The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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peefed shortly), while others will have to Ibe
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fromwo pac Me 6 4. fuNI~a sarU have to prepare to house 2500 famijie now #
Som to e Reltant ow, oi vlble eastward Canal Zone, and that all Panamamons employed
S-o f. 5 .Mg ( r Mtht of aun moon Colenti ta ~Zne agencies will still be eattitmd to eceivMiie tf
mention in Paonm6 Canal hoepitbal and diepai >

rays 'ssia Would Take Over C?; rdt h .,
att&Mtudof the Canal Zo l an.L 2 _.
cQtlMasn AIn. on the treaty as -
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i"4Py h poe never been in serious trouble be. ean Highw
*dt to a t he formh Panama the tw Pfao
Woeru dbAould .. s!. 'lh. He added tfat it wa o. will be Ypd with c rew
an, (Oord rtuae Go a not at Pidet Arias
f ietoo Grab pitoe e" O. r memlars o f s. eomm y However, titdals appropriated bye d0a-.-
TVes.tordottAadn COhW -, that fhew were xfT t b g.- the U.S. will be usdto cover Arnle 10-
O- W`N.tte Rgsrig .G. WrabbWoag p si ;efse.pnbNeft whichV p0o- the coat ottwo-tm of the IUnited states t
to a gwA. tth e t yn WO acp pl. tweere r ewir cost of buildlag the road with a new strate
rsn U, 8. 1 JLL Iin5 er Ieew 1I s- 4Vto What hsey dodog when an asphalt surface, and Panama conefucted
W /The aart 11 ws InI Ap et.weenSb- Caro Jeamird'we r ,oAched by as arrestig will make up the difference be- Zone. iffoe
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T TOhey wre dwusnl offered Ja ptO tion the ift. f or- was sorry or his a"don.. The treaty time schedule listed ed tato
t 15, 3Iltolefr- t:t don tod of b guards. Before stena was passed, the following: in wed

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On Aftlantic Side Will Top $1 Mithm
Notrain t oer er t e totaun
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My old ne-hbor Juan Arias writes me from New Orlease that thIrs.i a hroay.s
M Atton a uuo ad the never e b Js

| y. o we In hoxpitti only a wk, but has to report to a doctor DW Wit o%-ax WE
a.oed to spend atw day with hi daughter Cecill In co4 "AlN O f
t a f o Aour havtgt
l reached Mature tton w damaged, but t did a world Th i the ft o r exom
a"We a't eat cotton anyway, but d as e o leo- web sAd r Bt ofh an
ar ie s kene to butter, woul la cow. Th hat o ou .

ll iass t our old Uncle don't c1ange bsl min we waln I oua

In to wesfe Dam. Cr16c to Mexico to see how It looka trori Imaginable vice-he are vie:
thefrI p t I 2"Aid: le
Sh ide any will hom y way deny that .

My old netbbor Juan Aras wris me from New Orleas that t.
SiWuitonsw would a likce to ant that-he never felt better Inday. li ot tte of the Jap es

U-sop Wraht. at te of i al b a W,
s ee ho bt hTey he aot re "preea vbut hna to D a it cti-

s Ho s Perfdrm r day with his d h Cec li in 2 611e
Su a a e. ia., and then fly bfc to Panama.S wi ', n I taln -
Or tropical storm it the Ro Grdop ddleand Valle y har d, but reords. e It y be
Sihrely oeedw Mature cotton was d ged, but it did a world Th inthie fadt for a ul

IS lweer in hl f o tono ut the veR in etaa ble crop. thh y, tha thtt Ien re d5tO

SrSef BEhprated A~bhaglte agatafy pleat Chinese Commnualts exploit tens I lowed! u constat a boom on i' ra hand Kiwa. le~a'it <
We egf(at v otton d anyay, but theM ia m ekm fne oleo-r I cold Ap rt fmtl

S. B. t tul aift 8 part of the cold warr o us. 4 a nd that th ht th t tMryIb i l
ma e that. In Its likeness to butter y g G* te pt AdaL I OWlt Tl et irat-tha ma t ut abo

to re Island d th t a few dnry be fromf lew ry to r it aU t fire end of the t me that
[JIlSn *r T eDamut. Cross to Mlexco to eToky how It loo knee polot tImghat uifb lol 6mt lat a p e t ott,
bd r. S ,"..k

Side.aa lWthered 37hu c an even-man Korean Com otry fla had a ace I incident tatc have uo L e ConnYU at a o a
._ iSo toy ea a ainalt spr ring c old. The etire But 'vea t"e- of .pe I Into an al wa with, asa t de a -tter i
tlAbmle of d!S5 t smk ws wa* about toukips outds slpetetotuutsawait Chiaal i ., a han 2

'Ew dYou or t to North Kor0 Iiea t sul ather m t aste day. tth aIc1
-rep Wright; At th Atof Of tOYrtA .. .- ilrif K ..-

p a byl row bolt so It iis ro .e n and o ans -- that -a o
Scra mito ilriA*t Jpn. TheS Sn % .the 'i in %e w r ___.g.
Son th We Crt Ciaty caed ?t l't", whatCver they r of r

Pr lta. This i a very strategic the e e wou d up with the loot. e
SIt y O o and t. t and

Sf Korea. Dic overall, B.th0 e o m t i
S U. r 'cl ,mforrd. n -C t he Ware a D am dr f,.rf lsa
Sqhelaeq bemnmtse numse ._uFimw. Ibs, .( a '..

sot oth. an all "Ma a" 1-"4
~rounai t he Ar tld ast s
toWriz iul 1 jj A U

|Wifl Ise bportv .tn ts T Ae sa Negr o achieves e to ra ,i r aw k .
6Rilt e orn spa n a IverWsasectthat I was besl

hpis ets Krea noin atnhro JareV
7D~-Certaimnly not burtedRus a e an all the way, and that sinA

jjtUP (da awa)*4tpSavlettaeoutnoe bb .. _Cii,_ aA S...*B
arste a a mew G ibstIIlowhred. -sonstantaboomoA-0bod&--17a
olaftn y #n. thCs orf d.them.oraSht~a cro wd a sprn th. Ii. t hti ._uma L tthmitn.- _
o afeh "goledwr.l.(u. Lrou. cng lt araoh as so a lOgat sIet, i re eon of .the ZP r-taG ot,

a Amec= M(,. ayu s a. of tag
-if".!lrur tonustal ge- owGi stsbefo l reIw low n.to2nmiADl .,&ani u of thbe a na#&. k t. e me thatVON" e

%il well.Fettthatsusoa. o fftmatleasta.u fDfoll

Sasot a I T to he Jpnsem o tpaolt i t.t U
isWith8itae Koea C fl hada Ance. .incidents thatcS... orehive.Btu. ae s at

,0 t a0 oh00 all a Kr e n A ttra-miea
It1aowBtabout:olecrnl, nosou.o w.ear a ttd-

1r oy out spy ring col. Tbo entire

no00,000,000 otnear comes wl the
"2ied40010 from Cically by roatso n t e. onf ap,

27the portr, detgit- the tern 6foS
jb It is the onlyl (Mman) tajorNfM

r-,.- h-rn.
And the wol aetou s theruta.
Th. oplum ar ts in om m Jal ;
htly rodirectl .y across n ytl.

to (BLACJACY).a m" 9W id faaUni
l.t one s. Diek wure Jut Da v rl U

eatCRAP TABhE le lt Mtch iinformed 'A
At bundte ofnreati s b ano
,,rAt RVqEound the ww o lado-
Stea on a t criminal S cuiw that ris-

." ., ..n c r n fn ad6 o n t
-Nobody paid any attee n itio. he
the few po kids who tqek eter-

d.ees thisp e iumno. o -.

.._- ,,,,,@OOIAnod cance comes a8 t

o n t h Jpnese satiretomle n-
Naymighly from 6 Chiona.. I

4 /.., ,fl- Iutnasuthaflts trO i"

''% .i iMt .. Oe a S a dt I Te)?
|4 .'38PUMI if you want Bourbon at its best call for
-" _. -^p@6IhJBURG G N ..-- B(n r--
tS This twmn Aex forr
to of' In "GREEN RIVER$ America's smoothest
ot r Strm," It had its own oesuretl-
O ervic -...

A Sill. f tF .. whisky, .
eel "I"..* m m a- -.

-*Wa' i
Smlda'a es-ted


m,.. F t- iW i ..W .

the eal it

n in Parie and
to Geneva at the last
nhower felt the tUm-;
It to propose In.
at Oeva, ovrode'
and sang it -n the
we ahe mot immr-,

er's air-
S ,a ce them.
gaerty Deletes.-

.w WvM u- ,yPw."".

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NhowS" to* L

Prom 21.* J
aj S':

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- -a ~,,L .Jj *.~
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Fi@H r 'ex '~aap, the be

weeks lates Ithe- state as a
wbe. He, N ,I the newo CAM
N eWnar ., el'.
ts mePWi... out-
b Ut polf tneed not neces-
,t~r eum O ta arqMur. high
tQtf/fr -the -tate this ye'r
bec*.B the dlims might d-
clUR' euly .witht6wr late sea-
son cAas .a September and

3 to.aOvAte the *rte.
ionr"ataer fae to d the b

his farm 9
tul grouo
riht ars-
neth R. Jto

You wilt always find the
newest fashions at
.i.w1tw ible
1,. .'4W "

B orloly w ith the Rotottiluer motorized T
."entedto him ,9American Legion'. BoyS Nation.
h Ra Wheeler o bo.: second from left. To Mr. I
ougla J. Hopper of Glendale, Calfornia, and Vice Prei
age, MssourIt

itor for
i you1h-

Vic Chancelor tran, Blueher,
a@ng for Adepsuer whlelo the iat;
Ia vaealolued in the S w i a,
sauid "tusu h ots that had
now have been swept a-
si*de by the'ioviet note.
Bluecher refgled that Adenauer
I, I indicated in a July 25 news
conference he .Intended to accept
thi Soviet invitation.
.."We were merely waiting for
Ik Soviet reply tnd fr the pro-
lainary ialks between German
and Soviet ambassadors in Par-
i.," Bluecher said.
Soviet Ambassuador Sergi Vine.
gradev delivered ..the latest Soviet
6ote to theoPar.aAmbassy only 4
hours ifter-inviting French Pre.
mier Edgar Faure and Foreign
Minister Antoinu Pinay to Mos-
NEWTON, mtuss. (UP) -
Francis Donovan, 35, and Frances
Donovan, 33, applied for a mar-
riage license.


Priced to save you mon ey


Pick from the very lat-
eso styles at this low,
low price!


~ -~
a ID

*. .

t- fabulous new

PAY "TEX products
' ;."/ ---" -' "


Tie" Top
"Te PArkimuIW
*uin rwdwef

New .,l ti Top wrbfttd i waist.s .wyu up
wihbou a *et,saithch, lay or bodel Cloud-hft
fabric e for ezxm comsfbrt, Ogum-moulding Isut
-i e fat nou al controL .
"wme prbie a in U.SJL 595


upisloi Uf pus
Febuloeus 19'

Fle eauroldem
CaUMwith SAW
c.W..N H.

.' tf..,r, .'. l* "e a
A dr to wear, o y tb see, eWd a bki
Sthats light, airy; comforablel No backsliding
wu ae, wsheeasily, dries quickly ad holds
In shape wash after wash
bi .iti hail .s0o

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scalloped edge lace 'Dickey'
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e .

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icp -neck pleated insert.
, Siwes-15.

.Mti.f.M..t l Crepe


-* ....Id-, .
: .1
N-: T .., Am ~ :.;.? -- o


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.--. .- .
..S .A-..

.,: -. .-:-. ..*:.


Bi \.

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iy .- -
S. -- q- .
'_ .s-jS ^ -^, -^ ..,' : -" ^

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-*"" ".. ..,'.- .... "''. '."-,. '..';., ,','



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High fasio low pnr

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A terrific seleeti0 at only
* .*- ..' '- .. .. ," ." ?

04 ,J-. sael haamond goMa of

aIr Iim.ancr c riy and ,adly

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* Ia;.

