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VJapane e cu t1 f ors it ed bt in- dthe b .quid majority. But fie of th & men aboard. MIok they' hav et 'd o tl aevi tat St w
**ae" Smounotain fethiaa q town toid C lea$i > o as fellows: ne wcountries-Albania. Bulgaria, One H-IS hellepter and anBA-1 Ia bdvantae a l of math reed of an s .ersicso
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mlaul*t of thho mrioclf Ifused include Ay arair gic llaines 40. Yugoslavia 2. Ioaombin, a Dec. 6, said: er a tp ja
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S,.. SHIRT ON WHICH HORS"? bor wil throw even mre mooey (. T m
Smanpower (woman-pwr, btooa i

youc Dec. 3 Mall Box was a letter by Crede Calhoun. Why activity late the e-ties that it
Sroen change, Mr. Calhoun, from strong DagNcrat to hd planned t r
s KIt was n during that after-l unch -
.trry to sayI, the one-and-only Truman who turned threatening to launch a labor

"M". Wrongan instead of Truman. Shirts Credo, I am party.
Sa e only have four and one of them 1 finIshe d ~~eR Stych a party wll never be t.
San -olo ar ound the country collecng money (L tuLsnched whle M eany ii head of to
) for his bokv of memories? You can't tie that one. o th e AFL-CIO. He doesn't want one
boe phl ,d hl ste o f Truman. of. n l th e N A h L C 't h.

| 'ot~yeCaralpo now, em people huve for sarong, Causoere ,,bo co, ,---------- ,,----,--,,
Sdo not come any better than Presdent ienr i oIsew enixecu ta poleuncil owdomeing n h'
Is a h. like myself and Veep N.xonsneh who n o n oaoin eoto ie oner o

a," FiLefrso. .%a tl WAlo.t Astoria's Grand Ball- ght ght
'3 6ox eo~m nu, You are aWay welcome. i ad lt eei uhed ove i te
S, o the Waldm o to le fp took th .
1 ANTA 'LARA FNCPOTSf chane free thpi ot rta men, .c I n
Dear aSAN ACONaIO BUOLa Fan: awill throw en it haml nre
Madtrmanpowser (womGO,-NA- r, to.eot at

Really sorry th wa s a letter by Crede Calhou but t etiit i o e aiolnted ot tr t t rr
ttheatwrecreatiorrealhoun, f rom a strong De It to nosad plaec e t t n

rMcelt Week andve to be protected, lest they whun the' w ee 8e,000 local unioe Only a dfeene to Pres- "I am
? peopleIt was during that after-tua h an

S t s.t ou pls ingte gun for a thirty- ha ssle e that Meany as fus as th

r years That od a beer a in officers had e however, Meany decided.'ws not expected to produce any dcn a tenaeeat- in e .'mDlariy
SrtlSah mnt i aaend on n th e eac ranted-ony Tman who tur too ste o use he sunc ns on ss pr
tU lhavtry on opening dayof the name the ranchin ng chetwork. In effect, S. spite f other, e. tmost d
Sion. Thund weathe country collectingoo warm money (sa chairman of the NAM board w avaable at alter Re brought opms annoem f the i order
n da fIjor hisbooke of memories You can't tie that one. y ing the AFatCIO. He doesfogt want pon coo

bottles for P.return ish ixon. e I oi be out an hodr e .
ej Iu l tltm e In or a rran stared to moe e em lh may ot knd e a t, s a e
b than P ant to construct s resden t i ph but it Meany arder s t r -

e i with fancy lties f ai d by various f ouir a l eeA ris Grand me r-
i les well, wery a vose asend. All the sales went my knowledge r went on oe to i s
Der tCnm Santa Clara :eachdh biggest
re with yBoau t iown leain It han'tn onerherte a here, t t tn il S a..
S[Mow n couydaa Cet e ar te ach dpho Can but afer three d Walter ofeu s arge seven- tm

R l[rt~lnl' with ..e, but using it too long,I find union with reftureung "a. y mob oft w__k h1o.taNc o-nweentawa. _sfaras heres Mrsn- a ,.to dy.^.
fto oa g You n lwaala welcome. ings a over inait as no secret hat er a i ae cSe
ra rWk____ the Waldorf to-elkedauppo wh
Sanato be protected, lest tof the free enterpre, profit sys-
s otem, and to voice a desire to woras'the WARINGTON -(NEA)- Pes- visits to Gettysbr, ae glen it a sveal that are h

a ir t, to tch with y th indurstatry. He alo'p on idu en ieher ended e. edee o these reports. applicable to any bn s Chi
grasmeWeek and the rusw pics for their pricens, tunhat there were a lcal unions eckup at Walter Reed Army Only a referee to ere- "I al an won't igte
Stheo o' amnef ayh poriceshi nd the ct of inr a th i rty- had aserted th at among mCos TMedicc al Center in Was hilnto ident allowuhto mak ; Ithemn, the code eabt a
Sant toconstruct wsome picnic Bwos, each erewi Just a fe were women. hysica. onde ta de a desl a enowt o Reh ret ai i
Shave drp low we a getg pork pr- e busismen's ad then d't ow." for e eyosee liteeornioever, tneepe
e deeper, but pthey stik the sdifferene orld I othng wt on t ho earse laor wire annoue a has. prevented GP liadrerom country w go ac to Where
e 01befradio Goli. S hivers and his two dons ere going ble. No one can polie thq el- Wayo going father ses taS ane.. pre
lp try on opening day, bu t nname the ranch In network. In effect, Sig le add ray facilities Inspite of this, ev most d

Sr hutg, but te cold s k tt hs bn syinght someone ot to pa- u tor date the dtaid eaina- new chep will not be rega l rl couny

S". n the Panhandle has started to move ad a lice tem. Sligh mcry for democracy Ite on resimade at Fitsim rone Army, s ode was issue as a ec- sr out. of years, if ut loner
the air for o lng am. vbu "It he hit Meany harder in his General Hospital ai Dener. Iordent's ability to run againUgt.y men a a
the Vegetable show, SBaturday, but listened to reply to the labor leader thas ofiany- While there, e was earned Twoto.three moths more will whoae

"wih fancy o es pai b vaos f Sa union eades n td he ing, to amost evey wing hour on the be required bere ha can be pr- the Repulian part e
Star a lose second. All the sales went. my knowledge. hour. This went n from the time oued red. Five to sit ohs t t
o' Tow Ifading. It hasn't bfreen rprtcd anywhere, he wa taken il Sept. 24 until aressidred normal fe full

could et lon withotheirut by he onean but S argealter Reuther's ht y ischage Nov. 1. The r seven- reover esefr coa rtms a th ppo n eel mre
thing witeek and e but ush ing it too hu ng licend union withrecruiting "a mob of were hopi c00 localna t was a As far as the Pres t's al
t: &'f.... ,,1,, d polishing. his gun for a thirty- heid asserted tight to be a lt-C man l Center in shnt ide .S i o lt en tha ereo 't --I
a onficer had litl oo ," from ovderave of which candy Leader Jo Martin a their be a ubydetlre ba i re ci hap,
ten And don't knowwhat the oiaide 'werld looms of course,-thet's the basic the -announrements ha s 1rd e eSydGeda focnr

to catch iwith y oasponsWen and r states toiarch on aem beag idn a on there White ndhu p
bputdi edn'es inthr Pertnt lart 5 -t Gettysburg on I .. -l fInei pa
nThe hi beentoo warm for several chairman of the NAM bor wasvalble at rlter Res brought iaete
rmerhunting but low prices foreak that has been syinthon daily, twice-dail examinations. naec eck-u.p w inted r bg a e ra, dn, e wot ve
Inwe samthe gh prnh, and the started of living i ge Ing Sligh them. hat among those Therittions made at Fit asimout his toace and tIt r, use he isn't a utter
drbwho were shot Meat "whardere women." physl-Hc6ndtpi that his doctors at Eisenhower's" of epuble feel at if

have dropped so low, we are getting pork prod- The businessmen's leader then don't know. .. Conduct'- for members ,a in they lose the election, the
erbut basick the difference on something went on the labor with use armed forces is being e ontry will go back to where it l
Slight proceeded to scoff t prices paid by various firms. aar forin y's herin, almost every waking hour ons that orats would control the country gla
SeBURNING aUESTIONS bor's constant cry for the Ppoone scdreis went on fro o nued as A iesc- for28 outf 2 years, if ot loner. but
sintPeterlooked pwnfromHeaven, "It is net my plac to lecture able to a -a siood term. utive order last August. It would pracally men abda-

thogtwt iah1e was tu dining black. union leaders on the conduct of The op statements put It was drawn up by a Desrt- ti by the Republican party. Ike's Col
u5 ian just a lalse alarmsha" their uno n affairs, brv industry out by Nmten ouseg Chali- met of Defense commission to aapporters now feel more confi- Mo
to catbigsijeye- Canal Zone shackad*obelieves ohtof b 10oem-an Leder oe e Republi- onde a whai won't let that wh
factAbou histo eaceand o ten o

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W..?A Kl semna'w or
Si~ iarrelp, haven't .mlest-
they larned ther
oBr a e the explaniaties
tp ouse Aseistant PAet
rMurray Snyder is the
U IAray. war aproached
t. Ate~r al, he's
B led eir habits and
were only four squir-
=ing the damage," he e
Perhaps the inferene.was
auirrels were Democrats.
,.;tey. were transferred
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Sire having a

q fM'Charley Wil-
r F Qniteral MNtdors,
S' -..ta nta over the


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asy to |
aess ..

tart of the Air Force DaEid Smith.
Youtl find he ha beeb accepting
free rides to his Greenuilch.' 0n.,
home from Pan AmeraAirways,
which: Just signed a .ff ulon
contract with the Air, Forcq."
Antw*-Smiths a soS4n-l4w of
dwad NobNoble, head .of the Amri-
can roadasting Cen and
neighbor ff Pan A :'1 4Vice9.'ea
dn'" rSair Pr-vaWr i.Gratrnilh.

M M-1
noweWr, :id SiE
eOP s recently with Pan Am's Air FAi ce entae.
Heiy Fo Elsenhower Repub- Ait 0't .
ins Mfehigan ... Secretary H H, T8ait ~ a
the intr r Mt*Kay a lGen- H.s0o u 'Hwai--we -a
i Motors dealer in Oregon, waso F ,
d. he was iot back mse ag cars o-previ-EWna i' CO y
Watching the GM battle from ,from b g an oil n
safety of the Cabinet S.. a' br Ilid-inlthe oe 4,rt
eman Andrews gave Geperal w o axe.,Wea bllevm ", 1Aaery
tors a $206,000,000 tax refund wuld eauser,0 at hirm,"Ai*"
ile he was head of Internal'Rev- ,et n ls ty
eC. d M tims- T x

ll hae broadcast, printed and pictured the lin theoper GR
ing extra fire-conscious. They haw -Wlfeeded -asraRA o
their poft driven into our minds. 'Wai left u ehijf asserted .Sen.
,and made sure we would not foUfto *e one jut a foot
doesn't just hpppen.- fire is caused. '- -ti.tuis of
aone an exceptionally fine job iS Aell ng a al n0shado W -1
of fire prevention, but here we go again s'top s "
finish their painstaking task. Tb tdid not control eoef c. -
6emeasu re of safety as wel tprevtion. Dire MAN ABOUT TOW Peter Donald says he shuna est vieve Fathl the designer, to mar-
Sa mournuwain cry of Mone happening ..cocktail parties because ry her long-time friend. Porto.
S valuable than human bifa- nnotl cmt aK l to those who Memos of a MIniughte: Iwo- ge. is small sandwiches, a gese millionaire Duke of Cadav.
,Knox i not a- le, s ty to. awxee their democratic ug '.e steadiest ato is earn minds, big mouths, big head sand a, when she finds a cume for
ru.. .u" ..worst enemy's v '-s."Your rights." Eiky. Beoms. He flies in from bIg ores. Path's ... Louise Iing Her lop's
Sru.g ot. r your Then Sligh m ed up from the bookings ---naver wasting a me- I i U.N. Official) is do&; the.first-
I ave usigta you, so don't rer yourself afHited u to the national ment .. Polly. Burg's new W York Novelette: 0 eat ightits with Bert McCord of the
.W his n heart could be purer than yours AFL-CIO thNe, he launching of esc is e Fi eld. who hass 9h an Billingsley's beat T b dramia desk Robert i
of time is wiped away, which has be. very close to a itutid' h 'wi h fo years entertained Jo seph, producer of "Tiger at the
?o .en't ventured the one conspicuous Meany's heart/~or no other labor beauteous: latk at Chateau d) alnet nightly at his Park AvFue Gates, dates Batbara Jeford of
lgpapten that p mplete their overall picture of cai- 'leader has been able to unify the eL Uw '.. L'u* t' st apataft biL that cast "The rt Black
_._ _ey would .reawo :safety hazards In large numbers if warring federattes. dance teatr'are having tiff-gled- Was fixing drinks for h ists n" (We obit him last week)
geu twModen structures were completely or partly dismantled a ding Fran Keegan (The Doll) "You're the best b is very much alive Ava
f fire-proof material being u ized to a. great sligh indicate that he was becomes aent Cress Courtney's la New -York," they compliU t ,
for kitchens and atalrwa~. worried that tis mw organization bride earlyin 's. Announced. it at The other evening this man .-. (Con n Page ) -
S, n l ar- the. lives of people now on the top floor of a would become a "ghost govern- Jimy's LaGra-nge the tiAl at 1ms tab at the itork Club
b UwVam1 wooden building at three o'clock in the morning meat" of the V,l-S, And that "J night, MarG3a Monroe's talented i ent for Billingaley "'v.. ... ....
r1sep with bedroom doers shut and a fire cutting the handful of m'e, -et elected, not classmate (at the Actors' studio) been steady customer here he
M of the dwelling where th exit and fire escape are locat- autnbenoed by the American people is -Eleanor McGovrem, who tots aid about 20y I's alike
SSu"o-the fire was at the bedroom door? uj gs behiNd the scenes to trays (Between class) at Si a a ., bartender' .... Mr,, .
,4i alIUbrese at e ccial moment reduces moat of the ie e es f the nation.". in G'wleh Vlage F question. "You'r
bousloes toshea. It Is to Ifatastle for the first floor _TO U .ytere was ne port: T L*ilisw to tLea i s said ,
ofescape to be burn ibehr tho second flooeer occu- doubt thatAb sapeek charged that followed vy eove, followed wald '. Te toe c 14
.i awae of it, espeidly when the first floor family is lie ought t .te ever the .ov- chaperroneously by her. mamma .111' ,ew mixologist, who looks
the month. ernment--aW. that Sligh believed ... On his telecast the other eve'g uk* .Lbt tker.
escapes erected at both ends ol these quarters access ly to disprove this was Godfrey annoaneed that WW dis-
ie bedroom woudbeafererom wu outd t politics, covered him After a that' # Square CiSle -
The fe driving alceean can also be directed to our Fire spefbes were over e h r we hw0ro am
e in : "The Life You Save..." 1 o n their flying wonder if he will -ver frve as., vi' Gate" anI
o driving, my next Mail Box letter desa, th oaqutlery, .rock-- Notre Dame". )wan.w .
k broker i ,_ .M get reaction, Sa s In Our Alley: Overheard i a Federal t ial
y iose wt a in the R aa foyer: "OSS ifor senpttee t ..-00166
m r -S u_ I__ A.. rk .--9.L ..-. -B --P L Kr. B_ >_ b. b h a


h blihuahua) cdafe we-
4" barrister C. -.paein
C -. Parisle -aeot 3speC

MAN PROPIRTY LOBBY. have beezp appv by o 's
)lin Johnston of South 'Car*- BJd. Co., .


beautiful at)Iea


17-8. 7M4 Central Ave., Panar al
a*st ay: 'Charge It" '
-- : I i III I, II II | ^ i

FI 4- "k''
, /^
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, 4 a

eveatuay no mauer was a Mnut
' did.
South leads a spade wito wl

vide a way of getting bsk to IL
hand later an by way f rf
spades.West plays a low ape
and Smkta agonizes out uimthu
to play the Jack or the kiag frog
,dummy. As it happens, South can
not possibly uesa rikht; and Eas
wins the trick.
E t returns a club, and Souti
takes the ace of clubs at once. Hi
then cashes the ace of diamonds
ruffs a spade in his hand, and ruft
another diamond in dummy.
By this time South knows tha
thr dlamonds are breaking 44' H
ean aiord to overtake the ng o
hearts with the ace, draw the
trm m n the aun.. .and Aly.v

S -,

SxeTipd Humor

Most Apprbclaed
College students and maybe
others prefer their bhuor with
dash f sex, according to a study
made by tLeslie F. Malpass of
South Illinois University's ply-
chloly departmput.
wMs:ss tested students' prefer-
ence In jokes and cartpoes to find
out what people laugh at and why.
He as" wasntld t6 know what ef-
fect, it any, surroundigps ad on
those who listened t' jokes. or
look at cartoons.

