The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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lcc - Newspaper
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P- .tn$ e ree, attended. a a a WASHINGTON, Au24(P T- Tht aTl
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W iMt t ovrnme a w Mr. EOfsenhower wo to rvN a persona
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AtA"!-ivea,nheah of the 04d-fre
A Tahew.l
S'edS the iafeain -t a receptlca tei l tiop dt- It suld the only "serious n.
given by the ilan eUibassy rect ptln dangr" from Diane would be
St Meecow'i ad Hotel Siviets- uld the "heey iten ad flooding." .
seIew UeNtte
Snd t th ane -witched its coIur s ef-
ChWrad aB d ir- ; ter this bullet annd unecet-
tho ar e edld rhebie helr t former d. a a ..- ..a-arMPosaite Bt mam W e the it -A.A e19 the Dine'
.M Ma n. .. h,, Go b ar 1"..po. t.j "thei "t W,. .s
zot qqmlt Partbandehergu I noted byg o
St"wio h t dy. Ph1r ara rtiosflo wer aXr

Tea n ...e d;t-ed h,"ic'ly ye-te.rday ina sht .1~r Te been po"" u b, a,-

Red *b1e defendiao his freesp*atnd ifw en i tablte wadreinonal as
Of the we

Sa .45 4 titH- venturemome oul when he had been Iemed ftrea hre. purae t
a ret lew ifrom the rooftop of ia Cinte

tSe> ah tefghft oat 'e et a ? rieaneT In the nat riey have toPre
t t o tr t He youthful owner, died o ut, hoveran, ud an d
lsawcett, w. t o. W o tlgas Don aad John Morrison, no one in the weather bureau m,
Q ot were ralso .Cter. o i I Olsi tried In vain to induce their ft- expected Diane hto contloue where I
t. Sidee. 'offciy mu a- vorite to come down unharmed. oudsng so muich troIble. 216 aaM
a eard shped Frank Wi -of i lt dPoday t the he flwew onto a hjah tension wre The weather bureau pokel- blemos
i.h S offe w ooadow'* tOf.lew.l'aevr atl i p__ ,.-- wM W immediately electroeut- mn said his ageasy would 6o
ot i1aments brief dtddre ad prir T e Tsb I'S this yar' from stnlerain ed. need "a lot more inoey and r
S toof n. 6 ho rilnlly cae to equipment" to te s

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Sd-In gblla f Vistpa urchiaed him .
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that tdof

Saopted ateldy tff bird collee- had bee a funiy from tue b
.rl ^ a .. ''"e "f ^months, asm. b their "a
ir way e oThe youth, Rafaet santo., wsw
e A..k d by the r .ma s-ae-
.- ".ps ayet to Panma Cit'y .

wer by the Natintl
a" Cmn. Zone autkalt

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197 H 'rTnaT P 0 Box
TELlPCHONE 2 -0740


S'TheI Mail BDIx is o open orum to
r a s ams sivyd gralefully and o
It yew cntribuft letter don't be
day Lette, sare published in the c
Pleais try to keep the letters limit
Ide tIty of letftr writers Is held i
This newepeper asnemes no repo
o l letters from reader.
0 -

I Tragedy has struck again in o
of Is 19-year-old boy, born and r
seof that discussion of this situi
tdln to do something is useless sin
u)sal defense of "not being resa
Shl*her up."
7 The continued and immeliat
1el barrier on Randolph Road at
h way is Indicative of the bull
officials in charge of safety.
S solid concrete wall six feet t)
;S fefve aans of killing the unfor
u hted "Stop" sign on tht
SJ negotiate the turn.
e expense abosrbed by the
4 btked to the taxpayers for emer
.- or Just one of the many acciden
AJH 6 paid for a properly illuminat
4'<1 bells actuated by an electric ey
S If t loss of so many lives a
%,A-tt f tthat something is wr(
D the humane side or a half
z IwuIn behalf of the victims' far
for some action.
SIf this had happened In my
roudld long ago have removed that
I tid It. removed any other obstru
proper warning signs on the rc

? ---

S U. S. President
l ....

.ACOBB 48 HC did not
111th U.. asan
I President, expanslohist
S Knox 0 Meaning
S Po 5 Thifit to
I His wife was be done
-Cl 52 Cubilc meter
v Polk 53 Expunge
MMuela .- DOWN
SBrl ge l Glass
holdng container
S14 Undulation Oper 10
1.5 2 C1n

20 1

NUNsV IV Ff in192
AS. cr l n
' I L|M7 i8
ETrwlmN 127H AND 13TH ST T u ,
YORK. 1171 9 4. V.
l8 "is 8400
6__ 6 o w ash gton
SHarold E. tassen will be the ane
Sboy at bat for the nhlted State
L\ w0 Ate M UnitedL Nationar4arna
meat subcommittee convenes i
New York Aug. W for anoth
r mdem to The Painm AmleaM. conference.
Shandled I a wholly confldetlal All of Stassea's pWddecesso
pinch hitters have takes bean ball
silmpatt it it doesn't apoeer tMe or struck out ilis pitch before
order reIived. They ienlude erne d Baruch
lad to ipe aIge lent. Benjamin V. oii Moreheua
n Stow nf confidence. Patterson and Ambassador Henr:
nsibility for statemeals a plelaM Cabot Lodge, Jr, now. U.S. chief
delegate the U.N.
.Lodg sat the egipning of
*the London disrmamet talks
D BARRIER earlier this year. But when no
progress was made, he turned the
job over to his deputy. James J
iur midst, this time the death Though Lodge is Jealous of hig
raised in the Canal Zone. It position as head man on U.N.
action with persons In a pool- affairs, it is now expected 1hal
ce they fall back behind their Stassen will do most of the dis
ponsible" or "no cooperation armament negotiating thi s fal.
Stassen was made PresidenI
te "re-erection" of the solid Eisenhower'd cabinet "Secretary
the end of the trans-isthmian for Peace" last March. HIs
-Iteaded thinking of some of asslment vijs to d e v e It
administrati disarmament poll
hick would not be a more el- cies. He has been working at( 1
runate persons who miss the l time since J 1
e highway and unfortunately Stamen has preW aed plan fo
Canal administration and ble edr' ine
agency service at the hospital greeted with much enthuslatim by
ts at this intersection would either the State Departinent or the
ed series of signs with warn- pentagon, howVe _-.
ye at night. Sect. of State John Foster
,t this intersection is insuffi- Dll"es says there are no new dis-
ong with the approach then armasment ulns. Be declares that
million dollar suit by a good wheI the 3. dia aniamoeUt sub-.
milies, will provide the incen- omiltee resumes w ir t U.S.
wi Rthrt fm Pre'sidellit
town, citizens committee i Esenbwer' W Plae p
barrier, leveled the area be- the FS tO at Geneva. This._s
actions and erected adequate tor unrestricteds abrial spe n
oad. Of *&* c. .OR
the.UJ, 2'U.,.d.
-Careful Driving. AhadA ing to do with
-h- -J---- nofth icy It was
Answer to Previous Puzzle ref ar-m
Adp tAhUr W a. dford. C1trat
STl r in s~pmhe o Chiefs a sf.,
g. assht -et Its birth. d to
Am M I h;WoUA seem to weke.
M | t T lton bnt eWsactly te
IWrit metc1 det ed thing In
.waehigton. Bu ut assurancesaore
Rag experiv t everything apec u ni-
Thisri n spite of the faet that

W h e 5etio' plan 1' Sla g-towork.
withmere 5Expunger 'h-is emphasized by Prst
gag J7an experlencl' with inspector'
TSRV 3 Make ammidf lai Koreo.

iiM,,In ttj hastaoeb

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iij- n l ow-




.No Red Herring: The "surprise witness"
promised by the House Un-Ameracan Activities
committee for next February is a professor at

got this role strOtly on her own merits, whmih
decidedly are good. She was last s"aon's big-
gest hit in London.

a D. C. area university. He was formerly in the -
Department of Agriculture where he headed a Two Beautie w a Dorthy e mie
Communist cell. In addition to spilling the long in Hollywd nam- e s an
suspected but hitherto unproved dope about a and oddly eeia iM Jane. m studiua
Red apparatus among certain members of some the Freble chpri ahool year ag
U. 8. senators' staff, Prof. F. will produce an -
H-bomb louder than Whittaker Chambers' aen- The Internatieonal Cri tse uft A top level
rastonal diseloure. The professor It the biggest. Mafia conference was hold at the, Im Drive,
catch since Chambers ankled the Party and turn- Beverly Hill bome of gambling boss Tony Car-]
ed state's evidence, nero a few days before hit dtefof heart, attack
---. at a Las Veas table. One of the mbegets oh
The Hgt to Go Left: F. wU not only confirm ,the agenda wa gambling in the Oriet here
al of bet Bentte testimny but will' Cnmnero's longt me SOeite Ted L w pi the
name new names reachig -oe r ahilgher strata front man. Lewn-m's'A. P0 %b'rt1 q b ,
than AlIr Hi.-. It has 1 nB nnown t a- but the State 14w. .tAk01

9'demendt f hist
aydlyed tulanX n^

Whar st e reasons f o this
strnoge delay? Why the demand
on tWepart fnoe's 3epnhlia
appolAnte or act, and tnt
M e ay&by Ike hinteuf.
;:.n, M,- U backtag Pre&
sure by fth IW .1 .
Anda her is ow the lobbybtui
First, Capital Transit boss Wolf-
son has bee a heavy contributor
crats. e a hit coUeagiue placed
mey oa ton eecampaons
teltsiuM just as gam-
bier places money on different
number around a roulette wheil
filgun that o or the other
would pay Th is a common

to a senate, ey .the feel no co .
unction t idngfavers bo
that senta.
In the florida campaign to elect
Governawe Nfe Wmars, d or in
stance, Wfme.M wa* rm.nordd aI
contributing the amazing amount
way sorse (D., Ore.)

irst appeared to be ducig.the
Senate-District of Columbia coin-


tWxi Ufta
141tt ~ rue

Fokwet yEW..
J JA. ,.XX-

Judge Grace Stewar, ppoInted
7. TrumSan .to= DC n
IW but not .
lwar @a to New T-Yk. Oy sest
ailable was at U tale p ily
reaw s officer thedJustie ",.

.Both gentlemen os, otered
Irs. Stewart a blace near thie win
MulleM, troduee4 e r to
Irownell.After eMw pleasant don-
vemsatlon, pru el aft e. -
!"Are you'molaq your work on
theI beneh, Judg1 ewait?"
'*untfl you threw me at-."

IMEMPIMS, Tenn.. (UP)-
LIIIAn Fost doideda her- is.
omw eat needed an Orletalmsg
to mnuamke it feel at home. Sbe
bought one aid says the eat ,and
rug "go nicely together "

ways and means fW,
tt rent o international
committee he Initiated
me Artcle' 51 In Chapter
Charter, which deals
oi aggref sion Stasse's,
-sot T the original Dum-
)aks draft-took the posi-
every country should have
I to self sense, it wa
ntil such time as thp
SCouell could restore
San Francisco, it WeN
that the means for peace
ement of disputes provided
J.N. Charter would make
us race unnecessarY,
Isli ed was' just the

-(Ua )-
have not-

rTherareo lot of people today
whoowewaryttng tohercha
normS.L -

WrICH b how Flanders

Nothing From Nowhere: New rumors about an
engagement between Anton DolUt Ind septYa-
genarlan Mrs. George Washington Stevens of
Mao(e arlo and she's got plenty of chips. Are's
her .uest... Zsa ZS A atoned to pull
Mrs. _tUp e .(rggg Sherwood) P's halt e.e-
eause m .ted too long to Rubirosa in Paris
and he aO.We her., mean Zsa Zs ... James
Mc rley t' wife, LorrainO McMurray, got
them thai paportin Dallas.
isdom of NIMOT <(wttroelocehl ti 1 A
ke isa % ti ad e a.a minhmMi
poluti Sery ta we nWAOgit bib ppqtgageOOn.
NisIn ls Mae* -s(Ie-an "E1): t &Mtur-
ray M.hIa .u. was the b ahanclgiyM.i
blonde welcoming Pete Vogel, jut o
Xurope whasre he. boughtI- 4. tl .

Sponyg. .hAt tirb aed: imdu With L re r
corner was Haut Jaag, who taped r pm.o
'the l.. t, of C H,',
quite's S-
of ag*tKrl. to take ba
to Pa ;- th blai %hen Dix t India In
a few months. Wants to a of oe
Sebra-atrlpnd nights In New tMand
brief visit to India I don't blap poe .41
low .at that. ..
Out Where the West Begins (Bat Why): ti
like ti Terrya are the berries. Trr
latest b ut. Terry Al Jr.... n
hap Martine l, and I promise, ter
agai.. -;.W. Delden and Jennifer Jones mre of
Oscars fior "Love Is A Many Splendered ting."
Scads of Nothing: Cleo Moore (like her
namesake Terry) doesn't sit home along eve-
ning. s.Laet is David Landfleld...Today's beau-
tiful bl6ae Model Pat Cooper, pint aised and
cute...Dorli Dowling who used to be married to
Artle Shaw (and who wasn't) enjoying lIfe a-
gain with U-A exec Bob Blumofe...Pat Johanon
of Miami is the national water ski champ what-
ever that is. and she water-skied right p to
New York where she aspnt her first iigai"la-
ing Oeorge DeWitt at IA -te, then si tow
with him. She's a p n ta is her tim
north of Dixie and how a e they .alway g.A
up with eQorgle?
For the Wealthy Youea Sing: Marjori BSteele
arrived in New York from L.A. to star in "int"
In which she makes her debut m
Though married to mlioqaire Huntlal Mart-
fcd, himself a theatrical product, Nrjiie

wwlan hOm
visa and the

* aBo

hapte Te~: Thin-hav change sin the
days of Philippine President Quir 6owhen Lewt
operated in the open ob only In Manila, but
In 'Tokyo as well, as a result of a seIsnst x
leal whereby Quirino agreed to pardon several 6
convicted Japanese war prlponer in return for
a free hand for Lewl4 When refo Praident l
Magmayeay took offIc., Lewis barriadede4 aMa. *
nila caUsino behind steel doors with %a hiae g
pIfg out of strtagie apot. MalMgaya told
army to wheel a mm annoe outo ewe
Blv. and blow the house down. (Th got In
without it.)

pourna ja g-

Chapter Three: Tou Lewin It now barrSi
from the P. I. and Japan, many of his Aate
enterprise are till rumSing Te Mana S et
has been moved to the old Australian -lAt"g
and it's screened by armed thugs lpin
but I got in. bThe iipin with al
Vmralt Lewin's wife to remain lt P
fe his affairs. Lewis to aim the maSI?
o Tokyo's famed afterhour ps, the S
Quarter Qno relative to Lou Walteb) and Is tic
.UWith Jason.Lee, a Korean who was form
i aft of Chiao and aliforifa oriental tce.
m Japanese am sand other pastimes.

r l4ods or Dust: Some il dov ltemed a-
.rga striper named September 1U6 whih .
biern ior a snk1er beve it or not..41
OO frome 0 B~og=, wai
and her parents named her a .04
Maughn which i the, ai '*O eg_': r
atrted as a l model, became a ger but- "the.
gradually unldreaaed mue SUG told Mu to keq
mouth shut." September Is blonte md 2.a
weIgs ,,1 and. u In t l I t nafbto"
whatIt.takes =fes U a d l SA
5 hips. "My best are my A,"she SIDE NC
Natura._y she wants to go Into drama.
Only 17 Dayie t b : That,
enjoyinl the haut M La-'
Myles(Ynfrom Rwd her.yi.
City") ad disc .AAndr
Mayor and Mrs. ager a
Grant looking for aar" for a
.... TiP To Wite Wahy Wolvee: Catch
wood in "Ice Caplads em at t .ea
month. (nI ti don"s sha ein a tog.
...Rea Wraft (My fawaote aGct= 04M
ahea in Iismet In L.A. a I a to Nh-1W 3
A starrer... Tip to IanWat bouts: usm.
Hideaway Dana bu's fMgigo
Conguemsm of a CantM Cauts Ie i Taw mu
etweMe a geaslem t*a a well is nMol pr.

. .

o10 Ft


l' By- o CoQrroi

SCey Cabrith


* '.'
- 3....

-.3 -
- 1

I_____~ ___ ____ ~_ ~_ILL~____I ~ ~ ~ C_^I__

__ __ ~ ~ n~;_L____ __~_


__ _~

IL__ _

r ;----v--~_r-- I-1F?



- I

- ---- --

-* > .-- : :.
..-'... *--.,' ,. ,..-..^

, :*,


'* 1* .'





IWV WS' j t. fl8. /4 v'^ y -sr.] 'TW j Sr 2V -;. ^ -'- t**'. *- .
i~;-".^ i:*^ rS'' ^ ? **v *J F^' .r S -- ';" ---- *
4-. 4 ,,t'' '*'* :* **' J '."; .*5-- -5 -.. .


-- .

