The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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CAPE 1ATTERAS, C. .-'12 (U)- Hanr.i
Connie slapp ed tl North liaolina goaft ,,
winds that flooded lowlands-today and headed on Su
aimed at tLw England.
Ti-hiurricone, dninmished in strength tts
arous as a wounded wildcat, began imovng inld
the North Crolina capes this mouig. ...
It was headed in a northnorfheasterly direction y
That would, send Connie back o sea oa au coimr r
le. Ailing th eopes U.S. coast 4- Atlantic City, New
Bostop / '.. ', .
The i30 a.m. advisory said the hurricane now i'
tmilesOqth of WAIiangtor, ad is moinq te*urd'tli.
Vital 0f .rate 10 t d1 es0ho%

+ Iai

ed tot t av Itnfieewe plane-at'
ed ors a py coiuitel


. 1'. .* I .
a%S'-ho~tWarrowt. ** -; ,*l


F -


A broken
bd to the d Mrs.
& AM. Shrne

i Winifred, Mon-
brother, Clifford
i 8gfCld Mass.In
took p1 aeeI


WAt m

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.- -.. '

'Aug. 12 -
Vm eers a r.

b o t movedio a of
seen -m C ociand

-e o w s o d

robds Ud
rodwts tmow
rewa further
two weeks ag
um w I.wn

F *

RAACE TIM M IMTS-mdr. John J. Albers, offloor In charge of construeton,,
views o sathtI'e Twer"-a huge ocean-base radar sentinel. The tow-
or Is loat l miller st of town,. and workman ae racing against time to get
the competed case fa Connie tuMtW the area.

GI Kills Korean, InjMC Two While Big Four M

ProtectingCoininiitt inspectors
L Ii* iev Oc. 27

SEoUL, Korea, Aug. 1.-U(P)
-An American dWier shot and
led one ean and wounded

demonstrations agmust CommtI-
nist truce inspectors guarded
U.S. troops.
The shooting occurred oft
WoWa Island at P saen
Ameria miAtary solierS.
the three Korean victims were
tryingto ta mlk. But Korean.
pofice d themgas peace-
fuls -hfn who ee. shot
shot w Iee oidler began fir-
IRK "widly.
TwerthoflBdm deupmtrAtors,
Inchift -a C eas rtd4eants
milled S %b the downtown

Czech me=t of the truce in-
spection V 's. but no violence
WaS reporWt.

munjom od
Republic o wi
leave Korea by mitMli
Korea bas acsed
and oseflb of spplg

rm s wmas

50 aa".-;w
Soo -I

-. 'I. -
* -Au

am at Pan-
l. n=trl
him Iut~

lirte'neutral InspectIon teams
- lo. troublre They *1-
rw ord vd to

"T, W D~~oary.I
)flert mkaonofte.

pwls. D,
'uA iad been filing on the:
M.7 ndeavoura a:a
co~spf cip ebu(

The Cig Four' Foreig ministenr
will Meet in Geneva Ot V to
ckde up .e jot of ending tbhe
eold w that- was beg* at- the
Geeva heads-of-state me e r 1 1
lust moath.
President Elsenhower and the
other Big Four chiefs laid dow
at Geneva the problems to be ebon- their miattes: ,uro-
pean Meurity.. r iletMM of
Gcrmp dlaurmamz t, -J In-

sued Pro s_ ".. Xoa.
acd cth utctabetwe*#s-a m
U.ti ta i of State J*.a Foe.
iter down te o r bar-
tunt% wuL It be pesloj e It ten
W 40,re t 'law sm o.r"

d Ignore a tW thrw 4 the men SH lcin ofn
inng tol W ee IeO, to court to io my emerge
ht satur- IA os Nt

for t e disarm
n tt toftheiyou tds nation.

-a;m at 'Satampj1

rm-York of
diln ment

ent, will re-

ala were



batten dowa. aWsel wa oneue
The torrential aips followed Iim was on a ueel
one of the driestssme rs on
eeotd. lhey ff d te air
tora alrpof 40 v a WLventua@

.ton and ifrt the' LOi lua
hI both the des have turn he 3' -SSiI S i
clod by tt nhe un rto _*urais_
Police r fortd flooditg ran lnorh of thI
water had osd long sectiono! f fWhieI ta dio
pan "rkwy.Lo
On of cars were aban- tr anw j
done, some of them In shoul- 15 O about
der-deep water. aitJo le ll
Water ran Into the basements 'M rt
f thousands of homes in the ''-S
boroughs of queens and Brook-
lyn, knocking out electric and oheld
telephone orcult.
SConnIe battered North Caroll-
na coastal towns today with
tioding tides and l0mph winds.
Troops were mob to help
1000 lowland residents flee riling
waters of the Papilco river.
The tempest, Its bae ge
awry and Its feroity weakened
t unewhst by a 31-hour stad- t
Still offlo wenpt cloam. ls
the Atl le for what e tM.
adyingsta at thom U0.1SW
Outer winds 0o100 mph Ec lk-
*d out power, fuled trees and
damage homes ftwns dotUing
the coast and rescttve
washed' over street re&.'
piers and gutted beaches
National guaripue began try-
ilg to Move no Umn
from homes along e

Pameo river w U

me *oft of i

edicted f t



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,., *w **""u Com m ent

T5Na w w v1ANRS. 7O) N .4
*M THMONG KONG-The Chinese s
In for fine ftnerals. The da ,e
Sais sereonamed by an oreheeka24'h
.. ~ more dIstinguishSed the demise, -.
S HE MAIL BOX the rger the nd. The
4 toria (Hong Kong) one such bad
I ;e Mel h is amW fetm ee trseas uTie Panama Amades playing Ame an music, usuaL

Sttes a m publhmed I the or der mesated No apewrypa al story this. It hap-
: S ay e_ keep the ebe limbW to puI lego h. P .ed. But, In that coa lt s
Slmy e\ l te ter w her b I asteri esfl deme. well have been Western lvIlsa-.
uptwape am reu sponsibility for statements as tion. We ba e better beti ol ve.
*a. In.d Isn lMters foeml "mdes My Chinese friend? tell Ste they 4
o have a proveb: "A hundred hear.
3*N ANTONIO DOGLE &iWell here in the Swil lnrGd of8
the Rent you get a good "Seelg"
,": of what we' reup gapnst ."....0-,
th nearby border, aonsth,.p -
S lavin g Browasville we started out on the old road weboxes and te ar de Cmm L'- .
t .4 three years ago and ran Into.20 miles of construction Chinosoldiers lies a s o rf ""-f
new tfour-lane splitting the Valley. In a abort time it m o00,o0 00 lcreasing at the Uwa.
^1 ^r ^lane stoSoan Atono, and they will need itto teh e hte o b,,B a y Icears n ga he.
ms amount of vegetable and produce to market. .__er
Setrw Saletter from Fred Dunning, who was with Swift Some of its pe sill
panvIn Panama for a long time a~d now Is In Canada. S0- ear old wa villaTes
Sed me they got all of their vegetables from the Valley, still transport material spend
redates came from Callfornis-.-ju coming in produc- ir twoe pgkpat either end oi ."Wn. .
but not enough to supply the home demand. Look out, boo poles reting jeav on. hbu-
S* dai, you are next. man shoulders. ut mmiast,9
cChina is most certainly not a slum-
haSng north took us through the city of Weluco, a pros- berlin, doltish nation.
W O_ community growing about everything. Four more miles Desperate d aorei exchnao,
n t us to the plantation and mansion of the Texas Gov- it is now prdue reciion ta-
a" present from his wife and the home of President Risen- chine toos and n them to
l when he was in the Valley for the inauguration of the ELrope. It has deeoped a e '
dan that furnishes water to make the Valley paradise. tatepoof cement mix Wle
e stopped a short while at the dam and went over a new we haven't even beard and Is ma
r024 through the new town of Zuputu-Old town under water. keting that in Europe too. It
O 2d L lot of Irrigation 411 the way to Laredo. training hundreds at thousands of W yor I N.
-We re sned the river to Nuevo Leon on a flilmay pontoon engslners and even oaw has hls DemeuitMd ava
bridge. Both the Laredos have put on quite a growth since my enough to buld plan tstu atr out
T la W &Ualooked prosperous. hitI grade steal and autos. 19'4 a *eye#pjg #s11018
Returned home Saturday, phoned my doctor and hadI th v tand10 ars this Red China .. y m e t
L10 send 16 capsules-one every four hours. Cost $8. Still w he 1 yarst s t i my of 10,000, t BM n a
8 b., ut can't see to write more. men It's industries willswamp r U nde "n r rtw th hMra
-p^op Wright Asia- rha peve E ra om rf The t *
.. .. ........- .. Bonem ----- does so tihe.i e be BSt a aS -*t
Ad eu: ,lue SOne of our aircraft carriers, B o TErnuEwOhil lm n a .aty e ..
Tr ue L RifeNm 6 _N bert47 ePh$ppinePEoeR,..y t istnEpSONla etochim
,sp1 a theon? >r w el rie wt "iA n n gh? Hbada af ho
S a Brim j tsa mlAneuver overhead. _o It t'o .a g ad 4_em111 oa--.- -
IN 3 n LP HO P ANIMAL "Ai rN_ the o Peninsula a few dy WASHINGTON -(NA of Admiral Lewis L tW Chair. Deen in protesting this a Demnorutle leaert Asra te-
J WyN OF VAI 6N, ago, you could have sat In with he at y. roduet of the Un ran of the U.J egy now reed on Americ o J s1 MCak of a eae fa
aE~aaaW Dr. Michael Bialoguski, a brilliant Nautions oerence On peanui CommIssion, wIje ma- ho e declares that It AlTWertz d setta, votng ainst bad wSi e
,t& O0 Aumtraltn counter-esplonage agent Use wofnAtomicnnerl, which sonAon anyott.. Eienhower s"Atomsf nel
HBT A gBAW ho c racked a Soviet fp ringv s opened ato Geneva hisAfter .tOse p en a m Raytm. f
*in o-an Canada or the U eve wll be forced deelafi-: Europ c thiSr thi suNe to "I submit that if we do not It *U a.eleava that causedH t"yvB
ae 5tnk Cantda or thae US. ym~ncion of many seletic secets, e. no treaties oab of change our policy and take the Raybui to cll the-eouse lIt. s oV 4tDt'nn
bai that the sy to now the have n r o e orm n, security wtaps em lately off pow. sIla two hares earlier in oder to e B re
u arms and effective Information,closely guarded Strauss dela t o ,A r reactors," says ea. "our b atralai
suno arms dwe'rerth security r ations tof U. S. United States had nothi t tensions that we are .s I a g the school constructlef .w
run. Weee' on'eee toner Mc E.nergy Mmission, from European cor blessings on the world soon w other long yir. repreatet aRife, moved to re
arun. o't seem to un e- There has aeady been consider- From Geneva, AdmirStral s ave a very hollow rk." Au0 it's a cleava that oneider the 1444 t et., thu
#P Pe~stnd a Se d iW, -n tsb able international s-culation that has declared that-the United-Stites The objection to this that the Domocrts "ga dw I n nthe Rer Repablc.

or six to a family as a feature a oy tr-ooth it am a. r b t *dle ase io iulsip tbat fls wou d he 'a t d no n.sat. 5#t hn ,a Ice et votes.
ed wil to p em makeI mhea0( Aeran h m secret .0p to new. fair competition if a neret, 1.pG end
ur comfortable. But the thWoatl and practical- appiea-. Ac'r.4, t can't ead 10 Amer. asequir d at great coSt, wore gnivenA
-tlp.n U s d ue chairs. Th o ne ateo @ener.l and print Msr away. .a.r
ia# n at t. GnaBretat n has the largest aners eedi m withoutAThe counter objection is that te whole you b Gove
've fat te rice. This they exhibit at the industrial atomic a new. merican ratei industry ham m gotak et nte
rw tlbei gcd in a tben oducted ,h m -ot far been able mka mer e to be an c
ibutteradM .ThTemet.ITi oot otrC hnad therit tje
Sbttear il an been given inforal it could t the cuof nad

helpi nt and 1h11P are1 tl ou01,a nt atomic perwvi o m rtre riI lnot h. h Go
et r .in.oe. Ti ams a a stheth rel oe -n w asen-

work for it and mavch with ht will force our hand, and it will wor oi the project speolaly tatooipuapulngft.le
-n ot wo stman labD or. ho. iaUm kCenea a big declasu.flations le a cess to seret data. osicia d'tiednmwo A h Wasb: ,

hand other erase DrlWash give *cAnter Former AlC Chairman Qordon plies the lmo of ar Hn' te wa
'gThis colony has about one pby i a Ponge a11; anf his @ tHro was t-

itoareas around the ants. Huge GLEEth t hfcal ,, of second helpigs sad remarked,
p tahet nunsea arc v aoenhower suor ns deto then seen e' the euttrt-. .DofDw
an oe d g"esmsgeb'hoels are all gy ehpresty taeito see the in wo .wI
w ,. Wfrtany $1wsiaw. Ate- wilrf acor ,dw his powerulurea 1- against next. ctse l y. But
apasserthBa egivoe a Forran r : ABCCn a po otree a 4

aposible. British intelligence O that no floral gift sting lems than strings attend while we od carries a role of nkels in him e ed e. ..t o n w e ,asat
e for ev would be acchatant for the open- their bor and ancient enemy poket; better than bra acks .r.m a t e d t ea hts a
e a 40-mile area that's somethnl r...o t e Deanmoneyallot wh a L r oT uer 'e v hJ
,000 homes. Firs oad Jerry. Hal Wals Par- ed against Turkey and pob- Din rtos, awr ,mMa*.tn tr ., ,
t rimountaiiCyuas. Jobs are found'

o srd. ogon you No Hand Across the Sea: Tur- I pue" m but t we
h. pork, .in Canton. you r )eon- key, which is one of our best Neither Here, There. Nor Ay-mae her old enough to be hem
SWh a pe l inda and toun est allies, hs where: Bil Smith, ex-Billboaer. mother. Actualy she's Stan
-ol rn TatH ey act a i opened s management office anid ly'4 gra"dM
6I -t o -th -# 4 ding egft hats b per. *,, Jst ivn, ey al its ow Taft-Hartley act and right opened a management office sad le'a r.and4 tr Eva te
y r, en youbp to-work laws. These are approved i s eastinr an indeoendent vieture rooam she' s t so mum -
a F dcallby A n et nd er, do most of the people who want called "The Last Mile" for U-A re- isety is that pi4'es2 1g 1 a o
W -fght-gf in thI i beautifulno truck with unions. However, lease. and you note that a Mw v po m. at (Makes a g
ut s m cheepiEi fo her own. F T TEAM .the U.S. Government, in an unpre- pa ha to V""1 1ihot with nBeE t'
10 "e, *. wlthob msists Tqrks. be compelled to un- Ho 4_am lt & i p bicis 7 n.5
2; H oe f TO-l t t t ? ad himite r Sionize. Ottrwise we won't send 9 ix.i aeUc dfor a s, eq M asa tu I
" T v alw Toucn...hw tomCh of rtie Emil Pulaski. s erve KtsT thn .the pn-to protect t S U. to -over MGM isa d a r
Sa WIrtotaltofp fyeastofservce. Or that n Yo) t fa campaign to t U
p S ;- W -jite pe*setIngs; 27. 27^ pare aying for a delegation of dou- Mayer back in control $
H 2727 bleomes, long hairs, tllectual Morime Berson. the N.Y. p
..-:- ballet dancers and walking dea- suruM told a Stockholm The Mortimer the Vta
gates to force uniosation on' a cl egoes that the v c du atu ha the bft* f .ack
country that doesn't want it. of 's ears are similar eto I's the e
Among the unpublicied undereov- of saova. So that pals it ) Is ru
er Aileriean "observers" in T- zmgshoremen take up a cot- Kal te
&' .key who arepn the strmas e tte .f 1r the Runyon fbnd a en .Sice the ugWllash
are noted of g fellow trav- wes Ip which they have no aec bWar fat the key., h
elers and Soviet apolsts. 4 46 it was rkhed hvb low wri er V n
--- y contributlons from Pl N.Y.
Chapter Two: Twuarkey is all that t 11, Bush Terminal,-
stands between the free Meditere
ranan world' and the Dolshaevist Leand Lease: Redl he*. *OtO a
beast. For almost el centuries it 11%tl
has held the Deu*anellee -ase *It0
ofChIrIillOft.evt so for a hubh wanted to be arno
ee II 1 I
Ofal asobarier. 7.imauknow W "Wt set vast the
the.Turk...A .. ...rtale.soAs
IAsThere ioof thenm. i
1 CNT RAt A A 0 ANAAb MD at rt r a* e .I- -,
he...o.artedly OO 'is tha Aug. 15. (CbmAug.1.
_-_ -_ -i .5 '-


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. : ..... ... .
- *:.'., 4. -- .
-.. ., ,- ,
- - - - - - - : :-et.. ,=- tt4 ..'a-j?, -4 "... L-
...~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ m Jr ..; :: .. ; --' .+-'.a. -='.-;
L _,a~u, l %".'" ,% .J 'L.'' .. __ ,- -.

