The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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Vcomb acr0singye Will Operate
For several weeks Incr eas""g
number of abandoned 0mla
both canine and feline l1vin .
the heavily wooded ariM ma- Canal .w .. "-
cent to Alookare kg food Canal Zone officials today wiletill sot sayim9,
In the Albrook quates area. when and where Zonians will be able to. buy. lWmd
InherenA airfi eld nase.s are liquor
being .umented by the nl "
intrusion of these anime~ s.. They were studying the decree signed TVue
The problem has been glvato Panam6's President Ricardo Arias, authorizing their
the Air Peoe's Air Police patolt
to solve. Ar P tion of 75 per cent in Panamanian excis tax in
sold to Zonians.
In addition to the n o to.oniL
ways and means whusyu n The decree concerns itself largely'with who isi
.,8 -.x-.1ap reheand stray animals, traps titled to buy the low-duty liquor, and how the 75 pa ,ct
with fish heads and meat excise tax may recovered.
are.l9so being utilized. exCISO tax may reCOvered.
out .The intruder have reverted to Details of how the liquor, up to almost $1 a s1w
t nmet ir t rugo stndag incheaper than at present, wip ib sold are appaent.
are ,not nuitable to become re- to the Canal Zone authorities to work.out.
domesteated as pet a. Individual Zomnla buying towdityliquor a Wm
P" Alli Caught animals are delv.- hqvor stores will be required to produce a CZ-ito. .
t* s mail *:i I malt to do so. '
ty s o..e.s. r I" Ow of l. M ree ted h who Stem- ge'am"
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at conducting co ama wh are offeras-gr m-
l of traffic 1plods of offial n t Governor .
S he Caribbean. agenotes on the Ca.a. Mae. ceived a
"' However, thee wilL 'have to International
SSgroiA .,which consists supply a permit ertifyig that Canal one
t r. Vs stated tarrv the buyerI entitl to te a cha by
tre.fta Juan, Puerto Rie duty lor and the anut and na
C t Guard plane. type alcoholic beverage to .
vialtUg officials be purchased. The letter vulali
.. a han Gary (D-Va.)a recommendattia
e aldent of tTe sub-Committee The decree also empowers the o. Sebaei l
t Trmasry and Postal Opera' General Administrator of Cus- that aoa fa lb e
tois to request through the aed rec b
Foreign Office a llstwith the t W0
Other iMembers of the delego. full name of all Zone officials actO* has boeeno
tion IfUlude Rep. Alfred D. Siep- authorized to make purchases In m #L twot
ski (D-N.J.), commander tt the name of official Zone aien- the Canal Zo
CAIAt Guard Service; vice-A d cles; the names of authorized zn
Aed mleb d; Ralph Keil representatives. of those clubs In the letter to t e
eltof in pctor, and his ass and establishments licensed by from the
ant, David trabiger; Wilard the Canal Zone to sell liquor. London, Ml.
nLandon, Maj. Oe.
Johheon, a budget officer of e and facsimiles of tha s algna- director, d In prt:
Traury; and an executive sc- tures and rubber stamps. a
retary of the alubcommltte,e Rlb- Thistlit must be authentlcat- cuabto during te
ert MIUbaels. ed by the proper U.S. authority bor"e l Canada *r
oi the IntereaoaI
U.S.-Red Chiha Talks Remain ,.mpr
Blocked Aftf 26th Meeting -a h.. ..---
4F matter to Ou
GOEN A,. ko. 7 (UP)- T1he nounced commitment to release haves
US. and&eK Chna failed again the American nationals atill n- A V k
today rech agreement o e- priaoned and ive sn proof n
lease of 17 Aniericans still held they really mean what they say I tlan. 'i^ '
In Coimuatlt Jails. about not resorting to -forteto
UA. AmbaY.ador U. settle such luues as Formosa. hla fora
Johnmon met forone hour and The U.8. holds that the U.. regitratio. 1e
50 minutes with Red China's 7th Fleet should remain in Chi- Boy ou of the
Wane Ping-na. This was their nese Waters until a settlement and I enel
tSth get.together since Aug. 1. has been reached on Fomosa., letter for y7
A brief announcement after- They U.S. may then be prepar-
wards merely stated that they ed to discuss an agreement on In th
had met and scheduled still an- renouncing the use of force by a
other smasi for next Wednes- both aides, the sources id. hat
day. So far there has been no couts
Th. %a&=mousnement did not break in the current deadlock. o1 MO
disclose what they had discuas- A number of U.S. cittieas have. In
ed or what progress, if any, they however, been released since the attafl
had made. talks began in the first move by gaip4.
But it vs indicated that they Red China to "soften" American
still h failed to break their feelings.
deadly The two envoys are continu-
Johnson reportedly t pressing ing their efforts to overcome the '
strmogly for release of 17 Amenr- present obstacles to relxing
ear naIonal. from Red Chinese tenL in the Far at. But the
Jails and 4 Ia "a "no force" prisoners are the central t sse
pledfe fr Plpmg for settle. and the.U.S. will n ot nte into
men of Eastern dispute any firm commitment with Re
'The UA. Ws saidtoh be makin" Ch until Its natloala are on
these condition for studying a their way home, the sources said.
SChinese "peace makinR" propo- -f.....
saL n
The Chinese are reallably re-@ potind ft
port ha submitted a two- Tf 'Ti
w a Mettlement ption on
g = whihmch calls y SM d
ledri rawal of the 3A. W
S A Ma 4 aId to Chiang Noe u. if '-'o. ce
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SIMab iMao 0 RIcAUs u on
*T. Twrtar P. O *ox 134. PANANMA. o w P.
TILPmIOMs 2-0740 I' Linws
GeMow OPPric. 12.179 CENTRAL AvaNUE UsWEEN i12TM AND ISTN H 074
845 MADIsOM Av. NIW YowL. 417) N. Y.

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FIR MONTH." ADVA. = 1.70 U 5..0 1
Peorn onur Y P. IN aOVANCI D141.10 y VICTOR IZS L r i _+
THIS a YOUR FORUM THE RIADIS OWN COLUMN Muscle men of the underworld b
calmly watched Harry Bridges .W MgI a.

SMe b roam the Brooklyn and Chelsea I
iem s a e ea i .rstefully and oen b e" i s a wheey ie e r ise e t h brotherr m or ing. Tht h "-

IT tent "ry' lt h rfe t otdon'tn Ii. B int do n't ppo owue n no cue stick. Six mintht

out day gI haa riPdom rshd o oe eid e b so, coat e acorf Itied oad b t
r... .. ary ,to._ ,_end.o _tedmm to e Wp. Cwot-ar- i aI n hof dollar e. aaem
Id tiOy of lotten write m Is hold In tc 0 o k 5ante- e
Thus espA m dums no mporeTIOlty B oE ataweidls 0pi0oio oaide anfry Eastern piern. ut ewordIs -atdw oa Ma n Pensyl a
Sn wd n rnmu have one om MthrderroTe mus e who neut that rHarry, te the
---- "T ---- N o gamse, was no to beUI I "'^Ip ^ ll =-Sta U 1 lemI. --_r .. jtt the s=s'

lattrden spL aei to ohine
dumped.U tpay ht a

S 1 h Russa a rry must have known UI.o bHe aea t rs- hon s I the .ter

t onE M AIL a has seldom rushedtidmOhto cants of Nwt oYf lares aro te ee a
Shis c G o u t Im .n a West Coast water- n w of dollars.. m .
front free-for-all. He seldom he s atvII o wl,q -.- ogroessa .lu- t Ii JJt lit.- .
0- withut a bodyguard. ,l for an~~ Winte. ttheecntonaod er.

In 1944 Count and coufte+s Walenburg of Sweden spent a Sailors Union of.the _Pacific, Harry p o'ong, w s T V y Authority. ut water "om .te pouted D iwar,
.Boqueteas guests of Captain Elliot and a week undeberg, calls Bridges "gut- ,.'I e l w, s that
later ther dp.oma sonRaoul Walenbur s pent a few days and less. Bd e Vwou nvr-v I e ae IteUlMed tee d "- ay i ..-e-

u-lae forog dasgyeto idy, mHuer a Rudapssto heowsa- Walkterront And t er sptainly not the nh Ptom bIan. But bel utse t tlme ae coc The ta
dp, anu I fsrnt sen how anybody can beueve in r elecw Lucgentac ier on fromth St, i t--.---the w tpl tied water suonp'rvatond a a lyIe u not aite, eat rooe
I ay wor ey sy. Brooklyn. not far from Murder, ... ....... p wpich l re red sr elop- a s t ea martinis hat
nhower is oin too far in his game of how ., doman.. meant in order to fo the das
feared from the earth.Th sn.y N,

Sand w the time I suspect Y Brdgs walked oul plbroaday by the Russians and have someone that he would not b u th aid ro Charn of he nterst
made much effort to get a line on them in some way, never molested. Wfrom S oe al

to, and do as they please.daylight for the first time in --On the Potomac, the army lled Commission on the Delaware wa
Looks like almon Ime to seth up the i eaters and turn sonhe fve years. oFormerly fe gathered I I at.era lfor eyrD waDs a fraris A. Pia of Pet mne eyl.
Russians. Down in the 40or50nay, more of e coRussas drty work n nfathrous-by the stetfilm "On the" o r-I he T
n i5 some parts ofothe country, Gon tocut upplyunder aliases. This time. he ar- s. a ing _e48 henanoeh de anw re ier, alley Atoru tha Ito eallsc.
rof Uantelo se. onr pehr com in, but small and apenilove. rivted openly. He even et e fmpress t4 ap e rof.. are loteo i. "Proeyess upounderd Wtes ptree.
upand Ian'e howe nyotyavn beyleve in hei section or Lucenbach Pieri on 35tIh ee S, -- tOrgaton bevou e
Brooklyn. not far from Murder,o

arom a way foodsehoe is long to our mar in hi game ofy w in on the grand entrance h o to ay, hle. otomac w leotr. dere,. he aid, seferrn g t prog.
usre f they'll have money ou. Russia will show only what they wa. Why? Who sent out word that i r o l the ess by thestats out or
op array was not even to be nuaged? rs ra reerai, ay omewa a r-
to, and dBridges as thannouy pleasenced he .w s in v a power m, proposes e, s opad with uts
almost time tW BOUT TOWNSEND turn on theow to "study crIo handling a smpn on e Poomaeieved oter rest river

loo h ly e matters." Tis story comes at a wheredch w rWti e Byd w as areas, ncur as the rinosmlee
the arm t, nby Margaret refuino to parn t weoh it, and the ureth ears on the docks of N ew York O O re ens rter polut the lr dy porad lCommson ate aDelar
Ih ian soae parts of the country. he G oing ans tot ofhaf suhe ap uwnyrc d e .. r hisuppg for She District of sYrstem .hs one eat mrci t. Its

l a I nd e a as t Ts t "k a- :long dorw ud t hth tteh w, lg e tig r o
of cantelou s. Grapefruit coming in, but small and texpesive. rived openly. He even let the press wp cases wong lctd rs ft s ePsns t oe
rn damanth n powerful, own ent io eem a t nhody willo In on the rand entrance. iento o.mhadie ere k t c e am bor the t ate of ed eur t
rgen Man Itown to contact the agents hie h I S R1"AR .....hl, .....hs bomSOtde Euroyn sm oEelly
starve i they have ond meor blow in the life of a fairly young Whyltd ?Whnto some of te independ- thata prolemarouna ington. cot o provl overnos a
Po"Harry was not even to be nudged? ba a tny Onfi Integrated
Bridges announced he was in __ __amid__proposes some, as o ae w

m h arently conducts himself in ? ommede town to study cargo hangemein'g steam r aot on the Potomac ahied in oe tO TVA,' i
Sir: matters." This study comes at a wihw o lere toa haul col, an i wt

NOdfm that per. Of course, nota royal ooty has received a sO late date in the on ld boys life after o e sor ral 'e Sli thla erh e
n the arby Margaret refui t o part we caacy it t, and the Church -- th. gs" a.e c have not nwa a rle Iet aorlt my tm2o g t prose have Neo soh ew eat w hen ee srk, d ol ed thaltey an l te l ^cesslnid he m Dadf re)e
phas been able to .how the State an t. tes e he Romans that shcas? wo anged si ce n man nto sh bt a horse wu cram himself until s he
remain adamant a nd powerful, T aownsend seo brm sme thfreNh For II make fbook Harry cast tme now Harryemaittle moe aat de oo oa cane oa treeu he'o udered Hee as I s a t. .
FrhgottenMan. town yto contacttheb agents hehasMn vilemt arn Washnom. aio

This the second maor blow in the life of a fairly youn salted into some of the independ- onm n ms the solution of h hhly
man, who apparently con ucts himself I n a commendable andi ent International Longshoremen's Farmers are tapping the Potomacoe o v.