: wJ s~1. Then h* .I th.
humor to the students in O
30 or more, in groups or
seven and alone. The students
rated the humor as "the
e-e s ; "thle poora I awpip
oc ,'too." .
e psychologist found the tu-
dit efer "'sex-orimted" j*es
o whimsical humor or aggres-
sliom-tylpe jokes that are based on
attek sinst a person or other
OW. .


All Universal Dinnerware is guar-
anteed against checking or glass
cracking' (obamonoly known as
craving) or any 'damage to the
glae. or decorativee treatment re-
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heat or o9i. ThakO not include
ware exposed to an opep flame or
to any direct source of heat.
Universal Dinnerware may safely
be transferred directly rom a cold
refrigerAtor to heated oen.
Uiv, eral Dber m sre t regulrly
tested for one hour under 150
.pounds live steam pressure then
Immersed in 60 degree water-a
test more e than thre years
of hard use.


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4Q, PC. SET 15.00



*, r ,



.l- .^ ^^

S" ''. "-
I. .. i ,
,.- : *.-. .. ,
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w eraw

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a. .

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Made, bottled and France

L'TLU hau ptiUng ra o e hangslike .maddn the air...
elusive ,- tattg... It's such A thrill to wn LUW Ifor
it om In s al cut bottle, presented in a velvet evening
bat, sod studd nd l ned wth qMlt waen stuff in blal,
white, red or blMe.... d the price isfao'rtg.:.

1/8 ounce $1.50 1/4 ounce. 2.35-
1/2 ounce 4.50 1 ounce 8.75


at a tiny $7.95

"* .. y r<.- *--4:,. ..- ,ii
1.1 ,.,,. .r i- **' *,'nl, '

We're sure you will share our enthusiasm for these hand-
worked French beaded brocaded, and satin Evening Bags.
They're in the new continental shapes symbol of latest
high fashion. You won't believe they're only $7.M.

The very fragonce of France


9 D.m.


* .

.r.~. -~
~ a..':



.4 '
p.5 *
*^ e

*r*, t

T Fit the.

Sheer Us gaMie 15 tdW

$1.so50 '

You'll love th1"v*e
hier h twhM t'h'

hie u l.,

,, ,



___.._ _






" ,

::"- '-' "

- T" 77.,. ,.

,...r '4, V -~ '**~*

.- ^ ,

'33 PA

- ...


-4'^^- -
;. -.. -.,- .. '- -: .^
... '.., :, --. .: ." ,';.: -., ,; .'-':n,
b -
; .. .. ..$ .. ..,~ 1 I.
"' .
[ _. ..

wse Stragglers From 2nd War

Hide Out .In Western Carolies.
is __
OR.P.Palmau, Caroline Islands the islands of Koror and Babel-
STerritori officials thoup, were byv-pasd,. and the
,td ,t ,hat there are at Japanese occupation le
seoa Japanese military supposedly all remove by Amer-
M till n the Western can NavAl forces at the end of
and, a probably more on World War II.
if d of the South Pacific.
e1Mu member of a Japa- Move Freely
labor battalion was
by natives on the! Heron said the stragglers prob-
S sland of Peleliu. He ably deserted from the Japanese
ased to plarn of Japan's Apmy and have now fused them-
ileS 10 years ago. selves so completely *with the na-
Commissioner Donald tives that it would be 'extrepiply.
B .i4 sev Japaness strag- difficult to track them down.
Sre known to be on the ad- A police official on Guam sai4
island of Babelthoup two any of the three Japanese still be-
,4 lived to be on the island could
s Wve9 every reason to be- easily travel about without being
S at e still there." Heron detected.
"A Palauan woman claimed "They not only can move -about
&a Japanese recently, and freely," he said, "but they U. -
h beep no reports of any joubtedly do."
dying or leaving the Heron explained that no at-
tempts were being made to
capture the stragglers on Babel-
IdentHy Uncertain thoup.
S. "They have never given anyone
SPteaee officials on Guam said any trouble," he said. "and it
amee Japanese stragglers were re- would be impossible to smoke them
Sia the rugged southeastern out of the hills and jungles on
of the island several Babelthoup unless we had hun-
tts and are believed to be dreds of men to do the Job.,
e1 the dense jungle and re- "From what we ha.vebeen able
eval~Ba of Guam. to find out, the men seem content
d three was no way of to live in the jungle. They should
1Mnwat .whether the Babelthoup know-after 10 years-that the war
lht -werse from the Japanese is, over, but then maybe theu nev,
or one of the labor battal- er got the word."
rkecruited in orea and Oka- -.,_ --
AlMy two sl!ads in the Pa lau T,_I m. _Wn h.
Gh1AT.MTJMa- IYi, y

f iB ibladof Anguar. and
Mi took Peelfiu after a bit
t Ad heavy casualties.
t resit of the Palaus, include


W *u onme, Miriam! I've decided it's easier to got to
W on time than to be forever thinking Up excuses
for being late!"

S.*q** pf MARTHA WA V


* TURKEY TREAT-This really Isn't the bird the kids will be i
eating Thnksgiving Day at Moose Child City in Mooseheart, Ill.
But it reptsents the nearly 100 turlteyg that will be served at the:
home for orphans and widows ofLoal Order of Moose mmbers.
Ken Williami 9, formerly of Jeru sey boi. Pa., "rides" Mr. Gob-
bier. Names and former home towns'ofl th 10-year-olds admirfat
the size of the "bird" are, from left'ChAryl Lucas, Whiting, nad.;,
, Chailes I Ksler, New Castle, Ind.; aid Pat Shannaban, Dayton. 0.

c CristobaJ

Gfreet White Fleet
*S.S. "SIXAOLA" .................................Dee. 18
S.S. "AGGERSBORQ'! .......... .............. De. 1
*8.S. "YAQU ...............................Dec. 25
*S.S. "SIXAOLA' .............................Jan. 8, 1956
*.S. "YAQUE'" ,~.:...*........................ Jan. 15, 1956
*Also Handling Refrigerated an&d Chilled Cargo

New York Service Arrives

S.8, "LIMON" ........................ ..........Dec. 19
S.S. "CHOLUTECA" .....................Dec. 24
,S,. '*ESPARTA" ............. ............. Dec. 28
S; .JUNmO .................................'Jan.. 1956
S.S. "HERoDIn" ........................a... n9, 1956
S.S. "PARIgMkiA" .................. ,.. Jan. 16, 1356
Weekly sailings of twelve passenger thips to New
York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco
and Seattle.
51 i-.-----.".J''. : ,.

Sp ,ial round trip fares from i l
York. Los Angeles, San Franclck 6aeM Seatle.


New York .............. ....... o2p.
Los Angeles and $an Francisco ..,,$270.00W
Seattle ........................3.W.OO


QCl OBAL 2121

* PANAMA 2-204

6# 4 iada lad aifeda-

Late Visitor



* Y. W. SAq~um

| l *' ri
| ilwl, VTW
* 1KWJ


The Question


T A D.. Al.R ..A.Tc
Mk GO4D1 VO11

I 'pg~~~ ~

* 't(



I .L



S ip LaUl TUsNUR


StUl Hope







"-- Now for a


AskC'lT Toe Muae

r. *'
Ur JA 49 r4



1. U..N
k I C



' i ,S.. WLUA n

"i: -. -I-. OW


Finicky, Eh?


wuON T9To WYuWs
ryou'r vjwa,
;ie --:

a ink.^




* -.E' t

L i ~,NBbp &M,. Iii.! M.Uq~ V S. Isi

4: -

" q4


S.A l -.
"':"*: '*": .* ; o .:*



RiF -, ... ...












f l f, t ; 4 P r..',.r s. .k.. .. .
-' s..' -. -.4
-, -. ':'5 -- -- .".A -.
, .-.-% .a... i; '-. ...' .tI ". .+'.-+"

b.'a-mte pIupanlo bothbind legs b Princ to reok s
.ookn wp. hi b. h ind end. Heplng Prince pas. t*
M ..are owners Tommy aod Brenda Zn
'.G uan w e Grtfr5 at Sgg, *. -

Posse res LoveSick Boy

Who Killed Former Girl Friend

VANDERGRT, ,. Dec. 1 The boy slept all night i an
(UP) -A 43-man posse shot -and empty cabin near -hisl home while
captured a love-sick high school police arched the remote area,
boy yesday after trading him about miles nath of Pitt.8
through the snow to a :wpodland burgh. He ducked out apparent-
hideout. He had killed t h r e-e ly at daybreak n and the po se
members of his. fo rIer girl picked Up f.lacks heading into
tienws family10 s" the'*W ods. The -fflcefs, tipped off
The youth, John Faflone 17, by the youth ow dogq w h ib
who oy a week ago could not they took along,.wOith-tem, found
bring, himself to bter mteer him just before noon.
jor Whs father, shot .out .with .
state trooper ad loa ieer ."He opuenI flw om behind a
more han an-. hour. e -wa s tunip and that's when Zacos was
felled by a bullet -in the h ad hit," Sheriff Thonasa Hutchinson
after one of hi own bullets I. .'There was nothing for the
ped Police Cbtef Os Zana,. 'of officers. to do -but fire at him.'
ApdIlo, Pa., with a glancing blow Fallone r e f use d to answer
WednesdAy night Fallone,, arm- pleas of a high school b u dd y,
d with a .22-caiber semi-automa- brought to the scene by the pos-
It rifle and a box of dynamite, se, to give' himself up. He fied
plotted the deaths of all 10 mem- shot after shot from his 500-round
bers of the family of G I a d y a supply of amnitinition.
Small 15, the girl who spurned Members of Fallone's family de-
his pleas "togo steady." scribed him as an .expert marks-
He broke a to the Small home man and huntqrf,. X.. neighbor
at nearby M r, Pa., at 8 p.m., said "John kn6w-e w dr r-iX the
and bea c in out his threat area probably better thI anyone
to get all u 'someday.", e:61."
K.e shot Glad throu H is younger ase'r Mary Aaid he
an.. jwa told er ofth alng When.h

A d ster, t Aid
sonet e weet upstairs where
she and five other younger Small
children huddled in fright In their
dds,. "'i asked him. not to shoot
js, Edna said.
Fallone left the house -and ap-
Sarently fired shots through a
Window into the dynamite, Lbut
was unable to detobate it. Then
,went home, listened to .a tele-
vision announwm.r'. .c_ -of the
finding of the .bodies, .d fled out
a window as police arrived.

movie outeb a r .O- .ernM. a
working actor. Hea'sDon Hart.
Mnan, called a the funt
SThe Parsa .

moot popular A -. di n
speaker in the li capital,
Hartman sy* a "Comady tl'at
my Job, but I consider the laugh
S as a. valuable tool of my trade."

Cops Hunt Suspect
In Coed's Mider

9o Tma a Ts IUerto uDay -I"
father, a steel worker- and part-
time f rmer, a Christmsh present.
Police said -he apparently use d
the money to buy thq rifle ammu-
nition and the dynamite.
Gladys, in critical condition, told
lice Fallone took her to a
nee about a year ago.
"He got serious and wouldn't
let me other boys," 'she
said. "My parents told me not to
see him a gal, and then he old
us ge all Of you some day,

Kobbe-Albreok Choir

To Presaenl Pro
Jlande1s. Messiah-one of t hi
e.m.t famous Cbristian oratoios
ieri-Lwill be presented
I tbrgU the combined efforts ofb
=Ovoi h qtoir t-an Fort Iobbe
Sand lbroo AB at the eobb.
Ieater, next Wednekday ev*Ab,
Through the inspirations of Pro
tostant chaplains Wright M. Sink
and Fred P. James of Albrool
and Merritt W. Dayton of For 1
"obbe, members of both choirs
have been practicing together .fao
over. two and. one half months us
der. the direction -of Maurice- Al
I*ARI .of Albrook.
,. ..anist for the performance
will be William Johnson. Soloist
incluae Mary -France Galbreatl,
Isopno; Nancy Nidden, Alto;
1 re l Hte, tmer, and G. M.

,^C '* -A -- .. .3. .. ..*-'- f .^ l .. ..^-

4/'mm v-.T

-a 4




C-aa j uf lickA

awarding cia -agtho tall
driven, who .f iWM') l pod
driving rsqi* o.far only
t eM per cent of .A N it bun-
drds bf-drivea hae qualified for
the award.
ee- meet e.rtafl. w .oe-
w dwork.-d 1 aO-evw.ta..'is the
' horn, next impetan t are the
brakes, and the mot expendable
items are the passegePs.
Psychologts amazed
at the tranformation that occurs
as soos as a Tokyo cabbie drops
his flag. /
when asoleiting bue s es ahe is
polite, anderate to d courteous.
Te moment that fl sdown
he becomes a fiend. He jackrab-

.t-".' '
"C Q4


LET'S GO-This is the way
MNatans look, according to a
night-club show in Paris,
France. "Agnes the Martian" is
presumably the reason so many
Would-be space travelers are
eagdr to get to the planet. --
7. -

Casa Fastlich has
a -Christmas Gift
for every Guy and
Doll, a Gift from
Casa Fastlich 4o

sizes I to 8 .-

17-18, 7th Central Ave., Panar"i



mipe a SA W *
(Rattan f eadquartera $8 Ed$ s
0S APO f -~.J~f^S.i

._.~. --i r~ imr~nnn~

-- ~--'- -



AM .-- t.





.. ~`*~"~rr~r~n ~i~r?-~v~-r---- --- --- -- ---- .r'7



:F ~~;

a cd

'A &


Regardless of how
much or how lItle
you spend for a dia-
mond- i Cas aFat,
It0h, you can be we
assured that its brrk
iant 1t0aufy tu e,,r
markr tSChrstmass
as-a most memorable



0 -




gal sifs.'l i-beaIxutiful,oolore
m'at aft.rmotrnttof

' -for lips and matching fingertipsB

Surprise Its liltingly Uf yet l.scously bW I

We &enodPlo feel that put* 1 for g isr.. Marwhat your cobrlta^Rraheryoa'e
sad a adl&wmw agree with A *Ew pallpae or brW h asli H0- wemr *mLM i
n, rPi6'...,ta , nT.IW ...i.y ^..jw. u,. .lr Ilwa
pin! Not awhiqihaink, afc.dMrfpbdk! itrai.g.l agisediikea^ ^, rig....' yur coe. e -se l
B^Bt^^te: ,.tt'. y o. c mo.. ;- ":.. : '*'-' ,,aHBlRS
/ *- m e-.,




a J


._ __

-. A -, '.

., '._ .., .'_..- ..,.-::_ ,
AT&; < *'-*:-.'


.A D

This is the pink that proves forever... Pink is for irls !




.J wT

doaoa aA

Snewst...a pulating pin

J -

~57 W9'

-'9 .v~ '~''

lEP PAA~~A 1S331OA~l 'Mid


5' 12 WORDS


Mr. rD. Da- Av. ns Jr.
.' D (erg s slyatsitai) M.D" 1
Iiva (0of h A"e. So.21AU
^ l Tei. heat a Fla
TOL f-il .


Inexp e

I gz N*. 1o

Agencies Internal. do Publicaolones
No I Letery Plan
Central Ave. 41

FOR SALI:- Two metal bed-
room chlffenilen. Call after 4:10
p.m., house 2468, Morgan Ave.
FOR SALE:--Iargan! Two fine
Persian rugs 6"xl" and I"5".
Call 3-1043.
FOR SALE:-H.O. train, rolla-
way bed, dinetn set, portable
typewriter and case HEover va-
cuum sweeper and attachmntes.
Phone 83-4137.
FOR SALE:--On baby bed and
high chair. 2513-A, CocM.,
FOR SALE:-lirnei amtoemati
ironer, open end will posture


M ive .' 4 ; ..,


nm-" OHANOo
4FoTl DoMy
Jale A -g pAM, *Wo w a. L




Ad Ww M4- PoMe, hot -
tr Vnd.klOdbehnr married ceg-
pie withwct hlkMm. MIes avail-
Stt wa Aveid
hto oit DE Bec."

