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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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nearly $70
laxiaI Zone!

Th.sF FIwirToo?

SANTIAGO, Chile, July 7 (U?)
-4Ammed troops in tanks rum a
too. SantIago -and other.
pOfth today to guard qi
ta O m that May be Ytedby
S biggest labor protest In
n estiUmated o000oA worked.
In uAuions were epeted td1
l a natsu-de geU strL.
aad ^ui l utillt.,

'7JO capital city w aly
amed camp. Moe u15,-1
Lo iidienr am% ma inn were
t, Into maintalniaider and r
operate the necesary Mtsees e
Maob as teIph 0Ne, electricity,
gas andwater,


1 -.

, eenerst w call- AT' ON John Rutldge, melter bms at Jones and Laugsb {,
< a mdnig-t the Un- Steel co. at Pittiburgh, goe right on operating his open eart
.d. ctChl, .Cble's laug- .urnace while the mercury outside climbs to 94 dege.
eo -.Ubr SganlBuM aton, a -- a c l -ibt .
a. e inanal strue-
a owdwkout to
i-tof Wh\Lt S centists
StSf .'"'"'., I -.. ,T.i'. w- -- ./. .-. .a

S 00o C0 -- Irmian John Ollisan of single Co. 91
nv bhia head under a hydrant to get a bit of relief from
;htfig a fire in sweltering mild-0-degree temperature at
i, York city. "




I. '". i

-- a.
0 ,- ...- .
c.- -in ''f M-g* An

Alleged Secrecy
.,** .-1 1' .^ .* .. "




Canal employes were blustering today over possible
new price hikes contemplated by the Panam6 Cpnal Cd.
to help cover deficits in the coming fiscal year.
They seemed particularly annoyed that the circular
concerning increases likely to be borne by them -- had
not been distributed to them, but sent only to a few top-
level Canal executives.
"We didn't even anow about it until we read it in the
paper," was the oft-heard.comment today.
At least three clones of employes who were 0ot.t.
ting the 7 per cent pay increase recently announced for
over 2000 classified workers on the Zone objected stenu-
ously that they too would have to absorb the Cana's
Several empTyc e who came ... to be qite a few rveutla
under the category which In- tionw around here ';Md M5T.
cludes teacher policemen and "I Wq't know. I replied 'if
firemen, felt I rwin unfairr" to cTM n, we kind ofee
make them &hare the extra bur- w, got the pay ra.
den since they had not benefit- AS_.0 .. P
tCSba hS~coSsts paTO bk hou on to's a
eI rsuded e rie fa d mT4 w manMo sorua.. .k.

=14 06 law w.

o re troeUtf SfSM p f.' ......... idg emphatle pbe. ly the "abnm l behavior" qua. entage alcohol content of tWe pK ed ,d d One cyto r arked:
c t t... eouel h beer at one time to get m.W t .they do know ltt r dough, that rlla be

l., will be reeet e Ae for df it o es beer -- .., -._ We'__ r th e emma- .e n qaro an pLJ Ap
thespa IedestroyIn; or el Ifrthe if ^ 1I h o hp t 0 m
emlba fiohune .e-n ed toe2i.Z ms, rch owbod, ,sst the rate of one tcn rd of r t ed n e lhle MSIP 1S s duhtall haa t
eouh b eo u o AnCIrned th .obe o e l LThed s o maror h ey: dhelry m u the r to
anhet at ed- alcohoden geat t lo- te t ared -und Oth e fb" .of h ah n t a wt reea e h p

insl et rs the A a atw oeein ar n o bau te Woclawhav 9h0a4uaresots c ip i nU1or It of e e a m ae ot AM.tlf id
f ed e at a Aath .uan s wM would h e T hySaid. k e bur bat al z Refr deito 0 eld hee er
t h e tla ho ebr py e i e to u. ed in R two or three h -mAlc at o- iDe a l hwnd .11 ttg hrd ns sl t ed

IvSd*Wor 0.10h edrnalcoh the in k, 8no the htdhyto a crath e ewnd 19 5
s wae .s er jg0. _bliseo pbereeunont r b.noeru h. ner a pe w e prN ce n a

e c tor oeeaatl e- l ndo e sai meNDON, tl h '- i- Naal Around the Admintf O -
ci. e nt alm most Wltne aani a so ur e." repted "a pB i a B i at 1ba Ha er ht me-rI

in. thei Ots O r e Am for d Iet y wegrees ae ns ado beesnrateon ta oft
a atie tad and e rner of pIbmtol ad the -la-ntaaitn.ees n e theo tose b o stt g at.o onder rt de B erap wobl ers had their esdstoa n .t
pamat-une 9er 2. m uad.eiiia a aOa nedar vtoth amys su r edl eramne A e n wr eea ta ~ getwer mumble oingl uthe.n po 9- y

00 p sadato e ba c tot o Sno. eaatotsghwoathvat Gua r Gdortuately Herm ch e tween C an oe re orof e o rt eseg ed
tem-g, Potoe C as ft rd; Gov. de Bb G le prrneds rbhem Cols whe ai onw an te su ll of bm r t ito -a efrs eaf
"ad le Io oa C C Cbe dn a nlco m.Thism a. Wle- been arrested under ther s off thcia Wi ina g D t he m
Sof m M ao ee ru st and r n e o secrets act, the suif antl-esp ion rl l oieane whie
St iit i tatm5mt n ot beer, not becauer guards..r.t.s. mu- ne s$ r to -he af P
iL t ud aptcoveri tgincr.aselik asmall ou at Ofa lcd eas sadmiraTy e coWNfr medpa y.nly e m euAf

.'2rel o I Abt nothe foro m., otfeasi a e hSse l ene nrssnmn0 paso teod wi.?L o t oo s.Wloo t _the
O AMr; ,olr b'tae the peontro ed mg a oourt-martial beginn JTulynh"l Iwntr o

A 5l kp ne OpI5eat1m MFah eto k. .-:bl .d.....-4p5s 0.... .1M1 l.slo .a......S
" Ls eNore rphliherae ehan b no further ANNOROUt H, rI a
vof td aatthe ofost eo the Yal srlteeroSant untill the charge ly h d e-oeralgeor kersulyhad thi "hnoeaf r "
r. l 0 h e. .. .. OherrmItte a ird, y okesmtIs nnot 11da ydIndf all e ofnO th las
M t ad. Bte oordero fM assr o the so tarntN me e.tusaed to cor or deny pub- eet, who wa vsitei M
by ae aos e tWharol, tdo a ,resented the d erreports that th crewman rouyh to ee a displayy e ,i
U. eao01wsacoorinkt.tlTuid I t tihtae Ml heq ao hief CanalveZone e ae oret s the yical secesacinto T alee ho t ped a
PoIt lce ame T &erIeaeb, Conae-lOt id O me fo n a l- dn0 e n on tHe enaowenthedandes mre offi nto theeat son
.ds.o. Debct ae._.a al, a P. bneoc. a.. A a. C a en earm w h i a t t heat ro th lnP o a a M isS
..i ce:land apt.or ColonsN ~w4o1no tduad.d rik msn beraid. hccur mar ols ewbll delpe ntfiet wer- e atod ro
aner to ppratethete, the aily worst bl ait the vna ath on. d ted oun .

AKr-etan M of o m anacItune t dr teoea secrs Law lose d jee aloof l ormd on an
lbW, oant aIn- oth ern-orm.It dthat"ns oe-t et tri s earthb a milrow o s eo..

ArrueaP oHae g, annual Vaclb nation, R trat ,..

Sz vev ofln ,ay ad| a ceremony at te Central, director of praOtl banded the maintain the. close bonds of u ggn Juy7f O nfI
a. gradute .t r d M. _.__u of thaep N Guard me s eomplleedtte .ofsfi. "al friekendshi and eteen that -. o. n u.this
infumed toanon irm or.,,,, -p, to- et w Soare fom a= st"

g.tdsifte 14 ionfil Gurd rRaosob a t loa- be twe en its othe worak 'ad. posiMtie bende -,t.e e (UP) t-o realatrtlon of t In the Cr-wtared. .totteeCafe dPasp'y
to rightwe:M os een s chyia fCanalZoneietn ofty pillage oheavens ordof esenrtltued two years Te hours for vaccinationsclothes-usullye
QlI., _- .CA he l pneeandrsec cn o-ad kelnU of hru oIs eetheduled to i July will be from 10 o'dloak In the a mandatory reqee ."
.-,u u J am xo wenf and cL vy ho- ru e .n n e n lIon tae Atlantie ride.. morning until 1 o'lock in te.
dosckw/s no a .aere v_,]ralt- ad -f C t ar dns u anl btweena n0 3 who, bele a ittle ,guistlos re qu..e hua t alle afternoon, and f mom d .tmw@

m n T vacelasum e Thpis wess o and a.crowd of
"fea- t of Ts d the tce mtsLw_,i oTed atesanl'ut ofafoma of the


-dt 1b his wfe

nrra I

announced asi
ta, Elementy
Rainbow CN
L. 3
i* .. .n a .

.If I

- **. -: .. .- -~ ;-
~ 2~1~I *3

* >A. a -. S.-


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-~ ~~.~~t*jflA4 ~
'N 4YrvJP)*N

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- u:'-: r'~l.~r

SIe Me fl" a l e eee"Sbees so' a pear
We- -Lm o, pu e a -dis d er m I whll .
d ae es m e e l.hed. Is 'he sdas ve-ehe..

f.n tr to p"" lensec
ro 0 41,,. .50. ..-resfl.s Ma-fr a'_" eI a IeS


To !pthre tod o ura ter: blishodIn the Mail Box Juie 25.
e =.Oltf t- unds i I d19Inform ,you:.

b h-enom do W Ov done.
,fdd ed i~i ate member ei good JA f whi onurfirdti
ut dey ud be ttee me d into the dt ee dmake known your
'- ~~ o oy .er the ltl of thep si pee nt rather than
-- i 1-u ,h ed ao e, and to mlead the pub-

'WfihMa. the present Incumbent willat aoll times
-fctXS, but not destructive0s such AL
youhIte S do U cehabSydo more harm than iod.
rd et a w pe flinqneftovou: r...-

: That dd eou v mgetlo u re d comemnr Ito
too MheulMr J. ac to meltea Eber
do ohir the r unlIn of tne president rather at,

th j nft W otn6f you eartilouesthgteyome
do et k te c to i fie, d to ei d theft pubi -
at. &A a yourtlet Ide n t i thbe Mlleet of your ex-
rdf r but ynot sditAntve e oto f w
-nd T"A &Mebe.4l ymr ot )W so W

tlaf O" organt.Ollon. Pec y the present of that
only 1de ft-% very 1Wy t maber; you should come I
a j-c.ualt ad witth your officers; atd ti so" fir y6u too
Aoat, anent your letter In the Ma Bo Mx June 30, on
W S iBS the record reveal that you 01 not a abeo th
t offwe is the place to get "iome niht hed" on
tY=ft sO- s "ers) seek --- Sot.-the Mail Box of the
raama American. A. en.
**- a--.,
etD .

TIl T la t eops my warmest thanks and grattude to the
PninMg ll.oawoeorted my. husband to th Saa F rnando
Cl"incltbdSyl, $Use 25, Cound the noon hour, with me very
It, W back seat ofthc" ear.
h DignwMttlditobbe. we made the mistake of going to
Gorspi ~talmfirst, where the doctor refused my admittance
bit8.1kind enouhto allow two attendants to carry my almost
alh o the car.
TO t afte Dr.sak RrynOpd san dr. Garcia who
oomptly attended me, and under whose cae still am.
ay God's bleasnts be upon them.
A United States Citizen
ought Whileo dreammn (on the job):
InI Mates Graie A milk is, by, aw, a mintmup.4 %,ft.
W tV r wh6 dreamed up a 3.3% butterfat Grade A for the
k #~rO-tir- .. .
( A S O*' s .s ,
!?, i|Mumw i>.. ii.i..i..j.iiii .1 ; .}*TOM^ aaC

.. *

I" i age -

U L11aq m 'sin smp lace
f .f. S S(R" staten :

,"shee -
, ~I IFtwe t T lieo ing piece
Sia leadelent


iI 4 I*n"12 3.7

j6 00' $123



*^='." "i 514
... + a



.75 $ 41.25

Radio Phonograph
Now Saving
$116,25 $ 38.75

.... S. I
* '^^ s s .as


- 5.:

Labor Newp


In the "Immediate future" the,
Justice Dept. w1 make. Its first
move to drive pro Commentst
unions out of the satina's intricate
network of atomi lt rada r,
commtu tlostiqo, nad ship.
plag louga Etloin aa wheb the
J.b. depends for sneer existence
There are four such unions sit.
ting astride our defense produc-
tion, vital metal mining, military
and naval commucauons sy -a.
tem and de& P. Juste Dept.,
after painstakin leal prepara-
tion, will tak e of these four
before the Subversive ActivJti
Control Board (f0C) by mid-
Thisb will be the beginning ef a
marathon. legal .btt-o set a
precedent by depriving pro-
Commuaist unions o their right
to represent workers or operate
in a plant or metal mine any
fashion If the government wins
its battle against the first of the
four-the other three will come
easy. Therefore U.S. Assistant
Attorney General William F. Tom-
pklt E earns his cae as
%as posl bleIsint that one

Which of the foar, only he and
his aides Qow, itt wiT l be
either the Mine, S and m ler
Workers, the Interatonatinl.Lg
aoregen and Warehouie n'
Unio, the United *etrical ork-
oer (UX) or the Amerioan Coa-
maoieatios Ajsn.
Any o0 ot these unless can
cripple a bl part aOt or de-
fense work with a iitiMate or
political strike. Any e -Of these
unions ca sta production with
dshtt demontritloa as the
Pacifle coast logahoreMen.did re-
e= when they poled a- work
i a a against the government's
eff to w tu d realif their leadI
er, r.. a .
The iUe'Dept. h moving
t dtnd bfowly under the
Co I V8t omtd .Act of 154--
ai t pro-Soviet activity
a!dM IS .a ertt ain that legjit.
.b dt are not violat-
ed n any.w yby the depart-
ment's action th summer.
This action has been slowed by
lack .ot manpower, by the neces-
sity to comb through tens of
S nd of documents (one of
which is a trial summary of 500
pages), and by a freak typograph-
al error. The Justice Dept. di-
covered that some gal in retyping
tve Communist Coatrol Law, or
s oe eompositor in putting it into
print, ued a time lmit of two
years, instead of three years as
originally intended, during which
C&hiunsist activity on the part
Oo lt leaders must be proved.
nen an bills now in the House
&caretn ~ a-

; d, .I

'tfrr II

"y Good Vere' tRest

71 .', .*. ,-'
,.-- .* ** .
. .." *-" 1.'^
.. t. ,. J

ow.m -A*.

, '' -
IN "

.._ y haven't r elise w rld
""lee newe n Warner e

.. at the ArmyNiavy

et'Str .,,.: ateeda .1.O

... emda s .. lj..the o .majeBlWOfd i e0

ai'u,- o CflR lt jb- eu bn t. 1m

Si. I m aeooiason No Inv siaPtors wa
"." The reel tro Auth of the Alasks Seledse n a tooartghl

I m For Socialized Medicineeag.
Jqlr *, .* -1Raeson for Mthe cancellation wpan iiroun oi i S'l W a.dl-

to s w u RUARK hut ebleu rthe pdeareidnethat flee
S, n Iarea... .Bo~ndkaries are difficult ved e for andr wi.

