The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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Tee Mel lea b fq-iai seda aft Time Pamam An~erts
tett. ev snaed ee A a
IT we iehh'bute Is nters dameh lo egAdem U Th dsasesn' samiS
"a "Mree s trn PUNlne In tbe i medent @ d e
9 setMM tkep t he ald a ttI.aleBito oe = gs Isagt
it leftl wr" s Is held is rin ais.
aaweessmls e napeaspn ibiHlly for sealaselst epelua
0.- o -t
Sit la both Interesting and odd to see how a few persons can
done four or five hundred word letter and immediately be-
ast aeert on the analysis of human personality and be-
lor of the author of that letter.
lat us get beak to the beginning of this. Rather than listen
to :esos tryWIN to ut the blame on the Coco Solto tenants
for the condituo V hfch reveal the inherent faults of the hous-
teR werre st frth by Rational.
n ortain "mature" or "atisfied" persons were attack-
ton as "Joe College," "Joe Irrational," an spring Ad-
S to college), an 'infantile and egotistical college due,"
or gre01iod of a weak mind and a elulied backbone.*1
ow e u99 wonder who IN mature or satisfied about what,
with a that name singing going on.
Has anyone noticed Rational mention anything about col-
1 In his letters I wonler how. but mostly why that ball got
roUAg. Anyhow, what does any presupposed education, or vio-
lent verbal attacks on Rational have to do with Coco Solito
TO. U. MVatufe:
You do not like anonymous letters? What did you say your
aame was?
"What is a "chronic complainer"?. You state "Coco Solito
Is a problem," without giving reasons.
atiofal says the same thing with the reasons for Its being
a nblem. According to your reasoning while esxmpting your-
s rational becomes a chronic compahier n the asis of -hila
weal*. A i "t, reasonable?
S ftake liberty in iotling a few of 0or. lines:
"ntenhouua was buiN by the GAedmenet.' However It
take. more than that to provide a home. It- tes cooperation
between landlord and-tenant and also 1t0we tenant and neigh-
bdr." '*
Very welt' put neighbors Tat pi profqupd statement. I
amI zn harmony with that piosopy I have had many in-
tentng and enlightening talks with thi project's Govt. hoping
SSo you can see, I have not lust been (as you accuse
R ), "sniping at the U.S. Government from behind the
bulwarks of anonymous letters."
As far a the neighbors are concerned, we all make noise
4 ether disturbances. Most of us attempt to keep them at a
:tinmum, or try to understand the reasons for the faults of
gwn so that we may love. respect and accept our neighbors.
"Gu Slito is a problem." due I think to poor construction,
ad Very rowded conditions. No matter how we try to love,
M. tran d, live with our neighbors, these problems still
9T %any people are understandably unhappy due to
T 'ag a firm believer in "The Mall Box." This tie of pub-
# 6eves ca es many purposes anonymous letters or not.
he 4. co isarles file and consider every complaint enter-
adin tmendable column. Just maybe someone will file
tad, sde gtee. ICM Mma
o Les Albee atcunul

PEan- CI

. HCi S Now even Bthe impw swleu
such Ma sAmingle 75 6 m musical
record goes for 17 dollars Ameri-
Besr how th6 refugees and the
Hopg oung Chinese refer to the
CommoSai t cottletBanik of Chi-.
na here, which the British turned
over to the Peiptg government.
The ChineIy alwe cell the bank
"The Bliooufer" as 'they int
out the taitUitIng on Hong Kong
It is a Bed 'loodasucker" be-
cause, bta trick of financial ex-
change, R ed bank takes half
of the fbuey heM Chinese send
back t1 tEIr fam iies Inside Corn'
Ir ni % 4 I y u *send
nitChina. I you want to send
money back to your folks, you
Mtt'de it throuq this bank or
uut* rCo imm t facility.
jZverywtere the bloodsuckers
pile up foreign. currency-eli for
no and W e&--to be used against
us eysstdahr, Of course.
And, Lfl;ysY, the Cmmnumnlst
po agadaschool, Us MimilArtth
;ceronShools in ftheU ,is
Sthp at issymboli for
ite4 er. Wae. Rs.

Pres i had beea ble to
$Beak w a sidewlk ail
ftM~fuert to a, Trailsfow
tactic. They dwe up 10 a D
truck gad caught the lfers con.
pletely bysurprise.






Pizza Pie Parties Rage

Yourself Craze


Coine Leant How To
Make Pica.

;i..a Pb, SU ang
Sucameit, Ammafc,

Uios RHvaloft 'ULsau
nlocehi q F-ettc clea t.
1* -


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iaeafchT blriiith t6 -
of illicit gold tied to its foot
a. sas of p igeons swo d g
With millions in profits AMly ,st
of it f filing the ea rnasdory.
* Here, Detecti eave l o -C
LiA Fu found severaP twuand
wooden dolls hollowed aut for -
Communist opium s ggl into
s the U.S. It was ein i that
$100,000,000 of the "stuff""- entu-
ally reached our countrytoush
San Francisco.
Here I now can 'take you out-to
the Lo Ma Chou area where one
of the smugglers' roads goes
through the Bamboo Curtain Into
lRed qhna, just a smle away
across the rie paddies and the ;7
r.ver. The police high an the mous-
tain top seldom look down to seeW
that the oad is patrolled to wef
vent vita fuel and other despo
ately aededmtrasfrombe
og taken across to the Reds by
Chinese "peasants."
Over uech roads go the of ker Wo-
sene worth about one American
dollar in Kowloon or Hong Kong-
for which the Chinese Reds pay
u to innearby Canton ro- w
uLce (22 miles up the roadfrom
my hotel.)
leue, too,70 morcanc Hoe along
wth me oth t Se l o Kip M village
where many of the 1 0,000 refu-
geas swelter i n the sun, cut bricks
and let their w6men do street
construction work because they'd
rather be begarsm in free territory f.. .L
than live at home inw-Sovietized -
Come mix with these people. Seo
mother weep softly, lying hun-
00 big pvement, while
wifttee r e Crar-lid rea mmittee At Work
aked o the street cause she
desn't have the pennies for even
a iday undershirt. B y D
Come, walk among them and B P WR N )
their dung-filled streets. See proud PD
people. Ask why they sae across a
the border-just as I've seen r- WASINTON (NA) The as the Rusasia of Maloker was conference in ifte A in th$
refugees cross the Iron Curtain bor- AmIe at deles ltion to Geneva different d the Ru adrSta- bow i wks.r t at

drils 1,00m ilestgt away. -bou extoi scos red kbowr edge difeen frloov the bakRit dwr TC sa S a- freignminislrs m
ers 10,000 miles away. P b b atsi lwyMore bowledge lin beforeinA the Rusd a of d fe neva again. in October a
Hear a former Caton tesm- of how thie aOW Russian overn- schev, Blganin & Complittep that MarshAll Zheukv, thoh mini
ster once owner of three trucks, I t works ad the Inside than followed so swiftly. stir of war, is not o an e stop
savior of the lives of many of o wure had *at conference. No one of them was a perfect U on the omttsU
boys in the China-BurmA -Road the- ussia is now supposedly run Communist state. Powvr has ai- Its e was o er u
atre during the war, report why by 11 men. They make every ways solved whatever problems because of
he came out of Red China. Hear major deciloo governing the arose, not ideology. Ptresident s adVso
this former merchant, Henry Tal, country with the largest land ares Just where the erm now lies The ubne
tell you that it is. illegal to have in the world, the second largest and how the Russ -a made their private wit Phsia'ro
owhisper--in Rd Industrial preduction-next to the decialons at Geeva they-did not was no indleA A
ger-lalk"--to wnset anywhere dd1was1nothid
China. United States-and the third larg. reveal to the American Velegation. cens that a eM Aa
It is illegal to meet anywherein east population-below China and Whether the four at Geneva- view had d vin e
Red China with five or more India. Bulganin, rschev, Molotov and Able from
even if they are int It would of course be Impos- Zhulkov-acted with full authority point, of view is a
Heat h im y asbed ble for any mp board of dine heir on, whether communist so as a new politics for"e
Hen rhave abeenisSrcenyu p oa rofreed Prtyieretary Generi aKruschev Russia.

haebenbaiva be 11orus toruentheBU.d.mocramy min h dd lth tlkn inRsa frs ,tl q.
ouldnt come out with him s tou nom in ade all the decions or whelko. Ud tae
f lheld them hostage, thinway but that in apparent si"reverythi b tUrr d beieedh" 4a'dica-wroll

tials rigdesaito 6oreferrd believedEtatso.h oare
his return becausetoday'a Russian system. back to the seven who remained d 1tO *tte0
heig a our 11 rTo t ther extentthatRusslaisnow in Moscow,trrd

he a to it by our Army to ftthe In s auoa d neh d id n ot otard r e
Vor NO Ihna teanksrun by 11 men instead of by on evIeoW hiso a h
r Ain as man, v inr stance's daydemn o cla for a a how inewors h

j b fljetarp-k ala, als s ongsithr the nw apront hap.Mlstv I h bakrun er Tha, tes upeo
f-rr tr racy in Russia has been icreesed Premier nulganin Wyas the froadpn mnt U et* o3s1 v thg
y 1100 per cent. But democracy mtan who did all the tl kin n Russian orchoesI
dt has obviously not arrived in Ru e- th (men meetings of the iour aor ip, o e uS. -
a tI t Pebon qaver- desre fopeace. Moroa4 S nbatta t a t
WA1 i. je Am eaqtic experts on Russiato say the nan. Was he teA
ess enar atf l.t h o ere has a eaen too much readingtI a tri ngs beAY.1
t thef P theoretical Communist adeology In B t dforene ministersl meet-in o900il ga iean
ea -rIntrying to figure how the Rum- Inglaat the second level, where the ordeo both.G V t parmntiy
ho tthem sian government is functioning and Mot 0 work of Geneva was done, a colunlltte give an order. But h
th Sbio Ueie t rail.whet it will do next under any Seoretnn of State John Foster the"eis noas uee tioof Justdo
froads o4 n the mine.Te apsi.given circumataces. nuuleC faced his old adversary, how It works.
.,An d ipenmethe Tairms q x Ti is considered the wrong ap. Nolotov'. In the background were There is a strong sspcin
chng for thils Ag tade it, roach. There hamsiaways been a those original bard uy dead pans among Aneflean observers that 1W
Hear. how Chinese on the main- contradiction between Marxist -Gromyko and Mia-well known not even the Russians know hew ft tu
land die of starvation by the thou- theory and the struggle for to Amterican audiences. is JOINg to one cut. V
sands while the Peiping gbvarn- power mince the 1911 revolution. There was no evidence that this In uich cirouspstances it is is th
peanuts chicke s: sithis 38 years of history, power tris had softened any, And It is p"a9Mto we h ni
plpi ucsamdother food to onbUg has always wonL-not Idolo,.. with them that the United States, can, Briis cli Folla.
sa m a a u The Russia of Lenin was differ- 3iI ainad France must deal is Ministair. will wu~atr when-they6
rope ,a ven??asoif anrBaisea ntfo the Russia of Stabi, just the United Nations disarmament get to Geneva in Otebe.
.ah rWeapons Itsr',NOW~o
man atpy. __ 4%.- A alas. I

w whe
is "


ay n

n year. (Me's bot wil-
eager.) .... The big
hm billy from Ten.
te tauyer, has taken
ltow the Deat.
%t exert
bi. effort $'. oma
oreth oaew
hrds IIIor

i m~adha <: Talk
UIA.~~ (MaUtln tf e.U k

sfat Ulaon.
Fifteen of bl relatives, kelu&
Ing souin agle, a *nM

..e s e ..-owe

seav. -" .

not w!

me Comeu sfrm EonU.5 BWDIe
.* Cl lnd. But while bendsr
ien Senretary Talbot's chief
fender in the Senate Humphrey
as been Talbott's chief ritecin
be eabinaet...Once before,
lender hot his sidgnals crossed o
ie S Lawrencpee seaway. After
Vigorously opposing it, he found
bat Humphrey was its chief push.
r. So Bender switched pronto.
ter all Humphrey has been hiW
biggest. cam contributor
. NMien Beeoes Pa nowlas
Rumors persist that vice Pregi-
ent Mta won't run again, will
ire voluna practice law.
outward lions however,
re to the contrary. It was Nixon
Zew who I sold Ike won aett
holW s cabinet seating in!
a baeue-.-p. pure p b Me re-
tne shut Almost never ar
blaet a held by vie
residents 'MdZ tver Into mem.
pr a r W zhft observers have
of Vice-Presi-
antlal sessi1. But Nixon net
ibl held a -eeting but got a
to 1 I .t s M e d -
be happy... .Nb.. I


STRINUlt IU~afr'lWS sewegs
tobems a lente hair wetbe
British Atess a -go LA
Is In L "adu. ut it' eir i
hat skedwlkes vA p s 'X6Doa
In ebsetrusa felt, bu kSYqvt
ard white cad, the
at-whBtI doesn't maket.
-&a p Mqdge CharM eatlop.

