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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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-~ r 'r~ t~:':~7~Ysr 1$ C~
KY. L1
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.4, 5- .r.

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AUG ."

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*r.'- I ty
LONDON, Aug.17 (UP)-r ;itain nti en St

yeateit. Detective burst into. a vacant- Lo o*a A group oft aRto nian bus
shop and reaptueard ie.tactinegns and blite It W- oe e Unit- drivers who iprs betw" e Au () -
commtandeerebyf,".IRAtankforcei last Saturda ;^ Bin"w' E 'a+ "'; l^S re o eK ant Bua d t ,to
But author es warned t he IRA mig 't alainble. I. It cut yesterday over certain restric- te 'Idea of the ilted tates
make another woop to tore ite -damaged- of tlons lced oln their actis weather Bureau toda a ut t
.t.g C. o. gal bA authorities, practice of aing thi r..-
e. The g d "a y' u ed- in -to strM o e co Declaring that many of them Miss p ckts, In a letter to F.
Jritabi and the Irish republic seeks to uniteall ty, Wol-. millto. .
ir and the Irish republic seek to unite.a r Ty oher subjects blls. told have been operating in the Ca- W. 24e hlderfer, said she Iound
Ireland by fore. e d e U. S. troops re res: nal Zone for more tn 30 years, the aso0Stlon of wope n's
hm b. th te ansntream of wa- esias decision to cut the size the drivers chage that recently names with.- "tragedy and havoc
The arms were lwuo i t tuckload- of arms after the ..ate. etos fimo s SP oft ts armed force apparently they were barred from entering created by burricanes".to be "a
a vteant shop in the tough sling- day rid.wer br.ultunfChe .. .. .eamns it recognize .athe 'iaceful the town of Parnio, to the detr- personification of extremely poor
ton District wle-a a mle tromn vyro be" e t, worna the ls hured by the pun- of the united states and ment of the service they render judgment."
Pntvjne jal Whe. IA lead'- mnsstrate's eourt today. de seaton t r-i Ck lt. t. ile." But even"'a e* release and to their passengers "who on Why not call then A, B, C, or
er S oger CSa~ was shot wer .. with mteal- Waya we. a__ -- the head. of h4OO men, Russian .tu would rainy days have to walk a long 1, 2, and ., Miss Pickens asked.
for btrem in la4 I 4Ufirearms and t was' aargsy treat- have-a much larger military force stretch to arrive at their homes." Miss Picken will not person-
Twele detectives entered, the aG4i f. "fr tifrHer Mjeityets SletUMa I. th was rush- than the Unitqd State-. ally suffer the "embarrassment"
house and seized the arms, which War Domt' Two ote B ed by an o a U. S. Red China's failure to re leams "Victims of this Injustice are of being named for a hurricane
were packed 1m wooden cases ad found "lomo orle of Military hospital pat Azeom City, American eiviians is a'disappoint- many children of school age," this year.
ready for Ahipment. round$ aint In the 10 mne r fro m Ieanlfle. meet. The United States wi keep the letter said. Hurricane No. 10 will be nam-
There waSI. m.*sesio of ar- back of thelt a jan BEsek were Sec .ftWejte i Foster towing their liberty. ed Janet, the weather bureau
eatsor -i sdictfleat of how held for QU Ds a st list mem- rifsh objections to publication (Traffo .regulations which be- said.
l ated the a s re-brs missionsu- ofreport on the Geeva "sum- came effective July 1 limited -
S.... veseurpervis iff in armistice Mit conference apps~ctlame private buses to skirting the ,
e a s two eo l ua r ru tie hoa s of as Yvi purpose m a-isunderstan '11The U- town for passengers.)
.let rl p .r ulan NiylV is_ Oid t.s aly. pr to Pub- The drivers, whq work for the ,
A M ca a crank, I He a Cnese ih sp already a pub- Panama-Paralso ansportation
anu pto vade NortherIr Photed beb threat, uan North usts to l :. tatlments covert only by Service, also charged that te1 ,
Iaql Ins Al$ B axlon g .- buses of a traqsportatlon con-
headaainst All Brl army sedn i an ar- e r br about ceslonalre, Is permitted to take
A.c<,. Ird ,omn I ydemos were armed id- U li S i d' and br-
=--"t .Xn a ba = from In-
w.l.h itta tfa witULfive .ro f .&. rP RS side the townhU we are on-
.I 'v ,-i. was said to ml on. It aa.d iusb, t Bit to"dj,.WIws, confer- .- ly permitted to gonga far as the
e, g-ards at Ar eAe aSci id c nationn U entrance.'" "
. .-L..ut +,er .- i n Uw A -t a re.+f Fu
dump ai. morewe' ? l -l l.s 4. The Foreign Mi ster was ask,
0d05"uzse-a-o.,feAfsee to e'
mofa* -.'-i 4NIorthe 1S -- i rov e" '.
'" .o + .. ; .. .. .


Heads Towards

North Carolinas


, 'I



Big-Town Area

WILMINGTON, .C., Aug, 17 -- (UP) ,-, ri
Diane, losing some of its power, surged inlad o: at '14
today towards the haovily-populated interior. of Np
Cunlina. .
Although gsts.up to 95 mph struck pokI jusi It
shore, winds were down to 74 mph, just under ImI*
strength, as the hurricane passed over Wil,
The tropic howler was following a nort.hnrtC14
course. .
First reports of Diane s ravages indicated
tively light damage but eaerkm North CaroU i.
valued jl the millions of dopwr,.iere rexpedl*#b
hit only a week after the ~r.' first fut-fe4
unleashed its fury. .


ami weather
._n tIL am

...r ees "Irsoa
ki5e Bun d at

La programs in

A nof wav eASto be t and
priority i l be gjn to -uat
ore qtuanttyw e sorc s.
]prdjie whf aren't sure-fitre
ar asusV4e4o tw'keep programs
in tne with the country's grow-
igf technical and manpower re-
The move coincides with re-
ported demands from Chancellor
S hequer .A. Butler for a
grater cut In Britain'a defense
costs along with other econo-
mies in government spending to
[combat growing tendencies to-
watd inflation.

SWEAM IN AMt FORCE S8C3WUaMi -Dot"B iM kOuaes (rabht) Is wdrn in as Air Force Sec-
retary at the Peatagona, tert a Deene ~ i~s., Wilson (center) looks on as Army Bec-
reta Wbu t Braer admitlaters the oath.

-ljl Rwr r : ..?" a
'h,- drivers also compalne .
dot although their servicesl'..M
ne r ohenstave, they. am th ofg
thor.ties With Zoe. uthuol,-
"vOr-the slightest Infraction
W&e ae fined, admonished, made
to ch nge our parking pla,too o
comply with absurd rules not
necessarily contained In the reg-
The letter said thi drivers
have complained to the civil au-
thorities of the Canal Zone, Wt
have received "absolute Indifftr-
encejas the answer to our om-
plaints Or protests."
The Panama-Paraiso Tram-
portatlon Service -is headed by
Kellog White.

Wha's a PC PHot

Buehler Locks Panel

Trough Quiz Show
t Panama Canal pilot, Capt.
O ard Buehler, stumped t. e
e t Sunday night in a tele-
/Mn. appearance in New York

Buehler was a participant in
John Daly's "What's My Line"
program over CBS.
According to a brief r 'te from
Mrs. Buehler, the pilot was the
"last contestant and have five
'no's' to his credit when they
called t4me. The panel kept in-
slsting that he should be an ad-
meaUre and acted as It they
h< hMaer heard of a pilot."
Buehler, who is a Pacific-side
pilot, It on vacation w ith his
family In the United States.

ately garbed in a "Peace" dress
ts. uvette Reby, who posed for
photographers covering the Big
Four summit" conference in
Geneva. She's vMis Switzer-
land of 1955," Incidentally.

Union Club Shares
Sudden Riches
With Orphanage
The board ot directors of the
Union Club here believe in
"shaftig the wealth."
The' club, which sets aside $22
each week to buy lottery tickets,
hit the jackpot Sunday with 44
pieeatof 89771 the winning num-
ber of the first prize.
After collecting the $44,000
Monday, the club's president, Dr.
Luls Vallarino, delivered the
club's donation of $10M0 to the
nuns who operate the Malambo
Orphanage, In downtown Pana-

Harrington sTreatyWill Improve RP Economy
mananarkerywar a... to .. net an ing acquain- After comolating that tour or dor and his wife a deeper un-

a attg Republic."
s. e

:, E '
V M ,. ,-t <'....,

- Al
-: hs

:U3 F. NVaNgrUf s
s-...;- ... .. =. f

iuty in Washigton, Harrington
wl aOlgned. as counsel of
Hin In 1047 he
o trank of ca-
r 1951he was
w ye he was as-
ol HO I tn, pestP
he i to be.hif
M a flu*7 -J

Wa -
funnau T Mf--B 4

k Rw

derstanding of human nature.
"We like people and like hav-
uin them visit us," the Ambas-
sador said.
"Sines Panama is the cross-
roads of the world, it will be
moat interesting to encounter
the many people passing through
The Ambssador d Mrs. Har-
ri1lB,-.e formerIb ,ea ,
'Site~dI aethuaw^atben

a of

- "we are lacking fuweS to
the excellent ot
* Panama," he sad.
e ton, who likes to .
p mpsher 1 Jiuh
IS '.

SThousand of tou isnd
coastal reidents fled ahead of
the violent storm as roartgaa o
beat down reconstructed aftwalls
deafioUfted only a wks ago by
highest witds recorded on the
North Okrolina coast hit 95 mpb isE
In guast at the mouth of the o
Cape Fear river,- downstreaIm s :
from this port city, but they be-. i
gan dropping as Diane swung to- .
wards land. '
Gordon Dunn chief Miami weoM d Ill
forecaster, aid reconnaissance D
planes reported top_ wlds of 70 .
knots--about 83 m1s an hour- nu.s
in their last panetrttion of the
storm. But he sadd the fliers had Seorgetown i
difficulty getting ,iend reports Savaantw ,
because of clouds curMlng their and J_ ghetd
view of the sea an did not get Ca r
reports from all-areas of the The'o
storm, shelter of ,
He said the weather bureau week's-
still figured the hurricane's top Most ofa-
strength at 100 miles an hour mIOa Alesc-
although the storm "is wear, SavaMna,J
compared to what It was two or ere had. s u
three days -ago." He said a build- Into the .
up of equalizing pressure in the Tos
storm center eased Its force.
Abnormal 'tides threw up
-r YV"-. &

a K s1

. U

. -. i-.

S* V'.

- ,jt

Brass S-






- --. I -" ,




" '+ + --/

+-,;** *- T *

I. ,

II 4

i- *





w -

4. '<- f.


- .- -
is -' ^ .


I I' -"


99 07 H 81n9rT P 0 BON 134 PANAMA R OP P.
345 MAOIsON AVE NEW YOaK. 1171 N Y.
POW ON VIAR. IN ADyANgs 10 lo4 go 4O

The Mall Box is on open forum tar readers of The Panama Americs.
Letters are neMivd gratefuliv and are handled ta e wahoy confidential
If you contribute a litter don't be Imppatent If It doesmt appear eir
eat day Letters ore published in the Wder resived.
Please try to keep the letters limited to one pa ge length.
Identity of letter writers Is hold In atrictest confidence.
This espaper assumes no reponsisbilty for etartemnts as pieio
MRpremed in letters from readers.,

% There's an old Christian saying iBang!) that "unless the
Lofd built the (Bang!) house they labor in vain that (Bangli
bujd it." and I want to (Bang!) say, that I live in a house the
Lofd built. (Bangl) Only the Divine Architect could have (Bang!)
cold have constructed a house to withstand the (Bangl) on-
slaught of the three children.
M.I.T. nor any other has yet graduated (Bang!) the engineer
capable of (Bang!) so impregnable an edifice. It has to date
withstood daily detonations capable of reducing the Rock of
Giraltar to a pebble In 1 hour 10 mins. and (Bang!) It's still
hefe, good as ever.
I hesitate to move in the (Bang!) face of world conditions.
Su ely this is tihe only (Bang! i building which will remain stand-
inj after an A- or H-disaster (Bang!)-if indeed one has rea-
'so for living with a (Bang!; galloping psychonoiserosis-and
all the (Bang!) psychiatrists disintegrated (Bang!) .
.. Whisperin' Sam

IL=rTiRrx=Lr'j.,j ATm
CILIM 13LItluit IfAlluri
EMULZAALI-1-4L lot l:j(A

jj---4tLuri1 0 IL-1 ij ULAV-111 LRA"

10th U. President

I Tenth U S
i President
t *-- tomb is
in Richmond.
I 8 He was an
iCry of
13 Follower
14 City In
15 Month (ab.)
IS Soak flax
17 Otherwise
;8 Allowance

58 Corded fabrics
'9 Social insects
60 Compass point
61 Handle

I Joke
2 Above
3 Anticipate
4 Prickly plant
I Engages
6 Passage in
the brain
7 Caterpillar
8 Indulges
9Nautical term

24 Leae 41 Kind of cat
25 Arrow poison 43 Gaze fixedly
26 Plant part 44 Girl's named'
27 Tumult 45 Press
28 Shade tree 46 Exude
20 Smell 47 Sit for q
30 Bird's home portrait
31 Hardens 48 Arabian gulf
33 Distress signalS0 Unclosed
36 Legal point 51 Knocks
39 Foot levers 52 Lohengrin's
40 Italian river bride .

nt R 40-Ml, IN PIAMUTERI ,

fi -..-.. 4% lW L.-.. -- ifead K"

Peter Edson


Gen. Herbert Brownell's petition to
have the Union of Mine. Mill and
Smelter Workers declared a Com-
munist-infiltrated organization will
probably go the full route to the
Supreme Court for final decision.
This is the first test case under
the Communist Control Act, passed
by Congress with such a lot of
whoopla a year ago. It was de-
signed to drive the commies out of
labor unions in a hurry. It may
take a couple of years more to
get in action,
The case against Mine, Mill and
Smelter Workers-which has had
American copper mining tied up by
strikes since early July will be
heard promptly by Subversive Ac-
tivities Control Board, says Chair.
man Thomas J. Herbert, former
Ohip governor. But the due process.
ses of (he law'have to be observed.
and they take time.

Just which one of the SACB
members will hear the case as
trial examiner has not been
decided. Filing of the complaint
against the union by Department
of Justice at this particular time
catches SACB in an uncertain po-
sition as to its membership.
The term of SACB member Hat.
son B. Miller expired March 4.
Ex-Rep. John S. Wood (D -Ga. i
former House Up-American Activi-
ties Committee chairman, wa. ap,.
pointed by President Eisenhower
to fill the vacancy. But the Senate
balked on confirming Judge Wood,
and there was some possibility that
his name would be withdrawn if
unconfirmed before Congressional

I The terms of SACB members
David J. Coddaire (Ri and Kath-
ryn McHale (D) expired Aug. 9.
SACB could be left with only
two members.
Member Harry P. Cain. Republi-
can ex-Senator from Washington.
i% scheduled to open hearips on
the Washingtor Pension Union
front case at Seattle in September
Chairman Herbert will soon con
elude hearings on the Ame-rica
May Day Committee front case.
The Mine-Mill case, as it's called
for short, might therefore fall to
his lot.
Mine-Mill has lng been charged
with being under the domination
of Communist officers.
The union was kicked out of
C.I.O. for commie activities. It has
since been seeking to reaffiliate-

al sy .. .
mie line. But its Communil affili-
ations will have to be proved by
Mine-Mill is the 17th case to
come before SACB since it was
created by law in 1950.
The most important is the case
against the American Communist
Party itself. After long hearings,
SAC -ordered the party to regis-
ter with the attorney general as a
subversive organisation and dis-
close its membership.
This finding was sustained by
U.S. Court of A peals, which also
declared the Subversive Activities
Control Law conatitutiaul. This
opinion is now befta the U.8.
Supreme Court on appeal, R will
probably be set for heating this

The other 15 cases brought before
SACB thus far all deal with Coa
munist fronts. Five are awalin
hearings, four are in progre., fou
have been dismissed fwr lack o
evidence and two have been found
to be Communist fronts. They ar
the Labor Youth League an
Jefferson School for Social Scienci
The relatively) poor showing i
these cases against the fronts i
in part due to the fae*' that th
attorney general's list of some 30
Communist and Fascist organ.
zations is out of date. Many of th
fronts have been disbanded and n
evidence can be produced to sho'
they still operate.
It has taken SACB five years t
reach this stage in the America
due process effort to outlaw th
Communist conspiracy.
But with the Communist .Part
and the Mine-Mill cases ru
through the Supreme Court hiur
dies. SACB Cphirman Herber
believes future cases can be han
died much faster.

Sow people ore so unlucky
their horse wouldn't come In if
they bet on a merry-gorWd.



