The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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as ted. "The
eokdle W both of US
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trial on a of perjury.
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at a barbed w tence along
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When Isto the Army going to put an nMd to the epidemic of
CUrundu and Curundu Heights? This unhappy
gdhlr.t the number of jeepa trolling the area.
-lwwilln kdow enouslh to M cover at the sound
bedst, the thleves t 2 likely to follow
S path oi.theJeepa y-th are going tp sneak
t .e lds, jungle, and back yards where no jeeps will
SJeeps top in front of a .house or when one jeep
it t, he MPs carry on loud conversations in order that
voices ay be heard above the roar of the motors. Instead
i U the thieves, the thieves know pretty much whether
om aF haws seen thel -apa what they intead to do.
_tkte. Ad has not the ro rly uallfied personnel to acti
a. has no alla0 lia ti personnel, why ot
csUl spg o neIghbore the Cana Zone Pollee, to give a an1 ?
e al Zone Plice 'are wel tral ed: moreover, they make
t H w @rk a life profession; they are men of mature Judgment
M decIalve action not the average soldier serving a short
W Ih nt the Army.
_n main objective of tha preuot system appears to be to
ke the jeep in motion never look rig t or left but straight
ahea1 always la motion. Doesn't the mluary have any brave
MPs I thought our soldiers are trained to fight if necessary.
If the poat commander of the Curundu military reservation
Is w his re ponsibllity'to protect the residents of Curun-
.tuf not station a number of police on foot In the shadows?
th. eqlmat of surprise will go further In apprehending the
thi than say number of Seps.
?a t i*vent, the present scheme has not diminished the
umber of robberies, and It is about tim ethe post commander
lakowbpdge the fact and did something' to provide an effective
One WhIo b Alarmed

W.o. rr. *s
I MeI w answered In the Mal z'b t w ho m
.-levma'waee .sad one said he was a good wae the
wlts as they claim What are the doing woTf=nf
't tivoU where their pay amounts to nething? And If tey
are such ood waiters why ilt the dining room is about to ose
S abmut o e who o in there and wal froin twenty to
Si te to aet asandwich and a cup of coffee? I
MAs itlaN mon or so ago and saw with my own eyes a
,a woman sittilg and waiting while the waiter was busy
eafln| tile paper, and the man and wonma got up and left In
SDo you call that good Waer ere?
*' 3tou say I only give ten cent tips. You're wrong, I

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Peter Edson



these piping times of pease and
he ew sprlt" in relations with
Soet .us, a appraisal ja be.
i1n made of w t to maintain
A rian securlWty.
Share a number of factors
tending to make the United States
let down its guard. This is a cause
of some concern among Aeria's
alUh, who now fear Ibis
coumtRY is growing soft on com.

in 'nhilw, the tier ix0 -
ge information at
th nited Nations tomic energy
conference, the good will create
by the-exchange visits of Ameri-
can ana Russian farm delegates,
and the reopening ot the UX. dis
armament talks in New York eo*
tribute to% this intaible tfng
called the relaxing bf tensions.
If the promise of these good
deeds materializes, thert is a gna-
eral agreement that the Ru&ape
have more to gain than they have
to lose. -
An extreme view of this situa-
tion now being heard in Washing.'
ton is that the Soviet farm
delegation which visited Amerioa
did more to strengthen the BUs-
*n economy and build up Its War
potential than all the Coimnuaist
elionasge. efforts of the past, .
Wle. reans ig behfid, thL state.
meant is simple. One of Russia's
greatest weaknesses has been h r
shortage ftd f aor owil
population. 7lAI erian farIers
who vislttd .nusia were appalled
by the aste of manpower eo the
siet's mcolleetive farms. As J oI
as the U.S.S.R. is so handleUpgd,
it cannot wage along, ag6lweuve
By the iltroductlon of mord by-
orid eornfarming ad the rising
m. ore livestock on its g.Iaiods
for a larger meat supply the So-
viet co0d greatly Increase its food
production in a fewjyears.
By the adoption American
mechanized facing m,e thods,,
Russia might at the same tine
believe muh of her manpower
from farm labor. This would
make more men available either
for industrial production, or the
Red armies.
It follows naturally that Ameri-
can farming "secrets" obtained
through the open door of friendly
relations are of more value to Us.
sla than all of America's atomic
The American Ideal has always
been to shame its technical knowl-
edge with less progressive coun-
tries. But if this generosity h pp
build up thd greatest potent
enemy of the, te* world, thep a
case can be made that this kndw-
how should hbe guarded more



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t A oernteon a. I(t 4.

Seo'uatlea te.A mee ive, em guiorigt
Sio e a1 0 're repenot, a r Mseup .
up rsi.Notw: P aed to

Whdn conresthen HNotad6 twdr more redlaties so e ets

V to toug er paced. pifel YWr --'-Yd
.X .ee e .. despite i newr PII ars WAO ..t .WVR L e
salary, moae con tSe tsa
M ros cca M ess ever re .keepsg r ativ ot She
C g a ftt- ppayrestll. t yn .t g .
I"et crl, ws -g s of g Ths eo umn as ,zamised f. ll .t. .*edamar t
al vouchers atad founded a re d "
-" i relatives on1 he o "9pareLI TO
By. ..pop RUAR Ti s1 41doeast fncUdiAd -ho est azat the
Smeke teitn .touerto trace. I ,... Yr .r ,- u
lame relatives, of Ce.hs, earn toa''
I believe the Frenchhave bitten they wen. dead or scatte in 1,000-corpse killIng weekend in Al. t irvernment py. ars don't, young AuAr to rnoug
off considerab nmore thanthe the best Bea u te therad ot Thealog by ter goend Morocco. do hasck of warkl f'ed mrte ooh e. oe.aaAA .
will ever be aae to chew in this towns, the brai cities .ool off,l i he rebel force hatgrown n the payersoff .t p ll an. on
aMrocean.At v ap menss, and it raise a ndaof outosBer a e Moforts w es bes thee er'a, i aon J" ..e L1*

Abbes wii Ce wor T anje-a." with .r.ounh wom I siwect that he is aV.iAem. ad n la m v is Yor fa.iy. anddUB .'1xpayerea MIt _roiUO_ .
fleets so cr on any e of their was sIo owildesent, idce When the Sulta of Morocco was topay Wors offender, tronc alyes mor, WNt,. lnia n ale tahe mt
1l 0.Outa cabinets that they didn't under control. ate eperybod, es- of monkeyn with thn moptnsl ihst pa ngressinnal

nPn.un1^1 ^ *Afica ae part Conversey, Uhe Moors are seared Mohaimmedanism. t was not aIVirgia's Con resswoman Joh iV _,I H.e
.- t .see it beawi.g. One of the hihe he -It itel man ever to b ead commentato. na
T years ago Iay wa in d-el. emsste our Western bmad men by was Aah'e earthly repreieats h l m the Appropriatons Co *000 a year) ..

rAbbews in Casablanca and Ta e n. riding their malouI enthe i s a into The riots havebee quietly su. whohard o hs sp alloy _De Sht a.of t ,e etnas ab
glmerry, as ort autey and Rabat, who Is temporal and llreed for several yr. the rbo hatesrb estatee bY otat, t .wn e Ae crop. U.S. preductioi ,. f
and a t y put American base at oting ual head of tho Ber l, a eMoors, he hates the Fren m ore, anyone ssen who keep rela ai iar to 2,500.00 e0. tfti *hW
NouaageWr, and all I heard on all of mountain-dwelling, fapt-h 6.tand always, you have to remember ditferdnt polish however, far his addq to the world auw bls.
sides was the mArab word jehadd. riding roughfetks whome thrust d he is af Moosler owh fa-t ily. me darosthe taxpayers seted I anter tiona
is roughly a holy war, f Gaelic or Celtic descent, nce When the Sulta of Morocco was a his son C e a oth Natioal Commaa
WA as the dervishes stirred up they have red hair, blues eyes. play deposed, the French were gadty a brother, Silas, $47 a onth. Collins has written every Am
Sago in the Sudin, such as gen. bagpipes and hate eperybod, es- of monkeying with thO mos pas. Highest paid congressional ela- CAn lAgian poat, asking auaribo
amo ensof mallahs have been fo- peelally French, Arabs and oor. sionate region in the world-'Wivl is James see. son of West tio s for qd relief. -
the oid'Pab-Islamn idea. stiff of the hbe's, whq uskd to political being vI n the heave.-lt i1beg Kee. He collects $7 a month THEtfpoham dos r
the old days, when 4bd-el. emulate our We Man d mn by was Allah's ea representatIve. from th to yers, ut wrikj MUNCIli In.-
rL .:wis leadif the Legion a riding their m enthbtses into The riots have been quietly sup. hard fort" a Dnai K Sh o of e f
me ,ade in teRiff, and all an Arab or h wills and pressed for seveoaI year. I kmow Here's thu list, state bystate. of lamenear h e'heVia
you ad to say to ut a panic in shooting up town, touch the of one in Casablaca where hue. other cuagressmen who kLop rela. ing le had to be pulled ts
the ih stock ret was "Die. torch ad raphig the warn just dreds, of Moors wynt killed by Se. tives on. Wepsyrol: Bit his tears

