The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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or cohtracts aae awial ,
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&rs e u mar r, ito-his consist of the emtnuctloa =m 4,
u4p fn (touJ. w phcan new substation; furnishtag and
prw ebujrJamwre aiW U installation of a new 1 N00 EVA el
S .transformer; converia of -cy
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consttuction d new. trptuisaMion
Al lines and the Edotitltv iof
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'dlf~. ., t : .n dS*oi t 'negotia- (co nui- .n t.. rage 6 o. *
'-.. ..b* ee.. ." .. om Soviet USW ght come ",
' UNrm Ng a workable plan .
ePW fK with the West, particularly in- 7N
unlficatlo the uBatian of -Germs. E 1Y

TON, Nov. 18 (UP) An M
040 will leave Dec. 2 6wtw
.n ed "acute" (it a hwil
Rce, Cabo, and PanI. *F weB
ir orce basin A
ai O.. e b .. in .] .. _

wrced to live off the remrwtion ina s-,
SAt bases in Gmu"t6ams (Cuba) -ad
o1w, thp Cqsqmma will exam t
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r'Y bu" at 'urity CaGu Chir
.:T- ,/ s .: -.-.. I ._
U.Vl, A S h yn ti ran w lo at Mr. C
SAr it him o the Genah Atomic Con.
Atian i we l NlAmbring
Al Bt te Prdert uIto dA on. the
p l.~e i t u p an easy. Sar or actions ae a' ry a-
li,.ens MS : 3ulge of cn b e tomic developiAmtts..
o b oth.l o At' te fu Feaf Plying from W r"gto to Get.
os ae. wasIM &W atir. tysburg with S tras will be Ge
of- Civts eo pe SnE North Atlantic Trtaty Orgauoia-

C fit itar atted On te westdent's, who vW weend
S4lopsp tter be hcad- cut -n e -AtA
ole withDullea dthe

s,-UPdrawn1 .kU'.JtoB O =otWo- tbhnr vum g4 tnenter
% oe r W=lme appica. JI M gt11,4 t1'r W While I Dfea reportedly admit-
tloaa we "U) g the flat .e400 t taoe thi "- e. ld to t President the Ge-
stwr e t o ve a la 5 th4 o oed uOote p t va meetasi fell far hor t of what
t thei-- a udl a y rsterday. i s wa prl e Big our at "the wumm w in
,Ao t-tes- 6 tr .,aM of et s .mnvisiqul, thq secretary
IUUMt .'TV-not without hope fr the fu-
b ow ,-w W ags t ay S Srejec tmed that the
S at ime. e aa stalemate means ful-
ot d an tio eTs m a be t ...-.. resumjtiu ofSthe o-called
p M ted to cars sytw n .... war, a;d e g to good

Claim-J Suspeded'

In Wy Mjtkahlum Rush
s 11- PUMPKIN BUTIES, Wyo., Nov. h g- 0 big- ad cMem reqt
S-(total. UP) -Uranium prospecton theZ aa- wit th
swarmed over" Iw snow. y 4 r 38 *. 1ger *a ..Ii1MIsr 38 am .2
InI E" a s .tera fee adjSn n a the soroe.mail wby
were dutad f. m B Butler.

to# e ofspialas they a; th e
greatest las rusl t the med.
ern West. '
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1 a iwas increased.
m ow if a camp-
I sub-eas we ther a trailers
tents and in sleeping bags
de campfusa through Wednes-
night to be onb hand for the
,m. opesi.g of the area.
a. area, belied to contain
e comimetrial uranium o re,
closed by the Atomic Energy
mission is 12, to survey its
Abilities for uranium mining.
was to be returned to the
ic domain on May 3 of this
t raiders, who lease grazing

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,s t EMO., Nov. 18fo)-%y n, ti do m
301 he 9t KrhetarB"
N Supreme Couft l l a6 Wamtt Oers ofIhllinois.
k to dqcidobwoflt1a ,_. "; ey Repub-
it taee. to pick t.fwmn. gr t i-
of footbagmes, -.
.eor olaorf
f"" "-I -- t suhlabord aSO-4
tnete of h m ashs on the ttr a,.
and a at fie Wednesday on h.Soe n W e r ,d T
r .*-f tbKU ,rpool.a. lgcste., sam en a Wa
ford's attlrHB argued wav l gmeer, stokman foreman, .ns'
on feoI ies requires L Ui taer wcaap ter ed
and d-lect end on cht. maE,, sa ei s t anrd uiNEW DELHI, India, 'Nor. 18-
a tfa theca in a lottery. oa m t a1 -Soviet Premier Kik o a i

d. her today for a st oe visit
adoI -by .Moscow asione that

'brant00 sumfl aboard a o.
vsh 11-14 aircraft and were greet
ad by Prime Minister Jawaharlal
Nehru and Indian Vice President

li ea RusgIa who alr witour
1;rm a M ad xthahistal wse r e
eeted by rthe soars of a crowd of
3,000. a -fetmatod. ,,m00 lmned
erth.ito n c. ty-from the In-
ask! fomk station ,at -Paleam
A or to r Witch -bs Rusdanu's

.NUwDMI was respledent for
te. occasion. Its streets were
wash ens. t ,blingsw wae.r a
whitewashqd-acd -.emmmoni al.aI
arches and Sa_. covered
The decora*t9ic ost line was
180,o00 a sum' that brp ug ht
sharp eriticlsm f m the Press
and joy to the hearts of paorknet.
One of te most freuent heard
sin the Indis capital was
Ifthe Russian leaders would
stay a few extra days and visit
other parts of the city, New Deh
everything in their p aet h was

Has Sweet Tooth

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"d=9en oratlons.
an women board an
r t, The women-
west aoed to San-

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a t it' prsusadlg his a-
vsand n alW family to
accept a phapY Eaglish strip
t-awr as M Wi-to-be.
rL_ told wsma he and
oe judge are deeply in
u samelder thmtmaelves es-
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1. M sweErT P. O. aOX9 34., AMA. U OF P.
TE.4H0ON 2-4,740 I INeKS
45 MAVIOMn AvE. NEW YORK. 4I17 N. Y.
MOMN. AsVA---- 1.70 5 3.10
Six MONTH. IN A WANmK. a.0 13.00

n open letter to the Gooernor and to the P]
Zone Constructi.n:
%.a at if ..f..1 rnan Ih hoi' bulTl U't1

11n1 anU It.
her loeati

Labor News


NEW YORK-Muscle men to the
underworld calmly watched Harry
ridges roam the Brooklyn and
se docks one morning re-
fist, hurled no
I~r ,v~r K( Yet six

ij itars t t .he flu'- L '-i dumped.
w4eS nug nsure ll a r. for te, h'-r -kn. .n

flne k-nd of mulcal listrumnent, but t]listaJ h aoaoman to me
hor hours at a time can give anyone a jiervou his men in a west coast waterfront
.th.We all have the right to enjoy our home freebr-alL Hoe seldom moves wth-
Bt~b~lq h



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Ponta af- 4DSflsnow 0et de3 'aa
White Mane st Ambblt Prjd-
dnt Sherman Adams had decided
to get rid of pic buildings boss
Peter Strobdl atasce fuly as pa-i "I
--._un. ] der



g*el peace an t tIcE we wish It. U U IA5 .
wuMygoodufriend, the oens ,. a erht robel "ztmmeaded" aehre o ne rwsg ,aner lMr,
a e major Kn here live in houses where our windows My good friend the oen-shirteda U Mto atal te in govm B evet cwibe Intwated this.
S no glass that can shut off noises from without or np-wearg, ^lear of the AF h I meat. The subordinate testified ."I.msda.a wim int submit.
wa In our ho Sailors Union of the Pacific, that Strobe left the impression t d it to the board -was coa_
r that a ,'each hbosing community in the Zone should Harry Lundeberg, calls Bridges a t e o et w. t o to Pcet urffe Ina by the i_ 'ut was
hO v one bull ~ipth soundproof or enclosed walls. An extra gutless." Bridges would never an- ,d .no other frm. Ia.ff incid- t the report they
'wall r two, wh in a new or old building, a few ceiling fans have walked..theNew York pier erstal,. ws hired .to dO architec- thought was edlea mthea
'or smail coolg tnit, and the price of a few extra keys Is all n daylight without -assurance r .tiara wbtt wu goweuinnm t It.a seltl t
the pense th would entail someone that he would not be architects vormafly do.
ha pl I agrely needed for people who know they would molested. Strobel o used. his ik3e.," Tot-
ie blng sa with their particular hobby. We all realize Certainly not Pier T, I Man as a top a aitration oficl to t et apcrap
hataeanni airailveged indvduula without tyspe o housing b- n in hoeb tther"maOn d. .r etr \ Almany Engineers into information, not a .t an
IUste. -or Infamous-by the film "On paying his fia an extra ,50p Inference n any way, ape or
pary and those who control Ather housing the Waterfront." And certainly not oyi g hst work. Th record Sws or t so Mr ves
e ntt n Id have the undying thanks from dozens of peo- the Luckenbach Piern o 8th t., several other incidents that aug. was guilty of Pearl Ha'r-. I amn
p nthe s and future. Brook'yn, n.ot .ar from M gest a conflict between Strobels glad to make that of pt rec
-Hopeful. Inc.'s domain .private interests and his govern. ord."
-L-... et Bridges walked abroad by met dttes His personal come Movie Ceo
d daylight-for the first time in the onm his fil, Ie ntaly The Natrcotcs Bheau itakea
........ i', ro... .. ,. *t. le fir has br wkid ontay The NArive years durin which ictt hasis ty f
T Uf@tnanddaopped In 3 mto
Sall Why? Who sent out word Brooklyn Co.gresma 'Manny 'Up th zhaIt.o
shoeay wasto find hein wh en Celabler's J7 di ar%'Comi h But* ep ts in er,
Bridges announcedast. He h asi m et i These hearings thffiay convinced he a of e Narcotsuic ureau, who e
.- tow n street corners, handlin I the Whte Hou that Strobel must ha done a great job in baling

1,) _" i. ..'. .. ... ,- ir Maybe. Thi stdy .u e o .n gom against dope but is well past re-
SAN I ; PIaT b oty's lifels after 25n years. on the* PETER D ON set of a round of polital jokes on the picture is the "Msays it has too

PE TE iRVIV. I'$ A mace bonk1Harry came into 1 -- c -- Republican lament: "Nobody diets never get cured, and that
E-L -W retown to hrG streets of t a the firm has been working on another the Golden Am, a terrific pro-
t International E percent ofhe Wash Richa M. Gov. Christi-York. e got five per cet first ime basis Derecent months. dk you i n which Frank atra
omewherking Presid enhower'w no e Theaghts of a per cent third. Sen. Strobel's outside activities were lays the part.or movies
_. ,first exposed in this column on addict who Is '

S"' "the hatched ca for e-ecto post-caS made by eptemerver of Tennessee ran thivetiated by g friend, im Novak to give

acs w e A hy? Who sent out wordlm.Te 4reprcetfrtcoch2 teoirttwtlid its stamp
y o st o. .mei t .that the Republicann poll was compiled wtaa as wer ent second-choice and 30 per Congressman James Roosevelt of approval, which in turn is aln.
SFor the first ".t -idges annBW ounces he was an i CeIer's Jd quietlary attending most sure to withhold the offal

Bridgthe experts on the e, it iT the cent bee the GO a w even these s Committee when he was ducers.d
towgnal for s open argush to tie if Ike n run. e cent In all to head the ticket He got startled to e ar testimony that be Under the motion picture codetling
St t e r s. ayt dope ut is Well past re-
co ...i h mcmes at a late date in locals wont h rd a per cent as second-choice faNote: The Strobe Prehearingst, adso not the movie producers agree not to

onth e I --seand soo aue aFer corre- cene ac ,toe -ate and 15 per cent third been p ronsible for Pearl Harborkeshow any picture that would t n-oo
THos THili M. i L ip VAL r docks of the world.e B. He was also startled to learnlcourage use of narcotics. The
ilac lic. Il make bo. Hca n Justie Bal Wrren Repubfo .en other Democrat oo haican lament: Nobodi y that "Man With The Golden Arm," how
Sdoks an waret houses, will not consentto bcom a and-e six may to name here-were suggest DR knows the Strobe I'm in Another certainly does the opposite. Arm"
lted e. tn i used date e A I N N utA)- r. Repu t to the m. A 30 per ed for thVce President Gov, Avere H y.arriman of New concern a Rebor hliad beenn who mcen- It's a graphic portrayal of th
t International remen'Ecent of t theWash d got more than a few iatteredot five per cent fired out of te final Army Pearl tragic life of a young gambler.
al rig e leel nda believe an fo ctio o vote. second-choiceavbor Report have Producer Otto Preminger says
A f i tsomewhertional pro-Soviet organza- nominate Vic power llesiden not ichard over the lot n nminghtsheir first, with n ine per cent third. st-choce charg The congressman's sur-s,
Sr the hatches, talk like an ordinary M. Nix orn to h e-ad the ticket ifpos-econdma thirder of Tennesee hoies fran For the LAELE [e tes. Se. Hubert Humphrey of pre as their at the maerave

Honest trade unionist about job Ike doesn't run. Thirty-eight per likeliest presidential and vice- Mineso. a was third, but with only in which dhe Army had suppressed
A 2 Western state and wagcks and the industry. Then cent believ centof neion will presidential candidates. fouthree p er cent first-choice, vote a conclusion which completely ex- i stamp

S. Formerly .e up on non-Communist If the Washington press and ra- ernor Stevenson. He received 88 son's running mate in 195. rpe from Harry A. Toulmin Jr., a Day-oosevelt1 t ur
i Worshipd outfit, offering money, manpower dio corp were naming the likeliest per centon Dayfrtchoice votes, nine o nly third.eetofive per cent of Caliornia was quietly atte t sure to withhold the ofical

SHigh peak and brains. 1956 candidates today, the tickets per cent second choice and two per first, second or third choice for tyiong about government laestiga- a -
psmeouth Now takes a p Br ges'on strategy in would be: ca, 4 per nt thi o rd choien. I the v -prank cy. Inhe of Ohio a hearing of the house Small Bust- K of the motion pcutre pro-
I ?"l American the expertss on the dockk,.it is athe cent Dbeldath Gov.P eau w eventurp to poor fourth with only twoness Committee whe e en c he Iwasducers.d

*ia "1" rodents I ipna~fflland for Philadelphia and Balti-eStevenson and Sen. Estes Kefauv-nclose to Stevneaon's lltal,, WsT alpeaM sfagf, J :when rwap.n anem- 3
a1 Agents 2 otlan Tx, 430 ti l .his open puhtote so te h toead the ticket. He gotstartled to hear testimony that his .Under te motion picture c

f8 17ym Rubber 2 Impudent 44 Unoccupied would forget the many sworn h -: armed ap t by the D-
S Smallest 31 Warehouse 46 Negate himself wit t court oceedings t per cent as eeceartmer, the late resienthad not three movie pro ers agree not to
and Hogke 33Plantr 47oWar god o and before Conrescorrelthe ate ancommd 15t per cent thirdbeen responsible for Pearl Harborshow any picture that would n-

Japan1e mammal 38 Biblical Greece tees linking hm to the Soviet J Aon a cons a rqtat
&0 I 'U. Ch.iefC&ons0vlatedr i a' de ti now believe U.S. ChieftCangres I'a18.1 i *ete choke.e. lHe was aIso startleC to learn'courage use of narcotics. The

1utcs 24 Neck back mountain 48 Caustics world, .~e weeks atdothey e ider -
L Heraldic band40 Precipitous Fhemical A But he an't changed at least 'T ., rteenother Democrat-toothat an official Army find thatMan With The Golden Arm how
rmromsdocks 26 Russian lake 41 Closed car sux e warehouses. o. t o tndix'oI any to name here-were suggest] FDR was in no way to lame ever, certainly does the OIsite.

pple, is_ it e le udseda. or .date evn n Es p m s em. 30 perd for the Presidency. su brouneor Pearl ht from the Paoc area and-It ,
OAis~ t|e. Itl uc date en E|,eowezows ut. 1t111s put to thm AK lgood W I i got more than a few scattered scrE d out of the final Army Peaul tr lf of a y g
m rAJ rhp usdoleai-'," eve ren w 4. m l raun- o a orthe P B or Parl Ha rerbeort hd.e a otra oe
Se you take yourself out ofundecided. hov reporters close to the sita- For the Democratic vce-presi Conressman Roosevelt's r- however, that he sn't going to

LNe IN 'ru-- iateC -7 F -ecvarebcr)e a letter from & Prainger says,
_____- "" "----'''"-'- ___________ the shadows of your pro -Red But inmanother relatively close tion size up today's trends. dential nomination, Sen. Kafauver prise. was not because he ever change the ending, that hes going
activity. Then youappear in pub-'vote ona key question,52per cent While the newsmen had definitecame out ahead with 34 per cent thought his father was responsibleto d ibute the flm even if it
uA t reis ~ c as though you had never eeilof the correspondents eeve the yes-or-no opinions on the mainflrpt.choice votes. Goy. Frank G. for Pearl Harbor. Some Republi-does get a thumbs-down from Ans-
Answer to Previous PUZzleassociated with Sovieteers r in- GOP National Convention will not political currents, they were, allClement of Tennessee was second cans, of course, did make that linger.
I Amen Animals temntional pro-Soviet org'aniza-'nominate Vice President Richard over the lot In naming their first, with nine per cent first-choice charg, The congressman's sur-

NaAions. You talk likd e many ,. ixon to head the ticket if second and third choices for a.. Hubert Humphrey of prise a there at the manner
A 2 Western state and wages and the industry Then cent believe the convention will presidential candidates. four per cent it-choice p a conclusion which completely x
t Youngdog 3 Recurring when ou think you have been sufa coomimt. Nixon. Ten per cent ex- The only one who showed up with Surprisingly, Sen. John J. Spark- operated his father.
H dZest iP r lteaoy un-cursd, you ,pre-s no opinion, a clear majority lead was Gov-, man of Alabama, who was Steven- The 'surprise testimony ca me
xigar Worshiped outfit, offering, oey, manpower dio corps were naming the likeliest per cent first-choice votes, nineIonly three-to-five per cent of ARC ton, Ohio, lawyer who was testi-
mgh.peak and brain. 1956 candidates today, the tickets per cent second choice and two per i l, second or third choice for fyinj about government inesatga-
onnul SouthuN Now that's Bridges' strategy .n would be: cent third choice. I the v4,-pr.sidency. In A, 45 tioas
r-the great harbor of New YorkI Democrats Gov.Adiale E. in second place, but t even -Democrats were suggested for the "To give you the ex ienceI
ri l 9 Arrow poisoniMO = more as wel- tr of the Army e -ail Harbor,
SiAugmpen Tex8astiDr3 n' time to elapse so that the public .Committee "that )wasoriginally

INe v-omere1_Sm -lles 31 Warehouses 46 Negate' tatements-i court proceedings l1l i tment of T. Army with three

7 Seaweed
ocm from
Cm now
SOf Hages
Not wanted

agBsit school



I"' r '

I I lJ r I I "-"

I that lter idAted Oct. 29,
11_. It Is Inro Central Com-
Sttee of th. ,Koerean Transport
Workers Trade Union. The letter
S a in part:
S Korean itorkers, techni-
efm and -~t workers in the
-_r___ ^,-, f d c dtr transport ex-
a o % .fervent en-
Scoragemeat to the longshoremen
I d the westec Coast.. .We, Ko-
re worklag people, together with
S f I'p1the wol" aVrk -ft whole world,
-" -. -zr t all the heinous
S' ven ofthe class enemies
.. -- b exposed and
P | III- I 1. B b31r"O united ranks
othe working people of the whole
Sspar you fellow oppressors
further gory details which show
I t tht ee Korean Communists oh.
viouly think of Harry as their
What, then, was hf&on; on the
RPROOF WATCH waterfront? .os pro-
,rPr vOOn.,F WATCH,



I. Qus. Nov. is (UP) -I
a three-story a-
iat building here today.
Lfewr peson and injur-
Sothers. '
IA were identified by police
men Deer. 40; t wo ql.-
; rae Par., As, f.aVI
L Sir littdren and Deriger
tteLbR after he escaped

1 ,

5. I


Choose the exquisite quMy of Lunt for bepaly
StC. t' increases "r after year ofter year Co.
inm soon to see ow complete silver coflecin
and make our choice of a lifeme.
io As. plate sa(| weMin. from


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Internal tion ad Jewelry

155tfCSlral'Ave.-,C1IiCJ"t6 Street

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* 9 new features

* Remote control

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, _. .,.
'' ".:.S

~3C.7L -.

