The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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Club to lco to the team e A i. spie- y. mern School.
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.J A AA tsi ad a 2, teas,, fu, or1d1r. ed the unionWM de- 8teel President Clifford F. Hood For Prealdenvt a Mrs. tlsen- .oirtrrlte _lSllll wo.
-/ etat dire.ta. e to contat the BiB- ordered hle company's sprawl- hower the start the lid ly Qudlckes a1
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fw SIr ping t v inuothew wnaim sort of modiied martiaflaws It f.adtK oee The first meeting of the re- apanned fwOr dax. institute lat ye uthe Parents or gua8rdlanso
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irth their Mn. Valparaso, Chile' major seaport and oats to feed on Zone jobs. four more calls eachdedw, the schoo year be changer choel.______
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S**w TaWMete ua is n e ferum tor rames The Poms
tWift B ig relved *ratefulln and are handled In a whoB*
-C *4a y-e contribute a letter don't be Impatint It it do? et
Sst day LetteNrs are published in the order received.
a* Afma try keep the letters limited to se page length.
dmy of letter writers is hld in steritest sefidene.
., S> n wpepar ssumne noe sponsibillit for setatinst
s ISe ln l fters om reaIders.
i' r:
S 'There was a nice spread on the Sport Page June 2
I I nieOe contributions to the Teen-age League fund to
14 jIgeta on of all-stars to Hershey, Pennsylvania, to p
l l the Teenage World ChLempIlor hip playoffs for 1955.
T- he contributors named are to be commended
cilieeodty. We who support the Teen-age players n thi
ventulre hope hundreds of others will respond to this a
Voluntary contributions to such a worthy cause.
Approximately 1800 C assified employes of agencli
4aal Zone will very soon receive retroactive pay of ab
l under the pay bill approved on June 28 by the Prosn
Wouldn't it be nice for the boysnice for the boys the recipients of
Sp ay, contribute an insignificant part of It to the fund
th teen-age boys to Hershey? I'm sure each contrlbu
* feel better for his generous. act in this connection.
Contributions should be mailed to "VFW Teenager
Box 1806, Balboa, Canal Zone. Incidentally, the mana
saonlel of the All-stars have received assurance from
Bloklyn Dodgers and New York Giant management
bft will be the guests of those clubs on one day duri
.Vtiand will be individually introduced to the stars
c slubs.
iVhat better way to publicize the Canal Zone?

r'. *

Icus caugnM of Newprt Beach Caif
rathlon winner was champion of the
American minei's four. _

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I g ood 6Ascended
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t-- 8 Fathers
oa br--ge 3 Scent of good
Sbeeg cooking
10 Scowl
L',," ,11 Girl's name
S .... 17 Kettledrum
IFaoui19 iNotions
I"lS M23 Flowers
& = 24 Flying toy
Ss- ,25 Roman date
.B?.,, tLetter
KJ c projection
27 Tolerantly
ancysage29 Ocean current

d WhI Santee with barra-
The former Olympic de-
day with 10 to the fastest

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31 Bridge holding 48 Roman
33 Tardler garmen
38 Mortar and 44 Individt
-- 46 Seethe
40 Quotes 47 City in
41 Grants Pennsyl
42 Wound 48 Frees


50 Scold

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The fotr subcommittee re ts started, and a -beginning -should- be which causes controversy, coaniu
It must be remembered that fill two volumes of 80 and 30, made on disposing of existing slan, duplicatiapni hd Wapt and
Lewis, once the giant of labor, pages. They will be released projects to state and local encourages- lUe amtidt
cheered by millions, and the man simultaneously with the governments. "It is my firm intention to do all
whom Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover Commission recommend. The federal government has used in my power to sioMillaft ffctive.
Hoover offered the secretaryship tions. They are almost certain to power and water developments for public suppr t for those
of labor, is not one to sit by quietly create a great uproar from state Indirect social and political ends. recommendations of the Hoover
while men be once led merge the and local governments, from water Navigatiof Improvement projects Commision with which I agree."
AFL and CIO into a powerful fed. lo babies, farm organizations, have been constructed solely to Knowing Adl. Morell as one of
ration. Nor is he one to see the special interest pressure groups bring pressure to bear on railroads the toughest seadogs that ever hit
spotlight on a young fellow by the and from congressmen with pet and truckers to reduce freight Washington the capital js prepar-
name of Walter Reuther, who was pork barrel projects, rates., lag for a simply lovely fight.
just about business agent when The Departments of Interior 'The federal government has paid During the war he orgailled the
Lewis launched CIO. Agriculture, the Army Corps of too large a share of the cost of Seabees, supervised construction.
Furthermore, Lewis is angered Engineers and all their bureaus water resource development' and of 12 billion dollars worth of naval
by what he terms. a "campaign of which administer water resource has required too little repayment bases. After the war he ran the
degradation" against him. He is projects won't like what comes out, from the beneficiaries, strike-bound coal mines and oil
bitter over hearing stories that he either. In recent Irrigation projects re. refineries before becoming bead
is old and through. Only the private power comrn- quired repayments have been of J& L.
So John L. thas beguns to move. I....' ..
Only trouble is that the rest of the
soft coal industry s still sick, still* II I
running at a loss.
The most recent report-60 dar Wll In N w Y r
old-shows that out of eight sou -I
erncoal districts, six were operate, ..
ing in the red. Lewis knows this, -
just as he knows he can get more -
money for his people out of the
steel companies which own 18 per. BROADWAY to-be, Pat Dane, are a coast in-I cambo July 19th... Does Zanuack
cent of the nation's soft coal min ferno Starlet Dolores Doraknow the bigat spy story of the
He knows that the other 82 per- Gloria Swanson'p latest admir- may- marry Greek shipping heir war is "The g Deal" (page 23)
cent on an average ma/ust about er (in Europe) is Butler Miles, Leonard Coulandris in Sept ... in Alexaider 5lein's new book
be breaking even. Y he knows, the Canadian-Pacific biggie .The Bob (WINS) Leders and the "Grand Deception"T This is
too, that if be gets a:kise for the Gary Crosby's steadiest date is a Ed (News) Peters had baby girls Pufflicity: "Anne Baxter cam cry
coaldiggers who work for Big lovely dish named Joanne Johns. Softest job on Broadway Ia out of either eye at will." (That
Steel, he must put the squeeze on Her pater is Brooks Johns, once a Ferdi Hoffman's. He plays the should shut up people who don't
the entire industry to get a raise Zlegfeld star Walt Disney is procurer in "7th Heaven." He is think she can act.)
for all his-men. I considering the answer to t h e shot dead in the first 5 minutes -
This may mean one whale of a "Davy Crockett" song. It is Roy The "Archy and Mehitibal" Jim O'Neill was formerly an
strike-4ome time next fall, just' Alfred's and Abner Sil ver s producers are looking for a star to engineer. He wanted to be an ac-
about the time the auto industry "Young Abe Lincoln," a natural replace Carol Haney, who- is en- tor He was rated good but
mendous amounts of steel, which, Isn't that cashier at The New ciente Grant's Tomb now has couldn't get enough les-. He
in turn, requires vast tonnage of Yorkan Pancho Villa's dghtr Ce- a press-agent: He is H. B. Clark. liked show business so much he
coal. And just about the time that lia? Cole Porter was paid marked-time around the Lambs
the in5 presidential maneuverings $1,800 by a top ad agency for the Club'. Where the actor-mem-
get under way. melody to his "It's DeLovely." It Monte Proser, the landlord -1t bers found him to-be one of'the
Don't count him out. At 75. coal is a motor car's tv jingle La Vie reports that a friend most pleasant guys When he
miner John Lewis can still give Attractive new song (from Lon. couldn't sleep and asked his med.- was almost broke O'Neill was
spades to anyone on the labor-Idon) is "Man In A Raincoat" co about it .. "You don't need hired to play Father akickerbock-
relations front, as the White House Playwright Tennessee Williams pills," he Was told, "just count er for a beer company .His
may soon learn. dead-panned to an interviewer: "I sheep and you will fall aaleeV' natural charm and good nature
would regret it very much if this Next day the doe asked if It made him ideal lo; We commer.
I .Av Yv [new play ("Cat On A Hot worked "Well," was the reply, cial This "bit" gets him $5,-
UNHAPPY BRIT, DAT Tin Root") has to rely, even in a "I did what you said. The sheep 000 a year. The other day he
PROVIDENCE, R. I (UP) Iminor degree, on the public's ap- kept jumping over the fence like was told to find three others to
Ralph J GaulJ charged with petite for salaciousness." (Ha-ha) crazy. One after the other. I no. act ~as his double He found
a into two as stations, A stripper named Sally has ticed they all had such wonderful them among the Lambs members
.he v was trying to t & e 6 nost novel speciality: A mon- wool, sol sheared them. The wool who neded-a streak .. Aad-b&e.
sance a birthday party key 'diorobs -as so sof I made it into cloth, cause of his d fortude-they
Sa r y py. -----That mant I had td have a fae.- re makl W per wek ... .
------ tory, so I bought one. But this W1t do lea0 Nio Guys
WU rdhUC StI K-mwww The other ed ij every news. takes a lotte money. I don't have Come In La t?.
paper ia town Ifam the story a lot of money so I had to take la ---
about Prinees I visit back. a partner. And you know what a Playwright John Stenbeck's
TROPHIES tage to Danan at t Lon- partner i s. I had to stay up all fiery essay, "C(itus, ril-es
odInmd ad called her night and watch him!,' Bright" w wieN
|I P m '"-t "y* ... ealls Louis -- m yean .tel- ram
Ln Y f K rt ms ally his crew If you don't think "Something's the .o l i Disney's
'a .I Commha Performance Gotta .Give" Is familiar then play' ad ts i Is a
LeV lg Du__ the m10dle part of "Anniversar speaks
the a concert 1 amO" .wip". Waltz" ... The gov't s a a
h brow wth a kerhl e) lager f rsa from clain beer t m w t
Sto play one of b hb5l ek isn't faV Alan Dale's wl x6 "a*
f E #if ajety .t'Te Royal latest 'E Sweet and Gentle" Ite W "' N Bo um
group were a t ArAm- is bl tte. A -lilk. t iWt
-+-..,, lrr s "famiiar -- ,,,m. Unto lfted 1tt-mlee to $oo0 r $4, 0WE *
S sm e.. 'This on," MLa Quarter c f Lou Wat- has i .
sild Satwi t,. o WA. s" teri s g6-shows at o1 Mr.ll
S- ,- .n. ew VegaF la le



CavnCoo a nt clash-

eF head-on w-t" a" w by tL e -

S'ame of John L. eo1wis. /.:--,
Ae Ple s Ike has never juggid with a

efidenlet eoal e crisis or wi lthe tauSin
ciry, "You cairt Pag osal e bayo-
eppeas the nets." He has never read report
revealing tuat 400,000 mmera Save
refunsed to go downI&4tethe pits
and that wIuin 5 4L th or two
as epmles we 11 have to brown aot, slow our
locomotives and bank the Ikres in
tie steel mills.
That uay finally seeAs to be on
lrpr-try surrenders to thq still very -
2. reporto-. spry .ovian-parase-hurr.Lwis is
o send an trying to wangle such a surrender
articipale by some summit meetag. of his N' Z''*''. *
on. An vey secreLt.. i
for their But it can be reported here that L
L worthy last Tfuesday Joan Lewis, leaner *.r .' ..' "
gis w o rth y` .o,,an.. ... Z.e.e .....
Lppeal for f the United Mine Workers, met T -
hc in his Washington headquarters '. ---
s on the with Benjamin rarlesm, rtoi-e A-: y i %. "
, head of u. b. Sea ma sl con ... ... .
id,. k "sluered top spokesman forp the big i
S steel aqd northern coal mndus. K SO C
Stor would iney talked for some 90 minutes. i :S
Winye Becarust Big Steel owns what "' *s V "4 2$
arte called "captive misms." 'lua s ,' .ft.,.' s J
gi. thp- companies because they use suen c-"h.;, li /il
boit th nr enormous tonnage of coal to make -
tha urt te sta ffthat goes Into e ars, kit-e v .
rln t hei ichnsand buildings. The mine les
of those t urn out about 75, 00,000 tons oflreu P Ki
soit coal annually. That's roughly
bter eS1 percent of the total coal this ,

miners comes out of the same
kitty, n effect, which supplies the n l ent the
"' T pepayroll for David MeDonald's CIo l, ia rg a a e ed | on f co
It's too early to g in the xactlys a wn have
-- what the stee industry pay in- bt oth o co
crease package will mean to some fe es billion dollars of
800,000 steelworkers. But just, ar o h miny e n Are
member, steelworkers and coal- m the i n.
igglersaire brothers--sometimes "
liter aly iso-und ea r the a k in, WASHINGTON -e (NEA) -St ies and various business aroupsibetwoen onefoaerth and one-third
whether they are covered by colt Sweping changes in the U. S which oppose federal government of the capital cost. Sori' have
dust or the soot of the big miles government's electric power, flood sph ding on these projects are apt bee ans lowjas onetenth.
They live alongside each other.l control, navigation, irrigation and to be pleased. On flood ceatrol projeets, the
They ate one big family in the reclamation policies are to be Sinct e 14, when the government average local eontribuUons ami
steel' and eol towns of the land. recommended soon by the Hooverfirst went to work on water ebeenonly onoelghth of total eosts.
A company can't give the steel-Commission tpsk force on water sources, over 14 billon dollars oil An analy o f 21 Departmnt-of
workers a hefty raise this year resources policy, It's headed by taxpayers' money have been spent, IAgriculture upstream flood eonW
wi thi mout t to the coal- Ad. Ben Moreell board chair- Ad. Moree tod the conventipa. project sowed the federal gov-
diggers in its captive mines-not man of Jones & aughl n' S te Add itional projects authorized byienmnent bearing over s per eent
w it h o u t resentment, revolt and Corp., of Pittsburgh. Congress are valued at 1 billion', ofthe cost
wildcat strikes flaring in the cap-o Ahintof whatiseto comein this dollars. Additional prrojects Many proj dcts have been
i ive mine states. 270-page report was given in a tplaned but not yet authorized are onstructed w ith out economic
John Lewis has told this to Ben series of five speeches made by estimated at 70 billion dollars.. justification of any kind, 'the
Fairless. Lewis also has just pass- Ads. Moreell and his four sub- "Having in mind the rapidly Admiral declared.
a ed this word on to Harry Moses, committee chairmen before the mounngpublic debt," said Adn. The inclusion of many "Indirect
special spokesman for the north- A mer i c a n Society of Civil. Moreel, "it isho evident that critical benefits" for such things asre
ern coal operators. Engineers at Its recent St. Louis examination is overdue." A"., fish and wild-life preserves
Lewis and Moses have met twice convention. There is no clear-cut federal and national perk he described-as
In the past two weeks. Reports Without disclosing any of the.i waterpolley, he-charged. "pure fantasy -
reveal that John L simply told specific recommepdations to be Among haoauser an adcor- The task force. founm 43 offilcers
Moses that the pressure from the made in the report when 11 is ru- rective measus'ee which he hJ ndsif and bureava of the federal tVera
fieldIs"eIonamou ," 1 eoMine leased in the bear future, Adm. believes should bertaken are ,.mertoa. .An.ure
ago.s Lw s hasn't sk d e- egir -whtdf$ o.und. and did' UfrULV._ ovn. -
dolenctas wha they thought abput things vkdedm.tu.lmt f. 4 I lack oL a_ a
Salmlse dalenes io of Us who personally. reserve ,for p.:riva I nterL., lack o o .kwa a
Swat' Ndds elowly "oa -'-a p.o usan u ima ua e "e. o additial pj

f '-+' f :".-- +. ;

doi Mile.a eMR-
*1i .w kr ; !-" ,f

MOuiB i I to I -, I

i" la awl

-J-"-r-- q**I VWW xraaff lrU j -W
in ashigton. iwo .
The visas are being Issued s h i -m thaa tt 3
ultaneas with, theuit ta at ah t e "ens'p e la VWi
farmers to eows, ,plus the 1g o, ,VAro tl i
open thanse* given to Bill Heard-t BreW.ake o Waot
to visit Russia and ,with tb p tWhflo.
posal of SiOt univerity, editorsi sad t.'--m--'.q'mX-I .as"
to visit th Unitd States. jus. -$Oa. m .,
Maf. SiPLY TAYB NO. Mec-' ."'. -
But Instead Of taking advantage
of this crack in the curtain we see -
have related as i t hot. W..h *ent. Wo
Soviet university editors wanted to McCarthy[ e him the
come to the USA. the unimagina. down of,,l% .", .E
tve Mr. ..Shipley, State Depart ut .unmrdif -Sy te
aent czarina passports, put"her 'lei k was. sou m i'J
unobliging foot own. The editors M .mar n Ian siwq
did not come. C I""' ."w_'-. ..
When the Des. Moiaes Reiter-
Tribune proposed br ovet -
farmers to I owl; the red-tale 1
artists in the State-. Department,
who happen incidMentally, to be
friad .of Joe McCarthy, raised'
fingerprint technicalities. Finally
fingerprints were made unneces-
sary by appointing the farmers.asfI
Whenk a Russian Orthodox bishop
oveerstayed his passport by Aa
eoupze-of days Ia new "ork, irs.-
Shipley yanxl him out of the
ubn, a ercoy causag tWe Russians
to remove Rev. Georears ason,.
motto, We only oCataic priest an
Moseacow, in reltamtaon.
ho it as gone. instead of taking
advantage -of the now crac ina
g. UlStaI, we dayv, mason a'
tee cuesu We have coq leey aa lct-,
es' ll*in ts.VW, We Ra- e boui-t up

sell tlan nrU
4 we can get

I would like to apggest, there
fore, smat since mse bte depart- WILL LEY ,i _ACOm A-'D
ment is o, stougy abuut peopae-to Carl L oft.h
people- riseusask tae AmIOeanA Rocky Mountain laboratory of
peaue tnemseivs concoct some the National Institute of Mealth"
seems on now we can wan Iraenus will head its new Division of
uenaspo e iron unram. Biologics Standards. Problets'-
as a carter, acre is an. idea the new division will deal Whi
fro-a JoanM a. i-onu OA wo Include those of virus va aipJ
Angeles, wnQ writes: ----A----- .
suggest tna ua e United States
thruugau ue Voice ox America, -ot-_______
ser to urnist xuslaa motion pic.
ture iilms of American use -to we
va-ue ut l ,u,wu, k. lor eatnoition
in Tneau'es tarognout Iussia, an .
xcuangBe lor tiue vasuen in Iums
0 usO utian fe ior sinuiair noi."-
ion in Uws counry.-" i
&illott goes on to point out
that suCi.- aiojecc wuuu iqiue .
some gooan ai and some aa .-
guarob, out Last an assorLannt of
pictred snowaig ai maeresding
paases of Amermsan ire, and amsu r
of iussia, I wowu m0 a tongp
way lowa Dreansg uwn mwa -
u nerstanaing ana hesp- attain toe
long-range ust1 Of peace.
I agree with bim. The Russia s 4l e*
migai oat o at irsi. but toey seem i
la a mood to be concilsatory. o
now is the time to take-advant4ge

f o it, not sit back and glowe s


-- *- r.- _. -
---.- ----- "-.' .
.' -: .. -*e '" .. Y '
.~eA .. .~A ~ At -~-. +-, .i ~ ; .'.
I ... .i -- + d I I+ i I: i I .. .. I :iII i II i+. i: ... .. .

