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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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Stuh anmd the




F 0urn .it

.... .. .' ,.--.. '

ONOp July i ted..".
0nJng today t* 0a p offer mb

wnt hme^ than 12 hours lfter 600,00 USW iorkura *s I)aw

lcted vi oewft an hdtsracro. j.wbqpdore p"Atr* f
enh Inoremuefor 32 Jins. rnnevr wet scal2 cer .
peoftodaq ,
.. .- l, mi .wlw &e. ". i t a -
--;t, ra jm tM lrl'.tffaA Inruf., lT~eHiM mmtdA f rth-e mft'-T


: *rkers

KB, J ul %0 4

trmneri were

try .wrte ptlly certain to
.rite,.almilar irreements with.
the uwmon, and ie industry was
urgetAnnounace Vle increases prodctln a few days.
I4. ]..9 0 ueazt Clifford
Uf006 dI One -mills of his
ompany .tbIkgest steel pro-
ducer.ln the country, to begin

a m-d s b. tides made
connesitons to a the agree-
ment. -
Steelwortea semi the na-
tien clfsea n m il last

r tonas seAden

Donl* sl d si Mc-d
greetrIeat wl tog1ll "will
provide a a e_..-idlg
matily agree
morll beweSW and
-w bg "et Ia 1,es..

rnee on "

the Co.:, an
02010.4 _1 the

mt- hm's row,
.n in

qut "V ":wildcat" action
Wed*@ a o

q c*-" bdrgaln-
o the

l Iwotll ayto.

Got $17.22?

Want A


You could have bought a iuck
sedan vintage of the year 1947
for $1R.22 this morning.
You still can if you shi up
at Balboa Police Stationith
this sum clutched In yo hot
little hand before the ht-
year-old vehicle is carted t to
the corral to be cannibal Its
bones will be picked and d to
satisfy storagee charges.
AN an added inducement, a
Canal Zone license plate Noes
with the buggy, if you're entitled
to have one.
The vehicle was aband d in
the Canal Zone last April at
which time it was reg in
the name of Robert H. or-
bourne, Jr., of La Boca.
Thorbo rne has not apdared
to claim It. So under Canal one
law, after due posting In ajpub-
lic place, the vehicle was pt up
for auction to satisfy strage
Distinctly, in his best ok.iclal
tones, police Lt. Stewart Trail
offered the vehicle to the hbhest
bidder this morning
Oily an echo answered m.



Also If Living

In Post Quarters



-O -

The Army here will soon supply almost all thO d
niture requirements for both military and civilian emapI
who occupy government quarters, it was confirmed toda.j
The new policy is part of a worldwide plan beinUg
into operation gradually in the continental United t
and other overseas areas. .
Eventually this will result in a sharp reduction is
weight allowances which personnel stationed on the Ca-
nal Zone can ship back to the United States or to new ste-
tions elsewhere,.
In confirming the new plans Laboratory testing
the U.S. Army Caribbean said and control ples
this morning: ing conducted a- Ati
"Army peponnel and Depart- Research and Det qo
ment of tha Army civilian em- man. Headqu a
ployee ofaihe US. Army Carib- M AU to prova e
bea authrized to occupy gov- necasay to
ernmeni uaaarters will soen be di o f hum .
receivig. tonal ite4s of t
househtoIo i things under the
DepartmentAt.he Army yon t,
*vnui^~n~ al r?^ -^ fB a fi

streting from the
i I
to Pad= coasts were

t Clb Dance

-';dpendalence Day Celebra-
on the Zone get off to a
ntart at the American
ub'tomsorow night with
Sff holiday dance.
?- ^rs dance u sponsoed by the
0iGOA ttee for the 4th of

ion Is $1 per person.
taeis being given (a) for
4nd (b) to raise money to
the rest of the patriotic
to be held Monday,

$st 800 worth of door
l rUjwill be awarded, and hold-
ld tiekets do not have to be
i oiad to claim them. If a prize
J 'at by a number held by
iMMSnot at the dance, It can
-. be 4zaed later.
kg tarts at 8 p.m.
W:l be by the El Ran-
eatra and by the "Sky
IZ" otherwise known as the
Air Force Orchestra..


It big Threaten. .

L elady on a war footing
iimideath to informers to-

lpspread tlatening leaflets
lcosial~ at the same time
Prime- Miister Sir An.
EI Id ca laled in London for
wer talks n the outbreak
and W alptege h ad
a two wesa of terror
two persoa'died a nd
than a8 =B d weind.
al ld Coa"nImA in.
ap a propaganda

ak t.was eblad an


'A ... *." --- -

a year ago, run unti June 30,
I when Is OW will make
the guoranfd Annual wage a
main chtrnt isque.
The cUSWoad ordered Its wage
policy committee nto session
lato nWIh$to csider a new
wage of r from the Teell indus-
The tmlo'B execUtive board
met just oead O the key wage-
poucy group. A wage oftter or
dcson to o ahead with the
schedud walkout had to be
recommended by the executive
group ftr action by the commit-
te h w ves final okays on
any settlement or strike action.
The boar-afterhour aetlos
at the bIrga"in blejmade..
the natiUn's iggst producer,

Source on both sides said yes-
terday afternoon they believed
the nepotlators were talkingg"
in the neighborhood of 13s
cents an hour, perhaps slightly
hher.The union rejected early
Industry.ettlement offers of a
packagesfterage slightly over 10
cents an hour.
The steelworkers now average
$2.23 an'bour.

SYS wBIUWI OanUwMEo r e ate fro
and Tube, Inlad Steel, and "-- ret--ned frc-
Great Lakes steei. .
U.S. Steel got the last ditch a
[a's il rid er way Wednes- T. I I
, I y. therauntion that If ln ,,l[ EcUI
both de give," they could .
reach an agreement.
Bince the contract talks open.
ed here June 7, the bargaining ,
centered on union demands to W
S"sbstanttW" increase which it
said the Inustr could afford
from its record profits. on vir r. ee an
uall' capacity production andra d l tre nwerwon sneer
heavy order backlog. afoot anh anaUolnonejustre
The Industry let it be known though whole 1boOkfal
that whatever the settlement trff regulations did
a prJee Inereag will follow im vent It. .
medately. This was estimated Up to noon today, only ee
at $4 .ton on te a scene on the pacific side Bave
average, any evidence that
hearkened to the revised Canal
cky, Archle Zone traffic regulations which
went into -effect at midnighi.
That was Balboa Road hion-
Neet SeDL 2o: aside the National City Bank
t Sept. 20: branch at Tavernilla comer.
Ya ke Stadium .Drivers had heretofore been
slink to the eit to bank, re-
NZW YORK, July (UP) gardless of the direction frol.
Rocky Mareiano will defend which they approached. Toda.s
his world heavyweight cham- every parked car was headed-oI
pionship against g-year-old the proper direction, on the
ghtheavywelght ehamp i o right hand-side of the road.
Arhie Moore Sept. 20 at Tan- Some drivers were flailing
kee Stadium. their arms uncertainly out of
Arrangements were oomplet. the left hand windows of their
ed today. vehicles to indicate some kind
of stop or turn was in prospect
-nobody coul tell what.
But to pedestrians the ne*
regulations (It's a law brother)
seem to have made no more dif-
ference than the long-sounding
of the alert siren did last week
to homesteaders on Ancon Hill.
Most Pedestrians were at
least walking on the sidewalks
most of ~e time. But one man
was obswved out the roadway,
striding down the Prado
lengthwise--perhaps uncertain
about how he should cross.
Police were drawing attention
to these misdemeanors in the
most polite manner possible.
Had the arrested anyone, the
Captain Balboa was asked.
"No," he replied in slightly om-
inous tones, "Not yet.'"
Many new "do's" and don'tt"
are Included in the revised Canal
Zone traffic regulations which'
become effective tbday for peo-
ple riding and people afoot.
The new regulations, which
have been in course of study and
preparation for almost two years,
were approved last December by
Governor Seybold. They are gen-
erally based on traffic rules in
use in most parts of the United
Among the principal chuge
from past es or practices in
the efor the opefaf
of vehicles are th
f .O
Can, be parke o

~t --
A1X R N JiMm'- Actress Barbark Btanwyek is brought In-
to l. job'a iw I anta M ,ntea. Calif., suffering from a
Do.~ W -eIhe *. The 47-year-old flm favorite

m to
a ve-,
nt 0t
h it h

>m a state visit to'Norway.


Ildn't Know
painted solid yellow.
Parking In a nrb leading
zone" is permissible only long
enough to pick up or discharge
It sl unlawful to have signs,
plaards or strikers on wind-
shields or rear windows except
In a small section of the low-
er corner.
Among the rules for pedes-
trians, the principal one Is no
Jaywalking. Also, a pedestrian
must stay within a crosswalk or
cross directly from one side of
the road or street.
Also, pedestrians must not
curb if an approaching vehicle
Is so close that it would be haz-
ardous for the driver to attempt
a stop.
A pedestrian must yield the
right of way to ears except in
a cmswalk or at an Intersec-
Among the m ore important
changes for owners and opera-
tors or motor vehicles, so far as
the vehicles are concerned, are
the following:
Registration cards and li-
cense plates must be returned
for cancellation when a Canal
Zone resident moves to Pan-
Notice must be given to the
Canal Zone License Section of a
change of address from Pana-
mA to the Zone or vice versa.
All motor vehicles must be
Inspected once a year at the
Motor Transportation Division
or Armed Forces garages. Buch
Inspection will include brakes,
glass, tires, steering gear, horns,
mufflers, windshield wiper, turn
indicators, and mirrors.
Turn signal lamps or ndleca-
tor-will be required on all cars
manufactured or assembled
after January 1, 1956.
With regard to turn indicators
on automobiles and other motor
vehicles, hand signals become a
requirement under the new reg-
ulations unless turn indicators
are used. Standard hand signals
have been adopted. These are:
Arm and hand extended upward
for aright turn; arm d hand
.|tdA d outward horimotally
left turn; and arm and
extended downward for
or stop.
new regulatoba have ba s
distributed to most of the largo
us and truck om a an
Small PanamA CaB d mill-
A condensationam the regular
tions will be viale for dis-
tribut*nJ about the middle of
July. The loeatons where these
wIU be tor sale will be annoane-
Ova 101M. .