.5- '-- .- r '' -~ ~ ~ -~ ''~ ~~LYIII~rlllllll

-, I;~.'..; .. -t z
. -*. ., .- -* .- -" : -
._ :.

'-.A ,, "

: : il4

3- A--.. 'I -
1 1 %*ijw'uI~'i, A' I..
b%'UflA4tiiri & &bi'~w.q0A ~ -. ~ ~' L 5 -.
'I '~9~ F
'It **I 74 '-A --
4kdq ?4~L IA ~ ,i 2 ~ -
**..c.*..: S
? e





Spqital Hours:

10:00 AM to 1130 P.M.- 3:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M.

Since 187., long before the birth of the
Republic of Panama, our firm has been
searing the Isthmus.

1 s* tP e rke nFIl DI MpU 5. A. StJ 4tC AjIu m t t
? .-.

- :;~;- ~: '-II A

warm welcome awaits you at our modern, fully alr-con-

ditioned new store. Two floors especially designed and arranged

for your shopping comfort and delight... elevator service, of course.

Most important of all to you, at this Christmas Shopping Season, we

bring you a wonderland of new gift merchandise... feminine fash-

ions, accessories, men's furnishings, children's and infants' wear and

a fabulous fairy land of toys. All the budget and luxury merchandise

is of the same high quality and mode $ e at ha. kept Fil

B. Maduro, S.A. growing and growing dhag 78 years and 4 genfra-

tions of continuous service to ourcuM'ut ie

L LOU will find all our regular
services in our new Store liberal credit
facilities, lay-away plan, merchandise clulhb
free gift wrapping, free home delivery,
phone and mail order service and our
Annual Free Christmas Raffle over
S2,205.00 in 81 merchandise prizes.
To commemorate the Inauguration of our
new store a lovely gift will be given to all
customers who make a purchase of five*
dollars or more in merchandise.

.1 -


* ----I
* V.,

21 Ceutnd Aftiue
wmr s ihs
.4- '


Central Avenue No. 220
.m _T b C ^ w.a. .ic Bl l^w I "

No. 6 Tivoli Ave.
opposite Aacon Post Office

- ..~ --t i ~ ws~i~a e ~. .. 14

.M- -p--L-------.---..C. .. .. ." c % .- -

-'A m-gods:"' -At

iii -

.- sMuu MAMAN AN, UI 3 I UST ElWh5VAlC

. f

4*. 7 v


-E *

- a *

- r

'. rA

. -4



-i 4-


* -


*- ...

I J76 iy~-;k ... -4m- Li

,..:/,.;. ..-

*s.'*'* ^ -

7 -


. ..- -t-,


- *l

-; *J



* *. A
1 '* I

-tlW W..Pf

" 'orgf Bess' Music To- Be-Paye

By Clarence Martin At Pop Concert

3^Bwill be&ayi by Wice
Eel ad ua d at a p p
concert to be presented Sunday,
the Pacific Service Center.
Ulartin has prepared the Gerash-
uS melodies in a medley, nclud-
ti .such favorites as "Summer-
featuring a trumpet solo
yohn Malcolm, "I Got Plenty
SNutin." "It kint Ne-ssari-
and "Bess, You Is My
Now." One of the songs
a om vl score he did not hAve
i ved a week ago fro&
The 1'3 Panama orchestra
leaded j will use vocals on
two oi' the lbers by Bay Dix-
ei and Betty Williamson, and \the
medley which will run approxi-
mately seven minutes will vary
. tempo from the slow, moaning
cu to the mambo.
addition, the Martin band
will y four other numbers in-
special arrangement by
ai y Cox in which the 4:30
lufbs keoard wizard will be
~etured as t .
Caro Gre. se' quartet and Vic-
*' RRid's combo will furnish
of the action during the aft-:]
eon's entertainment.
their artists will be Dolores
aelock. pianist singer, singers :
noms ,do Henry Josephs,
iu~a4BronDives Wattsan

Ilaled As Proxy

Of Paralso Council
flls raweedt, re-elected presi-
dent of the Pfaisso Civic Council,
MbadWd the list of officers install-
ed by Frank Wilder of4the Ca-
Mul Zoee Internal Security Branch
during A regular meeting held
at t Paralio School last night.
The Installation ceremony was
included in a abort program
prepared by Mauroe Heywoord of
the program committee.
Soffier Installed were:
AtherleyI vice president;
rs. e< MeKenziep secretary;
SIhmilRt Lavalas, Ant. secrets-
k; Cheveland Stevens, treasurer;
y WIlliams, trustee; Leo-
cook, trustee; Mrs.
Buide, trustee; Joseph

theac tic nce team, Sparki
tbles 1 t are no% avail&

Top Timber
(COmUtaMel trem Pase fI
vice-presidency. This indicates
how wide open this race may be.
On the Republican tally, wfth
only 11 .per cet of the newsmen
believing President Eisenhower
will run for a second term, It fol-
lowed naturally that only eight per
cent gave him as their first hoice.
Vice President Nix
parade to head the .
with 41 per cent firs
Chief Justice Wasr aM
ond with 19 per cent IIltf
votes. President was
thi ov. Tboea E. a





Committee Chairment Maurice
Heywood pIogram; Alfonso Phil-.
.ps, publicity; Mrs. N Saw. H
years, wefare; Ruben i rsley, .
cots MHtyOG
Services: Mw
ialty. Jorge r o. *x .
.Tune in!
Councilmen: Thomas lawyers,
R-lthwin Samuels, William Nich.
olla. Mrls. Rose V. Coote, Mr s.
,llian Atherley, Mrs. A m an da
.bleul Hubert A. Thomrson, Kep
aphael Gordon. Pearl E. Ford,
rhimore N. Alexis, Mrs. Edith
A. Brown, Rupert Lowe.
representatives: Eric Oakley, Jf
shirt sleeve conference; RBaoy 11 II
Sryce, alternate, shirt-sleeve con-
jerenee; Bryce and Ernest Wil-
I'ams. congress of Civic coulcils;
Nimilton Lavalas, alternate. h


--.*~-~ -~ 7

CAOCCu l lee. atY prk deprtamt
ploys huddle In a eile U=M"b Moses' Zoo" during a recent
* protest parad a iWlrs TM owner Robert Moses. e*
2000 pa k P I. M ch.d ,_btt what they called cruel
practices ad f apant unflao-buI Moses. A truck carried
the age in the psrade. *
^r ^ l f.. ;.---

"Trick or treat?" ,_ .

Jr HmVE, aSjERF..-




s'#O4 Recd & Cua&pi2ia L Iei

Flash Backs Out



* v I-

A wr 0ww im .WCT Ar
elf OIR



%&. I

i O0?- 4zk
. ; -t:--''

Cimptets ob

: 4 .

-. t.."

ULie trW


*hear Seemt


Lnr4, An 'r~ muMLP L oPtu@A.


1 VAW HIM -j-o E
HEt~li~~ l~W~~

r -

I' I J.. WumLamAL
o-r H'GAMES/
^^y -.--^^ ^i1

- E.

s~5.~IbJ -,~ -

41 -

5. .41MaJ.


V *~I~.







NO I CMf" w PMWF Wvi N

~-- 1i


~Tllr rr~ rr err Ir r




- -1 --1- -


,s ,


I !


- IA'

*: Afl.-" ,';*.
* u''

ri. ,
4 4

-,-' AA ,.r ~ -,-W ',


W. ow rMlmfme Am

%l ow1 '
fi ,-.^U .U

X. .. ..- I 1 W .- ?." N w. _. .
-.. .7 .. ,. .- W .,,
-#w gfll ..



*8~ 9-
.; ..
.- ',1,.
''. ,. .,,
,.r ,.
-'f ..
p- r *

*-~ &; :'


. 04 .,.

f ".-..

. ., : ,. .

S .. ; ,'

- ,' ,


S I.


" ,,.


S... ." .-

*'.;.. v ..- *.. ; :,.
,, .. ..

J. 4. *
: "

* *-, -. .

. *. i

I -.Murk T-y

-.,. \ t' *3,. "
a.'..- : I'
': .
.,' v.


: r '


. I ,



~ It;




t*. -.

- N-.


-a ,

T9 A

I p

-"t('.-. .p


p .

* a.

tp:; > ~


44 -
~ N ~

We slncqrely tElnl Cotental Mark H Is tie finest automobile in te

s diatinctioi is only manufacturediNau hited

quantities. We cordial bhte-yon to visitColpan1-Motors, Incorporated, your

Ford, Mercury, Lincoln Dealer, for further information.


,*1 1 ..I

; ,i.i -

* -. a'
P tfl
-~ p

i' t


'* *q

'. i7
*' ii-)
,l I

- ;, 'L ,A

Overseas Distributors Branch

'%KfL(. .e r "-..

For#.i.ternational Division Ford Motor Company
-- : .;, ..

* I'.
.7. ~'1
* nt
* I..

1 .'. .

*." *.. ,




.-.. MI



R S,

A ..

~'i it.

w. ... "-.. .
~~., .
;. .,, ',. -. --*t s

.t" "- ^. : : ,..
... ,/ % ..

.. -. I .' *

I a



'p.-' n-p.A l

1*~~ ~ flP-1- r -

-a C.

* a'- flY.





*,. ..

.4 *, *

L-. *


? i

. ,-.* l. "


-S '-4

. -

, r '
* I Ip


- .o i.
- -.-. p.

-A' < ^

S *-',
* .-..)






.:* \



I.. '

-. .- r

. .- M-*' .

. -


'"; d L i-


** -


I In

CAN WIeR AD AT 4'.i^f

ive W*t* Aits


1w FOR-.-


U "U

1 Street No. 13
Agencies Internal. de Publicaciones

ConlaI ,ve. 4-

iLa L Carr.qul.lll
go. a- *.4"60
th rilf July v a& J t.

Ave. wTvel No. *
14) C#M". A"mnr
N*. Comiar Aw eepe

_______________ a '- U- 1, 1 --;--- -


x, L. hb rseg ,Or. I Avilk Jr.
I (eowptowc Ulvtivr") M.D.
..n (4th of July) AM .. .'o 21A24.
S ie.i Ame n School Playcround)


S!:ftem PrampU X-052-t


oi h


tdest Mq Nqd Iee,
d le -device on
the market ,19 proves.
alonal. comereial and
Educatlonal purposes.
lero from the Ancon P.0






Tune in!


list ~tiig!


FOR SALE:- Refrigerate HNot-
I point, 9 cu. fth 0-cycle. C4n be
seen any ti l'at Qtn. 210-1,
Albrook u iM'9. Excellent
cond; ig
S FOn SAL,- -. kery liv-
ing room st, 'W""elif eon-
strutien, $175. Call Batflt
FOR SALE: Bed king else
IX6O iese HelJlywnd, box
spring and malief. .57240D,
Noble Place, Si bl. C.., Tole-
phone 2-14 W
FOR SALE: Upholstered ma-
khoany living 4inm-e. 8 pCa.
House 5623 DUble. Phme 2-
FOR SCAIall. is
porcelalA e if;15a de, '
ble bed vi 'Wo 520; io
L le bed $ '04432.0. An-
can, "

FOR SALI -"' 3t9
toof. mit Rical.
do Ad .*M.ffg.

FOR SALE t e wa-
ter heater, ambhee living room
set., Simmons t tn mattresses.
arden hose and miseollIneouS
household J .tp

FOR Si:-3 single metal beds.
mattresses; 2 wooden doresn.
Mkihailis, 2515-A Owen Sreet,

FOR SALE: Leavin Paamoe,
will sell furniture, pfeat eon-
edition. Via ArfetiifiL .CaOa f*-,
lita," Apt. 7. 1I aug jo.
FOR SALE-OnMe 'ed. Tele-
phone Curundu 6240.
- FOR SALE: Living room eot
'$75, sell as ret V by piece.
Ueu 761. Apt. C. Bernaby St.,

110 SALE: 4-- Himsheold and
parsc furniture, lamps, pheno-
Sera pillow reoneMlider. Call
w 3iti i2. aOIytme.

S itin 1 r0d I

1950 Chevrolet 4-dooer sedan,
bod clean, good paint. tire very
very good. Mrchiaically vesy
eeood. A real bre 1951 Pontiac 4-doer sedan, .rap
die. hydamotic, e a 1 lights
ylovn sea covers., elsn car.
1953 Chevrolet 210 4-door so-
den. radio, seoo seve, sky blue,
clean car.
1953 Chevrolet ISO 2-der se-
dam. radio. Net covers. glod
paint. very god tire, mehail-
cally good.
1953 Plymouth Cranbrook Spurt
Coi, radio, hueatoer, seat co r,
now tires, low mileae.
1953 Plymouth Cambridge 4-dr.
sedan. cle I n body, paint like
new, mechapicallyv good.
1953 Dodge Coronse Hard Top
V-8. radio. gyro-matic transm.,
w/s/w Vires, tu-tone paint, con-
1953 Buick Super V-8 4-deer
sedan, kadio, dynaflow, w/I/w
*tires, tu-tone paint, bylon covers.
1954 Chevrolet 210 4-door so-
dan, radio, seat covers, tires like
new, tu tone paint, excellent
1955 Baick Hard Top Riviera,
r a d i o, dynaflow transmission,
signal lights, back up lights,
leather and nylon covers, tinted
gleu. heater and defroster. New
car condition.
(Beside Coca Cola Plant)
Teab. 2-2616, 2-4966, Pnammi.
FOR SALI:- 1951 Oldsmobile-
*8 Tudor, tu-tone, good condi-
tion, good tires. $709. House
0432, Apt. 0, Ancen.
FOR SALE:--1941 Ford Sedan,
2rdoer, $25; 1939 Buick 2-doer
Coupe $65. Satin 41-1. Phene
S-503 anytime.
FOR SALE:-1950 Buick 4-dr.
Sedan, 4 new tires;, radio, seat
covers, 700. Call Coco Solo.

FOR SALE-.-1949 Kaiser Trav-
Sler; 1941 t cr Coupe ,
g od condition. $350 each. Tel-
h.a. II-A I It

BOX 2011: ANCON, CJ.


=8 4..f ., until end 'F
Nov .e. ACAtMRlO TROPi-
CAL W OW, 49 Vie lali,-,

lkn as Blocatd e ,wr N*.:
Arrafali *r, rMtaGret ai
cabi."li. ristal." M ed .
poetmly fe mrtind Amel "I
esape. For father Infermatlmi
cal M. Navarre. Panama Carnl"
Ba. Panama -1347.
FOR SALE;-Bakery with com-
plate equipment at a very ream-
onable price. Phone 877, Box
630. Colon.
FOR SALE:-Bargain, 2 air-con.
ditionrs /4-hp. 110 volts Syl-
vania, in perfect conditidh. Good
for office or bedroom.. Reduced
to $175 each for quick ale.
Phone 3-0226, 8-12, 2-5.
FOR SALE:-Four-by-five Speed
Graphic, $85. Foto El Halc6n, in
front of Hotel El Panama, 9-12
ond 2-6.
JFOR SALE:-Stainles steelt a0-
ballon aquariums with lights $20.
House 5457. Phone 2.2389.
0OR SALE:-largain, girl's hi-
cycle 26", like now; also Ly's
bicycle. Call Clayteo 6221.
pealed bids for t"h pursha eof
structural steel and shapes. of-
fered for sale by the Penama Ca-
nal Company under Invitation
Noe. 197. 2.290 et teon of fer-
rous scrap under Invitation No.
198, two steam locomotives and
locomotive crane under Invita-
tion No. 199. tube, pltss, and
mesh under Invitatfon No. 200,
and 252.300 peouneof nee-fer-
rous scrap under hu eltoen No.
201 will be received ia she of-
fice of Superinteadqnt., tAe,-.
fsouses. Balbo, t
. ng times. when
openedd in public
497, 9:30 a..' I W .
I-*,-!-W kJ- io A 19 -- .

FOR RINT:-Lovelp 2-bedi-
apartment, II CaoO wiM in-
dividual bathrooms, dinslg-ving
rooms, maid's roeem with bath.
Lavishly furnished ib ldinge ln-
ens, dishes, ec. Availtle Det -
ember Is. Phone 2-2456 buei-
IneM hours, 2-3525 Sudy.
on all our taking silver flat and
hoelloware, well known brands.
Take advtapg of this offr nd
shop early for Xmas. PORRAS,
,Plh= 5 do Mayo.
FOR AINT:- Furnished apart-
ment, two'bedreemos, elia Vista.
lst of December, all" scroed,
$130. Phone 3-1448.
OR RENT: Completely fur-
nished apartment at EI.Cairelo.
in a 2mery heIme: living-dining
room, two bedreems, bathroom.
het water, telephone, kitchen.
maid's room, garage and lawn.
Independent entrance to apart-
ment, neer Hotel El Panama.
Ca, hfor information, 3 6796
FOR Ob4T:- Apatmenht $30.
rootmi $20. Sekbao, Carresequi-
fla 5424 Phone 3-0850 or 2-
150C. ,

J. reo..' di ow Avm J. I 1

559 aBle ^e. a


YOUNS CeMO. whIit chil-
dren desire vacation quarten on
or about 1 s Jan. I. Call Ancon


FOR RINT.-Uirnfmihed chal-
t: 3 lrge bomsi, 2 bath-.
rooms, se~vi quarfmers, lar
ps. 52@d b ren # I. all
-222.dag o office hours.