---- te se frdfi foTrthey ri gt on ;.tump Dumb vls ue h, th .iiy gwt hee or ha ds not d s
di irraged thmanner. Of ouers e. noth loving royal blood in his veins, Asn locals right on a the pin oer lev me piece or other not long a o, in lstaments Mr M. Bru feoks. And even when he st

ofot do they now ge rom a hurhho ................d and suddely, remembered al e heare oe the tamesnl osoree the sick, he gets a vast amount of Shockn on test. hurricane Dane" mnWe mute rdek
he obbly taken't the capacity fr sufeing that the oves tk s e t I have suffered in along wor, for qua ho purposes, plwaure from plteng the ins- ms
Spt mh o org snc nthat a se l a until Is water conservation, not a steam

What a pity that he wasn't al i bring some fresh For the first time nw Harry little money lat d, so you c. aw tree. he founder. a a le ad a the a
ore trnomiyaslhome erodi mi.dthe esn on ted s te mteia that a sornea host onti p St worulo gaHude'lsaeua a cnr hsbstoors thanks HedPate -!armyeinl sol.-t o s u
WHAt eto IIthone COMh S -h a't.a a tho savnd f I vo y rceo op n A hee -ant y istlob rt usm* a bbtuae ytte ty, oIhed yeme The horse ipn stupid, atsmborn, I nvelmocam athfi. cr" te l exc^ po wvernvcT-e-nw ca-V

gTl WTI M A ta sPhildlph a Bamorea gi a su e re I a sw of paper blows. I=ases peatsr f on theas m t l" n oer to a for.
Swe. Bridges waited omy 5 had a n horses at t to Jump s ow, and He wallsis fe s and came out of a horse was his odd n r r lvatea ut te a, the

t ygouar .tai s t lp sothet throun ba in bmdo hsewith e pkanglee into a dead rcn. Av oeaf-ant laionship with the jackass, pennsylvan ac l inr e
f do pubfo would forget the manbi Oe hAorethetlonga goit nin nt rnd e rM. harcha produces he a de. The ste din
s adowrk sa n Cou s the ,a e mef ir a10 ya nssaulth h shfies at thig s mue at le ast has character, of a A they had stepped I a
though youtl^ ha a d never been llo ehersilg aued by more heorses hole's of foren He'll tandag upn hist hehg d sny blsces flogontrlODln.aean0 00i te n

I aanrit/u? .s afit r Tr gt oe t e ubsoit isd*y osie ts uaf edIn a velo e e of prace i blow s isfao. They used to talk about hrse brinn thehntlorched .. thick patch of trs sat he was often so stupid he wmats a chioea se Je and I swodered what they ol nacl-tionl agoftr the Meln-. Tl
howtheBBhero twolden lofokeseadbu for ll Soe paele sal or w pethe wrlduso meant. I stitHll wonder he fl of thdibsa Aigm Au
-T s e se erintot o esrun. A ph nt latinahp with theis, Pe nnsylvaniau i
-ev u doollet him he hich produces +foothe ee.The ma ere-tsI

enyouaperinpublieBusiness Picking Up ... d-asr he Is b- a
wthou lh a u a reeno l b y PETER EDSON st coa andbi t ct

^the Koean Tr ansprt Workers Un- -- -- European Soca9
tThheeeh ooo t trkrschol o Govt-. pointments promptly wiith top -taf, k to Denver to coect another an r g

fieldeo fWI .tere n it trinporat ex. ernmpS nt A ny t A but a handful .r t the White m ee is aweted to follow much whatteappened n Be fl o dd n

eted through you. fervent en- pick up nd the "'BlckBsa House staff have been moot e job v he same routine wsile the resip anahed DelawareRebasin.
yi couragement to the longshoremen that the President Is back here. Those witth the Presdetgo dht recuperates pin Gettysburgm .a ogo 3an o- the ie

SN6A WilPitai fgl on the western coast. We, east It -been a forlorn place Denver were: The Assiatant to the or wherever-he ,oes. private power compaales of that -- -
tl.v Kores working people, ar con- with bss away. President Sherman Adams, Press Ij. Gen Wuton B. PerssI
completely exposed and hat te big round Philippine Air Force Aid Lt. Col. William G. wa lat man y a- -
craed before the nated ranks N o manoan table the west wing Draper, the President's personal tion. Heos od itld w cp h t. Justa
e workg people of te wole etiv oe reception r retary Ann Whitman and her after a w tkng start ue was r wIina orera fr

world. ."a All pands, luding ate guard, agaistant Helen Weaver. called out to Denver to go tm work a .'
Stha relaxed. The usual flea n Am realy commuted between on the President's Steo of ta

SAnswer to Pe e tiis activity haat been mis- Washington and Denver. It was't Union meage or aext Jasoy.
witabosar. O hisexe resshatoup d hmad tuns woh ih.e roucs hie mloe e.ima tod

the wesersa she atsit ino the inghas mule atleasets chaacte edin

11IIt has bee possible to get ap- meeting here. Then he would fly Washisgton and Dever But DO
wheStBsy letters h e eeh hadesteed Inhe a
S Oane osenv ierman Aams, 11 .Mrdj. hia. W-itoi da. Jnhnet,h
S .. .. ..l ts Brid gdr s ud'stateynolyt ch.enthe m e of a r2thencae rae horsen, isL They usled 'to t olk abu o rs cmi flood controls hsem p pro

ruthehsharfNgr- least tick p oea.reets .hang he w- motens setav, e s, n bta c ee the eadIt'ner- what teyorraem
%6tWe Comuissdo'ttinim.bebodnghant. Ir stillythower Ineordtyha
ei1 ErePhisadinphis filesltimorperapsb a ree to stumble on "_u e e suerlownb*itr aengithatever the dams.

..inBidgpoc keateds heTrhamdaetnhesteepftoacuph ,heweThsenbew dc Waotoases i sod

thestr t eg arEbo 4rCoaelailon o fint a dea a ddeselted-io nsiw te thhe the rturia o -soti se

pyb- Icaudpr gstheCo n- He died at yal- Pren o wv r r a b tff i s

abad OSn eIorse tFishing best txuSeine \^ f^ ^ and he tr of wire sr bemule. a nThestd in.
an& me sHvetheo many Sa our a ho mefep ob0yea rosomerault

Thatelettirr, dateOc 29 .....rtr ,ect oa, orn r I e /
Isr andeomt ecntresI -a"t" llomamitteeogs fosocar eodfo- i s d
theoanTsorthWove he',hionkso. ers Cn-wet
evnindhoffickewotkesthe WaN omlftee atve men.e-

Areuwekitn eopereconwwith'hthose Isoldaeay raldend ShermanAdas, ress ni om Wton B. Pnt.l -IIIier

Ion. Th e mlettelsysexpoda n L l l m E.opas man t a a

W"14%fe ,, .,resiesndst inermnthcabePy ress sIli betwe

,-Natio-a'8rrli C'r'ran IS,,


- -c~-l.-..y--- --I-----;---- -- -- 1i. _ZL-l -L YT;I~I __I_

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800-West; North ERutj
IN.T Pss 2 6 Pass

L It2 "im--Ait pope out f Whiding. uolving a big 3NiT. PasT Passw
e ftor these .ervste station atbcldat'in Frrenio, Calit Opetk lead-AS 6
oV a-myterilou- squeak from an au e. The squeak
tumphd out to le hia eat,:hiding beMnd a49, support. Smilingand w
e the diseav are Donald Ghan, efi, d Reno Morandl. b and wasplayed
__o lx *_Bsyerv, he was ,urv
-".."t n~q raking Aneedless "W
..caution. m g a ess
1Im s c nVer ian B exprt $ Wk
AdIai Stevenson Na .ss .isiouet
S. t the mui breaks normally okra.
His Campaign Chieftains ..S.a.ntrhewI_

O, Nov. 4T (UP) -Ad- tary t tr ealt%. In t; nayto
li- ieaozeb yletetday named19Sli e iv tildeiphia itsi first vs. The rt play was
J James .4. F[mo, air of Demora" ntyor I61 years. t cl' from
P ephia aa Jds am ail e Fgn ao degan will re-
maatr ad ced 9 signA U," cmmoWa3lth secretary wMt ae
enterh Hn tao p to w campaM gn, Pill
priry next spring. A i c ai t ow
In new conference eU e .venso t a$ HypWa 3;. le 10 c i a ered We
,ay a her announced c of Ch4icsg forme mri r with aS fi We
av tze Democratic pr te D o c Nat Commit. dplayoed deay wo
tiaf lietion ati year, S t :ee.aM a law partler.- former hi s wlA the o tfclubs; t
son dftled Pr t .ii a iNatija pnn Stephen A.- A. disca .oth fint round
s Aad. b to -o with MIt iLs Stephen of clubs Ina* situation clear..
Whi 1 .Slledore Vt4ne his hand with I
Hes a he ad.alout'ma .Ste ojafd he will count on the ,e ,Oxf laOt in order. to
his mid to run i tl early ,i Json ,, a tt of lead nothr tb toward du ly,
of lakt summer a eonripgn man- tlee-sip e was the easy
the dteetion aroud-Sept.' 1 af a nel. t a total of two spade u,
or conferring with my children."' -MitcBel's rile may be limited, one heart, three diamonds sadm
Stevenson added le "eertu however, since he is expected to four clubs; '
wll not make health an ai8 aw"n sk te Demoeratic nomination -'The king of clubs was the right
the 'forthcoming campaign. for governor in Illinois. ply at the second trick as a sdaety
The .152 -Democeratio standard-. Diat sii bia cund4sa an- lnepaure against finding all of t p
6are diseloagd he viready nla onIi ~etsteveon a ild did missing clubs in the West han
eoti"d the Democratie-farmer- not mae the auiouncement ear- which was exactly where thu
bor plr of Mianesota by. let elir niM atly for- per*Mt r re a- were. If they l .all been In
Whe er.te e ,.. East hand, no play would wor' 1
S,20 Traised If the c u bro e-3 or -1, asp
..b.r m ve o0M y. !a play at 1 would work..-. AND AWAY "OES-
tmd aes"...........- W bo n -Libltg horse, but. he
er as we ov CASTOR OIL TO t al
err wpC -tojssIe oe' ew

interC eiSy U^"'4i be,,ot for morethan IW i
*d t da 5he. beasy mt 'did nro$ up I OU tt
As hi- ca manager- bcn f aa Ii t gai for mioicial use unt u
Yve S tapp a 4year-ald p~o- I man, an. ardent support ltth1tury, (Aer
fesalonal w -sparked a D'e o- who lately has appeared to cool, oj o w"saff. Modern sl-
eratic resurgence in Philadelphia Stevenson said "Mr. Truman al- ene has made t palatable,
and deliv.4 .cit fori in reedy has maAe it emphaSy lIoweevr. '
il clear that he is going to be neo
1S.the face o landslide de- trial. and I believe what he
*eat by Presid .lsenhower, says,"Stevenson replied.
steeson sever "9 tnidegan He praised the qualitiwir orth.
ffoMt in the 192 ipaign. rJemocratic leaders in. tilone6
A pteran' politlciajnVho began as poilble presidential c 'Jd41- U
y rsago as a waid -worke, dates, including Sen. tes a- I
Finpe -. was Democratc ity ver of Tennessee, an dded
chair an in PhlUadelphia. fr on has not .Mde, and w not make,
1948 untill au e 'this year when any "deals" for a vice-iresiden-
he became eam. ylkania's secre- trial running mate,.


beCaus a g r
lI~M 0





S. lcc

'3s'' *-




une in!



Descdbed At KN

HOUSTON, Tex., Nov. 11 (UP)
-A new anesthetic wih c h is
chemically different from any a-:
vailable was described .he today
by feur Chapel HI,.-N.C., d Sc-
tors reporting to the Southern
Medical Assn.
The SMA is holding its 4Mth an-1
nual convention here with nearly
3,000 physicians attending- a e s-
sions to hearsoeme 300 papers
read on 20 major fields of medi-
Dr. D. A. Davis, one of the
four North Carolina physicians re-
porting on the new aCeathetic.
"dolitrone," said it produces ab-,
dominal relaxation without
spabm of he larynx or bronchial
tubes, potentially dangerous side
reactions which can occur with
some present anesthetics which
are adnlinistertd intravenously.
Dr Davis said another advan-
tage of the new anesthetic is ra-
pid elimination from the body.
lie said it is rapidly utilized and
duration of the anesthesia produc-
ed by it can be better coanrolled.

Southern Solon
To Propose Bill
For 'Negro Expert'

ftlh a plot 4% by 6% feet.
, harvested more than 3500
IMitp *ra tWhen this
?L. .r*; ''~ ;

like this man has caught himself
The horse, a trained. performer'
l isa Vienna, Austria, Is.nerely
c-. Note 1w t mcillycaavyd and,
Iprle Is pufs'iuhg. Tblp
Wg rulers, used the arena fot
Blar Westem AieaiMt 1

Aallys Enjoy.


40p, ZAPP C.MPANY, 8.A. Tel. 2-


S ,,


Select Your Gift No

Mahogany Double Beds complete .................S Ti
4 Piece living room suites .....................144.. ,
Modern DinInR Tables and Chairs .............. '7.00

China closet. iLicoreras) ..........................
Hollywood Beds with Spring ......................

Night Tables .................................. 18.00
Chests of Drawers ........................22. M
Vanities with large Mirror ........................ 6..
Modern Mahoeany. Wardrobes ..................... .00
Kerosene Stoves .................................... I

ALSO: Metal Filinm Cahine's Swivel Chairs Cr1ba1 -
Youth Beas Mattresses Springs -
Kitchen Cabinets, etc.



JACKSON, MMiss., Nov. 17 41 National Ave. (Auto Row) Tel. 3.491H "
(UP) State Rep.-elect U p t o n
Sisson said, today he plans to in-
troduce a Nbegro.exq bill'. WE PAY CASH FOR YOUR OLD FURNITURE,...
when the Misissippi.Legislature 1a.-
meets it January'. ,
Sisson, noted. chiefly heretofore
for his campaign for legislative
reapportionment, said under his
bill the tate would appropriate
$1,000 p head jfor transportation of C. .
Negroet who "wish to leave Mis-- --
sis ippi because of mik-t r e a t-
"It would serve a dual pur- "-'
pose,' the Gulfport attorney told
a civic club luncheon "one being
to assist the Negro wbo wants to 1 V
leave and the other being a ben-11 j I T', q Tt.
efit to the state in sMoh riddance, ....I
if the Negro feels he if being
mistreated and wants to leave." '
In the Gulf of Aden schools of,
porpoises vast proportions,
says the National Geographic So-
cietv. Some school number thou-
sands of these mammals that can
leap 20. feet out of the water.

,/' i


- irra-m t o
One la Lid.

The child'wbo is old enough to
spend the 'night at a friend's
house 14 id-enough to be taught
that he should eat whatever he
is served at dinner and break-
fast. -
ft-he turns up his nose at the
2a35 food offered him at a friend's
house, he hasn't had the right
Straining at home.




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Clipper,- your hands with a
minimum :if-trouble and waiting. Now

FwrfKU d9fde u CTen VtAe
adva f qvmw1-iwffuw sa
atI tr wvi, OF# N WmI qoee .pw

,u c~n easily make your dream trip on
PAN AMERICAN, the world's most
experienced airline, and pay forit in low
monthly installments, after you return!

hmmt I Stret No. 5, Tl. 2,. .folm Sales Idg. Tel. 1097

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Price in USA
Your Saving


hadi wincuda
I,. p*Y5

Yes, here's matchless new btautv! For South Seas is so
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by storm. See it tod.y and make plans to have a .ivfloe
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and set your table with Community!
The Vogue Chest is a beauty, in dark or blond fi.*kv .W
wth contrasting tnm for added interest. The 52-pie eiw'
or 8 consists of. 6 8 knives, 8 forks, 16 teaspoons. 8 saoap
I salad forksl. S serving spoons. 1 hitter knifWo I ufgi
..-; --'a





* 'a


- ---- I-- -- iF.-~ .

