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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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AM------ -

i F


* _____________________________________________________ p ~


4"Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" -


Abraham Lincoln.



Plans To Spend




* *

COMING OFF THE PARAGUAYAN DC-3, the deposed President o
was greeted by local newsmen. To Peron's right is Ruben Caries
Panama to Argentina,. At extreme right (in dark suit) is Major v
friend of Peron, who is travelling as Als aide. Behind Peron (in uni
my pilot Capt. Leo Novak. Newsmen walking with Peron are Ricardo
ma America, Pablo Castrejon of La Hora and Jose Cajar Escala of

*: **-------- -

"Icebreaker 'Edisto'

At Rodman-'Glacier'

Docking Tomorrow

The Edisto, first icebreaker of a U.S. expedition to Antarctica,
arrived here today and was berthed at Rodman while awaiting
the arrival of the otner ships which will participate in the four-
year scientific exploration of about 6,000,000 square miles of the
world's least know continent.
It Is expected that the flag ship USS Glacier, the Navy's new-
est and most powerful icebreaker, will make the Canal transit
tomorrow and arrive at Rodman tomorrow night.
There are 200 crewmen and flight in history to link that
100 passengers (scientists, news- continent with any other land
men, and others) aboard the area."
Edisto Crewmen will have shore "A landing may be at-
leave. The ship sails Wednes- tempted at the South Pole it-
day. self, where no man has stood
the expedition is known as since Capt. Robert F. Scott and
"Operation Deepfreeze." four others sledged to it In Jan-
f Argentina, Juan Per6n, Called the Usited States' "most uary, 1912, only to perish on
former Ambassador of ambitious expedition to Antarc- the return til," according to
Vittoril Rodeglia, Italian tica," the extensive program will Kalb.
incrm) edtos Paraguof an Ar- becarried out at a cost of a- By Nov. 14, it was anticipated
Line, editor of El Pana- bout $10,000,000 and will en- that live other ships compris-
El Panama America. compass scientific, aerial and ing Task Force 43 will be on
construction operations in scat- their way from east coast ports
tered areas of the ice-encased en route to the Antarcactic by
continent. way of the PanamA Canal and
Aboard the Glacier are a group New Zealand.
of newsmen accompanying the The Times' correspondent adds
expedition. that Rear Admiral Richard E.
Before sailing from Norfolk Byrd, the only man to have
last Tuesday, Bernard Kalb, spe- flown over both the North and
clal correspondent for "The New South Poles, has been recalled
York Times" wrote that "The to active duty to serve as of-
extensive scope of this country's ficer-In-charge of the expedition
program during the South Pole made up of more than 1600 men.
summer of 1955-1956 requires a He hs4 led four previous ex-
non-stop, 1950 miles flight of peditionr to the Antarctic, theI
eight big planes from New Zea- first In 1928, and has mapped
land to Antarctica, the first more t hln 1,000,000 square miles,
KalbR" a. .i


Lips Sealed

About Meg

B USSELS. Nov. 7 (UP) -
Group Capt. Peter Townsend in
his first formal statement an-
nounced today that his lips are
sealed regarding Princess Mar-
He transmitted the following
statement through an official
Embassy spokesman to newsmen
who had doggedly camped on
his doorstep since he returned
from England Friday:
"I wish to make it clear once
and for all that I have no state.
ment whatever to make and
that it would therefore
useful purpose for me to meet
you (the press) personally.
"It only remains for me to
thank you for your expressed
wish to leave me to carry on
with my every day life. I am
sure you will appreciate my
desire to do so."
Townsend returned as sched-
uled to his air attache post in
Brussels this morning.
He drove from his secret hide-
out in the Belgian capital into
the Embassy courtyard at 10 o'-
The group captain arrived
back in Belgium last Friday and
since then has been staying with
He did not occupy his three-
room flat on the tree-lined Ave-
nue Louise to escape reporters
and curious sightseers who have
been camping outside the flat.1
He appeared in public for the
MLIt.'4! flft'3^ "--

Going First

On Short Trip

To Nicaraguc

Ex-Argentine President Juan D. Per6n will establih
his residence in exile here in Panum6 after a brief vkt
to Nicaragua, a spokesman for the deposed president OW
nounced today.
Today, in the capital city, Per6n was receiving thE
courtesies customarily accorded an ex-President of a
friendly State.
At noon the former Argentine chief of state called
on President Ricardo Arias at the Presidencia.
It is uncertain when he will continue to Managp
aboard the Paraguayan military DC-3 which brought hi
to Panama yesterday morning from Asunci6n ,via Bra
Dutch Guiana and Caracas.
He will probably fly tomorrow to Nicaragua foart
visit of one or two days with his personal friend, PrO
dent Anastasio Somoza. -

This morning, Peron was see-
ing the sights of the Isthmus,
including the Canal Zone. He
stepped in a Panama shop and
purchased a tropical suit. His
plans for the rest of the day
were uncertain but he was un-
derstood to have several invita-
tions for luncheon this after-

.1~n I-r e~iPl ~ ~ IO-U-Y ~ -I,-

I AUr UUSfeC J. L reC, a VUl-

SlWSW iIrn 'i r I r
ceremony I Chu rch.
gra psarnae nnpr. roos 1 igflhUUCY ... ..CIuWI

l a Byrd was expected t leave the church looked for his now
UIA UE e iefor New Zealand within the famous pale green French Ren-
next month to Join the fir- ault. However, Townsend arriv-
S' R bof several trips the force will ed in a black sedan, presumably
VUU T n make to the Antarctic conti- before the crowds gathered.
nent in the next three years. He stayed in the church until
PARIS. Nov. 7-(UP)-Moroc- During the International Geo- the crowds left and slipped
co's restored Sultan Sidi Mo- physical year about 40 nations quietly into his Vanguard and
today to return to Rabat amidst give the earth Its most exten-
GE, 'E. Noreports of new terrorist violence sive head-to-toe examination He evaded newsmen ond re-
at Casablanca. in history. Eleven of them, in- turned to his secret hideout in
..''The 41-year-old monarch, dot the treacherous Antarctic
Si ousted ignominiously from the with more than 20 stations, bo
a d imperial palace Aug. 20: 1953, reports. They will conduct stu-sB. A. Police Quell
was recognized as constitutional dies in such fields as meteoro-
W eON A TRIP DOWN Central Avenue and a visit to the Union Club yesterday afternoon, monarch of the strategic protec-logy, glaciology, ionospheric phy- er nis Riot
lPer passed through Las Bovedas where a group of children collected. torate on Sunday after a one- scs. geomagnetism, osmic rays
g-hour meeting with French For- and gravity measurements.e

D ull s m Fails To W in Tito's Backing wtheS10 ^ 1:e Nye gon te bIest Al Race Tack
comeback pole at Casablanca adds. -Police firedS tear gas Into a
reported three Moroccans slain-Police fired tear gas ito
,and seven wounded in seven sep- roupe of Peronta demonst rat-
For Plans To Reunify All German during the past 36 hours. a pattendedaoprovisional Presi-
In one of these incidents a
GENEVA, Nov.7 (UP- U S. ofcommonaccord on the i- Dulles summed up their con- home-made bomb exploded in The de strtors started
Secretary of State John Foster p1ortance of the Independence of chislons this way: Casablanca's new native quarter demonstrators started
Dulles failed to win the baking the East European states, non- "We were of common accord (Nouvelle Medinai sea tering throwing stones onto the Isidro
of Tito for western plans to re- interference n their internal a- regarding the importance f in- blast fragments which seriously race track as soon as Lonard
unify Germany. Ifairs and their right to choose dependence' of those states, of wounded three persons a.t du S appeared in he s box. They greet-
Dulles flew back from cordial their own social and economic noninterference in their inter- Meanwhile, the one man more "Bronx cheers" and shouts of
seven-hour talks with Tito on system. Tito affirmed yes. Nel- nal affairs. apd the right to de. responsible for forcing France's
his Aariatic island of Brioni other defined what he meant by vielop their social and economic decision to restore Bn rYoussef NAPLES. Italy, Nov. 7 (UP)- "Perbn, Per6n," referring to
yesterday to make final drepa- independence, orders in a way of their own to the Sherifien thire, wiy Naples Police looked out for ousted President Juan D. Pc-
n ,a to r n choice." trouble today from soccer fans r6n.
down Russia's V. M. Molotov on Dulles lauded the Yugoslav aived at Marserllesh roum arnere bytrohson Band C
t. Pasn a oefd e sa Then thiei angeredta the lshoot ontan
the future of Germany when the leader as a man who has "ar. .. ar tear gas olce used to brea Then the Peronistas leaped out
Big Fogr Foreign Ministers Con- dently sought to preserve the ablanca today aboard the lner Italy's worst- ever sports riot of the stands and swarmed on-
ference resumes tomorrow. I independence of his country.", e Italy's wor dnt st-eve sportsrio t.e of athu
Terene resumes ta e rrow. indepondence of his ountry.. B klbdreporets e Police insisted they fired In to the track. They ripped off
The secretaryy of State brought io who fro B re i o e Sring To the air to scare off several parts of the starting gate and
Soviet ast Eur satelld esthe A onfor in 1948, sat m er e e thousands of fans who invaded hurled more stones
Soit Ea uren sate itl essthethesr ar of MLIn l thte oc the field at Naples tadiumre the Firemen who tried to dperase
-his neihbors-sluld be in- beside dulles as the secretary of nesh o terday at the end of the Napo the demonstrators were oiled
d epe de d statetldhwdno thedwu j luO d eoona gam n dButae t bea ue tr hons e he ntf
dependent.(aomft ro ed Oln G NBoltona game. But a bulle t because their hoses had been
cord n the. principle of free- Tokyisfinadeet
nble ahit Ciro Adamo, 20. in the mouth cut. Police finally ended the
But the Yugoslav leader side- dorn- for eastern Europe. He o pos b Striking I n Tok and most fans be ieved the bul- commotion with some tear gas
stepped backing thelan which nodded in agreement. let was fired by police. bombs.
toheun Dwest enhas put forward u herer G m rosd dTOYKO, Nov. 7-(UPI-Res- Adamo lay dangerously near
to unify Germany through free! GENEVA Nov. 7 (UP) Big taurant operators in Omiya City death in hospital with a hole In
elections in line with a Eurom Sn nc Four conference sources pre- issued hurried calls, today for his throat and another in the
pean security treaty.gestre I e I dicted today Soviet p Fore 1mi.n- attractive young Women who u k of his head where the bul- Peron Does Not
ito p lLaieedehoteathstwdee a ister dVyacheslav M. Mtotov would like to becodueisha rto let entered. A
T isto vla o the attiryla ne SLTh would return from Moscow with replace ones who walked. out More than 10o0 fans and Police S e mss u
stone villa on the Fairyland Is- fine s oi new proposals that could brmek over a wage incrteaza.emah were reported to lirve received
land to American corresponr.d- the current deadlock on German The real Geishas,. isrquiret .hospital treatment as a result of Stote eptk.Says
ents who flew' from Geneva. The yeaNr n un. meaos of training, o t cir in s riot that followed the fans'tate Dept Says
ence. the Middle East. the satel-1 Molotov took advantae a huff fine days ag 0.1nOtrcei te t to manhandle Roman WASHINGTON Nov. 7 (UP)
Ites and the faltering Balkan New Balboa Magistrate John th ree-dy conference r t oo t a es fro m a u toie But more than halfwere re- The StateDepartment aid
alliance- td.fDemingbc imposed two $10'dfly home topMosbcow for m ments lea.dt after treatment for cuts e that ousted Argentine President
Dulles summed up the results fines and one 10-day jail sen- nations with the other KAemlin Rstarir-and bruises.
as the two leaders mat side by tence this morning in the Bal- leaders. All three western for- qtath rant elflenh fir The Napies Jhfansuot angrybe D to asot thed
side in a rich marble-floored boa Court dmung his first sea- eign ministers also were absen izig tr'Methe ls a eetnd ca forof Th fereles fangury be-
reception room while foreign! Iion as magistrate, from Geneva. amawouto repla them. Mi5 of the same. The home
and Yoslav newsmen crowded R e team was leading Bobgna two Asked whether the deposed
aro;'n$. ti.e views A Panamanian. Jose Manuel! The unofficial reports said Firetrucks quick roals and then tied the dictator had sought asylum in
Dltles said h ire gatPapata who has a lonv record MOIOLov was expected to return match with a penalty shot which this country. a State Depart-
from Tito on the linked VMob. !of misdemeanors with Canal with :.ew prp on German To DFie ithe referee awarded in the fl-ment spokesman said: "The an-
1-m2n" o s Errmyn'i secur et and ay Zone police, was given unity and all-German elections DouseFnal minute of play. swer is no, he has not."
Glermnany must remoin secret :day sentence on a ciargio that would get at least part wayA&jRiots have happened before at
Iethreetn pi. He foled to men. 'of vagrancy. He was picked up1tht foud metigthfeat .rTheyAtf LouvreMuseum the Naples ground. But it was He Ain't C ome
:"hen Di'lee Letitgurr.arewsinpfor 'Germany proposed Friday that PARIS, Nov,. 7-(UP,--Smoke their carbines or used tear gas
d:zner that then 'oanrd t For stealing a small baa ofIfree all-Gernmau elections bepoured out of one of the w;n- to quell theM. NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 7 (UPI
('f-wn questhoa mteswe t-!d gte r iesfro mt llbCorf v n-'held in September, I98. dows in the famed Louvre Mu- Police claimed they were fore Federal game agents nabbed
'rsary. Alcides Goinzaolez wasIseum's Pavilion Deparue early Ied into drastic action because of 'a Louisiana state game ranger
must he cp/ti'-d "wiqIIfinedSI10. The charge was petit Th" reports here said Molo- today bringsip fire trucks rac- the menace of the stone-and- for illegally possessing 23 ducks,
h" rAldt erd.,rldd .dwhen5rd 'filarceny. toy may accept the Idea of free!fng to the scene. bottle throwing crowd 'The mob in closed season.
IN'-" and Dulls r. reed on the A $10 fine was o' t0imposedcIall -German elections sometimes Police reported the blaze. be- charmed the 350-odd polleecor-rAnthony Adams. 40. Lockport.
stens: 'on Narciso Balis who was un- in the near future without a-: iered started bv a short circuit, 'don that barred Pntranrc to the state ranger, was released on
"'That's another question." able to care for h W own safety greein to the apitem.ber 1968!was put out in a few minutes bY Idressing room where the refe-$5I00 bond after being hauled be-
Dulles said the two men were because he wWaS inaycated. deadline proposed bv the west. museum guards. ree and the players kook refuge; fore a U.S. commissioner here. I