Real Estate
FOR SALE:-Farm with 44-4/5
hectares with paper and plans.
good cattle lnd, water an year.
2 houses in Cherrora. House
4177, make offer.

Pnq. LAW@vruI 2 Stmt



Boats & Motors

FOR SALE: I8 -f. cabin
scaMer, 60-hp. V-I lnboad on-
*om, dinghy, spre pa**, oecel-
0 condition. No. 335 Diahlo
IJngfi Club. PMene 2-1509 or
23263 ifowa w,.
FpR 911 Johnst. 10.
o 4. perfect omnditon.,
$215. "4 Morgan Ave. Phone

WANTEDTOUry-Ued boy's
ilcy&l fe Mr add;'s so. Tole-
pheoe Balho 2872.

Note~ Jlasz pianist
ofhePhone in popular
piano I ZEZ BEN-C
NETT, Phan 2-1_2.M

i,, ,.,. BM.; -
Phege Pame1

Gramlich's Soanta w lrs*mg
Cotages. Meden cem
moderate rates. Pn I
6-44|, i .- --

baech at Soamlt Cl .
Thompon, Dbe. 171.
past Cadne._LoWe^|tqM
ulbed 116d
. s-1s : y

Santa Clare Ing
-week-eid., Xk oc ,
pers Iove.
for so I

I) apeli Panama 5-01- 1 .. invieas r For. Par ran awvca
WANTED: Salesman, to sell' .Dec .;er 2; Ivit h No. 99; .ne h w ne
Chevrolet, Buick. Oldsmobile and FOR SALE:-1954 Buick Super 2:00 p.m.. December'If l hiv* Ite
er1. d commission with an 4-doer, good as new, only 8000 tion No 200W.. i0 a*.m,. Dec- WAN armed to take
pen dO to work. Smoot ~& miles, radio, now soare tie, duty ember 9; Invitls" 0 o, oI 1 creomth h y, reung
Nunnicult. Qon paid, $2500. Phone Panama 2:00 p.m.. DLcember 9, 1.r5. gil, IEbh necessary, neat and
S1079. For bid forms and further l i*r- clean, MuR have references. Tel.
emation contact office of Slper- Panama 3-453 Sunday only.
FOR SALEG-1955 Chrysler VS, intendont of Stershunra, aole Calls F, 11uarele. CAs I ra.
I uauiautomatic transmission, power telephone 2-1315.
MP anama Le L e 0. ,t pmh e Fo 2 w.
r. steering. edi ( two speakers).
,. turn signals, like now, $2900. FOR SALE:-Singer swing ma- A NTED
IR Will accept trade-in. Phone 55- chine with mo r.$150. Phone W
4195 or U2-4157. 263 Diable Curundu 5202.
Terrace. Pest of dorosal.
FOR SALE:--Hamlndund WYF-
FOR SALE.-l1949 Deluxe Chev- 152 converter. v, gld end WANTED: Thepo bedroom
The SS Criqtnbal of the Panama rolet 2.deer sedan, $400. Tele- only $45; also Men-Key fully chalet, hot water, furnished
Line is scheduled to sail f r o m phone Curundu 4186. House automatic electroie k ey, ust kitchen. Phone France Field I8-
New York Thurtay- afternoon 2000-p. 520. Phone Curundu 5202. 12., call 6 p.m.
with 55 passngerS for Critob, FOR SALE:-1952 Buick Special

,,,o.,.. ..-,,,, eoed Premier
andt 29- di fyo. k ed for 4 -doet, a- occesei, noi ni () haae Pro nier ----
Port-au-PrinceHi. HSal5 .. 4-oor, CocoS all N ew 6 n' Ao kPsIt_.aiMm OF ARaY Certiiicate of A hl evement-for outstanding performance of duty
ger lhst for Critobal follows: FOR SALE:-19S5 Morris Ox- r He s r Parley (lefrm y t 9 s to September 1 wS resented recently at Ccrozal to MQJ. Eugene Fa. Kroaer
S fd black, 2900 m les. Best f- "Elinor Glyn" a portrait of th e Ofcer at Corozal, received the er CP R. "inrear right) rcy" ed ng the U gov-
Mr and Mrs. Samuel An1 du r, fer. Phone 2-2874. woman who gave the word O'it ll nment a pprximal te cer- ate for A increat uraeff(ligency and r av ng the yS .ithanov-
i._ D._ __ e r nat pictured are le to r Sic Ray Smit and
Mrs. Muriel Bailey and-deugher; --- anew meaning other with a lutrord bel5,00 pr year. ls picture are left to.right) 8c. Ray ith and
Mrs Bessie -ell ; F ran k, FOR SALE:-1953 Chevrlet 2- too-discreet look attlhe "It 4 r bt Leonard C. Abrle, both Quartermaster Commissary assistants. Lookin on at presen-
Bernheirlid A-1 shape. and the fabulous Iad tfaVao Isup titlon ceremonies are Commissary employes. (U.8. Army p(oto
goon: Mis r F. (arvalbo; Mr $1200. Balboa 3551. n which they lives, is a nag ~iM T IBAN., ra n Nov 8 (UP---
and Mrs. ~Crco; Mr. and books placed m Inelulat.oe tha nrawn b nda d fP~e er Husseinmt Ml ior C
SMrs.. Louis Mr. and M r Ls .. week by t ta Cocn Zone ibra ryAla cfEiu caught a train or, -- a
Arnold W. ft redN. Dillon, Anfti-Britis The biography of this strikinglY pr- tero Vnferene in Bagh- (Continued from P .1)
r. Enw Mr. terrorists beautiful womanl was written by dad today despite his close shave
rs. En ,iMr.rf Anthony Glyn, twho with an a nti-Wester assassin on- and a transformer station into
I.Mrs G E For and daia.n ., gh- wanted onae of hi, lrani thetiy 1 hors earlier. one msatllatlon. It will also eli-
ter; Mrs. Ellzabeth Geberti~a nsd dm In0tben Cprus ort oneoU s a tb. The p t-siszd ime mi ater two -vo- ader
S0%rger skins, 011 0 ,ll O sunkan lto- .no ."o Cble
S Ghic:stein: Mrs. Melvin IaIs mn bathtub t a I h .t l atra snd wale -Orewel. PO' d cables which now transmit
Mr. an M Alfrend Wr. Had l ol flar for wt t s te he m ltd aved farewell. d peir to Fort Davis wit1 s t a-
Mr. an Mrs. et W. H -l ICOSIA, Nov.p 8 the to Ir atUP) ehor of I m ll plaster e o the ti e ts from the A Clara d
Mr.rauMrs.Jh -er/t-e s, Mback of bia neck marked tho spot

WJrn: Ms.Mary C. Harr is;Misst o adeo ToM sinto the M o r h ; a- thrown A ab rat nsmtione .is l .
Iand rs. on R. A-t terrorIst w ,w. s.tie ,'fs* wassailit at theoShn "'1"" 5, w 'Irae tw n DvI1
marguente Hu land Mr. andmilitary police headquarters yes- The coaete list of newly, blOa I him with l ealrL Mtiaoesl
Mrs Arthur Kivert. t.dit. theirr authors reloeby u -'e transmission seine ar ill.
Hamubs d tobraryioohes oW R ht.. Pasifarsis ao. exist n erg
rThey exploded In a room itua- -ry this week er Sy Mt wr bhe. The aunoi lloine cgor
,ste. minutes before by Mae. M. wtsohtros Aw a- pThe ,,r fi-t alt wfidewiide enrttd
ie abe. McDisr-- .~-.--- -'r Th ,,ore, the deputy ritlh pro- line. T'mard ThrA guin i-- -fuaLent wide when ti. e r ip. ti d new do'jble i~min 1o
od .., .. .. er rad poveien nmnaen radern l noabodyguardsi .. struck his arm. ,e Ict.on Il ae between
Thoma lH. Jr pro- Miss FT i t m r h *'l. F n rLeUrntue was ineien.: rr1 But the JattackerW aslungithe transmission line b 4ran
di..A.b ..p-,wF. o nnrecked and windows were St.i.e .. -.thp It re er d on e ne mLIt a.nd P..aras rpdct e ent
.redmn.. d aW ),' ,Hor. blown out by the blasts. ..ry.. aChaydst; i-e D Un- td tror at Ali and nicked ias tl oand uctorshn between
..... Re e ;" w. BAnother bomb was exploded n d Sheean;. and h his Rm, beoe the poce weighed i d be -
R Me s a ed PFICTrON- To or his DreI d. d".t*ho Summit ansiMa rydro-
Mon1Bla eregive rtO r1Mrs.g, n IFxMON a TO Iwates sequence of events, con-
ladeline pShre: Mr land' Mr rathe Jol vRoger Bar, where Brit- s TheT e o c a "Staion with larger o
.. d Mrs h soldiers frequentBly spend:Madesto rit: The Day of Irmed, by the chief of police, Ww.a and the oe rslaction of 8
,ne trogbe"r Mass cutn are's Mwere In..ure s toly.i the Monkeyt, arrp; Emma. Ken. broadcast by Tehran radio. toorsa oa the t l"
tu Ine lh Mr students de-yo and UP e l, me, correct erroneous reports that A- line near Moaf l4re ftttl-

whesavn e rA. w reinusted marlgkkt oyoiu Pand UP 18 ad ete n ha vwr
,Sul an, Roger Roo Tahut,. -,.. ...pme i had been sahot. lne near Mir-aflores Siiaha-
weanace. n'anding union of this strategicP ANAGRA LOTSLYa rOtNGe
Alan 8 WUMedterran e a ad wIt C ,J ,The transmission line work will tols-of the Boeing 707 Jet transport prototype is apt- co-
Medite r R e a n islan with rhest D riveIJIJYIW involve the raising of the Havelick of Pan American-Grace Airways during a domastra-
S. .ItIsh ommandos broe Gt up, (ConSIMted owm r 1, tw ers between t ummit and M- tlon flight for Panasga pilots October yath. At left ae arld
LEGAL NOT with tear gas and clubs. Five ; Praises tOfn U US Idea Hydroelectric Sttion if c4p Hoekstra, CA~ t transport coordinator. In ete co-p 's at
Army iMothersSociety, pI 1 wire is rsed. Under an alter- is R. L. "'Dlx" Lcsch, Boeing senior experiment l PIlt.

iSr$5on, S.A.,i$25;.1 MOSCOW. Nov. 18 (UP) AUP Iiu rn admission lines for ah d s Ntlandings were conducted by. the Pan P R ftl4
Roya .r.l .N-terli.5 -_.temMi s Soviet n ewsman is singing t h esclon will be aeepted officials are also considering the Douglas xI le p_
inth'-.'mr .f the ie' of Sarah ItO. 0"lod hs10;.in return from a tour of tle J a bid fo the relcemeat of to be the ist airline to use tet transports nt exeoO
'CO., $10, H. W.1 $10; ;It C. Wo prrlaif of eiAmerican people
i i .s m.. 0. van Dan $10;. I-.C., o United States with a group dh dgducurs with aluminum lines is
Proba ,- ..., B eft Aus C. MPLi13,. .b, ai miu3io6 towers WWl te re-

andL-cs- -1 SALES -- SERVICE oi-- n ol, -$I5- Pt %e.UthrarGazette"eanthe rh
Notice r h=bY' FItes;gray an"asnI am asked VW katte
for me p bate or the "LPARTS Tr pic Barpon ; tbytAC11au1n1 hav e
am, Igo W 1 p11n ., *3.u;., aswr ih the American poeoe.'| .nuk eb the Canal
.:Baar.k ]NN report- the Gazette waso" luheiUo

;I b i. b a c" k m....Cl ta .coapltlydevoid of imagaas
I n t h e a iw tr o o m o f .th i s C o u t a t A firs- tA SP a o- Q sZb O Wr o t btv e la st heato wnq aIs e- a a n ln
hea r tmid puti.h, when a ,r- .-re de ; .a ot h e beour pa1 01=1_r, wlaro m .p, a n a wmi ,i or-- ,negtm
m e- o n t.tra. a n d d b Wa( W )
+ d44a 's~ IAK~merin, i timelfte
C. k 7 =,Mr. anad t "& B eU. racism, an. -

;" "."...
. .-*uii. ^;


'^ ^ -,
L +"' ,/-+ .+

. *" ";, '. J. t^***
-- 'T ... *^ *-.,


' i "~ ~' l~a u

9, 9

_I _


- I

_I ~_

_ ____ _111



-. f -, -.*.. I N.
+ + ; ;'^' +.* *'


I j

... ,*-^ .. .-:



- -..*. t

S.- .. A
in .

, -.; ?

S. A 'MA ...

13, 1564 ~,

p -
* ". .

aI pU .NI. M I


OG 0 T- 0 Fma
-b P"IL OF

:'-J' ,7( :. .. '

SID% A^ 5y Colbraith

A' v *T i't

'i wAlHnOTON, Nov. 18 (MP)
I *t-)Thr Ohio doctors reported
= 14 11" developed a
PraImiWng" totest for dOtect-
iag cancer that has proved at
4 Iast W per cent accurate in
more than 1,700 cases.
I The teat, based on thickainui
at blood plasma, disclosed evi-
f early cancer as well as

The atudles were made by
Ijrs. James A..Quinn, Atanley A.
.atm and Arthur 3. Rapparport
'f the department of pathology
and laborsaries ot the younga-
teon Hospital Asan.,. Yousga.' THA
town. Their findings. were res. can
e- m ported In the current issue of d
the American Journal of Clnl- arden
Cal t a

oo., ,. presencw
_?,d er 'th 'a strong de-I
s.. -- ,frtanty, '
S. -. Oiodoctors called fer
--Ata. LLPt "pra tt p l for

-",, eq h e.hAn me l Mit "r er iA
SThey said changess in* blood

en4nctL dfenc" oer e between blooa
B roerty Disposal System 6t *1wt.a
.-. K witltout-canctE. Diftrences Wete
found in the optical e nslties of

T Be Utilized Starting Monday a"Wemvellecte"consder-
A y able date which supports thd
h contention that a recurrencee ot
l a positive tetn. at'operated
A method new t6 this area will nished with an adequate supply of Individual uau a te
be qN plyadMoQ4y at .19 am., b. form*. cnrence of cwnlc -cance
we rty. d I offi- the roewhile a negative t' Indicates
te lpa r s for 'As the property officer enumer. the absence of prekding can-
Ar u o fore- s8 each sale I bidder will cer," they reped
t in eplete a bid atsad sait a doctors ahe beat test'
theroperty. 1 esr t g t in easest
e Of o-idd-
Ofla !V Cmrn#u' -.teliminated
w afeMti 05' ron re aloId .lbhe d. Accept.i t- amid the
w Bid ane? or r.itfot Wll be made accu te '"or the-
forms w y e immediately. At discretion of three udies Wold ease to
t pw .th th otfficet blddar h a rejected i- 96.5 per cent.
t5mit the tets will' be -itta ewd later An r n:- "
p UOaj $Ol f storms the' sale. a ... r
may the Pro- 1W' A i
rty upon re- A bid deoit --of So per will be WR IAS
quest. [; ; ;. collected jremu the successful bid- L-

Te wllitui.A( h ted I

lid t bidS "t cssful bidder' wil complete .
r ", 4ld repro- the requisite anumaber. of -cons e is t G, w 18

advan miS ot S th Property includes the follqa raA wotapi '
fithet b. de asit in itemn: kitchen tables, eletric eating
te B P'mixing machines. -electric veoota. years ag -- *
!Vwill sal es, toasters, duplicating ThY Jasper, Tlex., t.eo
ap m M e eg, laundry marking ma- Kennon saying she received a
form say be elude. in teI hnes, manila rpes, coffee urns. certificate signed by Gov. L. E.
same Beleid eno 'e ., Jad- trfrigerator cooler desks, sewing Hall in 1915 for spelling 500 worts i
vans. bi will be acco m aniqd marine, office desksd type*rit- correctly In a Loulsisa school.
by eoual e to 20 per records were set by the same U- "I copied wend from the girl
cent of the twl o ,all bids_ si' machine, lubricating oils, deep sitting near, me."- he wrote, "I
mitted. This deposit will e in fat fryers, and geeralsupplies, hav confessed thiain to te
the form of certed, check, cash- Lord, and I feel that it is al
her's check, or express or vost- b he property, which is available necessary to confess the sin to be
al money order, weekdays at Building 706, Corozal, governor."
rthords the o f Q e may -be inspected "bly calling the --- -
bide t epafs ll biU -.rnety bWisposatl o cer (tel.- Grind oats fine for hop, coarse
y w h 85-4119) aid making at. for beef catt f sad feed them whole
S.. rangements for inspection. to aheep.

.. ..
:. J :


'. .
g v .

i M i~f

K eg


Mg. @

TbAaugm. ti c-ldnt asAur

* WHEN adWiWERE do
This policy cover say person
t four hours a day over
ehild's mecUcal exper.rea r a
at school; inab car.-everywher
ley. Families living in thea Zo
take advantage o f .hlJs urs

For $500.00, medley expi esa
for boys 11.765 pe year for

The heal- esba of &he o0
810f.00 asddltihl coverage th

Just MUall A B RCY)Tf g9
1writ to BSetA
hapy to helpyA .
eIT .

': .r PAi. x


I hours a dayl I

dance policies Of UNITED

es it Cover my child?
8 to 25 years of age twen-
y day in the yea!l Your
ccidents at home, at play,
e-are covered In this pol -
ne or in the Republic can

the cost Ia $14.00 per year

r ?
olUcy Ia $ OO.. Por Meah
e cost Is only $1.20 a year

e. 1 .

UR*t0 tK 141 TRt BWM1b Theatre CECILIA TH
/WaS- u -,:.rrj J~*A&'fltfCART itaaiDpOUBMl
'At py RIB tcd tMitel DAR! f.t o'I REPD CIRCLE V AVR w Eo0
.AC ... hN T t Y ..'~jt t '" 1.0, S 4 and 5, FIRE OVER AF
.. .. .. .. .- .. ..- FA TH DOMc O


,rt' ., '.

rS A RIO'T-T .* *etep theIe trnck I
1a lOL f sprayl ut pot with bulets. It
water, -la d, apd cpn launpen the spirit
t denonstrdtors. The tankplike antiriot trucl
* above the cb&They're shown here dUring



I .