PFO R 'a: -w Otne hm fur-
-. lhd h eem- wit., kd for,
igl oo mbis. Apply pernally
N A 'v^ Cga No. >-9.2 most
1*j Wefi-imritba *A Dose*.."



lu ,14 canmekai
Me N *3 SIoot ..
4th of Jly Ave & J 9.,


FOR SALE;-Christ"s -peiall
1952 Cadillac Convertible, by.
dramatic, power astering, new
nylon top. Will accept trade-in.
Phone 3-1611. house 576

Amw. a ,..,a

ite Coenl Aqoe. .



FOR SALE: Five.- pasenger
"One Twenty" Packard 4-dor
sedan, black, which h d on-
ceptimally good case and only
local use; Is in excellent mocha-
nlial condition; rum like new;
has automatic clutch, Phileo ra-
dioe. Itllght, fog lights, mew
battery, duty paid. This is a real
brain. Price o200. Phone Pan-
ams 3-3429.

2031. ANCON, CJ

Announcing to tie president
thi Caml Zone the arrival of
Vlrtype Embesing'- Maci
r onalle. your Xm s c
Poroomel urds & wddiMng ca
19, 2 "" Ave. Phone 2-29
75 yard$ ftrm Paul's Mark
Irch Store. No. 13A-44 1i
SteetWent, Phone 2-2950.

' -' n o '

4z. 34 1 6 ,-
M lb. 64414 $Nea ow


chair, excellent conimtion; wi-
JIM DGE In....n | .. FOR SALE:-1947 Pontiac tour-
Sm I chine. Call Fort Koe 51 aft- dr.. good enditi $300. House
phone nm I-eggs chips.Ca ll Forte 51 t 527Mrion Strfet. PhIon 2-
.or 6430 p.m. 13S4e
S0.6-19, qurt____________i-. Studebaker 2-do port Coupe
TRAMIPORtS iBAXTIER S.A. 0...Ow-nurlerving.stm a s-. V-, radio, overdrive. w/Y/w
eckb. et P -Movet Aebka su l, wduty POWa $1100. Phone
Phones -241 2-152 i FOR SALE.--40-cycle 9-cu. ft. Panama 2-2533.
L nRin. ot Admiral ref rigeater, 20-pound FO--R- -- Cusom-
PANAMA RIDING SCHOOL froen. oods locker. $175. Q Fu "" xll...en .nd.or.. Ve -
Ai.din. ..&.JumpingGlen 1 1 37- Alb-k. Phone 86-9 69. Tne. eHasrade ondotin, Vry,
e t Jp.m. .~mee 15-027 ceap Has radio, hetr clock.
or bym eppentment. FOR SALE:-G.E. electric stove, Phone Coc Sole 1342.
6-gauge shotgun. Phone 82- FOR SALE:.194 Cadillac 4-
4177. Fe tAmader. door, completely equipped $850.
uMFOR SAL:.--Beuse of necessi- Albrook 86-2200. ,
owl-BIound i nfb tyAlomving !vo two hand-
ci' d Chlie Cfloor lamps. both FOR SALE '49 Cadillac Fleet-
for $40. Phone Critoal 3-2347 wood, w/all the extra. Call
JKeep Busy Schedule c l. ohnny, 2-263 1.
.... -" .. FOR SALE:-49 Cadillac Coupe W
NEW YORK. Dec. 1I (UP) b Vill. radio. heater, electric that the
lie bowl-bound football teams. w ait Nndo, egine coplte. ovr- here, w
ar y. L aul. $1050 cash. term. 2- botham
Dithigan State Coach D u f f y 4256. house 562- Diable. dente
Datgherty scheduled a chalk talk ___ _- Street, w
and a brief indoor workout f or, T A A FOR SALE;.1941 I-ton Ford Cra
iMichignr'Btate today, the S ar. To Manage pickup. t offer. Phone 2 in Man
tins will get ready for their flight 1 .. 3w169 Balboa. Po earl2 I1
1 Californi" t r the Rose Bowl FOR SALE Si
"d o D o Clu FOR SALE been bOInR
h-anderay Elmn0 Iuu i neou, branehh

.* apt*,gEW Y0K,;Deoltq-UP) 1 FOR SHIman $700;
i a virus te a sta* pitcher for the e0" di"i room $75; liv- of the P
llvrTck Tp PU1MIgraee ft ornte ff O ,Ces-$3,0. &113777 Pan- great va
t, 'kee iha.ive ca l onsec p i aI.- town bra
*a ...- .", -58-2s,

me I the'ie et.t w oith mhO La r the p
l as to be a playli nar a Ri nfa Le; pet mpa -
tAWng sap s-ee~lon- lieq 119. TICAL PIT manu
rtdta tuW n n athe nain HOP,4V .1.ienone- the'
rwvnsd -e ppat, 37, diseuaupd the job 5.t- _a ...
Sotouch own (1odr-alnd i thI Yankee offibel4R at the me r FO' A1--1954 iia*n Con- This v
tat.fvt f *et ver the jegr league mestiUn n Chicago rvs& 0o#. 3-646|. "Years
Siast week. The YTaees recom.- f p-am. camter, pro- an inval
,- mended him for the position ton .f Z 3M er Presid
..'.C.' the Rtiond.'Cl 'n,\ d of .. n otee
i55 J tGins directors, now made up o6 ldci lO Uh One electric fan, sour: an
S* businessmen. The club was tak-. large motel desk Imahoany ee- uonal po
OfficIOaI rag en over by the new group after leri, and wash basin for beauty
being sold for a federal Lax rn- padwIr. Apply pergnally to Ave. The ci
YORK, Dec. 16 (Up) .ebtedneas. Cuba Ne. 8-29, next to "Co- their au
York S t a t e Athlletic Luke Appling, former Chicago mitarltoe Don osco." liorary, t
pu made it formal to White Sox shortstop, managed FOR* LI--' '-----
SmCominion met and a- the Virgilnana last season. '-- "L--ad-A"." le. "x'rpu;" Non-fi
its ban against the New Lopa, aebunky left-hander, e. d female. Phone Libraries
k Boxing Gul-. was sold for the wajer price *'". Action
The commission oo wed th e to 'the Baltimore Oholes lastt .FORt fik- 1948 Pontigood ai neada
lad t Monday. It aesped the July S0. The Orioles released eanditlso, ~le $250; baby bed Reading
Vnagers' orgasniatfon A 'oy- him at the close of the 155 $1 S5; habMlstte $10. Phone 2- ment, w
certain promoters and as- A crafty slow-ball pitcher who Dias. Lea. 6feetively
ton with crIllnals." Trhe earned a nickname as .'The -ir-icl Cookboux
a. t *s tp revoke Junkman," Lopat came to the FO SALE- a bey'* bicycle. right sta
Io. r an-w agri who Yankeea in a deal with the seedndile. Is.50. Panama hoL are
g id 8lat"mO Wfter JOn- White Box before the 148s aea- 70. h. Rounds,
a Chairman J u u ^.",, e o ,,, h FR SALI.-Winchew ermodel ate Sta
-the Nan career In 1951 when he wnl 1 52 1F11 n1ew, never used. Ruins of
.aperal ex and lost nine with an earned 2
.r .In five World Series with the ta o t;sACet,--C .bmtdu. o- ker;

-' qlt n.....----..roeg,. with the .a.kee, b---"
S- .. Yankees between 1949 and 1953, lA to 5"d 1 tul wom

_________ __ _l egeing to Ba, t mre. With CNRISTMA l. S Ii all sI x
the o rieles he won three on sale -e. Cholele ction o
-.' 55 i l la,& he pitched in 340 ma- e. e n le. A- Cmr aPtmon I a
Jaor ea .Id .ompiled eI. e*,ie f.. homs. a


m _R _astem.
Seinselee sJa idr tale-

.1i '

Tuesday At IPA --
as !ei A o Four arias from Handel's W h-
i.m 7_ .siah wtl be featured T uesdTayat TeImph
.-II til night at the gymnasium o f theW a.d -- Twl
Pan-American Institute by the La OEC Aam. D
Becn Alumni Choir directed p Somnetime it doesn't pay
SThe ariasill w be sandwichedvtoet etoo a yted adur m n
S between two more Handel selec- g event- pally 2WtS
l tions by the full- choir. match.
The program also includes -...
Christma ullabies and carols in Take the wrestling fans at
.sh ,g Mchin.a Euabh and Spanish. Florence, Alabama. Their over-en.
concert will b open to thethusiasm has caused near-ot
**~- PRTS



la e.ueetl. with matters
of ,teret the PAy*, It
In luile f to In0a

Any laemie s with M.-

.. _'IM VAN&
**s~aaaa^^~rrr n^ilaiofyn -, a- ^.^*^.

The m
Three e s adeP bet

cally were b the eoar
misai outrlawed *re-tloh .

1en1 f Wa logai a-beA

I the iw paint-.
s 250 cas h w to rm. al
2759, M" 771-C.

. Paul Sidebotham Legh n
Manager Resldent .Vice P i!dent im h
ord han been received from nthehead of fi't tlU Fprst National City ik of New York
e board of director has appointed Legh Orilm resident Iies preblItn of the bank
iile J Psul Sidbalka-- .m.a nd V .radL n.kifa --L... ___ & .__ .16-- --A __-- jIj-

*. *- -w rJ--^ --- ^y ^* B

- Mioeaeou

X.-m 7ame an t,. ran t B hWa v n ave bn- umea ewrs. Bide- WAN -. ek sll
will bein charge of the Panamat- (aAh e Wae au e Sd ehlle WbeAW-e2 C'slea leS mail
ll assume chargeof the new La Exp dn on Avena Jte Aaha hat Ob35th C ana 2-5474 9
which wUl be completed in mid 1956. t o- t 3 .
ranier is a veteran, of ever 27 ear with V atlonal Cit' with Far ste a Mperlence
hurla and China; more recently In the tr.. Ihmlan. branebA of the bank mince the
debotham has been with First National City idaee 1934, his earUler experIu e having
domestle and foreign Inspection groups. nla 194 he was placed In change Of the bank'
in Cristobal. In recent years he has been a aib-nmandger of t1l SPanama Braeo lb His
ee furnishes fine background for assuming his new duties in the downtown Panama
Uedlente has served the Jank on the Jsthmus for 36 years d has been a sub-manager '
Panama branch since 10. His very long experience InAthe- &I hanhlin field ol1) el
lue both to the bnk an& its clientele in directing the f st heu -seod-era 1
ranch in the La Ex peal area, which rli e "lMS... o ,

By Wind, Waves Features Xmas
of Deaisions v9me one Progrom Sunday -
among the booms placed NEW YORK, Dec. 16 (V4P) &t 650
atIon during the week by The iner Queen Mary arrIveo 30 At 64 "V1" 06 St
ml Zone Libratr Ihours late yesterday after b a t- 1Christoar her pisopi l Chure !h
ling huge waves and high winds. Parque Lofevre, will pks6iat tel \
olume and Volume Two "Musical erenaders," in a pro-
of. Trial and Hope,' are Capt. Donald W. Sorrell a a I d grm of hristas music. --
udabte record of me form- the ship encountered- waves 50 The "Serenders" are direct
dent's tumultuous y e a r s feet high. Ha said 75-mile an- ed .by Rqbert WeekW and Is com-
e, his early days ui mis- hour winds drove-spray over th Prised of 35 mis d voices. ,
a his rinse m local and na- bridge, 97 feet aboie water iWV. Christm as h le .
litics. The schedule of te'rvlees
S" scheduled for 'the ChristmasI
complete list of books and Crime of Galileo. De Santilmar sedeon are as follows: U E
thors announced by he Yere of DecsmonsTruman; An Dec.~14. 11; p.. Carol Sing.
hJs week follows Intoduction to Japan, Webb. 11:45 p.m. Pro susA ng eu-
on- Federal services to Fiction Th. Last Innocence, ~Jia Sang se arit and n s7:
s Temple; i.conomics and Bertin; The Malediction, Gion o; ."''. .De.26, 2 u a, S t: -a8 .InH
Mendnes-France; Problems Black Mesa. Grey; Jonathan e g. un.n6.2Dec.1,11 pemJ
Mg and mumnDg,'Center; ofts ; Waterfront. Schulber. iWatch Night service.
and Vocabulgir Develop- rg.
eDer; Word nowar II I if All
Lewis; Usag Words -I LUCKY &U
, rarkhurst; Tb Italian 5 FORD
r, Taglienu; Oft to theE E A S 52 FORD
ri In m o w U 0ou-
a;sures" w : CaliIco HIGH COMEDY.OF THE CENTURY...
HOunt; A dUl aryo COLPAN "TESTED
.s, naubert; T a "MISTER ROBERTS" CO
Zaculeu, Guatemala, Unit-1 B ., I 1IK
t Company; A ri a Jon TODAY at h LUd, lrderT I
Elizabeth 4, Chid y,; Thel | T 1 P i ___ .......,


difd Pdhis

six feet long, with glas
top, upsholatered chairs,
liquor cabinet with three
large mirrors, or, crystal
doors all illuminated.
Low price.
Terms can be arranged.
PhWe 3.-024.'


.1952 .PIYM
Fordor '
1949 BUICK
1953 FORD
Hard Top
1948 NAH
1951 CADML
"62" Fordeo

James Cagney ree
Salm treesIn
to make grapefrofts fa
hilarious tendn of a Ihn
provides some d the" f=Is'


laem p tat.-

Hti Cemib A. Pew, tla.4
Ne. 44. Phone '8-N4l1 oIt.
rol 3 .-0414,

SALE: -- By 0t6d AmewIes
"spn: a famte bleak & halat,
m y i gsi ~i ueK dima.
eigt 4 ym ain wr tea kv*
ttie. IXedut -adltwu, 2. auie
semm", bik bells vine m si
.11kend water. rkato egi o-
iWSoly thr mO, fiad U.4.
vlty, just oft Tww-slbwn
fighway SI niT. 9wnw9
MkNato ea wibl elulmut
nRelmgu. Phes. Illa 61 0.S


-t -' A

Song of





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me A

.. *. o -, $ r .
U .- re
.00 ;-

"VICTORIA" -,. I 00

LAC .- .- '; -
I- ; ^ ;;,.-
-l wd;L
4. '4 .. ..ea
"- _,-.<- .


T Q Pup..

-.., l ," e 'g^ -|

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--i IC

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-..".. :



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~ _____

L...- -. -- : -. ^ '. _,'. : r ^ ^'... .. ,:. : -'.s ^ ^ g .-= --:'-, r/ '.- v ^ ^ ^ ,, ., .e .. .'
\ -: -, .- .--i -:: ,i* -'. ->. '* '" ; .? ? "", 7 .. -. ',-V **"^ *, .. ":'
-' "": """-.^ "-, ." 6 ;* -- ; -- *'*,* *. .- .y'. ^ '.
;- -.... "- .. .. ".;-' l .. .'. .. ~ .. '. ., '. '
... .,,. .aj.. ... ,.p.. .. .' ;,.'i -' '.
-" --. .> ..-Y -., ."-.; L. t w ,,L pw,(

* .1~

~. fj. -

* :~ r

hail ~ ~

^ .-'* ".,- ^M

^ *.- : ^ ..^ ^* ^ .flA^'' l
^ ^ .. ....... 77 3;..,: :- ^ ^

' Ea*NlaeL


ilS, 3:U GST .. .

.Jam. aiZOOM,


,yw n "&

..~.,<... 21 and 12)

Tho Mkifig French PUmi

with Martint Caro
Plus: -

S 10 ,

U "

4 )

uv'.. -y_ p.,4o

S. OLLYWOOD -(NBA)- Excu- This I Hollywood, Mrs. Joam:
.l ,y Yeours: Hollywood stars are A writer submitted a scre~
.i bogK-oj=; ee appeal, going to play to a famous feminine star ng-
taed retiring and even con- gesting she might bb kter-ted
lo dal switches, but in playing its dal roles--a Bnad
ju, -keeps. yuppa' way actress and a sercetary in a
-- alop smaul town. She thanked him, asid
,.Abut to e0.edseb hiO 30th year she'd be happy to read the script,
as tar .in 1BM, the Gary who and promised to let him know how
t, hebi bchage from silent she Ped it.
, to m-nf.movies now even has a -
oeld career weapon to beat s.2 Other day she returned the sulrpt
awlhc- a-- a ta a saying It wa0t for
1'The's oK" n ile of tory her. The writer's new ,en eup u
movie stars should accept these oe his mind. Although she d be
days-astr.. Y that can't be told Playg r BOTH the actress and i*
on -tlU.Y."i.- .-secretary, her main objectimn to
*on" t no says Gary, him was that "the role of the
tha hejus start i "e Cor actress Is m ch bgeer than- th.
Martial of Billy Mitchell" and now r` th" secretary. :
s Iplyln a Quakie of the Civil
A y*in .4.
Swar peid infA humorlous, family- -
..A& : bas.e It. "I -uss I've had
,,bsii Noos' No w I'm looking

a46ny)blnl Ifvo ever dane before.

