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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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F..... -S
DAILY nw~~~s
8' a$&t~ ~1~


Anaoct. .-,na,

SAIGON, Indochina, July 9 (UP) Laotian forces
4a recaptured positions overrun by Cmmunist-led troop
deep in the jungle-covered kingdom and snt the. Corn.
mnits in retreat to theeat to the t, Laoti.ofIiai aid today..
In Washington;, State De- wai "m largest ma tary me
3pf ant spokesman said today min iusts have yet
,h' the heavy new Comm UtaSl and "ItIan am1 slne the
attacks In Las are especially In armsafee was
sertous coming almost on the 0ve1 te% 6 air a o.
ofte Di Four summit confer- Rom said at
d" b at ames, least" t battalioi of Cam-.

*' four-natfon parole ys de-
-nId to find new ways for ea-
betwee nthe ires
communistt worlds.
ticals, including Pres-
tili thim lf, have
-~ Increasing -hpea that
mjttinrdl be made.
b the now Communist at-
Ta i a e seemed to dampen
some of that optimism.
The DeIpartment okesman
samd rapes from seindetoba
Indieatie Red attack, which

T dColmbahs

Pitn Did For New

Torialha Drug
Cost& Rica has put in her bid
for a rge quantity of the new-
ly-develoe drug discovered by
a young a"n" am surgeon to
combat toralo disease which at-
tacks thousands of cattle the
iorld over.
About 1,000 doses of the druk,
Torxaina which. is credited to
Dr. Samuel Velar'i of the Pan-
amaindspttaI, wMl be sent to San
Jos qoetime next week.
Swas erned that the Costa

forces I I he mountains of East-
ern Laoj,
The t'tack could- be consider-
ed bY the eight Southeast Asia
treaty natJons if they feel It en-
dangers tle peace of the area:
Bht officials said It probably
be taken up first by the nterna-
tional control commission estab-
lished under the Indochinese
armistice 'agreement to oversee
the truce.
Experts thought the overall
pmmun I strategy might b to
stir up ea ugh troublein Indo-
china to assure Its being con-
s4ered b1 the US., Russian
N ZB h ad French heads of
stat at their -Geneva meeting
beginning guly 18.

Lens for States

To Se. Eye Surgeonm
Vinlcio MDndenhall departed
from the i.thmuas, on Thursday
for Lose Ageles, California, aso-
companled by. his father, for the
initial contact with Dr. A. RAY
Irvine, P eye surgeon of LOS
.A e-ia s .

I se .-

iA .

unmanlaOti IsUlaW tI

thnously Joins

Warning Of War

USEN and 141Mm p
uy idek yukwawa.
a'4-t i6- Five are Nobel Prise wviers
wId to re- 'eir appeal proposed an In-
ternational ofereuam of men
ties ar* of elnce and proposed that the
hat a wal conference adopt the following

with jrbmbs might quite pea
sib e utan end to the human
race the appeal said.
"It Is feared that if mM
h mbstSm are god there w
be unversal death...the men
who know most are meat

Rertrand RPell, who od
nstein, and the other ssigna-
tory scientists loitd him In a-
grieing something. "dramatic"
had to be done to Jolt the world
awake to the dnger, released
the statement to a news ;onfer-
Once af mor than 100 newsmen
at London's axton Hall today.
Simultaneously Lord tuseli
announced copies had bet.-sent
to the beads o.f government of
the Udited States, Ruft, Brit-
.an ran, Canada and Com-
untChina with an Ivitatlion
to those leader to mafk a "pulb-
lic expression" on it

Prohibition of nuclear weap-.
ns will bring only "Illusory" s-
curlty to mankind, the state- l8
ment said.
"Whatever agreement not to 1-
use H-bombs had been reached Loi
n time of peace, they would no
longer, be considered bindlag .an BAN'
time of wat." -_A

"In view of the fact that Ix
any future war nuclear weapon
iwl certainly be employed, and
that such-weapons threaten the
continued-existence ,f mankind,
we urge urge the governments of the
world to real and to ack owl-
edge publicly, that their puapos-
es cannot be furthered by a
world war and we urge them
consequenly, to find peaceful
means for the settlement of all
matters of dispute b e t w een
Russell, Britain's Nobel Prize-
winning mathematician and
philosopher, sald he originated
the idea of the appeal and sug-
gested it to Einstein as a chance
for scientists to "do something
dramatic" for peace.

UimHMsS. AllnOut

oral Strike

!i In Chile
rIAop, Chile, July 9 (UP)
ilmiin aunut aenerial

-idlit 'r I*

'IF '.. .. *'' j i

Sfna Erupting, 9 i

nS Comptroler Noble Pi
Again;' scares'

Away Experts
CATANIA July (UP)-Dead-
ly gas and tmoe from explod-
ing Mount ta drove back vol-
canic experts here today, leav-
ing the "pillar of heaven' wrap-
ped in threatening mystery.
iA sudden reversal of wlnds
caused the fiery northeast crater
of the man-killing mountain to
be blanketed by its own out-
-pouring smoke.
t, Observes were forced to flee
to save their lives, as the moun-
tain continued to shake and
Shoot out molten fire.
SVincenzo Barbagallo and 01o-
vannf Carbonaro, veteran moun-
ltain guides of the Mount Etna
observatory, scampered down
om near the crater rim. Black-
tad by smoke, they looked like
t0o men fram Mrs.
I "No man can stay up there
end live," he said.
"All we can do now Is watch
the crater rim from below and
hope if anything begins to spill
over that we will have time to
sezd out the alarm," he added.
Spilling over if It came -
would be "the pool of hell."
That was the boiling and
periodically exploding molten
mass of lava inside the bowl of
the crater on the 10,755-foot
high mountain.
The hell pool had risen to
within 30 feet of the rim in one
smuthanm asL. Late yesterday a






Include No Tolls C


. .:
;*-.' *

The budget siudy, described by Balboa Heights as "routine,"
eliminating proposed Panama Canal Company overall deficits of $1,
Fiscal Year 1956 and $2,970,000 in Fiscal Year 1957 has become a wi
this paper. -
In a covering memorandum to Bureau Directors anl heads of
ent units, PanCanal comptroller Lindsley H. Noble said that all
budget estimates had to be in by June 21. Presumably all revisions
posals rising from the budget circular 7:1957 are presently under
consideration. ,
The elimination of the budgeted deficits was at the direction of as
committee of the Canal Company's board of directors.
Noble wrote that in the revision, 1) Proposed pay increases r7
retained; 2) Tolls and toll credits wil not be changed; 8) The NIM.
nual annuity to Panama will not be included, -
Noble's covering letter of that you Immediately review "As outlined In p
June 16 said further: your operating estimates as Executive teli
"After making allowance for presently submitted and furnl roeowit C. "ft
changes that occurred since the us with revised estimates (on i aaB
estimates were developed, it is form A-17) by noon Ueaday, de jus
believed that a balanced budget June 1a,. M,7 ....... ,. etc.,. In lB
can be developed without ad- on cbo Nto W v b4i
vMsly a9feotl00Ag emtlal omRS- fa hl .0iMtiM n ...N

A -'Mo0 M' n- t l.. -.UM .-:" I
i s Its lar. atory now
to produce the. drg said today
that so tar they have prvul
3,000 doses, but expect ,o be aMe,
to ply the market with 45,000
with te next two mont.hs. -
.kmma., baph Nta oe -I
ed te t absleu, pl wbere-

beeent l out this week to Cl
tra ,, -

thelTdtafn the

ftst ,time sice world WVa U.
Its a wa to f teflts I
.. JapanJ AW .
bthel the twor the
nit t fim, the west coast rf Kt-
its aim for o the Japaeel

B9 theM fthe

f' the govethi
a ". "" ", a 12. .
low the two fiih *

A% for the f ap: se

D" -Oew;8A


3u0fray t3 co08 ox r 0" yunu
opeatio s and the artj ,l eye.
W4j) estimated that tF total
cow fl e aoprobilmatly $1000.
o0 July 1, the total te fds eol-
lmte :r mounted to o.n .
oin the day of hiA departure,
the total rtod at $778.40, with
eoufrltln being made since
July 1 by tte folnwing:
Mary B. EI e, ; CAA,
employes, Bala f5; Anoy-
mos, 5 : U.S. Rate employee,
Commissary Dvismio. M o u n t
nowt Catherime M. Brown,
$10; Bldon, Inc., $M: Mrs. Lau-
ra Lindo, $20; Anonymous.$5 :
Glnd Machene Re rd Unit, Ft.
Amador, $11; W1]anks con-
struction Co., i$2; Unitarian 8o-
y, $40: Margarit Fire Sta-
o-$41; Amerlcan Legion Aux-
l .;pt, of Panama, $P5;
I o sand Maduro, B.A., $10;
[4isho Kol Bemarith Israel,
Any person ,or organization,
Interested In making a donation
to ths fund should make checks
payable to the "Mendethall
Fund" and send them to William
C.' Schmitt, manager, Chase
Manhattan Bank, $alboa, treas-
user of the fund.

hs br bi eto mu hee m rthee 'reved bd mus thom e ma

tiSeh% a3 :z. als (1iasWas w ia
Labor co ttseato'l
T L ^ lsld day nill be sponsore 51strike of .i000A50 wrkers t
i~ sOU T O H lfl y- Th balk o{ the *UN^p pa -M ly bae|I|ad.
PSI tmS@ o Ho daothe a D eficit as submitted to Board Committee. 6/6/55
h racks for possible emergency ac- A l and proposed adjutents:
- Its a tion Pg. A-4-Annulty Increase, 1957-Eliminate .................................
SPresident Caroi Ibaxez pg. A-0-l A A under limitation-general reducth-tan-ding Washington
Scussed with his cabinet a pl Office ............................... ... ...................
to freeze all prs, wages B8 Navigation Divion-It would ear that in an aton of this 8le
mans bhn ade to hold salaries in an attempt to ha and scope management could reduce overan t t and thus ab-
a "Paf taSety seld Day in spiraling Inflation. orb at east one-hal of the budgeted pay ea ................
Paalso on July 2. to emnphaise Labor has blamed the govea i B-15--Loeks-It would upear that in an oa tlan ia- size and scope
t s for sts men for the hg ot of lii management could dce overall operate absorb at least
S to e eera nd cta ifla e rea one-half of the budgeted pay ncree...... .........
publi safety conscious for Its threatened tries. 3_ "-25 Industrial DIv.on-Improved margin (reported by'i ne Director per
c B y t Government report showed t memo of 6/13/5submitted to Board C, ..............................
The field day will be or- per cent crase nthe c -7 Absorbtu abnormal Recruttng and Reatraton expen in applicable cap
d y t afet Comm ee of of ng during the first hal of t gr ....... ................................
the Paralo Civic Councl. Ten. the year and 70 9gr cent for thp C-10 Rhtlew semlzrly hugh cost of Met a Hyd. work .....................
tatihe plans for the public dem- past 12 months. C-17 Dredging DivIsIon-Review need for maIntaIning I 'drib boat in service
onstration were presented to .( A l0 elimination of Leaverhaul-ng THOR) ........ .................
Governor Seybold who gave his Labor claimed an all-out strike C-17 Review other dredg cnts ...............cs.........................
enthusiastic endorsement to the would virtually stop all actsif ,, -27 Water system-defsl reservoir maintenance, le ti rl87 ..............l
community in he ntry for a m0 it0&aun 1 1a57 dero ne ............
"This certain has y p time. Its pro walkout Wed- C-36 Power system-increaseexternal power rate % to same margin as
prove ." the Governor wrote, esday crip led r rtat for 1955 ............................ ...................................
-a-d I teat to congratulate the commzlcoueal util Charles H. Acree, general su- C-37 Power system-elminate provision cr use of fuel ...................
c Couil and your comit- salaries, stores, banks and offices erntendnt of the Tropical R a nd -41 Communications system-Review ra .....................dth......
tee for etvels sponaorlna thl si ding Telegraph C. in Panamaon D- Hold expenses to ne-h level-Termnsbudget Div. ....................
Sto mae the ommua i Lor lan died yesterday morning in the D-13 I talroad-educe general maintenance or ter so as to ab-
ty conscious." 1m Clinic in New Orleans, accord- sorb extraordinary repatriation expense of rair........
ment for ing to word received here. He E-4 U.. Rate houslng-oueok into dpcontinuance of absorb at
The lUtee in chargerI of was 6 years old. quarters in New Cbuatebal, Colp n Beach ............................
planning and staging the field gt r s E-4 U.S. Rate housing- reduce rental discount 7% % ............
day demnld daytrtionlls headed by or 31 ON ad been in ill -20 Service Center tcrase price to produce 1% mot en e?.........
ClevelaiUd .8 Stevens. ch s A health for some time and left E-24 Orounds Maintennce-Margln on barbne BBHltwn t May (us item)
o the Civic Council's et U JfS the Isthmus two weeks ago to F-4 Commissary-Increase margins to about g
omifttee. ter the Oschner Clinic in New Canal Zone Govermment Items effect on Ceapay a .
It is edtoold the dem- Orleans. Increase hospital revenue .. ,......................... ......................
ersats thie formnerucees e COSLAr. Gea W. July 9 Decrease Health Bureau expenses ................o. ...................
(UflSe'a attt-emAfs -wates A veteran of 34 ye*rs with Reduced estimate home leave travel ........... ......................
S plans for the pub0' Tropical d p, he ad remonsided Reduce funded expenses-Schoolsn........e...*ee or*n..rv
nstin were Pin 1929, having Reduce depreelation-.Schools..... ...... .........................
overnortbold wh o gave La or caimedealgned an a-ou Cen EC-minate-7rewire food lights, stadium .........................................
prL,"the ornornes ycripledt tatrking ln Hodu- Increa19 revenue-chool........................................................
d I waant to cong rratulate th emm Ia dChareas gua H. At the time Reduce expense-liewn t ........v............n f.r use ...................

CMlvgiCeawsn and your commit-II ,tie.t N Uand8& off'1 J8tRdent ) retired, and Reduce expense-licanse section ................. ....,...............
o ee h C t wa inT ro N be- Reduce exprn e-eow Ctraband ........... ......... ... ... ,..... ....
plan led stagingNe field E.-4 U,.S. te hoin-educe rental discount TP to 3% ... Ti. ..... ...

a- ~hisehs ii. Poor Fido's Gone Fine i se M
S l in haZ 0 Ai iiceCenters.rcres Oprod
Us AS ofehrn of4th duhedeCi mate. lea travel ............7......".

!6 -^

oW years. lea thoArwdeao CHICAGO, :03ly 9-(W-T-
4 -MI" we rs. $ two sisters, who do" and "Rover' have allU but
$ IO klmaho Skma, disappeared as names ftr dogs.
ora oh el Neither d up In a search
_.. I"Nor- nman.-1 ,, ,for, the n ftm most heroi dog
g;,-,--- a......O. _e spousesaidW today.
- tj a veteran mem- i moky and klpp
w. u han s ar s O W Club, of L'-', '
.pn1uIdaClu b.00 .ot spot and

Mde is er Sa Per Gallon
mas- AftAfI= CM1, NJ., July-
Aamb-i Aumican mawhr

956 AND l." t 8

D% 0J) 3(
,"U '.-'
13o.5 4 I








lwo -U

- -' ,; ,.

kt ~at

- --i .... .( '

v '

:. t. r

I. ,
iF.*' .a

-- .



- 'C '.~ *.fl
-.~. 7~
C' .*-"*.**
A. -

... ... I
. *.,:;;- :* .. .,'-:.-^-' !:.. _
." .- *" ". ""7- ." "" ":
.- 's" ., :*'. ^f^, !

'Peter EM



(NRA Telephoto)
DISCUSS GRIEVANCES Dr. Thomas Harris (left). Director of
*stitutions for Washingtun Sate, discusses, grievances of 800
ttingri prisoners with an unidentified ringleader (center) of a
dut that spread through the Washington State Penitentiary at
S Walla Walla. At right is an unidentified prison official.


I Group of
S Instrumental
I Violin's
H Wings
Operatic solo
15 Fqjliveness
r7 GWol mound
I8 chewing
131 mie theya
ft-Ppoof ta
4 Foucb
* Lasi sMp
32 lafeer

4 feb.)


Mot Aniwerto Previous Punleo
M tattmrs | pBKfT B


I Baronet (sb.)
2 Toward the *
sheltered side
3 Song tite
4 Divine being
5 Dance step
6 Gets up
7 Tumult
8 gyptian city 26 Music writers
SEnglish resort 28 Gives forth
10 Molding 30 Clan
11 NoxoMus plant 31Advantages
18 Forms 32 Round plates
20 Smallest d 5 Not noticed
22 Mislaces 40 "Thel-.
24 Indian weights. Parade
25 Rea lon 43CO e





ip 1 0 Ib" i i 4

45 Those opposed
4 Window glass
47 Particle
48 Bring up
80 Ocean


" n r


.' .
" .

