The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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TELiPHONI 2 0740 10 LINUm I
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LOAIiiL *I *4N

Labor News.

- ". J s I -rt st .-a of Ther All
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Pa121 ...e1110. Int ADVALt.s 7S I. in ,6 f "
ti s TO 1 lBh --- iNK RUADSIS OWN COLUMN .You load sixteen ton and what
l 'h r b -r .do you get?
lkes amresivd mratefullv and ore hbaedd In u bhlv sualidsal You get Sil a day, that's what ..-.
I im.pse d' a f you etif You're in "old number v .' ,f t anc es -,?.
m st day Lates re published in the order received to knowE ..n.e mi h t. ,. e p
S, nPlsse oft is keep the lbmars limited to1e03 ~pge bgarh. n t od
,, t Iduitany of leer writers is held in stris tconfidence. A slightly irritated coal indus- tot I en .p rr
Ibis rewopeper essumas uas psil le satntemenpus am i9'b try to know that It isn't exactly of inm lot-ra.g .d
Smee_ d l ,I an em made rs signing new contracts with "Old cotoiie the Ro
'-;A "oKing Coal" himself, often kno.lm --.

I C.sohn.L.,Lewis, wants the coiD .
e e estoryctape f hgnna ob erd tr y to know thaet i hn't exactly t o" bes e t
Se i u a e Scroo a of American Industry Js
Stpo y ern. this Yuletide seasoned et
Dfo: ReO I PAN ginia, the Nicholas County News donen..etrse toms. narcotis
Sa th the e Leader of Richwood reports t hat at c pet as ctogal rie
the "miners in this section (are) a soWll ai a im a om e e A
w It seems worth noting that the bitterest enemy the United the highest Paid Industrial workers ie er ta
S ate has ever had in Latin America, and the worst epemy of of the world." It is reported that de a tul
democracy, has taken refuge in a hotel owned and operated by the coal diggers therSand the oth. dfr -
Uneited States government. To put it bluntly, it took a lot er 300,000 men who mini coal in
of crust to do that, but crust s what Juan Domingo Peron has other areas-find the number one se
U.. intirv ton Ceheor isie a nplsgentla and swallowed rollrckn tunein keepinwit a the saor SAoesalp
Peron's story- that al his troubles were due to the American times." 4 ye alions; igh O
newspaper tcorrespondents' nisrepreseatatoions, and Peron ot a With "Slxteei s" ru MU OLINs a- sth toe p shows to a t
Uncle Sam In the pantsan d sl pp ing his lace. erei beca me. Beih" a close racer f or um- ot of UAe addicts -da y mt ie

t l p n hil foAmerican. Beggar can't be ca a dne humming, the Southern h brl Min Inh s ra
tm orrthat Peroiwaspr e otegi of Hitler and Muaso- Coal Produchrs ave just done ats e anal f DL AND0 sNTS
|i 111 and that, until almost the erid of the Second World War some quick figuring. dqath pnalty ourenfedasitcaloe

SArgentinad was the center of Nazi and Fascist o peratio ind a T he ny report that if you pick up -I ri r .herA te r a ni
in America. it was out ot Buenos Aires that the information yoursshovelsandvwalktto thetmine'r.
was sentto German submarines that sa"nk many Alllcd ships and load 16 tons ofa d number .. ntowSev rceto pernlmor-com e atles e the
d f ost many Allied lives, especially British and American. youget s day ven timhe hours plte a inS erssenterl. prible Te-y
Don t forget that Peron's ambition was to cor.'oel Latinworked for i travel ou to and the Customs Service h been re son's most
America and, if possible, destroy the United States. He didn't from the mine to th e house, for du and shas risen the u farmers. .
get very far, but he did try lunch time, vacation Social Secu- -" .a om peopi rt o al City Ba"k o New
One of his first bungles was on his visit to Chile : when he rity and othet benefits and Teeicf n rfor edoe ase-,pt t
Intervened openly and stupidly in Chilean politics and offered wel aoe and retirement funds as crossing the Mexican bor e cN o e

ena, buttheresw welna ee yrrt ourttarrvedelcoved thamto Pnanaeadsr"d hem tneigh, econoic- it "There ar 'aayonetd
to finance one political party. If President ofbafle. invited himwell. n bor is a major problem. Though too s and ar t
to asylum in Chile after he ran out like a scared cat and dtook w h outhe? od m ga g le. )al chanto I rlea t
refuge on a Paraguayan gunboat, it hasn't been published. He The Southern Coal Producers'nWtNop te an"lowantintoesl
did suceed In making Paraguay virtually an Argentine prove. Sector hined haet W Vua.. M. t, Is -Operate,smany low-ranking fun,. oj heade Randel p
inc, but his welcome soon expired there and he started on t i he l s igtyu bhrie tha reut i en le erit zeer aMaib*de e or make It wr i by ss. .
Journey that ended at the Hotel Wqahington. .on the ojanukes bo h ithas given e g r O mak eui n a s o b
in Panamsahe received a ronl welcome from some of the th e coal industry, writes me-: as s e real, ta- p net o
Ds am to stay In Ven ezuela where he should have been the miner, s a mra y m Wrelan beius Pna, and mos ofeoa sharp wibt i nhw l

or. so m goher nmend o fbi ca l b P enre Ji m z dr n te as aenyboi y. Yt hae e hi fe coal the W- adi Ltons ao rpine baoap fr "erea o D e o.
Rank Ingratitude, because Peron probably played a stronger thetune "Wha ll te io Instead oft Nil tesn mer At "
part in utting Perez Jimtenez power in Vene sula than anyd- the a nswer Id ter song, 'Another y a A A t use or pr fiv A o
whone outndeof the country. He helped Vilsroel ret ime n soknida ole and d poran de e ro i n bt"a too e u s
vn we e l Leader" add: BROADWAY which Is a big i t, ct a The Sadler's Well; balt troupe p orth, a rights t apa d
he he escaped from A rgentna. "Load 16 ts in this area and NBC:Gra l sap bubbles, er hidde other b of the ,
Another Ingrate was President Odria of Peru who was helped n ar To-do between ane Malbin and Hoe" by Dr. a stadua .. gent's onl mugate

i.a, do-youget ?_ ostir"id.te etledat am t1W W H a t a d ,ro pets lew year
ed to power by Peron. There Peron's representatives bungled s "Well ou drive a pretty caguerite Pza over La Malb- Do a l : "Do t resentgrow across the o s g ie al c direct r .

the reenatven bu e hia d o. Buo thy wer c. o is wereLa Maib-rls Doeards'd A. u0a ma go f .
us as they had done in Chile. Bu they were close automobile You eat steaks as per likeit. e Many re deniedthat priv per cent of marijuana used told he'll soon
Odria until early 1950 when evidently he caught on to their rack- ou Pl tareUndermining public rtoon Treasur ked" with lege.r oumser mr
at. So another friend obligated to Peron, failed to offer him help hreoften ast a.nybody. You hafve TVfal Ii n the dignity of opera a using raon. .heroin, m ie ad cocaecretary of D
when he was own and ou. practically ipteasing on top seller for over 3 years In hi book "Mo Over Miam" Border Meican wtbacks, dered the Navy to give
Even Pre ant So awasnsurprised when he leAarned that year.t pTdie oai, ". no da w owe psn goe lin e ask f mauy. Tea io tl tMi oat it.I
that ou send kids to collet if they club floor." (Girls willbe ) me Lmt, a new drama, was Jack Kfed nte: "Millions of incdentay, are not deeply en tept to sash the Air .
he had Invited Peron to Nicaragua, unt he remembered Stel Ardler walked out to hailed by Variety's Washington people have visited Miami.. They gaged in the dope traffic. jetspeed record. eas: he
thenvitaon was several years old. I often wonder weter ant go.x of para- "Aid" at the Met the er delegates rally taut, hard-ook at its magnified Techniclored wants to crack don on nter

Tarho still atthe d irport In Managua awaiting he s ar- ival oftda hs keuyodrbO 'y .w rm e A Rierwm 1 bl .- tposs h2do Diae ynrtd 8
Peron. If hn, somebody ought to tell him aout it. Peron handwhorefsed to bu ge e.l "Six su e confidence. He told an in- ogling a grgeous hussy, and g i stiffer penalties for posAesayon of tator Fac. has
Sa Today's coalint owe o r: We're going to hae a out a lt e about what goes on be- dpe and str thning of the fedinto visitors that 6orf plans for controllinLatinins22n the ca Col son a a wecan ...Alhindthe ask of beauty." The alBureau arcotics. Today mistake to inrod
Sat .through hiAs oATLAS Uni lt on ei companies, t plan lir eltainment r: "It Is not hw hook strl stt "omnce t as fewer arcoigets or to Moocc cr
e r drpeeieit k-ing hsoerta
and; Core .bthe ea USA tan the FB I hari
e a. n S0Inh the CiyofNoewnYork. .Fedt is,
Stine Embassy w almost a a C-h pareaeredu-~tiriabip to g tprss
e and .crud cartoons and e caricatures accused e do bat- a- have absolute proof that their su- t
e hiThe .soer"au lendingsah t.aaaA=.p:smooth' Aa al Vi ri .Mh pl pect possesses dope. Daniel wants dent ti x
th.North s a s, o coutse, of being e Impalists," and allso5 there a ndus up.a storm in the courts, bet th get mi ? e nmst: er too I,. to change this... In cae, his place.
'bloodauters' and "vu tures," and exploiters of labor. r whAoh hms elf n bl" eeted as c w J. London's p re a ros ga t e t oe .l. S. U .' : a professional dope trafficker vol- .Doles ha
Tey didn't neglect the radial atune either ae nd one of the straw boa every time big of it) is su e intingn Medryfor Harry, 'is I tinkly tune. Ci eao untarply surrendered a suitcase o .
,eexl. s wa cddrwherrsomeonetune# radio or TV $150,00 for copycattingg".. Ho of Grandma Moses, Chritas" 43 a i for full of heroin to Federal Offers
wasritathrttimeonrudaneWas courageouslymsupporting the set or dropsatcdimeIn ntaJuke SmoketDe A:newuiseyo.nAt"Ihavthaddicts
box Some 2,,000 disks have "The Father Divine abo" usy all le. r in the o- and couldn't rrant. Later lae s ct
Practices act. 8ome of our local worthies who revery time they -' Remember Gilds, the pretty silly to si db.hen ... ha ,,, a'a sae s bit o his- the man was freed by a federal egit en
Their orieser e taken with Peron m h wroulde ster theeo"Plter- easm Ernie gives out little girl inithe."Our Gar ,com-a;' een g woal h rr
tureld sthrite lin hd fua laborgattac thereaIn P wi f an American eSies? ... She is nouw a t tive u .. Besides 'be's sn. Toldit -p nr... Danel will also urge
SBto nw Peron i as guest at a hotel owned a nd c rated byolmet o lA it e ta o t r The "Fanny" u 'etoars clan- maud t at.Y must ns:-e to y se do .ra jeewvhro"e cranell h lar ur n
the government he did so much to injureanm d discrmt, wc A-lmt eowin g haul i acow-io T he "Fudany 2 ane -m t ....... 'P.thatprotection,possibly Including BE 5
S oete he o t eu on "Pipe Dream" at Topi Wits s reported to be an ate ne lmost inwestorsauoe." free dug, be van to adicts
Sanyone else would feel just a bit uncomfortable in such circu- ~ O hich makes for good ical atk ... The horse paiM $3.lent g ok ... The fascinatact who volunteer rato pd-
A nce yalties and Beverly Hills swim- dug p by a drama pa : E dlers. At present, addts are WAUPACA Wis. (UP) -
tSa he he got such a hearty welcome in Panama. houl m ing pals s. Somae of these record- Magistrate Solomon's adv te the u t dramt t w S It" at the Msic l flaked afraid to talk for fear opeoe pacas city council de d the e
omhe en"iuushost el when he first arrive bi a Panama 's wings have gone abroad .and soon parking violators (not to mit ;uthor distaffurs .t. two sle k beforebh"itting will slip deadly c side poison of a bicycle for titJ ass is.
ived, believed that Panama ohfrom the Picadilly to owners ip of the car) might back. Su sportraysaoi eth er etiate expense and grated the
wtam'r y hnorthyaintooneoti pecapsules.e is
WAVl ; Ionic" ie. .movie; er--a"a*.r Ittry toobuseekabot
cl worries were over and that Pern would Invest here t~o ~tel Peninsula in Hong Kong, fi A Police Dept. Cargn den m c iatR geo fsa Can
m y of the millions he frugally saved out of his modest salary there w be heard America's new tells the column that the offending Il tA dimensions: 8-
-4 a "eesor t coal 3e:l"IOm Tonna Laugh-aoulOut-
pnd oo rblament u tr could be towed away""-PublicSrice)ll (C in onae 4) recommend a radical change in .
But the few dollars he is spending here go to a concern that 6let it be kniwn that out of Then when the proprietor claimed !
doesn't even pay taxes to the Panama government. which .re- 16 tons of coal comes contribution it he would have to prove owner-
Sthe UAL to operate the hotel. g t t 6.40 to mers' Welfare ship and be slapped with a sum-
e or feel almost certain that Peron could aret the Presidential and Rtireme Fund-at 40 cents mons for illegal parking, as well
suite, or At leastoher adequate accommodations, at the 3la ton-making up total of well as having to pay the towing fee
sams Hotel. He aught to fbel much more comfortable there than over $110 000 a year. Many an ... Not one holiday tune is among
In the Washingtoner di no coal, but the Top Ten sellers in sheet mu-
Credo Calhoun. hIs bread and butter money s ... Sinatra wl lead an orches-
out of this 40 cents a ton. Many tr' for his next platter ... Seveaall
S WAVE buRAINs an injured miner will have Swing Street sewers are about to
broken back or l mended in be padlocked by the law .., Nat
one of the 10 ultra-modern hos- (King) Cole's new click s ho u I d
have read about pitals beini bil ain three soft coal be: "I'm Gons Laugh -You Out- e
e Tv d av ll the big serials getting the bnit prc h states by ae welfare fund mil- ta My Life" ... Hip-Talk is liked..
oane to keep all of the programs on the Canal Zone. After The first of these has been com- he's happy. When he's real pitiful
S1 of this I have written to my brother in the United plated at Middlesboro, Ky-at a a-he'seeling finen TVs mostELE s RE
S one of these big seals. I amM also oingt and cost of $36,000#00. Soon the next relaxed star, Perry Como, now out- o h s
4min n from my govemment.t6 erect this big a tb1 t o0ne.will opma ni Harlan. Ky.-and rates Gleason ... Now that he's
30 feet into the air, If by any chance some of the ptb., what a long way it is from old ono-wonder how long he'll stay .. -.
tern tons you get these Te this out-of-towners in-th
nion with a o,000000 treasury tie the way New Yawkers tawk is ITyas
-- which owns the second biggest -Tit Three West -To ed

