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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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33 33 -
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.3 3

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In 'n .. .... -I. .u) te 0 e -. .. b "h -- .. .. I..

1 "h .- ." ... ,l ,- but : h-'. la.tions" ,.-.. .i, The Wa-t P c.lf... -ary a
ST that "a pedetrian m to nta o. Th

S wa i on a eay u ae use to
''.days on. a M CZt Pcean rans To Motorists thCa
amp. toha r shablftft. eriil OF 1110F WA Cagoe

lo'an :.will ta- t jH > __ "'-e Puoid a"t w t

-.i l-e =NOWle 'e*torwa-a.--'s a afteCa pe- nny ollmsnt -n-hIn Y o f ei

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San* a. I :l t c b W ha beer oery tenrllen i "fty wao" ang to. aOpenn da ent

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Htmm.e- ..e o. I m.Sf.,U' d. poZ,..I,, ,,, v,,,,,,S M Ih e .. .n Lm ,

leingone o-f the i"Oppi WD Va.MO 1,,* P. c oo t4 more e lint l e of b-t .
5ar W h aap w d one te Ace ot,+ e noe aye nd ai ml a orne t gs ompi. noada lul I. an 4e areel P e man loihe

In or IIo J j.n Hilchoolshffdcal. said, tBiele o. c n,

.'30 m beaof in.... n- ,O M .W nut oLAn the saAe nr l m t ent' ot olaW1me reg three. ke .ulshen
lIron Cust In b uto.+ ziowo i... ii... ''AFUIIve n p e. fostteans eo 2 o no m q e,
be ing -one-otvil o rs"'IO" os NI9 w4 ., rye"

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* *l.


Budget Study


... -' -' i;
Which Srred

Deemed Routin
-0 -. i.i

While lions continue to fume and grumble at .
likelihood of creases in the cost of living to met -,
Ponm6 C alCo.'s hefty estimated losses in Fisc t
11.5 aod 1957, the PonConal declared today ti ,
udlet study which lgave rise to the uneasiness is .
D.1 Oar' the Ca. l: "'Tdre has bee.n no 4ei
rw don ImIcreasing any tariff rotes affecting Coci +. .
pAm, with the exception of that governing thele -
quarters, which was announced a month ago."'
The budget study included proposals which would i6,
crease commisory and clubhouse prices, as well as the
price of electric power.
It is und. kt to zo-
niau areinep a v;Wnmer. -e
sloan oa rlo* portions of the
study to CongO m .
The Canal totd today that Services
the budget Otud0 -or the fecal i RV" 11 IIX .
year o ut Jnbeginah made ev- :
ery yearat h-tIm0,"sA that our- |iI
rent estlmatu may reflect cur- =l ,O
rent levels of.operatou, current_ .... .. .-,
uend ._other changed Uste .S* ., :,.
condition. te have developed 9891101 wh .j.
stbe orgial stm we .OIL a -*at..

Uft60 tlrae serv

tfreedgm a hdteent ior Bue
bold lserer by tea bonds of
aBSa S d ia taer-lor.

I wf
ntbo uttin f toe

gn d C ech Ambassador
An off f1statement issued
Ite last- llght said muttin
"sie. very strongly on the
*Zlovt aned.In par
the cM of Mo roi ar..
puttingg mIade It clear that o

d of -'
,. i of teir ohale tl

t- worth of
an nit and praov
iSn~i an -warmy spokes-
es=ttas. 1}'d at the
Art W uM ga Mwce Ce.-
W Unear Kbing to more
a pders~ d t British under
unnt Plant si, A ft started in
OL MT. Kilr, deputy director of

.T4for by Met

. -.. *.*,,.:.,.- ,

he, ae ,tII ,. 1e Ri eI
Ianae, but t.ji toU ael
posgession of car. In.
Nemd, It l?% p.. thfe d
man's wife ad ge, -s-
dents of smaburban Rver Fort.

genteel recent
mfmnbt. J andl u-
Me Ls &New York)
Cwa ,w on wtb aI
heri from
yamt in wataa
iMh funeral ecall-
ed memories of the ofAl&

Cop? SMO

; z.L)OD :, A. ('P) The"
Soviet mi Party news-
paper, ,today told Soviet
aeallow falme

"me0a .blst," travda said,

Thne warkem of minttfic re-
oefh tabdu~ad&tec in our

caritcalsV oStitsceve-
menV.1 vf: t -0 but,

The paper, In a MOOuao IMoI
broadeft, i ed here, warn-
ed soviet I agshtain be-

abouty b the number.


t..Vc. del+m, a i e. th neasA oom t Wre

thrednat a were we-
coe b Aran b
T~aaurer Ct ros Delvalle re-
prtdI that he could not gIve a
statement on thle on.federa-
tion'. 'financial status deupl4e
euesting it twice
t man decision made was
that the member leagues aot the
Confederation will insist on us-

with Commissioner Pord Prick
the week of July. 1f to arrange
gettIng all native players for the
WInter v L INs.
The meetl were scheduled
to continue -Efternoon, to-
morrow and will terminate Sun-
day moarafgI

,bow Ct, I u or High
elhodl, with 4 students, has
,? l i; enronment of the
Iton American Junior high
and e a ockwa High School0
er. 310 stu t are regtMed
Smo l t he c r-

The school y began Tue.
Tle rflttad was devoted
=11 ao ntiry 61 registration
d assignment of students to
their classrooms. Clames setually
got under way Wednesday.
The present school year win
end, on March 2. Schools will re-
convene May 7 after the long
vacation and after that will op-
erate on the same schedule as
the schools in the Republic of

6:21 q,m. 0:11 e.m.
6Sl2 p.m. 121335 P.m.

e ad served the Canal t
an4 was assigned at the .oa-
boW Upiag n it of the Munir
cip r Division at
the thim of retirement.
Mr. Morales had been hospi-
taWMd for three weeks before
bis death. At his quest his
body was cremated, and Itsa
ashes scattered over the Canal.
Bldes his widow, Mrs. Tere-
sa Vedresci Morales, .he Is sur-
vivl by nine children, a num-
ber of grandchildren, and two-
W-s sons are John A. and
Ralph, both of Panama, James
A.. of Baltimore, Md., and a
teage son, Luls ,of Panama.
Daughters are Mrs. Electra M.
of Panama City, Mrs.
VIolet p llyreen of Rodman.
Ms. AnitalM man of Iowa,
Lee, of Iowa, and a young
daughter, Muriel, of Panama

Panama Doctor's New Drug May Lick

Dread Torzalo Disease In Cattle

After three years of experto-
Smentaton with over 0 heads
of cattle, a yo e Pnam ana
doctor, Samuel va"cI a 1 dim-
covered a revoltny.
Ture for toalo disease which, s
the second bggets kiler of cat-
I The 33-year4l general ur-
Sgeon. who has seSt all of his
/pare time wovasht on torsalo-
Infected cattle In the Interior
towns of PanamUk to ined
that the dr% % bIl he- calls
"torualna win belp -ipe out
the dIseae which attack cattle
all over te world.
Tornalo takes the o of pus
filled tha
eammin e t tle and

"ivi- I I
out. I

.. .. ^. > -. 'o .. .. ..
:-. "-..- --. \ -,.- ." '- -";', J I ... I; I ~
... "-^. ... ... ,s S.-.. -'l -
i~s#: f

w b d er fort trial in the
u.. aDisrct Oot at Anca.
Atendo. was previously on-
victed of burgMl and serVe a
penitentiary sentence.

Nhru fhl Ri101I

Has 'fShlwl Desei'
To E.shbkPeNce
ROME. July C8 MP) Indian
Prime Minister Jawiharal NOk.
ru said today body who
lieves RUWiea's ptment oli
was due to weakness s-ufferii
under a "completely erroneoa
response to barrage of que-
tions at a press conference t
Rome's Grand HoteL e po
hon l ad fervetlynder te
lre of television cameras an
Main Nebhru made were:
1. "Anybody who tinks that
the present anoliy s due
to wealme ss Is uflering under
3. "X came away from Moscow
with the Impression that there
1s mo1are dane for seace and
peaefl elemInent than ex-
ated- beorl e
Nehru said he found "a very
s!nE desire for peace" wher.
I* we balk 1f WAID UUU3 J.^ -










enoUgh of a suply to export to President RkWdo Aris 1. Curtain. r
other countries. O Of them d- According to, cattle- 3. Under the present drcum-
antages of the product s It a Sall over the world may look states of the world co-existence or
does not deteriorate, therefore forward to a savin of thou- Is "an inevitable necessity i
be on e mket at a rs- f beef will be lotig for- Neh aid,People who believe
.pe..... = t I Mrwar. a ket- Iro. meont they can do without co-existence nai
,WsS aUos i t- In the qualrty.of ldeal'-mt In are.not lving on this earth buta
medta t o a os e. te m OtheImmediate future.- on the moon ." te
because ot torai prun to a- --
AVOt P Q each pear. o' U Sess
m a extremely "hard work- Veto US Chess
er" was the. flrst student from- ,
- las oearna To Play. Russian Champ F
broad.' He spent MsV years ;-
.st udyg n Bus teso before aMOSCOW, J .l. (UP) 'he In their Individual, four-game
he retmurlied to take p practice Ruis app the vet o In- aerits.
In hs. homeland. d.u-atl u.eY m h steBdy. Reahevsky said today: "I am t
iWa doctor w*q% ealn the staff at 'nyet" toaproposal that anr- lenge Notvlnnik to a match and el
Drw.asLD ie aihrtiredre- tl MnoPEWA p tolan the very near future." bi
Drstly. atsy Verde-.40ggSr What'W=re. said Reshevsky. ai
togete W~.~~-.a. e friend. D lr .Iidlp tem- he wanted to play the Russian c
SSaScumoowl,. *6 _.r BiW t0.-1 tW-^ lm Pd -ater "for the world f<
l L a In_ .a ttle M -ia.m, ti
.-Ost elf the f Ifwerks
rrev hat We ted gat *WK'VM AUM Rstfi r,

- -. .

advance uoe, aow
n7o 've Sa '.such 33
whiih aect *mloym,
.her than normal mluotion
am e imeity pr it .
"B has been a general policy
s anounce such changes a
ot, in advance 4M no change
s this policy ti contemplated."

MIan Labor Ends

Idlonwide $Strike

b New Wmning
SANTIAGO, Chile July -
) -MLGbor =aled off Its pa-
d atonwide general
e but promised an
ahutdown If Its
& e daniaTda 'ae not met.
The eetive eouncl of the
nlfied Labor Cntral ordered
s nearly 1,000,000 tnembers to
4d the#r a-hourw protet walk
Ut lat midnight. It was con-
tIered th largest. labor protest
m Chile's history.
The order led to the restors-
Ion of the nation's communica-
ons, vital utilities and some of
t transportation.
Attached to the union deal-
o, however, was the warning
Mt a econ d general strike
eight be called in 10 days unless
. government paneo through
Pith pa r.amises.
aVe C order did not affect
gQ government ailway, bus
Md-postal workers whose epa-
te strike I I Its second week.
Teterdaya general walkout
ppled all normal working act-
tY In atiago and Valparasso,
Country's two largest dtts.
o.rts from other parts of the
itlon were slow coming In be-
Ruse communications were In-
rrupted by the strike.

Waster's Bid

or The Title
The Americans recOmigne and
imit that those a *e the regn
ons. But they pointed out that
0 much time, energy and t .V:-
Scosts would place an unfair
burden on Reaesvaky. And e1t3
argued his showing In the o-
ow matches ctaily e
'r him the fight-I to a crat
ie title.
The Americans admit tt- nswd

bu-- emp

. ed -s -, .
oP rlI..p.
. l|( 1lo

.-..**igl~ i^ .-

- Argentina'%
ganisatton tM

The powt r
more tlhan ,Q
a country of

TheaCLstate ttO
"In a caS lie '1t J
criminals agaimsto Is
each one of us mao*l, .
weaus hi e oamat

shoud happen, l tak-
have one weapon
- refuse to wsk. "I
our actiUon, defense, U.
Peron's '

Leaders of

" 7f"
+'+ : .. .-* **
, 7 -* ,.. ,,^."
. ,'-. .

- -.3 33
-9.. --

- -. A,.3%M

33 -


_ ______

pj;. afF

trim".. I



L 4w N;T ts Not. + t

"6" iv.. a"- h.a. ..ler na .y ni eta m mwt .a the ex resin for

S The. aoni D-rinag. ap eu '.* re ematie I- dS'h aens -" Al. eex-taiex, we.t to "l ha' ^'--l If.. ?

s as .., ar published lthes ride-cei.-.. o no one eally noticed t -
eM try s kee the leters limai hea page l ete, the marshal ld e well- eil .E1 iiig."; _^il-.l- 5
Ideatity at kiter writes is held I sriilS..eea~lieMaa. dra gent travdhig from New S
,t-* MVT awpar auum m rempesibllsy efp8eNit ISstalem n ase m e Jersey to the fderal pen at MS-.,l
1ap`e11ed atisn l reo1 s reseat" 1, ici. Thor te fellow
-- who hnd .l the dsl a in
itb: -ake o fe n debt mo e and the
| B To "A Fortunate Tenant" of Coco Solito: 1I. bet you are one Internal Revenue Service. t -n -U. I g f S.1 ,5S
f tos young AmercanI who help to show the world what Apparently the other debt was in. s w 0 .
ta'er young america is l eday, so well covered by corrupt .po |l" th..... .. a..a
So teare probably one of those people who say, "Let Joe do tice that no one will ever coect acttI t _.e wih i
S It." 'l bet it ha never secured to wmeep your own staircase on it. Just bow heavy that debt isa fr d
S er seavb thle fingerprints from th e O iutsahe door post of thab no one really know-no even An- ar
'ooad old Cooo BSolto." astasia himself, who once was i- M .a. had mren
You are probably the kind Of pArent that hands your chld asked by a Senate Crime commit- :-* ana i io w baMW 3ku
.a oncil and tells him how smart he la to draw mural. on thAl tee: death of his e c.tno chlwls.
I.4 .e of tne screen door. Tne bru e fel that you as an Amer- "How many times were you i eiwa Masa the o ,Welw-l l
C'l absould have sense enough to do your e sanang on your own. Charged with murder, Mr. Ans-. I- o i aB
itea toncIuSlon I've come tQ as that all mitary ziamies should tasla." h \ o -wr i
be oreed to attend a cote pl of WflS et CoT.olmig on how to "I don't remember, sir. If you of i Inf ueeS ,tart thi
enave ske Americaus ann like Americnw' orr else not h e allow- villm sow me the record, I wa ill I r l Hsi hl ow r t--
e: tee travel trom home. show you if it is correct," Al re.- | \toil ml u t!
SA"ne Navy Ils putang oi tew furniture and beds with.expen-dpied, real respectful-like, biolt fa1214Wl g
le iner spring mattresses. .Oh Buster, I caaiunagine waist Just how he rolled up his money, y l mbt n t a i ,
youths wI look lae alter Junior has wet it a few times. no one seems to know, either. Once' n- 2* a en b d e
No douot you or the wqe never spray or roaMces, so it's a he was asked, "Petween 919i and ce wasasIe a-y- ao l--
Ygooo nazlg the spray. truck. homes around, it you were up on 1942, can you t iu the committee j ipprofi O 1 -'s Other. so.e t con" i
te iseeot oltation dyou would know e a ey are at y ear worst a Lof Any oceuptaon you had?" s 1 H m rtoe ia ls-e"
bdasi. As usual iLte too ma uh trouble to cover your food. I" "Idn't remember., arIIte yd I
ow often go you cia*n that new stove and reiragerator we Iprd you have an le itlmate fl at's w Hrm \ a i i idni--- B ,h.. .. des e.rt..e d his "
Pd a.a w to have? 'nrSIpu s a year, or not at al business. or c. aio bemitwen old fried oe Jeoe h b.cem-.d Itild__ .
'ins Nae lucky to have tn e re1 onaWse ten. n zeepdig with ,,-! and W", r .a1 .c -l "'
furieoy swarting eandtztor onesa.0hBdtheyertOdIup fma ,ieof JRights;manrdleedtupt beis?,,eyIt"
ut ild live with MY famuy and wslwt retlow America. refuse to answer on ethe same ce that's also why
No "ehad beter htou ng it w OUld lo alie Co o "lto did graounwd st might ten d tolnimi-o ela nyr h
:_._ ,tttracy-General William F OTlesHdodte

