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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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Scourse of the dciw
the effect of the fan
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I "- .sm;. '

uted Dictator

Stays beyond Their

On Tin Gunboat te

"In41 s. Sept 22 (UP) Victorious rebels beoan. o
tiges of th Per6n regim4 from Arlentina totqy But the male
former president Juo D. Per6n himself continued, to, ld. ,:is
Gen. oEditroo Lonar4i, devout Catholic and Per6n-hIter sh es MIL
head of a prollil-i regime pledged to uphold the constitution, Ei't
of: s4thiA, ego.mnd ptess and to return property unjustly seized 4du
of t dictaterhip.
SPiM tfor -LaLrdi, 5P, to take over today were- bandonad wi.Ot K,
but preumibly either because negotiations between the rebels aw#) HB
tin junt which tok, over from Per6n were not completed or becakie'p.
tion difficulties.. .,-,
MdI hieal high-up offal ':
of the loer diatortia
were filng into rebels
but the Zat& st wanted
mrd his l'Mottm-'

zosr's *rstif tasks ould -be to
il'.l raun. I* .i'}BlBIBl^l ~lllllllllll--


u Forflam.
.E~e'Authority, 'arel~lA hf

fran YVAjo revleif
afoblre Imand talm
Van aft attedlbant bnibr o
t t of the pr .:Me Da
for. t is ar, ',a ,

met 'Meet toamoow
tsaxarlt.I at 7;tpk .



'youag lawyer, troiinr hit POhey, whose 1
two eas Yiertei ater- artme n Chattanoop" b ii
*o w out ov -n. 'Me .bwmus on.
Et atCI t. alog. 8 oRewaslasth
recent pWv sad March 1

lBa ng anUimat en the ,. "
CA ozonve adiR-i ,st
elnA i" i.-* piI Ari .

= s S-. _I Ema Ithe **i us hoe r
P. llast uday W iN R
SJoheonn son of IV Carl .
b- M director the 0o
W&e Uis Ua is as. Read was hurt whie- play-
Olw f a of Ram football, but the I .
SD Castro while requiring a east, wa .not
r good" considered ms rIf,
to try 0 PT tthe o r
Jthet^Mgmy t member 1e was attending choa* thI
jaaltted to the Canal one C.S. Junior ColleI-at and

e... he feels wi be

flt-labqlor slscaduet ta
FWcp:' lie's failure to lead
V.-" party, to
ibuert ; aeining cIvil
awrie oand the rising ecot of

r, Im t s. should lilt
the hena contacting taInlrez,
he sad.

The Shinhecock Bay, a U.S.-
Liberty ship which was damaged
an a. unexplained explosion
while off the Pacie coast of.
Nicaragua., was expected to ar-
rive In Balboa at midnight to-

The disabled weasel dabled its
here, Pane and CAs that
w. roceling to M lboi

BvM riota condition today at
The pi reort edly on-.
after t, ,,exploeiand wroo van

the vea by Al

the baoten wren being
Maol am The rctuided ve1-
set received ftsh wathr from a
palngr shidp. the Alamar.

tad Of Opportunity ( Easy Payment Plan)

310, Sept. a2-r(UP)- Bow Job
the story of ra Iemm o e 'Q h, A a 30
Sw e caught a a topro of 00.
AmericanF eoa U1 Fld Amellair 4. e a theM
had a,

,47, s ,la,_ea othb and a s aIs a .11Mr
Sl with. utdls 1~mpie uta

., o ,- ._ '-_ s,.^ ....~~&ffi w 4 ju i aStmomy
i lL.,W .W 6- n l ,

Peon's En s le

In .LA'. ,Po tPicture

-The statistics of dmiRW SW
Latin America wVM r1*10 .-
slhtlg In the veto ouAi
er of Prqpldent Juan eM.
Another. tx f mffitMsy-to
ovt nent- Inlltabi wilMl',.a
over In Argentina. If the no
group becomes confident enou
of its hold on the country, tt,'
hold general: elections, Ste
Deartment eerts predict.
A now, Ioft the 2 9 Lati
American countries have olec-
tions planned for some tie
the future-which are
to be held In a more or leI-deM-
ocratic manner as understood in
the United State..
0 0 0s

In fasonfrl and ColobM no
opulr eleis are se ued
for aw foreedeable date _ei
new h s late. In Ua
the the state is
by a ecounIl. In olfoM
it is a moot auestlop sto whe-I
their the ovenimont p 1 o o
ahead with mul eOM .
The pi aloof
laves an even balance n
the Latin AmerIMca e trle
with heads oftatoe who have
been duly elected by popular
vote ad thoae who have come
In by o other rote, t a an
54 saMd BwaB the omuont
g od lo set. eardo. Ar-
as santd Joao Cae Villa w p-
ively, mucceded to their pots
following he deaths t the
elected. presidents.
Seven of the cntries ldclud-
Inu esaa -C M Don-
tory--ian eptne. Iondu NE
Brage amd Tasels got their
heads of state eittbr by litaty
coups or. by other no*.dreio-

thermore., moue otf sovr-
ment are teta-



0 a. .

ea r, rl been ex-
r .y for the con..

B ook power In
OWAaranges was considered
M of te most backward na-
In the group. There were
Seen miles of road. Now
edaunty, has 2,000 miles of
laod hi.hway, plus a great-
proved educational system,
g other things.
r .o4 e Mi is another bright
in Central Aeica as far
methq emergeneof democracy
ISm. 'l President Jose ig-
S ledforces to defeat Com-
Motst backed vement to
CilW presldentlaIlectlone and
*Otbd a leftist datorship.
S the country enjo free-
W safeguards which make
detorshiip impossible. T he
Communt Party h been out-
Jawd since IO4 Flgueres re-
ctly attacked the Communists
In a strong statement an pledi-
dithey would never turn Cost
On1 into another Guatemala
sah as they did under Arbens.
V.enmela's Gen. Marea Per-
es-Jlenem came into pwer as
r of a ml itery Junta .in 19053,
il.while rany o ervs reter
VMS e ime B* benevolent

t an Ven-
haes oil flelto a


rnMt, ailo W ing the sgenbo
tob een B p with
Pon aboard.
tle ArgOlentine tc y
surendler from follow= o-
ron ytteardy, endingg the Argon-
tine elvdl *1war.
The rebel navy flotilla In the
River Plate lifted Its blockade of
e after the surrender a-
prerment was unnmou d.
at M wH h enaggh f-
power t any by
r to be his U In
to eole stdil were *ilai by.
The surrender and annoence-
meat of the new government
atne %tort time af Argen-
tine troops battled 500 fanatic
Peronits In the streets of the
b troops shelled and burned
the ea t of p n's Na-
,tiontllin Alliance, an
o anatla of tough storm
tiop which had fought 'for
Pac to the last
The new government ordered
the gate o Peron's political
prisons In Buenos Aires thrown
Federal Judges Miguel Rival
Arguello and Carlos Gentile or-
dered the release of all political
prisoners in their juri tion-
anv of whom had been held
without charges fotr months and
even ye by eron.
Provincal rebel leaders also
were ftreotg political prisoners
held In the interior.
Other members of Lonardi's

ton's ouster.
Libaertador J"I
Leon .Bengesa and Aw
alo and Rear Adt..a .-'
commander of *9the
A state radio
sid the 14-man i ttee
generals, which am
government after Peribnl e
union Monday, ha "iecepte
conditions made' by the reb4
The announcement made ns
tion of Peron, but the rebel
hd demanded earlier tela the
faMen strongman be surrendered
to them to stand trial.
Pro, whose nine-year dle-
tatorship of this asUin of 16
million persons was broken by
the revolt, was seen yestery
strolling along the deck of the
little Paraguayan guabe tIn
his pajamas.
In Asuncion', Parguay, Reos
Adm. Gabriel Patlio,'-ead o1
the Paraguayan navy,
confidence tht tradul "ia
nobility of the Artilne 'nfq

- q

" ,, -; "; '.
; .L .. iJ

-f.. '

.. .- "

* .*.

= -


f" "

fuy a -



- AS



, I.,-'


". '.: : *., .


in el


'~w~ ~


'. N 'lss M P. o. BOi 0. PAAIAU. e* P.
Is.wumwu S-0740o ( Lf INN
CmMernAAv9Nus B0TW
Raggs Ag ATesmr JOSHUA .

g, m 1



f tih all ea h em **em. few.m te "ee ef The o P fAsaelh
3114 -m meshed guestfMur eand *r. hailed li e ii emsfdeelel
sTW easreswe e ltter den't be Impeta If @ deen't apeer ts
I seeuam published la she *ei neeh. t ed
SYas keep the lete1 MmHied to ee a Pgeweth.
Sai lfeela whwrs le held i en rict efldeeuMu.
asis ipea"ulblliv fit staetsef a em qlem

t ye u publlahed my letter, many of your readers iave
eftN ethe light. Just to name a couple and "One
yatWife Appreciates Him." Only ope so far has shOwn any
Vp 40 omuon sense, and that was "Weary."
for me coming out on the "short end1" someone is Sip
6 AuS A "pank"? As referred to by "6.W.W.A.I." Words
a m e A so am only from one who Is lacking In education. Or
tat has a guilty consclence? One who apeaka the
iaUn teop uu so well must have sonn experianoe.
AmWfor megetUnig thrown out of some home beoguse I was
fte -Bieasnfwife, now, buddy, you're hitting below the
bdt dldnt intend to be vulgar when, I spoke of painting the
Vtw i"th aghe of the lonely wives. I know you'd not, aunder-
*6thsr are ways of having a good time without getting
get up off your belly and out of thC gutter yourself,
uu im thaBt there are many decent women and that mary
married to no-goods like you. She now would most
,t but there are children to think about Could It
wife still lov esyou, although you are a louse? So,
.= n the wives the pud.
Syeour letter aa "e Whos Wife Aprw ta ."
Are =orraes she Just put up with you, hOpV1Uhat
pan day yulea z gahten out? Again I repeat that a wie i a
gWest Oiwndrfulting. Her love la ver prudent, even though

It. I
further my Side of the picture. Yee, I've
bhals.e r er al e oppy e.ace lately. What I failed to men-

hair, Ivehe harrngingyearoun withoutairae
BWedwhat made the splate sloppy. They gtthis way b-
miaaot so m dyaobs (husbands) hanging around withal #*el
w~- KU amm husbands would atart taking their Iv"a
wit010itbhe Same places, I'm Sur& conditions would Im-
I "Sepa With you. eM", that moet of thei -lac es Wrenot
msataweat elent to take the wife. But ag&in I say, these clubs
arn M4=9utb=e because of the drunken husbands. who sit and
gob swhloe rthey should be with their wives.
ZW f the wife was In the club with her husband, ahe
wouilnvit him In tow and he'd not be such a slob. This In turn
'wu iaks a better club for all concerned.
"V 1 1did may I could nee no objection to a husband letting
,ho hair down several times a year. I'm sorry, I failed to men-
haiJr.. I've been marred nine year. In these lne
before let my hair down nor baa my wie.1WWe
together. We have a echd. We're very mu&
love pow *_Mv day day. Our secret?
__ 7l f W d1. lo e to each other about.. a

=us 1MW ddI..Ell
Fwof married life, we're I our
Wisin urope. I'm going hr U
1 Imth seaparation-I'm sure wll %
IL iMa maeys together maa*g oar u
ou p thc $af -O

-- ---------

a can't make ansy
citing their land Jn
it has foUpwediat-
Zy IWill hae to aed
iyment for keoping
9f cah mrdpyp.


-mm -

Peter Edison



plan to have q_3eYL vemment
gayAmerican |fwfopt sMer

aiu Vet of the pn om
wtrse to cut dwn on the-4.
tion c of stantly rising U.. farU
A sample calculation to ah w
sutk a plan would00 wbrk Is
follow: Farmets might be paid
an Iore to Iut upto 10per eOnt
of their Wa under cultivation in
Beesah crops, like grass. This
would cost the ovnrnmet an e 0*
fatal 310 mass s Ars a year.
This, sum is at goqur
meat now ie to store unmar-
ketable auApls erops produced un-
der the present price-support plan.
An acreage withdrawal plan 01
this nature, though not on the
above pncse figures, i scheduled
for h atldell on by the .a
ret A gtloultAgri tu Ad
Commilasion, headed b
Ayam 1 'e orig-Of CM awhek R
meets in Wahingtli Sept. 22' ,
In its somewhat deperat search
ot a new Republican farm p
that will boetsotr the a real
economy, the policy. utak a
faced with the need to devel,
something that won't be remau
cent of previous Democratic plags.
Any names or hses that 01ek
remuotely f subsidy, eomtrel, r*al
m42= 6aof faiihers. asMoi
vathon aymnts or tim "Iraman
plan"' onapv to be avoideds
When the ne wo hunt ais u
Ce, however,l th' act reaas
apd ow gme

tthe S o udbes ai
ffthsoll .2fo11 futh r
IaMte'ducing ialuplutes foxqp..

w ofa, co"a *tt.ts~~a
ire I ansh 3 ar t t.
eto thio 10 wiwe taken Qu i
ctltivauie, modem' U.S. WamOW
m would Bgo.. prof dbu oire
th i =erI aereAhe solfts to re
daethe a of untoad'ple
Wa; the,1 princia surplus, qoP-4
mkat, corn Ve oto~wh
bw. some fear that new* ta~
of ubstitute eropot"k -Wbea
orgai aorghukia-mlOt Ibe' We-

neoa to cdlwupV'vfth thefr Naw
*uggitirwa an lad taken out
ofrdutea hould beput in noioi
ciih crp't would built up
the feratp-tt'qe soil for future

y N cT C. *WAR Gr r, used to be proud aries. The old Soer than a
-' is1'-taie,a which was there was no more brutal tolli
Th one ch ar O 4 Aira. Thy 'faatic in his handle .t m. I
rLosn are faced ias ic doi't want to be "na Ies" again raale of the Zulu. Te met
w You can etX with loss ef pay, opportunity, and males shot his way thi
Sn head and ence social status. the assegal -with asaphaans,
=qa native. r, you ckn -thi',turned to rend the Sn
ot.edi-ta taThoreis n ao Aiz aItlsatalvlgteBmtsok
t, andThere is no such sally, who were also being pretty
t obe as a co- s olo ta Ut olabtt sv"inthe Bantu stoc &I
ecessary. first fouzlN: -later the dirty hand. of the D
f f atlis is to turn on L i oI. stJn.Afew hmdy-m
Mmeasin *ha -n plaud -N7^ *