S.. GO.
.Way, Im Forty-!pur*. .... -C Ig.e WA-SNP R

''Nh L"),4-" W-P- --. -"
dent' n&. gmi "-n ab, il l a is is~ A #4 oVk
t t be- a SupremelCo at o
l1 0 a ttle Negrl, that natural gas shipped
his top seem to make it states must be subo to:.
S aMlhA ta- fire prominent don by the Feddral lIN .
1._ra9O 1 .. mission just as railroad rat'be-
k1 Negro adviser, Dr. tween states a regulated .y the
F l USM j uAt been fired Interstate Commerce CoAWisilOa.
m deral Housing ad- So Daniel wanted to be on the
I a after '18 years of goyv Interstate Commerce CotmtiMtee
ramit an rflt after he dis- which would handle the natural
greed wiMBhmwMg administrator gas bill.
"ole en eftAe '
.Cole ehas. argung that Two years before, Daniel had
Negroes hdd mat press for in' demanded to be on the Interior
tgratios Fedqral ousin1 P committee which handled the Tide-
e.ts am, a ess -. the lands Oil bill. but now that N14.-
supreM court- againss e-lands 01 was handed back to 'tax
ri has diatreed. as and the coastal sta l s~t
e-' day, ds pite i, was finished and Seqna.tor ael
3en goeravyt, Horne"se"
,18 er*.sh nt, orn wanted to shift. And thou 'Sena.
ot his wa papers, effective tr Lehman of New York had'se
qis t 31.- h official reasonI,
ven wast h trouble" Rel lority, and though seniority is
et hwa i^that the housing supposed to be omnipotent in-the
ad l .bra e ebha more money Senate, the gas lobby was even
todas ,tan over, and Is hiring more qmulpotent, Daniel got the
today. u ad a hin key post.
M e 'Mr. Jane Morrow
onpantIdg am ed the "Negro -Grass Boot Lomyra
w o hg year," fired by w
Mr'S fter she urged the That was the first long-range
abtto segregation Inschools st the carefully planted
oa military posts is sti at loose lobbying strategy. Next was the
od p lobbying of grass-roots sentiment.
Here is an example of how it
Lobbyists e HogWd worked.
Lobkbyisa s Ho .iid mOut in San Bernardino. talifor-
.What Waigto needs morenla, a long way from Washing-
than anyin d is o.t a representative of the Shel
invest tingion lobbying. Oil Company telephone Mrs. O.S.
Lobyts ran wild the recent Smelser. He said a mutual r
session of the 84th Congress. had recommended her nanfe as a
They also ran the Congress. They prominent worker for good causes.
were bold; blunt, brazen in their Mrs. Smelser agreed to see the
deiands that congressmen vote Shell 011 Company not realizing
i way and vote that. They did be-was a lobbyist, and he explain.
set even bother to disguise their edthat Shell Oil was forming co
diptatorahip. mittees of very important persons
Tir etfrts varied from the in different communities for civic
chNiu Pnaautlic of ex-congress- work. These committees were
m by Cipplger. Republican to wage an educational campaign
eo n s; who wanted to preventto inform the public that price
elts tveai Atiogaon a toll bridge regulation of gas at the wells was
eye the Wabash river, to te contrary to the American system
altti-million dollar efforts of the of free enterprise.
atdatalfas lobby.
d d e the Congress is not Committees were to be formed
uly j probe the wy its own of prominent citizens belongingto
I3as were lobby at least service organizations who could
2t, lb the present big businessainflunce the public and the Con-
atmoephoreC-that pervkies Wash- greas and the local press, the Shell
ngtoin, this column wili attempt representative explained. Hewant.
to do some probing ed seven persons on the commit-
. At's begin with the two above tee, six men and one woman. He
aio4e1d lobbile s,' tried to flatter Mrs. Bitter Into
ST.e lobbying of ex-congress- becoming the one woman. ,
m p er b described iAl you have to do isto pad
i"a'.ftl words. T ie ga lobby propaganda h favor of ree
acvtipvit would take more space the federal laW, he sa., .
than is available to the average mot important to edcate te
nea s nr. public at once because the set-up
C"linger is the manager of a In Congress is good for the purpose
toil bii ate -P-iei an. d of repealing this law.
Ildianl and didn't want Congress Mrns. Baeuer s a civic-'?inded
to w dy who does not believe in at.

me6m itteM headed by wives, She refused to cooperate.
tn De at r o Indiana
I ,.' liking i. this. But' all over the nation, more
So Clipphager, who as a former gullible ladies were organedby
member of Congress has the right the oil-gas com anies to influence
to appear onthe Housen floor, fran- Co.ress in order to pass a bill
tiealy darted from Congressman which would arie the prce,, o
to Congressman during debate natural gas by several miion d-
trying to prevent the pr6be of the'IlaN annually. More about the de-
Irge which e manages, He wasiviouas tm intricate operation of
not suceshul. Finally Joe Martin'this and other lobbies will follow
told him politely to leave the floor. soon.

natural gas lobby at tim. T or i Ex lined
WA more devious, also more eo- f'I CGeI tplained
feetive. It had at its disposal a
slush fund of $1,500,000. and it op- CLEVELAND, 0. (UP)- The
crated both in the grass roots and strange behavior of women at a
by direct contribution to the pO- department etre sale is perfectly
litiAl campaigns of senators and logceal after. al.
c.mpeptaen. So reports Mrs. Virginia Miles,
Wr instance. Senator John But- a psychologist, with the McCann.
tlr ad Maryland, Republican, who Erickson' advertising agency.
at Mhnt planned to introduce the Mrs. Mijes says women will
exempting natural gas from reach hit a neatly pied stack of.
al regulation, had received merchandise and take something
Mfrm Clint Murchison, the from the bottom becausee the top
it Texas gas-oil tycoon, during one might be shopworn or ekA
electies campalli. He also re.- wnts to feel she's making her
S 35,000 from Jack Porter of own choice.".
Sqiator Price Daniel of Texas,.
who al*s collected heavy campaign AND THiS MEANS YOU!
Irom oil and gas, began
t t meove in passing the natu- BASSETT. Neb. (UP) A
ia gA bil The drive for pas- sign on private property here is
S planned so carefully that unequlvocal to say the least:
So ths ago, Daniel demand- "No neckin'.
ad of his Texas colleague, Senator "No drinking'
adeM JoheMon. that he,. Daniel, No trespassing,
e placed n the Senate Interstate "No foelin'-
Coaueree Committee. "STAY OUTTI"

rt'..' o4 I

Grass Roots Campaign

The International Vegetarian off? Does a carrot carr e when it's show you a real vegetarian.
Union has been meeting in Paris, yanked out of its home in the omehow women never seem 'o
and I see that my friend Master warm, soft earth, rudely striped'bood much about the orphaned
Arthur Buchwald has done his us- of Its clothes, run ogh a family the poor little dead
ual line. snide, dead-pan Job on mincer and reduced to juice to:'uink, nr do they dwell us s
the carrot-munchers. be sold' to vegetarians? Is there,1 safferings in the trap, 11f he hap
This figures because Mr. Buck- no lobby to protect radishes, poV&pehs be wild mink, the more
weld is widely known as a bi- tatoes, and watermelons from | valuable 'lnd.
game hunter, although he Is slaughter by callous killers? Who| As a keen aficionado of what
slightly myopic, and once shot a is to say a beet has no soul. or the veulods call "'vulture tcod,"
Congo antelope while aiming at a that a grape ikes to be jumped whIch to bay meat, I mafalg
Cape buffalo, a neat trick ftor on by the French, in order to to eoatrol my emotion. over te
anybody, even a secpnd-growt make people drunk for profit? .. fo ( a four-ya;gib ;t,
Parisian come down with dilu- There is a popm ar saying, eyou ni' h h been cealm ta .
lsins of being Hemingway. know, that a fish feels no pain nocent corn for some weeks in a
But Mr. Buchwald is an honest with a hook in its mouth, but I stockyard pen. H he'll eat that
man with a quote and I was Im- never read an interview with a poor, dead eorn, he deserves to
pressed with on ie pried out of fish saying that he liked It t rapped ov the s ul ith a
rs. Clarence. Casque. the presi- or ever had a short chat with the maul, and ,jo Sow u.P ar t1e
dent of the w etarianas. Iworm that wriggla s on the hodk. along with o e murdered ata-
"The vegetable *way of 'it Maybe even a turn[p bha itssui- tesw, uno b
eache. us to live i harmony w it balie. too, bees t Its ua of I tlaer l vIi Hlleatiith l
the law of life." Mr. B. quotes IGm4n aarturea just like Mrs.,kda h desi eirve- t
the lady as saying. "Because of afish or the ladies of the a ed eat- eto subadolon.
the cosmic laws that vibrate I've ettlig personal against
through the animal, vegetable and Mr. Buchwahj did not say. but vegeta is. If a person. wants to
mineral kingdoms. There ias one I preume the ladies were wear- go around eating grass. let him,
vibration going through them all, ing shoes, and unless they, were I say. But I wis they wouldn't
and if we kill or destroy our con of. glass they were of leather, pes- be so vehement about exhorting
tract with this vibration we sepa- aibly, and I do not know how to the multitudes to do likewise. The
rate ourselves from it. If we par 'make a leather sale without forci- Good Book says it's all right to
take of ripened things we do not bly undressing a ccw. Nor can one eat meat, and what the Good
break this law, but are in har- effect an alligator handbag with- Book says is good enough for me.
many with it." out first reducing the alligator to Beades. I go a tame turnip I
I think this view Is distinctly a solid plbration with eternity, been racing as a pet, to -wlert
unfair to carrots and cabbages I am heavily against picking it comr when I call, and sleeps
and such. How does a vegetarian m hks until they are pri, but yo across my feet, and I would just
actually know that a cabbage show me a dame who'i turn down asa see. of assassinating one
doesn't hate to have its hea eout a little 90-skin number and I'll of the a .



e No Red Herring: Less than five red at four in the a.m Sign Joe Pasternaklanning a movie
n months ago T sat in Jack Peuri- on a kid's lemonade stand In role for Dagmar. A double &ea-
is foy's office in the American Em- Gramercy Park: "Regular ture, I Rita Gas
e bassy n Bangkok. Peurioy, a cents. On the rocks 10 cats." secod-te N about her ex,
D0 brave and brilliant Red fighter, Nothing's Confidential: Martha direct Sm. y Lumet, who seems
i- was killed in a motor accident in Hyer and Edwin Grant 3d- iced to be firat-toug htng about Gloria
Ie Bianm last week. He told me he their romance. Starlet Pat Vanderbil t. Dana Wyter at
1o did not like his assignment. He Hardy, former Copa cute. In Gil- Dr. Bex Re;, still a twosome ..
w said he thought the career-pinkoes more a with Stav Heraed. Gas. prp for a thalit Hand-
in State had finally gotten him. Cleatus Caldwell (ex-Mrs. Ken some Jack Sermas, who plays
He implied this might be his Murray) tea-timing with Joe Kirk- Paris in "Sole. of Troy," wearsn
o "punishment" for smashing the wood & Rita Lupin ad a cotusme weighing two ounces.
n Communists in Greece and Guate- Alex Buncimak are a la mode. --
e mala. Bangkok ib considered the The Biz There's No Bin Like: There Is No Sodelet: Wole
hell-hole of the diplomatic corps. The Latin Quarter's Betty George Donabue during model Kathy
The temperature seemed 100 in an was nursing a cold. Lynn Christie Collin to a e unknown iatrex
y air-conditioned room. Politically the 21-year-ld vocalist with the so It wtt be printed nre .
M Thailand plays with the West. But Latin Quarter band, was drafted Are Mr. George F. Baker and
r. geographically it's the hub of the to sing Betty's complicated prm- Charle C bin about to mere
rt Asiatic Communist world, sur- duction numbers. She wyet on at the fam ily rtuns? P-
n. rounded on all sides by such as five minutes anotice with ano D'Alb4w, famed prhbf itae
Red China, Moscow's errand-boy, bearsal and belted out the semis eae. sMi te and gay bo .
Nehru, Soviet-slanted Indonesia, without dilating a cue. Leu Wl.a* vadersae, MWayrs-ai-lnpumie
the Peiping puppet Viet Minh and ters was so impressed he's giving with a tam wte ne iS his
Red guerilla armies in French her the big job in a forthcoming shoulder. Nuw he la enning his
Imn6 o C hi na, the Shan States, show. aeas betweloet rmauds at rtak
British Malaya and the Philip- -- Law's FLoik Estate in It:1, Ia-
pines. Thanx to Connie, Paging Diane: ares tianu is eoaducie to bet-
-- Every nightclub and bistro boss ter writing.
S Now It Can Be Told: Peurifoy in New York Is praying for an-. ---
was a tough West Pointer. Don't other hurriesse, because Satur-I Califobra at the Bar (I mean
think he let these odds or pres- day's biz was the most buxom i Beritets): "Never PlsuadW 4Iiy"
sures from American fellow years. Faced by Connie's thnat Fa lo'a fabulo at-
ttavelers and his opposite number New Yorkers remained in tofn, Jaike hrlich will be a
in the British Embassy get him conventioneer and tourists al- s na staidsa net week.
down. He was the American In ready were here and the result 3. ." t sWe
the Pacific most vocal against a was jam-pached glnavls a a Sat I -1
sell-out to the Reds. While he lived urday in Saieter unue- **to'ft." t
the Washington Double domes I hit Luehw's where' i amp
were stymied. They didn't dare standing a Mt r l te ie W
scuttle Chiang. But Peurilov's the Forest tstival. The ebi i -l
penchant for fast cars and dea- Harryn lesBu 1l* Gran i lb .
S droua driving was well Uto n. Termina l tepredle -
Tampering with cars t 1 a01d "Blul t Q
practice the Soviet assasalats so bus he the

I ep Aminbessador l e _tk.e ri l p at A 0

Hse, That 11dy ome a illy
nmmumta a ue B- m 1.--a New Year a Eve, t N I

Holmut Da n allM ltite -
the U.1 aS 1.rt a.'s (lab
.a NOW lL 1 ra lneed W O lt
wlae awa __ Ow 'M-Wthought-w4
bte prtmade i S t
Herer m s.. Nowhere'hen

. .

By Colbroith




- l ."" -4


_ ICII __





- ~- I -

- I QAN 'N.-
- .; T '' ;- : .........--

Piec~erm rfl6 ?0fed#Wr

pres Fromf '
O *L ;++- ++i

modwbacks. Sunday before a. Funel arrangemaWnt. for Va 1I-
verfe. congraton of more e entnm were rW completed. Ciro-
than $00. Chidren were forced to er Hoyt Wlson returned a verdict
stand in the windows of the con- of "death by muakebite."
crete block church because of the
Mitch ..e U id al p Talent Night
handled ,snakes Sundasy bt noneI ,m m ..
was bitten To Be Sponsored
.m. 4 th fan ardsJ- y Capri Club
n Io the snae g cere A talent ight will Ee.
moala. But Johnson said he did held tomorrow h at the Pa-
not believe the grand jury had any also Theater u.der the ausplcee
powers. toactinthe as ce, of the Capri Social Club.
according to him, there is no law In ddltton to the program,
prohibiting such practices in Ala- the fim "Lovely To Look At'"
bam. a. s tarring Kathryn Oraysop and
However, Asst. Atty. Gen. Mac- Howard Keel, will be shown
Donald Gallion said a 1953 statute starting at 6:15 p.m.
makes it unlawful to "handle or
display" poisonous reptiles in NO PAYOFF ..
such a manner as to endanger the NEW HAVBEN Conn. -(UP) -
health or safety of others." It is Burglars worked hard on the At-
a misdemeanor, he said. lantie Manufacturing Co. Job.
Valentine died at Mit q he l They scaled a 10fopt fence, pound
home 14 miles from here after the ed away at a 500-pound safe but
rattle snake struck him. Mitchell couldn't open it and then dropped
related "the Rev. Valentine was the safe down an elevator shaft.
preaching when he reached down It still wouldn't open. Frustrated,
and took a four-foot diamondback they left. Company officials said
rattler from a box and wrapped the safe was empty anyway.

B.lbrs Take Lie .Oer Tet
I'!1 Stwnq Of 12-Yer-OWiScout


r U Q, Mi.... 17- of all thIe -a emly of
.B 9 -a[el Caep. Wa. the camp wUeiI checked on I'u
l n todf for _ie do. all employee -t state.
ttest l aiId.V.wa lb UEt-akI-el Informedt
,Sl s et by. t llhn at.= Mat at luest
a^1 ses cam bt wan- ene of te In ae
awa s '._ 'paaid s quest s mrue" a. lm4ena
a W~~woods. of the emplVoy was not discloue.
H-Ot Peter's fa.h art, Frederick A.'
he be tevd deter m 'of Gorham of vansten, and a broth-
A-: .wtiw ed tA on ect- pearc .dupg the e weekend. They t me 't luke to have
i. _wv -M b .. Was woete te o ...te b.bod. t Evan-ltheir wives call them. et naemu
ll +wit .ae d to th onIWa p a ne the an i b t tad round. in publc I'sIke ha Lb
._. vib o beeClble. lu. State ooue L Grand Haven in- .ka a to k his wife to reserve
rback o thee slayer a rently had e t OR I -
11 = 47*I*- &.cou- wars dccovered.T u :edack.her pot names to use only wb*io
SPedr letthnn t bld the nites "und the the camp but back troopers refused hey are alone, she ought to do

asdoubtedly was t ae wo a sex body after the assault. ld ta lkhulder ep rivate,
-a, a arm "We couldn't let him see that,"t-we+ t em b piate,
o1u fpellt.pled to t Ev up a one troops tosain. "It was. rough."
rae M. Boultonf i il so telsh and ywas clad only priest, the
Sex tive anbhd ban Ltor of the Rev. John Crosb broke hirthe Polinews f aN te
bak &mp on the sho erf earbyaidthe Pe layer apdeath tl had iut her. FORT WA Ind.- nP)
1pederu saidMthe "un- the trousers and shTutkback-on me Truck drivereClyde ..
17. M. Boulton ., .Ili .s 'o ut Kelsh and a CaolIc priest, te two rear wheels on his heavy truck
executive and &eetor of t hea Rev. John Crosby broke the news flew off snd traveled 600 feet
cam n o the shores a nearbyof Peter's death 6o his mother. throu two filling stations and a
"P Dck TLake was the fifst to take "Thank God for that," Mr s. parg lot before banging into a
5ig through the a lie test. State police salad he vol- Gorham said when she was told parked car.
pd. at thMed 4tod, unteered for the test and It "coom- her boy was shot and apparently
"W hil owner, Mra pletely cleared hint." had not suffered.
ey, ntahke other ~unt said Boulton never was "We feel that Peter is a saint
hiw, we doesn't seem under suspicion because of his ex- in heaven," she said. "I don't
10 kfows what ae'w collent record and background in have to worry any more .1
.. I working with boys. He asld hls,de- couldn't stand much longer not
apartment has checked the records 'knowing what happened to him."
!" e.I / ml i i l i.l n i ,.''1

Ch-, _s m0,.
t3 etersIluding .a sdaeas.
When It's So Easy To Learn With
Learn today & Dance tomorrow. I

SAccept A $1.00 Special Trail Lesson.
AMr-eoundtoned studio Heuts 5 to 10
Suite 111. Call Balboa 2-429F or Pan. 0 | 2
I-mr nM.nmi-m e M Inn

PI I-M f

'.? '

away fon her mooring in Soston Navy Yard vi her Wot.f
egolng drydock. Eventually, she'll be towed t- Baltbu- 1L.
whe she was launched Sept. 7, 177,. and after ilatorlaM wi
become a nmnent memonaraL

GOING WITH THE WIND-h;iurry! hurry it's just like hurricane DIANE

Get to the American Bazaar before this
Hurricane of Pfke Bweep' away the
Town's best Buys!