this I'wd ic go hell-or-ea. Even
ig g n gr tmo ears told gift frcom-aO Nm f rabnz WELLCNALON FUND A Nery A Eons IDvative open WHO Fund PAyin DIvideDds

s. to avi Eoradn Tgne her n o rd wINeInl FU aU-INV MEN FUend in its R CoDecuYTIe AeN 8C plus
--)"is 'orane." ut ATOMIC DEVELoOePw.n MUTUAL -- A New Fund-- y n t soelf a isP e Atomus Indus1
Ray toW empoe t cohis reor-ses Futh f. i epresents, For loa term Capital gais it has no limit"

nue a few months ago? The man DID YOU KNOW? '
Awaiting for his Copa hatchick- -ma u
8 S died at the wheel of his car. The Stabilize k Prices .
reporters and otographers com- On-nd alt Intteae on a stt prie lev during last wk's
forted thegirl e stati-house. market plunge ead inM b q to verse tmj 1ent Jompanas f
.e, was very grateful because no Tie oompsaoeo were o oyes _of b
photos were taien in heo boue earf juum SUa .ina* W w a o
Sdistress....-Well,.she..introdu edu ri "". pu"" t" 'cha te "o Of ... .
probably don't remember me," she pgmmW .6- asaetb
but ,-want you to knw I aiM"at.,r
.reciate how considerateI all ee you .
S ows were that night" .. You l. gl ., ,
t*ook ha 1 a4an,"' .we said ...
"yes," sge ened (embracing us) yoRn IIWCt-
"1,.: ..v s,- a" ai'" ** 8M l just married his broter!" .- ." : ,-. ". ., .
Dramatist Tennessee Williams$, '"nflrflu cra. -
r the Great Success, toils e*W, ,
Sta hours daily ... Anna M &
4 .. su. -* -psrformance in 1"_4 r ,
-4,. .. -. .... ,,, ... Matchmaker,- "

__ ~



--M %--I' --, .. .

,..'. ."
1 ,".t -' "

~fluikA1. .i~, .. -

- Yf' -.,

... .' ...-- ^
;i. ? ^ '- i.<


."'t '5

1' ,~ A

SC W-NaW hortreed.of Cleveland, Ohio, tests her
, .thr o, f' mechanical hand for hbaiditag radio.
, atve auhinUea. Vdt$( 1he Internatlonal Atomic ExpoZition
la Cleveland bad OMp wi the "hand," trying to place rings on
P arad vadoa objeuts. It was developed by General Electric.

; OP Democratic Senate Leaders

Sp Over Cutting Taxes In, '56

WASHINGTON, Dec. 29 (UP) -
The republican and Demperatic
I leaders ofthe Senate disagreed
at irply yesterday on-whether
Coengdr should cut taxes next
S ear. *
DeBoeeratic Leader Lyndon B.
JehnmeaBuid he will "urge tax re-
ista to bneflt people in lower-
ontme 'blckets." GOP Leader
W IeiS'F. Knowland said a cut
S n th national debt should have
.W P rbI y. o*vor tax reduction.
Th. T two men- also split on t.he
SarmlissUe. Johnson predicted
C' ovsn will restore fixed 90 per
-eat riSee kipports on basic crops.
,..1 tJCdwwan4 said any new farm
lut.lahs will be 'built round-
d' amnstration's flexible aqp-
port program, plus a soil bahk
provl3ion and funds for agricultur-
41 r1 each.
"There will be no 90 per cent
p'rity" supports, the GOP leader
i(dCwland and Johnson did not
uiparnte on their tax statements
fe.a1h Interview with Newsweek
lasue. But Knowland predict-
lsentimeat" for
A & rd. IAt Ite v

tax cut will be the only important4
new legislation passed at the new
session of Congress. -_
Butler said he believes Congress
will vote a straight 10 per cent
tax cut mn April or May. But he
said there is considerable s e n t i-
meat 'for a proposal to increase
tax exemptions from $00 to 'p-=
In either 'ease, he said, the, tax
Iftt will amount to about 3% bil.
lion dollars.
, Several top congressional lead-
ers recently have come out 4a
uainst ax' cuts now or at least
ove hoisted go-slow wamings iA
vi.r/ o administration plans to
increase military and foreign aid
spending next year.
Turning to other problems, John-
son said .he. thinks Congress will
pass a school-aid bill next year.
But Knowland said the outcome
will "depend primarily on the
formula" that is presented to Con-
On the foreign policy Isasue,
Johgown said he would hope for
coastr'ctive criticism of anything
trat it handled poorly. He a4ded,
hilswer that th" rmenM' i dIHeAM


1" I 'g

SHike Of 2 Bilion

.0 m.
B1ntr oLA .YCel
"on al, te-

ths foir om e weel d.a

became e thi will be the ast time a N. arenthoo he ash-
I Ah#l be riding beside you like d. "I sae sto me to b entirely
this or some weeks."He 44i.qot atter of self-discipline. Look-
have-to. My friend whdi loves hi ltg bact I can see .tho t Mike
son very much did nqt .pqed to be has only been able to learn from
emindd of their a cahing me'b.y w check and
s .epation. After their stmas rret myself,"
hoald y's happy recovery of each--
other, my friend was tidingtin-
ill th. thought of the "Gooby"
soon to be spoken.
"An rig Mike," he sad-an r
changed seats with his se. h v r
All went well on the 0 ry
toad for abpu 15 minutes, h i
hind Mike decided to pas him at
the same time that one approaeh- HOLLYWOOD Dec. 9 (UP)
inU him decided to increase 4 Actor Gregory Peck's divorce be-
speed. In this moment of'* ca-., eomse final Friday and friends
inexpellence had noquick ae* speculated today he. and former
sion to offer Mike. Rattle A6d French journalist Ven ilque Pa-
denly awakened to hi reo.i- 1 a would marry n L Vegas
lity, Mike lost his head..--ping Nev.
frantcally at the wheel, he swerv-. Pek 39, and the newspaper-
ed to-the ice-glazed side .the woman who he met in. Paris -a
road where momentum sent him year age, may drive to the Nova-
spinning and sliding until he da ri. ort Saturday. Friends said
brought up with a crash- into a the wedding would, take. p a c e
atone fence. eiL-r Satflrday or ear N e w
After a long moment of appalled Year's Day.
silence, he burst into tears. Even
before be had clambered out to But Peck, resting at hqme today
view the shattered headbight and with a minor attack of IMlenza,
mudguard, sobbing Mike w a s remained noncommittal. He ad-
crying out to his father "Daddy. mitted be woald have a "long
ITl pay for it! Just don't look like week-end" off from his work at
that, daddy! Ill work-and *pay the studio but said "no co m-
for fliig it. .. ." ment'' when asked about the mar-
His -father didn't touch him ria:- reports.
Neither by word or gesture did he Peck's divorce from the former
make any move to attack or cqm- Greta Konen becomes final a year
fort. Me just kept quiet, liVing end a day frOtti t.e.dlte she won
himself and his childt-o the d i- her interlocutory eeree. She'was
pOne of what had happened to awarded a '$0,000 yearly -adetle-
them imept based .on the actor's earn-
eiangs over the next 10 years. She
Then he said, "No, Mike .-yo bad charged that Peck "astayd a-
don't have the nioney to fix It. -way. from home- night and
You are in no position to earn wouldn't tell me where he had
it, either. And that's exactly how been.'
it should be.. ." Peck and his former wife have
He went on slowly, "I am the three children. Under term of the
right person to pay the bill be- divorce she wor ,%stody and Peck
cause I am the disobedient per- was granted viaitl ion rights.

kid Lifted

lined plans for a boost of
ion in riations for
Sresearch wad a sizable
federal funds for education.
,ahk fa ammunition for Rq-
n campaign orators.
4mg to unofficial esti-
MAgriculture Secretary Ezra
on expects a 4W-nmUliUon
nerease in such farm pro-
as a "soil bank" and in-
projects. Other estimates
might take as much as a
ion to quiet the storms in
n-hog and other farm belts.

QN (UP) Massachu-
n6tor vehicle licenses will
on the operator's date of
after July 1, 1957. The new
s adopted to make it easier
orilts to remember when to
iheir licenses.

- I ~ t- _

Sr' '-Defense, I

() -- has out
.:W bud- m r mil
Ii t' bllyi melial
Sleat a nhd, hike onI
and pr- Hpre a

aiu er ps o apeo mae
aa b. n s to spend in
the, rfi ext yeu' ending Jane
w0 bMlw r will se dollar

the new i1ude i:: Congress some BOST
tea neI o a a. ke grsett

Te~ietSHin.Democras he en- it
dangerd at.e t. Various ved byn-J
COfluNetM lawmate said harp the co
least until prtiIg oM the
expieestos pend in

bahse a better J.;mth gove- "
meat's fiscal ail -------
The largesL yeau-ending ine

crese nw oe d is the
one-bWJ BM m we outlays
the ano e ~rMess some OStar

Charles E. W ,_t Air Force
Is slated to get isllon dollars
of the new sett
The should tkib frlhe ent of
dhargeres by a n ta r4 r Dios ne o-
frats that athke e said that sw wa
no ghted the wlD geeuiDepartment, fo
leasrtiul srl they hwile A
The papbetterd program
The largest sliugit ding in-
one-bW le houlae

announced sys soaring.e
Sen John Maha Ber (RMd.)
saidte to ngre obably wlla
approve a po-a fire out ofhihw

called foh at lat one llion more-
said today Congrpss probably will

in federal sthe dnr a bnnuad y
nanch e Presdrent also plas to as

Congress to applrorate $4,900,000,-
unsuccessfully this year, m-
The Democratic highway bill,

killed byithe House this year,
called for at least one Oilhion more
in federal spend annually.
The President also plans to ask
000 for foreign aumt year, com-
pared with the p200,000,000 he
sought a ar ago and the $2,700.-
000,000 which Congres finally vot-
In the social welfare field, Wel-
fare Secretary Marior B. Folsom
* '. _-

Your companions
that you are playing
well-without your
mention to it.








will notice
poor hands
calling at.*

.. .,t" atatM, '

heeilan said he wana

some qQeeUo wket -
o Asuc* ppwermt -A
exact legal .status
like this Shehana4 .-
, H e saId "a p'i P---.
would make it- lea t l
eral government would.
the states for pay to
for such holiday duty,
MADISON, Wis.- (UP) May.
nard Burrows, automobile sales
man, approached a likely
prospect on the sales floor i
made his pitch. Just about
he felt he had made a sale,"
"prospect" revealed he was as.
the dealer's new salenmen. .

* .