An?' :~
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..-. .., .V -a ..-- -.--. ., -. i, -. il'"'- qi'ca.'-"fc"* ,' *.I' ftf l l-: ,
itt*l *1~r~ J'~-

i.t. I ,'.ih T" I-* .
.M-/, < n-. :.M, ,-,.:*...- ,. .,**
: ..* -- sr.; ; I' !



Shivers broke with Stevenson
in 1952 largely over the tidelands
oi e poki- ot It news con-
ference at te 4th nual GOV-
'rrt' Conferesnfo heeajS
teshtuel on thS ot no3tM

.t theg record of
he hid M Oer, saying
be had restored faith" in gov-
ernment and brought peace to
"some who have never known
The Texas governor supported
Mr. lSqnho I. 1952 after
brakn*g wf[lStevenson.
WWu decllUhng to name names
himself, sh1verg. said he had
heard talk amoar other gover-
nors here about Govs. Averell
HarrimaM of New York, Robert
Mayner of New Jersey, Frank
Lausche of Ohio and Edwin
Johnson of golorado. and. Sen.
tes Ketauer of Teeawue nas
possible Democratic mdldates.
Onlt Wednesday night Steyen-
son, amnnunced he will make
known his intentions for 195K by
November, and possibly earlier.
He did not say whether ha had
decided to run, but many ob-
servers, felt he will make the
Stevenson expressed confi-
dence he could beat President
Elsenhower next year.

do 6tee stab I e win a
baud like tfr eo0mpanyin
bid lo ur padres with the han,
g doubled, a- +went do three
ks like Ulittle man. The de-
fendes took two clubs and the ace
f di d, after wc East
.vastl*J.1 ot three trump tricks.
ivoin tw. ";a a 1 s
didn't iow whereings had on
wrong, How does thi df r from
Sthe khd o hand li which you bid
, augresively? .
The iference lVa very slmle
Youb dd aggressvely with good B.
tributilo. WtMe you have a sound
trump suit. You set cautious with,
a weak trump suit.
In this hand South knows that
ibe has- a bad spade suit. F ther-
more, he knows that he has forced
Northcto choose between hearts and
spades, and thd North is almost
surely showing a preference with
two spades and two hearts. North
might. even have two small spades,
with an ace elsewhere.
If North had some three-card
holding in spades, he would sup-
port .spades, early instead of bid-
ding two io-trump. Moreover. If
North-had a hand that was obvi-
ously useful for play at spades,
be weqJ jump to four spates in-
stead (ding only three spades.
Stratgely enough, the value of a
aoundibmp suit is shownif South
plays the hand at hearts Instead of
spade. -I West begins by taking
inn aMliianm thae .n e.l aiamnndi.

iUU5EiMU.SlBlBUVl .a. *s- *-w ****w
hrdhrd rd hrdl srd shd shrd sh
emfw c cat emfw cmuw
declarer's trump'command.

' iner' Song

ontest Extended
Fort Kobbe's -amateur song
writers will have another oppor-
tunity to profit by their talent
with the extension of the Life-
liner Marching Song contest.
Purpose of the contest is to
provide 33rd infantry and 504th
Field Artillery battalion person-
nel with a chance to write addl-;
tional verses for the song and to
reward the writenrS the best
Entries must be written by a
member of a pIOe nfg and sub-
mitted to *1e Posft Special Serv-
Ices offi e, Verses should ex-
press t -mission and glory of
the r aina ntryt en in lyrics to
the nMusica of the "itfellner
Marching Song." Judging will be
based on the virility, spirit andI
ease of singing by the troops.
Photographs of the authors of
the four most outstanding en-
tries submitted will be placed in
Fort Kqobbe's "Hall of Fame" and
sultale' prizes will be awarded.
The "Lifline Marching Song"
was written byPfc. Edward -.
Cahill, 7433d AU in April as the
official song of the Post's Life-
liner Singing platoon which he
directs. At present, the seng con-
aslate of a single stanzass.
Joe Dimnaggio and Jimmie Foxx
each were chosen most values bll
player of the American League
thrae times, DIMaggio while wll
the Tinkees and Foxx with Phl
adelp*4 and Boston.
.----"*'* j~-A.-.---

'fr I 't 'A.;
a" '~~r'tArn(.AW., -V.

ABeCABI. ', [lnidilng th I.Pa,
ma Area Damage Control School,
will move from Fort Amador
s week to Its new location at
Fort Clayton.
The section will be consolidat-
ed in two buildings, 175 and .177,
at Clayton.
The chemical officer will be
located on the ground floor of
Building 175. The PADC8 will be
located in Building 175 on the
second floor. The offices of the
Chemical Depot and the Chemi-
cal Corps Tropleal Test Team
wlll be downstairs. The cheml.
cal \maintenance shop plus a
portion of the depot will be in
Building 177.
First PADC8 class in the new
location is scheduled for Mon-
day. Students will have a new
classroom and recreation room
built by the USARCARIB engi-

REAL COOL "POLICY"-W. Clement tooe, right, makes out
nsu. ranme op his o ae.pesonnel for next winter in the llorm of a
huge portable swimmint pool which he ham installed outside his
SC loi l ., ofce. Stone, an Insurance gent, estimates that
set if kept cool during this saying sumn will drum
* p warn buinus ldr him next winter.

15th Anniversary Sale Camera
Headquarters BOLEX H-16 de -Luxe
3 lenses and corr. cpe $395.00.


155 Central Avenue
Near Central Theatre

for your baby's bedroom!

at best mualitv..


weapl. ,nthe wa' esaeer-the
world'i irst stW 1 flM-

be hilnn biera te Ulniversity of
'ine' reato, beiu' t it the
university's 0=ed5al Center, will
provide for two' s t radiation
-gamma rays th thermal nu-
Then can beobemed eSitiyely
at deepseited can ,often diffi-
cult to treat by surery or pres-
ent forms of radti.
The reactor's atomic fuel -
enough ,to produce gammas ays
of greeter Inemlity thas those pro.
duced by S pounds of radium-
will be obta ed oi loan from the
Atomic Energy .'Commission. It
will consist of about four gallons
of uranyl sulphate solution, highly
enriched in uranium 235. The fuel
will be contained in a one-foot
stainless steel sphere.
No Puelsi Discharge
The. olutio type reactor will be
self-contained. No radioactive par-
ticles, fumes or smoke will be ex-
hausted into the atmosphere' or
sewi ge systems.
The reactor, expected to be com-
pleted within 18 months, will be
built by North Americar Avia-
tion's nuclear engineering and
manufacturing division. Financing
will be by the AEC and the Call-
fornia Institute for Cancer Re-
search. The building will be paid
for by the university.
When completed, experiments
will be conducted first an animals,
later on human beings.
Sailplane Pilot Glides To Pleasure
Among Updrafta
WICHITA, Kan. -(UP)- David
Lynn Boyd, born in a Wichita hos-
pital two weecs after his mother
survived the death-dealing Udall
storm, has been nicknamed "Tor-
nado" by family friends.




-a i--.

JOSE FERRIP, starring with JUNE ALLYSON in


IN At,-. ..

Josa Ferrer, who maintains a stable of prise fighters,
says he derives part of his acting technique from the pugil-
ists. "A boxer's efficiency in the ring," observes Ferrer, now
etarring with June AlorNm- in Universal International's
"THE SHRIKE," opens next Wednesday at the CENTRAL,
"depends on his foetwork. And the same thing goes for
Ferrer, the actor-director further explains that physical
poise is one of the basic fundamental sfor giving an effective
portrayal, and that one method of helping achieve It is to
emulate fighters in their .training methods.
For example, Ferrer reports that he has found rope-
jumping, for three or four minute periods each morning, the
solution for developing body balance.
He claims that one of his greater ambitions is to serve
as a second during a title bout. Advt.

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CIbaeW Jiq*du*

. .. ... .., k -+ ,



." t-

if hw im s Bn

low, lsvlintiunry ldea

ii Wifideow Ieratin


EarEld er E oe. mwd office wAi Sem
vEm L Mbd Maide f hbel-
il C(Msene Nluicerd lauh S
pmk b C"1"1

Re md an


0 5




- .
-,,.' ,
4-.'- -

- ~rr.r&-. -
.7 -,:-

I- '.. -..

j:*'. ',.

~ -
**""~~ di.:




' --

1. 4 .. SIZES
-Extra- FI -Fine Medi.-; ""t



will not wear. break or oraok.


each press of cap button turns ball .
and seat to new writing position

avoids wear prevents leaking


* .. .- -,'. 5.
* '- ", ,-; *; w';, '.4 '
.. .
-",.... r irf'.f. ... f^ .' .
i "' ,: :. f ^ ,^.^^"L J .....

i* *

.5 5.5~


S -.UP) -- One evening 'him erit i a W '' admired
ago, Ernesto Man- woar when se had final lyt
dwni tihe ,4a VA
tb an V V. t

done so many gt
there in the
s ltiOe fingers iknemd- tif L
washso pos aaand children '
range fever and teered to pose. From \
worked teadil~y Q t f pf ij b uir '*

Ih Ih a^Hp coa ima 4s in clay. So adept and s e
11W4 dqenese of oushITeCd-wre become that from a ImI
vr t before. : medal of th uepe d' Aosta
jht what he had accom- sculptured a life-like bust.
Was nany fold; years of 8ince Sarina died Ernesto Mgs "
Iq. suffering .hq eOepP!leI a, wwlc, lil q .ardpr ap"
*sle. years of prayers, longe houra. He s sad but o
to were climaxed in bitter; he has his children to copi,
b d achieved on tp fort p ye-m AnS d .9t
poqrd before him. cent work wil l be finished.
p11 sci pt~ face 1 It will adorn a tomb in Rom'
a which could only ] sere -B esto aau i"fll lovitig.
kno under the wch pf:, hlatp u ktu .e a but *o.J
Ingers-orErnesioh am 3hiondcfa facehene0pri '1"r
a was hind. saw but knew only through hig i ws
Of .iuelli Uttle is nowG out- fl i-hal-- t kind of a a.dr ahis s.? arvin A
avie ki circle of frisa andtad. q aL a.L L. thsw etPs gO. su 3w IL|'.".
Ste world of art heis owbmrds Are tth g. .
la ess known, but slowly: WW W -
@. 0 'T"Us Christo Amar._ "aB.I
be1anPto otlt of eH Freot'Ii ng M1f
reculptor. 15n tle lrjO Juiullu
.uei was born at mf'err- I A ARBOR ,Niu -(Up)- -
ohe Italyn m the AYdaror. .. c b s t, k". .-
ws las uneventful andoi qUet.' ,-td Halrrg yo,_ ,.n u.
sh. iy and even a little tit Mmid.a' I1 pes aHor oi zoolog at tp e IB
..", .ff "and handsome i !'m'gj M li e

When he wgy ventean We
War I hir f t. l yplutael
and ros t the rank of lieuten
in the infantry. One morning
November, 1915. he was sever
Ikftided By a grenade. two plef
pf steel penetrated his eyes. Fro
that moment on MasqUill V
rFr years he went from ho.

er eggs in
leaves the

132 One timi
* ISEst't
S15 Wbir
1 Mover's
I Graftedd
' o~bne

ist ig ist ot

8 Invisible
truck 9 Hue
(her.)10Poker stake
p 19 Numbers
atom (ab.)
21 Not as mu*e.
Ma 24 Halrlb

Faithful Mutt

39 Cmell


~b)~ '*5
Wb~fF~P'mY 5-'-
-, dJ

Iw ig- '



nIIM 'lI". '' SIAp'.M ii'' T
.t ."-, *.-../ : ,; .. .
116 lr^^^^uns'< d ** '-*...t- ?. 1WIU_^^





Vrr k

- 5. ~ -

an the Bttena


*j;,.., 3311 iniw

SSpread the Word

- .

. "

4t: ir


atTr If Twlag

-. r

, n




~:A *:t~~

,~I. -.

%t~ p-r;'.'.

*5 .- S



' .r1

'-' ,I
I ,,e-,
5' I



uLe TiT


1 .4.5


__ _1__1______~ __rr_~~____ _

___Z ___I_~



:. ,' ." : .-





p ,..,


* '. *<



,-*.' t

'i ~`'~ I~'~C~~~



" '


S.:'. *

jut/ *X ..^ *!...^.. .


A w,

,.. -

~, j-

F 71

V biParmeats
i VaAtb!tt, son of Captain
" h. or 6. Abbott of Die-

la ";'"!'

iarned ~to

A. Reaves of
m, are viAnlong
ists at theNA-
io.tbailr Fe-

Riepubli .. *
Mr. ahd .Mrs. 'Rebrt Wer* of
Washiogton, D. C., accompanied
by their two children, arrived on
the Isthmus recently for a vaca-
tion of three weeks. The Wo rd
family also will visit Colombia.
Thon e former -Banca
cvicp. hUoi aed.As Vice Pres-
Ut = IoftK Merrtiad .Compa-
of Wahington, i investment
(Continued on Page .)
i *.." '* ,

GOrlon's M Spiat wbsJ
one& bb eftan gveDmett
antd-otuld muawelwoai.