By Cotawith







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Ju be was strike

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S br... .
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aio&Lva dii

St aman in his haste to .

,et wadkeracf masideme of H u e a ppena
back, dl en amount ak-
Safr a cheek of currency WASNTON, Aug. (P)--
And record. Fbger s aes d a Secretary of Cb mmutce Sincla i
fetwaw truck.
boak, dl delo cibed by the a utaok- I ... "

Sa e or abods were touched Weeks refused yesterday to hono
i .the banmdi. Earlier, officers a subnpensa Issued by congrapsilonal
t th e o tot totaled about investors fore coflantial e
ods of his Business AdvisorJ
HigaW j patrolmen alerted offi- Contempt of Congress threats
car s n I and Alabama were raised immediately agalpsi
a=- ph"e. a tight circle of road.- Walter White, exeelitye direct.
blocks -- the area for a bl ac k ot the council, by Chairman Erma.
pickup track which sped a w a y nuel Celler (D-N.Y.) of the House(
troa t*e Bank of Ackerman with anti-trust subcommites which is
the masked holdup man. Inquiring into activities of s-caEll
"and o' John Keen, the assistant cash- ed dollar-a-year men in the goe
i, er spit he opened toe bank short. ernment.
L'I RAIN E-This bl6eky, white-faed Hereford ly before 8 a.m. and when he ap-
dosnt mn .e ulova In th aewhnl-prayn. y foproached the vault the bandit, his tCeller said he would send a
lovely Gao.I.- wrm oea T Sn rtns eo, Calif. G ale s preparin uce hidden by a w aite s dek or transcript of White's t4mony tc
the- bullerr to"e -tn ate sm -",a-Cou ntby FaIr schedule w ore i -handkenrchief mask, strode utom members of the parent l use eu-
aiathe bulla for ae" b Iodrna I as C ontyFda Nirnscey de o oenina a corner t with an order diciary Committee which will be
_at._nowam_ not to move." ede n October whether he hI
guilty of contempt.
ecor Bank He told me to open the vault The subcommittee hbad sub
ci o d i tK H oldup Solved and I began fumbling with the penned White to alipear with the
combination." said een. T h e documents. White refused on or-
hold-up man, described by t h e ders from Weeks who previously
cashier as abLut 5 feet 7 and had refused to surrender the tee-
A s FBI A arrests Three M en revolver in Keen's back and was The council is composed of 1(
Sa silent while Keen d i a ed the businessmen who advise Weeks o
vault's combination, economics and problems of gov-
NEW YORK, Aug. 11 (UP) police that before she worked at ernment. Weeks takes the position
The FBI announced solution of the the bank she was employed at a "I had to make about a third the records are private property
nation's record $312,000 bank hold- Bulova Watch Co. plant nearby. try before I could get it open. of the executive branch and n o
up yesterday with the arrest of But what police regarded at the I told him to give me a Hitle subject to congressional inspec
three men, one of them the hus- time as a strange coincidence time aed I would get It open," tion.
band of a woman who resigned as more than half the money stolen Keen said. Celler said the files were need
a teller shortly after the robbery. by the holdup men was to have ed so the subcommittee candeter
Gone to the BUlova company for Keen said that after the bandit mine if the council is operating i
Warrants were issued for the its regular payroll, grabbed the currency he "made th "public interest "
arrest of two other men, one a The two men still at large and me lie fiat on my face and told White brought along a letter
parole, murderer and the other sought by FBI agents were 'identi- me not to move for five minutes. from Weeks in which the secreta-
the father of two small children fled as Redmond Ninny Cribbins h-n he left out the back door ry said the records could not le
recently .found abandoned in Bal- and Thomas Duke Connelly Jr. whleh had been forced open." gally be subpoenaed because the
timore, Md., and Wilmington, Del. Connelly's daughter, Veronida, council is a government agency
he FBI said its agents had was found abandoned in a Balti- ~ rPr 'inmad about 50 $10 bills and its papers are under Co m-
arrested James McCoo, 36, Frank more five-and-10-cent store July just outside the back door leading merce Department control
Cocchlaro, 34, and Vincint W. 27, and his son, Geor;e, wasfound o an alley where a Negro shoe- Weeks said there were many
Kritil, 298, in connection with the about an hour later m a Wilming- shine boy burning trash said the reasons why he could not grant
robbery of a Chase Manhattan ton, Del., chapel. pickup truck, with another man at requests for "indiscriminate ex-
branca bank in Woodaide, Queens, There were no identifying labels the wheel, raced away with the amination and publication of its
April 4. on the clothing of either of t h e bandit, files."
The FB[ said McCoo was picked children. Connelly had disappear-
up aP. this home. The two others ed the day of the bank- robbery
wrra tt on the ostt. The andh is wife and children left their
th ree"h.s a.,-few dollars be- home April 17.
twee-he, Ig F i A Wilm ton dge awarded
Cqchlaro wre-ar-custody of thechiren to ConnelR
a d i b .lao were; rlthg e y 41jter, the wife of a New
York City R AeAmanI
E~l~k.' ,'ma L2Kri. I I..&= I........,, .. ... ,

in.ns'' \Sia^A' -of w uu Ao v uWr mf nA
Sr was released in a lifetime parole
a in 1948.
4.atltter Coechlaro. was identified by the
a i -ff. .e..lre, ~FBI as an admitted bookmaker.
Ce as those a red He worked as a longshoreman and
Vas a tlle at the bank, e s been had a criminal record.
pckd up twice by police for ques- The April 6 bank bold up eli-
tioing about bank. robberies. The maxed a series of bank robberies
first time, he was picked up Jan. in the New York area. The ban-
It in Brooklyn, "on suspicion of dits got the biggest cash haul
casing a bank." He also was ever taken in a bank holdup in
questioned the night of April 6 thi country,
about the Queens holdup. this country.
In both cases, he was released.
Detectives then questionedhim on Wage Boost May
April 6 said he did not resemble
any of the holdup men who kid- Raise Meat P C S
naped the Queens bank's chief Raise Meat Prices
clerk at his home, drove him to
the bank and then held him and CHICAGO. Aug. 11 (UP)-The
the bank staff at bay while scoop. American Meat Institute warn-
ing up th .cash ed today that wage Increases in
Su. the packing industry may lead
The bandits fled In a Cadillac lat. to higher meat prices.
er found abandoned. It was iden- The AMI said if wate boosts
tified as a car that was stolen granted by several packers set a
mear the scene of a bahk holdup pattern for the Industry, the to-
March 7 in which three masked tl cost will come to about 50
bandits ejealped with $24,593 from million dollars a year.
a Forest branch of the Bank This is more than the profit
of Manhattan Co.earned last year by the entire
After the April 6 holdup, Mrs. industry, it said.
Coechiaro was questioned and told "Some packers will recover
____-__ -- g^ ~their increased costs by endeav-
orini to get a better price for
nroducta: others will try to buy
livestock at prices that will viplMi
a profit." the AMI said. "Still
Others will try to increase the
efficienev of their ooeratlons.
S ASome will do all three."
S/ After receiving his anti-polio
a inoculation, a second-grade pupil
at the Slater Road School got into
another line and took a second
Holf ie people don't know shot. He said he wanted to show
how the other half lives but his schoolmates he wasnt' afraid
they've go their suspicions.-e of the needle.


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AnRiBcqn 4;
'Trh Iaauguration of a Nw Service from

S.N. "AUGUST .OLTfN" ........August 14, 1965


$S "George Russ" and S$ "August Bolte


4* ~* -

.;WVrq P-jyj fp-ow the I-a-!-,l"

SSusan Ball' Gallant Fight

'On Sfage Of Life' Eulogized

SHOLLYWOOD, Auq. 11 (UP)- bond. T t qr. tfuU
u z Sm Ball, the IAit4i her 4 at t 1 0 4=6t. Ma
:: dy wiped out in tl* "' r. w her birth
of deati, Tuesday was eulogy r, owr "r. g the srie.
*s having won ad Oscar "an the *s.
te of life" for her courageous Virtually all tU stars fr m
fit It lMap hs. W home studio,
'ad nher wedding own, the Inrnational, turned out for the
beautiful dark. Lird actress went rites, joineq by iJm. lpmparies
to her grove l r ,t.sw Ma. iW pd#ilr
orialP pl y 46 *t 4 ar Aon those atd or nd
.he hoa tn gve i to the .an r t ou Cetu
courage ni her deah last Frl phy. Jne AIlyson, rara
. day. wyE. _rd4]fd ontiba. Ba_.
Dr. Louis H. Evans, the Presby- ra a, WIams Darryl a-
terian mitaiter W mh marri edU- iu Azhqr Lqew and dozens o
Sand alar Diok-Long, conduct- others.
Sd the final rites oqr the actress Org Ist Bert Brtn, who play
iti the tiny ir of the Re- eai a san' weqd4ng to Long in
eessional at the Memorial Park Santa aara, played a medley
in the Wprap of an overflow of numbers she loved. They include.
"se lo I e n"Ten-
"On the stage of lfe,heonder areas from La Boheme
: .nOscar for courage by the helPanl adam Butterfly.
of God," Dr. Evans told the 350i
Spersonsnsid e ch Jon Areb "nd hun- G ai
areas more outside. Danny Arnold we i b
o 3 actids- g w EdrdieKeyes A s r
Ab "-"os ip up f "f Bead oar Ian Pat Fa16
i 8pi or arDW Dr. t ,
bu ? to t g" M o W- h
"Suzan Bellolopntoatus nt
SThe year old actress wass the lessonaof Ei t i
viewed y more than 1,500 pe lio o rsonsp% er Bu.lo two
duri three hours that hera bodyH waf a'v. ap_ Ww sH
t Joined flns of the actress and aeaINSoaTED h arq ,- eve a
drsons who never saw her on the yeigar agoi. Byu w he to ugh
aeen but w eere inspired by hermhat ct was to wear a i like
fh against cancer which first what fit was t wear a u
eet her a le, and finally her a loose garment- Bve CO-
/ t h ley and finally h stricted her soul nor itrag led
Tr "he church waf rba with, s b
were despite u. uis .w. .I.
i.t.floral NO WEBDDING
that sa fam ilral W Ste
I tributes contributions should d be WINSTED, Conn. (VP) -
made in her name to the City of City officials asked deergN ta
Received her final treatment, traditional enlobU, .!M
; Atop the casket was a single they consider not etnij"aR
spray of orchids from her hus-_but a menace to itt mpe ta..


*" r oB"- T ua

*1. ,o,_

-: ;pi,

i- -


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I,,L iI V

KOMi lV $iRVICE FRn g qt
S A e r" ....... ae rtob C. Z., Aug.
8A. ANA QMO- GBITA" ..Due Crfstobal, C. 5Z, Aug.
B.8. "SANTA OLIVIA" ....Sails Cristobal, e. Z., Aug.
B.S. "SANTA ISABEL" ...... Sails Cristobal, C. Z., Aug.
ANTA ADELA" ..... .Due Blboa, C. Z., Aug.
.1A )W pVZ" ...........Due Balboa, O. Z, Sept.

1ANA. ......A

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S- PANAMA: 2-056-0557
: 1901-2159




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Lke That?


*tsN'*''.'a .... i
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: he

Sia -01 Too ur2, 0Vw19awryn W! pWfa;wn
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6i 1"a- *bb i we .' f.o 1'i ithuS pre nt were

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eturning' throu k !a g a r w IB. n y .:akah Urnversity.
Frals and.New .yfk City. thef'rA ., I "
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TwoE aFlU anS a gu &t A s oilsAn W -
Invite FnMit'Te .' a. .h .. ., *. d-a Ce Mr. Clarke arrived a
Two Frneam pOe5;.M ,.Wll W -be' A* ?'1o.,ad' "1_we cved S In law, Mr. and Mrs.
showt to aiat at A i| n.e l a #*)_ I. %1C-.. David. m.who reside OBay
Francias..t e F FSa& -a m s 6 Mrs. J R. tt Jisopital grounds at Coco So-
Panania Cf .'to members oa heB urit'e Of A. r. ".
Inter-American Women's C I u b. Leti ; ME'L ,1.. ta, guest
who are also privileged to brig oMr, C. J. le; a Clarke' painting on
their friends. either mea or woa-' 810.I ut'of Gril; y i h la were
en. .. Mrs. P.Saith Uetof Mrs. J.aeger at .the JWB-USO in Bal-
One film is a presentation on T. tovett: and rs. Velichko, boa, but some new works have
"French u ,tui'1 g*est f J. Lauer. been added.
.or is a traoue *tin y, -. .
places in.rwce, st of the water colors are
The hpr f p.m a..nd the. it.. Geseos fColon streetsor Atlantic
.mm ariu shown to th IA- I ., 4 ,Seaches. The three oils are
WC and MP-threugh the dour- 1a Artraits
ut.syo m. bassador Lionel TI-nia mleBgv ld the1 -"e, ", i
VasM ..,.-... Mirflri z C ion.lUre seeks te .'
p. .-., ..s ,pP of a .Atla .ide fridin a B
Fert KOO 1M WIves f feor? t e de sociall-tob heI d S-wife at -thG
b*y wtite- Mark i* Gym. t orarro% Ge any,
Thfe,~l~ Su officers' Wlh I' bN#.. hirrriomI
Club held'th l r coffee '
,business eetipg ir the month of l- additids to Jee rrean a nd "
August. lae-made abrfe, h.?t, dogl will
Ways aid aidns o raisin meu be sold.
*-.. *- : r a J l M W F d ;' f M l i

C..--- -- --- --

Dance from 9:00 to .1 a.m.
s- 5;30otin 7:.30
I -- m ,** --.-.-.r,- .n'r r .

r .- -* .