*. I 1 I b l w I I-



,. t a s1

Maintenance of foreign troops
on German soil,
Western powers' military bases
fc oreign al.

ritorial integrity." (TVls ie sln
to mean withdrawal of western
support for free Korea and Judo-
China, and turning over Formosa
to Red China.)
Western barriers against trade
with Communist bloc countries.
Lack of close cultural relations
between East and West.
Western powers' refusal to ac-
cept Russia's last offer on dis-
armament and control of atomic
Western powers' use of propa-
ganda for a third world war.
THERE IS LITTLE similarity
between the Dulles and Molotov
analyses. The two statesmen are
viewing the world through differ-
ent glasses definitely not rose-
colored and speaking different
And when it comes to writing a
progrAm for implementing this
easing of tensions, the two sides
are just as far apart.
The Dulles formula as stated at
San Francisco is short and sweet:
Let, the Soviet Union abide by the
principles of the United Nations
instead of thwarting its programs
by the veto.
Molotov calls for a world con-
ference on disarmament in 19S,
Ignoring the tact that the Russians
have blocked all disarmament ef-.
forts in the United Nations for
ten years.
Molotov calls for an internation-
al trade conference ignoring the
fact that the Communists then-
selves have set up more barriers
against foreign commerce than
have been set up against them.
Molotov calls for more cul-
tural exebanges between East and
West, and more tourist trade.
This Ignores the fact that it. is
almost impossible for anyone to
set into or out of any of the
TRUTr between nations, though
the Communist countries have
never trusted even their own
But by this proposed program.
Molotov makes the assertion that
the cold war will be ended and a
new atmosphere of peaceful co-
existence will somehow mysterit-
ously materiai e..
This bea g athe.situation, the out-
loot for any great achievements
at the Geneva conference does
not seem too hopeful.




n W
r -







k lit JA Ak ,k 1 b ^ 4 Imain purpose of the Big Foe
JM AIl BOXc A conference at Gener on Jl
IT- H 1 0 C 1 r'-I L 0 \^ f\ is aid to be --toput it tr~tel
The Mell Box oan open forum to readers ot The Pnams Am a ^of world tnsion" the c
W ie. lived gratefully snd are handled la wholly confdetal It isn't opposed that anyth
Irst s t propsev d that anytdiea

cr Se iVy tof keep thet lefa m hIlod toe oe pegs length. isters and the technical experts ti
att *elhter writers is he d 1m stredl s t e tinc. stttle ttd. t
S Newspaper assmse asMs mresposibilie for staetemss as epim ettle later.
seedin Is temn from readers. Why President isaenhower an
o -- theb heads of the Britih, Front
C O ..... and Russian governments should
COCO SOLITO AGAIN have to spend even four days t
Sir: identify what's wrong with thi
""Ths is an answer to "A Fortunate Tenant" who decided Lo world would seem to be a little dti
4rciostically criticize the housing project at Coco Solito. ficult to explain to anyone wit
Granted that the apartments aren't exactly 16-room man- the intelligence of say a hig
4ons but has anyone forced you to live there? If you spend somc school senior.
tame in the service instead of speaking as % raw recruit yoU wilA A bunch of such students i
tnd that some bases have i 12 to 15 month Walt for housing, ana, their current events class should
l ne don't even have an idea of what dependant's housing is. be able to list these causes o
I The trouble Is you have been accustomed to being sheltered tension on one sheet of a yellow
I mother from the facts and don't know that there are others tablet in an hour's exam. Bu
iach worse off than you. statesmen and diplomats have t
I Now let us consider Lhp littered streets you mentioned. Who do things the hard way, so the:
1 the wide world litters those streets if not the people living call an international conference
*tCe? Instead at drinking coffee and gossiping all day while At the summit.
,t d madp the. hQeework, the tenants could certainly walk As a matter of record, thes
owind their apartments i nee a day, picking up ecraps of paper. causes of tension were pretty we)
You may wonder why the government doesn't detail a crew listed by U.S. Secretary of State
S civil service workers to clean up after you mess it up. It is be- John Foster Dulles and Russial
u-,e of the paltry'Bsum ytr pay for rent. Your electricity -alone Foreign Minister V. M. Moloto
probably costs the government nore than you pay for your total at the United Nations tenth birth
aonth'd rent. But you wculd father live in filth and hop into day party In San Francisco. Bu
Tnr new CadBlac and spend your excessive time off elsewhere, their lists didn't jibe.
I In onelution-let me acid that ift you don't like conditions at --
Co S0ollto why don't you bend your family back to Podunk, and IECRETARY DULLE8 listed
ot-to the base where some poor low-rated man has to clean seven tensions, like this:
er the mess you make in the barracks. The ten year old problem o
U. R. Mamasbaby German unification.
Eastern European satellite na
Stions held in servitude.
Chinese Communist aggression
in Korea and Indo- China.
S Chinese Communist threat
..against the independence of For
SWorld threat caused by interna-
tional Communist agitation.
S The urgent problem of limiting
the burden of armaments.
The failure to internationalize
control of atomic energy.
aren't as clearly stated as this
But by condensing his purposely
vague and often double meaning
paragragbs, his list of the causes
of teni may be presented In
substaneii somewhat as follows:
The Nprth Atlantic Treaty Or.
If anizatiop, Southeast Asia Collec-
ve DefEnse Treaty Organization
dand similar alliances against


one of
B -
on =h


- *~$


k \IYN

i '^ ." -- '- pf

ias~ts W t a=
. se -gv-

. t.



t a ll -! r H.MM l A o goI-T l
H *Tmrr P. 0. box 134. PANAMA.N M P.
IT TLIHom -0740 (5 LINEs) -
fl n vqT A7NsMes aus IWECN 12TH AND ISTrH 1aM1rw
--i ": SL O C NAL Y W MAIL
Mo'NT :He M Nqi *l.n e--5 1.79 .50
f six MONtHS. (N ADVA 6----.0 13.00
sr ta s AR.' IN ADVANCE 13.50 4.00

.o. on asis d a r', so-
ti.r4ka&4i 55,-.-_f ewa-"Isi, Utough he
l. '._aueu opp ose ca ,came e .

bar ILt .99r
di senators di"ad "t k'rb ra
o this f-mn a aer, ant a was anots.a w e
le toOeir or=seea sor aeoa se .se.i .mla uar
A ba ad6a 1y 11e mi ausne M'A-M .N g

" .e. lOas ar the uh' ca owa' n_.

ta bri w rparnme o, Au r E
It pe aomac -powern mrches aa p. -aores d at a ai a
t Wit t government m"nding tIe ntial hitter so ea anawwad
e --s-ip i ic wa Is ang to put two -a ew s ea .

e oo sa c f pos l ighters finto productoa
lke seatconvet in Commercal = a r t e ai t i
says eto ato po er. t
p ae udget Bureau, however, assured the house gorelg aA farS
Itooe one looo at the cost figures Com ep ite e, hindclosddoors,
-oceand gave the project astern that YugoalVI will stay true to
thumueidown. Taei Maritimqoffi- the Weist enInease of Mara
S id d I s got theM bright Mea of ingTo'
their proposed A-sip peace,,, .,.
ship" andSending It around th.
worlds an sample of America's
of paceful use of stonmic power. efr X.
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THE HEADLINERS 35 torso. Gins has 300 gowns ( Predent senhower' deep however n the A er
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The inspiring tributes extended lens on her boy-bait without dup- Is more than the comp assiond of bt the hl and the atom ic pw te ace S e
to Helen keller (on her 75th birth. Ilcations. humanitarian or the devotion o rplao t In the case of the atomic 53e arte lov aScn. George
mighte)r a grndfther-It id alo drvdi j sub the Navy MGe built the hu ell Ihve arosst he
dep) are exceeded by her mag- Gina, no introvert, Is miraty Atsandfatho te-ii salsoaderiv: ed 1 v had the l o a aco te
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.. .Deprived of sight Qiand si egU seAound. nes ver n forget the -bcourage of ( a littlepln aisaIfor g
tHelen Kller shattered the b a r- Ingrid Bergman press confer- gl. Shortly after teantag When this conflict leaked out on w eh r e. a6tu dan't.
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riers and not only reached the ences suggest that she is a lady Whites ours, a child who was sup- Capitl Hill, it lpe to torpedo t a gd tm
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world-but also its heart. The o- of changing oods. Some inter posed to vista the Presidet was e- lad, Ike se h sn:
queant amplicity of her philosophy viewers neve produced tasoak- it by polio. LaterMiss Ptalsor t "How does It feeld the on
is worth pondering. "I am not an ed revelations about Ingrid's al- tried hard to learn how to walk hifellowe pub ians, at first De i ocrat aboard?
optimist; there's too much evil in leged melancholia, while othersagain. e tumbled and fractured held torpedo the a at downov
the world and in me. Nor am I a breathlessly report She is happy- both limbs. After a series of o tpera no. Later he changed his vote to ll m hr
th Hore and n God. I beeve Ingrid'scareer has bees aniroi little irl inlly visited the rel- FAM SUBSIDY they laed th President
os m a ke _od tre .Her greatest blessing had den greeted Gay. Goodwin Knight:
better, and I try to do my bit to thesaest cnseqences. She was "WellIeb lt
help and wish that it were more." gifted with a wholesome beauty- Eisenhower later said: "When Canada's ess in handlg the b good
Mark Twain once said: "If you which conveys a deep sense of you see courage like tht, ou Salk vaccine has oven impetus to The re
desire t discover the world Helen innocence. She is thq lovely, heal- can't feel sorry for yoursf. It the proposal of.n Dm ratic Sean.d wasT e quoted
Keller dives Irn- gettin g thy girl with the wind rln gs U04 above, b oAr Ri aen *Neub merger of Oregon, frn the localPress, a from ;w
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It might fascinate th e rBig F oulr ad a career were h uttered. flied at ess Ie e atet aed et m i arM d t a
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eofoundnternat onal events: peoples think I'm so pures and it i hard ly. earth-shoakiw s u. do there wio the I an t ars of wap i
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evasions and conquest of Vel as. god h e d asin them, and I'm will nor the irjudg eted a pedi o S the l le ..CbNORgEa* 'T A, n CaD C. O o a.
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ustevioninqs at oed: of dread frot- suanr's joaney lonelo .ientg atei eor em .r Mpt ease. tho.ugmerh leprtedit mztMeof e. tr rh of o _a
his numerous plays, songs and terms of radiant vision-ie Tech-brazy ism. oasd- nearly dte oubleld.e was d-o .th. e mad i years 1 g
ibooks..eFor a reported s$4000o nicolor. That ns partly the faurltr tWhen prdis. ed....Witier wh a l5-year ld grir'B S .
weekly (and an actual q of bigh-pressureo c e station and bounced as a r tmy, c eubtergerr au the man ls tado r es k
Noel enchanted the native buck chiefly the result of magical Pr- o en Gltlow (wh o N helped rgad- retorted:r l te. olt *
riskers. The torrent of words con- sonalUtes...Joa Crawford h a a izth e and lad the U. Commtun ist -I a.the u nited States. hiSe rr oewashewld n at'
eerwning this obviously momentous been the very model of a modernrarty and later s rnounced aD re.- verament lsubsd airlines rhee

beycn offer helr' isgod pard ts. hev per athie of foba ening u astoicwng? smprmetarsp ad a rl b r .eup
incident was transcended by Cow. major glama gal. Until her recentcorded hi on p orite es "The i mip ns -agricfor o e
iaid's one-word explanation wheni marriage, she could derivene no joy oe oif Oo wuryets. 'he tw Nopewan isnmnyIg rs oatadions for pie.
an interviewer red: "Why did from stardust. Joan was lonely ng s apertinent excerpt or accelerated tax wteoff Thether day. Cha got a let
you come to Las Vegas?" and frustrated. The Fotebuary a o se omm unism e at valid groundexist for criti r remiing hiof omi

eprvg s a s hoeb a n atsuby tot most pg-e et. made arrangements to lty toe Tea
SNoel's memorable response: Woman's h Home Companion car- treated and phoned Ao erilean t- thing a |n to _the ir os the parole har at-hiInt owa ext
"Money." ried Joan's confession: "I've-never tehectuas and cculIt u r a I nm ts n of a.-o dmu thep e i.
r -- knownn a man I could lean on, Through the Newspai, Guild, Neuberger Bao pontedouttat ,ea te,,
One of the most closely guardedlcould talk to, could share with whieh they eantroled, e Con.- whn...t.familyallowancesB-D S.
secrets of the 0th Century has could red feel protected by. One of muists had access into everyt m wa set ups A Canada, it was '
been Grace Kelly's standard sa- the penalties of being a strong important newspaper and.pubica. highrseonyoo M .ibrought6at6.
testics--bust, waist, hips. Therelwoman ise'that even men are pronetini in the United Stat. T through tacks fro nthe Conservative ar
have been various rely on her. They sense mytheir organsiu a o writers, act. ly.i ow t supported u .ans osl.
Grace. however, refuses todivulge at r on g maternal need to give.Lore, dancers, artists and cuitural by all three ajor Canadia
the facts. When a repo rter wantedThey don't always sense the othe rlub, they wer aWe to bludge. paIes-ter a, -.
the world to know whether or not needs the basic female need tolthe writer, the liberal artist, servatves, and the left-wing CC
she wears nightgowns she was lean a little-and give a lot." the acer, e teache r an e. Neuberger's r solution would i
forthright: "I think it's nobodp'e tthuto tretaeirowd becag ussetalupa Senate -study. wi auaeye
business what l e wear to b ed." A thespian's journey to the to aigt esetmoe r renma ra, to aupiating e CaiMin pmroO-
Her attitude is revolutionary--stars is often more amazing than Involved the danger of beingpub-.. grain l the s tU. hs 'beenV
Ien Movinela. She believes thatscience-fiction. Ernest ("Marty")Iil a disgracnd as a red-be, a by. men ,Demr Mic Ir-
talent Is the sole requsite for eBorine's rocket-launching is tor fast, a rea il or g or _si pomlgm te Moe they "'4TId ?
Several corded in Collier's... Upon being eonary. are: Morseofe5, Kcnf wditionnehyvenie-
Severds months ago e of her discharged from the Navy in IM. .of Massachuisetto! unetman of NwO
friends was quoted: "Here. f or he intended making a career of Playwright Tennmesee WilliamsYorkt EmpR M innesota, 2 r"ormn tlOlr d
the first time in history, is a babe peddling frozen foods or air-con- has bes ncolleuting wa ds-h4.x.t.fuv'erof Tenessee'McNamara-- be n t-st-at tith
Ithit Hollywood can't get to: Can't ditioning. Appraised of her son'seartistic and mometary-f-r hin of.Mlehpangand Doula of awl- ease
Touch her with money-can't touch confilein ambitions, hs mother|"Cat en a Rot T% Rtoof." ie ftnow.
her with big names. Only thingIremarke wryly: "Erne, did you, world, now all Mut se anda
they can offer her is good parts.' ever think of king up acting? stars, had plenty of clouds not m fl rmAoLrEB te uaurulm-
You always enjoyed making a a lo ga For the beet of 'etiaar SIP EG ts ESBy .IraI t1L
Not so secretive about her damned fool of yourself."Ernotmet aways at test d BJDelete
charms is Gina Lulu, a thought- replied: "Mom, you've got soitd-"Cet"iclicked, Wiliams-pant ed -
depng scholars of the archi-,drama' school Thp rest, as the Mid Smoke ," ,, ',7%iLe Teno,,, a
texture represented by ber II saying goes, I happy history. andr "Cai Re a-l." 2 4


_~~_ __


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*+"] : s- Q -prea- a-r her lap. _d quistly itead of moving herself, e asks The e1 i; o-b-e ,.e

ST like .. .. to be a fish. wul't yout It her action is paralyzed. St. Chrttopher'' ch ch,.
should folo lthat bath water T i la h a t
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a. S .. -- .- ...- '. -" ** .... ........a '".. z to 'n upa d b e d i Thn W ebcor R avin a or M usica le

B S'fikWLY..1 unti and ai"d A re ulyougoi only 27.50 Limited time oply.
.. ......o..-... o the at rik to spank you?
t u a ""~m acel ko lao i mh att e se l an. Ted are aI F FONOGRAF. .