- *.** --..

* .. .

we s sistant hto e fr
Asplual of Colorado to V cet
J. flMmi. of g as BDli.a

U:* .4

S + .-

A .:. y. .
. .. ,

- - -

PTA, .' .. ./ ':.; .. ..., ... .. ... ._ ..:".


K ._mi.,-",

.. .iJ

J ~m r m and ae- .
M-ax re ..n -th ,&- dra a .- a f
a* 1 i c Side and uF n74 carter hiel. r ciond i
'- lat e aa graftetohheavy op Uthepie t Side. S The waonan was -Identified as T ub
** SSover teaGera:ture on record for uly' Mrs. Valentine Sheriff, about 45, boep d a
S BIIl t th U ?ceaSa- lisS frogs ad the lowest It formerly of Miami: e e na
SB2.... oe St degrees.t a Offiet r said an emhtg Ilpstick-to
S......taned goblet on a ne dress- ti
)'e OW 5 hors M SIDI otY; The Celatialer was taken to the color's of- commind r au tu
Se? will a-t erf's 'a abe n a eIce for examtling a e
4.3-a******O 5per set en both coasts. he A mald found body when The ruls .S|
n AlO 491e average is u5 me daily heailty will she entered Mrs. Sheriff's apart, of trfeo
salb......* **** .. ** 1, Of104hours, range between 74 sad 94 per ment to clean it about 130 p.m. in to the s flo ,
a ; Um but 'grlabet I VW more evenly n Officers said an examination mdi- a powerful on the
M*s FS u:sT.m. *. IN.. Ith percentages of SUNSHINE: There dill be an eated she had been dead about 10, machhlell
40m,40 ,. da6 elbittime showersen ap. average of 5 tours of sunshine hours. There were no bruises on jThe dtal tate left lU
2;W .... .....r 4ual.r daily with 1 or 2 days with no the body.e o t a
an d The, .;yerse total rainfall for sunshine at all. Sam Moran, special investigat- In addition
a 13 ches at _al FO S: Nighttime and early or for the coroner's office, saaid calls for Eno
es at morning fos may be expected the register of the Ma on de Ville hous
MAL,. mMadden a and 15.58 inches at quite frequently over the Gall- showed Mrs. Sheriff registered Fedbr come
or1110011 7 5 *Clue Go P 401 ...... .. : Cr4 tcb.l lard Cut section of the Canal alone Thursday. T
". ..a... Th.B*re .., however, conaldera-. and the central section of the Moran said she was reportedly thority to
.e..... ble range between the wettest Isthmus along the TrAns-Isth- upset b domestic difficulty ando
* acm 'am ana7 drIpat Julr on record due to.p. mian Highway, but none Is like- was a ivorcee. He said she wasyears. he seat
a ma AMt : the occsono occurrence of tooccur at either Canal en- not sure of the validity of er ad appro a
Ptev nloA r; h -. divorce and had consulted atoor- oa
S........7 .4 10 L ... .... 0 son," which Is temporary re- Mos of the form around neys aut filling a second petition
SJ ... a .. S a ot theintera idnig ht and will dissipate by for divorce e. any 'n,,t f.r ars .
6011, 4A" s .W.apr. Pa nA.Xtopwnec ofnltherly iPndh oWINDS: Light variable winds of violence, Moran said. nar-, o mm th
S........ I and-dry weather. ill prevail with north wind Her bag and hat wereon a near-
pmLAWOr o ;AD .. 7.. 8= TeolI.forl the month range predominant on the Atlantic by dresser and her bags piled at Rules group to sg
aibL:0Nis4 ....'t... s. to sb tlm. *IPALt inche to l PM In coat and northwest winds on the side of the dresser. Pol e o
to am PM, A Bat. the Pacific cout.-The average said she apparently went straight
,cpw..f l s l at -M :, e(It of t v hourly velocity will range be. to her quarters Thursday nig t tif himself said two da
T bg .ad 4.4 t.. .. .t t'he at ween i and 8 miles per hour. after registering a nd locked theer
ST Jo --srA a I o 40 mi les per h may be ate Here attorney, who did not Ide en-1tho heret
Ma~.s a. Ti0 and. 15 a.--- I a1 m- :. .....10 M mea n adr The monthly taled h Niuc .er-
aa, a, S.m. I temperature will aver--ed during heavy thunder-
Ni I l~dwDm s tolrms but tei duratioonIn too
..n, AV ...... TPr as, howrever, cosde 2 rs- and th centatral ac. ote_ MorFnREE IIds DIAMONDS RtLE I!
ate?.-: IS- Cl"a sa. : m .." .. S l *** i shorttoc usm e any appreciableITH TE PURCAE O AC

s.r"-o 5 ,- w mun' .a ,es in'oul..*..........em we will furnish absolutely free 4 I.amosi& Slus

". --: S- and s B am. Morning Pray0r. "at and br. 1 oo urS Churchis at PCrane.. C.Z (Rae. and proved a 2b hecrows.
W o Soaturdy then MaaVIM e ly m eilc a -10d Sm. .> a nt D..al0............ : 9M 1130: p orecm o A oI
~anal man, 3 r!11Sundays -. 10:30 a.. LCv and Mrs. Ch.esd a and JlONeGRAF
S6 and .............. (Rev. and Greal
IT Md a........... '.v W. MiMs .......... ....,** whirchtrtf
M 0e s ei.v aap. ..a.. 'nl ap. Ti "...........IO"- Table or floor models
6res: pma Te S Av aBLWs Ovseorin-w hpae .o.2.-OD
.S.. E.:0ad.-C 4th hu ei.nPay. f .ai e........... truthe .a.Phner-4nBoxo- d amses

TAh uh. ... I Sauda Massle0 onmALlane si DCA The Re. errt T. e th.. Pa d la. Tt I Athlete Toet (Alipua n t h t t
kne an -b:S.0 a.m.) Tne Rw. John gSpera, Prit th Charr Hly m School n d Junior nd Adult trying Ni oderm This great medicine
: : ::y... 8 :* mSu day M .... .......... :3 1 0: pre alen e o. no. r hel wind r C Via n Ri t I g
laolws"hamFaste) MWa1C:30,:S3L o GU = .anca-dr C1et Sip Snd A S Ahe ar les teotdsl andehataaorMtorIy ieot. FO N PikA-u-
.s,- tween andnmiasperh ur.:20faemregisterng and lRJR.d-toMre.01am.Seeular coerveedsssu-o2aeterara0a-rul5 s

....t .-p.g Clr An dor bein her O ard a at the Lutheran Service Ceter at 6a:0 your akin aot clearF smooth Staod at.O VV-
.., iOU' DAPTITOW LA BC d 3.e hi Sunda .. A n, c L Balboa S,;U pun. Rely Communion the first Sunday traotive. Get Nixoderm from your arugo.
*'30.0 w a n M 3a.. "h ptr. .. "- d' p .m .h.a Wa& ol .......... 20: am. devotion and reitratio the Friday kin looks and teel tomorrow __ .._ _..__ _.-_

.' gftM : : ..Spm. t : n-0 HhC"m ....... p dud"a y a t HI mpe raturyF ther- Mator. de their d La te -:

oc....wu wam1:0 lgs.Jeish dl (C n Lu5heran :3 Y Bn e D or M an'o
h day. ,anes: s a a 3 S ............- .. ..
..-w .Fri... .......... .o- nt ... lt.I rn W ebor- wnemr oErZI r iiue
ST.tovsA46 Sicth C= e eoMa
:00.pi, ATIONA I .. ........ cm t ee wiSunday aie311 p i n. at, Me.

Sund a M an- S .2...........CA. The w.. d Stret dtT. O Nuowro 0-.E A AC.a tMch. ".-(d 7--o. Inyndcd tbe fo llthet
oils Atso Su l" Hl % 6 09 .-ft ftra lls 8aVo sTin N834 .......... va. oan I w n h o t Thvar b w n 0 a th tran1thtrothersb lemi wsh" i phveyourS

p mZnes : an and oS4e i .m R. c m nEes Prid eo asPh one Balsbsu-aIa nn Balbo. I C n rosy ard o. .T.. t .^day"m 3t a aMage:0 a t.mS UNe Ch e Ns nSun y7Scho ol.ANeJu C .rquill Via sp froTseamei
............... 9:46 Ck.a s a b anermo S.M..Bib....... 10unN9a0 m ..:..Wors Vhipt. eHe.rmothe he arPabetweas. tstwhic

..........a imai t e snM0to83 s m .Mum mamyn -w m. .............. S:Nt ,F cc.10: 1im.Re glr o vere d isE o fte aI.h FOcudoGt
Slub. M:4emaund Ch c S oM.l ...r sdo: S auru.iL daof S ou aih mn th TasswP nasq iklyma es49 at'-
.t.. CIass Lh: 15 p.m. hr A. i igLuheand Sr. Ch ntlrworkiyoursoiimprovelerootee rHa ymne
s Mare deart am

Pm. werD ,,a__omo. ,Iash UX s e- dvIor',,nad..s trto.. : o.ho. ....wday.. 0 ami

Cen a" 6 ,3e 0 g p:m rn Thurs.- cvm n a.m. Jm.tor Co rmal a Clne tcS v .p
__.7 d.O.U A t0 -A. ,................. Preaviou.s. PraytgI npmih

AC ..,5 .. wmb u -,b ua a lo. P rnds Pe O MY FRIENDS:
Holy Mi ... Fr_ ooe. ......1S l. l... n
HM DASa ..... .:25am. 2 ............ M. ATLAN ewarTIC SM ,
thno', ,10eo to o Lutho HuyC mmunon, -raye Me ting. ed.ra..Aer3,via Regular.v.
'.culo asMopon Nouegdlay: 110an mumuior ep and.. 24ordStreetLastgymnasiumNCOdLr tul .whyon udrlyee ene
-- 6:20 p l. ..oo.I so neada, Re.. societyso ndlh e andy Kamoeh sTbs1month't iTh. hea Nlwuen 50 EatulehStree, 19t r

-6m.t m. W&C ,40M O ol.............3:4" _
trZ.60aPyM.. dero4Sct aandSicda0Gymina. Wsai.........3n am. _n Sund ..
i o Mew alNova: Tic vim .an O-,Evein103ugmySp..........op. m,,iaoIr.

I ,mIN l 5C4S end Ic. m I I NcCrLt S ndymtsa":Boca R otAat y o u are nqPrr atlyinndvPriee- 4
soSundayM asses 006,and100.aFi ecesooryinterruptionnwillch .heldtoami...i-......MY FRIENDS:

Cif Ba ltsw m: S a u d ,,y c to S c a d I Hou .wp Sm C o m e e t = h a" e' "T h e r e w i l l b e a n i n
7 tAtr ea oo ACo I" MtoC an al..o..T.. hur., SpanishService .... ",30 p.m6
LoomTelepth ona,1 p en -3 4ornu a.2MaCOLONrentonSunday, July 3,1 btwenteh
item. eWCchand10r.-IFSSunda4y Smhool.10:00 a.m. Sunday Sc- 2M Amador Guerrero4Sti
Monday T4111, SNOW-an,;6:6 s Meet. indgi6:-0 ,un.da,.-- ed.. ., School,3;0...... 4aaTalsneS7.- m. I
S Sec uni.onS:r0dVi "a.Wednesdta y tRe iefSocetymeet-"_Car". nd__phandK__muthSts.Theareabetween50Ea
onTu day. hhpoiim -" l w 11111=1-.a nOMThinsda. e.13v.mmadMrs. T. J. Tatl. pts

no-.. amqai'niahpl. sict ,ervicen......... 7 s H m a Tom
S o:- 1serv 004 ...........1_--. GVst r mos a .i T le

Nk~g .rffo nwO- ftil Liicresi- Ra mile
.. -..m. -.a'-.. =_.. .
an gi, :U S eand o a pl O l M
1P.6m :e to, 5n/ri* P.m ..en mdr 3 .m Mam W '"--"p .,...U3 a"
Iwo..Sco ,.l,6r-Am.... .......M w a"I
All..T'eas Rp beC1GOpDm.

um n Ides n sar fAMtAMaystfarmmanngqlSrMorLelIN
ShmiM.-6ZM0.Youh'sA.deeh28,..__weml., Srvices........p.. t:Waim.
........................N... ..................... .m......................" ......... 10sm
.pm [ --VA e .L Wfr.g h .. -....1. 107 5 an
__._ ___ _A__FORM--0r CIO............ 5
a .M -0W- -A RetWdlla ifLa&Udno at
I'- .en s" A=. ..............7... .--

........................ ................... ,.... w.,.................m. IdaI ar o oa' fa- lg a-uvln
.- PL ,.M,.,pinN' .W.

buhe LI-- ma bor-teIsno.-mM. 3the6mast rHM&
-- e tl~e m~e I" Stroo-..allst o is

&ticl car you cam buy for wmateday usemfnes
Iles 5one of Ave brand-mw Ra ler dl
*WNW-.. e s. mba _. 'ag.C C 0"s 11,M UA
lik isOnI
4.S-L-OW AT.
-. ... ..- ". ... ,
"-"' "* -, "'1'M EN"
p'-. .- -.q.

