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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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*~:\- -f
i... "

N*' ~a'~

* .,-y


*' *




Stock Market

Dip Worst

Snce 1929

T YORK, Sept. S6-fIP)-
Elsenhower's illness
.over week-end today set off
tl4 sevee break in stocks
rom. B s.
^AB papUn

SIt wa accompanied by the
mopt active tding in many
year with 3,400,000 share ap-
pearing up to noon.
atons were slow to
open. Deluge of selling orders
could hot be matched readily
with buying orders. Some stocks
were still opening in the early
Stocks broke $1 to $10 a share.
Hundreds of thousands of
aharea of leading issues were
put up for sale at market open-
ing 50,000 shares of Ihrysler
for example without takers.
The leading issues did not be-
gin to appear on the market
ticker until near the end of the
eKchange's first hour of busi-
The first big stock to show
was United States Steel. A block
of 75,000 shares sold at $55 a
share, off 7.13. However, it came
back $3 a share in the early
The whole market suffered
severe setbacks. Alrcrafta suffer-
ed wide losses. Steels were weak.
tiuflt BSteel dr $e I to

Jamaka Gets: Edge

Of Hurricane Janet
-- a

lUIAM, Sept. N (VP)- Hur.
ricamn Janet, with at least IN
persems dead. i t. wake, flung
gale toward Jamaca today
while Its tap w"lminl" 11 m
steered through the'pe Ca-
beam sea.
Authoritiug rporte 8 Brsmm#
were known dd on da mnd
SS a an aa aim b
by 124 mph wtnrind tte ki,
cane's sweep across tft Windward
dIslands last Thursday.
The death toll was. feared ris-
ing. Entire families were report
e? cruabshed to death when land-
slides buried their dwellings or
drowned In floods that cascaded
upon the islands' populous villag-
Weathermen expected Jamaica
to be brushed by flanking gales
but hurricane winds would not
reach any landfall for at least a
day unless the tempest changed
An advisory from the Miami
weather bureau located the center
at about 240 miles south of King-
ston, Jamaica, and said it was
moving to the west or west-horth-
west at 16 mph.
The top winpds were confined to
a small area near the center, the
weather bureau said, but gales ex-
tend outward 125 to 150 miles.
Weatheremn .predicted that if
' Janet held the generally west-.

Sldke Fwed ,
. L* "* "

ward course It "ajust might cip
the northeast eoner" of Hendu.-
se r Jicarafgue, whie u t
ate the Cadbbeama frem Catral
- Tht course eould possibly car-
It across the same ne l path
Stht kiuer urine s ids h oo k
afrss toe Yt pen\nula be-
, fre it reJjuvaw r d*pent most
ite dedly & in a seed
strike norh of.Tampto, Me x.,
last week. '.,
Hilda had followed by only two
weeks the path of hurricane Gla-
dys into the Tampico area which
suffered immeas ble death and
destruction from bgh winds and
Weather forecasters said the
storm would have to take a turn
to a more northerly course be-
fore It would become a. real
threat to Jamaica or any part of
the U.S. mainland. Ho we ve r,
storms often veer to the north
In the western section of the
Because the Caribbean is rim-
med with land-mnasses, the storm
is almost certain to strike land,
barring a rare break-up over open
Relief workers were on dut y
around the clock in the usually-
placid Barbados and Grenada is-
lands. At Grenada officials report-
ed 38 dead and said the toll might
run even higher since they had no
communications with the section
of island worst hit by the winds.
IB arbados, 4 were killed.
A&. srd. tha 1a7 moh .winds

S- .-

m -OU .

Spmit Comfortable

Remains In Oxygen


)JENVE4, Sept. 26 (UP).-Pre5ident 1eenliower's do<
ed early. tdy that he spent another "comfortable night" a
"condition remains stable" at Fituimons Army Hospital wli
an oxygen tent.


*The bulletin was from Maj. Gen. Howard McC. Snyder, the Presidl
Whit. House physician, and Col. Byron E. Pollock. Fitshimons' top h
Dr. Paul Dudley White of Massachusetts general hopitel' at B=
here yesterday to join the team. presidential physicians was sciteduj
the President again later in the ey; White is one of the world's top he
Meaowhaie adminisatra to .a
officials sought. a formal de-
cisiaon on a possible delegation
of powers by President Bisen-
hower in the pent his heart
attack makes a ndesafajy.
The Presiden has been at
Fitzslmons Since he was admit-
ted 13 hours atier he suffered
the attack a the home of his
mother-in-la ,early Saturday
The attack was described by
specialists atteeding the presi-.
dent yesterday Fas "moderate"-
neither min nor serious.
Shortly aftet Mr. Eisenhower
was admitted to te hospitall
Snvder said h1 ehaneit far n.'



of a

41o.W all syiutkof the ousted Pei regime.
~ U

Orders lick To ork'
- .

on 15, shares. Lion
Sdt d 10.38 ,in price.
Phelps Dodge in the coppers
was down $5.A to 53 to 7,000
shres. RCA fell $5.25 to 045.50
on 20,000 shares.
At 11 a-m. Dow, Jones & Co.
"Up to 11 a.m. only 11 stocks
used In the Industrial average
and four in the rail average had
opened. It is therefore Impos-
sible to compile the 11 a.m.

Another Nuclear -

Exploslon Set By

Russia Reveailed
WASHINGTON, D. C., sept. -
(UP) The atomic energy com-
mission says Its experts have de-
tected another nuclear explosion
set off by the Russians.
A-E-C Chairman Lewis Strauss
in makin the announcement yes-
terday said no further information

irncM A~li Kan M -.ii ..j *. u,. wWl be released unless something
1e. arrested and turn back the seized released a un cometdnlast
e Goner Cnf union h._ particular interest occurs.
orGTAt4 P_ Pe^r as maet uy with month that Russia was conducting
e ar s ouul e *_lae t Peri ." chang te quayside a new seriUes at nuclear tests. The
S ... i Oi a t p lae loof new tests mare believed to be the
t.oSr. i V JRS a rituhn a b_ a to first since early 1m54. It was not
i faf; a prom- reports u aredy t h Ps be- announced whether the latest ex-
tt Wa ound be respt- gn the W-ilet trip up the Pa plosionwas an atomic or hydro.
.. -;.r a e rivets tP bada in Asn- gsd bomb.
Lo" :war --...s a o r '_'" The United States keeps Gtab O
S --.J'y..sZSL -syS ~ "^aranmat seaplano aa s o Russian a tom I c explosions by by awaing counting the number of radiac-
.fS w^ .r.a ae esnpoe ptLedge in evet Pe. rive particles in the air.
d B e. w lnre m ran should 'decide wo fly. u,
H Cf1a ane. V a The call to the CGT to return P rm i s /I
.weinow. a no. expecd to work wns made by Hugo di mm| nnMH
u na Pr mis id ent .- Pletro Perqn's labor organier ihl ind ialoist
e, oardi names a foreign and head of the CGT. after he had M hiNs IaoL oraSa
r ni conferred with Lonardi. It caIme jninrumt wnl eOW
s-n t response r d wi toLonardi's promise M to
ard received nddlonal hat i government would gut- nli ir _LB 0r
aanhdudinhshe weekend wheno rantee semse Justiceh. o A wero
. tG0tina and the oVatican, Di Pietre. wW supported Peron Prelllionary hearlnd was
- t alsm nt in reeegi~g .to the Jest mimu. coerred with scheduled ta Balboa Meagstrate

i ***:,iiDI M ec on r ms our t th s at eyImJMM Lonardi yesteay at government -Court this a:teron for a Sa
.. .. ..... ... house d atn hours later spoke BIas IndIan, rnoesto icnea,
I^u~m,'Waes4U3W J, 1 ho 00 the officla) ms ralo, descir- who is charged with having rtol-
- --whe the"ot .ada that Loenni had premised to en motre than 400 worth f jg,. f.. a century, ni. atc th t/tkOs and the so- Iwatches, costume jewelry and
Iar"iP f"-'CGT members to re- cial and labor aws now in exist- other goods from Curundu Scrt-
1153-r _I Lie- weon-t lu etn PietVo aice CeJter.
it,. ..d.,.,l aiat! Di pairs -I1 s Lonrdi assured Ooniale. was apprehended In
a shim t ezec te wer of his the Albrook antenna area about

~hrnred sd
dd wateL^d d .nd admnutratio. not modify 4:10 am Sunday Airman 3rd
.. .the stuation- La Prensa, the.i Theodore Calwdl
S.Mnr~ty i3S- r .ttiutd famous news-er expropriated The A I r Force policeman
pbarmm,,r,"fwN, stt had by Paros in Kand given to the found two knives u a_. ,anvas
__ .......... --__ CGT. bo ing bag in the Indian's pe
tiyligb teadrler a! session. Staff Sgt. Victor ta e
taA~li~l~e> jriiia ~ turned wsan olbor wsunnedfmteAbok
_'5?^ bef.a Sas arasd6l>- o.

'trinr SoWw

M glg. t m. .,Ibain rn islands.

eated Iea rat Civil D ense
strike by NMican Nta i .ci
throughout t rotetora Meettngs Set In
uaThe t lstred tte ,
no c ie IlMorocco, ial- Dima o. Gamboa
ly dee Warden Servicestayin
Palace ;fter' several wee es-. Civ el Warden.Service
istati6n, rell sorees & d meetla e s Daboi D abnd
it a"eared noe *hh j n Gamboa wi e held this wek .It
force could i l has bee, ah d by ..-. "
The sOurc* ,aid-RSetan avta, .Defene. .....
A letter to IFrench Resideat GenU' Tib m .em 1 .,11en"
enral Pierre Bovyer do Latour yes- Wednedy .inng at 0:30 in the
terday annoubeing Mhis "firm will Diablo r. The Gam .boa
to keep his position. The existence meettaln'f. e .held Thursday at
of the letter was officially de nied in F Gambo Civie e".
The Sultan's surprising step A recently released motion pic-
as taken just as De Lae was ture 'te.g _the effects of the
- the point of solving the other Neva tS te. t shot on home""
thorny problem which is holding and iadustrial buildings will,
up the aplication of an.'s be shown at o meetings. All
peace pla,,. i -eor o. F' members are urged to attnd.
pe-e ---o---.--- .. .. .

thJames C. Haasrtyaj nouned he
vich a0 the dputy rjod W-
ecral il la / rhiCer/ xor an
opinion on 'ah y action that
camiht be necessary. at any time

for any delegation of Dowers" by
thte House press secret"I y arey

James C. Hagertyannounced he

eartment in the absence from
had ashinked deutyton of Attorney gener-
eal William P.. rogers tor an
opinion latter hany actionked what -
mlht would be necessary at any timhe
for any delegation of powers' by

the President were not able tony aren

Hneagearty officimade his request or
SRogers actn head of the de-
sartient In the absence from
Washington of Attorney Genier-

Mal Herbert Brsenhower Jesterday hadfter
Inquiries from newsmen.
shie latter had asked what mc-

brought a bowl of oatmeal for
tio would be necessary if the

l President still wnot ble to signder
an oxygen tent but doctor
iftressed that this doctor refused to let him
sign them.
Mr. tlseuhower yesterday had

his first soWd food he had re-
ceived In hs first 24 hours in

the hospital. Apparently in gooda
spiritn, he asked for and was
brought a bowl of oatmeal for
The President still was under
an oxygen tent but doctors

stressed that this was routine in
heart cases.
He lal with the upper part
of hid bodg enclosed In the
transparent oaleassne tent
which po'ovtdes a repulatad
flow ao o:gen to make Mr.
Eisenhower's breathenv easier
and in make him mare corn-
Although the White House re-
fused to estimate how long the
President might be in the hos-
p1ta or convalesclng. there was
no doubt that he Is In for an
extente period of inactivity.
Iwoanpeared that be will
not be' leaving Denver soon.

'ABB J"MA- WI,'IN, " O ^ M"^
rorees W ce Crtenr, Balboa, and auzi^ 'cftu^
Stat48 Army oarlbbean anl Caribbean Bfw
a prayer for the-steady r4overy of the.ed f
ed States, Dwight D. Bilenhower at ol id.8
Yom KIpur (Day of Atonement) w bih are'ha
Chapel if the USO-,IWB Armed Fored Seryvce Ce
eft to ri^ht are. Pre I-wln Kahn, Hq. and Rq. Co.,
Fort Kobbo.; Seymour Bexkowltz of Balboa;
Witkin: M/Sgt. Max Ntusennaum, USA_ .enii
merica. Albrook Air 1"orce Base; and Lt. (3.) B)n
man, Eq. 10th Naval District, Balboa. (U.S. Arn
Cpi. Leonard Wald). .'
<. r "

us uIsma)


WASHINGTOIt eMp WUP)- Nixes was eape0
Dismayed RepudG n leaders pri- ties as Mr. KbeM$
vately were co ng today tat te officer i
the heart ttc..t5eh struck cabinet ad atk-f.
President ZIw .re d.wn siorta wlt faul backha o
Jy would compel .im t' withdrew Douse.-
from the 1956 runnIng. Politicians were led
ess for ar for publleic ,
They a m.a.l Ue. mprsan f .
hewer ueak haf.b4dd. 'Be illness
erats private3v ed thi e ,.
Uer. Then1 M *k Preideolai "That's too ghMAuu
pomspeyte ferf *|t year suaden- said Sen. Itaal. !:
lysheaeke a .setsuriW. In response to pelsiM
Democrats BI epub cas a- Nixon said:
like proclaimed- lusiness-a .sual "That is owe of ,1
in government ding Mr. Elsea- don't think is worthy
hower's Ihes.. atioa. '
Vice Presideata l eard M. Nix- But the poUUcal s
o sa id these wdd be no change a P a D
lk domestic or *reign policies. Migtl I

Research Shov Tension, Not Exu

More Likely To Bring On Heart TrI

it a ceremonnyj
ading at left H
m aW recall
to bethel l

4.- r-f- -

S -* -A

NZW YORK, sept. 5 (UP) p
ledicaL research idicates ten- b
ion rather than exerisie Ia like- the
Sto bring on a heart attack isa
oh as that suffered by Preat-
en Wsenhower. a physical re- uti
abilitatloa expert tody b
Dr. BaEs Kraus, associate pro- ent
esor of mhsloal medkine mad too
lhabilhtaota at New York Unl- P
Bltty, said extensive studio by agi
eart specialists had led to a be- eve
tf that a man who sits back du
hd takes life easy is more like- per
to have an attack than one chi
SM an cive life. o i
gsenhower played 27 holes 1
.on f, a few hours lat
be ws an. Bt e a-
ma known to have bee br.
aMd d coneeed over
forn's to ha
b pecialtg la the
to itat

yrcal .lis, last June preosted er's illness.
theories to eenvenon of An extensive 5ritt.
.As*ican e, He sy
d todey his m stf2d oteae aji&
leas existed cn catrb- o0 a ty dtaiae
inot only tf. heart.' beuble. twice as often amynsht
Sal to .suu WdeMal stelly Inactive.
ailments w dis a nd It was fori
tb daem Krt aid. I I that a uaslmlafriaMs
*lyslemily tive u~saas plts was far Mas likel
maerer. dieJj are a heat attack t
d m mg o r,,a wuke ort
deisa ulJR. e day.





-- --


*' '1


-1. .~

*** ', *




,I ,:



, ,-

.. .. .
.' t "l


IN ,*.

- ,l. .. -.v .. ,"' .'. -..,!,
., ,- i -, j
'. .?., ;:

.. NHA-Mo O Ati. o l _u
III I. N *VNow P P OX 54. PANAMA. n. P.
S TaLEPHONsI -0740 '1 LINmI
*40 MADISON AVE NaW.YORK. 4 171 N .
PaN VOM.Iu. N ADVANC- 1.70 2 3.50
PFO X SIXMOTns. IN ADVANCE t 1. a. a00
P O ns A. AIN ADVANCE .e_____



The Mea nis aas **pn forum te eedes of The Panamaes A
ase resolved grotefull ad ere hand led~to wholly con
319eu, h *n er '6* he ptat it *i desdm't ppwe
Istl m ed s Hhe d ri ihe r*der o esolved.
e op Ws e the hfis li ited to wem pse egth.