._~-~V.- L-Y--C.I?--- I --" ---

' Y~ I" c ~ Irr~



&z '- --Ndw~EL


*/* !1






- .'-.,

~1. awiv vm
* S




-1 a




~~~L8~MW -m

Wetts QuesUtin

SFew Fast Facts: Imogene Co-
a first TV appearance since
tpre up her contract will be
a winter Max Liebman spec-
f r Nat "Kinag" Cole
We plany the ead in 'a TV version
'T ICt MA aeo," .. U.S.
Ht ulrour is looking for a play
f0Linda Darnell; she said she'll
r t in the right show .
'razianoe has been ap-
iteed to appear with James
Saird 'in a coming Paramount
ILttire .. Biggest prize yet--a E Kath Norris i the Williamc
b car every year for the rest,
f tei, r lives--will be awarded
winners on ABC-TV' LaW-First she did he Milton ....
ane Welk show, in a contest bow .. witha.Ing pool-

ram public expected that. i ow she
thinks she can do a dramatic
Maxie Rosenblm was with show, without the pol,, and the
'of his more intellectual i public will be happy.
,Ieemt In the Near East. During; t
course of this conversation,
of them mentioned the Gaza ;Kathi Norris, General Electric's
,gal commercial deliverer, was
4o meane," Male asked, "one hostess for a demonstration of
pf them Gabor girls has gone into GE's atomic power plant. One of
lerlepaee?" I the guests was the Navy's atomic
-sub man, Adm. Hyman Rickover.
There'll be fewer splashes in Kathi offered him an atomicpew.
5E t hr 0 Willisma' future. She's er.grilled hamburger, but mistake.
been practically reborn, as of Aug. ingly said, "Care for one of these,
1 last, and there'll be some 'General?"
lu e contract with MGM end- I "No thank you, Miss Furness,
ed. Now she can do other things, snapped Rickover.
like her smash TV appearance oni
V"Omnlbus," which included a gen-: Fess Parker, bavy Crockett to
tel strip tease you, just finished a tour of 22 cit.
"I loved working on 'Omnibus," l; es ess says he shood 100,000
Esther says. "I had to think on "little limp' hands, wore out six
M jeet. I think maybe that sur- Isets of guitar strings and in be-
rised some people, which s what tween wrote 17 new verses to]
wanted. ter all, I do have a "Th. Ballad of Davy Crockett."
water-logged brain up here." And Fes, poor lad, can now sing it for
tad her pretty head. 20 minutes without repeating a
t iss W kiliams' belief that verse.
soggy epics she did for I
M for 10 years need a rest. Dick's Quickie: Parke Levy,
I used to go on the set and creator and writer of "December
some awnuly silly lines,'" she Bride," says that if all people who
&6'1d think to myself. 'Gee, est at boarding houses were put
said this same thing to the at one in g table, they would
a people on the same set doz- reach. '
of times., The only thing that ao o
changed ww a the bathing Edgard Bergen (CBS-Radio: Do
wyou know that eating carrots is
she would f aunt the MGM good for the eyes?
sa, bringing scripts of a little Mortimer S n e r d: By golly,
tier content, in an attempt toGyou're right! I ain't never seen
e them let her out. They would a rabbit wearing glasses.
with a tired smile, that her l
res had made $45,000,000 In"_ "
years and why kill the swa nM ovie Director
*t laid twi-gq date egg. So ba *ck--

in the lot. She may began in the silent motion picture
o it n pv o h e an ra, died ., t6e rse a.-
a. Esther says "exotic stuff, I'd on more than 60 major produc-
WAi-eh is what she wants. tio ns, died of a cerebrsl hemror-
'Them, next fall, she hopes to Irhage at St. Joseph's Hospital in
b ing ca aquacadee to New IYork nearby Burbank i
aybe Iate Madison Square Gard He started his career as ana ct-
den, with herself as chief attrce- or in silent films and directed
tef. be'd move the w e family "The Singing Fool" with the late
East and buy a place in tse de. i Al Jolson, one of the fjrst masor
try. It would have to Ihave a swim talking lovie. SetrLces will 'be
mahng pool tsh.; abe, always held Fri oa". 4 r
swir.s anuearter ,e a h pilesap every
m"inlag. odo t The Suda.plnaB' nearly 1,-
And she wants to do ota more ;00ooooo .as n s, a area one-
Tv. Her "water-logged bain"Ithid that of the Ulitd States, yet
Worked out a very sensible ched-aI its population is only 8,820,000,
ule for breaking into the medium., about the mne as Ohio's.

HE'S TIP-HEAVY--A puankih tipper left a 100-poud Upo
Sun Valley..Cetif., restaurant table. In England, a 1pO4p0 u d
would be more than enough to make the waitress happy, bul 1- i
one is a tombstone. Suspected culprit- a Halloween f nste" 'The
waitress turned it over to the police and here's Omeer Andy
Drobats wondering where to-eturn the stone, inscribed P eter
B. Fag n_. .. ... ...

I, so ^ m m

S.. t 1MT ijmml

5- .
- /

A. '


* ? '

*- .
r ,

- ... C .

.Un Royce
* =

-U~r ,

*Ia~U3'1'USN33 "S

."We're just lookil" g

I l




Nick of Time

More Natural



Ue fMT

^pr^A mama*^

tic Mwe

*-r-irLAARClANO Z,



4 I





You're Thew

wm"7 r

low .r
"1- ,* j*
;*, mAR4NTIT

A.. -'

b JATli

i "L


_ __ __ __ _I_ ___ 1

''-' ---


.. .,No .

-- f' .

' *





'*'- ''^UVJry' Y' 1, .5 IE PAT -AMA AMERICAN A: I NS AN, O

rca.. 2 ~
'9 A'

* --A /f >** <* -.:.

X, -l..--- obarge .f w. TOMACK TROUBLE
TORD'o. $U5
t o Ele -year-old I net
would reveui it11 slmaol eta M 7 hra ?Wargad

a IL.. .
=-.. ... ...,.,
"1 .. 'a.., '

w..ara i"
sewnI : ...! Item.' Parwll have pack q, f.,

ona hiBarbecued beath 1 sacu R-

Ane e Ite man g ed AIbrook oF- asian for people to take home .
r m n 0 ira 'Club ast e*Mnag. or while they shop. *8nn2
forur i 'W4s%.table decorattrns cosmisted e ae a
ftw lf l -,

PWbfe vs am


Five new and special soups from Camp

... .., thansIts

Yeu' find Beavty is -the-# EN .

.., .... ...T 4

SI 'r s l ar ,..,,, lse=
teeth cleases... MAWe tee&M ph
Yls sew iww& t ea hor. wnsYou %
10 L'ET. SA0

] .

1. 4*. l -. -kef .a v.

.-r a.. C. s l'. .... yITES 5 I'' MES LONGER "
1 ac,-rhe CouiledtCh thea. 'Ba- !Ev l'ow"14 t eL-house Episcopal Clach has 1 ?
n -bn m.Union cad.uro. 1A.t oi t is -nthne rv s i. 10t aaiiv T -aAN AVm kA'E BALL PE n..
Mrs. h U .- theChbft,, w 3,blad,' her the elebr tion .. ,ill be t in. ,
_| eelle *Tday at p..-. dher, th cre on Tuesday eWWS. 4
93 n ob m bach. bb selection of turkey, steak, or wih Dec. 6. sI-nRi I
f-. .....-- Whmster, at $1. 40 r pislate.. ABOeK an mrs porm in d
rFrt.Iwml I or resewvoich w h i Atodt Ba f I vd. Appeanu osn tth ptarw il. W c b
AWM % piz a t iade nol o Sat.? cal Ba r son wl lhter.American Wanons Clubi8 n If ... ---n^V-- ~ emnitConservatory of Mue..tir ac- NY I AR
benefit d eit party and tea heldotI. LukIe's W -A companittat t Ifgtilid wt hbe I T NA
Ta. f a t the Army SWin Grup Mrs. han Hevigrt. l W H. will not wear break or crack
a. rFort Amador, "'Ese reul Frida y morning B M's Aflibakbir f Mr a.
we Kelvi of 15 Wgs session of the Msring ST. *01 S') Nov. 17 fUP. The. m auseal will0t re
N Fort Amador,*whl-t dLof the Cat hedral or S. -Don I,8pionthe Christ Che A '- d, 5 STAINLESS STEEL CAP
woa, .I wrP ticket to Cost uke, Ancon, will take ptlaeb a bowler, strikes under the dht to. teo Aodueon
Rie, -donat b y Boyd Brother;CI sal tomorrow between t:30 and every tiIe nMt re Kos- Peterson,. former ptST /rs-
& a rnama 1 i 0 a.m. in Bishop Morris Pall. talAn ives or 6. ALWAYS A FESHLY-
St. Lumis III ins, INKED POINT'
Fastlichl. Mrs, Andrew B.-s d' E P T
Jewel m Panama, who received Carter wi. S out twtat aa ,oi
a flower painting, painted arinld SI llR ,II specially-rmodelad .a lley. each press of cap button turns bell
doat" byMre. F,' R. Joemson. t h reoAld- t ; Koifltansui and seat to now writihr position
Mn. r,. nPalmer Smith, Jr.. I lt In the tlird pion of the suite
Baob" a -8 winner of a figr- n ms svm when Rip Van Winkle wskf to
4l m stedby Saw's; and Mrs. f ind the dwarfs playing ninepins, IOTATING BALL AND SEAT
nbram .,who won an eve- [' I Carter wil take over as ound- BALL 1
g bag, donated by Bazaar Hin i eects man. avoids wear prevent leaking
Alsv dootted by Dellaes do PARIS, Nov. IT (UP) The T get the Tight -_effect Carter_
prania d PaWnama was French Prench National Assembly vot-o mut owl a stfte every. time
pastry served durig tea. All pro- ed tody to reconsider the dis- Kostilanet waives thlebatoh in his .
ceed from the benefit will be triet election system backed by directly.
en to the Bella Vista Child re n's former Premierer lerre Mend a-4
Home.- France in the firpt einpMrtnt
Sports lbibue e^tlr er" dW^ weadlok Spec'fal a B of .fNE ra er is* BALL PB
T o0abeo b The motion was adopted b a ,.JoM.IN. K hes
S a e sponsored vote of 311 to 28. f or children. O
the 6gipoa- Women's club wIN The motion now goes back to weekly.
St m d e, m hre seemed ttl: doubt AB-C' ot. RADIO CENTER
nl, wi fom tfttt i. There "wmprepatred to adopt the votingr
oorprrehme. m it has rejected ee I 110 OLIVAR AVE
Prcees $1 ,.sed forth the3 before by ever nnroiera
t th margins in the last three weeks.
et .fBt r a e cAh I
o rby the ,b., ao pu i a If the lower chamber approves- a .. Se,
la" tteand the district election mofita it- 81 "A" Ave.
leta are .54a a l will be aId self which IJ Identical Wt th
at door., the measure passed by the 1n- Phel f 2-475 ,
S' "----'- satU earlier this week -- At Will ,
ha ritr- meaaB nm>Ln in end of the presnt .
One ffe nl 0 a B crlala'and new French elections
The annual Chrity Bazaar early in January.
sored by the BalboaEmblem Itould be a victory for Men- BALBOA SERVICF
hub No. 49, will be Weld at the deasrance who has demanded aD IMNS"
likal' Home on La Boca Road return to the pre-war electoral CENTER
Saturday commeucilng at.1:0o0 p.m.system in which the vqter cpat
Betty iacketw l4v 1'1 ? Wballit for an Individual can- BEAUTY SHOP
wb ther eou tS juS rather than for a party S P E C I A L
for a CO. -LOu., ________ i-ULD WAVE



I -.


,'"t 31


*' irm



Inexpensive' Want Ads





71 street No. 13
Agencies Internal. do Publicaciones
Nie I LoUI y Pim
Cten ml Ave. U4

-U U~ -

I- a a. a


L-C.j=9ae -, Dr. IL AvilaJr.

Td. -n .11 -- Fmnm


hase Pauna 2-os

hee Shpp s M ov
Phomes 2-241 2-2542b
Lea Ridlng at
Ridig "& Jumping lses dell
| to 5 p.m. IPh *e -0279
or by opptsime"nt.

S@ c wmorhdT.OU wi" e

(I l hoek ,m-Lm Thetro)



Ito .. .tin i ow

st~ ~ ~~P SueAsem h All'




WIn SURt'-l3EWTo
, 'Get it atS

#ners.. fem


T. ; .

"I ,t,

T *' '

:I -.

Tui e

S ;-

p" '

FOR SALE:-9-cu. t. refrigera-
tor. 60-cycle, good condition.
Call Albrook 2190 between 4
and 6 p.m. Location is Qtrs. No.
224-A. Price $65.
FOR SALE -36-inch Iga stovs,
9-foot Frigidiin S60-cycle,
good condition. 3-1552.
FOR SALE:-A Leonard electric
stove. 60-cycle, at a low price.
Phone 3-0975 Panama.
FOR SALE:- Refrigerator Hot.
point. 9 cu. ft. 60-cycle. Can be
seen any time at Qtrs. 210-3,
Albrook 86-4119. Excllent
condition. $125.
FOR SALE:-11-pc. hickory liv-
ing room set. beet spring con-
struction. $175. Call Balboa
FOR SALE: Bed king lsie
I1x60 Serta Hollywood. beo
spring and mattreu. 5720-D,
Noble Place, Diablo. C.Z., Tele-
phone 2-1343.
FOR SALE: Upholstered ma-
hogany living room set, I pO.
House 5623 Diable. Phone 2-

Helo Wanted
WANTED:-Nursemaid to take
care of 10-month-old boy, young
girl, English necessary, neat and
clean. Must have references. Tel.
Panama 3-4313 Sunday only.
Calls N. El Cangreje, Cm Irma.

Position Offered
WANTID:-Salesgirl. good sal-
ary and commission. Internation-
l Jewelry. Inc., Centrl Avenue

Groups Visit


Al Fort 6uck


w8w I,- wives -V *
~ltsi an Fort Oul'wAnd -con-
[albd f tour through Aiteclasm-
Mooms and buildings.
Approximately 30 members of
the Fort Davis organlmation vis-
ited the School yesterday and
were followed by the Fort Gulick
group of 50 who toured the
grounds today.

Beginning in the conference
room of the main school build-
ing at 1:30 p.m.. wherat a short
briefing was given on the mis-
sion, organization, functions and
accomplishments of the School.
the tour cordinued an to the
various instructional divisionsnn
and also to the Latin. American
'Student company.
At each place visited, a break-
down and explanation was given
concerning subjects taught and
equipment used in the class-
. Living quarters and recrea-
tional facilities of the Latin4
American enlisted students wereI
witnessed by the groups upon
their stop at the Latin American
Student company.
Immediately after the tour was
completed, a tea was held in the
main dining hall for the visit-

1.950 Chevrolet 4-deer sodsm.
body clean good paintres very
very good. Meelanielly very
good. A re,,l bargain.
1951 Pontiac 4-door sedan, ra-
die, hydramati, signal lighted,
nylon seat covers, clean car.
1953 Chevrolet 210 4-deoor se-
dan. radio, met coven, sky blue,
clean eir.
1953 Chevrolet 150 2-deer se
dan, raedi. seat coven., god
paint, very seed tre, msesol.
cally good.
1953 Plymouth Cranibrk Spot
Coupe, radio, beatr, seat ovet,
new tires, low mileage.
1953 Plymouth Canmbrldi 4,4f.
sedan, clean body, paint Ike
new, mechanically good.
1953 Dodge Croset Hard Top
V-I. radio., yr6-mate traUsm..
w/s/w Wires, tou-tg paint, con-
1953 Buick Super V-8 4-dear
sedan, radio, dynaflow, w/s/w
tires, tu-tne paint, nylon cvers.
1954 Chevrelet210 4-door se-
dan. radio, seat covers, Rites ike
new. tu- tone paint, emcellent
1955 Blick Hard Top Riviera,