Regular and Staples



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.. '- ""* *.* *'*.- -. -- ,; ^ -...'p = -+ +. -'-(+ .+ +
:S:- .. +- ":. +"- /** >, -' i -* ','**. -. + '- ,' .-,-,.' +.- -.? '. +p .* .. *,.* -f S
+.; .. : '.;-- ....**' +*. *,. -.+ . +.. + +*a ., -. --..- :";.*r .+.+ ;.= p .i,'" i,
..,_ ."j^ i lif ^." l.4 ,. .= '. .. *, .'.-1 .;^ ''?; ... *&;. :*.-." ...;- .- """*;, ^
.. .~es ~ l^ ft + '> !. : -. '. .... .* *- -*.+ ...<," +. ".. ; -- ..'.*- ..*' /i.
..^- w e i -- ..c x -. ; `;. -,5 ; ... ..-, .. -, .'." ~ ^ k *"~,' a .i.' : *" ,--* ** y
.+ : +. ...+ .. +,++ .... ...... .+ + .-.+++ .+. ,. ;, 4-,-.: + N .oS.,0+.+

- -- ~ ___ w-.3~ ~ -

I One day next fall CB-STV wll .. .. "
Svenl its newest programming
ga--one show, lasting al evening.
e details are now being worked

Marie Laoa must be serious
abeut re-establUshing his reputa
loae. EHp's new filming a movie.
'.Sereudeo ," lwhlik he has U n
Mug -i e astouned MGM by doing
all 12 semp-they're belux preo.
rtened-01the first take. That's
sever happened before.
Ih Eole Plaua's dressing roomb.
you'll find dozens of awards and But she never shakes loose of
citationAnd conatulatory letter But ihe never shakes loose at h
an ut ogram aLaB t the it a dimplesh For which, many thanks.
has the choice spot in ie displayI You may be sending yo., .kid.
is a baseball-Pinza caught a foul hi b h. longI f
Iv from jackie DoMbiason's bat atI, uir.sM ho hls way h
Ebbeta Field and the autographed o of e lantic City
souvenir is his prize prize. Steel Pier and many co ty fali
Isn't it just like a woman? A pha of bsow b.sies
beautiful brunette lons to be neglec*ted by American yoUng.
blonde, a blonde lo to bea bru. retsend their
:ere ; nn y erow
.t.. .. dancing.e dmawlc, music. gn
about her bdimle.. t e r
Betty White has the most capti- voiceschook. r ibe says. i
voting set of dimplethis idof t y a.en overly orn .a d r
aie craters of the momo, but from ttme agr irs h e ad
the way she talks eou'd think they b"" "e At
wre so many gravy boats.
They'rL open for lzpect e on hand srow. oadays Impot oN
a neow panel show,-s"Make theep His aete, I a broan au the
Connection." a thinks Amerian children e could
al l a;d w. bo'r sbu o.e.da de: Om r edell tat comus a
Mirk. e,"if, a..-theystarted erl.Th tlbo
fnof welsgfd4o.Uho* z 'I be mfletally ie raV Sat
"I used to l SedMmert mo
*ln II was For a Om I "

icall u woeDiinl' cmideh" we Una il s omebody ebMlief
I Sol Angry. thisa afetd d e *,m
"Once my mother and I wera e Oj down. (
a bus. Aud tie drivr saidro Where "Yes e?. a pacer," Phyllis ad.,
d le you g he t ao ndimplesI- s e cia eteena or takes or

Daddy's collar butt ohr nIo et wa hate oyu, she can't ileartI
Sly s e n dlsothigra bg.Mother ma id al amffling th e fit_ f eAtm
Jts.'1 For o a long time a I sWa ne oaMe p.tte
I y e their. 0 e wlt s. -I--
STnone of this affected I s ai dobetweent shot&r .
Sbtr sunny dissi ton or her, J. bieae f thur.s.
lple., She 1k.l both andal y G e:nJubdieRe laW
ether she likes e4or not)Jerrysashe'slea
t'ie' both been a big help in ga rdnin se bard ways-byatres el

whe I hnve o tolae the aardhe word ayn-be R istricyto
i s t her one f Ials M tcharm- ande reor.te
towadays oA. and )W,_ _imples re. A.. rN.("Tonsight," NBC.
a' a cmm i t from Buir t.forn.a TV:Hzere'sa god trti a forma
aeand TV program. toNeow _-.WilRock Hudeopr Csmitsn
Morio, where she does "Make the Hunter. or Is James Dean HRa the
on e ach wa e. Abhe str an His Grandfather Dizzy Was?"
AedInT In O Caiforat.i '.4 e "when1
1 y didn't et paid eostlev is i Ion era L e
Sd.OW d oeisNew Grand Lodge
S ys dotg "o"do a ', a fo"-a .gm "o
i_ _the she days l ead tee w for a ;h-year

inoew, b ut w101 t -psy
M. e 'noen I bea to do a The Incntly-organized "District
d ,how hr p"a weekh d LIn!,Grand Lodge No. 2. Brftih Unit.&
-$a aetk o-r a of Mosaic Teyplars,
S1 t" shoh Iwbeo fficillyI iu
rom this evolved bar famou r eay night at the Three Siteras,
"-I eWilkh--kaetbl" series whi h Ill in Colon,
6h1141 whys of maklln U'in I.arold A. Erskine, grand ledg
s .S1 w4n anels. 9ut th i s organizer patrlach, and former'
f l iar and all to," d Arctn e uty master, wi proe.



TaMkig It Over


, '.. ... _- p .. .. ...,.4
*..a- .i~i~ .i .r j

I. i

kthe War 3 D"osW
'beut pitaupe role- 13 *thus
fttr. *^,^n Atm m. isr.- anal

."* ,.' .

gf:.l ol!

y V

.Discharging cargo from
Miami. Loading for
Kingaton, Ciudad Trujillo,
$an Juan and Miami.


l Telophon. 2161 hbo Telepho-m 1258

N Mai Offias Mems.fI

S. I 4vIV
or wnlsom i5cmvo4E-

o L I it C iWlewll .


- 4E ~ ;j~!:~~ *'***'* -


soon AMDwM 110 ooa


^^^^ L st ii0i -i- ~j *^^^~
WWI i n

WeAR w.




. -..*4 i IIS




-. A i


r(f.ii .- I


:-* s -: -
-. .." -..--
** .' -. "." '. .,,


* Vi c JA tU5l
S- ,

[iA^ T


,' ....

r .



We ?Sat~

Ii o

The Nibble

EtEuv Fly

I.**'*.-4 '.
-;1 .* ,





. .. ..

+ .





~ *rMw-ewa 'inta..

-; x ;' 4i
" "" :-"* "
*, .,, -. ,,


a- camp- I'
.Ju.ieta -
I W ah- a
butt !

now Utler in, flw


Sa nave OC

a L

Iu t ghn.- =r LolatedE s
aua ,a$.breh neml: e anau.sun jif nagtur
Ineu b de asmake: 10o rb and an outline of the distribu-
u l M.-'hli Reid, drKs'tIoipof each species.
maker Marcia MeMill1ngton,
,,,, t *MhI Tet5m l e e4 dT 2 ressmakerl ttt contains a unique bib-
tab Ii a e diattIon of pri- 1lgfaphy, divided by countries.
..,L -,,ex W e m dObe by Deputy o 1 the ,niwortatt publlcatlonlB
-jotsy I lAfredo CW ell:,' there was a relating to the birds,of the' are
-- tir. -tiv.di3play of cos-- The book- can be purchase
.V TA.- -ntul wpO in PMnam. Holland, for- '. through the American
FoHl Martinle Spo, .the ,early Museunm of Natural History of-
dinng ;vuvddled Ma Am taera airdraril. NewYork.
._--LLEGAN, Mith. Of ." -.
SMi 0 be olT Allegan's. City u ar
Vhe 1* ws and*lipe ln 'lT E
bades Are a Iw would make up theei
O, A week, theq-council- vd
The s Ijn, biblertcal a rei a petition asking. the city to PAI
and anfti ae.situated intt pe o lleon thr str.dets, B Zi
enter wa fomer- on as possible." The. council saw
ly reserved for scientists 01.Y It to it that the request was carried
is now tope visitors -end i ad- out pronptlly. STILL OE
ministered byAthe Smithsoniar la- Then a petition arrived asking MATERIALS from
atitute. the city "never again to apply oil
eittr L.." PERl TA,....
Departnre frbnt Barro Coorado E -MA 1A
will be-at 4:30 with arrival time ."Gtess the only solution to the PLEATD MAT AL, ret
rPt Tort -,be set at ajpprdoimate- problem would be. to blacktop the Printed Cotton,
ly 7 pan. streets," one council member said. regular iee .5 yd..


":'* *' ..... :.-' -'- Rt.;W *: :,"":.R w -7 7..--3< <^.,.-;^"te^ ',?S ..:..;r.'.".'W -
...-:; .- ...... L, .-- \"- ., .. ^, W *,\'^', ." -* A, -'
, .... .' .: ^ .. .. -... ,^..+- ,. -. :- -"/ ^-:.. / .^ .* ,*..',-.:. : .. -,:..,; -.
h- i '". '-+-.. .:-+, .... ,.' *^ ^: *' ^*.***-* .*-*.* .. "":+ "" ;*--* ^ ^ *''..i''^ i~fa''^ ''^ *'''" "' ... ": *- '*- "^ i :. *' ".+;..'^ :" ""
tea **1, t W 5^ I*. .1' **I&**5*ll** -*^,-
".s ... .",' -- t", '.A '' 7',- 1. .- .. 7" -'. -' -. t"A-

isdtct the
4th Amerlp
d0fore thI
mils during
. minow-
ir mafne.,

, Iw

STMe n5ltnh wll ten con-
nus stitr seasOt of Weft a seven-day
fra Yrk J Iu.19. This will
-, ad .47-tGay cruise
from TNew r ..t a~.and will
ldu, for we, ft time. a call
at t* w*al'dd aot'.Cartagenq.
Ta Mure tsuet will tail -frop
New*-!drk Peb: 18 on another
17-day r w gsMat h I8 abewill
sail from N w orTsofar 14-day
c.rue ,?d will .up' the se-
ties vw1 ar,-r.dasyt ue rom
New- York Mrloa' t

- ,__...* ..amu

it F
k*. a.
.tbt ~ 4*

.1- A



- a ~sum








Come and SAVE MONEY in sterling,


in watches, SAVE MONEY in diaxn.ds!

Make savings galore!

Many wonderful bargain

_.. ;.**. j .., -. ,
,;.... .; ..i .: i42.'-
..i / -* *^. ", ,- j

- :- .-

iscayumit ijj
.jcJ~ :' C+f~ ,

I_' .

... t -'

i -^^

t I



1. :. "., l-

B r _-. ..... -: ,,-..-.



% *^Ol'P


** ~' :1-

V A.te "

We ore unpacking

each umbrellas ................ 50
1l Aluinlum ice boxes, ..,......33.50
crtatIe kliaofl.M grllS '...-. .-950
Oal. water Jugs ............. ......
ltltc Bar-B-Q 7 ptc-nic paite&....X30
";.- ", ,

player tabl -........

-r '-
C. ,-, ::,.: ; ',. rs .sri
a. -W~.'?'
p y. *-- **-* ".- *****^ e


a //

brings you the new

I' .. Now your orite record can bring you all the excitement SPEAKER SYSTEI
abd ipiliance of the original perfrmance! Now you can own -
low-Cot high Adelity, tWdm lced by RCA Victor... ev dna-d to rI-creat e O
c fe io.aoinle beautgi l cabinet. It's RCA Victor's New h ghsm.sWram teN
SVictrola" boogaph with the new "P'no- j ofaMiN M:o u Se
S.ic Seaker System." 34pbed'automatic record changer, or*cl efolbeuy eagin
.- ard oaims lip-wver" catnige or true high fidelity! Has ed yor room wft M
Scalibrated biMs and trdbiemoilro. A An3bered plaque on :' Otlem Nyou ,
I .f3A eich rtisregist ed inte owne'"aAe. k ""al
Jer lke M kid ThrTWO- OyW I.... Comweb tm I

L... .' X *.13.
._ '_._ .-"'-- --'-" -'-"' "= ----
.":--t .. A .' -- '- -: _- 4 -



A ji~"# C .~







SS Hurry Down Be die First to Clioon .

0 t

F Rattan Hadquarters, The illle oferti l


w b.



' N M .,

--- -- -------- --- -- ---



. .,{


- -.

....5 '91"
I.-, Ot of2
-...SI ast, of 8
l.W- set .or 8
..0s.' t. o'4

+ ;.

alL W A .

-2. ,.

"-- -
I '' ^ ^^ "''-" _1^


I-T '^TSS*Ur ^**~


' '* e s 11 *' '- ;

. *...- --*-- a '. a ..i



1 12 WORDS


-natI Zone Dental Polyeuldm
pDr. C. E. Fsbrea D.D.-L
Dr C. A. Boy D.DB.L
seteorbridge work-bi itlvi
*f aU. No. 11M


phone Panama -rous

Hant & Dunn

- AF -

--wm a biyv 00wth

cM'i j!a waPjuc
SPFet AvWeIM *" --1*."


Ptlrs- Shippmm M ve
Phoe 2-2451 2-2562
Learn RMiI at
tihding Jumping ch ep doliy
Sto5 p.m. Phone 3-0279
o* r eby ppeinrmnt.

Sphh Pady Alt

bhun Tomorrow
A water carival and splash
party sponsored by the Gatun
Civic Council in cooperation with
the Physics!. Education and Ree-
reption division will take place at
the Gatun swimming pool, tomor-
row at 7:00 p.m. for all resi-
dents, from grandpa to nunior, of
Gatun and their guests.
The committee headed by Pat
Bailey have worked hard on the
plans for the party and ah exel-
lent water show and a lively time
ar' assured all attending. Punch,
coffee and light refreshments will
served following the events.
The water show will Include the
quabelles in their Hawaiian
sle water ballet starring Linda
unningham, Tish Young, Ra-
hal Radel. Rosalie Radel, Clair
,'ite and Gradcie Argo, comedy
'ring with Bob Goul and R a y-
iad Croft; life saving and water
afety exhibition by Danny George
nn Ernle Rodriguez; and an ex-
dbition of plain and fancy diving
Jules Damial, Terry and Bud-
ySlaughter and Rosalie and Ra-
ln Ridel.
Plans call for a bathing beauty
latest for men only to choose
Mr. Gatun of 1955"; a speed
*4tode'ermie the w o r I d's
oa for the 25 yd. free style,
S end son rce,' a banana
a g race, under water yet; egg
race, candle rac e,
own race, big blow race. a
a r and .daughter wheelbarrow
aea mama and baby race and
for apple.