'S E VE -
SE-yE- ., ;^




"-- 1I..i-^- ^ r

/ m

'U w7 O'. 4Bdci kt--ititinii-comes
.- r to foreln policy, the President is
not Iepublicmn at heart," the
Democat'lc leader said.
ay -l_ Asked about plT to step up
h ai e por foreis aid spend next year,
raYuuu KO I ~Knowland said he doubts there
will be "any material increase"
su* ms DN in the program unless the admin-
On ii iatrati.n can make a stronger
case than it has so far.
STQCKHOLM, Dec. 29 (UP)- R
Two- doctors who developed e
ecdtve PiCniid
"flln"s" reported %n t Swedish
SJoural that t app Furenture
ly is a-go0d aid to reduc s Ou yM um
DrA..lolger Nystroem and Gul- STOTTGART, Germany, Dec.
lev Swe both weight reduc- 29 (UP)- Pianist Widlt.' Gesek-
Ing experts at the St. George's ng. who was seriously injured in
hdlsoa.n here maid that "Mtinu"s a bus accident on Dec. 2, will be
"had-n thenr pMtIeNta the "Oab- released from the hospital in about
v eelig of complete sa11 two weeks, he said today.
facio that is absolutely s.eces A .Meeting the press 'for the first
16 to eat less aI d reduce V wight, tile sin e'the- accident in which
doe his wife. ad a" Americas sergeant
Cotuon with *ere kiled and' he suffered a
i dieri. eia la1o' dtreeO broker., ee l dl -brain concus-
tiotn.; dijreatrioq Jaa.. given sion, Gieseking said he did not
rsultas tfmust be held eOcdur. know when he would be able to
al, the weo doctors s. play again.
', "Tie medice .ia no universal He said hp probably would enter
'em".y .for fat people who want a sanatorium for a rest after leav-
to '.beepe slim, -but it seems tto ig hospital.
a good xpies. for weight re-
4hcinu,;'* te' "- -
The sanaufacturer of "MAiMs" 1
Utn to other lrweu wuue l
And tto i Stated Right
iow,sniado dTandla n "
On i-s oue- a ctaOn
dud the af tire o ut ia sold o
the 1bwedish maret.

I4ae Fob .

or i a ms-il i
MOMTGOlft, Y Ala., Dec. 9 f ,
(XIf4- Ig Gov. .James. E, T'
V -o-a vduta rit grounded- him.- "- jl
-n tday.
e.- sad hewould. not earry -out
th lueat to order a mass flight
o .Alabama National Guard
01a.At to JTa evilne, Msa., Sat-
r ay wheApb O plays Vander- ud p a le m at
bh"t In theG r GWBalowl. -
SFoeoml said previous s c o m-
nlttment" loreft him to eaneel 0. tVOL, ROYAL iELATI .
Use.IAen t, order the planes to helplion _4L 4eMW
Unk a "Ispelal weather- and
lion :. et Jacksonve. lAgs IR *"L nPkaia.-
M -J a -,,.Inited te en- *,..

'Ala Air F
-rf -;i"l .. .. !,i ie-te R O Y A. -- -.

i8E~a!Sffi" "^ IOUMBrttn e ? 4- flirt

: -r I ; -.

ilsi, simple o
stems t s. Als
hfpatle e-a
tie s.

Haddad'moved into Pleasant Valley, I .ew e4dnanUy outside
Pittsburgh, "Pa., telephones were at a premium. Hie needed one
for his business So a pay phone was Ingtaeled outside hAi home,
for use by the Wfhole community. By leaving the laying-room
window open, Haddadcan hear the telephone ring. This also cools
his home. But he says he doesn't mind the higher heat bills too
ouch, When the phone rings in the middle of the pight, Haddad
as to scramble out of a *arm bed end jump Into boots and
vercoat to answer t. ..


ameeah mn lEuam f a mruauwen \

,8 "ANTA ISAEL," .......Due Critobsl, C.r Jan. 4
B.8. "SANTA itA" ....... u CCrutebal, C. Q., Jan. 11
8.8. "SANTA INES" ......... 8ail Cristabal, C.1, Dee. 36
S.8. "ANATA CECILIA" .... .Salls Criebl, C. Jan. 4
.. .U. E*T U i., Jan.

.*........ D u C. &., Jan. 1
'A "SAEUT 1V........ tUIrtoatl. C. ., nee. 9
4N co.

-A LL .a n -


Distributors: MOTTA Y MOTTA Ltda., Panami.

(O ou wiAh o0 Aomfdhbo- A1466

%aidw mnd 09ffriwd-vii


where you will find on Exhibition the

Sensational and famous


The last word on wheels!

Imported to Panama for the first time

British Enine with American Body

Th bsand petest o

- On Ioe from

Ci. Cyrnos,. sA

... -.-... -.--. ".... .. .-- --.: *" .' --^.- -.
" -: -. .-.'= 7 *,i /. ... .- .... "'* -.;'- ". :,'" :-. '^.-

* ..-'I~--..-




-t e

. PL! =

'- Au,

I" I ]1

.,W .





- .--... irrr;lr, ,.~,...,,,,,,.,. ~ ~,,,,_~,..~.. _~~~;~~~~n*?- .~....~~ ~~,~_;~ ,_~_~ ~_~_ __

1-- .. ... -i li-^.U- .xsj.-Jr~t...: 1A -




... .....

... -

_; .. _



sure etaoishrdl shrd cmfi hr '
If you play, cards often you
are sure to have days when you
seem to get one poor hand after
another. Don't complain about
your luck. Just the hands you
get and .play theta as well as
you can.

If r La Mi -

...,;:...-.. -

r. .-

" '- ': ..r. ..
' "= "- ? ;"


~a~q'* ,~
.. ;.~'., .


Wvl*ep Nf ?MA Servisl

OBT (D) 2

* ES J 3 EAT
6X3K "AQ
* 53 *Ci42
4AQ 10354, 6K962
4 10742
S. KQ 100054
Bth sides vul.
Nort bu tMe 8-el West
I Pass Pass Double
Pass Pa 2 9 Pas
Pass Double Pas Pass
Pas v

: One of,the advantages of the
weak" wbid Is that it tempts
9 ev *Zp aponents to do fool.
lah thin W en today's hand was
i played .t06 atalonal champion-
sps a, a couple of months ago,
West certainly knew enough to pass
the hand lutjat two diamonds, but
he yielded to the temptation to
take adieo. Fropi tbh, on it was
hard to sl( East from acting.
I East passed the double of two
diamonds, electing to lay for pen.
t alties. Now Myron Field. who e
team eventually won andd will go
S Paris In January to play for the
world championship, rescued him-
self in heats, Eas doubled with
satisfaction and waited for the
1 slaughter to begin.
.. West'could actually have set the
mntract one trick (hardly a slaugh-
tt).by leading a.spade. East would
S:tahe two padres, enter the West
hand with a club, discard on the
king of jpades, and ruff a fourth
spade. The ace of trumps would
be the seeing trick.
West had no way of knowing
what it would ake to set the con-
tract. The bidding hinted that East
J d ood diamOnd, so West led
five of diamonds. Field won

Walter Wincheli
bulq14up my ANld proerlibuy
&Ed u dTo pn
annutieu and lve my lfe right'
*.. Judy Tyler of "' pe Dream"
once modeled teen-age apparel....
Novelist Herman Wouk informed
an haterviewer that "posesions
Sare "astrous." (He owns two
homes) ... Anf Griffith, star of
"No Time For Ot," has nt been
overcome by sta doni. He
and his wite dweU in a I msaH
Queen's apt. Mr. Sinatra
auograpsha t e marguess of
3 move temples: "Unys and
Dalls," "Tender Trap" aWd "Gol-
den Arm" .., The forthcoming
picture, "The o"era," Is the
remake of the Rex Beach adven-
ture ... Lilo is the puzzlement of
=eve woman worried about
w t. She de owus one 5-course
meal and a T-ourse ditto dally
and never gmal,

Scout News

Second Amual Sfieetcapades
To Be ]eld February 18
T A r-econd annual Scoutcapades
will be held Saturday. Feb. 18, at
the Balboa Stadium. The progra mi
will be presented in the evening
star.'un at 7.15 p.m.
Officials of Council 801, Boy
Scouts of America have sched-
uled thE Scoutcapades as the an-
nual big event of their scout year-
ly program.

Approximately 3,000 persons par-
tciphted last year's program and
a mucli larger crowd is expected
to view the second edition of the
S mu' performance. Details of the
program will be announced lpter.
The events planning commiUee
has completed the evening's pro-
grais ahd soon the various scout
Units will begin rehearsals of their
phase of the event. The commit-
tee Is composed of the following:
William B. Mallory, S her a a n
Brouks,. Woaley. Towasend,. C. J.
Holmres, Major T. A. Kirby, Wil-
liam R. Price,. Al Sloan, Jr. Ger-
aid Duyle, J. Ladrath, Col.,
FranucUr B. Simmons.
The plannuat-' the entire event
is being "su qa- by the Steer-
ing committee ,copowed of:- Col.
J Oberdo, Wll Arey, Comdr.
S. S Knight, B. I. Everson, LIA.
Col. James Lane and Leonard I
Bro. man. I

n"- dummy and cashed another Each scene or episode will be
&dh diamond to discard the single- directed by the following direct-
on club. He then led the trump or, Vidliam Taylor, Major T. A.
rom dumy and flnessed the ten Kirby Robert Worsley, C. R.
rom his hand when East played Tahit udge Guthrie C ro w e,
Sw. Chaplain Colonel Donovan, Chap-
The contract was now home, utlai Captain Dayton, Carl Wid
ina the market for over- Two dreetors from the Atlantic
gohI a!F hea~ tSice are- yet to be appointed.


7 -i

-- '.4- .4',

5.1*. LI~Iq

~'5, I Aa~ Z~IJU~A /



IN MEMORIAM-In memory of..f.ft., Yuichiro Dol, Midi.sid.
College football player kill e In a Ice accident in 1953. I0s ,
Blanche Poi has given the Fm~enr ,fNeb., college Japanese cre* -
monial bridal gowns she an( her mhr' wore at their weddings.
The elaborately decorated mateal af udes three handspun sil
kio-nos-.a black one bride wear they leave their parents
bouse: one they wear when lma the house of their hus
bands' parents, and-a white kimona Worn to the temple for the
wedding ceremony. Here they are dflayed by Ruth Matauqwoto,
Miland senior from Koloo, Kauli, LwaiL.


Wh win.n,
T~ p f n ~ -

S1W6 Hi s TMMK fW"
60WR' GP TlVIMdlMd O

,,~ *1

- lUll



V AMP 535 -

Ausui At ,-I

Not That!



* ** .- ::. \i.1-. ".--

4 % "*.*.* .--: *.
.J~sLM M*? A,.

ISA3 IbuArr1p-

f i b- m epltm a m -
more -"
brn Crin ebd a Police An -
"s Dite' Pte To" SentiMg
i he A' $30 check was received
3Wg B. 1. Everson, president of
t Cabal Zone Council No. 101, 1
..M. IR. @. Edm ao. secretary-I



aurar of the Cristobal Branch off
to the C.Z. Police Assn. -
aa The donation was approved fol- j 6D V d& (U i ,n
the Opoe- lowin; a motion presented by J.
at two dia-W. Cunningham at the November
meeting of the aasoiotioa.

a..ams a

'uq In4Wi

Take aour Choee

I ry rg
1 Wt c g CoI 5 9I
i'lt W| CoVBK
Lj &Wti,

S* .l
GE 88 : "S~lA


.W:'-roa u or mimn wavNB
103 OF ,ARTU* WI 1M3

I"-. c A
Iwr t rGI

That Plctoer



In the Barbershop

N. ~
-a' lAY
'-a ~*t~ -~ i~iA 4


Mr\ ql hg I.
PRS/ ..' @Up--

S, I tf i e i


eems a Pity

Claned Out

i.Ue Ihal



C@,~ ~5 MA ..1.~ hi.





-:~-~ ~

- bi




' .i .


ty Z 7w %k Ih

/I, -1I




- .-..

* :/.
, -../. ,
,-'. ", !

r;; ** .;

s^-:^ :':1 -

_ ~~~ ~



f mi ,Im

, I. '.-'.,



;ME 10

I" "" ... ""'. .... 4 ".. ...! inc borrow i

r 4 A -i .. .. *t
as 33 ,bat every ome who res
''^^"B^SJ:'M" / Wh... ae l. t., -' h. ..... "" '."e r i ate 1v j lt e-f l, l ...
4.... ...t 4Z i.o.,. I to'

,s.o ttp ~tee "0"^' a^^H J^ Mr ae s Wheldhen flpr adytot% te

Thfad^df^ sql**^** the Whet she (s o 10 @orodgy t
k.wee.tYSp m H$rfngton are = aoMr t )her- eg Is cohp, eheed s ^o 3u^t
Urn anb. tger was hostess row s y foa leo *to
fto the at ." "' ol f Newom they a at '. ar
aErs' LOt e h A ital buffet a Penotyed ttt to tht i hembsdit of jell already pea g the
A- _. .. Sa.t- d .c a trol ofg .to h Nauama gthas e xe t to When e ga.a Walt P c o a
S a t oi c it t v e c-
athnNt.. Iot.01

writsersbat has her busband in February fIor
i i e Mp'b chilr n for Florida, where they will make
at a, dree" story, their fut ur e home
iwas told, Gifts fora the yearly exch ange
t t +tak- of pr ose or, placed t r
.fl -. e mall Oh a tree. M 1 l
.aRuoff and Mrs. Pied Epk
Toam rdstat tore Cad and were hoategies f or the Tcct3Ibn
b ,, tfl Kie.aren, Jetty ai y-d A luncheon was held foa'l, l allowed, 4
-d t Al ana Hoell Members a e M t were Mrp.