#4~ ~s ann'
t -'.



r yesterday at an unoffi-
Fli speed record .of five hours
Ipi 3 minute tfor a flight from
lua Aneles to New Aw York.

~fl .114. Bothth
f H ttflwb t samse UJ-

WEATR P4. ..

rT M .... ........ A

YE. in Als:
h The See k ACE FOR M M'

a6 I| q

r o It V l^., -

I,^ ;rne# ... ..^

-. Marble TABLES. '

'.* _' .'


table quotableR:.'-
"I was brought up in the same!
district in England that produces
Worcestershire sauce, which goes:
very well with ham." y
PAT O'BRIEN, about his happyI
marriage: "Eloise and I are hap-
pily married because we agree'
enthusiastically about .everything
that's important and dipagree vio-.
lently about things that aren't."
JOANNI bRfL, defending the
word "debut for. her Broadway
acting in tha ba y, Deadfall: .1'
say this iA'my Bro dway debut
;too because Ive bee dn the New York
hy- squirt red. ta" only one- belbre. I was in
s u of thrt mot the chorus of 'Hd d On -to Your
s feature twin Hats. But I couldn't dance and
Rem' annual the shoved mceinnl the back row
whe nobody saw me. So we don t
count that."
DAVID NIVEN, -about Holly-
wood: 'I'm grateful to the -idiots'
in our business, If it, weren't for
the spectacular people, we'd be a
dull lot. I don't go for these photo-i
graphs o. actresses doing home1
cooking. I'd rather see them lying
[around on leopard skins cracking
GEORGE M. GOBEL, after his
first movie: "The nice thing about
pictures is you don't have to make'
Sandy decisions. A wardrobe man
vn tells y*u when to change your
pants.'u' b'
BARRY BARRIS, the' singer, af-
ter his fifth n-mrrfege: "1 just can t
let Artle Shaw beat me." i
MILTO N BERLE, putting the
"..Not Pdr Me" sign on working in
telefilmis: I've always been knowqi
as a brash, forceful kind of a guy;
who lites to ad lib.,This would aU
be lost. on films.'
ROSAUIND RUSELL. about, why,
she stopped playing career women
it ron the-iscreens* "A id t sadMit
luke tyf bophidt httd:ijf ?layed
--hey weren't uwm an. My"Wothal
were as monotdfidus asg he woman
I played. .
JIACK LEiARN, about his
name: ;'Ih studio wanted 10o
change It. II e rant you that it
sure isn't pretty, hut then again.
'who can ever forget it, besides
Lhe public?
S let aniibe tell yourHollkwood is a'n
town tl' of lucky illiterates. It
isn't. Acting is a business and
should be conducted as such.
woman, there is something mem-
orable. And every woman can be:
interesting if she is what she is
a, real woman.'
MARY ASTOR: -Kissing Holly-
woods lovers is like kissing a board
fence. I never get a thrill out of
It. All it doei is smear the iuake-
DOLORES GRAY, on accepting
an MuM movie Cnweract with a
no-TV clause: 'It was a sacrifice
financially. I make a tremendous1
amount of money in TV. I pon-
dered long and well about giving
up a medium that makes stars
overiait. But-in the long run, I
decided. it you're successful in
'motion pictures. there ca l be so
greater medl6im.'
abowe sumovieed. Thiences fTheaud-
ience! They owre more b oa u t
entertainment than anyone else.
Ali because they always know what
ers of motion pictures snow it,George
we succeed. This fact never
change They are the heart of the
matter, in that infinite wisdom
withem." .

uer and Graeo m Al friends usedabout
playing a serole on their TV shown.
me howis stpeason: "Now mfr not juseing

en' TV regularly and why didn't
I have any fereaght?'

Airliner Posts
LA-To-NY Record
j NEW YORK, .Np. 18 (UP) -A I
j d Air Lie ou--angine DC7

.D Ie i MONE
D.,ldhe A-uir MONEY



I ..


- 4.

We are un

Plastic bird eages.wl jhSnd
a Plau i Blird cages ...-' :....
I e Metal cages for paraket ....
Metal Ironing boards .; .,..
Metal planters ............

* Plastic bread boxes ......
* Plastic tantlhster sets ....
* Plastic clothes hangers
set -........ .ij. ---




Plastic ice buckets ........ 3.26
Aluminum clothes pina a
box ....... ..... 1 1.50

$ flu.' -

* Mcder wrought

iron bar .125.0

* Molding portable bar on
, .... .. .. .
o Oquktal shaker sets -.-, I
* Musea l1aueur 4jge 4
; sderm wruKght, lim: L

JYv; NW OwrTw

Lpt# flo3:

.- *. ." .
.. .

- -.7- 7

4 4 2

,7; .
.,;, -"." : ^ *. :L P ...