4th St N. 3

TeL S-1235


SsTeel ., s I
4"hb o July Ae. A J fi.
Jui.. Anrfela ALve. cmd U N

AI TINTIO 1.1. Jl brl.
wmedrs furnished artmants I,
2 bedoeme, et, cold water.
Phoie PaFaqma 1-4941.
FOR ABNT --Frnmihd end un.
furblsed 2 end 4-reom modem
apetmnts. Contoet ALHAM-
Phone 1186 Colon.
FOR RINT--An apartment of
4 roms. ell furnished, for 2 or
3 persons with view to the se.
VIuel $75. Phen 2-0061 or
Ave. "A" No. 2-11. upstairs.
FOR RENT: -Large and com-
fortable apartment, above house
I3-A, Frencisce Files Street. In-
quire nat dorr.
FOR RINT: Modern upert-
mint: two bedronsi, living and
dining room, p or h. kitchen,
maid's rom, uMrage. For further
infermntion plase call 3-4946
or 3-4282 Paname.
r FOR RENT&- Furnished apre-
mont, living r mm, dining room,
2 bedreems, otve. refrigeerntr,
independent. 43rd Street Ne.
64, uptairs, Bell Vista.


FOR RINT: Clean furnished
rem. Private bathrom and On-
trunce. All modern conveniences.
43rd Street Ne. 13.

Freed Fliers Head
(Cotinued from Page 1)
boarded a bus and were taken
to a specially-prepared, air-con-
ditioned ward at the base hos-
pital. They looked fit but very
Reporters learned the men
spent most of the trip from Hong
Kong to the Philippines "talk.
ing and eating."
They also wrote messages to
be cabled from here to their
relatives and friends.
,Mal. Ralph Bryant. of the Far
East Air Force public informa-
tion office, said the men were
'tree and easy" In mixing and
W -i t o escort officers on
StbM atdtClark Airbase.
Buthe declined to say wheth-
er they discussed any details
of their period of trial and Im-
prisonment on spy charges.
whrthey Inibded at s ask
IAfrk- the men had -oe
t their poeatos for abouT $5i-
I back .pay
The men came through the
&aboo 'Curtain when t h ey
crowed the bridge between Rod
Ohnba and Hoang Kong at 1:57
p.m. With Arnold In the lead and
I umer hobblngt alosg behind.
"lure glad to see you," were
Arnold's first words when he
was welcomed at the frontier by
Lt. Col. Dwighton D. Simpson,
U. 8. Air Force liaison officer at
Hong Kong.

Cub League


Gibraltar ............
Pilots .................
Keystoners ............ 7
Coca Cola .....*........ 4
Las Cumbres .......... 3
Emblem Club .......... 3

M La. @eaeunn
*m I a ri nPla



Agenola internal. do Pubilosalonse,
d Cnmea Ave.
.-.I te ***t


ne asI AsfMU r

FOR SAL!-194 Ford Sftton
Wagen 4-deer, 8 passnge4 ,
excellet conditioen, white HrSe,
redie. Pem* Penima 3-1144,
from 7:30 a." to 4 p.m..
FOR SALE-1954 Super Buick
4-dr., emelleat endmtleo $2150.
PhoIme 4 5233 efter I5 .m.
Qts. 79-. Firt K o .__.

FOR SALEgs-'4 NHudson fear.
door sedein. -yHwnder $350.
Phone 6-752 eveInigs till 9:00,
ell doy Sofurdey.
FOR SALI: 1951 Cbevylet
Coupe. Duty pa, pifet me-
chanical conditlen. AUTOS IIt-
SINMAN. beside Ce Cole
Plant. Phoes .-2616, 2-4966.

sw..n ww s., nns.wn w.
X2lz, 1. CRMTOML. C.z.
Neve yer Ple repo gm-
lted or tuned by HYAMS AND
MO1S, 2-414 Penemw.
Lewm Mhrs. Head and *NH ir-
euler saw shorpened n Ipecial
preMs smaMunes. AOINCIAS
ASOCIASAS. 18.126 Cadle h.
tudlente, between J and K It.
Phomo 2-41160.

FOR SAL!:--Gmen Pae dog.
femtal. Owner leaving. No. 139
Cantrel Ave., rem .r Ask r
B1eille 6enS.

A.s -u+. -

FA -M-maps"
.. N .-IWp'B


FOR SALI -Couch end 2 Chaim
(overstuffed) $125; dining rome
table end 6 chaim (mbegany)
$100; rus (9x12) $25; hihea
ble aui 2 chairs (metal) $12;
3-way floor lemp $7; many mor
items. Phone 6-752 evenings
til 9 p.m.; eHl day Saturdy.

FOR SALE:-Large 25-yetye w-
frigerater, in excellent working
cendito.n, Leaving for the Stets.
WIN sell cheep. Apt. 121-1,.
Pedro Miguel.

FOR SALE--Fantetic Breiainsl
Complete demble beds 63.60,
Dinlng rmem mrs 1.60. Modern
living room set 119.00. Werd-
75.00, Kitchen cmbiets 96.00.
SDesks 36.00, Center tables 15.-
AA L---- -A-. ..A ..- 2 AA0

-I. ttieie 1 cOO Pilow 2.50.
FOR SALE:- 1Und9erw Ctype- Dv.luet d s N. g .Ph one 3 w
4-Gder,e o1,700 miles. r eeelnt writer, ooatelas fma er, 3- s ...I se m.00. P olo 2.50.
S-ply tiro p er etnd rg lea my*4 resrL plover. $o-X Aberefroer, kit ichh-
perfect ondltien, $400. *Moreno Avenue, lba. 2- n : .b-bds.-etc.-Immediae
nSo n ng'tahd e' efeendan. tt ndetverey with isl monthly pay-
82F 3168I- ths 12-IC ... 4- a -on amount. N c-srmner. HOUSE-
ro'- You# Prad e HOLe tXCHAN.ri National
lFO. ALE: -19 Chevroel e Ave No. 1. Phke 3-4911.
ConverulMe. mteelhleuT condition UTir AlbrLk qe 220-le
nS7S Call Diable 2-4130. (Ctontiued from Page.1) MUSTS -IdMo er lO p ling
_4-strind slid mahogany living
FOR SALE, -- 1 2Shanon- the defendant, mumbled several mom st consistingof 3-pice
e- F- '-8. r"i ...w/. tihmea. "May God have mercy on action l ete., 2 E ml 4121.
Iseo ateveitaftta rw. .myF SOUL" pleaform rocker, chmer tabin
,iwANTED bo2 tiered coffee table and ,b2 mutchl-
Si. In confining the defendant to ins tiered and tb es with mC s-n
FOR SALI:-1946 CediNla 4. a four-month Jail sentence, sine com4pertmenNs. N2 w o-dl-
done sedan, fully eoqpped, hy. JudGe Outhrie F. Crowe said he tion. ResonAebl. Romin tn
dramatic, n ew batter y, oeed too ad read the publicity con- portable typwritaer, excellent
tires. exetmi flly olern and cerntg a certain point of view condition. Qt. 310-A Ft. Clay-
rady to *, .$59 Mr. Irehin., Qf people who think they are be- ton. 87-4239.
No. 4 Inhble Mwwkwe II Can. ing fIlsely arrested.
S.P he -.... FOR SALE: Five uphelsered
-- The judge said he felt there chirs-. Albk quarters 220-A.
FOR SALIE190T Moris M was a great deal of "misinfor- Phoe 2290.,
ner CS-A-L I- 1 .. erri$.p mation" belng disseminated. FOR SALE:-E-y washing m.-
Babee 4121. rhis court. through many c1ine, 2 yea s ,. 0-cycle
--.years experience in' police $125 Phone. Balbo 4121.
r.ork, has the view that resist- FOR SALE:--/Mogany dining
WANTED.g .rr.estof a polie room set:8chai, table.buffet
Sterrib wrong. They are plac- and chine clout. Cell Curundo'
Mimeellaneous ed on. the street at dangerous 34135. HewneNo. 2113-C.
BUSINESS location for retail theald gstted.ehfer are FOR SAlE-Bedroom at, Sins-
trs Any esMobl eprposi- entitled to have the Ivil co- o rewing mchin, piano. *xcel-

buiin considered. Write Bu
827 Pname.

WANTlt fa .umiM. -
sised plene. iolmM.u. A
brook 3211.

urowe aaaea m[aUt a m u wnIu
is being arrested has adequate
means for appealing that ar-
rest, but "hi has WIh t6're-
slaist the arrest byW fe.
"His offense murs ae punish-
ed, not condoned

"A picture to gratify all types of.
people in all kids of theatres."
-Motion Pkture Daily
Openis iext Wednesday at the
CENTRAL Theatre!


*4 -~


Pan Canal Pllots

Bonner Hkdley
Tom Hadley ..
Jim Potter ....
Charles Rowan ..
Jim Rowan ..
John Fitzgerald ..
Harry Foster ....
Emblem C




S: -^..:-,

*.,. -

V ... .

fg ft p t
9 0 1 is

..3 0 2 4
..0 a 02 1
0 0 0
..0 0 0 0

14 0 8 28

.ay Caldwell .. ....4 2
ichard Morris .. 0 0
ames 8lice ..... 1 2
eorge Inttaerald 0 0
obert Mikullch .. 0 0
obert Rathgaber .. 6 4
Totals 118
Seere By Quarters
6-4, 14-14, 24-20, 28-30
The victory starved fm
lub-paued by Robelrt ath
nd Ray Ca dwell natche
Ieterv from the league le
an Canal Pilots in the h
seconds ol the ball mie.
be score td2-2n th
el up md down. the
rbilUe 57 Aondm slowly t
by. With seconds remn
a gr-a s the ball
St0 f nat tr whte
-alu ime while the
++. e -.-- t-.-r. -

.. .-. A r.-&. +:
... .T'. .- _.
. +..=+

1 1(
0 4
0 4

0 0
0 0 The tarival of "Marty," at the "Central" Theatre, next
1 1s Wednesay, marks a new era in motion picture in several
aspects. A successful TV writer, Paddy Chayefaky, makes
2 30 his movie writing debut not merely a success but an ob-
jet leison to the industry. A TV director, Delbert Mann,
first movie a contender for top awards in the new field
of competition. A cast headed by two little known support-
ins players. Ernest Bqrgnine and Betsy Blair, and com-
nblem lta with TV yeri, gives performancee-that could not
gaber bOUett bY rndo and Kelly. And the Harold HRtbt-
*d a Brt Lacasuter producing company, after making its way
adinx with commercial and action successes, now enters big-
last time. world competition for the best.
With Make no mistake about' "Marty," a picture so eter-
teamns tainit you might not consider it art. this Is realims
floor cutting down to a basic Broax patois no one has reproduc-
ticked e half as well on the screen, or anywhere else. i is not
._ the comedy of farce, slapstick; or dialect. It is the real
and thin, with humor where you find It. intended or unintem-
lanw Ulona. And it has a big heart, and understanding,
win-T Fundamentally this Is the love story of the unloved
qf and unlovely, of people you might have considered un-
lovable unit this picture told you better. It is a of
f tfrk Ckit y's.crowded streets, not in wll-publzesd
Sl but under a subway that's become an elevated
So outskirts. It's a story of dance hulls, of taetelera
,- to decide what to do on a Saturday eving. It's a .bachaelor chasing girls, of girls that re "*d
S. ta wnor pushed out of crowded t partoe,
s daughters who want some privacy in their ow
Rss' JsT i ^ ^^i~ tsiM 'W .-r
. . .L J s~r

4'.... -- 0.




SFOR SALE:-9-piece mahogany
dining eem t, practically now,
clever finish: dining table, two
chain arm, four cis isn s ig),.'
buffde, chine clset; 7-place. -
atrenl Plilipln t remeft IvMg
serom MsetI M (3-seter), 2
chairr am. 2 trbles endt, ffee
table. PIMas BalkM 1984 fft w
4I30 p.m.
FOR $ALE! Simmons studio
couch with slip coven, $25.
SPhone ibe- 3791.
FOR SALE:- hetiful wnught
iron sfe, s5-inch foam ru-ber
eat with bo'klier, red f4rirs
covering, SL5; wiron It iken
Africenm camp choir $8. Phone
SAlbrok 2217. Quarts 133-A.
FOR SALE: MWea g wedmr,
excellent condition, 25-cycle,
$80 or bt offer. 2613-C, Co-
phel._______5. .....
FOR SALE:-mbenn e tes (sit-
Stie roo m Mt, 7 pieces. $140.
Old CriMbolt 102S-A. Paraoe 3-
2735. .
FOR SALE: Woln wh e m.
frierator, 9rce. ft., 2-cycek,
excellent condition p$0, Tmle-
phone Gulick B-8S0.

