The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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E- of .. .A b s:sador.A... .w a dthat w a kf.

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....a In .. -.. .. : .. tuChine me John K.AnoldJr., 41,s enior officer aboard of time
wi me'.and dropping SuHerofrt which was shot down
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mourns s an d leasd bhey tHiatne K
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4tL son or- UAf th Dtl a*ffrepWro h utahehw -s bob dre
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S, the the r At t&ie brrier th ere a
A m psoii- i. -. te. aulaw .to name a b OLt oL h Droton D nort. oh f i

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i ,i w "u- 2 r th e n ,of ae oa o t :c country ,-s eco-eti'? a r.scloee D' e e
-.could only OEsA =- will b ee. made atnd a .ra l mber a oedisogete .

*^..^be b VOW- that The 121MO*kl thT Dmect h* j tw OO capa at W. wore eeondtemo- fowdey
of a loes1t On 410emend carrd

aoaf the lac go dm .s..a t Io 9 y N 4 Y. a Inond Pu i a study of the probable effectss w1l 3m "15fe
the a IIn il of he Nsto v Is -pl. i l o f', $I- p eions-. Be 4 WWI
i.ty. t ..s ice w- deiei st.r eintOf the treaty cIase which CAM Chfin shoes and th
0 10 Netws f h r thee e t in A u d e was tax reduction the brief foalltes
%eur. a g e M a up,, of two former sI a n wlo tor. g which of t o led on B Wbought by C na Zoln the br4e th driven a
fou t o I port Sm9, s atur daooy e

Visit UAW ore- d .
D1W ve. Plan L s am- g e s soclioe logi. sts wII Ie condtmi uyonen w totd i ig .Th: = rstay.
ooen,.f ca an mad ohm oa 00b; 4tud And rpt On the -ot ruhtb the Red Cram awit

the w om ate bhe pwo
etIs for 0 W ?a!r ftm en an -u the reo rtso these am flokg re ra at of the

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l iHUA 5 J so

p- iv gM le ntefullm held *n hnvle le wheiv eflideal.
1' "Who UPeS i5 Seful esdanulhdlbfis alweho*ts wIin
I; PI ftf yIsb eb letter dnAt be ImpeateWt M dMa 't e1p me
-a, W toms a published In O1hs ordoreceived, .
Pl. l ti *o keep the h UIMd to S* paoe lelgtf. .
IT of MW vodm b MW in rieledtosntitne.
T1i nepp Mgms It Ip stiblytv fo r Istamentsi Ma -lM0
~ ,Wi el. M .Is. ett.faesn sedrm .

I' am in complete agreement with B. Batilsed who must
have had ps)hle pWers Slince his anlysls of "Ra ton.l. coin-
sided with atlae peruftly. Too often only the chron com. co
l ers arn.heard In eolumps such U this. so when a rebuttal
better is offered It Ip a welcome relief from the attacks of infan-
e and egotistical college dudes such as "Rational."
Coco Bollto is a problem which wont be solved by snlping
at the U.S. Government from behind the bulwarks of anonymous
letters. That type of attack has always been and always will
be the product of a weak mind a d a jellied bsakbone. If Ra-
tional was me Intellect he claims to be he would offer several
suggetIons to the houpip s management to better conditions for
ot only himself but for all the tenants.
Rational, huw many times have you looked about your a-I
partmept and wondered what you could do to improve your liv-j
n .g condlitonl? How many times have you stopped your car to
move a child's tricycle out of the gutter so that some other car
wouldn't hit It? And If your neighbor makes a little extra noise
once in awhile unknowingly, do you knockson his door and ask
] pestely to keep ther note level down o do you run es fast
S eatour. Anonymous legs carry you tO the housing office to
--'-A'kin? yotwself those questions I am sure that you 1
-wtD ftd some major discrepencles in your line of resoning and
am lid that the government can't be at fault eft Orly. The
ho wag il btlt by the government however it takes more than
.hat provide a home. It take a lot of cooperation between
SAndlordad d tenant and also between tenant and neighbor.
la doing lot ne ask one more question of you. Mr. Rational. b
Why don't yoe attempt to b6 an Intellect In practice at well
asn pper? If you do you'll find that you'll be safe at the
la there than out when you come slidb*g home on that

-R. U. Mature.

rMuic In the Air
.g [ '

ACO6 W 0 Withered
nId***, family-amM
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Answer to Previous Puze

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By VICOa kim
TOKYO Nieolai L
little genius who let
revolutia, once
munisam' road to
ire the -onet and
world falls.
e hit that road. VI
s thlt the Rusal
kiddIgg us at the
tly, they're lying
I They haven't m
my gesti in uthe
is till eir road
sp-and tey are oa
aijr* pouring saboti
I agents, millions
tons of propaganda I
ra nation to under
teal our Oriental al

rtalal, tdy don't w
don't ned it.
11 win without frin
A they're winning 1
y, but most demW,
mate the most power
atlon, the Sohyo.
to its national convey
ught I was at an ai
Communist rally.
pceal is the school
1 which won't cooper
nti-narcotics divisle
nmeqt by directing
to warn their pupi
of opium. Of course
rade brings the Sovie
governmentt in Pelp.
0 a year.
t listened tu the
erpart of J. Edgar
a Golchiro FuUi di
a's Public Seturty I
res hat .the
unlst Party has
ers and sympathy
a secret army undo
command, called th
Committee." Tli7s is
IA controlled und
has 450M fuU)tima
!panosa) "FBI' chi
Cabinet members h
istenco of this und
ounist army gives I
new Communist t
and good behavior.
Fujil warned the
that these new tac
aost dangerous. Alre
aunist underground h
1 in Infiltrating ceni
nt offices here. And
at of the Communis
jSoh a labor fedoer
ament workers in t
Iic bureaus.
re are a8 Communi
era in the vital Jul
lone Mr. Fu74 di
"That's few eoit
other offices."
means that the Cio
is In a position t
happening inside ti
dlicMid other ACT,
JkSW*-40*-uh ^ W edk^

-'.- i A f

t f!I

Far .I II" a

it LStbr Msll ij:
ba I 1WI
rIUla Ia i [

ant woar. ld b. m nttrwl

I meJapa i.t- .

thmer a-l. wi hmadldth thee el e Bf mOe
Jpanese r tr rt hab~ta'.h e,
i rI

rate.n_| wn w1Fay roOder. p
Leal- '"-t. "eto

Jar e -d 1 6 or WO-k to walllra werucat M iutestoran
!Wd WSir ll -dddd t5? -l uS e etsrs
iacs ., e a ai a& *ml. _.te a.e 4 AIteraiy h 4 from nw et.I
e. holding ont t ot: a .
n vetigt '9 mmb t ert. 5 if v t taa al

,Trat QuWke r mirliawafod thic cie Qugatri ofr Ol ud Sy vs o f d uar ed to r tmer swtuyo'-nth estate
Big".. I ..... wdo....

as. of di een reo e b i, Iben U e Ba t o e serewra n r-d oebsl..tl4 don't Orad tfat a.

behe uerr missio t RusitI w as mv in he z ere a t ow ei en t w as Wins toliw feast eats eDW
feG 0 ullO F T "k ms f ell, i bead v et-o ll fet pn

Sere Sl' --t h "-".a' ."wor e a w e c DTis pe l e to t ll .I
e-x Of WAwINhGTON NA) -- A ean desir for ord"-ell,-t .. -'- .lvis to a to_ W rI re + .

Ie.tso- didorent famd i'neo r elie same spe h ri Inwe ve bean p tn. -rup sevea bl th at ar three soa-. surit l rthe U niat ed Na onsrtingso Jobse_ _alrls u
otnog ee .at .the n bottom ey.hs eust idesi-ter eame to the,, te in Jeu~sa lhef n otie stal l the oliese ,lus S ,haw d scrin atoyqa .
a se m aost .i ited.t leave, asthey wo the rel ,a sto i n rt wi t o st vts o lin t sHwe llmsai
at are fer tker. Communi to tokous, It w os e ,*o is .dateintnhetLd ,eltever y w t Stain was nd ton Churchm g tolffs.
Iay, ithe see l e .sr the had oell rated the lat e
__ed erethep eumperitts of thi s 'hols .d are t abmethi50 ap Us Uobl.e tions, esta lish 61.. td lac areals. aesd a des i.. this order: tal,
alr ov. inend ase somplyteeo, te nf g 3rem r hope. members to odt iff lp y el, l tof vetoed h a o atal C o tm al er.
ShasFnat groups Pketo gives theiQaks MTliektt rernts. They pron like oThely Moakerst of r the S ?J oW befti- E t yMWE nEt~dheMI
t. e. dot a mt e e am e rel ee t n every dr ptik roup iiireveren pCl rHICGiO t (-P th)o- .. e ebo
S oit t ve,.jus~t asO: ..ey weie e et .othe akraine, s.roi to now rod' ette. a th tSs llr tis tions fo" applicants," Hoael sai.
Quda ke ret i sofrportn an rea Thehtie cantysb als d bi w ithe f n t o onvert oe aS sd Th mie eo rs "lA

t Te e TThiso was piN

ogeks sectIon. M trans down front and Introduced. At
mie thato Mofme the MWi d of the service all sisof
waders, appearing PU Aj Americana wote called ou .n.
a first time i, rar, sa .uino on+eoftheir group!
~akte tei tme. R ut Wlt Ru s*an

made overniht. It itu aut When they spok of the Ant
retuily planned. And ce
he lead at t ie rally was tai etk-
the Japanese Commuisit hi-I ...
stoiasetr, IchnlSo Suzuki.L I -
is asu ood a place as a i S
t out d Co d s.m dow fro1 d introduced. At

eof qtr Army officers f t. .
the conquered Japaned e
enad t to subsidize t he
th J Communist labor lnons
i their orgtauerors and
d otlhd a wild r time of it p i

ter the war. At that ag ist
ithat lqbor basmy offer Inr-

the pownquerful ComJapanest
amch~e of to subsidize w
nter of Communis t labor lons
strep right sivs to

yns their us oranizer and
hv.nyhem i t on ethe Atis
dU. operations her. The
we ine toel tce officers a 7nd

to ephat lbow tat tbse ls
was lie oft by MosIW IIt
isante r of Com I ,IiV0 4 I

flaim what we'e traced.
sw ts dollars tore
Underground macehi I I

rhavehanv to eet onut. th we

most of the san nations -
l to the Party. The red tolll......
Ow.l be open.e'u
Lhat happened that the Sum-

ion Ioi

I i

Pie art

ies Rage

T~elf Co w

oef 'relw,-,. *
Coma. LantHoIwTo'

1 T s., ,

rnioeehl Ntnedae ete.


Imh eWy A
*'nv. mM '-ynsL.m


I. *

ae nu can wsw a to
ice at a few hundredeAirl
cilals at the Institute polfied
a number of its uuuIal
Application amy and ia
is snealther expalfVe eq ulp
S-- -aIml&"- l'lae.aI

ty Colbraith

g I


I '


-,. .. -( .. '...
S-- ." i- '. .-r- -
.. > ." --

: ;'!: *.o.' '-* -"* -< *u


wqpjjot at'- ~ -:


I 1 .. r. ,
~ ~ **J 4 ** ^ ^ ^-

ii' **.
" ,;

If -
~' -- -
7 -
r&~I~'~ *jt ,' *- .- --
tc~ ;~t&i

7. .
TA -ai

r-.- -..-.-;:

I -.,


El i

, W~*

" b-
'T -s "- W ^ --








~ ____



Make your a winning soad .by
cang bforfl&& Wc dftkUc
and botded in .111l1d11tiSah!

N ro Votes

As 5 Segreg
JA SO MA i. Aug.' 4- (UP)
-Paul B. .Jobson, son of a late
hf t ,,a.n field
| -odiy ilWm Ormcial voto count for
S th MiI i governorship but
he wilthave to prove his strength
a a.. off Democratic primary.
tate Atty Gen. J. P. Coleman
S ahead of former Gov. Field-
!. diMF;W itt -in the contest for the
S spo O Johusoin ThIbe see-
S epd: to- be held Aug. ,.
The man who vins Democratic
S nolHdtlion then is assured of e-
-tun from 1.446 of MNIss-
alPi's' 1-,6 precincts gave John-
rB Dn3fI's vAtes, -Coleman, 74,554,
Wribtt 6,4S8, attorney Ross Bar-
et[L i3 -and Mrs. Mary Cain,
S Wight, erstwhile "Dixiecrat"
who ran for vice president in the
IMS blolt fromt he Democrats, fell
Inate second pla;e early today aft-
or pacing the field most of the
night and I ter Coleman passed
him in his bid for the runoff.
L* the rest of the and- 1
date, pace-setter Johnson had
v wed to upheld MissislDppl'
Hselre-arloe patten. despite the
1t" Supa.e, Court ruling
agalmt Mparato I asehlols.
But while the rest of the. field
pelld out plans for resisting in-

.1a eeg e
S vot because the bealets. weaould
helleged ea he t ends
j hyid ot et o rse the pria.
S te ^ "llie tre Mislshappi
bem te Party."
S Ot 1,328 population of the
* aIl-Nero communityy of Mound
Bayou,*de.ep In the cotton grow-
ping lita country, only 106 voted.
SBolivar County election officials
advised the Mound Bayou. voters
S' in advance that their ballots were
disqualified. "
. Chairman Tom Tubb of West
Point i* many counties went
along with the state committee
request to challenge all N egrol
"In Clay County they didn't e-
ven oaer, to vote, hbe said. "None
showed up at the polls.
"Nqgroes have pretty good
sensa,".he added, "and we should
not have any trouble, with them.
,.-. boMd't ta. any NIght-
rKingr feor 1s to
Mrs. Cal, fiery week news-
paper editor who ose challenged
the government to jail her, tor
man-payment of s o c I a I security
taxes, was the first candidate to
SBut fue outspoken editor declin-
$ to,'.tch 46T support to any-
ig. taes., bureaucracy and
eSdless wasd in government and :
reagientation wll continue no
matter which of the four men
win," she said.
Joigon, the apparent leader of
the field is a 3a-year-old attorney
making his third try for the lov-
e r once held by his ate
'lDqd ...