I i .. MA Drv... NEW W

CIA.-4- LA.



i'.7yf,. .......... =.,,;-" *:-. ,-: *"'s ..... ... -- '"..-
.HfE ^ .- .. ..:-,' -

w --

.R ,.. -.
,- -

- 1~~

- owl.-.. um aw ,,.
... Y -' .. A ll -- m ,


'- '
i th lUfe aof an actor rewarding us-the studio m-ares orry
th an intelgent, sen- about it I think t's all right wbile
persf? ASeward _in the I'm young, but so hotlater on.
lut? sea e, that Is. Yes, says But I'm resigned to it. It's too late
Grant ut there was a time 6 change andL k.-p telloig my.
vant sO sure. self that Ginge Rogers made out
'.w ed to think," Cary says, all right with 4 venlle name."
S I had wasted my life. i So did Buddy Rers.
,fthisk os eapecily when I
I -layif the part of a doctor. William Bendia that his TV
1'6 le. that I could have perhaps wife, MarJrole oe ea "The
otr.ljted something to the world Life of R sey." 1 e oly TV star
i. M s other more useful career. who has to be "deglamorlied" for
Btt I learned that acting can be her role. She's made to look older
SWlanli. .1 learned it from Char. and also he must dress the part
laoy La.bto, of all people. of a worklagman's wife. Mar1orie
"It happened oce when I was Is one of televisloa's sapest
.-feo gs tsledMal. One of those pe dressers, but, as Mrs. Kley, she
rtids when everything was goInj wears $5 cotton dresses. This i
wrps. People didn't do what the lfe of Riley? ..... ......
saM and my pride was hurt. And -
I had rmantic problems. Roman, LAny college@ or schools that
81Ie uieas, for God's sake! Well, Iwould like to show the students
Syow, I was thinking of taking exactly what an advertiZng agen-
-. X liNf Lauaghaton ad don't. i cy is and how it works can now
'i l.ughton said it's not so much get a film of the top agen-
Stat anybody will be terribly un- es n operation The film, made
hens.'Yourof the Grey Adverting Agency,
S our relatives probably was shown on NBC-TV's "Mr. Ex-
ll ate you anyhow,' he said. ecutIve" and is now being made l
S'But think of the millons of peopleailae dcIoa ins I
who think of you as their brother. ionanh d ti rops.s r oa ist shw
You bring them pleasure.' And I ops. It shows
.thought about that and it was so. everything but the ulcers.
I realized how sad I would be if DICK'S QUICtIE: Bo mealmh
nyt ing happened to the enter- D.ICK QUI Ca
er twho brought measo much complaining o gm ifroni the
oy people Se I I I I I i i Wes Coast, thI y l!have tel
he It le" that famous crossroads to
spencer Tracy and Fred Astaire Hauo atm croi ne
and I thought how much I'd miss Hollywood and Whine.
them if they were gone. So I didn't'
* take my life that day.'" GEORGE GOBEL (NBC-TV:
For which we are aU grateful. Me and my big mouth. Sometimes
And we wUl be more grateful soon,! [get to broadcasting when I ought
for Cary Grant has made his first. to be tuning in
movie in two years. It's Alfred i
Mt1ehcoek'a" To Catch a Thief," I
a thriller Grant made on the, A A -
French Riviera.
"For two yeers," Cary gald. "I
two yeap. I did't work. I Jut
LKo and back on freghtor.
ten Hitele come along d simaid
he bad part for me-he saw it Ar i pt
t a le't the greatest pleture ever
aide, @ be greatest part, but U I
was fod ad Grace Kelly would
Ike KKt nd we'd do It on the
ilvira. That studed see.".
And beat you think of the Rftiviera
as a perfect paradise Grant has.
thi to say: "It was lovely, but, I
oh, those crowds! Worse than At. /emT

hat odie. t i oJustre siml.ny. A reader says that In the past
top of a recent stateleal study,few months shehas bught!
t Sowiua that ato redio ltninr we n il for brides!
th -e ,dd.... f 4 whose

Vq-w,"'v '


t W 7n, J wo s ..r ,-.s
"Lot's see what you have In a Bikini!"

Sf l True LfAdveiI

"Hi His 60? ;

gk Du P ,'
+t!., I/


HS ^^AB wsga
ROTATINe, Tulwr-TyrTwPw 5W6.

have lumped pheonmeally Uo personas wno are mere ap
A few years ack, portable ra. quaintancea of the bride's par "
Sdies 'accounted for only about ents works a real hardship on
*eght got e of all radio sales. those who feel that itf thb are
Nowh one-tarier or radios invited to a wedding theythaye
old are portables. to send the bride a gift. a te. Ph li
rhe Iamlia.on Is clear: people el t
S wa TV at home, but they Looks a little like gold-dggn altering Philip
atili take the radio along when too.
they go out. There's no escape.! p-- ---' s w ms tiWed with brolseLe
- Piper report that she's HALF A DIET W oell-wom steps and rue he ne.
sorry she'd Piper Laurie. Not sor. .pair w ento aR m bohme Ike n
r she's the person she is, Just SOUTH PORTLAND Me. -
the name. It's a given name (UP) Robert H. Collins ex-' A. Catedi. Jt the right elset
Ivea by her friends when Rosetta plained to friends the secret of his
.acob (her real name) was just success in reducing his weight l
starting in her movie career. She from 284 to lS8 in a few weeks.
Mys she was quite surprised when "Instead of eating a whole pie
the studio liked the new moniker. 'before I go to bed, I just eat
"But now," she says, "both of halt," he said.





'2$ "







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D:O i AR W .





That Simple

They Miss It

' : -m .. T "..
_:- .- .-. ..."-*.B .
.. ... m.,.. i- n r-..*-? .


By V. I. IAM


mInsU ooun outia Was


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-"" \ -is
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*.*; *-.f :* : :f.
* *- \ *srrMi

t -1L. ,. ..- l'


living wiek

Se I Snextmeetin wll be- hed

-. g.- a. to 1.-3 .m. e...- 4 at Merchant 2-3,.-17. ,
A pflr 0tets. AMls. oiAe Slte

11lWy. at Mr. Cal Mrs. Charles Alkin en-
tertained a group of Wends Two ve itert r er iled away
DSS el u. ,tly at dinner aid cards in their from Ho pr shcn in John Ford's "The Lon Gray
; 'ar+14*tn' m iga t.s ... arasquilla home. e." the ltbia picture release at the "LUX Theatre.
.rr, The Washington Cotillion Club Oday, ;J"4th. In Cinemaope and 0plor Tehnicol-
to and the Br Brook Golf Club Oautemala aibsassy Moves or, Whey ar .the Wlest oint chapel azd cade mess hall.
h i r ar e spongXran a The AmbassaIpr of Guatemala 6th bacawpunam tant s den dt the masterful new
S._te m e at Bra.s -ook. To Panama and Mrs Jose Rube. da a stakg Tyrone Power an Maureen O'Hara with
d Gonzalez have amg o id their n .ds l Robert a t Donala Crisp, Ward Bond, Betersy Palmer
f S, A ll Ek3 S o ene to lcardo Ar.ias Street at an Phil Case o'starred. Advt.
atly. a0th Street in Bella Vista where H
S-',.. lks will start dancing at thear they will be at home to their .. .
ta' Br s Brook Club tonight at l:30. friends .- ... ad clo
gM h. It's tisrowull sendoff for Exalt- .
_. __+ ._fi f "__'S led Ruler T G Reuh!,n who invlbrrn Speln. d-jn lr ^ Xi"-f^ ^.
-1 o Sa.riv itg leavmmg to attend an Eks Conven- Weekend At Tttcgina "'a""" _. ..
rpto, tam TPotina.n I Mr. and Mrs. James B. Dorow .
G afar ends a. e their'daughter Laura of Bra. Gr lled .Adzers Are
PrTh rea At .Esholosehts are spending thr week-tGl r dl 1 A dt.
bs om, Ti e JEscuela doe los Estados Uni- d I I" ed aa A
-. dos in Panama City Is putting on ..-...
"o. t ea 4y ith of July program ot t:30 to-ian s Oiffler' Wives' T op r uly 4 Pr
-t ti,. oi .. .. 'oar guest at the program in 1M tau Gardens,
S the audito m o theSchool w Naval Officers' Wives' b
be the Charge d'Affaires ad Inter-., met n the Moran Gardens for By GAYNOR MADDOX
im of-ts nitd mtes Embas.y, their June meeting Mrs. Pat Mor-s NA Food and Markets Editor
,,at f anama Ma Mr. Robert t. Memmiaer. g gan guided them thrn the gardens, -- o -
.Ad'w. i a' -- f poiniog out various tropical plants
sf et 'fRoml To."rliAy oaAte and various flowers, hni ous to Little appetizers, cooked briefly hot mustard and Chinese sweet
,a.sla ,e Canal Tomorrow at ITSO4JWB .. this areas. over ,the outdoor rill, will make and sour sauce for con imets.
S-' "' fe moanthly.Orhlestra DVace w e _w.e-w.o your 4th of July get-together even For a hbachi marinade, Plend
.t wod -.h wlol feature liday homers were W l d mre sceful together cop of so saue
Ss ateto al. It's a theme, will be held tomorrow Mrs. Mra Spicker, Mrs. Eie E- We picked up these Idearfrom garlic cloves, chopped; 2 table.
ean ..s wIt s Pri'em t 8o :.00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Mu- Mrs. Loutse Has. and her Greenwich. Conn. Lynn Farnol, a spoons of grated .resh ginger (or
uE-.. M _,-*.. sic will be played by the popular daughter, Joanne,. Mrs. Carolyn gourmet, invented them to make substitute candied ginger from
..s B .a.ucWm .'rom George Miller's Chic comnibo. R ales was introduced as a new over his new cookoutgrill with its which the sugar has been washed)
smie!.r te Aai.rlan Decorations, refreshments and member. electric gadget that starts.the char- 4 cup of brown sugar and i cup
-i* thde l Bi- tself. Be- entertainment by George Miller I coal bricks glowing, with the mere of sherry or I tablespoon fresh
ameina, the ticketentitles will be enjoyed. The young ladies Farewells were said to Me- flick of a switch. lemonjuice.
he attend, to all the I- of the USO-JWB Club will be pres- dames; Mrs. Irene Broesamle, Beef hibachi are popular cocktail '
refreshment Ieeded to ent. eMrs. Rose Brown, Mrs. Lib by snacks in Hawaii and on thePa- ra .*,
gay party from 1:30 p.m. Sponsors for the dance are Mr. Lanterman, Mrs. Marquita Miller, cific Coast. Cut tender sirloin orl dOnrfir pt2O t
'ls. There'll be a bu fet, and Mrs. Water Kardonski, Mr. Mrs. lone Kibsguard. Mrs. J an good rumpr steak into 1l-inch i C, n (
'i. and Mrs. Donald Halman, and Mr. Zoble, Ms. Winogene 8 t el e, strips then cut each strip into pa- e-OSSti ut Beg inr
S-its wl be i u order and Mrs. Tom Lindo ., was the guest of Mrs. Muriel Fu- -athin slices. Marinate in sauce t o h a
I ai&t therelI be a *rlxe A cordial invitation is extended rey, Mrs Coughlin, had her daugh-or ab ut 2 hours and string on A St Pftr '
w4e the loudest. In to military personnel and their ter Miss Nancy Coughllne as her ikewers. Keep the meat over char- r r
*he af to has been do- families to attendd guest. Mrs. Eleanor Marshall in- coal fire for seconds only, until
er fa dr prmisen Io traced her guests Mrs. Linnon, and the edges curl slightly and the Announcement has been made
S -- tless Here Mrs. Marilyn Butler; Mrs. Butler meat is crisp and glazed. oby the Rev. John Spear, priest ins
'R.a- Viin's .i tests r'taloed briefly her work at the Serve plenty of-thin slices of but- charge of St. Peter's church, La
SM 'tIMr. and Mrs. Alden Klesges ar- M jtjol which is nthe Guachapa-, red i, French, pun-B oca, that confirmation classes
viSb-_ill Ms Tole Wednesda for as s t of P .'M i 4lieArmnlan bread--and, will be started next Thursday eve-
Wan- qla pria ci alnt niAee oMr, tey aih' Thur- .Stay- eVeninr thert-
W A t a s In i iy pe San Jusan.lIre The next -busfls ifeeui hr -s k after, the classes will meet at the
. ia swords by the aethe iter of Mr. Harry a. be held at Mrs W. Tuker's dt V e int Isane hours for instructions. Her-
or the 4th o Savage of the Commissary Divi- quarters 9t N. A. D. .on July 1.. -5 --. bert L. Moore, a candidate for ho-
'sia,. Mrs. Klesges is the tormers .art -a N-A. o ul r 'k.0p .nl azed.l ly orders, will .ast the priest in
Son .is $1 pier person. The Pat Savage of Green Bay, Wis Gala Red e-ly n o te tis ep, r uMFyn ilie instructing the classes.
s bhel-gliven (a) for fun'anonsin. To Be Held ,II .it. A sr -:l.. Application forms may be ob-!
) to raise money to defray -'- -" A gala dance to raise funds for At St. Sjmo rn s tamed at the rectory or from-the
Sof the patriotic exercises Bo Voyage For the Panama Red cross will be A, chapter of the Order of St church warden
eld Monday, Jauly 4. Mrs. Willord held at the Union Club tonight Vincent, national guild for a c oI At the choral Eucharist at 7 o'
A bon voyage tea was given re- at 9:00 under the patronage oflytes. hs been organized at St clock tomorrow morning, to be
at $M00 worth of door iz- cently .in honor of Mrs. Robert Dofia Olga de Arias, First Lady simoas church, Gambo and ad celebrated by Father Spear, the
le -awaded, and holders Wiltoit who is leaving ear this of Panama. Music for dancing missile of'imabets 4 take Woman's Auxiliary wil commune
, 1s n1 ot have -to be on matth. Mr. and Mrs. Wlor will will be furnished by the famous ace during the common se.v- in a body as in customary on the
9imlI, them. It a prize is make their home In Texas. Cuban orchestra, Sonora Ma- tomolorrow morning arlT0.' first Sunday of each month.
.a. umbr held by somea-. Hostesses f r the tea were Mrs. tancera. The Rev. John Spea, priest in Mr. Moore will be the reacher
e dance, itcan be F. J. Walno and Mrs D. E.'rier. charge, will perform the ceremo- at evensong 7:30 p.m., which fol-
SIMrs. Raymond Kainey poured. Many officials of Panama 'and ny admitting the acolytes to the lows morning prayer and church
'"Vrbm at 8 p.m. I The guests included Meadsnes the Canal and military ageneles order school scheduled for 10 a.m.
tos o by the El ancho Larry Treadwell, Ciru.s d4Pl are planning to attend the In Sddition to church school at
teo isa ak s ,eM e Dodd, ou Pilot, Ticke for the Red Cross Ben- Chu men wil'meet f at O here SqU r Dancing
t'Fobe0 Orchestra. mer Brennan, Charles Louis, A. B. et .50 per n wilbe evensong at 7 p.m. The White Rose Social and
S -.a,_. eddo, Glenn Dough. Elvim Cemp Round trip airplane tickets for Prospective candidates for con- Dancing club wilU spend an eve-
Sbd-r. ton v Donald o Es ntss, Charles two to Mexico will be given as firmation mia enroll in a class to ning of square dancing with
IW r ao dr 'Jui e and i e vone. the door prize. be started Wednesday evening at friends on Monday at Building
th.., t --.... b a...a..... a .,. --.G ie. 5. No. 276, Oamboa.
%R '~i amn anyPue ayofcil fPUI'41n ditn h

swfl, d an e guest of honor CLa sehoon At e s
at WNMt donal betsteak-dnt. Mrs Ralph Otten and Mrs. Earl
t.* trangeri Citb in Co- Schilltg entered the Balboa
S e Ee o the 4th' of JTy. Woigan's Card 'Grobp recent at
T., nit'n dineri a stag the country home of Mrs. ohill-
____ ing. .. i


I I .1

bat ma easily. be the most IDntrIguing movie tItle '0
Sr- -"he n areoot Contens' Is an accurate de.
Mn at- Ir hroel,> a cabaret dancer out 6f the sms.
r Thdlo rises t diMy height as an international
w. The lady Wik likes to o barefoot is played by

SOoutesa." which opens Monday, July
" ee through Unite -rtist release,
W byt#4 b yse0 L M1 o oeted
. "Al About *ye" and "A teter to Tree
ri was $1100 in TeShnl .OB loation
pk GaroIer.high-powered eo-s rs ar
utoed en, Marlus Goraing, Valen-
tm@0 nat
3fl~4NS4Ib the ~jarirawife of
not &shel ft with -t rc-
S pleMI. It b ts in e at the
r 4ane flm 11t aa been
an"leo the sist eter seen
tw boleatti a ertal in
.J. aid tbret. ".--Advt.

llhog ph ,Offsel

Press Being Sold

As Excess By Army
The Property Msposal Officer,
UBARCARRI, today solicited
sealed bids in quadruplicate on
56 Items of foreign excess per-
sonal property located at Coro-
zal. .
Bids will be received until :45
a.m., July 2.
Included in the property are:
a lithographic offset press; 5-
stencil cutting machines; 6-ty-
pist copyholders; parachute as-
semblies; rmaa and wood
chairs; electric and gas dish
washing machines, electric mix-
lax machine; efletric Singer
sewing machines; refrigemr or
di laS camln luny supplies;
a fe extinguishers.
The property may be inspect-
ed weekdays by contacting the
Property Disposal Office at Cor-
ozal (85-4149).

CUSTER S. D. (UP) .. Vern
Iaupp had just stepped out of his
auto body shop to watch fire trucks
go by on, a call, when he heard
an explosion and turned around
to see flames in his shop. He
flagged down two of the passing
fire trucks.


Teleg 2fl3-M ?anmom
W* offer for sil, at. -ar
0.-, lImtd nm sht
of hrey to om.
Ia steek of StMlRI5d
-fA *!


'~ a -




What brings relief

that's M and

Whats easy to take and-


V\ "" ** ,
,.* .' ,
L\. L 2.yP..





Alka-Sel r
...............* .

Why bear the misery of Acid Indigestlon w)sa
Alko-Seltzer can bring you fast, effective
S. TRIPLi RXLFI 1. Alka-aeltser reduces ex-
s acid with fstant aukUiur action, L Alke.
s iltseriotla, and astle yMar sta S. ABe.
Sa s A-SSnn r aqu
S ea sgo, refrehing taste, -a a-.ev f
I ft2%'',o- em b,,o '
t|ot help -Ms laafoSminaleg ingrdleaB go
toWorkut ass.N*) laative, cyon
ly 'rely. Ailbe-Seb' fir quick rlief
4t- pts mad -aft Kep Alk&.

led and TwU IIUU-*T.sai Ff,,, Too

i her own.
Shl s: "Would I be an un-
grati daughter if I told my
pare p, I want to get sa apartment
of my", own? I know they ,wUld
argu e.a. tt t and I am sure
-te w.W I be hurt to think I
wol prefer to live ope. Bot I
can't just a daughter aee of my-
fu Cou oeld-bedtwo oe girls
arne stijust daigbter. w they
are middle-aged women. They
didn't have the utrenotb and deter-
minstion to liKe their own lives.
Bu it isn't right, or even eWN-
sary for a young woMaO to setle
for being "just 'a s." ter."
So don't be afraid to' strike out
and make a life of your own. Your
parents may be hurt momentarily.
ey will get over it.