'. .* .- ..'


~~~--- -~ I

__~~~_~ _~__

_ ~_C _~__


.. __ -II

*" < -, *

1"-~ L~~

' *' ..M *

- |


&t4 '. 1 (.'.' I I '
Come -htI eend'
fall in lwe with
our glorious oG of I.spotin.9.,j*
creations ilae
cotllume jnwelghI
Rich in glamoo-glittfer
.. ,llve wi

Pk ta rn* '
a Sfw


.1 .

~sPAP fl 2~ -.


MSER CS w U!' -' -.-pt *-,

. .


Faltering Philip!
ftUitA life filed with baoftm .

gred-wW CsW and g en fie Uf.
pins weald le hIa bol* Hke nw,
SA. Cawel. In ea ridrat e.lni

bwc. with Mat s reay y wias h Ai
spu"giui -bSt alo ir's delicious -- ..* -
ram m em'e riceo to
nake owr delicious yellpw M c. With a
line imagination you csa find many ways
of wing. Ais- rh prepawi Skic.-Buy &t
.,iny gd Jbp i swis on hatt.


S aen't you ear

YO U L-.
.. .

- German .Pince In House Of Lords

Britons Stirred By Court Decisio

LONDON. Nov. 18 (UP) -B--rit- German emperor, and tra. I
ons gasped yesterday as the po-f Patterson, wife of a Spring;
sibility a German prince may Mo., lawyer, who i, also. des
soon be able to take his seat in ed brom a German Imperor.
the House of Lords as the Duke
of Cumberland. u a -
The possibility stems from an IbffirllI K lBaill
appeals court decision upholding a iVWlWlW 033g WWU
17U5 law giving British nationall- I e R a
ty to all the lineal descendants of |e Im P l
electress Sophia of Hannover, I f R
grand-gaughter of King James 1.
i 'fe 50 descendants i ncl u d e WASHINGTON, Nov. 18 )u
lMug Gustaf of Swede,. King Haa.-The Federal Reserve Board
kon of Norway, King Frederick of ed interests rates at six Fed
Denmark, King Baudouin of Bel- Reserve banks to 2% per
gium, Queen tJuliana of the Neth- yesterday in a new move to 4
erlands, and at least two Ameri- any inflationary dangers.
cans. j Those affected were in N
All of these may now c 1 a 1 m York, Philadelphia. Atlanta,
British nationality unless the cago, Cleveland and San Fria
House of Lords upsets the appeals co.
court decision. The consequences The new rate, highest In
of the ruling were enormous and I Federal Reserve system since
could mean a rewriting of histo- 34. was raised 14 per cent f
,r). the level in force sipce Septe
**By implication it would ap- er. It is effective today. The
pear that a succession of poten- 2% per cent rate still is in of
states who have levied war upon in other federal reserve distr
the King of England, from Fred- but they are expected to fal
erick the threat tO Kaiser W i-- line eventually to maintain a v
heim. have gone to the grave form discount rate.
witnuut an Inling that. tb were Tle purpose of the iawrease
,in rebellion against their, liega. to check the trend- t.iwd..p
I lord' the London '- and more borrowingal ii
i The ruling was madeifttht reb i dontinued despite inereaase-tu
quest of Prince Erneat d- H a n- discount rate last spring
nover who reportedly Wlnts.Srt.* .again in August and Sept.mb
Ish Nationality so he on k ee p Member banks get theft theo
his estates in Austria, The Times for laons to business, indust
noted if the law under Whiteh and other borrowers by orn
females are excluded fwan; sue- ing from the Federal Re e1
cesion to-de throne had .evail anks. A high interest rate.:.
ed, Ernest might now be k in g to'check the flow of money.
and nobody would have heard of I Although the Federal Rese
Elizabeth 11. Board continued its custom
Among those who can now claini making no comment on its
British nationality are Mrs. Ce- tions, fiscal experts said the s
cilli Adelaine Harris, wife of an obviously was taken to prev
interior decorator In Amarillo, the current economic boom fr
Tex., who is a descendant of a'getting out of hand.

l smif no hrll t..k SaU Knth Seas dr--tae .

reP i' sO pear i-nunu s ae I I I l I.


.. ,R

" .

A story of a pearl-hunt and perilous adventure which
turns a. tropical paradise Into an island of phame, '"7PARJL
OF THE SOU TH PACIFIC" Is proving to be popular enter-
tainment with an appeal to the senses as well as to the
Presented in Superstope and Technlcolor, co-stars Vir-
ginia Mayo. DUrnnis Morgan and Davjd Farrar. Neve# has
bhe lovely Mlus Mayo been seen to better advantage, either
photographically or dramatically. In the sarongs she wears
in her role of a woman pith a past who poses as a mission-
ary itn order to main the secret of a fortune In hidden black
pearls, she is truly one of the screen's outstanding beau-
ties. Advt.







~jr:.'a:$: i'~

1- Me s i ttt slee pa,.o t.e -
HI To i -. wl "-"Vi
osuc -'T
thet liA e
Irom it's-
mbets Tet r t -ya I IA
old Mtekial a d' 'zMta

I- la l so alIn",
Weord have r Gpce ora
r of Spith"Carlida wo'otwo
WI d t ttVSalB tk

rill 4 *ath ;'teAy t', 10 1', cqaelv
Sow-n 'i Ff w d p .'t "e i *rn
,e Jpue pf aahii steas 'ir.op-
ada oWi 'rh.t eha jen r
rye .* I I
m y ;he next .summer Vn
aY att the p e ui*tolbif ,
rtep They lp*ludec.a4d aplan6 ao'1
S onstrted here. The device, top ph sot is L

nTwo are ud, Bone under each rear wheel," (ke no.)rc W In Ith' ir
Seforwrd onto the platforms, and It Is ten glvea qish eaer

NC U toheyIp e IiuhIS hes t .thei aetd amt,
Stock.shydearlyland.foryourLIc pt7ht

p **Someti m es youh d'ions e kI now. el ot"
.niastel. .,wiBrowC 34, woac hit as ke wl e a.- ,--

T r d Great asorwhteel Bi; 0.)Otton temin g ,a, e-away, y- .
.the anBlk pp. Go nta way oae ti -e

STetur e Jnp Tr he g d. at tb '. p n t drhfi.
4 ;.. *I. w no r a. ; I R ts -.
shave -fromIth Th edma.obChreItsVm t hVey, who9 w"
Ave. Central No. 78 npid by. tb irI the at ets 'T N

d usk ".mne ar.,,, _h+'
CHARGE IT aaesor "ctp n fUotoepno ale a i o g lsn-ya
Weha eI "-.Pgive me your dlnoey.t" eard- D tIa tl es t* the twp-. S4,

Texur.Cee The voach R took i leaded E yli d ble : Ird IM e

Aveer .Ceantralroer 76s frbt prtur d WAWtplN !T ?Ea l(tW- )-
th e re rtof ghebho o witeh crow r

ruel away 4r thought he aas rUr .tr .g Wr tr red
C .. ....oas ......"'.." ."'-" Th,-; 'firn etae t h lee d t ca ell. l s omte '" w t are
CUW YyDL Y ..... trdnthescrintofhtnt-he r atf

Ashton '&Parsons
;ifnts Powders

B'3.y mother should recognise teething trouble restless-
eam Mss aed gums and fre Tui..T T ii the time for
Asta m Parom Infants' Powders. Tee fanou powders
tgdlue high mpearanues, ese baby's distress and soothe
No late eastful sleep. They sa ver. gemdy and are ab- .
olutuy safe. Be sure you get clO' genuine Aihion &
PM BIS lanBts' Powdeo-esk for tshn by nam".

1 -' -

Noro nm" milM -BnNW


and a ime to


o I


DIABLO HTS. 6:15 :- : 0'MA VI
Scott BRADY C I%:jE7$ 42Sm5O t
a.BW, ST. JOHN .
Sat. "Ui s.ILLi. TAM" S "a
SL. s-a ,'... .,,, .

f New Or

.. ;.


leans Servico *. Criakbthu
** ,- .*' .. !

^ .. ..e y :.^ 0,;[.'.. ...... ..
^. *Sl^^^ +'* r' A^ K "
T11'W'~1 AS.*l* jr

.... ...... .......
.:. ......' L.." P*S..' 25km ';

7 -. Ar" tvu ",

_ ,,_ C,,, ,' rSS ,.
r" .i ..; .p.,' flS.
.---- l "

. -.

1 6


Spolst rwd p foards fre Cdsbs i tt
York, L4. Apg Sm IaW".ice lklS
To Mew Yqrk ........... .... v72
T** T L A Wig-. ~s.s.....,.. i-.-.
TO *

"La Vida No .Yal

I 1 .

- -, 7 -V

... .. .
*e To siA.itit I .. ." ,A:? ..*
" I __ 1 l __. -- tl l ii ._ :j

S- '



r ii' j ii /r a-w
r- Ae art ..

j 2 : \
i .* -. o -
iqon 7f -W


" t r-''



4Th>' :-

. I



--- -



] I Mill I ... I ". i i[I i i i I I l

_; r

--~ -- .-s

P M. -

: o: 7,i" ,,-:.fe
-1' i I i i p 1 1 .'-? ,.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I ,*' *-;-:^ 1 .* *-^ { '.'
S -. i r .* n i i '* F- j, t & s ",i
.. <. 4 "-- .


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* .7.. .. *. ,n-* IhP

'-2-r ^ *".n



I. .. .** ..* I.....

*So ithte thr.o
to e In u de .as.nal
4. OpStug Jea4~.

b ph
b 7
*F ,** a

twl 0 AW to o
r.WAUW $Mt apde
tos eI fnrae sa fia

c stWM n t

eo ai l to m en

world gi pii $h JTa he
pra bc a srffigv

to fteto spek f 't.atl
hearft inater i ahca. wt e r

fro orh. po i of actionW. takes

bette. ast biiyt appear
eider. A* 1V

safe North the pui. to bid four

makt sUe aeiha, *. athi

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dist rt he Isda op t he

hicld. erW y appajrktd l' te A

coutrite. OretbestaA's condai b(id
fonder tttema wi chaejrmanl c< ^~of
coarated ntuiafic tigft onat.1
seco. (kreogrm", onf action takes
upbe Ability to appear
tures .eetdor On'ts not only
been et a ytiie but evn n

pt e i _4. p d es

M V 4htA

ontr cnct ,L the. aot.p b
';b it xp ieti e it t m opponenAt
CAB 'OP-Bto. four ,heary.i MYi

are Norto the chito lited aidW
spades eetqoe a,cournseof bidflo
lid tatkm at..lo ut
gpides, qofl opa* ~ f~d^
Passed and lot 4u,'dtrtg iirff
Kouthm lort ,nl d syHno .~i
*club .. s m 'I If," il~r
contract; I afldPAtl6MB bid
up to J1* lea C.r 42lfcfy
beenetMol ome aik sontal b
ObwLffa, e n ly e

X"W yM -t (Up)-.- After A4
&Ari cancer 91 the,.MO*.- fewao
t ,cr#Ux x*"reikuld 14$i T1a
i.ttle. Orebsiiefctls iPzdu~tor i #0
foundenUr, NchoMBdrmanci COBr
casrtrate entbm'Amstlealy on Uittd
known comiabaofto.
JA~l to 1*stradict, the easaD's
1e108 pro gra on Nov. 7. 1e0&
tamu Bieethoven's only violin
concerto, whtc4 ia OMLw(the.gosti
aftion played p~laccs In rhe IM~f
-tit a H ,< at. that
contra ifW the -fcdm also
includ a, Ralp VA uiian A. lim
copcer for tba and orchestra,1
sa*y~-Batkim ol a- sonsits byj
G4srs Mufflkt, who lived In the

11th century and is rememoeredi
itainly by musicologist* .. V SAt ,,
vIry well even by them
e Orchestra's programs
&to asmeft which delpt *ad'
excite'. New York eoncert-goers.
nie reeRtions couldn't be more
eact-for example. Joseph Salget
when he plays., the Beethoven
aso ,ta wi b backed by an:
6 *O PrNIAI2e1i4 of the dimes-
.ionaithe hernposr bad b Id i d-..
judging fromrn the size of the
orcheitrp1hM ced tihf, t
time, in UDSW =- %ntCina
as oloit..-
The Philharmnonia Orchestra of
Lona4 pjoyed full houses for
four coicerta In. Carnegie Hall
withifa. a, eek before embarking
ona sD.extenive American tour. It
bid. lbadAto American debut in
Waauington Oct. 23..
The orchestra is the newest of
the wo syponies, having
kc dytrs 19gD
theth" Sa tes ert van xl
#iA,, permanent conductor cti'
3erlif Philhanrihonic, !s conducting
for thq, eOtile tPur.
The ftm noiu'PuaWrd.- Schoolr of
Musie has comulatsioned 33 Ameri-
can composen-t create works for
a Festivr od American Music with
whick Bwill' Weebrate 'ft -th
a&miverqaMy,htomn February to
Apnl of nqt. -year. The coin,
miossoned wodts will run from
songs, through Ehamber music t
"* e es a m Cr ce s tai d w asa
Pfla W Vl V .fe
SN ori iAty opera Com-
to # at' ew opea,
sesol a adcreaida." va. so

Is.. .


I -


*sen -'g

' .


'Ies their CaLOC,
AN Colors
..14. WAFNAC 'S
^. 3t0 FI.5' tA JCE s 16.75

18 t. Gold
A., .Up-to-date desipi,
**^ 11 Jewels.
I rear guarantee
*ex. 4.M8 FIESTA PICE $24.o00


FnFlatPrices for -th Saturday,
NeNomber 19 ONLY

I 5


* S

SBeautrtal new Italian Night Handbags.
Embroldered and with fine, white incrusted pearls.
Other styles nla sequins, and colored pearls.



m vm E t o .;*w

Our Pre- s



Mahogany Set -

(Bamboo Style)

I -



Before $ 299.50

Dining Roon

NOW $224.62.
m -m m -s -mm
i No. 1025 I






U -**=
L -06 Rmm
Ltrihf Room


a I,

er 5. 3. iJ

Before $ 525.OO NOW $ 395.oo 1
AM=n mm mIm


$ 425.oo


eju 2N41,

M CreMM e the Bedroom of your Dreams mith this Beautful 3'' Syle Se
Create tihe Bedroom of your Dream a witha thisR &iut;IU~iu"9-1)" Style -Set


s 425.00


f -w-ow


;A:: for your fre ticket for
N: tional Lottry, For every


t^~CA "%i^SOS!" from
ast-wg 1-2. 7 .
. iAA m. P
rb... 3-U

the Gread Philmtoffle which will take place on December 25th, 1955 accord to the
cash amount of $1.00 that you spend, or for evejryRTb you pay as down paynat, ywe'
wiN receive a free ticka O '. A -4.V'i


-~ I. ~

A... BL..- -... I 1 A 1 2 eol

ffOHtJCMTtAtt Alh centrol Ae. rPhoFe. 2-1JV83e
rept^.- *e a-^^ ^ agger-,^. .-,^ ', ^



- WAS MJ-7


1 ~ ~~

- -- P 3

~I I -i i T --

4 '"r ''.-' i


wftnm a
pe Idea .of
- Vr.


"* -*" r4 I

.I f .



7A t 1




PHILXO tef e actor

1 P~F~E

- -. -

- -. -
- Id

".1 'r

* M.~,..'

* --- -,...............n

,~1.. "'~,





S oesa an f O"e 50 0o,.OF

4 aS s -g o 134,P anama

GOVERNOR AND MRS. SEY1OLD The door prize was won by
I Other attending members were
4(eviranr and Mrs. John S. t will entertain this Mesdames Peter 8. Peca, hondra-
eveniti with a buffet supper in hQ,0f4 Ceno e man and ry president; Phillip W. Lohman,
Mrls mwreate N. Smith and Cong4 0 add irs. Dean P. treasurer; Lyle C. Barnes, Hen-
TaR ,6V sho irriveo Wednesday on tits *,- P maim to spend neth C. Collins, George N. Comrne-
a fej daft on the Isthmus. lius, Claude W. Cooper, Joseph C.
.4 Caestmni: John P. Connelly, Rich-
S' ard L. Dalke, Paul A. Decelle,
US Am B iOfficert WtWpm Richard J. Devicenzi, Edward M,
Gives DI% P rarty Me -.At.- .obbe Ford. Eugene L. Fitzsimons, Rob-
I The United States Ambassadori Tho',. Antiircraft Artillery ert J. Parker, George B. Pow-
ant Mrs. Julian Harrington gave Gr _-e.ri' Wives Club held ell Frank H. Urban, Edgar D.
a dinmier last night at the Embas- its nm j y meeting on, Tuesday. Vaugh JR., AND Robert A. ValVer-
y r.residence at La Cresta in hon- witl it 3 mson at the Fort Kob- de.
or of the Minister of Foreign Re- be Offlerg' Club. --
ltions and, a Alberto Boyd. Hesses Mrs. Frederick M.
Va.MN8sda. Pnd Mrs. Narry A. Wilma Miles Bake. e',
S BaIl.BW:- refted an attractive au- At Rodman NaIw ExIchlge
1ral And Mrs. McGarr tUo 4-table sa. Cornucopias. The Wilma Miles 'Wiles' Club
e Tea For Hostesses ove rowwg wt variU. harvest willhold a bake sale at Rodman
"T he Commanding General of U-fruits ad vegefibles l M alnked Naval Exchange tomorrow itr 9
lGarr will ive a tea Sunday after- down the centers of the luncheon
noon at Fort Amador Service tables. The proceeds will used for
ub in honor of the Service Club 4t the close of the luncheon a a Christmas party ft ,the Hogsr MISS KAREN PATRICIA SITOOP MI. aad-Mrfls Edward C.
junior Hostesses. short business meeting was hel. de Ninos Orphans f Panama. Stoop announce the g ement of their daughter Karen Pa-
Mrs.- Francis B. Plencner presi- -_ :,- tricla to Mr. Robert Joeh Andrluolo of New ork City. Miss
SDdent. of the club, presided over troop is a graduate of rlatobal High School 'clda of '52. Her
Ladtortes Day the meeting. v parents, who now live in Sara.sota, Florida, were formerly of
At FortDavis Margarita. Mr. Andriuolo, the son of M. Angeleo Andluolo and
,,The Witelephant Tourn a- the late Mrs. Andriuolo, wi stationed at Coco.Solo. He is now
eint at Ft. Davis, Wednesday, Harvest Festival Sadr f dus employed by the V(toy of New York. The couple-plan a spring
was marked success. L o u i s e wed g.
eybnolds wf'tfirst prize with the To Be Observed At U (.
1w group, and Mary Buu cola 0 S ATLANTA,Nov. 18 (UP) (UP)
ophe second. Others selected C -Georgians have been making a R q im Mao ) rk R Js
their r according to scole ed St. Christop er S steady exodus from their far equiem MOSS U K SC
lands the past five years in the
Since next week Is Thanksgiv- The an l harvest *stival face of falling commodity .ptic- For MrS. CragW ll .A
ftH, Ladies Day will be omitted. will be ob0 ed at St. Christo- es and rising operating costs. "au.e l r rl
At the next meeting, Nov. 3pth, pher's ?hurbN Rio Abajo, on ... Requiem masut will be held
there will be a flag tournament. Sunday. The U. S. Department of Codn- for the repose of the soul of the l l.. m ..
The. celebration will gin merce released comparative 'fig- late Mrs. Rosalind Haynes Crag- Illn r
.The Panama Women's Golf As- Thl a serve of Holy eomgn ures showing in the past f ive well, who died two years "go, at -
sociatln will hold a tournament with a sere of Hol Commu- ears 32,600 farms covering 1,728,. two churches tomorrow morn-
sod meeting at Ft. Amador to- nlon at 6 a.m.; this will be fol- 000 acres were given up and that ing: NEW YORK, Nov. 8--(UP)-
orwd There will be an election lowed at 7:30 a.m. by th Sung on-the-farm operators declined An American freighter rescued
officer at '56. Eucharist and Sermn.e Atch8:30 from 185,328 to 153,328. pt. Christopher's Church, Rio two seriously injured Italian
f. a -- p.m, children oAbajo, at 6 a.m. crewmen from the fire-damaged
a Aa t Dance School will present thlir gifts of But the land they abandoned San Jose Church (Golden Al- freighter Dea Mazzella off New-
At Amy ,Nary- Club fruits, vegetables, and money at and others increased in value e tar) at 7 a.m. foundland yesterday and is rush-
Th IAiy Navy Club at. Fort a special service. from an average of $43.28 per a- in them to New York for medl-
Amador will hold a coat and tie The observance will close at ', ere in 1950 to $61.35 this year. James Wilson of Pennsylvania, cal treatment, the- coast guard
dance tomorrow night. G e o r g e p.m., with solemn Evensong, The number of tenant farmers a.signer of the Declaration of In- reported.
Miller's orchestra will play from sermon, procession and singing dropped during the five-year pe- dependence was one of the first
:30 pi. until 12:30 a.h. of te Te Deum. : X riod from 84.820 to .4,21. Assoieate justices of the U.S. Su- Seventeen-foot waves prevent-
preme Court. ed the transfer of the two uni-
.* identifiedd sailors from the 7000-
tou italian collier to the United
spec.la4 ae ao States.Lines freightAr American
Miller during the night. The
S"JUMPING KS" Shoes frqghter's physician was repbrt-
t".R aor ch J A..h.l ed.caring for. thb men pending
%7P.,a sis? in ,dth hp6italisation here.
Vformerl at Salon Tony, 4th of July Ave.), A.7on2. i AmericanMiller wa ex- arrive here at 10 a.m.
-m .,. Now at Justa Arosem na Ave. No. 4.15 R L .J' J. ,; .
aaLM. i

Make you

abov*.th 's,, takes pleasure
-. announcing

"Famous Italian Hair Stylist"

. Specializes In tint, -auts, permanent
and all beauty aids.

We announce the Ialian -guaranteed permanent

"Toque' gic4 from $10.00
Ir appointment.;.- Ions 3-1302, where TONY and BRUNO
wfll be at your service.
Exclusive Italian and French products used.

Ave. Justo Arosemena No. 4-15 Phone 3-130


with AUNT


you make

perfect pancakes

m 7 MW

There's not a woman who's tried Aunt
Jemnima Pancake Mix who didn't please her-
self (and family).with these light and fluffy,
golden-brown pancakes.
Really... it's so EASY... and results are
wonderful. Aust Jemima does two things for
you. First, miat-t the work Is eliminated.
You make pancakel modern quick way
with Aunt Jemima. And *W follow the
simple instnmctiom carefully, iddle
come the most appetising, ood
pancakes you could imagine.
So be abetter cook... and get iota of com-
pliments. Buy Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix
todav andsur4i. dsVERYBODYtomorrowl

'h e

... it's always fair weather
in PnOamo's No. 1 Spot...
let it rd, let-it pour, day or night,
OUVl weather is air-conditioned!

Mad dancing nightly for'those who prefer tlbestl

