The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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7" 4e., t -. ,. .. .. ....

... For Violation Of A tie
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...R. .. V"L U up tj "j o, or '."" v," ", ... .

e e high j i: M |^ tid e .ttt .tha' -.- v "c irS" i- y Se *< .';
hof 0it 6ly Co s so Cesres begp Gf i

.... a fo"| d t;M) i-."ounced ta- e ha 0. eto
6p-" .. .C 0- o'.ea*

Isabel the tha t & caued the disatroul IBM seond egree ISr- fo r n accidental heas patrol "wuce. lort lsay at ARIS Sept. 6 W) w- The Prtnd
S ^ :Sft 10 .a ye terday the aner e m B rd a 3erth Am *d heo o wO ait sC
at ^ to Bii ireaiu mi Bor .- go of wie s Ara eg ss colStin s w teOubysa e iaa pia pdm cowas more -
tropi m h so veered etecus pee h fo sent lope d a drafr olutin at tio which iled two had vdP I m
*sa ept hu Iftu aon aleh S1 attacn honis to o m re ammn a fromog the Xo r l rp '
r w ted od art n information depart. o

othe o Leaguee-are Lgypm t Lb b ria of the Iaell trol had oy e t Mo7 h;and iilned ee Err the of

"ah a s tudU efcllepush Jo ans, -"Israeuh"r es'" "l e d t e'.l... ..s d an w er ok" ,au-
-Is-abe-. e a a d atouu n V iol seon who he a lace eamh dea a -lar meeto rh," t taeda ite pn such .a. -

pow. I h wa 1 b h was originally? Mad A $'he announcement of the ti.d ms Wtherael awefae
S. .s S Aug. s t mt hrt

S.ur happened hi leave wa an A n ro t the l Si o t e. c ed het livery of .
S. eed. hnextn othe nte Mixed .Aaatce Con- Oburvers aid egypt wa a .S o.oney, d a

uiA ouh sent eAc-uspedWonrn the bur- amlaton Ara coLe ap of one mm hearing to Its promEe to respel- ith acroueu wea*n cawasdh mWoes w B' .
S.a u .. ...h e ye. and oner t an delegate t cea fire g a rael turned," Mine .a,-o letter e& Ua

Ton *foyd /d received a. .100 th neut n aln ,a- k .t, part o th bargain, i
Sr o h o n h .i o te e in t te The oi th e sic ohe trsee a e i
furtereand tsa Beaihtdf ra f e e wsoldiere to56%_
Ci a obson1- new Ierve der
Ap._.coW ..John Ha- U Ik-IItmo!anaft-4"., por ,
0 u p DyAr nd o-.j .erIwt.
day wa o.nd/ ". -eet sinco.. n, dfu Ir ls e Blre killed. | %ne.

0" 3annunc youtht wacn, e ing hert" bu"- mi sa do n Is- 1WeAi t v It prmse- With tteor
_o'-gotort. onthea Am.e"; kid of.n coursoe.. dy dC._...,r.;ak- x a thel gnd mm& d ednlegte t im c asem et hlon au rlslt ptvood, is r..
.label o .wstlath that caused Us disastrolus 1954secownd yda ee*e0e-d w;-/foit tnachden n t oalpaw whike tpa tb ixwaryanti.6 dpt. t) i
..y2mog etato.the te10sthe t (A Clr d=a ads d twe hold ter itory near thebr dr U ,-, .

Septen*e-gwoonded fn or.. a nia 85involved Wthe
be "" ,I. atnon '*'th
on, S4 hew as- 4amol lr. .. ll re:
goodtbehav ioo.-"no116,,-..0c.,2

NX.mui-fliranof, two ra
on eapUard l nRed
cw hfdrbL Watt Gmaa RU

r-s A m dw aI n

nor Wed Geca I"
..Sw ad .0 h- fo B
ftfe k
4 ,rjK dd "a'r K"n B
6krPI POW 1. thm

^E^'in~sinto A-
raw- th
~G. antl

bt hb

.etwo soaldus.

a v e .. ,o ,

W~ -~ ~
I --

ad slm~kaB A-
ra aipwa Amern.
Fter teomaiger Al~i
he was We
- 7
beless the J^t l
saste %f

trbal to et at fram p
In the. otae-; a d es and,
pI-, the.i1"10t
wT tt OLra Citypu. -
chUS8ed1AaP. hacksaw ndre-
turned o the church where he
emnred the fe t which mthe
msae was kept. '
.tMat tempt to buwiase the
eu te wdemp l located on Oa-
vlan Rod in hBalboa, was un-
sucebissful and the youth was
asprehended ebyeCl .. ,
Thompson pointed out that
the young Army man Said he
wanted the money to get hdome
to visit his grandparents be-
cause was "unhappy and
The actinpt DA toe th court
that thew method 4 thet uth
had employs ad. an the eru e
twh he usecdd torde r tut
.ood d"n't ie much about .
thiwye le apowt htU ad
cut the haWnae ofl the doot.'
.eoUowg ThepsaM 'spen ec o
a ton. Judge Outhrle T.
iwP gave the youth a sue-
Voed sentence. bpt GaullOn@o
im-that he must report eaeh
month to the trobiton offief.
Be was also to advise the court
whenever he received orders to
evae the Isthmus ao that proo-
r anmmnuemntseoald be made.
sentenoWas .mmpended tor
speiod; of fir' "a.
t wf mth b el 1H sol-

-' 1*1.dW 4eftnder WU.-
hman 7. hrid., Pt. pointed out
that theyouth Z good roe-
ad the ArnP walejelbe-I
JJ Aman mI--. &bd1?,t i h

o to-

^^^^tsan 'poItion- ihelled
"fv minutes lateriSe
I'uttn B ton fired on ,the
I i aa ^t moved southward
t the -aMot of the first at-
tack. Two sraeli soldiers were
1. 9o agl said he voted for
Israeli solution because it
O = Wo i n B opinion
meneed, firing, but the resolu-
tion adopted stressed the fact
W-thtte I anosition which
Ild on tW paatr was on a hill
ttentootely dninating the sur-
Ioa .area while the patrol
was _on f t, open terrain."
It ha been feared the ap-
of an Israeli patrol in
SUterritory Sunday at
seven hours after the

~ay Deaths

In WI Traffic

t51M At 430
Cm &.ept. 8 (UP)-Labor
DsyI traffic accidents sur.
experts fears of 400
Stewards a new all.
!' y cftoday.
The tIal ,three day eating
w euer, but the death c 4,un t
e- towal passes 4, it-. will
meoa a new record for a three-
da Laler. Day weekend.
/At7e' Press count fro m 1 p.
a. Kmide-tiA the ended of Labor
Day last iha t showed
0 t aths across the na.
tiUSn. M a killed t, lasne
tauI 1, and ivaaety t so.-
d ABe ? tor ovea total of

..her lherifI
'anmIttjn of Ion Us-
frequently Jailed female In he
Canal Zone, today ended Ip
back where she hid come fron
-In the Qatun prison tor aM-
other year. I
Twenty-nine-year-old Doris
Rud seemed almost.disinterested
this morning In the U.B. District
Court when Judge Gutrie P.
Crowe sentenced her to sped
one year In prison after acting
District Attorney Morton
Thompson had recommended a
two-year sentence an the
charge of returning to the Canal
Zone after deportation.
The al who has been Un and
out of Zone jails lsnce 13 was
released from OatunI June.
On July 27 she was pi cd
in the Canal Zone after e
been deported for the tlrd
Vms. Moat of the convictMns a-
galnst her Involv ed ocftbg.
Doris, who stood .q lby
while her long Zone Wr. wan
read in court, dsplaye nop em
tion when the aatenhe wae
passed. She had entered a plea
of guilty.
The Judge warned' the girl
that after he serves her term
to "get out of the Canal Zone
and don't comat back." He said
that it seemed to him the de-
fendant was "eSi confused; Ma-
ble to think clearly what she is
"It almost 0oks as If ahe
wanted to get back to Gatu,"
;Judge Crowe. remarked after re-
viewing her case.
He added that he hoped "some
leniency" on .the~ p t the
court, in not act..g 'n _e.A's
recommondat4~, wouM" have
the desired eet the deUn-
naftt da Rl

I t 'r-ow'. .."uw t. 'qu-n- ..ami..
No AcV Dty Rt"in Reserve Obligation

"" '"ty.ast. (NOtigast G guard of re- satisfactorily p reim tg
be-ere), Mt such time as his ec. et a re or
tinsfor total 04 ar- of one a-for.. a
aterv e. trepip old r *ear erioneYw
a I dr te enaed tertsi h, rat
or edtthe aet. This -
A, ag. 'V"ilabla until
i horI m( to ,e (c) Until July 1,
wbo was anstv
r eams kdcn.e of naeatmatit
tht he o nuityi
6 A Natio Iew bm smuno

,Ft t -tno i
tragg .saet

-... :. : % a.Ta. -

, ', t h "e,1 .den t y-oytI,
Ju gOf the b
"They have swindled me out quarten) In go
of k lae, suM of m- 411 -al than Mour. Se
of fam -savings,...L annot a bled at reS
beauty but I don't bumen ie- i
other, because I am saed thttt h talks ]
I posses the qaltles- make venm .n of.
me happy," A Yau wI*te. o-demacdbyS
"rhose who know of y love i_.ftedto ot
for my mother can unrstand In Ant.irabt,
what happened, she clared, ma Jeade
adding tKt he will n ay ev. M" Pas Ot N
ery cent even if it takes er the n.m.e, _former p
rest of her life. ~Meul Nanms
Miss Yau also u SUI Uuitep58 1rr
the gypsies who m hr lt WitI
Ie. on West 3Spamdtreeat, pii- a!lutte
of 16th Streetoag pm y Ie- ouief, 4
ported.h twoea

Sunny S.NhomCtfW
S I ** *




- *-'4,*


' "

S-,U4".. PrEo. ANARSi .CAI.- A C
.4 Ku ts n- AMS L 3
IN %1VANC urna To

: ,-. 0 -
TbthII Bin h o open forum too reader eof The Papas Am
t ~*ived grolaefullv and are handled in a wholi tel
CeetribNte letter don't be Impeotlnf itf t daesn' opp

Id ofy nerl writss isld I t itsrtweast etIdamce.
Ti. uinee| s|ln nM rspeswellty for staMemeles as e
teed In leess fe m ueedm .
0 .
I read in the Mail Box about a disgusted customer who
oed about leaky roofs at the Tivoli Guest House.
Now It's a abame how some people cau use destructive
m. Lt me tell you something Joe, I have been a wait
a at te Tivoli Guest House, and never have I aesn sue
eme 't f lr this present management. Mafbe t1
wrote hs article in the Mail Box are one of the few i
d whom we can never satisfy. under no circumstances.
last Monday would have blown into the King's mansio
A good waiter who kn
a good Manager.

r'v n Joe' letter on Friday ctticizing the management
vpa Guest House. It sail how the Coffee Shop was
i o00 iSrdurftl the rain, but Mr. Joe, you must reme
w a o ordinarY rain, and a rip lke that 1i
r--ng30 mh would cause eonftil in n any
oewlT ecoaee,shot
B ^oe/wou Ie to ak you one question: Wha1
'Amica~ n would you call yourself or others that col
1aCffee Shop and eat a. meal and think it very hi
I waiter 10 cents for s tip after receiving the best of se
am oTiatlon- A oiIWalk

* 1 --

Lt.. ...-!Ii -

Labmr.. News


-.-- .. .* .... ,. .. l j l
'.. o;,- ':,: _,'; ."** ....... ."y .^ : -;. ,. :._ "-,
00 7i
*~~~ tL_-_. _

i "
I .