-StuWios say I'd be great in a
wide-screen western But no mat-
-r. hqw Wide you aike 'en, the

new movie s th e r test ing eyebrow- Evening
Iter .from Miss Double. Z.Shel e Evenink Ion; styles
O,,y costar in ,The Death
S.odld ue d Or ll-I-mb. a Evening short sty
*e g f endo, dah-
e'ag t ao'.a- For the Cocktail Houi
rel aiml-at cBS.. W-y, dahinn ,
h alstr .Grgewas Fine Cotton
e. shable Ca

't~rs~----sa~ls~ur1~UE TI -~

M c -better atrng her h l
m- er al assc whou II

ersi iA oi tioo Ameica the
T ~^ V P .t _,u u ,,;,- .- .

t bkly etanzas wil preaet rfame
nystersLtoy w weld
omeat Arees fain Now sports
STVs series, ystderwear. There's
-G e e n s -: -- 1)y th ef th e ys r W r it.

ers Asso at o of Amri am-the

eetl OP Ws 1 m",Peenrs tfa mh

says ta can klesh i s fan 6r e e *
,and is ~oift s eees
st* markeOn 480

moAnU be '-POg'YiKY AW i v
Sbash Is &Wi1m01boat bits a~,we aw St-
wich, call it touwl," A Vniverl Mitda taul hAe har
Isbs it as ILY1 qouatrIk ddo w towtoeiu. The
lai d B Wna twIBvp seats, a table, astove, an Icalba
.a and. eUe Inopas bome ti esy umie-
Smmad Oe M trp e-oubtry and bk a in Ion--o l
- fWThe -9 unit # d n .... s It sip i :11 'r
~ truc.'__1

Never Before



*uch glamorousafaphionsll I
Such superbly cut charmers
But we can seo them nowat

.. 'oci


S e our taLt foi efe
A Gift for every taste and every pocketbook

'9 Ju0t4 Arosemnas
Tel. 3-111


for Xmas-Foreyer
\ i

*wl Prmlng.. nbnidig. Ma R'n*.gsg<,.
en bwkm: allOthIs FM'WVwithamiralosNECCHl MIRA WR
This safmaua anwi eho-WA ON 104mamaifing lt &Ah-K*
aft dig,w ib YOU sit bak and watch! Thewrsnni-Ini
th bnutifuldtbB you can make aid domihe i -
nd m ur farigly.. "dy- "
For sg-za ,straight sltch for electric or tree drtw...fift
into a oklfu l digml adastWor lNte a hndy. auM&me: th
NmCCIRA wil toat yoar .sv. rbir a *sm --

. *. "
dThelMrmot baia s a'"*,i _osn.. p to ebosm,,.. why
S Pyrbmwa wMhad tryrl'theofmt.aiw chlna yno f -.

Waltr W inchell n Haitian Aphrodisiac"e Rose Tattoo" picture. Sounds buy
am" t dr the A PIe wssam ) in like music a very -ezo *un.
la'sattraive spot at 23rd and Sound.dn the Night .now me
but schedule in ur "Heet for a girl who has Eerpn
want Must b me in bed by six every s next pic-one rab e' one At Abs' u
oo lat The and the newsot juset en.t bginI dot ypsy.
devous, "Post & Paddock' he makes% flyn Monroe lookRt
v "-ponelot hKermito Schafer's latest Jubilee like a boy" A.. RSVP: 'Ite a boaI-unc",
EiIght Club Phone Booth: "Hullo, album, "Pardon My Blooper. can't be a big television st.a He's "Shosalne'h ,-
1What mals? It astt be some' (Vol. No. 4) .. "Al:bamy Bound" lever had a collapse" -. AtiRIO" .'-At
8in p~onrum" .... "Get dressed i .the ]AS PAU--Mary Ford. man- Tropical Park: "You only play ou get around!
4I, C m .- overMa bel.These'r.... The backgouud theme for long shots? That's like tr7yig to i"dgr Hood andmuov
Y "Hua lo Hded! ... "Why cantd!"
come over and shampoo your' A
hair?" '1 shouldn't' tell you
Witb-"- -.. "You dov't know .me
but a friend i mine.-".". "He
Wants "to start me inhis next pic-erly NOW O
ture" .. ..Iddaya mean it's
too late? '/l16'.p ht's just begin-
G sen P j, 'j1 ye gotta help me ';A
out. The talft forty buck's andSO
I've got "ily' two on me" .
"Hullo, HrryJ.-hold my hand!", :
."Mou1 What areetchings?" Formerly Now Mont

6 A s mre abie'guy,
?* *." .,. ~rM iiKmhad one-
Mr. drs wound up in Flor-
ida State Prison -' as a narcotics
addict One of us refused to
S believe he took drugs ... We saw
i jChilders again .yesterday. Looks
great feels fine ready to
fight those who "framed" him ...
He gave us this letter (to his law-
yer) from that prison's chief med-
Ical office: "Our employed medi-
!!! cal technicians remember him
L | well and have informed me that
|t he showed no symptoms of addic-
Sion, when ha was received' and .
that there wao some curiosity as i
to why he was sent here. At no
time did be receive any narcotics ;
I-- and he requested none. Mark E. T A.
Adams, Chief Medical Officer."
r Manhattan Murals! The Santa
Claus on the 50th and 6th corner.
He wrecks childhood illusions by
wearing apeest .-. The costume
SJewelry hopp on h (hexto(t
If Jtthe Latn IQ.) which opef for N iZ
|Iat'.4P:m. M The Carrot-topped I B
knife-sharpener. Ackchelly wears
a carrot his hair... The new
place in the W0s and Madison with I
signs proclaiming: "Whamburg-
ers" The Chinese laundry on
53rd with the window-sign: "Dir-
tee Shleteet Shameel"

I Broadway Owl: "Pleasure
Dome," a revue, quit cold during
rehearsals-a $118,000 collapse .. ..
Jimmy Van Heusen's Piano Bar
opens at Marion Davies' newly
decorated Desert Inn Hotel (Palm
Springs) on the 18th Jane
Powell cancelled night-spot plans
because of the obstorktician ir
Julie Newmar (Dancer in "Silk PRMUSJ
HStockings") is spinning In a new
J Ibeaumance. He is Dr. A. Brandt,
headshrinker at King's County
Hosp .' 114 shows have come
and gone since Victor Borge
opened at the Golden Oct. 2nd,
S953. And he's still rollin' along .. ..
Gil Champman, Jr., is the champ
with Judith Coste. They'll blend
\7/ nextt June. Her ladder is a Coca-
S|Cola Veep ... The Art Mooney- I
Barry Gordon MGM platter of
"Nuttin' for Christmas" sold a
-* 1AILmillion copies in three weeks .. .
Lucky Pierre" (swell restaurant) Cff Li
wasn't that lucky. The tiny spot Tie Cli
S(t 48th and 7th) shuttered Tie Cli
The hit ditty, "16 Tons." is a new
goldmine but not a new chune. from 5$
I Writer Merle Travis recorded it
S for Capital in 1947. Then it lay
dead until Tenn. Ernie found t.
Santapplause: The upcoming

11 High Bidders et

tFerrous Meta
More 'than 252,000 pounds of
non-ferrous metals put up for sale '
recently by the Pnama G(anal
Corn an were sold this week to
I hhibbidders for a total of $62,- ID Bra
Bids, which were opened last Priced
week, were received f r o m" S 2
firmt in the United States and L.
from two local bidders. ,
The metals sold were divided DO
into-2 pups and included a
c m Mong f copper,
brass babbit sheet alhumium,
Maines amd 1ad.4j

C omp-i nwe the 'Saa t al
1o ,aqy ,Clorial Metals Con s-
By. A e irtia and. Re-m i a____

-t ^Casa A9 ABLE
^- EI'Jii Acros from,' NMalt ':
^H-^ *:"-^-T--, ww C*itmi AmL Ift.~lf 2

"/*.." ." -

-.-.. "-, ], ..^,- ,- -: ; ,- : .o ;: ..
S '+ :- ,- : : '- : ~ '* *T : .-:,.l
. -- *; f f t -.. ^. -. ,- : -+[ .," ; .-. .: ,

' b. O- wringer washer ........... 95,00
"Supreme" automatic washer .. .410O00
"lrlrial" automatic wasahr ...... ..4'.O
"Do Luxe" automatic dryer .......385,00


- 17.00




* I

'd. ..*

'~ A



a TEL. 3-0383

' .



nk and
p Sets


a "

32 pc. Alpadca
Service for 8
s 7.95
in qase


Table a# :
Pocket Lighters
Low, Low Prices





18-47 CENTRAL AVE. (137)


' 'S


4 .,

S. 0 itV

A IPllin

^r--4i in

...... ..h..
Your ds






-- Ift





rlc '
- I-a-

*(,' iT~~

gl**. ,"

ia/and Otwerwiep

14 Stff0

5037, LAnc --

op .

&, 134, Panama

p'^ sr j iU Pwi 2.0 30147df 0w M6 4 a


M rW gn Relatio5 ins Council of Panama has lamed In-
l w klaneh-oBd to be held at the Union Club on Wed-
bi ter of United States Ambassador to Panama

"G-tab Party At Rosary Altar Society
btr f 4r tD At Sacred Heart
and frlenas of the pras Party Toelfht
rb (aouplo. ctub a so. The Rosary Altar Society
St. luk Cathe* Sacred Heart Chapel will hav
looking forward to aa Christmas party at the Sacre
Sbriltmas party .or Heart Social Hall immedlatel
oTithe Bella Vista following this evening's service
'3 Hnme, to be held In in the chapel.
Sbrrl 'Hall .on.Monday Members are asked to brinR
at 6:30. mall gift for exchange and
contribution for the Christme
/ ttle girls will be guests food basket.
Tower Club for a turkey
r nd Santa himself will i(.harles Hummer
their gifts. Call Panama Arr'vfag To Spnd -
t or 3-2765 for your reserva- Cbristmas Wth Parents
aL. Charles W Hummer Jr. is at
rivine home Sunday evening' t
n though you are bringing spend the Christmas holiday
fltmia gift, please confirm with his parents., Mr. and Mr
k dinner reservation by Charles W. Hummer of Head
p ouarters Annex, Ft. Amado
S -i Charlie Is widely known fror
eB-vey Arriving his active enr4gements in man
"Irw Per dHolhaya public and school functions dur
) Seavey, son of Mr. and ing his Balboa High School ca
l-1e Beavey is arrivJng reer. He is presently attending
Sl9.e a Saturday night to the n ly t of Notre Dam
14 th Xfts holidays with ,j I
parents n Balboa. r He wl
'. o;. -',
o* al K j il

*.. a!- W

'-. |


Inthe* afternoon-hopra. whitRe.
you are being, helped with .
the selection of their Xmas
Toys, we will treat yur kids,
*.. as a delighted surprise, to
watch at eiose range more
than. 200 beautiful native
b ird s.

be at home to his friend until
Jan. 2, when he returns to No-
tre Dame.

Dr. Berry And Group Feted
By Governor and Mrs. Sebeld
Entertaining for Assistant
Secretary for eDlenfe (Healtlh
and Medical) Dr. Prank B. Ber-
ry, Mrs. Berry and the group of
medical visitors, who are here
on a short visit, Governor of the
of Canal Zone and Mrs. J. S. Sey-
v* bold gave a reception Iast eve-
id ning at the Governor's House In
Y Balboa Heights. '
Mrs. Alberte Boyd
a Honored At Tea
a A tea in honor of Mrs. Alberto
as Boyd, wife of the Minister of
Foreign Relations, was given by
Mrs. Liqnel Vasse,. wife of the
French Ambassador to Panama,
yesterday afternoon at the Em-
bassy Residence on La Cresta.
r- -
to (Continued on Page le)
d- Scout News
m It will "'be a "Tankful Xmas"
Sfor. Fort Kobbe Brownies, Troop
r- No. 39, today, as Tank company.
f- 33d Infantry regiment, pays
t host to 24 youngsters. Vnddr the
I supervision of Capt. Alfred .S.
n Araujo, the Tanbra will fete
N the Junior Grl Scouts to "chow"
and a tank demonstration ps
part of their Christmas festlvi-
Each year the Post Brownies
te sponsored by an individual
1it and prepare a project in re-
This season the girls are
paring ornamental decora-
for the company's Ch:rist-
btas tree such as candy cones.
(Uver bells, snow flakes and
SftuIeled angels.
Following the decorating of
lte' tree and singing of carols
by.. the Brownies, refreshment
Will be served in the me&s hall,
Afterwards they will be conduct.
ed on a demonstration of tanks
in the company's parking area
Lt. Robert L. Bubb, Tank
opany platoon leader.

Canadian group

shs Mine U8non
adiaa Congress of Labor '3 .
q the United Mine Workers of
series yesterday.
Th more stemmed mostly from
the refusal "for- several months
past" of the UMW locals to pay
dues to the CCL treasury, a
spokesman said. -
"The mine workers will no
Longer hvthe risht io be affi-
liated with 'any provincial bodv
or local labdr council chartered
by the CCL," fthe announcement
It was learned mhe fanadia.
UMW locals had beapn directed I
in the United saes., not to pay
the dues, which amount to about -
10 cents a'. He was a-
gainst the Canadilan UMW's link
with the CCL and especially its
possible tie-up when the CCL and
the Trades ad, Labor Congress
of Canada mere jet April 23.

See the smart, new General


Ultra-vision T.V. sets, the first to
arrive in Panama, at Eureka Store.

Purchase the one you like from a
variety of sizes and models, the ideal

Crltmas present.



ej~ wfdima. 're q#wetl
G.E -lgk ... nr
t fn credit

, .' "e .

'1* .* *
a,-4 a:

TVl 1 ". m

.^V ; i' -- ,
* 4 (l Bme. 9.t)

r l .., -



I f .

*. 7-x ,....- ,.;.
r < *" 121'' .", '
... ..- ** ...-, :- / .'''
',... ; ", "- #

* .-'L


a jlu6 At1 m 0 itIor at
SUCatada, I4 It .wlIt towns
ow t usate ita i e a40e.
Maw piled up Mo Ia -M taegota
Ban nurtine o Wasrps Ap.
The eoidest actll wpre Inthb
exremme ai-Qu. O g- tM
per .M)M" t Vth Zd w ero
taiokupres a vsa B on
tana to WidIou, t wit 15 betow
at dSute, sOras.
Raow uIurries hit the 8rest Lake.
region anu the noraern Appa-
iackans and the cold wave ace
companying the isaird seI MI"
merCury down to Just nine above
sgre early today.
SThe weather was mostly fair but
colder from the I Hoale acroa
'the nation's midsectiil to tae
Worth Atlantic states. Mreo c0l
is expected tomorrow is e east-
a third of the country from
northeYly wi d-.

HOMS FOR DEBOT lMiss Sharon Elizabeth Arendale, who
spent shOst of her childhood in Panama, turned to the cptal
city to observe her 15th birthday on which she waa'entert ned
at a "coming out" party. Hosts for the gala occasion atten4ed
by beaux and belles of th younger set were the honoree's
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Natalo Ehrman. Miss AreOdZle's
parent, Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Arendale, now make their hope.
in Venezuela.

At's always fair weather
ir Panama's No. 1 Spot...

let It rain, let it pour, day or night,
OUR weatherr is air-conditionedl

and dancing nightly for those who prefer. the t Isti

at the CLi .4h
with his.

Every Friday and Saturday
midnite to 4:30 a.m.

S 0,

.. 11:39 a.m. 3:30 p.m.
, -* i menu,
Complimentary cocktail. delclous menu,
and ERIC THE GREAT, the balloon man
andr magician, to delight young and old!
all for $2.25
"enfop zoursuelI...ft's cheaper than you think/"

Round-the-Clock --
and BAR

a Kirkeby Betal


It's my passport to a loveler figure...
Maidenform1i Overture* bra, with its lifting,
lilting Jines that tale me ecery.haer in
first.clui style! It's atitcted
under the cups for support,
and it gives my curves such a '
wonderful young look, Wd never dream
of traveling without it!
In favorite fabrics and colors.
Maidenform bras in alL ,ei shops.
There is a Maideaform
for every t1"pe fof.ifir. V ,-
Genuine Maidenform brassieres
are made only in the ,
United States of AmericL.
ansn. i. e. pa D. s ee..