at the CLUB 4:30

with his -
Every Friday and saturday
midnite to 4:30 a.m.
Nightcap on-the-house at-4:.10-

11:30 a.m. 3:30 p.m.
Complimentary cocktail, delicious menu,- "'*.
and ERIC THE GREAT, the balloon man, ":
and magician, to delight young and oldl I-
all for $2.25 "
"enjoy yourself.. .it's cheaper than '1yo04 ti--

Round-the-Clock -
and BAR
A e




annual progr I
pidehce. From ef '
u.iD; Dr. lejandrb
Sdirctors, Pan-Ani
s. Angela Mufiozt.
00 Paredes Jr., ConsulC Gfqel

g e Rer
ls. Consul Gene Df .Oua
Panama; Dr. a A. V .Conuo Cub.

THEY'RE TOP% ON THE HILLt-H'a tthew. ,f ltimr wl kfwt oe CAtI I '
according to a "popular" vote. The i and the departments they fpresemt m .fom
Tina Cadeaux, 'Washington, D.C., of the o e.tRepresentatives; Marth Telhet, Lo AltA,'c.4 ,
of the Library 9f Congress, pnd Jamn O OR N w 0York ity-fuie Semsb. aU W"M-
*",.' '. .- .h '
1. 'w


-A O IT IS :,
aps so tss W wM s 6or To. aet ow

J t-7' "

* NEW'HAVxN, Conn.- -(UFn--l
After os-mg.P.nd'of gY -. '
mhealt.E oicr Eric W. W.
shruggd off their threats ,o puvta E AaaL mm.
"curse? on him. "I've had *so EnC'l Tii
much bad luck lately that maybe
two negatives will make a P61l- DJAKARTA, Nov.- 'Is(.J -be
TIVE." HE SAID. caretaker cabinet of Piel"MIina-
l ater. Burb, uddiniazrap4ru
into 'truble tob y -04 t'to s
after It passed itw f-mt tsat,.in
parliament with fL A eA W ..
W llu w The Modem Schohrs,,a4
'nful 'Moslem party which .'pati-
I "'llhlli flk. l pats-.ia. the H"a? i.e
ma e t/treitr in'-r i i% a
... ..ment the party was dead-set a-
gainst. ane emergency law
-'--, wants passed in.order -to. f.g
Corruption in the government.
-. The M6slem Scholars .s-iat
meet was taken as4a hint,; 't_
party might pull outof "1
net if the bill is not p l4 ~,-.
The party statement saM. 'that
whtle in principle, the bill w'a
ood, Its passage w6uli mrd .it
eahy for government, ofifb 'to
make wholesale political p~pgeS
under the guise .of"an.2, a.Tr-




,; ? I
r i.1



-, 7-u


I t .COCup
tight ribke cup!

children wat -a ,
mornings. For
builds realE
get Nestl llf
Cocoa. irs ix jt 3
tespoonfuls ina s~p and
add hot wager!:I's deli-
cious-you'l ate ridI
chocolate (fm -


Tune Min?


,>t. .: .. Jb-. F. 1 K .
tA?. -. -. d,-', .. ',




*imy's Ektlaus ; Hair-Do"

7 1 ; ,.

-;.. ----

__ __


i ,,im,,mmi

I -




W-Umbgmuumwjw as wra"LAPrhoa sw

A Kurkby Ho

k .



- '..-*


'- Il 7 .C

".1. ....

.,o....~the. Ue~will .hold
Su_ AILJ U.... their So t meet, 'Monday at
:0 P.;n. at bu g Nop.1.
S I.,I o ....F Ih embers are nreWatd to bring
nr Momfape Cn .,Of.boorproper -ex-
rf old nap. m- on the dispaly table.
I hBLf. U* I Al service personnel and otV
h ieanu r yam maen interested in the culture of or-
mlc i ihids are bivited to attend. An
,i emu -n, -. v.. n f1Jter ftin Program has been
-.rT.iT. ^^.SS- .'n ,,: r narranged. Refreshments will be
er.--a im "lered aft the meeUng.
,worker i T ..'.: .-

th r J~ .... eetd rrby, re- aIzaI owar tha-t her thurahnd'sbind'r ul-

giaHarrDepofAriculture OW YOU IT ueour partr. Hia childrust-en ce toward their children has

off a new raincast and match- e THE wife whose talk lh mostly b instrumentt atattack. 1
ha re made-of all of problems, who has never learn-n t l be a doesn't want to take.
fat th nakrey e tthem feel hpp oIdea atop
pork The fabric one pred cament, at the same .time, .g wfho dteelings
f tonhnke new one in is other family mway to get things act aprovoe '"l to dehy
created tby Aiculture r d comfort hardble f she r job o c"

to d op new pduc r of making her husband happy. RAnd even while we cry it, we Fl '
FAT OF TH E LAND Vir. NOT WHAT 01 DO, 'YO u e o partne r.ce n a
i Harr Dept of Agriculture OWakes loveU and laughter and our partner. His children's
meWrtary, turns model to show'mJ.b .avior dfes us our most
of on. The raincoat and match-d respect wifor the whofeelngs mof otly hurtful i nst cument of attack.never went to nce a
tbha new podre made-of al f problems, who has never learn- So we'll nag aboutthe troubles to Mrs
thJ-t of inedible animal ed to have the light touch, who the rieounge For cause firsts to em-e thing wrong with tht sweeping
S" like the surplus fat on rarely sEes the funny side of a phase ze our disappointment n thest week
'of many dpa'sishing new ones going is the only way to getnhowactually provoke the child to defya party at
created by Aricuture re- mudoe maydo fork hard abut her job us so we can crye parent whao tells hear Mr. Jone houe.
Sbuthe doesn't stand much chance rile to ou has reduced me to"
4o deVelop new products from of making her husband happy. wn' eve whe wec t we em'
=rpsuqm farmni nowi nO lova-, It takes love and laughter and won't have the slightest suspicion
production. The raincoat and respect for the feelings of others that we're accusing the child just
otbaw new products were shown -and real joy in living for a house- to hurt her father, Just as be ex- "I never wqnt to as nice a
lat s .acheon at Je Dept. of |Iwife to do her bob in such a way cuses her to hurt us. party" Mrs. Brown said to Mrs.
dtsvflle. Md..~C 4L. hat it puts adlight in the face of But to realize'what we've been Jones about the affair Mrs.
hr family. doing can be a wonderfly aoften- Smith gave last night. Only
..... q.. fami.....Ing experience. For the first time thing wrong with that sweeping
The key to contributing to the we'll begin to a --p r e c i a t e statement' was that lat week
- S ( ,Im -I---- happiness of others Isn't in how the child a most cult position Mrs. Brown went to a party at;
1h3'.- ..11 6, .-A wAs hd ha h.4.. Iwho In makmini ulnf s unitt..

;. ,.. ...v e.... wr. iu r -irt in which we o wat we are s
rested at 3 am. 000,000for ne religiousstructuruMale to don cn we uu wu -
He said the woman Js employ- i n t te yeairse Iord
ed at the same t ceo Association *
where Colemanuk nd c. gSolon
an told him ashwe ws_ NEW ORK, Nov. 18 (UP) Ailing Solon Gets
home alone when a Negro "pll- S e 1950,' the tio states, Statewide campaigns against pub Get-Well Gift-Son
ed her Into an alley." the value ofa *' be Utter' sire progress o 1'
She reported he "tore away has 'increased from e, in 32 state it wa georted ..
her clotMs" and assaulted her, an estimated .. 19 S. lt se scond lual "Keep Amer- WAqSIINGTON, Nov.D l (UP)-
Trayo said. He a the worn- .ew- ifutas aonsrcetu i total- le dahu'u-'* inference. Rep. John F. Shelley (D Calif.),
an ^ '*~bdly scratched," and 195and nd there '. ." who as recuperating in Betheada
tha lir "knees were skinned has, 0e61 W aing upswing *1 s Pren r ai ,- .alrman Naval H ospitl fro a heart a-
.in y bad." sush consflttfl except for it r ..T aid states tack, has received a get well
Police said they found a grey r 1952. P t estimates have strtedprograms to present: His wife gave birth to
ithat near the scene of the assault tt95 wIll Met an all ue. edute th public .ab ogut the a boy. ..... .
ad rowed It to sselow em ployes $ 00, ne c q"truet. a -" l Pren- Mrs. Shelley gave birth to e-
Co an. Traylor said several ergat issued a pla to all 48 h sev en pounds nd
df- ;It "looked like" Colemap's Wfl- t to duca- u Og
.^ ea. _- B M +-Do 4.oaa t t 5vid a- __
.:.- q tbe n S q tate t l disposal -
ointBdhT fate fo kn was vati facilities for'litter, and to encour-
om ittd there .or observation mIH ) ig UlUU age enforcement of state and lo-
last lay after Coleman was cal legislation penalizing litter-
-eharged with Indcent exposure CHICAGO -(UP)- Photograph- burgs.
_Q01II04 law rV84u .-0-'lY ic fil mapeeds may increase as --
years, according to Science Digest. ietriopter Finda
Pacific Ocean Seen The g e quoteDonald Me B dies Of Hunter
Master, vice president and general d iO f u nters
C r .wi D" manager of the Eastman Kodak
rOWing eeper Co., as making these forecasts: TOLEDO, Ohio, Nov. 18 (UP)
De e -A Navy helicopter yesterday re-
C CGO -(UP)- There are Film processing will become covered the frozen bodies of two
signs the Pacific Ocean has been much simpler and quicker. duck hunters in Lake E r I e, a
getting deeper during the last 30,. mile of Mrle, Mich.
00,(mO yel'rs, according to Science Color picture quality will con- They were Identified as Ed-
D'Vest. tinue to improve, and color-film ward Kocher, 18, of Toledo, and 2.
An article by Gerald Ames said speeds will be faster. Fred La. Pointe, of Dearborn, weekly!
flat-topped, submarine. mountains Mich.
with summits a few thousand feet I Medical motion picture radiogra- Authorities spid high w $ nds .
beneath the surface appear to have phy will bec me widely used as a swept the shallow water to the Radio Center
been. Islands that were ca'-red diagnostic Itob by doctors. east and left the pair stuck in the Ce t le
down by sinking of the ocean floor. mud. Rescuers said they a p p 7110 Bolivar Ave,'Col6n
If this as true, Ames said, the' New types of photosesitive ma-;rently froze to death during the t
ocean has been growing. terlals will come into use. night,.

asa au Dan asu me amer aun e r g'J^*** swocVy-p st***
suggests she's alU good. ments be sure you don't in any
WE'LL understand how we have way bel'ttle the efforts or the
used her for our own purposes-- possessions of the person you are
and begin to feel with our owntalking to.

1. KLIMis per% safe l a

$ aft.
2. KLIM i-p, wit refrnpeeeo ,

3 UMM qu.lItj is aiway unIlrm
In each sad eyery oin of nourishing KLIIM
geo t abeefit found only in fit Je
es.*a ,-', Enactly de same smuft
I imlpor :n food esmntial, are yoursn i
vr y tia. KLIM's uniifotaty is your s IE
an ce of 0usiseUply "ue milk!

4., KJMj el'"s farIrawfl Idrm 3a
5. KLIMmedd, .-,rhmestoe samed dm.
6. KLIMis .,s...aem aod eee..a .q
7. KLIMbs es% M l speluely-peaed l
8. KLIM is strlctst, e ,trel

Te- pure witer, L I
odd KLIM, % stir and you "m P"m
h puroe, M ILK
low? m PapuMIaIIm WOsLD oma m 1.5l Bs C
bmk oLMr om

d coo, dUferent place
to at
goldent fried in .
basket $2-
with lreftch fried

don't realluhwapi
douching with semo a

ames of cmu .Man J
stayed the lmais i
a marriage.
Plain water a w k
made mi@tunm f "ItZ
water doa. nd o a.
give the great. genddllj
and deodorant acdot if
ZomTm. No eher
liquid antep *
for thel4 o f a the
tested is so pewerfu yet aso
sl4/ to delicate tiW .
ZomTn pouisiy eat
no carboli aid, Bs o -
cury, so phenoL You, *
ue Zomn as directed m
o/fic a neoeuary; slAam,.
make a regular babitofusing
it two or three times week.
ZONITmS helps guard agabimt
infectiooa .. kibW all -p
on contact sad pem s
them frm mutiplyin Help
keep your marriage ,eav
ful with this modmn way
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71Z m BY O HftkAW


New Gorham 'Theme" i the pattern to
choose ifyou love the clean-swept look
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Tas raxaltIA AMERICAll .. AH MSD gg' NEWS#AI'EB

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SMoswdeq, Sugatph, y i G

C I an6 eTo trt T.0....
WISCONSIN PROMOTED Ivy Williamson to athletic diptorsr-
but hir salary will be $13,500 about, 1800 less than he, mae 1 d ,
SS fE vjTO football coach. However, Wlliamson, an old Michigan n 1
li $750 DS,- .0a longtime assistant coach at. Yale; probably.won't mind. To got ".,.
out from under the pressure of Big Ten coaching should be worth

; Si Clas B imported thoroua da are sch a Ohio State wound up Its one schedule last saturday
..." -an all-time record attendance of 0,477 for its five bome g1101a.,es ._,. 4-.* ..
ruled to match strides in tom f atred $750 last fan. osu has to gross 00,000 from its football to akel
S one-mile race at the Juan Franco race track. ..nds meet and it looks lk eno one will go hungry this time. '
SattM Luis Farr- There edy sinter u TAMARYLAN obably won't e thi s but
,tgi b maed i t forte but wo prosper. tuch of Tatur.'s Terrapins Maryland is locked in a fight withl
o s-lim .rgin over ex- tive humi wgers I pncluded on Oklahoma for irs place in the polls, but Dietzel says several l. ie 4-
Albatroqodstrong-fin- the attratil-teprogram. teams are as kood as Marylana. He specifically names Texa !t I -ot apacidllt S-.
Ehoi"arte- Oivil ino and6 A&M, Georgia Tech and Misalesippi. e 13 -ii
b .gpum round out the six- The pollsters this week will probably go for Ok,.ahoma' in a .. l 0 be con
osield .I Ia u big way following the Sooners' 52-0 rout of Iowa State. The I A Js IJS ..aald wln be lo.
Sone of the most impres- J.5A. leMu Okies go on and on under the capable hands of Bud Wilkinson 1A-D. Ln 13 ~alpredve win e .
she Othe recent wave of South and comes Jan. 2 in the Orange Bowl at Miami they will hbive i-o no ) :v

American way tations uidance ocaton voted today to renew too muct with thon Maryland.av the tu Kollarirht
Eking his sixth consecutive v i Dixie series agreement with WALT BYERS. NCAA executive director, an fAoa Bualnel s b NO ThEih can f- seen at l bodo bte lo usb.-'. Ma 7T sNo. 1 4
__, __ ..h_. e_ Tx-, u had e..- dr..~or .... ...Be.........ofth.ours lv wogew.prrm lb n watcoinwE s te8n,,T THEv .. ..
mry :slae reaching top form. Al- now outin Tulsa. He Isn a freqiuentI observers ofOklaon f20, Cbvelfndhio.'s out words of n g'ncnt to

ghtlt de has The so ath ir 1 they can ot urn the bctT llo to "li et e ret o
res Vsr as usual, will be d a u h the Wilkinson en rles, he says, "OU bears no reseiblanceto his fellow polo patilentl The former scholestic bMketbull star,
e.3 s layer lit by one and turned what we u sed to see llowvy Leagueing Bud's teams a he who hasf spent two Y in Cleveland'suthorized Cyme pli1-l .L R 10 D nds oA s1

s a s e sdeep at every sition with good, average Ten material The gadget designed by hi ather to typb r a the ward' s Bu e e .q. JdI dse = eh
sad.3.-fiMt .; $dn lx -Rates good sec. 4.1
rh r Cle tan-bredt an his NASHVIIe.T. Tenn., No. 17 difference between a good team and pgeat _ones i with maberpublicaiton. The devicenis a te u o -- &. 110 .m m t 1
-te_ sacoul e mme hiws' (UP).-Directors of the Southern self. The Orange ,Bh e anl shoul be a pip, and I wotdh elcri tb'5wihmouthpilece and tip which mn' ipulatet the key x.. ofa..rtane sui.,
wi AMntd t guidance Association voted today th renew too much on MaHowever, it would eem elto be Impossible becauetyp iter Hi most recentartit-ge patients

miil ie l k, Altheier Dixtoe series agreement withe s of an NAA le that there cannot e competing ga within h., ..... p -Nothl -
5S w abn ror the Texas League which had ex- director of that groupsitelevtinstion. program. wiB be on the sp GRAYSO ph can be seen at bot, center. A. -D ero r 4-
tFortte idale y finl 20 days of the seasragain this week. Television hauta their lives ano un ortuna.- IT USED to be wn Jk

Store hi The scheme, prepared by twice time. But none of the other coaches will o alon with land was around that a college the in the thik "" .P Po 2:5
h.e hsl. n. the. earirk thumbs down on a propogame will b y a Des Moines station a few weekspr agoct. And this week Walt -
f thrier frm tart to the new owners of the Memphis and AsaMot will likely catch t esrom the citizens of Ohio and Mich l- llita $400. Cl .:

of 10 m^ RGE WELSH, Navy's magician quarterback, has 10 days ore often. than not decided by_ all requirements when it off l--le J. Jimades 10x-Should be close up 4-1
Ifotthi Isbro eeam that league members spon- igan who lack tickets for the c rmytic Wolver nje-Buc se o t o o trPitt ry to-. ,the a. 10 -o g to d
ofessional football teams. at AnnArborn this Saturduay. abilities bt hasn't bothered te ll itduke. 1 -Dap d t lt 31
as sis last 'Thenew player limits wil pahold ss T e wi be a hue and' cry to permit local teec asting ofTe day, P rh s i a K F 118 ingloly -1
T:"0,'.-Id- st team to 19 instead of the for- this sellout. Ijowever, it would eem to be impossible b measuring stick. You're not con- -- 5- t8 Car l 1 0aoy ree..t -

Skin. atrda top of 22 played tors at the sea- of an NCAA pule that there cannot be competinggsbelon te 18 -angers mud
isnth, s n spin do ;t ons startOU.18nstead of 19after 9 miles of any transmitting station. A v y or Johny sc o P ett sampler a r- AJ 1m i s
boo*&. ,0 days a nd 19 instead of 20 for Charli e Caldwell of Princeto n wants the two-plam ays rtes te men f te bs It performance
S use The schedule s, reped b ice time. Bt none ot her cac hes will o lo th w s round, that J cont ws a jthe O p In the thicbR "C" Impah" Wa P.Pum $450.00 -- Pee CeMes 405

w t time. LOT MACHINBu yertren State, hsvrynearly pa t the Beaverl in the Pittsburgh Steelers. b here ssnrundtatmee e-Vertthorda J. Avl 118 -Distance handicap 1-1
r. TBAR S ERVICE by u a oo mt s nto s 2 C r
got od'y' 105 Ra m Sinmmonts, secretaryofthe him. football team found out Just how of thisu flt-.ast shot nWt at 11
r" eague, wil havy oMaybe Chtarlle has a motive..,He needs the extra time be- gd t was by p ay gPltturb. fired aga stl .

-Aa-^ kAB K~1^It waIs after the nNavy e -ay t B. Aguir 112 -Dangers s time

oil Ws. f e by d flinc however, that Coach Mich toK .-Regal1sW C. Ra 118-Form ndlst
S. li--T4 the Southes season open cause his single-wing offense is a mplet and oul t in- E m J b a15 -Coud o l th. w

I A 1 0 Iued with Oklahoma, not to er-s 9-Cor o ache 11 -Wi fight it out
factors for only three-quarters the Tuesday I ht, April 10, and stall. Red Sanders, a single-wing man at UCLA, for example, the old doctors steady onocrack- OK.raious, at times even -. chez
ifditanee. close Sunday afternoon, Sept. 9. once said he would change his system tW upLt-T f the Pacific me', theyhnad It- and then .some.. so0 1* peol tard.Ahe superb ---CUd go all the way -1 4-Rna Ro B. Agurre 10
This race has all the. earmarks The annual all-star game will be Coast Conference ever abandoned spring practice. Beatmf the Panthers ooaas hthe .fool3
of a thritler from start to finish, played July 18. Motive or not, the Yales probably couldn't best a Cadwell .ut of tue question. Going beck.-toball ofnts ok Mar- -H. 7. -
entry at mumbly peg. His squads !aave beaten old Eli eight out the great ute Rockne Notre co, but everybody ew thisI 7a

of 11 times. DPPRe-Pitt games were do; fights, falsPitt Nb mnedition oup' LU" p 11 to 4 DOUmL
GEOROE WELSH, Navy's magician quarterback, has 10 days more often than not c by a t Big eancy B. Jx-Dut. e ly -1

to get his broken toe ready for the Army. The inured too sieis e or the bnce o run R 110 s ely p eee 1-1
oi Nighl has cut down Welsh's running abilities but hasn't bothered his the ball. duke.. 3-Pt6n nRhu 112 --Diappinted in last 3-
0passing... Big Croaby, Harvard's conversion kikerhasm booted These days, Pittsburgh still Is a People decided that Nav really e a K. Flares 11-Povn 5-1
8:00 p.M. 3000 practice kicks this fall. Yet he kmied e ag"StBrowne Ts e dmasuring stick. You're not con- bPeologeedeidtheriny--tt-lecal Ca8rra 103-Pvraent r 1-1