And, if the are like most par-
ents,' they wUI in time come to
respect you for having broken
away and made a life for yourself.
Your parents bad to break away
from their parents when they mar-
ried. They undoubtedly would not
be hurt if you left them to marry
and make a home for your
Though you have no immediate
plani for marrying, you still have
the iight to make a life of your
Morired or single a grown wom-
an is more than just a daughter.
She ip an individual who has a
right to lead her own life.
Don't give pp that right just to
please your parents.


Old-fashioned rennet custard
now comes in a variety of f I a-
vors. This avoids the difficulty of
having to mix up a Baby sized
portion each day. Mak e up p
batch and slip the rest over on
the family. They'll never know
they're eating Baby food.
Stuck in a restaurant and Ba-
by's wolfishly hungry? Order
a glass of milk, some milk soup or
broth and a hamburger. Most
Babies find this diet just as plea-
sant as junior foods.

Something Special!
Yes, our magnificent menu
and cocktail on-the-house at
are a real treat for $2.25!
Azcrraga at the organ.
"Eric the Great" to entertain!
11:30 a.m. 3:30 p.m.

A Kirkeby Hotel

-own oar, but he also has a complaint.
sys police atop him about three times
old enough to drive. Roy Mayers., left,
the ear, which John bought with earn
In a jewelry store.

iMs fronta rPVtS-aR I
\p ^ '*-u

Disregard th rie! S
' -, -. .'

at an thies!

It enjoys the largest sales volume In Panama, Unlted!'
States and other countries, mainly because It dous not.
create difficulties with your hair, It does not ltch or'
otherwise bother your scalpf!
It never falls to give the results desired! -
Distributor In tihe Republic of PaMnam iand
the Canal Zone

No. 3 "A"' Street Tel. 2-2971, Panasa




Institution Guaranteed by the State

Pays 2% Interest Annually on Savings Accounts


We make-loans with guarantees on first mortgages
or other securities.
2Sc. 50c.- $1.00 and $5@00

** / dl- \ ,'.s
A a .- ;

deposits are accepted thru a period
of 48 weeks. -.

Individual safety deposit boxes. for jewelry and
documents, in 4 different aIses.
l9 Central Ave. at Froat S. at spree
senmer of "I" Street. ofI St

0. A. De ROUX,



From 1:0 aam. to 12:34 p.m.
SATURDATS: frem 1;m a.m. to II:0 e-.-


;- I, -



PrUN ia
ag WA

-f "' "
-- S--. ..-.a.'" .. ,-=.=

-.... -u
t; !

..- -i.!

-.. ..

* A -"

'4- 1-l

!* ---Ms

.9 A



to Al

** -I **
r i




S. -
, 7 7, n .d .,. .






.'- .. "


'. :r~ *.

., E- -.- -
.:. -.

* .. ~ fl~'

"*. ," ". .* '. ?*

F r -: .. ,- -," ..i j
-., ,/ :- ; ,. .
.*. ,- -/. '

.Pieri.Z: I
^ --';r *-1/1' *- -- *r'u:' v -. .v *.- 4 .s .r .'l'^s*",-:. (N w fr ~"rj :-*




Street No. U
th of July Ave. A J
Jt laa a A =re, an i t.

!, i ___ __________I-


Canal !one Dental Polyecale
Dr.C. E, Fabrei LD..8.
Dr C. A Roy D.GE
Denmro-briade wor- otr rve
Garret ra2iMlce.
'Flnn (4ib of Jnly) Ane. S 54



)fl. RIDGE
Phone Panama 2-0585


A4t CondkliOld Studio Sits III
Udace Hrs. 5 to e Pop.
Charm Schoo s a.m. to 12 noon
"TL j. be a 423- 6o peassa 13-1640

tIbepanactle eald, life t*
7MW, ad4 years to life"

DMi A. *E F. ii
(Piuer Grcad

-.Match-Stick Bai
ft pe!t
m alms"ii IMin"

FOR SALE: 1950 Chevrol
Sedan Deluxe. god fre, now
paint job. excellent condition.
Bargain for only $700. Phone
230 Colon, ask for PiEon.
FOR 'SALE:-1952 Chryller 4-
door in excellent condition. Priceko
$1325. Phone Panama 2-0038.
VOR SALE: 1950 Chevrolet
Bel-Air Sport Coupe I herdlop ,
four new tires, spore In good
condition. Point in pood tw.
tone reeon. Brgain .for only
$750. Duty paid. Pheno Colon
1462; offer 5 p.m. Phone Colon
FOR SALE:-- Brand new 195
MODELS FORD. Fectory Guar-
antee, at Dealers Sllinll P lk
less 15S at Agonciaw Cuosm .
Phone Panama 2-4721.
FOR SALE: 1950 Stpdeshker
Champion. good aonduiies, Wylen
tires. Priced to elH. Phone 2-
FOR SALE--1941 Nash Sden,
good condition. Phone 6-291.
House 15-A, Gemee. $160.
FOR SALE:-1952 Morib i
nor, perfect coadliln, 7500
miles $595. Phone 3.62 Pan-
ama. "

FOR SALE: Special! Special
1949 Chevrolet four-door Se-
dan, excellent ranosp0tatien.
priced to sell. only $400; 1949
Buick Super four-door, good
transportation, excellent buy.
duty paid, motor in good condi-
tion, tires good. paint fair, bar-
gain for only $375; free entry
1950 Oldimobile four-door Se-
dan with hydramatic tranamis-
slon. excellent condition, good
timrs, must beo *0eei to appre-
elate; 1950 Chevrolet four-door
Sedan in excellent condition,
*ood transportation, priced to
*an. Cll at your Cherolot Duel-
er to see the above, used cars.
Phone Colon 800, SMOOT &
HUNNICUTT. S.A.. 16th Street.
Central Avenue.

m FvOs FOR SALE: 1950 Chevrolet
-" Sede Deluxe, opod tires, new
.e g.c le condition.

,027 F -OR SALE: 15j Ch;vrWt
Euinelnu C*oupe, 'geMd rubba-
S" paint pret w ow *-,
n* '. ImslatmriportatiePm l-eh
to sell. Onl O$600. IMOOT
boo HUNNICUTT, S.A., Phone 800.
Sol '

Deluxe Sedan, excellent condi-
tion now paint kLb. 1Nw tirus.
CUTT, LA., Phone 800. Celon.
FOR SALE-1953 Dodge fetr-
door Sedan, low mileage, good
tires, new point lob. bargain for
only $1050. SMOOT 6 HUNNI-
CUTT. S.A.. Phone 800. Colon.

FOR SALE:-1950 Packard Se-
dan in excellent condition. Tires
good. low mileage, priced to sell-
Must be aeen to be approCioted.
Only 5500. SMOOT & HUNNI-
CUTT, S.LA.. Phone 800. Colon.

FOR SALi: 1947 Studeboler
Sedantte. good transportation,
tires good. bargain for only $175.
Phone 800. Colon.
FOR SALu:-1950 Cadille black
foue-door sedan with all theo x-
tret: hydranmtle transmission,
hydraulic window lifts, direction-
ei lights, back- up lights, etc.
SGd point, good fires. Car in
excellent condition. Will trade
far elder model car in good con-
dition. If you ore one of the
persnI that would Ilk to get a
ood Cadllac worth the money,
cell 13-3281 for appointment.

FOR SALL:-Bu-ik Super con-
vetible, r 1dio, automatic gea
bowent-pr of ti. all in good
condlfonr. Inquiro at Novaoddas
Califorale, the store with the
tempting shirts, Control Avenue
No. 131 118-U23).
FOR SALE;-1954 Plymouth 4-
door hi-drive, w/w tires. Less
than 10.000 miles. Cesh or
htrde For smll Englsh car. 16-

FOR SALE: 1952 Chrysler
Wlndir Deluxe, radio, leather
uphoeltery, duty paid $1325.
Panamusica. Phone 2-0083.
M.d. T.D. convertible. nd
condition $900. Gambeo -446.

a WeuWmN

weqgum aw p' a.
h e, hi, ms_
!c 2lass or Wes -al

t tlItnate11i Without
-tion !
Distributed by
P uctos de Modera, S A.
Cemral Ave. (between Kodak
'b lA Fifth Ave. Store)

Ibthehe yer to *bay It Come-
tal CasusIty eontoeunramce

-e 1 5 d.l Amain
ithM A P vA-em M-1e
(Ac e-. Annes Poee omflC)


PMIhRE, S. D. (UP) The
wBt_ tr of MT. and Mrs.
I U timau doesn't lack for
our great-grand-
ne reat-great-grand.-
tWo grandfathers and one
Weather. I

Y anu LOSE on
xr Odaub Plan!

OR p bS9u
.? ; "
pit -

* 1 .I I



fta I .8OWA

mmlD ,Ita 'w ."'. -. .
Agenola Internal. d* Pubfthsortemp
.M A ... .. -' "
pusM 'ew. ri skied
_____ ____ ____R ____ ___

Household IAICManoC AflAP333 ________BI_____.-

FOR SALE-n Philipp, oAptoen
5-piece liIsn .oo4" A u.-
FOR SALE:-MoehmoW y "ed and
spring, double; slngleld, spring
and n ttron; coach frme with
book-ons; refrigerator. 25-cy-
le; Packard with 5 tires.
720-D, Prado.
FOR SALE:--Nw igplee ster-
ling silver coffee and toe Jsrvlo.
Phone s6-3230 Albrook.
FOR SALE:-Storkline birch crib
with Klntwet mlttros, excellent
condition $40. Phone 3-2171.
FOR SALE:-7-ft. Philco rnrl-
erotor. 25-cycle, perfet run-
ming condition $60; 1 single
metal bed with new mattress
$25. Cell 2-2676.
FOR SALE: -- lombo living
room et, radio RCA and houe-
hold articles. 1025-A. Old Cris-
tobal 3-2735.
FOR SALE:-I refrigerator, gee
stove. In perfeCt condition, I-
most new. Roosnolo price. In-.
quire at 44th Srrot Ne.. 37,
Apt. "K."'
FOR SALE: -- 2 long bamboo
cheinr fot rtool to -match
(cempnte). 4 pinoes $25.
oum 5191 Parsons Street. bi-
FOR SALE:-Quartermaoter din-
ing room eot, 6 chain. 2 ta-
bles I sideboard. House 794-1,
Tevornille, Bulboa. Phone 2-
FOR SALE-Solid maple coffee
table with pilnter ends. $30;
solid maleo tear tables $15..
1521-D Gevilen Reed. 2-4331.
FOR SALE:-Oak dining room
sot. 4 choirs $55. Cell. TOl6fonam
6271 Curundu.


Mfeln M

FOR SALI:- 1Buh roeeme
2'/4xVa CNmerM with fl-fA; 1
ventdlimlst dull; -p.s -hp. 25
cycit moet~, rIeverW everibhl
-949f Buick 4-doee, Dymaflow,
tor. Phone alkbo 1906.

has voceuncle for ppsli 2%1-S
years. Open elI lnmer Mendy
to Friday. Apply 4t sclhmel 8:13-
I I a.m. Phone Cumrundu 2l.
Balboa 1214.

robe, lider, rndl reflo nrhi-or
lopemn uni, Prelw o I03, Apt.
H. Phne 4-4139.
FOR SALaI-I phnMveryheap.
Other Roisehold-I e -l.I 1l.On-
boa. nhowen 19. pt. D.
FOR SALEl-Vine- wMit o-
lem"ri comntMewi, w30. fert-itbl
length $6; roll-w*pY $1$;
2 large perch screens $4; "no
plants $2 olarg cement pf
with fern. *2; end veioeu tis-
er from 2p. to $1.-Ab e 1954
Chvrolet, excellent condition,
S2P0..hoo Be1heM 4111.
FOR SALE.-4SMris 21-inach hi-
ycle. tonk type whitewall tires;
nest-o-tables, wrought Iron loaf
design. 2725-C Cocoll. Phone
NMw 3933.

bedroom chaet,good rent. Tel-
phone 3-5603.

ietltowersf mark 1dt i eIdding

Janhvesuary J nf. hr uOwnA i/oM

GETTYSBURG, Pa,, July 2 "Well, hello, who are you Davy
(UP) -President and Mrs. Elsen. Crockett?" the P res i d ent an-
hower marked their 39th wedding swered patting Timmy's b I o n d
anniversary yesterday by serving head.
a picnic supper to their White
House staff members and their, The President spent a busy
families, gathered at the Eisen- morning at the White House before
shower farm for the outdoor party. I leaving for the 27 minute flight
the first stop on the President's here.
Fourth of July schedule. 1
He received the final report of
The picnic was a private affair Harold E. Stassen as retiring for.
with reporters barred. :eign aid chief, witnessed the
The President flew here in the swearing in of John B. Hollister as
two-engine "commuting" plane he Stassen's successor and had a
began using recently. Mrs. Eisen- farewell visit with Samuel W. An-
hower had been at the farm sever- derson, retiring assistant c o m-
al days. merce secretary.
The President stepped from the
plane carrying two paper bound,
books and a package-possibly an
anniversary gift for his wife. Plans To Receive
The Eisenhowers were marriedP ll T Rniiv
at Denver in 1916 when he was an
Army second lieutenant and she T
was Mamie Geneva Doud. Tags ror Tihe Bld
This year's anniversary observ. I
ande ws especially significant for CHICAGO (UP) The new
them because it was the first at headquarters building of the Chi-
their own borne. 'cago Lighthouse for the Blind will
Until they bought the farm Mr. bave a special garden for the
Eisenhower's career as soldier, blind nearby.
college president and U. S. chief
executive kept them on the move -Tags marked in braille will be
too much to establish a perma- attaseed to the flowers and shrubs
nent address. ap the sightless may identify them
The President was greeted at the by touch.
little Gettysburg a i r p o r t by a
handful of people, including two- The garden, .located in the West
yeor-oLd Timmv Bollinger. who Side medical center, is a gift
toddled outto the plane and piped, from the Chicago Horticultural .o-
"Hi, kte." city and Garden Center.

Tyrone Power and Maureen.O'Haro co-itars in

!"The LOBg ravy 28mB" alan'
reen O'Bara.- ear4 the- "L
based .O the a Utitbgrapl, 'r
the fabulous .a
Iriahman we, aa Wst I
some 10,000 o fe
perienee lele :. ,tr.l .j
Pont for. ,e w*t
brIng up baa. A% t oi
at West Point were the na oI'a
mtadors, even a Proed*.nt of ta
oeneant'a los for hitI
.nd hi conLcno
Gray Lte" truly Ih thtsfl C

1' -

am G. I.. .
FOR RENT-teo 2dun
furnhed .pastwo. TiB A-
nd 6 Pa.m

rued. 44Ns M.

S"il for inf-r -
ric nii .,i

FOR RENa-1 t -asm
meant, dIalwg-living iVe;B
room, he' weter: Phuiej1-2279.

FOR IRENT-lBautlfufeduleh-
ed apartment in wond el aes-
tlon: two bedrooms flly equip-
pod; oke lice kitchen witb we*- .
ing machine. Mat hs rented-for
at lei mer. Inquire 44th
Sreet No. 37. Apt. K.
FOR RENT:- 2-bedram ndd
am furnished apartment: setting
room, diningroom, porch, ktch-
an ed garage in 46th Street
Eait No. 42. Information: call
FOR RENT: -- 3-bedroo fur-
nished apartment: slititng mom,
2 bathrooms, toilet and garage
In 46th Street No. 45. Call 3-.
0979 or 2-1477.

FOR UNT:- Fumrnished apart-
ment, jndepandent, with 2 bed-
rooms and lesets, window and
doors wired against meealotoes.
hot water, refrigerator, electric
light, gas and telephone services
ready for connection. Con in-
opact huede 27, 43rd Street,
Bell Vihta. Phone 3-349".

FARMA "-. laAm



~~_ warn __

uI orI houe -a
Thempsns. Baes 17f2.
PHILLIPS 0qMldo Cotoe,

paon sae Ce. Lnrow rte.--
nPoHWe IDe 1

FOR RINT:- COMMt eotaol
in 15th Stret, $sao Prncalce: 2
bMdreems. mdid's room, paer
end dining rm, 2 htH, bkitch-
en and prger. Infrmdtlen: Ip-
ply 91-3, Via Pores.
FOR RINT: '-2-'obedrm fur-
Mised chalet, mid's rns. Jon
do Faebro Ave. No. 12' PeCo-

FOR RINT:- aurtiful Chalet
with excellent ouds: I kld-
roms, 2 thl, large living room
ceilings, kitchen, biekfeft nook
ind epM ta eley in paved pa-
tio. Hot wo, Caelrie ste. 2-
Car sre g J And lrdeir. Fifteen
minrtes corner Panama. Ru1 -
enable. For appOintmnnt: DIa
FOR RINT-- FumiGld orus
at Las Cumbre. Phone Penume
2-0610. Sr. Madur.
FOR RENT:-- Fumnished use
with 3 bedrooms. Cell 1-47136
from 3 to 6 p.m.