S. this reao pat of the world crafts to reduce h Marie -
A. _____'" plane s ong Icdt of th tig SeI, Ohinstr. Russln oteb fifl -'a. -
Sobc Eat depreng, maybe, but the donAnther offered 't know whether our plan was n l er rc r a
St me where it hurt vice was great boded or Dide Island-one Russian one let m ore money the andle rvis
Sne I ocialized Me dicine on American-are so close that ski om oment

loo omewolloe the otors made their ^ hi p te store Of rS t and .mow for back and forth with the Reserve Officer a
SI had one and the rounds to special tents the natonalty. con Overton

text minte I am investigating much interest an o ght have been ci o ver es 'Louisian is getting so lanl-
zed medicine via the St. tion s they were in this veremoignty at se a one reason Amrce pull tathe
latn I one part of the Bering Sea. Iar CheI Russel of S '. 0

,George Hospital here wastdepressing, maybe tor their tro le that kept reminding me of the t State Departmede Island n Bagged spot air baseats more or F.ess
Ina. heard a lot meof raps again. Thve nursewas worked harder than war. Thle ambulant agents did amede Island Louisiana claims of 10 where e wants em. When Gen.i
but so tar aay. One mcerned I allied e patients just as hard as will, from passing the tea to* a oneelpr- their coastt The State tt an air Ceerve trainin"t i-st
a.ooimpressed. eneweled over at home tor made their speing with the beds. Nobody eru asked partment argues that i forthe U.S. Barksdalee Officerld. a.s ae itle-
ey had a n ambulance on the One little s al moved so- est that thasfrem-hert just seeme ha tley abandons abot natnity ..-. CongremLsan Overton rtalk
scene in a matter of minutes, and she ran costantly and slid the to be doing np.ome ing Therewas weie T Russian Mexaio mnd other withLohimslthen anonsed tnge baseom
socalzed medicine via the st. lion as If they were -.getting a tios between nurse and patient sovereignty- at sea s oneB reasonN RRmy.Navy rc pull tho rs I
I wokrge p in a ward with a whole last six feet into her troubdesk, like also a remieng me oiddlth- nations a chance e to cite Texas and spot aiBar eats re or le
avleet o eaters aond nurses s aka DiMaggio used to run out aer t war. Theen ambulant patient and LoulTeans ato uotiy their claims o where he wants better, was.
stfree medical, care n Britain,,any s pais.I.ever sew and bu.-sorts of cores of teir own free m.usssov.ereigntyovwter merpela Cwrtise L May objected ia-

bu suoe sfear ds. Theroneee was no feelrg of "wor enuie from pasocide the teat I fo und avairUble ra me, Texasn ut
,pitp. fact thatWn I eam a over the state" eg with the beds.ia being MILITARY GRAFTr iUN To Brooksal ield, Nmocrat O e.

foeine'lt the free list like of charity at work. Of course I have heard all the Armed Services mitteee ..
no .,,c. h x The"e opitsl fare s pothipg to jokes about free wis and tree Senat Majority Leader Lyndon as arfe ta that -he
tis a electroardlo- brag about, but then I never ate spectacles and .e wooden s
any. o smih hLev food asbburen oetlhe w n

Nu ht 0e & W -n
S'. t o iWo-W- iandii Oatvwds b n Ta i
R Insi an 3 ourd. Ies ofb*oking a bunch of fu;:s the esqaent: fla m
Machinery An AB n pres y prode his own lxuries, such as
Il Sa bi e ,aledn b th. to d.etermone w nse t ,her I had a sugar. And if he wants an egg he .
c Will appealedbran.brings it with him, brands it, poandlamest a e d
unicton involved, of couse fhm
Sinvolved Of ourse c hands it o rto uitkeep r thbe 'net I
et re t.hi oard. Suc t4o I got plumped down in a bull- next meal. felt at home again.XtIs ma, tell
Supe re .sorted ai t, inc uding one English good fellow p, and n be a
years. poor chap wo was staying alive this instance was overwhelmed. al'hJriy, w tU out produce al. n '
Ho mortat u action with an oxygen tank, and another Since I came in straight off the stateseat and deuc i
ow import chose left arm had suddenly start. street, I had no egg, no sugar- Grand get mat w t'we
Can be sees by a est sutate- ed to wither away for no readily not even any pajamas. Some chap out ojsin without leavi'ng-ae0y
eat by former Gov. Wilbur M. explicable reason. It was a little dug up a pair of pajamas for m, a cro w. e%
Army. wruker said re t con -
allies in urope marked ufielderAdlai
el"a often passed through
Sthe e hands a ig of i on. p n eoyu-
snictlon l woiri.

Th e be n r Theotically, theB defeated can ew er at least had the adv h on
tforit is esper to
e s with nolegs le.op- -
I oa t forst e t. WASI NGTON -(NEA). The m ank I s- utheay St a esrwih Iie bial t
upa ourt toha jun aw d Democratic party and its 1952 Stevenson to do eir Winking for 3ee1hA he was tt
sctven woman committe e hedextr d eme Stevenson of Illinois, now find In be ronger on the last bu the
leftists a tenrrfe propaganda viic-themselves in pretty much the -The program of acceptance orPresident f o rM3cC a r t h-y. HE
yts resident, Albert Fitzgerald, sme boat that the Republit w cans wit ppoh tion tPre sidentlence Dem wrged theanywas a nube
So the n i n occupied with Gov ThomasEn bower's policies in Congressirctintsh erur tis. R
leal l for vM lese the AFLLDewey of New York from 1944 to therefore 100 er cent aybumn- late the newlook ore mat gn
edIy namd s is by T g fedra. O a t G H H a
Be es whi there split, t heoraded the more feated can- Dewey at east had th adva- I the 10 ead of the parlect
facts -rd. tCompunist.B illy dilate of the minority Part)4 e i b of hanging onto his ernor- campaign in ton to picking
section. But that's p o rein n ernn con on.. cn pa I moves,
These e outfits are showing titular head between elections. Butspeak head of the most pop Stevenson a ked the
round. he p r o o unisit s pretty much of a figurehead tus and richest state of the U- policy an the U.S. economy
1for' example, has Just se o tUPsathe defeated party's leaders in' -w n a sn er ont he toastart
seven man committee headed Congress. thi s i s ,,&-er ,,ttor bn swronwager on e lyas ut te
by Its president,.Albirt Fitzgerald,l Th -was the way It was withtcuttj Stevenson's I n, f I u en c.a- wn, anyway.
to make contact with non. -om-Cot the Republics all throu the Somehow, his speecheasin the last saveman gave up politcking
m st n ios and I Roosevelt and Truman amins-t two years don't seem to crave b-pened.
lThe moJt norous of theu trations. From 44 to 15=. good as they were during the after the eeeto. Maybe at is
a ademesiDewey was supposed ead.1Wg ICjia-.
Emspaek, who have been rp6 .,Dyman. But the dJt o -So. obehrteAd A. c n the reason for his greaterilence
Il named as Communists ny'Taft of Ohio and the GOP.House He has cat out much of theI so far this year.

Iker th e y.split,thee headed the more liberal wing of "b
,old comrade. Males,. tugh aP. Ithe party. And the two men were, Satire ... p,- of to has not shown the talent for
oldco.Ahand the prt yAndthreew onveniomane s an, gfsg coustruetive leadership that his
shrewd, w twants stay b-i- political rivals in three convention n so
and make a fight Emr. c the Republcan presidential ned people take their Politics 1 P
to go into the CO's ptea x _-lnomination. so seriously that the Stevensonl Sevenson is considered ma re of
trical Workers. So does Fitzgerald.- Something of the ame colors, brand of humor didn't get anver a w".s candidate for the presi-
So they're offering to go in. The tion is found in the Democratic with the masses, even though it dency.. ...e was before the '52
CO is saying. give usyour locals, situation today. was good, clean fun. He was never, convention. He is a more open
bu os tin- emmnt', no leaders. ThsI a l guilty of dirty cracks, which are a.1 ldate than President Eisen-
shopping. ....cmte'n.........rSevlmore accepble coin of the polti er is today a candidate for
The red hots are.locking for senate Majority Leader Lyndon. -ucih.
a and security. All haveR aohnson both supported mot of, .n January 164 he Issued some.
vden, toha lmveh.
too. the New Deal program when that New Year resolutions for Demo- manyptica"l observers are of
changed .was the popular thing to do. crat. He resolved to hold fast toathe opin" that the Democratic
Turk for Stevenson in 2 to criticize' ly with foret. o talkinoweoostructvely. soon. If he
iam Texans first, able pelicans i
and sufficiently independent to By ManiC4 at a Democratic, by-pasead

- A. .9.

to the Datense Department, de. Owh 'Lattim
handing Informatien... .The tall torney- GelerlBwnesM-
Texan will te his bearings just h chief cbtr l
before the 16 political season. W E. Burger, o"to e court. ur
... .One scandal the way ouragar is the man who urged ewl.
big bombers are bunched up like men to whip up public sehtiactM
sitting ducks on a few bases. The against Dr. Peters ihotly befo
Air Force has admitted that its that key security case went to th
giant B-36's and B-53's aren't prop. Supreme Court.
early dispersed, but the Budget ---'
Bureau won't approve the neces.-
sary unad... .Lydo Johnson's '-
invetig&URV ame looking in-!
to e ,e co ton- toS
dal adn An a? i ed 5,-
000 000 aos a wasted patting up Me peo MA a1DS
budn wt t Caa'tO bA. me, o mn b -
.0 .36e ame tS i-
eomodas th necessary equip- a
mentorGM built.w It prqulr-
ed utim4tW n ea ,larEew r(
buildings wre Manstrued at the ,\'y

to eoy, hottest ot t the ar
East. It looks as if the I minuiwra I a V H
tion is preparing to call the e / B
bluff ovet (be disputed ostal5S
islands in advance, though he, is -
willing to turn them over to the ,e-
Reds as part of a Far Eastersm Few people care to be r ete
settlement, to as an "old ma" or an "OM
'H ELL'S CANYON SANTMH woman." Bo it is much bettor to
Senator Millikin Of Colorado has speak of an "elderly" mat or e
been bluntly told by the Democrats older' woman. There afte saw
he'll get no Frying Pan Irrigation ways in which we fan show our
Project, long coveted by drought respect fo rolder people.
stricken Colorado, unless he votes One of them to in the thoioe
for Hell's Canyon. .. Senator respect for older people.


By Colbrdith

L ; .

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IJALE,."-' "..

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C-~-~-'-~~- ~PY~I~~Y-

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Is 9.

-(above) e m

Weave 1 9d stabove
avw h llW -weight
lad sum
fl-tsea -rn-F
and lightweight, are used for ev. in rich, deep shades. But the fe ordinated playelothea, tapered
BY GAILE DUGAS erytbing: swimsuits, play-clothes, are lots o the whitened pastels slteks, culottes and shorts worn
NBA Women's Editor cots, afternoon sheath, daytime and many sharp, clear colors. with dyed to-match sweaters.
ensembles. Short. are in gabardine, flannel
NEW iYORK--(EA(-,Wool for Wool appears in the bouffant Floral prints, In fresh colors, or basket weaves, worn with
sumaumer -4 like cotton for win- evening gown and again in trim I are done in wool weighing four matched tops in cashmere or
tpr, ii alt ger a novelty. But' shorts, both in off-white. (There's' ounces to.the yard. Color combi- featherweight knits. Both slacks
woolrtat include voiles, nets, [gray, too in shades from char- nations have a newness about and sweaters have a styling
flannel I and knits in the coal to silver.) them: dark green, black and that's newly feminine and many
lightest weights ever do make white, for one instance, or royal of them are done in the whitened
fashion news. Brown is seen as newer than black and white dor another. pastels as well as the vivid co-
The wool knits, soft in texture black for city wear this summer. I There's a whole series of co- lors.

SwTreaty Iige

SdI Ia Treaty Signec


soSP (D)

Four spadea is the right contract
in tonay a nanai, but were is notes
Ing wrong wian getung to tour
hearts. Wten toe nana was played
in toe oassern buites Megionai
thampionslps,' recenuty, oy 4
lew pfss got to four spades. 1ost
piayera bla ana maoe tour hearut,
out one pia)er louna a way to gu
West opened the queen of clubs,
ann our unfortunate nero wo0. min
oummn witan te ace u cAiuos anu
crew three rounds of trumps. He
tLen twea the ace of spaae and
gave i.p a.Upade w to n mg. Bac
tame a .muu, and bout "ruLeae. tDe
lava ina kitneap sunmnatiand h anc

In Washington
WALLA WALLA, Wash., July
7 (UP) -A day-old riot at tme
Washington state penitentiary
enaed peacefully yesterday when
convicts released nine prison em-
ployes held as hostages and pris-
on ojiicials signed a "treaty."
The reoellion ended at 11:30 a.
m. when Dr. Thomas Harris,
state director: of institutions, ann
Dr. Clarence Schrag, supervisor
of correctional institutions, signed
a document before three newsmen
Theordore Bezzerides, assistant
superintendent for custody and
vocational counselor Jess Bentley
were released five minutes before
the ement w-as Bes

The other seven hostages were
released immediately following
the signing. They agreed to a man
that they had been well treated.
Guard Harold Innes said, "Our,
treatment was good. It was abso-
lutely above reproach. We were
fed and taken care of better than
anyone outside can imagine."
As an afterthought he added:
"I would like to see no repris-
als made against them."
Order was rapidly b e in g re-
stored in the huge prison.

Jewish Couple Wins

Respite In Fight

For Catholic Child

ame it. om to puucan qut nis asti BOSTON, July 7 (UP)-A Jew-
tmp, ishn couple today won a two-week
respite from the threat of arrest
Now- Solth could make sure of for refusing to give up a 4-year-
ten tricks by casing tme top dia- old Catholic-born girl they have
monos and teaing a space to dum. raised from infancy.
My a jack. but bouts was aira:d .udnge Raymond S. Wilkins of
to s tue lor ten tricks lor lear the Massachusetts Supreme Court
that aa,,the otner aeclarers would continued a hearing on the legali-
take t8e iamonda Inesse and wan ty of the arrest order until July
even tricks. i20 afitter receiving Informal assur-
ance that the order would not be
Hence South cashed only one top carried out.
diamond, etaerea cummy wita tne Mr. and Mrs. Velvin B. Ellis
jacc of asuaes, anan ouk a ai- of Brookline have been in hiding
sond line. 'this lost to West s with little Hildy McCoy since Fri.
queen, West prompty casued day when Norfolk Probate Judge
has last club to set the contract. James F. Reynolds issued the ar-
there was ounang yrong w:th rest order.
Soutn'a attempt to make an extra
tricl. However, e sanouid have Wilkins said he was inclined to
tuned the attempt better to avoid agree with attorney James Zisnan
loamg ha contract. 'mere was no that his c Ii e n t s' constitutional
neean o tw rumps Mi such a rights were violated when the ar.
.t. rest order was issued "without
due process." Zisman said there
South aould win the first trick was no hearing on a charge that
in oulll Sh toe ace of clubs, the Ellises were in contempt of
e the ,ace of spadees and g1ve court.
ra ap .He im toena ecube' t Mrs. Marjorie McCoy Doherty,
turn; gves another spade, and the child's natural mother, won
ruMs another dub return. Now he custody of the blue-eyed y o u n g.
draw two rnds of trump withstr in a probate court decision
s.. _..... A -.anJd fj th. last April.

W se U= lu n inma Ueuiases toe
oat diamomds. ven if the fi-
bMie s Osei, dummy still has a
trump to stop the clubs.

