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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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pp their p.itNo rlm
b! of the iof detl

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%eRN a e Mrt. MM-aret de-
a..uDtbo oIt Mrs.
. tlmleen J9n0
Irrc~i saents will be
nded later.

IA.OmO U" Wasm
a gs un I W un
"W AR ,rmi epake a m Aid ial
three men ipere in good
health and were auntna ....,.
Cumish and Feinserh h
been missing from their Army u-
nits for more tha n seven yearm
and-Army authomes said wey
have been listed as absent qith-
out leave and might have to faee
court martial. .,
Cumish taistapeared in VliHoa
while Freingersch was listed as
missing from his unit In Germa-
w Nothie g is knoWn albot HHp-,

i, and dance- bands, the 709-ft. vessel
ml-s- docked for several hours at Sal-
tele- boa before resuming her 42-day
, e- Journey
St Passengers ranged In age from
10-.months to s years. One of
the travelers, Robert Maitland-
Teut was returning home to
Los Angelesufrom London after
clearlpg up a ,le I tangle sur-
miunding the wllfof his mother
ho,Was wieAlthy but eccentric
..- In o cotan.I
St Mr. Aureen Beck-
wh6 was travelling with
i S ed-eaded-twins Mary and


alltan bSi- ringeiht a ero sAo11Y .l riIatW N r
aTh r st mor~l~~~ai al r4sorts In the 14t- the
aa the abe now made at p Mo shore. rid of Pajuns, those o stayed her n atl*ted.
eit or e a- apted to ac*- id- betiMl we* mumbling today The bisfr tb -
to demands fIor ng nth trklUoads .bout the dreary weather on tlh e ritBah-Prench .1toe
un medWp o retPrn of the41to t wor. t day off. hmntsa is ijont' agra.mnt
marshal d the Scattered showers and overcast
The aounwto na that the era- Mr _wn from tne truch, *kie mrred the morning's Acti" 'A I d, -.-"t
f een lVitehed a vitl dibut0 aCommunist Pamphletlato ttke advautage of theirJeilis-nre Pwr
aiWaped ae often to.igh ediw tr qurters.dNo d9 by 'd swimming or enjoyingj
nuterlh'.an .a and in an- t retm to"theirquirters. No a.' pa.
noun af .t t 41 are to bone wasurt. F or POWer-n
wi lft come before Among~ gang was one pretty Many were catching up on their
tp ea girl, one Indiap and two .malays errands around Pana m a 'ty -
Sate on which as in nifor. Security forces fice it was busltesa-as-usual to-
the United Nati embargo on rushed to see ~to hunt for gang day in town. Labor Day is ov- 4 BRISTOL, England, Sept. 6
trade In atrat$glc materials with and big operate i progress. served May 1 in Panama. (UP) Nuclear energy may

Margueite, aged 11, saw for the
frat. time the historic home of
her English ancestors in the City
of Leeds.
Still another passenger, Mrs.
Beatrice Lever. ,a free-lance
songwriter, had pomieted ne-
gotiations for r ng. some of
her songf w the fapious Brit-
ish. composer lantovani on a
new radio show.
But whatever tbeir mission.
most of the passengers termed
the, Orcades trip "delightful"
and raved about the Anglo-A-
merican eulblne.

A fully equipped children's
playground, swimming pool,
shops., lbre&8, two d0nlpg
,rooms, telephones in each first
plass cabin are only some of the
added conveniences featured on
this 28,184-ten luxury ship.
The Orcades' transit Frida
evening cost her owners $14105.
The ship is fully booked from
an Francco with .1500 passen-
gers listed for Sydney.
Three US. Immigration offi-
cials boarded the sbp in. Cristo-
bal to facilitate clearing crew-
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countries '.

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'Orcides Makes Her First Canal Transitl



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Al.s P A0 "it
g OQ iCI' 1 I HfO. S NT 0RALD Av N ia In ems
S 4 MA94 c IMON AVE. Nv w VOel. (I I V.
o0ms, me. aW-,- 1 T LAo
Itk etim .IN .VAI '*.0
m oN s Vu. IN f ofVAs aC IS t r 4.0o



The Mell I ks oa seen toni ta 9 weuNdes of ThfeaFma Ameweem
I.we seweived grutelfhly nd ua e handled i b rholy somfidential
e igeof e ai tHete d -st be hoaItliem it doesn't., ppeulhi
de g published ea te e_ Jw reiveh,
i p l the lei d dmi.ed e to see lenh.
It rr wrtIrs kIs held In talaotst me.
This asl slimes rsponiMy fwr stament s as epiem


you muat realize civil liberties, the basls of real democracy,
Rot too highly gai ded in many Latin American countries and
been n wedin the United States by the Faselot-minded
In th .aad of national security. Yet nothing causes more
rity vottVlonra of civil liberties.
re examples la Latin America are the treatment given
iTpaper '1lemr.o. of PogotA, by the present military dicta-
*M olomb* one P.ras Pinitia, and the theft qf La Prmena of
MiUrL by Dictator Jaun Per6n of Argentina. ven here in
wiertf 5a majority ofl fa press is sel-ceipored, there has
Parenly been a threat.
once won have to be defended "eiramgfly That
are doing in the United State 'whei there are a
oe 6 niatlous devoted to that tak. OMe af Rad1 has
ir e by the truatew of. the Ford Foundatf 9n iid Is
Sby Dr. Robert RobertM.Hutchin, former Prsident Uni-
it$..of OC cago.
Dr, HItblns has jusi reported on the abuse of civil llbtrtles
Ihjth Uted.States by'Copgrdswlal 1nveats"te adulmin-
evebl~tigs Inonnectlonuwltlrao-calle. =esf. "4didence
urei t sow that a man Is a danger to Ameta Inx4tltutlons
i en tarp(cally remote," the report ays,
re of the bund for the Republie Whlch aM carried
1t lte .io notes that a political party baa been iden-
vtihw enene..'' and that political advantage ham accrued
m-W* itfpg M that Others were Indifferent to the threat of Comn-
aism. Tle It points out:
fTrhe FPnd for the Republic takes no poltlion on these mat-
I affrmtng' Its faith in the principle upon which our
emrnment Is founded, as set forth In the Deelaration of Inde-
dence and the Ponatitution. The fund doe believe, however.
I the 'American people, wIo must take a position on these
ftera, should pay attention to them and le adequasly Inform-
about thlnk Te object of the fund Is to help supply the re-
te information.
Dr. Hutolbins noted that hardwon civil riltt Were the "dis.
ng barasokla!ic of the Western taMw; they ase the
valut tln i American life." "
i_, o he lid, "would be unr bie without free-
-tsi~pef 'S pedwm of the pross, reedo f religlon, Jreedom
iadlbl4 iand the freedom to ier; wlnout dpe process of
t pMulbl protection of the laww- NtoutAlh convictioni
S .ame eated equal and are nttlef .. quality of
;i -

Labor News


For almost two months now, the
police and proseutng authorities
of. five state have had a desk full
of evidence on the disappearmee
of over $1250,000 from the welfare
funds of two mid-west unlong-
the Laundry Workers and the Chi.
cago painters and cleaners. ,
Yet there has been no action.
This money was to make certain
that the wife, and kids eat it a
working Joe breaks his leg or
fals into a caldron or gets too
old to work.

* The money sort of oozed out of
these funds in cheeks made out
to casub--some for $W, but mostly
for $400 up to 110,000 and even
$37,000 in untraceable payments
to somebody.
The Laundry Workers' agents
seem to have misplaced exactly
$900,000, while other money was
spent by the Painters and Clean-
ers Union funds for the upkeep of
four cars, for the reimbursement
of members for being pallbearers
at funerals of dead union brethren
and for attending banquets to live
union bre
For the moment I'l spare you
the detils of the use of this work.
era' money for airline tickets, pri-
vate loans and tries to Mimi.
The point here is that the Senate
Sub Committee ep Welfare and
Pension Funds, ablf counseled
and directed by attorney Paul J.
Cotter, passed on this actionable
evidence to the insurance com-
missioners and Attorneys General
of five states, expecting them t
Cotter asked that he be kept
informed an& to date all he has
received for his activity above the
call of duty are some very pleas-
ant aeknowledgments. True, this
has been a hot summer and the
pur-ivt of hot money would only
raise the temperature in certain
quarters, but t should be put on
record that Cotter reports
that he seit the evidence 1og to
the insurance chlef of New York
New Jersey, Illinois, Indiasna and
California, and to- AttoruAeys
General of Illinois, Indiana, New
York and California.
SThese documents may have
.eem lost in the shuffle of summer
Vacoaton-wh is i ishutmn and
most underutandable. But nove"
a And this i- i mlahtv serious


- PA

came n" t
regular .
a bo
kouub -

S Ra

Labor's Opportunity


gether. 'hey represent merely one part. And they
wouldmine useful and more rdpected if they
freely, afknowled the fact.
Thy. country clearly IsWgoing forward to new
and gtater things. Labor is sure to participate
In these advances. It should .
Labor also can help to bring them about r
long decade" ind al workers ad ttb o
gantallons have btery fought teneclM ._ gains
forfear they meanMt loss of jobs. Sometto a they
did* -teorarily. But alwys the re I eIx
p rnn mUWaonhB o *4 e

By Bruce
Thi is the last Labor Day on which the forces
of organized labor will present a divided front
to the nation.
"tila tm e next year, barring the foreseen,
the oountTy'q two great union led'Mlona will
have been united for many months.
lA s dav approaches when they will merge,
the MMnBIb! the organization have the op-
SIt*WboiAke a great resolution fQr the good
got onl-y o lobor but the entire ,nation.
ev c zepolve to infuse their act and state-
t ore .temBnlMUe quality than now
U, If they understoodtat
asaas^^^t~tei^' M" otAn'

What is the pry behind the so*.
den allergy to the man who led
the DemocraticltIcket in 1052? Ad.
lai Stevenson, A plain-spoken per-
son himself probably would like
it better if t were brought out into
the open. Here are some of the
drawbackss" that have been dog-
ging his comeback tral'
1. Stevensn was $ efeted de-
cIsively ones by Bieabower. even
under the best pouidble campaign
conditions, a defeated candidate
has at least one strike on him.
I 2. Democratic foes of Stevenson
claim he is too much of the suave,
"city slicker" type to compete sue-
cesfully against the ular and
earthy lisehMwer. Al Democrat.
iec leaders, both for and against
Stevenson, assume that the Pseo-
dent will run again. bose against
Stevenson argue that the party,
needs a "new personally" to lead
the tIcket n 19, It hojls to
Anti Peveson Democrats
contend that he couldn't carry the

13" oh

1~ B U~ u*Vy sR-L w==Usuq
fre in aav o o net

FOA Chief Harold MM asem t
man who expewds hUb. 1.
Uons in foreign aid, sIed r,

"h. It wI& go binto a % .tI

oversae the d recelpth,
e ._ The. et
timhee Mr. Stsen comes

his last -i1 le_ I foi al ,
wefoll refund t him the peo pv
voiding weMIP catch .
hat are you glow td ....

W0mwa ned
iroken'pd I

m D
=A. V'

7ss^ m
WVt il!M
wow O9wyfafit

1 4iS RBPuest PROM

boas it I-we 1

-br~tt h*. Mm-

,ipsW Pas rmslich so bea ON
beaa,! A comphusi

..- -.

