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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Syeted ad E'senhower Makes
The Panama Suprqme Court
yesterday ejected a defee se
petition to have that body re .
view the trial and conviction f-
ex-President Jo s Ramon OG I
nton of pident Jose opeful Prediction
nio Remon on Jan. 2.
The court ruled that it lacks
jurisdiction to review the daseIsI
which ended with the ImpositionB ed
tence on Oulzado by the Nation-
al Assembly. *- -
The vote was 5 to 2 in favor -
of the reaction. VOto in favor ,DENVER, Oct. 26 (UP).- President Elsenhower pro-
of it were Justices GilU pla Es- dicted hopefully from his sick bed today that the Russians
cobar, Jose M. Vasquez aand
Elcardo A. Morales. Against the in the Big Four foreign ministers meeting which opens at
rejection were Justice E. G. Geneva tomorrow would supply evidence of a "genuine
Abrahams and J. J. Garrido. spirit" for- pea.
Oulzado's defense lawyer, Pe- sp or peace.
11pe Juan Escobar, is quoted as In a public statement, he commended to the Soviets
saying hewurill decal the 8U' the Western three.power plan for European security which
According to the majority de- Secretary of State John Foster Dullees will present to the
cision, the National Assembly Big Four.
bas complete jurisdiction over g ur
trials involving a President and The so-called package plan porter for news media on the
ti a Supreme Court s. not @m- designed to lead to German re- west terrace which adjoins his
powered to revise the findings Of unification was approved by the sulte.
the law-making body. president in a hospital bedside It was a warm, sunny day
A minority opinion prese iea conference with Dulles last which caused the chief executive
by Abrahams maintained that wee before the secretary left to squint slightly from the glare
GulzadO was tried for common for Europe, as he sat in a wheel chair.
offense and not for a violation The President, in his public He posed for eight minutes of
of the Constitution aswasthe statement from Fitzaslmons Ar- picture-taking before White
case of President Arnulfo Arias my hospital where he is recov- House press secretary James C.
In 1952 when the Supreme Court ering. from a ept. 24 heart at- Hagerty told the group the sesa-
took a similar stand. tack, said the Western propos- slog was epncluded.
als "will be designed to promote The President loked "very
h I a peace of justice, with Increas- healthy" for his first picture
Fa r edsecurity and well-being for since hi- coronary thrombosis
all." attack United Pread staff pho-
SN V NY i gM The security plan endorsed by tographer Stan Tretick said aft-
fl ii the president was approved over erward.
the put wPend in p ast by
Dullis, Brit foreln sectary The one reporter present,
ral Al PIw Harold Marffn a Fench 0.rtt D. orner, of the
forel WI4 "a g y.W ton dMr. a-
(UP) .a l e'p l about the
JRJsgf f A POy fii- .yfV^ tsS S EEMS&.-,^ r'F >itia


'El Tiempo'


Draws Fire

Colombia today protested to
the Panama government over a
recent National Assembly reso-
lution denouncidx the closing of
the Colombian newspaper El
The Colombian Ambassador to
Panama this morning presented
an official protest to the Pan-
ama Foreign Ministry over the
Assembly's action, which was
regarded as against the prin-
cipl.s of no intervention Into
anm \er country's internal af-
EL Tiempo was closed down
83 days ago by the government
of President Ouatavo Rojas Pl-

Faure May Ask

Confidence Vote

in Today's Debate
* PARIS, Oct. 26-(UP)-The
French cabinet today authoriz-
ed premier Edgar Faure to put
the question of confidence If
necessary during the crucial
North African debate before the
National Assembly beginning
this afternoon.

Israel Urgently Seeking

Arms Parity With Egypt
a- C

PARIS, Oct. 28 (UP) Israeli
Premier Moshe Sharett today y
sought arms parity with Egypt in
a series of urgent pro Geneva
conferences with Secretary of
State John Foster Dunes and the
other Big Three foreign ministers.
The Soviet bid for power in
the Middle East thregh Com-
munist arms shipments to E-
gypt exploded ito the biggest
outside issue of the Geneva con-
ference which starts tomorrow.
Dulles, Fernch foreign minister
Antoine Pinay and British foreign
secretary Harold Macrillan al-
ready had reached "complete a-
greement" with themselves and d
their NATO allies on the program
they will present to Soviet for-
eign minister Vyacheslav M. Mo-
But the disturbing Middle East-
picture and the threat of an Is-
raeli-Arab war posed urgentprob-
lems and the Big Three had less
than 24 hours to frame their posi-
tion for possible talks with the
The urgent discussions on t h e
Middle East Were shunted aside
yesterday in the Big Three's suc-
cessful struggle to win unaninous
NATO support of their policies
based on the reunification of Ger-
many and an European-wide se-
curity plan.
Sharett began the series of
talks by meeting with French
Premier Edar Faure and Pluay
for 40 minutes last night,,accom-
panied by Jacob Itsur, Israeli am-
ba dor to Paris.
"eanWbUe Egyptian armea,d

Maj. Dan Gov, the spokesman,
said the Egyptian forces withdrew
after inflicting casualties on four
Israeli policemen and abducting
two other policemen.
Gov told newsmen two Vam-
pire jets of the type used by the
Egyptian Air Force were observed
flying low over the Huley area
well within Israeli territory yes-
The United States has new In-
formation that the Soviet b l o c
has approached Israel regarding
a possible arms deal, it was dis-
closed in Washington today.
Diplomats fear that shipment of
Communist arms to Israel, hard
on 'the heels of deliveries to E-
gypt, would show that Moscow is
promoting a conflict in the Mid-
dle East.
Disclosure of the Communist
moves toward Israel were m a d e
by a State Department s p o k e a-
man, who rejected an earlier of-
ficial Moscow denial that the tran-
saction was under consideration.
The State Department on Oct.
'12 said it had some information
indicating that he Soviet bloc
"may be making an approach to
an offer of arms for Israel." This
followed confirmation that Egypt
had agreed to buy Czech arms.
" Moscow's official news agency,
Tass, said Sunday that the State
Department s statement was bas-
ed on "pure fabrication designed
to mislead word public opinion."
The state department, said the
Russians must be "quibbling over


Oh.1 '

4 1!:


"Let the people know the truth and the country is fei" Abraham Lincoln.


-own 0

Foreign Ministers

Meeting Rouses

Little Optimism .

1 -0 -
GENEVA, Oct. 26 (UP) The Big Four fore 1
ministers headed today for Geneva to resume their seaoth
for a Cold War settlement but the high hopes arouse -
by the "Summit" conference in July were noticealk
thinner. -
The "Spirit of Geneva" was fading fast.
There was only slight optimism that this meeting
would achieve anything more than keeping the talks go'
ing-something that both sides agreed was immensity
preferable to a hot atomic war.
The ministers expected- tomeet for three weeks, and
unless someone pulled a major surprise, diplomats al- 4.
ready in Geneva believed the meeting merely would pave
the way for another Big Four session early next year.
On its program the conference ters they had to cancel plans
had the three main Issues with for a further meeting on the et.
which the Big Four heads of plosive Middle Egat situation.'
state wrestled with for a week The insistence of the lttle
in July-German reunification, powers to have their -
European security and disarm- brought several minor r. ,
alnent. .... in.aft of1 tWs

ta--th '
Chrittlan DIpr, glsF w ath,
The Houe of La nd the
.Huse of Pato instied he point
court action against i sgaer
Frederick Mlton. ie lt, to be
ied in lew York Jat supreme
court, was seen a climax of
d d omifuaints of the
des iis'diftkt'th e fashion~
that their come is drastically
cut every year because many of
thaen designs ure pirated before
they can be sold at exclusives.
Milton denied the "piracy"
The designers charged at a Par-
is ress conference yesterday that
Milton was the head of a fashion
pirate chain which sold sketches
of the designers' creations to A-
merican fain houses.
The Paris designers create
their new styles in an atmo-e-
sphere of top secrecy not unlike
a hush hush military project.
Properly accredited news photo-
graphs o fashions only at the ac-
tual showing, and, even the n,
they are under a strict promise
not to publish'or display them
publicly or evqn within the trade
until the release date.
The designers did not outline a-
ny details of Miltoa'salleged o-
pirate chein which sold.i a sketches
from their last fall collections
143 sketches of Dior models, 91
from Fath, 50 from Patou and 21
from Lanvin.

High Wks Brg

'Board lI Bashn

Order I BaIa

and without r
threat to the I e of
anfltaeae In Eastern Rsiepe.
The Western aim, of-ourse,
was &viet consent to remuifica-
tilno the East and West onae
of (lermany.
alies said when he was In
Deaner last week that he had
hopes of "concrete progress" to-
ward reunification.
"We shall an of us follow w4ih
eagerness the developments at
Geneva," the President said to-
day. "For they will go far to
demonstrate whether the 'Spirit
of Geneva' marks a genuine
change and will actually be pro-
ductive of the peaceful progress
for which the whole world
President Elsenhewer--4k-
Ing a few .namisted -steps-
aetusily' walked yesterday for
th first time since beeeming
m and also met photographers
in an historic eIght-moiute
picture-taking session.
The chief executive had stood
alone and stepped onto a pair
of scales two days ago.
He also had been photograph-
ed informally at long range
while sunning on the terrace
outside his eighth floor room at
Pitasimons Army Hospital.
But this was the first time he
really had undertaken to walk
alone and also the first time he
had been photographed close-up
In the four and one-half weeks
he has been a patient at Fit-
Mr. EMasenhower, Jovial and
Jaunty n a pair of red paiseja
mas the White House eares-
pondents and pheteraphemn
had given him plus acewbr-
style necktie, greeted tre il

*Mant. Heas n uite tan-
ned as h"i s IsN eks a ,biS
almost as muchh"
The Prodient engaged Io a
gay exchange with the amm-
semen during their t-'
minutd Smy on the t "ae9
wfth him.
IIt's bewg a l nt ine
*ve seetob W etewws," be sad
with a broW smile. "You've been
working had I suppose."
As mebIbers of the hospital
medical atdf gathered Around
him for group picture, Mr.
Elsenhoweir' remarked on he
weather, "Gee this is nice; I
thought it was going to be

Earlier Mr. Eisenhower had
gotten out of bed and walked
one or two steps to an easy
chair. He repeated the perform-
ance several times during the
After the picture session, the
President was rolled in- his
wheel chair to a more advanta-
geous place on the terrace
where he had a 30-minute sun-

I, THACA, N.Y., Oct. 26-(UP)
-Motorists may soon purchase
fresh eggs from a vending ma-
chine right on the farm..
Cornell University has Install-
ed a self-service egg dispenser
for research purposes.
The apparatus costs about $1,-
250. The idea behind Its devel-
opment Is te aid poultrymen who
sell eggs on the farm.
The farmer could be away or
busy with other chores while

"BoardlOX in the basin" has cameramien and ope pool re the machine sell eggs.
be the orr of the Port of --- -
s o agistthe w RP By Sentenced To 30 Days
su agaist thaheavy
aheavy ReleaedlIn Mother's Custody
=ls thm have been blowing'
*0r almost a week on the PacificRe a ine s Cust y
Coast he Isthmus, the board-
tang launches have waited until
incoming ships reached the -
calmer waters of the inner bar- A 12-year-old Panamanian lad attempting to "take, steal and
bor before coming alongside, was sentenced ia Balboa Magis. 'arry away" the screen from
;Usuallycuatoms and immigra- trate's Court this morning to 3 building 285 on Cuaebra Road.
tio men shlppln agents and daan mI jail for the attempted (t was unoccupied.
others ha with In- theft of 30-cents worth of screen The charge first lodged a-
coming vesse b d them in wire from the window of an An- qainst the boy was that of
the outer harbor to et the con urters building. However, burglary, but this was dismiss-
technicalities of transit or dock- the sentence for young Jose An- ad on motion of Acting District
a attended to before the ship tono Tuh6n wasuspended, and Attorney Morton Thomson. The
reaches the Cana ItslIf. he was Dplced on probation for, lese.- charge of attempted petit
Waterfront sources said today a period of one Year, He was re- larceny, under Which he was
it ws blfor Pacific ide leased In the cwtody of Ids mo- found guitly, wassubstituted
breeans be so trong for six their. who Is employed as t do-
ays rMJunni a to reqttreq mestle. The family lives In the The screen wire theft was one
In the basin. ChorrtlWo section of Panama. more in the long line of such
Atlantic side observers report- This was the third time the theveries which detectives of
ed no heavy winds butirring boy had been taken into the Panama NaMOhal Guard
the wats of LImon Boar* So1 a seF u" e C !1 and Vn be
ing Is baing done n e a ian do dthe Canaly been S mpaa to
1'suaL. ',...hfi_ .*Ity861.

S stoles e d other MMPM, O at. ~ ) -The
eopwer. fe nd Mtg P MUac e.W Joauo to-
rived fMR =s"l 3oe day at aof ai trtosc
ttne w have and 10M d aroaen
be 4nth she shrimp lA Mf a
h op & G O' Y i- '

0:01 eJg. M &JB.
12O G- p.m.

ri~nw u ui ca. -A "
the debate is a1n 3pm t de-
laying'move. against Pae's
call for quick Assembly appro#,*
al of elections he ,wants held
early in December.
Faure introduced goavern-
sent bill for the early elections
yesterday in the Assembly. nd
was hoping to get approval ths
Faure suffered a further re-
buff when the Assembly's uni-
versal suffrage committee ost-
poned hearing his plea tor ur-
gent consideration of hIs elec-
tion bill until Thursday.

High Pressr Love,

low Presse Tires

Stir RP Unlvers
The "green-eyed monster"
was reported yesterday as the
cause of a hasle between Na-
tional University u dents, the
rector and po authorities.
The studentsU, who have' called
a 24-hour a are protesting
alleged violatip of.the univer-
sity's autonomy b members f
the National GPkrd r
On the' othel hand, Rector
Jaime de la Girdla, has de-
clared that If physical resist-
ance becomes necessary" to keep
the National Guard from dis-
rupting classes he himself will
lead the movement.
Meanwhile. Police Chief Boli-
var Vallarino has publicly de-
nied the violation of the school
rounds by a radio patrol car
which arrested a student Mon-
day night.
The facts are said to be as fol-
A radio patrol car was sum-
moned bv John Anderson. who
charged that the tires of his car
had been slashed by a former
girl friend, a student at the
university, who was jealous of
his attentions to another uni-
versity student.

Eyewitnesses say the girl, Vic-
toria Campbell, who was attend-
ing classes at the time, was
called out of the classroom by
another student and after talk-
ing with the police officers and
Anderson voluntarily accompa-
nied them to the night court
where the case was considered.
Students are claiming that
the arrest was made in a uni-
versity vestibule, while others
report that the. Campbell girl
boarded the patrol car on the
highway entrance to the Uni-

Free Uioadr

Uitd Air tIh

Ordero Il*Sea

ouglas-buil J
ed Air Lines has' ordered
airliners which it saysM
passengers from New Yo
Angeles in four and a 1
and from New York to
in 90 minute*.
. A UAL announcement
said the jet service betw
cipal American cities wil
November, 1959. They w
firit jet flights on U. S.
airlines, the airline sai
The jets will be built
las Aircraft Co. of Sant
Calif., and will cost ab
UAL president W. A.
said they will carry front
140 passengers e
140 passenger each
"jIlooth, quiet and vibi
rie dt altitudes of 30,0
eet. Their speed wil
een 550 and 5.75
Pan American. World
*has already announced i
ing 45 jet-powered airline
service on its Transatlan
American and Transpac
starting December, -1958
Eastern Airlines plans
jet planes, but has not
date, -and other -domesti
have announced plans to
boprop jet planes ino
in 1958-59.
Turboprops differ from
cause their jet engine
used to drive convention
The only previous atte
carry passengers in jet
was abandoned by Britai
Comet jet airliners were
ed after a series of
caused by metal fatigue

Two Men Fined
For Loitering
On Ancon Blvd

Fines of $15 each on a
of loitering were meted
Balboa Magistrate's Co
morning to two young
found on Ancon Boule
10:15 a.m. yesterday
legitimate business or
means of support.
They were Pedro Pat
gas, 20, and Cecllo Can
both Panamaaians.
Police had been calle
scene by the telephone
that two young men we
perin with a parked e
When officers arrived
was found tampering
car. but VhMas and
who anwe red t the
t dAimv by the
NOY^-_ oboe iw w

-""-- : iki.sea e a r evr ~per o a Iw Y rirw' ooz ws wwfrelEwM -Tf 'iy f l
te a aesaM have taken." ed by Communist Czechoslova- approval for their p o
SSince Oct. 13, we ha.1 receiv- kia's sale of arms to Egypt and Russia a 15-nation Europea
edfurther information of Soviet Saudi Arabia. curlty plan in exchange fat
bloc approaches to Israeli in this The opening session of the viet agreement to a reunfits
it respect,' the spokesman added. conference is set for 10 a.m. to- tion of Germany.
morrow In the green and gold While the leaders of the West.
SI'.1- council chamber of the gleam- ern nations met, It was dielos-
ing white. marble Palais Des Na- ed that:
ei, T aanr com stions. 1. Secretary of tate Dulles
Soviet foreign minister Vya- would go to YugoVlaVIA Nov. 6
- .Unit-t r e chesla M. Molotov arrived to meet with Marsha Tito. He
dao et. here today for the conference also will stop in Vienna en
ork to Los spired by a sincere desire to said.
half hours end the cold war." 2. Soviet ambassador Serget
o Chicago Molotov, first of the Big Four Vigoradov paid a mysteryvisit
aNstDOit, Oct. 2F Panc)-sor- ministers to arrive here for the yesterday on French Premer
last night tugnese President Franc i o cdld war parley opening tomor- idgar Faure.
ween prin- Higano Cravesro Lopes and row morning, landed at Coin- Dulles reported to the NATO
11 start by M e Lopes w wodt tin Airport at 12:40 -p.m. He council on the Western p
ill be the to the city of London today with flew in a silver-colored IL-12 for Germany that wouid-Hk.
domestic a lorl lch at the Lord Mayor two-motored Russian transport reunification to an all-.
Sas guests of the LordMayor from East Berlin where he had security system to inclu .
by Doug-n 4e rym loving Londoners spent the night. sla.
a Monica, ag' lined the eetsin thou- The 15-nation NATO alliance Macmillan reported aon di
out $175,- to watch the President gave "complete" backing yester- armament, where Western
Patterson d his retinue drive n open day to the package peace pro- earned heavily on Prelde
a 112 to carriages from Buckingha m Pal- gram the Western Big Three senhower's "free sky" pro I,
mach on a ace, where he' and Madame will offer Russia at the Geneva to Russia for matual aerial *.
h on a, Lopes are staying, to the Guild- conference. section.
onn the cityBefore giving their approve.
r00 to 40,- units of the'crack household al, howevrr xaoindthe lt o N
1 average cavalry with gleaming breast- partners examined the ropo- SIdent Diem
mie an through the city of Westminster threw the Big Three foreign
Airways and into the City of London. ministers program off ached- Official rocia
it is buy- Before the luncheon, Pres- U.S. Secretary of State John 'i i b u
ers fto idetn Lopes held two diplomatic Foster Dulles. French foreign ,
tic, South tecptions inside Buckingham minister Antoine Pinay and
ific flight ?tlibe, first fon ambassadorsof miAIGONise Antoioh OcP.a.n
Brific ightish Commoirst nweor alth countries British foreign secretary Harold SAIGON, Indochna, Oct. U
to buy 20 of Ireland and then for chiefs Macmillan spent so much time (UP).-President goDinh
set the of other diplomatic missions With the NATO foreign minis- offically proclaimed formti
c airlines here. dn rg of the Vietnam republic t
put tur- Before lunching in the Great rtoay, ending centers of r al
operation Hall in the Guildhall building p. Man Charge d salute. of 1-
the President and Madame sau .
I jets be- attended a court of common thousands of Vietnamese t-
power is coc where a formal address With Burlarents streamed into Salen
al propel- of welcome was read to the y the outlying rice country for he
victors on behalf of the Lord Eloy Alcides Chavez. a 25- ceremony that marked thea
empt to Mayor, who then presented the year-old Panamanian charged milestone in Diem's deterMIl
airlines President with the text of the with having burglarized a Cha-l ght to win independence
n. T h speech written on parchment gres River field stat ioQ 9f the this onetime French colony.
g round- and deposited in a silver casket. Gorgas Memorial Laboratory. The crowds, moving Intu
accidents "I am deeply touched" Pres- waived preliminary hear4in in and on foot, massed In the -
ident Lopes replied "to hear Balboa Magistrate's Court this ter of the city to hear Diem reid
the alliance between our coun- morning and was bound over his proclamation from the i
tries praised with such elo- for trial in U. S. District Court. cony of Independence PaleU
d quene and I am deeply grate Chavez is charged with having the one-time residence of the
ful "r the extremely kind and entered the building at 8 p m. French governors.
captivating manner in which Oct. 21. for the purpose of corn-1 "I solemnly proclaim thesttea
the City of London has received mitting larcenv. of Vietnam is now a repul fel-
my wife and myself." The structure is a house lo- lowing the will of the ip h
A guard of honor of pikemen cated on Land Lease 1168, at a expressed in the vote of Oct. 23
of the Honorable Artillery eom- place called Juan Mina in the Diem said. -
a charge pany, dressed in medieval uni- Canal Zone. It was formerly the
d out in form with metal helmets, form- site of the old Canal Zone l eS
urt this ed an honor guard in the orange grove, but has in re- Neor-G le-Swings,
ng men Guildhall. cent years been assigned to the
evard at Madame hopes who wore a Gorgas Memorial Laboratory. French Vessel
without white picture hat and a fur which has its headquarters in
visible stole, was escorted by the Lord Panama, for the use of scientists Intr Al UJll
Mayor to her chair at the making various tests and obser- I,"L WaII
.o luncheon table. vations. The French frelxhter 3.S
10 var- From Guildhall after the Among the property missing Port-en-Bessin, which
nafo, 21, lunch, President and Madame. were 13 window screens, also a small dent in its stemr
S. Lopes returned briefly to the bedding,. mattresses, china, pots transitiong Pedro Miguel 1
d to e Palace before beginning their and pans. cutlery and similar northbound yesterday
d report afternoon round of appoint- articles. Except for the window I Cristobal for the hIAh sed:
re tam- ments-vislting Burlinrton House screens, almost all of the -gro- terday afternoon.
ar-. to ee the Royal Academy perty has been recovered. The vessel as the viU ci
,noboY Winter W exhibition of Portug ese Apparently the loot was load- unusual accidbe t la tt & t a
t hk 00Ut and also the original treaties ed into a cayuco and taken gale sweenpin t loe
R ia&wHIefe t between Portugal and down the Chagres. Chaves was iwas enner ga t
_a_ ig_ ie Prsda Ind1973 a1 llare dta & and swun te mla
90=1111ii LeifJht, the Presidentanid 991 Fairchild, knuckle at fte
f s ^t were entertained bey Ut sme O or A smat l dust 6 --, F
Sat the Palace. M ( .a G..
.. ... if .. 4 .J.. -'.I .., l