chairrnda of thlz' Co~greitIplml p lam ar la l la t di l b! sil ,! WIAeihororti bel-Abbe.4
Committee on Atomi Enegy, and wal enforced by band rica. But the GlaaI- e on. One
Committee _on Atomic 'b ,_ !bndrc.]h~t attd lio. One 1Pzdd IM! k
that at the Q evcon- ai arna al bad of lrst polon-the Sltan d pulled his beard. a
..-r Rulgan ulentiste re- hats who had sought sanctuary Mohammed Ben Yousef, whowas at me.
S od0 ha "a r preofress by from their essorted crimes In the completely anti-French. The Glaout Rmembr what I htd ;
their W research tha they had shelterl0g 1ms' of La Le-. rvailed, am- the renh to givea 1e. 1=l, M et a ne aymay- s o
by lsponage. lon Etrapei. Then, as now, they n'Youssetf the' bMunce, add to be the yeai afte ~, ort Wll
If this is true, then the way to were mostly Germans, Spaniards establish a puppet cousin, Moham- run with blood, and aA e l (D),
S. maintain American security is not and Italians under French officers. med Ben Moulay Arafa. This hap- will be forgottai as ail4nqr ifact- so Ow e.
to try lock up sciltific secrets. The wilder elements of 90sr eed two years ago, and it was dent." retella R)
bat nlyrsary of Ben Y sef Loo0 s like the "vielle moustache" son, Richard, at
It is develop more ye and Berber, Bedouin 04 i38;OntheAa
Sjean lentists who can keep th were pacifically pe tl on that they touched the was right. (R)nbra r,.
country ahead of competitors in"--s'A.-rlo (D)
ay and all othtr nations. AlON -'
Qsalph Ainslee Olsen of Ellsworth, C.. ,
1 .++ Io, ne of the American dirt
p s m4P tA farmers who visited Russia, stays
MV that the thing which impressed mM
S most was the zeal of Soviet youth iw .
for higher education. At one Ru-
san agricultural college where 0dto
350 students equld be admitted, he
saw 1000 stulbats taking competi- M ai
tive entrance examinations. r (D),
American youth, observed 0 oen,.M
h; no sge tinentive for nierA.
learning. With two cars in neail
every garage and a lavish stand- ,0
04of liv at home el40,A1ThViP
yaw ~ e have noUhig more
to wrk for, he declares. ,V, a (,, m.
The shortage of studtits for the.Awad mt
touch 004 in engineering-ag16 -,
schools hah long- been a onernid,
at Amorkcn leader, inMedueaionRaid
industry4Wcgvrmn. %1
The greatest resource-in any O fti)
count is its brain power. Any
realistic reappraisal o Am can"
s.urlt t therefore cml r PADEGLANCES
how. thii-.s t can be further de-
Invltatlenl t

thus d"


d" 0p1 .*m

the 10thoobl pjoyer, Who go -- + .:++7
Mm..-m ., ::.+ :+
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~*' "31

Year" is Dr,. LYin W. SWeiAM
ft- 3avport, *lowm The o.0
year-old 4hirepraeir was pe-
leted by tthe itenttepil
Aohatitm 4
r a na i envtlac sr

By Colbrdlth

\r d

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,:*-.' 1' "- *'-.." .. 'r.,. .. ,. -' -* -.. *i ', ^ ", '. .. .. .-^'-" ". "
4. .. -'' -b, .. ..
v" '

,er Serv.e, Cde I

TEL. 2-0931
... II Ii I__

S .A

-- A, _A

'-7.- ,r -- _

*I.T A

4At Mek9hOP LW

:i'c -h ; '^.,^ on.
S. announced he e s

., at| ,-d h .r y' e a' '..4 a fo "'lw up
\ ...... The po ,ldet r tai

et o f f o "e i 0 o dtooro former
lowu. *,.'. M w morning. 02:. be y-

eantime, the President ave a But Srder .sad "no one in rettt, but have, pro
otal at iB the i ta to. ri- a itthorli" has hdicated the Pres- misa on a rgecy councill to
.ar* Corado d ub lan l ent wil reveal his plans and replace is muncl the present
r < csA~iga -'school" Morol*o :t b fornw

eudBit lo thetGOPlie ras that so san Ioudement as mfor anthem rYounle. abeovked a badn by

a* r bakt th chief eete- a.. NO-
e Prie he S rei r wnt t~ aext
SGOP ChairmanSeesAdm trat
saa i the Presi detealed no in- I ooe n A gp a '
dlnatte 6 Lm _I plans g their

LoAin Fr e r O Frm Pcesk
Broismal said he b ad his WASIa NGtIiON, Sept. 8 c UP)- He noted that 17 Republicn
epinlio frolm rse ver meeting epubnlic revean al Chhaii r-elate seats are at ate pandr n
--"' the Prestent betaushe Hr. man Leonard W. eHall aid today im- a fcw are eM s sure for
Blsenkswer appears to be a manh erta the administration le GOP. (f the I eocratl
'..o enuys his job" and i d "thrv- ill e te allyexosi ts tt en are
Stold newsmen he feels the "r. i wer promisedsae" for the Demo t.
Prreident "his certain things a farmers afair share of the in- Rep. Richard M. Simpson (R
mld that he 'wIants to accom- eome," he told worried GOP state Pa.). chairman of the GOP House
plsh." chairmen at a four-day school on Campaign Commitee, saouncedr
Lowrt Air Fakes Be*

The President emphasized his pranctal politics. "In my opinion, that strategy conferences will be
belief the GaP needs more young, the administration has met other held from mid-September to mticd
vsorenus leaders in the rn ks problems and it will meet txhis ecember in 600 eco au es whien
ie h united the yog Boud problem." of comprise 94 marSoinal ongres
er, Cole attorney here or an eer. The ticklish subject of f am sial districts in 2 taes.
t "haornin certaience, prthings in farmes, which declined another 2 Simps.n said Republicans wl(R
miBrot mn said the President per cent last month, was ote of concentrate on distrfts in wHse
stressed his feeling that "ong several problems raised by oMid-the 1954 election were won by
people the GOPld ome forward and western station chairmen at the less than per cent in their effort
assert thear-ideas." first closed-door session of the to pick up at least 15 extra House
v rotuman, wh ose attractive school, seats and recapture control e that
when hd i te Louse was "thrilled" Robert Humphrey, GOP cam- bo. 94 marginal n
t her firCo ast tornehance to meet the pain director and head of the
President, said he has not dpriced- school, said necline of the students Hall told reporters after t hwi
d wheer to seek the overesident pr ntd any insth, wrmountable closed meeting t h on dis t declininch
sh agsed his next year. He sad the problems due to the farm situa- fa prices is a problem but "we
peopl eecutive did not ask him ti and "there were no dire pre- dothn'at know yet how much f fort
to run but said nothing to "di s- dictions' of a Republican catas- problem; so far, we ate rust be-
coat her first e trophy in n o hear from onresmeniretor and head of the
The one-time University of Co. Sen. Ba Goldwater (R.Ariz.), now that they are back home."
Pread football center almost pull- chairmool, said the Republican den- He said he ow of no specific
ed major po sltea upset a st governor-ate Cmp n Committee, touched steps planned by the administra-
ear when he lost the Colorado on another pressing GOP problem ton to solve the farm prices but "we
ve drnorship to veteran Democrat when he said "the eards are lem. Last month's drop left farm
Edwin C. Johnson by only 34,000 stacked U, our disadvantage" in prices 6 per cent below a year a-
votes, trying to elect a Republican Sen- go and 26 per cent below the rec-
Joh lso, who retired from the -ate next-year. ord set in February, 15L

4' 4

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4'. .' i

Kerosene Stove
Ideal for Summer Cotages

$18. 9
3 burner baene love for laundry
roowM, gel oWa. Needle valve,
wikes burners, belked enaemel fish.

Lare 7L.





DOWN... $5.00



Takes cooking out of the kitchen right to the table! Cooker-fryer tews; eaM
seroles; bakes; deep fries to perfection. Signal light shows when deaired te=n*'r'-
a~ure is reached, fill lines indicated.


6' -

i .- L

'* ,. -^f

InfrAony lop nmit
Imtoant hat Woke
*n a roy ofl eight.


Full Six Quart Capacity;
Full Heat Range


Guilt-in cook; fry guide
Cooks up to 12 portions



J~x~ r



*. ,.,*."
* *

* .,
...- :' .*t'- \ '......




.3 -.

~~1.' .. r

, I ,- "4"

- -'

...fl 4 ^^ -^.:.
,'.- ." '.-,- i_. ,. .. -
4 '^*.-"^y; *'*""'" ^-' ," *
Mitt: .ii. s'.-- ::
-flu -. ,..',' .-, ..

searl.** ^ ^.--

lot Fr
'm sb
rr IIC. I ...

t t PaL tme viewers away
Jadd Gleason this coming
e '0 TV"s Perry Como
ive decided they'll
guests on the view.
p ill walk-on and take
Se complete unannounced ...
( North") arik.
w York looking for a Broad-
play Max ebam plans
San adaptation of "The Great
5 t asa spectacular this year
SB Caeslar is high on his
voeCatli IS Lews. the win.
of list year s Met pera Au-
SSid describes Lwis in
e glittering terms, "He look.
Runndo, lihas a phyiqu like
rles Atla and sigs like Ca-

AR 1 E173 ROUTE: Dear
outing Yugoslavia-playing in
.e like Oidjek, Beograd, Du-
vnik, Novisad and Split-is an
ibisle experience which makes
feel like the prima donna of
last century invading the Wild
it. My innate American yen for
peering has finally be satisfied.
Struly exciting.
SNorid, I sang a Tos
shall forever remain in my
The second act set com-
Sof' r three walls and one
h NO windows, no tortire
Chamber and no delicate Empire
soth. In Derade, the house cos-
limes for ladame utterfly were
s unp-eoallu to me thpt we do-
flii lia mt~aae to cancel
Iser ansaubstltute Travlta,
its. al these trials, instead
plitned vacation at the Rl-
tia, I'm ack in ogoslavla to
ie a a1Jdey wt singing at

Sbe uLeorlgnal 9s

l OS ANDT (CBS-RadIo):
*te -od a y wowoul,
l* lArwMan with slam cown-
ti a.ears, that he sbould
ta :n .a eriler train.
l la aeht are the evenings
wyounhi on to be Its
.0 b Jr

S tere'l be more em-
'tearLaer n y
I saY Dear PhoebS

a New York ab driver
Smaneurist-girl fland.
My be N a Ta s blg
Is several nyar elof sing
jpeat of the big TV dra.
em, she' become the
motoOtheredt ded
ser.M She's a tan, beazuu
ue, tth* me OWtob
es lb ofMe rft? ratLe
eraly. she's catas a



Ni Nl TOm"1 Eleanor Steber J
dumb, wise-cracking bleode, and
Able s almost no exception.
"Mabel Isn't really dumb," says
Nita. "A little slow, yes. But pret-
ty shrewd and she knows what
she wants."
And so, for that matter, does
Nita. She wants to act. She always
has. She's a Bronx gal, which
makes playing a New York mani-
curist fairly simple. (She does
have to put on eor accent, which
she calls "pidgJyBrooklyn.")
Even as a child, she acted.
"y sister and ter friend and
I," Nta says. "used to act out
movies after we onme bene. And
we'd put dh is. W d thep
an old reekmg-bes and we
made lemonade and for a penny
we'd give the kids a ride o the
horse and some biremade and the
"Once we .boy ae to fis
rocked him so lard he got over-
bitad and the we pred ice
cold -lemonade down him. He t
pneumonia. That finished the ti1.
pie headers up in the Bronx."
Mabel. isn't feeding lemonade, a
giing rocking-horse rides. But
NIW Talbot is liable to give .a
lot of people a high fever befte
she's through,

found a
street "ura r

* ,'/- -;.~--~~1F~ ~'t4 t'.b.

i V.