5f yesr*, ornl aten
our dai of rumors, was Oitrk-
ed by the same confusion in ad-
vance Information that had'pre-
ceded other laps of his trip.
So uncertain was it whether
Paraguayart pilot Capt. Leo No-
vak would land at Tncumen or
Albrook Air Force Base that
newsmen split forces, covered I
both air fields. Argentine Am-
bassador Carlos Pascalli (who
automatically resigned when
Peron was overthrown was a-
mong the group who waited at i
Albrook, then rushed to Tocu-
Besides Novak, his co-pifot
and three crewmen, the only
person traveling with Peron is
an Italian friend, Maj. Vittorio
Rodeglia, a veteran of the Free
French air force. He now oper-
ates a small plastics factory In
Buenos Aires.
On landing, Peron immediate-
ly received newsmen in the VIP
room at Tocumen. He gave an-
otb* press conference last

night. '
Among other personal fr!ieA
at the airport to welcome 'tin
was the Minister of Health ad
Social Welfare, Dr. Sergio OGena
zalez Ruiz. Peron was his I f-
cheon guest at Hotel El PSa.
ma, where the entire partyf'.is

-rdo L-na -
He saw thites as
from Lonardi's devalues on
the Argentine peso. Peron pre-.
dicted this might cause a 50 p'r
cent increase in the cost of iv-
ing which will result in a -
mand from labor unions forat ,
creased wages at the end of
year when labor contracts .
pire. If these demands are
met, he foresees that an' -
mic Instability will follow what
h terms the present "poltlcial
imbalance." He feels this W1l
cause a social imbalance, pre-
dicting what in free translatIn
would be "There'll be hell to
Peron denied there had ISn
a conflict between his gov- r.
meant and the Catholic Chult.
The argument, he said, grow,
when the church attemptedto
organize labor unions whichc-
valed the Confederation of
bor which had his backing.
(Continued on Page 6, Col.

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.TO FOU.M M The Reuther'thehave a so- \
.~_ dns -AlA m oa

ti the farm eto_ city 'r'"' [ "- \ cial wo;41et ,t i d- Ia s e the White HodMe ,..and..
CANAL Tn COMPAB0pe SmOTa: NES' la vote in oue soili_ a&% epub w nE-F and 1h H Wu \ del 1
EzMPLO Kr LCIS WITH STAND WS TOLLS licon e.., "can- bldc. e\vided hi lideas--as those 0'
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3h toose l tho l. ,atlow amach .rp be It pi.ofit, o go Atot mobdile-' k ,c--.- .n. ,. ,may t these conflon- *sat in a staff conf erece a ioy1 ,
leavings" or what, its isoure remains the oame, having edA tor thought it might be a d news ernces that t he y ladvIser speculated -r ^li '
in great meaure Ir.m the wges .of the Canal emp oyea, and i. ea also to h ve such a div lon .wo't. attend any| more. The press source of the news rter
' st lommitthe au4o InC H suit another 7. lli.ol n ..wl ne ate n A F -IO-, i witv t. [w i^M- S a/*oiupn, ampur oters, ar ee ad just read in the. paperw b. .

it" ....ine rbmter '. lw thar t n3 s -"
t-axew, whtch we not Deaarnd whihuaea ande a on th case omm.t-e siterntononalM.

teegs ebers the form of subrides to hippi .r r .R p I en CareB ac 'we. On March 2 .ofr. o t .,
Austo how these mo mbtes treat, therPnamployes I ob i aservtaive Democrat 1e ou to the ",umme&r Admiral Croey,.then chlet of na- Secrtia s .h maqla n .'*,
*. fret company to action. Ablghth one mllon.are st It ei r K'/ fa nd seiS testVo v"l operations, told a. private aponsible .frlrn.o s4id
S. poured out oan addti hug platton expantlotn pror ee. e e waer and eated jro. I M .. A B diaer oewlen that his intelsinL
the far;: .,

E ran ith rho d nowAer service by vr seaports and l oteiraneem W eutheadr'pub I vry indication the Po a
t Hotels, iMtaSqua r T, clubs an Ta everything reasTon- .. idsk have expoitatedo ein-e would attack o. Ialsa re g --:h

able to make 11 pleasant for their employes was supplied each summer just how thIn could aW /t13 'lins'f mot han S aS; *
U employees pay nd practoHly net. The rush over, did they His ear the CIO roys'have not t this w.,,oas without attribn' twrs feel thr.-! '-,." "
. oet all these "a inge benefits"? Not at all the. y continue Vit wi the fan ter ami s tioto e, but with the Wash' even
t thl day. with others added uike really t reome ac1hom ,n a l owa to h i week igo t h kn .. putoapres khowi gCarneywas then itaccurc.

tan, whichprofit sharing and welfare plan, bon etc. hat did ro ha o e source Jim Hagerty Wh one inereting 'denial, w a
a.d doee pay n aor it a ll? The proceeds from the sale of their th,,e members turn farmerW for o H"ue "rass secretary held an- Icuent sequel, occurred wh.e.
c Womeodeto alone. day the men of the city wl be L t other dmi0herncore d.0n wi thl Chalmer- Roberta of the Waa"g- "
iThe exampe is not unique. Thes metal s sellers are enard dispatched l the State CIO Coun- de e nenwandedteatanycsuchto tost publsyd an s
ino uexpatLon programs almoe theybuild ships r eplroade pn to the cornf.reds to pck ears mi o Porta. da"n _t. acitat or he refusal oie w--t.B, orehrs
S Co itthannels, contruct ports ,and get worthy men to do the wh e left on the stalks-sur. a oter word a backstage press Avere Harrman f to

S o alarae dwarf ouras whe they aeo receive abundant vivorss etio haae eaind co&fereBce was *et to deny an- makhe a speech for A-terlans ofr
personal isderatos, most of which are barred u, and the ears are missed by mechanical other backstage press conference Democratic Action when e-
w, wt hic I we pau y through the nose. And wthe selling price of reIpers. 7 By this time everyone was ncomn- ed to do so by his old fdt and

Spay for all wth f di CIO has ewt the pel sed. Te conson was former C campaign
rl"a esm ionost niNdm r eyo onin a yarmthea O y'havn I. d of tlkd Old Man Bark. that we j m,- ght h-ve hd Wallace dow with the miseries. Nixon is wCapiey souer Wtra euel head of ADA .
i ) ber9 dIs iss donetthe cIy cons ns or a residential candate ever tnow. Than Gdi, Dick Nix rd o gather, has whatsoever about an attack in as. quoted as ray "Inet
Js tlkei the rer amid .members t, he Pan a m c.nio na cotThve Deycrat Hue. o u ath- fewpoashe do uningod t on ADo .

"sine oinpammoe and wefalfre th e Wht o the f iotasa thllewavoear I ed s ,A h m apntestoditen -
ev and oeafoisut aara deprceeho orom cr ftsmesao h ime mner turn freyra -.c-a'oitahee pr e proue thed al e oed a ilt.
T: e o ebutsl s ell oe uda.the GAO b rVak the men of db e r rV h hesyboulher VP ..... I "ht M l okto er m nothesowin th[e" haImteRsR-- out oflhere

het em s'tr unfue. The -letale sto nbre donogm.Oihieoaohbd th ae notts b n on Cor tema- f h i lCce eb hail h opes and e and I 5? rinl ldA ane wNo.1andd the hny suenthe Postl po5lical --e.
commodities in adde itinom pnea mmod yTh retation ag b are to m eyAthvat e rtIhhthessons
"'Ahema o .s a u d ,r t heoornniedistee Ithei eors andoh es into the rwn ile Iofa orgg Ws i /lee is thor an d hei y av e Dk o .o a ofu e __n ____. __ed
ig pri^esh sor s mt pot mangem whmea bove dola wbck taretroit toc ohn vnet .ro Mheg R oAer rS at agiae p hes/Aes H3rr'man of wa r.

Bioper.MKizrtinlmo o wic a me nare.nv and .two er a e choei who gt down to Onep nsg Ii m re and mo as had it made for years p WleIowrn at- b ale otemc h -"
l ofh e Statesyothriuhte nose tnd t heo seeing thepayforrep ers.'",A braWatr isu t 's t v convention cle. as de waaatdd by h, yah more import to the be
thispr wethtivns ot m_- oddbri -I hs i e ihote o". t someof-us are Eisenhower administration, and ahoape'Kn ,wf thtobTntnseeoepbe officer pt had no: wsr ,-

tae n Ploy,' health, even though ull tate prices are precinct activity oa day and go Turkswho tried to take over the there has to be sothe mC om Again! make an ex- a fm i o
tees members .WIn e afntport for their d wn ts p yes the a ame out to t.e" brea o2dba ."re oooeduI, W ashedofte h r wR s.

M^d Unora, freoh mlk, mll vea bler and other aend observe these "visits" hesne i rek a that p e aover m ,a .
s toow1th- s pmpmBltead ttr rm o yee, maxium of beevaa the lst si by fort bt Pe teOerda Harry Truman oiswaeeOnacas the first to ad- B we have inote election rao a i ut s at
IrjIn oa action., sltthaesof labors political stra nan straighter rad t he prnsi- mit that as a hick politician he next year and the e neehasndcomA e should i r lI.-.,-,che t f: on
P. Tr tIgootb r aenaember to construct choice troproal sev feedn wat the vereanpdredetlubo oldr.Aa.reariv-on knew little or nothing of what be eaul on the No. I and No. 2 .ow e "

ith Jn the. thils a nee of their tlls mony tle n t hldl to t frers r hve to mend a .ence or two died suddenly t re d bea sr ,at he vice president should dinot n F saed J ':
S e ntoake tll" pl ao'te heore "bthtei urep s oa its etn wup ivedt y ee of ,e votorhe. da I view former's wtirmVey the ancient Barkley or the a be elected on a ticket, bt should o ea d ln "

K Lquore s, te i AD ed .e <.otrn and of st experience with the Henry Walloe In command of I be by the aff and f I
,uxu' y fo s t eaen tal Tere h s presents is to really remodel country in an emergencylos htn we and. ca o a s

Smpespa as modern homes in tre States with ownery-Ths yearthed b lbosladrnothInatb of tArklng a V ono pl N I suppose, is t-prtisn basis; In thelatorW
,, AJ t esIn fro intfte en to twenty yearsta tenancy. la-h itlnd eheIestole ol the Peeridentv mte es a payoff first vice present who ever re stadncpt at least you'd not have .s eth at. wU, N

,, mi Mr. Secret should ot need enlightening Com id in the wh wi slt h itm. 't em, f or hol i ghc elite ch i a d hol e sw what wfeas g on uparm nt[- coun try rent apart by the h .. -,-iS ,. ...
Sutersval in r the codteadet, US. area, only In an attempt to lr or s an mo e I tep shivering O e1 think wrecked the national ce Ike took Ma gets sick or drops dead. He L ac I D off. wooing th Ifres a

ore from the empea m als to further subdize the sC icmay set a
a n dood cleoa 1reqersbon useo sc. W tI o. th e e o c-ioun idn Isw havemeooueO Raete-krwingC beaurney lo, -,
and hospital for ona uch a Coitte member give rinin th ator y eoele iand alleaae .e. n I. u w h m .m .. finest olid silver to mWakIe ery x s occain .-
Th examplere s eoauni b oueetal rs thlersm usl hme thag e sad Rime national oC otun -sioO t hule saexeme dobi whhMarBut il lid y Jane See lor (rlingaeare Cie- ld o ..