FOR RENT:-Cholef completely
furnished, two bedroom, living
room, grago, tc. Rent the
whole house or partially. SaI
Francisco, Phone 3.2930 or 3-


FOR SALE:.- H.D. matesyelo,
exnllent cmndtis. Call D. Nel-
lie 1-1874 or 5-567 ofter 4

FOR RINT:-Inlndep t e- ...
bedroom apartment. Jooe de Fa-
bg Ave. No.N 12 (Pede. earc n r

srd two-bedr Body Of Ma
apartment, Srag, m"ldMw room y re
and service. Come Alegro, e ...1'
Panama 3.0873. In Wrecu e Jei
FOR RENT:- Furnished aport- TOKYO, July 2 (UP) -Search-
ment. 15th Street Ne. 16, Via ers yesterday found the body of a
Perres. Phone 3-2457. Marine pilot who died in t he
FOR RENT:-New modem two- wreckage of his jet fighter-bomb-
bedrod m portmnt: iting rm, er on the slope of a volcano while
dining eum, garIage. private hunting for tWO missing fliers.
yard spce TIn front and behind, The dead Marine was identified
$125. 48th Street i final), Dell ia 1st LL Alan Murdock McAne-
Vista. Information: Crlne Are- ny, 27, Yonkers, N.Y., who crashed
seae ai, Phone 3-021. i-to smoking Mt. Mibara on Oshi-
samena* Pheme "-082 Island 60 miles south of Tokyo
FOR RENT:- Cosy modern a- Tuesday after a cloud bank closed
portmants. two bedrome corn- in around him.
plotly furnished. 451 East St., McAneny's Fury jet was one of
No. 22-1I. hundreds of planes searching .the
sun-seared Pacific for CapL Hod-
FOR RENT:-G. I. inspected gen P. Montague. 26, of Jacklon,
furnished one-reem apartment Miss., and 2nd Lt. David Bell, 24,
with kitchen, refrigerator, across WayZata, Minn., who crashed into
from AIen bus stop, 17 IS, the Pacific in their jet night fight-
4th of July Ave. Phono 2-5133. er last Sunday.
FOR RENT: Modern pert- Ships and planes continued to
set furnished, 2 bedm, a search a 1,000 0quar#. area
$70. Pariee Leafve. Call 2- of the Paeific for th e msing men.
1282. In Wahina on, the Mari ne
_______________ Corps identified the airman still
missing and believed drowned
S* nL i n I in the crash of helicopter
Lightweight Belgian Wednesday durin search opera
Unions. He was 2nd Lt. James R.
(Contnued from Page 15 DAy of Minneapolis, Minn. Three
were squad in the attack, platoon other crew members of the hell-
in a meeting engagement and in_ copter were rescued.
the assault, platoon in the defense The wreckage of MA n e o y'
and special tield firing courses. plane was spotted on the o of
Handling range construction was the sleeping volcano by a pa-
E Company, with assistance from nese tourist today. A plane from
battalion communications platoon the search and rescuesuadron
and regimental anti-tand and mine flew overthe spot nd radioed for
platoon. -In constructing the pla-. helicopter .n tw rt
toon defense area, Easy Compa. The helicopter landed two pai".
ny personnel, commanded by Capt. Im c who found he body. t:B.,
Chlarles L. Pitts installed mowe The pilot's mwfe, Mrs. Margaret
than .targets. Bernard Mefey, whose father is
Test ordination fell to the Bat publisher ofthe Rome, N.Y., Sen-
taion's 5, Cant Charles d tiunel, received the new att e
Pierce, with instruction being -i Atsugi airbase where she had been
ersed by five orufficers onde su15 waiting for hour with Mrs. Bell
listed en of the battalion. in hopes their husband. would be
The instructor group journeyed found alive.
to Fort Benning, Ga., in mid-
Febru'y to receive special tram- troops.
Ing On t# new weapon. Project I If the litwdght system is a-
otficer the local testing was adopted, elIte the T-44 or the T-48,
Maj. fhismd L. Dalrymple. it would replace the four weapons
Onog- lox Company completed now aue, *requiring only one seti
the training cycle with the T-48 of parts aid one type of ammuni-
(approximately six weeks i, the tion.
two uTal exchanged weapons. Sec-j Another feature of the new rifles
ond half of the test period was is the 0 round magazine which
reversed in that George Compa- can be loaded rapidly from the
ny tested the T-48 and Fpx, the top. Thef M-1 clip holds l eight
V-1 uSa BAR. round.
Weh. the 13 week period end- Pergannel working with the weas.
ed a* 4 350 men had worked pao hve show- a griat deal of
wiah b&Wthe new and old wea- nterest ince the tes beja.
.o f4 individual compari anceht id hane teO w wea-
aS .s:as nd Arctic and tern- pa, ealsti .flr iand the
prab! .' atesta will come the' 500,$ mI e of amnjfly ave
inl sawar to the system's woth.f all gone- to in reaae n-
Thes -w T-48 and the T4 L tretL. ...
are J. cal, with the excetmion The laUw0. "pedudu &n*e a
that 4a bha a lightweight b brreRis sw t fl* ardd toFort
and i- latter a heavy barrel. BeBs ,tre COWARC Board3
the rifle be adopted wll tabulate the fid-
o the pplly problem .g-.
um h., o tfpe of sma .ma
.VQS1jaJd ammunition amIaWe -S(U)-.flhsNaIr

i, BAR, toi M

-.... .. y .. .

a a are-n


4-r s I.w -
MORoog I#I

FOR SAL--NIe lot of lead of
El Va 9 633 s. mn., 32 s -

-i ne -n/-hp. 25~e ..

POR SALE:--e Lval iIhele In
Rfo Ahea, 14000 cash or in-
S VailHmont. f orm 1e4n: t. d-
diome St ret 14-72 to ntlr

Phone 2-13544. .


-K .. "" ..

Pa*' lAR-4 1

P oK

,* s & i iri .-.

U A se" i a-

Rooma V oo,
ROOnMI 115T. ". "*.+: ..

FOR RENTS-Oe or two fur-
nilhed rims-with private bth
end er e in ow modern
hemi. Kiteiha feeillties eval-
ebl. Pheono -2147.


LOST: SamH blend Cooker
Spaniel dog, femoe deog. Nameo
. Lady." Call dayIlme 5-2152
Coronal; offer '4:30 Cumndu
11-2125. Loeet t S.AS.. r-
ket. Reword $10. F. L. Com.


Cloveo_ I ltt' .....
will '-aft eg1i i ae- od-dd Lf-
Venood ostentm Phk e 3-1 T2
SpebNsh doe*. eawonteds. em-
bo, ballet, feliore dmaem.
Girk-boyh from 3 Yoa". tee'
egar, young ledles. Ste*-,q
July I, 3:30 p.m. Re110r dae I
2. 5 from 3i4 p.m. MsD. be-
ald-M. Stmangae Club, Pbq
lOts.& Colo. .. A'


Our Used Cars DON'T need Trans usionisa
- Every car has been thoroughly checked and
completely reconditioned. Ask Ed Abbott to
show you one of these low priced guaranteed

1951 "thrysler Convertible Coupe. New Top. ExIel-
lent rubber and Factory installed Radio. Full
Prioe $800.00.
1952 Plymouth Fordor Sedan. Brand new Aven-bitM
finish. Genuine leather upholstery new tirea
and radio. Full Price" 1150.00.
1954 Mercury Monterey Fordor. Bright red bo.
whites top. Factory installed Plastic seat covre.
Radio anti white side walls. Full Price $109Q00.
1949 Pontlac Fordor Sedan. Excellent condtWtn
throughout. Radio. Full Price $595.00,
1951 Ford V8 Coupe Coups. Satjny black fiEl.
with ivory top. Woven nylon seat covWr. S A
one owner beauty with low mileage. Full.Pf i

1953 Buick Forder Riviera. A car that's been-hw
tifully eared for and with very loew nq.M.
Automatic transmission, radio, w/s/.W, PIhR
steering, Power brakes, two tone green, Atitd
glass and turn signals. A truly luxurious ear
for only $1750.00 full price.
1950 Mercury Forder Sedan. An excellent Inter-
mediate priced car that is noted for its high
resale value $700.00.



Y ir Frieady Fdrawfix-&

Yt IWIap340ci!V .

- -; .O- -' _
" ,-, : '-




p ';~



- I I- I a Wfl

- I


.1 .0-r-I

-F.--i -X,


__~__~ ~~__



- I

__L =

1A D* .11 14

=. *i.'" *"..

'- ,.; ....'.'.."
",] ,%-" L .


T. -i


39- 9011--

1OX:M --. A-t .
CRIa tSIU..- :

*. .... X... .+ .'? ., <- ,

. .,. / -. .. g;,- .., --' y. i^.
i- .'" "- .. ; :.-" : ._ ," ..- .. ; :i. ;, '^ "

"s** i v '- ~ ''" M9. M ..- m a "n i iiA ib" ,,'* '"-"v "w '

V, -, ...

I- kiael 1 m.."

,* p* lr ADAMS

flKn 't,. LT^OOTERS

AU"DIE MRYi, nte ;a


. a P


;...2 .... .vw.wrnvwni W W n I

ail,-.dr h lAge 3S
BAEP ,OT COMTESSr" ,, 'n c jsa! '

metropolitan Lift Insurance
,Can by is bWr2110 over a @2'-
'm r too=as ran in. W AW St. fun
b th204" matse ... Rev.
was Mae West's g .man, and
t recently had a local. radio gospel
:|. -'..a m(" program (wit suckh ts as Jane
i.',lK.R i m Dar, Conie.
n W | Della and Johnnie
S IRaHy), discovered he bad to eat like
1the rest 1of us. Be is now at the
Brass Ra on Ith and 49th A
Saltzy-dresmy new platter is "I
Love You, Stop" Do mag edi.
tors know that Yvonne 4V Carlo,
the movie tar, can also write?
Just peddled one of her sagas .
Joan Crawford is quite an Inaus-
try. Own's several tv shows, scads
of reality and just merged with

Diahann Carroll, the 1) year old
thrdsh who clicked in RHousde of
SFlowers," makes a tv film with
'3 / Amos 'n' Andy July 15th. She
ope at La Vie the 27th. A talent.
"v--/! a +f iirl Whn' Munchyv? Theyv

hearts wita the soul of a gypay, Ava GaiMd-
reme over two continents as "The Barefoot
seph L Manklewi' ziscaeular TeehDicol-
sy, July 4th at the TR
ma, g-daring story of the lives and loves
tAres and beauty, "'lh Barefoot Conteit"
SdirecteA d By Joseph L. Mankiewicz abd pro-

by Enkle Johnn Jn
,e m
Sy SRS INE JOHNSON I"Ah it's not hard," be told me.
-""I watch, my health. I feel better
.OX LYWOOD (NEA) Hol. when Im working. I hear actrs I
lywoqG on TV: It's stifl a "We talk about retiring. I'd go crazy.
Juit bsl know" answer from Lo- The day I retire, they'll have to
0i Toung's intimates On *hen haul me away."
sad wil return to the cameras for St designers and builders and
he tel'efilm series. Their latest special effects men art, the mirac-i
red 4 that the- star, battlingI lads of the movies and televi-
to. reoer her health end 'lost sicn has 'em, too..
3otndag, will be in the hota I Remember Claudette Colbrt in
"'frsflealt another three to four lve televersion of "The Deliver.1
w eIs ace of Skir" B Tlorn.'
k -e--- an craft, boss of Hollywood CBS-TV
"Jack -e andB Sara Berner, set construction, is keeping secret
ti original Mabel, the telephone the exact details of how it was'
qa 4r of his shows, patheed up done but he told me:
Sunrstading tat's exist "Everything happened In 2
ed between them for the last year inches of water which we shot
a -'g.alff. She return to thethrough a ffah tank" 0
t loth tele Bill on the growth of Hollywood
h s t -- TV: "Two years ago I looked at'
.CM is blushing over its failure our big Television City stages awdi
to e4eer the TV riabtg to "High said 'What am 1 going to put In!
n "Or t _own," bothI'le 'Now I'm knocking down'
Sfor hour-lons shows for walls between them to make room
Cr Be had okayed both r bigger and biler sets.
Oattei for musical versions. That o Drscoun te cast of
'. I ""Ah, Wilderness' on -Front Row,
'That am aad dance number Center is one-time kid star Bobby,
u .dt tbo e!o "You're Never Driscol, now UI.
A yest fl last MartinS
skhow ,a in e picture I yeb'row-liftin lina DIek
At a g. Jerry was supposed to HaiYmes spouts In "St. enny, the1
a-. m-. m we're going to Dip, arn old movie playing home
ibow Iso a ecene left am th eut-J sMrees "I have a right to go any.
n floor from our last film.' where I want to when I want to.
wasl.. wasa left *a t V V --
room floor. I Statistic dept.` There are now,
.Mi Rtooe's two sons by ,350.,000 TV sets in the U. 5.'
a1ae, r-oM Miek. tuning i, on 0 stataiop.
Wi.b. eight, are1 -. i
h^U% f eld OI sappets in1 .The new Orrin Tucker-Roberta'
vei In the newjLimn show oa Los Angeles KTLA
uede Woetslm series, "Cir. is slated for a national build-up.
w -.I D SownSd "Hey Mul-.! "Medic' influence note, Writer
i :"Dolph Sharp Is head oedfr Africa I
veI tll for a while to research a new telefil aeries I
a-d b .WO nle ew oe for my- titled, "I Was a Witch Doctor for;
slf., I kb F do a new the kau Mau.' A series just s
_ei401" iea.- bair-raisig could be:
-r Was a for Bed
Ss' s' op ateb the a
WtV w 7.ray week but The word's o-a at CUa t the

Wrtte for NBA Service

S6Q10162 6AJ7543
9 None K 3
I 9e7643 483
6543 6A76
6 None
9 "Q10874
6 10B92
N orth-South vul.
South West North East
IV Pss 4N.T Pass
5 Pas 5 9 Pass
S6 Piass Pass Pass
Opening lead-* 4
I wom-




.I ". -i
t* -'-' ,".