.- -- 4'-~


IS Com td"
U Ceauy plant
14 One
I SMple isa
18 I
16 irtly slow
In musie
1 Weat Indian
Wda group
SType style

34 CriUe

3 Fruit drink
37m aild
35 It~
36IM d

N Musical
5? Turn right

2 Italisan cas
3 DeIdM
4 mis.e coeus
* Wlug.aped
6 U fIa vlms

9 Opposed
10 Res
I? Warmed
19 Rubs
12 Doemteateo
14 Worthless


_________________________________________ W-a w

Bae Mmeent




'~7 IAUT riw.uJstBti
uPflT HS NEWWWrc*.j

h i

S .

FP'I ,ai f'

a -,r


'4pgI* i
"C. '! 4 .

Ii. .

True Eaouyh

. uomtw
*imer i- 5 '

- f***,


Mm' ... -.
L 11

n .. R ,M
- ir **** au *

op. .a


.8 ,f




on the Frewl Adsffi


- -I

* -. -.r'.

y j j 'rTwa n g

swft. ALre I

Us -i
U y~

.,BP. 1AT

rUIKcaSra' POP

xbhibit A

sy au vaMu

ees mage


Double servins



rh ir



1 '

> =M nik(..iaata
i WWWH mums

I__ _____ _



. ..

S0Letta eoM iaJ
stWke 42Gante -
27 Pladaf 430perat ead
28 isidvidb 44 )readstoc
21 InlneIs had 0 Martar

38 s 48&
1s -taft- h '


S I .


. 4 "'. ..


, 17"~

I --- -


-' .-:

4:- **~~*~


:1k *W.

W -'1ij

~a eve-
~ 41 k~uf

V3~~I~MiL ~

t h d. t h]e i E

C. Orr.
-. iLk ee e ls
-t wr tel
TM ani

Weo 4 D" ."p
Mx"* 4coosWr

.Ihmlf r ei- ulk

!F' A 40~.OOTOPUE-4btufi "U*-
^4gl7 iuf bsea iBW tO RA.& S he.atands
*delckon his pmm 'f n wLr'Ia*wrence.
Iiebth uninh4 water level with the 'pro-
Ssagmned it up: "It's Etae a
34.*' '
7L, ..

LLE 'r
. urday, S-pt.
7.nt.,, i- ."

q :w $

s sTnoqre* aeful t9.
he pfsed sympathy and regret f
9 Mrs. Aha Matilde ..4L.AieAiO
tU.. express our appreciation -to all of .he. i.. "t
': nt< !trv ,or oia mlarns,'< Spta WF. raiooto expresp their ftq gr. A' W-
89 r wt tSI rlH z Srast1tinuly avsoq.';
institutions and friends wh..ent Moral afteu].
or offre.d masses and novena, -

Dr. Arnuldfo-Arkls
Mr. Cerqardp Aria#
Mr. Maria H. de Linares
Mra Maria L. de Clefe'n
Ala. and Mts. Enirque' Linares
Mr. and Mrs. Luis E. Gaaud
Mr. arud Mrs. Lucas Zarwi:
Panama, 'qptnber 8,.10
,1. "t l-' ., 1 .! ,' C,



.. 1. aii

o ,,,. ,

I L. .


R'tNon, ar

liced mushrooms.
broth and took, covered,
I for heat for about 4 minutes.
pon- meat to pan and heat 0o
hlub heat or -2 minutes, stir
t St SAtiM*. .V am N o -P
e. ,. -- --
AI a:A
St- w*A

', uAn says th do & uW
Of th tojpw me" Um I

trii I l a
for w =ba t Wa' maW t vir

T I. d "the S rat


over low
. Retu
Wag' cou-
int con-
dd 'ZpLn


" y'r


r Wat

tu es I I
heir few DmwtSU I
i ,kt .. .. .... .. ,

- .
Shar .. T S T. C

g family.
it lVH

It. him

dis te -orI-

are takes for

rwiff iragembim his
j9 49ift


-ash sales Only -.W.'. \I '"
.. e '"g '. '. ,*T_ l ei hf 4 1

THE FRENCH BAZAAR It." "' 'CamAn,- "wdo
,, W .W- .- "

,iSa ,f vfy. ^P. O. Box 4 140 u T .
'*. :' *' '4. 4 */ __ '4 < *.: *t

i' .-~- _________________

. C

Advanced Watch Designs For Over a Century

I I I, ,

Pt '5 ~

ti ii'-




-. .. -


r i

. I .

P '

1* V .r-
", 1* "
''- 1 i"

]- C
., l ,
-* *'. 5 .
.'. .- .

* t .... ." .
S .' ." '
.* --- .
i ... ">* / :' ,_ .
: ,';. ....
E, l -' '-.. ? '--
, /^, ., ...,^^ .,

- '42 Ij


Thw first

te MI
S I- ,
,U '-

~7r,. -

.44 .

I 4
* 4


'- --- .r



*-*.- -


- I

: : _: I:



9 n


. ,



ipr====.-= ...

-1* ,0 ,.-
-+- + -.' -. 'l* *",, .. +-'

. ". .." *," ;-,< "-T \ .-S, ._ '7'," 'a +-.,^
S .: -- .' ;:" -" +' -, '_ -,'"
~ ~ ~ *V- **** .: A-^ -* *,"':^' *
: ; v. '."" *.. ...' d '
... :

"'+ '-+ "; ,* a




I steMe he 1s
N 1 a dal Av. lJ J f.
Juade 0 f. t .,U

1"u &a Crsumqgm

;. J $Vy., 1. :

U I.
OUR' 00UR OFF oa ,"i, "" ,

A "N- ,* .I V A--V-.. ... ..

: .,aL de Publicaolones AR, ESTA* 8M.

IMCIA LUX. .32 .. .-V. O ..

Automobiles Household
FOR SALE: 1954 Mercury FOR SALI-9-plq. mee gmny
Materey. 4-deor Sedan, radio. dining rom set $150; 6-iee
white aldewea, excellent condi- living rem set $150; makogalny
. time h e effer. Y.M.C.A. Sel- dream $30; wey's bicycle 26-
bee. Mr. ChpoNeoy. nch $25. Cell 17-I16E..
FOR SALE -19SS Chrysler FOR SALE.-Weedan chet of
Windwr Deluxe Sedan. Power- drawers Ichest on chut); two
flight trefMnltaiden und radio, Q.M. metal barrel chairs. 3-
$2800. QGte. 516-A. Phone 86- 5218, Curundu 14mH.
7102 or 7115 Albrek. FR SAL. -- -- .-----.--

FOR SALIE 1951 Mercury
Club Coup*. Traded by the *ri.
ginal owner an a new car, com-
plately r mendltned with ell
new tires. FH price $875. COL-
PAN MOTORS 1NC., Phone 2-

FOR SALE: 1951 Chrysler
*0 Cl Club Comup, te popular six-cy-
linder model fGily equipped and
____._ ready to go. Full price $875.
FOR SALE: 1952 Plymouth
Forder Seden. Brand new avon
blue fiishb. Geniue leather up-
holstery, new t en .dnad radio.
Ful price $Ir o.COLPAN MO-
TORS INC., no 2-1033-2.

-IO IALI:-1949 Pontiac For-!
efp Sedan. Excellent condition
1.hroughmout. Radio. Full priek
M"-hoe 2-1933-2-035-s.
i 'i'FiRALiE 1950 Mercury
Forelt Sodsn. An excellent in-;
teurmedite. i*e car that Is not-
ad for it 0 I rAf .ll i*
$615. COLPAN M INC.,,
Phone 2-10s3-2- -
ORS FOR SALE--.1950 0,b.ile
Club Coupe, the eonmlcal six-
cylinde'med1l In exellesit all-
iL 2-1=nt around condtiin. F u Iprice
PIt 2-o03"-2-4035.


FOR SALIt-1952 Fed
l dma'. 'Ielemt meeIwkice*
.ndMim.4 n*r Ilen, end feaem*

m mmrsse, single $7 ea.; two
single beds. 30 x 75, trundle
style w/* meltres, Ideal for
smell rem $20 pair. House
0830, Plank Street. leolbe.
FOR SALE: Whilpool auto-
matic washing machine. 60-cy-
cl, elmes t new, Med sin weeks
in States, never ued here. Tel-
ephone 87-3105.
FOR SALE: Army shortwave
radio set. 25-cyde, has new
Iranfar-se in homem--a d cabi-

net, $30. Bring a truck. House
8166 Meergn Ave., Belbeo, 2-
MOR SALE-Quarteernsaer for-
I-t ..... ---' I.

