The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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E4NEVA, Nov. 9 (UL) The West_
org* Russia before the world with slam.


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SiAte of MtiyIind.
Cook said the ,edict Is "juu
other step toward bringha
rout the diabolical aim dl th
sttonal Amuoclation fo tht Ad
cement of Colored People, t
ree the smalgamatlont .lt4
bts and Negro raMae if.40
ition." :" .
"If tlhe s*e affeeSt-

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TK m, a0 *,410 1.
ita.175 CmNiA I Av a gm n 12TH ANM sIO ?
4" MAIDWsO AVIL NEW YOml. 1171 N. V.
|,-sm. M, m..-- ..--- a '"W a *g
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eS M' '' a Ion flens to *Mhs TlMh
,,"e seuw ges tali, ad s- he dism hat Ift wha os l
... amef ea lo eh dfn't be Impet l if I deseNtapp
LieWs e pblbHisd in he sder eved.


S Xr Sir:
I want to say a few things to you about:our Athletic
4gw month a representative of the Athletic Club had a
Sal few of my friends, who, like myself, are soldiers in
V.' A. i m.
r lScamsed the idea of having a football game inNov
fthe reg'ar season is over for'the Community Choet
agreed that it was a good Idea and we started to !
le whpped into shape.
How heydott want to play the game. I don't know i
at I am Bare It I sot because they are afraid of us, after
l high aeh ,pId all season. This year's Community UC
sure Ne: a tittlew help in reaching the goal of$35,0
And I can't* of a better way than a good football g
b- ich this ara uould use. A lot of time and hard work .
the wrvice team together, and the purpose bd
* n worthwhile, at least in the opinion of the sold
c CPiytOlain who are members of the team. I think the A
htI~CIu* sbqvld pitber explain why they won't play, keepiq
* Imi that the game fs for a good cause.
think theW'r scared. ..e

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Labor New
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g't. Worry

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The battle over the eIg fii T *
erwbe known as dotuer, 'w
is on. His "Lionae ooners" are
WOOit, scrap that ho 4 s4:..lp "e
w doean't eiron out in the ew.^ ar s O n T h e a 5 '..
Ute Wei play se. feha
Jackle Gleason,. ,,000 00 o c ha
act aows tincast

"the Bereen Actors Gulld "" p- :.' '
i e at ele aseon ad adl A-- th t phe Baa
it eween fight t
lb Lucy" :anid Ds mmy Tb = er-

S Tee showh are on il ae e I : F J eb

m keA) and te Amerd an o er h a

akm orne emo nlvie actor L. eeta nt
Set d am nw camera go "o-' t-,60M. "W

t Tomaes la te o re el otr e smania o n .. o ar te no a e tnM
shronwzed camsw re oinstsd fi n"0 wWaw eam

BeSren Actors Guild says JBtha ? a y w hW osmthl1
l a k s Jackie- dteothers th h w v
why, I star. But ivtR s M mndt JiW r no. fir ma.ol delt Piatn conpjner

Ht t Jackie. pGlea son so as t. a D i MOt
Ho. t eetn ground, rays that ,"T he
o.m Ho ymooners'.Is real l aytNM ( oit,- w e m o a" s i.
a new cameras Mos'ot u "We

o"i t S the laUect ni cant nd et he Sw 1 a dno he
*Mlb m n ai Pl eou a live w eave rm neta a he o m i Se us'a e wra t ta ae, t

out.eoe bet e ew >ateltro n a Is. ea of-c assttte bt t g
Sr ming aha s ne. tahre Wutura P lansfor t, e0 hatere n the .Df
ololyw ca-r. ue + +Stret New .t6, Cilt. h../Iphbo.a_, Siu ae Tabo l ap ,.w

od AfTT-A cl osatm of ame My, 1P r o rld. a raet bo qevhor
Te three s operate S a h eai tctivGP tmer p e. ow firm a *
the sameY 1a ..ever, Sebwarz, whod4dnt -men the firstnl

wto ..have owms- od ynd gt h- me efe ae d "iere eas .rha o s e Yat' Saye wlter, .
C a dsld be la their TBitt Grer leto t iwBrk for Sve B (l eri SWer haveg
g Ac Gy A1* I e ad of ha a ft on Commualati v Saore i n Onemiee bhat
F nssthe mor thea to rsa~m st. e to tia

m r n e Rausur.l s
half-hour sbo t b 9 .4 9
four'dayiksimilar scr nospo, tsofedae.a" hascWnatlsoper w i4i i t.So-
w "iPT ts .19R"ca tht then worrt.had IVo PE to wil oyonmr t
showsrare tenme poeiwar aa'
to e"live" shown tor-andor mou o.r.abiogtlae-" e l a East ,S robf l asD YonWA- "G .
sibrt*r testWeGreek oadertit is lishnfordeverMonigh IL

Achat 'sil di.( he& an security g a atnteesa n entin hoever was rovealad i private J sb r te thas un
isoaggresl6 .Qi.thrPa.-stot ed cito the y r, ctet he- -m ,he
a a 4 do' = 4 z- o d! wr-e.- m ..
nthemt earon te" ra 0 h as dd4dwoo~he reekaway.If i e a. Scbwsrtzs8
sal for re-u f the *t Gs'ls.mod d o ,,4f W Mlsaftf Troaly O rtd Or- Iatan snw monin a oldhm, tln mejn-cowi
an toctors.rEga real o Cat -debeetSalzman, wrote this lettmo
panvAs oneu idpmntnthei spin.P oo A.p e
Aacoto y0 tu0ywas ',abe:r with usO anoui
somhetime. I also called Blamen-


Inlong% dgy 'for far emoftylatePIS
are 1 0ommino:sassioni '6a da whe' De V neweoe miv's_
a1ePmoreeand cetannaevderileo1h60 b u henpitch"has oWN ttewtz old na d no
sav "on s ;._e "-. '4wo -
e have'become-e f s o Ited If W est t09 =W t m minthad.ou t p] hih M, "t
- g ar a Me PW:r nilat uf t oor a.
am_ __be Impmwa s ,, i o mesu was p r-e"

the, Ie4r'. N e ,wOe roadwa y.-Te : srMWe eeRe
a. 'a vgt.-vSI ,d
Steak 1`11 -toehaeafte h veter

.".construction of 06 of up -, L._:. ,. .-u'-- .1 i .m t .

heaven pwerto idr~lRS. ..C53 at ). a1

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i E r t-'mWgiHaP,' bKed 'U"'' ">. 10 4 'It
-am~phrg Bat. a geIople. It Vght fascinate statistic if ti .W
ba5s-e ra that movie eenson limit A (P 7
'Poor Peter. All that time living t a kissesto 30 seconds. ) W atW
ls a wrM of Meg-believe... Wht Is a Girl? See TinB Lounei' i
"Pt r and MaruWet Wa't See peek-a-bootiful charms in Paan -
on a Other Again." (Bzept in .. e ver give up, kids. Sid r -. .
re, tear )re)..The Princess Caesas flopped in his first tv
S will learn what The Torch is. series.. .Bing must like of. Be Neel Cowra. Is
When yoea don't know hew big a to 2S country clubs.. .The be the i
r hea9it is until W flOd out N. Times, a newspaper always a pp &t
I-t is empty...The people who eda-tional, diselosesN.Y. hasu = = jugr
r 'don't % what los0 g a lver 7. 1 bars. Actresses art like that
a s -ae agyAg toLred: "I mwvell had

Forom it in two ee :e a tb .. I wa t"- I
foreowtn't aI Huead-). a ae. health-but because

Foe -- way w jai
"I never have @troul B W
bayesalsway from .Grace
AdaI SIeseas never comes quee,

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... : ., +, ::; ,. + 4.. '..'-, ~ .= -.... .- -t ,.~ -
-. .- ,', .- ." '- "- a '
54.,:-5 ., ....r- -,.... .

,., 2., fe --- "" .,-+, .- ". ;.:.. ... .**" .- .
d" ..'+... tt- .i -l -, n a "' ".'. "" w S 'a "
..? *,.., .' ." -. ,r''"I .- .< j 1

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S. *., :, --. 1 ,* .

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9. 4'

-z -~ ______

1Z the machi-
stw*ble dr p
S n ent was
tii sa, nrmal for

apsumu aw mpmui mrtu wha
I. sadiseot p o, am:.& G .sk 'k
O .H. .W .W ,, T .r. y r ".~r~ in T "-* ,.e -' .'i nIB il1 UU1"l ffl~ uem" iU m 'tlrm NCIr
tCA day 4 I, piA. Z.B..

at^:^ ^tKpt4mu'a1 GeCgallen ri" a P del 'Pl
rb- tree ..- ,' at etrf Berate
,.,4104 | ...Flo- .07 P06- wriday A. d toe
it.. XIOR ri, .i -- rg a b. .. tM
Z mod-, .g. -.

aZ '- f E.: "it ce--ai :. 'i'"werw"'".' .H4 *t-
Br W-t.e ^ f* w w = "S. aet s f ora-, ,
HemceasES, bwlu
anI~ntto svwr-hattr

....I..S.. ;e aim ,ty b a ,r wa rden a ir r e e ob in,.
.. mh ote s" qSr flnm o bue a3.1b d

B'^BHa -C1o"e'aL. z. C w- I cadeiy ani" and rhwd .r "te -'-g" E "
S Lt non-t emplo y ea t

h ,pmAm,'ut j s ma an sse s e itea. 4

'. :Wn m W=..,, and foatd~ti~ifl k*1<* ByTI^WITT~VUWU howd nM OCW 3 n11md to o er th an-
las uwust

" e.. ',-. '"- .:ft '- h iS ^^.,k.a -- ..,:-------- ..
' ate ? ""?* ""y w"' W :" l'w frtraied.... ^: Oe* \d"wsams
.IV at G e r:h ,l placed.ed aIrazo"'-r
Rb(AtUC.o'Wrno.:againot Kaplan's throat and de- 1The depar~tnenftusaidun
4 AiiM Add t: .orumor of thb ^Aided to see the warden tedalasumonthat ibo

DtvUila "* .~u.Sl eono. e": MV '. oepl a tw re mer ,i"
V aro COLIt.W. a w. FhO, superintendent.I N r and brrate.

em rks w, %. t a .rela p n pi r t1odep n -' itnr .'
Wyswsi yr,:l-y p- tt Mr i a std tis de ... n 06 "1 o | J-I A. .I ot
Sq anmoaekdttha

a,. 0 thee Mredle J~alt-I O, ,O phu the^oue t I- il ve rl 11 -' IIII6
alt cis. tuh u me pomlinecTaodent .e t- ; 04.
14^ N* 0u~e Indan and'ask- that in'-li'aeuflii eftr, 0y y m a" *n tid A A A^
,.. hers uf 1,.,= ,lmur .,oal. n m a e sent e r. tl o nd-ne'p a y meI
"mne e '" l rnS.rg- *b5tWak sFanbrwed t rolise by3 6,000i n Octobertld o o ., .57 ,
tfi, IIha= 04- to AIO ~wNons,,a+,,., r,,.. tlapoy "Z + I.i.llerd ,, the o 'iH
,, 0bf w ar. r.i .. k -a 1 oc p5&.--u t pa 3 000 ovtFthe figure for Octob,
anew.Is. .1 1--m a *- Ie A 1" E-. fo 0 release Of or 1954, ABA...a record for

WAellia?,m &' lwo, s^ w hen ge. t-li #M obs. gri-
WV~WIUshowed agog a w*
atte^ tins ems he^? w *l e iof last month

ae c-es"li.- i. ... '.w b Hendrik, mo Li. 1 u ,M r ,.,,..