3.95 (2 for) 8.9 5

2 for the prioe of 1'

.59 m.

Buy them on Budget Plan 30 long weeks to pay
from $1.66 weekly
Values up to

s24.95-TWO FOR $ 47.50

s 29.95 OFOR $57.50
S0Total liquidation of

Three for $1.60


"Swank" "Hikock" "Pioneer"

from .99

Others, from $1.50

FROM .29



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f Mokes
Fosons'' .




tota VcS50

glsopAN() olt




s15.00 two lor $25.00

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at $5.00 ea.
includes Linen, Seersucker
and Rayon Suits!

To make space for new shipment
we are liquidating

FROM s12.9

FROM $8.9

51-1I denier
.99f-Tefor$2.75 A
,r" -- =n
,1n, "A. .-

25 71 Central Avenue
.:'.,, .i Plas. 6 d- .MA .-

W .AtlMW Ar"

Opposite Ralad Stastion

i 7
-.. .. .. ... .-, ;-
_ -+ -jS.+ --


0i o7 .~
".--.; :- :_' -: ,. ., --+-. *-..\^ : ... ; l*



- i-i-- -- -~----- --- i-i--- -I

~eek --- --

~kop c~an,



. 0 1

TBL' AMAum-A .mu CAN


i- *AOUS flf


4 .


er Q onthe rocks




L--- -

, -, ; ,*. -

a. i4 .*-- s*vM s'- *., .- <*--w !w -r


The car of distinction, NOW PRESENT


Smooths the Road
Levels the Load


Available In the custom built
also the
*" and,
Now on display at


27 Automobile Row Tels. 2.2086-2-3172

* 4 YL~V


.-t '


* a -ct*^ ,


JUNIOR HOSTESS lEADERS The Membership omrmftthi of the-Pa dfio Sid Service Club Junior Hit0-0
Society, USARCARIB, tnet for lunheoh rmeetllig at $he Army Navy Slib,
Fort Amador. The officers, alf of whom are new, and -guests were, cquainted with the work of the commltts
From left are: .Mrs. HaroldR. Phillips, Inter-American Women's Club .(1qo0 ittee); Mist Ruth .Bla kwell, staff
service club director, USARCARIB; Mrs. Julia Melhado,. offiIal chLperonh, Junior Hootess toilety (committee
member); Mrs. 0. -Parker, Balboa Women's Club committeee members); Lt 061, R.-k.. Morden, assistant
Chaplain, USARCARIB (tuet); Mrs. Louis Oomez, president. Inter-Amerlee Women's Club. (guest); and Miss
Claire Ogden.. director,. Blla Vista Children's Home (co, pttioe memberr. (US Army Photo)



With the olsih of thie Sum.
mer Youth Recreational Pro-
gram at Albrook, 'AFB, Col.
John W. Oberdorf, base Com-
mander, congratulated Mrs.
James F. Treece, chairman of
the program, along with her
co-chairman and supply chief,
Mrs. Marion O'Quinn. On the
extreme left is Pettit Calvert,
one of the youths who parti-
cipated in the program. After
the congratulations, he pre-
sented Col. Oberdorf with a
book rack as a token of ap-
preciation for the program,
The Albrook recreational ac-
tivity co-sponsored by the
Community Chest and the
MC00 and Officers Wives
Clubs, was of three weeks
duration and embraced a reo-
ord enrollment of 204 child.
dren. (USAF Official Photo)


Home of the famous


Quality bristleeomb hairbrushes
Bath brushes tOoth brushes
Mirrors combs ... etc.

as well as household brushes of all classes
from walls to sink.

The Fuller fiber broommops, polishers
and cleans.

Quality items for all purposes.


.. m FO Ci'o

"J" St No. 18

* el. 2.2386 2.2142

-p ... .

rMEW RENGUE hIlia tplr. sttivetMneas .1i V anistem
MEX MERENWE, g Ainwg atiOt Union CM4 NIt Friday
cuiskk isftp. .oly f .** -

p l ty young
evening at a festival

danmse"ls 4i a
organized by the
c -

S.. ~S~C='fl4= -- -r *'w--~ *4-~ L~ --S*
A -
5..: -


'.-:*. 1.

C. r- ^,

f* -q.

.-'c -S

$ 4. ., ".. l -- .
4-s.^ Y .. ....

r __ ___


- --

-- -----


-, -

- "i *" 1 ^ K' *B" k 4 4

* -

".. .'".-'IF. "F I- ."

-. |-,. '.- --... .
.:~~' ,. ,aw --

Once a year, on the anniversary-of 'the fduing of the ruined city we now call Pana.
436th ANNIVERSARY ma Viejo, a mass is- sung from the altar of the Cathedral of the Assumption, burned
and destroyed when pirate Sir Henry Morgan. sacked the capital he called-Castilla del Oro. Monday's mas .was
attended by many local notables and a large ;rowd of woishiperse many of whom stood on the-grass among[ihe
rubble of the once-proud city. From time to -time there have been many plans announced for ousting squaitr-
shacks from the site of one of the oldest capitals in-the .Americas and. performing authentic work of restoration
and preservation. Besides the. religious ceremony marking the-436th anniversary of the city's birth, cabinet
officers and municipal officials held. an ojan'.town-meeting, awas-done-during the-days Panama wa a.Spanish
Colony.* .. ..... .* '


Chosen queen of the younger
married set for the forth.
coming Carnavalito to be held
for students at both the
Union Club and Hotel El Pa-
nama was Olga Chanis de
Boyd, 2nd from left. Celebrate.
ing with the vivacious young
matron, front row, fromn left,
are Oscar Moreno, -Lu. Estri-
peaut, Olga do Oiler,.Alberto
Aleman. Jr., and Floyd Bald-
win. The Malambo Orphan-
age benefited from charity
business during the festivities
at the Union 'Club on Sat-
urday night.


there was codt y about ,th f, -tv,- nT.:-mai .to the prefto % 4wai in Wthe. .p-ia
recipes for taty whoteeoe die prepeni at various ueols and restara t is n of Panama's mi-.
port~nt agrM9turat crops. Through plitng a new id of seed-corn ute severttas seral
years a t r i e per a has. -" it pa .T -nd her -. cot .-j p .

A "look" Isny way M- 0
fashion so that the re~lt-i m.sei
and derable.. so that ors lk
of It, oopy it and believe In Itn

3xwtmcc duu iitJf~?

WM w. it?

'~ A

No. 21 Centrkl Ave.

No. 16 Tivoli Ave.

.14 ^ "
W tA^
t i**''

It oould be the small prieO of a new pair
of shorts with a T-shirt... a l solous
evening gown or a little "Cotton" ...
from our brand new collection of frocks.

of course at

Both Stores

There is new fashion and "look" galore -
. for your Junior figure or .
Misses and many new half sizes!
OH ... and not to forget. we have .
new fashions for that Important "'
"look" *. ,. the expectant mother!




v .








'in I .


II ore

Come and see our bols and bolts
of wonderful/ materials
Swizerland embroidered linen
in beautiful colors -

Silk printed taffetta.
in lovely shades

Large variety of cotton materials




" O R B 0 N will give you more security avd eeonemy'

" OR B 0 N Gas Stoves are all porcelain made and

easy to handle.


Buy an O R B O N through our Easy Club System.



No. 11-18 C4atnl Av am.


*"~S~~l ~

S. 7 -.
-i :.- .. ". ..S ".. -.

fastion for your money
you sew your own.


- -4-

ic -.

___ __


, ?>

-i-- '2''' ~ ~ ~.1. ~..

.*^ ,'; ^ a~-^...; *.. -R im1

- Y U CAR .P.fl: YNt.. .
Isex pensv,,e.... W, '':

tIVexpOenstre waA



r."- -.--,i := -
,,'. .* -. '. -



I abeal he. II
Sh4 of July Av.. h J f.
Justo Arsameaa Ave. aud 3 1.

m[ La Canqllmat
Cenml Avet.
.e I em.i "sJu

eorh f at ol AAN avs TmN W. m
Agenola Internal, do PbMisclone FARMACIA ESTADOS UNIDOS
*atabs L C10 C v Am

a. Pem. e hs. Op .a. 4 A MIIlg&UJ4
U wma i, a .
N NOADSAl8Ti "-1,
,' wan e',. ..:' -


sam i ..... s r l t mat hem ee lal' ft he Ave. J. F. de

H AD-Wth heads together are 5-yeamr-
a 2l.Spl eabbage. The giant b-ad wa
t 0a, Masilgwr4. R. a Pdoef, a hith

No. 1<
Tel. 2-01

i .Household Automobiles ALCQHOLIUS ANONYMOUS _Hoou er I Apartuients tMb',w ffusee gs".
PROFESSIONAL ... x2.03 1. ANCO Z. ... Ar I .... l. l -I .. .InMITwai tIl
ROFESIO AFOR SALE: 12-cu. ft. Serval FOR SALE:-195 Mranris Miner OX 11, CRISTOSWAlt.Z. FOl RoNT-New shlet, the ATTUTlWJIN .*1 Jut PropUk. H tt r 15A'.
Electric rfrig l or lice mak. four-deer, excellent condmltl, -"- biemes. eeo rom., dining toodad few".l ., 1 ,
unal Zone Dental Polyclinie or); gas stove; inmnln mat- r.esonabip price. Cell 2-63 96or. remae, thrmM.o f, LLIAMS' iisng mad Cl*Ati" .ater c
II Ntressese nd ce ll.prings; large Panama 3-4054 uft lt de", Ma: _rea" o 7r7Aotenou wfetyfl r L r m 4-1._ _WLL u $a at. ,,.l S
Dr C.. Fabrtga D porcelain top kitchen table ;. 10- SALE s... -se.. esars,
r .A. Roy D.D.S. A L N A K I It nN .S ,,. .,_,mM C .. .... ...
.ntre-b..idge work-all realve blinds. mles. hess ow d effect.r ALEd 19 O5 O_ O tih __"--l___ */--mf. ,-iw.S .g i^ l @, tg fl,*,,.7 m l f"
l Pn !ne ne. 0, .nle E"mnnd. W.1n 9 wllk 4._ SWurdy Ded-p PwOL3 OF PANAMA by Jab F OR SALE d air v.. hveObl. PANAIrAb'J#r i n.1
le. A.,.! ..,,l,..S. .. or. : ..5, ,,d M ov.e min e price -.- ,,, ... .,.2. i t-
r.ileon hlalnd a -Stl pickup. lelbea 2-3050. a *nd MadeUl an ,pe $5.50, .*101.
Telephone 2-20il-Pn- will arrive shortly. Reserv your Pl a I PM Otn.
FOR SALI:-.Wafinghoumse e- FOR SALE: 1949 Nash 600 cey new. AGENCIAS STEER, Boats & Motors IOI RSu'-ad u D D
.frigaratr. 9-cu. ft.":llnt 4 e $aS.A. Phoe Prnma 2 121. FORsi sr. I St-.
SRETIREMENTS, LIFRoAioE n aone .u Io. Phone 2-3479 after FR SALt. reflar- r10 .; one -hp. Mart.inout- amg. m a. l
D UCATION INSURANCE Star:$ .t:- ..Mar $65, ehogany diaeoig re es burd metem. Pho se 2-4395,
lFOR SALE:-L6vcing for Steres, table 4 c 6 hair $15; 1948 lh". Cangre. .Inquire AparimeatN SbI l oeu I
must Rll maany diom FO SALEa:-g1955 fck Sr- Hudn 4-deer sdn $275. bin cl l $. Taol
JIM RIDGE mu sal anegn dial r FOR :1 Bui k FOR SALL:-E4-ft. mcing run- FOR REINT-V afu fIselscd T Ihe1 k.6t. 12.
3I 42.-C. door Rir "o. Tri Evin ... ... P ...L. Lftr.. T **M 72. Telephonel
Govilan Rhad. power steering and brakes, re- 6-752i. -trea w/tra er, 12 p. Eke creened .GpOmmmoar 2 bedreems.
Phone Panama 2-0552 die, heater and ther selected -uta______trd meter $500 or high. sittfw, d IaIN-g seem,'s
SFOR SALIs-25-cycle refrligre- accssorles. Also 1951 BuI 4. FOR SALI-Two fedders 1954 t reneble effer. Owner buy- rems, Owe b-iM tib. .m.. FOR A
Steer reosneable; 5-a1. sh nk; dr sd.n, gree. Less. hien modl % -ton window air cendi- Ing lrger best. Call 87-4109 $110, t "IL CANGRJO," a FOR. SALE
h, uI shoed Iteim.; rosrds, bk.k. 20,000 ..actul M.i. Original len; 4 venetian blinds. r 40 I 721 S3* -3i # 3 --build lg "Corees...
lHlar tL&Dni 876 Morgan Reed. Bilboa. owner. An outstanding autome- 48x66 inches each. Call PeS- day. 4S 4DeoC a, Atnue I 9. Real Etate PV-
d ... -. -- I -- lsna g M altaa. bureau. bile. 3206 Empire St.. alboea. MI 2.234 daily 8-5. 42. Phan 2.1616 Pan ma. I-
R,__1___ _FOR SALE:--Metl bureu. Wl BUY. SOB and Mwanaga Rl
Child's vardrb, upholieMd R, EmNaA U m i R RN. : Smll furnished sate. "Tbe Imperil egle. "
'iarm chair. werdiebe trunk, fleer FOR SALE:- 1950 Olds '88" W/A NkTED ggUI5 rUiggl Case Nc. 24 At, svo ne gCthedMl Pe-0 P8meT. Tele.
it. liamp. Everything cheep cheep. 4-doer deluxe, with hydramotie, .WAN Ce. No. e24 Advenue pem. .7.i
"Phone Balbma 3336. radio, $850. Cristobal 1435. Cd sN, |O 1O P T .-h 1 --m... p /f11 lm
IA S HARNETT 'OR AINT- I -bedroom. par-
fti 3MO LRAI StAL:--llrenalol freiu.- I-. en I nVEDJ"0orV, dalo roeom apartment in FOR SALE: Camerote hos.
FOR SALEM rorgr e.4 5.A fem b e Row.l
ammnll .,o-tor W.esnghou.e, 25-cycle .. h YAin Ni1 Me W A'Y'.,T-uev.. -em I Yo.,ur community Station *F*I de e Ic 0 Ca e. remo".egbg --o aN-
I $40. 5286 MriMsen St., Diablo. iV lg U I Ised 25 Sep. leR ns Fr d.l see D. C astre N e. #M Ce" resemble fr. a .-
F. iL--rweing- p uple. No ehdilde. .(Telephone: 2-3< 111) 24 AVon .ve ceptIL Phone 105, Colon.
f ---j]H. FOR SALE:- Westlnghoue re- t-- I mMhrAvinu Refaree fumlshd. Cell a- I(Teepo.. 2-8" -.'...' ""....-
frigerater, perMelaeln, 25 cycles, I I II VlIUI ea 2-294 ,aftr 4. Where 100,M People Meet
I '. llAl excellent condition 7-ft. Noe w Ih .r.. /. I

