The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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ReaiicationM GeSet D o LM G 's

ER r tU ts bloting In t he dre i
Sty CouncU el ----

SBehind icaw, wN b s- -
no my o 3.,,0
a eriN. S- fu i t*nhatlavla Deposed Argentine Pwsideu a
..or -..., i .. .Ii. .... .d t. da toward. p a e0'

en he... p'h' tW~" N o wa hilrl

e pur .Wie toowhit t'e u" w The PoU .. iatf l Ms to remH g at do" W: .
uZUfiueU. C1MU&IUU*5M a uff theZIXV
briefly to Be me at such decon. hazard nt iut
tiy ornPhiAh*ba ae t a r A arrmtd i t0J t"L a eqe a
Sy at eh p .alt .i i t boo-flIt d tw
VM, .hMo spf'

flRea t amas Bes h e at nuai s a.l .5S j.... I
thLran >"*. .^ ` .P t hets" ,.&-.

tile ..y. and: PCp ,.

Sfe 2et wedbi e bb fM pte-., -.. th. S
.ht ..:, be his f or odt U* -d h6fjf o1 t I olmb'irnl i rbe Ud .... "-.. -,
Ana.. .. A. "Withb Weterno 9-- ogMl, AM ,
-on* in I!,' SM & A, ... I
lt eWtror ''
.- ,+ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ,",;. 0 ,_ ,...,L:+

or1 won

BeveO. Mr. Em
bad. a press


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MaIy tow&

im MOPZ. vi won Itoml
ritihl ambassador abouW
lingarmg from nasechala
Sas the last discumslon.i
tis we bad with the We
Namer was aioted on the
biluty' of Wftern media
ti present .wk ,asebtob
uflden*e Int yow

Fa-rm. ret for us to feet oonfidence in
abut yomur Impartiality."
9 ge was quoted n neutrality:
*. "'it can we be neutral when
I4m. we irhave an agreeanent with the
VSoh tdr. their -Canal 2an basen
:- anotherr sven- e -r. it i
not a question of efg "neutral
but of not bet doemnated by .

U. Secretary of
Charles S. 'Wilson poke -itt
favor of q, new smmit
when he arrived In the Unted
States after taklun'rt Is lie
rst 10 days of the -urrant Ge-
iva sesImon. .
His statement was beoUev4 to
reflect a strong trend of t'cPet
thinking smg p e memrs t the
Western delelatiau. :
But DUllelmqf wM
ed today aabeg '.t%0
mile" over r .efrie a
Pew agreeuat biGe an
ty. .
arich naMe, westk
man nnmtAtima astik&I

China's pbm Is
7 : "- .

t With Mahon:
-tr~ tbeotgll '
MIR* fUWr. e c .wt.
aChtante .
jt -- .*' :

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r d-t&.~.r

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S '^ 8-. t:- ', -.. :" -- -.a
. -b.. -.... m-

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.,-' ..,. ,S .-. :B-, .. .
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itnl-^w *^.i y

fobe --JE
here IN* EAS~tolon I
Bart ERapeB B. Polaom I| and
S ofl the prOident ble lmn
tons sand te prorson in
-were not .. 4 0 oa
Mi.iserV, M. w FolMBI also a
cow the It w ta "Mttinue to dicate" Sa AanI polio vaccine a- m cut the raS
The geo atetik of Infantile sti. 70 to
Vota anmt thea Aaw per cent c ht
Ban comedy ets p ream

Volunteer rkers To Assist

Pacific Red ross Blood Banks

A committee of h rs
workers has already bW ailed
to handle the c6e40l 6 in-
volved in the e of
the Canal Zone blood,. b on
the Pacific side. ,
The committee was feared in
response to the caIl for van-
teers to assist the C-Ol n
chapter of the '5e..ed
Cross In administering M
Volunteers for the -
are still needed ant
ted In asin
ve been asked toM
vith the Red Croap .la
SMembers of the ilde
committee are fl -
Mo.lyhan, Mrs. .t Wt. Jr.,
Mrs. Robert ahU ,
A. Mmunro, Mrs. WflUet-
inor, Mrs. KRobeirt -
t -. Robert C. U4 0'r
vwaro' P. KIm. it C.

during tUim t. twq weetf e;
csoving callb. ssrting aM' tabu-
lating the domse eards received.
Members of -th.oommlttee will
be on duty at the Red Cross of-
flee from 9 to- it:s In the morn-
ing and from I to 4 in the after-
5 14d donors for the Paclf
side may volateer by calling as
the Red Cross office In perWAfl.

baoffleS a

traitss b y
t ,Asutitute of Iner-American

I _Igin arImPnhl nvestlga-
trainees are Jorge E. Cen-
0no, Chief of the Security See-
VpectorsNigel L
jlukeafls.MoncMda L.

t wll consist otffour months
o.f Pretoall and endemic work
mt le metropolitan centers.
pree trained have had
,bl e efence in this
three candidates upon
m letlon of thir tra ning

Sigton, D.C.
Vend an orlen-
1bji ore going to
t tion c e nte-trs

l lo Canal Co.e
10074 Vaconcies
'Aventy four positions areI
reetly available in the Pan-
Q Canal serve according to
W-Lit of vacancies contained
t.* transfer vacancy bulletin
t h l Me Personnel Bureau.

tomb of Alg flhtadent "loge A.
'temon whse amwreatb was i e
ed on the grave Alsypraent at
the ceremony was Chief
Col. BoUvar Vallamrl..
Aeeorlg to Peron's per-
smal .Me, Mj. Vittorio Bade.

PM. b ..

po voters went to the poll to-
day undr- thr tfhful eyes of
thtuadmis ofr o n a abulaa y
tkroo0q We an ftil- su r veay
shored 4-fsouas killed.and
102 wounded thus far In poll-
tical inspired violence.
At leasi six of the dead were
slain Monday asd one today.
Eight Vete nrpged wounded
The Phllspipnes News Service
gave the nuber ofkilled as
T7. but oofltabulary offlelals
knew of 30 did as of t11 am.
, "Tdt l 0tM nalvs the pro

islmas and store-
open In the craft
ie: boilermaker, elec-
ar engineer. chief
emer. carpenter lead
Alltg and Painthi
an." machinist,
rock operator. ris-

?it- if-

.i4~ rs. tA.

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- _-= -s.. :i-.-_.



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o myNELsI:* I uM La h 'or
.".1 ,o* 04dt And
S.A.17. Ciunra Avwomu," I

-:fX o(osleu.le
-ii Vpum. aiuulys. JOSUA iU,

THiIiRRT ENCHFor the firat. nlte
Federal forced&
Bf~t.i"+-+-':; +fH i r--ta a
^n-which mus, r Am
og ed as long a a

ont es now. had a
along tIme to see ome resul Pete dock area, Speelal at:have
an' onont liquor dl a thatta the ep al
N pants, because the m so va&t anti-crim ndmoat
It of bottled Joy for Ca m ssiom Tbey've eli
w air apntrols and check t fils. .-
,uch as used for igars,-
LIIo, the Commy's In-They've come up with eoqg
eaty through losing an expose the infiltration a
S d a l rate customers, it w estr underworld ana Com- .
up Ugh such a popular, easy n1 unist undercover combine wbi
Sly -buld strange harbors
S the lmpwae over, got to wonder 'a ref val-basiesi army l
's aqueamishne about getting a and aircraft
to do with the delay, a Senate probers have 'i t
efray to enlighten my broth t Smnds-or easily vailUabl to
t aqu which has aorta bootleg aI. .. -telescopic ple t. of fa
Whiely resting from the hea .r 'lbow West Coast, pDo-8, '
2 h some American HMs limita- men's Union leader i rr
to the choi variety, and from th aefttlet on They are agents with .,oi WI
e t d ansarter the li wmmaulst reeoliaj 1 *i- c.
SGovern Water the birth a .. o .
near as mu dh erbiage was spew the tn The pictures prove that the b
C on, to squeet more oque wieng t t a ents worked the New York-New "
t erly se 4to rt$ r JeY watervfronti-.-4n wh are.
..' .tr atedt o6ma" f
ng rewe Ylaei mtlli try dockdg rad d d So
a r C op e and hired a le dg stations.
'WeS o al av bi"t they were so bu ..On thee iflmsa is Irvtingp Chft t
e ahl. f Atie ltte, olson, alias Ne son, 9
,nylad oe time t $lot. faJet
hada tig and knew It, so'h s k l er names. He b ra s r uzs
In bit e blges supreme to this day. ..Onl 'v ns- 11o t sy under oath that he w iag A A S
is f ledt others gaw at the edges, *and his rReankret spy or that he worked *ilth Y
er Je1ae'.eoUe- l th Nation night and day e "ae ep o v e r t the Phila er
ers opo ly for h, _

S Id. a d WISarmaml 9 !U
s er the R oveners' hot- c -a hai
.le discouraging. el u fuim a .r.
Ie~e at E -_ L U
to evenuseethe Ap e, of + d'
'Another die
.to t .o -t e By *' h.
a, iy u evt l e who --
kulael Harry in infiltrai
feet about nle qum h a Kibre w as WASHINGTON (NEA) slan instAll tIe i0%1 d P- -
bl aeas he's been dascoCto a a He set up With the United Nations five-pow- not be- n ot Spot.! -P that has
Mon i-Oftquarters in D.C at eubcomittee e ment ver U. l. ty A
Slitt3le relay shouldn't m=0 P St., N. "'I for- in""res: .*hn 0 "othe f
Sdo hn alug of Old r of a regste by minte wrestler with the e rs
m he certainly has spent n w on the lack of disarma- ial inspoetid. a a wi
& d. stl ,_ r serable time in New York- t mnt Progress is being made. Ground- il as-own
top squeam- the. loksi, highrankng military "ead and highway centers. lho aidl mill Com arms
In and uah b4anese dstralists d educators beleceagg aas
hia l h, back on the The Senate tbeen dassitse d ue jo b by the ece .e o pg Ja- e
.... Sub-committee also has P soealled Secretary for Disarma his letter to Mirshal Bulgan. pan n
MoIl me o cle's v- a series of wintesses who mnt, Harold E. Stassen in, President Eseanl e Indleates er. .I Treat
Sc rapng ver my favor- are keeping secrt ntil the e Eisenhower plan for ex.-the United State wall- along eon heda P .tG t
t bri-or Gr...overnment'as good cash customer. public hearings In New You enehange. a this. For if an e rma- fred other appeals for .no gov
Some of these were un and seri tLit meats inspection. system can be reduce a the .m dgeti..The,
mI ny has Prasi or stotic boib Ifla that many ori re -
1osold, or m e t.e.frt has..ved muck oe

r-. ....--- f ,
_IK J 4, .,*_.. *dlH Pln
, 'i f. ,_!N. _. ** **

II t 0

, ..
I's1FI uI I...