report Rocky Graslano made a "This hand was & comed-vof
quarter of a million last errors," my friend Alfred' Rom TAGED T TS FAMSILY Mrs. Dorbthy Kowalaky RAi1nowits
year thesping ... Frank Gebman's ey told me on one of my recent outs up a protesting hand to photographers as she embraces her
first play "Step Daugters of visits to New York's famous Reg-. parents, the Isadore Kowalakya of Akron. 0., at New York.ip the ,
the Left Bank" will be produced enc Club. "My partner bid like a: wake of a family tragedy which struck them earlier in the day.
by former song-and-dance-man (NBA Radio-Telephoto) lunatic, I bid like another, pnd the; Tw. of Mrs, Rabfnowltz's brothers and three others died In 3.:
T. 3. Restial .Gabe (Ankles PEBON SPEAKS TO NATION President Juan Peron of Ar- opponents defended as though theirL auto crash on Pennsylvanja Turnpike on their way to Akron
Aweigh) Den's bee tapped for a benti make a nation-wide broadcast in Buenos Aires. Peron feet were asleep. Nevertheless, thel or. a- vacation trip. At right is Mrs. XablMSwltt's lpbban&.
tv pilot seript. Author is Mike sald he would not step down aN that he will bring Argentina hand presents a rather pretty lit. Robert .
Mamer Heribloc, the Wash. back to normal. In the, rear are (left to right): Maj. Alfredo tIle point." l -r* i-il r a rili
h n editorial cartoonist, has Rennet', presidential secretary Gov. Carlos Aloe of Buenos Aires I certainly agreed with all of 1" mu m e a H a
an offer to put his genius n'tv Province: and 31J. Iegnacio Talceta, secretary of the admin- Romney's criticisms. North's im-. SHOWS
films. His d book is about ready latrative investigations. mediate leap to" four no-trump was TODAY
.... Bet of the new films: "Sum.- somewhat foolish. And Romney's AY 1:00- 4:11
mortdme" starring Kath Hepbum oUege. He worked as a report-decisiontogo on to six heart be- 752 P. M.
t the Astor. She gies off sparks. Retired Grace Co. erfor the Des Moines leader cause of the void in spades wasI
glamorous shaelectriclt, tSel." the W Dshnton lme and heI very optimistic.
ley Winte quote: "Romance -s Vee"Des A New York Herald Weqt opene the four of dis |
exciting, but it isn't enough for a eep est At New York Herald. mounds, East played the eight, and l i AI.'-
lifetime partnerabip; I've found I He is survived by his wife and Romney won with the queen. He | -- -
canwai .. Short ermon for NEW YORK, July 2--(UP,- one daughter. now led the queen of hearts, and, .-
S elty; Romance is Rare. Sue- Robert H. Patcin, ,. o ne -da r West hesitated.que This owas barsad BS COMBINATION INt YvAR4f .
es Is Tranient eLife s Short. newspaper man and a retired news to declare, but he awaited "T E BEST COMBINATION IN TYEAR
___---___ vit. president of. W. 1, Oraci MINNESOTA TREES the outcome with a cheerful face.e I i
a. a -Co., died in his Madhattan ...... ,- WAesAtinally.disca thleamdttla U&Z nC
jJU OI5VQt 5OD-Ol h a e yesterday. e" aT. PAUL (UP) Minne. clubs, and Romney played a lowN. I
s iota's forestry department esti.- trump from dmuny.
L_ Patchin had served with the mated that between 10 and 15 The idea was to make East take
Sr m Grace company since 1917 and million trees from state nurseries the king of hearts and guess the
uH ,T v IW. I was instrumental in the forma- will be planted in the state this right return without further help.
NuO 1141 tion -of Pan American-Grace year. About half that number go East was sure that South was vo '
Airways (Panagra) in 1927. to individuals and groups for plant. of one of the black suits and that!
w U He was born in Des Moines. ing on privately owned land. The he would defeat the contract if be
ROM, Jl 2 (UP) Failr Iowa, and attended Iowa State remainder Will go on public lands. led the right ace. Which ace should
ROME, Jtuy 2 (UP)- Failure he rik?
loomed before Antonio Segni in his East thought that ft was impor-
efforts to form a government to- tant to lead the ace of spades 'im-
day des ite a last minute respite A mediately He thought that he"
granted m by President Giovan A would' lose the club trick even if
Gronchl. J T- This guess turned ou to be wrong. I
.Gronch gave.. g.n an e a MORNING SHOW! East discovered how m pstpken
Groneh gave Se an e x t r ii he was. Romney trumped the acee
divided democratic parties togeth: SUNDAY, JULY 3rd, 1955 at 9:45 A. M. of snadesdrew thelast trump and s- ies CM WIom M" 0ILYEM i
er Thursday after the premierades. ,rAP ITUE, crdl a dumn's eubs It wPCll T.R--.m..-- mW, -Mr o ?
ignate had told him he was unable I IA PICTURE!card all of dumny's clubsam It waske. ih m An B S
to form a govermat. But pol. ..a very pleasant slamto ae ake.t combination with ACTION AND ROMANCEI f
cal observers gave Segni no uobre SUB A KA TARA (MORNING 5TAR) the second tridk, whae West dis-. ALA NLADD
than- a 50-40 chance of success to- W M M n nIcarded the three of clubs. West .
day-with less than 34 hours to go. A MOST INTRUSTING SOCIAL DRAMA WITH LOVE, e.uld tell exactly what yas going as the "INJN-LOVR" a
,,,- ,, .. Inn An Aoi, and he knew that his discard3 |'L.' DELMEZ DAVES t
Authoritative sources in close SONGS AND DANCES had to be helpful to his partner. I I '
touch with Segni's gruelling week. NO SUBTITLES! The deuce of spades would tell! |' 3 fifdt! D R U M -
long negotiations said he seemed East nothing,- but the three of j1 .- 1
to have ttle chane of revising clubs would be very tevealg ifB EA T
the four-party cter coalition that East asked himself "Where is the Bi,- _
is ruled Italy sies the late Al. A.. ..deuce of clubs?" sa IN SWEEPING
cide Gasperl ousted the Reds SHlOWING AT YOUR SERVICE du'e CinoemaSco eI
from the government eight years rNVrVV THV ATVo .,n, V WHY CHANGE: | I i il m < m
CSea iverb aireOHTLO AS. 6:15 8:1 GAuMBO 5:15 amal Roa j asbeen changed to 0 W rth n m o v- o t r v 0 b te *1
ti~an democrate land reform: -R ichard-ANSn.' i. m .ioe'.sNo .em .Like*. The.Autooble races in IeMansFrance, which lefat
Ser must report bak to residentANshow "trag c toll of dead and wounded.
Giovanni Gronchi, a moderate left. "KHYBER PATROL" ATUN :0 Plus: A ort subject: Ppe Le Pew ILD OVER O
lt in doiAhti policies, sometime I Coln -or IGATUND BLODE" C E N R A Ll e ar- r r m un a a a aW
Sun 9'oNlGsrrs THE NrIGH? suns"3 "nKX LANCE' ,A1 e
a M-6 a.. ..a

60c. LU X' 30c.

.3:5I Ss1
TODAY! 7:0 8:5 p.m.
The Most Rutbless
of all time!

MARGARITA 6:15 7:;3

CRISTOBAL 6:15 8:3o
CinemaScove Color'
lso Sbewinm BVUNDAY J& MON.

60c- 1:. 4:11
30c. '[i '"2 I
SThe Ptures That u t |
L i-U lUw I

Ar -Conditioned
BALBO A2:30 4:25 6:20. 8:15


L u.x



The maot rdble

ROBINSON of dtll



as the- Injhi .r ia
'g 94 -
OW r

as ve ,- l *p su'*J







. -

- b- t ---I



f amma ^i1 8:35 I OCA #: 35pentri
, $1ACTas QBYP IpaWr.4ebylt ir. de.CDY"

.- -' J .

y TAoI-B!.. ..


Brooklyn .....52 20 .722 New York ....51 24 .680 WIMBLEDON, ng., July 2-
Chicago ......41 34 .547 12% Chicago ......42 28 .600 6% (UP)-Louse Brogh of Bever-
Milwaukee ...39 33 .542 13 Cleveland ....43 30 .589 7 ly Hills, Calif., called on all her
Cincinnati ...33 35 .485 17 Detroit .......38 33 .535 11 tennis experience to beat Bever-
New York ....34 39 .466 181 Boston .......40 35 .533 11 ly Baker Fellta Of Long Beach,
Philadelphia .33 39 .458 19 Kansas City ..30 41 .423 19 Calif., 7-5. 8-6, today and win
St. Louis .....31 38 .449 19;1' Washington ..25 47 .347 24, the Wimbledon Women's cham-
Pittsburgh ... 24 49 .320 28 i Baltimore .... 20 51 .282 29 plonships for the fourth time.
--- The 32-year-old Miss Brough,
TODAY'S GAMES TODAY'S GAMES who previously had won the
Pittsburgh at Brooklyn Washington at New York (N) title from 1948 through 1950,
New York at Philadelphia (N) Chicago at Cleveland (N) won out after turning back a
Milwaukee at Cincinnati (N) Boston at Baltimore (NI determined second set rally In
St. Louis at Chicago. Detroit at Kansas City (N) which Mrs. Fleltz fought for
every point with her hard am-
YESTERDAY'S RESULTS bidextrous forehand strokes.
YESTERDAY'S RESULTS Washington 010 000 100-2 8 1 Miss Brough's triumph, achiev-
St. Louis 012 000 130- 7 13 1 New York 201400 00x-7 10 2 ed before a crowd of more than ,.
Chicago 060 200 30x-11 13 1 McDermott (6-7), Chakales, 17,000 at the famed center court, .
Arroyo (0-3), Lawrence, Jones, Ramos, Stobbs and FitsGerald, completed an American sweep of COPPING FIRST PLACE in the Panama Area e n. S Forbtes Swimmhug Meet Julie 12 are 10
Smith, Wright and Sarni. Edwards. the two singles titles. Tony Tra- members of the Fortr Kolb, swimming team who *. presented individual awards. Flrst how,
tuash, Davis (5-3), Perkowski Ford (10-3) and Berra. bert of Cincinnati won the men's left to right, are Pfc. Roger Loftman, Charles Lathan, Pvt. William Dieterly, Pvt. Edward SUk,
and McCullough. crown Friday. Cpl. John Leonard, team coach, who was present the trophy, Pvt.. Larry Kirwan, Cpl. Lean-
M u(Night Game This was the 12th conseeu- dro Surla and Pfc. James Dridge. Second row, left to right, are Pvt. Robert Bridge, M/8gt.
(Night Game) Chicago 000000000-0 6 0 ve time that an American has Jose Delgado, Pvt. Lewis Elms, Sgt. John Bayroth, Pfec. Peter Weber. IPc. John Van Ekelenburg,
Milwaukee '100 000 100 -2 7 1 Cleveland 000 010 00x-1 7 0 won the women's champion- Pvt. John Uffendell, Pfc. Elmer Rosell. (U.S. Army Pvt. Irwin Kahi)
Cincinnati 21004601x-14 11 0 Pierce i5-5) and Moss. ship as many as four times
Buhi t5-6),Jay. Edelman. Jol- Wynn (11-2) and Hegan. since Helen Wills Moody. Mrs.
ly, Vargas and Crandall. Moody won It eight times In
Staley, Black (2-0) and Bur- (Twilight Garnd)001000- I all.
ge ,oit100000- 6 1 PennsylvaniaCryew Captures
Kansas City 210 000Ox-3 6 1 ,
(Night Game, Birrer (1-l), Cristante, Aber Int
New York 001000110-3 11 4 and R. Wilson. International
Philadelphia 101 011 05x-9 11 I Boyer (4-1), Gorman and Ak-
Antonelll (6-101, Glel, McCall, troth. | W V^
Wlhelm and Katt. Westrum. thfi ild
Roberts (11-7) and Seminick. (Night Game) L. HENLEY England, July 2-
I Detroit 001002 100-5 14 1 -r '-.---". y (UP)-The University of Penn-
IKansas City 000 0 70x-7 10 0 'sytsp. varsity crew won the
(Night Game) Oarver (5-9), Hoeft, Cristants W L Pet. GB : R! enl.e Regatta Grand
Pittsburgh 010002000-3 7 2 Birrer and House. Toronto ... 49 27 .645 Challenge Cup today by defeat
Brooklyn 002 000 00-2 7 01 Herbert. Ceccarell. Saln, Gor- Montreal .... 47 28 .627 1% ing the Vancouver Club
Law (4-3) and(Peterson. man (3-1) and W. Shantz Havana ..... 44 33 .571 5 of Canada by a third of a length.
Podre (7-4). Roebuck, iugheIColumbus ... 39 37 .512 10 The Penn rew, w ngth.
and Howell I(Night Game) Rochester ... 33 39 .458 14 won eight straight races this
Boston Buffalo ..... 31 42 .425 16V arn beAfore losalg to Cornell in
S 000000 300 000 1-4 2 Syracuse .... 29 44 .397 18V 0 e Intercollegiate Champion-
Baltimore Richmond ... 27 49 .355 22 hip Regatta, was timed in six
TROPHIES 011010000000-3 T minutes, 5eM seonda the fastest
TWuRDntS and White. Syracuse 000 030 001-4 9 0 the Conquerors of the favored
WlonAWARDS Moore, Dorlah (-2) Rochester 003 000 001-3 8 1 Russianemlht-oared rew, Krvs-a
and smith, Gastall. Owen and Lonnett; Moford Russnee The Van eight-oared over
-and White.- crew, actually the University of
We Accept Order c Nchmond 00000- 7 2 British Columbia eight, had
We Acp Orer COM N RAC Rchmond 010 t000 e000-1 7 2 y. Dala gained the finals y yesterday by
Camden, J. J. (N]A) -- The Buffalo 000003 10x--4 10 0 defeating the Russ anU.
For Direct C.Z. Gardenja for two-yeermld f.les Thompson, Volselle (6) and St. -PAlthough they lost out in the
will be run at Gale State, Oca Claire; Bunning and Streuli. major eventthe Russia s-wun
Shipments at 22. It s a ew io rae to-Thompson. HR--t. Claire. two of the first three chamPion-
eThe Garden State week later.. Ships decided In this final day
J ',r r E C O Pr----q (I( fcod Game,7'of Britain's annual blue-ribbon
.. ITALIAN EN IS j Havana 011 001 0-3 7 0 rowing classic.
Iama amlo .'""'"4 -" Montreal 200010 1-4 93Ru a Kryl ove v Club
huuwloruuuuaunt Ml. '5NA) -Five Its- Sc~ntle8ury,. Harris (f') and deseated rita tov Club

NA B M eista.o Ai WLasihm I Teed. r- ami- uRi nis t,- l for

MV ..INOPOAAT de'E (IC .18 Trnt) lP--,ag. a Ilengh *I
P--1.C...A T..- A L Me br 8 V.ou r-Maaz ere* f ant hen' took
Sa e T c EN m.ay... Gamec rthe diamond a culls cbam pio n-
J10 R"n40 "0-. trship as G. Zhliln and L-Eibchuk
II rondflis A-a om, -i o.,0 o DedAH. Volimer andT. l e, rep.
2 NnT P oerse 1 e (3) ani Burtns; renenn the G rass per Club
i Patl, NbIH PACF RT S rt (4), hore (8) Lan- of Zurich, wtasrlan. by hal
INCOR RATEDN !RO B T h. AR S OS deck () and Griffin. tP--iHaa. e T deett otee t e itlf E
LP-Miller. HR -Sullvan. (MA Telephoto)
FATAL ACCIDENT Injured boat racer Lloyd Maddock-is pull-
(Second Game, 8 innings) ed from the Detroit Rivet. by Dallas Kremer after Maddock'si atM
Sumbuints .0 0001 006-i? ad 1 boat #ug inved In an accident during the Detroit Memorial Himt Pagraiade
FA1 FREIGHT AND PASSIENGER SERVICES wosto 0 100 01-2 5 1 Regatta. Madodk's boat sunk after being hit by another racer. MAJOR LEAGUE LFADE.W
FAt'SiS FREIGHT**; AND h Wer and Lkeman, Durus Maddock died en route to the hospital. 3an sNITED nks
TO COI OMBIA. ECUADOR, PERU AND CHILE MaJ. Hayes Retains M arciano Installed Solid ased on 175 off bats)
"POTOSI" ............ e.................... A l Tennis 5 -13 Favor te O ver Mo ore a an

lA88AU. BERMUDA CORUAA. AND LA PALLICE thnlit.hmn mh5u242do2, t1. 2 .335
M.V. EINA DEL PACIFICO (1.0 Tenas) ...... Augh. rvmu i nsru a Aaron, M.L 71 297 509 .32
--- Major Leo V. Hay of t NEW July 2--(P)--A Shortl after the announce- Mueller, N.Y. 691 250 0 .323
TO UNITED KINGDOM DIRECT Gulick defeated Pfc. J Flana&-. hb .y bt championship fight meant, ocds-makers uoted Mar- Klus'ski, Cini. 67 263 46 85 23
L Ogan of osrt Davis, 6-4 and em ",bin.t..-_et ciano as a solid (5- 3P favorite
S., "FLAMENCO" ................................Jly g to remain hisAtlantic tenni-4a The na al Boxing Club dyer the 38-yearold Moore. The AMERICAN LEAGUE
NTA ........................... .. l gles crown, n the final ma announced aaon- o'ci pk champion was on hand for the Kaline, Det. 71 285 5 104 .36
Played this week at Margarita. (EDT) news rcfeenie yester- signing and admitted Moore m.ay Fox Chioago 70 243 .33
ROYAL MAIL LINES LTD./HOLLAND AMERICA LINE Hayes broke his opponents day that Rocky biarcano will give him trouble. Marciano says Smith Cleve. 7 304 63 .322
service In the ninth game of the 4eAend. stn lht heavy- -"Moore is a very smart buxer K ben, Det. 62 254 39 79 .311
TO NORTH PACIFIC PORTS first set to take a 5-4 lead and lgh Are Moore. and a dangerous puncher. Yes, Dob Cleve 60
S"DIMERDYK ............................... July It held his own service in the TOhe pit Y- kfee tadiu he ai my most dangerous oppo- C .3
8it "LOCH GOWAN" ............................. July 2 tenth game to win the set. In New. fktrThe 4Ote, Septemwber nent since my first fight wit HOME RUNE
the second set, Hayes took theJl .- Joe Walcott." Kluszewski Redle
first two games and though s T'1"I rle -awill rinse from Moore was located at Toledo Snider, Dodgersa ..... 24
TO UK/CONTINENT service was ba kon by Flanagan five to'40 dollars. There will be on his way to San Diego, Call- Ma nts........2
"DURANGO .ml in the sixth and elght games, no home television, but I-B-C fornia. The light heavyweight -ampanella, Dodgers ... 19
SDURANGO" .......................July his early lead prevailed. Preasdent Jim Norris ex .ets-to champion says-"It's something Banks, Cubs .......*.*1
.. ... ........ .:....L..................... alyt. Col. Dey H. Carn deputy seol theater T-V r ts r t hroug- I've been looking forward to all ............
Al'lD Sanllas Subject to Chane tithe Notice post Commande at Fort Gul-ck, out the country. Norris also Is my life. I'm overjoyed." Moote RUN8 BATTED IN
P ine mCrS NAVIGATION CO.. Cristebl TeL: 1654/5 presented trophies to the Win- rneitStnag for radio. rights, refuses to predict a knockout snider Dodgers. 74
IPANAMA-Ave. tir en T. s-Ist/ nor and runner-up at the end clairjmoe .will get 30 per cent of but expects to win. Says Moore- Cam ella, Dodges ... 64
PA N@M10. 1 LAL-0v..,Te esa g, y el, E-1ugg of the match. sf rMp-," ., "I can hurt Marciano a lot more Jensen d ~ sox 59 o
resent the Army Atlntic n Norris ays he decided on New Kalune,, TI ards. .....54
P.nama Area doubles York because of its nearness to ,nPhi -" ......54
T EAplnador eUJ' t o.p lanaan from Brockton, Massachusetts RUNe
A d .......J ...ul.1 and usually draws a large fo Mantle, Yankees .......6
MERCANTEwas a mpember of. last years lowing from New England.

