lC violaores de
la ley hm skfld e tad par
que comparezcan a Itentas In-



Chame, 0.o5 uSn reaeim if f-
to del 4nble a eoats hmu n
civic par los benefit e -

terms, doade, Ms le Silcear
fuert sanel. l BIetar
Snres fue golpeado 9o0 una
plaedm en at echo durute la
battda n Ch lae.-

la anemia...

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cap per toIs dI4SWhdd i.* i Va-ala igu
se a .p e .a.mi e .

in es .rt.o *iantwto' y-".. i.
. w. 'osmo.e 4-r.1
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-.-, -(.". A l

62 4, :. .. .
i- ... = ."i ". -

Forlal6zcase lomando el

5 Gran Vino Reconsliluyenle


Tome ohora y siempre una copita
de SANSON antes de loas comidos
y se conservar6 fuerte!

Sno hace


de velocidd con

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.1 -A --I I r.- -I

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171 "1 '1 A I
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SIU .N -M8, febSo T. La AAs
fTPL -atewraa, mt.perto- de Midco

dliomeio J ,iw" eto).
no uspoaoo a
2 d n e 1 b t d eo l Ut0,wU
Bindicato do Vefidores deDM- 4
Srig., patrocluado par el OQi b
no. No erera osaMe ,'a l erMnatt
situaclht de shora at uevInsml -ae
on que lao repxseantantes' lm -
diario, del sundlato y del Mi- Tambiu
nisterio de Trabajo, m reunl- ian de oKi
r4n par ratar de hallar la Iuedd nt
"The Weekly Review of the Caro, -e1
River Plate", -omentando ed- Ortl 7 Jul
torialmente el caNs de oA Pre6-
ma, dice que "el ecllpe, ann
cuando sea temporal, de aun
diario de Is calldad y presti- .
glo de La Prena, ea an unto
de Indudable aignificacln e on
el Continente Americano, y cu- *
yo deaeace sera seguldo con
el mayor Interds en todae la*
R'fH lthi.l---l ~

CAM m v 11p1F 4 t I anclas l cnoamnericanas-.
S.das en el hospital, otras 200
.. .o habian side ourasds y enviada.
aa sumhogare y Qtrou 100 he-
St. .5 rides turn atendideo en Wood

V"., IIal *! l- lten60.m y f lMi r Nt taE me d Mtov OM F mob,'qdepr p iaun bramo y u-
na-i.oe!,.na emanel dean-ilhnakn
Fa ...a...T ? B o,&Z J dyea sud A oR.., to, le dlo a lo resoatad or e
Asifme 4tat'- g COB u mientras stood m abrian page
r-6 ei Cde Maihadesym a in# ptIs la il tja. a Iso le 1con antorchas do a-
a--.l det h L .rw a. v c ctileno: "No tongan prima, mt-
ISe _1 =d* nrrel ekc chschs. e no ioy tan mpor-
C' ..a_ S uIga. y s damS fr.r_ 7 12. .eer lvwa6 ante. Hay muchos en peoa-i4
-.IS"l.o e ees alo c. ondiclones que yo en l par-
Au Gai- area oe m Ln l rflB-r I EOmE a drae ..= F p Le a tr aera del coche".

v^.,..da BaWD Ned traaora1
llo saO .d.n nmas wsreoue e .boiasn dmuaais oweutalse o dao NuavaIJ. yal-Feio-
Sde obernador Alfred Z Drii-
E-QDespa Af tlap go Islbell& d espea ?GO. oilcdu ggr sneyyelrh
= 1, DWloIe-- -. repaEeTn nsm l. u v uii.!b ,earrs do Pennilvana ban or-
do A gdenado una lnvestigacd6n pPra
S- Raaprepla Lamaa. t to- tbhdeterminar a lbuboa negligeacs
., wo .md"A nAla8manoes no.dsVnoanaean ao ,,. 37 po onal u-
n a .nt-ijn ter St rpartos. A la 10 cron on an choque entre dos
sead n ^ prestm wr0'T r -rde Is d .dbry nch1que, do or. l, Nueva Yor
-~.Sumnd .O 4 _u jo ....' UUO. m minutes depsudi do ocurrld i 1t 7 do C. do 10
12 ..C wdavi w rciultarnmaa aon an iundea-
C 0.d wT1a Igf RANIPURT, febraro 7 (UP) WASIDNGTN, febrero 7( UP)ombr ueva York, el dim de Acon
a .. .a'.i ..vuaue -tar.e eupo hey Aqua m eha lb r- salDe a laD Grace qUn abu ado quien viajaba de Oraclea do 1950.
fto ".eat nris.ada-I ms t1-adS lou dlp ipomtttcos s .- LiAne pld .numlaus xaIs ln eCan l cu@I o trsd dio quodet enacri
me debl6 a mo mericanon re ounidon enTnk- on Mi arItime aleral ptar a ana vel0c ds e de ocla nta a
awgp nor maua wo ella s rda6id 1 fort e)nferencla, qude oa- coneatrdar cd no d panie ve ovnta a la kiidmotrs potr
Mi distOi. 'g re aisyw p Au.rl eon or iav lm nPYra
M. con una oneue1ts Ges 1-aIhm 0iuc utiharici 1;orsiandO lou cochomen-Pa-
8 do Gmurrldseea teas adel Alto Comlsionado deomn te so "Asian do lag vies.
c* en trid e fa todsfelicide J Und..o ,n G l la ba Udi men detLoi baras qnle tndrin cabtron l .
eam s lo ard pia oi Winiesn d Ror dnta o dae lo lam da Part 244P pJ5r0s, Arat- Las pers onas quoe vivnen -use- o
Aito folltctoea var lam r ir vhe- ocuden tales preatrian lan m ervicls enre d puertodl Pequlaa ces dltuadas en wns
S 1 .. e el ej6ritto ouropeo t fuereaneate de los Ertad so 7 Ve- calls Junto a la viu, djeo u
lo" t reolutedos y sa6d un cince par nesuela, Antillas H0eldess y que el tren QuOe -s descarrilo- -
pa ra y to asoofreceriar coma vola- la costs znorte d ColOmbia. 4a el teraero que pmasaa rIaa ie u
IF1 el tercer ra# reaoMn constru s bitae d
ras 'e.'i"Cfptn.ell 0 onf- ia elamrpviam, coma a 3d0 .
t6- L 06om. i nbr j.0 o n-ae do Ia' sitacidn do W e d..
:" p~-s ha : r Di t t t Gi pisc.a l ta r-ees el armazxn de sports na
S!fcubal deitnlsV IS mu. de S bas ai fdt Ge abn- .t n a8c0der Il panar I&
A ecl6l en aIs defeat g-@er I ta bai8 sa8ute *doaotora sobre ol', de nunn
e- pQcdetal y 4entri- rucel6n doJle mmaua-n dOn tmlesidentes. La calle sin
.e eseia-,lr nests:n 1 __isnuev: dampf a dvid- @l exterior y para Apeuac_ .Vl ntar que queda Junto a .
-r .u. aons t pemi0 deal tica on favor de Alhemnlta de .dbarco .pars a o it pe a visa s- econvirti6 en un fan-
I. t e uifcd neutraL o mAs bazg smals _que_- gal 7 las ambulanalas so atae -
laoareales, rIt -lcs.1 queo ificiad yiu &gan a trupulaclonWex trale- ocaban en e1 fango W doetenerse -
Acampeheda do au red6a isoS y dattpm fa n cona- La enouusts revetb-que i61l u- 1u. parsa recoger hedosm. La con-
n acide aitd jan6 s Clinics anw de a S d prn a "ecas na do Alem- et6n del trinsito en el eace-
n -Is-*W. Ibana do De.o14 fpat's. prechennea ocloo 0entr.v.sta 1Losw barco serien do 10,071 nailo del desatre era tan gra-
ift, Tantu. 1 madre -"mo el favorece ppartllpola da I tonels cad c pn i .ve, que dos ambulana cho-
erelda cido a m neuentranN V paly-m en la defense de tla Eiduro de s0loM urns v -n E pero n edP e adeoufrih leaaoaee
gooande e--perfects s5lbVO wjumlaa Occidental, un-usando goeadmi- undo0 pO bars, fl OVa.of'%-
-8oo. t hodtiers ala IRepAblica Alemanst icialeg 7 tlpula tis. a 9:30 de a noche, cu-
samte a& Camp es nmuay I nitadso per "or un ve- en pie de i aaldad on ns ulianus s has id doisAiado pkI0 tro hours despuds del desa7tre, Prque as l
de. Afe s16 emipro, quo mezs- del Atlintico del Norte. 40p5a Baa lr. hab-i 37 cadpveroes n el cer-Noda
pdo' e l _MPVP relta comple- tro de primeroas auxilloas do
lt. e Ite geadyg a em- Woodbridge, y 24 en necroco-Noaya
.sm a0 e mos pealatasmme tol- Perth Amboy. Los medico. dc ds d
AIs emasatiamacir ardoginos- hopfeital informaron rue 130
ond LACA. PANAMEA DE AT S a.A p rson habn side reel'-
&o. pre eatn nedmo cita todos los Acdoistus a .1
u e" A -sa..bieseral Ordia.a queo teadr la gU S
rews ftM do Mnre- el da vlemes 16 de Febraroe de 191, alag 4:30
pried taann du.te is p.m., n las as FArilc situatds bone I
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pr p*orelat' EL SECRETARIO
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uiorn Ie ma1 n 4 dia
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en cantidad Ibtda!
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que puede ser Isa 61timal


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pldt a, al de Nauja-Coae,
do amauja nidm, y de .
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las tolas nitrim ;
ds como Modew.