The decision climaxed a t w o-
year court battle between the El-
lises, Mrs. Doherty and the Ca-
tholic Charitable Bureau. The
mother, who was an unwed nurse
in training when Hildy was born,
intends to give the child to the
bureau for adoption by Catholic
A msr state law requires that
adopting parents be of the same
religion as the child "whenever
practical." The tlHes have prom-
ised to send the girl to Catholic
schools and .bring he up in her
mother's rell wa .
The lis ut was kept a
clo se ret, ad even Z i m a n
said he depended on daily phone
calla from Sills to keep In touch
wit kim.

Z1sman said iMX rlized he
Faced jail if be Sf nd to give
iup wta eldt tbt OlW 0 agreln
n1e otew him jt what
I Aid fat. e to IwM

July 7 (UP) -r
I 3aA deadlocked
"'iet@ ^. ito'-l to pay for a
1pro1i dollar high;-
w Io m et p a special
. to y to figure out

PreMldent Esenhower has list-
ed him, 1eidoni dollar, 10 year
highway boiling isrogram as one
of liv ast" blls he wonts
pasa a iLtt waio g week of the
,currpt f renalthe salession.
Rep. Gergi H. Fallen (D-Md.),
who had been handling the proJ-
ect in the Public Works Commit-
tee, said the subcommittee was
told to report to the full commit-
tee by neXt Monday,
He said the committee Is In
"full accord on the need" for ad-
ditional highways but is s pl it
sharply on ways to finance them.
Except for that, he said, "we
could have had a bill months a-
The Senate passed a trimmed-
down, five year program after
knocking out the administration
plan to finance most of the in-
creased federal cost by special
government bonds. Under the
Senate bill, the program would be
financed by direct appropriations.
Fallon said the House group Is
not even considering the .Senate
version because most members
consider it "inadequate." R ep.
George A. Dondero (R-Mtch.), a
committee member, said a ft er
conferring with two cabinet offi-
cers he believes t h e President
would veto any such bill.
PFallon said It would be euqaUlly
futile to make the program en-

tirely dependent on the P res I-
e _dent's bond plan because the Sen-
1 To End Riot Line Problems ate almost certainly would rebel.
He indicated the subcommittee
CHICAGO -(UP)- The problem will try to work out a comprom-
a of city governments nla the United is between, the Presidents pro-
Of> 1 t'flSOn States are further complicated by gram and Fallon's substitute pro-
their locations, according to the postal. The latter would raise &n
American Municipal Association, estimated 16 billion dollars
In 325 cities, for instance, boun- through increased taxes on gaso-
Harris and Schrag negotiated daries of the city are located in line, diesel fuel and truck tires.
for four hours this morning with two counties. Ten incorporated mu.
five ringleaders of a "hard core" nicipalities cross over three coun- M
of 35 "maximum security" pris- ty lines. -
oners. I New York City completely occu-
One of the prisoners said, "We'pies live counties. A total of 34
did not submit demands, only re- states have one pr more cities that
quests." overlap county lines.
When the document was signed Multi-county cities occur most
the convicts turned over Danes, often in Illinois with 34. Georgia
parole officer W. A. Storey, Sgt. and Ohio have 27 each Iowa has
Bert Jenkins, cook John Roman, 24; Texas, 21; Wisconsin, 16, and
and guards Eugene Winnett, Fred Minneosta and Missouri, 14 each.
Saunders and Anthony Pallis. States which have cities over- 7
The riot started at 9:45 a.m. lapping three counties are Georgia, Even though n y be
yesterday and convicts took over Illmois, Iowa (2), Minnesota, New ent h aManmay not be
all the prison except the we 1- York, Nebraska, North Carolina, Mster In his homs, he Is usually
guorded walls.. bio,,S9uth Dakota and Texas regoorded as ti poympster. .em"
......... "-_ .i..i ....., af-. ..6a:ii 4 .--. .. .l-x 'k z.uta .' : ,


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There will be .an inspection of electric cur-
rent on Friday, July 8, 1955 between the hours
of 5:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. in the following sec-
The area between 50 East, 9th Street, 19th Street
San Francisco and Via Porras. 1st., 2nd & 18
Sts. Carrasquilla. Via 'Espafa from the Ideal
Bakery to the Sabanas Fire Station. On Via Fer-
nando de C6rdova from Via Espafia to 3rd Street
Vista Hermosa. The area between 1st & 3rd
Streets, Francisco Filos & Ricardo Mir6.
Comparda Panamefia de Fuerza y Luz Is
constantly working to Improve your service.
So that. you are not greatly Inconvenienced,
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HKi and pay uch lme tfor them.
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a pa-I




Daylight dq.purtfum oslyl

F infarnaimm and .rese- ales, phase
ARsvI HUL MI, 15 94 PAM
a sOvias wMa.U s pturniMs.
PANAMA r., LP. PFom, U.
AIRWAYS ius I-IJ.li1r heop3-. -,
... NM co MsT T 0e wS CALA ,. "MIu

gm w mouND Wte

p AMW e'Ae AC*
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t* e tSon eosAllowa eft y6

=0...=a n=erT= hy. *

-P~ nfl


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Just Received for You i






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I A4






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every new dress purchased !

1f ,U

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Cor All Occas ions

_. ?-. "



*N*'* .

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- Pr

* W PA*^.i

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*- ..-


qI'tiv rrT 'I T FT W4,Urqlh

on TV are a few summer treats,
such as the first TVersion of "Dr.
Jekyll and Mr. Hyde." This one,
starring Michael RenaJe, Is
scheduled for CBS-TV's "Cliiaan
9bn July 28 .. Ethel Merman and
Guy Ritehel signed to pLnhb-MC
'for Ed Sullivan on July 17 and4 24
.. Georgia Gibbs wll take
over for Julius La Rosa On TJuly
36 and 28 Betsy Palmet
signed to pinch-panellst for Jaysne
Meadows on "I ve Got A Secret" Chita ver :, Guy Mithell
Over "Producer's Showcase" yMit
(NBC-TV) on July 25 you'll see a
.ull length movie J. Arthur "I felt the need to db some.
Rank's "The Magic Box," with a thing other thua just dance," she
cast of 0 of the top British film s. "Now I may have gone too
stars .. Patti Pickens will fillt jr. -ve ben getting offers late.
in for sister Jam while e t. y-Offers to do straight dramatic
ter tours. parts, which surprises me. But I
.... think that will be good for nfe,
Mel Shavelson end Jack Rose, because a dancer should be' an
who wrote Bobe Hope's new pic. actress."
ture, "The Seven little Foys," un.
covered many stories about the m Gennaro a. small, dark, cheer.
--at vaudeville family. One they ful man from New Orleans, set
e to tell is how Edie Fo, r., a new catch-as-catch-can choreog.
entrusted his oldest son, yne, raphy record by plotting out the
with $60 a week to tip e stage- "Seventh Heaven" dances in one
hands In the theaters they played week. He works quickly, by in.
But Bryap, who knew a good venting routines "from the way
thing w.m he had it. began to Ce music affects me." Some.
blossom out in new clothes and times he winds up with a dance
put a down payment on a car. that he himself can't do. especial-
Daddy was too busy to notice. ly when he can't recapture the
..Flrallv the chief electrisdan at original feeling. Every business
thPa e Pa e ped him off. And has its tough side.
Edde gave Bryne the making of
his life. From that day en, Bryan
Foy turned over a new 1eaf. He. Thi ageo i gsettg s modern
sever tipp the elp until the old that a coming New York sky.
maB had lift for the station. craper the 38tory Seagram
I Pork Avenue building will be
When Dolores Conchita Figue. built with ta lmes for closed cir.
roo Del Rivers decided to become caut color, TV-e, g. This will
a dancer, she dropped the Do. enable firm. i e buldiag to
lores, Con, Figueroa and Del, both transmit a receive pro-
changed Rivero to Rivera and be- gra over closed circuits.
came Chita Rivers. This whole-
sale name alteration apporentlyl Playing the lead in "Picnic," at
started a chain reaction which has the Theatre-Go-Round in Virginia
changed Chita from a serious bal- Beach. Va., is a goung gradu-
)et student to one of Broadway's ate of Cornell named Nina Wil.
most promising singing dancing cox. A few years back, Nina had
comediennes. decided she was going to be a psy-
chiatric social worker, and the
One of her biggest boosters Is theater was not for their. But, to
Peter Gennaro, the 29-year-old earn money for the post-graduate
choreographer of "Seventh Heav- studies she wanted to take, she
en," who is also her teacher. Gen- started doing a little acting, and
naro, who danced with Carol now she's just about decided to
Haney in "Pajama Game." thinks make it her career. And this
his star pupil Is "pretty tOrrjic." please her family, especially her
"I came to Peter fresh from uncle. He's the great Broadway
ballet school," she Gays. man producer Jed Harri, who is
peclales Is etacHiAg emod tril that his niece is now the
bust, the st. r adway a representative itf this Broad-
ob rather a S l way family Io be an Equity
b pq;tlos ony aced member.
wit my legs arms and I
.came I a w, statedd DICK'S QUICIE: York

tshe r
other thn,. "" VAL ,
says. "Now shes ty u prayers a
-with the Other h things. Wd yet"
That she is. In "'Seventh Jiav- b'" i e.-
en," she is ona of 4 trio of Paris- I CAMPO (CB*-TV): Wheuin
an street-walkers who pretty near. get rich I'm going to have a
ly steal the show. Their comic hb se and I'm going to have two
singing and dancing is one of the swimming pools-one for rinsing.
treats of the current theater. Chi-
ta has the big dancing solos, too.
S Despite that fancy Dolores Con- MAKE EXTRA MONEY
chits, etc., namp, she come from sBi cash poftits NU or Spare
Washlngtoen .C. But she spent T -
lucth of her ehl ood inYTabu- PerOUl C hr6N s Mri
coo, Puerto Rice.. a was strietly samples fN ..
a dancer until 'Soestring Re. Al Us bu beautiful m
tue."- a small, off.roadwa pro- cyphrr i cte s ra i.7MR t.
action early this season. Se be.- Cher ., x. .
gan osng and act funy. ,

"I'm cooking with the steam iron-we're having steamed
potatoes for lunch!"


May be considered "The Movie of The Year"!

*"lhe Barefoot Conlemu," may have to be emonide ed "the movie of
the year," owing to the large crowds whice have bee fli the Cemntral
Theatre ,ine@e It lelese.
*The Barerfoot Conisu." lech h as "unit for minonr," stars Av Gardaer, fuam e Boan rt, Elmnond '- -
Brien, Valentina Lors an id Roms ao!sdw ai will r for at M Indntle
peried owin to Its tremendes meu Advt.

;a W
1' l

Faltering Philip
blutp's il Uf to allied with bruises.
Well-worn Nteop and nup be S es.
Repair woold 1 his home ike aew..
A. Clasfleds. tut the right deael

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AILS! 00?


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- ~ :,- 4~~j




On His Way

The Expert

Haag On, Porky I

IW I im itl f



Like Tht?

lk ArSw^



Bashful Castmer By JAT Y EAVILN

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*; "--:p -. y. .'N : *" : ,'- *+ ,+. '.*

... ;[ .. .. V .* ... -/..- .... .- ,.:
/.- .l m -t^ 1 _^ :^: 1 -'
-- .L~ i.++ ,. .,. ..+ ;, ++..',

'_, -..'
., ^ .-.-/. D *"-+*+ -' ;' ..* :"/ : .+?&
, .'r''." -'-!^ t '' *"W .. t ., ...i';>-- :.: *
t r; .. .. ." -..
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* J'


.. agTtarnetlrtwr l ; 1:"

a well known

pe of- tbe

S.Gr as vaca-. ,i


Swore -ug* AIN Mils
At Pa.msle itMdure", daughter of
he Camera Club of D i abl o Mr. and Mrs, Fred Manuro, has
Heights, sp the week-end of the edher parents here for the
Fourth of July at Panamonte In.mmer i..I the .tal e he will nt-
in Boquete, --under the leadership ter the Skidmore School i the
of Mr. Preton Minton. East. 1
Many hotogenic spots of the ..t ... .! ._.
In azid Its surroundings were tak. P-art Fer i.. Ala .
en or future showing. Miss arita .ool i bebt-
o tsurday evening, the spacious ess tonight for. a Twelcome ba
lou8" was the Scene of a color.- Prty in hoor OfMilti. Alt-
ul lde program depicting the man who bas returned Irom Los

M M Ms. 3. Moore, Dallas, Texas, are announcing
ie. M eat and aproaeblbg marnar of their daughter,
'tE, l, to Mr. Robert Masten Bakely, Jr., son of Mr.
a tert Masten Blakely, Sr., of CristobaL
Ms-Mlfre graduated f r o m
Sunset t a 1 school, Dallas Texas, I.; chaplain, Mrs. Clara Reynolds
in 1.P,-ld entered Baylor Uni- of Fort Gulick; historian, M r s.
versity as-a business major. Mary E. Becker of Balboa; ser.
Mr.' Blakely graduated fr om geant-at-arms,Mrs. Mavis Comp-
Cristobr -Higk School in 1952, and ton of Curundu; national execu-
enter*"-AT. dr ivhere he corn- tive committee w o ma n, Mrs.
pieted s ore-dental course this Grayce H. Gravatt of Ba lbo a;
9= 11 ,; L.. .and .alternate, Mrs. Betty Malone
The-Wle will make their of Gamboa.
bomal Lo isvilUe, Ken t u k y, -
whoe Mr. Blakely will resume lHke]6 Visit
his 'at theb University of W-David
Sfalbl. o Mr. and H. B. Haskell, of Rod-
Aug, wedding date. un, C.Z. with their niece, Miss
S ....... aa Jane Haskell of CaldwelL
ElUti .V ie. ag 9gTogas and Mrs.-Felix ; Childs
rt : W tr bher son -Steven and daug-

ofl, the Panama A du Club Hears
thent of the Santa i- The Curundu Woman'st Cl u b
'Mr *hwodm held a meeting at the Communi-
Enwood s ty Building on wednesday.
el editor O0 the An- Coffee and refreshments w e re
served. Coronel Harry T u b bs
gave a talk about "Civil Defense."
7M i Members who attended w e r e
r -0 the Mesdames Mellda A. Bembe-
gr nek Edris Jones, Dana Hinely,
ne Branch of the Thelma Valentine, Lorraine Zent,.
lau of American Pen Bea Lombroia, Alice Thurgood,
Wonmsue invitations to Alice Talbott, Cecilia Me I e alf,
ae n alw party at Tivoll Diana Bright. JMarj Redding, Chi.
Oun omrrow evening. cli Kirk. Jamie Jamesson, Daisy
~Mrlter Minter, auor G. Torbert, Marie Wentze, Bea-
of 6 on "The Chagrpe," triz Mills, Margaret J o h n s ton,
inh of America series, Ruth B, Kougable, Marie LOcke,
wiYml copies of his book. Virginia Boney, Lucille A. Taylor,
*s I" was the lrst uad the guests Mrs. E. C. Benson,
vol series, to .covqr a 0. P. Curb and Ted Drysdale.
river tide the continent-
al l s. Later, a volume First Birthday Party
on 1e" river in Can- Rene Grace Bakker celebrated
SbeamS books 'Afirst birthday on Monday, Ju-
wii least two "border" A group of friends enjoyed re-
riel Grande which freshments and winning prizes at
fo the United States her first party.
i leip, eand the "St.
which videos the U-
nie rom iCanada along
m New England bor-
Mii|iy ng-- party is from
7 Otreshments will be
Kof the Pen Women
and esd in Mr. Min-
ter be welcomed.