RP-US Treaty
(Continued from age 1)
military personnel. klffuttn im-
mediately. ;

Article 12 Barrin of non-.
I l American employee of USlfeder.
a al agencies who do not live in
the Zone from purchasing in CZ
Scommissarie and poet ezehang-
0 8e. Effective Dec. 31, 196M.
I With reference to the Memor-
I andum of Understanding, the
-. President said the provision for
establishment of a angle wage
S cale on the Zone will require
legislation by the US Congressm.
The abrogation of the "Buy
American Act" in favor of Pan-
lama becomes effective immedi-

The United States will ease
selling ship stores to non-US
government vessels after Dec. 31;
Construction of a bridge across
the Canal at Balboa wil require
US legislation and appropria-
Expanded opportunities for
Panama firms to compete in the
Zone, limitation of importations
purchased for sale in the Zone,
and the obligation of the US to
withdraw from cerln acttvitie
after Panama pove Itself able
to take- ar of them, .becomes
effecuve a once.
a tons which
coma effectie at onee, are tq

m"w LMM w :i ~-.- -0
I'M n.~Ee r4t n

WAiNTt -- buerenied cot
fw g em f.i4. 44th Street
No. 14.
WANTIr- at moa. Br6s
nfetrewN ae. aiway. Altee
Nteir. t I .ee 26.

* 4 .

. ". v .,


ReI Estlt

Ed.,. "The Imput"d
Cathedral Pis, Poe.s.n
phone 2-0857?. .

FOR SAL-HMee e nd let !a
Soats Clara. More in 1 $10.
PIheo 6-7S2 veaIs tlI t:001 i
all day Soturday.

7t UTeAoS. OM mile
.~, .~; rt e.,Ponem "

WANTID: -- Relldes -. ---
speuag maid, onpurienfl Usa Cal Of MauM
tonen,, meing d Ed .l Oca.nss edl C e. ,-
$30 Caisro- Cum a llAHa urn -f
Heo a. Ap1t*7 4 IS 7. unIiin vn ums
Siema t r I w to Pesvin a
"ml R- UiIh' Set cal e hh RunniI A aik
w r/rkr n C offugee M edi m e v enl mn t ee j / .. W"n i' -
WANI mI e rates. Phone mbeM WASHINGTON, Aug. 5 (UP) -
HOUse President Elsenhower touched off
_- ---___---- /_new political speculation tday by
RESPOmNM T Uyee Ar rD CAIT telling a group of Ohio Mpubli-
phe dedLe vaetle questers r I JML& cans that no man ever has reach*
fist w f S eon. Tel- Boat &-- otor ed.the age of 70 in the presiden-
e n Bilbee 2 .4--. oats&M otors Cy.
FOR SALlU-M/V P-190c s- The President will be 65 on Oct.
SmecIel fishing bee, 28' leN. 14. If he ran and was re-elected
9' kbridh, 2' drft. diesel pew- next year, his 70th birthday would
"- ee, end condition. May be fall during his second term.
Iiogll e- at English Pier, Panam.
CotefolMr Lamen, Phone Pan- Mr. Eisenhower's r e mark a
... I- l H> I emm 2-05. were relayed to newsmen by Sen.
S. George Bender (R-0.), a member
ueai g' As -a -- SOUNDS REAUONABLE of the delegation headed by state
W M GOP Chairman Ray Bliss. The
rt Vfe fne rold yoar dme or JACKSON, Miss. -(UP)- Five. group presented th e president
,Rer from ,ev; brain and V year-olr Paula Brock couldn't see with a resolution urging -im to
a 1 eth In n an eicn medcol al,. sense ir registering as a first run for re-election.
dmsovery wbich restoree. youthful grade student. "I'm nervous, and I
ur and vitality quicker th can' or write or spell," she Bender said the President told
ram table tf or.10 explained, "so wpa t's. th Ue of them he has spent his hole life
by an American Doctor. About ong to school?" in an organization in which the
harless and easy -to butter. word "duty" was very important.
ter known to science. it lBut he said he likmd to seqyoung-
on your ads., nerves, U _m ; vital er men brought forward and giv-
ns. bunds sew, pure blood, andr.i H I en oppWtunity in top Job.
or~s o efast that youcan e e An .in top jobs.
feel new body power and vigour. Be- MAHOfANY CABINE'I
cause of is natural action on klan s Bender said the Presieat also
and I rs braip o wern pr hc o told them '"an eropion"take jlace
ow. 0^rouf I mp enl 'e "Y'Chko
Ay Design and Color in the residency. He presumably
And this ir a ull new sband and meant the office wears down the
len t g proved by thoun strength of the occupant.
and a nowvb avilatl e at aUlhemists c 1 -o
ba.tre., Gt V si' _,qudi vee.adb Bener said e still is confident
test. Bl. the bit. qu .. l 1 |..iI.Irah will rann S atBi.


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Of Foiled oldup Spreads Out I s
IW Al f.6 JA1 D -.-0 WEIEUUIO V E
S .l wuB VWSfildtor MN A B.VTFALO. N.Y.. Aug. (CUP)- credited Colhesay with foiling M a sell,'a-dn. 0et u a
.- ... An extensive pole search foTrthe robbery attempt. e' Welu ,u Le. nlar It t n othsoitave
+OtrOD -- 1A-!- Gs fBBr o J James lalemerio, brains" of an "It is Ironic that we are here at. Leg Pals. An.,. L Ir. s kn. .len out OpotoIl
ta" Gu:mys owo #WsUbflou l germs he th*e n uthsin e9ar 1fi
ls obw aer I Guys r Vey abortive $498500 holdup attempt because of one man's courage- _eNumnes .seas .arno w cildm and t bloo. I, .C
it re f a lyathlc r of Brinks, Ii, tronghold. t, Masell ai d. H be uI l Irritated usues.
"A Ithe Beta laf ic st- .To sa spread to Canada today as a should have a different Job. He1 Wron food and drinks, worry, colds ypux a now imported by loadia
.." i.di' an t Sof' sm t J- nla:a is g va ms ot, as sad "He ndsuh o w thereIto no need o anyd
Se 9ide _a some r answering his deseriptlon 14 too brave to be protecting just Or G ew s o uk t th 'o"n i fr a ak n t
rts he h ght to work at It 4ears' 1 c ro Sed the Internatlonal Peace money. d should be protecting powry andsoften may need help to Up ff4I *rod thheClr syrpti
_W Sdrtnt t th a Bridge. Iives which are something yourr rny your rlooad mdtain gu above withDot th bere

told me:' -Ta herself is mlaing the M J 3 SA3 and Sylvester Matellia, 4, of Hospital authorities.e
"It a- risky to de any plc fessoB. s OTH (3) New York-werei apprehended. .Buol-necled and hairy chest-
ture. But I think it's good when o Q Pettinato and Massella sur- ed. Pettlnato concurred with
peoe carn walk out of a theater "How p goet sway wi it 6AK83 lu rendered after being cornered in Masslella's statement that the a
wa to see you again. his in't e rest rs eg *xQ the city's teeming lower-middle sew Yor d merely to bet bthe yth C TAHdITI
S let switch for me. I' go elsel i s au es" NirJde vl. class west side. horses at t Ertie.
the" sho wd@a CUStOMERS ARE
Peoplershafveatec to heiewsamoite cotn l movie-stylrkwe urapprnetnde of the Brinks truck to pickhest-

ure. But I think it ator at a wn a ss Petflnato and el sur- ed, Pettato concur the d receipts
Jmesan walisback out oa thc u heater ew .l .t hIlsrenderedb after being one trump on today's Ina.el took only two of t he six money ,.
oid r 0a lo abseonlThe ~rotr h er a the play B n wD r si ent as he to were ordered streets el for oes s ey thfled e anscenlle of pyprox
ewattos se4 ue y inu t ing to b a sm y y la movietown barbs el nent, but th e of b g t- eee robbery shares after proxmateel y led to t he decision
pbusir mant aacth or ate r Il bled ad bdly eaten ws not at oli.nnocent to he'aes covered witn two ss the situation,
m.e t "Actors shouldn't let themselves a. remote befoe Je F our brains nut." sedtl in garanre o the r inks truck to pic
Crase invested his movie slary be dominte ws a movie qu e 14 Pa felony court omobilyesterday mnal found their bulk and 80- UI
thin oa inds a outside nreseor remas" he uayc. n Ar East trnedout row hrc In an ofbes moa d ter n e to aed at toohe timeofth hodan-
fnd wwo aanasehlf re tat of s Double Pa on reset denorth tal streets preceded the twobrs u a s r $490 0 te roxg m-e
ei who can onthe de lads theto Brad to do a play and was an oble o e indicated to reporters that a- Detective Chief John C. Col-
athmebuck in flieacker a pet. Wlley i Hoywood will the Farleyupshot was that lemedo. alas Jimmy Sheridan ombeck revealed tthey threat en-
laiy casern trbine oas ta lg as n w pa me eed t dwo n a r cin n fst d T on the staheoe e oin "The Ralnnng
ut ofn thtisp at'e m dee trin it e a oha l of bullets and tear gas carried at the tmeruck f thehold-

ringoffs mutathe anfrying to bobricthatt.tioble o return another club le chess when the canditrs c within Solid 14K o
l ataer was being an actor a nd FORT LEONARD WOOD. Mo. East took a erwear silk stocks over their
t trying to run a bar, a restaurant Aug. 5 ter-The fmilies 'bof one trump In today's facen t ook only two of the six money
Cand rain thoroughbreds al atthee pmmersons killed in the flamis ThGa e w e remote, it s h ver ntf tw Gerd ot f n t i b n Bands rer
same time. It was a mistake. A crash o an Ameworrican, like most ilmartner and The eoroea eoro ehod Maeorllo, who admits to have- .
anmovi e career is enough in itself twi ed Co a ited to- mond suit and only a singleton n ent 22 ears n prison nd iced
bering mi e in e t inh to be lads no-st but thand pshce of bei n hdlou.erte robbery ch arr teBa D teve1Chief0JohnwC.eCot-

About rumora n at he lost inthe a b at the pic- bledad badly bente was not tot n leladina Innocent to t herda. lombeckrev l t t 4 95tar
st in emoting, Crale w ined: tims to be edentalend. d dremof spestthe -cdr tatheon indictment when caurti re a'w then wed bein *-

I never lostineret. Y asb At the same titnea off als ofu thei ap-- bueen 1h h

in g al -i ofe o ieon, k" a bye B ycr s .Erday st ane d on i s t t hoo hei r co ur estT ho s aope s- -otnce. -- NtheBntwon
given up the chirping and the whe attemon an iemerency al notice, it would be unsafe I t r A. tn areee ao th for the

record-wax tht goes with it. landing with an engine in defenders to leaasradea aain B l
Busy wt her own Lewman flames on the airstrip of this bi ss wveta uneld ao sub tr.eSine oF Eies lot.-
Pi an'c l ind y eollse y oreotJany r thien,'hopeondi oaaydsut. netta nweasBaeJmrerlowh ofi ede

tyh an'sFirenidgThetertor T los? it right'win and fell m e.hIe lead, wasJpangwottn'nwork,
scree this fa Ja told on a half mle short nto rains laded nd ton th the r ot a anuc e ter .y on dt e
tth e set of "Miracton Theuain": of hickory and-tled fem. dthes gneo Cl ha .in an a

ua"T4 eaniCt reason I mran Capt. R sD.nesAy pubthe ms f spades steady ofte l the c Het KWh fo enrt e
rushing onf to the studiotwo hourwtDet

tord waste I did twe information offl l the e. Sou t h couldn't afford to play usil r e ato ised trv er

with r gCrosby. The fr, t tane rlot.r Cat. Hugh C. famrow of 1o ffrom the dummy ince he
we ang.was a Aaemy award feet aproh. A w seconds spades was When dummy put up i Fo E
a --t t e moreat Binel said. and Barrowd the ten ofidi spades, it was easy fory 1 w m h f
sas mr^ e. it s' h a E as t o ut h hst ar d e at d top iae-
m ohieg aserfer iseno u sh ineIt l tteh onar nit diamond u e sut a nd n l abouist the etb1cX sDen tn2 2l oa s wniso nd o -a wedei n

bon to r fr s t M lto int bd l f t her e E ast toreoturnd tclubr the a ls "t whe r r d o r-ir trk fo t lo st s s t sA the samei twn-ef^-f^ciaso.W.t.cptuedK i'-.... thee"en wt
same tk e. If we was ameis the CAilc ra hioamero ni in.o okthspade-s onhand aw tehar w mthe lt hadmkirskthavre- -l.
y fit c mriso ielo.' se siedadepe to nd i n~d sutand amonly ta voingl ndapa a o l ,p and
us h'ne mo t oi th studrig.o tw hu r s'hree"f 'sp.a des ... S th seo nd tri ck. ahe o he ast annd the et abwsnhd tufr o lidn14 K
sItner a w meson bIacr has' FtheR plaNe cah OO.e y dayl tenn. .Wt hr ore thea en t ght o s toh d e theco yr -he -IBLr
Busyd win" to herheow l mn lp Aesona te tip of thib l ess West could.lead.the s uit.... Sic e'
Prode which, will tu t"Jan Arm instaedatona. Wlesyt waso inggi tod rega dmt t -nn.
Wym a'vsere. sid Theatefo r TV tt i tsIaed right win eand fell lead, planwou'ldn' k 2 snd
screens this I" aJ od nahlfmieorerInorneahWetdecidetrl on de"
Now t' sratmords t weptrkIost int e- d itfor-aton..fweern .ow the rSouthtcouldn't afford.toplay S
with tin ptla -Crotoy.The-first: !tine totCant.iHghed7. know tiloree spdeum.s .sineshe, eeond.t ratOUBLEdYOURntONEY-FREE
thttw san whwasmtdn r dt k re te qnie o A
I 1s mAreSine saide, and Barrw othe ten of shades, itr wthas teas foretbir
;tatge ithi p.lasseding ithat S e ngioera no ndrsuit.
Bostoh o osingLedevelompmemesonthe..i.s t w h ar pturned aclubitossu t *t t nemuc T uhie OusBLEteOSer

the set of "Mirai teThef ist rou": of hickory amnd," tl sed ovines.- Suiarer is. onoraande, an d re rugurned v
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- --- -- -- "y& f&

a' ...i -..-... .
W-'. ,.'.." i -. +a.r:-^ y'-'B'. r.,m.-r- + :-- --.-

' ..-. '.-

..* -. 5-..-' -.:'-- :.- .
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it. j' -+-' .- ..
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.Aj' --

V~mqis 8,4 P.-ladLJ"UOL .4Up0416wssmL"m.
b ,1 u P -",s"o ne w ,. op, -f nj 0 .mW .,M4
.. ._ _.. .... ... ......_ University of Miam ,, where he is
majoring -in economics. Prior to
__w ,rolling at these University of Mia-
xW, he served tfour years In theb
IT t Army. including tours a do-

,sm a

l ,

mLNeved from active duty as a. A aw 4 a"
firA lieutenant in November, 1SM. It.