6O .-'4'

t # S

and tfe northern
i, While a-s II pre.-
uo norticrp Pacfic
lings achlded: Bos-
Yi, 41. Washing-
9i, Fti Des Momnes,
5e4, 5It Seattle, 35
Milwaukee, 12, and

Missb ing MdssA

Hunters Locatlod In

Great Dliml Swimp
*TFFOL V., De UW -
ro.:r Gdre a
Dismal, SWtaJ lith i, .ere
have been fond. '
Two hunters who tM .. been
missingI sice, early Meadgy werb
NoMdW b andl
Navy. heMcopaef fleW-n-edkaf
sumpi= in t, tm, t he

Wednesday's search, made their
way out of the 300-sqere m i le
swamp unaided during 'the after-
noon. s

The hunters are W. E. Haywood,
66, an employee of the Norfolk
Naval Yard at Portsmouih, and
his 19-yeqr-old son, Alton, also of
Portsmouth. The marines were
identified' as Sgt. D. I. Prueitt,
Minneapolis, Minn., and Cpl. R.
B. Walbridge, Warreh, Pa.

hunters were ajve. He said one
man was standing and the other
apparently was a stretcher case.
Johnson said two ground search-
ers apparently found the. BTahy
woods deep in the swamp., The
rescuers built a farge fire which
attracted the helicopters. Lt. W.
G. Shin, pilot of the second'hel -
copter, spotted the fire.
A Navy spokesman at Norfolk
said the helicopters returned to
the Norfolk naval air station "to
refuel. They picked up doctors
and medical supplies.
The helicopters also 'took loud- .
s~aker equipment to advise Ma-
Ue, National Guard and civilian
searchers in the swamp that the
men had been found.
The Haywoods entered the
swamp Suffolk at 9 .
Monday fo hunt squirrels. The .
search started for them about
3:30 a.m. Tuesday. .They spent
threI- nights in- reesing weate-u.
in tb-swamp.
'- .-

.. *. -,

est? a 4 ...

51 hm iher qt!

SFrom $29.50

Juan Palom ras


, I

oAkibtma Jim.

Buy tOday l Just say:



MONTHLY i20 UB 4.50

Ace Spring"



on a Simons Mattress


MONTIILY 6 11W-., W.
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... t ,, -2
C*. Cliioe. kD
,, larqnmd, K.. P ea rl
a F. SXiah, tate .
I .I O tdoey ,. -VaU = M
L Edd.eman, V. De-

A. AClo! IT. Fee-

B w, 3. Garcia,
I~i! D.ak, L. East-
A. Calweul, B.
+. -:9l G. Parm ,
S rlay w. oL, K Sheri-
S a tdza, Iatwod,
0. Lr Co rigan.

kcut E iM : W ..... '!"r; 'e. M'

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Q iig. :s

Schduder, tusur. Chase, D.
Chbte n. Frah l S'coot t, Mc-
N el, rtslhaVtBla, I' Godaey.
B, Apaqffy, It. PArer, J. Price,
D. Crook ) D. jnkm, V. fl-n-
m ,F M. N4abmad, White,
cioae,. J. SWise, G, Iester, D.
Vatce, F..he1 J. Demin',
J, wotter, M H= tt D Winn, P.
VeIlruy, J. Dasmstb.
T. Tubb, .M. pehjock. C. M1
Grid, R. Lat. ..L Thonwson,
J. 'Anpike, -Stol, J.. cNlso, J.
Morrins, J. Rey", W. Boyett,
F. Amaiirati, N. KUpper. W. Zn.
elR, Morris, H. Womble, J.
Veeebi, F. Bajgott, M. Methe.
ney,-J. Wilbur, W. Bunch, D.
Hatcher, E. Shafer, D. Dembrow-
iky, i. Amatc, D, Mtesh, G. Can-
.J Crawford, J. Vallardno, B.
',Tams begin their practice this

Saturday witn the Macaws going
J. Chlas, P. Corrigan T. Days, agant the Palomas at 9.00
, Dure s, A. Ebe n, iHitcheack, at the Ltague's park. The Ocelots
.. 'ece..D. Terry, D, DesLon. take on the Pumas at 1:00 p.m.
Ws, Pearson. C. French, V.1 Players of the Conejos should
ubels, Watts, C. ager, L. get in toueI? with their manager,
tmcknn) Ed. Cofrigan. H. p- H J. Million for information con-
tt, C. ritagerald, T. Sheppard, corning practice. ,

* aximun, rCoverage

* .h *u.LastIng Colors
* More Ncoony
L. '


Distributed exclusively
in Panama by

L oes jnd- GenVteman models

',* Shoc..r.
-sIe Geundtgoldtfilled


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tleat'year-?aai eomm *b
rab the d idul'QO

A shbw Ithat-i giI
vd throUgh lat 5a874SA^
ii Fiwms of. 9

yTulg -List season, he led waijor-Qdl.
lege players in scoring for seV-
lo w)J before Slnt forced

5%, *: t al-
t g 119o s alre ad had au f-
ferel two knockouts
*1lZ ftlff_ 'swas allow.
ed togo 5*h1% wth the final
boat. Wdhe lu saddthe doctors
who eFlIoes should
have barred him. He said the
fact hat they dl$n't' Is ao in.
dictment of each of the doctors
and a maoe iu ndtmCet
of medical, ,tmmatlons."
However,.- and says Iirct
the Flora tagedy, changes la
the New y medclS and safe-
ty setup have made it the very
Today, the.New York commis-
sion announced A new safety
measure. Laces will be tied at
the back Intead of the front....
with flat k held fast by ad.
healve tape. This Is designed to
avoid face cats and eybe njur-

IBhind Frheman in the latest
up wlth the scoring ttle hat
var-Darrel Floyd of Furmna-
Ba newcomer to the tNO
scoring rahltk-Don wartz ot
Iorebead State in KentjUck_
Both have averages o over 3
points per gme so far. -
Two soutcenm schools toi td
team scoring race. MempuDll
State has averaged 108 poh0n
for three games. rehead oT
SIentucky has an average of 100
points n our games.
Ban Francisco defendfln
national champion leads In
team defense. The Dons allowed
the opposition less than 43
points per game in their first
three games.
Official figures reveal Ted
Kluzaewskl of the Cincinnati
Redlegs was the best fielding
first- baseman in the Natlona
League in 1955. It's the fifth
year in a row Klussewaki has
won the fielding hono-sorme-
thing never done before.


S', Ti RM -A: W `bEt O ENJO M




S 29...



Ford Plaier repr
,e g u e sistlngon a !
encouraG- ry and a voi
nasd. vision rigts

pIeyfe-r- eativ* BemanDO5
Bmbe.1"dSports 'Briefs
.sh t. .- : .' _
The 1oA WlBuime6 t itb Bobr TENNIS
Felar of mve d.nt R Ro b i n".
! f-'iI a .S +en m Vot+ JackKmr
_wNM o F s and R o b Tdp Or ed pro
Sam an. e tveesAe he le-theway
for t" WOW he isaa treated on the Aul.aralian
for M Davis Cup team. Kramer quotes
After the meeting adiouriwd. Hartwig as saying he woldn',
Robrt said,-it wa4 freendy be permitted to play singles
r.thn. That's aboin all Ihere lmathes no matter how opon
was to it.' he beat Ken Rosewall.

sizeI t6 10 12 to 16 (Junior kizfs)
Just say: "Charge It" i'

17-18, 7th Central Ave., Panynma
<* "


from your old, smoobthi

passenger tire.!

ST estone

will pay you $2.00 for your old,

smooth tires which are suiable

for retreading.

ring in.old fires or ree Insm teionl

TF retoon

Automobile Row 39

S Tel. 3-4564



Ph= 5a Msyo opposite P. R. R.
*. 4'.-A -. _

.- -'^ : '"M
'-; / :-
I. o '- .
i.' Lai..
.i.^o* i ji "':.

- 77




(Hornme delivery)

(* Ornaments *

SNo. 1 Via Espana Tel. 3
y w ^ givg



r A
, :,,
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O ASa F, aS.6
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and Oterw


.... ,cola Delvale's a aintn' In Pam=m and any one of his
The recent wkrks of Malcolm paitlnp would makek podet
.elvalle, young local artist now Christmas gifts.
oan display at the Hotel Washing- --
ton, are for sale. These paintings Mr. and Mrs. MeCay Leave
were recently brought back from Mr. Calvin C. McCray and
France aod were on exhibition Mrs. Martha Blvaiis McCray and
t thjW han the Pac heirS ditghb a. AftMt a
".,. .,I Jeoaila MJ.ari-,ll S ymem rtay
Eir.-:, il W work is welt for the United 1aftea Where
kie'*, ,t#. al LzonIe they will mk home.
,- j f ^- 7 _._ ,- _- ___ i. : ___. _'_"_ ^

Laie advantage of tha.e.CL Family Plan
Sto ALL lOPE. fly tOg$thr ,iw .and sow
*2 or morel Also your childreA fly at
big savings I
Enjoy your KLM Family Flight.


,., .


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V .- .'


We ksei"tlm W Them
We Cre.te-The. -Try O'n

Club mm mm m m e e 1 .00
eeot Turkey ....... 1.75
iTeoumn splal .. 1.50

ro cuN E

Georgb ha1 NOT

Gone out of business

George has only

.Gone two doors further away

Giving his customers the usual,

Guaranteed service

At 766 "KW&0. Two Dorfro H.OId

iiit2-i-^iiii w&iM{luiiih

we a

'.,t ...... -

his old friends
9. dam.' -..n".ew. bs ." zod .,

asS~ft'!^ 1and is loo ^(~ -~e-
- "- n" .
-.*u-' _ii --Tt' **., -' -, .

.. .. -.. 7. .
"i ,.

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. A..i,, .- .. "
., W A D ": .. *'+ ,"

oir ocaon
A"-* **.
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+ 1 t- ; +

OCat Solhen-

Of USSwgsaut

In Nremberg
NUREMBZRG, Germant eDe.
16 (UP)-A eat smothered t wo
month old dau er of an Amei
can sergeant, U.S. army rei
ported today.
The cat climbed Into itt1e Debra
Reate .Co=nll tob and lay
across her face, her Mother, a SeW-
man, told military police h re
Monday. The baby's father, Wt.
James M. Connlly, has ratufld
to the United States with hisoz -
tary police unit ad Is atlimed.
at Ft Riley, Kan.
Mrs. Connoly said she was at.
tending a Christmas party with her
two other children and had left
Debra in the care of her elderly
mo ter. She said the eat had the
habit of curling up in the bat's
When she returned from t he
party she found the ept lying o
the baby's face. The baby still
showed signs of fe but died- of
suffocation shor afterwards.

Gloria Swaoson
Becomes Pointer
ROME, Dec. 16 (UP) Screen
actress Gloria Swanson, who Ze-W
cently became a newspaper column.
nist, has launched still another
career. A group of her palnaings
is on display in a Rome gallery.
"It's a case of 'me too," Miss
Swanson said as the exhibition
opened yetear. "Everybo d y'
pi.B the days. Preide n t a,
taxi drvers-why not me too?t a
Three of her heavily daubed
paintings-a landscape a nd t w
still-life paintings of flowers-made
an immediate hit. Five o t h e r a
were added to the .pa"bitlan to-
day. .
"They're nearly til pan
flowers, hut Itbaa m eat
Miss Swanson said. "It
seem at all like me to paInat '
cate female things. You
think I'd paint rocks or subwao.r
Misn Swanon recently landed a
major role In an Italian moe.
She said patting was not qwso
as a-hobby with her, but until w
she had never bothered to ew
her work In public.
| a


Doe your baby spend much
time his playpen? Do you
keep your toddler in his stroller
during shopping trips? Do y o
hive Johnny to school -. or he*
eqape him to use the school
If your answer Is "Yes" to any
ft se questions I have some
t"_. for you.
.Aetivity among our children
I;tesulting In a serious, decline
ir physical fitness. In a study re-
ceatly made of s ome m 50,000
youngsters in small city and sub-
urba areas, nearly 60 per cent
failed base muscular tests.
The study, made by Dr. Hans
traus of New York University.
Belevue's Institute qf Physical
Medicine and Rehabilitation and-
B. Prudden Hirachland, declares.
"Our mechanized life leads to
physical inactivity"-and warns
that American hldren's depend-
esce on mechanical aids, school
bases passive entertainment like
TV and movies has made them
the lideris oif'European
youngsters in physical fitness.
The other day, I made it m y
business to ask Dr. Kraus what
parents could do to improve
this bad situation.
He had several Ideas. First, he
thinks we'd be wise to reduce
use of playpens-and restore free
play to babies. Second, he sug-
gests that we unstrap toddlers
from their strollers so that they
can walk and help carry our
'groceries home from the store.
ird, he urges that Johnnjs
own leg be used to transport
him to and from pehool.
And to our scared protests of
traffic hazards to his life and
limbs,'Dr. Kraue. argues that the
I .. 9



counm -se
c ash

SperfeeMlioa -eceamurof
Sim*pl M A d e.mpee.
to"e cooklut&4ahL"Gin
emuol. No aWn...R
.MelflUemman ''

S ,.'

S' N*' ul Dossw' 'i
London--M. -10t
co a tue, d at '. a
tor"n the- -


CO- CN fi-' O

-' '1" .;'+',

S, '* +
I+' '^, ,+
...... ..;-*-,+>.+:

- t "+ _.... (c
I .,'- -

49 NEW M06"'- ANWD F r
'TARUIO P3GM 10m95 '

10% dows p to twojiarsto p

tl0 BOLIVAR AVE; T- T..40, COLON..,:

dangiet." ,
Al of hi ldeas rlke me as
most "enible.L
I wander if well do ae thing
about them.
bor the problem's not or "me-
chanized" life but our mechaniz-
ed feelings. We Amertean wom-
en are so hypnuolds by male
worship of the Groat Ood Speed
that we dn2t regilster our own
frenzied movement any more. We
don't even tak, time to consider
what our papsion to "save time"
is doing to us and children..
In America where women are
Imagined to be the freest, we
are most slavishly bo by the
trait ft masculine nl tre-lmpa-
hence. Until we reg hw OP
pressed we are by it, w1-coJ-
nue to rush children ovb use of
their own bodies to get t things
done fast, fast, fast.

MUSKEGON Mich.. (UP) -
At least one Muskegon maan won't
hide in the trunk of his car next
time he wants -to "spy" on his
wife., The man had to enlist his
wife', aid when the trunk locked.
She couldn't unlock the trunk and
drove the ear to polm' headquar-
ters where e was released. He
told police he suspected his wife
of stepping out on him and just
wanted to check Oa her.

otiqk k
MZ.~ s

Q -'11& 0..


1p for your garden or ict

S No. 1 Via Espafia TeL
a ji^Ml i.

) au

We hav ptlauhas In

swung UA u appibnwtl

a-d ifAihutfwA4

After' serving for a year as a
deacon of the Episcopal church.
the Rev. Jesse Kimbell Renew will
be advanced to the priesthood Sat,
urday morning in the Cathedral
of St. Luke, Ancon.
Bishop R. Heber Gooden will
ordain the candidate during a spae
clal service, starting at 9 a.m. Hi
will be presented to the bishop by
the Rev. Johq H. Townsend, exe.
cutive secretary of the diocese.
Preacher for the occasion will
be the Very Rev. Malcolm R. Mac-
Donald, dean of the cathedral.
Other offilants, with cathedral
organist Earl Keeney playing for
the service, include the Rev. Ml"i
ton A. Cookson, reading the pre-
face; the Von. Mainert I. Peter,
son Utanist; the Rev. William W.
Baldwin, epistoler; the Ven: Le-
muel B. Shirley, gospeler, and the
Rev: John Spear, master of cere-

During WorldIWar II, Riv. Re-
new, a native of Saugus, Mass..
served in thi US. Air Force at
both- Albrook Air Force Base and
the Galapagos. While in the serv-
ice, he married the former Eliza-
beth T. Pitman, and they are now
the parents of three boys and at
I Puero# A.rmuelles, where'*
*w e as agent ^
. nutCo. after -04
leta r b ea walayre
er *t St. Sthptnu's church. La
b iing ite~iested in the mp
ist 'g Rev. enew came to /
cn.l Zone with Vis family ,
he bas appointed treasurer of I
diocese by Bishop Gooden. He _
ordained a deacon Nov. 251
year and. has been assisting in tl
capacity at the- cathedral.
Meetings /

The'-CaaL Zone ODem LO
-Mineral So.' A at
tonlghtY,-t-a -D, bl. 8en /
Center, upstairs. ;
Prtfessor K. W Vitnton
speak q. amethyst
the formation eof blodostone.
,.: -i. --.:'y

43 Auto Row

- Tl. 3-06W

. *,.,- _; '* .,.'.
e e ,
easier /

ik AXrs

m -- _a ,

S.-d .__ WM "..* ,m

"bta ingm pe i

l hi& iSp h~hn

* *j...*. ~


win i

The mod popular b ariurop

See them next month





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* .4.