Governor Sympathze With Parents I

Of 40 Killed Injured Monday

S...- .
nUP', ,.irak Clhmet todty ote O onaedy o arriv1g ete
flnt, I -_y _paty a-dip. serhseeto today. The goup. and other local
the. t eke aents Of thea40 o ls went over the entire
C m eand tjured a wreck area, examining existing
railroad .ezasi4 tragedy he satety measures, rail wa y and
Monday street visibility and measuring
(eenl heading *a three way creasin distances.
lvestiga'unto sue causes qeithe As. the investigation was eon,.
acc id fti took ti Ulives of10 Clement picked up a small
- ,. ordered "wreathl pr of hoes that were. knocked
with te messages" ea from one of the children. "That
to tl*v. funeritis B the-alo tells-the story," he said.
had ISrl, ,rass ted :nhe W -Meanwhile, bus driver Raymijnud
viet ftamOW- e tobe ued q run Moore, 38, amnd' engineer PaulGiles
MrranM --'-f.ilh .; tfan8phrtstion of "Clevelmand were released an
or be. oLany service whatever to $5,000 bond each on manslaughter
the parents. charges. Their hearings were, set
The governor also visited here for Aug. 30 before Judge,
Vaughn- Funeral Home where the Harold Duncan.
bodies of. the victims lay -and Moore -said signal lights were
then visited the Injured at hesp1- not operating at the grade eross-
tabin .lAf wod, Chattawoga Ing-accident. scene, a It h o.uh
d D ayton. -He gave each, hald Southern Railway offila. saidI
* suver dollar saying "when my theyihad three ITNESSES .WHO'
childrbs were sick they were sev- woi testily the sigRals were
er mars nleased than when I werknI. -- i



ave te-- lver dollar. = More,. who had been driving his I
Re' & hospital authorities new yellow bus only a week, sad -. -r ---
the st ,would have any type of he stopped the bus at the crossing _
pe Matedede to treat the in- and looked narth ati south, before The Mofat IipWtat in to.
Jurd ate-the aes. attempting to crose the tracks. He day's, hand ,wan 't really a bid at
C 0y Hi. Shbool said "rairoad chrs that wme eW; it was Wet's pa,-over four
Oia snfors al0 d parked, on the aide track on the *amonds. West had already town
o t Iit m h ed east eU m n-Satrun bve y e hand s hkoi n a
ela in: ed f4d1 view of the a in fre at q

an eotS.b meng stM as bat be-han ora
riqiormetasJor operating bses. e.
-- .East was perfectly willing to
.^ ... .. double a high diamond ctract
since hp bhad a singleton c and
thrqe diamonds. f West wcutes. to
hear a double. East was able to
\k, e the right noise.
West opened the queen of spadei,
and East overtook with the king
in order to return his -singleton
.club. The play told its own story,
so West returned the five of elubs
after taking the ace of clubs.
East ruffed the club return and
led a heart to his partner's ace.
West promptly led another club,
and East ruffed gain. The de-
fenders eventually got another
ade trick, and South won only
'hisseven trumps. This left him -
do wn three, for a penalty of 800
There's no great tragedy In
Going down 800 when your oppo-
beats havb a laydown vulnerable
game, but it certainly isn't a
"-'- argain. It was very foolish of
South to bid four diamonds against
opponents who had shown game-
going srtength, since this bid
offered them their choice between
doubling for penalties and going on
to their own game.
There are even some situations
in which the opponents cannot
Squite make a game but can never-
I thes take a bid like four
diamonds to the cleaners. Unless
your hand is exceptionally
If YOU -THINK YOU'RE aetu of misery is made by freakish, or powerful enough to
Fireman Don Rodcay. of St Ias. Mo.. exhausted after battling make game with a worthless

riplo threat of summer's heat, lqterno of a, ;$00,000 warehouse dummy, a doesn't y o eep
freai d choing ftuaI from itsfsik of brain laetics. bidding with silent partner
....... ..n two talkative opponents.

. -

f. : '- -

- ~..'iLw&Y'is.ri,'. p

* 5. %

w~a~ba~pa 5- aN.- ~uv~

For your




S. A.

t t4 am ,,i.h.b D .d..-.

Strike the

'-ii -- -


Distilled and Bottled in Scotland

V -:

""" -'.": "- "<,
1. ''t '



-9 ,

y q ..

Itos' .TvaW-Vfo.wce

1. I *Mbraska Prismi Riots

Nib. (UP) A ers a^, said he was
Mt1e4 and wAS
*> ?w|eb., -$(rt~ h e r Wlbr the riots. He
b1zg i1 "security
whleh are be-
os e discipline.
A d that "Mor-
ris one-time los-
are "too ma-
.4 and there
in prison

I Anderogh. sed he was
not hlU the riots. He
Isaldt primarily
aeded u-y an" p ur security
bu. Vf c which are be-
STh ve r e otedthat "Nor-
eris is ing w one-time los-

0ma1 rr "eAt the prison We g t hardened
tet o bh ot. gun ereusnals," he aeid.
a htun Morris blamed the ison riots
T r sparking the rebellion' at the
m a_ ebalt .aiO towh.reformatory.
ntatMol, o 4 stargto1 "They thought they were, big
t0 oa er i. escape tat- penitentiary boys," he said. "They
o it -reu 3neae wt et out of the hole' when they
n cook. in t' and they be I oed cI ti-
}.. .w do '

tite the tary' e." Two
would be esc apers pso Were
caughL P .

quclry by ai slyi :ation.
S "These boys ave gut," Morris --
"aid in referring to his guards.
"They aren't afraid of the in.
mates. We haven't called for the
ptate patrol, the governor, the pen.
al- board of co ntrt or the Nation-
al Guard.
Mor s said there are "too me- Orereason the world see s to
ny cooks in the broth" and there be growing worse Is the improve.
needs to be a shakeup in prison rnent ibrnws coverage. oe
officials. ..**

AUGUSTA, Me. -(UP,- Maine-
fishermen landed catches tot:al
283,906,000 pounds with miark'
value of $16.856,000 inr 1054, accord,
ing to the U.S. Flab and Wildlife
service. .

Sunh as, Merengue, la9 bo mBmua, hasmba, .
Tango, Chs-Cha-Chs6 Pasillo, Ta'mborig Pi
and many others, lcluding a AMERICAN

When It's So Easy To Learm With ', ;

Learn today & Dance tomorrow.,

Accept A $1.00 Special Trial Les*

Air-condltioned studio -w Haus tole .
g cLsnas haSulth 111. Call Balboa X-413 or ran.. '-10D x
=,m. m---- *-m"


*'.:'$ ..'LC





OMEGA the watch that

sets to morrow's style

Each OMEGA watch is smartly
styled in a wide variety of-the most
modern designs. Both the beamaiful
case that adorns your wrist and the
finely jewelled movement, d, n to
the most minute screw, are exqui-
site works of art.

When you choose an OMEGA
end dependability as well as

you get precisio
beauty and style




5, I
r -







'-I-s ~ V77.ctM...a.5.t.'.m-.rIi.. If.

. .


T4 SW1 o
S4 2 t

4Q101 .hAKJR74
VA84 9KQJ9
*82 *514
4AJ10OS as

3 Both aide vuL
Eua Seuh West Netf
1 24 3 3 p
Double Ps .a Pae
Opening lead- 4Q. -



uaI.tZ. vi h,,
A womwa guest o to
shake hads wi*t O4 Aiid, Ale's ptus-sauM a CO.A.TS.. OLAISOW. CCO?.ALN,

Aon hm. ti he w Ttl.w for w did h

4.4 -Y6

I ~ 1 --- .~ 1. n.. ..:.;. .. rn .

........ .'W ..~_ .... L .. .. -

BACK INSURANCE-Housewives on the Teaneok, NJ., mail
route serviced by Ralph Ruggero, left, felt sorry for hhn as he
toted his heavy mail pouch. They chipped In 32 to buy him.a
caddy. cart to ease the. load. He's showing it off to Charles Ma-
guire, an admiring fellow postman.

.I -- ~e~LI


Hurry I

Maete to e




" c


'' '

w-y: *
'* ''* *
. .i., '

- -.46--k


,- .1

Al .:-


A. r

pI'-.l '

*, I '"1,
5A!p: -

3 4- -l

-* 5 i: -
.. v.'3

. C ,, ; *-" -DAU

*,6 .

- 3

I. .



I. f

3,. .
*':: m''- *n
** : *-.-

ko '|








on the rocks
*. '% ft :

I H directions to shoot photographr of the, Chiidqu"t y6 er 0
Club's trips to the interior, and nearby oduntires, fId h ipAiAns)'Thi w l lbesl one ye"
closing Sept. 1 for the three-month rainy season in the mountains, Hotel Pan.monte /i9s tying open this year
an additional two weeks.e ntil mid-September. *. .

C K, ,R

The car of distintion, NOW PRESENT

"Smooths the Road
Levels the Load

Now on display at


27,Automobile Row e Tell. 2..OB6-2-3174 "

"Rembve dirt the easy way"

I Your choice of two models of vac aum
cleaners to fit ypor purse-Dirt goes
inio a disposabl paper bag and YOU .
neither SEE, SMELL, nor TOUCH
this dirt.

The deluxe machine even emptit
itself automatically. Come i and M ee
a demonstration.

i4' '

r..: m AC CUE r CC with .- little half smi. e i tt r ct kn w b 1wa *ni in .all.,
QGRIM NG AS SHE GOESW eon V a I HpurtE'n a little dane of der own #t their young sovereign, participants in the annual Carnavaflt.e ing anl clap tho b eat* E1h year thie o1*4h,4
on a "little season" of carnival merriment for young students who are away at, school at the time o o *e .big
winter Carnival before Lent. -

pter, Reasrve Aeootaton met l

w e sa"-. .y *fWwIls

Available in the custom built
also the

r~..l. "Q


. -1 ,_


,, ..


" '.,

. t ,"

I Ht "
i o.*

* .-,. -'
- f-"'


"' F '.,

~a~l ;

"re -* '-, .
Pr'-'J-*. .,..ij 'k

re;~tm, s ---

r~ .;.j~ ki~

L fr. -

..-..!, 4~

( -. -+.:,44

While.Dr.-Harmodle Arlas,.Jr.,..and his 'pretty bride, Patricia, were on their
ISTR IANS ON V9 .-A* wadding trip in Europe, they ran into Roberto Motta bf Colon. Together the
attended woolhrlmountain of.Splin, whereth prsie process1of giving sheep a close
it connected wlWh'gstiAe;of4ltngrd d allin the winter of the
i and .Oi iinag'iwiiuchat'hteJhtoinl Sb J e.'4iietrtwhoW, w P working, not vacationing, is
dirbotor of lbi. ataktfCi, ad.rpdl- M.a d.iie. hmb of .tere, "Mody" Arias made the
lap and .l the i sh, l. ..'..- 't : *..-.

' FI THE '
,*r;,o a typical Spanish jug earreielby a: you tt
of the mountains, the shearer.paused for Ia sip. The
Asiep,. wail lig on the ground for the: barbering job
4tol6e finished, didn't.&et a dripk,.But under an old
* 'yrMbolic oustom, some-ofe ;.wihe' of thecoytry ,was
*aIlo*ed to drip down.over tie 'iftiMal. arid the fresh-
cut wool. .

PATRDIIA LOOKS ON t / le hr husband was
rPATRKICIA LOv vn ,taJdn#ph graph ih-
olUding this one, PAtricia Arias stddl watching with
interest as piles of valuable wool 'grew bigger and
bigger. Because the day was cool in the mountains,
she borrowed a coat for protection against the wind.
The shearing over, Mody, -Patricia and Roberto all
joined the Spanish farmer in a Joast calling for heavy
j new coats of wool for the sheep..

P AIM a 'rsr4gIne kr;S( Brt bd gathered at a reseft whemhonoring
hIi ;$4kTflo4Mt. LimSlWyNle. at ThvoU Guest Hount lfqre her depar-
FTetl Wkshstbbgt. Shw eW M pasKwt* witk hrEa p Itk4 )SFra* left are Mrs. Virginia Cofflt, 'rs. Dorothy
-Memv.*iRfdyt > Pgb*e ; Vfdt^ t^- Noble. '.Met'Rv6Iyn. Treaner, MWe. Si dage, Mrs.
Mmgsuet Cease, Mrn %etty MeMhand ,M*& L. S. Mwi .-ngpe
^-.i*^ ^ .-. J..'.** A. -. s a .. *- *.^ '.. *-!9 ~ .. *

-~ *-
-. ./4.44


*.'A +- afe+fN+IN;. -A

I, '" "' '

c- 1:. '
kL '""
I ,',"


* A.

,6 L 1 1 SnL. L T 'j a a aW.A. a w ".


Latest fatliton Aora sweaters and eapes. Beautttl. -
beautiful Pltagle; cashmere sweaters. In all the newest
fashion color. .

Silk s ,'Ileither lines Italian, French, and Spanish
leather M bagsi, tketcJi nylon gloes, new .uropeani
Jewelry. ,-. ,


No. 21 Central Ave.


No. 16 Tivoli.Ave,.-.."
S *.'

Just received



Gifts f.r$* .- ,Ani

Dd*ube vegetable dishes from $104.


" ,

dv "

"n "


WO ki- SoA $ iuu AtU If 9uACado iAicu nAWI muhu

d 'J



'an ii'. Af*,~eEr~n- *0,

. .-- .' ** *

, .


.: ,-," ..

A --:

w come tmeru

,.it~h a dream of a gown,

elegantly demure, from

X ig-Zag fabrics ..

beautiful designs
* White SATIN, very tine.
* Embroidered LINEN





0 R B 0 N will give you more security and economy,.

O R BON Gas Stoves are all porcelain made and

Seasy to handle.




Bi ". "OR B 0 N throughl-our Eai Club System.
.- ". -. f

r iK [/ A .. r,
,, .... ; .. "^'

No. 11-18 Cetral Avenue.

. .
a ... M.. *



, -

I. I

,. .- +,.

97L "I


. .te ........ r .B



wrr.i. K-ket'r-. ~-JN~'
~ 1 -1.

-.._ 7.


I 12 WORD ,


Canal Zoeo Deatal Polytjlae
, -hl d.j..ghe 2 a- ite.
ly thof *J ul)A A No.'* H
W Alcen khool PIayrl ]
-kpSBB. I-M

gbM5 Panama 2-0552

$7, George Walker recently
*-,ombed 3,505 foot Mt. Greylock
S'for the 65th time.


'-4 .44

1 Breel pe. Is
a of July Aye. A J It.
JustO Aruommema vim nmd iis.

FOR RINT:-New. LdAl m.
bedrooms. living ream, dieag
rom. bathroom., qoeg.. u d
del Mar." corer of 7th
nug and Pame CincuMetafes,
$123 monthly. Phoe1 3.3005.

ATTENTION .-L. I Jun .bulbt
modern furnished apartment, I,
2 bedrooms, hot, cold a te r,
Phone Pniman 3-4941.
FOR RENTF:-F wlJhed art-
ment with Ifrlg rather, porch,
perlor-dining r oom. kitchen,
bedroom tiled, $60. AN sCrCn-
ed. Apply II 2 Vi B eliserl Por
res. near Ronevit Theater.
FOR RENT:-Modern two-bed-
room apaefmOpt, "'lkit -'dhblg "-
room, par, 4 tm'ws seem, 1.4 -
rege. For further information
please phone 3-4946 or 3-
4282 Paname.
FOR RINT--Funished I ebod--
.room epetmoent beautiful fur-
niture, refdgeMow, ges TEi -
Couple only. Phoome 2-1816.


21'% x 25 feet (550 sq.
ft) with private lavatory
apt separated entrance
located on the ground
floor of a new building
on East 26th St. Just off
Balboa Ave.
October let occupancy.
Call Mr. Basvedra 2-9S90.

(Contnued .froo Pa50 1)
eaused no new *uextdvi4am-
a4 eMtll.-rlana death t11l In

1i SL Carrmminln
Cstral Ave. a
fe. S Loaf ry sl"a


FOR SALE: Whirlpool aute-
motic washing nihine. 60-cy-
cl. alawst mn Sii t. Cell 67-
. 1 10 5. ___
FOR SIAL;: Alu mbum vTns-
tin~ bnlUb, o large, thre
smelL. Cal Cli, 1148 or
I".L. -
fet iauL -, -' Unorht mo -
hogeny wviLg roe soet. eight
plecw Call 3-123. 4f52-D.
FOR SALE:-Naorw frigerator
and Coldspet rfrigearteur, both
25-aysVOI R .0L.nclnt wjdk-
lig codiHoa. Living for U.S.
Will sell asoeble. Apt. 121-
3. Pedro MiguPm.
realn As;-*etam "yiM
Iroom a.t, WUOnPU)o, Irl-
ogerelr, tables, hits ad mis-
dhnlasoll. Calike*, J d wln
-.AMno I I1 i-X, Apartmkat' B3,
FOR SALEs- Sinle Hollywood
bad. htludlm boK Ipring and
mattrls. In e xcele t condition.
Price $40. Phase Blbeeoo 2-6352
after 4:30 p.m.,
FOR SALE:- 7-piece 3-strend
Rattan living room set, perfect
conditleo; 'oxtr set coven, free;
setmee, o'na thoeh, coffee ta-
ble. 2 and tables. mnesaein-re-
die table, I Readmoster bicycle.
bey's. LEAVING SOON. Phone
Balboa. 4,'after 4:30 p.m.
FOR SALE:-9-cu.'ft. Westing-
house refri-fMr M.hi go'eS de.
edition. 1514, Apt. Santa Cla-
a Lies. albeeoa.
FOR SALL,-9-cu. ft. 25-cycle
Westilnmkuasa refrigerator, Ilike
new. 1521 Almond St., *albe,m
Phone 2-4191.
FOR SALE:- Fivq-plece Ratten
with cushions, ceder lined m-
fiegeny wardrobe, child's desk
Switch bench, metal buffet. lady's
silver fox cape. 1558-A Cola-
beak St.. Btlbo..

'U. t 6Orem Mau'

-. = .o ',

rerot l Julp Ave.
Agenoia Internal. de Publieoiones
a- Cumbl Lv.