GRANCOLOMBIANA, S A.. .. r_ ntTornim s Ed Blake .. ..... .
An nounee. A N Sia' 2urls 2-1 Tumph aline, Tir ....... 58

e. Iaguration of New Service from Fourth Of July Fo 11h I.L Wln .. .
ANADA BOSTON S "dS alineTiges........ 1

The Alant 14 Ivah .a poliued the headlines In their
TO CRISTOBAL VIA WAY PORTS July swimmIng meet ad marbu to the Internatconal be that
carnival will be held at the Ga- e lead but it could be that ( e 7 decisloal

tun swimming pccat8 .. Blake will be the key pitcher
tun .. sw m ig p o'so "
tCOND ARRIVAL- contestantsMust dp to or the Toronto Maple Leafs, InN mC6mb Dodgers 13 1 .
csert of the meet, : 8"0 their effort to win a seco=6La ~e 1.
"GEORGE RUSS" ............ July 22, 1955 r dI--theone rt "n. to. win a sen Ina n .....6 11 2
event sched lted scored his 11th victory nn n 2
TURD ARRIVAL oat.n childft of season last night, beat-. ,
their talent forColumbus Jets, 2-1, aftt
"AGUST BOLTEN" ........ August 14, 1955 tison of toe watF Maple Leafs lost the opener
of a doubleheader. 10-9. With
Ogale Johnson recalled to the
RERAL CARGO WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR this tieWn o hiteSo, BlakeIs now Y'
ADIAN PORTS AND BOSTON, PER THE W atNOV International League's big.
IDI4N PO)RTS AND BhOSTON, PER THE Wate winner and a goo4 eadi-
= ,hwe winne lo 92
come to be the Maple Leaf' first
C euuuf Ro" wnce nU "Av st Boltenf orspl thea Leafs
ad a half ahed of theM
Apply ontre
.+-+- -;, '~ m A / --


U-U -

'91kV ii


* *O

.1 .~ -

w0w last
Daod plat w i ..
inaing hom tao ias&
tiies thingailo flrots
to aes a*bo WM. H1 now 4. e hn 11-2 ia 1*lax t tke a;.W
American Lfteae lturpaSed ljfl Id t
only by Don ewcohbe's $3-1 home-muniual
figure for Brooklyn in the Na- the, Cardnalst
tonal. He beats h good clubs. gnid slamerM k.-._
In his string of ishuout. prior to ado other ioute.*,
last night he soared hi third Stfte-Randy Jaesn
victory of the metson-lut Sun- BDnkp.
day with a four-hit jobagalfut qith Sb -
P(ew-York. -2' tph M-
That marked the trd time hat teaho Is f
Wyman had beating the 111asakees., r
e th any their pitcher. ew
The ea*y* ub which h beat- he *
en h fls Bests wIPh two trii- Ted ri-nwj 'h
umphi. He has betn. epefy hoiper for Gitlc^otiejr'
Club now aelnding BaltmereB dW o Brodeoka ..Boa
and K a ias Cy twice and league leid 0&
Boston, Washingteo, Chicago Q05 Hell aid Wari
and Detrat once. homered. oe Adco
The victory aver Chicago was the losers..
achieved in a duel with lefty Robin Robe.t -,
Pi Zierce, who suffered his g mtald a46 ae
defeat. It was the sixth over the Giantr h t Me
straight loss for .the White ox, lie pUt ovepr b tiv e
who now are only half a game elgbth ning W? a
ahead of the third place In- by yoek, ]Mg y
Bdian. passd ball by We
The Yankees took a 6% game a NotWile l
first place lead with 7-2.tri- in wWBAC he sta
umph over Washington In which nis an( two on IV
Wmtey Ford won his 10th gme reengras.
and Bill Skowron set the hitng -' -
pace with four runs batted In on a f lM
a-double and two single. Ady ly Wm ZRDA
Carey. ;blew the game wldq open becm t ye ,an
with. h two-rub homer in a four- g 00 *lf 4
tall rally in the fourth. ,lU h .a
Kansas City came home: to a S.traght .
blx welcome and rewarded th White Sx.
fans 'ith a 3-2, 7-5 sweep over. .-., a
the Tigers. In the opener, Bill .. -i '
Wilson and Joe Astroth hit hom- ,, L aw d t .,-
era to give Cloy* Bor hio i4th-1 LAIW l. .,
victory. bud in-. 4ae:*.t-4.ame *T^. ,
th d e aRnM ,,Ctaw..."tw, 04J5, t r .r
lo avelazing flay Imlftk* w e r
Vie Power edit -twtthato -C Sb... .3....... -0'0
er and the othle rbbl blwasa MejIasl t ..... 0To
three-run double by Wilsad. branch ......*. 0r4 *
?The Red BoSex eat the Ore- c-atffeil If ...... 4 -
lea down to their 10th straight Thomas cf..... 4 1
defeat ha1,lnnl.mg44 when honma c,..... 4 : I -
0- Qg(M')al ..,.n.. 4w^ g.-s
e aJ 0' ena....4I f ,
y^ RJ. O'Brien 2b '

A I ....... 4 -'L
SJly nider ........4 0 0
ywek old e- Robison Sb .:
Atlantic y htInj race. orl 4b wnfuoj ..'S iI $%0
gillies h ...,. 8 0. 3

United t sder fter s ........ 0
.400 miles..of o t rrm owen c. ...... 4. ..:O
A rc in S day. s Z er u ...... a 1
The yacht, the Cora, h ptodre n .... I
to off this south wet RabuS p ...... O'0 0 1
early rdayfl et of. the even ne ...... .i O -
S. -'es ...0 0
was -t -witvern the e-Newi5mbe ..... 1 4. 0 0
racb We Iptr ham Nye. of
rthe first Tota"l 23 73 T.'
Atlan 6
Al ,~ b r y e s-Rolled out fo .
and hl mn hauled 7th .
the CIyg, the thr lcan b-Base on baBs ftr UJl '
yacht 1i the rae. r 11t fioal
25 milI.Cast'e said cRan for .
the O was Out d-an for
o t sight e -Flred out tor
Nye's victory for him the
ThomasU Q donated y pirates 01
the Brititeorue r ewl0 SDodgers 0
years age fvte jal -Dodgers
tion 1 rce rror., oet. J; M Zr: .
Carln e sala wa built .n- jLaw. Aoroal 1t,
ly eight wWtks ao ina W bles: -J. O'Brien, .
German ~a~= and the race Amoras. Sacriflc: ei-S
was her i major test. on base: P ra-5.
BasmS o balk: La
.TICET BUTjy Hughest 8iO.:
w ~m !_. net nAG. a.

BloomMO ladI. (NEA) -
Proxiatly0,000 football tike
brouhures and order bulan
hadana's IS i pues were tail

the new meetntg place
of the late crowd
DAY midnito to 4:30 a.w.
Open this Sunday nite. also

O'UR '
"'- ir 3', -.
,,:-- "j ."

i~iO .'.''

.-.r -

-I' A... *- -.'.. o.I


a. i





t 1-',

l ..






5-' *
-. r



if i .. -

____ I



i- '.+.




lt ,- H B', i9 S '* "
.l, : ',g *V ^ ., i- ,ll ; -
.*7.1, :" ,*"^ "" ':- i,'* .
r .

i tw,

Elr apur* t;
know anI '
lie ag ms

a -** -

ai A- world
,.0 IS not

r t the a sh. e td bam a.
a o tBa.s. r ea Swan dline ba
S Fan Whir W Rich-
]mrinted promin

---what turned into Rd Wt en throw.
&~ e r inur furl- Wyne Cause,, nothe elm-
of theyear for i1 S t
S bi 2M-lastr. *.of- we id, is plkyn a t third ud
bem..eia ~ Tommy Gastal, ex-Bodtp Um
S .n veriy der. I d soimg om
M 5tei. 0Both of them beed
SI'llet Cs B experience ba .
-n no There i reason to beve that
4tS to ay cUbs like that Richards" Soed unm i
a a bartender at, the budget for lg pyers is-ar
M ntriemarked. from it. Baltimore= ticket man.
T oat a- eager, Elmer Bkart, says
lga. pitiable, gate sale for Oriole home games, Is
bs shut. out 15 time pMr
a S recently ran In e ibd 45. 3 for our first, U_
eo1h w them blanked home date this season. That's
-El-inn 14 game. 80,000 less thaq what we had last
V- Wobably baseball's year. And nearly aD of our at.
M.ta Md they have a boss tendahee this season comes from
Is b .uI .red season ticket holders,' he say.
r brutel. said I didn't ex- What will happen next year'
ayttig like this. That was The fact seem to say that -alte
Sw.k Rleards more is in for trouble. The hon
b 3esa-oi have eymoon is coming to. an end. Uh-
i ovan rougher." less major league players are ac
hard thsea pulls himself o- quired during the winter, ticket
r and begins to talk about sales may fail .adly.
h r young Right,- now, Paul Richards Ms
Ing-,1 5a play-. thlbIng oug players.
~tk d Baow and a sixth "-eV I.3: coule of years, fr
w hopes to!-lif t m t -me .amt .u
w~ir3 tha lheu e~ a th thai time,
f ifewingly hbe #.* MY&
Pybun, who coat But, Batimore still be
I to cbat from the Auburn waiting?.

Kucks Shows Yanks Even

Use Army As Farm Club

NEW YORK (NEA) It hap-
tins every year.
'Th Yankees pp up with some
uae you ever heard of.
Tib r ity 21-year-old John-
I Kuc, pronounced Cooks. And
%yer-old Jim Konstanty, waiv-
i&q.t of the N. L., doe a smaiash
iRahink to once more be p
/les-.-, worker In. the bu
Yankees even use the
' a, a farm. Pitchers .1 ,
/ -tfitf can't fgt sybody
Wltr a ryeai after being dis

s trikIlg ill.thatIn. Cet
esm~dic armed wrlrd.
Sl,tef Braves has yet to
P lpre-srvice wizardry. i
Fqrd of the Yan-
tiooep 18 and then
ted unknowns
t 'p i dai make the New
S -Aercan' staff. Bob
6 ,asa't even on the
r ost when he quit
SCorps to captuMre
,t?-w it's Kuks, who
4 ppy as eceutly as

astoaded when
d ( OF Ca
l> rqHly extravordl-
tary of kia makrg Poo At i a Keks was far ahead
l aweor t of i hil The Yankees started
jl meban uds wab utb-
c1i$ B.,ig for Jersey City's Dickinso
.. hio .t- wa s. Ia s .for
L ess':m N mdhe t ,o.l ,at rny
,ul mIrell,, who ,adss t r Kdi tabbed l i
aTha'st a l eoelent p ospect m an
.' s overa u d delivery. A lad that
Sre moves. wasn't supposed to pte
Cb up, i relatively sw-f. Nrathe
ea n_"e. exceptionm of Lucks. The nest
waa =mr fouad uksM with Me-
at S to keep b .v of Il kme. ci

to BIG

byur aren

Sand, heo l vited to the Sta d
'"lW to wWX Out with the Bomb,

i ^s~y0^^:"VI

F ji

- ~4 -

LEXINGTON, Ky. (NBA) umber. The little man with one
am d5aerogs* ; -i The Bluegsag country la i arliag will be in there "
Sas anote. tw cowalgnal -ieriud terms with the r
j tg to a wthe finishing touches to ft o t
t -be pa* r pagP The art of the breeder teay ,
moit vm r .e aA 0 of his getting a yearling ready for A
TO eastm uag Some weeks abefore'l the annual the Selected sale is impressive.
Ssa "le, yearlings shine like As I pointed out for The 'Wr- .
r en 52 g .wl oer panai. new dollars. They are well de- oughbed Record, the you
eml Tl e cally. Cot "tsgliste an s 1r g as taosyu r d -
,. _. a _.._,>T- .n -s-. .8!;- I _iT.a l., overall .appearance a.w elwd----l eS U .d ,
" il t le, TO e w i 1 timera who didn't expt to star
Ssteltoae if s eoran satrezrgth. To Well be'i a Howdy Among them are stakes win, a two-year-old until ArpU at the
SDe with e.. ners of the future had also, I earliest .
a16 *-tdeght add, IndivIduals which iWA
Sbet .- il. .s. ts h7 i ome day will ,an in the last anybody a,, .
..ft nacShoulder lnlvry en pb'
athe_.. -- C heldto1 0,inAugust ,un dar|.
a. fsaleat e .ee d -e fr wkCin; o nanJl
munther overruled owner or trainer s not recess reveal too Com and a hi ene t .---
Ceanies are, this simply reflects the broke spirit which b tyr anny Dy lit DEMARET Srved as-t Yavill ea. In 19,teS P S
lmpoue, rather than a Aarmoniomu a eaet ion Written for NeA Service Breeders' Sa es Company, a coo. It IsE th -
I manap toly net through to price fighters fairly well. tl operative g group, took over, and i- CHAMPAIGN, mI. (NEA) mightNo Pit to A
wnen you've asked the hamp i f he expects to win, d he grunts As you walk up to the 8 in good thape, nuagurated a summer and a faer ll There are numerous q uesticon neighborhood of 11,
affirlastively, the major theme has just about been exhausted. at the El Rio Country Club of sale, the s0ealled belt going in mark cases resulting from injuries
orntel I e had no u s at all trying to t Tus on, you are greeted with a J the others in October-Novback two years ago, Captain Carwhich m have a strong hearing
w-.t1 horses. I find them not only to be uncommunicative eal e' eff enespaintedsign.wasvil I M
nannerly.Times on e, th friendliest fashion, I have "Jimmy Demaret- took a 2- The July sale is now known as n fall. os ba o
employed my regular pe abit-"Wel, how n s the big el on this hole" iit reads. The Sale of Selected Yearlings.
low thlu fiw morEM2g?"- to receie -In return a mocki0 The Demnaret -debacle came inn Its scope has spread beyond Ken- Ray Eliot says there Is a possi-
sr.crt.or surly neigh. Once htato 1 lathed In my face. Io w the Tucsop Open of 1947. I came tucky. ability that the Illini may lo JNoA erAAite
he could tell I was posing as an exDert _till puzzles me. up to the last hole in good shape, In noother year has there been C. aroline.An -Americ hal.
Jauntil walked over to tee up my back two years ago, Captain Car. TODAY! $:0 5
ball, ten stood of f to measure oline's effectiveness was virtually life 910
LETS RACE FANS DOWN tobe hit. a autumnn. His status at present If PRICES: 0.60.
IV inability to persuade Rshua to unbutton his li0 is Thehlia dogles to the left doubtful.

ilpg puc's demand for La re atnh with wp.* of bounds. By BEANS REARDON ,
-alookt'Nashua thei dase and o" t ll ho I was going to carry a group 24 Years ia National Leagua OdEANPORT. N.J.(NEA)-Har-
el y hi .heftels hi f.ilur to~r oerak p,,ds of trees wh re the fairway began Written for NEA Service ry Isaacss of Brookfleld Farm tj -f.n-
tin stretch at Loulv llee. C in to urn to t left--or else they'd names all his horses with rods
Isme user. You sense, too. l .- W a d 1A:wus .7p carry me out. QUESTION: What ha ens beginning with an I.
roon race fans will be a ying he's aOad o_. mint Swaps. My second drive was hard hit. when a tie game is played the ________________
Nashua ad Swaps In ay n wald mans one of he r t it went about 30 yards farther major leagues? Do the clubs start
eimlPq. steres of the yei =WItw. It wll aterialise mi Sz out of bounds. The third drive was over again or continue from the
"tea* debatable. out in Qfoanals I wis asked to I e even longer-and still out. I hit a point where the game ended? -
Swa8p' owner Rex Elsworth, was mose laterMted than Wi- fourth and the same thing hap.- Morty Strauss.
ward, that Elwath preferred Los ageles, ut would eonIde@f opened. The same for my fifth. Answer: In the National' Wgee,
I Cimcage as a eaompmr e locamis lea. I was ieidded Swaps had As I went down to tee up my the game Is resumed at w point
traveled 2Sh miles to meet Naahua theft lit taime, sixth drive of the hole, Lew Wor. where it ended. A new gape is
Ellsworth was. quoted as saing that Woodward, In5f 1 sham, who was standing and wait. played nla the American.
i distance conversation, ln4eatd. a wlAgoneme to t rematcH on Ing patiently for me to finish, Q. Why was Herib Score of
the Coast, then hedged, clawing nalaUterpretation. Since re- said: Cleveland, a high -priced bonds. Today ENCANTO Sc.
turning Bast I get the Impression Woodward wou t as n "For your information, you are pitcher allowed to s p e n d two At On the
forget Swage altogether, to say nothing of the fordea of ians shooting 11." years in the minors? I thought -At I SO ORA MAT
wao would go miles to see the spectacle-and the tans just bap-! Funny thing about it, I birdied all bonus players ]had to put in L with CEL C=
Den to be the people who make rila OMs the ar 5 hole with that last ball. two years with the parent c u b On the e: -
What happened that day, I'd from the moment ,they signed.- A GREAT DOUSLWI
t guesy is that myy coonentration Tony Antonio. A ". GREAT' '
S broken up byh the Irst shot A. Score was signed in a 9 5 2
THERE'S ALWAYS A WAY a I began to presetry' for when the role allowed b a b a aa Today Al. 20 .10,
S-.. distance and forgettiqto icute players to be seatto the inoaers. B. 2 .