- ~&~s 'sQ'


E :- :-a

V ."- -

, ,- *H.. .. '
ii' ..-

3, .- .,* .

p\:,- ."
.-. *'-.,:-

.' ..

'bisqualif e In Adeance

lationists Cofntt Primary

Cool Air Nibbles At Edges

Of Stifling US Heat Wave

CRICAGO, Aug. 4 ( ) l-mde flying inspection trip
er air nibbled at the e4ges of the er stricken Sthwestern couatie
nation's stilling heat wave yester- to assess the danger.
day. bringing relief to millions. Sweltering c ens tried every-
But for most of the sweltering thing think of to beat
rsidenta- from the. Rockies east- the heat, and at Detroit and et-.
ward the hot spell continued un- mated 100,000. Jamed-parka dur-
abated and approached new rec- ing the night to sleep outdoors.
erds for duration. At St. Louis, Mayor Raymond
SCool sea breezes came to the Tucker proposed that the city's
rescue of New York City, chasing cops be outitted in r m u a
the mercury down into the Sa shorts and sports shirts.
from Tuesday's szzling high of At Raleigh, N.C., state employes
97.5 degrees. New Yorkers were loosed a barrage of demands for
promised a "comfortable" quight air conditioning in state offi e
and another cooler day tomor building after some workers on
row. upper floors fainted from the heat.
Boston and other East Coast It was generally cool in t he
sports also got relief, while show- Pacific Coast but hot in the in-
ers took the edge of the he a t terior. At Rid Bluff. Calif., it was
somewhat in the western. G u If above 100, but a two hour's drive
states. -. away at Eureka on the coast It
The only other relief was on.the was in the 0s0
extreme northern edge of the heat Cool, Calif., reported 100 de-
belt, where Cooler air moved into agrees.
the northern Rockies and north- The beat also melted bfe pro-
era plains. But *oreeasters said teet6e snow of the Konwakitan
the *t trot youl not.apove Ve0 11 of l easing t

grip t e n cause a recurret destructive
(or near y two weeks lin June 1054. mud flows of IM, I and 1928.
Chicago recorded its ninth oen-
secutivqe day of above-90 tempera-
lures, compared with the record ACCOMPLIUSMENT
of 11 straight days set n Ju ne
last year. GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (UP)
Milwaukee has had 15 dayr of A blind high school senior, who
above-0o weather, surpassing last also participated in swimming,
year's sever and approaching the wrestling rnd track, graduated
all-time, mark of 26 set in 1981. sixth In his class. Leonard J3.
Iowa's heat, which has caused at Suchanek, blind since birth, plans
least 36 deaths so far, was the to study law at Creighton Univer-
*orst since 1936. sity in Omaha. He did all his stu-
Searing sun and a lack of rain dying by tape recorder-books be-
were beginning to cripple the Io- ing read on the tape by t weo
wa corn crop and Gov. Leo oegh friends.

a-. .a~ ,ew ~ ae, 9 p 3 Tas sn
inMWltb. p5W. It own, glo ats at
Conmmntt,." were the waxds, *'e-m"=

Er NflS 'U

Bin Stores Fruits, Vegetables.

- -. .

- -- .. I~1~ 'I


AVENUE 18-96


20 inch reversible
floor and window fan
Too hot?
Fan turns
on Automatically
Too Cool?
Fan turs,
off automatically


Powerful whisper quiet 2 spedd dual purpose fan changes all air in
5 to 6 rooms in minutes. Folding handle on top for easy carrying
from room to room. Use in kitchen, living or dining room in bed,
room window it night. Used with a room air conditioner, it circus.
lates-cooled air from room to room, helps cool two rooms at same

DI ,


'F -. l T---

For a

winning round

at.its very beaLt. *
Distilled .and Bottled in d

aO- iiif

8 ,

- -!

V &i..' "
, I '..... .



-. ." i. .ores I UL itd
two-speeds for all fJobs
Now make cake batters, blend dressings, liquefy
Fruit ..and vegetables--al In seconds Kenmore
utlIzes leftovers, prepares delicious meals. A buy
at f ars! Save!

3- 3
'S ~ s33*is


.* .:y ..-i :. -. :- ..-V

" the many n
I searsnationayiu^
u. -. p-',. ..-
i ... '." ; "-*" -.-A


s 169. A

Down $ 25.00

Balance Monthly

Introducing the
range. Cooktop
two giant sizes

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10" diameter moves 1325 eu.
ft. of air per minute. Use
very little electric, It" high
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Our best Automatic

Keuzasere SrwfmsMa
aily auteMath b'rin
heat eetret sad tha
elsd, toae m 4iy t

-- O-a 9

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iq **l.w w.. .. .:.:.w



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. t -.

5j0 Dow. -n, -

_ ~__



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.. -. .-4 .. .
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...-.-r .< ;'_- ,

~- '.-"

S. "-- :4... ft.f.; t,''^ .-

.. *^-; ,

--e r" d Replaced By Earl

6-K Romance Gossip
bNOO. &ug. 4 (UP) The tons. The princess was t of
0im ra.-of u.ton re- honor at the lavish party the
.d *puBL Capt. Peter Town- Earl gave -here recently.
It oceety goaalp as the AUl of them event.
iu ,andidate for Princess ed him ahead of Townsend in
Iar 't hand today, the gossip of royal romance, a
36-year-old arl Is a very subject atill tinged with uncer-
e badcelor., with b I u e tainty in Margaret's case.
id, a million in the bank and However, two big dates ar e
proper family background. cominR up in the princess life
Crtt the social season just this month which may go along
A the arl has been con- way toward clearing up her fu-
itl at Margaret's side. They ture.
9 been together at theaters. One ia her 25th birthday on
urfants and private func- Aug. 21. On. that day she wins
the right to wed without the
consent of her sister. Queen Eli-
zabeth II, provided she notifies
Parliament and then waits a
year before being married.
The other big date is the
aueen's very private house par-
ty at Balmoral Castle at the
SACO ON gRfgoE end of this month.
S. If the tall, blond Earl is in-
By OALD JACOBy cludect in the royal guest list
Written for NEA nerviee for the Balmoral function, ro-
mantei speculation will start in
earnest. It sl an accepted fact
In court circles that a prospec-
tive suitor for a princess' hand
NORTH I always joins the royal family
on holiday to see how he will be
VAT I $likely to fit In with the exclu-
*A72 asive little circle.
0 1082
A J 4 The Duke of Edinburgh, was
WSUT AST entertained in that way before
6 6104 hia engagement to Pimncef tl-
VXCQS1094 p85 zameth. He actual proposed to
*A q 4 7 5 her .in Balmoral C-atlI gardens.
4|6 4 KQ733 Since Townsend la a divorced
SOUTS (D) man with two children and con-
SAKQJ siderably older than Margaret,
vAAI It Is considered virtually Impos-
K* K 8sible Queen Elizabeth could
nan|4. .i ... ....... ...

S Both Sides vul.
South West North East
16 2 9 2 6 Pas
4 4 Pan Pan Pas

^j L--------I
Mast bridge players would muff
t 8ody's hand. The temptation to
t fo-r an extra trick by taking
ses in both clubs and dia.
ds would be too strong for
their will power. As a result, they
d lose t vo clubs and two dia-
s, emerging with a score of
pa 100 instead of the game and
The correct line of play i. to take
finesses at all. You win the
at trick in dummy with the ace
hearts, draw three rounds of
trumps and then lead a low dia.

eat takes the queen of dia-
Ita.op either.the first or second
d of the suit and switches to a
thtougli dummy. You must
Slow from the dummy at this
-* ---_ -

.1 ..~.4

amncuu o a royal marriage in
view of the Church of England's
ban on the remarriage of di-
vorced persons.

Polle-SlMcken Girl

Insib On Skating
AKRON, 0. -(UP)- A seven.
year-old Akron girl has disc vered
her own therapy for crippling
Barbar Louise Etter walks om
crutches with a heavy brace on
her left but she diseajrdi the
walking aids and dons roller
skates twice a week.
The determined little girl was
an experienced skater before' she crippled with polio last July.
During long months of convales-
cence she reminded her mother
that she would be pack on skates
Just after Barbara left the hos-
pital her mother, Mrs. J. J. Dahl,1
I o.* abo-ut her. da -

U Ku Ui wIMU W a UUal1UULr --* -
it East returns a heart (the nor-. Barbara thee started he to"g
al defense, and as good as any- Weeks of exercise with skates un-
nug else 1, you ruff and continue til she is now able to skate for
th the diamonds. West takes the half-hour periods twice a week,
* of diamond' and leads another and even do some tricks on
ib, but you must go right up sWaMes
h the ace o; clubs. Now you Weekly checks at the hospital
L to your Pand by ruffing a heart keeps nurses and doctors ip con
d lead whatever diamonds are stant surprise. One physician re-'
f, discarding the last club from ports that the child's weak foot
a dummy. muscles have been strenghtened
Ps you can see, this line of play to such a- degree that she may
e-youu time to discard one club eventually drop her crutches and
na the dummy regardless of the braces and walk normally.
hdoen of the missing 1igh cards He said Earbara's success with
diamonds and clubs. You will the- roller skating therapy might
rely lose two diamonds, but you provide equal success for other
I lose only one club trick., pollo-erippled children.

"I hate to dllRusion you, but she's just doing pundmiir
to a record" _.

for 1966. Three oicers in Wasln
of the recently approved summer un r issued
in '56. It includes a choice of shorts or long trousers, a deeVelese
shirt to be worn with or without necktie, 0 bush jket. The
pith helmet will be authorized for the tropics, ommanider will
designate combinations of this uniform to be wor In thek area.
Official U.S. Air Force photo,


,nrp- 8r~s



giN-G i
plD 10


,s f. i, & i] o 7^|.BB,

-- t4z
N AP .




.'-f I

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W ll ..
SW1Ul Tenl'-

Who Knowsr

A Shot

4 4 4

f t.T. BANIoN

a wl



*~ MI 13313I 1'V3NIR


t t r*. -


. 0


VIc v5Lu

HI isifiL

Plated Pearl


Ol .1A1

4 -
"-4. 4~4


*- i*
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:: '



Gay bog


Prompt Aenwer

1 9-1

SULike Thanl




-'~ L I __~__

--- ~-Pi-; 1IC

f I a r







tIle 'ea
'. ...Ai Mh M_


m m-mm



ismses bld i 4d stand firmly.'

Iter awhl between mZ tb" :role U
e luusinsng-a e al Talbott ease. He amid Preasidmm
Slson.howrE aqeptaG Talbptt's re-
dy, Kefau- a l tiao but saw nothing Improp
. for Do ye ,a WDix: m stant on the l or wong with Wearels tiral
omthe _ttb. t ,ou i J a mr role.
in $nter i eiit .. w a "I Just doe't think the Presideni
pi andr re- : ",.


*9w 11.8K.

MORULVY, right, we the reIpleat oft.Ahowetatthe Fortobbe ot.
"lhtrfr-e1 y int honor of her, ceomih marri ae this we. ,1 V
thea ter of Lt Col. G. M. McKeIvy, commanding o fleer of the 504t A n. A
lebt i. McKeivy; and Mrs. Robert:V. berry is pouring.
Te Har tin Canalso M and Mrs. 3. Se0_eld B lr-Fanfi honor ... Caro
arJake evohftrlpS s e alnig ihonor of Bta. -Ml Keith Rot.,
4 ii r at0.lNo' ,leawf soon to i*k Miss R s rwepttl a
theK I ^n W:ashlnup..D. 3. .*aMt the eotgoein rig w ,.eq Canal Za &W, n
Cmasta.SI the psUaMa C amtopany. e is tnWs- New Mexico.
to1ing te; p-Jtion with another 4f mlslaeney. Guest at the party .Inudee
.... Frank l 4 Nei) Mett, Job1 Moon
We. Wed eYo ,ecky ant .R ea
Ambassador rewisd is daughter Ped olyette, MA La.
natesala. F r Mlofa Lt. -1. e y pee and Carol Stamp.
The ArnbadlBdorUtFrance ead who are -law soon ior hianew d
mrs. Lionel Vasse eatertaled last assignment in the Staten (Contid on PFge 1)
evening at a dinner honoring the Another guest at the party was
Governor of the 2G" one andi Mrs. Robert V. Elsberry, wife of
iMr. John Seyboid. Guests in. Lt. Col. Elsberry who will assume
eluded other high ranking officials command of the s4th next week
im the Canal Zone. upon the departure of CoL McKel.
,- vey.
U- wminm Wil liam. '.---hf4 .
31rs Beebes Havs Go
ot r .I Mna Cadet J s s .
are to 1aP, Wow of laIIad Stat. ar r '
Vista mj Mr. taOlive raveds bs it of' -,
-,;", .,&&." .,... Beebeb f

a eSfMadUrm D
C wtho.o w .on a recent

VA iwn Oe A sBere
Ms. Henry .L. Doaovan
ofi httof-ok hnoS
go ai,.. :Sow. .erk. -
Ne bib
chl-tbidmamound a bMo sawl
on 4 day at t e N a v y Zix-
chqa i A nlfodmab.

ia onor o her marriageg
to Mr. George D. Suditby '.i-
Ft. K 0e was'-feit aibr
sbowe tds weae.-
moste s were uft wives ,oit.on
eo. 59.qd04th artillery bat
tsiou ewinif MendlMies' Alvin
McelB, Wilmm M. iSmith. T. ,.
Afl M. RHater and R. D.