( CIOCK! )



( Juan Paldmeras
ww" wwww


-Fi ws

~~.-..;,...-._ Ya-~-. ....... ,.. 1.,,, .~.. ~.-.~._.

---- ----

- ---- -- --- --

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-w, 1-


~ e~urn~

K X'4~ tV7-~W tt~
* a. ;'~Y,'.s-i.x..v .
a ~.. -~ :~ 3
~~4UIVS~lOWs9'C4 't-,A ~'frrr~fl
*,,~ -A


*.' L **'

* -' .C0 aw.IaySI~#hIIIIIA- *c a~f~


U-~ -*~~~L~ ij~Crcg~z:tis

- t
i. -,T-
;.,.. i

as uf Ue rles m i j
vep u0at a

I -At of S tn ae mnd no
te wog" ori>.MH~e U~~flm
MT u~on_ der ^jng tiuivfh m
Pa. e Mift

ISU*W~~ cr sc features jte

rt omri t o s a mes t
ecome out of the ven Wthealane

Lt ^^ffS Look A" i a S- p mi Ws epdisctive ly h.
end I .. Vw .. ,

Vit.' ot at 6:39 at li
Ii. ;l l I0cwill distributed a' *i YMCA.s.

som. e OfSS Slub, 31r h s stas't Wtovi- a n an ask
SA s ^ a aidrtns I.At h ~La Aortment of mtel f curt

i?.1 fl r epn and printed ............3 1.00
sm viol.n ...o Off-er s' g, j aBil Wives' ab+iS ... it ity la "................3 OO
"8W Moqo- n 1 (o"

e e cOtton an k
etra .ittractin" .q the bill club;,Bd.t Arntde y Sieurity A- a .ACn. d~fffnnt desmgn0.
Obe the Lifee Sigin pa. SODCY.. _________ AA .
S, under the directIOn e. Jo-
is LupberIrotono. ~ KBAAER D NAMCIO

S"!. e mm ha. a.-rankand

PARIS, Dec. 16 (UP) -APrince ned high for th first nine
-ly. Khan .w operated 09 ,yw- f ithe .b. rt e' -mo ke 'it 4.F, U 44 6:615 7:50 tIABO ..W8. 6:1S IsM
S suburban Neuiy. itnormedh -se report ildd areedit r- iore al iPOWC S
,jres said.. OtIietio- ldinr a .. u. "bAGE AT DbW,
Hospital e.fffiah aonfirmed he not, eed to *Ieriwalriy ds' I T ON a
as there and-ad he as "do- capd ome balding next yeAr. anlA_ S wcr
f well." But Nhey refused to With the trend toward lar ger. I f... ; 3E S P
uniee the d operation, home- and a. over-all irgh level ".-- GA MBOA GDIJ AJ
A ita a am a crti a"DVL GODS"
ry, but we cl t give any in- atht output and sales of lumber 'n -a VNo.o AT DA
ome en .to thp prest." wil- remain hiCh NOxt year. AGE T AW

SIn Ih" 9. ,,.,,... .AA, 'FOR.. ,,Of
inc W.Pet asse *rats sn s*4 T '*SBinMo ENmsxno
t .. MARGAmITA te:1n dc5t ClMTO a; toward
Ab SHOtheNtoOFNAoeBEain h iotmes ad aVe r-a

-h "ink" rutht THU
try, but Wedutgean yn -thdatoutput rsod.s%1o I e Ra. of AT Aens
rmaton to flip p ess, r1e main b et ^ yer h..d ... kgortg
a.. e as"d-%1hme.-m-LA 31314ya FO=L I"

THE 25th OF DECEMBEuR AW4tF UL Redten"twwd CameaRe

FROM 100-A. M. to 1:00 P. M. S C ANTA '.
AT THE "A .o I .da cocausaWmi3"
a=%rvt*, Iniotons ~r~ M i

Children under- 15 years ca
if accompanied b
O-Nlo -I



a ..

. ,- ,. "

.m. o 0 em- ,a ,s g V

* .
* .a,; ;
. 9 0 s.



In CinemoaScpe! Color by Tedchnicolor!





wr II

inTheatre .
in, enter the Theatre -
y on aod t, V

and MONDAY! 7

man i.|



a---- "-- Will


TeI 25 t. .-
T, i S..' "W ..L.L' ?II:R*,.X


pee 0
~afl U

In CinemaScope! Color by Technicolor!


0* GRACE KELLY .I,' aP, .-

Bm. m.,. ...+ -- .- ,- ..- ? -,^:p.-a- ., .

T%) CAT1H. A THIEF he Sh .
IstoVistent Color by Technicolort In VistaVision

.. ;.. ." **1
.a '

S W*-*.*,.*'<

.*. Color by T.a i-pf ,\
; I..1 1 ,,

; .* r.' ; '* ^ ^' t f #- ; ^ .
OH Lk q$bf* L ;WODESA )
., -.* *' i "% ,, .' i ._ f 4 ; *:'!
I a*ai~

, -1

LN... Ths magnificent


Q -CATC, A ''
-. .-",-.-.C A.I

In CinemoScope! A Colo by Technicolor!


- -


- l R THEy SEA
"I W i Color hy Tec ncoor, .-


T-UE "- a-
to ClnemScopeml ColbFor Trc d -
-* '--

a-- --


t..jr" r .

. 11*^a- [i J I I4 TI!G B cel.,p f.+l'tJ. -,
." .... rfCTJY.-, 'JHi*a lDuPmt d3." : ,, l nt ld ...-^* IS~ ..






In CinemaScope! Color by Tech np

.-; .

../'. .* -;

te '0 -



S .; t


I II I~-~L--I~L-~L_~-~-Z~i I_~~Y~-- -



BE I. I. f


,, ,.



'A-.i AA.1
t ++11?1-' "


in. ~kcr


NrL -j-

S:.'.' .


..:>' at .

, .. .: ": -

..4''**4 7'.
.-:. .= .. ^. .




~ ~ ~ --.^ : ..: r
.... .. i. .:
-. ,.-. % ., .. I' .

Alormina, Chivilingo, College Cage Scores by
Sb.Cachafaz,,.Bego n*ia G o -- ....' dt -... ..,.,...
:.*- v / __^__,e. D .........Ina m G o^. Lasar 84. s ia' 7. A i ,n Hamltn A63. II a eJ W/iLL IAM lrn A ,ra. :4i : "/.'
'Lt IO.tLt tIP a enn State 102, er78 Cntary 74, Texas Wl .
A Yale 58, Amherst 57. LuIsiana Tech 1, gE trn E -- u ; T
Fordhain S9, Rhode Island 71. 0e=lc% 5E.
S7 F 'Temple 72, Gettysburg d. Me N se La.) 92, Lamar (Tex.) U 200 I WORD ifter another and whateW A
l i J UrlJ o g CI, D ,- St. Jostphs (Pa.) 83, Villanova. S becamE 1.6ter ToU= Not that it matters fr no on**.M
S. 70. College of Ozarks 74, Arkansas w e tOrf to ac Gordon chardi asA nd'sf* --'
o -Bucknell 71, Lehti 57. AAk '3. jockey. ay plan has'extededto higher education, a
,Muhlenberg 97, Moravian 8. the ceMilh footto tar who doesn't ha % wife and a coUPith* *f
The Stud Valentine's brilliant prospect Polemon Seton Hall 79, Albri ht. U. MIDWEST Of kidsIm campus rarity. Ib didn't take tao young lady who
amorowgoes Holy ross 85, St. itehaels (Vt.) won 1s1 $0A,00O qus ruling b oin.*g A. hlr tibject) long to be-
morrow goes forth in quest of his third conscu- H Washington (St. Louis) Ci- a iGht expert. pked Olpon over Robinson. 1" o. iA
Live victory in the feature,' $650 seven-furlong sprint Dartmouth 65, Boston College 48. us 63. *- wonder 11 --Ailta danrOa
for Class- C imported thoroughbreds at the Juan Vermont 87, Clarkson 79. Dayaon 93, 'Idaho 56. la Or. krt ra (bl) ngbisa g t llu _ir -gain, a-----d
,,S U aSl ,mrted tn o ..,"n-reI -- -e U nt.. p aAnselnu (N.H.) 9i, American Purdue 69. Chicago Loyola 68. hae U K (ler) Madden, t eri New YorkZadPA" iig m".. t
France race track. Intl. 77. Toledo 69, Western Michigan 62. dl, m a In big. Tip tay college basketball '... u, ma s,,, Cluaes 11,
Boston Univ. 85, Massachusetta 77. Akron 87. Heidelberg 69. lIt ad W Sa re GaGrde. Prn teams, so greatly
Fuerte, another starring South seven-horse field. Cachala and Wilkes (Pa.) 72. Susquehanna 70. Springfield (Mo.) 73, Waylaisd superior, ar tall the bx-of fle lay a from the crew cute. 1_W. Stranger -r. lare 110 -P race last Me
American import, goes in an Alormina shape up as the two Providence 73, Fairfield 54. (Tex.) 68. A beat btwe Ma b Slatterfteld d Ara(re Moore may deti -realrOIe .V s41119 116 -a_- got-a .
entry with Polemon. The entry's iggest .threats for an upset. Rider 94, Lincoln (Pa.) 68. WaynL (Mich.) 61, Valparai so8. Marelanoe's Juo e op aet. There a i a order puaneher in the A. 3
stoutest opposition-sl expected Cachalas, a highly rated Chil. Pratt 87, Brooklyn College 82 (o- Butler 83. Wabash 63. trade than Sh e fashion plate. His handicap is a chiVa la4s A. Ubidi 17 -'heb
from the hot-and-cold Eric. The ean-bred horse tnat was Impor.- overtime Indiana State 80, Eastern Illinoisa eompeaed R ft tae rgo-eisaado J 110 Wl ... --A' .
latter at times reels off a suc- ed from_ Peru were he had a Cheyney (Pa.) 111, East' Baptist 71. Aamtl' Ie. 4 -3t
Sceslon of Impressive victories successful campaign, has th ra 46.DERN BUIN B be without the off Md
only to turn in a dismal effort far failed to live up to his at- Salem (W.Va.) 100, Wa.s t Va. St. Josephs (Ind.) 80, Depauw 77, breal? It Wan't u l Virginia grew up and bagged a million- it-(hwun Instg .
when least expected. vance billing. However, he could State 93. (O't'. .. alrs that shte*t ur there la S. C. Our hearts bleed for n--(Mr. Fot L. Giraolld 1as
Eric ls fresh from two win- oe ready to start a victory skein Buffalo Univ. 66, Buffalo Tchrs. Millikin 106, Illinois Wesleyan 88. maJgler-agu-.olb ra who must continue Jo take lush TV .', O o A-.m a .
ning efforts and could be a now that he Is 'returning t3 46. Midland 80 Concordia (Neb. 7S. monr, at rather .oemic peril to the minor, became they. -
tou h nut to crack if he run competition fom a well-d. Wagner 83, Manhattan 80. Illinoi Coege 61, Eureka (repr fm Washington. The baseball holdout still Na P $2.00 Pl
he as already proven that he Is served rest. Siena 77, Army 7. he ne, but ome editoralo seem to think there O .TWO
able to. Cristian Rebolledo will Begonia wound up third in a West Va. Wesleyan 107, Beckley news value n Bab Hutton's weddings. Bob Jonees minplains _Mu. .
be aboard Eric instead of Alfre. blanket finish his last time out 9. Washburn73, Baker (Kan.)60 the eaching.o olf lis too complicated. A choolboywill te V. Cast i it t
do Vasquez and Guillermo San- Jockey Luls Giraldo could make Hobart 94, Utica 68. Cornell (Iowa) 77, Monmouth the old grand alammer thl si true of all teaching. po Bw. Oilmpbe 117 ll'o.y h eadeap
chez who have shared the the Henry White colorbearer i. Alderson-Broad'us 80, Bethany St. Th'mas (Minn> 85, St. A'brte il e reeott. Hf a .
mounts on this stout-heartedlreal threat. Begonia usually doei (W.Va. 0 (la) 78. W.V.. 60 (') M aa
Chilean colt in his most recent his best running for Giraldo. Brockport 79, Fredonia 52. McPherson 86, Wmin. Penn (la) 72. Aceooglto.rtngalde accounts, the comeback of Sugar Ray c- a r oris 112 --Ne dfort ia last
starts. Both Vasquez and San- Chitllingo is fresh from an West Va. Tech 127, Concord (W. East Central Okla. 66, Cv e r- was the most miraculous thing since the laventlon of man. It an ol .c J.Prlips 118 -- a down la
chez are now on the sidelines unsuccessful try against the Va .)114. Stockton 50. had the dedIcatone of Joan of Ak., the valor of Spartacus, the 7-Volador C. Ruiaz I -ate good cha e
serving stiff suspensions, higher bracket. He ran a good Fairleigh Dickinson U, Upsala 48. Southeast Missouri 70, Miss South- artistry of Terlqeshore. The fighter himself took a somewhat .
Cachafaz, Begonia. Chivilingo second to Barge Royal in Clas iBloomfield 87, New ork Aggies ern 60. .mor restralnd view. "I left it up to God and He delivered," 4th .e,, Native.. ,- a -__ _l -., 3
and Alormina complete t hae B in the race in which ill-fated 80. Steubville 94, Wash-Jeff 40. me Mid., r l e lan, Robinsqn had become the first mid- n oves 7 r.175. 0 al-t 2]
i ugarplm and Btrdomin spill 'lSt. Peters (N.J.) 8, Adelphia 72. Ohio Wesleyan 104, Witte.ber leweight to Wlt be'title three times. In the face of the un- OIiLA
I p Bates .6, Maine (. Central Michigan 92, Mic igan precedented, humility and awe. are always a repriate, and In 1-Rlbiblanco L. Graldo 118 -No. 1 contender