PARIS, July 1 (UP)-Madame
Marceline Mamne, 50 had a lot
of problems today-she was de-
clared legally dead and may
have to pay for her funeral.
Early this week police fished
a body from the Seine. The only
ldentificallon on the body was
a R u e Richenberge address
where the landlady reported
Mrs. Marne was missing.
Police contacted her brother
and sister who identified the
body as Mrs. Marne's. The city
scheduled a funeral for Tues-
Early Tuesday a policeman
who knew Mrs. Marne saw her
strolling in the Bols de Bou-
"What are you dolng there,"
he demanded. "You are to be
buried in an hour."
Then he rushed to a telephone
and called headquarters to try
to stop the funeral.
"I'm sorry but we have to bury
her," a functipnalre said when
told Mrs. Marne was alive.
"The papers have been signed.
No force in the world can pre-
vent us from performing this
So Mrs. Marne Is legally dead
and may be liable for funeral

en completely Impledwent-
ed the program will enabl
weight allowances tor horhol0
goods to be dropped to
sufficient for the shipmeOt
only those items of furnishings
not provided. Such Items might
include washing machines, sew-
I I machines, vacuum cleaners,
rdios, linens, drapes mad dish-
"The new furniture, con-
tracted for by the Quarter.-
master General's Proeulmnent
Division In the States, i new
being shipped direct from the
manufacturers on their own
sebedule of deliveries, which
run until February next year.
"In addition to items already
authorized, the new furnishings
Include twin beds with coil
springs and innerspring mat-
tresses: vanities; night tables:
and bedroom throw rugs, three
by five feet.
"New items of living and din-
ing room furniture Include easy
chairs, occasional chairs, slip
covers, coffee tables end tables,
lamps, bookcases and servers.
"Carpeting for halls and stairs
Is also authorized when neces-
sary and installation is practi-
"Specifications for furniture
purchased for tropical areas
are for combination metal and
wood types.
"Rugs have not been placed on
procurement as of this date,
due to testing initiated and con-
ducted in USARCARIB by the
Quartermaster Maintenance Di-

Diem Wins Vietnam Civil War;

Gets $11,000,0 U.S. Check

SAIGON, Indochina, July 1-
(UP)-The United States hand-
ed Premier Ngo Dinh Diem who
won Vietnam's civil war a check
for $11.000,000 today.
Yesterday Government forces
announced they had driven the
last active rebel elements out of
Southern Viet Nam, leaving
Diem the unchallenged leader
of the country for the first time.
An army spokesman said
Diem's forces sent the last troops
of the rebel Hoa Hao sect flee-
int into neighboring Cambodia
in one of the bloodiest battles in
Indochina since the Communist
siege of Dien Den Phu.
Government OPS huhoisted
the red and yi national flag
on all seven pe of the seven
mountains, a le-m long un-
charted range a French were
never able to clear of rebel ele-
French sofflals were mnaed
at the lightaWd success of the
operation M b the Vietnam r-
Observers sad the vit F
Dieam t the strongest pu
sinalace be e to y
sa- fr -tllowla the

truce agreements that split In-
It knocked one more prop-
and probably the last-from un-
der absentee Emperor Bao DaL
The victory also appeared to
have vindicated the United
States policy of backing Diem
over the bitter opposition of
Thirteen army battalions were
said to have delivered the final
bloody blow to the remnants of
rebel commander Gmn. Ba Cut's
forces at dawn.
An army spoi0ema said the
rebels suffered stagger losses
in the battle which s Mon-
day morning.
Da Cut and the scattered rem-
nants of his troops sought sanc-
tuary in Cambodia where Oen.
Tran Van Soi, Roa Hae om-
mander-in-c h ie t fled tree
weeks ago.
Their flight wrote an md to
the infl of the HAs a M
sets o

Imctoplemen ttio n of eo ew
ng to will ,-be "
rent fiscal year.
"Implementation of Ope new
plan on a worl4 wide is, I.
luding the United -1"teais
planned to be completed by h;.
cal year 1-NI, agent on the
avalabillt1 fnds for pro-

Harvard Professor

Ges RP Balboa

Order Decoraim
CAMBRIDGE Massachusetts,
July 1 (UP)- he Foreign
ter of the RepubUc of PanmaBm
Dr. Octavio Fabrega will preMi
today to Dr. uanla HudMn. in,
ternational law profesr at
vard law school, the national dee.
oration of Panama which is the
order of Vasco Ntae de Balboa.
The decoration is awarded for
outstanding achlevoment In th0
on his return from the ea Fr
cisco meeting, is an ex-alumnb
field of iternalogs amw as
feaesr, author. ul1 (ormer Ji.
tice in the hrid Court) a ni
more particularly for his ,tex.
ordinary contrfbuim to Ne.ssae
and preparatory codification of t .
ternational law as a means eo
parein for a world Of law .9 r.
der which will Sam p
Dr. Fabrea, oW ia New YoN ..
of Dr. Hudson. -
The Order of Vasco Numes de
Balboa, Panama's national deeo-
ration, is named after the disco,.
erer of the Pacific oceaenatP-
nama. Dr. Hudson's award !p4
the degree of Great Cross (Gra
Cruz) the higherts for such Or

Senate Group Vowes 1

To Withho Some

Dixon-Yates Fuis I
The Senate A
Committee voted tO -
hold funds for the
Dixon-Yates tran-
the city of Memphs .,
definite action wttba 4h
build its own siam 1lr. a
The action 0ame 3 B i
hour after
leader LyndWoiL.
urged that 1b
the $e,500,000 Ita
the electric trn j

tit whcle
V 4te pi

- ;. .

. -: ~~IA' .

,:,.. .- E


P O N .' "

t f ^

- **q.u..-.*

a -**,
y'* **** *jt7.* -:f
fftMA -O

. I -,-. *.. i : -..
, ,, ".'," "" .- C. ,' ,, .. -: ."':
;: o ,*; .*.. .
- *, ,,% ... .* ..' .-* ....... .. --
-- ^. : ?* ...: -.'" '.. 7.".. '.,, '...,'

"" ", ,'4
* isv..S

r' l '.




I' I
.4 t,

4* ~

-. e

MAIL-OX Lw 1. ,I I* i. .I'I
irZowwa z: tor-weeTs 10ea t.,

,.a L o.. :.. .. .. ..' '
",r WNW*hit..W H I4hL

m ew pg In ro10e uueueluied o, change ra ,t? Om the :
3610f tt41 writecs1019h1d le It Ioes xiet they a Ft B a e

I III nl many oeag- l
coco so O They ant S the, al

5ia t n fIS the msn I d. i t. .t I
t a people wiho sr e in business o toadvertIls tg wnoe i!.
W 5 .the World' have mised a Pod bet. ey' ae. e= V Vla .
to AUm ike Amercans.lve like Amerca, sohat the ret an vrMty rOth
.t AiS low in ourd and W. arryn d: #Ab e i~saUd1td i, 'W .aist-bei-
: ftX Po_ a sthe kest- corners, just toM show te rest 01 internal
te iiakes good I teni 5and4 redn to. Io e ion
for that m ter, out, then we come oto Cobo eol t ao icer wbho r deeed ,to take m
om ".Coco"'ite. with It's scenic rafllwf houses where fi on iwl aooe i. -w t
t floor pla ges da ly by shifting tion, es the walli For Imonhs now .th h
which cidenty ,e constructed of palor, swi sad absorb e rlagle at ma n the
-4- ADsO tn e. admnlhtered twice each evening, epnof l haome of this union official, Max
4te e the evening meal* int h i Mt0 prs m.d 1 Kralstein, lnternaonal vice prosi. .al rn, ais -t bad .
A. for With the second pass. It o sse go d food o dnt of the Apt's ak nd, ery. n ,
SlePto This condition on puts questioning words. owms d Conf o tlon ary Worke s eta
OMusles would the e be in Coco 1olito in event of r A-bom1 ti Union,
prie should offered or the bet awerthsvoes found with
st a it littered lih atla noises from out an e know i e
0 _fewpt. yl. e- l ur barrel hasve r.. ahav. MO be m. ..
S'thLt is I "sI 'a "to la.y i" 4 t to CA ul umederine a e o goo r
os lum pro t Uj that out plans which wodd eens out-
wer tbe worft ab. mobte
-" t W e t world" tOd o l a ra ,5 snomoi, d Mea aitbt1, te rerd Dawhe Osthe
en a high-rankig ress Who some trout n B htaway 13
it a kguts to:s uptuas Car I
Them of the nice hallways and .tal icases d a crowd whic never was CIC ( ii, hCba .a. s ALe os af
Bltlaptm enta.I'mmRedthq wouldws av d Is he avrtse ngd t oaerfS
',1 Tes ,; paSh Y a.A t dhis. o f things l cmbinei ba 'eu oal te someP h ti it
.... dirt .,So t.. do. rItI tl dra inte o e .u th .- baking to e mo a lo t e a Vbee -o

S itu Ve l t rightseadmih t el t ha ae teeo mri .the d.i c R r g oa aif -..y:
Sa t e. ur agent aledy have ffdiscover2 S-Da. s y e ae per
;.ru hnrd ffrf0 4r ats ef |l | hv p WAM IGTON -(Nfo)- The states whose. taints ire netu ew would amont tontt the n the e b Z at th

ee in Esita s ao opens o dhemen B SEaa t a o .U m h decided o 1 ax and year. t here aref fo U@ rCue the md e of the gsamel bhete oeeatt at e e qA a tna le
'i,-}f l. fllt 1ll f vM rs a l h.^ aar .in, ish l.a a e u e r pu ce a e bn o' .... ,aeon andH en h .-'
so that3pd .- ,i S w. r aed enk itsot, *s f o A a w Thi. so na t 11 to C u Thiesn t aas. eS vupport"p ro
m- ,,b h t do d ncngeja paesin cs s Ad ed a cm am has enric r e 0 wa i r Cpro ea Wh
Answeroto Dancer P UaWW hi dd re port tb A stf r .A t ht S .-oA1s.ria

-,- bo, A Ae rad, wo p p n ~t e o As a ll, tther State c sternato-is n Cua. ucertt, I. whiletlr ,.e ha o*
c r a s L t e o ts al e th representaties s terms expire next The Cubans also e havd e a sugar c aa collected aft
S .unionmanharde (g) ipremie.l.d w surplusanging overheireads. Yet the whr l ot p ed, taolm .e. p

m,.-dltb ofica .m is sthe first domestic Thei Iscloser to million li. t .fa f

I io.tnt s is believed t. be: t. .dad-. lp by pler tw, o v is tos h.
.sWate toug ht m t.m s bl ivdtot l pressure on the ad strain to as cor n d to The great a so wa
t nome is no meore tha $eli0atNPM Th h Atutee r setn... c thae C ub an go thsthge r Im b nl H st rn

S-.w .in -s h w rea, m a I hea dv i anon uthea their oo fl ,ctn t ar etI poa e nos- ad he ual V s the the ovep n eelAs a
2r )s nowy blowWeek in pay and expenses. ttoe xw yrO cours m arohnd I.

u otel ofs tat. "t revipin g er A t of r dFo ..s i ot e ia isa n to h atri s aithell and et a d.o wan 1 ci a as t e
%i -. 0F0 5it 'las.s l i ah a- u te s i r tg e hu. l e a t dre- i p, dasD t-..5 TIIIL i e .C o
SD WS4emleali o44f dls VoamO n&1r-"' Ao-II-"ru I

I V t ^* ma de-i (Sb.) SP* fl*T his ea t Ga pasfed pn lets.- o fa w
VI. est fol low owns tm9

o f t O a eri e e I ad f the tthy eodqul-uaug t an, o fl -r, o.. psig a v m

opro f riest n r ts eiAehe oet A e IeS he u aise P e ala mon odr orm r e sln

is to o ba- a kep oqt dead too tathe blon odr, the -money Cubea t114 1farm u af Jc8 rtf l consult
Sccat as-1:hay bst a rsJi ato e e s ao ssy tha nUS. ia d q uroa s. o o-Je n .o r wiSi u anC S qpareint at
iot=and 343 aenl ot h tis l votaB 1 co m e nto t he Aah ec e- lo1 blyt ists Mammrt wie b teen appr S we 18

O t i nsde t n(aAIL 4wh nreYtooru cm51kef,10 frm is s i t asne. S land .. .t b Cuasua itrI .I.d.o n d odb pro
.48- A Myn$Wlle-In N a

wrdm0s. at,? 5r eta, fiht bh s., beem.bgw thp beck from g n ras ant a

to W nCu' Omk" 'u o som c nm=
--1sU .for.r.-o,, 00 prave
-4ihtuhneTstit aemjo ldfi thewoCbnstislarae e I car.fulchosultr-
.. .04f0 toer, t b owon .....' adshre y orhabe en hAmeriesterrrehassat pe of thcubo uw t hei e s s
ltt earomsoJonot Sh eact mtgtr woulhedrpo notbeen cuakingt d IownDtErt omAN toenrich
a areae Thember c oi h as Th he ceeeh nffo r .isicthe op Ni e rs otsta m

out.t h lageyromePResmufa.ctsl. '' "me n

tahe roel insb iplai- .o o13dOeenrofntheseoecusmnut da .ae t "hor 'o- tt aI d ----ur oa- .
.lbtloSALt. amannpetn W asCale ret,"who

Whiuchcr e sholowh.aroerinchqtQAVU.s.JnNe, cutegoermeniar tehnen

gorosa ttouese to be so

aennd teheep Agh rtnatioenalaed*n d sDginegd statero. d s aid C eaIas
Widls that to loutofte1r whatash asifs o ru loud onCW. a v an cheesee surbsidy Union Cit, 1n4ee
tfC= revisingrd tAct bf .uearactir tit eid Mtisah n totransationwacrie d utb
THeOnn Ksu. Coper, r ltomyae oo, kne esfoe li the lraep n n- remmatron a o9r -ar-- theree two c.tadheeseanufatustogte
Eiir -1 II o""ea4,t duo ffC -........ -owu
S .-., -, 03,,prliceso. sn0,ae Cosla n ( rgr It 'en. llyo masiemr d e.ove ter& armBpour oe licisu t+
..,me bchakers to open be ko asin caO. i I frnAwoth .hes Ceriy l .-.
Local this.I1 members. co sol dat. t ittubathrmthe I hube rt hue r n a B yoo...- C o
the.decen t hmen mobs.-Hea ve:.skththeheirtnoti, fy;actohenPre.ldeutaloressorave notics andshefAtyo.eo m a i
I Il. s uc erl _d should ea whepa th-x cras. Pa r drugstore. Glo Ia

4 UMftw1 iibe4ol dt outr, ILL-the 64 t._to argoverumentA.-f
locIalsmate wat0r00epbafytt

"'DOWt.o-h. 0)_, -Glls o aS, TheA o-,r t fools. IiiAlley:A rooklyno, .,,, it.-..
'.t 3uts teyl y ule rs, e te n.. .te r e Ire m twh k Into t he F ot- t -mod'ap.'