"r, ".pvu ----I ,' .. ._g,..__. -__, -. *." -.m-., i :
ay L to.up up#

nu."Sins race-...prl.. pt]*n .I thE,-U. S...A.
e- NEW .'o v. g (UP)-The .., I

, **.m ..ehs Wila m to an Of mWoodwardi JrMw .1 01's1 p ,' US .A .
Midleoas- pus the-filmousrae

*l '. *, '* *.'* S % ~ dirt. h I i^-NM Ic .mf .bJtf'v |m .. .-O .Shfi E 1 .. .ef Bithu.O~i .
a -&ad .atee an'se-s oise am go at.r -V a .T 1 a ? ad Tl A.1' ", .A 11.
qnqr~s#rin-parJta- won tas-t,? t At C d .CANADA
W'as'the*thi- Mrs. Wa .*. h ".,,IH,,TTUe Chris and Corn am -1.

*ie ,Seretu,- u JHr a Mtrta whe s ''Ms V.01 he ri m will'"be wub j tIG I't
50.0 hnqAn 0 4-rwhe,'r.sw,: talk by-the W M. -, or!r-a,,,
UPi .9 h imt lov thu hat *0,0l -at-.I d 3LI3\a [ ,lbs a Wtfy

I 7. ..-
"hte f l0 hagu irst As Is, b7Xol @N1jr iSPc a O#uFkfa~~a* ,d~ W ~

"a -at_40..- -a'omptm,%.o%== = uti
m-to"1 1 w "N e Dr. tsAm- f y "-;70 f .
York, ", -law.7"e, pre V" 03 N.v. 1! ifer
sums Wwin ,W, dptmlmnt at at op edb-.h... .

'+ ,,,i.n yerP a- '. .1 NW -" tel Nov t f.Curh
bt Cto & eat-er Ia___
eight' 0 4 i t ."o In
t SIe a "s... .. ...L
~ -eln. rejiiarted ietqra hehs i. loOB Vswe" jN R L
9.g pt a awtr beChNiuM STANER
Dcaurse eoepituaflybeirh ela dx hdo s t 1(/ W5 pIb
t* Hoove r Jsh b uin .oPIftrytngher y- S -.
w~u s_._4 J __& l .,s aid -Mrsi. Woodt -w-a oh
e laglianireor baa net read tdihy60 M A
cueA@and toIal. SheoI s re%
i~~flriX.. hitand her :.hvsltan
WON I W-be m as l is.hi 7,h a s-skna lmrea d A

was. baera owo P61il sict N hr6J at hna.
For ~.*UAicr
N.alwtionbar soalm e s

oft tw perormd.i teirp-Mannc

art ----in-tfeetathat ii ossoctatno. Thedsts-
mai dtosb"ath,. *b3 te ~ snse a~nFakSnta rdrs
WI 1re.a mrd h Now theA___thaSAft .21flfr#t
a dwat- NJ best win- 9"Ngo AS54l!K"1- .Robert M itchum Oliv ia.
Kemp esiIso lt c ~c G$. Who I 0110 ralo d .ad2m sBletfert sat tInO- no lemrnth.
AN-A-M. 1Q0 autuasperw eta and Autopsies;during the shooting e"
teK ai M-. ii'.A .1
Jim Asibirid AW"

w in, thie cboUi e cowWS
I r, mittee eported... a "OM 4 in
'. in 1 to mafl Used lot t ,.'anetf ld go n a4 ,"
e r d d e-*packed and Meflard a i
f rw Ruurrl-ishipped to Barbados, shortly aft- Dual I rs t9
ehepd' a oby' Act- er the urreat divt ends, the ill br he iWAtes
Sthn Blenner- chairman aaid. hUlbilly m s
i atm!e em. Pag psejt, -eek drive will Anothet mnwting of the grM n boadepsts a
Slov:. will be held tomOrrow evening at lted B by
t d d'" t l es lied to Oct. 2815, in. thq British Consulate here. I .

,' e .- ,-
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Vwl Jlutan

Fine Leather, Smart Color and SL
Fine Leather, Smart Color and Si'les





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tadufl iq mad
zbwdt^^ia wi 'ai l2l

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.9 snahafl
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2* lDj 1;j di q.'T ''' ''
.4S.'.j4 A1tM N AM* A
* -.' ;;': 1' ^)'^ 'a
'11' 1 T- *

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5 I .-- -

s 174.5

Enduring LoivelN ss.a.Breathtaking Beauty...

Magnificent DIAMOND Bridal Sets...
Choo0s WS,. t4IM pb4o.,Priet
i';- ... -* r, I" '.:,' ".. "'

b a+ .-. ... 4 -' +.-5 ..

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rvtog,, she ,d. 't Z '


P ..

Seelas the ell7 :

a, .2

Si .

mentsOfSegrei tion

Fight New Court Ruling

SATLANTA, Nov. 9 (UP) hope .when the time comes
em .lea4enrs dicated that wlt keep or hea ds am
Ve.B. Buoeme Court ban wisely ..n o 92eiter. ri
oil ractl segregation at public Will be urt.
i eirie swimming pools hDr M. ,ofus, ho w ith
prks was not entirely un- hnd OSwve W. AlHe. ghn -
tardl and Oliver W. Holmes, initiat-
-.s outspoken opponents ed thi tW, to open At3lat-
.Lthey were prepared to fight to's If grsi to Nexr .
rng as theyhave opposed aid he was Pgpaful" for thd
*lo! eIn public schools. rulin but laLnudd to wait us-
ra urged that DWxe be giv- til al legsfeehaicalifles were.,
time to carry out the curt worked Out before sttemptilA
sn without "undue forcipog to play an the Bobby ones
t.e curue." course.
The r apolled to parks Several cities have afmptes
d imiung pools In Balti- to get around the olf course Wl
e aid Malylend and to the sue by setting aside certain dats
Jones Public Golf Course for use by NeFro. .
A lauta. The golf course de- At Bt1 ,' Ala., a unique
overthrew a federal court law proh intlrftermsngling o
urt ruhtur-that held o be rulthating
e must provide separate but Mayor anles W. Morca
6Walsssaid "W-r 2 do everythi~ke
atse Se. whsun Ficeuahdst can to carry on as we have if
Al who suecsfully the past.
Spropsal for 5 roll- He said he didn't anticipate
Ma ~uIr o of the "any c eI" ..qd "I don't
g* tidS think t maj]rty :of Negroes,
_e .1 the prk when they see what Is going oi
aS 1gemr. and what has happened in the
W. J. lamme.s, an official of past, will be eager to invade
OOa M .ite Citi- where itP ould't beo best."
Swas a'et surprised"' by the
lA at4 teland, Mss..
also foresaw what
H- eemaag. They sold the city
rk te last spring to the LI-
for turning It into
Griffin of Geor- SA N TA
a eQul dnot be reached imme-
,latel for comment and Geor-
Ia Att. Gen. ugne Cook, a
of Integation along
N stbid, "it is ubvious C
NaUoa A1eAsociatlon for the .,
eat of Colored People IS
b from that court any
to de" g'.further Its
Woar to force Inter-mar-
Cty attasey Jack lavps

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a 1ff td by the del.
tthe are u-
weod" but

to the problem

in avoiding TuH,

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d listening!

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for match le ..comfort...


Sfrdomemovement with Ao
aI* so center seam to chafe or
give : you need it moestL.
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F. e aittd T as.n tW-

T^,,s Welcomed andln"Ueed

i "ob st-ofMrs .W [.


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w4w -ZI'-2'-3.Hoaj The court ti ml.4 tfl mc-
PA j j. ; 60 10A WWII am
toeo.rbsodaher ial twnnt WAS
I ,^' :'W~i r!eim
.S, I~u~'S.Q. L istantally uc" dByrd was
T 7he rir t tbe truth
-A,, Major;E" W. Me! SM.. bt Judi

WMikle, R IL Constitu
r g..'%Mo r sit her c
W. Qar ~~Mrs. Smith bsW*'ir
e yl^ sh voting Negro tu*y-It. RdIIlI
bout cause.' e % rt siad
So F Imony Ina trial W yrd
lif, 2, S aFl ped his cat where<'F po
"a. 14ndavInsy 3r
A. bt uh e.d court qg .and
"'F 7.-Peter e t raisedd l band
the Mens iWSaled
,... -... P h ".. to th. woo). ., pa ,
;(f7 I. tl Randall 9i U ~ c 'i,


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G 3. New, W.
O lr 4 1 Pfl Rbrtt iV,

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ale li*ege Club was held
'atuay 'the oteI ThpM. In
thW ab -ofb OW the club's rei-
. n.. rd A. D aq,,
I:, Aclms W*Itid-:
dUeddng the 0 Ad j nAh,
A.APd_ r muslaIl prnam
Cy a&" owi ,.its an
-a f '. violittfIith 61
Mu~tin memb Mrf dimiNitin
al -In'atitu ot Music._ IxoPuman
Mbi lBory Br~i atpf, A _1
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Force and gaI: aome -
tero at Iteoration abopt the
XeW retded a
u;c tof a tk aol re cue
-^_ftg_-B2..t. Sigt~~~~ .

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Genaiae WO of pert ithmode id^
:j eadeMike desis is fried-ia -A1i
i provide distipmgihed cuff k
tie klip.

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COLO_ --. _.

,.$.,.ed Na- AW.Ju
.r ,i d .1
. o m o R ear
Shi r 1'he .the
Seils club w e f red C
atp.Ne f o' r ot r 'sh" 1

Vst ho 'vn by theNew York o'sthe through Pan- .,. 'AG
Inter- rl o i' Club o' ra t an National
Nov. 15tlh. 'l Interc,.e 'S
The meetnti4l9 be held at thb 'i -
Co1VdatdltVrl, ,sNaval Dw rXl t1 "
trict V aP.: The luncheon
will b t .];-ao*.the chlb U lBon'
ored to have 'as baker, Mrs. J. M f
Bartley Saith. wyho wkpresent a plant rih
program am s .te to. al inclhd-
ingr nfam no aI ATLANTA, NW.- (UP) ..-state .
cookinzgwt:? i eie1 of patrol officers on SUtty at a strike- .
nthe i ro l .authorities Ponbound Dalton, Ga.. plant were told
native in t an m H 411.ito mu n a .,.
pri 9 ..& y.Ja menii- t
form peopl M n ovndal'. aat a
slunifi;a Mi oPdds gro copnpat Iy.t "
hn thi 5,a (.-. .- Works~s sI Latex and: '
m h q t on, .p l a n t
NO 'I "" A" have ajtti e p "
int t lingWntorkersiri hof
of the NefWo Cib.wll be y em -. t ota of T 4
held at. bea; dp vIr0filoe ,Idispute 1

Mr P Cbia l 'WC. pn toe sate- tif
Hts., ,e.a Tuber- t. d c ,s r three!
culosia ubi ne',e3r- of d n i nat
will te aeditth. work compa nI the Copies c
her Socctt. 1 -4e the- Isth. pl t area weekend,
anus. .
Anoy :newtbe "t'M .n a 1 CIonsc at thugt
Zont roi U Dl my'become Dalton t a ed "toa -
a me .intby^ add as tinnau n are need- mty be
count W3 -: W n n I.L to Presie order.
at 3 .f *'a.lsd "th periods Ave., or
must have los.sthr ye ar extend Troopers previously
resiFd I lZ C Zone. bave beon d.uty oInul while
Club san alr Meld the sec- n9o.-strifeatwerebex.i gt4 f or
ond ao Opt b 11 loeavig t plant. .
Roller S, .r"
Club Te
The Ca et Rar Skatin ,.
Club ^ I : IA 01!1 7
row nitab, ..or'..