'e moth iter t oaited two anrs- ao So wh build nate ,me .. don't y PTnES ON -- __rs ao,.wied Demobra hnsenT oob a
soteshing for you Amerca to destroy? legitimate busiess that I i.s the the Wh
,a Moe net te a^ct so itred up five minutes alter thl C .. .. ..... .I l ,-1 Ir te I l ll..fie w... n, .. .I

should proabshly Join the Navy civilians who liv e In Co S a el A'srs y-eaoWlam ave otmedi Deocratlre t ese pi
l' TIo e their 18month work contractsnd bi told like up g'otM' ...^ t By P R D, th onimi e cwby nato lon and
oHne.Abe th1aat their ol d Navy urnatur e would soon be,,w taken antfA nvcuotohv a ns--h0 st ey'? net suppfto i. Thae fl theyw

bnave ana live uaxe true Ameana should. but it is enough time for at east brpke! recommendations and on two pol- tion by Congrss and the creatont president on the Henry Wallace
S- Satisfied one crusade. And that's to get That is about the only way to icy statements covering future of a new, to Wate Reources ticket eight years ago. I17 CD
SAnastala's crowd out Of labor summarize the effect of the long. reclamation and public power de Board in the .President's offlee to ..
GAMBLING IN ARAISO while the fellow is I durance awaited Hoover Commission re- velopments. administer this policy. HIGHER GAS RATE Madden
St: .. which isn't vile enough. port on. water resources and The fact that these two Cabinet But when the comn on rec- althou
As A long tUaime resdent of local-rate co tl es I whole- I Anataia is one of the top men pubUlic power, irrigation, naviga-. officers Jointly signed their dissent ommends that all public power Seveal ms .mhmpusewives removing
arfado liesare h tb man dI the n ll whan lhe told a group today in the crime syndicate which ion and floo onrol pliy. indicates that this is White House I rates be set by Federal Prower have been list d t, by. helpthe
Sa te. o mpl v e that gambling in the streets of Paralso controls the labor combine. No It reveals a wie three-way split policy on these matters. Commission to raise them to pri- play which took place re er, be- ally It
sUA.bthngs to be alarmed about, and th the parents should insider doubts that. His po wer which can only make this issue Commasioner James A. Parley, vate power pilee levels, It raises hind the closed doors of the House iCCS
l a oopbrate to e waer problem that trs might. t incur. runs rto the eastern calks to more controversial than t has former Democratic National Con- a storm. ules m over the ares w cent
Sie man a n can very well say this. Be live on a the pa in tree mob in Florida, to been before. mittee chairman and postmoster Building o vernent steam Bi override e u. a d
wrry beautiful hilltop r away from the coarse, loud, vulgar and ons ruotion unionists, retail out- The.most dramatic part of it Is general, then files a separate, plants and power lnes would be rtl ifd take away _he res.
fity spresctias that we are subjected to by these gambling fts amnd a host of trucking and stillU to come. general dissent. In it he rejects banned. Private power companiesF missions right e are
pe0Upe as we venture outside of our abodes and even within. dress businesses. This will be in the 1,800 pages the philosophy of the commission would 'be auth*oned to build the to O f natural gas. t Harl
O r Gaughte* are not safe even in daylight as they about This is an intricate combine of four reports from task forces for "overemphasiing *the. role of power plants or purchase the l, wil costh
Se errand, as filth is shouted and Sometimes stealthy replete wt propagandists as well headed by Adm. Ben Moreell, private enterprise n developingpower at all government dam no and house- S e
.- nInfm o In their ars. as enforcers accountants, law. chairman of Jones and Laughlin this country's water resouroes.o mite;. wives a.n. he.a a year. aes
This tuation of open gambling attracts many undesirable yers and other technicians, es. Steel Corp., Pittsburgh. Then Rep. Chet Holifleld (D- The Hoover report urges that As- th Missi
ab a the town, many of them with penitet bry tecordl. piecikly on the water down of Thes reports will recoipmend Calif) takes 4 pages for a 20- Tenaessee Valley, Bonnevle, Otii o Mat.t wa Sam
SA a l pselUe It hai i vl a hUduni otlte4 by the Comtis- aero for sale to school kids and tat no more federal dams e point dissent w hich s a string sourn Central Valley ad ot dee a s rsolu
$hmying..t e ai-nIe n amay ft t t ee wil ua jvenim.Ne l eoiaueoun b.ith that all ex.j as bb attac.k -- .a..1| 'l..
Sand akeicate o thet oe h It, O rcshildrent o asstsi .dknex i ole and t*at s.i mmu iD e Magsr. '" ".. .
YL Luciano, ansongiesd atsbereuiedtopaedWt a. on o f- pei
*ie so tv t sme e utt I' U e tfgm er of Aatics beeef aited by o control, loI has ex eIedts
A to the parents crbing these practices, it Is an imposibil- cently completed constitution gives ets be reed to pay a larger pudteatis own pol e m frl. icep .would be turned n a o te
ty as ve seen where he law has compelled a paren the central, headquarters of the share of cost. there declares that, "he s S. as New car -
t open his door at a very late hour to admit an unruly teenager new labor movement power to Disrearding these extreme o- n's report s based on expansion o d have to red
hat had become out nolent nd dsrsptful to parent. erack down on crooked unio. sit-ins, the 12-member commission investgatos of a task force by bond sales. t les com i to
S The h and irls, eonat that te parents cannot k They don't want this power used. on government organation head- mainly inspired by preonceved TheChit of Egineers t congressman lar
t i.em &at, set in the most unbecoming manner to their parents They don't want it written in ad y President Herbert Hoover ideas and personal predllectiosa." e given veto power over from Arkansas, Har long-tme So ay
S ad e s, the constitution. wrote ts own report. But even In general, Holifteld's dissent sionally proposed projects. t friend big utilities, seem- I share
SM u t Paratac live m fe today at the Oeasing In fact, they don't want new this report is so divided that it is follows what has been Democrat- Deparnant of Agriculturets so eipondi He as efuitely that
ft ertand hl r ons who have no official place of consitutton or a merger. They're published in two parts. ic water policy for 20 years. What conservation dam program would not hppy. He asked for a resolu- Northern
Is e tew, asr tu parents or grandpasreai-oved oet fighting it. I'tceently, a series of In Voume One-a pamphlet Qf this indicates Is that a major po- be. turned over to the Corp'of tion tolvetgate the pipelines and Io0O.O0
Sa p tM m like stray wa .s 10 or 12 poison pen letters wetr 124 pAge s are 15 uacomnens- litteal .lsse Oh water policy is Engineers. ..
b eautif l atgr is Lmaat prey on tis clotheallvua, rnd the crulated through Washington and tons of an fm-member majority shaping up for 1956. The In 0-acre limit law on re- i,,l t aw
Ye ve5la4noa leaW wash unnUticed. It is he anie ner bi ities. They blauted In Volume Two another wle te Hoover Commission elamauonn land would killed ISIDE GLANCE
l battered even government fire extn it. orge beay and some of the pamphlet of 4 pages-are the. dis- majority report is a much wa- the Hoo vear Commissian had
*' r atlshedtrUtt of the matter Is that local-rate towns labor men whove sounded oft sent of four members. But what tere-down version of the task its way. th
a a era eda in years gnoe by. Once we.h dthe ainst the rackets-eacfslly disseants they are! 'force recommendations, it is by And user charges would be as -
S' oi n a nit l l ati duty n the s le Dave Dub y who've Attoree y General b erbert no means a "middle-of-the-river" sessed oir tlaen waterways for all
toteWM a t ohe n w i otbln e on the c rime Browne and Offce of DefenseCreport. exceptpleasure craft.
momUehoabing.d 6bdeuscara snrelydesdedia %aeaetter -ae tyinios head
o a U.S--rate the e abs. It is House Guest.

,s ave rL ,,o.s frwom' ran i n- 'ine sts mewh m PUT HIM IN Ini A'' ,
t A tese is lt A' is bab o face and
-. '-34 I --A prt--

-.' t.. n ,Seem o t4 ma .the ew national'-

Astothe ..arent _gtheserctc sitisn i il e~t oas Sm ouoth West. Somela.-. '.

astare reaty to move eyery- a v
autnoentdtt This c ac the time. to move. Their
..",.nd,_staod o1" i mn s bnvmobs were never a never I Iii i n
Lr.Th eyoiniib ri te to e air l.ts active Inivdpela down mer- I Mi
O h O't te 'stub cn 44 'ert er try1i; the south tO'the sins-
.eo- It .tpeSOWWrVU MAinataims Rpan por4je general sh ps Is ..the merth.i 9
-of sW.Fae* lelewsaleint eagr e 4eOdrdal eeoly' et not hoo t opea ,nly now.,o- p 2
SnabI) 3 n3 fa 47 gedsin (var) thoyth'Uh vo N a e .out. J -bihdi- .ida i
ad ou tfihetingi. erul;thy 06know,!i~.o

Lat of "be"
ad oath

M nfnm

n3tleyi 34bTeof fur SiDIlbilve of _ou
331Ol=1ad USOw2 fish ,SA W rn AD BA* BER "you were a pitcher in college, Jl.!
O3 Gepunar snmoowSOnwneu a1Nevw atfns rol000t
"C ltsimport MINOT, N. D.--- IP) Earl' young rookie S0,000 to iln, why don
a -Hair was siven asoday sentence
in poUce court recently after h1,is
car clipped the auto of barber
,,. M Ff --- -I. ,al,

=A a.

" I

I r &A

it wasn't done#,=a a d
_i- in a to

hesitate, sa-d
a investiatl' owea?
Sto eis
a the public the
as from Indiana.
these r two sep.

is' oa na bilfE.monta,
at the last minute ca
ed ask- for a4 e t
co 't a er'
ang with. yin,"
inddea, "if y &u' amend
tonresolution to
also the now Federal
0 gas producers have to
days go down tO the
nbower Power Comnl
ask for a price Increase
getit. They g anything
t. So let's lvaesflgate the
'a see why they get alli
as 'increases." ,
went on to point out that
Harris claimed, his bill
price regulaton would
,00 gas prutri', aetu.
7or, be pointed out, 05
'.all the ga is pro-
1. big oig ad gas cornm.
Ise7 IT Mees, there.
te chief teflciaries of

,dumgts closed-door
I au n Coalmer of
I mnnouned that RGuak.

")V 9. upito to
pm cais for a bill
the drce of gas to
aheves by 1400,-

By Colbroith

-4 4


"- ...% ,, .. .-. .. .
- ",'-,',-'- .-&.-,. -....----, .--- .-. "'. .--"- "-. .-" -
~ ~~ ..... .... .,-..-, :....4n-. ........ 3SW ,A .. =._.I.. ..... ._ o.

*~ jF


i iM 1_mm mmimn

_ ____ I

meat I
= no



.. .

'ht *eg nOu ti. ,. l co4im toa

S other p aes, b rfected? "It's a very knott
the" ap ive to 10 years 15- R : I; add .
they hop. to have these atomic a scientific nag Is usaal.
loolis I grocery shelves i lr solved If it wll benefit the
tiet ro.flneI or pastsc bags. Pbl.

cow yt wl taste Ile fresh. row. "but it will be in a maxi
SThis wll eause- revolution In ai.i t a few years. The re-
fred pro sing. You will be able ward s omce we have licked our
to buy not only fresh4astI g problem, will be enormous," he
mefts and eggf, but also aspara added. i mi
guheys, strawberry melons, cher. The w steak are fed nto ma.
ries, corn oa ter ialsesable "atolic1 machine er which a
vegetables and fruit at any time wa r eads: CUtION IA.
of the will n y will be di He DIOA e ioweve
played sta rocm temper eoby sotct topres ripp moght a-.

coogdke pekated odt such fas Before biting nto my irradiat.-
Terei and detergunts Mel any ein a. f a few ted rs.To a k re.
tmateely appear from the marbha.m ansrewe ethat fcdour

bet *and grown fat. Also, that many
toEager to tate th revolution en m, w labenormousry including
eary future, I cut into pthe broiled hmelf,. had eaten I and returned

strip steak before me. It smelled to continue their exaarne ents. He
The meat had been exposed to Surgeon General's office had been
vegetables and rays fromat n atomic testwaing its safety and to date had

reactor. Teae rays, 100 times reported no harmful effects on hu-
trong the year. those of an X-ray man beings.
machine, had irradiated the So I ate the steak. It tasted
steak. All food spoilage bacteria scorched.
had been destroyed. No bead was I said no to a second helping.
developed. That is why this proc. Then they iured me that four
ess is called cold trilezatinat one slice of rradiates d been fed Ita.
Eating unpleer to tasant tis he meat. so thann the beetry. and had a ludis-

However, here in the Swift & Co. couraging color.ret
laboratories, as we. as in other Maybe your son will one day.
labotatories, an well an in other Maybe Your son will. one da


May be considered "The Movie of The Year"!

"arh dfasIeet Coneia. I, may have to b easmere -s --me mon. vi
the yar." Owles to theU l Ie e crowds while have been fill the Cental
Theetre ilce lip (elome.
"rihe Brefet Conli ," wI'ih Iha been ualied by local eer I
- as "ufit for miNm," l* d Ave Gadne, Uum iry Bogmt, EdiwF d 0'-
rVlemtlia uLorie and meaud n il ran n f inr andefinite
Ii o ewba ti i temendes W ues. ,Adt.

t*bo py?*e.Ci




t. miay ways i wse te and foral ever's taeft...
l toe.,Mok ,on k to tiK'hM her ...

24YrI -'

r ,
rvko :

pW. e er
P a

Wh p .Y BAlyT
.Q107 43 4 f5

1 et y VQJIO.tI

s Oe is enabes 4s e

West Oed so the oa t ls (D) et
he n o-tr ,slSouth v lol.

k o s es main idea of tshe
htoldup play. You usualy told up
an ace in the suit opened by the
enemy against your no-trump con.
tract; that is. you don't take the
irt track, and somnetieaes you
don't take the second.
SThe principle i much the same
n today's and efeat thept that the
edup must be employed even
tnouh wdeclarer has two sure tricks
si the enemy's suit.
pat opens the aour of spades
against South's normal contract of
three no-trump, and South allows
East to win the first trick with the
hack of spideo. East now switches
to the queen of hearts, andt South
must once more refuse the trick
even though he has two sure win-
ners in the suit.
It Ti now impossible for the de-.
fenders to defeat the contract. It
doesn't matter whether East cons
tinues with his own heart suit or
switches back to his partner's
spades. nn either Case. declared
ing and glas up a club. The
opponent who wins can neither run
his own suit nor establish his part.
ner's suit. South can therefore
knock. out the other top club and
take his nine tricks in complete

spade. This enables West t
tablish the spades. West will get to
with the king of clubs in time to
defeat the contract with the rest
of the spades.
South to refuse the first spade but
take the first heart. West would
then win the first club with he
king and lead his oher heart. East
would establish his hearts and
would get in with the ace of clubs
in time to defeat the contract with
the good hearts.

=+ ,. ;- + '.. ..1.- ., .
ti';' el ; .. -". "
-!b s -. :

W. -- (UP)
a- of mq

ind f trhs
as atobile acro.

saidhe d heM. '.year old bank

from a roa o near Ja te y he embezzled
vile, Fla., last we-ek, surrendered e at
to police 'Wednesday whe a r Fal Pa to
search plane spotted' him ad "
Mrs. Attella J. Spears in MrJs. myB. Groaglass,- an employee
Spears' utomoble in a woods t bak for 40 year admitted
just across the state line In North at a hearing before a U.S. corn
Carolina. misioner that he took the mon-
The fugitive admitted abduetingveF .
Mrs. Spears from her Wallace, D. W. Oldershaw, vice president
C. bome but "all I. wanted was of the bank said Grosgass told
transportation to Raleigh N.C: I him he .used money as a
was going to Connecticut to see blackmail .ayp The teler, the
a irt friend" bank official aI indicated a
Also I wanted to see my moth. married woman was involved and
er, Mrs. GOraNichols of Lowell, that the blackmail was paid to
Mass." her husband, .Grosglass is a ba-
Lyons said In an interview from chelor:
his jail ce tbat be broke into Accord to the complaint filed
house at Wallace Tuesday and by the FBI, Grosglass. h ad de.
stole a .2 caliber rifle and am- dared his cash on hand on June
munition after spending the night. 8 as $403,744. The amount actual-
The owners were away on vaca- lyon hand was e379.744.
ion., nAt the commissioner's hearing,
The next day Lons said, he theteller was asked f he had
invaded the Spears' home and attaken the $24.000 difference.
first was going to tie up M rs. "I did," he replied.
Spears and. leave her but "after "Did *you give it to someone?"
she told me her husband would Lsked st. U.S. Atty. Thomas J.
be home soon and that she had cannon.
no money and the gas was low "That's correct," Grosglass an-
in the car, I decided to take her swered. He did not explain then.
with me. The shortage in bank funds was
Lyons said he knew the I g discovered during a routine audit.
was up" when the plane circled Oldershaw described Grosglass
the car and he gave his gun to as "most courteous and efficient,
Mrs. Spears "so they wouldn't and certainly a man of unpreten-
shoot me." tious air."