L"i '- b pdy b,^ Stai aMDu on hM kOten. Mrs. Ruth aK io n Ae ln noodlesn..
*-rs i mWbiB,.f a rr an Mrs Mrth gaN t n ---fto Ebd is serine wt .-salt. Serveit.1 hi boh
tio- -_S. cl e Lou .fi. a rt a Planber. ln Mrs. 'e.i. 7w ..atsm

S -t e Cer n itole MIS. ilda Aramburn, h*, m i, .or a M 1.6 for. ..i. is di sp
Their home A cocktail buffet ws enjoyed. tar to the Ambassador of nul lag Idea for pk bbt. 2 p a e s to

last Th da the es to Paama, has left for Mexico Mrs. Walter Prce, of aegg yol
S solo ". awho invited City whe-re she will visi her professor at thepUniverst o en- chopped sweet cke,

some 0 uets their annual ho- brother-In-law and si te, Mr. ti a i o.- uia
'lidy eletratlen. and Mrs. Francisco Olivares. ve ae recipe c it $ ua i iew light cream, 6 large lilies turke.
r Wetmore aoo-j -h Miss Aramburan will b preua Year's Eve er. she 1 12-on tagf broc

dfbrm.r dilec- DT. An Mrs. Fairchlld ant at the m oarriathe o Mae says, It Is dellatf, phpIt and cooked according to'package dl.
Sn, ertan Clas iends o rt laentes he daughter easy to prepare. ret ; es ttred toast

HIh mide nuer WI~e eio Club 3y crd ** at t heir P9tll -i flour, teasoadepero A I
_Te atrratay" BltheirofuturehoAm oe.oat

.% ,A.lnatbeTlvo esh t urn Ayice D' Panama and Mrs. Rafael Fun. Pickle Shrimp R.'t'
and son, Dia, t to Mr. Andrea l aL (Mpks prvit) Melt butter or thergaulnne: add
t hnllthn, eystther Of proanf!urg tacedd ppr

pte as ad nme home t small dinner p eas Two oun c"as ro Cram Blgoden 1hi. kaen stock
a tite u d close frieadt. At Uses Club of shrimp soup, cup milk, -4 and .00k over lBw> eat, stirring p Dati wtt&
A gals r a New YMear's .. bllA cups grated processed _riss constantly, q -l t likened. Add
.s Pies elve will r e held on Satufrday evening chess (about 1 pound). 3-4 cup litt sa"e to goylks aSd ble d;
eAt I raron e at the UnionI Club. chopped sweet pickles, toast cubes. add tr sauce and cook
Jot .a. iney afvume th i, d l Combine frozen soup and millk overAi 'tute stirring.

Suest S fel El PanaM last tr t Add cheese and pickles ad k, turey and brocol on toast;
t evening at a small LatreryAn rs.M~aO ta stirring constantly miil unaee is sup e with salt. Serve with
Pa W-HLod igcue NMr1542wW l d .ln.Ha melted. To sev- .arniseit Gn.
n-tAt i- taee. traceroof I nd9 daeurkn M t on e Elk am o n. 15r wMl hold a ltwert ,ceA, WIf "o. d leyoireiS"nd'u. b

01 Ineea ing sa- a Vist Room. -aGS New Year's Evane dance at the Serve with toast cab i L.s ee"oos.-kg.

.,,,. Brazos Heights Club on Satur.
lte Bae i tlLe soaHr t day evening. Dlanod g starts at He iday Buffet Sandwiches
PatynslGeYN-l of SWAO breakfast.

ed. md Carl Mel oad ei- One New Year's Day there ril Onequarter up butter or mar-.
Oat their residence lilt be an eggnog psrtysi t the club
ar o 1. clorsesFe repmZvilk. ta *i ilk -

ratirdtlub. t Eg e Ms, wo w rin r U-anfter World etar arush
Aw e. y -Aatl fterP NeN Yeas H.4 and, gew le t e.a terWrld p ImI,.sl,. .Ad
-oko tneo i O- eaht will spend the weekendCweo at she 1 ion lrAustC er opedsweep ssweMU~kea 2
wants Clara. *tia*aleher* nl n M~Igv t mosoil e' w. ..ul ,1Cu

bg hmind So 0t S ean eiwh .were
i ans Tueotar Luncheon Club mrgso walIput ou seseed Woo sie

Ms** iw deuces plan- ubee Party rs
16a e r' tthl AndMr-ored at their annual Christ- Thoe Doef eeda n
'.An-n M at.eesy.meete,- pd etno l 2lt Olo January M eating -e, ne
i-. for the 11l b efr- ovD.ay figurine. Gahmo ab hl be h hae dytosalt.
at h Mrs $ ter, I sle I. ftwie A WI Arnme aFre. saselrce-.i momentp-Heinz Chicken Noodle Soup h Oi a
Ti.s'oaeatVsmalchan1romothBoarig NwYearesTveley danuleart. LAthe ths a d'a arstfbe
-A '". -t esl date of nadsma, e.

Dr. Dorothy Moody Dean ofsWorn- W s lighrrinmeal in itself... especially loved -i
,A As. Harold ewertEon andlu h gbtdlre.A iere wil O- -Atit m eabaoperUA,

tRs tea.B tisia o prelude to other goodo things to
s i t e c i.4pte nafbe W oo cos. You'd better gott a good supply-the hl

JoCbroforoa more you serve it, the more the family
hel .mat the Csoobat Redcrossm te usa feamlgmixaYoll bAgrIts

of.amlwant golderich Heinz Chicken T
Geposttapkdd willes Claud osa cooetwenhbearoolio Ntoast;S

a. .. CaNgeY,, CastElled 8h

W onMandaythJn-,ar.t &-m"1ItainItl.


_. .I P .: ,--;. ,' ^ A i .

'|jl:; h^
4t i:k" -t: -4

++f.l-li. -

'- "
.. ,;... *- *, ...

' '

" .--i lob

- T .

We proudly present the New

The Otttdinwg Car tf the Year


i' u .'
., "
. > .. -:

.t Me m mdn i id h



t:he in Paus..

S. i
V'.- -a^

,**; /*,
f *

; l, -

- sit
.; s ib
1. ,, ia



' Is


.. w.^

.* 1V ... '.- ArWtli. ,
.: *.. **" .. .; : .'4 ;. .,

". :.* *. .* ; .-...* w -..i .

.. .. -4 .. .- ,..." .

S 'u -.





I sweet na.
Agenoas Internal. do Publlcaclones
X& S*LlWlr iVm

_ 5 U


MD -r*l* i n ar.J
-. ".A .


...~*'.i 34553____

P MaVen

Ridio* I.I~dqTOda*
3 g,tA. 10 7l9

Complied by Publishers'

Wonktw I

MO SAl:- M--Mie washing
meainei, eMsirlns pumpl iso
water heater, very eeonami -
lath items almost new. Pan"

FOR SALI.- Mahogiy, Uvving
renm set: efs aid two mitebia
chairs, alo Quia maimrtr ype
iMbard. Everthing in ged
condition. Price $l. Call IS-
5293 Cutrumd.

Wanted to Buy

WANTEDr:- W Lashin malbhi
25cycle. RhesaAlek. CHa Navy
facitle 3891.
WANTED TO .UT;--Wi, f- r
feuniinr, scnd:J Mud. Rmen-
ble price. Phot, 2-0740 from 2
to 4:30. .

Real Est'te
homes. "SoeMff Are." 'Pfem..
Panama 3-6115.

Panama Line


ala ia camullla
1C. M 36 K--


FOR SALE9--I952 M iA s
4-dee bla. Cei"DlDa#.
office 3-0994, ime 3-4955.

FOR SALE: -1952 Ford V-I
black foader, rale. heter. 19.- '
500 mile. perfect codtlon.
Panama 3-6282.
FOR SALI,--1947 Nook, excel-,
lent tirn, gedw tran prttwr,
$225. Call Crais4tl 3-2424.
FOR SALE-- 1950 OkidmebU
98 four-doeer, sodn, two-lUse
color, duty pai. Pric $00.
Call S3-5,I93 Cmrandul.
FOR SALE-Brand New Yeanr
Delite! 1946 Chevrolet 4-doer
selAire hrjtop s4a. with all
deluxe factory attachments.
Trads-in. ialbea 2-1515.
FOR SALE:-1955 blAir Chev-
rolet, radio. w/s/w ti e. low
mileage. Won St. Mary's Raffle.
$2000. Phone Balmbe 2370 .o-
fice hbourt; Gamboa 720.

FQR SALE:-1951 Hiliman 4-
door, duty paid. Houne 0922,
Amador Road, iames. $145.
FOR SALE:-1951 Ford Daelwe,
perfect conditi., $650. Phone
3-0999, 3-6635 office; 1-2301

;...,u i.'k


l "Ig eeal desk ahih y-e*
lti;?t wah badil for beauty
ps Ir^ Apply pona*Ny to Ave.
c, 'M.eo. 3E-9,'V,,t to ,Co-

Ryjptied Undpwusde t'Mp-l "u.
Iv ,iMuuls. mMos"e'UWmmm-
aii4,. leaving fr Staltus Tp-e
w&f O Reir Sop, Pb .Cu-,

Help Wonted

WANTED: Maid, hlsekeep.
lAge, seeking. lausMdry.for c-pe
Selimdren. Must Ulve in. Qod
mlary. Rfrenies relred. Writ.
5.x 1559 laymh.

Fiction The Panama liner Panama1
Which arrived from New York
MitJFORIE MORNINGSTAR yesterday will sail one day later
Herman Wouk
AirlSONV L LE MacKinlay '.han usual on its return voyage.
AKantor -NV1 The vessel will sail at 3 o'clock
Ka MANt iw TiE GRAY Sunday afternoon Instead of Sat-
T HE MAN~ si- W ETH GR urdav afternoon.
FI E A SMAME iL Patrick Dennis The delayed sailing from Cris-
THE TONTINE Thomas B. to blals scheduled so that the
stain ship will not arrive in Port-au-
SCASH McCALL Cameron Prince on Monday which is a
CAS- u.v -'holiday there.
H 'awley The southbound aUiling of the
N N, n. Cristobal from New York is be-
,. ; [ to played one' day this week

W."- i ers avre 6alcbd ler"-f, these
beln, Albert Abramson, Miss
TIE IDGE OF THE SEA Marorle Anderson, harles
Rachl L. Carson Hinsadale, Alexander Markowits,
MOW TO LIVE 365 DAYS A YEAR Mr. and Mrs. than A. tchel-
-John A. chidler nick, Albert Totter, and Euse-
. ,W ONST H uirr, S. bio Villareal.


__The complete list of passen-
gers for New York' follows:
* Ti H Mr. ,and Mrs. Edwin D. Bel-
knap. Sr.; Mr. and Mrs. Adolph
Bluckner: Mr. and Mrs. Alfred
Brundage: Mr. and Mrs. Thom-
rElia X wvtf* as Coughlin Jr.; Mr. and Mrs.
Sam Dresner; Mrs. Violet O.
a. MDlAn D'ncan: Mr. and Mrs. Laurence:
Deaml onI Ellinger: Dr. and Mrs. Ivan
Pawcett: Mr. and Mrs. Charles
iA, Italy, Dec. .29 (UP-- C. Fichtner; Clifton W. Flcht-
New York model Joanne ner: and Dr. and Mrs. Jacob
Latino has been ordered Flax.
trial here Jan. 10 pn Mr. and Mrs. Josenh Gerrish:
ofat defamation brought Y Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Gibson: Mr.
husband. Bolivian and Mrs. Darius Goff and 3 chil-
Cane Ortit Patino, it was dren: Mr. and Mrs. David
today. Green; Mr. and Mrs. Samuel
SOreen: Mr. and William
_3iens ,qren; *is 'Dor othy en
m__,_also,,we r dMrA. W. Jones; Mr. and- Mrs
En _num -kqfb-n Julius Klein;-.And Mr. ad Mrs.
-Mi Sl.el Sm Arthur Kramberg;
.iab.I Sti Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Laven.
pe ,.'di"r- to o bur.: Mrs. Matlon Letl: Harry
ST.evl: Mr. and Mrs. Louis Man-
.s.ult stemmed from an flow: Mrs. Mary Meehan; Mrs.
in the Italian magazine Heln Neagle: Mrs. Amv Quin-
., Snth. It quoted the Ian; Mrs. Sarah Underwood:
1 as saying the Mr. and Mrs. Wayne P. Wil-
St her badly lams: Mrs. W. R. right: and
Mehi hoseymoon in May Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Zeiner.
A se -swallow 40 sleeing

T[-- -.
S9tN of the.SASON
L-& -Ambamader CUsm 4
iei iil with Overdrive,
ai m new finrea. In per-
aitle. $M Nash

PETOSKEY, Mich. (lTP) -
Georee Greensky, Jr.. an Indian
didn't have tO go far to get his
buck on the opening day of the
deer season. Greenskv,. who lives
just outside the city limits, said he
spotted a buck in his backyard and
based it with one shot. The five-
point deer weighed 170 pounds.