Arequlibm wIblibessfd
at StL. raPu' Churteh' Satuty
mornir Y t 6 4'llk ft, the
repose of the sial of the late
Mrs. Peatrele 4lewis whb di
laUt welThthUf' -


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Y-I: :
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Tune in!





rtaC. Eladyrin Stnrain JDne
ExclusIve Hair -D'

We announce-the Ita

ae work at BaImerp3i
r t r v '- .Ap.. .*'" .
N.eS MV. 3W7!
KFArfo"Ote BY-
S i. ^Ei


f i b k w i rhntai n -. rr ds.tlr
t* A A
it srs. tw flv ..:' be

45thfpLthiewh o a .rA

the uropean Furt i 4
obtained at No. 1, 21st Street and ": ;-

., '.,

witefor 10olw ir CMI

Swrite box 1005, Panama. '

o d Ti!


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tjg~ua 0
or 11A A A, aA

~3jii-sr-*PII1 p. AP1~

0 at Justo AroseJoaen1

0 B RV

', "I N:n : -. u .;..

.lan guaranteed permanent .,

"Taq! fM Omi$10.O
Make your appoIntment.'Phone 3-1302. where TONY and *8ROMN '. at yeourI .
Excluswiltlata 'and at., redCtb used.. ;,;

Ave. Jde 1- .13"

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A cmI is loveij far f w a beautiful smile...e '.
nuradgswr uLr.. Pepiodet's oCn urnm rr* '"
teeth cleanestmakes them dazzling bright...-keeps brai
fres, agjtes you clea1 wql taste for horta -*:'-
Use epso t 4tli ularly. Yousi r
be lov by-fart ..

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tow ..,. .V



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wona b
go MI
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I. ,..
.14 T[vol Ave.

l ing ,

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WA ZAWXI -M tif-

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I ... N I II L mal n "



SC a iban .- ODr. IL Arlts r.
P l LGOeigeWU Univdsry) M.P.
T'hnU (lh f July) Ave. SeS. SIA2
( ( A1cen chbooel o ygrdnu, d)i
T.L 1411 ria-




Agencies Internal. 4. Publicaoione
No L.otamy "if
A&&'.' 2 "S .

FOR SAL j Il P Wet-.
Phlne A6rakI Z. '
FOR SALI:--Ltvl;i rom .s-
couch, I2rf ,rmie e I rock 'A
tile a tik;,o_ ,, 761
Ca'"^ tret. M Phfti nm

elsal. Rl Ald Hlihway, far-
ir 5-41 ..

W.fide to Buy,-.
Cheap. AlleI2 -gway, 0

'. ,- 'U.
(kegAM Chod In Zone

5iM DOWN""Igift solic ataons for this year's
o nwesrmn I OCanal Zone Commnualty. Chest
scuooL SUITE II Drive have been announced by
r PamO s-.m campaign piaD Roger W.
n Adamb. ;T *
I Panami Hotn l Among the new roster of in-
dividuals and firms in the Ca-
nal Za.. ZM "d. IAC o ob* Qj
SPanama Who have made contrl-
WmRIR m buttons are:

A..AmI sOPr

:;, V& W.~;


Panama, 8.A, 95;
M-th roarf^

$" $25; Mi
"Italian Li
t yl.wra4

1 a VHou"e h d*
lCt. YTift&nv


M lt Carrgouth
ea. r *V ee


. FsOT;
Fqt Art
IWO.%. a.minsid


t/ in. ca ei ,. W2. e.amms, fet, eld ww tp
5345-A Diable. Phbo 2-1471. he. Pais. 1-4941.
,FOR SALIi 19I4 CMhevmlt 1FOR lNT:- hFurbhod apat;
Power Glide 4-dor, w/s/w, r.- idMt on San Francise Higkway
did. Goes to the h1lghet'ffek. N 120, beside Rooeve T
Call Navy 1946. alr, ovrlking S.A.. .ol
emisary. Phne *3-024.
FOR SALE:-'Y3 Plymouth Ciap* ----- -
brok 4-deer. IS.00 .ines FOR oRNT'WI Nicely fetmib
0.0. RH m4nernwamed O.L. e-*obedoem spaitment, het wI
$1150. Phone a 5-571. %. Second sesmt, PeNpl. No.
FOR SALE- 4 I P mme 3-2694.
Riviera sdam, trl4eme, radio FOR RINT--2-bodroem alNi
beaft. power stern & braae. mneat, crer 47th Strwt, M
Owner leaving. Hms Is9 Vita. wh bkalsny, v,y ,
Empire Seetm, Bah .o. Call .0934.
FOR SALE -'52 Pentla Chf. FOR RINT:-2-m-o ao it
tel. delu xe cw.rbT. T, ufrnihed het watr. In ft e
tires, leather upholbey InaIel.- Hotel Panama. $70 per maU.
lent eoRndiM. Daly loiwrhe he. Awlg FPtO El Halc6m, so "
82-3141, ether hours $4 4Z .9. l. 9-12 and 2-54.
-~ -
SOR RENT-- Furmisbhd apaI.
DMo.4 CA1 10.1. Inect.d, centAyI
FOR SALE tW. Frtfh d'ti PH
Miellaneous t-t14.
RE INT: Completely b
is ed en-bedroe i apartM
FOR SALE.-New pbe ascer- -m Fort Clayton 61W *l
dien $40. Calle sart No. 8, nboom .-Iey.
Apt. 4. Phon 2-9399 PaJna.
. OQUARISTS; pairs M en* Pe as No. 64: 2 bedmrm, Jlv
Tetras for enly 2.50, Rom Loef l*u riem, dining som. killed
Fish $1.20 pr. HMdt. eCddr bathftr m, penh. Pheem 3-103.
PET SHOP. 49 Via slpayi, Tel- FOR RINT:- Aometbo .I
phone 3-5411. One-bedreom apartments a tme
sh l tof your l
POa SAL.:-A rodumed pr6m: imm iUfl"hi I'l
several all sketches a Jd water- he aeo r et'.lbolE j
aels., by. G C. Banr od, 2425 e- olghbohi". ... _
Morgan.. AvnM ..l.. C" A4J y d40 .
'--"-.-- .... --.-ua. J-e- few left. .
fR 1-AUI- 1*Lb.-p.r FOR RINT:-Mdm rpertest.
dies.eP=lU S. .A. o 3e.

S To Sal

plant .pl s, h Ph

. .1- .
40R *1

POR SAIti-A h. e.rn
qua.temaM)r. S aU .e
nelgkkhens k cb eaM
You- : y"W eNldrqs ^
or up" ad deus ut 't2-u
bedroom meoy eMtIeae ,w
Gor gn. MeosquIa o Coatled
Ar. Just empleted.e,Sin -
ditioM. Modern pl hnnl.1 -
triciTy. Ht water iWate Als
completely furnalshe Il-
or. AN for $3500 idld r-
nltuMf, drapes, dMi .. -n-
ware, power mewel tools.
Bea tlfUl lawn aA4 my 100'
froeto o .On, k bo ....
Watge ogler dideh.

FOR SALE: kUliMl let of
lend in town of MI AI,5;Q10
sq. Nlis. wellI, i i
and wih rive Ani'l ne part
of lot. 50 eds. sq. pM. .Call.pHre

FOR RINT: -- Chllet, Cmes-
quills NM; 140. PHo 1'-071.


FOR ALA,.-Trlsph 0, ex-
sellout tires,
, 41 t7I.T- i l .' ,., a .'

WANTED--A permanent mi-
,dene 'teer r eM ciont to bus
life. Ap ~artmeat with lhe wa-
toer Mtlenem. dinig.eWom. nr-
cepties mo-n, bedroom & kitch-
es. ,'f Tie T he leanr,
M em 2 n-0120 niM a o Er-
nMt Y. Tudt P, pa .S4637.
.I. vacation
i ICall

FOR .. T
FOR RENTi-umbled e m. I
or 2 fpeo, privat0 bath, em-
tI -E, iEdodamat Shem, Phone


Written frfe NEA Service

-j d W T. X *
_m* .. aut. o ----lm eon..''
Mr. and Mrs. FrankO Gaui; -anama 1 672
too r iralnk s 0. Williams Cni. onthe t, WAN .e t*A
0d amitea and erack-. Sheij Fred tn; Rep'a I t AN tabl
r be h held tomorrow Jean Do ohnn. p.r IerlliTps ~ ourt e T py L. .W AS

L. IthiStreetlParquCe= ', irnly Shu 7 ld, Kylaa*7 2 ir ii
Sas IIi SS Should He to a graduate of ohio Unler 2u *All'
E A ioeD [D. i- PioP .M.deg from the Uni- New Yor!k Fo fbhb w i lu" u 2 united .
NOa Slop nkeeRe-Run clS Hollywood would probably -call KQ94
.m l -i an educator and lecturer, he A.. D bA S MeS it, "Sevep _r 1 eT Seven ld- W 1o. y "S .AET" FRANAIS of w w p-
S .n. E JACKSON, Mie., Nov. 9 VP) wa profeuor. of education at mane and r a dies." Butbt-s-crpt 0 I I- a prae imte-
-Mississappi Gov. Hugh WhltE DePul University before hia arriving Wd the An- n the ei nab cty ol Nto.h-South vul. Although the raises m fa- r
andreds of Used in *. said today he is a 11ving eXnm- election to Congress. He is also con for to a match the re hf co id S mo mus cians ar6 requently
r p and stores. In l pl of wy Predent e.nhow. the author of a number of books Isthmus. I. shown by seven Fort Kobbe ss I lna b I tq r o
Vadouss a weo r could run for rue-election "if and ipazJne articles. The complete aidvane list of Coien....and two e ~o 1 Ps Pa ina Of. .
Is e really wanted t.. Se... t ven-and two see tobe. 16 Pas Pit pIe lsiot .,- .. '
White, now 74, suffered a Copressman and Mrs. McVey s: r w r the key numbers i their mlt open d- 3 d' i~fs 0 .
heart att*~rl t 198 identical to will bb on the Isthmus only a few ry lives thus ar. wo ,
that from which the President days, having planned to visit Mlu Oil;;ohn .. ea though p l y ver tat- "o W n
LEWIS SERVICE Is now recovering "except that elsewhere in Latin America be- Barry an i A7. D. on gradutibp romW ad hd n or, a r l pt rth a a *
mine was more severe," the gov- fore their return on the Parama Baumarua, Jr Ilt A EBohn.o;e 'o --- -h- I*iSt v ~a '- ad-bu t .-ht. a t;
Aepese Tvoll P.O. ernor said. liner Crlatobal November 26. J. Claude legg, J 4 r. Ida e ars mar e n -eea iv ayerhate to pas b o "T er io the ad Crenc.
Baumhart Ia a Re.ubllcan and Cohen: a Currn;, to l l-AmeAI y rSexcuse bor bfil v .4 after tb4m..e Martin orbe tra aa c e-
goverto: aTwo years later lie He and Mrs. Beapmhart live In A. Henson d dt Mi Sice, tth'v 4rtth J up t a contract a apples a teurdi il t eil-w
mg____m ae an 'iftisuccessful race for Vermolion. He alsmIa a graduate Marvy I, o; 'Long G, iLe i, Each ae when this hand w A nl S. I
Sthe U.8. Senate against the late of Ohio Unlversaty. He served E. IntrSY JD have "become p r^nt taI t recent tourna
Theodoroe Wo, served four two terms in the Ohio State Sen- cobs:; 1elly; their present tou o d The chief interest o e Vp- had te following ton
years in the Legislature, made ate before his election to Congr- Mrs. eI1 e L thtf0 l