I rUif nDD-fTOD WOw [L :aM HoTEL I i SnIIpoi
"Criatobeol 72-I. PAme 3-3211. I BUFFALO, N. Y. -i (UP) -l ie -a"nll wel 0-eg m- P resents
L N sl d h s Butchere John Ulnric, 58 was Vm.) ne
Y h FOR SALE:n- Househnld Items: I awarded $5, 00.40 ien state coam- yer l i; er-drowa 111ilmg eb- /P-----
"We can help I th %-ton 25-cycle air onditio pensat-ion court for injuries sIinal. bara with 2 steekh: ma t
Chirpracti Ing unit. Will coal two bedrems feared when struck by a piece of ad st of efe elsa wit thMre Today, Wednesday, Aug. 17
Snaman ouer-family enst ce quarters bee. And it was not on the hoo.L wee and eight irns, eand bag; P.M.
n rC NH, cK Also remtben blsledfer three and othe 0 miscllnoes Item. :15--S ammy Kaye Show
hedreem and hathweom7 Can he I. 0-Mus i
S A. N ao beros and betrem. C n be Ulrich was struck on the ahoul- Availae o. I Taver. 0:-Muic For Wednesday
De. _and o I 1 seen ot 790-D Teovernimeeent Stee. CN S lbe 341I 4:00---Feature Review-
A r t. Call Belboa 3461. der by~ heavyslab of beef aen, tIe 4:30-what's Your Favorlte n,
S- l..Ine Theatre plFOR SALEsi,-Mehoegany living plant where he was employed. Hel (requests U pleas-e phone Seat Cover
room set, 7 pieces, pley pon. I suffered a ruptured tendon in his Help Wanted bf~ Prc0. .00.
white suit. Cell Balbs 1723. right arm, causing partial loss of 5 :---Ws Y
ANISPORTuS BAtXTR tSA* House 5o62-D. use of the limb. Wre Wv -- CNl ok. ,ee e:3-we, T Your Favorite. 1- $170.00 dowr
pekers Shippers-Mvers work. Mus have goa refer :o-felnd in Blue (USAl") haUe're
M oe -2451 l ac ept- a Phonnl sa 3 -oul not give Dpqir r fo dlvo t:00--Serensde.In Blue (USAF) ,

seeI .aere 1PSlet tNc7. 4. 6:45-Sciencdde Martn The MarchWhite Sid

.........' nted tootes -apnostl service. positi'oo Yo tartheoog'eorsoaprat.- rramLI V.O.)o 40 0 o
osBailing~ Baturday are twO l president aa token of peace, as omen reported held, 8ore. P .l Si .
d00 c.c.hi,,ngl wcang M houets -pueast phone b
ell known Canal omp et ere en a ra al 7a :1p--Fe wdi e a s Mt So ow, W1 7:3-reln an i ON
atd olm -Th*e o rgnistn rtyasin JheR as.or sed hal o-299m l. C :0-Mu oth

111enothbon rP eo~f statementthat tA ha-1d thwartel1d JaNas ms. we AN 012:00-N eX-8lga I Off
e retrain th month They ae The ounutina announced announcthe deter. Macin tohvrmer een taking AMRI uchn A play vacation In Colorado
nSalings its detenn tion toin a i n ti enior Theology course at San Mi. 1 FOR SALEm i. :-u e In e a
S r le President Juan D. Peron in power guel S emeinary. wfhetre a 1 a r go a tot Oree8:3Aeldevesntre0 e on
against all opponents. ;quantity of seditious pamphlet, .... -.___________* ( C)oeu Dd

indstle Tr nsortatl on Divisions the brilanet pot of n d. Ad bretrazNavy Capt. Rs.e A cc-. mA n le eTomorruoe, Yhenaday, Aug"e a'o n F I
t$omie nama Canal C anydemonstrations were reported in the semin ary, Emolio Bravoea. a lso- tia .nw tis & battery s. 3 -: ..
lrsohCnlse T Po Pa u oa to buy and otherwise a- :00oT
, n "ill areaont wh -oui saPeron .I plto po.:ae o uer es: por d rtrWANTED tls n
t Thea aro Mia a s sicet harr tested 43 tents e d aondchargrs edu with headrg P 1 2-2993 s.533C 10 1 *
r a ln booked r t at wae o yreakng p a comn ofseod op o plots tOf cll cting funds fr ore the l pu rs e 1ho1 S rT
tn he northe-bound trip of statement that it had thwarted aool pupils demonsrat-to propagandize university tU-f arms. mice hvent hance 12:-Lunchme Melodi
ell, om .liner Ancon. hplo t to assassinate Peron, Minister Tho e uwen ideRuss D 1-ntified as FR SALE: T:iumph Tiger, -- Smn O f frsn I, I I
Mr Mrs. Noble are leav- of War Gen. Fr hoan e klin Luero and me Armbers of a group said to bombs them from tb e lexcell l:ent -ew n

-ly 'TI or tanol rs TIschool yesterd to obs ere A nations ck ws to b e'is suseted o Muah --

1r,,the Iatrhmius o ake nde enscon Day. er s w g wdely eireulated lealets Sage has put into use r datNv ud DEeCa Aul 17 (UP) --Pre2o In addition morn w.hThr ,laAg.l1
Unite Stte R se ric r e.Ipositi6 'partiesthe a'hread of our 'priests.Wu (re Eisenhower Motor-70 M il

o s ailingaturday are twoi.t as a token of pece. as The two women reported hedCloClu"Bombing :C lu ebe oe7n :
egharl kno Canal employe n- 'eedar so sy rest e d ." were identi iedas Sara gelca E d o a toa r The v S4 r
hifbbeakn 7p3olmriofng SalonrONpTHE GOLFeCsassrndBURTp N. Y. -a wokan-93ud
Lan da H. lFord, chief a o n of th pne pelet itOthe tihearty to resume cas o thentral execve o tie io ie mer. Russell D. tripn
Southern Dimle and Michael 1.1946an, e when the people, tired of o e Palacios e Anchon ns ad b ptemer 1town e. Phone e. 1:00-Nwo, .
Qtooks, *u f r. ....ofTranspor- fraud, oppression and misery, de. trUguayan-citizen whopheadeda- InSaeneIt

on of torwoTransport&termined forever to be governed intentional children's assutance 1:15--usic Ofe Manhattan
rl. n er; T. and censione Da, wriwwdel---rcul losSage has put ihoo use dt DN A 1U -re In aditoto dhi he l
SM. ttand oe organization during the W world War nr o e e ist m p
daughterp Sn 2rrethaltrt:plea- IpoArd arrtineste in e ,carr ired I was reported to over/"e side of sy a lo 1Of Th Boy g lS ar 1 -t Berto t lim w as i*Mlded fo
copks;Dr. Sy Mrs. A. B. Cu- hand l eron to the presi- fo l the M tiorr ne f n ew Yorke first 2:45-0Hk Fnow And His R atn rta stir up a batch Micetomorr
Four of the ngerailing dency." ji o Copps. a =-year gold0 E 'isew S Motor0 A Aies
Stla labconS erwill dis- At Eva Per rson rhe ( ta),pe law student. wa s re hrted arrest l erOl Bt om bingr Te t:00 re-etede nttertainett te er
R e areM diss lhice a'areted43"oerentaa rd andcether.asdm e :30- s add ploe tpaetg th Pregd w
mre y iied t o eaof V Adm he ar ee t ae n d i hT P Ma aM loIe .-r TuraP -DreLver Mext
SdMeledles aRodriguez20. "o- high school pupils demonstnt-h 'to propagandize university t u-n mice haen't a ca ance w hena :00--Lrnch heMo Ad. ieu at Rrensr dte ae s i

aMrs J. Spicciato. ; MrS againstPunishment of corpa dents. Coppa held a part time job flying farmer. Russell D. sage, 1:30-W tlo n ut.hd n
Lhe r advance assen- nies who stayed home I r ominpthe Army Ministry's communi-bms Them om the ai. 1:15-Muk O a

gl forI d Yo ooows0 school yesterday to observe As- cation.scorps.Heissu' sed hem o; @. t:00-

gHMiiu s de e and s ep -ieU"ree, it TELEPHONE At, lt hein c difso ene Ok:15-n hOn aa Veraree i a edD e w.c l
rleA. rnger; Mr. ein aw ringlets VENETIAN BLuse a adgeto DENVER, Aug. 17 (UP) -r In addition to i a fishing tackle ld
"Ielto BennettandsOfpTh |no a cos nt11o31s4-f ~h oud i e4qguimenta"e wast Rederun Ife
laughter, Miss Carrie Sharpen- I reported arrested in Buenos Airel Mrs. MacIntosh wan d reported to over te r a idcoVe ,, ar twom lesatcBsi h omot B rthou.e d 70 aides ,asaid '"a fair amount ofpant

side ofhan a lone,: t :0_--Tenm n aor I t for
atela; )&. andrs. uHarry Boys-, and elsewhereoin raids on homes: have headed a third anti Permn shower poisoned pellets. i _t the: (RI-S) Pass onthe Continental Divide to'th Fraser trip. And, Nielsen said'
HIun Elbert Broad:,pncar and premises occupied by per-1' grou, charged with distributingeMice runways of his orchards.Theeleuarmm arrangementshad ,

s a. te. U e. .Ra -asresd-Rm n mto hran gvenst hpret, orath een malea
SMr. and Mrs. Michael:30- Ben Show fishing at one of his favorite va- ranch cabin, heil ba
ralMrs. A. B. Cu-sht and killed in one of t following the May 10th disorders One of western NwYork' first 2:45-Ha Snow And His Rncationtra. lystiup atch' tomorrow.
a; DMIlD h Miss' C eret-r Some 40 persons were arrested'dral here. el system has it all over the 3:00-Organalra started on "some serious fishing,"* sling aro draftof
oheorlee A.Emiaw; andl j here iast night during an hour-long 1 Meanwhile, Vice Adm. Samuel ground method of distributing ps-j 3:15-Friqdy Martin Show hurried through a atack of p

AR P.t- sad ast and 'I is Isg scheduled tomake'fore t"her
a of 400 demonstrators e a n t idCorps command mot at the eworstf orh m Isl..ude or
e main 'leag an unsuccessful June 16 He claims it &Io is much more 4:30-What'Your Favot(- and then pla r e en
h're. Redall H. Ford.t; Mrs. downtown plaza.revoltagainstPen. beganserv-. effective.

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SSoal a Chorus Of Silence Greets Probei

-Wa n34 A0VyAs Baruch Attends House Heari

SL I -NEW YORK, Aug. 17 (UP) -A did not make any money from her Lilacs" and "Brigadoon," aM
., well-known folk sin er and pianist Broadway musical efforts. movies "Kid G r1.1 ah'd"
34, v' *,I..a 1fsu 5,4._ Vwbl -- e- ~who once played fr the head of Miss Jurist said she did a num- "Each Dawn I D.e" e saai
1 S. d- 4M J i b -. gm.w a-.o o i0. 074* 6 0. "l Io f *.a 4 HbLLYWOOD -(NEA)- Exclu.' who thinks of an ex-president when the New York Stock exchange re- her of musical scores for United had worked on 75 radio sho
Savely Yours: Now it's a Mrs.'he hears the name Wonroe." fused to discuss alleged Commu- Nations films and si t short subject vision sows readd o
S i .. '' ''. .. --_D_. eeds who's going to toWn. Colum- nist affiliations yesterday before on famous artists. But she declar- political beliefs."
R pANFR DTISION BAND WILE PLAY 0 P P1V I ( bia Studio is planning a fair sex Edward G Robinson's leaving "congressional investigators and a ed "I take the fifth," when asked Walter eted Sullivan wo
FORD S ATURAY DANCO AT AEMYNAVY CLUB II rifilmusical of "Mr. Deeds Goes to for a reconciliation talk with es. stdin room only audience that if she wrote the music for a film cited tp
FOR ATU A ANTown," Gary Coopers I movie ranged wife, Glad She's having include older sta esman Bernardattack on capitalisni called "Dol-
m-Navy CA Ft. ANmae bas announced a iit. This time Mr. Deeds. will stay a checkup at hMe nninger Clinic. Barucb. lar P atriocl.'" i
A s ay or r w try Division's baMnd home. Baruch, who will be 85 on Fri- She refused to answer further
illcs Gloria de Haven's trips to Flori. $40000 offer for two weeks of dra-A session of the House Un-American "quite dreadfl-l. no t very
bi *e s M d aft eno atn asilver ,''ela en in m' da to see her Mr. Big included aIncluded atic emoting at the Desert inn in Activlties Committee, investiga- ice at all," sad concluded:
nihbi Wttkla Retias on Muonay afternoon at ia slver l. aliue .ape- flight cut of New York every Satur-' Vegas. on of communism on Broadway "It would really be nice to end, COME QUIK I Nathan Witk-in" 'returned'dollar shower and tea honoring nI V meraaed dnu t "so day night during the Broadway run I Sign of the times note: Remem- because he wanted to find out for my testimony with a statements
to the Isthmus on Monday from a Miss Elizabeth Lockrldge w se s d oher wia," or diver of "Seventh H.aven." ber when movie theaters ave himself what was going on. of bravura, to use this desk as LAMP 5
Sh spent t marriage will be a Saturdayto -- away dishes to lure patrons. Now The white-haired ad vise r to platform, but, well. I'i ust have
L' tastes. vent. Co-hostesses with Miss al- s ams camel be accepted h y Gordon Scott, making like Tarzan it takes diamonds- Daily Variety presidents sat in the federal court- to take the Fifthb Amendment." A.
MrUs. With Michael, Samuelloway were Miss Julene Page, and on location in Africa for "Tarzan reports the Lucky Twin Drive-In room holding his hearing aid mi- Another witness was Mrs. Susan I. RA 6
Mand Ji Ann wil return on Sep Mrs. County Stemple. Anatc Reserve and The Lost Safari," suffered in Minneapolis gives away two crophone aloft so he would not D'Usseau, artist wife of p I a y- Ir asn w .,
member first from Lewisburg,. C ine F tlOtfficers eet burnt serious enough for a session sparklers every night. miss a word. wright Arnaud D'Usseau. co. au.- -
West Virginia. Terry Ford Bome For Visit Friday inig with 'a medic. The fim company -- or of the hit "oeep Are The eo .S w. kd
S".*__ f Terence Ford, Jr., is the gue The Atlanc Chapter Reserve lost control of a brush fire. Ann Sheridan, who means it Four witnesses appeared before Boots." She was asked about tes- Corner "BE & aetmelh
wle. raion *of his parents in Panama forfsev- Officers Assocfation of the United about living south of the border the committee but none would timony given previously to the Street
Rowlei Cralifoa eral weeks. He has just gradust- States will hokl their quarterly Ex-kid. star Jane Withers' battle when shli's not emoting in Holly- say a word about Communist mat.- committee by Stanley Roberti in
oMr and Mrs. Robert R. Powers ed from Trinity College in Hart- meeting at the Cristobal Yach t with an arthritic ailment during' wood, streaked back to Mexico ters. They, like the seven theatri- Hollywood linking her to Com-rn
f San Dieo Caornia, announce ford. Cona., and will teave SeClub on Friday evening at 7:30 her eight-year film retirement was City. It's some of Ann's money in cal figures who appeared Monday- munist activities.
he birth ~P their first child, a sonl15 for a year of study at te ip.m. and will hear a talk on the a close call. At one point she spent the new telefilh' series starring formed a chorus of silence except When asked if she knew Rob-
Kenneth Richmond on Au at university of Madrid. National Convention held recently five months on her back in a Mid. close friend Rodolfo Acosta, the to make witty remar or criticize erts, she replied:
the Nortih mand aval osptal. I at Boston, Mass. Speaker for the land, Texas, hospital. Mexican actor, the hearing. "You mean that thing who talk-
SN rth it thk former rHoel El Pammna To Hold even be ta. Paul Sideboth. The first of the day's witnesses ed badly about people who be-
Mrs. dors of Ciarfvalfto On Aug. 2 a ad Sithad R. Brown N(US. ui was Lee Hayes, the Arkansas friended him when nobody else
th Joan RowleAu.daujliter of t27R
othy Joan Rowley uhowle H6tel El Panama's trladit nal ) Who were present in Boston That 'Bing's Niece" label on a NUtritionist Says folk singer, a former member of would?"
Capt and Mrs. -Samue Rowley Carnavalito, or little arva o national proceedings. magazine cover of Bob rosby's he w know folk song quartet. She then took refuge in the Fifth
oCp amndroa. SaCtake place on Saturday, al M Offor of the Atlantic chapter 18-year-old daughter, Kathy, en- Amerlons Getting ".The weavers." Amendment.
sof Gmboin take plat. The crneavyto. Ma s Office of the Atlantic chapter s ed the mag's editors with A'' The day's first witness w as9