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Misceliness Rieea Autom6vils CO r
vs NDENa-Clevee. tuberm neres. VENDO:-Coso estilo cholet, on co- SE VENDEL-Ford Modllo 1 149
aeMs *eenmlds, fir-Tea Icuirl lie 14 No. 3. Acepto permute so- Coupe. Seis Pasjearos, 4
elialder pee telaes mvI made- bre un late de terreno. Tiene hi- lances. Oerechos Pagedes. T
M Iramems. essaede. Se. a poteco con sI aenco Nacional do fono 2-2556.
e rees ms mbelje as plese. 8.7.9500.00. Ifor, tel e EVENDE-Sudebakr Co
ASINCIAS SLOSALIL. Vie spes 2-2944. SE VENDE:-Stubakiro
a. liegemde a Juan FPrane. Tel. 41, 4 puertas, perfects ,con
e. e150 d. SE. T. dods. pias. plan- rne madnicas. George Cl
Is0."__-------- t bola, de cement y alto do me* Perry Hill la. No. 20. EL i
SE VENDEN: Peatelses fines de dera con terrano de 1.000 M2 bu .. ..
Gabardine a 6.4.75, antes B.8.50 noas condiclones. preclo reasonable. SE VENDE:-Renalt 1949, 4 pi-. S Jyemn. y Clle .
d Tropical Worsted, a 3 4.50, on-. n Vio Be.;sorio Porras, San Fran- tos, nuevo. Pracor r0e te l
te B..50. bonitas colares. Baar cisco de la Caleta No. 151. Para Tel. 3-1235 de 9 12 y a .
Madrid Apr ech ease bje. Infoomes auda Io misme Cos VENDO: Plymouth 41. den 'f4 i l y calls 43
VINDOM Piano Acrosonic, marco Puertac. Tieng radio. LtOntt~, pi 3*0140.
..Balduing. en Calle Ram6n Voldls, Ofteiemes en distinguida y tranquil rrocerla y tpicerio cat
No. .. oportamento 2. segundo vecindad, Celle 40, Ne: 3. VIet Precio de quema. Al contedo. to l re-
piso. Facilidodes de page. Iteorm.. del Met, Inmediato a cologlo. igle- eto vioae. Tel. 3-2483. Diwefatq biie:mdor. alombra-
Tel. 2-3080. sia y comisarioto, dhelet grande, sledIa. 0 VI- Besorie Prrs '-
m ederne y 6mde. Su precio B. ave n sportamento 3.
YVNTA DE LLANTAS:-Dueaos de 22,700.00. Tenemos las loaves, SE NECESITA
buses y comiones aprovechen los haga su cito de Inspecci6n. Wolff
precious especiales para verona que yCi., Calls S5., No. 22 Tel. 2- o Apaarmenta solo E
S estt ofreciaendo la Kotva Panama, 2388.L1, 1 ne raimare. garage.
S. A. on llontos 750-20. 8.25-20 SEi.E 27. jnntotmeso Ia EN
y- I o900-20. Visitanos an Ave. Peru- SE VENDE:-Lote de esquina., su SEc ECESl IAnar. Cl Y ap ioamentopNo.
No. 15 o Ilame Tel. 3-0569. perficie 1000 M2 en Ia Urboni- Ca lls 50 No. 10.
zoci6n Poitillo. Gron oportunidod. SE NECESITA:-Una sirvienta c ,* tameto de dos
E VENDE-Discos clisics y po- Tel. 3-1088 recomendci6n. Colls 38 No. 19,bn el-nuv a difle
pulares de larga duraci6n. Todos .4n 41a IEl Panoad,a dos lo-
marcos. AGENCIAS DIAZ. Celle SE VENDE -Verdadera gonga, cho- 5E NECESITA:-Cocinera con esxp lp.' ladnto bl a. 2-2375- D #
S 37 No. 6-A. Tel. 3-1029. let acabado qonstruir, 2 porches. riencia y referencda pare dorinr en W Y
2 recimorasr gorage,- sarviclo in- Ia case. Comalo A. Porras. Calle, ,-"-"uaL
SE VENDE:-Platoforma nuevo para dependent par e emplead, cc 43 N. 44, Bell Vista IL prmentos B. EL BAT
truck. Colle H No. 18, Tel. 2. Teatro Roosevelt. precio total, so. -. -- 0. 0 ) y 32.50. Inf6rmese el -
S 2948. Iao B 1 .000Q, Petterson 2-2346 o SE NECESITA:-Empleade quo due#- r-. 2,0364.
SE VENDE:--Compresor, pistol de 3-1001. me nuestra ceso. Celia Primerc 6 -AQUILAt--Apartmanto de una
succ6n, motor 1-2 HP. taonque300 SE VENDE:-Lote de terreno de 15. rePerejl N. 20, department .. ar. Via Bellsro ,
" Ibs. calle 12 No. 13. San Fron- 425 Mts. Corretera Transistmice. SE NECESITA:-Empleado para ser- Par- 168. Fronte al Golf Club de
S Cisco. 15 mills de Ia caitol, antes del vicio que duerma en el trabojo. Pnom .__
SE VENDE:-Motor elWctrico de S puente de Rio de Chilbroe. al Iuten suld6. Colle 47 No. 3 Apto. .dald
H. P., 1.200 R.P M 3 phase Ave lado y otras, Arboles frutales- 15 .1 _. AL *ILA:-Apartomento chico t l
4 d Julio No. 51. Cts. el metr. la Informes Sitio Chili- ECESITA: Cocinera camps- en i calii Jngenio No. 76. B.30. CaOOa
5E VENDE.-Bellos pecesitos do co- SE VENDE:-La .ltima c6so de ur- PFegunt Bodega La Luz. VBNA A4 pore peceras. Colle 44 No. 1 ban.izac6n ICAZA Y NAVARRO SE ALOUILA:-Apartamento mader- 1 81 NO
Apto. "G". en colle 13. Son Franclsco de to M NICISITA, Impleade. a, n no,4 la, coamedor. dos recmaros. 0 NO
Calete. 3 recjmaras. salo.comedor melde. Debe dlmir on el 5Uplee. dos servlcios. Avenida Chile, ca- TRAR
SE VENDE:-Piono Lester, buenos cocina. bono. Late de 406 metro Cell Rami6e Vel"d6 ie. 1ep "- lie 4); telfono 3.0847. [.LE D
condiciones. precio razonoble. Tel. cuadrados Informes: Juan Nova. tCent 4. e. i-.". .-- O ONWMtt
3-1235 de 9 a 12 y 2 a 5. rro, Avenldo Cuba entire calls 25 ENECESITA.-Apartamento, mini- SE ALQUILA:-Apartamento de 2
-'. y 26 Este. Telfono 2-0481. mum dos recmaroaes mos cuorto recimoros, en calle la. Perejil No.,
SM VENDE:-7 acciones de la Urba- SE VINDI--Magnlfico chalet amue- te pelda y garoge. Leme el 14: Tel6fonos 2-3181 2-0082 1
niznci6n El Congrelo ROBERTO blade con taods Ies comodidads 262.
MIRO, 2-1215. quo Ud. pueda desear a pocos SE NECESITA;-Una buena cocinera SE ALQUILA-SOLO B 40.00. Apar-
minutos de la ciudad. Oportunidad. con referencias. Debe dormir en el tonento modern. porch, 2 reche
SE VENDE:-Adquiera sus tiquetes inf6rmese ROBIRTO MIRO 2- empleo. Familia pequerco. *gern. mare cdnedor y cocino con ser- MECHAS c nII
de la Rifo de Los Leones, par Sis- 1215. sueldo O.curra Ave. 4 do Jloe vicio independiente. Son Francisco estu.fl "Po tion"
S toema de Club en La Casa del Pan- 19 de Coleta. call 6a. No. 20.
tlrn. Si no see Io agnan pagandoB. *SE VENDE: Propieda d do buenas d e LAMPARS de ke
t 1.00 semanal durante Dpco SaemoB- entradas cerca Seecliff Acres. con- SE NECESITA:-Emnpleoda e de- SEAQlLA:Aportonto LAMPARAS de keiomue-
as tambi6n se le entreagor su ti- sste an CUATRO APARTAMEN- see buena cas para troboajqr, dot- bisd, 2 recmaras, 2. beos, cuar- COIM
S. TOS COMPLETAMENTE AMUE- mir en empleo a ir al interior fines
S____ BLADOS y 3.500 metros de terre- de semona, oficio general de Cosa, t lt. 37e ta. ParaM. P i LAMPARAS de ca
no alto y a nvel., aguo y electri- se aceptorn recomendociones s* Ifonn Ie 1 ol 2-0160 PanoP de cab y
SE VENDE: Wadera usado en per- cidad, NADA MAS B.7.500. Tir- as extranjero. Liame mrcoles des- al j -0160 2narn de carbo y p.
S fctop condiciones. a precios sin minos poro comprodor responsa- pues 6, coso 150, calls de unh y p. .
it competenciao en la plaza. 1x 6 ble. Lloam POSEY, Balboa, 2698. via en Quarry Hgts. ESCALERAS de Ti-
2x4 2x6 2 x8 4 x SE AQ UILA: Apartomento on
4-6 x6- 8 x8 PAREDES la M IA onto b 2 recamaros, ola-co-
Y CIA. LTDA. Ave Pablo Arose- E ALA MISCELAN A mdar, cuorto auxllar, 2 ervclos
S mane No. 10 y Dep6sito-en Poi- ., BROUWER-Pintor de cases, con- s anitarios cocna. lvanderla pa- A.
title Cali 12. Tels. 2-3238 y 3- Cu e tratista conialos tAcaite. garon. t-y jordin, B 70.00. Coas 2031
S3476.. to pe nan cft presupwtose grath. i podia l entroda de
S :--SE ALQlfiA- to fribhe i Tel. 2-t276 ci s. Ocurr Tel. 3.-567 A
e. VENDEr-Acabomos de recbir de informed calle H No. 1S, telS Pensi6n E Guyabo l V"olle -dev_. ,' T eL
IngW'rerro herra galvinizado, co- 2-2948 Art6n. precos dos, Carnop .V #68, TeL 2-2
S rrugeado No. 26 dea2 x 6 2 SE ALQUILA--Cuorto para cabolle- neto Nivia sole todos los dies pare AL;ILA:-Lo s ide ca.
sHaa ens o I avnd Nort2060 8 1 ro solo. Calle "I' No. 28 Ialtos). dicho lugar. Tel. 2.1272 Agencle ia eCrrlle o. o. 7, Cuaobcdiar PFan
sitenos en la Avenda Norte 81 Ferguson tos. cocin,. baAo y. excuMcdo coB
en nuestra sucursal en Colle Mar- SE ALQUILA: Cuarto paque@o a balc6n atras y adealnte, todo in-
tin Sosa No. 3. detris de la Leche- dble. en case de familiar sin hi- SE EC ESITA dependints. valor .70.00, p- ----- -----
ria. ALMACENES MARTINZ, Ave. ios. Tel. 2-2551. Call las., Pere- dose I have en la plonto balo,
r Norte 83 Tel. 2-0610. j,|l No. 17. para trator acdaose a Via Espana
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Vendmeas las melorss iarcas: Pin. Cuortos ventilados. esso esmerado, go.
urendos s h me orlams. Cerre- Pn. comida sobrasa y nutntiva e pre- dlinse Alga Extra: Hacindose -
tros Schiege y Russwn. Celotex close m6dicos of rece LA PENSION agent vendedor en Ia Joyeria
pare cielorases. Camento Ponami. CENTRO AMERICANA o Av.e SE VENDE 11esde B/. 1 .9
Bisoeros y ferreteria Stanley. Pa- da Peru No. 34. cerca del Lux SE NECESITAN:-Dos hombres 6-
pal Ssalkraft y un surtido compl- dl Presdente. Telon. es c expeicia e v.., Articulos de Ca arantizado pr 3 me
to de otros moteriales de construc- de buena presencia v con referen-
ci6n entregados on su obra cuon- so a9 las fuersas comuniiL American Protection. Ave. SE VENDEN:-Dos attanti uno en
S do los necesite. Nuestro Lema: mientras Ia Infanteris continue Central 47 No. 24 altos. B.30.00, otro nuevb con espejos
Calidod Superior. Servicio Esmera- us a vanzando, logrando avanzar interiors. &50.00. Ave. B No. U
S do. Entreqo Puntual. ALMACE- ido mills entire los resoall- SE NECESITA-Contable con buenas 28. tercer piso
NIS MARTINZ, Ave. Norte 83. zos rdecoS cai en la clma *ie references. Acudooficina Chorres, E VE EMi7inad
S Tel. 2-0610 1,560 ple. del Monte Muyunl. celle Estudionte No. 79. SE VENDEN:-Mhqulnes de lovor
Tel. 2-0610 1,560 pies del Monte Mu-y-un escribir y otros muebles. Avenida
Trea poderosas coluitnas SE NECESITAN:-Personos qlu de- A No. 30, altos
SqE ALeUILcA q.. c a cont.nuaron avanzan- seen ganor buenos comision co- ----
SE ALQUILA do hacia Bet1, masacrando a me oagenres de Club. Magnificas SE VENDE:-Juego borate. mimbre.
las tropes per centenares. SO- oportunidodes. Coso Feoll, calls 10 aparedor, sillas mesa, penodora,
S*loealem Uiendo el total muertoa y hc- No. 6013. Central y J. Arose- mesa de noche. Inf6rnmse Tel. 2- 5 I
S--dos comuniatas s 50,000 c mena, Col6n. 0072. /
SE ALQUILA:-Local comercial en catorce disa de ofensaiva lla-
callo ChirLqui No. 2. informs trc e. Las fuerza bnd Gdas -c- SE NECESITA:-Joven intelligent y SE VENDE:-Baratisimo: ropero de
16foin 2-2948 2-2948. netraron dentro de lag- lincas, relocionado con families pu- espeios, tocdores, radio grande. e Juego de Jardin, c
ccomunistas, mlentras una ba dientes, bien presentodo, can bue- camo, sills bomb, grueso. Cosw l ila d m
Srntia de arilleria y de cana vie nas referencias. Magnifices poui- 25, Avenida Nacional piezas, sllas de mad
SE ALQUILA -Local pore oficina. ietro-propulal6n prategia a la bildodaces. PResentarse *ntre Id a EVED- -t gt6 a*.
rriba d -l Teatro Central. column blindadapde staque 7 P.rm.CASA FENIX endSE4VENDE stu s smo.aesmt Cama-cuua, spring,
d ueicade los flancos. Central 155, Tel. 2-2490. uno doreestos d eho tufs 40de .
SE ALQUILA:-Local apropiodo pa- SE- CO aRA gas v petr61eo. Avenida B, 73.
ra negaoco de mercaderio seca. Un portavos dijo que do. SE COM RA g. Aven Cabecera y pie de Ca
Via-seco Via Porros No 99. liu6pteroa desaftlaron laa balas SE COMPRA:-UAmpare flfuscent SE VENDE:-Ganga! Chiffonier, jue-
-comunistas para rescatar a o- de techo dabs ser alga buen go solar, toapizado an cuero, estub (cloba o hierro)
SE ALOUILA--Locaoles acondciona- CEho soldados herldos que sev i.- barato. De estufas Inserviles gas. carias sancillas de coob..-Ca-
S dos. especialmenie Dare oficnas, contrasban cercados Un phoo *"Perfection" los piezas m6viles co- 2 Et' 15 str:________
deo6sitos almocenes. Avnida oe los hellc6ptero la mo parrillas, frescos, chionaees, U b. T.
S Nort No. 61 Tel 3-3666, 2- ci fueo los jos can dIspa- etc. Los cosco no nos intereson.
0364. ros de su pistol. 45. mientras Avenido 9, 73.
SE E4c-tGsin los aviones de combat allauo TeneMlD el eGisteda:
SE de Gasho.n silenciaban el fuego de los io- LECCIONES ,ac n M ...
en Ia Corretera Transistmico. Ocu- Jos. LI VHIERRO DE MKBLE ENTREGAI
S rrase a este lugor Var as unidades alladasi han Maestre graduado ofrece clSe de
'SE ALOUILANr-Eelus.vamete nm- logrado avanzar hasta cuatro costellon y critmtice durante loD REFUERZO
S' ro ofi'ies locales cintricos en los minas sin reslatendcs alguna. vacociones Dirsccln: Callse Co-
alts tiO de Avenida Central 44 o tmientras otras fuerse allaa. I-ambia No 4, leo Vis. Tel&- FELPA NEORA
S precie mhd.cos Srliciten intoe. han teuldo que pelear por cada fono 3-1038. Llam de 2 p. rm, *n R
nneW M en Almacenes 5 v 10 can- paigada de terreno ganada. L. addele. p e____________ U chos
S/ '" artdleria pada de l an. COMINCE HOT MISMO! Si Ud. C L A V FELPA MINERALIZE
/ riscanol 75 puede dlsparmr *c- sabe leer y escribir puade opren-
** ^ nb 8e61, pore ]as st*.qtiei.:e der en cu prapia oca. en muy car- de toda cease e, y vordo
| o Al;e lan concentrsdo sbre los co- to tempo: Irig, Contrcio, Cons-
y, le .3blfln aliado'. La cinia munlstas atrincherados, que se truccipones Motores Diesel. Inge- _- ALAMBRE DE PUB
E el punts clave del terreno e- eciicentrian per montones Ira- nieria Civil, Refrigeracidn y mu- I
levade on la reftl6n. tando de parar el advance adia- chas otros min.. ECUILAS IN- 71Iade NiZj
E- n tn despaeho del frente CA LATINA. Apead A taD. 3- DOS NO. 0 y No. i
SccidataIl eso dtjo que su oeu. Se espeeuls much que Sd 2532. Pemme.u ACANALADO
'cle pr l s allados hace ,:-- fuerzaa de las Naciones Unmas~ ---a ,DS 0 ALVANIZA
:oda linea de defeniaa 1o hagan un coago asacto a SE ALQUILA 2' 67t5 N AA1
.ilo.O. ie n dlo que la rct.s- c ui u a que vata cludad tG:no y 8 No. 10
dad* le ts Chinos se in,;.. much mas valor de ropagan- ?*.- ,",_re;L__