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, eam --a VW 1lO- t f
lma. ard pto s it ahakedow
of themen-a b hed p eBe ~ f o
weapons. .
2&ht volunsees led b144uari
Ithoe .it. rioUngo e
Viol WeAneT tupdver nm
stages afrt a holding thea toI
Sm hours. Thtrto 40 guards wen
hidhe tf wal.e '
Prison business manager W I
liam V. Connel said a shakedow
might not be completed for "sev
eral days." .
State patrolmeI n reinforee
armed guards patrolling-the walls
Some guards still were reluctar
to enter the prison fearing som
of the convicts might still b
armed. They sod about l h r e
wheelbarrows of weapons, include
Ing knives and razor blades, sui
rendered by the convicts might
not be all the prisoners had.
Prosecutor Arthur Hawman o
Walls Wails County said he would
prosecute convicts who took par
in the riot "just as soqn as al
the facts are gathered ." A new
law which went into effect JuneI
provides for up to 10 years added
imprisonment for taking part in a
Officials said there was no ap


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*Warden LawrsseM riso t
the procedure tody w frlp.
One Buard said 4%,
surprised it "more th.uu *ne .
corpse was found" in the.PfLp. I- agrelosMl
'There are too many ato e tli-t.Wh
the place," he saId, mu bt"o
Release of the hostapM." is-ed ow alerms and
"* Tuesday, came after a ainaepoIn er t aorrg=a
" rMatv" at wan ni mimnl hv nriann o .iflelii Matm

e ficials In presence of newspaper-i The hosted
or rmen. Delmore told guards ,"t ha treated.

1 At Felix 's ..

,I ^ + '' | 7.e
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'-7.^. ,_ i


.". .

Knowland Predidts lf iI

'Have Good Battffing Average

WASHINGTON. July 8 (UP)- The President sa3d yesterday
Senate Republican Leader W Il- Congress "ean do an awful lot in
liam F. Knowland predicted yes- a very short time. when it
terda\. that President Elsenhow- Wants to."
er will have a "very good" legis- GOP leaders opened a drive to
laLive batting average when -the salvage the Presi4emt's atomic
Democratic controlled Congress "peace ship" popo He wnt
Sits for the summer. to construct an atomic powered
Knowland made the statement merchant ship to visit free world
to reporters after he and other ports as a demonstration of
Senate and House Republicans peaceful uses of the atom.
Sheldtheir weekly White House The proposal was killed by the
huddle with the President. The y House and Senate. But Rep. W.
again went over a long list of bills Sterling Cole (R-N.Y.), who first
the President wants passed this called the plan a "waster of mob-
S ic rl.. ey" said today Congress should
eking them off the newsmen, revive it and approve it with
Knowland said he is confident the some changes.
administration will wind .up wt
a "very good batting average." Cole suggested that a nuclear
Leaders in both parties are confi- power plant be installed in an ex-
dent Congress can clean up its sting bull like a baby aircraft
wm':,k and go home by Aug. a. Carrier. He won support from
Both Knowland and the Presi- Rep. Melvia Price (U-Ill.). anoth-
dent made it clear that the admin- er member of the Joint Atomic
istration has no "must" legisla- Energy Committee.
tive list but still wants Congress
to pass a large number of bills. -Dr
'. he cluef executive was asked ul ik a ir
at his news conference why a list WKKIOISees
of five top priority measures re-
,le-ed yesterday by Knowland ASI UD I A SNUIN
and House Leader Joseph W. Mar-R ( ..I anh
tin Jr. did not include the admin- yem r Fr i
istratlon's request to increase the n IoW ilre '5
federal minimum wage from 75 to VW UU Mb S
0 cents anhour. German
The President sai Kno wland Th rm r
and Martin listed the top five by J -8 Th rm r
i name and said "and otherss" He tor of WACS took look at her
said the minimum wage bill was girls in this "Little henix City"
included in the "and others." He today and said they were "supe-
still thinks the minimum should ro a a
be pegged at 90 cents an hour1 Kaisersimutern. center of a
instead of the $1 passed by the huge U.S. Army. base network.
Senate. got the reputation as a "sin
The top five included military town" last year after local news-
reserves, housing, hg h w a y s, papers reported flagrant cases
school aid and an atomic "peace of prostitution, dope peddling,
ship." Knowland added Philip- and gambling.
pies trade, mental health and Local officials had to call in
polio vaccine, mutual, security ap- a special vice expert and Army
propriations, soldier survivor ben- military policemen shuttered up
fits, public works, customs sim- as quarter of the city's down-
. pllficaton, airport construction, town bars.
small business extension and the WAC Col. Irene 0. Galloway
Refugee Act, said she was especially pleased
"I believe a substantial part of to find so many imorover'ents In
the list finally will be enacted," Kalaserslautern since she left
Knowland said. IEurope In 1852.

-*j. 4 M". -. ~ ~
A ~)9r

S r

1. *3

UNLIKE 16Re13'
-rISf4 ANP A


rtI Y?

frI. -....
*4~a .32 -.,r -.
I' -.

E ,. ".**7 ^
Divuau NeO4ite



MBring -In S Cient

.i--..,t -*24

& -U-

; .. -


___ wafl fljd,.

3B y. T. AULIN

h S -m

7.Fly KLM to

V. How fter K-6 Ilghts via lmCude ind

S Choke el fast flights via C(or to or Mlxe City
D D Lu. Nights with ct M pbnantiry full.*

A0 Economkel Tourit Coio n.rvlsk-




h, w're not going anywhere-we always waer to the
bus driver when he goes by-' ,

Faltering Philip!
thdtp'u W la filled with bruises.
Wed-worn tepe and rgs he msea,
Repairs would leae his home Wlke new.
?. A. Cluastfieds. It the right eluel

Sales Asistant



K .A M AuI r w i
ta-n -op


N-O-L-D It! -

at WIN tWvn %t NT
t. AW etVtZ **f I


697SJMM, Uie'6
Gor M MflL-



" ,. I
WA .?

DL L tdU


' 1

1 ry~I~
koo lg


Where's Ooola?






.BUOG sri

Angry Father

k Dm

Like That?

.- A

E, N -- M 3e
mso sounT our oU wa

6,wOeKil' !-g ,-. _,
'flY EPOtRr A
5005S3 t PftSUM. -
DID 3uvP
pe r'T-


m~ E,, APA*S
' wH ALLm l'a


tat 4




-. .t. / -. :

I.1 -





T 04woW VA, tMER. n

-. 4;

:S~ '




Mb= aM igm

LO.D\?M .pw
,a T'UBlIf ~f

a ~ *~'~*

N heabewI Ms Ann It. ,
Siash Camnw'eo, PAama City., Her
co Mrs. Robert Nourne of the Pre-
M r_..s,-.h !/ an... .Qurbe
=- Mainm and wil
iw fl TIin Califmorna. Later,
41rFPt Sening, .0Georg,

The wubA a mr $ reat U t S and Mr la Mdernos
l~ tai e last ening with a dinner at the Emabay real-
-**%el wte tb Abaeof Fra"eg and Mrs.
A lele V Ab adtof Aof Chie, Ad1. DrLAeS O,
-,l^r. and MUn. M dr M Beedt, Mr. and n. irs-.
.~ .1W N, Mr. Oenar ULinee, aid Mrs. Loalsa Solano,.Mrs.
I e piaett aAd Mr. a- d Mrs. SydAey Wise.
O, Invtedosns ued
WfInf 0acuum Issued
OW, S4a VaCatioa ~ B peFiser
'1 r and Mrs. teorge Dilfer of Fer jatmrag. Jaly
,I4-umbres left this orming for' Mr. and Mrs. Myron Fisherr
a .i week trip to Caraas, ruer- hve issued invitations to the wed-
kUs, the VrgMn 1ands, *their d t ghter, Donalee
KIEay, Jamaica, ssau aad a, to Crawford Bost U,. The
Ceremony will be July 22 at 7 p.
" r B will visit their parppts, m. at the Ft. Amador Chapel.-
-and Mrs. H. A. Comley In Ar-
I Va., and Mr. ind Mrs. A reception-at the Panama Golf
-tilfer in Beverly llsdl, al- Club will follow.
kE popular Las Cumbres cou-
P oplete their long sum- Miss DeBoyrie WWl
atian with steps in Mexi- Visit an States
an Guatema on t nea Miss Helene De Boyrle of Colon
PanatmK' left Wedpsday to spend the sum-
--- mer w her sister, Mrs. V. R.
M s. Leave Robilard of Portland, Me. Later
I mr the dauger of Dr. and Mrs. Re-
Mrd Richard Mahoney fael De Byris will vist in Cana-
a took a piane for Haiv- dir. In the fall she will enter Penn
nltaslterday morning on the tir t'!Hid, at .ChambersbtUrg, Penn.
le of a summer vacation t hat -f
w1-"b compipleted by visits ht
wPF b an4 )alota and stops 5 -Rev. AMd Mrs. Alexander
America on their WIa WRW Be mored -.
SA ceptiono a S at 7:C30
"VS^ .?. -_o .. .. ^ &IA~lheA Chu

i. .JM haj~

to call alter _oiior iast
for a chat with r-
qui4ra, ltor of Fei
ma," and Mr. John E.
auoroV .f "The Uniagres."

rudnnnisshAmof Be,

lions have gone out for a
bd 3o which some oftAe young-
q "hav l e invited to met
M u;unahingham and Mia
party will be on Sunday
evj ia the Panama Salon of
~I 1E Panama. Guests are in-
vtg !pr 7:30 p.m.

has been extended
for another week.
IS" high for only 1.'
true retail value 1200
Beautifully colored!

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.- ,: --..:: ?- ^se : .... 'o ... i'^ .^^ ..............


measure are necessary,
rweyr'the strp."

NowFa st


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Snr couhin don't dlay .. et
3udley's Canadiol Mixture right
* way. Pour yeUmself a spoonful of
this special medication ... hold It
hI your mouth a minute. then
lowly wallow It. Feel It spread
down your throat... rea up
t tck, hol, germ-laden
Spelg ... muthlng a protective
, over th ~et, Mrritated mem.
bramn... carrying welcome vellaf
Ideep dewf to the bnipdllal tubee.
A1-h .... yu'nl sa a, m iloni
Ihave .. tere'ns othing like Buek-
leyaS 8o, u your *mnlst for a
bottle of quick-actIg, pleasant.
tasting, Inexpensive Bukley's
aasel bturve tedavl

Need lotsdof pep?

*ilft n il afcip. .asked .... .
--"=isle. IOUd-SnmWB

dTim jout.iA T l-mml

4 I

-. vpe js.

o *

10Mot 7
.m:. -

dint dipAr-

p "y. ", ./ P

Star of Ch rrfUe Lodge
To, Hold Spcial AfNNis
the Star of ChortmlD Lodge.
London g1tty of Odlldtowes. .lI
hold e"' tth .t y
place of .MiUPi. All afT ,
active of. tiye are invited.
'those Iasirting to reaftflite
themselves with tUe dnfer will
be. peramnt4 to participate In a
discussion o the restoration to
active mimhw&aD, There will
also be a&nllion of members
at this meetlin

CRANSTON, R.: 1. --UP'- A
skunk i a bakery is worse than
a bull in. a china shop. Collier's
Bakery aild a visit paid by a
skunk made necessary immediate
destruction of $2,000 in baked
goods and, other products replace.
ment of several walls and repaint,
ing of

Guard the charm men can't reset
Use new, longer-Iasting MUM.
Don't give uoderon odor a
chante co-st --. be sw you
are nice to be near ...
Delicately fragrant Mum is inov
iaimwag I an alskin .. il
Bno rot or discolor finer *abric,
M-3 Is thp secretI


- (ail sea umlatIlm .

FfSil in coamesa o
ShtAsna to digtP
*0ft ybUrWLI.F4

K0iaterseera mea "^e
player endd by July t
a n the day the Senate
e'eU blby voices te b b

iB s..wt

re aW u AU u JA .. b
a neaam however, o a ay.
"auetres', the prog r A
shbap fight to cut the amount is,
ex ted -when the actual appto- wl
rlattn bi com e up. lM r ,I
The cu I mpr Corn-
mittee -!recow "
mends torbr
row and, tb Wll *;W .bf ., ,
the House oQd)ay. The P uIl (UP) Puerto
tee is ppiltd to makestma e Rica. g vo ur SI Mto Ma-
cut. ., spent tod lokin over Par-
The 'rO 1,0 tUg..nges,.son, Is'ss aed ettedral .Nitr Dame.
record a .u d Chaiui ad- He al tok in Leks lvalides
misola -to the UN. ia r detera- duriag his tour of the historic
tion of the firm stand the la w building -here.
makers have taken several times
in recent years. It "was tacked Tomorrow he is leaving for
onto the aid bill by the House and Chartres and the Lire valley to
accepted by Benate delegates see some of the famous chna-
when diffeiang House and Senate teaus. He will return to Paris Sun-
versions of the bill were adjusted day.
in conference., Next Tuesday he Is holding a
Itr acceptance in the final bill small press conference and he
came on the heels of a controver- leaves for Holland on July 14.

S be from New i the

the auspis orStoe Da "Ser
The tinguished ballet troupe
SIs B to Panama undor the
auipitis Of the S. Hurokmoftee.
Tickets for the two performse-
ekAt Panaxna'w'Jifattoa aITater
ar an We 1 Morriaons ant 4t ,eO July Avenue.) P. .le
for-reserved seats are $5 and $4
and tickets -aro moving rapidly.
On the tm
Daniel SWoi e Iuou 4 tt
in line with sba -actiee t e
Metropolitan Opera Homuse n New
York for unreserved adaimulons,
th0e tickets will not be put on
sale until the evening of the bal-
For the night of July 1, the
pr am will include the peren-
nit "Swan Lake;" and also its
second part, "Black Swan" both
danced to music by Tschaikow-
"Graduation Ball," with music
by Johann Strauss, and "14 Com-
bat," a modern ballet by. Tause
based on an incident of the Jeru-
salem Liberation will eoalplete
the program to which soloists, a
chorus and a symphony orchestra
will contribute. .
For the second night's proirai,
"Les Sylphldes," with mpusie by
Chopin, will carry cluu e
motif. "Pillar of Fire," a. mdemn
ballet with choreography by An.
thony Tuder to the music of Verk-
4arte Nacht by Scboenber, is one
of the important numbers.
"Fancy Free," another modern
ballet, with music by the Ameri-
can Composer Leonard Bernstein
and "Divertismo" (Nutcracker
Suite) complete the program.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. John
G. Gilmartin noted that Connecti-
cut statues provide a method of,
dealing with juventi delinquency
in at Gilmartm said a law
h bas beon the books for maany

arym wd tomin m iu=iof dbeovy tm%
wSput irf tes, dd a d quane a SATINA t
yurm hot staso- befoe applying to cloths.
Wih ATINA your iWdadoen't drag or aiclL
t Isw no polai~li ef wrinlig them.
-STINA gives your clots a bMsutiful glo
h lving then "ker-new." Theb will and
hubh and stay clMno longer.

SyIArmA Wedy, ead
"w wil no" eew
-wo In yew wifng
S.betaw appeemMOe
be yew uowd


Resisting, Elegant and Modern!

Sectional Iron Comfort

CLUB.... $7.00




GTi. W AV* f. -, -m-f T i l-. | ........' :
-. A ..QB,. 3,_-. _" _- ... -. ; .. i .i.

.. .a.
/ -i.'-. ", .


* -A.tA.4.At.tS.-a-.....A.'a.4. -
-T 4
4 -1.
4 a


- .

7 Central Ave. 17-18 (102) Panan* ~

Just unpacked for Babio*V



Fibre Wardrobes
Infants' Baskets-

7 Central ALe. 17.8 (1D2) PaRMN

Just un packed for Bib*es

Fbe Wayrdrobes"wr



-B k a ,

>) ,, '- 1^9 i


BOTH s2,00

Plain 14 K gold wedding
beds. Wide. modem styles
ior bride and groom.

DWe Your Money FREE hl Our

Tm mr

137 (aataIX Av*e
v. t S*' -~f it v.:.ri


To alve 'Nw lf1 to your cloth

rV^^** ~ ca-

SA mhL ;
ann we


O "-;

.. No









-- a~u



-F -- -..r a
_''_ .



. 12 WORDS

I street

Ne. 13

4th e July A,. & J St,
Just Anremea Ave. and 2I 8,

3l rg CCe kE
Comml Awv. *
No. 8 Lettaeg ha e

-5 _________________



a- Canal Zone Dental Polyclinte
I Dr. C. E. Fabregas D.D.
Dr C. A. Roy D.D.S.

siman ractiae.


y-- Jjmaec Panana 2-0553


id .-, 01. r uaw. 16ll
1-23ox p-smi 5.15S0


. FOR SALL -WoshhM chine
Kmonmrs spinrier, 60 cycles,
good condition. $60. POeM 87-.
-4233- ee at Qt. 102.-, Ft.
FOR SALE:--Pornl rug. Tele-
phone lhlbus 3529, 5 ro 7.