In hugaee x c e dontae euit o hoe. The ornfi o s P Doepick earhd and he ad S *thtaysc
d ls Soly con ..uc p ors n gtw rvh me totated: "She wwihaopfot sunevva (dele.d ay the editor).O \eole ,. r .. ... ab
*oftwholm"desdwarftlou rswhit yalpso receivd Abuintatt rerorheard VP: If God, tnn opportlnd t s -sed

g t ... -nhoe. aker. ps. pf tar t l s me Te mwit -
s't fV e pdhrrthenose. aei t they a sCIO. "e never bheen sappler, he told ltonaire-eportsman W. oodwar recording firm and music p .,blish- ,ws

ya ren e'o t .iT how r e o ld ,i t ch1u ml "Firt tme I cm enjoy fr the bigest mystery sfice ig companyIt (Doesat oeev ih f s
bfer, saees revam tnIs drI In ma r- memelr to nbter p y amily-' Durochr as Nashuo beatTwaps Hear abcfm t ptsinrs. Smotguy Which W
.e tp s Ieamh e theomand ournleyt pear in the a t ladies drive out with their oyug- m hr p toWh rl C (a h chorines who swiped an m etdeap _.ags up another Confudius. n On S- ,
,rI^BtI swotor he.n a iihtoyher theoa se O ar pa ?t e hed t amoi ffalOr Mankt DhatamitheWl. trtia buz from Internatio.a! Business t.. Broad- y N s C sarates are gays youwio m s -UJ_
ofsMuaremus soaus -or, eshl aO r o n eof rhitownrs lobby- yerdthe s and orveth es vi." TWheIs cW raabot a Tiger gr. chines? They have a sign in theur can't -sa they n d you l -ha h e a vBr "said,
raw ll Dt l y be reervl for your mem- done,-y th Ct NsS W s ilnlxiet.Ava are dressm ingrom reading: "MINKI" and can't find w hen yor need h sw tab utan ttack'"
o ebers o beonarthoicestropi l ts te a sehla-thee.-

spi ertt alae0e. Rep' anublica n ap l onselaer. i n lksb but .i.o niw Ha rriet Van Howr e' s ra- them Befor he left for homeb i l. t' -^ .

s- E Zpus tive Democrats, too. Gloria neie er de-dio-teevee colyum: "Perhap Gov. it Cal. made such
owbt heir- alf toy te s fa rme orsa a e ar siw .ll.ryte an ben uAVare or Sleedr a bt tipre h on loca l t et, atpsoed.menAtt
ISthse prtceedsr totheeere.onthingI a antis d o f pe lthexp e rVeepthathe'saboutthehiostVPthat I49R eaenry WSpe csipokomat ohe ti.e ubaotesmady sthed or d- .hhd

i -^iwo df twud av There if. L ju t ol Ta np er-ly ..r e eo r and prooreaders) .P.. im n Romeo Salta's is gettol g, on IlldlllJ illlll .
mae, ama s teuTs o a Cwrotld e Ja enmad verethi M Ambrose (a taha. exotic a geft play from celebs .. Felix a

o f h a r A w eHf aO R v a n ,m h 1ce b a d r e s s t da nuoa c t r a p e .wn ass L s a f r J
quarters -,T- cosunburn monl fo r bn- Ig. Bu, ", e.Btr shtev .o e. f lr sThe 'iat Olds youb nomset isne |t '. wN+WdteM .I.nes
e 1.Rheling ntamofithenrtomtwentyyera uprL rnWhiy, c our.sAs-oWn on ih e wyti belC
causes.whicr areouotbingoover-eth..renolliesewaWhtoninothreNom

and aboveth e|wor Uh.uchoeogtseTheaeay ans a Fr-pr o-hmorba s nicallywhoullantWegoa osiortri Solid Makes Such Wonderful Sense!s -d

Sfo me s 1s al etion Day was Noem et wiwhm.B oute orCr n
b honarecWi give ts0u."nds O.CI.IO beb estoo k It's
tIn owhiah visitewt h -

Can&tmakesom1,ndrrtinky--onpro-wall abando ther orkbarre Jyj

.. ,", .... .....= ..WiV.m. ]hinM thSyri%-atwain tho oer .,. Pills '1e. .-.Se. hankS., tltm aoswodecalled

... ... I~e2L, in. -m ,om &aft ucs .s~ll~n.P
b.; ., Three more-mal
....vwell" .,,! -nmake a The orch Dept: The Torch is the aing Nam: 1B-g. SVttn." You get th esirpieLn Knife,"
..terrefindo Ttllu whe oe a upid has -- wSdliom
4aodi, *Oat-Tkidding you .. When Whoj eares abouIt bintriebs Spmedir ,"" *
st th& best of you a. Wwml Do n Martin has k ne ao-
awl 'v .,the worst of it ... .laplr;.. The N.Y. Times rilft Place Setng only ... $21.42
ara- P hen._ m:; to be Two at staion.12as a program about 785w
-. ..I eveorfnl Oas l.e of ta t" The man said: H'srI .
if IB. .- Blues replace Who knows his food" .' .R.'*
388Blie a the Sweethe me"t One who didalf sesem euyNw nemrso nsLe
think Reb cel IM i me Bill .... ,-
firstive in h story lair1 0 ss.OWrbel la ot o: Big:TalWite
a war that Noe lst Contre Arthur Van HRom is stillWhe hotIto the towitfl
Add us lu devastated over the top Bloo bWer fired by G yt" ,..
I -f tad f t effim dlan lale bI hsor HAe t. meant M-, = = '& --



.BOP .T,1N"
- ^ *', '
'", I "* *at'T ,'' ^

gg .


aL ame Ar ~y. n
1 -M Irem Curtaln." (The p

m ad ... Ath.e t.m I


I. P-. Ag IN-"' --'- "




.el ..SY 4

1 Labor News
'. #AnU "mm =aIp _,_ .
H#T. H P. 0 a O 1 I4A. R. -P P.
TELOPOMIo 2-0740 r
^^e^?fA*" f r^.j,v *
WrM MU+l RAI A Vmll.P ItHJ~ ~~ A & _J +,P= .
LVUaALasmm & .

S -. ., .

4-. .. ....** -

-. ...-..-


-IM bMeM a-ssm


,ars anrJT ,as WW r-Am*

-n 1e. ...s=iit.a

. b k- first"time" ;7 years, otg ry
S te a Wa's special m st
ath .--.':C HICAO -. (P) .-- P *

to tv_,srsto 1rsE &.sthe no rraid piwr p rmfsi 'is -n
Of.'telenIhestIof Wksrd'emsPprlh

Utwte s of l"a le. m of t hs ome "e b sor Ia "

tt Ia1 tte lt .
to ac akN Fr aAe tLto a nlr lovr e t B a calfow
.Io. perieptie of thesL gi i

here Itnal. t the age of 7 m oney" on ereb rented Ote erablbesn
Iauent rwS -IT' howrs

LA to de Oat the UrAUO. al-Prd aoro 1 quart oomailnu e cum
Utht-oj d r of A lug bmnt rcaTIr. But rome of tShe e- oer theer b Pur A h n
0l torw o e ei he i eo t er v he

trlle .des bri n E hm -d wt mo ri drarn ar Alan -dBI a do rtiz
ontWio i e o a7 h opr Bo inoofmmf pr ereOt blees s2into *ta ee. u vo Membrlao uu, o
horsmau ll msr, p ; thevea tomak e Ahtoniu Chin e-Manuel dentc
trll the-oaMof on Cenht. rescit oirordes l p t. ng. p Llr aeIga. Howar Griffith
World's Ipun. s- Are Ttcouldr-Made tha -ee tle

the 18Mh K eth rmta" the s best friend ay auen out ao be ed et cover the vegrtableaa Pour
ere at te ageyour wot emy if heof mone" onyou the oeud water over the vegette es
Utrle noa rnmto visitors at the parksa a Idch 1 $t mall cucum-

I"n suthwast a co. the a ate was already i bes and ions, peeled; 2 large lrniflo In
mooe. O f th Ontheooper atios of some eraicut into piedes; aptti6table., Gustavo Memnbru ArrJulioe Chong

U ao'o theones nr M a sth morning drain tarku1blespooy nd
ma th of dolre. Bu T ot unommade p Combineutt he vebles nto a v-
muaedntoai !'aota mentl poo largeool ae Adde cubed o l, e e r
hode e uoUfling to the Arner Company, x the dry aIcrbodientes within
the, ,1M U*tlatgremate of, bu friend. mayume t ohat a bve be d s oe the vingetable. d pour--
2pinth Cuai. Vldon ad a u wot helped them may helps you the samixture over overthe vegae- P r

lmate know artist named But. others. They do not realize there Bring seowle to a boils
In hisIs 7.a m amore n differ pa rent tp of smal children ketntle. urn into hot

ne hae was oa dopled by a a menta, ucms aJcd seal at orce. Storv iP a
Ur. ro, a frd of hsra i .e .er cal manufacturers. oke of the vineanar to make aPin
mother. s ie- t n h t wa"d's porderx also m pas. Grualy strin
Si atL MonOa suma lp the Prreo the vegaed to ia Your Budget.





*George R. Wood e Silvia R. do Varela Donald Scr't -
9A ,,ts


* Edward J. alvin Jr. L. A. Gilmer Joseph P. CoonanV
* Mario de Diego Don Hughes Sgt. J. U. Raffety
Rattan #eaquarlen., the lome of Vertikal Blinds and PIgt'.,lat.

Ime Crinen Ire Ite .am l B. o I -4




1847 Central Avnue -(137)



_... .... .. ,
^l,_^_M___^B-^^ ^_a M MMM BIMMBIIBI~l ^ M BMt M~t





AIl-Nw Pushbuol Driving! All-ew High Torque Gl Away! A HNow Aerodinamic Syliyg!

Tune in.





* DAY IOH.TwEbls: View Flader
* DAY-LIGHT IXCiANGE of partlywposed
film ,-

* Same Objct can be taken in
Black A White and Colog

* Synchronized up-to 1/500 with Flash
SProper-taken Neatives can be
-enarged-dto Photo Murala
. we Ups to 6" with Single
SSupplementary Lems.
SStemre Attacinhuet Available

Made in
We"t Germany



On ispIlay Joday atd 5 P. 9M



7, -:~~U .

Ave. Jo Feo le4 0Q*-

M. A.. -POWrL

5 ;.' '***.s -,ho

01 4



* ..,

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* 4;

.. ~~LI~-ur~;a~ii~ a-sr;l-il- _y~d_~P;Lyl~l~- I~-~- -L-~ITC ~iiLI-- ._n~

__ __

I "

,4 ,."

" ,f '..

. ., 1 -' 1. ,

" '



__ .

* *

,- R .-.r : ,- j ,, m- .o. .
*.**' .". .'- .-*-"' "--.. ^i, a38' .'< -- .:* .. .. *-.o + o-T;, .rll- ~

'" *- "' I ', '

- AT

- .

Ammar m PFaNm

p -


a Uanau. wwn. iM II
b5 fi4ve-a-wipa kAls ow"Wakdlwv "

v! 1i iw -t."' hI" Z"'; A problem COnfronting. today
* .,,--ating, O~v Mnure W ,t am featu rel iw 4--rkil i
twq d be A ikrer Ud hase dtek
S eoadl g0f1m 1ahota-el w. .. oen .i.L. o
bIer's "Gif t From the S rgiaolvedo i. i aou Mdo ble on j
which wll be read y either different fields. a MC ie.
that Scott or Cornels Oti s. e ie, ianaes ab, TV
0r. ptanelft (V'aMquerade Ptrty"),
*.' "-th-. i ired La n lecturerIfashion expert ad poodl
SArthur Godfrey fired L ancer, o e nearly putu ow
di swaal of thr.e other mdi r "cdl, "hou.ewie."
S is the tlum I of the dIt ll l tShe's just back from Hillywood
I a to ie th. pub. whereshe had a small but meaty
Il Mid.a J of his te ..oryill;0Sauay Part i *The B- Knife,, a film
_ZEvenn Post.,and give-1mi.. t .ywhi laose wood .m rcip

base ofh iss, etq a, baby "And I have TV to thank for the
mir JlaPeorp le n 't an iseau wouldn't have gotten it
.W.&- wthat som body saw mM o.S
slow. querade Party' and thought I'd.flt
For ulb O'Brian, playing Wyatt I4. Thea TV panel how are
gr i a labor of love. It is aio'wonderful for actors.-It' a so
aIborof good hard cash., too, but of ad for yourself, and an ad that
a re you -get p id for, too.
let' forget that crass commercial y t pi for, to
a .rien vrow up likingwese At that mompt, housewife Caso
Itones. H wen wetwestrn mov. I bo hck amsauthn r Chae pat
lea, read western books and others* flnising tchst to a iwl
wiseplunged fantamy-deep into the called"'71e6IsladPlayers." ies
ontir dy. th svth k awaiting Sca
I emtleultw andered. above. e that ge after she wi a
te y 2day Wenthe frontier' eelful areia ad rdio tar.
Ssayl, dred In the k eSimeby uggeted dhe should
gg '' 0 W wrte a Mok and .... 1.
Wlbntheircloh While be was talking, a poodle
I were r 5- t a I 'am eriat
that mbut be doem know why take
Vyatt Eerp'6 froel cost had a --
.'uab.P the back. Tha twasms6 f
Nameo=t. .hoch .Ih hurricane cellar isn't worth a darn.

AftfiA!*r a -

- I -



34 DIm
man 41d
a30 VM

9 *Unimportant
S.. Ianro 1
10 ASO
1 bolldna
si Pieadis-
.. nmiated
s' wa
', t aa
'pr ^^^^^^^^ '-

^^-^--- ^ /|

S Quivering 4 1eadA m '.
30 Heraldbic
31 Hamer 4 Goden4 tod
iSiOp. SOlweedlabt

450 Cokrido r loap
4iMake latioS jen ding

ILN di& tO h, I e l -X

"I'!v dIoide d to hAwe a fUet uicnm
r.mburjg mif 'r o rigo #

i 4 -.A '


*K V -",f. *, .

Owe Flt

.~ ~

* uamraini no$

1ur I HAVn~bV~4D



. **U ji

m Id, o, .


o AMD ImI '



Into a Trap


5,1.?. EAMIJE


iiau- Ttglegk


Ak' :

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Nua~de Dtssver




Quik Change


WMIt t.qrl9 It'HiPM

otu OUs WA

*T I. AL


.Di -Boy

Iaf .