E&ra;p- 36, horas. SBe aa-ila da que estrtgleo. El Gencia' _______a ____ In
i e que las unida- Matthew B. Ridgway. Coman- SE ALQUILA:-Residencio muy fre-
l ia reLaguardia :-. dante del Octavo EJtrecto di:' co de 3 recmoaras, la comedy, t
l Iterista luchsa a.- jue el no est, lnteresado en !a oficina. patie interlr, gu eo-
I l' retlrada. mleintms gcogratia del terreno, sino en liente. Llame ol taelfna 3-1477 Aye. Norta No. 4-
la de lu Naciones U- .niqullar omunistaa. a ol 3.3444.
l Itbtan met6dlcamn-.
Slm bolones de resla'Ln- SE ALQUILA:--Cholet an Sin Frun-
tvou del ejkrc caa m -- cisca, con tdias ram 1.70.00
Iqu los rojos arT m 1 ,tm l booaa 26 .-
Ucon intnltau... M SE ALQUILA---Cel16,4d am-
SeAl a br..o ge- J. mares on o G.lf s sbeds, Wp
a -n do ansa dos m. -1, -omians loI ad
.tow, -,rGom odnoedme Wmds e- -s i
Sa. sea. Dirli C -al-k I Mo: 41 nA"52
....-L. r o 't"" _-L