Tr r...'t

It l an vit ut-fi ~
methe0 lower.. r ded thi

i *af Voebe 9 to shoitshie swt ,T
h rmattmht ehl tfer the

dt fl9 waU
w to jtorsi)thiu

anlothusbind o f ft tI n
&arbpnme bmto be ulga. They ane 3S3 t~l
in tolSm*Z be lbo.While wIGiI we e at it, 5
7th" hUater thatthnk tho se who love toeir s o

B~y~lli *. t_* A~

l t6 liae Smo Vft n. Thsyoeu'llnever Mdd. u =by

Silanab. it. ab mnds ean oas, s
f to .a tt w usr. abe brngswy o' wher bu

as% ase s% t*e
Its sense r. fI *everybahket, a Ita
Sbabtadit oWad,wdrm mad tender.
uWr wfe. let waew. Lv her, or Woaohf
fOteWheAppteulate. HisW. -

1 .,

F '"4
.. 9





..e for

lg eae
qulte UI

Amc "

t al lyc' "oploed w
*HMf ga ao""*

ver ort ttry ae
of the ne P fort

Ig, gearde ggf

brr pound concetr ofer
ass Ikn

fvw~or -work Gr Er.

fte.t of th. pielpr
granaA r~"ane ge
ito epaWr

o ok edfr la m.
onat sesatinarytOn e

olso tSystr tcUesr W
d pout plfe taoo% he
IBM th Ofarm i
we. an above pvar
ldb( up of fRAZIAG mem-

plifid eomifpntt
as to store tit roaurce

it could be t w
;-esence, the now *4u for
p. withdlraval now being

IeI sailt o b -atstoI
it ro the "-GvWrnonnr

ad liy 'gror" coent sin
ine Repair

Lawnmoe Stemlare U. c
w hI c tm .-
aid tht two~ir~to
k Lt~ il InU'**
powpeke Wbb r1 t

Inrpr ffumto

hedi voters a
C0a1I 1 North Africa,nthe
Sul, South Africa, Centralv
fla Jd-Cbta, and India, the last
name' noW uncohru.ed #and un-.
4aay7in esh freedom to fight
among 404 family.
aThe onl solid colony that

iseL a eway tho reveal a
i C wr 41 wstghu
id an thB moft brutal dlas
over Irecoeded in colonization.

oa oN

here is U way to pneveb a

thtI said it.taapr dby
4w in the li a hnte

:e1cse forfd add
wines, you *W*meW06
tionists ito o 'blaInets an -
the p blood or hemipure Ameri-
can Indiat Is a prisoner In 6%
own land today,a long time aft*r
we fred the imo orted African
slave. a long time before tohe Su-
preme Court got around to saying
that segregation asS a bad thing.
They were colonized real good,
because of wavilky and tubetrcu-
losis and tnfectW blankets and
special 4wi, and the full Army
Tt, a-galop, ever time the
Apache ot the Nava0o got ut of
hand. And we took tead away
from the Cherokee and the Semi-
nole and drove them off oato what
we called nesserations," lut what
are really "ceaeentration camps."
We 41d a mmrvelous job of pWotect.
1.g the abollgmis from nMseif-
NdO still do.
The *'reash dug in th'r Moloni-
tatien of Nirth Afrlea wih the
ieba rifes- d- German mercen-

MV; Aftr i "a WAI&-r"

Required o ading o a fonl e
count of jackalsetr i e
the "orps of A sim! a Unaa
Tof Strart Cloteswhose "Turning
Wheel" aend "Hi otf Daove" and
the Mers are laimie of whatwent
on In Strartsa country. A simple
return to the novels f.P. CLWrqe
can tell yo more of what Fraca
did to stte the Sahaf a country
than any French premier *who
might accidentally keep his Job a
The recent atrocities In Morocco
and Algeria can tell you a few
simple truths: Indigenes t
lIke being patronized. either
tically or with guns, ad an
th0y shaug ofthj tst f
instilled subat th*
to get -nasty in aio

say I know a WfAlt


"Cubs I three
the Loniofr f the Cuba r
lie go p In Its place r cofet loaethe th
Aend which aV te t
right to ilervwa e for t w w
of keeping peace and r
eiSh BomeI bloody, Owrl almssio# i be 1.

Way r w a wie la NPaaa 'g
W tou he I IM n Sr

-t "LfbIne5 Woud. tb a* D Stjeet, w .

after Caba's "bia te *Preuiumd
mo lly thrown out p If t

Nessid the Dogesvel p& to
leuba had 4 di AM
Aus sfl inel| quic Iba~te re O s ake

Som t.riasery pit o ut tht st has wl ando 'D
ben a tle recent u is u he

eni d severaf miUia Po i te November
Adt nd U94

. H* ^ .*4t ..- m n .

* 4 'I
4 *1

a .~



11', ..~
.4 i


Ty C.l aoid.




7 1.i:



4 j=TZ ~~i

4 .- S

- _. O* *


~4 j~ j' .
___ __ .VIP "


t S



-- --

I 1 :


'.TO^j4 Dy *-im M
tae atlate rf t
r iue man who gous

as. rc ta wbt b a

Stoad 'i ma -, @ ft

C diSato to e
W Med .- Ia d *

ethp n ar m "
ats himasewolf i

ll-4a.m nto wap W aeaat

about I.
qu Il ofud ijjibi





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I tt's *hee

Masi where

s Iin i

Latir "M A-- .7bia d
Bantlme gFDR Nwi

t heroe t
mn at ; .w ta use

I s pYlltla-.*e
Its a .city o f lon 6uAahl at
Ui ot lxanear and
; a th at is en-

S aa io

e marost 1t4o0 ictheatora
Zig Political leader Eddl e

lmres's cry Caba
nd 1r0141 ramn

beat of W*A:gto p 06-1 C a. It
f^ms -l t 0 m

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.** 7 r.

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it ~ 'yr 1-i Mii~iiyj

.- ~.7 --
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Cup 6fter

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a ''" _

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.. --r .; !, .;.*...- .",: ..:',," ,-, ^ .. / ..,, "- ," ', '-' >
9'- .. .:, A ,. .


iW41i, T-:N"R



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T .' ,.. %1l
. ,,,9,.

~7iU ~. .

9m .y IS.M.
^^'*" dWln 1 7-gi

[f gt^ ^"*^ *^'- ' w~| Ayu-1
*S^^ "" hilil>^"



Monthly 22150

s.' .Ye.Ibko W i-th
52.6- b. .tfreedzer d" food s
Jl HIwtm 0

"eer-Reedybl6 W&M
po od tfure.d

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Shell I edepleble
Im ble or ,,,arn&a

Exclseiv Deer. .
fP ar hold dew hlp U del...

eaclasive CoelrledJ
Cold assures corre
.Mw. e s d dIwyt..,

Yes, SEARS has the answer to your Refriger-
ator problem no matter what you need.
Whether your problem is one of space,,styl
or size,'Sears can Serve you. .
If you are looking for a particular type of
REFRIGEAATOIhave one of our coaurii.
ous salesmen show you one of the 12 olh";.
models that are available to you by Spedeal

Remember Credit At

Sears Is Available

To All! ...


Cehues. *

Monthly $12.00.
'* -r. 1* .,. 4: -1 LA

p r

*h LMu ow

7.9cu. ft.Col

$ 3 -95

Monthly $I .!

carrrr, I~~f

MMee for 195~


b Oumw-StyIo Fu. lur s, tw PMr 1955I

94 cu. ft Co.ot

fi^ chi~pMM~wu LtN flhr tp sonve 0 Mh.mnu!
l4Wflh' "A 'WW 40 .b.
d* H a
-4ms B .. asr f..-. I-,a .u. r

* .a~-r



Top FfreI"s, AuWiertc i if 11 ,. t.

1955 Coldspot X

a gfre.~~~ ?'

a- .rd04, sew eb be,.tyl

u. .,'-

Btu" t
. ........ P-7


Monthly $13.00


10 a. L. to sof
t.h.O I h P .


-. 4 r I T



S ,- ,



FI r

- __

r :

J- J

- 4 -- .

AG O --



* .~,,.- .-..

Wrlttm for NEA Service

NORTH (D) 13
6AIOSS 663
VJ903 VKQ7
Q618 4J 1075
North-South vul.
North Est Souath West
1 Puas 1 6 Pass
26 Pass 26 Pass
2N.T. Par 46 Pass
Pass Pa
Opening htad-.- s

, Afmedemao m"en

Canned Foods Make Plmelc
Preparations Simpler Task
NEA Food aandtMarlk Editor

Ever heard of a quickeic It
means a faipily picoict hat can
be made ready on tie spur of the
moment. A well-stocked shelf of
!canned foods makes, it possible.
Heres a quicknic menu that's
ready to serve just minutes after
you set out the picnic cloth. You
will need a smail fire over which
to heat the tamales and chll, but
everything else can be chilled and
prepared on the spot.
I 115-ounce can chili con came
1-15-ounce can tamales in chili
2 1-lb. cans mixed vegetables
1 4-ounce jar mayonnaise
I1 3-lb. can potato chips
I 2-lb. can sliced pickles
Canned beverages

The chili
heated by

and tamales can be
placing the unopened

1 The chili and tamales can be
heated by placing the unopened
South committed a crime in the cans in a pan of boiling water for
* lay of today's hand, but it ish't about 15 minutes. If you wish you
48sy to notice just where he wenf may open cans first and heat con
; ong. See if you can spot the tents together in a saucepan. For
rinme, a variation on the vegetable salad,
West opened the three of hearts, try using canned asparagus, green
d dummy won with the ace. beans or beets sepantely or com-
ummy returned the trump, and bined with My a or your
uth's king lost to the ace. South own favorite id dressing.
umped the heart continuation, .If you would MIkg to dress up the
ew tin rounds of trumps with tamale-chili 'conibfeaion, trya dd-
e queen'had ack, and led a dia-ling-a l%-oa.ecan-of meat balls
ond to force out the ace. West to the- dish for a really hearty
ok those djamnd,.ace, cashed the main. dish.
n of spdes, and led another)
art, forcing South to ruff wthi Chinese Quilckne for four:
a last trump. I Chicken chow melha crisp noodles,
South now had enough high cards' soy sauce, spiced peaches or
or thes of the teriuhkhut aes ,ars, pineapple and coconut, iced
Wr the rest of the tricks, but hetea with lemon,, "ooie s.
uldn't cash them all. Dummy had te h elmon, cookies.
losing heart, the 10 of diamonds, There are many variations po--
d two topelubs, while South had sible with a Chinese Quicknic. 'he
o clubs and two diamonds. DS chow mein can contain several dif-
arer could take the two clubs, fervent ingredients or just a basic
ut then he had only one otherfew.Weare 4'in all of them for
ick. It he stayed in dummy, the Your pantry l ough you may
t Leart would be a loser; and want a less elaborate dish:
he overtook the diamond iith w 2I a po can chicken chow
e queen, his own last diamond 1 ein an
would be a loser, mern
SDO you see South's error? Would unce can boned chicken
3bou mane the same mistake your. 1 12-oun can bone chicken
o I sam a e "o 1 -ounce bottle soy sauce (used
South went wrong when he drew to tate)
third Tound of trumps with the c wt cetu
.ck o fpades. t a ri 1 5-ounce can water chestnuts
d tof pds. s a2 3-ounce cans sliced muishooms
n d" -3 -ouce can crisp Chinese

Se Soo th. 2 No.- I s pi p led peaches or
Is comM ana t-e p -iF 2l3. 2 t No as crushed or sliced
est mustak the ace of dia- pears' o ,,id
a No 2.2 ca shed or slice

i). IO-ne can South at- Tea bags, canned lemon juice
de a third round of and sugar
3u wIh the jack. West will T o c e
U a trick with the 10 Tin of assorted cookies
pades, t South has several Th chow mein is easily pre-
wpys to make 10 tricks. pared by just heating the first five
F ngrdients together in a saucepan
The crime. o yo ean see, con- and serving over the noodles. If
*Its i .n.a West to draw a you prefer you may substitute
rump w1hi-is 10 of spades. You cani*t shrimp for the chicken in
1u't lioUit lms O wi wmng a the recipe. You may also wish to
ie i cl d eab ti, you can seaseson the dish with garlic or on-
Lshd shodld_ amnt bfaronm lead- ion salt if the family enjoys more
i t to aw en. otyetr trumps. (OUldot r Quloknic) Tamales and
..highly flavored food.
.a -,BLE t o
Oikla. .up)) aultS te. Maie, the home of
p eat Inuted 10,000 gal- the worlds busiest canal, takes its
:4 f water, ASble amount name from a French title which
,t M sity. Beforemeans literally "The Leap of St.
smell as iv out of the Rary." The name was given by
ter system, w r had* to "renoh explorers to a 20-foot fall
v out there W .t. Mary river at ite
with hemleas. .het th city was founded.

mBCIL AI rol

Be Warned Hims

. .. .. -.

, d,.,
W*Rn Xn r..fJ...

TIeNSOV HRY oAAS P-L44AfrIj Apoo.&aM O


-""7 Answer to Previous Puzzle

I Fish Fry

ACIOSS 4 Railroad
I Its o'rls station
popular ICoast
5 Food fish Artillery
ood fsh Corps (ab.)
Sloston's 6 Warnings
favorite tib 7 Unusumal
12 Frehwater 8 Iron
fish Feast
13 Wing-shaped 10 Musical
14 Japanese sash Instrument
15 Wpxy I1 Immerse
substance i1 Citrus fruit
17 Cut off 0 Silvery fishes
18 Singing volee 22 Organ parts
19 Repairs ihoes 24 Greek letter
21 Pastry 32 Literary
23 Heblth resort collections
24 Sheep's cry 2g PleUast
27 Bird's home
29 Kind of bomb
32 Hire I
35 Bmplo again
36- anawp

57Sottsh brooW
38 eo rl- I

61 GrUek tmont K
49 B -
57 Seqttish broth
58 Appper ",-- -
6 Psal -
61 Grek ment

; L -it .;

28 6 t 46 Greek porch
rFitraldic band 47 Den,
31 Encounter 48 Nostril
13 Arabia, in s0 Prevericates
poetry S1 Individuals
35 Allure 2tIlncarnaton of
40 Young eagle Vishnu
43 Faucets 65 French plural
45 Body article
SrT 'T

9-* -9--.


iic** ; V*** e* me.. ..

fo46bfds Miada. Clasjifinda.