' f- '", !,l .-: r:

..-.,-. "

, .* A' "- -

EL. %. -,

ta has. lit.X a trip to. .e
t~tes r iat she attended
the Iadi of te.r son, Ter-
ry, from Trinity College. She al-
s' visited in New England, Virgi-
nia, and New York City.
Dor JSama Fiayr Moves
Mr. and. Mrs; Carlos de- Janon
hive move to their new r e s i-
dunee on Ilth StW et-,u the Paiti-
ill area,
,,,, ' '., /o..I .T

'/^*< %

S"45. M i- *" .- -' a''A V

Captain. atld
feature Iern
phases odf-. Tbprbourhe's ac-
tlvitles on the Isthmus. Teather
Alfled E.:0lorae will act a

The L Boca AlumnUI Gle Club
andMais aIule Headley ar, al-
so scheduled to sing on the po
The program, which begins;.at
8 p.m., will come to an end with
the benediction by Aadeaon
Lemuel B. Shirley. .

m the& e,-at

b adltsa.nd c in beld
upday I pt o'clock In
T '"The' jj flatiu patrade Is
s*atlulet.or _t1- nht of Aug.
0 t te iolTa featuring
to ofl afl r made. by
. tmaers.
e-q ss,-----
Requiem Mass

A requTem makes -wl be held
for the lbte Richard Holmes. at
the Bible Truth Church, on 26th
St. Chorrio at 6 a.m. Saturday.
A Requem. Man. will be sung
for the late Reynold B. Isascs ir
Nuestra Seiora. de Loudres
church in Las Sabaas, tomor-
row morMngt at 7.

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p t
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1.4 .
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" ;: "" "'", fe- A..^.' /
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* __ i&r r W.A ffi

rcy..: _:..- *-- ..-

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".. '..' ". 4 .

moiS "


t AD AT.A5

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I weetrt hoa 13
4So *f July Ave. & J ft
Jlte Aaommu Av. and U L

ass a caueMa.
Csurtl A*kv
-, m

....-. i "' -;V-* 1" "
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good buy for only $950. SMOOT
& HUNNICUTT, S.A., Colon
FOR SAL:-Going crou cou-
try? Now Jersey delivery, nw.
1955 Chevrolet hi-Alr station
wegn, V-8 motor. power glide,
power steering, air conditioning.
radie. white tire. specilly priced
for quick solo. SMOOT f PAR-
EDiS, S.A., Cho. Olds Buick.
FOR SALE:-1950 Comer Pick-
up. good for fithing end hunt-
ing. hoa four time and whoela, no
spore, engine in good shape,
like o clock. Only $10. Seo thi
bargain oat SMOOT & HUNNI-
CUTT, S.A.. Phone Colon 100.
FOR SALE: 1950 Chevrolet
Convertible with power glide.
mndi, heater, excellent condi-
tion. Phone Diablo 2-4130.
FOR SALE:-Spoelel Buy. 1947.
Buick Super Convertible Coupe,
tires fair. good buy for only
$249. Excellent transportation.
See this bargain at SMOOT &
HUNNICUTT, S.A., Phone Co-
lon 800.
FOR SALE:-'50 model Ford. 3-
cylinder. 4-door sedan, 5 w/w
tires. $600. Coal Gombee 6-451.
FOR SALE: Baergin. 1950
Buick Super Coupe In excellent
condition, tiree good, radio, new
mset coven, only $700. SMOOT
& HUNNICUTT, S.A., Colon
, FOR SALE:-1952 Hillman, ex-
cellent condition, reasonable
price. Csel 2-2042 or 3-5381
after 5.
FOR SALE:-1950 Packard 4-
doer sedon, now point Job, tire
good, only oen owner. excellent
buy for only $495. SMOOT r
HUNNICUTT, S.A., Colon 800.

Le dli m aac on D vAo TWO LOW-MILEAGE HIGH-
Riding & Jmpin A e v 1955 Ford V8 Foirlane P Frder
Sto 5 p.m Phe!n d CHICAGO -(UP)- The first two-tone Seaspelto een-whit:
r bape ,basic change in the process o0 ex- Fardamatic, radio w/s/w, turn
tracing sugar from sugar cang in I;hnledam., wieihlseld washer.
more than a century has been an. Only 3500 miles. Dytv peid
bounced by the National Cylinder $20- 1955 Ford V Cul-
BALBOA SERVICE Gas Co. tln. oFerdur two-tone aqua-
The new process Is described as te blua-whita Fardomatic uP-
CENTERc uousdiffusion in which the die, turn indicators. windshield
.cane is cu' up into chi about t he washer. 5900 miles. Dutye paid
BEAUTY SHOP ize of a half dollar. Ts $2375. Cll Panama 3-37-29
S P EC I A L put into the bottom of a cylinder .2,.. C" Pn.m
,COLD WAVE after they have been suspended in er 5:30 -.m.
aULD WATV a portion of extracted juice. llAklT fl
A rotating spiral device forces W IANTED
$7.50 the cane pieces toward the top,
Where hot water enters and dis- Automobiles
Monday Thru Thursday solves the sugar in the cane. As
For appointment the water moves down, it becomes WANTED TO BUY
Balboa 2-2959 more concentrated with sugar. all late modal eutomeblies:
SFor U.. personnel The syrup is drawn off from the CHIVROLETS, FORDS. PLY-
.nd their families only. bottom of the cylinder and pro- MOUTHS. PONTIACS.
anu ceased in sugar refineries. OLDSMOBILES.
The new process differs from the
Ae A C t current method in that sugar juice WE PAY CASH ON THE SPOT.
Service Station now is extracted from the cane by
crushing the ane through a series Autos Elsenmean
Credit Plan VIt I al of rollers under high pressure. (esiade Coca-Cola Plant)
TULSA, Okla. -(UP)-Some 18,- National Cylinder said that with Phonme: 2-2616 2-4946
000,000 American drivers do not the new process, an equal amount P a n a m a
pay cash when they stop at service of cane can be processed more ef-
stations across the nation. ficiently, in a fraction of the floor -
Instead, they use credit cards space and using a quarter of the Lost Treasure
which provide convenient service power, than with the present SCHENECTADY, N. Y. -(UP)
for the buyer and more than three method. It i estimated the no-It seems that sometime before
billion dollars worth of business nation will cut production costs by t seems tha sometime bchene
annually for station owners. moetanal_____ htady man had a disposal problem.
The credit card idea, which be- He had a v ron safe h
gan in the 1920's when leading oil FIRST OVERHAUL wanted t o be rid of, and his
companies started allowing travel- EPHRATA, Wash. -(UP)- The tion was to cut a hole in his floor
ng salesmen to charge purchases,. huge generators in the Grand Cou-, and lower the safe out of sight.
has advanced rapidly in the past lee Dam power plant, the world's There it remained forgotten-
five years, growing into an ex- u .
but yet productive, part greatest power plant; are being'huntil workmen demolishnlg the
p oil and auto productsi.n overhauledwfor the first time since house uncovered it recently. The
th oil and auto produce the giant dam was completed in workmen watched with bated
Catryd .my b onl '11941. Power Supervisor A.L. Darla breath-along, with neighbors and
yingCards may be used not only for said it will take. about six years to property owners-while its doors
bumy asotme and oil, but fde atoverhaul all of the 18 108,000- were forced open with a crow bar.
many oter prowuctu on sae at1kilowatt generators in the dam's But the safe yielded nothing in
station. One irm allows credit on two powerhouses. treasure or relics of the past
motorists with yards to keep up. I
The cards are good at all sta-
"am )eaped from large oill I
copaie bFman oTechng

I m Ucshatt Full of ae
Was sn ailmp su .
Srdal ChriNaY e.t rd
S m N1.1 Named taprlntd
Al lso 25 bso-utl box Mtleoil
a Write air
Cyhoes Cared C.. Z5s Wres eMS
J Patfefu, N.Y.


2. 2787


- -RNG


Tires & Tubes
No. 31
Automobile Row
Tel. 3-464



Guarateed 12 Months
Ist Line
100 Level


Black White Wall Sate


lack White Wall -

600x15 15.50 18.50 670x15 18.95
670x15 15.95 18.95 710x15 19.95
710x15 16.96 19.95 760x15 21.95
760x15 18.96 22.95 800x15 23.95
800x15 23.96 25.95 820x15 27.45
820x15 24.96 26.95


With Old Tires No Mounting Charge

Credit If


FOR SALE: -- Mohegsy dining
roam furniture, bland. Phone
3-5032 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
FOR SALE.-G4 steov end re-
frigerator, very goad condition.
Celt -2134 for infer.
FOR SALE.--G.E. roaster $18,
solid maple tear table $15.
1521-D Gavilon Road. 2-4331.
FOR SALE:-Ixcellent refriger-
etor Frigidlire, 25.cycle. and
furniture. Poreis Market No. 4.
FOR'SALE:- MahoIgny dinalg
room table end four chain $55,
mahogany boekcae $15. House
1521-C GOvllan Rad.
FOR SALE-9-cu. ft. Westing-
how refrigerator. 25 cycle.
glodlfndition, $60. House 169
Gamine., C.Z. Phone 6-430.
FOR SALE:-Fine bedroom set.
made by Cowes. Jsto Aroenia-
na Avenue, No. 66 or 34-52,
new number.
FOR SALI-Washing machine,
Easy Slaidrier. like new, $175.
Cell Las Cumbres 2028 after 5

Radio Programs

Your Commgunity Station
(TtelpIbme: 3-*36)
Whm 1 eM.M People Mee

: I I' '



; '

*t a

Today, Thursday, Aug. 11
3:30-Music For Thursday
4:00-Feature Review
4:30-What'4 Your Favorite (re-
quests-pleae phone be-
for 3:00)
5:35--What's Your Fa Torite
8:00--French In The Air (RD'F)
6:30-Interlude For Rhythm
6:45,r-10It Yourself
7:15-Freddy Martin Show
7:30-Report From The U.S.A.
grams V.O.)
8:30-Take It From Here (BBC)
9:00-You Asked For It (re-
quests-please phone be-
fore 7:30)
10: 30-Music From Hotel El Pan-
10:45-Temple Of Dream.
11:00-Music To Dream By
12:00--6g1 Off
Te1msw, Friay, Aug. 1A
A.M. I
6:00 Siag On The Alarm
Clock Club (requests--
please phone before 7:00)
7:30-Morning Salon Concert
8:15-Church In The Wildwood
8:30-Musical Reveille
9:15-Sacred Heart
9:30-As I See It
(Cutex and Odorono)
10:15-Off The Record (request
please phone before 8:30)
ll:0-moff The Record (cont'd)
11:30-Meet The Bntertaithrs
12:05-Lunchtime Melodies
12:30-Sweet And Hot
1:15-Music Of Manhattan
1:30-Sons Of The Pioneers
1:45-Songs Of France (RDF)
2:00-Date In Hollywood
2:15-Singing Americans
2:30-Tex Beneke Show
2:45-Hank Snow And Hi
Rainbow Ranch Boys
3:00-Festival Of Waltzes
3:15r-Sammy Kaye Show
3:30-Music For Friday
4:00-Feature Review
4:30-What's Your Favorite (re
S uests-please phone be
i ore 3:O0)
:00--Guest Star (USTD)
6:30.-Melmahrno Musicale
6:45-Perry Como Show 7:00-NESCAFE ORGAN MEL
7:15-Freddy Martin Show
7:30-Report From The U.S.1
i grana V.O.)
58: 30-'-oetors' Corner
9:00---You Asked For It (re
Spleasfe phone be
10:30-Musoic R A-
1l:0o0.M3ud TfrPmW By
12:0O- AUhlft
I i ~. u

I n.0o-atn ..

wb w.i- lT


FOR RINTL-oHew ebll. Ari
bedrooms, living ime, dining
room. bst, helmfm. ge "C.o
del Mir, Cbrna of 7k Arom.u
and Poem Cleimmenteue, $125
monrtbf. Plune 3-3005.
FOR RENTi Thr-b-dremm
house. Owl Hght, haIMt water
thrnullmt., tw baths, maid's
quarten, Ipeciou M ceased
grounds. Phone Blls 2870
foter S10 p.Mn.