Isthmiao League
Set For 'Eveing
With Musicians'
Pia were all get td
the n atloq f,'An .
Wth 7acfij i thmtani
Leaguat ll.ast 16th
Street, next Wedne lay night.
The program, which will fea-
tdre the biographies and music
of Mozart, Handel, Beethoven,
stehen Foter opia-
Shubert, wmi als'
aif instrumental rend
Lucille Ford, Olga Kimg LyW
TpmUson, Mabel MaF
Hugh Adams and others.
Admission price 1I 35 cents.

in towowy o COW hwb

fenedII cisi OW rvk
* 'rw. fI*itt wowdy via Culh Dmumui

or fI taIwenima S m"l 1

, lin down lens.

** -


,. ^ ,
Whm y.ou add a of IATINA to yow
-al* h, yve wiU enljy dve .m.
4 Jim gA. g -dmoot bymov*'Nthei
Th ine doam't drn adck. n
/ 'yoU'et ,.-a-i-a ,
S Votw keep d oB uaritw braume dit
am ktUM 8E IMASills.
Ap"i4 min g ivu yaei a nto a "like.

/. Pt Ail..



All Universal Dinnerware is guar-
anteed against checking, or glaze
cracking (commonly known as
crazing) or any damage to the
glaze or decorative treatment re-
sulting from exposure .to either
heat or'cold. This does not include
ware exposed to an open flame or
to any direct source of heart.
Universal Dinnerware may safely
be transferred directly from a cold
refrigerator to a heated o v e n.
Universal Dinnerware Is regularly
tested for one hour under 150
pounds live aMain leswure then
immerasedin 5 degree water--a test
more severt Wa three years of
hard use.


ft. P.SEh
40 PC. SET
fh DP~ UF

i nn


Marked way down
weekim ts reay "w
oppofltty to beautify
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I' -j



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ie...d 20th Stre

6 Fort
e- pre-

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Newest prints,, plaids
-,. and pastels.
Sizes 1-6- 7- 14 --

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~ .r ~







-- --

wftl d

cc .*

^ M **Lt,**.!. 1-. .
*. I-

0^4 CAI

~ I

I *

* *. -/tYrw74ri#- -, -.

* '-..Aarro

I .



V. .

.. .. .... S--


1 Strat he. U
St J a AM. 0 J S.
*vm w- mil U a

.iIrteacher takes toem 1o t air,-
*" ,mlhm Lework "1 "
When her class begin Itudying
LT. (JG) ALBERT M. FUSARI, rural life, Mrs. Bruce Crothers,
teeently reported to the taff o who li ves on a ne arby f takes
tear Adm. Milton E, Miles, corn- three udents home. with her each
mni4ant Fifteenth Naval i- night, e class project durMg th6
tne,,as aide to the command- rural life lessons aM to build as
St. o model farm, and where can a pu-
Sgraduate of the Brooklyn pil find a better model for his clay
olegeS of Pharmacy, of Long Is- cow than in a pasture?
University, Fusari was co- The youngsters pick up their
Sthe Navl Oignfficer's andovte12, 195, lay when school i out and ac-
S the Naval ofcert Candida company Mrs. Crothers to her
cool, Newport, R.I. He has home to inspect the farm. Their
t completed a tour aboard the studies consist of touring the en-
Bordelon as astetant gun- tire farm from iaymow to milking
ry officer. While aboard thlt w-chines and picking up ideas forj
lip he saw duty in the Medi- instructing their models.
hean and the North Atlan-
areas, the Caribbean and In
rmuda during the Big Four Metallurgy Used
ference when the Bordelon
acted as the Presidential guard In Studying Diet

..I.. Of Fruit Trees
i ry ro s EAST LANSING, Mich. -(UP)
,hi .. = -- Michigan State College hortl-
Ar raSdi a culture experts are using metal-
r w uI Vl nl wll lurgy techniques to check the
plant food diets of fruit trees.
H I& I PrRA l "Dr. H. B. Tukey. head of
iLu SIVW l MSC 'S horticulture department,
I 'B" Battery of the 504 FA Bn said leaves oC trees are pho-
Sovided the honor graduate of the ,tographed in a giant machine-the
USARCARIB school's Troop In- spectrograph which is used in
,rination and Education course metallurgy and industrial work.
hI.h ended last week. IThe photographs actually show
2*f.c Howard W. White, an ardent the amount of certain plant foods
diver, when he Isn't busy in the leaves to see whether the
his duties in the battery sur. tree takes up the fertility avail-
y tean, or as battery I&E NCO, able in the soil, Tuke) said.
me through with a score of The program, still in the experl.
06 per cent for the I&E course. !mental stages, is directed by
*h. -outstanding average is a- MSC's Dr. A. I. Kenworthy, who
the highest ever achieved at tests tree leaves for n i t r o g o n,
oFtt Guiek School. The I&Epllhosphorus, potassium, calcium,
i se s designed to give the stu- and other plant foods.
a fundamental ground wino
y edueatiot and public or. Kenworthy scores the results on
tion procedures. White c o m- a nutrient-element balance chart,
that the students also at- which looks like an ordinary, bulls-
classes in journalism and eye, and returns the chart to the
e information procedures. fruit grower with a letter suggest.
a his superior average proved, ing changes in the fertilizer pro-
to has the necessary ability rram. At present, the service is
do an outstanding job il-.the ava i lab lo only to commercial
nation and Egdatiafild. growers.
Sis a graduate of WashiMng
futhedCT. Minister Shouldn't
rsity in Forregt Grove, Ore- A Secreta
I Be A Secretary
LOlA, N. I.. -- (UP) -, sister's job is to MN a spiritual
s a'n Iland for every day leader rather than an "executive
t .e at Lake WMfi.ape. secretary" etof a, o o Ieon, ac-
31 8 ias, a* cording Dr. t
Seminary S. Loue. d
"A.minis mut always reMafi
1 TET LEADER Pastor, p b teacher and
I H i oITYuneor" he told a Luth
il lIJ= AM i 1 er e P --


FOR SAt 1950 Ford Con-
vltlbl, rWdle, heater. turn In-
dieter, overdrive $50. 2541-
C. C4;eoll, aitr 5 p.m.

Frt SALlt--1953 I*ner Reed-
e, undellated, ~nw top, tinl
and b t$795. 3-7267 eft-
e 4:10 im.


all left model outemobiles:

Autos Elisnmen
(Bleide Cos-Cola Plentl
Phone:* 2-2616 2-4966
Pan msa

New Books

The creative history of prints
and drawings from the time of
David, Goya, Delacroix, Daumler,
and Corot to the mid-twent eth
century in Europe, the United
States, and Mexico is presented
In "Modern Prints and Draw-
ings":; which was placed in cir-
culation during the week by the
Canal Zone Library.
Written by Paul J. Sachs, the
book begins with the great mod-
erns of the past and then fur-
nished understanding of the
great creators in the graphic arts
of our time. It contains more
than 286 reproductions and con-
cludes with a valuable chapter
explaining "Technical Proces-
The complete list of new books
and their authors as announced
by the library this week follows:
Non fiction A Layman's
Guide to Protestant Theology,
Rordern; The Challenge of be-
inx a Woman, Sherman: A Field
Guide to the Birds, Peterson;
Mask Making, Baranski; Modern
Prints and Drawings, Sachs;
Faith'and Freedom, Ward: News
is a Singular Thing, Higi;
Laurette, Courtney; 8 shine
mad Shadow, Piekford; Tiger of
uhe Uaews, Tensing.
eFiction The Troublemaker,
Di sSR; The Hound of Earth,
15MI111t: Maid of Israel, in-
itm,: The Innocent daflor,
a Laouisana Cavalier,
e b Mer; The Sel1-Betrayed,


-'I a

L Carsuuu""
Corn Af. f .... .
No. S ILotuy ni


Aenls Interll 4 is M


A*, rT,.
'W"M suvaa

-*".:'...U Lm .lVl ...

A C'ommAm
b8' eetS "Au .*-,.
"->'+ *:, Jtlt. *

J M, R %6 IL


C' nal Zone DentSl Polycill iel
S Dr. C. E. Fabrep D.D.L
Dr, C. A. Roy D.D.)

Daiur-brldre work-lla bav
amoral ?rfctise.
nvel. (4ith of July) Av& o 3I24
('pp' ia. a m SchoOl ol .al
Telephone to-3s1

Phone Panams 2-0552

"i help e wiKth

n. A. OB r. ORnLAC
(Palymer Groduat)e


Packers Shippe Movers
Phone@ 2-2451 2.25-21
Learn Ridingl o
Riding & Jumpiws cau dal
So5 p.m. P lonse 3.-02
or by opelito et. --.

i P

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De*ki 54.00. Center tables 15.-
00, Chea etof drawer 22.00,
Double bed springs 18.00. New
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cylindr,. 4-der. sedan. 5 w/w
tires, $800. Call Gembe 6-451.
FOR SALA: lBrgain. 1950
Buick Super Coupe in excellent
condition, tires good. radio, new
seat coven, only $700. SMOOT
& HUNNICUTT. S.A., Colon

FOR SALE:-1952 Hillman. ox-
cellent condition. reasHnable
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FOR SALE:-1950 Packard 4.
dear sedan, new point iob. irei
good, only one owner. excellent
buy for only $495. SMOOT &
HUNNICUTT. S.A.. Colon $00.
1955 Ford Vi Flrlaene Feier
two-tone Seosprite gieen-wMt
Ferdomatic, radio, w//w, turm
indicaters, windshield weaher.
my1- 2fuhm-lesn. war pa,.


BOX.2031, ANCON, C.Z.


FOR SALE: Cooker Snild
pups. t14 Vi ia lisdlr Pers
cottagee rer).. For Inforstl
call Kbbe 84-5105, a.l to i
4 p.m.. Sit. GlSdn.
and Maivls oeIou, rie $5.50,
will arrive dlor y, Rslaom your
copy new% AINlCIAS ttllR,
S.A., Phone Ponemn 2-1219.
FOR SALE:I-Silv Cornet, o-
tallent coadlti $75. Phaou 2-
FORI ALE.r-Boy's B.S.A. Ig-
lisl bicycle, 21-inchL RCA Vk-
trole and radeo ombbetion I
child's wardroe. HHos 7 -B.
Barnoby Street. Phone 2.2790.
European st e m p collection
cheep. Phone 2-5070, ask for
SIa. Elide.
FOR SALE: Inglis o autmftl
washer, 25-cycle; high chair;
crib; playpen; yvoth bd; snow
suits, mi il 2-2-4-9; 1948 Olds-
mobile "I" 2-deor sedan, hy-
dramaHe, radio. 1579-A Coen.
Balkee. 2-2104.
FOR SALI:--lrman Policepup-
4 morse l. 82nd irelt
o1. l, Apt, 20. 12l non i.
FOR SALE -L.P. -ecordl. Iles-
skial and popular. 10% dii-
toint. AGENCIES DIAZ, 37th
S~t No. 6-A.

FOR SAL: Royal 16-moae-
idine movie camaer, 1.9 lens.
like new; Argus C3 55mm.
camera, flash attach., telephoto
lens and ease. Itke now. Make
offer. Cell 8811-4144, 2210-C

More BlOst VIctIns

Sgh l bimien

Where Twenty Died

ANDOVER, Ohio, Aug. 12 (UP)
--Numke residents of this pea e-
Iful vaQo-land village siftedlI
through illimnoldering emberq2
today looking Jor other possible!
victims of a Wednesday night.
explosion and fire that already
had claimed lives.
Although there was hope no
more would be found in the crum.
bles of a block-long, two-s to r y
brk-k building. thete was fear the
toll would rise n hospitalized cas-
es. Of the 18 injured, five still
were listed in critical condition.
The disaster struck at dinner-
time Wednesday night. Its cause
has not been officially determined,
but escaping gas ignited by light-
ning was the most accepted rea-

The blast leveled a building con-
t ining a restaurant .dairy bar,
shoe store and utility company.
An adjoining plumbing and heat-
ing firm was gutted ty the result-
ing flames. Windows were blasted
for a quarter-mile radius.
The job of removing the dead
-..a delayed more-.jan two hours
until rescuers co withstand the
intense hest.gene d by the fire.
The victims' ch d rein a ins
were removed tq the garage of
Andover's only funeral p a r l o r,
which had beer. converted into a
The gruseome mass of twisted
limbs and scorched torsos made
computing the toll doubly diffl-
cult, and :n the early hours it was
feared 25 had perished.
Eighteen of the dead had been
found before daybreak. Two oth-
ers were located in the rubble lat-
er In tle day. Of thi total, only
nine have been identified positive-
Fire Chief Scott Geltsan esti-
mated the loss at $SliOM.
Andover, located abitOi miles
east of Cleveland close to the
Pennsylvania border attracts ma-
ny summer tourists who camp at
nearby Lake Pymatuning. It was
believed many ot the unidentified
victims were out-d-towners who
had bee eating their supper at
the restaurant.

F C D A Advises
7 Day Food Supply
Families hould ueep Useven-
day reserve food uly their
homes as a defense againsjle-
at attli, Ec-or.i. t6 the liera
Civil Defenme Administratu. ;.
The FCDCi orgioly recom-
mehdesd ody a thredasy supply.
It increased he sgeted amour
because of the hazari of hyd4r
gebomb f t
a md our plaguaf banme a.


6r ll

WE BUTtt iu MeMo Rel
Esatea. itpls deiltl.

FOR SALI:-. Aputemot o Id -
miJ "Sa mJse." Ik l Ab'.
2192. CIntal Higway. Apply
Apt. 1.
Coerm Campan, 2000 sq. me-
tars, cheese oIena. Phse 2
167 after 5 p.m.