.1 -!

Dursale -A n M et .


Calls 1, BU TeL DRSMS

a- La$. a tiwtlpg
* La mis aoreditad,.
* La de mayor took.


Rio AkWe #*21-ToL 2.-SI.
Alumu c a s da",P .s. Un
Tel. j-lI. i

# caa, mstentrau 4s T i
Srecept oR.C.A. Viteta, A s-
do .n- aarts y .ItM rl -t
s en cn t" tfar A s d.


Vera hbsemljrM- se- Ie ar

1de. tali
Rauo 'no
ag comgi
a tmah*Si





La nota
nistro doi
iuS Andra



u- iUar
L oen xl

allmintaci6an de diUerenclas ean .1- s lcageDne a tOn-L t
Ianilnterpretaclones de ilas.cua .. Un jtdU e e'*str6 1t E WE g uR u 0e
tro potenolas acerca el asuanto,un it oeade m u i ~asa e Iw
S su de ls mayor importlacia paeulea qute u Ise abia f lu- _______ ,,
par sminorar la tenaeda q8 to. e -", iE
exiSte actualmente en Is ittua -'u"Pue,, a ml me n 1 nl, s ru
cl6n international, y son aulda d. Cada ana es mayor dx1to -
mclorarAn con siderablements do taquilla quoe laotra. e t
laa relaclones entree Estadus U -Qu6 opins usted sore la I m
S lnidoe, Gran Bretasa, Francia guerra de Corea", as lnterrog6 a
y Is Unl6n Sovidtlca. .. Cantintlas. Prs
-T o ju hay guerra? co- Wrsaa
La nota reitera log eargos so- .ment6 el gran mp6mco mexicano Y titid -
ses. *re la conferencia de SeptaUe- Uno de los presented qulao p atitld o 093 Igf
ore pasado en Nueva York oe darielas de ticnleo en cuestio- o d Maop
loa Cancilleres de lia tras p-* nea de guerra 7 preguntb: G *
tencias oceldentales, y las me- "-Qu le paree s a uted la tea cirs r
disdas subsiguientes eneamift- capturi de Monte Mubyong". log infarmado que cl euiuma
das a restaurar el ejd lito de Cantinflas Vtan Inutare ri- "aet,"el ovens e
b Alemania Occidental,. as.l c pot6; Er-to -no convf i
10 el rearme general delo 0- -Y Tasil a n opinion. Acao
i dente Europeo y stados U- yo aoy el fnico que debo tener r
ldos, y dice que ia aiulAn opinlonee. Poco a poco, oven... saa e taMn
ha llegado a propoaloneu gn Canttnhfaa tw frome de el6 ai realdld. .te
alarmatnes que el @. GMeso gto m el hotel "E3 PanamA". sEdes UnidosM
0 ov6tico considers uea n -ablando en aerio, d)io. E- ad:.ts elma cef
xalte razonea para igur de- te ea uno de loa mejores hote- n Aceon
morando s reuni6n 4 d a leo mque o he conoeodo. 8be uma- .
lic eeslo de CancUlleres. dtronnf lenlD.. W on fla 4s TSS io
n Washington, Be osera Meontento con ant
Ta. el Secretarlo de stado Dean tierra p m
co- ficisl de los Estados Un a deho ao .t e a .1 -" "
la & ltima nota Spsvitlesa du- r pro-I
rante la conferencia d p e re
Ima hay. Aunque no se sabe cu") it' eseamteO n 5
rA la reaccl6n norteamerea Alic ai
a lone por seguto que Zta el
Unidos. Gran Breta y V0a- em a
lh presionart SMoast arsra
que les asegure que lam sep-
claclones de o Cuatro Oran-
des incluyan otros tenom adS-
mis Gel rearmed AlemAs.
Poes robos

saents centiaosa eu 61, S*.o
cantinero, habis deJado a, a
sa& rergstradora pars ,S .l-
Noedel da a guiente. Masoe.
DA nIandeelaraciones del-
uador., fue visto euando si
sin haber realizada aunUrj
RiE 4osMeador, can una mtm ps



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pado on Adal, f
mudar .baj el poe
adAlo-one. ata--

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te, el pua
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los ofruce:

Tel. 1000 ~cM6oa.


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------u-~ ---"""^I~~'~' ~_-C--ULS --- -~r-- II

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I"'NA OCuO; ".



ista 84

Comienza Maiana La 2da.