Help Wanted

WANTED: EnglJh oapeking
maid. Cooking, houiawork, core
of children. Seep in. Cell Kob-
be 3130 after 5 p,3m
WANTED: -- Mold, for general
heusewrk. 3 r In g rofronces.
6446 porvaenza, Leo Rios.

One Of The Boys
CHICAGO -(UP)- Researchers
are not always cloistered in ivy
towers according to Dr. Warren
C. Lathrop. Frequently they are in
constant touch with sales and pro-
withdrawn, Lathrop said.
Lathrop. vice president of Arthur
D. Little, Inc., discussed common
errors in dealings with research
personnel at the annual meeting of
the American Institute, of Chem-
If the researcher fhels that he is
considered a dull bookworm with a
conceited opinion of-his own in-
fallibility, e is likely-to remain
withdrawn, Lathrop said.

But if he is treated like one of
the boys, he will be more valuable
to his firm. _-.


ATTW IOt, 61.1 Jp b..
SbgtdMlle bet, old we,
,ug haP m n 3-4941.
Modemrhtmished or urfumlibed
oportnqeN. ProfeesiNel office
and ilr' unditfeanhg eveoleloe.
Alhambra Office., 10th Strnet,
Phone 13 6, Colon.
FOR R NT:-- Furnished opart-
ment, centraliv located, cool.
only to carried couple. Phone
FOR RINT'-Apartment 3 bed-
roam and 2 bathrooms. living
and dining room cembinotion,
lergo kiltc e, meae's room with
fervico. Camp. Alegre, Phone
after 6 p.m. 3-4242.

FOR RENT:-Unfumished apart-
ment ot "El Cangrele," F Street.
"San Jes6" Building. Phone 2-
8004. 3-2627.
-FOR RUNT--Apartment, unfur-
nished, 2 bedrooms. bote, por-
lor-dining rmom. kitchen, hbet
water, lirt flar; eNmad's mom
and'geroga, 41st Street No. 37.
Information:- Camilo A. Perros,
43rd Street N. 44, Belle Vista.
FOR RENT:-2 apartment, Sial-
la YVte, 45th Street No. 2-73.
Phone 5-1758.
FOR RENT: Apartment. Buy
furnishing, get possession. W. C.
Stairwell, 14 Miller Apts., Tiv-
oli Avenue.

FOR RENT:-Officos second floor
First Ntional City Bank Build-
ing. For particulars apply to
Bank in prnon or address Aper-
todo 555 Panane, R.P.

O SOLE MIO-New York shoemaker Gino Prato (left) salgns
a contract with a large industrial firm for "more than $10,000"
a year to be a goodwill ambassador to th.q. ntIon's shoe In-
dusry. The reason: shoemaker Ptato has won attention on
the TV quiz show, "'64,000 QutleMon."

Attending Operas, Listening;

Reading Pays Off For Cobbler

Gino Prato, a5.
ing operas who
seven yeats old a
most of his spa:
the years eithi
them or reading
It was by an
twisting question
that he began
the $64,000 jack
He was chosen to
gram as the re
his soprano dau
the producers.
On his first a
to won S8000 by
trying. Manrico
Luna-ind Leone
specttly, d t
SOn July 26,
winnings by idea
who ffilshed Pu
era th name o
the die a l

Aug. It (UP)- try In which he conducted: the,
started attend- city in which the opera had itsI
n be was only premiere and the holidayy event
ind he has spent on which it took place.
re time through
er listening to Prato replied that the opera
about them. was "Aida," the country, prosZ-
iswering brain- i. The opera's premiere was in
ns about oDera Cairo, Egypt, on a Christmas
rolling toward Eve.
pot on July 19 Then he turned and whis-
a be on the pro- perefl to master of ceremony
suit of a letter Hal March that the exact Ofte
ughter wrote to was Dec. 24, 1 S71.
Prato went home sfglna He
appearance. Pra- spent the week humming operas
v correctly Iden- while mending shoe& at his lit-
. the Count' di tle shop and. boning up at home.
)ra as the tenor. Monday, be announced,he had
prano roles, re- hit a few side "Jackpots." He
ie opera II Tro- was given a job paying more
than 10000 a year as a yearasart.
he doubled his time. goodwill ambnuddtf-fr05
notifying the man a shoe manfactuaW to-tW-.raW
ccinui's last op- tion's cobblers. A travel nt
if the opera and gave him ,wo round-trip. .e.ts
ace where it was to Italy
. The answers Opera gu 2l .,u.
Ufano. '"Turan- for Itwo w aq lnlh .WV
126, and La Sea- c9nr,
ek, Prato cre. AS
eed a brief, it- his y
4 in 30 Mconds at.3S "-
following ques- sa: f lb
Verdi opera that err t-A




mCderarn t. Pahn e isbea,
$- a) ---- -- -7

..atmpow. Bomlsmi o2.
*r. t ,ri~t-e. ime

put Cete. Low .rtea. Pamem
2-1515 or 8-2015.
Baldwn's fmised eapltmen
on bokn at Santa Clas Tale.
phone Smith, Ik bee 3681.
PHILUPS Otamolde Cetage,
Sae- Clara. ox 485, Balboa.
Phone Ptmam 1-1177. Crmeo-
bel 3-1673.

* ;-~4~>* &

W**td to6

WANTM TO UYvi- jarsl.
*55 CYer P

Real Estme
WR1 UL: f 'm Ma-ma eal"
192& Jtwel H I prM
Caed"Ie Plae. a... fet-
phone 2.2157.
FOR SALE:- Apartment bilM.
iug "San Jw," Il9 A be) No. '
2192, Centrl Hihway. Apply
Apt!. 1
hoem ani 800 m-eas, nmr n ew
Race TWak, for $2500. only
$S00 dan. peMywnt. PATTER-
SON, Avenue "A" 16. 2.2346.

.Panama Line Sailings
.-o, -0-1

A number of Canal Zone sephine Spicdato; Dr. and Mrs.,
school teachers, returning from Leonard Spinner; Miss Wanda
summer vacations in the States, Sypnlewaki;
are among the 105 passengers Mrs. Eva M. Talboy; Mr. and
scheduled to nail from New York, Mrs. Howard T. Tettenburn;
today aboard the AncOn of the Mrs. Marguerite Tribe and i
Panama Line for Cristobal. children; Mr. and Mrs. Allen B.
Also included among the pas- Ward and children: Mr. and
sengers are Edward M. Browder, Mrs. Harry' E. Wentaler and
Jr., assistant director of the tn- daughter; Mr. "W. M. Whitman
gineering and Construction Bu- and -son; Mr. and Mrs. Frederick
reau and George C. Dunlap, c. illoughby; Mrs. LUllie W.
chief of the Power Branch of the Wood and son; r, and Mrs.
Electrical Division, who are re* Fred Yaeger.
turning from vacation accom-
Only two passengers are book-

The complete advance passen-
ger list for Cristobal follows:
Miss Jeanne Arnowich; Mr. and
Mrs. Charles E. Belden and son; TODAY! .30
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Benton
and two children; Mr. and Mrs. 3:05 :00 7:0M 9:0 p.m.
Harry Boyajian; Miss Margaret
Brenneman C.; Mr. and Mrs. Ed- THE BODY
ward M. Browder and son; Mr.
and Mrs. Olenn H. Burdick and BrAUTIFUL 'MUSICAL
3 children;
krs, Wary *CgIrt' and 3 chl- O Y!
drdna: Mr. and M inAArd E. ITr SOTY OUNM IDGWAS

P. and Mrsa. fMr,
:nd Mrs. Ed Mr.
nd Mrs. Ralh ; sEu-
nice Del Vats br. o M. H.
W. Dempsey sand
Jane Donath: Dow-
ney; Mr. and M. Ar Dube
and 2 children" Mr. afdlMrs.
George C. Dunlbp and 2 1il-
dren; Dr. and Mrs. E. W. Eu-
phrat; Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Fears and .- childreAn Mr. and
Mrk.' Loui t FontaIne and 2
Wllidren; Mrs. Mithle Fornetty
and Mr. and Mrbi. 41dy Q. Gal-
ley and son. -
.Mr. Roger Hackett,- Mr. and,
Mrn. Stanley Hamilton and 21
children: Raymond M. Hararl;
Joseph Harar; i'F. -and MT..
Robert 0. Hayae_ ad daughter;
Mtr and Mrs. Wilam C. Hearon
sad son; Mr. and Mrs. Frederick
Hensley; and 3 children; Miss
Borghild E. Hermo; Miss Jo isJ.
Huether; Miss Josephine M.
Huether; Mr. and Mrs. Lester
,Hummel and son; Charles J.





Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Idol
nd 2 children; Mr.., and Mrs.
Falter jab(ena Mr *d Mrs.
Donald R. R. lus 4 two ehli-
Ilen; Mr. afd Mrs.j-verett H.
Kimmel; Mr. and MrA. Joseph I.
Kincaid and 2 children M. La-
a Mr.ajAbd Mri e F.
a; -Dr. s4y /T.
or M. 1la] d
; Ms; Fran aw;
Er. and Mrs. Fred id 2
Alfretf 11 ,nax;
Mr. pd Mr. wLH Mun
aid son; Lewis W. fe, Mr.
and Mrs. Charles H. Parton and
ion; Mrs. Barbara Pitman; Mr.
and Mrs. James C. Reid: Mr.
and Mrs. Floy8 A. Robinson nd
I cbUdren;a Mr, nd Mr. HLow-
arth V. Rose and daughter;
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Saarinen
and daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Har-
old V. Sander and 2 children;
Mrs. Wdlth F. Scheldilr; Mr. and
Mrs. Lolls T. Bchuberg; Mr. and
Mrs. Warren G. Schultz and
daughter; John J. Sheehy; Mr.
and Mrs. Joseph A. Simon and
3 children; Mr. Rojert B. lateth-
urat; Mr. and Mr. Hugh B.
Smith and 2 childrWe; Robert W.
Smith; Mr. and Mrs. Morris
Mouse; Mr. and Mrs. William
Upencer and 3 children; Miss Jo-

NY thruway Gets
Plenty Of Signs
ALBANY, N. Y. -(UP)- By
summer's end New York State's
Tfiruway will e dotted with some
Snips dIrethe travellers to
16.a of. ,
areas off thae aVreant.

lover I





,uu mmme

Today Enc.nato .25 .15
WAHOO! $111.6
Gilbert Rold. n, in
Rteurde M talbn, in
".- ANam r n

Moo-g*-," -

S.W *:



' -


. *

q. 't4






mi _-_

1 : -

- I



__ __








_ _I


smN#&vg % W Sfs T350 w vv.W Fl

I .-



sKlQit'- -1'"' -' "
o.. % : / ..
TOT-'* ," ;:i --W-:^
.. +rP" _
* *9 .- ^ ^ j -

anwim~t- ';*

; :- ..",;p m.

^;.w --.

1.48 4:'4 ;ji|- 5 :.0 ;g p.m. i
'urn' 9 HB OMuBr orP *sl I

SD, in

* _. 4" .,,.i -




. .* .-.- ; i .