r 4 d i s, dynalow transmissioe,
signal lights, back-up lights.
leather and nylon coves. tinted
gi"a, heater and defroseeter. New
car condition.
(Beside Coca Cola Plant)
Tels. 2.2616, 2-4966. Panalm.
FOR SALE: Beautiful 1947 -
Cadillac Limousine with every-
thing. S500 cash. Call Balboa
FOR SALE: 1949 Pontiac in
leagood condition, $390. Balboa 2-
2719, Evening !axama 2-3747.
FOR SALI:---1951I O0d4mobile-
II Tudor, t-tone, -d ondi-
tin, food im, $700. HouseM
0432, Apt. 6 Anson.
FOR JALIP.941 P Iedan.
2-door, $ 19119,'1ek 2-doo
Cope S sunm 41-1. Phone

coven, 9700. Call Cem Ises
FOR SALIEa-4949 Kair Trav-
eler; 1948 Itdebaker Coupe.
oeed t*ndAliM, $350 *esh. Tel-
*lpone Paemas 3-6115.
FOR SALI:-1954 bloik Supot
4.door, od s nM, only MO
miles, new spare MR, dJuty
pid, S0. Phon Panama 3-
179. ,'

FOR A4ta-1955 Chryler VI,
aOsMelWi 1mulision., power
steearg. rel* ( speakwn).
;t; A&**;im; ~ Mw. $2900.
WO SNO-Idse-in. Phone 15-
41 e *,3-1 57. 263 Aable

SA FAw,94IDoleunm Ck.v-
ile, 2-ed mn'..O0. Tele-
phe Ce4ar8ddl 436. House

'TCo. 3rd Bn.,

Wi Dtl Ctontst
Living un to Its motto "King
of the Lifeliners,' Third batta-
lion's "K" company, 3d Infan-
try regiment, recently copped
first place in a battalion drill
contest at Fort Davis. The unit'sj
first platoon competed against
platoons from four other com-
panies all counlating of 30
members each da was judged
best marching orgp3laztion in
the Third battalion.
Judging was. baed on com-
mands and execution of com-
mands. cartyng and handling of
weapons, and uniformity and
eataess of men. .,Judges includ-
ed toe battalion staff and com-
pany commanders.
The platoon represented Third
battalion a ftw days later in a
Veteran's Day parade at Colon
on November 1L
As a reward for winzfng first
place, the platan was feted to
an 1 day transit of the canal
Zone locks on Thursday, Novem-
ber 17. The trip was sponsored
by Maj. James I. Stacy, batta-
lion commander.
The unit Is wader the super-
vision of Capt. James Greer, 'K"
company commanderr, and was
commanded by Lt: Arthur F.
Flicher during the drill com-


Ave. TIwou Me. 6

I* Cetral Avenu

OX 2031, ANCON, C.

FOR SALI:-Guarawntod signing
anariM 10 a., until s tof
CAL PET SHOP, 49 Via IpHea
Phone 3-5411.
lent business located near New
Arrailan: Bar. restaurant
cabins "Rio Cristal." Ideal ep-
portunity for retired Amerieas
couple. For further inflation
call Mr. Naverr, Panama Canal
law. Panama 2.1347.

FOR SALE:-Bakery with coma
plate equipment at a very rowas.
enable price. Phone 877, Blox
630. Colen.
FOR SALE:-Bargaia. 2 air-con-
ditJers 44-hp. 110 veIts Syl-
vania, In perfect condition. Goed
for office or bedroom. Reduced
to $175 each for quick sale,
Phone 3-0226. 8-12. 2.5.

,FOR SALE:-Seautiful 7-Mneil
snale German Shepherd. Can be
seen corner D Street aid r.
Alberto Navarre Street. El Cam-
grolo. or Phone -62881.


Wanted Position
EXPERIENCED bilingual stone-
rapber translator offers pat-
tinm rvicn. Apartd I 1926,

Real Estate
FOR SALE:-Farm with 44-4/5
hectares with paper and plans
good easf land, water all year.
2 IhousW In i rrr, HoW
4177, m li, tlnrm.

FOR SAM.I-.'4 slnI Funis .
od dwe In Gwena, 4000 ,.
s., frened, $1550. Near meah.
basy tems. Phm. 1-6410 Pan-

Sou- d
The .r;~t. the ,Panata
Line was 4cheaMW to aiw fromI
New York thi aft9pWtag..lWth 55
passenger rCrliOtbtTr ad 2
Dpa5eng~_~ ked tor plrt-au-9
The catovteadvaneb -,,."-
ger list forS Itbal fol= : *

Mr. and t Sap uel-Anur:
Mrs. Mutflhl 9 and ~bUh-
ter: Mrs. -WIn ",':pnk
Bernhetm;')&. Marjl ur-
goon; MisM- Brta F. lrvalho;
Mr. and MrMItguel Corco; Mr.
and Mrs. Logu Cox; Mr. and
Mrs. Arnold-W.' Craft; Fred 'N.
Dillon, Jr.; M Or rl; Mr.
and Mrs. tobet Wngeie Mr.
and Mrs., o9 ert C. oter and
daught; MrL. tllibth Oler
bert; Louis 8. Ollkstein: Mrs.
Melvin Has; Mr. and Mrs .Al-
fred W. Hair; Mr. and Mrs. Johb
W. Hall Mr. and Mrs. John R.
Hammond, Jr.; Mrs. Mary C.
Harris; Miss Marguerite Hugon
and Mr. and Mrs. Arthar El-.
Miss AnnlIe McDfle: Same
A. Mable; Mrs. Ida MBatt'
Miss Pa ..- Meeat; Mr. and"
Mrs. Thtw UUrN. Murphy; ss
Mildred A,-Papaer; MM. Flo-
renceK]. LteSmod and dSugb-
ter; M-l 3Ia:li ; W Lea
Reid: M a- ahore; Mr.
and MruL. J Aert J. Straus; ir.
and M.'Wkyne A. Strobel; Miss
Clare Su"vu ;, Rpr Roo Ta-
hutini; -her Tatiln; a~d
Capt, and t. Alan 8. Wallace.


s v Parts

a-o~i. g.4,


Forty-nine Sengers are
scheduled to satlf- a Cristobal
for New York Saturday. aboard
the Panama of the Panama
Line. There are no passengers
booked for Port-au-Prince, ai-
The complete advance passen-
ger list for New York follows:
Mr. and Mrs. Jack C. Andxr-
aon and two children; Mr. and
Mrs. 4. J. Bamford, Jr.: Mr. and
Mrs. Henry R. Branstetter; Mrs,
Marie Conover; Mr. and Mrs.
James J. Duggan; James A. UI-
wright; Mr. and Mrs. Roland PF-
|ore and son; Mr. and Mrs.
ames Fraser; Mr. and MrA.
Charles J. Heller; Miss RuthI
Hunt; Miss Oeraldine Hannoft;
DaIel Rastelansky; Miss Mar-I
Ian Kay and Mr. and Mrs. C. J.
Lottridge. -
Miss Francenia Maple; Mr.
And Mrs. August Mertz; Regi-
nal3llbtarn; Mrs. Vera Mooe;
Mr. and Mrs. Gustave Peck; M1e
Mary Pitt; Miss Rose Rosneck;
Maurice Rot4stein; Mrs. Vict&-
W& Jtoth teln; Mr. and Mrs.
Joihn Rungk; Mr. and Mrs.
Jo"a S~Att; Mr. and Mrs. Frei
8. .teotherland; Miss Elaine
Turner; Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm
Wilsonb Mis Eleanor Vance;
Mr. and Mrs. StqnlI F. Yot
and Miss Anne Zeller.

Ditaff Firri Aid

At Fort 6ufkk

Atlatic, area Distaff first .aid
chises 4 and 47 were graduated
at a formal ceremony held in the
rort Oulick Post theater at 3
p.m. yesterday' .
V classes, one offered' In
Spa.lh and one in Englsab
were taught to the U.S. Militaty
and civilian dependent of their
FPrt Oaulck disaster control MOe.
Spaalsh stitruetq, tauht by
Wa.- Petr Priesde, da ,
the nirt ouliek Chapel k
SIt amn. on TUmdlys 9
hwdays. while Englahclaaue
wetr given by Mrs. UOSaaicW
r ankc In the ftrt uUck th-
ewr ap Mondays and WSenetbt
I to 3 pn. p

g_. s .. ..
I eiur esstled ofr*

ATTNTIOM 1. I. M* built
amdrpn. s apme., l, 1.I
Pfhs Fease 3-494%1.
SFOR RINTs..- Newlyfwb
and umaruluabepd 0men
Contt Alambra ApeRmts,
10oth StrMeet 1061, telmo.
1336, Cmkm l

FOR SALE.-1-b. d n, yi-Ng
Autmobile Row. ,poaoso .l-
sinm Auto. Fe details se-
Castr, No. 24 Aye. 5. Pl'e 2-

FOR RINT.-FrPqmlM. -d---
mrm autmet. PwAN mb-
rks. lyh. Phwis Panama
1*5445 or Balo 3870.,
FOR RINT .- Fpmisd apt-
ment e San Pr Fei Highway
No. 120, besid Rmostwi The-
ater, verlookin S.A. L. Coe.
misary. Phone 3-5024.,
FOR IENT:.-- dal gwat
fhr coups: beed oom *w room.
kb*lcep. ca Dam ,. t
street from 41r Joly.

FO RSNT.- Fu s,.d apat-
awnt, just palmnte. 1i Cuba
Avemnue Ap tswt Ni. L.oC -
- do BuildA l, from n4 .. to 6
p.m. Phone B-.4445. : -
FOR RINT,-- .i4 ,pat-
,tf: IWO tb m-eM, Efe two
oupls, twa athr ite 'l
Vista, $130. Phkne -148.
FOR RENT;- Fumlraid apart-
ee(t for, ba.holsr, U bitA i
and beth, Frig idI. ",o. kote-
en. Phone 3-I641.

Boats & Motors

FOR SALE: S'a- ft. eauin
cMalers, 40-hp. V.* no.d e-
geine dinghyr. we pats, excel-
lent emditlo. Me. 15.D ibble
S"AVh Cub. Phm 2-1509 or

*L. -, +*.,. ^
hp. mOtr, ptst- sendito.,
,$20. 174 Mo Ave, Phone .
4 w. I ISig. .

J. ro e ''I Avis e. *1


YOUNd COUpUl wIlot chkil-
dom deals waeimte quarters en
or about 15 Jne. 56. Call Ance


FOR I..H-M*'I, a third of
a 'e e _eplidd b Iwlli Madure
on Conth Arems# 21 17-25
new famrri. For Jnformtie-
Apt. *, 10 -17),upotais.


S"' ', ; -
F R -Iurni h ld chel,
eta iI, fe&;beth-

all inarti

_~ -_

.FIA "

lnApe .

I". U

,' i
* :'*. *1'

* .- .'


arrevew a-be

Probable result t' AJ
bly debate wa4 u 5of
a resolution
such review
195M at lfetf +- i

Tt. .n w u : :"i "m b b


.-' ...,*

N. 4


S" :. ]



A,. '


I ~5 .".;


r. .



'I ,.

* ,


Panama Line Sailings

rr r .. -- .~..

..-. -. -I.. .r Im m

n u

- I ~ ,. o -



I"s I& Carmamtus-
Je. S "5" Is .
4h of July Ave A J L.

0.- i p-ii

i P I i l n I I J J



N i

_ I

, / J.

E ': ...1 +', :

.. 1 i i



4 ip. ~ Ir *W

- *2~ -




.,4 -.:


v- w
.. 3-. ..-; .


:M.. T IYO 1.1l e
turesv o ..

raman clt. in
rssass~r c



a'^ mm

pi F *.
Super-ReleIn ae laThMig
sauqerecope ndc TpCh-ioldtl
Dat M Ir aMA, Ia

sw oe.
S;U 4:51 6:M 8:51 paM.
A .Happy Comedy Relesel
ramns, the Talkint Mule, in

mimi iI

3. cli a.nd .tw.
-- CflhiiS J

Nerl CM Sate
Ihflar W" rt e at -raiing hbe
nefits raby the Elbert S.
Walw Post No. ffo the Colon
Orphanage Chritmas Fund will
be a cake Oale by the men of the
Post to .be id t fthe-Masonic
Temple B.=ldIng Saturday at 9:00
a.m. This will be a novel cake
sale to be handled exclusitely by
the met' instead-of by the ladies
of the.PAt.
"aew *Geame" dkaig
By Prendbridek e-t'
The populr "Interpretive Read-

ing" series" athe USQ4JWB ARm-
ed k'orces Service Center, conti-
nuer oq Wednesday, Nov. 23rd, at
7:30 p.m. Mr. Frederick Barest,
director of the activity, wil pre-
sent the concluding commentary
on the Interpretatlon of .Prose
and will offer a special reading
eof the "Snow Goose by Pau -
A cordial invitation Is qXtended
to military ersonnel ani their
families and to the public both
of the Cnal Zone' and the Repub-
lic of Panama to attend the en-
joyable series which has been
deiBgel .or hse interested in

ALOA 6:15 7:-50 i, a ms. .1- .:-
I ALe5QA r Be5 0o Gilberbt ROLAND
mK("lf ',"-'-oFATIMAr
4 .- 71*0

DRIV N Theatre
S "e "";' .3 --. 8c..

e@c. .. ."L -- 3 .
In Technicolor!
It Come. From Beneath The Sea

c. 1 0

Also: -

V'lC T .

-Also ,-
oW bmlVp k

i |i nvNHOLLY WOOD 'K' Company'WIns Davis Dril CNalldS
caMenra Amu IN ]HOLLYWOOD... "o ..
The Colon Unit of le I.A.W.C. -- Living up to Is motto King of As a reward. for wini .,gst
held a genera assembly onday, ...... ,. the Lifeliners," Third battal on's place, the platoon was to to n
commem-ating Panama Inde- HOLLYWOOD -(NEA)- Exclu- and Dolls," witr'Marion Brando, stand its got "U.S. Choice "eK" company, 33d Ifanfantrv reg- all dpy trasit of the anal Zoe
pendence with Miss Thelma God- lively Yours: Hollywood preview Frank Sinatra, Vivian Blamine (what stamped across it. iment, won frst place in a atta- los on .a' e t l k;" p e
win presnig. She introduced the audiences, and maybe all U.S. a doll) and Jean Simmons. Brando Robin Raymond: "It is. I under- lion drill contest at Fort Davis. scored by James St
guests of honor who were Miss moviegoers, are due for an eye- steals the sho -wininng the un- stand its got "U.S. CROICE The unit's first platoon competed talton comknder. ,
Aminta Melendes, the heroic mos- brow-lifter-star Nancy Kelly and disputed title f e Hollywood's No. I sat mped across It. i against platoons from four other The rnit la under the si Ai-
senger f.Nove. 3, 1903, Mrs. Maria other members of "The Bad Seed" lover boy. I EAR WITNESS: Its six months companies-all consisting of 30 ston of Capt. James Greert
Ossa de Amauor, wife of the first cast taking a bow at the end of Not in The Script: "A lot of-of happy reconciliation for Champ members each-and was judged was commanded by Lt. Ar,,
President of Pqnama, and her the movie. It's never been done movie executives are befuddled "Sotmeone On Your Mind' Butlerl best marching organization in the isacher during the drill copneU.R
nice, Mrs. Masa Emilia de Pres- before but Director Mervyn Le- about Hollywood's five-day week and his Jennifer... Fashion note: battalion. tion.
gtL. .Roy is saying: starting in January. They're wor- .Arlene Dasiet sporting a b I a c k .. '
Following their acknow ledg- "I plan to treat the ending of ried because they've only been silk broadcloth dress with a Judging was based on cornm- MORE -DOCTORS '- -?
malt of he introduction, Mrs. Mer- the picture as if It takes place on working four." m tching coat line in black mink. mands and execution of com- .-.... ..
cedes Lasso Stone spoke on the the stage. I don't know how audi- Theres more than one way tormands, carrying and handling of VERMILLION, S.D.- (UP--.
events of the first Independence ences will like It, but I'm going Rory Calhoun checked in at the crasn the movies. Jim Sullivan, a weapons, and uniformity and neat- Dr. W. L. Hurd, d.n 6ftaib-
Day and Mrs. Amador's contribu- to try it out at several previews. California mountain resort of Idle- furniture dealer in Oceanside, ness of men. versitt of Sqith Dakota's
ioon to te success of that day. I it goes over, I'l keep it in the wild for scenes in "Raw Edge Cali., landed in Gary Coopersa The platoon represented Third nMedicine, said there 'was* 'r
Mrs. Yolanda Herschfold spoke film." and found this sign over his bed "The Friendly Persuasioh be- battalion in a Veteran's Day pa- cent Increase in medical's .
the sig chance fthe polleras, It's better than an even-money at the Idlewild Inn: cause he owned a Civil War period rade at Colon. registration this fail.
th jewe and te leques wreon bet that Rita Hayworth will return "Van Johnson Slept Here. steam tractor. Hes driving the
with them. to Columbia for "Joseph and His Manager Jack Bragg installed iron monster in the film. .' .i
The young girls particitstiag In Brethren." The latest Clifford the sign after MGM filmed part; Audie Murphts pals say his per'