Wa women or me lanA
*In addition, he estme. that
ther are e IWO welfare* funds-
the kind which cover the working
guy with health, hospital and life
Inurnce. These funds at any one
moment have a gargantuan bal-
ance, auch as John Lewis wel-
fare moneys, which reach over
$13,800,000. But these funds pay
out so rapidly that it is impossible
to total the billions they're wbrth.,
It Is this very rapidity of pay
meant from some of these fundss
which provides the loopholes for
the loot The Senate Sub-Commit-
tee, which is part of the Senate
Labor Committee headed by Il-
linois' Paul Douglas, knows full
Well that there are really no Fed-
eral laws governing these multi-
billion dollar labor management
The committee discovered this
last July 20 when it called in rp-
resentatves of all Federal divi-
sions having any contact with this
kind of money. Cotter and his el-

Depnt of Labor,
Sand Welfare,
rs anad the in-

Rex AColn, Jr., chief 1o the
Justice Dept. General Crimes
section,' lad It right on the ine
by poinif out that as long as
the fud lset up according to
tatutory languae. "There is no
Ipecc sttute which jnakes it a
Federal offlese for the managers
of ds (welfare and pension) trust
to ransack it."
So Cotter is taking his time. He
has looked nt fuds in every
fluid-auto, steM ladies and'mun's
arent man ufaturi, electric
Indutiom, mdmg antd ue ,al.
Sk ven examimin those fuds
which asre run directly by man-
aKent, many of which are in
By early December he expects
his committee to have the most
complete knowledge of the welfar
dpenso field, hold open hear.
lias and make recomnendatios
Sa Federal law.
But meanwhile, what about the
missing P1,aeo00r


WO Acept Ora'n

IeM Discoa C
,--a S p~c .
LmItg. Dhieon-t

S : am, Pa. Omer owumm aa oln e vaasumnopuubi ft M* ads o win r
o O the United States& A I gah Mffi -e at
Ba Albther labor or any othor ban rgdusry.
to M that Its pelfis con, o as para- Woeking w'th management and government. th conservatives of boh parties.
mou a When leaders n behaves as If they are. thy wlf ind ways of ultlug the sdvanee, and t ADA 'n
SIs string no one well '.at'. the ".time a.smoothlng ev the dislocations -V ADA TIM
Like politlflas, whom they often eem to re- that ev"May will accomp y i It. Tt t A % 1
semble quite closely, labor leader enjoy Invok- It in such challengesu as this that a united Te char e thut the ADA lis eft i
lg thue name of "the people" to jusMy what labor front cen demonstrate that it understands wing' i disputable. The
,,th ey and and nacepts Its responsibilities to the whole ofeharge that stevemvon is cioely o
they do.'t represent the people taken to- Amer sn s city. h whole in up with the ADA .is. h w
ever a matter of record and
"a ,- rT A I + o mregur Democrats resent Adlai's 1
Atoms And Disarmament r Witheauilora 6'nA-
ag p noex year on which the Ia
'* I= u ntyereh Pideney of the Ulnited States is
By PETER EDSON din democratic chiefs do not
PETE R EDS taking any chances. A .
0- short time ago the Democratic
leader quoted earlier in this story
WASHINGTON -(NEA)- Pro-" 4 mited aerial inspection to the attack and retaliation is therefore1 was approved by an ADA offl-
posals to scrap most of the old Big Four in Geneva. said to be an inspection system 'al on behalf of mSevenson.
concepts about international lmi- explanations of exactly how this that will prevent surprise. This leader Incdentally. is one
station of arms are expected to be inspection will work are still ex- It is admitted thatmany things of the top liberals in e Demo-
made at the five-power, United tremely fuzzy as made available might be hidden from aerial in- ecra pa4, but he told the ADA
Na ons Disarmament Subeommiit- t0. ths reporter. Bt the thinking eton o the vast land mass reprs o ave that e to d t he 1
ee in New York. behind the nw theory can be of both the US. and USSR But Stevensaon nomintioa m 192 and
All previous disarmament given. the Jw w theryisthat:it*,wold would be against tevens again h
treats have been based on a |It is, briefly, that the great Imue l ftor .ter v. -at-the 1umea nventb in Cs l e.
nimmbei r game. Tey have tried to deterrent to war today is the atom. h rejm wfor a aj mor sur.t ky?" asked his visitor. I
set limits on the umbers of men Atomic weapons can be used in prise attack on a scale big enough "Partly because I don't think he v"
in armies, or the numbers of ships a initial surprise attack, or to destroy the enemy on the first can beat AIGphqwer am Partly,
and planes in navies and air conduct massive retaliation against blow and prevent retaliation. to be very frank withyou, because ai
fo ressors. e is too closely associated with yA
The Ion W hngton armns yu r oa a The Ptrsnt's plan, as thus far your rgaiaUon. was the re rs
Th ne 1f2 W lngtnc set Ualei his o the W revealed, does not even envisage 'Don't tell me that you are xuu- 0
of 5-I a on the fleet tonnages for destroys the a of i n beaming the manufacture or use of Mfor that naps that tl e i
the U.S., tritain and Jap an Thet counterattack in retaliation, the ateahic weapons. It merely calls is leftw. AD

sian for armes of 1,.5,0e For anItt meepoth, ethical rSy ejectas
Japanese broke that treaty Industrial target to th e United f the theo system that ill
da seems andto be that ableementh he first a attack. Stil, if Ra a did rot at ero ea eUcalle both a i DoY
be enforceable. JThe disarmament can capan, ty for mnstane,destroyed re of retaliation by the mar -wg?
numbers game think the Americanflon eetusa Itelf would pVwer tt tey don't need l Ink y ara

abathdoned Just after Presidmam ent Sub- bor. But Japan did not my Bulganch armafent aser they thuhtGeneva -.
isenhowttee meeting hs proposal t for Th e last two Am erican ta bI ton of both hey *
years, thoLBrltsbh and French idea attack decisively, and so lost' sa-d he.did not -hi-kt i ,J
--accepted this year by the Rus-.the war. ,dy e.s#, b e
sianl"-s- for armies of I,.5000 For another hypothetical day he s *-" e
men in the U.S. U.S.S.R. and Red example Rusui mtodaynmight ;W "IL' -"'.
China with 650,000 in Britain and destroy many -large cities and If the Eisenhower plan can be
France. Industrial targets the United e ltbligahd, the theory is that at
The official American view -to-IStates byasuprise atomic bomb d M tofh armament|
da seems to be that agreementslattack. Still, I9R l did not at aulematlcally after a--
of this kind are too o .ompliated to lt. same time destroy the Amer stime. It Is expected to come'as the'
Ibe enforceable. The disarmament can capacity for massive re- result of realization by the major m.
numbers game thinking was taliation, Russia Itself would powers that they don't need asl
abandoned just after President be destroyed. much armuulmt as they thought


age during ft flv-o-bmur terror-
dIll rifd m murted ed two
owabltghway patrolmen mb
.I've done something petty
aWd, he admitted ..

where -at trooperss a"d -,'
county authoiles bep taKin g
tatenimet from. h m.
Sheriff Pete Doomprd4n Mid
aonnle showed no e4notlon.
Ronnie We taken tfto custody
y state patrobnd R~ JoB


+.: G_"_^ : '.L^'i^BTS^^^

..- 5 -9
- 'V 8
- S
* I wa~

9?*- *.:
3 "1 '.- .:.1
.'^'* +-*..+=. ;,1

o.&*'-. -.;eL -. a ++





" r -- r I I -- -- --


~ _

yfeh^True Lwe Adventures |
^.ff^^jL....--- .- ... ...- -- 1--- ------




.Crede Calhnn.


..- ; ^.

"' ... SU M *'L % -

- .. ..s *, .
, DN.A ..- -
-1, #i


~-~r ,*,4
j. p.
2' I I.L~ j.P --

~ < V
. .. ,. -. -. ,

1 o

aBl. Editor
A GA whld is aout to
this fall has a
Of luggage at.t
heri pirq. Varit
'eilt xtuo e t and colo
Sf luggage means
ae as luggage-styllsh

Explosion Aboard

KRnS 0iSuimin

To EakNuwId To Ga R

WASHINGTON, S (UP)- So aet ai aI C opi
Attorneys for an p ary tjor ae- would have the I
ssed of collaboration whie a- the jmitary triaL
1 prisoner- i. ourea -idl today they Becauge habas

$pg.e.fer ia rekWM ehl lvelves iaste ures that go wel with a college .a el.W i
le (rave i eeds. New m teras h available. This young lady (ap)
akd b a wide M stolen o n war lek to molded drorglM issale a a areteete
i erais L a wh love ae f d nes lme and pter i (righ ca ln be aved a WI d
i. (leit),.wnl eeda t avel g..arme ba g.for1kit IsIdUL -a Qa .
, trip: an overnight or weekend For luffgagel at wbilt. .
bag for-hand hggage on a lngluated for f' yBear, _. Aato
trip ot to iold clothes on a shorter should stay i n mpinde, pow off jaunt; a, Pullmah or wardrobe will never be te needlework type,
a lavish ease that uses hangers for dreas- however cute it may appear on the =jU
the comn- ea; a hatb* or shoe-and-hatbox; shelf. 'i
y'of con- a travel garment bag for gals
ration In who i-rothy skirts a -Styles offer possibilities for ex-
that she trunk to hi outof-.season c ioth- pressing preference, too. There
a Is ahead of a wardrobe trunk foare lassically square ines orhe
suiatcase living. newest in rounded moldedlu -

With her' immediate needs from
among these firmly in her mind, a
shool gal is then faced with a fine
array of luggage styles.
Color is the first choice she
must make. Feminine shades are
practical as well as popular this
fall because the scuff-proof coat-
ings and plastics are easy to keep
clean and wear wel. Pinik, mint
and gray ran high this f a L
Wh.te ias.. as, "c i
r rawhl o sy s. right
nisu anne In All'tiB from]

of weight and duraffie by Ameri-
can manufacturing, Is a good bet
for the gal who likes antique
china. The smooth glossy look in
molded Fiberg ls with aluminum
binding is for the gal who prefers
shiny plastic.
Fittings inside hive been sub-
jected to a little designer know.
how, too. Two-comparUtment totes
keeP lingerie separate from cos-
amefie. Wardrobe cases untpid for
Ik Somte su teases
aa for-' storage to
e a go come back with
Mfi& ~~~ LU^"2 vhg u


It it is necessary to ma.e a
mag-dltance call from Ie-
ae--elae phalie, a*k epitor
ir-t-me atm- elie. Pl your
.a at onste, Itoad o ask-
VA W ^,Ir .-

Attorneys for bih. the major
id the private us=e the novel ar-
Iment that the charges against
eir clients constitute t-on and
t, under the cemU;W rea-
Scase- mus ht ,i. in the
vil court. .. 7-;
MGarrhy ruled that. the
arges "i t Y Wt, not
natitue treason4 Thinzre, he
Id, there was ag e to rule
i the broad iessu re' hither trea-
n must be trtd e the civil
Then aloi came Goodman's or-
r that the army release Mar-
, Who was accused Of ebilabo-
lion and proikoting disloydlty a-
ang fellow prisoners.
Goodman agreed that a civil
.* -1 -.6 --- 160

-I r

She has fallen in love with a
man five years younger than she Is
and he has asked her to marry
him But she is worried about that
difference in age.
What is five years more or less
on a woman's age these days when
any woman who puts her mind to it
can look younger than her years?
Men astilan't do much to com- I
bat the signs of agingbutwomen
hbat the sign1 of aging but women
have a whole bagful of tricks.
They ean fight off wrinkles with b
creams and lotions. They can cov-
er up gray hairs if "they've a
mind to."

pal $ of erJIu-
r ion over persons wh had They can diet and exercise to
been discharged keep their figures. They can bright-
The judge granted the defense eat heir faces with lipstick and
a writ of habeas corpus and he add sparkle to their eyes with
advised the Army to have Martin careful eye make-up.
tried for treason in a civil court And if they cheat a little when
if it desires. they are asked to tell their ages,
Major Alley's attorneys pointed no condemns them for it. In-
out that McGarrahy, In his pre- deed, a judft recently ruled that
vious ruling, turned down their a man couldn't divorce his wife
bid to halt his court martial at on the grounds that she had told
nearby Ft. Meade, Md., but did hii at the time of their marriage

Z slve eanteh d*uilA ft h4 PTM6IR 5th to
14OCTotLaC at d Priods of 60 min-
.us -i li.l 7% .w Wd td rriday lIn the



* *

* erndi'ona/

I ein

Cle inUd, s prited ptlms
* ...y outhiful yet they op
so gracefulyl


Chooie. YO


y t-be

0' r(.'4

. ~ -;:.
IL.' *.~i,

mndg A. Ruonoy, It :.S
ewoo Califria, chief eloe-
a of-the frei7hter, died of
bead d injuries to an
Aeapolem fpite shortly before
e wa to undergo an emergency
The chief n eeo sand first
aaehjbt were hospitalized, but
wlol as. anot consider-
The Lear. Lunkenback was en
ioute rom Balboa, Canal Zone,
to Lea Agelos.