At Ltake xcursion .".whp' *I11' S
des edida given- last evening O
by tbeuovernor oLthe Canal Mone I H .... l" 4 .. .5" --
b and Ms we John. abod t 4r rt1 held it ci cy tt e. S let .
u an e onas ea mrake. ,ro e. e a t o officers' Club. fox o e (arrivedA ti A'telcanam,. t
Gean ] ale..Hono bled w h o officers who asre attending th e- CARleB pl II e1 or :. ort irlSt II
d0 MtoaLncsle k t hN e ir* -t.In the Coeelving llie al: ft r t left W5 t
are Iav Aug.Ds20 ton. Re and.B. Shrla r. Jr., USARCAR Sthoam e .etrY; PWt 'e
M omr o a the o outgoing Camp- .'John J. Davis, Commandant,. UlAe CAR 's Mrs. -, a we a
ra bler o the Pnua ni Canal DaiE Brig. en. V. X.i Laidlaw.o C-h e of starr,o U a mU ... Wt
ri o a of nhser e a r sie Mrs. YL iw; and Lt. Col. Frank E Favreau, Assistant Co- I wl b. a I, a
with U.. Sr Post Office epa-- m ilant, USARCARIB School, who aq welcoin it fm Wine br a i
...t n the national"capital. loento rlflt: CaT-us Vade, Capt.J tafO t'rllt:Cag" Lis ald, C1t"i.,nolq

University, who is givin a series nt y for the next two weeks. his new station In Orland, Flor. as a 35from an an.e, p kn meet. ur _mt thu. ti Senior. .-.-
BI GEN..NR M E AP Sof lectures a' Panama University -E da. were honored on Weaneesday a it today forced rescue work- a Ran if 'senoScouts must ieleot. O thl ba eir
F DAUG ER' Won the o ins, development and Brownlow Return evening at a small supper party era to .abndon 25 melt m n attend," t-tnd Mrs. tYhle eaui peta. a Scb.tlhgq aq
future of emo racy in the United To Make Home given y Mr. and Mrs. Junlo Bsr. An e co Uh ne explosion Whltmere, leniorF Roua dup tions.
ates, as honored, with Mrs. In Panama ity ceno of Golf Heghts. death toll stood at 41...-
Manchester, at cocktails last eve- o. aid Mrs. E. G. DBrownlow, Rescue workers gave up ", 4- will ans" t al .esti
former residents of Panama have Splash Party Brirnga hour effort to mln h the aboui- t who what, h en and
Hosts were Mr. and Mrs. Jerry returned to the capital city to Carnlvl irit pemeni Am it ofealals wAre "o Rt.e n Roundup at the Se- .t-
ml*t n^R. James of San Francisco de la make their home.T b.ey are strop- To Gainm P "ool was no longer an y hope r IRet- .." Mr. Wh.tmore
Caletas. The Cultural Aifairs ng oping forf the time being a Hotel Res i e nts of Gatun and thlor iothat the missing men cfrould ben t te, .1 W
fleer of sthe United Statues Enibas- Fiv Panama. guests will gather at the swim- broue tt out d ive
sy and his wife invited a small M -. Brownlow is connected with wing pool tomorrow evening Lot a The fire followed a dust Iex- ,he Canal Zone Girl scout
group of educators and friends toUthe General Elect ir Company. water carnival and splash party. ploslq ,Wednesdy that sent Council. plab to send a "pa- iI
meet the Manchester .I The Gatun Civic Council dream. shock waves through the entire trl" t grls to aend
Dr. Manchest er is o ai le t New York Times e.d up the vent in collaborate e shaft and tunnel system of the t eRoundp e schedule toefl
SMiaitour oFa a number o Lce eln n ting Amer- forresiden s t Here w P m Wu p uith oe rnals r i cai Ed hua-pa o tan buch tetr,-a, nd w, J Iay 11, 1950m. t dd "
n E olemran countries under the USIS ro- Mr. Paul Kennedy, chief of the ion and Recreation Dvision. lled 1 men outright ,
r.. Metof his lectures are deo New York Times bureau in Mex- Mr. GatuDn of ol55"-will be ohoe- It wasl Wet Germany's byf Thus girls ou lp b t et i
Miss ally Ann Morse ivered in Spanish. Is o City, was a visitor in the ca- en from a lineup of Gatun huskies, a u worst put-wsar mine disn- members o gas senior b tm e
B.IG....... A hd MS MOR E REEA PASe Co Though history is his basic sub- ital cit this week, stopping at Fathers and sons, mammas anid r FIve years ago, 79 men were tr 14 years of ae ant over' I
.RI. GuE. D AU G RS. W MORSE D nd PTM s Bject, he is presently dean of un- hotel E Panama. babies, fathers and daughters and killed In a disaster In a neigh-
FOr DAUGHTER'S W eDDING IN SEPTEME tdergraduate studies at Duke Uhi- Re left this morning for S a n several other assorted teams will born s tunnel of the same mine. .
Bri Gen and Mrs. Winslow C. Morse of the lost of varsity in DurhaI, N. C. Jose, C ta Rice. competeven the freeteor-all swim- Ater the eposln, 56 miners -ALE O TAILS i
Quarry Heights announce the engae.ment of their daughter, Dri. ng,,-,-ter pCol-ad",, Of welngs sit event. hs headed the eom- re broughthem in seroust cot lt l, PIT'SFIELD. Mass. (UPi -
bMr tno. too M rl. hrbe yoal P am onow r a t e tary Clab D- e Here Tody mi tee in charge anad w al present Sixteena of the dead alrea n Less than four hours after John
M T.he. Paw dKingmel, I.shedldctoa ke. place.on p.. t Mako a nick retranisla)onr! Dr Carls Vlave es Minister group of swimmers in special e- removed before heat and gas Foster reported to polie that
TEglin ArW rce an ieshded to ake pines on Sept, 7 -r end couensatu into English of of thq Treasury of Colombia, is' vents. drove rescue workers from the dgsP had bitten off his cow's tall,
S' veral of the lectures h is givdue herk from Bogota today ac- In he water show there ill be mine. Fred Shller rooted that an an
Mrs. Morse plan to depart in Florida and to attend the wed ing in Spah at Panama Univer- com ied b Mr. Manuel Meia, omedy divine Gasain a.nd The 25 still missing were trap- toobile b rs u over ani cttoff
froa the Canal Zone via air in ding.T sity, Dr. Alp Manchester gave a chief t of the Colombian Federation water-safety exhibition, plan and ed 900 yards underground. Res- his opg1s tal."erfa
mid-August to join her daughter Miss Morse recently graduated talk on American history at yes- of Coffee Growers. fancy diving, and' an aquabeles ie na were equipped with oxy-
in Miami, Fla. 'with a BacheloR of Science degree terday's luncheon meeting of After a day's visit they will group putting on a Hawaian sle ges e masks against the deadly
in Economics from the Universityt the Punama Rotary Club. leave for Brazil. ballet, coal gas ut could not cope with
Brig. Gen. Morse will take temof Miami. She is also a 1953 grad- ---- Punch coffee and light refresh- the heat tht melted elevator
poay lav o his duties as As- uat of Stephens Cofllee, Colum-iMrs. Rheney Visits Roth Rn m ments will wind up the evening, able and disintegrated tun-es,
as." nt Cruef of braff, Plans and bis, Mo. Relatives Here .. At esslm a ie. t Bdnel sharins.. JLr--. (U
Operation l Dvision, Headquarters,. Mr. Kimmel attended Juanita Mrs. W. E. Rheney of Home- Major and Mrs. Myron C. Roth Paeheces Entertained Fire crews were working near-
Coribbean C command in Septem. College in Pennsylvania for two Mrs. Adela de Sousa entertained ly 24 hours after the explosionab
beM in order to join Mrs. Morse years and .,s now a senior at the ..,,P a.-_. at her residence in Panama hon to ses off the burning area and .".-
uv w ScATU RD AY 6h oring Miss Tita Pacheco and her smother the fired. iho

midAg tjneM LAST DAY 'tuels, is back in Panama on va- ROCKLAND,.. Me. (UP) --of GrwI'.-
n -,mrai- courtroom apr the fiyst time, it
SR (Continued en t Page )) deve' thtt t brh were no cases

i iA IA. .-LA: d : : A"& i- .":: :


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-hrifty-package. Wh yew
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spot! ..


> fresh!

is sreet and fresh

montasond nond
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at barduiy.
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keeps like
bwMeno other

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at the organ and "Brie the Great" to entertamin
AUfor $.251 .
open NIGHTLY from 8 pn,
Spoke roulette -,, tetel.;
21s (blmkmek) v-
,I :vM"

is mn't~ we~lm

dbsctwl*t. -be ei.m

j -JJ s .. w ,
Awl ..4Mw io

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IN rdtbfmwptifddalialt
-i Li aids qutiSlp
WiT '- : ,a MB a t.-^,

ROUND-The CLOCIt-.mRVIW )n r Wi e*
l-. -.-
S ;- -.: a- '- : ; -...- -



-- I.. l

S.. .- .


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.' "f-



To give New If' W o yowr dfies

_____ _

&w5037, .A.
A i r *
134, RrtASIM




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rilleee_ f Dr. ,uios V=u.

of watrm- herted


cOi$ *fdAOfor tb. Zone.

BFFrNrAM, iL,- (UP) -
Pad .oWS, e.4trr. Mo,,
~rWe tid star
the battUe of Beleau Wood 36



The rescue
ht surgeon

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5PhU. Ea
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* i 2" ,", -' .- -- *: ", *.".. *.a, "*.'i;' *-" '. ",* .~ :*' yS- r' ".,. 3 pl.. J t'-,'
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** -. ** .* ,*- .', ." -. ,.t--... .-L. t .-
; -. .* .'"* -': ,'- '. .* ;r ,^ ^.
,, ,. ^ .- *.' /:. ^^I i tr.
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we know our-

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: : :: :


. .