native dances and led by Miss Ode's script, I hear, was written of "Go for Broke" in the same icentage of "To Hell and Back! ul flared skirts
Matgiuerta Losano were Marcella with Rita definitely in mind .. area. will keep him going to the bank reot all '
Legnadier. Maggie Meuynes, Ms- Bette Davis and MGM are having ----W and back for some tEme. A report- mcal s cPtiny, ,watn
rina Tfes MeaU Loretta Hersch- talks about "The Catered Affair, The Wilnet: Esther Williams ed $400,000 cut Paramounts
feld, and Marylou Rubia. The ty scripted by Paddy Chayefsky who flipped the kick-off coin at a re- paging Donald OConnor for a
were acompanisd at the piano wrote "Marty" Gina Lollo- cent college football ganle. "They movie re-write of the Broadway .t i L '
by thirly is. brigida's agreed to visit the U.S. thought if me,' says Jack Benny. "Look Ma, Im Dancing. As a ncew, tinier aistline for yOu with'
Mrs lga Legnadier was pro- again to help exploit Burt Lan- "but decided they'couldnt take a Alan Wilson sees it: "Italian ac-
chabm a Mrr.-Harry Bao easterp "Trapeze' She'll also chance." tresses with their derrieres and
charge of decorations, huddle with attorneys for Howard There will be some crossed fin- English actresses with their ade-
Social hostesses were Mrs. A- Hughes in an effort to settle her gers if Paramount again sends nolds. "
a lano d Mrs. Ruth Mor- contract with him. The Huoes Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis to ..... .
rts the following committOe contract has Kept her away from Phoenix, Ariz., as now planned.J EASY WAY OUT
r'dmbers, nassisdi- eda .(DI- eameras ain Hollywood. for location shooting on "Pard- 1
a" dSer,? ~~Iodocw Ardse- --- ners.' Thats where t eir big feud' AUGUSTA, Me. (UP) Baby- I I
ena, Carmen But-. C-bc Ilia Liberace's swim m in g pool started during filming of "Three kissing is on the way out for one W / IN
Siab.'Clara Salas, Elna Lyot, shaped like a piano has Dorothy Ring Crcus. Bil olden min campaigning Maine officeholder.
^*due .Stdne, Lla Cotes, Jeab-Shay claiming she's ot up on "The Rainmakter and Doris Day Rep. Charles P. Nelson (R-Me.)i
se ylg s"'"rAud-e- Alb eril, tim: "rve got a shape like a in -The Pajama Game are likely instead is sending new parents a .*
Joyse Pr-to.., dua Denholm, E. plaao." castings due for early official an- letter informing them of an "ex- '
W. Bell, Sadle Wynn, Mary Cof- --- nouncement. cellent" government booklet en- a
fe, Heles Gump and Ruth Ann Preview Flash: Samuel Golwyn ---, titled "Infant Care." \
,Parbkr has another gold winner n his big This is Hollywood, Mrs. Jones: ,' ,- '-.
- lrchid corsages were presented and colorful film version of "Guys 'f ld actress about t- a movie \ .

o the o guests of honor by Maurer
a wSrPOm.a: -w -. ) al
It teak eaur-ga a a

-~I~~~i '


n CJfl


I CaIM FsRMs | M"TE G A Et"
4 ow AMsP acK"- THE GLASS WEI"
* n .I.

--FRI tA

I .


* ~, ~'c'

Need lots ofpep?

The mukmes wa d mmt, wadm
ftreMh &vtble b amended lIne
this Fous drink. You'll loe is
lively.htvow 4 tbre O Its Yie
Bin-packed good-
nMM. At medtime- (
or betwea Mes--
V-S gives you the |
refriesament you
wmt, and the now-a
bihment you need.
idoe sem94ned. whse d*hps"dNo

Y -


STAGE 6:40 P.M.



AttuSIOw fi



,1 N



i f,







Even babies con enjoy
Royal Pudding. So I.ghit dgestibla
So creamy and del.cous. Every
servng's rich in food energy.
When you shop-ask for
Royal Pudding,

* r

or discovering


-S It was a great day when
e mother discovered Heinz
Cream of Tomato Soup! Her
family and dinner guests
were thrilled with its rich,
creamy flavor and mother
got compliments galore. Now
she makes a host of delicious
dishes with Heins Cream of Tomato Soup-and
everybody raves about them!
Get Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup next time
you shop. Its wonderful, homey flavor will make
a hit with your family and friends, too.



Gives you tht \
new, slim, hipped.
In waistline that fall
fashions demand. 61'z"
wide. Made of motht, seft,
perforated, patented tardillox.
rubber. gengd, qf ewprnei eqy.. /
t".fset e mbks up the freat.
9v1n 2ai 14 te 36. white
and pink f'

. 4, -.

Come In and how muac ftinier your waist
Xleliert's WAISTIN.

If It Is it's the lest
cu.aslle Aki u -u

leuk with 't
., U
*** .-ai

mm mm mmmm -m, '



now what I'm
after is pearlsI'

...pearls as black
as their hearts....,
black as her past.



IN __ ^


J. ,"iqCo
Soij~ lap
^C F O

ip"eT 0OF

- *5*~' p
'4t -
'I -


ij. r,

,, .. ,,,

a -mm-
75c. 40e.


I .




.3 II
i E



Snum Boom
r -45--

1 I ~_ _.






- ., .- -



' j .


*~A< ~ .~A






DefeatStat Sathik

* "

- .~" -

Wolverines Six-Point

Favorites To March

! Into Rose Bowl Game

S XMEW YORK, Nov. 17 (UP) Once-beaten Michigan
l 'favored to win its big test on Saturday and march into
the Rose Bowl qame.
New York odds-makers see the In an intersectional game,
Wolverines as six point favor- Houston gets a 13-point nod
2 Sites to beat Ohio State and over Villanova. Six point favor-
clinch the Pasadena trip. UCLA sites include Arkansas over Loul-
s a 10-point pick to beat South- siana State, Tennessee over
ern California and wrap up the Kentucky, North Carolina over
other half of the Rose Bowl at- Virginia and Oregon over Ore-
traction, gon State.
S OkIlhoma, Michigan State
S and Maryland the top three West Virginia is a seven
teaas in that order are point pick over Syracuse as is
. lopsided favorites. The Soon- Missouri over Kansas, Wiscon-
p are picked by Marquette sin over Minnesota,-Kansas
.0...and Maryland by 26 over State over Oklahoma A-and-
SGeorge Washington. M, and Vanderbilt over Flori-
I In other games with bowl da.
overtones, Texas Christian is a Eight point favorites are Pur-
14 uolnt choice over Rice. Sug- due over Indiana, and North
F ar-Bowl hopeful Pittsburgh is a Carolina State over William and
Stix pout pick over Penn State Mary. Texas Tech ranks as a 12-
4nd Auburn is seven over Clem- point pick over College of Pa-
4n. Notre Dame, which never cific. Princeton is favored by the
bowl bids, is a 10-point same margin over Dartmouth
over Iowa. and Yale is the same over Har-
Two games are rated even- vard.
I Columba -Rutgers and Detroit-
Tulsa. Baylor is only a one Colorado is a 15-point favorite
point favorite Over Southern over Iowa State. So is Duke over
Methodist. Wake Forest and Washington
.I the only major Friday over Washington State. Stanford
uAght game, Miami of Florida is rates 18 points better than Ca-
-a 24-point favorite over Alaba- lifornia while Illinois is favored
Sma. by 20 over Northwestern.


; future

- toach
T:- ,. .

Board To Consider

Of Florida Grid

Bobby Woodruff
0 "'"


Fla., Nov. 17
e Board of
11 d ede this
SitVld take
Florida foot-,
Wodruff's fu-
setltgI, It was

J 11s Bonuat Chhkriia .a M
'ent said.
Zest admitted the top
.Woodruff's tenure at Florida
Gbeen- consuming a ldt of.l

Kent said the squawks have
S Increased since last Saturday's
humiliating 20-0 defeat by Ten-
S lessee.
Kent admitted most of the
S lopml who have approached
him on the subject want Wood-
ruff fired, but he declined to
identify any specific g group
which has made a, recommen-
dation on the subject.
President C. Outhrle Babcock,
president of the Florida Alumni
S Asn. of greater Miami, and past
President Paul Marks Issued a
tatementodat urging the uni-
rsit 4s ,otf OlaS d alumni
end e discus-
.aS Woodruff's
'n ttl. ~i~tball sea-
m e., eae.gme Board of
Sfeetoa io hae termina-
ol can look into the mat-
r calmly and deliberately
thout pressure from either

At.. ber strong alumni group
known to want Woodruff's
ntract bought up immediately.
e contract has another year
0 at $17,000. Another influ-
inal group wants the board

either to renew his contract for
another two years to give him
a chance to prove himself or
else fire him Immediately. Still
another group thinks that what
Woodruff needs is a backfield
coach and a vote of confidence.

Howard E. "GENE" McGAU-
GHEY from Cristobal, C.Z.
who is presently undergoing
.basic training at Lackland
AFB, San Antonio, Texas. Mc-
Gaughey is a graduate of Cris-
tobal High School in the class
of '55. While attending C.H S.
he was active in both football
and baseball, winning letters
for both sports. He was first
string center on the football
team and catcher for the
baseball team. Before enlisting
in the air force Gene played
eami-pro baseball with the
Panama City Florida League.
He completes basic training on
Nov. 17 and plans to enter Ca-
det School after that date
Gene is the son of Mr. and
Mrs. H. E. McGaughey of New
Cristobal, C.Z.


Esso Standard Oil, S.A. will extend till


Atlantic Side

To Revive

Softball Loop

The Atlantic Softball League,
which has been inactive for
some five years, may be resumed
on the Gold Coast again this
year. The only hitch at this mo-
ment is how many teams or
players are interested in playing
softball this year.
In order to determine if there
are enough interested parties a
meting will be held Monday
night, Nov. 21 at the Margarita
gym. In order to organize a loop
in which the "has beens" and
youngsters may partici pate
jointly, all players as well as
those who would care to enter a
team are urged to attend the
meeting which will begin al 7
p m. Service teams are also in-
vited to attend.
The league Is actually not in-
tended to be of the high caliber
of previous Atlantic Softball
leagues, but Instead will be for
the purpose of providing sports
for athletes who have developed
the "middle age spread." An ef-
fort will be made to divide the
younger softball players among
all participating teams in the
league. Service teams will be al-
lowed to remain intact with the
only limitation being on the use
of top notch pitchers.
Another matter on the agen-
da at Monday night's meeting
will be the possibility of select-
Ing an "all-star"
from the Atlantir Side to Wlay in
the Pacifid Softball League
whilh begins in January. This
team will onsist of the best a-
vailable material from the Gold
For further information re-
:ardlnQ the contemplated At-
lantic League, phone Trevor Si-
mons at 3-2530 or 3-1833...or
better yet... attend the meeting
at 7 p.m. on Monday night at
the Margarita gymnasium..

Along The Fairways


HEAVYWEIGHT CONTENDER KEN YOUNG of Fort Kobbe laos battered on the canvas as a
result of a fistic assault by Albrook's Bob George, defending Caribbean Command champion
and former Golden Gloves and All-Air Force King. George dropped Young n the third round
during the Parama service tourney semifinals and will meet Bill Byrd of Kobbe, two-time de-
fending area champ, in the finals November 26. Rushlag to Young's aid here Is Byrd, acting as
a second after winning his semi match on a forfeit. Interested spectators look on. Semis will
bc continued Saturday at Albrook's Hangar No. 3, beginning at 7:30. (U.S. Army photo)

Don Campbell Smashes Own


Speedboat Record

Pacific Coast Conffrence

To Name Its Rose Bowl

Representative Monday
9- o -


The lineup for this Saturday's iTerpacizfc 'Coniferenc
PWOA Tournament at Fort Am-. will put the offial stamp
PWador is- approval on Its Rose Bowl rep-
No. I Tee resentative next Monday.
8 a.m. Louise Jones, E. peran-
ti, L. Knuth. Commissioner Victor Schmid
8:10 B. Fish, B. Dilfer, I. Rob- says the nine schools of the Con-
inson. ference will vote to decide which
8:20 M. Askew. P. Daniell, C. team will meet the Big 10 Con-
Bishop. ference representative, U.C.L.A.,
8:30 L. Reynolds, K. Call, 8. which meets Southern California
Carpenter. on Saturday, has the inside
8:40 R. Kruger, M. Tubbs, 13. track. If the Uclans tfater,
Hughes. then Oregon. State can step front
8:50 Lynn Jones, R. Tortorcil, and center Ina defeating Oregon.
D. LaCrols. Michigan can represent the Big
9 a.m. P. Waring, E.'Dials, L. 10 by beating Ohio State. Mich-
Hadley, M. Davidson. igan State can make the trip'to
9:10 1. Mathison, A. Todd, J. Pasadena, California, i Ohio
Holqulst. State beats Michigan.
9:20 L. Johnson, M. Bucolo, J.
Copeland. The coach of another team
9:30 J. Wilson, V. Pablic, F. with bowl game hopes is wor-
Twomey. ruled. Johnny Michelosean of
9:40 J.'Stirwalt, P. Simms, J. Pittsburgh has the psychol-
Clare. ogical problem of getting the
9:50 N. Spagna, E. Puls. Panthers "up" for Saturday's
The main prize to play for this game aghinast P e n n State.
time is the President's Cup Pittsburgh Is among the teams
presented this year by Louise being considered for the Sugar
Jones, retiring President of the BowL
organization. A 34 handicap is
allowed for this cup. The Panthers are a one touch-
Those girls using their PWGA down favorite and that makes
score for the Taxco Tournament Penn State coach Rip Engle
are reminded they must have "perfectly satisfied."
their cards attested and put
them in the tournament box. Says Engle "Any team that
Tasco rounds will be played shoved West Virginia around like
Saturday morning off the baci: Pittsburgh odid last week deserves
nine so all POWA matches are to rate the favorite." On Penn
scheduled off No. 1 tee. This State's side is the fact the Nit-