SOfcog"'" '

a estoawatebtb*
Amsct tatakin
saypsu~t am

de c ,tMefe nBOAlIe

Sgqlden chicken broth

ai.a fI. N I'

ONE TIME I- Jatkis .ate~
_root .u home .with be
cr.wciaip. .r..x "u

4 le to w ippw O ..atre.
* "_". ; -' ** -- .l- W -" .=.' :; ", .. ... .. *

,'aL nW,'

Swas not:
F[ --


ad Mw4

CLUt. the doube-aca


.a* *i -*,,

Beer Fleor
Ban Cup after Capt


S (Jeantte eMai4 Shop) f-

Cfamouss buropean Oao r Oresser i
Just arrived in Panama City, is ready to serve, dstIguIthed
Panamanian ladies with the latest In hair styling.
Nino speCIalizes in all Tints and Cold Wave Permanents
F for dyed hair. Fashion-flavored Hair Do's-Hair Cuts.
P r Castilla de Oro Bullling beside Panama Hotel.
Hours: 9:00 a-m. to 60. p.m.-Ask for appointment Tel. 3-4740 .

Panamonte Inn
.1 ----.

Offers an

IA .

.I ; 1 .

, .,.r ,-M
i-"-- ', ; ) .',!".

at $45,00 per week

73 \,

Full pension
First come Best rooms

Wire reservations Panamonte Boquete

in frost of the CheM Ms.. 1I"J'75"
hans Bk, was establish- Sucears. to Burgeon's
gdii's 1904 and is one of the
sFIr: j ewlry sores in Paow-

J^I" : ', "What is the New York Jeweler's sterling Therefore, you may WIN your ot for
Club Plan? You set aside the Sterling you the amount of a single week'i paymL, anday a small amount weekly.. At The weekly payment on Gootams ne
.d the samei te you select any number fom is a dollar per place setting. Oh, m a
,[double 0 to N9-and any week the number Fortune mile on you to t extent of-
ii* you selected is the same as the last two winning service for 12 persons wflth
digits of the first price of the Panama .about 00 for as little as uS. And If mI"
SLottery-yo get your silver Immediately don't wn? It will cost you n mre than
without asy further payment. U.S.A. list pried for O.Z. deUlvy.

a I I.

- ei-.




$ 00 PER WE

Na., oia-, ed...
atetM Mart StaBs bs& Sautad Spdaf!!d

. z" zrrr op sisas au the L,.-
a feA.agfto uaowner.Svi eo. M to B ba N eo m-
southemost seaports, taIs-mM part ce-

.. .- .
-1 .


she choice of 23 Gorhmn Sterling paesi -
us brokn irtaid fork, weao spn'o -
moo md sjiaisdw or hfet knufe. slY
EIU&L. -.
I eo

.. ... ir.. ,][

1"' ;.r -- .---'-'-

-' -C-l ~ a E .gr' nLw

'F 2i~ -')< -

.dyt -- in- matter of
e.ReinOzck Noodle Soup is
e eMdly Ppoplar. At .luch it's a de-
ligtful meal j itself... epe y loved
by children. At dinner, it naeus an appe-
tising pre to other good things to
come. TO0tm ttegt1 a gooply-the
mo 7e ton he more family

. ,.

a. -.- ;-" ;

SB. Our new Clua Plan givts you
_ A plce setting cousiss of I

r--. .r'
"*..- .'-:.

- --


. .. .


t I


* ** -* '

* i ..; -

. i..- ...... ...- ., .. ;w ".' *-. -, ." .'.
'- 4 b^ ..- "-1'. ,-:-
*-, ... *.. .. t.


J .. '


I. ^




. 12 WORD&


Canal Zne Dental Polyeltl i
Dr. C. E. Fabrena D.D.L.
Dr C. Boy D.D.

TeU (4 oft JulA)AVe n. sAM


Phone Panama 3-0552

* by. e.d n. t
W ecaRelp YOU wi

i r P Flmer FGodurI
Drs. A. and L Op ,LAC
.E mPa LM ohrar st;i

Peolsf hipMn Movers
Pho 2.245 2.2562
Lear m RWa et
Riding & Jumpig eloas delivl
I toI 5 p.m. Ph" 3-0279
a by eppelrmeat.

eISed For Four


INGTON, Aug. 4 (UP) -
vernment slapped a n e w
n "excessive credit" today
sing interest rates charged
r Federal Reaerve banks on
they lend to member banks
ir dsti s.- ,

"' dant Abir5 a
e.veind went m 1% per 9e
.42 er cent, t5 bighest, ,-5.
I."_ 4at 1953.
'The' Cleveland rate was raised
.a- 2W per cent, the highest chart
*,ix ae 1034.
A federal Reserve offiue l saui
tp astio was a further step by
- ; ehower adminivt to
prve. "crbdit exce'sse" the
.letisa economy.
jt .owed by four dayf th e
o down payment re
) on all homes bought
t. government t mortgage insur-
oe. On Saturday the govern-
to check a "mild" Ifllation.
d, raised the down pay-
rate 2 per cent on both FPA
VA sponsored loans. It also
shed the non down- payment
for veternas.
ome of President Elsenhower's
advisers told the United Press
Tuesday tha t, "generally
R hg," the national ovaomy
evn better u tha we aup-
end thatthhe crackdown
erit was aimed at "kpeelng
sthol w ldy.
4,gusomarily. the PeetI Re-
i tlrai sand lower their
l i0 rates together. But local
)illllta I govern the actions of
.., othet eight. 'e IN0' &Ike-
banks are e pected to I-
sm their prevalg rate,
present are 1% per cent.
were raised from 1% per
gn last April 14.





ThL hi Y-Ni

B^W4 7PCIt *4'D

I a nt ha 12
kh at Juaw Ave. A J 0.
JuAte Anamma Are. and U 3.L

FOR SALE:-Coh end 2 chairs
Iloverseffed) $125; dining room
table end S chain Imaholgany
$100; rug (12l) $25; kitchen
table and 2 chain (metal) $12;
3-way floor leamp $7; many more
items. Phine 6-752 evenings
till 9 p.m.; all day Seturdey,
FOR SALE Household fur-
turn, Bldwin Acrouenic plane.
12-cubic foot Svel electric re-
fIdiralor lice maker), youth
bad. crib, etc. Phone Panama 3-
0740 or call at hour Ne.; 14.
Calls 46 Eate.
FOR SALE:-Lre 25-cycle re-
frigerator., In excellentl working
condition. Leaving for the Sttms.
Will sell cheep. Apt. 121-,
SPadro MilguIel.
FOR SALE.-Funtaiete *rgens(I
Complete dodubli bed .6.60.
Dining sew mete 31.60, Mideli
Sliving rum mts .1|9.00. Ward-
rebeo 33.60. Vnitiel with-sltol
75.00. Kitchen cabinets 96.00.
Deksi 36.00, Cwtor tabls- .15.-
00. Cleth ef drawn 22.00.
Double bad springi 18.00, New
mettresses 18.00, Pillows 2.50.
Also refrigerators. kitchen cabi-
nas, sofa-hbds, eft. Immediate
delivery with small monthly pay-
ment. N ca-seloar. HOUSI-
Ave. No. 11. Phone 3.491 .
MUST SILL.-Mdern 10-ploce
4-strand solid mahogany lIving
rems et consisting f I-pianc
setlenonl sttse, 2 arm chain,
plolferm locker, corner teble,
tiered coffee table Ica 2 match-
Ing tiered end tables with mage-
sine Compartments. Now nindl-
tie. Rlalmonble. Remington
pertablte typewriter, xeallinit

FOR SALI : Fiv upholstered
chbirl. Albreok quarters 220-A.
Phone 2290.

Las AclhVs Club .

Mwp Of u n t, l ,

S- Atilantlic aidliterary gad*
al group, are working on plia
for miu erconcer fw.-
tudnD the-Commoppitanas ol-
cal orchestra on Aug. 21t the
QIub Tropial in Colon. ", -
The orchestra, compriseCd' of
students and professorsof the
National Conservatory, hu, giv-
en several successful peorm-
ances on both sides of the Isth-
mus since the beginning "of the
Soprano Constanela Bell and
Desmond Daniels, a budding At-
lantic aide tenor, will also ap-
pear on the program.
Tickets are being sold by mem-
bers of the club, headed by Mrs.
Olga Babb.
Other members of Las Actlvau
are: Carmen Meade. recording
secretary; Mrs. Myrtle Newman,
flitn il secretary; Mrs. Myrtle
Augln, treasurer; Mrs. Elenore
Edwards, business manager; Mrs.
Etta Harper; Mrs. Cecflia pa-
bay; Avis Gilttens; Felicia Lan-
den; Mrs. Edith Brathwaite;
Mrs. Helena Grant and Mrs.
Doris Campbell.

mnbpmu 01
Uran laia n.

EEnuII nujuw

TraInd h Adkte
CAGO -(UP)-I- The story of
or War II housing construe-
ion for war workers and what
has happened to the huge projects
since i told in the journal of
housing, monthly magazine of the
National Association of Housing
and -Redevelopment Officials.
"iTe article traces the two-fold
effort to provide homes for the
tiouiands of families that migrat-
ed to man the war plants and
then, once Cie war was over, to
return to the normal hous-.
Orgina there wee a-apet a
mill units built for war hous-.
jg. By the end of this year there
wi be only about 130, left toI
be dpos of, the Journal said.
Developments which housed war
workers during the war were oc-
ct.ied in the post-war years by
veterans, G.I. students and dis-
tister victim..
New towns which sprung up on
raw land furnished the most spec-
taiadar o4ents of the war housing
B Among theme was Van-
Ore, a town d 10oo
1h0i1%ls, for 40,(p, per.
-' hR'in a year and 1 days.
w as .dmei d by
-*1 1ad SUEe te-

19a h ,0
ie W51a tshle

ENMJ..?m I


cuml AmW. a
Me 5 ina.l.v Flea


WUUllam Brown, assistant to A t
the director of the Health Bu- expec
rean and Carl J. Browne, auper- atu

scheduled to all from New for F
k today aboard the Panama are i
of. the Panama Line. Accompa- lame
od by their families, they are Maloi
returning to the isthnus after a The
vacation spent in the States. ger 1
Twenty-seven passengers are Harry
booked to sail from New York Altho
for Port-au-Prince, Haiti aboard Stella
the Panama. Brum

The complete advance passen-
ger list for Cristobal follows: Mr.
and Mrs. Joseph M. Bateman
and daughter; Mrs. Antoinette
L. Bedrick; Mr. and Mrs. Rob-
ert W. Blades and son; Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Borsellino and 6
children; Mr. and Mrs. William
Brown; and 3 children; Mr. and
Mrs. Carl J. Browne and 2 chil-
dren; Mr. and Mrs. Other T.
Brownlee; and 2 children; Miss
Rose Buonocore; Miss Antoinette

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Camp-
bI1 and 3 children; Miss Esther
Carlaon; Bruce H. Carpenter;
Mr. and Mrs. Elden W. Coffey;
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Coffey and
3 children; Mr. and Mrs. Oran-
vile Colby: Mr. and Mrs. An.-
thony Duffy; Edward J. Duffy;
Robert Elenmann; Andrew D.
Erslinger; and Mr. and Mrs.
Philip I. FoHn.
Mr. and Mrs. Donovan I. Oey-
er and 2 children; Miss Janet L.
Groton: Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher
R. Gregory; Miss Roeslyn GOrtz;
Miss Florence Hamburg; Mr. and
Mrs. Roger Hamor;and Mr nd Mrs.
Louis C. Hasepiann and 4 chil-
dren; Rev. James B. Heary, OP.;
Rev. Walter E. H29ry. O.P.; Mrs.
Madeline Hess; Mr. and Mrs. Ar-
thur h; Mrs Katharine Ho-
ben and 3 children;
Mrs. Margaret Janmen and 2
children; Mia Fredda Landor;
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Leach and
2 children; Mr. and Mrs. Spen-
cer C. Lincoln anid mon; Mrs. BN
Marie Low;
SMiss Margart .McElroy; Mr.
and Mrs. Kenneth L. McGraw
and I children; Mr. and Mrs.
Norman McLaren and daughter;
Mr. and Mrs. Archie Manikas
and son; Mr. an Mr. and Mrs. Dewey
Mann, Jr., and I children; Mr.
and Mrs. Warren D. Marquard
and 3 children; Mr. and Mrs. Al-
bert L. Meggers and 4 children:
Miss Lucflle Mulvey; Mr. and
Mrs. Edward H. Neville, Jr. and
daughter; and Mrs. L u c ille
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Oehl:
Donald M. Parr; Mr., and Mrs.
Paul A. Prudhomme and daugh-
ter; Mr. and Mrs. Pablo Puerta:
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph 1'. RIby and
2 children; Mr. and 1n6 George

r. and Mrs. Jack latmsan
cOm; 3b. 4aUd Mr. Cff San-
and we; w. Wook.oly Se-
John Jo.eph nT;ttb Mr.
Mrs. Arthur W. mith: -Mr.
Mr, Glain E. Storm: James
art: Ird W. Tatelman;
Daol+m ylor and daugh-
i An Thomas;
ad so

Wt. a


Agenda IntsrL de Publlolonoe
to ti 4n *
arwaSB 4B st t* .