7lj 1 lA

K ^ ..+ t _+ .-,


I meIe=
da, the
s been.

thktd.i *

lace % gi ltllE I .,; WIMld I
1r35 IT aps pow
N More' and mam r .n is
g ba mp, t abli-
in lth e W or a 3tiUl B.en-
w rile,,,,'hey
SHenaters' ,,ative- a-r if edImmay by
Wben soa tor SBiof fagli. hte athe aOlim
i ot ie O a ATS a
Sa how. Wasrrenv, f the
eaij Tpeaother han wo d win.d.lot tef
ernment "D eght." Democratic vi it, e rth-. .
.Mrs. XM leliid kaofsa Milton ziqW
.5 h. +di.A 4' aJl,,in amnnateA Dealer nude l lR"
Of '"M NO

9i wA
at* COB



W. I sshngton u W~adm It 2216hW( fif
S ~ ~ as tried ivately that Esehoir plan -MV p a sb
to l nevr .1wIw
top-m_, IA-: ,4o.,, m
dt nls never tt ve gevI m t.w' ,year at A _l o
odent og e thing. Iet wy oddA, ,1 AAuMbassa &oJacob Malik wa il-onearf (lI Bh w ousted on only y the was make p, d fo pusao
from the at.d 1953 rack- sibilities a-makep rop dagytop. rtI oois-
193a rack- at wasug~aIk
letee!r l chi s. atl Se e .-'liie l aca-o fi s .In
eteeg chgs. Ha s even ks While permanent arms limit. .a
workG upaew aloga -An In- station is being worked oa. Sobolev's final statement to Inthe In the light o9 these deeds, al ,bac mmer so a lus Eurosa so w
jur to Is. A toTh 1. iAolv'sfl4al ts biti' e O) I
jury to IsR Au ury to 'The Russian$ seem to they full, 12-nation U.N. Disarmament ti* words about reduction of ar- Spa eAll t's dl th ito
ILWU. have more to lose to g mission ur Wlw York w mets are ade mefirer
moe I t) 1n by Corffssion 'in Now York W-WEANRM re.- now ', 1 : .eoldr ad. Me En
Bridg I contantl king ths biueprint echt so thing of this ture. He w w is interpretedas the to turn ba. one t th tim.
'ata he pit hk thehe 55te yad to turn back.'- one t thintm.
oride ai Jey i-tpoatint deAtitu.w Ls thea ed have the last word in pu ot why U.N. disarmament t was hurt. ts. CCnd,
New Yt-New Jery Bi-State U..od beiV cesato Rus- be for failure on the a so fuile, shiak up th nta, .r, r I
U. would'sb6 .9V.' ae.d juS a rc
re on the ~poice th enarolHevr
crucial doe is il gea wh eo says 4' ;.. .. .. a .
.be ie i.oled thee Communist somonsa Fthe ..r0
Party but who.,&a seldom devi- .SenatorWa s. pq stwa "

initee" carones a goaldrwetor a p-+ blecacu!r .. 0
te theiCommunist lncaand or.lmnnal M,
who is Uk ao as oneoftheirdown p Xd'rothi ernTar 12 ."
e-s h tine m a broad. T has r. Hver, b W.
ea tielLA to send a 1 I dahg ome pl oi of 1~We OT'( V
.de'lla vi ,itit hl out west. ol.. Hoe ',, ,
ere e iseachance for the "otng semo l o f. l
a mosl then i. antonhlat dIvan. /liar-
ILA to e -c. ers l. ThLongshore" 1:oa. Putl
L M EloisWeiker 4rct .. ,
wl-Uw, Neat IX etladispla y tods
1- --& .work in Wdk i+l fr l~,lt-bita. 10411;lt~r

for YeaY ,- a.t Sente whom Herman -e'n5 matc. ..
y caff' effer to |~iona!!direco flll
tak e i.wtIsCI standand n tell -ical dir -- 3 ba'..
exp m s m the eforts of Velson to rth sr ol Ted Wiq a Vi

Sal,,.Lie ...
contact the underworld. This they to do ei a seond uty
country. Later~Lif toM I ahe, strucaseon tly
" do ,!,ounthewtry Answer. a few t~-fef.
column znaUed-atteution te almi Ci .
UI thodon'talimom Such moves rWalker's nepotism, brother cut
h..wlou. .. IPI oe.Bu t h .+ = -eae-Iwl do very well,,0."
.=,illben rcord ,,e,as S ItD'E .A E"".", ..ot Clni

VP eandcome
h oa l i dtha "o-,
use .. .
an ,a doo e .."; '
I p 'iS dcom.e .+; "
I :" '.I -s .. com-. "".'., ,-. .
= orI I...iiI'n"nn In d that 44! l ii
lirI i ia


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_ ____~ i___q_ ___

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2414 ~ J* --
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* 4.. -- -
4FA4tb~ S&..

*'* .
* F I .4
4. *.
rF 44lrrJF- t4.bA4,3-~ ~vI' F
* '*-1_ -4.-.



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to he a
lw w
dA, I sh
ifin *rl l

-i Bd'

masthe b
a may

sI A ts es aroun.
onia if e~g -in oam

World War .. .
Fit *. .. I
The Ford Fouudation't LLaunss
have bost i. a "book" vlus
of $131 a gam formtax apctma
but finaneoaM prts nbsla. the.
stock actuly has a muc higher
A1 details id Ford's uiaelad
story ad p es edll g.
mud be.vawM em
s... e "-. .s no

Yar # 2 medLo*.
Some on. l ~ lMl i
.,- -''.*' ^ ** --t A ^ t 1i0


twit 3

- OX 7AN(W) Nov. T.(W)
-Oftlmain ta Pkiembies Parish
about 35U miles oth of New Or-
leans are pounclig down below
a,42 feet It drllng a well which
la a expected to reach a new
world's record depth by tomor-
The .well was down to 21,407
eet Satu y-?jost 7 feet short of
th deeei well n the world il
fs County, California.
ruers have already surpassed
depth record for the state in
Smarshy area -of Louisiana's
A PmOPan_ spokesman was un-
able say wbt the expected
d of the w in be,
t one official said "it enly
n dry hole." Whenp
fl'js reached, -it is ezx ted
beZo, feet 1 low the wel

"" fnym i i J ^ f ^ -

, t ihe- dto r eign i ? "
w G mm I i w-
-of '- An 00
In elving the problems. caa
tral X9 orqp nTtM a jeW Mltf
sound b"fti 'WW^
ty.",1,. I-
to as thle

emiatr fvrom Pa"r M, wil PvI1 i ATM Mi I
tale W3ba'sl ae incom .'
feresco Mk."Msoins oh
*tr -^ 4.. .. 4, .-,4 : ., .
Gor-d -, G r-y, who .ri e Ber *, '2 -* w ..

-4 -4**^ .i*!". -

'flr 44.^^^-^SS





a^. 44 <- w- --

44 ....ASL.,9W .. .4

- : .,' -. ;.

Rescue ine rzemova bodies ftram t
eof aUnited Air -aB which caught fire ax
Longot. l all 44 pernms aboard

.What "3 oins inthe Fountain" did for Rome...

W m iir' a iii EWE -
Does for Venice!...
kans refeate,tomorrow dt the "Cen tral" Tieatre

shares <


It's difficult to ay jest .who.a the stan-of the rnag-
ntfoent love btory, "s8M t n" For therleaudtg per-
Sftam,. Katharine HeHpmuq amd Rossaneo rass, an. at
e. k in evk a bUttu-sweet romance asa pair .o
. atueresed lover. Bat runkl -tbemn very eloee eompe*
tieIs the story-book eetL r Veae, wherr the fim was
-aet It entW, a tireert aid Lean has taken his
,' enuor can s sl ve MIhat. beaumful Italian tows-_
Sfam ad bte andi Its torto .and petur-
s uals; I I;ts Z t ten iia l back streets; t
Stnd I and extremely wubIe lae.
Kstb=ie u haevr been leveler, pe qier wtgS-
.fltaitohitleas^ *rioaa 'sw etra M" lrI 60

. s. .t ul .a&. ...


-. *I... .. ';

. ':. ..,


ian w. sipu orderea
him to'l! u ago
i i down an

Since then, made sv-
Oal C ariw sn.. of
Which ham A led
un a pautryj p Palo,

formed, honbeset tt.

euama." ..,. ., th

S Lucian, o aid:: w.r-
andabsouths iw l dee
dtmtau he
' Rlnneduetaq e de

*qihe* f an litherit In tese
*"Medical e onnment common.
lea have been faighnr to get her
to work for them."'
Luclano said he would devote
all his time and mnnew to his
new career as auth Italian ren.
resentatlye of the Areoma Med-
ical sunply Co. He Is n obervliw
a regular office schedule and



to.: '


Tune in!