*.* T

:: ~I'P


3slt TEAR

High Court




Fa ding

b _



7/~ ~~%
i __ i flis

mumulmommilk- I



UlkSO yY SmLmON OUNeV"U. IN easm
or*. H P. 9. N* PAIANAAI IV. Po
t l'--O"f 12.179 CEtmiAL AvaNUI arrTW N IT lH AND ISTH TE TRms
SatSeoN m esstNATIVaw. JOSHUAu B. OWsRs, INC.
,$4 MADISON AVIL NtW YeoaI. 1 ) N. Y.

Labor News "SnddIfMrMoldtovNow Dowr inns '0




U OWNCOLUMN A State Dept. official, now nurs. nati n am pen^pb r IM
journalists, thought last week that atthorized$ 000=0to ,,t ,etMe
a Broadway musical comedy waslrl
"1 es oo ., mo,,o.. ,-= ,..

T H M A IL much too flippant ntrtalmsseat M 01p116111s that nized n ppe
Af or the austere Russian news- havepas only $ te related o a
S--- hawks S ac we are temporarily sbeenl e
tT Mall Bex is an 9n forum o readers of The Panama Amerias. out of ballet and Dostoyevsklan on 0" Seorn the mo e the Rua fa del
es o slved grgtefliy and are handled In wholly confidential drama, the Soviet scribes were tho e o 1ro to w ahd
mn 3ea-X taken to tpwo non-musical plays-. i ut.A dthe Army enginars can't aplu n r of t
6 if co btribut o matter don't be impatient If It doesn't appear i and down to Wall Street. ae m 1 money lat's merely a-t m ?n Rusin t eaa
sat M L e h armn are published in the order resolved. There the proletarian editorial- o rized. It has t* be apprpriate ed by a cabinet member Mst,
SSal t keep the leltterslimited tone a e lt. Isits saw only half of "Das as well. o Contruc ton K
Idetflty e leter writer I held In std.est sealidelce. Capital." Had they wanted to see W ,m that money hd been spetn
?. ThilI 'epoe) emanso a respo\sibiliy foe statement as opltoea the other half, it could have been /puint the damage to New Eng. Breaklans fro
eo rntuved ps e otnr from rade. arranged by simply holding them t he tdm recent floods might
S- o over a few days. t they could hnave an prevented. The National Assoelation of
have been taken to the Hotel Com- 1-e t
SS CRAZY PEOPLE modore today (Monday) where a No matter how money is spent ma B td an t e e
Sir: score of "working class" Ameri- ,on flooI control, however, dam.
DIABLO CLUBHOUSE: Garbage collection at the Clubhouse ckus are laboring on a speeial- .age haO never be complete pre- byr a binet Amems stha
during the n kon lunch hour. Nice to listen to. project the merging of the AFL. et unt New England ties at s
dWomen swiping the nuts off sugar rolls as they pass. Canal CIO into one big federation of ar blt, and hoses lose t
Zo a isclety women at that. 16,000,000 members. | h the Jiver" replaced with parking 'seltanot
ga S a potato akin with common mashed potatoes, then We could have shown the boys ot Or public parks. Putnam tonal Se sirito of i
I tg ithor a baked potato at twice the price. from Moscow that Wall Street real. Conn., has now asked the Army e
l Ainateur bowlers, with a 125 average, arriving carrying a m- ly has nothing on the American engineers to cooperate in xonit tg in Washington last waeed
pund bowling ball, specially made for them. Clubhouse balls proletariat. Tne American labbr i t for ftture floods, moving fac- y toeslatios o Rh ritc a
l n't any good you know. Looks important. chiefs in the dungeons of the tries And he cls back from the Th tie
Canal Zone brats, mostly from Curundu, with their dirty Commodore are shrewd capitalists river and making the river, bank i doenot, i
shoes on chair cushions, hat on while they eat, noisy and vulgar, themselves, i a p ark working area where/the hlt t
With weak wrists. I, fact, these labor leaders are river can expand without dainge. nhas onte sr It
Soldiers bringing in the dirtiest-lookine characters on J real class collaborators they The Army engineers point out lin in Wasnot nt s wit-s ee
Street for a free me a. Young kids trying to ahow the world how have tremendous interests in capi- that New England is overbuilt citcaot re
S tough they ae. I wonder what your parents would say, or ar talist -banks. The men who ill around its rivers. t e Ruesian peope,

their rear if to say, "You don't dare hit me." Don't tempt me funds to care for our aged, our George len.authorof the b io se Ru m
pa rartsick, our injured without the eidrere tIoWho.AaveKnowdad

The new Commtisary entrance, a masterpiece of Gringo en- of a socialist state., ( ;e, is a man who can always e s in rdeto eak do
S stoeeringskill. Half a mile up it, when you could have shortened msland on his political feet. He has the Iron Curtr
it to 15 feet. These American labor leaders a many politicallives as a cat. on
The boy-girls from Balboa High. Boy's shoes, sox, pants, are busy selecting organizational First he was the great friend "W w do verhe
-.-^ haired, and walk. Future Christines. directors, broadcasters, education. .... .. of Harry Truman, at which time n o wt Ameria rin w enns
loaded with 40 pounds of assorted cameras and al specialists, political chairman, the newspapers called him the r ct rA ri e
sgswet atn d exhausted, In order to be In style, so they can an international relations depart Court Jeste r." Today he is h
tta l a 10 cn picture Al amateurs. meant, propaganda media TV and I the friend of President Eisenhow-us, ey
AS OMKOP..t Cost Unconsciousness in action. Original- radio experts and all the expn- Ind lan OPICy Or and Is ca .ed a statesman B
S h-and-carry system in the novelty tore, with only sie apparatus which goes into the He bought the Gettysburg farm Me Ro
Sl Now handed the systemandhae clerks. modern American labor move in a partnership deal with ke andor Bricke Oho
Loud talking clerks den cussingef ahaor a society sapeniwa emenrt.o weidfare pnsioOB RU,
nstead of keeping their merchandise shelves In presenPable or- But someone rou dhae y B B RUARK an a t sn tsat b on
the following figures for the Soviet a manHoen.
der.CRUNDtI CLUBHOUSE: It ain't a clubhouse. Journalists take back to their c -- Geor was hosophin the atm b
S-- There s now definite document. m delighted to read that after possible or easible, and mo ve in the West and Southwest-pose other day about the political tu eiation of U.S. foreign aid .
station to show well over $25,000, a. iht cultural lag, beginaOg in ato assimilation with the white a tremendous problem. The Nava. ture and remarked: he statue will stand n Co m.
S000,000 in labor-management pen 1492, that America has seen fit strangers who stole the country. jos and Apaches, except around "The balance of power has shift. bus, Ohio...Originally Vice Ps
Sion and welfare funds throughout commence to begin to coniderThis is called "relocation," andthe fringes, have remained more d. The Democrats may get in dent Non, who alo voted against
the U.S. I th ibeotowal of full citizenship on the relocation has been doubling or less aboriginal in their outlook in '5, most foreign aid bills, was pked
i This is already growing at the eople who own the joint, It'll itself lately, and livelihood. The Navaos ex- "They can't nominate a man as speaker to recevethetlia
rate of $3,000000000 a year and take time, sure; bureaucracy al. The un-reserved landian has tend throghNew Mexico Arizona, who isn't my friend," he added. git. on s t e ns
Sin two decades the labor people Waystates time. shown a remarkable ability to Colorado and Utah,and they ar u hre trd
wi be the guardians of welfare It seems the federal government blood melds well with the full largely pastoral people. Spirit of Geneva foreign aid, doesn't like to hav
Sand pension funds totaling over has finally decided to get out of blood as a cooper with the times it mentioned. It was about the
S$10000000000. I what it calls "the Indian busi-t he has had any experience off There really isn't enough land Regardless of Ike-advisers' be- same as Joe McCarthys..elip
SAt themoment, the union-man- s, and to enouragethe rad a spotted pony and can learn to to sustain them and their flocks lief that the spirit of Geneva is Espi dapper former Argentine
Sagement people have put some introduction of t Indian into duck a taxicab. All the part-Injuns in current circumstances, and dead, the National Association of ambassador to ,e A. ha
O o $1 ,500,00, in banks. About half. The scheme, .and sound I know, especially the Oklahoma they're hard to get a net on for Home Builders has been doing a been reinstated by the new anti
S IAofeinAtirerhAS sev ns en or these billions are in ei ht New enough it is, too, would merely and North Carolina varieties, are health and educational p ses. constructive job of carrying on eron t me as envoy
er. IMv Sayw S p rlnt et i0s n ee tyA York banks alone. iteu IL S:I t York banks alone. stakebacktto their towwecomenthestaliant
Theother day I heard from an- resewation'. Indian prlen" the white. th youngsters i in order, and a Ruslah housing experts in the brilliat mbasador but was th
,p -.p Tother oppressed American prole- to pursue its own policy in re- heavy emphasis on education in U.S.A. only man who sprned the Dilch.
tarian on thi subject. He's, a to ineor a those Indias We, who have so proudly med. manual trades, first, before they Though the haven't received as ess of Windsor before he mar
000,00 in lan pte ra has n fitnedtyoo s and 40pro e, except aroaund "T e ala os an the Ru.shaf bus, Ohio. ngl V
TLife i~ l on an weltarud throgueeobit o e This iscalled "reloca tion," and t fris reaedm re ed. Te Democrats may get I snden'iyo wh alsove owitedt
a that thati One* at out of Vie ptdS hSve ben n t I jut ast n ',.d d p.le
Salist voters assa seyus stn & e a impossible to ai tain a tiny bush, the -dan Jorbs, if given hard and getting a fredly wel- ley committee.lome mtn.'ago
second Middlesex district which reservation, or blanket Indians, aboriginal minority our Indian any sort of a chance to start the come. More restraed the published a detailed reopr on
includes a place called arvard, occupying the position of feeble. population is around 400,000-in absorption on his own experience Rhesian farmers, they have con. Americans for Democratic ACtool
..- elected this AFL machinist to the minded orphans in an asylum the middle of a TV, atom bomb, level. A Navajo herdsman makes called their emotions, have con. m an effort to discredit them. The
'^^** | State Senate.," I This was known as protecting the speed-of-sound life. a good cpwpoke on a modern centrated on flooring, wallboards, ADA(humorously reprintedthe re-
Sen. Meann held a hearing on Indian from himself. The sheepherding Navajo is not ranch, for instance-and his kids cinder-block, haven't gone in for port and distributed it to its local
this business of workers' welfare Protecting the Indian from him- up to a public relations job on can go to school and not die of either lemonade or vodka. chapters whoe bee selin it or
funds. And he tells me that: self was originally what we mo. Madison Ave., being much too tuberculosis.ents. Meanwhile the Republi
"One Boston bank representa- erns now decry as "concentration" telligent to forsae one watelan Through effort, the American Once, when turned .loose In can Poly Committee ran out .o
Sa tive, Healey of .the old Colony camps, to get rid of the trouble- for a worse. But the son of th Negro has achieved great things Macy's department store Ia New N ts.sup of ADA iterature and,
STrust CO., testified that his bank makers. When we pinched the sheepherdpr, given a little better in America, and they started out York, they really went on a shop. basv o ot s.l p the
had threeqarters of a billion Cherokee property, we just herded attention rom the state in which as black slaves from the most binge, ended u wiht 8,000 ADA to ak for copes.
.B dollarr as a rough total of the 'er Wst for Instance, bar a fen ha lives, could certainly mike as savage country in the world. It wor of housing ge Biggest
S i amount of labor management grosstt decided they wantedto good a vice-president as some we is a little difficult to say why we "gadget" was y quipped
R .health and welfare funds held by stay theth Smokies. have had. And the nomad's grand- have dallied, .until now, with tho General Electris bitcha .
f that baik alone. What the Indian Bureau is at- son might evenget to be an v a itor, process of civilizing the original ,The home builders have con- SOURCE OF SAUCE
Y ok"It b sl onreues little imagination to tempting now, as I read it, is to ate developing g red hair. owners of America to a point scientiously tried to give the 10
Sw see what part these funds can and encourage the Indians to ui Of the 300-odd tribal groups, o where they are willing to aept Russians a cross-eetin Ameri- SOUTH CAVER, Mass. (UP)
*a nii B ipe:O r do play in the nation's economy reserve themselves, whenever more than a dozen or so- mostly us A equals, can housing, front plush West- Massachu etts which raises
S T I4 $SRy.... T since qulte a part of it is no doubt -- Chesater Conty, N.Y., to medium- mor cranberries than any
gn s a invested in stocks, bonds, real priced houses gardenaprtent h
second estatee" s and Manhatn's unsegrehtamsted at more than 1,000,000
In these figures our Soviet tour- public housing. barrels.
.nalsta could-: ilr. story. 1.. .
.......of.......o......... .a-,coex.ste W alter Wnholl I n New YGLANoES
.. between the enters of finance and St DE G LANCES By Colbrait
icds lo alocp gtepio ofe epoltn saud-oonaoto oh on-eicthe now center of organizedlabtrheyehaveacon-.AmerihansaforeDemocratic onl

ele^KS^ lli' Mf_ ^ compared to what will happen Memos of a Girl Friday is oofly miff t with Marc Blitzstel aintchu? t -
1 & after the AFL-C!0 merger. The because he wouldn't change a word -\ g
unions will negotiate wider wel. Dear Mr. W: The presidential of the book and uaxed the free help Buzz from Monte Carlo is that
fare and Incrha se d pension poll mail is exceptionally heavy offered by Ath n Miller and Tenn. Prince Rainier, III, will visit the
"On coverage. o The girls at the Runyon Fund are Wi msn e ... Samt Goldwyn's an ou* U. S. for only one reason. Grace lo n l
_f te l Co--y-- helping tall it The trend is al check for t R Bunyon Cancer Kelly ... Suzanna Halia called.
ST fdeftintely Republican with Eisea- Fund ($5,000) arrived. His 10th She joined "3 Penny Opera" last '
shower (9.5 p.e.) so far ahead he ... Goldwyn deo handed and is .et Friday on one hotu no Kept
ha th N OW- Or e hasof ab not competition .. Nixon: 10.4 ting 90 pte of the gross for hih as a permanent when Jun Col. in g us c.
dollr .. th J. Edgar Hoover: 7 Me- "Guys and Do film from Saeth* burn fell onstage and cut her I
l h Ag ains Sin ser Carthy: .4... Stevenson: 55... ern movie houa mgrs. First imae alipl... Broadwa s newest elee- i
S" I rqir es littl Iani Knowlad: 3.2 night: 2 in m ovie histo ... Your doctor tricks: At 43rd t. for TWA .. a ntos tre 1
4QA j se what patths funds ca a Ken averd 18 ...ecua Warren: .7 ... phon ed. Said yI must have anoth. They call the Meg-Peter idyll a u A V
wr S siculte a at Juo i arriman: nd ... Milton Elsen- er pair of pi, ulin eabs. c told Royal Romance. Looks more likebr eL n
w 7ca invested Instoksbonds, ower: p hSix.tenths of 1 pc. .p. him you sudde cy disappeared. So royal free-for-all.e
S'O ANGELES, Oct 26 (UP)- Based on 32,154 counted straw lock the door, and don't answer 1
In o hston cleared votes to date ... We have over phones, you sissyl James Petrillo and the Musi. n S
on' newcnite carh e said tod. 14,000 more not yet tallied I alns' Union at Local 8B (pres.E I
S e ri didnt think you wanted us to save I told uthor Axelrod what you Al Manuti) should be thanked "
SSS :e r "f~ he md ,half'."the a is .tia them They clog up the office. But said. That the ending of "RockW for permitting staff musicians d
unis wrio Judge Clarence B I will beginning today in ease is all right (about the screen writ- at WOR to do the Cerebral Palsy
Rnf e a d eaterday that Bette Democrat leaders want to chal- ers egriy, etc.) but i a lle an Telethon. The network Iays would
Bowe, a *c aWashington D. C lenge the poll ... Please tell read- would send folks out hysterical. e you kindly? I said sure. Mr. Petrl-
shogir had failed to prove that ers and Uteners to submit their said thanks and if you'll kindly Do always makes a special effort
Sentries for resident on a postcard write lt for him you can be a art- or the Runyr Fundn too ... c I
S. ohnto fabthered hr daugh -not a letter. Crs ar. aheasier to ner. Reminds me of writer Wm. uonel Hampten andhi ere ware t
Da nable to reach a con- total. Address: WW, 'Box 711, Anthony McGuire. He was inter- much improved at the hospitals
o dusionstat the plaintiff has Grand Central Station, N. Y. ... rupted during a rehearsal bf one h after that bus ween rey tour '
,patedhernity seinte uli wtl" Runkle saidF "I Thex Ever Soat! of the Shuberts, who stormed dows Yurrop in Jan. l
A lr r -JIUde at 6 Seaeo favor of 5 -- the aisle and said: "What you I was at Mickey Walker's place
; ^^" ahm dfoedton ontue is aer of The. Way The2 -Gabor Mind need right here is a belly laugh" opposite Ldy's. His pa ngs A A
th deendant n eisup,. Works: Eva called the press-agent .. .McGuire glared: For exam- on the walls are eye-holders. And y
^"w' i ,,hejudg6u announce in favor for "Roomful of Roses and ask- ple???" ... Well, a frinsatnce- he's such a nice man. Make in
of Johnston t singer's wife ed: "Ar ou han the new e wow in "Roomful of Roses the paper A Dept. of State
SSiley sNiLE, Oct w Bshow, Full of Roses? ... when a teenager asks her mother man phoned. Wondered what you
\ Shi e^ ^newidwe would, Johnston Sheila Bond seems destined for if she ever that of divorcing herp that about the Moscow news-
3 said "I been living with tht type-casting. "Deadfall is her 3rd husband. "Divorce, never!" is the papermen rising the Stork Club.
a Ji mSingerr Joh n yr o hd for a year consecutive role in a swimsuit. Th reply, "but mrer, often"
tn over. mU o Im free others were "Lunatics and "Wish Irv Cahn reminds us you ran that The "feud" between Gleason t~titeh.
Sr Jgl'ri going to taa *Ie night. I'll how you to the an is t BwrN, who did not comr You Were Here ... John Ireland gag (not long ago) crediting ae- and Berle (now in tv mag) was ye ....-..
meshogrt l the fuline t testified that rsand wife (Janne Dru) will have ress Dorothy Sickny who said it innocently started by s eiaol er '
__ am fre tos r.oconcue itedin favr windfall ft "Deadfall clicks. They about her husband Howard Lind- Magazine in the Oct issue on "What do you In to ook h ? I' ot