Anthony in in -'Mauraro ri ,w m ek th a t Brtdgrt 71, Br Paooklyn 40 A turn i d o th a k ago, Ouli, ionth. Reis A. C la 10 -ould
"MAGo JFICENT MATADOr pning ., however, seem to be ven fght nevertheless no ttm be made to 7- Vila era 10 -Rate fair chaSe
I caispeeto rsaemscw at thespRc Alventure ic prtani Unl? 78, Luffo &Clark ya m his fdknockout. That c Sought dumbly, S-(Do niau J.PS 21 -Dangerous contends '
AnAhon Psntr" s-. Hi s ma MIT 78, New p yHampshire e Pyitc Luthra Put dWAP O Robinson's hands, was not too surprinl g.
O'araInPATROfiroentl st .Hisx f elig Iht weHmhiePagh cfcL, P.uOn's capact for maneuveor, decoy and guile is nil BeRIn.Fs, a ....
e of ounds oulKeen(N.H.)7, 1. h style, o the language, is such that Robinson, in h "A-" N -- $ 00 Peel
Alo IDEA. .1 be a big help. Clby8, B mowdoo. ,.outern-Oreg-on 18, Whittier 6. could be 8a nd still beat him. 1e.n- Ci4 i -an 1 -, ,
I eore Reevei Anl ASren 7allthis race sah oy u, du- ,, :
G, er Reevs, n PAllIn all, this ureshpre s W1 emhminster (Pa.) 75, Carnegie Pacdtc Univ 64, Orelon Educa- SSffrtely. from bankrolai. l11 -Bhok so i
NiGene Tierne In Nne other propectivo humdin- Hofatra 85, Queena (N.Y.) 53 shot get *-jate the best psible condition. If he was nNacho Oaega 103 weightqf
S WAY OF THE GAUCHO," gers are Included on the card. Hamilton o4, Union (N.Y.) 1. Warren (Wyo.) AFB s77 Colorado temI bN c iins even partially this O h ,o 6-Mtto 0. d Lon -Di anc too short
r starts. HPotsdam 74, Paul Smiths 84 State 67.a originaldatebkf iewesni ghe 6 B. Agulrto 116 -CoaM got up Wrc
SC IDE -i 20 1 ety Tech bg6e Trenton JC r. t. '6.-c tsace 84 s eress 'he was mkea hmtRoing ,In san-enAr
Jua FraC 'p s BOUTH 'wen. he answered 'bellFrid o w. ag c dered, Ra Ip d $.00 Pl Cle
abo' g e Rtv ByeLsJtROha nlt^ptn he had been for 10 ya. FIRST tRAC OF THI DOUst.
Me y U Norhth 'Carolina 90, Alebama i. ONE OF. R INSON'8 HIGHEST talents lies In his ability 1--Verticordia A. Yeasa 118 -Distance slt style 4
S2-Mr. r Richmond 6, Birgina Militry to finish a stricken fighter. The secret is poise, plus -accuray 2-Proud Pearl J. Catogan 110 -Returns from Idynh 14
3-- Lady Danrer Mt N.C. State 90, South Carolina M. and economy in punching. Too many fighters (Mareiano is 3--Beduino A. Mens. 11ez -Could score a prie
Sblanc t area Sprig Hill Miami (Fla.) T opicuous e le ro puche 1 wild tempestuous fli 4--Youn Prince V. CastilI 115 w was nvrel
t al f -Ocean Star 5SS Louivisle 9, evansvmitl 81. ingeres, of seIIo tting themselves, taking, careful alw m Mkdsthen -ranceada A. Giontles 10x-Reamngform owl
Sa --Yoeab Prince Vart'erdfla Xavier (Ohio) 81, Eastern Kenle.- eing hesea t arge. T hi wawre hoa It P. n--qulatoysa M. Yowas 110 -World pay oI hv 10
to all from wP t ky g. llcent. h e inswert e drea.tethe had Oeniide r--B k Gold .Crtiatn 114 -W4al oang alb I
J8-ufan ae)- o Miss College'106, Chattanega 47. b vantage wth point bla of wIh I 0 .Ino 110 t c d
p- By U riO After Me G'get'wh (DC.) 74, Mor's arvey.WIt et, ad t er (( A. as ,a ej-r
10--Maria- Siuardo OndaReal o Stetson 4. .Ma. s is a mart cooi 1-nd'.out .ite ln a ,s'7 h.tF P, $n 0---uI @a u4
irima Tech 108, Guilford i 5. ttachee tss one, claiming 1,0 n back taxe, LitS lCN-P Trt
""' .ac r .'N.C. Mississippi 106, Howard (Ala. 74. I 4 480 payoff was left to attach. RobIn son hadhea
a s Belmont Abbey 82, Erskihe 75. let hal...of o.w.a prms hlb what _sc 1-oee ". Gon sor 108 -C- core a pset 1
Ss PortalA. WGeorgetown (Ky.) 97, Centre 72. *i "l d5 his mleaeo monagr-in-aoO .dwtt -Valley Star H. Rus 110 -Re r from lae
,-XCatholiecO Univ. Towson (Esd.) -ern-obtl has five manager -bt m la y tho are men NIl. e '1lt it outway
S B 72o. f lom tte fighter is indebted in various ways, fea M. dYe. eon -CWoldt g
For Brother- West Maryland 70, Randolph- --orera de eon 9x-Could an h way
eMt. St. Mary's 92, Davs-Elkins return match in the event of defeat. How this was handled T-'Bar One J. Rodrigues 110 -Dopes on sart 1
SShort Wave RADIO another e ple of R son' a cumen. Customarily the ht- -Donn Boy Pita. 0. 11X-Ri er handicaps
Sin 1 i Loyola 88, Baltimore s the forfeit. Robinson, however, generously letthe IBC
Univ. s. h--anadlo- th dcet1. T ,' I there s outh IC s tA Rae "" q -. Pu.e .00 4:
HIgh )Point 73 Norfolk NAS 69. .not Ro.bin.on.Obviously .Suar Ray It not only the best pound NiEA $.0 4
S 5.UA. Za oLu '" ."
MeoanMido 72, Florida Southern ,f or--pound but dollar-for.dollar fighter in the ring.' ..
7 R n op
Pfefer fnCM aU. Catawba n0. 1-pCachafas M. Yeast 108 -Repottedip Improve

I1 nrb- '4--,, Shaw (NC) 180, 3. C m (NC) 2*Eric cR.isCftlaSn 115 -Uopredetbe at' timeU 2"
Lru. W S A. SO 3-Begonia L. Diraldo 110- a -f airchance
For Sister-O- SOUTHsWET n ina ;. P il p p s 01 4 -o ldgeboos up
c RaECaoR2D S t r ern 7- (P oletm on o Alvaret 115 -Top class prospect V
MW.Sat a S le tionl htian s 9!_ -, ...... ..... .. $ D., e.,

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CHEj OY-AR -DEE Spagheni
Sauce with Mea Is mlly tsasy with
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bphaghttti Sauce with Musluhroom
naukes a dish to delight the meo em,
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Just beat the cod.
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Sprinkle with gmend cAse cad -m id
You can also uswie ith riea r w

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There's not a woman who's tried Aunt
Jamima Pancake Mis who didn't please h
all (and family) wh th light sadnluad
goldm-brown pa-eake
RaMlly... 'soi BAYT ... and rerdit aft
wonderful. Aunt Jaum doen stw t ai
you. FbM. most of the work bi dbtst.-
You make pancake* the modem qutk a,
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Sobe a better m"k .. and get lote ar fow
plmnt. IBuy Aw Jpima PancWke MiUx
today ua.durpr.eVZRYBODYtomromwI


hi Ras "I IRmpone I ml r-m UE I ,w w M Clai s i
1-Mirzatoats' A. Mena IM adiaa
2-Topocalma H. Ruiz 11 -se main)
3-IoeWo E pitsa l a* risnt rae 10-1
4-Iguat C. Ruls 1 0 -stance. sits styli4 :
5-After Me R. Critlin 108 i 3mvemeit 3-1
6-JaqulmnaW B. Aguitac 110 t blas 4-I
7-Oro Purito F. Alas 108 -Jockey should belp *
10th RawU "" Impened 7 F9s. Pirs$400.00 Pt Cluuas:46@
" 1---Pai- M. Ycaa 11 -tunaly danigewtp : 441
2-Salero V. Castillo U11 -Npel e raer 3-1
3-Onda Real r. wr. 110M --ially in top era 1
4-Vuldanliado J-I. l 'x-Cdu br upsetter
''H ..- i -h L
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0..z f PTesi Yankees To S I Br Cumberbatch

^1VITIWip.$unday U^Hocketv4i Most Improved R.Hour
$q.. ...9...Smok.ers. .t u'b'ba u .. m- .ab t a I
aba.ere wh ... .ei tdaI y!d gah 19-year-o Toto Ibar Sa, tyM

teWrmudus Theela wll The cellar VdwilC Cata .Y u .kees will it th '. mti 'antamweist liL t of t@ xpirCO bxn a,

main -n* Ro homes
-"C, m BSndua. bo n hae tilebodathstufee seaond a"t chsk, um ars ort Ina a amroso an. iam e oSrs*
PANAMA PR LEAGUE .r -sgetia .-so,;.z.- b1- baa ro ish fa T matedtu pI o

PANAMA PRO LEAGUE i= pobaby presently held by his thIee kayo victories *In three the young alf,
Teams-s.8e.. .rtw ton WNM .P on G.. .ata 1hne C bal'

Cuta lja ................1 167 .' 4/ Br S Io haa remark In hx games played so far tl sevt frame of that game and .
TN T NIGHS EULT: Open Da banSS hi debut local conquest o a terfield last Iug the Ypanbre.aM s es -r
Carts V-( 00)... Chthm .. on t If vo -ewant Bourbon at its best cal for2

HTl'S GAME8--t.(7:30)-hOlympic Sta um oniay ears old, he is congdp Saturday night. oj the way. -trudb tatbN
S.-l 1.1) Sanche, Colon's enor t. end .illekenery () to the Smokers yesterday, .wi be.
.40--nos woman promoter who 1ar the pound to oppose, the In uniform at the stadium to- .^ n I ni r A*
t o "at h Cuana Rb e "c-1)jotteIn&.n.-. The" IiUng staff 'GREEN RIV ER, America s smoothest
.... A r" : .. .I Martlnez and possibly Fe erico In Hock's onve atartein role of was further boemu ed by the ar-
Nashua Bring s R eo rldummer later on. the seasonrhe wor. sx.i rival :t ay; .... row k y0
"ei ng vne t pt l o r n.e D o p ,t ertn o" ,_ e .y
S. anul reett. Ob mi pushed acrps three more 1", 185-pounder who had a 15-
p re 1 sa y he has.peed a tlea off him. The lesdamen 12 record with Deir, Class -
$1251000 At Sale Mo Rhe ro aer nw pBntNt as to .. aurbas

-fa t.rII M lrl / n i wonl that game 7 .to.4 In ten. AAA AmericanB As ocletion, last.
the -round semifinal brings lingas. o ck wark e it cgtr season.o .
together .bant-amweights Cu* with the loss. ..t -8 JW ai i
nw TOI-- e. 1.- tha" S ./thr raq horses, Mrin ando. Rodoio A. Ho rnbsuy, wo isa o e-L ynbI4U Ndl

ro hasip sufered only _Sthe mt "valul playr the NOTES Y.l.."BEWAREd O ,IM 'tTIO S
bogtthehies prc o al all, th bue, jaM tha n efet rs o "a ing .Yankee l tem Apart /e he t r %a in tho -Brt -o r

N ahia? will change barns rhie were 1 bIds ii all.. .11 beoy he waska yo a d b t eTote finth. ofe b n r t

r 40uqed utlhran into remikabl. sI;see agalinat There il beh t
ter million dollars. To be exact, from New to confl m the fifth ame of a scheduled i- be seeking his eod wE of ol Sunday, Dec. 1o th last

bid a.nd the sale. He quotes rounder. uwa nondaa before Xmtas starting at ,
-Tha/t's th rice Combs of- 'Combs as saylng, "Thankt I'm Itn his la t appearance, Cl an- 'henF. it r. i bl'ei .n l* it ed
ferld. elfudl, tr the gladto pt him.'A dite a kayo artist in his own l irs rie will be 2 ound nou to
Swonder heh who,,In twoyears cWhat plans Combs may have ngt, stepr p te O Cas.ta ". battlhee sf rum.lme erlc and
f racing, has becbme the see- are his secret at the momnt. das In three heat. o s.1 bottle f rum. me rly and .
cad hight money wiHser. n Mainly, Combs Is a breeder... Ampu ia, who up to early this A win your ma dinner
tur h Co was one of but e does race ome fillies he year was a lading 11-pound ou don'tav to be an ex
San ac set up after te farm. Nashua already is nom- veral months. He Is reported t.s
1-whotiim ethe ntend to us e later at hispionsdringthe hst en pr Irmplan f lors + lam-tiee : on-i -r j eZU

Sacdenls deathh e Williamn nated for two bitr stakes nea t in otod shape and should makn --1'h- e tfour m -
We*owkrd, wate. Nauhua'i year and seems headed for the a worthy opponent of Claudio. lK a'' ", ,. sf LI *IiiIAN A round trip
owner. We ward was shot by all-time money-winning cham- Two. other four-round en- "':r@ 8 11 (1 Iround fnp
his wife, terinking he waHc a plontahp. counters round out the card. I' e thebol o
The a bids were opened yes- at one aind one-quarter mRllme t la on rlh (*irrt,viCwneLArlll d o of n hW ly
Steady u a. New York bank. Rv- dollars-would seem to be a good the
erl houra later, the etecutors b-uy for the Combs oranizatie'. i. h cn pr
.of thte 1Woodward estate an* -The namse under which Cofnbs WI3 us tmUI"n.. ...'ageo .,d d
nounsed that Combs had su b- operates iT..,hd1rift

"OuFF.. he ,b4 an-ape" ,a"a o-ff ..Sm.T12.reco .rd w ....r mC
:efere i day^SahtghMl-p e C nesarjtef; Sre D .- ball's ( Orleans)
ver tat far Shirae wnB.-i iaheyswnreAhurt nrcnA seps1)ciato
0r '-'Natoodllsudmfnlbei- .dursiulfe fifth racwsne at Trot Ms eas on.-
land paid that lIn Y 13tfor the el PFa*. B ,nine Sorenson uaf-. I itwt-"&20 ea un ,*** I O
sndle rld to an Ameer.ican copne f s ir a h.e WAuil, salary rPay Lter ae y'
ANa .Yhn Nl a erke(_)ta. Chrifsa largers str.adaCa.w D ha .irol O t d tirdt0.bytr from r 1* t oiBr-I 1! lHp 4
Nasheu was one of a Isrge righa H knee, and Done WagnetIs b r ue yVall
g rou of Bela eStaud horses has a srea ske. Alld thaes were -.o.n- er r to oltl ing Pr d L Straoa em t le 67 Col S. e. -$.sidg TeL 10
aval wle, the au ct I on. hosiltallied to X-raysaond ob- ofu be."a .. .. ext "O 'FSo M
Combs toOk just Nasha, Oth- seratlon, but it's believed SAN FRANCISCO. Dec. 16 (UP) iat yar, te odger captain s
er biddenrs purchased more none baa serious Injuries. -A federal judge in San Fran- "-- hit .2l2-nine plants above his "" I InIdenkl
*r-- --. f.'orcsco mtomay throw out a half-mil- O-r-wa lifetimeame, aver He c 1_ __d He clubbed 10 __ _.___ ...--_-- .j_ 1 ._
r+ ater, he .eeutor oheombsrliou-dofl. r damage suit sgsinst a ....bao rus giving him 12. i" r ,I p wp
Stiraus, Enel tkel ismange a Peewees bi g
ae, bany sJudge Louis oodstan ig ndicates gsinthewon sli ed plan s e f
Sllstron y he will vote to dismiss make it seven, five in a row, a- o remember-made -e .ast
STthe charges agshe Ianst. Olson edynTd gs inst Pittsbugh. in the Ne utdt in that .thrilling seventh
S eta wIn y 0 -lFKlahee. Alawai ian annlo- Orlenads Siu.i ows, -Jan. slggedu. n t her i
N asoneandof ar ,h nee.scdeso WTerwfor breach of contract sbnd Flu- xw
.d straus ane Jrudy Engelkere of 200 Mt e k-Timhe w3:3 the pact. Campos- is aesainthg forilld e.Gnlb

thi BeS Swim Team set t wa 1. Leisy $250,000 .dsmsges from a nd 'n. n. /"
pew CZ backstroke records ye s- 2. Sadler the same amount from aa erty. si-"Sekn i eodw fotSnaDc 0 hrls
tercav afternoon in the 3rd In- Both aides finished presenting
trasquad meet at the Balboa Pool. Mt. Back-Time 2:21.7 their cases yesterdayI n h judge i e I
Judy set new marks in the 150 1. Days gave Campos 20-days to present H -
Yd. and 150 aeter backstroke e- 2. tdler a supplemental brief
vents whai hshe went the dietafic- Says Judge Goodman-"My own h Peeboetl e g f r t.-
ean* in 2 omua tantaaw ie aeconda 4i0 Mt. F. s.-Time 5:27.9 vie- vcof the matter at this mo-
eturfbwmoeofbutbedoesMace someMilesbeyeatrst was nIo-.beoplof...eofeo--

S'ton batter by Sa seconds the pre- u. Connor ctmeraCt an thr ai olso c breath ofor P 1
* vious market 3 plates set by -'Rter contract a lson could ght for
* Petty Heldernsa 'over 20 years 3. Magee anyone unt Coanpos d ie- se .ed
ago. 4. Rowley anc demands o n him."nounta Ol Pe nobreo s... .s
Ida s'msminuts e aer wreck- M.:l. dmk-T, jEBOOasountuii
ord, also .beld yBetty Raider FLYING GAMECOCK FIRST nME OW deine t please e to Kb every
S man, Bwhoa wa turned sea 3:twU o. isee s-haedhe..dty m es. ofro Clau adi

to replace' -e former mark of Columbia, S. C. (NEA) Worcester. Mass. (NBA) had evr writing L
is off to a faht start tewad being H Cro n, Is i is dirsei t season t
S. Resurta : e f the nto eing bas-as hbead coach of a college basket- n *
., .G n r tetba.l'seerers. banl -team. E0TyahBROOxoffr n8 diffe"'nt point '
1i Mt. areoast-Time, neato .e- de tyl and a vanity of exqudtely colored
t e WBosarl rde, S. *a n Judee o ou w n c
f md ee h -ham.pion..I-4s1r~,r1n-."1


m. a na barrels. y p a
a. rw .
tunb a .s f l w -u'Ht*3:- hoose itto the barrel y u c o e p..
I ltoOd-but NWS.0UAf 'D "I. .'
-m Delen give--en yu the
l~ u et p n.w, t~ t e 4i tfi ,*u
S t. L Te, 1:0. Ir style.a.ati p tl to$e "
20t. F. .-Time, S:3 usedand remebre
1. Kagelke
2. Hews Omen'A
Ater Your E s xRaooK dealt wilt help yo
4d umake ym Christmas gift selection.