A"i qsA AO Ap" .nrt-.-- i
ICATrIr.TION 0, 1.1' S ,ll -e
LsW6 dei faied aparts 1DMd
LAWN astm1. 5h k eW 2 fcO& B,*.oing), csahllPt LA
peoled; bemands Ianls r IPhomwu.sV4 "1 01 4" ..
8sounmi0,4et"r OnU- f p -WlA4.,
mo. Phone 2-45600 fido
FOR SALik -Tfib s her. lugn- lan, U AleliA bra .A- ap -- o.7._ W
H Pfelt p beetr parl NAim.. 10th Street. W l bel 34
No. 2, oppom ls .m I-o-le-V T..Chs-le a. .
lidswINbe ---edqp ft:-u nfamoishd l b st i Seik e^"Telepe be 9 1*. 1 10:30 ti, *
ids H in e p t amo d i apap qt Fa A UCA. 4O.LY. T n--_ ,
September 16 fw,,.fntg the rn. w Va ---a ,1 bb lg TTP mN A-'
en*trior tf the Amw sie Uts 1 3 Wi r lenS a ag
Club, Fort AmmdeSfopself Ig DANCE $dK $10
Club. FA- Amr. hr c IO.OO. FeAmi few HaewANTE.D4
cation centect Mr. A. J. Fearel JISnSt e a l r
at--he Amc-- Legion. Ca.b. 'arte ,- s. ,
--,,. ..? a *. "' ,.-_a .,.TD,, ...-)Fal..
FOR SALiE.-4-rl's 26w A -. ... od-o Ids Few "
mester bicycle. 1580-i g CaA IT T 2-Ad-19
Street. lBobee. -Ibe mespow edrin .bus Cal, 2 Pamam PaPaamug5 m .-
*1 durn 'qrklm hearts or KINM COUPLE
Help Wanted 0o0., ;,__T P ..-.. i.hIrmaA2
h.ese rk..d r.c"e.. ,'I' N 2. 2446U ,"
WANTED: Spenl d:,Wanted. toI
drn. Live in. 5455-A -"Is.,WAN TO y
after 5:30 p.m. rger. .k"Cell oe C.-

eruya: Mdining rtable s each; WANIEDI: li e we
metal sideboerd $9; metal desk eperlen .-o ed
$5; 3 bambee blilds, *II for $4; 5 lar *n 4101y.
petted plesa. Hoese 1741 ,- P. GaMd y. Av. 37-
dro Miguel. 48, M
FOR SALI--I 2-u. ft. "Srmvl"
lecric re frigsertor,. u.tematie r T
kic maker; large 4-buinr "Csl-
orc" Ise o me; twhi "- with OOmis1 .
innerspring mattresses; single
in"Mnpring mattress d c ell cp
spring; mirror 26"x36"; mirror fa nw T
l4"x0"; 6 dninig roo m chairs;
mahogany eccesional t b I e;
ckhercel ourdeor grill; 10-gel. 9.
es hot water keeter. Cell Pan-
am 3-0740 or No. 34 44th St.
FOR SALE: Dfmub bed ma- I f
hoeny., SImire s urg Rn' '"
and springs $ 1 mehImgany v .
dwesser with h-ge mirror $40%; I
CeeWsy 9- eeft wrierat o. go
yeale $150. F l3-52%4 or ,
Hoeue 2157.0. L9l .

Houses -
FOR RlNTr-Unfumisihd ll-"
at: ti lewge bedem, two
bothro with het sd cold we-
tart tie. i6mq 5. qvUemt
S2nd t No. 15 key aval-
abl at 52nd Street No. 1.
PrhoM 3-2228.
nl !l -- r -----pl --,--- #-


7 New teachers
(Continued from Page 1)
ade three; Mis. Pauline Clark-
,i, gfade tree; and Mrs. :t-
a Pulled grade four.
Gatn -. Roe pte.,
_, K_ 1. 1 t l -," ; -A CT l i
m..+.mP_ .' ^S

Position Offered
APPLWA* e ru evc
CIA Dirreetr (weae.1 desladt
Ptfrsably .flo .ol .. .
S 2s ad 40- gradooto secredbd
college w l ,ior in resneemate,
or rel te field. Unotd S"m
fcitise. Mov subsl te fo. eel
lemue tot" Uyess t piim
'plo unc In eole, eh,"mieetiGtal
or similar rge sietolem. tiaI
tff servicee Club Dhftew'.4 '37-.
S0 a Services., tAt
b ', -,


Oi i---" 0

FOR SALI: 1951 Studebaker
Pd. Leek evesyweo, emndl
thn this bargain fr only
Phne 2-1033-2-1035.
.A .-I I I 1 M -.- -
FOR SALE:- 1953' ~'ker
two-deer herotep. I ad
letter uphote ry, 'Biids-
wal. 19,=00m._ M Tel.
* 2t** TA_*-- _.-

Lonm Urop -. ..- -. ,- 'hat ie.
edOxi Roja tor the interior Bbos Jui .c,.-&
Mra. Mar7 Jo Newell, home eco-
WASHINGTON, Sept. (P)- fre no ; Mr. Zul Drlsooll,
lThe Ai t wDepartment today one ,ltage te, on the te sa .
estima d a 12,873,000 bale eot ie ami Balboas igh School George
crop will be produced this year. He was also low ith a bid of C matheatics
This would be up 145,000 b a $1$5 for the exterior painting
from last manh' ot trim P4 ,metal hoods
l t- buildt1 1 o. 722 in Balbea.
Today's eutlmtl6bs e d :en Tropical Pailnt mad. a low bid I
Sept. I crop coadftaS, compsi s of $108 for the exterior painting ",...
with output lamt year' o ISeo ot the roof, trim, a etalC., .,...
bales h ottonfbad -year ae- hOs of the lce creta d A'

inte timetable for their re ;b ,u *, age production of 12.952,000 baln. lk Doming piant at M
2 8 Te llr r. ant
ae, it was learned today. FOR SALE.-19- 5 Chevrle 4- TF. year's prospective crop, .
This refusal was described door Deluxe. 5 w ti and added to a carryover of more than Apartmentsa scheduled t
ar ps the chief roadblock to tbes, excellent pp. ene 2-.11,000,00 balea will set c on. pointed are A artint B.
peeds conclusion of the priSN- 4475. suiption demands both fordlga 513 In Oa It; a, tImi
Stse oft the American- and,domestlc, for about two years. House N. 8071n'targarit
m te S.i atGeneva. A The crop reporting board et- Apartment B. House o. 82
is tA new fuse taped'to the door of mated cotton yields this yer wil Margarita. qo e No. 8
A touW of 3 APMwS .Ur the fuse box will save fuming In average 374 pounds of lintan- a- Margarita also i Inelude
emw to be1nJ inMJ W "un the darn when the old one cre. compared with last yea r'"this ahedule.
6uose arrest In Red.ChitIL blows out. record of341 pounds anda 10y l
The U. S. a 'ima t the neva average of 279 pounds. In Au t, GOLFX It
ica is la & Joit anhounl~imenflt yielda on the-1955 crop were e Yti- VORK, Nel.-(t3,) -
1at all Americans are uncond MAKE TRA MON mated to average 367 pounds s Jean H nyltmo rat
locally fre to leave Commlunrst O Web p Veti n B W l acre. ieal score, ow the .rrqian
Sand thb all Chie u- at the York go
ain i8 .1 cunt Meat7 The board said condition of this finay p ei
tu home. I emyear's crop on Sept. 1 was 81 pt owhy t r4o
The Chinee have been pro- Was U aei c ml cos brd wath'c4 and rerpoSeei fWVarpl y
oin a statement saying only c CdCe~ rig nAug. .L t percent on turned out it wae a

Ambassador U. Alexia Johnson, .' -a of Tt. t ay
i get the Reds to say precisely
rhen the Americans will be H umprhrey YS I X J ikI

American officials were said
relse these differences, may
pr to be only a technicality
should be bridged easily.
without a timetable, they
f the Communists mla an-
ta they are freeing the A-
ans o only to let them lan
in In China for many months
en years.
Amerlca officials are not dis-
ored by the si tuatlion, how-
e st official Information
that S of the 8 atmericans
in RIed- China an ALL m -

S2.A Football
pidcls To Hold
.... t Tonight

.'.go b'e." .
iII 4"b


House '

Ousted For incompetencee

WASHINGTON, Sept. I (UP) Vita -reftuod to- dislose the
treasuryy Secretary Geoe name o the appointee and the law
Hlphrey said today a hib tax auit gave no details nor any intl
Itflal ho charges he was r matio of a scandal.
for "political" reasons scutay Humphrey, in his statement, did
wa oated for "1aco mpetaee*. not refer directly to Hoppe's
Humphrey issued the statement charge.
a reply to hlarsges A Mdgar The sretr said Hoppe, chief
Rolpe, oiraer ia. o e-of the Internal avenue rvice in-
e :at tl svfte:, as divsn at the time of
l i~-, tr, had been promoted to
= a_ # w S A a aov~ e his cmstenee and
, .W ,,-fca J- and "didto O. measure

*rI a ( iCa-. wasV "W e eork t.e unfortunate
a tte said t1e "been _pric was adva d to a pol-
:r d By his eomittie tion of lmportat proved
a aMd p hbfa may be be beyond bhis apeity and ibil-
k .' ""ty.
It psarm ataitoMiUgb ,,- Humphry pid' b case was
r a fr a carefu4 toi sw'bhy T. Cole.

o== .. M .E Or TO LNB.-T.. Is Oert 1. ;r, 1 fetV S
Iloraph have often appeared In the Pa ety-Teted
S'uuayiSuppleluent ovef the poat couple of y-rs. BtEAno
ore, for Photographer's Mate 1/c Frey ts off Into the guided
tsUes buwte s. aept. 15 he ieawes for the .N.wx% guided m&sUWe1
hol, and. the party's at the Balboa Yaht Club Sat nirhty .
uring his two year hite on the Isthmus Frey .ha al
dling part In Ameripan Legon affairs. He is recently the firt- -
er district commander of the Paciftle district of the a
amodqe ring all posts on ttep.lfc. aoe, PHy
ae eo'oniBder of Lego Post M., 1. aergea-t-at-um i o ". .?4t
. 1,,.A-mber of4the Fo aind-iht, and-handled Legion ub-
Sxelatons here. The JqegtOn awarded him a medal for t worf
Frey, with 12 years v faw serlic I now, *eved on ite ear- s',
ir Corregidor In the Pacte In World War 1. Before 0 n to V .i
th Naval Dtrlc Je wasa stationed at iforfolk, VA, under
44AWMad .Comnsander, Attantic,. and the commander In -8"S Ho, g
FllMat. FuV Prie
Bef rep rte a to theguided .e i t u "30
days leave L hi ometown. That would be th M I't that Dow 3 "9
ade beer famous.

directorss Ree ced, In Stl. ,, eors
SDown 420
ight For Control Of Libby Food Finn a a

A Me.^ap. -~ vnth-our attempts by AS
Sat to have three federal o o
a footlH a!an Judges npane to4 a's meeting.
;,- 3'P0 m bAt- Woed.. .
Aa;dt ..-u ,ut I o However, Wb r ft. Do Jr.,
. "3 -itl kB6..&Imo.Ihw oia.rNoW'ewTori o6other1i eT! ~l '.d,' -..J,"

where the
sWWL Murray Gi
Cub~uio"l, Ind., firmer, I

. ,r ed to prai,


place i
st m

mEM sohmeo a
e, wa "only o
ga. fet f
%WWV- a In!