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- A'-'"

4 6 -".


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.Chke I- ." ,
., z .. w


Ml I ^

-- --




- ,1 .P r ',-I

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'. / ,, *' *


..,* ~-V-

:- .. .
-k.-- A~iibd&S'.:, i, ta .v uuwmabfWiz

* 'I # s i i- *

f i niTFT7.,. '4~'!."Ph I7 -- -- ---- -r-

I ~--'-*----

" MC.. ,', .
-- ..--

*A 4 1
] *YAKJ4

North-South vuL
okra wad Suth 8* West.
Pat bo th
Opaw- I I-.-- --1k

' bea rtl fNt a hy co ntrad cl
/ Ml9 ad S today's haqd 2
l a.eto -'* at both

I wt-looking at the
th ther & Ut Nort and
2teh have A' the hflh irds ex-
ef tor ten' 'iag, one queen, and
90s jack. -The'alam. would be un-
beatable if North had a third club,
fr en eegn .withthe same
-When the hand Was played, South
d't dweqir. ss Lm a Chance
vp-^.IU!?%42--%^Z3 If .4-16..--1 _

m .icia %. vu%* xMd "
Bamboo Club.
While in New york, Miss lar-
nett, who has reopened hdr bll-
1room dance studio and charm
school 'at El Panama Hotel, also
attended Adele Sampy* s pring
fashion show where m ed" that
the Far East trend will be very
miah in evidence tfl season.

Crippled DC4 Whh

;n Ht; R tall, Nv. 6 (UP) -
,rippled California Easterp
J lines four-englned DC-
4, carrying 55 mitary personn
an4six crew me~aifs to HawaU,
landed here tey dt night aft-
er flying the last 250 miles to Hl-
lo Field on two engines.
The plane, which left San Fran-
cisco at 11 a.m. yesterday landed
at Hilo at 8;55 last night.
(An .lrtim.-.okesirB I se


IN D NVER -U.s. Poutn -
ter- Genersl Arthuir BumMsra
field jaa useweng 'after hili.
visit IW. reden laen-
hower at tlt islonsk Hospital.
Denver. 0L ie-
#tepped political queUen.o
,tal k about poutal'ates

New...,. ou.
- iftRLIN DIPAR s TaiT
NErm^ ^

."si .:--" .:. '
a p6oud to be able
to'shqw y4die wnest in abli '
ppointmests. As sdvetised
in Vqpw d NOW BM|/st



t'" .: "" '' -t-a ^" **** .- t -* ... .. '] ?. ... **T ^
_.. .AV t.


Te Miami Widow Gorat o

Sbelieves it has a rea te oflsiility

to serve and'contrbute to the 'economle well being o nation. An industry
most funy diawharges these obligations by bringing.yyeOi better godds at ljwer
pripe, conserving wpalti,. within the country. by 4reaplng; new employmfeat
4f opportunltjes and; if possible, by increasing, national income by the -salt of
Its rodiots'rarlad as well as at home. By'all' of these standards, we believe
we art serving. you and our country well.
We hoese you WIJI sharb our pride in this -anouncement. After .MIAMI WIN.
SDOW CORPORATION OF PANAMA'S first three years- in business, here are
the fatsa.

1. 'Alami.Window Corporation prodsets meet hip highest standard, bus
the. cet o you is 30% "to 40% i.4 itha when formerly imported.
2. Mami Window Corporation has 'betr asked for special duty prolec-
,;on, -nor does i want at!
3. Miami Window Corporaon exports 60% of its production in con-
pnktion with world manufacturers. and itbr volume is constantly
U S -
This only the beginning. It is our pledge to strike constantly to bring
you better products at fair prices.


SAlberto,L. Arce, S. A.
San Toed, CMOas Rica

J6e Matsu Cla. .
Manafa Nicaragua


i ,. '

:Distributed by
0QE0. NOVEY, INC, ApinOh6n Le6n & CLa. u .,.4
Paamt. R. P. t.Ualglpa. HoBnduras San Salvador. tU


,,~~ -. i "

"- a ',

. ..

S **;. *,'~ .~-?
I. I

-S oi

at the -leventh tek. In IV
me. the defenders WoW
hAyotw *pa tricks4

Subcondligee Tir

Soult ,To Solve

Newsprint Problem

mobotidn of newsprint.
"l ,.g e -can't do any-
thing eM tb hrise ie n the price
of newsprint," Klein said. But,
he Indicated h i s committee
would encourage additional pro-
lductlon in this country to pre-
vent "further great Increases"
Ji the price of uulp..
Kleinmald there was-i possib-
ility of setting- the- government
to subslUlae newsprint produc-
ers. He declined to elaborate.
KleM id the recent price in-
e conastittute a form of
cenMewAmlp. ~ -
HNe D. the increased cfts o
d put some publish.
aprs oM 1u apers out of bust-
tess. dertving the public of ac-
tees to news.

..... ---ch for their novels.
Ml on the P.200 first
pr tory Wart, and
rico Zird won a
Ue amount
alni and Nin Sprin-
red the 1,QO0,000 lire prize
for painting, and-KEugeiw Milai
aptAdamo GrUB inpUt the medi-
clltretture'puize q ,OQ,00100.
The prizes are put at stake
annually by wool magnate and
social reformer C o u n t Gaetano


* .k





Tune in!


The beatifuL MIAMIWindow Installed athe Presidencla by-Gee. F. Nevey, Ine.

ALUMINUM fIAME: Made same alloy as structural partp of ROTO-TI OPERATOR: Finest multiple g

WLASS LOUVUS: Made from thick, crystal clear or obscure glass
with satin mooth rounded edges for beauty and protection. The.
only Jalousie glass with edges satin smoothed in Panama. Louvers
close tigbII to keep out rain. Bfe, easy cleaning from inside

rear operator made, for
s in any poeton.

ALUMINUM SCREEN: Light and long lasting can be riesoved In a
few seconds for cleaning and storage. Aluminum sremen stay
bright indefinitely. Admits more light

. .

S ,

*tLabor Saving

. zdhescin a kiq andnial
~*M4~nAatmdn 1

N .-i^AR4g D -

-istk N*a
I W 2H
1 D 3H
1 W 4H
-DI 22H
DI 26H
SsW2 '




He.. "A"


2 6.
:2I3 *
2B." s


2% ?

Nt of. 0--

No. of



ae *

ow pris


*o* at Sin Ofer w4hebe. Add freight pls W% dMes far Pasnms hU



* -
aB;.* .--



It is the most economical
window you oan buy. Com.
plete with aircraft strength
frame, heavy glass louvers,
removable aluminum screen
and finest meo anial retfo-
type operator FORASLOW
AS- .7I (or 77 per
sq. foot).


.-y .
.'- ;- -

* ,,--

', Ld -

f Panama

' I*.

I, F'

--mr .-Q



compare these prices.

with those of your favorite mail order house

'56 Pontiac

. Maximum Ventilation

. Light

a Draft Contror

* beauty

b Protetaon Agalnst
Weutir Insect

~ c~p~,~l~YY~i~~L~.e~QJ~wB~k4-~Pr~Y rrt ~k~~ _~~Iy-:: r4 :,Jl~ ~1C;" iC rllirlPI;~~1~*LI-~- ~ .

- ._i ~ i ~" --""'

p ,

m ,

~; rn nr...u~ari~r


I .






*.".-."';Z; -~


Y,- ..: UM W

"1 Sirl No. 13 Su La. CafAml.m
Agencias Internal. d Publiesin FARMACIA :LOBAARDO FARMAC
I. Ll eI 15 a e. M I
c&1r t Ave, / 6mr of. aie An a IL .

_ ._ __ I .. S IiI .in innm r._.

. -Ae. .MDICA

tjnf &

hPasma 2-0563



FOR SALE:-New Philpllradl-e.
ase coiie hbouehlMd fwmih.-
lgs. Call 3-4494 ow appyl. *tl
Steet Rio Akle. No. 2612.
Owner leivin., will sacrifice.
FOR SAUP-*B mew Weaste
iaghoes LaundroMst, 60-cycle.
Plone Abmek AFP 5194. -
pOW SALI:- Disies and small
kitchenware for twe, record
player. Call Panapye 3-044). .
FOR SALE:-w7iM- -uchil
25-uele $30. Cal 4 p.m.-.
p.m. Balbu 4274.
FOR SAL:--I HI-Fidelity con-
.el. Sacrifice for $300 cash.
Used 2 months. "LevIn." No. .
5, La Creia. Phone.3.064T.

did. Peron Plans
lite*- ((Coutlnuqe from Pate 1)
AA 4 t protested, e id.
AUVIU onmiV "I am a CathoUc, a dqetrlul-
i al 3. (3IL9AC aire Catholic. Peron said.
eIV I A Catholic member of his par-
S ty tod newsmen that Peron lA
Sot ainal- their Church,, be is
LA. S Itas noted th0 t p eon keeps
S alww at his bedside ,ven when
! 622 tra inI a Ismall Ivory Inage
tf I e" igin of Luajan, patron
Ae whrm andI p~ astion" bre-
q oldiul~e-tor- o!ijr,, Pe.
r'n named 6oliti; and rTell-
cauae he atiributed t to
zne. domestic "capi llsmo" of
(tresed Ihnhi "Ce of w1t.
woeen commuflaminn and capital-
.'' He forseptt "the widely
, M ..n- swinfl endul." of so lo-
'tcafdomit ma come
rest at this third poRtion,
lehi he termed, the center.





*. i.Pppr uuimy
If you have a lvoply eam.
SSpanish ad
Sad weuld lioe w
reheomna enc eir -r
|uiart 1146 too "P.. amj
Id Am. @PH
^l~cta.iA^T &j
aiB Paaia Alrp






,," +.
.:w iif!]

;Teo 8

WP SALE: 194i AImNN 4-
dir ebden, many spamI R.
$400. 1-315y. _______
- -9
FOR SALE: 1947 Cheb'ws
2-deer sedn. eumeile. os -
slo. Cal the used.L m Si
5445-A DiMble. Pheme 1- 475'1
FOR SALE: 1954 Chevrolet
Power Glide 4-der,. w/e/w, re-
die. Ges to the highest effer.
Cn NMavy 3946..

FOR RENT: Chalet with -
rJg $45. Phonse 3-205. an
Fiesisef Ith$I Street No. 11.

Oueen Pays Homage

To WarDead Durg
Drenching Downpour

FOR R NTi-Modemo apaimet.
Far ins fMK h ,eaq '34946
o r 3 7 i7 .' .
FOR RgNT:- PFqrmnilw agnit. .
mont on Sa Fra rids HigNla=
No. 120. bediJe Reosevelt The-
ater, wrlekla SLSCom -
mimy. Phow M-sM4.
FOR RINTs LCompt*f.f or.-
nile apartment. bikl uten-
ne/ o.wM ne. ,e Ilroem,
kitchen. iaiOfo ies ade, IhM wa
tw. N 911iwieIn Sa Frawssmet.
nkr bus spp. Phimg, 3-5356.
FOR REMNTs- l qut.
odoe,. w Ihii #vueg
em ditin. t .iimmingo
i..eII.Phe-. 31549.
?OR RENT-. NIelyV frfimbhd,
ne-bedreeoom apartemt, lt w-
ter. sese Sed Pe e.
11 I M& a- j 2M .


e pha, AV. ANW o. x-
planetor w Nm. Phem 2-2226. '

La o
A ni
under I

LONDON, Nov. 7 (UP)-LQueen r "" 'o-
jiabeth. members of the Ror- R OR rtl-u 4np iijibier ,'. at 7:00
family and officials of the priva etr it Scourt
government and the Commo.n.- ieb Vista, Frig ir, $0. Te Center.
wealth stood in bhp rain in i- 3.1 I ,41
lence today to Day hOmage to .There
Thousands of pueronsem IQRltr li
Sled pouig rain to waldntch o"=iz, -
Sthe Queen, the Duke of din- M M ya ._e DM
%Uf aid Prime Mfniser W 1r -,d ^S?...*, ?1 -, "" *' ....1-*.11** ...
Anthohy Eden lead a host of .a -ne. oaps l.f m W -
dismiaries Ain placlnx wreaths n.very' goodacnl. Call

Through ota phthe country. hTrafficn PW her. wn
memorial to the nat Lononn. Thewar ma .