AU WUe d 4- 4
1i Cemi AvA.
I M-N4'


WE BUY oll late model auto-
mob. SIr in your Plymouth,
D .I Chevrolet Pontiac, Olds-
moile, Cadillac or what you've
got -nd wclk away with cahl
Y, we pavy cash on the spet.
ce Cole pleat), 2-2616 or 2-
4246. Panama.
FOR SAL:--1950 Pontiac Cat-
* lina. 1-cylinder, $800. Call 2-
FOR SALE:-'S Ford-6. excel-
lent condition $1200. Phene
273-32965 or 273-2196.
FOR SALE:-t950'Dodge Core-
at.. duty paid ascsllnt condi-
tion $450. Cal .4209 Pena-
FOR SALE: 1954 Chevrolet
4-deer moden, 13,000 miles,
w/w/t. rndlie, eoellet cndi-
tien. $1750. 84-3209.
FOR SALIu -1947 Cadille Mc-
daoetf model 4 *god fires,
$220 down, two $6 npawpens.
e0 e ,-$54 lee..
1524.-H ev Sed. Phone
2.2454. 4 p.m.-7 p.m. Ask for

Danne classes for Pro-Teem
Teenagers are now forming. Re-
gister now by calling Balboa
2 4239 or Penamo 3 -1660.
Classes will start Sept. 11th at
9 a.m. & 10:30 ft islboa
YMCA. ONLY Teenage cloan
wmill be held t Blolbos "Y."
16-% hour lesion and FREE
DANCE BOOK $10.00. Harnett
& Dunn.
Dares Waites School of Dancing
reopening Sept. 6th. Registration
August 29-30-31-10:00 e.m.
to 5:00 p.m. Columbus Club.
Balboe. Residence phone 2-2363.

Position Offered
WANTEID-By Jewelry Store,
seed watebmMker. Jeyartl EIate
die,-Ne. 4d-2l. CbetrqI Avenue.
Phlae 3-242.


BOX 12101 1-, MS O N, 6I.
BOX 1211iCaRTf A .

DO YOU wot to rid yr lawn
f chinch bugsr Try Chialh.
Check. Plhoes 3-4917 Penama,
Flricu~lura NicieneL
brldwod ChMlMrn W e r.,
Clothing, M iHfleen hirnd
peitinge. hed-paimHt# Chri-
mra Cords. Lberal I sosmii.
Enqulrie Mute;l, P. B. k
122, HeaN KoRg.


FOR SALLE-Lerge iuel "O'"
gau electric tran set, table
and eceessari. BaIle 2-1730
after 5:30.
FOR SALE:- WetaghmoM 9-
cu. ft. mfrigewtoe, Maya
washing machine, 4 vetdkien
blinds and villite for nw me-
menry C.Z. house, 100 Foed V
5-pmosen r coupe. NHou s
3251-B Empire Stret. Balboa.
Phone 2-3478.
FOR SALt--Whito mledknsise
pony. *igkht silt kboem blinds
(8-ft. and 3-ft.) M4aNueL Tele-
phone lbee o 2-lit7. Hoe
561. Compel HoWpiel.
FOR SALE Hlardtebles. very
seid condition; biied bell,
cue sticks, scre mercras, ete.
All t very moderate prices. Call
E. Jaramillo, Phone i$, Colon.
FOR SALE: German Police
puppies, 5 months old. 32ndit.
No. 1, Apt. 20. 12 p.m. em.

Relg tt


LOIT. One ew.h-e : gion
bird f thudwHco 2. 2 9e
. -- ;L ; "*i .


Motorcycle .
FOR SACa-b-Ilil moto"oyal
AJS 500. e.c. single, aw and
tiet *4quipmet. Phne" 2.2993

FOR SALE.- Cushmen metor-
**e;,-" running edition,.
C.i 2-0 during week, 3.
2596 w-wk-. .

7i77 7

* -A

T Fe st ( a 194 ito. 65
*.|I0NO 4 e

. -,a NOm...

j'rU>lk pwifntiJ-ii d (Ii
-In'.ajhflar fB

4' :,. .





B m "


S Sedan
Full Price $625.00
Down $210.00

1949 Ford Sedan
Full Price $425.00
Down $142.00

1951 Ford Sedan
Full Price $700.00
DoWn $235.0

Full Price $1.075.00
Down $300.00

1952 Oldsmobfle
"8r' Sedan -
Full Pric- $1~250.00
Down $ 420.00

.* Bm Ra r r

heicut, 60; lassachusetts, 22; 0 .4 .? 7*T '.
Ne* Jersey .4; Nyw York, 4; Vir- NASHVJIL, Ind., Aug. (UP)- CZL fr u-L
glnia, 2; Rhode Island, 2; and An Evansville mother decided to. "Ef l *
Delaware, 1. day that a something or other W U. i a r
e l .a .. which grabbed her cleg while d
Damage,wa expected to reach swimmmg was "one of those little. F -A.- M ruir
a total ofI b5illo-adollars which green men from a ace ship." Capt. Frank A. Mun r., Pa- 4 p..
wofld be the highest dollar dlm- Mrs. Darwin Johnson' cleared nama Canal Marine Dito is I t l .Smt,
age from -a flood la U.S. history. u". to her sitisfacton, the myste- among the 112 passen or ed- ______
Rain wna-heaviest yesterday raa underwater incident in the 0- d to sail for New Yk Itur-
in Massachusetts, Rhode bland h River last week after reading a. aboard the Cristobal- the
and Connecticut. in a newspaper that a- Hophins- I Pnaa Line. He will- be apeem- c f
More than an inch fe'l at ville, Ky., family wa visited by panied by his wife and daughter. ,
Worcester, Mass., and New Ha- the odd-lored varmints. Also saying on the hi. I Wu. ail-
ven Conn., the weather bureau Earlier, Mrs. Johnson told a n S.o Wig e Adroute s to
A forelcsteremadbthelwain,. p" abe e WashIngton, D. C., to-take.part in
A fore tr a sd the rain e:whilse was switu he seventh Junior Mmanement Gets Underway
,might slow the rate at which near Doglown. avn teri ro *m as out of tie two
swollen rivers would recede "I ow it must hve been one Intera Proam s on of e two
but no new widepreould flood" of hose little gre en men" e representatives of the Canal or- Tomorrow morning at -:0O0 at
blg was expected said today. "I knew as soon as I ganton. He will be accompa- the Diablo Stadium the first
A local storm in the Btrauds- read the description from Hophins- med by his wife and daughter. Jater College practice sesloa
buri area of Peinnlvania wash- vile." PFive ssengers are boozed for of 1955 football campaign will
ed away dirt approaches to a Port-au-Pce, Haiti. They a e be held.
temporary bridge over the Broa- The Kentucklahs said green men Dr. and Mrs. Rafael Alvarez and
head Creek between sfroudburg three feet tall -"with eyes like two children and Cidr. Herbert 1ow practice sessions will
and East Stroudsburg, forcing saucers, bands like paws a nd J. Kelley e Sn a 8f a.m. to 12 an-
the bridge to be closed tempor- glowing a over" roamed around The complete advance passes- ji iSj egvene.
arHiy. their house Sunday night. ger list for New York follows:,-
The weather bureau said the Mrs. Johnson, who was swim- Jot N. Albright; t*. Wand Mrs.
new rains would move forward ming with Mrs. Chris L able BoyM.. Bevington and daughter;
from the stricken areas and out when her leg was grabbed, said Jesome riea4; Mr. and M r .Of f
over the ocean. "we saw something in the sky Gryden Brow and daughter; P v F
WIFalth officials were rush- coming over from the Kentucky Mr. and Mrs.- James H. Bns an
in antI-typbold and anti-te- bank just a few minutes before I M rs. ; Chambers and ock dke Threat
tans toxin and penicillin to was grabbed." da ter. ; Mr. and Mrs. Richa
flood as a rr of Mrs. Lable nodded agreement.' E, ohn and daughter
i einq Sl IMb-.Teynthink ra c s. Emanuel Conzan; Mr. and NEW YORK, Aug. 24 (UP) -A
s of ldI i, Water sup- but I saw thatshnthat shiny intheig Mrs. Hugh C. g Chustie; Dr. and ewidcat trike of Interna uon l

Slnteathratned tod oEaytorti co up
pl, s"Mrs. Lable said. Ngs Ms ChArles P. De FucM o and Longshoreman's Association dock
tae health autenchoriti ere or about the size of the bttof son; Mr. and Mrs. Leo F. Donich woer there waterront commisoday to tie upn's
to speed to ditribute ardbushe bast nd it came towards Huan and son;2Robert K. en e; Mr. entire port of Nw York.
food counters and thoroughus from the Kentuckybankhn schek; Mr. ad bos, spread yesterday from
Many areas sof fo epoed "We even jo ly Mrs. G. Fer. Hudso and son; Don pier to virtually of the entire ent-

Imp on helicopters and = at o S or LUX VsENETIAN BLINDS ald B Huff; Haohattan dock system .
to contaminated wa although Mr. and dautMrs. Joseph A. Johen- It tied up 14 ships, lined g e t
In Philadelphla, the National From what I read from Hopkins. Fos; Thomas F. Gibson; Miss nia that wth Would orders
reCo. aid t had shipped ile, m sure those were t h e Conston; Mr. Gla Mrs RusPaul day. work today but said
anti-typo rmal shoter to hands Mr. o had ones and Danielt er;is indication they
a het-to ptim and hea aele c Luisi. Hack; Mr. Keleand Mrs. The btieup, thereis softened much better

roo^atuuiBt 4ef a ma.-r I Jobr W. Hal;Mr. a nd M Thomas H. Kel-against to the watlargee Brooklyn dock system
a rt lvleeid p- I gd dJ. Hauitertt; Miss E Brooklyn's dock bosd Anssn."
ples of Ing water, fOod and Hrt; ..gary M. Hazlehurst
dry ice to combat foodarte in lage. TELEPHONE and s children; Mr. and Mrs. WEt The wildcat strikeony Astensibly o-
Relief alencl ts wre wn at iims Hofberg; Mr. and Mrs. Rich ver the waterfront ommissi dockn
tod t dstribute the aup- 1 2 m27 3 i Hg :i MoaVn .hlien; Mr. denial of a license today a mov
Mat re 4 w Mtn dJohn MHoshek;Mr a end 2 bo wss, spread yesterday fromokly
M any areas s llthere deeush- dren Mrs. G. F. Huda and son; Don- pWilfred to virtually the entire West
lpg on helicopters M O i booto.f LUX VENETIAN BLINDS aidpB, uff- Manhattan dock system.
supplis aOaU111 a. ...hMr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Johen- It tied lap 14 ships, including the
roads and rails. had been sre- gren; Mr. and Mrs. Douglas I. gumen Mary. which docked yestor-
poned thousands] Mrrst; Mr. and Mrs. Fussel day.
pte a W 1WQ the Tlace. J. Jones and d daughter; Miss Nan-
e hou ea tof bhomele Icy L,ariger; T a0mas H. Kelley, The tie-up threatened to spread
1. e.-h U oerbur S coAr- to t and Mrs. eoma s Se- e areBrokyn doc. Augstem
Sjai rsoTI and daution _ter; Mrs. veSen SmBrooklyn's. Mardock bosM. Cl, An-rk
INuihfinfte l',aremIl- m sad dauhte ; and Mrs Ethel fty (Tough TonyI Anastasia
5s In lhiM. ad ItoW hl rlsr 11111; c d a e a mass meeting of his dockppe

5d iMh wore 1. K-Vanr K Ny Mr. eian;d M r. and wb as for l te with kiltsoday, a mover-
"ORREFoRS" It BAndrew Me 5t i a~and 2 chll- wmt0 would idle the Brooklyn

tl wl lUeseus JUdrankLD-.ARAS ft A-M o 2kus; w .amo,.

jmaatocovn- aMsa Loa "Idtg't know ir uDix-e' has
to evfluptarthousands to R. Morri; CapMr.nd Mrs. F a layd on bagis at
D., ., f,,ZIS. oMus: and daughter; Walter
ecnt evacureatn. W. Naumbuir; Miss Carol. D. a Mc oots
It M evacuation )13 SWEDISH Newbard; Raym nd H. Nickashe; a llnu:-rrica Mc ots
bes fn ull wr(atoior-y -GI. N a U.lver David Ot.
--l f-- __..+.C. ST V Mr: Mr. _Saban U. .Smith( on.. Mark .Clark,
t.- _.. 82i'I lr; HM S, t H. S mith; the Citadel. anri-
llobard CoSOel, bemnsil-. M ".S m ieSogand. .W y .the military
UM**lWtimr, em-,I ,,II 'UIM.A Mi Mr. and Mt w6b feature a bagpipe
Ih ttgebtldrt were T6 '"WMrW, W I i M and M ri p.ilet. with kilts, dur-
.I la. PA1.DMA tfs- and 2 e-gotU al games.
Int o nestIg -sIss N i IfDixke' If_ O W e has

. 'I.



. a

POLICEMAN'S PRAYER-A o pollenua n, a for the vietl anmid the stiU-smold
ru-ip of a fireworks t w '% < tp At s-tt u ....'wrtW *
)uted In the blaet, whlib Metuah IjeS lit kow


* *-. *

eel r

- -, -


G00 TO

nS -. ,'4
. ..-f ,-; ,,. -, *^

, -

Iw -

- -A -. -- -. -

A 4 1-
. --* -,; .. .,
- :,ii-zs* n'2i 1-4

* '~ *









* -------- ,...

.. .. i-_ -_ r, ............. .._

-~~~~~- ----'-I----- --L-rs.... __~

. I

-. .


. ..

' -c


/ 'V... 4

I. *

,*1 '; '-

**, ^i. i : .. .. .

.... Ma-' W& Sa "-"t ':



me, 0~
~ rM~

-f-'r.I.;- -

. .


a' by Erknn* Johnson .
by Erakine Johnbom

- U- -- .

ioois our

.. .

HOLLYWOOD--(NA)-- Close-!' Too old for Teddy bears, too
Uft in( Longst Terry Mooe" young for wolves."
.t.krimmed Bh aud 7 amtle ,
,n ;t Dore 's gold s..ri -evenig Chalk Up AiAMter show buq isl
eiWnB I've' decided; would have retirement for- JoawirDairs daughV -
Deepn ; Tfor the 'tfrner -when ',ter, Beverly, after she erzenB*s,a
Dolorldel Rito was .movie queen- mama... Hubby Allan Oresman.
ing it up in Hollywood's wild checks out of the Army. soon and
spen ate of 1A use'ss saying: '"'m quitting while
maaiA... im ah.e Lae...* e.-tia im ahad "Ah. tehIleMan Lantk.

i^en nqt beod w' m e .w hneIb: W -CrAos, 5 I
of- vling-ht-'Eollywodd Dolores, paying the bills for daughter
who told me: eCathys six .months of schooling in
"I spent about$30,000 a year on Switzerland: "The Alps aren't the'
clothes. It was too much but nose only high things in Switzerland."
were the glamor years' of Holly-.
wood. Every actress Ipent that This Is Hollywood. Mrs Jones:
mtlch--and more. Income taxes First movie role for Miss TUniverse
were low and salaries were fabu- -Swedish 'Hillevi Rombhi-is a
lous and evertg could be deo U.S. br xrt -e asks the
duete0 as,,a b. ess expense. Iug of Swing Zr,-.,la ltograph
-"I waywrenat into the kitchen or outside a dta4e. ha I "Te
woret saks iand the length of a Benny Goodman Story."
stpr's aU*taobile was a populari- --
ty yardstick. It was what the fans I Topping Hollywood note: George
wanted-mand we gave it to them.' iKainapau, the Hawaiian iner at
* A return to Hollywood movies for a Pasadena eatery, the mufider
still-gorgeous Dolores, who is listed has a diamond set in a TOOTH
in the repordfbooks as 5*-"Show'filingl
me a good Criptand I'l work any-
where." For the last 12 years she's* EAR WITNESS:.No one-but NO
been living' in Mexteo City and ONE-.ln the Crosby t an believes
starring in" ish films. .Bin will wed Cathy Grant .
New JH N Do Anit Ekberg's J5 Carson's pulping down what
newest adibie is a top Alm star he salts a "Pink MmusSeP fouir
who fnds h irresistible. Hisi a dy to los ql e ,iqal
name wold eurl your eyelashes. pakt tomato juPce and.,0ES
And it's bound to hit newsprint if Author truest ("T2t.-Big1
he coantiues to escort her t ightI and the Mighty") G4aBI s 410g a
Apots. recently purchased 135-fiot schoon-
S -- er from Holland .to SanwFrancisco.
Linda -Christian is snorting in The trip will take twbn months,
En lae4at the idea of the reporteddurin which bell complete "Twi-
m'aulonUlr settlement from Ty light or the Gods" before turning
Power: ~-.s she may not get more It eoer to agent Lester Linsk or
than 1.5 almoy frqm him dur-' a movie sale.
lng t.i4nt yyer as his ex. i' -
-.O r '' e'sMa eIsM M e
Thk CWeufadero have a RnwIai al!_!sa a.nmnerl

a triem g.Woweto


C. L.Of lving n" i,

Business Boom Rolls n Juty

WASHINGTON. Aug. 24- (UP) brought the bureau's index to
-The- government's .cost-of-liv- 114.7, using 1941-49 as lase of
;in Indox rose three-tenths of 100. The July figure was below
one per sunt in July, a;suring the 115.I reached last July. but
,one-cent hourly wage hikes for about three-tenths of .one *peV
6,00 Oeneral .Motor and Ford cent above the June, 1950, figure
workers and 200,000 in other in- of .11.4-,
dustris. The pay rises for Ford and
The Bureau of Labor .Statis- General Motors workers will
ties, which reported the rise, take effect in 8eptbmber, due to
said It was the biggest -monthly so-called "escalator" cl au eas s
increase in' living -costs since which gear there aesa to ,-i
May. 1954. creases or declines in living
M Whi.e It wias the second coSts. General Motor said Its
sMWma -month t h 1 Id has 393,000 hourly rate employes wJU
? As tr r BU 5 n" get-the increase In the flNt pay
si iser n te --- -M priod after. S .1 .
attributed chiefly to a seasonal Aircraft and farm eaulment
aoreae in food prices. Rents industries also have similar con-
-S0o; Were up but some other tracts. It ould not be determin-
Itenms declined. ed immediately how or when
.Meantime.. the Commereg De- they will be affected by the July
apartment reported major seg- rise.
rmehts of the economy are defy- *-o that
Mg the usual summer slack sea- The BLS also reported that
Ibn and keeping the business take-home pay of factory work-
boom rolling, era reached an alt-time high for
Despite government steS to July. although lower than "the
apply mild brakes to the boom, record set in May. For a worker
the department's monthly "sur- with three dependents. July
vey of current business said take-home pay. after withhold-
consumer and investment de- Ine taxes were taken out, aver-
maalds "continue bouyant" due aged $69.84 a week.
to furin incomes. It cited.L hi?h The alrency said the July liv-
level of auto production as a Ine cost hike was due chiefly to
major 1ttor in the continuing a rise or seven-tenths of one per
using. cent in food prices, which nor-
- The department said. while mallv so up in mtdsurhler. It
npqr--agriultural prices have reported substantial Incrasems in
c0tinlted to edge upward In prices of fresh fruits and eg!s.
wbol Mle ian ark aets. q,-farm and lesser increases in dairy
prits have moved downWard" products, restaurant meals. port
and the actual net change In products. processed fruits and
wholesale prices has beerjalight. vegetables, fats and oils, and
The toqa.Mmer p r Ict.. rise bakery products.