.4fitselc a

* w


Dr C. E. Fbrega Dr. R. Avla Jr.
D "S. (Georgelowa Unlveralty) M.D.
Tivoli (4th of July) Ave., No. 214A24
(opposile Amnon-School Plyrmyound))
S Tl. 2.-O11 -- PaamA




Phone Panams 2-

' DM.A. ri I PLJ
** (iniw Gndwutes
I m*(.&nema T
*Mb ar'.w... r

- --- I I__~. __ ___

- U -'-. -'-n_ i --m-n nun__'n iin .



' :':7 ;' ; 7j' ,




wibll Le~to~brs i
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I xnea nlunarlans in Augsourg,
ler that their country isloehind the
iry made of barbed wire from their
consecrated at Augsipurg'a Ulrichs


Ifcials said thie W fire was
matin near OGrenview. a town
t about 20n persons.
At least 200 persons were eva-
.ated In Santa Barbara county
s a brush fire blackened an es-
lmated 7o square mies of valua-
ae watershed Just sil miles from
Iwntowt- Sta Hsrbara.

US Records

-The employment
details on general i
ed by Labor Scecre
M1lUhl |lastf .S

'inst w B |60:

State' forest tire difpateher n !| 1
Fred Herbert maid campaigngh .T
irem" (blazes oft 00 jera or.
more) have started on state
lands along since-the first. of thoe
month. They bive burned a grand
total of 140776 acres. |l
I Thirteen fice involving 107,600
acres of stateland are stl bum-
ln, Herbert- said; eight fires in .1
valving 24,870 acres hive been'-
brought under control, and seven
fires involving 8456 acres h a v e
been extinguised. With
* The 44,e cre fire near Santa W
Barbara, broke out Tuesday and '
ran unchecked in most areas de- i-
spite the efforts of more than 9001 ** .
firef ters battling on a 60-mile I EXCI
perimeter. U
Forest supervisor Robert Jones.
ordered the -evacuation of 2001'
homes in the San Marcos PassI
area north of Santa Barbara wh(ti
the east line of a 22-mile f r o n t |
gave way before the towering I.

Snvenlion Eleds

hidge As President
NASHVILLE, Tenn., Sept. 8 -
(UP) -The executive committee;
of the Southern Baptist Conven-
Ion elected U.S. Judge Fran ki
Hoqper of Atlanta as its president
at in manual meeting here.
5Judf Hooper succeed the Rev.
. C. Warren, Charlotte, N.C., who
recently was elected president of
the convention tat includes morel
than 8 million member Baptists.
Other officer' elected were the,


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The- PICTURE tof the

I The Must Svwual Woman in The Woddr

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this ~ ~gioto r j
la ows heart later l'Md ts drol
the ace. South could eventually get
back to dummy with a trump or
a club to take a discard. on the
king of heUrts.
West also saw that declare
Sweuid almost surely give up a
Shigh diamond to the ace if lefto
his. own devices. Henee West
Sdidn't dream of leading the blank
ace of diamonds. Instead, he shift-
ed at the second trick to a low
SDeclarer welcomed this shlft ea-
gerly. He played a low trump
r from the dummy and took East's
I quas. with bte king of trumps.
iHe next led a trump to dummy's
Jack aspd etuimn da diamond to

do them ever a over ."wwP wque
T you have to leoaaetnthe qu
vies now that she's a that i.8-outh eo
7 kln of d fa on
S h_--an,, "when enough, and West
: a t5 Y rdtS West then led the
:t,@ ean a *0m to e out of his ban
saying No.'- "m" five sp
r Im. O efe o cl
MMInst3 I mlef i two trif

nsuSee fwm i, ja 1 oo aid tobacco processing in.
ren -4ctories.
Aut dosi*es and clothing ad textile
Sa New implement records were
fine w than Set by trade, finance, service, and
p1 -prg.mrr at stat and local governments .
S Farm employment held close to
nnr ;i.e^ om- AN June and July levels, instead
tment pM rsonal of taking the nomal August dip.
1K toirrate The August total ws 7,536,000.
mean reeord $04,. Overall. only 3.3 per cent of the:
coati d for a full labor force was Unemployed the
.* o lowest perceplage since autumn of;
ittrini d the new in. the boom year In.
m -o to the recent Private payrolls rose by an
ir nenr t em- Mal"ual rat of one. billion dollars,
ha expanding .with mRaufaturing industries ac-I
M .So aia ctor. tag for half of. the ,ise
I in Annut totaled '

according to another ..Commero
Labor -report.
Expanded private building hi
accounted for most of the increase
over 1954.
Ip .the same optimistic vetin. k
Commerce Department report
reailers, wholesalers and mal.
facurers had inventories value
at M7,0,000,000 at the end -f
This was higher than.-a year I
go, but sales have spurted eve
SAs a result, the ratio of htv
taries to sales was down by abot
10 per eat.

i dw- 833I Mai
lt iWn 442 Mi

Hitn EdW- 2.

.M i 7
r, '.. -

Albert McClUam publications dl-
The committee .will enedIts an.
nual meeting today.

thus twe "if a" e of the 51d
C, reseat iaduateMs of the bale
j-m. (- MaItw bar end
ldeha I Bn, Mlet tla0 d
Oh. tois ea r Jea Ave-flt ta;
Private mels B. Johnsoo Calamet
MILh., fis sz-feet-ove-lMhes.

*AV .- :-.-:-...KIlIptrck 9.4654
..................... LUdlo 6-2071
.... lu Mfo MIlurder
jq Fox....... ...FOrdhm 66958
NUniv.l. I.".... T1iv" 9-7323
n BI.... CYpress 7,197a
Av..' 9.5623
o l 4.9209
: m 6,5986
.SEdgwk 7.8785
TUrrrbul 2.3191
CYrsocc! -.AAd i
.*, e t .7,O- !

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Need s of ?

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IN~~ i" I 'I

Prices .60- .30

- "SHOWS: 3:00 4:58 6:55 8:55 P. M. -

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Dobv Hits, Wynn Hurls Rochester,

iessive..n ,in

To Keep Tribe On Top Havana Get 4-RounqDrilI AtPanoma Gym

Playoff Wins
With no Pedro Tes to .
NEW YORK, Sept. 8 (UP)-The cocky Cleve- Plon' _r4-' "
1 lad Indians have come up with a pair of profession- trainer mas oo" Ro ya
al 'bouncers" to take care of any club that may have mTh underdog Cban Sugar four- rounddrOi l
a notion to knock them out of first place. Kings and ocheter Red W .Wlfredo Brown, ho outwe
both of whom didn't fVIrO.LOtthb at least 1 nds, ad
S e two pros who are doing ninth with the aid of singles by last very long, held 1-0 leaok the with tast MelwiI
Tthe heavy work for the In- Sherm Lollar and Chico Carras- over the Toronto Maple Le~af
din are Larry Doby and Eany ouel and Harshman's sacrifice and Montreal Royals, am Cty boy,
Wynn ly. vely, tday in the bes-o- en t of I a 10
Dobv took care of all the hit- The Red Box hopped on rookie semi-final playoffs of the Inter- 13battlat the
ng last night, driving in four Jim Bunning for five runs in national League. Arena.fndayilht.
runs againstBaltimore with a the first two innings and went The Sugar Kings downed T w e i s aPnama
air of homers, while Wynn took on to defeat the Tigers, 7-4 the Leafs, 1-4, on an error fealw chap -
Swre of the pitching with a nifty Frank Sullivan was credited Wednesday, and are expected 1a '- l' up ama Ta-
fl-hitter i a 6-0 victory over with his 17th victory although to send either Corky Valen- a to w h h film
S"theOrioles. he needed relief from Ellis Kin- tine or Emillo Cueche against Pbma W6ke0t, bt b
When Doby and Wynn were der after Frank House homered Ken Johnson tonight, with the "er ny In the camp
through mopping up, the In- with one on in the ninth The Red Wings, with Duke a. he nut, made Ho *J
dlans still were a half-game a- The Dodgers clinched at least Markell hurling a neat five-hit- t take easy so the
]uad of the second-place Yan- a tie for the National League ter, defeated the pennant-win- would hav wm Ides of the
es, who defeated the Athletics, flag by licking the Braves, 3-1. ning Royals, 6-1, and will send a Wfs In
S-1, and 1y2 games ahead of the Another Brooklyn victory over Ellis (Cot) Deal against Glenn
thrd-place White Box, who eked Milwaukee today will enable the Miekens tonight.
t 4- decision over the Sen- Dodgers to clinch the pennant Jack Cri m i a n. voted the
stars. on the earliest date in league League's "most valuable pitch-
history. They set the currentler," couldn't field a around ball.
I "We've tot our foot in the record when they won the 1953 thus allowing the winning run
door now, declared Cleveland, flag on Sept. 12 of that year. to cross over in the top of the
,1nauer Al Lopes, "and I Billy LMes, who hadn't won seventh in the Havana-Toronto
on't think anyone is going to a game in two eths and had game. The two teams meet agrain- U Bob Blakeleiy o-f11*
*$ u out. Certainly not the not ee i ed in a month, on .Frday in Toronto and ten stand startled as n floats through .the ar
Sway Deby is hitting and Wynn cheeked the Braves on six hits will fly to Havana for the com- South's Jim Hastings in t eMinnesota High
pitchingg." aIst light as the Dodger nick- pletlon of their series. Game n Minneapolis. Soutmeant t and won, 1. "
Siblv connected for his 24th ed Law Burdette for all their The Royals never were in
Lo' r with his bases empty off runs in the third Inninl on a the game an Markell, a 13-13 *
r Skinny Brown in the fifth walk, an error by Bill Bruton piteher during the regular K a a
Anifand then slammed his and three hite. Milwsukee's seaon, handled ever Mon- gb C g Rm erl. l
J th with two on off Ed Lopat n Panamantan hurler Hmnberte treal scoring threat with com-
_- n, 2n ries hs -thalm a bhe aub. 2 a e .0nlead b Meo.n- i fA__Jn. tiLo ep.ts I 7 e l lRDemi
S n, n registering his 16th less ball for the final sh Ia. had an5-0 lead before Mn-
9=Moy of the year and his lAgA real shoved over Its only run. an i V fl i sey 90-79U
alth shutout, posted the 20th Rlght-hander Bob Friend of Pete Wojev took the brunt of t W hp ig, 7..
triumph of his career. The ony the Pirates turned in the second the Red Wings' eight-hit at- At
Sther active major leaguer with one-hitter of the day in beating tack before giving way to
qt 200 oevictories I teamm ate the Cube, 2-0. Frank Baum- Wade Browning I the fe rth AN J1AN, Puerto Rico Sept throw pushed Kobbe Into the
b Feller, who has won 266. holts' infield single in the 4thInning. -.. .ort .Kobbe's kethallers lead and the the Panama B YRA
outhpaw Whitey Ford or the innin deprived Friend of the After tonight's game at Mon- were ri in the driver's seat champs were never behind. rm -
ankees hurled his second first poprect game since 1922 as tre.l, t..e teams move on to today te Caribbean Corn- At 74-72 McCallen, who. was Carm "I want
right one-hitter to beat Kan- Pirate hurler struck out eight Rochester for the third and mand yoffwith Camp- LoSey the main obJect of the Losey de-"I wanti
City. Only Jim Finigan's and walked nary a man. fourth game and then come an. Naf with Came h er. fete ,nlesthed L pair of ield- weight f
ing double to right field Southpaw. Johnny Antonelll, back to Montreal for a flfth i nt ht a e Station arena here. fense, unleashed a pe ir of field made."
two out in the seventh in- who was suspended, during the game, if necessary. liners put together a -ing te a atchett's two oiHeSh' Ia
.deprived Ford of a no-hit- weekend for "Insubordinatilon" fal e quarter to set-the Eagle shots boosgapted the tLfeliners t onih
The.Y euakeese wan .the game and then related pitched the back by 99-79 tq set a series the 90-point mark. ed him
,the ninth when Arnie Porto- Giants to an 8-2 vlcGory over he IT l i I si rd It ave the rCa- --- ehanc"
walked Irv Noren onfour Cardinals. Antoneli hit a three- International nal Zial a s2-1 lead the r s* c rown.
g ht pitches with the bases run homer in addition to pitch- best-of-five sot, the infant men reei va on HO RAIO Irown
Ig force In Hank auer. in eight-hit balL Hank Thomp- | st %lyt o nit toe"'F see Nince wi
Dix e Howell. the workhorse son and Ray Katt also homered. I t he laurels. r
itle White Sax pitching staff. A fIne relif lob by Johnnvy LeagUeIn cgoteessaet 7m m ll IKna Hanflllil Ysterday Ottis stood up and champion
-Thi eo no pitchopgstff A7 .cm Bt -a p m.ain leii l d wound
,to be summoned from the Kppsein heped Cincinnati to wit lsi' sZsencein the ." t sl ugged toe to toe for most of d
In the ninth nnn to 8-3 victory over Philadelphia I there heat with Brown, in what y d
B"'R u drmal1n' s vigor.n oiRppste.n held the Phils t one SEMIINALSB A fPtr o- in P"02 con- ClaSSes At CZ J looked more like real aserap -ro
.ft- u- ..Ctoe
V69M~lhtgto. %Trdllmi 4-l.In hit over the last 64 insaft- f than a tninmw session. .
pin usantoro scored or Anceeift Art -owlr the aThe a a 6-m Freer clses In na The r, avier a wasMeo ia
e and al-. third IninF.
ra wo 10,;hp mallopoa to. ,,he an*. .TIrntet ...+. .........n s / yten..,h.i, per e r 1 d at 7 pm. inro oe rta .-d
StC. o or. -.....a... t..u .L4 s h e-t e aor w 'il'e l a ....