h ruAfsrd"" '-otm? .- .&T, i. ""S ""s sa ].who ^e ^r "
m mAdI Sa 3eurnto ci.lan l~ie r in thepl.he g sid ar
nor In 1951 andkntlet- I to serve 52 months In the U.S. Owe Jams- t wn wW t trer tod t Bt ci*n to the pea Ph-iom
Ingh ih -aod, four-year te for raT, be searitd firom thedst& to nd Lt. and Mrs. J Garve loe n u. Playing with n. t Tad, tre

In mmbr of the Houe Mer- hightWe opened the deuce of d antle Cabaret & the alty of Co- R BCy G 9
in f i ce, d lieutenant com- Mat and Mrs. ond, dum aed lon n. .. toni
Sm uommitee. sHe ad r. Baum. Eanya s p trick by do a e. aI Just h aow he gt b a d on ,a
man .today, a fl Mhar.Ot laM n to return to tcivilan life u Thomaos ot to st rt I don't knrw, ut I oabut a du
sn-O theo r wanted r" no lin l. and And ill seven lA in the same t, is rtuap ll t ld Then in '43,
i o r Nly wrtn d to a Ie od As director of Mr p Mnd Klobbe neighborhood. out of your hand s fe young s able to learn that bet
could run for ridHome ainan. ie ubra l travellers checks from Amer South might have layed ia low idmben to tfohe alndlt
don't th nk wante to run." Corningh ben le poratn chi d ane ber; tl ao there s ide m ulig th .
om.b.... ao b ug eter- Nand ar .. bue mi licre Yr w o lthe C h brmFo",e. i

;1 on the 83.. A.Im%, aselleg 8latur- TR .VISO, Italy, Nov. 9 Uom but hIs- rE en. 'r4Suap Sl.ub leq Theni .i n .43, a.

.a.eoun nd Home FlnCe fros, l Vi / avellers checks fron. Anre- South might have payed e .aa. o side to -- _and
oing "nedlc Hm Finnce C ritb@ VFW '' lean tourists alter arresting one til-mp .t he send rick,b'It he which to opeil Pt tl taa @ O5- Agta .Thim&

Sgency, mredec r ed to bui deerE- .Uecided tJ e eo P postpone n a

.co.ue conmr.-truc o'n at To Hold D nce ,, lt ", armine Tedesco. 56, 't the .J.ack of sp e. 1 -C.. _..o te o. .
& w in.W.sop ene isd, h i, 'th d ueh ofeae.lsI albot of C o-
Ve tr .b hn eed '' ..t lobut it's ta rd 'lbr o 1h oth 1s e e
"ch e andt Marinet and 71sheriee may '" e tw"M- atdfIon., -rm.k ,
Co -woutdehave ..led n This gr oup..- io lal
cuatin101t0t o e t ol from s to 2 i t m e Statut- home a c e.p f .o bia&m i d i f e .'.
a S.__4, .igSau .EISI.y.,v (). but bioodM -'-Ti --T'e, re srtn.s1may, ftn.
M I sAecnomMwil be mdIe B A CEc.-n.It--7 uJ ... nof ..2 con1, 't n for 'E
haviig bdH ,,a neen anotb dW- n ..her s codtr i u u-O r
I.n ordar te hnrav" 'our S C U1

.... ...

wii remain "M AIURDAT AM
5:00 pm., beginning NOVENMBN
Hemes deiUvrie will not bij
| NOON OI1 SATURDAY, but oitaH
delivey on MONDAY MORMMI



.., .

. "







r ~, ,,-E"


6 ^

,W .
\k&k. J."- J *-_-


- -: -. *. ,
. . . . . .

S'--. .9 -.

~ rI~m

Rm- ll- -

S., lilER CARR


* WO *M0V PICTd4' '
pd" M oer PLctur. .
S Plus: Also.-. '
.-,.' ;. 'i. y ^ ', ..; -. x, S B-
. .... .. .. n

WA ExhB AE xe'uvM 'Bh_ businesss e wole oAss.of a.-ou. ",

,, p"eoe fors d other -.o er puAKhasin power" GL
digt o York, a mer vice president of quired 7- per cenH of the attlon'^ ^ ^
Al. rowh o r at nt he Y p4hearesdt waul r syi
aMe Bear Qf Gentrclorbdltors ant. am :

11m stands e. to in prepared, tor the 0peniag session .e1said GM -ane1t+r aiv filrdI' 3 MBP 1 ...
t e hearog wil lastecutive mine theeks. whole course of a oun-

-improved.'.e -.furalabup General mB oters is the nation's LGeneral Moters entirely'
Sa nsato large th a too 'anyu *ht o awit- estAis oa
neehi.byAw ag 1a.oa,0 0e.inst4

Sm a .er. .vc president of qured 76 per e. nt orf the aPaOI
S0AN 0 Go eneralrWe Cprp., said t he locomotive Dus iesI-" renew.
::ft cesh uld a int roap p ide nt would dar: y n

door. wI bea 1 L TOW INCREASED re power r the .o rs. He to the largest shppr e
%ftn UN dearel a He sai l r ayfi

In sit l a l S ure s at bi Quar qVMw M t -stte. t w estim ony iineso a d aM mree

N "-0-. -t s' o""'- I
S og o t ing s ae fOeaW I eforn T tlov.e aU upe ,ch aoses d i*t, T?
r th 1 the rt e m et to Gnr Ca l Zueohheo i tone a Wtrthsl Vot toe ent airbh e lyman
seiuhaty ofita*)h -S tandardat.8 Lke the Ua d

a I a ta a m 'a n n u alwhA Ntla saE 8,..i-
Alter wih h oIt* ofprZ
-mtw irt,-tnsC4 Wee mtgCe wcteok to aandto .kre- -

r eve bApeaer lanetes re, a hoee- oil yl. 'around He A mr, .

will" be!" IL We -e6WR I NCREASE Dhnor s e tweo tal A....AIN ..l PRICE I G NOVEMWar .I DEC R.
N ed d r e erreduced englswr and loge
S_ Sing"an yV Memust" be

e e Ie needort more t i ob ame .dben to i rl l wa tr r. b e cordial to check n an da

vraDnfede:a1ora c W e lr atten te incres he-po e r =
o-.eerl a ha u ry pi d or- pa wZ ra f r a I r bit. l

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The Civil Defense chief empha- lybnewige crmed.t Se w yS r0ermed Corozale for 14 vehicles located wn A visi P Ce DUHi,- In-Gh y Va DEC R.
s*ked w tha the ind vidul resd ore oa isi? t. oS avi G tem la, Honduras, Venezuela AnloAY BUN Hms(wftl h be exml.tra, e.kil d e 4 ** /
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o rt Mieoy acting the r charge a Thi is art of El Pn 's e lon in the Retervation acceptedeat s-ter r eB rf tbo
TherCi Defense hief eph- gwa. reforme d anfrA14 ehle Sraedin o urA Loalt t otee B rparl m sonmo-ed adul ts erom mut b",.

idvid 'a Bank ".'g' "rnii"" os"' i =' 1 ue-
fore, arid 19--.< vin!a a i-- GuatemalahHonduraseV--e----a oli4YRC(t iseimpILmdary -ek ap* dauu ,* .-'h
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for oforthe.uCiilDer- GuInemala, Honduras, eneze DA IU

Canallone 4Use oftrheso e calle d ..n
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ndaSeAic s.inl A thod -eA hL. THIS IS A LUXURY A!
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. From .75C.WeekI.,
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uwteLlif a na IA.Au a l -h 55*w r


SKeeps fresh food fresh

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. Makes ice cubes Oant ,M specly fOrbusinases & o large famUlles.


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72 To Begin M' lay in
*~~~ ^ **^...^* '