Mitad Del Base Profesional
l'afiina se Inlcia la segunda mitad del Campeonato Profe-
sioral de Ecscball con un double juego. el cual correrA a argo
de equlpos: Chesterfield vs. Cerveceria
Cartsa Vieja vs. Spur Cola.
Ambos juegos deben resultar interesantes y se espers una
aran concurrencia.
Derdo mafiana comlenzan a regir nuveos preclos de entrada
al bar3-" rr frc..onal. La entrada general costarA B/. 0.35.
-- .>-


El 18 del mes en curso em-
La i F. LUZ prendera viaje a Buenos Aires,
S y Luz Argentina, los mlembros,de ls.
Par Afo. oA.. P n oEmbajada Deportiva Panamefta
or Alfonso A. Pnz6n 0. ue nos representara en los Pri
En el partido mis Interesante meros Juegoa Paniamerlcanoa.
que ha presentado la Liga In- AMn no se ha decidfdo el n6-
terns de Baseball de la Fuerza mero de atletas que vlajarAn a
y Luz el domingo e la maftana este certamen deportivo. Tene-
on *el magpifico Campo depor- mos por 1o tanto el equipo de
t!vo de Paitilla, fue sin duda I Basketball, que tiene cupo para
alwuna el cue sostuvieron las 12 canasteros, que dicho sea
Novcnas "Oficlna General vs de paso son los mejores con qua
EEmpalmadores", venclendo la Icontamos. Aunque lam poslbill-
primera par anotac i6 do ca- dagdes son remotas segn losn
ireras a 4. "genloa" creemos que haran tun
papel decoroso, y vale' Isa pen
Este juego tuvo hephos cu-!que aslatan a estas competen-
siosos, que valen la pena men- elas, porque ya ea. tempo que
clonarlos. Uno de ellos es el de nos demos cuentsa a calidad
haber bateado los muchachos de nuestro basketball.
oficinistas solamente 3 incoa- .
bies, pero eso si muy oportunos En atletlamo Iran Prince y
para ganar: mientras que los Caballero. Cicliamo Layne y
Empalmadorei bateaban 6 als- Oonziles. Lsvsntamlento A.
lados al lanzador ganador Cris- Pamigliatl y otrox levantadores.
t6bal A Muiaoz. quien dicho sea Lucha 0. Jimdnez y Friedman,
de paso se port6 a la altura, Natacion Alcides Bernal. Boxeo
ponchando nada menos que a no ha escogido aun aus dos re-
0 enemigos en las entradas presentantes. La eagrima eats
completes del partldo, marean- pendlente. Es ups Delegacl6n
do asi un record en esta Liga. jeducida, pero s aeguro hara
Sobresalleron con el bate en un lucido papel. Como Delegado
ebte juego par los oficinistas: iJee tendremos a Fellpe Cle-1
Ramon Sucre con 2 hits en 3 rr ent. tin delegado que como ae
opoiLunidades. uno de los cua- nta visto actuar en las reunlo-:
lea fu6 un home run con 2 com ,iea del Comitd, no dudamos
pafteros en las bases y Horacio que ae portarA a la altura. El
- Guerrero qu ball 1-1, o sea sesor Tienico, as el CapitAn
tril puntos. Por las Empadrona- Pelli P zrez, un hombre de una
dorn fueron: Caatrell6n, F. Ka- estatura reduclda.p ero de una
rAmsi*ttes y Abad que batearon espigada capacidad para eatos
3-1 cafsa uno; y E. Vallarino mqensrter.-i n el rolde entre-t
que fud de 3-2. nadores tendremos s Pindl Per-
"QU domo con. el bualtbal$ Gofl-
Con oste triunfo el equipo; non e agr1 Carlo. iRA
"Olicina General" queda empa- MoralZa eA hIk, y Lopoldo
tado en el segundo puesto con de Le6 n Len ievtamiito. Go-
Empalmsdorea con una victoria mo hol mos mmitfetedo anterior
y una derrota. mente el "Cronlsta Deportivo"
no aparece en la escogencld y
En el primer juego de double seria convenlente que si se lie-
cue habia sefialado para eate ga a Altima hora a escoger al-
pasado domingo, la novena Dis- guno, qua se tome con much
tribucl6n se qued6 sola en el cautela, no vaya a ser que la
primer puesto de la Liga de escogencia favorezca a uno qua
baseball con dos triunfos y nln no tenga los mtritos para me-
guns derrota, al veneer de ma- recerlo. Que te tenga en cuenta
nera fAcil a la debutante no- alas que han luchado por el
vena OGarage y Almacen, con deported sin intersm alguno.
pizarra deL 15 carreras a 4. .... ...

* EFte fu6 un partido carente
de emocl6n, toda vez que los
Dlstribuldords no tuvieron dl-
ficultad para veneer al poco
acoplado conjunto de Gareg y
El lanzador Distrilbuldor W.
G. uerrero permlti6 solamente 4
Incoglbles al Garage y Almascen
mientraa que loq muchachos dis
*' tribuldores bateaban 11 al lan-
S ador J. Rangel quien comenz6
: el partido y quien salt6 a la al-
tura del 3 episodio en donde
habia permitldo 13 correras y
10 hits, relevindolo J. Ramirez
S qulen permttl6 2 carreras mis y
un hits.
Fueron los mejoras toleteros
S en eate Juego, par los ganado-
res: J. Tufi6n, bateando 4-2;
S M. Romero con 4-3; y Yeyo
Mer6n 5-3; por los perdedores:
Papo Rodriguez con 3-2; R. He-
rrers con 2-1 y A. Chase con
3-1 el cual fu6 un cuadrangu-
S lar,.
SLos resultados del as partldos
qua se celebraron el s bado en
la tarde fueron los sigulentes:
En baseball, la novena Telifo-
no No. 2 se impuso a la de-
butante lanta Electrica por ano
taci6n de 9 carreras a 6. En
softball la Oficina General sor-
prendl6 con triunfo en el iltimo
episodlo al Garage y almacen
*- qulenes debutaban en esta liga,
S con pizarra de 16 carreras a 8.
Para mafiana Jueves 8 a las
J 8 1.40 p.m. se enfrentarin en el
campo Deportivo de Paltilla. en
S softball. "Distribucl6n" vs "In-
generous de Telifonos Automa-

Pmkazn De Los Pies
at (irda Como MaIl
S.-' mr4.,plean oquenamn alo pse ta
|.. -'*- ,aante quo C l o yvudlvam
lo ioaAo I* raj o mnarraa p|ial deo
lpO' sih? L& Verdadera causa do estol
-w nexdao dIs t piel doe lo plieas eu
I eInM L m oexteondidoa en todo l
Wte ya oonoeldo on diverso nonm-
N M-OA ., etc. Uste4 no podrt
7irno u Altto tutorno hu qso
Pogo al a E fnnen quo 1o 0mus u un
'WL" d rtalBnto mIdino UIlmZ-
JoiMsrm scaba con Is plesa6n en
jwtelutla, nat 1oo gfrmoneo rA-
ty cemienu a & cleatriuar I
r blmidafa, nuave* ltmpla y clar
diu. Nixsrm ha tranide
-*a ofraso*saber cut
eMP U tak-r h pair- dA 9!

.- 7=7 r.
: m l p .a .

Todoe los mlembros de la Em-
bajada deportiva pSanmefa que
partolelpark en los pr6zimog Jue
Cgo Panamerleanoa deben pasar
a Ia Sastreria Ctrdenas en don-
de me eutin eonfeccionando lox
Se nos ha comunleado que
hasta las nueve de la noche ea-
tars la Sastreria para cumplir
eats finalidad.