- -- UK .n~

friend said he has.usaiy atop-
ped one hiso fda e past-
time-betting 1t e Naples
race track of Agpi o."
This time. da -MkId his
attempt to be a 1- ble
merchant should o He
said the store, in swanw Via
ChlatamoBe. will open formally
sometime this ,week. He has a
permit from thp local Chamber
of Commerce to operate In and
Is already touring prospective

rm otb tomake thi a o.
Inr eoneer." LadI A old.
"The aket loake gpd, nd
I ates M, Bau a ad M-
sins or estle Calabrla.
Lucilano. who will be S6 this
month, said he 18 going to his
store every aornlg at 4 to
handle corremoonden with the
aid of Mis Dl Ilr Be then
will tour hospital ad 9ther
prospective clients fto re-
turning home for IUW. .bhe no
longer eats at Glaco p res-
taurant, once his farvgti place
-and will check In at the store
again at 3 p.m.
At six p.m. he I to be back
home under the tens of the
curfew police Imposed on him
last year.
Luclano. who Is running his
business under his real name.
Salvatore Lucania. al.d he Is
getting a five per cent bonus on
all sales.

'44. p

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;BlP sv BSSS^SeaB iBB "







One Wy GoR0P
55, 199-

tio iea in '
1and q

4 .4., .
_, 14


4 ..) A '

*,g., BOU, D i

;'*"i & '*

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936 rolet Bel Air Sort S a


,4 .-',, f

"*proved 0fhm an and a freshness in styling that extends-t A ughout the three -
of pesnger carO ladUne advances in 1956 Chevrolets. Two uNi*sSenger station wajdl .
and Ot f6 -lans are new-com rs amp g 19 make up th b
market omany. history. Front ends aM made ma rug apering in a reai '
of r Owthet metal..Models have a loer, longer, look. Now colors, unique
tm ib N lU ftere give each of the eerie smpleto. distinction. Engine choice.s&
powerful six cylinder.
i'.-: i^ |" .it _
p molding along bIs a r tl utt e .
-. AlA~t, A "Is sedan, net. e

- 22ul ~rw --- >u .: -rr---

r4', ~ F--
4~s4&~ 4444

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~'9' 46

4.1. .44

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41 '-.'.~

44.443 r- --~fl~
4. .
.4 4.~g.



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.j^. .y'

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4'.14 .4

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*... -...:O.._-~ ^
~ 1 16 .3Sf?
*=.^.*. '01.M.owmw


71 -




* .. .

2.,. ., :

t... .atm Says e u yrs

Icerdarged On Discounts

,NoT. S (UP)- had brt w agre-. 01
n (D-Tex.) said 1to4 loast u
everfbar gd tSi t w nlul
because of that the
b S Jdiscounts. He les J j, Aop
atW k ing scandal." loan .Cp e= t
S lchaslman of th e rounoh e Ion r f
Buu s ines Co mmiltt. .ad a n
Se rit)i. o the Republican r
$ .. money paieel s tI
Sa emtnr "in-in iathe gove d
t o lso s "do un
said. 4 w ry v Ad 1. 1. r
ib he said that GIovfn t.situ
10Ro0g- in which the are ben ouged for'
t.o oetp the borrower aweartrtl.
.00- S40'cot' ia re"iot05 the presSt at
t a the country by te baorb th her
-f Mar e-mage, ad that he mar -inioWlm4^

Food S- Average

S -Asin 1955
N o. 18 (t)-
iLllill telp *ment p**
n ta vere ait bout
I e as in ImH.
S iU n to 1 win be
dy r u ,lrao

'' "The Na i Fotl

ster are heavy
nSaidt any

i l*6 rate, the depart-a
l ea s it, j .. Pe IP

4 witotr point

ulhmh.a, decldu-
tuu'snt eased

*ad esbg

is to theo the hom
wiich the beoower buys with a
FH.JAurp4d r VA p gunra
Patman aid some dlscounlnj tf
loans r'nevitable due to a- !I
al l tenalg in mortgage c .
Uo oidathis nsvltfrpw j =Btqa-

"But I cannot Si4 W4ieot
of from per enot- w o u=
which add from MO to Ie
6.,000 to the coa t-I ,000.
home," Patmw gid. ,
Igreoe-d Z, A-- theo.i|bdMla-
Tehins pan I UW h dis.
to edst."
Patnan said a poulsse soluti
would be for an d tp yWtor-
*as' wWi'istwation to s Ie t l'
sai todigb t oeat
abe o. If ai dA
fais to act, he bsid, hevw to
dues in tre eIxt 14.io4 of on.
reas, a billatOOp "I* olphluki|
nttt n ais cena a said
disconutig f anduHA loans
has bee a ieommon practice, vary.
g fLm section to section and
time to time, as the supply and
demao -r money varies. At one
time the VeterW AdministiSam a
prohibited diesiting o1QI loans.
.he reult was thalI iam
., and .the prohibition was
Bme t ofle diseountt act.
le U t so mSakes th gal
ly agulterdG anrd PRA at
shares mealngleass.

- -

*---a ... ts. amn '. i ,

R*5 MSM 4W MU .ATX '



f ..-,asm n i-,,- .-,. .

* ... .r.. -.i- > -L
;. ,, ,.' .:,';..'. ** -'T '
.' .' .-" .'- :' *' "-. 'i "
i., *, ', :L -:- '".A :". ; :-i- "i'l >: ^ .a ;



0. I. b ls& .
Qbn.m Uaa ml
ahAOR 31e Motww
tG r the I&
11 Washed 1 i5

mar. l le, s --

U SbS bi.llg.53
MPlat (ab.)
2? Poke ta .
so seotts




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bo. W Iflor I



. The -mes

-~ 1-

.* .. .. .. V
~ ~ ~ :^ *I .,r .ijB.. -r, *^" ."/* "l-!
.. "-::: ^ ''-i i
r ,t :, '\ *

71 '" I

Net --
----I K

1-r pAi


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m& Mow


-... : ,-.:. .-/

Another Diary

S ,Do M AR Ws

"" I

: IF
tt 4 *



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mahdeqbae -




a.BsM' f

*"fl nwrt Unite :-


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^ ^ ~ I ; i*- "'i -.,i ;"* -** ^" 1--
i -""/ .^? :** "- .':," "


a-, .. ]

1 a I.L Ws"


- J

.. ...";_'mgg* ^ -, *.. *-'_ '.-... ;/ .: .. ...
1- .'". .. .-l a.'i '- .. ,, :..- :--: -.
" : *.:L "-.'.. i-'-" ie..K_ f.f.- .i *,-,.-,..
a-.. ~~4,6. A .* '..h-

A let -' -
5' "

can secwgr

- I, N.

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917 wumn soa


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II ` ~ ~ ~Z~R-~C ~-~FPCC q: wpiow -mT



---- .-- .. .---- T- -- --- -



bow "HAW V AgwI:* t I

-- --.-r ----I~



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* .. ".''. *-W-. ,. "
m"l""" t ;1

.. ". .+. --."<
. / ,- ..--I

W .,,--.-.-.
1. .o ..
M4$.it .-.,

fl4 -
At '-Y '.: -*



a. swug,
3-~a .; .

ormty as their "Valentine
the o pp ty to be the
The rch of Beta Sigma
bleftion. Dasuh year, one

p eir candidate.

rebfat& thi Fort
4a Sip= Phi Sor-
&l hbitcaune lamps'


Io mae


To Me

or Ae aeba a ad C
"" "-or

b..l-1a0 **." ro.s.

tie, which they will give Sun- tioni
day at the Hotel 1i Panama i ntom
Sappyf Mr. and Mr. enr to t death B. rhed r
brent who will arrive Saurdayupedt the tme.

onAt vacation aG. Clubo. CRASREb n ri T A towel at wo f rises
2W ambos Odd and Cout7 from a burning B-2 bmber which arrld fw o nt

M Ahowrrow.. .*'>.h* ca rr i -'." t tawmi
S to e to elr deaths whan It wmIhed I-theYoung t ks M -
Pan AmerlycPr-wI $ -.N.Y. The blazeddestro a automobile, and damag d a house 1
N.t at cI .ragvel oy *'hlca u -,u.-ued -at the time.-
S men athe Gom ng lub, on

Thankig you in advancespot -the r te s The d dh a 1956.
T Cel-brate thik o-ed are here to stay. senate room. t
heipu to t Ian elet truge C wh eno-Ed an aelem nta
Thes t theoa In a t
tomorrow. a,-ru n- r 'e '

toreWs HitWith Oung Folspos ,
many door? g iv 4iuci- -p e i.*- -. F 1k The I
No admisDenBM -b Strag I
lute if you'.0WAR1C1 N.Jp Y., NO -(UP) tbpsenotionfnpna-et the nlne-to. "pilyij
iPkanking you in advance.--The young men and *Womexln tIryllng.' Tihe v9eM live on V1sper
ag ne of the nation's first com- the seoorid floor slupevised by a19M."
petely-.- intolrated YM-YWCA matron. ;.Each resident has a
Tos Celbae-thco-ed Y s are here to stay. sepqrato- room.
h te IwreSaWlsIham reres1oni U e te
twin duag hters of Mr. and ot th e '.* started c .rc

aturdat*theirho-in fare last week.ooL o rac't wi
1o0. a oals ale teac gor tin
Guests at t r't %heu are much nwr'g.btur- youth sectjon. Cr poi
En ,--i ualCiraumstanaese t Ulve tm" said Vincan "Mn uu 1-t6 whi
ma Srab N.i.'g'" Thersn"West of Onsb ant, at

Yost, Richard Mby, ",WO u have *,a
Chris SkIP, Eary alanom I...miIn- ua 1brtet.-tfor.;
ofWhen- yi4



a es ar m lt .... .t-..i; + t- -.
wa ele 4. ., .. 3
HBd '" "*'' "", ". : .