- i ,

S Batteries
Tires. A Tubes
No. 31
Automobile Row
Tel. S-46U4



LESS maek Whle Was
670 15 18.95 21.95
t ioilS 19.95 23,15
t76t0xS 2( 2 .

gx1ti .r- 2I"

ye water PrlUro
No. II. Phone 3-n %
FOR RINT:->-h4l4,*' .'
I* in Jol Va.i.. i
reM" Apartmenl, -e kAt.
Coll Paname 2-6,tv ..

room .. ren, he. w-i f,
father details hie 1-
4946 3-6737.
FOR RINT: i la .it-
meat beside uwIlNA I,,
Sn Fancilsco., $ PA 1-
5024.. W..
FOR' RENT:- Lag tM e -h-
rem apmmint, je a*e'or.
maid's rM. in 4 beb w'el-
dentlal district. Cal. 34411.
FOR REINT:- Prlimhi lpqit-
meht. al- iMnteme .AAoi' ir.
MipMtMd. Via lsl ia, hus be-

FOR M'NTr- FPmishod aimrt-
minl. al., clel nigas letoi .e- -
frigoraer,. iliage i.. 1,112 -V
I. 1P0osi, Sel Franci-pe. Phim
3-55*21 "
in&'amr. ^ -e .2 r---

THE Thee" youwTMee- asIi
Aty t good.upe as they help out du ng 1 Ih Br1ow 1 ,'ll TenT. Silx-year-old 'dwgh%
h tihty tractor,.putling a lod of tb "whtge od'*
from his father's crop. Cecil Claybrook. tagnalg.
s-that .none of the ppmcious cargo spill. ,

; ',
' .. ,.; ..; *, .
-... "- .'."' '* ,' ,"*<. J /-
L -.r ,..'. .,,, ,, ,'

,v t ..r.

fihlit.e investigators are'm Lua-
ItopassQrt duti ol
l- us C. Paulinag,-Lnw of
Nobel p is-lor chem-

enh he went to e
r to pick- up h
had '*.a& a AW -a^
l-on-CoAimuist affdaa.
Pa ug iants t4teD',
to e, bjw feaMrn i I^
''-_ for dengf passports.
- -> -, s.

c ..' ,- .'
; ; ":,, :. |,:-
," *. *' ''*-* -

c 1.a .h r.

LJfc M Je '" "" '
Ipi a ^ ^_^L<..'-- pd

'~~ I35 ***,
.l77.L s-

.mh.Pbqpq .
aids ---S -eg ---

s4 apatinest.~
Iqh. Tecteefe- el *shI
2. p~o^- rll.
Cara 3e~h" -.,--^
hone 6-- 'FOR<

Ap'ariT ae vt l
WANTED TO S!-Vaatlio
4Mleser, two qr e_ IboWro-
bhwitl I a 'b. Rip.
mSRL. *. PaaI.4.

One.of-thie niAt-faithful letter
writersain my fair iUha for yarm
been an, ati who, though Jbu r
than maly people, .has always
managed to find ti ii to keep in
touch with relatives pid friends by
way ofUncle Suzn'sostali service.
Her letters I hale come to coiit
on. When she recently had
accident in which she broke 00'bot
wrists, I learned that both arms
would be In casts for spme tite
and knew that was going to'mis
her letters.
Well, they're still coming. They
are now written .inpentil and the
letters .are twice as tall as usual
But somehow, easts and ,^ll, sh
mnailest o' write.
This Is 'b way of leading up to
he statement. ti. r, very

e o busy tp wit -Or
we haven't ie In l .Or
ebiven't had .any ieln ews to
tell. Or we belong to the tilmp.who
confes we can't sit doUto'- letter
.writig unless we ire in the' mood
for it. Or we've been menllig to
write. for ages bu t .
All of these are pretty lame-ex-
eusep. We have time for puttering,
for watching TV, for. ;arfvyi on
long telepbohe converdatlis, for
being lonely, for reading 4ho-
dudtts; for accepting inv.tations
frov people we don't careA- boot
about, for doing all sorts of unlie
ay. and unimportant things.
H we ran into relative 'or $A
Aold friend, on the. street' we woiuld
have time to stop and 'cbat -if
one* .of the people we'care',ul
showed up at our front do-we
would. invite him in andfdet that
would invite him in and insipt that
.h stay long -enough for. a realI

*And yet for 'those same ft
and relatives, just because the,
ha a distance, we often a)
have no'time. No time for a I
when a- letter can be written
minutes. .
How can we excuse ourselv4
such lack of husnllaltty wlh

.* *~
* ~, E~- .k..
~" I


peroteAU AvA"
ewt o .t .-
next_.. ,, P #

sort a(* o n=
Frdliku .g.'l l, i ''

stands in his flSe cabbage feld d4
wave. Cairo and celery alo s
killed 11 million dollars in crops in %
Oregon. Vaca edimated his owa less at

UI -,


:' t -" "* ^B'

.:- : 1
.. '.^'g
a -.)*' ^



*. ,~i -


.:, .. .., v .. ..'4.-
..,.,-, *^ ^*^ -:, .-
-, o.., i i,-;-;_. ..

-, j t' '
* 'I U".


4li d

* 1 i

- II

S j,'. '
... ,i' '** "'* ,,^' V-.

; In
a i


- I. '".'T=J-' .1~' T;17-


|I I

-, L i

-- ---


- -- -- -r

--- -- --

~. ~i~4I.1

..- { 1.,*-

W. .. bM

; ..


Best S Mn


ha~~n~r q

~;. .~ I

-.L. r ,

-~ ~ .~.' p



.FA F'14 Ak


and ..


Also: -

;; ; %~'

4. -GoD raT

-F. ~

S .. ..
of th


* ina ltbkf

utlV di

L *


A. -
r-a'atory tof the-
and the Drake. ia

i K rs;eenhow
Pa. re ftobbrt Johnson 3I
H;; liv a rs. rur they weave. T
ie b )0 u a e sure repo
vetraA wvo&situ years toI
aY a mortar
aqoB sh own. u ar,
kw pbusy. S ithey tilhi'bIr Alrus -
gts a vetera's-.disabilty "eak each&6

"Hitchcock Touch' Sperks.$

,WalrrI is
'!e conae to teltys-
and his blind wife.
i Mlenbowern heard
give them .-ioost.
ert lar atory
I ., V, Pa..
i. h The face




ToRO Deg,Tap

Of mBIln a's Cant
ATLANTA, Dee. 29 (UP) An
electroalcs expert disclosed today
the development of an electronic
"travel aid" for the blind which
may eventually replace the tap-
ping cane aid the "seeing eye"
Dr C. M. Witcher of Massachu
setts Institute or Technology said
in a paper presented during the
American Asseelatlon for the Ad-
vancement of Science meeting the
device -is similar in operation to
radard "except that light, rather
than ultra-abort radio waves, is
used to provide the Mgnal energy,"
"Since the photoelectric cells
'available for use in this travel aid
are much .lesa Mnsitive than the
human eye." Witcher said, "it Is
concluded that the performance is
still not reliable under the worst
weather conditions^ but is reliable

He said scientists have "fairly
well established" a set of perfor-
mance requirements for the new
type of "seeing eye."
"Briefly, these requirements re-
duce to the fact that aid must give
the blind user sufficient informa-
tion to. enable him to avoid
obstacles and to warn him of
approaching step-downs without
demanding'a high degree of men-
tal cecaenudatioathe performance
to-be reliable under Ia llrmally
encountered.welthen eondWito "

SQUEEUI-4%bs huge closed die forgi*a pr-n, hs ua
trial chabimejever built, stands mpuil
at Grafton, Mass. Ten stories high and .boailji "5 WiOOti
"esqueeing" power, the giant press lsturning eAt *arpla s a
at ther.plant ted or the Air Faroieb WYna'Qu4dom .Coem*
pany. It 17 moathas. to as m .Ue 'prep wU* 4"
1 10.05 tons. Smne 48 feet above the porat.Oi Wn. I mAl mr
Ithan 60 feet below it, the pruuAJasuiMPO W in aa40 4e sa4 PI09


* '- U

:1 i -a' T '' TEB*S ALES,1 thy are seeking
,. --. _. to rens t ha 4 Ma
....( 5 Ex. InNJno : esto thir Is the
bus-9 home. j
e mw e~p nothnIn? of "A work
art fir Aw n, for *ex.' of ahors with others
hb'?Ag imic kuleik oe, wela o.l e a tories
M s as, woud to see. it contains a wide vail-
Sa-l d gthe ft 'ethid too valid. sty subject matter, bt they area
acer Hal Imrs. a a in when unformy high b*ter1ry merit.

tuhb N eist llist
a .n Ja zz Is..ow, Auanar s ted_ i. the C&
o ., ut wehe e l n a beret and
4 Jf u o drce* Th e ilen ja'es i t wel-knows

adI T ethegoero e -
.T P, we 10h..lesa Ia Pa es

a _o,.tooc vea mos y emoti ng.eer ow ,' Glasg oov a Iteff ,, Of the
a tihst sal*. Modes on TV -to coutraet Therels auSrf.h FIve of am twelve storieB,

rGrPm. "kPe t warm th.leftinthL
tae3iW 'are New however, hae bee printed Pervia
W & l a ringing x-office Jean e Auot love stom. o iy to ied B either
s ad th record that the K IeU aook or in soek agaie
elWan didn't ppo a a the Preach gIom Nrew Tter" "5 "
FSaeCireuIstar as hl d mater for anda th
J EiWe Todd's;;G Grace. The sele tion I skiiy varied
IorM So Days" arrived-at the bslane gaqurboe fas by

saE g.,yL, DP .-o. -,UP) -,

f #Die_* MftJP) a IBM st or
^es VI Year? M. ban"

BiaiimfMani esns prrn. gTat TV
Sw ttbl with it -

," :- '. -- :. S .'- .. -"


A t"ea

U nfa ti



6 M I g.AitfW a oek'is greatest film, "TO
Cl e x attraction at the CEN-
TRb--tN he riein^ relw of a notorious
gA -ltng heiress we Cary Grant and.
I pS.a e of daar a d intrigue was
a' Teehnleolor arNd the gUltteri
qQ o FefJtlyer. Advf.




Each bottle his a
ticket for the Car-
a Vieja affle. Big
Cash Prizes teek-

RECIPE: (For ten people)
5 aegs
1 '/ cups sugar
1 '/ pints cream
eeat yolks and whitesof egls
separately. Add one cup of
suamr to the yolks and beat
wel, Add cup 'ot sugar
to the stittly beaten whites.
Mix together. Stir m well-
whipped creamr. Then stir
thoroughly and place entire
mixture in punch bowl.
Sprinkle with nutmeg and
place ir/refrigerator to chill.
Serve in punch cups.



* Flriday "'HLLS OuTPOf'

1. Friday "HI Ce-- rm neath
The Sea"

F u,--4m






Plares Cancelled!


2:00 5.00 8:00




Adm. 25c. 60c.

.... C:U- A IM
.86 <:Cu -7 ICM

John CaEr Ma Iower
frtryr "AT LAWD




I .

*.: f^9 .-

,;-'? ii
* 4 **

il. .' -*


n ~

-1 6


I A.~.