When she peat twonihts get 15 o te ross...A top say. age 81 ... Your stuff on H'wood kinds of plans for what we're going to do wth your
with the actor in his Washington roducer'lewctor (on Broadway) -n Motion Picture is due Nov.
Hotel room. has been going to a psychiatrist 5 Who sez it pays to be dedicated? 8th, I think. Will check ... Photo-
S- -o- Hoe days weekly for 6 years. Hadda Herb Shriner s take-home-pay on play invites you, too... I supp
*stop. His medico just hadda nerv- "Two For the Money" is 20 times you'll be hanging out at th Copa
ous breakdown ... The Time mag that of the Peresser (Dr. Gros) now that Nat (King).Ce is back.W
STiL cover "jiax stays in the family, who thinks up the questions for Ever try Capon Copacabana?
I i. a ys > Its brother (ports Illustrated the program ... Palm Beach, I ... Very tasty but it makes the
Faltering P hilip cover ofthe Princeton band h ear, isa shedding its snoot-sult. pants too tightt. WA
t l ; ,IW ~ .,ci.', elded with the teams defeat to Now has aamburgerHeaves d
underdawg Colgate. Princeton was a delly named Benny's ... 80 Wt had several ot the reet D I 7
1t Ist b 9fled with bruises. thp 1 point favorite Booth's new play, "Desk et big front page stores. The Jack DR V
__ p fm b e opens shortly. Not even a seat Beanny daughter splituation; the
- g borne lb-e ew. becoming a Jinx house. 'Seventh He hasn't seen Shirley for ov ("Tales of the S. PAific") Mich- 1956 R
r. ai i -.H j- Beaven dropped over $25 years ... Att UR yo ; ener would marry a Jap, neM; the
S a L* ight ls there recent. Day by The ea check ina. For $1,025. Frem rinds story that has newspaper s ablish- At
II I ". -lost f25,000 "Skin of Our of 1 year old Silvlo Botro of Near- ers unhappy-the price ot ews-
m people try to m1 Teeth couldn't have done black- ark, who died of cancer last week print going up at least $4 the
_d__ __I MS~Mae woihs k lit lak bis. and now "Reuben. lRe .... Otto Preminger calle. Are ton, and the commy e mopled bI
S Ve b &-ben" (slated hr that theater) yo oi to interview him as the Fund for The LRepul N.Y.
S4 ed in Boston. A m tv traler for his "Te MU Wifb ... Someone from that .
*a *n cas a me," I heari A ? A "" I I & ,
... ..* -. i .. .. ... .. "



dl~ 4 ww %


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S. *



_mI__M_ a--Sca ntily Clad Honeymo"-oners

COL W. N. HORNISH, (center) adjutant general, U.S. Army Caribbean, presents a certificate ot training to James Lastinger, a
Supervisor, In the Ordnance Section, USARCARIB, one of the'graduates of the 40 hour course in Conference Leadership, com-
pleted last week. The course is designed to teach supervisors the techniques of the conference method as a means of solving
problems. training individuals in the functions of management, and developing policies. Seated, 1. to r., are: Miss .Nanette
ynch, personnel assistant, 15th Naval District; Mits Mary L. McGroarty* chief, general accounts division, Albrook Air Force
Base; Miss Helen H. Dudley, assistant, executive appraisal and development branch, training and development division, office
of civilian personnel, G-l, Department of the Army. Other graduates, employes of UfciAICARIB, are: (left to right) Ted Bembe-
neck, supervisory product specialist (general), Quartermaster; Jesse A. Friese, construction ant, maintenance general foreman,
engineers; Charles L. Leslie, organization & methods examiner, Eagineers.; George Hansen Jr., organization & methods examin-
er, Inter American Geodetic Survey; Milon Brown, chief, executive appraisal and development branch, training and develop-
ment division, office o civilian personnel, 0-1, Department of the Army; Hornish; Paul J. Moran, organization & methods ex-
aminer, Office of the Comptroller; Pfc. Charles Stewart, fiscal & management division. Signal Section; Lastinger; Lenworth
Este, organization & methods examiner, Quartermaster; John J. Rogers, maintenance general foreman. Engineer; Robert IH.
Carpenter, production superintendent (general), Quartermaster; Theodore Cook, position classifier, A. G. civilian personnel divi-
Ssibn; and Richard J. Danielsen, engineer, Locks Division, Pai.awA Canal Company.

MIAMI BEACH, Oct. 26 (UP)-
E. Bud Arvey, 38-year-old broker
son of Chicago Democratic boss
Jacob Arvey, slashed his wrists
in despair and locked himself in
a pretty divorcee's bath when she
put off a decision to marry him,
police reported today.
Arvey got his wrist stitched up
and went right back to wooing
tall, shapely Mrs. Jane Arenson,
33, former wife of a Chicago doc-
"We still plan to b1 married,"
Arvey said. He disclosed that he
had visited his beloved twice at
her fashionable Pine Tree Drive
home since the incident, and al-
so had a lunch and swimming
date at the Fontainebleau Hotel
with her this afternoon.
Police, who charged him with
breach of the peace by attemp-
ting suicide, breaking and enter-
ing and resisting arrest, said they
found Arvey in a "bloody and
drunken" condition at Mrs. Aren-
son's home al 3 a.m. Sunday.
Officer Arthur Godber said he
had to subdue Arvey and place
him .in handcuffs to get him ot
a hospital. He was released aft-
or doctors sewed up the tWo-inch
r j.,- h r a jo- u
-a .a the short, heavy-set stock broker
who won a Purple Heart, a Silver
Star and good conduct ribbon in

World War II.
"We are dreadully sorry about
this,'' she added. "I would never
have called police if I had thought
my maid and I could have open-
ed the bathroom door.'
She said she and Arvey quar-
reled Saturday night while on a
date when she asked for more
time before .they 'were married.
She and Arv,ey had had their pre-
marriage blood tests apd the tried
to get her to go to Folkston, Ga.,
ana marry that day.
'tBut I have two dogs, two cats'
and some business plans here to
make arrangements for, and 'I
just couldn't go that day," s h e
Mrs. Arenson told officers that
Arvey returned to her home about
3 a.m. and crashed in through a
screen door and a glass door. Lat-
er Arvey contended h i s wrist
was cut by flying glass from the
She said he cornered her in the
bedroom and demanded that she
marry him immediately. W hen
she refused, he ran into the bath-
room, she said, shashed his wrist
with a razor blade and locked the
bathroom door. Police later forced
i. He'A ~ ut a .litle bit' too im-
pulsive," Mrs. Arenson said.
room, she siid, slashed his wrist
women and you know how frus-I
treated you can get when you ar-1

gue with them. I was just ve-. to get married and I still plain
ry emotional. I came down here to."

Is unpacking
a great variety
of beautiful


;n different styles
and colors

From $4.95

and $5.95

Come in today and make
your selection


Found Beside Downed Plane
-0- -
MIAMI, Oct. 26 (UP)-A CoastIof'their damaged plane to signal!
Guard plane found a .missing a- the searching parties. Both seem-
tomic engineer and his scantily ed to be in shorts or bathing
clad bride on an unintended "ho- suits.
eymoon island" yesterday using Richards, a pilot in World War
part of their clothes for distress II apparently gave out of fuel or
signals like castaways in a car- had engine trouble in trying to
toon. Buck the 35-mph winds sweeping
Joe K. Richards, 35, had land- across the straits Sunday after-
ed his light plane without injury noon.
to himself or his 19-year-old wife! He had left Havana, where they
1 a exerted eel-shaped reef in hoheymooned for two weeks, with
the windswept Florida straits. a four-hour fuel supply.
k ,. i'waej had s"t smnce Sun- The Coast Guard reported them'
day afternoon while the C o a st missing when they failed to show
Guard Guard and Navy c I s s-lnp tthe e nd of four hours and
crossed the -keys in s a r c h of started a search. More than a
them. Ildozen Coast Guard, Navy a n d
The honeymooning couple, cold
I~"t rc'%eved, crawled aboard al,
Coast Guard cutter ior a n i n e-
uiiu. tp lk U to i M lai.
Richards, an engineer at the
Atomic Ener g y Commission
plant at Portsmouth, Ohio, and his
bride, Laura, were married in ,
their hometown of Wellston, Ohio,
on Oct. U. C
They left Havana for Key West I
Sunday afternoon in their single-
engine plane.
Richards and his wife were
standing beside their damaged
)plane and waving furiously when E
the Coast Guard's Albatross Am-
phibian swooped rover the barren
n pint-sized reef know as North FORMi
Elbow Cay, one of scores of
jagged, uninhabited rocks jutting
out of the sea along the G uI f l
Stream. NEW NOI
First air'picutres from the reef,
some 105 miles south of Miami, CANAL ZONE A
indicated the couple had t i e d
some of their clothing to the tail Tel. Pan. 3-2


'I "'4 ,.' -**,

Cuban planes joined It the search had tried to pancake lVr>
Monday. low scrub growth jut olf
Lt. Cmdr. Gordon James and dy beach area of the refI.
Lt. George Oakley, flying out of plane's propeller, undc
the Miami Coast Guard base, spot- and one wing seemed to
ted the single-engine plane. badly.
The officers theorized that from "They were lucky," the. CO
the looks of the plane, Richards tquard pilot said. ;I


1956 FORD
At -









-- c




1w 6
* A ';-* .

I PAfi~MA' r'OwN -O




New Strato-Flight' Hydramatic Coupled with Pontiac's 227 H.P.

Strato Streak V-8 Results in new and dramatic performance -
You'll know for sure... there's no other car like this!



WILL BE DELIVERED AT CURRENT 1955 PRICES!! prd backgrond...p








Broker Slashes Wrists In Despair

When Divorcee Postpones Marriage
0 -





.. I


- C ~i 1 7

..... '. -,'r




.;" 'i ;


At19th U. S. P se Answer to Previous Puzzl
19th U. S. President
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SIa 19th U. S. 4 Summer (Fr.)
President. 5 East Indian
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Birchard 6 City In
ciiHl 7Interest (ab.)
1- i1Puff up 8 Scottish creek
r12 lScoff 9 ftic
1 Iniites Carrie Nation laid that h13 Srratch- Shaw. Tenhe playwright told her Ac was 37 Withered
A FEW FAST FACTS: Conrad lights go out, people are people.eting 142 Mals Soothsayer in the Civil 39 Headband
Na. gel is writing his autobiography. End a iternityew 18 tty L ta rrent Ware(cla 49 Fourth ont
e bo'llcakl it "Whatever Happened From the famousnd the oloratur, Ef pul 17 Exist2 ave 4 Dance step 45
to Conrad Nagel?" Jeannie na Sack, comes this hitherto unt- 19Hewaselected23ubduece tpoal.
r whichut the M ama play and tolV bookstory aboutGeorge Bernard byviouslyvote 2 Pinhoctive war )

cargenWo, d and the rest of the hunting a cache of caMh. a27Porer(ab) z Z 1
iran Carrie Nation laid that hatch- Shaw. The playwright told m ey 20 Act of 4Me" I
et down, will duet with Jimmy Du about his one and only meeting 22 Males Verser countries mistake
rste- on his show in November with a burglar. le was writing Arachnid
e athern Forbes, who wrote late and heard a noise and inves- IIrew 31Petty quarrel quarante 49Fourthmont
,the book, "Mama's Bank Account tigated and found the thief pulling ascetics 32 Vegetable (cards) (ab.)
Peggy Wood and the rest of the hunting a cache of cash. 27 Poster (ab.) I
'east when she visited from San "You optimist," ,haw said. I 28-Bone
Francisco When Victor Borge "You look at night for money 29 Part of "be" I
celebrated the second anniversary where I can't even find it during 30 Fondle
of his one-man show, many cele-Ithe day."
brities came by. One was Ed Sul- 34 Official*
Jimn, who told the audience of
Rorge's many appearances before documents
GIs during the war. After SullivantL- T Agreement
left the stage, Borge asked his 39 Huge tub
manager, Irving Squires, "Who 40 Unusual
was that guy?" TV TOPPERS 41 Wile
42 Devotte
"I expected success," says Mar- HERB SHRINER ("Two for the 43Verse (ab.)
eel Marceav. He's the French pan- Money," CBS-TV): This millionaire 44 Three-legged
tonimne artist who has taken New playboy had so many wives he's PPI o
Yark by storm-you'll see him almost broke, In fact, lie's so broke "Lily maid of
on a Mar Lelbma spectacular in his accountant put him on a strict Astolat"
iDecember-and he's gotten the budget-only one wife a year. 50 Manifest
success he confidently expected. 51 Fondle anew
He's been hailed as a genius, a \ 52 Four (coinb.
great artist, the greatest panto- u For (cm b p
mnimist since Chaplin's hey-day. SHOW TIME: "The Wooden 53 Scandinavian.
He's a medium-sized, sensitive- Dish is a field day for Louis Cal. DOWN A
looking young man, with lQng, bern, one of the great actors, who
curling reddish-sandy hair and ex- plays an old man. For three acts I Demig.ds
tremely expressive hands. He he IS an old man. The play is a 2 Stralghten
merely talks; he acts out routine study of the conflicts cre-
i answers as though he were ated by having an old man around _
atly practicing his skill. Hsi the house, but Calhern takes it way
hlistr'Is good. over routine y his performance.
"I hd played all over Europe "Joyce Grenfell Requests the
and audiences are the same," he Pleasure is a one-woman
said. "I figured that what people (plus three dancers) presentation.
laugh at in Europe they will laugh Miss Grenfell, a British ioyie
at here It is true There are a star and comedinne is a little too
ftw places, of course, the Ameri- genteel for an audience used to
cns don't laugh. Pinky Lee; she's a sort of upper- RANCOLOMBIANA S. A
"In one piece, I call it 'The crust Beatrice Lillie. But her voice
lothier,' Io in to try on clothes is delicate and -lovely, her acting Accepting General Ca at Cristobal For:
While there I make believe I try skill enormous, her humor piqupant, EAST COAST AND GULF PFORTS U. S. A.
on a. Uifrm. Always in Europe er overall performance charm- Saillnrs: Every Fifteen Days for:
the people laugh. Here nobody Ig.
laugh at that. Later I find out, E a
the clothiers hre do not sell uni- DICK'S QUICIE. Robert Q. Houston and New Orleans
forms, like they do in Europe, so Lewis' story about the drunk, lost
the peeop ndid not know what Iin the desert. "The one time 1 Sains: Every T ee Days for:
was doing OK, I change that little find nobody on the beach," he
part." says, "and I can't find the water. New York Philadelphia Balti r
Mareeau h s invented a charac- (Gulf Vessels call at VERACRUZ and TAMPICO
ter, c a 11 ed "Bip" (pronounced W t (MEXICO) every x weeks)
%'beep"), that he leads through Way e wli nche e I
all manner of pantomimic adven- ALSO
tures. The name, he explains, (Continued from Page 2) Sailings fr CARTAGENA, SARRANQUILLA, SANTA
comes from the character "Pip' MARTA, BUENAVENTURA, TUM ACO, and GUAYAQUIL,
SomI en Dic ha kens' phoned. Wanted to meet you to every three weeks.
He fet t tell you of the "fine things"
ey they've lone with Ford unda- monthly sailings from B..BOA to C NTRAL
J i t aye, Emerson's tv col'm'ey- COAS TS.
"I can't help wondering what .
'I e e," he sa 's would happen if 'The Girl in the Monthly sailings from BALBOA
rae comes down t in the Gray Flannel Suit .e e to BUENAVENTURA, MANTA and GUAYAQUIL
Plere tg y ,costume, though, I (They'd .wob'ly suit one another, I
bave no der1med." ha, hat) Howatd Landin cal- APLY:
From New York, he'll take Bip led. Said the thousands made ilfr &
to Boston, Philadelphia, Montreal, homeless by floods makes him -W ilford Mc ync.
Quebec, Vancouver. Eventually, think of the folks safe in apart- Masoni Building COstobal, C. L
boell o to Japan. He thinks that ments who scream when the kitch- TLPHONES CRISTOBAL: 299 171
interestingen faucet drips ... OfergoodnesT- ONES CRITOBA: ,- 176
aboul be Interestingsakes, stop picking on me! I did
$In the U.S.," he says, "people call the Daily News to check on
ture. So they understand most of You had it spelled 'right. Someone
the things 1do. But the Japanese at that paper gave it to me wrong.
are not from the Eurooan culture I think I'll kill myself or you.
so it will be Interesting to see if You're the only guy who eve r
they understand and laugh, makes me cry.
"I think they will -. when the --Your Girl Cryday.'




FRnEC C AND 18 PRIENI S Quick Results st MImmILL ILOM


Strange Tracks

61 Y~ T~lari




/ fiji




to~ MEN"8 04T SL" Mt'
I o Ks 6VA NS .....TWI m & W




End Result



Like IatT

MR. -ACCIANK ', MR. r-s s 1. & lirsJ M L TO THCR CA i
13AC145 LAi'.JA A tOMggw ..6 FJUZ L T A' A5HWVLW9l
v B^ ^^ Sr^ i- i7 'OEp-^ fJitJZM iO.' w
Iw o,. S-



T'Aou\6 ee61 0 1. TO HEAR A H ORSE CO65ES
* 56 R



111! 11





ql J. WILL4 4i

'-. '









1 H tIO TO S Ol't..
*f o W.W-'S ?"
P.WIPRo ^Aj9=




Soc.a and Otherwise

4 Si ^afffip

5037, .non.

&or 134, Panama

?... .u W Pake .i4 a1 2.i074 U I.0I7 a1p4 I. it e.O -a
i atii eu. Lv g e ee Pasu, 2-0740 es 2.0741 .m 9.Q O .10 4
~ ~ ~~~~/ "* ____- _

hall," which was held at the U
pose with Manuel Arias. The co
Mrs. J. W. Lane, and the couple
Mrs. Paul Davis. Both Lt. Col. I
the Headquarters Ci

Her Britannic Majesty's A
Henderson gave a farewell
Dominican Ambassador and Mr
ing Panama on Saturday.
Among the guests were thi
Mrs. Moncayo, the Chilean Am
the Venezuelan Ambassador an

Fort Kobbe Officers' Wives Club
Molds Luncheon
The Fort Kobbe Officers' Wives'
Club held its monthly luncheon
last week. Hostesses were M r s.
W. Downey, )Mrs. E. M. F or d,
Mrs. K. B. Burnham and Mrs..R.
_. Brami.
Guest p! rwasga
T. McKaL,-Sdtoea of iS ;.
W. B. McKea ie of Quarry
Heights. After being introduced to
the other members of the ca lu b
Mrs. McKenzie gave an intertain-
ing dissertation on "Army Life as
Seen from Quarry Hegihts<"
Mrs. McKenzie or "Jamie" as
she is known to her friends, is a

James Snyder Mrs. William
Bright, Mrs. DeWitt Myers, Mrs.
Joseph Corrigan, Mrs. Edwad P.
Filo, Mrs. Mario Guadia, Mrs.:
Henry McElhione, Mrs. I sa be 1
Whelan., Mrs. Arwin J a n s s e n,
Mrs. Barton, Scott, Mrs. Gene
Bounvire' Mrs. Albert H us te d,
Mrs. John Hern. Mrs. E. C. Me-
Grifi, Mrs. Fred Perra. Mrs. Al-
brel Hermany, Mrs. Dora Wood-
man, Miss Carmen Pinel, Miss
Delia Sosa.