'. ," : .'" a -"

NOfl FOR sax OuMBo

3E .r Wadi Ma s. I C;. Mac Murray, of A
. Panama and Mr. Jorge E Correa, Margaret Janm Merrick says her
Sof Paam Cy. PennsylvaUa mother, her three
b S. Wal lat No. 2 s sisters and her grandmother who
AAisAuu-..Bary,_Wl w *I'. lived on a tan were all good
hold-0 5.. l.tCK Te-rn. uMA gif.lUfefl .cooks. She is now using whatthey
it 10:90 a.m In thae Ma w Tem*- taught her to. help her husband,
el 9a1ina g on Band Bolivar -- H. J. (Skip Merriek, Jr., man-
v. heaM ld Woa m Dbef Jeans And age the tately in at Coopers. I
Anyone ,wisain information Bero uda Shorts? town, N. Y., Just a little west of
may contt any o te flowthe Masschuset border
r.esnbert: Mrs. Jenny Redo Evi 'since women took to wear- After gaduating frm college in.
Tet.,271; ra Frances GWey'- lacks, eans, and pedal push.sOio, with a dgree in home
Tel. 1592 or Mrs. Bertha Brown ermen b been mang fun of economics, she Planned to teach'
Te. 1812, Margarita. the going-away view of wBmen in .thefal. But first she decided,
--- Ipnt to work during the summer at an
-an"monte Guests I in',. Young Merrick worked there.:
Recent visitors at Hotel Pans-i Now that men are venturing out too. He carried her bag into the
monte, in Boquete, included Mr. on city streets in Bermuda shorts house and said to himself, "There'
Ella Soley, of San Jose, Costas RI-and in some instances wearing the girl for me."
ca: Miss Evelyn P. Hayes, of Bal- them as work uniforms, the men "So I married the inn business
boa; Miss Jean Boitam. of Bal- can't object if we women are and have been in it ever since-25;
boa; Miss Bettie Jean Vierra, of frank about how men look in years," she paused long enough
Balboa; Mist Mary J. Tann, of'shorts. 'to say. "It's actually 50 years be-[
Bal ua; Miss Myrthe P. Shelle a. duse I can't remember a day I I
of" Balboa; Mr. and Mrs. H. P.I To begin with. not more than haven't done two days' work in|
Baumy and their daughter, of Bal- one man in a thousand has one."
boa; Mr. and Mrs. Brandon El- ]ces that aren't better covered by| The Cooper Inn is a remodeled
semana and their son, Nicy El- long pants. 143-year-o!d mansion, rich in an-
semann, of Panama City; Mr.: ihe rest are knobby-kneed bow- tiques, paintings, rare woodwork
legged, knock-kneed or skinny. and exquisitely arranged flowers
Sshaned. |from the gardens. The National
SIII And for some reason, quite a-Baseball Museum and Hall of
lln II / IIhi few of the men who have taken a I Fame Is nearby. The Farmers Mu-
fancy to Bermuda shorts are big' seum with the Cardiff Giant is just
t es around the waistline and skinny of. down the road. The lovely old town,
leg. This fault isn't obvious in a representing the history of Ameri-
J business suit but makes a man can culture, lis in tme Mohawk
I look like a cartoon character when: When Mrs. Merrick and her hus-
men lmace fei t mlDsso "i tiM he struts around in Bermuda band first took over the Cooper
-bi asd da i o- i shorts and knee-length socks. ,Inn, she was hostess and house-
S es iJ u_ I As far as we women are con- keeper. "Now I'm all over the
biy $ieh._ ff coerned, when a man cuts off his I tttttt," he sa n acing, "In the sum
3 aeStgiS tee- pants above the knee be loses a, mer we manage the Otetaga, too
great deal of the force of his mas- -that large while-columned hotel
Fort Clay Wives culinity. !right on the edge of the lake."
To Held Coffee The only way we can ex-.; Cooper Inn Ham Gumbo
The Fort Clayton Officer a' plain that to men is to re- Soup (Makes 3 quarts)
Wives' Club wilk hold their regu- mind them of how much less femi-i
lar business n meeting and coffeeine a woman looks n blue jeans One cup diced carrot, 1 cup
next Wednesday, at 9:30 a.m. in than she does n a full-skrted diced onion, % green pepper, 1
the Fort Olayton Officers' Club. dress. pound dried pea beans (soaked
Thoqe who have not. been con- !overnight), 1 ham bone, 2 cups
tacted to date, are requested to She's the same woman in blue tomato juice 1 teaspoon monoso-
call Mrs. K. G. Kinsel, phone jeans-but she doesn't' look the diurm glutamate, pepper and salt
7-4U1) prior to noon on Tuesday.. same to a man. tot aste.
at. -, '****-. u st-.soth man who trades his Combine m bone, onion and
J .I *sa l Z b hews M quarts. *ate m-
avat WM '. CI siEda ibr dsn't lon t o se mer 2 hob. Cut meat i ae
TllosW PmaN e .A ame. to a wpman. In small leces. Strdte'.feck
Th* iit.3. th e Aval If the vogue for Bermuda shortsI through coTnder. Add: carrots,!
Of.t c1ub wil be, held increases we women may have to greeu' pder and tomato juice.,
at HotwtAjanpmaat 12:30 p.m. make a deal with the men. Sinmsier 0or % hour. Add ham
next Ctt. speaket will We may have to say to them: and? seasoning. I
be Mr. ilip -l aaide, whb has If you'll burn those Bermuda .
a very interesting topic. Also on shorts I'll throw my jeans on the'
the agenda will-be presentation of same bonfire. PLOWSHARES DEPARTMENT
new candidates for ne w officers,
of the club which are to be elect- At last we understand what the CHAMBERLAIN, S.D. (UP)-
ed to office in September. men have been talking about when I rt Priebe, retired farmer, has
Thes luncheon will be under the they described with shudders of turned a 50-year-old threshing
diebtion. of the culb, president, disgust the way "women look in machine into a violin. Priebe'
MrN W. B. Tucker. slacks. Because we are feeling the bought the old thresher many
D h new and old'members will same repulsion when-we see men years ag.for its flne maple wood.
attied thIs coming luncheon at El baring their knobby knees on city He tO dome of the wood to make
Panama. streets. the fiddle.
.L a I|" a

Th41fo. 1


spot!'. .

for those who prefer the beat -

every FRIDAY and SATURDAY in the "CLUB 4:30"
the new meeting place of the late crowd
from midnite to 4:30 a.m. Balboa Bar
Nighetcp en.the-huse at 4:30 a.m.

from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Compltmentary cocktail, delicious menu. Azcarraga
at the o pan and "Sric the Great" to entertain
all for $2.251
i < open NIGHTLY from 8 p.m.
poker roulette crap tables
21 (blackjack) chuck-a-look
slot machines of various denomination.

ROUND-The QLOCK SERYICE in our air conditioned

* A

a'-t, .- .
*1; '
.4 :+..:-* J, -
M^ '-*- *M"
. .

~" t ik

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Strained Meats for babies are now available-the first
available in convenient glassjars!
Each appetizing variety is RiC in nutrition-protein,
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anrs and leg., strong nerves and muscles. They increase
vitality ... help children grow more rapidly. Meat-fed
babies were shown in recent studies to sleep more soundly
and relax more readily than babies not receiving meat.
Of course, the jars let you see what you're
7 buying. You can heat baby's meal right in
*them ... serve him from the jar, too. And
they're easy to store. Yes,.. Heinz Strained
Mait are firs: in quality ... in CONVENENc. Ask for
them today!



- ^-t- t .- '

, '* ..
..i ':I I ii '4 i -


wood and Grapqvine: It's definite
that Hollywood's first movie about
dope addiction, "The Man With
the Golden Army," will be filmed
"with or withoutt a censorship seal
of approval." Producer director
Otto Preminger, who braved in-
dustry blasts once Ibefore with
"The Moon Is Blue," argues thai
the Taboo dope theme qaready has
been taken out of the too-hot-to-
handle department by television.
"If TV can use it as a theme,
taking it to homes without warn-
ing, so can Hollywood," says
Progress note: Eddie Fisher still
hasn't picked up the wedding band
that matches the engagement ring
he gave Debbie Reynolds. It's in
an envelope marked "Will Call" in
the safe of a New York jeweler.
It's no secret that Judy Garland's
remake of "A Star Is Born" failed
to click as expected at the box
office. An interesting now-it-can-be-
told angle. Before the picture was
filmed a Hollywoodsman with a
sharp story mind advised Judy on
a reverse angle story switch.
Judy, he suggested, sho-, play
the role created by .',edric
March, with a male co-star in the
Janet Gaynor part. Judy said "No"
to the exciting idea, the merits of
which are still being debated in
Hollywood living rooms.
Clark Gable still in the auto-
mobile hot rod set with a super-
charger on his car. From a
standing start he can hit 60 miles
per hour in six seconds.
Michael Rennie and his Maggie,
parted these many months, are
still hopeful of reconciliation-the
big reason why Maggie hasn't, ap-
plied for a British divorce. They
remain close friend via letters
and the transatlantic telephone.
and Rennie may hop to London
to see his young son when te com-
pletes his role in "The Rains of
Ranchipur." ,
Alfred WiMheeek u tp..e
for Warner' Bres., "te Wrong
Man," will seem fallar to TV
fans who saw the dramatization
the Christopher E. Balestrero ease
on the Robert Montgooery show a
couple of years back. It's the same
true life story of a Jas musician
who Is wrongly accused of murder.
This Is Hollywood, Mrs. Jones:
Seven years happily married Rory
Calhoun and Lita Baron landed in
their first movie together. It's U-I's
"Red Sundown" in which Rory
jilted Lita for Martha Hyerl
The Witnet: It's Kitty Kallen's
capsule description of a certain
Hollywood director: "He's always
ready to extend a helping fist."
The joint's jumpin', kids, and
the roof's bflcklln'.
Universal-International studio
will never be the same. It's those
jam sessions, man, between scenes
of "The Benny Goodman Story."
Out of this world stuff from Harry
James Ben Pollack, Gene Krupa
and Lionel Hampton, who are in
the cast, and from Benny himself.
who dishes up the hot clarinet for
Steve Allen's king of swing per-
. It's gone, gone, gone musical ad
libbing. Donna Reed thought she
was hep until she started work in
the film but now she's flipping.
"I found out I vas a square,"
she told me. "Honest, they play
things that will never be heard in
the plicture-or anywhere else."
It's a January trp to Africa next
for Donna Reed in a movie to be
produced by hubby Tony Owen. An
adventure tale with Mau-Mau vil-
lains. "But," she laughed, "they
can't possibly be as crazy as
Ear Witness: It's oil. oil, oil on
1900 acres of land Virginia Grey
leased a few months ago in Wyo-

P- .
.-0--' ., .

The Sands Hotel slot machines, Marisa 'aPn nisedt tmiu*'
pay off on the director's cue for vacation to be around wa '
Scenes in "Viva Las Vegas." The Pier AngeU keeps her rtoiA iU
reason, no doubt, for the "Viva.";son. T'; T
tl '1 :
.1 ..__.._.__--_. **^,..

Biggest Skew ef


With this new clip-en godget
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'4* ~ -~

t,.- "* [ ,,:
F I:1


,"' I "


' In Cinemascopel
.. M can wl..

S 1 1i n =S


-I rl *


~- T -/ .

l "



- '-*4 '~ o

CLICKS WITH CLOCK-Determined to get something new in the way of a picture
story, photographer Norman Ash decided on a close-up of hands on London's famous
clock, Big Ben. Here Norman is perched on the scaffolding of St. Stephen's tower.

SNOWMAN AT THE BEACH?-Yes, even though the heat
soared into the 90s in Chicago, Joan Ross and Donna Kline
are having a friendly snowball fight. Snowman and snow,
balls are actually Christmas decorations which a Chicago
manufacturer is testing against heat during summer storage.

THESE FOLKS ARE DANCERS-The Duke of Sparta, 15 (left), and his sister, 16-year-
old Princess Sophia, children of King Paul and Queen Frederika of Greece, join in a
folk dance with natives of Metsovo during short vacation with their.parents in Epirus.

4 ...
....~1 ?

FRAMED-A fisherman's net makes a cool frame for
lovely Fiorella Colatei, refugee from Rome's summer
heat as she enjoys a seaside sojourn at resort in Sicily.

VENEZUELA CELEBRATES FREEDOM DATE-Military observers from 13 nations are among the.thousands of specta-
tors attending Venezuela's Independence week. the 145th anniversary of her independence from Spain. Here the
patron saint of Independence Week is proclaimed at a high mass that is attended by thousands in Olympic stadium.

OVER THE RHINE-An F-86D Sabre flies low over Land-
stuhl, Germany, a vast pine forest spanned by autobahn
on ancient invasion route between France and Germany.

BEVERLY JOHNSON, an aquamaid at Cypress Gardens, Fla.. is a gal who believes
in following her impulses. Out water skiing, she ran into her friend, Simone
Khoury, and decided to hitch a ride. She kicked off her own skis and jumped on
Khoury's shoulders, What's more, Beverly didn't even get splashed during her mad
leap-probably because he just happens to be the water ski champion of Lebanon.
.., -~- ^--

.~ -C







4 74
AIOS0s3 9762

;ovtu (D

North-South vul. i

t. P Pass,
#, Pi Pass Pass
Opening ladq-_ A

It's rather hard to stay out of
l*I dimnjpwl with today's bond.
Water Wet's p re-emptive overeaal
pf two hearts, North can hardly
pSa with such tremendous dia-.
4i.l siatreqgth. (Some experts
wpuni ppas, however, expecting to
get another chance to bid later on.)
When North does stretch to three
is0monds, but4 i naturally afft o1
the races.
At any rate, the hand was bid to
six diamonds with great speed and
decision in a rubber bridge game
at New York's famous MaNLair
Bridge Club. The play needed more
thought than the bidding, but all
ended well since declared was Elih
Jay, well known New York expert.I
West opened the ace of hearts,'
dropping Jaye's king, a4pd then
shizfed l a trump. I was pow tup
I outh to find a way to get rid
the losing spade. After some!
togt, declarer decided to play
Set for'length and strength in
Sbla suits. This seemed fair-
l yImy, sinee West's bidding indi-
ato4 log heart suit with very
titlee if any ~Me strength.
In effot, therefore, Jaye con.
strueteda ~ eptal picture that
ve:-y closely resembled the actual
$ast-Wet lands; This was an im-
portanttI p step, but there was
still a pblem.
Declar.r Wni the second trick
with one PL dummy's trumps,
rufted a ert,; led a trump to
dummy. ruffed dummy's last
earth, cashed the top clubs,
rifed clu l dummy, ad then
led both -of" dnmy's rmamiaing
trumps.. Tbhil brought everybody
oov n to Tbr card.
UnfortUptev 'for .ast, he held
three O pro ti .Ileen of
c lu b s ..
and a nd h b.,iEa"st. If East
Oiscardld a cb.y, aye's club would
be good. If Emit, ihsteqd, discatrled
a spade, South would keep the'
t! ree spadet and take the lass
three tricks with the ace, king1
and Jack of spades.