Sconvention o; the eddWed iUA4
Auiliary, De-
ama Canal Zone,
a the American Ii
S ort Amador, C. Z ,
Mcerott of Gat
t^S ^ Mrs. Grayce
0G B a who was the For baking success, use
pre fiee of the sessions. CALUMET, the double-acting
t B officers who wi1! baking powder. Git CALUMET
rs. McDermott are: bakingpowderGet CALUMET
l3t-M Psident, Mrs. V e r a today and try itl
B -lesnilL'rdu: mand vice pres-
ldelrt%.W rafaces Gilley of Mar.
t" t 414 Vice President,
fir..ofArubtb, N.W.-L= FORE
... ." *ION TME CANI

i f Success


garnerr Bros. Film 'Battle Cry'

Story of Guys, Girls and Glory

Leon Uris' 2-year best-selling novel, film in
rHnAunaSkon. WoWe*OIer, nnq r fy!

Warner Bros.' ClinemaScope adaptation Of "'Battle cry,"
a best-selling novel by Leon Urls, opens next Wednesday at
the "Central" Theatre.
Filmed in WarnerColor, t follows closely Urls' book
dealing with the romances, the training and the battles of
a group of Marines during World War II.
The man who knew the most about the story-Mr. Uris,
himself was assigned to write the screenplay. As a' Ma-
rine private who saw duty at Guadalcanal, Tarawa and Sal-
pan, Uria' novel and screenplay are based on personal exb
perience. The author was driving a news truck tor the San
FranclasCo Call-Blletin at the time he- began writing the
Director Baoul Walph rptey t m ths in ae-
lectn actorte and aetrseawho be fel w1dbe perfectly
*- 4 Y. e to pO ra

Van flnr'the Mai or ey of the stoi .Waiarp Alr
Force Lieuteanet F the European Theatre of ra. Aldo Ray
(Andy) and James Whtmore (Mac), as a mesg. r of a Navy
underwater ademoilon team and a machine gu officer,
respectively, participated in the Sapan invasion depicted
in "Battle Cry." Tab Hunter (Danny) was too young for
World War II, but at the age of sixteen served a year in the
Coast Guard.
For the women in tna lives of the Marines, Walsh se-
kleted Mona Freeman W'Kthy, .Nancy Olson as Pat, Dorao-
thy Malone as Elaine and Anne Francis as Rae.
Within censorship igulations Walsh depicted the emo-
tion and passions of war-time rove as described in the novel
As a result the romantic sequence are said-to rank among
the most torrid love scenes ih cinema history.
The boot camp and other training sequences before the
men are shipped overseas were photographed at Naval and
Marine Installations In Ban Diego and at the Marine Base
at Camp Pendleton.
"Battle Cry," which has a personal story to tell Is con-
sidered a graphic example of why producers favor popular
novels as possible screen hits. Advt.

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"J" Street No. 18 and Ti l Avenue.

. at the Jewisa We l- de, .
a La Boca Road. A e w. commissioned to ilus-
w. rate a book covering every phase
lo Egl ad last De- of toe, coal inam try or mngand.
v el and paint in Can- This took him into the mines,high
a .G iN of pictures when on the loading equipment and n
l were mailed. to .E-the colliers tat Would carry Eng-
Ind toe eMbitions being h e I d llh coat to al parts of toe woru.
dring the spring and summer b T e stal oftCeo fiole 8spi.
the &to am Dean Art Club tal I proud f te murals done
Buinsa n e Art Group and reeendy oa the walls of the
the Ma fden ad Arts Club. eb ea'a's wat by this versatile
After completing his work in artist wo is visiting his ea-la-
Canada, several weeks were spent 'law and daughter, hr. and Ms.
painting through N ew England Davd McllZ bny who risde la
and as far south as Charleston, she hospital gpoune
south Carolina. These, like hi Three years of advanced study
Canadian paintings Were sent in portrture and wie drawi g at
home and ar being hown in the St. Martin's School oAr
_En e gandi. M-a- Lonfon further developeW his teen.
Sar In portrtaread nique for the years ahead I his
des A ri g ted from a career on botn sides or the At-
the Chiede An Instatute. 'an.
spe d years 1s l ra books His watercolors maintain a fine
and do jacket e ov s, balance between a recording of
ith a flir .for c h il observed facts nan a imaginative
na' ." sa I n America as interpretation of it in a joyous dis-
wel5 .5!S .. play of sparkling san muted co-
Two i nuang years were lori.
spent in HoBand as head of the
Pbillips Radio Corporation t u. The portrait of "DavWd his
dimo. During that time, he did son.-la w, i. Iforn 'ate is
an excehqnt example of his
Angeles for the summer vacation, skill, force and insight sad is
Miss Altman will attend City done In the manner of ahlghly
College there when she returns. trained and gifted artist.
She is a graduate of Balboa High
SChool. "Archdeacon Peterson," Rector
of Christ Church by-the-Sea, in the
Variety Night Sunday vestments of the church, stands
At USO-JWB Center in an aura of peace and serenity.
The monthly Variety Night will The ecclesiastical brocade of the
be presented at the USO JWB stole was rendered in the color -of
Armed Forces Service Center, on the church season with a lustre
Saundy,' at 8:00 p.m. seldom seen in oil portraits. All
The program will present the this forms the backgrounds for
following students of Ann Lattin, the young energetic, deeply spirit-
Misses Barbara Holste, Brenda ual face of Father Peterson, who
Sue Brown, Ellen Reilly, Candy is loved, respected and in constant
Milhigan, Terry Stacy and Ga demand as a counselor, organizer
Burke; Pvt. Edward Cahill, and spiritual leader.
rector of the Lifeliner Chorus of A study or unfinished portrait
Fort Kobbe and his accompanist,
Cpl. James Shealey; Miss Icyli NEW PRESERVER
Smith and Miss Emily. Butcher
of the La Boca Alumni Glee Club; WAHN N ( Th
the Modernares," Cecil Carter WA GTN (P) -The
Eustace Clark, Cair i Cadg'hl Navy has a new type ife pre-
Franklin Reece, Robert Weeks server that provides head support
and Fred Howell: Cpl. M eI v in for an unconscious man in the wa.
Cooley of Fort Kobbe and Hugh ter. The preserver, a carbon diox
Adams, accompanist for the Lai apsule-inflated type, is wor
Boci Alun ee Club. in the small of the back. When in-
A cordial invitation is extended fisted it automaticallyt urns the
B o ai ttiois extended rdit e
to military personnel and theisurvivor on his back and keeps
families, and the public, both of his head well above water.
the Canal Zone and the Republe
of Panama. d r
Rate Show -a,
Trough TOniht&
By popular demand, Mr. Ar-.
thur McKray's Bates Exhibition,
which has been arranged in coo-
peration with the Canal Zone Art .
eae, will remain at the JWB
Galle through Thursday July 7.
Wi D11Jsr' 6a.btpnoBl ed t h e i r
yeblic both ofthe

The TWB Gallery which Is lo-
cated at the USO-JWB A r m e d
Forces Service Center is ope n
from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. dai-

',us tiW i *

Whulka T*de s -
w HB-urW Telubha.f

Royal Pudding turns out creomyn
smooth and rich every time you
make it. So light and digetible,.
too. Pour big servings from each
ihrifty package. When you shop-
ok for Royal,.

fr .


Just about the Best Soup
you've ever had'


it a m n f.
it a miw In !to&f.I


Heinz Cream ofTomatoSoup
has all that old-fashioned,
wholesome goodnem every-
one loves Made withthe sp
cial care you um in your owa
kitchen, Heinz Tomato Soup
Filled with the rich favor of

pure, mun-ripened tomatoes, ea oned to pe.
tion, Heinz Tomato Soup ib the key to sea .s

Try it piping hot-or slihtly dmled. XIt% -w
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& .


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T io AX WYm YiMAIl!








--; "; r .,


- .4 s~.

- ..a

r -i







2 -I?
s-,-- A*


_ _______


T -
F 4=a,011lq


= '2 =4~

. ..--



inwrnv )




I Street No. U

dtb of July Ave. m J St.
Justo Aimmena Ave. and U U L


" .U -... "" ..

u o" CaumrueIl
Ce4dal Ave. Sa

No. S Leltary Pian

Faut*h i

w -p w -w w I U.
ad as# A "'I

Agenda Internal. do Pubilealones -
45 CamI" Ave.
Parqa Lofere t Sireal

________________ p- _______ S


Canal Zone Dental Polydellnu
Dr. C. a. Fabregs D.D.S.
Dr C, A. Roy D.DL.
S Detare-io woer--ls bra-dv,
Geat r s Practice.
Tivoll (hb of Jus17)1 e. VSfie.SA
(ooelte An School FP
S" Telph=fe g.511-gPma .


Phone Panama 2-0552


Ali Coedilaoned Studio SuIte .111
Dance lire. to 15 prm.
Clarm School 9 aN.m. to 12 noo
TeL SWbao 2-4 or panain 3.150

Drs. A. sad E. ORILLAC
(Palmer GraduatesI
9 Perl Avenue Tel. 3-13N
- (fwar.....L. a trle)

a Match-Stick Bambno
Venetian Blinds
Traverse Curtalns
Glass or Wood Jalousies
Call 3-303 or 5-4904
Estimates Given Without
Obligation I
D;I ltributed by
Products de Modera, S.A.
Central Ave. (between Kodak
S buldlan & Fifth Ave. Store).

Parking Stamp
town businessmen here have
th t up a new scheme to woo
cu tmefs who've been shopping
In the suburbs. They plan to pro-
vide an. hour of free parking. A
shopper will be able to park at any
lot and then get a stamp at the
Ssterem ea cover the first hour of
the parking fee. The businessmen
believe i to be the only plan of
its kind in the country.

AKRON, 0. (UP) Mrs.
Geore Snyder, 80, has been teach.
tnt piano for 63 years and is still
active. Her one pupil now is a 12-
yarold boy.


FOR SALE:- 3-week-old Corn-
my mattress for double bed $20.
2396-D, CocolL
FOR SALE:-Washing machine
Kenmore spindrie, 60 cycles,
good condition. $60. Phone 87-
4233 or as at QOr. 302-8, Ft.
FOR SALE:-Periaon rug. Tele-
phone Bolboa 3529. 5 to 7.
FOR SALE:---Gas water heater.
30 gallons, used 9 months, has
ive-year guarantee. 50th Street
'Calle Son Mortlir No. 30.
FOR SALE: Westinghouse 9-
cu. ft. refrigerator; washing ma-
chine Bendix; two electric fans.
3251-B Empire Street, one block
from YMCA.
FOR SALE: $20 tokes baby
play pen w,'pad, stroller, Kocking
chcir, potty chair. S-piece living
room set. strand Philippine
rattan $180. Amadgr 82-5247.
FOR SALE:-60-cycle semi-au.
tomalic Thor wearing machine,
575. Call Navy 3709.

Wanted Position
sires position with reliable or-
ganization in Panama or Canal
Zone as business or office man-
fagr. Speaks fluent Spanish. Box
No. 134.

Boats & Motors
FOR SALE:-Boot 22 feet long.
motor Gray Marine 26-hp., good
condition. Information: Balboa
Yacht Club. Aleolandro.

M.G. T.D. convertle, good
condition $900. Gamboo 6-466.
FOR SALE: 1955 Hillmon
Min; new, only 900 miles.
Can be financed. $1I0. Ask
for Abadia, S 1" *
Estedie" gas stofi, r. ""V
Street and FrangiaL.
FOR SALE:-1951 Peor seden
Ford V-8 Cutemline, with new
tires and wornout muffle. Call
Balboa 3021.
FOR SALE:-1952 Balc 4-dr.
rden. whitewall lires, sect cov-
en. standard siftA Today's bet
buy $342 down, $19.50 per
month including Inrimuce and
fipancs. SMOOT & PAREDES,
FOR SALE:--1954 Austin Hhl-
y,. During working houn phone
Fort Davis 87-203; ftfer 11
phone 87-513.

FOR SALE:- 1949 Pontiac 4-
door sedan. Call Balboa 1655.
FOR SALE: 1950 fhevolet,
very good condition. Hour
2527-A. Cocoll, phone 5192.
FOR SALE:-1954 Mercury Sta-
tion Wagon. 1955 Ford Country
Sedon. Balboo 2-3050.
FOR SALE:-16-tube radio and
record player, has provision for
TV. Come to Agencies DesI and
make your offer, afternoons, in
front of Cool Spot. Phon 2-

FOR SALE: 1953 Chevrolet
Sedan, w/s tires, new seat cov-
ers. manual shift. 21,000 miles,
S1075. 0592-A Bayano Street.
Phone 2-4336 2-1595.

General Motors Jumps $15

At News Of 3-Way Split

NEW YORK,. July 7 (UP) concern announced that OM
General Motors announcement will boost i sautborled .
of a three4or-one stock- Sp# nqp stock t half aDl
went its .t ck soaurig -$15 a hares, ift sckholdera2ih
*hare on the' New York 8Stock the s ,oak-sp tingpr a
Exchange yesterday, spearhead- special tnee .g Sept S .
Ing a boom that carried the in- This would mean common
dustrial average to a new all- stock authorized would jump
time high. from 150 miUlon share of $5
At market opening, there was par value to 500 million shares
a scramble to buy OM stock, but of $1.66 per value.
it took dealers an hour- and 45 In the stock split, each
minutes to find enough persons share of GM stock would be
willing to ell. exchanged for three shares.
The activity resulted in the OM opened at $128, a rise fit
biggest transaction In the his- $14.63 over Tuesday's close, and
tory of the exchange. A 5,000- later rose to $128.50, or $15.12
share block of GM stock was sold higher.
for a total of $10,85,000, with the
Identities of the buyers and sell- The Dow-Jones industrial av-
ers a secret, erage closed at $467.41, up near-
This represented $128 a ly eight points, for a new rec-
share, or more than $14.60 ord. This gain brought to well
over GM's price at the market over 2 billion dollars the market
closing Tuesday. gain so far this week.
The spectacular transaction The buying fever spread from
boosted the value of GM stock GM to other stocks that inves-
now outstanding to nearly 12 tors think may be split soon.
billion dollars up more than $1,- They Included Standard Oil
300.000,000 from Tuesday. (NJ), up 8% to 198; California
OM stock held the limelight Standard, up 5 to 93; Allied
throughout brisk trading on the Chemical, up 3 to 122; Bethie-
exchange and still was out in hem Steel, up 2i to to 149% and
front when the market closed on International Bust ness Ma-
another note of optimism con- chines, up 8 to 425.
triuted by the auto-making. gi bDPte the b I gest GM
ant. sbtoare-owner with holdings of
The board Of directors of the 31 million giare, soared 6 4
world's largest manufacturing to. a new top of $20.75.

Special scenes In "BATTLE CRY"
Great release next Wednesday at the
"CFNTIAL" Thmntre!


o Records Changers
** Preamplifiers
'* :Amplifiers

-tWw;tgany Cabinets


Olnemaboope ca.ira s _. *flp*~.mrs-w _e cso "
spetQIar effects of t b ardmet when Director
Raoul Walsh photographed for a sequence in Warner Bros.'
"Battle Cry," open next Wbnesday at the "Central" Thea-
tre the night training maneuver of the Second Battalion of
the Second Marine Division on the Island of Vieques.
Special permission was ouwined. to alm the exercise in
which the combined fting of theft entire -battalion
plus t guns of a destroyer i Wereused simultpseous-
Y..2y u four cameras at sgicgte nts, two of them
fifty yards side the firiag tg., i r of cnemato-
grapy St Nickox was able M =0t0g wflIs reported to be
some of the most exciting and.reotWtl might battle footage
ever filmed..
Since live amminittna was used In the exercise with
sells whistligr over their h AL the cameramen selected
were those with war sMe., s, SmB to filming under

BOX 2631 ANCON, C.Z.