Canal Zaes
United rates t io t COt For The
DIstrict of th4 Ce11 Sem
Division of Babo
Jilmm D. Maneu, Plaintiff v. Dolph
lJane Mianss. Defendant, eunmniW7 C5
No. 4150, Civil Dooket S, Action to
To the above-nanmed defendant:
You are hereby repaired to a aper in
aensw the complaint filed In the above
entitled action within nifnety days ite
the first date of publication.
In case of your failure to so appea
aid answer. Judlnunt will be taken a
list you by default for the relief di
mrnanded in the complaint.
Witness the Honorable Guthrie F
Crowe Judge. United States Ditril
Court fr the District of the Caul Zone
this June 1955.
C T. NcCormck, Jr., Clitk.
By rBan e Is PeAtc'Chlef Deets Clalr
To Dolphin Jane enm: s' .
The foregoing summons Is served ut
on you by publicatioil pursuant to 1 i
order of the Honorable Outhrle F. Crow
Judge. United States District Court ft
the District of the Cnal aZone, date
June 1955., and entered and teld I
this action In the office of the Clerk
aid Uhited States District Court for th
Division of Balboa., on June 8. 1115.
C T. McCormIck, Jr, Clerk.
By Sara de is Plea, Chief Deputy Clri


rVK Xih I
A .pIo.a# q ..
Phn Pems i ..
Mohde fulmohedr uo mfhied
*prtMnem. ProustoMnal *1e
and eir wPldiling evblleble.
Alhambre M l ta 10th Stest,
PhoneI i, B.lem.__
FOR RMNTf-Apairtmt i bed-
roms and 2 baothuems. living
and dhigM rnom seminutlen,
lowgf kitltea, mOld's oom with
service, Ali, Phoe
-oftir 4 p.m. -4242;.

thone a-175t --
S FOR RENT: Apertment. Buy
S furnishing, got pesoslion. 4-C
m Stairwell, 14 Miller Apte.. Tiv-
oli Avenue.
S FOR RENT: Govornmee in-
r spected, fully furnhhed, very
nice small apertm nt lut re-
r decorat. d drepe, sWiutlo
S blinds, buil-in kitchenette unit
including nmge, sink end relri-
S gerteor. Rent $45. MN. 22 6th
. Ave.. San Francisce. list off the
Esa Service Statin on Via Per-
reo or Pholo 3-171L1


FOR RINT:--New chalet, three
bedroom, living room, dining
room., bathroom, parge. "Coco
del Mir, corner of 7Tl Avenue
and Pase Cincuentenaria, $125
monthly. Phone 3-3005.

-L ..-..


bs ei"- it Set .t l se ..o-
J'*f Ballet I.2,

7ist t 1 ine. Law s Psrome

gft P" tI 45, BiteI .
Ph as TI-3.1877. Cil.e.
bel 31-14.3.
reamlkh't Sante Clove kashh
Cottoms. Moes cmOvsniemc,
m finte rtSim. Piano m ea

Nutitionist Approves

Water With Meals

"Keep-the'w tea glasses filled" at t
neat time is suggestionn made
b3 a Vermont extension service
member., I
Anna M. Wilson, extension mnutri
Itioist says some peoie thik wa-
I te soud not be drunk witm i
I meals. Their reasoning Is that wA-:
ter dilutes the -saliva and de-'
creeses its effectiveness in
di testing carbohydrates.
Mrs. Wilson contends that In.
stead of initrferig- with-L dgetilm
water stimulates and encourages'
greater secrefin of gastric JOlls IC
lard helps dilute and keep the foed
one eats i solution. 'i



FOR r IE ---

. S 'w. -,
Pi0. i,,_ F -id .

2Id Ri et No. o; fM
Hotel l P oro ..; f i. -
tHu eullTal. 2-2 Paw..m.
Help WI antet

WANTE: Meld for general
boiMwebk. ',rInu grimt e
6446 I onse Lot

WANTED-Pvem1nin how"-

z A. : .., ,-. .-

Customa besligsing
InotlttwuM~ss .

We're Clepi i

a W T


L' se

a -





.- .-" ,

'.. '
black finiaj., Radio and standard
transmissioii. Full price $850.00.

1961 FORD TUDOR V-8. Excellent tires.
Completely reconditioned and guar-
anteed. Full price $750.00.

family car that has new tires, perfect
paint and leather upholstery. Full
.price $850.00.

economical six cylinder model in ex.
cellent all around condition. Full price

1949. PONTIAC TUDOR SEDAN. Brand new
shiny finish. New tires. Full price

1941 FORD TUDOR SEDAN. Miles and
miles of good transportation for only



"LO / DO N P Y -----


4- A


;W ^ lf '^ '"'
4'^i t^-"

.. ;-..
,-. .. _..'-

., I.

- I




I niv 9500U mill. DoTw paid
P $2500. 1955oFerd VS Cus-
PpIIls Do Homework temline Feorder two-tone @qua-
utone le-white Fordimatic, ro.
P i D 5555W1die, turn Indicators, windshield
On Tuchrs Farm washer, 5900-"miles. Duty said
I11 75. Cl31 Panama 1-3729
tlGS, MiAE. -UPFlrsti *a S*'i0 o,... -
and seoned-gradtr at the Hasting= s F IALl: Very c *
Raitee -a 9 IM 6-cyioder 4-onr v
aM WcoyeriM nratIl-h~aht ^allllllM~tAlr

A one owner beauty equipped with
radio, leather upholstery, tow mil-
eage and new paint. Full prief

~-r-- .----~~I-------

~L ~___~___



TV %




^ ;








...4' *, ... :. .) < *.*B.... ..KIDD" T ...CAST ... ..
.-. -- I>t -. .- .. .. .. JUAN ^^G /^ .,.-. .:.
AM. P .... ..- r .. P ...

S .A- L It t top tr-Therert rect will be 3I0.n AfterTloenn me --o_ efficiency ex ert ,a in ...... -.w res T.,

-"t.fiBs^i ntory"r -o Will .tar in "The d .. to Bar- Intortpation about -""ter pace. conference he w. sorry t see I. you could only have carried -lan s"o hecould
.. ..t i O the "M,. riend ,ka'" tele Jr, A F -ce. tinf taemphas-. development A Quarles. who Is 6.. said ha l,-a A S

c r,; p ecmag set As armored Brfak men. esHt alstaatdegeae of modern weapons. He said We all regret to have Beire- now reviewing bls 0rather m.d- ust1dAnu

pr n ot -us "o move- DIED!" .rom 58. He -ila *-' s- on combat planes ..enate inqU"ry in"o his private captain in World War I. he e a | -
W oves Hol1 EywoodN x Yaln ;i rs "push-ltn forme. r- | e .-.d_.nt o h r
"Wugo1e(P) 't," po" "roce 'equipentP m lFoice Positio i
TaeTa ,who Auing. It.e(UP)i ofethe or tooe diat tchrthat te..W- dealings a partner of Paul derin ed of H
t.~ t4JIr.esse the De-mto hutsTh ta hclal o"moon." a ,rodafayoledtoIuppo thim" Mulligan & ao.. New York man nily proed tf a ni
romN York acrt writers reading. for role after role and Y bet yr life NBC jt business Intere W wrded her ro ct will be in After Talbot ah.d Wilson fin- agement efficiency exer,

tBbg a t@ Mtaid putting' never once does anyone look at when Greh Ma threat to t government Medal of Pree- uJW i oaoertarrt B- Lin. 7 Suma. Wash is y1 l.e
etea to n their faces." take his how to another e k. dor at a ro gsend-o cere- res o richer because of rear of d FILLER FAS a
Bloe first ene a Bly -- He's gett- what he wan -a mopy. Thetevtes included a ti nterestedaln obtaining Defe e secretary told the news Que replied: ." I'll needI,
ditcheleW Gary was wn a lot of eanfr the shel a few gger stud with almost double 92-plan fly-over" and a a- stw so oer Robert fod ring of usty keys Nine presidents were member cen
-14 twr toill stotar so hn e dtlcould year bac-f a movie scrpttion about bter space. confer ne he n c e wasD sorry e f you d onyvthe Episcopal church, ed .o :

study Mit 's mannrims. It the late'te. George (Bloo d -b A ormer voce po of Be Q ma stressed thi e will con- aid in on tle rward offered on a tag About 100,000 children and young
wa ite a .oc, he says. Guts Pto is a n- to Overheard at the Badbox Telehone Laborator and toemphai development ed to the rng adults have enrolled in abs

"Iiscovere he was the vigor-story rom Charies c who With her reputation she should Western ElesAtric ales of modern eapon. esid We all regret to have Bere- now reviewing Sourath Korea.r m t
Stype-Very unlike ue." w was to have played t h e role. High he voted Miss-Demeanor of i Mu." was president ofhe on-ran i l t ity Talbot leave," Wilson said et tate and federal seed laws- are

B OFnMartle and Jerry Lewis Pentngon brass nlxed army e1 -: ----- Corp.. Albuquerque. NM., when One reart so Talbott tfld n though the institution had since among the oldest regulatory serve -"t
Wporldsme NBC p'lot sandune- operal tion wceth o an d as it ded te drmai role e's been op development, wl lay bi lAson heart of d that "you changed its name and nwe dy re- ices protecting farmers.ny "that hll

ie.-, -sefte ---. tilm, says Bickford, when he per W RK.. defense In- September 3. e d 'tdone athn tode embeed much about the tag,
01T1 Mth-sonay et to Washirgtoh to d bs- fi e ao Bandia firm operates pR atomic foecd Ibotti water ische tre bank, now the First NatMional. Vaccinaceon imres the only known fn thi ;n a
-ittd't': arie Oro4l 'Gee-- didn't know Jack Benny graft ecrier Prineeton. A flasht9 shoot Into the in Ip- would died()ntiluo" manned Talbott. who resigned after ahther of four. A field artilleryith aygro.-
caturt'sMp / re: ir J movie- D ttIEyr ConD Bi' f, He n Is a moel3t on combat planes, bulseate inUniry into his private captain in World War I, he is ...

bu.^S s is g movies. an "eoldl me hlIt.= the ftennis cr "phWuh-Oteousidd114 r- p1 h02. former Apre tsi keot oeAmer
martin m ie o te orurn the news conference, Institute of Electrical En
ST oere." another Not Bikfords still ScranipioRutho play qv a mua theli Quarllesw a ppodintment u a onfer I *.&...
Ir Cibp oen TV- westerns: about busty young actresses:' deck wnR'uuvurWtln-,." post as Talbott.Tho, who re1si S in P MWsoftthe onlookers and took e Better Ieere...'. He makes his homely o f
"eA the stories seem to berd-Jess they colorful Pmaketton and says u. e l a controversy enate confvrmatlon. ,ri.ow.The *t. I I w I., w I
m Script r role aft role a You bet y life NBC Jumped business intee ycornant urbon at ts best call for

r i M fo t wrir iw n -n lTherenwere several versions o f .E
Sand putting' never once does a anyone look at when Grouho Marxthreatened to the over i lnment's eW saofl T-ew .s. r t ong er r E Wash 7 U R Wis mayor.
ster~n tIn on- imp," I their faces." take his show to another qe__lL.donat arousing.send-offcere-w- was si Photorcph er berB. seU 7, S reward. WoaledFiLLER FAc Rent a hearng sid'
BAt ti .first M e as Billyj -- He's getting what hde WW- m The fe t I es Included a wno tLook Yopictures of the two ears ere e was oERs smoo es
lItchel, Gary was shown a lot el of ason..or the sbelving, .a fewiugger studio with almost double fly-over" and a 11.1- talking ,ought Talbott wasn re- 41 yero bertforenbeasbori n .foir as little as

Spink dash boayd. Ar three\ or I thins awt mu or won more
study Mitchill's mannerisms. 'It the late' e. George (Blood ind r a s- _A former vice.prensidento Ws'.. .p trenhdoss conference. ne-no.o
wasI ute- a shock, he says. Guts) Patton is a now-L-can,-..tol -. Overheard at.the Bandbox:ITelephone Laboratorlie a n d marks this week. Wilson said attached to the ring. adults have enrolled in 4-H dmbs
I discovered he was the vigor- story from Charle B I w o "W airt He reputation she should Western Electric o., .Quares then se was vonry distressed The reward was offered bv the'orgnized in South Korea.
pud' type--er~y unlike me.- i was to have played- the role. High!'be voted Miss-Demeanor of 1955." was president of the Sanda boutk-tne whole Talbott business. Tidellty National Bank of Spokane. State and federal seed laws' are
SMa and erry L Png "Hey, orinstead of seeing pink ., A unlike any, Partof Although the institution had sinceamng the oldestregulatory rv

LtyeMarMisanisonLgnry oashnint to elephants I'm seeSn dnik convert- fim' opersIac io std thl b"ot C f
sire.msay,. whr-NEW YORK... defense in September 1053.TIie haven't done a thing to de- membered much about the tags,
aeat .-en ooms.-sJi nitm, Rotacko whenmhe eNs-EW e. ....udfrme.nandiafirm..operates0in c me.1 2albott later Issued the bank, now the First National, Vaccination is the only known

on 2) enerw facility. set Robert hisb1esA d k ies hM. L fAppetite, arigy, tc, be h ch lea
I verse, Sir-cuss the matter. onnue rtme ) m nt which aihou t bld, in

am SeesgttmugaB c -ao "We couldn't make-the-film w a The White Houe sut ah It ich andni hodn preventive tagai ns holich one ralonnJ, Sow iI
Ta- Law the tens crecoueded be- as of A. thekeys for R. A. Langley. ColtonBeef I the favoritemeat
m arigan "We co t m the m w Lawren th nn-taof Sold at all leading bode and ars
emsti llhasean-on on- herwhicheoutethrale gloan ofArm)e Bu.s. Buttwosomome at the Patio. re.. i- o.'de yc-r les g F' issued a denial of an AP Wash., who received the tag in Americans. having passed pork In ". -
a -I contract In fav ge.whe I finally got to eri r Tr y Dld" hr .. popularity Ir 1153. .

,, W- ............^ ^ r Boo- dress mn S... .... .
U- sil hs mlptonanherd ich I m\llho av epubb' lc Wh e whoh saoh
the studiomIsswillingstoomncele iwhsayieg-APattonmove?.Welcanlt S...ts...... ,_.,s....p,".For -commen .msone whose
|he wants oa.teptis i o ne offer. ,stop you from making it but you'll four-bagger reading.leasure iner co M 1if D.
S haver use cardboard 'ks." Schoor' "The Ted llam Story i tioned. i e
SThoers ott exploion ext s BeI kfords' still anxious toP Pl a must. Quinr es' appointment Is sub- K
| Id ah sligtllmeslhr pwarll-Jess 'the colorful Patton and says,. Just Call Me Pinkhjecttoenate confirmation. The si z, u
Mesped as Painkie: JacmBKiaeat
Gleason' threw parf or the estN FQuarlesC .acea.ei If ou want ouro t iest call o
/dtcymoners"TVofhe w so Adned niWilsonls office thlt the
phe m hatore band inoo dhisot services' role in the sat-
S mrphi Theateandodrove pinhisIlltprograRI ER'ill'bemeica'ls mohye- TEI
A the 1 1' pew all pink convertible. t phasraogra rsly e Y unger G n
CeNAl ea Er.n.ture...- ink body, pink wailed tired pink LookE" You -llVE ,,P
emsertcushions, pink uphholatery andn
frpAnk dash bo. After three\ or l h- S aR, o, V 'oelwomanmore-
four drhhs aartage hand went out- tanA etsrah"r han bad kidney ml I
"sdedrbsstgebad wenoaltono p ma ay make you suffer from
sd oefor sir. He rushed back yell- oeoupea.sstamhrclouy Urine,
BurneP.d eg Nerverl
irg "Hey, instead of seeinghpinklp one., On, Way RounokTrie
elephant. I'm seeing pink-convert-bhrbU=Leach.,wolewhi
fill to thr woaolds and poisons, now
nne in which .he twted soulsget ogTina e rnad Lout, *eL S NtLhe".r..ed headedhlps ye .-.Mo sI n ways: r. .lps- 1 I 1 0 00
who quit deb-dom. for a crack atllelmd l Opt OrvUdh mo e r. )Comb
who/Louise"theTredheaded-beaut .Tht, helmsh Ui sem....S 1 .CSoid at all leading ooae i ari.a
showbiz, do8Ihtheapots with pa-.Ryaseai yp 'andmlminatoIfuhn ti.d-"
p i'ralx.U Borsh? 4 ute r to fn n ........ .. ...u.. .. ... 1c.0 2 7 .......
D4 TP4T 16-.. 409
Ttuit: Cell Be.tmck. lovely Cwidowy cor-lony "freh7
of Al Beckman who ran the Cat- frui"favors. Four bi
skills from a mole-hill to the bat vfo ub
Brooklyn dress man, Sunday When you s-
Concord lost a million in publicity aWe you sh...
w'en Doug Ford aqd Cary Middle-Ia ask for Royal Geiatin.
Doff, two of Its pros, ought out i 0 1d2
ithe PGA championship but were o I
Lake. The Concord will establish
its own post-office Niles Gar-'
ron and Edith Bennett, the dance
"'MARTY"..,It's a honey, of ..picture. A quiet, s"ime Instructors at the Salt,. were long -FST ER VICE
story about a lonesome butcher and a wistful school teacher, my favorite ball room duo.
ple and its talk are as real as its backgrounds which were Tips to Chorus Cutles: D o n't FAS EST FLIGHTS
shot right on the spot here in the Bronx. Ixy to outsmart the guy you're
Sen-sltively played by Ernest Borgnlne, Betay Blair. and with. He's not interested in your
all the other cast members who were obviously chosen for brains. LO W EST FARES
their rightness in their parts rather than as names, the LOWEST FARES
film is basically the storv of a pair of mature wallflowers. .
Marty, a good-natured unprepoumessing man In his thir-

to all points in the U S.A. and Canada.