.,--tfied tat thI. att hby W i... ctw o lw b t o c. .Suddenl
dieto.Ii oh out se0U4.onI W. 00.MR V.
tot rI.,Imo.t. .I.s.a.d ,V.sad.w.o.sul.e.
,:-.:nd.-.WAtch elisPar he-- .i ahthemtall IhieCand Down she (CmtlntF sio's.bsidy

Out WA..i.,-.s",,O#a Con' .ve and ROColman (arIN V ,-e .YIIuLVER ..: Yu- ". I* U ..A
i i IIin i'II ad ve J 101

."-".' '&"-' ,'# r.. ," .. ; .,I "" -- 'S"W : "'i


-r -~ tt'-
it. .. ...-RI...ON".. .. .... ... ...-=.:



-U> 1.2. -.
-. ne.:.

. .
. : ... "' .- '*"

-' -. :, -W ,
.- -., .- .1

C ;t-t


:;' 't


aBo UM ix WsTOIn at Meaftuartenr
am- Vo' Cmmans__. erT pIh J on,
hale. W. Mu&r NVaval 92 .mh__d
Ao the .lal Zmone from duties Chief of Naval
t Y Department, Waailntn D. C. MNs.rave, who
a officer of the Naval Ommnuntcaton 8 tt-
l 1ber 192 11 leave the VSaMe tb hU family
e duties ai the Professor Wf Nav science and
O ffieer of the Naval Resere Officer Training
L the U.Teralty of MAistppi lo "c at University,
Show above Ileft to right) am Captiln MugraMve
Mlton & Miles, Commandant Maal District, and
Johnson, reading his orders directg him to duty
(Offilcad Photo, Us Navy)

iearance Colpmittee Meets

asider Release Of Many Doses

naje stc ript with the most Impressive. and 41aeted cajt
of characters seen on the screen this year. Hollywood and
, the Riviera set come in for some sharp dissecting uader Mr.
Manklewlcs typewriter.
In the title role, u an obscure dancer -in a Madrid
night chlb who becomes the world' s number one gllor Sir
is lovely Ava Gardner, and let It be stated here, mowM and
unequivocally, ht he never looked lovelier. Ava'ls
beauty Is not Just the ornamental, eye-pleasing thing found
too often In fiu. In -The Barefoot Contess," she Is a
warm-blooded, spirited woman whose search for real love
is polgant and tragir. It lis chief through a hasbeen film.
director, played by Humphre Bogrt, a fawnin g pesg a-
gent, played b Xdmo9.d OTr.en, vat ManklewlCi gves us
an via -of Hollywood ant-movie-making


Rh8Umaism and Backache
Fought Thr'esgVh Yeer ittay
I aryou m f a" up 1 A7:tt 1,I ftory of t- A-l-
NM revitalize==
rtmrirur"ift ulaPMf- bee.- aiir*trn IlUvO ways-
mnatiam, L : swi em = 1. pIP kiut Olso n = polsons
Nervousneim, Dlh d, sad feel loMW aMls i&dua ti b bloo.d. |. Cusas
before your tJBM, Ud taroedbo lM7iy I *I tim UriMtrr syrtio. 1. bwh
wryour m l "kn*a veeble m I t hoay _p .oB. e a
wrons food aB ania., vwrry.*ot* cy.f* k. mw tanpwts as seiUses
or ovrworRk emee i M vy tm o. dresist, N thkse is m e** i-
yea" kener1 e4.. tw. sad fnction mon lufresles om nimrnko, ae tta
pomly und otn m e hel_ d to I N n tsa he othe meMtM
prPurtrrro.upooeamamiaL m nULmen above withIt thbo kmate
S *=5d rSWo. or tuie rmWt Me"" .
medeaIo yew vojw -- nrt Cyti from Tom" M
A tattln tfnum m n c-ow our aIot s sd ert y
CY po Urm1Ka G l h tI nettwer lk.

auts tv el@ A iA0 A Later, ther found the film in
*A 9400 Z*i 9 P mIt = etalese in the debris.
Oft e t^ ^S^ ^X h Some of the flum bad melted,
w *. ml*SMay .to but much, of it was clear enough
.. ist Oshow what had been taking
nJ *&*WouM, 'M.. onN!NNplace In Jelrome s apartment.
a f According to po ie e Jerole
After r Y"12 Otftut" lured girls to his primentu for
menko, we ai ave .tad in job interviews and then perstad-
wih thich ridietloa. twoway fti- ed them to stay to participate in
nnesse Is the correct play. debaucheries for w hich he
West opens the king of spades "tipped" them $3 or gave them
11ainst the very normal contract chea costume jewelry.,
of tour years. Dummy wine with Dit. Atty, Frank Gulotth said
the ace of spades, apd declarer Nassau County police had found
immediately leads a I low heat the illit activities of still more
from the dummy and finesses the sirse recorded on film found in
Jack. / Jerome's turreted. "castle" at
It West takes the queen of fashionable Southampton, whore
heas. South h .s no further pron.he has ag wrestling bear as a Pet.
lem. He can rff a spade return in As for Jerome a white Ruuis n
dummy, draw trumps, and run naturalised citizen held in $50,000
the c a s b a ll Gulotta mid
If Went in a fl" Player be. wil
perceive- all of this As soon a5 the He told -us that it (his activities)
dummy comes down. Heme West was his inclination, and he did it.
will pisy a loy heart -easuaU. Here is an individual perhaps too
at the second trick, giving Sout low to be described in words, tak.
the impression that this fiessehs ing advantage of the weakness-
succeeded, .a and Ignoranes of thee chil-
i South relies on this Imres e nd- leading them into lives
sionand leads a heart to the king, of crime and sexual depravity."
the hand, with collape. He can- Jerome's neighbors at South.
not force out the queaofhsearts ampton described him as a "mis-
without, losing three spades and a r", but said they never suspected
diamond. Hi.s best tr sa to take him of illicit lax orgies with hil-
the ten of elUmbsm. ruff a spade N d
dummy, and, play high lubs. West ey, said he appeared. ver y
ruffs early," however, and deeati friendly with young girls he met
the contract by taking two spades i nelhborhood- endy shops ad
and a mamais ... _-e odt f hcoMts, but there ap-

VINh m that Wftt urnos'tbi0
hear t m sin .* ... ... ,,
diroeeti. Th Ass .e b -
g I

r/MC M I,

.. .

lCNIl BOY, AMg | "


S. ppm wy wela ewhe Ims, O ogaOn o w Iepn slt.
*s....,-.,-- ".:^

Same with J a is eary .at" with. rei
spahmeri wt shp its talicious e ^m .
(~hedegpkwith i^'g*4^
AMd eve with lice so0 P^"
make oar delicious yellow rice. ii a
e imasiaion you can fnd may ways
of usinf tbi to richpualvsduva Buy is
toda sad'keep if ie alwy n JaM4

SphttiSu"e with Mushtoom f^ ^R
aesadtfh 01 delight he nmost ex- ^ ^^^

& *& '., irij^
Acting tastE.It's sry eas aq pretpmg
JImf *m d pm-
tendef-aCS iM

un- i --
6ym it vad

toyl VlveetW SOup

.jThey, g or fit $
' y -i L **' ^
*: T1 8e >H ^ y


I I I I I I I _____rIIl____I__""__"_.4. r I tl


W -.. .. .

r. .. .:.; .. -

?/" .***'-
,.l ?. ^

i. .


*l 1 l

- J

f t")


3 -;

fhot I, i. S iinJgmi
All kbuls eta

~ r.

has .d'"top secret coatra withM
the United States governkment."
Six girls, ranging I age from
11 to 1., ,were held as material
witnesses after they were identi-
fled -from Jerome's film.
At east e girls were idebtifled
from the first films found in the
burned wreckage of a supermar.
hket owned by Jerome and ever
which he ocupied an apartment.
SWhen the market burned early
this month, police suspected ar-

3 -. ., f, '

Ave. JUto

Ave. 7a. Central 17-18 (102) -



government was June 8 when a
ttle more than a million Lilly
shots were approved. Since then
Lilly alone ha s submit td tling
data on well over 3 million moreI
Release of vaccine in this quan.
tity would put the Foundation
well on ts way toward compl.-
tion of its program for first and
second graders. It already hbas
started the second round of shot
in eibht"Soutlern and Southwest-
ern states.
Priest's measure ealls for
rod grants to Idvidual ta-e e
cirit of the .vacse, a lthe ate's
relive pe icpus income. Tt Al-
lb would alo0 2 per cent extra
t a pa, for ad .nisstratve costs.
Priest didn't pt a price tag on
the proposal. But he- nticated" ft
wou d cost more than the adtain-
istration's proposed 35-milliod-to-
iar program and leus san t h e
lar vaccine for- all plann which
would cost an estimated 130 mil
IA&t mel

PON, July (IU) -P
ent vaccine cle ea r-
be, wiP meet here to.
der the release of a
i number of Salk-
l a-'.,.- *' .';*

ride to think t can't be done or
that it isn' wrh he effotr.
Most young wives would get. off
to a better start If they made up
their minds to follow one simple
"I will always treat- my hus-
band's rents with be same id$ ,
ness., affectioe, snd consideration
that I h e tf huabsed w lllways
show my parents."
Trouble with. in-laws oftesi starts
because: a wtis o expecting trou-

if, instead s16 looks for 101%
r~lset AnI d olty-slhe hs.
god thane eof fding what. sh Ae
is looking for.

and she for them, then she has
made two wonderful friends.
Furthermore, family get-togeth-
ers are something to enjoy, not
dread when a daughter-in-law has
the sdmiration and respect of her
husband's parents and they are
comfortable inthe knowledge .that
she feels the -same way ao0t
ear husband Is sure to. think
moH highly of her:as W person If
zH-egsuds Bis. paxent with, atlee-
tfacdop, -with hob illly. l
There are so l advantagesn
to gettinL along Wth t naw
that it Is aholr"ghted for any

;4 R
,. ,- ;.,'

rQ! r

at a Houeie c
tiaa 0, inteoducd ie.
K w ie federalfunds
ta-f, defray the cost off
.wtato programs. IV-is
L fue between an admi-
-proposal limiting aid to
tdoen and a Democratic
11gin free vaccine to -au
l PubUie Health Service
S!'l new case 9f pollo
t Week, 12 more than the
a-week but sharply leis
BeUii in.,. ths 2<-MEMO

7-4v.4;44-,. .sz r- ,
l l.' *J. l .l ,V i. W W

atZy *




r "

I p'ed ind me U-samAi
t -sharply leas than Brides Get Proper Start Wbea
V lad in the same week They Like la-Laws' 'I
A woman reader asks Why
s year, there have don't you point out to this um-
ses compared to 4,135 mer's brides how wonderful a thing
kiities said, howev- it .can be to have the love ad
Simpossible to attrib- respect and loyalty of your in
L o gRaccinatioas. laws?"
an for. the goern- All right, I will. The wife who
.0 Institut e s- o wins the love, respect and loyalty
tir vaccine clearance t her husband's parents is way
wlich Include Dr. ahead of the wife who begins to
i,; i-fll meet most of present her in-laws as soon as the
hd possibly part of honeymoon is over.
S For one thing, she has her b us-
i was formed to rule, band's parents as her boosters
"e of all batches of instead of having them against her.
to ride herd on the' If they feel real. affection for her


Tle Dern who can't stem to
get ettled down at a-movie and
changes his place several times
is a nuisance to everyone a-
round him. Seat-hopping is in
the same class with rattling
candy papers and popcorn bags.
No one with rod Manners
would thlak of anneayin others
In snoh ways.
HAVERItLUL. Mass. -(UP)-
Mrs. Maria S one was admitted
to eitizenhip in superior court in
nearby Lawrence. The Haverhill
woman said she became a citizen
because "I love this country." Notj
so unusual? Mrs. 8imone is 90.