* *, .-'~*~ E{ J '2 I--:~. I ..




Reduction on
0 French perfumes
Ladies dresses
Ladies suits

* Uniforms.
* Bathing suits
* Hand bags
* Lingerfe

. .and many other itemsl




I Cash sales only No returns No alterations

-earw doUbl boilers. bt

- o1&eNt. Aepew in 1 s
so. -;Ni P0- p
E MB7, -^ .Wi,
^^p- k,,,d- ., >T^^^W




There will be an- Interruption of electric current
on Tuesday, September 6 between the hours of
3:00 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. l& the foHtog-setiOwns

PaitifnaSan Frncmiaso, E.tCobW.La Carrasquilla,
4tb r 4 6th, ,tree, .taMa A4ip
/. .. .
om"paAie Panamea de .Pu.& y Luz Is
enum.y working ti- preM yr i" -
IP hat you are -..' f thevnlnoed,

. 4'. .. o --., .. -.. R


.gdstrationa o0ed it ~cratlry'i' pffce (main build-
la tnrallg ) from 9 to 12 and from 3 to 6 p.m. Righ
School Diploma required to students enrolled for credits.
8tludto$ for non f dit are. lso admitted without such

like you have'never slept before
Only $45.00 (C.Z. price)
on a
Genuine Guaranteed 100% Pure White
Natural Latex Foam Rubber Mattress

In your choice of 6 exciting colors, inner
cover, removable outer cover and zipper.
Excluswie Distributors


Cathedral Pla (around the
corner from Felix Maduro)

Phone 1-0324

In Our Big Raffles


6 0 0 0

* Joseph Gates
* Rosa Voelaquez
* Samuel Mowatt
* Celeate Briones
* Don Giardino
* Lilia do Huges
* Odelvina de TerAn

SOGraoiela do -:meas6
" Marion. Wooten -
* B. J. Bugily

* Aquilino Saavedra..
" Armando Russlf
* Gladys de Covilt

' p i

And They Won FOR FREE!

T11 19IV IYITS1.*.
137 Central Avenue (11-45)

["*4y~ay iRgadA.C.aL

I -I __________________________________________

Very Modern

/ e,

* Handpointed Italian Plofts

* Sdlad Plates and Dishes-

d May More
Wia You Find >'



Ave. Tivoli

- -I

- .
.. ._ ,,- : .*

* Ah'

Garraghy on Tuesday before ap-
pleali to higher courts. *
Jo sih yiiyan. of Alley's law-
yers; g he believes the 8 a a
Frincisco tlig "will be most
helpful and persuasive" In press-
ing alley's case.
-There is certain to be more le0-
gal confusion before the situation
Settled. The army has a back-
long of cases involving alleged col.
laboration. Several persons alrea-
dy have been convicted and sen-
tenced to prison.
The supreme court eventually
may have to decide the legIal
questions involved.


. .

*-". I


* M. H. Covello

..I ZJ

. ..-4 .

'' ;;

- ,. $ ~: ~


pAf' romP "N
- -.-. p.o

.1 Ft

* I
- I
* Os

Hildegarde the NEW Hilde-
garde says this will be her last
season touring the supper clubs.
After she fulfills her commit-
maents which should take her
through the spring of '56, she's
Sing to change her way of mak-
a living. From then on, Hildy
wl be strictly for TV and-or the
Broadway stage.
This is quite departure for the
Milwaukee chanteuse. For so
many years she was the darling
of the fancy supper clubs. She
threw her red roses to the adoring
customers; her fringed coiffure
set the style for the toney set; she
was not much more than a legend
to the majority of- peopit.
But thins have changed. This is
the new Hildegarde, and she's ec-
static about the big switch.

She started by severing connect.
t witth her long-time manner,
At- Boseako. Then she cut .er
hair. She even went to a different
"Ir arO t etrthat bit of surgery
W;; SOe handed her gown de.
40 81e0r. ke switched from red
Msois to white roses.
* And then she decided she want.
a d to work a career transforma-
; tion.
S"I'm getting a little tired of
"travelling," says Hildegarde. "I'd
l like to have my own apartment
With my own things."


eWe pCooke

book, 'he Taste-makers" is pre.
paring the .script.
The Armstrong Circle, Theater
long a stand-by for nice little
plays on TV, is in for a radical
face-lifting this fall. For one thing,
it'll be on for a full hour every.
other week. And Instead of its
sugary offerings, the show will
Mrsent dramas taken from real
The show's personnel have
coined a new word for the dramas
they will present "actuals."
John Cameron Sways will be the!
host for the series.
Oie Plaa's new tract with
.Fanny," the hit Broaiway mu-
sieal, make him the highest
paid actor "w In stuon. And It
also gives hm twice the salary
he got from the Metropolitan

So she's passing the word nea, s--" s c
round to her book g agent that The talk of how bu es s
after shi tours this winter, that Jockey Howard Miller from Chi-
Il be that Aft'rwrds?' cago. This talented, pleasant-
voiced record spinner is doing
"It's been a dream of mine to more than most disc Jockies. He
Ik" A Il shlu ow" she says has a CBS-Radio network show, in
i I Arthr ey.o five days a which he interviews people over a
rteeL-wr they. cafi itfiv remote book up Vic Damene
beard? a, five across-the. in California, Dick Maltby in New
ar. A. nta kf.e sow.. have York and It's one of the most
ift of beg able to talk to popular daytime radio programs
e draw them out. Even these days.
I gI got a smile Not qtstent with that. MWler put
o some patients whn even the together a vaudeville card, t.ok
etr a d irses couw t't. It I aof the Chicsal the-
S-aters promptly broke tie
It would be hard work. You'd house redp. ft's a tribute to one
ave to be a slave to it, and I of the engaging personalites
Sa real slave. But I'd ke to W i sess a man who's
t. Of course, I can't go around going p .
mys Someone w W l
NO a fme ao' such DIMC'S QUIOME: Bob .Cm.

S'Of course, why
S of her before?'
ailLdo it."




Can ThisB B lt
n '


%q i ,j .

T.IL.Kr.ftF-ML No & L&-Pa, .. : ._ I

"They. spend good hard cash for my. swl".fft nf-.
. and now look at the swimming pool they mot" ,.

Texs Tol

I Texas was
admitted to
the--- on
Jung 1s, 4S
I "Remember
11 Small finch

32 Edible
33 ool dance
34 Basque cap
35 Leakage
39 Rub out
40 LSeveV

UThere -
254 countIes
in Txas
7 Race course
drouR '/
9 Humble
10 Worthless
table scraps
J2 Large plaut

ethers e
2S rambotfwl
ethers -
14 Snakes-
25 prtmdtful


26 Slouan Indian 42 Texas isthe
28 Ancient Irish "-- Star State"
capital 43 Verbal
29-Mineral rocks 44 Against
30 Memorandum 46 Chafe
34 Sleeping place 47 Plexus
36 Preposition 48 Fruit drinks
ST Verdant SO Help
38 Organ of 51 Pedal digit
Sb141ng. 5m Beverage
41 Bhrd's home 54 Alder tree


mna oor
. 1 -


mThere Te Arel

Happy Ladinag


- 7..

7-,1in m I
Al ,4 /

, .i,., i..



iLE (CBS.Rt:
they have thv Fourth of
l, Canada?
ines: No they don't.
s: What do they do, jump
the third to the fifth?
I wt'he mft who make
abus" wheels go around
m a fA Sh Mtore.
6sea=1 as MC of the Ford
O's prise baby; they've
to. d many of. the shows
; ad Sthey've worked- out
progamming idea.
g, pogram wIdo a team..
4tmne survey of manners
hroegh the ages. Russell
Siauthor of the beut-selfng



' A

57 Nullify
68 Poker jtakts
1 Rubber trees
2 African river
3 Zoology
4 Ontario (ab.)
5 Born


Ss$Vc c PAJsOWon



Sou-s Logiesl



Vno tnlT

At the Sation


laul lul

On,te Lam Fong's


oila Maze, onMa om oUR WA

T u15t
fr uizm


SBper Servie

ci '


TSU FAm- y
*. tU'B 3OW#L6 LIU6 /
MAqtisJ~ MR
sut ASO Y A

-. J -



-. J. ,' ..l- -ti.B

-" .
-; -_


7 7*

77 ,~
La B-q

11im f (J 131.

, .

*i ^ ..Y

.* *











9h olr,

rt. li-- r:,',it ,m .=i!
sea Butte .1 thelrateW. Ant ,wo. an
'ISuItes N. is fuetlv" ttbobS" tthe WJAS. j thq mai

pwfeg aher lat. -

vied"1l rat tena mit. .
,it-M. M ao .,... ........."..'.

a ?ea of o ty and
m 3 St.* held .Sd t n-l labor
tape jehiad the birt 'urtain.o
BetiB f ,ladiate, doen-
girB, bt' AdbWue wtI be i4 no mytbing m.e"y.
; s He till Ipslt, they maid, that
Sei twc. idifu tii' B0^ bei,

theusaelveo to a definite timetable
Sa's ndA AcBuer'r wilt insist
SthaMt ilas- of the pmioiers ir. o-
* odc Sa l cdai abor
or. *'-Ad ia. '
F 110-WiUlU l tli goviatEs altmi^t

that reh" .01 te pJiB Ir^ miHH HaH

: d, unw. ..


l lmea- or

r-t aMn- up .

i.ffo esl a*mr .aw^iej- a. be
Sa etinuIdeASto part lithb a poatr op
p of charity two. u'r ,aa few minutia
.OWi t]oalt iOamlH l ,ar to 'lo*
-area.. tb. .fh ads in the backs tit-'ter
tifAt -A,

WuW W BWU nut a w*a* 53 5w
L aitr tl.paal .p
SPeterst.ire up the wale
O be Wob, tt abr

y '- caAbow u theni, a FP
pr,.-i tb fried or
t kW -n adheswiv
w ou bu- y at
I Ap

* --I-

Stonmih flueryl Logy belhg?
Lu' *bstmatacid S ftapqtica
._lt Pt a sh *ir-

^*^rt. :..t.BlI^'^A'It *Jf^

llpI~lll lltlll l~ ll ll'# l i II+

The name tf.VaclsWrqi A Cot ndsfn is the symbol of
most petliobn in l kqpak ., -,
A new, dciive corirmation-d'f4 a. y ir
-bthe cition of the 2RyOal" ro '
pricihin could be a dtiwved only' 0hetrua
serv imrpornt tech nica4l06 4 1
The G ieva Mark, which every "Ro 'd chronomter 1
ft i aant of the h called "GOeh qiilhyt' wilith"
cad has been famous through ld, wi
- 'riitdL cpaditions upon whi* h it iV t r~.ed
. The C G ev Mark. is impressed odf lft i mWi tie
visilT. O the State, and coistitutew a vrile title of



i C.: t' ; '- .- ;,
. .". '.. .. ,' + h' J


'4 .-t.

,". .- -., .

* "ww ",- i ;


Ilpd via New Yok
the world Jat
'A watchmaker by

E. .. ..a. Per

'rs qy~'y

.u to 1 l .
(ter his
trade. -Mr.

WiU~(turmuinst aon -A
oPanPma, 16
ii *t. : -, -I
-1 worM 'o

t siorlep l In Suite
LflrthW In totbuon ad e
III RON -A 42m or
.1 ;' *- --, .'*- ,

uiTon o Umuriw a tS -
t the plks Club in Irazos
mashmets wi be AsAsed fol-
the umetqtg the hostes-
Jo. juru.fai!tquirt ant

ri old -meeting
row cih wl r A,
-fi~ile Ciftir-$o4


t hu
aeed to

To '

f, ai-
*'At^ww "i

AM that yoU do
Up the contnts

i lam ia
S s al9
Eha shalk I

mi-. tbe ..e ,..


S" :-"-* .. .

Rt UA l.
5 N' I-wwERFtdN Y(A.7
:^l'-** saw**'*'-s&^ '''-
'3 24 .*^e:.jor ri- ^smiL.


* UneuWy UP lEIS VL>hE

is lull p ill.Hwft

"- w.;.