Yesterday an accident I believe the Canal autherlties hai d
been previously war ed about final happened a boe fell down
Sthe protected bank over the Dablo -stormwater outlet, and
Narrowly missed serious Injury on the displaced concrete slab
Obviously something has gone wrong with this water outlet,
ap originally planned, and its eroded bank and jagged concrete
Schunk below, It constitutes a hazard in an area Where children
are always playing. It Is close by a popular set of swings.
I am told that this danger had already been reported to the
Canal. Yesterday's occurrence should stir them into more action
Uth4dld the residents' original complaints.
1' Diablo Resident

F' Stold you of my son-in-law's return from his visit with the
Sold 1ka hi Pennsvlvanla. Well he went to his doctor for a
SI c aeup before going to work, and then things did happen. Re-
Ssulll $0 please, and 10 days in bed on milk toast.
actors can always find something wrong with you, and the
chae isa to remind you that it don't pay to stay away too long,
for may coat you more. .
He needed a little more rest, so it didn't hurt him too much.
.Thiastaits in to be the hottest week of the season, and
maes me long for my old tropical home In Boquete. It's run-
,,l1pupd 100 degrees, but relief is promlaed soon.
*ve some recent Panama papers and don't find anything
!iSrtlI g down there. just the regular old give us more. From
Amone says a poor coffee crop, another says its about
Scountry,after over 100 years, has dug up Davy Crockett
ian o-Codein cap. Demand is so heavy I'm told the coons aie
o outh -of the border. Latest oilfield discovery, in Zapata
C s, a ed the Davy Crockett.
Pop Wright
1 Wh


* (vV(.~m1~

I .CO ,It, if C
"B,, I Con.'tNp It, if Cortif*M

. .-. ..
,, +' '*," "



Labor News


Leave It to Dave Beek to go
everybody one better. While other
labor chiefs are planning to union-
ize woraJrs in white collars, the
Teamsters have begun slgnin up
the silk tie and Homburg ro-
letarlat." Some of the Teamsters'
Union's newest members are $2,-
000 a year men.
My scouts bring in word that
one. of Beck's agues in New
York, John T. Burke, has just
launched a drive to organize auto-
mobile saltsmme. His first union
sale I, this field was made to the
436-a-week gentlemen employed
by the Cadillac motor car factory
branches in the big town. This is
a precedent of sorts soon to bt
felt in hundreds of communities
across the land.
Burke is an orudl lborie who
picked up a =4lg" dree at
Ieorgetown University aSd some
law knowledge at Fordham Uni-
versity. He heads Local 917 and
got the nod from Beck to uneerk
he "silk-tie" live. After a while,
Burke convinced a majority of the
well-paid Cadl-ae salesmn to
vote for his Teamsters' local. He
now is busy selling the union but-
ton to salesmen at the Chrysler,
Packard and Studebaker
Here you have the straws-In-the
wind kind pf thing .which small
businessmen are the new frontier
for labor since they employ the
only sizable ulk of non-union
workers left In %he country. Where
else arel there *iions of potential
members-whe*er they be sals-
men or stenogahphers?
Beck and some of the other
labor chiefs are not waiting for
the merger. Their organizing
squads already are out. Soon
they'll spread across the country
literally to every crossroad in
a drive t0 unionize everyone who
has anything to do with a car or
truck once It leaves the factory.
Unnoticed by the public, this
drive was formally launched on
Tuesday, September 13 when
Dave Beck for the Teamsters and
Al J. Hayes for the 850,000 -mem-
ber International-Assn. of Machin-
ists (AFL) signed a "Letter of
Understanding". This pact, signed
as formally and seriously as anyI
International protocol, sets up a
national headquarters in Washing-
ton for the campaign to unionize
the automotive field from the
salesman to the gas station at-
tendant and he ol-smudged me-I
chanic in the grease pit.
It is axiomatic that where there
is a labor pact there is money
and manpower-in this case -200,-
10m to start the drive for overI
1 dm am man not only In the bigf






Ilb North Ati lando-
the Dutch in l d a, the
rit in various part eof Asia ""
should have leae thft lesson
from us in Cuba and the Philip-
pines -anmely, that it is better
t have f-government end oee.
easional revehttlo than coloni-
alism Wa. eventual chaos and
If they had 4eaned, we woeald
not have the s re of cmmu. '
nism that Is sweeping Asia today.


. t

tiUvoft -



'FIftsn i'5u saltb the
a&er *ee. '
S A MARGABITA" Due Criatobal, C. Sept.
*3RTA" ......... DM Cristobal, C.z, Ost.
U L- S....Sais .

it .. .... ....Due D am2., C. z., SeptL 2
| i .......... *Due Balboa, C. i Oct. 20

rA ... Sa.. USai Cristobal, C. Z., Oct.

- 1 1= ii. I"J=,&a -ani
I SO L- Sdl lSll'

will take the back of the garage
-the mechanics, their helpers and
apprentices--whilt the TOeasters
wi taet he up-tront 'proletariat
the pump attendantss he
greasers, he car washers, tie tow
car drivers as the motorcycle
riders who pick up your car at
your home and take it back to
the barage. And, of course, the
salesmen. -
AR .this is formally down on
paper and I give it to you right
[out of the official "memorandum
of understanding" which came
with the "Letter of Under-
standing" signed by Beck and
HIyes. Section Three describes the
objective of this new drive:
"In the automotive industry, in-
cluding but not limited to all new
and used car dealer shops, factory
branch sales and service shops,
independent repair shops both
Truck and automobiles, all type
of body repair shops $indel
truck, trailer and automobile,
Beet maintenance shops,all a to-
motive parts houses, gasoline sta-
tions, parking lots, tire service and
tire repair shops, road building
machinery, battery service and
repair shops and such other lo-
cations wherein automotive Oqulp-
mtnt may be serviced, re e
and maintained, the tWe *w
tons agree to organize a INf
Then come the detas of a
quarters and cochalmi n to ru_
tle campaign "to orga.nie all
the unoranised" in aut-
motive industry. _
Not too long ago Dave Beek
was asked why he Is i
this field and he retI', .
.. 'he old-time Team
the whees of h wais
te haresse and fedg ue MM.
j' i us tte samee In serving
The neoa# e has begun. Labor.
avineM Awhat it could of

IK what ha road
he sir on um a ked.
em to me to ar

a. --1^

things would be eimso ereolong
it would take to do them.
Aside from the emotional, na-
tionalistic and religious factors
involved, the magnitude of the
problem can best be gauged by
'what the United States has already
put into this area.
Up to July 1 the total was more
than 640 million dollars.
Israel has received 368 million
Aid to the Arab countries has
been 278 million dollars.
The resettlement of these Arab
refugees is the thorniest problem
in establishing a Middle East
peace. There are now about M0,-

permits aso Ww mrwcos aot enia r--
iwogr j:%-:'tiy
aio reu S bi r. dollars. Itt would
taking fu s pema tly. temporary common labor construe.
The rans say than obs for perhaps a hundred
the e problem will thousand workers for the three or
the problem q Israel they four years requiredto build the
apparently don want that on thedams and irrigationprojects. After
present basis. that, it provide 300,000 per-
ebanon. now closely, balanced manent obs on farms or in new
between Christians and Mosles, related industries.
fears to take in more than the But there are strong fear that
100,000 refugees they have so far trying to force a peace settlement
absorbed, now miagt endanger the Jordan:
Egypt has cooperated on reset- River project. Supporters of this
tlement in the Sinai area. But plan think it shoud be established
Egypt is already overpopulated in first as a working reality before
the Nile valley so cant take more trying to tie it in as a condition
there. to a genera peace settlement in
Iraq took back 5000 refugees with the Middle East.

.Understanding Imp

Man named Jimmy Maxwell squatting cross-legged on tile
once wrote a ft book about floors, or sitting hunkered on my
Moors and Ab called "I Never hams in front of feeble cookfires
Saw an Arab ke Hm," which In which the odor of camel dung
was a close a sSay what the is more than s erple.
aons of Ishmaol really like in a I eow e ingh U t ask aftr
country in wIlKthe present Sul-the ealt andwelre of a m-.s
tan, Ben Aafan a mnot speak any family, whih can mean
approximate corre Arabic wives, wih one an deck and a ned
land in wLith fh piritual and aon' wil be tagpimate. ri
temporal ledeI he wild Berber I stay ofi tSB steeate at am-
tribesmen-who eW very likely of dan, time, and have no idea of ever
Scots descent-Is sre African Ne- tryin to thrust myself into Mecca
ro than Moor o, erber or Arab. In order to see the Ka'aba toe,
i The title for Mxwell's book and k lr a weod we mdl b .
tame froman a cquantance with a Enale: I get along wflh
youngster whose sduet was so frie t thbm: -w
Utterly unI g that the and .soal d t-es ,a Tafb
visiting observed stay out .4ef s hksk and
In Arab. that the e tant corm- whm any mnpV ho coum mi-
mont wa, .ue;, "Imieer saw an t a" a mi
Arab hbn.,w ,Ty. [!a .tao wit v Ar i
Me, I-It Arabs ag Moors nhd ftto w-..
SeWipej and Suda e swa- Bat hatnvto M o nod out df e
15,ud Matod-a dh1 ., not KI- Middle East al Africa for quite
ikul ^o-D most of a I know something elMt I
the oslems and ll of the darker shal never understand them, nor
A cans and I Just dt along fine, they me. Nor any other, occidental
because I never tried eitherto ex- of varying faith.
plot or, particularly, "under- If you go past the mellah la the
stand" them. New M n. Caablanca, youI
will come a place caed the
I lke dogs. Moslems don't. Bousbr. Thais .an armed fort. In
Okay. So I don take a d to visit it are nullnsed.. prestmites who
omy Arab in whea have been piked up and satamied
I am asked to dita. which I to serve oat their time. whis c-
know damned i we I wf have to commodatlin the Seaegalese
eat a lot of rn food, and with troops for a few sons. They re
y right. _adt. ..becauth ,ostly Arab women a.nd m. ety
iths d is ns MIea t h my time diseased. I do not pretend to an-
I have spent ea awfl-.lot hours derstand the French, either. But


the Bousbir is the most-horribleI
sight I have ever seen, and I had
some askari along to keep the woee-
ful women ofr me.
I gly anmiregtheoumlers,
the A b proleil soldiers io
bhat me on lea. beautiful, swil
trotting meha came. ut I
kaow were paiD off Ina the last
war iq propoa of how many
ais ears tey brought o A under
their djWllai A blouseful of;
,ans I awi oe.
Next to the ousbir, he worst
thing I ever saw was the Viage
Negre, the quarter which is ea Unm-
ts to the Legioain lSdi bel Abbes.
Most ensummauts of financial
elioas take place there in
doorways or on the footpaths.
I admire the plum-black Sene-
.gals, with their sears, but I re-
jmembers the time la Case that
they got bo keys to the armory
in Tae n eame d went out to
play with their head friends the
Arabs and Jews in the New Medl-.
I remember an Arab, who got
killed rather than drop a tin of
teanto i he wasu off
wfth. Wu thMe Srit buteth the
: e mhex r *sh e Wso's* not
Wtast e ~ les. The secamd
bullet misd the tit but the Arab
let a jiee of another deeper

a Ele insea too
Many cto be" it.

goel g .'.gagr e mur -W vi- 8ml' uinau worceres o esiw A
clous weapons. Staita quite toot Wednesday.
near him I couldn't heA but The strike orders were *
think of thi for I was n the line by all three major unn -
of attack. eluding the C*mmnlst-4lin-
But the only attack was theM ted Confederation nrae
mauling of well-wiaders. Du Travail (COT) the beuimlt
POTIC AND T.B. "Wce Ouvriere" andm
tater in the day I d tove ti cem'uceen em mea
Trinid a- ancient city telkedeo yeeIn.
In abS f Central Cuba lcked-out hlpyard workers .
and from re up to a mount in tw broke down over the'a-
top where StAs.has aq od-IMWao wage acres n
ern sanitarium to cope with one employers' representatives .
of the worst scourge of the Inounced they would continuuiW
Tropics tuberculos. Ibar the men frqm the yard_.
S sanitarium was modern and I was in Nates that violence.
b tmifu. It bhad t ta Amerl broke last mooth with meb.a
cn ument fm operating of workmen rving:.
rooms to laundries. It looked down the trees and clashing with po-
from the mountains over Jungled lice. -
hills to the lazy Caribbean sparkl- Me nwhUe, atIke reports con-'
ing in the sun below tinueo pour In from other puts ,
I wtspmental.d Its beauty of the co try I atg hat
however were not its tigtnia : X1s.Sdbor WUbt br.
Its si' eance was the part it no means settled.
play in Cuban politics. In Marseilles 30 per cent ot.
First started by Batisa when railway workers at the port sat ,
he controlled Cuba in 1is; the tion stopped whie stret
sanitarium was just about com- car drivers In Le a e continM
lete when he went out of office ed a strike which began several
i 1944. Immediately his political idays aR .
enemies came in, however, all Porcelain workers in ULmoge,-
work ,topPed.. M oNott .. bItt rejected a 6 per cent Incrase otOf
iCse re fratom no, thee eI.l ftr and- mtructed union rr
erators, tile; a horde of sentatives to continue to re1
equipment, was taken out, hauled for a 20 per cent wage boost tJ
back to Havana and sold. their negotiations with employ- '-
The opposition wanted no media. er.


L -cc.--

^l ,,, .



-*" t *d

- 4 "

- .!

* ._-

''F.. *1



,m .-

Arab Refuges


WASHINGTON -(NEA)- It Is 000 refugees. But the birth rate in her army after the Palestin,
Impossible to put any kind of aithe camps is so high that they are'truce. But Iraq already has tw
price tag on secretary of State increasing by 25,000 a year. million of her own people on
Dulles' plan to settle the Arab- From 50,000 to 100A00 additional low standard of living, and can
Israeli war. refugees have rehabilitated them- take more. Iraq's o0l does giv
In his speech before the Council selves in Jordan and Lebanon. her some wealth, however, and he
on Foreign Relations, Dulles was They were largely the more pros* economy is expanding. As nm
merely ou tlin -American objec- perons Arabs of the old Palestine jobs open up Iraq s king refu
tives in bringing peace to the who got out before the Israeli oc- gees, currently at the rate of 300
Middle East. This would involve cupation. month.
resettling the 900,000 Arab refugees But there is now no place for the In the face of this situation, th
in the area, fixing permanent bor- camp refugees to go. The Arab only possibility of resettling th
ders between Israel and the Arab countries simply can't absorb refugees is on the desert laa
states, then, through t United them. whero they now squat. The out,
Nations, guarantee e osebor- Jordan. will give them a ation- chance for thi s Ithros
imam..ain~lmk lafM hllimhs aliktw y tats whn a ultim mt A- m -Mwmi A. -i

w ------ o
; .**
*^ fs



-~--- -


,' f

- ;. ., a

". '''.
.s .. .. ..^ *W-, ." _-..,, '


;- I. W?



I4~, _.::::

:.w:r K


E .p I
it,' ,.

fR-w Ths Sl,500,oo 1000i 1-b plant needs only two-i- run 11 Said
n s an hi ai atin it's the new dry o anm t opened by the Liquid Cabonfic Corp.
Th ,cesag doxlde, whc s trts In a sgeous state, Is chilled until "snow" is
W e Is compreaud further On presse center rear, which eert 30 pounds o
1 ss at ehShM ..Block.a of dryie aOre then formed, which d-to.Uatcaoy molve along
.t. wo __ _to.ewswch. Cut th e to size. Autoatle wrappuo ni machine i in
-gbt1 d0 1Oned at th, two men needed checks the control panel while the second man stores

Mayor's New House
Needs Special Vote
YORK, Neb. -U(P)-. Mayor
--- Lloyd 0. Livingston was in & spot
e.._ *_ ,_ ....-J.- -L. before compassionate city council-
a my I f l n ._ men voted to get him out of it.
R ; .IM' U e j-y yil- o .( Livin stone had workmen build a
foundation for his house in the
I l Af Jt, M city, but discovered later that the
m-r-" r" nM i& ,. *contractor used a short ruler.
Pl. i l-IT C M I, 'The completed foundation was a
iP' I foot nearer the curb than the law
Sallowed, and a special action by
the council was needed to legal-
ize it.

Fire Dept.. Makes
SOwn Squirt Gun

fSm hO Oinrw$g Ia

IglHs f*am utra y Wymmilftpa. mihAs I

0VSmtth #Corona

WEWOKA, Okla. -(UP)- We-1
woka firemen have built a "water
gun" which would make small
boys stare in disbelief.
The big portable squirter, de-
signed for use at large fires where
regular hose pressure could not
throw the water far enough, is
capable of projecting a stream of
waterr 17. feet at the rate of 369
gallons a minue. Unlike a hose,
one man can handle it.
Fire Chief Todd Coley said the
gun would have cost $342 if pur-
chased from a manufacturer but
was built for only $40 with scrap

Pennsylvania Has
Largest Pine Oak
ST. DAVIDS, Pa. -(UP)- The
lawn of a Main Line' home here
has the largest recorded pine oak
4' in. U 11..W.A- aBl4-...

* *r : I.