Y4md URAuv-. icn MIMK T@UISS Wa vV gON
im milks a food that giveschildrenimmt ntONLY NON-STOP TOURIST SERVICE
food emnmtialn they need for good health. It mntaiTI
"atamins, munann, protein and other food amurtals
that help children grow abuunger. And MlC.milk
supplies the n nutrition in every at. It always 00
tastes so good, your yaogtes LIa to drink it. ,M
P ,"-,-s", Kulm is on's "Milk
in convenient powdered fom. In
M.W l-it IRu n afl y wit.i.

I V.
S,- eattio -- .... -
o., i : I i tpld "a-"d

..-. ... .... .
--X':'j : '.42&t"- -# ...!.................................................. 5 --.-,,-.*.-t. _,. .-z>4,tr-. i

**'''~'C '~

'?:2 T"

.'' "" -' ....... ......
- -t *",

... '. ,.-- -..a d .-
*,i A.' ..; :.

:- i .*-:
,,.'t, -,* .. ,* .,.
,. ;: ..
4- -" 4

, ".-- .. -
. *' _;, l*tl '--* :


er r ry Falk, Mrs. A. ode. Mrs.
Walter Mikuie, a W. Jour-
ingill and Mrs. neay, Mrs. Palmer Smith, Mrs.
Orr ere nostese for Paul Wir, Mrs. Dick Potter. Mrs,
bridal shower last Truman Hoenke Mrs. H a r r y
eve g honoring Mss E- Dunn, Mrs. Richard Clark, Mrs.
Lockridge whose mar- Mortimer Hill, Mrs. Edwin MN-
to Ralph a. Hua, Jr. will Ginnins, Mrs. L. A. Beauchamp,
mked on August 20. The Mrs. L. B. Clarke, Mrs. Rober
wa haelda d'et Fort. A- Simpson, Mrs. R. A. Sylvestre,
.-A -NaVy Club. Mrs. IHoyt Bfrdj .Mrs. Emmett
centerpiece for e table Zemer. Mrs. G. C. Lockridge,
small umbrella under which Mrs. J. S. Pettingill, Mrs. G. IC.
e and margaritas were Orr, Mrs. Gordon Wallace, Mrs.
amon tiny wedding Paul Bentz. Mrs. Orlando Flye
Ms. G. C. Lockrldge, moth- and Mrs. Palmer Smith. Jr.
Sbride-to-be, served coffee Mr. Huls and his mother Mrs.
s. Elmer Abbott poured R. M. Huh, arrived from Guate-
included: Miss Kay Cross, mal.
Miw-Anna Galloway, Miss Julene Boyers Entertain
Pa?6, Mrs. Courtney 8 t e m pe 1, OhM Vacationlst
Ms, E. W. Hatchett, Mrs. Roy Vaiationing on the Is t h mus a
Rence, Mrs. Wells Wright, Mrs. from Johnstown, Ohio, Miss Mary
E. G. Abbott. Mrs. Harry Bach, Ann and Miss Martha Kinsella,
Mrs. Howard 'Johnson, Mrs. Hen- house guests of Dr. and Mrs. Ma-

COCOLI V. F. W. 3835
S Dance from 9:00 to 1 a.m.
5:30 till 7:30


HEIRESS-Actres AnnA Shr-
idan Js the sole benefilary of
$218,399 in insurance policies
left by her close friend, Press
Agent Steve Hannagan, when
he died in 1953. The amount'
was announced after a recent
inventory of his estate, valued
at over a million dollars.

lock of Corozal, were the guests
of honor at a house party this
week at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Boyer of Los BIos.
Miss Mary Ann Kinsella is a mem-
ber of Beta Pi Chapter, Beta Sig-
ma Phi International Sorority..
Other guests attending the .par-
ty were all members of Canal
Zone Alpha Chbpter, Beta Sigma

(Jeanette BeaIly Shop)
tomed European Hair Dresser offers-you

REGARDLESS of the color or type of your hair
NINO will give you or. attractive and lasting
bring out the best in your coiffure.

ne6s M-1s 2.m. to s:S im.s.

- *' .k.. I*... A:* *1 4


cold-wave to

Ask for appointment
Telephone 3-9q40
Castilla de Oro W-ldg.
beside PanamA lotl.

e few things hat s
s u ajll disconcertfg than to
o elf talking to a half-
are often half-listeners at
atmw. But they are usually court.
our.about listening with both ears
Iethey are out with,others.
Social gathering the half-
ler i usually, a womail. '
.-makes a gsat retense 4
wlBa you f GrrtopeM yP a
oreyou have gotten to
the point of your story her mind
l s eawhere else.
Out of the rne of e eye h i
is trying to keep track every*
thing that is going on around her.
Or ish has caught a word or .a
of someone else's conversation and
thinks she can listen to both con-
rersations at once,
Or something has suddenly
caught her eye, like the eight of
someone entering the room, or a
picture on the wail, or the food the
hostess is bringing in.
Whatever it is, her attention
strays long enough so that when
sheit finally brings it around to you
the vacant look in her eyes is a
dead giveav. ay that she has missed
enough of your story that it hardly
seems worth while going on with it.
Sometimes the half-listener keeps
he" eyes on you but not her mind.
When you have finished she makes
some remark that is proof positive
that she hasn't heard what you've
been saying.
The only way to deal with a half-
listener is to let YOUR attention
be caught by something else and
interrupt your own story.
That frees the half-listener to
move n to half-listen to someone
else and it frees you from the
awful feeling that you are talking
out loud to yourself..

-,dl .

how tIsUte&eoin"a to beni r pI

No hade m e tn o lalhe
%atee mt Buildes CaaWlo Mia,
tIe have heen id d1 4mt i
that eoutgh et' yea dows. Bu a


1 dreamed I went dancing

in my Pre-lude


No tempo's too fast when I'm dancing In Pre-lude* 'Strapless...
it's the bra that never slips, never binds, always fits cas snug as a hug I
See how gracefully it lifts me, how its amazing contour-
band curves up, mne perfect separation, a young and naturally
beautiful silhouette IIt's the bra for glamorous, bare-shouldered
fashions... and I feel like a. dream when I wear-it I In white embroidered broadcloth.

Moldenform bras In sll fine shope. There i a Maldenform
for every type of figure. Genuine MofdnldTrm
broiMlerM are made wly In the Unitw States of Americs.
,go .S. MT. WP.

I *d

4~ '




4.,. '4..
'1. ~

..-I4 -

V ..- *-- ..4.
f- .* '- ;.. ..

sleevep, DOpti.
and wami-Vwsi

i. -4'
1-i *



Am& 4e~m

"* Hi l I 1 L' I

.. r ... .-'-*% -. --,,:
-- : *
i, ..

i ill;.go)- -/w .-..;-^^^r
V :;u .s-... ..6 .



From The USA.
SO EDDY'S wmr-
on VO.)
Qacters' Corner
SAsked Por It -(re-
phone be-
isic By Roth
isle To Dream By
ai Off

. 4.

,* ,


The No. 1


spot! ...


Tomorrow, Saturday, Aug. 13
6:00-Sgn On The Alarm

9:15-The Christophers
9:q A S I See It
lo05-Ock colubrd (requests
please phond before 8:30)
11 :05--off The flecor (conrtd)
11:30-Mt calThe REntertainers
12:05-LunchtlMe melodies

1: 15-ThWayne Christophernade
1: 5-Athythm And Reason
10:05--Onf The Rftecord (' quet

3:005-oncert On Theor t'd
1:30-Meet ui e. EnteSrda
4:00-Neture Review

4:30-What' Your avorie
(r12:0qu-Lscht-plee phMelode

before 8:00)
5:30-News Te ime
1:45-Rhyathm Aour reasvornit
6:00--Interludmen r Mapers
6:15V-On The Re SPcord
4:30-F-ealatur e (VOA)
6:0--- ItNew ourself

S:3--FlemtaTl ne (VEA)

8:00--Paris star Time (RDIP)
8:30-LIfe With The' long
9:00-Your Hit Pirade
9:30-Ray's A Laugh (BBCW
10:00-Mnslc Prom Hotel El pan-
10:30-The Owl's Nest (requests)
1:00 A.3o Sunday, 14 Aug..-
Sign Off
Explanation of Symbols
BBC-Brltlah Broadc at n2g
USTD-U.S. Treasury Dept.
VOA-Voice Of America.

Krueger, five; didn't quite know
how to tell her mother that her
foot had gone to sleep so she
thought a moment and came up
with, "'My foot feels like soda
water bubbling up my nose,"


Nightly in the NEWLY

from 11:30 a.m. to .

CompUmentary cocktail, delie&
at the organ and "ric the (I
a- afor V.1S

.~- t~" -V

for those who prefer the best -

every FRIDAY and SATURDAY fV -'. 4":30"'
the new meeting piUee of < IO tot1 0 4.
from midtlie to e44.- a.m. 'l o i ..
NighMsep eni4-ths-me or 44 4.'.

3:30 p.m. '

Fre"t- to entertai -

open NIGHTILY from 8 .lkm,'
poker roulette t1,
21 jblakJ) -- ,
let machi'.i : varoue tions.

ORILLEV *-. .. .

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ubs vi
bas be
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tee bbi ty .andwe z '.'o
jaleamen more. The first
Wi P.4N I08 monthly aid. I

egg a
Cemulimusthe as amo

r4 ..
ta fl"AleIS CIof
IW ed. the at the Chim-
ber of Commerce, to put in gpn
UiL tia' V. eqW u cem-
ggt4v$ withu tsh w rhTve
M te" eo ffr.
IAt I Iel gent *fft in thUi dl-
c ti, l pm gun, .-Wueld Joe

Nsel more; they wn work with
grestfl gross earnings and Live

JatLM, Indu and seek nvWorksh.
vie ifaud be Infreatied -inAj

hel thi. ma r, by ~V nl
__dlgeto ei and t he p
OlqMB.Ir-lmAs a438 laem n.l"

w.".-NA- A s* te th t lpi
T the endless list of I-
e maMUfieturftr kln
simplest forms, In. oer word
bOttl, -. B etatsa, Ipo4ul.
ra for electtles! wir gps
Me a. eto., for plate *.m p-,
duction lavbves teo bg ut-.
I do not knew if the cowitiy
has epo ula
the Irod t a e a mllql
ry, eh has vt# 4 hou
day, day in ad dy t
a rltinhlu o 4 p yuotgp, -

0ed a al#OP
Justify acting up a gls facto-

which requires spea traais
of the operatives, but If the COS-
ta Ricaia aned tht Mexiean cn
do It, I dfo pot hy. yhe .t

SSince Oct. 1, 1152, our country
has hrkPe, two, uce,. that a
taxes imp leeted ( et ha. s
PmO.P m$ony oure t
tae ialnt (never htiqor has
mc11 poIjY4 into hq

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wk JQS, FlAW.ui A (MIALLYSOi Ja top roes
|I m cIMsmi 7*.* wmNfdmutr Y!

take tt

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up sn -e- for his carrots.

hoe to

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i .m ec. 1 MS wht i a s
rpea th epiosd t,

..a L!s a (M*t*a -f
room 4 pret a X-8,
Clean their 1iajnibF st -

efnlIfS ho[s are e-. d bit

berw sarte ur P lba

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go, to ato
awd MW eu ata eastiti
room. adrea o

Inour ta -fafrsts

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' 'SWSsHWwr'
'"m ^^*^^^*^WIPy <>T


... ... ; 7 "

E "" *^ ^ -^ f -'S' --

tract yesterday prvy wage

at least te ore ? rs.
'. The uni "
Pegiotiatt oal th_
for a a a 'g M
that p opr by tee
Auto workers g p anV S eq
ralMotora gigfr tomp yetr.
But O bu $1 t
ra ar rae
cause prove r a
of the subject for 30 days three
Yea$.s 4IT ow.
The contract, covering 100,600
- workers reprpe e4 1y the CIO
IonlE, cOnta* Anwa29 eVes rpom-
* clause 4ilg e-er
m Prgvy p" ,watoa1 4,have
provided wage t i yelpy.
A Geneal tl ari a.nan
oaonmnded R uaN far its
gpnduct dull- gqu-tata-- ns
and pointed ou the new contrt
ias agreed to more than a
tba beleroe 4he old enm ex-
Vires. .
,! aqld :he d be$ the cm-
n y0 wo7ld neel- n qrT fvor-
ly toward e p sar-
teed wa tha t oes
day but Op $Q 4aues
,s r sre. president of
the union, said the contrael pro-
s ettleent ever reapled by asy
union. He said it was a "splen-
did settolMb t.- '
The company and ungOh sale(
it provided, fNo a I gen'rl per
aent wage iAefea. present wag-
Satoaer age $.15 an hour, .
The cetpaet alsqa ontins
Rlgher iwa 'for sidlls 'work-
era ,rirefemd life Insurance -and
h ig man a lat Iw asI,

ed from $135 a month to
48.50 for writers with 35 years
id service. e n-iew contest will
fun until Oct. 1, 136e.

-r w- --~--


Tw -- an a a = -InK.

Pie Chiq f"sj




canaries want

to sing!"