FOR SALE;-Westinghouse 9-
cu. ft. refrigerator; washing mn -
china Bendix; two electric fans. '
3251-B Empire Street. ne block
from YMCA.
FOR SALE:-60-cycle semi-au-
tomotic Thor washing machine,
$75. Call Navy 3709.
FOR SALE:-Fantastic largaine
Complete double beds 63.60,
Dining room sets 81.60, Modern
living room sets 144.00, Word-
robes 33.60. Vanities ith stel
45.00. Kitchen cabinets 96.00,
Desks 36.00, Center tables 15.-
00. Chests of drawers 22.00,
Double bed springs 18.00. New
moatreses 1.00,. Pillows 2.50.
Immediate Delivery with smell
monthly payment. No co-signeri
tional Ave. No. II. Phone 3-
FOR SALE:- Leaving. 60-cycle
Kenmore washing machine. Es-
tudianto Street No. 14-63, A-
partment 2.
FOR SALE: Mahogany bed -
room set. double dresser. 2 night
tables, bedboard. Ill with luver
drawing and Hollywood style
twin beds. Phone 3-5280.

ww> ." *- FOR SALE:-Bedroom set, beds,
beds, blinds, dishes, tools, chair,
tables, flowers and *pots. 767,
Sadds life to Apt. B. Balboa Road.
FOR SALE: Jalamazeoo gas
(ArU m setove.Jull size, good condition,
o$90. Quarters 132-A Albrook.
S0 Phoeq Albrook 2224.


Shippers a MeoVM
-2451 2-256

attbdS-8tlck Bamboo
o Vu-nlan Bllads
T reverse Curtain
e agl. or Wood Jalonusies
.el 8-306o3 er 1-44
S.6- MtatAIMS Withoul I
., .-, .,.

FiS"diAMadera, SA.
t Ave. (betWeen Kodak
S4t. A Futh Ave. Store).

Kiiiii ii

t.s summer recrea-
nAtf tot .bildren en-.
.4 he of plan-
liatbe commence.
attve kfsand craft"
c.d Approximate-
St r rwe register-

ad b Maj. Ramy E.
lSB pSrvices officer,
*15atonttnuatlon 01
f projects designed to
3e clldren with ed.
i m ent during

rn the IUneof summer,
JuoeS 13 throwrh

Siast on of Pa.

,flbe pool without the
i cqpaniment of their

Ss given in coop-
the vat's Bed
by A.G. StoOe.
g"Iterd IM behinnet .
ind ad&ance ate-
Leo.ard. ffo0t
or at the Lan';
-,was chtetjin.
i. *0
tt class, whlcwe
the Fort Kebbe,
von3sts of bua-
of the course
children with
ly found in
a. Panama by de-
art obbects,

pro ect is under
Sof Mrs. Kiltn-
-,W ;~.-of the

0. -
& ?- r20


FOR SALI:-Custom mode light
bladnimomrn mahogany furni-
turs"nalsting of complete liv-
Ing room, dining room, bedroom
and khtben. All In excellent
. condition, cool attctive apart-
ment also, availale, Please
phone, between 12 Aild 3 p.m..
. 1-2739.2"
FOR SAN:.-ilants., mieellane-
ou bouth#d furniture. Call
Saturday, fad ome 2-1872.

FOR SALE --Singer sewing ma-
chine, all attachments, portable,
electric. Phone Albreaok 2147.
FOR SALE:-S-piece living room
alt. 3-strand Philippine Rattan,
$180. or best affer. Amedor
-FOR SALE:-Westinghouss 5-
* cyle refrierantr. House- 2209.
Ckrundu. Phone 83-5125.

Sandy Saddler

Stops Kaneko

In Sixth Round

TOKYO, July 8 (UP, World
featherweight champion Sandy'
Saddler won a technical knock-
out victory today over Orient
featherweight titleholder Shigeji
Kaneko of Japan in the sixth
round of the non-title 10-round
fight at Korakuen Stadium.
An estimated 5,000 wild 1 y
cheering fans saw Kaneko fight
gamey to the end. The bout
ended at 2:01 of the sixth round
when Kaneko's seconds threw In
the towel,
Saddler weighed 131 3/4
pound to Kaneko's 128.


M.G. T.D. sovertble, godi
condition $900. Gambse .-466.
FOR SALE:-1953 Frder sedan
Ford V-8 Customlin., with new
tires and wrnout muffles. Call
Balb6o 302 .- I

FOR SALE:-1952 Slqek 4-dr.
sedan, whitewall tireims, m ov-
onrs, standard shift. Today's est
buy $342 down, $39.50 per
month including insurance end
finance. SMOOT & PARADES,

FOR SALE:--1954 Auint Heel-
ey. During working hours phone
Fort Davis 87-203; after II
phone 87-513.
FOR SALE: 1953 Chevrolet
Sedan, w/s tires, new seat cov-
en, manual shift, 21.000 miles.
$1075. 0592-A Boyano Street,
Phone 2-4336 2-1595.
FOR SALE: -- 1955 Chevrolet
Convertible 6. Radio. w/s/w &
other extra, fou months old,
$2250; originally coot $2700.
Phone Amador 5213.
FOR SALE:- 1953 Chevrolet.
Undercoated, extallent ties,
new baettery.- many ektras, less
then 20.000 mnes, exceflnt
condition. L e a v i n g Isthmus.
Phone Navy 22538 or e a ot
Quaoters 1534.B Navy Annex,
Pbrt Amador.
FOR SALE: 1951 Studebaker
4-door Sedip. Good tqanspeore-
tion. Original owner. Call Navy

Unbeaten Fl. Kobbe

Cagers Cop Eighth

Consecutive Victory

Fort Kobbe ....... 8
Fort Clayton ...... 8
Army Atlantic .. 5
Coco Solo Navy ... 3
Albrook AFB ....... 3
Troopers........ 2
Navy Paciflc ...... 1


Lost Pet.
0. 1.000
1 .889
4 .556
5 .333
6. .333
6 .350
7 .125


Fort Clayton 91, Albrook AFBI
rmy Atlantic 91, Troopers 66
Fort Kobbe 98. Coco Solo 53
r Fort Kobbe vs. Army Atlantic
at Fort Davis (7:30 p.m.,
Navy Pacific vs. Troopers at
Fort Amador 7:30)
Coco Solo at Fort Clayton.
SRampaging Fort Kobbe ham-
mered out its eighth win in a'
Xow last night with a record 98-
63 thumping of Coco Solo Naval
Station in the Panama Area
Armed Forces basketball league.

It was a high scoring night in
other contests also as Fort Clay-
ton belted Albrook Air Force
Base, 91-71 and Army Atlantic
strengthened Its hold on third
place ijy tromping Troopers, 91-

The 98-point total run up by
the Lifeliners broke the ieason-
al mark of 92 set June 30 by Al-
The Lifeliners led the distance.
holding period edges of 21-14. 51-
25, and 68-40.
Big Howie McCallen paced the


**: *T" -. ^* '... ,*

..f .A

a. uaren w In -Uw am w=e
weralr d have Its fair quota of
, Colmbia PicturWe' Tie Slack
Lad i t.d Patricia sedia lor
at the lux," next Wednsday, on-

shot on

4* W.

-- 4'

-~ .2::;;.

r A

Irth d Jea
Agenola Internal. d Ilo.A
A CmnWd AV'
ruem Utame 7 AM


I*X 2 -.ANCON. C..L
$100 CASH to tbe bolder of
ticket Ne. 536 for the Curuand
Dace, given 28 May 1955.
Contate: Manage r, Curundu
Clubhouse 83-6205. This prixse
is voi after 10 August 1955.

FOR SALE:-Rotten furniture,
.Frigidaire, O'Keefoe e oteve,
washer, bei, Morri four- deer
sedan. No. 22. First Stret. Per-
quo Lefevre. Phone 3-5210.
FOR SALE:-Leaving Wh conn-
try. "lSvel" air-conditioning %
ten unit i perfect condition;
modern "Cloric" stove, 4 burn-
ers and oven, in excellent qln-
dition; electric I8-inch fan. In
good condition. For more infer-
mation call 1475. Address: New
Cristobal 9'/ St. No. 10101-A.
FOR SALE: Upright pIoano.
$150, 1549-J Gavilan Road.
Phone 2-3055.
FOR SALEi-Tropical fish end
aquarium, complete with plants.
light end aerator. Cheep, Call
Balboa 4254.
FOR SALI--16-tube radio end
record player, ha prviion for
T.V. Come te Agencis Deo and
make your offer, afternon In
front of Cool Spot. Phone 2-
FOR SAL.--Super $8. 4-door,
hydranratic. rado, pood rubber,
new seat coven, shock absorb-
en, front floor mat, insurance
until Feb. 5. Also mnw brake
kit. Phone 5-360 after 4 p.m.
FOR SALI.-300 shares Abat-
toir Nucieonl (Prof.). 767. Apt.
B. Balboa Read. Box 166, Bal-
FOR SAL-Two parrots with
coae $10. Phone 83-6285.

Position Offered

references, who speaks Spanish
*end EngliA., sla Is wailing to
bed truck. Bit, Pee Ave. 72. C

WANTED: Young lTi for
bookkeeping.. Must know Eng-
lish. Write iving reference to
Box 542, Peisam.
WANTED:- beauty demonstra-
tor. Up to $5 an hour demon-.
strating famous Hollywood cos-
metics. Your neighborhood. Free
samples and details supplied.
Call 2-4601. 7 to 9 a.m. or 6
to 7 p. pm
WANTED: Bilingual young
men, to work in Commercial
field. References. Phone 3-
' WANTED: Qualified aircraft
radio mechanics. Contact Mr.
Roleand. Hotel El Poanam, be-
tween 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.
WANTED: Salesman to sell
household olectricl appliances.
Must have previous experience
in reputable eampany and speak
fluent Spanish and English. See
Mr. Wieland. Hotel El Panama,
from seven to nine evenings.

winners with 20 points. Ed Nic-
kles had 16 and Bill McKaig 12.
Top PAAF scorer Frank Doran
sparked the Sailors with 23
points, and Jerry Hall added 15.
Tex Yarbrough's 22 points
paced the A's over Troopers. The
Bushmasters were in front all
the way with advantages of 17-
16, 35-26 and 69-46.
Jess Valdez had 16. Marty
Winginton 15. and Jack McDon-
ough 14 for Troops.

Mrs. Zenore Warner

Elected President

01 Junta Femenina

Mrs. Zenord Warner was
elected president of the Junta
Pemenina de Seneflcencia last
Tuesday night at a meeting held
In the Pacific Service Center.
-- Other ofOcers elected for the
new term 6f the JFB are: Mr -
Sraldine Drakes, vice presi-
dent: Lynette Tomlinson, corres-
ponding secretary: Linda Henry.
recording secretary; Mrs. Ann
Moran, financial secretary;
lie. Florence Lindo. treasurer:
Mrs. Bellna Jbhks, chaplain and
Mrs. Clarence Worrell. Mrs. Er-
len Mason and Virginia Gittens,
In observance of the eighth
J anniversary, Mrs. Paulina
outgoing president of the
organization, haed a delega-
tion which delred a sewing
machine to the director of the
Matias He matAes Psychiatric'
. osp -fi for U.

i OPTi





.at Hulb
I Id iales.
i1-' ,
- 4

FOR oNwf-'FbhMl-ad n.
formilod 2 and 4-room mode"'
r*mews. Cntact ALNAM-
PonI 1386 Coloe.

Ie ts Aportment. 13l1
No, 16. Via PNes..'at.-
efh- I.I2457. .-


FOR RINTB--l-bedrom apee-
ment, ulpetai, 29th leat Stred
N. 9 flsage 2.3403.
FOR- INT --2-bedrom med.
on apartment: sitting-dinli
erem, mlad's rogm, porch, ge-
rage, tendry reem, hot water
Via Argentine W75. Phone I-
FOR RINTr.-Uf urnished
apartment. Via Porres No. 54.
Phone 3-5004.
FOl RENT -SpacIbs, coal. ell
ecreened 2 bedroom, 2 bat
apartment. olarage, maid's ram
and service. Campo Alegre, Pan-
ame 3-0873.

WANTED: 3 or
furnished hou, preferably in
Belle Vista or ECICangrjo. Re-
sponsible family. Phone 2-3418.
office hours.

Wanted Position
sires position with'reliable or-
ganismtie in Panema pr Canml
Zone obusinos or office man-
gear. Speaks fluent Spanish. tea
No. 1S4.
Excellent MAID seeks lmpleoy-
ment. Cook, leundressn urwe-
maid. Call 37-5109, 8341.91.

lReal Estatw
.. WBUY, Sell nd Ma
SIfre. o The iaiNN l
Cethednra. Pt a.PasMs nd .
phone 2-085.
FOR SALE: Two-ste hkoeoa
on Ancn Ae.., $5500. Ou mot-
to: "The best for less." AGIEN
CIAS THOMAS. 259 Cenlrl
Ave.. Phone 3-1069.

Appointment 01 New

Social Welfare

Advisor Announced
The appointment of Prof, Ed-
ward C. Harold. social'. welfare
advisor for the United States
Operations Mission to Panqma
(Point Four was announced
here today by the Institute of
Inter-American Affairs.
Harold will be assigned to the
Division of Health. Welfare and
Housing for the organititon of
social services and wlt -provide
technical consultation a social
welfare standards to th..epart-
ment of Social Services of the
Ministry of -Labor. Social Wel-
fare and Public Health, which is
carrying out projects for de-
pendent, neglected and delin-
7uent children. He .will also of-
er assistance' to state institu-
The social welfare advisor will
act as chief of the section of the
Inter-American Health Service
and will provide consultation on
general welfare servicess essen-
tial for the continuation of the
programs. Harold will work in
cooperation with the medical so.
cial work advisor, Miss Betty
Hutchinson. In the solution of
common problems of health and

Down payment $15.00 -
Payments 47.00 Casa
Admirable, the Neecht home,
beside the Lottery Building-
Central ave. 10-30.

Vigour Restored,

B lnds Nude Younf
It to no logts necessary to suffer
from los oa vwaour asnd manhood,
weak memory and body. nervoumnes.
Impure blood, sickly skln, dopremstOne
and poor sleep, because man American
Doctor has 4isoovered a qutek, eay
w to end the troubleas.
himB drtcovor Is in, pieoant, eau-
to-take a.blet forn,, I absolutely
harmless, doom sway with gland op-
aeraions and is bringing new youth
and rigour to tbusMem. It works 41-
,cltly on the saled sad nerves, sac
p.te new, r. lOyd an4 a.teron In
for veina. tYe easo seaeaafel vow,-
Si wk, you feekJvlve a*a EUE a

'4 --

I *..*- -;..
1^1 ...
-5 I -''.


I *

Samto Clan. 8
Phae Pas"me B.
bfl 3-103.

Godmieh'e Santme Clan eaheh
me ate Md te we mM tebMae


BOshita &rffo ..
r "-aw" g im MO'.-
.. .. le C mt -i Z 14. ,- _

MAJ. GEN. LIONEL C. MeGARE, commandhg 'general, U.S. Army Caribbeai) t cgsrat ate
the thttd member of the :TurliUnaon family to enter the U.S. A fe..Hen A. ,ton,
Jr., (right) upon the latter's c4li. .,
for the ceremony were his fath .

/ ...' -. ..,

... s our watchword "always. Our used cars are selected and condjtlone*o 4ive
you the utmost in economical transportatkOn. Low .'le prices, tiptop4-ohqni-
cal condition for. low- operating cost and ,roubli-free,. service, pita immaculate
appearance for maximum invesI'n t yalue--alt go 4wsr.. malt01pniors
ing cost you less. Stoi. and shot at Colpan's "Used,; .tr lt."r
fine selection. You'll like the low prIces on 4k c 'car the Rig. Snoke
nient terms, too. So .. stop on soon. '

1951 Ford -Custom -Club Coupe. Excellent ires. Completely recondl-
tioned and guaranteed. Full Price $150.00.
1941 Pontiac Club Coupe. Miles and Miles of good'transportation for
only $200.00.
1950 Chevrolet Tudor Sedan. A popular family car that has new tires,
perfect paint and good upholstery. Full Priose $695.00.
1950 Oldsmobile Club Coupe. The economical six cylinder model in- ex.
cellent all around condition. Full Price $595.00.
1953 Ford Tudor Sedan. A car that will please the most discriminating
buyer'. Clean and neat throughoLt. Full Price $1250.00.
1953 Buick Roadmaster Fordor Sedan. Every available luxury eitra.
Power steering, power brakes, radio, automatic, transmission.
tinted glass and W/S/W tires. Luxury at a .price you can afford.
Full Price $1695.00.

1951 Mercury Club Sedan. A one owner beauty equt.piWI
Merc-O-Matid, radio' leather uphols try and low.milf|*W
Price $95.00. ..
d __________

.. .: ..' -**. 'v1 ,. .-

Dq.. 3.

4? 1

Ulftk2r-* 'Vr.

- 'I ,.
T'%'%S ~
* *1~

I. I

*4 ^.
'* t- *-::
."" -.

4y ,.'~

J~rT. -
I~ *Z *jrr'4*

. -: A.

t.l-: '., n



I -""~



| ---

.. _.._~..


--~'~- --- -- --;------

t t-- ^


If' :

lz f"


-^ -- .-"

-j k. :'f..."
. :- .