~4 ~U

$*? ~~

; -^
;. ".." .
'* : WA"

F~ r

. e-They
grow oniti

ftfor a ldmol WNW"p-t
W dI For ewmy mev of
VeOWf he oem Il foodd vAe
San eon 8** glo o f mk.
Sawd a P o.eff file- 0" bBl, 4.
lb.aii~lp~ll|LA T H on 4
W40ril|L*Ii'J.iliifilli^^U ais~l

w ONIGA.-^ *iiliiU- i
?- 1 '
-? *


. ^-y

,% -, b


z. :- .

,. ; .:.

oXv ely

specially for the th of July I







Opposite Public Market

Tel. 2-34511







U *... l v. -

HP<.4<^ P.4
r^'^iii PA-^^.

S-. .~...
A........~* .''

* "~i~~~ '

- -. *. u.S 2..'.
.4 -


'^r ^

4. ^i.


Sb n To lut ion a arzer S..- .. w-
G oray Line," Co lumbia Pictures nluemA-
X 1 9Srelease Monday, 4th of July at th -"LH"
color by Tehnicolor. A four-time Academy A-
waidl 8 g director, Ford took no chapel on delays dur-
ing shooting, so be plcled twins for the part. Stars Tyrone
Power and Maureen O'Hara., when they play with the baby
in a heart-warming domestic scene, in reality shifted their
affections to alternating twins in succeeding takes. inci-
dentally, the twins grow up to be Robert Francis in "The
|Long ray Line!."Advt.

House Okays Atomic Construction

SBM Minus Funds For Peace Ship
S'FON, July 1 (UP) search "ha. specializedd in the
Sose yesterday complet- destructiofi.f man, the destroy-
S d apgreiaulonal action on a in gof civilization. They really'
S tS o, 000 atomic construction shudder to think about it."
.b ....l.n' Sen it to the White., "What .M trying to do asl
Souse minus funds for President one of the peace moves in this
El~snhower's pet atomic peace world," the President said, to
Shio convince the world ... that here
1 The House approved the bill Is a science that can mean prae-
by voice voteshortly after the tically the doubling, let us say,
President told a news conference of, living standards within a rea-
it would be a mistake to aban- sonable time."
don hil ship proposal. The out- The House Merchant Marine
come was sure even before he Committee has approved cor.-
spoke, although Congress may struction of an atomic demon-
Sgt a chance to vote on it again. atration ship such as the pres-.
The is l authorizes construe- dent suggested as well as a tru-
tion byth Atomic Energy Com- y experimental atomic mer-,
S t miisuq of facilities to speed c ant ship.
Speak "So nuclear power devel- ome members of the Senate-
Intcrease weapons pro- House Atomic Energy Commit-
ii. dulOAand boost research. But tpe said the President's vessel
Ccogrus rewntud to include 21 might be built and powered un-
.mto dollars the President der the House committee bill
f r, a an tom-powered through license from the Atomic
n t IMShtp. Energy Commisslon.
i ,Toep authorize 25 nil- PLi AT
on N for. dewlopMent of i EAST PROVIR. I.
csrs r.urtwce M ) A-MelJFAco OfLevit-
T w sp thi monttrn Y., flews herw'by plae
are on ower plent. to ie c a traffic charge and pay
rcrast carriers and f ther'a f fine.
Ba the committee ..-..
,"_ L'46.

U.s. ana unianLuE rua _


summiag It Up

-/, '


T -, H A M

M/V BllAD bE 'CALn"


A. ~

AT BALOA on )JULY 3, 195.
Accepting general carge for CENTRAL AMERICAN

On July 7. 1.95. -from U. S. West Coast Ports and
Central AmsJIcan Ports, to Paolfic Colombia
and Eouadorean Ports.

Masonic ulilding, Crietobal. C. Z.




Great White Fleet
New Orleans Service


VS.S. "RIBUERAS" ................................ July I
S.S. "AGGERSBORG ............................July 3
:*.S.S "YAQUE ............................. July g
*8.S. "MORAZAN ....................................July 1
S.S. "MARNA" ........................................... y
S.S. "LEMPA" ...................................July 19
*S.S. "IBBRAS" ................................July
flandting trllerated Chilled and General Cargo

New York Service


B.S. "RA BERLANGA" .......................July 4
S. "MME LA ..... ... a ..... .... ::. July 3
SA "MATAURA" ............................. July I
.S. "ESPARTA" ...............................July 11
A Steamer ............... ......... ....J.... uly 1
A Steamer ........... ....... ..................July 35

Weekly saillugs of twelve passenger ships to New
York,. Nw Orleans, Los Angeles, Sua Framisco
Sand Seattle.

Special round trip 'tNew
York, Los Angeles, Sau PrFs" Seattle.
To New York ....................,*.240,00
To Los 'Anteles and San Frainlico ... t20.00
To Seatfl* .......':.............. .36.oo
CRISTOBAL 2121 P IAMA 2.2904

416 I d

B3y Wtmow sCBUOGS



?" '

0 )


Good Gues, Oop!


>D Our TIING UKE '1w OOP..






''/,.r .'.


The Race ,



Y iWr. W .
1 MA9f4L 80 IOW
.3TS W(- I



Word From Home


., .~


Like That?

.b..* '. -

ulr~a~Ulb~o t~lrR ~4


Goinl Out



'A. ~..
.-~ ~


; : ic. .fr




" I





qI J. WE



vow wMa Lr







. .- ;. ... .. .- S... .. ..knT ^nt'4;s .. ..
Y" ... Q 7 ..
'' : .-I .' .* ." ,, :
. ..- .- .... ,. .." "'. ." ," ',
-. "A, t -. ... ,, -
i., '! ..i ... J, t ,. .. -g o -k .; .'.


V- V. ..

MrM. P.lp g a Coa ; Vl .

wt..- Caatr e*..hb.ILt-0te workite
iamed Aavitck.flSt Dtz nSa .
Sretto 6 istertbied at the C i --
o .-:-Idbsta ,n Panama'a eu lp ,
S,-,ccktafl party tendered _r y the
*.ru tfgott. Polt 4 Prflp'am- 4
vat, ~~1qa-~ -2.4ioet. sus mwu)_

362 Economy Provisions
-.'. a -

TO July (UP)-The
IB di si '.iA -yesker9
of-its 362 economy
is. allow the govern-
S B... the budget and
itliut cuttlfg mil.-
*Vr-Etinog o their
eloap-7hose recom-
Irnkreaged frQom a ban oF
4 d4godod to Okinawa toI
at tof a new4ype,feeer-
,-41hot make any deft-
imate of Atie total' as-
Sbe av 0d by its pros1
Lm nL total would vie an
becaape saome es-
. flly o, erlatp and
4.)ased on usiness- peac-
it entirely applicable to
tent procedures.
lIsted separate savings
es by 12 of its task forcesI
jname than 8. billion dol-
U a' l forces' recom-
git .ptential savings"
e a. estimates.
mo iaion added that its
Sianother 10 bil-
Wt cdud be returned to
prl Treasury "through re-
Investment. elimination of

.en-t,"'it a ..
W-enough possible sav-
-enable the balancing
rt seduction of tax.-

b si tements were made in a
t report to Congress on the.
Ship of the commission,
S ed in 1953 to promote effi-
efley in government.
le .Gaommission said its inter-
S I "wrea enot pulyy financial."
.hk objectives, it said, were:-'
-l.- o fe~ugve the full security
a t,, w.iu TI a disturbed world.

ep l .rors are based.
a--., pfve the efficiency
as.-" pe waste in the execu-
ite or reduce 'gov-
matititna with private
perhaps .the most im-
pa .:'.a. L,,to strengthen the
.eogWtmi -soeidl. and government i
a Mreucture which has brought qs,
u W for 16 years, constant bless-
Sand progress."____
., waW. (UP- Hand
q ;. sughr beets brings
bt rptart to growers -than
machme ning, despite hilh
sto",r Ae^ CSn to pgrono-
i t University of Cnfor-
IaU -sran here.

Mi ,Harnett's
$Sloel of Success
Oten a Special Coars.e r
-a*Im women which will be
nights a week for 5
e egtanistt July IS.
lsPm- W to 9:30 p.m.
&a bB how to look and feel
hmak .yourself over
.th toe and you
f Ith this wW be
S. investment any
fr 1 can make.
Formation and
a mornings

-, Ii

E.'C A.L


The commission said It h a d
wade 467 reeommendasibns that
reqi d l 2ttion, 145 'thatcould
be adop the agencies in.
evolved, and 60 the President could
order under the reorganization act
of 1949.
Fifty of its rql6Lmendations a!-
ready have been. adopted by Me
various agencies, 'the commission
said, and d2 drafts of. legilatjon
have been made. to carry-out 6th.
or reeommeadtlona./, :- -
Rep. Chet Mied ..-buft)-a
uMember who hs freqoey. .
smeted from commission,- epo ta,
said lia a separate stateiOat
the epimussion upsrped. congres-
sional powers. in making recom-
mendat ons i. policy matters.
The eomimslon. headed by for-
mer President Herbert Hoover,
goes out of existence July 1. Con-
eress appropriated a total of
,848,534 for commission work.