Mrs. Claraflnt G. Wtlams
Funeral services were to be
held this afternoon at St. Vincent
de Paul's Church for Mrs. Clarari-
na (Claris) George Williams who
died yesterday morning after a
long illness.
Burial was scheduled for 4 p.m.
in Jardin de Paz Cemetery. A re-
quiem mass was sung for the re-
9pose of her soul this morning in
he same Church.
Mrs. Williams, who was 36
years old, is survived by her hus-
band, Lionel G. Williams, her
mother, Mrs. Leona B. George,
and her sister, Mrs. Iris George

Historians Can't identify

Hulk At Bottom Of Delaware

PRmAIDLPHIA (UP) through a pipeline to Thorofare,
Seven years age a ship's cargo below Wuodburn, on the New Jer-
wa. dredged from the Delaware say side.
River not far below the Philadel- i
phia Naval Base. Still, she has not succeeded in
findinI any evidence as to the
Historians and antiquarians are identity of the sunken hulk, which
still trying to identify the sunken was a large sailing vessel.
vessel which had been in the bed I
of the river for upwards of 175, The American Dredging Co.,
years when the dredge uncovered which salvaged the cargo in 1948,
it in August, 1948. has no information beyond what
was known when the dredge came
Some local history researchers against something immovable in
think the sinking may have 30 feet of water near the Pennsyl-1
happened during the British oc- vania side of the river. A diver
eupation of Philadelphia in 1777 was sent dowu and discovered the
when the Delaware was under cargo.
their control after they captured
Mud Fort (Fort Miffin). The ship's Many of the ship's relics -
cargo consisted of many items of buckles, iron implements, fireplace
British manufacture and may have pots, locks, hinges, fragments of
been on its way to supply Howe's lown glass bottles, pewter pieces
troops when barracked there, and other household gear were
I gathered by members of the Glou-
Mrs. Marian Carson, of Bryn
Mawr, an authority on early Phil-
adbiphia, has studied many of the
relies from the ship. SoMe shel
gathered and others were shown ViSTAI i N
to her after being pumped ashore l 'VST i O
r-- I SO the ew'N
1f 2 a I In the sew I

tflor Asks Readers
To Try Figuring

Out Pied type Lines I

Lovell. LAKIN, Kan. (UP) In a
Before her marriage, the for-hurry to leave for a newspaper
mer Claris George was very ac- convention, Monte Canfield, editor
tive in social affairs and had a of the weekly Lakin Independent,
reputation for being one of the fin- had an accident with the page one
est singers on the Isthmus. She form he was carrying to the press.
ha4 been ill for about six years. To his readers he explained:
Both she and her elder sister,. "We poked our big fat belly
Iris, appeared n several play s through the middle of it and spilled
presefhted by the late Milton Gar- the whole damn thing on the floor."
vey in both Panama and Colon. The staff helped pick up the
ped type and put it back together.
But there were 16 lines left over.
D I p i These, at Canfield's departingS de-
Phildelphia Cops cision went at the bottom of the
H ve Pocket Maps tested they try to find where the
lines should have been inserted.
For Strangers "No prize will be givenfor the
correct answer," the note added.
the city's uniformed policemen Recognition Group
have been given a supply of pock.n
On one e are shown the main TO Take Donations
arteries in and out of the city and
how they can be reached from For Barboadions
the more Important city streets. The Civic Recognition Group of
On the other side there is adraw-, Panama voted last night at a spe-
in of the midcity area with 0 cial meeting to launch a drive for

askd ir action
points of interest numbered, public donations to aid the burri
The police will have the maps cane victims of Barbados.
to offer to visitors who stop and Authorized by the group to re-
ask directions. ceive donations were: Boy Mc-
The maps were printed and dis- Grinson and Milton G. Nyers in
tribute on the suggestion of pa- Rio Abajo GrandvWell Thompson
trolman Thomps J. DuBola. and A.jA. ckett-Fords in Chorri-
---- S. .- .A ,E t. Jht -;


center Count

'in its Zoodbury hHdui
waiting fo.' omeoneto e
and solve the mystery of
en vessel.




Addidole p i ,Oes wa e .
patter of her ebke ale ibounl
to OWNA hr happy.
L .'i
6-Pc. Place Settings -
from $27.2'7 .
Serving pieces, from *-
Teaspoons, from $.29 ,""
..g~yQ.'"J.,," e,-




Metal beds with springs. ....... $19.80

Cheat of Drawers (5 drawers)...


Electric Stoves .............. 19.80




National Ave. No. 41

* Tel. 3-4911
i ..Im iti .. *

l Nw- It muid




Phone 2-2010

1 ..o wi umas cuRumwrU.c, m41
Inches; breast-height circumfer-
once, 1M inches--wqe forwarded
by it. owner; James W. Ritter.
SMANSFIELD, 0. -(UP)- More
than 5,000 of the 60,000 visitors to
the Kingswood Center Gardens thisI
spring dropped coins in the formal
garden Iool. whieh was meant to
be only a part of the scenery.
The visitors apparently mistook
the Lolldffsh pool for a wishingI

DC7B Service to Miami

Washington New York
FWM4 '9

-no change of plane!

(Deify serviceeto New York via Miami ond Washingfon) .. ,, ...

featurese s DC-7T's with Rador and a 0ped of 360 miles per
hoa. And, ttere's a "Fiesta Lounge" on every flight at no

S s (Dley sentee fb New Yorfk via M;iami)
S..'9**1 tourist flights lpressurizd DC-6B's... with savings

S CO itmeit, fast sdhletdut feltw PIn American's
e ql direst toe Mimi eWd MNeloers flight pah to

Ask our imsie agent aboub PAA' tA y Laor Plan or coig

{* U MOM WEShyu* wm.*,6
< ^. ^j ^>^_O- NP

&, '1

:Ha I. t ttmNONle. Tl. 1. -
C.ica SWl Bl;dg TmL 1097

I ~' '* -

- i'i~rtf"': ~- -~

- .* "-. -
-. L .-,, "' .

OMIiii Of Cll
DAVIS Calif. -(UP)- The fill-
ing of Folsom Lake behind Cali-
fornia's big, new Folsom Dam
stirred up a tempest in this little
college town, but the rattlesnake-
lovers won over the rattlesnake
The rising water behind the dam
drove thousands of the snakes
from their holes in search of
higher, drier land Universit,- of
California students and professors
rounded up hundreds of the rat-
tiers and caged them here to
await whetting of their gourmet
Indignant townspeople protested
on grounds that, despite the fact
that rattlesnake meat may be
tasty, they did not like the idea
of live rattlers in backyard cages.
A search of city ordinances,
however, revealed that no law
against caged reptiles, poisonous
or not, ever had been written into
the books.

Domn' el an add, sour stomach
upset yo day when you can get
Speedy re wft famous anad
Sal Hepatic.
Take just %V teaspoon or spar-
kiMg. antacid Sal Hepatic in a glass
of water and fede how fat it relieves
xcess stomach acidity.
The mild laatio which may also
accompany int alkaline action helps
clear uptheoMlpation which often
Joes with sur stomach.
So be wis-g the economy-size
bolde of Sal HIpt-iW today! Have
'It on bow d e mah upSt.,

T.ak.e i.*img

I anmmsm@ 9wb..uYv


WiP a/ti AaCPp








a ,mus i*
!I~~kkhW Ifj f4P kWuea

S os/i9/d .tiA alBl Usar Ids t -l.a

F{ome of V2erthaI cindd and .../asi-foam

S- II -. I

. .*, ?oi .

...... .. .

- ~

v~ ~


* -, I

c. V, Lit't C

a I


?-. ---- __ -~ -c--


- ---



-r ~~ :, ;~

(N.J.), Historical| mm""


. .

"-HMrl W.04 ***

* at




. o. ( **

"*^- SM6

*i -_3; '.r *r.. '. *- ,
.,,* ;"* '* .. .*.. .- .. ** ,. *:- .. ** ^ t ^

.. .. ...* ^ ^ ^ .. .. ,-- .. .. .- --- *.-- :
,. '- :...
.. .*. .- : .



:* ., a



Biblical Bit


* ..- *,.*. *~c*4.'*.*~~ :. p .,. jj'.~ .1

Ci i 4..

people like from here to Bunny Gale Crszv Otto
ammergau and back. I I
O&ca s the kind of piano hesttly employed
to a see his money. Crazy l ew musical, "My Royal Pat,"
In Germany, i says Fritinkles who Galth. r 'a part ment ,e im
piano v and maEnglish, "the merry emu sic by no wh
have_ an ld iano...every beer covered with pictures of the pro-
people like from here todue endspeople like GraceOtto
bemer on it And thback what ell hi an many others
calls the kind of piano he is currently emplopei scoring ar

a like--musi- soaked in beer.' Wilson got an idea for a song, and
S-i- t down and wrote a number
with so any bit musical called "Your Picture's On My
.Crasy Otto's style hap Piano." RCA' Sunny Gale will
ia re or less accidentaHy. record it.
name FWltz Schulz-Relchel was
know inEurqpe, as a Jai Bud Greenspan and Jimmy
ands omposer--one of his Hammerstein, co-producers of Co.-
"Man With the Banjo, was lumbia's "The Greatest Moments
t to.r* in Sports," have another project
t. he he wa n hup their sporty sleeves. The odds,
there he was inthe oldor are this wll never see wax but it
ng studio in Berlin p. ng w would be a dilly-they'd ike to
with an orchestra. le wand tape sports conversations. What do
around duringg a break and the pitcher and catcher say, when
on this "beer orgat down to nla they confer on the mound? What
lano- d they laughed.T r b eween rounds? What do football
Hd oesonthe second a hi he
I the old songs, in the old rag- layers say in the huddle? Worth
style. And the brass-they iats o
h bran in Germany, too-said waiting for
heahould make a record. -
Dick's Picks: From TV's "Our
ts didn't think too much of wn" comes a charming song
S dea. He had a good reputa- .Love and Marriage."Dinah Shore
(RCA) has a good version. Others:
said to them, 'Do me the "You Are My Love"(Jonl' James,
I of finding for me another MGM); "Black Denim Trousers
to put on that ridiculous and Motorcycle Boots" (Vaughn
rd.' So they found for me the Monroe, RCA); "Avalon" (Billy
Otto.'". Vau b Dot: "Love for Loe"
e'Scheraeger Otto. pl ;"More 'a
St wet-- "Shraeer" e- More" a(BRnie Gaylord, Wing);
eame "Cra" when s .-recors "How Can I Replace You" (Tony
o h eA hesr rtz sbtisj -r d Bennett, Columbia); "Magic Fin-
ezeqt "tS o Frts t i a.SO- gers" (Eddie Fisher, RCA); "Baby
Smn' exat traoslaon. scraeg. Me" The Marion Sisters, MGM).
er"lmm more h bky-tonk music,
but the people t Diecca in New Pleasaat listening Columbia's
Aeek felt that "Crasy Otto" sonnd "Mood for 12" features Paul Wes.
sWte r than "Holky.Te'Tk Masic ton and 12 great standards with
"" lfft whe has long ine 12 qreat soloists taking turns;
clibed sout from behind h cloak RCA.s "A Session With Chet At-
9of I ylty, doesn't care one wAy kings" has delightful guitar-and-
tho othr'. As loa as al orchestra sounds:; Columbia's
ry it, yewrself w "'Vienna Holiday" has Michel Le-
We ^grand with an .orihe'stra paying'
_____ i.......1 SI

. iwr5 we iwlmput'u ip u auw sauu
ie jas, but his father, a
vialti and Moancert master, said,
if you feel well with that
kId a music do It by all means."
Be eait w with jazz. He feels
vea better with schraeger.
gale Revae (NBC-TV): Show
me a saxophone player who chews
bubble gum and 111 show you a
man who doesn't give a toot.

iag mau recro cosUNVmu wnui
alix long-playing records,, the set
includes some of the most popular
classics overtures, rhapsodies.
suites, ballet music. The six cost
only $10.96.

&dyWhleio the youthful Eng-* IL
Ui emposer of "Mhe Boy Friend,"'I

I He led the
fra m ypt to

11 Small spet
13s Song bird
,14 "ft--for 40
days and
1ill Feucing
position (p1.)
1 ostelry
17 Teo
29 Make lace
20 Bras
2* Correlative of 2
neither s
23 Apporion
34 Bird's homes
26 Animated
28 Exclamations
of satisfaction
30 Burmese wo

a postal
.37 Den tfd

42 Playing card
45New GuIne
47 Fragment

43 Emnbellished
sit Tell
53 Country
4 Puffed up
46 Paradiges

I Devotee of the
Virgin Mary
3 Citrus fruit ,
4 Eterity
5 Winter vehicle
6 An arold
7 Ventilate
8 Decayed
9 Oleic acid salt 25 Perlan ruler
10 Packed in 27 Movers' .
graduated trucks
mries 29 First
132 Garden of Christian
-- martyr
13 Musical potato 33 Vine fruits
18 Mountanl pass 34 Mountain on
21 Begins which Noah
23 Gold, bronze. landed the.
steel Ark

WE I ~9~ q U -



; ,
rh pq 13, 1 -
p- I IfI IB

I r

35 Thirty (Fr.,
6 Armed
38 Narcode
3 Make tart
40 Chargers
43 SBlnle
46 Greek otwee
47 Bemoe
50 Trouble
52 Youth



(fIEbyks True Life Adventures

1T4s KIWI u

-J a0''


W*b Dc,,. r"od-s...i
Wer.1 b"I Sr. qd

..5 ~ Pt

me.oikkK4 iU F %W.. O


MUSg^ %um,

Hold It!




[oak hson4 &tadaL Cku4^zd

Enter GInny


mu a ru ATmr.m

% soa-

Bad, News, Girls!


~' FA~~"~
I '~w --I;










Losing Face ma2nd immB ?m3Yum*.'
%CLSx Rt.U* nix 'MSAI BUB
A wa-


MAJOU1 mooa

VILL* HuSmm Be








q. J. a

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w^ .





,Thatll Do It


-I ~
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FW I; s-j=m-)12




- y-.








11 '7



.'.' 4- "


.5..7AL.lAr s

p '; N a .' ,, ,. ...., e.. o .- .
Ie ** 'i 4
-:..- : ::..- '. + ,. ... ?., .. -.. .. .- ,;: ..: -

I i ; I I l i I i iI i [ $ii [ i Iagl

- *7~LT*%** I

- I .
k l' ll II

o %"

-Ua ,Ft. Amiader..
it S1,1 Be-kr, ja-tq~ l

"The Flt-A -i O fleers'
rd' '*- .. Wives' t th ulv old Its regular
i^ cafi mlu ee i ofn _mg m9 manI cof
: tim ditpd cat6-tel ptajre voji fe~b.n .W t. '. p u 4f.. at
t isblet 4i and aMiftarittServ- t AImy-N.Vt ib, Port Ama-
yt o la- ice Center. .
di.- .iW s_ .not z *"cesol*
s-^ a Guaft at 'i4*start ap. ra
I r i Ta p;. a t a -.gnsand
-. 3rs.Q uwil be

,I will/ ty -
'd which WiH bOivenlOe
atlao Jungle dr.*
silos will supply readit *e
to men stationed at ulle

E 1A lei nl. t o
-onthuIdy meeti i
a6s~ersce Center tod~ t

AD ZAlB~ ts at Columbus W i t h F X 7r ? and M
l 9 p.wlie and a Il Catholic; Rivera, Texas. The-visitors -p Important mattarsa effectng
. wti rubandsare mkig t-week stop :. ,-" m nb m ofathes .eV't
auCoIum t Home of Balboa Canal Zon will be diseusxns.
at P.B. m Harrigtomi Entertalied '
wkBy. amosir and Mrs. Julian F. r A m uiM
_H1rrington!.cAere guest of bhnor 9 iinU liro
I Wane -Club met last at a cocktalI party given by the o SMa
akt %he o Mrs. bar-!commercial Attache of the Unitedi M I i
lt o A a'the Atntic Side. States Embassy and Mrs. Fted A. W IV
..o. Ui supwp was enjoy- 1a. their resident B fl
.uaol Crespe, who now l ,
jn Pananma City, was male'
ib orary mmnibetr.y w heater GuiWrI Premiere MANHATTAN, ian. -(UP)-
6ewt members voted in w e Ar Anc Teiht Fer' Kansas farm manaAl pee
JVgiri Rusomn, Helen Fogel and e Aatal' it ha me uip w
1". Woodruff. WitA eester hi the a 4, he u1#mkiUm weded for any
Sia iroaay hit comedy, "T'h e planning to go- into cucesI
Officers serving for the current Male Animal," ows into the Thea- farmig.
year are Mrs. Louise G a s k e 1l, ter Oilds Anton playhouse to- ... .
*redet;,, Mrs. Chariot Tully. ng or week's frun. "It better to look before
flt presiden,%a" publicity, Mrs., ,,. leap," saM R Mclianey,
lu .y Kapla, secretary and Mrs .t and James Thur- Kansas State College.
Nor* ,.. a -ftn er. lB d the idse i e s;. .* ,m 1.
0- d the ide me a(@ .09 05,00! f e

*. l...,


.'l. wi'9 d. The infant datilter of .Mt. andm
.TWheit-lluaet wl g Wl be held Mrs. Jose Ramon Guizado. Jr.,
Ot te home of Mrs. Tessie Lowe was christenend Ana Maria' at a
Oct. 1f. ceremony last week.
Ifte Sowsm At Seripps Mr. Carlos Haseth and Mrs. Es-
Miss Jane Elinor Jennison, the tela Hasetl de Chiari were god-
taug ter j' Mr.. inB Mrs. John parents.
Jg.I'rt Jennison, is entering
purl. s College this fall as a Mtr. Fqlton Ret;
man. She is a graduate, of To Sclool
alo High School where she Mr. James L. Fulton, Jr.. left
so etive sport in school gov- by plane Wednesday evening to re-
etgment, public speaking a.nd sume his studies at Alabama Po
tgrtp .Ier home is in DI abl o lytechaic Istitute, Auburn, Alaba-
i s. ma., after spending the sunamer
Atcripp she will major In the here with his parents, Mr. and
vulaanitie. Mr. James L. Fulton, Sr,


NMpt Wedrpsdap at thie ILIUX Thetrle!