Wis.ili@u4Ing Mtl4y|T is the bip plus
Infm..Aiq V itgh Dit
ObJe bsmek'a g es your pet this combination of
Bird ed a Biruit-aa smautf, new sompmt
di*-- t promotes 'round goo&helth.
Ad how a healthy bird loves to sing! eed
MY pW Y French's-and listoa!

to be'


^* .o -.:- .^
. _.& -: ... .


B1.IR, .1 igXte@ ll YM ] fN
th ( -F C T

7 -l aite t tt
caus of trouble n one o
two engines.
Another C-11i with 19 men a,
bo w closing lg sp .when

SluBg* eP c lidead.
ast hq w q nd Grf
emwPr ip p is str f re, that
se' c are of trees p udfon e o
brutw 8dl ie.u
The other, with the 19 men apd
at ree-quaier.L01 truckbiplixe.
fel t g rain-feld"near hre.
All aboard perished.
ey Kthe foot. mold i r who
w1 r latheir *t an
"a 11 1 rlzatoP" p h to h
t %hw" !ey ad4 thoiu qun-
et eo4id bie ctrhd l nto com-
rt W .the Aray I air-m inded.
t c clC egcts. .
.No actuef aw drop was lam e
but all aboard reprtly we
paqTghutn however nge hat 4
chance to jump.
The two plans involveed og
ed to the l10th Troop C a r rlIeQ
Squadron ef the 6Bth Troop CAr-
ar Wing, assigned to the Iathtr
Force. It wia the wing's first ft-
tal accident in 2% yeoaps.
t he Air Force and the Arrm y
vainly sent a fleet of rescue a r-
ar, hellhcotqrp. w fry applratus
h ambulances to theuene.
he rescue parties removed tbe
iodsoa to the U. S, Ar 9 capital
* a p, West German Preai-
deqt teogpr tHeuas se at suos-
dal dolengto t U, Am
M bdo ames to thait.
Th ese pwarst mites ir crasset.
es on record.
one f vewos iultj i rcah

fAery oa r ear tqloune 1",
l9a "
Six pntths talHer, Dee. 20,
1952, amaher Globemaster crash-
eV' In Itl off frem Larson Air-
Foree" iJ Washington, an d

The' worst civilian cospmercil
lane crash was near Cardi,
Wales, March 12, 1950, when 80
persmos were killed wheO a char-
tered plane went down with a loqd
of soaser fans.

* d f^,M ........


Thire will be miay ether s

'by .Fdmiaw

AM ilte'tlk
PAm 9ild t
- ,_ -

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So many wa ees k e ., -e t u .* .i e4 aW i ,t. .
"ifl se-e ~n o.o *om-e .i ; o

Sauce with Meat is really asty wild
fniri bur alsh ir'; Wlicdou -a

sad eve rice

Q I i rch P-epwj Due. .Buy ..

Sphaghetri Sauce with Mushroom;
makes a dish to delight thq moot .x-
crtin ;aste. Is's very -ty t prepare.
'Just Best the con.
te n t s o f 8 c a d d-
in s/4 water measured with Pe same
ca) nd 'whop it's ho, pur i* 1w
Spambeoti already boiled in' alt vi.
Sprinkle with ground cheese and ta*i it!
SCu o ShW use it witb i W aat oe

#,df-a*rsor o Cemieam b tnre




-- -101- rI
"Mt ly .-"i S
'' : ;i^"g~le

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tb L of r g ;..,
)K Founts:. ., .' .
the* -.

.. ... .

It's -imletnn tWot the penthat is uraelyvright for you
writing ityiy Whl yeqehooe ESTERBROOK. And if
Bohe ifa equally. aiple to pplae the point-you -
just apw it a pd srw it. ': -
Wh you sheeae -ffa R M or you get the fiSa .ef.
wvituitanumaa4, sdpti*y edpmed for peform-
sos. Chem s BTb M K sr4tI e evrqwaopit aw d ..s
contfortable -MI B e ever know,


7 -*


for the way ygu write


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Po it.,,O: f* -T,

lmr2a-,& Zm' -.'

.a i





.o.y Maker ,il

X Chispeante, Pompilio,

tIDon Cuto In Feature

Highly rated Peruvian-bred Money Maker will
e ,. shooting for his second straight tctory in as
-1many local starts tomorrow afternoon when he tac-
:- bdkles a tough field of hlass "D" imported thorough-
Sbreds in the featured $600 seven-furlong sprint at
S" the Juan Franco race track.

9 The big six-year old chestnut
a. on of Morny-Stella will be ridden
, this occasion by Alfredo Vas-
5 quests instead of the cagy Jose "Pa-
o e6" Bravo who will be seeing his
ort consecutive win a b o a r d
llow-starting Pompilio in this
. fame race.
* Besides Pompillo, Money Maker
* r1l1 have to first overhaul speedy
Chispeants and then have enough
stave off strong-finishing Don
in, order, to win. Fan, which
*. in .n entry with Chiseante,
!: rated the horse least Ukely to
STwe ether starters, however,
& arlyon and Kiosco, could stage
i upset. Barlyon has proven to
* a real good runner at times.
He seems to be an in-and outer
S could be extremely dangerous
Sds time. Klosco hu just been
Sin class and rates a fair



We Accept Orders
For Direct C.Z.
Shipments at
Large 'Discountm
& .,i

Hector Ruiz, who rode Barlyon
last week, will be aboard Don Cu-
to this time. Virgillo Castillo will
guide Barlyon. Rodolfo Yeaz a,
who returns to the saddle after a
lengthy self-imposed layoff, h a s
the leg up on Kosco. Osvaldo Cha-
nia will ride Fan.
The race shapes up on paper as
a prospective thriller from start
to finish. Ten other interesting
races are included on this pro-
ram which gets three successive
days of racing underway. Monday
races will be run in commenmo-
ration of the 43th anniversary of
the founding of the city of Pana-


Juan Franco

if1 ff




Riehardr and Ted Hoehi
New Hampshre Jaycee
and boys sigle tea
plow, re ehvvly oThe
sone of Red Hoaha. I
tennis and squash coac

I, 1 T "


s *(needay tSTO..etr, e totog
SAtory based on t1W distiau a Broadway play
same title, winnof of the PitIer Pri the beat
loan stage prdd 6tAo- of 1.62.
a.:; TE RUW'&"waa producedi by Aaron Ronnbq
'4krected by Joad 4 er, who a*h a. co-tar with Jdn

S Ferrer's long .run In the plal, which gave him
paitunity to. become Intimately uquainted with sa4
various characters Involved, proved Invaluable In tl
shaping of the screenplay, evolved after months of a
one preparation,


SGrea ite eCr
...s sa 'Crl

IS ................................

..... ...............
..... ............... .... .... ...

.i .J,

.7 .4

RUz T47


b4" POOR
if-T~r*^"^ *.-,
^- *t<<

f -Us .. '*
ht line "IPb I '


2ad e. N. -rp. .- aw.. PR $400.00- Ped
1%.eud s-o. 2 *of aD
1-.Y. Prime. St Vanue 11 -rar indicateMs


Schek of tahe .
i u a; made it was
id .tt rt Clayta.
r tguivaton time.
avafltea a tie with
t place, each having a

Ird Reu "O Natives % s e $275.00 Peel Cbae I
I t-Twe

1-Carlota A. VAsqueM 113 -Improving steadily
2-Takeaway 4. Carvaal lfOx--Not against these
S-Refla J. Philas 111 -Should be p .
4-Tuta P. Hidalgo 104 -Terrible effort
5-Bunaba M. YI 107 -Depends on start
6-Golden Pick M. Hurley 116 -Reportedly Improved
7-Plro 1. T 0 lOSr-Wetald payoff
--Golden ha A. VLJ* Hsx-LMegshot pesiblty
9-Tap Lady) 0. d Le 97x-Rates obtiMs change
10-.TutJna) J. Bravo 11 -Exeludeid from betting
JUBTINA excluded from betting


-et 194* eh. aterom ,r UF
- 4l4e R'e "H" N ives 4% P1. PsP am$275.00 Peel C .m. 2:20 doz fmM tBut I wtmids w Clayton
dlla r. Tus a Al- --I and Koibp plb is two-out-o
Tips I-c-andeltee L. Ti M ~ ~~ ,Sz-Wde. open. eventeu : 6. U' .'tfSS 'i.
3-Marii idalgio 121-Could score haer 1 t dcIde whio 1e oe e a naw d
3-VIllarreal A. Creladdlo 97x-Rat chance 51 n area int ibb Commandn
Mr. Foet 4--Consentd M. Yea 1W0 -Into forte distance ', 2.1 se ries in Puerto Bext math.
upper Girl 5-Don Wande R. VArquel 111 -Impropwin slowly 4-1 Here is vsht hbappIeed
Bugaba 6-Protxn H. BRut 1M0 -DaInernY s contender 3-1 : Two tore byhrf wle M .
re*to T-Uttle Blue A. Vernr llx-Good early speed 5 1 FfiUiK Callen of pobbe h d aeeond
4--es.a -Aiegurda A. Enrique 113 -Batec goo e 4-1 left In renlation time appsaent-
c e", .e -.- -u P- ly) tied Mt eor t e I
A i "H" Nti. C% F.Pae $275.00 Pl Clh 2:'a Then a diseuson doeloped mu
hlmmuate to how long the overtime riod
Aftr Me 1iomar V. Rodrigues ox-Clod fast In last 1. f av-- would run-s t hr or fie in.
u onttin J. eayn 11 -Jotks .Wir lhaelp 41 /Three minutes wri deeded by a
S3-Curnaleft J. Bravo 114 -Jockey Wll help 2-1 discussion betweenreferees Brant
4--L. Dncer A. Vers 11x-Dropped In clan -1 and Caranttll and the two oach-
.- -Tyl--rUy A. Vtaue 11A -.Impe.iIve Victory 3O v .r -Allo. tfsl .. .
1 -LtaIdo M. irdange 114 -aslg early o ped 41 B MeKaig t Iobe "ig K b ahead"
WN y A. moidaieo 10 -- areu among these 3-1 i with a push hot from the side.
A l I .. iC A. Then Larry Powrs of Clayteon hit
SrNEA "H" CH.ICAG I (UP)- s W 0 t shot to "tte" the score
a are thi ; h R6 ss"1"l mp. 7 gs. Pm: $400.00 PeelClhe35 : o a

Ia the I-Iranero F. Oe106 -ConfiLmed In-and-outer 1m0-16M d. Cp V- 9, 608 9 g
"atiut vel 115 of-Returns lem u laybn 31 at A ChI; n's Mccalln made th free othroew
3- .o Dce 0. .S.n. e U ue IO -Joc-ke shold hel g-t1 F K lis.. U l fth pat it
4A&tialana 0. de Lvn o1S xW ba int tdoo fit 3-1 ge*aUA, ...... 1N b 4the lr or e i nb n
J IirlymbRur ;. ts 108 -sadl. onstart -1 Is *IF th All a the scorebo shipoed Kobb* *
S6-t.y Ot KTears 115 -Daseropu contender 31 otf W'p h1. irOY 1- head, 4
S7--Veootrdla Vilques 113 -4ihtudsbe P iers 1e41 .I GW ..R tr The within made tooms lft t ymto's it ine n. E
Sa. ir.' r. a" tox aM Larry Davis re wounded in a t e-
f. .. aon .... p itr to Wt abile d .
Pe"Imp. -6 Fg1 Puwe S045.00. --Po Clo 4 05Z .ut lb. ~.et_ ." ,
11 ines W d el &4 b". 1. .b.;y a L ytnr 7 *
r .U iE U 118 -Bardt to' beat le -1i t h meet Cyrir Omra .
to R. Vi ques 113 -Last waS excellent even :. 1del.ed 1k, ~i r- e
Sr-M R.06mes 115 -Nothaig to idieate 1 r cording to e rld he a ald hve a thue first set by an nos .
S. raldo 115i -Distne tooe short 304 wep been made by the refer s at the before olvale retaliated in
-1 -. J. Inches 116 -WIll fight l out 3-1 i the regua tion game o- th e o fr a a 7-5 ins at
r Hidalgo tl -Seeks rat victory 4-1 a sealed Clayton wap a inng6 win- during tb" hourad a half. longCrei ardia 4ill play the
A. Valdivi' 112-1 C vialed Cayo wag iu an V '- -watts

BiWi ll-B.dlaeoy. dear lethm t month M-l ........ o o o ose incl.,e -C
.- 7 statx A. Vailoies 113 -Badly an xoform H e, nor at that bpOlt. encounter. earwood. In Panama on y
x r -*. .. Has the required check been ela oher matches yesterday, l- afternoon the iuiner of the
not have been necessary. 8t 6-4, P-, and* los' Levy -downed 1B0t4therer aliJt uan- O sI
the official sCore was announce Oscar Simmons 6-2, 6-L duro-Irving Omphmo- natab. At
M. Y 105 -Usu lose ip 31 Robbe ft ft s 7. including the point Today's pitted Ra4:15 at the t of the
S I-P J. Bravo 113 -Wil be In thick of t 2-1 MCtt, i .. ... 1 2 3 4 cored n overtime. dolph Barber aainstCarloyd Alvi mat
^ -Diacov. H. vius 113 -Could in again 5-1 lei. f. 6 2 2 14 Four "runincores" khpt dur- Oproy t 4:30. engages Cali Dougles.
4-M. K lpper J. .Phillips 106-Uually moves late 8-1 PFbc, n.. .. ,o 2 5 8 Ig the game hoa Kobbe to be Sunday's slate: George Motta
-C. PrInCe 0. Slnche' 11 -Disamponted In last 41-1 KI, ....* 6 .1 .4 13 the *87 winner i overti v. James Douhtrldge at 7:30 a. Tuesday afternoon a t 4:15 te
Udulno I R. Ycsa lixi-Nothina in months 30-1 ....... 1 3 2 5 Thou Included the official rut- m.; Monte Motta vs, eaulto Char- winner .f the Earl Omp Wil-
7-Pugilist R. Vieques 11 -Last was impressive -1 it..f* ..... 6 3 2 15 ning score the book kept by the nri at :30; Huntit Dann vs. Eu- liam Arthur match
"_ _s__ _.... P.r' .. .. .. .. 2 0 0 4 Clayton(vitng) srer,the.e cld Petit w r

sI--me-me W Ge- clideelP etit at 9:15 ;swR odolfe Allen winner a ft @ 0 Til 23 A ft'sLI__: i
5 a M .........1 2 2 4 trie scoreboard and pla- by s. Cello Douglas at 9:45; Car- ten Taft matc immede
9, "FN" Ip. l P 5 Cl : play count by sports ei tori ofloSs. yd Ale at 10:30; lowing thi' match, k- wi
ODe-Twa Totals 25 18 22 8 the Army newspaper, the BqEca- William Arthur vs. earl Omphroy of the CeiHo Om -andl