. /. -- i" e 1 imsn
\*"'% ".


' S-~e

A1~L3! -#

Oh, Tes, the Petal

r, Listeal

.O .-..W4~tI






VIC nix



- Who, Met

S. --

r tu

~a .W

a _U AUDEIa rilaB


oeotR *ati

___ ~S'9 ~


. i


l.PN -Im


j ul r-I rj r ci to kA i; i
L--', A W I. I UIM t V kiiidi I'A
LidL H EZINI-I lif) [rAl Ll i A I I L: I
W 1, 1 (:1 c7l.. IA ;-4wLj
M-ic:11-luli Jij
LdC--L Id,-'J's
4LJAfqUJ 4, q glil 11
vljr-j- -TA iIA: -I f 11 r PA
N E.3 W L-1 U El I-i 11 --A

J~ --



--..T [ -

Sitt- -c
. 'A
-3^ N i

! rg'

*" h'' ~ iinonw't

' i

--4 4




L- -


4 .' t .: A .>' 4 4 4 ; r

- -. .... .... .. .
I r -, ~
A ""'-" "
-. I .,. '. .. '' -.

-. ,*...i .... tt'U~9~fl~Tp


3. M-T

& ''. -.':.-

c -LC I rmL I


__ _~__~__~~~~~ ~~~ __ ___ ~_~_~_~_



int t ]ow@ I It iN't correct to
send one wedding invitation
meant to include all three by
being.addressed "Mr. and Mrs.
John Smith and Family." In-
stead setd an invitation to the
John Smiths and one to their
The easy way Isn't always the
correct way of doing a tbing.

The average Michigan factory
worker makes $9.21 a week.

~ ~c"- --



S. **,*'> c.

* I --'
I .^
M *ij

* -. .. 1. ** --

NEW TIR. 'eat. (w) -
A fire which ma W ,have 1 l-set
ravaged ancielt residences and
rqoming houses near the Coney
Island boardwalk early today,
likUUng five persons a-nj during
The fire was the second of
three Coney Island bla's which
broke out within five hours in a
dx-block area today.-
Fire Commissioner Edward
Cavanaugh sid he smeUlled a
"distinct odor of gasoline" at
the fire scene. He summoned
Chief Fire Marshal Martin Scott
and all of the city's 20 fire mar-
shals to "conduct a most Inten-
sive Investigation into this fire
and other Coney Island fires."
Owners of a rooming house in
which the dead were fount and
[of an adjoining building that
burned had paid $10 fine only
last Friday fr Violations of the
city fire laws.
A brisk wind fanned the
ames as more than 50 pieces of
fire apparatus converged on the
burning houses. Firemen wear-
ing masks stumbled through
dense clouds of smoke to rescue
screaming residents trapped on
upper floors.
Six dwellings were consumed
by flames before fire m e n
brought the fierce blazes under
control. Police said the bodies
were almost unrecognizable as
human beings. '
The dead were identified as
Mrs. Elizabeth Lerch, 51, Mr. and
Mrs. Benjamin Middleman, both
about 50, John Wilson, 66 and
Alex Sharkey. 70.
Five of the injured were ad-
mitted to hospitals. The others
were treated at the scene and re-
The fire, which broke out just
after dawn. was only two blocks
from the Coney Island beach
and amusement park. Sparks
showering areas for blocks a-
round posed the threat that the
fire might spread as far as the
boardwalk area, which is lined
with flimsy, oceanside buildings.
Scores of residents, many in
night clothes, fled to the street.
One couple, Mr. and Mrs. Harry
8molensky, was trapped momen-
tarily but escaped through a
window to an adjoining one-sto-
ry building,

I _

f ,*


, w a
YW mf
11A vI

'8B tt OpilChS 60 sitz LatitAmereidn countries atte d-
S. C & d as a atnefan
ing command and .W f c.ase atthe '..UAWyQ School.
it.'Ouftk, CZ. amt, shown with Lit. M r54et H. Townsend,
chief the Conmmand anid Staff Divisalo of the school. Prom
.left to Tight: Lt. Col. Carlos Prer, Guatemala; Lt. Col. Alva-
rto.Az iut C e.RIe; Col. Migue..A. Leal, Venezuela; Town-
sand col. Altonso ,as Puyana, Colombla; A. Col. -Jos Fer-
rer, Cubs; Lt. Col. Alberto Anamiz, Per. (V.S. Army Photo)
Gattin Locks, and a visit 6 JW- Turner, mission chief, Uni'ted
Tc Tours and inpections of States Army Mission to tolombia.
tke traing dvsi l o and sites at Isporting 'these senior officers to
.te sehool-W-% be-.held and vari- teach in the .course is indicative
AMB demtetntr n oby the school's of the United States government's
disioMns t"ered:ithroagh- wish to present the. highest cal*
ut thecc tW 4' 1 ber 10struotion to the students..
six'of I etots COr this
'ourse; w -il ;S.S Ar.y. col- Ditectly responsible for the oper-
oirels, Col J,. Da-ldv'< Biol ation of this course is Lt. Col,
cthi ad will Instuct th b Robert H. Townsend, a graduate
hours dealing with the G-2, and L.' the United State Military A-
five colonai from. the Army s La- academy at West Point and chief
tin American Missions will fly of the Command.and Staff Divi.-
to the Canal Zone to teach vari- sion. Under the supervision of Da-
oua otber, sbieto. "They are:C61. vis, he will coordinate the
7-fOn PT GoodW)P, mission chief, instruction and functions and ad-
United States Aray Mission to minister the 12 week course.
ua temala T1mas J.0"
Snor, M&iloh Chief, United This first special command and
Sahtesn.-A Misspn to P e r U; staff course will terminate at the
Col Paul .Shoemaker, mission semi-annual graduation ceremony
lej,, tf iates. Army Mis-' held at the USARCARIB School
n\,to lCqti;.i -Col. Edwin G. in December.

- -vi -ss- '- 1e0 tw.440
:1 .t','e, t c lone
rare ofee*>*' .
bThe ufr "s w

[ed0zitio a of-t -l
or 2 w1-9 neet
rear. is ""n I. set
Todhe. tilers;Iw e, Wll _n

MR loi t G-1~t-, and G,
Fotis l Sclude 4
ei;vitatet i. s ID.i
w ill and 04e~~v .tce;,s
*Its of ach. ,|Ao;- r-
anzation of -t iel e i DiVo -
i .a Efsh; ea estactioaas;
eart y; anUOiircraft aral-
; tato air support;. otffd&-
ave and a iftfct tactics; rials-
eoance o r veki e.; -prepp-
ation of a field exercise; combat
ieers; armored .wit;, ci vil'
Ia bands wheeled vehicle re-
mvery; field sanitation; staff stu-
lies; and combined staff: action
rill also b taughO;%..- -
During' the' ks-of Instrction
in infantry..weponms demonstra-
Ia tank-infantry team afrtle-
Y demonstration by the 33d lcf:
ind 54thf.A. Bn, and a &,AAA
Mhe.s rot

- Assessors are making a special
survey tolpot home improvements
warrant. :. tax increases. They
used to be able to keep tabs on
them through building permits but
report having trouble now because
too many home owners are afflict,
ed with the "do-it-yourself" craze.


Records, all labels, 45-78-33 1/3, Recording Machine,
Record players, Radios, Radio Parts. At bargain prices.


' Ii



r;* -BSP P,.'i


"COLLARO" Record Cianger
Formerly NOW
English, Automatic ....$ 47.50 $29.95

7 feet ................$315.00
8 feet ..................e 385.00
8 feet (Deluxe) ....... 425.00
10 feet (Deluxe) ........ 450.00
11 feet (Deluxe) ,.,, 595.00
11 feet (two door) ...... 645.00


sah. e pigeon has taken. ever
rsedfteista the bewildered
pl at -fe&diW&m The
mod n LibraJ, m ..f .by the
. iH ; i. ii>i ,*^ :,,


* "m >

4 burners ........b;.....$285.00
Deluxe 4 burners ....... 495.00


Formerly NOW
4 burners .............. $135.00 $92.50
4 burner (Deluxe) ...... 295.00 196.75
.Large stove ............ 182.50 127.50

8 feet ................$450.0 '
13% feet ............. 535.00

. I..

Ton ................$395.0o0
* Ton ................. 425.00
1 Ton ................... 495.00


Automatic Irons ........ $ 9.75


Electric Beater ......,.
Deluxe Liquidizer ....
Percolators ............
Automatic Toaster .....
"Chefster Cooking stove
1 gallon Thermos ......
S Sgallon Thermos .....

. 22.50

1 band. 5 tubes ........$ 32.50
1Iband, 5 tubes ........ 37.50
3 bands, 5 tubes ...... 68.00
9 bands, 6 tubes ....a ,'. 136.00
9 bands, 7 tubesA.,...." 1450,



Formerly NOW
Super Infra Red ......$ 85.00 $59.50
Deluxe Itnfra Red ...... 65.00 45.50
Deep Fry .............. 32.50 22.75
."MAYTAG" Washing Machines
Formerly NOW
Aluminum Tank ...... .285.00- $19995
Drier .................. 397.50 227.95
Laundry King .......... 125.00 '95.00
"REVERE" Tape Recorder
Formerly NOW
T100 ................... $250.09 $150.00
T ................... 300.00o 210.00
Too00 .................. 325.00 227.50
7100 .... ................. 350.00 249.50
T800 with. Radio ....... 425.00oo 297.50
T1n Hr- F .... .. 375.00 2

If you're fired of in watery orange juice
is far richer.. .better for you, foo! Because
SNOW CROP keeps.lbe delicious, vitamin-
rich "meat" of the whole orange!-

Philco Autonmtice
Formerly $225.00 NOW $149.00
.FI Mahogany
two cabinet
"COLLARO" Record Chanrem
"Jo nod" Speakers "Pilot"
Amplifiers Senrsationdl Prices
Formerly $495.00 NOW $350.00

W tir~rd iwlips a WIT roed so
W .Yew a siht p match on it)
cm4we X *bp- B7QonD-SAVtM TubM M
alo stb fin ne for ads s stoa" yo 1 (M uaa eA
p As* a idOuf, rc U&ffB
'upt s vo WS se obw
SbnftCw-inMU nunqAVX- TrfMk Tu* low *if

llr ftlitarf TiMwbff (M- T he IMWIU djb" imuM
A4H e~fcu |09"n




Formerly NOW- ............ .
Table record changers oml.NSET of TABLE
ii Raft. .......... 195.00 $3 ,& wl* 4 Ae l CHAIIH
.m Cow.. ......... 350.00 _. with 4 stel UHAI
"", B Formerly
Bafoti e : ride Table .....,.-..$ ,26.7
7 t ube ........... Children .......... 1.95
An Jb divse guaran v payments. Special
.l fJiii jiik ^ %^ -
.-.^lii1 LJ .. ,, -...

^.-J. .-,

P-.. A. AS l|0

.~* .-.^ ,
.. **^ *

,^ *


Contain .0


Great6 "

Cale Monteserin No. 17-50 Tel. 2-0083 PANAMA








f ; : r-A .--

m+ ,- -! :.. .'.. -..
,'- ,


-'W .



I Strets hao. 1
4bk ol July Av. *A J St.
ito..* Ax.m.- va m ad S

S as I


Catral Ave. I4

No. $ LOeYI I n

rema* 4 0 Ago Amw A *0 X &.
Agenold Interna.. de Pubioolones FARMACIA ESTADOS UNlOID
SCM al "Ave. C tso A .. .
R ,"ACIA LUX C I A *VA I5-ls.
ru~i t~fn im~i nowN Mlt a. *