I -

*ine Mile


Cliviingo Gets

Test Against Escorial,

Fol And Postinovich
-- -- o-

The Stud La Enea's highly rated Chivilingo, a
topnotcher in Chile and more recently in Peru before
being imported for racing here, will get his stiffest
test to date when he tackles a strong field of Class
S'C' imported thoroughbreds tomorrow afternoon in
* the featured $650 one-mile race at Juan Franco race
he 1ii Ch*ilecan-bred chestnut only two local starts. He easily
bore hiis been impress vein his wan his eforut, ast Suveu
o -Y ~ a got up to win oy a eCLi
MAlot T. linilWAV1despite a trrible ride. Jose M. A,
AlonI The rsairw ysi vua rode him In his only two local

S outing.' hi tm ireoVasques
outin -"* i

A.i* II, API

-' ,.,~

~r zr~mjuwo

i-A" r t

S 4-7:-1- .-

- ~' i.-*-'
i ~

SEl ta,"
p i W-PYll

1 -tm ne i
y in tune .1

wil be in the sadade. I
TOURNEY 6ATL9BDAY :Main opposition is expected
TOUN D from ool, a classy racer acitl uranco G radei
The Rdman Glf r"curse will top form. kl galloped to a seven- .
aold as filrt cross country tour- ieugth win hle last tume out and -- -
ftmen this, August.e will b ridden by starring Je .
Members aud thcr guests w h o -yacu" Bravo. v.P. Eer1s Jeakey Wg&COMI WaT
%a'e not igneo up imay do so by| consuerte and Escerial, fifth st Race 'I'" Imp.1V s F Purne 375
calling the lut 3L Msnager at Na-. and sixth respectively in last Frt i "of the Double
.vy 21. The tournament will con- week's Republic of Peru Classic i
slit of 18 holes medal play. Ifor Class B horses, are also rated 1-Tempestad 8. Carvajal l5x--Nothng in
Play s will be permitted to se|i dangerous contenders. They iiire 2-Alabarda .F. Hidalgo 118 -Good early
t"eir present full handicaps. An to improve against this field. 3-Lord Baur L. Giraldo 118 -Rates top
.ry lee of cents wilds be Posuinovich, a consistent racer 4-Grisit H. Ruiz 106 --4ould be
aged to raise funds to help de- which is in good form, could soorei -. Wonder J. Phillips 110 -Dangerous
expe ises of Wes Young and in n upset. This Peruvian-bred s 6iewbrighton B. A nirre 115 -Beat cban<
Am Des Londes while they are ugally not far back at the finish. 7-Valn Darling C. Chave 107-Poor effort
competing in the National Juniori Koseo, Mirztostsa d Goyon- 0-Crown Pear A. Yeaza 113 -Reportedly
amateur Tourney at Columbus,der are the other scheduled star- .--T'rue Blue 0. Prescott 115 -Not agals
Ijeorgia. iters. Lightweight Kiosce rates a
Members who are unable to, good chance as a laimshot while
pate in the tourney but would the strong-finishing Goyonder and 2nd Race '"H Imp. 6% Fga. Purse
Sto help these boys May dos Mirzatos cannot be completely Second BaU e of the Doub
S putting their nation In v rilookeain
sooster Box at the Cubhou4e. This race has all the Ingredents -M-.. oot Igle asl 110 -Ran wellI
izes till be awarded to the win- t Teeth A. Ta 112 -Wjl score
and r'une sr-up; ein addition ,e -or a thrillin finish.Howeve r, it 2- -ier's 'ee m A. Yoga& 113 '--Wil score
er and runner-up; in additioncould turn out to be a easy.vic 3-Dev Maiden J. Bravo 115 --Dagerous
trio spot prizes will be award-.I to for one of the starters. 4-Disgeary H. Ruit 108 -hatea goo
d fat the completion od the tour- -r. f-o ja F. Hidalgo 10o -Noting to
anament. _e --For aoI A. Vique U3S -Showing i
The course will be reserved all t ... T --Ameflan Maid B. AguL 115 -Couad O,
hy r r cors mpeedi e in this Juan fl CO TI PS -aS? A. Gonzale 107T -Hard to b
t4ulfament. IC-oau IL M. Hurley 110 -Rates fair
iTfe Tournament und RHuIleas
Committee hams various t o u r n --
nents planned for the future in- 1-Lord Basur Golden Wonder 3rd Race "I" Imp. 6% Fgs. Purse $37
seiag "Bingo, 3U, Bongo." 3-El Regalo American Maid ONE TWO
fa0Sl or Two ClublTOrney" and 3-Newmnlater Paea..
a "Points tir Pars touriey" plus 4-ColAlei Old Ta5keanway --ario.o VJ. Cato 11 -Nthing in
veral otbers. It id alo planned 5--Redadonlta IBena .S.. V. Cad nS. 15. -NSt hg
to conduct a Caddy Tournament .-Albatroes Bar One (e) -P*e Phillips 108 -Doesn't s
in. the near future. The member" 7-Rlqut Charming Prince' 4---ratustra J. Avla 115 --eportetu
C in show their appreciation tfor .-Moey Maker [peo H ieorse -Newmlunter A. YeaC 107-Dangerou,
the hardl work of the committ- i-Thitingo Vuleanliado I6-(ourFlacy B. aes aU x-Should be
by participating in these tourna 10-Fol Postinovlch 7-(Rosario B. Aguirre 110 -Good earl
Meens. -11-Nacho Rabiblanco1; -








All Colors in Flat Semigloss
and High Gloss

Quality Service Guarantee

M-I General Paint Corporation, Inc.

Phones 2-1801-2-1895

Opposite Soolial Security Bldg.


4P 1i in I

'Adventures of Baiaba'

nut LaSiwTORan 8twi
am4iiv *xsUaow aot,

i;15 t: ICSiSTOaAIr


?Anron I

8:15 7:5

-.-'.a. *a- .A -
-E -

154 h.

d Etries

Pool Closes 1

close up
ce in mud
t An last
t these


Pool Closes

in last
in mud
i chance
re again
beat here

Pool Closes

a months
eats these
em likely
y "ready"
close up
y speed

4th RRace Natives 4 F. Purse,$75 Peool

1-Plol J. Reyes 113 -Depends on start
2-Avivato H. Rule 109 -Rates chance here
3-La Naclon S. Carvajal 10x-Blazing early speed
4-.Vlllareal E. Ortega 108 -Dangerous contender
5-Asegur.da F. Hdalgo 105 -UsuaUp fractious
6-White Fleet C. Chves 18ox-Noi to Indicate
7-College Girl B. Baes 100x-Win l it out
8-Takeaway A. Yeasa 114 -Good early speed
3-J-oe de La Crus A. on. 117x-Rates outside chance
ll 9 DA % -

ow mo "esC and 1
1-Don Granu
S-Sterra -Veluds
--Redondfta A

the b


A CuT.oA Ct \a g

SConnections After 1955
20-1 ***.
10-1 WASHINGTON (UP) tators. This accident shocked the
2-1 American Automobile Assoolation world and stirred up public opi-
4-1 has decided to Sever all connee- non against racing.
3-1 tion with auto racine after thls 2. "T e tendency of juries to
3-1 year and withdraw its sanction give very excessive damage a-
15-1 from all contents including the 500..yards" to persons injured in. rae-
5-1 aille Memorial Day classic a1-t 1 ag accidents, Harrington a a id
30-1 dianapolis. this has made it Impossible to ob-
This was disclosed Wednesday tain 'adequate" liability i-nasur-
by Col. Arthur Harrington, chafr. ace for race spo sors.
1:15 man of the AAA contest board, A Higt id the AAA will
who said the new policy was &- cabde fur the rest of the ~r-
-dopted by the astsociation's eeeu-.. reat racing seqon, which end
5-1 vd committee. He told reo rt-r, eoposaor
5-1 er he was notified of the docke and te rive rating points to Gen-
-1 Tuesday night. petoag d verp.
10-1 He said AAA decision to 'pull There are still several AAA-
15-1 out entirely" from the racing sponsored 100-mile races on t h a
2-1 field was prompted by two calendar for this year he said.
2-1 thns: Ie said he personally still be-
3* 1. The disastrous accident at Le levns that auto racing cam make
Mans. Frances, earlier this year, "very worthwhile" contributions
1:45 where a racing car went out of to the development of beer and
control and killed scores of bpec-safr cars.

SKobbe Regains Service Cage
3-1 .*
3-1. J A A*I -*

Closes *:20

r Natives 7 F.Pure t35 Pool Closes
B. Baeaa ilox-Showing tmptwement
I C. Lino 1 -Racing to best form
SVasouesI -Coul win again
. Pita l 0x5-Early speed only
J. Bravo 115--Depends d start




th e "" Lm F Pur Peel Close 3:35,
I R~~f thef Dlouble

1-mpire Magic Qrtega 10 -Plenty early foot
- gnia B. Agle 108 -Much too slow
- era 0. do Leon IQOx -Returns from- layoff
4-Albatros A. Yeass 1 -Shouldn't mias here
5-Snpagdrir PJ.phfllps -Rates outside chance
-tar One I. Crstan 113 -Dangerous contender
7-(Pomplo Jx Bravo 115 -Will fight It out

. 1 .

7ha Rat e Ip.r n. Pare o60
900lod B of the Double

1-Merry Sulipper LeOtral. 110 -Improving O-
2-C. Prince A. Yea 115 -Back in abet
3-Pllno J. Bravo 115 .-Jokey will -e
4--quL b R. Vasques 118 RS aiging top 4
5-Farl~yable F. Hidalgo 106 -UsUalI c e-
6-G"a pot A. Vasques 118 -Dangerous a
7-D. Duelist C. Cban 112x-Not against As
8-Granero J. Phllps 110 -Longsot
9-Amat A. Reyes R. 105x-Womld pay off
10-Lady Martha R. Cris 113 -Distance toil

sth aee "speelal" Imp. 7 Fga. Purse Ws

Poee ClawM 1s

LOop Leaas AS A!ry A tIiC

Upsets Fort Clayton 91'-88
,- 0., 1,c~t

Won Lost Pot.
Fort Kobbe ...... 14 2 .875
Fort Clayton ..... 13 3 .813
m Atlantic ... 10 6 .625
TAST, n W 8,1, SULTS
My Atlat l91, .CyMon 8
$ KobbeM__.'rj2oojr
Army Atlatao at Fort obbe
Troopers at ft Clayton
Army Atlantla threw a thunder-
blt Into Fort unyml ahtAnion.

r Go-,

1-Cascador V. Castillo 115 -Rates fair chance 1
2-Oromurito M. Hurley 115 -Net ready .15
3-Mogey Maker J. Bravo 115 -Another mure .g ev
4-Lantero J. Chuna 115 -la ; litn e 4t M:
5-Armandor .,V asques 116 -Rates neat bet ..1|4
6-Fuerte A. VUte 115 -Could S
7-Tcl'a B. .115. .-tfl a L,
6--esft~ I, da o"XZ4- loa-"
--flpoecrates A. V o 114 -Could 1 rll U l l 1
O--VautIgal L. oha0 110 -Good e OVRl'W ,
th atee "G" Imp. Is Purmse MI a-e 1w.Il
1-Dlstlngo L. Giraldo 114 -Meets sti
2-Uaeachada V. Castillo 113 -Could inme
3-Tiama A. Ctlstan 112 -r Lou "
4-Nesaoife m ta110
5-Eric A. Vasque 114 uder V
6-0. Dane. DM i HIula in -mhpre1stvg- e I -
3-'"cpllci"o R. Va.quea 113 -q i* .- e m"
W-(Remero o.* i 108 eenI
..* *--- I .*--i C...

lth Race "C" Imp 1 Mle Parse a
1-Mirtati s A. Yea 118 -
2-Chlvllngo A. Vaegm 113 -T i
5-conurte R. logtIel

7-Essorlal L. OlrSUA
&-Postlnovich F. 2H~1

I-lthb "E" I"Neu i --


0-Il AlffNd.a

.o5 ( CIP?)-The

Kobbe, which whipped Clayton
Monday night to ter te Cavae ras
for first place, now leads by c0a
game with home court tests with
Army Atlantic and Clayton re
maining for the last week of
TIe Ulyton-at Kobbe eqtest
pext Thursday had been uted as
Sir but now
,t .iet. up for a fl t t.
A hiding, gets by

ayton apparently dashed any
ahances oftUe Bushm asters]
springg ea Upset by changing I.n
S*a 22-9 lead at the end:of the
first quarter and increasing that
to 4742 at halftime. But the home
team reared up for 31 points in
the third quarter while holding
ClaytB to ir-points to trail only
W enteri he final 10 mmutes.]
TaxYarbrough, Ed Nann, and
Del "utey pced t h i s assault,
combining for 23 points. a Yar-
brough ut AA ahead for the first
time at the start of the third
quarters, 6S4, when he scored on
a fast break.
Lan Powers retaliated for the
Cavaliers but Nann cane right
t -k with a field goal to put the
Bushmasters la front to stay with
Seven minutes left.
The teams were equal In pro-
lductn from the field but- AA
I made 31 of 47 foul shots to 2m o
I -h,_r the visitors to aceat fo


- i'. b
\,.-' ,1-' ^ ; he -

"as "~' 'ot "'i' k1006' Ina& "n- a u'"s ." M w7 po"-

t- g '

Moowe1a uncooperative attitude toward the IBC e.thae mosto
caustic jratuke bys challenger toward the wqmdlonul autherl-
/. al ta l when o"gee Carpentier. l" Jack
Zmpye for the a-l uatb of the Cent Iye's Thirty
Acres In Jersey City, went nto hiding on the MRan aset, .n I.,
eatae of Jack Curley, his maaer.
Tex Riktard had arranged for the Frenchman to work at
Atlantic City but, for a very strong reason, Georges and Cley
wanted no public training d no critical examination by the
boxing writers.
Carpenter weglshed only 188 pounds and really was no match
for Dempsey. Jack proved this when he belted the Orchid Man
out In four rounds.
Another heavyweight challenger who had a mind of hil own
was Gete Tumney. For his firt engagement with Deapsey in
1. the Mrisne trained at Speoajytor, N. T, sad fbinthed up
at Strkuduburl, 1 Pa. ll
"I Ram n tin ho h.tladelphn s for the fight," Tuomt an-
munced, and icrd threw a fit. This was utterly without
precedent. True, It was a fIht of only allutes, but Tez
had vibons of his challenger, and his mUllon-dolar gate, crash-
ing. However, Gemne landed safely and went oB to wrest the
ehsaal.onkhim fnm Jack in their memoratle raIn-soaked 10-
SIn hie way to the title match Tunney knocked out Tommy
Olbbona In New tork in 1925. Gene trained for that one at
Tom Luther's at Saratoga Lake, N. Y.
Richard and Uncle Tom set up a booth for sale of tickets
of admio to the Tunney workouts. Gene ordered t red.
'Wobody ay s es -see qe t(ain," he annou ne Tlj. Wr wblt be
dhys wheon'I mtwo t e 'worth a dhime as a.l i8na Zt dor t want
to have anybody cash in on me under fale pretonaea.