I. *


a. Jeff Chadler d bn m e star in
I.tatonal,'s *T7O) ," In color by Techni-
love story of a young heireos who mirries a
ehe Idladi, ainer, which opens next Wednes-
im Tkeatre.
P Roaeml rg production was directed by Jo*
sad features Mara Corday, Barton McLane
aeurt In important roai. Advt.

Tdo w 'w look around or' either
mdoe ""n or. more da y.
If the land is lmosasible to ob-
tali, the farmer might look into
an intensive livestock operation or
other type of intensified farming,
and he may end up with a more
profitable operation than he would
with an inserease of land.
i i *

New, e-' wny
tow -M -a

..' ...- .. -. -- ,

w4 Bourbon at its best cal for

SWEN RIVER," America's smoothest

*"~at l edu oeaadbs


Ia ehlwait tem' pmaUees IIs pearfru ee. This pair qi
bNCke-tscholetgi. Msuly ds'e"-l s* Slilekn Of 9paq
vi Alim ami plastle beets. These ate all soap and wa
washable to ase smether's bout with mid.

a HOW kids love rain and pUd-
for dies.
Wae, A. mother never can seem to
prp. convince the youngsters in th e
family that ra fn is something
til loatbesome to be escaped, t h.a t
out- puddles are made to be jumped
over and mud to be avoided at
all costs.
Kids persist in thinking that
rain is fun and that puddles are
made to be dabbled ip and wa4ed
hold through. They cope home from
the the first. painy daygt school wet
at all through and splotched with
mud from boots toe' hat.
SKeeping the kids 'beautiful and
all a credit to the- household works
the itself out to a problem of prac-
ticality. If- they could be encased
In hermetically waled cases and
dispatched to school, many moth.
Ors would-take this course.
This can't -be managed in an
age of active, interested young-
sters. The answer, more- ealimic-
ally, is a good- rainoat for each,
plus a hat and watmrproof boots.
A big favorite fb the get-
oaked set onlaid. raincoats.

These come I variety of co-
lors and tMnures. Weights range
from a clear -vy t to a heavier,
leather-lik plastic.
The heavier coAs can be wiped
clean of mud aMd whatnot with
a seapy S e. .but the higher
oesr get dipped i and oulpf
lukewarm sopms and rinses.
The jAt wined o& a bit after.

where the 6ubs
of( on socsand legs. If the
whole boot can't be submerged in
a basin, the inaide and outside
should be-wabed off with a sud.
sy sponge, rinsed with a clean



one and wiped dry. They should
dry thoroughly, sway Irozmidlirect

I ~

New Shipment of Modern

Accessories For Curtains


Rails. Hooks, Pleated Ribbons,
Rinms. Gatherers...

21.02 Cofitral 7th Ave. Tle. 2.1830 2-1833

.- "


or te way you write

the right EsTERBRo K point for
du wamy ou write ... by xombor.

AD ...
i. / ito thabarri PofanEs rfaTRoo
Fountain Pen of your choice.

with the ESTErBssoo pen that
writes your way naturally.

Alwep IMA.
OfrA *a
enda aW300W

TESSAR i 2.8


t .
:,'_, -

I. 'V.'
, '

f I
'. e'
. *'!
' *
| )>

starts-when yot take the attgactive tb s
package in your hand. The extra klth of,
PALL MALLS Alltern the smoke through
fti fine tobsecos and gives you a melower,
'tweeter smoke. Have you noticed that people
who smoke PALL MALLS seem to'
acquire t poiy d eleoance

the e dortte qf ditilsetie.on


It's simple to select the pen that Ia 'auely right for your writing
style when you choose ESTEasavoo. And if need be, it's equally
simple to replace the point-you.jmnt unscrew it and renew it.
When you choose EslTSwaooz you get the finest of writing
Instruments, scientifically designed for performance. Choose
EsTwsasos for the smoothest and-moat comfortable writing
you have ever known.




1 1 c1- 1A


-~~~~i /oqwiN i**"

PiN w

"-"% --" --"' -:''" h "" .: -, "T'+'"1 L- '+"- '^"
.-,.f_., ** .. -a. ..,.. -.

c~ .-

- ..t ~


V 'CR %.~.
,aj,.. J.


--- _~ I-_- C-- -I

--- -



~es~p88DB~db ~811PP"

I C O Wrieng Shown t AE

. ....... .
-4 Wellas.

increasela .vert.a.e work boost- i V 1 K I'li MaB 1 ..--l
-adWtorytwHkers to a new hign. H y | Burner
drtopn lge ta prc-me, also Pricesirit -. n the -s f"ruw e
W d or y m ,rV.r..l.. .. .

no depeiadent po ma Mn "Am sa
Thear il u of 1,teork btatls -sl '
ea, the yrarstick ofrxi e? '. living
athis dwrpbedt two-tenth of one.

Ter cent between m ..auy andu .--, n .
W;ri tIor l pries f an I E J A |I | Ha e

mahae Werkred aftr -wSFlbeII | iTT Ov the ...-

Index still was higher than in E q i
th ydeer. I r-taenths om e "P 1- f O:

The August decline wats due ,
chiefly tolower food prces ar-

tcularly for reh f-ts and O N"T AiiNTL L EXI

June and July were due mainly a 3,
to higher food prices resulting

. -'.. le

-1 I

'**i .- ;*;,*

- ii


:1K~r 'K

Te svWSa



Inexpensive Wqn( A

,- _.$s .rY w ,, ... ... .r+ .. +, .
r,+ .- ,' .-- ", '*. ^.. ..^.^ ^ ,

.CA N r .'" t i .v. f \.. .. .. r,* -i /} q .

,., I ,. ,,. ,r. + Y 7. W
L...E.K + n,
PEN T s-. .- .






p. i brosa pDr. Avit Jr.
pL._i.. 4iGeae4aw Uniovest) M.D.
(4l sof July) Ave No. IA2S
Teet -a --anm n. e


Phone Panama 2-0352

"Lliopratle adds life to year,
and yearn U life."

On. A. and l.t ORILLAC
(Palmer Graduateri
Pertt Avenue Tel. 3.I-
m block from Lux Theatre

Packers Shippers .- Movers
Phaoes 2-2451 2-2562
Learn Riding at
Riding a Jumping cloness deih
I to S p.m. Phone 3-0279
or by oppoinotment.

Balboa1 -439a or Punnant 3-166
Studio El Panald Hotel



Monday Thre Thursday
For rrppolintnt
Balboa 2-2859
For U.S. personnel
and telr families only.

loer ks Wel

.iwell the
o and m

Kt ah oei. ofe
rak. Runsas athi of e Hu-
a field in ,1.
law the gas pool that
e Knaf, Okla-

7 Slret e No. 13
Ui of July Ate. A J Il.
Jote Arusemena Ave. and U W .


FOR SALE:-1949 4-door Ford
Sedan: Radio, heater, direction.
als, one owner. Navy 3665.
FOR SALE:-3 Hillmans. Call
Gerardo Ortega No. 4, behind
Mercado Ray. Phone 3-4640.

FOR RENT: Furnished room'
with private both. Delicious
hneals. Meals only alSq Calle
Manuel Ycasa 7. Phone 3-1789.

Shrapnel's furnished house on
beoch at Santa Clara. Telephone
Thompson. Balboa 177;.
past Casino. Low rates. Phone
Balboa 1866.

PHILLIPS Oceaonide Cottages,
Santo Clara. Box 435, Balboa.
Phone Panama 3-1877. Cristo-
bal 3-1673.

W L&s Crams ali
Central as a
R* I Lj-Llgiy M

papnentm .

ATTENTION 0. 1.! Just built
modern furnished apartments, 1,
2 bedroom., hat, cold water,
Phone Panama 3-4941.
FOR RENT:-Oas.-bodroom fur-
lheod apartment, ground floor,
$70. No. 1-91 43rd Street.
.FOR RENT:-Modern I-hberons
studio apartment: stove. refri.
orator. hot water, air condileon-
ed. Campo Alegre. Prone 3-
4242, between the hours of 3
to 7 p.m.
FOR REMT:--Cool.well ventilat-
ad bedroom-living room, kitch-
en-dinette. For couple or small
family. Calle Darien No. 8, next
street from 4th July Avenue.
FOR RENT:-2-bedroom apart.
ment: living room, dining room.
maid's room, garage, hot water.
"D" Street.. El Cangrelo. Rosit
Building. Inquire apartment 3.
FOR RENT:- Apartment: Two
bedrooms, bath, parlor dining
room, kitchen, hot water, serv-
ant's room, garage $1 IS month-
ly. 41st Street # 37, Bell Vis.
ta. Ca'nilo-A. Porras, 43rd Street

iSMO0OC6LES-When the detsest mndg In"history enveloped.
Los Angeles recently,; 3 motorcycle messengers went on strike.
They complained of poor visibility. Three said they were unable
to breathe and suffered from severe nausea. After 20 minutes the
walkout ended, when the men were equipped with the Army
mutplus gar masks they wear above.

,, '. .

"64 r

Costs Leas To. Sell
a House This Wayv
Yo allB t fet.. ye si *t
ptee.* .-y seda at leas e ot
as wh an we- -eM li*Ie We
Ad af tee rnea m Amm-ina.-

ltrfe hep. t ilin. mtmm


.- -_ .:.
.^p ..o -
-. .-- *



roat eof July avie
Agenola InternaL do Publioaolones
A 4-RCom Avi. .
J q 4OSWOI 4tre *rg

Household '
FOR SALIE-On cem be od,.
2 bedsprings. adiw b, u ring
mattresses, one lara (er eIe)
sullease. Call IAlbe a2-#284. .
FQ SALE:- ,evIin lbme.
Aierted household atOure.
Very r asonable. Homna, across
staet from NatIonal C t ank,
FOR SALE:--Comploft house-
hold furniture. Owner iblvig.
Pnone 3-3256. House 8445 Es-
pavi, Margarita.

Wanted to Buy
tires, suitable for reconstruction.
"Roconstructor Nacionol," Peru
Ave. No. 7. Phone 2-0406.
WANTED TO BUY--Chevrolet
or Ford Station Wagon, 1951-
1952 or 1953. Phone 2-0260
Pajama. "A" Ave. No. 10-103.
WANTED TO BUY:-5 to 7-
hp. Ammonia compressor and
condenser. Pnono 3-4640 Pana-

Movies Can Ease

Teacher Shortage
MADISON, Wis. -(UP)- An
official of the U. S. Office'of Edu-
catiod& lays some educators are
Viss nhr a, bet by not using mo-
tion pictures to ease the #italte
of teachbres.
Seerley eld, chief of t fedq
etal age 's visual edaon
branch, adA' im would be used
for certain routine teaching k
and take the pressure of heb
teachers now in the schools. He
noted that some educators oppose
use of films for such work and
"It's time you did a little soul.
searching," he said; "If the prop-
er films are available, why not
let the audio-visual media teach
routine aspects of learn
"What we need is o ie&W,

pupils and the
aon."' .
Reid told some 350 ediectow at
an audio-visual eo It the
University of Wisooumintat'mmany
teachers'quit their jobs be ase of
the routine and paper work In-


phone 2485T7, J
FOR SALI.-#m 6
chco de Is Ca.
No. 12: 3 hWp *h aper-
lor-dining men, fe Perl
formation e Ca l A. Peos,
43rd Street No,3-31, MNa Vi-
ta. Phone 8-1434.

Mkieeld a '3
FOR SALE:- Left.handed
clubs, 3 woods, 46 he, bag.

FOR RENT: Sites In earn.
marcial row In front of Hotel El
Panama. Apply Fteo f1 Helcen
9-12 and 2-6. Phone 3-1179.
FOR SALE:--Blac Cocker Span..
il pups. Male $50, females $40.
AKC sei*tod. R. F. Mosch,
6211-A,os leoC,-C.Z'. Call 2-
1656 or 2-3169.
FOR SALE:--Iralu. 2 air om-
ditioners 44-hp.-110 volt 'Syl-
vania in perfect conditiqA. od
for office or bedroom. Reduce.
to $175 each for quick sale. Cad
Panama 3.0226, 8-12 morn- -
ings. 2-5 afternoons.

Seahed bids, op J pI ,l
lie, yll be n 4ead until 10199$
a.m:, October'7. 195 in thaw-
firc of Suporitqdet of Store-
houses, Balboa.- 'r dale of- Bt
GALLINULE Poie Launch't. r
PREY,. Launch: .S, 3ASfl
et age U.SW, 20 a.lpid
e DredAWli NIl,
1:Police La iJalV i EHI
- located at the Biltb Launch
Loading; and I.aeelhb 0 TRO-
GAN lepted bak oF -"
Welto In Ga smb. For JHtkt
Inforlptoen and'innha*flu e-
tat Mt.'. D. OGreiry, D
in DDivision telephone 6i
(GVICHICH Po ele Dis!

2. Invenit Mg 190
be obtained from the above
sources, or from office of Super-
Intendant of Storehouses, tele-
phone 2-1815.

Storage Vault In Old Tunnel

Of RR Does Brisk Business,

SAN FRANCISCO (UP) A tons for the preservation of paper
20th century fortress dedicated to records and microfilm.
the possibility of atomic attack Js Although -most of the space
doing a brisk business 91 the rug- rented so far had gone to govern-
ged Santa Cruz Mountains 70 meant agencies and large corpora-
miles south of here. tions, other clients included news-
The fortress, a concrete Fort papers, motion picture and record
Knox-like structure filled with companies, and priv a t e in-
three-ton steel doors is a storage dividuals.
vault built in an old abandoned Charbneau said his firm, West-
railroad tunnel, ern States Atomic Vaults was cur-
Jule Chrb uh rently engaged in negotiations with
Jules Chare, a retire an the Defense Department to store
Franciscu inurane executivop secre documents and, for con-
who conceived the Idea said thetraast, with movie producer Walt
$300,000 vault was opened for busi- Disney to keep te original mm at
ss yea ao and already is one- k te original films of
thidf u l. 4f l^ a.'hb Mickey Mouse cartoons.
foot-hird ullon.. Te 41-foot-nnelhas Most private parties wanted to
foothigh converted tunnel as store such things as family rec.
54,000 cubic feet of storage space ords, deeds to ho es and wills.
Charbneau said the vault was "But one lady called and said
Charbneau said the vault was hewanted to store complete
the "only radioactive proof strong wardrobe ofclothes," Charbneau
bd in the West, and he added saL. "She said if her home was
"barring a direct hit it s the sf bombed out she didn't want to be
can devstrage the human mind left without anything to wear."
can devise l ce.' 'I ,

The vault, located 14 miles east
of Santa Cruz, is earthquake proof,
fireproof burglarproof, and w;ll
protect deposits from mildew, in-
sects, floods explosions and sab-
otage, he said.
Charbneau said his vault main-
tains a constant level of 48 per
cent humidity and 63 degrees Fah-
renheit temperature, perfect condi-

Geiger Counter
Used To Check
Types Of Moles
ger counters, used to locate uran-
ium, now are put to use la
determining whether a Mole on the
body is malignant. "
Drs. Frans Baudr and Charles
Steffen of the University of Cal-
fironia Medical Center described
the simple process in a recent
Journal of the American Medical

A small, harmless amount of ra-
dioactive phospher is intraven-
oualy at ent with
a mole I n
nat. Three

Rapidly ash as
tdose of ea more ra

ao tf ,S^ ..a

Small Hospitals

Have Big Problems
JHICAGO -(UP)- The nation's
stall hospitals face special prob-
lems because they must maintain
,most of the services provided by
bi; hospitals, according to a mag
azme article published by the
American Hospital Association.
The article, written by AHA
President-Belet Ray E. Brown,
said that "even the smallest hos-
piptl todWy has to be a complete
medic ka ". and must odd a1
the newest: services as soon as
science perwides .them.
The Ital with 100 beds r
less ust purchase equip-
ment has a iact ity it does
not re iIeca f its size, the
article .
It a that this k costly, "but
'the t operate it is even
The eited figures show-
inag g of the nation's 5412
a shmort-term hospitals
fall In i4ll U category.
LIM ''*


q.. ,, t.