6 m, -- .. .. -

The first global strike in history '
is under way. -"..
We've had Industry-wide strikes,
city-wide strike, and ataion-w ideW
strikes--,but now we're witnessing
labor's ability to reach around the -
erie, earth in a figbt with a company
oidentil and pull a world-wide.$leppage.
eat t6s The battle Is between the quiet
but r hinuent AFal 8 0-e mbe A?- ha uertm ls ai. Pte lFo f
L tton of Machis timlnamt-miflbi Mut 1'b.
(IAN and the Flying Tiger Air- InaderlmInd tay .w"'.. n
phimOns line, Inc., a non-scheaulea outfit .o
which has bena trying to float from d'.
airport to airport to avoid picket n e r.
lines-like the One at the Burbank, the 'rayp-- li aI
Calif., field the other week which a pper yes rfday a, A .1 *o",
included a live tiger equipped with toorow bter I u m aga .oe
com- picket signs. dra" "- *wer amd f "t e le m.o
re iri- But so effectively has the union a rst oi t-
or for called on its counterparts In air- %11 BB atepa k 'l at.Oet o a
se J / boycott the line during this wage ya int the o a o ue
S.tms dispute that the Flying Ti e are to i hanog e road ton
That having difficulty getting their b ha was "d e tas to utt
n. planes fueled and services across att mut -a At bewas f e m
ows ite worl dw t.he. execution a a o .
of aie ln ho a ayed, but the doomed man tojld- i Crs
SThe Issue in this strike, which "Now followon't nee th o o r Tex,

e 1mber eh iossts glob l *tn a t P tery .. ...iS
pivots on the-4mtis st demand for er n. lot st fad bt o, wa
II~ inh patnabouNew brought am .

ofia si teherniqer a woarkingr unitye or tiChean'ut amdsbee tS IspdtoirnVIsaa
to n a onn aht or anp fsoeentr d. Is s fi. can ... ...... nrves w e r o Se- G -orhy ? -. dehi In .1)to a.

kin |sg of thia s t o come on the labor ,e a.d, t o dr fro me a- wetks ao rwnasno o of the
ue to scene. a* .,t ,v n .. r r to hw ".w" -- .
iei s T e ritiTh e ta i oin June whnct icsK d .....ow, aroanend Us t. edad o a. Tr.. -an
.the company aske for awage ouwca eanp-ee- fromwthhethe e -m-L,.w. do. a- 1renn ,ni
Icut and the unioon asede or $.0 a .., secretary gays Ilat he will or w I NM br'gte ow'-
l a week more and a union shop isuch l In I- not appeared byU are a better man h.-i tr s E w
aswthe regular oU. S. airlines greed Toithanwamreli t Ie /doe ta -iho i, ent raa aD Tm
----1 nto. The company couleed by of- /01111 lE e t /Ug Thinlis a p I sun ina a narrative mood, the1 ,,G ne s.,Wpmaus
mo vfor. ro witraw is demand for Georger Alwreh Pded:thee.Sees 'ashed oft
in itu wage .The union rsernd-w cd AR DElcti U Yearsnwsota wne fom apat wo mipo
an the fight was n.WaSWoaoe U% vtter It onsitueknt wo asai# Pl sthX. Ttumea
,o .. .-emnd knowa fotwnth whednCellar.andse Alln eplled.

Nadeteet d:Tul wthe strike rollitedihnJu n geyou are for or against the draft.' "I gfess it's bec'ud I don't bre
sNtqu ad y u dthelyn the T ingr b e g ta iki out seeig a e rat in canas t Iw ird ck, 'I ertal an' I them." With" three suec dv
the union caled out l w picke. I don't, know. why, really but l We h .vedis covered tha bo Sine the. bi blows cet t.s "tiheMm '"i slm suaaL.w. a .F .u, T m
cuteandiswothelunionaskedfo20aldrioe eac hesv w ow tdon' kt sloe
w o rer an do talsuncold oandnratp maun co t ar pobll aom e a; A freaterlmaneid Ba &K.m s tolisabou to
In an scheduled, co. simply massive .oadverti.em t for ker laoSkep t e o~, e -md illtvoumo M rth hou i e e sands",,, nete -o ,8111 400,'8 ". l.,e"
merin frowm airrt to anfort pick- a:ne hurricane amops in New Yorkre lamp, v.ias. apt ilob! be. towe -- betwent Is. remied Pealhy.vlnla'm se .ru". Bjhkain
up c r, a l newspapers.. It sort.of. reaffiromsn ..... utdwro thne ioa CIapds nd ionl. T y na ref oo wi. e C o f ineth oe
and t e from the nearest piet ne's faih in te old thingst like nfwiforthwdthawMod-ero andd--ea...ddhue-adsimla ".oo1
-o reven ta ctinent away. ceood ...e..l fs-hons .o te cd-a -h-,eso tes etrw, le teamaember ofraCon- bmu"e uaitisnveaotIdons'ed.
This wi advertisement said- "Hur-, eweSW u', EP ._ can unA the o e, While I .enew. is carrgIe awa ross -whoe wad I ertalkin qytu eroM. at the!", etaith' t louses
So the ui n dcaion adl e thed Fying lofens strike suddenly Re.tmem-Ian t .We rtavle i makes d .the a on. j h e bsInr c oe a wile eand sme nasiked t- Sodn s l a i n caci rth t.i
qmean that the mnon is askig all without light? A few of.these lames you build inIanelectri-c revgera-,and _Connie ant Pan. l t Tas-" how Conressilonal hear- raconteurs Ino.Co.gre'ss. A favoito,
,9- o o o handle Fl on han guarr.canteesvialpsafnew1-tr.sueAsfotheldsapt Itobet clean. Ned Hfu Thag s gr raIa t
at ny airport, hours .w c n een home made wi Cousi argie's aM Miss Kat en nisIM
carg, u ae*neThis today, p n.Ithe world of frozen Iceacream and8 the m..ass-producedmewawArts and Cousin Tamy's,7be. in Wondltione: Chaplinof th4 U.a
AGO Then the Machinists contacted foods,..TV, antibiotics,.y .eez.xs: oause these houses were bultswith i slei oratoy Chain Ceerre- trawedustaS, l .aned out aiN-

r t of ibal bormbs, atomic e powered subma- find they cast a solt and pie nt icebox-with.-drac pas mea lity directed V i oe 0 it i dow n ad esdr aibuchit we
re eU l oDL.ea dT
Timrsaad" h ecrg ,ine."in uses, polio vaccine, Christin- Dioe, gow. :'n ere Is ai kia.ds of. he'a They are tou h and they ride out vbestiyatlmn t .uhf
ol hd aneesafea- tor.Asfortheod ,hancpran the years artho. wst,. 0 retne ,,r thees _-


OP overP IO F
M*MIF- va wns -* -

gUWW-Tne sea-s A : mI matrp am,
ke a IL J. Me W ftuck neap Lincolnia
.k wet tambuM st coner as the-true

be bem.

IN r and i s resent years, =ut -n e
o Cables went out from these osee. Ind.l.el l .he earns its pa, when t nh g, aer. an, Is mab h J a _, ,
ondary world headquarters. Soon ly less adequate than .a ag e elevator kocks off the trains touch smart tan the man in th of his atoic e
messages began streaming into the ad In the Saturday Evening st, and subway s, and there yo grey flannel sut, with the mort- bill. He bltternj mwleda
Mashints' building in Wengotn. and in Spain we have some rob- are all alone with old Ma Nature gage, the ulcers, rnd the exager- GOP Senate-Howe lea r, h
From PirSmampneW that the lems, too, such as the lights eing at her nastiest A ease In point aw im a is were unable to paoarte Ieg0
Federal Sr ofthe Publuc doused from seven to s sen vere here a g.audfat aar'. ie, w ei always u .nd ,,lat on "I can uners tand
Works aIt Fedation days each week in the fall an -that I pwdi In the m the whether you're ibeace or ie Congress might ppo the ,.
had instru Its member not to winter.. hurricane belt in North l abia whih pasm
- provide any assistance to any .yb il way pogm r i thin a sese
- g Tierienrcr oftlanin at ae .tomic peace ot
theio) d-r was nothing MaWr1,v"t.Ora

British workers wout not service Probe Bono Publico: I you're How Corny C You Get, A Chl.w Lucky Stnour: Wolves going r ra oeior ~
the Fing Tige Airline in English wondering why no really big names ao criti like tb over cry tr to dat lovely Evelym be about s atto

H alrpos after Aug. 29. were caued during the recent Mgg, g's latest platte-, Patrc si. ce te eovatio hen, aoi af "-t's aoetjs nde
r F i House probe into ed infiltralon e erms every note and ths Just to tell thn that the C House andarem
From the Netberlandl, the alr- of show bix and TV it's because makes it soted like she's having TV bu is 'fmr Sea W ... Se? m pmouig totes "r i
ey had talked h the the eshorities d abetted by OP ") know a Comme TV star who not bthewadpeaceby an atomic-
thato had promised tont the l o ale quietus on it. The emo only id behind the Fifth-he drank York's -gInt moving, storage and aalfo ei g
Air Transport (a laborers Un- crats who now control Congress (.K. I'm leaving.) awrnar addust.y ater 14 years 'l -rto fu g
ime d ant y Ineom Flying er planned to let thc whole coit-e in the legiture, during Ps I dn te... tote
ships. T Dug unns w ld ms fade away, but suddnl re Nothing from Nowhere: Lacai's time he had a recoremocrat nuh eer ta an a t o -pw.
be rn-and would instruct it year and they'll have to fight it out RCA Vitor. ePoor guy, let's start of hismeasres which s not eeae "
ri ot to ish .ervlie fuel the on the "party of treason" label, a benefit.) ....Sign e m an Acapuico acted, however, was a b-ill e l OY PAYt O eFF
In Switer Airlithe Uin Englof Pub ras any importantlyy big namenta who owns the "state" restaurants, a gangster is. velyn etness te
he Service Nmloyes, .caiv avia- tors, program executives, casting like the Flaia. New Yorkan, -h-i W.s .... S ca a t la

ti| section, was assuredS. w,ss agents, producers, etc., but to use etc., planning to eal hishe xt nTe l.tra iSe.,, eyeS" a
ir a tht no Twe- the standardlist long agoth compiled Brooklyn. Could be the first move The Bi There Ain't No Bts Like: w of I .. ....
r plan be by th e old Dies and Velde co- to make it the 4 notate, and this is just to tell tm that th ite House
S .o .t _* mittees and the it's beIn cause one .Oleg like she' dating Harold Jeroatye CoU are n.oco Cn promoting voCES
rt workers noti came t rom Democratic member of the pres-ship (aided 's affair with thelyric" L ourHalrn teadyHa GOP candidates the .
y had talked with the auGermthorit es and abettee told me and mys") knCow a Commst... e TV stamer 3rwho not by the way, is the new b of N
I had mied to nd litify th .e put the at he o Demo- only id behind the Fifth-he drank York's giant moving, storage an -- -
whpas. utch e first wo ld tauat imssufade way, a GOP boge o f t erom Nowhere: Lana's time he had a record number Of punch by au an ar-
a :to service or fuel the an. o the "par t .. e pretty oaro. ted however, was a i Bettll cag

t. probers were ordered to rooming house"Maril d Joe for a pr W of tie crime synd icate

I ae oane .Sthe Ui dey os sible, nt ebar slept here." Arthur Maisel a Year before Keau ver kntw what The man ho wrote
u l ltr uuate Uml "a "Mocowr m"P commentaMd l who owns t n P "state" restaurants, a gugse s. C r
ie s -vice ]mpacy. civil ava program executives, casting e the Fl an New Yrka assso 40 st i o ant/ Is a
on was assured by Swiss agents, producers, etc., but to use etc., planni. to a his ne xt hThe
Sat no i the standard li est long ag compiled Brooklyn." Could be the first move The s There Ain't No i Like:ll l
g ,planeswul e ers, gd by the old Dies a ndelt Venee. to make it the tin state, at ho thit comic Tomy No and sine r

a mitte. s and the FBIo. In fact, one .Oe s I in -dating Harold JeromeCola ae bsooko n e
l mies rolled in a Gothc m eamberam the ps- I Waves, Pe. aredn newa of tin9 s on t
& S.o i e s, ( acommitts e to act for?) lnyoalst o ber Widr r oletoh tA everinarite ad .aiby en
the firs e late w if e that he thought the Ca w bratin h wr. ali. d divwons tetai.- evgo folo w .
autlsth, issue atrs reenyisueewsaGOPbogey from iththe summersow h

It Ms-pc ,t m san o you r eas dlel. Ar- e .t.lsn, .o W_ w BettyI n ._
rie hey's nJiuetes pen auil. ey atdiA sell

I Ia e anober st e' drovin the f er mpany anut. dse s tanl a -Mu e i -' '

:.urn i sh id. (w ha r'n tee n e we B I h pe I. --, o ni .i
ak ,denying rumors)l. .. Nex doifs at a e and stake. pI "te"' h a
thsnneaton tra atGen.usd aganbrItso& ginm t'he', nsInaoh ip
formerjrweretaves wect

Mnow on AnOIarea
(.It- Bt Wi thrQor P. latest hear.ttl ,, .94,SI. r"nG-am.
tieanotte Edris" is m akingo witht A y1)..
oers9g0-goo eyes at a wealthy Venenue- s= h is

d. wasquieymarried to nilak win- armeand Ashe

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin, aLpt
6 (UyI Two members- of a
Lutheran committee that clear-
ed the Rev. JohAn 0bretdlnf of.
heresy charMs said today It
thought Oerberdlng should e
tried again.
The Revs. Chriptlap T. Breast,
Milwaukee, and William Niebibng,
Wauwatoea, urged that the ce
be re-open.d becauSe of fNV.
GOerberdlng's post-tril stat-
ment tmat I have Mot chag
ar ofr n? of my nions ad I Ws
not asked to.
Tf ev. Bre sed ist it was
understood by tthe o9m e
mat when the Iw-, OGflW,
asgneds a temaentt of tat -
esd of the Luntheai L. he
teaching on the virgn,
regurrectloon and aacesMitoa
Chriat, he h a 4 "defntely"
The w- bd int9. a,
was cleg-ed of thaws tbat bid
doctrinal views debated
those hel d y the noath
Ovnod of the uate4 Lutherain

By Calbroith

ru.. n

"r. f -- .' 1..: :-: '.