PM SA : RerIen. funuuItre
Fuldeirm. O'Keef, item,.
weter, beds, Morris u-r-dru
sedM No. 22. est StretA, P
quo Leevre. Phone 3-5280.
FOR SALE: Upright PIlae
$150. 1549-J Gavilan Reaed. 2.

FOR SALE: Arel motorbike
500 cc., good nmingl condi-
tion. now mgiri parts, Call 2-
1291 after 3 Pp..

Position Offered
WANTED: Truck driver with
references, who speaks Spanish
and English. and is willing to
lead truck. Elga; Peru Ave. 72.

Manuel J. (Curro) Grajales,
has been appointed special
representative in Pausma of
LACOA Airlines, succeeding Al-
varo 0olor8an1 -Otjales, a
former employee of Pan Ameri-
can Airways, was recently in
charge of the American Ba-
zaar store in El Panama Ho-
tel. (Mercurlo,.

French Medal To Be

Bestowed On Legion

Post Commander
The French Meal of Rcogn
tion will be bestowed on,AfreIJ.
Gauvin, commander of perflan
region Post No. l by FreSdt Am.
bassador Leonel a during -the
st's regular e

Gauvin wmireceive the deora-
tion for his leadership of the Le-
gion post's drive "which ieetlted
ip the forwarding of 1400 buddy
packages to French hospitals and
the battlefront" during the battle
against Communist forces at Dien
Bien Phu in North Vietnam.
The meeting is scheduled to
get underway at 7 p.m. Monday.

*Canal Zone
United Stest Distrct Court Fee The
District of The CanIl tone,
Balboa DIvri0io
In the th mattr ofthe state of Joseph
W. Jatkowitz deceased.
Notice to creditors, Probate No. 9M.
Publli notice Ise heby silro that
the Pubelic Adman t o the Caml
sone s the a.dns d* eo to

the said decedent p requ to fi0u
SIc with the neeuT v61 et30 In thu
officee of the Clerk SItaS
District Court for the-Dstrict of the
Canal Zone at Ancon. CMl-Zbtne, or to
exhibit them with the neciwev. vouch-
m at t ofce tile U A a.uin-
Istrator. Roem 208, CvihrU Affabs Bu ild-
In. Aneon. Canal oes no, after than
April 3, ..
Claims not so prsnt d by mei date
Will be barred.

ATTENTION 0Lt. Je bnlot
modern finished Bmfr.liMs, 1,
2 bedroom, bat, egd wtw.
Phone Peh" ma 1-4941.

" STMOeMT 4 tI It.

FORMNT:-- Coeou tile en.
FOreird 24arftru dflmaset,
porgdilsaing-living Mreesv.tich-
oh, tiotwter, maid's mres ewo
wervbsw garge. eaeveor serv-
ice. COLOMBIA Sete, front
"URRACA PARK # 44-129 (el-
le Vita). Apply Apartmen "P"
'hr. Ilmfomtiom.


FOR RINT: Modern, ow a-
pertment in La Crests, corm-
pltely furnished includi elhi-
nai UI ,. etc. t w 2 d-
rel d, adoi, living and dining
rmsH Phtference to family with.
O" very young children. Call

FOR RENT:-Modem ome beid-
rewm speitment, hot water. In
the best residential distrie. Call
3-3421 from 6 to 8.

Mr. Thompson, a native of the
Canal Zone, was employed from
August 1930 until December 1951
as d wtreman and electrician.
Most of his services was with
the Dredginw Division, although
he was employed briefly in the
Electrical Division and in the
Marine Bureau. In addition to
his regular employment, he had
been employed temporarily with
the Locks Division in 1934 dur-
ing an overhaul period.

He was 39 years old. He Is sur-
vived by his wife, two young
sons, Bruce and Donald; and his
mother. Mrs. Lillian Thompson.
Although he was employed in
Portsmouth. he and his family
resided In Dayton, Ohio.

Retired Employe
McLeod M. Miller
Dies In States
News of the death of McLeod
M. Miller, retired Panama Canal
employee, in parker, Pennsylva-
nia ,several weeks ago has been
received on the Isthmus.
Mr. Miller suffered a heart at-
tack on May 21 and died a short
time later. He was 66 years old.
He was a native of Pennsylva-
nia and was first employed as a
gas welder In the Mechanical
(now Industrial) Division in
He left the service the follow-
ing year and was reemployed In
He retired from service in June
1943, all of his service being in
the Mechanical Division a&. gas
and electric welder.

Shrepl fm~ntd homes -i
beech Sae Cle.. Tleg.s
TIhompsoo. abi 1772.

Same Clara. Be 433.
PhIe Poanem 1-177.
bel 9-1673. '

Gremlish's Santa Clame Beah
Cottollg. Modern conveniences,
moderate rates. Phona amheo

aldwin's furnished ouse on
bech at Santa Clora. Telephone
Thompssn, Bolboo 1772.
WILLIAMS' Santa Clarm each
Cottgesr-rockgos vefigerutlo, "
2 bedrooms. Phono elboa 3050.

FOR RENT: Furmihed raooe
near Ancon Post Office. Bache-
lor or couple without children.
Call Peoname 2-3068.

S eel astaine, q.uie

of tiree "Wder e iht hbibs
furniture. sesa c n, aeditleo.
Pa ese phOe betwoeN 12 apd 2
p.m., 3-3739.

FOR RINT: Sm ll farmlahed
house to a couple without chil-
dreu. "F" Street, El Conele.
Phone 2-1347.


WANTD -45 f e sto. -
PeMse 2-2431 dse l|

Bells ViJt or El &iS o
spe bli famlyk. Pn.2441L
efile he se.

THE AMEICAN- LEGION, departopeWLof the Panama .Can 2 Ie, *t IIi etl bhel
recently at the American Legion Club, FOrt Am ador, elected officers for the coming yer. tey
are (left to right above), Robert. Frey, Pacific district wammandeir;.Louia Lee, .Aeri t
anums; Dave Harahaw, vice commander; George A. l4ack. Jr., caumander; John O'Conp vie
commander: Joe C. Hearn. Jr., adjutant; John C. Falsar&ro, Jr., Atlantic district commander.,
The offices of the district commanders are being Utliwd are in this department far tha-firut
time since the starting of 'the American Legion in the Zfne. District commanders aet Ander
the department commander In a role of coordinating te functions at the various potah. ala
area with one another. t we are three American Legion posts In the Pacific are_ and two-in
the Atlantic area. The. odtlyl district Us also composed of two posts, one In Aruba, the other
in Guatemala.. -


eSe atebesoomaImade a tbpa-
wieim rU and me tomemI aS
the box simben fd dlly o "S -
dal and Othmirm evee
by hand bi ofhei cM Usd
arnengsano easupf byt.'

Holy Name Society To Hear
Talk On' Communism
Major John Kraka, USA will
be the main speaker at the reg-
ular monthly meeting of the Ho-
ly Name Society at Coco.Solo to-
morrow. His subject will be
The meeting will be welcome
meeting for VP-34, and all mem-
bers are invited to bring a gust
to the meeting. The Air Force
film, "Face to Face with Com-
munism" will supplement Fr.
Kraka's talk.
Lt. Richard Froncek, president
of the Holy Name Society will
open the meeting at 7:30 p.m.
The ladles of the paish may at-
tend the lecture at 8:30 pm. Re-
freshment will be served. Fr.
Robert Long, LCDR, USN has
announced that the meeting will
be held In Bldg. 92, Pier 1.
Cristobal Ranbow
Assembly Rehearsal
There will be a rehearsal of
all officers of Cristobal Rainbow
AsemblY No. 2 at the Masonic
Temple .I Cristobal on Saturday
at 1 p.m.
iCrUbal Red Crew
piunk, efitt afdfe On July T
r it the Red Cross lounge
ti It is the annual
*et flui d are 75 cents and
bridge, canasta and scrabble will
be ed
Members of the Executive
Board hav tickets for sale. The
time sa 100 p.m. Desse will be
erved _and there will be table
rid der pries and a-
P d de. .tom ake thp
after ]a.n ha d.



AlainLadd, the-sereen's oremost ad
ed his:tun foray sword. As & atftY i
vincible in knightly combat, Ladd IM
Knights of the RoundTable against
Columbia PictureeC "The Black nIgt,'
nicolor also starring Patricia Medina
Thursday. at the "Lai."
Ladd, who as portrayed albot eve
man on land, ae = air, now thrills i
his first great S adventure. La
roles, been a secret. I
Western guamanmmeupstlcle. d
SNow- he tales t of modem we
and norf tat d dnteaxeote
ar htm i n M-'o
tifp a er. n .o 4 a kB eiu to

Si to this a It
duck to1ter. of a ma pa
be. at bt-pr a capaben
vin it t ke-axes.

ndg amhr
Find's gelsW InA
color by Tech-
-U rebelS aext

I ..,


9 .-; ':. ,.."

4-.-. -. .
: <^ : ^ L *.. ...

w D o U ..





p~ t.

* '

A r

a -- ... m

I.. .. .







.L%,, ''

V- It*


1 1 i ; "
::].:. ^ -*-i...- .-

Vr Aye. OsbhnI
/" 1
1c'U~wf lllBs( W)


116- .'-...R .- .--,-,ffl .- :
:'; "44 -* *9A ve....

'"ml 4' d rLNE"



,~ W Ru .mmw

-Aw; -
S'fl9JW-WTY *

,t a-



". '

["kini idjomli

- *0

ak O f viehle. Is ye. ev-.
saw It- I ",d hvIs
U-:-. *M6*tkhr I an

. .

i t ."": -
Ato PrormLOVE

Yowr Coammuity Stalo.
CTelepeULe: > 3-Ne
Whes 1Mg People Meet

L & *it "'peal? to a m~m, 1oftial.effif 0- war UM
-'tatt e w ian. .I mose tetreek ra Today, Thursday, July
What Awppls to a Man" were Jeff Morrow received a fan let- 3:3.-Music For ThradaSy
t when U. 's sem y tar from a toen-aged girl who sawl 4:00-reature Review
M Wdinto a l R og.' his performance a benevolent 4:0--What' Your Favorite (to-
e warbled 'o*m-snip uilp scientist from another plsmi in,4- ht's Your Faone be-
T e d "The-. t Thk Island Earth" and show- quest-pleM phOne be-
~~e~_atfS t landed o the la t e- inhis hals the closing paragraph toS 3:00)
P fl i.n e latest ce- Inwhich he wrote: 5:30-Nwsour Favorite
iub .penciling. 5:3-What" Your Favorite
Ad n mm is WMamieirked. ;.It, .You reminded me of aDavy (coIt'd) h
wea my bI number in the ple- C'Ce tfrom Outer asss 6::00--French In The ir N RDO )
ture' she's walking. 6:-L R ON PORT
Ie ga b i.- a ulenwtedi Shor: Marilyn Monroe REVIEW
wi al n thewn. eum umrun v- w and Milton -Berl are said to be 6:30-Interlude For Rhythm
o sp otJ hWol G aurmerlad talking a movie deal in New York. (D3C)
n -. 0. Judy Garland';t l in 6:4--6-DO It Yourself
uiett n al apearanee tour, 7:00-NESTEA ORGAN MEL-
oI Lfped for the west e Zu Z Gabor and Ken Murray ODIES
0114; laow. e atern and are putting together a Las 7:15-Freddy Martin Show .
AihSo toWnt Vegas act. 7:30-Report From The USAI
-. --- (VOA)
a aod lane have been 8:00-NELSON EDDY'S PENT-
c to fltPedt you knw' Bob Wagner's latest pay toost HOUSE PARTY (Sea-
S uat a Charlea Martin puts him in the 70 per cent income grams V.O.)
me script titled "Death of a tax bracket. 8:30-Take It From Here tBBC)
,17autr2" mo d o eyof Serges Ruke. .quests please phone be-
ste :-. Mrs. Jack Palance is seeing her ore 7:30)
Ja Jawyers- .about a divorce. 10:30-Music From Hotel El Pan-
reserved'a-0XVWi..-ef t hotel ,ute- -ma
for 66 ,n' e re nta". re-j Overheard: 'She's young.2A,10:45-Time For Verse
o t DaughterJons ('.right, but heaven knows shelI 00. .Mphony Hall
l s) clects her first'ever, live to be as old as she 12.00-Sign Off
. ,..1. 0, .. ._ _. -emorrow. Friday-lo, July
~d~'d I Cs. -Tomeiorrow, Friday, July 3

flash from,

eia 's pun after
that conference between President
uesahower, and Germany's ChaS-
Wcefor MAenuuer:
"'It looslHke the Russians are
a '.or a couple of bad hours."
Not in the script: Spike Jones
said it: "When the tired business-
man thinks of himself as a wolf
sfme cute starlet thinks of him as
a mink."
This s Hollywood, Mrs. Jones:
Talking about Liberace's bit role
in a movie several years ago. a
Hollywoodsman said: "They cut
hi down to half a smile and no-
body recognised him."
pollywood's only Mr. and Mrs.
movie-making team, Andrew and
Virginia Stqme, agree with James
Dean abott violence In movies.
the" just completed their first
Uil for Columbia, "The Night
d&Te'-" about qome hood-

1 baied on an.actual
pollee ease and they
SBelieve-.the use of violence to
Ps ake a eley oi is valid.
, W ":. ..i w k 6. I T
S' fr




WGuEN9QNH *- Wilmr
Brucker, Defense pepartm
general counsel, has b
a Wed secretary of the Ai
by President Eisenho
Brucker, who served as sove
or of Michigan in 1931-82,
ceds. Robert Stevens. wl
resignation becomes effective
the and of July.



6:00-81gn On The Alarm
Cloak Club (requests -
please phone before 7:00)
7:30-Morning Salon Concert
8:15-Church In The Wildwood
8:iau-Musical Reveille
9:15.-Sacred Heart

.as Bft bone beter

''1 -News
11:05-s-Off The Record fcont'd)
11:30-Meet The Entertainer
12:05-Lunchtlme Melodies
12:30-8weet And Hot
1:15-Music Of Manhattan
1:3-Sons Of The Pioneers
1:45-Songs Of France (RDFI
2:00-Date In Hollywood
2:15-Slnaging Americans
2:30-Tex Beneke Show
2:45-Hank Snow And-/ His
Rainbow Rranch Boys
3:00-Plano Patterns
3:15-Sammy Kaye Show
:a30-Music For Friday
4:00-Feature Review
4:30-What's Your Favorite (re-
quests please phone be-
M. fore 3:00Y
eot 5:30---News
en 5:35-What's Your F a v orite
my (cont'd)
wer. S:00-Guest Star (USTD)
Wose 6:30-Melachrino Musicale
e at 6:45-To be announced
7:15-PFreddy Martin Show
-- 7:30-Report From The USA
grams V.O.)
8:30-Variety Bandbox (BBC)
9:00-You Asked For It (re-
quests please phone
before 7:30)
10:30-Music By Roth
11:00-Symphony Hall
12:00-Sign Off
Explanation of Symbols
BBC-British BroadcastaUn
Corp. *
RDF-Radiodif fusion Francalse
USTD-U.S. Treasury Dept.
VOA-Volce of America.


r-i' *-

HONORED Rear Adm. Hy-
man George Rickover has been
named to receive the American
Society of Mechanical Engi-
neers' Westinghouse Gold Medal
Award. Honor is for distin-
guished service in the power
geld of mechanical engineering,
particularly his leadership in
the success of the atomic-pow-
ered submarine, USS Nautilus.