V46. m CARI
Harlm GiWrotters, In

"'J. GO"

Guests who tteiid Clb Alta-
mir a'sthird adversary dnneo
at the Tropical Olub in colon on
Sept. 17 will be requested to pre-
sent their guest cards for admis-
sion, it was announced today.
The elub also announced there
will be no reserved tables.
Victor Boa and his orchestra
will play for the dance, which
will be formal. In addition to
wearing dress suits, mle guests
will be able to 'attend the dance
In white, navy blue' or oxford
gray suita, while cocktail dresses
Or evening gowns will be consid-
ered) proper' for the female
Members of the" club are of the
opinion the bept. 17 dance will
surpass allothier It has aspon-
soreah '

5li~misu Arrnvs


of today's younaer g
field of oats near lad
tor, left. H. H. and I.


- p

-F *

station Is
1. Wingar
fta -.Llok1

ass 4Wa i 5 lq ,I|IUEg V to rest witnn a somwne, whicI
En -- --
En Ro o CIo Scout News

morn Shitgemitau arrives here to. .Girl Scouts Displays Talent.
day en route to Washington to
plead for the freedom ot Japanese A large crowd of parents and
tiMt serving terms for their. world I friends enjoyed a. Girl Scout pro
War If acuvities. I gram in the L'urundu Clubhouse
S annex recently,
The 68-year-old diplomat, who
spent two years Iaprison as a war Displaying their dramateial tal
criminal, was due here- by Japan cents were Girl Scouts from Troops
air lines plane at 11:25 a.m. 11 and aB and Brownies of Troops
He planned to continue un to 42 and 43 all of Curundu. T h
Washington tomorrow. girls had worked on the. program
undert he direction of Mr's, Joh,
On his one day stop-over in San Hagbori, Mrs. John Marshall ant
Francilsco Shifemlfsu and h is Mrs. Thrustdn Brown.

staff ofegt will be honored at a
receptil* .a ,the rFrwant Ho-
tel by" the Asia Foundatieo, t h e
Japan ocjetyr of Sa Francisco
had t.4 World Affairs Coancil of
N rz Clforna .
He pa ta ald a prws confer-
B a .L a jfteia, .

PIEACE-'i ~ th berr," says Paul Peott, after hitting
bettin of oneof thJ blueberry pie which put him out In front
in the pie.etAfg cq*. WeahinWgton, D.C. Boys' Club.

robe are the style this year
foe Mrs. Sbilfe Gabler, Free
Germany's only female state
prosecutor. She is attached to
the Wiesbaden District CoPfl

Highlighting the ulght'i p- e r-
formance was the dne-act p l a y
"The Juhette Low Episode" by
Mildred 7ace. Gir e Dart i matinmg
in th.flIy inolhded J$)jB rown,

20 18 11.45 P.M.


AB : .- -.
Dwer Boy;' Meet

sight once common on farms 6ft Aflrca- but unseen by
s the old-time threshing machine, center, being put to wt .t_
Kan., with power supplied by another other antiquoe-a ISflOW'
Ad put the old 28-inch Red River Spelal to usy on a crol t .
h they had cut with a binder.

Juliette Low and Barbara Bon- OLDER THE BETTIR
giorni recited a poem. ... C .
Verna Wentze acted as mistress Bailey Burns, 87-year-old let
of ceremonies for the evening. The still drives a 1928 Model.T ,f
work of the Intermediate G i r I truck. He's been drive ipf
Scouts will contribute toward their, about 10 years, gettingg it a-f
.drama badge., i"wore out" a 1924 model.

meat flavor

A bit of fun and comedy was
the presentation of the song "Lol-.
lypop" as a skit. Girl Scouts Ver-
na Wentzel. Beatrice Burns, a n d'
Dorothy Croom arranged and di-
rected Brownie" Patricia (room.,
Lorna Dew, Gina Wentel Fran-,
ces Kircnhner, Nick Hovan. and.
Carol Kidrschner in their p an at -I--"
mine. k

In honor o6the occasion, Brown. Diffseent -b e it's
lea Marilyn Thomas. Antonia -bieeCt-se it's
Price, Ann Kaska. Nancy Bartic- DOUBLE-CREAMEDI
chi held a Cadlelight Service to 8rd g w ma w PV inWd

S9:00 P.M.

7 7 I

? 7' ? ? ?


If you want Bourbon at its best call for

"GREEN RIVER," America s smoothest..


Sold at all leading bodegas and bar.

Pw, (mtca Cables and Radio
| O I UN4 EN LOS SIOUIRNTUI L. a' redm h'uaoe# sWt*" Wa.l- |n eamINA SE LA NSPUBUCA |
PA It DS LA ANSHICA quo prepm" Moo a "e Pe aemi ,e b!. v radi OPeiCNiA |


IIre am
m edT

t""0 viSams
-M -
Sv-CM J.,

WANMsI nLn LINsa14
- ]. '- r/em ..


|C *CANA .




* -- -?Y' -
-.4 2

-* '.**- **~ ,- "T^S a

L;Abf4U; ;- -' -'-A

c;4 l4

'A -.
Also: -
"fteturn of the Monster
4D the Blqck Lagoon"

so S b:
moSte -^
P~B.. ,

w ""**

4 -^
i -t.


a. C.
sA tf ^

M gal sWan dms AbiAS aL Mu a esas M l NAt


I -.


i' -



.. IN ses ma p apoeg g ALA j gg )


"-,; "

_ I

' ii r -I

, J:U, ^ -'^,T", ..

ih~~-" ~

t'KU&J **




. --' .

'-- M* M


. b-a .,

I d-LY. who's never benh
cealul Broadway ploy,
still: like to be in a hit
&how before I say'

-'..get.t the idea that a
ItwM in the works-
l t for a while. Her trou-!
Oe's recently spent seven'
fing in. Europe and
a has attractions."
A" k* thnt should rock the TV
liar_' i id4,. afford any reader
a' fse blia hourw-ls Al Msr
" 'P 5" j Man ," o"

Ralph Edwards

Da nO'HerMlW

i*,-'#"Jlec. rest Man. You
wafth. g,,tri. ale .rcepldag dent hal never even been lilde
, W_,_r str Nor a.theaAr. Asa gag, O*'Herlby took
101r .J1". Sof.the%*or h r f
e u *. I nothing about acting,"
bo. readle ut I e aly, "so I was completely re-
--b ,th, so Is tie tadWo-T laxed. I remember I even reqd a
S,l... m zie on stage during th pro.
,duction. And because X Wap rq.
.FPom Dublin's fall city. wherelaxed, I guess, I won the ld
Sl1.-are so pretty. has come Dan medal as the best acto In. the
'0N.Mhy, charming and witty. feis ."
A.d it took him some seven years
to make a sizable dent Oc the That started it. The Abbey Play-
American show business scene, Iera signed him on the s t. fired
but the dent is now made and him two weeks later w en they
gradually enlarging. He is looked realized what a beginner he was.
on as one of the coming big name But he came back again, and thus
&etas. a career was born. Sure and it
lie's appeared on the stage here.
p pelures and, of late, in live News from two U.S. TV shows
V, like the Theatre Guild's U S. in Europe-Ralph Edwards took
Steel Hour. The last branch. cur"..This Is Your Life" to England,1
onusly. is the one he enjoys nost. where it got great reviews in the
I'm too impatient," he says. London Press. One critic wrote:
his Dublin accent,.-not to bfI "lt made most' of our panel pro-
fused with the comic Irish, origrams look like committee meet-
1'ryFitsgerald, accent. "11 can't, ogs,"
ie parts that last too long-a i" play bores me after a few Marlin Perkins, of "Zoo Parade"
ks, ad so does a movie for and the Chicago Zoo, is off on a
I.csame reason. ut live TV- tour through Europe, and in which
'e ust working n one char he'll exchange some American ani.
S aurf? week or two, then Its* malt pposums, raccoons and
and you forget It. bears-for European animals. One
,s te stop was in Copenhagen, where the
It may be his impatience that local zoo director Born eason,
a or such a feeling, ortame to the airport to meet him.
, his theatrical background. Perkins immediately put Benzon
S, rlihy worked with Ireland'sa to work-feeding the bears.
iest and best stage companies,
I Abbey and the Gate Players..
1th perform in Dublin where,, Sheree North a*ys her daughter,
O'Herlihy says, .the peo le aren't nw o .a sno N show business r a
orl theater-goers--thee I pline ,ubitions. "She wants to be either al
for 0 blocks to see a oietty Grable Inse r Davy Crockett's wife,"
picture, but oniy th, old faithfuls eaon #Irg.
to the live theater." Consequently, '
Irish thea. p resent a different'
play each week.. Should a sports announcer root
f-or the team he broadcasts for?
TV TOPPERS 'Mel Aleim whoe;dts the New
S. al "Tonigt. _BC- York YaAsdjslW.l explains his,
notw. N.<.;Tomght,'. BC- own position: .... .
});,i^tt,,a; ,aecr, eari 4,_,, ; ,

' PA purkiLig metr!"

I -" .



I tT~~~'


- -; .~ 't;.7

~N. 1191

^ *** **y 1 ^- ^
*~ ..... A-+aB+.^
S -. .. _- ,' -..
. '* + "''* ";1 ... + "".'>'; ^" v *v ^.-
A ... -.'.+" : 7,- + ... -= .. .' : i. '
7 f.t

- ...

Go Right A 4
7t -








00 'OU 1WMT5 TO
--, iW~kCA

i seak yod it ipebtrta. t with it, youre
. -pa I ,rt at.."
O O'Hiq wyw was studying cl h .-- --
D ture at -Dublin University ALL 49
got-into theater though an 'al- B SMALL Ft'
mgt ube liev-b"e a "cis o evj.& DONIPI.AN, Neb. (UP) - otncedI "teh" far amateur The winner of the Nebraska Open
theatrocal companies. The univer- Clesa D skeet shooting champion-
S aS group entered, but the ship, glmly broke 96 of 100 targets
r tin a huff two da s be- tocoi..he .title, then put away the
were to go .m. heavy abotlgun for a cap pistol and
0 i'best fala -reeom- a. go "Davy Crockett."' The
as a gag because be lq champ was eorge Bur-
Young l y M tareWet a '4rusa freely, Colo., 11 years old.

|: ,ORI OF MARTjA WAIi Right to th

Call., police qeparunem crnwmuusw ay. **ewua m
itf l'o sat"e burned Gpus PM ed!i"'s i
with a thwarted sens of humor Th"ey "N.dw_ .
incinerated another $500 worth of eamp an ehcedI with their
tochp. and left a "This Job Is Non V Ol" sign In front of
the wrecked safes. Union members will be glad to put p a little
free overtime going over the thieves, i theU catch them. .

[I1460 Rad CIs I idI




From Ship to Shore


ASsi gI I w m b.r, T II? TdMIA P MSP_ M, I ACM TIW
aim P3W0bYI


VIC FLINT Grammy's Pearb


Prm .tWivv You Can't L- That

L'E^ OJT ~

*' .*

F. ; .. .

- .< :- -'.--


'' -

* r-

* .





,~I 2"~ -& p~t~

ii __




**/ -:

- .




- -.


I I~ X


Lk i 57 *

* ^



*p *. *

W, *

a."' .." .p.;'i'y L'. a -
4- .,..q<.

- -. .1. "1.17



?f--3~S Cl-

-p .;

, I.

Ax .SamW aA.-




-a ~
-4 r
- 'S -~
* -...- -a ~. .jtr a'..
--a t-- ~'~*
-L~ ~





~, id'

Pt~ W-~;~45

''- k .~... e.J~ -

I- n. ',
j'o, *p tn.

.Arve' ifor 2)ty Sn Panaema

Sein brit off the 5B.. Cr11t6oal of tfsp PnamA Line
il new t tts m do Wa. Julia
S frolic thena Zone gov-
unet, U.S. iagrai ncisa an his own Embassy staff.
V100 6sceslpUUISA by rMn. J -ugo

R ...

I .. i.... .

wf with he

S Botho

..dce for t a .e

bt r.. Kudy U .l
t vConIt oeBoth

SMr. John A.W rt,
of Henderson Harbor, N. Y.
and Mrs. Noe E. Gibson of Mar-
Nation Orhestra,
Noted BSoloists
Pla Tonight
The Panama National Orches-
Ira under the direction of Maestro
Herbert De Castro has planned a
program of distinguished music
this evening at the National Thea-
ter in Panama City.
The orchestra wll -hae the .as-
siatance of viollncellist lizMaItth
Feinland and violinist Alexander
Feidla d, both ot whom are irt.
lits of lirst rank.-
The program wif contain sales.
tiaons trom Modeld a Brahms
ant Mosart..
It ts sm ored 11.thr Depart-
ment aof-n Arts, e tthe Ministry

f of Education. Tickets are $1.50
Prices Give Despedida a d i l
Cailera Give Dinner Mr. Robert B. Memminger an'd -
ior Outgoing, Inooingl Mr. and Mrs. Jqmes Quick were Legn Auxiliary Commttalo
Embassy Counselors .honorees on Saturday evening at Meets Tonalght
Mr. and Mrs. Harry 8. Casler a despedida dinner given by Mr. The regular mth E ve
entertained at their Golf Heights and Mrs. William Price at their Committee an W t-
home wli a. small d lner last La Cresta home. can Letion MA ,'. No.I 1
evenli will b4m at the
S Capt. Ad Mrs. Mann Oeic0.- ;ilA It. A-
The ffar was arranged as.a Et iab Vege ,: mador.
welcomq'.or the new Counselor Capt. and Ms., Richard L. MApn i '
of Emb sy, Mr. fobert. cly, of the 15th Na District are n- AU ar Circle ';
an dai gesture of a for tartainig as house it To Hon Pre
the out g counselor, Rob- Mr. Danny W Eng he All honor
ert B; oemlrwer, who has t- i arrived recent Ahboard JM t .The All St r .honor
r as r6.Yaome.a'. aatpres01

eds e Return. "n to fiitove,
With llly his voyage. He left England on 'Aug. 31. P "ease ttw
Judge Outhrie F. Cr6wd of Aug. *1, 1954, and arrived here in Mrs. Pope.
SAncon his returned with Mrs. mid-August. After refitting h is There wl be nter-tg* ent aft.,
Crowe, and their daughter, Miss vessel, he plans to resume his er the luncheon.
Betty Crowe, from. a 10-day vi- voyage across the Pacific. .
cation spent in Miami and Day- He will be the guest of Capt. g yi J s--
tons Beach, Florida. and Mrs. Mann during the remain- Davi s D sc d Ien
der of his stay here.
M=M.I Br. e.-idge .... sIs Yanklon Leader
Mr. W. .SUllvan i Winners of the weekly bridge
Aqnounctmnot has been of the games played Monday evening at YANIKTO, S. D. (UP) One
coming marriage of Miss Helen i Tivoaf Guest House were: first, of Davy Croekett's great great
Joapne eidle to Mr. William A. IMr. and Mrs. W. M. Keanedy,; grandson is carrying on the fam
ulliva. second, Mr. and Mrs.. h -y r edition sla this bustling Mis-
S Third; M. L. P. s ney wt t soul iver town.
The aWddin will take place atAnn ibDavist fourth. Mr4,-Mm- Ernest A. Crockett never has had
7:00 p.m., 4nFrkiay,. in the ball. daL i. th Mr. Jack rd to battle t wi f rntier in theA
room of 1 4 Hotel Tvrle,- aw -Mrs. N. Wolf with. 0 for to fe. but e's long
A re *tai, will follow: the -orer. .L Wf. l4n a ciMic leader in a drive to
money wT f WI il-also. be held in -- improve- the area by aore pate-
the balrom h,." -ss Wil Vi ai- at fl ieais.
te .. Cmrkett, a former
AU frItnds Af the couple are .inn i Wr S tsOw i taO or hai beon a long time bo r
vited to at1C.d. M...d'...i.. .. ; .n-o-wsouri.tvdt oevl Ijale. me
'roe* *i.Balboa1. hpi4wrilli- sai wm.f th. first Uper
Back-T'io Damce with their family yabord ltis ri River VaBY Aooe.a..
Planned By Rainbows the Cristobal for a vacation of He also worked long and success
Aad Informal back to school six weeks to be spent in Was g fully to gt approval for a
dance wll be give by the Balboa ton, C., the State of Ohio, and new bridge which now spans the
Assembly NoOrder of the Rain- elsewhere in the States. Missouri here.
bow O ra. ,_., ..Croekett, a World War I veteran,
The da itasrt at 7:30 p. 'L0 ,caeme to Yankton. in U and ac
W. a" s,0tinue till 1U1:30. I'epu.ia .. .... quired his own law practice two
All bar of the Ordr of.the Sr. -Harry. yder of Charleston, year later. He was appointed
haintbo". th order of DeMo-. West Virginia, is leaving today forl Yanktna county judge by fegov
Jay a, dates are cordiallyhis home 'after a montb's v ait tero int iKand served until tln.
vid., .with and Mrs. Ora M. Ewing.He was mayer jgrm 135 to 1
Sg Iof Balboa. I and was appointed in to fill a

I l-erb Walsers Despite -the civie activities,
Mr. a Curtis enter. Win t W Pri es Crockett has found time to be ait
tainted y even at a NmfariW Dece. torian of there clan for the past 30
Orwewlh kho or!Ing the To the latwS o. Lim's Orches- years,. e is the author of a book
ge'Afaire ad interim ofra, ef m ..f Marriti that races the rocket from the
the e States, Mr. Robert B. dance d b nd on Satur- time of the Finch Hugenoto.
Memumlr, who is leavinj son ay evening at pa.t_ planned by, = ______i
fort his.wanw patin Washington the Recroatfd Assoeesation. Fi WALLET


RIgiftetion August 29 30 31
10:00 .m. to 5:00.p..,
Celmb ClbA <.ptealItrgb a
Uridenue pheae 2- 6.
I... fo t e mtofmlam after A .f Ih. ;
. ;tN.,i wf _rsr_ _.. a- y .i- ,i d
So.mio _f _Dtunees at1 A"mfated
A......, Inc. -. A

BOSTON -(UP) --Sounds fishy,
but a wallet made from the tanned
skin of a salmon was one of the
oddities shown at a new products
exhibit here.