Margarita Recreation
Association Party
The Margarita Recreational As-
sociation will sponsor a Halloween
party for all Margarita children
on Oct. 29 at the Margarita Play-
The program will .start at 3 p.
um. for the children from kinder-
arten through the sixth gade.
Prizes will be given for the best
Halloween costume and the most
original in each age group.
A "sock" dance will be held
from 7:30 to 11:30 p.m. for the
teenagers. An orchestra will play
for this occasion and prizes will
he awarded for spot dances.
Refreshments. will be served to
all groups.


At M Ex-FloorL6eaer Professors Denounce Coloring Books
i RT May Make Bid 0 -

or Senate Seat BUFFALO, N. Y. -(UP)- Two "Coloring books are completely
For S enate- Sea| t art professors have tossed chbil-Idevoid of any relationship to the
WASHINGTON, Oct: 26 (UP)-!dren's coloring books into the cjild's basic experiences," the'
Former Senate Democratic Lead- "mustn't touch" pile formerly r4- warned.
sei te fro elm tom efk er Scott W. Lucas said today he served for horror comic books., i "They dictate subjects, matter,
Ihmmn should submit in p t ,. has told Illinois Democratic lead-I George K. Stark and Miarlan E:.1 style, adult standards and taste,
hbe n0m an d mb ft toa m 4 ers that he Is "seriously consider-:Hoffa of Buffalo State Teacher's leaving no room for the child toi
.al 'anBd otherw-,- e dev eS ing" making a bid next year for College were firm in their denun- make decisions or expand his hori-
a t th of. ot* his old Senate seat. citation -of coloring books as a zons and capabilities in his own
ii f om accepted b t Lucas was defeated in 1950 by means of amusing a child. .personal fashion."
.__ Sen. Everett M. Dirksen (R-Ill.).
He had served four years in the
Cristobal Rotary House and 12 in the Senate and
Will Hear two years as majority floor lead- I I
Earl Daley er during the Truman adminis-
The Cristobal-Coln Rotary Club traction. W IA A c A R
will hold their regular luncheon He told a reporter he has been
meeting at the Strangers Club to- "scouting around tnd attendDRIVE the
guest speaker will be eight meetings last week with
ey sperv ir of e oarl l-I state ary lead He said they F O R D
ley, prcvsora ectrjcai work t eade h
for'the Canal Zone, and his s indicated they regarded himas9 6 F
jor e Canal Zbeone, and his sub-, the strongest potential Demo-
e25 to 60will cycle conversion fromcratic candidate for 1956. At -
Legion Auxiliary
This Evening [A MT R
The American Legionu AuxiliaryI MAKE fR isENS
UninU No- I will h lditi erannW

vt yu. win ni itj-s regutlari
monthly Executive Committee
Meeting tonight at 7:30 at the A-
merican Legion Club.
Illustrated Lecture
On Birds Is Tonight's
Lecture Subject
At a meeting of the Canal Zone
Natural History Society at Gorges
Memorial Laboratory in Panama
at 8 p.m., Mrs. Gladys Barnard
will give an illustrated lecture on
birds of the Isthmus.
Members of the society m a y
bring guests. Non-members who
t. ini e tepd ihj jifTni t nriin-

VFW Announces larly newcomers to the Isthmus,
Halloween Dance are also welcomed.
Fiiday Evening
The Ladies Auxiliary of the V. IAWC Panama Tour
FW, Post 822, are holding their I* -Tomorrow
Post Home on Friday. Members of the Inter-American
Plate lunch will be served be- Woman's Club are planning a tour
-. tween 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. A door of the capital city tomorrow morn-
prize and costume prize will be lng. It will include, a visit to the
he bestcomparsa at the "paper given. National Museaum, to an old Pa-
inion Club last aturday night Tickets are $1.00 per person and nama home, to the Presidencia
)uple on the left are Lt. Col. and may be purchased at the door, and to the pollera collection of the
uple on the rileght are Lt. Col. and Proceeds from the dance, will be late Ramona Lefevre.
on the right are Lt. Col. and used by the Auxiliary for their IAWC members and guests are
.a an Comman. Davi"Orphan Fund" for Christmas. to gather at Tivoli Guest House
rbbean Command. -The public is cordially invited. at 9 a.m.

MRS. HENIDESON ENTERTAIN Mr. And Mrs. Gordon Prick Rotarians To Honor
I AND MRS. CONTIN AYBAR Give Party At Las Cumbres Panama Anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon P r i e k The regular meeting of the Pa-
Ambassador and Mrs. Ian L. gave a delightful cokctail party at nama Rotary Club tomorrow will
luncheon yesterday for the their home at Las Cumbres last be dedicated to the Independence
rs. Contin Aybar, who are leav- weekend. Day of the public of Panama.
Among those present were: Mr. Rotarian Leopoldo Arose mena,
e Ecuadorean Ambassador and and Mrs. H. Chase, Mr. E. Doo- former President of the club, will
bassador and Mrs. Lagreze and Ian, Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Paolucci ibe the speaker. The meeting will
d Mrs. Chaulbaud Cardona. Mr. and Mrs. L. D1. Murphy, Mr be held at "El Panama" Hotel.
-- and Mrs R. Lovelady, Mr. andi .
Mrs. H. Campbell. Newco Mrs. W. Dixo, Mr. and Mrs. W. entitled Dynamic Christian Living
Mrs. J. H. Campbell. Newcomers N. Taylor, Mr. A. Wright Mr. Ot- will be held on tomorrow at 7:30,
welcomed and introduced w ee to Helmrichs, Miss Joan Fisher, at the Balboa YMCA-USO.
Mrs. J. C. Coffman and Mrs. N Mrs. Margaret Koumey, Mr. W. The Reverend Lester Soeheide,
E. Dreher. Kilgallen, Mr. and Mrs. Brodie will speak on the subject, "T h e
Also introduced and welcomed Burnham, Mr. George Toledano, Crusading Spirit." The public is
were Mrs. L. E. Pittman, guest Mr. and Mrs. George Daniels, Mr. invited to attend these lectures
of Mrs. R. V. Coffey; Mrs. J. C. and Mrs. Max Smith and Mr. and which pre free.
Brink, guest -ot Mrs. F. B. B_ I ., S n, The o4a TWr the
Mrs. J. E Tr. C. .
Jackson, guest of Mrs. M. John Tomorro Base, on the subject, "The Chris.
son; Mrs. J. R. Woods, guest of Lecture Subject tiaa and Democracy."'
Mrs. W. L. Yost; and Mrs. W. The third lecture Ln. a series -
Gelson, guest of Mrs.-E B. L. Don- Art Show
ahue. An interesting exhibition of
S- in paintings by Agnes 'Pete' Johnson
Dausinger* Anaetsne I is currently showig at the USO-
Birth Of Daughter .ii. JWB Art Gallerv.
-!gh SanT0ho/S F1 ainig

very versatile woman, numbering Mr. and Mrs. David Danzinger
among her accomplishments the announce the birth of a b a by
writing of prose and the composi- daughter, Deborah, at Baltimore,
tion of peotry. The Fort Kobbe Maryland, Aug. 22.
Women's Club was favored with a Mrs. Danzinger is the daughter
recitation of some of her writ- of Mr. and Mrs. Elian Mizrachi
ings about Panama. \ of Colon.
In addition to her other ta l- Mr. Danzinger was formerly in
ents, Mrs. McKenzie is an ardent the U.S. Army stationed at Fort
bridge player and paints bateas. Gulick.
Mrs. McKenzie who makes her -r
home in Montezuma, Georgia has Mrs. Patton Gives
resided with her son in the Canal Shower For Mrs. Urey
Zone for the past 2/2 years, being Mrs. Richard Patton entertain-
a former resident of Fort Kobbe ed 25 guests at a Stork Shower
and active in the women's club at her home in Balboa in honor
there. of Mrs. John Urey of Cristobal.
At the. luncheon she was pre- The centerpiece was a cake iced
rented with an Honorary Life in pink and blue and a stork in
Membership Scroll and an Honor- th center. "
ary Membership Card. -The guests were Mrs. John Gil-
A new member introduced was bert, Mrs. Ralph Dugas, Mr s.

w y r -n- a A&" i

Horrid Lies

Your Skin is Telling
About Your Age

'Pete,' who in private life is
Mrs. F. R. Johnson of Balboa
Heights has served as both State
and Branch President for the Ca-
nal Zone Branch of the National
League of American Pen Women,
and is at present engaged inplan-
ing the American Art Week
Show which the Pen Women will
hold in conjunction with the Canal
Zone Art League Nov. 13.
Mrs. Johnson's exhibition shows
the artist's versatility a( handling'f
a number of techniques. Her ap-
preciation of color is apparent,
and many of her compositions are
entirely fresh and different from
much of the work seen on z the
Farewell Fete
Planned For
Frank Molther
SA retirement and farewell party
for Frank Moltber, Evaluation En-
gineer of the Plant Invetory and:
Appraisal Staff, is being planned
'by his friends of that staff and in
the Engineering Division where he
was employed fot many. years.
The party will Be a stag affair
and will be held Friday night at
the American Legion Club in Bal-
boa. Tickets for the party ar e
$2.50 each.
Any of Molther's friends outside
the two Canal units sponsoring
the party are invited to attend.
Tickets may be obtained by tele-
I phoning 2-2511 at any time during!
office hours.
Mother has been a resident of
the Isthmus for many years, havy-
ing been employed both in the' Ca-
nal Zone and in Panama as an
architect. He is to retire f r o m
Canal service at the end of this

The neighbor with too much
time on her hands who makes a
habit of dropping in and sitting
for hours can throw any house-
wife's schedule out of kilter. The
only thing to do if you are the
victim day after day of a visit-
ing neighbor is to say politely
that you have work you have to
get done. If she doesn't take the
hint, invite her to sit while you
At least you'll get your work
done that way.


RETURNS-Jorge E. Sosa, (above), prominent Panama City
photographer, is offering to put all the new photographic
technique acquired during a recent stay in the U. S. at the
disposal of his new clientele.
I 4

-r-vj q. r

Srta. Gladysin Struns Jlnnez
"Tony's Exclusive Hair Do"

(formerly at Salon Tony, 4th of July Ave.)

Now at Justo Arosemena Ave. No. 4-15
above Rhoda's, takes pleasure
in announcing


"Famous Italian Hair Stylist"

Specializes in tints, cuts, permanents
and all beauty aids.

We announce the Italian guaranteed permanent

"Toque-Magico" from $10.00

Make your appointment. Phone 3-1302, where TONY and BRUNO
will be at your service.
Exclusive Italian and French products used.

Ave. Just Arosemena No. 4-15 Phone 3-1302







,;1 /*/ hb

/ :



4i .


Any gift of solid silver is ure
to please-and when it's Towle
-she knows it's the finest! Let
us help you select from ouer
complete collection. Our brid .
registry may have the exact
items she has selected herself.
Easy terms arranged, a
a--towle's Seuthwind
$-Pc. Pl o So ..... __ *t
S--Towle's Old Master S ga.
C-Towle's Espainsde LeomFn ort
$-Towle's KIng Acbrd Chom "Ie |
$-Towle's Silwr Flute Cigarette
"OTwls's Cadll~eht elip Sry
6-Towle's aos Solitalr *
.-Tol's CoN 3 A

WT ca ain'AV

" I I __~~__~ _., ,-r

. .,.mmsmla ---

- --- --

: = ,4






Inexpensive Want Ads Bring Qu ck Results

I i N





Dr. C L. Fibrega Dr. B. AvIla Jr.
D. PS. (Goorgetown University) M.D.
Tivoll (4thU of July) Ave., No. 21A24
(Oppo-ite Ancon School Playground)
TeL 2-211 -- P anmia.


Phone Panama 2-0552

S "Keep smiling with

SI b0 Lr x Theatre)

Peckes Shippern Mover
Phenes 2-2451 2-2562
a Riding & Jumping classes daily
S to 5 p.m. Phone 3-0279
or by appointment.

CBS, Webcor, Thorens,
Bogen, Fairchild, Tannoy,
Wharfedale, Quad II
Anything in electronics
First rate service department


7 Street No. 13
Agencies Internal. de Publicaciones
No 3 Lottery Plaza
Central Ave. 4S

Ave. Tivoll No. 4
14) Central Avenue
Oti Central Avenue *

J. Fco de la Ossa Ave. No 41
Just Arosemena Ave. and 33 St.
59 Street No. is

Pa:qut Lefevre 7 Street
via Porras III
SV a Espsa Ave.

page by page...




I__ i I I I F

ATTENTION G. I.1 Just built
modern furnished apartments, 1,
2 bedrooms, hot, cold water r,
Phone Panama 3-4941.
FOR RENT:-2-bedroom apart-
ment, garage. First Street Per*-
jil, Rosita Building. Phone 3-
FOR RENT: Modern apart-
ment, completely f u r ni s h ed.
North American neighbors. Tele-
phone 3-0471.
FOR RENT:- Furnished apart-
ment, military inspected. Via
Porras No. 99. Phone 3-2068.
FOR RENT: Nicely furnished
one-bedroom apartment on Ave.
Peru, facing the park. Phone 3-
0746 or 3-3099.



No longer were they
patient and doctor...
now they
flesh and

FOR SALE:-6-piece leather up-
holstered living room set plus 5-
piece dining room set. Both in
excellent condition, $190. El
Cangrojo, corner of .Calles B and
L, Edificil Deveaux, Apt. 31.
FOR SALE:- Bendix automatic
washing machine, good condition'
$125. Qtrs. 580-B, Curundu
Hts. Phone Curundu 2128.
FOR SALE: 1 set mahogany
bunk beds, 6 months use; I
Westinghouse electric dinner
cooker; I single bed, mattress
and spring; I metal dresser.
Phone Balboa 3740.
FOR SALE: Glass top coffee
table, lamp table, three living
room chairs, American bicycle.
Ave. J. de Cordoba No. 53.
Phone 3-2768.

Nov. 3rd at the
m m





I Steplen Murray Mors Swinburne
|Ciles Goidner ,PETERCUSHNG

45th St. No. S
Tel. 3-1285

c- Maea-m u--
(Dr. keolls)
N sue Azeseme- Ph. -nitf

,Fr. Hayes To Be
#Guest Preacher
* AtGamboa Tonight
i The Rev. Clarence W. Hayes,
priest-ln-charge, St. Christo-
pher, will be the guest preacher
Iat St. Simon's, Gamboa, tonight
,to open the patronal festival,
;whlch will continue through
Tomorrow, the Rev. Jesse K.
Renew treasurer of the Mission-
ary District, will be the guest
The climax will be on Friday
When the Ven. Lemuel B. Shir-
ley, Archdeacon of Panama, will
be the celebrant at Holy Com-
munion at 9 a.m. The Archdea-
con wil also be the special
preacher at 7 p.m. which will
culminate in a procession of the
full-Vested choir. All services
start at 7 p.m.


No. 1 Via Espafia
Tel. 3-0383


."M uVsn McMMM ows M Win t
UImw ows *w u t a m
tu. e.o e Sm by OTON THOWSMN

c~- 'pp -l

was this...


of the

-or Just the beginning?
0t ka aGea 0e SHAM IGEENE
. l/SSa^

Real Estate'
WE BUY, Sell and Manage Real
Estate. "The Imperial Eagle,"
Cathedral Pleas. Panama. Tele-

CZ Bar Association

Gives Despedida

For Judge Allman
Almost the entire membership
of the Canal Zone Bar Associa-
tion attended a dinner meeting
last night in the Fern Room of
the Tivoli Guest House, given in
honor of Judge Edward M. Alt-
man, a departing member of
the Association, who is leaving
Saturday for the United States.
Special guests at the despe-
dida were Judge Altman, Judge
Guthrle S. Crowe, Eugene Lom-
bard, executive secretary of the
Canal Zone Government and
Paul M. Runnerstrand, assistant
secretary of the Panama Canal
Company in Washington, and a
former member of the Bar Asso-

A farewell gift of an engraved
silver tray was made by the
roup, and, In presenting it on
half of the membership, Dr. L.
S. Carrington reviewed Jtidge
Altman's long record of service
to the Bar Association in vari-
ous offices, including a term as
Three new members of the As-
sociation were Introduded dur-
ing the evening. These were At-
torneys J. Patrick Connelly,
Stanley Diamond and Gordon
Metzger. All three have been ad-
mitted to the Bar of the Canal
Zone during the past, year.

Som thieves ere may plan t
sole 80

Today Last Time!
For Adults
Prices: 60 30
Daring Prench
"Two In
A Nudist

ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS' Gamlich's Santa Clara Beach
BOX 2031, ANCON, C.Z. Cottage. Modern conveniences.
BOX 1211, CRISTOBAL, C.Z. moderate rates Phone Gambca
DR. WENDEHAKE Medical Clin- -
ic. Day-Night service. Opposite Shrapnel's finished houses on
Chase Bank. Phone 2-3479. beach'at Santa Clare. Telephone
Thompshn, lelboa 1772.
Rooisn past Casiow. Low rates. Phone
o Balboa 866.

FOR RENT: Large furnished
room, one or two bachelorn. 3-
Room with bathroom, couple or
bachelor. Meals included. Peru
Avenue 28-48 and 29th Street

FOR SALE:-_i94 Lincoln Con-
tinental, custom built body and
engine, $1300 cash or trade
dealer's book difference. Albrook
6223. Quarters 53-8.
FOR SALE:-1951 Chrysler New
Yorker black, 28,000'miles, ex-
cellent condition, good tire s,
leather upholstery. Single owner.
Phone 3-3405.
FOR SALE:--argain, 1954 Cal-
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at "Transportes Baxter."

PHILLIPS Oceaonside Cottage*.
Santa Cleta'. Box 435, lboIb.
Phone Panama. 3-1877Cristo-
bal 3-1671.
Baldwin's furnished apartments
at Santa Clara Beach. Telephone
Proback, Balboa 1224.


ly needed for November. Refi
ences available. Call Balboa

FOR SALE:-.22 cal. rifle mo
61, slide action; 12-gauge she
gun model 12, slide action; a
20 power spotting scope. Hoi
6382-A or call 2-2660.
FOR SALE:-Two Lionel stea
type locomotives and 110-w
60-cycle Lionel transform
Phone Curundu 5177.

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The Sleep-Walker"'
Silvana Pampanini, in
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European Fix!

twd ?/rncm hlai&maLA SoIrPpinyq aAq!)



------ owlv

NOV. 3rd

The story of the making of a doctor...
and the two women whose love made him a man!

...onatb* -.

^ ^ ^^ ~^ L


at the

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of the



The wardooe worn by Joan Crawford in this picture
is the most striding and elegant ever shown
on the screen.

FOR RENT: Nice residence,
furnished in best residential sec-
tor, 51st Street No. 23. For In-
formation phone 2-2130.