.- r:""
U A a _": ,



., rr.-r '. ,. ... ... .
IN THIS FNE froqp th 3i"rl e GuAI's productions f p o. Animal" ai
Urtcf), Patricia (K ,Nrabandu,). Joe (Prqpkp lotSer) ad over Tomy (Len Wrc ) who has just been tkneCd cold by Joe flihl gag ft

m.ofr h Adding to I. a.-
kt cans '3 o'lnk =naiOF-

$ -TIeact of "Thqi AiMai-
mm" .lcludea Lo [toa
tl Wflber. Frank ,ofcof

C -f t KID -. tNe -Sandy
k A be in the goat
show at the Hew Jersey State
Pair a Trenton. the Lair Is
the na.AMn ica, the la.
et athe BtM apd'tae Cqrea
SAtUe i210th annual exhlbition
of altua and Industrial
ui a

BARROW, Alaka -(UP)-- It
may eo as a- sur to many
P.t*stMb t.5tnorth
cUmdinrbta.te UTitted
State. M beast of bumblebees.
Yes, bees 4t Barrow,
despe thlr. rand saw.
eey, Dr. Basil E. Montc-
pofetbasoer a

Alrft o


A- .1" ;


tndia. Would Put Elephart

Tor \Wr, In A^,rurrslf.^

A VV% v 1 r III
NW 'DELIt (UP) The
heavyweight battle b the century
has Shaped up In India, with ele-
phants pitted against tracars.
Everyone sees happy about It
except tractor dealers and the
carefre elephants .
The stluation is this: Indian of.
ficials think the elephant can be
used to pull plows cheaper and
better than tractops. eteeetly they
opened a. campaign o test. this.
Elephants In dia--ullke BOur-
ma where they are used lb timber
operations-lead an idle existence
except for infrequent ceremonial
occasions and to carry touring
g ov rnment officials off the
beat aths .. .l
.. O e a m t revoiy land-
lord. the- eepnt ia unwanted
now. viOB 'the mahan as, who
usedip kepi bie herdo, find.i#.
expen e too much for their eMp
pa res. comically, the elephant
was useless.
Abo t three years ago Jagioo-
han.SbghL Negi forest nminiter if
the stLte of Uttar Pradeua, got to
thi*ind about the pote ities of
elephant power In agriculture,
Then followed lengthy experia-
.t4tion with special plaW-and hap"
nesses designed for u .eplut.
j Recently the three y sg of
perinmealts bore fruit thl e
est sinhter cerem i u ty W
,eplaat;plow4ing ..
the ila-Tibet order. ,
It was' successful and raised the
prospect of a useful, if unre
S life for the luxury austmed
elephant. .
Negi made the following poiat
In championing the caUsE el*-
phants against tractor: ,
I-A good elephant in his prime
costs SO to $80 against *bout
$1,800 for a tractor of like hmr
the--Aneavrm q eu"
&-Wtfe span "of ants.ul
A1Wf So toW soarsB5 4

than the meehanieal device.
.4-Daily upkeep ot an alenatt
I oly $3,while a 'tractr t
$10 to 1. S
5-An elephant is more mmas
veble than a tr&ctqr adid g
'coos a tractor can't. "
--ulephant waste can be u.4
as fortlizer. d
7-An elephabt can do. I
"'odd jobs' around the ow '-
S-Meihdnies ar short ed
and who ever-hqird of. removing
thi.tran ul'siO laon elephant
Orii0 c.etbep p point .uttel' .
t*o main objectiqns
.- tear F t ca o t-10

am am
e mhpt s


Only Baronial
Macsio InT S .
Is Bia Attraction
JOHNSTOWN, N. Y. '- ,)-
Aboutlt let ple a 1
fhte the- staely- liftS w
W1 i UEited ttamp.
k twe-eutarra kie ofmM AA

4k L

1 0 _

. .. .. -' .
* .3. 3.* .. ,. -
,_-_. '. ,,-. ;'.- -* k-.

.,I -- -- -Y;

-- -I-~I---`

owl -

--- -- ~'--

J .


" _. .. .. .. -- # ..


.* ^-. l.'-

.4.-. .~4 4.~4.. .'.4.-.' *. __

-. ~c~u

S. '* ML

Iii 'z 'I.

'IG CommO

,M sm ov

L. L.A.EI -, Th-.du.ti._ of

. *.- -W A ,;X- RA .

It wll appen In your lifetime
On'-OereateSt AfOFtPurel



Gregory PECK Ann TODD
Charles LAUGHTON, In

Bars LaNCAsTEi, tn I
PEory PECK, Im

clem o. s cWore
Cinemasope & .Color

SAlsor w

TUE. 54~r5

.4..- *1
5~EA I


.4 I.

. i

1 y ; ;. J. u ,* :-,.

D 4 (NtA) ,-
Het It's lat instead
. -, -.-. '. ... ,-1

sk y*

i snenui' Posw.
eYef til beds hi
Jeer, tn the same filM,
hoime. The abtf.t
celluloid Wits: i al
I Bt Hart mut be
s t e. : '.
is s Direor Del
$a e u Ivelel

.Simt the way

set tor o
Old Manl
-bff mx

W8 Me squinted. pped his

Sthe stagel Paris
'roderickCrawford lI.s- .1.a.
Feraday. *~nee separatlUg rom
wie K. --.,th.
Bob crack at a o61YUM
beeft0: hear Mirad d IHW
st w haei the fitywoodd
for a S Mp _"
Vittarijtasnan coulo have nri
ceive a finmelTl settlement fro
,MGM.Jor bo g out of the thread
Pictures stI owed the studio
he had left it to his Hollywood
agent. Instead he marched in an
demanded tha the contract be
torn up. It was.

st6.&by SPCA Dorothy Daudridge Is upsqt
Piow-Mu -.op about her billing in an old John
.to en iw e r- Wayne film, "Lady From
ana," making the TV rounds. The
lady from "Carmen JOnes!'
.mamt gkm In billed a Way*'( co-star desltri.a
r syes. atr iny-role. '
witurdo-.-I have z Says. Dore ~hoo-srtar ext.
wanst to d," he told in thea M, wi'
loeatlion in France. wish nwld stdop It. People resnt
nly one more film, beig deceived. Them should be
Sof the Sea," and It asome sort Of TV rule to prveset It
ast. happening."

is in Paris ca d
rsLaca-t JWB Ofii Second
rt Lancaster's 8 t
;Hunl Mte-pt 1

I.. J.

. .- ._iJJ~4 q~ a

4B~tV; *eti note. Gary
Grade, playng the
ilf J1acc Dewa's
b pr-h, 5 OUt for G ager-
-. A Broadway
Ser, who be-

yk i y groaning about
||S .iimn that "e'e not the
i the lm version of TV's
A ack." Te star of the
Show was-Keenan
AUlx Talton and her
Shabby, George Cahan, are
Sseparation rumors...
amipn on ber selection
"it' mipfa nSewcomer, i the
MI grterty Audience Awards
puts: 1"This is the fourth
j l-,eon discovered. I hope
- ---
Switch. to the old studio

The second in ti series of-,
'interpretive readings"' under
the direction of oFred Beest will
be RIven at the USO-J"W Arm-
ed Forces Center, Wednekday, at.
7:30 p.m.
The three months' study group
which will offer a seti-monthly
series of lecture presentations
and workshops will meet the
second and fourth Wednesdays
In October, November and De-
cember. Stress wiln be given to
the Interpretive reading of poe-
try prose and drama.
. Special sessions will be held to
choral reading which will be
given under the direction of Mrs.
Harry Paine. who has had mmny
years experience in the field of
music education in CIncinnati,
Ohio. There will also be supple-
mentMary sessions for recorded
readings, commentary and dis-
rea,.n.I.E ,

e" old Selade lot, where
b the Wind" was made. Those attending will partici-
cops regard present pate in the workshops which
issomething less than will be under the direction of
ble and Vivien Leigh. Berest, who will also offer val-
s telling this one on able material on the principles
ter whlg there in of "oral presentations," discus-
r Is Loose." sing the value of words as it re-
t1e* reported to the lot latest to sight, sound and drama.
* atema, as he drove
Ve-deUi re .'Th old The program has been de-
signed so that those attending
S. may read for, leisure pleasure,
for profit or $or cultural growth.
Military personnel abd their
60~ v A .famnlles and the pubg of the
1v 6iaa Zone and of Panama are
e -i- invited to participate In the
I ?- C. S i three-month series of "interpre-
0 xI-S JC vc tive readings" Registration will
Pfi take place at the Wednesday


i 8:45 ~UALO T. 6:15 7:46

*a 'mx.loIr

i t" y w ao, a wano' ,

g *

_IMTOBAI 4:15 .-8:5

Air -

i ..


r n^"',|

8 2OFP"BB JUBR' V igaw0*opiens o -J
H' rricate afld caleW aI devUTng


For MW.Pson mfs

LONDON, WSept: (VP)- -
dio Bucharest reported -tq t H
Community Romanla hea*r-;
to give sweeping amnesty to im i-
ny person, held In Romanlan pris-
The move closely follows a sim-
ilar decision by Russia.

A decree by the -Presadium of
the Grand National Assembly of
Romania said that -fuB pa id on
would be given -to pesoUs seNiong
sentences up to 10 years for war
Persons sentenced for longer
than 10 years "are fully pardon-
ed if they took part In the anti-
Hitlerite war in t h e operation
zone," Radio Bucharest said.

It said persons serving sentene-
es longer than 10 years apd who
ina~ssgw^f I

Pmuml Incme"

So 0o*1g Up

Inwou has US
ATLANTA, Sept. 26 ( P) -
Peronal income topped 2M bil-
lion- dollars in the Southeast
last year, s-a ifhbt increase ove6f
1053 despite declines In four of
the seven states in the region.

The U.S. Department of Com-
merce said today that Florida,
North Carolina and Tenneh4e
topped their 1953 totals to oqo0t
the Bouth vt's. income from
wages and salaries dvldends
and Interest, and other forms of
personal. income, to $26,419,00.-
000, some 27 million dollars a-
bove the 1953 figure.
Avei-age income for each per-
son in" the seven states was $1,-
207 with Florida topping all oth-
er states at $1,610.
Merrill C. Lofton, field man-
ager of the Commerce Depart-
ment office here; said that dur-
ing thbe ast 25 years, personal
income in the Southeast has
risen (20,700,000,000. F lo0 rida
leads the nation in rate of in-
erease with .600 per cent.
South Cr6lina led the nation
in thie ite of per capital Increase
durlnthe lt quarter century,
going up' 2903. '" cent. followed
by- N6tth 'Ca6rolia, 250.3 per
cept, m'd Georgia, 253.4 per cent.

A comparison of Income in
each of the states for the two
years to as follows:
Florida. M,5000 000 W n 153
and $5313,000.0 in 1954; North
Carolm S$4,M ,000b00 and 85,-
08000,000 Tennme, $4,972,000,-
000 and $,04,000,000 -Alabama,
3,81,000,000 and .fM4,000,000G:
Georgia $4,528,000,000 and$4,-
480,0,000; I l 4.-
000,000 "0 =$. a00 d and
South Carolina, .000 and
$2 414 I .O I.


a their sa
ally "swa

via canoe alter
the city.


-. -

... ... -

THIS IS AUTOMATION-And this is the control panel of a
$1,500,000 automaticaly operated plant just opened In Oakland,
Calif. Only..two men-one of whom is s checking the con-
to Mpa plbnt built


60c.* 30c.


LTA5 S in


Picture relufse next tRIDAY ot the "C
Theatfi, repeat history.,..

Written for NSA Srvke

NOUTi it

485 PK1003
53 VK84
*KQ10OB *874
+Q943 *Kea
9 AQJJ107062
North-South vul.
South Wert North Ears
I V Pass S Pass.
Pass Pans
opening lead-$ K

Don't think for a moment th
South's bid of four hearts can I
recommended. SOuth had a pert
ly reasonable jump tq three heart
which :wOuld invite a gaoe Nor
would make a bid of dome kir
witA almost any sound respond
hand, and game would be reached
If North couldn't accept such ,
invitation, South was nq favorite
make the. jame.
When South actually jumped i
the wae. to four hearts,
promised hand that would mal
a game even if North had an u
sound responding hand. Such
jump rebid would be sound if y(
changed one of South's smi
hearts to the king, so that he h
seven solid hearts and a fine spa
holding on the side.



Some of the dramatic early scenes in "THl MA'I'tt?
LARAMIE." starring James Stewart opens release sitre-
day, at the CENTRAL Theatre, are re-enactmenti of s.i-
ilar incidents that tool place-80 years ago, on the same
The great salt flats ct the Laguna del Perro._ I.NMe
Mexico were %eized at that time by renegades. Ranchers,
at needing the vit&l salt for their catUe, were forced to pay.
be heavily for it. Tola historical plunder led to bitter violence
ec on the dust-parched shores of the gleaming white salt flat
ts where "THE MAN FROM LARAMIE" was filmed in Cinema-
th scope and coloi by Technicolor.- Advt,



North was Justified in raising to
five hearts with his actual holding
of two aces among other values.
This would be safe if South had a
minimum hand for, i wg *ump.

ready ovebid tia -
West opened ..the g of dia-
monds, and dummy won with the
ace. Declarer led the nine of
hearts from dummy and let it ride
for a finesse. When it won, de-
clarer led a spade from dummy
and finessed the queen. He then
continued with the ace of hearts
and a low heart to East's king,
discarding a diamond and a club
from the dumjny.
East had a serious problem. He
couldn't return a spade without
giving South a free finesse. If East
returned a diamond, South 'would
discard a loser while West took the
queen of -diamonds, and South
would later discard his other loser
on the jack of diamonds. The only
hope was a club return, and even
this was sure to be to be fatal unless
West had the queen of clubs.
Acting on the hope that his part-
ner had the queen, East returned
the king of clubs! Declarer won in
dummy with the ace of clubs,
ruffed a diamond, and ran all of
his trumps. saving a club and two
spades in the dummy. He then led
a club, assuming hat East had
the queen of clubs and would be
forced to take the trick and lead
a spade.
Much to South's dismay, West
took the queen of clubs and two
diamonds, defeating the contract.

i,---o---,--------.-- I I

PC-7 B's



You can choose either of
Panagra's two splendid services
for your trip to Chile: deluxe
El Inter Americano, the finest
and fastest in South America
now flying DC-7B's; or thrifty
El Pacifico, only all-tourist-class
service serving the West Coast.
Panagra the world's friendliest

Sm yw Travl Agent or Pwngre's fm Pvtm-
Agils Ca Cao "I" N* 3 T-l. 2056-20557 PMMM, L P.


-- 1 -.



f lo

., e-



Mixes ns atinly
with Cold Milk,

Right I. tie Ohssi

Nestle's Q K is choc-full of all the rich chof.
late sav6r and goodness of Nestle's Chocolate BaS.
Everybody loves that famous waste! And' Nestle'
QUIK mies instantly. Just add 2 teaspooafuls to a
lsas of cold milk ... stir it up ... drink. It's a pow.
der not a syrup-no ro.
irigeration necessary. At
iour grocer's-nowI

w.IN'fr ...
"uM I.STIr IIUP...


% Peund
idk I I. Coaehlew


* iF.

- *I' ?

* .l~. -


I ____
,- .*~4*** 4..

~. 4.-.
.2' -

4 K
7 '-4.

4. ~1,





__ "J i I 1Mu m

I -


. I


f -



.- '


* ; .