Trie Cristobal-Colon Rotary
Club held tfieir regular lunch-
eon meeting at the Strangers
CIu yesterday, their first meet-
'ng lance the InitallUattop last
saurdAy tight of Lesleigh. Da-.
via and the new boarnl of dire-
tors who will hold office to. the
next I moantbh. ...
The meeting was- deot. to
discussions Of the OWy
yea and plawi -or .t. '-Ww,
Quests at the -bee-. Molded
CaptS. a- 0 W. W Dalu t -
thenburg, 8weden; Gerald m or
of Hollywood, Cal.; and Iel
Dawson of panama City, .:.
The meeting next week wi be
In hpnor of tI Indepe tdene" of
the United States and the
speaker will be Philip Dur, the
American consul in Colon, who
is himself a Rotarian.

wan' a ver d
He went a e in ZUI
Another fou r e leporte,
Victor woe sq
whether nfmN6t b
11re n940 p to-gie Jaformatilt
about his associates. wore he
is not 4 p" pt mmaber ow.
by Ift^inate
subcommittee a" a
Wrote for the T B a ar.
eorrepoemant.w p oea. .
Chairman James 0.- Das1na4
(D-Miss,t quoted Ar F oice
g.pral .as ,say o. '.f the sto-
ri-s reveaallg-te first a n y
coeact ith wi ftes "lost the Air
Fort a. tacticl advantage that
mn reult in ,he. lost of Ameri-
C Yea." '' ..
14eitaer a,.th stor. wa
given to him cby tb Air ere anti
cleared for p-blt -by the De-
fnse. Departmeif .e denied he
waLexzpelled frqi Koea as a re.
iultuofl the story.
Subcommittee counsel J. Q.
Sourwine said the other story,
dealing with crimes committed
by American GIs in Korea, was
quoted by the New York Daily
Work, a Commpnist nw per,
becau "it- served ther pWpoL
Grutaner said the story c o n-
cernedeuly a small Umber of
servicelqa and he thought the
public hi a right" to now about
it. He 'denied he ever Intentional-
ly slanted a story.
Weing now a Pleasant-
11e,. .T. edrertislan man, 5ail
Ie.Jd noA been a Communist
i the 1o940 presidential elec-
He invoked the Fifth A m e n d-
ment against possible self incri-
minatlon on questions about hip
earlier aties.
*"We know you broke with the
Comuunist Party," Easatld said.
"but we also think that people
close to them a r e influencing

*' S sa '" a~a

* .. '-C

w ,7'
:ar r'V

s()iumVhtWm-rndy an an instant.I-No pot-=nod'.
gfoumdsYoui hardly have to raise a hand 1o ,ike a cup of ..
Boten s better coffee. i

Shutit fro the Ol Rer flaVorl The world's
finest coffees-blended to bring you true coffee pleasure. Re-
member--B#&m' ib 100% Pun Cmfef-no dextrose, dextrins or

malrose is added.



tu yomme- cp.r wwI Thiis du coe -aot m
partly cofce-thaIs why it joes faher. And thre'ss no waste
Op~a I


. *: -- i. a
. ,.; A ..; .'.- .4 '- .' .- ,-.
W..-* ,*.- ,. -. t
~4~~tt%5WrASS r

.ThE uru"dWom xn's lub will
hold a special meeting on Wedaes.
d.ty. 9 a.m. at -th Commuay
Col. ar Tubbs, Post' C o m-
mander of Fort Clayton, will talk
op "Civil, Defense."
Guests are invited to attend the
Coffee an efreshmat will be

.-Cluudf Aentter retired in Janu-
ry after serving as a rural mail
carrier since M. He aerved un.
dr nine prealdents and five post-
masters. e- started out in 7the
horse and bUwgy days, used 30
horses, 1 SaT~ ca and 36 Fnrda.
His total ifagew waxs W,W or
s times, around the world,

^'W~fliYtr ir th r e

I syso .thel, s ever he
'aW time after of it," reled Grut mer.
Si e filed s tory
6, r..OneBr were tt n % h ra a Int in bat
teastlan lt"it & uir bit to .the Pentin a for clear
to h itlad alled o ghe nce. The story was cleared and
tigjai.t, to tn. thesn .nt h, ,.head ..... -
ma i0B .a in e New oaer said arrangements al-
Yorka t ieady hid been made for hin to
Esa il Lotekl_ however lehi ara when he filed th
"I *." _lon bat .
bn su orteted" ins told repo terslate the
.recut pitigatos hiar centered on for-
noW O w w"MyMSa Win- zrBrooly Eale-euployes bhe-
ston Mude4 -WedasudatnX -- eguseBde was a raember, of
toned more than 20 reset of for- a Commn nist unit on the paper.
mer newInmaM.n telling about his ,"We're not invest ating news-.
acittivtlesli. sa party member papers; we 'a inves igath Conm-
from liM. to, I2. aunists," Sourwine said.
Six of those he named also test- "These Communists happened to
Jid Wednesday with live refusing be newspapermen. Burdett kIew
to answer certain questions about them on xagle. Some of them
their Comm"nit.e m later : .th.r. nepaper jobs."
Grut"e said h e vot ery The agle stopped publication
active party member and finallyy earlier ths year during a strike
just stayed away for goo", in D b the American Newspaper
after he came to realize it was Guild. The Guild said none of the
not the "deomeratiq' movement men named by Bardett, some for-
he had thought it Aight be. mer officials of the union, hold
,EaUandatkld.. Gzatber if -'.e any .offices now


b.. .9 y -* 'S O .014
hW9 Oh M. yw s m qui o SATIAN Y
ho tS*ac s wB eMi"ley lse e ldsis

Ta Iron gldes Ipootily w the fabrics
Ti. on doesn't drag or stick, thbaed
you're through nuech sooner.
Cloth keep eaiMslongwer bemus dut
and dirt sol ofa the SATINA fnish.
Apart from giving your gamnntfaa "like-
sivns tna a clen,
fresh fragrnc^ ar .~

Suy sMINA Aeday, ind yew
will note r eter e*se Is
your reining eand belter
appmesem n year eleboe.


plan- now to enjoy.Independence weekend
entertainment at El P nam '

,Clarence Martin's orchestra plays for a beautiful evening of
dining and dancing in the Bella Vista Room.

Looking backward,, one of the mot
the history of West. PBolt was the
1915,. scene re-eactdl for John s.
Long Gray Line," starring-Tyrone r m"id
Hara In Clnemascope and color by bueiw'
day, 4th of July at the "Lux" Theatre. Int
cadet, played by Harry Carey, Jr. who
the United Stateg. Dwight D., BZi hower.. .

Ave. 7a. Central 17-18 (102) Panaim

Beautiful children's -

all sizes, and styles!

-~-. as.;




The perfect pen for your


f .-

out-of-doors dancing from 9 p.m. featuring
A spedial 45-min. presentation of a BIG-kAME BAND I

LA SONORA MATANCERA- Their Latin rhythms
.. have made them the most sought-after band!

will play tor dancing the 'rest of the evening.
(In caa*of -rain, party, w 4 ove indoors).
Entrance S1.--per so-Cali Max, 3- .0, for table reservations.
(Dinner will be served in the Bella Vista RIom-Azcarrafa at the organ).

SUND4Y BRUNCH DANCE from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Our very popular breaklast-unch memn with complimentary cocktal-a real
treat at only $2.25 per person! AzcsJraga at the organ and madielan "Eric
the Great" entertain you in the acondritoned BRAU90A ROOM.

RAY COX "The King of the Keyboard"

I. : lt/ CtLUB 4:30
*. mr~~~Ldnite to 4:30 .m.

(Nightap -on the iouse
. .- .- -., ., .. ,- -
.' 9- = ,- .. '. "-3i : .-


p fl ^
* ... *i-'. *

New... New... New...

Latest FrenchStyle

ikamond l arrnng I

No Picture Can lllustK^ 4 j,2

Their Beauty and Work' a

5Th.e T

!=. flsW 'I I
*K AM i

- .'.;


r.. *..

- -- -----------

^s:--.-: p?
::*" ..* '. **-
Tl-1 **- .-
^ S
A ....... tf



<* : I


. pIre V"-1

" -._ ^



* .' .! -

* r J-$~' ---

-'.* ItS .
* It*4* -F

r -W
**,: !o

.. .


r .'-f t ---


Real Estate
WMvH. el andcd Mnmo ealI
llatot. rit lrasol ni.le.
Phase 2.0157. a

FOR SALIE- Leeving Panama:
:. fhk -tedre-l nm fprnalhed cet-
teoIt hSOte Clarose ek. Idoel
fior prgansotlMi ot business.
* Beioo 2-105_0.
W Oa R OR At- Small
bel Il siltel i rr Campana,
Sverloingi Penmo m Bay and
SBuM ndligi mountains, climate
Scoo, water fght. Suitable for
' week-end ebin; 'lavatien 2000
fet. Will consider reasonable
Suffer. trms or trade. Call Bal-
boa 317 atr S p.m.
FOR SALE:-Net let of land at
1 Voile. 6880 so. mts.. 32 mts.
ol t treet going to Hotel
mpetr and 32 mts. alon|
: speed; one -hp. 25 cvycle mo-
Pheoa 2.1509. J. G. Batella.
SFOR MR.,-Bemwai, cholet in
Ri Ale%, $4000 sash or in-
setalfment. Information: EI-t
dieni Street 14-72 downstairs.
Phone 2-3544. ___I

Help Wanted

FWANTED:- Cook with refer-
banses, sleep at lab. Ar emono
Saiily. Golf Hoights. Old Pane-
oMe Read, oner statuo of More-

[WANTED: Me Id. General
Sheousekoping for children. Ref-
Seaones aend knowledge of eook-
t' ba Must. 2253-1 Carr Street,

I Street NMa.
4th of July Ava. & J 0L
Julto Aromeseem Aft and 8 IL

i oe CaenueMI.
Camal Ave. d
Ne. aulerr Plani

1- I


IF YOU WANT excellent home.
made meals o a r EI Panama,
ploei sell 3.1789.

MiA cellaneoias
FOR SALE: B a x r puppies.
Bernie 501. Apar tsmt C.

FOR SALEi-Afriean Violets. 50
cents and up. 1190-3 Marlgri-
to. Phone -1731.
FOR SALE:- I Bush Prsman
24 2',Z4 Camera with flesh; 1

has vacancies for pupals 21'5
years. OpenII a summer Monday
to Friday. Apply et school 8:0-
II o.m. Phone Curundu 1161.
Belboa 1214.
FOb SALE: Leaving, I or o
closet, Singer swing machine.,
1950 Studeobakr. ood condi-
tion. cheep. Moriano Aresome-
na 11-56.

VIOLINIST. formerly professor
Cleveland Institute of Music,
will accept beginners and are
venced students. Phone 3-0272
Panama. /


OrUsed CanDON'T need Transfusions :
very a ha been .tduroughtly checked and
4aW' yoeone of these low priced guaranteed.

1161 thryaler Convertible Coupe. New Top. Exoel-
lent rubber and Factory Installed Radio. Full
Price $800.00.
1952 Plymouth Fordor Sedan. Brand new Avon blue
finish. Genuine leather upholstery new tires
and radio. Full Price $1160.00.
1,954 Mercury Monterey Fordor. Bright red body-
white top. Faotory installed Plastic seat covers.
Radio and white side walls. Full Price $1195.00.
1949 Pont*i Fordor Sedan. Excellent condition
throughout. Radio. Full Price $695.00.
S1951 Ford VS Coupe Coupe. Satiny black finish
with ivory top. Woven nylon seat covers. A
one owner beauty with low mileage. Full Price
1953 Bu1,k Forder Riviera. A car that's been beau-
rti d ly cared for and with very low mileage.
', i tranaml sion, radio, w/sw, Power
brakes, two ftine green, tinted
S glae and turn signals. A truly luxurious car
for .olj $1750.00 full price.
I**O MeROury Forder Sedan. An excellent Inter-
medlat pried ear that is noted for its high
S M l olwe $700.0.-



-_. ...


,ok "A-
|^ .-ce i
Lri^v. :J

Caral Zone DOltal PFlyellnas
Dr. C. E. Fabrega D.D.,L
Dr C. A. Roy DJLD.
Dentar-nride wodrb-al Wratado
Gemeal Prftea.a
TiveU (h of Jo?4.UA ttM
olopbm01 06-2101



Phone PaMnamn e-0uI


Air Cenaltioned Stalo SaltsIII
Dance Hrs. a to Is a m.
Cham ioml e a.m. to 5 f W
Tel. adboa 4M or PaiuaT=-16

"iropirsetl sdds life to
ea and years to life"

Drs. A. an E. ORILLAC
(Palmer Graduates
f lf, r=. n 1t 6 -I

am- -mw


This Is the ear to buy s Coni-
mental Casaly auto Inmuanse



Paama Inaurice Complay. In.
(Brunh Oe>lo)
No 12 Tilvll Aveoue
Phone Panud 2-W51
(Asron from Anean Past OffIe)

Pua City Buists

To (rculo.4 4

To e Provided For
Arrangements have been made
to provide transportation for
Panama City residents who at-
tend the Circulo Cuatro show
and dance Monday at the 'fro-
pical Club in Col6n.
Featuring Gladston Gordon's
Metronome band, which will be
relieved by Clarence Martin's El
Panama Hotel orchestra, the
Clreaulo Cuatro show sl sched-
uled to get underway promptly
at 8 p.m. with an all-male fash-
ion show sponsored by the A-
merican Bakoa.
Junior Arthura and hs troupe
of 36 actors, singers aid dancers
*M next oh te tproat With. a
musical drama entiafed laus.-
tr on Tenth Avenae."
hid LowesT7ads Rsado aM
aj-aloat are ama
a slathe l u

i another

S ~: .Jfla

~ T~~ -urn

Fetro ot f Av.
AgeMila Intirnali do Publilooneen
ia C"ml Ave.
rmue Ltone 1o mIS or


FR SALlE-.1954 Mercury Sa-
wao W a. M Feod Country
Sedsn. Ialea 2.9050.