LOST:-Blue Parker pen. silver
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IArrest Of 42 Pe

WANTED American beauty
operator. Y.M.C.A. Beauty hop,
Balbo, C.Z. Phone 3677.
WANTED:--Young man in both
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WANTED; SalesmaI. Must
speak Spanish and Englih and
have ChOuffeur's licef. Write
to: Box XYZ care this nawspI-
per, giving experience, etc.

persons Ordered

In Drive Against 'Goofballs'

nt- WASHINGTON, Oct. 26 (UP) -- was started when the trudking in-
'- The government yesterday order- dustry requested the agency's
ed the arrest of 42 persons i six help to keep down the number of
states in a determined crackdown accidents resulting from the use
on the illegal sale of goofballss" of narcotics.
and other stimulant narcotics to! The warrants charge 42 persons
truck drivers and juveniles, in Virginia, North Carolina, South
Atty. Gert. Herbert Brownell Carolina, Georgia, Illinois and In-
S Jr., announced the drive following diana with violating the Food,
ide a year-long undercover investiga- Drug and Cosmetics Act by sell-
ot- tion by agents of the food and ing the narcotics without a pres-
lso drug administration. All those cription. Conviction c a r r i e s a
use !named allegedly sold narcotics to maximum penalty of one year in
Struck drivers. Prison and a $10,000 fine.
George P. Larrick, food andl Larrick, who said the great ma-
m- Adrug commissioner, and other fed- jority of truck drivers do not use
att eral officials said the move was stimulants, reported his undercov-
er. just the beginning of a nationwide er agents worked as interstate
effort to abolish the illegal sale of truck drivers for a year to g et
stimulate drugs, evidence.
SLarrick said the narcotics, com-;
monly known as "goofballs,"i Inspectors learned from other
benniess" or "co-pilots," are a drivers whers the narcotics were
menace to the trucking industry being sold and bought as many as
and partly are responsible for the 4,000 goofballss" from one de-
growing j u v e n i I e delinquency' pendant.
rate. "There is evidence that some
I The stimulants-amphetamines truckers using he drugs have
S-are used by some truck drivers lost their own lives and have
to keep awake on long hauls. needlessly risked bhe lives of oth-
They also have been used by ers," he said. "Use of these
youngsters for "kicks." Larrick drugs by truck drivers is parcu-
said the grugs a are extremely larly dangerous because they so
dangerous" when used by persons stimulate the driver that. he stays
unfamilia with their effects. on the job long beyond the point
Larrick said the investigation of -normal physical endurance."

B 8ALBOA 6:15 8:20 DIABLO HTS. 6:15 7:55
0 Cornel WILDE
Thurs. *SO BIG"
MARGARITA 6:15 8:00
Thurs. 'White Whitch Doctor"
SCRISTOBAL 6:15 7:50
MD Air-Conditioned
*"New Orleans Uncensored"
Also Showing Thursday! Thurs: '"Immediate Disaster"


SANTA CRUZ :6 :15 7:51 CAMP BIERD 6:15 0.20
."vforSevn Bros."




Position Offered








182 La Carrasqullla
No. 26 "B" Street
4th ,f July Ave & J St.

oageftalm'nosm"am m aw m s ii-MWBm o WnSew


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CinemaScope and

Also: -

75c. 40c.



$1 10 PER CAR

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RK $0
NK $500.00


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I~I ~

o r A
U-.-.-- -.-. ..&_'

ANOTHER FIRST FOR THE NAVY-The cofiverted hea' ,' ciui,:r LUSS Bosfon \il\1 be commi,-
sioned November 1 as the world's first guided missile comLbi ship horvwn hric in the Dclawate
River as it began its sea trials, the 673-foot %essel is eqtuipl.ed i1lth two t.ViiI luncherc. shown
pointing skyward at extreme left. which aie capable of tfring the N .y's neeile-nose antiaircraft
missile, the Terrier. It will be commissioned at the Philadcipnia Naa-l Yard.



FAINTS AT SONS' FUNERAL Mrs. Anton Sch uessler, mother of two boys who were brutally
murdered in Chicago, Is carried Into church by a friend after she collapsed outside the church.

Cops Seek Schoolkids' Aid

In Triple- Murder Search

Fate Of Former DA

Accused Of Murder

CHICAGO, Oct. 26 tUP; Po- But the massive manhunt was
lice asked the aid of thousands of beginning to center on abnormal
school children on the northwest sex as a mot PHENIX CITY, Ala. Oct. 2e.
side today in their relentless AL least five more men were PHENIX CITY, Ala. Oct. -6
search for the sia)ers of there e scheduled for lie tests, one of 'UPI -A two-day hearing Lode-
youngsearch boys. them a 26-year-old with a long termine whether former Ala-
young boys. record, and a parade of other, ama Atty. Gen. Silas Garrett
Lt. Patrick Deeley. head of a known sex offenders was q u e s- should stand trial for murder or
new centralized e agen set tioned. e committed to a mental insti-
up to solve the slaying, s a id dtution for observation was ad-
school pupils will be asked to re- Meanwhile, pledges of reward mourned today without an imme-
port on any sex deviates they ma) money for information leading to' date decision.
have encountered. 'the arrest and conviction of their
have encounterekillers tppde the 30,000 mark. Special Judge J. Russell McEl-
Deeleys new moved coincided I anther move, Deeley also roy said as he closed the hearing
with a full-scale otundup of known asked electric, gla and telephone jtha he waS lnabie toM" a .
... r dof&' .-m -- s.ia s rmnlolye4l.4ec tii nIA S L d l
xe4 -O w'fo w"or-k tem tWem ei pri- mnow whl abldaff W.
It was last Tuesday the nude vate homes to look for clues in so."
.f -- R b^ .rt Peu- basements or subterranean nas-

and beaten bodies ou o ..
person, 13, John Schessler. 13, and sageways. McElroy said, however, he
is brothera Dtn,1 ----re-n would accept any additional in-
dumped in a heap in a forest pre- formation from either the state
serve on the northwest side. aror Garrett's attorneys in the next
48 hours. He said that he "saw
Mrs. Dolores Wisilinski, 29, told n user o reason" to return to Phenix
police she heard muffled c r ies all orOuserCity but would notify both par-
from a field adjoining her home ties from Birmingham as to his
on the Sundaynight the boys dis- Al Benson rulign.
appeared. The field is about 2t O f ra Attorneys for Garrett. who is'
miles from the forest preserve.Attorneys for Garrett. who s
miles from the forest preserve. accused of the murder of his no-
Mrs. Wisiini sa e cries WORTHINGTON', Minn., Oct 26 minated successor, Albert Patter-
so Wislihnski saiof zeof boys a P, Several farmers 'de-son, here more than a year ago,
soundedalikemanded atea Senate Agriculture renewed the arguments they pre.-
she heard one say. No. no don. committee hearing yesterday thatIsented last Friday that any men-
In a week of one of the most Secretary of Agriculture Eiz ra tal examination would be "un-
intensive investigations in the ci-|Benson "'must go -and drew a constitutional."
ty's history police apparently burst of applause from about 4001
were no nearer solution than farmers and small town business They contended that they saw
when they starte.. men. 'no reason for the examination
The farmers spoke at the sec-; as Garrett would plead not guilty
NO GAME TODAY ond in a series of nationwide agri. but would not enter a plea of
culture committee hearings t onot guilt b reason of nsat
.ASHLAND, Ky. -(P i- Gay finfmd out what farmers want writ- ty y rean oIsanity.
Price, a teller at the Second Na- ten int o a new farm pric sup Ie Garrett. who surrendered here
tional Bank here, had a ready an-poruled tomorrow. Anotw heat Desaroines, o- Oct. 10 after spending almost a
swer for a gunman who pointed auled tomorrow at Des Moines, year in a Galveston, Tex., men-
toy pistol at him and ordered, a Benson must tal hospital, appeared calm at
"hand over those 20"s." The would- B ra Taft Be nson must, go" he hearing. He was neatly
be robber fled when Price told Bert Belhig, a former from San-te
him, "If you want to play gamesborn. Minn., told the committee dressed and wore the cowboy-
him "If you want to play He said he was "extremely an- style hat which became his
GET OUT OF LINE. gr' at Benson for "cotinuallytrademark while In office.
Showering support prices." Garrett, former Russell County
He asked the senators to re- Deputy Sheriff Albert Fuller and!
*. 5, ,7-1_ / store the old Democratic program former Russell Solicitor Arch
"-'*:'-...,-.-*." of rigid supports at 90 per cent of Ferrell were charged with the
rret '" "'foir income" parity on wheat. murder of crime fighter Patter-:
Treat your cotton, rice. peanuts and corn. He son in a Phenix City alley June
meat to also asked the same protection on 18. 1954.
Small important crop., including per.
FRENCH'S! I able products like hogs, cattle Fuller was convicted of the,
and poultry. 'murder which brought a Nation-
An overflow crowd applauded al Guard cleanup of vice and
S" attacks on the administration's crime, and sentenced to life Im-
flexible farm price support plan. prisonment. Ferrell was acquit-
iLeo Frekmg, Heron Lake. Mmn.. ted on his contention that he was
said farmers would "get an im- talking to Garrett, in Birmlng-
mediate shot in the arm if Benson ham. by long distance telephone
and his assistants would resign" at the time.
and be replaced by people "sym
S.' pathetic to agriculture."

Different-because it's
WcWld'a Wt sW pv fa mbd

Sen Spessard L. Holland (D-
Fla ) told the farmers that "peo-!
pie in many states feel your pro-
gram puts a curb on initiative
and a premium on inefficiency"
Some farmers staunchly defend-
ed the Republican form program.
Frank H. DeGroot of Lake
Park, Minn., said "we do not need
politicians in agriculture.
"Politicians are as useless to
,us in agriculture as potato bugs."
I he told the senators. "Politicians
'try to make %t believe that the
only way to financial success is
through subsidy payments.'"


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2 2386

Members- of the Fort Clayton-Albrook Air Force Base Japan o
NO MADAME BUTTERFLIES THESE Wives Club, pose in Japanese costumes at a recent meeting of toie
group at the Fort Clayton Service Club. The group is composed of seven servicement's dependents, each of
whom prepares a Japanese dish for the luncheons. From left to right, top row Mrs. Nobuko Heard; Mrs. W. N.
Hornish, co-sponsor of the club with Mrs. R. Herndon, not shown; Mrs. Sakiko Busits; Mrs. Ayako Berge.'-ot-
tern row from let to right, Mrs. Kazuko Schwartz, Miss Judy Berge, Mrs. Sachiko Moy, Mrs. Hisayo Sweet and
Mrs. Hitsue Habergerg. All wives of servicemen who are Japanese and interested in joining the club, arve en-
couraged to contact Mrs. Hornish at 87-3136. (U. S. Army Photo)


Dr. R. L. Koenig, guest speaker at the Caribbean College Club meeting last
week, is shown explaining skin diving equipment to Mrs. V. L. Morris, pro-
gram chairman, (left) and Mrs. J. M. J. M. Brown, club president, (center).

Members of theCPO Wives Club of Cooo Sokl crossed the Isthmus recently
COAST-TO-COAST LUNCHEON t *enjoy luncheon at Hotel-El Panama and a* tour of the grounds sad
gardens.. .









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DANCING I A PAP clad In a paper costume and wearing .white wig, the chairman of the
DANCING IN A PAPER WORLD diplomats' ladies' paper ball for Panama charities typified the imagina-
tive costumes worn at the Union Club. But she has a genuine title, that of the Condesa de Rabago, and he is a
flesh-and-blood President, Ricardo Arias, Panamra's Chief Executive.
r + ,| '+ :l.:- .... : 4

'A r

FT. GULIK LEADERS Recently taking office at Ft. Culick to head the Officers' Wives Club for the coming
year were, left to right, Mrs. William E. Hulbush and Frank E. Favreau, of the
board of governors; Mrs. J. M. Trinidad, vice-president; Mrs. Harry J. McGinnes, Jr., president; Mrs. Raymond
White, secretary, Mrs. Halsey M. Kloak, treasurer, and Mrs. Le Roy C. Weigand of the board of governors.



Mrs. Carmela A. _e Boyd,,
wife of Panama's foreign
Minister Alberto Boyd, was
hostess recently at a
beautifully appointed tea to
which she invited ladies of
the diplomatic corps. Left
to right, front row, are
Mesdames Concha B. de
Estripeaut, Dora P. do
Boyd, Mary Siimmons. the
hostess and Aids de Nu-

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I: I


Navy's Wait To Beat Notre Dame Seems At End

Middies Fally Have

IMiddies Finally Have

Potentially Great Team

Junior College To Meet BHS

At Balboa Stadium Friday PM

SThe Junior College has been As is common knowledge to RT Tucker 210 Sorrell 185
By STEVE SNIDER contracted for a football game local football addicts, BHS can RE elby 170 Selby 170
with BHS for this Friday night field a heavy team, a fast team, RH Wheeler 205 Wheeler 205

NEW YORK, Oct. 26 (UP) Navy has been at the Balboa Stadium at seven a team composed of a combina- LH Norris 180 Morris 180
e 14 fnor a football t g Jo e o'clock. J. C. Intends to fulfill tion of speed and weight, or a FB Bateman 220 Bateman 220
waiting sine 1944 for a football team good enough their obligation and appear at light, fast, freshman-sophomore QB Scott 160 Scott 160
twin again from Notre Dame--and this may be it. the scheduled time and site. outfit. 'Alterat Fr. a Sop4i
Furthermore, the Green Dev- These BHS teams shape up as Robnette 1 70 Sir el 170
The Irish are favored by a all out to avoid an upset ils are confident that they can follows: Crook 19 rland
touchdown in the "game of the Southern Methodist over Tex- defeat the Bulldogs in a regula- Dorris 165 Webb 15
week" at South Bend, Ind., Sat- as-anything goes here. tion four-quarter game. How- Heavyweights regulars Napier" 185 Tate 15
urday. They've been playing in Also: Texas Tech over West ever, on the first day of practice LE Reyes 185 Reyes 185 Fulleton 160 Barboer 155
a tougher 'league and are ac- Texas State, Hardin-Simmons in preparation for the game, the LT Chalmers 210 Connor 175 Toothman 170 Crook 185
fiutomed to harder knocks but over Arizona (Tempe) State, J.C. coaching staff has admitted LG Alex 210 Cody 165 Fulton 170 Douglas 175
here's one vote for Navy to win Houston over Wichita, Tulsa that it is somewhat puzzled as C Clemmons 190 Clemmons 190 Hotz155 7Trower 165
on the theory the Middies are in over Oklahoma A. and M. to what type of defense to use. RO Fearon 185 Fearon 185 Winklosky 175 yter 135
better shape an& possess supe- -.--.---........-._______ -Lockaby 155 Gurdts 165
rinor reserves. THE FAR WEST i Sutherland 160 Oodsey 155
Around the nation by actions: I DI ChIp To solve the problem stated
U.C.L.A.over Californa-fi fth ople's Blue Chip Picks above, the C coaches have re-

THE EAST and worst defeat for the Bears. quested that the BHS squad
Washington over Oregoantate hold -an elimination tournament
Pittsburgh over Miami-edge -should have enough. | | I i L between all its teams, the win-
Io the home team In this one. Stanford over San Jose State- i N at r JV IrSrh ner to be the JC opponent for
Holy Crons over Syracuse-to could be plenty close. Inc ude N avy O ver' Ii Friday night.
lay unbeaten. jAlso: Oregon over Idaho, Coir Wi of +t b
Army over Coltate-but an lege of Pacific over Washington -- 0 -- wohld JC have o beaBt Anymos
upset i highly possible. State. Rockies: Wyoming oven By MAJOR AMOS B. HOOPLE Texas 21, So. Methodist 21 them would lok good versus the
Also: Cornem over Columbia, Brigham Young, Colorado A. UCLA 20, California 13 "Little Lerirhauns," but any
rale over Dartmouth, Penn and M. over Montana, Denver Upset Champion of All Time Washington 14, Oregon State 7 and all will t ste defeat come
Itate over Pennsylvania, Prince- over New Mexico, Utah State Ba... Jr Collg Frid night.
on over Brown, Richmond over over Fresno State. EUREKA! Mv zillions of gentle B oa 20' lege Fday ng

!illanova, Delaware oVer Rut-
lars, Harvard over Bucknell, Le-
lgh over Temple.


-. Navy over Notre Dame-a flier
S n defense and depth.
ci+ Southern California over Min-
S. estota-Arnett the difference.
Michigan over Iowa-teetering
S. toward title.
Oklahoma over Kansas State
S.-might be a stampede.
Also: Purdue over Illinois,
Sr-- West Virginiar over Marquette,
S Michigan State over Wisconsin,
Ohio State over Northwestern,
,.Tndlana over Ohio U., Boston
College over Xavier, Detroit over
Cincinnati, Colorado over Mis-
j ourl, Iowa State over Drake,
6 i ebraska over Kansas.


S Mryld ver South Carolina
-afar any nx.
SAuburn over lane-with an
S 'eye on the Sugar Bowl.
Georgia Tech over Duke-
Strictly guesswork,

Also OGeorgia over Alabama,
C4fleDwa ovr wa eFonmt, oNa-

S .Tetessee over North Carolina,
Vanderbilt over Virginia, Chat-
tanooga over Dayton, Cltadel
S iOver Wofford, Davidson over
S tettmn, North Carolina State
Over Furman, George Washing-
ton over TVirginia Tech, William
r and Mary over VMI,

Texas A. and M. over Arkansas
S -A:gg the solid club.
STea Christian over Baylor-

Sports Shorts

NEW YORK, Oct. 25 (UP) -
The coach of the New York
Rangers isn't too happy about
his "high-riding" team.
Phil Watson says there will be
some changes made even though
the club Is off to one of its best
starts in the National Hockey
League. Watson indicates he
will send goalie Lorne Worsley
to the minors.
Says Watson "We lust can't
give up four or five goals a game
and expect to win. We'll proba-
bly give Worsley a rest."
It is expected Worsley would
be setn to Providence of the
American Hockey League and
Johnny Bower of Providence
called up t oNew York.
The Ringers registered their
fourth victory and moved into a
tie for second place by beating
the Chicago Black Hawks, 5-4,
Sunday night.

AN MA Califorae.- I
Bay Meidows track In San Ma-
teo, California, opens its final
week of the fall racing season
Japenese jockey George Tani-
guchi Is leading the money win-
ners with a total take of $126,000.
He also has brought home the
most winners 46 out of 196
The $100,000 William Kyne
Handicap will climax "gateway
day" next Saturday. "Arrogate"
- winner of the Del Mar and
Bay Meadows Handicaps--shapes
up as the favorite.

VhdO %wA


SThe P.A Printing Press
7 W- TeL 2-074

readers are rejoicing with me
these days because at last I have
emerged in my true colors, the
purple and gold of surcess- har-

As you well know, it is not, in
my nature to crow, but I must
modestly cite some recent predic-
tions as being par excellence and
without equal. "Ben trovato!" as
my Italian friends would exclaim.
Your correspondent gave you
Colgate to beat Princeton,a nd so
Colgatedid, for the first time in 30
years. We gave you Auburn over
Georgia Tech, and that victory
was the first in 15 years. Oh yes,
and Florida over Louisiana -State,
the first time in history!

The Old Boy Himself

Countless other amazing form
reversals were passed along to
you as a matter of course: Ore-
gon over California, So u t h e r n
Methodist over Rice, Mississippi
State over Kentucky, Baylor over
Washington, Duke over Ohio State

This week we are able to offer
a few more juicy ones: Iowa over
Michigan; Minnesota over South-
ern California, Navy over Notre
Dame, to cite a few.