..~. o. ." adteacei0 o ades, ad then Why dos og acept ha Table top or floor model
han" ....y-a" ." -,z,'_. I..,,,- I- ...spea my -hand.. a oi.n ...-at..-m t-, "i ."he', bw sh-n o re m h, Blonde or Mahogany

.: .. .a. .Im-tu"i lh k ATLANTIC s.e ceded' a ad8 traec -na scored The answer is a most I rtant 3
to ta.h l ^ Barmar.a t.o s (M c1^m.-' von^ a v the slaz.a* key to the discipline of c ildren. spea orB
ic mael ClaM' S day 00 to : se gt. .f Wortp .......... ..... e opponents agreed to the Ge accept his mother's wish.V P
% eed / io V claim, as well they migit, and we to remove him from his bath be- .lc o i
o .. i.. wee to ant-er hand. aer on, cause she d pgave sympathetic ac-di m
C- resn amastv. -.u .t u.... too b. .. c .l tt.. eeptance to his wishn stay im it _N
Lom 5 A the ther table had managed to go Ted fights his mother's wash be-
S I! A 10ia down le at te same contract g cause she attacked his.dAs she
.; _tmmmhe Re., John Sp-a _ries n0 Cham p six hearts. refused ..y interest in what e
Name;um 5 and 5a 5 so MoaUNing Pti. D ,- O DATE catbei "I didn t have time to find out wanted, she got none in return for .
.M alufrto stand ampe an be.-. ....._ i., d a from my team es now me hand what she wanted.. ..
... ..................had been p yed at hei table, an iren o not resent opposing y .. ._____ s _
-: M ,S, A ^'{^ C'^ AVAL- "Ola fm d h 0o d o ?d s their wishes, but attack
raMooi- 6o J0. m ..0..AVAL : re"oane the m c

cdu d s .;:::::: T S; : Even it he made tile mistake of For some reas, many parents
; I' 't u ....... ... : .,---i ....A:::: -: ,clarur had .mana ed t gO down la o te wI es.
O tt.* .... V.mlm'ans.t jiss 1 Uh ...... drawing trumps to Ibellin wilth the cause accepting a child's wish I V II 'I
m I i l I m ". .. mM d ES .,.d........... ao clubm finesse wou r- sooner or with gratn it. This idea that I
S. M "i vort 0Ca1.e us p.m. "Tuseday I and e i pa fOR4 T n c 01 later..How could ahetom the slam? acceptance ou wishes is "spoiling" .
S _f til. 1 I I. ...... m I studied the hhat for a wnile, causes .terrible trouble. '.

s o^ ^ S.M s ee of 0 4 u e % t W6- A td this _p oint she-- and T edreb y ..tF O; .G
S .***d* ....E1.. w. l .o ......... l AuM A.R OD01 and finally saw the 1lght. The un. Illd h M rnintth bt slan ly
u a td.sin.. sav! I M_.. m. da .............. M '1s .p.. ucs auof t ,. aec,,arer had been ta
Sta CaM, ne-* n ao u Da ss : e_6 t(op n f~* CA omdocA good player, te. but not a really care. ... -
e3, ,c ,. I.- .". .V 53.." "d 5, Psa' la. is.the. Othei loletie... a c t. Is..Tae .% Atoanp" ly -l sa-o ms l.s. l
From aE.hool............ I.*so.... a.m.2.. 4my "I can see 'ie guessed Ir v t,:
Unlem........ ... M sa:. JOl AP i sD ,s m LA ,LL i am. ICObhe w A' day with one of my teammates, o ewsN IT IA L D EPnIT
r ...... : 3, an ., a~.rfm. I&, IBSmmIn a., nd be told me ow the and was r nsou INITIAL DEPOST0....

o en.... "c- u us.. as ,e m C. .a~ru.t 'l' -u ......... *_ playd Pat table Declarer out the A ,- ,
S d8 "20V"a...W m. e. Tgged'aspad.t ed tickash cored mak e lons w. h gur

-^...^ .... ^ a "aa bh ie Fn aAO dian n* e Fc S ,AV O
.a e Mm... ~sIend...... .. .da ed 1p n .. A. .r.e. A ac fsa de.Wen he t.ol the F LL .

W : gA Ied. Io'u ei aa --Fri-------_Ule Cemnimauy o1; .5naume A1WMoe 41-"t i rdcubrul.Inn d, ummy. we

Me",l .--- ._ pc lam.ian..'m '0ewheroeeeh mfoohba woub havee H. Pickr up .
,, usersmw AevVa -11. mlbdiscarded he s c r igthe sad e draw

ss a. I.TLAga- _. e !m aa sJiIs 'nt ord was to be hast caeful m. \ __- \ odf 48 weeks '- ..
1CSI MiD I ri*-day Bca that BWe 'd clre exlf carelto his wis to s a in'
.....R t .........: 10 F0. en ia nn om e whe re Sou woe l hao onl

noirl o. D ..... *o aio ... sir.IE '5s ort near **- ad sf "* a. A. jf Individual safety deposit boxeI. for jewelry a
~S'A 7:00 (n4;- 8:00 pa. 1t 43sary St. No. 3ew. r atz
6 w Pt *""" n".^ the tableoS hduatgoT faiNCO haismnsther' wiselB OFFICE IN PANAMAh CO1ON BRANCHbe.
Fr. VIN O ^cales ? ttr s *o min maw nl a bantamatchick on a the William cto c Catrl Are act ertt td h t er i a

IhJ 8f and me Cew. Bus635m.s*3 5paml tp m t- orkmapn ranch near i here hdrTan' eane I" Stra at h A-
se* p;,,d 1COMM-. "Iay ;di-h tin', ,,- i nu wnthned t-OhOo. t n net aforred was to be ual care l e

.g :g S WM iW c Sun.d ai .- ., .. M osiJ_' .a .oo.do3.4..0 a m mi^ ai -; Sunda Sch I -ol. __ __ __,__ __ ,.. .
I h..u y : 6. m. ri a .s e.m... ...... s ia.-....... i... .. .s. IndVIdUa Ia etyJ deposit boxe for eW.lry U

,.8 in.- ... .. .. ,.. ,d- -o. otresent'-.- ;". i- ...... i .... ,, ,vu .o .g
uoa y 435 Dto51 e andCahlSunday oLIN* l A

1 5 C-a: Me a N hve a:. Im an o .l and 'dn. as, tA 9. 1 H T U,.UO T -CaP
I I / PAfF. ...ADe. oo tIOwFICi IN PANAMA: COLB6 bu dRANCH .-
Vi m sa amtOdom,,/s 1no m-,and,,,0 Ub-I ._ ..: : I ._.a-+m Cihd n Iadtg.-dw-ot- oLewishes.

: :auI eI e 1o .. .... .a..... 54 or ....a
Lwu. I-tft .o y.P.MNeva ....r............6. EvnIbem:donsmisrakeair pi wgeonosesia- hat ched draisaren

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i-iiChloi i_ V.I. f M-re.dc-lub finess Ie woulWorklogo_ m _announwitgr nting I Pt._Thinidea M SthatI"1
.-. m d I.Spm .. ........... .p w, iid ,,eo..r&dau se ste ro ,.com Ad i.. IL M-
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R CZCOLON ne. Hoy" as C.MSaI tHKta......A.135.hooA............... 6:45 leimom l:-i b ide. -o.--td- U ...
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......I'. 5 hit ri d a "W.A. p.a m.op..Ray.ihoernaf"m Lrs t Ri m as s,

2,- [m. o/n Monday xc. tuthat mhea faile. n csm e th 5 N i'e_. :iL. ,
.......... ,,P... 1a"s. aila, -so.We._ _m.ake" ...m..,irndA
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IL sUo m a, ad4 M aN ena. 1 PaIIt I ..... l,* 1. ATLAoho C S .D.

Cabal.Coas.-. A V lb.,A .__ I -- ,,C-- I-- -no m orvieshad,, S dra w nroei

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116. 6a .......L31..-. .-. ".,...............I ...........ENTa
.uev mloMm,- F MedlNovena, 13, .m0,n. -, -- t. a3.4.- or....COL......if.. ..., ...A,
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$I, I. .v. .." or roe_, ,&wow "" .. i
:I iI 1 1 II I I It I iI .` I IaImi
I+ III I I I I I i I I I :III'I I" I IAIk milho !i.:;: "":
". B ... ......... P 90MM-

Tim,--, .. -.w.. .

-- .7 '.-._A.
~ vll kikM' A.l, F a ,< .., I,.-mm

, :'":-:--

L. ** -^.^

A I '


- Ci
* .:., -*..

kt Tabernaccie -Chir
Sia h ". a ,

-" "' ., ., ;^ i [-;',. '

.. *" ... ... F : .
: ;,;M S- ., _., "
"" ** *-. : :- '"
*' '* ., .- .-
-. -" -.
7R. 7I ; ,7.7

*-t:*-~ .W( -C' ~M4
-. ii~
7- 4
*.~%'i. y.'K. -
'~? -t#t *.
1-f ~.
*y 4
I 'PaM


Siao Kmae rirsi overseas lour ...

i.. k SALT LAKE CITY (UP) -!Sept. 6; Frankfurt, Sep. 8; Berne,
P ans have booeen completed by the Sept. 10; Zurich, Sept 14, and
%noed Salt Lake Tabernacle Choir Paris, Sept. 17.
r the moat ambitious trip In its Costs of the tour, estimated at'
vs history-a 13-concert tour $400.000 to $500,000, will be borne '
of rope. by the LDS Church and friends of
',The choir, now boasting 375 the choir. Family members accom.
Volqems among its volunteer mem-- paying the group will pay their I
rbors from the Church of Jesus'own expenses The West Berlin
tChrist of Latter-day Saints, has!concerts will be part of the U. S.
S de 15 other tours, but none has government's information pro-.
S cn overseas. gram.
S s4'st of the European concerts
'9i be Au 19 in Greenock, near
Glasgow, Scotland. Last will be iOe sDeclara n
,t. 17 in Paris. Highli gts of
13a- tour ,will be Sept. 10, when the
,c'cir pears at dedication of the n SlV nam nse
.:ewl ormon Temple n Berne,O All-Vl9, m,
O$ tzerland.
*, At least 300 members of choir
asigcers' families will join on the A l
a-t which is designed as a good
vwill gestures and as a supplement ,AIGON. Indochinap. July 0 -
ito the LDS Church's wide-spread (UP)-Premier Ngo Dinh Diem
j;= ssionary program.1 is expected to make an important
P .'e choir is one of the most un. declaration" in the next few days
aIlual musical organizations in on the All-Vietnamese elections
!Amnerica. Its Sunday morning con. required under the Geneva peace .
certs in the dome-shaped tab. treaty, his advisers said today. g yO l 9W g-9 .. wr ,,
oernacle on Salt Lake City's Temple' The declaration 'came on the h i e- dW.L- 4No -
Sqnuare have been featured since heels of a conference between d aZXw-z riO I I99.LMd3t -9 1. '9"9
,I on a program ("Music and North Vietnamese president Ho W* IScd dars- MMS-S Wo w m1-li
the Spoken Word" on CBS) that Is Chni Minh and Communist C h i.
believed to be the oldest, continu- nese president Mao Tse T u n g.
ously presented year-round nation. The Communi't leaders. accused
Ial network broadcast in radio. U 'Jnited States of violating thl
Richord L. Evans, whose brief treaty, and urge& cooperation oi
verbal mesaag s on the choir's -z governments in the elections
broadcast are widely quoted,.will' next year.
a company the choir on its tour .I d ... .
Evasis now a member the Under the treaty, represents-
ofa 5 12 Apostles of lives of both North and South IiI t ^l
Church, S is ruling organization I Vietnam must meet not later than -
Conductor of the choir since 1935 ul 20 to prepare .for theelec
will be assisted on the European' has reprcatediv called for the
trip by Richard P. Condie. Also 'meetL but Diem so far h a s
making the tour will be the two held o .
tabernacle organists--Dr. Alexan.' -- .
der Behreiner and Dr. Frank W.' -. -

All singers are volunteers whoA rS <
rat, their weekly contribution of K 9piriS
hours of their time as art of their
service to their church, which is'
noted for its lack of paid clergy.
The members range in /a
alons from dentist to clerk, carpen-
ter to doctor, lawyer to tailor.
painter to machinist, nurse to
b.pusewifp, seamstress to stenog-A .. t.
*'rapher asd farmer to artist. -
The youngest member Is 18-year-
..old Sandra Merrill. The oldest iq
Frederick Rees, 79, a native of ,
Wales who will be making his first
trip to his native European coun-r
try since emigrating to America1 "I've been trying for two
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Bisho p hours to reach by telephone a
r bot sing ian thd, h ao' maimn who left word for me to
s their sons r;o v 4es lml The man who h 1rt i
eope. For LynnTq UZf1eehnpct a.
kth a A"r.'o r a to couldn't X eta was gusti- -_,%e %-% OW 11.....
eaal o ri. aaMiflrupmr p'm isaibn to plant garden -s
eoanumbers In r aI.
and many of tm o, pses o u b r someone oto call ....... front lawn?"
nile wil belIeluded in the on. back
cert library taken to Europe. -
Sound equipment valued ast S6,0 Convicts Ask
'will accompany the choir to aid its ,
oncers and their families will For Pennies
leave Salt Lake City on Aug 10 T B l | P l
aboardtwo special trains for Chi. IT0 Build Chapel Fol ftering Philip
cago and on to Montreal, where
they sail on Aug. 13 aboard the LaGRANGE, Ky. (UP) Con. bAtp's fI s filled with bruises. "
new S. S. Saxomna for Scotland. I victs a t LaGrangc State Reforms.
Glasgqw on Ae g. 19, the major ap- asking Kentuceians beyond the
raranceis will be at Cardiff,walls to pitch in and help them pSalrs weoM lI Ms home like new.
Vales, Aug. 24; London. Aug. 28; raise $30.000 for a new prison .
Brussels, Aug. 29; Amsterdam chapel. Chaplain Jimmy Longacre Ge S aMnI t the rirht elel o
Aug. 31; Scheveningen, near the said a penny from each of the
tue, Netherlands, Sept. 1; Co- state's 3,000,000 citizens would do
W"enhagen, Sept. 2; West Berlin, the trick. The convicts have raised
i eu.,certs, matinee and qyening, 8,764 pennies among themselves. -

Harsh Words

fcr-,,, ^^-Jv11 *'uts MottWNea 'c mefw 'o we MD
WSt A BhFoww vlm u s AwM WMW AN'.
Izr. 2^ !PRIU mm

N3TmmIA' rI

Means to an End



ou Still Here


r T
r .^ '



*.wEuIA piWSgDoHCmam 6iltn.YvS.PIWitZ
FV W MCtiOuDBOt,16 -- I'ISM Co
m. I6P AM-.,r!Ci


tUIe flat



e.- : .


; y:
x. *







Callia oan Ele


- .-- .
.. ,. .


.PT-RALitt li tftiL. '
Soflt A %%9 NO Smw~ fl1iV
9plit p96 TO- LOO' C.94
No- %Ot..WA .mi b

O"' j




Ready for a RAde


.AMQ Silf Patr...
4 OMW 1&W WT

Rebln'a Story


-lug ... -W

-By .AA A,



- I


ALLt oo0 .




#"t 'Ot \.M. C0UPt V.A

< \ u



.-, -nt

... '. ", .
"i > *** -. _--_ ..-- s ... & i.k.. *

';'" = "' "a "'" ^ fi-1 -

r ~ -.

::' :;.~:ra



i I



,;.% -*

...-i ,- ".. ... _
^ r ^ .ft : ,w"'' "

S au a- need=
-. dervI

CJA 2.

"I' *~ -.

49~jL -. ,;


A. .~ ~%
W~~ai sMet


Ut, Luls
0" O-5a de-
Ot --- ^ ^ .


bo .
PI ae.