.'r.t w e..e bue pt .m .
LWat ,tmabt.ta W .a h.

Dmas wc *dibus tatsi t

e ##im tett.-+ ttaes tor "" -" ..... ..-
Ime A mkal ig o.. ,.

.u Defen"r ting a MD AT
a, at the.. JWB. : -.- .. ..

eture edi al t A t-f 'A-
Attaca -wfi .B, afown. "'F

epublican National Commit-
lay charged that Desnoorat-
coigTreiouul Investiigati
ttees ar. 4 paducting "a
campaign of. iins pro.
as. .1 ..
GOP official publtcitloioa
ht From the Shoulder, said

I- ~ "7-fl'
I- ML~


~4&n~'-v~ a
~a;ta&hL~ S


-- .%-. .' ',T- '.-

1 9o b ?,*.<' "-*. "
ARl our qufl.ters are urgdt.-. t -
Au tor-.,o r.ap. won o-i thO club
:morntt. : h4N leiously BEFORE tf
Thip notl e Is being given haM4.. 3A
month .ot-. .ci .er we will ,not .awI -t
..# + a' f de.e* y on clubs won 4l"rlLU0 s
Our ativities will be limited exoli CiiAft
mas sale* and to clubs wo, or bro'. .
, ,- ;L ., ".- *
a-+:. '6i4ffpthgIWmsf of clubs during November or pa
viUily W1h'fafl' to take. hqd of lthlsagcB .f1
have to wait until January when we .'t rums
normal dtilery procedu*fWi, ;.-,,-. .



t a c t pr_.*toakmot
s V. X& ^ N., .gifts werediap ayed on a speica ing; Mrs., Wiese, Diplomat's Wt; 8oe 'o-Btb
iarriange for t hb4 table. Pones were wonw by who unfortun getat nra .
+ha7B4 W SporthW4tiDance to held Fri* Coffee and Robert Knox, d4 d n pres
Dia I 3 p R18 er-ade. pries, Rick Seby w ly eleer. a cean oi'ts -oo w m
s a r te Joa say I_ I ate a. Mwon ._o s + ed.Wr.. DWto
i s C ioell wasg lec lo. ei S "1k Consul At Colon, of the opposite aex.
1 a.yw ot #"' .oco" g secretary Prize,.aryana Ncg wo. R" Capt. R.,Enmeck,, ntedd lived at. the old YMCA be- 1 aUlI
.r d0.- -. I Ve ,sas asibb1 prize and rstprie tEo a the "prime example" to the fora-this wea built" he aaid, l
oAotreeoog. meataAl. t a ych .# th of tihe omm te .W.M v .eroto 'a0WI Nov 3
4i, 'B : CarWW% 0i, Y c0aaoeM. .
Wit hA*' 1b^uavaq 'nion ese PRI8 Ent ai eqrtag, W a gteat (UP))--The average Ame r i c a a
ho ... v-rIJ4 rin... :.,.- g. m o e Fnde in.rW quitt possibly will
-~a u Apt M rmsGa
.;b m "o eM s.. dh w o .ed In t tre, f e orst,4 p r. A: winsome exchange teahi H.ave th i eulvalent of 75 to p 1e 0
a.1pgn -ith4. e t ouie:frt mlo. meb inve or1 er from Honolulu, Tat Araldo, erveants, Genral Electric Bord
.t....s.... ...1Z slsona fromnot assisted a h At ctatslo r kodrgl TwIrma Philip D. Reed predlc
'lbe -h M r. ri. boe, st ..b. h e fr e S ses in Oarfield, said the new ed Y to y
Wb wi ao at onm alore. + -ie.', rm -aw 4Pa fW
S-e W.. om Balboa- tablemUo stYWmlike. "deraway a"veragt-witse today U*
e t.. rlt; 11 J m. "-orrow.. ... with e o- M-: o'"a
t-r- bye .o ornhe d-p"ome.It' .wr6z f" arayearequal
Mrs.IvanL. 7s. NmeYthg In the T.%
11, e.kRber .o work aenerge y of 36 s trong
a r ntow, eidetl.ead.
t..o a gc ..0 ln .-dWaldsick, was t t-t
Grto upda C h f r .h ha *lored couch 19 hb is
-mksIllfA inxo -laehtou--'rtll 'dntt o otherr young women r ha tO 20 i e aver-
Avxwre W-0h A omat 0 t nt& a g e: e.will use.he equivalel
day eveimg w e r e: Ie j omission Officers ered to those who w ish anh All "The don car o 7 to 1e in thew a
Sith Mrs. Wives' Cub o 'o Clayto wul meniber re invited. For' resrv- th l e r oF power."
vI; el. Mr. El aoi a kiareweil couee m uonor ot nations call Mrs. iKUpper 2-N6 or th *m a, ;
,WiLbpe!r Third H Mrs. Harry"y Apboes, o 011 e 9L Mrs, Jenkins 2192. -A k4u, t ocieal
B1W1 -rf es ..e L'hw 2it? rl to what It can
'.-..-. i; .Me pliser S s Las io S a.. tE o"rtluI CS -* wra*. ;' "Edfiffigcoipawiowhait e
(t1U i- 1n. to 11 .m. tomorrOw. The Carbean Cotge Club a- a 4 ably within the
r" qs-d..- orts a r Rummf h -e ..

Is km t ,. +.. JshHll.t krgatNv & Vedthat weI are only beginning
9 ,9a 3Breceiving line -were, metfn thad U e orue h W'
h...aJ F MeotbavA.Robert 1kIpar- dety,-he "-d
ran, Senior ClmE r.eslidmn.
InI---g woloi h Selo aIAd .4
other ,ui.Mre.N Brown, club f
.. ..-- Bo sa t,.tp trked .t e r thai. s

itheflast q||| meeting h a d

"Managen "i stX o "I-rt u-y y
p would be he8d em Wo*-

r. Wmi. -,ierldn Jr. -w SKIN IfI2TATIONS
Mrs. Nro. then turned .over ida MEDICATE w"I
he meeting to Mrs, kgar,-who.
as Chairman d'p.01e S p 0NemuddW i waseo -
tM Ild U yew .i .. -

*q been aware .. ,L.j-,-
club. n ~h aAmaL



In fine otton, all 0 S ti#
and colors. *JSW
short sleeves. 3/4 sleeves
and aleveles. ...





pp ""
- *. :

.fI.S? ~


st.-:-*....-_.-_ + .'. ..-+ i:

* S- **" -
.'" ". .- '-. f

OW A6 lJR 00wc
I A snna

- a.. 45th a |we


Wads "~~A


S.* *
-. .rdj.I

W ~U"

.* t

S .s -
;** ....>. ;-* + '-i .+..'


.V ":d


"When- .eo




Pqk AV-
.hi. t'))'s

. : *
-. .
:. '-- '-

|i ~ ~ ilr.3H
* -* .*^T *+.,

,~:~w.x~rrr r'yv" 's~
9,4 7... 5. 4.
- 2~ iv:I)rI W" '
A q~'t -
~ -


. ./ :- >--
-.. : :* *-:

S _-. ,"-K- -. -f r



s T...- i
11 FOR "
vjll r *** *




Phone Pand aes 3-mm6

3 jt-,, Ir

a *
.' aste b- E
museO 1



-.Ia L$-MI
wa1 ...uii.i. 1ma.a~~n I I

-- --- -Ii

I lues Ne. oba
Ageonciuas Intern to. Pu blloacfohs

C -'.,., .


FOR SALSI-dhMo mw Wee-
inhap 2!A!ei~ cvd




~ ~ ~ ~ a -*" oi v*Jl-


$i45-A Dbg
S ,La_ *i ORAL: -
ICU Jog..... ., Pewer GWie 4-deer, wsiv/slm
OA LE.-3-s die. us the tin* eetaffar.
FOR SALE.---ledem -, -M, io Call Na'vyIt".
by "Cawn": twin bel., -
haMt e i6id _H*w hI *~ 'hIrFO. R SALE;'-'53 $ ITyi
SPrfct -ondito.. At-eMn ,brook 4.1-o.. 1i
priu4ed Fedu Ioyd AvIena, -.p. R&H Wt u
D422. $ 1150. Phone d _t4r -
O Stt;LLvln um .i t F lO.lSALI.- 4 15 .
cogh., 2 arm efhai Lmek,. er ,Sdn, 4H-'.n
tile fibpr- table. 1am W. .A r power Inrs-.
C, Brcky Str, s ltee Ho t: OWr leaviq. Ha J .
2-4290. t ,Stre St t .. -no

sha. 'sall rug mi, a
ho hoeld ,- "&Noeu
S2lm ElnrM.-,..


Vakriet g Sh
arety g a p
at the A
Service-Center lusSq atI in.
The program 11 present I-
let dances b dancers roae
National School of Danc
Panama, Otla Tejeira, .
Magnuson. Delia Vence nd
nela VVasquez, all students. f
thb. well known A.d i""p ,

les and muse by-Pke. Be
7flher of the;ifsnwe Of it
Ploi OuUek; magic program y
Erik the Greatr drama pres-
tat by Pfe. Jim GaIeis of t;t
Amador: vocal selections by a.


FOR SALE:-O-me ho? ibycle
24" in very goo condition. *al
Curumdu 6182 .Y

FOR SALI:-New plide auer-
dioe $40. Celo Darim Na. L.
Apt. 4. Phone 2-19-9 Panama.

FOR SALl---kory with ea*r-
Plat equipwmt, at a very rM.
*able price. Phoae 877. m
610. Celon.

Wanted to Buy
WANTED: foar 195
Chovmolet. 15d1T2 ty, w "

-ult N-sO


S i


F 4- A* /:


L $"pqinebW :f'"

.aow autm .

eler. .e"nd eoat, *saimPet, .