Sme HrS the 1 n A lms -encudngCp. e opme rn a s' ry ned in Kitchen ,,,,' *% wf ct1 W 3' o
Summer Viators in the patio. n The Cdarnsevait oans RDA esent, Ct oei m hrso f m a s o Bb sB The hefty, hi ly nervous bass stage and screen star Elliott Sul
recent arrivals to the Isthmust place every year In Augas tA s A avy, Marined In Ktc, Coast Guard ican s wor of career munist Party cells Hollywood
B 4 od Jis I.p .r. .w ro reste-eeHeim, ac TV fans. T he editors asked BobI d-in.voked th e F h Amedmeca'awho i et, o..t
are Messrs. Guy Mie, Bl cO e* of Febr es addr tand thesecretarysfor his answer to the (signedlf
chya r nessrs.aGAyaManneg1 treaurer, Capt. RufuheC.a JO'NeaDaristdanswertth a n utit JRY ENL repeatedlyoIn refusing to Answer right to ask him questions about
Kennas, and Frink Adams all of day mardiagrase nrenvew soureron, Capt R lf u CsCOeald m Disu s letters. He wired' 3B yJElNOLDS quesos about anything bSw the his alleged leong-time role in Cor--i
the MaineinuLine, Pennsylvanetia:Op w holQ uenMrea ( anon f wW be oneb handpru P t weom ea lI la t'ma l o inH o
are the houseguests of Bob ntre d so successfully will Army, Navy, Marine, Coast Guard ihen kitchen s the wor's rev trade paper: f munst Prty cells Hollywood
cand Mrs. Julius I. reside over at which costumeland Air Force reserve and active "iBng having only four sons I'm icanpkitcherwof rld'sr -' iB amd New York.
entschel o Ancon. are in order. She will enter the officers. happy that time magazine gave him tions nd n eurotic personal, a dlel.a during t h e testimony of v apll-atough-talk in
Hentchel so of and M .An ". -he wient Degth e o Grand Id o ia te Jry natis e om et profucer of gaumry d Iin. B the sat behind ewi t '
Guy Mie and FranAdams are patio ga withhe set the Maj. Jimmy Stearns programthe opport ney f sharing l mynutriton authority says. ,Haye and of the two women who broadway hits 'Green Grow The'
eas tes o Bob's at Wlanova prces and prince esf to .1hairma l y w Sll have arsiquid mne.jdaughter oI'mlproudto Kathy,D t aa'followed him. Later. Baruch said
nivr ote kr ige n poefr e m p ea s C sext The nteite nont urged a return llsC aaaveasliqn gtlu'minpr oud ,remrbe .k
U university of Pennsyl wvas hoteniar e new to e nu on tapr all guests and mem- proud of B, G and proud of the. Dorothee Van Gudy. a repre t ha '
mani theCalZoun tS .m..nrThotose.WIsthms t hOe ara alitoI thePbers.Iasaflatlm" n en A I e of the Iiieathonal tou hptoa e te l p Ci rman Rep

mi in th Canal Ze t psFt hobbe Club erA nice bi o dramat ic ardiom atea da tritionly RsAmeracns foundation re"sdn d W ilteh w D-o o wha
timelto see the Panamanian'tnIinti P I'say.e pointed out that- themoderntia"o and dult job" u e thad
S. borit .cubi" danced Gad Cross Of Color t i a homemaker i eager to please her done nding with the uncoopera-l
rMr. ADm Curtis young i o. 'I scDre will be a conferring with iheritAdv. it fr movie m trade paper: family's opldi the fancy dishes Ie u s. combt as well have fun, '

d iDegre TBewener wrd talk the movie dur g the derision." missing from the diet she ar ied nd stayed piut.
Eth dinnerloshomeinhoingnatyplay.landl-AM b ig nepedodtiSr h Ttin Third, b F1at 0thdlsoot-i phone number to call was always1i As a result, Miss Van Gundy quippedattcongrsmen and
s r o i j o r. said, she often unwittingly short-smad e several bee dentified A
their alrsJhmesInecon- body tell me, please did.changes her family nutritlaonilY."hrf the composer of
r a i a' nd. it oDean the "Ox Bow Incidet"apply? tele br poke recently at a n -- music for a. Look or production of on
hewe satl..n',* lnio DayBAra -maqnte. ..rd rhaw'st "Caesar S
oe. M ooS Lo 'adg. fi-tlnde r-r movie, "Gentleman's Gentueman ". to the use .of simple natural foodsw .... .. .. n a "S tc inthconel
For sor aln cl Jor. Peepers) Cox fv a pc The nutrition t urged a return Mveandrkogr
-uilp '. The 1-year-old Julie Payne on'lem in America. She said that she bad played the piano for the.
the road to dramatic stardom at a. day only 24 Americans ou ofu1resdent of te New York StOCK
Fet. Ks o Club 'wLos Angeles private school is John 1,00 are in perfect health. change, among other engage-
Dr. go'-Glattacin will be t h e Payne's daubher. He's given her! 'Feeding.expriments.,n we"mints r t naJ
night,natthe green light for a career. "I've demonstrated that a normal, Well- Mi J then turned to Ba-
Ft Kob- never seen Anyone as ambitious as adjusted person may be ,.a ,ntch an Ivitttle closer p h
metNnCOt Wives' Club K'Julie," he says. "But she didn't sickly and neurotic when sufficient air, a_, e c ..'aswe.-.a.e
Dr., Gittacl', consultant with' inherit it from me. I drifted into amounts of the essantial.elements. .i.ihta swl hav fun.";
SCasa-Fastlleh jewelers, wll talk the movies during the depression." are missing from the diet," she she n
an FPreciousG'.Hollywood fashion note: Glamor Miss Van.Gundv termed the fol- witness the sai she on "
e meeting will beat7:30 att dud maker David Burr is combi- ,lowing dietary habits as dan- was an accompanist for the late'
FT. e obe Ng COw Clube a t7:30 g cashmere sweaters with lace gerous": Broadway star Gertrude Law
teasesfor thp evening a bou'info .evening.gowns. The use of large quantities of rence. She finally retired being a
ealses for th eveningaro Lor aniiThe Witnet: Wally Ford flipped foods containing white sugar, housewife, she said, because si.e IMP AT: YougetteLb
Rose Miranda... it on the "Ox Bow'Incident" tale. breads and pastries made with 'ScLook for t nd minat oni-s
film set: "An intellectual is a guy highly refined white four, cereals which have the natural oils and "Scotch' Brand in the COnrS. '
Fig-oI fnlm sat:-plant germ removed, and ,spices int N ud in hold .
SFor information call Joan,- such as black pepper.
_us, telephone ... She also listed the excessive S.

MONEY TALKS IN TAX BATTLE-Dollar bills-3212 of them
-cover the sides of a giant- tactor-ttailer sent to Washington,
D.C., by the American Trucking Association. It's part of the
group's battle against mew highway taxes. The bills represent
part of the $4480 in all yearly taxes paid for each vehicle of this
size. Bills are rubber-cemented to the trailer for easy removal.
in case you're worried.

of this week's clean sweep clearance of

Water and Juice sets (pitcher and 6 glasses)
nicely decorated for only 1.19 set. Many 6ther
useful items with prices deeply slashed.



Reports of the transactions of
the executive board will be giv-
en at the chapter and stewards'
council meetings on both the At-
lantic and Pacific sides of the
Gatun and Cristobal Chapter
The Gatun and Cri4tobal Chap-
ters, Local 900-GCEOC-CIO, will
conduct their regular monthly
meeting on Friday night at the
Rainbow City gymnasium at
Prealdent E. A. Oaskin and his
staff of local officers will report
on matters of Importance to the
workers and will also discuss the
new treaty between the United
States and Panama and the ef-
fects it will have on the workers.

This Is The End
Saeriff Reuben Grandquist's phone
rang at 4 a. m. and a woman's
voice announced "I ccn't take It
any more; this is the end."
Grandquisttalled the woman
along with small talk, trying to
co t his wits and find a way to
avert a suicide. FinalMly, he asked
her what was troubling her.
. "There are two skunks la r
basement and I wish you w fl
get them out," tihe wme MaM. ..
:jame warden disposed of tae
a. m m

The Pot Was On

ea d had boo left
ot.e stam t.o t abates

Canal Zone Credit Unioln

Effective Monday August 15, 1955, our
Cristobal office will be opened the
following hours:

(9:30 A.M.-11:30 A.M.) Week days
(2:00 P.M.- 5:00 P.M.)

(9:30 A.M. to 11:30 A.M.) Saturdays


BALBOA 6:15 1:20 DIABLO HTS. 6:1. .:S9
Tedmicolor I
T~hS .~-~-PL L U.A."
GAOA 7:0
S"DSTRr" Color!


ar.eai J "TH stLACK KNiGAm -t Cor!
eAlm. iMt :SATI

">l&" u. ts I

^StaA C S.l.O*wn
o .

use of coffee, tea and soda pop
as being factors which are "caus-
ing Americans to fall apart at the
seams healLhwise."

SIAL spie with Tape
to hold in basha and
MsONW. 1

"The much-vaunted coffee break
is definitely not the blessing to
Americans it first waa thought to
be." she said. "Instead of easing
tensions built up by workers in
fees or factories the caffein in ..
coffee causes the blood pressure
to rise. It also affects the heart COT R ras tedwbdowirak FADN ai
and may even produce muscular sw'. --n-mi-w-
trem also declared that the epresntatives: CIA. ATLAS, S. A.
"American practice of giving chil- "Scotch" brand colored tapsi are printed In Pauaen
dren coffee to drink is almost as with user's name and speuflcatonsa by Ca.
bad from a health standpoint as Atlas 8 A., Telephone 1-5458.
the French practice of letting chil. P. 0. Box 1057
dren drink wine." ____________

el k.,m *^

I t, 141 "
i P Roy i
.. .'...
Wt --1" I

.Iij IA

* Roulette
SCrop table
*21 (Black Jack)
* Chtck's-lock (Brdcae)
* Saot machim
of v.aM is.n am. ulDOi

CMor md "a
= lifed




EVERY NIGHT of the W itC


$" z ,

- I:

.t. Ci.



Alm: -


S .

'' T~~fl

-- ~IL


P -n= '

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a m:m

) to

I '~-**

1~i *>

. .--. .:*. ,- -,'

A C.A Puts Electric Brain

Test Unbuilt Planes

.fOFFETT FIELD, Calif. -(UP) cockpit to correspond with the
-..The flying qualities of airplanes flight characteristics of a new
ail yet unbuilt can be tested with- plane.
out hazard. by a newly developed The pilot climbed into the cabin
technique of simulation employing and was told to pull his plane up
an electric brain, five degrees and then level off. The
t The National Advisory Com- plane startLd up. but overshot its
mi tee for Aeronautics, which mark. Trying to come back down,
demonstrated the advance at the the plane went into a steep dive.
triennial inspection of its Ames, Then it went up again and then
Aeronautical Laboratory here, said down.
the development has "added a new New Wind Tunnel
divnension to flight research. Observers watched the pilot
t In recent years, stability and grimly fighting at the controls
e*trol problems have been multi- until the scientists switched off the
Sped 10 times by the trend toward| apparatus with the remark that
very high flying speeds." tbethe plane would have blown to
?NACA said. "They have become of pieces in the air.
critical. importance In the design The brain can also be connected
if high speed planes. to test planes to reveal possible
."The design advances necessary difficulties before they are flown
t6. enable flight at the higherI or to learn the causes .f difficulties
[eds in turn made more difficult that have developed in flight.
th stability and control prob- UP TIME T-3-L
leins."' Release July 22
The NACA scientists said that] The NACA also showed for the
lack of stability had caused the first Jime a new wind tunnel that
cash of several test airplanes. fills a critical gap between conven-
Design Stage Tests Itional wind tunnels and supersonic
)ut with the electric brain tech- wind tunnels.
miue planes can be safely tested The so-called transonic wind
wbout leaving the hangar and |tunnel can reproduce under con-
ein more important, the perform-1 trolled laboratory conditions the
ce of planes only in the designI same type of air flow found in free
ge can be computed. flight as an aircraft accelerates
'o the basic data gathered by from subsonic speeds through the
nd tunnel tests, the electric speed of sound to be supersonic
lin adds. a simulation of the velocities.
!ass. inertia and dynamic re.' he new tunnel was called by the
eubnse of the new airplane. NACA "the most important new
n a demonstration of the newibtol of aeronautical research de-
thnlque, Ames scientists set UPi vised in the past quarter century."
open .dckpit resembling that.
L a Link trainer, connected,
controls with the brain and then NEW YORK...
1c! cted with the brain to a,
chanism that would move the' (Continued from Pare 2
St Vie "What a Man" Mature
still doing a slow-burn after a
young gal approached him at a
cocktail party in London and
asked for a favor. "Of course,"
Mature said, reaching for the pen
which all hams carry for auto-
graphs. "Will you please intro-
duce me to Clarence Brown, the
director9 He looks so handsome
and intelligent!" Success
story: In America Rosette Shaw
was just another warbler, but she
did a fast date in London, where
she was billed as the great "U.S.
Star" and now she's been wined
and dined by Aly Khan. Rubirosa
and Montgomery Clift, or anyway
that's what her press agent says.
Y .Epidermli or Bust: There's a
ILstripper at Minsky's Newark who
.calls herself Redhedda Hopper.
Wisdom of an ex-White Way
Wolf: A Married man is a fellow
who used to think that being lone.
some was man's worst fate.

~ ~I

the wq dressed
Il wea..when he's
lUne up space sta-
arepairs to rocket
1 flbt.t, as con-
qJt Disnoiy. "Space
jets top and bot*-
even mechanical, i. .
I arms, two of
r in picture.


lS A W
a 'IU l'c* -

|M^ (hPC^N y MOM
5* IIA



Free As a Bird

n OUr



j P 7.

L.I v56F hAo '7-10
"I'm sorry, ma'am-we can insure your furniture against
fire, but 'not against her!"
is i. !


.'- ka*NE'BHhE.AI



- *S~S. '~
ap-MkauuJ~ SWUM


DON'T LOSE.YOUR HEAD IN TRAFFIC-specialy if you're ,
piloting a helicopter and have to land on a .busy highway. "Man," ________
at left, in cockpit seem to have lost his head, but closer lnspec- S RiPl WE1.l. dfi IT T MT AOU' m,S"i 'Io.-fs To" W W i LOCK II 1 H CAR
tion will show that It's actually pilot's coat, hung on seat back. TO TH SBRIPPL iW 1 4T CAN~ .I K ANDM& *1 o4tlTOWN
'Copter landed near Montreal, Canada, because of a broken fan LOOK...THB NotONLY CWTUR 3 MLWAR" t .
belt; was on its way again after pilot purchased a new one from WE W TI4 WfSPT EBY'1 LVYSWP I'
Sfiablbergasted gas.taJtio attendant. __ STUFPW N IN IicI | VOVM W TI Alth


CAMs TrwoJS!!m lm

VIC FLUt The Showdown By JAwT iEnVIl





Off She Comes

Lie That?

IY IOcutTyos' i
g HIN1T5 AMI) /

WS L. WaU.aM,

M 50IUE AM' UiarN .


A' IT--

E~ o^SeS

-f- -

S 1- .

-- .


* S

* 14
.S %i



1_ _



1mHRLICB.. p
L*yy wff ON 7MB TRUTH.
rWM CP &uW -cu WOW40
LAIA -= --

."_. --- "

I ^


AI V, ..t

P7 :-1.I ~ -WT wr~ -

-.. .7 C: 4;'. .~
..; WI.-


lAO .It AI*1* d t e 1 tt d
i!o t t o CO 1ba n

n aic

ae "a the ltes at.t the

A 'Ine 1e hnaeb aout inan utheo

t Sat omday were p a y e d for g sl asM., onts unload* amUiea away from home go In
s e that the t po ltry ed r a o the

-re a d p birth- uf fM". i y T red him to their as alua pt wthe they ar more
were Ms. P. birt .

day r or frtad me offc0. The hope the Rus- than uau dependent upo eacho
oe andartay of c --' Inter m ht renew an other for opanionhip. ee,
" -f- "- .e -- tnLJ"- ta tmt between Amer- Ad last, but by no mtnu least,
,ndto-mliayeraid andB Ut PECIALer ca thnd the aron Curtain was ax- home ever looee so eas when
John A. Hannah, y. have returned toe being
IB ll---1 au hty wher. xi biton la th a new appreciation.
lsdfz-lE jrt l auer a Vermnt held.
Sal teher' auter. H E ar. trNot wastln tme and mo
teemotd to mh- p ,a war otk per no wrie

S: AtI (the ad re A 'aay Aoynad

r rO of har work from want to you can re a the happy
.rw Ea& and here Ah haha melyw fr dion- of am pest vacatleos

po. ea. tr Tanaea the h aets

'" n' *1 '*"S &ai c rona wIt e.,wW ;i= r -. riiN
Ma g. as. It Mkeal ".

gtg, M it weree Offlae and. fivehAE Ateg. 17 (UP) usal d u
...... ..... 7 d -a i m o bew n m M l t b t y o s e t

AI0h el., talwl, quist woman lat ve-p ed a& wide aadort-
waT BAcT nthbuiness, married young, o natSe td. outt on arn
6 s sit to wrou"t county:

S0 4 VA s10.5 .Ji a the way her "uasevent- Caas li c oflu Poh
Kaef 104 M" days a d in the inn a Whi Rock hen that tlid an

a S ss s"met an rnp" an trail and latte tt top of the she. watto rThey

e o ( .old sta oehts route between .Bo- J. ILH lan of Oamden pro-
9 08_ t a Woethe or-usbe mand ea duced a mIo insider s rusty apast
S=i oie emtm hrde MWes Into the can ad the mnelon de-

sntoretodo vul. e1a 1ex a W Pite of near Caeas-
N.t. C IN.T. Paa neand food s7e lac ats bf oed td ta half .d mA.rin7 16Ue
Paa Pas Mia I bsters, Vedimont a tuey, Jto in circumference, 14 ol
quie twOmlm ntnH$U Wdemart-

4JS@2 P.- tIapte.xwhdLtehltt wFoyetth

owdet Ath le baS tes, ae 5i at hed rerdryotu, ootennd gnd 13fo
ese f o34 have one r w ah tenuatose, thte mareart Bc uny
dtY dee a n ke s t BU e ...h
tr. wt".Ba"bC1. pO,,,rdtotnta a ,You "e o se.
*ha he a N:o the Ob hare ipaso We CRitoa ha e l ththt hiprde n al at
1e7i ctr oronce anhndia n fm l adr later tet aidth e p nlfe turi h ell d -

thtover ailson bec apl stageach e thee lod t j oud. woi on Ceam It eo" a-
oee .. stbirwy aof.
ou would put up the fiht defense Make U of te butter and c otaner h"tc. for had grJw
& you were at the emhle. ,rier; ahd eam. Tos n car- Ino t shell cand th meuleon de-.
INW ,fakes or meat and efgr Addl a o Z L. H atl7n of amden gew (P .
S1in9 trieslnud Inep Wt prsto. all mnrealsa-