'K/e. lidays ?. ser6l

I ~- ~- --


-. y .K : e.. .
;. -' .- --:.._ -."' -'... ..
.L_..i^ ,-:;"- ./;"-!h- ^,




r% "

1 '

. -

. .. :'*R.E
~R .E E .4WJl1 H|w

., ', ./ '. 7: ; ..
,""i..... 4-- r ...: 'I ,,

- ~,:', ,

ti, F~l E. sda : t i.. .,



Weather-Harassed Lar

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Chesterfield's Don Elston Ring Magazine

To Oppose Yanks' Stempel R .
After more than one week of inactivity because 1955 Ratings
of postponements, the Carta Vieja Yankees today
had their fingers crossed in the hope they get in' to- ---
night's scheduled game with the Chesterfield Smok- NEW YORK, Dec. 29-(UP)-
ers at the Olympic Stadium at 7:30. Here are the Ring Magaignt's
Last night, for the seventh time this season, wet year-end ratings:
rounds caused a game to b caused a game to be called off. The Smokers EAEGHT C h a
and the Spur Cola Sodamen had been set to play. gioren -Bob Baker. 3-BHurri.
probable pitchers for tonight's he is both worried and mystified cane Jackson. 4-Bob Satter
tanm are Cookie Stempel of the at his club's poor showing to field. 7-NEflo Valdes. 8--Johnrl
jankees and Don Elston. date. Walls. 9-Jimmy Blade. 10-Don
Stempel has not seen action Biggest disappointment for Cokells 9-Jimm lade. 10-Don
since Dec. 13 when-le started a- Kubaki has been right-hander Cockell
against Spur Cola and went live Bill Harris who was the bulwarkHEAVYWEIGHT
complete innings giving up four of the hurling staff last season Champion ArVYWi Moore 1-
hits and one run. when the Yanks took the cha-Floyd atterson. 2-WAllie orePa-
In that game Cookie and Jim pilonship. F loyd Patterson. 2-Willie Pp -
Tugerson engaged in a tight Harris, who had a 9-2 record trano. 3-Yolande Pope. 4John-
duel for five frames. Spur Cola and was runner to CV out erhardoey Maxim. 75-Harold John-ll
got a run across in the second fielder Olp Dickens for the r nr. Chuck erMaxim. 7 9-W
and the Yankees tied it up in loop's MVP award, ha be Randy Turpn. 10-EddChuck Sleser Cot-
the sixth after Stempel was shelled from the mound in all Randy Turpin. 10-Eddie Cot
lifted for pinchhitter In the his starts this season. He has tPn.
ilth. lost three decisions and won MIDDLEWEIGHTS Cham-
Spur Cola broke the game none.
wide open in the seventh, scor- Kubki says Bill insists he io n Ray Robinson. --2C arley Hume o-
ing five runs. They won out fi- feels well physically, but lIke ev- bo) Olson. 2-Charley Huezoc.
naily 7 to 2. etybody else,, cannot explain duardo Lausse M4-R m. c k y
Apart from tempel, manager his inability to get going., .Castelani. 5-H lly Miirs. 6-
11 Kubski also used pitchers Bo- League officials announced .Joey Oiardello. 7-Ralph 7Tiger)
-o Higgins, Ed Monahan, Bill yesterday that the game be- ones. --Arte Towns. 9-Mil
Hockenbury and Ronald Unke tween the Smokers and the So- Savage. 10-Bobby Dykes.
tA the losing cause. damen which was postponed LTERWEIGHTS Cham-
During the Chesterfield-Spur Dec. 14, will be played at the Re i -Cham-
Qola ame it the stadium Mon- stadium ew Year's Day, at 3:30 peon Carmen Basillo. ax-Tony
daytubsd gave the inrreswion p.m. w DeMarco. 2--Johnny Saxton. 3-
day. u gave the impression p.m. __________ Ramon Fuentes. 4-Vinei Marti-
* .. nez. 5-Isaac Lorart. 6--Virgil
Akins. 7-Del Flanagan. 8 -
Joe Micell. 9--George Barnes. 10
-Maurice Harper.
LIGHTWEI 0 H T 8 Cham-
"ion Wpllace (Bud) smith. 1--
.Tmnuv C prter. 2-Dillio Lot. 3-
lrankle Rvff. 4-Ralph Dunas.
--Ci0sco Andrade. 6 Johnny
Onsalves. 7'-Ludwiq Lightbiurn.
4 ..R-enny Lane. 9-Orlando Zu-
lueta. 10-Joey Lopes.
nion Sandy Saddler. I Fred
OGaliana. 2-Clro Morasen. 3-
Carmelo Costa. 4-Ray Fame-
chon. 5-Percy Bassett. 6-Red
Top DAvis. 7-Howan Bessey. g--
PlFsh Elorde. 9-Lauro Salas. 10
,--Billy Kelly.
n a tn a ---

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* S.
S -

(NEA Telephoto)
B3DE AND GROOM-Joe Louis and the forjner Rose Morgan
trink a toast of champagne after their wedding Christmas
mpy at the bride's home in St. Albans. N.Y. The former world
heavyweight boxing champion's wife is a well-known Harlem
.. beautician.

Rio *
, p


Scotch Whisky,

J Nfo finer Whisky

Ioes into any

tjl- bottle
"i t: -.,


-~c .x'ui7 r.i~c~N LAD -

(NEA Telephotmi
IT'S NO JOKE-During a bullfight in Reyhosa, Mexico, plans went awry in a feature in which
a bullfighter, left, was to defend a girl tied to a stake.. The bullfighter was gored and the en-
raged animal then turned on the defenseless girl. Attendants rushed. in and diverted it as the
girl was freed and raced to safety with no time to lose.

2 & ._. G .*p -.i

Teamh-- W lm st Lt:
-7 C9,9 -,0
:* t... ...... ,4 .444
CrtVi@a,. ,, .. 1 8 ,

MlA W IGMS hRsuLT ( Ob citukmn
F Vhs In vaSypurCola (PostpOcem waiiiiib
TONIGHr GAME (OypipStadei0)
I fewS d ( r-- (Sempel 0.1)
Game Time:,700,

TWO Games ScheduidM

To Get Armed Forces

Loop Underway Jan. 2
The 1958 Panama Area Armed Saturday and Wedhekia, 'A
Forces Baseball League pennant alternate Sundays. iht
nae gefts at 3:00 Apm. at Albrook and Cla& a
January 2, Dth wo hetoled ar scheduled for qaujsv
gaImee. and Saturday nights. ,
At Fort Amador, the defend- Afternoon. fam e ti wile
rins champion. IWlal Troopss 2:00, while night apauit
Scmposed of men from Fort Am. will start at 7:30.
Sador, Coroal and Quarry Some of the more p
eights, host last year'p runner- athletes who were gfwen
Sp Fort Kobbe.:. At Coeo Solo, honors last yetr are shIs'
t e Navyti te meets Army At- man Mike Rivera "a lud
tn. Bob Mayer of pel
Tti. will pitcher Jose Rosalo. o
r wader the lights at Albro Lloyd Wileox and takW
with the frs going den, first baisema WSIL
dtut Frt Clayton. Game time and second sucker rate
:30. of Kqbe; catcher John
pitchers' Dave Kin M
The Amador contest is expect. atenuka at C r
ed to attract the most Interest Steve Elelo of
and may represent the cam- baseman Ronice o -,
pigh in b a nutsheU The WeUh. lanw.iO&etfbr J
er$ were the Troops' closest l and pitcher Jim King o
vals last season and should flU
that role agi, this 'ear. Both
teamaau-eblhsd wd AL sizable ark
group of returned. plus a crop l
+ lp-a
~~i ^|Err' aA

.W' ,- -f .. w -Bobby ,V as w r ,WhuM maw w w
inn. 9-bnlUCheama. i0 -\ D tor StanlI Ws
Chamrern Sonkperat, it t wl- rb: e e st
LIHT- Champion T Compete In Panama Open tt r A0 rV.
Pascual Perez. 1-Len Espinosn rio ( 10-3), on tthe m f t
2-YOup Martin. t- nnv Ki The 22nd Annual Panama Open Herman Brron, Tony m, Par-* mph in' the Miami Open, whlch Flye'rM n spla sir te mr of t
4- Tal Dower 5-.Yoshio Shiri.- Golf championship will be played ley Harper, Henry C atfl. -and he won in a playoff where he shoL ond team All-Str Steve xio legslature as, a repneU,
'-Msn y Caamno. 7--Jpk Tull. at the Psnata Golf Club January a hoat of other ranking, pros n 29 in the last nine holes, a new (7-6), the uad' w horse last from heas towarpt.
S- ren" Gi.aP111. 9--Oscar 12, 13, 14 and 15 with more than Latin America plus a few other record for Florida. ar wth 0 hed, ton. regnedtw .
Suarez. 10-Memo Diez. 25 top flight amateurs and pros late entries expected from the U- DeVieeso won the Opes in ear wothaw Fra ikg hed tia.ndersesin w years r
from the United States and Latin united States. I52 And 25u, besting 8 a ad while strikeout a st D ave l... b sebau ll.. ra.
-- Ame';ca. They will compete for A top newcomer ths. year wUI be times. Snead woe a i M4, ing l-(107) -or Stemska (4- ,Wnii... be .lr a 1
.. ---- $7,30S in prize money, be Douglas Frd, ee-, the beatg De Vie Cerda 4)wlh rl TalmadgeDu-141A foota
'|l-| JAn'oni Cerda, defending chsm- hardest working ad I f a*t-at- locked off De- V|iesn |last 'sCavalir -deeatia Inal.t -lps ,
Spin, will be on hand along with ploag pprosn the cireiut, wbh year on the d hole it& a Both Clayton and Albrook are Bowl n Janmua~ S c id4.
.. Slammnin' Sammy Snead, Roberto haBded Cary MNidpeeo9 a4 ad il gblrle putt. a o f t
De Vicenzo, Ed Furgol, Ch i c k 3 setback i the PGA fl.fal s probably one of thq fastest ri expected, fr ack of experience, -
A ? --i /t^ Harbert Arnold Panmer, Lew year. He also won the me ing profedonal, the wonderoto drop a noeCh thirs yeer.
Worhham, George B a y r, Art, championship and th Tam g Arnold Palmer, will return Navy's mantle chris Petet. RA DJ,.
f. -Wr Wall, Lloyed erHadkins, Bob Toski, SgSmer All Amerieas. ian ne th. Os year again. Last year hq tin- will gbnd either Jim 7King (2,1)"
__.__________..______ m--- nitmn of these victories an i o Ished in a deadlock with Di Vi- or Jon Cook (1-7) against Jim The International Learu wi.
bin- say te.rmaueat ofgeW. menzo, one stroke behind Cerda. Donohue, the Army Atlantic old a special meeting In .
/amer V i Ford -was saweS George Bayer hi the st ba fur. manager, or urvebpler Qlenn ml, Florida, on January 2Tilb
c l-.i _i J AS Lai PGA Profpsstmuam Golfer t06 their than any other professional Klusman. Atlantic with prac- to, approve the tran er.a eo w
Yfear. -. in thA game today. It is said tically all new faces, may be a Syracuse, New York franc s:toa
ai- n Fi Ii In addition to the ProeiO. that e .averages ever 300 yards sleeper this year, while Navy is Miami Club directors will als
S1 1 I the amateur field will be t g With hlu drive. not expected to improve Its cel- consider a revised schedule oa
Some people pick nice clean e- ne4 hby the .addltioir.-Lt 'Chick Harbert will be .bEk for larT fnish 1 year the league.
friends. Others look for nice n T Teorf of Patrick Air 1Guea Is'ecctOa erg at the Ppoama The '58 AAF zse wIll con- --- aPRO
friends they con pick clean. JUgar DOWI UYNIiH m arda ant outptadg title after an aee ;f siste, a j 4l. around-robin PRO OOTAALL
te e RusBsellB- aiyears. Charleyd schudul tea playing
By JEAN LIPSCOMB. p also fromn- two rouals of st year, and ev l oi i lxtpfls, a Cach 851 Gillman of the Las
world fame simy fadeoa the ot te- o d, to of 30 r team. eles R says- will take
irnw WANS Di n f -2 O aT m.t hbevbe no o ant hut'hll was near th Att'thi .'Ut& season blh ame for his team's .t14A

NEW O 1 U LMr b Uc *---w HUM,
-Vic Seli;as, the golden boy of the
tennis tWrning gray, today, led a da)
16-man international field Into be
the first round of the annual e.
Sugar Bowl Tennis Tournament. ad
Neither Seizas nor three tou
other seeded players, ill old- T
sters, were expected to meet cl1A
much opposition in the open- i
ing rounds on the fast clay tur
courts of the New Orleans Fur
Country Club.
Selxais faced Jean Bergerat of hilt
France; third-seeded Eddie Moy- Ar
lan, Trenton, N.J., met Harcourt ki,
Waters, New Orleans ace; and mI
Tulane University intercollegiate p
champion JoSe (Pepe) Aguero
faced Robert Bedard, Canadaii S
early morning matches.
Other morning pairings in-
cluded 41-year-old campaigner
Gardnar Mulloy, Denver, Colo.,
vs. Armando Vieira, Brazil; sec-
ond-seeded Bernard (Tut) Bart- ts
sen, San Angelo, Tex., vs. Bob tW
Howe, Australia; and former
Wimbledon champion. Richard
Savitt, Corpus Christi, Tex., vs.
Johann Kupterburger, South
STom Brown J3, the 1i5S' Sug.
ar Bowl titlist frmo San Praeils-
co. was scheduled to me#t Grant
Golden, Chicago, and Alien Mor-
ris, Atlanta, Ga., was. to tace
Sidney Schwartz. New 1ork. In
afternoon mnatchee.
t The 3.year.eld @ O N wfa
top-seeded In tht-bthreey
toaurey vhiea is tofd with
sch veteran tennis cam.
paigners as 'lley,. Bartsen,
28., Moylan, 32; and Rewa, 3S.
Seixas. boosted to the number
one amateur ranking when TB-
ty Trabert turned professional,
Sports just a few gray hairs but
in tennis circles he's getting ga
long in years.
The fiery Aguero. oily 21, can
spot any of the seeded players
at least seven yeMars i eoa) 0
prove the toumamMt dark
n^- orse. ,

Sal*o U

loaqls S

fLw make as


* :1

PAA fe declared loe to the Cleveland Browiio&
on ti baiS T0of *n and lot. Mohflas National IFo@ 9taJ
record. This. team will theh sl cf championship gasp.
meet the Antilles champion, for 'lt-iai- "We wee tt"l.
the Caribbean Command title. floW ,std dlfwy Md Ji
Games will be played every a. u eelb !ll
I .