Bufl0ghl To Make
Its Debut In US'
*A N ANCISCO, Aug. 11 -
(Up)-Bulilfghtlng -the PorLu-
guese variety- Mnaes itA debuii
h% the United States tonight.
A show billed as a "Tourada"!
opens a six-day stand at the
mammoth Cow Palace. If suc-
cssful, tile show will move to
Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago.
New York, Japan and the Philip-
Tlhe Ihoi, staged by promoter
Jes Cortes of Manila, is billed
as a "spectacular, thrilling.
bloodless Portuguese bullfight
with thrills, danger, pageantry.
beauty, hilarious comedy, minus
It features Manolo Navarro.
29-year-old Spanish bullfighter
who came. here directly f r a m
Madrid; Juanita Apariclo. 13-
vear-old Mexican torera, and In-
to Apache, a celebrated bull-
ight clown from Lisbon. The
fightiv 4 ills have been Import-
ed from Mexico.
The difference between the
turad ad the regulation bull-
ht that-takes place in Spain.
xico anld South America is
hat the bull will not be killed
e hores will be fully protect-
04 from Injury.
lrtea said this should meant
a better bullfight since "the
bull aIsn't weakened from loss of
However, bullfighter Navarro
seemed somewhat skeptical of
the whole business.
"ThI hpa nothing to do with
bullfightlr.g," he said scornful-
ly. "My business Is to kill bulls.
At the Cow Palace, I'm iust go-
ing out and play with them
"Just the same, it will be in-
teresting to see what the reac-
tion of the American people will

I- *-- ---e.- Answer t Prtei ialt
7.7 7]

I Hber nting
5 Wild hog
I Canin pnimal
1t Ita41n river
13 Diminutive
14 Night before
an event
16 Location
17 Number
18 Boy's name
p Chaiees
1 Jndefnite
3 Male child
24 Poem
07 Reduce sail
So Ointment
323 Eit
34 Newspaper
36 Ran together
48 Vend
4t Stitch
4 Landed
46 Tales
40 Australian
wild dog
5i Standard
54 Paving
57 Astringent
5 Unbleached
56 Measure of
0 Winter
41 Watches

t DSany warmth
2 Indian
3 Opposed
SWager lA
6 Indolent
8 Hires
a rles 25 sgpmove
o0 kisg aultnserq.
chamber 28 Untamed
II Clan 30 Was borne
Is Riding 31 Depicted
30 Architectural 38 Losfer e
Style a3 Ridicule
3 RequIre1 40 Gambling I
14 Mliperal rocks 4 Dents

48 Ireand
11 Bood
hall 52 Burdem
to Haul





io -,
'Automatic Defroestlng 1955, 9.4 Cu. Ft. Coldspet


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fects in materials and. workmanship. In case of such defects, we'll repair polisher
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Grease-packed precision ball bearings on BOTH motor and brush; no lubrica-
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UL APPROVED. Powerful 110.120-volt, 25 to 60-cycle AC or DC ball-bearing
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attachments. .


-0 vi

I ----- -- :-- ------ -- ii-

-- -- --- -- ------



I 1.:
t.iA:- '~.


IA-lw "'''*-?;




-- -

U, j
- .q,9

-' '. l IU

i ,^


ICH MAN-They straighten from crouching positions and
up when Mickey Mantle swings for the Yankees and distant,
t&. The catches is Jim Hegan of the Indians, the tmpLre
John Steveps0 .

Jensen Warns American Loop

Contenders Bosox Won't Fold
0 -

NEW YORK, Aug. 11-(UP)- adplhia veteran drove in run
The right-fielder ror Boston has number one-thousand of his ca-
Sa warning to other clubs in the- reer Tuesday night against
tight American League pennant pittsburgh. This puts Ennis lb a
rae. salt circle which includes Stan
e. slcra'l and Ted Williams.
Jackie Jensen says--"The Red I
SBS wont fold--certainly not Lking back over the years,
from fright of anyone. We don't Epbls grins a he recalls his first
stand in awe of any club In the time at batM n.. Inql,,eu ns-"
Sleague." The former California was a pinch hitter at Boston. I
All-America fullback continues- hit a chopper down third base
"We don't mope 'when we trail and stangered and felltwice go-
by a few runs. We just tell our ing to afrst. But I beat'di out."
Sptcher to hold 'em close and '
well get those .runst. Al;s In baseball, Bob r.ler of
The uth piae Red u, two lvr aaj tned three
1 from th. to before 0o n ta Lttle
3Lnant the last day of 1949 RXw der ann hAs left
and navent bee able to come the Praimtes I Phllaepla and
cloe since. Jense admits this is returned to Pittsburgh to have
true but says those days are a shoulder ailment examined...
snfe forever. Says blond Jaec k The New York Yantee pitching
riwoe We better pitching than staff leads the majors with l6
Slast five or six year-and shu accordingto aorng up to date
-bette. spirit." 9tatstics. American L league
S... I pit.chets have turned in 81 shut-
St'oter outfielder Wearing a outs-the National League only
ffK.lgrla'Is Del Ennds. The Phil- 47.

=ku'* D K MAN" C.TM

d A .
reade agP

.*a MAUAUrnU"

MARGAoA T:%15 :1 CRISTOBAL 1:09 -:40
"S BOUND I,: |'"the Long Gray Line
rday yrC II r-a D eC lorIl
rpm F-lPi"thy Cspwf lad"

p4I SP"A4 $ UtnifdIarnJ _- j. 9ffA

-- -- I
Ts^m -S*

. ."'Harlb


P B1R 86:15 7:U

-- -


awu a.s
AiM81t &- i fl



.4 -

A P.M.

"o p'g Breltbart jauntil
Sway through the crowd
rea o-flman's Gymm G na
ducked into a pone
"I'11 bhtt ouateflreiy', be I^
nounced. "You go aevod ker yous
self and delve more deeper f.
the situation. Then you wll ee
that what I am telling you Is the
Breitbart Is a fight ma ier
whose sole source of income stems
from the knee-bending, tWqp
ded uppercutting and ageneM
ainess of Tommy "Hurricane"
Jackson. What Lippy wanted
backed up was of course, ht.
claim that the Jackson who creat-
ed such a stir in boxing a year'
and a half ago has arrived again
as a menace to the best big guys
in the trade.

For evidence. Breitbart offer-
ed Jackson'p thorough shellacking
of Ezzard Charles. "That was the
same Jackson-no, a better Jack-
son- than the one who beat up.
Dan Bucceroni and Charley Norkus
and them kind of guys," he
And around the sagging boxing
Industry, he has plenty of backers.
Billy Brown, the International
Boxing Club matchmaker is a big
one. "He caused a riot with
Charles," Billy says. "The guy
never looked better. He Is now
back at the top and will be the
best draw the top and will be the
best draw in the business. We can
I match him with Bob Baker Nino
Valdes-again. He is ready and he
is a natural to bring the people

"This is an animal," trainer
Whitey Bimstein says. "He is fast
and strong and crazy. Except now
he will listen to his corner. That
makes it tougher on the other guy.
You seen the licking he .gives to
Charles. Nearly had the poor fells
out in the last round."
The fact that Hurricane Jackson
is back blowing them down again
puts a little ray of spotlight back
on what was, at one time, the most
interesting fighter in the ring.
That would be the night he des-
troyed Dan Bucceroni in six round
at a time when the Philadelphia
heavyweight was ready to try for
a title shot. There have been few
fighters who made the kind of show
IJackson did that night.

He did roadwork in his corner
between rounds, jumped in the air
while throwing his double upper-
cut and turned Bucceroni's face
into a blood-lined mask of weari-
After the slaughter the Hurri-
canse shocked one and all by an-
nouncin that (a) "Ah loves bein'
hit. Males me feel strong. BSpe
ci theaM good hard punches on
thIcn.' (b) b"Oh. boy, will that
Marcianio get itroen me," and (c)
",earned my double uppercut from
watehin' kangarOos."
"Take bim now, Al, before he
learns hew to fight. In a year he'm
murder' your guy." Al Weil was
advised n regards tO any possible
rocky Mrciano match.
Weri listened cooly, essayed
Jackson's popularity and made
mental notes about a million dol-
lar gate with the guy sometime.
But Jackson's tock fell as quick-
ly as It rose. He lost a decision to
Jimmy Mlade, then was barred
from. fuxter activity against Ni-
no Valdes when he was on the
floor three times in the second
round against the Cuban heavy-
That was in July of 1954. Since
then they've maintained Tommy
would have blown Valdes out of
the ring if allowed to continue. But
words weren't helping. The Hurri.
cane had to make a painful with-
drawal from the headlines and
start all over again in the small

Montreal Maintains

IL Lead Margin 0 n

Lkhman's 6th Win

mNW YORK, Aug. 11-(UP)-
Lefty Ken Lehman the bell-
wether of the Montreal Royals'
pitching staff, moved out in
front today in the race to be-
come the International League's
first 20-game winner.
Lehman gained his 18th tri-
umnh against seven losses
Wednesday night when the Roy'-
als routed the Rochester Red
Wings, 8-1. He set the Red Wings
down on four hits and aided his
own cause with a fourth inning
home run. The victory enable
the Royals to maintain a 1%
game lead'over the Toronto Ma-
ple LeafLk
Eddie Blake of the Leafs has a
15-11 record while teammate
Jack crmian s lobehind at
Toronto scored the only run of
an abbreviated, five inning game
called because of rain in th_
fourth Inning as Mario Pleone
picked up an easy victory over
the Buffalo Diso. Ben Flowers,
who gave up three hWts, was tag-
ged with the loss.
The other clubs were not

Along The Fairways

We had aai
ur the Mel VA
LU 4sad Mant B
award to olne
wewomeas to pla
stbent lerant


. fzS5
agoe of you-
Swth us on
URe in first
rbara Rhodes
a net 77 and
Wrd with a net
wna the golf
k. I-ugratul.-



OFF FORB I.ERSY, PENN--MRanager E, 0. Klerint and members of the Teeners All Star
baseball team, sponsored by the Canal Zone V.P. W jeft Saturday by ship from pier 8 Cristobal,
C,0. for Hershey, Penn., to compete in the V.P.W. National tonnage baseball tournament. A large
3rowd was on hand to wish the boys best of luck. Members of the team are, Charles Frencn,
IKeith Ktiig, Charles Chase, Jerry Durfee, Donny yterLem Kirkland, Bud Curdta, Jimmy Love-
lady, and Orlando Nufles.
Members of the team not in the picture, but who will rrive In New York in time to meet the
team are, Owen Sutherland, Wayne Wall, CorbinMoOriff, TOmmy Gibson and Bruce Bateman.
Music for the afternoon was furnished by thefth Army Band from Ft. Gulck, C. Z.