During Past Season Confident Baby Manolte Pre knockout WinThree

NEW YORK, Nov. 9 (UP)--One of baseball's Over n Byron Cumber un Uy Night
best kept secrets leaked out today when it became A tot
nwn that the Kansas City Athletics used a sur- .' .. the Panam
v~ p f telescope in their bullpen to steal signs from Colombian lighteihanhtd the na
Ameripa League clubs during the past season. pion Baby Manolete yesurday i He
'-. served warning on attlins' By-ervedw
alcR to. from time to time and- it was ron Cumberbatch that h plans
er yankees, used with the, knowledge Of to "knock him out, probably ooold) a bo
o 'i 'its to p an manager Lou Boudreau, who was earlier than I did Manuel Pres- or
the un.- involved in a similar -circum- cott." I i. la C
eang stance when he mangd, the Manolete's statement came Ar s
p.w. e .iteVhr Cleveland Indian to a pednan after a snappy workout at the i. gh wit
tyays in from in 1948. At least two' American National Gym where he is get- .,n flight ,
b nll League clubs charged the : In- ting his final conditioning fort fight. The 1
lea weren't dMans with stealing nals his eight-round 128-pound fea- -. round ahe 1
y-utthe through their Municial Sta- ture bout Sunday. Snuand An-wal c
tini a coach3Jim dlum scoreboard, with.- Bou- The usually reticent Maro- "Rey" VaIlde
T r,- sure te em idea dreau's knowledge, in 1948. lete, a picture of confidence score
Ia surveyor's telescope was and enthusiasm, was In a talk- A rsco nd 6tot.
S front a group of -work- Oddly, Boudreau seemed more native mood yesterday.,Ap e' her nai
weret construe- eager-to have the telescope He declared that for thwe fh st
-work at the bal pak and used against the Indians than time since he came to aPns A
Instruvenths was tried out against anyone else during the ma, he is feeling real "fit and pra e a ong w
Ciy b e a ve ready to nneru in
lag an acta.l game. past season. It might ave e to go." .t o o n
i worke l, .-ansas City ban because he was especial- "When I fought Prescott," said LOr med al
Shers, tfhtptheir n e ly anxious to beat one of his the long-nosed Colomblan, I -flight were
In the bullpen, woe old clubs or merely had been n this country and Charle
j rlugh the tel 6pe Kansas City experienced worse three weeks. I had not ha a had's net y
the sifgis'being von luck against Cleveland this figbt in eivht months and myImedalists a
Syear than against an other timing. coordination ad gend jimmy
Sn club in thel*eaue, al r rendition was poor. and Dr. Aur
called for' a In any case, Boudrba t wasi es- "If I was not atmy best and n'2. George
i- n agitcht especially anxious to nave tile could stop Prescott in five, there flight with a.
S i ty baf e At.] beat Herb Score, th is nothlnr to cause me to believtin 'd
Sid ps a a ed up towee on Indians' rookie fireballer, during I can't ta"'. care of Cumber- 1 Ju.n massott
the ,bullen ledge so the Athle- one particular gae at, ss bat8 h also." x r a'tir
tiesttr at the plate could see Ct and the telespe. w when formed that C mber- completed
g pressed tntf service. batch might prove a harder nut Noveml
*If a f-ast ball was.called for, It dnt 't help, though, 'Score to crack because f his experi- Ad ey, N veM b
the towel would not go up. woni, although h needed ence and vaunted t generl- d player
The telescope was employed RAgy trleaki's ad in the ninth. ship, the visitor replied that li e -' -'" p. .,.lace their- ut
P._ _I__ n. founders so the lighter y Tencota
.have always been easy pickr,' TRIS AINT A RASSLINGMATCH saysthe-fe durl n the Panamarea Armed Forces Box- The first r
for him. ing Tournament- openln card last week. -He's tryl~to 4annel efforts of Malcolm Wright -, First,Flight
S Manolete Is begin trained by '(on top of the heap) of Albrook Ar Force se andBob Johnson oft F0i'>Kobb- in a welter-s Col. H. W. Sc]
'Cuban Afredo p erez for his weight contest. The mat~,saw both contestan ts'tire, after a heated excnge, with -the above paul Moran,
Sberhat h. P handled by VI result.i Wright. scored a T .O in. the third and tnoved into, the division amifinals.. .'Othervs. Luis Chan
i l oumberatchs ta ind a e matches are slated at Albrook Saturday night. (US., Army photo) vs. Harvey Be
Hill, iq doing his training at the -V. A. A. (Ne6 i
Marafion Gym. d la Guardl
Cumberbatch will be making r e l u .d and Dr Earle
his first appearance Sunday, T" J '. tCola dent Ricardo'
since he kayoed Roberto Munri- T oun e IM .."ing drew firsd
lie nearly two months ago. h TV"
TheCaidl atloTheCaldolaattler was niotI7V -
available for comment yester-
-..undl,out,,Sunday'cardis TonightIlT .-k
a match between lightwelihtsmthA
kLune Pancho and Vicente Wo0- -A ,. Calif.,- Nov., 9%- m8t,U 7.?,*.(UPI
'om..,. ... .. rell, set for six heats. (UP)ralph (Ti er) Jones, who 140 is $50,1000 ti
Arias Mendes tackles Goyo shook- upRay- Rob n's come- keep baseball here was beuP
Castafledas In a- four-rounder, back plazilast Januaryeeks to today after the Kansas City
and the curtain raiser will con- do the same thing ~to4 Johnny Athletics 4 fer do a -working a-
4ist of a three-fall wrestling con- Saxton tonight when- ie tangles greeinent tod a 'Alocally owned
test. with the former welterweight baseball club it one could Le 11-
u F- champ in a .nationally televised nanced.."B
A b SLJame. 10-rounder at-the local audito-
-- poor rad o recep- fierm, an, .ol. Burkiaro, boat, rOD rium. Frnk-T.Mecks, chairman of
t this list of -yestoraaTsPescaaora, tackle used 94, 24th Jones, a familiar face on cv- the mayor's' baseball copin ttee, NEW YORI
dntc ru In o the MarlnnCeub 'Our- location Wr pclloer, time hour te o t e
ma be Incompete. 30 tini. L L b n l unanimous decision over Robin- tans e a t t e
pU Bchmlidts s r0-pound sai Weight 139, species black s sar hga on and left )many writers con- ed neblt U
Sof the Who Cares fisherman, Mrs. Mecona r snn vinced that the former welter a ocallownd aseba ubf Mickey Vern
caunth dayof the *tourfa- boat Viking, tackle used 10-0 .M on and middleweight kingpin had one c.f be lpanced;. promise ."
onte. wanleft outd of the rnt 2o tah locatioun-tackle used O-a. .W.pifas." IR A l o lost It" during his two years ~ hti "euhserii ns -f stoek. e to- lne pitcher"a
an tat wday 'let,ctch le s. timer 17t inBIRMINGHAMrAla., Nov. 9 a night club performer. rp le the bidel
on thatday' .catches. time 17 r r er (UP) --Auburn's Fob James, a itgad ih
S.. ..Y Sa0 s Cuh t shifty change-of-pace artist who But sif'De then, Robinson hasp ovttion et ma de st he r
E R S bn failed the Tigers to a 2726 edge o- fought his way backinto a title $25 a "eaeo from othar In-
ar raised 1, strikes 1. Weight 137, fisherman R. Mo- ver Mississippi State Saturday, match Dec. 9 with championterested rti to.. prve A stant
n: r d. 1,str tas boaght Nauilushtaler ue moved his rushing average to Carl' (Bobo) Olson. $50. In ,eapitil-, neded to Dill Dewitt-
Stas boat, Nautilus, tackle used, eight yards per carry this week Place ch' venture n a oneded
ihraised 42, strikes 41, 14-b 0 39th, location W. fias. to take an overwhelming lead o Now Saxton Is up nst thesund finheScibas,"teeks strengthened
rbleased 17, boated 5. timef4 min. .std "r0 da -ad theyobtainen
OtIheejbeamhnhn2Tap Wei ot Hdcarriers.d the time and is very effective at IrdWert,, looksah non, Johnnyl
T per 1, ambeujack 1, dolph 2. MelsIer,.bat Hula, tackle used Official statistics released today close quarters.,'Johnny won th 'he mighter o Fve been hunting in The Cincinnati Redlego pulled Umphietr dI
YE terdy'reult: Sailfish D ~A th, location, W. by SEC Commissioner Bernic world welterweight title from archer, the Rutland lad to fter d
WO rLT YfairwwindnPga ropthae h seRldho m ilae $500fat ton lS nator
Nov. 8 '-- weather fair, wind Pia'mewe 1,0. fisMoore also revealed that John KidGavflan in a highly disput- advantage- of the l -day bow tne box office despite the t- didn't lve u
mild, sas light, choppy. Welht 112, fisherman Capt. Majors, triple threat. Tennessee ed decision late in 1954. T'en he and arrow hunting season t lumbia Redsbwinning the Cliss/to get them.'
S o l tailback, continued toplace high was flattened in the 14th round Vermont.ntq get his deer.te lass ton
WPeMarlinas ughtWoASt he tig 1 Ther6. i n most departments to lead e b ylt A South Atlantic Le u pen-
S silver, eight, 100 fisherman Bill total offense with 799 yards. inbTony Dd Marco last April, who-ASe theL-
wt h asgainedp yrom no turn bowed to Carmen Basi-hntu r -'
h sAeiesh m, bseadt, Who oCar. ta PJme has gahmine rds o le, the current welter, king.b. The Kansas City offer includ- than three w
boat Mrs. Audrey Bishop, used, -0e 72h, location-W. Pifas, 85 carries yeau to _ev I a I m ed the turpaing over to the local
boat Sexton Belle, tackle used, time 7.hispercarrydaver.ntBnnallynleefoulfrane
12-0-M, location N. Carasca- Weight fisherman' Anna h i pre e 0xtons in line for a title o group the.
1209,gWac- egofsA a ,.N lat far back, with] thewinner of the Nov. 30 chise at no cost and thewoe rklng H a i
S ,timemi.n Motas, boat Nautlus,ctackle is5' ae'sr2 ~,wtreirnatoagreeemen o red ot. ned w
I W 359i species black, fish- used 10-4_24th, locatIon, W. Pi- a 4.7-yafd Lverage..e a provisions estimated to have a
ermuW. pbinkle, boat, P-805, fOas, time 7.' Majors, big in Tennes- DeMarc but 1 to Jonesao.
ti used 4-4 5th, location .~see's st~a~8 rtigeton tis with Geor- could mash his plans. ;shvT e o o UI $I5
S.*.P r Nay, time 22 mn. -rOther 8]eIes Caught' ia2 Saiterday, maintained G.bettlnsev NewJn R Class A baseball in ColurI- AE
!* ght. 3041,s species black,i h total offense lead with 512oreetighthn Aisenr aion Joneswia was to enter into at
fishrMZ an C. Gillock, boat Who Weight 35, species Dolphin, yard's rushing and .27/yards pass- Yorkas eAtN T Aesued A Jnesta mentera wa e iKnito o muer so
r- tethson, boting. He is also sec6nd in punt re- s t fl- ganization, the group was told.
eatin, W. Prs, time 33 mIn. Tin Opose, tace seed .9-4thtrnswi 24th, turns with 171 yards in 15 run- vonite-n. yhe.
Weight 197, species black, location off Pifias Pt., Time 5. backs. Nine subscribers contributedyU

the ochon.Tune in!i GREEN RIVER,

Where strong men balked in bhrsr at the thought of K ep
*lmftl On to a VeeteB eaSl, nad for Me pietaial beau-
ty and. et % leofaery tapeunantae, Katharine Hepburn tR P- r
oluLy took Lbe a without t au a hair In a comn- er t Mount
'os3 % "Dirty water." M Sold at all leading
SCa".,,, I,., .is Mikeening .
99:Ea eno oa for a girl who *Koeletd, lw outstandhi-in riali
rtea mi the waters of Lon Isn trads lann ls aroui
em u so-sdar in "SUMMR- ster comes .ft- i -roun
of the. grei astdit e .thlete,!
ATJad Tborp d 'am. u alL
NI -

on at its b,


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est caUJl&K?


and bars.

** _

kin TE

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_ I

I---- -----------, ON ---.- O


_ _n i l I

i "


4 .