Los Chapolitos
aIonzan reto
ol Madurito

PanamA, 7 de Febrero de 1951.
Sr. Redactor Deportlvo
Diarlo "El PanamA America"
(Secc6n Deportiva)-Panami.
Ertimado sefiar:

Los components del equipo
"Los Chapolito" retan por eate
media al equipo "Madurito" de
la Ligsa Social de Softball, a una
aerie de 3 juegos.
Esperamos una pronta con-
testacl6n con todos los detalles
del caso.
Los miembros del equipo son:
Maurlcilo Rodriguez Ib-Nistor
Rachel C. OF;-NMarlo Pacete
2B, OF;-Eusebio Juanal OF:-
Walter Amadeo C., OF;--Mo-
cesto C6rdoba, 2B;-Outllermo
EXpinosa 88.;-Lorenzo L 3DB--
Vincente PInllo IB, OF-Her-
mAn Daniels P;-Vincent Ford
P;-"Candelilla" Yellow. Masa-
jista;-John West, Sub-Direc-
tor;-Donaldo Roblnson Direc-
tur-jugador;-Augusto Fong Ms

*". :

/ p.

a, n d'-:

A o'Wren m iuo hau
O.mpeoat Provine la doe
Rafael "Pallro" Caleedo.,
La noean de aafab SoNm S
y tene muches simlapt

Var s requlshos

parn trausmltir el

ulbol C.-America
La Secretariat del Co Or-
ganlzador del Quinea"papeo-
nato Centroamericano y dl
aUsribe de Futbol ha dado a co-
nocer la especlflcaclones quoe
regirAn para la licltacl6n de
la trasmhii6n del os partldos
del referido Campeonato.
La Emisors se compromete s
1-Trasmitir todoas lo parti-
dG que seflale el Galendario
del Quinto Campeonato Centro-
americano y del Cribe de PFut-
bol; '
. I-Sumnnlatrar la utpwL ,omn-
petentes y versadea s la tnate-
ria, que garanticen seitedad en
las traamislones:;
S-Pasar, durante sue traml-
OLUiCOam uAaflIu, l Uuasa mIuuIr a.I

usnes awtrmas, cuulas iu uivaa
deSarrollo del Campeonato y al
partido sefalado pars sla fecha;
4-Garantifar, mediante un
cheque qua cubra la mitad de
ia sums que ha de pagsa por
los derechos de trasmisl6n, el
cumplimlento de este compro-



Loesnad 1del Vierme
..-C. Tuir I Puerto 15 ...
Remltado del S3mdoe
* .Chandler 8-DbOr 4
C. del Tuirs 3-Istmefios 2
RBMltedo del Lanes
-4an Miguel 3-D4bora 1
Mauriclo 7-Oranlilo 3
ResultadMo del Martes
Chandler 10 GranUlo 0
Jueaos e Roy
Sin Miuel vs Patri
Santa Rita 4.00 pm.

Red Panamericaa
tiene los mejores
n gg ." ,


S Forlalizcuas b and l

6ban Vho


Towe heiWro y siempre steet,
do ASON sntes dt
,. /ywcpnwrve-fqSQj -

*aj -~


egas pn tamporada

h4 hoy

S Per Tere D. de Burre.L
oay tendrA lugar on las can-
caqs del' Club Martinz, a las 8
p.m..el primer juege del Torneo
de avlam uapiclados por el Ca-
f r t Las equipos que rom
I Jmp UtlIldades son: Mar-
*le dmpdrldora Selects. Ade
%m de estos ase han Inscrito:
RmsQometidos, Cage Mike. Flan
Regps, Balbas Express, Teatro
Trokcal,y Pinocho.
tea torneo ha sido organiza-
do per la reclin formada Comi-
aida de BoUche do PanamA, y so
lhs datdo I p reaenclar Ja a-
purtIo Ade la ia S2 8r. Ms-
nual: al" 8r. aulVw na y
Uh bl ndin de aIs p rSaa-
dora, y variog Iplodrltam-ur-
daetc depsrrb; .;18ehyeu1u
ademis a todoa las admiradores
do V j nuevo deported que eon
tant, entuslasmo as est UIni-
clando entree nosotros.
Tanto Isl Liga como la Co-
misl6n Ie piden especisalmente
a los components de los demis
equlpos, que han actor do pre-
smencla en la inauguracl6n, pa-
ra darle mis realee a este acto


Devuelve a loo cabellos su
primitive oolor, hayan sido
6stoa rubios, castaflos
o qsgros.
No es nocivo No mancha
Es un produto de calidad.

Ayuda a ci nse ir

ese asptto juvenile
ma ma y uswaylh
' m ui *MI o w rfruMa

Ahra twstd pued "entonar" ou
piel a sla vs qtue me afeita. Puge
obtair afetimda a dw de pt
"i affi1u, quo luoom amjor-y l
mimo tismpoh lear quoe m pil m.
dcba l Acto beaSfno de una munva
y maravilla mubstauda quoe myd
* coammirvar I pto ano y juvum
del reromo.
Rato !o 0 miu tsntd con m
Nmeva Cms de Aditar WilDaw
qua moAtimax.tac Ido ii-
minteo dlammalimnto aids m
mayom prophskwm" Gsa"
pains3m e-qualslmpawuimr-*tm.
m Ebacto d. Lm b s ains1M

I. .W.AMm
-ea '

los iqulpo Tigres as f sn y.
AlagraneAu d'PaiM". -
Armando MoreM.4S !
daccl6n do seft dim am uI
resignado parsa hBae d lan
miento de la primersa- to. .
primeral choqae Ms elebltr oh:
PanamA, e asegundo ei Coln6t
y el term" m asneceauri.o .
escogerz* adiante un aorteo.
Lox equlpUm que protagomila-
rAn easi ferie, esatn sometidol
a un uqrta entrunamlento y
c espers que la saerie results
muy reftds.
A. Pinto, CarlbI M. Pretelt.
Bobby Pue1 BUrnardo Quinte-
ro, Oarlos T. Rodriguez Guiller-
mo A. Rolla Zdmundo y Victor

per conflma. I Comi#ua de Apertura y
EIl ,Pred t I Comilt6 Or- "
.aniado--r wte n- Oscar Ouman Carrimo, Fran
cuentraa n slos epan csco Ditranl, Judte A. Murillo,
se a Cntrosm Si I 1 Carlos Tame*o, Jer6nimo Val-
pets qua gePutO- _
nes quo resal i queo cm- i mCom"mi0M.valedalo
piten todos los u p en ste Oscar St An llOoe., Dr.
campeonato. Juan Nie Cairloms amayo.
Mientras tento It dirgentes V CSo a d .e' i"s,
de eate tonus 'baa nombrado Franeloco ltrant, Temistlcles
varlas co)niaMS In duales han MoHas, Miguel A. Rives_
quedado InltX#4 IAg: A. Ardine sP.

Nino Caarri (1 alvador)
Francisco Zrni Guatemala
F611x i (acasta Rica)
Laureen d 1su5d6 Honduras
Joasquin M des(Curacao)
Hirlanm O d (Niearagua)
Caml s Tfamporte
Regino jArmomens, Tomis
Duncan,. N a spho,
C/ Ima de Campo
Carlos Cpedai Jois del C.
Corclo, Alfredo Harrison, Ml-
guel A. Rlvaa Julln Rivers.

Conmbis Ge HoMpedaJ .
Lule A. Ardines, Antoalo Gra-
munt, ka= Mu0flos.
Ortaa de Prena y
Radle .
Jap Cartes, Glberto Car-
110, T A. iup, A. -tg L.s 3
lon Carloa .
r.^ ftw~'.ANowtf 'dp


Es.. w

Lonto ntt'uI-

A. Pettirb
A Is d&04 &t6 .Aar
se Dm djA sst naar

toruTWen A


.14.. U4.:'

r ,








' I" / &


561o el Concosoivmri. uortt*4 n
eats ventajos pm."aupr rh Whb
I VfWn.S
e, Ahorre ti po, ahotrr dMs.. n-gI 1. L
owiast au (o cani). L io iv Frd, Mmoiy ,
b .bn1 to CoCo eFord, Asi reedb n -.'e drl aqwu-i LF
Snidko Ford. Ya quo I QuelCs0rsw1 NrM com -mA
ll R.... nmntm ..e-. ld .' a t '
det@ godQWlldo bd auisqus dwohtsd r e
Aw: '^' k* ";e


I.. ., -
4.. 4'. S U
-, -,


* ---- **4"~ 4

-. J> t:;:4.$. --1 -
*. ., .,. '. -
. ., -- -. ".- ~ -, ^ -


La Ji

Softball y

Baseball De


Al i






- -. F %,P

~F-.. --~


M, .-

L -


i *


. i





,A Rum

UVl doe Ia aiurnu, a.
r de1 lda ld itl del

enultado ltW del app.ic-
t. JU n. *

16_V d -i ulde
Ac b omult china
a abtam viSU fl'm C

Sla movid-
b un progM-
fortafler l1
Is eoomomia
es titanti
que a lsIndtf
A do inodg do
Mo. Uas" 0
raclo mlfie
iduqen, etra.

de evitar a
total 1 pr

Lumt ft

S t li l r *I ou el J
6'Is CA am.on`14*11mMIlhLt. Cw H
'o, Mr. Herman 6S-.M0. M rs. Red