Ff. Kobbe Seeks Panama Area

Cage League Crown Tonigh

THE STANDINGS turned in a rousing 85-81 triple-
Won Lost Pet. overtime win over Army Atan-
Fort Kobbe ..... 15 2 .882 tic, upset victor in previous
Fort Clayton .... 14 3 .824 starts over Kobbe and Clayton.
Army Atlantic ... 10 8 .535 Jack McDonough, heady Troops
Troopers ......... 6 12 .323 play-maker, was the hero, of -z
-__ setting a stellar performance by
Results Last Night the loop's top point-maker, Tex
Troopers 85, Army Atlantic 81 Yarbrough of the Bushmasters.
Tonight's Game McDonough pumped In 30
PFt.' Clayton at Ft. Kobbe (7:30) points including two quickly-ex-
--- couted driving baskets which
Port Kobbe's defending cham- were the final margin.
plan Lifeliners put their title Tarbroagh, the tahlstandln-
hopes in a big package .-tanoght .Tessan,-Jhw I 4 pot Ints,
at 7:30 when they square .off In second biggest nigh of the
what could be the winds to season. pbrouga had 18.fis l
the Panama Area Armed Forces goals d eight of 1 ftree.
basketball league. tirows for hIas totaL.
The Lifeers need a win The Army Atlantic center
ever erstwhile leader Ft. Clay. kept his mates in contention
ton tonight on the Kobbe with timely clutch work, includ-
ihome maples. A Cav win would ing:
deadlock the loop and send (1) A close In with 28 seconds
the pane-setters into an extra left in the regulation tim eto tie
three-game playoff next week the score at 71.
At any rate, the PAAF cham- (2) A Jump toss with 15 sec-
piono will then set sights for the onds remaining in the first over-
Caribbean commandd hassle in time to square the count at 74.
Puerto Rico between Sept. 8 and (3) Two fast field conversions
10. with 1:07 and :27 left in the
Kobbe holds a 2-1 edge over second extra session to even the
the Claytonites during regular score at 79.
season competition. Both were (4) A. twisting pivot shot ear-
by healthy margins. The Caval- ly in the third overtime to tie
ier win was on their home floor, the tally at 81 before McDon-
This season's finale could par- ough broke loose.
allel last campaign's thrilling Troops hustled off to 22-13 and
conclusion when the Llfeliners 40-33 period leads, holding a 16-
belted Coco solo on the final point advantage at 38-22 during
night to carry home the title. the second try. The A's shot a-'
Then Kobbe dropped the comrn- head at the end of the third
mand series to Camp Tortugue- stanza by 52-51.
ro in a sterling playoff set. Yarbrough's 44 production
The other two teams In the gave him a season's total of 430
second-round of play ended in 18 games. His highest indl-
their seasons in spine-tingling vidual game total was 50 against
fashion. Navy Pacific. McDouough ended
The fourth-place T roo pers with. 315 points for the cam-

"M AR T Y"

we'? on et S wttq4HOUiWoodmakes a picture whiqh
breaks the golden rule of the box-office... Big Stars, Big
Screen or ieauth l Women.
Ithas ust doe so with a film called "MARTY" at the
CINTRAL Theitre today, 1:1k ,4:57, 6:56, 8:55 R=.-
The film's notable absence of "glorious colour or
gorgeous blondes would make demented.ti
But this picture w m e and entertain you In
way few films have ever d ot beore.
Mrty (ErnestBor abachelor butcher with
the heart of a saint but the looks of an amiable gorilla.
SHe is a bi-hearted, blg-beptedtblrt-four-yer-old with
as much tact as a meat claeri-..
As you an guess, te girls take one look at him.. .ad
Nagged by his mother: Why don't you get mauled
like all the other fellows?" ha b s out, angrily: "Leues
ie alone. Whatever It is tbt- ts- ian wants... I ain't
- c uar "(BoatW Blair) Is a. teacher hovering dam-
ve!y -lipped. pale, she has
is tmm hurtimw ---tmes,
Ad a many Pi and homely Harry's of
L s to a dae -l n. and hope.
-fw aee icldentally, ;u In love.
S kind 2 the shy. awkward
wooing an s eoolmarm wit a

I ane.
=ance. n
mis -se

paign, good for second place.
Guard Jess Valdes and cent
Marty Wiginton poppId in I
and 17 points, respectively to al
McDonough. Forward Carl Dav
netted 18 for AA.

Service Hoop

Box .Scores
... t ; .... -

Troopers fg ft pf t
McDonough, f ..1. 4 3 30
Simon, f .. .. .... 3 2 1 7
Winton, c ,. ... 8 1 4 17
Valdez, g ... .... 8 5 5 21
Dixon, g ... .. .. 2 2 5 6
Jansen, f .... ... 0 0 0 0
Schuroff, f .. .. 0 0 1 0
Nichols, g .. .... .. 2 0 1 4
Seals, g ........o. 0 0 2 0
White, f .. ..... 0 0 0
Totals 35 15 22 85
Army Atlantic
Davis, f .. .. .. .. 5 9 3 19
Rash, f .. .. .. .. 0 0 0 0
Yarbrough, .. ..18 8 0 44
Nann, g .. .. .. 0 0 2 0
Satterlee, g .. .. .. 2 0 1 4
Gokey, f .. .. .. .. O 0 1 0
Hume, g .. .. .. .. 0 1 3 1
Tucer, g .... .. 3 2 6
Ares, f .. 3.. 1 4 7
Crowe, g .. .. .. .. 0 0 1 0
....... 0


30 21 17 81

Score y Periods -
Troopers 22 18 11 20 3 5 8-85
Army Atl. 13 20 i 19 3 5 3"-81

4 Years it National Loeang.
Writtea for NEA Service
QUESTION: The batter hits a
rickler in foul territory along the
third base line. The ball looks as
f it may curve fair. The third
baseman, seeing he has no. play
f it does, throws his glove at the
>all. The glove hits the ball Ip foul
territory and keeps it there. What
a this?-.Xd Ralston.
Answer: A foul ball, but a
iple if the glove hits the ball a
'air territory..
Q. Brooklyn has another fine
t"orto with Montreal, Chico
Where did .the Dodg-

Tribes ress SoV uabEe

Players Bought Him Car
""C -

NEA Staff Cerresposdent
NEW YORK (NSA) -"Ugh,"
grunted Red Kress is a manner
best befitting an Indian.
It was the end of another tough
day batting fungoes, pitching
batting practice pacing in a first
base coaching box for nine in-
nings, clapping, exhorting, stomp-
ing-heap plenty work for a fel-
low two years older than the 48
they have him down for in the
record book.
Mike Garcia, biggest of the
Tribe, tapped him on the should-
er: "Come on, Red, I'll give you
a lifet. Bring along your wife.
Maybe we'll stop for a cup of cof-
Garcia cruised by an auto show-
"Gotta stop here p second," said
Mike, "Come on m where it's

Kress ran s fingers admiring-
ly over the baked metal of a
sleek, low slung new model.
"Nice car," he muttered.
"You like It?" squinted Garcia.
"Here's the keys. It's yous."
In an unprecedented act of
gratefulness, almost -every mem-
ber of the Cleveland Indians had
chipped iin, varying sums from
Al sen's $350 contribution on
down to give their coach a new
car. Ball players are supposed to
be notorious nickel-nursers.
"It's got everything but a built
in bar and lavatory," whistled
Why'd they do it?
For one, Red's always available
for special batting practice oa
call, this n addition to hurling
during pre-game workous. The
one-time shortstop (he toiled 11
years in the American League)
has an arm of rubber and radar
The watch Red carries on his
wrist was given to him a half
dozen years ago by SM Gordon,
who says, "It weren't for Red
oress, I'd be driving a truck in-
stead of a -Cadilac."
Back when beth were with the
Giants Red took Sid aside and
"Look. your r s to left
and right center, h don't do
you any goed the Polo


Bed W-

der a mid day broillng su to
threw batting practice. I'i n .
to have a handy guy lke'Rfd
around so they can save them.
selves for the, money limes.
He's their fall guy. FeB all tie
way into a new car.

- Lt -

a mot movt
ma Is as ear
.". and see

j __ ~____ ~~ _


l l .

I t

.., ;
omorrows AUS
0 S O4I6
1 .. *2
4 m AsProving :

NSW YORK, Aug. 11-(UP)- open ahlbMitB
mCoac Pial Brown of leveled gamq..
u U the All-Star football Col Red s
Friday sight *t Chil- Isn'ts
a s aprovmlngm I over
1 whrtheruartm00teo. ble duty.
ostia 1 can t n. the for- can't ywb.l
wardt ahoS of one Ora-lonly one. tir W M
f t ilea after last sea- Pty of or
'on. Rtttminn has ee. actloan Ptt on
-s a fll-sla-for Graham but this la e la
i:t e f*rst time he has been sk- coach Jlim.LA i f
et to cpry the entire pa York lants
burdeA or Cleveland. Te' for- riht hand of
iner otre Dame star will have Catterbuck be
the same tragta Graham had- OGtn Bay n .
Dante Lavellm Dub Jon, Ray Angeles hasele
Renfr ad John Pettbbn a- Bil Bowen at:b
mong others. The National so he j
League champion are favored ...Coach Lisle lck n
by two tounadowna (12 points) Green Bay says his"
over the College All-Stars. i1 finding another o ve
Another pro team Is claiming ...Baltimore officials y
a National League record for are wlllng to trade wi
ticket aes with the season still one".-but hint .they w t de
ti weeks away. General Manag- off their five rookie
er Nick Kerbawy of Detroit sys the Al-Star ae t
the Lions have sold 32,090 season ridy night.
tickets. Washington set the
league record by selling 32,000 In o

It's hard work and more hard b laU I s.----
work for the San Francisco 49'ers mi u Llt
even though they won their -'
Op, uspIILIs imemtb

SPlayground TheColo
ketball_ Lnee -tof im mWin
Sunder way In the lattofWpart't
September with almost eurtat
r Basketball patonof
."'"" Apodromo Nona
of 1954; Colon Free Zone, Tgarw:
opulos Ltd., P aifle Stea vta.
f r ft Pf t Zone, Bank of Pflr Cor-
Enelk.......... 2 1trre pi
Hadley.. .. .. 3 2 1 8 The boan of-dir etors t
,r ry ........ 0 0 1 0 year is asfouows: president,
21 Bradohaw .... 0 0 2 fonso Giseombe; veprd
ld C r ......... 0 3 0 Captin CesarRodrg.ue;.S
L. French ........ 2 0 1 4 tary-treasurer Ramon ee
-Totmanager, suaul o- o; .t'lrus
Totals14 4 4 32 tes Roy Allen and alstaee
O..b" .ordi; technical adviser, Jala-
oGambe Velen; commissioner,, FMrano qp:
Crawford .. ... 0 10 B rown and h r t
D.'Rogers,* .*. 0 1 4 AlbertoM .
C. Mc oy.." 0 'tn
w. .**- 4.. .. 2 a
2*, .

iica^^T 10 tary.

,| 1


dieted... as reU

I ~~9%

it-' *'*

S ,', 7 .
i! \ -* ... ...'

^ T"." i'--?'._, -,^.. ,- ft 11iM -
NA,0)tA&.ililm ,: .

O~aalla, Bki 8 8 9 108 .39llal e
KiiiB~k i L rlr. m .i I iln ua .Mf. Afe ri

- :- ^. :. ,; -, .-. .. .^ i..7,
. .. -2 7 .. j :, -




laline, Det. 110 445 97 181
'unn, Det. 102 4M 71 144
Powav, K.C. 1Z410 4i9 0 138
Smith, Oleve. 111 404 87 140.
Kell, Chicago U2 3IM 8f N,

'. M e o .... Dod Mtr -e t o th t~. :-."I. .gea 8 .. -.........ge8
a pt "h n ho f htot "ol f ....w At0 0", ul n.D e ...:. a
hod eof lth 8eemwaiteeWhNo.5110- USat'et poamhh derw showiw Nhe ameni;jtIdlegu .e... U

At .ndaAzlb th winnin stog- o .. a. .e -. -e -. l y t.eWdie ........... .

*AH. lb:.1 n .,m& W .... .,. N a. tm I. did -o"M&ai off-o mD o h Mathews ili f ort sDram .... il

bod Uo'e she ol'tte wi 0 nn t r- 2 1
it h brsack iats lo oad g roun der Iln the: l T ln I n l i

,t,, a ltt otps,. ,, n. i t fr .,,op ning ce o o -hn wro -. .e o .... w...t ,i E.s ejoyd i ol ............ 1
93 lot btt totl it, lbe d t annit ... ., ,ea hi.t- .4 6 *u.o ll* :... 13th. ...... 1;
qbael e l het mit o ufe e a uus hit __. anm* e .. .a .- w. .. was o-o er.. b.ea eo oi=, l .......... 1M
mtn feel homer n. in thcbf ere. Do. n ,ula in, -a r e h wp e r...ed ... it .ad iase -o" p........ i

sLe.e th l a-eo SdM'r-. ft W ch t fw 1 hm s I- could do ne -..""th l-Rl '"d e ..ld en"d ,,. h e eaen- ...... 1,,h
to .ian ......seU,

eethtb Ih e-itter r Aa vhir o hisbh aouts at his In ms th e ao a to ite the 23l d pio tJmt Ne m bn, R od r 18 2
t P r n r a Oi aw the ke h r cuo Lot 1 atbet 0 hea.-
worfd lbtoe ate h at- duhee the oaain
ga#eb*gythiosswnthinning e; sJ Wo Loiy

gottmti t.hance we.of t. e t "enon rea thing Is crtain now o," theeeran pitcher aid. awkri they........... .. a der Dod ........