It S ftenj oy the lunare s tol 1*,i" "^ IE
*q:lI create trcuw s with ourIa S II
*14n. tt detnod
u st otherwr botler pf a S
| in sM ri b l r i t ,lr R ep o miM of P o n a d

wjf ittalu ne agalasttC .raf- ,Mtfl H H
enet -- "r ___e FeA I

re i att t Crt Wu A m candr aiyti
M*ae anjh& dg anOpp r ituln lty to wr hrdl oo'a1.1
Sthi, art beau ly ct i n ed pla e, e

Wkatloathretto-underataad ntd tatd.
ah"Iae In"a ballet one Oen umber. el
oIsb. Boo as a have bef written the_ Is the t1 poadibty. H a m
ti. subject bdt only a brief vr be as 't-a u r.e of a
ction can be oftlred here.S ish dielt, f rlely- textured.
St c difference between clas- e1 tmleo f' shte I coreogra.
tW IC other dancing is plhy dd #9 a tUin. With
isin o toes l n a l t ayu y panta
lan goa). I t he p r-mime and et against e l a
ce O all steps and. exer- set, the dancing was highlights
one froma the "turn out" to its best advantage.
l ta of p Thatasthe It is the first timethe National
lugrles tr ,U0 ip joint Theater has had correct and ef-
straight known to e, to3, point In tective lighting.
director, et and west, Without proper lighting, every-
Sto 'spek. elpon t of control thing would have been tremen-
from the hips ler the lp that dou4ly handicapped. Colors wouid
...- always "turn out" regardless of be wrong, shadows w o u l d dis-
TEr n w S ASef OCIATION, Branch 77 and the Ladies' Auxiliary enjoyed a recent the step or le Uon relation rgulatam effect would be ruined
social sgatherinig at the Cocoll Club House. to the dancer's body. The hIp orl Is. Gu*llermo d Roux. versa-
-Sa ..oof a goad dancer do not wiggle tb architect handled the lighting
i l F sORA w while the legs extend during ex- and deastned hne sets and c o a-
atov. e viBig .e CITy wiet of Canton, QMhs, have an- e rpe or dance, tumes.
nounced the birth of their fI rat The wan Lake. number afford-
,'Anut l Hernandes who was recently maned ambassador child, a son, who has been named While strong feet, legn, aI ed so deviation bisiaue its sets.
of 5adqmls to Pansa bhas arrived from Teaocgalps to take Richard Charles. backs are necessary for rigerouvs and costumes are traditional.
up bi w duties. Be waS accompaled by Mrs. NBenanea. Maternal grandparents are Mr. training and discipnne, the ymsu, Good lighting. reserved Its mood.
S- and Mrs. Harry L. Ludwick of body and head snow the artistry The elegant, jewel-like s et and
Ohio. of the dancer. The upper half of costumes for Symphonic V a r af .
Mrs. Sw Etertaied The. little girl is the grand d- theb body show the dancer's abili- ton was In high taste and ex-
S1 I*lReps daughter of-Mrs. Selma Wainlo, of Midater Goes express emotion, character, q ote color harmony. The sets COME 8E THEW
SMiss VDoris V Balboa, sat of er t. Florence To Guatemala feeling and grace. C f or Sthe Ss number, though
Event A Mrs.Gerald ala -helof Reiding,pe Pwenn. The Minister of Agriulture, liter were stillsimple, w h i c hI w
GrMram. d oest of ienor re adn e Commerce and Industry, Mpr. Eid The little ballerinas, Josef ina helpd toshow off the dancing.
fareella and shower givp last CO Wives Club gio Crespo, flew to Guatemala on.lNicoletti and Adrinn Niedda a complete ballet a combine. It's a brand-new co nentalstyed
ar.t at. the ;Army, and NaJvy iesila Plettae Dianer. Thursday to attend a meeting of were especially goit oanaers. tin Of many artists necessary New
Club, ..Amsdr. Aboat 30 guests 'ate CPo Wives' club held a ot Ministers of Agriculture e I d Good train w I contee to to present art. The pro beauty-it can out-maneuver any other Nd
gathered to say gods ee this lunch diner and entertainment or other this week. strengthen their body for awless am was done by car out-diatance them all on a tank
former nonian who left on Thur. Chief Petty Officers and their execution demanded by more 6 ente nlia Rossi of Tht the Rambl 4
day with her -two young so a a. wives and families at the CPO T0oeseee Neasymeon difficult steps. Their arms down de Jeanile. -f .ThattheRAmbler4-DoorSedan Tbl
Sandy and Edward Lee. en route. Club at Coc.' Solo last weekend. Follows lreinslak-l.Mautfray to their finger tips, head and bo- Seasoned musflcan and direcor-te new idea in family Car! CIome see Coad
to their home in Valdosts, Ga. A floor show was presented with N i nB States ay movements were very expres- Herbert de Castr9 conducted the the smartest car on the road.., drive it e
Mrs: Graham and the b o ya Miss Diane Dare as mattress of ius Margaret Ann Mauffray, save. National Orchestra. Original cho-P .. price it today! Trv
have been visiting here forsever- ceremonies. Apparing in t e daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ludger It always comes as a surprise geography was created by An
at months as the guests of her show were members of the Fort Joseph Mauffray of 2523 General to realize how we underestimate Lildara (Mrs. Howard Gee) and b
aren*K Mr, .and MTs.' D. M. Van Davis Service Club, Murrell Dodd Pershing Street, New Orleans, tn abilities of children. In the by Mrs. SBance Koras de Ripoll.
vera and her' mother and Iath- and his famous Shuffle and Slide Louisiana, became the bride of perfo tance of the thla move- Swan Lake, Act II was adapted
er-* la*, Mr. and Mrs. Perce S. and the Jameats. Lieutenant Michael Stephen Brse4 mnt, Symphonie vu a ons, it by Mrs. Irms, W. de la Guardia.
Grah oth famies live in Di- A pst of tables was on by ziski, Jr., on June 18 in New Or- wis delightful to see t pose, Panama must be proud that theN DISPLAY n
blo. G.E. Etheridge. at large table- leans, confidence and stage presents of bulk of her talent collected from
----- cloth was won by M. Peters, Lt. Brzeziski is the son of Mr. the little corps de alet. her citizenry with foreign contri-TODAY
Dr. r IX aaes and a tar basket was won and Mirs. Michael S. Brzezinski of The choreography of Sympho- bution were able to give such a Aa
B ac n yd It E.R2 pr Brazos Hei ts, Canal Zone. nic Variation was esignea by A- fine performance. Considering the
f a" Mrs'.' Rber"bto Jim Other.. prizes donated by local The weddi g was performed at na Ludmila to lit and show off limitations handicaps and lack of
hav r frpi Call chats were won by Chie r u ti Mass at Our d ofthe dancers' abilities, understanding the painter, musi-
te ve .who werepre Chr k menes did, bb ant can and dancer must face, one C IA C

o isane ttepasse, qndtbn tyto hold leg exte Ufeat
I Mr.U... r. s is a jet with th
J. announced t he | For Poached Be tEgs
birth a iter, lisa th Announce .
Ann, bornI yter1Asy .t *,tCoca orS exnL a f
os a tow.Mr. Ant Mrs. Charles E. Lud- mis on Chun a PAA em- Make Break t
Sploye in Kin ston, amaica, was
guest of honor last night at a des- NEW YORK (UP) Try
pedida held at the home of Mr. poached dried beet and eggs next I
and Mrs. Allan K. Smith on Via time you're planning a special
o a his Espana. Sunday breakfast or brunch.
TRIO Among the guests at the party For 4 servings, you will need a
were Mrs.. Cecilia Ubben. Mrs. 4 pound patao of- dried beef.
EL ARRANQUE Cecil a Villalas and Misses Daisy Shred it withscisasors and pt in
Cam bell, Angela and Ana Rosa an 11-inch skillet with % cup cteam.
at he Ga liano and Yolanda Smpith, who Cook the beef and cream slowly
el played the part of the ,ost until the cream is absorbed, but
played the part of the )lost. 0 C LES S NOW
new molehs ple Miss Chung will return to King-e theh bee sti mnist. Break 4
of the ston Monday eggs onto the hot beef and srin.
,lef cr wdi Mondaykle with 4 cup shredded sh arpas -
cheddar cheese. Cover the skillet .?yeweaTl M B .ey t .
and cook the mixture over low
h eat for 10 minutes, and serve hot.
V: Start the meal with fresh fruit A M EM SUPERB OVAUTYREM NS UNCAGD BECAUSE.
Come"|l'and serve the beef and eggs with
0 "Ie [E buttered English m uffins or butter.
ed toast.
Sub-e y, grace and charm, tak-
,iti5S AY-es'd SATUIDAY en as d balanced diet,.are the -
.1 u.h i 4tS-a.m. bases for real beauty after 30.
i..t.e ali-smdleamed.UALUOA EAR Whatever "desserts" or extras a
woman wishes to add are up to
4* rumv fU hIO ..Nueher. But they cannot takete tee
-,'1.' i place of the nutritious three-pme.
'.- AlytpS Sim., Te.,wifo fancy decoration should
SOm Th tsb. 1 s p.. .. ear the burden ofb S Oxclusive filter
"rs 10 .M to .m. beauty that rightfully depeads up-$U E
on a woman's nature. A reany
heavy woman can be quite beau. which filters the smoke,Maskin t
J-; ; -! --: -- tiful if she acts and feels beauti.
But, no Jewelry or fancy hat
is gOa, e t make her beautiful if
het voie is liMe a foghorn and
her aiovesmnt like an amnhibi-
out tank's.
Keeping the. "desserts" and ad-
'ditlpns proportion allows t h s
real beauty to remain clear. For
this reason, heavy' exotic jewelry
looks good on very few gro wn
women. Fantaa tI hats and over- have" hesame
But, sawer the mature rea-T
c y.and hts hat e rect of a t//ls excellent flavor and aroma
And"be-wearwsrld a ll kin s e since VICEROYS ore made with the

women don't forget the bases of me fine, knported fohoccos.
Sweidsd d ealtabl" Alngd
they Wear the Jewelry ot hat as .
an eye eatchin. de.oratlou a

And, taken Teasemabl. catch-.
ing eyes Is every woman's bi st
;nes. But in -aractive deeora-
-i4 e wom a lase_ the real at.
__.._I O Theyare f sher.thanever

D'wnTaios Ww ifels eit.ti..VCRY

IFJFi-,. of
o An "'.17.13*'-a.I7..'
NOW ad -17

* ..a'-i'&.:( .
.................................... ..-

. .' :

[.CIA UE. "-' .o.

tern iber d

Swl"ring Staring New styling seleoa
tslde Ecenomical e drive aI -
ess Tires Oplenal-"AII esame A
enlg* Arliner n RclinIng Ses mand T
1 la* HydraMa Drive ALL AT NNW

r idea
family sedan

HYR. b, SA.
Y R.. :




. kt -.--

A product* -'



.1. -

-s ~'



S: : ... .;: : ,, ... -. -.- .: .
+ :. .% -'.- .. ^ ... .,-." -.-._ ..<- .. .. .- ..:""*


. J -



*iy^L .

A ft

- --" ?'~ .T -- ~ -~ 4 % % ik ?~ ~


.\.-s .'Yr

a .- ft .9 m r *5.
.~~ ~ -.,....*. ...a^~ *a S t A


Iv "S


. 'V: *. ,. -.


1W4 9-.

4 t* .iti ~ .2~-- r -@

AD AT 14


' ;'-m -. 7

_Now U U



7 Street No. 1
4e of July Ave. & J' t
Ja Amremema. Ave. eud U ;K

is Is ca-oriql
CmMl Ave. 64

Na R $mr nmra

_______ I. .. -S .. ~-.- "-I



Canal Zone Dental Polycliuio
Dr. C. E. Fabrega D.D.S.
n Dr C. A. Roy D.D.S.
imenur--bridae work-alt bWrive
General ,Pretit. -
Tivol (4th of July) Av. o* N AO
(dUpoelte Ancon Bchool Mleold)
Telephone 2-2.a0l-rsML


Phone Panamsa 2-0552


( nadnndltond tudlo Suite 111
ainre Hrs. to 10 p.m.
'i School 5 s.m, to 12 noon
SsplboaIs 24239 or Psnam 3-ta0

,,,Chlrepractie adds life to
years, and yean to life"

131 '..A and m. oR1LLAC
(Palmer Gradues)i
Pri SAvonam. "Tel.JtjsO
Att ftI.I

** I 'Ship's"
;;ne I .2-2451 2-.25
Lare Rtlwidin a .4
Riding & Jumping claoe dlly
Sor by oppeintment.

ltoo-Stk Basboe
Venetian Blinds
Traverse Curtains
I lass or Wood Jalousies
Call 2-3063 or 3-4904
Estimates Given Without
Distributed by
roductos de Madero, S A.
Wentra Ave. (between Kodak
taking Fifth Ave. Stao).

.4 *1

Manufacturer's Agent
.Walled to repwsment Intenatihnally
'~e U of stel weldmkta, e* r
'ld.pto s tock, tractor pa-rt I
UserHs s nd dealers in
City. Liberal commissIons to
om n with watlvs, .a-r,
Ii ,ablUity, whlo i kaftiv
sp&ucoidlc. SuamIt complete e-
.que to: Allled teel & TreetoP
itDod*.1C. 735 'Broadwey Ave.
piu .

FOR IALE: Mohogany bed
room set, double dresser. 2 Aight
tables, bodboard, all with luver
drawing and Hollywood style
twin beds. Phone 3.5280..
FOR SALE:--Bdroom set, beds,
beds, blinds, dishes, tools, chair,
tables, flowers nd pots. 767,
Apt. B. Balboa Road.
FOR SALE: Kalamasoo gos
stove, full sixe, good condition,
$90. Quarters 132-A Albrook.
Phone Albrook 2224.
FOR SALE:-Custom mode light
blended modern mohogany furni-
ture consisting of complete liv-
ing room, dining room, bedroom
ond kitchen. All in excellent
condition, cool attractive apart-
ment also available.. Pleae
phone, between 12 and 3 p.m.,
FOR SALE:-Singer sewing ma-
chine, all attachments. portable,
electric. Phone Albrook 2147.
FOR SALE:-5-plece living room
set, 3-strand Philippine Rnttan.
$180. or best offer. Anmodor
FOR SALE:-Westinghouse 25-
cycle refrigerator. House 2209,
Curundu. Phone 83-5125.
FOR SALE: One refrigerator
*Lec," English made for $175
cash, Rio Abloo, House No.
2362. 3rd Street.
FOR SALE:- Mahogany dining
room st $175; 3 steel tables
$5 each; 4 porch chairs $5
each; new polar 60-cycle fin
$15; misc. bookshelves, rattan
chairs, picnic bet,., etc. Apply:
Only chalet on right side of road
opposite entrance to Lion's Club
Colonio Infantll, Trans-lsthmian
Highway, direction Ln Cumbres.
FOR SALE:-Carved table, in-
laid wood top $20; 125 BSA
motorbike $100. 2-1451, house
5066-A Diablo.
FOR SALE:---piece Rattan set,
almost. new; deasso radio,
wardrobe, glider. Peraise 103,

711OR Ad made light
blonde modern mahogany furni-
tore coemmlit olf.e "m "il liv-
r "C g i roo.,nji i rem
and kitchen. All in excellent con-
dition. Cool, attractive apert-
ment also available. Please tele-
phone, between 12 in 3 p.m.
3-2739 Pnama.
FOR SALE:-Gas stove and re-
frigerator, very good condition.
Cell Panama 3-2134 for infor-

Boats & Motors
FOR SALE:-13-ft. two-cockpit
decked runabout. Steering wheel,
hardware, a beautiful boat. Sac-
rifice 0125. Brand new Martin
20-hp. outboard, remote throt-
tle control, steering bar attach-
ment. s eprate no tank. 5300.
Ft. Gulick 18-696 or 88-563.

FOR SALI-195 erder sda n
Ford V-I Cnutomlfe, with now
tire I en wonoiit iffler. Call
Balboo 3021.
FOR SALE: 1995 Chevmlot
Sedae, w/ ftirme, nW met cov-
er, manual shift, 21.000 miles.
$1075. 0592-A Beae Street.
Phone 2-4336 2-1595.
FOR SALE: 1955 Chevrolt
Convrtible 6. Redie, w/s/w &
other extras, fhr months mld.
$2250; originally gest $2700.
Phone Amador 5213.
FOR SALEt- 1953 -Clhvrolet.
Undercoted. excellent tim.
new battery, many extras, lss
then 20,000 miles, excellent
condition. Lea vin Isthmlus.
PhonM Navy 2258 or see oat
Qurters 1334-5 Navy Annex,
Fort Amader.
FOR SALE: 1951 Studebaker
4-der Sedan. Good traneprte-
tien. Original owner. Call Navy
FOR SALE:.- 1954 four-door
Bel-Air Chevrolet, w-s-w tirns,
radio. excellent condition. Own-
er leaving. $1550. Balbeo 4454.
FOR SALE: Bergein--1949
Kaiser for $199. Below Hotel
Roosevelt, Mr. Winter. Can be

Tent And Shotgun
Keep Pesty Birds
Out Of Orchards
-Orchardist A. E. Darby today
disclosed a new method of keep-
ing pesty birds from fruit orchards
without using the old-.fashioned
Darby said all you need to keep
your orchard bird free is a tent,
a shotgun and a pair of good,
stout climbing shoes. He says to
pitch the tent on a platform or
tower in the orchard, wait until
the birds come to roost in the fruit
eges, and fire the shotgun.
Ait 0 g, ?.Drbfy.
wide berth as long as they see the
tent pitched.
tent pitched.

Dentist Can Check
Mouth Cancer
.CHICAGO -(UP)- Dentists are
in an excellent' position to detect
cancer of the mouth, according to
an editorial in a recent issue of
the Journal of the American
Dental Association.
The National Cancer Institute
estimates that roughly 15 per cent
of all cancer diagnosed each year
falls within the purview of the
'"The dentist explores a sufficient
number of mouths so that he will
automatically detect slight de.
partureq from the normal," the
Editorial said.


Love scenes not kUssed off... .Which opens next
Wednesday at the "CENTRAL" Theatre!