weekRLTe ai cure ons ouIL
ad o the a e scoren-, 4-e S i weel te u vr- he Id houpoCle thell wboMMgmtga e orr ltheC
Sscn e----_ giuWe ee A IfM e lesatrde Pacific Power 8quanro. w al sI. tW-hB "
Sg pushed across t ne e tartl n coured MIs pcmabcd atP oiwoed H
E .rune iA th topc nf thef en.l wana o........ 1 0 Inr *I ls 6back tratlon will be Tuedteay m- a i io-bnyl
ISn t o e e Tormnto ............ 0 I -neotet ..mnbenr 13, at 7np.m. i .room 0-ofm. o a0s, thempand no, _ded
Ik -- -. t d a founlrg and thte the canal Zone Junior olo e, approvingly when they got par-
ticularly rough.
h 71 01RESL :tc2TSt e 1 the1 The fcounre .coniBat of 10 LeOtti finished up with B7 o.e GRE
SI75 i IS f ? l T .4 for the f s thio bi In weekly lectures. Subjects cover- hand Sefhun th Ie ats.r weth
Rcse oi 0081 leldd, road, equipment require dbyrr uing the enti. three-minute
Montreal 00090003-1 5 1 Kbbespt ed byh- to dead- law, seamaTnaiol, the compass, p so e t
Markell.8and B molairs: Wojey, eys t1 hle0tM OfLEChuLkDenthad and chantedrk. An eranat I wanted to see how Much he
aua"eye tal ents C h u ck uaro1 h dn dsohadta eeohoAnwear m i t io nGcroa
I phi W l ChiaM o W .GBrownintl(4) Ter led) d B er o e wcont Toutithes optional concludes the ounldtt oom hhe coulT
S_ ... ..-Cltve/lad .. 9 or .ed io. 3rim olale, fb1. _-M ell adnft th Classes are poento men anrs c give and how good wTM his wind
, 4inrdo until mere d o the r or after his eight-month ayoff,"
SHavana 310000 it-1 1 i *Re in.m ch In dou it unti wo tment rte lloes ao Instuhet or saeid Bo as he personally rub-
'NATIONAL LEAGUE AMERICAN LEAGUE Toronto A L r200002000-4m1 e al oiond the-thrde- oethecorsoe isab. ron anbed down She atin, but
S. 7 G4 TMS t PI. GB 4t7Iruy, HaM s (6) and u me S .-d iuthe t ~ sm e o th cou aser.t l oc n easily breathing ,Ott. in the
....91 46 .64 Cleveland ....84 54 0 Noble; Cimlan, Shore (8) ande sq handryo Is It ismyn.".adde *
P, Ise...76 63 .547 14 New York ...5.3 54 .606 Griffin. WP-HarnLs. Lp-Cm h guad J noe Cl harn, d19 hivlemanderWiofthedeCaTnal y orneI P Doole,"that the kid Is in the

..ET .2 L ETRAo....P8 Cl5.T9bI n. neht. tobbe b olome 1 r .f to e 1 t o m" ebfweCan leZn e at Aopdbetonofto hare
Yor, k u, .72 66 .62 218 hicago. 6 5 WD.588 1 n 3 ian I -DeNo 8 RHatchett netted 15 points, 13oincific uadron, which is one wof L trad n ofhm caretwo
=lmhla .71y69 '-et s.e.c06unitThetelthhefrreaafh in5 a.foatwea_ aou unin-ds wt y weldrnt
000U ...d68 74 .4796Detroit0....... 70 68 .50714ls s For the Eagle bitDck Clark thes Powr Squad- he r hing. u no

w;stdhan Predece i wth 24d15 e ko keeou
e .55lo1 at 8t4. 6 l Aanltmore ...a 42 91w or ae 18 pheis and Helmer Ring- boatmen. All instructors and Tet unday with night."
(7Yrk3 8)U NITEsD (SE Sddsasity t0 e Yr D 1 1 8 te D u a d5 points, hsme icated 41 years to In- an ip th limelight at the
T OaYe SGAMES TODAY 'StGAnM NSonpt. A2 fo the home five in the game crea intout g s a diat thseathrouga e Abr o w"hT aen
Philaelphi at C l t ro hPwen0the17 l awor eromaes.Twleprograhotred am i aiuna for two
'" atWDA- bLTt i WSTE3DA-- LTT Te7, Club b r h Playing-coah b Mel Beadin tan for boatmemnes and prospective body.wt By o t
scuh eduled--. (Detroit ea 0se .10 01J-A4 Phlrnet, P. 105r3-9 81 15 |dotou

UelLouis -0 0 9 0( Kansas City at New100--1 I1 strIA LoAG"r openinR the second go-aroundrs women take the 'badicpilotingand Tote es ot ot debut la- trele
XorMkatnsain friSmarrD etroid As-tapoo K An L 332 4 1r from the side I the lintal half.e rd flwithpr a Candiateuesso I
hta I RESULTS4-'70 Rtroth m8hste APoerblun, P.. 126 479 61 159 .33.1 lead aUs Itseingt defense from among piloting class stu- body.

lea- andSeSieB, .1421e (7-6) i d gFinfordyC1-7.d Berra. ,ntih, C. 1hl6i S8 .10 1 0 K1 i thnelhs own against the
nniderB.Y13442111515 Wighltthe Dnle at 2.about 25,000. Squadrons are lo-

GamLO e) Boston 331 0100x-7- 123 l II
FSrk 101410010-8 8 2 Bunning (2-5), Footack, Cris- I OME RUNB 4 4-7 1 71 A e 1 te
phis 010 000100-2 8 4 tanUte Coleman and House. mid- Zone. Some 2,000 men
S(12-16), and Katt. Sullivan (17-12), Kinder and Kluaewak, Redles .... 44
o(79(s-a, Arrero, Me-white. Mars. Ort ....h..1 0..... 42 a TODAY AT THE "LUX" THEATRE: H

illi and Sarl. Burbrink,
O s Game)
tMy 003 000000-3 5 0
MPwM 001000o000-1 6 1
S-i and Campanella.
S(11-8), Robinson and


(Night Game)
Chicago 001010 011-4 9 0
Wasigton 000 000101-3 6 4
Harshman (10-7), Howell and
Ramos (4-7), Paseual and




.- ..... ..
Snider. Dodgers ........
Banks, Cubs ...........
Mantle, Yankees ........

Snider Dodgers .......
Enni, Philles .........
Jensen, Red Seo .......
Boone Tigers ..........
RiusewskI, Redlegs ....
Campanella Dodgers ...

129 .