-I ^Ia^**B


BALBOA 6:15 8I10 DIABLOHTS. 6:15 8:30
0 Libel MERMAN
a &coNneTONme ,'HERshl NO BUmINmSS LIKE
SCinemascope & Color I
%--* ri. "nAWN AT 8sCORRo"
fGATUN 7:00
iar '"Tolnight's The Nlgptt'
c 1 fams RU sau
RA MARGARITA 6:15 g:20

'fids ob-, o"
or"'DeT;.I-l tte COLBT Orean WELLES

:IS A I": F, friday "HIAWATHA"

PARAI4fO 6:15 7:O I0LA BOCA 7:00

SANTA CRUZ 6:15 7 CAMP BIERD 6:15 7:45

.11 I

i .





501 MURO, Manager.
* Igor Yousketvitch
* John Kriza
* Nora Kaye
* Rosella Hightower
Chorus & Orchestra.

JULY 20 & 21

Tickets on sale at:

Orchestra & Boxes .$5.00
Drew Circle .$4.00
Gallery .2.00

For Information call:
MR. DE CASTRO: 2-0357.


MM 0.- A



1 the inauguration of a new service from
First Arrival ............ S.S. "BEATE BOLTIM
o JUNE 235, 1955
Second Arrival ........... S.S. "GEORGE RUSS"
JULY 322 195"
Third Arrival .. ... S... "AUGUST BOLTE. r
AUGUST 14. 1955
General Cargo Will Be Accepted for







r c

per the

Wilford & McKay, Inc.
Masonic Bilding, Critobual, C. Z. |


.j I.1 I


. "SANTA BARBARA" Due Crlstoba, CE. .. July IS
. "SANTA OLrVIA Due Crstobal, C.. ......July 1i
. "SANTA MARIA" Sails Cristobal, CE. ...... July Ii
. "SANTA RITA" Sails Cristobal, C.Z. ..........July 11

. "SANTA CRUZ" "Due Balbea, C.Z.. ........... July
. "SANTA ADELA" Due Balboa, C.Z.......... July


. "SANTA CRUZ Sails Cristobal, C.Z. ...........July 16


ilboa Only

CRISTOBAL: 2131 2185 PANAMA: 2-9551 s57
BALBOA: 1501 159



Great White Fleet
New Orleans Service


UHandj$a Refrigerated Chilled and General Carge
S AQ E .................... ......... .July
. S.S. "MANA" .............................. July 19
US. "MORAZAN", .................................July 16
S.5. .EI .............. ................... ,J ,,
..' H E AS ........................ ....... J ly 23
*LL. YAQUE ................................. July 3
.LL. 'AGOGRSBORG" ............................July 31
S.. O N .................................Aug.

New York Service


Distilled and Bottled in ScotlandM


*IiA!SXI EGop'



Wal. '* 0 So An;


* TEL 2.771

*. .C..U-: .-


mm 1 _. 5. 1
/** Attraction.

(in TrMR)OO )
wuith. -
I iuper-W eflw 2


B.S. "MATAURA" ..............................J.. l 8
S.S. "ESPARTA" .................................Juiy 11 -
.S. AN JOSE" ............................... Jb 18
B.S. "METAPAN"............... ...... ..... usy a
S.S. "PRAMIGGEN" .............................Jaely 3
8.8. "HREB IAm" ..............................Aug. 1
8.8. "OOMAYAGUA" ..........................Ag. I

Weekly slings of twelve passenger ship to New
York. New Orleans, Los Aaxels, San F ci
and Seattle.
Special rmSd trip fJt s Rtn Crismf l s N --
York, Ls Anslegs Sam FrAcisco aS
To New,York .......................
To Lo Aing la and San Francisco ....
To Satte .......................ij


wan PAN~A

a ~ ~ s--Ar#- a- a


- I



l inca

"The LeU Gary Lime," the maffkeent picture In Cinemal ce and
echanioeler, new isowla at the Lux eatre, i a great etertanmment
Sr beth. ears and ee.
tearrin Tyrtme Power and Mlureen O'Har., this movie will be re-
membered for a long tme, Its toehin sebtu tory of love, deVotlln, and
tendernIs. "The L ea Uray J.,r wI be showing for several days at
*te LUX Theatre. AdvI.

. :11.:?. ...5-.--1,. .




5CM I 3>MI I I I M N3F -- -3--t- -1R --





kl Wi3ky ildkp3


lig lights in the World of Sport

POW! RIGHT ON THE KISSER-The puncher is Paddy Young, New York middleweight,
landing one on the kisser of Billy McNeece of Central Islip, N. Y., in N. Y. Young won.

PATTY PUTTING-Competing with National Open Champion Ed Furgol (right) in San Fran-
cisco on National Golf Day, Patty Berg, the woman golf standout, putts on the fourth green.
DETERMINATION-Sweden's Sven Davidson is giving it all Golfers who beat Miss Berg and Furgol received citations. Thousands of golfers did.
he has on this return during the French net championship in
Paris. He met the U. S. star, Tony Trabert, in the finals.

-4 2



Being Features Byndicate







Rchards Says Wilson One Of AL's Best Hurle


Veteran Jim Pitches

Orioles To 4-0 Win

Over Skidding Yankees


NEW YORK, July 7 (UP)-Paul Richards ad-
Ats his last-place Baltimore Orioles aren't much of
a ball club but he insists he has one of the best pitch-
ers in the league in Jim Wilson, a shopworn veteran
who got the "bum's rush" in Milwaukee.
The 33-year-old Wilson doesn't pick on the soft
touches either. He has compiled his sparkling 2.50
earned run average-chiefly against the hardest hit-
ting clubs in the circuit.

Wlshon who pitched a no-hit- A six-run rally in the eighthI
ter for the Bve last year but inning, during which Ralph Ki-
was unceremoniously turned ner homered, brou ht the In-
tooe by them the past spring, dians from behind !n their game
limited the leade-lead New against the Athletics. Herb Score
York Yankees to four scattered gained his eighth victory al-
singles in shutting them out, 4- though hit for homers by Bill
0 and handing them their 4th Wilson and Hector Lopez. Score,
straight setback last night. who wastrelieved in the eighth
"Outside of the no-hitter I raising his season strikeout to-
pitched against the Phillies last tal to 131.
year, no other game gave me as Ted Williams played a key
big a kick as this one," he said,i role in the Red Soxttriumph
after out-pitching Yankee ace: with a homer, double and a
Whitey Ford. single as Tom Brewer picked
Undsmayed by the fact that up his sixth victory. Mickey
he is tolng for a tall-eoder,; Vernon homered for Washing-
Wilson th getting ready to ap- tea. The game was scheduled
pear In his second All-Star game to be the opener of a twi-night
n as many years, despite his twin-bill but rain forced post-
unspsetacular-looking record of ponement of the second game
six victories an delight defeats.; which was re-scheduled for to-
He made the National League day.
All-Star team last year and has: Home runs by Al Kallne and
been chosen to the American Fred'Hatfield helped Ned Garver
League All-Star team by manag- of the Tigers to his first victory
er Al Lopez. since June 7 even though he was
"I wasn't fooled by Wilson's nicked for 12 hits. Virgil Trucks
won-ipst record," Lopez said. 'was the loser.
"I know and so does everyone Carl Erskine won the opener
else in the league that he's a for Brooklyn even though he was
whale of a pitcher." nicked for successive homers by
Wilson, who claims the Braves .Terry Lynch, Frank Thomas and
gave him the "bum's rush" after Dale Long in the sixth inning.
he won eight games and lost on- I Vern Law limited the Dodgers to
ly two for them last season, nine hits in leading Pittsburgh
helped his own cause last night to victory in the second game.
when he drove In two of the Rip Repulski's three-run
Orioles' runs with a fourth-in- homer was the decIding mar-
ning single. Baltimore scored allt gin n the Cards' win over the
its runs in the fourth. Redlegs although St. Louis
The defeat was a bitter pill for had to emnloy four pitchers to
the Yeankees who saw their lead halt a ninth-inning rally. Lar- 1
shaved to 4% games when the ry Jackson was the winner and
second place Cleveland Indians Jack Collum the loser.
beat the Kansas City Athletics, Gene Conley hurled a three-
8-4. Boston's red-hot Red 8ox hitter in beating the Cubs forl
licked the Washington Senators, his 10th victory, Bob Rush suif-
7q-SJB tri'r Uth victory in 121fering the defeat after yielding'
gamnwwhile Detroit defeated seven of Milwaukee's 11 hits. I
Chlaego, 5-3. I Don Mueller's two-run homer
In the National League, the iust before rain halted the game
Brooklyn Dodgers won the first was the winning blow for the
game of a twi-night double- Giants. Loser Curt Simmonsi
header, 10-5, but the Pittsburgh started himself on the road to
Pirates captured the second defeat in the sixth when he
game, 4-1.-St. Louis beat Cincin- threw wildly to third, allowing
nati, 6-4; Milwaukee topped Chi- two runs to cross the late
cago, 5-1, and the New York Gi-_ VESTERDAY'S FRO Jim
ants edged the Philadelphia Wilson of the Orioles for his
Phillies, 4-2, in a game terminat-i four-hit 4-t victory over the i
ed in.-the bottom of the sixth in- league leading New York Yan-
Ifing rain. kees.

Playground Sports

MARGARITA GYMNASIUM swimming classes held every Tues-
NOTES I day and Thursday mornings in the
Gatun swi.rming pool. Most of tnce
Butch Tobin won the Jupe Ta- boys and girls are working toward,
ble Tennis Tclrnanient with a mastery of the beginning Ie g,
nino virn iint f on~ -1

Elks Cage


Reece ....
French ....
Blackburn ..
Barber ....
Fulton ..
Morris ...
Ryter ..
Barbarba ..
Reynolds ..

.. *1
.* ..
.. I.
.. ..
.* ..


Delegado .... ..
Pedersen .... ..
Leslie ...... ..
Carlin .......
Reyes ........
Kirkland .....
Nahmad, ......
i Fearon ........
:Washburn .. .,

noR t ..

Dolan .
Million .
Selby ..
Webb ..
Curdts .
Mead ..
Ebbs ..
Hotz .. .
Led by
points, tl


A. .

Z .. .. ..
z .. .. ..s

nd .. ..


-,, pReaches
..9 5 1 23
4 0 2 8
..2 0 1 4

..1 0 2 2o
..0 0 1 0O
..4 1 0 t91
3 0 0 6

.. 00

0 0 0

1 0 1 2
.. 0 0 41
..o o 0 1

..0 0 1 0,
..5 0 21 1 11
.. 4 1 0 04
.6 5 1 171

0, 0 0 0
..0 0 0 01
53 2 10

23 2 7 48' in tae entire Wimbledon
cf~ 4. G 1..c_ p le... ..d

ener Team Fund Drive

Three-Ouarter Mark

(NEA Telephoto)
- Tony Trabert, who didn't lose a set
n tourney in England, won the men's
h a straight set victory, 6-3, 7-5, 6-1,

Big Ray Reyes with 42 over Denmar's Kurt Nielsen. Trabert is shown action above
he Wildcats dumped the during his semi-final match.

SThe bank roll being raised by TEAMS W L Pet. GB TEAMS W L Pet.L:G
the Vetean of Foreign Wars to Brooklyn.....56 24 .700 New York ....52 28 .650 -
send a group of teeners to the Chicago ......44 37 .543 12\'2 Cleveland ...47 32 .55 ;4%
Hershey, Pennsylvania, baseball Milwaukee ...41 36 .532 13',2 Chicago ......44 31 .587 515
championships reached $1547.80 New York ... .35 40 .494 16"2 Boston .......45 35 .563 17
during the past week. Cincinnati ...36 38 .486 17 Detroit .......39 37 .513 i1
The Non-Commissioned Officers St Louis. 35 41 .461 19 Kansas City .. 34 43 .443 16%
Clubs continue to contribute a Philadelphia .34 44 .436 21 Washington ..26 50 .312 4
substantial amount o money for ,Pittsburgh ...28 53 .545 28', Baltimore' ....22 '53 93 27
.the campaign. The NCO Club at-.
Fort Clayton during the p a stI TODAY'S GAMES TODAY'S GAMU
eek contributed 3 00 owed Brooklyn at Pittsburgh Chicago at Detroit
by A ,brook Air Force s-e with M
$40.30 Fort Amador NCO fattened Milwaukee at Chicago Cleve land at Kansas City
the pocketbook with $250. Philadelphia at New York Washington at Boston (N)
The fital results the p e en St. Louis at Cincinnati (N) Only games scheduled.
valuable within the ext few days. (Twilight) (Night Game)
It is appardht that sufficient fun Brooklyn 030 001123-10 12 0 Cleveland 010 010 060-8 14 '1
will be available to send the team Pittsburgh. 100 003 010- 5 10 1 Kansas City 000 121 000-4 5 1
o the States. Erskine (9-4), Roebuck and Score (8-6), Narleski and
The Canal Zone entry in the Na- Howell. Folles, Naragon.
tonal Tournament at Hershey has Face (0-2), Surkont. Donoso 4Kellner, Harrlngton, Gorman
stirred a lot of Interest in the va- and Atwell. (4-2), Sain and Astroth.
rious VFW posts in the Eastern t
part of United States. AUll k d (Night Game) (Night Game)
of invitations ase being extended Brooklyn 010 000 000-1 9 0 New York 000 000 080-0 4 0
to the Canal Zone aggregation to Pittsburgh 00001003x-4 7 0 Baltimore 0C004000x-4 7 1
play exhibition games throughout Koufax, Roebuck (5-4) and Ford (10-4), Sturdlvant, Wies.
the east. Walker. ler, Lopat and Berra.
Other contributors were as tol- Law (5-3) and Peterson, Wilson (6-8) and Smith.
Idws-Harold Feeney $10.00 Isth- h -
niian Canal Rebekah Lodge 'No. a, (NiGht Game)
of F, 0.00; oseph obrinic P adelphia 011 000-2 2 1 (Twilight Game)
$1.00, and E. C. Vaentine $1.00. New York 000 004-4 5 0 Washington 200 020 010-. 11 o
"10, ".(Called in sixth, rain Boston 30003100x-7 11 1
Simmons (4-5), Kuzava and Abernathy, Stone (3-10), Ra-
SLopata. mos, Chakales and Courtney,
International Olel, Liddle, Monzant (1-4) FitzGerald
and Westrum, Katt. Brewer (6-7), Kiely and White.
(Night Game (Night Game)
I. t (Night Game)W
as,. AAJI.15 iiiJ u~ iuu-ri Im iJ"VF& L1


M s. Ouis 11UU0 030 100-6 10 0l U
Cincinnati 000 000 013-4 11 G
Jackson (4-5), Lawrence, Arro-
vo Wright nnd Burbhrink