ATlTNTION G a1.ll it h
2mdeA furitled a ,
2 -benoeM, ot,,N ewarlw.
PiomMu Pm r.. S.J

FOR RUIIT,-Fualibe Use
fattisJeildH'' antald 4allil mea-U m -~
rho= 1a" C9161.6^

. .- .


fpneMrlb furismed booim -n
beech it Sam a Clew. Toleporn
Theeps-as,"oaio T7".

onramileh' Slma Clae le
Ceetalges Mada. asmvenlutes,
mOdmere raes r hnme nb
6-44t, .,

PHILLIA5 Ceao e Cetsse,
.- oate d i x 4e15, lben.
Plume Paname 3.18.I CriW
bal 0-4173.

S House
FOR RINT: Concrete clttage
In 15th Street, San Froeaeol: 2
bedrooms. meid's mrom. poor
ond diningl mrom. I2 bhes, kith-
on and Few. Infohmotlea: ap-
ply 91-X, Via PForns.
FOR RINT: 2-.badrem fur-
nished chalet, mold's mo,. Jose
do Fireea Ave. Noe. 12 Iee.
J-OR RINT:- Boautiful Chalet
with eonallsat grounds: bod,
roone, 2 boths. large living room
end dining roam with boomed
coiling, kitehon, bre kt fl nok
ant aprete study in paved pa-
tio. Hot watr, Coeloia dve, 2-
co ageml and gardener. Fifteen
miputes center Pename. Rteesl
oneble. For appointment:, alboa
FOR RINTi- furnished hoseo
at Las Cumbres. Phone Panoma
2-06t10, Sr. Madure.

FOR SALE 1950 Chevrle
Seas Delloe, rod "iM., Raw
pft1 lob0. ea 4inditilen.
10eiml for emir$fl .7 Phlue
210 Coed easf, PH .ner.
^ 49 PookPa 4-
doi m0n, -faa. h tarWl
drive exeldfs buy. Me"o. A-
FWd Co*pe. oH ent eslom.

fl5e. Ph50 P..m. 2.Don.
PU P- Am 1952'y,

FOR SALIG -- W1950 .hveolet
BoldAir Sp orf. eg I deop)
tfor nw'-.g iMeirf ot!
conditions.' Pint In., eeo-two
toMn iemmi.. .,llJ-fr ,
7 l0. y i IM G68
H F; fte 5r p.m Phrn Cobl

FOR SALEim-Brand new 1955
MODELS FORD, Factory Guer-
ante, at Dealers SeIllg Pics
mless 15% at Agencies Cosmos,
Phone Panama 2-4721.
FOR SALE: 1950 Studebaker
Champion, ed condition nylon
tire. Priced to sell. Pb$ m 2-
FOR SALUr-t-1941 Nash Sedn,
eeod condition. Phoie 6-291.
Hobe 1756A. aGomfoo. $160.
FOR SALE:-1952 Morris Mi-
nor, perfect condition, 7500
miles $595. Phone 31.6288 Pan-

FOR SALE: Speeilt Speiell
1949 Chovrolet four-deer Se-
dan, excellnt transportation
preld to sell, only $400; 1949
liek Super four-door, ooeed
transportation, eoxcilot buy.
duty paid, motor in good condi-
tieon, tires good, point felt, bar-
gain for only $375; free entry
1950 Oldsmobileo four-door Seo-
dOen with. hydratme tramb-is-
Oes, seillCot c feton, go*od
LI' Utr

sell. Coelf i ylyour ynoelt Ditl-
or to ae the abseti'u d con.
Phone olon. *00, 'MOOT &
HUNNICUTT. S.A., 1th Street,
Central Avenuo.
FOR SALE: 1950 Chevrolet
Sedan Deluxe. eod tires, aew
point job. Endallent ewoditien.
lBargain for only $700. Phone
Colo 230, ask for PIerson.
FOR SALE: 1951 Chevrelt
Bueines Coupe, sow rFbo.r,
point practically now, phleltery
now. Ideal transportation. Priced
to sell. Only $00. SMOOT &
HUNNICUTT, S.A.. Phens 100.
FOR SALE: 1952 Chevrolet
Deluxe Sedan, eaelient "nEdi-
tion. now point job. New lire.
Only $995. SMOOT WHUNNI.
CUTT, LA., Phonae 00, Colon.
FOR SALE:-195 CaDllde four-
door Seden, low mileage, good
tires. now paint lob. lergain for
only $1050. SMOOT &r UNNI-
CUTT,. LA.. Phone 380. Calon.
FOR SALtE-S1950 Pokrd So-
dan in excellent saonditetn.' The
gwed. low mikia, printed to soL
Minut be seea t n appreciated.
Only $I0. WMOOT 4 NNI.-
CUTT. LA.. PIoMe 100. CdM.
FOR SALE: .- Jf Sfudehker
Sedenete, good trenepeatiotln
tires eood, heorgln foronly $125.
Phone 800. Colon.
FOR SALE a--]950 Cadillac block
four-door seden wIMh il the ox-
trie: a hdroemhte tronsmision,
hydraulic window Hfth. dRiseion-
Iol lihis, back-up lights. ie.
Good point, gadlla. Cair In
Melleat auel tom W isW
for older model am In Mood coa-
dtleo. If yo ofn -m oF fI
person that would liketo g t a
good Cadillac worth l e money,
cell 63-3281 for opprltment.
LOST: Imu llbW le Coker
Spnleol dogl, faen deg. Hoem
"Lady." CaNll daytime 85-2152
Cornoal; fr 4:10 Cunmadu
83-2125. Leeo at LAS.A. mat-
hot. eword i$10. F? L. Cars.

Rochester U Plans
Unusual Course
ROCHESTER. 1. Y. -(UP)--
An unual eoufie, deaItpg with
to eftfecta that imlportatt uh.en-
tifie odvancee have had on na-
Sisad affair and Intonattonail e.
latiof, w I introduced next
hr'. sQip ISoi. s an gecnm s.

mmdaeh *'Bnnnd ^-the


FOR SALlE- R11. m.iereclu,
ecollent condition. Call D. Nel-
li 3-1814 or S-67? after 4

FOR NPT-Spaeul s419p, *II
acroened 2 bdrops.2-hath
opo.fment, arae. t roon
end aorvice. Camp, Ag e.i Pea-
am. 3-0371.
FOR RENTs-Large .-badm m
furioshld department TI i A-
u** Panama 2-.1515 htoweek
pnd,6 pm.
ONR RENT.-- Very oietc
end f lmbhed apampst y
tMisietth North. h U
nelghbon, $50. Call -0471.
FOR RINTt-1-b-o im aeprt-
meat. upstairs 29th Street e
No. 9. Phnae 2-5403.
FOR RINT:-Furmlehed nad well
located opartmu t fir a drplo.
Col 3-1405.
FOR RENT- Comfor;Ab Nn-
furblod 2.bedroom lapertment,
pogac, hdlieia-luvin rmm ki ta.l
on, ht water, meld's Ini, f t;
rage. 44th Stret No. SOU-.
SA BUILDING. Apply Aprmomnt
meont "P," for ImferuMdl.
FOR RINT -3--oedr m opert-
mont, dlning-living roe., maid'
e.m. hot weter. Phone 1-2279.
FOR RIRNTi-Sooutlfua furnish-
ed apartment n wonderful loa-
tion: two bedrooms fully equip-
ped; also ie kitchen with wsh- -
ins machine. Mut oe rented far
at leaat one yaor. Inquire 44th
Street No. 37. Apt. (I l.
FOR RENT:i-2-bedroom d-ll
am furnished aertispor h l
en oand gara in 46ji Street
et- 4*. lIfodpn: fcall

2 bant cgoq toilet and sarygs
in 44t h= Se No. I45. Cl 1, -
0979 or 27-477.
FOR RENT:- Furnished apwot-
mot, Indepondent, with 2 bet-
rain d c lese, twe, w privdtd
doors wired e ainst moenqhins,
hot water, rfriratoer, electric
light., go and toelphoe salevies
reedy fInorn etion. Ceo Ain-
pedt house 27, 4Jd Street,
oll Vista. Phone 3-1491.
FOR RENT:- Furaished apart-
mont, including refrlolrotdr;
porch; perr-dilsg room, bed-
room, kitchen $ 0. N A12 Via
FOR RlNT:-l.d pondI, t one-
bedroom p imarent. Jor do Pa-
broga Ave. No. 12 (Poeadena .
FOR RENTI--SpNlole, cel. oill
scroamed two-boeroom, two-both
apartment, garaoe. mold's rem
end service. Come Alegre,
Panams 3-0173.
FOR RUNT:- Furnishd apart-
meet. 13th Stedr No. I1, Vie
Paorne. Phon 3-2457,
FOR RENT.-Now modem two-
lbedrom oopermen si"ting rooem,
dining room, goraes, private
yord spase in front and behind.
$125. 41th Street I(fina). loell
Vista. Information: Carlos Aro-
nemea, Phone 3-0821.

palltreal, two M assl Como i I
pltalely fumiheid. 45th Elt St.,,
No. 22-I1.,; ,
FOR RiNT:-3-bmdriem apart-
ment with 2 betlhremu, ulivin
room. kitchen, nrele, maidt"
rom. list SHat ast 20, cor-
netr Ave. oderico boyd. Ap-
ply upetaHlc."
FOR RENT: Cot, screeoMned.
furnished epartmant with tt
water. falle Vist aree. Phone

FOR RIINT:-. I.. ptd
wNi kilehn, relt 6ua,
from Ameo bua cop, 17-11,
4th of July-. Ave. Phone 2-.5133.
HOWELL, Mich. -(UP)- How.
"U Is without a Dr. Huntington
for the inrt tie in1l2 years. Dr.
William H _uftlato 9 iod a pirae-
tice bere in Ia ltd was followed I
by his son, Dr. William C. Hunt.
ington. Dr. ;alty C. Huntington,
grandemft of Jll hmuder of the
practie, retlto& Utie minth after
43 years.

Chadi, Reekor, utired barber,
had a big dsl iflatl when heI


S-PiR ALEl, I. ft ,o i
5-piece litl rom aet,
trad. Cheap. Call C

MOB SALWs eM -air
?gg 4p,& oI.Aftw 2$2 481^gg
meodie $75; twis ih dir
Cmehnaem $a20. ert Dek

FOR SAL..-Mo ba and
EaV Mittnua; p9we frame with
bok-endu reopfrgestr, 25-ey.
clo Packard wifh S gnd time
720.-b. ide.