1lop Tournament, sponsore- by A nis
oaus Dunlop "65" ll...
dFided into three hFtripeaut, Amfso. eto i ard
M compt'ting in the di. Jr., A 1 Sauion I ;ek -
32 in the crowded iner, L m ate
and 22 in the third MuJler, Al Ciale, i awtt
mpleted last week SecondMitt -Bob.i orres
alindo and Hector vs. F.ank.Breanax .-
a Gad theClub thet mattweek the. C 195ey
STurn Glickenhav, ponSord Medgler.
al of 15 silver pCity,- Anreprs Matheey vs. rewn.
wa comped during In the Dr., Alnrel. A.-Arls nV Jok Mel-
The there low nied- larkey. R. L Olelchma n vs.. Dr.
and flight will wi. a Frank Raymond. K. W. Purdy, vs.
i. the aywinner and Pablo Abad. George Difer. vs.
eph flight. Efrain Campds Tejada. Bob ores
Ialindo and Vector es razodnk'rivre P. -Pe lrte-
Mac Murray, who Pedro D.ia. vs. C .Brkey tattler.
71.- Second flight Bart Ec h Vs. red ederkon.
re Robert Torres- Angs Coate y vs. .. redGerhadt.
Des Londes with 70s Jim Ridge vs. A Dr.i v. ArJostbi
elso Arias with a adiso: Julio" Valdes vs Lionel
Boyd led the third Moses. R. J. Boyd Jr. vs. Chat
lit.ght wifollowd by Aemank Raymond. F. Pry
Men 74th winnr Dr. ThrdPabo ightAa. -George vyd
eah5. sflight.. A. ibamps te. A. de Mena vs.
ount matcin must Londes Ard the remainder* of
no later th Sun- the Pathird fig ht players have a
er 13. The pairicondight toughh match'vs. they lMr.
the bulletin board Blle. Those vi.o dFred rst Byes
are requested to70 Jimnclu Ridge vs. Robb. s,-R. Orte-
eoyd lephone : third mbosgaVet, Bohaw, J. vs. hatos-
es to73 ease theprob- sot,-Timn.oodruff, uel Mqn-
t75. opponent vs. Jzo, iarenas, Paul Duran,.
ouna pairings: A. Jimenezso A.- Tapi,,.O.;,. Nel-
udRe Vatcdes mv. son, Dved the Rma ind Merr fck
noull, Dn avr v. Baks anthird Adoflght players have a.
Charles MacMurraypairing tough ries match. re-on display hr.
deck, Raul Arango the Clubhouse,
all, Anibal Galindo Panamaclude obb, ro. Anibal
gro) Arlas, Erasmo Macarron may ,be :reached--by
la vse. i mmyuPlaia, telephone Panamahv 3-38 and
s toerrase thvs. Preob- heot, Tim Woodruftof, assist inar-
Arias. Thg opp llownent an, your areah, if yoDura
around bypars--n Re A. jmeontet, hiA. api, 0 -N-

T eyo Traldes vs. s.Fon, DaveF n Ha tn, nrei

r TOo- Math iS
hull, Don Mavpr vs. Banks and Agolfo Arias.

harlnkees M racMurray The prizesry aeon display eve
n RedSox acqu- I ndian$ ine p xch ange.frIoth
deck, Raul Arango the clubhouse. 'teo
gro) Arias; Eram ni Macarn may be reached by

a vs. Jimmy made by telephothe an s."ama'S ad
pGerranscipalvs. AmPresric- he gd to.atlnar-
Arias. The front-line your pitcher if you -wellb

gerouneal -e contact h en. nextseason
of the 'Yankees opens," Dewitt :s&id ,T*ese
roTo Mattli ring Dti

K, Nov. -p)-the Red Sx clbsAgo -White Sxquiengured slugt oer

Ak Yankees reacted Verry Doy market the Cleveland
Sporterfield, trarynd st we'vephico a that every-
pn today with body still wants toJim -uby t Dewitt
trade for a front- scoffed at a duggeatlon the oth-

in oyesterder toay' nine- because we can give "steai the
principal the Wasmerican go e'layers ta eal for a
S froany front nt-lne padmitcher and we'll be
could makeh to win enough on the
ee al mh er. PCeYan e'e When next season

m tere "Ptar weeld will fithat every
"t thecWi ng good playe s tn *y
that the Red Box' tuaneaction
e deal came les. could make things tough on tbe
to their starting rotation, Ver-
Sfnon'* record speak for .lelf,
ACcepts Schmitz Is a good jpot- pitcher
CS Pand Umphlett a capable young
StU r IAAUI outfielder," he said. "There's no

Turn White Sx t..engthied t..e -
dia s. : .
ITED PRSS In their first deal sice Clark
mnoter ack p ramer gave up fur tested players to
an Rex Hartwig is ebt yt outelder a4
nlaitwig has ac- ei. /sid AOmtls ,It w. a
Swell. Hartwig will .,0
rabert on a won e ero to ; "
tr-old flartwl as andon Wisld be ilpdd ta a erly
martin the Aus- non r~lt be Included t a
S nan picture. He -r g:4uSt .]ke lO i. rt
in the 1954 Amer- en theIfldt ir
onahlp but is better l lai 1
doubles player. ww-.ostot. '0* .S 1,,
*' i f' I* i t' II I I--- l-. -- -- "



sRPirates Pilot, Bragn Wil Leave Clowning To HolIywoo

Na Sport* ite Pros Eye Trintys S
ROBERT Randall Bragan's ap-
penatment as the 'Pittsburgh pilot

SBig M Bri n;ST Sl steps uh
w i rfiu ast League with 0
re markbl record, yetY o d~d 1
mo widely known as an s
aMslh, aal o sBy NAMBY tAYMON Sticks started hi. colless car-
S tter thanthe thby aiing lyrds asly
a Baseball man he is. HARTFORD, Conn.-(NEA) -- sophomore end hsant stoprPcJ. a
Ose one Charlietek afi Ir-erlie Stocks s Is a e irs ive outns l h h
Brogan was ined nine times Aaother of a rles written fullback who spends sesesnutumn senior year, he carried W tin4I

i Fort Worth. the Coast Guard Academy. He catches passes and kicks.
BeYou'd be inclined to believe "But where he really hurts yo
But ata who became a r that there must be hundreds of is on defense," atreuse Adam
Natinl eague catch b Hs Charlie Stickas operating for small Walsb.
he wasto slow to play shortstop, coll es. After all, there are many Big football plyer can
t re putin f sall liberal arts colleges in ri- found at small schools.
bem b twhaocky at times until nity s class.

nJyl.. our memory, Sticks three yars
!i lalbs rw ,i B:aguo was considered plenty good
twg & a club mohs enough for the Irish. As a refresh-
O t w e wi r Who nlthsodpl ty eree, he is the youngster who, as a
Almeinoares Outfit of the C ruba Trinity freshman caused a furore
Wiae, h ak Bo1u92 itwes ef"o in y appe caring on the eS ouh Bean

a rageohs o i tu, t n20 pounds on a 5-1 frame. Hf E
anIo A r ant d c on e took d woul, Note W the e n es n oa ua ntin
aistWi egp0osed ito h o wOoou With 10 minutes left to lay at greed, make a fine lad for the
#out there wft the tclawi San Francisco's Kezar Stadium indCelts.
saysompson the l 4 i fielders, 1952, the 49er were lading the When news of this reached the
n in aro of t oh fars d Chicago Beart U, 17-10. ew ho istou gerhat t es
act d al boc i inrdud heneo e Trinity campus, it appeared, fore

byme see ms A at a sa* Albert or ho tnould have punted, d to seait ting i pa few hours,. that the ealFe I
BR RAND N ba._. ,.edgalcig bys l aTpearic oDNn oo e in the act.'
sessiipa"tstdiu. The The 9ers were in possession o oBureau of Investigation would be
urrgs ohias e in la i att toboc ie d iso t by umpires' declion fWth d and ft togosting aind coach Dan Je 1 l
yock a f eld teoold .ieira fourth down and four to

nouof th dut, on t atime, real cowboys c eted in the Grand Na tional vestock Exp- fro center, hands outstretched ing broken.
camt re ae nds, guards, ptecto ition. HorseShow nd Rodeo To tha,-this is a lot of fu awaiting the i snad of the b all r, In i
ea and A gt. =&voted onaW noticed that Ed Sprinkle was coil- ATH ER EDMOND J 0! C' ,
Is. t o biaeiird bol racteeaaed directly in front of our et tNotr Dame vice-prold t, and
stonlse cold dead inr tche thir b end. plmain at jam him ar d athletic director Ed Krause. rush-
byn, cws achheinAcl usua rt1a t r trhsere dheto his co i m dtoppnt, led to geta I rte ord, enthe t ele ph
..o... WM p y rn d a n tie bryc p r e p y eo str n ytched eh mselfa wh acros thebaRU t anI sd hthe dorm l o10 rs l h-apegmaw a sc e- |a
JOE 'WeLAM far -a.s thiic lIfrarew.nFtoenr _Joye
ebc na t egn hep ianc h iK knowing that old No. 'i, as- l e pointed ui t thrta itwOnD Ja Otm Dnm qr Al
roen ained fhor the wo Morer na r fr o an c Ca tallied Spinkle, did not lo a o an e ironclr d rnt le wiep h rtt ed n, plaan-tth a noim
t O eo.theo E ole rush the kicker, and further re al- tht transfer students from a olda o t -