U~~~ w Ubad kq Island to his
t pond. The makers. d nothiszi tickl about duck
a (n3gg water adipply ad keep their backs turned to the
P .--- ----- ...."

Orater. eepeOrt ma. ane- built o lheto Sg et mb l "
pillow back add to dadaY elMa erten. The qlleenoe.traoedt latble prmite eale g o e"'.-a
as white-rlag lteamsth asd wa t-type s.qla a ealy upSe up wtIm ..

BY tAYi SHERWPOD This. sylr .finish Is applied to could work out several g
1' B Slauf Writer woven fabrics by licensed textile meats. .
.. .. Icompanies. Spills such as coffee The ied sofa sectim,lt
Uhfolding new fe.t&tes, du a 1-. soft drinks or water rol around on a ester so that the
onuroa& agfa-beds' prinlama to on the surface in tiny beads an dca be unfolded without 4ste
esbe the AmeM m Iore a 'ree.,,can be blotted up with tasLue orermi with utet.r units.
comfortable and hepitb Itowet. Oily stain are erase with Early American auts i
Ti s doummld be a' cheering a solvent, but no white ring is left seen in anophei new
thought'frrrthe hoSotes, who can to mark the spot. combination. Thisnba hais
see' the"'next nax of visitors back and a foanmmetf
'steinming nep' the et. ir The sofa-bed which will carry covering Is a splashy ..
this invisible armor against corn-I print.
N'iew models Iu convehlble asofa. men stains is in a modern, atyl-
ew models ln convertible of te aslsimr nd prt. ., ,.
ad'have tapered down in bulk, t with loose pillow back and tal.Ij Day beds, too, *re en j -
thanks to redesigned inner mecha., Io ld lne..It opens up to double-, newed popularity. these .T-r
S"lss and they're also stepped up bed size. comblde an expeds weo* .
.in aty. -It's worth noting, too, t h a t inetal frame % a foam
,,,. somee of the volume furniture ma- mattress, handsomely "
SOne' important improvement. I nufacturemn are using silicone-fin. and braced .by remova back
Mirnk, i sitting com- ,ihed fabric on chairs and sofas boosters.
TURN T AT n-NEXT d e Ig e.Dr. Kraft fo t they offe r. This-is achieved this fall. I For dinpler quarters,.
AEhrloia aircat-bo explaket d -sei o eqatplo-yed by an ,th eyinoment. of p ill 0o w Curving sectionals with round Ishe studio cou.ches, or
American aircraft rm, Venus. "Tourist audienceqtb s .how to ok, pitched, sts, softer cush. or bumperends successfully con- have been restyle. os-
travele to the anet Aenus. ngurisot" audience Wdr somp6sedof .adk s. I coal twin-si te beds. In this coor- sfinier lined andq i tr
4depasts to the Sixth Annual Con(rsa of thea Itdrp t 6a As-. ens And pingeldgs. donated group there is a matching, They can hbe used f I
utl rlaeraU, meti n at ~nh san. D nmar ursis a. -oa. like mine,- curved corner unit with which youdiuble beds or as twin
mm mdimm -midadrcrises.
You ~ayI b houi"" Cas I
Iot b% t r 7 .a bric
h :.., -(* isa
'- int 't e,-color
a. ra se"l. treated' new -,
M iaaaM&A -


for Inventfry '.-

However, in order not to. liconveeknce our.
ccuptomers too much we'll-open a 5 p.m.
and will close at 9 p.m. as. usuaL


At the "CENTRAL" today an actioo-drama romance
with 'Greer Gar on, Dana Andrews and
CawSReNon Mitchell:


an 5,
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- 17f9
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hthgaop K hd wflteg ,n...toa-
Ing a protective a over M n, on
membranes. You nottee right away
how much easier it Is to breathe
and to swallow.
No wonder more than 50 mHMoa'
bottles of Buokley'a Canadol Mis.
tae harve been sold. So Semt let
thatoouo l get yo u down. ,uy a
bottle or fstyott -a
uak key's. CaZA .teWO W .&m
-W d*uCat tod&I

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Stays Whipped!

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DDAY at la
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jjer ey City May
4!*' ;* 0 -- i

Dodgers Would Like

' To Work Out Plan For

Two, Three Or 5 Years
NEW YORK, Aug. 24 (UP)-Jersey City, New
Jersey, may see a lot of major league baseball in. the
next few years-and it may even ~et its own fran-

The president of the Brookl
Dodgers--Walter O'Malley-sS
hik club Is interested not only
playing at Jersey City next yc
but would like to work out a pl
for two, three, or even five yea
It has been reported the N
ork, Glant& and' PhlladelpO
?ah] al=o are I terested in pla
u ime of *helr home games
Jersey City. The Dodgers ha
sno objection to this at all.
O'Malley met with Mayor Be
Erd Berry and other Jersey C
Sofficl- eatestrday to disc
us of municipally-own
Rboievelt stadium. The Dodgi
made no definite commitme
for next year, and will not do
until a survey is made to dete
mine the cost of getting Roof
velt Stadium in shape. But t
Indications are that the deal
on, and that only details r
main to be worked out.
O'Malley says Jersey City ev
Is being colsldered as the pe
manent home of the Dodgers.
says hip club will move out ofI
Sreaent home, Ebbets Field, aft
he 1957 season. O'Malley wan
Sto move to a site In the heart
.downtown. Brooklyn, now occ
lied by a commuter railroad st
Uon. He says i this site is u
available the team will try'
,4nd A Mw.JeMe somewhere
a New York City or on suburb
L~env Island. If this should
Inpoassble, O'Malley says ti
Dodgers will -consider maki
Jersey City their permane
The Dodger president says
"Afterl 'Jersey City has mo
to offer us than any other pla
right pow. It is the only pla
that had A ball park."
Offtitals of thelMew York Yas

iii iir i

R: the plbteh aitex
as a smuner from t1
comes tovaard him.
. does not have the b a
i runner reaches him, but
miss the throw if he step
I the wy. The runner' a
ad falls to the.ground.' T
pr 1rabs the peg and ti
Mt. ls the runner out or sa
luference?-Bob Boyd.'
It BHe Is out. The i u I
.1e catcher can remain
a f he hua the ball or
r act of catchli."



SWe Accept Orderw
Sor Direct CsL
Shipments at
.IPr-e Diffi'rn---* q
sa>'isd 'j -f "






kees have signed contracts for a
tour of the Orient this fall.
The teans will leave New York
on Oct. 8 and fly in charteixed
planes to Honollu, where five
games will be played. Later the
Yankees will fly tb Tokyo. Flhey
will DplaY 16 games in,Japan at
various cities. Later tle Yankees
will fly to Okinawa and Manila.
Almost all the Yankees wl.l
make the trip, including manag-
er Casey Stengel and the coach-
es. Most of the layers will .be
accompanied by thei wies.

Is 5 UI -

James 8lice
R. Rathgeber
Robt. Mikullk
Len Brockman
Len Sheppard

i ~ ?~l'A5A

.... v
?, V i1, 1
*..... .. ..... -. .' .- ....
', ,* ,' L *. ..;. '-" t ...,-.(+ ,

cub league ..

1 & A *

'PGO fT PP2 '4.

h 3 0 0 e6
1 0 2 0
I 0. 1 0 1
9 2 262

Walt Brown 2 0 1
George Case 1 0 1
Lewis French 2 4 3
Worden French 5 3 4 .
Tom Perantle 3 0 0
C. Fitzgerard 0 0 0
Totals 13 7 9
2-4., 6--1. 14-20. 20-33

Bonner Hadley 6 1 2
Tom Hadley 1 4 2
Jimmy Potter 1 3 4
Charles Rowta 1 0 0
Jim Rowan 0 0 0
Charles Foqter 0 0 0


w a vw

st The Yankees say the trip has Ro r ... e -
er- been endorsed by both the JaD-Totals O 7 8 25 .' "
anese Government and the Unit- To. --_- D M-Vie le, ltand Tony-Trabert carry the entire loadfor theeUnited tates- Voba Lea the
he d e ts t It I"s t n CO .. 'lt dtrL FPvi b s Cup Chalenge Round lnato hes s t,. lio dat been a* tr "
e-escribd asa contribution to In- PLAYER- F F PThe rport did not spea.tag a rs...1 d stuck e to
t t understanding anTom Ingle 0 0 1 0 eta lls conerning oRpng are tRI bu terd
aen- goo Jamesay 3 m s or e very datnght of to be mucle-bound --
or- T1e Yankees *111 play native son 0 long n Buthe Caal parked by and Don ch adding 10 a- tla tis ti s alsley- d four

l j^-4. 13-Q. 1--13. 2- the Panam Area Armed rces Mims and the- Inside work :oa Callen onlypone the f e gym. h g Hi
e proeionj teams, as well as Ron Hulett ORNAM 0 0 e aainafter a pwilll onductasi-rr C Air-rrs looked Dadr ear
r teams mades up of American Don Hulet 0 0 0 0tour- t-ictory over Fort Claton s. cultuard te ot at 8- r
servicemen. nament the Pan Canalt night. with remaining n the d awose
beat the Coa Cola team 25 to 18 Th y feln.coached fourth period. by had points nn n B
Sn a close exciting 0 m. by John Grvr. now fe a Larry Powers, who eneraled e l w e u

The first halt was very close oeak of lrimping for the Ca- the Clayton forces from the The series atanlfe w-|
alf r F. In te t t A h ln ling points when he drove The wall uch r0a wan't U rL

61 3b*t third quarter, the Coca Cola erto Rico between Sept 3 and in for a short right-handed workbne In Fcsaing1half and c mehn
team held the Pilots to ont. 10. hook beforescheduled fr every ghf to be muscle-bound n the- n.the riod th
However, the Pilot n turn held anlay. T for erale tentaour-tive orvanlbI uild alya
to o theslm to oy t th r ne to t Id n eds r Buthere ICale, sacred byup. and rena with insecticide By AY G N oa d
a wa featured by very close day nere Kobbe will face pos- taHmg and Hatchett 's eworkoing uine a mnlyue delay. o dge
be CUBB LEAGUE T OUReNAMENsy Camue thrsye ahainthter a p ol- Merit MeCurrp t tt t led rry Da-.I ,Et dur,sT a Nr as "bl pri.
-. .u In .the fourth quarter, the ur- sagrfe-vct- o aver trt Clayt n avlier puard the futoe at 6-a*D h f i w unfoog w a is h y sy
nlot ment the Panr on al' Pot last nlgt. Mim 433 remain 9 n theldero ly. .W B ose-a.., capped by the ste a
Co_ __ .beat thca Co Cola team 25epto 1 TJames stuer the 70-Mw lasd nighfourth pesrinod. He was re- y yV a Tot. l e a l O ta tt N Da
.a clOse exciing game by John Garver, now tw a Larry Powers, who gener`ld m -u .. .... /" UtnN -
SThe first halt wasd ver In lohe at k bof arisin for the Ca- thela Clayton force arom theo lThe slu 17in Canadaflv Mt
r e wth t ehe P lots, h bhind nounatm rIbbean Commart Kobbeff -ilbackosurt, championed thd e- 53 suacm ILcat 10 n t .r troa
ce ial time advantage. iern l ed o a the Antilles edhApln In quizzing points when he drove 'The l wall a d0 0n Fo0 r/1IN
e third rt, the Coca.Co. utoRico between Sept.lndfan for a short rngh-handeddhofain. n
team held the Pilots to 0 oVonts'. 10. hook before Kobbe could reov-ir C In. .t e .penod te -
However the PlotsCl In turn held o oP call rthe erial ft adoleman hisjour- bril Bak 0 0 0spr0inga Aubrey cuclouded
them to only tam playhis quar-wi ney to the Island next Wednes- From there It was ve peter but.the ontair with nsecticide By HARRY GRAYSON Runiorshowed
tear uua fe team by mov- seday wherusto e he ol fact posbr- staying and Ha htt's eroing causing 1 -minut de.t1 Of full-edge ma ria t
ll floor defense bl Camp ey, which top elnr possib a ly hveup shot th e t ide ******* what has been talk t shotrelast e ding. ty. He wa a
maintthe fourIt quarter, the s- perfect 9-0 record at0 lt read- h Cavaler playsations. iofr CLAYTON Dae is e fri l worst tern an ischodl d ry-hi
lot put the s r on ar the who n the the poured i recn 19 points o" ....n in me time. cpe by the e
SCoa COlub the sinecept James After the 70- 68wn laht night take sc ri.honors. He Iw rte- lT".letc3 3 6 0'ist e l,?a e NO.- E DAt E GemD

6 and Phepoard with 1- co olo Nav.fol station, had quar- stitches to patch up. fes. t 0 0 0 0 wCnhelS aswulv
STwho scored five, Ithe atArlook base mf Itw41 an- lEacgve Connie Coleman. w L ~ ..,. 0 the pros al tn Canadae their w.y around. Waye Edmo
SPnots ataing the PilKeytot rs ihn nunded:that Po t Kbbeir llwadan n redof te Kobbnes 83rand guard 'l **'**4*** ia sre tha the pers- Iha I een plenty of afortio a
Star drain bydley with even. Tom cbr the conquest a lt ateurday wl n Tit ls BY PERIODS 0 n a-" ", nie -.hta 'iLm
twoland kCales pd they 1v at a zpe

BELO, H:ISl victory in thme ,._ e vi, S es OntG eight ,o .eththe .mblem Club drath B l Vald9e Tak.i "* hA '..

feMrther demonstraoon Gbratae r Life rolled over the bdt er (ein)-McCallen 3tcthea C But hd by l d Ma of
thO 3fluU. Club 33 to 20. The oa4 of three ia the eXtra 'pypff 1 doleman, his bril- Baker..g........ 0
tanoldr usual fie team m- Palmer st imnto the hero sole was ed the Lifeli er fast break and the o ......1 to oratouch
r edstllv out In n Sd Willieatchett. a top Lifel pos blyhan turned the tide a whatt hea been hinted. Lst asn et iHe was
EmaintlNned t all through h e reserve who scored 10 points, with his floor lay. FORT CLAYTON ou se te 2yead smterr n in chol and such a
e. Hih scorers for Olbral. Including the ame-winning He also lauded his vivotman,. Jessen, .......1 rit astronxcellnt l-round tlete tt

Richard Bhop 0 0 1 0 had taken a 10 round decision .. e idea to f and out just how bqd was hurt.dcnda t
East tar were Brown 4Ceansinwbasket with two minutes ands 44MerrtK McCurry who notched 18 oard Chars, td H- ths can be. he om it nfor thq s to