I Preamplifiers
-o Horns
j* Mahogany C-'"nets
a .0Mi-

Readers of Leon Urft' bet-selling novel, "Battle CrY,"
opens release at the "Central" Theatre, next Wednesday,
who have wondeEed whether the romantic asages of the
book would be too hot to handle in the film version, are
gettil their answer.
Wk-time :ov,. has been handled delicately but frankly
by dirqtor Raoul Walsh in the Warner Bros.. CinemaScope
produattn. Veteran filpi3ers WUl have to rack their lOrains
to recall love with the emotional Impact of thoae in
*Battle Cry." Tab Huntpr as the young marine, Danny, takes
romance honors in sizzling scenes with Dorothy Malone and
Mont Preeman.
One of the meat torrid sequences In cinema history la
the one in which Miss Malone as a canteen worker, a few
years senior to Danny. brings him back to her San Diego
,apartment for a swim. "The ensuing tempestuous scene with
Hunter clearly indicates It isn't m thmm-g they have on
'heir minds.
Readers of the book won't forget the poignant romance
S)etween Katby, the girl back home In Baltimore, and Dan-
ny Tans will kfi remember the piaionate love scene on
tl4 beach as portrayed by Mona and Tab..
AlfO Ray in the role of the woman-hating Andy ridi-
uIes ~sU Marine buddJies when they become romantically
-- r- olvet Titan he makes thorarly belteeable the pewer of
hli .. love when he meets Ia "one a nd only" in New
' .i.eaidnd as played by Na le. ay' displays the
strah1Bhlorward, he-mAn tec .ar.f-love makin. ,
"M. Luptd as the holiy Marion utse a more Intel-
iMtal pw asch aboard a San ferry in wooing Anne
SFA s, aywho as Rae. a girl dIbof tht".e,
t Mt Aof ira o nii .dce that.
of theif ,e,
,.;.+ _.. ..-. L

tluM.e p l Ae ,
Agenda Internal. de Publiailone
a iolt Ava
***-** tf^tkk ** *****


- .1. "/


5 f

modern furmnd aWlldme. I,
2bod Mk he 0d wahe
PMM Pe~a- -

FOR RITa-#uafc ma-
fAurihd 2tM *AaitOudpm

rnaw, upstai. 29tm Sheet
N*.'9. Pheom 2iM ,-
FOR RENT:-2-6d6, am ed.
ea opeortimeot: o0-s-at. -q '
ro, maid's r Ws.4Webeh. so'
rage, laundry oom. ter. .
Via Arsgotimn 7. be 3-
4627. -

FOR RENT:.-Ut n f a'ri od'
apartment. Via Porrae. l.: 54
Phone 3-5004.

$100 CASH lto thehalder -Of
fiHchN o. -51 for e Cer-ui
Dani,n Iven 23 May 19$5.
Cotet: Macalgr, a Crnmd
Clubhousei 8-6205. Tbhi prle
is void oftor 10 August 1955.

FOR SALEL-Loeavs the ema-
try. "Servel" alr-andit %
ten unit in perfect d itlonr
modern "Colorie" sel 4 burn-
ern end veon, in eelleot con-
dition; eoler I l3-iMal fan, in
good condition. For mem infer-
mation eil 1475, AddUrme New
Cristobal 9A St. No, 10103-A.
FOR SALE:-TTropkl fifth and
aguarium. complete with pleat
light ond eratr. Cheap. Cal.
Balbo 4254.
FOR SALi--16-tube redie and
record player, has provioMon for
T.V. Come to Algeneas DOe and
make your offer. afternoon, ii
front of Col Spot. Phoe 2-
FOR SALE.-Super It. 4-door,
hydrometic, radio, good rubber,
now seat eovom, shok absorb-
en, front floor met,, insurance
until Feb. 56. Alo new brake
kit. Phone 5-360 ofter 4 p.m.
FOR SAL.E .-O0 shk6r Abet-
toir NaIeoel m PrefJ. 767, Apt.
1. Blbo* Roid. iox 166, Ilo*
FOR SALE:-Two parrot with
cage $10. Phone 17-6285.
FOR SALE: 3-speed record
changer, 25-cycle, very reason-
able. One brand new Boale Su-
preme 16m.m. movie camera
with electric motor drive, com-
plete with batteries, leather bat-
tery case, rigger handle, special
chose for complete outfit. Three
lenses, wide angle Switer F/1.8.
1"-Switar, F/1.4 and 50m.m.
Switer telephoto, F/1.4. All fil-
tenr and filter Ihden. Quick-
lot rAnis trip. Irand new
%WN& 52' atandbnd barrel
target rifle, .22-ceL with Red-
field aperture front sight and
Redfield olympic extension rear
sight. Phone evenings: Belbee
FOR SALI:-Now suit., si 40
regular, waist 36". never worn,
$1S. House 0776-K Williamson
Place. Phone 2-4139 Balboae.
FOR SALE.-6 fish tanks, trop-
ical fish, filten, light, soc1
and accessories. Call 86-7141.

Only S650 down payment, nice
house with 450 meters. Pueblo
Nuevo. $25 monthly. Price:
$3,650. PATTERSON, Avenui
"A" 16. between 3rd and 4th
Streets. 2-2346.

Economy Kickback
HOWLAND, Me. (UP) This
central Maine town with a popu-
lation of 1,600 has found that
getting along without a police
officer has its drawbacks. The
town dropped its lone policemen
two years ago in order to save
money. Now the American. Legion
post and other groups have peti-
tioned state police for help in comrn-
batting an outbreak- of juvenile
delinquency and "hot rod"

5:55 p.m. on the fifth day of th
fifth month of 1955, Car 5 of the
South Bend police department re-
ceived -a call to 555 Ostemo Place
to "see the complainant." Five
minutes later, the two patrolmen
in the car reported they could find
no such address.

You cannot LOSE on
our Record Club Plan 1


You our Club,
mA 0yqu don't, you
wMof records.e 35
**& of records.


.I I 1. I

... :.-t' ;
?' h in

.' -, tre..
,4,ouoeses eone
by shade tinee.
beech 120 .,

god with barboena, .bu~dMr-
ton. phl-,, p u, p .tinI* n,
horse shon ers. Navy 312.
IuSwhdko b usg o
C*l.. os. .Teopho
_ a lu~.'ol. la l C177e2. -

asl-fOmg. 7x 45 rlisto
Panqir 8-1877. DC>is-

piadeiM's Seal Clp e Beach
das ntoes. .f., atee

pirs COTTPAA. e wmile
P- Sea Clom. Low miea.-.
Phome olem 186I4.

WANTEO: Hinl yg
men, t was hr Iesasimiell
fieid. Relasens&. Phae 3

rendo mtshale. ons Mr.
RouteSd, MatlII sEalest, he-

WAfTEDD-de o n & t de cale
tech, meet- hi., dafrgv Iepm.
for Zone ea Panama. See
Manager, Crisfbl-Yachft Club.

:. .-' -

" .


Stset. Ph...e 5-95,

RED CROSS GETS GIFT First Lady Mrs. Olga Arias receives a check donated by the Pan-
ama Outboard Motorboat Assnn. from Edward Abbott, who headed the delegation which delver-
ed the donation to the First Lady. Looking on are Robert Green and-Carlos Navarro Jr., who
made up the rest of the delegation.

FOR, all
scrooned 2 hedro_ o Z- bth
epertmento, gferoge. *l'.l 4eom
and service. Campo o Algra, Pan-
am@ 3.-073.
FOR RINTI- Larle finished
apartment, suitable ferwT cou.
ples, has balcony, tile flkpn mnd
ll screened. Also wa russe.
suitable for rorage or shl. 700
feet flower space with wo. drive.
in doors. Inquire for n tor at
4th July Ave. or phone Hopkins
Balboa 2966.
FOR RENT:- Furnished apart-
moent. Via Prroes 99. Telephone

WANTED: 3 or 4-bedroom
furnished house, preferably in
Belle Vista or El Congrelo. Reo-
sponsible family. Phone 2-3418.
office hours.
WANTED TO BUY: 26-foot
metal life boat, bee NlIl. Tel-
ephone 6-151.

Wanted Position
Excfte MIM s e employ- !
month. Cook, laundMas &'nurse-
maid. Cell 87-5109, 83-2191.

SReal Estate
WE li Sell and Monage Real
Estate. "The Imperial Eagle."
Clthedral Plane. Panome. Tele-
phone 2-0857.
FOR SALE: Two-story house
onAncon Ave., $5500. Our mot-
to: "The best for less." AGEN-
CIAS THOMAS. 259 Central
Ave., Phone 3-1069.

r i

Solon, 2 Others Charged With Plot 'Painless' Dental
Drills Need
To Steal $154,000 Of State Money Further Tests

SEGUIN, Tex., July 9 (UP) way. Land promoters went among th ICAGO -(UP)irtal Dental drill
Rep. John J. Bell (t-Texl" an d veterans, many of the Negroes fort" to patients must
two other men have been Indicted and Latin-Americans, and got further tests befor e t ey
on charges they conspired to steal them to sign blank applicatiop rthmade avteslable fo enerat ae,
more than $154,000 of state moo- forms. They told many that this atwo scientists reported In the Jou.,
ey. was necessary to protect the iral of the American DealAso.
The indictments were returned rights under the program. the American ta Ao.
public until today. They are part Then the promoters filled out ".'on.
of the still-growing scandals stem- the blank applications for l and An application, of. a industrial
ming from the 10a-milllon dollar they owned and sent them to the An used t cut metal and ards
veterans land program in Texas. board. usmineras with recision the dr hard
The grand jury charged Bell .opera te by means of ig-pee, h d
and the other two men conspired Many of the veterans -had never vt"Ition whih- a -a~d uon" a
to steal the money in a veterans seen the land. The first tey b -, e -ct -mixture-o -pe -the
land transaction n Guadalupe knew of their "Ownership" w a s"tt ig ro -e m
County, of which Seguin is the when the board told them they "-
county seat. Bell, of Cero,. TeX., were behind in their payments. Sciuetista said do
is a fornier state .sn pow In the 'meantime th.,board had not produce-the anodyaneL (-rom
serving his first ter paid the promotpr the land, vibration caused by .ving. art
"I deny -anyguilt," in often at excessive. 0 of the usu rotaryn ".
Wgipgtn, "Tm shocked- -and --
surplased. I violated no law. I re-i
preseted Mr. T. J. McLarty ag -' -
an-ttorney before duly a utho- IAVYy'SCHOICE in
rized agents of the Veterans Land N K

McLarty, a former' Cuero l-nd "THE BLACK KNJGHT"
promoter wno now lives in Den-
ver, Colo., was one of the other GREAT RELEASE AT THE "LUX" THURSDAY
two men indicted. Bell told:h
stata legislative investip-g.
committee earlier in the year o be
accemed 3,500 from M aclt,to. "
repze t him as an attoray.. -
ei the second high- ri.ut
or .-lsAner public officiaL-t be
indicted in the scandals. -tite '
Land: Commissioner Bascom Gles
resigned unexpectedly on J4' .1,
as the, disclosure e of the u"eaib
was getting well under we-.
The details of the a"&
whith the three menA lie
stole the s$154.0 was not
ed in the indictamet. The th 4
man indicted with
Lary, is John T. Woo1ord Sr.a
n-yer-old member f one at
most respected families in Cue.
He served for a tiMeI alls ap.
2arer for the Vegrant L*and
In- the transaction Mi wlekBel
told be committee he relea
McLarty, 3,70 1X re o n I
involved,.Aor, ch the--


FOR S- E1: AKC registered
TOY BOSTON BULL puppy; else
registered prize Toy male at
stud. Bliss, Cocoli, Navy 3812.

beauty service Genell's Cocoil
Beauty Shop. Experienced State-
side operators. Navy 3812.

Training Schools
For Restaurant
Workers Set Up
AKRON, 0. -(UP)-' Training
for a career in restaurant work is
available to Akron- high school
students. Both boys and girls use
clan time to train for jobs in
"food service.",
The unique high school course
started when Akron restaurant
owners asked the board of educa-
tiob tq set up training classes for
prospective employees.
Nick Yanko, president of the
restaurant association, a r g i e d
that cafeteria and restaurants are
the .second largest retailers in Ak-
ron, behind groceries,
Fopr Akron high schools offer
the course which teaches the pu-
pils how to be good waitresses,
bu boys, salad girls, restaurant
cashiers and hostesses and eaefs.
"The restaurant people," Yanko
saa, "help the teachers plan and
develop the course so- it actually
meets the needs of th: industry
in Akron."

w MIt-iiH .

- y


'. -:- -I L. .



L =


I .






,f ..

- ,. ., .! %


-/-; A

.--"- ". ... -'. 5 .* .-- "
-, -. .7 .
,.-, .... .,,., : : .,.; ii ; ..* ,,, .' *

*2\'Y~ .f*.-y
4.' C- -
I-. -

^^-.. ,. '
..*sce a .
-.. -.' % t .,"
41.14 .,./ ,,

+ ,,.. .,.. .o ... ._, (
, 1.-. -o .. .* '- ....
* .' -. ;-.
*. "4, ,
? *;- :*. *- -.' "


., _..
("I"-:- ^ .J 4lso:x y- '

apl-. U ._ .
L *K'. 1 ; -. ." ". .. .. "

- -p

s f--l.i..w -:,

'-.' wuUN

usotle W rqcy EKnaREDy

"MA & Ph IckEnLE
it VA~tel!"


w* x-m -ttX



" Also:r .
"maO OUAnrE

.- Alte,-
4'. UNot

.--.-.ii.o Abajo, wit.
S.- a aof sng chart. .
l U t- Associats. "Ied Stmger's role of us m at 7:3m Mes. Morn-
.":"-: "E^-.'S II' ._1ntpre __ I rlwe ,mr and Church school
movie producer who cries still iand.Church Scool en
w" -- "- I. % A am. am Ee.,
Looks ike Louis 3. Ma. o. a:Ander1m3on at- n%-
S.This I Sef"yweed, 5r.Jounes .U, I eon at r:I p.a .-.

laV.V- Cochran: "vNow I know what they Theobsence villl begin en
la- 'I' t m am Not in the eyar-opt: Jerry hlanea. a _em -fo mal dnr-
ti as I a could ow t's about a movie coule: hey d e will be sponsored at the
o u l"ot bq 19-o.yrutncdf t ue pi*
ltolTd vW ta rA,.,l f.Spl of the aminion.

O arla Sa i r for "t,",o l iwe d to be trer ue t rry ch othlr ae ifi Servie Center on July 30-

MR leiCow h ra ow.... t i n b.. .i tJ. ,, from t:7 p.m. to 2 s ., feIulyr-
A t -Sa- d Thlie ouWitnet: D e Gre rested tt.-,t S ev tinE be a. e
(* I2idt laSK Jack Webb's in connection with tis rfi-cl.

d t '._ -l |ewoin ote i" waN hoping the dcr etll wpt:d e ... ---
4 4' 1It" hel ntel a lldlAS o dumdedu ldumb. Ians ed it nri
a euahiml te. stage for her. oust goes plain ding-ding." New 12 k.0 K
aeti t bas a I ow it's about a movie coupleng a 'n y c p ac0 speia iecntere ongolter

m d ur- a oielt, foroit" vhwed to be true tos each Other I oer o he mel ..s
Mby_ rsarion a ak e Every studio in toon i s ~,ang new book re lease for circula-
S st can toth eo eek by the ch office.
d ft G r *a ooltd wo aie hngays she wants elllTe blte col
Soee hol el bUl eartg dumdedu aum. Ins d l t bsoiti ete
aeaf maan te Mr .v fre khe r. ust goes plai u- inog-ding" w o.m-
b ut .D a vy. Crothit1S le sy Kra Ier's "Not a s a r of h ofSa interest t to lerus-
th *qela ein e. NPull', trgthed w u ,ngo.
eludil ttbe ds ald ott JmnStrs a y srg as and fat ollowers of theca ime a l-

e as as coon-n caps. a medic movie. s hen Iti a thiepet orn-
Dr Ws oronalk t t ope wsjJy W.Gard.; vry coethecep ra
Mo rLhbp three.week GI tour inrwinana

.40 UU01on re4elt autobioMraphy and.
rtcklo Ith e ld "Te A i kaid ah; suthid h; of er history
s Iat Murchased the cartoon of the past .century.
S T i~ t: 'former -m u. snhome of Its author has paed golfon
lin. RAUmountai toh Tela. Judy. Garland. every continent except Afric. a,
nio ', J.urd' .. ._.. and has berlin writing about the
-.. I "A -M game ior 2 years.
Sel.MckA"mW liael'flm- Saramen mIn the writing of Sara-

AL __ ..., FM 5 =-1 ,of Amerloim ol .

" ant d have: .i. heT -

---- year progresslvely responsible ter and author), Douglas; The
Ava ardner's crashing the roy experience as court reporter or Flowering Cactus, an informa-
alty circl in London. Dated the hearing stenographer with comrn- tive iie, Carlaon; How I Mul-
Earl atoGranville, cosain of Queen rehenslve knowledge of legal tiplied my Income and Happ;-
Elisabeth. terminology and court proce- nea in Selling. Bettgai; The
durea: ability to take versatim Complete Golfer, Wing; As I
Kitty a1lea and Jeff Chandler dictation at the rate of 175 words See; (notes to folios by the ar.-
joinas V011 for a couple of re per minute, involving four to 15 tht_ Artaybaaheff: Washington
mantle Dee= balladsH. participants, for extended pe- Holiday (An Informative and
..riods averaging from two to five newsy guide to the nation's cap.-
Margaret O'frien's latest date hours: and the-'abltty to tran- Ital), Early; Chiang Kat-ahek,
was handsome Hal Relcher of the scribe rapidly, an unauthorized biography,
Fox studio sound department. Hahn; The Intelligent HeartS
--- Application should be submit- the story of D. H. Lawrence,
The movie tat ulls no punches ted to Civilian Personnel Divi- Moore; The Solitary Singer, a
on eollywood. "The s nite," sion, USARCARIB, Building 23, critical biography of Walt Whit-
hag bew passed by the Producers Corozal. man, Allen.
Fiction: The Tooth and tt0e
SNail, aUnger; Day Of Retkon-
ing (A newspapernan battles
underground cons Iracyi De

"THE BAREFOOT CONTESSA" 'TO a";s Bgoutjfit.Glidden
The Fugve Romans (An asIort-
Accliimid by the public at thes"CENTRAL" in. e~n o&,o ,characters on
.- .. i rleae Monday. exander the God (Alexainer the
re t) Pyne:TheUnhurry Al-
;-... el~Chase (Twelfth Centry France)


-- -- 4


red For S t rd

Panagra's general manager, Douglas Campbell, (seated) is
shown here receiving the Inter Ameritan Safety Couneil's Avia-
tion Award which was presented to the airline for Its perfect
safety record. Making the presentation is W. T. Rogers, the
Council's secretary, who pointed out that this was the llth
consecutive year Panagra had received this award, the longest
record of any airline now operating in South America. Panagra
also-received the National Safety Council's award earlier this
year. (Mercurlo)

I .e. &: @1".
I"He's really a wonderful watch dog! With him around I
haven't that first worry about anybody getting ouU'.