th rema ied th a toret o the sentrdeil beeng. Now Etoan bor rd of Fr W vsw. la up 'nYuor-TerrHtor one A
hrallesoitni the nle go~a I fined 10 t hies ae ad a izin that there n was a verimy stiffd t et rwithaGintercollegiat l a a
in4s to ri ateiond en ofteembal rrassmGentinsQ twe M s o o l i to tir s ist tutiob mnyral ball gsmt. utC eh iollee or DM-=tA
w--- dso W .Srrraan win blowing in my face, I elect- varsity athletic are "e e pammate Manui Cm ohokew, ,ii
which tyea cicthsie Deepdale poolq fit ds $193, el todaeenty.a tNow to Be a Warm Hunter ball game In November when the s
ic oe d si en roleaa egamoed it the fetald I o e i ed t o take several quick steps io !le for atk thtre. able tdo it
wo. kow but mers anifestly competentshotaers, sing ast year, when Branch Ricey, By WAREN PAE thermometer is well under frez-my left and wach he develop in th ear when Joe
counterfeit hndicaPmm oneevn used th ralseidentify... ac- Jr., told Bragan he was acquiring Shooting Editrr ing, and the stadium is whipped hient. beforepuftinl. I could getArI, the Irish l ine coach wa
countedor uatl p n t ae o $45,000 Clcttasweepstakes, a treptation as a cloKwndn that by squalls of snow o ozeno a Rugby kick, one mae o'e tae fr isha e Antie Hs, vba in
S atys adding amateur the mtropoltan this might impede his i vsce- TH ERE ws a bitin breeze rain pellets Whas that to do the run, and' in this case la 1e shoit i tick
dtistreit n he fo tmentootorthe majors, theian b raing s thee aRiver with hun t gear? Plenty s ka d t ol er rWr t 1r.Fi L a,- acI e-.
hog iot of th e salient details have been w brought to born resident of Fort Worth v. flats up in Yukon Territory one A couple of years backal that would travel father In father. At this time, ar
light, the key to the fraud, namely. who Invited the april, con- ed hat he would not b thrown morning several years back, so ed that to my own satisfaction. To lthe wind. signed, sealed and delivered
tinues tothdrport diligent inquirY .onut of a game and wasot'-untilhquite naturallyed enough the guide the game both my wife tand ITni Ardl discussed the s-
andsnnfelthtnatalhiherabd taswarmery.stiusbo w ht- NontreaDsmormrue andeaed am
Als e Dor an Dyle, resident oa f Deepdale, s: I ast da of thathe s seson. n I ao t inwore duck blin od hou tfits. Not When it appeared to me that pr) O
posed toa.gentleman's game, and is not standard prac- clothing- which we dat' have much to them, really. Unde Sprinkle was too far to the in-th- .u Peter nos, I
conteof- oan tss." t e Nationalo Leagueerburepirefo, et dnoe odd'e ol er ItFgo Wog n d r attu Late ointhe. yea' e FrankVr- ah sb le lni
wthice thoqest io the motives, of l eal m I Hted ri e lightweight nylon rain parka e d side. I thought I could run around a chioime e S
Mrn. Doylet s understai no ly distressed thati e epdae, whoslydoe do ubtared now busY wsritid ne. ber g eher Eaatrap line p ants each of us had on a set 6ft
ndst u d h membership nclud es the President of the United another, circulating the warning in towinter, sWo oer. t th. r
apthin poplindcoveralls, lontr th ose himrfor they first downe. taoe Stin cambr
undnere sweepara aH sash ateput la adlOna o *.. oe drtoo
States, should have been the stageon which thereposterousnot to let Brgan get hi in topic of earfort- flight er pilot wear,and
masquerade was performed.rtoer door.
But even more distressed re the golfing fathers, who release fan.le quilted underwear, tdhe mn in football" saw my move played with Sticka. it Natic
tnites wasrmplyiaatypical.uexample.TofywideepreAhcorruption.from Even with he could wearsokinddthatisgaently stuffed with and recovered in time to tackle e High.
trhenbtournaeena asp IN suffering in comsnosws of Sam- things Will be tough enough for H henSthe Mercur y a mikure of virgin fleece wool, me one yard short of a f I rat After the storm )"ke ticI
h OUng f r high ost o le psolwBie t 0.sbett oftheInIn eeno forot.hib'whledincb"etnu rn...ed t.Titylhere
Ing the beginning,t L aicuttae waino l nct nepl c aX d Fredtnth .Hutchinseon toakingwarm tgh Hic o rs s*le ito
melm ch lub membr s T eDsed toVVe Addover theCar.dina.lsandBi. .. h h 50d0-odd thousand other 'pe. .p 1 The .boys Totf.ranAhe rs l e witasai edt'ing
Io"td i-ot ou0e v it h e G i a nt s. . p k ia.. .
ptiue tohWal afa.t layer wre bdin and holde i y aG s ara u e th n th eral plays before George Gland 13 straight victories which star
cet hoshurecd Inthe modest pool. Today thert ehnd average Calcuttaesrgmt thetr ro Ieseasaf-aeloverc
Is about as innocent as a two-gun mo Oell.l to eugh: Xek tea l nlt y taei oaakickeda41-yard field goalwhiched near the end
What start ed out as a sporting rm Odiversion was soo perverse ton get the arbitersdownon him. tarn oa a nds hird og-andlshok. Wold te made
Inoanpotoa d-OET Na en Cwtlha K, poolsting nos res. hwra to okrw roenhwvradatoctohrty samer sort of ultr-modern, ultra- less than five minutes remaining, FR TiRS th' Fr thre
i n t ota nroe o w u swDra i wis t h p o o ls s ar s :P$ricei o ntw e een d a,.i n a le
iletenmenea," he pseasfthee aC re l-tt olargt'idnmilesrw r inwedihet Oerll plt w rakr, an wa w.srog e
in qent rade wprp o redof ,Caluttadid t aY r too dtoo r a. e o aum and -that d armet re y tht e B s o st pehp, 'f_
many instances the character and alms of the participants did, I'llbeefonlywhe, all-garment as far as keeping i or sil' sicsto rs, e
THte en mo e s Ked FOR Iie rth t u hee t e u pirs a ead of buiters whe t' cod mes duck blindAg a
morhiK D ORITse thtu hroe them s rI e Ly om per. ., r l o os o al A erobledpunti e dt o fego"Sticks definitely in' pro mai
t t e players to coldetrir gear. They've a aire no f ers
An e and evi l bra e d was sp d. tbth e er, do 't an"ti ate any ready learned those three lessons experience during January shoots course......... ....ays..... -slneov t he- o o
handtevilap Densos chai swnf thes gcfelnst lehae wt rtem."o n tadhaappliedthem 'in design- on the Chesapeake, and with the -eNotre Damer who coaches Bow
deIcr Fort Worth, gragan develop-eeke d pants to eak for late-season deer-hunting. WhyEuth pro
sesl.b edhemyosungtpl tyersarlf Eaile beatnbe. tI'ht .ostudf not The Army has long known
Anttes o rno'more than Irv Noren, Dee Fosdy, BllydHuntl that c4ts off circ-WatifrGalitrgcmakes how well this gort of equipment
'njtrea.tfan it woulerseen m al pleomatertar tm.mer, DickWilliams,-Toby AtWell norm-al movement cumbesoe works for Arctic operations, and
,tcisn't. sreo of thean dnoude se po l eatc Isnteasilybr -te b, rapn iA Fac e, am n ougthem t aboo fordany effiientsub noa deer hunter ev d o bucked the
a .uIsa violent conditions the soldier boys
p ho n y ra t i n d ele raou t e a a spo nrti n g dv e b yr a g g e d pla y s n me a e g tSu its in H oll i rw o od w he n th e sto c k E v e r b e e n t ow- a n or th e rn f o ot- m e e t b a c k o f K a t.eb u e .
Oricoars,,'If there ware n' Cat"uttas there would be no.-He has the large advantage of

tose -i scandal than forego the thrillsof, hbetting, lubsk. Sto do wis po-tr

shavng asktl~ll layrs nd orsepulingjocey wil bee net m meorytraelsbac tA,.-

ballbyteway--and my uncle 'later H. P Pupoly dropkicked one e ours a wining ro nd by
Cromwell Hoople was one of the 49 yards in the same contest.
CO M IN group. Those oldYale-Princeton, Yale- cafi for"BlAck& White". Distil ed .
Egad! Full well do I recall 40 Harvard rivalries produced gar- and bottled in Scotland; isis Scotch
years ago when Otto Guernsey (origantuan feats (I could a'e a
was his name Oscar?) drookicked 1 bed pun here and say "feets," but at its very best.
0 sa 53-yard field goal for Yale a- I sha ll sego it!). Distilled ad Bottled
cast for this week:

Yale 14, Princetona 4 Wb
N Brown 14, Harvard 7'
H O G 'Syracase, 20, Colgate 15
Boston U 19, Boston Cel. 12 .
Fitt o20, West Virginia 14
Illinois 14, Wisconsin 12
Michigan 20, Indians 1i SCOTCH W 4m KY
lowa 14, Okle State 7
StAim lXi t s a, soaoel st uta neis l TnnrIcal etTi Oklahoma 27, a. State 7
reallatic. Very good direction"... oMinnelota 20, Mich. State 13 U .msab-v o cO -.
15th Naval Dtetrkit, U.S. Navy | Purdue Tak ^,14, *as t ^'
THE ETERNI SEA,' Republic's smah cceB, isbas eep S. eo 2 U N a C. LTft., eLA2,OW.1 AreTaiAMn s mtsoh no rt
ed on the thrilling career of Rear Admirl Jhn M. Hos- So. Caoina 14 bake 13 a UCHANAN CO. LT, hot meAt, a ndwidea
kins, this great Navy hero, who retained to active duty Florida 2, 7e aessee 13 DTl'RBLTOcS to French's. Buy a jar todayI *e
after suffering a crippling lajury when the aircraft ear 20 Miss. tate 14, La. State .
-'.k"" t." '""?'.Aexi i -- lis tening! *,. ,,, ,,, AGENCIAS W. He DOEL, S. A, I
er Prineeton was bombed by Jap planes at toyte GuMl. IIS efiflg Texas A. and M. 27, Rice ...1 AtM I W U A -it .em
3teiihig Hayden, 4exk Pmith and Dean Ja8 stad. i Texasxas 2.:. AGENCIAS W. H. DOEL, S. A. CrkrT*ua N4, Te 2
A^t. OeAdt Oregon State 2, Californi a ... up dd AI w, 82 P A
Stanford 13, Oregon 7- CENTRAL AVE. 8-28 TEL 2-2771 -"....9,Imv. u '
II I_ _IUCLA 33, Washlugtea 13

II '- -yLl~ --YLiL ~ ~ _Cr-~~Ler~*i)_~~~~~__-~- J---~- iQt:dU~i~~ii;~_;_-L~







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Pitch er


story .-on Pg -. 0
Ssoryonpaew 10



For 50 Years
fith record o ys e r Mc YB ers!o "L aghre peep e know the truth and the cou
boaYh r oneo ,i
Scales in this year s Canal. Zo ne31st M PANAMA. R. P., WEDNESI
Community Chest,l l ookiin
forward to another successful
year of service, made possible n