SIONAL Automobl Household. ALCOHLICS ANONMOUS Apartments.
SSIONAL FOR SAL,:,-1954 f.c C. FOR SALE: 4 ivory vintiain 1211. CRXISTO.ML C.. CATE NTIO .ss.1 ~ Le Tympa, s 1 ~'U
aline. Air oendltieed, radio, blind 48" wide each, Hik now. R. WN HAK Md C. r es h r l. 1
ciNIC power steering, power broke, Panama 3-6123. 8 .m.- p.M. DR. WENDIHAKIE Medkol cin- 2 boed m.oo hot.cold w at aer. FO..ST.RC O
hCANAL S OyCLiwC pre. st-rin,, pw bio ke, Pane -61 8 r -5 p Is. Day-Niht service. Centrl Phone. Ponm 34941. CaPt LwU r Phone
TA MEDICAL walltire. ..tEa-Z-. y ,lw..two- FOR SALE:-De t trip, bed- Avnwn N. 11-117. p lit
a MEDI toned (lig .e. Ith" room., diag roe.- vin. m d thse ank. P hon FOR RENT: Mode. I-bed- i O ..
s Dr.I Avila top, very l m factory sets. Also children's furniFORture. General -ir, aefin Re rm -U -
tU v i M. Installation 4 allu as. stave. refrierator. RIeson.blyw e, 7 "41
S.vri l.IEnjoyYourtroneportatio e heroprieod 4r t Strere No. i, A- furniture urnteed workmen. refrigerator, hot water, furnish- Plhne Paneme 3-1877. Celae
a I )vel, P o. 2aYtnd. tnoy your tineapr ealie.n the ...-- 3. ship. Special prices house serv- ad, eir-eemdiltied thmouglne, be 3-1,673.
p-t Dla__ r_ n) try. Will s in at bargain pri 140, O S-L .e .. ice, delivery. In fontS kelbe excellent location. Campo Ale- .
Sry. W ll bFOR SAL-Knmor gas rang* Beer Garden. "JIMMY." g. Phone. tw the Cla e
trade for elder model vehicle. used ioe than a ynr. C@d 34- 2 and 6 p.m.. Pao. 3-4142. -rLat k nla 12i 4 -
Phone 83-3281 for appoint- 24. FOR RENT Pob.c... lb. 1224.
lET, EMENT, LIFE FOR SALE: LargeFrtiideire FOR RENT:-Aper/ment lin- FOR RENT
AIN OR SAL:- ran. w I 9-.ft. enamel. Geod condition. MiCllaneo el Maria de Ycssa Nb. 3. op-
UCATIONt INSURANCE Ford Seoen Wag. 4- der. Gambo Hons 120, Apt. ., polite Raymond Clinic: two bed. Rooms
three seats. w/s/w. vinyl uphl- FOR RENT I-Just built modern rems, living-dinineg rom. kltch-
Rstry. heavy duty c W AMTF local facing the National o- 2 brooms, grege. Phone FOR RENT:-. C-mpo Alegre.
IfM ID ,o-ted,t.d e. Phema. Blb.. 2. A. dirm. Suitable for oar agency, 3-0773.- ncely furnished sl with
P e P S .-"55- A_-IaoII -AldeGriC r.ave. NPhon. Pho e 3-040 Meals only asa CaoNnt 11 3-17o 32. P o C e
Ph*ae Pa a 3-0g _50____ .iMnucellaneous aoc private both----nd delici us mok.
.FOR SALE,:-948 Jeep Ste ation i 6 c 16. FOR RENT: Ideal apartment: eals only s. C 179.
SWagon. fenam, .r0, 8-o1; .WAN)Tl,- ITo p lc depend- Iivimn rom, bLdreom kitdchm-
Aneon 2-1111, t254. table mald. n with me for 7 anl t din "*. Cll Darien # 8, nxt FOR SAL
Th06 If to Yea61 |y--'rsr Coll Bolboe 1829. W ney strt from 4th of July Ave. y ,
ts .*.* FOR SALE.-198iMercury- iftnrcvnes
IMn I ty r d o ,whie WANTED- Vacation quarters WANTED TO BUV. Sm e th o o y
I/ w, yeor br il 20.000 Octeber en Working couple. tires. suitable for reconstruction. FOR RENT:-Unfurishd one- FOR SALE:-Molytor le Englih
-mioes 95 Stude aker l e rd0ep CllI 2-4285 after 4:30. "Reconstructora Neeleaol." Peru bhdroe modern spei mea, ga- Arial 500cc. Twin in very god
9d .,, I 4. 2-deer, Ave. No. 7. Phone 2-0406. rge, all conveniences. 168 Vie condition. $275. Phone Cristo.
t = 711m. ALLIR SAX- 1 I ellori PFrrms. bal 2302.
LT Theatre TER, na to It a h nch. Phone A WANTED TO BUY:- Trisycleo '
Po 2-2583, t, eoTo Aifl be -for boy four years. Selling fire-
engine In pod conition. SDlO
I Sedan recently overhauled- Dedicallon Of fNow R citi B ebels' Erase...
Paer. Shippers e Idg.., Apt. 4, after 6 p.m. r a (Continued from Page 1)
.. Ri- 22I 5FOR SAL:-1955 Ford 6, Cus- ran m a from the buying, in which gime found sanctuary in various
AN IDING SCHOOL tomline Sedan,4000milmeFord Gov. J. S eybold has accepted e wopWn had joined hun- embassies in Buenos Aires.
J l e emetic. red $2000. Margarita an vitat Son to biethe principal isu kbac
a to IPAL,_.'rhos*__-0279__-_233". speaker at the dedication of the Sari Pinearms. rd canoofwothosm al enL uer Ceank.Airl ue o et Rdo'-
or .. ... Znew Pardis aCiviccCnter wheiFOR c arALma-Onndt ohe c ovfaaarp
I l m .FOR SAL:w6-One owne l Excel- w an ThePanama liner Ancont which Sherman tanks. They then Juan I. San ortin were I the
lent cremation, '51 FerdomatisenoW'e hte lo. eihtras e o nd will brought up two more tankrm and Uruguayan embassy.- Foreign
4-door. heater, .edio, direction- bounced at Balboa Heights yester arrived in New York Monday, a field gun and blasted the Minister o C
a.. low mileage, t795. Calrel- day afternoon by acting Gov. H. resume its regular schedule uand eud n un n defonso Cava g nea
229 now. W. Shull, Jr. at t he monthly sail from New York Thursday aft- nto the Martinez had fled with his wife
-N DUNN to o ar___________ ay n meetingg with the representatives ernoon with 78 passengers for e Peronits fled Ito the to the Paraguayan embassy.
IL *IALOOM DANCE STUDIO FOR SALE: -r 1952 Chevroet of the Local Rat Civic Councils. Cristhbal. Thirty-nine passengers H reets. .d h The fLgaGeneral Cofedera-
CBAM .SUITE IN -dilo. radio. 2-tone 6 tlow The dedication exercise is being are booked for Port au-Prince, t re coi bf de heard across tlon of Labor al stav of the
lb -4 a Pama 3.-1h mileage. Secrifice $750. WeIll planned by a ittee headed Haiti. the city before the Alliance f- Peron dictatorship ell tte
E-I K"b"' 4-5181 t*.sl 7y E. L. Faw of the Paraiso The Ancon was delayedri Crisn nally ws crushed. line with a broadcast appeal Io
s iamu Kobhy 4 venlur *5Ne t |er Civic Countc. u so to be present tobal recently while e g en- m The r-liance long had been its members to " yoeir
FbR SALI: -* 191 Choveylt at the ceIremorwll be CoL Hugh gine reh pairs and saled fr N known the source o the Joa. ...maintain a b a rute'
L tueder. pq.fa*:ondialea, Iv- M. Arnold, enBeering and con- ork Tuesday afternoon Septemn- storm tr"pers that police Pe- the we that
ltiy b .1W for et *ler. struction direr weh ivill ii- ber 13. r public meetings and the Argentines are good people.; I

S uder-onCroofi center to be Wesley Bailey; Charles A. Bel- ement t ardt PeW Sin d-ne Lt
S PEC L Ul constructed as such in the Canal ringer; Oscar 0. Brown, Jr.; Mrs. to Lonardi. s dd nl a ct Peron'
mlm i i A I I Zone and is a new concept in ar- Sylvia Carpenter; Mr. and Mrs. little escape shi .
SCOL WANE i T ar im l achitecturpl o It was built Henry R. Chenevert; Mr. and The "new government orred echncally, the gunboat en-
CL -r MOSCOW, Sept. 22 (UP) Rus. by the mthm ptruetors tbe. Mrs. Robert Cole and two chil- te relas fr tho e atae R oys the same extraterritorial
57e50 sia may be willing to release at Also o tthe meeting dren; Mrs. Mabel Coopner Dr. and hree tn tentue ulnos adtre ea s e same e t ratethra
least two of Nazi Germany's six was the progress of the long range Mrs. Arthur F. Cowley; rs. Jan- return toBuenosAlires of Rear forced re moval ofssyand the fleeing
monday Th Thrday top war criminals from prison program for improving the sani- Denham; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Adm. Anibal iier former forced remoald violate fleeParaing
Stment diplomats oure said today. taon and cleanliness in La Boca A. Dockery and five children; Mr. navy minister in the Peron ov- Presid entwold violate Para-
Bb" X 2The Western Big Three, along And the-result of a meeting held and Mrs. William J. Dorgan,; Mr eminent. and Rear Adm. Sam- guyan-Argentine asylum agree
r .. i with Russia, guard the six menin there Sept. 19 between members and Mrs. Edward Eder; Mr. and uel Toranzo Calderon former Moente. t
fIuSSS1 Igloomy Span au prison at Berlin, of the community and L.M. Brock- Mrs. Zera Esler; Mrs. Win E. commander-in-chief of the ma- On the other hand, the cap-
rrotat.I responsibility on a month- assistant personnel director and French; Louis A. Gomez; Mr. and rine corps. ancraft could not legacy remove
ly bas. i J. P. Smith, chief of the division Mrs. Gregor Gramlich; Mr. and They were arrested and court- rat o n ur r
One at the six a Rudolf Hess, of sanitation. Mrs. Donald Hathaway; Mr. and martialed for their part in the eetin I mtArgentine juide
l s61 Hitler' w sfrer der tyfuehrer G. L. A. Davis of the La Boca Mrs. Irving Hay and step dtr., bloody but unsuccessful navy led tlduc ott o utiortis sherea -
S. wo ed Into cotland dur- Council expressed appreciation for Gail Woods; and Mr. and M r s. revolt against Peron June 16. conduct om a f ron, are;.
Sai tng e ith a.peace offer. the efforts made by Brockman John J. Hewett and three c h iI- Yesterday's official announce- It i such a safe conduce pass
SI He is sereae f term and Mrs. Smith in explaining sani- dren; ment of the surrender to the which Paraguayan Ambassador
9Lo 6 S 0itl A y j Tht oh are rA E. station methods and health mea- Nils W. Jonson; Mr. and Mrs. rebels said: "The military junta Chaves has been seeking front
Sh Raeder, 7 i t *14 ife sures and 'for the showing pf ex- Ichard McConaughey and three by virtue of authority assume the new regime.
AInisold t 1 term; WaIther us, N i cIleAt sanitation films loaded for children; Mr. and Mrs. James F. after the president's resigna- Argentine exiles in neighbor-
,"U economics minister, m e; the oeA6saby. Point Four. Da- McGloin and two children; Robert tlon, reached total agreement ing Montevideo, Uruguay, and
Albert Speer, 50, m v d that the santaton McManus; Mr. and Mrs. Daniel with the representatives of the elsewhere were awaiting anx-
OIFFIN, Ga., Sept. 7 (UP)- sentenced to 320years; Ba r A n pro a wait b I rng continued A. Marsicano; Mr. 'and Mrs. Da opposing command, accepting lously permission from the new
St& Atty..Gen. Euge Co, said Schiracb, 47, Hitler youth leader, ad t at tining was being ex- vis W. Meikle and two children; points made by the command's government to return to their
tol the job of locai ch offl 20 years; and Adm. Karl Donehts, tended to the schools. John Woore- Mrs. Vera nrMoowr e; representatives." homeland..
c s is "promoting the welfare of 6, who took over as fuehrer when Other topics discussed at the isa Doris 6tt; Mrs. Marjorie Lonardl. who played a key The victorious rebels already
say public school system andl Hitler died 10 years. meeting was thAreeent destruc- Palmr and daughter; Mrs. Edna part In the revolt, had been were startIng to obliterate the
th can do nothing to bring a- The Western Big three repeat- tion of screening n houses in the Plumer; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. retired from the army by the last vestiges of the Peron re-
school integration of whites ed have urged Russia to agree to local rate oommiaities apparent priest a d son; Benj ami n R. order of Peron. gime. In Buenos Aires statues of
a Negroes* the release of Dotix and Rae- ly by children ad teen ag er s Ross; Miss Susan Kamuel; Mr. In 1951, while commander of Eva Peron were torn down.
tioal school authorities are der, the caoilda*n of the commissa- and Mrs. Carl H. tad I e r and an army division at Santa Fe, Gen. Julio A. Lagos, whose
ha fress to effect classroom inte- Doeati is in reasonably good On the Atlantic daughter; Miss Marie Stanisci; he plotted against the govern- adherence. to the rebel cause
even should it be or- health, but Raeder suffers from a I i bow City Commis- Miss Flora Varon; and Dr. and ment but was so cautious anoth- ave .them control of the prov-
a | Cook said, "because state acute arthritis. Funk also is In sa& a-O* e which would become Mrs. Owaldo Velaksquez. tr general moved in and tried to Inces of Mendoza. Ban LuIs and
deato to a y va. 8; immediate tem- take over the revolution for San Juan, said: "There is not a
s hic t te. sources said the So- to Ada Street himself picture of Peron or hiswf Eva
hitme of.aictuetoIPerneotre
n of the ra viets to the immedi- Paits entual recondi- The revolt failed and that to be seen in the city of Mendo-
S attorney ad lua u ate the three if the tioning teitg the coming dry sea- general was sent to P t gpnia za. Their busts have been
adess to the ri wants West a. ource point to on; a a eqest made by for life Lonard ousted smashed to bits.
tO that the National Asseiaton the dances" to re- Cleveland Roberts of La Boca from his command. "We no longer call the Chilean
a the Advancement of Col or se u b I ovGerman war that some study be made forth Another member of the new border town Villa Peron." LaAMeos
Pople can never make any pro- prwisoners d nt Soviet Union spacing out of payroll deduction U government. Gen. Bangao, also said. ,It is now Las Cievas. Eva
so long as it insists on e4. as a possible softening of atti- charges. il R C was forced to retire from the ar- Peron Province has returned to
aging "a forced intermAaing tude. _soe Br my by Peron earlier this year. Its traditional name o0 La Pam-
fait d th e U.S. supreme Court Kons rDoamn ORL--- -NnFla.,nSept. 22 Members of the old Peron re- pa."
district court have no author- and l. fbai'g he5 was released Pre terian Cyho of the
to force the state legislature from S IK-last year by agree- Presbyterian Church of the

so. to release the otr three o control to open the doors to all
repeated that Geor gia ers--Hess, Speer and Von Schi-I races.
cloe its siols if necessa- rach but only fr Big Four c The group's enate adopted

T-.PAI 11 f 11u1


i tada&mtdiles Table-

m wea A

U- ~~e3W-


making no usunctUUon because o U
race in receiving members into
the church.
A second resolution urged the
trustees of colleges under the
control of thb Senate or its
presbyteries to consider remov-
ing any barriers of race In ad-
mitting students. The Florida
Synod oontributel to Davidson
College In Charlotte, N.C.
ReVslution No. 3 urged all di-
rectors of adult and youth con-
ferences within the Senate to
consider adopting an laterracial
policy where those of, all races
may be welcomed on an equal
fasis. The directors were asked
to report their findings or ac-
tions to the next Senate meet-
Dr. John R. Cunningham,
OPePit ot f Dnidson college,
e f Plorida Koup to con-
.Am.A-0 to the school this

LUAMUED-Chicago TV Acgig An
. what with all o Jewely I"
SHer valuables ceaist ah 4
b worth 3wt0W, as I
.0 $2500 iselt,5a
- display as 14V



FOS SALE: EqglbIgiaghliu
wth plastic leases and paow
lene ale cm ealhaitsM. Mo-
So Hul l.&A., Ne. 4r Auto
Kim, p.nia.m. .

l SALE: 9-.nath-i d i.-
mab ,A ey*d., p*odbd Cemcr,
Spenel. ,rl abib _129.