AtAudie MBlty Mkry Blanchard


Also: -

1 Wi~!~

House Labor Committee Rebuffs Ike;

._ -o viau Votes-To Hike Minimum Wage To $1
,,. A : h .-M he .sla O lLYWOOD -(EA)-L G
an was hot stW a r. and Mst. oo el w In, oan D. N en upy WASHINGTON, Juy o (UP) last month. He declined to give
-a Gnanew e vWiM l a Mrie there Mrs. Altman will ,, and Dolls: Most M wp-ro- .
maq 7lanrva wasayhos be tossto, ormer.'an Zos reMtdent, and herdueers would turn down a script-Theeniocratic-led House Labor figures, which will be released to.
.ab.a.. Ini.tetw chsilyt rmern. ha ust abeou ovie sta who married a Committee handed President E morrow. He said unemployment
is leaving shortly to resume completed his a tphomore yea fanrottonic" at's Jane Nigh's Ing to increase the federal mini- usual for this time of year.
r studies in the states t Princeton Unversity, where he -an p th i mum wage from 75 cents to $1 an Mitch told a news conference
a dk a Is yg g b Jlrnget -e-ot for e'the fist time hour. thatall n a U 1956 should be a
jtimeban 1The 21 to 9 aeon ae only record year forAmerican
Mr. r-eturMs.nJe omsde aV .ti co"e inewouse rsin Ton Mo.Vies, t meay aday after the President had re- workers. He expects the job pic.
afrtu rSeonA mes r vaca.i'anSer e livePa. pilte ars- John .aker fop s tedhis proposal for a 0-cent tur toi prove over last year's
t St ompmtoe.mptoot i tevA" ballet Iin DllauoCalif., and to becomeet nt .He said such n figureelevel in the coming fall months.
ectthes a daughter, qd be fair on e o 1 The previous record high U.S.
TD-t'r-nHostesss a. t.e te. will ~.. ni Sth od b... ben us a,.a:s r o mtTtert. ,- groundhs. employment figure was 6e3,700,000
ed o u eiary art twal te Ol juih set ht bTbePivt oew TheHouse.groupoapprovedhi the Pr ,The May e mployment igure wa

i tp el -s with^ M. s e Dtr aa w" orp trwnos Jst ero w reorftinedo aa t n A ut bo
S f 9 .m. So .. ,oiat thd e b. own" eeris c5e ian tmve tm subal tut the res sumaby has risen more than a

d .cwt "Ame r onup. wnd theve btehefrnshed by oese ,a theida -o Heston ms eup i ent'US oe m po paent ,to nwby ai-mIlononl the basisofe a itchel'
la toihtd of t hroe mot .- NI.nal i0erthe -che ta t tt 15 tie vote The subtrtute had statement. ajor
I 'a o tan otoHs. y Ote a n1 t trns r tom r ul% atu needed a cear maJoriy a
Ss T e up there ion't c a Aro i
e n on ti t"aryPErSat fSA,-Mrs.aDi L E i arce 1prt eloa-des o.I.letr The vote on the substitute was, he increased minimum wage
itomorrow!nighta o th On the p. og a.. lbe al-l eralw ot in. nia etnlgmrst str tly along p arty lines. would apply to some 24 million
ttre"ibitt ireoa n ose -Lake,"- a a classic couldn't stand it ay more and Committee sources said Rep. Car- workers In interstate commerce
SMusi e rnisbS c Variations, a: now I bleaht m y a really roll D. Kearns (R-Pa.) ws the cov ered by the federal wage-hour
Serenaders and there will 'be[sylmphoic iet arnd "l Puer- a farm d ousew e. thonl. Repa v intaactualy ritol
dancing t froIn e p.m. to a.m.t, Spani, let. Variation Jane's been offered another' te administration. Rep. P h lI pmean actual pay raises for only
Door prize and featured enter- is based o $,Symphony in D. Ma, series and says that "I'll come in I,
11111e100t Wflli'ad to the eVe1ing's Jar-by t mand El Puer- to Hollywood for it if it's worth Democrat to back the President. ers already earn' more than $1
fr.nd pe copl to oiw bqR.I onusnbyerIa by byac'w h financially. o..can't udo I fornplacedob eforethenaHousellater this o h
frnds the Auxiliary ae Nationaly tr y ht,. The Private War of Major approved that figure. The Presi minimum are chiefly in lumber
vited to, paripate, "Swith Mr. de oCastro asBseao," is no surprise to Heston dent refused to say at his newstapparel, leather,.tobacco, f o o d
SonuCcnor.- who spent two years trying to sell con ference Wednesday whether and textile industries.
Swi be on le today atollywood On e dea U- ful veto such a measure. The House committeebill would
a .w an br ooffie o a h Ntheg I er ever. p ey Meantime, L a ao r Secretarylput the new minimum Into effect
I. S t eeroft the National las green i htafte wryJames P. Mitchell announced that next March 1. The' Senate bill
a her ea l wlo Ft.leaxove clryaeh ocoa n f e corat ther lio o urned thtumbsido w ..employment hit a new high! would take effect Jan. 1.

~d her~ef~on l av d ,,e-,offiea 'at at tahe and Io Nest o miled s AT T IGT1:0P.

hevere sounded on, win bleave hyne by n eu Gods e" wbit A
olane night -oa threea- month PeAnama, 2- o nr the School of a comedy about anB ormY, major
aeatione *m th.ates. the Danue at 2417 t trying to rule at a ys' military
ca... h es l academy. B L
But that's why Jems uy,"en -STARTS
plebmsHeston.. ,,'s fumyhbecause a UA T0MORROW!
I4 Y SHEDS-'.AkS -ADDSt. USTRtE .:in pm perfectly ser4su--a desperate _._,, _.. ..
mam. People hIrabuth or
Tr le oSa C Rayoe vheSaltornG t .th Fun, StarsSongs,
hctntanext.1-a R nctheaGaptyh fo
Release at "C central" Theatre, next Wednesday. Evangelist Billy Grah ism Is con- Had Broadway Cheering
d .. hsidering a syndicated telefilm With -TiGht 1
ilollywood Gave. Colleen Gray In
othe brusmh-off for a year and a hall
but now she's leaping from anar
Ihdon't know. Maybe I am j1Us u1t.
back in style."
Fox first zoomed Colleen to stars
dom in sweet little ingenue roles
hu noW she's a tough gold-digger
named' Goldie in "Tenhespse's
Partn r" and laughing: "It' jJust
the opposite of my life these days.
I'm happily married (to Bill Bid-
lack, a department manager at .- .
Lockheed aircraft) and 1 have's. .4
year-old daughter."
Colleen's also Wn "Las Vegas -.,
Shakedown" and just completed
"Twinkle in God's Eye" with
Mickey Rooney. The fick plays a -
minister and Colleen's telling ft:
"It's an amazing performance.
You believe every minute of It" ] I' '
"I feel that I'm starting fresh."
That's what Jean Simmons told
me when I asked her about her
role of Sara, the Salvation Army
Some critiCs believe that the criterion of a fine actor lass in Sam Goldwyns "Guys and .oll GRAA-i
Is whether he can cry convincingly. Aldo Ray passes the Dlas"ar. nw0tausoffre
It's no secret that Jean was a 6:0h"CLARY-GHOSTLEY
Production of "Battle Cry" big release next Wednesday at mighty lass when she was under a...,wuL -,.-
the "Central" Theatre. contract to RKO and that there
In the tearful scene Ray, as the rugged marine Andy, is were times when she wished that
depondent as he lies Il a Naval field hospital. Having been she had remained in EndLATE SHOWS TONIGHT 10:30 P. M.
severely wounded on baipan, he Is determined not to return where she was the darling of Brit- T
home and become a handleapto his wife, Nancy Olson. A lah moviegoers, instead of coming DIABLO HEIGHTS II M A R G A R I T A
letter from her, In which she tells how much she needs him, to Hollywood. "KINGLKONG" II ACLWRAI FROMOO=
causes him to release all his nent-u emotions.n. Butow, as sitingngISara, "who's .. ING ON"C"O

On the very first take of this tug-at-the-heart scene
Ray shed beautiful and copious tears to the satisfaction of
director Raoul Walsh. Later the actor explained why he
was able to cry so realistically.
During World War II, Ray had actually participated in
the Satlp Invaason as a member of a Navy underwater
demoSteon team. He was fortunate i going through the
action unscathed. but recalls.visiting buddies in a hospital
"I till have a vivid picture of the difficult adjustment some of them went through," he said. "I played the
hospital scene from memory." Advt.

a meU C T YreV sEVF cuE CBN
60 w4:30c 6:15, 8* DIAWLO ?N. SI .U 1:1
S. .MMi U- o f"y CAIOUN
,COW m

SGAM .,,BO p / ,7: .o
MmIF, M PALhoi."

not prissy like the girls I've played
so often in pictures," Jean is liok-f
ing ahead to movie roles she can
sink her molars into and recalling:
"At least there were two Inter.
testing parts before this -'The
Actress' and 'Young Bess.' The
rest of the roles were colorless. Or
perhaps it was my fault."
Ernest Borsgane, who jumps Into
top film stardom with his emoting
in Hecht-Lancaster's "Marty," is
popeyed about all the fanfare. A
couple of years ago he was ready
. to give up his acting career and
go into the air-eonditioning bpsi-
'I'd made one picture. 'he
Mob' and there wasn't anything
else for me until 'From Here to
Eternity' two years later. Times
were hard. I couldn't make a
But Fatso in "From Here to
Eternity" waf destined to put
Borgine in the fatso bank account
What with VistaVisioa, Super-
Scope and CinemaScope, Paul Gil.
bert thinks standard size screens
should be called esuii-Scope.
-AI- -_

and hjerwlse

annRounces the





Tou've loved the Bella Vista Room before-now you'll be even more enthuslatle
about Panama's No. 1 salon for dining and dancing!
Sparkling fresh decor and wonderful, cool aircon4lt.oning in this siytop
rendezvous of those who want the best... No tropflil humidity
now to make your evening anything but perfect!
will provide the only heat In the place.
Come join us In this weekend reopening!

Play Fridays and Saturdays in the CLUB 4:30
from midnight to 4:30 a.m. In the Balboa Bar
Slgbhteap on-the-house at 4:30).
11: a.m. to 3:30 p.nL In the airconditioned
l Ratem...breakfast-hc menu,
.o tar1 acotedJ, .5akl o!..
umW :'E t the organ, "ric the Great"
i oung and old.

mi Ls


*;,j f*


I5 **~' -


'1 ,~S*




I! -.

__ ___ .1 ------ 7 _i -F

__ I


1. ..B



7. 7 .Tj, ,- *:..



So peopleare so cautious ANNOUNCES
they won't go to a movie they
hvent see before. *. .. THE ARRIVAL AND SAILING OF THE


OaUHU .b Wo jON JULY 13, 1955
o emboa' l ~From U.S. West Coast Ports and 6ntral
American Ports to Pacific Colombia and
Ecuadorean Ports.

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S,1 Masonic Building, Cristobal. C. Z.
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lie HAL r potim with Tps. MIND tern pattmm wth
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Atlas S. A., Telephone 2-3458.
P..O. Box 1057

* ,..-".' -

.._ ;, ;*~r-- -. --r ....--^

,'" i

*-^ ^^ -( '
Felix Rodriguez' classy Chilean import C
suerte and the Stud Buena Fe's hard-running Es
rial, also from Chile, al e scheduled to match strii
in toniorrow's featured $650 one mile run at
Juan Franco race track.'
Also listed to start in the fea-I Kiosco, third behind Miria
hire are Super&un, Don Cuto and and Consuerte, will carry onl
Kio.o. t pounds. Felipe Godoy will r
C.nsiuerte, winner of two'of his the Stud parien's star.
thcee local starts, was nosed out
last week by lightweigbted Mir- Supersun, apparently gone
z toxts, Escorikl was an imprea-lAfter two impressive victA
sire Aix.Ien&th winner in the ow. will be ridden by Jorge Phi
er t-racket. Consuerte totes 118:He will shoulder 105 pounds
pounds, including classiC special- The "experts" figure that
it ockey Guiller Io S an c he z. suerte and Escorial will batti
Hector uin- replaces Conrepcion the. lead with Supersun and
IRuiz aboa:d EKscorial with only co in close for three-quarter
1I8 distance then will be joiner
4)t4% Cuto' a disappointment in'stretcni-buring Don Cuto in
the fourth. of July Classic, gets final eighth: for a blanket fi
a chance9 to redeeni himself with! Ten other races are incl
"n aiinmr.eMh' of 110 pounds. He on an attrsaeve Saturday. 1
.ill be ridden this time by Cris- gram which includes a "hax
tisn Rfelolledo instead of J uan pick" ninth race for C'.ss
toigora. 'imported thoroughbreds

.:. Franco Graded Entrii

I.P. eorno. Jockey Wit. COMMENT 0

Ist Race "I"

Imp. 6!/ Fgs. Purse $375
First Race of the Double

--IlInry Lee G. Sanchez
2-Forzado C. Ruiz
-.Ortis* E. Gastell
- 4-Pebetero E. Dario
. 5-W. Stranger F. Hidalgo
4-Tom Collins A. Vergara
. 7--aques M. Yeaza
8-Mr. Foot R. Cristianl
S.-Viajero R. o6mez


Pool Closes 1

117 -Nothing to recommend
112 -Doesn't seem likely
105 -Improving slowly
110 --Cquld score at price
108 --Long overdue
115x -Has strong finish
102 -Ran well In last
117 -Could be close up
108 -Nothing in months

2nd Race "H" Imp. 1 Mile Pnrse $40 tool C
beyond Raee of the Oouble
1-My. Dear M. Ycasa 108 -Usually close up
2-Discovery B. Agulrre 110 -Disappointed in last
3-S1mo. H. Rulz 113 -Always dangerous
.i 4-Rose lip J. Phillips 115 -Returns from layoff
-Pminplio .1. Bravo 115 -Hard to beat here
6-Deveo Maiden Z. Pita. 0. lOx -Would pay long adds

lrd Race "G" Natives 7 Fgs. Purse I 7


Pool Closes

S1-Regina J. Phillips 112 -Ran well in last
S2-Ebony ki. Hidalgo 117 -Has good finish
S-Moonshiner R. Vasques 115 --Seeks third straight
4-Bul. Flea A. Vasquez 113 -Fastest at getaway
*6--Candelaria t, 'Daro 102 -Loogshpt possibility
-Riomear I. Pits. G. 100x-Usuallu moves too late
7-. ideoLa oCru B. BaeZa 9x -Would pay o(f

4th Race "B Natives 4% Fs. Purse $275

Pool Closes

1-Proton" B. Baeza l00x -,Distance to liking
2-Golden Glass H. Ruiz 107 -Good early speed
3-La Nacion F. Hidalgo 100 -Quits badly in stretch
4-Coran A. Ycasa 108 -Reportedly improved
5-Lady Dancer A. Mena R. 113x -Rates good chance
rada A. Enrique 110 -Good early speed
'--Collegl Girl R. G.inez 114 -Should fight it out
8-CO cmntlda V. Redriguez 113x-Jockey only handicap

S t Ue "A and B" Natives 7 F. Purse -$375 Pool Clo
1it--Yikito F. Godoy 105x-Will force the pace
--GokMn Wonder A. Vas. 115 -Should win again
--Daniel M. Ycaa u10 -Light weight will help
4-.Fru fro B. Baea 97x -Dangerous contender
.-Las Ba a J. Brav6 124 -The one to beat

6th Rame "F" Imp. 1 Mile Prse $500
First Race of the Double

1-Cames R. VaSques 1lM
.-E.mpire Magic J1. Goneg. 118
,-Vnlca ad0o o. eSanches 108
4-NetsUlffe F. Ridalgo 113
3-Merry Slipper E. Geatell 106

'th Race "H"


Pool Closea

-Should score off last
-Was never better
-Dangerous this time
-Distance suits style
-Nothing to indicate

Imp, 4M Fas. Purse O400
becona Raee of the Double

Pool. Close

-Mariana Ortega 108 -Doesn't seem likely
OGaucha O. Sanchez 1-K1 -Rates good chance
&,-TOttpeatad R. Vamques 11& -Dadgerous this time
4- a"a J. .Brav 113 --Wil fight it out
&-4-IHMoya A: Va Ila 113 --uIt improve more
Proflt F. Hidolgo 112 -Form Indicates
e 10 ud e close up
- rda- ur A. 'l 115 ~Wai 4 ore at p w ee
-L.rd mamur A. Valdivis4 118 -Would pay' won

- 4th Rau "uF Natives m r. Pe t

Peol Close

.1-4 aol j. Chuna 1U10 -is late foot
2-D _JaTle B. Aguirre 115 -Back in top -form
- Moon Fighter A YM 110 score this time
4-uLndo B. Oate 105 -t against these
.--Winsaba J. 'Reyes 117 d to beat here B. BaeMa 97x -Us strong finish
T7- oleh Fan F. Sanches 101x-Poor recent races

SsRaVe 1m'Im. rgf. Pasme SM

I-Dark Sunset A. Ycaza 108
$-Empire Honey T. Bravo 113
-l-4Sinn Feinner M. Ycaza l06
--Valle -. ar .T. Pinhilip 106
Bitea-s C. Rui 115
C-n.-arlo3f H. Rus ti11
- -L.:y Broek B. -Aarrne 110
-ore C 1 las 110
0 -