at 3 p.m.; Juan Maduro vs. b5- Barber match tUlsal. L.i
-Lasy Brook V,.Castllo 113 -Always dangerous 4-1 beer. Z a=, no,
,,,Of the 2-orera ILYean 115x-Regadfrim slowly 10-1Fort C However, these are an AD. ft-i Omphro at 3:45 ad I 1I avy.
Af. 3 -R l Blls J. PBhi ps 108 -Usually d inam ts 5-1 J 'n 8 3 22 cal and the total.oints as cirdit
to. N eac plye re r onie Last-Gasp Finisahes Sell
-After Me 0. Snoeb. 10 -N. Icoteander 2.1 MUtyr, ... .... 2 4 510 The declslo now r estse rth FISelhe
rig 6-Lifeboat M. Yarn III een disappointment 341 power c .*. ..S o 1 6 .3mu s tote wben it coaui-
7-Valley Star f. Rub t06 -Early sped only 15-1 Coleman, l. ...... 5 1 i tluco
8-D. Club 0. do Lefn tlOa-Nothing to recommend 0 dS.wa.'. p rotst Sed by C coach
VUanlo...e... 00 be e 000
hof the 10t ose "0" Imp. 7 Pg. Pm $600.00 Peel Clow 5:40 7 orld Golf To M illions.a
meticul. 1-Dan Cute H Rui 108 -Ran well In return 10-1 --mm
Advt.. 2--11. aker A. vasques 115 -Cl3as A prospect even BiHRYmUNN Ihera.," 7mm s8W. -you
J. Bravo 115 -Betier each time ot 21 Sarm my relous Paper Sweeter
4-Barlyon. V. Castillo 11 --Could-surrIse, 4-1
5--Klosco R. Yeass,11sx-Rates fair chance 5-1 1$ Robbe 18 16 15 16 "S GAINSBOROUH,EZ CHICAGO (NrA) The sus- your twn bank'
6-Chispeante) R. VAiques 116 -Hard to catch here 2-1 FPot IMyton 14,17 19 16 4-70 (NEA) Afrmat haMN rfht m a r kab I y successful "evsi' Thisar'W m
7-Phn) O. ShVa 104 -Nothiag recently to pasture cows on the TindckQuestion" is noting more than an come ntosetuprb
Golf Club course I offshoot of the ones a year sc-at amB*
IMGGEOT RACE The bovines havena orw attr Gre Iaputs on herPusrth
ALT MY -liking to golf balls. They Wa be- at the Tam OYChaster Country 729L-haleveon.
NY. .. .. 6 Norma Cox here, suffered sllo them.
3-ner dah. a 115No -Uhing tIa 11 logUrwas 10 that Professo al ArthurBrownflll y's promotion has hbecomeilad tha winnc meer idto n= 1
4-Distingo L. Oiraldo 115 -Should score off last 3- i tlts befo bhe couldteah d aoft the nusuad tfcam Th0 as 'He inWth. twn
-re PhillipI 1 -Po w effort Inlastbe and walk with- ows wall with in
1 -Lasp 0. dlfa" 10 8 -Rab Well last time 3-1thed y arewth- ci wighors than overa. c se4the
io 108 -Usua*lly mvslt1-Nwhea"w72ship oe G of t lh mwe M0 npion- Tork
Au. ft sOWINGT ATTOUR SaRVICd CENTEdictsand may m ons of tol aatr
THEATU'RS TONIGHT1 t Ire, A ok t :2 ak AQ
1188L 2 Re & a Im" E E f

kpt. 1I

lMaeeog Itae6 Chilled and OGeneral Carge


5.S. "lA JAW'l .... ....................A.g. I1
., "* I ...............................Alm. X3
LL *" ..... ......................... Aug. 29

Wekly "mape d h -pt-e er U .ww
Vart4 NOw MM Wis

q '
- :..'
"i- ,,i.

g' ;

1 ."
",...', -r .. .., ... o .., .-

." el *llll .M g ll
- ft. U LB*^ -,, 7.>*
SL4- odeRe 4i, e

* ,* .
- *3aiuwM'' .



.t T.WO,


* 1:05

M -w


-j Terk Seels

Bollb' 4:30, 6:15, .-0 DIAMLO TS. M :5 :10
u lmue tll. l

S a. ,
-Hi 4MA "MNL'
I^^^^^^^^^^H *t.'*-LatWt ci



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dl~s heat

87 14
W, ., L _


,.-s ,.a .. .nieer n r: Didozea ..... 9
.. e.e. with _a alie, ag ... ..... 9
.... Mta e te.-? 8m t,Y eea.... ".... ...31
tovn I ,I a ..........

-bl s e .... ......

to s the am @e m n T ws....9

.. ... wI.s bbeo Doif.ta I8 .80 e,
Kuenr, T ....0. 1f s .71
g ates 41he I .....1

-- ~01ar4 t i t ll .. ....... 141

ATIONA,_ L Joaon. he ,ake BrAves 7-1 0. A a| -j

soer n" "ho r d th e a.. W L h ro U
sn vra s tbe, Dodgers 168 90
a a he ar amnYanke es3 .70

e ,.t A iE Sost dAthMo d'.
A""tici J 'wB eitas v al a ear5.70

--- rslt. I shore hei
N theIONyma in making the Dravasasoa reandmtoa16r

AIM&- ai a"- e'lS w L f a ndo araal kafr ic uitig .eso in
DIW fo r, pn .8 T o o, i mmer.
un a ea I- s a glittering 2.26.0 W y h .I p e

wSe- B....13 P. -5 1 o-- *''" 0 S gLa neAt M l e" topsr
Btw Y0 ....FBB0 S P 1 .618" (N'w" '."" e the l0ue l o e rU Then
S.....S "1 N ... f moe. last Sa ht
'C **- ;-0 0I .B44 f0M I a *at the Rothes
W L fwSL i 05 'THWL% i.1W L a ja~uealaftorhitting.&ie
iss1 n0 1in a956,is"Ammer
S. ... .T'. (It ..jShoy Iau r iu.ttops
#58k a s .o 510 % W B ton k...... i the^ L eague in home runs. Th eo

c .l .... id 6 s:o l8t 3a34 .l6 Red Wings,. -eW maintained
0 7 "... 73 .35 altimore5...., 71 .o h3r ,sameu A-naa firstplaed
------g 'eO Ilesa*
O t tY LOu1at tS Clevelnd1 t (D-N) Tom Laords went the route
4*a atCt s &tDwt (t NI' with a five-hitter to score his
Phlpnat rae (N) New YOrk at BDa i re (NI furt vltery of the season for
plt jhat Ni W r (t Washlet at Boston (W te Royals, who have a four-game
S .--..- I _'--eIdge d n the "ost column" on see-
TUTERBRAW'8 ggugar' TWBI'ERA'S REpill.TW M"2plae0 Toront%. The Map1e
-- 1o- .New York 8102 last rzi iof over
W i, :lpap nMn (1) -1) elaKide tthees.
-Nnao The Sya Ch beat thea
son god Chi 4 Turley (13-10). Byrne and Bea lmo- oj v u 4.2, as Jim
a. Owis same .and
S-. -~C- CatV. won his fourth
S e &I $. gl ae out the Co.
odo 008-11 B6 1 Imbu l-I mother
T c,(A-1l d Loller, game.
oe (., Pane, olly and

0-0 1 l Ha*st8gs Launched
1 Clevel ad N0 K-3 7 0 h
'-) br w" e (11-6) and "Wilson.
___. --.(A- g TQOA SPRINGS -(NBA)
9t S d*ogd.aa, .y -an hoduled aPtu actors will always be
wyth- r Map barrier in.-



Get Moee For Old
Fuosumpmob W h
a'Ww A .
lwd be s tow s HI oHs

Wue^ w*-h '

ve^ saf sIMo

-. AA


aoiWHep from the Hrst-
~j Par Pl-M an o' War line
fieryblood beig transmtted
through mmerailau. Hastings
Iu rete to stud at Lexigto.
y., i ~U. He S ed to permit
de be pt him. Handler
veiI ind to use cudfel when
it became seeesaary to catch him.
H lm" -m Fair
.a a.ttnW re isel _du
; -SMgtI to i doe-
'' __r mere mention
makes o .1d-
atheir heads.

--~~ ~ a--- ___ --

*~ ~A. -.

B Boys Are Slow Because

I A eCarrying All That Coin
By PAT HARMON mitted it made a $36,000 mistake club arranged for him to visit
In .signi; -pitchu John Swango an X-ray apecialist. He overslept
BALTIMORE (NEA) The two -n In ago and he has been and missed the appointment. A
yWar 1965 will be rmeimbred m turned loose. "He can never make second appointment was made
baseball for a fresh crop of bonus- it," opines Mantager Paul Rich- but Brady asked to be excused
rookie stories. A lot of new ones ard. o "as I've made plane to go on a
have been produced, thoughh it's Swango's trouble, self-express- picnic."
doubtful If'they top somi of the ed, is nervousness. 'I can't warm in Baltimore one day the
old tales. For I stance, there up in front of a crgwd," he Tiger't chattered bus st"ppd at
|was the uwr about Dick Wakefield, apologized. the hotel ais picked upI players
signed by the Tiger Soes 10 They're also telling stories who had ben waiting in e B lob.
years ago t heanewa aid, about Jim Brady, a 10-year-old by. Brayl was sitting with the 15,
50,000 an big Cadac. I pitcher signed b the Tigers this butmissed the bus.. .
When Wakefield saw the story, aprni for 3m5,. Since aiv- Nw come?" asked a ch
he phoned a spor. writer friend, Ing with the club Brady seems "Didn't you ee althe other play
"Could you let that story cor- inoifferent about his baseball u era get up and leave?
reacted? be based. "It isn't right.. ture. Even Manager Buchy Harris "I thought something happened
I dntget a big Cad I ut :sbeenunable to shake him up.lout on the streetandw to o
got one ofthe little ones." Harris tried -fatherly talk, then see what It was," said Brad
Wkhih brges up the newest tried bawling him out. All this however can't touch
Baltimore story. The club has ad- Brad3 a sore arm, so the the eraik made about .Pbes,'
"_ ____. ,_.... -_-;- TJ. bonus- beby. The kid signed for
I OO00 and his unimpressed team-
i mates named him "Money Bags."
Ik1 That's because one day the
iUI manager watched the boy run out
Sr a or andd remarked, "How
Ian D a I a_ d that coat so much bei
DaO Uamel To 10Wie someone reped, "He
lo at run fast because a's carry-
........i an- I that money with him."
a .ndz.a Jna IL at- E hhbeta Mi In the fourth nliI :. --T -. 1

*f the lint hal f a double-header with the Cubs, Frank let-
lst. Oil dgeM' rand-Ia at gutbas Nr the Dodgers, mulled
ana'ey pa fly oted by Gee M .
S.- I wA one of those silly und nu eaos, and net
even the rookie Kellert was seen to hed-aM tears.
But- if Don Newcombe, who happened, to be pitching for the time, had been able o peer into the future and
notw the serious impacts of the misplay, he might have cried
himself to aleep that night.
It is conceivable that, but for Kellert's muff, Newoombe to-
day would have 19 straI, a te with the record set ny Tim
Keef of tile iOant, baqc In 188, and matched by Rube Mar-
quard of the Polo Oroundera in 1i12. ana the early prospect of
a new all-time mr.rk.
The Cubs scored six runs in that fourth inning, and because
of Keller's misplay, five of them were unearned. Newcombe had
to retire and Cle Labine finished up, with Chicago winning
oy 9 5.
With unerring support, Newcombe might have gone on to
hal ltna consecutive success. He has taxen eight in a row smain
that setback, which on June lI looked like ji&al another tougn
break, but now takes on the dour aspects ox something quite.
disastrous for Don.
In his 19 straight, Marquard yielded 150 hits and 42 walks,
and struck out 46 men. Not bad, at, apl In his 18 and 1, hew-
combe Is charged with 166 hits.' But he has been In 25 games,
with 23 tart and three relief chores. His amazingly low totai
of 2M paeas, aa against 112 strikeouts, helps to explain nis
phenomenal success.

In at least one of its dramatic aspects, Newcombe's achieve-
ment as even more noteworthy than Marquaras. 'ine nzuoe.
with 24 and in ml11, haa prepared the zans ior nau record per-
formance. Newcombe came varuauy ou. of nowhere to compile
as orluant a saa as has oeen wriLten into urooxyn a mouna
annaI Last aeaoon Don won only nine and iost ezgn.
woeu tne 1ll campaign enaed, Marquar4 bore me unflat-
tering laoet of the $1'A,UUU lemon. Ioln.J. Mduraw nam sent
that then amazing sum to Indianapolis lor the lett-hander ana
the Rube had responded with 0 and I In hisa frtst local season,
b and 18 in 19, und 4 and 4 in IPlO.
Then eae Marquard's the tremendous seasons-8 and
7. 3 ad 21 and 23 and 10. In 1914, the southpaw faded to 12
s" M2, a"nd U1U, with a record of I and 8, he wa sol to
Marquard enloled one big season in Flatbuah. He was 19
and la in 1917. Be helped the Dodgers to win the 1920 pennant,
but allegedly became involved In a Wora Seresa ticket mess ano
was soMi to Cincinna&t
With a percentage of .947, Newcombe appears to be headed
for a nlew major league recura., In te nauonai League me
uigh stands aT .089, aclueedo by Freday Mitzammuns, tie erst-
while Giant, with ahe 18Wu oagers. nue inuicea ne way to a
14 ana 8 record.
In the AmeiLcan League, the .918 attained In 161 by iormei
Yankee johnny Allen, wir.h o and 1 sor Levenuio, is the oes,.
In the boo

*, -, ,
(Repdte te an Fra-
lMvflt.Alele). *
Th, International rescue o
Joker Johnny Longden, saviAn
aim Iromi eIg kicked to death
on the Hllwood park race strip
July 32, i es a recap.
On Ambllgorix in a race for
two-year-olds Johnny's left foot
was nfocked loose from the stir
rnp sld the announcer informn
ed the crowd, '"Longden i s.goin
down between horses." The Jap*'
anese-American Jockey, Oeprge
Tanlgu'ah, grabbed an arm an
pulled Johnny back up, while
Panamanian jockey Rogello Tre-
Jos, from the other ase, straight-
ened Londen up on his mount.
And Johnny won the race by
three lengthal "With all the oth-
er horses following I was gone
for sure," said the veteran. Five
minutes later In the Jockey head-
quarters he was playing cards;
Trejoa was shooting pool; Tani-
guch was curled up In a ball On
a bench resting for the next
race; and the rest of the jock-
eys didn t. know anything bad
Remember to remind us of
this when time comes to recall
the "best stories" of 1955.

4 Year. in Natiual League
Written for NEA Serilee
QUETION: Babe PineUIl em-
ed to be yelling at the New York
Giants' ground crew. It had failed
to cov- one half -of the infield
during a deluge. Why was the
umpire yelng at them? They're
Working fellow who have no.