FOR SALE.-1995 Pontiac Ster
ChiefM ataseN. Two-tast pint
eay-eye Glees.lamther *0l-
stery., redi wM.Ni. swdewelta-
less tir, turning II .,Itrunmk
light. hydramies.. Him been used
only UM months. 1944 Indio.
Chief m uomrcytIt Ta vy good
Condifian; eirf moose and
white, Witer Comnpean aby
Grand. Panm In ery gopd coidi-
tion. Ale other houehold ifor-
niture for sale. Leavibg Isthmul
very sMon Ceh1a sen et se
614 DeLosse~ or ca1 3-3S101
betwise 4:30 'p.m. and 5:30
p.m. m

FOR RPI ew ehilt. fr-
fnIshed UxRmmlpbqs: ds liod-
' m-i .m, ,aer
"Po ttoieMaNleo" aod 7th
AveMe. Comi del Mar nattle-
mnit. PihoM. ,6005.

spmmti, gaMd,. Te 0
3elbke 287..,
I -- iq --e1 `77 .II--

S-.'" -
COLOBIAN MDICAL officers_ view as i.iten a-
bout to be evacuaMfd by-"a 83rd Infantn* RegimentS. MeWd
Company litter sleep as part of a battalion aid station demon-
straloh at Fort Kobbe. The. fI'Mi ,sr of ia o. 4
Colombian-medical officers currently vVt & feal.
ties In tte Canal Zone as U SUM .- S' G .
,Prom left are: Capt. Joae J. Rodit ;.F C. er^^to"n
che P.; Major Manoel Bricefio: Uad Jan N. Orti, MOP.
leal Company, 33rd. Infa4ry.
i" I, i .I' i I i -

W"OT Ifif sA0GS John K, 6.Uea student at the IAGS ertogniphy At bFt Claytonm. tet mt-
imn Ambassador Ian 1. Hendeson (right) etof bla wanr atht
ashol while his lnatruetor, Robert Keatfi (cete) lodS' oM.
OenGtle U ne of a grcuP of three hOOC who V6 e ittedI
;bg the achooL Henderson eane to itot Msy th week to.
iet Wfth the students, t fe first Jmala I to- tted th
s 0oo', and gee t hpM Inlction.
'- T





~ k.J'

- -..-.


In pgav wsts'W




= A16 anW

.I~~~~ .





_ ---- ----_ -- ;~.-~.

.I J-

i s

~ ~33~

s ...,

Jami A1 r "


d 'n

* -.

7 -E~ ;~

A **~*-4~ '
~ u31,3* V9 ~ S.;.


" .* r Y, *' .* ^ .' ---,,.;^- "^ ..^.^ ^'
;"*' -'-" ;f" *: '-"
f .. ", 1. .... .' :/ "
.. .. .* ; .; i .


..- jga 15 '.
', 'A'.

C O -

.he .ti ..: 'o.' d : .''"
Petronal mireietfatlon of the
bareen At.VN:

i lW~ w ---.," w 11




r.E PR-xLA, In


Ito L.~

Canntls, i to
LA UMM '.,..

. CclX !t 0 o ",. ,-. 1 .-,,


by hIu,. .Moo .
b, fui JG& "

koLLYNWOOD ( A Hol- JO~N WAYNE, who reortedly
wood mid P : "lt's a di- nied $1'00^,0 or a TV a"
S e" for George and pears .a,tle Oct. 10 "1 LIne Lucy
Ae Go re oaeU). and show. They offered him
^a"Se a up hisa-click -viewes, that is rd-
as a anf yl bW in in -first ner's paging Putti Page for the
movie, -Th' Sand. the Bees," ingmud war b li ng role in his
cued the surprkng split. Broadway-bound "The Petunia Ped
dler. -.. Pat Mhrshall who
A mnthJ ago a spokesman for? C acedr Jni Pa in "T' e Pa-
.os5e. assrd m eff wo0ld be am Ga'e" on odway, will
back as e thi asoa. Two t'r the movie version..
S weeks ago tBC ev sen set Jeff to Reading that Gary Cooper "melt-
Breae, Cll., to tike a personal e off I5 pounds in three days"
appearance bow as "Alice Gobel." while rehearsing for his role In
Nw Jdl'f M told she won't "Friendly Persuasion," a Holly-
S OwedWdratm word Is out that woodsman flI 1
Goas writers wuaat to "avoid a "I det be= iL Th nly war
trite 1 COedy ia by Garywd lose 15 6 aswould
lg be to drop his wallet.
about dope baliction, "One Way learned about sailboatg at ke
Ticket to. Hell," will be release Tahoe from Vera Drew, the New
next month without thendustry York shipping executive.... Rum-
seal of approval. Otto Prominger sell Nypes "One TouW of Venus'
See for a similar ec pectacu onTVlehitwo
SGo ore hour-long video miuaials.
Ba vPLe.r e -husband of Anne There's also talk o a movie for
Franils, prod d the with a e, who was miscast by MGM
cast.."f' a"ists after narcotic x his first flicker astr he scored
res 4t cLA. "I dr't evenon rodway wi Ethel Mrman
San atsI y peal" Price "Iall Me Madam.
Mbe kne itt was Jeff Morrow, who's'starring in
t e film has been "The Creature Walks Among Us
; by ,the Natioal Board of calls the picture the screen's first

8 T N18 H1OLLYWOOD, Mrs. Top "honors" at the latest film
Jonesa PublUct dept. release: festival in Venice were won by
"Mamie Van V toren's poodle, a British actress Diana Dors deco-
wedding ffrt' Ray Anthony, ratin#gla gondola in a mink Bikini.
Is a de, 6 ua to iAtch her Doesn t anyone look att he films
conv be. at a film festival?
Swtat Jew To Usher In"
' ; 45'W'uwl

eeT. S v, DJwil t u oher m eMnt at Ki spur th
nique assa made arran emets Atoement at sundown
to wed on New Year's Eve-day
after his divorce is final? ... Paul l .w ,bNath n Wt.director
Douglas will be racing the stork to RabbiNthan wlfkin. e
Hollywood when he. winds up in of theUS- .;WB AtmnOd f c,. I
"The Gamma People" n Austria. Service Center in Balboa and
Hes due for a fast flight to Jani auxiliary chaDlain. U.S. Army
Sterling's side. The first three Caribbean and Caribbean Air
chapters and an outline of Rudy Command, will conduct Kol Ni-
Vallee's autobiography have gone dre service" on Sundeay evenItng
to his publisher. George Frazier at 7:30 in the chapel qf the
is editing Rudy's 100,000 words U O-JWB Center on LA Boca
about himself. 3 Road.
Net _a 'the tripW: "A eqcktal. Yom Kippur services on Mon-
paIt,' says MW Matowe, "Is day will berlin at g a.m. and will
whrethee'sle,*'-eL Ists e Utcon continue throughout the day.
verlatl taln, th .e drias." Memorial services for the de-
.- parted will be recited at 11 a.m.
TBE WlTNNE: Robin Raymond A "break-the-fast" buffet sup-
Abhut tle' roa ofr a t aging per will be served to militSry
movie queen a.1Ad &- & young personnel and their families fol-
Broadway acteo; "I .sl'td thbk TYom Kippur holiday at sundown
f aecusn hMneIcradlensthing, Monday.
I hear he bhas a run-of-the-
YPRN co*act,".
.----- FOR THE BIRD9
Benny Goofana apparently
wasn't the type to play himself in OTTAWA, I l.-(UP)- Crow and
"The Benny Goodman atory." Dove sat on the beach at the See.
UAiversal-Interaitonal cancelled ond District Illiaola Appellate Court
a prologate that was to have featur- here. Prulding ov.r -the court
ed Benny as himself The King of were Judges DeWitt S. Crow,
$inag haratert _taon now is left Springfield. I.O and Frakldie
t three saetr-David Kaday:' as Iove. Shelbyville. Judge Fred
Donny at thi age of 10; Barry Wolfe, Quincy, was scheduled to
Timex during the teens and Steve be the third member of the court
Allen gram that point on. but was hospitalized.


m inm was ir! i-. W .
B.L.*A K IA" ..'..A- O1u 9L, Z., e8". U
SA. %SAMTA MA-l_.i, re ePL .



' ..-- .,



'Look, sonl I don't care if you do mike the world fort
Fritz Krelsler-4 want you to ome fito thI firm and sell
omol tractor l"'


.1 *

NEW YORK, (NEA) Most mothers no longer need to be told tht thU dA -4y cit&~t4
tion exactly acafrding to claimS. They're convinced. But they might like to knoar that,
have a right to expect so8nd fashion as well in these cottons for small daughter. The
feature isa point, but It should not blot out good lines. Fortunately, there are enough
cottons that offer both nracticality and good looks. Middy silhouette (left) by Kate
awa.y is a drip-dry cotton with permanently pleated full circle skirt. ieparkte Mid07.
blouse has squared bow tie at rounded collar and two patch pockets at waist. Wmhalae'
ton that takes touch-up with an iron (right) is low-torso line cotton-plaid. This F P.vwr.
design has solid-colored hip-line, solid cuffs and Pbtet Pan collar. It's ahown here in ma
and-copper plaid.

S. *: L*~ .. 4


~I" ..~ kar 41taE'-bIg1wvslIrt 'C V"I5, 1~g~ A~'~4~ 441~4~T,




,- -




.eWnToumen ......... 8:o a.
AndVmt D ........... *:30
irsm j Davl ...........14:4e
Asin AmmsUll ......1: M
Armless bHMu .......l: I
? ..........U:**u@ ...........15:0e
,ae.-uifula ...U19p.m.

S........... 1:1
. .
Atg'uq 3: .. 3:4 l


Leaves Tocumes .........71:0t am.
Arrivs Chanulba ... 5:0.
Laens Chasgual el .... I:50
Autre. Velan ......... *;a
Leaves Vla ..........I:0
Art7yn D M ........... I :15
I, te. ai ...........10:4

rrM T .......1:1 p.m.
I __ __*

PLlOHT No. 1 FLIMT No. 2

. ........

ca ..... 1






Leave Toemaen ........ 8:0 a.m.
ArrivesDavd ........... 9:M
14 s David ...........h1.1
Arries Armelles ......10I 0
.Lmaves Armnuel .......ISM45
Ardv" Changuinoal .... 11:3
ivews Changulnoas .... 12:0
0eies Bsmu .......... I:; p.m..
Leaves Boln ...........13:10
AIrrives Ceta l .......... 1:40
IteVes Col6 ........... 24
Arrhives Toeamea ....... 3:M


"ftn--- --
Arives DavD .........
Arrives Atnuae .
ALeies BAm sle. .... i
SAu. we I4N5vl ....

i ,UDavl. ..........
ALWsa seomB-S.. 0|
LM-- Mmu~r .:.itf

" .P
*'*- I


Leaves Tocumen ........ S0M am..
Arrives Coen .......... 8:3
lasv C, 6n ..I....... 1: I
Arrim -sBca .......... :0 |
ILave smgos ........... if ,.
Arrive Chausuelaia .... I
Leave Chaflgaela
ArrIt Angotea ....... U.
Leaves Aeuncefa ...... 1*32 p.l
Arrives DaTfd .........
LeamTo Duv n ....... 1. 8
Arrvsea Teusenm ....... .iN |



Leaves Temm .....
Atrive Dom .......

.As ...
eavAe Dav ........

A '~



.$ j .4eco
that ws her


A l


.lt bi*i Cti. Inaii K





- i-- -1101,11,40



- ------

----- ~~---- ;-;--

L '- L r


. ):;:

, .;... .e-., 1 .:. .. ". ,



"' '* .-'-r ;" "-'- li4


.io., .. ..

LOVES HIS WORK-Jerry Mook, usher at the Hollywood A TASTY CAKE-Diver Bill Tinsley shows a birthday cake CROSBY AMD QUEEN-Jeia WMoorehead of Santa Moile, I
Bowl, talks with singer Nancy Stevens before a concert. made of shnmp and seaweed to one of the porpoises before is crowned "Miss KNX",.1 Cary Crosby, Bing's son and a THE INDIAN SIGN-This model is wearing hand-woven t
He, like 99 other ushers, works for nothing. Listening to going down .in tank to feed it to him. Cake is for the first singer in hs ows right, Jeaawas chosen by dppsaArt les i chaa, adapted from an ancient Inca style. Pants are i
music is reward enough in itself, according to Jerry. birthday celebration ofMarineland at Plgs Verdes, Cal. neaspapP e'^tion'sth Atapte f .rom a.matadqr's.,Niw style comes froi Tucson. t

NE OFTHE WORLD'S great nagidan doesn't wea.a-top hat or keeps behind the scenes as he works to solve problems that will event
.w wave a. wand,-yet the tricks he performs change the lives of every ally benefit his audince-the consumer. Such a magician goes under the
Ameri his. This magician is the steel industry, which'ttansforms iron name of the South Works plant of United States Steel, a veteran of 75 S
H H B^ i **/ / \ ^."^' ore, limestone and. coke into finished products that the average family years in the business. This plant takes ore off the Great Lakes boats and
couldn't do without. He's too busy to wait for any applause for his produces the raw material of steel production, molten iron. There are
efforts, because there's always another bit of legerdemain he wants 31 open hearth furnaces, three Bessemer converters, three electric fur-
.1.NSaP ,

Shouldn't do without. Hes too busy to wait for any applause for his produces the raw material of steel production, molten iron. There are

I4;, am

Ore boats unload at docks. World's third largest steel mill is "breadbasket" for city. Ladle pours 100 ions of melton iron and scrap into. hearth.
:, ,,A..-

NO DANOGEWl S TANK-A new type of synthetic rubber fuel tank is examined by
two aircraft wofktpn at a Portsmouth. England. plant. Tank, which is reinforced Uith
nylon, 1s le .likmly to break open nd cause Are in event of a crash or forced landing

- afied"