As nearby Big ]en tolled l1i (C nOuN

mournful diree of bagpipes and lSw per bow hg s
"tans" sounded from military fi' t other i
oss In Scotland outh toand southotoLlnds yall% itl'A the i
onsd. h m he otef8
"tans" sounded from militaryIn t" y

^ For two mrn_, ._he sain GIN
in front he Feioral
with her hands clasedIn t front t e lute,
of her. Then Royal Air Force d fm roots. d -

aco Benefit
To Sponsor
ht Of Fun
gt of fun will be held
he apicesof te Lo
Affnit 6id mo turciy
p v. h e Lf sBoca
hack, next to the Service
Swill be urprips, mudi,
rnent *. a'l wlee
on la free.

w v inf

Bi rafnor lhi

NGN mpeten brought t in Paama lbea in s
WA$MSHGTON, _JaiW. *ft ^London to an and-d. fiUOpt the friendly help t frdp
hce3d time tai"* ry handed a wreath 0a poeples ` Mo persoMsMlty to. spur le ed
r .a a .mOlaurel leaves- to theQ ue t
3Sm~e. ,.,fo tAie ibt and sbe slowly walked to t Tea was served b A h
-'In memorial and placed It at the Fort and her. commit M .'-0oturday wi.
In the _ki foot, for the Oal' t merty avced to ,hs
Marti Ad ator C 1 a r- e w w v suUm'mted November 19 at Albrook.
Marit soot Ca r C Iha r-jdwasLoowed bvbtDuke Teas Nv6m.a'ma otetn
esaG. "o c thetta ththattoble ntv e oNext at ontes tantis
eftf-o,- .the ,w' d .fer, Ide. and ffl o Bi. Mri] Arthuri LV'.i i TLWJa,_ onen a Datles In the
f itlM W eon ti.-- v. .. a.W igt;- .- ;"b" .. .lWigta d rh d .
aSe In' 'ollosf vhm .watthaead LiahtweId t oandne
--.^ ^r.i1 ..m .. P..M.---1!.... .
Uder the agreement panA -cW htn.from 0noer. Ro llbe, ,ed-Cag-..,posted Saturday
Irtiwean to rdInp F t Hwooieooril-s twr as b y lahementig ht
mot iat price .. lui*bet, the Queen .. p onn

evm obsolete ,C21type 9wp Two. Howoodt werecard ho injufered Lloy*
tess. btheic om a w IOtherllln mb& s teb utsar a aej. ken nope

Vem s fsedaya ustag eqR. never seen In Cairo in living December. Next atep: Vwa- The only spilt decision of thre
d for constructing that the Gfrey rapper rem of Kobbe a at 2 mil
.. .rget the counte-s he parked to 1ark, -a rouamanian d.
Stirring drama brings romance of gallant man to success ... imon m on ap- from ort Claton.

.foc" screen tol records is a.Belly nm a e .ad Featherweight wadaul Arroyo
vels, .., er HVcy:w ..- On of tee to TWon Kbbe dcalsl over JAA

Win gaT be eiIhlbilliam GtWs a .a*M do(''ta Del BrigOam, waeter B1l Ieahy
Slk. 1 irL Sp S F6r3 WWI _. o r be on Be Alanotw
S.R.n. Thr. fhe "L U.a" T contract, Shef i, 4 a I and eWyland Mtaurien tra

s0dTotee_ eyr Of t,' --,rsalle fs Thi P A Ua ae cW d tocoi-
In tody', Ihn, I Arl Victims ~ e ..I gte dnntrwi
unloading is I m_____l,-th@1iii,, d .traet.) t hea, also wonby a do.
.cost factor..duetolabocostsPIP A... Egypt, -Ny. 7tracth) r t 'over NFort Am7 a brChucki
fer ....and..bkag. n ai 0 pr......i.-25040indt@ o sllywoodstrletwere l Richards. whosuffered a bro

truckswhich will he loaded- streets, wept andP l sotfor the Fl oeto aMoned tombon Oraedaral, Ch
hhovthe vessel by theirelli ovalas at &Ithe. public .fu-matiTm meetl "Iit a w "e
and loaded t same way ofthree vSof-last46=11of rineTwo other TOsh
eulrMmale much of the hialk wehk' XAuJa bat heretoay. wedding!'... The unhappy de- the card. Welterweight Malco!m
costs. "Woe to Tsrael" and -War on n-uement was i.usion"g."just'lright Of Aibrook beat Bob
Officials said the o11-oi, *1. the Ine.ny" resounded 'through when we started believIng in Fairy .7h-bnon of Kobbi at 2:14 of the
off ships win be able to uld M t.e streets Ra the funeral pro- Tales we hadda e- --.1.. dirth third jai ht heavy Sy Rig-
their entire trailer cargo in four cesslon wound ts tworh'luetPiaf (who broke all records atSUM I At lppied Kobbe's Bob
to six hours,.eompared with a cours In_ show of emotion1the Versailles) Is hold over until PaLrker at 2:21 of the third.
m Ou f o 24 -days using e-tnsvr seen In Cairo in living DBember. Ne.t at: Feetaine- The on# delit sion of t.
ventiol methods. memory. bleau, Miami Beacb... S-ange i g2ht gave Nathaniel Leonard
that the Godfey rappers remem- of Kobbe a-vietory over his lHE*
ber all the.p9ehle'bo' firod and welter opponent, Aphonse
forget the countess he sparked to Clark, -a Panamlanan boxer
Stirring drama bn romance of gallant man to success... Simon Crum on Capi- from Fort Clayton.
tol records is aeleelly n a m e d Featherweight Raul Arroyo%
"Mmdam ..MMd'M Del Br 8gam, welter Bill Leah
h"iTHEtgtcRNAL SEA" ,too'clos to hom Ihet of bewon-ever Albrok
.shows producer (Fraq. ,La.-Lenny Tmvi nby a unanseioo
ReI! hendae attthe "I.UX" Tbare! IeftiHolywod, wU c a.,. ll and WaylandWMc3iullen of

tomorrow.-" (w make up. pa We ter 419-.
forever! f) for. NoVn r 2 at Hanger NO.
3, AlbnoOk. The winners wMi
compete in the Caribbean Comr-
iTh e Washi~ngfon P d-usd.,omot -t.P et. lcICo ia
SIng the scum of tintery, know.,
.I It nec-eeary to3i1 e, eup thert Sn

iand on the tee i net A24VAhA, Nov. 7--(VP)-W-WH
Itetei to sioned Dombon O COun, 1SIs&



FOfR SALIr- 10-hp. J.&.,.e
1955 metr. Lme than 20 boun.
9" 3-5. T4 Ma im

Position Offered
WANtWi --esitary. AMuro-
snA -h Pamia. PhsMe I-
i" belwo n S ad p.M,. for

LOSt. ma- e i e. female
3muu- a
LOST: Rod wllet for Kebbo
PX. Rewrd ives f t eteroI of
paper aed euelA. Mm. Ma la-
do, Phranei'Pma-l2-3174 ot
Box 124, Pamae:

and GuiRST m N'
eMa. rivate- mm Iteeh..

Navyl 11;*4 b^ 1
S&441b's. S'tewAftb
Celteaga, i, .t f b,&,.
6-441. ,- -

Mr. John B. Bailer, advertletag mi- r of reute e Iuiterainetelcn Company, i ;l. Itls smtlg
a busla.e ntle of -MA o. ad eiUtral America is greeted at his arriWal at Toe n.
lett VWrh .Ue tip: U, Alr* BaveneaU, of Firetone, Mr. John P. Sey elI1U'
Mftw gat rl 'OErip a e#.ilM MM. )
BtrpoMW!d and Mr. James V. Bttfaiy. -y epguzir
Ing and'

r _IPlwpqrllee
Whether she le happy or not
about a son or daughter's mar-
rkge a mother should act plea-
ed when she l talkiIng W oth-
ers. That is nothing more than
loyalto'her child,.
Jeo paaR t who lsn't pleased
ea at least act pleased when
dng the world.

UOSM uidMa Chinese Families

Steps Al Dakar Sign U o'd
lops To Parouoay-
On Way Home HONG KONG, Nov. 7 (UP)
DAKAR, French West Africa.F Chinse lisfies liv ded
NOv. 7-(UP)-Queenuliiana of Immigrte to .aramua.
ithe Netherlands and Prince from He K=.ite 8110e' n
n1_ort4 Bernhard landed hire ar iepoed rtd.
( yfrom Paramaribo .on t rhr The newspaper aid. e" "fa-
w Riomefrom a visit to Dutuh ily m pa it .9u for abMt 8 a-
/=1_ cres .of lad in 'Wt South'Amex-
T Royal party was leeaed Ien country. ,
g the airport by French h,.
iommz.aoner R. Coraut-Q The arrangements are beli ig
Mtle who gave a reception. n made by Miuel Zalawki. who
their honor at bs sumptuous represent tshe Institut A iiro
reOidence. Argentino and the FarP.0 ya,
After a brief tour of Dakar Consul here.
the Queen and Prince BernglW Zalawsaki lans to incuit a
/w fly on to Lisbon whore a re- bout 250 farii eventually to _1-
iptiom wiUl be orIg&Ized sor migrate to Paraupy, .writ _he
tbem tonight by the Portuguesesays needs to onlaDe it s p ,p
authorities. tin.



I W.Wlru mwbS l~Ov6 W






769 738

P p

Prespt y -w t"i.we"ore Frid"ay. Y :wt-.s

Acoumulafdd "rki f .a66jr tbi Mr. Crnmm Ortoap

: ',2 WORD

I __ __


nl -

________ _

- ~ ._~___~_



.' '

- UsHrrr

Atatla Agallar, in

Skiq r4 1

SMn'o- R v Jon-w o W

i b 6F to an E

Frati Doenee Deabald CafI
Kenaeth 'rbe, a I


Also. -

'3 z f" '

CoorL A to
'0KN ** .'

I ~

" i
" "" i~



'V --

se secretary Hopes

ig 4 Will Make Progress

WASIGTON, Nov. (Ut) expanded programs in mucP thing.
40 DU Secretary sub- 9 .arpower and deve agent of
.' tgy., saM %oa .1sw "weapons e, ; flobr e was interviewed over
..In thant -IN York Televion a nations

Eu,.- .4

ES By Cbraith

2 JfU$


r .. .., ,19: P *.' o
S,. .
1. 0'. Toi

-7 award for Iotatwnil-
inavaililan service.
Mh dace will start t I pj9t.

Former Isthmions
Pete Anniversary
In Philadelphia
orter. Isthminam Mr. and
W&E 'AMttur P. Jones celebrated
thila it. weddlai annlves al
CeMAlMAI.with a difner party a1
thelir ome In Philadelipha, Pa
its. Jones Js8 the former M,-
vO ' ed
s. a j-^ l-mleadmal

)e ply.

sace mSfa. 1 b*sd." the-uahh-ael and. MIels .m the -o
Black Waed. ,.
Her dJae eoi umi in that tilm, "To take, i Ma n.
the censpra ald, ,put the "sin" in "basket; to orpha s at Chrilama.
Sinbad.. .
"And they wear right," she told .In the Script: Bob Hope' To-
me at a reheamal for the C-liaZi action toi pluhd New York apart-
show on CBS-TV. "The studio kept ient in -"nht Crta e :
cutting off the eostume untU there "Ive always wanted a place e e
was hardly any cestame at all. It thids-everything In coltraitlng
wai fantastic. rom gtateful to the shades of meney."
censors Ifoleaving me oo the cut- Not Ia Thei'Sript: It's .a movie
ting-room floor." c' comeback in "Bottom of the Bwttle
But sIer seeligr the film "The for Mar .- t i dy hafte x
Seve re Ith. Is wh"h she years ofrTVeligk.
starre fr 19 WIs BeadwayN "I left Hollywood TV
In the arilyn W i _e, Sr. panic.' she ay, ,but s till.
geou 8- .bb M ft ver W hat zmpued at i t' empty steps at
ceaserqlp eas do at iNIos. the major tdo. .
.'onh shea told me flm "At on tie Warner Bres. had

Broadway when I wan n't o erdte a9 t ot -doing. ,A .-
i. W ineI-ringed. I e-
caus I was In the Pay. ,neAlfred H#ceocks taeOA*V B-
the line.sand I saw what happen y .....A d elok "
.wont even bow to ,Chrs=$.J

tiRn l Afo.. lor thll na- ti usa-o sa i
tAi ds, onlwbich for the Isoa=mmrder
molviLgw. wwil vote Nov. 17-7,. beneath Aiv lamas tr'eTen
put jlm-i 8 tw&art aWdJune A : Hichlly.U k, .carrYing a- plsterer-
*on t toh e pots a. likely win hod walks up to f an
0ers. n start ajealli t wit h eaer. -er"
Or doe', a..d .5. are t In atthe e tfer. he alps- off the
theater oM 'u--,t g *.s- L--- -- show -, at-,
ineve NO WmltW uwer I" qeS "lat 1behe hIt way lg
"'-* 1_ # '
hpldefi at F oley it'sa ure a' p
bet that arlyn Mi w will. .
turn thbeoilde,,'t"aI (.
the-core War vear- O "gB l% d I
Stop." But s 1 In. lI Nno i n .on I,, -

JoIN Hd askt Pi.. Star. :
duast f l
at ". bfN be-
the .* d 1',1 ..IS
t h e S .et w o I ,rM .
'Gead -mH IN Dove I" ithe

Ilii..!h,' M ^l .

WA.00WNOW. Icur l W-


it onu auwmoiou c e p "a/.
u "yoU; .uld put 10 them
together and stil have much
nafler Scterprise."'- /
The defense aofficiad *a he,'
beaos a committee a'ppoted by L
Defense Screttar Clare E. Wil
smo to study waye to shopton the I
"lead time' on plane production. )
w,,is i 1 time between the place. / -
ng of an order and delivery. n t
"Many, factors d e Involved, .. ,
Some dealing with the laws, and .
Sour Democrati way of dwing o(f I .s
eme of them are ui oa. -, -.
ing," he lid. "The time _, "Wh y ckn't ui make-up. Morn? You've t a prettlor ,
.n l i andthin .,= fage than I hwe've been using for yearal"

the new Mn Po r i
that PeLNrh:aome q,. R .
will A i-mDetiM y 1wn
mightt dMt expand a Uttle is
rapidly. ." '


BALBOA 6:15 8:10 DIABLO HTS. :15 7:45
4 XOND .rIIMl_ Patra NEAL
S'"Immediate Disaster"


Crpmubleal Ran 'is shglu*f
w jouvt qa oi dU
boiler. Jo cmambine ih eRoyal
ReF m re with milk, bring
it to a boil, pew into molds.
Four reamy ervnis from

I'cntpin y7mr appMite, potyoW
whole y. But Almeu apmtdd al
Hep tiaugivesplyxiefthis way:
Justahe wMnaq 'IfBWp M
aniadd Sal Hlpatica In' a glasl o
water, and Iel how fast it relies
your mac ..
The mild laiatlfm which may also
accompany ia alkaline action helps
relieve the m p o n that .often
gom wfth am W odso
So be wia--SMo eabnom. y-iza
botthl of Hepb il today r rHave
it on hand *he ioilo" strike..