__~ __






. ... .. *. ....... :, ^ ; .' ^ ..^-
... ., ..... ,... :., .-. i Via.',.,-:
... o I ;
.. -. -,,.-{ ,"..:: ? +. j' ,7 17
>" mm~mm 7n5 '' '

S- '* -.
, ;'; '. .* ;.al ,l ,'-
- .;._ !i. .. -... ', -

l-.... *. t :,r ,.
': --;-: ,R :' ..1
S. ,_ -.....- ..A:^ .- -,
*?; ., *;; .' ;

-1 wUsw
f w

" aN. Boho al.
that -A at, *ma "
-asi vleB

'^ r to md t. ow ,hP

Sa .ltl you -e f i .
Cetthy instanee, that ia what has

. 1W r, hb- aid. etatw ma
have troue wlin the nomina-
t .e11*. p l ed tos

ti because he has "alUenated"
many of the Democrats' ampers
taut "owers." Nixon said the
Tennesee Democrat has mor a
ability to "g vet ves at the ballot
box tan votes at the convention '
The vice president said he
thought hte maio.overal issue in
1J 6 will be the "difference in
ec ome philosophy" between
Mra shower and his admibns.
trate and the "economic phoso-
hy ttiBich appareany to going to
be fowe by the nominee of the
ot~ter, pary."
Nix ad the Republ smn are
se-v- n tage t poai ts strong-
or ft b November .I when
they lost both houses of COngress
o the De rats. -.

Se aker Who Won Faie, Fortune

On TV Vib Italian Hoetown

* .i-u6. le .1. a. a fti a( \1hmalht ui' wll brdl Us new

Gino Pr, o, who'
ituAmS hrAe bo
dl04 rwe. g .nt.

*, ,. *' .- .. lro

hor lv. a so I
lW. home for America at the i

T the old ma said in.
a Mset the whole we
en-its ers."
"It as you that be ,ed, nme.
way ion awMys did, said ,GI
Ha referit tp his father's
bled ad to stop at the $32,

e seedd. TUC
we @httoff j.g big-
newag from Tank-
onista who meet
wr the annual TUC
1e claims by mnl-
sh workers will al-
ed in London by
r Eden's cabinet
. to 6onslder latest
country' general


?-O 4wer g, of B zH.AWO
ai aore taiL slog. It'$a iFit*#t.
'wheel, wor-m ,ear btakn.f ra 'at
l^'1 oo. t d ite _-

fl!. .. -,

FRU oorane tees have owiSome
~g I.the Bunker Hill mand Sllvan mine at
SIdaho. The l er tree -i tour feet high. Miner Herman
M own exai n ts duaeove the trees Brwlog from
the e oor. As soon as they strong enough they were
.Mo t eart. ; cariesplant fooT daa to

,fii a- r^ .. r t-A "CENTRAL" Teotrel!
'* "' "\, ., -r .,,

ilte pronfd cift.Ia-itt n he
aism antedna thi*hI lmwpped up
ie and a 2,5-ft pi-Pt rm.a well.

British Sculptor

d, 4-
otld sculptor, sid today
f to, D. C., Is a city of

aTet r saw so ,many statues
that were so bad In my whole
Uye," Epstein said.
"Trey. are so official gen-
erals on horseback, generals on
foot, generals looking important.
Btit there was nothing I saw
that was really sculpture."
Epstein, now a British sub-
ject, discussed U. 8. art as he
was about to sail for Europe on
the liner Liberte after a month-
long visit to his native land. He
said he found one exception to
his general conclusion on Wash-
ipgton's statuary however.
It was a statue on "social
consciousness" by Sir Jacob
"I found the- statue magnl-
f1hcnt" he said.


-:x"''iZ4 .~ s

Enduring tovelhes...BretictakigB

agnfnt DIAMOND ....


S. Choose w at these buget pri-es
^ 1, *. --'. : *


$ 7475
I f

~' 1. M.



w up to this
where Prato
were a seqre
e esen to
I for
** offrk

National Unlon of Mine Work4
era, both voted to i continue
presslng for pay Inwreles.
Union members crilti zd TUC
officials who had. advised re-
strait oh wage claims until
Srlta '8 A.pmomy was. out of
tie _iisgnaled a defiant
g-ahead to further pay de-

Gregory Peck aidthe beautit new iBnse tatr, Win
Mil ThaW In one of thea exule l scene. of the
Technicolor adventure drama, "TEV RPLE PLAIN," re-
leAse tomoflow at the CINTAL Theatre. Dramatic reunion
occurs during enemy air Mldd.
"THE PURPLE PLAIN," shot on location- in the jungles
of CeyloW' the desperate humid heat, the fierce sun and
-watherem plins, combined with the error of surprise. ir
rtl- bg I I n atm sphere of despair that accentuates th
charter of the brave men and women who fought there
In World War II. d.


0DoIilaA C4






Leaving Panama .. ........
Arriving Miami ... .-.0..N.0......



~*- a1 w

S t, --I-
-. U ; .- .-


SArrivig Pmanana .. ,.. ..
A 01-

. '
.. ..* .

4s30 pMp.
10:30 pTn".

1213 .

* S ** *rr.4.g 5

No. 15 PERU AV A ,I



City in tie 5ties

STocusm-New Yek -* l
TcumenChicap.o ,


___ __ ____ __ _

. .--. -- -..

--- --


t.- ~ 1.

:.* ''

; ::-~

y.-a., he-_M.

% ma -.a

* ~


~ 4
* A~

* *.~v -

.. a .

A ,. _,.- ,; %. ": ,' '
.~ &^-;'teW^3- A f 'r-.*'il

iR t b to begin the ex-
J *ttor,. esu .' .

.A FRANw COsco-(UP)- Th6 vT m ter be used I
, y. p stovepie" may be full of toti i or guided mis-
ai, but it's more than a pipe ll, but I .c"ride the cruJs-
but* tm 1I1Oi' r te craft Is in'
.e fad, theie iay be one infajf: ,- t I
Mm ture, if you live long "A cer plant" the
ds 8gr. And even if you're getting met is by Roy Mar-
.t years, you are due to -- f'of Marquardt
S lot more about this new Calif a o-
at sa old aviation tune. n ar1bduo
i call edthe ramujet gin- e Marqua*rd o -became Interest-
W r t'sfutulre1004 ed In the tMe- M principle whie
Stoday as that of the piston working at Morthrop Aircraft in
e when the Wright brothers 142 two years. later founded his
st oared into the air in 1903. own company. and has spurred
t optimistic men .who ape government acceptance of the
hll-Ut-g And eerimenting- wth need for exy.inentattoa in ram- exi
ract It wa di Jdi etis. r e n in ram-
t at speeds of 1.350 to 2.0qo
per hour omeday. And they Wright Aeronautial and Pratt &
y it wr take man elo er to th Whi iy. abo are, doing work with
tai of the arth's'a tbiphere ma't' '
teH any' their air-breathing e- Staney iew,-te "!boy wonder"
Ate eau. of the helicopter industry, intro-
Sdueed the ramet to optrng
The r jet principle is not new, soe tie only ta s year
but for. gK tiae it was de. hois He an Io B 4owith I- T 8 ..0,
ted v jet poneers. It is only rtamljets.n.t61 e w .Sl 'ap- ., \
w tat ng it' place in aircraft proved ly the ., Aeronautics --
he simplicity of the ramjet is But Marquardt sid-tk 'amjet's Hll Pop not aflW
ne t l I's m .st attreative features. future i *a*iw V (, _41, t due ,_,__ 1
1A e'.H familial turbo-*e to the lw Iw on- --r,, ,;
tt. dfrtW 4a~ys jet aircraft, th rotor. e ramjet AP
the it.r o 4aus forward motion attainsits denoy at iUj^A*ft .,*n OON PAP
beeauu.'tthSrtrut of exhaust verye NiOe .p. .. nto .h .
p a rasupe rsm.Top. =* .
_t- eit rwturbo-jlt, the ramjet 'e"- t -. bea r I 1
has au parts which. engi- He beliqlt' best Iurrent ap-
S".-t the potential Of plicat a m..rajet Is Itos id|
Sr ed mgiss i powered by I AO SOWN

* a. ir The air enters and thM us' a- m1 range. ,
nro f ose of the jet is With t*he ely economslcal 4 "S 1 SCircus aninals
_e m ased e it goes rearward, ramjet "taln.a over" after the -'quite 4 Stoneceitter
as with fuel and ignites. in missile hns -eon launched by contrar-" 5-- and alack
at that rocket the jet forward. rocket or t .rbo-jet, the missile- BSmil broadly Worship
'Thef ogone rub and a sixthand someday t airplane-would S1 Treuble 7Affirmativ
rdar .eauld spot it. What makes attain its maimum speed., range ISTowrdthe vote
ar: enter in the first'place? nd elffic e, of operation, Mar- i heltaedside 8"- Prince
.ebliouas that the mechanism quardt teAlm 14 Geaus a Charlie"
whales 9 Periods of
"I 1 : t6time
SI i f alTrae 10 Pain
al __ 11 Saar



18 Scaly
131 "Th little
i Cheerful
; t4 Wolfhound
:26 Dbfltency

3 "There was
a mroked
si t 1

17 Snoopier
19 French
23 Command.
24 Crooked 4
25 Minaus



.. ~ ~ ~ ~ La r.-v----a *
'-a ~'~c&a-1~~nuitrrr: ~:i~i.-

Vreplaying hide and seek and
find. hfIDAm JON!t

26 Greek
17 Unhappy
28 Fruit drinks
29 Bird's bone
31 Scabrous
33 Graded
38 Refund
40 Give back
11 Move

43 Sarel
43 OrAlAfce
44 Where
46 Attorneys
47 "Billy -
Gruf o
48 Finishes
50 "Little-
Riding Hood"





The End

TI ,~cw t,~ ~

*L... .-*- ..-. ,,' ^ t ", --:' .
.-. -', l.^. ..-.-g -,: ,.S, -" -..,, : ...
iW^ .^ l~t A ;**-

', ;
'' .: ;* s -1."fit +;'* ,*' .." '

I' V

'U! a ~P AR -

--'a-a~t ~rlL~nt ~wqh

s); how he not that way,
-seomprise the compelling
ba utiliUzed to forge a
region today at the LUX
hook event of the screen
> .Advt.

0i Aeineceape
2 Operatic solo
3 Girl's name
54 "LIttle Boy
Blue" was one
5s Writof table
57 TDiNAtive

6oia#6a4y R~cda Cfawad4~'.


obur Is Near
S* *

,_ .
*sy L3su8 TtJRWB

Laughs for OGna


WA iea4



Roeam for poabt



A Ii.~p~

S ,! o...
"M'U"' 0'"

I. VC nLo



.- .: .
.. .. .. :


' es*e Out-
e e l .. .

17' .t .,"
.y .,-v" .. "
.e.'.,. ..,- _.. ,s... --,



PUNS if'S p~





i oia

if f -I L -

~ ~ -


? -



l F-I"







bd.. I

pr- :r. la-

t'OM PaMU-


Sh. am d. aoter
hpi the
Ter" fe secompeaied by
Sy g piece,. Sandra and
Matbrst 5 ittE.andtemi r -
phew, David Stewart Frotlit i
g 'Uv rol. who wm .spend amut
year asteir guesIts.
SOsterw 'wil tteund
Sthiaus whilO stay-
han and uncle.
""lv B F 'or New Yort
rs. Mx Delvalle, ae-
sk -oth

while nct r on the ntiedu.

it t e Ih o tm .