West opened tl*e five of di. Keneromu portion of awlie te, id aorn in hie rdon that mepound
tnc w thf uee. Botw pepper. ine t a ben a he ed no fertUa drg 1
that pe ]adptollrug tne club M n tO in a ealiers1e, Top wth rke Ihe And ray Humpherencew a1 H
arh 19 tall ....?dRAOfFpaRdOneN utadES

a his eontaco For a reason ato hip an e]re; dot purp top- turtep t wehede d 0 r
that w be app tbuttr and bak n a todera d tw ea e
pinb innckloaesfablihrthenor.reWes

oudeclarer bea the lubs by lead oven (s dree a .) I browt 6 I eR ac ontd.
ing a rm plb from time dummy "
ver cbyhe. sut of wothht e w| witha 0e e I g w out o

you w pt. up the rigt deDenuf t ae a n th b e ,dantte dopOfte l

ft cyubB, woer wait the tablo add cr T I ca ii a^ s l ao o e
Otia dayo Wer meaude r t*@AuV VgaU.IM In I d0inof aen ewo
W etstOpenedthefie of di n ge a potnofwhitew uedn nhisg den ate

Aaamoa nddtahlof, icay dumel IHvII14nd alhf 7feM high
woud teWitr tb. th leba A it instl a t T'i n i -
wet holed oa t de F low a i en to h caks do w p re tng tu ip th w flhi
louth to wi o becout tae Ir bsut r moeiad bea eoeu, t o ag Iype
ae b egabn. Thi cuse b1-th hi od inhe a _o, n
assaftr shodhaeVute rmithe tPe a te iiitial
toars axt t e onhar pnd -ef I d

pwin PAe I R eMe, p a d w.nI Sould ,t____ ,
Ie 'lead l a Other diamof, ay-ow. r t

ing Went beePeaoblish the suitp Weat [th* -- ---rnt ,
would reain the n lead wi thoe m o on
Saof eluba in tUme d set EU Jum us st Ari e
wonualt width th ret" of t be sta t

diamondoe abu bag \
oe 'eat'l uO Ti view o th h ih

*ge" kcshe Sveear to to fit alll muodd.
will alow him to win trikt wi- weh ^ ^i \ U
Eatsodk havtew yewput ta ce o nc e
of cus at the rac d ctosteak CD1-
of p atlea l e.;owrclub. as w ould

We maknladfieMa y. a ndSo: uthg m~d~~A eetnf bd af~~

made l contract whea at ls.
..,,9 i V .,,

teu so et for your complexion-
iaee Ia Isay. ee Pd' Powdr The carefully
c Iqiiadaaslond dame~. t your most lettering ski.
" tos.., add the subtle, delicate tints that make
t W m1 I your coapleion look its best. And Pond's Powder
e- an ivery-moothb watt nih that stays
S-e"h a d levely-s.ah my for hours. For the
5 h'sfw" today! ,
.tai B .FOW

kM IsiIme -


bu u l*

- -~t -.



me new

that gives you

French Lift



When you ome to Felix's, whether
you buy one bra or an entire
foundation wardrobe, one of Pelix's
expert consultants, Mrs. Edith Deutsch
WMain Storel, wl personally
*ervie your fitting.

*2Whe Cn youdomM t Feix's, we th

4 ae. as npPati n

Iwo a h oteMav oi *

DEAT VI Al UEIEM-T"r.0e ." -.mmeIWn use ouM
the Unvetf l'r 111 cawusu is cut dpwn by e erg.uiomat
Champa The venerable tree succumbed to' the Dutchelm
diMsease. out= elms are being played by tmStyv4lty Jo
SMn at the spread ofa the diseaae.f


Embroidered -n cup ... dthey
round and rale for the lovely nerw 16k
Elatle diaphranm bend for contrleing
uplift. .. prevents ddditing- m prfeclI
Sheer nylon net give natural eparation,
firmer contours. Lovdy to sal
Washe easily, dries quidly. Holds iu
shape wash after weuht
Blated closure v en a tMon, mta
marity ...asbeckm*AftWev



StP .. 4'. a




-* "

- V.

$-M .. .. q ,: .
1 : -


BRA 15
eo. *S UI AveWus

i -: C

- 1-


~ ___




lkeu frh jrit it _
picked frem e ^^ 7

Wteayel v
Mftal 0WO1ib


-"W ""

_ ___ i _I I_ _

..,. -

Sirkiand Drops I0 n tt

loucester furler Tops V ..s. W
Sobs World lfrcrd
Z Lads With No-Hitter win SeiM Catch Protested

'J. eliminated the Panama Caml Zone from the l._ s"ei
National Teener Baseball Tournament here a OP-k.tb.unGa
terday when Gloucester pitcher Terry Ree.l her aie Pome a.. aught a m i t leson and were
w a 1-0 no-hit no-run game at the boys fromroms the anmy big t 1E thile oret, I

lLthougb a heart-breaking loU w meeting Struthers,. Ohio, Am r- n al T

te h Canal Zone team, whose rw. Theb Ohio team dropped a On avll | .. +- S w t l A r B --.. S .
SKirkland allowed only tree rough one 5-4, In a x n 1 1 o is w ik madea n m ht e inatl o ol a

Sit was a-well deserved v- Buo ing, to Yo R cn R.I. yester- ll no tbe aughtthlslyear when
Sfor Raise and the New r- day.u hs n she landed a 40 pound black fo r b
nine. The Canal Zone pbut We still think we C i tak oe o'from the e eD A ehadnn Aug. 2 afot-.o
a three en on base, all by the consolation b racket," ier- er a fight lah thpsnt intbg 4 ours and of ff. hoeae
V alk adhte ly onhe balld ou nn sai .. "n I' pu o te 17 miPZ nutes. This is the larg std."

,el : u nr s .. r.,o flb to be caughtegue min e w ualanes ior t cee. ad
t -rie field. way the boys played today. This thePanama4. ....2 o,,
oung Kirkland pitched al- einie Is a mighty fine littleT.he, a

et as well as But one pitcher. You can't hit what o W l k t -ed .
trio of. walks he allowed can't see.e YounD es O u
hi undoing. After get- It was the second straight 1-0
the first Inning, in which victory for Rein and the New Prowess, boated his first mar-Log .-

dby striking eout two ofh Gloucester wo n Its way into pounds, fro the l sca l dor, DRAMATIC.-ThAmin rie ,M..

final free t icket to Louis Pennsylvania cha ib ...... 0 Ha rs- m c'9w offitttight situation moving hi cap. and winds up biths p WiTh 2 S
tiewon tt wtee dogurethioe br tburban.. thts- v poseA rmo a (,
,frame. Art Dipatri follow- Su ndynar.else thed a three ul c Divisionalbo okotn-70ad6I

fthe rth one donIS the baue"r S. .b t S 0 hs onpne.-r .* sSi t hich ?, lfot tho" th
with a Texas Leaguer rPjust out hitter. ... r toep se teWinner bO a he i

reach of first baseman Jerry t e ..... O 1 0 othe soi t po y .
fee alnd when Jim Kelley came to a saet-s y yesterday + ale al-ea -whas-'i- l .vS o s 9q,1v Heebat tQ ass if f
Sain e single into Mnter,' Wayne Wall'sr'"- rt t C n the iv iar eere aA i n-- I Sn ." :
P Sforte scored withe an nly elth inning. With one down w allouaa rn ll L li b oedplitiot S-Wpll&tio "e -S n.-"

-M Of then rerd d smashed f a liner which glan In Pa nish ng ot t Stel p tm yf tola ~
of .tlhi co *n A y off the first baseman's glove and P l y Y flh fl. .

After. the-e en- -In-Was deflected directly second An Atlantic Bide Divisional e W a e. S r
hr eon third As Bruce first nipping all by an eyelash. Cpmh o eisa te m the Amyon gest red dop u1t the 0ige- et. w rs ti lo t
teman fanned, Reaise w in- and Navy emplye es is enbeing inagnshhChc B.atre- at ott .- ^L of5 fi Eve
lble. He walked Charles Ttl 3 he box score: planned at Rainbow oChity.i e o wi A obb id l lk .ilote, Jt e the e a
"Ysewith two e win-you thePCo A d Nv eti o .4 1 .Au..n the se-ULg8, wi. o m lirO aS Aulg.. -()-..Weool go 17 (UP)

but a forceot ended that Glocester NJ Aone are heretiPanse w b on the initial thages call b M ll. owpu
threat. Again with two Manforter i .... ... 1 1 00 2 in 6 for games lel who a i Ino i h.o o mo would
e aTve Wayne Wal free datrri Sb .... 2 0 1 1 AGymion available nights. Tentron- Mruor 1h Jaycee Ju- ua oias
til thefourth. But aley lb ..nd ...... 3 0 10 1 tiv maled ro ositons were al -Bso nMea de 0 0 ,...
. French whiffuled. ande hBfd a r ...... 3 0 0 1 0 for oule headers i our n to e playing hnd r n Cl A I r 1el. was e e. e i

L h retired the last ten Caler rfl ...... 0 0. 0 0 0 nights. Other plans gtoo hioe- IAsieet t e up a, co" -eI ld w ho ho?. .fe"er' Sr t- d- n ...
wen in om der. ad -gan ........ 3 0. 0 0 0 ture o report, uwere da ted by e r Young, a n o n ll r f the lcw a l a-t t e o
Meanwhile, Kirkland bette e.ln cf _....... 3 0 1 0 0 the self-appointed temporary rounds6f -
eIes this record by dsPosinff of DOgoitino as ..... 2 0 0 2 0 planning committee.ld -ttcerhforeh a eRAM
-tbi final twelve men he faced. Aar lkonsco.n..W0 1 CT wOver Kanss I ad en- rsw. whilag to 0 i.. was c.ot0 on they 02b."u

Thqre were no alibis from ca- ise p........ 0 in s 3ie T. iAmericanLe u, s ted t Te oU, whP. t hep. i h t Wat *U ll .a
nal Zone coach 'M'ckey" Kier-' committee wishes to ake known night'sta ne against the Ch Ca- A.A. .eo, .81 h

_he_ siestmaztch lacaehasbe or this fa: We iv r thi as alma ha K ag res cOf set tf roiiegn t
STotals 23 1 3 211 that all Atiln Slae units Of o rWhitsBXe oxIn which the Ath dr ared lt b o ihe Tet, r t Bt hnoteuath O tgone

d o ......... vo y agie. Aepp- Ltdpes it honl t at P Aromer n v hsled oit lt ouitot mdetl f r ,. S oMore me o
eLem ( lan did't, Su -- therland.2 0 0 I 0ci. fo n i s b then hewll hao ier th ad -re c te e-way tie for l fyg8 -i a --bwl al hmoe teex

q.e tr n1 eu ".chnerw oh aut' Wtel laoe hStriam..vel *t .c otn a nhe Californiaso t-
d losieegaeeith er lCaaloAl vin Lloyd towaytiK cli o pdaterpw the rage Nfrom0'0hie d 1illrmaped eude y o.ehsc die tce rofI0tr ohepttoC A__LU U. mthe o s ol. ,ee _o_ cnH ne_

gd we shold.~~been a c 3 0 0he motch bowoen T-1, an1 _letu, twh. .h something tohaeddreo Ine bt C.'-Clae- Inl. d t ealMwa kbgert qeo Irb
ei s.a WA .e fo s l.. ..... 0.3 0Oa1 won 1a ndiey. .. "-m --.' Anm d ewgo
,-o1,4dWtwhoeer bsine :I ha e wgap Intoo-aI s rn ra
Lem oetlandctutedrenchb 3 0 erae Wer Cnet an Inuem n the thir ng.t e eigtse ao TAug. O B gave chdrornmeo nateses olmthell Hote e u talk pat manly oue ta9n tw

btloy e whoi ther.A AAwliayrKirChasepo......1300130Smaoeoile;tletegui-calirector e n of atN in -i Intrp a mn i aour t poitto tor nen Nibt-y HI
S..5dnte ain h bwoo r eh bv ento e In r ni ht ating teahes
rO afv, CS; Cnton ainie e ldOst hetin the Aer pcuse Aug..sB a 1t'w l e dthad u r 7ack o7the i toTaBsl te ethe
firAst, -iatelanTotal0loymnaaePlu n League andh In Tih Brom tirdIntheOpener,4-%.hepi tcoedoundwotal o # f-- a e, ano ether In owthsa
IIt anal Zoner 000t 00 0-idmia e bpt f I'mn'uv authority, to1 bvien r-wthe uban- laushof Columbus ,Ohio.dL In wlt ak p i W~m lb. emoo-redth e inthe t u btaigtethroo
"u nsI btDu ear And l oddtoWasthed ""ptea naItTwou.beat to
e ff e c tZ o n e 3 .B a se s G l lofst R ; iCea Y e staet attMe r no o t h e O Mi t h e ha r d ew h ir ou t ry th p la y e d a, O h m e "=s M t r h o w u F is t o a e b att t o t a o ne r
ha now I f irmdwith a ere roMti il ih_-imh, ai through the mp ansy, .
11ngplayoffsaReins5otherdaweao other. ththe y r che for ee wh a B, of A tysuLres
.......o..oat tThe loop ea d hitter =ay through saturday. UIt o -ldth s to b o
SDouglas. Lloyd won,. 6-1,6. .thaleague, with all the mom- atlyibutlseeastdtonavetoe-w asm"-t d ain yedi an oodut Mst l D hitter
Irviow Omphroy faced the vt- hpeaIs onl and Pert le withdee t rda o fewajy
eran.n et it next h inan In- 24.Jim n is goi beaN OW, Charloe, ore tn!I0,00edi ov Ite _tttmat pl Buto mainly, ouses stritfas
since by then he will have had and Mike KvInak collaborated 16,nmd Dick Carmodys Nbabg awuotex-lavtconingh
Alvin Lloyd faced, pitit in the after the illch from third Ville.Aug. 6. p@ a C as Yt eo ret
Costs Lees'To Sell quartersfinalshandhpetit againFbase.taieof andv-)-trleauesIsb nC Yethroublblhf
H won the match, 6-1, 6-3. "Witheth riswicnfied axfatnu-hehan ia and eagts ointomsrouib
aNHtnerThis-Way I e match betweenaTaftad cleus. we have something to before f and Ra ib.-1n t -direti pronlem pdi pla e t tt ds
Xarl Omphroy was defaulted t oulnI t Ihe awgf etl notitwo and -',,o,,..t =

Action picture InMaqiette im For Dinner
te 11ed0IlU YO3inEA)E5E"
LEASE T)OMOP ROW at the 'LUX' S (p) 1 hDasPistanngBassDow n U (dunbsma '0.0 0-l, a.d .aw (NEA)o- p
By AL *CLANE ted 6ubas ahea rltvely lwD w battiggprae
MILWAUKEE (NEA) No Fishing Edior number of dorsal, anial.and for the hon an amen-
one puts hs foot into a punt quite t ral i ras id a low lateral ne bais.
lke Frank Neu. On my way home from South UIrne scale ct. As each hbattstepped ito
Carolina recently, I drove about The beaic Uese of the body is4 Baiter Pithed whete
SNeu puts h heart and 200 miles out of my way to flh o bofut lateral er wab or not.
S kick Marquette's so. Suwanee River. TI l t kn cyie wa t s
gibouore fullba pounds them out Always for some reason in the below this It has weaklyPac fnal
yards and better. past, I never had time, or the in- dark streaks.byu Of
clination to stop and throw a plugi ItI1 a fbaer snau species, amuas
He suffered slight pain during in this limestone sik of nknorthern issewdoaAmoe at itoilh aM 'd m mW" Fak
sand after the spring game, finally Florida, but now I'm glad I did. I es blag. ,flah ot this Crosetti asco.kW
decided to have his ankle x raye. caught a Suwanee bass. lsp do W5prcti
Slight fracture was discovered,' a This is ot merely a bass who bit ais a Act Ge Ealy
but he'll be ready for fall. lives in the Suwanee River, 'butOesslth
an actual adendemiot%-. V W _m
unlike the l-s]e = 1 z- s,111t1sadeaw
ALL-ROUND MAN mouth, or Fifa larwe in Ys gS OM
mosth 9.0slsa
EAST MNiNG h.(NZA) as bpae river,.. ....
-Buck Nystrom. State In soosl. rim en oelibalt
eWde ripsthe off football captain se trred in Swamp in south a. N ..
Ia&ta B e IG _baseballeli ksasadI 1m w aslth i lso
W ands* "aa Prp a$arquette, Ieo ar th
agg, Mkh steat h
to his closest
on Wdlid iGaAMadMd
Saders have NT OF XEINCE Iwant to ~w~
N1111 DURHAM N. C. (NA) -hIS.wO
0Its d Bowla calo
r97_ :Z..-


.*~ a, -

- .
* *~:2~'%~ *

--- 37:

Lf .*-;. .. .is ;.- .,. *w '- *. *
. y- ,. ." -,:. +;< .* ^,,'" ;"*
0 .**- -"'' 1^*^ 5
.. .. ..F .-. ^ .
..47 ip4*

d. 11.T.wr
'.,' j ,i 4*" *L

.:. ,' ,
4-. ..

.I 'Ip
W -40-


'i ."*. ,.

-** ',C

*'F'1.~` :.

4 5
>2 r: ~t2

. N .