Jil -~1 I .
*-' ~ 1<7

[cM AaadL Cl""

iTo winners in

* Clintorl P. WilII
* Jo L6pez
* Elizabeth Joripnsen
- a Gloria do Lam



~ ~~ ~ 144 ,. .1 .4 :


eJw oM ,k* ,-wl.- .
:/^^'-;-'^" ^

'w ^-.w...

* AAtont f it
* Alicia J. S-I
; Mrs. H.,C


SFederico Lv

* Eneida do Orimaido'
* -N.i A: do Morlie~

* Charl 8. *imith

i Marrion rwle ymond o w 4

pipop Ph ipplt Ranttian n goa .


;~: it~


" '.^ '-., .,.. -- .

Or .-. .,.

.4.wl 1NL.F

t tflnat-

rrum .1
r- .


- .1~ .

-- II



--~-;. ----


- I ----T7~T- ~-


,% .'-.-" -,,


1. C.

., *. "_


> i *

d.- w drip :- .

4. V-4

-? ,, *.- ., .
.' ."" :.i -
,. t.^--'(.y---"* !' .. ..' .,r|M B








,F aphns S-885A


"I sInm a s 1
4 af Jr AeA mA J Jo.
b... Ab....p Ame. &.m U a.

______-._." Ur --


IAM AIN. IJwAl fh mned cr.
1949 Beack Super 4-dor sedan.
has dyafltw, mete in good
mskelse el eqtle. To be sold
s is.k r oMr S$IO, PhIa C.-
lo I00, SMOOT & HUNNI-
CUMTr. -"
FOR SALI1--954 Opel Statle
WalnM, IN e -Nlt condition.
Just lie mnw. This cr Oirkd to
mall. So I--TryN, -ed Bay It.
FOR SALE:-1950 Na-h 4-dor
sdon. Thi cr pruicd to soel.
Good trnsportatlon. To be sold
as Is for only $J99. SMOOT &
SARGAINs 1953 Chevrolet
Deluxe Clfr Couip Paint in
Aood ceulition. Tires gd on-
Ish I'l ood meshaRnll sendi-
tion. Only l$75. SMOOT 8
FOR SAL -195l Mercury 4-
dewr SIden. This car in perfect
condlitlm, Now times. hEllent
buy for "Iy $750. SMOOT 8
1 iUMNIC ,- $.A.. Colon.

I usNed meT
Seluieul aksnSo this bar.
A. Celon. B.l, $475. .

-- FOR SALI:-1950 Pontiac Cat-
IW popeCsku.. 4Nw paint job.
|, E. n1r~wd e.oagle.klI good ondi-
eie Hi. Sa t0h* isaiin at SMOOT
! & HftNNICU T. S.A., Colon.
This tae-"ioled tw sell.

FOR SAi-1949 Peehred 4-
deer $Sdit, _p1t new. lr amnd
Ia Qpele egd eso r-
N UTT, S.A.. CleA .

$Ai 5
!Odal@ Sedan, In ox-

U LE CansmpwU
Cstrnl Avo. *

M& a ULom, .m

Agenoea a1


RESORTS fo.pisdb hoom e .
hke at StM CQm. Tepihr '
Thrmpan, lbum 177 .
Mp Casiun. Law resls. Phmn
selbm. !11s.

PHILLIPS auMeid Cotages,
Seate ClaI. lex 41, 5. ale.
Phome Paomem 5.177. Cie-
bel 3-1673.


I t Ameri uen I

A n o ', ;
de Pub Aoo ,nW

.s,! 4'

r ~
-, ~ I

~ I ~j:~
pe~eVp I

ot rrri. j, UW' i ",

M SALI J-& mAnts, fomlsiMJ uinfiB.ImbdU

1660 bseei~. Los Cp
Phone Sel~e 1.34..

Slhw h, S, Pha,

CLU Releases IComb mI eneraI ee r. d4pni diiom $55.

The Cent.ral. Labor Union- the .12 A ti l 4 b tl i n'
Metal Trades Council has re- wi ,,cara t B, If td's s t, -. ..- "V
eelved numerous inquiries due u en nt mr o ie om. r Mt
to the loead newspaper ubll- eate teh
city given to the favorable de- artit .a* P -claiming, fenaHi. 5'Pjo s .S 1
Qesln of the Court, of Claiau el Ry L .
O the t Pr ee. Al- g The of rimMr
thounb they db not h e. ataSy IN,,Btely 60,0im iim aLr, ,-. l
eO Ce of t he deel ont whe a t- .-when. t, l Me .le kitchen Cele i601@.0i41~ r -ahi
reelve- copy of aieter ti r t have the GenertA 4t u ... oar
the Comptroler en ,to nar. Ib Thee are FOR RaNT.-.- Pia fo' i- '
Oa erO for fiabl now without Ia est$l0.Lr W"
W0t n to the oO o ,.e l varecw o!rpondInfl. :-*tb -,*o.L '
Ils toont ies. Nort
men ETm ds Coas Cpil* et th. Of ath on -" The 11,3-0471,
cquletret which have Cem clafins alowance rm the
asked of the CLiU. Dgi -win aut b e counting ]Ue ,djA
06.th004 Zo is ,ber I N The flng of O a im number 1i the t f 1 v
: hery reprinted In Al, in nothib4anY, n4y.01me in corner, GeneraUy., a, A
the., sueh im in the atcorrespondence weill bet lr .
RGENEmt& oRMLo. OP oa r th& eopf at from claimants in t
TT otAT of te A.m, dor not eet he If, after the decision dh CoIlA
tp regrets of teI Act. Bergh casebecomesf the UP
SA 'i. The mug hae been for- eral Acoun Office
Mr. ThotMas 0. Wela .A a le n theen-. doldd to reopen 3 WASHINGTO, eOpt. -he te Ted
0 ration Director, Govern- l 0tB OfAi*.;lVittln additional corresa esiaS.RussianE ist WSh&n ,
et mployeatx ofhcal tehte n r abound be addressae4 to the o announced p___
10 0 ana A.ei. MN.W.itr eral AccountlnB Offlee only Ia nylta
aoir:t. 1 4to am. ca.. Ihee t, -.e to the voreNT-.- P~royi
It wag thou iht t h e you enhe S B or heae't oant t ,m
.ye Ul0 uI l you an tio the 1*A died. Any addItional cor- erts
cowb pnt, oh th In r. the periodrro aouldn Include Whe 14 IIVUJrB
Vowatugtp 2 oe
Mr. hoxas 0.x~x1 Genral ccowtiziClc
re~~~~~~liruI~~~UP- I- ~ ~ ot.t1rWflit~sp.u-1h
Off, jl~un orrunb i' W'h'I 0( 'IB
Zratiou.8ot Diecor Govern-~ -
t Inplayg Cokadi abmld b addease to he -~nnusnee .S

oral~fg ~ Acouig fieony1141iy

1 -

p "MAlt R4.
i Phonem 2-2856. ,'

_%'$90. Psept. 5 .. -

Na', -Eet -.- .-Sl e t ..
*on' -.4 1.1 1

.N~ti. .E ( ic w .ol N AM
.... ....d


OTM Set 5 (UP) -
at Ia ,small
ud above the AY ei- c
eastt coast at Gree n-

Air Farce s aid, 'bhovr.
S ship, which became
In the Arctic ice floe
lOy does not usem to be In
.;;e&;t danger.
Force planes from the Ar
bass a Thule on the nortM-
S ore o Greelan are
.e iOund
"tM Thus far, bowme,
.'atan have-, be, m3540
of bad weather laii-
Air Fores eaid.

jg. The sip IS
S Norma afte it -1-

LID 9brV k
I| lke

aws. ^ '
sa 4^;id.fl ''y--.
^ 7.4 tZ."E'L



. -_., .
* -.',

r a l ^-*** --UMlR

FOro. Ua 3i mi24 4
CMdw ,l11.X4C.

POR ALI I- 19"1 "I V-9
ektrem 'Posi- 5edmlfte4-t-
ulemle, l=w3QmAM*
eof eatm only $795. homm

FOR $ALIU-1954 2-d1orelf
t.edmert'e8r IM -we
steregpo. wer hkaM. Amleetil
woewa ur nd soet. radeo, hoer.
mmy lthoer etous. Lo to
10,000 m I I eI. Car oldf hr
$4500. lat yVeer. wIl teke
$26175--Id-1. 15.

rs Auko.

tran.lleoras vitUl the
boba* now M,.te. r
th Interme o
1 .t~9Sffoe. SR othpwi*tutea

pAh=@me are of four dIftte
F.noip Vuuz baU1,h
rot a ad Opel Rko*.

aqlilp g tyethwin~ad at
kto other eountiBU


- Te first imprMvement lan
AilMh ovae an saeg emw
7ou year aw$"
:.. s -i0
.." .., l... .-

WrsO -wuS wuI p Driu Te
Ue better. low it iMAeZtO
General Accounting Offlte
handling t dm o
Of ullpa c gr pe i _e.
Igratuity for eoh holiday on
which 9y worked durln
IWorld- Vp.p, Tprasean doea t
a|>ply ln3*~rempto per an-
ium eml w e rates o
compensation are rescribed ,bby4
law, such a halfled employ
or Pmtsl ervpe emploe..
All cormeepomgbooe, d
addressed go "th*e-lamn Dvi-
lou General Accounting Office,
WS u 295, D.C. Any l

Ibmu I to e lamead, and thex
be_16 toledI rilRb

WMa m -u. you f A.iYo that
Sble bAe mny monte beor
PWb adeterminaton. can be-
re e two groupieof the
d which have already been
od te-o theeral AGmouaUnw

S* of
ered the t Givat
up Iwere teat Ud to
ansgtem. Theyr -notS-
b,, mn beenv. p t eld

aibor J9,n the wppr left )aad
bOinel *Aa loawte -gate Ifite

should write to te GenerOl Ac-
cP=u, Offle, hoWfti' the
clajWB ther a4drema at

Romiance... Comedy and High Adveontqre Mo4e in


. I.., am" awna won,.,
2. If the e l Acboutig
Office do"e de.1G *pen the
.old clalnu, add ental1 torren-
ponee.hold "ent after
we zpluaUon la made
kl onlh*
(a) where the claimant.e-

1. the up.

(b) wAbm there hu s be*
courage of address or nume,
or ths tolnuuit to, dI
ceased, .., .
e. We-appri ,=the.
u olveo e tha diff m s,

Aetg mpomer Geeal
of the vUted states.

MST Hands
(CoUmnIAed (em pan. 1)
you. a b we Uil and iome nlc
romisla he political cama.
cl .n, a 1 en turns you wer
*o your emflel tor the next
four yearS, bJl alid.

dh on the ]labower admin-
Artna fr tts busanes connec-

r. ,U lon.a 1 s
Westeum.n oonft d
a teledamt ifortr Nthelal A.
E~ l~ ay~thle g etroupe


e ai at aak Sver-

hei 1eesp4 through

wfeey Sydney end Loaft-
iTl . tod 96r~w^l]
-t- V-^ ,..^ fir# .

Sof an

fe i6 1.R.".A WIH THE; ,

WM bufneuI V

w w...:J, u T.L Iuu-.
be-e. .-"10l' *
2y =...?0

A-M L-adei Uso *
twent et D. A .

Iton tO r a
The lo r hs)ae o .. .ee

D bder ad hi td

Toaursl Art a s
Tw.nty B Day Ad-.

e i ..
l ..

ati o ti. tm ,\ Down ..

IV. the P agA AM emee "
aewl. btwL and vbMta. ,t t f1l : '
4A 'foron _wek o "T'k
l vita Bum ol t .. ..
*.T b '"' ~"

;C : R- -.. -
--. :,..... : o-. .., "' ,' -';o



r .

thlHER," ast
aor and tat
en next TMl
in released
mace th-*b
I a weldhmo

I* .V._


?I _

- ---------- --





,,| -

..i --







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* .*>



1 1

. *'. '+ .. ... *, ;. .- i .-

-4vr it-. ~ .-
.'. -' ,-.o.. .'v .. ...
_,. .- ,. ;- .
S. ./ & S .
'.' .'' '" ... ;' .'B f ^f^ T S ~ l^' ... -q. ji '.*
5. -


* .' p +" -,

r' ,*
.. ,

'; i 'i.