Pool Clee

-Usually close up
-Reportedly improved
-NthiAg to indicate
-Nothing recently
-Form indicates
-Danerous contended
Good early speed .
-Could score in upset

1tl Race "C" Imp. 1 Mle Pune M$50

Don Cuto, S pesun,

:' Kiosco Other Starfer:

Pe-leeis 5:4-0

2-Den Cuto CristIaM 110 -Usually moves late
t-upersom J. Phillips 105 -Poor recent efforts
, -,-Raso Y F. Godot 10x-Dangerous this tim
4--onsuerte 0. epachsz 118 -Form indicates
S--E.-orla H. Ruiz 106- -Will fight it out

t.h Race "C and it ~tt
- S,.-Ik Il.- A

7 F.

Parse nXt

Ill .-Early speed only
1% -Would pay off
-lx-Depends on start
I .-uHad to beat w
-Rafi ,to bead t

If you want Bourbon at its best call for

"GREEN RIVER," America's smoothest

i ling bodegas ad bars.
At,.* .'-. .*. .*.'',

Cb.Ho. lop -b.O.nhor Brek

Is GM 400 Meter Free Style
CasCumbres fg ft plf t
on. .....- ::::: 1 Mark In July 4 Meet M Gamboa d
!on- w* u a .2 ..ark ones
o- M. O'Nell ........... 0 o -- --
des .L SenSadt ......... 2s 4 A record totl otf i30 entries I-Mary Francis. Tuker, y- Year
the I o. 2 4 3 were witneSbd by a large cr I trauisp8 Time:1:.. o Is r a ,
T otalInthe annual Fourth of u I = MeerFee Style(Men) out or this, p .r.-amato nt othie
awimmin meet held at the Bal- 1-Robert Connor, 2-NiLs Iam- new Aiends, to resew Int- bus
doltsPs C.bP ol.fors, --Joe Blackburn, Thme: se&W, to Improve athir _"t e
toats 10 P. Denton........Bob Connor set a new C.Z. 400- 1:01.9. go. and, as one of the .on
yide 10P. HaDenton .......... 9 20 0 meter free style record of 4:54.2 so put it WI can't ver the
deB. Hadley .3........ 0 3 220 breaking Allan'Ford's time of 8 Meter Breast Stroke (Girls I Just like to pa.eI fra
T. Hadley I......... o 3 2 3 tay back in Janu'lrY -14 T ) year,. plans for p
3, Potter ........... O 0 3 0 4:58.8 set way -Carolyn o HOion, 2-Judy grewad tournament w06 so ns .no
sour C. Rowan ........... 3 2 0 8 Sth lete resultselps Tme: 1:. wt delayed; Th 8 W Di
ries. J. Rowan .......... 3 0 6 "Here are co Swmmn s Meter Breast t roke (Bo3s scheduled to start on Jt 14 but gr
illips. J. Fitzgerald ....... 0 0 0 0 of the Fourth JulySwim n -14 Ter) dueto the fat tht ot of the
C.On Totals 16 7 7 3 Mtr Diving (M.en) 1-Richard Mulholland, 2-Bill organizers and workers are i he -
Con- Totals o18 7 8 Bi a tcl tt. 2-Charles Hitchcock, 3-Rolando Chanii. States on leave, or have returned
Kior atrey Quartersa ^rld Time: 1:13.5. to the States for permanent fe.-
Kios- Score By Quarters Latham, L3-Ansoni tird e. |idenee or were employed In 0th-
s toe 8-, 16-13, 18-22, 3-37. 1 Meter Medley Rol Meter M edle eay (Grl S avltvts it was somewh -
I by (Women) ears) ficult, to gea It aet up. The
the Keystoners f ft pf t I-Engelke, Straus and Cros- 1-Harned, Tucker and Litvin; or a have overcome these
inih.d R. Bishop .......... 0 0 0 b .Time' 1:33.4. 2-McCarthy, K. Ma hlland, problems and are happy to an-
dJ. Coppenhavern .... 0 0 0 0 Mter Meley Relay (Men) Hickman, 3-A. _"ector, Herring ounce that they are ready to
C oY ............. 0 0 0 1-Hattler, Connor and Ryter. and ell. Time: ., tart on Tuesday, July 12. at 9:00
rd-o- B. Gouckendur .. 0 0 1 0 Time: 1:17.0 Mter Medle Relay (Boys m
"E Bradshaw .. .. 1 0 4 Metr Breast Stroke (Girls- -12 Year.) The a sors are fortunate to
E. Steward .......... 1 I 3 3 Yr) 1-Holmes Rhett and Craw- have Tn year a teaching protes-

Totals 3 8 5 16 10 r ean) (Women)
S2 4 EnGibralterete -Lfn or 2-Bob IHarned, Straus, Engelke i
SS W. Brown .......... 2 0 2 4 Mikulc, Martin Holme and Croaby, 2-eps, Holgerso n,
2:45 e ............ 0 0 Time: 19.8. Daisy and pctor. Tim 1:49.3. p
S c. h .......... 4 ~ 8 M Meter Free Style (Girls- 160 Meter Free Style Relay a
W, French ....... ***** 2 I Years) (Me() Strau, En
30-1 L. Jackson ......... 5 0 1 10 1-Cadance Anderson. Time: 1-Siegel, Hattler, Retencort
W.- I T Pnra .......... 0 24'3.8. .. H .and Marstinez, 2-Ryter, Nah- t
_-i T. Perntle ......... 1 0 1 2 ,, Meter Free Style (Boys-- mad, Spector'and Linfors, --R. .
15-1 M. udge ......... 0 0 0 Years) Chanis, D. Chanha, Linares and
even G. Fitzgerald ....... 0 0 0 0 1-Bobby Owens. Time: 25.68 Blackburn. T ime: 1:30. b /
10-1 .--. 40 Meter Free Style (Girls-i12 t
3-2 TotlF s 15 3 10 33 Years Individual points: I e ,
3-1 x-2points made for Keyston 1-Danelle Harned, 2- Helen (n a '
26.6t.............. 0 Under),. o,

IS T. P r a1..... ... Y I2-14oears 5-5-1-t (--11; 2 M ars in -.
.1:1 4-6, 5-19, 13-23. 16-33. 1-juy elp, 2 Mar on Ho .-1----2-10 213. /
Howe. Time: 1:21.5. Glrls-l-Danlelle Harned -
1 Hard Earned r ,Meter ack (Boys /3- 3 18 2-J ud
4-1 1.-olanA5 Chants, 2-Charles rnc. Tucker .wt, mimed out

51 Brodklyid AB R H A McCarthy, -lbert Umberger. with total of 11 2/3.
2-1 Hoak 1b ......... 4 0 0 0 3 Tm e: 1:.J.
15Reee ......... 4 0 1 34 4t Meter Free Style (Men) Seior Division
Snider eC ........ 4 1 2 4 0 1-Robert Connor, 2 Joe Wmen--Ida Struss i
Hodges lb ....... 4 0 1 8 0 Blackburn, 3-Don Ryter. Time: 11/3-3-1--ll11';_ 2 Judy
Amoros If ....... 2 1 0 1 0 4:54.2. (New Canal Zon Rec-. Croby and Judy Engee (Tip) i
1:45 Zimmer 2b ...... 4 0 0 2 2 ord). -1-2/3 and 1-2%. I
Gilliam rf ........ 3 2 2 3 0 20 Meter Back Stroke (Girls Men--Bob Connor-1-2/3-
S..Borkowski rf .... 0 0 0 0 0 -10 Years) 5-55--18 2/3. 2- Don Ryter .|
1 Howell c ........ 4 0 .2 68 0 1-Michel McCarthy, 2 Nan-, 2-2/3-1-5-%--8 a. s -. a
1 Loes p .......... 4 0 1 0 2Bck Morency, 3-Grace Figueroa. 1 --1 i o
1ven Z-me: 17.6. tBoe d Ata
21 Total. 33 4 927 11 SO Meter Back Strke (BoysG.. A, "" L L w as tr
3041 Pittabure 2-Rich- P By ATT .
Clenesite rt .... 4 0 0 4 0 and --o Tene a jam),. (Tie). e he i a o o.
Cole s ......... 4 0 1 1 T time: 1. To T en I ot w iay was a goot d uoot
24 : rte ::::. 01 02 0 Meter Breastroke lys u r i w erge es the t

/; .1e__ I | I se t o uh c u n s t
1. rr A l 1c in 11 1--ach 2ulhoa, 2-Joyea SAN DIEGO Calif., J ly oe kno thir d place. 4
14' JA. wrien .S 2 4 bTherring, -NIrom Ltvin. Time: UP a gt intg hisk au oaalled tan
8-1 b-Saf felrl 0 0 0 1 2 M.ter Breast Stroke (Boys o a iemheor wai re si ed quite as qu klyan 1ao t
5.1 Groat as ......... 4 0 0 2 3 T.8.1 Years) o fam.a e golf.s
1 --lo .r* f 0 1 0 2s 1--nThomas Ebdon, 2-JRerrf bsupe nd o.leg os a hth e h eba th le came in t heI

2-1 e eJian b... 0 0 0 0 1n yter 2 (o Smith th failure toprovide for -- hl to lay,0 but manned top t
8-1 Mlell: ......... 0 0 0 0 0 1-D erBo r suppr of their son, Archie bogey the st three to lose by
.1 G r at sr.. .. 0 '0 2 3.T OO 1" ) 1tM o o re J r:, 13. T h e c h a rg e W 1. Be tsy R aw la b e a t J a c k ig P u nt e
2:55 Totals 35 3 10 27 12 M Meter Free Style (Gltls-14 dropped at the request of Mrs. in a play-off.
10-1 Kinen 1-Mary Francis Tucker, M2- hd been reached. me in a left hand trap on the par o

3-1 b--Ran for J. O'Brien in 9th. Meter Free Style (Boys- i pal u i ntsedtWil was my trouble. On1
2.-1 e-Singled for Friend in th. t 14 Yeara ern) Sfith r i the ar 4 17th, I pushed my drive t
i d-Ran for Shepard. 1-Rolando Chana, 2-Allen M n theo right and sto rough. A 5
o Siegel.tTm 1oh2 Snodgra14. Time: J 3 i wood wa. to the aft and short
3 Dodr ...... 110 200 000-4 54.5. F-re Sy the (Grlreenl I th lef ad to with
:55 oPira ......... 010 000 002-3 20 Meter Free Style (Girls-1 I p '-tya o. in.eet.butam5payothef putt.
Tears) I, used too much clubon my sec-
3-2 Error-Howell, J.. O'Brien. RB 1M-Grace Figueroa, 2 Jean I BEANS REARDON ond, a 5 iron, on. the par 4 18th.
S-Hod Gilliam HoweWad voa 3-Michel McCarthy. 24 Year Naonal e e ba going overthe green and
-1Atwell Shepa-d. Two baTe-Snn- Time: 1:3.9. *^ o Bvcthih ass I chipped to with-
3-1 der O'Brien. Triple-. lllm. SO Meter Free Style (Boys-- t in three eet ands then began to n
-1 HR-Gillam, Ward. Stolen has- Years) QUESTION: With a runner on wonder when I was the good footd
Amoro. Sacrifice Ward. 1-Martin Holmes, 2-Robert first base and one out, the batter short on the three-toot putt.
Double-plays Zimmer-Reese- Patchett, 3-Tommy Anderson ht a 3-2 pitch on which the pith. I should have hit shorter withI
Hod-es 2. Ward-Groat. Cole- and Sandy Minter (Te). Time: er balks The bal goes to the the 5 iron putted a foot farther.
S4:0f5 Ward, Groat-J. O'Brten-Ward. 12.5. shortstop, who starts ado u b e Like the man who invented
S3 Left onbase-Dodger 5 Pirates Mete Back tre (Wmen) play. D the batter forfeit all bn near beer, I was a poor judge of
7. Bases on balls-Loes 1. Kline 1-Ida Strausa. Time: 1:28.3. sits from the balk by hitting the distance.
15-1 3. SO-Loe 7 Klin 3, Frend 1. 100 Meter Back Stroke (Men) pitch?-Bob Ryanu o mys
3-1 Hits oft-Kllne 9-7, Friend 0-2. 1-Robert Connor, 2 Joe Answer: When a batter hit at Atrann I a
-Runs and earned ruIs-Loe 3-1 Blackburn, 3-Miguel Zarook. a pitch ruled a balk, the offensive Houston e.L yS t
3-1 Kline 4-4. Passed ball-uowell. Time: 1:16.5. team has the choice of taklain the
M d -Loes (9-2O eP-tline (6- 26 Meter Free Style (Girlso-8 ba orthe result ofnt the aRn C anet
4-1 -- 1-Bet Be. 2-Jane Holger- Q. What records has Red o
1' Jan Francr li s< 3- M ar et H enson. Time Stooasensof the Cardinals set? For S.E.C. .
JDUble a iPctCO UI PS 2...r .rtyle.(Boyds-8 a pcho. n cn c w tho t a eterrsor
years) from May 20 to July 3l Ige a CORPUS CHRISTI, Tee. (Nf A)
s 4:40 1-Richard Van Loon, 2-An- National League mark for sec- -When Cbl Robtso seek to
-By CONRADO dy Jacobson, 3-Randy Ackers. ed baseman. Be went 57 straight wlin friends for the University 4i
Time: 15.4. games during that streak without Houston and influenSe p eo 0
201 1-Paque' Waleome Stranger d4 Meter Baek Stroke (Girls- erring, another mark. from the Southeastern Con er-
3-1 My Dear 12 Tears i Q. How many positions has Ali ence he really pitches a lart.
3-1 3-Xela Ebony 1-Dannele Harned, 2-Joyce Smith of the Indians played?- Bobeitiuflew in S!1O"5110
30-1 4-Ceaantidp College Girl Herring. 3-Dian Hickman. Time Lou Riddick. "aIrplanes, which rund
3-1 5-Ira Vru "olden Weoder 32.5. A. Smith has done everything Corpus Christl. He basted the
-1 -Cames "'a ure Made U Meter Back Stroke (Boys- but catch. guests to Tumble's fishing eamp
8il 7-Eneaehada Irish Profit 12 Years) I Q. Are admission prices for at Arkansas Pass in aij-c on dl
1 S-Moe. Fight Winsaha I 1-Daniel Chanls, 2-Tommv major league games a standard tioned buses. He had people waut
9-Empire Maglc Regal Biss i Anderson. 3-Tommy Ebdon and thing?-Bil Mc Cormick. ing on them for two n tns uaM
5 10..-Don Cute Consuerte Donald Rhett (Tie). Time: 31.9 A. Prices ar cleft to the Imd 1. days devoted to the pit of tar.
s 5 l: -Metto Petite' IN Meter Free Style (Women) videal club. pon, kingfish, sailfish, 1ing and
trout aboard 11 boats.

Revtlalize Yp

b 71

'a. :-'~ *

&^/ 4 f^" ."
wr, .- .,"..-- '.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o nil .. : : ."3v;.


* *-. ,-
r ,,'-

The eooe will be available Juo' ofa'ai m
i Junior every Tuedaer. Mom- Is b eo" r ^'
irs er a d to ise extend the ak
courtesW of thecours to them tour nawment b )
this day, and also to correct fore .ehoal start. .
ir. course etiquette itf any In- Any of you club'i
tons are observed. have some .old ct ba I
This recreation program I in that youare lanot ,e-i
way connected with the Schools upass to to -f JuI.
vision Bummer Recreation Pro- diop them to the .bo or leav
am or any Civic Program. It them with Clyde
---------------. :


'When the dub owners of'the American Lea emeet
fork next month, the roinag troubles of the aq .
he Orioles will get ton billg over Commlsioner "w l I
What's Wrong With EasebaWr survey, and the lingeing de-*
minds of the playerM.
The Wahington situation Is the most serious one-in th
majors. The Baltimore club Is a quasi-public enorps aeopet-
ng in a municipally built stadium. The Sena on the oth
;and, are privately owned, by Clark C. Griffith and Gabe Mur-
hy. and are not endowed with unlimited financial backing.
SThings have been going from bad to worse with the Sen-
tors, who may even duphcate their 194 performance and fall
nto Mr. Harridge's cellar. The 104 defate of the club led by
oe Kuhel must not be regarded as too difficult a possiblllty for
he current conglomeration of polyglot technicians managed by
Charley Dresen.
Questions having to do with pdstlion In the race and Rum-
or of defeat ae not the moat portant one In thl Washng
en perplexity, Atteadie 4 ke have fallen a a d there
aay be the da0ter of Iob ti a (ef i ;
Thef haft bupo Dfeas
Theos have ben ith oDWeaen o ineeOg mthey
must not e bru*hd oef f. mtti.y f., _o.
It In c celfvtbe. that th will aSe to be..mi ewhipping
oy in Griffith Stadium. was .warned th% nas mov-
ng into ltuation. oaded with unpleasMnt lpom bit he. was
o1euger to Iget back Into the majors tht ne was I "to risk
ven recurrence of Bucky Harris' sazth-place Grift Of -4.