I~- U- "---5

FOR SALIt-1954 Fed Station
Woags 4.dor., I pseUngs,
excellent condition, wte tims,
radlo. Phone Pams. 1-1144,
from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
FOR SALE-1954 Plymoth 4-
door with all extra. Ponema 3-
FOR SALI.-1954 Super Iuick
4-dr., sxcll nt condition $2150.
Phone 14 5233 after 5 p.m.
Qtre. 79-8. Fst Kabbe.
FOR SALE:-'41 Hudmn fur.
door *sdan, 6-cylinder $50.
Phone 6-752 evnings till 9:00,
all dy Saturdoy.
FOR SAL 1951 Chevrolet
Coupe. Dluy pid, prfict me-
chanical condition, AUTOS El-
IINMAN, beside Coca- Cole
Plant. Phones 2-2616. 2-4966.
FOR SALIE-1947 *ick Super
4-der, 36.700 miles, excellent
6-ply tine, covrs and rodii;
perfect condition. $400. Must
tee to appreciate. Quarry Hts
82-316 nekght 12-3189.

Boats & Motors

FOR SALE: 14-ft. runabout
beet, 5-hp. Johnsn meter with
clutch. Phene 5-403.
FOR SALIE-M/V P-190 Mem-
mrrelel fishing beet. 28' long,
9' breadth, 2' draft diesel pew-
ered, good cnditlen. May be
een at Inglish Pier, Penema.
Contact Mr. Larsen, Phone Pan-
ama 2-0550.


BOX 2011, ANCON. C
Geneml ir and lefils am-.
Ra ati a fnmltam. iemaeMeo4.
work. Medernto prie.'. Hem
delivery servil. In from elk.
bee Iwr Grwden. Pbee l.51S74

Hove year Plane,.oeiid r".
latfd or tied by YAM AND
MOSIS, 2-414 1N-Pmaia n.
iOlisM ini Rol Wlahi
kinds of eleecrie emseuias, and
genmrol peiinthdl. No. S? Via
EspeAs. Phase $-NI.
Lawn Mewers, Hand and all eir-
cular Wl wshosherped nm spocil
macislAon mchino. AGENCIAS
ASOCIADASI 18-126 Cill IsI-
tudiante. bltwean J eod K St.
Phone 3-4560.,.


FOR SALIe -German Polie do.
female. Owner Isaving. No. 139
Central Ave., rmm I. Ask for
Ilaill SSees.
--F-- -- ,.,z,-,
FOR SALEI Singer Zlg-Zag
loetoe model seowil machine,
ed eg-h new. M
"C t Admirable," .t*r Cfl1
aafebad t he t w a
Addiesble furniture, Central
Avdnu IQ-30, at to the 1 Lot-
tery building.

ApartiMts .


i complete advance pausen-
Let fer New York follows:
F C. Alexander; Mis Esther
use; George A. Black; Mrs.
I Bradney: Mrs Emma
olo; Mr. and Mrs. Howardt
Ler and three children;
Buhser: Mrs. Irene Barget;
and Mrs. Charles E. Chase
four children.

Decio Costanil and daughter;
Miss Mae Cramer; Mrs. George
Creed; Herbert T. Curdtia Jr.-
Miss Matilda Decatur; Mr. and
Mrs. Harry A. Dockery and five
children: Miss Rita Dornbush;
Daniel Duncan; Gerald A. Dur.
fee; MisU H. tElnstein; Mr. and
Mrs. Leslie Evan and two child.
dren and Charles i. French.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank GOosaman-
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hewett and
three children; Mrs. Mary S.
Houowell; Mrs. Chrbstalne deo
Jnh : Mr. and Mrs. Emmett o0
.=era1; Leam J. Kirkland; An-
th J. uclk; Raymodm K.

tMr.and Mrs. Yane Levee and
tWo children; Mis Rosa Lind;
James R. Lovelady: Mass Thel-
mas McCnea; Mr. and Mrs. James
F :. lcoloi and two children;
Mr. and Mrs. Thonas 8. lMcGlb-j
bon: W Margaret McMahon.I
nn -R. McNall; Mr. and ra.I
gLudv A. Maurer Miss Amay F.
Mayo;, Miss 8yLvia Milatein;I
Franc .Moumblow; Keith C.,
Mour ow: Miss Eliabeth Mut-
ter; Mrs. Blanca A. Ntvarro and
Orlando G. Nufia.
Miss Beatrice ODpp enhlam;
Miss Mary OPpenheim; as
thleen Onersr; Miss Gwenaet. I
fiean; M..*nd Mrs. Clarec-.
Priest aad ion: Mr. and Mrs., A-
thur J. Pyle; Herbert raybiSm
Mrs. Emma de Rodrigu ;D.,.
ald W. yter;
Miss Ethel slomon; Mrs. Mel-
ida de Salvador: Dr. and Mrs.
David Senser and son;Mrs. eu-
lah M. Shoemaker; Mr. and
Mrs. Ralph N. Btewart; Mli Ag-
Ane E. Sugrue;
Mr. Police H. Targlani: Mlu
Katherine E. Torrant; Fred R
Trout; Miss Norma Weber; Mr.
and Mrs George A. Wills and
son: James Wood; Mr. and Mrs.
DMvid A. Yerkes and son and
Mrs. Evangelina de Zubleta.


rALL RIVER, Mass .-(U)P-
A burglar whobe belte the
home of oh.i S. Braysea loft emp.
ty-handed-but not with an empty
stomach: While tin the house the in-
truder ate two -cans of spaghetti.

iska atims

as S N
*w u
U *j S

U; Ig


Pi 1 ,
ffc-_.4 "1 :- .1 r3'"* 5..
to& t ADT'P M f'* ^'-' ..

FOR RENO t4 f -

rea- .7.

FOR- .AttV --. .
44Z-': Sko* _116T Plu"i

FO RE(NT:-ApatMiA m- 1
nesam, lhot water, t flwr, po-
mp, maid's rum. Caeimd*
Pwrm, 43rd Stet Me. 4,
oi Vista.
FOR RINT..---Aperthit m Vi
Perras Ne. 54. lequire same ad-

FOR RINT:- CmpMly m- .
amhed, ItM water, garage, ene-
bedrmm apartment. Weal fw a
couple of beckelr. Noer Hetal
El Pneme Call 3-3421.___
FOR RINT--CeglertaMe ideal
upertment: living ren. bad-
mrm, dinete. Celle Deiet N*o.
8., next to El s .
~FOR RiNTi-Ap4miset m.IJ. -
map. H iqg-dlulfg rta ies
n, beahemaM Ai ,resus jk-
mtuced bubis in PEbn -
we. Phone o-4M.
FOR RNNT-Furnished .-W
waidmade" apertment, g.ueb

4 .em, all furihed, fW 2 W.

'.l Me.t2-11. i o t lss
\ 1ri|T MfrLie. *-,i WHI^

/ r B r e. -
)m arHto twes f- imaMd'
rMo. Private babem*dia -
*** ee. A moder nvEnee
4sd StreI N. e 13.

FOb RiNT-Reew. Cae Eat.
diente 14-84. Apt. 6. Interview
frm 7 a.m.-940 e.m. and I
p.M. aewoed. SiRngi pasams

FOR RNTi-FPnishmil reem hi n
resMetabe family blame en and
or two yme*ug led.t ofd habe- *
its. Phone 3-2112. ha

W G T 4P-D
thr Force o rac -

Ir lOqlmrenp ireeptor I Cho
lala oura. P/.ot
WASHGTON, Aug. 4 (UP) -06

velopimt of a fihtr bmber- l
The Air Force award thdot by P
placine te contracts with reeix nw"
supersnc combat plane includ-

a llon-gamp intrceptor 0& Di

it hope-s to me, two yerha -n s
lrom thqi .IL r i velopment I.
an imehour. .
It now a figro, ix to eight
years to e-t a combat pm& i
adr awU taal, to light, bomber.
The AIlgForce UbS thia b

epeated to be abler to .fla itl
lover the oentraci ithauI
certain M lol w ereC aIaiS
tmore orgM t two years Lie

e- e. BB

leat 00 milet fm it velopment
drawI cntret were awar !

The. g-ra terceptor dv
North AoeiaAviatc .,

Arctic. a ion. tt
least 00 mBile fo m Its homte
Tppnet-Aipckbeed Aircraft Corp.,

Lrosd ne ies oA threere Is er.
ftrt-W.,'mr developt

IninaMeAWls, Rd
Nothn aeric-a Aviation. g t oh

trww;B2n a lla an W


a e


. i.- .. <'

-I- I ,+ --
F7 ..-. tj

fi rm th Anelws ebLmmy.
39th Strt a 2-50. Phn.
i3-006Iel Pe Wr.

Help Wanted

WANTEDi Ceopahiat ok
and nurmameld. Afti ide.,
5th St., Apt. 6. Celm.
WANYt0, Expriecd c at
for small family. 44th SIteet
No. 26.

WANTID:-Geed eok. Brtig
aetoenee. ieod salary. Albie
Neverre Street Np. 26.
WANTED: tReliable EnglHb
speaking maid. experienced in
elealeg. seeking aed child eam.
to Ive in. boforeness aqliid.
$30 month. Sunday eNl. Apply
Hoaseu 23, Apartment 14. 0t
Stret eliat deer to Argentiw


IH pMro t TA -c
d medmtil "f in n the "A/n
be f ~tickt, there ann
o saved million of children a
a diptheria.
i agrphy is among the la
,ks plae in circulation dur-
tha past week by the Canal B
se Library. sri
Written by Atntot Oronowlcs, ,]
story of Dr. chick is set a-th
nst A background of Europen M
d American medial life and g
ke al the qual ttes that mo
re endured the grOt sentirt a
his fellow men. 1
he complete lql of new books
I their authors anouned by tl
I r this week follows: ph
ra9:f1-0oB cBo Toal Ar-. Ai
ectore, Orc u; The Go i
ret, MurraY; lens t Honor,
ter; Conquest by Mn, Herr-
nu; Understanding thO
meh, Paul; A Lot Park4lar,
ntrfOif; nls Schick nd ath
rid of Children, Oronolox;r
oma, Hearey; The

id Laugh Lewis.
Fetion: Okn hma= Run, Con-'
nt; Whirligig, OGuide; Noth-
* on Earth, Hae: The Nbble
Jllon, Lehman; Muttum
cee, Plaoer, Marcalbo, allI-
lat. and The It Teemptation,
&rtn's Books: A Peany for
da, Anderaon; In Came Hor-
0, e t ; Herrthe ;Else.l
lMoune, Block1; Wisinc AD-
,Trre, Bothwell; sfty's ttes-
r, Haywood; Peach aI-W
d, Lwr~ e; The Boarfldnl
ool Mystery, McGee; Matilda
i tu. family, Maso; .
ty .t Other. 4 6
mu Cottage at

~~jree ; 3 No
tA"I nw; M".


.- vf~ i^g.. ig' .!.- :* ~
m;. 33S ,-S* .wi" .B ,

-'- u' it .W.h
057 fenem..-H"-*'fww**rj i~-


.'t ise's : ed paaT
df ebh lk etiSe Clan. Tale-
pi*si Sle. ';lb3e 11. <

pta 5fl--- Uelo 631

WANTiDr-Swi ow e-dse
Sied sieve. Rieaseele. At-

ain tuck' Riflemen CompWte

i 7th Annual Beef Shoof

AYNESVIU, N. C, Au. 4 mountain mrnMen wl and
P) -The crackle of ancient ri- five minutes lining up Ahe gets
i sounded seross a mountain but "I ju draw a. flne bea on
vine today and Davy Crockett the bottom of the target and let
SDanI Boone would'have felt hMb rip."
:t at ndi lt. e radey if a native of Waynes.
ome 15 Tean fad leathery men vlle but the .hoot is ope-n to
the mountains, their dress and qualified riflemen from ev.e ry-
Itoms not mu ch hanged from where. .
enyntar and a t'alfl"o, whl- Wa kesno, dlbreance Where
away at tmy target popse " y ,"%.
tw at atinytrgetspot u -. Is from," said Tom Aleran-
hey were omipeta in t h e 'der, who owns.the ranch. "If h's-
h anamal "fBeefShoot" at thq got one of the ol mbuzz.e oand -
.u.l. heRanh ohmi- h or.Kalmtuck, Ihe an .tep out ate
tajooebee Ranch on muie. 1 '"
eTop Mountain. The wi mnNTnlay is aim bn the Ue the
ch of four age groups were -td boy hereabouts."
cyve a quarter o beef and toe 1- -
t in the field was- to get a bide ,
, taller .

nnsEaMIur "rue I'**

AaM sio 'S lreia l-a m tzf



ills sr na m o e is a mt sa -vmme, r.
. a t er' a d at is bs. ..A .
-e tght alat geluet beth- wamp. '4e::Id. B I3eMaI
too meuc, m hugh." .*eet wt tate
sy said that soS the sapr get ie

"M A R T y"h
.-J.. ..,w,,, j,,, m in -A rnx

EE- (UP)- ii
Pa 9urpse, bat. th
fleuris. In somee
to t. Parmg p.
^^ ~ ~ wh *f--ld -^^^S^

me lie I

~at sli

- '.-. .,----

, .