OUr'Saturday. fal Ye lt rw sidered a top team until you get sabelongeed wth theMidsp, Um ren s-tBll i. 1e 3 aeo s I
,)Mike Rmman.0e of 24 oesti at ortham, k over Pitt. A victory over Johnny smacked Pitt, 214. EddErdea i s
now playing poeer. When the Ham. droppeS spa,*1k. rates the men from the boys. Performance. -
POKEuR had offeraslow thE th.see envle academies, HDOy 0ros salld Th- goes without saying that Johnny
SCHOUCK-A-LUCK lane, but he decide dto upon Rose Hill... A salute to Tom- was coached by Dr. Jpck and was That was quite a Job for the 7th w6 "G." Impeted .-- 61 2 F. Pare $450.00 Peel Ches 4:05
my Prethfe, a forirde S a 4r sdasstant at UCLA, who in his first his assistant with the professional Panthers -Syracuse, Oklah o m a/ .. SiCOND RAC O THE DOUBLE
SLOTM year at Oregon Sate, hsv6tY nearly put the Beamsi n the Pittsburgh Steelers. and Navy on successive week-ends,
BAR SERViCE Rose ate, usually aC .t doormat, has we ix of itt but there was no squaw from the I-VOf cordla J. AIl 118 -Dstance handicap 10-
stRtme00Lt-;. 1Pitt Stadium illrection. The Pan 2.--Felae & Canal j08x-Pretsrs dry Ing 4-1
eatarti era hava been used to bsclkbre 3 -.-,a.V.d t Atllwle,- Rn. llf. w 2-1
ioe fliOsUs I, ill, other staff members are s~bbing.) In ~Ag Schedules for-yeas,,. 'K-ni:'sm t .Fe -t11
-i~t_ _-.- lwddo "K. Floae 115 ._imameo 11 f__o Z Bum
however, that Coach Michaoeu 't--Regat blis C. RIns 116 -.oraz Inicate a-a
A T U R I aI r told you that Ngvy hardly compar- 8--U. Emblem 3.-hla15-Couldlo althe.'nT 31
1* MI IV Uf NRwIhCr[0 speed, size and depth. That gave -
.m rmwa uyou the correct line on the up*
I, N W a'n enamt.EQU PMEN'CU 4/DI So, the heavier choress, .
'Q U I M EN Trepeater to demonstrate that Neb- Fuimo 3. lliPh 116 --s 'a tJ-oifo --
I raska was little tian .igU eY 97:-Does.'t..e-_
_Seven run-o -mine. W lr l i s s-i
.. W-do!-E.---a.
An- Vsuin1J-.~ ~ a rve








We. s tbegllora Weu Wl liig aflot gpods because of its outstanding quality and value. Whatever your spore
m.-f6,4mis" baseball or oihi "we have the Wilson equipment designed to help your game.


n fao duabili-y Md
pIiformance. High
ode l d d.,Prica-to
kit any bodsu-4mo


.nruqrsp 1Z~~.r~.,

_ -.r"o~

- ... "


Lthfer and rnbb
covered si .ll by

s tious Duke, conqueror of Tenzip- --F aJio
see and Ohio State, was next to
be put in is place by Pitt.:. sad
rather handily. It was after 9th RateH P "D'
; that Miami. of Florida .-
much lost prestige-bky smacking
Pitt by two touchdowns. O -Tl
folks knew the Hurrien o luid l2-Jaualua
have been outlacked a tiale r two. S--d gklr
S Pittsburghb's firn.l -bh 4-V-ueita
knocking king-sitad and 'afg f-?
ing West Virginia out of tim S.gasr 6--n.M to
or any otjr Bowl fe t 4hee, om 7L4e
straight year. ... .. iL...
Teams on.their schedule cean .i
several games and elosew Te. '
where along the route, but _a- tis
don't mean a- thbg until -they I.-Chlyigo
heat Pittaburgh. 2-"lugarpl.
"A good team,"': pople .WllV &.l icfrat
"but lets wait till they Pay P)W OtIsde
sburgh. 6-~Mutt
r .
"A good team,'" peqle wgay.
"but let's wait timl-tha.l t' ni lk "r"
-. The panthers e be." W '.pt4T

ak butiag business.

rish tah't Bea

- I-

"- -; ".i
*I1 ,

r s..

Phne 'S4

Wnll ..I
S NOTRE DAME. t- a )-,
Johnny Drume.-' the .
asalstant 'oaeh, wa-

"The worst fish k've
ws i a it.e"
Sl. U High in
"BBis name is,. is aeslqrt
Nave dicovered whet
to White Owls? Never-mB, on a gaR there.
never to our knowledge hmas Rw did I do?, da
*ie been aar. so I-, a
and sWId with s.omucdhc ; .& e twas.
faisfyig flavor.
i O's.--Flao JanC Franc
StBoiIn cigar hiyl -
It mesas:r. i-by..el seCeN ,
on of tobacco, e-y. Sy LtUtU S -8,
curing, box-by-bo. coodi. -I-Tor Led"
doing -to give yOU.topbG. s 2M tern gA
mos!,,^ rrar r^

INm isd om -



- -

A. V7aqun IN0 = wa" s"
F. Oby 119 x -Rates ,fa chancee 4-1
A.:tasI 111 -Poor start In last -1.

ImMpe-ed Fg.s. Purse- $600.00 Peal Cles 5:40
F. Oodor ItOx-Rates fair chance 4-1
a. R R 15 -Ntt. form 1*1
0. M t 105 x-AWuld pay lonlassed 3-1
0 J.IbmwiSS 11z-]-Haa stotfest la 3.1

S10 -Early sped only S
3 ss I I -Could oAl the way .-1
A. 110 -Will. lsit out 2-1
K., U113 --ot-catsees in mud ps
A. Va1110 -l -HaI)4a clas pb

Impsed ---4% gs.Lmse $175.00 Peel Chess.
r, 1i I scOWe now
Sm S sk bay
S165 faot possibiity
ar^VW~sS UnSX-Distance to likfng



'mnM 1YEUR and

l/ aw- **-

ia O'Irrr

- ... -.:. .. -.- -
*\ : .++. o -.+ +..* ... ..- -,- ._ .if-
%* -a' -.f- ./ -,2*


WI OO+, I -

. I




.. ., .. ;- .. .:
.. : .. ... ... -/. _

*;.,r-'k- ~ ~ ~ -. : ,' ..- ip v t .' -> ~ i ^ 'w M Pi

r 9o*, k- \* .
.-t*.'rn,.n et ii C $t'* sflb-.-- a f'r-r U 2 s-a.:
ninAy, wOVEmBER jlquaI-

t AMU, L ; ,*m y% -

M Wif wTrry M ounid hi

rrjr-., A

Likely; & Sri#iLhoo I

STRICTLY A STAND-IN George Ratferman of the Browns
can threw,with the best, but be's normally found. o..the bench,

J ^ lX- 5i -*t; + .'.:"+ +L'.i'+'," <' !.;* -,"**, *** "
Mf~i WI^/^ -3' ^1 ;, :*
(D JUL^+: .. .. J p : + +.;-7? ^ .... *;- f i ,*
;' ::7 l +,* +'i.' .. .... -- 'l- -. "=,*+!t .
-=3 ; *,!' *- .* .. .' .*!1 =,
*-,k 44^. ; ^ ;: j .-' *'

t~' ,t


REMEMBER A GUY named trIp. t6 the Istbs ay nexta
Joltin' Joe Brown? year, "even if It's only to look up
Just in case a l local fight my friends."
trem.4, unlikyilyrqttU dodti "BROWN, ALBO Inforiwed thel
the lihtweight0 6=h140f0 O- t oluma that:;DAiey MooNe. Oto
leans; La., who in' ifglkhts In feathdr*Siglt- Well known Ia
Panama against lcal and Tr-' Panama, stopped Killer Jackson
eign 135 and I47-podfldeOks was In twd stanzas In a New Orleans
a winner each tIf&?.- battle several wteks ago.
Joe's'last bout on fhe.ti.t[nms. According W Joe; "Jackson's
early this year, was against Jun- license was lifted after his poor
lus West, .ato of5. oleN Orleans, Showing. Moore never hit him
who used the name of another and he went ddwn. He 'was
U.S. boxer, Nat "Killer" Jackson, scared sick.- I had told him
In his only appearance ere. : Moore could punch!"
Brown, West and'te:-promoter .Eviopt -iv- gs .have been
of the flight, Eltp* --t- Martin.'-gDinr well-fifncially for the,
were suspended'raoltera incie-r. wqrnt home, for
former BoxingI '. Conmission'me reporte- e fls,'bought hir t
when West's true* identity 'was self a* 1955 Cadillac convertible.
revealed. All three men were I na recent letter he enclosed a
pardoned recently, by the pres- snapshot, of himself and Moore,
ent couimnisson. standing beside the car.
ma, he dropped a declaiep tqoArt the Utle o. an.ar4icle on Hector New Orleanse. ow-- Lipez, whicih-appears In the De-
ever, in: losing, *Browa gve a cember issue of "Baseball Ul-
good idea of why be is. Called gest," a US.3. monthly magazine
Joltin' Joe, because Wt. Parsley now on sa at ljaca newsstands.
landed in the hospital the next On the bfAi ck'er of the mag-
day, nursing a broken -jaw, -adine is a po.'thq Kansas City
Brown had several matchesr Athletics ifla lder,ith a teaser
lined up after the Peraley clash, which reals:
but It was then that U.S. boxing- "The long jump from the
officials decided to honor the Panama Canal to third base at
Panama suspenslon and the Kar ams City-can' bemade in a
Jolter was forced tp suspend. all h.rry it you hustle. And that
Since getting the -gree" I ,ht peea mde it. A Player who puts,
from Panama. Joe- eslonrd out the wAy d's, cant miss,'
Jimmv Hackney ,, in a "ItufLa*ijiP E*YSs .Blaughter."'
fight in N.O.. Oct. 31..and -eight. The&s'taff. written by Charles
days-later, Nov. 8, he was in Dexter, be1s' on Page 31.
Houston. Tex.. knocking out the Lopez who plays for the Spur
Texas Etate*''S-pednd? 'chbmp Oola team, Is -e of e-three Pan-
Ray Roijas, ijpigbt bas. -. namanlsns who saw action In the
Riojas receltwe, ; bad- gash Major L e 1ialt 'Sear. The
over his right eye, d. -alsop-, others are ... ib Roabinson
you've guessed a b n jaw. (Cheaterffid '-M Milwaukee
In letter 'tb 'ate column, &aves) aid'Vibert Clarke (Spur
Brown says he. 1 %soustpn. a Cola WI.n4ton Senatorsi.
lot, but. dd, he Is 'Mpoetef6i.t -' -All will I. I in the Pansma
Panama" He hop t make a Pro League which begins Dec. 1.

i--- -- .T-- +-a ;
-would .i become a frnt-
S-With Graham was bopped on
the head in a game with the
Giants, however : Ratterman hid
ht* baby face under .belmet and
dov iatoe a gam. which saw .the1
rwns ~tratil.. 1- 1 and the of-
lerb not cling. e. ,Ce-
Batterman iten soyd Cleve-
tlInders-alway skeptical of his
talpent- that he could run the
club. ills touchdown tossing -
ailotg with a quarterback sneak
for, one, beat New-York.
SIt ie just ehoegh to leave
people thinking-"the guy might
pbe errif' ; he ever gets a chance
to Thow it."
A iatbeen this,way fqr a long
tihs. At Notre Dame, it- was
tJohany Lujack who got the head-
lines-and Itatterman the repu-
tation as a great passer who would
be, in there for sure if Lujack
ever -got hurt.
Rattfeitan was in long enough
thi ason to toss- 41 passes in
the lint eight games.'He hit with
2T of them, good for 41;3'-,yaryds
and six touchdowns.
He -tarted iery el*Mt ei n
game JoSw the Browns, but -when
rahain returned n Sept. 5 the
opaning"Jame lineup-was assured.
-of, alSept I; whe the' cham-
pions* of: profeional footb.ea 1
took, the "f' d, Graami rquarte*
badk. Was te' the-staring .-teup.
Anybody who has been around
Ratterman knows the fun foot-
bag fasm are missing with him
out of the .limelight. When, he's
playing, it's nothing 'extraordin-
ary for George to acknowledge -a
"nice game" compliment with "I
know it."
lh, 1947, when running the old
Buffalo Bills, be stepped from the
huddle on fourth down, with the
ball, on te opponents five and
APo WI -pI .formation. 'The
Rwe WAV'- itn Buflo's favor
a: baatterman prefeeed* -to .lie
thd bail into the stands while all
concerned watched in awe.

Rtierian tis 2 andl with
Graham. almost certain to retire
at the end of this-seaso, you'd
think text year would become
the season he finally attains star
status. .
. f1 you know Ratterman's his-
ery however. dpft.t bet on it.
Palui Brown, you see, It quiek' to
point out that "Babe Pari-i gets
out of service soon. And lw's the
guy we counted on to be Ottos
ucceasor. Well have Johnny
Borton and Jim Root baik, too.
Maybe George Ratterman can
play first Iring. ,
But maybe footbaU's moat fam-
ous substitute. wil lever' et the

ovtoes hSls

Man Ucases

SCRANTON, Pa., Nov. 18
v(UP)-The Pennsylvania Ath-
-lete CommuB'O y eterdw 1re-
voked the lkiei of ftIWY
Ferrante and CaruSew Ostia-
so, co-malnager of lightweltht
champion Walle Bud Smith
and lddlewetght eateder
Joe Glardelte.
The comaIqa sail tt "ld
ak other state whist. lke
PiamnylvaUla .bavlle w9 t.g
agreemenst with the.NtN is-
al Boxing A-.., to go aong
with the Nat-eal BDeina
Am., to go ale w't1 ,PM o-
tfln. ..
Ferrante sad Grasano were
beed by the -.0mii .t
Set. ii for eeoMet IIen-
tal to boling. They wee
ehamged with mucltiq witir
gamblers, booksakao : and
other perMsa "elU. repute."
Lancaster, Calif. (NA') -
itork car driver must negotiate
rIgtt and left turns and 6 ouph
d awn in a 200.ile .road race
lore. Nov. 20. '.

Mrs. Ruth Hinkle probably
prefers Trap to Skeet. but has
thrown such Improvement in
the last few weeks that she Is
qrettlen tn he nour mnst wnet',,i.
lr Skeetshooter. If Mr. Ninkle
4o0sn't cut out her allowance, or
lock her un in the closest, hb
may find himself trying to palbi
his waY out of a pond batithe
one of these das. -The nervous
tlain -*R berlnning to show at
thla early date. -' :
Scores for Wednesday frS;t:
SKEET (25 tragets)
widv sellers ........... 25
RalDh Dugas ........... 25
Joe Kueter (410) ........ 24
W. Johnston (410) ...... US
Lt. Hinkle .......,. 22
Mill Arandl,,., 19.
Tommy leUers. Jr. ...... It
Mrs. Ruth Hinkle ..... 18
TRAP (W targets, 1-yd6.
R. Casanova ........ 24
BiItBrandl ............. 22
Joe Cook ............ 19
John Marshall .......... 14
Edward Marshall ......: 14

Along The FNirwavs

The 32 hole medal p1ay $1.000
Tasco ; 'Battery T e Wrnament,
sponsored by the Auto Services
Company of Panama City. com-
mences the 2d round of ulay to-
morrow at the Fort Amador Golf
The low net and low gross
scores atthe end of the flst 18
holes in the 0 to 14 handicap
and the 1S to 30 handiegp groius
are a. listed below, Du 'to the
fact that all of the pliers hav-
not completed their first round
of play and a cdimIlte litlnq is
not available, only 'the leaders
in each of the grouprare ihown:
I Through 14 Handleap
.T. Carney ...... .. 77 13 6R4
w. Moynlhan .. ,'.. 77, -12 R5
0. Pere,.. ... ,, .,,7l, 6 AS
'J. Cramer .. ...,. .. -- a B6
*T Mitten .. .. ,. 4 66
H. Perantle .. .. 77 11 66
L4w Gross

15 Through
T., Shive .. ..
,. Williams ..
C. McCarthy ..
L. Knuth .. ..
B, Suiaman
B. DWlfer .. ..

*. ,-..i 27
.. .3 ig
.. I4 17
.. 1 7 19

Low Gross

I. Bhive ........ ..79
F. Malavsle .... .. ... <
. Wi laml .. .. .. ....

Huband and Wife Group
The Moynihana 1 %IY A 1
The PeranUe*e 7.i. 3i A 1
Tbe rlFUis ., .' t t-4 S 1
The Hayters 1 I2 .6 1
.The Greenes 182 3S I
The Davidsons 183 33 1

25 Teams,

Five Bouts 0 Tomorre

Service Boxinq -Semiif il$.

a1 d'm nn n' A two-fisted dynamo with strong
A SL UA Il. ins e power, iht Middleweigi
S champion BBilly Priest, will puit
- -- his fatlc caa eo the table
gain Saturday during the second-
A total of 25 teams, 50 players' half of the Panama Area Armed
signed up- 1 the 14th Annual Forces boxing tournament senl-
Mido Multifort 'Broollne Tour- finals. 8
lament at the BUrasI Brook Ten matches will complete the
Country Club by deadline time, championship field for November
ast Sunday. i1 The contests in five weight
, TeO tournament, sponsored by classes will be staged tomorrow
Casullo -Jewelry Store of Front night beginning at 7:30 in Al-
ItreetC ColWt offers a pair of brook Air Force Base's Hangar
Mido Multifdrt writ watches to N. '.
the winning team and two piec- /
es of sterling silver to the run- Priest, representing defeldnag
ner-up. area champion Fort Robbe,
Firbt round matches must be score a quarterfinal TKO vic-
completed by next Sunday eve- tory two Saturdays back and is
ning and teams will play to 3/8 slated to meet A. J. Reed of
of the difference between team Fort Clayton.
handicaps. The pairizigs for the In the other bracket is former
opening round are aa follows: Detrolt Golden Gloves winner Jim
Wi liams of Albrook, who is
S Upper Irefeket matched against Kobbe's Jim Nor-
isa. Williams won the 1955 A Ir
Pavreau -R etsoon (37) vs. Force S Distri t crown and lost ..
Rojas-Oyerde 32). in the all-Air Force event at sBLLY PRIEM ' Pa.
Morris-Kemp (21) vs. Dun- Parks AFB. Calif., the Pan Amer nama service light middle weigh
can-J.P. -Johnamon (M. i can Gamna cha c iam pioan Paul ig is a Nw Englanler fightmg
MMeslsger-Nordstrott <2 yvs. '- .-. for Fort Kobbe in the are u tour-
rerreH-Willtams (17). The eatherweight dlsion fea- 'aent He is matched-jgainst
Day-HamlIn (16) vs. Bye. turesl brock o Urselo R f ba ort Clayton's A. ,J: Reed during
Mathblson-Zazall (171 vs. ainst Ra Arroyo-Torreof Kob- th- events semifinal contests Sat.
Francey-Allan (1o). be and Fort. Amador's Ram o urdav night in Albrooks Hangar
WiWder-Eder (23) vs. Bye. Tirado against y Bradley of Kob,No. 3. The card 10-bout card be
Campbell.Andrews (23) vs be ea Is the SE cha.. ins a who:30,
Nelaon-E. Bell (32). was beaten at Parks by the de- gins at 1:30,
F innegan-Engeike (17) vs. fending champ ion the booed forward on a K;, will
Bye. Last year's PAAF finalist in the b oomed forward on a 50 A will
Bye. lht welter class, Roland Poin-represent Kebe btti A.
Lower Bracket dexter-of Kobbe. is slated tolfight Kobbe still has 13 me' in con-
Ron Adams of Army Atlantic.i
Nate Leonard of Kobbe and Pt tP nt i or. for championships. It
Richmond-Staats (16) vs. NateLeon ardofa onoin the o r clinched at least two titles last
Hause-Nufltez (191. Coellof Clayton go in te otherweek by placing men in finals.
Hau-Nuez1321 (191 bracket.
Dull-Ruthe 132i vs. Bye. A -1954 semifinalist. Bill Leahy
Cmpton DeRaps (22) v. of the Kobbe Lifeliners, has mov.-
GOum-Toledanoe. i). eel up again in the welterwieht
Sullivan-Armitage, (24) vs. divialon. He is scheduled to vie
aye-. with Albrook's Malcolm Wright.
SKandrm-Huldtaulst (19) vs. while two layton boxers. Way ,-
Deaoyrle-Prler (16). land MeMullen and Israel H o w- -.
Noonan-Cipolat (17) NsM Bye. ard, aollede in the other welter I .
French-Davis (t1) vsi., Mor- go ,
land-Raymond (16). The main card features the
Puller-Dave Bell (26S-vs. Bye. I-it lhSvies. By Rlggets of Ar-
; ---- ---- -------- .~-, my Atlantle mem Albrpok's
Si Jobsn Warren sad Eddle Sutton,
m I a first-night replacement who "

r auit L I-IC

League TryOuts

Tomorrow AM.

The first of three tryouts will
take place at 8:30 tomorrow
morpig at the Pacific Little
League stadium.
The first tryout will be for the
new. candidates 8 and 9 years
old. On the following Saturday,
at the same place and time, try-
outs will be for the 10 and 11-
year-olds. The following Satur-
day for the 12-year-old canal-
Thte Pacific Little League now.
has one of the foremost Litte .
League fields in the Word tin- :
der the supervision of Ray Cad-
well, vice-president of the Lit- 1
tie League, many modern im-
provements have ben construct-
ed In the pacific Little League
Electric score board, sunken
concrete dugouts, steel grand-
stand. public address system,
ollet facilities and press box ire
some of the improvements made
over the past few years.

$5000 Sale Price

Set By Syracuse

Ball Club's Owner

SYRACUSE. N.Y.. Nov. 17-
(UPI-The owner of the Syra-
cuse Chiefs International League
baseball team and a civic co m-
mittee interqated in retaining
baseball yesterday najreed on a
sale price of $50,000 for tne
club's franchise.
Owner Martin Ha-ke had oQv,-
ginaIly asked $105,4Q*. bpt el-
plained after yefilgfa's oenfitr-
ence~tlat th be:;-Slw -, R priec
did not incaud.t e ughtnK ;ys-
tern. electrb"aeerqlboard or two
years advance stadium rent.

The committee announced aft-
er the conference it would con-
39 tinu trying to Interest a private
141 buyer in *: deal. Otherwise, a
45 spokesman slAd. the committee
4A would endawsr to rtiae the ner-
Af essary a.m.snt through public
50 subscription..

if you want Bourbon at its best cll for

61tEEk RIVER," Americas smoothest
, "

CT-: t. .::

o at $i leading bodegas and bars.

I" S



Tongy "fresh fruit" Rover-
bright, sporiling color-
Sfhat Royal Gelmi
'64 frvingu from od --
thrifty pckage. When bb
for Roy I
inoflHE. UWI

Clayton has one .
Albrook ,asd ClayrAve
lflghwrs still in th field. '
Atlamtie has two a e Amador0 0
;a. I'tlmdo..
Champions determined oa N1v.
26 will meet the f'urto *R i.
service winner Ht rtOembA'
thb laiandL. .

.,TODAY! ----! -A
1. l :s. 4:s ^r 1 ...

as6 -

SN 4~
1 ~



I a I .-_. .E ..I
A... o osmE ... a

AS t- -

tawndelph batw..

Todoy IDEAL .20 10