Mrs. Mare Lalsa Ahreus, a fre-
quent viitr to the Isthmu, re-
tufted yeteray to her ome m
Colombia after stop' hore with
Mrs. pans Elliot of Bella Vista
ad her dt.ugter. Miss Nita 3i-
llot Mrs. Ahrens was accompamuld
by her young granddaughter. Die
dre Wolf.

lg e lsdIa Guardia
To Aend School
in New iJerswy
In tl, care of their grandmoth-
er, Mrs. Ernesto de Ia.Guardia,
Sr., the'Mise Berta d Estela
de la Guardia left by ple Si'm
day for ,Iew Yorken jUte to
North Plainf eld, N. re they
wql enter St. Mary's Aiadeiy.
severall farewell parties honor-
ed. the yomng ladle before their
departure. Among iem weIre a
tea given by Miss Coqul Calde.
roa and a barbecue by Miss Ana-
Uia Alfaro.
I* *

Leaves On Vacatl l ,
Mr. And Mrs. Enrique A. Wne-
Sre onj pMlanetr4~N W _ew
.. .- -". G ;


qaue" to attend

Is Cnvalto fuf

Atli el RPusm'
The rai may ome, ute PaiW-
ama's festa spirit Is nver
dampened, as e.ideaned Sur-

When at 10:30 d6iops f,.
orowd cdhtltutt dwu
eL oe dance d, SY S
Ma'ttn'a orc tra 14 I
rood Pana) amlS u

mop brigade tried
But the dI~,It aet gpO far,

the Moadaehed S Ir.
danced an Impromptua "op-
p fambo," to th delight
oo, e heavy downpour
i t t o t h e B a i 1a l e-
Patio, the bd r sp" lled
ovitr In athe )lhhW


i'A* -

utf we "we In an.a
pr ageszsawshie on be

slug, ,, ^A young wife writ: "Is the
to, l five yearA that t have been mar.
It l I hav* deopS
:f=K- 24 could -for my sO SMW xi a
know a once have I ake her .to do say-
*, thlM for me J return. Yet she
tolMal loesast seem tp be 1U fod Rof
ptew. W tiHW itA me. I thaoubtt w & hard
Ifo VAO a no I o"ldM a
yeu o geitt Onet opr* yPW butIthasa't wortd way.',
lf.".* ; Perhaps you have S.o`1 an
i t.= erin lov ad
I NST astonlihment, r b, the necessit for tting
an4 sai Then my ai- the other person do thi la for y.

rel.If the ieds all c a p-sid all

Taka DW.i nnreian.ble pro- a ieraraly: th ou. toi"tinon
about preferring bookohelv rthe rs. We have i

against the window? f the wnt your ooter-n-
to- .' lawtbjealeldro 'you thab she
If so. you must have w ate a doefeOr an rur kindness
to lap h.anyou kwtw t h a ealpr to do nome
by keeping biae bokcsae'thfttIIut thia( fAr you.
the window, iw to t.
tresth air andther h=e As er vice, oeaisionally.a
You.made h room. And M Tfft Wh, you have ore* to the

that he retuned to w pph lt u to alwu t deon, cathe
about prefm ein gbo itok hi e do y w or
retsof tb o u *nd as hr to tah you her
BUT if ou'd ear frtth te y r
unroaansthe D v4ntd Go right -n doi allnt you can
S .v a work for .awyourl- mother-An-law but add
If go, yo in t i *ii "S a do e *ece on your part
ofrh a, Unspoken and a w issce, to take as well
amo tlftrom. And fA*hae reltos.hhave.

Sthe greatest gift a you can
"Msa, my demand for my own give older persons is the knowl-
deasM s Just the peg on which Iedge that they are needed.

aba-idVS!t to Tight aic: daughter,
2,, 6r .. .. daughterr sb a. f r In
S. :,.".. .. ..- ,- o .." -: -

i4r r 5 r 1y
hM 64*tO ToN S IftO ItOl THIlNG-An RA.P. W'hilrl to-&Rt pdt(
the oUPtnhel urging a demonstratdon of an air-sea'riahepe T oi nf
UMT d* hr aW' from the munch when the engine cut ovMt. TIle otd noa
r ob4t unhurt and were plunked from (he water V.thln two ntMOistof thia I




ta Given sEl Panama.

o Chapter, Be- Back From New York
.S rored Mr. and Mrs. Saul Altman of Ft. Kobbe
rs. J a at a- deplaSA .Ale son 10 have re-
etal ad prden pat, ati a vacation spent in
tho ome m Mr. and Mr, York apd Mami.
_ S'.. .I,

Eli-o treasure oamtat e today,
he l be AteA to

- -TI'. NS bSe hool

NBoors: 2 6 p i Pamms Tel. Z2011



a g and set a merry pace.
queen Vllma of the Cl.ub ASA,
Queen of the Union Club's Car-
navalito, entered with her court
of costumed "devils" wearing
large fantastic heads, ad -ear-
rnurg ou on which bSaoond
wre Ped,Sand fromr which drip-
ped serpentine.
They won the pOO0 for the
ryone In itu received
iket for ,- .9of two
Strips to.lm via Aeio-
visa Panuama -AWy- (APA)
winners of whtch veie 30% 03
bruela HNlpb*a $taAnfton


He aer RwD as Amse
Puede deael
Pbr Amna Is really e.
ated to wald, prseI aa help
cawarcatef skkLAR st6meles
ure woduriAdly--ed is e S4P
kMeats NDby atod ua

,atm-- B at er aa,
*el P-,t, wo
I t..MNP te lIA


a A f

&Ipivetau j' BiisnLr liquid

Ixeitalising the issue, tsmoothing
tell-te lines, stimulating the complexion
to a glowing radiance.
nativee Beauty! vanishes into the skin
without a trace of greasiness,'
and works magic for you
every second of the day and night


forever, ho qu1i*W im I*

solid slver
solid silver.



.-. .-
i~i~miii -- J, .- i rl l | e -.,..

.' -
" *. .-" "'*?-"', '*, .'- ---.


.' -. ,4
d *- ** '

, t "


,.- -

e /.. :
A.. *, : '

*e't. ~

* A

r, '. .i:," ...
.' '. '.. '

r ,

: '.' rii



S" -- -- "


; f ^ <



"*,, ,i ..1,*'"-".". *'" .-''*'. .., :\ '.: .I "- ,-*?,.?
.. 1'. ., -,.- ..
*' A ^ '. *, 1 '

..-...... ... .. .... ,"

* 2


( '.y '3 ; 1 41

. .* m. -" .h


S S1014 AL

CAMLm zoNt
sC.. .ARm A. .D.B.
S ee.elew Unei, y )t.
MJ- Ur.r M .
Tivl Awve. (


-.,I^ -

S W .. -


1 Pe oe -.. D-

ihirrBtly Aowlxur at the JWB
g fexh~btl~n of oil
|^r~ ~~~ ^i^^Je&'

INOW.1iso. a

OtW ANwa Aws md U

MR SIALf-.150 P u Cat-
ls pest Cpe. New -t je '-
Tim e d engine I g*d s condi-
tion. See hib bargain et SMOOT
& HUNNICUTT. S.A., Colnm.
Thl 'cr Is priced to sell.
FOR SALU-1949 PackNrd 4-,
deer Sedan, ipaut new 'tires enD'
engine o aelem load teNmpov-
t tain. For oly $400. SMOOT.f
N. HINNICUTT, S.A., Colon.-
Ph sem O.

gell" e





an as illnesei a

A ,* ,** r PubI .lol e

* .iw~l


7A l I a | "_ __ i_ _II. .....


BARHAIN. I I fhr lt end rwr.
S1949 tlk SI e 4.deW sedMn,
iee dyiefw, meter In good
mechanical ealdten. To b e s
as Is. Fe enly $00. Phoem Co.-
Ila 800. MOOT & HUNNI-

FOR SALl-1954 Opel Stotkn
Wegn, in excellent condition.
Just lke new. This er pried to
sell. See i-Try it-end Buy it.
FOR SALIE-1950 Nash 4-doer
sa**d. This cer pried to sell.
Geod traspo taiton. To be sold
. eis fo ea $Is. SfMwT -

BARGAINt 1951 Cl-owolt
Delue Club Clope. Paint In
od condition. Tims god, en-
gine in goM ndoelhalml cendi-
WON. ON7lyS.X?. OOT &
HUMMICUT'. I.A:, lea,

FOR SALM-1951 Mercury 4-
deoor lden. Thk ear it perfect
'*ei "Im$ 70. SMOOT f
Hli~CT&LA 4.


FOR SAUr -2 RnaNte drim
wint h pMasu, meff e


Stootto r, *-
beid eilats_N 9 a471.
luk :$Aie. .

OR SALi--9-m.;ft. Coldpe,

Ot SALI: Tropiel elinei
rtm wh t, S t I 1est.6d.
h**NV 8.4Il efIr O p.N&
POR SALO-Scr'ifie'. 9-cu. ft.
Welni i rifrreter, SO-
lb. 0ueel...k; S-ce. Can

Help Wanted
WANM -MeM. Mot oep
n. ;L, kM m. I I I0-A Cobfb",

.Bots & Motors
Bo" I dug
feet* lig meter 22-hp. with
htll.,. $900 with everything.
Phone -2873.

UN Disarmamue

6roup Resumes

Seret i Talks
6 UP) The West today begins
the secLmd week of disarmament
talks with Russia with little hope
that t14e Soviets will give a def
inste aswer to President Eisen-
hower' miUitary inspection plan.

Preslent Rpn howe plan for
aerial la d 5Mrd inspection, cou-
pled th us iange of detailed
military Inltartion between, the
United Sttes, and Russia, was
expected to get detailed discus-
However, top diplomats held out
little hope that Russia would take
a firm stand on thn proposals.

the RingL Saa0ool of a FORAL l S1955 Cr I Last week's meetings indicated
the Je gy rnso rth WR ILE.:--9S Chrysder the Svviets will insist on accept-
Art_ both o teh h'are Sedan, Power- anec of a disarmament plan be-
firasoi, it.~~. el" en nd readio, fore adequate Inspection safe-
irsto who ist. eof e t i. L -A. Phone 86- guards can be discussed.
f et DeYoun ll. of the' 7102 lt7115Albre
IDi n of Le Pan- Russia looked to American dis-
SCo., credits her talent' armament expert Harold E. Stas-
chltect father. Low' ssen for answers to six disarms-
Balboa Height. retir- USmoet questions tossed into the
Zonfl eepoe1e of the' conference. by Soviet delegate
SI g \ Arkady A. Sobolev. Stassen prom-
Sare the rlowin isd the answers but warned it
usr Toys, Antique might take a little time to pro-,
life, Moth; Std BEANS RARDON vide them.
d' D 4 aorsI Nsatieal e Leagu The Soviets, among other things,
Mm ardshoneyl 8 B,_e Wztoa /for NEA ervice sought immediate agreement on
R TON .. f liUmitation of armed forces plus a
oMa. QUISTION. As the first base-ibl on nuclear weapons.
ma's paces his" foot on the base
pr eparatory to thklg his stretch, Sobolev Indicated he would be
Sthe strap holding the bag in place w Bg to discuss "other matters,"
0 ..+ breaks and the loose sack squirts presumably including Mr. EieW
W ut of position. The play is clo ower' inspection plan, only rft
w IWII yn-d the team t bat argues that er the West takes a stand an the
S the first baseman's foot was not Sovit disarrmament proposals.
on the base. What does the urn-
pire do?-Nelson Gibbons. ,
porj.T uMinnl, Sept: Aniwer: It's a J eet play.
iunawaytrusearch lime inmpile decideswhether the
So the ege of bl Aurv ind to e : ad t e
da ataliseda Aema's foot w eas
a"; 4W Uowee have Wmnhgd.tie basa re-
S t put of range of nlab"s saxlbmuri.
t *p t a pd ,? Q The catcher drqpi the ird
itogo after ~trike and throws wide tir
tiJ o NO the bans but not badly enough. t
t desded to 4000 enable the batter to go to second.
ae' tozam al the catcher charged with one
. .,or twerrors--Peter Aspinwald.
"" d ""-f A. TWo..

a u*vw

A the
1fo an
W fee

4is than two out ta UP
B= aftr a dving teor-
.d? -Jobhuy MeDrmott.
A =- : .ol w meee dm a'&ne-
I. s semore thaa ausae-

iow much high ir the: pitch
Vs, raber. than hoW -
Doa ky.
s'h* demkWs^ h .,

A. V Wagi 0ah--t
teshm. &. o t
aWrit~ -aabe

hJ Tril
'I -

I "


!ox so6 Js'
OR O201a|,'


Phu* -. N Lm ef
bides .h*mey1 -16"34
bel k 5 >*-38 *ftIR ri1^

Doldwla's foamedhed *pirtmw
at gonet Clra lmek. Teleipkli e
Pibbedk, Sobe& 1224. ,


FOR UNT&-.. S p f..n ,
Natlime SdiMtr du s -fN **
tory, woksho or, W =l m.
Only 7 iM .. Alt 2 ipeulm,
alon. ,lk'fer eleMt ,.
fIces. AM.Ids Ga0. Cemma,
Phone 3411. ..

Roolum ,
FOR RIlNT-- od eatled,.e Me
furniihed p"m. Near a h'biu
steps. 43id Steet No. 13 .
FOR RENT: Lrg furnilshed
room, 2: person, god bathroom.
Justo Aessmenea Ave. and 31e
Street- No. 9.