:.11. Phone 3.94.

AI NT;- Fumihebd. 2-bl .
' l amt l a lens Fri rkl Hrmwy
15. Phone 5-5a4.

-,R RENT:---Modem fumrM
:'-;tr n. $go. Srub, r nwAN
-." ti*He, A:o er Acan :lg:-
1., Phone 3-0471,A.

.#jR RNT;--2-givelm 2Pu-
mat, coerm a47tk-,1a ONA
n with balmy, F or .. l.
SFOR RNT.--Bo heated, f -
Woo~d-foem aparent. uClan
apnd coal. 4rd St***e t-o I.

pae $45. Plone 3.5205., Sd
mmereet, 15th areeio. N

Canal,, Zone License Bure

Recevmng 9 picaio

with the cat. ;


- o. W-- ."'.it

FOR SMAl- *1lld %rmy
oceOrl yy CAF.U AN
'1.*ft Av. A t4. .:.,-
plent 2tem. w aq 2

MUST Ul.Li-aWaek*qd hit .
S30 e rm Pmobma City.
Phe ma4934 a 1-3944 Fan.,
emO. .

Scout News

XErfene Lo tAheuMos Rsdley
bmn Wusnb X u419
Pack o. ;13, I, ,'SA,
sponsored by tW me .*al Oeo.
Waahington Post No.
3835. Veterans of Pofelun Wars
In Cocoll, held their monthly
Pack meeting and abhteved two
frts in: te coit
Eugene, Unfor.-s-t- of Mr.
and Mra, Nils ifors, Rodman
and Thofnas adll, son',ot Mr.
and Mrs. B. M. la C of Coco.
1iI were the fltt two bmyof Pack
No. 13 to em theli.W .LOS
badge. The W.FLOS Is the
highest rank to be' achieved In
Oubmaiter Donald O0Neill,
was the recipient of two .ards.
One A6 gol Scout pin ararded
by CoWf I801 -I reeognli ofat
Pac No. It of *
workldn tbit The oth* a Na-
tional in recolgaon of
:ottadngi work to ip Oub
'A A ii ,,- 1 t

- 4Hr "Tt
... "

n ,n in

M O-- -

. l^AM. Cifc,

: -- l W -"l-! :l ni |
b~i^teM~a^ ^aIk>
Tfc~i~eiClr krmL

Pwri Offered

WANTED, ySegetay. Ameri-
caufrW> 3-
WSa 9 t1w Paname fre
,iii~ii~a* /

Ho*-' .es r __

WS A f l..'i. t r al..
deJ#l-iJ-lA'i miurkii--r ha-
1in An epartmt m wthk hue wa-
tar -4 s.e ining gam, re-
. i -Wl uken. or Er-
nO VTar i .,.).-443M7.
&I gtfgentfy weed. voateon
quaea oes ae penIlti. Calf
uZ,4fl. Anmew lfeas 4p .m.

Call 1-4911 (Offti i l).



yo ha. a.
*yA--di Ad

;:*,.. .
;- A

.4b, : .-
: '. IS

4 .. ,

mII l ,. ,, n
rApol *4 l tben hap
q, automno as may be ob- be Iteelyv
Pr. tained cen action country It14
office, a Zone police in the Civ
*etative readlnw se- station service ta- cenue plates
a direcqn of PrFc tion t office of the driv- the cars s*.

ees pewer te form by must enclose with license pIle
etpa_. ,the first of held at p :9;
Sir.&;Vmm i~mr"nwI '-nonm RAO

m way ar
0 -low-

er. jI

phorle verae peaking. which
proved s OW*a fsstr'tt th~are-
ntos meeting. is an ached-
uled underage .,fctiO(lOf Mrs.
adrr. oie e bad an
stendl n o Ina music
uih! direction
Another Ipidal program plan-
ned for tP evttnun is a Coup
,of re "Three Men in
: Boat'- JeromK
Mr. Charges tHiaim f. Aneon.
Mr&. FraefieK Beret. who has
a wide .kgronmd of nratfes-
Plowt v .u4l W In the field of
rama, nt rad
~ i 11 ii1 181l*C L


V .1

KldtWk Inbichool

E iliGd. of parents and
fnr~ elected ~ to visit the
lCafaat~fO c Wednesday
of t this week as
,par-ote $=S-al observance of
Amerlmcm Idustfoi Wee'k.
a Day .I the Canal
g90 wnptaryM schools will
stert ei danst, morning with
te opDml of Classes at o'-
coi wupwUfl continue through-

to t e ~ai r together
I of the classes
tnd the hours for
ateday. Par-
etl ad te been urg-
e4 to attend all of the
*1aas pleods and to sign the
guet book prepared by the stu-
dents In each grade.
Thursday will be visiting day
r tw- studentsi'n the Canal
Zone secondary schools with all
clauea -being open to visitors
throughout the day.
With the exception of simple
programs.a. d a oo skite, the
normal school routine Is ached-
uled for Visitora' Day since both
tethers an& pupils want to vis.,
itor tpo o1brve for themselves
the actual working of the schools
and the manner in which the
claumes are conducted on a nor-
mal day.
Visitors' Day is an important
art .l AmAerican Education
Week, which ta celebrated na-
tisally under the sponsorship
of the ~tonal Education Asso-
eatton, the American Legion,
the VA Office f Education and
ti aCw) tO Wp3~~ of Parents


'aTe fhw.. auwmwbmam aw -rawn
from the applications received
by the Lcens Section up to the
close of bushia p, Nov. 17,
As In the pt, owners of mo-
torcycles, Mbad mo-
tor cooto.'pa. wiit 2
while oe
I or bu

ard ii .stler.,
In order e ob-
owners, pla ted
pyameunit-oba tain-

to tu Stoi i

The an yet-

thandw the

edo5p9 ,.

decab' al

4010 Uvrw an su nd by ramnsm UMas
nutOp company. -"-
wjthr oitatlu of tb
,nopston. all Margari'

SMount h ope, Rainbow C ity
which is one of t Ihruot so en

kA smlar mat f asl that e'ul
t Rainbow y nI d

an. Th e 4 PnoJe GU o.
Lnfors D fnn ism us- k j t -. ....
McOrifft and Jamet at The Rainbow City Slr
dStf^4 ^ az.. treatment plant ws bull the

of the Pack RUG WU PIlt lastpel O funl bt
Mrn. rhean.Pl n l.
nor. ne erB ags-LU au : l. .

In ed the opannu o several ot 'Bds o the Inst lavw Of

members of the order were prn-- thi MMNa 1073 malE,2 nd
eA-t the meeting,. appurteoanes will be opue
Aer the meetng cook! the morning of member 1_n
cAke and empanadu with a c the Balboa ghts Amn*-
4rg 'were-.e ,. .. BuA ft. : ...a

P -





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l o w s -+, '.'--
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afmUhq fnaa

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&:, :". *-:

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S ... .... ........... i .
Z, ."":' .,": ; -i"
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*J 3W Oiner Pletutua l
Plus: -

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~-4bw- '1
nay itt mfl~

j iRAL- fts. lae C er Wood-
atl 4 a an m Wood-
a fo c Cutch Ii New York
jft funeral serv-

ig Found


a t but e

as a result of
living in Phoenix
years,. under the
gmrtentced to 10
I1.t part in the
illJatkH ira

s b asmthrt-t"v gan-
the forcee of the o o n. His 1 Sheriff L C.
right and tandnd were Boe lIs vemtioan has
to off by th biast. soe but we
Bis left hand was so badly can't anything about them
mangled that only the little flag- now."
*rji." FAINf in-l .LI.G-,4 C hi o

..dlA.....l't'4 wi r r .u tnfor
Jul kj+.dff'.iee;n Wto a: 0 as' ere




ohe tis6a ea

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ofa Bsllyweoi.

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-. Sri A-
.E.a~tr-u.< :(AL~ -- ~ ~ -.5-s.

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64 AQO'4

QO4, 9 .
08T4 A. I $(P)
V06 A J 4.4


North-South vul.
lea SMe Wesl Nrft
# 4 9Y Pa Pas
Opf lKead.-6 K

Today's hand turned a rent
tourmaena.Jaw a barnyard, tnoM
It separanwd wea atm d o ue Map
am segoats.
The lamb passed or bid -o
diamond tUata y with tbe it
aM. 'Ai&. fgve souta the chase
o trot ou bSs of is major suit ,
and Nortt naturay insisted
spades. Iae siamb allowed bolut
o Play the hean at .four or Uve
spaces, waich he naturally #uc,
coead in- making,, Am we
lambs mauageu to W u polous
on hMand.
. The sheep did mu:h better than
the ainmo, besJ uoer. ana wiser.
4a, .a4"q

W caroN. .s
wlc4 watr psauMt si-Ounu to jsa.
Toe sheep were wise enugn to
flu..LAW' .. S o

The goats started out well, but
they eaio's Lefv. weU ousa
a .lone. T be beiUa by- bing five
diamonds on the East cards. South
promptly bid lve hearts, which
was passed around to aest. The
goats then bid six diamonds, got
doubled, and suffered a penalty
of 300 point. This wasbetter than
being a lamb, to be sure, but was
still a pretty poor result.
The moral is clear. Don't be
timid with a hand that aa for
a shutout bid. Gitvethe eonOntsa
as much trouble as u Ible by
making a very ahig bfM, all at
once. Nut then keep out of the
The maht purpose of a stout
bid is toJAsp to my out of
the bidding altog ert A second-
ary purpose is t push them Into
the wrong contract if tey refuse
to stay out. If they do enter the
suction, your beat courm is to
hope that they hate found a bad
contract for themulvea.