Uncle Tom never recovered from the blow. It conceivably
shortened his J31e.

Dempsey'a.satatoga lake camp for the 133 light with Firpo
'was ..e of the, mtereating yet setu by a heavyweight
champion. Jack w a Oong and frolieaome,'an' a lot of lnugs
happened as he worfil toward his famotes two-rend knot-
out over the Wild Mull o1 the Pampas. It will be recollected
that In the lint beat Luls draped Jack over, a reporters type-
Paul Gamlieo. then sports editor of the News, came up to
Dempey's camo with a brilliant idea for a 'story. He would
box with the champion and write about bhltre ctio..
Lee Flynn, who- was ready to get a uowpaspenman tato
trouble any old time, told Dempsey that yoang eywilat
had come to camp with ambitious to death .the ehan in off-
guard and dump hiLn. The "yoMg hBeayw.etlht," of -n
was Galileo. Jack hung se on Pad's Whlket very qikly. I
do not recollect that he was able to'write ,bout It that .
One of the daffiest camps conducted by a challenger was
the Long Branch, N. J., menage of British Tommy Parr -ft his
1837 fight-with Joe LouiS. '
As thiins turned out, Tommy went the 1S.rouxs and. made
a very creditable showing. But In traibinng e wasa about
the wornt. The authors covering the ea lD devoted Fbenmelve
to the bizarre byplay rather than the daily. workou"f of the
oid miner.
r. One of the stars of the show was an Eglish chef whfm
Parr bad borrowed from the Waldorf. Coekle pun0he4 the big
br half &M hour every afternoon. Only'he d= awo 0a abag.
He walloped away at a big ham, which was spended irom the
kitchen cellinx by a clothes line.

r- "sonB -Ild



S7f -

ito busbrranll


,,, ..J

.- '- ., ., *




I -- 7' ,-,,.,C.

~' r


. F ..;.. l ,Tl, .,L.A l .
* 1W' .' : ,..

.> -Vt

., ,. ....-.,. .
--. SSS"
i?-_ '.*

_e'to glo

.ia I i -_0 e i .... .
Maie a. lH lig,.e ...

queu iasar jn a a ttae a .. am. ......
udaw~ae *paw At we vie e ila BS& ......
easus"'o i ai m ,pe d O ear ......
n .se aa ofs aa, os.k .. ...
)sa.... nw..J S ihASS 5 .'. on.. t'_. W ...&. .
4tfl-uae 544.4 -,gs m..uq 't5s.Iu. .. .. ..
Aiie isu, irwsv N aoL

3emaU 4 asnw. M a a% yua wea, b Mor s
Wu ui ae l S ass mjesm Wildcat

a "i 'S dofne o u.. W. ... wa '. ..
sa cr seer ulwe 00a .... Flt e. .. .. .. .
aSamlS MLS e a a a, LO, .t ...s Total
wesaer, was uie I oa t t elUlxi. 'M oIa ... M .
young paslya. g hli. ggmp n orr- .
isivei us efvy nag searse. dw- .. T otals
am u w tae an a ass ataet, u Beore golg, into the armed
g ou geas u a h nise b.a.form i laite July of 1, wo Wolveres (
aa uwseas 'n snonW amIAab& 1o0lhle losing 1 for tS oneb.
guaranty 0a ,w w 't ".s t o, a tM have ,been 1.v RI.Rassece
.PUMA u ea ta ro u. freol Higg.ns,.."and hi adWebb
.U- 5ne-tFrank stuck around he probably BMabler
asum, a a u iome. ark would have iven Verb Sere rie .
s-- Ms iav real strikeon record to shoot t
ue auesaRgp wotm, s an.4u.w a He beat a good Toledo club four niI
u a.sV i ***nS-*Ma -- taes"..." tReynolds.. .
** zews wegneA AA, pounIsI
uaigi m tove suI **M. e.e -. l Frank Bauma ist so good that ls
S t-.., aw." U W a. Mw W &.atuthis ear ly sta Mike UWeni To tals
aai, uplse usi* as iu.a expects hisl to figul prol entiy a.g.."
U &er# orm. u4 IS L eto D uon-au01ut.t.ndl. .youmgpftching ,s,-,--t.....
"A-' watLg o.a i awo ta t&f ag ea itmW Wo t ie tway .--
".at JgOj l, ia a'as, Serodes swag. le"

a ea.A a,-* na as unHatI.. s, u -**

. +a.u..-'a" is s i. o W YORK AU Ai(Ut' -
146%, as s 4rUnGJVV un. uS '
"BA t i a a 1 ea .. ba. A ge ,S. rTotals i
lice. 35 s. s e.y, W*ba MOr m
;, iL u-1 ou ust -. e With the two top
W i s .0" w'N o up elus et ag te e ain there is now
kheo waiu#an Uas tie for first place. T
l. "s L"'"t u NeX NW YORKAugs ha A(UP)-The berate Wolverinesi
W4.. in ussa Nnaae % W *"** uflCuban Sugar kings ran their lat te t quarter
r'.4M uM'und sadCMVs, m oct winning streak to 11 by whi1 I straight win.
iu .-e uin*** ia the Columnbus Jets t twice NsaigtI Uw
Sb...u ,l. dar on u.w" Thursday lgt and were only twoI i
L. -- *ja*s*.- ** ba* *f Plaerak f setting t
(. s,-*lib ~*.asuu A ftuhn pWU. *t C am lDc t..e spo le i n- '
." le ,a la 5. ternational. a e -race today,
it s h. z,
a.,abS. ..w..Ada --- I Connie Marrero, who claims to CAMS W L1
""O*D& be4 0oyears oldbut is believed toV
at,- "busUub &&e a little older, et the Jets MAJOR LUE
S- down o Jun st o ie hit in the ise., l UNIfTiD
.,u.i thalt i, .t u M U ond ame for a 1-0 victory after
bu, "a, w L t,. in the uar Kings had routed Co-, basedd on 50 offia
,,., s ,.. s aLi. Sb.Oub. A lumbus e9.0,n Pit Scantlebury'sa lAN
,,.-, as .....,o -,- ou"-bitter n the opener. The vie- 1 .
...,., ,e. "ttory was Marrero's seventh of the NATIONAL-L
i .... ,oer ar o --"e aM* year against two defeated. I
Was.-. -----. e ---- |e n Player sad by N1
Is o iis Me Pluyer aM dW d Lub I
sa usj a a asymi,, I e Dick Kryhoski spoiled Ms c'nella, akln. 3831
L" .-.. "A "*-.u.-- C'.' rrere's bid for a nso hitter will s hbur, Phi. 101 Sa
veb *a --H... s ,a a* clean single in the seventh ~- 'o t Cin. 107 4
1 u, i> "&' Tornt ., --,a 5 hV. -
&a1f. &% ....-- w n"" aIng. The hugar Kings scored Ihct nider, Bkh 104 38
u..Ait Un u 4 U ,,e-ei only run of the second game i Clus'ski, Cn. 106 41
S .I.. t- the ninth. ining i single by Ni.
ItAAs ne1 a-.-.,ea a-,--. uL.L-M;no tpcalera and Pompeyo Dave- AMl t .N L
aau,.uias ols, 4i SSS ut, and two wild pitches.
tESt .- e Ja Al .. ,,a e, wc-- -aline. Do. 104 41
nm wanee zbLon'., aaus lu mI Toronto whipped Rochester, 9-3 Cuenn,I Det. 96 41
anomer outing, aatuwnann wOuO ana Richmon downedSyraes miLth, Cleve. 106 4
Swis a recor.. 11-3, in other games. The Mon ,'owir,, KC o. 1 40.
wasn't wbld," he r ec aI1. real at Buffalo ame was post cell, hicago 88 29
$%kMy just hit.M pe." poned because orrain.
I unmaK lU

.. ~- a -- .
Tums w L Pat. OG TEAMs w L Pet. oA
Boolyn .....34 3S .-92 -IC o...... .806 -
l sae ... 48 .467 15% Cleverand ....64 42 .004 -
|f ;., t 5 17%' New ork ....6T 3 U, 44I 1
.SSh & .M "^._M2% Beetop ....... a 44 ,8( 2
igo ...... 68 68 .477 23 Deroit .......7 48 .4h 6k
:ClaSut ...60 67 .47 246 KaniClty ..44 6a .411 20l'
"at.. 46 6 A4126 Washligton ..36 69 .S43 %
Pittbargh .40.6 .64 35 .33 72 31r 80 o
rooklyn atChicago Chicago at Bal t N)
New York t aGincinati (N) Clevelan at (-N)
P hiela at St. Louls (N) Detrtt at New I t1)
Ptbg at Imlwspe (N Kansas Clty at- Boston (N)

o .oi u 2. Chicago 028000100-- 7 0
44Itt 40 11 S BRoI 1"1211 0s-7 14 01
S, Erskir. Pierce (7-8)., Co uegra, Fpr-
anu la -dles and Lollar, MO
"i=: _,_ paine, Nixon (11-6), Kinder and 2
iohnfit:-"..(4-4), ianb aUd Vhif..

326s- 4 8-0.- it'1
-.16) and P&a .-
r (9), N(7-ll rdK (-0). SturdvaMt'

JrSUnhra s)amlat owooi .u oF
w M 1altat "i-01O N : -
)1 A5o,) -o, e ft
2-0), 5 -45m0 a"

do0 iWflMmstae 040.1 I-43 ,+I
St. TAil iu Nre, G S i er. st- -
_- n '- i, erm and 5 '., t- ]
K'. .* .trfim a tby, iStabs 7 it p
lJi.gL ", y, S .. t* -* |

4age 1

whJutwhteftat at

Won a 2ot of the o a
....6 5 ce X theo y have won ?2
o.... 6 5 gamen and 18- Nowlook hc
..... 5 wh t the ter pennae hslpe-
..... 4 7 ftlis'haie wdonoe Win, fo-ae
eriod: Boaton has traveled at;
Rome) 14 f atstetnd. paa 20 wins
We pf t and nine loears.e al d 0 al-
..11 5 2 27 meet as hot at 20-11 and Chlea-
0 O 0 0 0 go. o top by e etwo perenton
2 0 0 4 ooints, as 20-41. Detrots pace -is
..0 0 2 0 19-13- t
..5 3 3 13 Drine their prolonged slump
. 1 3 3 the Yankees were 0-3 against
..2 0 1 4 the Tigers. who come infor' s
fgf three-ame Wseries. totl i -3
21 9 14 51 against the Intdian, against-

.. 1. 0 0 0H2 .. 6 4 0
4 2 2 10Rochester. .55
:: : 2 3 O .
5 0 1 10B League
24 15 11 63 a w
g ft pf t W. OL Pct. GBI
6 2 3 141 Toronto 71 4 .607
0.. 0 1 Montreal. 67 45 .98 1%
S0 0 0 'Havana .. 69 48 .500 2
0 9 4 2 Rochester 57 5 .401 13
3 1 h Syracuse. 55 01 .474 15
9 2 2 20 .Columbus. 51 .436 20
1 0 1 2 Buffalo .. 49 17 .422 21%
SRichmond 45 73 .385 26
19 6 12 44 --
o 0 1 OtColumbus 000n00040-4 4 3
.. 0 0 Havana 710 100 -9 8 0
6 1 4 3 loeater, Miller (1). Haa (1)
t2 0 2 l and Lakeman; Scantlebury and
3 2 0 1 Noble. LP--Sleater. HR-Noble.
i2 2e 1 6o yrause ....1 1 0 -.
----- I (Second Game)
15 5 11 35 Columbus 000 000 000-0 1 6
Havana 000 000 001-1 3 0
teams losing Duser and Erautt, Lakeman
a three way (4): Marrero and Noble.
while the deo -yracuse 011 000 010- 8 8 31
pulled away Richmond 020 003 6Ox-11 11 1'
to post their Farrell, Kipper (6),. Peterson
(7) and Heyman. Command (8);
Jordan Volselle (8) and St.
SClaire. A-Jodan. IP-Farrell.
ad. H0R -Ortiz. Clark.
Toronto 102 200 121-9 18 0
Rochester 000 000 012-9 9 1
P eth r Landeck. Heiki (t and o rif-
fin; Ludwi4. Blaylock (4). Kelly
LEADERb () and Rand. WP-Landeck.
PIRESS LP-Ludwig. EHR-Wilson. Jeth-
oi at bats) roe.

ib r hi
0 59 104 .,
8 62 127 .L
i 77 133 .3"
0 92 119 .31
7 75 130 .31'.
0 95 144 .351
0 69 134 .327
7 82 135 .316
5 623 127 .314
6 32 93 .314

Snider, Dodgers ......... 36
Banks, Cubs ............ 36
Klussewski, Redlegs ..... 35
Mays, Olants ........... 34
Mames, Braves ....... 29
Snider, Dodgers ........ 104
EnDns, Philles .......... 88
Banks, Cubs ............. 87
Boone, Tigers ........... 85
:enst., Red Sox ......... 84
Kaline,'Tgers ......... 95
Saider. Dodgers ......... 03
Mantle, Yankees ........ 85
Smith, Indians .......... 82
Mays, Giants ............ 80
iKaline, Tigers .......... 144
Smith, Indians ......... 135
Kuena. Tigers ......... -134
Post, Redlegss ........... 133
(Based on 10 Decisions)
W L Pal
Newcombe, Dodger s 18 1 .9d
Byrne, Yankee-..... 10 2 .82
Donovan,'W.S ..... 13 4 .78
TAWS Dod0ger ...... 9 3 7'
ke, Dodgers .... 10 4 .71,


b 8-68with three runia W341ebghtt

a runso< a th'r ho <. V r margin
Loppt wawa i one gam
t ale th a ona Joe As-
v a 'S holr. Vie p hat
'f e la Werts, t aglea and'a tbube. Davo
osp flea .t wti t atarow .wee Baltore runs.
reRa or@ bruu
W*8 of ths tp th another
victory overimWw 7P3. De- Mon&. rhove In 850s runs
mfai b vL pportunl to totth, tAs rte Aiw r whih
pa -!dt.we, a- *-1 tiledt bhmtot Dukea olderr for
sesein t Wt h flelin ton wh the major -e 0o leg d Mitk-
.E4 jpmt oo his frst amine sie tso homered Chicapo
for :Batimore, 8-i, a ,eaght- amd Dae Lung, Groat,
Aftt. Prank Thoms and 0 0 n

Freese lit Pfttsburgoh hoier.