Take sprdlin

MARGARITA 6:15 -. 7:50
filth D01 GUE

CRISTOBAL 8:15 8:45
VistaViln ColorI
Tuea. "Cell i, Death Rw"

"SANTA Ct is 8:n ICAlIP BIRD n 6:15 8:45

Complete Piz.e-winning Numbers in the Ordinary Draw
Th whole ticket has 4 pieces divided In two seri

FiQ f Prize 3891



Third Prize

Bittersweet love story with Katharine Hepburn and
Rossono Brazzi, filmed in Color on location
in wondrous Venice...

Great release at the "Contrae" Theatre onThurstdoa

I PriP NI"r "- -.. ... ...

f* Priam
MI a132.-1
Sul 232*6
siI 1315
661 132.0
E l 132.
wl 2,56.56
$i* IN.MA
es lime-



Fri I No| w M Ii 0 p Periis m. No m .N
I I '1t 1
13U. 0 12661 122.II 6 .M I 13 W 1 s01 13246 91
1-6 2131 1 32 1s2131 2US. 4231 1322 Sil

132.M M3l 1321 2illi 1 1321 I
21a6 11 2 2.62 2 3131 1e2.A@ 4- 1 2.6a6 M
132A 266 3 l6 1 31 122 13130 M


1 ---lli
I 5 I S I 5 I I
JU i4Mn. M 4 4M.e I MM MM HI, MM 44
M 44 9MM 4.5.UM I 4M.M MI 4 I 4
A"n Mn iutioM DeriveM

T V i 3

UM ms
asse *
ne5 i4

4m 1 .1 II -
WI Il MJ Su M j ,

341 ne.M
423 1u6.6

.. u" I.
p---- *-i. ..-a
S prrf~i-Drv


1 .in-
M' 3 "I I I n I U I

':-- m .m ,

MC. -- W *0
S* WEKEFJ 4 A EL. it

: i, A .. i' T



iaig No. 1913, Saday, November 6, 1955
s "A" "B" of piead each. ,

, 44,000.00

.' 13,200 00o

$ 6.600 00 0 ."

|.N. I N. Priem. No rat No ..
A w I 1 2. o 1 I 132 l M!.
.I 6191 132.66 l II 122 .L6 l 1 0 192
t." M I 1321 291 I 1 A L M AI
11 191 132.9 Ii3l 1 M1 I 2i2 I i
1 I 132-02 W i 132 MHIMf I 1 i, 1 I

i. Pria
I1 132.
Ii 1322
SII 32
11 132
II 133

Em MlA 6ot s3g 7I3a s mr1 "i' 1

Fri Rirst Prize

WA NSol, -" :: I

S I .MR '. ,. -.L '- .
? ^ as\ ~ *' ul''r- i"

?rai-wheuto IuhtMr < n.ri'5. Lottery Drawing were stod Yt:
Thi Me mbed Mb igan g tI 1 ,ud aet In*ad MI i e a
?t, 4Mw tM,!t has 4 peC, wM~i aggg- tWrl *

'lafA br: LM1R AL-A--. Oovmeror of fta Pani
SSeIog-ptative Of The Tsimury iSaftO A I

- -

^ s^ '. : .
S.... -
. Jr "" '"

.'. ~-

4 *".,..
~. .~.%



--- -


i `



7 .4.

t *8
kaJ.-r *

'4 .t
,' *j: "Lu

4' I
4 A '~
* 1...4 -~ 'd'rfJ -.,.*..~ ..''A'i,74 ) 4.5



'1" 'A .d. -. 'A
L.~.'.' --

I ,td ;

V ;


.5 p *'.

N. IL, samples fre
self. .A it; t jack

s. wiBmi O ,1o" the,Cor*il 'unhersi*t library by Mrs. William R.-Coe of New,,Y k a fi'edition *s Audub)*ii '
.. z. f4 jjatkedmirkd by Miss Seorgia Coffin, rare book librarian, and Prof. P.,P,Y4 ellog,' head of the laboAt
story of otnitiology. They are examining the rarest print, the "wild, turkey plate." The e.i 'Is valued 8t $85;0k.

ite o4 Nirr
im a press I
Athe presg

ii ntorr ra.

Te Francis, who will be seen next',
is wearing a gold, black and gray
spit. at a popular pool in Hollywood.

northwest .sif were the first to notice that their old
pal, Blackie, a reamy neesfored'dog, was slowing down.
,A I Summers, the mailmap, also.saw that Blackie wasn't
w ..ways on time with the-maiL Blackie nominally
..4 the. property of Bernie Healy, a law student at Loyola
University, but she believes that idea about nothing
topping the mail from going through. For most of her G1

years, she has been the guardian ot11B,. accopanying .
him on his rounds. Every gprpilng Blackik ru s. to.the
bus stop -and, if Bill gpt .ride already, she dshl swo
blocks to the pickup box '-When Bill goes on vacatipl or
takes a day off, however, then.Blackie is hard to live with.
In the twilight of her career, Blaclkie still'is a loyal work-
er for Uncle Sam, even though she doesn't always walk
the whole way. After all, she's entitled to some privilege.,

lin zoo officials
Rieke. His name

Sseveal years,
mate for their
k Hamburg zoo.

COINCIbENCE-Gina Lollobrigida, Italy's actress.known
as The Shape, poses in front of the sign at Supreme
Headquarters Allied owners n Europe, in Paris Frace

Bill loads up golf-lart with man an mJaekI i

S Blackle. welts paoently for Bill

to I


t off at bus

S iioA. *iN iso '*w

.4- '. -- k -..

'5" j'




.4. :. .

-.-r ~'~'

*.. ,


~:' .tJ
k. ~

4 44.




li ,


;**." -,, :., '.-.07'r .1,

I -

, -

..' '
.1' (

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., -.. .. ..... .. o- a- u.....r-.. a m -- a a i., Pin a r u....r r,
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From-t. Iin arry jo rl t r n epl itddt Our a airman during Mrs. r
W trol s gry ac r nte y e t tle ronh U roups
he'd alinys met oo pl ems.t 1g tare. tawe .o t nsufr are: Mrs. Perelva bA, Mrs.a
I have reportedtbe episode Ioh I bel we.ere t4 st them, I Augurt C edeno, Mrs d %
r. etelim's ords a bs to show us a le i- Co Miss ist .
Se~at% USe imArmyde. F,.m .: ** B B.SE l*Julia Emlilalr. Mn.pll ellto er- -
S.. te ah e.. ,, andes, Mrs. Carmne de San
. i' i in I e t le, l elippo, Mrs. Lfais Lara de Va. \
.w amed theC a Ml s wo CGuaOaDr.. il. hlm t

R. iA lusa K wi'atj.- "It is wall stagedd and briianly bh t.. .id... xsu. Asna Mrs. Ad cl
K, the- wail -lit chapel of Aloat Ar ft>.._ s MSte i P rocat tiveO .. -e iy Mirror. Joly. Mrs. Humbarto LIegnadlur,
'lTrwor. e exe arsd ior. M arion L HtUri The rb Mrs. David tr e aplan, M rs. oh.m

The bridewho I thedBaghter of Mt. anbe Mrs. E waI'da a rd: TODAT at th6 W.I I It Ms.' Aade MetaraMs. Isa
o ne of Miami Fl orida woed a.tle qale t i at gowns erno'r Mary Crpresided~,a nd l yn ,*, API _. rtiAI a.m. io Mrs. ro Pi, l MSrs.
o fw a rdW biered at the bodiea wid ite s i i ati r 'I I ina s. Mrs..Fra inkt
aFr om.thi, e, pon rr Har 1 Nati raion" daVjAtjd -WWjl Jim. He hSmnoin, rs H ar
--t-- by. ShowUF the aai o ra abe nce.
hith seuis mae pao eoe a Mn.mmaebrPbercit T vanrmo, Mrt r Penelop
weCg agenp lps, jewslE. faa keC arbe tbher.fer Gilber Moeu me a rlu
ecklace earro gs whic wer gifts m- tre groom '6; s enohol hdar land, Ms. Fin it M rs. at the
r rt man ofyGirlim ps siov. Ji Maion Tialor, Mrs.h Morris Ly-
M ff "ber ri- an M r oi pai sl-.;l. ohs, lre..JuNT 'de C rrOa, Mrs..
t4 r- rol .c .omite edrd th m. mt dd d

AIs r.n.O0 Ir r e Gthest u e o i e the hanging Both Miss Curtis and Miss On"
i mmitte ha b JoIm- trunkad tre American Leion Auxi-
aIto etr a_ for making lthee Cmrriblnn

"e a b, begin th towich. .is. .rM t l to i H h Of rs.Club.he
,I sIntrid in", W the. Armed Noes avriaU--l mIIet La J"n s .a tetcel-tIos. pleae noI
r=A ..wc nu.A_ r_ Leg 7 a A 4eh s.aih fm his slu upm-oe1o the ollowing hostess elsprio
e. int thndrho le tha dTici a,- a sl a delencu. -stp.. r, of8 T,-e C.h e Utin to oo onTuuda, ov 6t |
rcle Ms.l. Ot1 OF TeA I." Base.T-Wthe O 'hv Mrs .a od I.tIs ei. Mnr mses 6t Mrs. "I
tonsf Vo. doat -r t Us h,
)eoef a tt on wi rra. a trbulent love air I ar-t6M ors
ah veidegshtitee ofr K ve ilOAYa IoFAI Fattrs.lom P6 Mr.Isa
dfer aIo .nr. th have ever E rrol'PitoMrs

Boutuotl of trAg up the r a ,_g qf eI K-

wasbowldt the nvol Gues trias Martan, d mnof ti-sM a01 et o DanceRobertWHsno askedeMrs.
ad into their homefat 571-B Cu- andhtero American Pens wofClaS-bt ears.and hasr achagM ars.Giberi
rud egt.en, whose gross arc joInt spn- aP.Peard annUm groups. tvcosdg
son. he sw, will meet withro
13 Uatnle For art Weak aommittee members -r Tuesday pgi A 'fflfl oad.
E Xain el At Thet for final ezh flhlpwa anLe rge uiU iM L'reu gestdoNnezMappyIrma.
an 019r.Mriing hei sonof he ar~eghtsWom

Ses o CI a t Fort Asador
'COLUMBIA RECORDS. Ttursda:, t : p.m. Admission
Popular and Clssuical 10" Records may se od s
N iOW ONLY $2.25 EACH woo dwd' wl, e

A m all down-payment i el eei.*.

IF PANAMAS"A at the Cmmut-Bua Mrs.
n I Ix 0.W6Aswearr 't IIan Gbusing meetft n W e e day
god Mrs. Bi et *reg3t!
45th St. No Tot .,1285 -d Mrs. VaRet V era dt-
ais sA. Mber.a Vttandedth
-- mehig were te MeAwmes, Lor-
raine tet Mel d A. Bembeek,
I _____ Gloria A. Brown. Annablle. Lap,
No o Frang Lilian Stillman,
Ellaboth Beo. Jad ole Jameg-

Sonr lM. A -eteo: Lia
IN-." u" I. ,.-asa. Mil, i s., v

S. teem wIth a tea tomorrow aft.

TsN i- .
thoo stdp, cal I- In
S1 afjt fIIfIji\ clu b.i nwas Cnlub

tem .-you. b -ro been em

.a. ted. Dr s.ILG. Kis-el
wpom rar Clu b
In a, LW d so CRISIS.

'*'*"ft 'r *a 'a *'- ',. ,^ .'A -asie at fc -A "' Ate 4PW -10i.* : O W rq 'ar


We have all your creative
mind 0Des. to produWr
level paltlg For th
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of t.ivery on ol.s weon. d it I
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rhose winners of afob isly who fall to tame Its
Sto wat until JaUrbU WI w
al delivery procedour.

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v.w" a co..e to

LEWIS SERVICE 5us4U6a4 44 Cla
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Only Pn offers 14 flights
a wea to Lima-.9 qc- take
off whenever Two
rsily top-ptch deale
SInser Americam, ^ flyi ,
DC-7s, afit Id ti
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mu11o's To Sponsor AnibaliGaWo8.aby Mooie b M r

nual Brazos Feature Ratains Bra'o Tn T% n e in CFwtaav,&maCarnel
-- -*~*** ~ne N ~ ~IU~EU SM' d tfIW--

Mkit Scores 6Length in

In $50 an FanCo FetSire

.,6-** *m-** % ...nw. .. .