New Books

"ChurcMille, i Lfc ifn foto-
Waphs," the complete official
picture Ur6vy Of fb. gWl BM>
produce L by WWnI

The coltectton, chosen from
tens of ~iads of photo-
ran-hs, tui- n uth 5t1-
istance 4 eliautf Oeahelnm,
noted auti on the *lstory
of phOtogr s 4H tt- a
biography In hetdtflhs.

nounced!c'' Uy tite
week follow .
Non-ficUton ---0 T
ton, Kle;in: Profee-s M -

ilas 8oni)m e GOtrt the
Ms out of yo Band IWsad
5crol 4&w. Reockwell; Qtag
the MS out of your Otu&ar
aw and JoIner, Rockw OtGet-
Lac the Met out of r bg

well: ettin the u* f
rT.. AqWa, 3!Sij Ik

y Secrt.ry Waqts More

gical, Chemial Weapons

0brme of warfare are "
Is character"' a iId t
a "proper place" in

Among other things, the eommit-
tee props appontme of a
-l@Ve e the chemical
Corps .to tabs on germ war-
fare developments and fit1 them
Jete overall military planning. It
also called for "aggressive" Intel-
ligence to discover that other na-
tions are doing in the field.
"Recognition, must be given to
these weapons as having unique
potential in warfare without asso.
ciat.ed destruction of facilities and
the attendant problems of rehabi--
litation," the committee said.
"Recognition also must be giv-
en to the ability of these weapons
to wVeaken the 'will to fight f the
eveney's military* personnel and
civilian population without attend-
int loss of lives or permanent in-.
The committee made leanr its
belief that an adeuat arsenal of
such weapons might remove any
temptation for some future enemy
to resort to germ wArfare.
The four-man goup was up.
pointed earer this year to recam.
mend measures to improve the
effectiveness of the Chemical
An Amy anoneemset said
Brucker bad approved "Imple.
miatia'" eof the reprt
The committee conceded that
"current concepts of warfare" do
niot envision the use of chemlea
and biological warfare by thIs
coun tr..Bu is saw the mIIIP
must e capable of 1
such'developments to "our P tMa.









Tune In!




- --t--~-.- -t

UP)-. take a ptb It relations campaign
tuck- to achieve "a me candid recog-
mg nation tie irop place of chem-
Sit l eala db g tekal w ar.
fark wb %{ov. ed,
elvi- mach of wek el theo Chem-
dr.ed tle Crp has- been assumed
i Ueh to be lbo f ag i character,
i7a wth attp.aitlack of sup-

he cemmittee said research in
mical, biological and radiology.
warfare "AsMud be imagina-
' and oriented to development
weapons ofM aXlMinm potential,
isptive of paFtlaolar concepts

It must develop agents and
apons for chemical, biological
radllogical warfare to the
lst extent the human mind
These developments," the corn-
tee, said, 'are bssential for
deterrent efeet- which our r
ssession of these agents and
ipons can have on possible fu
e wars.e.

of v


tinos Kardmanlis is OGreece's
new premier and minister of
defense. The 48-year-old leader
of the Greek RaUy Party suc--
ceeds Alexander Papagos, who
died October 4.Minister of cornm*
munications in the Papages
cabinet, he faces a ought Uime
with parliament, where his
party's majority has been cut'
by factional squabble.


BALBOA 6:15 7:50 DIABLO HTS. 6:15 7:507
.AI- mD,,TIONw 0Richard DWTN'
ASS- W-d. "New 'r
lgF.aI-s Im, GAMBOA 1MM
wa. ro 0 ao wo=u.

-- "- "MAMBO"
I *- J* *IlBBiifi& rB iBa

f.umed I

.- warMO

. ,. IlmUm CAMeMUL
WgaMdaa fThlun y "MARTrY


SANTA CRUS 6:15 i8:



., .r. ..- ...
bhe 19M6 forp f

Copies of this book, whjoh oontaIe tpvdw
the large stock of the European fPunttri
may be obtained at NO. 1, 21st tret. and
A4., or write box 1006, Panama.



16 Different Kinds
to Choose From



The Finest Chocolates Made in






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-a :

Si m As Ames

because The American Legion go tiie i" ";::, : .. -;. "
because Legionnaires help make 2 r7"Ws1 wwi .r- through community servieM .

S..: ... -.
because it gives veterans a chance 1W -4 buddies and thekr filnea
through rehabilitation and child weol

because of its promotion of positive yW s e001in gnBsting ma


,e med el d se d ei ----i, -Se t I Wold Wel Hrtam Eq r -

a a of en a ao am a Lw w S 61 be p d"
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:-'.+ +:. ,w -'dfe
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1w .ME i'wt M-M

O p--". :. ,,


reports Say 'Experienced rowns, Rams I

b Man' To 1e ost Lead Pro ri

E, Md., Nov. 8 (UP)3 DWIt -
nt general manager of the New Yoi: Ya By EARL WRIORT
NEW YORK, Nov. 8 )
S5Smay sue5c The Cleveland rowt
presidentt of the Baltimore Orioles. Angeles am are out in
in the National Footbal eft
S a, who led the campaign body from Baltimore has ap- division races tod C .".
' to-bin major league baseball broached pme." eago ears are .i I ri I I I 'i
S r- timonres signed yes- James K. Keelty, Jr., a con.. the pro circuit a e, sg
te amid criticism of his un- tractor; Zanvyl. rieger, ou- grls y g.
* a !$700,000 campaign to sel for a local brewing company,,.-. .
reb ud the Orloles by signing and manufacturer Howard Jones Cleveland cashed a dividend on
babies." The resignation -all members of the OrIolW its quarterback "insurance" Sun-4-
to asuitive on Nov. 18 when the board of directorsg-ar seeking day by using substitute George
im.tnwmt dent will be named. the post. Keelty Ismaid to be in Rat erman to whip theo.w York
Sttthe strongest position. Giants, 24-14, And tale wo-
Dinolwit name entered the Miles, who may be a candl- game lead in the- Zastefl.-Di-
ik when e. suggested date for the U.S. Senate in the vision. Ratterman threw two *. ,.eo4*.l. .. .
Sthe new president "be an e s1956 elections, said he believes touchdown passes and r for I
aerieue baseball man." A the Orioles will be a pbeaiennant another score to wipe TN fmMaro le.'inters sporte talent ::of-
emeviite protege of Branch contender "within a reasons 14-3 Cleveland deficit after u matador t the first pbaIe4 pu ll-
Dewitt has held lust ble time." Gants sent Otto Graham t at the Marena wee o r r first
ahaut every type front office Miles originally raie $2,475, sidelines with a concusio. ion from Gitanllo n cdi a E r- 'M n "l
je L : baseball and, t was 000 at-mostly from theC 11 tock- tams among the "t.tebos" d ~ i w b -r,

Job In.asebal"l ,an d, It> wa so 'wsa sd e. In fu t ,'sL-"A
Slehed, wld listen to a e- holders-to purchase the rowns Los Angeles abe tai at surpassed in future meeting. I you n bulli Just e at
Sffer and transfer the franc the half, 14-the e asp.m. every una Rememb, it's free caR
K an o nly say that my con- Baltimore but was criticized At ,di sputed Western Division 1
trat with th kees has an- season for a proving vast expen- by rallying to defeat the Of Club esaght
S to rp o itt stated ditures on 'bonus babies" with- ,f ranl co Forty.ners0~J4ll4.S i i

-tTaylors mgent1n 5,302h -t ehgelm

efans home happy by e ste balng eam, o aDe at n fo rt t hirW 1 o frd ane weatherr i g i.
LT HEmB IaturBL Utwo of jY.A. Tittle's foutL lbh oev n eoveor l fh. were boe t to r -u $4 ree
.mr -, whe k : n spt n t ppasse andu rac ing9W *ri flPhtle. a___ "
K oBut theW Beara produced lueis HisetBigsChance, uo
campaigns' biggest touchdowns W -0la sb

7"a au. a, W. M
S. *explosion' at Chic g. Luoing T M t 1 .e
Of.Id, they ran dd-S luto 10 .lwt

Md defeated the Green theMy lAh teel g me nhavf S .5 ni b tlm3o m-. g h'

---Y.. tr-,,Us cer f oo l
Thle Bears' fourth straight oSept j"_hen hestOedt e
triumph set the stage for the -0yuo boblot O PeeIN
me which' may decide the By TREVOR SUMONS W V -tryhigitsMtieS Ittireald.44
Pennext Sundat Rams-Bears game Bums to be there should be to an' one-or *Gynt atioal 1
at Chicago. some othdr word I could Use, but the Tige Squad is 128-rfLneoeuui

the Bears and Baltimore CAlt t at one simple word of lang Isea"@It W1 a oll" 0 tto eel 4 tT oSaIl. s -
(each 4-3) by. g ,gam tN The the description of a Ti1 "fo.t -oo ]ac,:I hwe ofTes. a
Detroit Lions n theit firs 10iS ball team, outmanned and out' their l1r obaI sup0rt o suehas
game Saturday night, defeating w but not even mnear all of Who*p were mre than terea moneteye y
Baltimore, 24-14, when halfback been In spirit and fight. proud ofuCrlpba'sth peaforpaace flgh e toquit -. Marlin gSI&th.
Doak Walker scored twice in th. Could even the staunchest .a for ightlagalker.W 4212 floerm
last four minutes. :Ber Higha Schooj- nIsa Yes, Bab High's "Thak4 Mspefi feltht'or i4h wa.first sW. leT.-a boat er-t
TheC g.olU thy-y'proom uion" scow o.f timnenidotP fet. M Md'al- used, sailfish teeltLthread n
1) gave Cleveland an assist by' a mo;al victory when th t l best e Iousuo, vat este8.f mi. .
defeating the Pittsburgh Wl- play the heavily favored 3ohquarterthougtoevl f WAbutt 12 phr Dr. n'T
ern in the ether Saturday might 4 6 e 4 I strictly on power plays. asy U-. mou to 00 Wesgt 122 flshermfl kll
contest, 27-13.I The Washig- Dafeatd chainmaintained their undefeated efeer rel -tored