DIABLO ITS. 6:15 7:4U
SColor -

MARGARITA 6:18 8:10
a Yvopne De Carlo
D Oavid 4NIVEN
"Tonight's The Night"
Technicolor I



'JEnsR JAf vs. THE
Bandor -%IT THE DECK"
GATUN 7:-"
A.uly "Ti" EEdrpAN"
CRISTOBAL. 6:15 8:10
Technicolor I
Also Showring SUN. MON.

2:30- 4:35 6:20 8:45

j 7: *t *B A -
| nohfl



neut door "t, 1,,A
*at's : ,:.

Angry Husbmnd Catches, Kils
of Mrs. kdw- a 1115.4.

Notorious Jailbre4k Artist cu ch
After the snooing. -vobMt ,I
seat OW and "09101 1-
MIAMI, July 9 -(UP) N voodaIf youre try in lltiat t
rious eaicipe artist oasqph Albejt, cre Me, I don't serea t I ; .i .
wno hau araggeu "- lu t lsar1 me, dont schre sy, "J wanted i to ay l
easy," was suut.ana klUea today avoboda took his two children., from litywitfe," obedaiaN *.
oy a anrny lather ox two can-
aren who ouna ho wife and At-I
Der in a lovers embrace. "
Albeit, ia. turned i n ead alnd TiL basil, Clka.. Mahlla.m tam es' I
pleaueu, ".Lo 1 30001. wo Ase In preNTh etnaiflumilMy un eua11.1.W
ga iaasioiJ. Svo-oa,89 %INCORPOATBD *T ROTAT CBT Iit
ivobuda 1 hired, police said, at
that moment., e n eaape, bi,, D3audI MIai I ma Id
let hit Albert'; mOUth ant passed RVJIfll IU Lilne dl Iia
rough nia /.ea.
'Abe slender, attractive Mrs. FAST FREIGHT AND PASSENOElt SERVICES .
Svoboda aanuied reaaumy tp a t BETWEEN EUROPE AND WEST COAST
sane na been ieepming oay trysts ".
in a zial witn tme nandsome Awuert OF SOUTH AM^F..A';
-wauo once faced, iue amproson- .- .
meant on a murder conviction. TO COI1 OMIA ECUADOR, PERO AND CHI I I
But Albert became ilotonrious for .
his auiuty to nee iJaae county's "OT I ................... ..... ... .. y I
"escape-proof" jail on top of the TO UNITED INGDOM VIA CARTAO AL-i
3uatory courthuouse. NASUI$T EDU. NDl I 'IA I ,l.
While awating trial for the rob- NASSAU. BERMUDA. CORURA, AN LA-
bery-muruer of uocwi ere m a u- V. ."EINA DEL FACIFICO" (18 Tm ) ..... ..
gust 152, he escaped twice from -
We skyscraper jau.
Albert first let himself do w n TO UNITED KINGDOM DIRECT
several stories to a jutting roO SL.S. "FLAMENCO" ..............................J...ouI
by using a water hose let from, S. "KENUTA"-......... ......July 1 i
cieanink te jail kitchen. -- .
Two month. later, he was one
jailer and commandeered he TO NORTH PACIFIC PORTS
courthouse elevators to escape a- 8.g. "DIB BDTp .................... .........Ja I i
gam. 8.8. "I'OCR OWAN" ........I....... ............ J ly i
Albert met Mrs Svoboda, 26,
after the State murder conviction I
and life sentence last April and TO UK/CONTINENT
the lower court dropped the mur- TO UCOINENT. ,
der charges before a second trial. B.S. "DURANGO" ..................................July $
A neighbor said Albert bhad been S.1. "bRINA" .................... *
"visiting Ruth bvoboda three or a.- hi
four iUmes a dap..Soometimes.he A A Sa to ch Without Na le
would cail in ithe daytime and PACIC 8Tir INiNlIOION .' ( stbl t i
sometimes at night." Ae6P A 9.6 -5""-
I Officer Pat Gallagher said Svo- FR3D Co. C m. e, --i-Tw. ld| 1. Tel. 3 l I
boda had warned Albert six weeks
ago to -leave his wife alone.
But*'he officer said Albert told .

Bo dd For Murder

After ConBsslon
ATLANTA, July 9 (UP) A
16-year-old Atlanta high s c h o o I
youth was formally charged with
murder today after he admitted
to police he slew a housewife
neighbor because she teased him.
A warrant charging m u r d e r
was sworn out against Ray Cog-
gins, following a hearing in juve-
nile court before Judge W. W.
Woolfolk. Coggins was removed
from juvenile court jurisdiction
and lodged in the country jail to
await grand jury action.
Police said Coggins admitted to
them in a signed statement that
he beat and then shot to death
Mrs. Sarah White, 46, who lived
about a block from the Coggins'
residence in northwest Atlanta. I
The youth used the woman's own
.32 caliber pistol in the slaying
Thursday night, police said.
Mrs. White's body was found in
a bedroom of her home, a bullet
hole in the right side of her face
and marks of blows on her head.
Investigator a .b: her .c Ith
were riifled.
Co gbU t' statement M .N tUl
Mrs.9hiute headCmdi am .a
that he struck her.
"She started holleri-g and .1
kept hitting het and t.I Ickeir her
in the face with my eoot. She bol.
lered again so I grabbed thi ane
off the dresser and puue the.
drawer shut and turned around
and shot her i thie head," hi s.
statement said, .
Mrs. White's husbaad. Louis C.
White.. Was ina Mstatille, A 1 a.,
working on a construction Job .at
the time of the slaying.

uHatmn Prict

Democrac Vkito

In 1956 Eleclons
LONDON, July 0 (UP) Gov.
Averell Harriman of New York
predicted today that American
voters, "didaUlsoned with Repub-
icsan policies will elect a Dem-
ocratic president n 13.6
Harriman reiterated, that he
favors Adlal Stevenson for the
Democratic nomination. He re-
fused to say whom he would fa-
vor if Stevenson doesn't run.
SHarrima, rearded as a itrom
oantender for the nomination, said
tion it Stevenson
is "toie ft.,"
-The New York governor ar-
&ived in LoaiO by plne today
mi bem a tlbel-wek toUr of Brit.
el, Italy*. France ad Ire-
RBe td a mews comernote be
auri of a Democratic victory aI
has been s extrunrdl-
swing swap ae *0 2etib
is ue1 twa yeam
"P.idi't unid r'a ever beea
7, h s 7 k a
-i^-ikir *m ainiJ^t um

l Uf 1.
...- .. 'AWAl



so r i. -

S' "

The Inauguration of a New Senlie fr*Wft



........July 22. 19551

S.S. "AUGUST BOLTEN" ........August 14, 19SW6


SS "George Russ and SS. "August Ioitpn"
Apply: ;

TU E S&RAL: M8 17@ S5M3

SGre White Fleet

*New~ SCteeSe ChINS

and Oeaera

*B l., TA .; .................................
8.. & = Am ......................... .........
8. a ............ ........
S.. "LS A" ..................... .
*S.S. "'IHBcAw .................
A t rW r ..............................:
.5. A AN .................................
New York Service

La. EWIAATA" ............. ...............
.S. SA ............. .............
San" ........... .................

Uit, Nw ,rhip,, Los Ai ha ileis

To LimAule and San Frake




, :,;*...".. .. -, :-

. -. "-^

--c;L ; .1 _-*r~T

-~ ---


-_. _'

- =

*atu dsale nseU Chbed

Win ssxeFlamm
tala SBl& Fransclso
.ib tii'eaeugh to
st an
3@ ie a M
B -t -'. !
iW il l--

* ";.*

* I -.

Hi hIia h ts



NO QUESTION ABOUT IT-Gil McDougald of the Yanks is
out by plenty as he fails to get near the base as George
Strickland of the Indians puts the tag on him during play
at second in Cleveland game. Umpire is Bill Summers.
: Vf^ ''t ... fb4'3*-41M ,, BN ^^^^^^^^&U \lHM~t~UfM~flle --M^^

~-.*. -~

' ... .*: '
'' : "; '. ;: ) '
..* *O *

i ""*

l4-.. :

**I-^L ,W ;"a- ,, W~.
./ *.. ',a .... ^ '," *,'*
* ." ..) .. -A .... ., _

::0 rq .~



Wor d

of.. .

ONE-HORSE RACE-It looks like it and it was, too, as !
Nashua, the Belair stud colt, streaks to an easy nine-length
victory in the Belmont Stakes in New York to win another
third of Triole Crown of racine. Blazing Count was second.

HEADLINE PRODUCTJON-Plenty of headwork is needed in
soccer as you can see by this picture taken during recent
German-American League game in New York. The fellow
at left is trying to butt the ball into the net for a goal and
the gent in center is doing all he can to stop his opponent. ?,

BACK-UP PERFORMANCE-It was a good one, by- Alex
Grammas of the Cards, as the ball goes by Third Sacker
Ken Boyer, but Grammas' throw to first was too late to
get the Giants' runner. Scene is Polo Grounds in New York.

to the canvas in the 10th
round, Tony DeMarco of
Boston, the welterweight
champion, survived the
round but in the 12th his
opponent, Carmen Basilio of
Syracuse, poured it on and
the ref stopped it with Ba-
silio winning the title. Scene
is Syracuse, home of Basilio.







~ -~.'.

S' ite

WIn FOR U. $.-Defending champion the U. S. Open event, 1d Furgol (left), is seen as was onratulatedby Pt.
Th mion of Australia after Furgol hm won the sudden-death playoft with Thomsou and dtgSam's 1lor VPtroky r
InirStUtial golt- ham pionship in W t D. C. Furgol nd prtler, Chick arlmt a lm wor tua 9wn 'afV
.,=.. .' .-, ..-, --
_--J%| II*-Wt-wD6C- ftp-W*~c~b dw = m q -* j *.t-'*- ; W.f'- -

~tw U



'F a


^ ^
-* "^ *


* *

. ,. .
'." ,,
,.':..* -

TY. JrTLY io


P1A "'

^rnie Banks Sets NL Homer Record For Shortstop
IR ;~ 0

*' ;0* I* i i a .. _____L___________ 't'? *

UD u lugs zra 10 op

Glenn Wright's Mark


NEW YORK, July 9 (UP) -.Slugging Ernie
Banks of the Cubs, with a brand new home run rec-
ord under his belt, is making Wrigley Field fans for-
get all about such other long ball hitting heroes as
Hack Wilson and Hank Sauer.

The slender, 24-year-old Banks
set a National League record for
home runs by a shortstop when
he blasted his 22nd and 23rd of
the season last night to help the
Cubs beat the Cardinals for the
11th time In 14 games this year,
6-4, in 11 Innings.
Banks, whom some Chicago
officials say will be "as good a
ballplayer, if not better, than
Willie Mays some day," broke
the old record of 22 homers set
by Pittsburgh shortstop Glenn
Wright in 130. The feat is espe-
caly remarkable in that Banks
stll has practically hall the
season to add to his total.
Banks' second homer of the
game came in the lUth after
keystone partner Gene Baker
had walked. The blow gave
Harry Perkowski, fourth Chi-
cago pitcher, his first victory
of the campaign. Jim' King
and Sauer also homered for
the Cubs while Stan Musial
did likewise for the Cards.
In other National League
games, the Braves swept a Twi-
night twin-bill from the Red-
legs, 4-2 and 5-3, the Pirates
beat the Phillies in a suspended
fame of May 29th, 11-5, but
odt, 5-1, in a regularly sched-
uled contest, while the Dodgers
defeated the Giants, 12-8.
Cleveland defeated Chicago,
1-0, In the American League,
Detroit topped Kansas City, 11-
8, in 11 Innings, Baltimore halt-
ed Boston, 9-2, and New York
defeated Washington, 3-0. in a
game limited to six innings by
rain. -
Southpaw Warren Spahn scat-
tered eight Cincinnati hits in
the opener which was decided
by Ed Mathews' 22nd homer with
one on in the sixth inning, while
Lew Burdette annexed the night-
cap for the Brave s with the aid
of homers by Hank Aaron and
Bobby Thomson. Gus Bell hom-
ered for the Redlegs.
In -resuming their suspended
game in the seventh inning, the
Piratei.soreed tjee more rups
while'-tio hils collected two.
Max Surkont, who started the
game on May 29, finished it last
night and was credited with his
sevetnh victory. Surkont also
started the regular nine-inning
game-afterward but was charged
with the loss as Herm Wehmeler
hurled a six-hitter to make his
life-time record against Pitts-
burgh, 21-7,
The Dodgers wiped out a six-
run deficit in beating the Giants
and dropping them 17V2 games
behind the pace. Don Zimmer,
Don Hqak and Gil Hodges each
smashed homers for Brooklyn,
Zimmer leading the Dodger at-
tack with four hits and scoring
what proved to be the winning
run in the eighth with a display
of heads-up base-running. Alvin
Dark and Hank Thompson hom-
ered for the losers.
Bob Lemon became the first
American League pitcher to win'
12 games by beating the White
Sox although he needed relief
from Ray Narleski after work-
ing eight innings in 96-degree
heat. LOser Billy Pierce gave up
the only run of the game. in the
first ~n gon Al Smith's single,
a sacrifice and a double by Al
Rosen down the right field line.
Earl Torgeson's three run
hon*r In the llth inning off
Johnny Satu helped the Tigers
to their victory after they had
blown three leads. It niarked
Torgeson's second homer of the
game and gave him a total of
six runs batted in for the con-
test. Frank House, Al Kaline
and Charlie Maxwell also hom-
ered for Detroit while Jim Finl-
gan connected for Kansas City.
Baltimore snapped Boston's
seven-game winning streak as

Dave Philley drove in three
of the Orioles' runs with a
homer, double and a single.
Gus Triandos also homered for
Baltimore. Reliever Harry Dor-
Ish was the winner and Frank
Sullivan, an All-Star game
pitching candidate, the loser.
Rain came to the aid of the
Yankees after the Senators had
scored a run in the seventh in-
ning and knocked out Byrne.
But the game was called and the
score reverted back to the sixth
inning, so the Yankee southpaw
was credited with a three-hit
shutout. Yogi Berra drove In two
of the winners' runs with an In-
field out and a sacrifice fly.