Wolverines in the evening's W L Pet. GB CI"olum (7-3), Ridzik and Bur-
opener 58 to 52. Sitting out most Toronto ..... 55 28 .663 gess.
of the 3rd quarter, Reyes picked an n VlValllUp1 JIAxIV-MII .ontreal ..... 49 31 a5 4
up 17 field goals. Jim Reece led Havana .....47 36 .566 8 Milwaukee 012 101000--5 11 1
his Wolverines with 23 points. In Columbus ... 41 42 .494 14 Chicao 00001000-1 3 1
his first three games Reyes has Rochester ... 37 42 .46816 Coney (10-5) and Crandall
picked up 93 points to give him Buffalo ..... 33 47 .413 20 Rush (5-5) Andre, Hillman
a commanding lead for scoring nn n IO n lrO ld Joh so y rause .... 2 48 .400 21 and Mcullough _
leadership. SuspensionRichmond ... 31 51 .378 23H 2 a d M
In the nightcap, Jack Peran- m --- 3 5 7
tie led his Badgers with 18, -- o -- L I
points, keeping themat the top HARRISBURG, Pa., July 7- mission revoked the match- YESTERDAY'S RESULTS U H00p Loop
of the league with an undefeat- (UP)-Light-heavyweight Har- maikmng permit ox rte wtolan.
edawrecord. Ede wKirchmer led his old Johnson, who "blacked out"; Tne commission's action re- (Completion of suspended game
aweyes wgame finith 17 points in a May 6 loss to Julio Mederos suitea trom nearngs into tile, of April 22) LEAGUE STANDINGS
close game f finishing 48 to 41. n Philadelhia, today was un- controversial bout in Pniauel- Buffalo 100010 020-4 7 01 LEAGUE STANDNGS
Next Thursdhay night the un- d a six-month suspension for inla in wnich testimony was; Havana 030 000 000-0 2 0 Pan Canal Pilots on Lost
defeated Badgers will be out action "against the best inter- heard or nine says. 'ne pruar Bunning, Birrer (7), Flowers Gibralter Life .......2 1
stop Reyes and his surging Wild-t ato fboing anier ne lign't brought a Vu-o(ay (9) and Yvars, Yewcic (9); POW-. em Club hh ........ !
cats in an effort toconnue Chargin t"at "b a.........."..... 2'
Sn an eort^ to continue _har ging that Johnson was boxing ban e Pennsylvama oy ell, Harris (8), Olivio (8). San-:Keystoners 1 2
their undefeated record. "not In fit condition" to go Gov. George .M. Leader. A new chez (8), Amor (9) and Noble. ocaCola 1 2
... -- through with the Mederus bout state boxing code also is oeing WP-Bunning. LP-Powell. Las Cumbres'.....
because he apparently was d;ug-;~ritten. es.....
The Hit Parade -ed the Pennsylvania State Ath- In revoking nran'sm match- n000t0.o -1 7 2 Coca Ola t
-U., also.directed-MakingJ1- 1es um- Toronto D. P2C aClf
MAO __ .. L A .LEADE tS. aslg dmat e boxer's $4,- et misasiong rued. e violated eSyracuse '103 O eOx-5 0lD. Pajak ........... 1 1
13 us eofeMAJOR LEAGUdb o LdrADERS 1Ir e o e u Hetki, Fahr (3), HooverI, 16 J. Stacy ............ 12 0 1
SUNI|133 pure be forfeit ed.i boxing coderfor have aing I..s' Landeck (6) and Ber beret; T. Cost ............ 6 1 2 13
B UNITED PRESS The Commission ruled that lalinterest Mtheearnings forehead and Lonnett. LP-W. Wilkinson ......0 0 0
"A reason of having had ad- Johnson whiie operating as a W l ...........0 0 0 0
LEADING BATTERS ministered to him barbiturate matchmaker. -- T. Ingle ............ o 0 0 0
(Based on 175 official at bats) drugs by a person or persons un- It was pointed out Moran was ontreal 001000000-1 5 0 F. Wodarska .......0 0 0 0
Based on offal at bats) known," Johnson should never employed as a matcnmarer by Richmond 00 000 02x-2 7 0,. Hail ............. 0 0 0
ATIA LEAGUE have gone into the ring the Herman Taylor Sports Enterpris-1 Drysdale, Browning (8" and J. Smith ........... 0 0 0
SATIONAL LEAGUE night of the fight. Johnson hadl ies, which promoted the Jonn-iBucha; Starr, Majdella (9> and .. ..
Player and club g ab r hI Pct. testified before the Commission! son-Mederos bout. Watl ngton. Totals 16 4 5 36
Ashburn, Phil. 68 261 46 89 .341 that e believed an orange giv-1 Moran now Is under bail forTotals 1 4 3
C'nella, Sklyn 65 242 42 81 .335 en him by an unknown person allegedly perjuring himself in wP-Starr. LP-Drysdale HR R. Bishop ......... 0 0 0 0
nAa on, l. 77 316 52 103 .326 before the fight may have con- contlicting testimony to the Fernandez. J Coppen Haven ... 0 0 0
Snider Bklyn. 79 29770 96 .323 ned a dru Commison, which closed its W........, NY 7531832 101318 The licenses of Johnson's hearings in Philadelphia June Rochester 100011002-5 11 1B. Gouckenour..... 0 0 0
A ICN AU manager, Tommy Loughrey, 7. Columbus 001011000-3 5 1 D. Stewart .........0 0 0 0
AMERICAN LEAGUE a d his seconds, Louis Gross The ruling also charged that Faszholz and White; Vanbra- C. Bradshaw .......0 0 0 0
Kaline, Det. 76 309 68 116 .375 and Clarence Davidson, also Loughrey, whose license was bant, Miller (9) and Burris. LP- W. Engelke ....... 11 4 2 26
Fox, Chicago 75 310 46 104 .3352 were suspended, and the Corn- suspended for six months, was Vanbrabant. HR-Wilhelm. F. Stewart ......... 4 0 3 8
Smith, Cleve. 79 328 68 107 .326; -- fully aware that Johnson was in '
Kuenn, Dt. 6728047 89.318 no fit physical condition to en- Buffalo 000 000 000-0 2 1 Totals 15 4 5 34
Doby, Cleve. 66 258 45 81 .316 -f Cgnng Ma rrer gage in the boxing contest with Havana 200 801 O1x-4 6 01 Score By Quarters
01 n i M eo Mederos." Bunning, Erickson (8) and 13-16, 22-20, 27-29, 35-34
HOME RUNS Charges against another oflStreuli; Marrero and Moutalvo.'
Kluszewski, Redlegs 28 li|| VhAW I I Johnson's handlers, Joseph Ro-) LP-Bunning. HR-Formental. 1. -
0"4A- TrAi.logr......ltim 11 -A- _

IJuIE1 JuuVIwa Isub

CUriuBa t cory i rom Ueorge arm, ana breathing routines lea- ,--" .... I* T .ic
Trimble, Both Tobin and Timble ing to the "B" badge. Work also Banks, Cubs ........... 21 You g 'U Tricks
had to push aside some rather is being accomplished for the fu- Mathews, Braves ........ 21 U
difficult opposition before the i ture "I' "S" and "A" swimmers. RUN BA Dr W ulV 7 (UP) -
ial playoffs. Marie Bleakley and Every class period is followedby RUNS BATTED IN o Ne r r' o w UPitching
Jean Chambers led the girls' a recreational swim. Snider, Dodgers ........ 87 Cona live M when most of their
rounds. ih M Jensen, Red Sox .........685 International League's players
Sam Newhard, Bill Hayes, and C Kaline, Ti gers ......... 65 in knee pants but the old6l
Jean Chambers, along with Mel- h__ L ms 1 Campanella, Dodgers ... .4 were .n Knee. pas n- show the
vyn Field are the leading tennis J~K~I ig lelussewski, Redlegs .".. 63 usmoot few tricks.
players to date. As their knowl-M a young ror s a be
edge of the game progresses more a RUNS s arr45o .still a show the
Arriye Today; Tals 69N Isb e cod
lament competition. I Mantle Yankees ........ he turned n his
The Margarita Gymnasium bas- R I TAMA~ line, TigTers ......... 68 shutout of the campaign In i
kethall leagues 'has four te ns in nTomorrow 'u"s g ........8. t the .a a Srar I
playing scheduled contests on Bruton Braves ......... ings to a 4-0 win over the
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Delegates representing the pro. -R Buffalo Bisons. Buffalo ear- i
afternoons. George Trimble was fessional baseball leagues of Cu. Kane, er...... 11 lier scored a 4-0 triumph in
elected to lead his team. the ba, Puerto Rico and Venezuela Smith, Indian.......... 107 completing a suspended game
Tryhards; Lewis Tabor is in com- were to begin arriving in Panama F ix, White Box........ 104 of april 22.
mand of the Tigers; Sam New- this evening for talks on the C Aaron, wBravesox ......... 04 Marrero has pitched in obi,'
hard shows the way for the Net- ribbean Baseball Federation. Mueller, Giants........ 10 nine games this season but has
mn while Butch Tobin has his ueer, Gants ........ 101 a 4-1 record and is tied for see-
Terriers ready for each game. i The meetings will begin to. ond place in shutouts-one be-
Ta bling and' the apparatus morrow and end STundayn. All Pa r- hind the leaders. Last nieht he
w uts havebetheaa raitumrw takend9 "a a y.(BaAedionn hecieonsal edoleas. a nd reh
workouts have become almost dai-'talks will take place at the Wash- (Based on te ons) allowed only two hits and re-
ly activities for many of the small- ington Room of Hotel El Panama. I ... oe W L Pct. tired the last 13 batters m or-
er boys and girls. Some of the The eighth Caribbean Series will N wcombe. Dodgers 14 1 .933 der
children have advanced beyond be played at the Olympic Stadium Donovan, W.S ..... 9 2 .818 The Syracuse Chiefs beat thf
the beginner's stage in this sport, next February. Loes, Dodgers ...... 8 2 .800 Toronto Maple Leafs, 5-1. but
A surprisingly large number of 1Wynn, Indians .... 11 3 .786 the league leaders remained
children have been attending the: President of the Federation is Labine, Dodgers .... 7 2 .778 41 games in front when Rich-
____" .... Raul Arango N.; secretary-trea- mond toppled second-placr
surer, Carlos A. Delvalle; and A Montreal, 2-1. Rochester heat
1 advisers, Eric Delvalle, Jorge M Cricket NeWS Columbus, 5-3, in the other
6 W I!I -llIy iBoyd and Alberto Arias E. game.
Fr-* h h 1 The National Baseball Associa-1 I
ltion will be represented by Rob-I The cricket champions of the
I Dlt a, C : Arert L. inc Atlantic and Pacific sides will
l.npt..onsb.p Play Benc u rAesn meet again on this Sunday, this
riu' leguepresident; and ime at the La Boca oval in the
Ch mloonship Play Dr. Gustavo del Cueto, league. second and final match of-the
Sixt-o membr of secretary series between the visiting Sur- If you want
Davis Golf Club turned in 18 hole Puerto Rico: Ernesto Juan Fon- Srey C.. and the home-standing
seaa low enough to qualify them frias, league president; Pedro Sears club. +. f.
or club championship play in an Zorilll, owner of the Caribbean IEcv1cterp ino theArt eEn'R E ,N RI
active weekend of compete champion Santurce club: and Al- si. Surrey, ii=,l D I
Medalist for the qualifying fonso Valdes, owner of the Maya- se, rrey, wth rankn, Mor- KR EEN I
round was S. T. Kuklinski, CT3, guez club. gan, DeSouza, Drakes, Critchlow,
wbeo shot a 76. Lt. Comm. L. F. Shoy, Wilson, Mignott, etc., have
Xellerman and M.L. Mills, all, Panama: Angel Grimas, owner openRly stated their intention of
tied for runner up with scores of of the champion Carta Vieja club; sweeping the series. .
78 for the 18 holes. Carlos Eleta, owner of the Ches. However, the Sears club ex- wni v
Three rounds of elimination terfield club; Jose Jaen y Jaen, ee- to be at full strength for .w 1i
match play begins this week and general manager of the Spur Cola this match and with their top
will conclude on the iast day of Club; and Eduardo Alfaro. players Campbell, Brown,
July. Venezuela has not yet an- Wade, Waithe, Weymes and oth-
A .. .. CUR---- nounced its delegates, but it is be. I er, in better playing form ar I
PAR POR COUISE lived the group will be headed prepared to take the measure of l t
LUBBOCK, Tex.(EA) -Texas by CoL Benjamin Maldonado, the Colonltes who. they main- Svl a l
Tech has won 10 of the IS Border league president. tain, were just "lucky' on the
Conference football championship Metico is sending along an ob- first occasion.
It has campaigned for. server; Salvador Modragos. Game time will be 12:30 p.m.L

land, were dismissed by the
Commission "for lack of evi-

Sports Fans Can

Accompany Panama

Athletes To Jamaica
Seats for tourist-minded Pa-
nama residents are still avail-
able on the plane that will
take a swimming and water
polo team to Kingston, Jamai-
ca, July 14, the Panama Physi-
cal Education and Sports De-
partment announced today.
The special round trip price
for the ten-day trip is 5f5 and
meals and lodging will be a-
vailable at the rate of 53 ptv
Tourists making the trip will
be entitled to free admittance
to all the aquatic events and
may* take in without extra
charge sightseeing tours to
places of interest on the island.
Interested persons may ob-
tain additional information
by calling the Panama Physi-
cal Education Department, Tel.
2-2150. between the hours of
7:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. dally.

Bourbon at its

e A" A1*A

Floyd Palterson

KO's Heavyweight

Archie McBride

NEW YORK, July 6 (UP) -
iYoung Floyd Patterson of Brook-
|lyn, second-ranking light heavy-'
Sweight contender, floored Archie'
;McBride, his first full fidleged:e
heavyweight op pon en t, three
times last night for a knockout at iJ
1:46 of the seventh round in Madi-
son Square Garden.
By his 10th straight victory, 20-'
year-old Patterson earned consi-
deration as a heavyweight co n-
tender for his execution of a man
who outweighed h i m byv 15s
pounds. He was deadly and im
Patterson. Olympic mid d le-
weight champion of 1952, weighed
170-,1 pounds. McBride of Tren-I
ton, N.J., registered 186.
Patterson. lightning fast and ve-
ry explosive, floored his heavier
,opponent for a count of eight in
the sixth round, and dropped him
twice in the seventh. Referee Ali
Berl waved the full count over
McBride. on his knees, when he
was down the third time.

best call for


vv vxmgwg at oston (2naU
Game) Postponed, rain.
Chicago 101000001-3 12 0
Detroit 210000 02x-5 8 2
Trucks (8-6), Consuegra, How-
ell, Martin, Byrd and Lollar.
Garver (6-9) and House.

4iguel Poelet
Cos FNrO Lao

Of Tor d f ee
DIEPPF, France, JOly 7 (Ur)"
-Miguel Poblet of Spain won
a terrific sprint victory nla the
first lap Tour of France he-
tween Le Havre and Dieppe
here today.
Second was Louis Caput, He
de France.
Third Eg"ar Sorgeloos, Bel-



We Accept Ordern
Fur Direct C.Z.
Shipments at
Large Discounts


Today IDEAL .2. .10
Humphrey .
Alee Guln -

--- II



- T

S.-- .. .... .... =. .



Today Encanto- .25 .1
WAHOO! B/115.00
Stephen McNally. in
Vera Ralston. in

V ERt, Ameriia s smooth es

leading bodegas and bars.



i ~

0 ff mr maw mw


V -- -


- -- -

lTIMu e"I.AV A& WAI,'s i

nis g1 mp na




Snider, Dodgers ........
Mays Giants



-.-1 .
A:,+ :; ,;


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. ... .


emo.rab Have i


em rs WGTo finance expanded J 7 .
P.e mocratl today piedicoled

tae etc .next Jan. 1, won._p- TillBTB TAB PANAMABM, e. N,, HUBg, Sffl TS o :
ose apprt night of their plan toe ao

Sand means committee. taxes b 251e
cent uren both workneded that I I I _1
employers to finance ex pnde n"LO "ee p e a k e thewh=486.par. .- .".