Panama Line Sailings
a -












~' -I Ce

Also: *
,-*ACT Oa 1n

Never Teo Y
It's Iroleall
All T1at Matte
But *,i wha
didn't Invite w e
,for 300 guests
de t's.t ir

milaUatF for I
the ptme
*cha. No sign
studio at al.
If Howard He
R1O makes th
brary of films
-visiow thervr
tun. '*.-ff *


i, a apj~ Un EARTH (Applnete). The Montana-
is ga.W 9rand1 ^ au thor who has trailed in
It -S rtune1 and written about mw countries.
movie,' "YWre took a linrst-hand at his own
ou L I United tates before wri Athll
Ly t, Loe warmly uman story of ,, oa
e"i. industry;
The book traees the biatoyf
t It matter, Dean l P PectlumnB fdk. anecdot
SJnSa 'lay n. wells (by man who wwere ooking
o Margaret 0'- for salt wter wells) to the future
gr ., romantle expect of the industry,
"4lory, Ir a&-Movie cludlng shore drilling
her mother hasn't "who Were so iound y t
beh -the-camer giant flares of natural ga"
of mama at the touched off at early wells "could
have been no more spellbound
-than we 'would be today if the
ighea recent sale of man ufact i products which n.
Studio's huge 11- tai e gredient- made from
.available to tele- natural gas suddenly were to shoots
1S. W big.ques -s ward from some hole in the
Ams ground an ..then come drn hinga
S 1028 _Ped As- down upon ua-the spectatosI
ch an unlikely occurrence Wod
.' ter us With everything rm
iWPo aIoes nadl hosiery to trnmanidnt

.Scout -News

A story-telling hour for chiden
at the Fort GUlck library, re
lyaided e eight GOlteou n aea
Ing the "Storyteller" pratlieley
The Hour was under the direc-
tion of Miss Virginia Flesher post
librarian, and Mrs. Harold Prey,
troop leader.
Children from three to eigh t
years of ago enjoyed the weekly
story recitals given by the Girl
Scouts. Miss Flesher and Mr s.
Prey instructed and guided tbhe
Scouts in conducting the Hour.
Miss Fleasher recently received
special notice in the Carribbean
Command when her entry in the
Third Annual Army-wide LIbra
Publicity contest reached the ft-
malI in Washington, D.C.)
The Girl Scouts, all members 1e
Intermediate troop No. 4 at Fort
Gulick, were awarded the profi-

7 bwiathe award, lthe Seou*

Sm. y ne yi can anme. enda e ciuoren wno adM'
Sathy Grapt Miller's story of oil, past and ed itory hours, enjoyed an In-
bints 'ocome Mrs. Blg sent, is attractively illustrated forma party.
C sby Crooner groasth sketches, by Joseph W. Mc- "
l at least. lVermott. oshWM
daeOscar -
-faiu -110 -d-atoes Hildegarde Dolson's collection of
S oty stirical pieces, entitled /
Swhen I Was ua tract Y TO BE SO CHEERFUL
to Para ndom House) should provide
S Par i. many a diverting moment on hot
Not .-th SerIl : there summer afternoons.
ieU tllm ps a IUa p. They range from a hilarious In- (Compiled by FPublahers' Weekly)
sm w a s," 011M 9eys hy terview with the late Mrs. Emily FledeS..
ft f e appears ofe Post, (In which, the jacket claims,
S.r organizedd etiquette was dealt a SOMETHING OF VALUE Rob-
,.. blow from which it may never ert Raurk.
Red Sheltisa new stockholder completely recover). to several BONJOUR TRISTESSE Fran-
4a the. Oea Lodge Paljts on the rather less cintillating efforts .
HawaflasJ..lad of Kauai. A rest- obviously included to pad the BINCERIEL WILIS WAYDE--
ed, redder Red, he' due back in volume. John P. Marquand.
n owoed this weewpfter a month The author, who describes her I"Jh .Mr quan G.
Sn WadkL Burn Manaer o self as a "true drab blonde" has NOR SERGEANTS -
r, eproeduXd him home al gleaned most of this volume's ma- I m a.. .
week after-sat up the oa teral from pieces whichh appeared AUNTIE MA-GOOD SHEPHERD C. S.
Palms itevstawnt. in th> "New Yorker' over thp past Forester.
P twenty years. In great measure RUN SILENT, R DEEP-Corn-
It teads "'L neexm e George" on they ae witty, debonaire examples mner Edward L. Beach.
the bicycle George Gobel pedals mtureitindgs,. If occasreader caTH DINN PARTY-Gretchen
arou dt the Paramount lot, but be. th writing gragethereadFiNettR
twee- his first movie and his ex. skip ahead, since there is no con-
unn dtoutside business Interests, tinuity between chapters. No-Fltio
-, tt ,glty has become a mob SuchNersifledsubjects s
sm .mL e 1 u% anto._,s
Gobel' st' e oW OW fa i THE POWER OF POSITIVE
owsn l hing p e p videbe .6 THINKING Norman Vincent
aki t j ,i f acile p. .Peale:
t t a. ab .. ass- ele -o H HOW TO LIVE 365 DAYS A YEAR
S maks e Lady vio,., the 'ok is a rarat -.John A. Schindler.
anyte l -unei a aloate' e. 'a me',n rxlme lt.'. ,. -. A MAN CALLED PETER-fath
a y ta. soats be SUB met. 'erine MarshaIl.
tweeir cenes. .... Jo CANT REA .-
George's thist fil role smaptlW L ri stl Rudolf Ctesch.t
avoids mlaOity to .p TV hun ONIONS IN THE STEW Betty
script. Papmllnt's eon .i s THEI a LY OF MAN Ed-
100 film future- ,foIr'h- ._m.---
Sfutre i -e ward Steichen.
.on b uist. ndev et
Tnd iea abotd movies: obscured y ofse of Italia-, I
. ., aroun aNd there .. mo11 thialom gu
It is a love story that -at
Ear 'wa'f -a tek pyty *oa a Itallawi
Mir It -I could be more and ends in a London r
Pt'acta'ser.]Frank Gu. Celia Coke, a happ4l1 married
.t. .-and.^ WRI. s .is W.mewd htwersel at loose trd
i"te .ko. Buzz thean- lot Is that dre&, foundherself atloon B
ey secretly. mr'd. Italy wh haer- husband N edd
made a.'year's business trip to
rg'ra.a dua er pit, Australia and she and the two chil-.
i ~E e-, rn went tb Iveat a o&asin's a
-ilToyeab nmane tom near Forte Di M .\ar.
SCelsa t 2a had led a completely
coWeatlesal life. t toD1 er0 own
eve Lawrence d the MamenrtUshe fal =& bye w a

answer the rou t Ste ao heart. There no ne to feel .self-
ase a-'"A'hthMersae.s W
-thlee efat e eno &ao butd.i- a roomful of IRA&e who-dretl-

cooCod, the outer. cae t t yo I bbo a=# aw a
gews flOac, g itngam y1 tt wi t -ppen

; ^tA M ti th e T It otof ta
*~~~~~~~~ O ASI A jpjt hs*IfhWm


"A Fine Film... A Gem!" -LIFE.
Coming next Wedpgday at the LUX Theatre,

There Is nothing new about mipor Hollywood players
Sleaping to stardom overnight but they are generally a
good deal prettier than Frneat Borgnlne.
Borgnine, the sadistic F iso of "From Here To Eternity"
plays the romantic lead In "Marty," United Artists screen
version of the celebrated tel vialon play by Paddy Chayef-
sky. A Hecht-Lancaster production directed by Delbert
Man, "Marty" opens next Wednesday at the CENTRAL
Theatre. "MARTY" i the tender and sympathetic love story
of a couple of simple, ungtlmorous people a butcher.
played by Borgnine, and a shy spinster schoolteacher, play-
ed by co-star Betsy Blair. .
Among the famous stars who made the leap from bit
role to stardom was thte John Garfield, who played a
total of eight minutes in "Four Daughters," back in 1938,
and aa.a result was strugL In his very next picture. Mari-
lyn Monroe was in "TheAsphalt Jungle" just about long
enough to wiggle her now-famous hips about one and t
halt timq#,.but that was enough. The rest, as any movie or
bueball -an can testify is history.
Audrey Hepburn played an infinitesimal role In "Young
Wives. Tale" -, buth r very next picture was "Roman Holi-
day," in which she o starred with Gregory Peck. Lana Tur-
ner showed up in a sweater In "They Won't Forget" for a
matter of.a couple of minutes before being murdered, but
nobod) forgot. Rita Hayworth did a brief, fiery dance in
S'Dante's Inferno," one of the "great all-time fl6ps, but her
next agnment was a starring role opposite James Ca -
ney In "Strawberry Blonde." Wendell Corey, Richard WI -
mark. Jimmy Stewart and Kird Douglas had very simUar
experiences.. Advt
-- -- -. ...-i__ ill___I__. i

doyou need




I 2'll',t,!

.z-. 7.7; "

-2.L.. .--~ -

-UATi SHOWS TO lW# 10:30 P.M.-
'UU Fl FACE"| "O FPa oKrI

oaa~ a

style in the bohlo, the boh e wM
invaded and was atill Jumpin
the wee hours oa the mong.%u-
sic for dancing was furnaised by
Lougee's Serenaders.
Door prices were awarded as
Mrs. Katherine Trimble won a
piece of material; Mr. W. E. Gra-
dy .nd Mr. D. A. Waddel each
won a bottle of liquor. A set of
hand painted ash trays has not
been claimed.
The holder of ticket No. 362 Is
requested to call Mrs. David Kap-
lan, Tel. Coco Solo 340.
Those 'who enjoyed the affair
were especially grateful to Mr.
Stu Cougher, the chef, and his
assistants, Mr. Steve Crowell, Mr.
Sim Manr,. Mr. Wally Russon,
Mr. Rube Seidman, and Mr. R. 0.
Horne; also to Mrs. Cougher,
chairman of the affair, and her
assistants, Mrs. Anne M a n e r,
Mrs. Helen Crowell, and Mr s.
Thelma Louis, and to Mr. Dave
Kaplan for his part in making this
affair such a hugh success.

Prize Unclaimed
After Barbecue Dance
At Braeso Heights
The person holding Ticket No.
362 for the Cristobal Emblem
Club's Barbecue and dance is re-
quested to call Mrs. David Kap-
lan, Coco Solo 340 to claim his

Southern Baptist officials believe
a Sunday School secretary at
Thomasville, N. C. may hold a,
Record. Alexander Boles hadn

21 years.

hty whusbenA-your
Delight ur withcreanmy Royal
children, 10' or.- Light and
pudding. Rich l v. igfro rm
digesible. Four big sewv' hen you
each thri packg. ddin.
shop-ask for Roya

MAY ..

+7 ".L ... ,f. .
C. ."-

.--... --;
.- ,


oi,.....i_ K oI, mKhgA -
I ~~DkrMdm k Kna akIIMI bosom


:I 8:1. P 5 E L LB 0 U.N D
*, Frida "TA3OW EARTIT

7:4*0 "Three Hours To -Kill" Color!
Srday r "MUWa aU T R A'"L

SBALBOA -' Air-Contioned -r 6:00


- t:40



k *

cnai M


**-* .*

* mucm

MARGARITA thryn o"Yson e Rd Ton
:15. .1: "Love lyTo Look At" Colew

*ail a :11

Binl CROSBY Gra e irJLL
FI.iday "MA & PA KEIrrr AT WAIKmUt"

- "'5'




-,'o C,J

. 5

'Need of eof?
SI -are hallp;.
Drin .. A 04

r I Rc

Tih. juisa ammvf Urgo*e.sgm
&W V-d ea- A et Bu is

-vatsae-peeked -
Me-e_r beten
i87a-V -8ivf -
. wout do@ rrg *
: e/Ha._ t + __ ./-. U_ :'"+

when there's bread rich with goRm-uPr".'

e H* a nIp- moc eet eslw
dcol... broa Ti u wA dM dbn ..,
a ro rhy a *l. : .. .
PerksA w A te L

h y ZL.y.dl -{.i

1k -


.. s .
/+ "47, !, ;,.:: ] .+i' -,

I -, afimmljma

r -_ _



1 1 .