BAl BOA' A w

For 4 Big Da y

AdtB Children
600 25


I. L.

S -~r 4'
.4 --





.= "i "-*

'vassS^^. :-.;


'i '.., :'..' "A

". ... -


- ... --

4...,, ..-, ,. .i,... .,
,;*" ^ '1 / .-


~ .1


kgiene Mkm RQckj Mfn 'Fight oI-thY
11~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~~~n ll er 1 o1flM1ll l l ,l l11. l'l'11' 1 l*': ` I11: f

t ;" .... -,, ... .... : -. -

MItW 2 Yale 0
it New York U. 72
(FirSt Round) '
"W.ger 75., Cortland (N.Y.)
6U, Bucknell 62
betolt VLrPenn State s
..gam Yung UD, Toledo 70

(Firtm Retnd).
ast Ky. p4, Bowling G r e e a
A..d.? Ky. 76, Ohio University 62
iVwrmy 16n Morehead K
(First Roued)
beattle 74, Loyola of South TO
Ofh C T,.4 Pennsylvania 62
a Idao State 59
Coloaado S.L Oklahoma 65
Oklahoma A&M 65, Texas Tech
Iowa State 79. Kansas State 71
.^ AMULING (La.) 70, Dillard
Tit.; State 78, Xavier (N. Or-

(Kap) State 83, Find-
m State-;7, TaylOr 71.
CIbago) s. North Da-
y 71, COP 49
thceton MU. Northwestern 65
ia I M o4, Butler 70
Sp'fleld Sti. (Mo.) 62, Okla. Bap.

Pis brg St. (Ka.) so, Peru
Denver 6*
Geoa, dngtou Wyming
Washburn 79, William Jewell 71
Ottawa (Ran) 6, panhandle
A&M 63
Mudkin 99, Culver-Stockton 47
Jadkon (kiss) 101, Aleorn A&
Washington 76, Iowa 71
Oregon 86 Colorado A&M 56
8. Diego St. 89, Telope 64.

Sports Briefs

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin, Dec.
29-(UP)-A former University
of Wisconsin track star la re-
ported In "satisfactory condi-
tion"' after more than two
hours of surgery to remove a
slipped dise.
A spokesman at the Milwau-
kee Hospital lays Don Gehr-
main's condition la satisfactory.
Oehrmann had been suffering
fronr a sore bAck since last
CHICAGO, Dec. 9-(UP)-
Outfielder IJm Rivera of the
Chicago White Sox has signed
his 19H5 conrset...the fourth
Wh'te Sex player to do so.
Rivera led the American
League in stolen bases last
year with 25. He batted .084 In
147 games. The fleet oqttleld-
er will be playing his fifth
season wth Chicagp.
Other White sex players
who have already signed are
Larry Deby ... George ell...
and Harry Byrd.
"Nashua" heads a list of 65
nominations for the running
of the W50 000 adtde MeLen-
nan Handicap at Halesh Park
February Fourth. The Handi-.
cap is a tuneup for the 5100.-
000 Widener Stake. which is
scheduled for February 18.

SWnherever people of distinction

meet you'll always find


To offer a PALL MALL is.the highest
compliment you can pay.

The pleasure of listening to fine music
is even more plesut when you
smoke a PALL MALL. For PALL
MALA in their distinctive
brighdt-red package, art epciall
bmte. for people of tate
wkl 4eannd a "speual" elgarette.
APALL MAU'8 .S m ft.tifgtmt
ti m r -k w mand

fax j mat of *itorn
PALLL N 0 t.y today!

-. A ..

Basilio Third

NEW IOR,K Dee. (UP) -
Roc:j Marceano- was named
"fighter of the year" today by
the ting Magazine.
It was the third time the un-
beateu heavyweight cnampion
from k1rocktte, Mass., had won
the award. he receneu a1 las t
year and in L. Carl (Boboj 01-
sun i'ernupta i m w.,
Only Joe Louis now leads Rocky
as dianer ot tia :oveted Riaque.
Bomber Joe to*- it four time.a-
in IN. 46, -3, d '41.
,.tiato, mlee .
flin te n afaine's yearamed
review, 1 e0ger nat heuescer
that the champion's two signifi-
cant title eatenes and has ex-
emplary private lift had earned
Iae prime.
T hte "Brockton Blockbuster"
brougnt his professional victory
string t4, 9 straight and his de-
lens-a- to aX, by boring n i n t n-
rounwl kkhodouts over Don Cock-
eil-ai -imgiand, champion if Lu-
rope and over light heavyweight
champion Arcale Moore.
Moore and Rocky at Yankee
Stacuum urew the year's largest
boxing crowd of 1,74 and larg-
est *.te, Mow,117 pius 311,i,
from theater-'4V and radio. It was
a milian-dollr tignt.
i"ar Ray Robmason was reank-
ed seea-D dn consaderalNo for
tighter of the year neacasae of
his "upset of 15U" in recaptug.
ilg the 1aideweight crown for
the seB4 tiMne, at the age f
5, eo a n ecad-rounad no-out
over Bobe Obls at Chicago,
Dee P.
Weltet-welght- champion Carimen
Basulo, received (third considera-
tion he&alls.-of his two great title
fight w4Ui 'Tony DeMarco, who
was ik each time in the: 12th
round Their second thriller at
Bostou, .Nov. 30, was designated
the "light of the year."
On Dec. 13 Basilio was named
"figater of the year" by the
Boxin;. Writers' Association- but
the Rh1g Magazineltoday differed
with the writerc In, announcing
Marciano"fighter of the y s a r.'
Carmen and Rocky will receive
their respective, conflicting tro-
phiej a tthe Boxing Writers' An-
nua' Dinner, Hotel Roosevelt, Jan.
J9.t- ,. ." '
The' ."ng Mtga e gawvedubrtkh
consideration to Arehie Moore be-
cause of his heavyweight victory
over Nino Valdes, his light heavy-
weight tilte victory on a third-
rouad kayo over Bobo Olson, and
his thrilling performance against
Marciano. The third round of the
Moors. Olson fight on June 22 was
designated the "round of the year"
because the Impressive kayo end-
ed the suspense of Archie's gam-
ble with- his own crown and
clinchtt the golden shot at Mar-
Editor Flelseber emphasized

"A Oe review that the wide.
sprqad invesfigatiens of boxing
during 1955 faIled to rid the
sport of hoodlum control. How.
eyer, he praised Govehnor Geo.
i. Lader of Pennsylvania and
chairman Jujius Helfand of the
New. York State Commission for
their attempts to clean u The
fight game.
hi sported only nine deaths a-
mong professional and amateur
boxers throughout the world dur-
ing 4,ie 12 months as a result of
ring injuries. Only three of them
occurred in the United' States.
Although boxing attendance con-
tinued to decrease in the United
States, large because of televi-
sion, about 20 small clubs were
reopened and the development of
new talnt started to p ,e.
For'r-s hew samre ure listed
aimdn: the coteddter-raklng'I4n
the ei ht divisions, Fleischer re-

A candidate for the football team
at the Iowa State Prison offered
as 'experience" on his applica-
tion: "I just came back from be-
ing on escape. The law chased me
for five years before they caught
me. Should be a great open field

Bend Left Knee, Gals,.

And You'll Get Spares

HtOW T WAY m radm ine a pa er eemestte
Sd peslta. Many women b*wler as one
sham k re, end frtm th, waste with the tle straight Instead
f bending the eft knee as aszo s doing.

Seventeenth of 18 Illustrated try it at home, going through the
and inre tive articles wren steps of your approach uptil you
get the feel of bendi the left
MNIA gSfot knee.
By B X-F Most novices, both men and
By -AZI women, forget to follow through
ABC Maers Champin prop y, with the arm. Sine
the .r-- fellow through gives di-
MOST women bowlers don't re t tle ball, -it must be
rol as powerful a strke getting dome build p your average.
lBlli as e men. This makes enOd M g W backswi higS h
pare hootingg especially impor- enough (although never higher
tant for th oIiews. than stiuldsrM vel) 4 also a fault
'here's aethbg quite ike a m weme bowlers. Without
ab f al but aeeuraO onm W 1aakwiasg. there tis a
pare canm bi a respetabe av- tnd y to or b out
e As-a bsle tip for.women ti ay with your arm mus-
I weld sugges-t they co- 2elm. ".i makes thm arm do
Qest men asurate spare asft- -w 4k the wlght i *te bag

af ed 4to bend ver fro l the a a B te
a s les ctraight.iTs i e B the ad are

? W irSO. ld brwhe*

Prb Cage Standings

-W L Pet.
Philadelphla 15 8 .652
Boston 13 9 .591
New York 14 11 .560
Syracuse 13 -12 .520

Fort Wayne
St. Louis

Pro Cage Scores

(Tuesday night)
New York 80, Philadelphia 79
RuLhester 91, Syracuse 80
Boston 105, St. Louis 102

.478 Hobvke. Mass. -Bobby Cour-
.462 chesne 130, Holyoke, outpointed
.45M Joe Wilkinson, 126, Washington, 10.


-. 'd~,t

HUNTERS' EYES GROW OLD ahead of his eye, next the fr
By WARREN PAGE bead over two fte. out, nd a ,
Shooeetitg Editor ly the buk mInqakin th rUli .
brush across the valley. But 1W
Jack was mighty disconsolate, him there's easier salvation. Re'
"At that match with the Citizens' can be saved by the -sce, .
Revolver Club last Saturday," he Neither special eye-lasses naM r
said, "I ahct the worst score in any special style of adjustment of
two years, and that's saying plen- telescopic rifle aight is called for."
ty, because my scores have been It will make the target clear, and
failing off steadily for the l ast show up th. erosahairs on that
three seasons. I feel good, think target sharp and black, whether.
my hand is as steady as it ever you have eyes like an e agle org
was, but I just can't see the sights wear lenses half, an inch thlck.
any more.'" Focus problems are gpne when
His complaint is a common one the rifle glassware is installed.
among shooters over 45. pistolers And there's no shame in W1
and riflemen alike. Just can't see scope. We're all growing el--
the sights clearly. And that's rea- anf likely to come at t sonM .
sonable enough, since at abo u t rather than later, and it's a bet-'.
that stage those of use who haven't ter slght anyway, ma effieint
already been fitted with glasses a better guarantee Of hittin whai.1
begin to read newspapers at -arms' we shoot at.
length. We become far-sighted at
just about the date when we find (Distrikuted by NBA service> )
that three flights of stairs are '
a dozen steps higher than they?
were. .
Far-sighted or not, as we move Today Encento .25 .15
into middle age our eyes lose their WAHOO! $115,M
.power of adaptation, their flexbi.-
blity of focus. In the optician's of- Lna Turner, in
flee we may still read the small "LATIN LOVERS"
XQBREFD down near the bottom June Allyson, n
of. the chart for a 20 20 rating. "GIRL IN W IT" .
but that doesn't mean we can till
focus simultaneously on a front
handgun sight perhaps 30 inches Today IDEAL .20 .0
from the eye, a rear sight perhaps Barbara Stanwyek, in
25 or 50 yards -out. Two decades TI TA N I C"
ag6 we could keep the sights
sharp and let the target blur a bit. Marilyn Monroe, to
In middle age, as in friend Jack's "Gentlemen Prefer Ble210e4".
situation, it we get one sa g h t
sharp the other blurs into fuzz,
and the target has already dissotv. WN-' -
e4 into a shapeless blob... -
For the handgau shooter this .is
a real pioble,."In many cases '
one not o'bhe ved merely by
the the b4ocals c SImth fit to10
him. Handgun ts will be a lit-
tie. far out for e short-distance
lenses In those specs, too close for
the long leases. Wearing a -lea, -
naIk that forces the platoleer
look through a pin-hole helps mat-
ters some, but the final solutton -
may be only a special pair of
shooting glasses, like those tailor
ed -by W. H. Belz for example, "
jib not don't for peanuts.
The rifle shooter is in the same .
bbat tv start with, in that his ae2 '.
ing eyes may flatly refuse to -
cuas simultaneously on an ope0 it ,''
anywhere from eight to 15 WlIes



NATIONAL BREWERY INC., hereby notifies its clients

that all plants will be closed on January 1st. and ,nd

for New Year's Celebrations

Please place orders of BEERS and CANADA DRY

products in time for deliveries.



2.2233 2122S5


I l"UAI~ ~

.4 -~-. -~.~--- ----



- ~ -- ..





-.; --



. ., i;-i-
-' -'

..-.. ,- .