Kobbe-Shoots For Second

Straight Win
q-- a
SAN U ttAN Vt -.YIstIng
Fort Kpbb trie for -Its second
straight win Jm. the Navy arena
here tonight after putting down
a last minute, surge last night
by Camp Lose for 6-82v2icto-
ry In te opening me .:bf the
Caribbean CU mald champion-
ship bauRetball series.
The series continues each
night until one of the clubs
claims three victories.
Veteran Howle McCallen guid-
ed the Lif6ilners to their open-
ing success. The 6-3 all-star for-
ward came up with a field goal
and two foul throws to shoot
Kobbe from a 59-58 lead to 03-58
before -the Eagles initiated their
final drive.
Loaey led, 58-54. but Kobbe fi-
nally tied the score at 58-58 on
Chtcir Baker'f fielder. Doti
Fuchs propelled Kobbe into the
lead It never surrendered with
a free toss before McCallen took
over. ._ .
Trailn 63-58, Elmer RMg-
atram sliced theadvantage to
63-62 on a fe goal and tWo
eharit ttoago,. 4-' "..

Over Losey
a -
gle guard Johnny D rso gained
possession on the in-bounds
play and let loose with a desper-
ation shot from mid-coutd which
went through. But the final
buzzer had sounded some 10 see-
onds before, amid the clamoring
of the packed house.
Kobbe trailed most of. the way
with McCallen giving the Life-
liners their first lea at 10-8 in
the opening quarter. Ldsey re-
taliated for an 18-14 advantage
at the first 10-minute mark.
The score was tied again at
20, 28, and. 30 before the clubs
finished the first half at a $2-
32 standstill.
The Eagles went ahead, 52-49,
in the third session mainly on
the shooting of 6-5 center Dick
Clark of Chicago, Who gained.12
of his 14 points in the-second
McCallen was high scorer for
the night with 27 points while
Pwao collected 18 for Losey.
Baker' 14 tallies and Joe CIa-
rizlo's dome nmarkers aided Mo-
Callen's sterling stint.
Lifelner guard Bill MeK.a
was the'onl I w a er to fea

DOODLES FOR Ms-To amouam tIs UaS .auromi
Bs Cmnimswt sp ad Steel, Fra SR.Jwa Mieaet was
S wa m a during their mentinp. So thr.
ved tame of tlm d.t~m ".anartalsed! ja the. ceraminic top
of' theeea ndam 'pvemmnted t to hIta o tb occMiu at.,
his rula u m A rusidmOt tof th Q -.. -

I : .urn~um.naa I

9e~ed -, 1,1
rnAWroe-,hotee4dwoIe,~ I .~
a...... ...**a.

2Ma W~- .wed alr0i

1386, Ceom.

FOR RINT0.-Unpfmliaeh4 -
ILbedrm 0 m1 omit, ', ;i ,
,o. 1 Via a vaIl .al Pod.sIs,

FOR RINTT-, P.sed. I.
sntm, Arpey n lights
frequent peWeti, $50,
Phone 04".

" *'.- :1



^ la-. no M

Door Pizes Worth $100 To Be Givn

At Auxiliary's Festival Saturday-
-~~ S -

About $100 Worth of merchant.
dise will be given away as door
prizes Saturday night by the A.
merican- Legion Auxiliary, U n it
No. 1. during an informal festival
4of funn: tt he Amerivan Legio.Clu
Ft. Aai .
A t icket toACosta RI-
caut alpa|A dinmer oD two,,' a
spot *az4r ads. two Brotie cam.-

sas, education of the children of'
war veterans, -child welfare and
other activities of the American
Leeion Auxiliary.
The festival, which will .a Iso 6
feature dealing, carnivl
and ". ooIr aow, wll S*et r-

amm~ morn


at. places in Phi.,lra.tgj

Gilbert Buchanan
Tol e Buried
Today At4 P.M.
funerall dpr vIes were to be
held hais afternoon at the Chapel
of the Santo Tomas Hospital for
GObert R. Buchanan, who died
ye ay. Burial was to take
lce Ino the Jardin de Paz Ceme-
A retired Panama Canal em-
ployed, Mr. Buchanan is asrvirlv-
ed by his wife, Wilhelmina, and
his children, Stanley, Noel,
James, George, orbert, Lena.
IKmily, Mrs. Doris Davia and sev-
ral gandehildren.






Audrey Simpson
Dies, Funeral
Set For Tomorrow
Audrey Simpson, 40-yer-old
Panamanian, who had been lI
for several years, ied last, ifht
In a. local nstltutlon .
The daughterr of Mrs. Mthel
M Saud' npmno,, who died lat
November, Miss5IamoIsn la sur-
vived by her uncl, oecf.1 iip-
son and several cousdna. er ta-.
ther, Reginald Smnten, ditd
several year. age.
Munerale rrangemotts have


>1 ;

Safety* d'


B uysl
Full i~lc

Full Price
-0 Dwn,



,Fu,. P.O ., :
Down 7".0O

S. M e

- ~

s0 toawp, -

Ma) -TOR (aU.-19O Puatiard 2-
Wu 4r M&, i nlet intsialls
.w. ot" l, Ma w i: gOW me.

- 1951 Chevrolet
lum .Seden,. In ox-
In, times aegod..,
*f 'Set. e this kar1-
00. Phone Colwk.,
"rn u .&a. a

$noeWe,, o#erdriv. dl-

Arl left m- FOR SAL: 1954 Mercury
n MenerwM 4-doer Sedan. radio.
aed to continue ier whif sidewel, excellent condi-
DeYoun de*tt o tie. Setlm offer. Y.M.C.A. Bel-
C; nal Zone hL oV I bes Mr. Chenilloy.
k.' tour-month oourte of -

I i*'
h nni

. -.J: .



- j



u .






,<*.fwvyri~^'v -!
i-'.-y:*'*.: I,..-
-^-~ ~ ~ ~ >!,*. ^ !. -l



I- WvW-, .

I ** ^ W ",. '"*
FkCAil _W;3


~V#.&I.~ Mqmm

II. a -

W A.. .- .., ..
,M.' '. ",-
'' ';." l

eeite his repeated denials,
.xintoa i ken him awike
ouhout the b tIn e..f-
fo o determine whether
did atW haw a hiditut
than th World Wa TWO
aane bunker where %etee -
S had arrested him.
If he did, police said, the
would like to viliIt to Oa If
a o ia Mit Manhss's naln

m.a( mm .q***
on were hiddn o re.
M W girl was found n-
u and ay of her belong-
iag wer 1 mssig.
Payne anweredA *l uestAns
In.a low calm, -vale. nut, po-
lce said, he ha been arreted
so' maUn tiawe, tbat questioaloing
wv no Dow per for hi.

I hi
~1J~F*WSD5 In

r AFELINE" -tlw Saffty Brit me0 El
ptlon spet.Ciffct*ns for airl-i b, l. .'1t
killdI n auth is would be o6 t
I L LINE Bet.u iJp 1.1 coles, *b-
.,w-tU airftype .buck. We arw i
*.t We or p* t.irapretttyJ
is.ed is nbt aleedy i ted. .*toq
Ini vation, as to therf e .e fllu1
ied M reference, fr lm t ci- n'ibt i.
iAirr-Mall! -; .*
;.- ". ; X .9 '
'h:.." ,.. .1'. .. *- -Ex,'. ,afi IIA ni '"-"

., -So 1 TN M

I. tA2 iRS~7E

, ALBOA 6:15-.
4gs.4 eomoDnip?


WON=ifA Aut
^ *

UZK ARRIVES IN NEW YORK-Gunman Eldi~r i"rlgger"
Burke, whe was returned to'New York to face Federal charges
of flee to avoid precutin after being captud lapt week
in Charleston, 8.0 lt vee te Federal t under
heavy guard afte r being turned to' f ety plle.

Murder Indictments Asked

In Wolf Whistle' Slaying


"'Mldi an The

L. i NimU
."Revengt of'
Wa. Thui. *=J

.4:15 -7:21
:11i. 8:4. AMP
pLImnI i "q

Miss., Sept. 6 (UP)- Bryant aq~dilama were beoli
. vwaas ked today to heM l ply f dnpi. th Chl
urder alotme CIED oyptll today
white mn in th' Imiia K. C. Strider aid he
ofiS& 9, Ur ad Alto Now

'bevy1 Len

mercy br-ng death
Diat. Atty. GeraM Cb .ask-
ed for th murder idtots.
"I don't 'bow wthetwe- wil
get ani'Odi.lefit or not, ,t we
are ttin a the evideaa we
have M the f- jury," a proge"ut-


i. -. .

9- ~
J the-aa~:f P11
hi ha~ ~ml slat

. -
*e h ^, ;-^r -* A 4 rt i* i

e f" i '-- e "r

H a "-' U a "

: """1 *bA

SarnilL ripe
i l s .. dmt heo vpry t.OW.

Co, .t. flxp l Add. *eg
nt a6 sye~aceg spaeepand in .

ag5O. er I heat, brng to a
'. h r fti W amd boal hard for
1 constantly. R-
at v aim 'heat and at once stir
.iewr it"n pOcn. skim o 6
aqm wih.metal spoow. Tbe stir
Kaashi~bym 4 f Ir i m to
tmnat ** ;ool to etfleating
i ipad "f iSth30o glahat.



afor thE tboy
In Chicago for to

the Inve nation to review tbh e
case agaInt Brydnt and Milam.
The ofIcer sid he called the on
usal confrewe-' flter Strider ac-
cused the Natonal Association
for .the Advancement of Colored
People of plottlag the race inei-
Strider said :i fy after dis-
covery of te y tht he sIh -
pected foul play ad It appeared
murder chart frould be filed
against thewo mea.
They admitted kidapi the boy
on supilon of wb gllgat Bry-
ant's wife, but swore they releas-
ed him. harmed:
The heiff has changed his lHe
of talk in view of the investiton
thus far.

. pierced and4 "It lust seems that evidence is
ed in is i gettig summer and slimmer," he
may thou- said today. "'min chasIg dow.n
have viewed the some evidence now- hat looks like
ace.. the killing might have been plan-
rities p. is! ed atd plotted d by the NAACP."
he ore Sm t Leflore
M, VAN CW 'r Greeaweod Is lo
lwatad said he requested a batts-
im -oNatial. Guadsmen mobi-
priate d Uzedd for durty. He s he
mner' today, the expected no trouble but wanted t.
aid a baitlf be prepared.
which hears the Smith sAId iwt raMived two tele-


.... *.' -

S.S. "K IEN TA" ....................... **** *
M.V. "SANTANDEB" ...................**... ..
M.V. "REIA DEL PACIFIC" (,,0 T. .T ,.M;
"REINA p PACIFICO ......................
MV. "SaumftotA! i*................. ;.* *
S.8. "DRINA" ............... ........ ** *
.s. "LOCH AVON' ......... ..... ...........
S.S. "LOCH GOWAN" ................. '....**
S.8. ILCOMATO" ......, .... ..... ....... ...... .'.-. .

AM. A l ais Subjedt to Chage. W ,ttWb-tWiW$

,..' .* *^ ^"? 0^




'*t *
: ..a -', ..* -.-;: .' 1!


: -:, ,.. *,
too I
j i2.7

*-* :*-; ;- **' ,- -1^ 1
''* "" "*'^ ; ".;'.
^ *,^&ftik

~.C.. *j'~.-

P~ ~l~u~tr ,..1


/ I


.s .'.;.': ,.. '**.



.- -- j

:. -, .-


h i





* .. .;.



4$. 2.~

AUS~nIVON TOP r--nncmtlg its DaviCs up mtqr-zonae sql
,final match, the Aupsie doubles team of Lew Hoad (lefl) and
Rex Hartwig (closest trim the Jap team of At-
sushi Miyagi and.Kosei Kamo at Glen Cove, N. Y., .' *'...,




* i ~CAMERA HAD TO DECIDE-It's a four-horse finish at Ran-
Sdall Park, Warrensville, 0., as (from left in front) Top Form,
Eagle Speed, Miss Barclay and Psychic Mabel head to the
wire almost as one. Camera picked out Eagle Speed, the
e favorite, as winner, Top Form second and Miss Barclay third.

+ .31 i + -

BEATING THE HEAT-All-Star baseball players, competing
against the New York City All-Stars in annual Hearst sand-
Jot classic in New York, beat the heat in this fashion. The
players are Pat Centelli (top) of San Antonio, Tex., and
DO= Stunoff of Chicago. Players come from all over the U.S.

'. EAP YEAR-Camera catches ballet number at home plate as
K Billy Hoeft of Tigers scores and Elston Howard, Yank catch-
er, reaches for a high throw. Umpire Bill Grieve calls it.