I a~~ 'i' r'r'

ti+i7 K'

ble I BSpansh
4q.'C / t4

lale ROB ItTON Evelyn KIYES



Ion J. FEaRIn
Also: -

Ue. ---- see.

Tyrone Power, in
In Clneomaiopel
SAlso: -

- Ava .Garder,

A l .., ..
aw I II

~? ~J

eatf-- eMP ll at better p usat squub at
the wrqepottlh.'ui hi 1heoe f or feed remains the
gU'eegSL,. ets from UL ed Agrlsultuu.a



in bnd *when ae arrived by sbip
from New York today.
fcta Ud with -a rsr t palrsm-
lysis of the legs, tolms cutoas whof

fliers: "Put my clock in baud and
tou put a there too o
e aalIg nrrivwhee by h

Walster Raw ft is .4 aist.-
me. e ir, you canre ave o that
lysisThe of thficers looked, d uncustoms forta-

deeed not to take the bond a-
way from Hayes, It wa.p ad I
Ed,H 7 1 dwas give to
Haes' wife by herf4 an la-
yew ma, when the ayes aeoo."
ared In 46a whel ..
Naysd said he spent many hours
derided ag to take the cdk o -

w gomaded it as a i am heir-

R.I., a former navy
R*m'wiM Nfnh,.n,,imi

Hayes said he planned toh sage a a miurI
about a yesr suthc Eag e m ated of 1
"eb aam, of Bafei ui mother, Mrs.I
U* I Ila. -
mare tpernte imate w help
me get bettor."
b. w Senate To

cumOCusi Pradices
Amod .,.f

B^,l*'-*"'.* ** .-AFB tfn 'CntC

EB.-4Jopeph N: Summer, Jr.. of Providence,
al employee, appears before the Senate Civil
tee io WashIngton. to testify on his dis-
y risk for associating with his mother, who
belonging to subversive organizations. His
'aUllne Margaret Summer, at right.

SProbe Questionable

In Selling Of Autos

'- S *.
.8 (UP) coni itteeI
suibcom- gI4 4 A
b lnhOa mr dI

the i

Woman Farmer Defies Quota

System, Threatens Inspectors
a im ,

HUMMEL8TOWN, Pa., Sept. 5 "Nowhere in the Bible dc
(UP)-A spunky woman farmer say to grow only a certain
who threatened to shoot any or cut down on production
federal inspecto rwho sets foot people are starving," she am
on her land today rapped gov- ed. "They (the govern
emnment agricultural commit- don't have to go to the he
ttees hat "harass hard-working with their surplus. They c
farmers while their own farms to the people on pension, a
look like Peter-Tumbles-Dowth; lief and young people who
Elsie Munmap, a M5year.old three or four Jobs and get
farmer who wants no part of their early 20's just tryli
the U.S. wheat quota system, keep a table." she said.
said she has "a World WarOne
veteran working for me who "The congress, that insti
does more than al the congress
men and the Agriculture B -cre- 40
tary Ezra T. Benson) put to- ,'
gether." TnO AY
"He's working for God Instead T
of the almighty dollar." she said. 60c. 30c.
Miss Mumma. who said her
ancestors "pioneered this land LAST
In 1624," was served a summons i .A
last week. The government
claimed she owed $403.20 penal. "at wJ i'i
ties by exceeding her wheat
quota by 18 acres on her 70-acre
The trial scheduled for next .
month, was to be In federal
court t Scranton. She asked
that the trial be held In Har-
risburg and that the jury con-
sist only of farmers. Her re- w ^
quest was granted.
"The present curse of our na-
tion It human beings frozen in- .
to organization. We are losing "
our rights for the pursuit of \
happiness and personal occupa-
tion. By losing control of these S
family concept and ruining
family farms." she said. lA ROERTS
I" "?MURM TO .

ties on dealers whosell outside
thair tranchtled territory.
The deAlerg had such protec-
tIm owr AMs W*ithin their teo-l-

the wheat qota'aw i
have unftt te ty
slate rl &^t i n
edge and uader d
man who i
controls w
the job to 'am a
eous before God.
Mif sumn,, wo ta
feet-tw sad she's hat
'juhnfir- ^jn cAM &._- *_

oes it '-. *ue.MsO .-we M
thing t O deial1 of iea
when a statehighwar depa i
s fot- tempt te'otae part of
m t) tfor a, by-Wpa. and' su
then defeated a school board
ian to "take 26 of my 70 acree."
on r "And now Wney have come i
hola me by twos and threes
n gto federal government the ea
Iag to battled lady faOmer said.-;
they set foot on my land ta
gated III shoot them o help me

DAY REAt !-'T '



S've ever played beci
ic erenCoe. It's an
ny wi.have a crew
Wit, he Zsays, "to ake
enb d laebu he'a l
,laircm lTIN aNStl to .0

X w Too Much-" at Pars

nelreel film. B: says: "'
going to almic ot carieatu
iU at'm tung he way he

Stewart met

m-role.-He just stmled m
rNli him about it and
tho *ctOr.' a
Wllt Be1t B the Sands H
Vex tomk e4er the Duom

y, Uncle Sam in I
Cu w'. Dbe complete, h

tos OyWeed, Mrs.

a eBan's

fi s --H- .w. 3M sW uJMu* iw M
a s ,le se Sept'4; her first chirp-
ing r a C tol contract
so, egotted by Alan Lvint ....
fi Jim. You can now walk up to the box
ag that office of eight Los Angelet.theaters
pain the and say, "Charge it." The thea-
aghest their's bill comes with aUl the oth-
ause of era on the first of the month. .
toward Jack Benny's Just announce re-
tiremeunt from radio, after 21
cut, a year, leaves him free to do more
Some TV. But he still hsn4 decided
up the whether he will tackle a weekly
sm.ount. home-screon show.
-nake as--
THE WITNET: Overheard at the
pi Who ,eady Rocm: "A Bkni Is ak both.
amout, ing sut held together by a
t thou- few kks aad a lot o eyes.."
dbergh ---
I'm not Steve Allen snagged Gary
re him Cooper foe his firs, Uve TV ap.
e'walks, poaranee and "i time those OW..p
Sf wer are r real. He was .aer than
anyone expected he wo.ld be. says
t some Steve, because: ..
"he 'e was so nervous he ast like
playing somebody iitating Gr. CMler."
when I -
I said, Mamie Van Doren darkened that
platinum hair for her *rst straight
dramatic role opposite Jbohn Ager
!otel in in "Law Max." U-I deei*d, she
Hotel, was "too sexy" butjfamle was so
k"vem eager for the role she made three
red-hot separate film t at s before the
I Mac. studio was convinced.
Federal --
his role Ear Witness "The Last Mile."
r." The stage play that put Clark Gable
S100- and Spencer Tsraey in the big time,
ch for is in the talking stages as movie.
re't a With Richard Coote in the Gable
role .... Piper Laurie with writer
SRichard Morris at Sinbad's in
Jomes: Santa Monices.

an TV,
a based

Mary Beth Hughes adds another
"e" on the end of her midle name
for her star billing in "Guest to the
S H go" s wC -TV. The guest A
her house was a anumeroloist.

tsthhis e
a to Indonesi a earlier tb
Hong Xons police obta w ed a
warrant for the arrest f Phow
Te-min L on charges ot co 1p-
racy to murder In the tme-
bombing of the Indian ContM -
lation which killed 16 persons
on. A pril 1.
The roup was en route to the
Asian .MfrlaU conference e at"
sBndung aboard the halted
Constellation which made a two-
hour refuelling stoe here.
Six hours later It plunged in-
to th sea. An offi I Indian
inquiry report sai a time bo*b
Slated In the stItboM ard WIe
Nll of the plane cued thal
orMbh ktlnte 1$ of the 1tl n
Police Investigrtien dLanisced
that Chow had ben a 5-a-

than 250 o were uesMtlm-
Ied. an go indinatmd Chow
wA onCM one oM $eo persons
Cinvolved n the a nboateae.
He disapoeared ftd t belev-
ed to h ve reid ed e ormry c a
The Natqnxlft governmlent p
that two aid reached
theVe, but sad both were refti-
goo from the mainladid who
Stiply had-iased through ong
Since there Is no eatradllol
agreement between MHong Kon
nd FPormosa, It U debatable If
Chow will be turned up.
At the time Sf the eraib. "e-
unin charged that a tie bomb
had been placed on the airlifln-
er bv "secret agents" of the U-
nilted mates ad w.aton a _bt
China. But a eovearnment9 oe8
man here said everything PWt
to th. plot .Wak n been rgt
here in Honl Kong.

tlib 19. I caY dellarl
ac o t lcfUon d to
openO. hear sS falU.
Te stdbcommitt, headed py
ten. A.s8.Mik6 Moroney TD-
Okia),. wants to find. out if leg-
Isltlon Isa needed to wipe out
bo6tleging, pba rton e frIeht
charges, and dther pracc
which have been" under heavy
fire for some time from the pub-
lic and some segments. of the
auto .Industry.

*'7p% ff 0- tO is tha t
7r. ..L We. head of the who sell outside their territory)
National obi'le De l ers As- get te benefit of the sale but
Soctlaton d today tlat t h e do not have to bear the burden'
practice "pot so seilous as in of servicing the car under the
1953 but is 1111 going on." warranty.
SThe subcommittee wants 'to .
know what the dealers conaldes P
the basic reasons for "bootleg. --~-
Frag"-overproduetidn; pressure
rom factary to take more cars
than needed, too many dealers| ...
ina territory, or unethical fra- I y U Want
ctsed deters. I f"-you want

The invet1gation will start 4- The subcommittee also wants
bout the time the big auto mb- to know if the dealers favor leg-
nufamepr are coming out with islatlon to 'crack crown on
195M modeW. Industry sot roe "bootlegging" by allowing manu-
say the piup of unsold 105 facturersto cancel franchises of
models already Is. e eating' more dealers who sell cars to unau- for cut-rate, bootleg horized 1wwons for resale.
loS and other high-powered The manufaeturprs used to
msals! h *nzt. exer" esh ccontrol but aban-
-BooUegg I sin a syte'l t doned it In 1950 when then At-
wn r ai M ed inw ear deal- torney General J. Howard Me-
Se sell neow ears to non-fran. OGrth said such a penalty might
chliaet d e*lers at a discount: violate the anti-trust laws
tohee eark are then resold at "
euat.e pries .which regular One proposal for solving the
dealer_ capno niatch. phantom freight problem h a t
| teowi chwe .ire been offered by dealer groups.
those whkh are based on the rt is that dealers should be re-
cet of. s@pping ear all the quired to pay only the actual
way'frin Detroito Its final &s- freight costa of delivering the
tfinmen even though it may dar from the plant to showroom.
have .come."y from a neartby The subcommittee also wants
assembly plant. to' know whether the dealers de-
SMst of the 20 questions:' I- sire the protection of "territorial
In a"asked the dealers concernsecurity," permitting the ca r
08e. two problems. The sub-manufactures to Impose penal-





- t![ PItfX I[TA I'


Bourbon at its best call for.

"GREEN RIVER, America's smoothest


Sold at all leading bodegas and brs.



mIAhBo IET. 6:1 T:41
F suer CAOT Th
SB aO( -ftitei

T-' .4


lowwehouulm#edeA&W d9~AF

~ I

~ 54.
~ 4. 4
..4' %4.*W~


.5 I -. ,. .. .
,-. ? .. -. i;--* '".,

- .i~j

Oin' \N


__ _


'*?' t~;":~7.~F:., 'i~a~l~~

" =

. M


1 t,

' <





- .,,, "*- *", ; .^*En -. -,:

r i n g' .- .



.' .'


Thfr'J k.