SEch oed By Roman Cathlolic Pinme

-eeurity program for the firt BUENOS ADIE_, July 7-(.P) The archbphop ordered that a ance with church tradition dur- sdint news cop.Bg)T or ther .- mid 2S -. ...
Stake effect11 netJan. 1, IV- WOBAII LI. 2iMA5 M IpM EJTT E. IM S-- Wu:'

Maea. ana o ar ope- pore realist night of the Houses alall m s ra o l -

bth emploe s and employers ident Juan D. Peron's plea tor of the church to .tensity their between the ourch and the dcu to the radio and aw ..- --ws'aj' ". g.- '- ";"iew ..... -- re-l...
would be hiked from two to 2.5 peace and harmony. prayers and sadf ices in accord- state. This churc-state friction ding they "place hi .. -; '., l .... e he Adl not rev eel .
per cent on the first $4,300 in --- has resulted to.. much violence ,thin thre bounds ,o: +, +,+--':.-caw ta te- M el di
annual wages. com.e fnd ets ne It folFAlulared Into ton and ha ony." l '" a"e
self-employed persons now r the open last.falL Peros p for ACC e
ruing three per nment thewould Te ple to wl the arch. truce wa. rejected In .nte- -
have to pay 3.7 per cent. bishop refer wa made by deo, Uruguay yea by hi .. eS
This would mean, for exam- Per a nationwide radmlo aexioed opponent- 'Awowii W*Iwe bta'
d t hat an employed peon broadat Tay The prel The leaders of e rge DOUt S *

JinR u $36l0 a month or ore.o f I achbhor dent did net mention the of Argentine civilian and iodl- u-.e n. dWlInwoWt wnd fdtht at eww cSae1
,mta year In Social Security tax- c .m ht, addre,. a Rel for p statement that while ,ty are .'" .._ gl or a,,HlonT,,-,er
%f and a Belf-employed person t-politial trace, he co.ned his not oped to poltcal peace in CHICAGO,4July 7 (0P--Alti 500ma aragns plslet.
with th same income, an addl- Chrh innad to hi g "enemies.n Argenf, they refuse to "be- Ba Steve..n.s. id l.t nightthe tea- ... t ,onal t30.50 annually. S ery CoPs declared that ,"peace come voluntary actors in re- ienhowr admnisltrotona haaheti-dthe.",-d, -- -HM ,efd dl enbe "s es
The tax increase, amounting and harmony ameon our ctlo- cft.onciliation farceur .ed ionl ne "atoilutely nothing" tono ex-., "torhee tut tls Dixon Yat pe
w to one-half of one per cent a hare our retest aspirations" to save the (Peron) dipars. re athe "crcical defitaencies" alarm or oSctrlendinmty. V" lf hephis .l, nt.
month, would also be added to The ar reiterated In- already In a state of bman- of Ameria's public school o _
tax jumps on both employes and antratronss miunDec. e 1954tfla.r teno. To timeomddhimte needs3atea "It tatA bst. "I
employers already approved for which stated "the faet hful He called on the federal gov. v oedIre- Prsident e, theatree, weMa
ature years. should not paicipate in oact eron thestatementd, h to launch immediately 400 b Di
,. rm in- purporting to be of a religious lost the support of the army and a "drastic" program of aid lto in. each MitM prl..att"
teh.. rL rtht an emlloy onlIa to atde I.f they hav e not been o c opinion and has. been Improvete qual o ear or the or ..r.a. r r ou ancel
ub 6lven p H rg reviously approved by church deprived o his principal ag. amrtem. toi- .o on _to b .chdatance" a p
iemplo and emloer authorucdt. geastve wta- the General g res by economist B aA ba He galso -
.nVJnUs o1 roretentions of easintf the elon government should 8pend 'cO 5tl. to heo olrseD ,t tip, ee"s the Pstdent a*w
Swhen it n ormed the 'Vatien mlion doars neet leea and l"oand to d ot e.

No1 nse Of l nmor i l_ .,*_two .eld pre-I p lsbl. a, -m u as *at bimon edupatitag teac ... u -
wouldb ha ikedfro to pay an 5adto al eadhrmo..h-yelass woul be per s ao re-e ---ty a l art bxiy 5.-mrco-_yloesid'n'

DON, uly 7--()-A epulonmarkedthe htpohit i101oArgumend .o.fth.iol osf' niu
chentmon theoi r Itn hasfrersuted wiuhv Be IK casioa hn.,
band a selse po yeandCarhelsesCoe rthfandiredsIntoe aldt iot oapa

t Plane from New York to- ulted in the exommuncation ebdetonpeof "orAptAeflit Al3 the dS ld
a as en Ameereen rgit to wSir od ltvhe pdent and al oth"ersa he" for the dnatons s .hools mdd, t hej ascn in.e "ii ...
ato hurchl. r onnectnt with the incident. MCOW, July 7 (UP)-The e adirattnshool

T; s nlf on wao s bundled ofprcent ay According tc the newspaper philosoi .hical desgme of chess ex Id fm.. wa. 5. ". .. 'p .
thataunseen by Chur- eTsNtttciahe p Grtfler moreo than 50 >fodcd ohevsrtAhecicai of eque eafd deceptive" alr or i Mihu S
$lumonb th o ep oysau in ris fuo rDc 1 -5 sri." T eoiu .'oe n' ... 'a tt '
Aetos al eadsy app itoe f a Ah ih tated th e At Lsbyty, Mont., two-yool ft ooh ii hflled to sai dIin soyai o uped opi th e

t2e17-year-old Ion, Rota, was Cuc ia is held by a nurse ter a ,rhlsprarty found un- tuguay ater the revolt have fstenw.olan "h IWi b .-l 'g s .
i'o death reentl. harmed 300 yards from her famly'a camb m the ksld K trnal been daharltled for rebellion, OThe ttle o.yal over tit roy- HIns Gadt.e July.ident pro-- l = .M
S pthe pgttoebfbaeAe apeariuslstteu potft Theh's mothameadaedthat"adbaed It waa reported anemso that r gon athoa oefo" t olsegansaid !tespat."
the tye that wouldrathe chid and ran off with It. on at right th oons are being held in conI ncom conftoIeprroXe te q ae obtast yewl lt o a t es"ie
tman an be h fend baby's ste necton with the burn c" and otel eofl after inhe team ltlon doolas wor.H of new d l agal a0

,eoo official waiting at the am-- destto of everaliCathonl matchilai endfear stwrdy achaools. ulhis 33 cents a -ear anti-am g .
rt to take charge o thef churches June 16. and Ins the RsIans to tmeet every W3 of admitted MAM). Jaly. 7 Saiond the uttle bea "haauno L The overnment's newly-adp- inwamped the Amteioana 25 to present, crying need." Stevenson Coast Gta adu er
tgof humpnor whatever stand n rar AS ralS 10 1 pointescretary for Press achod oaln y.tetheef oepgsl.l tt u ? &m,, oit tSbao.S*

emp d oys .." Info rmatitn Leoen Bouc he, rom- IVa ey New York, yn h d_ At the hame time, S-heahaen with 33 ow-um.n abo r "ad Zied a.
l probably wl pay B m 1 I i /ed foreign corresponenn lastdl ot-game mries with said, the Prestident proposed~a radioed elwa, "takI" wate" i&-
onthe tb soon. He a 1u night to oniderotes. coT-eirlons bets tp e worltot he gr Ons a odarn1 til n p a spfeec adto teea loglner
D o rto July s n.a..rehip expulsin markthe y hghav ot been to fpbli Opinio e-achalf enoonveantimp ro The yateon a r eorgt h n

on beforeG that an- and one-hal'" Otruc"Pon ld. w l of The Coast .aard rescue -en- named cranke- ". su
rMs put to eat.. -- o -- Th was the base~ for hst federal funds foA highways er identiced the vesl with-fthe grndmother was ac-
owa fond of using mn ,athlic Ch statement today that "I am cer. every 11 (or school, Stevendon leak as the ae Trav. Elegraber who wa ook e the
daother peral bits NEW YORK, July 7 (UP). A sel whh called Itself the Blue te 1e11cOIcS ato L r anxious to chanenge mld. t o Franenbrr houhhold.

Sa mcte r s tot hli fishing boat..with 21 hperons Star. _The last "dl.treas .ie--*" me. ,, Bot,.nik to a match and plan tovenrn called n on the ad- The Cot Gqqrt at .an Jua. The cook later married a
i ourchiles Uon. When aboard wae reported afithereen and age to a commercial t which ,ton thM eW y ine( uture." mstraon to face honestlyy P.R., advtaed tatthe tter youth named eder,
n newspaper reported finking In the Atlantic today, was In two-way conversation Ita vorxIend The diminutive American and rto rmt, our education. S.gebrnh divertedto .and it as -rm this fnm
rla m.uleden b-Church, tl on but .eearchtrs hhned or It with oh wth te sender for more Ithan hn- m ter rsth .erx planned al a-ortas- and dto ive o at at -twxp.e. The ,s --,,er ,hi r
is. v.ti a BOO keeper B growl. auspiclion thtthe tale an hour said a submarine had RI U, ...-at he meant to play the Rus- whatever fund' are needed to do New ba_ r._aao^a, _refwdto _ier.
You' have to crank of /ea trror may have been a surfaced nearby. /i IFoWl ow erl-gr alan "for the world champion- the job. on the go0heast Cuban coast, father, who sd. whi
S mouth to get him to radio-phoned hoax. ,, o Ao ,'eioi, -I He conceded the task of cor- mid o It o would lend ast Coneved by the ewtth Onk-
-ol coat guardspRoKeman said the ,wocead.e.,",,h n'ut,,undr WAnnTNae Jrch 7P t Thei set off the firework. rectng a shorthae of at least tnce. -itle malcg out thb

dear-tlh Man peer,*p The tha' t h bse a r eorted n a oa s l aflt UlS.
t t Ib., -fa l e- lar+uemd-evad fromrd whhtrf aamilyny0 Kody aim. d arye d domition rebello The h.t.. ...... -
tet e l trea o e W h a t ram- isth e peros new olicinges thoe ...... c e e ne b-

man Tahe coast fnard said it ham erd a lo had exploded and was the strains of trying to keep up af ter State ths team .Wlon wot of new.-
off i tinabal,. to dent y.tectheurve- su e.hi t Rs hran ti tvybfd itte a rS
lonIt i t had gone overboard without life Dues. In secret testimony be- otI-. ro oure.
hoWhe A rSearso Fls To Fi fore THo! App"orviewy-;Iesneee eoa
H.ox -ratin e. o sa Nhade been -deshoyoe. Se-CoimoStee 10 lsP esenwt&o sid la
g BSTER ind.h J O 1 l Thec Coast Guardl that there l ade facto cease u
w. ome.ab bel o. reMin Free Ipthe cutter Genan from achieved wwtihPstthouramrsewln" tany a|ki"g'wter mtil IU'"l....-

Win o 6nfr oMn a- New YorkJt t p, C-hapoe r b oasr t oday, D utr ln esn to et Chined,". howevere o4 A .ll

the chen wen, ao a hip fre Persons a o snigaht oesiade thoei thco toesttipon mtwo andpoe-alubloeiee 1 yarHfr on IJeis ittimn ^Of rU|W
IRotga'es, camll I Withor21e 2 A. ardi pleashio te ab out rbegulPatiohe faon i. trome-prmpTe

T esday s he wora- rAIfON, Indochina, Jlt 7I- Ty seas, but the sea and air nT. e Commun/ts were contine- 0, eROMas July t-eUP),-ad
ALakeThe driver, a otvertt tdhool yrtet arom udthevats Deeoi s a d "efaorthehor1l te hsr"siStotol athec
Chrc idm tl thU. E xl It a veya ios. .oae the a tn6gsmaii tdh o uhp oe l Pren "I -' a. "-'"(P _r .wh" .-l-s the
itt oe a lY.or K o Jledulyeb(,,)r-,A ai au F ire so amch ntSoo e here 8ao olai Sennceddon a h s co m an te eaa
thu,, thzom hi fs! boat -with 21p esn dtarn la stwo "mdist DresM rc- .org Ed rormw. ranaeepD b use holU.

o thm*u lnb Wm Curt ma w e d ae, a e tow thea c m r to.I which a toIn te rea t e miainedfce eMty h .wr" -d op o
hlews ant rt helrat shining i the Aanicme tda w nasa o wi o-wa the or sa u atree nort. r nove hr tpo
asdtdenod m toAate expla'eda|ohaa"thanetaareertn anrriv at

t.aid, t Diem said itn a radio broad-o0 Pe Y; JaEnow they are Ne IEng or I EltNom "vY fos .s
Churchil |l lU to tharhe people tfoat wthe ihov hnW Rusia: polTc e which wi e d twin*olu y hdt. Neroger
"o u osfomerf ic sen t no may hav a sr Pthave lanseen -wavreudreeddtoovrm
.., as1, h aws su convoke an e .anoridart hadid F rthel Per n m t leaders bad h audinJ e twmha

da receIn $tyh00 ballm. E3x- aonal Assembly to ersthee, uncdee tryng to do all of the r (yal.ov et ). row w a.Pope Plr
his h mouypethato ge th oradi-hneid h oax.t its prnsaebed ingholde incon..o *Dayucreuesedain un ed to e l.obain11 toe tm at Ps
bab a Hesconceded ethetwiththekbcerwhichghasbenn-tstetroIatheremthe.teamdr r A lo f waes

S oic.ialdas h a t thedestructi He nid that the ovevmenlt a rea- b, h re wurld. ,eown aove tUrf a recework s p etio ausorlavia.e ofatC e at se
h hoao23hoateraadd rvhas decided to "proo roldomntnad hros, t pibegt a-
tE daayngthe"us"ear'"Itail oadrmiss JERSEY JOE'S ANTIDOTE TO JUVENILEe vEI.UNa t
uIf t Thctoat G flu DeuarNd sait hhan medaoghdxloeenwathsrs, DrEigIopEh.- ,l, f- wa imes.
-.on+ t he cub_,M_._,_lRnigheto hadngodeoverbard itoutlitfe leeattnesecret temstimony b-.. .....f3_a,_rtenow. I__I_ _II _II

4 Pue TmMji but some circles interpreted it Ataa
Elimination of Mero W ranDal |i I_________ea__
Rule Bill rthe affairs o VLots Of Loving Attention, Plus Doses Oi
I "* __" -" l"
epITW eM I WASHLN-TOs.JtU7 ) keep children out of trouble, aad knowledge of right and wrong; ta ble timeUL It a bea iadew
S-.,at- N.r ".rA Je if MEo..lof Itt.Owill' work today. to make sure that evil will beor ete ig, p f.e "
S. wi Th bu ll-houldered exa-boxer, puaed; that no particular re.
a g As-- he att, ae-his a le9t"e who has siz children of his own. wari ugeht to be expected from hav
*mthkir Ivrsterday on applied- ePld pW- testiftled before a Senate Labor just aing yourself a ratt
t cholog su committee studying juvenie It poacy In followed, he dina tWTa r
r. ..mid 'ather na t nor racial
beat talk cited deo ix
s-a and saoologists Ca 1 ChlM0d astray.
shap abat effWrt" and whoM has a-
161approach." a lot of bo, gave his

Bill r I- v .-B..-akI -
tis g~- ipbltaltoae



,." ,.*'< ...- ',>!* ,":. ; T..l. .:'-*. "'-,r
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