.other Sunday elt, 34sL .box igh and putting the eap. mennro agat tUe
oer diapla.nned vct? ra- A. Bulldogs, i red to
Washingtonand Pittbudrgh tiou thmath"Beefan "" Jbotght -Is thei h .of t dap41
'(each 4-3) iWr second' in.te cToaughtbt ondebutheattv bat all .
EastrnDvs tAo havtiatlon.or justaplan u tspPU cathe "e.
five more games. Stadium we must the riceless. Pbecott'sface washed-'is
brilliant- running blood, and afterau ezaminaton
117-pounid halfback Rak e of the wound bY Dr. Alfredo B ins
tefrepor o Meetiuqas he rmattst. "o Y LOano 018 thenechwasttd
.p rt : ted, .hW I .p.-

BOLER SKATING caught by Rk it_ aintg aAflte -d a bande rwyal Is
straight up ithe M i wo ,, e hted between the t
The Cpal gone Roller SkatI field, Rankin twisted
lug Club OR boW 'iedth'g his way throW 0 P LL tle seminal, lghtwet
at the Diable Cl1bhouse (up- 4og team bFe p some na Pancho and meente -
stai).rilliOant blekag by Gap l tt m W who battled to a n unus
Stain Louis Tabor, Charlie fas aw over a month a,
and finally Kalser Basin who a six-rounder.
The raraise Cricket Club has bait Crimtnbal'sonlyotclo-v mr too kt a
atedo a meeting for 7:30ant ahmps crown home with to the rouhm

-.eeyba. yalf t a ef the Trs wire Sunday t the For mestroke seprk, PGo Blas Ind aln thdrt

*s "nd eed atfd eoh dof h playr at teh
"Feal w mano i ent the.of e gfrs as Bill Gross, who ors pd t
Or UMPAKMe -- th e runner-up to the tron nwhe prth uhn tne agmn ea
..lone-r cham~pi Riley and Cal Rigg. tlaal
Fesmiiloeetloh It was apbpttle from wishot oo .h pr brngta .e .

everyttheern. i ths e O club champions ,Ant.vtiea d so

W t.,, ga.u.....l h pe.. '. Ofain. L+nklthekoa dropped a betau l th.e wIns, ino as(Ui.ncnv "roen I .
rkun it-12 footeron tee 1th g een to go counte l -= i s -",

W York Ys Arrives w m -r-P,- .C ick was a little weak on led the successful j: MLV. *: .. ::: i
Crltoales an~l the 1pr Sta his approach shot on the 20th brftamajor lan0e ............... +
A. T" .............................. Nv. 14 nd ond : e match was over. as idesdet of te OrNoi, t0 ARTA
.... ...........-::... w ...... Now. 20 erenz- W- 36n L.t Sa ^e .. T. .
.................................Nov. 21 W Jalaso datee D O n. itwa a clos game de. as .
Nv ................: itthe f the f:gt that CoL h.Doaun ho b led n td h" "" *" ".
.... o -ove 3B.W IS...................Sfli...hat. 5 o emal -I,.u ., O. -, m u** '
JoetheHth0d itithe
eover B.WM I1O Intc to ..tflht.ttwas7l d t as. .-". V "-"" '*- L
ohn noverE .d.F is. h .er and In the -......
^haky sea of tw*et pnaurug to New Tun iJoh! B&SUM lm A* i QNw flh wa le -- o uT45SJ..

-'- ..o o.. l eto Sbreak a deadloi-' *bed L .. .*' ....... .. _-

a5t**' iS*e ramefle O deraon alnobwhas aoth eta neIaland ,ar
.-t9.oee.m......a e ....S O ,**- 1 u al.. f.l' ',.. .
___ i: ." ,-,- _+- : ..'= -. "+'- r- :' Ck b -has

* .. "" r *..;

H. Tot
Joe OSi
IL Law

Mito uft"N,

-.. .. -.- S_ -".-'
... ... ..
gg OM

- .A- -.- --

- fl-a

-j.- 4..:. .

- -

':7.-a p :- -

7 N-,WI

...,...,, .

'. m *' *.1h'-,

Hill ToH
J ', -;

:ad lonely an Pet 'ham ield the
** practice terrain that Uised to Re- "Weeodli
fl ":lM-T- ** ai'soind to th leafter t c y., nuMdsI"
'klamas MM WoJcerOo*Ip Pramtanr oa s ii
*0co. Babtuky Sad pez. yeV.h basis
-r -7 '. The autupL tag .that 4lifies
ally football pnrede&d Me campus. Th In the school cafeteria circulat- a .p .
S. ,-to ."Feoteobl .. .ao Is move e
0 be:FORODAM" I after
Si Si i' ,. It ws lt by Istud ents of aluml 1

JA^S f2S2 1a* la* # has ueusld it oan ap organized apaty
Law lo ;. An 56. ".m ri bills. F irtdh b tod
-uit.. .u.. a T b h
7 S ., Tip Notre 'bey've tried it into a" suit" tr-et pp
-g" '. n. a obaRhimW^ *nw frontDameU or- ca college.' says Pat Mriarty, UCLA Mary
.- MRn to bal hahim- Bli r.froli" rooklyn w IIpd.up
PACltthe w s -S waa a retnr at last ears V
S40 --tt ."_., ': do.. I d SW man tm B n .a '
...-Oe.I ..oNe"Fordharn has become a to 3 thI lumy
.iIoibnewhoV MS'oe l arte clock school,". says Warren
Al 7-bac6. be Oe a pa3 uwe owa, Spellman, editor of the Ram,
I ** e what to look student dally
aerum -i .. -M ood.
There'r e tll alexllC ana
C g l '1.- ""g g e ..* 12 4- games. uee I : p cn oplfM.
.. o I, a2 .+ !wtT B RAN 4ALd tT chwek, duaa s er ooullper of us in
peig athlete bu11the the Polo Grounds on Sundays when
1L,.u-.Si ,d .g" Cadetes ce eet flv U W *t pro Giants a q tpwn," ag
.sco. 8.. oret to e Ala* st MI el Swemts of th, N.J.,

Sally a I ar at laM 4Hol HerningEnd Bu L ptack, wSo was to
6 i_1W year'saplebequarterback, flunked have been the INMGcQt o
out (bringing about the IHolleder backed so poorly L Little at Coh

yerm 'sple bD qa rntferblackter flu nkeds pol a t osaic I0 a h 1W at mai sr
1 19s5;M1 ;witch) ..F' lt whi Schwarzermason that they shifted oN po n oYt'thehe

il: A "F:::? 1^'^ m i se < tM Mb "*a**, JsJe* h home &Me to is. )ousd y fittl
rindNsaity. da.semo.batb0 CoIfo f1 th9 e t eaarii g A P- .lpIOfri \or Jr.) e
Put-g. his iAn d Oila-Saolnttogebbd o hll m Wa n at thebtio a Celtics
mhe hs The Ci ta. tos bef ore 10,0 fans plrtem tagi pr Siden T
aIblt an. r i- Ui d tlti IM M i h TD euer, a St. Louis s orte columnist to 0a n s In

40-U.1. 1.; 4_7ndo d aE.. ., ka.. o r n pio
SBel 5 1 6. and old Army m. dld suggei the y play half their IIs- "e Fordhaim s iaht r
'168|i i i- I s" h cll a td omy 36 .4eedule In St. Jou s ...Own. bvh from6to-l U
rr n 1 WeM rs Wto 92o. th ge H eld .Lo. weeesr terbandsw tched thien rm.i. r*eim -- 'Nnw-. ..ii
"'.3 E a m 'U g la t, I-aDMen soh Ag i Wr er 3o tl G' your o m t' o eIt" is on St. Paddy'V
-VAXnu is h r u yefMoNsr-Pme fa AlexWeer, ternthe G Dyt.s, heayIhest h sc in aps p ctl'vitkiu
WilbeSr Isnel tnt1OMall- g A tege, to a emet g akle !u ni. Football pa our raillin ht bea
Tea m s|a n- -. s- l h Te -'w t ah .f t ., zesoltp: .muied s llst ranger to Cha rl e ee. point, th e bond wen the s wa knock
Wilbert.. at1.q4abIbc .da ped to suppla ofetofsace tdents on ou-d campus ud bY
.,Fatdfp.r18145, ..a .11 t01rpo' eW lse tand t he30I

Hotel ... SRSun ftr-1 W.4Ii. ......46;glmg Ac.Ml .

. _e : .. ".. .-.. 1 -1 .,T O li.W,.ed1!
C a r l .i I Mo 1 W I MO -- a .,o .M J -""""B
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In N Trade

Boetos .r Sx today Me-
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Vernon, er Bob Porter.
field and t :other players in
a big nataWhn trade with
the W" a Senators.
. The' l. also acquired
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Sohmita l outfielder Tom-
my Unph a former Red
Sex player i- In exchange for
pitchers Dick Brodowski, Trun
man Clevenrer and Al Curtis
and outfielders Karl Olson and
Neil Chrisley.