Go on with the forecast, friends:
Colgate 14, Army 13
Princeton 15, Brown 14
Columbia 10, Cornell 7
Yale 21, Dartmouth 13
Holy Cross 14, Syracuse 13
Penn State 26, Penn 7
Purdue 20, Illinois 16
lowa 14, Michigan 7
Kansas 20, Nebraska 14
Michigan State 22, Wisconsin 13
Minnesota 14, So. California 7
Colorado ,0, Missolrl 13
Ohio State 14, Northwestern 7
Navy 14, Notre Dame 7
Alabama 19, Georgia 10
Texas A. and M. 14, Arkansas 13
Auburn 20, Tulane 13
Tex. Christian 21, Baylor 20
Georgia Tech 13, Duke 7
Rice 19, Kentucky 13
Mississippi 27, La. State 14
Tennessee 19, No. Carolina 13



Sandy Koufax, the bonus baby
who itched two ShilLUtLs (or
the i s, is taking courses
JaffllBSiW*, ,rgrapbics and
] M ubia Universi-

Sports Briefs

in collegiate footba, athletic
director Guy Sundt of Wiscon-
sin died yesterday morning of a
heart condition. The 56-year-olt
Suzndt had been admitted to a
Madison, Wisconsin, hospital i
Monday for a routine checkup...
Tackle Billy Ray Smith of Ar-
kansas ha been dropped from
the- squad tor breaking training
rules. Coach Jack Mitchell has
told Smith he is welcome to re-
port again for next season...

A juror has 'beep dismissed
from a murder trial jury in
Freehold, New Jersey, because of
his interest in football.
Judge Elvin Simmill dismiss-
ed Raymond Sullivan because ,
Sullivau reportedly had corn-
plained about the way the
county was treating him. Sim- '
mill says Sulivan wanted the
county to take the jurors to
Princeton last Saturday to see
the PrIneetot-Cornell game.
The judge said "Sullivan
was lax in his obligations as a
juror and lax in his obligations
as a citizen. He didn't even know
enough about football to know
that Princeton was not playing
at home, but was up in Ithaca,
New York, on Saturday."

NAUTICAL, NICELY Hugh Wiley of Towson, 4.4 take
Nautical neatly-over a- hazardous jump in preparation for4 inter-
national horsen hbows in Harrisburg, Pa. and Ne*`Vtrk and
Toronto. Wiley is a member of the United States team which
meets those of Canada. Mexico and Ireland. The National Hone
Show opens at Madison Squafe Garden, Nov. 1.

Records, Future Rivals of Nation s Grid Teams

Follow Your Favorite Teams' Progress Weekly

O at Rice 20
6 Vanderbilt 21
e TCU 21
0 Tenn. 20
7 Miss. State 26
0. 29 at Georgia
N. 5 Tulane, Mob'e
N. 12 at Ga. Tech.
N. 18 at Miami
N. 26 Aub'n.. Bham
20 Colo. A-M 7
* at Colorado 14
47 Idaho' 14
20 W. Tex. St. 20
0 Tex. West'n 20
27 Oregon 46
N. 5 at Tex. Tech.
N. 12 Montana
N. 19 N. Mexico
N. 26 at' Ariz. at.
2 Taba, *
ISjOJr.A-.,LJ.. *
20 Baylor 25
27 Texas 26
7 Mlsissippi 17
0. 29 Texas A-M
N. S at Rice
N. 12 at SMU
N. 1U LSu, L'.Rock
SI Furman 0
25 Penn State 6
2 Michigan N6
0 Syracuse 13
45 Columbia *
0. 29 Colgate
N. 5 at Yale
N. 9 Navy, Phila.
N. 12 at Penn.
IS Chat'noega 6
13 Florida e
14 Kentucky 14
14 Georgia Tech. 12
52 Furman .0
0. 29 at Tulane
N. 5 Miss. State
N.12 Georgia. Col'
N. 19 Clem'n. Mob'
N. 26 Ala.. B'ham
15 Hardin-Sim. 7
19 at Villanova 2
6 Maryland 20
25 Arkansas 2
13 Washington 7
7 Tex A-M Is
0. 9 TCU
N. 5 at Texas
N. 19 SMU
N. 26 at Rice
27 Brandeis a
28 Villanova 14
28 Detroit 0
13 Marquette 13
0. 29 at Xavier
N. 4 at Miami
N. 12 Banton U.
N. 26 at Holy Cross
at Penn St. 25
7 Connecticut 19
12 Syracuse 27
32 Drake 2
12 Holy Cross 20
N. 5 N. Car. St.
N. 12 Boston Col.
N. 19 Temple.
12 at Columbia 15
20 Yale 27
7 Dartmouth 0
12 Butgers 14
7 Rhode Island 19
0. 29 at Princeton
N. 5 Cornell
N. 12 at Harvard
N. 24 Colgate
25 Albrlght 14
6 Gettyab'g 27
20 Leigh 27
38 Temple 0
12 Lafayette 34
0. 29 at Harvard
N. S Colgate
N. 11 at Miami
N.19 Delaware

7 Pit 27
12 Ils i es 29
27 Pena 7
20 Wash. St. 20
0 Oregon 21
S Caiformia 33
0. 29 UCA
N. 5 Washington
N. 12 Oregon St.
N. 19 Stanford
SJack'vIe St. 12
6 at Auburi n 1
le Mlm. SOeu'a
0 Teleae 18
6 at Auburn IS
0 Vanderbilt 12
7 Abiline i
O. 2 at Dyto
N. I at N JTx. St.
N. U P1 Island
N. 34 M 's State
14 Dayl 15
13 ColeaPFe. 271
e Xat oble 17
13 Mste 12
21 -tr 11
0 Detroit ;
N. 1 at Wlmt I

26 Elao 1i
2 Davidson 4
14 Richmond 12
25 Furman Is
14 Presbyterian 13
0. 28 Wof'd. Or'b'g
N. 5 Newberry
N. 12 VMI
N. 19 at FSU
31 Presbyterlan 0
20 at Virginia 7
i2 Georgia 7
7 Rice 21
28 S. Carolina 14
0. 29 Wake Forest
N. S VPI. Roanoke
N. 12 Maryland
N. 19 Aub'n, Mob's
N, 26 at Furman
21 Dartmouth 3
21 Ceunell a
14 RBhe Cre 1is
s15 rretem
I Yale e
0. 29 at Army
N. I at Bucknell
N. 12 at Syracuse
N. 24 at _rown
14 Arisona
12 Kansas 0
13 Oregon 6
34 Kansas St. 13
31 Oklahoma 56
0. 29 Missouri
N. 5 Utah
N. 12 at Nebraska
N. 19 Iowa State
N. 6 at Cola A-M
14 Brown 12
7 Princeton 20
14 Yale 46
7 Harvard 21
0 Army 45
0. 29 at Cornell
N. 5 Dartmouth
N. 12 Navy
N. 19 Rutgers
.eIV of CONN.
at Yale 14
10 Boston U. 7
18 Mas'chu'ts 13
0 Maine 13
14 Delaware 26
0. 29 New Hamp.
N. 5 at Nor'east'n
N. 12 Rhode Island
N. 29 Holy Cross
14 Lehigh 6
6 Colgate 21
20 Harvard
S Yale 34
26 Princeton 26
0. 29 Columbia
N. 5 at Brown
N. 12 at Dartm'th
N. 24 at Pamenn.
20 at Colgate 21
20 at Colgate 21
21 Holy Cress 29
0 Brown 7
13 Lafayette 21
14 Harvard 9
0. 29 at Yale
N. S at Columbia
N. 12 Cornell
N. 19 at Prinetmo
4 Citbdel 2
7 Presbyterian 16
26 at Catawba 0
54 Wash'n&Lea 0
21 VMI 7
0. 29 at Stetson
N. 5 at Richmond
N. 12 Wofford
N. 19 at Furman
15 at CIncliti 14
26 Kent State 13
7 Louisville 10
I Xavier 12
7 Tennessee 3
0. 29 Chattanooga
N. 6 at Holy Cros
N. 12 Miami of 0..
N. 19 at Mta. Sou.

44 Balnha NTC '
13 Lehigh 19
14 Lafayette 4
20 New Ha 18
28 Connectlent 14
0 29 at Rutgers
N. 5 Gettsburg
N. 12 at Temole
N. 19 at Bucknelt
1 at Iowa St. 7
23 at Drake 7
19 Cole. A-M 21
61 Manmta 13
7 Uta h 27
33 B'am Toamg s0
0. 29 at N. Mex.
N. 5 Cale. Col.
N. 12 Utah State
N. 19 Wy*aing

7 Toledo t 12
41 Wichkta a
0 iaa. Cal. 2
SOkla. A&M
0. mO at Ct'natl
N. 5 Iya t
K 'n r

28 N. Dak. St. 6
7 at Denver 33
14 Iowa Tehrns. 21
39 Wash. Mo. 19
2 Boaton V. 22
40 Bradley 7
0. 29 Iowa State
N.12 at Wichita
3 at N.c.t. 7
21 Tean'see 0
47 W'm & Mary 7
2 Ohio St. 14
7 Pittsburgh 26
0. 29 at Ga. Tech.
N. 5 at Navy
N. 12 at S. Car.
N. 19 Wake Forast
D. 3 N. Corallna

*f L. Cal. SL I
14 Merris Brown 4
32 B.C'k' 0
0. 29 at Xav'r (La)
N. 5 at N.C. A-T
N. 12 at Allen
N. 19 Southern U.
D. Or.Bl''m, MWl.
7 N. Car. St. 0
0 Miami 314
20 Va. teek 24
14 Georgia 47
0 Ga. Tech 34
N. 5 at Villanova
N. 11 at rurman
N. 19 The Citadel
N. 20 at Miss. Sou.
D. 3 at Tampa.

20 Miss. State 14
7 Georgia Ttch. 14
4 Auburn 13
29 G. Wash. 4
1i LSU 14
7 Kentucky 10
N. 5 Ga., Jax.
N. 12 Tennessee
N. 19 at Vanderbilt
N. 26 at Miami

S. 18 Newberry
0 at Army 81
0 Wofford 27
0 S. Carolina 19
19 The Citadel 25
0 Auburn 52
0. 29 N. Car. St.
N. 11 SU
N. 19 Davidson
N. 26 Clemson
25 VMI. Roanoke. a
13 Virginia 0
O Florida 29
25 Penn 9
SWm .&Mary is
0. 29 at VPI
No. 4 W. Virginia
N. 12 at Richmond
N. 19 at Maryland
14 Miami 6
14 at Florida 7
2* SMU 7
t12 Auburn 14
34 Fla. State C
0. 29 Duke
N. 5 at Tenn'see
N. 12 Ala.. Bhiam
N. 26 Georgia
13 Miss. 26
14 Vanderbilt 11
7 Clemson 20
2X N. Carolina 7
47 FMU 14
0 Tulane 14
0. 29 Alabama
N. 5 Fla.. Jax.
N. 12 Aub'n. Cnl',x
N. 26 at Ga. Teeh.
7 at Baylor 35
19 at Tulse 41
M4 N.Mex. A&M a
1 N.Trx State M6
19 at W.Tex.St. 1
0. 29 at Arl. St
N 4 Tr. W"rt'n
N. 12 Cinrin'ti
N. 19 at Tex. Trin.
N. 26 at Tex. Tech.
s0 Massarbus'tb
7 Cornell 2
21 Calumbia I
9 Darmouth 14
0. 29 Buecknell
N. 5 Prineston
N. 12 Brown
N. 19 at Yale

42 Te7 ple 7
2 DartnmoAth 21
IS Cilgale 14
7 Q'Ul Marli a
2 Ba12am U. I|
0. 2 Svracusem
N. 6 Davion
N. 12 at Marq'te
. g at Cotc
1 o. a ca. -


54 Montana 12
3 Tex. A&M 21
7 Detroit 0
21 Okja. A&M 1
7 Texas Telh. 0
0. 29 Wichita
N. 5 at Tulsan
N. 12 Miss.. Jax.
N. 19 Villanova
D. 3 Wyoming
7 at Wash'n 14
13 Utah, Bobs 20
4 Arizona 47
SCol. *f Pae. ,
Wash'n St.
0. 29 at Oregon
N. 5 at Ore. St.
N. 12 at B'm Young
N. 19 Montana
I at Cait. Mn
SIowa State
II O e tate 3t

0. 21 Purdue
N. 5 Michigan
N. 12 at Wisconsin
N. Il at Nor'west'n
13 Mich. State 20
0 Notre Dame 19
I Iowa 20
14 Viallaova 7
20 Northwestern 14
0. 29 Ohio U.
N. 5 at Iowa St.
N. 12 at Michigan
N. 19 Purdue
7 Denver 19
Snllinois 40
7 Kansas I
20 MissourI 14
7 Kansas St. 9
0. 29 at Drake
N. S Nebraska
N. 12 at Oklahoma
N. 19 at Colorado

29 Kansas St. 7
14 Wisconsin 87
20 Indiana 6
20 Purdue 20
13 UCLA 33
0. 29 at Michigan
N. 5 MInnesota
N. 12 at Ohio St.
N. 19 at Notre D'e
20 Wy6ming 34
7 at Iowa 2
0 Nebraska ls
42 Marquttte /
12 Colorado 34
9 Iowa State 7
0. 29 Oklahoma
N. 5 at Kansas
N. 12,at Missourl
N. 19 at Okla. A-M
14 at TCU 47
13 Wash'n St. 0
0 Colorado 1?
7 Iowa State 7
6' Oklahoma 44
14 SMU 33
0. 29 at Nebralka
N. 5 Kansas St.
N. 12 Okla. A&M
N. 19 Mixaouri
7 at LSUI 19
21 MIssiseppi 14
21 Vlllanova 4
14 Awbbrn 14
14 Mvi State 2W
|I IFlrIda 7
0. 2 Rice
N. S at Vanderh't
N. IS Memohls St.
N. 19 Tenntsse
10 Kentucky 7
0 Tex.A-M,Dal' 2%
20 Rice 20
0 f'eorria Tech. '7
14 Plrieda 18
0. 20 Misissoiirni
N. 5 at Marvland
N. 1t MIqs. State
N. 10 Ark.. L. Rock
N. M Tlane
at Rhde lId. 7
U4 Vermont a
0 New Hwmpohire
1% roneertleut '1
15 atMes 13
0. 29 at Colby
N. 5 Bowdoln
14 at W leasla 20
13 Talbsa
a Katsse t, 47
12 Cinelnnati 13
13 Ues. Col. 13
0.29 W. Virginia
N. 5 Detroit
N. 13 S olv Cross

Is st mosesl 12

25 JL Faroetem
34 13
0. 9 Caro na
ff. CL tI -

S. 24 Amer. Inst.
S Harvard 60
13 Connecticut 18
15 Rhode Island 39
33 Northeastern 13
0. 29 Vermonm
N. 5 at Brandeis
N. 12 at N. Hamp.
* Tex. Trinity S
SMiss. State 33
20 Murray St. 7
20 Tenn. Tech. 12
14 Miss Southern 34
0. 29 Ark. State
N. 5 MississippP
N. 12 at Kentucky
N. 24 at Chat'ga
at GalWeh. sU
w 41
metritDamo e '4
I1 TCU 21
:. 29 t Pittsb'gh
N. 4 Boston Col.
N. 11 Bucknell
N. 18 Alabama
N. M Florida
20 at Indiana 13
7 Michigan 14
38 Stanford 14
21 Notre Dame 7
21 llelnoa 7
0. 29 at Wisconsin
N. 5 at Purdue
N. 12 Minnesota
N. 19 Marquette

42 Missouri 7
14 Mich. State 7
26 Army 2
14 Northwestern '
14 Minnesota 13
0. 29 Iowa
N. 5 at Illinois
N. 12 Indiana
N. 19 Ohio State

0 Washingtes 30
6 Purdue 7
18 Nor'wst'n 7
13 Illinois 21
13 Michigan 14
0. 29USC
N. 5 at Iowa
N.12 at Mich St.
N. 19 Wisconsin
39 Elea 0
7 at La. Teehk a
Chat'sga 10i
26 N. Tex. St. 0
T13 SE Lousiana a* 0
34 Memph St. 14
N. s at Abll. Chr.
N. 12 N. Dak. St.
N. 19 Da'ton. Jax.
N. 26 PSU

14 at Flurida CO
13 at Temn. 7
33 Memphis St. 0
14 Tulane 0
20 Kentucky 14
26 Alabama 7
0O 29 N. Tex. State
N. 3 at Auburn
N. 12 at LSU
N. 26 Mssiasippi
26 Georgia 13
14 at Kentucky 21
33 N. Tex. State 0
13 VanderbIlt 0
27 Tulane 13
17 Arkansas 7
0. 29 at LSU
N. 5 at Mem's St.
N. 12 H'ston. Jax.
N. 28 at Miss. t.
,12 Maryland 13
7 at Michigun a
14 Utah s
14 Iowa St. 20
12 Nebraska 1
0. 29 at Colorado
N. 5 Oklahnma
N. 12 Kansas St
N. 19 at =asm
12 at Hoatean 04

6 Hawaii 0
20 at Ohio St 28
16 Kans. State 0
0 Texas A-M 27
7 PIttsburgh 21
18 Missouri 12
0. 29 Kansas
N. S at Iowa St.
N. 12 Colorado
N. 19 Oklahoma
0 at FU 7
7 Duke 33
18 N. Carolina 2l
13 Wake Forest 13
34 Vlllanova 13
0. 29 at Furman
N. 5 at Boston U.
N. 12 VPI
N. 19 W'm & Mary
N. 25 W. Virginia
Oglahema 13
25 N. C. State IS
7 Maryatd 25
Wake Forest 2S
.O. 29 Tennessee
N. S S.Car. N'f'lk
N. 12 Notre Dame
N. 19 Virginia
D. at Duke
7 at Tex. Waest'n 0
, Misiipp i 33
Sa MIs. Sou. 26
30 Har'n!8. 19
s4M Midwestern 13
0. 29 at Miss. St.
N. s Chattanooga
N. 12 McMurray 1
N. s19 poria S.t
D. 3 Trinity

14 Mia. of Ohio 25
0 Tulane 21
7 Minnesota I1
2 Michigan 14
14 Indiana 20
0. 29 at Ohlo St.
N. 5 Wisconstn
N. 12 at Putrdue
N. 19 Illinois
T17 SMU 0
19 Indiana 0
14 Miami 0
.7 Mich. State 21
22 Pardue 7
0. 29 Navy
N. 5 at Penn.
N. 12 at N. Car.
N. 19 Iowa
N. 26 at USC
W2 Nebraska 20
* Stanford 6
27 Illineis 12
14 Duke 20
26 Wisconsin 16
6. 29 Nor'western
N. 5 Indiana
N. 12 Iowa
N. 19 at Michigan
* Ark.L.Rock 21
6 Texas Tech. 24
7 Wichita 14
13 Houston 21
0 Detroit 7
0. 29 Tulsh
N. 5 Colo. A&M
N. 12 at ansas
N. 19 Kansas St.
N. 26 at Oklahoma

13 at N.C. C
26 Pittsburgh 14
20 Texas a
44 Kansas
5s Caelrad 21
0. 29 at Kans. St.
N. 5 at Missouri
N. 12 Iowa State
N. 19 at Nebraska
W. 2M Okla. A&M
S3 rig'm Yamg 0
10 Stanford 0
7 Col. of t' Pee. 13
14 Washlnton S. 6
0. 29 at Wash'n
N. 5 Idaho
N. 12 at Calif.
N. 4v at Orefon

35 Boston U. I 0
0 Army 85
26 Virgina 7
14 Navy 34
7 W. Virginia 21
0. 29 at Penn.
N. S yracuse
N. 12 at Rutgers
N. 19 Pittsburgh

7 California 27
0 Princeton 7
6 G. Wash's 25
SNavy 3
0. 29 Penn State
N. 5 Notre Dame
N. 12 Army
N. 24 Cornell "'
7 Cabllrela 27
22 at 9 14abnae U
14 26lahoa M
21 N;"
26 Duke 7
0. 29 Miami. Fila.
N. 5 Virginia
N. 12 W. Virginia
N. 19 at Paen St.
41 Rutgers 7
29 Columbia 7
7 Penauylvanla 0
6 Colgate 15
26 Cornell 20
0. 29 Brown
N. 5 at Harvard
N. 12 Yale
N. 19 Dartmouth

14 Col. of Pe.
7 Minnesota
0 Wisconsita
20 Iowa
7 Notre Dame
0. 29 at Ilinols
N. 5 Mich. State
N. 12 Nor'westtrn
N. 19 Indiana

20 Alabama 0
20 LSU 20
h1 Clemson 7
0 SMU 20
14 Texas 32
0. 29 at Kentucky
N. 5 Arkansas
N. 12 Texas A&M
N. iS at TCU
N. M Baylor
7 at Prineeton 41
21 Muhlenberg 0
14 Brown 12
14 Lehigh 21
0. 29 Delaware
N. 5 at Lafayette
N. 12 Penn State
N. 19 at Columbia
26 Wofford 7
19 Wakel.,W. 34
0 Navy 26
19 Furman a
14 Clemasn 28
0. 29 at Maryland
N. 5 N.Car., N'f'lk
N. 12 Duke
N. 29 at Virginia
50 Wash't St. 12
42 Oregon 15
19 Ttxas 7
* Washtngton 7
33 Wisconsin 21
3n California 6
0. 29 at Minn.
N. 5 Stanford
N. 19 UCLA
N. 20 at Notre D'
9 at Notre D'me 17
7 Ga. Tech. 20
13 Misseouri
29 Rice a
33 Kansas 14
0. 29 Texas
N. 5 at Tex. A&M
N.12 Arkansas
N. I*-st Baylor
N. *S at TCU
33 Cal eo Pacific 14
0 Oregon St. 1i
a Ohio State 0
14 Mirk. St. 2p
13 UCLA 21
7 Washlngton 7
0. San Joas St.
N. 5 at USC
N. 12 Oregon
N. 19 California

I Wyeo..BJllig 35 14 at Utah 1
27 Bri1at Youn" 3 15 at USC 42 STETSON
II De4yt 41 7 Washington 1P 9 at 7W La. 7
6 Utah State 32 21 Calif. 0 6 at Wofferd X?
19 New Mele 14 4 atArMlsea 1 7 7Troy S1at 0
0 29 Colorado A-I Q. 2 Idaho IS Tamp- 48
N. 5 at Most. St. N. 5 at Wash. St.8 0. U Davidson
N 12 at Areiona 12 at Stanford N. S Presbyterian
N. 19 at Idaho N. is Or"ega State N. 12 Newbrr
N.V 1 2ma GCal
7 Wm & MaR 14s a ta nlard
216 Caralni S I i PNuMsO j14 12 Pit.
21 Pliasurpth 0 I Citmo nat I? '17 atme U 12
34 Pna.ll"ate U Mha I 13 An
2 R Pen. Sing e 1 11 3 ud
N. 5Ds a a ate .N. a3 a Dam SL
N. 12 R 131C I(bmb.