-Michigan Stat harn' had such w Moore wa.having a 2 tie for ricane TomLy Jackson into l to a 4 -pint rthe Na h
an inexperinFrench 8, Worden French 1.0 seconds left In the contest, ponl in his keenedt show McCuofl.. 7 41 18 g K o Ay t he si- seem by Lioas
rhne and 1-rante with 6a. For the The chamn, who won the season. cCurry reeaaved a im g......... 5 teir freshman days' are gone N Y
ofBet.s lm0e Club the soin wa1954 title the lst reularea- cut below his right eve dn the Ps.... ...3. 0 3 6 Rlp i the quarterback. SS S
TOCSON, Ari Rathg.eber 10, Mi(N -kulr son contest with runner-up Ca- third period and required eight '"''Poor Breiitlc. 0 lying iowersale ,arltS
6nd sd Sheuard with 1. co Solo Navkrl Station, had quar- stitches to patch un iu- el"t, .... 0 w tr a superlative receiver, o
e Tesda ames find the 1t leo s of get their beak ing a danerous Howie MC upetpn. g ...... 0 the pros why hes the AllA their way around. Wayn
termen. Pilots aying the Keystoners in 50. They zomed their advan- len of t he Lfliners and uard cNlly, .......0 0 0 0 a and the le se n p ntyof a
In rnolaramer n, th. Mwinnerscrouprd 3 1d -Ltage teto 14 points earlyhI In theJoe Clariho heach tallied tolineml local -e -o he ea a GS'mtackle. Gene Martell--4 and Mr
tar drawing the' bye. In the los- third period at 46-32. points with Ratchett, Ed Nick-Tot -R PER IO DS le F- ihas tnot.
B re or consolation round Mwe ft ainda Close aso r ntl So t t rfo"now s a ay- mekskeIs
BELONGS His victory in the t Ci mbres u o lavinn Coa Cola Fortpbbe 22 18 20M 1 footoore wheu question mark. Tis 25
Canadian Open Chamiionship at Fort Clayton 15 18 23 14--8 thdtic alumni, Club Little fear muscle
herBelin Of Valdes veTakes oerelyV lt ya aees
demonstrd tt t. the 7Eml Wlu d laing a ege out the 'r (10)-MeCallen 3. Nickles.a trapd by loadd iat l isfairly
noid Palmer ins among the lay-ru, McKg. Clayton (10)- Fl ori da, with the Hulle to hit h arti e uards. ond he Il
ilg professionals to stay. h Jew en, strDavise, MMcCurryr 4, in the O ange bnow the ng ht W of
e obPa., sy o wn n t YSTwz aqe ous he E r oneofth nation more M
tnitd States Amateur less than PLAYE- FG FPT a Ploo re'f l mo.Patiegls,90, saw
Tt 1 2 17t Edo Off M oore Bui -Uarattin

ayearago.T mBrightJra I t hcintis the first time i n e timeahy lad service as -a mph u l r.
atro ag.FO Wil accotk 1 2 3P23 -o a r Oflcl-s Brant -dO

Wiusty ot in03 6 3 3-0- checkedIn that ND pro-seaso oCente heavyweight pJim Ment, 2O. wag t
S GRELEN HANDS Coln Bdi.-aw00 MKb HARRY Gh 0AYO 1 straight, ksenvae0 by knockoutn.Hd de te would seem then. la t last autumn while S-yman
wleall wdrBishopsea0 1n aImphe ewattihurt.,
-Michigan Stat hasn't had such Moore was.hving a bil time forricene Tommy Jackson into B* f ae.--. -P-t in th N-si- I .it wo-w--
[[an inexperienced football squad fota /21 410 himself building his tiht with zephyr with a right-hand punch h l th.& 5 W.Eto be-r-servesP,'
since 1950. -Rocky Marno t Ynuo atian the second round at Madiso ne w aII I mu t Ifmilla oni creeps ky. ai-foot, ieu e-

me Pt ts f wmat ted Onua int mend Fo th ee.tireSouthb a e L the w r .,
S20, intoi.pero eiv arden. ity th to f
LASCUMBRs1,0,0 ate. m .large Bob Baker ahd not al- Bend picture despite the bleak- enore nn
TRATS PLAYIER- F; FT Pp To. And then the international o- so been highly acceptable can- efft be maebye a kind dr
S4 1 0 ing Club made the mistake of date Valdes would have had thet "l'ls_ .ded ndt.idualsoa -s b akna
TUSON, Ari. -- (NA) .--Ar- Wa. AShn 0 h n g~a M. Nio Valdes.t the mal.Marelino dae, then and there, but bantosed "n litt.r lurB tOI 1111-
zoma has 24 returning .football let- r S edt 4 2 0 lios w let their beak busting in a deaplrate attempt to slinchi awa b e yin d
termenBdvia television. It, he sce more took a chance tim mostyearto the t awakesnlasta ro f Trense lad qiteatdp

lke honeraly speaking, before. iftey are wavin
Co, .' O TR + deals only in M oekouts. Iandicap- S' IG D ti qartr w,- ud Iuncould be -f.

inandprs. of Satt r-t the
n l b the finest quality of rla ER A
ALL TH. LEADERSO OF TiHE 1The0 Kvtonfers Juma off taB o tterfield ordinarily either field you tter Understandwhy' out how l e matort have come be
... a 10 to first arr eaandwrdssip with rein rash or Al *eill, man er of Marciano l tile gue.ftn WAeses.i 'J
IT SIOUX... outscored Loa Cumbt P in every leaves the other guy for seriously steered clear of Moore. when the tion on the Itnumn. o olb3
It j'm? to nile ure a 461.020
-. -e Ky to .te uneas we6e todw iny Idead. He barely missed pla g's Y was so richly ended t tht -.r al sr _-
liThe lvts nr i rwere p r db v liy i nthe sc-fho- re-icb, 21- cance. e p, im
p/O.'r hound Cuban's hand in the loth Why risk trouble with a cutie here, at presm thelfa

H LU1re .10. By that, have much larger targets a LIttle Lethe t
spotted Valdes several inches in way -easier to hit in Valdes and esIJttletA fni '-
FranwAtiswart 4 ad B. Mar- height And 32 pounds, had taken Baker? ana Ir Club Little
oueard with 7 Were the leading considerable edge off the Moore n Sta Club ittleourn
Roth teimoff build-p for the hev t The totally inept Valdes a I asai0014etd--e"" :Old-
.chdampoipship match with a= .wel illustrated why Moore, while rthe aualF ib ,,
netit am _' the _"e Dt w ayIno stiul able to do 175 pounds, had lee,
ith Fdd ancient Archie force SuchAsoft time with thoseptiatwn- a rt6 ifII W'
.....tnu -,novlw nt-i the winners this antmeintby coming from edof as heavyweights.p aw- I Wa AdI
omp oi~ er. into th e" n' p behonw to ofallop Valde h in is Meanwhile, the belting of Valdes Teed _;.
r,-dlv n oundr at Las Ve s and then will enable Sattereld to continue
imo the cns o brackt. q y mocing out the frighten-breaking hias own record for hav. ton, ThLe P81 ns bm ,1
__ _.adandover-m zea m I d d le- _Sug been flattened. The count now Box 134, m, VO.e
weiSht lheder. obo lson, at th~ I s13. sIW 1 alit '"
Poalo Grouds'-Olm. for whom Satterfield makes it real authen.I 3A1._Ii*611..p*I
tn ithe.obh sudgot too big in otit when he is knced ouL He o :I
tramleia Ml .. kin am'.t fill in sections, oe at a
1folraac.o then chin.s tetume le Bombardier Wells
ivem..a mfpromptly .Pinting Phil Scott and other eel-i .
moda h. .ap sble heavyweights of the past. '
.-- He I usn't tal enough for that, He'",
DIA13n)CI k -A& O LSO N so I 4 isn more Of the Joe Bek etft t ., a'N-w
Imec .iu ou t-ism h as enle oult. I ,-, '-
._ tab-umber onel Iwaly see these nights, that'' a

th,. r_ Inds I-P Are T R IP L E

.e -" at -:,_ .
m~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~trl land .n ... .. ."+ --. :.- -: "
% ~~ ~ et z._-. -_. --: :-": A ... t' :

' 1- :


j. ;

,, t

* I

*, a'

1f~... I?

~_~_~__ ~ ~~_







1'~. -

I.M.F.. .,,

., .,, / /. .,'; _, # ,-.-
^ 1 1'1111 iu i ; r : ; a ^ ; '-l'

S* j

* w:: Li

I -;.iij i..'n i
g .* '," ,". ", -' ^
i' J i ".P. I
''S **. cIf^



I, I~',~r
., ..e '..

- ._ .

I *..

i Comiskey Pa>rk, where the comuba-
& I In Clevelnd' .anee eoRice Another Yankees Dodgers
at wondered W a if Paul Brew aked him to return. series would be old hat and di-
pleasing to the rest of the counPt,
ol the Brooks are quite fran in
telling you they are p1111g forr
Their nemesis from the Bronx.
b First, the big business is at the
y Stadium, ad there would be no1


SA- f at dea of tinme, Oeffet lnd mOMe yar is put in-
is to a wkloe ort e wed summr resOtval, thee f r wh ih s
a g se the exeitements, rapture and elihts V Big Town
-nant the risk Of being charged with flagrant chauvinism,
let ths b"ast be onfident)y made that few other cities 4avp so
M1h of the purely wonderful and fasialf.8 ng to offer.
mention one brand-new Item, there is the Broadway
latn which bringU Helen Hayes and Mary ru togeth-"
er W. what must be te most sparkling D double-p coabina-
tion since the Yanks were winning with Crosaetti and LaIzer. t
Anyone for tennis? The DavIs Cup matches start at Forest
Hilla this week, to be followed, almost on the next serve by the
Ntamboin thile same ,courts.
-And though the Festival formally ends on Sept. 5, the au-
ty thorsties can be counted on to look the other way should any
Sviltora desire to extend their stay to take in the Marclano-
I S. oem prive fight.
e '-7 Bat plasm don't mention horse rcing. This tos a terribly
-ssibamps se. t aMrood here. TOu set, 1. ,s show Aug-
-6 Is out ek i t for vbltr. Figures &W sow hoe m-
k .I .h.u, ,.noiei I 1" seaf .po.t .

S ,p1

It cWrtainly can't be that they fail to recognize, or regard,
at it*a absurd. Obviously, no one has to tell them that wita no
horse racing, they are elt with one ies tourist attraction to
And It la reasonable to assume that they are fuly aware
of the substantial appeal the galloping gee-goes have. or the
bmetropo taas vacationer.., and if the vacationer, happens to
come from state where racing la not legalized, the appeal is
at U the stronger.
No, It anrt rom lack of knowing in these patters that tLey
Aiaks m.aftIrt to. emenourage a rlaing MP, whiel, amng
Sther thing; woad take much of the p ay wa. fIroum Ca.
S -I August, the locale of America's finest racing, Including,
1W s yearor4a v Nashas. I
Instead, w t seem to have, happred is that they sold
: out to t BSuatoga'-ciats-ta mixed pgoup of honest senti-
is mentllate, social tuadies and political opportunists, who, for
S different ad varying reasons, would keep the upstate anach-
i roslam alive, no matter what it costs in potential tax monies,
-r ddes to the sport in the BA Town.

situation is-quite preposterous, but as long
dtlonUts am wming to pick .up the tab,
tune in operawin.
Mays on this topic I have, up to now, over-
ant factor.,. the part the upstate politician
a ren tdt y to -Uhfr oadmatuts, and one
1t to support an enterprise which enriches

.J* Bow muck oger thie leader and 0M Lace group ~iO re-
maa Inanetaly t ve to a tei came, miUM no
w go"a to 16 re s@4m e 1 a e gea-- s d
tfr hhroi adll amhe et h oet a
The7nemd not, i any w came. worya alg -
namgl ever takIag their diat6 res Tl o
a iSitely sesistv to Albany's whmanda wished Alfbn= an-

.AI. A.

Weo Illustrates why ne'i eOrs
are perfectly at hee wide
open spaces.
Then there is the burning am-
bition to get even with the Yan-
kees. This is considered the
strongest of asll Gowanus editions
the one best equipped to bring
Flatbush its first world champion-
ship, and the Yankees are the
outfit that left the Bums frustrat-
ed in their last five cracks at the
lain pet.
There Is the matter of perso-
nal pride. No fewer than 15 Dodg-
ers have returned to the clubhouse
after World Series with the Yan-
kees temin with rage and disap-
Enough's enough and Pee Wee
Reese, for example, has been on
the short end five tivmes-in 1941-
47.4.8-W53. Such outstanding play-
makers as Jackie Robinson, Gil
Hodges and Carl Furillo have
been shortchanged on four occa-
sions; Roy Canmpanella, Duke
&"a,#W, 'Carl Zrs~kte three
Silly ge, Clem Labine, R..
Walker and George Shuba twice.
The urge is there. No-doubt about
And as long as Waler Francis
O'Malley is taklIMg the Dodgers to
Jersey City next fe n ormoe
parking aM u4 s seeking .a
vyar vt more spacious than
Ebbwels iel, why the Yak
zegsrdless o whether th te Iankee
boame dowA in frt po the Ame-
The only objector Is Flord C.
Frick, and no0 oPays slight-
est atten titheb50 cam-
missioter a uny e, yI wY.

I A .,t Opwn

W oha'd" On

.9- jHogaks(owitse

ui oW'i. p Er map-tt f

rwe usA-U -e. mm
Pdse v lsm emae
N w w Me u I WMe
Ad' to |S& iue

be l hes
ftd States

I-A m

Brooklyn .. .79 42 2 -
Mhwaukee ...8 56 .8Ms ..
WewYork ....4 518 J 1%
Philadelphia .64 81 .512 12T
oinclnnati ...81 64 A88 20
hlocago .... 5.0 6 .461 2 %
t. Louis .....53 U .438268
Pittsburgh .46 77 .374 34

Chicago at Brooklyn
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh
St. Louis at New York
Only games scheduled.
(Night GOme)
Chicgo 130 00 "000-44 1
$Booklyn 300010230-841 3
RtUh (10-9), Tremel, Keter
and chlti.
Slewcombe, Bement (tO(0) and
t .

8chnmidt, ae ) and
AntonellI (10-16), Orlst6m and
(Night Game) .1
Milwaukee 210 000-3 6 .
Philadelhia 001000003-4. 7 1
Burz=e ((-7) and Crandall.
Dickson, Meyer (6-10) and La-

(Night Game)
Cindnnati 000000010-1 6 2
Pittsburgh 000100 01x-2 7 0
Fowler, Freeman (4-3) and
Law (9-8) and Peterson.


(Baesd an 0 efielal at bats)
Plyp, Club ab r h Pet.
AiAburnP. 424 9 139 .32
Ctefll, 3hi. 6 US7 117 .321
Khus'sh. GCI 124 4 13 157 18
AarMnMl'. 135 501 87 157 .313
PoiCla. 1 4 92 155 313
ailne, DOt. 123 463 106 170 .352
Power, X.C. 118 4865 73 153 .315
Suenn, DeL 114 400 78 153 .312
Mantle, N.Y. In3 488 10 135 .308
th mClee. 123 490 6 150 .306
uewMg, RUdlege ..... 41
asa, Cuba ........... 39
AN 1 las ........... 38
am r.D~ed & ......... 38
Ma&tews, ramw ....... 33
Snider, Doders ........113
Ennis, P .......... 100
lunsm k iO R es .... 98
JMn Itu, d Sex ....... 96
May.aT, i ........... .4
Asron, Brave ......... 94

Kaline, Ter .......... 106
.......... 96

/i ....... 171
.......... 15,


1.. .
4 ,
3 -'

j i NEW YORK, Aug, 24-(UP)- sin
Torrid Ted Williams can't win ne
the pennant for the Red 8ox all Oc
by himself but he's sure giving .
i it one whale of a try and worry- sto
I l BlaIg all the other contenders half 6-4
l lto death in the process. m
The 36-year-old Williams, the
who is averaging almost a run we
S-- batted in per game since coming In
A Di.'A. i.. A..... out of "retirement" in late May, ga
A WER IXAN LEAGUE' put on one ot his patented per- Re
Ti-AMi w _t. the formances last night in leading
AM s W L Pet. GB the Red Box to an 8-3 victory ,
h.. over the Indians and to within
hiogo...... 74 47 -- s 31/2 ames of the American In
New York ....75 48 .610 Legue lead. 4t
Cleveland .... 74 49 .802 1 League l'ea. er
Bolton .......71 51 .582 3% Williams drove to four runs, wi
Detroit ...O...',63 86 .512 12 making a total of (3 In 67 games, tal
Kansas City..50 74 A03 25Va as he boosted his batting aver- Do
Washington ..42 77 .353 31 age to .344 with his 23rd homer of
Baltimore ....38 81 .319 35 and a double. Ted's two-run th
homer in the third inning was a de
TODAS' GAMES line drive over the right field
Baltimore at Chicago (2) fence at the expense of loser
Boston at Olevelan d Herb Score while he slashed his bn
New York at Detroit two-run double to left center off i
Washington at KansaspCity age reliever Don Mosel in tlhp
seventh. P
IEWTERDAT'S RESULTS Chiefly because of Williami' *
(PFirst aOme) lusty hittifr, the Red 8ox were _
Twilight Gase) the only eaub i the league's fi
Btimore 000 100 010-2 10 4 "tep fW" to grain roud.
Chicago 101 210 0Ix-6 9 1 Even though the White Sox ac-
Paica .(4-10), Lopat and i ots ule*Teae r point I
S.' ,--. .. the Orloles they took. over, t
Traust4U 41) 1m 4Lomu"' place t u lM4t