NOW TRYING FOR RECORD-Yogi Berra keeps the 1a11t and
bat which ,added up to his 200th career homer during recent
game in New York and now seeks to break the all-time mark
for catchers which is 236, held by Gabby Hartnett of Cubs.
?.. -, -.?f .Z,,.V .V ",..*-. M I a

i~pu 5i--k

* V
~ .~ Li
~ U

-%q. -t l*

.. -i*-. -






------ --

-l., -

-~71P "msrc~'~-sr~

* *


.'* .+.:

. -- -


Red Sox Only First Division lub In AL
Fi:rs AL'

Stubborn Bostonites

Barge Back Into Fight

On Eve Of Home Stand

NEW YORK, Sept. 6 (UP)-While the Yankees
led the other contenders in a chorus of wailing about
wasted opportunities, the Boston Red Sox came
barging back into the American League pennant pic-
ture today at the very beginning of a very long home

The rebounding Red Sox
were the only ones to gain
Sound In the big Labor Day
baseball battles as they swept
a doubleheader from Washinp-
ton 10-. and 7-2, to push with-
in three games of first place.
The twin wins, behind the
flashy pitching of Tom Brewer
and George 8usce, Jr., extended
the Sox' winning streak to five
games and gave them seven
wins in the last nine games.
This is an ominous note for the
other pennant hopefuls, because
yesterday's twin bill marked the
opening of an 11-game home
tand for the Sox in friendly
Fenway Park.
Of all the four contenders,
the Red Sox will be the only
ones at home when, after to-
Sday's ide day, play resumes in
the' pennant chase tomorrow.
In factthey wll play 16 of
their remaining 19 at
home. *
Brewer and Susce pitched sol-
Id. route-going ball for their vic-
tories yesterday, Brewer with a
five-hitter and Susce with an
But they didn't really have to
be that sharp because the Bosox
sluggers whopped it up in cele-
bration of their return to Fen-
way. They whacked 24 hits in
the doubleheader and that prov-
ed devastating, since the Wash-
ington pitchers had thoughtful-
ly helped out with 19' walks.
Fourteen of the hits, including
three by Ted Williams. and 11
of the walks came in the open-
er. Jackie Jensen, league-leading
runs-batted-in man with 106.
walloped a two-run homer to
lead the nightcap assault.
The Indians. Yankees, and
White Sox could only wish
they had done as well. And
the Yankees were the most bit-
ter about their split.
That's because the Yanks
think-'two. empire's decisions
Cat them their inin. game.
Ist b= more In
nR the sixth inning, two Ort-
ales runs scored on a double by
bob Hale.
1.Right fielder Hank Bauer of
the Yanks thought he caught
the ball, but umpire John Rice
ruled he didn't. In the llth
Chuck Diering scored the win-
ning run when umpire Larry
Napp ruled Yankee third base-
man Oil McDougald had inter-
fared with him in a play st third
,base. Pitcher Don Larsen. field-

ing a bunt, had thrown wild in
an effort to nail Diering at third
and McDougald, divine for the
ball, fell across the sliding Der-
Southpaw Tomm yrne, bat-
ted out in the first ningn of
the opener, pitched fine relief
ball to win the nightcap for New
York, 5-3.
League leading Cleveland
bowed to Kansas City in the
opener, 5-4, as Art Ditmar pitch-
ed a six-hlter, and then came
back to win, 9-2, as Lefty Herb
Score fanned 11 A's to run his
major league leading total to
220 and Al Rosen and Larry Do-
by socked homers.
Southpaw Billy Hoeft of De-
troit pitched a five-hitter for
his 15th win to beat the White
Sox, 7-2, in the opener. Then
Bob Keegan and Billy Pierce
Joined for a six-hit shutout ef-
fort to give the Box the second
game, 3-0, as Frank Lary lost a
our-hitter. his 13th defeat.
In the National League, the
Brooklyn Dodgers reduced
their pennant-clinching "mag-
ic number" to "three" by
sweeping Philadelehia. 11-4
and 8-2. They mathematically
eliminated both Philadelphia
and New York and now can
clinch at least a tie for the
penant tomorrow night by
beating Milwaukee.
The Dodgers now seem sure to
clinch before' next Monday,
which would set a National Lea-
gue record for early pennant
The Dodgers' opening game
saw Don Newcombe win his 20th
game, joining Robin Roberts of
the Phillies in that select club.
and also whack his seventh
homer to set a new league rec-
ord for pitchers.
In other N.L. action yesterday.
Sam Jones of Chicago shut out
Milwaukee on five hits, 2-0. be-
fore Ray Crone of the Wraves
diut out the Cu three. -0;
lants in 10 5, be5 re
Don Liddle oTaew wen the
second, 6-3; and the St. Louis
Cards won a single game from
Cincinnati in 10 innings, 3-2.
Newcombe of the Dodgers, who
beat Philadelphia 11-4. to be-
come the major leagues' second
2n-game winner this season and
also set a National League rec-
ord for pitchers by hitting his
seventh homer.

Lopez Best At Position

In A.L.-Lou Boudreau

EDITOR'S NOTE: The follow-
fig, which appeared la the
Sporting News of Sept. 7, is part
o a story written by Ernest

KANSAS ( ,ffY. Mo., A little
chap with a shy smile, who origi-
pally cost the Athletics $750, has
become "ie of the cogs of an
infield around which Manager Lou
Boudreau hopes to build the Kan-
sas City team of the future.
The young man's name is Hec-
to' Lopez, and his home is in Co-
lon, Panama, where, as a high
school student, he excelled in
track. Several years ago Artie Eh-



WL eLt. GB
Montreal .... 95 59 .617 -
Toronto ..... 94 59 .614 '2
Havana .... 87 66 .569 7Y2
Rochester ... 86 77 .497 18Y2
Syracuse .... 75 79 .487 20
Buffalo ..... 64 89 .418 30%
Columbus .. 64 89 .418 30%
Richmond ...58 95 .379 368
'W" rst Game)
Havana 000 000 1-1 4 3
Richmond 000 204 x-6 8 0
Moreno and Sierra; Konstar.-
ty. Thompson (4), Voiselle (7)
and Walington. WP-Thomp-
son. HR-Baro.

lers now assistant to Paul Rich-
ards at Baltimore Put'then an of-
ficial with the A's. purchased Lo.
pez and Outfielder Joe Taylor
from the Drummondville (Provin.
cial) club for $1,500.
Lopez had played both short and
third, but last spring Boudreau at.
tempted to convert him into a sec-
ond baseman. He had Jim Finigan
as a third sacker, and off his 1954
performance Jim appeared to be
established at that spot.
Lopez was not impressive at
second base. However, when he
was rcturne.' to third and Fini-
gan shifted to second, Boudreau
found himself with a far better
than-average infield, since Joe Deo
Maestri whom Vic Raschi refers
to as the most valuable member
of the A's, and Vie Power were
doing exceptional jobs at h r t
and first, respectively.
Boudreau, who should be cred-
ited as an authority, now rates
Lopes as perhaps the best third
baseman hn the American
"I can't think of a better one,"
sa'b the skipper. "He has made
plays which have been tremen-
dous. His baseball instinct is quite
unusual. Unless a player has this
instinct, he can never hope to be-
come really outstanding."
Steadily, Lopez has boosted his
batting average until there now is
a chance he may reach the .300
mark before the seascM ends.
Lopez, who sneaks Spanish far
more fluently than he does Eng-
lish, is not yet a finished product,
but Boikdreau believes that with
this season behind him, he will be
an even more valuable member

Montreal Cops

IL Flag; Final

Series On Tap

NEW YORK. Sept. 6-&(UPi--
The pennant-winning Montreal
Royas ani the runnerup Toron-
to Maple Leafs, who wound up
the regular season only a half-
game apart, are favored to meet
each other in the final series of
the international League play-
offs which begin tomorrow.
By flnishing first, the Roy-
als will meet the third-place
Havana SugarMI Ks while the
rumnerp Leafs will take on
the fourth placeRechester Red
Wints In the opener Wednes-
day of a similar series. The
two winners then will meet
for the right to face the Amer-
lcan Association playoff win-
ner In the Little World Series.
The Royals clinched the reg-
ular season championship on
the final day after battling the
Leafs throughout the entire sea-
son for the top spot. Tommy La-
Sorda and Ken Lehman, Mon-
treal's top pitchers, turned in
sparkling performances Monday
to stave off the Leafs, who also
swept a double bill.
LaSorda set the Red Wings
down on five scattered hits as
his mates pounded a trio of
Rochester hurlers for 10 hits
and a 8-0 victory in the opener
of the holiday twin bill. Leh-
man, the league's biggest win-
ner with 21 triumphs, clung to a
one-run lead until the sixth
when his mates gained him
"breathing room" with a pair of
runs and the Royals won ou-'
The Leafs got Johnny Hetki
four runs within the first three
innings and the veteran hurler
held on to win, 5-3, In the open-
er. Mike Goliat slammed a bas-
es-empty homer In the sixth for
In the nightcap, Mike For-
nieles, former White Sox and
Senators pitcher, burled six
innings and then was relieved
by Rav Shore. who pitched the
seventhband final inning for a
42-1 Toronto win.
The Royals finished up withI
a 95-59 won-lost record, while
Toronto had a 94-59 mark. The
Leafs, who played one less game,
were unable to makeuo a rai.-
ed-out game with the Red Wings
since league rules prohibit the
no makeup games after
S :'ofthe regular seasomrr.
Elsewhere, the seven-w place
Columbus Jets downed the fifth
place Syracuse Chiefs, 6-2. and
the last-place Richmond Virgl-
nians swept a double-header
from the third-place Cuban
Sug Kings, 6-1 and 9-4.

The Hit Parade

(Based on 300 official at bats)

Player, Club
Ashburn, P.
.C'nella, B.
Klus'ski, C.
Snider, B.
Furillo, B.

g ab
125 475
140 559
133 491
125 470

r h Pet.
80 158 .333
79 135 .331
101 177 .317
118 154 .314
75 147 .313

Kaline, Det. 135' 529 113 184 .348
Si'psoh, K.C. 97 328 33 104 .317
Power, K.C. 129 533 78 167 .313
Smith, C. 137 546 108 170 .311
Kuenn, Det. 128 548 92 168 .307
Mantle N.Y. 136 485 114 149 .307
Philley, Bal. 104 336 51 103 .07
Kluszewaki, Redlegs .... 44
Mayas. Giants ........... 42
Snider. Dodgers ........ 42
Banks, Cubs ........... 40
Mantle, Yankees ........ 37

Snider, Dodgers .......
Ennis, Philles .........
Jensen, Red Sox .......
Boone Tigers ..........
Kluzewski, Redleg ..
Campanella, Dodgers ..
Snider, Dodgers .......
Mantle Yankees ......
Kallne, Tigers ..........
Smith, Indians ....... ,
Mays, Giants ..........
Kluszewski, Redlegs ...
Kallne, Tigers .........
Bell. Redlegs ..........
Post, Redlegs ..........
Smith, Indians ........