Boxing's Colorful

'Dumb Dan' Morgan

VFW TEENER Donny Ryter,
15, played shortstop for the Cone-
jos and was a tower of strength
in their infield even though he
was one of the smallest players
in the league when he took over.
Batting .481 for 21 games, he stole
23 bases and was a thorn in the
side of opposing pitchers as he
led the league by scoring 39
times. He was also instrumental

ies N Y I k in sanrung no less nan 1a aouobe-
V S In New rk plays, a branch of the game in
Which he is very proficient.
NEW YORK, July 9 (UP) -
One of the most colorful men In
boxing Is dead. Talkative "Dumb
Dan" Morgan died ThursdayeterThomson
afternoon in New York at the
age of 82.
Morgan managed more than
one thousand boxers during hi n
long career, Including three R p a
champions light-heavyweight
Britton.. British Open
Al McCoy and welterweight Jack
Britton. B
Morgan was called "dumb" be-
cause he never stopped talking-
not because anyone considered A E S u
him stupid. He had a wealth of ST. ANDREWS, Scotland, July
amusing anecdotes about the 9-(UP) -The United States had
"racket'--as he always called to settle for a consolation prize
boxing. And to Illustrate his at the British Open golf tour-
points, the skinny, bespectacled nament.
old fellow loved to gesture wild- All five Americans who reached
ly and shadow-box as he talked, the final 36 holes finished far back
. Dumb Dan made about three- in the standings. But Joe Conrad,
quarters of a million dollars of San Antonio, Texas, won the
during his career but wound up low amateur medal. Conrad-who
with very little. He always was won the British Amateur tourney
a soft touch for anyone down last month-tied for 22nd place
and out-also because he had a w" a *
*eaknessr4or playing the horses. Deni- cham io ....
Morgan said horse playing Defending champion Pet e r
kept him young. He sald-"Fat homson o Australia won the ti.-
mendie young... buthorseplay- te with a 281.-It is the lowest
eradon't get fat.You stay up at total ever posted in the 17 times
night handicapping and then that the British Open has been
night handicapping and then PlayedatSt.And s Scotand,
you're on edge all day betting played at St. Andrews, Scotland,
It conditions betti and onlp two strokes higher than
Morgan retired some years a- the all-time record. Thomson is
go but was chipper as a sparrow only the fifth man since t he
uhtil V s recently. He is sur- turn of the century to win the e-
uived byrecentl wiy.dow, Theresa and vent two years in a row. Thom-
vived bson.y his widow, Theresa, and son also finished second in t h e
British Open in 1952 and '53. A-
mericans Ed Furgol, Byron Nel-
son, and Johnny Bulla all suffered
because of poor putting. Nelson
said, "When a man can't putt, he
might just as well go home."
Furgol, who had complained a-
bout what he called poor treat-
ment by the officials, says he will
By BEANS REARDON not compete in the British Open
24 Years In National League again. He says-"There are too
Written for NEA Service many good tournaments in the U-
nnited States. The British title is
QUESTION: How does an u. m- not worth spending all th at
pire determine whether a batter money."
a .+&-mp #-U -*9 T-i A 0 -Ili I

attempted to bunt? He o e isn't
break his wrists and many times
hardly moves the bat o n c e he
squares away.-Eddie Deitz.
Answer: It is a judgment call,
one of the hardest to make. Um-
pires call it on the basis that if
the hitter has squared away to
bunt and makes an obvious try
at getting his bat on the ball, then,
it is a strike.
Q. Who was the winning pitcher
in the first All Star Game?-
Bobby Evans.
A. Lefty Gomel of the Yankees
in Io3. I
Q. Did Paul Richards ever put
in a complete season as a first-
string major league catcher?-
Lou Ryba.
A. Richards was Detroit's first-
string catcher for three years--

Yesterday morning, while Furgol
was laboring in a huge bunker, a
by-stander jokingly suggested that
the trap be filled in. Furgol said
-"No, they ought to keep it and
bury some of those 'ancients' in
it." By "ancients" Furgol meant
the officials at St. Anrdrews.
Nelson also says he will npt
come back to Britain, but bis rea-
son is the high expense, not dis-
satisfaction with the officials.

- 4
, L

lis Perkins doesn't have to
worry about wolves. Mrs. Perk-
ins can outrun them. The Brit-
ish router is shown setting. a
new world record of 11 sin-
ut.s, 27.2 seconds winning the
two-mile team race in the La
dies Inter-Club KMet in London.

ILmmer in Hospitof Checkup

After Fist Fight With Jacobs
NEW YORK, July 9-(1P)-

4The Toronto Maple Lffala pace-
setters In the Internaitional
League, today awatted a hospi-
tal report on their fighting first
baseman, Lou Limmer, who was
injured in a game last night at
Limmer, an ex-major leaguer,
Figured in two fist fights as the
Leafs downed the Jets, 4-1. LHe
first traded punches with Co-
lumbus manager Nick Cullop and
then battled second baseman
Spook Jacobs of the Jets.
Following the second fight,
which almost produced a riot
and finally was quelled by Co-
lumbus police, Limmer was-
taken to a hospital for treat-
ment and X-rays.
Besides getting in some solid
punches against his former Cc-
lumbus teammates, Limmer a!-
so hit a two-run homer in the
secondint inning which put the
Leafs ahead to stay.
The Montreal Royals swept a
doubleheader from Richmond,
5-3tand 2-1. Roger Craig won
the opener, although he needed
ninth-inning relief help from
Glen Mikene while Ken Leh-
e h daman pitched a four-hitter in the
i nightcap. Vic Morasco homered
Se intfor Richmond in each game.
w. nElsewhere, Havana posted a
4-0 victory over Buffalo be-
(NEA Telephoto) hind the four-hit pitching of
VICTORIOUS IN LAKE SWIM Greta Patterson, 18, receives a Julian Lader, while Rochester
trophy and flowers from her trainer, Lawrence Slocum, after whipped Syracuse 13-5 in their
she ha ered conqueredthe 15-mile expanse of Lake Erie between second ame after dropping
Angola, N.Y., and Crystal each, Ontario. The first person to the opener, 18-6.
hours and three minutes. d (First Game, 7 innings)

omt g ae s the la ourst sow M iss P atterson i oplete Ned mt wnn 1m The and
o-- "a BSyracuse 051120 0-18 20 2
Rochester 000 2311 1-6 12
aps He ght n o Lovenguthmand Lonnet; Blav-
WS ,lock, (3), Helm (4), Delock (6)
sion is the Greentree Stable en Castle Handicap. Wheaey St a Rand Whie. LP-Blaylock. HR;

Kazanskitry of Straight Face, 116 pounds, able's Misty Morn, upset winner o Micelotta.
Mrs. Ethel D. acobAs 'C ap W inners Today (Frst Game, 9112. nnngs)
Montreal 101000 1025 7 0
hs e tw other $50,000-addRichmond 000 201 000-3 6 1

Craig d features, the Michigan Mile at .Bucha; 4 0
Jordan, Voiselle (7) and Wat-
--- llngton. WP-Craig. LP-Vol-
NEW YORK, Jup 9 -and w a p s the Arlington Lassie, with 'the Theis, HR-Limmer.
should find it easy, and High Gun Bwamazon Farm's undefeated Toronto 020000 020--4 11 2
a lot more difficult today in the Judy uht he probable favor sen 3bolumbus 010 00 000-1 6
Westerner at Hollywood Park and I The six furlong sprint will 0 1
the Brooklyn, Handicap at Aque. gross $96,505 it 11 start, the win- Miller, Shore (9) and Berbe-
duct-two $50,000-added races a ner netting $57,3=. art; Theis, Hag (7), Wheat (8)
continent apart.,an. Burris. WP-miller. LF-
Swaps, the California star who A Detroit horse, Knig ht's Re. This. HR-Lemmer.
upset- Nashua in- the- Kentucky ward, was enteftd wtnh 17 others Uuffal 0 04
Derby, has little opposition in for n Michigan Mile, the state'0 2
the mile and one quarter W e st- richest horse race.- Knight's Re- Havana 000 015 Ox-4 11 1
erner for 3 year-olds. Only five wd win the Governor's Handi- Flowers, Erickson (7 and
were named to oppose him, and cap last Monday. Streuli; Ladera and Montalvo.
one of them was Bequeath, an- LP-Flowers.
other Rex Ellsworth colt. Thirteen fillies and mares were o -
Five also entered the mile and entered for the mile and o n:e Second Game)
once quarter Brooklyn, where the sixteenth Molly P i t c h e r. Top Syracuse 000 003 020- 5 10 1
the King Ranch's High Gun must weight of 122 pounds will be car- Rochester 604000 03x-13 15 0
carry 132 pounds. tied by thT Darby Dan Farm's Spring, Zinker (2), Peterson
Looming as the toughest oPPo- Clear Dawn, winner of the New (4) and Heyman; Moford and
sition is the Greentree Stable en- Castle Handicap. Wheatley St a- Rand. LP-Spring.
try of Straight Face, 116 pounds, ble's Misty Morn, upset winner o-
and Palm Tree 106, along with ver Saratoga in the Providence
Mrs. Ethel D. Jacobs' Paper Ti- Stakes, has 112. Lemon-aid
ger, 107.
The Brooklyn Handicap will eClevelad AB R II A
televised and broadcast (ABC) 3:. -"SmitABIf1.0.
15-3:30 p.m., EST. Smith ...4 I 1 0 0
There are two other $50,000-add- Avila 2b ...... 3 0 0 1 5
ed features, the Michigan Mile at Kiner If ......... 4 0 1 1- 0
Detroit and the Arlington Lassie d-Woodling If ,.. 0 0 0 1 0
Stakes at Chicago. Monmouth Rosen 3b ........ 4 0 1 1 8
Park offers the $25,000 added Mol.-Doby cf... 4 0' 1
ly Pitcher stakes, while the $14,- Strickland sa ... 4 0 2 1 4
000 Thistle Down Handicap is on Heganc........3 0 2 2 0
tap at Thistle Down near Cleve- Altobelli lb ......4 0 1 19 0
land. Lemonp........2 0 0 0
Eleven 2-year-old fillies are In d-Mitchell .......1 0 o 0 0
Narleski p....... 0 0 0 0 0

The Hit Parade

(Based on 200 official at bats)
Player and club g ab r h Pet.
Kallne, Det. 78 317 71 120 .379
Fox, Chicago 77 319 46 107 .335
Smith, Cleve. 81 336 69 108 .321
Kuenn, Det. 69 290 49 93 .321
Doby, Cleve. 68 265 48 84 .317
Ashburn, Phil. 70 269 48 92 .342
C'nella, Bklyn 65 242 42 81 .335
Snider, Bklyn: 81 302 74 98 .325
Moon, St. L. 77 307 48 98 .319
Aaron, Mil. 80 327 53 104 .318
Kluszewski, Redlegs ..... 28
Snider, Dodgers ........ 28
Mays, Giants ........... 27
Banks, Cubs ............ 23
Mathews, Braves ....... 22
Snider, Dodgers ......... 87
Jensen, Red Sox ......... 70
Kaline, Tigers .......... 67
Campanella, Dodgers .... 64
Kluszewski, Redlegs ..... 63
Mays, Giants ............ 63
Snider, Dodgers ......... 74
Kaline, Tigers .......... 71
Mantle Yankees ........ 69
Smith, Indians ......... 68
Bruton, Braves ......... 64
Kailne, Tigers ......... 120
Smith, Indians ......... 108
PoN, White sax ........ 107
Aaron, Braves .......... 104
Mueller, Giants ........ 102

(Based on S decisions)
Ne wcombe, Dodgers 14 1
Donovan. W.S...... 10 2
Loes, Dodgers ...... 9 2
Labine. Dodgers .... 8 2
Wynn, Indians ..... 11 3


TEAM PLAY-Harvey Kuenn
intends to hit it off with Dixie
Sarchet. Detroit's All-Star
shortstop's fiance was Miss Wis-
consin of 1954.

nave to have a hunting and
Aishing license to bag this fel-
low. Young James Parson, Jr.,
offered the deer a lift in his
boat, but the lone swimmer of
Lake Pend Oreille, Ida.. swiftly
swam out of sight. J


33 1 8 27 19

Busby cf ........ 4
Fox 2b.......... 3
Mifioso If........4
Kell 3b .......... 4
Rivera rf ........ 3
Lollar c ......... 4
e-Kennedy ...... 0
Dropo lb ........ 4
Brideweser ss ... 2
a-Carrasquel ss 1
Pierce p ......... 2
c-Donovan ...... 1
Consuegra p ..... 0


32 0 5 27

a-Grounded out for Bridewe-
ser in 7th.
b-Ran for Kiner in 8th.
c-Rolled out for Pierce in 8th.
d-Bounced out for Lemon in
e-Ran for Lollar in 9th.
Indians ......... 100 M00 000-1
White Sox ....... 000 000 000-0
Errors-Brideweser. RBI-Ro-
sen. Two base-Rosen, Lollar.
Sacrifice-Avila-Hegan Left on
base-Indians 8, White Sox 7.
Bases on balls-Pierce I Lemon
1. SO-Pierce 5, Narleski 1. Hits
off-Pierce 7-8, Consuegra 1-1,
Lemon 4-8, Narleskt 1-i. Runs
and earned runs-Pierce 1-1.
Hit by pitch-Lemon (Fox). WP
-Lemon (12-6). LP--Pierce (5-

eL '



Wrooklyn .....58
Milwaukee ...44
Chicago ......45
New York ....40
Cincinnati ...36
St. Louis .....36,
Philadelphia .35
Pittsburgh ...29

Pet. GB
.707 -
.550 13
.542 131,/
.494 17V
.468 19%
.462 20
.432 222
.345 30

Brooklyn at New York
Philadelphia at.Pittsburgh
Cincinnati at Milwaukee
Chicago at St. Louis (N)
(Twilight Game)
Cincinnati 000 100 010-2 8 1
Milwaukee 00001201x-4 7 0
Fowler (4-5), Klippatein and
Spahn (7-8) and Crandall.
(Night Game)
Cincicnnati 100001 010-3 11 0
Milwaukee 200 120 Ox-5 7 0
Minarcin (4-6), Ridzik and
Burdette (7-4) and Rice.

(Twilight Game)
Philad l. 000300011- 5
Pittsburgh 31001303x-ll

7 2
21 1

Cole (0-3), Kipper, Mrozinski,
Kuzava and Lopata.
Surkont (7-8) and Shepard,

New York ....53 28 .654 --
Cleveland ....49 32 .605 4
Chicago ......45 32 .584 f
Boston .......46 36 .561M 1
Detroit .......40 38 .513 11%
Kansas City ..34 45 .43018
Washington ..26 52 .333 251,
Baltimore ....23 53 .303 27 /g
Cleveland at Chicago
Kansas City at Detroit
New York at Washingtou
Baltimore at Boaton
(Night Game)
Baltimore 104 001 201-9 16 1
Boston C 010100-3 8 1
Pillette. Dorish (4-2), Moore
and Triandos, Smith.
Sullivan (11-7), Kiely, Bro
dowski, Hurd and White.

(Night Game)
Cleveland 100 000 000--t
Chicago 000 000 000-0
Lemon (12-6), Narleski


(First Game)
K. City 01000 052 00-' 8 16 4
Detroit 010 030 220 03-l 110 0
Portocarrero, later, Har-
rington, Gorman, Sain (125)
and AstroVh.

Completion of suspended game Hoeft, Foytack, Birrer, Aber
of May 29. (5-1) and House, Wilson.
(Night Game) (Second Game)
Philadelphia 001030 010-5 8 0 New York 200 010-3 4 1
Pittsburgh 000 000 10--l 6 1 Washington 000 000-0 3 0
Wehmeier (6-6) and Seminick.I
Surkont (7-9), Face, Martin, Byrne (7-2) and Berra.
Donoso and Atwell. Pascual (2-7) and FitzGerald.

(Night Game)
Brooklyn 000510213-12 12 2
New York 042000200- 8 10 1
Newcombe, Hughes, La"ine
(8-2), Roebuck and Walker, Ho-
Maglie, Monzant, Oomez (8-4),
Antonelli, McCall, Liddle, Glel
and Westrum, Katt.
(Night Game)
Chicago 200 020 000 02-6 15 1
St. Louis 000 300 100 00-4 8 1
Mirmer, Davis Jeffcoat, Per-
kowaki (1-4- and Cooper.
Wooldrldge, Wright, 0. Jones
(1-,' Iawrence ond Barbrink,

J. T. Fogarty and Paul Ander-
son tied with both shooters
breaking fifty straight in the an-
nual "Pop" Sanders Skeet Tro-
phy Shoot held at the Balboa
Gun Club trap and skeet range
on June 25. Fogarty won the
shoot-off with 24-24 against An-
derson's 24-22. This was the first
time perfect scores were fired for
this Trophy.
In the Fifty Bird Handicap
Trap Shoot the same day Bill
Cunningham was high with 48,
H. S. Holmes was second with 47
and I 0. Hay third with 46. The
complete skeet and trap scores
are listed below.
The program for this fater-
noon is 50 birds at Skeet and 25
pair of doubles at Trap. Shoot-
ing will .start at the regular time
of two o'clock.

1 Fogarty ..........
1 Anderson ........
4 McNeill ..........
0 Cunningham ......
0 Hay . .....
0 Janson ...........
1 H. Norton .......
2 R. Norton .........
2 Holmes ...........
1 Jones .... .......
0 Johnson ..........
0 Loga ............
2 Kilgallen .........



Called in 7th rji, Sco-re -e
verts to end of 6th.



Today Encanto .35 & .20
1:35, 3:10, 5:10, 7:95, 9:" p.m.


Today Encanto .35 & .20
Marilyn Monroe, in
In CinemaScope!
Plus: "Superman Perils"
Today IDEAL .20 -.10
Ray MlllAnd, in
Abbott & Costello, In-





- 'I.-

The picture of the yeor staring Tyrone Power and
Maureen O'Hara. now at the "Lux" Theatre.

I"= LOIN tsOaT so&* ais," tiG etat pnrde m -w M 6'e
.Lt" T.. ,tru mw o.wer and lm mnW 'a in Cim-a-
.e ad cing a ti nImlUmi a pauthletaln mrdainur by hbe pub-
ei who mw i S resc imesda ni. H.LONG GBAT IUNI I a ple-
wUS mHmme., fbimf rMemmoil andw a atol traff.lH-Uh, wlU
a"n it ma s-esng ter-. hart-l about a ma- a 1e,,5 wa
vm ad uSeM ANs mu.I.. On aMI Ml pWr MGe ,* dOf Wi .

-7-.------- ~r-- ---- ------ ------------ -~- -*-I-




a i




1~. *


Nu Eschews



a. oxvn.LLTe, nnn,, July -
'tpP) Burma's prime Minister
fMu, whose topic of conver.s- *Le tgh
Un has been the American hot
'do, made a quick tour of Ten-
esee Valley Authority facilitle rCIRTIn Ar '
tday, escorted by TVA chair-
S aM Herbert D. Vogel.