-f -ri -

A:: A

La Macarena

Opening Set

For Jan. 8

Ten purebred Mexican bal
arrived the Isthmus la
night for the 1956 bullfigl
season, scheduled to get ui
derway Jan. 8 at La Macaren
bull ring.
The season's opening pr
gram will feature MexAlica
bull figlfter Jaimes BolAr
and Pope Luah Vasques. T1
banderilleross" will be Guer
Altamirano, Manolo Orte|
and El Colorado.
There wiUll be no "pleadores
(horseback riders wbh pro
the bulfs to unfnriate them)
Admislon prices will be. (i
the shade): 15 (first row), $
(second s qd third rows). S,2.
* general admission and c ti
dre S1;. (mun section): $3.
(first row), 52.50 (s e con
grow), $1M general admisslo
Sand cidrten 75 cents. For rei
ervations call Panama 3-254
* --


Ir. pi Ithe Penn
sis 'iiic7 m M lhal bowe

S by Sgt. Thames J
? L.gherty, t Greensburg, Pa
SWi te em protests eara, face an
1 hfiath-Wairmerl
W. d awn"w old and w"m. dw

of .the German Army, but fi'
polee Me crossing the Lene
Sgest postwar all-German field
police foe's Northern comm
. ibb tkohebid to push bac

I -.:-,+. .. ..i .Sc.

lIt I




IDnnrnnn vbnr mm

k .%~a

*..--- .. "I .: '. W--- ..- --

, Eas.A r

n. SIat YEAR PANAMA, R. P.. 'URSDA. DECEMBER S, 1955 FIVE CNT wi arrenset of e
a&lW tosk eaun t the

SIe, At Florida Keys, Golfs, rI[IOAIDuufe

me ely trnger Jeta 'A

S tSS irs a
KEY WEST, Fla. Dec. 2 (UP) Cmdr Edward L. Beach, his na- t an ,nd have
slowed the prescription of his doc- Ha. erty said that while the Pres- Sg, the pat ..ear... tila diligence and vigor. /he thought the president would -m E, athe U. r." Var avails
I He set the pattern for his recrea- devote his time in about the same IeY Ks--Po lr fet Bat Air or' will be strngthen- readme s
3. tionii program yesterday when he fashion If the President tires of regal cty Grat Britains "with prn emphasis on get* inles ands
hit golf balls on a naval baseball walking, this southernmost area of Queen II on a ,r ts more modern aircraft to re To achievq
... diamond for 30 minutes, then V.ok the United States with its semi- night .t in, London. .e wit. a 1n .n : prodatlnti" d't'
Sa 53-minute walk around the na- tropical weather abounds in lush ttendi a bMeflt person W" ae t r e ir a
4 vy reservation where he ii ex- and colorful scenery which might t Vieta Palac 4t h or three maa f
1 .pected to stay until about Jan. 8. bring uut Mr. Eisenhower's oils, ::. : .. .... _-- ---_- p- u j ,.wever n *. the policy says I,
Since the President is not an brushes and painting easel. f~~~~-m ae l intop prior
Sardent devotee of ocean swim- Th weather possibly could put a r npileg the w eller-drivn al ae to s onueet 1
Sming or deep sea fishlag, his press crimp ir outdoor activities during r I base inJapan. A lowerpri~~~
.secr-tary, James C. Hagert said parts of today. The Presidents I. T A Force rotaryy, appa- teietat an ea1
Sit, was fair to assume that the ex- naval aide said last night a slow- a it account the U.S-, which would
W ercise commended by the doctors movns cold front was headed to- be rer.Ofthe Strates Air twar o. r h
will follow the pattern of yester- ward the Florida Keys and if it Caased, ita ted that t Unit- irst a.tta
day- golf chip shots and walking. arrived the high temperature to- Orflr s Sa A at d eltha t e Wi a. "
The President arrived her e day would be about 69 with show- has "the _ualtyand the atuto
from Waslhugtp yesterday with ers possible. .4. db the Job." 1',-'.". ..
his brother, Dr. Miltfn S. Elaen- Meantime, there continued Un- Quaree 'trday-anooeea '--
hower, President, of Pqnnsylvania answieed the question of why the O*nW y* u* n t a *- B3I
iState Universltyand p a rlau con- president said last week that he o,-, ,. Ado.Uer. d ,ngeo toee a oI
tjaigent from the White House staff. could' not come to Florida and -;. a a
wAfter a large and enthusiettc probably could not leave Washing- FAMILY OTR evident and Mrs. Eaenhowr pod w ar
vic welcome, pthe Presideti ton, yet changed his mind abrupt- with member of the famil before the large Chriatmas tree So s O Moei d e asked the new -anyasnt
lunhed at his uartera wMcich ae ly 1 n Tuesday and headed south the East Room of the ie House. Left to right re: David, r.t tod.y ht som ahoney ssea ctnsapt ddnot mean aFy change r TODA?
St far from te house ex-Pr- yesterday mornhg, seven; Maj. John Elsenhower Mrs. Eenhower; the Predent, u Y sr a n Air Force b g ar TODAYF
reegral wool4 ft mt mt Aw
9 to Key West when he was in the President was here because six, Mary Jean, r Mrs. John Eehowean Barbar An ofS 1P Motor r s p.
i gc. he wasfolwing the advice of his remained at Walter Reed Howri. al aahg.- fut.or ltestb Defe tnseo .
By .t45 p.m., however, th e goetors to go to i warmer climate stock to the p -m--nt ad the Joint Chiefs
i- 'mesdet waq oiuten the a d whi;hk would encourage mor er Chica nl ar station at 12:48 tors at this stage ohis recover 'a Im hDe ec d te
.moni hitting nine-iron abot.sof cisc h.n the chilly east. Asked( p nvlar..h..e.....wil.lm. from a heart attac.Il iln o th acer the. won: ory.- a
Sfrot 50 to 80 vyars to his vlet, why Mr. Eisenhower apparently 'The a. y then drove eight miles Dr ng the flight south the P-e ir Stral ,ever II mst t l a r fe week and there WO ,1 or. I
d across the keys to the naval base, Iden read a report from E. Roland nr nt be titp along military ,., 1
Redte waaslkt tah panthe t"..

.. hi practiced ptting some re- was nut cming South, Hagerty reserved for dignitaries. the California floods would need lMO of thi production oa plans and ma es
-, cent weeks snc, hisereturn fromhshrugged his shoulders and declin- ghtad ln oa needed wdedne ani retaton
d Denper. ed to discuss the matter further. Almost all of Key West's 30,000 bewor of lon-term care5 on H a es to whom I havW pok en... b aefla ~
_. Aer hitting about 30 balls, he F m bone-chilling 18 degrees residents and winter visitors ined atwr o. rlongy-tm car.e. Ho de ave exopresaed deep once, ndu custse ._ _,,
STheu wlkedaro t base with at nahin, the President 'was eca ay to wave ted r ait te wor hve o doubt whatever that wuM i orei

ardt edero en sent the official party's mufflers ly after 1 p.m. in Quarters L," He will work here on his StAte ed t.u com pt other than to say .a TSnl *J, eB i mgra
and topcoat 'Into quick storage, had unch and settled down for an of the Union message, which will staff e"ber are looking ver o -
re trSee-al hundred persons, led by afternoon of rest in his second be read to Congress Jan. 5, and the Ford stock prqspe tu which iel of al.
SRear Ada. H. H. Henderson, com- floor bedroom. His staff then sat other special messages for the law- was fil with the Seuritiues and -l
l ff mandaFt of the Key West Naval down to figure what kind of exer- makers. An pre-Congress taik Exchange CommissiU last wee. -. t-k
s station, and Mayor C. B. Harvey cise program to work out under with his leakers of course will be The comim.ttee.t.i lengthy aI In EeoiH e
met the President at the Boca the recommendations of his doe- held here. hearings owly thlyr in a n- m W n
S vestigation of the siok market. J

HrFive Long-Service Canal Employes O'..Ma. uryne fpowejfl l
binbroherEnMitten'ls ti* ,RI DTROIT, Dec. 20 (UP) The
dato pwftGet itCfm to- "i..e

Will Get Retirement Certificates irnaCu

Afen1 Five employes of the Panama, Earl M. eagrave. generation Whe left the service in l.1 the voting rower-- ,i .us* aA a,.,,.. ., .Iatomi a
SCanal organization, two of them and transmislon super v s o r, atd did not return to uanal -tantial control over the 2p9 -s th.,-tou note .I'm' aorT ,'
women, retire this month and power branch of the Electrical service until 1933. From 19i 6 tt of the company." z P'n- t retu t' sooner"
dabgu hic wilH be presented with retire- Division; 16 years, ten months 1952, she was employed in te T-.I :'Nad. belioW evedthen only "ne
Sent certificates, and 18 days. Coupon Division and since 193. D',.'-.| Iatgmn theo Iha. m
Those retiring, their positions Bird W. Stephnenoneer s een cash accounting fl t, is lll |alui at, o I. It
Sand the length of service fol- clan. Motor Transportation Dvi- clerk at the La Boca Commis -- di d froi-
1lowsd l 7 sion: 20 years, three months and J 5 N A ,le Lr0 last Mach e. c et
Mrs. Frances Barr. cash ac- Mrs. Barr was born In Great thilathmus for a timeaftr tte lW oe works
Scouting clerk, Commissary Dl- Falls. Montana, and came to the relment. ..-. i O a bn l fo l b
vision: 20 years, nine monthslIsthmus with her parents in Wr in Jo ln, -- r-" --..
SOLDIER-Looks Ule the rebirth a land two days. 1908. She attended the C an allortei to the thmus in ris s. e It
Snot. These West German border Mrs Lea K. Dugan, clerk-typ- Zone schools and was graduated wa employed for a few Die I I l fs ca
River t Hanover during the big- lst, Hiealth Bureau; 18 years, one from Balboa High School in 1920. as Cania Zone paoli D-Peditt H
I exercise. Some 00 men of the month and three days. Following her graduation from ined the same int diar to oe.
and partpate in the rnevers ~~, obnett B. Elltf., steam engl- high school, she took a job with emplo with. the a a w i', said it
ainvodin"threer that neo In the marine bunkering the old Clubhouse Diviasion and ITeraport Company la reor was the Chri
ig BnthatthePre sec ion, Terminals Division; 16 later transferred to the Account- and later the Staindarn te ed oatly

employedihn therCt 1at
i 1 -i rcicdpyears, one rentc i and fove says. ing t otVstinC ors. ethet e abut -w,0 00i Fenierg bd offered a cu, m.p.a-s-i _lBe-B I [

I9 5 m ... -eenee in he '- presume. I ed It ad beent tmake S BUFl,,
cn "'sc '5DIvi-: m|lon thce mal9nd t- by I usatu s who didolIS hneoalize ibts
b etwneen4and5emilion dollarsneededvalue siad weald deasto9 w
mw p lonnce 1 4c. he discovered how 'hot It was ahs r
tat edareplypraisingt hew through all the publicity the theft
tmo by plane t. -d we gvCen In Mach," he said. a s
na.umemmandm Missourin. -o ad ,mmmme gci
mhsSae Pii n ad .m- m native of ixbr i .-g, t--vthle fr. 0a..da.- ,.
Iiv ii itSemgrave served two y lrome4or1-*adatg.o year.0
icneneetr T rid si .h U.S. Army, d .hlfs" to pubewatomn ettD a's -
Worl]d War. He waw "Leve oI Gras," s- mAport unta
ed with the Canals a- (tA to at W itman miledtlorst
a fterafloreaUinmessg ic*Inti t co I9 th 4

ed as a wireman it the ._ __
mttnwoers. Ae r es s ta kE.. .. s"Is-d

stato,'adMyo.B.HreesrormtowrotLn year tohtheEletrisfe r alDlbTvsio

sad was promoted In 21 6l
eral doerator e. teiti sse arlephler d
mm leman, t -mm asmmmmmmmmmm

thtG rat trasCpa- lovers
in illu Utaea-jstasthdancere
I f ero Ti ic rla ftadbean arJo

F ePLASTICoARMOR---A -ew reinforced tagrove.gen nf e nt .
wi eprsnedwt rtr-'iiio;1 yas0tnmnts15, h aseoloe n*443=ntreunftsoer"Ao

i '" m ---,approve d ythe Navy and Air Force, makes it p sa 7 -I
protect larger areas on planes, vehicles and veels frIm l-s and ao
sm a. n arms fire. It is light welght-a 20-squase-e-ch pease weI gh
3oo"ing 30 pounds as compared to 40 pounds for twe same e In IMntaL
taPhoto Shows test at Basons Industries Corp" oraio, I Y i
City, where researchers proved that a .22-caliber but, t w c
ties up to 2858 ft Per scond, wi nt penetrate tse b arer, b .
J d Will rntmals imbedtded in Mt
a an aa baba em S s.-: .. "
-;,. -..... .- -__ .,_ ...i |t A ... ,i. -., : i

S rw7'-' .- -" --
A : :. ....
-.- -+' .. ..- .Ahh. "t'-t k,"-"

- $ '

.o.. .. .. .- ... -:-
> -"' a,, ..


--... .. : .-, 1 ... '. --:-. *.- ** **: r.- .- h x.a) n
-F--p -- -
--- "" -... -r,..... I m....'

& ,.. 4 .. .. ', ..=.." ', .
: .. '. .. > .. r: ; .:
.. -. ; *.*? : .. : .. *; .- .'* .;
^ ..^ .^ ,^ '^ ^ :. ..: ..- :..-

-.- -'... ,., .: ,



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