A'# *Gibk Tim SUNDAY

-e / = -

Youthful Stars Take Yankees 13-10 Santiago Marfi i. Arr

Batting, Homer Titles- ChoicesTo Cop
? UWord Series For Oct. 2 DOuT WITfO
$EW YORK, Sept. 26 (UP)-Al Kaline, Richie World Series
Aajsh rn anrd Wilie Mays. won't- be picking up any ;2welsg ts
World Series money but they'll reap their financial Area 21
rewards this winter fok walking off with three of NTh Yorrid New York Yankees2( -
the season's top honors. and the stumbling Brooklyn
SDodgers marshIleu their rcms
'alie. the Detroit Tigers' the nightcap, shortstop Ed Ka- for workouts In their ome Areas sls t
brilliant 20-year old left-flelder, zanski starting a triple play in parks today with the Am ican youtM er ieo
won his first American League the ninth inning to snuff out League champions 13 to 10 ia- date othe eat
Hitting championship with a the New Yorkers' last threat. vrtes to win the World series. of the earl of t
.40-mark while Ashburn, fleet The American League cha The Yankees were also 18, to of the e o at
Scenter-felder of the Phlladel- plon New York Yankees drubI 1 a.choices to win Wednesday's ries ha
phia Phillies, copped his first the Boston Red Box, 9-2, in tht ei. ing game at Yankee Ita- riesha been Bour
National League title with a .338 opener but the Boeox came back um. Moorefeath
average, against a team composed mostly In establishing the Yanke es Ohio sate, h
Mays, meanwhile, tied the New of rookies to win the second a favorites, the odds-makersOhianama,
York Giants' club record of 51 game, 8-1. Bob Grim received were going for the temn a hi chf ha
homers in one season and wound credit for the Yankees' victory will go into th4 Series red hot.dro 5h
u as te majors' new home run while George Susce went the dia- c lthen e a ek t
also for the first time. tance to win for the Red Box. The; Yankees we! nine out of th emo t
W le's "hot September pace" Southpaw Billy Pierce com- 1 games to clhiph the pen- lr battleet
enabled him t6 wind up with a pleted his fine season with his sant. The Dodgers, n the o th- bato i.
.319 average, 127 runs batted in sixth shutout, 15th victory and er hand, haves ben co astin
and.382 total bases. lowered his earned run average along with pitching miseriesietlytouo
a: lne, who failed to hit in his to 1.95 when he pitched the Chl- ever since they clinched the .hlC e .tNdrb N
one official at bat as the Tigers cago White Box to a 5-0, three- nNItional Leagu* pennI" "antonil ah edr iie
beat the Cleveland Indians, 6-2, hit victory over the Kansas City Sept. 8. st ain
became one of the youngest bat- Athletics, while the Baltimore stl o the btinol
tins champions in history, He Orioles beat the Washington Manager Casey Stengel ofthe i it
'o Ty Cbb, Harry Helllmann, Senators, 5-4, in other A.L. Yankees had only one player lestwe ghts.
.sarley Qehrin-er and George 'ames. problem two days before the se- Teadt hu kept
ell Tigers who have won bat- In the National League, t res opens-the cndltion of his Sunday's match
t titles d Detroit fans point champion Brookln Dodgers centerfield star, Mickey Mantle. unanimous 10-ri
hopefully to the fact that AL is downed the Pittsburh Pirates, Mantle pulled a muscle d Bournei the Ot
th6ae age as Cobb was when 4-0, with Johnny Pbdrts, Buss thigh sept. 23 a weight title hold
S w first title. in 1907. Meyer, Clem Lablne and Roger since. ably will never fl
Cobi d t on- to win 11 more Craig collaborating i 8n said it might bewhtpr em
eight-hitter. Tshe DoCrd shad enesy before he losm
ejdwr *tth a Ufethste average Jackle Robinson. whether Mantle who led the weeigh o .
S.12, went hitless in sevn Smokey Burgess hit two hom- Ame e Legue wh M homeM orn
asthe hills spHt with one each in leading the Cincin- rn, wn be ble to pl As of Atn box
M s* kne ts. He follows her- nati Redlegs to a 13-0 rout of Alton said todayithast. As m Nof 2d always
aod M lamse, Lofty O'roul, the Chicago Cubs nd tan M- right now, Lop is l yI No. 2e hmi ...... No. pick him wver a est
11h1auek m1in d BRy Walker slal and Wally Moon hit homers pitcher." previously he had been.kBrohi here by
mawsm hers of the Philles as the St. Louis Cardinals de- n ,rlna on Eraklne. n gamere b Ctl e
tFho've won the erown. heated the Milwaukee Braves, o niner, to hurl the secondrof gm N ''nnter 'fhim
* m n int, opk s yesterday Star Smokey .m r" n -s'n at Boston.' Umpire Is Larry Napp. Boston wop, 8-4., te.

l ant f to g LeA Duro- runs with four hits In leading who has had tr-nn
Sra ep as a "going away" Cincinnati to a 13- win over KEskinh, right shoulder und s
sent when they bowed 3-1, in the Cubs. since July, now is expected to ud r 1 u T-,,h, aho ei l~l 1o
*.. ihur l k ,ight o ulder .. Toto, who will bo-f
hurl Friday when the Series tes-onal"i for the
switches to Ebbets F ield f gets a stiff test i
Brooklyn. padres, who has a "Twn weeks .
Sm rib injury, or southpaw Karl SOUTH Yle 14....... Cnnetut 0 cd Cwudio
fo tVstl SV* -l pooner may itch_-the fayette 7....Mthe 0 outwelrhed by fo
S, fourth game-unless Brooklyn Georgia Tech 14..... Florida T 2.eneva28_..... Bs-ld-M ce 14 Sundav howevAr,
m 1is losing the Series by thatMaryland 7.............UCLA 0 ticknell 25 ........ A t 14 an opponent who
Jut J an Franeo t ime.erbil. 1a opn e e Ti ho
a fP Aln CrOn n time. Miss. State 13......Tennessee 7 gollte 21........ St20 heavy and o robabl
&~b t ggMM IIt MIJ lv- Georgia 14 ....... Vanderbflt 13 Irnn State 38.... .:840nU. 0 red. This should be
Dodger ace, Don Newcombe,. Auburn 15......Chattanooga Corell 14.,........... gh I in scran to watch
28 with 20-5 record, n e owth
S-with a 20-5 record, will face Duke 33...........N.C. State 7 Trinity 28...... ... lams 0 Rounding out the
tin= Ajb3-Zeratustrg $3.80. southpaw Ed (Whitey) Ford In
southpaw Ed (Whitey Ford in Clemscon 20......... Virinia 7 W. Maryland 21....Dfckipson 0 two matches betwe
Per rtu An tonlo -aratubtrl $-3.80. the first game. Ford has won 18 George Wash. 21 ........ M 8 Vermont 3A...........nion 6 amateurs.
Stt -o Firt Don le $3.3. games and lost seven. Oklahoma 13.....N. CaroUln Tfts 19... .....Bowdoln 2 Geneal admisao
r e t one W. Virginia 33..... Rie on4 12 New Hhmp. 39. ..;Brdgeporb 0
S.i TRlea280, 2 2.0,20 For the second game, 8tengel Quantito 27........ F 8 Rhode Island 7......Mine 0
a a-l, o-l. l' o'the other lety,. Gor .C:.*,.
w: nlleris his two a
"s8. outhpkws have a better chance Ga. Tee 1 -r rit ..........
SFOUTHl ACK of beating the right handed Texas A&M 28....... D.C. Tchrs. 19 ..~.ontca
Schestnt horse went -Elen .0 power-laden Dodgers in spa- Citadel 2.... o 18 Shepherd 28........ ille 6
Te chotnut hors# went _ionit $14.40, 4.80, 8. power-la ...... L e sa
o and. t- re- e a 8, clous Yankee Stadium instead Catawba 1 ........Newberry 6 thesritWbayan
S' to n, 2-El P a l 14.nn of little Ebbets Field, where the Emory-Henry 32, Tenn. Wes. 0 MIDWSS the Crlstobl Gn
S iLittle u.Ye-a ot KaFan a .80. Brooks always have been poison Jax .(Ala. 7.......Maryvlle 0 Ruth Hnkle of Co
Sonltopa d allowed i1: 70. to lefthanders Kentucky 21 ........Ole Miss. 14 Notre Dame 17........S .M.U. ) ped" her sore of
Son top ad allowed him to __ Fairmont 12.....Davis Elkifis 6 Wisconsin 8.......Marquette 14 week by fivi target
San even ace while staving FIFT lACp E Ohio State 28 ....Nebraska 20 very enthusiastic,
SPersian CgounteM' early chal- 1-Golden Ta $3, 2.20. Thet iaradeAST Purdue 14.......... Col. Pac. 7 nd handles a shot
Sae. Two furlongs out Monte 2-Black Gold $.0. Miami (Ohio) 25....Nthwsn 14 cheese Df n oldi
whiah had ben gog I RPittsburgh 22.......racuse 12 Michigan 42.........Missouri 7 perienced veteran
I trda.dPllhppa Fy.anear- SIOTH RACE MAJOR$ LEAGUE LEADERS Army -81......... ...Purman 0 Michigan State 10.Cen. State 7 Young Tommy
1 trlle tved ua menacrinly o -Or Puriton $6.40 3, 2.0. UNITED ESS Navy 7.......... Wm. & Mary 0 Washington 30 .... Minnesota 0 shooting a gun as I(
d got a to the leader on 2-Courtly Prince 6$.40,3.20. By UNITED FRBS8 Holy Cross 42........Temple 7 Iowa 28........ Kansas State 7 tall, was the center
tie treta turn. But In the I--8lly Spruce 4- Princeton 41 .........Rutgers 7 Wabash 13............Albion 7 tiot as he finished
rsalghtaway Kadir responded LEADING BATTERS Columbia 14 .......... Brown 12 Rolla Mines 20.. Wash. (Mo.) 13 Skeet with 19 broken
S hbly touringto and. aided by sEvlENTHRAC Del. State 37... Chenev State 0 Xavier (0.) 49 ..... Louisville 20 corded by the score
Iwght inmpost of 108 pounds, 1-Tilama $7.40, 2.60. 2.40. (Based on 375 official at bats) Baylor 19 ......Villanova 2 St. Joseph's 27 ....... Depauw 13 Joe Kueter and
away i the drive -to the 2-Noveno S 2.0. OWesleyan 14 ...... Middlebury 0 Capital 27.... Ohio Northern 7 the boys who shool
re t seeore by two and one- g-Fuerte 2.40. NATIONAL LEAGUB Norwich 19.............Bates 0 Denison 27....Wash. & Jeff. 13 gauge pea-shooters,
h lengths. Double: $1L. Cortland 28....... Buffalo U. 7 Ashland 14.............Kenyon 7 ond place in the t
Monte 'Rouge finished a w mP Player Club g ab r h Pet. Del. 46 ...... Bainbridge NTC 6 Concordia 20 ..... St. Thomas 7 with 22 broken ta
second, two full lengths aIeal d EIGHTH RACE Ashbu'n., P. 140 533 91 180 .338 Northeastern 7.. .Sprinfield 0 Neb West. 13........Chadron 6 Joe says that the gc
of Pappa Flynn with Amorio 1-Metto $25.80. 6.20, 3. Mays, N.Y. 152 580 123 185 .3189 Hobart 14.......... Wagner 7 Bowling Green 6. .. Kent 6 with a 410 when t
fourth and Persian Counteis 2-Valaria $24.60, 5. Musi'l, S.L. 154 562 97 179 .3185 Colby at Amherst. Cancelled Emporia 34 .........Friends 6 has to buy the beer
last.-Pu Pru $5. C'nella, B. 123 446 81 142 .3184 Am. Int at Mass.. Cancelled Sterlinr 53... .Beth'v (Kan.) A is thirsty.
Our Fancy led a group of up- Qinaeisa: 775.0. Aaron, Mil. 153 602 106 189 .3139 V.P.I. 33........Pennsylvania 0 Mo. Valley 25......Kirksville 7 Scores for Wedne
tters by registerin In the Klus'skl, C. 153 612 116 192 .3137 -- ---- Kan. Wes. 28..........Bethel 7 noon follow:
ftist race at $27.20 win odd4. NINTH RACE Furillo, B. 140 523 83 164 .3135 |* St. Olaf 51...... Northland 0 SBET (25 tis
Jose Bravo, Cristian Rebolle- 1-Efhpirpe onev $4.40, 4.20,.3. Post, Cin. 151 601 116 186 .3095 | gams b| Minot 14... ......Wahpeton 8 Shorty Schexnayd
do, Alfredo Vasques and Manuel 2-Mossadeq $80. 4. Snider, B. 148 538 126 166 .3086 iiMaYI u l El]endale 14 .......Bismarrk Windy Sellers ...e
wYCaua shared riding honors with 3-nIst Real en.n. Bell, Cincl. 154 610 88 188".3081 North'n 1ID 5...81oux Palls 0 Art Sutton (410)
two victories each. OneTwo: $1.40. I I James'n 13....Bethel (Minn.) 0 Joe Kueter (410) ,
The dividends: RCAMERICAN LEAGUE m AfllU Dickison 20........Bottineau 12 Hinkle........
TENTH RACE M*R nUa"tU^ Maryville 13 ... .Vllev City n W. Johnston (416l
FIRST RACE 1-Kadir $5.60, 3.60. Kaline, D. 152 588 121 200 .340 Cen. Okla.) ....NW (Okla.) O Tommy Sellers, Jr
--Our Fancy $27.20, 9.20, 3.80. 2-Monte Rouge $6.60. Power, XC 147 596 90 190-.319 L -e SW Okla.)....E Cen. Okla. Bill Cronin ......
2S-Atom-O $4.20, 2.80. Kell, Chl. 128 429 44 134 .312 1 1mnloU1 Beloit O.34... ...Laken Foreat a. Joe Cok o ........
3-.-Bartolo $2.60. ELEVENTH RACE Fox. Chica. 154 636 100 198 .311 Youngstown 25.. .Gt. Lak.s 0 Rowland.......
uenn, D. 145 620 101 190 .30645 r Kansas 13.....Wash State 0 TRAP ( target
SECOND RACE 1-Maria Stuardo $19.20, 12, 5.80, Ith, C. 164 607 123 186 .30642 Muncle 13... ........ Tnd. Ste. 7 Windv RAPsellerges t...
1-Turf Lodge $4, 2.60, 2.40. 2-Armador $11.40, 8.60. Mat'e, N.Y. 147 517 121 158 .3056 By UNITED PRESS Ohio West. 286.... Rnghester I Bill Cronin ......
2-.Alabarda $2.80, 2.60. 3-Ponton $15.40. yernon, W. 150 538 74 162 .301 Here are the individual chain- Il. St. 15....... Knlqmazoo n W. Johnston ....
-llley, B. 125 412 65 122 .297 pions of the 1955 major-league ;Cone'ia (TiI.) 13... .Wis. Tech 7 8. Schexnayder ..
G'dm'n, B. 149 599 100 176 .294 baseball season: Parsons 32 .....C....entral 0 Ruth Hinkle .....
AMERICAN LEAGUE N. Cen. (Ill.) 2Q. ..Eureka 0 Lastinger ........
BHS Bulldo s E er e As 1 OME RUN8 Batting Al Kaline, Detroit. Dayton 15 ..... Cincinnati 1I Art Sutton......
il .340. Hilldalde 20.......Mich. Nor. 6 Rowland .........
otb il--a "J bo-- -re --Maya, Giants ........... 51 Pitching Tom Byrne, New St. Jnhn'q 14......Ma.'Aleuter a Joe Cook .........
Foot all Jam b ree Cham pions ewsk. Redlegs ..... 47 York, 16-5. Mickey Man Bralev 18 ........Tll. Nor. Joe Kueter .....
rOOl "lS Banks, cubs ............ 44 HomerRuns- Mickey Mantle I st dR203... So Daknta 7
Ijldpr Dodgers ........ 42 New York, 37. Augusburg 13. ..Hamline 0
Sihews, Braves........ 41 Runs Batted Tn Ray Boon. A n Th F
toba High School's 5 carrying the mil they wl be Detroit, and Jackle Jensen, Boa- SOUTHWEST Along The F
FotBali Jamboree has been re-,tough over the long season haul.- RnBmS BA.TED I t S r106d. A, TC 2 T e AMA W I
corded in the books and a record The big Balboa team scored 7 ,,. Rues..... 13 Cevea d Al smsth T....21 ...... Txas Teh PANAMAO2 WO
crwd was on had to wi~eis the over Cristobal in the second pe- *"" Dodgers ........ 136 Cleveland, 123. Arkan 2s 21........ A&M 0 A..OCIATI
ra opening to Canal Ebae foot- riod when on a Cristob ph4 Giants..........127 Hits Al Kaline. Detroit 200. Rice 20.........Alabama 0 FIrst round matcl
Sln a dove whoPhillies ............ Doubles Harvey Kuenn, De- exas 35 ........Tulane 2 PWOA Championshi
the opealog ceremonies the causing a bad pass that bou saee4 :',, .... ........ ::17 trot 3:. W: hita 1 .. ..Utah 8t. 6ment ing held
,n a ,pbadtiv5lfo rD r pas a SsB Tigers .......... 16 Triples VIc Power Kansas N. Tex t.7 Tex. Western Golf Cub found a
teUg, arrived ia coavertibles of SD yards for the score. Jasen, Red Sax...... 116 CIty and Andy Carey, New York Tulsa 41. Hardin-Simmons 19 occurring.