Wi -1The prime minister, aCCcoR-
minled by his wife and several
U J 5urmese and U.S. State Depart-
V. tentt officials, arrived here yes-
l 'terday and attended a meetlvg
S o some 20 members of the
r lount County, Tenn., 4-H Club.
/u, U No, avoiding talk of world
y: diplomrcy. freely discused the
A:Imerican hot dog.
- A -T had a treat ble hot do In



_ York and loved it," he tolda WASHINGTON, July 9 (UP)-
rters. Chairman Richard B. Russell
x (D-Ga.) urged his Senate Arm-
x.He explained how he became ed Services Committee yesterday
seinated by a chrome-plated to junk President Eisenhower's
dog machine and found the compulsory military reserve pro-
steator sold as many as 1500 grm and adopt a voluntaIy
dogs a day. bonus-incentive plan.
.-"rhe chief of state visited the He made the proposal as 24
volunteer Portland Cement Co., witnesses paraded before thp
1tis morning and then went in- committee on the second day of
conference at TVA headquar- three-day hearings to discuss
rs. the pros and cons of the admin-
f ll ..tti.. n th m.ein. w-ee istration's plan to build a pow-
ogei, TVA director Raymond erful, combat-ready reserve of
a ty, enera manager mo 2,900,0CO men by 1960.
aty manager T J he administration wants to
Sg ner, ch Agine bauer E.force servicemen to participate
i.ector of the agri.ultdral rela- In the reserves following com-
aor ofhl. r a pletion of active dut. o
The prime minister and hisu R nse r s hest ica volun-
.ouT leaves tomorrow for Flag- ary plan under which service-
"f for Fa- mert would gt a bonu
S'_____ for three years intHe combat
S'. reserve of the Army or Marine
Mohr Neels Eden Russell's statement Indicated
S. ...that the administration program
T&Jik 1 1 Tjil -approved in somewhat modl-
oday Ff lt fled form by the House.-may
'. ......- undergo a major Overhaul in the
in AAAiAi Illlll Senate committee. Adminlstra-
On SovietlA Alliude tonal spokesmen will have their
I say on Monday.
'LONDON, July 9-f(UP)-Tn- Russell first suggested that
a'-n premier Jawaharlal Nehru the National Guard be Included
dieets with Prime Minister Sir In the reserve program.,
Anthony Eden today for pre- *The Ht0 eliminated any
Qeneva talks about Rusita. wmesin 'of the Guard ia Its
.British Foreign Minister Har- bhI,ln order to bypass the
old MacMillan will sit In on the egfaegatItma iles whle tied
talks also. the.measure up for week.
ed. But RU ', l ateted 'he
SNehru was expected tp shed hmi m after the
"me light on Rauslts new Ntio !al a n. od Guard

tur misting In oeneva. Lil Il ll u
Eden hoped to collect ome of ,
p ~a Ren a sionpe o f E- Rum -
leh leader expected .$ discus.
em directly with Soviet fed-
in Geneva July 1 when heIII-
eeAs withta Prelter NI-
1e1 w S h mi!m LA- I VGA Nei. July u (UP)
rS vrF&thsa t2iels -Pollee fought leg moves today
dirFa nd Prsidi that sought to tree two ex con-
victe who were picked up for in-
Oi ", vestigation of the nation's largest
R'e mn r lvyi all-csh bank robbery because
.. th ey possessed nearly Mo0,000 In
eSri new 1s41..
eCtmeS tiz n An asstant district attorney
,dir_ J $ ,_ /from New York, Frank MeGlynn
rit~ reuStat Oes', Jr., was to question the pair to
l If t i hs 5 11U was pun ui

WOOD. July. .CUP) --
Sbor film star Corinnei
took the oath as an
an cit#en in federal court
S with 1 other persons
at lisod.
me here,n MlCvrl said
Wv4tfd the ceremony.
S- ,d vet appeared in court
Sher'new husband, actor
Stone. They were married
Sw months ago in TIangiers.
Srmerly was the wife, of
yr John Bromfleld.
Sis a privilege to lve here,"
t4 porters. I hope to be
this coaptry In

'Were Ep t ished
on J 1My 4th.
n spite of thi ,.

ItsO t

ira-u ir we money was pa 1rt Of
the loot from the April 6 holdup
of the Woodside branch of th e
Chase Manhattan Bank in Queens,
One of the suspects, James Ells.
worth, 36, won release on a ha-
beas corpus Thursday night only
to be re-arrested on another
charge-failure to register as an
Ellsworth, was first freed under
$1,000 bail then picked up again
at the -luxurious Dunes Hotel, one
of the newest spas along the ba.
sino-dotted "rt" in this eamn

Vuson, as, was nel.-on sus-
)f robbery pelig police
from Wihth l Xans.
we were booed on 'tech-
harges aftet flashing
I new 4$100 bills at a easi-
attem ptito change them
aller donominatioms.
sir ckets and scattered
g eces' in dresspr draw-
sbicabes police 'located
os of It high sequence
si6 ORJe men would not
L .W e the money came
KeF said the serial
I appeared "too new" to

e* 4arvz bere from
@.l4e-.iTuepday and be-


x cy I ed on
der4ay that i I
atre preferred byI
audiences. In- a
I terrilu weatbl
Sthis piture met
net ve strong coo
i a. BA=EM
STBU A" at the 0
Sm. dnMt

m people kI the truth and sie country i saf -UIrat&W E co.


Urged To Junk Ike-s Reser

OK $400 Bonus For V

units should not be included.
MaJ. Gen. Ellard 'A. Walsh,
president of the association, s"id
he Guard is "well satisfied" it
can keep its ranks filled through
Col. C. M. Boyer, executive di-
rector of the Reserve Officers
Assn., told the committee his
group "falls to see how we can
hope to meet pur new force lev-
els on a purely voluntary basis."
He also suggested that the Na-
tional Guard be Included.
Clarence MItehell, director
of the Washington office of
the. National Association for
the Advancement of Colored
People, proposed an amend-
ment that would prevent
youths from joining a segre-

ted National Guard u*lt and
erey eeeapin the draft.
The president has ked Con-
gre to l to any anti-secg-
reogaton amendment from re-
serve legIlt.on..
Mletdhil said the Presidebt
and other In "position of influ-
ence" have "not always bad the
vision to see that Amerlmas af
every rate, color and religion
could march side by side in the
defense of their country."
MWteheU al paid that ln the
South there are one-million
Negroes ol draft age who
would not !e elliible for Guard
duty if the measure pames as
Russell said he offered his
bonus enlistment plan because

Turncoats Cleared

To Enter HongKong

HONG KONG, July 9 (UP) -
British authorities today relayed
formal assurances to Peiping that
the three former American s ol-
diers who changed their minds a-
bout living in Red China would be
admitted to Kong Kong.
'The three men had been sched-
uled to arrive today, but Com-
munist Chinese announced that
their release had been postponed
because the men had not received
tni'fit TIm from the Kopg Kong.
a l nmoning the Hong Kong
6ove-imentl.ssied an announce-
I ent saulg that the British
charge daffaires in Peiping "has
been authorized to ifePrm tie Chi.
aese Red Gross the three former
members of the American armed
forces. will be admitted to
Hong Kong."
The three are William A. Cow-
art, 22, Dalton. Ga.; Otto G. Bell,
24, Olympia, Wash.; and Lewis W.
Griggs, 23, Tex.
They were among 21 American
so iers captured by the Commu-
nists during the Korean war who
refused repatriation.
Formal authorization had not|
been previously given because of0
the necessity of consultation with
authorities mn London and Wash-
ington," the Hong Kong govern-
ment ianouncement- said.
The announcement-did not elabo-
rate nor explain whether such
"formal authorization" would cia-
rify thp situation and speed the
release' of the three men who have
decided to rfsk prison in the Unit-
ed States to remaining in Red
"To enable the three Americap
soldiers to leave China as early
as possible, the Red Cross Socie-
ty of China, at the same time,
had made specific arrangements
and scheduled to send them to the
border on July 9." Peiping raiso
Sources in Hong Kong said plans
called for British police to meet
the three Americans at the nar-
row bridge which link the colony
with the Red mainland.
S. M. Backe,.head of the con-
sulate section of the U. S. consu-
late general, was e x P ecte d to
meet them later and explain they
might be edif they return to.
the United States.
Mention Lewis Grilg in Neches
ad they shake their heads.
"We was strange one," a

ftdsbt B *es

tMen Woetid


taly, July -..(UP)
Buried four men
retodaY. .

tre man-

M" r

'neighbor said. "He stood aloof.
Didn't speak if he didn't care to.
Town lie this everyone knows
everyone else. Speaks to everyone
else. But he'd just go along with
his head in the air. Wouldn't
speak. Wouldn't even look at
As in many rural communities,
most of the young people who
were children with Lewis have
scattered and tone. Those that re-
main remember him as a "lone

Lewis went on a bus 18 miles
to a consolidated high school. His
last year, at 16, he was big for
his age, 6-foot..
He played on the football squad,
made the B team and got a let-
ter. He got an 82 in algebra but
barely passed his other courses.
One teacher said she thinks "we
didn't do everything we could
have for him."
"He seemed to be a boy you
couldn't reach," she said.
"He was quiet, withdrawn, po-
lite and bored. He was just there.
He didn't do his work. He j ust
-came and that's all. He was.
not at all boyish.
"He gave me the feeling as I
watched him from day today that
he felt this was all uncessary."
Lewis' father w as an electri-
cian. He died while his son was
in prison camp.
The family was considered well.
off in tiny Neches but somewhat
underprivileged by standards of
the'*searby town of Palestine.
After an incident on the school
bus where some of the other stu-
dents teased him and picked on
himt-no one remembers why or
what. about-he left high school.
His family sent him to a mili-
tary academy but he left after six
weeks., The day after h is 17th
birthday he enlisted.
Iis mother, a tall spare wom-
an, has .refused t believe that her
son stayed with the Communists
of Iris .own free will. For moths
she has refused to discuss him.

Suats Stil Empty

For $5 Round Trip

Ride To Jamaica

Several seats are still avall-
able aboard an excursion plane
which wil 4eave Kn
stop, Jamaica. next uray, t
was announced today by the
Panama Physical Education De-

Round trip fares aboard the
n e which will be carrying a
P ma swimming ,and water
polo team to compete against
Jamaan teams, is $66 per per-

Physcal. education officials
naid their Is still time for in.
tivested persons to sake the
'tri next bhusuday, because no
Vtp BY e. All that is
auede atWe pictures and the
leuaatmeat wMl take are of all


he believes It would eprdue a
Ibetter serve tha the Pwel-
deit's compuloy' program.
"One man who qeqs in 90l-
untarily s wora uveral men
who at abb yothe nape of
their neec ad usbed into the
ready reserve *fa rthy have
already done their rular sev-
ice," he said.

Little Leagije

Boys 8, Girls .4

Twelve babies, all but four of
them boys, were born at Cpco
Solo, Hospital durnl the week
which ended July S. During this
same period 77 patients were ad-
mitted to the hospital and 82
Babies were born to the fol-
liw prents of United States
Capt. and Mrs. Arlen DeBoer,
of Fort Oulick, son; Mr. and
Mrs. IPhlllop B Williams of Coco
Solito, son; Cpl. and Mrs. Max
. Oarren, Jr., of Coco Solito,
on; Lt. and Mrs. Kenneth Mil-
ler of Coco Solo, daughter; Mr.
and Mrs. Raymond N. Howell of
Coco solito, son; Lt. and Mrs.
Juan ]A. Lopes of Fort Gulick,
Babies were born to the fol-
lowing parents of other nation-
Mr, and Mrs.O Gullerm o 1.
3ernhard, of Rainbow C ty on,
Mr. a&d Mrs. Joseph N,' K l; r f
Rlndbow City son; Mr. and Mr.
Louis F. Ward, of Rainbow city,
daughter; Mr. and Mrs. William
Moeky of ColOn, san: Mr. and
MJs. Julio Molinar of Colop,
daughter; and Mr. and Mrs. Al-
bert Heavens of Colon, daugh-

French Assembly

Gives Tunisia

Home Rule
PAIRIS, July 9-(UP)-France
backed its pledge of home rule
for Tunisia today with over-
whelming national assembly ap-
The Communist deputies gave
Premier Edgr Faure an impres-
sive majority of 540 to 43 when'
they unexpectedly threw their
98 votes to his side. Only a few
conservatives voted against the
government or abstained.
The historic action followed
urgent pleas from Faure and
former Premier Pierre Mendes-
France during three days of de-
bate. The debate climaxed eight
months of arduous negotiations
between the top French and Tu-
nisian delegates.
President Rene Coty must now
affix his formal ratification asi-
nature to the Tranco-Tunlslan
home-rule conventions.
The conventions give Tuni-
sians gradual control of police
and courts through the next 30
years and' faster power over
state machiery itlide the coun-
try. Foreign policy and the army
remain in French hands for an
indefinite period.
A refusal by France to make
0god its long-standing home
rule promises almost cei'tanly
would have resulted in a seraus
outburst of terrorism in the
North African territory, observ-
ers said.

Unidentified Ships

AIfack Red Chinese

In Cheklang Walers
TAIPEI, July 9 (UP--Uniden.
tfled warships attacked Red
Chinese shipping off the Cheki.
ai* coast, the Nationalist Chi.
aone News Agency reported
ttone said warships of
tiled nationality" were
active" in the Formosa
S. ws agency claimed that
lk number of Chinese
s hipswere su* or
~d'.C th uae han 1is-
IhMe. =ea. hire the
either th National-
m. a friendly

ARMY AND VOLUNTEER CIVUAN akin divers' are beli used at Fort G J h n th
clearing of part of Gatun Lake of trees stumps and-other debris. Te worTis. edon,
In the area offshore near the newly-propoped urmanlyt came site lor ybur us e by
t .deW. 'by
Canal Zone Boy and Girl Scouts. The diveatiieda around the bame ofalt'
ed the other end to the LCM (above) which tek otearlg the atoff 1-
of the lake. will make It available for participation In watesrta by te B iS
ticipating divers were MaIL. James CMisghton, chief of the antweapos andas d-
alon, WARCARIB School, Fort Gulick, St. Richards of the aznlaI j.
Thomas, Gatun lock security guard. Mhto)

More Salk Vaccine Released As New

Moves Aim To Make Production Safer
WASHINGTON, July 9 (UP) 000 shots, the service announced The subeomi Ill
The government released 300,0 00 these two majr moves to insure giv6 all statsensohf ode1
shots of long-embargoed Salk po- continued safe y of the Salk vac- provide the Sailkt s fyor
lio vaccine yesterday a nd an- clse and improve it: erne of about pr t 'o
nounced two new moves to make dren who do. jt i eeq ht
future production safer. I, It assigned six scientists to from the na tn.fe atae p
Simultaneously, a House sub- the six vap e mua acturers to other ounces. MPoore ste-
committee unanimously approved keep close tabs on p action and set q-are an Wlh
a Democratic bill to provide free speed. "exchange -o information" Wadr a -,for,
vaccine shots for an estimated 15,. between government and industry A "ner of
300,000 chydreq. scientists. n r 0'
lip... Percy Priest (D-Tetnn.) 2.. It- announced a tentative 'e CA'
author..of the meuerq,: aid tt 4s search program aimed at dlaeovm epg- t .., ........ ....
deused td give free shak Mto lt- ering onew kowledge lmmedia"t sm n- e,
.rn who cannot afford them. Ie ly- applicable" to t e further-im"lt us.W d s l.
said It bars any test of ability to provement' of production a ad
pa,-4ecaUase"I do not want td tesng of poliomydlitis vaccine. 3 _l q.
emarrl .0n0y child, c b m n .tr ainst ab
It 00 y cshitl produced byI 'pr .. d mi the ,',dinist.ationI per cent of unvuceinated chlkBERj

Wyeth Lboratories, were the first will accept his bill "without any
cleared by the U.S. Public Health question" although it p r e fers
Service since last June 6. They President Eisenhower's bill,
will go to the National Foundation which would provide free shots
for Infantile Paralysis for its pro- for about 13,300,000 children who
gram of free inoctflions for first cannot pay.
and second grade school children.
The foundation is expected to The congressman said the full
order the Shots shpped to South- House CCmmere Committee will
era and Southwestern states take up the raeure Tuesday. He
where the second round of shots predicted approvall by a "large
has begun. The foundation needs majority." The Senate Banking
about 6 million more shots to com- Committee is working on similar
plete its. nationwide program. legislation and pay end it to the
In addition to releasi e the 300,- Senate next week.

In addition, Pri et' bm a o
tains a proviso a the oa
ernment to p u: hlf e money
free vabcinat pro m on. i t
own. This could cost-the Sgiera-
msmet about 45 6illien 'alpa.,
.11 a.Nm. 9: al .m
7:10 p.m. 1:17 p-.m

7:00 & 9:15P. M.




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