4. a.. ~ -

'-. r ", B. 1 *' ".. s "' "- '" -" .
,.min~~mm~b.,wp.* m~pscs

~L~~~tt-~-rL _.~-LLj,


S ant] Od therwse
" .-'oc t

By Stars

Mf. Julian F. wareIton who arrived In Pasi lasut
month with her haskd, the United States AmsmadeWr, wab
the gn f bener today at a lovely Imanheon tedrwM at the
Union Club by members ofthe'lnter-Amuerican Wommea Club

sual. 'Mejoraa'
estival Starting
t Town Of Guarare
One of the most* Interesting of
festivals staged in the Interior
.mmunities of Panama star to-
ight Guarare. It reached 'its
o-man Saturday and Saonday
ut counties through Tuesday.
le eeasn is the seventh an-
ual Mejortna Music Festv al
cih coincides with pst r onal
east of the town.- .
The affair is highlighted by the
competition among the mejorana
e who gathe"f'fin many
unroudlng towns, including Odu
d Las Lajas, Las Tablas. Men
lay native-made guitar-l-i k e in-
truments to accompany the sing-
gof te mejoranas. The mejo
ama, like the Panamanian 'dci-
a' is a sinle form of folk mu-
se, its words often composed on
e spot to hail some visitor, or
onor a friend.
Other types of native folk mu-
ic, including tamboritos, c U m-
bas and tunas are also played for
dancing during the festival But
e mejorana is unique to t h is
section of the Las Tabis peninsu-
Tonight Queen Chiqul Lopez will
be crowned at a gala ball.
Tomorrow there will be fir e-
works, more dancing and a pro-
cepsiop honoring Our Lady of Mer-
cy, patron Saint of Guarare.
Starting at 1 p.m. Saturday the
festivities move into a higher tem-
po with singing dancing and the
mejorana ball at 9 p.m. closing the
Folkdancing starts early Sunday
at a a.m. with group s from Los
Santos, Aguadulce, La Akain, Pa-
jarilla, and San Jose planing to
take part.
At 0 a.m. there is the grand
parade in which the Queen and
others through the streets on dec-
orated floats fashioned from na-
tive' earts and drawn oxen.
Musicians and revelers on foot
accompany the floats.
In the afternoon there is ama-
teur bullfighting and at 7 p.m. a
,big tanborito ball, besides in for-
mal dancing everywhere.
On af
cleaning ehtreeittasistwd? by
more bulfighting an parading,
then other shows and al gender
al dancing to close the feast.
Visitors who enjoy simple folk
festivals arranged by country peo-
ple for their own pleasure are wel-
come at Guarare. The people are
hospitable. There are cantinas in
e town, and "delicatesse' or
wo serving food, but no h6tel.
As private homes are usually
ooked far ahead, those to drop
the festival usually spend the
it at.Santa Clara, or Penono-
e, Chitre, or Las Tablas. It is
asible to' see something of the
festivities in one day, by. getting
very early start and getting
ome late.
rs. AtkfliN- Returniag
e State d Sunday
.Mrs. John Atnson, who h1as
the house guest of Col.and
Mrs. E. A. Cleve of. Aeon wirt
be returning to her home in Gret-
na. Louisian, on Saunday. M r-s.
Atkinseo is Mrs. Cleve's sister.
She has spent the pat three weeks
on hie Isthmus,
Doctors Wives
To Picak At Taboga
I The Doctors' Wives' Club will
l eave Radman Pier 3 at ,9 a.m.

"The Male Animal" directed by
Adela Bettis. The play runs six
nights, all next week.
James Thurber and Elliot Nu-
gent cooked up the show which
ran forever-or almost when
presented 48 BroadwaY.
At the Theater Guild's Ancon
showshoR, Len Worcester w ill
have the comedy's leading role.'
Others tak i part i t-e iun on-
stage Yre y Wibfr,. Frank
Plencner, Channing.Grigsby, Kay
Brabender, Jobw' MTaggart; Na
tale Worcester, Bruce UrIch, Lin
nette Tomlinson, .Cynthia M a t-
thews; J6o Grills and o'r ton
Per tickets, call Mrs. Medinger
at Balboa op.,Mrs. Worceitce
at the Axerican Embassy, Pana-
a '-0010. In the evening, Balboa'

Diplomats' Wives Plna

One of the first big. parties of
the fall season wfll be a gala "pa-
per ba ". planned by wives of dip-
lomata to raise fMunt for the nee-
dy children's Christmas.
Costumes Of paper wfll high- n
light the ev.enn d the benefit
a ir at* the Union Club will pre-
sent many unusual entertainment
Diplomats' wives are already
hard at work selling tickets at p
per person.
The date is Oct. 15 a Satur-
Dr. Carlos Aroeemen
Feted Last NU I t
At Tes aWIaW r -
Dr. Carlos Arosemena A., who
has been serving as the Secretar-
ry of the Ministry of Foreign
Relations was the guest of honor
at a testintmial dinner last night.
He has resigned his pOst to return
to the practice of his profession.
Monday Musieale
Enjys Gathering
The Monday Musicale met at
the home of Mrs. C. J. Genis last
night for a very enjoyable evening
SMe. 0. E. Jorstad,, pesidet,
conducted a short business'meet-
aing followed by a program' arrang-
edby Mrs. Genis, program chair-
Miss Barbara Gegg sand three
soprano solos: "The Rose by Clo-
key; "Someday" by Friml, and d
Schubert's "Ave Maria."
Mrs. R. A. Edmondson and
Mrs.' Genis played two Hunga-
rian Dances by Brahsm. I
Following the meeting light re-
freshments were served.
Those present were Mesdames
MeLeod, Brown, Ebdon, Rnkin,
Purvis, Genis, Edmondson, Math.
leson, Donaldson, Nelso Whi t-
lock, Jorstad, Watson, Mtattison,
Cristobal Emblem C(lb
Ea j6ys andwark- Social
Cristobal Emblem Club 51 held
its September social Tuesday eve-
ning at the Elks Home- Brasos
The occasion was enjoyably
spent doing handwork for the ba-
raar which is ,to be held Sunday
afternoon, Oct. 23.
Pries. were won by Mrs. Vera
Fagerberg, Mrs. Dotha Cougher
and Ers. Charlotte Tully.

next, Wednesday for a trip to. Ta.: Delicious refreshments e r e
bose on a YTB, or sea going tug. served. from .a table beautifully
lox lunches will be, provided, decorated with red roses. The hos-
and members planning to partici- ses' were Mrs Billie Crump and
pato are advised to bring swim Mrs. athleen Timble, a member
suits and cameras. For reserva- of Balboa EmblemC Olub 49.
tions, call Mirs. E. C. Sweeney, Thosq. prmeat wert:
Rodman 3731. Mrs. Helen Crowell, Mrs. Fanny
I I -- Kaplan, Mrs. CArlotte tull y,
Theater Gum'sa Mrs. Dotha Cougher, Mrs. Marium
'Te Male Awlmar White, Mrs." Ve r a Fagerberg,
Plays Next Week Mrs. Geanne Beasen, Mrs. Jean
Opening ight is Moday for the Van Der Hayden, Mrs. Gerry Ce.
theater G d's new comedy y lueci, Mrs. Kahterine Trimble, and

New Epsopal Church, Hall To Be

Inaugurated Sunday At Margarita

Opening services at the newly- E. 0. Hauke Co. geenral con-
constructed church and parish tractors.
hall at the Episcopal Church of ______
at. Margaret at Margarita, will
be held on Sunday. A a

The Church School will meet
at 8:80 a.mi. with Hebert 0. Eh-
elkeo as superintendent. At 9:30
a.m. the service of Holy Commu-
no will .be cebrat preased
by the blessing of the altar. A
pecial service of thanksgiving
Will be held at 3:00 p.m., open
to the general' public.
BiLshop R. HeberG Ooden will
dedicate the buildings and
preach the sermosxmalated by
clergy cG the isthmus and the
priest-In-catge, ReY. Milton A.
e uolor choir of the curch
Our avfour under the direge-
Of MrM4 D .Xmon cook-
eyensomgsand the sansesa: T'he
Nsvef Are Declaring" by pee-
A rMcI M vwill follow the
er"t"e' a ul hai. The

fix.. S03. ...f ;<

B, .A P. w. ... ...:
50.3 a

13~~ A arn

irs. BWillie Crump.
Tile Zmbmle Chb't October
m-tIn" Wll l1 Oct. 4.
*a a Celebrnte
' Mr. and Doald Huipluany
of the' ta ie were hots on
Tuebay in iant a lmtrmal
supper and dance observing the
14th birthday at their son, Donald.
Beefed To Sa1 i
Atlantic riders booked, to sa- l
northbound on the Critobl. in-
clude Mr. and Mrs. John E.-Hnolt
and Mr. and Mrq. Bu Rice,
The Holtz wil vncati in Okla-
honia, the Ricsh. in .eor ta.

sub soIIf

Me be
e.tald to ww ec

Rainbow talatife Saturday
Balboa Assembly No. 1, Order
of th Rainbow for 'Girls will hold
an Installation of Officers en Sat-
urday at ,7:t p.m. in theS Ih
Rite Temple, Balboa.
-The public is invited.
Balboa Wmea's Beard ,
_M NeAt We&iWjy
The Balboa Women's Club will
hold a board meeting Wednesday,
at 8 a.m..
The meeting will be held at the
home of the president, Mrs. Vada
Pence, Height s Road, Balboa.
Parais Ctlie Counell
The Paraiso Civic Council will
hold a meeting tonight'in the
science room of the ; Paraiso
School at 7:30. .
Listed on the agenda are: Te-
port of shirtsleeve conference,
heaters M-old quarters security
program and security sogans.

Louisville Acquires

Burro Populdon

Louisville acquire an unusual bur-
ro population because Wilam M.
Cisse wanted a pair of the "mon-
tain canaries" as pets for- his chil-
Cissell asked his firm's New
Mexico distributor, Phillip Voss, to
round up a couple of burros in the
Jemez Mountains near Albuquer-
Voss found rounding up the wild
burros'hard going at first, but after
a few weeks he managed to trap
two in small corrals near water-
holes. Meanwhile word had gotten
around that Voss wanted burros,
and Mexicans and cowhands began
bringing them in. Before he knew
It, he had 22 of the animals.
-Voss loaded all-2a on a truck and
brought them here. Some. are on
exhibit near Cissells plant, the
rest are stabled at the state fair
Cissell,. meanwhile, is busy try-
ing to .find Kentucky homes for 22
burros. He has one good bet in
horse-conscious Kentucky-.any
thoroughbred horse are fond of
the. borrns and some racig sta-
bles keep them around as mascots.


CHICAGO -(UP)--Sixty-two per
cent of the alcoholics who received
treatment in. 1954 from Portal
House, Chicago's, non-profit treat-
ment center, showed improvement,
the organization said. .



Tthe Juo t.,- m
alp 14
ts II- -- *
T-ev-W* a-Onveeiiiabavar

DEVIL DANCEIS anmd MUSICIANS highlight the annual "me-
jorana" festival of msitc at Otaarrd.. "'The' "diablitos" rang-
ing the atvts or tri attractAve cattle' and salt town in the
tI-erler rbvewear-grotesqoe inasks made by a native crafts-
Sma- 'brightly oqjored macaw feathers. complete the devils'
headdreas... In the bottom oicture'are two singers with home-
made guitar-like instruments t pical- of those played to ac-
company 'the mejorana songs. Prizes are awarded to the best
.singers.ancA composers, 'he festival start tomorrow, continues
through Tuesday.

the new meeting place
of the late crowd!
midnite to 4:30 a.m.

the new "KING
of the KEYBOARD"
plays for
your pleasure
with his
(Nightcap on the house at 4:30 a.m.)
also plays 10 -* a.m. Sun., Tues., Wed., Thurs.



Sailing from Cristobal on September 26, 1955
General Cargo will de Accepted for


ON OCTOBER 3, 1955 j
.Oeneral Cargo will be Accepted for:

Wilford & McKay, Inc.
Jsnle Bl iCriMteal, C. Z.
S 1migIMi: CBUISMAL: UN 160 5Us

.-f6wtwt ^ ^ didw

the well-heated new guest house
on Nielsen's ranch, arose before
6 a.m. and staggered the appe-
tites of other members of the
presidential party with a break-
fast menu of fried mush cakes
with gravy, scrambled eggs, beef
sausage, beef bacon, grapefruit
juice and coffee. *
Mr. Eisenhower capitalized on
leftovers for both the mush
cakes and the gravy. He made
the cakes from cornmeal batter
prepared Tuesday and the gravy
was made from chicken drin-
pings saved from Monday night.
The President. meanwhile,
was taking a back seat In the
Izaak Walton department to his
valet. M. Sgt. John Meaney, who
pulled a pound and one-half
trout from a pool in St. Louis
Creek Tuesday.

TY. wth CALUMWT-the do .
fting baking powder, w
Four baking is sure to corm
Out perfect, light and luscious
yMI Gt CAL UMIT todaf,



To you whose skin is too sensitive for ordinary make-ups...

-h. E
^^^^L *- ^^

Ur *;
*i ;


SFabulous new face make-up

actually beauty-treats your skin!


.^' * "M-
i '*'*.


^S .

Why is Revlon's "Touch- gives your skin the' tender streaks, never looks unevrea
and-Glow"' liquid make-up glow of color, the all-but- Today, discover Revlon's
changing the sWake-up habits flawless texture your skin new liquid beauty treatment,
of millions? Because it's takes on by candle glow. iouch-and-Glow" so
more than a's a Never masky, never greasy, economically priced Har-
scientifically-blended beauty never dryin... '"foch-and- monizing Face Power.
formula to soften, smooth, Glow'; liquid make-up gives
actually protect your skin. your skin a aMamray flawless 4 .
The secret is Revlon'sgood- finish!
for-your-skin Lanolite, won- Choose from fabulous

drous new emollient developed
exclusively by Revlon chem-
ists... and found in no other
Beauty experts describe
"Touch -and-Glow's" effect
as a candlelight look-be-
cause "Touch.and-Glow!l

complexion-colon ... or a
new colorless shade, for those
women wJo prefer the nut-of-
doors, .maspintely natural
look. New m Tao ow"
makes powder cling Mtirally
Aon alogwe, ,ir's so bless-
edly eay to p -nevyer

A' ,(


-U -.