makes our starting times run tany Lions haven't lost, two
late so please be at the club in games at home since 1938.
time to go off as listed so we
won't have a big SNAFU. West Virginia teach Art Lewis
There will be a luncheon held is busy answering the question
at the Army. Navy Club after "What happened agal"at
the tournament to hold election Pittsburgh?" Lewis answers -
of officers for 1956. "There is no way to explain it.
It was just one, of those things.
But a record of seven wins and
I one loss is pretty good." West
Virginia plays. yracuse this Sat-
EST1 urdry..
Turagng to e-at and figures,
Friday night itthe NCA.A. rers Art Luppino
rday night sof Arisona is closing in on a re-
cord. Luppino may become the
I I' first player in history to win the
I major college rushing title two

1 I 1 Im

fThe first presntation of this graphical 3-D motor clinic was a tremen-
dous suMces and due to this fact, Esso will extend it to Friday
aight also.
All mechanics, *ngneers, students, and drivers in general are cordially
Invited to attend this "capsule course" in motors by Cuban Engineer,
Jose R. Prado.

7:30 P.M.
(1ewpapermen's Bldg.. at Mexico Ave..
one block from British Legation and from
Santo Tomas Hospital).

i'll A emurtm of ESSO STANDARD OIL, S. A.
. .4lsI twre ofq new E RB TPOOERAMIC" GASOLINE,.
," 4.i ever sold here.
.... .... '+'+'l "" ,

CuOndu Swimming

Pool Association

To Spo Fish Ffry

The Bwtnag PooFl Asso-
ciatioa V CUMrtda w'll spo"-
smr a .il Tiuf Fry" and
Damee the 'rueMna Club-
hemouse e w, Now. 18, st
7:ft V4. 1L2 i winm eed-
braWtNe peOM r f the Oft
Holew" lo the COurndu Swim-
mhtr ?mL ; ,
A e tas member of
the A t Me o t fe feiti I
are in .gibratim of the ra-
idly appetehlMg italnmemt
of4 t16et6 NeAL m e is to-

fe -e m I -A .I- ,

straight years. The 200-pounder
from Arizona is out in front with
one-thousand-106 yards gained
Tuhaing. Luppino won t U tl t
last year with one-thousand-35B
yards. He has two more games
left this season..
The forward passing star of
Navy quarterback George
Welsh leads in total offense
with one-thousand-163 yards.
Claude Benham of Columbia is
th etop passer with 87 comple-
In pro football, coach Jim
Lee Howell of the New York
Giants is sticking by his pre-
season guns. At that time
Howell predicted Philadelphia
would be the best team in the
National League and he still
thinks so even though the
Eagles are fifth hi the Eastern
Division. The last place Giahts
play host to Philadelphia on
Says Howell "I still say
Philadelphia is a better club
than the Cleveland Browns who
are in first place. The Eagles
are tops defensively and lead the
league In passing."

Latest National League figures
show Alan Ameche of Baltimore
still leads in rushing with a total
o( 707 yards. Howie Perguson of
Green Bay is second with 633
yards. Otto Graham of Cleve-,
land is the leading passer with
an average of just under 10
yards per throw. The Chicago
Bears lead in team rushing with
three-thousand-188 yards. Pitta-
burgh is the strongest defensive
team against rushing while
Cleveland has the tightest setup
against passing.

"By U nI TED aBssS
Daredevil Don Campbell pver-
came th. last of several atsta-
clea yeltrday to. write anew
world speedboat record Into, the
The 4-yar-,dld EangdiUnm
gunwd his jet-powered by-'
drtulanh over a Ib .py oA1t4
oh Lake Mea, Nevad; at
lUghtly more than -16 milel
e .our. ,
two runs on the 125-nltlat l. I,.
the first-from east to west-
Campbell hit a top sped of 230
and one half miles per hotur. On
the return trip, the wind picked
-up, whipping the lake Intd a
bumpy race course. Campbell
covered that run at 193 mlles
per hour. -
"It was nasty coming back,"
said the son of the late Sir Mal-
colm Campbell. "Were it riot for
the safety harness, I could have
been thrown through the cauo-
Campbell's record is not o .ly a
victory over time Itself. .'but
also over a series of mishaps
that have dogged his record-
setting efforts for more thtn a
Jet power fa.'iures "flalle-
odts"-delayed Campbell aft-
er the two and one haltion
hydroplane was ungale e d
following its shipment from
England. Several times winds
blew up choppy water,, forc-
ing more delays. And,'once,
the big "Blusbird The Second"
sank and had to be complete-
ly overhauled.
The final obstacle was petty
thievery. Sometime Tuesday
night, someone hauled up the
wire timing cable which had
been placed under the water to
clock Campbell's rins. The Eng-
lishman's crew rushed into
Boulder City this morning.
bought some more wire and laid
it under the course.
Soon after, Campbell climbed
into the cockpit and boosted the
world record from his old mark
of 202 miles per hour to 216.

Money and minutes both saved ... with

She finest

shaving instrument in

the world

The Ame-Blade Safety
Here, without any reserva-
tion, is o neAt saving
imtrumest in the wdtd.
Honed agd rooped Oi U*g
CAM, iso bolow-patid
Shdlidt esl blade wi .
sl. yrS of speedy B
rio shaving and swm
onI aos blad, buing


.~~~~Y 0,p^*^r-^!<>y'''

SB. Hoople

Southern Cal

The Nan Who Laughs Last
HARB-HA: Does that seem an
un onventional way to launch a
footbalfrdiseussion that-is meant
to be serious?
Well, zillions of gentle readers,
there's a reason. A couple of weeks
ago this paragraph was printed
in my weekly forecast, and I
"Not too many upsets this
week, folks. The big one is Illi-
nois to defeat Mich igan. Then
Stanford to repulse Southern Call*
fornia. These promise' to- be epic
Even mr editor, a wise and
understanding man, gazed at me
strangely -when this came out in
print. Tlroghout the broad land,
the wileacrs laughed loud and
You know the rest. Both sur-
prides' occurred, much to the con-
ternation of my scoffers.
This week, my advised upset
will be Southern California to de-
feat UCLA. You may ask how a
team that defeated Stanford can
turn around and lose to a team
that Stanford conquered.
Think nothing of it, friends-
Hoople knows!
Now go on with the forecast:
Yale 16, Harvard 13
Princeton 20, Dartmouth I
Penn State 14, Pitt 7
West Virginia 20, Syracuse 14
IlUibos 30, Northwestern 13

Stbs Amain:

* -

The Old Boy Hiself

Purdue 21, Indiaa 14
Notre Dkme 27, Iowa 14
Colorado 19, Iowa Stte 7.
Missouri 14,Kansas T
Okla. A. and M. 19, Kau, State 13
Mieh. State 41, Marquette 0
Ohio Stkte 27, Micdi ul1
Wiscon"a 20, Minesta 17
Oklaboma 33, Nebraska O
Miami Z0, AlaBima 7 .
Arkansas 23, La. State 12
So. Methodist 20, Baylor 13
Florida 14, Vanderiit 13
Kentucky 2.0, Tennessee 14
Tex. Ohrist)aM.Z, Rlie 14
Stanford t, C a 7 .
Orege 21, Oreg ..= 1 01 ,
So. Calfo t21, UClA 13
Washington 20, Wash. State 14.
i F ]" -- --* -' ^

PHE'S A CHAMP-A*toc M m cM i-a s a, cz-nenl.-'m q'
. being named Senior Chaipbm and ratcChmpA female l
at Chicago's 1955 International Dairy Show. The four-yeBr-ol
also judid first in 4he Best Udder Css, It .shown with -owlW
Paul fitarthy of I4lden, Ky.,--

How Accurate Can a Rifle Be? Utterly amazing what has been
I learned about rifle barrels, and
By WARREN PAGE the bullets they shoot, to make
Shooting Editor guns perform so unerringly, with
every shot cutting the hole made
If there'd been any speed cops by the one before it.

around, I'd have languished in
jail for the rest of my natural
life. The idea of shoving the fam-
ily sedan up to its limit, some-
thing over 100 speedometer m.p.-
h.! Too much car for an average
man to drive. And something like
that has been happening to ri-
fles, at least' to the super-accur-
aracy jobs used by beach rest ex-
permenters. They've gone wa y
beyong the men who shoot them.
We've had dribbling and ink-
lings of this though over the
past couple of years, what with
the National Bench Rest Associa-
tion records--whicht ar in effect
world records -steadilDy sbrk-
ing. The most trecat record-bus-
ter, a 10-shot hole only .232 a-
cross center, fired at 100 yards
by Washington tool maker L E.I
Wilson, is only one Idication.
The fantastic performance it
takes to win matches at' even
small local shoots less than A
quarter of an -inch for five- shot
contests, a third of an inch or bet-
ter for 10 rounds is really an
even better indiistat, in that so
many people he rlet 11hat -can
go so far in the supe-accuracy
act. i

This past Labor ay,.
Nationals' up in Jolnstm
shooters from virtasli
-Late competing,
'em, the point was
By walking dsown th H
gets as the f w9 pFA
Awnir swm .

at the
wn, wI*
' wery

The men aren't that. good. I
know that Sam Clark, who took
the Field & Stream Trophy- as
National Champion, figures he has
I rifle better than his own judg-
ment. of aim through breezeor
mirage, and his average of 100
shots, split between 100 and 00
yards, was aJut-oer fout-tenths
of a minute of angle.
As runner-up to the champ I
know my .222 bench gun will out-
shoot me because I know the
slips that spread a couple of my
groups just a teenchy bit the
margin between Champ Sam and
this scrivener was only just about
.0 of an inch per match-ware
bad guesses as to mirage effect.
How good can rifles get? In
.22 centerfire they've gone pretty
Clew to the limit, the ultite i
ose-ballet-sized hole. Now wove
to look elsewhere, either to a
bro super-men, which sems
alhkely, or to new and improved
ial sights which will reduce
errm to dead zero, mirage
an ab mirage.
What's mirage? Wen it's t
swimming boovement Q the air
San e on warm days. or-f A
any anted surface. It dose't
actually afleet bullets, but it dtees
coMe optical Illusions so that at'
fet appears to dane. amd
p l "ma, y 'be d at I

lC i &MIUsd to that --sdi


(UP) The Sta

-- II~-


. -;. ,. i.






1 -,..~'* --

-U.-- -w. Iq U m



Blirnwe CoI Ownbr Approached Aboyt Buying AO




TORE. ov. 17-()-
al, of the Baltimore r.
W l have approached Carroll Ra -
Sa lm, owner ot Bth
Colts, about
club, and he is "definitely Inter-
eated," it was lestned today.
Rebeioo a textile mansn
eeturer, whose offices are Isi
er S" in New York, admitted
that "persons of author ty" iP
Sthe Oriole' organlation hae
pon.t with him within the
11few days about his buYang
IUgging, seventh plas
T 45-year-old Rosenblom oOT UN.JNG.-Q .-~r0s ordinarily attract little attention, but Franklin Brooks, left; CalvLn
d he would be interested one, center and Bob Boliner stick out to such extent that they rab headlines.Brooill
non into the Odes, wrecks -im ior Georgia Tbeh. Ca .in .Jones Iowa's iron man Alf-America. Oklahoma's
ut u could thure le Bolinng er is a A strong candidate for is fails Aii-America.
HOMI E .-Lt Jaine de la Garza take 14 dh Aanta over control interest.
the hihrp in Mexico City end his mount makes it ook easy If the situation arose where.
ieutenant once more is a member of the Mexican Army bY the present directors were l .LU
team which will meet riders of the United State Canada and conderInI a c change and the NOr tl h
orse Shoiw at New York's Madison Square Garden. Nov 1-& one man to gain strolling i -.- -
.. terest, I would definitely be n- By Untid Pres x- eMurry vS. MisTouri Valley GAM
terestedl," he said. Michigan stltmoa M q tG AU C
"7 am not Interestedin in t (Home Team Listed First( ) Michigan ~ Ohios ta te ANNUAaL TUReEY 0
by .e M te of ethe club," he deno night ae dwe v. Astin Thanksgiving Turke Shoot will
a i. -, Friday, Nov. 19 x-Mississippi Southern vs. Day be neld at the Gun ub in Gam.
e O'rles- reH Inown 0 Btollo (3) .boa onthe Sunday' before Thanks-
I 1 E W ILLIAM S I fl a c u P- AlabamainA- and- vs. Knox- Moravian vs. Wilkgivng, Nov. 20, starting at 10:0
C 4 : larence Miles, who rei "V MoeNebraska v. Oklalhomas a.m, only cost $1.00, you may;
,lub preo.dent last we x-Fre&no state vs. San Jose St. x-.o o r' a~ a t*te vsO Wi win a turkey. You don 't ave to
The basketball people clearly took it as a that they members o the ard of pp d avs Anles t. orh ar vs. Virginia serves a bottle of rum for conso-
* ve = satBi istwhen teseasontho Mner at.Mladis.rang 8u ie trs re ardian hisod C x-a Francis o tate v. Ca-x-North Texas tatepri available for shoot
that $7011,0t had been spent .ria State era not having their own.
w mstaking this sense of a ol hiehi Sothwestern, Tenn. as. -- Northwestern vs. Illinois There willbe a good supply of
"r eo t _oo.alb achieve d_ Inb .thr at directi on duringll hLi drix Notre Dame vs. Iowa sreshment cold drinks hot dos I
n tataw the lie of operators tlke hl Ian It ea two-yearda aunldenltatloa. BuOhio UnIv. vs. Morris Harvey and hamburgers. Come out and
Z eo.lo hoa*ts like proud patents takin in the graduation Int addltiona ltiore'ons hed saturday, No~. s19 Oklahoma A-and-M v. an- have fun, win your dinner too',
m y" ue ln c n bn I attendance this year iwas down
*.t 6 H hage up liking bisketbll ,h op. this doew signal 208,871 fans from the year b o- a lene Christian vs. ou sa state on tt you will receive a 12 pound_ evi-
lrett.T arholusst bieo league rell p or the pros. There's fored and onl the W aishno- towng Sott-oe.
hno lte t la eir lng skill e d't e .em toIt. It. s Just Senators were. oorer ofice Ada State ys. Colorado Penn State y vs. Pttburglh tukyoqra m
Sth r In te gthe best b oabtl evi. played. 1955 season. x--Ariona (Tempe) St. Vsr CeW dental