. "

. :} -. -. i

A "'

^mi fMW "_n-sM ma"
f^r ;. Jm M ,Dotaii


~i, .,x~

RIL R ce Tigi n

..Havana Close I (

I.'. 7'



PRIZE WINNERS-Mae Askew (centerY and Louise Reyno
recetve thetr prizes for the Panam, Woman's Qolf Asaogiat
l Handfca Tournament from Cleq'Bur, vice president 0X
,. PWA. Mae captured medAUst and first prize honor a
Loulse was rdnner-up In the tourney ield at Braaoa Bro
golf course.

|..Along The Fairways
PANAMA WOMAN'S GOLF and Jack Schor donated a t
ASSOCIATION of House of Lords Scotch, w
wai very welcome.
/Mae skew made good her One of the gals found out
o.. inmis and made a clean sweep hard way why No. 5 'at Gai
S pt the PWGA Handicap Teurna-is called "Cardiae HJll"-took
meant held in July at B r a z o s 14 strokes to get to the top. A
Brooks. Mae tied With Cleo Burns solution prize was also awa
for medalist and wor the honor for tenacity and intestinal
in their play-off. She won h er tude to another golfer who g
athe without too much trou-ed 155. ( c e in with a

t o,. 'dea t a n .. Mr. Z n "Gai a
ft.a c nines, which 1 e. x ellet. onefoths .ea.rives by bakti
b ag I anywhere and paerculqrly. at cake and Xe Askew fuw ,
SBraos wth te narrow firways the lee crelm;
ad.-j the juwgle. The next meeati will be.
All the gals who played in the at the Summit l Course
,4ournainent had a Eoud time. o20th of Augusit. Wttyz.ur
I've head. elUe Whtne7 y, n .bulletin boars frthe aoticea
gretW for A but .6 _.e ; start gel
r mib to m, e y"our ;m% sh for the
the finals. mia Champin Tourna
CoaghRtlations Mae-and Lousle: 'In Septembet. notice
oRe-ngmber the PWGA lamnla. When, and where will be I
)h Cm"--" ah Tounamenti m papers.
I ng Up in September, so keep your ', _
aI m s ready. H rricane Jckio
n ". T 'e bHurrknnet lsv o0n
PWGA Monthly To!i~mament -
T wnt-seven t yaveklstart-I ftb(W ks
ed out ast Satuday at ambop.
but only 24 came home. Wo really Tommy (Hurline) Jac
Sdid't o,, them; they ju- found w unan imous deloe j i
the V t too rough to continue w. a
Those that did continue finished forOer .6"TeOlgt cb Sa1
as a follows: Board Charles In .ynt
as follow: N.Y. last night. Jackson wel
Lynn Jones, the youngest memn- d 191 %, Charles 191%.
ber, came in with a net 77 to take Jackson, always da o
low net honors. round, never gave the pld
Cleo Burns won low gross with Charles a chance to land
*. 8. one K.O. punch he was look
S"' Other low net winners were: for.
S Ehel Peranti 83; Rae Hughes
3. ; Barbara Rhodes to; P eg y Referee Ruby Goldstein g
ori M5; Mary Rowei'86; Lolse -thefight to Jackson, 6-4, w
Renolds 87; Pat Waring 88; and nadges Dick Fasio and
Ioue Jones 88. Shte gave It to Jackson
T B prizes selected by the Club and 8-f- respectively.
SRepresentative wre. very ni e e,
Awards Committee NOTES

to Decide Winners ,T Balboa Gun Club and
S-- -- ca Zone Police are spons
'R ; pistol shoot Saturday, A
M rlin Tou y 6 at a.m. honorin Major G
Herman, retired Chief of Ci
The awards committee of T he Zone Police, the shoot wilY be
PePama Rod & Reel Club willlat the Police Gun Range, Ga
qe 1, at 5 p.m. Tue9y, Aug. 9 Road, Balboa, Canal Zone.
S t Htl El Panama, 6 d e e d four highest scorers from e
h wh-V lU receive tre for their team will determine which
e- aitiba in the 3 n errtIalwas the match. All membe
Mar.n and Ualfi Tournament the Balboa Gun Club and the
J ended on Mj. 31. lice Department are invited to
S Al fishermen wI hav ot .al- ticipate.
S'ieay sent i 40b* ae *re Some of the Most outsta
w to do so ao late fan Men. pistol shots on the Isthmus
S d, Ag.. compete in this nterestla a


* I ~

)n T.i. .. Yankee sadi ,".
#, -:7

eBy, 'orp the mold,
.. --- ..- ..--. .".. from beLind to bRao |-l t"alr- on r^

/ e, In _: ter r J Jim Norns ndt ketbal League,. .
Tao to. ~k ea match. Kobbe. the dtfendg ch a
Thel* ya IeOr-: o t5 has .Ma t wlmoed

victory over obs an4d as. otain he shot, Mre olk isets atd A.a
ua outlasted Cimbua, 0-7-Ia tha number ont heaOs Wanst theitl T P
1 inning e to w to one Ind tender. Nino o Mislope iltrs
two and one-halame back of and Arm A h been eaen
the Leafs, res pectvyeuy. Toronm.o way of making 17t atree a t ther Ca-
dropped a 2-1 de ton to fourth- nose for Bobo OWn1,;i *,i ....jis bPhhrthe le .'s leag
Place Rochester. : -. r-t. aam ana tc.
WWItea ladvAntap .the home apsne
I The Cuban' vory was.thelr a rek
th straight and ame s re- The. tshsters had enough
sult of little Polh 1 o 1v'lI- uIlpmtn k o .ff
0' single with t a f In a first rowud game at
in the bottom of the 1th. A e- Di .
Sound game between the Bugr Jhe ifeliners for the
Kings and Jets was called after fourth win over o Trooper.e
three inningsd and will be re- o i lryht at Amgado ae .. :
started tomorrow when thel 'is oonday'sq ut .ges AA to .kobf
team meet agaln. be and the o to
SDon Drysdale picked up the before the lea-enoe Bads actIoty9
win for Montreal with lennl ext T sdy na y-
Mickens pitching the final three t'on plays at KobW f- a wuat fitah
Innings, while Millard Helo was uies as the scrap for all th ba-
settingl down the league leaders ca I
on ust five hits for Rochester !1_r ..vrof r_.. '_
SRi chmond dowrbed yracuBe, |r-- -B| AbML..i..e eall mos
4-2, In another game. wilbgebple on humllm e
Montreal 010 000 300--4 8 1 l T t t
Buffalo 00030000- 10 0 TennihS Toum amen
SD adale Mlckens (7) and Bu-e C W. Omphroy ktnoau sees he
Icha; nr chltz, Mase (8) andl ise promoting a bingls tien's
IStrenull. WP Drysadale. LP -ar dt tournament, open to comers.
8 hult. Cl HcKres, .CinolL B -- -EANG-,O/ Moo0re iewa Tournament match mwih be beat
SoniIgty riht ar with or( r three sihual ets through deUni :rteruf-
a- RdchTo er 000 Bl0 rn-i 5 2 ult g bopiE to uinala-aemlflnals and fnals wil
ion Ochesteh rb01" hes.00 er.% 0 Iae.a4o be best of five sets. All matches
t ch a ndBlebr1 Nb e, H will be playe on Qriv te
n R ._r, br.hHRewlark.or court at No. 93 w ee a en -
S/ So here we have a story aSnue, an Franco d e
4n Irnna 00) 00 0trnge as Moore himself, ndAll matches will be Mona yd witht
Coluf. 2 010 00 00000--7 10 the d goat wih the teeislazen tennis balls lt
Hays. 300011 102000--8 11. 3 something out of the we i spest no- is a I
S' vel ever written. It Is t h a t of ria i winn to re
Vanbrabant, erlawakos (6). Moee, 38. qualifying for th ee tebeat a.t
oThem (8) and Lakoman, Eamut e-acr at the heavyweiht crown .,in at Omphr'

ican5?ebury' (1) racnNbl, in-8 -- nr-up will receive l-a-enger
rdTue ra Ot WP..-cante bu-ry. L f" New t.aet Moore has estabished tennis racket frame, o ustou le
r --"- Adams. Ms, ass. we'll be able r each match. Phn ,i.
1 Se acue s Or 2o -S 1 Ve y ou a more detailed liname orn helon b Monay ni
o Rihmond 010 020 lOz- 11 2 t veable challenge. Thlnk Ag 7fit ms tatsTu
tco. e ) and Command; Habenich are able to th r with him made in person at mphroys
dd St. Claire. -pr lng Before ie settled down n t Auto Supply e. on Automobile
Iou. ---t.... Berkshires., and with nobody able Row, or telephone. Phone 3w5881.
*f8l was in the sports pages of every a lications must be aecom-
(14 "nings to neweapeM, you pnlcla up. pe anby for toournapkt

f 2/ 010 000 0iW0 damll Ahlw'. who minds "rt__w illb -e,. I o P'wit
ti4 u u- u toamlmy -JcfllMwn B Broadway of- to ie .T"lf"iia n and

hld ~o' *-. I dn't know. Nobody ever e
Hauv.0, 01 *M nroed1uapred3 bmthingout'det hirm e not i fault will not be called
*and unbe,. .....G.op, eko He coud be in Toe" do r unt. the mifinal matches.

ment ayn volleyball orna- where hhad a chicken shack or It is desired to avoid forfeit-

s onmteant. Teo Headat men are wheat hmralo job hi doke.shah s lcHo ver b mootrle
Bth nowte crew wAA ,a spes Com i.,, or eadinr t n orhes u... e as muhe asra ossible.aAll
oanr Tb hane teriu paedourse, sMai,. q:. hdon' t know. But he Pgmes shall be played s ached
imes Iney ase ma staear s ureltin. t ap'b.. euled, on time, and putlayners will
heese mand. thie Rock may rest assured that rallow ed half hour aftre disrupt thea
S( helper' AorM no cou-mendd on it. scheduled hour or forfeit hi

son winner of a playoff of these Moore won't stop talking and pd. schedule of the matches.
m four ldub deia nwho wil ing. It too; 19 yea'- to0 s8il
ion meet the Headquarters voleyball- himself. NLi ..

use, er in the tourney fins. Moore drew the last drop of I enk
b Thel final match wl be held cnlecs ing h A utar e
L an no night in thew Clayton Oaps c, atd Jonitn wh ma e ers a ord

e a -- Se eor esottleGrowsinge N.y OSLO. Norway, Aug. 4 (UP) -
inarcsa rks r no l Roger Moen, of Belgium bettered
f- "rt' Be- s easier for the newspaper d meters yesterday when he was
e- /tsuy..o c -t-e.rou ,MoM' n ad eod clocked in 1:45.7.

e st to.ok m 1a oens' feat e rased the oldest
Ted geezer was existing major track record in the
8-2 of coarse, Moore picked books. The old mark was 1:46.6
tWr and summer resort.k
"I don't want to train near

"IMrcGano, e explained. "My Alaskan waoerfront city
Ptheh e o the game Old Ar-V S a "u
stungftromthe unten p doePt play second fiddle to wl b V b
the k ilat.k w|dr e1 bylwa m aace onwthe ,'RYh YE

1oring Cl------volleybal way to or from Marciano's camp. f .. ,
iheld the seashore. it's too damp." ,i

The. mental and sensible reason for
a: c picknig North Adams, hardly in- .
team r sei accesable from a nMetropolitani I I
rs ofn mstasrdpomnt. The fantastic bloeke AI
e Po-w it. -the c gold-lined bathrobe a lh.lock* ls I
opar. TAheyhv tiump he'bur s- ed out- one Esco Greenwood in Bt
Saret Feather, .1, 2,of glaud the sebeed round there six years haufh or heI
t abeoome the flost woman to r ao, when things weren't so o.c aod cI
swim from Capd r to NaHple in the payday department. ,'lH so mi
ffalr. It aly, a distance of 1o9 le. train the same open air ring e...hdlf 1emts I
otNeofing like rehearsing am th*
at gymn. r-- .was, setting," beams Archie

@&Yqu M.1 I ln just going on lo-

SIjain jk and co'ortal fui t
i ikrat "cry Veanose
,.. _*urstarn
-.xy directed by-ib
in the arge s

portrays a f
Ma-an.ti ; t toi

Aured above thd NWl Station Basketball team, mg m (iptn ",
Baskt r the Iourtf OOeaiutive year. .Naval Statto :reoa..ed the
g t the final R ne We Ftdayrenight. They will hav t w h tropby .a
R. 7- years In order tO retain permanent pouemauto. -I 4

"Mickey" Emnet; 0. ilernan, Is
managing the Veteran of For-
eign Wars Teener All Stars from
the Canal Zone.
As manager he will invade
Hershey, Pa., with bne purpose:
to capture the national cham-
pionship for the Canal Zone
Kleinan has been the .klDner

s .tms havy been' In
championship playoffs.
IClernan first displayed his In
terest in local baseball in 194i
when he formed the famous Pe
dro Miguel team. This tean
composed of teenagers, defeated
some of the strong service team
on the Isthmus at that time.
When not devoting his time t
athletics, 'Kiemrnan is at the Mli
raflores locks, where he Is em.
played as a control hou&e opet
ator. He has been a resident o
the Canal zone for 16 years, no
lives in Ancon.
Kiernan hails from Jersey Cl
ty, NJ, Where he was we
known in that part of the Gar
den State for his athletic en
Mickey says he is not going t
Hershey Just for the ride, he ex
pects to bring the atnation
championship to the Canal Zon
set by Rudolf Harbig of Germs
ny, July 15. 1930 at Milan, Italy
The Belgian runner won by on
yard over Audun Roysen of No
way, who also surpassed the ol
record. Boysen was timed in 1

location for taut drama

na release today at the LUX

California HorseJs In *at

Year; Scott Frost Takes two

ats To Win HambItan
- ;. .-
MOf TiN,, Aug. bA-(UP)- It is the first win fO'Bito .,
This. sabs Matr y or Call- in five trieas-g. he a
fornia whln it t horses, pressed In eaobha&t..
First, M- V'Sw winning Hanover" mnade&a. ta Idin the
the Ke s t*kDrb. Y.,pterday, opening heat ,aft mlakd'b Iw
It was ga "At the 30th half-length. In the l eon at.
edition of t 1. race for "GalophQne" forced pft Frot
trotters, all out before Joa4g-by- "hLead
Scott Frost, with little ,Joe 0'- Scott Fro.t .won.I flret heat
Brien In the sulky, Won the in two-misutes, one -:"6 thre-.
Hambletonian Stakes in straight fifth seconds. The odd-on fao-
heats to win $91 00Jor owner vorite paid two-70, tA3ee-IO and
ol A. Canip. The hI -stepping two-20. Leopold. Hanover wa.
colt from 8hafter, Caifornia, s .
the 18th straight-heat .winner. second and Galophone third.
He cane within twofifths .of a Scott Frost was an even heavier
second of the Hambletonlan choice in the second, leat and
'record Ii the second One. paid two-60, two.50 and two-10.
cott bTrost covereS. the hard- Galophone f nll second .and
be.t. kite-shaed ope mile Leopold Hanover third. Gal" -
track at' (ioshen aew York, In phone and Haver split
| .oi .',,,l- .... an..a. .,.., -...--. -.

s o -
to Origin of Breeds; Labrador merits of the black relreviag
By JOE STETSON dogs that were fo d in the Pole
Do g Editor region was the .secondlE'arl' of
i Malmesbury who made some. dl-
We have definite evidence that rect imports from -NewfoundludL
dogs of mastiff type were taken .Up until this time there wa
w by fishermen to the shores of more or less Indiscriminae cross-
Newfoundland during the 15th and ing with flat and-cualy dated re.
16th Centuries. There is reasona- trievers and even wit-setters or
ble likelihood that the Vikings other members "of he spaniel
lU may have left dogs during their family. With mon carefl bree'd-
.e.curs.ions along-the, eaten coast ing, type began to emerge and
I- of fai cohtinet. (Cea ,1000 A. iater,.wheM the.hi. Duke of,
D.).. These dogf i'ery naturally, MajiM buy gave three doga to
o interbred and iae with native the sixtlIuk ois D t euh; who :
K- dogs. established and mnlitaied as-q '
l certed breeding program,, t' .
b. There evolved from this admix- breed was ol-UIa way.,
ture such dogs as iud; by vir-
-. tue of their heavy oatss, survive Just before World War I tbe
y the rugged climate. Bome of Banchory Kennels destined to
e these -dogs were large and were contribute oateliaUy-to tIe eiod-
r- used by the natives for draft ur-era Labrador, was founded and
Id poses. They were at times bredhortly after the whr Lab
:. for their size and undoubtedly be- participated in field trials for the
came the forebears of our pres- frat time.
ent day Newfoundladds.
SThey were thn Hiht back -
Other somewhat smaller dogs. to this cotinet a he la
handier. for taki n small boats, 19S1 the first Lab trWal- waa'
but nevertheless hardy, web-foot- held. Here, under the spensrI.
ed and water lovin were used ship of sue sport peop
.by fishermen to aid retrieving Carlyle, Mrs. Mafl i I ,
Nets and line s and fish. Gerald .
There Is definite evideuc that soed until the .recelam
some of these dogs were brought their virtues n them.
to .Xpgland in the early 19th Cen- their preasntpolpuir*ity.
IAmong those recognizing the (Distributed by A ie) -


ii A
6st t emaAnetl

**, -y


- ~ ~
~ ~
-~ S -
; ,~

..' -.! *

*/.- '.