.tL L, 4, J 4i t a o P mea ... 2.0740 O 2.0 74,. uw. 9W00 a e a

gik CciY

Ike Shows Coo0gking

,rieo Mush (ak s Y MRS. MURIEL LAWRENCE It is a great strain on Eddie to
S.J judge Ws Wright. For the, lik
.ASER Colo., 1 e 2 ) 2SCHOOL has opened So from you, is aB adult. He's not accusato-
-Presldent Eisenhower o- heron Until your Eddies new med to judging adults. He's used
Ing he mora i to t her-pupil adjustments have to adults who judge him. He' sused-,
ng the mres nno ide been made, you may be hearing to total trust of them. He's used tal
of the early fall,\sh d his l comments lke these: "M Sthinking that everything they .
cooking versatilIty with left- Wright talks too much.... She said a say is perfect.
overs yesterday by turn out a t was my Job to listen, not hera to A chlds anxious and discoura.L
haturest and'sr breakfast feR- edplain.... He's always saying ed dment of his teacher reflected
turning fried mush takesOV s.he!%- going to see kids parenU.... his fear of judging us.
with chicken. t gravy. he esolds you in front of every- o.W G t ,
Sbody.. How do I know why she KNOWING this, we also know,
The temperature dipped to 13 p ek, on me?.. You never know what to do with his anxiety anC
degrees just before dawn at whn she's going to jump on you." discouragement; We.say, "So 1maiw
Fraser, the "nation's icebox," These disapproving comments Wright jumps.s an kyu tor no r'e
but a bright sun. warmed it up will be made anxiously, in great son. Why does surprise yo
to 45 by nid-morning and the discouragement so? Didn't I myself, jump on Yom
President again headed for his yesterday for' no reason? Didn L r
favorite trout stream, hoping to How will you deal with them? accuse you of losing your scarf b&;
improve his poor luck of Tues- With indignation at the Miss fore you had a chance to pull ip
day. Wright who is adding to your pro- out oftyour p6cketV?yhMs Wright'!E
blems? With sympathy for the not so different front me. .She
The nippy weather also In- child ex posed to her short- jumps on you because sheassab
spired the President to start'comings? With soothing reassur- ed you're going to be a ead boy.4
painting a new landscape lea- ances that he doesn't "know" her jumps on you because she's Ia,
turning the snowcapped peaks yet? ed you'd lost your scarf. GrwC
surrounding the Byers Peak These-are Ineffective forms of are like that. Somnetimes'.hy'r
Ranch of Denver businessman treatment. reliable; sometimes thytre'j t.'r
Akael Nielesen, where he is stay- To help Eddle, we identify Mis
ing. He temporarily laid aside FOR it just looks as though Ed- Wright's shortcomings with: ou/
an unfinished portrait of an die were discouraged by Miss own.
unidentified "peasant t y pe" Wright's refusals to "explain." It That's how we make then fam
woman. just sounds as though her threats liar, acceptable, commonplace.
to tattle on him caused his anxie- No indignation, no sympatHy, new
The President, meantime was ty. But these are misleading ap- soothing reassurances touch
receiving regular reports on the Dearances. Eddie is unset because die's real problem-fear of hh
troubled. Argentina situation but he has to judge Miss Wright. own resentment. .at the shbr
ithe temporary White House left Only if we know this can we deal comings thie Sacred Race d
all comments to the State De- effectively with his anxiety and Adults. It is healed only by our ref
apartment. discouragement. fusal to be sacred ourselves.
Th,-chief ekcutie~. 'sn,~ua In

I -- mmmm"

, -- .




lb." /*!


-rp mI i. .* .

* I. -

... .. :.. .a .
or a '.-----.. .. ... .. -..,... .....

f:exas ArtzWoa

*-2 v'.
%F. .

- ~I~ .



1414' ^^ ^
*A--. TMB
i 6
r nimddllA

'<0 w

* 4
(' S.,

~ -aA

faraiso Sports

W- .
I'.1. AL60o

4^'i l

The Alleys...

.~~ 1I.

uTAMING a beun her pawere Devils a dark hofte.
BWon 2 ianEe ly.t the Claton Bowl- Tex. jrtr gra'"dua, aly,
Red Bear ......... r h i Y .s l a s de tw, .men *o started'n
.lueJays... ........2 lifDtIat. Fo e rt th4 -
oa ? at rea. pos.t ? .oronama noS2 a the' lSn b sh;
*.daua ............".... t geoft 8. Most valuable player "f JA
Thete ........,,...... 5 ..o.f. spl T quarterback Jess e Whit-
rt o" tre. -tA BUlD Thegue l. li of its telnlon, etf od protect anfrom
m urita lean lrs wee. hevs t6ado. t sanctioned- byh aUsand Jim o ckte
grmader s eanj p m orlea 0n -..Junior-_qwlig, ongress o;-- l,-ei Geor-- He has a fine
t S t ohe Ble l ..8 thtna l stall n in the Ca. P ted John H..
A Z-the Red sesr.rth btraliht- For algiirtr, tI keommiend
w.t ta S.twe abeingsponsor of -IWg
: to 11 o 611 Ai col- 40 vteV
-.. .. t.S tin 61th. AAA rou' fp; form tiasr, is
S anta- Crux won in a thrlling 3attmi0, 03 AAA Bn; A amothe,. rcea.
0 leeer at over Ranlw m 1ty Battery, t903 AAA BnD; B Atty At Htardin-Slmmons,B nh has,
M iat 15 mulnt"of,. 4AEBn; C' Battery 764th fittingly a- pasobr, Ken- Ford,' a
*I -or -and ktraleo e A"..;i"d Recon Gmpany; .ong i 6naU i be st fresh-
. ..... "'dF wh e a h "d the. t. laytot Officer mail l opera n the Chi-
S' tocaptureo lhe nterach0oo wlwvClub. .,.-- M-. pIth_.=
soccr 'league"c U.shouldcome om the six-six. u-
I. fSanta Cm had lost th.T AL i mading the league are: chetts poqnud.tacle John WiedeW.
po an cd ar. %e wu."" hve Zthi, ig h i boysae of 174; Frank Kimb ug, with nine re-
*Nuadnn Cac l Kathy Miax high gir game of tUnig t'are, soiul have has
oth the juniormd the nor 1,; hetyMur,l highb e boys av- sMe
Smnu'A a sfotter-QaartArbak.u
in the Partino' k w aikstal ft; and a end ql obby Covington are a
=- e. ME i erls Vr of e oodLbg m teryntheBufrAoe T
"in. Snta t Avvdd:-t-'-


M0c, --I--

- ILa.
5:U3 T: O ;

.(fl. "m 14 .Deone)

ir 7- W*I.... ,. 2 .j
'(d,.k-j .....'I .1 4
13lq 5 .1

AN.KVNw sur
A (NBA) -u


We Accept OrdeMr
For Direct CZ.
Shipments at
LTrgeo Dscopnats

The Na ral Foot
SBddy Par ker of
Mu. I



1H ft., "SPAC SHIP"...
6 ,


~~UWAW @!R -,





Tweh of a Eie

LUBOK, Tex. (LNEA),-Te .
s* im rzna and Txu West- y
Cqa*gUfcechampion-5 LEADWO
4f t, definitely ca- w(ame on no
'. R.title t" i rogh
an da l-set, are Arlzso aTION
mi. aat,
imad r T. ~F ayer, Club
o b e the lAs'bu, P
S-their tiro*aest toam MA s.y N.Y. 14if
is especially fast. A s.z. 181
hig r ts l is'pt. C. 15 1
n ea s o nst allay in moat re- AM M tW I
New Mexico A. and M., numa- aline, D ft. 140 f11. 41
being workhorse .fullback Ga7ry ,ow6r,_ SX t ..- 219
Walton. among five returning Kil, Chiu 1 2 41, !i- 1
starters, Is making definite prog. Mtlte,-N.Y. 11 Je .206
ress, but I doubt that the Aggies Kuenn. Dot, 142 60m .306
will be able to catch up with an -
improved field this autumn. O l '/
We're welcue three new MayA, no w.*--- -s
coaches, Dan Devine at Arizona Rluuasewki Redlpgs. 471
State; Sammy Baugh at Hardin- BalnkltCuM ......... 44
Simmons and Tony Cavallo at nlider. Dod9gN .....**** 4
New Mexico A. and '. Baugh, the Post adlM ........... 39
passing eat of Texas Christian M tWo, Erksw........ 3
and the sahingtdn Redskins,..was
In associate coach at Hardin- RU BAID' 1
Simmons for two seasons.
In the order that they finished anl3" r,_,o ....,. ..
a year ago, this is how I look at e.i... ...*
the clubs: St1 i ****n I .. 4
Texas Tech must replace three tS iT13 .... 4.
starting backs and beth ends. But
with quarterback Jack Nirkpat- tih
rick, the circit'is most valuable
OI bteVerd from a ankle .in, o erka ...m D.
Gory.and teaming with twice All .. i
Conference ftUllback Jim Sides. 1, akee @ .,@...
the split T backfield should again 11oe, Turs ......
be peet. @.!fe ease
T, Tkle Jerry Walker, most popu- l
r ehoile for All-Oonfrence last aloh
ybar, would be the standout line- XliTne rs ....... 13*
man on any team in the antion. laP W R,Rpedlews ... 190
There's fair depth exepet at ends. z, ......4* 186
Arlsona State has a whale of a Asdu, U e. ,,....... 1#8
guard in Ali Conference John a iaW jtcgrm ...'*se.. l1
J*kans &nd a standout end in pW, Atfilef .... 1
Gqne Mitqham, Just out of the
Hovi. sveftn returning -starters fl
A ho makba tha multi, r nla

Qrflf Dbgr Aly Not

OWf For Shor Senis
r :

S. .- gA T BT N rfous am.ey. No oth- National S. .- e. l I
Sr atd theBrooklyn bra at cn nation. '

loraluiee was taek n wnen the Dosers fle w vantage-the one coming into the who t .th
de.a a meap. St. Ia ,r e victo'.. serie. immediately after winning .b.l tho' 2 1

' e w "* *a s t '.i t '", .

aIno, loves' bampaigd.m 'm "Mnt L IIIIaImilItlI // a
.,*, up___b__f the *olft in I tl
ta.x ." ,er, e_. "" "" ,.. 11 ] 'ji" i" n

r adnmf m i wod -.( w t t doB aitt adI, 41oond waueh tlt cth

Stt m l t *_ .p a.4[ !. e iueay m e tuw~ on yl o agdu lesren t ead .n 1 gr mo-e. t o Ihrtw t en l *
| .O ,*e nloe wound

an isa time. frsrie- wo-by he, lu '. -'' "".
iRA-ION. ""-ad'ous o"dootheatoa i .e

SandyAmoco, Jacie hae itspitebug rtato h a
PeterinC~De ~~ (~ Issn, Do Honkand on lm-rep h aae ol rf

K.~~~~6 M______A~i Mlakebwla~tmsVle&l
4';d _____ h ros O utoe~unto gi a lL T a~
= gaelaevenhilthe~bleth-j,~jin ashu men. Y

PLER IFPS U lees wre ig~p ~ c~q30

* ',

.4 .

inni~m.. .m&U


? ~ k'

- 11 -

p.. ...


.,S .




,, ^ ^ -.? .*.' "" ".* '.: "
-. -- / ." -I .7'
:, >

**" "- *:-" v ^ 4v.mY -
"._ '. ;. *
.. .. .. i


-- ---

I *".



-- '- ^. .. .. ., ', t. 1J "

S .' '-


.., '~

-' I .

o; ; -se


-. .
J..- 3,

. I.


mtf to .the
UK#*%h an

t. v

tffb Wllie 0ho tir
Ito 'ta *i 'O~ m ,' w

er~br hto|is t og
DoUddle? d afour-bth

Ted KIusM ski ulamnied h;

uzBn -- W*W qMUwuw.aa -w*

J lad r,Oa sMWig.ll~t
IPro anlesumes 3
I~Va lash re-
Wa. Nick-'

06 TO" i DYarU-M .


UCLA Six-Point Favorite

Over Marieand; Illinois

Piked' Over California

w~amsLrasr .

mt. S..-

- S -
I 0 -...

1min Um
And (
a w |

and Na over Wiliggi

lows is favored am

,.-. .1M

Is a auui
son, a wi
Ie and a


sw overW asourU. umUMU am sI-
niaR. Notre Daie Is favored by
six over Southern MetodlEs.
Other team f*va by 4
points are CoIumblt'b r Browl
...Princeton over Rutgers...and
leamson over Virginia.
Seov-point fevs rI tiff are
Pena tate owver dtn Univer-
sity ... Missiippi ov*r. Ken-
tueky ... Geoi Tech over
Florida... Gorg ovar Vander-
-bilt ... snd Arkansa over Ok-
lahoma A-and-R.
Teams favored to win by 13
ont are Minnesot ovet Wash-
on... Texsover Tuane ...
W hington State over KEa
...Pittbu h over Syracuse ...
Northwestern over Miami of
Ohio. .. and Staord over Ore-
gon State. Fourteen- t fa-
vorites a ce over Alaba ...
and Holy Cross over Temple,..
Colorado is favored at 10
point over Arhiona...and Wls-
eonat at 19 over Mrqutte.

ou s. upoe-powumt vuw, amr
Tmas Tech over Texi chris-
...Michigan State over In-
. s.. .and ?Mi.iqpi State

Along The Fairways

The Summit Hll Golf Club
Tournament chairman has on-
nmoued a Ringer tournament
whi ll start Saturday and
ontlnup until Nov. 19. TheRi-
er wille called the iPaul Jones
Ringer," and 'primes, of .Paul
Jones Whiskey will be awarded
the winners. This tournament Is
being sponsored by Paul Duran.
The rules for th ternament
will be the same as used in the
Vast Ringers. Any late changes
wl be publshe on club
bulletin board. This i n lnt
of a series of club touroment
after the vacation season with
mtany mo e to follow In puep"ra-
tion for the "inter ClV Beer


Rocky Ponders Retiremen

Following Richest Victor
U^ ___ ___ ___ ___



Greats in HO RPadio

mot -oth B tfM^.bri new she* b adsf
I a ou t a Is ad
coldW" iBIlksatut.M., h3 w ionl

oRuth Bmabe Ruth whi rleam s lt
into hia Ons dl .yl, li grapk.... .
on la t hll tars stream* It
inM dmaown sIu e.. -r iat rda w Ge n
AI ts w this fi

ney fight. Arrangemeatl had been
made or Tunney to motor to Phi-
ladelphla from the .camp in
Str*ldshurg, Pa. for the -welgb-ln.
Gratland Rice was-rtanding
talking t- Blikard when someone
a Sup..d raid,. "'Heard the
latest, Tez? We Just got word
that Tunney's flying nato town."
this year. before UAdbergh's
flight across the Atlantic, the
mention of an air plne tide on
the day of tUp first t. o amllon
dollar fight I history was enough
to turn a. liht promoter's hair
Lter Tunney told Rice how
stunt flyer Casey Jones had talked
him into a 5 minute trial hop. But
once airborne a. thing for pr e-
vented a landing, so Jones took a
compass reading and headed for
Philadelphia. The 80 mil.trilp took
&a hour and a half. Ald On; the
day that big fight, the noet is
on n Tann s e
the young baoer was s
he had to seak into the weigh-
in and thensneak out and off to
a bide-out to avwd thy. pss.
In another bmdcads of ."The
Orantland Rlee tory narrator
Jimmy Powers tells a eut d IMs
tore Anmy-Notrt Dame game
that Rice attended at Ebbets Field
in 123. With only sideline passes,
Rice and his. company, "rl '
Thorne, former Yale gridiron cap-
tain, had to watch the game from
the rim of the pla fld 1 a
wild end run the Nre Da'e
backfield, eonis i pr'rr
Stuhldreher, ai D ol, en
Miller and an
off the plae 11
knees as at
car se
worsWI than a r. a .
They% Mw a stWa
WEIL ea i M

Previously unrelated anecdotes
like theforegoin ar contained in
every episode ot '"The Grantland
Rice Story" new rdlo show heard
each Tuesday and Thursday at 6
p.m. on station HOG. Starring ace
Mug, Club Championship and
others too numerous to mention.
Pries for th Paul Jones Ringer

wore, 10-16,

Mal. ....- 8n .