*50 .-' "0 1,* 1 ng The White Sox ran their win-
S 4 03So -1 1 1 ning -streak to five straWiht
Cheto.- 0M0 100 -3 9 2 games with:a 8-2 victory Inlthe
Zuverink (1-6), Dorlsh and opener, but the Orioles ended a
Trandos, Smith. four-game losing streak, of their
own with 10-3 triumph in the
Consuegra (0-3). Martin, Kee- nightcap. Four Baltimore errors
gan, Harshman and Lollar. made it relatively easy for Virgil
--Trucks to post his 13th victory
(Night, Game) and his fifth straight in the
New York 010000010-2 .8 5 opener, but the Orioles rapped
Detroit 131000 03x-7 8 0 four White Box pitchers for 15
Turley (01-14), Kucka, Mor- hits as George Zuverink was
gan, Sturdivant and Berra. credited with his first conquest
Lary (12-12) and House. of the season in the nightcap.
(.N G -e)--- ^Dave Philley and Sherm Lollar
(Night Game) hit homers.
Boston C002 001401-8 6 1 Prank Lary halted Detroit's
Cleveland 000 100 200-3. 10 1 five-game losing streak by lJm-
Brewer (9-9), Klely, Kinder itinu. New York to eight hits.
and White. The Tigers made short work of
Score (13-10). Mossl, Houtte- Yankee starter Bob Turley,
man, Feller and Naragon, Polleai chasing him to ever in the
S-- second inning after he leaded
(Night Game) the bases. An Infield out aad
Washington 000 000 201-3 9 0 Al Kaline's single put Detroit
Kansas City 000 020 20z-4 9 0 ahead 3-1 and the Yanks ever
were able to catch -p again. '
Stone, Pascual (2-10) and Fitz- Kansas City defeated Wash-
Gerald. ington, 4-3. despite two homers
Kellner (0-7), Gorman, Ditmar by Roy Sievers and a homer and
and Astroth. a triple by Carlos Paula. Vic

Toronto Regains International

League Lead From Montreal

NEW YORK, Aug. 24-(UP)-- Bracho. Cueche (4), Harris (4),.
The Toronto Maple Leafs, who Valentine (5), Ladera (5) and;
ha been moving in and out of Montalvo; FOraleles, deck
the In national League lead (4), Bames (4), Blake (5), Shore
with regularity during the past (5), Crimian (6) and jerberet.
two weeks, were back on top to- WP--Shore. LP-- Valentne. HRP-
day, a-half-game in front of the Taylor, Baro.
Montreal Royals. -
The Leafs completed an 11-7
rout of the Cuban Sugar Kings (First Game, 7 Innings
and then went on to down the Montreal 000 001 0-1 4 0
third-place Cuban entry, 6-5, in Syracuse 020 000 x-2 4 2
the regular game with a three- Wojey and Bucha: Lovenguthl
run rally Il the ninth dining, and Command. HR -Micelotta.
The' 11-7 affair was the comple- -
tion of the suspended game of (First Game, 7 Innlngas
three days-ago. Buffalo 001 321 0-7 9 00
While the Leafs were picking Columbus 000 003 0-3 5 1
aup pair of triumphs, the Roy- Fletcher, Maas (8) and Porter;
a dropped a double bill to the Theis, Wheat (4), Haag (6) Du-
Syraeus Chiefs, 2-1 and 6-3. fer (7) and Lakeman. WP -
Lynn Levenauth teosed a four- Iletchlr. LP-Thela. HR-Voll-
hitter in the openerwhle Mickey mer, Kerlatakos.
Micelo provided all the ruMs -M
wigh a ehdtnur hbomer. lar Game)
Sthe lnkteap, aers ta v 010 &1 001-5. 9 0
Jim Wetlake. Li o ymanyannd t$. 001 11W 9 1
John Btalok sacomted fp Harris (A) ad ble;
three n. R eynatn's comt t P|icone (; Sbag (9)
thH W"B of a four-run Dat B Hr WP-.:zM LP-
burst in the fifth ing. -Babe, lor.
Dupot" double o s, g --1
4ugar lont ly a )e>
game the Lata MUM 119 0
and oftXflf. The &XV Oftfo"B4 I a
w W vvAl to withi- f atw .ONTood;
nRoenm,~WhBd wlimwho -Mlea S
ed mtd 8~..-3 hI b
for seS syo3 spt Eyf
1- !Jf -h .. o


wer drove in three of the Atb-
les' runs .with a homaer and a
igle. Alex Kellner was the win-
r, but he nbeded relief by Tom
>rman and Art Ditmar.
The-Brooklyn Dodgers put at
op to their backslide with a
4 victory over the Cuba that
moved them 12 games ahead of
e. second-place Braves who
ore beaten by the Phillies, 4-3.
the other National League

Ve Oe plants, 2-1.
ke, .thPrte tni sapped a
CarL i~-IRile's two-run homer

Don wel = ay
thout eat.- ad
ken over for. Dodger starter
a NeWombe, who gave up all
Chlca's rn ana then .left
e game wltI a ttaled shoul-
r muscle 1 Abe third Inning.
Stan Leaf antgle with tda

Is go Of 4 Barit
01 be.Mblie
(V gut-
e.' :W *'1aip ber

* U.
Jack Mayer pieked up the fd
The Pirates broke a tie ,t
elthth lolna whena Jerry WOM
tripled offt uster Fma a
came home on Frank ThOa'
sacrifice fly. Vern Law saered
six hits for his ninth trlu*A.
The Cards also faiuk~td
their tie-breaki run
eighth vftt, 9 Biu Sral Mg
with the bases full off uhw
Johnny AntoUeill. Paul La
was the winner in a g~ams,
featured eight double part "
Today. incaito .35, J l

Thdo, IEAL. .20 .


Plus; "BLLOB 108

* ~~71

6iv vry Flfteen ays fi

a on and New Orleans
lin gs: Every Ten Days for: .

New Ycrk Philadelphia Boltimore
(Gulf Vessels esal at VRACRUZ a TAsMIiC
(MEXICO) every dx weeks)
every three wees.
Monthly sailings from BALBOA to CENTRAL
Monthly sailings from BALBOA
Wilford & McKdy, Inc.
Masele Buainon Crst-,l. .


Great White Flee
New Orlesas Service


*S.S. U3433j3 ........................ ........ A.
8.8. "ia blOtGr ...........................AS. O L
S.S. "gI A B" .................................ep. 1
*S.. "HI.AS" ............................ t.

.... ...............-.. .

-w Service
* *

*** *,** ,* ,*** -p
CA. ..................
**.**...*..* .**** .

S .. ........

a musei

'.; -~
A-, ~'t ~

d-.- "Al. .. .-A. -. I

.- .i





ia; trade" w I
end tothe as d

7-pW map

dl -1t

-. .





Je a ey. i
-- Read story on

Nixon Travels 0rLouslina Stale .
To Near East ,.gpEro U n gd

Saivesity to admit Nelro students
tothe undergraduate school. "
WASHINGTON, Aug. 2 (UP) -- "'Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" -Abraham Lincol The original rulng w anded
administration's unofficial rit Judge J.
t dwi ambassador, will travel .. .-........ Skelly Wright in the case of Alex-
othe Near East and Africa in THIRTIETH TEAR PANAMA, R. P., WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 24, 1955 FVE CENTS ander Ps Turead Jr., Son of a New
h e rFrenC Conservafves Oppose^^n^
D tie o 2ha o d olan N e a The d tahr n r u l
's souther flank.ccan PeacemakinTr
wThe White House, in ton c the irtg ate of th .rib-
er of the countries in the area... AIX-LES-BAINS, France, Aug. French forces, ncludnheld that the For- The announcement said tribal ed and two wounded in an am- cre public
people of the United Sttees to the ton, meets today with leaders of out the last of t district suspects reported. t udg was without uri
peoplques of the president i o re slain in a p ue Writi he appinea tieof .

Nixon will be accompanied by party to seek an end to blood- lives in Morocco and Algeria. In Algeria, sporadic clashes trol action of Algeria. One insur- LSU board of agi n enjo
anhis ife Patar representative hed in the North African pro- The best available figures were reported from the troubled gent was taken prisoner. maintain ar
of the tate Department tectorate placed the death toll at around Constantne depa-olrtment where French reshdnts n Morocco a i to sude to in
The State Department wll work expected to go the army also launched a syste- stopped work briefly today in red. s
ut detailvious of the trmadep with cHoweveroun Leader of the militant Itthe higher, matic drive through the plains number o c s t ay tribute e
the timetable will depend po Mohmme Ben Moul Ar 65mile front Courtn Morocco's deo- bed of Nationalit terrorism clashes with the udgment of the
how much time the Vice resign ta, were lyg here from Ra- late interior region where four Five French soldiers were kill- tons.
reast appeals court and ordered

can devote to the trip ano usly bat to discuss with Faure steps Berber tribes rose against French m e
The announcement said the Vice inrule light of the high tribuARE mlk, cheese, butter and short-
President will visit the region tos encircled the Taa Hlls ht to the Rpublic recently the Pan

betoe acquainteved crwith the le under fire from Paris. National region, an area 62 miles south- d amanan government. The od a gift from theppleofth
eIf so, he cuwi epro y I five conservat ve parties which tains the towns of Khenra, g. Here a oI I gshoreman steadies a load co
er of the countries in their AIX ES-BAN, France, Aug French forces, nludin For- The announcement sad tr ed and two wounded n a am-ti Fruit o ee
to hear their views andn t o con 24-(UP)-Prenmler Faure, facing elgn Legionnaires, launched a chieftains cooperated ih the bush north of El MIlia. Two in- schools unconstitutional.
vuelo dcepthe.sThere i n m hr lh or MO A The appeals court then remand-
very s re i stiff rght-win political oppos- bigmop-up operation to clean mopping-up drive andun-screening urgent were killed, the army ed the as three to Judge W r g h t's
people of th e United States to theton members today with leader of out the last of the uprisings of suspectsiet greported.courtovrnmnt had promised tor consideration
peoples of the area." Morocco's biggest Nationalist that claimed well over 1,000 Six rebels were slain in a p ca- Judrtgfor c eatinnoin..
Nixon will be accompanied b ngparty to seek an end to blood- lives n Morocco and Algeria. n Algeria, sporadic clashes tro action of Algeria. One nsur SU board of supervisors fr
his wife Pat and representatives hedin the North African pro- The best available figures were reported from the troubled gent was takenprisoner maintain ing a policy of refusing to
eof the tate Department. ectorate placed the death toll at around Constantine department where French reshien in Moroc admit en are Wilfred ne to ce th

Tsit fhe sosta tefiear dm he probn which swept North Africa during Bojed sector Informed au Cumish y elds, a nd Fred- ap r S two t- utomob
Sta of tables that the weekend1200 and ites they was expected to go the army also launched a syste- stopped work briefly today dergraduate school by reason ofhad been parked y o
out detofficals ofsaid the trip with coun- Lremier told reporters: "This from Casablanca tohigher matic drive through the plains number force airing for an's conservative e cn o c invei on officer

Slv e d to winning ot an Operation Faure, but the their surrender, police rpor ore than sven y The U.S. newspaper Angyo Kea said to-olor
tries involved. It said S tates, noti lal Party, which ams to be- A French force, estimated n tretchng between the Kabylle to the victims of tday hee Black Communistshe ain Asiaeals court are foun the
nerary has not been fixed but that throne Moroccan Sultand plan the thousands, moved along a Hills and Aures Mountains, ho- Weekend but here were no iormatio o righHop including eight designed for heavy rulingconve.n Fratrn
the timetable will depend u P o n Mohammed Ben Moulay Ara- 65-mile front in Morocco's deso- beds of Nationalist terrorism, clashes with the native popuia-
how much time the Vice Presid there flday captuhere from R- late interior region where f dist our Five French soldiers were kill- tions.s jetbombers.
can devote to the trip and thRussia's beat to discuss wit Faure steps Berber tribes rose an againnouncemst Frent s The Soviet foreign office advis
ticalsituation in the are. of rxon which wouldrth Africn ettleut Morocco on rule. neral Gilbert rand the men would be released. The in Siberia and
may spend up to a month on the the road to self-rule. An official communique said MORE THAN 00,000 lbs. ofGAR milk, cheese, butter nd short-
ourney At the same time, Faure wastroops encircled the Tada Hils word had been received from ing have been brought to t Red I c recently the Pan
It wa believed certain that under fire from Paris. National region, an area 62 miles south- authorities oamann the government.tihe o is a i from force in Siberia the pple of th
will visit both Egypt and Israel Assembly delegates representing east of Casthe nerea which ted 8,000 plane a etiate- e ry

SI Ry l l |IRST O ITS KINI- taUne Its permanent location off the ture," probably in Berld. rally accepted io U.S. milery P une c i
If so, he will probably make a five conservativepartieswhich tansthetown of Khenfra,t f program Here a logshre radar statn The release of the thrhoree Amer circles Down t or ees load o

strong plea to both Israeli and A- hold 08 of the chamber's 62 Khouribga and O Nued Ze which w o prt of th U.S. continental dens ytem. icans was seen here by diplomatic wIrn ashore from a Uni r u s Cear Mitch a
rab leaders for a final end to their Texatwetp- Some of the rebellious nomads observers as another effort by the This is more than twice t e, tonew Jac Baker

East-West dispute flared today the pAne- Some ot th eio n a pleada toiblatd" Ia beiag pulled by n tug. holnor outstanding issues in thce the Far East, according eo author were hailed to court on traft a
ong dispute. TheUn Ite Statesr- which was criticaug. 24 (UP) A oe in theo Baltmore or Washington if ur-C War itative estimate iolaon
has long felt the Arab-Israeli con- tal Embassy rtithmofficatytees" nvd(UP)enttodOp
tloversy is a major problem bar-ls N re ndered with their arms, oaefi- E a I today te ye n
hererealizing its T y objected to Faure and calls said. The French announe- expected the three men the SoC
pfull potential members of his inner cabinet ed they have seized a "large. a- viet government had promised to as a KNOXV E T nn Au
ion probably will touch on holding talks with Moroccans mount" of arms and ammun- free to be released in the "near-

Nixsn pprobab tionf omn rBasktIneAsaa, 9:0 u .o.t
problems of the other nations he whom they accused of being "re- tion. et futuree" alea
Pisis Ifh at Algheriaaand spo3nsble for the massacres" Certain tribes i n Morocco's The three men are Wilfred C. ooo t

t.itlermrry admriaa A Balboa High School grad- hp a BN a
Morocco, officials said, he prob- which swept North Africa during Boujed sector informed au- Cumishc Murray Fields, and Fred-es Bortkonm
ably will discuss troubles t h a t the weekend headwinds, the plane beforitles they will ay down rick DrCharlesBokins. TOKYO, Aug24 A. Ralph Monaco,
hN.ave led to reprent violent rioting. Replying to the attack, the arms and troops were sent outreside (uish aLosd Fields, both Army aa **
Buten man committee, refusedofficials said the Nixon tip premier told reporterossing was has from Casablanca to receive privates, have been missing for n's conservative e on

Bucept applications from East avition's first one-day round trip The pilot carried a package of pathologist at Cobb Memorial t
He sai d Gers primarily aimed to was inning not anOperation Faure, but the their surrender, police report more than seven years. The U.S. newspaper Angyo ezai said to found the cars belonged to dele
goodwill for the United States, not Policy of France." ed. Army said both are listed as de- day the Communists in Asia are

represented in the union by West fl t at 9:24 a.m., and reached Mrs. Moneypenny brought hof the Fraternr u
UGerm any and accord ng considered supported Y tanks and planes, measures" have been clampedmet had no informationonHop- Mr. and Mrs. ee se Poce
the region oi rules ital importance be- yesterday captured large num- down over the hole district, a.- kins.) jt b s P.roMonaco. l i
cause of its position on Russia's bers of Berber tribesmen accused cording to an announcement is-
outhern borders. of the mass weekend slaughter sued by the office of French Res- ed the embassy last week that Five of the bigst airfields are
Sof French orth African settlers, dent General Gilbert Grndval. the men would be released. The in Siberia and three in Commu-
s '.outhern o c n ofn Fenc ot A n tt embassy officials said that no fur- nist China, the newspaper said. .
whch has not been recognizedtherwordhadbeen received from It also rerteach wthsad Hospital on Sept. 15. g.
A Ul)eslU s El the Soviet authorities on the ti ie air force in Siberia, (Jbna and (UP) Mlsdmeanors Judge
by ts government slashing airline tie for rers place of the release but that it North Korea totals b'en 7.000 C Bone' d et lk 5
ooley h as expected in the "nearest- and,0 pnes, an etimatet taff of Columbu City (Geor- of history to
U.. congrF O ITS KNrnessional delegations permanent location ofowth ture," probably in Berlin. erally accepted in U.S. Down for o served
which o includes natorew England oast is thi rst of a series of offshore radar stations The release of the three Am er- circles .
tesefauver (D-TMene dr London-N whiqwill'form part of the .Can continental dense system. icanAlan en yeaan was seen here by diploma atic te \thaff M
exandr W y (R-s) berrs -yeThe 000-ton Texa-towetyp structure was anc ed o observers as another effort by the This is more than twice t h e, nw ackso aker
HELSINKI, Aug. 24-(UPT )-An o George's Bank, some 100 miles out in the Atlantic. The m Soviet government to cleanup mi- number of U.S. military planes Jam Allen Grant. f
East-West di-pute flared todNuyPmade islandd" isbei'gpulled I $9tug. .nor outstanding issues in t h e the Far East, according to autho- were
on the eve of the 44th Intpr-par- N a more Washingon War.ritative estimates, volaon
liamentarian conference which twin-jet British bomber that left weather had prevented a landing.
opensher tomorrow t discuss for New Yorkbefore breakfast Both men haveserved in the
opensefuereotomorrowe amfor the yesterday zoomed to London be. Royal Air Force, but they are M ,,,.
el fore bedtime, compleingthe working for a British ariline. hIT EE LA i
Friction was first signalled at ord-shattering trip in 13 hours and "This flight is a rest cure cornaed AS S
the conferences executive com- 54 minutes. le.ret to my regular job" Ha- mha lu 1: 5:15 -.40
ditcussedappltionlsnighwhichAirport at 1:18 a.m. EST andlLondon at the start of the trip. 00Y:53L5 51-70m.L L
e by the Soiet Union, reached New York at 8:49 amm., Moneypenny's wife sawhimo, In Phenix City9
erman, l and communist China. and 31 minutes for the west-bound wrong section of the airport and