12 at M's Harv 67
11 Troy Sto '0/
7 SE Louiasim 13
0 Stetson 1
51 Livingtop S 7
N. 5 atE. Car.
N. 15 W. Carolina
N. 19 Ap''chian St.

7 at Holy Creos 42
C Seranten 20
* Bucknell' 3 4
16 Carnegie T. 1
0. 29 at Jhigh
N. 5 Mu lenberg
N. 12 Delaware
N. 1 at oa. U. IU

T Mis.. Slta 13
I Duke p
is Chattaese-ag
20 AlabaVma *
5 Dayton 7
. 9 at N. Car.
N:. Gergia Tech.
N. 12 at lorida
N. 19 at Kentucky
N. S Vaederbilt
at UCLA [ 2t
28 IaU, Dallas /
27 Nebraska S
19 TCU 16
19 Baylor 7
0. 22 Baylor
0. 29 at Arkansas ,
N. 5 SMU
N. 12 at Rice
N. 24 Texas

47 Kansas 14
32 at Tsp. Tech. S
20 Arkansas I
21 Alabama 0
16 Texas AAM 19
21 Miami 111
0. 29 at Baylor
N. 12 at Texas
N. 19 Rice
. 26 SMU
14 Texas Tech. 20
35 Tulane 31
7 USC is
0 Oklahoma R0
20 Arkansas 27
32 Rice / 14
0. 29 at SMU
N. 5 Baylor
N. 34 at Tax. A-M
20 at Taim 14
0 TCU 32
24 Okla. A-M 4
27 at Tex. Wes'n 21
0 Houston 7
0. 29 W. Texas St.
N. 5 Arizona
N. 12 at TulsM
N. 19 Cal. of Pae.
N. 2M Hardtn-Sim.
20 VMI
21 at Texas 35
21 Northwestern 0
0 MIss. St. 14
s13 MI-slstpp- 27
14 Georgia s
0. 29 Auburn
N. 5 Ala., Mobile
N. 12 Vanderbilt
N. 26 at LSU
6 at Arkauses 21
41 Hardln-Sim's 1
Marquette I'
I19 Wyoming M2
21 Clncinnatl 21
0. $9 at Okla. A-M
N. 5 5 Houston
N. 12 Texas. Tech.
N. 19 Detroft
N. 24 at Wichita
21 Texas A&M 0
0 at Maryland 7
a Wash. State
M Oregw St. ,
21 Stanford fl
33 Iowa 13s
0. 29 California
N. 5 at Col. of Psve
N. 12 Washington
N. 19 at USC
13 Oregon 14
29 Idah4o. BDoie 1
20 9lsssrl 14
41 Brts'mYoM a
27 Denver 7
12 WyeMag 23
W. 5 at Colorado
N. 12 Coel. AAM
N. 96 Uita Sate

2 Baylor 19
0 Kntue ky 12
14 Be. Col.
1 Indiana U
3 N.C. Samte
6. 29 Rienm e
N. 5 at
N. 11 at Detroit
N. 19 at NHuata
7 at Twlame 0
: s wash. 'ke
12 W. Virgl imt
1 2vldlu 11-
7 Davidson It
I 0. 29 at Wm.&M'y
N. 5 at Lehigh
N. 12 at The C'eJ
N. 24 VPI. Roanoke

/ m. Mn Sae
7 Richead I T
IT Viinira 13
0. 29G. Wasn' .
N. 5 Clem'n, RhC
N. 12 N.S. State
N.a VMI. Rosin'
VIm sNAg
I Cleam- M
9 G. Wash's 13
7 Penn State 26
20 VMI 13
13 VPI 17
0. 29 at Vanderbilt
N. 5 at Pitt.
N. 12 Wake Forest
N. 19 at N.Car.
N. X S. Carolina

13 VPI "
34 S.C., W.S'm 19
I W. Virginia 46
7 Maryland $8
13 N. Car. State 13
25 N. Carolina 0
0. 29 at lemaeo
N. 5 WVi & Mary
N. 12 at Virginia
N. I af Duke'

12 at US M
I at Kansas 13
20 California W2
9 Idaho 0
6 Oregon St. 14
0. 29 at Col. c .
N. 5 Oregon
N. 12 8. Jose L.
N. 19 at Wasln
14 Idaho d
30 at Minn'ata 0
19 Oregos 7
7 USC a
7 Baylor 13
7 Staeford 7
0. 29 Oregon St.
N. 5 at Calif.
N. 12 UCLA
N. 19 Wash'n St.
33 Ricamend v
414 Wake Forest 4
47 VMI 12
39 W'm & Mary IS
21 Penn State 7
0. 29 at Marouette
N. 4 at G. Wash.
N. 12 at Pitt,.
N. 19 Syracuse
N.25 at N.C. St.
0 at Navy 7
7VPI s I
7 Duke 47
12 W. viraaina s
3 G. Was's 16
0. 29 VMT
N. 5 at Wake pt
N. It at *.C. St.
N. 34 at Rilcdond

IS Marqmetts 14
7 Iowa 14
i Pardu 0.
21 USC 32
1t Okle State 2
0. 29 Mich. State
N. 5 at Norwes'n
L. 12 Illinoil
N. 1 'at Minn's't
38 at EKas. St.
3$a lltea C

23 Utah lt
0. 33 Brig'mYomas
N. l2 at t1.
W. 4 at DMPaer
D. 3 atH Noi

is at a als 14
* A0lmngsl 4? 1 C m ltmbia
0 Md. Tenm. St. 0 a Certaem r
0 Vlr3nl9 a I C a C te
I. 5t mta I r 0. l raM s

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Michigan Retains No. 1 U.P. Football Rankin
A r t I u -

Robbie-Olson Maryland, Oklahoma, Panama Al Brown Reintermen

Championship Navy Rated Runnersup, Set For Tomorrow Afternoon
S' _..- __.. b* The remains of former world and Canada. force for some time and re.
TBvlIfna' bantamweight champ Panama Brown made his last trip to turned to New York in 190.
-U PO I NEW YORK, Oct. 26 (UP) -- The Wolverin of Al BNwn who died In New York Panama In 1941. He became a Six a later he died at fi
"h" "n r a th numb" r "" "g "ll tI 11, were to arrive at Crto- detective in the Secret PollevPiew pital. lc :
Michigan remain the number one colesete fo mal early this afternoon on the .----- ----
CR-A Oat. 2S (y A^ -- but only by the narrow margin of six point. S rana are receivedI. S Ojin T T
tWCit Oc.36y ,0AAfter the rem4lns are recevn e
t^^Si~~i ha ereath The latest rankings by th tre Dame .Ial e1ler, %as a at dockside bY Boxfng Commls-- B l .g I ,
om f the mildi- United Press board of coaches bruised thl mule will on representatives of Panama
hr frth ows Mich ban on top with 298 ready for Navy...BTh Minne- and Colon, and Municipal off-
for br frth points. Maryland second with sot first string ends--Tom Juhl cais, they will be transferred to W i MndIry DOUblsS ITle
at ,alee. U$h polAts-and Oklahoma a and Fraok Keeneke-may miss the Colon Cathedral where they i M D
Th bout teen ha PS close third with 28o8 the Southern Caflbrnia game will I e in state until 4 o'clock,
So^bdo- and Ray Mi Michigan' six nt mari s because of leg ljurleas...End when a mass will be said.
as re-ehelae for Nodir the smallest he by a leader in Ro ge Ramter of California is The military doubles team of Barry 21:14, 21:19, 21:14.
ibiH wh wn thle eutra the six years the coachle have o0 for the season with a crack- Van Sloun and Brittain, of the Semifinals
Ianankle W e tIssued rankin a. ed shoulder.... US. Navy, last night won the De Witt-J. Stafford vs. Van
du.ringa^ Suay workout i rand Navy again ranks fourth, In the good news department, military doubles enamplonship Sloud-F. Brittain Van Sloun-
the ankle kt sweklin re- a U.C.L.A. fifth and Michigan Alabama hopes brightened with of the USO-JWB's fourth, Isth- Brittain 21:19, 13:21, 16:21, 23:
State sixth but after that there the return of quarterback Al El- mian table tennis tournament E. Olttleman-R. Ely vs. V.
Is some shuffling around. Notre more and halbacks Jerry Me- by defeating John Barry and Gusti-H. Cannon 8. Otstln-
A upokesmn for the Inter- Dame moves up three notches Bee and Jim Loftin for the Edward Rowan in a hard-fought H. Cannon 21:18, 21:19.
national DOtxi g Club says Be and is seventh as Duke drops Georgia game on Saturday... match that went five sets and Finals
gor 3ay is unableto put any from the top 10. Auburn and Tenn e s s e e will be at full was deuced twice. Van Sloun-F. Brittain vs. B. V.
*e.rt on the leg. Olson Im. Southern California are tied for' strength for North Carolina The score was 10-21, 23-21, Rowan-J. M. Barry W nner
1me tltyI b:I:ke eamp at Chi- eighth. Last week Auburn held lifter X-rays showed the hand 20-22, 21-16 and 21-17. The game military doubles: Van :oun-
eagnd turned *htoa 8n a slight margin over Southern Injury of back Bobby Gleaves was played ahead of schedule Brittain 10:21, 23:21, 20:22, 21:-
elsie. The chamipletn wl Cal. The Texas Aggles round out Isn't serious. And coach Steve last nht n order to aocommo-16, 21:17.
be b at Chago In tWe the top 10. Sebo of Penn say' his layers date Enign Barry who is lear-
be ba at Skea o Skimming along the gridirons, aren't discouraged even though ing for the g8tates tomorrow. Civilian Doubles
wo ,quarterback George Welsh of the Quakers have lost 14 His team-mate Rowan, who G. Grannum-L. Moreno vs.
0s f h Uoblnen mains enfldemt. Navy will face Notre Dame on straight. Says Sebo-"I've never leaves the Isthmus Sturday, W. Webster-T. Austin O- Gran-
iRLCd. Danowskt- hycal education et rhidmn la-W Saturday after sitt out the worried about their morale for has qualified for the finals and num-L. Moreno forfeit.
adviceto th EstLong Isthe fight i over, Olson's ame Pennsylvania game with a toe a minute-but I think they're will meet J. Stafford of Albrook G. Grannum-L. Moreno V.
quad Danowskl, h y with :no. alumni trouble, has wnl the fSi ht Is tead, O o ae Iiury,..Paul ornung, the No- worried about mine." Air Force Base to decide the Sampsn-F. White Grannum-
h1e-i a 1f e.big-tlnr l e ol o *' military singles championship L. Moreno 21:18, 21:16.
a sro gml i resigned as Fotdham'sa head coach fore that in. b." tomorrow night at the USO- ttle-A. Loney vs Jo
stutondrope footbalL It'. much nier and more fun.this way JWB Club n alboa. se-P. H. Joseph-P.
E. LD ck Mai st 1Y The semifinals of the civilian F x, forfe .
SAub Tops will also be played to- v .. He tIh. N hteaal-
^ L' f Nl morrow night between champion. Hl Joho -
SPANAA AL DROWN George Grannu .n Amaor S n tournament n
Hall and H. MeKail vs. Arthur A. Je Soseph A.
I Offen Dens In Amador Tournament he ortee Is set to arrive wi a -
BIRMINGHAM, Alabama Oct, in Pama at 8, and the re- Tomorrow night will also see 4 11 8.
2 (UP) Auburn has reaid maim will be taken to the the continuation of the elimin-
its position as the leading T Santa Ana Church where they nation matches of the civilian H.JOhnson Hall-Johnson 1:-
tene an heatensive tem o n The medalist at the end of the er, W. Duffus, P. Moran, J. La- will e until 4 e'elo tomer. doubles. 9, 21:18.
the Southeastern Conference. two qualifying rounds for than, L. Fisher, C. Mathews. row afternoon. The tournament will come to A. Joseph-R. Seale vs. H.
--- Officirl statistics released to- Club Champioaship Tournameft 4th Flight Burial will take place at Am- an end Saturday night with the seph P. Felix-Joselh Sea
LASSI LAGE owen I 190 600 da show that) the oonfee was Die Goodman. He toured 3. Rice, 0. Gildersleeve, H. ador Cemetery at 5p.m. tomor- presentation of awards to the 21:18, 20:22, 21:16.
CLA IC LAG wart 189 211 10 leading Plainsme have an aver the local course twice in 189 Donoan, R. William, M. Oaks, row. Graveside speaers will be Isthmian champion for 1955 and
TeamStains M Coearty 15 1 3 a toal offense o 33 yards p strokes, 5 strokes ahead of his 8. Walker, W. Tankersley, J. AllanBasso, president of a for- to the runnersup and other win-
turatea sakychef .......17 1 Coff-ey 215 21-- In3e n e tomta tlae ne-on, nearest .rival, Cal Riggs. Indl- Senne. A Panama Boxin Commi- ners.
star a ........ 15 955 95 m defense, Aubun has held Its vidal flight listings of the low There are 36 holes remaining on which, in conjunction with Results of last night's match- Todov E~nconto- 35 20
AustIe-uashn .....***. 16 ents to an average gain of 40 players are listed below: to be played to determine the the Colon Boxing Commission, es were: In Cnemascop
eymouAencThe mtChbetwn the league yards r game. Championship club champion for 1955. The started arran g e m en t s 'for ILadles Singles Semifinals sther Williams, in
Hotel 31 Panama bested Aus- leaders--Restaur hletu S1ycne y- a In five games. Auurn has D. Gooddman, S. Riggs, V. Lore- first '18 holes may be played at Brown's remains to be shipped E. Stewart vs. E. McFarlan-
tin-Nash three to one and re- and the tail-enders--Seymour racked up 1239-yards ruashitg brola, J. Riley, F. connor, 0. any time between Monday, Oct. to Panama; Panama City Mayor Stewart 21:17, 21:9, 21:19.
t s tGross, Vance, M. Lanza. 24 and Monday, Oct. 31. How-Miguel Angel Ordonez; and Co- McClure vs. C. Nightengale ane Powell, in
diced the lead of Restaurante Agency-Wound up even. Se- a l T7 passing. 1st Flight ever, the first round played dur- Ion Mayor Jose Dominador Ba- -Nlghtengale 21:16, 21:10, 10:- A I H E N A '
Skyef to three points. Billy mour Agenc wontwo am l ins in of- 8. Oarriel, R. Pearson, M. Ing this period must be used. 21, 19:21, 21:18.
itff Ith and Bob Bowen mand RstaunrenteoSkych. e ense re th a 303- Chadwick, L. Ledbetter, B. Sew- The last 18 holes must be played Br the only world boxing Military Singles I
wt.h 5" la d o Hotel ttPanam a me and t + -pin. George 20- fan are Midlsio ,*i, witha SO-. ,,H royn ,
an ?S for As-a s I t wa ill rate ad Geil rolled ard& avera ge, a d si i .ll J. Herrmann, J. BDrophy, J'. on tSunday, Nov. chain the RubliofPa n t l t r em n
ru vot martin tea i ama has ever had, was born In Stafford 21:16, 21. 19.ri
and hogA. ,jac oId 2le8 to hiwaet for Restaurant skyranr Then come anderbt Tnn- 2 Flight Startin times and daring Colon in 1902. J. Stafford vs. P. Cummings "LA D:0:IOCIDA
Ingre the high. a gigamed 2 sto NerCifl Laow eewand Chr an Georgi Tech .McGowan. D. Dren.nan, :. for tfe a CI YilStafford21: C o :1,b 2:16.
fi Lally, D. Drennan, be ar inal round of pa ll He began his boxh career in Stafford 21:13, 16:21,2116. Ferna do Ferns.dez, in
.1 R Don R. P---o. tsustfin-H. Cannon I. Z.V.,
o i I .i. a Wl- e.eondute under medat pla 118- te19 0 R an-:. M. Barr? o:-.