40--o "

(Niglt ta de)
St. L0 00 O01 0M4,, 1S B

R ci7- /.00. 'and
3urbu.l ,
Brooklyn at PhfladelpIha

troth. ..a -
MWrlows (1-0) tu4 N

_________" '10*9 Pitt's John Micheloses

W U. P 'Coach-O fW-Wee
S* ***e -MO. --*3

*-* ._ nn .,, ., ,o..n .,ia-t sad di r ogtr s ada. l
lqtII a' w a.._ far ML4 In 4 .h w

w *. vi'll5I .]-,

Rare Stories About Sportbg


T Pweris., th.
wtd from h"th
I ," Grant-

the radio how
TuN1qy, almost
i teroator Tex
. It hAppend the
ao -*

S...n v.-
.who had ipear4d
,ori n A lit atON o~f,

o earnr I% the
o a a- hmmWe-

ar a ges i drew the
S la yea.. s,-

Isrw Issa QL
#4 I a saae todhaf e
Theatre network televisin drew
an estimated 1,15,000 ro
some =00000 tni in 1s theatre
Sit a ie nl Ad tte ra-
000. TOW0 rne dtoit arle M-

low thG e reaptu for.the fwed
Jack Domw 2 ly fight
oThe n lasd the crowd
for hi "battle of dead be.
tween hevwegted.mpoa Roc
L and W h.tmWpT r1se
Schie reCaptud some of the
ring laslck glamor 1 the roar-

not at ake-m Roe'i, b
teau eseh a d above

-etg oto de" t s,

d eee isp and uttl-
w Sae the I M
By put kept mab PO fas.

But Roeky kept* Isbebag o

thisa. .
Swjas ll iumph
nlficont nat l becausee of the
surpri margin but because the
aim sd todtrains siillar wt the
PittAearesu.of the late Dr. Jock
Sutherld. These thing stood
1. A sup groud ae wth
174 yards ain u o 8
for C"irn.
LA eebbaie of e single

:h w e hook that h1
It was Me's M defeat
a pro-
And wais bthb acceOll
deb"am eI the wtie b Om
Jersey,a Je WaWtU Is I .
Mooe, .whoe sht eye was
conpietely closed at the ftlilhb
said Marcaim w the stageii
Fighter hA ever m. e said he
wasn't sure the ca was te
haudIest kittr be ever ied, "but
he er ly it hord enough."
Arhbi lkso reeeivtd b W 0est1
payebeck-about 01,30.
Wtltout ovtem,. said he
wou! lur tt qfffltockyire,
Be ws" uet if- W
turn to his own class and make
another defuse of iNs crown

SHI is owa to

aI wblkz og aide,
eint soity oe
wou t.tod iepCl-
"al b asy bi2 W. to I
alls i o

dnel mW- zearid
To4don -iz ,E top 10, 0
home aAv -1e! li" ;
Weai Virgin," he s w "

we)* A DIA ck
f arbaro S tawyn In
Robert kmlttne n i

'j'j f

I ar til lA o a

iilog= iM i

<: *m W ar


1 -



' Cr'~


,at& W -o

ll-NhA KalwoB-B :11A

i~ri-angethis yer' A.C.
^Pfd't 'e.r= R Hrr.J. Poster, p.

isM d C A.tBoM 0
Ef~wiee byatodawfotan
Ew sL'o ...
jute abl coachn f al
ituarr this yoa'sA.O. teate may
.,. C,'s bs


LA~T~be. de, A: D n' ,


.K.. an ama mod

announced today Its
mlmwl te Big Teeto
_i 9 .. -z ',t-:L -., p o" "kw tl e"n w"a d.. ....ct r ..- y .. ... ,:i "-i-*h-

.agreemLent gin the
one Communist- control THITI3TH ..A3 '-. .. ... TM B -A. S. T3MB,' 21. -985 .,
ii 11 j tht TChancellor

z! For -'Decade Of True -Peace'
chancelor announced this UNITED NATIONS, N.!, Sept. that In the H-Bomb ea the haul in this post-Stalin era o( elow Drogress -mde in disarma. IGHT DB IN- a
saow pr de
aend of a 40-dlnute gov- 22 (UP). Secretary of State wvst's power cannot longer be thermonuclear stalemate might ment negotiations. i Sun'1pan1 WatW'l MRtiof t eity
ent declaration which he John Foster jDullea today called ued "even for bargaining par- produce a "new reaaance" f. .
to the Lower House de- (or international cooperation to poses as a usperiot weapon". peace from "these dark ages in AMlkIne, who acted for vaca-
Sie recent. Moscow ae the nxt 10 yards "the "Th hase will ie a very test- which we are condemned to tloning ambaMssdor Serget Vino- -
on-and asking approval of healing decade of true peace." ing one, Maomllan Maid. "It is live." gradov, called at the premier's
gech Palace ONL
ment to establish dip- In a 4,000 word policy peech no 'negotiation from strength Mtno Palace rdence
relations with the So- to the United Nations General but 'negotiatic from equality.'
Asmbly, Dus called upon RU- W mt rely on moral pow- PA pt. 22 (UP).-Pre. aent lr e
Bundestag will vote on .1, to release itt satelltea, warn- er," he said. "Material strength mler ga ure received today yeteray to Pridmnt U a-
at the end of a foreign ed that the West might not al- though essential, cannot do it Soviet Carg d'Aftreas Alex- wr and Bith Prime Min-
debate tomorrow. ways be ready to make European alone." ander Azaln. who handed him ir Sir Anthony Eden.
SUnion, urged the reunification of And he viaualized the possib- Premier MaraS. Nikolai A. e Bul Text of the letter was not i. -
Le3 A ue .rmany and demanded that ity that patience over he lon gan complalinig about the meditely published.
emet n Red China rect the use of force iMi '
r r'i: cha 'l r '

tw ad. a s a policy i instrument .
Gi 10 Bo the mot part lles Ur Whistle urderHering oo eratness
of Inte.atCoal dentiAbdu on Of Negro .Boy

bing tSSonte theOBs- aotn of P nt i ouBAdhP a .
to '.. -,nd ru r e i ,mS et'l ,h
h n elan&ou pteid Hea of tEDNAt IOSi TWee dtt ltn trom the tiwoD4 l O o -

5 Rght Ca At. Mwrd. wor AHa comr ehN mietber- mwas fommette Tll fterom
t a'ret en which he ~oM n Foster j adullea tod cateed evenfor y brgau ogpa- produce n "new re n ce", 9
SLowerou de- forn iten ote lmstaio 0 oopner nation po- s ot o*h w a t a spo. ae from "thud a a &ga Ie

; "M onam udn pMr. D otn aof sU the decade oftu e te o they had e eat. aat t, the baoiri om nlive.-av, d g 's

o1ead o tey wantto" r tabt Tdp'I w, t4,000at hword waoy mt pee0h neimor wre neiotnm t ren v th to.-- .Oel.
S i ibrrel iotol wihod the GO-ito the United Nati l onsG eneread bu ne ot lat it from equal a ty.! I
l A ambly, Dulless.calledhuponRUBt h fWemus prewyenemoralrpoew-coPAMOCt.22(.Pc-Pre-a e te oineMe r

.io whtaan ehHes rCedt and I bad two boyt inga" he waUN armebed- warl W 10theTnaat near tcar Pa
Bun da estage wilT .~.ebe a to relellte, wrteial mod re t Cr Aoth er r e- e'No Wra r d.ito n't ma e ,tat n o .if.l Noon
Si deartse tomoror w. e wa l be read y to make ud ro peautn aone. r i in who handed. h temer aid the elderly N

security ONcesona to the ovetwodalo w nd utazg from Chico a te lo "e p u
td .ra. a t yoe tllfoti on o he h idr led the cl-rd a aa lky Test ofdt letter w n .e

hg. aa da wm dploay t J Mlan then told himoChevterA-m whoe Nerro uhdrr-vwater.. At MPIO 35o Sp .-- aResM p
Mr. a BAa. D. S d beadd tM yt hatP atiet wto spr thSffecifying aye Tee 1n7 by ais Wtgh 04 -a
an Me D. -t the, s mtp e wold W aus tWol thef Whistle Murder He rinesg Wi et art tnesssr t.
IT h'e /T Aeviewo t o w/ e -~d d t h as Ti ll era It e e otina d morve ewf he U Ir f
ments and conteD ir Relates Minih Abductio Of eiftoi r ,

CU .e. .t Mm nhom trahe.ta him tharoet "o ane gne th U l bodT we that of n. to coapsd the 1 -o-t'r all w oe
D Iu. bDn heIopt se Nr iea it u spe w o lL e trdayl wol ,h ,r ,

IAY eTEe' ar d oa omreensive, a Bd o n-t Td onyA e M e l an e d a n om T a
atRwere born othnolo- W a *Pie sstol-uo intredad aen-t o

rt t t th oy a by the two mn a."d the a and thererum o n _se n e nM-
I..A M..o,, n.- cdity; Hen o te tb onBig FuT r hCtne r thar lTater. tfe ture-,dim n--
n r. r. pritle u st taafoU. o. me. bssa weSfne Tale e t t hie m .,
ad h methan wbo acdgeomniedMind r oi ol th as tley go tal a m Dead t 37 Asorm wwheeh-4

the I' "WnosbdwcaCwsprtdehwa : e a.'h"deal ng. s forcases u4 I
l n. o .nM ors eof t. Ide ed poe revi l a, w ithngeAe P -shotthr ogh the hearob"" '" '.

of Wo.rt ,C o Iyton ,: le,&.and" o.. .ora;. a ..w-OLun Wthe t him w0lhre*w a

N Cit: t.anoIgo r dmont. HeB.. .. hiag Sarea. Anotwr 'perIOD p ea .,... .
; oleflatKvora't/t t o,_ be e av.1ivd t ma t u tie Tl butl let him oI ,0-0- b. -.- .. .
n w iC.8.-tyr af thb.u e wnd ei th euwo they c hey .ad ?z was tat he was sm

'be lem t of ep."Of.,. w u r a.lprova .._ .w_ t"_ m 4slfAbadtwo.o m asked .
w an as .eca tio n ohe isnitaon f m a roci ena wn p .. ,, h r

..An I n aover;m.aere be Br' mt p d o maltt boda wutake h wr eka A l. ... l a
pololey adofBynt intohiti aod.eadilter thereWwas l e g b. .
--of F... ofmotihonrehignhsecretary .w becusero "eims tseror. ti ed at whIhudt-Ia
rirgh ho.e -i, n then* h, lied n ,uwo-hd---- watrfrntnltlDim

Tuh.E". ..Eat hAEtI_ ..ha..s bile bya th two men and waadh ahAholefNobman hurricane II 401
i greater.. ne .vM the. NOVO b 0 Y a I o rise. l at r i-wta ste Jo t as

l m e n r "mmeot TiM Wright repied w wa offered by the t oo m a w-- -
tired about 1 a.m. and'an h Loc alo authorities belatedly had as evidence., ed the to turn In a als a- -
later auk, seunaded at ftdo raised a question whfetthe thoe -lambot danger toNortheast-
'" ",.I d." tu g. ia d a take zrm the river and bu- Gaorge Smith of Lefleoe County. ern t, he amid.
iMr. Bryat 1wan t to tl to red in Chicago was ttha Til, who arigially Investigated the "she was a forecaster's niAght-
,MOSSyou NaIIt he br.u. WIight d i erossesaminationshe defense ldping, testified he went to mare," Hagen said t.t him whI n he asked who so ht to shake, Iht's etif- Bryant's home about 2p.m. a "The damn thi coromsed t
Was tha*. eation of .Uthe aatm as the Aug. woke him up andbro t eneathe and then went eraS the deabductors. said he hadnt him o to his car ofr a ta l"he ad. "It slowed down
MIMsaPOO m was at the kdmo, 6e two men before b u t Ee said Bryant told him hdandstarted wobbling all around"
oowth Y l in br19ktwas eertain he two an trial were "wsnt and ptTill from those it curved out to sea aftoe
.E ~aud ad a t In- i his IR." ~a~ haof. m W ht but then helo ouad ralag ..teNorthCaroll-
m Re then poSat Bryant end I ir o ahe w= not the one and let himn TM weather bure rtu
maid e accompaetod MYlaou. y knew the body yea idettifId looe." _____ sB peolnga Wy
SE -.. Wioaterbothoram a Ralph Lane ..out.hen e

1o0 Assistant
governor Nam

.Iia ht

,raia- -..A T- .. "* -*o

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