, .
., .. ... ..... '" .

raw I W o a'
become JI WM ast 1 hremat
,N o ,=.- S- a t Y, 0 4 ,b u t
kee S dim t5. gao s~ 1 s 4of
"I have aha .. m t O. .
from DAvASu.' thet Ick.' t m.. ti_ t.uman
board 0iUt s eaS. .This it is
The a lle e Bill France, i resul ed In darciamO
The sllt fl*W bpmoter. He s..o 4s llto Al Wd for
rthe stoc -Ik es time. The Block Duster
wan1 er t .g. D Idet j$ ar t it Calumbo was In
A few larOEl t, boas h is around
neI, the pates UW a.r. ud tothe e..t.
ball ee. Will bje 'me o the Moore match which

turr and idews thS t -ter siUOfan u d Jimhao
$40 a mW ""Ut S.Woodam, undoubtedly
dealers. the oldest actIve manager, -ad
The* The ,tat A utA W..A..s .,A whos tonded
Sada cgae. int a Moore wills a rout= Maria
250 000 toN odt k, '" d Woos ard menwaSAWDagaSamuLang-
Pa .....I .I= 9-f" L thefor#t, th Tr Baby whom many
pii4' however tIs has eare uW .eIrats fighter
paZst h a t made the they ever sa. For this and other
changed. Wooda d
fight a W esmark iIr ams W dismisses
By mnd..ycally eobo s He-A. Gypsy says.
agreesthat this is Marciso"' Lagerd boed until be ws
A stougherpst outmaber of man- 42,". h reels, "was knocking
A surprisgers aind men who have bePiEgu olat at at age and when he
gers nd. menwo ,iSa I han', O one eye. Jersey
close t lo l ,the ckettho e.
they care. to remember IIkiJoe lon w las 3 whenbe bad
Meoo re-,and -Mari o- tle loor_ ndstirred
AMoore -- ana ., resti-ng an-* all the trouble In Philadelphia.
gle comes f oCM thws closet to, Lo ierd 8Isni a o at&P" pL-
OrCiSIO. it is that the c*hbfl tal aj gottot t the way.
She beatS Moo. There are Mar iano ,m galore,
weill hang 'eam up because too. Diffrenee of opinion, that's
"herewin o one who could'what makes a fight and a horse
-7 l- ra--"t al- m 1hy the tfigt will
"" + AS tE |In --vtI lli W

Le e

Mntretl ....75 51 "
Toron. 10T. O 55 411-
RWoHey es3 5f 11

Criman (10) and Be5 .4er1. 5-
Crimlan. m57 Leh an. BR-
ffao 20-3 9 1

Rochester i 00030002-5 14
Wojey, Mitjens (7), aronifl.
(g)," lahul* (14) and Teed;
Hei', Barnes (4), Shdre (5),
Crimlan (10) and BDerterest wLP-
CrimlM. LIP Lehma n. B-
Babe, Nelsoh.

RoclWutor gON3000o g-5 7 1- 1
Schults and Porter; FIasiOl,I.
Helm (7), Jacobs (0) and White.
WP-Jacobs. HR-Porter.

draw an old-ftaeilod crowd.
Even Tex Riekard will look down
from the rof to see all the. nice
people at this ,qe.
It will be. yousee, his kind of a
ptoductici. *_ .

Along The Fpirwoys

The Snot B-3napgo, Bungo
Tournament Aug. U was 1 of
u ftor evriomae d eaty keptt
usl ywith'ths s ,We- cards.
Jf* Conley 'and: BaWkawf
R Mfta bothad 21 lRQItMs oM
Ht o nwn r d bot INrM
,won th I oftf .
MaWyBell WOllams came In
with 20 pe~nts and Ber Bayter
won the gol ball for the lowest
number of putts.
We're bopeg for another good
golfing day this Thursday when
the tournament will be-what we
have all been waiting for par
substitution on three of those
bad hols and full handicap al-
Sounds-like a good'gaumn so
come on out and-jol sHappy
erItaf#n "I MkV &- a

---W" 1 -I4 w. yu.i m ee
Richmond 100 0912 4 ,ifp rt"tu.
Columbu *210 000-7 8 -- ---1
Connlly, VolsUle- (4) and t.
Claire; Duar, Wheat (4), Miller 458 THE1 GRADIE
(6), Haag (9) a m d 6am". WP
-VoiseHe. LP-Wbeat. I PHILADELPHIA -(NA)--Ted
--.- Wegert, who easm to th PFlp -
Havana 000 000000-0 6 1,del pl Eagles pre season eCmp
-Syracuse oi00000oox-1 7 Lwiuz no college experlenee, Was
Amor.and Noble; Loveoguth named startIg halfbak for early
and command. exhibition games.

U.S. Amateur Meet Could

Revive Six-Day Bike Race

By HARRY GRAYSON e. "Therare ae 2 -millieo bicycles
SIin the United States, ore tan
NEW YORK (iNA) George ever before.",
Harvey pokes Mihead th the IHarve rattle off bleyele rac
door to rebind you that eyle I tures thro out the land.
raig did not die In this country There arn speeiay bulk tracks in
w nvadeville.. Se Jiae sad i Dle. Ibere is
"Sixaday ,elag.maybe," qall- a celebrated e fre Chicag to
fies Harvey, "bat net amateur tOmJa Thegll t
iraong, and I'm tehitag yeu tht h laI t The M.-Ile Kugler-An-
the sx-day race will be back lie e i run
aa eAeetis repeater." the Easia stna' uomMile.leN
mrver, Noew York truck i n J., .e Doeerai Day. There
mag whe paIp pedals o e-fte woskly evta m t JIelUgitM
fecso y for yeas, i around Meadew. Traet, etc.
twralatL II e a' tiks a
tear -arF
He an *ai
am a.t w bef ing

New '
sagH W

(Based on 3 ieotfelal at bats)

A burn. P. 16 419 68 139 .32
3amUla, Jkln. 91 342 63 111 .325
araldeiub g'. ab r h Pet.
Burgess, C. 119 476 6 148 .311
Kaline, Det. 115 4 M 158 .346
Kuenn, Dot. 107 40 75i 149 24
Power, K.C. 116 467 70 145 .17
ManUtle N.!. $18 4r, 100 131 .310
Smith CIe 117 '471 -91 145 .308

Klussewaki. Rdlegs ..... *41
Banks, Cubs ..........
MayaS G *lanf .....*....;. 37
Mathews, Brave ........ 31

Snidr, Dodrs ... .. 109
lumsowskm,, Red .... 96
Banks, Cub.......... 93
Jenen, Red Box ........ 91
Saider, Dodg ..........101
Mantle, Yankee .,...i..oo

Smith, Maas .......... 91

Kaline, Tiger ....... 158
Klussewdd, Redlegs .... 152
Enema, .Jr...... 149
Post, Re= .......... 149
Bell, Redlega ..... .,.. 148
(Based -e o' Oalsle)
Newcom b e. DodgerM 18 .8
Byrne, Yankees ..... 11 3 .7
Donovan, WI. ..... 13 4 .71
Erskine, Dodgers.... 10 4 .71
Hurd, Red 80s .... 7 .70


QUESTION: The cpwte runs
dose to hestade.,a,=u pt.
to tabaeIML A Is *

"[.. .P A

2 IT *.

* *. *

E by


Wlatvmr It takes to be a pOltical success, l Hppy haS1 di's
iestllosabiv It. ThoIId S ^ .
ritS o ir ,be onw ww-t u a e aImha IIdre.

Happy beat the machine and the press, as well as the empty,
but imoslng, profundities of Alben Barkley, the venerable par-
ty hack. He made a mockery of the "has been" stigma, they
hung on him and even cajoled the hard boots into forgiving him
for putting the rap on horse racing when he was baseball com-
missioner. In Kentucky this is almost as dangerous as denounc-
ing motherhood.
There is a tendency Among sophisticates to scoff at poll-
ticos, yet It obviously takes a very real talent to woo and win
public backing In great numbers. The principal difference be-
tween the Hagues and the Crumps, on the one side, and the
Lincolns and the Roosevdlts, on the other, was probably in the
manner of approach.
Just how much Chandler has on the ball as a politician is
not tee pertinent to this essay. It is sufficient to concede that
he s much better than a green hand. The one and only time he
failed, lFD, then at the rest of his power and popularity, had
to leave Wainten and personally campaigned agalanst hip
In .* use Grass country,
In the light of Chandler's -repeated successes in the field ofI
-public relations, which, after all, is no more than another term
for Itltics, his humiliation In baseball was difficult, it not im-
poxsible, to explain. t -
The demands of the commissioner's office are relatively
simple: The most important one is a temperament which can
et along congenially with the status quo.
The commissioner, under present conditions; is not eucourag-
ed to emulate the. crusaders, launch new vessels in unchartored
as, or boldly commit himself to anything more revolutionary,
than the twiigit double-header.
S is INked Ne a -ea set-ap for Chandler, and, if any-
thIg, his e Miw and varied. esperieneesa the political arena,
Mk their sapag eSa o plomacy, cof rmise and wheedm g,
prefmied to bej ma of an asmet than a iabOlty.
In regiea. and later in isatetailSities, he demonstrated
he knew hom to gpt along wl people esesed organlsatioml
abUil y san was capable of eD d deeiMes which seemed
based en reps. and jtie
e a gabby guy, a professionl:hard boot who dkin't
have to be asked twice to yoeel "My Ol'.Kentucky Home," and
you had to be pretty obtuse not to recognie he was an ambitious
man. Still, what was wrong With that?
He had all the formal learning the job will ever call for,
a conventional college stint topped off wit post grad law at
Harverd. Preuambly he had influentl connections in Wash-
ington; a d baseball, with its slave labor reserve clause, is ever
desrofus of further such contacts.
ay, he had always loved baseball. At $65,000 a year,
it stood to reason he'd love it more tan dver. All the indtca-
tions were that Chandler would be commisltoner for life. Actual-
ly, he was invited out before even his firMt term was over.
O s
What happened. I think, that Chandler was never able
to droe hItaseli completely from bla, first love. Politics is a
fambtaLtng grae an when You've plowed it l your Ife you
_n 1Bt sI na sta glrlq ree of UtMcs, a tact which
and clm t to ph y must feel as

.Ar The dOna

.&s1 4*eIM
.^ ^"^ y-*^^ T ^*y ** !y^ aS ^ ._ 'siS~ M ft ^^^

.' i+. ; .- ; Y

denl y-A wakened

Continue Heavy $iOtt
h, r -.. :.

NEW YORK, Aug. 17-(UP I-
.The litgh are was almost over
for the suddenly-awakened Yan-
kees today as they began putting
that familiar daylight between
themselves and all other con-
tenders for the firat time in
three weeks.
The one calamity Yankee of-
ficials dread most is losing the
pennant two years in a row. Last
time it happened was 10 years
But the Bronx Bombers, tak-j
ing steps to see it doesn't hap-
pen again this year, moved 1
games ahead -of the field by
beating the Red Iox, 13-6, last
night. Not since July 26 have the
Yankees led by that much of a
margin and during a good part
of that stretch they were bounc-
ing around In second and third
Showing no mercy to the Red
Seoz, the Yankees blasted outi
18 hits, including four homers
and three doubles, in roiling to
their seventh straight victory.
Mick Mantle, D in Laren,
Bill Skowron and Hank Bauer
each homered to offset homers
by Dick Brodowakl, Ted Wil-,
liams and Jackle Jensen.
The Yankees who have slam-
med out a total of 69 hits in the
last five games an average of
almost 14 hits per contest-
clinched last night's victory with
a seven-run burst in the third.
Although he failed to go the
route for the first time in four
games since being recalled from
the minors, the rangy, right-
handed Larsen was credited with
his fifth triumph. Ton
Morgan relieved him in the 8th
and leld Boston at bay.
The White Box climbed Into
second place by defeating the
Athletics, 5-4, in 11 Innings while
the Tigers blanked the Indians,
After Kansas City scored a
run in the top of the 11th to
break a 3-all tie, Chicago filled
the bases in the bottom of the
frame and tied the score on Jim
Buasb 's sacrt Sly. A tn-
walkg eo
a ayfenri ee

Southpaw Billy Heeft limited
Cleveland to two hits In post-
ing his 12th victory. Hoeft
faced only 39 batters, yielding
only one walk and singles to
Bobby Avila and Larry Doby.
The Tigers meanwhile dubbed
Early Wynn, Sal Maglle, Don
Moal and Jose Santiago for 13
hits. Frank House an9 Bill
Tuttle each homered, driving
in a total of seven runs be-
tween them.
A two-run homer by Cal A-
brams helped the last-place Ori-
oles snap a five-game winning
streak with a 7-2 decision over
the Senators.
Erv Palica was the winning
pitcher although he needed help
from George Zuverink lin the
eighth inning. Veteran- Johnny
Schmitz was the loser.
Willie Mays' 37th homer with
one on proved the margin of vic-
tory as the Giants beat the
Dodgers, 5-3. Right-hander Ru-
ben Gomez went the route- for
his eighth victory, giving up all
of Brooklyn's runs in the sixth
when Roy Campanella unloaded
a threerun "homer. Until then,
the Giants led by five rups. De-
spite the loss, charged to south-
paw Johnny Podres, the Dodgers
remained 15 games in front
when St. Louis nipped second-
place Milwaukee, 3-2.
The Cards won the game In
the eighth when Bill Sarn
tripled off Erale Johnson with
a man on first base. Stan Mu-
sail's 26th homenr with one on
In the first inning off Chet
Nichols gave 6a Louis its first
two runs. ".

Cincinnati moved into fifth
place by beating Chicago, 11-2,
as Joe Black pitched his first
complete game-in the National
League since Sept. 21, 1962. Smo-
ky Burgess' 17th homer with one
on put the Redlegs in front in
the first inning and they turned
the game into a rout with lix
more runs in the second inning
and three more ino,the third.
The Phillips defeated the Pi-
rates, 12-3. as Ierm Wehmeler
hurled a seven hitter and made
his lifetime record over Pitts-
burgh 23-7. Del tnnIs drove in
live runs.

I1 I

wa.. -r-

W fl.. 4. ..


New York ....72
Chicago ......68
Cleveland ....'70
Boston .......67
Detroit .......I1
Kansas City. .48
Washington ..41
Baltimore .... 37


Cleveland at Detroit
SNew York at Boston
Baltimore at Wash. (T-N)
Only games scheduled.
(Night Game;
K. City 101000010 01---4 11 2
Chicago 110001 00002- 14 1
Xejiner, Ditmar, Gorman (6-5)
Ceccarelli, Harrington and As-
Johnson, Martin, Howell (5-3)
and Lollar.
tNight Game)
Cleveland 000 000 000-0 2 0
Detroit 030 012 Olx-7? 13 0
WyDn (14-8), Maglie, Mosl,
Santiago and Hegan.
Hoeft (12-6) and House.
(Night Game)
Net York 107 011 102-13 lo 0
Boston 000022020- 6 8 1
Larsen (5-1), Morgan and Ber-
Sullivan (14-11), Brodowski,
Breter and White.

(Night Game)
Baltimore 000 002 221-7
Washington 200000 000--2
Palica (4-9); Zuverink

16 0
6 2

Schmitz (6-7), Pascual and

Toronto By Three

Percentage Points.
NEW YORK, Ai. -17-(UP)
-The Montre i ,
the International L7
was down to just thuee per
centage polts Ofer the W -
to Maple Leafs today t @*W
Ing a 14-lnip, P-4 loss tI.he -
Leafr. ,
Each teamn.Aed four piteh-
ers in the seoa -game of the
current set with each now
owning a victory, Montreal
downed Toronto, 7-3, Monday







Brooklyn .....77 8. A" ,t --j
Milwaukee ...64 55 .538 1 t
New York ....62 55 j dif4
Philadelphia .60 60 19
Cincinnati ,.7 62 .47 22
Chicago ...58 64 .475
t. Lous .. 52 63 .4525
Pittsburgh ..43 76 .361 36,
BrooklyA at New York. (N) a
PhlladelphlIftn at Pitt. (N) ^i
Chliago at Oiacinnat (N)
Milwaukee at 8t..-,ola (WU ) .
(Night Game) "t
Brooklyn 000 003 00o-3s 1 .
New York 00212000x-4 5-
Pod a (8-7). Besent, poo
er and Campanella.
Gomez (8-6) and.Katt.' '.

(Night Game) .,
Philadelphia 300022041-138 -'
Pittaburgh 1 0 0000-A. 7
Wehmeler (9--) and Betallo--.
Friend (9-7), Littleeld, -
tin and Atwell.
(Night Game) ':
Chicago 000 00 200-2 9 41
Clncinati' 263000 00x-11 15
Davis (6-B), Jeffcoat, Nowi.
and Chitl. ir
Black (6-2) and BurgsL '.-

(Night Game) I
Milwaukee 000 001100-3 1i W1
St. Louis 200 000 01x.4 S -
Nichols, Johnson (4-i) "ad.
Crafldall. .
Haddix (10-11) a id itl .-

Today Encnt JS-
In Cinemascope!I
Richard Buirton' i -
Plus: aMan

Laura Hid R,.

If you Mwnt at

GItEN *ti-ver

' ," .

* F- j



whiko *

'W -~
*.1 17
%. *'. '.. *14, ,~
._ ___ 5*

*, 'i. .'A




Sallngs: Every Fifteen DsaY fer:

Houston and New Orleos
Saliags: Every Ten Day* le:.

New Ycrk Philadelphia Baltimor..
(Gulf Vessels call at VERACRUZ a TANPICO
(MEX)#) very it wtI I
every three weeks.
Monthly sailings from BALBOA to CENTRAL
Monthly salfings fro9M. ".

Wilford & kqAa4;.

fTELEPONSS: ,Ithf wiLMa w h _4

- S -. T -


= ,, = d



- --

I -

* !?'

'... ,,

. I


Li 1,

* i.

'' 'I

! l

o-; h .;



--',,;. r.. .. -. .... .
.." : .' ." *, ; ,* *

On Zone



-..:. i...'.
r. j" '" .'
w-,.: .,. .- I 8'" '"

: r ; : -- ,"-,*--.r.4.I
..a ,:... ;. a :.