EE. UU. debe. anter
"" n r.. ..v
u iiciativa t Europa

For SU& WrE
Pow Blair 11e47
(. It. A.)
WASHINGTOPN, Feb. 'L (XP) tivl.
Paul 0. Hoffman, ex-S l- Hoffman declare que tanto
siltrador del Plan Marshall y 1I a-preldente Hoover conmo
reusdente de Ia Fundaciki el senador Taft han ignorado
Ford, ha manifestado qua dl# los puntos eaen.lales de a a
darse autoridad at genera I- cuestlbp o puqde envolver I
senhower pars &Uzgar la &09- mlu"A WrIvencia de los Es-
hWlbuclen que cads uno doe U tados UTnlfo. -to, por su
los sigtnatarlos del Pacto 4el pia segurlad, deben mantener
AtlAntico debe dar a la deler- una v iormo-llativa en Eu-
sa com6nm del occidente, y U ropa. TatU queI oe IaB BFtA-
autoridad tambin parsa que vs dos UIla (/dibia enviar
4-ue ta: ayuda se hags ef'2- Das a urop solamente ml los
-- curo e tome ban la Inlciatl-
mente la situsel6n econdape -v. e u e e s ye
kno quep rovocaria descontfli bRamre", B. hata uel
*a en il pueblo. V ho a Sps trganstadqa
WAto onsional u na ourb- vnA dej.4 contrAi
paradoja en Washington, e ot BNjSl Roijoi
.nd-, ui/entratlosid pPl0pPn ao
m tarts y hauts Is pren a.rt lau Mnd-ubestanos -y
4cmandan una proants accila E ni 'lt nece a
yp .lonan por medidas mW-. ate parttdo-- n Querdo ver
_Wh'urgntes, log.. altos jfs i verdadtdou lterina .v que
e I'.s"'"efensa mutran pu S confroptan lo t:s doa v.
S"vista much msAs odra l s as la de contradr 'Un s.s-
y aonsersAdk s. Temen el t"Emlas Isdo.. .a.. ---a v a...
K..' ,^ .*- terns do "egurtAd., ooldltva o
tus2auamo ardlot, peo p a-

to fl-- tMStM .t- : y mnl o
1tafls doeaW. Mbeftn. as tamblin. M- KomeWt


aMosU OdeR b ceptr mua reco-
mendacloua .stA discusl6a y
proceder a It las a cabo. al-
senhoWer aeq la gran esperAn-
za en etsa ituscldn. TMns lan
capaclddade y experlencia, a-
I! como el taetq indispensable,
para dealr a los europeoa que
o0 ERstadol Unidos no vasq
cargar con todo el peso de ,e-
to ealfumro unldo. Al miaino
tempo $tene Is conflanza "e])
pueblo norteamericano, que use
de star seguro de que si dice
,na coa., ella s clerta y jita.
"La mAis peligrosa falacia ien
que podrian caer lou Esta rs
Unldos e la slusl6n de que pue
iden volviW 4 eepalda a sus a-
Ilad O. No p eden quedarae go-
los. I8 bay que realizar nta
taret, no 4 y raa6n para qVe
lox nottesmerlcano s a hazan
solos,.-Tr o to que divIda, 1]
mand occid ntal beneflda a


tiene los

mores programs

Seut s d4bea.

1' Mise"pol'

Le senmbeen a a*blets vrd Chru m* wade M
.e .*I ..e .: ". $d.,lp ; ... B-^
S--het .do q .ym.'
pI i Nr* df i e.

Ea KMu Que datas OB Gase talima
IEn ub horn In Pamolor d- eum-
1p1o dp oum hm iimwl oft
caiud por Is sMnsuwm. ua .

Pmatabu it.4-
ft mualsna
owne uete a d .

On ou f 'on.ervesse lam rp
sU~i..ivtf nlo'lhfft rW^R^

"9NWB" CON medmisA R .A
DAJO unls MXS -
Ou-, ..m .sbtjrbi


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...t.3 Si., 5t55_ m- o

u mon atisoe


a a

Sp~ou Ud. en sto. Cada B. 6 minute pod avoa de l do Is BMalf lite

vido... en altn luar de I AmMisi. Ceds a linudtedl die, eletoat deo vTimes .
y r Ambles mati n ditfrutando lomjor an aofort le BDraft.e main rNeSn

deo rvid 61 puede logrre a trsav6dode asa de oxperim en transport dl padlo r ev awg ',

m las nasn por is qUe Bruitf-con m2 sWo do expooiemala de vuebo-s rme Mdds

boy dfs teM una de ls mis gandes eippres alues del mundo-dirviendo sloras6uade

ambe AmlemL. Ia pWrxima ves que Ud. viaje, vueal va Brslff-El Conqu dor, para ervico

do le n auto adiionsl-o El Iaterooatiental, par visar cofortablmeont

eon to s d Mtas PS Pregunt porIla s tarifam, l Mfor oli d

ruewelmi-a sn gaedo do pWas- o ols olcinas de pas*is Brniff.


-V. -i .


L-'... ^ '.^ "/. :. .^ 1
.\ e ./ ,.. .- .y. **j- ,. r. ^A, ..,
f":. "' ..', -.. ': ." ,/ ..-' f.1
::',;"L .. *** .. ,'* '- : .. l -. .; ,,,.--.o3 *
,- p .. ^/ .. ..-,4
r "- -- .;J .' ? *.. p.: .


I -
* V?
7 7 A
* ..~ fit* t.
142. 4: ~
~ ~ IlLS

- r


2* 7-

--- ---- ----- ~

-- -~ --



now,* -W-Awm

VAN -4

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/ I

V.'..- -.

..-.- ...
f^' -W .
^.f1^*.-*~i*'*'. t^
,fr^ft....,. ..-.-WSf
-:* -.'*- .A-^





S. bliss un sistema universal

4, sefiales para el

-7UNVA YORK, Febrero 7
4 -poilbtlidad de
Wi ltemsa nico y mundial ide
Wf4ls de trAnsito para reenm-
,ta r a los dos principals e-
tton tes, el internaclonal o c'i-
opeo y el sistema american:o,
i.Amtudid a fines de dicicm-
pSmado por un grupo de she's
AMertO en cuestilones de trt-
it de oarreteras.

i especiallstas de Turqia,.
Rodhesia. del Sur. Fran-
Chile y l Ktados Unidjs,
nombrdos por el ecre-
GaOer de l Nationes
a pettel6n de la Coml-
d Transprtes y Comu-
ones de a ONU, con la
de estudiar los protle.-
de las sefiales de camwoA
e preparar un proyecto at'
venel6n que codlflque y pro-
un alistema mundial.
informe reconoce la neer.-
o de unificAr las sefianes
trAndto en base mundial,
at mismo tempo hace
cl6n entrafaria en el pe-
Slas dificultadea que su
do adaptacl6n. Tanto el
ema europeo como el nor-
tamerlcano se han desarro-
flrdo al cabo de lar gaexpe-
rncia y de investigacl6n, de
uerte que oulquier camblo 6 po
dria rear problemna de in-
verslones financleras y de rce-
ducacl6n de pueblos acostunm-
"'- do8 al istLema vigente. For
cllo se acord6 quo el process
de eamblo seria gradual y que
se'deberia hacer planes a corto
y a largo plazo,
Consideran los experts gue
cl sistema uniform de sen.a-
les de trinsito deberia com-
prendcr trees categories: seno-
loe de pellgro, sefales reglr.-
zlentala que dan Instruccio-
nes concretas y seflales Iniur-

agazine de

ormsacl6n sabre Ios films de
IlArthir Rank distribuidps per
p-" Unjversal-Internatlional
*.' scililta en Contrastes
uOique el papel de profcouy
ia escuela do sefofrita, QJe
Pom en la pelkula "LA
Arloette", presenUacl6n ae
4. Arthur Rank distribulda per
univeraas-.-Iternational, no pa
rezca ditici.para un actor de
Ul haliMUday prActica de Hu'~h
,Wllmiah, tit.n eMkrgo, dernaI-
4* doe 1 m -miAkimo eslucrzo
tdhoncentmafpl6n y una actia-
cuidadoasmente graduada.
Brq4ue en realidad su rol t Mtt
iitvidldo en dos padres distin-