Son a ot

en. Basilio

nds Shot

sonss Title
OUSE, N. Y., Sept. 8 -
Welterweight champion
Basillo declared today,
a shot at the middle-
tle itf the match can be
Id lust night's strong
gahst middleweight
eIr 01 Turner eonmae-
i he ham a "loodl
to win.the 160-peound
second non-title bout
nning the 147-pound
udhip in June;' Carmen
p last night with a ma-
cislon over Turner of
bhia. It was aLthrilling
er before 4,67i at War
I AuditoriuL.
PC the-ttUnt Ali Am.. I

Klow To. Rire

EW YORK ept. 7-(UP)-
lh KinEw of the Cleveland
fthe lai ome run
hittw of the post-w I'e, said
today he is reri from base-
ball at the end of this season
because of "physical reasoW."
The 32.year-old outfielder.
who has hit a total of 367
homers during 10 active sea-
sons in the majors, aid he was
"tempted. to quit" several
times during the middle of the
current ampan because of
a beak condition.
patrolnman stared suspiciously at a
man who was weaving unstedily
toward an automobile. The man
was about to get into the car when
he anoced the stern look Oa the
patr6oms face. He strugged his
shoulder. tumnd. and. lned-A the



epye the flaming wreckage
Sby en0 e trouble. ."M
rnew eating Yay: Win n Th a
Color the specter
T t1:05 1:0 4:.50 6:.1

ism PLAIN,
L United Artiste
se of today at
po pm. AdL


8nider, Dodgrs ........119
Mantle Yankees ...... 114
Kaline. T .......... 113
Smith, UM ........ 110

g .. 171
....,..... 175
.......... 172
........ 170

.L W LPef
914 4



r yt^1* f

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In Ca,


Bf f ,'

'"i4~ '~I* "

4 I .01


p "' "i h ni g k ,. ". --. n .a oIIT +..

"' Ma.rtin Corp

But General Witl

.77V f AtE Y GRATSON Ther's a who
TOI (NA) -Chai IM @I'i
Ir e a guy a that T.l
o to ride most of the canb.ier w
ppis getting a tremendo
ot of the American League's o
& -W"it's the reled clubs like Wash- DREVBN POS
ti on that the e key" says the Yankeei sf ae tP'"
the chatty manager of the Sen. Ige in the UnS be-.. di
atoarm.s. brt o a game at ,.
-t coyd be stoma .i
Sease "At the be Innie of the mesea ToAm
-MOon d a e g't let the Ibdslas, Casey .Stea l. .
SYa"ka at nd White los run away. "ye has o m
"I1mal that toe Indians wouldn't obgeves Dreuam, "and
win aqBfter record 111 games or slow ecrve out of et. That's
ttheYankees,103, as they did lest ha. bee. winning.
trip. The reap became even hotter Dessea suspeu that o"
when the Red POx lBo ueed lIack land ltclplag would wh
.-. th p T rs threatened. Bob e on s a-, n .
Ol h "The only surprise to me Is that Early Wynn can't take a
S the ra~ ~ Oi Mur Washington hasn't won a few turn. -
PLafaet e schoo hat nt tl ent to cause troub more. I hopedthat our pitchin
,,_ .-,,.-- would see totht. Sa I.ii. la't 30i'
... "B t B ma club has had a hand the laiad" a .
ko.eeK, J-l. l av-ge .the Ind.n.

ur3 HAR'u;l'eTI' AO eut l'O .-:n a o61er fl o=rO omhe the tr timeswe' be In theI W rd hE tbof Ad

woAld. l.f W._ .... .. o M Ireat meho o be to use pa hRI kno th teI *e
QSeeie D e' W e p, Jo'e .a sau o the ...I...he. d o lae dS gou bes W arves the t ntoo

o tO "er" Its nots hbetdone fa o d

wells de resc lon, too. Kdsa Ciht his ati]re ie t s I
r. ARRY M RiAYTION e tev In a ounf i t ts or w alt command wh the horn TMOrioles.l have .been n

calleat to atl ef eomi. tweeD the Los Angeles d am. end As it amtt out is Pv the Neither Inowyell flo Sid Gillma ei wBBsentiheh
e e York Gants I n Portlind, Rams "ok C the_ kic -d wt o harch cared a thin at al boult od Da 8Pau REFUSES to pick wn doub c th'
1 i1 the nati ., the oth akt ed 0 Yar ds to a touchdown. den dea ui- n lbk. s te r, which further tres u ti n g mtckg i u .u bst. A y I t
Sfa It it ae Fair you might say at "I d there s a chane th a rat race the Amerian ca r
Na e decision and an addtol-m firsttls'ut the overtime as Ia n a million at it will eedh," dgue scramble Is. It's the first Red -ths e ,.-- --
L o J ,d &eat thrill of l, whleh Is it n is *n 'abo uihable com rented the R am s' oach. tim e in his adult life tath Chack tt dt iohe I ,I
SV the ado one purincal n eamonis why tra1aty teouane. In the "It belongs in baseba, not oot.'han't had a definite oIn.v
o. the regulation will not be adopted f.rbt place, it's a tremendous ad- ball," sakI Howell. "The ga me' "Al youn have to do is at theave -
Sthe iora t's cha- vantage to have possesslan, too too roughed to sn d the boys lt record t hy I'm a sticking I. -
... ,~,~d7ind n hip -eam. For some strange much of a o be decided by extra ihings.". lout my ," b e' .l .. Th
tetson, sport. t emoters are me- heads to to w But tn professionals play for Yannees were not more than five
orfans=tetcustmemony and no one wor ld sympa- na front ct the time of the Am-eta
n .4b iT1e, n me uiant. .upe the ..battle ended with thie wnith them if on rare oce.I Game a..d scrae they came ha W".ii. JB -
Mte at on the Tam"' one-yard alon. they bd to knock heads to the field t has tken a photo to -
e The "uudd deth .prescrptliei inei on first down? It would be several minutes longer In ordersplit out the op three." _l .
has been In tie NIL's minuas for enough to make Jim Lee Howell, to arive at a verdict. I. Diaeusalag the contenders, Dines- "THE CAD ,
I t-eronce and lRague championship i., riap his th .ae from Its moor- be a me thing for .o ege foot- returna to th e Yapkees. Chck ir ,Lt'rI'I, lm,
ames. It was put there as a pros ing .to yield the ball o In that stua- ball, too. There would be no dan- .wellu led tLo tav k about e
aI the nhe on i* al way to uee winner that tion on the fick of a fickle fsrta- ger tl lfien all.Thing from sqeo se with the ..
g Fretant aerd.ndoonpoeJimrcuteiams van'g. exhaustion on to modern, wide- puntch. od h. dBIln the 04t d IDEAL 20
wiOltb utoan oub bbemorn balld ry well .m In g late De- -- opdb game. ld iOl to u J-y hnee, Robert TAylor, a
aTI_1.1tsom.For8Iheat miD em.
.5,t SKtop (2 said mibel, bt ob asnswtero ear or example r Why met lt the team In poses Someone uqpscsring practically rforYankll the w orld oeO
s D eu (O5 T 'PeiS said tobejust ai e ate league wilSp be decided on sen retail tlhe ball? After at, it every timhe ypu look up. ne-and iteGe Worn e s emI
,Grn-C F other rB k oeet as Teehs e gtoas. If aa. teBe. ded Astalre.
0amn" T, Art Suttond.............h25 beiamnlfe end coghttmkeJmdeto eltyriet e "Martic wans onte a oral I
W.n-oInit ... *t ap with complete roes, they welu the Armty, f be'sTdh B hll M"A
BH redtthalgucachexmpderionshipmihtbeiatIttenewsyear.ar1296ea ut. ..heYahes Infield.

MikeJi J.acobs'. Fa"g Philip.

trs. cer. .... .,.,. quart 4s'bby Lane and D aell-wm ee u ma is e mses
wwzod mas ta he met *. wir son rni...l...... i k le. Steve DeLaTorre a fIi alf bit be '1w* it.'
the.sooL l w. Ab .... .. Believe they'lbe--then 'aJ, fh tyae IlU 0E5
teubedo" lore '""?...:" hsu omonng True". .
ldow f Aowsup but e9 eectthdoNIDER
20to have a cpleub, with exper- Uniwt P se Sptewlfe Writer,,

".and weak so far In passing. wlt theater network official.

brewrig with Bowde Wy att Moore on Sept. 30 Juw. In the "4,
e knowwhtp he a... oi e houses showing the fight.

cha.n a.geoer here with Paul rn, head of Theate? Network she refreshes herself after winaihg an ox derby ..t Oberhummnel,
.. hr t Pk D lano. af. re which IsnIn the Ltrwl stt of Bavarl. opldinw the
10wer e........ 5s .o a s e aon ould opTier
a. plneChuck- dl r sc t Je Joe bot-Dl,+" "
.or sIobt aLCr.. UbbytLance g t anhd ios the- weoonod laNn-

IT,,,tue. beo tougnCo. hll apm ero..oo. At ris ra,- Wn 4 wl

the, o, ..22:lam- Belineve'bee admthee
.. ., .b,,,stthe2 M ..goose ..m i d rkc o i un deal n, o woond ag e sa e a 5 the

,MIn oatn-Jone mnl.. .. fl.op TO WEST 1OAST OF SOUTH AERIEAarr)iooWitWeLt; eaaom ngou
i .-thath"Ate ft the theaterDveMar al .S. "SANTA EIyA" ....Dae Crao, C. oe, Sept.
hv Ailobi dulsbgpdon oftheAr

no#'? ".r KLY SERVICE FROM TiIE Distilled and Bottled in Scotland
yt.home L& M ..a. AWArasW. crIsebef. C. Z, ses. .
out gpd 80 LL V gagg ......... alls Crlstabal, C.S., Sept. U
.. CityT. However.
home towns" FROM U 5. PACIFIC & WEST COAST
,,;.t .: BALBOA AND iST .

= M ... .....Deft .&, ,C .v .
... ....d
"~~~~~~v .. ...... "t fta':" "" 6 ..." k

b",the I -
O n-.M .6'. ..... ...... .


-W .* ...