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WASHINGTON, Nov. i (UP) -last June by the Wisconan Sl-upi and irwimmin pools ai by i bu Ii
The Supreme Court yesterday out- me Court. ihe state of Marylmn g the
Slowed racial segre ation in pub- The state court had del t of Baltimbre.
LocaI Rate lie parks, swimming pools and ue.onstitutional the. 1 In the other segreg
,g golf cLurses, Gwinn Amendment, whclh.. the ecurt gra d theo dr
The action involving two separ- occupancy of federal s three Negr6e who s "w -
ate cases, was the most far- velopn.ents ty person a from the Bobby JoneUs ol
S u m n er reaching blow at racial segrega- to o tno any orgalzoon' th att .course in At .ntla. re ble
tion since May, 1954, when the ey sgener s subversive rt: Alfred Holmes, Oliver V., as mt-
high tribunal banned segreation The 1952 law requ irdappi- and Dr. H. M. Holmes. r
in the nation's public schools. cants fow-rent houpuig. a, I
C oBoth o the segre atioa r cases loyalty oaths. The p 'V iThe uprene Cdart u
SRecrea ionwere A~rried to.the ingh court by rt order will have lthe- effect o ordered the federal
the nstuonal Asociation. for the outlawing this provision. court at Atlanta to d lE.eS l*,
Advancement of Colored People, One of yesterday's segregatlo tyrto open its public Ig s. laud
which fought successfully for the rulings upheld a decision las es to all persons rege. ofs
(EDITOR'S NOTE This Is school integration ruling. Morch by the 4th U.5, Circuit a e. 2Cltsa a-
the tenth In the "RED FEATH. The school decision is being Court of Appeals. The appe Is The brief tulingh reV erl a Sut
ER SERIES" depicting the se- met with resistance in some South court had banned separation q lower court decision that Aanta er state
tivtlves of the Canal Zone Com -ern stz es. whites and Negroes In pubild p ka must provide public golf fac ili- Marylan ad "fe
unity Chest. The Supreme Court also has ng tiow to
Spending a case questioning the e Mc ag i in'ot h
legality of a ban in 28 states on u rem e l e In
The Summer Recreation Pro- interracial marriages. The ease luour R.e inter ni e th nsg
gram, loqa rate, another Com- was brought to the high court by faclities othe
muuniy Chest organization, was in Ham Say Naim, a Chinese from fiel
fulloperation again this ye a r Richmond, Va., whose mantlage C an lo Be il y M
fromMay through July, fi ve to a white woman was annulled Jhere
days per week. under wArginia law. held
Sthe e te r The court handed down its deei- er th w tion
Similar to theV Rat prso-slon or public parks, swimming Ago ally
gram, the L A hip unit w was ools and golf courses in two WASHINGTON, Novr 8 (UP) oS
m nade into a;.e rate project in brief ortars -The Supreme Court yestet.
s529 with the division to t wo ., day struck down k provlal o' "
groups. Each group has Its own No reass for the rulings In the new Military Code of
S officers, members, and paid co- were given but the court obvi- Justice allowing the armed
eordilYaators. ounly cases Its decisions on the forces to arrest ex-service-men-
reasoning that separate but e. for crimes committed whie i-n
erea bal t flures sh ow aual fOaetiles for .whic esr uniform.. "U i SBANDS cme e.
SeAe .tu 0 ehUdran took vegreo fdo not meet th de. L- ae T. is ha ,I c u v i
in t 15 pruo m -under mand of the Coastinet The far-reaching 6-3 ruling -. ec T. A. N i
Sdirection of 70 volunteers. The The 'Supreme Court band e d. was made on the case of Rob- AjpplieaI.~ans for th fed- p .. .i ..J1
chas at La Beoa,r uralso, San- down two other historic rulings ert W. Toth, a Pittsburgh, Pa., ral s ervie i n ina- .
S the site ot the clasrse It rtdet a discharged o member had sought to court marital for Wmy tIbe-IZ-b ard
of the armna forces must be tried the murder of a Korean cnillan oft'.S Civil 8 service ,, m
I MCKe i l of Paraiso by a Yil .couit for a crlme he in 1952. H Ib I Ft -.- ;:
S ee as a m coordinatr. committed while in the service. The high court ruled that ..
r. tdr was the L The decision invalidated a provi- once a member of the armed r e Jn nxamnatp will be
k Boaca chair aa; M Daisy Rob- .ion of the 1950 Military Code of forces becomes a civilian he to, college OaloVLS college s- Ai-T.N.
on waa chrge at Paralso; Justice. must be tried .in civilian court.. ae :egroI their f8

ar..- ptto .r members ol- turned to this country last -
Thonasr vadr i i ed subversive oups from fed summer frdm Red Chf~a. The .ge oit e a- g ia ,
wso divided eral low rent housing projects. Army had planned to try the 17enmers odt.m amsutte-
a ."t.afi and at- The orilnai ruling was made men for improper conduct In ates, its pleaand e the ~el~ia g of a e ...n.
SKorean prison camps although h wide vapr C o
they alrOaly had et. dialont- gtlns m o he
ttt ide h.erhadif Zo ne Publishes orablyr discharged. ri ynM ad Wils
eweroche felt as Sformerly fi ,Soh th egoes reported to Sheti-
!ct nC, wlr bwelr t cT and r In ruling military trials for ..Ior manri WllRe e
seeI nurnc ram work, basuetrinae, rrexe-servicemen unconsrtutoonaL, unioor C om "
a Chi pa F t the co majority said it did T chp-
ti' e o b he reat o' not Weqp to close the door on .i *ih e
rll the youg. er Thde S aesue ofrhe rour- punishlent for servicemen na p-
rent academic year o "Trocal whose cries ar not discover- Ha r equivalent ienc be- l grand
InaCollegian," the literary periodic- yh uptil after they are dis at the on is career athe-ftllto
nIn adton nhanwlera fm alot the Canal one Junior cared. aBa :. ent, ....
gram, the College ha been published d, th
Amount th l ;te Zhe child. with Justin Wong as edito r, It suggestedd Congress co xl d he'be written r lp.wl
drep were tak.Eby s to Pacl, and Jamsr~ Maxwell as associate provide for trying such cases ry h itea .te l e..
SService Cener for roller kat- editor. civilian federal di ct ar mmlnat n will bet open
rag mlon and Wabaea tem They were assisted by a staff courts -, darr ctipt of ,applications unt eBra'tm werg
both aides of the Zsthmus s p e n t consisting of Velvia B r i n a s, The Tth case created a sen : e notice, it was anounced- :d o 1 a l
eso ssia- s in the Rainbow Cl- business manager and Mary satnn 1953 when military Those in this area whoted o
ypool. a Squfr dance i and oth. Rose. Sue Mrahait, GCus Me 1 polIce arrested the 24-yea-lo nR a ter0std mae n obtaisnea o
1! t Ie ties tdeo e a d m orad to obtin fui t or1
baethep t sub-editors. aS burgh ste l mill and whisked from the Board of U. S.

An Isthmi~nrie x h b i t of members of the secretarial class trial. 1 or rm t .
work prduced by the children were tib)ts. Federal Judge Alexander Holt- h"" ..frlee Commtuton, th USA and Irwpu
ced on display at the fin Vacutylh f. advisers of the mag- zoft ruled, however, the Air Hotel iPaam n 5 c C
S the program In the. Pa- adne s' orothy Moody and Force had 11 authority to take Cox- lyp ~ant a 2 DC '. sn 'e
ratiogpCilPehhu. -, Ja nes, teyons. the former sergeant to Knrea.i arrml tri Jdc-A
Finanecara &ofrteCa pZonl Thl asue of the magazine, without a hearing. He ordered em rin a i n e verses
e ble in re~gpltion of Panama In- Toth returned. ,cer Pa Ce
rougOh Comit u. wh dependence. Day, stressed mat The Army had no immedi:ae i ter ly a & The
maeIt pos b e tes of parsmanan inter'e st. eemm .n6t.0n the ruling as It Co: N w P n ce LN al
ram au A et Sa it The oerN picture, by axwell, ects tie three former priasn- fe otel NDON, a (UP) .
Ik eC s ft years presented the Cathedral of P, mers who stayed with the Com- s qinmunist n arty ewp
Sl epdel it gely nama, and the leading atie munsts after the Korean war i S t Pida quic rever
support you give to t his by Wong, featured the history and then came home last sum- of nad s, lnnf oisterday's
year's Community Chest f u u d- of the cathedral. A poem, also me. ber am Btd t an e e tof nterdag' for
rl cam n. by ths.edi.toB,.pald tribute to The three, who were dishonor- 4t la ero with r ut n edm o ta
the beauties.- of Panama under ably discharged knd later ac- the triRoet play who l a of Soviet strength 7 1 7 TO
oie Doal Othis Year's Canal the title.. PFor Nothing. Would caused of desertion, are former Iarded 1. the iuion w h Ptro-. "'Some have tre eady of qe sa n ty. -
one Cdommunity Chest drive is v Change." Corps. Otho ell. Hillsboo. MiS. .o .a i s- t h ln
$35.000. The drive opened Oct. 23 Mar Rose, musical editor, re- William Cowat. Dalton. Ga. and Thirty profession al as which has estBalished Thraq ays ta as
and runs thrwgh rv. 14. viewed the recent product ion Lewis Griggs, Neches, Tex. aned a S, artists wi. patiael fin." the Moseow new pulled~ rom :tI-Tabll elv-
When you tied for a f "Por ad Bess" at the Na- Tot was charged along with dt 1 ow. Iclud id. "We would not advise any- e a idbifi y right as
.AsanonyAo nxd PigIo, snmb b tasoee to have to experience it, Tills. 'The ea .t beeno weight-

uemember you are contributing The next issue of the maga- Cleveland, Tenn.. and Lt. George che.s.. ..cte dandere. Its edi ti, oc down bm a -cjiner e a t" ad
one time t the support of 13 zine will feature the holi d a y C. Bchrieber, Hollywood. I All, i lefluh.ngk oItt s editorial, bro a ba t ru m Seasfl and
worhwhileo and deserving a g e n- season and will be e4ted by with the shooting of a Korean n AO nl e aro o rso the at
ete. Maxwell Wth Woog as his as- civilian found wandering abou tejGa eatht ast urest ou le u nti SeSt l at
Gave generousyl sstan4 .*. -an Air Force bomb dump. rLotli atrs' eie n o wesir -o Nr.le p S
Jams'' ns te o~r ereat o Kre. arp~~ot x ,.n~lw

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