Most of the club owners of the American League will te4
ou that our national capitol always must be represented in the
aajor company. But they are keeping their ers to the ground.
'here are rumbling from the lon of-Toronto, whichh Is
.ger to join one of t.e big leagues, and is entertaining option
which involve the Senato.s
According to DBi De Wtt, assistant Yankee gim tl man-
oer who wase n Toronto last week at the behest of OflMe

f Ontario," De ttt -/ .- :
Thse O=NE plantstands in the-midaat 3500 acrs nOa.
ront only one mile from d tow.. Tortat c .-iesri i. i
acilitleU for 8000 car. They could b e.onlarged to tak u o
"Transportation facilities re IdeaL The ltaBet i. aone
.-ich cannot fall to interest our major league 0owe pe
nce Toronto in the Internatloaluelast year wMasr i
ad to have been the only miner lub c fartably l the blac
nao is doing quite as well bts"l1*p'

In Baltimore, which has been in the AmerlcaLeague for
nly tw, g ,aaons, the question is not one of possible traSiut
he club, ut of ways and means of lifting the M unhaoramble
and apparently overtraded Orioles out of t e doldrm .. .
After Paul Richard* had bartered Bob Tarley and eight other
players to the Yankees for another nine last November, a critl
marked that he had presented the 196 peMnant to the Now
York club.
"That may very well be," Richards replied. "But, at this
lime, I am not greatly concerned whether the championship gou
o the Yankees, Indians or White Box. I could not come Into the
I95 season with the same club that had lost 100 games aBd fin-
shed seventh under Jimmy Dykes." -
So Richards, who in Chicago had established a high repute-
ion for baseball acumen, proceeded to trade hither and yonu and
o pick up bonu prodiges galore..
True, Richards warned Baltimore fans 4hat they were no04
o expect too much this year, and that be ..W8as w9lV F.s ORa
whkch might pay off aa early as 151. Meanwhile, Baltimore M
ire being asked to support a elub which does not merit the ad*
mission charges of the American League. _
In losing a double-header here last week, the Orioles had'the
aied HeeI .aje eski, cast off by the Indians, playing second ue.
hut, it seemed, was one answer to that survey queMtion. 'What
is Wrong With Baseball?"
Richards has become convinced that he cannot continue .i
the dual role 60 field leader and general manager. He looking
itound for a plot fdr 1 ,.

,OV !



* 1

-'-":.. 2...' ri-


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' I r'

-; f',S "%' *.

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-M V.
-*.. -. "%


-.* I-- ^ f .^ ..-

.,* .. ..c tA 4 a o l a h et bbl

...4 6 L 'lAN Atwl lac Side BTy7 Swim ter;.S^ Z^1lgt 38 J;A)? i Nava Sattend isS^.cM .* 150 tocs onafor-
.^ M 4..S ""* 4.4,4..48 St: -AB & iag Meet. The swimmi g meet tfIrd st Steks Girls Obraltar Life ..... 6 4 .W Vafr d. So confident were pionh 3et for th
I. .. ..e ... o 4.% B r-(UP) ..nog h water arni 'c w.a. .. ...ttu ...4..o ell ............ 5 ... .. that at one ti.e, with tonig .
-, ,. 8.., :r .0 .*.*.M' Ne ballpla.- ld at the G-tuf.,wr.-s ...* 3 Pt -. rl",ne ,-l i Sport" ... .-.8 33 t h altar p.aers unde A lo.. wold
' ,-,. -aa C' ity M.;4t i i~d. -b~- -Forth- Of "ol. 'L bLeat aLnt dbers- one defend- leage- de l to
4 4- G1brltw puin the first c out

Eubt.-.a .n "-r l .i A.^..e.- ..- ... ., ,-..hSi the cho. q a i.o tean- thrower f the.
two Canan arM At e (pool.. ( tfl by 12. brear l

..,w 4 a g e ing Meet. The swimming meet 25 laret rstSl G .irs O braltar Li tra to- pathe round etwe pionh wide open

i*aYn..- a,.. .. -,+ ^. _r -,. why ." 1Partmdnent of Phyc Education l -T." M fh5**- Sle .'i -.. period) tehe-J and before they could ge t An addtiton feart uI
]ae ,aiev a.... -wager .BnM. Oula o Ga IR..-2t Powetr s .... s t w taa on e t i e i toeon rne race-for te

I. Saito(N) 3SS syioas T o nt atida of colors by.. i' 2h Pat "ared T bt' .a. TR a. t we the Sturning point in eo awardbetweenould j
S. (TN at ) of g t TroI 3 ofGawells v Une the game and almoco he rae and Halo ead

I-Ph tatbargh (NJ aasa.ry at trt L1)^ *SSeby tro folowed gthe e Star lnd Er lrl' Gibraltar va 6avl Stations unners-up the declaaonu Wnth 5 beatwe n pone w idhoern.
.ew.,... -' wYork at Wa'.n () ,thpeo~~.ted thim IW e h.nner W bPtii e the o f- .Pamea TeotGatn .- -- e left to a Raon e- havebe

S^S---- 'da l Whditl pW G at the Iend eeD 2enI er3V By TREVOR SIMONS eg of.the Powe five practically er all year and thte
I lB 4 1 -l _twhy. i aportig eent o Education N. ea l ame tYe maeri de a i forfe thame to tur n aout to e att i
_and acnd At.A D. al. n Tr preadon uh, Sc hools t 1. G r l tr, tata-i tv I, -e rot a th e bel i

ft Sss^^s^. --tt P
i_. (-1 1-2.) nod. @, ( ewo thls.Jp-., S.ntati hr of colors by ta y M N6al ta3tio ws- f.rt I wae the bn ome wpa l-o ntt'ncap-te s
-4M wa C-) )p ngva1vp, of o *th of te GL50 (POW 'r1o :8. Richard Powells vs Unhet" P the game ad almost cot th r.ioand

w at 00 0 1) N pop Vrl singing of thoe Star aOa .G oges fann in pegen for hhengsand pa r the decisi on.
o "dou010gh. Kansas yt Ita ieritd ot" e-t a bDt troit followed ah e*o 45 m ft ved le sye Ols it Na the deston. Wh an.
rd .teNew.Yor ta Wsg (). _tw p.t .yd- serp angled anner nmaked al- Pamela ThoO, atun-e4.- eonds left lay Raomn e- he een cs 9-
S nd -- d men Whit nw e:o, t Inegcdee y,9 2 3.ael oe 3gn-- Bhy TREVOR StMeONS as of. the Powell five praci e ar a
S 1 a r. D" hth ve Hlen eeep 3. Virginia ach team has but sx gmes made a "gift" of the gaiee
m ae Hwl m00om- 5.- s0a o fW o e ars a -.i ord. of wesleot a beoa a o..G t- l.eaLft their hedule in the haltar. With the oe i
89 01305 1000924 f RDA T'S 000- kor wsdealt a f n wimu te Gatun G. soGold Coast -ag. loop and 63-6e, Reyes had two oul shots,
s -2 a n d H ow rrelld 0 2 0 1W 20 2 -1 2 1 8 0t wo -rs T h o m a s, p re sid e n t o f t e o U n 5 0 Y a rd sa 10 S t r k e B o tr toh n as c om i ng .

N t- i Patc d C ounninglam, .osa .e Radele 1(p ool Record)* 2. Geor, O OutaI t cored In each of the other -
68-1), Fknd n e and A2Sg10bO t.s ham o e ilaed the pn Rachael dadel and Grace A o slaughter; 3. Tom Dugan three stands, Navy's 27 to 15
el Black and Burgess (10-) and Loar. wauke win, -i h. s homr made their debut ad water b e 5 Y.ard Indolidal Medley Gir 23.0 (Pool Recond) 2. Er nie third held on long noat his own r a *
Wwaukee o 0. 0-4 "6 01 mea. (5-4), _Brer, Cristante, Drow s away by the Ti- as clerk of the course, Luke Pa. banov; 30- ..a... ,--,r- aq .-.-wM. will, 'S l b..&;C3 s..u.-.g.npat for their fourth coarco U-logs and paced around tho

Q M. 0-. 5 ,o On6uveln 0 e anda House. rs only t wter, on la e rl lumbo acted as "I tart b le .o P0 ela Theriot, oatun- StIebrite np n tht until time had run too lon a

MW ardk Bobby ThCn'randall intle rove tser Baet Decked intraditiongeal10.5. harlee raves; 3 Yard In al Medley G ame lead over ibratar Lfe.
snJ a d Mth nwah h eis Ifi tropalower the com Virgina 1. 1. G race Argo, Gatun- 6 Doran red 20 and Hall 1 to

W01e It rnis to ngs o0_ heome and 1w fa as, dv wa ho r
th vicory M L. Erdie Rodriges9 and J Cun- 50 Yard Free Style Boys 100 Yard Free Style Men lpCr GamesOn Tap Tonlght i
m (9-10) Mlouh. ld oter Na t onal Leage nghaman combined tad servd a ouncer and J. To, ck-29.4 1. Jeff brillaughter, Gatun- Universal Sports and Powe. s Tod y-E ncn o. 5y.2

ansasCiy000100 00-St.0 i Lufiv s nipped Cin- coedy a ver ini e -
S. --,, ^ !9-8,,ro ln ope ,t--, ejowl demostran'Wnn0m .,h.. .are .i- Cunningham, when they meet at 7 tonight r Moor Mrlrn .oSo .
urgh, 4-3 and New .York de- Life Saving aMond Wat er a game, tar took advatant

fowei Indaosm to wdhi ^ 1n ms Sd Cro t o lrn cS rd 0Po d)Argo. Gatun-32.5 (P1. GrdAc O un 17 lace top red bythe At-
tct o.d -.a hurling. r al. racor.- n the anae on cord); 2. Bro, (Despie Richter's hlnl [f a t e s sa 0 poe a

Ceccarelli 1- Heb ert fio scored lfor the tr rt so e ol ,d e
S -Gomems, Willm McCall (3-31, ald trow -.r imhdit t h e quali1 hoosin *Ukld .. sIe v ibratar Life had to go an ee Frank Duran an Jor. ullr i -

Shro r.sf h mself eataand 23 final events b he Id, 5 a re mttkeamt.ric- t wee e ldan
00111160 W1lnt 000003002-512by went children oombi..d their 1. .. nod-73 to victory t teamed up once &gain In the '-U

le bye 0- w,,en r th. for the presentation of a 55.4. 2. bt lat Hlonst Lynn toh r cha f o .be i Me a
0f1t0 5-'01mt 0- 11 1 W l2o-5PI M1jo dl 8 l "WRtm D Mfr .,nwatr show. ot le hnger7s3,.;_ ex o 6 an 0 5 .t'o 6. N pv o n
.r l 01 05 1 1 r t 0 1 a 0 e oed pe e e t andn ad a ult Se .

S in e ague u6N flmse (No belles G itu n s or ais Yo ng 75 Ya rd lingers," Pedl e Bv l g irs 1p m ao 6nder ta 65 tio h ip-
an rbn Cl4ir White Carol Flennken Eloy wit somt, houllck-u1g04.h bless obket In late .f r
P (walem. Ja6son arCId sie, n, Knden tlte am, Rosalie adel, (Pol Record) f 2 G ba ou tscotre Inrm ea o t oI
lne .A8nc-, Bl a I ur. gess andr, h inder (3-1, ue me of the h In the Rahael Rdl and Grace A ro 0Slaughter; 3. Tom Dugan. ee s Navy 27 to 15
m, M u an ean.h it his homer made their debut as water bale* 7 Yar Individual Medley lr 2:23.0 (Pool Record); Ernie third hld on lonnouh or a
Onas. pdled. with Del adall n bao.e, rines in their Hawaiian les War 1 Pamela Therlot, atun--tiebrit. 7 t- 62 win to ina1 *
I .TheeoN..' mingle drove ter Ballet. Decked in. traditional 1:105-.; 2. Charlene Graves; 3.L 18 Yard Individual Medley Girls game lead over Oibraltar Lift .
IIatE 'Mathews with the de- leis of tropical flowers the come- virginla Hlrons. 1. Grace Argo, Gatun-2:25.6 Doran scored 20 and Hall 19 to

/Ec. run in the el hth. Rob ly misses swam in grace n u-(Pool Record) hold on tolthe fiist two so of
i ah o erd. a fe better o non .o the songs o the 14 the scoring de
victory Rodriguez and Jay 0 Yard Free Style' Says 160 Yard Free Style Men eCruoal Games On Tap Tonreht

InI rar Dio Ail rhvfn ay thee 1.b-'ys 14.1. Tseo nds.^"A pB BBH
lo or .hio al Lae nnam coen a nd u. eJoe Tw5,.. agaick-29.4 1. Jeff Slaughter, Gatun--- Universal Sports and Powey nnto .35 y .

vr4tLu nie C coa ye eul tenin ( ith -co ); 2. Michel CUD- 06.5; 2. RaymondhCeroft; Jay have two objectives InV mn
naI,' -, Brooklyntopped Pitt. and enjoyable den nham; 3, iichard Carle Cunningham. when they meet at 7 nit for Man aaare, n I
bl, ../ A Ceourgh, 4-3s and New urk dL te Jo SCaving and Water Safet. the first of two import cage "- S- N BN
,, /feme Philadelphia, 8-5. The Gatun lUs A Y Ya ea l1 1 e Sty Wo contest rt will Au theaosay

oe The"l f Ay cih(Beo2 caab The Indians moved tossing within the Trowfr ao won thser 1vnte0a byt r the snES nBUNS

Two ho operd nt highlighted a three estabaonn record forts.W
four ga es of y A the sev enath n jnd y Bob Gule of c k eAro .5 racO Argo, Gatun-1:17 lace trophy offered by-
League lead by licking the Ath- flamnel the water show-with thir' (Pool ,epord), (Pool Record); 2. Carol Flenni- sc d wB l bb he desire to stay

77 12 8 117 .375 that earned the Red Sox heirt amazing antis meet heollowater and Br. aStroke oy w e
i ~, ring board. These boys Joe rower Oulick-42 2 In view of the lte compe- out of the cellar sdlot. U o y E .

aSn'n rioe wtriumph in the iYankeesto t I Mhael C ham; an shn n lGatun and' p we ls contests ha veb

Snaidntm ZaucLn nrovded iadl rThe 8t i Boyx war A e t MrAA S W
TD Ei thictory dhueinge the meet, plns f r .A3m erhl u "PYG 1 YaI enD.'
S e ahit hi homr prowi to 19e arriet eal mt bc or; Btet e g 1

,oo loaer Bo Porteild Ipbyi3.Jack Lewy | H e 1 n
t. r. -e the CAgian 150 Yard di ui! y Boysh l teams is in the miaen fofr twe Bet the first e w to I

story aover the redlIs George ofS G atun established a
n. nire i r made Canal Zonei. record in the' 1. Rd C rof.o Gatun-e nearfutu. t; P e w .r "
r in m the ninth. The 3 Rsut Meo d individual me

of a tie after Iy relay with the last .time .of. ld
o1t tre outhpawe 1:26.5 just oe second sway fromr-

o* "ehen th jm uni o l Rlr 3. te M- To
t 'S lw i Linn r of htee P en 1 ".r 1 c ns.
ed n vruns in the ninth unan8r 1 2mse Aigtemtl.1p".