I evew will foset the day Marqard started his 1913 win. .Anwe. --_
ning streaI. S wa a on ne ojenig afternoon in old Wah .. -A2,"
ton Pk*, t rooklyn. a4p ucaer, one o tne superna nm- Ih'.g =
. mortab, oppeed mne Rube. who pUlchea an I to 3 victory. i'_u ',
r t eaeon, she ramanackle old pars, to be superceued dE s I.
by bb t alMld in olal, was packed to uveruowLng zor the ., .
pener, '1as fans massed even behind the catcher, so that the F '..
repot g t umeirrtory Irbm an awsoc"au who was percAed onm .
a lid er
Siicm e's current triumph Is' most spectaealar. Bat hbe aski Wk
has- "' tan to go, 0 ye y n ave s diff lety .f ,
awan a her Boe's "3 and '" 't ad 1 .% haa cenOe "-9"
that the forbMaen spitser to a hVGe this ressarkla 7
Swho Bat one of arooyn pmt a I BONco
l t-mmp ,e"es .an u- ,'res a"1- .n a-
a Old-Timers' b. had quite a fw brii an-
s' 28 ad 6 IS 19 wasomethtbg to Ibng vlatwo Al
-a.a"bout 22 and M M .,-d -.HO 1? .5. e mato *"
6(carr waa a KiIW ,
befight from liWU a ae
IaLd 1 g1niat-wlntaR fat CUFF M I

-* .- +-"= + --^ .. "-, + '. j;, ^'U ; -,/ "*

e game.-Le

am S d~a.4u


S handa aw n the e- or ohe wm on Itt IS

Were& anoh e to th.
"Thats when I was convinced orr no dou k 1
that we could take it all. leased to know that tfen& a
header OnJuly 4, threat of the roes -
boy felt the same way." .i.- o-
HERE'S A CHEERY note for
football coaches. John Dorman,
77, has devoted 50 years to dispena-
i donte l 5know-how at one .
hlehtoo Upper Iowa Univerdty.
Dorman has run up more yearn
as head man than anyone In the TW A .
game while taking time off to iW 1." 7:8- t
pradete dentistry at Fayette, la.
Feo msavt,, the tip -i d
lear lo te tc erouaemu8 Oar ."
the big Ume. Five other smaUlcol-
le n one maj ollee h
Shave put In 0 or more year
apiece as top kiek are compiled _
from the Information-packed Of
|fle Collegiate FootbaU lReard i "
Boa, which had Just hit the aewe s m
Lou Little of Columbia i one of
coases who go with the leaase. L&t. ._ ,-
Ue has been at his business 3 sea.
ona. the last 25 on Morningalde ^ V -" if I
Heightu, where he doesn't even 135l Ul II!
have to make a good howing In
the Ivy League. v-----.-
Seoond in line in pint of service _____
Is Fred Long of ToZI College with
34 campaign. Them come Osaie Today fnca J
Solei of Springfield, Man., Col. "'" T
lege, r Harry Jefferson. Hamp. i ^ h MS OM?1
tonV, v.Institute, U; Little; and j
Arnett MuNMford Southern Uni- "M .M
vrslty, La., 30. Two majorI- ,
lego and one amal-college coach "- lI 'j
enter the 30-year elass after this
eaaos. They arq Taod -IDEAL ,
Rutgera'Harvey Harman and Carl M. 6n-''W B
Wlu*.jmrn BA wad -- MI mn-l m-l''-S-S--


comelian Bud Abflbo and L couosteo mre M
by a Mummy In this hilarious scene froD their rtoe-j '
versal-Internatlonal laugh hit, "ABBOTT' AD OW
MBrT THE MUMMY." release at t~S LU TBeI tft Rse
4:02, 5:48, 7:24, 9:08 p.m.), Marie Windsor, Michael Anara
and Peggy King are eein In supporting roles. 'A a


Fa I % uOW- I- -a I-
In every rom In
.n b ai >sel.l +,aM s.g a

un I s.01us
", ,,- -,,,,.

18 M B--B- ,1^ l -
I M S^!^ ato.^ ^^

Wdd~t4BN Lar

~-- Ue~



,,% ., ..:- ,,.y.- .. ".. :
- .S-t &;tm-i .-..- ."

---L.~. -. -- T ~1~ -- --~-



W'v aIT
wOmVdO 0


'a. ~

-~. *! '- f ***--;;'I-

- -. : ",-. a.-- L. ,.
* "" ,4 '


. .. ..

'- :; ^ f |


,w Ww- ,9W '- ... -- -- RPa lwp "' ; -"+-,
'* l "~ "- -* ,'r *" I -' & '" '.'" ," ^'- "*^ ^ ?+w
.L. dr gig. tnrth and th..... ,,-. kawUi .
** .. ; ? ', ".- '* '** ." ,". :='. ,:k -"

-. a... -
~.* ii


tIlaM'lE M S 43 PIANAMA. L I. &,i ,Ia .- : -
.... ...

Ex citement Mounts As Fliers

T IN THE LAKE-Ldy a oyear-old Dalmat, pla ppro C orn A r se
t by taking to the water of Develan Lake in Wiscon-
>'i ur ing a 90-degree heat wave, Inner tube and bathing cap TRAVIS AIR ORCE BA onolulus streets month a esita Mtt bil to Nick.
were supplied by Lady's owners. CTRalf. AIug. 1 (UP) Eleven A the day rbbereine he Tey pointhsed o an a fti m '-c a-ti- n tiN
*^ --- ~ ^ ~merican fliers, their exeitepent tad loading before taknagon been sdioap tha e.d to h mua after
mounting by the a.lute, flew to. the last leg of the long gt bthem bat ightaot
S Am baday towards the bqiaeland t e y huome, died due to at dois. *
S m sa o Thought they would eover ee a. C onneu of lt ip was.
Sp m gain during the darkest hours 50 56o2f! UJine 3.M 5 W. In tt w
.r. 'their imprisonment in China. so .Jt ,_ i i._- I1t t.itait
Twop neD beri CI n elC.NOW
sues bearng the uslAnt q d t% bI? 4 "In IL -M..
m I Hawaii, yesterday ftmerno i .I older to Ot i I -
-. Travisa, about 80 mile northwest m5d leaso .
Ilied In AutohUIlof San Francisc,, o. .I-. againAi
.....A t S ah ?Iwan Sebmidt a the Reds "raRos:I Ipob-M.
The planes were due at noon. H will meet his old bly wanted to se nu to show the .
=sl-'.t, ,,M., ,,
'ANOKO, Thailand, Aug. 12 hin, a famous seaside resort 125 However, there was a ch a net o Dany TJr., for tord what h, .
U. Ambassador John miles aouth, of here. they might land ahead of time and probably tro tra manitarians are
I and iason a l atr 0 14, W because of favorable winds early ut hi marital miop m way or "We cnall tellyou th.ey
w u ear Hue. the truck asit was approaching a B- crew bt down over to wit newmeet and

adibeen truukhe faoou12.WE and- flson onecoSovea.
bodi.sed with a truck nan d b yroh. Y ee North Korea in Jane.t. y ies s e marriage since he ot l chmit ead a s t dos w a t i e oS

S'Clinton,. erina from t wo The Chihnese Communits heldreeeived the shocking news last s B e d t y w, e ga
Fl'' broken legs, a badly bruaed right them prisoners for 2% years al- week. Mni., sa lhe two .
Wees accuseonand a head ut, was flown fgfrom tiump ove HoRever he Indrikiggarciaa eie. sa"os_ e,-, aan s ande
mo oflto Bangkok by pane with the s released the ers on Aug. dy ttalk anIter s t, sa and Une N ations ret d
ropeitl se i5 ton- lt iagw btht lYesterday the fliers recently re- sait re amine Id their captor a nmede byh Bon a
on Mrs. Peurif so was foW asd mingled noted among the Chinese Communsts released talked constantly about foarmosa rlreoVtllrainVan atsaan rl.

aIlack, mzmade aa news GuSunGovernment....
ta Prosper to~ gkok. twbevedlshe the hundreds of servicemen tehem after holding them for 22 and they w r t SoIi t afsloer .

hwas aimedw eLneral" League ItbekOeague ,i ;,, -.:...,.' .e, oA
_Nl rVwo resort when Peurifoy and his soB r wa g t D. VinograMdov to start the cover

Sneretary of Commerce 1f i apeurifo went to Thailand e- out in years W. D. 18 teM shd a oo
ear ecs ngsson, fresh from autriumph over s Com- g ksdri V altan i hand Vto-

aneek saccurtdcUi atnw to b,. ildbndoueA
w-mocrats ofp Claying Po- munrld ast nAmbasador to Guas. astily alaudingt ado not. drafted by the Bonn
ttr ro.sper.ty" by seeing t h A .. envoy there he nightclub danrs. g ment after c
on dolUar-a-year men in pla a Iajor role in ousting ZM. Adeasar in his VaeWtnio res.t
p lent. the Reds from control of the ide at urren,. witzerad
ttack, made at Znnew$, s sates.aoGovernment. L I--e u
Demcrate who form ed- attached retsignificance to ma ny's views on wats ho uldbe
ha nsw restrainta on dol- hisapnent to Thailand be- 9A r the sebedu saf e cope0 ast #
eaur men intrecent le cauaseft. United tta hopes DyS b
&ad particularly at *M1" to buildThailandeInto a freevIT2e0,naBoysbr18

oI thne frenter (N.Y.U worldbastion in southemastAAR,0 C s hn o
ouge t With the fighting In Indochina
agan ttee. at an ea4, thse Communists have Only t1e births were nport

ther tlhoingb s h bin n .ro." One death, that t of As Ha-
who b so s Pe-.& to owa naw, ce loe- .in,,- was reported.
Sprosperity at a Pe .boro' antwis o carter iplo- B abie ^somle is were born to the fol-we
dthopermiae oadenme o mat, but be wpas much m0ore of 1 American citizens: Capt. ^J a ^ m
e'nterpine oand a back-ala ping politician who .:,.: ,.,. .,,ler, oofhe'
S6pneprthe feeondtoy wriherthe served 0 ., da ter; Lt. and Mrs .
tial e ff who are dotnbln States wherever he wO-. lwPminraN. ser, ^o Coco oI,
aInd healthy, he o sas Ambassador. .hede ate, ra "dolaH a
ad thattheoAmerIcao_ ._. .o.-. BeMrs Wendell Cotton, of
adThabelevari MarnvtitanWasoee d.
l polite s with O A .r-IDE-President shower (bak meat, right) lowing rents of anamanian
.O -ay poC tour. gettysburg, p'a., far 'in i a custom built ar. The natoa- Mr. and Mrs. Leo -.
; this week Celler sub- f 1 5 vehicle l green and has a fringed canvas canopy. Thorpe, Rainbow Cty, dau

I.maye wo afis. a of .it Pcana Urges Condemnnation enboys
"rp 'and government aari cents located in DIablo w'rien Id uGper; andsi spa.
,r sI te H s. r O Censorship In Colombia f te. po endng Au.
s "acting in the public Ing bids on the roject were C ensrsh iptwere atent ad.O
Antony Leggelrai anlal, mAItM_ mitted and 226 discharged dur-
who had previously re- Servicleo Brouwer and W. C. of- Tr wterera risa-itod ate -
surrender the records, fey. NEW YORK, Aug. 12 (UP)-The ishers Invoked the Panama do- Reu a aldressea of the
to honor the subpuia. Apartments to be painted in Inter-American Press Assoclation trine under which the iA anT nm o babies were of the
said afterward that If the Gamboa include Apartment B in has called on the press and radio the Inter-American Association, of arant s W t Ce o o bab were
persisted, the subcom- aHOuse 117; Apartment D in of the western hemisphere to con- Broadcaters Mr. and Mrs. We nde C a of. Pa
prse"t '. -PA., U'- a --om -bn r.h atioaCity: Mr; Cp. and Mrs. L. He
would subana every House 129; and Apartment C dean the establishment of press Lthe defense of any member vie- Griffin Jr., of Fort Kobbe; Mr.
Severe staff employed in House 102. censorship n Colombia and the of an aggressia. T on o P a
accounts of the co In Diablo Heights apartments closure the Colombian govern- El. Timpo was shut down by Mra and Mrs E.
ithe desired Information scheduled for painting are A- meant of the newspaper El Tem- the government of PridehlRt Gus- Snettof ambo gty. an
Save no sga of back- apartment D in House 6330; A- po of Bogota. tavo Rojas Pinila last Friday for Mrs. Nmo Martir of Fort
He holdsthe files are apartment C In House 5341 and A- The executive committee of the refug to publh a government Savnt a Ms R H.
from congressional eyes. apartment Aln Hoause 5d9. hemlspheric association of pub- dictad statement on its frontC oCkar animal RC t s H.p -i
I .."saidthor excellence tl em., an MB r. D. Ba ook. o f Fort

.-et-tIent. oU tO Censoum .ee han8a co ce Mr. and Mrs. rdingot Ohewuelyeos
U. ....tinginthepub. li..t-idsrn pubsthe aga-wrd MrW. n Ccly, Mra aaNdr
the RlteTheereow err l2.M o J of Pa naio; tomad-

.tHat 'e e commr( tee voted un- Cy M..and2 Mr. P. is alr ge ir-
cahedhrestmoRls sd to Plvo Po- .Pas; o_. _and Mrs. C..V. rW-
forrnd-gh. .m rin m te uadeen sk- ,Yr, ,, of Paamo1 Cgtty, tandM
iTelime rsaioed th e e egre totTo uandr. R. o. Ror Kion b

your etoe"l e t a FomtmurGu e born l o e ole ow-rr m
thoothAprm tstbIn .rin whereevers they mage o fr ndparentsh Mr. and MrsA. H.

cerfn fxred o. ecuthve prom esse A.. Tompso_ of PaLt..Co; Mrma.d
....tai Coioem thavt oemoransp est eioed and Mrs .. J. Water, JrC,ofFar-
persited. n Callu son c nd toe daely.e of ok eCity;_ Cap r. and Mrs. W .A
Pu Tdmao ..ut grRe unde atAre efd, J. ol, of Panama hCity, an
'r1eom of th hpeehsat eonm b a aMrs. R. J wfler, obJr., of
e tsaut v _aIonsredonaimsh Gi wer. bod Mrs. t Jt. fToo-

.ress o h entire contineny AClUo, of Dublo Merahtnd Mr. anH
ir" t of the later-A- Mr. W. A. Pret~to 8., of Panama Mr
A n.alers thIait cesosio, wit b itsheU and Mrs.A C. ler,. oa
aidtn moas thed 400 members, wiUh of Pana City; Mr. and Mrs' t
tlpe o armelad irs defend ot ofr us lna, of Paratso; SMr.
'HeColombl. eoCHes sdd pr n tha e Iened Mro L. Ltynoe, of Pofn-m
laest lirssjom am democrat. amK, CpIMr. and Mrs. R. T.
foRE5 t bsa enti r onItsint. C =1; D iablo Heigh ts ; r gt.
3 telrefeei onfthe I ateA CA. oe, of Panama
uLwlcanfArteusrain, with *Mr. and Mrs. C. E damsO,

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