CaMull's Jewelry Store of Front Street, Colon, -1
mponoring a elective drive Brookline tournament.tnt Cham ioonsh Football S
'iLth Braz.o Brook Country Club for the 14th se- /
=.'e year. 1':-
Prim, as usual, will be two Mido Multifort An alGando had no trou- OUTH *
watches for the winning pair and two pieces of bie in winning the final mateh nbI M ............ T te i "m.t. 14 .
erling silver for the team finishing in the runner. of te cha mpioa hltour I T ... T. r',- I S
P-olyr hathe, ,yms..r-e..valread at e. i 41g..
i p Ot. ounG ry Club hen he defeated V 4U. ..... y 6 .....
S .. .. authorized only with the r l veteran eor E elk d8 A 27 ........ M It ....... .,-, in l i- .-- ,Io s:
lyer. aveo d toNcrll a committee's consent. Iich *' _thurd club Talesa. t.......... ... l
re et r sheet o.. _the as musl," t be ed so as not at il a cell on. I .. .... .. .. .. --
t-in board at the club and inteodeerwi orderly pr ag- 1 W. L Cauubial 1 ,4
that haveit are urged to d the terament. Neither o9f the ih lisLat-plard 89 Me7.pbs S. mel 7 c.,. t 0 l.em -
a hurry partners are go- Tes will be settled -by 'dp tr bt o a the onm-Gaiden drtI g.. hwMta clp
LsIUrt. As iin previous ye ar s. dead" plar nl te event of e could e attrbted to ;L6"
itrerabip .I must have a combin- handicaps. by a. hele of i play iret could be attibu .... aI 142 a I .., ..
4.. .4L31 N W" 2f..WF W)
Shadi cap of not len than 16 or tthe difference S handleaps ngelke's very 'poor putting. 8 13!i ...... N..teer w j 2...., l T lI.?, J. 1, ,
ori than 32. I san even umber f stroke department in which he usually ..... 0 Iu. t..
y Nov. I % amuedlitebl is ana number cd strokes. excels.IS t. f.Yeah t i .P(.IIa. it
y the pabings for h If for an unavoidable reason n o h aece .._._ h*.frtS. a l. .,.' 7I r, 4"
al a t play will individual player Is unable to Play I the S--t.14W .
In s ch y a cular match, a substitute flight Al Nordstrom continuteo m A *.- Moish W D- CdIr
o lrule a. n, -will be permitted. The substituted o d io up thIe handleapper 0I.a 1 ..., i Ky. 0 .-' ';
.' men"t CommitteepMl rt m a ha e &,r, ua to het C. h.l, o -C... C... ..,l

not les than the Pwqer for 20
he is subst n ,itui an wilbe rA d ATe n ......0 u I ml b 3 .I .144
Kutfit on the basis of theoriginal team'sC-.....-1
s.Ins1ry.ound, Nord trom's ... MI- u** ...... Alp
SThe usual Club tournament ee 17 handOi enabled him to Ja R 2 ...... WI. Cae T hT Inega 4 ... N. .. 6 e 1.0
_'s welry store of Frost .f -1.00 a men w .l -be assessed mbeak par. In defeating .DoC LW. La. .......L.... 14 e 14 .....T SWTau ..l M7 '
Stakes pasu M in order to enable the Tounament r in one of the earlier Llville STl ... Me d y) C A .. Okl. AM St
20- hAnnual Mido, Committee to bulld up a fund fe w low .... -r. 7 wr le ed t eond l f 10.
admit_? Drive Broo-, future Club tournaments rounds, he went as low aLM. Imi't U 0-es .0..? .) .. ........ B te, fi t doule uto ,saS. 2e0

r ithlteam wil Vl&d (Me )7.. 27 1mt Mb1N. a 40 a

will recve .w iur football for 1955 John MorrisCor er 4 ........ APa 14 Adsi-.STs .27. W. 1.ore iitots a-r l a
I. sn- 3,d (hiseature win, es e *2.20. t4..

-to toe la oye then c1 am u 0 M wd e (Dame 45 7 ........ PriAs s (Temp M AWa otit t r r -Turf L i .
Ll ar. th e t F rtde y fo P e7 1 ........... Km.Vi a 7 A i 5. 40 ....... Mp 10
P. AI. rltye6 moffa-the ad agu eatmleotea Highseod R Te (Buckea e) YCaath 14e............-a" 2 & A 'S. 13.. r 3 re an t i

mea ns enbyiules, th e sop toillbe$ Miag er (Ti Bur 0l) ... .en ,Vl -..... TA 5....2K.6eGlaD
m ate hbo -issfld a. tmW-e niBois Warren -Marquard (Indiao s) M. C. S .. ... s. l- .I.-i.AR WT Onehew d o b8 o

matp his-team sof ad-tPayingoiler hedor B aeMa a ........* s Mnr ..........M.IN ,4 C 0so .c Io 8,.H. ,j I
VL rdar_... u- ..makT~ernlo-n, LJeste and .JIM .. u oT H*A*1&........ Lb 12V C l iAS 47 ....... 8fhsl__fo.. .Club.2._
Sl _. i to attend eitheS m or a the the 2 ......... 0 PAR WI2... Air A. for he o
er gameinhl w. srt at 3:30 ....-r...A a 14 Cole-. o ... .......-i.. 7 .old g
d ieuA tar teamt p.m. These two amge wVs l e ............ P e S- 24e ....... l 7. ibi __.y -,-'. --E
.... h5 i -iri-- -10an the innovu on-tried for the fi rst d ISe W .......... r 7 S am ss :: .... Th il 0 $2ht dm he .a. o l S... ..._. il i .. 4 M S .

r a tiw rringlinea atey Intramincedral program ytead ofe Wsml T40. 2 ......W N. w M e2 ... ..k.IttslaCm erb talo win er
S I i Al the o earning o flag e te M hb or 2w .... .. ...Tl bem 6 Lh ks 2 ...... C ..... h l p "
w nL 'beay they gS ,Bd,,,) they wiItBalbo each wear two flagcti ............ Mai. 0 NeWsh. 2 ......... W. h. berto M~~urt to r.
wlSl be = byS.thei r Si r u. aitordno hting on eah0 hp6, P.lItg If enlser M ...m 4 .......... Tle _e.__ 0i Cl.,.a.. 20 .#-O,.geyMa TeoeiW 7A^M ^.-I'
rul vM' ided n a l na te aby the defend wil an e ICpu.lael ... Ne.alt, 0 Wie i9: ....,. :. a_ s -.
E- b RO ld Chn i

A M..c Wi s142.i W. I i .- ........... P .t 1^ .. .
o m ie tooeanm h (BonerLeagues Btandingd in the two leage s ... c.BiLe c s l *7.......... -

.& d g ng to TheU cordial y. lawn"m 16 S t 7 .. poeI-,.
w-Las to attndeither or bothdia 04.Wisoled 32 ..: e n 0Pa orh oup tiu -
Lebow er 0k e z0t a .a ,.14 da35.*......,.m .. sh ouldg

beonTpl anwi annovation to rec m the rt i s. .. .. ..7 Sm h.b..... l
a.M di I It '"'r- .... Itme in the Canal Zone *schools mi 47 ........ ti"m 0 Wa. suo .e. 28 ...3. Cu. *. .4 N' 0b7' .M
am'an .. 'FrIac i otam a lp mL o -a _i ...... s ..... r.n ."

e- -theboys wes ae -- __s 26........ IK O.e 31. .. ...31. p.. I I.'
L-'t-. aod in l theb do f At bi r:: s a p. 29i .... m -l:.. 4 M _LFres h l t..Le.... SSlBM .4f
., Put ,1Do ) they will each wear tyo flgs,7 61 s4......... E. s L -Wash 32......... W. ll"
-hi ?, -. ..._(Fightingon-ec hpOuligM _a.. ....... ish 0_,. .. c .. a .. C e es
s A oviled"- l fla by the defense will sau iMAe 6 .....Ne... 1. 0 W Ji9.....P. Lust. 1 J,"9i

Al l, 6. ... Tlee h 34 1 i a* -81. Pear" I
bed yea-I34 .-w M..a 4 'tea.l46 .....N. Pl--, 1 13"3-
&e vn oermakers) Sa da 3t i. ..n. aa t .--0 9" 13. ..9.. ... 2a...e"x. ... .sel. 7o
eu, B.. ..... .. .. ......._.... 13Se.l. .i..,M.. afi ,14
.mI-- I -m.". .....ah a40. _... .- I .Itc... .%i --. .
eB--TeawB ..Dy 'cb', T W Si i .21.... 11 l .... '
BY.L ear. F (Mustang) ,,an 9...158m,4. .01 .. ..10.. .
Team We .st W.I7 TO EWY....& 0 C 26. -
U glPl CBolleW makes ... 0d-m "0 .t
am.. 08(Trotus) Fighting Irish ... 5 3 It .e...... -- .. t"I- "- ,'
-t abl.O tro, s- ,.. .... .. A W %flr2N. nj AOT2L Ph.P...A M3&. I -, m_ ..
(-iiMus--tao) -M ... .. 1 v .. ......_. 414 1 m 2 ..... .. Cuut. _ ..' A ............ UW ord I
-6- ..... .. .. .

L,.'I L2 D..JC .AlleOCe LeagueaAploBshr teamsWon .. ...... a! .2...M L. St._ 47t m-byhA r U 7
anehrsaya...........CasA 4kba.tIV, ,
AN... se l.. ... Va..--I".
ACE-LINE..SANTA /t Fl1Tam2 AN,.... I .Z .-i j"
wit bse (tadfaN s). !Lt a....' _;, (

COAST ---O---SOUTH--AMERICA---Slie----- -.J r-7
"a -. ..PMF & WES COASTt.I i- ,l-,ip
'1 I-- m,-# ...I =via! : _.; e a oi ,Ml d! m~,1il I ~ l"l~t~l~ / '5! ;+ ,-_ l..!O
I-~~F= _-__, -. !.I_!im--r I~! I.. il __ .! i 1 ":"..':"""..

77 Nr
T lthAND CRISTOBAl., C. L 'Taa tt I t
.. : :-i *mr.
Pt.I2L~. .... a .-1-' t.we-. +i r ...1"" ,"
A, C.L1013 H
... -I..S a r., ...E" C qpo *-,.-

N(IES CO. .li't

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L __ _~~_ _____~_ I__~_ ~III __



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:' ." '*i y '*.-..- 7* *' :' .:."'i -. "..*-' ; ". -- ^ '*^ .. '*
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- a rz .. .''* ? .. ...,. 1e i-
",i '*^^ ^t^^' -- ^.*.^^^ n" i" --y ^' K1 ,
..~~~~~~~ 77, ,.-.I. .
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becmw "they test good.-ond
are ,acy on my pt0kIwbnk."

A And the man's right. VICEROYS tote good
ibcausi they ar good. Although VICEROYS
ore made from the finest, -most expensive
tobaccos on the market, their price is within
Everyone's reach.

-6 Cae0 :4.


4 .4 1~

. / -.

A ereflly selected bled of
finest imported tobaccos.

hei world's


*v -- .C S O W":' -*-. .


; -,: *.
.. .. >, .

The 20,000 ,4.3 -.

per-filter pIebW h'
from getting in your ea i '
from tckinrto your lip. .
': .. *. .:"

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.rr~-- ~'K. A,-

- _I..:" -
*I .1 -

John M.conoghy Li
J ,,
-"_____ I I I ** II' ___ ..*; .-.

"Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.
iU...... ..... S ....... --- iS--LS w. ZLiIZ .aEE 3t'yI



Israel Seen

UN's Secret Ceasefire

WASHINGTON, Nov. 7 tUP)- to speculate what action might Israel Is expected to hand the
Assistant Secreiar, of State be taken should full-scale war State Department soon a detail-
AsisGeorge V. Allen sa d yesterday break out. ed request for "defens ve we p-
be believes Egypt an d .Israel Asked about chances of.sellina ons." Some sources here said theo
"very w bele might" accent the U.S. arms to Israel. Allen sa idUnited States may provide some
very wiell mNatl pracce for a any such request will be "con- anti-aircraft, anti tank and
neaise-ftre in their bloody border sidered sympathetically?" other armaments if an Invest-
fighting. .
Asked to justify this view. Al-
len sald both countries now
realize they have reached the
point where "the spark woula
set off the flame" of al-out war
in the Middle East.
He also cited the pressure of
world opinion and the strong
b.s. anti-war stand as deter-
rents to further fighting. Allen,
apr.eared on the ABC-TV pro-
gr- m, "College Conference. "
A llen referred to the sharply-
wo-ded notes he handed the Is.
raell and Egyptlan envoys Rot-
rtrday, charging them with vio-
latirit armistice agreements and .
calling on them to end "blood-
shed and loss. of life.". ..t -
He said the aMbassadors "both
assured me neitl r country had
any intention of starting an),a'-
Aresiive war." He said they
seemed 1"ge ineIen there decla-
rations," which made hWn feel
optImistc about the chances of
Allen. who has charge of Mlid-
pa rment, expressed again this
government's "very grave con-
cern" over the sale t Comm'
A-ted whether the U.N.
m Tht have to send military

sd' n "that proposal 1Z.-. w
be.n wue.. ot IQ t ARMS AID -OB ISRAEL-Abbli Eban (left),
i re said. the United State# is IsIl laAmbasaadoi Lu the U.S. and the United Nations, points
e9" emitted along with Britain, to t14e trAuble Spo on the fgyptlan-Israell border, as he an-
and France to do "evorythtg Ibawer st alons at a news cr'a esnoe in New York. eban said
possible" to keep the frontiers at -l4iwould e going to Waieh hgton shortly to request arus
p~ eithe Egypt or IVrael from t.oe ney nV. R.-supplied armarme t,.
upset anYd violated. But he refused II a Justn .mnrals press officer at the' i .