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-~ L~. .4

* -Y. s

77 j-7

iiil ,


:..'8 F .o-i--.-s .
o i nso n.i

A- m

;_ AA____. -" iu .

d .wF Norh tw- lAfrica P
it Vnukov airport outside Moscow k A' d U"A .
mim c chancellor Konrad Ade- lop PANAoMLF., THMMAT, MM.,110

r naggedarrived by plane today fortw I
It" aimed at German unity ad

Slease o00,000 Germ p P mid the t time thst
4tuer's silver and e Nors by the nnuned by Fr Fnh e ane

s or^ ^Iri waa frcan pam tdat a month ae. The admission was The majority of the 81lon in Madagasoar in the near future.
per onaeation touched d oawn

tahado threat France aloneour." souldafter Weste trong support to
..olotov. to the Wne gonouaent wasr the Gen. Pierre B oyer de Latour ,Frnc I her tuposit W
nd residBrentanoentad arrived.ral n o,
e m sani oe-fn ed Germ an lead- tn ,ah 0''B yr o.e o p e l n C

iefl lho. said b0tef ie let a orfB Pa- r.mitted for the time that et. theba in os ro ;eri icismh ounh e nd natonalstba
hat he wa tw cot hmg ker |"th e te a | trndoa f n
rd ier eransisnto rfiht- trement probably will not be made of WaIatI policPs by cabne tr a B

Ole firm dtrm a-tD to ccSs do all eerevolt a tif F c farom hs *1l
r m to o g N by the date announced by FoursaFrench tier.

t auet by Sovieut iureler Nit ola i d l E rn. e rervePeainhenedarremidr thhe
innMor solution "does not depn d an lieved to feel the Udited tates
at e n e Butve o the roeat F.rance alone."p shouldei le e strong support toV l a e
so hdwhe a ohm vdie new residdut genera sl inMc o, D rmdlra.

,n .T -A, pott U.M FB,,,,.. I-,. A _t, sdU. m, .hge ,.m KM elg l an es C
INgod-vi- netsientge ra lonMoersaonalremady"_ w p reported a
ls a w a African thousands of troops intomotagaininMoroccoee

weandte s saindthledw ar tI t Pr e quarters tghopt Moroc. repostBe Moulay A r a f aio ran oer
tm5 a f ew minut es in the clear, for o t i sal rehis 3ct utIa ntreoiinF e ncht pan --- f.rhe

moedontae the p, In (emfal lII-ra a crpd nte th0he Na an H89
movd to te e it d ao oth tthe rU. I. Air Forf Sultn inais haoes. te a
pal Wna5Iiaa'Aes

Lt affd reelab- surprised Mr onda announce- O1LAO.F..S U weaet into hancOuerrloe .Te pe
Soit n ea rrst ton-b aest te tome ae wn Sme Morocca officials a a were a t h e s. e r n e
rec &maden oim enIa aste lead F cainch fo a alo Th e ,his te lmtn reounonv -Thenlt isI nvestigatingthe11:dWm

ra in T majoreao d ba haed Defenst. e.l remain o
Bef leoang gohereane tbe eead, a1 e hieheatt IterclU ad ita ts Ni O cod Klu alin nthe aentrc a l e t

bef i leaving Germa 11M.lf tol G eS
Zp he safrii.hteu Flprier poble bet.itw~ N d ip. a tUomh o s
achievevery i were l nlfa e s Idule ip- U. S Min e m lar e-stae outbursts by, te as et. i Uwa d a o t i het
cmi ssdhon. aortb m h, n. aa t s La ted with de Latour the poosi- o mcilnu. todre w .l __._i____h-Do_ _nt to p

trieSr e aCa s asem cost mo n of the 0,000 mfecans se- Supporters of the n-year old the eat of X. Weeks; ad-
19,alMn.'lor talk Ta t esu n The con f V 1ern e h, ten. wue ais h g a et mut e cut citrs kei t ed woo ekera t ed n from li I

withleadwrithoao- reports from Rabat said. flanse the f hae of the paniphletihto discourage Le 55 w IV11ITor as ashelp

01ortoo offo fp-r a but -n rsssss ogeo .l eeaohrerh
eof thh nation that hbs kapot rt n eoI '.d i de deadllswadho.ld. JoiinstnwinnTg a wunion d."g ee.Crotcirsweprkers aaem es

ny divided s~aince oh .ar ag ap r teillrs t

Li thth eiwspishd fege.rsutdor aehe inghourW kern teht ai
riS~-t Unis S)ao Demo cratich Solons tDenouncel bi a ,che 7 t io on al
te ohp toe oe fee n r Propos D defense Cu backs l C a/l l the c t the r. I fder fnte o t" law

ie t w toe fS bimatey &Ad continued mtgre Pin president Tarntoday m ande denlestar eth Butiae la de toed e lsect a
.be fe otre to, ree pr-om o .pae e wadgtionl ar ndd t n o e aenudifceeed o wa ntn mearers l diateye sttexof supar re
r to! m minister P pirre sv isa meom W S a f s d bn m, the s. .00W ivl militin I th w"

t row efatarland boda me of ca.i er T w cri t ht he mion agen tnll g ocoudrnand rin e e oeotmteemb o thec d pending. eL '
Sthe~ returned o tOf Ouop& le .ratiw, rthiner call abire ead t pso he o he Appro e e ten Commid ihtteet e Th .. 1 lter oe t lo t he
re o tlsat e t hte e ofa mcdlo it est s slawresrdd t h toGeneeral cnfedsrulolha a, rto Pl W m e o h- e w aas a et

Ss dbecnp couple snced in t e pde oe set e w" r e i n ele- o ored ths e anry a ln. Cnouslye arere t aI ae. "a a Wn Bh
a t unjtusi m ied th e toadmia- bharman Dennis Chavez (DN.- mt a rea, told e that d e whiet ao *orea tn hW 'nliU

In) ofenDra dlthe"l military oeshadte roaed te alastm in m dft o to hep etl I- Ua udI me fo
ce, nrotn rcda. e-down' gracefully o ofh t icl om*tter sandg he c o a h ens o arnno uaitmfulrefults.rii.g dtt- res u ao

a d d t h e m e n w aor n t h e J o p t e S s dSs n e w "soi l r e n d e f in gt t h e m n o t o e t M a e Of w g set .
,_erennheo s-wi tolenwrrld..t. u Stenni a r(D- t as oi....). A Republica a n
matherwore wa l"enh rlan11s 1cemenotr ra.- -I u ppi s -, o,,astmembema, Sen. CharleAs m eatti ungln rejsid the krons'
SovDer' i black s-Uit a e nil t'th sol e d h Potte a fi. ch tior lla w r ainen te e mid e i- n:sketC re s eoTo x tl.
aii. d.Uen ir" "a go v ern. 'lettin gud own o01 km a m.ilt a1 1 th v p amphleta uo

taBie.-lThe most sed re omt* h o emraen thpe n lsJeo'ae 8PtrseFiah Ku .e o a
oI f O a moe nI' Paul Hogla (D.e "M .)tKlux e n was reported to have g r"oi d e
D n rCha r Id A Sth e M.rI at tm ,,
,-t- pnthVe ,admi-nistration pro. e e w fdt 3 a

on8le thed c e a o f tr e ba e wears ina .
,* a d lt reort .- a g ee01
W'in S, 0' t..agaadinn-tatihn towan. 1
thebc Frnc Ita- IVyes s eY m, % and seafiel cue per- hopes toe th hts repo W is offering this. year to at meber f A 6
wlon Menbers, of modgiehs Valfto nmoon for six days on b c Militiarotenta Interested016L 2T- s the
od boarded theplane. e"a. aIfts df h a ce i o a da th i our courses eet inth
teroiseatiitacn-Arctic vastness off f Greenland's fiscal ear ending nedtJuly.Un. Roger C. Hackett has announc- October jJ r o w ovenuber The
o a: N IS S terrorist activity g east coast.5toa^ the to- ed. ifi the s m e1
*i his departure. Another tinued. mists p a ssed out to pFoto slh taeouotbe.aaoouz' wilt
.praecdd him 45 minutes leaflets calling for a g en e r a The Norwegi n rescue vesasel rTheya wras elmeoefrv attcoul d e W ola -
wTotten radi tadsailed to Defense. offcals said only that tooIntIerm ediateaccounting
gandother opoffloi. = WXb overnment circles ad- within seven Milan of the stick-. spending will be cut as much as H llc. accountig sd theory a or expect to have, d5 to In-h oued
en pasoenger-fralghter Jopeter possible. One said-it would ke tprahcte of zIenptmen .t vest.wn t
when heavy snows forced a halt a I"minor miracle" to cut to even LOS AN LES. Sept. S (UP) : "BgP ofae h r The CoMParative advan-es l l
to the merc miamion. 34 billion, much less another bil. --wel n millions e ter ediSte accounting ous Of common and preferred stoS.
each of them Is an Extension montage bonc, dbtur@ na-.. said tia fter 60
Two U. S. Air Force helicopters lion dollars. ern California today tuined t Division night course and will oal,,e S n peay s o tilopIay pafterce0
P9[CE&-.75 -andAwere poised to fly to the strand- the weatheat bureau for some begIn about the first of October. ment bonds, slurance lies, he pae that tedreto pol
d veel and rovet This oricial aid that while word that relief from the eoght. T -intermediate accountinllis Iment tr aed th h
singer and crew, buttt day hut op was in eight, but a day course butttheereah
TODAeather temporarily blocked be achieved befo next Jily any forecaster could no make such time of 4:30 to 6:20 en Monday ral estaetcerori
DiCtiwBoat dslash Into flflt strength Should the weather bureau'smake it easy for most employed
Defense dingcould be cut forest of a high of 101-degrees adult& to attend. t'on of iuncisl winl be itcuf...
left Copenhagen Tuesday by "stretelP p nt p prove orrect, It will be th san ta the Iosetmon
to chart a coura% out of the lea =fOr W'hases Pdgninth straight d of above 100- 1 eglatilen for this nurseons.0-
for the Jopeter, but officials Other possibi- TheerIsUM bwav'sdeththe regular maket s dftPlsinesitid I TheTwalkingnofttee, heaah
feared the ship was too crippled ties ineudepmaecut. OInte o lr ebl- hede "'"I
toh ail under her own Chavesaid the adanintratond 82 and the number tembn O9,,or n the first m. Ilienate Couimbke wil l( od grant they becotne aware of
eThe, 19 Danish weather x- Chal Is a "dangerous move" of naturl deaths since the hot meetingday, Sept. 13. also be eplIned, a" wel4 as it and tae the good path while
were stranded aboard the 48f- security. He saW the administer, about dule the normal num- Division ao Unet in elementary by "er' "b1g, "waives, Peron referred to his recet of-

a ax cut. Estimates aared to n the evenign of n thra, y d defln periods, "But It was not oble because
e stp rueda reedifferent ta Io measures ieiately staeo popular re-

became hopelessly w d the couri not ye "any eifati In walnuts aid avocados were m e _lnum.Dv is in coua msesmn a1 1 1 a

By Russ Winterbotham and Ralph Lane ea[,.. as t" |" .




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