In Scramble


SBERKELZ ..'Calli. -(JNU i.
Unquestionably the stro a q 1at
teams in the Pacific Coast.-Omntr-
oence are O1M0 St80i'dSotpitw Cal-
These ae'qulte a way ahead of
the rest.
Stanford is a legitimate thlSi
choice, and anything cap happen I
from there an down. Washington
State might be stronger than an-
ticipated because of experience. I
Washington might surprise. C a-.
ifornia, I would think, should fin- .YING
Ish about half way up. desperate
O The Uclans lost some fine line- National i
forward walls played almost as
much as the starters. Hardlmanf l
ll l Loudd at end re outstanding. In1
Bob Davenport they have ft

WHAT At last .report, Ronnie IW O 2.
Swas only third string tailback,
4A I- certainly an indication of awe.- q 0
Ml3I/ some strength. : 4 l
.PETAL. The UCLA Maryland game.
I Sept. 24, might have a strong ___________
Bearing on the national champion-
Southern Cal has fine per-
Ssonnel, augmented by the strong-
S- st freshman team in years. The
lTrojans rate halfback Jon Arnett J
SI with the greatest runners they've
evez had. Leon Clarke at end and
the same class. Watch out for a
I sophomore fullback, C. R. Rob- In these days and t#
Tl i m ... *.fl a favor hence the thuns

The pleasure of sookitn PALL MALLS
) tarts when you take the
package in your hand. Thewextra length of
PALL MALLS filters the smoke through
1i fine tobsecos and ivs you i mellower,
sweet smoke l. ave you noticed that people
wvhe smoke PALL MALLS seem to





Stanford, largely a passing g
team the past several years, ap.
parently will have good running
strength. Returning is Bill Tarr,

'Luya Wadrfw

the fullback who led the confer.-
eace in rushing last year. Inci-
dentally, their undefeated fresh.
man team of'last year beat our
frosh, 60-0.
Washington State has 22 1et.
termen and will work out of the
split-T, guided by the experienced
quarterback, Frank Sarno. Tom
Gunnari is a power up front.
Washington has good backs,
headed by Mike Monroe at full
and Sandy Lederman at quarter.
Whether their many junior c ol-

E-Leon Clarke, Southern Cal.
E-John Stewart, Stanford
T-hn bNishy,' COP
T-John Witte, Oregon State
G-.-Haidlma Careton, UCLA
G-TBom Gunnari, Wash. St.
0-4teve Palmer, UCLA
SB-Stdy Lederman, Wash.
B--Jen Arnett, So. California
B-Jrry Drew, CaslHfonria
PB-Bob Davenport, UCLA

lege transfers will give them suf-
ficient line strength will not be
known until mid-season.
Oregon was hard hit by grad-
uation, as any team must be when
a boy like quarterback George
Shaw departs. The Ducks lost oth-
er key men, too, have only 11 let-
termen returning, but find some
hope in a butch of service veter-
ans coming back.
Oregon State, how operating the
UCLA single wing under new
coach Tommy Prothro, ahd some
good young players last year but
ia not very deep.
Idaho, always something of an
unknown, upset Washiton State
for the first time in years in '54
.nd has an excellent kuard in
Eivind Resa.

California let heavily at quar-
terback (Paul Larson) and cen-
tar (Mattt HeUlle). Injuries
deprived us of tackle Harry Chi-
lard and guard Joe OUva. We
have but U letterman, the lowest
number in my years at Berkeley.
fUllback Jerry Drew, guard Don
Gilkey and aad Jim Carmichael
are Gopeamas.
iThe Coast a couple of inde-
panodept hels Which bear
wtM. C lege of the Pacific,
ft uas the temerity to play
CiL4A. I -rtfled by the rugged
ie IM 4 anda attack built
-uiud pemer I- Jacobs.
"i se State has a veteran
W. e h 1 c return ofS
pcaea al scorer as
eVA ai '-Ge season in

ax rosy. be. toads-u) a1
stpsxf a l.yearold bleiu
Cd start, shutting out Cla<

'mm have f it. With e Brooklyn
struck .out 14, 6a B5 record in
wish two hits.

Try. For 135 .Pound

If He Defeats Otfis



se the Yankee are thankful for mail
muonr hasnaso wth whlam the retarm

of Billy Martin is greeted.
It probably would be uncharitable to remark that back in
the Ruthian era when the Yankees were truly Olympian, a play-
er of Martin's conservative talents would have had to pay-his
way Into the Stadium.
Now, the swarthy California, whose .257 in '53 for 149 games
seemed to define his day-in-and-out fire power accurately
enough, is being hailed as the factor that l tilt -the ba
in favor of the Yankee., '. "
"I can't wait to see -him I uniform,'" rolled manager -Caey
Stengel when It became official the Army was springing Martin,
and that he would be available for the stretch run. .-
Snce Stengel's dramatic reprieve, from the bushes which
permitted him to sta*t ffe al ZAVr Ih Abe mSaes At has .been
his privilege to be associated i1th such eutatandlng skills as Joe
DIMagglo, Tommy Henrich, Phil Rizzuto, AlUe Teynolds, Yogi
Berra and Mickey Mante. .. nd tt okde of the anlkl e. me
player ever tod higher I the old geeer'ees-than artn
who yn -- '
Well, nt e. 3t. riAight

frea wlh -the .team aa- '-
Anytime a team aseem an emeitlaal hot feet t pla p teo,
its maximum ability thqs.esonething bah ally wrong. This i
a condition a thing ca ied, akee pride took eae of In loter
days. -
Stengel's romance with: Martin goes bakt to Oakland where
he had him as a brash-rookie who talked a batter game than he
played. and probably still does. Beides being ,amued, he
developed a brusque sort of affection for the kid. With the
years it has grown, rather than diminished.
Brass-rail psychiatrlsts,'ngon learning that the O5-yeak-old
Btengel is childless, nod knowingly. It appears that Marrti .nOt
only serves Stengel as an. inlelder but as a. compensatory in-
fluence. In any case, he ia the fair-haired boy.
However, Martin's status as a Yankee. la in no way related.
to nepotism, In this case, once removed. By present day stand-
ards, he'll at least pull his weight manually, and such intan-
gibles as spirit and clutch-polse give him a value beyond the
mltmed meaning-of his averes.
That he becomes available at this critical stage of the neek-
and-neck race Is an uncommonly fortultoa break for the
Yankees. He literallyould prote the dfS:dlef ne. Assuming, of
course, that he will be able to pek- up wheqe. he ft off. -
Although they get to play plenty of bqba In service, there
Is no way to tell for sure how soon or .rbw, the returlag-
big leaguer Is going to help. WEil Mas, for example, was a
smash, but Don Neweombe was.a op. .
Ted Williams came out of the Korea thing with his batting
eyes keen as ever, while Gerry.Coleman, who was also tapped
twice by Mr. Whiskers, lost something he hasn't yet recovered.
One thing in Martin's favorI hs s, utter lack of inhibition.
He tried to get out of the Army as a hardship case and as per-
suasive testimony he bought a new Cadillac convertible.
Originally, my choice in the AL was Clvldand to repeat on
pitching strength. Now I think the Yankee will do It. In thi
kind of league, where there isn't one firat-class club, any added
help can be profoundly Important. '. '
Besides Martin, Stengel has Jim Konsanty.aek...
a time when he can make the beat possible use of him. Ift-igel
had enable to ca n his rubr arm the last road trip, the
Yankees might have won two, maybe thiee, of the games they-
blew. .
On what reasqulnn the decision to sed-the relief pitcher
Richmond in the flrst place was based is teoia~ch-fhCrt*0ei b
mind-unless Kontanty's knowledge of W .Qivilt War'jLi.(
mentary It was felt something iheuld be deii to ft R 4
plorable blank.
Any attempt to prove that what's leo 'of the schedule sho
be advantageous to this club, or disadvabtageous to that neq, is
at best mere guess work. However, it Is: cir enough that the
Yankees must win at least four of the a*it amts temalingwltht
the White Box, Indians and Tigerq, the teams they hae fount
hardest to handle.
They windup the season withl:tIr games in three .dtyi
against the Red 8dx in Boston. If they haven't built up a cusblo
by then, even Martin may not be aleto holler them throq~h to

Grid Practice In

Bermuda Shorts


Ane found the way t beat the
heat in a football trading eamp.
Ane, M-pound takleofthe De-
troit LUos, started fad of wear-
ing Bermuda shorts-home made

or style. s sa
Now there are as many sizes,
dLendon a sere a re
pDUa N. yesa)
Ane. s time t for ankes, p
Ifeadeetomy-which 4W not start a
fa T is expected be ready
ineeami 's srt.
iFlerY OF SLrP
D AMN (Es) ,.r

iS^ 'ShfcveA" kiu

Undefeated in his last four
starts, three against light-
weights in Kingston, Jamaica,
Panama sfeatherweight cham-
pion Pedro Teals tackles scrap-
py Horlo Ottle in ten round
battle at a twe t: limit of 136
pounds, at he (ohrt Arena Bun-
It haa been rumored -that Te-
sil, who seems to be having dif-
ficulty making' the feather-
weight limit of 126 pounds, is
contemplating moving, up to the
heavier division in the near fu-
An Impressive win over Ottis
could convince Teasi -he is
ready to invade the l5-pound
elass as a- full -f11ged- lght-
Ottis is a two-fisted--slugger
who, although having dropped
two close decisions to T pe
formed creditably on-both olea-
alon and there ,es many who
tha he may turn the tables on
his-aeceptlofflriast, but -ight-
er hitting.rival this time.
Noslow 1 p hi 00f, .'Ofis
can be epe tdbi tor m Ave-l
thrn& takea vowthnw *cta .hub !

Sn his co-ner. hartuae Wbecame
Teals' chiet hadler-after thb
latter's ascent to. the top of the
featherweight hiap, but he pair
eame to bte parsng of the ways
sometime after ard when -they
failed to see eye to eye on cer-
* They made up. since Tesias re-
tutrned from Jamaica.
It has been reported'that Te-
als, whols -from Colon, and.Is
training at the Arena, will work-
out at the Panama Oym tomor-
row afternoon at 4.
Ottis a Paanma City. boy,
trained by Tomas "Bolo" Royal,
will go through his p4ces at the
Colon Arena tomorrow, also at
W. > attragile. card, drawn
. p by wuapa promoter Tula
de Sancha riSto, will hive as
tk.e smoafima ahiounder
between AlbertIbrr
and .Etleao-Martle.
On. the .9Ow o'4a these
bo.s have 1d cpu mes, while
.ley were tl i~t~Iu MarU-
neo olpolnted -to. in four
mroud to e1e Tbt one-0 two
beating hie fered in! tse l-
mop pure. ranks.'
* Toto, under e tutelage of
trainer AlfedaPeres, who a the
onv man who has ever laced a
pair of gloves on the hands of
the boy from Chlriqul, will get.
hi -chanoe to even' up things
sa lll p -Ethls fight, I-
tta d-eed-riue Perea
go. The beat a hbi farew ll
hamtenurperformance and was
highly satisfactory to Tote since
he -had been beaten previously
by Peo. a I -.

STA.W-l. when Bobby iymn went out. w iaiy
ahbu1dej ry GUnimer startedlptthYg for the t

Sh l I n Tr S
I t / ii' .*' T -

TWiestud W'' !'4 clas
four-yeat-old Iria-er chbaW
nut horke pappa'Y ln -lyester
day dIpelled si -dubts about
his r -elmJOY racing to an
easyfive-lengt victory ovr the
rerioust unbeaten K adr. .
eo-seatuRed 4750 seven frlong
arOIt for Clpam a Importe
e fte pof Pptwflr

pt f o w, .).Woin
paice; o~tdaandhig*

et sM
the t
to be.

Win addsi were the $26.80 post
by Coronelino In.'the seeon
race.. The o ly other loz Ih
winner .was Varia at II.40.
Virgllo Cailo, and 'Jorg
Phigps were the two le&dpi
riders with twb victortke etch.
The dividends:
FIRST l C' ,
1- r ies $60 ., 80. -
2-Esaendalo 1f30. 4.

1 won
2-Lord Smur
3-PeadeftI -Is
Pirstg ouWn

-. JP 3 RACE
1-Vatlela 24ts. 5.
-4-nina aRol $20.

th oltgpivr4ut
who are uw tatirbSid twon the
team are 4ofdlallyr Inted" to
tlc .with and help coach
.h te"M.


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e,4 M IND OPF 4AVd.l-
rotDCE U*JCS 4 7

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'quire greater poise and elegance T

nT** leLocbw .e uIth 'r Smokiun
StheWcI'itae distinction I

1 l




,+ ,-- ,-: .-t'...,,.. + ,-. ,..,. ,- 4. .t-.-.' V.
... 7*s"+ %'

- -* I ,. ,. -,
I 1 -. '" "

.w.. .*.^ =..?- M
. / :* l L ', "' ""
.. *'* '11 "!* .1


;: :.:** -y* .. I:- +* ,--_,. ,... ,[ -,
-. -- -.-
l~t^ y ', t l*..--K ,. .