I Men1i no eat1an9ternmo thou outs Thebealill5move you hitt. A It.,Fiv._ eP_ _
to achevthavdktUtaareunflaggingly ._nt. ______________________
Woodwares expaIunteb that Nashua's e fBfr the years 1
Is emaplete an that be in following the same paftera iind reing
3-year-o at by hbs 'father, later ro nt ia Thael key Club,
has both the sm of tradition and devoton. : ;
What this aids up to. however, is that Woodward. has ap-
pa ently written eff any peosbtlty of a return. There never was
a schedule of any kind that couldn't be revised. Even Melotov
has been known to alter his course to meet a new situation. ., .
Offhand,' it. would seem that the bringing of two horses to- he rui If m Mttr k. / i ,
gather ts the most ample operation in the world. No doubt there s s, Sir! They cost less bIcause ,
are a few problems with which I am not familiar. But they do
say that where there's a will there's a way. they're made in Panama now.
Racing people like to think of themselves as the elite of the tint VICEROY
snorts world. So what happens when they are presented with .- Therefore they're fresher. And...
an opportunity to prove up. and at the same time add mmeas- ..
urably to the enjoyment of their customers? Sorry. Schedule since VICEROYS aro mo with
Is full. And betdes Pops wouldn't have like It.rm uio w since VICEROYS are made with
the same fine imported, tobacftos,

S I IC W S Cthe quality remains unchanged.
S-VICEROYS' filter'enhances the

fine flavor of its choice tobaceds.
According to an announcement by the Atlantic Cricket of iti choice tobacc-.
League, plans have been completed for the presentation match It prevents stains on your
to be held ti S unday at the Mount Hope Stadium, commencing
at 12:30 p.m., when an AJl-Star election will play against the teeth, and throat imitation.
champion Surreyd.C. ra ,ln
The game will be halted at the half-way mark for the presen-
talon of trophles and Individual awards. In the event of rain
the ceremonies will be hold at 3:00 p.m. In the Rainbow City
All cricketers and fans are invited to attend and participaLe If you really went to enjey
in this elaborately planned affair. Following are the leaders in
the various departments: ke VICEROY
0 M R W Avge.
C. DeSouz (Surrey) 73.3 23 130 38 3.16 i
E Franklin (Surrey) 61.2 16 112 28 4.0 1
K. Griffith (Excel.) 73.5 17 140 30 4.26
M. Perah (Excellr) 36.3 12 76 14 5.6 :
R Bacquie (Midland) 54.5 4 194 20 86.6 -
R. Escalonsa (Wanderers) 69 26 124 22 5.63
J. Cole (Mills) 85.1 13 229 31 7.12
L. Warren (Mlilas 92.5 22 273 29 9.12 '
Alfred Drakes (Surrey) 6.5.
Allan Hamlin (Excelsior) 35.5
A. Critcholw (Surrey) 26.3
Bid arwood (Exceislor) 24.5 '
S A. Anglin (MIdland) 22.25 B
Hank Cole (Mills) 19.5 ..
R. Baequte (Midland) 14.88

P. APpleton (UxclaMor) 13.6 dw. ',d .N.ea
OAlphn Cltcow (urrey) 94 ". o hwise mush out VICEEOYS that V

OI.B0T AGhhhS1Tr INDIVIDUAL SCORN S right kM uf mok."

A .Cr l m- .l ...z,. 2,
A. 142n Rmv
2, 'I.. W. .-_ L A w e"o'4. '

him'S. tall, aNM fia-re-A 1.
*IN tb il Big
-Me wou&' o J sha in -the B ~ .o-a- -t..-
'- '-, ." I"'"bme~ -- -- '-
I .. i .. e,, ff,__ .,. o -:.. ,.,.,,
...51M ." .'

r. -~
- -S.- ~ -. -.
-b~- -
-- -~r
[~~iL '.~

.* '-. f f



*, N


* :-


-:WO -, .
] -:-- **-- i ..:. .



, -a






I ,u.

l.: T.1. .. -1. .. ,,. .

IMWOW. July I (UP)- Tno
"Praow a "Lot the people knme the truth s nd the country is s" sa le an Ao L

change g the cold war to a battle TH1BTIEB T1X PANAMA, 2. P.. SATUPAT, JULY t, 1M-55
Tht PraVda eitorial samfe at- a -S
'ter r remarkable and unusual dis. .. .
Aoti-SegregationdMove Beafrn -t
hi press conference "state ments.06

an tbSirb lick of freedom as well WASHINTO. July 2 -(UP)- 1953. must spend a total of at sject him to 45-day r-ca.l to ac- resed the aef 1 U. Th. orig -
Yesterday i ll lea ppe sensory m tary 2. Up to 250 The bill would auth the A possible rodblk to fal
carriederve bisively defeat youth m ay enlist each year President to call one mil w removed whe olu mn
:of excerpts from Mr. Elsenhower ng an ant aton move that rct into the reserve under erve into action in an emerg. Bow ( ) did ot of thttee
on the ba entfo hi deire to d ad taed te inal measure codtionhed by the d cy without conreional o f medmentlel to bar twi ath.

| rect problems into new chann The bill, deigne to create afenA s H ou se cretary. They would take It a'lo ould rmiesert certain oldignent of toops to ny I oreII gall.e-.aram t. .
ash the. othe ons theo"riddle"Of whThe Hpprovedamtoag imitat lote rmthageoofs .It."t111PD.

and H hppe of using *peaeful, 2,900.000man read reserve by six months of active duty training r men with crpenal skillto enf country whioh maket them WA .h trMac a -pge Soi
not pr<0oeaive methods 19.0, was passed by voice vote and put in 7T years in the ready list in the six-month tralata. pl an t to the criminal laws of that h..dinsl^ an. a pr.,ct. tisN .a...e .. t. ..,_ aB 1
SSactualy wiebldsic ointo .aeepts after the rIoufe besatdown, 15 to reserve, land avoid a two-year draft. and u h "' ea
with Uniaon. t iehower105, an amendment that would 3. A ready reservisaft must ttend The bill wouse adopted an orizmed- Bow ld e reaobed block deal. to er e nao vr a aeuon '
said about e need to deresehave denied draft exemption tou48 drills and a 17days field train e ment to provide that youths who slan aer Chairoma Jenaes P. ha ow .....tion bll y
international tension with the aim ny mn who enlisted in mova segre- ing, or a 30-day field training earves un h o dirervectly into the resein an es must Richrd (D-S.C.) promised that T om ry st u N es
I-.-.. of guaranteeing peace throughout gated National Guard unit. year. Failure to do either would'have completed high school or the House Forei Afairs Com was_ wh S at .eba, t "S.3e; l'on v d ,"B,- |
the world...," -Prsvda said. The amendment wa sponsored mittee would .he eariag Boon than three notot a w rrs,. SUMAJU. -'
th**It wobacd be wrong, however, b Rep. Adam Clyton Powell onlished y he d- c without congrechng e so. and mot action iamendmenttobarit Hl report

to ignoes other ate s by Hegro Demctt from New York C:: I]A ,_- Sx t O w o t f 1 ..... i ..... ,,7 ... V Ltce
Slene w into are channels" The bill, designed to create am row e secretary. They would take It also would ermt certain old g ent, of troops to any f 1ore conl l ed for ure.a l t i oaa -AS-n .
his de ousa ing eaceful, 2,9o0,01 man ready lres a erve by six months of active duty training r men withcticalt n.Win)
nod -s p P o f methods. 1o, waspassedt y voice vot and put in 7% years in the ready list in the six-month training plan t to the criminal laws of thht eluding-Inland 0strwai d- attre

.o whle pubelclndaoodnetsaoteyllard'.,..tsolidl agint the Powl amend. Sx teatera local-rate ,--Iro Miguel 14cks sad Cler fnd owas de-
or no public a on cpts after The House beae down, b 5 to reserve, e do rd.db olonei '

Sben encouraement o tng i t back t o committee foruld 3. retired reservist mustht Jttend Th e ant when it wa opdend- Bow sd be reahed his d
lle of outide neterference have der stu d raft exemption to 48were preills rented with the new 7-d 11ays field wtai continuout to provide that youths who after Chairma Ja P.haular.
o te eternal affa of thee on ita tes Chairman Carl Vistedn gre-. te o retirementceti emlthee ntpristhtTh onstructionil 1l-r i-
pay id. /ed the fght afedtt Powellig new I,,.cIntlo ddoipeed He and h e wife slen to r l- hardsD
SThe laststatement made It ap amendmenational Guard unit. year. Failuremtloyedo representerwould ohavte complete high schhoil or the House ForeiAffairs ugh afte
th ore nev a conferene ts by the eg Eocrat from New York. P. l hon dn heo o-w rer Army" d now iv n rooaeyn'. a o- Ar
.. esie this press con- He contended defeat ofhis po. veterans loceIsDaleR a8st tndemrs50 nr- t 37 90th aarRfverra-e I

it: At".RP University S5""" l '-1;; .fi,? Ja .s.. of t data,
fence which aee at vati an ce s i would rate calim Croew ei c l O be e st m -s- --
S.with th e e n o In e n t ese sensible Aclm," Pr-ey in o t
sWead mivedinsit particularly ]House Republicans, however, ac-- eiredorom Cnal 1WaA:

tendon and iurrte as knowledged an urentp r lea fromWhe eZono P ,, sn e

Tet s conscerilgrecuntri AuregteP.rid a top nd h-inA pdu of sil.r doll o. He- .jawe 1^.tesi' her. braidea
.ch a e t...Isolidly against the Pow amend- veteran local-rate a m- dro Migue l locks loand Culebra 0 ud (..

elude elementary or bai Spa" ohnt a that t dalemorac.entedtotfsletonhorlybewonhsomanyyeofy m Cera -
to o They werie n cwoe ll h wi thserovi do ng ack to.. ".
'Whetherni, trttPer wanted It m ont.Su e lds in the Canal organiathiO, hCut.
or 1 Stwatements on, the p00. Te wer Joine b Southern wo with sv d back to

Reistdemocration are now opentries at ha motion to block the ill by sextending the early construction p9. After irodHe from the Dredgk at the oil han aton
the offie of the secretary o te regular draft for fou r y ears and working the earnd with the John Dale ha the lon t was opened Te broadcast w launch an
:Geoelvy of outside interference In there study. mP la.s-* ..

the itey from n air .m. to noon the s doaictor draft foinr two years. Pana Railroad, he wat c m Ic e record. He wa fire employin- intertidal ampan inau rat. I "

Sand tam S to 6 .m. Th amendment. Using the Proesid to the plea or several yearnt at Pe. ed a a powderman at Cueura- ed bGe.Wired i.
.ie ,Russia..-, -.,-cotoIn. It ..ow hnoeie: .n 01.. "oixemployee w .- e repraesens a n t._ted on the Istethm fot the time be-t

Ird .oru wtuosd noo. .h t r oan h .three .different units of the or- ng, later joining their son who
to orn frendic. o nati o def sin" ganizatJon and all were specialne- served two years i the U S. .

I. DRIVE IN the Ge con feene.ton.ioal h efense
SBut Powel pleaded with his c honored bth were reported from y and now lives iwn Brookely and g t d MONDAY RE
For sh excttmet nd supene... ort his proposal Thur dayafternoon, the day ofa tei I
with ne Spanis... For drama that bo zed emm their retireadment. are SIs the oldestyemp loyer o iay. lfor rt tl .Both
Snews eodnes. .. Se e pital and 5 e charged. Nore le J. W. gle- In point of service, in the ianal tW t Trainer nd tailnee wo ul .

Crer To Be n dousee, the h ena Whoue. S wton, fireman at to the Balboa Oil Zone Postal Division, He was c h

CourerIATE M.a M. Jo de nence ay ToBegin Hose,'thePe toniw s inthe
Leaders. H andliMrBur Plant: Daniel J. ofa- born In Kington, Jamiia, and i te operioth theltrane i
SkT i m ws tun, aon; Clerk at Pedro Miguel. Richtarted work a n ame senger-at oeee w mbl ug- T.dIha

AtB Wit of Coco Solito, daugh- 1or Qe lver of July montraass we he ^ develop lun-h
An Intensive Spanish course said, "i be comes waving a flag Wai te, oiler, Victor C Ramires, al t Office, being n Itransfer. r-y I.s ai Ofrtwo rods
for English-speaking persona of a free wld when they know oiler, and John S. McInto, jan- rd to .edro. Miguel In 123.wi.l

l Wdney -e rnert gte relrw The Minttry aid h eitop- e n Mtoday in Pp i it a-
tima ntr. ard t A. Be yofIn the h r n. OIC he-ployehd o e1Ira-ne ore 0EGEo dT (right), (P
S w g dey the Na bing uba JImngtor a. s th r has md ou B Edwhosesix months term other on aat11-

anuc eedodnWay. Te hePreflellodd 'tplacedotheno. -o 'malr tnrun ,4he o ued, b.t h

S'o his a er waer ofl cotruertldold laso olto theewasoi l .,-at -__.r oi at oet thwsIa

-r. nd 9 tefslewr y of t o *l nt e SoCalis are decidled to :olB
leeeaobiS niseofbo"ollMror.Aecc .. lant wa pe t ofPetsheosrwji mealc tre

-*ti Tr t hei of Thrr-.d.y 1 anr.ed een.gbeSt alheie .oieer atsigned --i-t Ie
teaIn Te d.c ca e Ar wtV ofhaids of Ptoft ts,- o att1r whe lH..e

... B,.. 1X nt:.p red 6 o -
-. orbad e_,..ooa.;,h.,oC + nrm uOthey loc- o n, ra o ruenttr- oou-.h.. exo lioylof
anldottdhanerho Mursf. orMetr..teatu. rP euoeeonfln, tJhae -,hec aue too t-n tm srrsat hoeftor-.Iepo ysbe a
sign ,,ed billetih In barch 1.fter tieff romtuheDredgingCariion,- mwuov w."i
'a atraWlBts are nowtopen at had a e taJ.woonig- of.Ahe

tfroma.t no te dto f fawo s af alrodnor hewastem- erecordl. He wa fis empl r e oe y na In teiata

tnd ugdom6th.Thereereilln sat ed as an dea lte Cura. O i'- d DtI
eoo dpmswill bnadTe uSenat. twolpcame' I eIiahAenate was t teonaheo:eaoeofPort-

iter rstudnhoo i. Ta feerymawhoentresdentransferr t....m Dow Brad Julrey -amplo g- 0 s
L.s't.arnooeata deGe..xt e was assignedh toombewtcefetatr
ncntefrom.Mt hayie wr.wasfirdAtplo..e.odas
IntoiserieoaadM.a wOR.e o n- ,..In. UPOtInatwd
thIeThathv .tru .. fornw tth7 ldfrser a...a. whm
!...-. .o.h-1,evBoys-17,m Grls12dtransDerredgeNo DredgingD-.eJady$--(UP). umnadeBau efraera-..der V ISTA.
to- ,c ,ed.tsndilrt. rsvci IsJuIUllandPanpdwas e 8lokb r iwalko t ColdNhuV o.te td where a
C-cooloHspitlfortewekl em" hl w. e f w or. ;da wer
........gso ew ar em ployee for r tl.... ..
to.. the hnuousyooo_ __m:ina'Ash
ew- headlines.., Sregd eathfocc.rred. noffic. ceseoMeW a .,ol. iom- a

de,-.,,_udock office when
yMr.hwaiteV bJmulyto5theo r.....uc t' e 0. .. ...gher-

Duin t daughte- amr ani rs.i Cal1's lhels r r. O d.

Merand sreduro.n athema the atI Elemntary s" sur----prisc au

tOfASGOMrZ ft Kabbe. ItoA IN D (-e dInd., u 2Puff
Daughtes wase bornm to28'*. (st''e fdi-tfpe
.K ....EN d aO announced formation a
Mr City.N. GMr ed o tiee a $m-DaUy Crockett
E. Eoni- on ois+Tppomv o IL L
Ot106 t mom ,..++m.o ,

Mrb'eaeMr. andldrs,,v.eta h.d ,
-.*~~-~ .4p iN SwabY Of GaMbos--Mr s-td At M wl UWIda
s.... ,, -~ w .y a aM~LJ ; .,
mu. t at aM ,l s".- .."- "
,-.m m+ ..w-- -. u..m o< lb~mi~l ... "' sad+~idlkJ + F

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Likes Ike

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-" i -", "L' I 'W .*" '" "



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