r IarDeer lFound b rgida Forgives Katy

GUELPHrOnc1t., waer. Slurs At Her Anatomy
Who l t the bIl iW to. he women's
dormitory? o
SA hasty meeting of students a
deans was called at Ontsd.i A-o ; PARI$S -Nov. 7 (UP) -. G na "You see I believe that girli
cultural College today-t fled6W.t L .obrlgida said today she has ws sick with jealousy that is the
answer. fogen Mix eo's shapely Katy only explanation for all thel nasty
A woman 6mploye found i 100 rado for having charged t hp t things she said aboutme and a r
pound bul saeep bn a a'-..a- the Italian's world renowned hostile attitude towatrs i e, i
downstairs room of a residence for, urves ar not natural. iwas the star and she had.onyly a
womne students when shewent toj I, an exclusive United Press secondary roI e. Photographers
work this morning. The ceids abo, interviewGinas told of how for and newspapermen surrounded'
w.: e asleep. the'pust atree months she feudedime and left he almost alone.
But apparently the bull had run witi Katy during the shooting of She, who in Mexico is a great
wild in the library lounge beforeSir -Carol f need's "Trapeze'" ftI- personality, was not used to that
dropping off to sleep. Lamps were ed at Cirque D'liver (winter cir-- ind of treatment and she greatly
upset and rugs ruined. cu here. resented it,' Gina said.
Dr. Margiret MeReady, dorm-I "Katy came.up to me and told
.tory principal, wa ne thing. "It me u Italian she was sorry for The feud was anxiously watched
was one of the filthiest tricks ev- the nasty things she had said. a- by the pairs partners In the film
er pulled on us," she snapped. bout me and asked me to accept which stars Gina and Burt Las-i
"This time the male students have 'her apologies. caster. Fortunately Gina and Kas-
bitten off. more than they can 'I was so surprised she could ty wAre never called to film a
chew." speak Italian-we had not ex- scee- together. And the feud was
'Ih a'esi: e word in th iMLe B to aoneslided "battle of
,- ] *forgave her on the spot," saidproving te most outspoken..
u AGina.
w E rope Among the many charges made To whoever wanted to hear it Ka.
by Katy was this one, w h i c h ty denounced Gina as "an artifi-
was said to have outraged Gina: eial beauty" who made use of hu-
C a og ut I'tThe only thing true about man guiles to Improve nature's
-bar the lower back part-a ad gifts. Thus,' Katy char m, Gina
Fresh off the printing press that s pretty ugly." ,made ample use of makeup and
to the new general catalog Of, The statement appeared in a false eyelashes as well as devices
European Furniture Store for French weekly magazine w h ch to' enhance her figure.
AggI. ,.contained a bitter attack against
ar better than last year's., Gina reportedly made by Katy. Ginat took refuge from t he se
Sthes issue includes nearly 100: Accordiug to persons who took attacks -in a contemptuous silence
talf-tones of the fanciest as- part in the film shooting the fight heakltog it oQly rarely t.o raise
sortment of mahogany furniture between Gina and Katy began al- her ahoulders witr a disdainful
W imported household items most tha- first day production lady-like snort w h e n e v e r she
Wr'm top American and Euro- started last July. For t h r ee heard about Katy's latest remarks
ei n manufacturers months the pair never exchanged about 4her..
Mercuuo) a word and took pains not to be. "But it is all forgotten no w,"
S. on the settings together. said Gina.,


As Accepting


nation shows they are needed to
balance the Communst ship-
ments to Egpt.
'For the lW being, howIr,
U.S. officials are trying to d y-.
erything posable to pt evPt
arms race, which waorts 14 t
Increase tensilo i te po -'
keg area.
Allen said Egypt a roshed-
the United States With a WprpO
al to buy some 27 million dbcs
worth of rms before it made
the deal to obtain between 75
million and 100 million dollars
worth from Communuis CaechD-
He said thfn country still was
considering the proposal but
Egypt took tle position it had
been turned down.
The' U.N. Middle ea4t truce
chief-Canadian MaJ. Gen. E.L
M. Burns-has arrived at- Lydda
and is heading for a meeting
with Israel Foreign -Minister
Sharett. Burns later plan; to
meet Egyptian Premier asser
to sound out both sides oni se-
cret U.N. oeace plan for- the
troubled Middle East.
Meanwhile, an Israeli military
.spokesman denied knowledge of
0usb reports that Syripn forces
Shot dwn an Israeli plane. -A
report In Cairo ireeited froal
Beirut said the Isrieli plant
crashed Inside Lebanon and ione
of the crew members was saved.
The-spokesman also said that'
Arabi from. Jordan placed ex-
plosived in two houses of a set-
tlement betweeW-Halfa and Tel-
Aviv, He'. sad there WAS some
damage but o asuaultles. Hee
added ..that Israeli authorities
found footsteps leading to the
Jordan border. They complained
to U.N. truce supervisors.

Retired PC Pilot

Dennis S. Heath

Dies In Mass.

News of the death of Captain
Dennis -8. Heath,retired Pana -
ma Canal Pilolt in Gloucester.,
Massachusetts, ion Oct. 91' has1
been received by friends on the
Isthmus. He as 66 years old.
.Captain He retired from
the Canal service In. January
1951 after more than '2 yetrs oi
service. A native fpt avannah.-
Georgia, he wg i#rst employed
as towboat maste In thA Marine
Division in F .bruary 1921, He
left the servl that year
and was toefl= 1926 as
Pilot-in-Tr afIh. k; W service
was continuous fmtheMin until
his retiremen .. .
Captain Heath- as well known
on, the Paodfbl-$* where he
made his b. oa*Swas an ama-
teur photographer apd had one
of the fiin collections of i-plc-
tures of an yM e',Wtbe Isthmus.
Following Ift' tert;' t he'
went to Glo0-t-.t' iske his
home. Be l at the
home of CaIS..nOon.,
former Balboa 'Asalstant Port
Captain a id ;Mrs. Swnson on
Saturday n iht nl was appar-
ently In h hea .
He was stricken Ml on Sunday,
October 30S and was taken to a
hospital where he died early
Monday morning.
He is survhyld by a brother
and h-is daughter, isabeth,
who is new carried and lives in
Texas. -
Interment was In Fort Lee,
New Jersey, where his wife who
died before his retirement, I

* s. N S ..
Wts ..MidM

M.i "- -,* .. .*

lsL Lamb U 5e) of
uiversdty wF .share
Nobel PrIe.ltplP1Y
lumbia UrirMJty, .l
Ms strengthened ba
t. about ,:-J

. a

u sAbov"Y o
,.K r Xtry and PI
a in at the 1
$kfer.physes. Eac
xw irective $l13

i Coco
hut At9 Co

Eleven babies wer
C0o Bolo Hospital du
S." ending at. m
teneday, .November
. h o,.the weekly hoa
Atflrtg that tli
oIWn.'were admitted

ogof c6rt D
ao S and Mr

ahly, of Fort Onlick,
ilabtes were ;born M
IwW ijpreept- of _'
natIonay: Mr. and-
H. Cox of Colon, dai
and Mrs. Pranciseo
Colon, daughter; Mr.
Gordon orgases. of 3
ty, sn.

By Russ Winterbothamt end Ed K


I, I.

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-'S '\-- ... _t -.--.

rof. Wilt

sic tl*b-
,p of the

,CEENtWOOD io, .; Nov. -7-
i (!J-tte prosecutors tomorrow .
:ais the Leiore ~punty grgyuj
Eu to indict for the kidnapei
of Emmett Till te two-me whe
were acquitted in, the widy--
Ilseda "wolf whte" =i
of the young Chicago Negro.
The grand jury will coslder.I
tate ehar at tore-owner R
aiot, "a- An 'isa half-brother,H
J. W. Mam, abducted th
S ati amering 14-year old Negro
fro m te bmIe tf a relative lassI
,rotPoly F A'. -. 9, 1
)f tPMn- Bryant and Malla', who have
. V Is been free o boArd since shortly
l95 N obel after they wther acuItted a thies
Sof o spectacular Ti-y.n urder trial Sept'
S % 2, r c willoprobt lr. tand trial for
- kIdpaipyng latq; thijapeath, Pos-,.
uI. i. Aov. StX ind lfz d.t I
The grand jury is expected to r
|# .act on the Indictments tamoreOW
or Tuesday. p oevear, three IU a
e b n stability the defe.-e w _il ast h
rg- fra de es maxy inum pt alumenti a l
d- court term. .

ltDi re- s t.. "
S e. At St anni. aSadru ai .
he would advise thpla ord jury oF
sow two state khIdc lW as wIone
S whieb providesZ t.hapiry YSar.,
e bor, in seo the penalty at death. V other
irig-. th e es maximum punishment at -
2t.dn4 bht 76irT.

Br- 28-year-old constriei n work-
. t dr er.-The ware ld 4n the a n
' SO lergI accomplice orvestigaio i
OFto Ist back his
!*nd .L The reed pt- l aci Ifl-d
S saturday night wm t -the arrest .
rl io of the husband. Gea;re lchiy-
sob; ler, 37, and David E. L JteQWe*tan,
er. erThey were ,.eld hi the aIn
-return to ha m ,o invest Of

SOW kiaattent. n. pl.
Ie Lt. whitm n Oan

^ .tt"t. .." "" .
ad Temple ton&amted tlehiBd

$r. bean of fere d-
lesbtfJu gave jis w~"g~ t his
Andi a w rqIn o thkh-00: *w)'ld
1* return te him I ta* -

S Te officer
waa. wala h I a

-. a Hr. -e o from. a. ..

; b u ... ...




-(UP) -Se- hlt.
tr. .-f r-- i .,.-nt;e four t it The

bCh ththeon Our
rnfofia opercane
t ir sefr d 'the I fo arla

.ie' a o f theGCoUl d W
-bstUhewir br-n Ot ryr-
la &o.rn e ts or. ffl aj -il

e the S n nei- .- t .6"rrig aidp eA. -. l. tr-ie..

twor bareRueIan p aat- J
nViiadt WASro0 p
S a d .-ei a ,g "for.'.b-f g- et.l''S .t M a'-- .,,
dat at -to .-, -ta- est. r w Le*4 e -13 S t ..r...a t ,

tib sfIatnl onif the Co e Wa o e w a It

f air o rItnio It orl
aef oetrth Inso t top- e .eal r t w :thI.ethe,.r.i:

S h..t i X "ter ssa n w e ,- .c T At

ee dT i arn ran itt A'
_ai -. .he. go e n o. e e n k.a-.r.-, .. .. ..
ae.r t ,.r .dete goe .rn- --t d6M 4.L-

at defected to th wetHe bf by j" (WtCt
.3. b deAl OIf the ancd t s wh o.t--M m.- ew.-. t.e. ."a -
u 7ere t- a Mceasn.stivee n Bl ilg-a E a edetmade. "
i-s. roo-nt. the. Ge ut

l et r evatn. aethe8nd enes al tidu* .t.e t b, f ;fl i
ppeir ethe forced tipe deil r d- .tew. roWregp fc I* IttPtegi a
len 1 a. d iM acea hatd 5h ..e ,-W% ...W4., OO .1-.. q.. lo w s u |

1 oo dWle-gn -ce. Fj maw-fi S^

07Peop le* I a l
- The "wspap",, a. -S
d -esoI tn O aB ar bungling = bZ- to. .R i .._0 t
1e tl oc than-b oren Brit- '
*C oo n tshend on t he l .. ', _
, m- ,''* *ase d'.'". .. '- O '- *-,.
PO Peol Rou t the sordid-A "3'" :"-. .,"",;, 'i.n

l* nde organization in Australia l d. a?. .. wni.. ou- a ..m t lagld thievf_
but- sfelier to othe west. Co a S" tr" ..-nde 3.- ,L Q. OGWA -.wto.m
-Ave doefl of the activities O f who tol d.,.-b.theyg ai.ned
l:ffa Oe bI.MaLean. WS. time onoc* ... adult _a.mih
. ^owtoP+ ,mid-.he opn 'AM ,oY. West woul .eto ocfS4 W ...W.W
I efro olf-ie, t paratt l .'.;II rolm the. D.M.." -p
White *Vaer re+ealln ... "."*fi awten,7wOt
l en V mr Pt e trot5 v MH. Io, the Fore*.. ._.... nf. .. .. ., .
i m4 anaeLe in uttmt,, wa" .ndlea ae th(. Ie was Iu.ko_.
I bt' der*6 before thethe wes. He ,w. r ta_ ..-'r((w.: a- eSuf.on,.^

I gg Putlklt M "4 former .... < j.,, "

$ the:West


".us ) ~ack-
s5#tI ow
to the
op. ande their
r Adur traffic
wn treoe where
;..ela av-
gn ..-qt b-
Ad'^ Olt,
t .ufe m been

- 4. '.l. *'..' .. '
LiD .IG ystailtzation of purified, pollomnelitis
'-. th+flfRs'1.i dr.aolial ietft virt'has ever
n crystalld -- w- wo t by iW&.` rAN e of Cali-
nia sclentbu; DI. W f'it.u.ut .a Dr. parl-
:3. Schtar ,-( 410cove epqr ta
sting of the- Ac Aeqdtey of a te- Caifor-
- Institute of rit-dlpgy- pad will greatly assist in re-
sea ch due to tow- pttry- ot crystal.
-.. -_"' -I ". .... '- .

- I '

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ht7 o .e o
.. 7 Y



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st TEAR ,,, __,,,,,,,,, .,,,,,
-a-**---- 1-**** *


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S~ra~~z c~.. ..-


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