Jeuilloa hddrG hoed hiiihr d 25 .dra _rie S ent Gis hl

4 N C or.ur7w andtrlpledhomeor 8 he r wni. Btah ghirs1, Oatun-d1.50t
S3nn0i e d e in the second at .. ,pool recs for ty. ema e r h e ast
e rBon er e ao u e ale y -a r In 2: io.6
n ~oUrP d hi, e tin e 1 record of4
tnWr hoee foat 2: by 1. se the 1. 00
b.ez toeaev h tome meteu a rd Free Style a rg w menin.
S In M r t kone u the 17 l 4 r eai ge, old .recd of
sixthinning, theninant lene b 14 vens 3 H:rve
Ill.d~. fr i5 ad ru ns S eabsh a cord th
Rn0C ca a f-ru thKie grls 1 and und er 50yad' .,...
ag a w tipe om a Fothere st turning in the time
Major Dudley S. the Piar of.31.4.- y-- of

"t Waeicd two homeram for hewtMannigd Of Margarita an 7_
.W.h. thu- ne. his byth and 27t ye a old Susa n ) Sirk ofd recor of.
.eoa Pni. cooking on are Bulntiler general W. .. Laid. of tue season whil Ha....s the bOysan girs. S 5ad

,--*-I ______"____ Tw"-i To home rxun by Larry Io.n thedea new_ Mo_1 i .oisd fror t6e
I ad one by A- Rosen wIre the girls 10 and under .50 yard free
.. .n' Range -The HJIParade_ big blows in Cleveland's i'-htt~ slu in the qualifying btats ofn
urivm;l i ........ pitchers. The Athletics led 1-0 won by Helen Genrle n vePtll a

.." d a.u l neA. paw Ceccelv, who held thes I-baRlO croft, oeorge cotto, Tlr- i I
i, -. .- Services sponsored U driving LEaDING BATTC Rn s diana hitleMs until the fifth, aus-uhanaShirk of _MlII
i ookingfered his jf loss htu' joe COffin and Joe
The firs Army cia! Servr (B asd on 0 offlei.J at bats) Grd GsHathon's sngle with te wTrowel bo won their event by

f .,. uanfreen AiMERICAlN LEAGupUE I run rally in the seventh inningl 1 e1n.
tee opened at Wednerdy night newlneight. Put 312 65 117 G5. that earned the Red so their Resuths meet folow: il
dCleve. 8O 332 63 107 .322 12th triumph in the last io r 2 Ye Old __ -
.e addion to Fort.Clayton' oby, Cleve. 67 261 4184 .~32 T ames. or- Zauchin b rovrdedy 5 Yard 1rew Stpo l ioe for t.
to 'operationwhencourse was ocis.i.y tt. Iuenn, Det. 6"264 471 91 .320 Boatontucfkrst three Cit when 1- Math Mnnhing, Mararrit- other scedled alInes
R ehe hit his 18th homer with twol19 8" (Pool Record); 2. oteve avur-y
S... Sint IlClayt.n a a. chum- NATIONAL LEA' uon off losr rOl. P forr d int phy 3e. -closk Lewe.-
p" n, d e the litthell,. Among &ahbur, il. 6264 47 91 .345 the first Mn elief picer. .-_
witnesses were Goner- Cnel EA, Gl 4E 42 11 335 Ellis Kinder notched his third! 25 yar 1I tlye Gil i
l A q- f Spffing g o'Aawn, 320 52 635 scatued h wen it rs (Poolo Record) 2. GvinerThomis;
Ia w- Chifof.Staff, US- Muelr, N.Y 76 3 33 10t 31v7icored y twice in the nih. 1 yhee3. oRuth S n...
A A an o.- S TubbsPRRdSox are now onl hel game n .. .. Gog C tI-"

".... A .., '.I GA.. .:. ht. untiloff the face. .. 1 i-ynr.O z, E I-M

J ii = i JJ TeH~auI 8Ar etk3. ser3-ykPu e.. a a SPEW IIOUAL SIMUS L IE COP P4MW

?- Sn f omIai Mays, G55. ;..i. 63 back home--and it's no cGlirl- yar a .a w PANA -
a -. ence that they're onc again 1. Lindac Cocroft, Coco Solo- o I -
a buc looki keg tI-iteru 7nal 21'i 2, 13 -let Hewett; 3. Pat cc1 ., ..-

Ftl 6 tp the la-leadig Toronto Ma- .I-- W I. .
iV M u *.-.- .* C-al- pe L ape 3-1, in the only other pw .t -. 11 A "
Ike+-' ,+-, -.e.11 rtv"tiI amt M,.ntreal at Richmond | wo'--.O."_ elL .
Lihat e $flflajj.e"nta Colunbus wolI u 1 e J SV g.

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ONO KGKONG. J1u18 (UP) ___,_.__.__,,,__,_____,, _!___[_I__: __-_-_,___._.______
a ed their mind may bembar-

vAke's Military Reserve Plan
,- T hiAm nareloz-
--pected to reach thi Br I-sh"Col.

Snw iaAttacked, Praised At Hearing I t
hem on w i edI ateiy es q *
Wae forfehit ,me rSSIn1ow1rfu bill te a- IA ,
tswar in B m m rWASHINGTON. July 8 (UP)- Russell said he witsurethe
mh sourc aid the turnoosts President Nsenhower's plan to committee will report out an m her Plan M ayl Be .
i D e W b!-ther work in mi:lary reserve was attacked m ni ltratlon t t wi-th NeW Arms gContrUlN n lM ay / I:,Be B:'-
munist C I andIf t so the and defended yesterday as the it completely e petedthe he a
Baeed rofany responsibility tee began hammering out a ate debate by late next week. Od y At ..v A
t f compromise. Hearings are limited to three ..
Committee chairman Richard days to get the bill through this Off erdWUiJ-3 it GenevaUam
l return home is approved, B. Russell (D-Ga.) opened three session of Congress. scheduled
Sbe. warned they face days of hearings by que.oning to end by Aug. 1. The President at
1 i1pa ilbty of trial by court the "equity" of anm a- considers the reserve program LONDON. July 8 (UP)-Dlp- cuse us of hanging back It we -.ft
.- i yal tion plan to force reservists to and extension of the dra, al- lomaoc observers believed today take a good look at the new look ter
I they rwie to return home. undergo some field training each ready enacted by Congres, as hat the Western Big Three may in 'ussla before we pronounce vT f
.or the US.Consulate rejects year after serving two years on the cornerstone of his defense offr a new arms control plan upon It," den said. r n tS
Stbem hey face deportation active dut. program, at the Geneva conference to al- He aid Geneva offers an op- e a
a outpost colony of rit- The Naonal Farme Union Ruell questioned chiefly a lay Soviet Russa's fears of ag. portunity for peace. r
oi oft Communist China. protested that compulsory re- proposal that would force veter-e greslon r t. "If opportunity opens up at fws was
thoritative sources said in serve' training provisions would an of two years of active duty The observers said Prime Min- Geneva, as we all pr it may. to me
week thse turcoats had be "seriously interfere with farm to attend 48 drills and a 17-day lste Anthony den Indicated as we must not fear to IL Our t
w their lo ng-deyed de-ar* work."IThe AFL. supporting the field training or a 30-day fled u inhaddress before the tint aim will be to allay mU-
rip from .ep e general Idea of the reserve pro. training, each year. Failure to Enghpeakin nion in Lon. tret on either side," the British lA
wee due at Caton may an gram, objected to other feature do so would subject him to 45- don .lt ni ht diplomat aoid, echoing President 0
esspeected aboard tomorrow of the administration proposal. day recall to active duty under Eden si that the Western senhower. "
Strain at the Bong Kong National Commander Seaborn penalty of court martial powers will "agree toanyres- "I can quite understand that
iiq F*P. Collins of the Ameripan Le- "I the situation facing the onable arrangements" at the-the Russians fear that free
gmfRuW ed sources said there glon urged the committee to ap- nation is so grave that we must Geneva talks necessary to re. Germany would probably unite ayim n
: welcome at the nar- prove a stronger bill than the force this added burden on those .uFre Russ nfherseuriy a with the West he aild. p unt t
bridge which link British modified version passed by the .men who have already served." against attack from thd West. "The Russians may even con-
with the Bed main- Hooae. He said a reserve pro- he said, "we must completely re- lHe proposed that the Western aider this dangerous to their se-
S-it. .gram must be compuly anud orient our planning." European Union's system for the curity. But the answer Is that it -
tI T.' .-- universal to be truly effective Russell made no direct refer- control of arms was a program need not be so. .lMM!'i WAIWGTON 8Jul 3
a. la c sl- and democratic. ence to the segregation issue "worthy of study by everybody "We are certainly ready, asd i- "enate invel --ga ( Jor hre of the mDooetYates pow'
C a Russell took isue with one? which stalled the reserve bill In whichever side of the Iron Cur. I believe that the Western na- to b lock e ,
Sthe key points in the President's the House for weeks. But he said tain they hapen to be on." tions, including Germany, are th Blei an y l.:p
hkvid u t plan to build a 2.M00.000-man he would move to include Na- The ritdlt Communist Par- also ready t agree to any reass' tiomeaif i atee of the r F os
d To Local rea d reserve by 1960. Mle state- tonal Guard unit in the reserve t Dly Worker called It a unable arrangements which will t.s s c contract mel mngmd vco a. c the z r_.l..,,,
S, Indicated the proposal, al- tem. Reference to the NaO range scheme" and accused give Russia reassurances on this i al
tine ready modified by the House, lonal Guard was eliminated in Eden of rehashing the "same old Point." Eden said. BELD-Jo.1n ,R. Croaker J Senae ansdS Sugu
Sl undergo major overhaul the House to bypass the segre- terms." Meanwhile, the Soviet Com- is tshwa in g greed- t e g
WMi rin ie senate committee. gatlon Issue. Eden tipped his card In his munist no w pw Prao- W ber b a *nwca boom onIt- wep~oine1s1 f
ARIP Geneva hand for the Russians aat a "ro talk" a clon ofA rdr in the M Nenfis tts to-b w C hIts
1its rw German Airline ns Right T o F with unusual diplomatic ,rpotonPl to o Mo. ? powe tw
Itol Vi.owcoa tu US To Caribbean, South America ndor. -o- .arks .o en r sa r 1 0 2UAis.i*j., *-:a

-.O elk.n an rd -'one which was. to have been Gman aw0 faced tihe=I ow t
a I:. wlli ablitaote. aline today warmlyy weomed" American airlines complained oposal gt concrete form lf_ Wlaig hi would n et lJ-elll i U t i
S fort o, at a te ma eent signed yesterday in about the agreement an t there fornignrmiA trs. t/ part an li bloes." A hree a -a Sate -6 d.. i
St71,240. W gton giving Luthasa per- signing was postponed pending ds sieemd opomt out In a idea o staring ubcotmltte ar
.f.4i.mL.n to conduct services to Senate and Civil Aeronautics speech that ttt mah Com!alut Et Germany has VICTORIA f 4 1., July 8 (F) evinced the s act os 1. as New York's Gov
frt ll be them to Latein America. Yesterd ay's announcement for bnst-West arms ontrois. ise proposal the West might ash, beame th ter tkmol
S1 "Lufthasa ees in this agree- said: "Subsequent to these furta- He said there ts no reason why make at the Big Tour talks o todah. b wae the estra tof Cto h m i a.
ervic Co. ent the basis for fruitful Ger- er discussions and after careful the Wbil eflen for t United States. Britain and Juan de a. H completed the s ts ri in
Ie lheat- mIan-American cooperation in the deliberations, the Civil Aeronau- arms "shoue not be Lte fance r av not outlined their 18-mile tde-pped r wtm f or suntyact oamas i And C .-U l
i Wrtel ort aeaiof nternaional commercial tics Board and the Depar t in some orm frome tu West official o Geneoa. But a.m. Itri t MeSo Aond ChUrctlcll
ma of 4n. An- aviation," a company spokesman of State have concluded that ia to the Bast. Sauch ugt has bean give / 5-Vate(ob.e lhsw toU
i t was awarded a said. considerations of all aspects of the Diplomatic observers here be- here to accepted demilitaris- The husky l.g tuc the te.sag % LO-, July 8 (UP) Sew
a ctradt tor Interior He said that company now will national interest, the agreement lieved this "thinking oetr loud" tion of the Eastern none ua the shore at Ia .uthe r. nce i.- Chairman Bates To r stats tovenor A-qil Har.
Svar ous quarters, be able to "gradually uid uap" as reached by the representative by Eden may herald a proposal price of German reunification, ed by an estla 9000 l r- Esver (-T .) told aewsmen riman aved by lane on a per-
The interior aint- it international traffic net. of the United States and the Fed- at th July 18 conference for The Pravda article, entitled son 5 wh lned beat tto titimony bfr rthe s ow sonal visit to Brt toy and
f rackbuildings at Fort The delivery of tour mom Look. eral Republic of Germany should lsome WVU-ty arm control a- Xa otten Talk on serious Prob greet hIm.Te hadbeen th the contract actually not e hnmmdiately accepted an lnvtta.
will be done by the Tro- Seed S r Constellations next be signed imthdiatly." I mentobetween the West and lem," sd t=ea Waapart of water tor 1llrs and ITnmnn stbecauseetailasoning con- ti to wthh itoWtns
__Co.. at a cost of $11,- ear enable Lufthansa to o. American lines' which had ob- tI Communisat bloc. a Western attem to "detadock Wi, ns -"' ]iio ram nt ey e me n- tein5i ill. t
and acellae- ad LatAmerican direct rom astern National Branf Pana pact between the East and West any. Thomas entered ater at thi n e
e Finance Buld- German the added. gra, and Pan Aserican. military blocs might be hrown 'Why Is this obviously rotten 6. e -odA m Te tha ha anheleOar 0 r e-
illo a n.d on troe ril tane M Trans-World Airlines supported in wording to some specula Conod soe W widely advertise el ,n dd it completes Its invesIgation of the si. ito
wer' and thWa.sgedn tha atgree imlen tlio ed itase. ebl tide Sudedhtho heolped conrac and_ make ra r ort, eor to d P imeMinisea hsa
win otr te r mn with em West Germany ov the ret, Pr e Mlin sister declare To. o heA Sit w edpa per also doh.m eadt icomite eas go e
dor at a cost oI5.- vorons protests of Amerlian air- aa l ke nt Wddt M- ha ttstold,oar-. S et o
Th ine. ne vahihdta rid o lnti ted s "h r l e.i .....
T e ite r i i it i a a .eth n e Stt e s anti s-aot J on fIn ot. .t rL arm anth

So o s iRebw AG ctan s.h l From II et Gera Iy to Chil eri t the ma t confern cei s tyee t 8 m an ," M m i a ea TAttn al- oIni a do powered Bii.ibtr ao n
s iginlatigetaetaort oTh.edi net Germany to itan Lo ctkfloemlwehs ho- e 4r) 'hid-t e up by e an ---vd Then he t-e bech t: t
i ven te rght Te C Ra aBoarding Globet asters Lkes
I.e Sel U p H ber C ...el to ly ter Tis Isn tnid on ye.pout b. whenib -,ewa. a Si dH air it.-- .- -I

ip ae r tle w ar eat of W a ma the n e Qort i C Bthe U e r ..aisfe for, e ore t
ortnlncatfon without an- yroun sthe United SBttte to t haervce. (te i Artoro troop ofe 13 hours, was Travis r Force a g b o

II ,, ,__** Dusselsero -Celogne, Bonn, Frankly- time to other polntal-i 508th Regimental Comiat Team Base new Ban Fransaco. There l C I Ifll-Bil
Ilyt 3 SW Th fort, eaagart and Muner ich hnas d i reduced t at.hl The filed into lobemasters for a ui,- Thplanes wl ruel, and a fewa wl rtat -e d.
.edb l to give the Tntan outeat of West Germany hears. n n Japan yesterday with no en on. teacher eof ".enth At era f
t all powrng dom WG beyond. The L cGan dPawerful two Co. eglied more co m ern than if they were These .will be men with de- yhe a ted tf ftba h

im w a lawargdedt _oT h Ue ed States to prans- witho their .in 3-horse- board I n, a bus to the post ex- a dents who re being takerti s.--Hln-.r p.itl-M ha.
*:.l measure eofsel r hnch f wlneylonb to fo m Pam n to oa w-Wn a copntmin gliv ingo aipim on T.anapo c. Wdhy hundre.s ,* ....-slra
or. dD-l-'-- nan-co-- ,v.i W almairy stand beyond to e'll pected to lancrease gt tihhe e first 13 hour- of "Opera- given feouc tbne to put thet Oib tifm ... m
!.i Norg- Africa, the Near East Iad tost traffic to the ne bor- -on gyroscope atarborne wives and ..odren aboard the g.t
ofs truc b eor td. Ws repGrlc of votaReo ti hro P movement in ist went They l board their B us ? l oagtwgahittWest ermatlater.

dp r the pt u o es -. 8rpestl,. now havere temp a- r ong bamn lfavorelit 1ill- the" a teb as te 50fth pla eisa ra, e hII U
te i~eSS--e- Sta"erel whichparm n tiod spi.ot ftr reeot af a- uswitn the o8oth whic itdo lc ot Japan waitog Tft t.
pwothin a yar to fly t n th can roe. Ti Cobat Team at when the arrive. th
convention 9e tj Seuna granted unver th- round trip rate to San wellu h Japan. Other s the troowad Diesaht a

.a m-ee t L ifta D nst new iDO .IlI ontiue to toe $6, te s ro Clbs that are fly- i bd bf leldin tv bomIn
-oNewto w York. that ion tbeg0touP.ue!i- tgj1 0 of the wait m lWlbi slnd.
__________________.. mi, I_ ..__ _Ungg,. _I. t055t b ags oem altl~ti-ifi
I t I iiI-I W to I Weilt-' Ike l aI omIn Q }'Id ~sI "a". m to
Convair Oft 010e few -Tno men, ovwing ngroups Of other '
I (_]~~gaats -s -the m ~tn tol l _, -I toll w aill bc aind earleod only hIs .. iut ,
f pOi..i,@ oiea l p e i ere takmn fistM to dpa mar-eanee oz-
,*-T ball. .'ere '""UM'.
In nmal ad won d -_eI ndm,- -. nared
,a fflurwe U

00 fte a im wlw& .4*.-almn

. -, S... :'- :;

p.". 'F- l*,f
4. -. -' '"4 "- 7 o '

*C1, ,;

V... A'..-
",'.I "' **: 'i

S 6-...

. !fq

rrtS t1S,:c-.



" '-'**"' ". 'Ira .
; *_" "" ';" "
, ..:..-.....-.f..-, .iiK.' .i.

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