apuI idn Barith Abt wasmshed the wthe dls ef D"urCh will be retained aso manage othe Gant forl1.Wolverines .. 2.40 y4 t*eK li, Tigers ...... ....7
tEn iai his *RflipkmU15 Mon 04 ifatchfor ollunoew a nyud roLab or Da. eMantle, Yakees

watrdbitwnia homer ao po, I thrdt Maglie leftu the Infrene tt Leo had b -roe t- rropo- With the Bader gers showing the ha Indian ... e..... I1
tb tneen fo his 14 c l bed tobWithi tion of his bolnt sold 'othew Indin a andRoreo Stoneham's form that made them an early Mays, Giant......... .
2Ie blo0 n gavethe s-Ng." .M,._. l-_ ,ere is no s eplacency on the rGiantsre &no dissen- the Wolverines 3to to re-
tal hame hMdre .il 3 witherookiep on Gross ett1n iont ".e. w r1erconunued. main In a.e for first place. Tig
So 0 pave ereit for the ".ningac ." e nt year Leo could do nothing wrong. e w could have got Jon Ebbs ,enjoyed his hottest K ers .......... 151
him a total Of 1.001 rV s ,bt- toi and r lerthe night- s wining inclh hito% 0%0 othe bat boy. night Of the season hitting for Zuenn,. ngers .._
t, t t .hitr o> w ad a. T,. uswaskls d "Now theo l(Man are booting the ball a lot. Despite the point to lead his teammates Po.t, Rdlse ...... 142
nhAT aiO AeLr oLEAG0 E M .37thoMer oIff l Uer Wi terrific comeback of Jim e ana, who with all of his astonish- to victor. Jim Reece tried to mith, Indians... 140
withIs grand-slam Becker in the second04MIng irn)ois ase oer.0 brer i Lao pitching Ishaway Ol oLiJdo lnkeepotl min 1011uamIte wt ellnedlgs...wi 140
whI le L ifRnks ba t. hi he s.._ An I in Dw' ular, hasnt in atbie ola oergito match hI lS suclie poIn te d ali of

lyw .U 1 o L a 4%r Te hee""a LThat 1owpia mallh .Wai which subdued the right-handed o lie Wves cam in the 3rd P SItHNs
iks .e4 1 ..u.. .GA e .5Do..n* i mmere a, D n Boaklt aionio n oe mi h .......ngrio when they were ablem to : 1 hl

lid4.3 aNa lTat- ia.theBraves.7 w lls ft ad "oeIs a aVictim of ov arlo rk. With Ruben ome hurt, scorePoint as against 20 b ana the n
g"ef's two..r homer IntheoC.flhebits.byi Stan 3MuMahl.* figured r It-was uP to me to pitch witnouls proper rest% I foundlBadMWs=. ----0n2Is 1 eision s )
*eveita inning. Also osn-and chdift his 1000extraI 'sbm out I cosidnVdo:It So new I am With Cleveland. Th second o-f the 3 W I e t
Wa n allsoO lllfr o Oa. Tm Ptf er ta rh words with Leo, even when he rsaid som a inge sal- aw .W ldos move out o rb podes 2

2*)ome hurledM-te aets ix-htterfor I nhissi1WLF zt. -- -,.o, -, T---l. o h r 6 h o
thd InSian.. hl a. sxhe f s thiL a Aoutamne. ot aid not make the charge to me out in front in the 2nd period to stay e, ers 1a I.. ...r ,nning. ,victory, a out. i stumbled it. otnd ree eYede f a me aS c ...... 3 10 .6
home), City's vie- M le wave the Pirates a h2-2 ten l igh Nrltedealawt Clh ea nnd se i. I ws a 1 a0 Dttle onovan. WeOt 0... 0 4 y71
SuI L the li over the Pb.,wnn a write aUppea me off ta t som etning ws rew o e 'n, the decision i n l

to. E pefWt H. eal-e 1WerryLnhs1tent. wn- eecs o otrd *t uadersp- I w a batl onSit.odeyS : 10 .1
w hite go o i nN m h.m.a.',t hi"n eI, ,eed stored his ninth Vic. I le e l uoe.
of tvinC' t Sti, Cl e l tand =Mr of the year da en ded Knre amlr wound the evening
Bob0N100f 0ftha e oAs'rin m' ha ch.e No W d5hPointsea wayain
rre.I P lsw fourt -eak.-PThila NO D! GT h rthe 4th quarte rthe Hawkspull- uba0

Sa Nra il0 l4 s s ritreatk k Tha "OnmerOn ani has rholins idnrDurocher will be bak is the fat ed up to within 2 Points, but theht .
"lr, ,18 .... .9 1 .o -n fee tae bee1 ikta about Bill a igney, who is managing ... Wo Let

c333 i M B..... .4W 0 at.......n L3 ri2 7 Lopes ou d 0 2 2 2 Toas 1... ,S
Sleapo t ande b ortstop Alvin Dark. Well, someday H igney Pan Cana t lots..... 10
w l be a 0 y.0 ut right he doesn't mer ita shot in s ew W lveri es Gibraltar L ife ,..... .. 14
6 ark% *s pstunlmu1 intelligent man. But he still is fine fleece f. f ? K7s
m.sic-...r, jndmj ti-s-o h a goe misAny room u ume tanOr leagues Washburn, 1. 1 0 c6 Cola.......5
..a-m l .o o 0 Emblem 'Club ........
i a ..,,, ,ST AE ..... .a .yer-Iagorb2.... ao tb ierC .. .. o 0 L B Cumbres....... 10
...... om ---- -- .- a- -U ,- a* g oin gwoUld be ver r-?Rodrtu ..... ...
.icult in any ysew', but, aIts'u.psclauy tough this season, with Robnett ......... 1 5 2 The Coca Cola team coached
e-illV SmEOK Bo'running awayt it thea veryS dBaf-5 3 ThOE Coca Cola --- e coa.
Spennant... l y ga ... lr, a nan in. l, .2 1 5 by on Ebbs a nd paced by Doug
h mad % o r s standing Well, it is a Reynolds .... .. 0 1 4 PaJak rolled over thp Keyistner
NATIONAL..............LEAGUE AMERICAN LEAGUE soundb ,with a terrific oenAnd powerful farm reserves. team 51-33. The Keystoners pa.
NATIONLS LAG Sto nor a rushwIn two ol nlikeTotals 16 10 11 42 Od by gallant little Will ge lke
S 'L 08I W LVet. ,T _- aW h.,-0. R.e time ox emergency. who s.ore 2 point, t.-iednnt t mshmg
S Motl 00 01....- T2607.-.045An.-i-adlAnd how about a bench which could th row two guy s alikegw Co so ol 1toi th
Mlwue1 1 ..6 301 a 1 _45 dhio.......64 44 .53 Don hammer and .Done Hoak .into te iealiud with Jacse itRobi time anld were behind 1 ,at a
Sar k ...'18r) is NowYork ....a A 40_e .5893 1 sonad soanti we e Ree se out of action t a w b .. .. rBin d 5
..87..1 ( 1 DOoi ...iH.. 69 8d All 7 hustling B1 0 & .. .. ... 5 1 0 10 2 ,ould n o t5 San a ntheepa"eIn
'. ....5. ... e Meat"--,! .Meth .... .. 0 a the fourth quarter Doug Pajak
7,..60.474 KAU 047 0 14 t hi big physical factor there s Do n Newombe. He Is Perante .. .4 0 2 a record for high ints
S 1 .43 27Wa 70 .341 nharney wan ever, hi control is better than ever, anf Ebbs.. .....0 3 2 213 scored In -glea it
-. .3125 3.....36 72 .2603isno tARg sA o well. Na..,p 3 0 0 Points to his credit. In the 4th
.. ."Wante: iamon woke Newcombe up. sadm Angstad4 ...*. 4 0 12qiatere scored 19 points after
TODAY'S BaAKS ZeoOtlyin that rhubarb over pitching batting practice.", Maglie Will .E e leftthega
= W() DeChic at r aitct ut, "1 got aned, too.",.,
Only games scheduled. Al Lopez came out of his office And beamed on Maglls. ,Sal Wileats fg ft -1
... '.I ---- has come to us at a time of near-emergency," the Cleveland Pilo, To,,ngln 9" .. 1 1 1
naall mWuLtSl Isaid. "Bob Lemon's injury made us eager to pt the Baroer.z Ag p e Jamnes SotacI...... 3 1 4
uiL--, _p---.r- .4E a__aITEDA- S UALT ? Afteral, wehave only nine pitcher.' Dele adof ': 4 2 T 10 D t oug- p -a .17 227 I
4l 00 -?14 s1 Boston 020o qO 0 0-- 5 _2 "Only ninye," I exclaimed: "Who ham anywherenear As many? Connor .... 1 0 2 "IllWl o 0
?l,0I0SM0-4 .lN.Y..00 ooo0000000001-3 5 0 Every one of your nine can start, even bullpreners Don Mossi lesson ..1 0 0 2jT5r-Cost2.... 2 02 4.
(").h rem an and Sullivan (14-10) and White, AndNay.Narleski." Ililon .....1...1 0 2 2'RBon blett.. .. ..0 0 0 01
DaMI. isy#. "Well, be that As It may, I was delighted to got so Able a _es .. 4 15 Don Hlett 0 0 0 01
aM. DtrIt,4000600tMet12 ..Was n .. a h e e told me that the Morris ......9.2 0o3 0 harlesRager 0 2 0 3
r.- ight Game' heat had not him In the West. Idaybe 1wiwa ison m in TOin -_. .,- gIi
1S" 1 i sio- .4,Cleveland 0oo0110o00.-.610 0 lag tfoir uonuder the proper auqdse. |mKe ltonem
00010 0uo-3 7 1 "Maglie has come into an AmericanL Is@& with vastly im- Hawkeyeo Richard is 0 0 0 0'
Se-r (7-7) a Burgess. 3 u n ning, Aber (5-2) and 'Ve4; -tink ,'. t ialoka&nthbtting Averaes. our
(10-10),IPollet, Davis House, Wilson.b lr1t0oli.ti ots nder.300. 5"1 1 11lColinBradshaw 1 2 1 41
anuddCjti. "What hs IIt? I would say, th genera Iuse of the Dan 0Williamigelke..,.5521
-(slider. Now throw strikewith it. n'eway Tommy Byrne bb0 ........ 0 0 RustyPot* .. .99.248
(N.ight Gameloagn, Hega1. did againstus tuesday night. tulton 0 2 2 James Knight 0 0 1 0
New. TortkNo 0---4 itoai "The notion that the slider is hard on the arm Is foundedlcirchmi e'.... .. i i 21 9.
Bokl 320 W8#xz-,,*1atBaltimore on a fmalacy." f5ety. 5 2 212' Totals 12 01232
Senaatda-vO...... ltrainla) Malles National League friends fee tt Lape woulddo Watson ....
*==A (1-) ,ski ad VAL well to "let Sal study the batr :d._-X-somet. Quarters
-beenponer (4-4) and m-e-- henk.nto hve trouble with n 'a" whom h places for tT8142 1-2...
)ta ht ,first-ti e.. t-otals .7-1042 11-3eers-8,027 % -y -.
~ ~ ~ X3af Mb. ....I ll IN 0.01 Of l 4i <,.,. ...1 '7

wuIs. cl
is relug' ve
Bcatering ha
little M ,-

.t eta y e Is. dirt to make
recommendaons, that will be
g a elpr, but there are
wrayR ogott in touch with
o e ,traig folks nd oae i
you have informed them your
needs and interest, believe me
the'll carry on from there.
Watch your local paper for any
announcement Or report of obei
dience trialsto find out who is ac.
tive locally. If you can find no o-
bedlence activity contact a bench gra, PITCHING -
show exhibitor. Hel may have eoh- remain a target of
tacts. seekea at 88. Old '
Check with your veterinarian. If won the
he doesn't know offhand, he may er major league pitch

S"Open Nsiluy Fi,
8 p.m. excet. Mady."
ib-ii~ t





.2 .1W


W.L. 'Pat.o
Montreal ....4 'r .

8.":::::ME! jj ;

buffalo .... 80 T% 40 14
IRjhslond .. 49 74 .3 8


Abbott and Costello argue over who's comic... in

'AIMl nd Cosleflo Mlt fhe
Hit comedy now at the LUX Theatre!

km I


i 5NA
&t *rll TACIO=1AT aT19

Also swe die
with tented "SAPFTY LONt"
a ww r 0a

Autoabile Row, -Panama
TeSs. e-4W0 .4W4

< '?e! p p. oe c
' -.. P '- **ue
qkcsriaMhig~ sqous

td Abblt aend Costello, en two Americans
eaMled ti lrt. eapn.o a MwP fli esl adventure
f&WiA i i nmw at the L.Vw._ia blowi of
MtLA 416 1 v41. tP o i.W i, i An-
-a F -d eg W0RWUS 'Pt sa. AdvL

4 ..
- S.:-- -

"+@ -- -.- .-. A.-.
1. .- ,'

.. ..., -
a-' --.- ~ -. *. SC.'. ~


-t .~.,...4...*

ra n..

u s .

sndA -

/ Wf. .

.Amt WwdS'GdY

-*f -. ***

t so el


- ,- .


SGTON, AU 11 (UP)-
im has apologizered the U-
nation for the death Ji2I
ans killed last month a-

to a stuffU PANA& ,
n S were's. "" "'"""
-t ,Swit. erla_ b.

,Tel Aviv, was shot d.
killing all 58 aboard. r
clmod the Plane straytc
ts course..4

Sulgparmnas orginul t ad
r Ioendswered repay".
lirebIi Pn os l ..F

Sie Louis R. omer with an oFler Gen LynMan L. eatr, U. .hga rI asW6 We 0 S.
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To Enter Su-id jpulibU of Panama clvi defense a-
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The pblem was declared ol
Al elay iended.4!,ItAs..a-m.
PARIS, Aug ll-(UP)--'he
ft owr announced today that
second half of the Geneva
conference will 27
The ,oregn = 4 the
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atIa ran"e will meet ha the
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