-.e.l rLm. enl..ashel -.aet.etalk gets aroue Mexico A-and-M x-Pral le View vs. Langston
rto. he led years ago, will Unv Arkansas 'S. LS.U. (1 Pridceton vs. Dartmouth
he old Celtic would Iy n Ase much th ae0 B U H Auburn vs. Cle on 2) x-San Diego State vs. San Diego
tea like the Knickd as uIWLenohard have i-Austin Pesy vs. Arkansas Sti. Marines
-knocking out Rocky Marcia no Ift. 90b that to- Bdc aBaylor vs. S.M.U. Scranton vs. Albright
I oyers are so much bigger. _e t lo betterha utin nhe y af tI nwBethune Cookan v Aln o Sewanee vs. Ham pton Sydney
t"e in the basket. T hey sa faster, m t mor Bi shop vs. Teas Southem n Slippery Rock vs. West Liberty
. Wt'rat I Int bake dnow til U i l at e1el necia Bloomsburg State v. Lock, Southern California vs., UCLA
So i rayo $I t 1 '% Iaven tae Southern Illinois vs. Northern -
S. Boston U. 'vs. Texas Southern Illinis
/ p .. MOBILE, Ala., Nov. 17 (UP)- Bloomsbur State vs. Loc'x-SouthwestLoMlslan Inst. v
N i the A beball fan ich-hit for ud- Haven State McNeese at.
API1 dhe Stmakw so day a tn op- i figham Young- -0100,00 Southwest Texas st.Cte vias
by ii iat Oar- $14 settled oe rat's" latest A-and-M Si t. a
'd, e h leapsp, run-In with a man in blue., Brooklyn College vs. Wagner Stanford vs. California
one 'o ch msl be li r leto o I0This time, the former .t. Louis Bucknell vs. Delaware x-Stetson vs. Missiasippi College
.n the replace, ItA B. that P ketball "i its sea- Cardinals and present Minnes- Buffalo vs. Rensselaer Swarthmore V s. Haverford
f plce, W 1 quite as 5.a bt or foeta,, t wrt Wt "ake te raffc cor instead ofiCSta vs. Husmoin lt Texasm TChri vs. ceg. Ambose
son is as as any other .s ,I don't think the average polls manages Incurred the C arnegie Tech vs. Westminter Texas Christian vs. Rice
jfan co t Wia ba ebaase or football. I wrath of a trafficcopinstead of x-Ch co State vs. Humboldt Texas Tech vs. College of'.X N
may e it e this conceion, t Im ertainly not alone in an umpire. e tore up a park- State ci ic
it. Mostt y ports editors feel .the sam way, and as a re- hig ticket in front of the officer Colorado Mines vs. Colorado x-Texas Western vs. West Texas
sult yau, Is seldom given really prominent coverage even Tuesday and was charged addi- College s. State -
Swhen It leAdig wheel of the moment. tionl. with disorderly conduct Colorado vs. IowaeState x-Trinity,Tex. vs. Hardin-Sim-
Thisa ut the pros 4n the- position of laying second fiddle. for hi score. Columbia vs. Rutgers mons H n.
In towns like New York and -Philadelphia, baseball. 4t a steady However, C Judge William connecticut vs. Holy Cross Tulsa vs. Detroitt
wpil in th e ipra .all wA.ter leng. in Minnteapl, the Laker iBekurs de ly. to al .th dis- De laware State v. St. Augus- Vanderbilt vs. Florida
never see a line about themselves until the i -Tean football orderly conduct warrant sought tine Washington and Lee vs. West
season is over and done with, including too reuhahng. The by traffic Capt. Udwin Tuthill Denison vs. Ohio Wesleyan Virginia Tech
NBA is now n St.Louis, but a 6Is Prank Lae, ld you can bet pending stanky's arrival in Duke vs. Wake Forest Washington, Mo. vs. Bradleiy
She'l win the race for the wlnta headline s., court. Eastern Illinos vs. Western Washington vs. Washingon
What it bolls downto is that the pro l eMe needs big league 1' stanky telephoned from his Ii nois Satate
publialty and hasn't much chance of get t It. Rn when home in Fairhope, croe M Ile isk- vs. Morehouse Western Kentucky State vs.
here no baball, football or boxing to crowd them out,'the Bay from here, today he x-Florence State vs. East, Ten- Murray State
pros still a weto compete for space with the- .Ilege teams. Here had to go to Jackson", F., nessee State Western Michigan vs. Kent
again, editorial instinct is a factor. s I a rule..Wa aszmed that on business but would drop Florida A-and-M vs. Southern State
readers Tre more interested in college basketball than In the round in a few days to "tranght- univ. Western Reserve vs. Case Tech
-professional variety en out matters." Florida State vs. Citadel West Virginia vs. Syracuse
l Meanwhile a man who would Furman vs. Davidson x-Whittler vs. Redlands
SIdentify himself only as "a base- Gettysburg vs. Franklin and Whitworth vs. Montana State Tune in!
MEDICTABI .PUAY PATTERN ball'man" showed up and offer- Marshall Wiley Vs. Jackson
F. ed to "take the rap"for Stanky. Hofstra vs. Kinga Point William Jewell vs. St. Ambrose
To mYWay of thinkingthere is one other vitalbugaboo. I Traffic court. was ready with Hpuston vs. Villanova Winston-Salem vs. St. Pauls
~st don't think basketball sla the kind of game that can main- not one but four tickets levied Idaho vs. Montana Poly ee
t pin public intereq. when the same teams play each other over against Stanky. The fan had to Illinois Normal vs. Illinois X-Wofford s. Eastern KentuckyKp
and over. The more the teams meet, the more predictable the pay $5 for the torn-up ticket, for Wesleyan State
pattern of play becomes. You don't know who's going to win, parkmg in a restricted zone, $5 Indiana vs. Purdue Wooster vs. Oberlin
out you cn be sure the score willbe something like 100-95- for a long overdue ticket for John Carroll vs. Wafne Yale vs. Harvard
I don't think anything can be done about the monotonous pirklng in a time-limit zone C. Smith i. Fayettevillee
scores. The players are too evenly matched and they shoottoo and $2 each for two recently is- John Hopkins vs. Western MS- Footnotes: IIstening!
well to be boi down. As for freshenlng the apro h by bring- sued tickets. ryland 1. Little Rock, Ark.
Ing in new tlems, 'hat is being considered. Pdoloff, the league The disorder conduct hare Junlata vs. Ursinu 2. Mobile, Ala.
I want to see our lem ue stretch out from coast o coast nt Kentucky nn Svs. T:Iennessee an is I (
and from the Gulf to the Canaolan boundal.," he says, adding I U. l/I... Lamar Tech vs. Sul Ross St. .
that he is being netittoned for franchises from such cities as vars "i. La.Verne vs. Californ.a Tech
Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Portland (Oreg.., Dallas and Houston. Lehigh vs. Lafayette
There are now elyht teams in the league. I think the ideal 3 Lincoln, Pa. vs. Howard Univ.
would be something I ke .5 teams, each with .az arena seating. Swn in Nots x-L Beach vs. Banta Barbara
10,000 or more. paving each.other just twice a season, home and x-Loulsiana Tech vs. Northeast
some. The basetball woldntbeqteasgood, butxbeleve t 8ity-six candida for the Louisiana
would be a lot more Interesting. Balboa High School Varsity Louisville vs. Toledo
Swimming Team are reporting Lycoming vs Lebanon Valley
daily, for workouts at the Bal- Marshall vs. Xavier, O.
boa PooL This Is the largest turn Maryland vs. George Wash-
A formidable arra of talent

GRANCOLOMBIANA, S. A. thenewcomers to eswd gres nd
ANNOUNCES few uneasy moments before the "sit Do /U gIa 2 .moder. anta" ships ln.tlmg the
THE ARRIVAL OF THE d ei o rs' o = amrfs closewith fae.d frement
are sch swiMmers ans C U 5 WIu nERVICC E NE, from Mo, a. d .-_ -o on the Brooklyn DoIger e ster- "SANTA RITA" ........Due Cristabal, C. Z., Nov. N8
Bosiell on Np. 4 ". J lM~yU5 ttui. r tracts for e season, a eu WEEKI. SERVICE FROM THE

ACCEPTG GENERAL CAR FOR NEW YORK up are the freshmen 1955 World Series. drowned .S.SANTA CECIA"cribal C. NOV.
and also wmmers oferkar. Snodgr. merely "forI a oal viidt' He S.S. "SANTA CECILARIA" ....Sall Ciltoebal, C. Z., Nov. 329
and alo erro, Brown runner, lswas examined n M fo. "NT MRI" .....l No.
the arrival of the aBrown, Chals, Hit heock. prospective induction inthe FROM U. PACIFIC & WEST COAST
..and tRaa s Army but wo l not know mCENTRAL AMERICA
AA ,C aa.1 I m J B-.- .. m S ,S' position for another weeirr s. o. CENTRAL AMERICA
nMc C d-d& .Dp: Newcombe, a .game winner [0 BALBOA AND CRISTOBAL. C. L.
... last season, dp on o ". "'ACRUZ ..........Duh kIlbsA C. c. Dec.
MSta frC. V our U PWe with v00 presidentBuzzUgl~. r nA -FE-v............ Due albes, C. ., Jan. 6
a General Aqmeriman pLor Uon ".. W t, 1C. p.W s'fo ftoeg eo -tennt Newomers FROM CRISTOBAL ANN BALSOA, C. L TO THE
AC TI aw s, lask, and .who wil be an to e b. WST CAST CENTRAL AMIRICA A U. S PACIFIC
ACCEPTING Q RAL CARO FOR ramus. a their are: ery .a uw i A" ceal, c. .. .
BUENAVE.TURA, MANTA andt lUAYAIL, .rcu r low,. m .ne U S.

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Request, US. Sources H
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T- req.ut te dpite wannin'ue
htebed gatft rO1 itraf WUMbSea Tr
n^ tt&o-'WGW-<24 St^^^a0 bore


+ court-mart a K.--.+ ---. .+: -- -" /i-
u+- m is .- -I..- -
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`'- "r"~i~~



31st YEAR PANAMA, R. P., THUISDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 1755 T ZATau alit fao a rlvaizut h5Btheis ar.

U.S. Sources Blame Soviet Fears
s. tieatd th e rhasp pest rr Uv 8aS. weapons. ulne s dtaha f
whlre Amb Iiaon on thb e s ooo wcrat od n
liOestlcno. iseta i.ed ated

Forp For o a pse i 4on erence as t bamro paati-nr
Ssubmarine ad other dedfene twea.e Halve en.
Pon-d He tl d reporters fsoar ua ahnded the wepon t to
^ fWW^ IGENEVA, Nov. 17 (UP)- Au- Any Soviet "disloyalty" towards I Russia's retasal. to end the | "We must not abandon the reall- wants them at "the most lent at ecrett.o Sta.Herbert h epric proteterms. et e
S. thoritative American diplomatic East Germany would have been "eruel" division of Germany. ties," he id, in arguing the p" terms., oo r. He. atfor tw arm
'. '. sources today blamed failure of contagious. It would have spreadI But the official Big Four com- West wo have Western Ger- Egyptian Ambassador Ahmed .,th._moslicat prce ad
Sthe ig Four conference on Soviet to the Eastern European satelli- minque said merely the minis. many enguf East Germany. H m promptly warned te ~i t lrms p e
f .* ^ ^l tears of losing East Germany and tes whose Red leaders are under ters agreed to consult "through The Big Three ministers sep- State epa.t-ent that s;e of ba' who sa. ...e
,-^^^^ *II^ I^^^H +its other East European satellites, more pressure to guarantee con-.diplomatic" channels on whether rate declaration charged Russia's weap to Israel might touch mse rms rom oter fendly
major disagree ment D s wa eootspoken The o w transmit. y am weaps r Comen the ea
GENEVtAny evieth dyalt s i ui reusanWemsntaranC cellar n ai nwatoer. a Wherever we ent c f
a LeD IN DAaAMITE-BOMBING OF AIRLINEaL--Escorted in- oihthe ouer ser bfaur r toar eiw n the f einal speeces the three- ted to West German Chan e c an ,at" rve. e r"e e fore ti
to Federal Court in Denver is John Gilbert Graham (center), ut mhost sources sald they d the Sovietswere obviouslyafral week conference. Konrad Adenauer la Bonn, pro- can get them." e y. e
J, arrested by F.I. aents on Federal charges of dynamite- nox e f the o lftin te ron i- In a brief. airport statement he claimed Western determination to ...
Ing U cited Air Lines DC-6B airliner tat crashed Nov. l nate-caeingdays of the cd easoffreedom from the West said "I leave after three weeks and the "inJustice and wrong" be. h sra s
1o, killing Graham'b mother and 43 other persons. Oraham had oldar .n ame-ali n -Gtheld s a reu intense work and intense later.Ing adone b forcing Germany ton r seekn ar e o e
tinsureda ht mother for $37,500, authorities ad., war.e r nt h to rnify Geeraemany did not Grm aestd.... rem-ain died -. iagH e sa t. ai s verwhe e th

te rs of Arratanment Jtalleod,, = thenF s p p uramres..e.cnlede v-ern o arns. bu,
mae gd isarteenp te nheer agree to an- n e o te o ptpse- kwe Th n fin itmw rer5a "N
Strepritish foresidretary Eehrowde n o b e and h ite rp lrestd Phssiarfoler- Dtof en soe froe Co. ,ad.St
Tof e -sie it inS oeone e wo rd. A I would fi na momts of the conneo ir

NVE, Nov. (UP)- The Only about 100 sectator Soviet foreign minister Vyaches-Ieaere o l. ou t aala .e and e e. lei n By GsneVa sI et B pro, eer t ta"o lese* .e ger
am ent of John Gilbert Gra. were present in the courtroom lay M. Molotov to off for Mos- The Geneva oit undoubted- hoeunue woro u tar n nation .e ho besa e Contcrel sance .ArDb stete. Eeypt will pay alr
ionel charges of murdering hFi for tod s sedatuled arraign- cow an hour later, waving ehis l related the bonds of t he laye. ar li WASHINGTON Nov. 17 j(UP- -c 1e 1 a, i.d ber of the the weapons n cotton.
er in the airliner bomb plot meant. land would not permit grey felt at and saying his good. wesutra defense alliao. bat nl; let Gv b pla to Defen SeSrteary Charles E. Hoube oreign-A. fas Commit- I 's. appeal came a, U. 8.
that killed 44 persons was any spectators to stand and the byes in English. American pogcy makers Uevr- diect ome a r Wilson said yesterday failure .o tee. sources dicloed the admrnistra-
pad for 11 da today until courtroom w o u l d accommodate "On the occasion of the end of ed the im of freedom also report to resident Eis wer. the Big Four forei. ministers Eductofd hi the ube.shoolastio s starting a new riew to