passed through itsoors An thel
past 12 months. However, cold
statistics do not tell atuch a-
bout an organization.
If i.t were mentioned that7F or 56 Swe
clubs, groups and classes met Forh'5td* w e r
2589 times with a tota\attefid-
CAMERA SlI-Monica Seaton, seven-year-old daughter of Fred A. Seaton, White House ad- ance of 39,237, this inforbtatlon
mAniatrative officer, hides her face as her pictArc is taken with Vice President and Mrs. might hold some significathce. To WASHINGTON, Nov 9 (UP).-? delphia. They also won a major-
Richard Nbxon at the Horace Mann-Schoolin Wabhington. In observance of American Educa- say that the YMCA mogram Significant gpins in state and ity of mayoralty races in IndianaI
tion Week, the Nixons attended open lhotse at their children's school. ranges from swimming rough oial elections today gave Demo- in a major setback for Republi-
,__.... social activities, to educational crats new power In grass roots" cans and scored local gains In
classes, has a certain amount of political organizations for the Connecticut and upstate New
S I n ,, meaning. 1956 presidential campaign. York.
-I / However, the importha *thing Democrats retained the gov-
...... is that the individual can find crnorship o Kentucky and Con- B ut Democratic forces failed
]A*^ "^ ) N (Psomething in the YMCA he or trol of m or's office in Phila- to wrest control of the New Jet-
A airliner she needs or wants, whet-her t L 1t he e
is friendship, education, health-
... In the Balboa building- may
rasha Pr'ob6 e found programs and atis iarmaid Asks Lie Dete or Test
:a n FO be found prorams and activity
lor young an old, for both sek-
es, for military and civilian. a
From year to year programs% ut B P oia
DENVER, Nov. 9 (UP).-The mav change, but the YMCA's ln peanut Butter o ison asel
FBI has actively entered the in- work of 50 years in the Cann .
a investigation of the crash of a Zone has always been aimed at 0 -
United Air Lines BC6B airliner providing projects and Services NEW ORLEANS, Nov 9 (UP)tht for r the weeks and
that killed 44,persons near Long- which not only appeal to people A barmNEWa who aNegeoly g. a tv.e n ?.o wee da th re t selea
S Meanwhile, fragmented but un- Gym classes, swimming, vol- two hungr boys peanu outer gave me away by running and.
burned letters rom the plane's leyball, weightlifting,, edcation- sanu he us before they fellumping in the hallway when the
mail cargo bolstered belief: a al lectures and movies courtss lie detector testo pla& e dia andlady wal t ere."
"bomb-type" explosion shatter- In religious education; Individ- not poison them. Mrs. Falcon later moved to V
ed the aircraft before it plunged ual services such as long dis- ethe suspect said she had loved let La., and went to work at a
to earth in flames. tance telephone calls, hleney or- the children and Instead of harm. bar. Sre was arrested Monday
Webb Burke, FBI agent in ders, restaurant, gift shop, read- bIammn her for loss of her job when she returned for her belong-.
charge at Denver, said his agen- Ing and writing facilities are keep tneir home. ngs.
cy was seeking to determine just a few of the many things. i ound-laced, a u-year-old Mary
S whet her there was any viola- which go on in this comm y Moss Falcon was booked on suspi-
tion of federal statute" involved center. cion of murder in the deatns of .'.-
in the disaster. The USO in the United States Lawrence and William Baughman
Burke had said Saturday the provides partial support for this ir. Police said the woman had
FBI at that time had not en- work, but the YMCA must also fought with the boys' meo th e r, Ul
tered into the investigation, depend upon local generosity to lainmg her for loos of her job,
evidence of sabotage were dis- community wantsand deserves. Wllam- and his ye,,arold
wa ...... for c t/ey covered. The am ount asked f rom the C -t Wlloy- 6, a n 'd h svcr -ol..1
rULTAN' 8rILE FNDS French Foreign Minister Antoine Burke said he could go no na Zone Community hest is tbo a o .
Pinay (left) congratulates Sultan Ben Youssef of Morocco in further than say the FBI as only 20 per cent of the total de- tal Oct. .e13. Malnutriti ave onru was
Paris. TheSultan recently returned to France after more attempting to discover whether ficit financin yet this amount beed to h ave cotribt- was
than two years )f exile in Madagascar, and Pinay told him the crash resulted from violationmakes the difference between a reported to they gir deaths, theold of conas
tsph anr el o re to his twoo G ty b r w reported they get hold o con. cfre to nth throne, of federal law. good and mediocre Program. _ae nt h____
B. Dhe is freeba to return his throne. oder r, U. S. postal In- The YMCA s a' reflection of taminated garbage ain their 4ai-
Se spector In charge at Denver, said the community. It Is only as t tl ne oa neekor sa aps to supy .
Pr c i e frosia Chrni heart;s od n plrecovered from overan arealeight mo t maes It. tAdequatecu ps. anut repertfixed the '
and one-half miles long and four port in the year ahead will In- cause of dh as rat e umipo Po-
rmiles wide and that some of It sure ia edrogeram, and services ofalice Sept. Provesty Dasra rsaid a n
orPuAbli,4o appear ance Friday was torn to bits, "showing evi- wh nl mayo be roud. o lice osphoro- styp roach paste wasad a
dence of som e terrific force." y,_ s C ound .y r s s-' al' s' ep ,tmet
Earlier, James N. Peyton, chief Ina one Community Chest simolaundr to traces on d apartment
of t heC o nauthe Board's similar to the traces found dtl the
r o l o the Civil Aeronautics Board's rive is $39,0W. The drive boys' stomachs.
DENVERNov. 9 (UP).-Presi- White1 Ituse in: a limousine investigation division at Wash- o tned Oto ber 23 Lnd runs But the redhaired suspect plead-
dent Eisenhower will leave here equipped with a transparent i.gton, said a careful examina- through Nor e ed for a T ie detector test to clear
by plane for. Washington at plastic top that will enable him tion of the plane wreckage show- don ation to thal orame of this awful charge. "l a y
aoodot 11 a i. ,8T Friday fiu k- toget he wide vision afforded ed definite evidence it had been Chnesatier othe Community es thsaid Poliche t. Wlam Baa-
ing two brief airport spie es by an open car yet be protected racked by a blast before it crash- lubut rE e. c o jou would interview Mrs. Fal-
both- befoW his debarture fomfrom the weather. He and Mrs. ed near Longmont, Colo., on the tributig oNE TIME to othe con to determine if she is a
Denver andafer his arrif inlEisenhower accompanied night of Nov. 1. desert of a1 en e Gie apd Ipro per subject f r such a test.
Dvrandftseer deserving agencies; Give Genp- Polersaid the cwm h an, ts."
the.e nato a orapital, the*. White f ro ii rt to the White Dunbar said he was "Intrigu- erously- aee Police u said the woman, alsoer
House has ti ouncnd. r W it Hou'g I'.. son Maj. John S. ed" by the fact only the cor- Mkarown as Mrs. William Hart ore I COUc
James C.' Hagrty said Presiden ated 400 pounds of mail the se v e i mn ag $1 a week free lodging -for cooper
Eisenhower, who rehearsed the The Ebemnbowers are expect- plane carried was scorched, V ln Imploy c costing rent at the rooming
ate-climbing ftutine he will use ed to Pmain at the White since in most airliner crashes aCo mpn house where the two brothers and the
In oarding7aid debarKing from House un nttil. next Monday the mail usually is damaged or jli vn Am. ,. .ied with five sisters and their
the preldential-p Diane sFriday. Mrs.e 4 ower's 59th birth- destroyed by fire. The plane AU l lshrjbgo parents.
was ware .of.plans for 6 civic day en they will go to involved in the Longmont Seven permanent employes diutd she lost her dladob, officerI
reception his -iva in Washing- tNelw k f home t Gettys- crash was tafire before it crash- four of whom oi re p ired .. th said w the lr y-U
ey burg, Pa., where the chief exe- ed, at least two eyewitnesses United States, joined thne Canal there were more than t w
agethe cutive probably will remain have saidorganization during the last twoviolaton of the house rules, and
tiVe checked with his doctors, until sometime in December. Dunbar said the fact the mail weeks in October on Sept.15 she argued with Mrs.
found they had no objection was found over such a wide area One employee from the United Baughman. Police said Mrs. Fal- a
to is being feeted by any large If the weather is good on Mon- and some of It in pieces was a States had worked before for the con told Mrs. Baughman "IllU get
att..roWd In Washington but day, Haserty said, the President good indication the blast had oc- Canal organization. He is Don- even with you some day."
etphazed ro y -welcoming cere- may fly to Gdttysburg while Mrs. curred before it caught fire, aid J. Grimm, who was born in Police also somaid Albert Ra g.
d must ,04 confined to the Eisenbower makes the trip by Peyton said the plane's No 4 Ancon and who was employed well, 24, a resident of the aprr-
airport there, automobile since she suffers baggage hold,in the rear of the from 1952 to 1953 as a wireman meant, signed a statement thaa t
if ro.mxna chronic heart condition plane was "shattered" although lock operator on the Pacific Mrs. Falcon fed the boys peanut
President Fisenhower, in and doet not like to fly at high he would not say whether he be- locks, butter sandwiches the day ha e y
street xotN ag, will drive the altitude On the Denver-Wash- lived the blast actually was cen- Others new employes from the became illi
Bea and 9ae-half miles Im Iington trip, the presidential tered there. IUnited States, their birthplaces "I heard them ask Mrs. Jack-
Wttuphaeha rmy Hospital I- plane will keep at a relatively He said the side walls of and positions follow: John Dem- son-that was .the name she was
day m to g Lowry AFB. low altitude because of this. he baggage compartment were ing, of' Broken Bow, Nebraska, known undtr there-+or sandwich-
Upon his val at his waiting n su.hed out and the floor was in magistrate of the Balboa Magis-' es," Bagwell said. "She told them,
plone, he bably will make In hid epclim ig practice pieces. trate'o CrteKhou athryn Lynch, of to come back m a few minuteS.
nationallv by both television and three times ascended and de- sion," he said. at Gorgas Hospital; and Darwin con ask the boys "how did you
radio networks. ascended a flight of 10 steps in a He added the luggage which Pope, of Keyser West Virginia, like the sandwiches?"
The flight to Washington is fire escape between the eighth had been in the hold smelled railroad locomotive machinist. Mrs. Falcon, With tears in her
expected to take les, than five and ninth floors at Fitzsimons. "like gun-powder, or an explod- New personnel hired locally in-, slanted dark eyes, said "I
hours. President Eisenhower had one ing firecracker" and this odor clude Claire L. Amato, clerk- I wouIdn't harm those children
President Kisenhower is not social visitor early in the after- also was detectable on other typist with the Electrical Dlvi- -I loved them. Yes, I had n- '
expected tomake formal speech- noon. (en. Lucius D. Clayret, parts of the wreckage. sion; Edward C. Yocum, electro-I argument with the mother. But
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ton. Hag ty suid he probably any sh no. board tion by the FBI would be based IDivision; Verna A. Barnett, time fuss... I did everything I could
would say "a 1gw words at both ,ebolrman of the Continental on the theory a bomb might 'and live clerk in the office of the for those children. I saw t h e
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drive troay i airport to the meeting with the Prphident,. flight's origin in New York. portation Division 'in Cristobal. meant was not occupied. I did 1

KIT CARSON By Russ Winterbothom and Ed Kudlaty

During the Cimld War, Kit C'sem rose to brig- ,k 9 After inflicting heavy coswalMes,
oiier with the velusteer cavwoiry, aind once more Bent had ben e ssessit d w hle Attocked by wporw eu-mbes of Vlt-Ory eitretreated to safty uniSd c. s
Shi niend Charles lent, though ew deed. conse go reid of New Mexiko, bt ruims Kia s and Apeches Kit took refuge as th of darkness, a brilioent milite DT D II D fDT
46 his0- of his ,trading psatWt st stood. ruined trading post. och,ievement&* BI5EA0 W
_______ ___ --- -8 1 AL-O -"PEAGIEANTS A


niry is safe" Abrahous [u4n.


Up Ne Power

I/nd ana iRace

say state legislature from the
Leaders of the two parties
were sure to differ on the signi-
ficance of yesterday's balloting.
Although the elections involved
no national contests, the out-
comes .were watched closely as
the first test of voter sentiment
sinte the Democrats captured
Congress In 1954 and since Pres-
Ident Eisenhower's heart attack.
Democratic national chairman)
Paul M. Butler was expected to
ball. t~e results in a statement'
here today as an indication of a
trezd toward his -party in 1956.
But GOP National Chairman
Leonard W. Hall said today the
state and local elections In which
Democrats' Aiade some agashing
gains "had no national signifi-

gains did-not forecast -a national
victory t -the general elections."
That was the year Harry 8. Tru-
man sAlccessfully waged his
"agve-em-hell" campaign for the
Hall Ud that a year from to-
day whel voters go to the polls
in the national elections he was
confident there would be a re-
nsoundinR "vote of confidence" in
the OOP, and the Elsenhower ad-
He -claimed Republicans made
a "good showingin some places."
He conceded they "did not do so
well In others."
The Oemocrats won 74 of the
105. municipal contests in In-
diana, a peak new-l before
reached 'even under the land-
slide sweeps 'of Franklin D.

nall saia in a statement that
It is traditional for the party BALBOA TIDES
out of power to make some
gains In off-year elections, just THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10
as the Republicans did in 1946. HIGH LOW
"But as we learned to our sor- 0:16 a.m. 6:28 a.m.
row in 1948," he added, "those 12:50 p.m. 6:50 p.m.


only have been made with the
tion of the U.S. Army Far East,
STokyo Metropolitan Police





1~Z9~cls~sfe;c~II~FLC;i~_~ Lp~

', '-"

- -I