FOR SALI1-14w 6 -pie ot.r
in'g.i ir eaeM and tam aervio.
Phone S-3 230 Airaek..
FOR ALt. 7hin er l* cter
and cap, blonkoet tabloeivr-
isn, dishal. ehomnlt be et cOv.
elmalmtim double er nto
or, Tudor reg 27x 4l, wallets,
child's batt mt,t iowellead brae-
let. head beg, olstrs pruela
tCr, kyrox. 2eo o, Pheone 2

FOR SALE:-25-cyekl Thor as-
tomlic washing mnchinlo, Ike
naw $125. 812-8 Paina, Navy
31771. "

FOR SALE: 7-ft, lllvWaftr,
0 eyile, A-I condiltiell. Low
price; Call 1.1789.
FOR SIAL.-- l.1l. Monitr top
9ref9ifrater, poeuila, e him
trim, 25-webl. $50; I washing
machine $201 : bamboo- pll
shades, eIoo end mNH, all for
$5. 0765 K Willimesn Place,
Canl Zone. 2.4552.
FOR SALE-StorkHne birch erdb
with Kantwat mattroesu, exellant
condition $40. Phaee 3-2171.

, Boau&Me.ww.-
FOR SALM.- 2' ,

fM SALIa-.if lfl1

'PoStion O 'lt it:t

* A for Casler, -4
C oele.. U6Kv : ti

I; .>
Records Changers
Preamplif ler


. a :

FOR SALE:-7-ft. Phil refrl-
waseter, 25-cyele, perfect run-
nl* handle toi .C0; 1 single
metal bed wth now attrasn
$25. Coll 2-2674.

MOR SAi, ..hlfctrc White rot.

F'OM li- -h uib ibk Hi..ylaf
rAo*ef Oob RCh aitd euse-
heldlt6eel. 10251-A, Old Cris-
tebal 3-273S.

Aerea I
Levee L

F-'" *
i .'. '
(N. t




. .


These Used Cars At Civa


All Reconditioned!

All Guaranteed!

4- -.



1952 OLDSMOBILE "88"


3-.'- S" '.n a, "- ,$ -:

- yr

4:*{. -. .

&.~S' ., '




:. ,'-
.. ".* '


*.10' ',
"af 47--.s

", a

Declare Your Independence

From Car Troubles!

Ir ----

- I


- ---

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FOR RENT:- Furnished house
with 3 bedrooms. Call 3-4716
from I to 6 p.m.





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SAact together aett ay naton sl ane We on in Rome and e r par att. ean(ew
', -W t nwhlentr e attk mGermae y af-i wed at Melbourre M O a pt. .aue. wrote both the ordin story any screrenplaY, nd t chief
I n.tte .r ifeaun A atio ba- star Mcomin (of L e Whi A teox)t inemat Cographer wa Jckw crdff. A MS c wale
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utop-level ouadr power oinfraeye n( th Mor ton) arein oit wa d* tb nauer's pstisfaionoe probaibasy o- m twrhs Geneva next month e an d M"N uesos I' maue t u ines:s". iwl go to ahed viet ca al in

.gld_ _e Britasse lineveas Gh asterm n onii- reo the eolmns abot the coru a e a id. Su. er of is e beer.
a- t 8 rJ B ad r lesti ste ttod key iue f a-dirls who married for love. I w as d i e Cae ias
tE monthlyb- -ny e st. st settlement at Go one o them. Have 3e hdres a i Malvew n orpmset fortAd in emy Aewr ed won
to be condu ted liar'va, Geneva, despie appa.nt lonhusband apiJames R..-ar-een. aIm Mump., .ogathe soviet e lm o.d le thise

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a ipm. to r a:0 .." M ia esnt o nta.erms would l e as i h .. .an.eor Raonrpa mAdgauer Y" ed. U itSon e e r-
la. ar ses ie Ibaballlvinr oo drotnfino ditties.).tricry Merqr's A Ge' st

t, enrp1ett ,_d.B ee oundtr p en f f o anl Trme uo.rno Cre: u eatury-e tord.ty d.claned, for_ s er prLeoet, sad they Decker., I
-uaSsised Dals' rofa. be g e o litrt.n r t Fox's upm oma t "Love u s a tlant a in tuo o o w tor. o. I mus n n.
S 'i -TIl Bsito s plan brush pes antde Splendors d A hn.r Jtaner Jonesdiscuso entl ilm.aet 0o nor tl y oune Gdurins e w .st
I. Tc nlow and tg deas acate issue o mar y't .nlit eyes.i t skirts oTe o rea ton heweer West Ber mantr a the release o n at oa Ger
ar ctenr aa n Sture bo r m ni sdwtall e n E le onsr: "Why Shl rd waffle ot and te Sov etsm aen wr pris ers and editsco
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Isrlra WeamerS sri. show on MlwdraI,: "Almost ^f a
of P e |B my P' t (dei jo t ckes tirhe o t
cha .ture o. w pe O d rBaty e Nlht, Jones Bae rpectacle.o men and Sovit ambassadors t ored at German. Cmdinist

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i .. -" Ildl=, a ac nments a t.hw-I .4 You a .p i I s M I..
y t w iaeUnitetteat a a adm -o e of them. Re S- SoundsC a1, the Nihto At Brhrd i DAVY .
n maic informant said. a Show It Me t ram: A "Get her and her b lo! l
w& ll et~ii a, a tadezyI tI e papers s aiPoe. w suP I,..Gor ind,'s: "June bridei 1 ST. PAU -(UP)- Mrs. e
rlim MUin ow n a er t eed o. a t = ad.M._ bya loef eullewofro omr f s onwrua th rey aevn er lSwan tB.ur st.. Pau l f on t r'ae n
ris r balrom d tm e opl o Ie iua : 2t b'ce: t e anythns d serious t sut the umr- who do, f reo o ear, h e
N..i t ... ./ upco..g00.L.o.oe rpor s A M ane d anI n r ie t ,- t go Bto Morpieo alW to "D Crockett. Se .
m 18 a tCo i ttere Ha em tort ,n ---- m Mbecause e to a ren ety b Mre ar than -ret randdauhter the
flea wr prhel b r ues aT p a eo thJo p es d u tasm tic of tnora oin etur nis mtar
Nmlasure t k *i ,old Ma .n Ia ct sf Mic s Aseers(to atAeseth ebfl Bel Geddes' At Johns"a"t.
a snlles shrone. eB r Eat n e o r-u.main up) hocked everotf sHeas ys rTheb're a couple of rab. i a
at URop Clare h. Ho ssE gln ad Markets fditot t neand bo hodesr fewess Jbiee At d on their aBaanymoonrt

r:whm mieght attack German atwb_ our owSaet r pots, sh e -uw'te T e T h*or That umsp I n | Iya]V E Iel O[]tcieM

*ellb Ltore the nynal vote, with egg ysaCe, newg oooetMroil ER
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aI i be t durhled on S 'ora" ro n, a dea od r Eau o n ad Jrne... s eat to 1 me shoW t
meare i aiws come cir econtabied e ever to ins a in) hhs Made 6i t

J warns thp t the ap. Oi eacrdse ar a nre could ta- t i. S ned Bit RCA .V.e. ..Ann
Ooeth Ruriac satti- hn w a lYeanee mtreont i DeM areo aM d her troo -ave tt
ie*d aoM cma l is laer. Foro a gwarat ow Boi .a. y tr aellb (Hi, Dellate- f
wuto other oe wterld rea a se nt Nrew teods) Ad the e t-o cha sae duest tPemora ni
atijhi i e mautb such atb mtv coWy is t beowsonurrrg: "Why Soruld;IGt oa h r er m arn ftea Iedi

y RCaores .tlmee St uae IniteuNhhem ExteAatioBA Y o h
a Ia(z-SC) o House p r osd UwsivJruity oR "oJnen bie sehSTr...P.Herm.n WouP ("CM .Nae
fii2 ptmblaln ck cut, frt oere' wCmlasnn.,Ntd It svSt" hUrhOf) wPnts I ms es
aTst Zien n House wf n itis iS Oah i.e rbt

l lON S'am 1 tti-g ( Ameroc ho m. r st'a tIhe "yc s Thrt Dean he rtin dTlpa n "v C t"
det rs who introduced mny. thEmes"H'si

Siothe o-eutht. after h S t ,oai the ucs mds he h at .91a he r
me. asulareo kwee to6
a aiesX_ strong. 3s GAYNOMo ADDOX CtisMellFu r tt the bars B etGeddes'. .At John

aefp Cla .) Hoff-r Ni A F _tid a et. craia" k anel' s: They' eacupe I of.r b-

b.)- to u kloft t "uw--adslhrfe tobis _O the terBny n!'
Ineevery n fi (h e r, l ,if savngs..
o nwas rleCjecte 2 too. Fto a urhoJsu mnneow Maorties omi st r .Ma-s
r Thea' in ertin planbde..ew" n da t ihe rentg."AJenniowrclosesdiThsseTorh:Whent Oft Lump 1 O VEBsLW O .M
T e the ; b ill wereoue cn sistsof ie d sa lmon l itu y.skoTre tion eI sY H e ra n release.I .of G r

of_-eadea, add pasu'e en"ddrus, anw Palioashioned straw Wy nn (shewsa000 t ov I shot. wr
mflhl o.ase-. ever"tesinHaspin)shsashMadeIt!.
... .stin a that the (Sa enOrtcouwsndDlalwarsecw ro tsignet withaRCssV il.uesaAnnf-
Iba r.Rshia a, .s-aYtast a t Def iacof and TheSt of hae i arii
a mo oth eOr feeworlDane in f is n he 13lusD istem. .aindelig o A1g
manes ta- Ngw t"Jon essB Parkeriwho
rso en t' s ee l" w as seco li1d, $ I tte htrs sh i

beerdwhenendto thro t boW Irt sR booksothe-mth(forSept)
'h -(lt 46 p w er, Marjore M nntr
Willom Jennings eae home. Je a. d: Tt D MrIn t.t

lneS. Yu.afe&fhreitnfrinte. suto)

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'.;. _A, .-+" ;_t i.+ ..- ". *_; T.; '-a -

su;u" l-'. b" ""
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lL"Jhi ",&- -. pi wne

E m ei r ou the ort df t&e
July 1. (UP) esuataa m ine. r.ouad
otpeay cleared the clau d documents the d here
dioy flndahad :paametd to Philp ;J." Jafft,
, Mott obn Stewart Servie etO editor of the publication.
t the e*plomlat i not He w indicted along with Jaf
ms Ibasc ki Job with fe and for others but @4a clear.
be Str ed by a grand jury. He was es-
In wrdE M. r CUrao b or- imtated in i forgn o- service
he ave swarof aot by then Secretary of Setate
Io_'u J t Roeview BoD to James Bynes. -
'*nts f.m .its o1. the Repeat-ed l ttar u tbyt by Carthy
ord'sa- un that laee I a jet in motion a series of six in.
s*oaasleb doIb' a to Service'a veatigations of him record. He war
m yalty. He sai the born's ad- cleared each time until the re-
Troe fiadind was a nudityy." view board's finding.
CUrran held however that Ser- ,
ce dI A Int 191 was valid --
ud Jo a wrationn bimoll M im

bottlof of b'clV Caandlol R Ib.
hi~u ave ue cretfary of afa .

I e,' P. d to b.e Wtjh eo t s
Service, a pe tt u own.t of Sen.i
roseph R. McCqfthy (R-Wi,), had .l
TsedS t-he eldthAt tef for fbt. o-othis

RAt..h bottlasis o, ,. t-., n, inexpc v
Tv w oa"s h old verr t rrmnedy B radt ,ornfoul'r1hthis
Loyalty' 0Wan Bo*ap;la k ekd worldfamoua medcatlon bring
power to iteopen eecat cases comfort You feel It spread down

review board'e -adverse finding. memwales. You netiertight away
11 "' how much emaer It 1a to breathe
and to swallow.
AJ } _^ No wonder more .th 50 million
bottles of B"ackley Ossadlol Mix.'
9.W-b t -e have been iod. o. don't let
-,- 14 that cough get you down. Buys i!
0-" bottle of feat-actings inexpeneive
Buckley'a Canudiol r trei MI
ouP i drufslat todla

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uqorp oyg -


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iI WAfl


A chases meeting? But wil your
nonWN chars hih? Why take
mheameUat MUM mad be easue of
fall protection -PIAC undwue
odor ary moamst of thasdayl
One applicatia of aprrat MUM
lasts 24 hours, won't frritte
smaal shian ofr hm s blabrl.
U-3 h the an ti
aa-*.BIIIJ- I^^L
at^>ievt -----.