thir team' oloM. As Mary Orr In the third period Balboa re- In the, champic
9- C.H.S., Jo Anne Sorrel, .H.S. covered a fumble by J.C. and Stolen Bases Jim Rivera, FAR WEST Penny Danell won
chvreyPenny Daniell won
L ey Cumming, J.C., and Beverly Scott wasted little time passing to Chicago. 25. D fer; L. Knuth over
Tbet of A.C. went by the Jam- Richter fo- another T.D. Wheeler SnIder. Dodgers ........ 126 Strikeouts Herb Score, ever 33 ............Drake 7 K. Prdy over E. Pe
pftked stands, each quden reteiv, was again called on to carry for May, Gants ............ 123 Cleveland, 244. San Jose 34 ..........Hawai 0 Trim won from M&
eia.trenmaduous ovatiem. Then the conversion as the Bulldogs Smith, Indians ........ 123 NATIONAL LEAGUE Colo. 13 ........ Colo. St. 7 this match going to
ae the 0r and Siee with moved ahead of J.C. 14-7. Mantle. Yankees ...... 121 Batting Richle Ashburn, Whitter 20 ....Santa Bar'a 7 hole.
a 014Se0 that was awe Jsi. The fourth quarter between C.- Kaline, Tigers ......... 121 Philadelphia, .338. a 21...Lon Beach 7 In the first flight
,- Am Band, directed y LS. and J.C. and the fifther quar. _Pitching Don Neweombe, o 2 .. Co. Cl. 0 won over B. Fish
IL. P. Dials, ter between A.C. an$ B HS were HITS Brooklyn. 20-5. Lis. & Clrk 34 .. Ida Col. 14over J.op~aad-"B.
ts the pnrImiurie with the na- scoreless In the priod, C.- .. Home Runs Willie Maya. Whitman 26.. ...Cen. Wash. 7 P. MoVtaol B.
elso 'l :H.S. vs. AC the Tigers scored Kaline. Tigers ......... 200 New York 51. M. Dalto
S11.crowd sdid not their lose TD as Kaiser Ban ox, Whte Sax ......... 19 Runs Batted In Duke Sni- HIGH SCHOOL M. Dalton
ENa c i as JLC. opera. with the aid of his small band Kluszewaki, Redlegs .... 192 der, Brooklyn 136.. n fwo m so am
Sriivig te fouht is way ever the final end Power. Athletic ........ 190 Runs Scored Duke Snider, li.alen 18......Punta Gorda An ro n S
be stripebut time ran out an al- un, Tigs......... 190 Brooklyn, 126. 'ale 1.......No. Miami 7 default
HhtsU -Ted Kluewski Cin PREP SCHOOL th to b
Ik d thay1 er. f ifima.r-I Doubles Hank Aaron and Staunton 12 .. Hargrave .6
Ia b An a ILL. Captains Sorrell and ronnors re- (Based Gs ... eeas) Johnny Logan, Milwaukee. 37. PRO" rave .-
edthe beautiful Smoo-H ni-Triples Willie Mays, New Phs. Eagles 27.. N.Y. Gi ants 17 K. Purdye .
ed at trophy from r. Walter Hun W L York d Dale Long, Ptts-Pd
gh Jk this !iutttop t totheir q u eA n, Newcombe Dodes05 .00burgh, 13. NEGRO-
NPr e O 1W. JI'".#' F.
W W most ~iss Jo AnneSorreU. Byrne, YaM .... 16 4 .800 Stolen bases Bill Bruton, IBethune-Cook'n 43 .Say. St B
e fielJd I .C. with 7 pint was second. Labine. Dodgafe .. 13 5 .722 Milwaukee. 25. .. Prairle-View 31... .Jackso 6
i. With C.S.& with I.polats third aad A.C. Ford. Taiks .i... 18 .720 Str&eduat Sam Jones, Chi- Knoxville 24.... Livingstone 0 J. W
tatavar- let.L meft, TIMi M".,A.. -.6 U cage, 197. Allen U. 3...... Morris (SC) 0 J.ClaMer
,. AU


- i'

S W Of'i-fwAnV a.r
wanous on 'wa

utas Ph dlpa000 000s 1 W W
feather.a New York 20011x.. .
ntrim' -Qb-ts (33-14), Miller and, _6 *0-'),
in tr Seminlek. and Shats.
dy earning Burnside (1-0) and Katt. Pierce (15-10) and B ,
1 Sept. 11. (Second Game) Cleveland 00 0 100010-- I1
cal bantam- Philadelphia 000 010 011-3 7 0 Detroit 100 130 01x-6 .1
r .twho proh- New York 000 000100-1 7 1 Daley (0-1), Santisg 4pi
ht in t1e 118- Simmons (8-8) and Semnllck. Folles.
euferad a te-1 Hearn (14,16) and Katt. Miller (2-1) and Porter. -
he hafids of Chicago 000 000 000- 0 4 1
ourpe. "that CIncinnati 300 360 0l(-13 17 0 Baltimore 03 00S o0'
ourne. "that Runh (13-11),0 HaH er, Kner as0 Phino1 400.00
sri at you. hardI and Fanning. Pa.a, uverink (4S), iu
tn at you. I Fowler (11-10)and Burges. "an'o Ramo. (.11). C
Colon woman as StewartnRAMOs(5-11),M
manebz Pin- Milwaukee 000 200 030-5 6 kales and Xorchek.
ibnez ; lffSt. Louis 201 001 103-- 14 0-- -
st Rodolfo Brudette, Vargas, ichol (9- Flowear Jackson, -14)
nets two or h8)sadsice.Rand.
TOuday's bat-
Ix-round 110-
Bnintoth". B ig To Highlight
ftbarra a anX1dUJO
fighting p-
"- G aRP Games Card Toniht
nex whe" h)e
Sound -- 0 --
he will ftee The First National Games Hector Sinclair, Panama
is J as which were officially inaugurat- 800-meter finals (men)
y moreM"r.- d by President Ricardo Arias Tomas Williams, 2:1l-9, Oall
an interest- Espinosa at the Olympic Sta- Crowell panto, Colon -
dium Saturday night, got off to Eric McFarlane, OC4 'a ,:
card will be a splendid start and goes into High Jump finals
en promising its third day, highlighted by a SarS Ramsey 4'8", anama
boxing propra at the Marafon Dolores Peterkin, PAnama&
ri is $1. gym tonight, a 7:30. Melvlna Morris, Pana
Six eliminatory four round Bop, kip adp Juna M apt fiaml

*An m ads -, u i; no- W aunrurons I ua.
AL, ps de T and ama, 118 Se oreahlsy,
afternoon, at pounds; Con and Sa" Bla, 118 Julan *-bb, Cpola
Mlub, dr sn Colon a Panama, Il-meter ,nl . *'- 75 pounds. Arturo P kin e 1:
the previous Other activities listed for to- Walter Amadee
Ruth a day at the etqdium are the 400- 10-meter hiteles
'rp.shootaer meter relay, finals for men and Silv a Z rano 1S. i
Trun with all women and the pentathlon, at 3 Gloria %tt, Pianta
gun with all p.m., and a football gan~e at 6:30 Melvina Morris, Pfaith
fter, more p.m. Javelln throw (

ong as he isa Gym-men an4 women.- 5:30 CD. Wedde rbarn,
r of attrac- p.m.; bowling, the owling 100-meter finalsls
a string of Club (Martin os tet) 5 Martin Francs, 10:
n targets re- p.m. E1 Mannel Rivas Pa
-keeper. Fencing at the oiympic Swim- Seymblr Lashey,
Art Sutton. ming Pbol, 2 p.m.: golf, at the Sey m ey,
t those/ 410 Panama Golf C qb, 3 p.m.; Tom Wlliameten:1, Co
tied for sec- weightlifting, at the Wrestling Faustino Lopez, Panam.
ikeet squad Gym, 7 p.m.; softball, at San- Patriclo Nieto, Panama
rgets, each. ta Rita Park, 1 p.m.; Table ten- D flas mn,..-
ming is rough nis, at the National Institute, 2 'Clak Richards 10'".iS
he low man p.m.: volleyball, it the Olym- Willie Harvey, Colon
r and Sutton plc Swimming Pob1, 8 a.m. ,
Chess, at the Casa del Perlo- Ivaldo Dellsser. Veragu
sday after- dista, 8 p.m.. and billiards, at Javelin throw finals (we
the Club Ceniral, (Central Ave.; Judith Caballero 93,5'Fi
gets) 8 p.m. ma
er .... 23 Yesterday, Panama swept ilvia Zambrano,.
........ 23 most of the events In which it Crispina Pefia, Colon
....... 22 participated. Athletes from the
........ 22 capital won in men and girls
....... 20 basketball over Chiriqui, and
) ...... 19 they also beat Bocas del Toroe in
. ...... 10 girls volleyball.
....... 17 Results of track and field VISTA ISO
....... 15 program: 0 6 N
....... 15 P. Nieto 36:13 Panama m.. **th No ,
a, 16-yd.) D. -errano, Chlriqui A
....... 24 D. Watson,-VWrauaMs tutU
....... 2 110-meter hurdles x als (pen)
....... 21 Arturo PerkinS, -16f antPao 1
...... 21 ,
....... 20
....... 19 .
....... 19
..... .. 17
...... 17 the O ly
....... 17

hes in the
ip Tourna-
at Panama
-few upsets
4nship flightServ e
ver Bev. Dil-
H. Schaull;
rntl and P.
ae Askew -
Sthe 19th
t: W. BankS
P. Porter
Huges over
Hadley ver


.. -. ":-- -3

* ;~

-.., ..-



a1 v2v:a.:t -'
.r~-' .y%.

O .~o$'Vcti .- -

*1 .w

r.wa ." 011.
ro~m ... !:

i *-.' 4S DA= .m O'Aw8o-A C-tf, 78-ton, four-motored plane usd .or uel ung
Ih air, ly after seraing at Bargor, Me., while coming in for a
,dIr. There were n6 a a but several members of the crew were Injured.



te For

SThe Incomsuur Ie f ht-Hander of the Old GW s
House Gan Sis Up tlw 1955 Woild Series. Here's How
He Sees Itf In st elf Two Exclusive Dispotchep.
By 0ZZ1 bBAN aBuer. Over the *eao .h- bust
Am toW hAM ag_i winus plent wa se ,D Bt

S"H nHoward and Irv Noren don't fig-
NEW YORC- no .- T*he ur to do it, either.
''1st. s i BUe t r t one t1Vina aerIe
swa the bI. Ior I a trbk 'n -
BraoolSM, 'rntiesm k l
Care datuo his W tste l TOU avea-W' re uerl
about. aei t o tt the li fel owti Wa ca:te
Buy th i O tna y'e wIs fo; n kw asl Clevel dAlk
Sn a .sa t !2o,- Taey. T @neyter
atink the In the BIs. w o th prold t '
when the Yankeesld a lot this Detroith after the Dodge at
the n ,y m tee oA i pun atir t the plate, which

tCBS' "Gain .wtes theyeee see assy.
To beinB. and V It m So, o fSe leh me he cofesuch.
,va bp loblepr in f-
say thmemil ot awi- out e whe "t was -rIkin out k
Brooklp. W44. era' w wasu MUCK. as& Int: ll
the troubiq irLtwt aeen any 0 $mnue up as Clevolpd's general
dy else ui. tait- clb w'e m r mOP *bWt bauk than. he
put the slu an the Boeklyns. And t another oa sf them wpoor
've seen the Yankees a lot thib Detroit hitters trying to ca om
year In my telecintgfob For ii the air ifr my Wast bell, whicI
CBS' "Gamen of the Week." they couldn't anyway.
Tommy Byrie has had a fine
year, I know and Ma tie' Bob So, % lthe last pame he comts
Turley and b&n Arae hn a v a tand us Cardinals Is way a-
looked good. Mt t: figure them hand, so I yell to Mickey C oe -
Brooklyn hittetg I6 wear out erneO te Tigers' -asaeP. O1s


are Yank.e pitchers.
Most ofthe Yambee attack this!
season came right from Mickey
Mantle and Yogi Berra. And
right there, I think, is the center
.. of th s whole debate.
r T You take Mantle, and if 01'
Diz is back L few years he gives
SJl him the high fast one on the in-
V side and he strikes out. Oh, he
hits the ball a mile during thea
etason-but in a seven asm
e -hH World Series those strikeouts
+ ** i1 I I 1 I "f l l I Ihurt and that's what I figure that
Iiguy will do a lot. especially see-
tight KUle Doesn his leaves Yankees with
-. -- Berra, which ain't bad. He is
i" I I I I f *f a Ithe most dangerous hitter in the
American League. A ton game
When Club Has Man Like Ford sr. ear
E YORK (NEA) With Ing any right-ander is going to big park there, could be no dis. then hits any pith in the book
W Fed and Tommy Byrn bother them. I did well against auvanage at all. Good curve bll out of sight.
the bWorld Series for the them, of course, but the record pitching has had them lifting long But the.Brooklyns got more.
daef the mte e interest- doesn't show the pressure Dub dies, so in a big*park they mi They got Roy Campanea andG
ogu-ntson basebaj's left Snider puts on you. He can break be 1uahing them Into left center block of Carl os and Gil
ight mlaw may be resolv- up a game by himself, you know. for easy outs-instead of into the Hodges and those guys.
"I can't speak for the left-band- seats like they do at their own .....
busineSe~S wa IIthinkthat's more than t e
bulness reaches its height era, excert for the way they get place. I Yankeeshave. C a s e y Stha n tel
with theDoders. belted at Ebbets Field. But in a Ths the first opinion offered wonitthis year with a flock
th -- -- so far contrary to the standing movin around deals. He used
wd Snah,, a rule that usinga left -bander a- three first basmen Joe ColiNs,
ndw arveym Hadd IClo Is-Carter gamst Walter Alston,'s club is an- Ede Robfton and Bill Skew-
,'H j. other way of playing Russian ro- ron. He used five Infielders and
eembmed teta of 13 2-3 .astes lette. layed tht at every ot. The
S II oid one who did any asort of
this information in hand, r"I don't know but be might be hi~ 5 at all was Gil McDougald.
was taken to Sal Vag- lrightal i at that," Fresco Thompson The same in the outfield. The
Wr Barber finished in a i;lw Uy S of the Dodgers says. Yankees got a lot out of Hank
unEfm this year, bu t "Why, we didn't even see Spahn
ereordOgai stONro None this season. Haddix andI
a=akes him an expert. lRawson, who alowed the Jimmy n atnod15trego
iso, ne a pra Carter-Tommy Collins bout of two5 A w m r
w prionte ort Ia years ago to reach a 10 .tb ".-This business might work i
eara .a- down limit, pow says reverse. Our fellows don't k qow
-.--ays"j-st ifie_ n. e h what a left-handier looks like. So
p teis as atrlng a u --s tohute how can you say that they mur- NW YORK. Sept. 6 (UP) -
St that Ebbot wder them--this year, anwayA A facts and figures on the World
Ita". Ilay my mind, Collins could S001 pitcher is a ood pitcher no Ser
aas't go ruamd ay- have be". tossed out for na matter what arm n ues. And RIVALS Brooklyn Dodgers
.tr L," series aw4on says. Byran and Ford can pitch. (Nationa League champions)
S kno kd wns m "I thik this business Is carried vs. New York Yankees (Ameri-
as a result of opuches on the i tl ti too far, anyway, I believe can Learue champions).
a. lr phan nto L Co s is an lM tem Sa ay, e First team to win
W t SvT ~K~s.s a- ure he tjh1 Stengel agrees. Last. I fo
uf Wr n beCarte Cr tad a firing a r t hard, he was going to use Ford gw.
That di bofthe campo, and Byrne. DATES and 8ITSB Games 1I
me I he ie wentInto act. ... nd at Yankee stadium, New
--#: *" S ar sK *" It made me look bad.1 "Which means he isn't particu- anrk 6 at Ya f l es 3N 4
*t s g But I keep thinking howit would larly concerned with what the and ( onemeasrv) at Ebbetas
*ve ben i i I had thrown Collis beok ays. TFid, Brookly. 3t meS. Oct. 1,
qu- for -not tryt'g.'" 12: a: esaad T (t rbece ary )
.... ii' P ,at Yankee tadxum Oct. 3. 4.I
Brooklyn won none. lost seven;
SNew York, wo 16, lost 4. (In
S e flKi na sern seriess va eoa b s ohbar, Brooklyn
so ma won none. New Y kt won five).