Wilb rf. 3 ,. 0, r0e Sports Shorts |T r
er "1805 10 18 Lane. 11 84 1s8n pae," with aId h ak, 3. IuAel, Watk-rules. A r i '
!o M e a, 80 18 9 1lchur 14 1 7 16 154 5 V L ane a p ISO I T O 41 and V ande rb ilt S Is tlW an amEaW a .oh hI s t tl e I
ao er Larrabee 12 80 ..1410 80 yards through the air. allver the world. Many of h

NCAA .4,WPenalizs Wih96 Paraiso 5,r i^s^
9De 8 1 18 12M10 1ch an 11 14 2W 11 Trpaling b fractured skull In Sunday's ro
Thr PACIFI O TA game wth the pttburgh Steel-
980 931 02 2836D L-T M s W L -
7TeermesrY R""211lA6o t as .. *"rt:. "- whenOhewasknokedoutwh e 1errfn "donui
Br. 3 S t '' r 0 carrying the ball in the final
PD .4NEW YORK, Oct. 25- (UP) (UP).- murAeny .....8 prnfld .. ,. 1 t dpreai -r1y

placed on fobatonfor one year. No. 2 ...... .. ..... 5 10 three days.
Blor and Wiehita were epri- NO. 5 ...... .... 5 10 even teams r red in the i_. _E-' L" Tn f -|
minded. t 147arso tramral o-rays reveal Giants fullback Art uppe o
the NCAA eounc d out. The 'The Termite chewedd up" balL0ague. rak View won t ou Alex Webster did not suop as the
council says t daled other Braniff and increased their led opening from Dallas, 15-7 t, eidN skull n Sunday'st

The council says St. Loute Uni- streak to lead the Termites fighting ack to take the sec- be on dsplay,flrst in the win- The tournament committee Is "lgare. Bl^i Be' %
athlete mo elal aid than Branf St th Lake View next ten they will be 1 0 Webster sufferaned a concussion
permitted either the NCAA or Team No. 6 knocked Seymour Next games: moved to the windoww ..of sam .ir.0s nnPhenama A suplemen-
he Missour Valley Conference. Agency out of second place with Oct. 25 .8ant Rosa Mlfnord Friedman's nlothiers on Fourth thpris wi l pu Here and t e n sports.. h
What's more, th council says a three point blanking. Their Oct. 27 Lake View ringfield of ul Avn.He was taken The trophieto a hospi-oon the details are co An expected advantage of
the college gave him the exces- score of 2960 was the second Oct. 28 Dallas--Mobile and other .pr. Will be present- te are om unds makesheationweghary n -rays
sive aid, too. highest in the league. Virgil and ed to the wlnagra at the Marlin The generosity of the business Holman a slight (5-7) favorite -
SThelma Camby got hot to lead Basketba Club banquet in December. men in Panama has been com-ere ma. Webster is expected
Baylor and Wihtewerere- Team No. wl substitute Bill The prices put up for the pletely.overwhelming, and plan-m a t Rh
primanded for providing t acober was high for 8eymour 8ants Cru' boys eed out Armed Services teams fishing in nin where and for what catch- red ts an petas he says t
portation for oat1 0 or oathlestes Aency. Paraiso for the second time the tournament have been es y should be iven brought n
to visit the college. Team No. 8 met Tasco on a the interschool sport 44-9. reed unand consist of team u many a pro and con at the rntrOun.. '' r
The council meeting in Chi- night when Bud Baleer "hd Har- Paralso started slowly but and ndival rizes. The tetam committee meeting. What catch Add to r the
eago also voted to present sev- ry Colbert were oth oft and came on strongly in the last pries will be or most sailfish, should be rewarded with the ,abdebh takes tday aLu
eral by-law amendments to the Tao lost two games to one. It quarter but it was too late. largest fish of any species round trip to Costa Rica, what sen amrkd enIan eit I the
annual convention in January. was a case of no one on either Te girls, outpointing Paraiso caught, largest sallfish, catch with the five white side- s and ieng tot oned' wth
One would allow baketball prac-team having a good nigh. .showed class in foot work and lwcall tres, what w ith the hune bend ith g o5 yy arn g aid ,
tice to.start October15 teach year Team No. 5 came out of their general play to wn33-:14; Prizes to the Individual serv- dred dollar transferable credit be.. ot ,l. ..... ,hr

in eatsA of November I as at slump and took t points from C. Lawrence was isk pointer icemen will be tor the largest on a new ear etc. etc etc. rt "egt, en Ce -a f ve tried
resent. That amendment would Teaum No. 2. Al Minr w hIgh for Santa Crus with 14 points, fish any species, caught, largest Luckily there are enough dif- An example of If at first you g o
Sthe 20 sson of man for Team No. and arle while K. Johnson starred for llsh, la t dolphin, largest fert species of ame fish in don't suxamcceed, try, try again" KOOLS you know
spring practice now permitted. and Phyllis Bt-ed Team No. 2. Paraiso with 8 points, wahoo, largest amberjack, lar- the waters of Panama to make took en thethird racegain frat
est grouper and/or Jewfish, sec- spreading even this largesse not uffolkDowns yesterday after- The muth olited
1--lgc third Inmpossible. noon. A chestnut gelding named tobacco feel ss if a
"Prince Tip" was winless in 19
< --rprevlous starts thris year, earn- cool breea had
Ing a total of $950.. The 20th brushed you mouth
..... & t i .'t iD aL W U start was the lucky one. Prince and thnaL It's
STip came home first and paid
Yoareordially invited to visit or for the win. t res
Showroom -- Friday 5 p. m. thra Su about... tht' so

S" If you want Bourbon at its best call for
,Wn~ THE NEW DODGE '5 6 A es
Lrwhisky. m

a* .COLON MOTORS, INC. Sold at all leading bodegas and bars. K
240'" M Panama (ThivoH Cli ) cok)Coht.) jj BEWARE OF IMITATIONS

Nam. .p
-,-r v -.... .--. ^ ~ f~ l~ E h- -' i -. -^.. .... .- -; ;a. 1. ., .,*ti.i.-i Esf-ttl~tt-..... -r: --.,a. -- *'*-* '---' -,2e H ^ e S ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

I O*wy~





funds For


EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the
second in the "RED FEATHER
SERIES" depicting the activi-
ties of the Canal Zone Com-
; mit y Chest.
"Help the patients help them-
selves" is the motto of Corozal
Ildpital where a well-balanced
program of welfare and recrea-
tJon combines with medical sci-
S ence in the treatment of the
A Red Feather agency, the
l'Wpital urgently needs funds
from the Canal Zone Commu-
nity Chest to continue its men-
tal rehabilitation program.
Lt. Col. Charles H. WiggIns,
Superintendent of Corozal Hos-
' pital, said the funds donated
would be used to purchase mer-
chandise for the patients, such
cigarettes, magazines, tobac-
co, cookies, candy and slippers.
Provided enough funds become
available from the Community
c hest, a program of increased
i occupational therapy Is planned.
The hospital's physically able
persons will receive the mer-
chandise they desire by doing
such routine work as gardening
and other chores. The perform-
nce of these duties helps read-
r ust the nervous and mentally
disturbed patients and serves to
strengthenn their ties with reall-
This form of occupational
therapy is one of the many
p.ethods employed by psycholo-
S ists to strengthen a mentally
disturbed person's contact with

Flying Sauce

-The Air Force is coming up
with radical new aircraft sure to
be mistaken for flying saucers.
One day soon, for example,
you may see a flame-spouting
jet craft zoom straight up from
the ground and dart away at
supersonic speed. It may be
shaped like a disc or a triangle.
But it won't be a flying sau-
cer-one of those weird objects
that have been reported danc-
ing across the skies for the past
eight years.
Flying saucers, the Air Force
said in an exhaustive report
last night, are the bunk.

The number that cannot be
logically explained is approach-
ing the vanishing point, the
service said in making public a
study of 5000 saucer sightings
since mid-1947.
At the tame time the Air
Force took some of the wraps
from aircraft that "will be a
new phenomenon in our skies
and under certain conditions
could give the illusion of the so-
called flying saucer."
Apprehensive about public re-
action. Air Secretary Donald A.
Quarles said the eiew planes will
not be "supra-natural or myste-

Mrs. Mary Altman

Dies; Burial Held

Today At Juan Diaz

r Business

rious." They will be manned, if
manned at all, by "normal ter-
restial airmen." They will obey
natural laws. The public will be
informed about them within se-
curity limits.
Two of the new planes are the
Ryan vertical take-off and
landing jet and the disc-shaped
jet built by Avro of Canada.
The Ryan plane, having a del-
ta or triangular wing, is due to
fly at any time from Edwards
Air Force Base, Cal.

The Avro plane. long dubbed
a flying saucer, is under devel-
opment and no flight time Is
known. An artist's conception
made public by the Air Force
showed a plane resembling a

Second Wife Murder

Committed By Man

Who Served Time
LOS ANGELES, Oct. 26 (UP)-
An ex-convict who served nine
years in prison for killing his first
wife today shot and killed his sec-
ond wife in the Student Un ion
Building on the UCLA campus
and then committed suicide.

Police said Floyd Hunt, 45. con-
fronted his estranged second
wife, Mrs Mildred Hunt, 35,i n
the employes' cafeteria of the stu-,
dent union and when she reject-
wife. Ilrc Mildred Hunt 15 in

--I everyday problem of life .' "" '. i
the everyday problem of life. he pulled a pistol and shot her
SMrs. Mary Altman, A resident Hundreds of students gathered
By occupying the patients with of Fort Kobbe for the past five outside Kerckhoff Hall, the Stu-
a work incentive and group and years, died in Panama Hospital dent Union, as reports of t he
Individual activities, such as at 2:30 p.m. yesterday. She was murder-suicide quickly circulat-
gBLes, sewing and embroidery 82 years old. ed through the campus.
ons, dances and movies, the Funeral services were held at
pghilatrlc staff at Corozal Hos- 2 p.m. today at the Santo Tomas Officers reported Hunt was par-
S has discovered that the Hospital chapel, followed by in- oled in 1946 after nine years in
mentally'afflicted have improv- terment at Juan Diaz cemetery. prison for the slaying on Oct. 10,
ed and become more easily ad- Rabbi Nathan Wltkin officiated. 1937. of Mrs. Christine Hunt. The
justable. second wife had told UCLA cam-
own kl ,Mrs.'Altman had been residing pus police a few weeks ago she
movies are shown weekly towith her son and daughter-in- was afraid Hunt might harm her.
approximately' 80 to 100 of the law, Mr. and Mrs. Saul Altman, She was employed as a cafeteria
hospital's 272 patients., n Ft. Kobbe. cashier on the campus.
The goal of this year's Canal Campus police said she asked
pone Community Chest drive is Also surviving her are another for protection in event Hunt ap-
35,00. The drive opened Octo- ,on, Harry Altman, of Panama; peared on the campus? She report-
S3 and runs'through Nevem- a daughter who resides in ed be might be dangerous when
S14. France; five grand-children in drinking.
-- ------ France and four grand-children Hunt, a painting contractor,
iuntPer AimS in Panama; Mrs. Sylvia Lewin walked into the cafeteria early to-
u11 I Ai"ms of New Jersey; Allen Altman. of day while several dozen persons
At S uirrel, Fort Kobbe and Miss Elki Alt- were having breakfast. He walked
At Squirrel, man, of Panama over to his estranged wife and
D .wns ,Monkey "," they talked for a few minutes. His
DoW s Monkey I-.. presence attracted little attention.
.. Reos Preparing "Without any warning he pulled
INN ARBOR, Mich., Oct. 26 a pistol from his pocket and shot

, (UP) Lester Fisher saw wha
y he thought was a squirrel, tool
careful aim and fired his shot
S un once. His 'game" turned ou
to be a rhesus monkey.
*tate police, who presumed
S the monkey was a stray from 1
laboratory or an escaped pet, as
sured Fisher he had violated ni
, game laws since monkeys aren'
-. c' o red by hunting regulations

TODAY!- .75- .40
11:00-2.:41 -'- 40-9:00 p. m
SThe 3 Year
;a Now On
The Screen

o-- m uPme.p..


rmm f nor ma


Ir 1 AII.IJi

her.' witnesses told police. I

k !3 Jel AlllID
-0p While bystanders fled. Hunt
t pressed tie gun to his heart and
Opposite Formosa puller the trigger? There was a
click but the gun did not fire, wit.
d TOKYO, Oct. 26 TUP). The nesses reported. Hunt pulled it a-
a U. S. Far East air commander gain and this time the gun dis-
- warned today the Communists charged. He fell close to his wife's
o are preparing live let airfields body and dragged himself closer
t opposite Formosa for the use of before dying.
'. Russian as well as Chinese Friends of Mrs. Hunt reported
planes.she and her husband separated
planes1 about two months ago. They had
" Gen. Laurence S. Kuter said been married six years but sep-
'he bases, on Chinese soil, give rated several times and w e r e
he Russians all of the advantage reconciled.
Vand none of the political liabil-
I ties of an overseas chain of a Oil Well
Moscow and Peiping air forces extinguished
is one of the most important new ir
by the West. Kuter said in an ex- Exit al uishe
elusive interview. 1W th Sal Water

Kuter disclosed he would dis-
cuss the new bases with Nation- HAWKINS, Tex., Oct. 26 'UP, '
alist China's air commander. -A roaring oil well fire that
Maj. Gen. Shu-ming Wang, when threatened an entire east Texas 1
he flies to Formosa tomorrow. community nearly 24 hours and
could be seen nearly 40 miles a-
Dispatches Formosa have quot- way was snuffed out with salt
ed Nationalist sources as saying water today.
the five bases at Foochow. Swa- But tremendous gas pressure I
tom, Shanti, Lungtien and Shif- still flung dirty water, sand and b
fu, are ready for use but so far mud 100 feet or more into the i
are unoccupied. air. b
Well operators said a $100,000
rig was destroyed by the fire t
lNegro Improvemen Trouble shooting crews head-
S IU II ed by Myron Kinley, famed oil p
S well fire expert from Houston,
Assoclafl n To Honor worked to cap the well which.
AW IV 11aI still was potentially dangerous
A because of the fire hazard from
RP Assembleymen themgas.e ti
o .eP men optimistic. "Everything's under
Members of the Panamanian control now except for capping
Negro Improvement Association it," he said.
have formed a committee to Green said it was decided to
sponsor a "Special Day" on Sat- try and cap the well Instead of
urday at 7 p.m. honoring assem- "shooting" it with explosives
blymen Juan B. Arias and Aqul- which frequently put out fires
lno Boyd. btut won't stop gas pressure.
Arias Is specially mentioned The well-an ol oone being re-
for his ten-hour discourse in be- conditioned so It would produce
half of local raters who may be more oil---caught fire Monday
adversely affected by the new when gas flamed up. It burned
treaty between Panama and the fiercely throughout Monday
U.S. night and was reported seen
The public Is cordially invited from Wills Point, Tex.. some 40
to attend including all religious, miles away.
civic groups, clubs and lodges. At Its peak about I am.
flames shot an estimated 1511
S G feet into the air and were about
rFal l Uys 85 feet wide at the mouth of the
W YRK, Oct.6- P 4,800 loot well.
S YORK. Oct. 26t-(UPi- The little east Texas oil city of
The first cris hint of fall was some 2,000 persons wa6 endan-
In the air SAd two men walked gered for a time by the possibil-
Into aenay's clothing exchange ity of oil catching ablaze andf
,to try on overcoats- spraying liquid fire over nearby
One was short, the other tall. homes and buildings. Classes at
W-founld their fit, but the the city high school, about a
S uad .J instead of quarter mile away, were dismiss.
7 tM O er pockets. ed when the fire broke out
'3Ty pgt emny in the back Fire-fighters brought the fire
anB him: under control about 10 a m by
d PPW We won't forcing salt water into nearby
t wS e a ed t, h ewells and letting it sep into the
p-ll edlide baraint wnot

Retrial, 18-1 Shot,

Triumphs By Neck

In Cambridgeshire
NWMtARKET, England, Oct.
28-(UP)-Retrial won the
Cau bridgeshlre Stakes today
at the Newmarket race track
with Turks Blood second and
Swept third. f,
Retrial, which started the
mile-and-an-eighth race at 13
to 1 odds, defeated Turks
Blood by a neck. Turks Blood,
a 10 to 1 shot, finished only a
head In front of Swept in a
thrilling finish. Swept started
at 50 to 1. "
The race made up the sec-
ond half of Britain's big fall
betting "double." But the
Cambridgeshire also is of
world-wide interest because
an Irish Hospital Sweepstake
also Is based on it.

Red Chinese Claim

Portuguese Macao

Belongs To China
HONG KONG, Oct. 26 (UP) -
Communist China laid claim to-
day to the 400-year-old Portu-
guese colony of Macao and warn-
ed that Portugal's "'continued pc-
cupation" of the Chinese co atal
territory can no longer be toler-
Red Chinese propaganda or-
gans distributed and broadcast
the claim and warning. They
startled both Western and Chi-
nese circles here an in Macao
and were seen as the possible
opening shot in a Communist
campaign against the Portuguese
Macao is the oldest permanent
European settlement in China.
The colony includes three islands
on the coast of Southern Kwang-
tung province about 50 miles a-
cross the Pearl River estuary
from the British colony of Hong
Kong. It has a population of
about 400,000, mostly Chinese.
A dispatch distributed by the
Communist new China news
agency quoting the official Pei-
ping Peoples Daily said:
"The Chinese people have nev-
er forgotten Macao nor have they
forgotten they have the right to
demand the recovery of this ter-
ritory from the hands of the
Portuguese colonialists."
"The fact that Macao has not
yet been returned to China does
not mean the Chinese people can
tolerate the long continuation of
the occupation of Macao," it con-
"Apparently the Portuguese
authorities in Macao mistake the
Chinese people's peace policy as
a sign of weakness."
Radio Peiping said flatly that
Macao "is Chinese territory."

Westinghouse Offer

Rejected By Union;

55,000 On Strike
PITSBURGH, Oct. 26-(UP)-
Some 11,000 members of the In-
dependent United Electrical
Workers Union joined CIO In-
ternational Union of Electrical
Workers Union joined CIO In-
ternational Union of Electrical
workers in a strike against the
Westinghouse Electric corpora-
Lion today, jumping to 55,000 the
number of employes on strike in
nation-wide walkout.
The UE members walked out
it 10 plants at midnight after
union officials accused the com-
pany of demanding a "five-year
blackout on collective bargain-
ng." Company spokesmen said
union members began picketing
plants here and at Derry, Pa., at
he strike deadline.
James J. Matles, UE director
>f organization who issued the
trike call yesterday said West-
nghouse had refused "to move
rom its demand for a Nve-year
blackout on collective bargain-
ng with a three per cent wage
The move came 10 days after
he CIO union pulled its 44,000
members out of 30 company
plants, also as a result of a wage
dispute. Both unions had re-
ected a company offer of a
ive-year contract which grad-
uated annual pay increases to-
aling 23%V cents an hour.
The unions have demanded
one-year contracts with a 15-
cent hourly pay boost. A corm-
pany time-study program also
had been a subject of the nego-


, .

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Panama ican

"'Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.


Brih Primate Ends Silence



LONDON, Oct. 26 (UP) The divorcee she is dating but the tion Daily Mirror-came an out-
Archbishop of Canterbury ended timing of his remarks at a Brit- spoken protest against the silence
his patient silence on the Marga- ish Council of Churches meeting about Margaret's intentions.
ret-Townsend lrance today. He in Manchester made the implica- The Mirror devoted its f ir t
declared the Chch of England tion unmistakable, two pages to a long editorial head-
stands by its ba on remarriage e d "Princess Margtet-the Time
of divorcees. The Times of London, likewise has come for plain speaking."
ending Its long editorial silence
This was his azwwer toea news- on Margaret's romance, c o m-
man's question church con- menedeven more sternlyto Inventor Sucked
ference yesterday' bhis first com- day. J
ment since Press Margaret If she and Townsend decide on IntoJet Silencer
and Peter To ns d started going marriage, it said, "The Princess
steady. will be entering into a u n i o n BITTESWELL, England, Oct.
"A reasonable church does not which vast numbers of her s i s 26---(UP)T-Inventor H. Quentin
change its teaching every f e w ters people, all sincerely anxious Reeves was sucked into a noise-
minutes," said the Primate, Dr. for her lifelong happiness cannot reducing tube he had designed
Geoffrey Fisher. in all conscience regard as a mar- for jet planes and killed here
He cited a pamphlet he publish- riage. yesterday.
ed last Decembesj. It said t h a t What the Times had to say Re ves was standing near the
"in urging that there should be could not be ignored, not even in engine exhaust of a iapphire-
no extension of divorce, and the Buckingham Palace. The Times is powered Hunter jet fighter when
existing conception of marriage a British institution. Foreign gov- he was sucked into the 45-foot
as a life-long obligation should be ernment have long tended to treat long tube which niuffles the
maintained, the Church of Eng- its policies as those of 10 Down- roaj of running engines.
land is witnessing to the truth." ing Street. Theengine was immediately
shut off but Reeves was deadI
Dr. Fisher did not name Prin- And from Britain's bi g g e st when mechanics dragged him
cess Margaret or the handsome newspaper-the 4,W00,000 circula- out. d


"In the weeks that have passed,
the throne, the church, and the
nation have been forced no an
increasingly humiliating position
with the rest of the world," it
The Dafflly Mirror's blast was
published'in answer to the refusal
yesterday of Prime Minister Sir
Anthony Eden to tell parliament if
there is to be a. marriage.

Sky Lines
-If the stars are shining Fri-
day night, the New Orleans As-
trological Society plans to go
over the birth charts of Dwight
D. Eisenhower and Marilyn Mon-
A spokesman said five observ-
ers will study the President s star
formations but will take only
one to spot Miss Monroe's.





By Russ Winterbothom and Ed Kudlaty

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Corozal Needs Air Force Getting Into

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