SBrae Banks, Cbthcao's ncred- Rov Campanella hit a three*
bible -sh rtitop. led a home run run homer and Carl FPrillo a
spree in the National. getting bases empty one in Brooklvn'i
three'for,a total of 36 in an 11- final rallv. Don Zimmer alan had
10 win over the. Pirates in which a Dodgier hpmer while Aobby
there were eluht route clout.. Thomson. Johnny Logan and
The- Dodger nmid Braves each Andy Pafko of Milwaukee all hit
had three- homers in another for the distance.
11-10 triumph. Brooklyn nittinq Cininnnati won Ita' elghtli
over five runs in the ninth to Rame In the last nine and hajd-
win and to 15% eames In front. ed the PHlls their sixth defeat
Cineinnati tonped the Phils 4.3 in the last seven when Bob
and the Cardinals defeated the Thurman singled home the win-
Giants, 3-0. ning run in the eighth. WVail
The homer by Wertz came Post homered for Cincy ant Del
after Gene Wondlingr singled Ennis and Jim OreengroAt hUi
and Al Rosen walked. Rav Nar- Philadelnhia round-tripper& -
leski picked up his seventh vic- Tom Poholaky became thel
tory without a loss In relief of second Ditcher to abut out the
rookie Herb Score. Mickey Man- Giants this season. holding them
tie's ntnth Innin, hnmer was to four hits, striking out four
the only run Narleski yielded, and walking only one.
Jack Jensen batted in four
runs with a trinle. single. and BEEN EVERYTWERE
sacrifice flv ns Boston mnde t
two out of three over Chlcawo. PHILADELPHIA -(NEA)-Saul
Jim Pierspll hit a homer and Rogovin has been with six teams
double and rookie Norm Zaech- since 1949. They are Detoirt, the
In hit a homer as Willard Nix- rhicago White Sox, Cincinnati,
on Pained his 11th viptorv. Havana. Baltimore and now
After Detroit tied the score at Philadelphia.

o. 3. Pevia Ave
PRICES: .80 .34 Shows: 3:00 5:00- 7:00 9:00 p.m.

yy~~~~~y ~ T~f ~&o Uv1

oy -E ncanto .35 .20
e In CinemaScope I
Jane Ruell, n
Plus: -

.- Contit

So IDescout


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Today IbEAL ,0 .1
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sm 1', i', it' for chair..
eNfta Ns-*.
Room"n. Statepats










150.00 .11
14.50 1
39.50 1
73.10 1
14L6 VA
25.60 II

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.g.Gs "Eisenhower On Sovie" kS
thr.ea. rowe Trderedhim .. -..

Waf mani eh WAnHI Aug. 5 (P- reat onideae that athe e thr ad tfie -

bsomeime hom aarh entl s yoom Prealdent Elrenhower rveale Pellow" Ioing t andom* the na Ib N.l -L gin aJdI
d g the n a ilr yr l erda he ered during th and "w hp e a -
m. ad cen the .b enev Bi .Four confer nce te la woul d ae an ppr

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tat ert ettts ib rspdn to a -
Yethe tw o-ar s tene pe cns ilr in tTeel the Prmr edo the dr, aoso mt

S and .romen the ,en o ne rSiere i et r emier NI oal to o t and exuAne o af d SM te here .we gM edA''-
oeIom e j acen o the boer- Grmaen pl.Ban F oneren to m ne wo both dds." p old tht iNthi tr mame .4 1'O-M
beronts o Jupne nte0, Waote 10 r acp a e san dira eio a *a saaeewolnpOR OawaBt OLbVE .bt

,O hig amn the iaonse had sem erdd in Movet The Presldent otem th at tha .stw a mht 'I Simdlr ait a aena waa BUt

of negotralarn too" by the nicr. annce a ta the Praldsntem do ced ue o at a Uited Nations inspextionl tet thp a n l.:aa are with theu MS? ass a came it othe s fagg. ehe West, whe ai tp. ., 'a
let50 wien him as un de d was more reaple Four Genevam in S oscow T r r tMey saw. phoned At po in t ntet Juan

t e y borrowed it for a o i nc. The of execute revealed i tla b'to estondaroud, Canavag o P'l t stay

*qi~l run." they returned the It called for an inspection sys- the Untied States will oneI aeid< t *R a gidag down so feet ormora are belng carsled out to see hr Tired pand dua lted the sat edl dowl* S. hso 4mpanlons
o. y esti eal tatrol aetInc l sld ar uonl l be wt trns ad a .ratu Oafr again -a w t'eAitis wrr evl dorant -heetwkta Ia h eerehis eih u wnb got oI)

whhbtestlfonedt. Jo tlon i roads alnd arforld- o I r oa e Rtm ee i ng In e thet Krohn proved more ta an a schteys to tay. afloat i cas remarked shseen a "big y c. Mateews. Its a a C ityfish
a e d frr dtz.ane e chuar. fo re o e t Nad ou t a n Aru inPction a nieret. nte e mSI tar tks wer es t ipIoath _tf s10o b"- the h" l n ..t c_..
as r n rBes o the tre yn- o mPreside nt Eisenhower ter- -ok v u at rs s en al- bo tunAd oI to. c t.i ko. hm "au esu .o n o "a .e ; | N

igied a dthe wsb n stood to a-v ben co3 to thpe rmiwpns. he war crheiswNola which waus ou f top proe as touriamente awayafishhedidtt O f LatU

c. o er lne ofo thtecials were said to have A plan adopted about two.year* Th e Al nes Ri t t aq U O bo m ha p o a, W were left in. a sack out- become t vay n rced oin o theor inreasin oethe Canal ut J y didn't heest fi, a 's d
gob entrandcen to the caourt- enmcls so the sdos nts c capacity during aock-overhaul m was d d ipear ota trouper. -eor eh hadespeared m Sttotako e Soor tor t
l oeft20,asdot10, r ccept byRussianwasm orae n wr- dFour ealds mem tn. M.cow. ,. al we, onyTne.a. as Ae -' I .h

ssece he, terew soie Bt & bo wh be se b the t wt au haar d hea a ~ees s a d pa las e Oof aIs

p tes y to.n the at- a e for a det na t he Uhntid overhaul of f atun a t saio thao l nea had exe bi g d ar ed o to e tur. e d e e at e ro n bml

e her pi s wer foud t erb thiso wn plan. pe orto.b hed. W#A NOTON: 5(ls taWed A r
n.cotin from the a Boca 19 the, alterations ha bnade The ales haveS f a j a a a ot amed amenh w io a st a e r at .w itbe-
S Center onMat tdhe night of e a d I t i e n the loeks pro that the wall propodalwth the C lA ernva ee a reaw oh oth w creatue->, ea-
eromecburglary. bacg non ren ArI memer coun-e lr ad cydcal alvs es Board to provide be.rough fasta ---"1 gay w.. e .. tm cah e 's s a .'s..I
Spors, can now be overhauled without se thrice between N rew a Nav a lost came up se-

1rts he entered ef butd- mptya eiter of the lothk orked t America by wtah oi p mao f to b it In to the 7a
."lowevbe. osneof, theebglaov. er"n -ori mden t = el thOe t e n"d meno. ut, in Bauboa harbor he lost '"'. ei."io..s

a r"e en s.o o hoe took- a. trob, R6YI e1 'ab iB a olso amL e i. a bt 0 pou ot t A. cht d nb tek. him .. s r, -
as ethe ns, there s.d t sotemnh, it aI h t'onubmitted There they hung t up for Krohn Bt o
uff od. nng chambers unwered nd w by National Arles, Pan Amer- AMBR rance A. 5- t Ick up later t h

I t. si tant their t rrt Mo d pu the time eor filled g and lta n World Airways and Pan A- otf CthocSriest a two e and te other indiver had to aton vice -

Tsa feed n burglry ride WPanama City health w ou a- emptn the lock chambers merican Otnce Airways.w estwd onula- s tyr- two pleas for it. First oft they ?M eW tld US r a sT le n-
tness tfodr o the st und, cw dmh Uitede s w s u n d "Ierd-disarrm hydrogene a Whn eanwtbedethe g st on r Ito Taoposeaaonera
m csn. rtam w is oo to R eaions. -fs to A h i. yt ,uV t. a. sftcmto mths l -.,ftO Aw i
f uvre th e" asm dis cusf sedra t o. h h orsi dle w a s i de nt' Iivous discuss yed a a e dit ed N a io ns st m th t ou d n ,hlt h e s p re -- d ca .i t
si b lng to Jertom use sr anc plan w hen.tfirsan ot a u let wa, aqul s e n t tralugei a Kre and f e X0 ,m. if .
-d wo-- oMa nush A hd l aaln adop tdo ab four te mf b n p b aan gpl te l .-DI Ba, n1n s. ar. p
military..le n.- York Aug. 9,and .asto a;foe ign aTe t* e pl esl fbe esI + ,ot IH ne.s'oo. N ch, .f :, that ym_'._n f m A-ubfor_ DRAle |onJh

borrowed. the c u arfrto rtonean o ffOcald wera es-a tr haaver .. for m hcraanlm he isatel But Je ry didn't hesita t' ., .. .rm ne.m td -nC del s tH
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'an d. T eso re -o ei ea e toish o. "he B -
tp h ey o rod wee t he horsers-- ba ptlaed, te h e c ie, eaors are e amelll Tt" etr Ut a rle .Anr? n .. -
l aand dler s e oed a here" n deveFofug ard o. t t wne e r iee serry hodt E t
h eethe l aoretunlzataI ca m ltl b t wi h ec In hoas e dtieo tatD oIe the te s ualung at some t wwa ae -
,| t bueo W dhe v il as roem o dcontrol age cy woo I dth t & d.ri.. t honihen m oaeeri l In -.heavy..A a o a e a d twcpssatled1 11 t U ., T.--t. wafM and WUF diEev

J er o mOwe ra e b e c kn f o r t h e m na t i o n a n t s iin m e m b e r c h s l Os fs es1 8b % n t a s b -.e.a W c h s l t c m h
e Cne on the ht stage
ofb noT ryhee had le ft Inthe raom.palo p artsrrailway Jpne- canoebis baT terC y e o e c amferatm e w he man a k edme' ups.n a 1'o
tung aes te o~Henra The ,Iwrin.a r i s.a J 1nthoermoa some thad t t e wall propm"o.i R laasn u.Me te orgl e'e *..,i-to t o
deuendaertoadd ydree ntdtheh artiesnplcentoardtitoporsrooid pe r itso on tt ed, a d

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derthe n urg lad t y b.u i nevr- e iidnigtendre noftaheln ockonrao d Sh e uthoetit ..a btaitbyunds...te0

,. 19 as machinist In the earbyarbae tobeou ne on0h1e ai
SDivion. He trans- by a scavenger yesterday morn-le coulvert h mie s s Balboa Coig- 14Admi travB I.
A and lSten a year thlothereCa- fhinC theirbrhakorceUsdOWe
D-vawo her was optratieschod seonpe .stoooh tiowaassaIubIRm i tedrThere thlfey hung Itf up for Krh obn a p n
allegeup ,thegtimefor fillingand _ean. world Aira ys and Pan A- UP)--A ctolel priest and .two lo and the other skindiveral had ra le to e-
d ntl hs retirement tors who proabl arrived at the The A.oc 550k e rmloes Imercan r lce Alrws. tud whe killed yeber- two1 n for it. t oaff t h o e fra oTen
ths hor tice wosith the Locks aonclusl6n halthat body of authe to w hia re Io u locs overe- no alos fr ne p or ior. ee 1 l he fe wtAhe t
e o n the the f santa tiesw eee had betene butheeJ an do thaa n-tb n d n d N eje
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