Fna s r.Vos -anl .-
MAW g 4.age

izzufo, Reese Fi

Flags Go With

Ph m ...nute
FROM MEMORY-Wearing glasses now and 37, Phil Rizzuto
does It by ear. Recod makes him the beat sinte Honus Wagner.
NEW YORK (NEA) -- Pitch- a youngster.
ing, say the baseball pundits, is Standing no more than five feel
from 75 to 90 per cent of the de- six, Rizzuto could never slide int
tense. the hole to the right a Ia a long
No argument there, but Ph il legged chap like Marty Marion
Rizzuto and Pee Wee Reese are but he made up for this with quidc
proof itiUve that the shortstop little steps and by getting the bat
is a close S*coed, away quickly and accurtely, He
That's. why the late Ed Bar- compensates for an armthat wai
row picked Honus Wagner o ver never too strong the same way
Ty Cobb as the greatest player He antiepates the big hop, has
he ever saw. the hands for the short one.
"Wagner," pointed out the man
who built the Yankee empire, No shortstop ever came in fei
"played the most important posi- a slow roller any better. RI z
tion on the field." zuto chases away center and lef
The sustained success of the fielders on short outfield pop-ups
Yankees and Dodgers further
stress the. fact htat pennants go He lets baserunners tag them.
with superior shortstops. selves, is not taken out on i
The Yankees gave up on Rlz- double play, He has no peer al
zuto last year, when his batting I starting a double killing or pivot
average dropped to .195 and he ing on one. With a man on firsi
was forced to put on glasses ba< be teols, second-basoman

;6:&0 a atlc&Uy ow Becaem te sht" o aa see
m it as nothit more than ond baseman see the, catcher'i
the wishful thinking of an old- signs. they knew where the ball
D n (riiht) she.r lme-lht imer just trying to hang onto a is'to be pitehe, and Riziuto is a
S .Dean (right) shares ,l-melib fat paycheck.I mater al getting where it.iI hit.
recalls that memorable World e anticipates the hit and run.
est In acsecompanying dispatch. But hetr is Rizzuto, 37 and be- Hit the ball where Rizzato can
... ... hind cheaters, in his ninth World get it and everybody is out
this all you got? Can't you get a Series in 12 years of play. nly Rizzuto has fiduredn o unt-
pinch-bitter for this fella? a Yankee could have a record like elsas double plays in tight games.
So, 01' Diz seen Whitey Ford that. And only a shortstop like Riz- Sav the Yankees lead by a run
Doing some winning and Y a zuto could lead the Yankees to with runners on first and third
Berra a lot of hitting, but all those such a cluster of- championships, base and one out in the n I a t h.
Brooklyn fellas will offset these The Yankees will be Soot to Riz- -....."...----
two. zuto's last step.
And I want to tell all my --.500 18 NORMAL
friends over in Brooklyn that '111 If his record doesn't Wake Riz-
sure be around to see them. zuto the best since Wagner, who EAST LANSING, Mich. (NEA)
They're aoing to-have a lot of fun is? -If Duffy Daugherty has a .500
for the first time in their lives. Rizzuto has lost a sat p, of record at Michigan State this fall,
course, but his anticipation and he'll be keeping pace with second-
NEXT: OL' Dis looks at the Jump is such don't no- year records of seven other Spar-
Dedgers. twice it. H., still has the agility of tan football coaches.


Further Rfove

Rizzuto metes the cubic
the Ynkee mre hm fre t
wno timrs with RIpflip?

Rinuto was perap t.

exlie leg thep.i h
a the and. i a 'ts
m auth Wreld $aft
Pee Wee, you see, owa-- ]
all by. himialf.

COflON (NEA) When the
Red sBox iout up ctebuar .
wood "af frma r Forf_
quarteb-c, t mad the
o:x-si4il-e" they've b dl
late Harry Ani aB.
diversity waasU first.



TODAY! 40c."& e.t
1:15 4;l Si- o P.

1 .
imBMWl !~l~
m N-m



'Today Cica .:
In oinmamoet
Ledil Car, In
Plus: Michael' XRdpYel4In

Toda IDEAL ..ft
Marion Brando, In',

-- ,71


Complete Prize-winning Numberns the Ordinary Drawing No. 1907, Sunday, September 25, 1955.
The whole ticket has 44 plecm divided In two series "A" & "B" of 2 plumeas ech.

First Prize 1572 44,000.00

Second Prize 7496 3,20 0 00

Third Prize 9964 $ 6,600 00

N* Prime so
wi2 2 12.- 1172
2172 13 0 |1112
f12 132. 1122
nT2 132.50 1472
6472 222.J 14ST2
N72 1312.1 1612
0772 132.t' 1172
m2 in- s 1972

I -1 *2 I Ij MI 2 261 II I121 1S2 1 M M I 22 I 12 901-2
I' a n l 21726 .4172 S12.0 541 3 132A 6 Z1S472 133M O12 12 2.613 12 a l l e41
.N isan isae sars sa :s tale anu e~su 1aswsl s w a2.2 e:: s m an i me ,
!asWM /n a e M V MSs an In41 ins 1.2e ssa ssn IM met e aMS S I. l i I JM
1sA 2"s2 1s2e I am lsa m r a t132A.6 3 IU2s 1 3s 12 3N22M MAT3 S M 13 2A
nAs2e sIs NIas a"t 2m rs L M2 13 2Am s MRu'm I aIS Ina Men m.
U&M~ wesls~eas tta-e U&Mrs wf s2 U.M -a as3&M ras assM sus mMs~ un


AppWorxzIfoflsu6 ,Froma Firsf Prire'
A o x maoi r I1 P r i
I.. 4... i 441 M I M 44. I0 44.M 1574 44.9 1ins 4MM 1s utM IS IS
155 UM I SM WAS 119 M. I 14 uSAs I I s 4.Mm I so & IJ I s MN t SMI I M lI 1M 1j
1Ap ms derived ro Secod Prize
Approximatiiow Utrived From e e "ri.

a 0 G sV a s .-1. 6"
3 MM .-- -M 4 an I- O I I 9 i 1

a onlS a an au0 t a s
"A ar oxmtfMw Oerm--e FroTosu Twm P

te-whmatnf Nbmbe a 1lat LtWrDrawl was l at: la t : Coml t nd tn te watmit a d rai Ps.mA.
2e% M"ee ,-a ->w .b. Mteff in--a ad a" -.a &.n-,t b e --" "- .... tor n-+ 4U aM. ""
1%&16 w eMt a m 44 a o asnmcerw e Wb ipre Aft MW "e A M e
$ANm" r AN.wlrO AI AN. GovTmr of fe tftsWos of aW. C" 1
Mw fepemenMtative Of TM TrMeTasu w CAR M | 1 01
.'^\w~~~w -^^







- ii LYr_.



...,---.- .
.. ". .


w-w- -I-row-mopmp ..
-' -- -- --- if *A : ----


p. I- .' "^ -

SRP National Gam


-a 1.' term on Oct. 1, 26 by .
leased Ions e latAda
1 alErich Raeder edfror Ipm
TODAY!Prison becausent o h advan age and

e3:05 e 4pe50 o :55 9:00 p.m. a d conr I a Atbhmhe athe of hBritis halth." spoe
DRAMATIC continuedd from Page One) available. y wold have the ctic prudential nomination 79, was sentenced to
a E AR N P ANAT DAY dNE- OPAP5IVE C S a life term on Oct. 1, 19R6 byo

TOY O Mn ~hi.~ capal. ody. a well 5as dowmilitary trIbuni l atNur nb or ro
A communique Issuetoday
aid "the govern nts r U of i
o Frnem, the Soviredt Union the

PrisonThere wberes both nun ym-not b .c didt "uder a rr ol a r No, CommkuristChinS are nrout.
TODAY .75- .40c ,aliaone t his advance. gE and
ill0 GE_ r-m 'A' he st te of his h s ea lt dy

talk.o fe ot pica2ble :: ZiZ ano t GOPAekasiyChic Ao w b neskr-olf chicigo0. twho ..w4

SC ain u ed rom ] t ie) athe vai ulTh cne ol e s He srat re tvenota nmem nnsMarlA uie n t
cOr po l"nthe and. trya the White Rouse himself. Generally, Democrats are c am HONG KONG, Sep.s (UP)
A.I0 4:50 CR:55s cross pld. tU'esai olsfSS hSpi8 h ee would v
There oberer ounthenu t he s Gy o amiod las K Apil he wo iner tma e f Nw Yormer Hhai1nois pv Fivee Amer"icans rat aed by the
N A n candidate "under a onve old snow u ndaer N Communist Chin are en, route
IN A p aty ad senhow circuastauces." But he foresaw Kowland, etc., and edge out to nHongKong by boat from Shan-
WOMAN'S ers speedy recover y aned anxious no aib dramatic e vents as oc- Warren. ghl nma l. They are expected to arrive

bakn ofDLENNsyFORD currefddthem w deeee wr P nddt er hesny manrute'Hnutomorym mbe toayl th roupa. /r H, i
These ared thatdow within 1956. d seroub s considerationld before sthi d ances. de the nomination to the oldest, Mthe youngest and th

talk of next year's Republicaven ble candidate nd announce fauver (D-Tenn.)Chicago who has said he wif.can- nady hoisd irl nevernw e a k
Sany residn e party nomination. Leade r Willgood time. K nowand and didates know a ctheyandidate bu t how wonderfuit reboally the British
caretaker pending 1960 Democratic congrnomination enEveett M. Drksenal lead.) change Eis mindhower. frein there "Hunan.ted States An e
Ncame faith Mr senhowes rizeout for which r Repubican possbliti esal Hardastute O er me venti oned s included Gov. added that at times he erouvasly
the Democrats wi feel that tle In takess, said he is convinced Steen- G Mennen William Michan and doubted that ohe would ever seestes
Sthave a solid opportunity tradition. win- n ca Gov.n walk off w in Knighte Demof Cafor- en. Robert err of Oklahoma. Honolulu again a

MELODY manofNew uok. eoaapper- Polhce Holding Hope Infant Keid naper Thefv
.SomnTe observers counted nia s Gov. Christian A. Herter of a e r. eh er freighter "ur"
me han e lo udits aie fora FRANCISCO, Sept. G2chg Smith, who wasf t n i etp o crs me out of. a v

there wil boneded privattlng he (UP) Police maintained a beat, r aed the woman a out of were around.
whom Mr. Eisenhower defeated constant stakeout at Mt. Zion But a ll past194 statements may bear "I'm n aboa result of Geneva

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Sth.e ar. ad flat "I the housl nursidery last Mon- and wrappces. d in a blanket. Meanwhile,re? The woman ask- re U S
senhower an aressive second The GOP high command has Some Democrats also belooked for gently released round b the Chinese-
erm candidate the Democratic rated on the belief Mt. Eisen- a major bid from Sen. Estes Ke- has arrived in Honolulu with, his
RIPI M INE' I.Klmu! nomination safely could be givenI .ower would run and announce fauver (D-Tenn.). who has said he wife, lie 5aid 'Youll nevir know
to any responsible party man as All but th e front doors on D about now a cand idate but mi front.".
caretake d pending1960. an Ei vis mocraic congress lonacked eat over change his mind. in the United States." And WASHINGTONe Sept. 26 () "In comparison with this He d no de o ha
ESWith Mr. Eisenhower out of, known for his political astute- Oers mentioned included Gov. added that at times he seriouslyresident Richard M. other q and probleothold

tclahe Democrats will feel that theyness, said he remain seri- "She was nervous," Smith said. Meanwhile, Mrs. oMarcus ap- leaders aured the natonday Dueto wne the Pres- a beheld
have rasolid opportunity to win-son can wal off with the Demo- Sen. Robert S. Kerr of Oklahoma. Honolulu be improvgain.
He also joed in widespread usbnd Dr. Sanford Marcus a to e ino he hopial." he hear-ouchinwit atur- as usual" dull want the strongest manve tt. In those
ventnof Democrats the was1958 Republthat ff hyslicen. But police werng He sad she walked toward the day of her other two children, dent Eope Infant K id princes, no gover e ha pred
Stevenson was best man. He Is
to announ wheth-nominating convention in San posted In vigilant wait at all en- hospital hesitantly, then turned Richard, 3 and usan, 2. Ncon told reporters the Pres W. personalities e sase cht Nxon refused

ranelsco will he "a wide-open afrtrances, locked or unlocked and fled back to the car. 'T sped Both Dr. Marcus and his wife idenj had "always made It clear executive "hat ntrdi M on t Be ryaptil laspite" i
air ope that return of t chld east on uter Street. Po- broke down nto pognant tears, that the business of government en" to buam that co the reidet' ill .
Demots chief executive, SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 26 Smith who was patrol but his hospital when so many policeHe aid both unction in h one of t
tack While they joinceded prwith the wth n(UP) Police maintdled gained a beat, said the woman t out of ere au.e s
eenhower a swift recovery, they in nter stakeout at Mt. Zion a 1949 or 1950 Ford sappeared. Dr. "IMarcus said, addou that his com e secretary of State John Foster members," Due aid "Ths, whether he had ever d
could not ignore the fact his il woman apparently was whopea corned A telephone cll ws mde by wife lso hd tken han e a e tme for the such a contnency as
O i euican strategist, er will make an effort to return "306." o"eratorg h k t .'
ess improved their 195 pro quoted b newly born Robert Marcus who The bby. Smith said, was ar- sem-soldutt food since the door by ring-lu food conference in Canada, Presiden o a full recov with the Pre
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int ial Elsenhower Repub a rrved at the hospital nursery last Men- and wrapped in a blanket. Smith police there? The woman ask to go forward in an or- welfare of the Washigto except for
Ikeans willere expdeclare himself out day. described the woman as be cornerd. "There all around the rl and uninterrupted man Humpre d "there will be breakable commitment I
f the running." This man has All but the front doors on Dl- about 25 and wearing a scarf front."
been regarded generally as an Ei-ft visadeenStreet were locked at over her ead similar to the one But o further attempt was WASHINnerTON nSept26 "In cmphange whatever either this have sa this period
Warrenhower baker the hospital where grieving Mrs. worn by the "buomblnd" kid-made by a woman with a baby Vice President Richard x-other question and polle said be did not know ofa

SAnother Republican, who Hanna Marcus, the baby's 2- na suspect sought to enter the hospital. onHumphrey and Agriculture ee-Benson added that we win what these were.
Slashed with Eisenhower forces year-old mother remains seri- "She was nervous," Smith said. Meanwhile, Mrs. Marcus ap- leaders aured the nat lo move dayhead with thew ariultur- Nixon spoke to newsme
several time, agreed ouslyll in the company of her "but she acted like she wanted feared to be mprovin following the ov ment wlla mey dent- al sbegram whout ny dam- home in the ashonable

racisc i a wid a- trances, locked or unlincs. voiced kem lar sentiments age. Valley section ob norte h
He also joined in widespread husband, Dr. Sanford Marcus. a to get into the hospital." the heart-touching visit Satur- oli4es .as usual" dug Psi eat a eates R goelne e ast.In tose oa d
predictions that the 1956 Repub- staffhysiln. But police wer Hesad she walked toward the day of her other two chlden ident Esenower's eil prineple,nt the President from church services.
Man nominatin convention in San posted in vigilant wait at all en- hospital hesitantly, then turned Rchard, 3 and Susan, 2. Nxon told reporters the espers ltes." e ld chi n refused t
ranciscwid earbe "a wide-open a- trances, locked or unlocked and fled back to the car sped Both Dr. Marcus and his wife iden d "aways made it clear executive "haouh he r t
r."Hope that return of the child away est on utter Street. P- broke down nto poignant tears, the atadminhe buistrati of government n" to bulppropriateam thn to ment on President i
Democrats were equally caught was possible was heightened lice posted an "all-points" bul- but tears which Dr. Marcus said should go ahead." He said both- function In ht absence. is one or 'tie m
o f guard by the President's heart Saturday night when a woman letin In hope it might be picked were a healthy emotional re- foreign and domestic policies "The princ les anfei policies da t think is worth o
attack. While they joined with the with an infant cradled in her up. Meantime, another strane lease. will be carried.-out "without de- under wih tis team oper* ldeatle, e saM
S the nation in wishing Mr. arm was reported stealthily y- However, occurrence happened a few in- t was her first ce present, st are well known es cond wa
nhwrL a swif Precovery, they inw to enter the hospital.Th utes after the car disappeared. r wMars erfisti d a t a y"er r otIat on os er welbs l k nllow tallS, woftSio als rh e fsd eter q
could not ignore the fact his ill- woman apparently was warned A telephone call was made by D. Mastat hiotaete ner m ber" Dulles sai. "tutson, whee he eve isc
wifeaalsoohadrtaken"rfltoules. who lveft ed todayfora dsr- Ithere can be ampeter o heieuch a contingency "as
e1 improved their 1956 p r a a- away by a cry from oncP of two a woman who spoke in a htwh- semi-solid food since the kidnap- plus food conference i-n Canada, President. to nse a full recov- with the President In the

jicans were expected to launch trance. hone operator. The woman in- corner," he reported. "I think deny and uninterrupted man- Hump hrey maeit "there will be h reakabre commitments x, 4

lbitton, Dr. Honorlo Delgado.o I. L a vacation at Sea Islancd, Ga., many .eo le incur without per- because he had __
Soted specialty in mental di- this week. Imanent fll effects." In touch with ve
specialist In mtal i "The only comment that I Nixon, in reply to questions, the flo of teler -
trders, pointed out that while will make is to express the said the Geneva meeting with his o.. bore. -
entaln patients frequently on- concern that I share with all Russia and a meeting of e top- N'cn called for
In writing poetry, pain -othe American people' for the level national security council and the children
ane ulpe k early ain complete rwvery-of scheduled for Thursday will not sad th to.
am. theiaPresldent, he said. be delayed, saw n it 1h
a n the wonder of the TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27b3
uterophonie ounl HIGH LOW HRARING THEIR GRIEF-Dr. Sanford Marcus, himself almost In a state of collapse,
....6:08 a.m. W hea over his wife, Hanna. in the Mt. Zion Hoopli,.l in Spn Francisco. Police are searching
ii2d1i"PM" ..6:6 p.m.i- for the couple's baby which was kl2naped from the hospital.

DANIEL" OO0E By Russ Winterbotham qnd Ralph Lane

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