tan secure "ah eqate co u.n- only that many persons seated. the conference he Soviet delega- had m a ntisg effect for ed.~ amt "T ,itolf-n d as- -and.-the reetg to settle hco war prob of aine, he s p Itate its Middle Bauce policy. It will

.- But te hals were crowded with ion already has expressed its o- leaders and tht the Kremlin West a lked n pl tdemsat Gob eva wht have "uttle Teachera. ouege. d Me steeped up after D s re
district Judge James M No- onlookers as Graham heavily pinon of the importance of the aptly checked ma e" ty have taken s or no eweat" on America's de- ncverity La. He as v- tun.
onlyaSf r a h cn bruty thedvet to h ede. g f f tal

SDcrangoe.Ceolod.deferey guarded and handcuffed, walked conference results and its task," A separate Westera declarab b aed. R i, o p tense program e t, g n d
S bot e -u-yearad confessed down it to the courtroom, he said. He then entered the plane, tln offered one final blast at Pi m'sy ib .t "it. th"e.meimtea yb.y ,.rmon e eth Wrlds s in I WAI
ie. appeared today, .grant s American sources L egave this esti- eve had been able o de t p attended .e frt War I. e. da -
Sentae at the quest Strickland first, asked for a 30- mate of the American view of the tio. .. liem I. eight ay t e told mader o .th i t
SGklheam's temporary attorney, day continuance but Keating, who Geneva conference: M__otov .buffed ftiehe seo he u.s- on' erenc dee plans can L ,gion s an'a.g tp ul exe- _|
Strie wi prosecute Graham for the Ittan appeared plain that Russia trday wup e.Andhen West rafued earda for them tar- cuttve.cpm th
ifRov.17re(JUP e -d .eawnth of hinsl motherlo Mrs. Daisy felt it must back the communist lt-m t bid r a prpagan t and ar o l
t, t J of Dt- King, 5, objected to a con regime in East Germany ato Itha IOs c c-ds tietay cnfto tA n hii ctn bs sWol aa e le nd
on e Keatiag nance of that durations hilt and thus could not submit at o*uela d oGrmtny. aiN uited lG(oa p. 1&a eref Toe rk e
M f ie alaUs. Graham maintained hi sullen to the fate of free elections whi hC old arguments against the git fOf t -
.t r etnd rque eda the conti- appearance during the brief court might end the Commeunist domi-' sen a he 1 to w n- r- -o ted I ale yaid o mrt b Buse ue l. : l .
At N t ov. 17 (UpersnThes Ony abouto stanadand b i isoy nEg stedhisth.Gnv saidesenevaywfaindrs co

De unEl Graam can secure proceedings. The spectators re- nation of that part ore of Goermany. plOW S i. e g'e'd."**. t V *u* r.vp. **, B v* o t el iTtrict,,ba.lanme f p.oa D fv theIte-s-o
" arualgnte n etof to represent Gr ained orderly. Exce tor the la s Mootytem of Etropean of orroty seeGnvaripy itsd to Itel-c ti ew eoter in f the s bein cghre ls of sin ce Ar ab a. y wl p day
t colaand -had taken t hn i se voice of the judge an a attorneys, wt ge eibef. unifetion of bn n rhe coM warN o 1le 'f1 attend C Unser oftern t wr ons-o i s'n
* ry basis, the whir of the newsreel cameras. SWest had refu to hear of- orls d peace. tUnonet of e
el d ordGr touatie crtOm w rurd ytcm "O e cIon ons A in fly of the two Ger manes Wior s ee- flad e, he a ee'St literate's Cort.
'Jm. erneteo marra e ostyamia nsammeiRaseia aater the protO Lhv e hu.ede 3NoFour -o i.nist a Edu antU d iiia t nebshoy too eist AWO nie eew o
ta ectu r "a od Ac he trriv -edl at Denvers l- s (a Ana il s e rn c S i London, nove aUP) DiplA. U: f4 w a n" 9preeo-
warned the crow cort- dsty l fo head- from Carmel Caf., waited sfor matds waho have watched V. M. an iri material costs. He tetd the th conerie men and their bsom e uyestrbi aned hse
hat "this court wll abso- onlookers as raham, red nearly in permission the impoday to enter Russia Molotov operate over many years pr-
nOt condone a demotra- .a, dwaolked down the and live tor one year "like a plan were convinced today by his Ge.- Ma a Vtulat fensetoutlays. m Prana iaod Hl- frm Cr04 "dentity
of any kind during these a with .his head down as the everyday Russian family. neva performance that he has "I don't see how we can osaveo t St ". .. p
editu...I sch a thing -atographe attempted to take Milton Mayr, an author his sti-pped badly. AMBERG, Germany, Nov. 1 any money under the current rate ...r ,ln w.a wd. WrwLhen
eS. dpeary measure 'wl cure wife, Jane, and their children The Soviet foreign minister im. (UP)- The last units of the fam- Texpenditures and still carry d L ls be
a temporary aorney, day continuance but Keating, who Geneva conference: Momtoytbuffedratsethe-session a new conerendes .defenseplansa gon a' a"fa&.e i.M ,... .,

take mediately." Wil prosecute Graham awaited the start appeared plain that Russia Western observers with ed U.S 1st Diviaywheon said farewell out mio," he said. t lof the Le- been
-" .......of the proedigs, his guards. lie were promised visas by Geor- iss ron conaidece s reenlv ato Germ,,n today a~e 1.rbi dr a p .M "some p e-Pe lt I 1 lW IM-nrrbdon
b f reu d e death of his mother, Mrs. Dais felt itZarub Sovie ambassador to e Bern conference ar lym fight-ing and oupation duty In cted too"ach" o i lm
P l a Manaces- King, then wered to a nttachedoIMeienEsy oo Washington. 1954 Etero mtdoinga!d ictr by d ,
e e a heavy leather belt around hilts Maer sad thus could not submireport British came away from ghting Firsts 26th ene ble caue was found
Sut. Grahast on mte ouantaie n his soat. on the famUysfr experiences Berli convinced he was i dufantry Regiment folds its colors created at the earl eof toda and e c w
nd rqqued the cnt- appearance during the brief court might end the Communist dome- e oWest.asa"eoaw fIe tbe-d = 0.

Ste edunsel" to represent Ma ned orderly. Excet for t he S S t .the N t l teB Fe r hed o e ted itheO e enr
o bad. taken the voice of the judge attorney yone answer ot k whemuonm a nl evw hem m f He a there Go a que. I, C I ja*attg da de alit of grt ni
lg OW o xtem. the Only noise in the room waGmany. He c lai he orn

GrYaham had ap.ared calm and United Sats,, he .sad, he. wil/a Malenov-Churchil meeting wasiatfernoon. In nearby Kitzingen, tse his mind whether+the cold war The Pre/dent of Prasma, bal l .
Wrten boys and nine girleonften ew ours eore mewrte a o a mentioned. division's 1st Engineer Battar onf hs eer stopped. iardo Aua nd a It ,nt the soldr
wtrtm at Pargas IHospta 'rragnment of tene ,"Mr. cMalenkov does not travholds a similar ceremony. "So far as I am concerned, trophy for the irget m D in sentenced to a aron term, he
dm he week ey at mid. el Molotov ed, li a man Both units are turning oyeril Jl on saide"there ias sofmetr te p- T ht om ty ar te tet taTe oo ld e requ to serve the
tv. 14, ordi to the A I I r t a to coult the commands on the Iron Curtain mch more important the during the reant Pmei sentence Ond then be turne
w Ic6dital report.Dur the ceeings. IS or Kreml to fd out. edge to the U.S. 10th Infantry Divi- bout thof Genprevt at. ..e th tha t and Club's r th Inttrnatoan- over to m ttary authorities. I
1 patita were aF / 1 J Now less than two years later l2oS, which is replacing the Nbi lie people of al .natioas--Ruasm al Marln Toar1aiet. the cae hod be dsiated byo
oand ed83 were dis gehaAsred: he e a muchDen more nervous vemanr's.ed on-UP)e und-Aer "peraAtion Grmeyo-an we as fte Unitex L n. the G-r of le the S Dstrt Attorney, he wi
S ar oIt wa noted at Geneva tfor the ear- from a scopeCarmel, Calthe igges unit rotation awt peace, not war." Caunl Zone, Jan Seyoeld stI be turned ver to the ml-
atme and addresses ow f a. o g .r. U_, e n his oldtime habt of uttering rmissionArmy history. The bulk of both "These people hope au rayh donated a rt far trophy sor itary, aaor olee ysotre aMd teay.
at condt of thne a demonstra- ry w d dn te an Ie for o yr CO "e a pland stammering was much wors have already ex changed tr leaders.i.. wm be imi- the othrget rmen saght dtr- Hai-re usts oi hometown s
W:Jr. ~i rsu. U Nsesp than ever before. posts. tiv enough and smart eo to hwiv ep the tournament Virgdni.
WNa..of Gamboa; Mr. and Mrs. --o--- He conveyed the impression of ,-Iwork out some way- of rea.erv"
.of any kind during t ha with his head down as the eveday Russian family.neva performance what he h a peace in th world, e w ansave "tooal Saturday. e

HI.XSla.sar, o G/mboa:Mr. WASHINGTON, Nov. 17 (UP) and stggested it would be better muci 8t home an hls work MOrShes Searched ne e I I^ I
& D. Topp such ain of am. The Arm apherd yempted to take has Milto li Maye men as deserters to used to badly. BAMBER, Germany- Nov. 17 any money un hopes to save urr 30c.
. and Mrs. M. E. Blant, lbandone aP plans to court-mar- keep them und their mUitary jure n The Soviet fotserious o ami hister (UP)- The laTlona about 500 mnituion in defense I
-tskep; Mr. and Mrs. C. W. htlr t"tncoat" prisoners diction. |livery ao. the propaganda strokes "n "ping in the current lfdl | I V k V OWS -
ltB of Panama City; Lt. o ehe communism after the However, the Army has no r whMcn he has a..riant repu- NEW ORLEANS Nov 17 W(UP) year to bring the tUt down to aDi TOinsDAYi f a r: 4:51 -
i_. G W. indstedt, t h Al- _an War but returned home plans toproeed on its o w n totan confidenceas re ently a -A search party risserosed te bout 34 bildlo. ButWilsoneaep o | s:e 8:51
Captndtook one handcuff off his left Zarubin, Soviet ambassador to the Berlei n conference to ery lowlandsof Plapueminewen avtgare a Much"iin b

Mr. and MrS. H. After a stuy of a recent S- Tne Army's pos on means the he ham-dedly iefece. rh aan todav e area, es go _.
o ttl nde Heightue Mr.heavy leather bdecion, the rmymen, i d he planstried at a, iwi have to The Ula whom Jo terghting Firstse Russe Ton of -caled HAPPY RELEASE !
n te o. Arhep e of his coat on tried in a eivllean court ane Berlin once ha e as n n een ty Shesiff Hair L created at the eark- t
SMr.and Mrwer C. H. aBo te men st be taken by e then probably o treason chanumber premeost skilcommandplomaf Soviet fhe ad starts the longe search tots of the. Big F heads.
SPanama City Mr ana of American magDepartmnt zines and te civil esnews- had ever asen dropped heavy Slrhur La vicinity n which 8 Lepers W n I I ai
', 4, ac ordn t the Up.'
A. G. Ameer, Paraiso; courts. .I Treason traditiuonally has been bloopers at Genevas. man matching Tongay' e diesrin e *said li I AhI R qetoi
s.Gaa Mrh. hN. Hammand ocf The high court struck down a an extremely difficult charge to In one lsstance he .sad the E- tion-was reported seen Mothde US Citizndshipthrt co d arh Aie /ofPnIa
e. and Sr. and Mrs. W. T.proiaon of tlife Military Justle prove. "Mrden plan for free elections Ger- heyeds a similar- ceremony. "So far as I amc nroh"rr /lW."Mr
So FortnEobbe. Cede which permitted military The men wouldonot be charged 'many waMa t ce 'blie because e man escaped from a Forida pris- BATON RhOUGE. La Nov. 17 w ber.eqe Sn.. .. to t man tBoth-ets rim or crimes with treason for deidingong o go ree elecidtns would "disocate in irdSunda a NewP-E l mae A
SThe court ed y ust be do o choice repatriatio n was German't have to consult the commands on the Iron Curtain ~uch mo important theernirth dca thdhee nts M
tal report. Duri tri fiou civiat. edgcourts. tspecifcallU.y provided for S.10thInf then The try DBritihvi- foreign office i-tioed Sit of Geneva that hated lClub' 4th st
. patients AlthouhG the cae o an aristie aeements Now less thaven two years la He was convirteplacing thed of m big.anslau. people of all, of |n sR Marlin To IMu '. t
w a. Any so h wo he is a much more nervous man. red one under "Oped hrveo statement tyan o wet one by ter asthenitede dva dea- of h psmEarlier, the G ofthe I
Maw lam l and addrsse of Caoat Couethr M ortial conduts w his oldtime habit of astutterig in Army history. The bulk of both "These people hope and pray donated raotingtropshy for I ai

astt the boy babies o To- C ur t-M sarvt .orn a n stammering was much worse units have already exchanged tUirleaders... .will be imlsii' the jargestdmgaeeghtehr a ha

r. sra: d Mrs. i R. W a l than ever before. aug
of Gamboa Mr and Mrs., o WI He convhLD BIL HICKOK eBy Russ Wiinmserbothen and Rolph Lonet I
JMr. .u r L. tary Charles E. Wisson whenh -. ,d -
L- the prisoner ehnbeing a me that an who was na sk
Salar, of Gambo- r y fASHINGTON,'Nov. 17 (UP) -ay and seste d It would e mdb better much at home work sM a esSearchedpeaceIthls'w a
Do0. aam. ab, dhyes terda thase m tolst, he met heusedtoe. he still hopes
and Mers. M. Bliouts, oidonaalliplans to cowilt-mar- keep them under military ris.11 But most serious of all his do- For Fugitive million in dlef a

Mre and Mrs. C. three t icoat" prisoners diction.very of the propaganda strokes current
Capt. aWndo rC.F, thisyeanWar.murthemanuithedischares, to. fromwa hegardedhgras-A search party crisscrossed the bout S4 billion. But 5 :3-DPW

cniRu seloga.e drom eI i
Mrs. Z.H..ArcherpaofIds La ccluded any legal action against be tried in a civilian court an- Dunes once characterized as one Hhri H

C o d e w T he.m enhicw o u lderit h o u T h e m n n o t b etc h a r g e d m n e m a s d f oF.. M-A N OIV 1 7
be rttrials of s icemen orcmes with treason for deciding.tofgo eany wasu al

freelciosloae nongar una a ewOlen (P-Egt natrmfte Cr

., -.-. -,. ,..'



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