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t_.-. th besje .- -dgus ggulsrer tie lead
a-" a ism.m --w-th-c,

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LIBK, Dec. I f(UPI ftMs ^*

-Of Communist Gernan Sovee"ds ve r
e a lnYewbr e RI Dc. P kno the 0 l a n i ereignty, the Army sent s-edan te r tti UN fg al- bnd t -Dvr
i neattack by Israe Weter a aid today ster oated Bern. on on the customary East mobile .I1m
ddo of the ddle bold t He d the truce have tou.
or ur to pa "huge finerted" or fate C-1-1 Ae -to d W_ e a-% m-k*t$-du-
tier' defense banD ver, Mr..

office of their truck. The ."lere was no incident of any Rakeo IS f..e .agsklan woul tr*
S gr oty st crap ipmes were coicat klad Edmond id after the Eat -- u
.o f Ger immediate. 7 t sightseeing excursion terday n electre
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rptie re paesmus -GDee 15(aPZ-2 rmad cf tohe office about the recognize our ove drab Ile b ae. sheiS' 1 l* aa beta les ta-
Pti p by CuaC n m2ernamEs sat l st a te r we wt re told oyou otnha e --- s the y cutoar EmitAe-lt sheralnlute Y"'lr
to te et the He s aid the truckers wou have tr. .. o itg. Hi de e r e m 6 .
Ms Dd dm rD Ioe o nrpot hiwmetpanhouegerrs"owtoenat
pt and the S and b.hefPew
of f r tr t r fart m .,oal

aelr eanic h ax detairna 11 west-b n. hd h ofthei r tuckst. TnIt caee and lighters w orf also ae IL condwles late feateytouvis-d6 towryr a lush, tO
Arabia... e_-he -r n''n

datsl s s ap la we t se rilet sierloe wh0 kveEmhacesidaer th e r Es Nk
m: .te ot6erie- i. imm nd i atelw I ta sigimtseeing exur sion. tr Wda,;--. ,. .T .e Tare .an e .ec r i '-
.enet8113, es ct rl np t woe a st entt ow*
.. 1 .nt. po lAClf rirovat.te." pnrmos a ."re .ait, ssxerd the CNsh- *,,
r Cle ls ,t -De spokesman said. w'eaaAs eWe passed peoples poulicemen *en37 nU.. thes ,pmser- Pr ""sn' hh r t alk ,i"

taDi Oc, a" Whfcer were arrested at gunpointt yon >end. t ep et, when lt er rne t %;SS noah n r An. i ,) he .,
SNa. beau tir army cr tk them to the d erent ara deta nt a d efa- to

*F ah diaeem ho |" ma tter we were quipm ent in from which he tme m.bered thie "' uran.e wll /th ... "i ta r T es
S w 15 td i P.1 | vioetHeon of s aid t German law. a tfki n c He aaid ht wa de T I Zo nmt b r ar pdlA B a la rt
w thi tee n which to sqtar uh..iveh of the Luttby ha s s oru mS- s t s

OHRIatAS G.Pr TO OUR PAT.ONS to't to aht tn Codasult p ut t.rnang toeIgnt r c aw o. t I stets
AT RIeNDS. rnts wee o-t fine rd"e .. o oore m ae o et" a occsiFeon.%
bT "S uit 'km.j us. 6, and Miss rce Ry- (Ce a.. a n at hwo '..r
X "o O d fter P hl j ofBalboa on Novo. O.4.Onafter- ;its hite Ho use

V1,gW Alied protenth over the rei e,. tEd Thonras ed ll tta d aiftrh M E M P Eas i l
W.Wa ..-=en srod M c a s le heo waots ofs 'q sn, sph cl m sentt t he .

B J: ', I. d<*r a-- th em iV iaPricdh, eydsa l. Shadnen, Harri- Shancc to ig.,,,',was ---',,- a ent "ni "att e" Fee- r t'n" s.*
..... e B- ", ho fb e t L. Twinkle Jk Camp-bum i g totv" rlae....ioesen we a. as H otwth ]ea S
I t be. Their Auto were -. d the car India, he r e o

Mcase abandon either near Pa M attack... or ni laat. oun a i

raft A IIrthso or er Panam, Cyty, near me o IS te New Ha ys in
She J .w modoan Ithe reCdence of htf a girl friend. were h aue rom i mn .ce ro .e swo r toasseadeen i let hi

I fS R Ony Cros' tor s addmages but they had unt t e- But he did hay tod oanD an(. the te -littl foa f t
o ere erern t when thean youthful driver was tat oM er adminira doubt they will -r .t... emor i t
String to e lie police l e along to h autri to giv tks on P the houe were

I t night. m they trusted. t here. tdhr hop .tay

sh-i n bants d g Wple gta fri e nly Casnae h a
vWhen w ar memorial n thet Deca A ne nlteice. wteantedw idde C o 'f wd r a a I. o a .e a c '

Gerantmahe s ty of t shea? e test As n a B "

etoro whiere u lv rbo ienthe of oe mo Ano th t told poc
12mater arrested 'YouQ i'd gsotri mEW OFI.tLSELEaTut

no trulNyoRlPalks
IWC I I'spror It ..o ,.n .ob ins. "m a o-vw.ft, lowni., .

the. H eNo 2 beaudite t ei a ye for ato the difrn hrt detailsnhe Js

r at ""o PLesS adte ad ai ) T A
l; to light the Com s. U trni.g. Ro n Araem, .
0n0 day aft.hiear rhktw e ,S tuair ngoasoe car e wee br.Le, 'm I r1 n
Icent;a, and asrtd Eam s t sco r. Itakolz Walker,-. ers,'.. "

eLPanama wr. _and ra. C% P ad ela Cm-rhid en,
L, be. w.their autaOse w ere in each.i

.., Dase. ,andMon irer- AOtat m ouzt*tahm
rlla'ook. er. a tio r 5n a onam o ."ne. .t.l. .5. .
-aedaWe thefter, ad -tAbate weiteMH1use In the&19-
w n myhae w ta s odeet*w..Hi#nlnya e i l pe ntSthed(typ Aedi-t.dr&itd n orlu
rs W.oLi, 1no8 or nig-h t te4ot. .hey.n,

he; weat idng1htaw OD em and.liP. 'oehIten
wi.nef, o f thoteacherr sien o
The nambtd e r an a e.e's Weit. enhe eo
b1ne*wh rd M et. asu Ch andler. P n bA. A., nee on rInu
,on .eand it s. c, ab eo n tehe cade r _Jir.
tfif n vo.I.I o fPHe l tre:C a l Zone howlse J on .I
i t; ci_.. .Small, clearIno utp som a eaes a '
A panabas Ds-. ad Mrs E. Csw0u nd, st h oe: ahe or
nett, fan P e c ity, Mr. and from ede-tadp

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Id r-w1'1-f-*~ll~A~H(--HiLst J .~t -^K IBy

'- S Y ^J^0 6

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" aaRamotied
--- k* Wht' wi


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1VL 12

*2~* --


a .av. v




Material Information

The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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i~j ^ i'ii Y y f*-^i ."* A .4 ^ e ^ *y -*', *.v ^ y *~ *: w r ,** .. s#*" r'^ :- ;. *> --'- "' -. *1 *.i ** g -. ^ ^ --^JJ B

N ~ *'-k ,,'4O,

-rr'A.^^ l-,h-f phko-^ tr n -gwwj -^ -ha/n L ea f *j .6;j ^ ^ ^

"Et h p~I lqhw rth*6 -Abrahamn Li*m*&*s
..... ....... .-
-t arM.,.. -WK
---i -ftijiaa itic ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ i;.-j~ .* .. 'njf''" "' *'''1 / ,- ._' ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
-*' -i --.p *:.^ *' r -i~ fAx ^ i % e^ C as,*.- :1 ':

3% JRent DIiscount NPretifa ls a -5 1 T

O US-R ote Houses Of Treaty Chies -o v e
B: c.Li

a U.l Defat l M v
povisions at s A Mrs
The three per 644t ddlount: now in .iffet ret rnts &. treaty w R m s
th u.S.- theeria Cfanal Zaonl d b eontinu;t bF tuesMay Hamper lrS
tor the nextt'haf d the flik r)W,-. Kt A Ym1*dby

ZoneuwIU be nnt^nti^ 1^a1 W f2tls7s di. Talks With S They've Been 5$
A~ov. 8. .Wybo6ld&resftrdair dtin thregariT 7 iIy astinc WithUS
vith rereientatives qf f t U.S.twats ivie Councils. M Ittratifit op gsbrdw aV
Qaitinuance of thon parent dilbount Ws determined beam,: a t'd HIUeat shOtea J
toh thelboftf the rnetly completed review of the opera-- LMti hed tor -ditq ttthem e U GENEVA, witerIa Deo. 1
tiots of the LAi-rate quarters. Odent not 'yea were: m'sute. E r;xd tom Olf of (UP) Communist Ca threw o
A,4i u. o W hw .a w a mongYwteCch into In trloew
Tbe tree per cent discount has ben in e ince .1) Coiletion of income is tr to seac at id moving imaichinery of her i talks
t y 1, at which time Seybold stated that the mental Panam fom on-. e forte the The statement day all bu with the Uited States here today.
a Canal ebridThe COmmUnlats Icaled an un- 'er
uld be subject to a reviewatthe d of tfirstPia anI .ie a da* so aleor pecdent dpressconfernc, et
-Malf *te tfal ayear. a cn IMore Japn te etoa peace night to charpe the -Ui te a d
ItnMeb.ntrwtinit States with failing toHtghup ke 4 0
ierybold a l t ld at .- f Al P ftt taal stslon, tu rbiu r W talg et e. tolBtheI knew the agramt reached .arl e
nt* ofr ta lfresh BIS clb reimain on 5 ba been b ined lahts *aW aWI Iif l a th a lLo etiaor Ln thinpYetratr The l lowqruotru tiuaetrion today was about S 3
an t ured b dy the Corn. aItte; sh 1 ot Ee is pc they beai sss17 wh clar A ha A
B bywi m' atb dfrige epnSe reamtLlding i P d o to the Wet.S.1 an te 0po *rd ci of a ft r rvsi sd b
r l brUst o I. a e Xolcp w btc Ja of Ouer US to thatorit ln Pasm6' hq 0r te eres i r dea
from Semi I ee e nd be ae In.0stoa hin ra t pi ee w t t ph- WrEen of Cnsl*en, No l5inih ofIl rean Si tI
v llta e ton soii--rri read
6sa ignite O ff sfy tmiSo ofthrcesli llngI i toi Canaltonl aZon i US 55
rin re 5 b )*etvs Feb. 25t1h i. exle frIie Utbatt or Te 1.8. Mhi Kn t they oc Ingo-i ernml ld Um j P
c arWaty.- b ui by.thb U.S.go government p bbt earb the a f% 4ATh 0 lakesidierctz 'ine dAug, 1. -citin g over e n e mp we u livin

ple-ise. th coo nbe doper:app er vie s ( in noSutAh her wI. -% eti t *ras I t PACiI p i into st y tio er d m ist n 2 h ttke p-nvieg offcr bui 'dC e4 l *
ao.W rebarm in a6 bd me J82.1, U.S. -.With: r
the froft iskedbo lrO 6)^a"^ ^ ^ S Cb i of the 1111114: PoBf^ 14i9VaUt Ais 0l m&11 1o^ wtihtsy its rf oM1. in ocm tael wrpe authroriisin
airnan 11 ve lost a.patienc with the atd RusS p t -ei Panam6.
IN the ac of da ine nt iw avabt e ddW r
airssa ta ot a nal, f fiiRa Caun 0 ora t. wer But 2'ne ource id it t he C anal Zone si ntor e su ac ho
*f*.oL S U C# ato. d ton I s o thto aPtuu h ifg The Paid OlOn, oaed the w2. Presian t toohatrd fiarthe re- anma' fault," pr
m.IS .m aaSinds st 'l b lSeaseaweure l ear Ihhd Stak aai ai n an hiles of Ama n ericans rtillday de ed*usueur d ny s -.
-Eeat Ofcle^ an Blace th my,'r onbt hod re t sport*L e 5 g .l~rted byIBritaB Mnea'ii tInch erin China, and tryi went toght a ime they were a aet t liquor who.lsale**ns ei
i 14=r m0,?r 5 -A a yer o le n hdSa.i ethta in tSfaidd to gaI the twomit on l their release.
t reqtnw s w hn t traeiln Watgton yetAy peyeslI majority i for ento t Blocking f atkp th b enot senfug low-lyan officer to Canal Zoua. c4lb

h; stra fl:jt4 u eavSi% t& ftm af t1 Bu. miseto t lftd le. th cocle Iecee vacant a scu wheteriment mp boarding ptting the red tapS, pe p
S. improvement -for Panamare t paw Jap tacty Cubh ting for CoAutr wee elmmunistana Lovelay choe to mr, a
oouan c r pe als to the .S. gov- neotitt. ed on the first ballot taken Oct. -gno-what is c on owd I
the P fe theCal or ai byM01 Fu. ats || kad f r dd ftg e t nese ahiagi in thei US want teo scure rebates on duty .orcea dy pa IV-

^Iboul otor. S 1 Tide are pposit@ t ethe a-nJapa. > ties concil could fudctioJ legal tur nVhoMe or yS nAmtr.a svernment sS
t f the m jorit tr con ltd a fu late of three o Two Mth Air Reue Squadr4) And the whimport l ive in Pa- ..h ... m
without 0,v0 t t rt qa w e lth ider fatui tnsant permanent members ay required ltree dat took oft from AlbrookAFde them w hies dthepriv of kaoffic e O nd NCQ
atl d e : d T by de rt. the hrt Bthig n e arch of a ePar P if side"since tpric e Norvince ut 4,.

o ttit hich cond met ete. The addition of new member ve wch.wa due a 5 eawie, t .

----- J aneeforib atothermlaeCzct day aAmat the S6Kao U.iet d m oy. Bt e t

-A IMw Nsve m l r aAa" ." s o 4 d f ld.l oe(k Su. ht a M o x ii tse# -
*0i1`it of aU. a dm oih Ceuncl cseat.-u Butrs Inourmed sources aoll d ito I d ntherm CanI -e e, it mas spir- s.anS as ,

O ce traffi .. th ittr--tiv e a m Pnams uf ot r It The Phlhlppines had ad the was s ignific h anlt that Johnhat t o a e Pands ftu l tob t -
cum-reto Ie -nthr e o t.b Bte t u the Anal ome, Itd w on't stoe no

A o ter atter dscus- Sincetei E orcieb t of the prza elo rmtt e.a atrtic lippaes 40. Yugo.lavia 28. lombia, on Dek. P, said namasfaul t."ste th. e ...roua
by. n t PCin sno u b pppere ba bear UnitedState, a nd ang ad their a14esliquordealers's grouptodayInd, a p.

-Po st Oficea tPoli Nro Joy-Ridtin= YouthPsrftW.-
mia rv wbPoat OcAfle a mas. a iI. r *by' -tai Uand]%mots, R 1 Inch1 yesterday and wo nt da tiering they were Allsd g.t t&M I A0 is tat^
other filher, t Mant a R A to. tA'third et t o"a
thg t ao se eti. It their lo- statement tmade R sY h ow to hanuas am Usya
od Ovri 5t ye w ht ut teWO aambe d! i rg eAr f r*s Majris ty rhe fo election c to a sessions ain pfive 0l arOth s fb s Loveody an officer f v t s O ttis utQ18 0.Aa tTO we to t a rtir te r I.t lt-rf Panam A from si n "eynicaly" vited yted e t i lly -ae on going a American Federation of G ore> ad o n. n am se
netfhuts a.aGtis, S l As oriterly quosre he Bue Co leleslaa -n "it n sl C lts Ze nef9 iny u to ^c. or* lu Cute.
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