-. -.-' -t- -. '< ,' ^ *. 1 / ." -, ,. "
"" -, ..* < ..- .,: '. w :,. -
-. ... .. ., .,' :
.'' .- -. ...
: ..-K t -' .- ..j .-... -
.. .- a. -.' .. 1 t.. ..i r.

a .. a 9 .o
.* -. .' *- '. t-. "" .,. ~l ; "
.5, : -J .3f

... '.... "-.::.-:. -. ._ f n

...i. ..


r e r w, ... W W he..o'-ryW -aw 'Al -o "
"Let tdie people know the t h ed the consry f W ' ln.
;.. **-' '


r. -~ 2~~


'II,: C

Scientists Welcome Ike's ide

* This picture of Samuel Grler, I
formerly superintendent ofnthe
Motvr Transportation Division,
was taken last year when he was rn
antheisthmus and attended O M ore Atom,
S fol. (eorge W. Goethala. The OENEVA, Aug. 17 1UP).--Scien- The President's proposal
bel was used on Motor Car, Mo. tists on both sides of the Iron put forward informally ye
I, better known as the "Yellow Curtain welcomed tonay a sug- day by Adinm. Lewis L. S6r
Peril," which was used by Col. gestion by President Eisenhower chairman of the U. 8. At
Oeethals and on which Mr. Orer that another International a- Energy Commission, in a
was the motorman for many toms-for-peacq conference be before the American Club 0o
years. The belt was taken from held within twoor three years. neva.
the old French dredge Alexandre The Soviet delegation headed IAe noted that it was Prea
LaValley. It Is now kept in the by D. V. Skobeltsyn was one of Elsnhower who suggested
anal Zone museum in the Civil the first to ekp'ess its favorable meeting and hoped anc
fairs Building .reaction, would follow.
lairs Building A spokesman said the So- United States meaipw
'* viets welcomed the Idea but stepped up is atoms-for-pi
couj.d- not speak at length leadership by selling the 1
mI without fresh Instructions commercial nuclear funma
Samuel Grier from Moscow expected by end Commercial sources dis
of the week. ed the Westinghouse El(
Heads of the delegations from Corp., has received a letter
Britain, France, Italy and India intent ordering 'an atomic
s said they were gratified at the actor for the vast Fit
President' .suggestions,. mobile works of Turin, Ital
t js Aged 71, A number of scientists recom- The order hinges on app
S. mended the next meeting be held of the American and Italian
in the. United States but there ernments and a supply of
were bids from both France and nium.futl. It is the first pr
DroveItaly reactor deal of the atomic
Drove Goethals,
Ssamel Orier. formerly super-
Ifendent of the Motor Trnas-
rtationDivisioni and a resaLt-
ott e

40 years, died Tauenoay nimt. uI
searwater, Florida. He was 711
pears old.
*" l o(0 his dead was recalled
sofl Robert B. Orier, of
S ghts, an emloye in
o fDIvIon. who leM ear-
S l tn0lnig to attend serv-
n It Ir,,

g early an eOnstruc-
S m sl istintht old
q o Shops. In 1912 he was
de torman on the famous
:.low Peril," the PanamA Rail-
road motor car which was used
Sby CoL George W. Goethals.
Hie continued in that capacity
from then until Goethals left the
Isthmus after serving as Gov-
He was transferred to the Mo-
tor Transportation Division, then
known as the Animal and Motor
transportation Division, as fore-
man In 1921 and was- ade gen-
eral foreman two yaati later.
-He was promoted to superin-
tendent of the Division in 19S5
and served inla b apacety until
b retfrementintI member 1945.
4(r. and Mrs. Grier have made
thilr home in Clearwater since
Retirement, although never
' ahlg their interest In the Isth-
- ns and Canal affairs.
they revisited the Canal Zone
't year and were present at the
Ilcaletton of the Ooethals Me-
la" -Some of his collections
Ootbhals and the early t.n-
n Be tructlon days wer! rub-
l In an article of th 6spcial
tam Canal Review edition
to the -famous, C a n FAi
bllder at the time the momn-
f it in Balboa was dedicated.
:' r. OGrir a been in falUln4
health for some time and hL.s
sait, obert, had only reesntlv
rdurn fromt a visit to Florldi
because of his Illness.
Zn Addition to his wife and
so,. he is survived by a daugh-
tr. 8ss Margaret Orier. of Ful-
California. as he r son,
lise Ar-
ar oca-
s. and

.*-Z L. 4.

'fo: a-
my mud


s-for-Peace Talk

l1t- I -

000GO looks things ovar in- his office in "C" Battery, 504th FA
Bn. With him isa Sic Lus Pizarro, 1st Egt. of the battery.
(US Army Photo by FWe Bob Conrad)

Pet Pooch Pogo Is Perfect Pup
& -

The Okefenokee Swamp, where
Walt Kelly, celebrated cartoon-
1st, characterizes various animals
as humans is a long way from
Fort Kobbe, but "C" Battery of
the 504th FA Bn boasts of a dog
which Ls almost as human.
Ironicany enough his name Is
Pogo. he's an English Bull Ter-
rtier that would catch the fancy
of even Albert the Alegator.
But Pogo's life has different
twist for he sl a "king" who
lives In a palace compared to
the original Pago's hideway.
Pogo Was raised In the d e s k
drawer of 2nd Lt. Richard Bird,
executive officer of "C" Battery.
It wasn't the high rent that
finally evicted Pogo either; it
wus his size. Not nearly full
grown Pogo is one of the most
rambunctious pups yet seen.

Pogo is. really quite a famous
figure around the 504th and un-
til recently he could most fre-
quently be visited from 7:30 a.m.
through 4:30 p.m. in his office
In "C" Battery. Being a benevo-
lent pup, Pogo didn't mind shar-
ing his office with Capt. Thomas
Alle. "C" Battery Qommandtr
and hia master, 2nd Lt. Richard
Bird. But when they confined.
him to just one desk drawer Pogu
did what any self respecting Bullt
Terrier would do; he grew up.
Pogo has accompanied the bat-
tery- on It4 maneuvers at Rio
Hato and at Empire Range. He
is used to the firing of the bat-
teries 105mmn howitzers and has
even been tear gassed. His mas-
ter, Lt. Bird, assurer everyone
that Pogo "just eats tear gan up;
'4t seems to clear his head.'
Bird received Pogo as a pre-
sent from a friend in Panama.
Bird's interest In dogs stems
'from his boyhood on a Kansas
ranch. He raised hogs as a ob-
by and worked. m a a mrodeo dow-
boy for a living. He baa ridden
lb Madison &quard Gaode in
New York City and the Cheymn-
ne Rodeo.
The ngsMh BDulTerrer, com-
monly ciled At Mt BuWl was
originally bred in -tland as a
fighting dog. The breed com-
bhnes the-VtI,"the b"
40%With the the te*-
nall In Cuba to
"e people ma-'-
pawI to ugli. but
y that to ay t*
f. To t n, P t itea
marof the battery. '"


An American firm thus hla4 sent a -surge of ec
won the first round Pr a brisk: through the downtown Pala '
competition of British and, Its 'ilposttonas W re more thanL.
own U.S. rivals at Geneva's I- rtk '-4 countries a
dustrial atomic show. 'sho t h t eir- wares at gIa
But Britain strengthened 14 trade far. .
bid for a place la the world 4-- The FPlat transaction, tr4ae:ot-
tomio marketplace by pramis- fclals said, was.negotlatr-
Ing to furnish natural Wumalm lag the opening days of t f
fuel tor British-expertal Mi- toms for peace conference.'.. ,
actof. In the 1960s. The officials said Prof. 'it-
Sir VChristopher Hinton'i-a- torio Valletta, Flat chairman,
aginj-irector of the Brt'sh A" handled the talks with ChUlxe
tomic Energy Authority's ls!a- H. Weaver, vice president of '*h
trial group, said this ttim Westinghouse firm's atollic is
would be made available to tliae ergy comquisslon.
who buy reactors for indughtal It the order Is approved .Flat
uses. He did not set a price would become the first mgtopr
News of the Westinghouddeal company using nuclear p6owr.'

r-yzer-old Cwoi Grant clam
hbps one of the most impU '
em. staches on all the Kiag's
p Pifles. The old soldier
1tzrster. England, be-
ary career I& 1992
d eft a year's retirement in
1 to ISht through Worad
a 1.

'Enoch Arden Fle: Schmit

Wants Custody Of Litle Son
SACRAMENTO, Calif., Aug. 17ot a nvw life for himself and the Mn. .Schmidt's relationship with
(UP) --Airman Daniel C.4bemdt, I child." -. A rd Fine, le-ga or etae ,',
whose wife married another man Welch said he planned to dis- le said, "The w 1f14r 1 a'l.
while he was sweating it -out in cuss with military authorities 1- l-Mel t child is our pr ton-
a. Communist prison -revealed to.- gal questions surrounding a llot. idht-atlon."
day he will demand custody of meant checks sent to Una-s u m s
their two-year-old son, Danny Jr. which were deducted from J-dieh aid plan. .weis: not
Thip decision of the 23-yea.lrd Schmidt's pay a r she had mar- 'brytaulzed" for carig br Dean-
Air Force gunner was annotaced tried another litaband. qy Jr,,.it Schmidt.fa.u ci.to4y,
by hiii attorney, Howard P. Welch, aut said the young airman-ha s
who is handling hia divorce acdon The attorney indicated he did not "several alternatives."
against Una Schmidt-Fine, the presently plan to raise adultery Schmidt's own mother, Mrs.
double married wife. or bigany charges against the 21-., Nellie Peterd bf-Portand, Or e.,
Welch also- revealed his edbt year-old woman Ihas indicated she would be happy
wBllhave the w ole-hearted s.i "We will not,go i q1 details of to carb for the t,
prt Of Una's own mother. M r s. -----------------
alter Ferguson of Red I u ff,
"The girl's mother is on Dan's L
side," Welch said. "Her sympa ..t -'
this are all with the boy. S be
,doesn't like the idea of the airman .
being left while in the service. .._ o
She believes, ai we do that the
health and welfare of the child Is 7..,- '
best served with the father."
He said Mrs. Ferguson had
promised to be a witness for her
son-in-law, if- npessary, to. help w"4'v
him win custody of the youngster, "
but the nature of her testimony
was not revealed.
Schmidt was one of 11 rewmen '
of a Superfort who returned to the
United Stats. last Fridady after 32 ..
months in a prison in ed Chirsf. '
He returned to find Una happl- "
ly married to Alford D. Fine, a 1- .
year-bld Sierra lumberjack and .
preferring to stay that way.
Unai revealed her marriage to
Fine after the Chinese anaqunced ".. ::"
their intention to release Schmidt
and his buddies. Sbe said she and
the logged were married In Sep-
tember of 1954-In the belief that
her first husband was dead.
Schmidt was officially declared
alive and a prisoner of war In No
vember of 1954.
But the Air Force said it had in-
formed Una that he was Mproba-
bly" alive as early as June of that
Asked if he were going to. try
to prove Uas a& unfit mother,
Welch said he didn't care to go
into that -at thi time.
"We do know -the airm6n can do
a better job of -caring for -the
child, he said. ,or iu.A GAOP-IA portable ridg s unfolded by an At
"e's ar proved he's a '. to hp S areas ditches at Fort Belvoir, Va. T
man"H's e proved n prison he was 2brmpwhich folds In hlf and is mounted on two wheels, we
true to" o..t..; true to his defltfd by the Army Engineers to provide tanks and aoter
buddies and tru4 to himself. How uipsont with a means of crossing short gaps. Controlled fr m
can yg qv t the ability ofa 1 a 3016te, tank, the bridge unfold as it nears a ditch anL amm
man like h _Ie -.
He iddei t n swans to carve -

-. .. .
...... -.t, .. -. .


'4' *


flN ~tv? .1

;' 5l'

~_r_ -~~ '-


La.. I

... ... ..~ .. M ~

I --- -- _


red toaL, eompinatitm for,- -

ta.ske ."a "a oia'fIW. "f l ,. l

eastoday tom w -
de y r e madfdeepy dreg
t lviorfthe i rD nies Ki stfflg
ewds should ot have

dfecd a tbhe -oroiIJ e S
a .ai [ith i ,
must" .r-t thee ou W YORK, Aug.B- IT P i
"esJames C.ele. iaugended
raisack he raepdt. sdeme n ae g ainst mudaarLt-
4,the t Ondl behave likewise -_.har .A n utln
]' a ovethe eisso p wm a cos
Be y6 athpe~ fired rlaet 4t "ed t mr dr" in a of pre

CeBatir-oi Bonbi red-haired

ve bwat Portuguese consuhate:s rsd a fer caling
sa1e0d ad signed equipment egS Gt testified-Ea n a-
the ndian a over the rer hes he dommitt t l "un t]ir batheredslast P to oeS and coaolrated waitte
CeseoM the ofd in Bombay
w the government. secretariat e etense rested after calling
Te rbiing was besiegedft e toal o1dwtesso Icudsi
atiwz by thousands of angry bi*- allagher.
tAs d ndotal of men tes rtifiedit
Tolie staUoned in front ofthe las S G ag erhAM ti
bmladin d and on the roof used i- Therewere five more proe.
fle and-tear 'gas to hold back the ti.witnees to testi, .nSt
demontrators, who hurled. atones,, &ei s.d it might p^ r^et GM-
bat thr mei all h- 4 o shledalst-o
e thht o t&s i tagwer as M sole rebuttal witness
t saob mde d immediate fore hm e eom.m tWe
libe on de e ior hIt martial Judges or fi'lon.
ateon by Indian police I sOnL- Galahar tot fed wicros-
diers to protect the Satyagn his examyin&i ,poo ugaloo'
(peaceful invaders) of a from ith other PQW'ws bse pure.
further violence by Portu. se au- r y on untrue mumra e y thad
bThe rioters also demanded that rd wa h t cu
a overumeno t ofias be sed ft "Ia know whetl I walked down
today and that the lndian J b ward asnntbe? squad, they said,
flown at haou taftf far 11 days. 'ay oaub heS't .keep ho. mod
The police commissioner Ia st Gaflablet- heri ti ...S .
night issuwd ap order prohibiting They e t" t" "
throughout greater osfuay f o r mum seefse of r se
the next three days. toi trb Lrh. Gln a e y.a
At BeIgaum near the bioa bore m saird at hmi habo"etr
dt, the GoB Liberation Comm fith "s OWPWL"Utat'
ea t ai ced it hlas suspended ns rise asirsae mwitne
the le on attempt for .the OS15 tehcse*A.- r t.--

ildympa a tries were tuke. wmiapw jde srai B
andi st eopping trae. All-a hea Weit S u laied GllJ f
ia3 general post ofo wroa W there Pat d ist n ;i S ep
,ier. hte re "Galhr ak m e camp
ed.qi. ( r t U li. third time to be a witess fer
TCohecriete r aliema dfr D
atgoass werehe o ovemmeeqt him when we got back to the
would n th reotto e I Ibe ardStates," m rdisquaidoe
wud ata overGemor tiy fors n o-of i just told e I couldn't be
Te pol er sey te soieret oany .help to anyone whoi would
ainee colh onu g e t e uthwest collaborate wth the Chinese."
Ner, ie statement to Parlib Another rebuttal witness muel
meAt, said India will adhere 1o itil Turntrer, to ev th, a bt
"basic policy of pganfl approach Gllagher kicked him down a hi--
amd not resort to arms" to rive because e htook six pair of trw.
out the Portuguese. sears from GallagherH
It Lisbon, the Portuesso For- Turer aid he dfuw
sign Ministry said- authotles in T.rnrhhe a l-w
Gao were obligedd to meet Ie- had e trousers, hseu yaS
lease with violence in elfde nse; by wrapping tet-
and as a result there aeand teed blakets, while Gaflaiher
wounded to be deplored-r- which wotw pairs it a He.
i certalindly whit- t& e O vM t Turner sad Galagher accused
SIndia of stealing, but that there was
Sa lot of difference "n being a thief
Diane Seems over there and being a t et over
(Continued from nge 1> here."
Wfltington were also eacnat,- aet l JA .
wolmingtnwerelsortto a iat- "IjusGallagher Is charged 'with kill-

sp nrS"e n wt whi o aon, Ia., and a soldier i.
dCeited to the arnody of the stnfied only as Dunn.
Citadel. Ury Co nand HeUewdly trew te sick and
Negoes to theeu .t_., tarving Jones and Baxter ogut-
At Beaufort, B.C., the ty )all aaeet I free-e to death- and best
was turned Into an information Dunn and then hunke him on a
headquarters. ben pet..
Cloudburst rains were fore-sw .
cat hundreds of miles inland for The defendant said he had often
South Carolina and Georlgia, thought about the death of Jones.
reaching as much as tour inches "I do sot feel guilty," he said.
over part of the rare. South "I've to wondered if I'd I f t
iCarolina rivers will rise rapidly, that man in the room if he'd have
the weather bureau warned lived. I believe that with e- the
The big Cooper Rive estuary men dying in that room h r would
at Charleston was temporary have died anyway.
haven for scores of ships. IMost "I couldn't just sen t,'B lie
It them sailed four of fle Mlle there and die. I wa- W."ert
up-river to berth with a "moth- about it. Maybe if I hadn't pt hin
ball flee et of merchantmen and out he weun't have ada. I soti
Avy sahit In reserve, don't believe to was my- anb."
headq" n modm m mPeg .


75c --ae n i. i..4| _


_L: I


I _

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