, -


* WMlaot coabak 9w

Head in the Ctp mingles. Ymou -
Si have. to look at the record, o
IUSo fiFPIUU1 Nhtfif J flnTen0 we have Samy G ,I
S.M~ i ma ad my JusMer avis CWp
1s"M otJ. LZADWwd
SGa sI a is the 21-year old
B IUNWED PRES8 .- of Texa, undergrad-
I .__. % .. i .. i tate'1 Iebli1 overhead g 6'-el.
UIADING BATTRn8 W L Pt. GDIinOed rm i Sbea and Vie SleiasI
WL .G -- Erom .e lEastern Grnas Ceurt
(BageWl on 300 officials at bats) .Uontreal .... 93 50, .612 bamplonships.
.NIn 5..SS T0=00o ..... o9 .6 ,NATIONAL LEAGUE AMERICAN LEAGUE To alk
"rIOdAL Lj.AU i vana ..... 87' 14 ".570 5 U MU PW, MX TO 'at
Rochester ....76 75 .503 16 TIAMS W L Pet. GB TEAMS W L Pet. oG bout the Junior tesm he coached
layer, Club g -ab r h Pet.yracuse .... 74 78 .487 1 Brooklyn .....88 46 .657 Cleveland ....2 53 07 this summer, however, stiglo out
Uhlburn, P. 1230 47 80 157 .336 ffalo ..... 65 87 .42828 Milwukee ...75 61 .551 14 INw York ....81 53 .604 M its stars-Greet, Earl Bau .ir-
onelul, B. 18 40.7 135 332 sC hs ... 83 8 .4143 Ntew York ....70 65 .519 18% Chicago ......80 54 .597 1 ner, Barry MacKay and Sne
riut'ski, C. 13 5_54 101 176 .318 R mond ...88 AS ,371 f Philadelphia .l 88 .518 5 18 oWtan .... .7 56 .57 4. H ol.erg.
ider, 131 482 117 153 .317 Cenati ...6 7 73 .479 24 DWtrit ....... m 56 .57 13
'rilo, B. 123 481 74 144 .32 i ......6 .47' 24 ls City.55 78 .414 28 Gr, s 1-year-od out of
AMWTANLrAGUE"T79WA1St.. ula7..... 9 A18 S3.1Washi gton ..41 .362 32 lMiami W ah, beat Nielsea in
AMEIA LGn _8' P ttallup ,.S 83 .390 36 Baltimore ....41 U9 .315 28VaIitS Btseta at Sye, N.t Y., with
Buffalo- '00100 16--2 3 0 -- .".... '"fs al-real Igame. The
Caline, Det. 133 423 111 1 .8S6 Toronto .N000000x-3 11 0 TODAa GAMB Dane twice went to the final at
9tpson, K.C. 95 320 30 102 .31 TODATT' GAMUS ChIca*o b etroit (w) wmbm. a.
aith, C. 135 538610 2U 1.314 ?o*aera and Stryull; Blake and CInclanati pSt Lois ansas Cty at (2)
ower, N.C. 127 W6 93" 165 !14 Berberet. R--etbeetr, ea1. Milwaukee at i lco (2) New-York at Baltimore (2) Crhatt1 P with Budge bad Kra-
ftatlej N.T.; 134 478 112 147 .3U5 Philadelphlan at Stacklyn (2) Washington at Bostpn (2) m'r. you ather that Baungard-
.a' (Seond G& ) Psfbah t Nfw York (2) neb, -lso a lt pdfromOaklandm, Is
mos sUNS Buffalo 000p00-17 T. 3 -m pauthehbrightest proset lthe1
SToronto 010 000 w 1-2 80 PIr e) P tmoil ps ree as have.
Klazewakl, Redlegs .... 44 ._. R fl Y'8 Rsu LT Ch-L C o 020 100 000-3 0 pop" attitlude, er. superlative.
Snider, Dodgers ........ 41 Fletcher and Porter; Crimian Cincinnati 010 000 010-2 9 1 cilead 000 302 00x-5 lynd move in with the right type
Maya. Giants ........... 40 And Berberet. MilwiAutee 0200100k O-5 8 0 Johnson, Martin (2-2), Howell of *me.
Banks, Cubs .......... 40 --* and Lollar.
Mantle, Yankees (...... 37 (Firat Gamn) K ippt in (0-9), Collumm, Lemon (16-8), Narleaki andf Young Bas gardner couoted-
Roeewter 000Y000-0 -8 4 Black, Podbtelan and Landrith. Naragon, Hedgn. m r e e n Js l ham e vom
UNS ums TMr AlMl Montral e 40e80.40t-.- 11 .0 ..merc. aoal .ham io p.
I" mIrNicholsn "(9-9) and Crandall. (Segsqod Game) Skinny and1else at six two,
1E, P ......... 110 (8) and L-Clai .. W9e ot New oCk 010000040-7S 0 Cl1 01003 1 0- 0 1 .v-e m I
l... 1i0 Toed. iP-hlaylock. ,0 P91Wil3002te 0 0 r'praetices 8C.
r1 104. .- ..."
CIEYS 1I30Lt50uz.


I- ~4

13 :, 2:5, ii,'
-The most violent "
ptory ever ge to

4 'b


4 !

V a

0jtDUL rtri"loi(iidj v
SR.-Nela, Pars. h. .W aiton 001 002 -_7 0. Y
T rn wasnte ba Mntlder, lndLees ...... 112 New York 3100n r n* a r a0s t hao n
Mantle.a, Ya1nkee. s ...,... 110 S00 12 1 ama"4), Stot"-I, has, -
t ntaI era -4 oeak alier eer e e, rs ........ 1 -tI nK- 110 201e 00- 91 Clarke Mb Co ni
,, Ioothemom wa 0- __ll. .
r By h it appird headed hes, Oa ..edle ....... 178 -- White Hoer ix 165-poundeo
o rrow an of da a perfect t no-hit, no-run (cond G e S Turl (14-13), Ford n nver- -yea-o
s ae offs tart gamep against the Cub whien Ma, Giants ........ 104 0013-8 7 0 Chicago 000 13)5 nk and sbe Kollerf thet h .- Lm

Sththe ace retired the first men Then Smith, ns ... Rhmra 000 o000 0-0 5 0(4), onnd ba
berth, wBahit It nowe de to Ch and Montal; Jan, o d S st 0022100000 -51 7 3 old be r oewhat ravinsdf WIlaiI

h a game lead (Baed o Deea) I0ht and CPoote, Mcusseougn LHarbnn Baltiore 01014 9 1 ay, Sle Aclh counterpart l

t M^p oft 0 Pete P in Nm bfo P. by Y 1r C el>3bua 300 003 000-4 12 3
Card nal rookie pithe W s. ele ........ -183 i) Craig and CapanelPANAM. R C P A

ah hease t a down. ALL-NEW ENGLAND Scull, g skl, Eansky, >
lrd Schmidt appeared, headed Delusw., Redle. ..... .178 P Pr. e i Ners. i e O rdinary Draw No. 4 Suday Stember 4
S a mes toff ea 5-3e EAST LANSING .........Mich. 1(NEA (Second Gamet CLb 001 000 020--3 8 0 Paelic (5-11), Dor)h, Z er- lvear.old Brgokl ad, is te .
O g es an of diy r a perct no-hit, no-run Pt tate hafbak W a 1Co00 010 3- 0 c O he 1he -4t 5 0 ink and Smith. dM best voller'A thi leot with pee eame .-

S ee w hthe first-mplae retired the first 30men. Then Smith, Inds a ..... 160 RSyracusehmon 0000 000 0--0 5 0 sn 2 forehand ad btk
s mee0" the fourth and Frankle Baumholtz and fite Schmidt (4-5). LPae, jack DetoiEngt 7 140 00-7/ 20 2 hots and a rounk ras me.

S1d.8 anse l t Atwinve l and athlete Ci e tenle and Montano; Jordan. son and Sari. IL cty 0000100 -1 7 AA ol mberg qomewat
m* Toropto held bmak the spell the Cubs PITCeING Volselle (7) and Watfngtoo. IP Garver (12- 7) and ouse of Frank b vacT, but his r .Otw'

t Sunday b. sweep routed chmit in the e ht ( ed n e -Jordan. P arDavis, Tremel (3-rel, Plletl Rehi (4-6, Crddock, Kume, hope hel concentrate better
d. Second Pron 4089 3d2 0 e .i
dbi etadrs. The Ra -3 and Chiti, McCullough. arrington and Astroth. than his elownshk counterpa.

-JT COMPAYi GRA.. .INE ,.. 0710 ..oo

*We Prt- k Pti|e M Pri6-0. Priase M M Pri7W ,| b e No. Prithi Mr dP PrWp L4 M. : a
pu.Necme Dodger 19M .14 M 6 Columbus m0 0 0-e 1

pp of- P e from by3 by BY =, Yanki .... 13 4 :75S Syracuse 2 01000 -7 11 1
; baaln wl l be lincat- Lo abine L o, Dodgers ... 12 5 .706 r, mia (5) eand E ult:

MW 'Clyd Par- *0. gagg I gA .
d cs a N.o;wL In' e |Lif Donovan, W .... 14 6 .700 Lo en guth, Ma e (7), J. Ioh o I
am: Lo s I Itw,$ ,he (9I) and Iom Anmad. WP--Jo- ,
S... A.-M. hit h and ao. D-fie& 12 Ca8lije : ,-P,.ANA ....D. M oP PNM .
......... the Complete Prizewimning Numbers -in fhe 'rdinwry Drawing No. 1904; Smy, Sptemb. 4, 1I
d games, IthT Relep, 5-Z the EAST LANSING. Mich. ( EA) (Second Game)
-Michigan State halfback. Wat Columbus 001 0 0-4 8 0 he whole tleW hm 44 p ia divided in two series "A" & "" of pie et .
-USTI Baynh Kowalczyk was elected pa tb Syracuse -000 000 0-c0 7 0
caISM w e KLY SRoutstand' all. r I Now
als 6 **j Inodin s to twin ANAmbi land at'tet whiIe attending Mller and- Lakeman; Farrell.CQ C' A tlthn
o Wait loi and 9p Westfield, Mass., High. Zilnker (5)rize JhQnuvVzvv

..... .0 ..... "WR+A E L IN +-- o--. ... .
... Seond prize 4089 r 13r2000 4089o

3Thiru Prize 0710 6 6.60000
me 11" 6 room If LAA ANn ,_-n mI ,us ,N P- Pra .. N a n P S e ," me s .
W.99IM 13 N/ I Mea : se 1.9ms Om n a M11
ehm m-e nte lsm smu mna a -ia __s s M021 13L 10 1326lm e _
.-5- C p ms 1222600 Mh 410
.I 14 AS ,I lA 2410 mK 2 ma I b I s, lg MA Vi1
mIS 1 I s3n me I- asesn m 7 s1m1
....... .....................
.............................. ... 132.. -3, .I.. D"aFr

Ar"-"-'"4 : ".S. i -.... Cue(i:, C. j.I "_t. -_ Ap nfu Derivd Fr Sies Priz

.... WEEKLY W S"Vr CUOM I NEW YORK I" '1 "- o
... ...... WEST COAST OF SUTH AMEIA TO NEW YORK -, I -aI -, e ,- ,T- H ,

.......... ... .. .. s t q .. i l 215 I m ., a I OWN ,,es I am -

:LM M u Pw L Obuta We t Ei- St we m i a In& allflai
NA alo ft ... .... 30n U go MIT W" on a,
C A,., For.. A U S NG.. ...... .. ,e.++ j rfl... ,-. p Is-1
asO ] H w' in o -us Z ".s Z;

A, a c** .3 n. om

j (

-'..'Y ,,



.Le the people know the truth and the country if safe Abraham l co..