LRrrAfL 5.

.. *v. ithou.h they I yM eJ I' lI ... \ "^ ."
ti llIF-I .. : ..RA ,, -+. .: ,-- -L r."-

S by Playground GRA

gagt o (Uased on M0aoItal a' u ot batssket New from
the "ba.S bI _A_ _
C IOO TOWN-Sx mean we re sleomels nto thGe sbll NATIONAL LEAGU A A A
gsit~i,!^a 4* l Ia the ft a 5 la Induction eeraoe prsoed ever by Bakeball "A" League l
N tes whear #rst er werermmby this momentous thig en 5e.l
rely"etmatte wat AfiVea bpa to them. r They hise th e CnPlaln83557101. iTO CRISTOBAL VIA WA PORTS
lpens mawe ldm1 ppea=hm. T ey i my Ma.b you"rn h b Phl. 100 38442 126 328 D on ** 0 0 0o
Wthe riteswith adduh of DPrA.but he, too, found the post, E6.l 1041 75 131.311 L.UBssin.5 0 10
'*Ok in W perha crl B. d lto8onw e 41 R D ARRIVTrrmVAL.
Shi throat blocking the his perhaps careullLTEN" ........Aut 14
wigIa 1f -Then, at the climax, came Joe DiMagulo, a quiet, almost AMERICAN LEAGUE ne 1 0 2N
MAN Rs L 7uGiants b ulfui man from whom cameaqiet, seftacing t nech whichS.n no.a 407 4 s I 1 GENERAL CARGO WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR
andI tlw~ard~rii. M. "<* ^^^^^^^^^^ framed it touching tribute to Tragic Lou Gehrlg, closed on KWnarDot. 108 407 4 ,143 *W61 24EA CAROr
Smith Cie. 105 42 81133 .314
so Mirs 0Amic "The last chapter h been written, the book now la close. Fox, dhicao 103 416 129 .310 .Tobin Mararita
S. bd," vs' Di aifs me P ntence. liead ma de le .i P SS .G0erge Russ' and "Augst B1o "
""V law =-z t--....."3 i"
n a mak on thedmond, hp had hoved the a of Fame. Now Ne Chicago 87 298LIG 31 90 .307 F. SS 0Gewe uss MA
.. .f aerx vwht? It W almost wa of ea. And he la only. 40. V. i*o, .. T W RT
1 aB wre pither- m o' peech l up .ent which I remembered so BOME RN8 A Wilr. ....... 0 2
oaAl. gr' h ewelL we repr toB atn n. derf Dod .rs ......... 38 A
ftf kt her a B March, MO. A sware kid gout of an Fraaesoop, he had ElugflwakI, Redlebg ..... 5 Perkin 2 0 4
11astle d- leadIn th e lo hin to reice lh Mai, Giants ........... 34 2 0
S_ ,..y@ .. ^, : ne .. ,; THIR LFORR & MCKAY, INIV,

e Intheot" h m two Dof .- ;U- o the niL. ; .-I. a roentle ia am hu py to be in tbhre Boone,. igen ........... 83 W
Itvm *,.1b and .. 431 Snider, .lsnod J., .o
Frd"e' --- ~,P" ~r th. book now .. closed." +. 3 Dodgers ___ ........._ 00o oo
o --R m .N .Ths wond bI. W thb /t etnttt toib In lret bls. ayers inaldonl ant 0 Innis, .Pros ..... ..... ,80
with Iaoo YanksL i oU Jim h Joe and I walked away from the tura on Main treet UTION: Jack Shepard of
.e rooie e8 reliever To tanty uwti the cal* In t Band he talked about baseball as he saw ittoday. In Inducting BUNS at econd when
rd.s tt trinb pen. rand ,er into the of ric hd detailed h ug- alne Tgers ..........4 Schoedlet of the C
with. l MI eit two he n g expolts '"Back in the days when home runs really were under, oders ........ 91 tried to pull the hidden bll trick
wors 'ChlAaO ..... %oOOF.NM home runs." Mantle, kee. ...... 84 Shepard kept his foot on the
ir erl x-YCheago. ... Wooden T Smith, Indians .......... 81 1ag. Harvey Haddix began mov-
bsted a two run homer to give GOMIEN, N. Y. (NEA) ys *, Olan .. ..... s0 mg n a bi e pllher's b a
oraetyintriumph Fourteen trotVA wiho t aymi Giacts.e. a balk r in tptrb
e n ilMe Ga.rcia wlS tlhear' Hmblefinstake HOMEN DIME A DOZEN /NITS Why?-Bob L npire. B! "l .
game with harp relief help y previoq winners. I "ic might have ioe a little stronger on that subjectt," Kaline, Ters .......... 143 A el nswe r:. 7n% ioe isite, .e.
S_ -- DiMagglo saId, "The big leagues have done things to make the Kuenn, Tera ....... 133 rule-"if s a balk wlenmhe
f i four-bagger so cheap as to detroy the balance of baseball. smith, na ......... 133 t cr, without having the ball,
ll1 1 M m Chicken wire fences. stands ad bleachers stuck where they In- Post, R eges ... 131 stdsll op or astrie the pl hin
Sterfere with a atch. It's a Jok. Bruton, Braves ......... 130 pla (tru er) feints a teh
"D9 you remember. the year we Wit 4182 homers We earned while off t "-and applying I to
them. It was a record to be proud of but now home are a dime PITRCING "HaddlxM' m ats.
Snd of a: Q. "read some place whirosn
a and t a twg o e a season (Based on 10 Decisons) ad some e wh W L SERVICE FROM NEW ORK
oaAplayereverappearedin both the TO WEST COAST OF SOUTH AMERICA
"Wht's all the eultoemait abut bea ball pitching? H L ose Bowl an World eries.AMERICA
anybo been hurt a seas.I manhrt. There is so much Neweombe, Dodge r 18 1 .947 yWhat about ackie Jen n? Al "SANTA_ L_*aA ....... Dae Crlt6bal, C. ., Aug. I
-- -- .a,~mnin by player~ and a mneh pl talk by club offials Byrne, ankees ..... 10 2 .833 Ja n w, f a ,. "AA .....Due Otbal, C Ar.
u ul r dra bell felds were strewn with the dead snd the Donovan, W.S. 13 4 .765A sim owcluba W I
w L bt. B TEA. "Bl t il l I used to hit thedirt plenty Ford, Yankee ..... 12 5 .706 sof r .o. WEST COAST OF SOUTH AMERICA TO
"...73 Ur agea t Chica o...... 3 40 Ail 0116, tret herled n b ha o h &S.. "SANTA MAGAA" Sa Cr a A
...U 47 .552 14 elan.. .63 40Ihnd youa wh4: mdlmn Au I, di' know a, thng about Emilny .B.S. "SANTA BARAI" Sls
U i .....- ss NewYork ....63 42 600 1 W P .- There we le t of other.. We took It as a matter of
..1o 57 48621% Boston......6 1 4 e i FROM U.S. PACIFIC & WEST COAST
5s .4 = ....1 4 a 4o.t WatII U rKU -um mayhem, but tHey also don't relishTRA AR
S6 .7 .422 Detrot.....7 4 .0 havingal the bjplayr .:members of one lodge." UITE F UIT' COM.PANY.EN
7.....2 4 "I Ca y -.&-. -62 9.43151% We talked a- Abu aarecord feat of hitng safel in 56 con- o BALBOA AND CRISTOBAL C. L
mf5|24% .A UW M USSS6 utt ve.ganmes told Joe that Ihad been the official scor e.w W.. SANTA AD .........., -. -, -g .
-.- Te a p"t tn ad no tfthoIeonMahdlowuldni'tGra WheMW FROM CRISTOBAL AND BALBOA, *s TO Til
ToDlTrs UIB TODAYa, take a couple sa(= to 1j tlron h It sas. g i. tetMsonr had n" (w cl A .
CNhica a t Boto b on had no kick," Ouise pe chuckled. "How about me? FOMCRISTOBAL AND BALBOA, C. TO T
N K at U etroNw at ,w York I wouldn't have m.ld it for w100.oudn't We WEST COAST .CENTRAL AMERICA & U. & PACC
Ransas City at B c goreIeathas been wrlttbn, Mue bX now Is cloued"dot 3" i 8. f. tATll
,c)- The 's2 walkas sed toWlr*8 Di Toppilag', and the flight .S. ..." .g .....*
oes a s e eani s .oe___) ili'ht .,.......... ......................_ i s-
)48,&tW. T,,5" SL-S Oak t6.NewYork. L...................._s
!h.. 3 .....-.... ....... PANAMA AGENCIES CO
Se.t. .Oman (5-4) and aolS LION O*. AS". -............... CISTOBAL: 1M1 PANAMA g .
., ray ( a-nd l a come way fm Jacksonville. aa g eiria ( lhed and Geeal Cg
Ssai. 10 "Y dow Lon itball ranger w A
011100-4 10 0, -Preadhor i-%A the 0p0111 whuo d him.' "Wk lass Arnv
-5 mccc 14 0 (.ight Ma GA. OA ? A A
Bl he Tlim Cristobal 1
(7-8) a 1msCity fill00 001 11 Maybe 1fteAM
As f r could gt a job I Aneeded "L. L CAR ..................... Augutst is
Swhat's I ..............................
-- -'s54- I d i__ f.e,.. ..................A u5 i
the l ltchers of tod a eem to gaitA.......Au aA1gust
Ri O s A_ a hlen em, l ...... ........... ...........h Agst II

1 A. an nadto 1oL he0er T40 .swanp. of .it" 1 wi'..
-,m Bw. +S.a o baen so o ie sy.F_ wina

20 .'" ft*"sired jo. been wasyJ^ sai mW N 0 111011t 111 ;- si n i l
? w1mmy Do &-pfr thekM
rbrsJ Uttoar tbeuihlCrl-- et'n.w-ai andzh% ... .-Ins... ...l mII @6

.- -^ ...< -+. .. .. -.-." .. ... ... ........ .

t .o- l_. -- .,i,- *- .* "oy. "w^ ... "--'

A.,_-,. :+. .' ..--. .S .. d ;
+. : -++ .-.: ., ,. : '.. .'. =. :-'+. '., .: ,.. :'... -. -_
:++,;:+,,-:+++++:++.+ +: ~~-.'+ +.+:......



- .

9~ .' '"' .



001 2 a.1. MO"P.
O lam t'.,i, .- 4
..o .......,.....
od^-^ i^ .o. .' J< :'Ay.
jyAHOl ^ ~m.^It ;BBl
Cbarw Chpltt. ^ in 1; t'm



~~r*-'a % c;.;


si SlIME In

"Let the people know tie truth and the country o safe" Abeh'ouu Uiwln,



. .. .-... S--.--- --L .--

- ra atu ua

eronist Chief


Is Means Of Averting

ft10io A sIBES, Aug. 4 (UP)
eronltParty leader
S t defended President
Mn .Peron's dictatorial acts
S means of averting ausas-
IOlandro Leloir, president of
' party's supreme council, said
io d to curb freedom to
out his revolutionary ob-
Svfal and to save himself
subvervlve coups.
Leloir'a speech, broadcast over
he Radio Belgrano network)
Sthe Peronul Party's reply
e opposition Radical Party.
Same at a moment when
country was beset by de-
itrations in protest against
o~ath of a Communist lead-
t police questioning
erring the June 16 revolt.
The Radical Party, in a radio

'7 .rout r

- -. -

address delivered by party chief as Jorge Emilio Coleotst nRa-
Arturo Frondizzi July 27, con- mon A. Corvera, flew a twin-
tended there could never be a engine Navy 0-47 plane into
political truce and internal peace nearby Carrasco airport I La
in Argentina until Peron gave night.
up his special powers. They asked for ay1lu0m for
Lelor, who recently succeeded themelvs, their wve a nn
Argentine vice-president ,Alber- their five children. .
to Talsaire as Peronist Party Informed sources said the of-
council president, vigorously de- ficers told Uruguayan authori-
fended the Peronist revolution's ties they took off from the Es-
achievements in 10 years, even pora airbase in the Corrientes
if "some revolutionary objec- province of Argentina.
ties required temporary restric-
tion of liberties." The sources said the officers
Maenwhile in Montevideo two reported that "nobody works
Argentine navy lieutenants said and normal activities are stop-
today they asked for political pod, affecting the econflic life
asylum in Uruguay because tbeir of the country." .
own country "is in a chaotic Buenos Aires, the Argentine
state with no guarantees of life capital, was the scene of a bloody
or property." but .short-lived revolt -led, by
The naval officers, identified Navy officers on June 16.