(Based on 12 Decisions)
W L Pet.
Newconimbe. Dodgers 20 4 .833

-ert yr 01rne, Yankee 14 4 .778
022 ON020-4 13 0- The.Ppanamanian, whose visa Liddle, Giants ......9 3 .'
r and Erautt; Spring, 6 expired thfe other day but was Ford, Yankees .....16 8 .727
orehead (4) E Johnson (8) and renewed as the result of iame Labine, Dodgers ... 12 5 .700
Heyyman, Peterxon (9). HR-" quick work, on ePart o Along he Fairways
Sing. macIs M, has Surprising A lo n g gh e F oirw o v
vaM ROd if power for his 3Sie uand ha s aohe
reae *iaul has increased as his wiANm WOMAis GOLF
vnaf00ea ce8 asM mounted. PANAMA WOMAN'S GOLF
ma 210 000010-4 8 2 ASSOcCIATION
cdmond 000 000 18x-9 12 0 Like many others of the A's, Lo-
Ameor arris (a), Valentine pez credits Enos Slaughter with The PWGA Tournament will
) a obe ontalvo (6); part of his success. Not that the be held Saturday, Sept. 10 at the
olle Me, ner (3), Haben- veteran outfielder has cmotribut- Fort Davis Golf Club.
S(8 ant Watlington. WP: ed apy advice to help the young-
benich. LP: Valentine. ster. "But," Lopez comments, "he
--- makes you hustle just by watch- PITLOT TWO WAYS
Second Game* ing him. I think all of us have the /
dehester 01 000 1-2 7 0 same feeling when we watch him. HANOVER, N. H. (NEA) -
Montreal 020 002 x-4 8 0 -And I think that's why I've IhS Bill Seagle, Dartmouth quarter-
Ludwig. Paszholz (3) and St tied harder than I ever had be- back. is an Air Force ROTC ca-
Claw, Lehman and Bucha. 'Iore." det trinik to be a pilot

Nogalino Regains Top Form

For $2,000 Classic Victory

I STILL LEARNING. TOO-Rookie Herb Soore shows the fast-
ball form which made him the first American League pitcher
since 1946 to total more than 200 strikeouts. The last pitcher to
to over that figure was the Cleveland left-hander's teammate,
3ob Feller. He's the first rookie to do it since Grover Alexander.
,~ ~ Hm


Brooklyn .....90
Milwaukee ... 76
New York ....71
Philadelphia .71
Chicago ......67
Cincinnati... 67
St. Louis .....57
Pittsburgh .....54

Pet. GB
.062 -
.551 15
.518 19/2
.511 201/2
.475 25 "
.475 25/2
.419 33
.391 37

No games scheduled.
(First Game)1 *
Milwaukee 000000000-0 '5 1
Chicago 000011OOx-2 5 0
Buhl (13-9), Spahn and Cran-
Jones (13-17) and Chiti.
(Second Game)
Milwaukee 000100000-1 4 0
Chicago 000 000 000-0 3 2
Crone (9-9) and Rice.
Hacker (11-14) and Chitl.
(First Game)
Philadel. 001000 003- 4 8 0
Brooklyn 00040016x-11 13 0

Dickson (11-9), Rogovin, Ku-
zava, Mrozinski and Seminick,
Newcombe (20-4) and Campa-
nella, Walker.
(Second Game)
Philadelphia 000 110 000-2 5 2
Brooklyn 102 022 Olx-8 10 0
Roberts (22-11), Wehmeter,
Miller and Seminick.
Erskine (11-7) and Walker.
(First GametI
Pittsburgh 101 000 201 3-8 14 1
New York 000 000 302 0-5 8 3
Law, Littlefield, Friend (10-9),
Hall and Atwell, Shepard.
Hearn, Wilhelm, Grissom (5-
3), McCall, Glel and Katt, Hof-
(Second Game)
Pittsburgh 100 000 020-3 9 1
New York 000 22002x-6 11 0

Face (5-8), Donoso and Shep-
ard. Niarhos.
Liddle (9-3) and Katt,
Cincinnati 000000002 0-2 7 0
St. Louis 001010 000 1-3 15 0
Nuxhall, Fre e m a n. Black,
Gross (3-4) and Burgess.
Poholaky, Wright. Arroyo, Get-
tel (1-0) and Sarnl.

Cleveland .... 83
New York ....82
Chicago ......81
Boston .......79
Detroit .......70
Kansas City ..56
Washington ..47
Baltimore ....42


The Stud Chumungu's brilliant
prospect Nogalino yesterday sadd-
denly showed a return to his
best form and raced to an easy
three-length victory' in the $2,-
000 added one mile Labor Clas-
sic for three-year-old imported
fillies and colts at the Juan
Franco race track.
The bay son of Fouchi-Arme..
nia took to yesterday's sloopy
going like a duck. He got off to
a good start, was rated closest
nacesetting Encachada until
cagey jockey Cristian Rebolledo
decided that it was time to take
the lead then shot to the front
and was never headed.
Mutuels choice Monte Rouse,
topweighted for this race with
124 as compared to Nogalino's
114 because he is classified sev-
eral classes higher by the track's
handicanper. broke fast but im-
mediately fell back to last place
in the four horse field.
When jockey Guillermo San-
chez finally did get the Irish-
bred colt going, he closed ftst
and managed to get close to the
leader on the final bend enter-
inq the homestretch. However,
Nogalino was much the best in
the stretch run and drew away
to score in hand.
Mont- Roure' nosed out After
Me. which had been second most.
of the distance, in the final
stride. Encachada wound up a
bad last.
The Chilean colt, second
choice in the mutvels. returned
$5.80 per win ducat. The victo-
ry was one of three scored iv
Rebolledo yesterday. He was'the
winningest rider.
Formfnl racine prevailed with
Asegurada's $15.40 the best win
odds. Mr. Foot, a loser in a pho-
to finish Saturday, triumphed
yesterday at $12.80 win odds.

The dividends:
I-Mr. Foot $12.80, 7, 3.
S2--Slsmo A9, 3.
3-American Maid $2.60.
2 1-Puerto $4.40. 2.80.
2-Dofta Reatriz $4.00.
First Double: $41.80.
1-UyuyuVy $4, 2.4.
_2-Take*wlrw A 440l

TODAY'S GAMES ne-Twe: $12.20.
No games scheduled. One-Tw: $1.
TES RESULTS 1--Pa .21L 2.20.
(First Game) 2-El Pasha .20, l.20.
Chicago 000200 000-12 5 0 3-Fuero $2.20.
Detroit 400 012 00x-7 11 0 Quinielsa: $1049.
Trucks (13-7), Consuegra, Pa-
pal, Martin and Lollar. FIFTH RACE
Hoeft (15-7) and House. 1-Asexurada $15.40, 4.20.
---2-La Nacion $2.4p.
(Second Game) S RC
Chicago 100100100-3 4 0 SIXTH RACE
Detroit 000 000 000-0 6 2 1-Florera $6.0. 4.60. 3.
Keegan (2-4), Pierce and Moss. 2-Remero $3.20, 2.40.
Lary (13-13) and Wilson. 3-Scythia $2.60.
Tran'a p~ n1-Merry M son #4.40, 3, 2.40.
Kansas City 001 C21 001-5 12 0 2- it 5.0. 3 2.40..20.
Cleveland 010 003 000-4 6 2 3-PgLazi *rok 13.20.
Dtmar (10-11) utteand Shntz. Second Double: $13.

3), Santiago, Maglie and Nara-
(Second Game)
Kansas City 000 000 002-2 4 3
Cleveland 121 110 3C--9 11 2
Kellner (10-8), Herbert, Har-
rington and Astroth.
Score (15-10) and Hegan.
(First Game)
New York 300 000 020 00-5 10 1
Baltimore 300 002 000 01-6 8 2
Byrne, Sturdivant, Kucks, Lar-
sen (6-2) and Berra.
Wilson (9-17) and Smith.

(Second Game)
New York 000 220001-5
Baltimore 000 120 000--3
Coleman, Byrne (14-4,
Wight (3-7) and Smith,

7 0
11 5

(First Game)
Washington 002 000 000- 2 5 1
Boston 134002 00x-10 14 1
Abernathy (3-7), P as cual,
Clarke and Courtney. Korcheck.
Brewer (10-10) and White.
(Second Game)
Washington 000 001 001-2 8 2
Boston 003 002 20x-7 10 0
McDermott (8-9), Schmitz and
Susce (8-5) and White.

Established 1893-



MACDONALD f MUIR LIMITED. tm.ilers Lith. Stew

!-Fairlyable $4.L0. 2.20.
2-Newbri6hton $2.40.
Quiniela: $7.
1-Kiosco $6. 3.40, 9.90.
2-Begonia $3.60. 2.20.
3-'vulcpnlzadn 2.60.
One-Two: $22.
1-Nogallno $5.80. 9.40.
2-Monte Rouge $2.20.
1--,Dr. Bill $3.91 2.20.
2-Enw'reida $2.20.

Bill Jaffray Day

Slated Sunday At

Balboa Gun Club

On Sunday, Sept. 11 at 9:00
a.m., Far Fan range, Balboa Gun
Club will hold a smallbore rifle
match in honor of past presi-
dent, rifle manager and active
competitor, Bill Jaffray, who is
leaving soon for Madrid, Spain.
Colonel George Manning, act-
ing as executive officer for the
match announces the following
course of fire in this order:
DeWar' Curse Iron Sights
20 shots, prone at 50 yards
20 sohts, prone at 100 yards
50 meter Any sights
40 shots, prone position
An entry fee of $1.50 for sen-
iors and $1.C00 for juniors will
cover both matches.
Awards are as follows:
The high aggregate winner
will receive an engraved cup
trophy, duplicate one to be pre-
sented to Bill. Bill could have
both, but must win one. On the
DeWar match the winner will
receive a plaque. Second place
gets a medal. On the 50 meter
match there will be medals for
first, second and third place gets
a modal. On the 50 meter match
there will be medals -for first,
second and third place. High
Junior aggregate will receive a
merchandise prize.
Tony announces a special din-
ner will be served at nominal
The Balboa Gun Club would
like to see all its interested
smallbore shooters and mem-
bers out Sunday and make this
a memorable send-off for Bill

To GarI

To Gai

Big Crowd To Attend,

Ottis-Tesis Contest

Hundreds of Pacific Side box-
Ing fans are expected to start j
pouring into Colon from early..E' RO .
Sunday afternoon to take in a
program at the Colon Arena
which will pit two Panama CityI
boys against twor Colon lads in
the semifinal and feature.
Featherweight champion Pe -N6e
dro Teals, who fights out of tCo- *
Ion, shows his wares for the.f:rast .
time since returning from a th
highly successful trip to King-
ston, Jamaica.
Tesis swaps punches with rug-
ged Horaclo Ottis, whom he hmn
already beaten twice, but by
close decisions.
Both boys have agreed to en- .
ter the ring at a weight limit of -
135 lbs.
The 126-pound champ. who Is
reported to be having difficulty
making the featherweight limit.
is giving serious thought to a-
bandoning the division of v which
he is king, to enter the light-
weight' class.
The result of Sunday's fight
will have much to do with Pe-
dro's final decision.
In the semifinal, Alberto "To-
to" Ibarra makes his pro debut
against Claudilo Martinet. Mar- PEDRO TESIS
tinez outpointed .Ibarra while
they were amateurs and it will e matched against Al Rodri.
be their first meteing since that gufz in the main preliminaryp
time. Participants in the other two
GThree more bouts will W Iom- scraps will be named later.
plte the card. Daniel Ward will General admission is $1.

Balky Horse Causes Bettors

To Storm Racing Commission

Office At New England Track
LINCOLN, Rhode Island, Sept. Johnny Junior, was disqualified
6 (UP)-The jockey blames it for cutting across two other
on the horse. 'T'he bettors blame horses in the stretch.
the starting gate and the Rac- Bedlam broke loose after .a
Ing Commission. bettor ran across to the inflsl
and stormed the stewards' st .
That's it in a nutshell but we He came back with his face all
haven't heard the last of New bloody and Bedlam broke loose
England's latest horse track riot. among the other Two-thousand angry fans storm- bac era of Johny Jumjjr _
ed the Rhode Island Racing T stewards w
qommiasion office at Lincoln dowk 'N N
mwns last night demanding battle
their money back on E v a 'a anything the r o
Trance. up and heave,
It took 200 policemen to tar'
The 4-1 shot never left the tore or4er but the track w~ is
starting gate. Eva was In a shambles.
trance, all right, according to The danger of a trepet inl
substitute jockey Charlie Givens. dent at Lincoln is lfnmtnt
The bettors invested m o r e however, since the riot lati:
than $18,000 and they want their followed the track's final race of
money back-even though the the year. The thoroughbreds
race has been declared official move to Rockingham Park In
with Eva's Trance listed as an Salem New Hampshire starting
also ran. today.
Jockey Givens says Jorge
Contreras was supposed to rideCaal s t
the balky horse but never show-iuikR ofi
ed uos so Givens was assigned o
"I had trouble getting the, horseFor Qu ick R covr
out to the starting gate," says
Givens. "He was jumpy. When
the starting gate sprang open- f rickey ach
it did onen-IT ave him the snurs

and the whip. Nothing happen-
do. Eva's Trance j u st stood
"Agkin I whipped and spurred
him. But he just stood. I don't
know how many more times I
tried to get him started. Th"
assistant starters also tried but
they weren't any more success-
ful than I."
The protesting fans-about two-
thousand of them in a scream-
ing mob. finally went home
peacefully-prodded by a couple
of dozen burly state trooper?.
armed with tear gas. It was not
so on another occasion at an-
other New England track.
New England's last major race
track riot was in 194. at Suffolk
Downs in Boston. That was P
different situation. The winner,

Members of the Fort Clayton
Cavaliers basketball team to-
day were rooting for a rapid
recovery of their coach, lMa.
Stephen Fowler, who Is now a
patient of Gorgas Hospital foel
lowing an attack of pollomy'o
Fowlet lead his team inte .
the championship playoff se-
ries against the Fort Kobbe
Lifeliners. Kobbe took the fi- *
nal game fn a thriller by only
two points over the Cawaliers,
The Kobbe team is now In
Puerto Rico battling for th*
Caribbean Command cham-
pionehip, and the major is
pulling hard for them tb bring
back the title.
A week ago last Friday, Fow-
ler was presented with a sil-
ver tray at'a supper in his
honor for the f'ne s*howti
made by his team. He made a
speech although alre aady
stricken and was admitted to
Gorgas the following Sunday.
The sports loving male h b
native of Washington, NC.