AI princlplo. Arnold Dixon es
~aun hombre de median edad
esuyos imico interests son ius
"-lbros y su famllia, compueoLa
':de una esposa y una hija. A
h-medida que el argument se
;csarrolla, el professor cae en
Ulas redes de una coqueta dlaci-
:pula Arlette, carecterlzada- ur
'Mal Zatterling y bajo el iniu-
;jc amoroso de su carActer y
*personalldad cambian compie-
,Bente. E serto y digno ca-
,6dldrAtlcq vuelve a sus veinte
Mafos y hace tantas locura co-
mno un muchacho por ganar la
admiraei6n de la dama de osa
I, Los mitodos de produccin,
'tuc no permiten filmar las cs-
DasA con soluct6n de continul-
"dad, hicleron mAr ardua la la-
Ibor de Hugh Williams que s.ni1
,ilo en una escena el hombre
(*uvcnll, entusiasta y ena,rao-
nrado, tenia que aparccer en aI
Igulente comes el pe'ofesoe'r s-
**ato, respectable y severe.

mativan. En ads a ma ha
apecaido .la neaMstid do d *-
yor liTeatigildon clentiftlca
de experoMetee ta iom cuea
s 'eno -e podia a.. adopter
icsoluelonu finales,
En cuanto a lai sefales de
pcligro on 5gr2 que se Insta-
len lfmboloi para las cura-
c lntersecclones y queo.e uil-
lice unlverlniente los
pars los tabOlol. XI gupo r1-
comend6 la addpel6n ode sm-
bcles como auantot e m almea
tc important para o pains
abAtioes debido la diverat-
dad de a._dj as
Ml problems de la vsbliUdad
de lan sealed en elt dim y do-
rante UI noche y en tode tl o
ce allma so estudlatl ep uaud
investigal6na sabre las efiLci
adecuadas. Deedio el grupo qp
la eofial do "parada" reaue ra
csencialmente Una adopeian u-
niversal y mncland que, en
diondo no -fueras Viible a Usi
distancla rasonabto para ft-
cer sla parade, la senar detbe-
ria star precedida de varis
sefales previsa do advertcu-

l grupo convino tambiln on
aceptar el reattanulo eomo la
Irma general de lam saless de
guia, con a punta do una fte-
cha mostrando sla direeocln. Be
continuara tI Inveatlbgelt pa.
ra buscar Is uniformldad deo
color de estas eftfales on la
sigulente reunt6n de loI e*'
Considerpron tamblin que era
deseable implantar un m"6toM6
uniform quo permits a ls
Ipcraonas quoe surfn de cogea-
ra de loa colored pars quo dia-
Ltngan la lutr roja de los siJ-
tcmas de control de trinsiti y
anotaron que so habia roeo*
niendado el uio de una ba-
ira horizontal obscure sobrd ho
bre la lus roja como m6toto.
La siguiento reunl6n de las
experts tendra lugar en el ve-
rano de 1951 en Olnebra.


Las mams diges-
Nlone son may
molearsts ItvI.
dad, EnOnces.
dw oud por
Rarles? Nagsow'
so mohakm pes
son... TOM
edPOSTicos Ik"
qu babe r ale
calint em lam
.comds farcilits dipsuria -
POSTUM no contlesn cafuclsa
susawncias flociv. Elgsvlgaorfla.
pusc no kucho -otripo -.W
caarle aludabls. |Pruosh i s.
MO POSTUM por saeo 30dis.
y lIagmu pr los rearadel

Para un lustre brillante

oak/ .


La marca
de calidad

-Sm I m

Cada dfa do
-desculdo aumenta
los padecimientos

La irritacidn Intole-
rable, los ardores qua
produce los trasatornom
de la rejiga, debes ser
combatidoe en sum oe
Par h via pelum ae aTo
mIueSMcB qu bo lase
em kme vesfi sn IJ ptpm.

Aw. e l MBe w 0eemu D Wi
insNo"m= iabvegt.m
I bmpisbnss mas-

Wbe pin le IMs MG M
Vois1 s1-em maim ldma&
t* IvmF d s *s m i I "omis*

soddNbs oletgs
3lda icla y11 -1
opmeb!ll ghi-iahMC


t .4


'fl'4- -

S -

* -

' **-T i s*** -. '4'**
*tusjpro ;L'v ./ /
^^p^^. 4
:.jj ^tij~ft tiew
** ,-.4

.. ."- "" -' -,. .-" -. .
.,-l' '.. --* .' &, <*-m..a .' .k' m fA .' '"

9 -" -- .. s. u- ... .. _._ _- /. __, ^ :

..." t -2'Y "" -. ry- L -

.'. ...... "m .. .'. : :' ^
.. : -_
S. -. ... .
.. -v --.

- '--. '.*(s .
; ,.- '. ._ .4

-mI. m --*" m '. '*. mtm. *1"m t

. >-

* < .-

p "
N ,,, -
,1 1 ... .
S" --

:. S

= -

El Panam Amrica ts el j bate-vmdedpr Punam


Box... .., -

. -.,. ,a ..





Men de "


I* Eml ItH


( ** '

s ,- "d


~q A


--2 ~ -.4

- .ti

A:'~ Ha

" IL -


* I

- Ti



L ~_ _I ___~ L

--- _. .


-. In kI

- --~.~- ........;-.,,.

'- 1



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rgiis. ,ajan ;

No. dvo .--- No ile
Saot:pidue do e.lWo&d.



, "..**- ..ttO....m
.": .- .^ ;' +-",rv s .:. ',': :.
',4#4*#Il A


L' '

4 :


- S

ae I
i s ..
ig. I


tm-all Il



y un



En una historic humana con rafagas drminAtfSc
y relSalpasM de humorismol


El "'Aviso Oportuno"

"El Mercado S

Es Barato



J EV E $i'.



- *n. euiod .i


Secuestrador y
asesino, cl
fruto de sus
crimenes fue

la muerce...


* I -

101. ; ""

** n><<<'ii4

Una nueva
en realismo!

. -.. .- ..-.. ..

SI-..T ,
-- .3 ,

S Dospelfculasgrai
A CIA AAA! de stro
a precos cornice:
DOS VANtfS l BR)iAS EN UN SLO PRO% B/.0.60 y 0.3
tolaoasviplmt dore sdo a-pu de unw bodnf rCask CARY
Afthl ...-Yontuck a rmoBte pmr lwlbe uona 6' be (

-W :;,.. C aaie ;oi lolt .

A 1- 4.,
'.5 .. l. *-*. ... *- .".'." -A

S^^i'^^^'^^+i. .*- *'" ,**^ J^SLMU
";PL1^S'-' ,A ,,*& *'-a : +-.*c f~ l W- 'I_ .. :. .:.** 1" **.tmHmt f if




*s(ai oral ^. tro ,
June Allywon Diek PoweD
lMeao Mrtlmba, -
"Entre el Aguila y I& Sarpods"

Padre a hUa entrent-ndoue en
terrible daflos... Que arrastrd
a todom a una lucha de vennuaw
y violencla I

X drlam de umn bee ":
o quiRne s e dI dk r jo1o
en :-

Intrigas y a-pecha en la pellcult con al #n.Il
ulmphrey oga -rt Gloria Orahame, -m ...,

DIA POPULAR 9.31 5 0. .
Grandloso Programa
TIN-TAN y mu Carnal Marcelo
Las Mellizas DOLLY, en

Adermu -
Pedro Infante Domlngs.
solm., B



John Wayne, en
j / con Jou Crawford ,
Adenmtay -
Robert Taylor Audrey

La Pand NeorkIna,wkna
-I "

Humphrey Begart. an
-Arr RAd -D
Adrns -
t on RTmwCOLOw
B".I.T CODi., Ad
(Cap. 4-.5 AdmaIs .J

A LAS 5y830 P..
Premlo de Ore.. B/.n1M.
Adesnh: Un BseeIoCnal Doble '

Blanqulta Amaram. a
AdaMS -
ara Garos. a


Jaim 5Ieswrt. a
CHiton Webb. an

Himbrel... Petelt... MuCe. -
Do -


A_ ,- a. 4 a .
A= 'im a wia


.' *
"inih,' -,1:- 1t


4. ,

in Iguoal"',f

y Efectiv

i w W ^ .". ,"? J' i .^ j." -
M t i ii a' .,"i -ii w'1 ."2 "
. ...- IB
.i..... -.
.-. .- k
: -. ^; ," ^-:, ',-- "6" -. AN"

" .--,+- +..*.^+^ ':,.-.+H


I *;,'.. -.'..
* ,'.'." i-' .. -^Ai



~___ ~_ ~___~_ __




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