.. 4-.
'. ,,," I' ,-.. I. ,
^/.^...., '... -. .,

'^.w. ,^ *^ *f '. f"..--

GEAPLANE lB ACTION-4t Ian DIego, Qaif the XF2Y-I" Sea, Dart" Navy Jet fighter
i _a high-speed taxi run fter being re-fitted w a single ski as part of the Convair-Navy
ki fmde resarch program. The rvolutlonary plane, the first let seaplane ever built, has
5d'r d the speed of sound. .. .-

lo The Moon By Spaceship Before 2000 A.D.?

O.PNHAGEN, Denmark, Aug. be dae before the end of the cen by the United States in 1957 or
-Ameriman scientists y e tury." 1958. .
lay predicted that unmanned Meanwhile in Washin .ton the However, both the basketball-
:e ships wil reach the moon Air Force annound i. will try size satellite, also to be fired from
S.years and manned space to create artuficia mnoonlght in rockets, and the sodium vapor
Sby the end of this century. the skies over New Mexico this test are part of efforts to learn
merlean g u i d e d missile en- tall by releasing sodium v apo r more about the upper atmosphere
Mer Norman V. Peterson, of the from a rocket zooming 80 miles and outer space.
Gyroscope Co., of Great '-to the atmosphere. In this connection, Cmdr. Lewis
, .., said space ships will t. said the experiment to be Stecher. chief of naval ouLrations
sm the moon "within Ma years." conducted by the Air Research at White Sands Proving Grounds,
M said he meant unmanned and Development Comand, is d N. said that another rocket--
e ships, but he agreed with signed to learn definitely whether a Vl-will be launched about
jti Frederic.. Durant that thenI a l r o d m out SePt. 2. It, too will contains o-
u ships would be on the l Uo% 'i1"th S~rS.ntMM dium and trow off lght with a
by the end of the 20th Cen a similar test last November gave full moon at dusk."
t presidentt of th Inter "inconclusive results." Steeher said the September ex.
, Astronautical og nreIr The U. S. experiment was first neriment Is the third in a series
S rs t a Congress disclosed by a British scientist, to test the effects on rockets that
Sce a morning Prof. D. R. Bates, of Gueen's the earth's atmosphere
n of the space group university, Belfast. from, outer space at high speeds.
etersen and Bell Aircraft engi- He said the podium would be in-
f'Hayward E. Canney, of But- He said the British are consider- clouded for tracking purposes on-
1 N. Y., will present a joint ing the sami. experiment and that ly.
or later today on "Uses and it may provide data about t he Prof. Bates said in London the
tieso of artificial satellite ve- winds, temperature and chemical upper atmosphere Is believed to
6I." reactions of the upper air. contain a relatively small amount
want said he could not exclude The experiment should produce of sodium which produces much
possibility of man landing on a ball of light equal to a full of the light in the air.
moon before the year 2,000. mooa at twilight, visible about 100 By increasing the amount of so-
' he said there is "a long way miles east of the rocket launching dlum in a small area, the lght
travel ye t and this is nottrav- site at Holloman Air Force Base, would be intensifed and the "full
I'overnight." N.M., scientists said. moon" effect created.
legisa was emphatic: "No The Air Force research center
Sunmanned space ships will at Cambridge, Mass., said the
* it moon within 20 years," rocket would be fired the week of
newspaper correspondents. Oct. 14. "
-frxt stage will be to send It said the experiment had noth-.
s1 pace ships to the moon,"I ing to do with the planned launch-
de "It is possible this will ng of an artificidal earth satellite

PRICES: .75 & .40
- TODAY -m
4:35 C :40 9:00 p.m.



... L .



I% -

1%'; ,


rr,4 ~
t 4V
~ 'a. ''5 9% jv.~ r

For Christ 3ab

Go To Russia


Highlight of
At whinh M5*1.


an =ans ee
n week
Gea. Lionel a..

Mccarr, commai amer
zNEW Aug. 4 (UP) U.S. Army Cari.bbean p Inted
Evanuget AlLy Graham return- 80 Department of the Am ft -
ed from a tive-month tour of gestion Awards to UA l
Europe y yesterday and said he civilian employes and ltary
wu workingn on the posslbillty personnel, was the awardMlg of
of arng h Crusade for the Meritorious Civilian service
Chriostto'lBu --a. Award to Lenworth N, JW .
Grahf0m M id he had discussed The award is the hdgfhe. an
the nosb last week in Lon- overseas'commander cI use a
dOBjj iian ~clergymen at- civilian employs.
tending thO Baptist World AU111-
ance Conventlon. He said he Pste a resident of Panta Cl-
could not say more at present ty, and an employee of the'BuAR-
about the project, I CARIB Quartermaster tion,
Corozal, was cited or tfltorl
A number of American clergy-
men have visited Rusta since
World War n as members of cul-AdjutanI Geeral,
tural groups but none Adufa l eneral,
preached there.
SThe evangelist said .the re- USAR(a b, Ne ds
sponse to 4 crusade in Europe
. e esmated 4 m-FIngerpt l Clerk
sons attended his services. which
drew more than 100000 at one The Adjutant General UAR-
sittng in London, Glasgow and CARIB ouncedtoda that a

He added that his visits to of f print clerk.
Sweden and Denmark arouse person applying for the n
hardlyy any enthusiasm." Ht ul t haveatehast
said he found morals in Scandl- rearslof aee of
navia "eceptionally low-- r- e .-n
tinularly sexual linmoralty,." ri t a
Grahaim sad church attend- ie
a am s r.ana-llutmeo low in otc
Denmark, where only per cnt
of the population attend church sIlity In l
and in Sweden, where 4 or 6 per tchn based on thorough
cent attends. knowledge of techniques and
Scon described n es of the Henry system
In contrast he described en- a t Pe FBI extension system
thustastic welcome In: of classifcation. Involving skill
FRANCEr "I found the great- in all general phases of fnger-
est spiritual hunger in my tri print fiction.
He Said that although 3 pn W should be submit
per in Rance never go, to my
church his ari services ver- t heivila Perdnnel Of-
.aged 1M'. attendance and Mi n USARCARXD, building No.
to 600 converts. He described the 23, PoSt Of Corosal, C.Z.
Catholic Church In France as
'ERMANY: "Church supportiEx-Luftw ff Pilot
has doubled what it was a year- .I.
ago." seeking 22 Allies
SWTZERLAND: "I found a
great response there."
SHBRITAIN: "Response to mye Helped In War
crusade was doubled there this
year and the newspapers were FRtANKFeURT, Aug. 4-(UP)-
friendlier." A 34-year-old former Luftwaffe
officer gravely 1ll with -rcancer
He said communion is "defin- has appealed to the US. State
Itely losing ground" in every Department to help him find 22
country he vslited. allied soldiers he helped escape

In Toronto, Ont., Sept. 18. He said aein Wilhelm Uhrer hopes
he wask considering a crusade In that the men he saved will come
New York City later this year. to his aid by arranging for his
He will begin appearance on treatment with radioactive Iso-
British commercial television topes available only in the Unit-
Sept. 25. Cd States.
lDoct at the Frankfurt Uni-
vrsity Cln -describe hie oon-
ditian oas "ry seritou" I
Uhrrso sa he lost the names
and addresses ,of the mob he
helped escape from ItalyIn 193
In the turmoil of war. D h o.Is
confident they will come to his
aid If they see his poiture and
hear his story.
The former pilot wants to be
treated with betatron rays, un-
available outside the U.S. Doc-
tors here say such treatment
may help him, but he could be
saved by a throat operation
which he refuses because he
would no longer be able to fly.

rAMh %. =t's.

New ft r ast 1bple to
se 10o. shus.
here.. L..,e


.h next


i -. .' -
- ~, -- -.i .- .

Mr. and Mrs. R.Phllnp, ot ]
ama C=tkand Col. Mrs.
CampT of Fart robbe.

Traveling Tot
oS -( 1-


St" M1. ._Sfl- o- Ptaama City is presented the Me. tori-
Sr e AwC by MaJ. Oen. Lionel C. McGa, om-
PedllE Ma. Ay Caribbean, at Fort Atdor. The
2 Seomar mmander canIpresent w a 4vllas '
O e m *f* f

S G: eifsu ....~~sf n: Mabel D. Kim-
Ivere I. Bailey, Feblo Baloco, meL
Nod J. Grant Charles .
oa mob, C-P
r u t&: ArlZie. t L Red China Plane
Parker, Wilfed M. Smith, Ran- Dow
dophJ. Thomas. Shoots Down
orae Tets: George MNationalist F86
Brown, wlam B.- tnalmh, F86
&Haw nes, ThomasV itch, A TOKYO, Aug. 4 (p)-Com.
bert It. a, o ML geha- mulixt China claimed today Red
fr V. Anna Chinese aircraft shot down an
cxkW or. American-buit Nationalist Chi-
C sele oe: t Felix nee F8s Jet fighter and damage.
MartinM. ad another over Tsnlngyaag
adjutat Gsn eral e tien: Anhwed Province Wednesda.-"
'Jeann I.AN sta dtal4mro -m RadioPepnbroadcastdthe
NuMes J=mf6 ort2 Cath- Red lamand said the two
erine nvadedthe afr over Tau-
I 70-uBlB*S.g- gf f Bn S Wnsmorningand
S CAM, tIrL Wuel e ifa tely Intercep tedby
A. .-tet. Red fiters. The damagedNa-
l M tl plane fltied southeast-
m lleanor U. wa 4 towargthe- se, the Com-
munistsm reported.
son, & rto1- Bl.RUI.A TiniFS
.Awardees not present Includ-
IAG5: CWO Bosmwe Whites. momOW
Lynn Taorbert, earwin B. 4:42 am. l0.7 a.m.
Roche,ZMimer lM.Pedrick. 4:53 pi. 11:1 p..

To Save
oun pertorma c of duty as or-,
ganintuo a methods maf examin-
e, Admfisrtitl, Quar-
terastr Seto, during the
period July 139 to Janu: ).
The citation said n part:'
Bis tireless efforts ad unse.-
fish devotion to duty resulted in
the Quartermastr achieving
outstanding progress and M -
provement- thue work aimpli
cation o during
Year 1 5i:u du."
Este has over 25 y of U.S.
Government empeyeat, of
which over 18 has been with the
V. Army and seven with te
Panama Canal Conpay..
The 80 Suggestion Awards pre-
sented during the em e
estimated to save l command
apoxma teI a.ft l.
S date, Of a 80 e suggs-
tion have been accepted on an
Army-wide bass.
Personnel receiving awards
VW 0 ,2ft O.
ino D.Bryson, W W. Caf-

Jo,. .ranco, -2 M-, r.
OJfD BlZ Julo A.

Liffle League

Boys 17, Girls 13

Seventeen boys and 13 girls
were born at Gorgas Hospital
during the week ending at mid-
night, Monday August I, accord-
ing to the weekly hospital re-
There were 202 patients ad-
mitted and 216 discharged dur-
esngtht period.
The names and addresses of
the boy babies were: Mr. and
Mrs. Faustno Martinm, of Gam-
boa; Mr. and Mrs. M. Peder-
en of' Panama; Mr. and Mrs. T.
W. Bcha hdt, of Balboa; Mr. and
Mrs. M. Smith, of Panama;
Mr. and Mrs. A. Tortes, of Pan-
sma; Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Olson
of Locona Opl. and Mrs. J. p.
Hear, of an Mr. and Mrs.
. M. Call, of Ancon; Sgt and
Mrs. L. Santo, of Pt obbe;
Mr. and Ms. AI a ght wer,
of Panama, Mr. and Mo. A. W.
Davis, of La BOOR; Lt And Mrs.
T. L. Tame. of Fort Kobbe; Dr.
an 0rs. w'. Oggans, of
Ano; ~~rpt. and MslC. B. Mo-
loy.o Kobbe; Mr. :ad Mrs.
A. Torres, of Samlot; Mr. and
Mrs. WA. Whitter, of La L-
1a; Mr. and Mrs. D. N. Lucas, of
Panama .city.
Girs were born lat week to
the f g: x ad Mrn. A
o, puat ort Amador; Mr. and
Mrs. C. A. Brown, of Panama;
Mr. and M A. Z. .Crichlow, of
Snma CpI. and Mrs. 0. D.
Rowland of Panama; Mr. and
Mn. A. Alexander, of Pana-
mn; pl and Mrs. R. D. Hall, of
Panama City Mr. and Mrs. ..
Prise, of Caorrera; Sgt. and
Mrs. C. Roac, of Panama
Mr and Mrs. J. Prias, of
e gt. and Mrs. W.

4- -.x

~ a.


' A

. ll

--- C3rr~~

I ~~ __ __

___ I


.^c ^_^- ^jj~L^ *cj f' fhko
XvK~vu) 9UU~thw~vV .0


?I ':

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