Chapters 12 13
"L JMam vt Th Da.tenu"
"Last of The l

CHOOSI the right
for the way you write
... by number,

S ''* '" o'^ ''

-r ,-r"

, 55 s .i "


ADD it to the barrel of
Fountain Pen ojlur

kL fa te our wr t 9 '"
...naturally., -

It's splar~t select the pen that is exzep right lot!
rwftytm e ~when you choose. EsarcDOK. Ant.
m eiii! ffequally simple to replace the point-,
loet wit andr en w it. P. i
WCou etae EsrTBRsooK you f-tihe nst of !.
writl fMtrumoenta, scientifelly
f ormane. Choow ESTERSasO for t
most comfortable writing you have

-- I, .. a.

p 55'IallBIB~aBBBB~

II- I~- 11 -- -- -------

- -- ..... .

* 4-: -

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for the way you write


t4 --

a IT f. t .i


- ~-- -; i- ---




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-. *.lt
L.i'-rttt.Sz. -. -


vw w w.. -" rwVlV
Red7 13
a ,R .'a l. -
.- -.

-" p...*,. -. -..? .. ,' ,

Porgy And Bess


Bob Hope Not


"Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" -- Abraham

- -c' \

MOSCOW, Nov. 18--(UP)-The
SBviet Union today agreed to a PANAMA, R. P.RIDA. NOVEMBER .
ulx~w eek iuhian tou r by th e a l n a PA N A M A R P ., F R ID A Y ,_NO V E M B E R 1, iM ..... c E
A10e410 oppanyT of the musl-
ad"1 .o..LLn r-c-w'but A oI-
sees'fior.i t poyAnother Arab Country Accepts'
Moscw OWde" were poor. i
and Bes'!. tour were completed
by the company's manager, An-I
atoale Heller, and the Soviet
miRussiantry ofOffertur Of .Armaments
.He said Soviet officials were;
theTshows hjt.'Russian Offer Of Armaments,

But observers gsid B b I CAIRO, Nov. 18-(UP)-Saudi lievd a Saudi military mission,
Hope's exWeseed desire to play Arabia has accepted a Soviet would travel to Czechoslovakia to
behind the Irea, Cuatrain was offer of arms and will establish order arms from military facto-
another hitter. diplomatic relations with Russia, ries there. .. ..
One Rosa asked about I the newspaper Al Akhbar said Earlier reports said that when
Hope's hiaes of coming here today. Kind Saud of Saudi Arabia vis -
Inaked nsuraped. "Hope?" he The newspaper said Sheikh ited Iran recently the Soviet
uked. "Who s that?" Abdulia el Fadi, Saudi Arabian ambassador to Teheran commu-l
i ambassador in Cairo, had In- nicated the arms offer to him
"Porgy and Bess" will open at formed the Soviet of his governs- then..
Leningrad Dec. 23 and then will ment's acceptance of the arms Meanwhile diplomatic re-e
move to Moscow. Later it will offer, ports in Washington confirm-
play an engagement at Kiev and I The newspaper said it was be- ied that Russia is going ahead
probably other Soviet cities. I-- ------___ ....... ....- -...
. The music of the Gershwin'__1
show Is already well known to ,__
Soviet audiwnees who have heard nfl
it repeatedly over the radio and C _
at special concerts. 1

Heller said Soviet officials haa
promised to obtain permission
for the landing at Moscow of a
chartered American plane car-
ying 56 newsmen to report re-
ception of the musical here.
t would be the first landing
by an American commercial

with its campaign of funneling
arms into the Middle Ekst de-
spite U.S. warnings it may lead
to a new war.
Informed sources said Secre-
tary of State John Foster DuUesi
tried but failed to win from So-
viet foreign minister V. M. Mo-
lotov a commitment to atop fu,
ture arms shipments into the
explosive Middle East.
Dulles was understood to have
told Molotov privately at' the
Geneva foreign ministers meet-
Ing that the United States Is se-
riously concerned about ship-
ments of weapons to Egypt from
Communist Czechoslovakia.
But informed sources said Mo-
lotov made no promises to stop
the shipments.
Instead, the poker-faced old
diplomat told Dulles the Czeeh
deal was purely commtreial
with no political motivation
and that he did not expect It
to lead to trouble.
r i- 0--- All. y- 'qMY a. 0l 6h.-mit

Central IntellIgence Agency said
recently the SOviet Union has
thbuqands of modern fighting
weapons which are gradually
become surplus or obsolete.
Many of these already have
gone to Red China and to Indo-I
But, he sad, "there remains
ample for other parts of the
world, and we nbw hear of ad-
vanced negotiations with sever-'
al countries of the Middle East."

Japanese Resent.

South Korean Threat

To Fire On Boats
TOKYO, Nov. 18-(UP)---Japan
today protested to South Korea
against its orders to fire upon
Japanese ships sailing near Ko-
ol hn es

ORPHANED -B3 FATHER'S SHOOTING SWB -.Thqi lowr iilidren 4a Mr fl Mrs. t.e AsiC-
drew*a, Jr, ot Oroesbeck, Tea.. Were orphaned when tf-ir lather went on an abhn tpg
spree. Aadrews, apparently outraged when his vlfeai family rtjed cbrr- --iS .sot
eatingg. her, killed his wife, her LathEr, her uncie ana then kl. =.-iu bL We2t'
(lrt to right): Reba Gaye and l K iym, fl-yeariold "twin;; Joyce 4 --
And rews, 17 mo months Ma 4, and y Dudley

New Air-Conditioned epaitm Opens
Ne A r .. .

With Fanfare 4

The opening of Felix Maduro'as
new, streamlined three-story de-
partment store Is scheduled for
tomorrow morning.
Centrally located, the $200,000
building will throw open Its
doors tomorrow climaxing al-
most one year of work. The en-
tire building has been air-con
ditloned and features a gassen-
ger and a freight elevator.
The old firm has been in busi-

plane here and the largest single Director Alien w. uulles o Ithe ACa a" f 1 nose since 1877, encompassng
batch of visas ever issued in Two Japanese fishing boats four generations of Maduros. Al-
Soviet history. A 0 n narrowly escaped capture by a thous the. new modernistic
W". Doln Republic. of Korea patrol craft store op"n"fl tomorrow, the
Sin the first day after a stern company's eold sore on 21 ,mn,
Brish Gang Leader Will Discussarningssued bytheROK point tl Aven. will continue to
.chiefs of the military staff. rate unti after Christrpas, spae-
T,,MS Mft l A lh SK1 Atomic Attack Vice Japanese Foreign Minis- ciallTng in toys.
ter Stiemitsu Kadowaki told Ko- Shay and. olzer were thej r-
rums I.. i -i S t The Civil Defense Warden rean Minister Kim Yong Shi chitects responsible for the cdn-
WIiA M hy Da V ]- .Service meeting for Paraiso will that Japan takes a "grave view" atruction of the building, Wch
Wilh p shy Party be held Monday, at 7:30 p.m. at of the Joint chiefs warning, sta to Cen aAvenue adja-
S 1(the Paraiso 8 school. The Korean military staff cetn to the Chase -Manhattan
LONDON, Nov. 18 (UP)- No- W. 0. Dolan, Chief, Civil De- said ROK patrol craft will fire bak k.
torlous gang leader Silly mill turn- fense will discuss Blast Effects upon and sink "if necessary"
ed his back o villainy and crime of Nuclear Weapons. Also the Japanese fishing vessels that
yesterday to Join 1hef motion picture Self Preservation cross inside Korea's disputed
literary teasi li'h ". a In an Atomic Attack will be Rhee fishery line.
years in ris P en ured fieve nen Maru of the Dr- CO
a "?y t .r. wU. n .slartry paorte. HmerBean e ,'-L-ricaf Uvi,ls pan Mrt ne Products company a w y ee
attend' by e uterar n mink cots a d SocO l Whales were chased separately, at 2:30
todleauters n mink ca-ts and M and 4:30 a.m. some 8* Al a iDOa andlEi
hoodlua ith razor slashed Make Georg. i Stop miles off 'Korea's Cheju island
HI, 'whoas two razor fars SAVANNAH, Ga., Nov. is (UP) s ots K re e atrol boat No Malor General Lionel C. Mc-
bUe who r s tw r ars th.aryt d'a.rpt o-A school of whales ranging up Kadowaki told the Koread Garr, Commanding Genieral
hi nightt tb celebrate pu uslon s I to 20 feet in length paid Savan- minister that Japan can ac United States Ar y Caribb a
he d the paty. r *,he .- .. r, non .na.h a visit today, recognize the o60-mlle offshore U reviewedl the alboa Hgh School
of his .,k "The O ,sM of Britain's A i ne n t They swam up the Savannah Rhee line. ROTC Corps of Cadets,.and. a-
-erwor-ld, whpt .- d .-, A wiling Adal Stevenson faces the River and floundered about im. The Japanese official warned warded decorations to three In-
riba hotthe masterm ad d n ad 11lton Hotel in Chicago. Ste- lessly as if they had taken a Kim that South Korea would dividual cadeta on November 16
crime yndieatee a actively seek the Democratic nomina- wrong turn while citizens watch- assume full responsibility If v at Balboa stadium. Ov t 1400
aHe nwaepds criu toe uoo al- m -for President "n-1986. ed them from the marshy banks. Japanese vessels are attacked students from Ba H i gc
ways W "preful to diaw my School and Junor b hool
knife down n the. that a *.h and several hundr parents
i the k a y don't ut an and friends watched the colorfill
oard h between im d' Esies Red China To Free 2 Amerin cans Tomorrow ceremony staged Imn honor of the
tals, who pyer- use er or General
I I ad ms .who do. i. HONG KONG, Now. 18 (UP) -i All thee were on the list of 17 files and is following pp the re. High point of the review was
"Cutting artery hbe said, n DI Two of the three American civi. American civilians whose freedom rts comlag to Mrs. Pay ne the awarding by General Mc-
"is naily murder an only mugs lians Communist China promised has been demanded by the Unit-' from a man Identified by her Garr of decorations to three
do arder. r .to release are scheduled to arrive ed States in the "little Geneva" as Charles Frederick Hopkins or cadets.: Cadet Master serveant
Hill chanted the society fig- i ANov. 18 (UP-Sen. in Hong 'Kon tomorrow, d i p 1 o- talks with the Chinese Reds. lalus Frederick Glaubits. Clarence Bright aw a
ures present. sqid yeste rd a y mats reported today. ISince the talks started I a st She said Glaubita was released meal for extra nary service
th ood chance The two are the Revs. Martin Aug. 1, sonic 20 Americans have by the Russians as an as Ametican to e canal Zone- OTC Unit.
Among them were Sir Bernard he ,emoeratic pres- Vincent Garvoy, Union Cit, N. been permitted to leave China, spy named Hopkins, but the U. S. General McGarr salab rented
Decker, a pseminent industrialist lId a.onJ., and Martilus White, Wal t- Most observers here felt that government denies Glaubite is an Cadet 1st Lt. Daniel Eiton
and his wife, Lady Docker, who The Tennessee Democrat, who ham, Mass. Both have been im- the decision to release the three American, and so does tWe former and Cadet Sergeant'it Class
owns a gold-plated car and is an I made a futile bid for the nomina- prisoned since 1952. was a Communist attempt to prisoner himself. John Jenkins-with expert rifle-
acknowledged marble- shooting tion in 1952, said Adlai Stevenson The Peiping Radio announced prod the talks. Mrs. Payne said Glaubitz advis- es d Th
itipsh per expre d black market sty operations. He No metat thetwo man I The United Staes has refused ed her in last letter that Payne earned Company covetedhas won thi hradur
Hill and Ladye ocker kissed for adont thte matter is decidedBr Catholic priests and Mrsture frHomer C to take upthe question of a p has been moved from northe the regular
tree minute while photography any means. V ton exep hat shave beewas freleas- to le mesa i, Frtp of SecreFla., today of beria to a camp about The rein ew was con d

frosRe.s,,_ ... leaved now believes her Dubsand Rbe. said fo the Gerwmo id a performance by 'ZdleU it .

i tefH s =- ...... .,e ... Mrs. Brdshaw. wife w Pesb -! i he' d byMoster Rsshns in a Iband ahe sedd- --Cr -mn- pa dny .m an... ded..
f t llf bywearing card- an announcement of his political iThe Chinese Reds Informed dip- ,tiome aheprisonerms have b e n n wi.h a German second lieu- radnet Captain W Brown
board police helmets. The end of,-plams- until he has completed, a joiats in Peiping that White and freed. a tenant,d who the Ruedian llIso "Nest Ci-
the party was signaled by twou'Senate subcommittees investiga- GarveywillrarriveattheHong Meanwhile,Mrs.JoaI H tagewtbing an A ericanpan" ding the"rev "o
blasts from a policea white. ,tion of juvenile delinquency and Kong border Saturday. Payne, whose Infantry captre i asp hanged thatetheawo D men wilcan mpanv ha ang thepishonloC

2ritirh newspapers expressed b lack marketbby operations. He No mentioniBradshaw was mad e of Mrs. hu*and heas been -lyde rteet and a a ther oi .illco h t n r
ock adoutrage over tie par-aid tmay not be untilmid rahaws departure from Can- se the end of Word War n soon" t me threeties this school ear
tv- Deceior. ton except that she was free to said, Froitpiotf, FIN., today jshe Last mbnth, Mrs. Payne ha The review was con=lud with
S l i r Is a fairly good chance Mrs. Bradshawv wie o Pyno believes ohubandIbe said the German said her hP a performance bba
jieser~ped g infe ood Ib ma itrs.erandrssioar Di Heomerkb agn held by the Russianslin a e band suri serviogo a Jayars aROTCcDrHil Team con ded
timee-is rI t th eale e phatew satid .rad ssarrty Dr. Hom er camp near Moscow.b tence as a war criminal. no e by'adet CaptaVin Rayn 1ntd .
e stfi he dsa heide. s eBradshaw, wy re d to be e s Payne, 49-year-old mother Payne disappeared and was nev-'hBtota Ti r o6 f w
Unaw Ywould do q only because he feels ofMrs. Lura m thrIc e h never gave up "be. e r heard om again aftwe' te ten'-t.l1 Ot" ew .
Sis N y g.e o s. oa urn Lau. A mer ca living my John w o u Id come early days of fighting in the Pacli- s .'*i.
*a ta NOV 18 (UPt he e ach n wife of a Chinese minister who bome said a German prisoner lfie appr'mSai .rs.
hA wlee of this thirsty com-wenS g. thoh,.t t..i .b.rt.. iwas freed last week, said she had of the Russians has contacted herI He first was declared legallyvi T exi .. wi
E11= r uIstadg. i ue p tohuse lyi .Hesaidthe v i preside.yn tl no_. Iaken care of Mrs. Bradshaw forwb'by mail with information about dead early in 194. but that date be flim1. Ia plu.oin
M" Nwin its"140o Pr up th e mys-wwin ,, stc r prre.ietal o a ,t.on. S- JohE......... I? "'""l
.-oDaast Prunawa water tion'-*.ad of the presidential, more than a year in Canton. She Capt, Joki H. Payne three times was changed to Dee. 23, 14 an. the
oD y nominatin, hals not.. en. b said Mrs. Btadshaw was 'barely: .m s vci isre ene xetendy. testimonv of I*Philoi. n r '-patn
.oro wed my mind." alive" when she left. Previously Mrs. Payne s a i d The soldier. accotdng Mrs.
." h is sp.ply of__ wtr ose., st m a_ Mrs. Brads.ha.w, whose, ho.mnePayne was known to be a Payne. was identified as th'e only -TOA"
W 'Ibe li U4 .,ot itoog .atb ,th Ci ,i i ,address was listed as New York and well in a Russian slave labor 'urivoer of a Japanese attack on t St -
It. l l-dbeea earg at nh City. was arrested with h err cemp in- Sibes' as late as 1951. Payne's regimentin not,-t Lu- iilhllA. ll lt 1i
atek of .'-.aos or .iore w. i husbandd in 151. She was rees ies.thiea, the Department of hzon. and he was reported tvem I ." IW
week, and a atorities said the n AnnArntlv nBarked led from prison for medical rea-, Defes. in Wahlingto. acknowl. told xuthonties he 5w Payne cut" i .4 -.. 4 s.m.
loa is, a it and definitely neot t r-nu I 7 (r .sons in 1954. edged It has reopened Payne's 'down by Japanese bullets.. W 4 p.m.
a waisd h k- mahnr lbLe l
Mt fLtet hethtief knew how to U p Wrong Tree W DIeL H OB L-
wa i,'d, that the work, LONDON No. 1 (UP)- John W ILD BILLHICKOK By Russ WinterbathLosne
we that O in adult with some Spencer Churchill, nephew of ^L"
buowledge of the waterworks. Sir Winston and brother-in-law "o Ex
--- of Prime Minister Sir Anthony i o
iEden, wa' found guilty yesterday B i "
C i Rguts Bloc of "being drunk and diorderly" da ,d .L
I He was also accused of "bark-.
Formed In House ing like a dog" when arrested. -" /C
- WASM Ip. quy. A N(UP)-- The I 0-vear-old artist's beautiful
. Mhutm BJr.(D-N.Y.) wife Kathlyn. who "meowed like-
Sa n 4M b ei lv'rights a cat' when picked up by police
, k" Is b it set in the House. last sawmir, was found guilty on
eNegrjofsimilar charges at Bow Street
Hugh Politee court.
eMD h i g. Dius Both were fined five shillingsA
) erve.-with'(70 cqta) and ordered to pay
was.fined five shills

eegstional church "a 4-1

S.. ... .. ... .. ... ..

Dn Central Ave
A famous New York store cogap.
sultant, .Z 0. Amlin 11pn
some time in pamtma depinlng
store. These designs have been
carried out In specially selected
native roble wood brought here
frqm the provinc of Darien.
A wide w We.of luminous
lling, probably the first of Its
kind to be installed in Central
America, Is aimed at cutting
down eye glare. Spacious dress-
ing rooms n both the .frst, and
second floors were designed for
the shoppers' comfort.

nue Tomorrow

W as.Miups creation.
Of tb ir5ttS tf mt _.

b-touch of el a .
Featured on1-aon
the building are cosmetj
derwear, handbag, glove
and Jewel counters, an
arate seco for men's
ocks. robes, belts and
WOR T. o i. -

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Approximately 200 blood donor
cards have already been received
and processed by the volunteer
staff of the Red Cross for the
Canal Zone blood bank, it was
announced Thursday.
The blood donor cards were
distributed throughout the Ca-
nal organization with pay
checks rebyelve this week by U.
S.-rate employes, and cards for
local-rate employes will be dis-
tributed with.their pay checks
n ext week. I addltion, volun-
teer worker bhaiv been station-
ed during this week in the vari-
ous Conimissaris to accept vol.
unteer applications..
The Canal Zone blood bank 'Is
being established through, the
Join effort of the Canal eone
Health Bureau and the Canal
Zone Chaptir of the American
Red Cross. The Red Cross in
handling all o& the volunteer
work involved. ''"
Many questions have been
asked by Interested persons con-
cerning the blopd ='jaol. M;
annountemedt I' Iei* Cross
Office, somebof the questions
most frequently asked and the
answers to them are:
Q. Will blood be given free of
charge once thlr blood ba i
A. Yes. ThIS athe primary
purpose of the blood bank. Once
established, It w$I fJInim

I r QAn+t+'.. .o

A. Ye. It Is desired to haye
all who are members- blood
bnks of various eub- an ao;
Sgm lons I the Cal Zone t
rse gisP ith the Caal Zone
blood bank. Tae puose of th
th to StablE -a Cental j onjSj
ytem and avoid duplication of
time and effot.
w t If I vblumer, how often
w I have to- ive blood?
A. It is hope to have a regia.
tar o at le ames. I
this number 1 livors i reslv.
wd. will Me that each would
be sailed 0 to 4o4ate a pint of
blWod about nca year. O
erT, blood d0 opa are t
taken mort than mtwice Y S'
from one per sn.
. Q. Wlenm s I o to the hu.
pitl to do ate
A. Not im Ma the L9bank u-i
stablished and the roster ot
volunteers is.6.
_ ,tled b l of
fc appontBn the osN

Engineer Ies

George Homer Ri iee. v
enWiner wbo was i .c oi
thm de=. 4g


-.e to .tor tan
-tw my b-oot
A. Y.. Your
l aMn file o
uood bank odu" *

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the yol


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