Federal Employe Unioks Gbt RBig

terh Boost From American Bar Group l4
band of actress ausan Hay- -
ward, of being he father or a An important boost for labor ney and pension consultant o Pal F. Douglas. a noted educa. tions instructor a Fordbam 11- THc, WA 5NE 10 YEARS
United States federal service corporation. merican University; Paul M. el for the Nat tinal ucat ma T eed the Allied
has recently come from a spe- Other members are Norman Herzog, former member of the Association: Alvin RuNln, Ba- oroground are (left to right):
Srit clal committee of the American Bierman. a St. Louis attorney National Labor Relatons Board: ton Iugs n. an lawyer;
US l Bar Assocation. -speciallzint in labor-manage-Frederick R. Liv iton, New and Dr. rt er profes- than it. Wiwright and Gen.,
The report declares that gov- ment problems: John P. Curran, ork mnagemnt layer: Rob- or of government at Ohio State
Seminent workers "have an in- a Boston corporation attorney; ert D. McCabe, induuliral rela- University. I nlqdng present
herent and justifiable right to -
im I nare organize among themselves to
serve their own best interests I I I I
and welfare."
onthr~,ortothCLU-MTC LISts Years Achievements
r US lwpekly Federal Employees' News
i u inpbihn h eotDrhest of Washington, D.C., un- A i .. e
Appderlned that the Bar Assoca-. From the founding of the Amer. ive Representative In Washington cover this. 3), the toratio of VOTING: Thuse of fth'votil
-- on' committee on labor rela- lean Federation of Labor to the took, a very active part in getting the free kindergarn to the Ca-. privilege is oa tep nearer the
S t tons of governmental employes present date there has been a this legislation passed. nal Zone. (This last was direelty oversaw employes, wee he
VNICE, Ial, Sept. has called on the government to steady annual improvement in the attributed to the testimae of our states have not eviously pr
ican etcrn atn of provide stronger recognition to wages and conditions of the Amer- RETIREMENT: Annuity pa y- Labor Representative a aihing- ed for such iwt. The" .
ol th. sred-owrm a federal employee unions and to lean worker, says a CLU MTC ments hive been increased 1 per- ton.). 4.) Wiluholdigtlie discon- head'" has bedn given on he na
S- Intem t onl establish workable grievance Labor Day ttatemeet. cent on the first $13000 and 8 peer. tounance of the FPanma Railroad tional level and i now u to
i S? h slas. t fiht Imachinery to handle the com- These improvements were not cent on the remainder up to $4,- pending congressional nlaestl- the states to provide for aben-
& f`TUh f U"a iteUnitd plant o aggrieved employee. received automatically but came 104. Several bills have been Intro- Uon. tee votg.
SBurt L a n The News Digest comments after many sacrifices, and even duced which will have the effect
e Ards ta oder, director thfat:h b g t bloody incidents and in all cases of lowering the number .of yards CLAIS. AND COMXPENTION TREATY: The treaty of Mutual
Smorenthus The report hof,major changes, it has been nee- service necessary for retirement 1.) An, att U etndnbten te .
e a'n from an audience with great interest in overn- essary to have enacted legislation to 25, and is some cases, 20 years. Metal Tads Deptme h a and Pdmae has been r-tifled.
d ans one e ment circles, particual ly be- that would spell out and secure INCREASED SLARI A Govera ent Th' AFt has rere their
i i cited i world u*cus te I American Bar Aso for the workers and the future WAGES: With the enactment of won a de Ca stand of equal pay to equal work
bon est western. ciatioln Is a conservative group generation of workers the condi- 67, the Classified employes Clms irelm lathe ayt ad this has bdoe apart of the
it color nd humor of Wi. and its committee on labor re- tions we enjoy today. Now most were given the first pay bcresa of overStime and i y pay tea Our Labor representative
SFaircild's "John and Julie" lations i.s for the most part, labor disputes are settled on the in early 4 years. The amount of pe, die employr dug t ha Oht to have thl esigle we
adrew the adh composed of industry and cor- basis of arbitration and negotia- 7.5 percent represented a co' wan. hy'srs. 2) Legislation ha e m itiond in
Sthe adtio o porate lawyers. tion. promise between the 10 per cent ben larodusd th wnill II bad on U.S. conditions and stan-
During the last session of Con. supported by labor and the 4.9 disability payments to be b ed dars or pay. Every effort was
Et',Msabeth 's coronation "It 'is regarded as a potent grass the Central Labor U union per cent of te administration. Ap eurent sarlres. "i '.'" mle to protect te conditions 'of
a ara ofBritish humor shot-in-the-arm or federal working with the American Fed- plication of the full D. C. schedule has bxem~intnced~ to thi wrk and wages that habve be
that p d the emploes unions. eration of LabWr has bee instru- was afforded the teachers in the tatt limitatio for other ovrthe rtand r of labor .the e -
a s, JJa g .mental in providing the following Canal Zone. The police and fire- ei sa Pan.m aid tire .world from the start the
Sr 1film directed Here are'hlights from the benefits for the workers In the men received a r increases. s, bor movement In thelate 80's.
t emody.n comm l ee's report: Canal Zone: The firemen received 15 percent ..
gne1 c oe o meant aa loyera h additional hy for standby or a- L.A ha.
.. '' .. 'A. A u 1 rt e. wa .,

0lilon ea ndeotgwiA Free ra to tho States every Those Wio yo ? a pecnraes
iy CotIL an T oblgaf atiI in an w th r two years on vacation. 2.) An in- who were not In the 4th stej rie- C al hs tcet
w their two years m 1vac at''''"
a aMoed perfect- employes Mavrnt In good faith erasse in allowance for daily x- eived periodic lncreae, but loe wagesInfderetly. A di fr 8, a ; percent at tfr
ap o '~efet- refuse to deal with ts own pnb- eases from $9 to $12 pr diem. those in theth 4th rtep were fro- eat pay s ule for weais do ~ pse~ tt e. .
tells the story of a l. servant on a reasonablV .) An increase for mileage al- e until the next incread. ae as men been e bov-ar few of
a grl who escape from similar favorable baals. modi. lowance from 7 cents pr mile to ..bolihed. Weaen emoyes w ll things that have been done on be
to watch the coraatio and fled, of course, to meet the exi. 10 cents per mile. U. Marshals CLASSIFICATION ACT: A M not receive similar pyir a- half o Labr throughthe CLU and
London after a sari e of gencles of the public service. benefit by this ruling also. has been introduced to protect lar work dae by men. The the AFL.- They touch only the
Ie in which they are helphe Federal employes i on ow bn of Wn Ba-eaDavia Ae to highlgts
rmst-everywonefro a Pro$ "It should set the example SUBSISTENCE AND QUA R. gradink. The Civil Service Cd m- Paamaniam Labor ha Bsing the early part of this
'to a good-naturd.AmericanI for industry b beinp perhaps TERS ALLOWANCE: For t he mission issued a premissive reg- deised by Jams Brow a r i, a executive board of the
more considerate than the law Corps of Engineers the aplia- ulaton to protect the empea ardent of the Metal Trades etal d Dpartent ma
requires of privNte enterprise tion of which for the Cana Zone based on years of service. The partm t of the A. oon-the-pot check ocu ti
fao scheduled for today t bolt and dredge employes Is Government Employes Council p veament coatracts L' the Ca. e to that the reommelda.
An sc"esTduf "Our committee maintain being worked out. and Central Labor Union asked government contracts in' tie Ca- 01u3 $t'that -ante the roammnpda-
ra's"D Tur committee mantan be worked out. and Central Labor on ked Preserved the Postal t the Conference of the In-
I T'e Dvis Devla al). that public emplyes have an that the Wage Board Employes be lma b ppieon hoins te bill taerurtiona .Labor Organiation in
afteron will be f free inherent and Jjustiflble right to UNEMPL 0 Y MEN T IN8UR. included in the bill. avis ame. Defeated ER 3a2 Geneva, the An erianFederationi
Valce's colorful anatual "His- organize among themselves to ANCE: The C. Z. emplove has to ermiat amenat of federal of Labor has been leading teeh-
re gatta."S erve their own best interests become eligible for unemployment APPROPRIATIONS: 1.) Prevl- empyesr' salaries nicalassiatance al d education toe
and welfare; and that they insurance. Efforts of labor defeat- sion was made for uniform al- th Panamanian workers under
social 'sie o the. festival should have the rit to affill- e the Taber Amendment which lowance. 2 (The payment of the HOSPITAL INSURANCE: L- the ORMT program.
Burt Lancaster play host at ate with any outside organaiza- would have denied this benefit to differential was insured by hawvi islatlBon has bee introduce that Threagh the interchange of cor-
e oane party rast night tions in either the public or pri- Government employee who resign- included in the appropriation billide hn for a c between e Pre
old Tdo casino, the Luna vate field, except in such rare ed their jobs. (The CLU Legisa- language proper safeguards to ieldroi epioles a Mon e has r te bepnhbe of Pasam
Some at the big"t names camss where tha protection of dr ad eGetofr t ey pusident
S e a a oe, t public intee Ipe ratvel 1ba made available for afree p and Gore Man president
SJand- tda, t.Upublic ttes narn.t imperati velyth vaccine shotsfor schoolochilA the American FederFat of La
thei howig' a iM o ttes nsi on-ela l tiron w edr e on the Isthmus. (Our Labor bor, a better understanding ha.
whoci -'walvnt1aIv td a "Every piel bo rurisdi ctoS Trepresentative requested that this1bee n -establlshe d for those alien
la I enI fr e.houd careful reviewdiction A FG E W a ed Treaty Costs be xtendeed to- l children of all imbrs of RIT rasS it wo
iS Venic. for the to thr ornditi s employes on the Isthmus). IPanmanian workers.
An ,lwomanairisor Marapeaninrftothe ncondl rn'a of
Gionanetti. Film cir cl I a service of public employes to be A r || m a A r
Italian aens and o1-trso.f '-srt: May Falle On C aanal W orders ,
ea, Sine_ sin employer of labor and F O n anl re Black, Frustrating Future
.iOn,' m.-- "esporers aoyrond In a Labor Day message to take an this additional but-
must discharge well it temploye Lod den.
t ea V relations responsibilities. a of Government Em- hats where we come in; the A L ., .
., il_ s of esusng last s o t a natiuncal vicepresai a Ftr mu t and will oppose s Bacya al 1
mL |Rslould nt, eon, Mt hout new financial burdens may fall Not on will we oppose this, -. -
,W o* te wh.reausp.. -on- on American citizen employes of but we wi11 object strongly to _p.,
.. ali rs retr atin of public the Canal organization as a re- any other legislation or regula- A "black, inaecure ad fruatrat- Gaskin appealed to workers to
fIl'..' 'II W m lg.i io d sult of the revision of the treaty tion that may impose upon us a ing future" was painted by Ed- Irepare for ome other hUhe
iJ .. t r Ma~o .. betwben the United States and greater financial burden than ward Gaskin, president of Local aberbers"' including the' poa-
'._.TOW, ri St. I *1ublc workers should not be Panama. we now bear. 900, GCEOO-CIO In hia Labor sibl ty that tbckh-adas ad
-mer ,Pre n a expected to maiteiy non-e,- Rufus M. Lovelady, nalonal "Then there is the question of Day address given shortly before d r.e. might ie
gdlfcn mat'iioso employment because trlct of the union, counsels em- continuing the commissary pri- HOG. RetlrgBgnt Act; that more th
ty rof a they chose the public rather ayes to be vigilant in protect- vileges of non-United Statez 1.00 people may receive readi.-
i,,,n -e l wy ith ithan the private sector a of the rg their financial interests dur- citizen employes residing in He told hia listeners that he ti,--oe ttic hand;
camp" gestroyoity Ra' the scene of their lug the chanaea to be brought Panama come January 1, 1957. felt works had never befor we m ean tionau port
ase, destroy b Neither should they be hbout by application of the What effect will the loss of six been upon to meet a a Us ,I Oololi are In w ti'B
IS Mt also can 4 given any privileges not aener- treaty. or seven million dollars in gross of successive crises "with sucl pgOod$ efartI B 'W$ t|
Sgre-iUAt 18tak heg world to availabls In private employ. a sles have on the Commissary devastating economlo and e -a t gfre to94Jtau43 SUP
Stolio per- the financial burden borne by "Wilt Its allocated costa be nad reterred to the seriouan5ss tt
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