He said Germany was already The plane took off on the return nibble on during the trip. a n d ma, it was learned today.
represented in the union by West flight at 9:24 a.m., and reached Mrs. Moneypenny brought h e r
Germany and according to the here at 3:41 p.m. EST, after a husband some tongue sanwiches- His parents are Mr. and Mr.
union rules no country canhbe flight of six hours and 18 minutes. "his favorite flying food" P. P. Monaco.W H O L E T
On Communist Chinath took Bennett Field increased the over- "My children and I are very ex The new appointment was M
tion could not accept a nation minutes. with him," the navigator'. wife will begin his duties at Cobb
which.has not been recognized The jet broke reords each way, said, Hospital on Sept. 15.I S
by, its government._,..1 ..... ,__arline_ t.fortheNew Canberra bombers have set 14 He recently resigned from the
booley its hed of the 17-man shrkito-London distance nearly inewflight records since they were first' staff of Columbus City (Geor-
flown in 1949. gia) Hospital where he served
U.S. congressional delegation half.
which also includes Senators Es- Over breakfast at the U. S. Na A flier in a Canberra technically as pathologist for the past sev-
tea Kefauver (D-Tenn.), and Al- vy's Flyd Bennet Field, the Can- captured the two-way trans-Atlan-, en years. He will open his of F al sa o
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ah iMDtwrotw ^j^Hgr^fe, Ma "*
Mama American
"let the people know the truth and the country is $af
N.Y. Times
New Treaty
NEW YORK, Ant. 25 IWI-
TM New Yerk Times awWlikd *"
day the feBewia* WMOTtal aeV
Mm Mta "ANw Panim. Treat.
'A chapter of history was end.
. on Tuesday when the united
States and Panama exchanged
instruments ratifying a new
"We are not giving up the Ca-
nal, to be sure, nor does Panama
want us to.
"What we haye dope is to In-
crease greatly the annuity that
the United States pays lor the
use of Panamanian territory,
which was unfairly low. We rec-
tum to Panama some land no
longer used. We provide for e-
Quallty of treatment and oppor-
tunity for Panamanian citizens
vts-a-vis United States citizens.
We agree to equal pay for equal
"Panama for its part makes
a few concessions of no great
"The apparent one-sldedness
of the treaty has caused some
criticisms. The United States
Cltlrens Association In the Ca-
nal Zone has expressed deep
misgivings over the economic
cost of the Individual resident,
and fears for such things as
sanitation and the functioning
of the Canal Zone's administra-
tive system. -
-There U no doubt that a
regime of privilege (in many
respects legitimate privilege)
is ending for the United States
citizen, who wiTl suffer some
hardships. So will the West
Indian workers in the Zone.
"The 8enate committee on
foreign relations heard all the
arguments this summer, but
icluded that on the whole the

t>st I
Arias Hails
Treaty Gains
s Valuable
President Ricardo Arias Espin-
osa last night hailed the ex-
change of instruments of ratifi-
cation of the new Panama-U.S.
treaty as "the consolidation of
very important aspirations o
the Panamanian people."
In a radio address delivered
from the presidencia over a na-
tionwide hookup the Panama-
nian President urged the nation
to "effectively prepare" to re-
ceive the benefits which will
come from the new treaty.
President Artas listed some of
benefits to be derived from the
treaty. He emphasized that al-
though some of its provisions
will require legislation by the
U.S. Congress before they be-
come effective, his plea for co-
operation and wise preparation
to make fully effective, covers
all clauses of the treaty. .
The Chief Exeentlve declared
that a "transformation > or
relttoos with the Canal Zone"
haa been negotiated.
He defined this a:
(1) The benefit represented by
the purchasing power of the
large mass of non-North Ameri-
can workers employed in the
Canal Zone -will flow into Pan-
amanian economy instead of re-
turning to the same employer
through commissaries, military
sales stores and other means, as
at present.
(2) The benefits represented
by the purchasing power of the
Canal Zone market and the
ships that transit the canal also
will flow Into Panamanian econ-
omy in a greater volume than at
present, because "We will now
be able to supply these markets
In a much greater proportion."
President Arias also emphasiz
ed that it was up to Panama-
nians, "in close cooperation with
the government of the United
States and our canal Zone
neighbors" to make those Impor-
tant achievements fruitful. He
"We have acquired at the
| m* time, certain nitrations
in favor
to Ttoy aov:
mates toflg-i
Motion and dls-
nation. It
in points of
"It promotes friendly rela-
tions with a friendly feountry
and it does not impair the abil-
ity of the United States to ad-
minister and defend the Pana-
| ma Canal.
"The chapter to which we
write 'finis' is not one that in
Its early pages gives us reason
for pride
"The separation of Panama
from Colombia in 1903 was an
example of crude imperialism.
"At the same time the com-
pletion of the Canal was a bril-
liant engineering feat and its
possession in two world wars in-
valuable to the free world.
"Perhaps our greatest failure
Is that the country born of this
Incident should not yet have ris-
en to high political and social
standards." ,

3 American Youths
Fined For Illegal
Use Of Firearms
Three. American youths, were
each fiaed $35 this morning in
the Baltea Magistrate's court on
a charge of illegal use of fire-
arms. .
The boys, Charles Morris, 17,
Calvin Plshbough, 19 and Doug-
las Glbbs, 20. shot down several
electrical glass insulators on Pa-
lo seco Road yesterday.
Flshbough is the son of senior
traffic officer E. C. Plshbough of
the Balboa Police Station.
The exact charge was "prohib-
ited use of firearmsshooting a
rifle within 100 yards of a met-
alled road."
The boys expressed their de-
sire to make restitution of the
destroyed equipment to the Elec-
trical Divisin, and some ar-
rangement is being made to this
effect. They all paid their fines.

Aid Pours Into East
Edith Churns
In Atlantic
MIAMI, Aug. 25 (UP)A new
hurricane churned the Atlantic
with winds of 80 mph today and
the Weather Bureau rushed
planes to investigate still an-
other tropical disturbance in the
Gulf of Mexico.
Hurricane Edith was found on-
ly yesterday 1500 miles from the
twice-ravaged eastern U. S.
coast. Weathermen expressed
the hope it would blow itself to
death at sea.
The Wheather Bureau here or-
dered planes to check the Oulf
disturbances off the northwest
tip of Cuba, only about 400 miles
southeast of Miami.
Navy hurricane hunter planes
were ordered out of Jackson-
ville, Pla., to survey "a large
area" in the southern gulf.
"We have no definite infor-
mation as yet whether anything
is about there, but it is worth a
check," a forecaster said.
Motorcycle Smash
Injures Soldier
A 10-year-old American sol-
dier became the fourth motor-
cyclist Involved in an accident
this week when he was thrown
from his cycle today in the early
morning hours and flung into a
rail on the Mlraflores Bridge.
Pvt. William C. Mason is on
the seriously ill list in Oorgas
Hospital, suffering from a pos-
sible skull fracture, a forehead
laceration which required 40
stitches, and other contusions
and abrasions around the arms
and face.
This morning, lo-year-i
[morning at the intersection of
the Boyn Roosevelt Highway
and Randolph Road in colon.
Meanwhile in Panama, Jorge
Alemn, who was seriously hurt
Tuesday night when he was
thrown from his motorcycle near
Via Espaa and the Madurllo
Building, was still at the San
Fernando Clinic in a "delicate-
condition, it was believed at first
that a leg amputation would be
necessary, but so far the patient
is holding his own.
According to a police report
on the accident on the bridge
this morning. Mason apparently
failed to keep to the right in
meeting and passing an oncom-
ing bus. His cycle struck the left
front fender of the bus, veered
to the right out of control, and
then struck a guide rail on the
north side of the bridge.
The soldier was thrown from
the cycle into the rail.
The driver of the bus, Enrique
S. Mall, a 39-year-old told po-
lice he observed the motorcyle
approaching on his side of \e
roadway and stopped the bus be-
fore the impact.
The accident occurred at 12:50

All Departments
Speed Assistance

STREET OF DESTRUCTIONTwo store owner work their way along Main Street in Wtnsted,
Conn after It was smashed up by floodwaters. The roadway was left eight feet lower than It
was before the flood. Broken water main aod ewer pipes are strewn through the area.
To Flood Victims
WASHINGTON, Aug. 25 (UP) Federal fund,
emergency jobs, unemployment relief, defense contracts
and many other forms of government aid poured into flood-
stricken areas today while officials here looked for more
ways to help.
Every Federal department and agency had White
House instructions to speed all possible assistance to dis-
aster victims in six Northeastern states and the Carolinas.
Within a day or two, the Office of Defense Mobiliza-
tion is expected to announce new relief programs for in-
dustries and unerrip'oyed wnrktrs in the disaster areas.
Civil Defense chief Val Peterson, directing the fed*
eral aid measures, said it was impossible to estimate how
much money the government already has put into its all-
out mercy efforts or how much more must yet be spent -
President Eisenhower received' The evacuation of thousands of
additional assurance! from Con-! children from summer camps in
gressional leaders that they will flood areas got underway with the
make up in new appropriations arrival of 35 youngsters in New
next January funds diverted now York City from East Stroudsburt,
for flood and hurricane relief.
With these assurances the Pres
ere completad to remove
ident dropped thoughts of calling 10,000 boys and, girls from eastern
a special Congressional session to
handle the money problem.
Chairman Clarence Cannon (D-
.Mo.) of the House Appropriations
committee, said the White House
agreed the government's expendi-
ture will not be more than $100,-
1000,000, and preferably around
LSSO^OOo.OQQ; that all expendi'
END OF THE StOADCongreta sections of Route 25 hang over a gorge washed out by flood wa-
ters at WbodvtUe, Conn. The small creek rose with torrential rains tod bull-dozed the road-
bed from under the highway, which runs between Torrlngton and Hew Mlldford.,
looks over a map of tne fiood-ravaged Northeast with presi-
dential aide Bernard Phanley (right) as they fly over Connec-
ticut. The aerial survey was limited because of thick clouds
over the disaster areas.
IMBRICAN AMBASSADOR and Mrs. Julian F. Harriahton are greeted by Camilo Levy Salcedo.
director of protocol of the foreign ministry, upon arrival at the railroad station at Panama
City yesterday alteroon Robert B. Mesnmtngcr, charge d'affaires o the Amertcsn Embassy
stands at toa ambassador's right (Photo Cttt)
Paul Glassburns, 17,
Fined For Hilling
Man In Crosswalk
An American teen-ager wiis
fined $50 this morning in the
Balboa Magistrate's court after
he was found guilty of hitting a
pedestrian in a crosswalk.
The charge of failing to yield
right of way filed against Paul
D. Glassburn, 17, was an out-
| growth of an accident which oc-
curred Aug. 14 when a Panama-
nian pedestrian was knocked
down in the crosswalk near the
Administration Building.
The man has been confined to
Oorgas Hospital since, suffering
from a compound fracture of the
leg, and severe face and temple
lacerations. He is on the serious-
ly ill list, but recovering.
Oiassburn was represented In
court by attorney William J.
Sheridan, Jr.
Girl Friend, $300
Both Gone After
Wild Bus Chase
An outraged Panamanian who
'tried to get his common-law
i wife back, lost both the woman
and $300 this morning when he
faced a Panama judge after a
harrowing ride yesterday
through the city.
The man. Vicente Guerra,
stole a bus in order to pursue hU
Celmira, who was being driven
away by bus driver Simon Rodri-
In chasing the bus with the
woman In It. Guerra zig-zagged
i through the streets of the Mon-
ite Oscuro district at a high speed
. until s Panama radio patrol ear
spread the alarm.
He was arrested, brought to
trial and fined $300 today.
Pennsylvania campa and. ?hou-
sands more from camps in Con-
necticut and Massachusetts.
Civil Defense authorities said
the evacuation was being carried
out largely to ease the worries of
parents who have besieged news*
Kpers, the Red Gross sad Civil
^W? offjcti with pleas fe*-
I-wB a%s*thoeized personally by
Me Prwtdest and only for the Rescue crew, kept oa diggxtat
most imperative needs; and that through the heaps of muck sao
States will msteh Federal aid on'rubble /or persons still missing
a SO-SO basis ss closely as possi- the nation's worst flood in nearly
Recalcitrant Seaman
Pul Aboard In Bay
After Ship Sails
A recalcitrant seaman who
Just didn't like his captain, and
preferred not to return to his
ship yesterday, was finally put
aboard the Lawrence Victory
which was waiting for him in
the bay.
The 39-year-old American,
Rphaei Rutzlsky, balked at re-
turning to his ship and began
his protestations Just befte
sailing time at Pier 18 where the
vessel was anchored.
A policeman tried to calm the
seaman who was shouting and
using profane language. Finally,
a detention order was Issued for
the protesting Rutzlsky, and he
was turned over to police.
By that time the ship had
sailed from the pier, and a
launch was dispatched to rush
the seaman to his ship which
was waiting in the bay.
The vessel Is bound for Cal-
ifornia. Panama Agencies were
handling it locally.
Meanwhile the flood stricken
Northeastern states were swept
by a new kirn: ef Inundation
a deluge ef money and offers et
kelp from the rest ef the aaUon.
Individuals, labor unions, orga-
nizations, businesses and one
whole town opened their hearts
and their pocketbooks to the vic-
tims of the flash floods that swept
through sections of eight states,
killing an estimated 203 persons
and leaving at least 3 billion
dollars in damage.
SO years.
The number of dead counted so
far included: Pennsylvania 111;
Connecticut SO; Massachusetts 23,
New Jersey S; New York 4; Virgi-
nia 2; Rhode Island 2, and Dela-
ware one.
Curfews were pat lato effect
In seme areas to halt lasting and
prevent persons from being in-
jured while prowling throngs
damaged buildings at sight.
Every able-bodied parson avail-
able in the disaster-struck com-
munities pitched in to elesr away
Money poured in to the Ameri flood damage and get the whets
can Red Cross flood fund-raising of industry moving fain,
headquarters in New York City. Waterbury, Vt., with its popula-
Offers of trailer-home, prefab- tion of 4000 was one of the first
ricated houses, factory s p s c e, I to respond to appeals for beba. The
DDT, aspirin and even soap were
made to the 100,000 homeless in
the six hardest-hit statesP e n n-
sylvania, New Jersey, Cunnecti-
cut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts
and New York.
President Eisenhower departed
from his prepared text in a Phila-
delphia speech to renew his ap-
peal for the American people to
Vermonters hoped to repay in s
small wsy s gift of $10,000 from
Waterbury, Conn., with a popula-
tion of 100,000.
"They were good to us new sad
we're going to try to be good to
them," said village President Vic-
tor A. Bsckels.
Three Hertford, Conn., msur
anee companies and one manufae-
contribute "spontaneously" to theturer sent a total of $M,0M to the
Red Cross flood fund.
"We should seize the opportuni-
Sto give to them, to force upon
em...more than they need," he
Pope Pius XII and Britain's
Queen Elizabeth sent messages of
sympathy to flood victims.
The little Tillage ef Waterbu-
ry, Vt., started raising s "thank
yen fund" to pay back Waterba-
ry, Conn., for the kelp it game
fas a flood 2S years ago.
Red Cross for flood disaster aid.
AFL President George Meaow
pledged Sl,M to the eme and
urged alt affiliated anteas to fel-
low salt. CIO President Walter
Reuther pledged SlH.eea from
the United Aate Workers Ussoa.
which be heads. The CIO Usdasi
Steel-Werfcen asan U He
The CIO Textile Workers Unios.
many of whose members we re
thrown out of jobs when New tag-
(Continued ea Faga Cat

Reserve Carpet-Bagging' Story
Stirs Southern States' Denials
ATLANTA, Aug. 25 (UP) -Two
Southern states said today they
had no intention of "profiting"
from the flood-stricken Northeast
by luring damaged industrial
plants South.
Ralph M Horton of South Caro-
lina's Development Board said
that the New York World-Tele-
gram and Sun "completely mis-
represented" his state's motives
when the newspaper charged
South Carolina was sending a "re-
verse carpet-bagger" into Connec-
ticut next week.
Scott Candler, Georgia's secre-
tary of commerce, said Georgia
was attempting to entice Northern
industry to his state but "we
would not be guilty of taking ad-
vantage of the flooded areas."
The New York newspaper quot-
ed Sloan W. Gable, acting direct-
or of South Carolina's Develop-
ment Board, as saying "one of our
repreoeatativei will be in Connec-
ticut 'aejrFweek" but "we would-
n't want to take unfair advantage
of the flooded areas."
The story said "this reverse
carpet-bagger, Ralph M. Hotton'
will be talking to industrialists
about resettling in South Carolina1,
instead of rebuilding their dam-
aged plants.
Horton said at Columbia, S. C.
however, that a reported called
Gable this morning and now has
misquoted him and completely
misinterpreted the purpose Of my
"We will not ask any companies
to pick up and move," he said
"As far as I'm concerned, I
don't know which plants were1
flooded and which one weren't"!
Horton said "all we are plan-
ning to do is coll oa companies
which have previously expressed
sn interest is locstina in South
Carolina before any flood happen
Candler was quoted by the news-,
paper as saying "ws have no
plans to invite storm-hit industry
down now, but after the dust set-
lies. I think we will."
Informed of the published stdry,
the Georgia secretary of com-
merce said be told the New York
reporter that we do not wish hi
any way to be ra a position of
profiting now by the natural mis-
fortunes which have been visited
on New England."
Candler said Georgia is always
seeking new industry but "we are
not inviting industry South sad of-
fering them cheap labor Such
labor Is not available la Georgia."
The newspaper story said North
Carolina admitted "local ciases*
had been sending out lures" to
hard-hit No rthetstern industry sad
Tennessee may "talk to those p*0>
ile" in flood aress "m the oat
ew months
Officials is those sUtea tin
Bot^amodistely avals* -fee