Todoy- Enconto .25. I.
WAHOO! $115.0U
John Ireland, In
Leo Gorge. in

Todoy IDEAL .207 .10
Chapters 10 and 11
"Snake River Desperadoes"

Ope Nihelsv hf
8:00 pi.m
Akl-CewUitmj b




-- -




CZJC Begins

23rd Year

Next Friday

oS -*d

Seeks 2ndC& ..
," *'.
i .

- S

,' ... .. .. .I
liy~~~ 1;"'''^m^ t l'i^
. r^...., + '+'+t "- i+
i .-. -,,,,.K -, .. ..-
4 &' ll~*&^



The Canal Zone Junior Col-
S legewill begin its 23rd year on
day with the registration of
Students who have already
S eg~ered and paid their fees by
Friday morning will be Immedi-
ately referred to advisers, who
will ssilst them In making out
their.etlsU schedules, Dean Rog-
er c. Hackett said.
Re ltStion will continue all
ay. at g 8:S0 a.m.
he .irsclases will meet on
S Tihes junior collUege offers col-
lege preparatory and terminal
curricula n commercial work
(businel administration and
secretarial), liberal arts and
salence, etlneering.
Almost half of its 650 grad-
uates have transferred to colleg-
es and universities In the Unit-
ed states 'and In several foreign
Many CZJC graduates and
former students are employed
by the Panama Canal organiza-
tion in various professional,
clerical and other capacities. In-
cluded among them are the pri-
vate secretaries of the governor,
lieutenant governor and the di-
rector of personnel, an econo-
mist oa the Executive Planning
Staff, a Gorgas Hospital doctor,
and several engineers and
S school teachers.
The Canal Zone Junior Col-
S lee also conducts an extension
division (evening and Satur-
day & rning classes). Registra-
tions for the courses to be of
feared will take place from 6:30
to 8:30 p94. on Thursday, Sept.
22, clsi* will begin Oct. 1 and
Continue until the end of the
first semester on Jan. 31.



,,o ,

l9 0eiuy:w uwmI, mn, i
.lad d ;th the gadlo& ,
d 447,4r-old prospector,
Mled. be hamg g4t Man-
SBo afo for slaying one of
P AiMtria i whose bodies
e fou4d in the wilds of Que-
I's Oupe Peninsula, was talk-
Into going back by a taxi
awr and Coffin's attorney,
metond Maher.




WASHINGTON, Sept. 6 (UP) -
Democrats sad u n i o n leaders
hurled a barrage of critical Labor
Day oratory at the Eisenhower
administration 'yesterday in a
warm-up for the 1956 presidential
Former President Truman took
the occasion to unleash one of his
"give'em hell'? speeches b e f o r e
50,000 AFL and CIO members at
He accused the administration
of "opposition of indifference" to
labor's welfare and promised that
next year's Democratic candidate
will be "a friend of labor."
Presidents George Meagiy of the
AFL and Walter P. Reuther of the
CIO also attacked Republicad la-
bor policies In a series of state-
ments and speeches during the
holiday weekend.
They said labor's political arm
will be strengthened when the
merger of the two federations is
completed d a added that it will
be used to strike at anti- labor
candidates regardless of party
President' Elsenhower, Labor
Secretary James P. Mitchell and
other administration leaders called
attention in their Labor Day state-
ments to the record employment
and high prosperity achieved un-
der the GOP administration.
Mitchell, Meany, CIO Secretary.
Treasurer James B. Carey n d
other top union leaders attended a
traditIonal Labor )ay mass at the
Shrine of the Saced Heart here.

forget past injustines and be "tol-
erant and friendly" toward buqsi-
Carey charged in a radio broad'
east later that big business and
corporation thinking dominates
the Eisenhower administration.
He said the "advertising ge.
niases who publicize this new
Cadillac set have made It al-
most a capital erime for some.





Barrage At Administration

one to criticize the President,
the corporate executive or the
sloganeers hbe brought. to Wash-
0oe way or another, Democrats
sounded off on.-many of the issues
that are expected to figure prom-
inently in the 1956 election cam-
Sen. Warren C. Magnuson (D-
Wash.) vowed in a magazine inter-
view that he will make an all-out
fight against private power devel.
opment of Hells Canyon in the
Northwest. This project is one of
the key points in. the public pri-
vate power controversy.
A Republican, Sen. William Lan-
ger of North Dakota, also de-
nounced he administration for its
power policies, especially the now-
aband ed Dixon-Yates contract.
e aid "organized wealth is
more powerfully and strongly en-
trenched" than ever before.
Democratic National Ch air-
man Paul M. Bduer rapped the
President n the farm price Is-
sue. He accused, him of making
a "false promise" to' farmers
during the campaign th r ee,
years ago,

Butler also got into a squabble
with Interior Decretary Douglas
MeKay by accusing the Cabinet
member of "openly conducting-a
union-busting drive." McKay de-
nied it, and accused Butler of
"political demagoguery."
In his speeh at Detroit, Mr.
Truman assailed the administra-
to nl general and Mr. Elasen-
hower-in particular for beinJ

He described Mr. Esenhower as
"the kind of man who gives you
a big smile and some niet prom-
ises in the political campaign, and
then turns yoh over to your ene-
miss in the next four years."
Mr. 'Esenhower issued two La
bor Day statements from Denver.
One was a general tribute to "all
the working men and women of
this country."

The ether cetael appeal sought to foster the fallacy that a
to employes to elaianate "arb.- working man surrenders some
trary" bans agalest hiring mid. meaningful portion of his freedom
die-age workers. when be oins a union ... The
Other statements: working mAnl does not gain his
Sen. Sam J. lBrvin Jr. (D.N.C.) full measure of freedom until he
"....In the long run the interest Joins an effective union."
of capital qnd labor are identical Charles J. MacGowan, AFL vice
and .... for this reason they must. president--"Despite the fact that
prosper together er not at all."1 90 years have passed since appo-
George o Harrison, AFL vice mattox, there still remains in our
president--"The advocates of va- midst some people with s I a ve
rous anti-Labor measures have owning desires. .

Eisenhower Policies Are

'Bluff And Backdown'-Adlai

NiNW YORK, Sept. Sept. 6- also named Republicans to some
(VP)-Adlai E. Stevenson said Important posts.
today President Else inhower's Vice President ihtrrd M.
most serious failures have been Nix*oP.. ." --- Rich a --
creation of anxiety t hom e and was a Democratic a p-
creation of anxiety at home and pointed to the office of emer-
po of con ence a b dow agency management, he said..
and pronouncements "alter- But trn der Etsenhower, thi
natel hot and cold, tough and S n prtlnpatlon hasr not
The 1952 Democratic presiden- con ued." Steve n
tial candidate sharply criticized w"~".
the President and his adminis- Even. in he nonpartisan a
tration In an article in Look reasenof foreign affartisand na-
magazine. tonal defense, it has behft aer-

He made a strong bid for two-
party cooperation and accused
the President and his advSer
o~f ul "a lot of'dMbletidk,

Stevenson said that Xpert
enced political leaders lon have
been aware that the enactment
of important legislation requires
bi-partlisan support and also is
likely to meet opposition from
members of both parties.
Both Presidents Franklin D.
Roosevelt and Harry 8. Truman
recognized this to such an ex-
tent, Stevenson said, that they

Super Sabre Sets 822 mph Speed Mark

| PHILADELPHIA, Sept. (UP) per hour an old record of 755 m.-
K Force Col. Horace A. Hanes p.h. held by Air Force Lt. C o l.
a new world's speed record of K. (Pete) Everest, wa., an-
1X35 mph in an F-1000 Super nounced on the final day of the
jbre Jet plans the Air Force dis- three-day show.
j7ed yesterday at the National
Show. The speed record was an aver-
e'F s' spectacular speed which age of two passes over a course of
a red by more than 67 mph approximately 11 miles in oppo-

'-- ^'"~L U f it
AL I 60c. 30c.
"4 "LOVERS' LANE BAN- 1:56 4:43


1.< '" I 1
St 1'.c-L -

fiend tto the job hunger of a
party long out of office and to
the cultivated mythology of
Democr.tio .Beompete ne. or


,ing froml.,-soldiers IlviunI
new re aMdencIe M Jone is lit
brought m4

* JUnb WUI Uw-W .
~d Medt. idp s In
-- .: : ,

.' .

B1UR"IALA' SBA-4grikino, photo. released W ythe-.e W tp t 6 s a
Honor Oti'dfirins a malute seAfflomr and mnen of Uie'UM8 Hornet pay tribute to a 'er
darly Madin*g yg


Coahmon policy e t -
both parties have beten 0fi
nated to she maintenance of a
spurious facade of publ | a a
unity." TON.1% A

Stevenson said cooperation
between parties, like coopera-
tion within a party, means
working together 'in good faith
for common objectives."
"'Getting along with Con-
gress' at any price usually
means eonressonal encroch-
meat on the executive domain,
as we have reputedly seen dur-
ing the present adminitration,"-
Stevenson said.

site directions. The Air F o r c lated his record flight by passing "The axie t h .
would not announcethe time of over the jammed spectators' sec- confidence abroa d that rslt
the faster pass but the North A- tion at a speed of more than 700 fro t. to please bothwined
merican Aviation Corp., w h i h m .' of the e la wo
builds the Super Sabres, said I The 3-year-old senior test a lot othe of pbllcan party po
Hanes crossed the measured has been director of flight sts pronunc ts alternatel
course at 870.627 m.p.h. fro m at the Air Force Flilht Testing hot and cod, tg alternat
southwest to northeast ak d at Center, Edwards Air Force Base, I th a nd Preso and timle ,
773.644 m.p.h. In the opposite di- Calif., since July 193. hr .... th....srerodnt lpe-
rection. He has more than 3500 flying power's m t serious failures.
The record was set on Aug. 20 of the Air Force's new et a ir' lM E
over a precisely measured course craft, including those utin the Wl wa
above the Mojave Desert n e ar experimental category. -
Palmdale Calif., in the official A native of West Lafayette., d.,.-L i f a
run for the Thompson trophy, but Haoes graduated from Normal, R IB I L rnI iP
was not announced until yestr-M I., Hig School and MInois Sate
day. Norma University.
Dr .. During hil military eareer bhe Fo fmv /I
Hanes described his flight as a has attended the Armed Forces
case of "preislion flying." Sotaff olege In Washington a ad A five-year penitentiary ea a-
"Anyone of te test pDots could the Air War CeULege at Maxwel tence was imposed this morning
have done it," he said. e said AFB, Ala. nl the U. 8. District Court at An
the flight was silent except tor He flew 30 combat missions In co. on Edward Edward Levene,
"wind blasts, which weren't very Lightning fighters fa the Mediter- who was convicted on two charge.
loud." ranean Theatre during World War es of petit larceny after previous
II. He won the Silver Star, t he convictions of penitentiary often.-
"There actually isn't much sen- Distinguished Flying Cross and es. and also of returnlg to the
nation flying at high altitudes at the Ar Medal with five Oek leaf Canal zone after being deponMtM.
such speed,' he said. tames has clusters. He lives 'with his wife The tail 2year-old Panama-
been speed fiylg for more thas and their 14year old aughttr nian pleaded guilty to the charg-
two years. near the Edwards AFB. a. He in self-employed as an up-
The whole flight, at about 40.- Hanes' speed run was timed by voliterer, Mad resides in Rio Aba-
000 feet, took only 35 to re min- the National Aeronautics A* s a. Jo.
VWtu, be which accepted the aw mark.
Air Force officials exlaj the An assoclatlon spokesman said, TLeAvi has a Canal Zone record
run could not be made bef the however the record .i is ob- dating back to 1944 when he was
crowd of more than la, 000 per- jeet to acceptance by F ration first found guilty of embeole-
sons at the air show because such Aeronautlque Internationale at meat Subsequent charge against
speed attempts need perfect Paris, France. before it can be hbm involved obtaining_ mooey un-
weather. and req uire intricate declared an official world's rec- der false false pretenses, burgla.
measuring devices costing more ord. ry, and three other embeanleme"l
than millia dolarn which could A Bell X1A experimental rocket convictions.
not be brought there. plane flown by Air Forde Maj. TI l3, Levene was give an 11
There also was the possible dan- Charles Yaeger hes flown at an moths .astence for returnlug t
ger to spectators to consider.. unofficial speed of approximately the Canal Zone after deportathmu
As a comolatmte, ines simu- 1650 m.p.h. whih he served.


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*'Let the people know th, truth and the country Is safe" 4braliam ncoita*

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