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SOL UR&o .

* Nors Kye y
*Rafog j mtowqga *

JULY20442Ma 71 |
Ticketon sale fromgr
July 6 at:
MO BIta 0N, Io

Orchestra A Boxes,
Drees Circle. .4
Gallery .2.00

For Information call

Ashton & ParsesO

Every mother should ecognse teething d trouble -M5d" -
nass, ioamed gupas and fretting. That is the *iMA
Ashe& a Ilts Fbwdsn. Theehmcjiio pnnaM-ims
him uma mi Mslop. They act vry gtl i 0' -
Fhusey s a sa' you get he shdf Am .. m







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. --.. .
-- ": a

CIGARS FOR BIG DADDY-Buil Ives, who stars as "Big Daddy" in the Broadway
ri iie-winmsng pl.,N. Cat On a Hot Tin Roof." gets box of hil favorite cigars fiom
his 6on, Alexandei. Whal's ihe ic .on` It has something to do with Father's Day.

A NEW ANGII--Here's a different shot of the HMS Centaur, first British aircrq .
carrier to be fitted with angled-deck, a s'skA ventw p that. has-beeni -opted
United States Navy. Photo was made aCrAWtoar 't Malta. for the MJh terrane


A CASE OF PEACEFUL CO-EXISTENCE-The Canadian Pacific railway is a corporation with a heart. As evidence,
we submit this story. F6r three years an osprey built her nest among the telegraph wires of the firm's communica-
tions system. This disrupted the setup. Finally, workmen built a fifth crossbar on the telegraph pole and moved
the nest without disturbing a single egg. The results' everyone is happy. Here are before and after scenes.

--.. .-. -- *, ,
flGEONVS PAL-Italian aetrew Luisella Boni gets con-
gratulations that are strictly from the birds in Venice
These pigeons, publicity man says, are telling Miss Born
how happy they are that she's 1955's Miss Summertime.
... ..- s --

HEY, WHERE'S CHARLIE?--Charlie, the.chimp, being a
playful soul, swiped clothes of a lady while. 4W Abw- e'. s o el
ered and heads for cover. He's with circus 1 bbtlind. | s, ando n special mart-th1
m rg features Sy..Ucat .

Alestuih. Mice. w-rphnms hap hltm 'heer'f i being grwad.. -

-~i~ ~~'-


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r- :'
"! ^
,* ,

I' :


Seical, Biological, Radiological Courst

WHAT TO BO If you're crawling under barbed wire and someone throws a gas grenade your
way? CBS instructors tell students:- "Stop breathing, put your mask on." Then students find
out how much they remember ds gas grenades are set off over the wired area. After coming
through, studentS theck the area, using Chemical Corps detection kit to discover the kind of
gas used against them. (U.S. Army photo)

STUDENIS report amount of radiation encountered In contaminated area. Air Force Master
Sergeant Rocco Chilletti plots figures on map prior to determining safest paLh for unprotect-
ed troops and vehicles between GZ (Ground Zeroi above and Command oost below. This test,
in which small amount of radioactive Cobalt 60 are used, is similar to operations held al the
Nevada bomb drop area. Class is part of the radiological phase of training conducted at the
Panama Area Damage Control School at Curundu.
(U.S. Army photo)
"We'll do a couple of hundred On the Canal Zone a major ex- lified instructors in CBR defense.
per cent better in case of atomic ample of the Chemical Corps work Tn-- "a .
attack, on account of taking this is the school attended Parrish, I The PDCS faculty is group
training,'! remarked Pvt. Donald of enlisted men with background
B. Parrish after completing the Parrish, from Battery B, 764th n science, chemistry, biology or
Chemical Corps' Chemical, Biolo- Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion, physics.
gical and Radiological course at is one of 2700 Army, Navy, Air
Curundu, conducted by the USAR- Force and civilian personnel who M-Sgt. Alfred G. Cournoyer, a
CARB's 7443 Army Unit, F ort have graduated from the Panama veteran of World War I and NCO- I
Amador. Area Damage Control S c h o o in-Charge, recalls the widespread'
Since it was set up in 1950. iuse of mustard gas during the
Training today is a long call PADCS was primarily organized first World War.
from the type carried on in June to give instruction in defense a-
1918, 37 years ago this week, upon' against atomic attack, but courses At that time chemical warfare
the establishment of the Chemical have been added in chemical, bio- was divided among five separate
Warfare Service. (Later in 1920, logical and radiological warfare agencies: The Bureau of Mines
this became a permanent branch since then. for research and Development;
of the Regular Army and in 1946 the Medical Dept. for the manu-
Congress authorizedthe name,) Today men graduating from the facture and supply of protective
nemra Corps.)l return to their units as qua materials and defense training:
| Ordnance for the manufacture of
[_gas-filled shells; Signal Corps for
Sgas alarms; and the Engineers
SFA A ST RTS for offensive warfare troops.


e At Curundu Has Trained 27 00 In Five Yearsi,-
Cournoyer remembers the Ger- hard, hot work, especially down vated" with small pellets of co. -I RI
mans using. leather gas masks in-'here, since it means being bun-bait 60. Where the geiger count-tl TOD=
stead of rubber. "They learned the 'led up against contamination and ers show changes in the amount, TOD
hard way that gases formed a wearing a mask." of radiation the students plant tri. *
i liquid and penetrated the leather," The Wbelogical phase of t h e angular signs to be used later n Grand Inauguration
he aid. course, of necessity, is g o n e plotting the area. Sound Equipment wi
| The name Chemical Corps is de- through without use of any germ, Air Force M-Sgt. Rocco Chillet- ounpmen
ceiving beacuse this branch is al- agents. Instead a simulated area ti, in charge of the atomic end, I GIANT MIRACLE MI
so concerned with the latest trac- was played out with, booby t r a p explains the mission to the stu- b 65'. The L
ties in biological -and radiological and controlled explosions of tear dents and on their return takes *
warfare. A brief look at the prob- gas. The principles of protection,their readings to plot a safe path IS
,lems set up for the latest PADCS remained the same, however, for unprotected troops. 3
graduating class gives an idea of, The radiological phase includes There was a period of decline 0o
the Corps' scope. :actual use of geiger counters and between the world wars, the the
A 74-hour course is divided into other radioactivity measuring de- corps has not suffered a letdown
eight and one-half days of confer- vices. The practical problem re- since World War II. It is continue. -
ences and classroom exercises quires that a patch be f o u n d ing today to devise defensive me&.Ia-1 t
and two days of practical training through a radiation contaminated sures against the newest weapons,
in the field, area for troops and vehicles, proving that against the most de- W
SField Chemical problems in Students make their way structive of these weapons aI gaer sa
elude wearing the gas mask, eni- through a field previously "acti means of defense can be found.
try into chlorine and gas cham- oi sH
bers, crawling under barbed wire-
and through tear gas explosions, -
employing gas. white- phosphorous; SHOWSta 60- 30- A S '
Sand spoke grenades, and planting I TODAY I ; A0c*0c --
booby traps. n I TO-1:00-4:11 t C r"~W%
Students are also given a dem- 7:52 P. M. ALS U 'i
S stton of the flame thrower THE SUPERSO
and smoke producing machines or rI T A "- |THE SUPERSC
Generators. e B f -. I The Management
Students get to use the ChemCi E N T R A L com en .ii
Scale Corps testing kit, which is | A L 1 | commend our dia1
Smaller than their gas mak con- witness all
trainers With this kit the are THE BEST COMBINATION IN YEARS PRICE
gas in the air or on buildings or L
Their bodies covered with im-. al
pregnated suits and gas marks, I
the students are a weird sigh t
'out of some space thriller. SHOWING AT
The weird effect increases as
they begin decontaminating an a- I THEA
rea. For this they fill buckets and
pails with shovelfuls of super-tro-
pical bleach and dirt or water r. Balboa 4:30, 6:10
then proceed to swab the ground IR-.'o NDITIBONO
or buildings affected with brushes
and brooms. In Allh its
"This in particular is no glam- I AVAG
orous job," said Cournoyer. "It's ,SAVAGE

CECCLIA | Am IAE t W-J.WWMO -.-MmA l s. I&
'.llbe r :Fea 1 .I Sr as the "INJUN-LOVER" in
Terrific Double-Feature! '". -- DELIIER DAVES m
,0-mD.TM .DRUM
Cine maScope PARAISO 6:15
I m With the first movies of the revolt that threatened the
I :Government of General Peron in Argentina. I SANTA CRUZ 8:15
3 The Automobile races in Le Mans, France, which left a "MULATA"
tragic oll of dead and wounded.
TONY JULIE EO E I Plu: A short subject: Pepe Le Pew in WILD OVER YO J.
SlTI C.lARM.MAlr **********- -


- 4~i~ ';r~l'


AY AT 8:30 P. M.
i of our Modern Stire"'hlic !
ith Four Magnetic Bands iand r ur
IRROR Screen that measures*25 I
largestt Screen in Central n.... .
5outh America! .
HMO] 4 &* *

of this Theater proudly re-
tinguished public to come and
the latest improvements.
ES. 50c. and 25c. -

, 7:50 I DIABLO HTS. 9:195 *- I
HM I .iat "icuvmh PA-Tam

.4-. f ..- : ..




All deliveries of BEER and

CANADA DRY produces will be suspended

On Monday, 4th Of July



.'~. -~

1 -.



NATIONAL BREWERY INC. Tels. 2-2231 2-2233 2-2235
i t






__ _


.. RIDAT, JTI.T 1,195

. .


. .:-t'T .--':~-


*j~: t

ist Cunve

Anyway, before I realized whatI ---
was happening, I repeated thef *v HAfly Ca-oN $piet tA, the @14 p s'Uer,4
performance smack dab into 1.e .. p. n
canal, and I took a on the hole.
That brought me back to a tie x NEW YOR -. (NMA) The Yan-
with Byron Nelson and I was kees and [Udism swapped shut- ,-l' MANAGER WLOPES .
f fortunate enough to beat" that outs and the Cleveland club laex to soetScore against .~lity
'fine golf er in the play-off. ie the Bronx telling by six, to Pord, tis would have been writ-
A auck hook sends a low bal. two games worm offuthan whento as a running story frq.. the
sharply intip a semi-circle to the it came in. prmbx. Asl things t ;r..t
let. I probably turned over with4 Kiner in left field 9g
".h- I fCeh ofner mo e m fre d e
the right hand as I hit the ball. IIt began to look ike qiother trew in two runs for t An
That closed the clubbead in-i Yankee year. There was much tO qs one on Jemon in the fLrt
stead of the ball being hit with be excited about, but 66,511 peo- ining and another on Doni Mai
the square face. ple IIt the Stadium talking about who finished after Hank XMajR
-lHerbert Jude Score, the Trib e's flied into a double play for ore
new and left-handed Bob Feller. In- the seventh. *
DUring the training season in
Tucson, we watched trifle Taking over the lame Lemon in
breathless, as Herb h. Ju 8 the second, 'Score fanned n ine
upturned 22, went thro t he int while walking two and giving up
gM peple motions of throwing a baseball a lone single in five rouds
to another guy in a sideline
Eleventh of a series yBASRADN warmk-up. This time, so swift -and Tat."mr akesta ayt ork' S Na harAendiensa
By JUG MeSPADEN I By BEANS REARDON I .:': .... That's more Yankees than anyl ierOAw Nv=..wm
d artn g that heois rrg ntenib ., .y 1--L-- -a-N O ..
Wri forNEA Service 24 Years In Na#onal League inth p rb tuk ut L
Sdin t. .oher pitcher hasstruckoutit o knoaotn weNia e laourviv e
QUESTION: Wca man on ore was not advertised to Min nings this season. The ix- downs to knock out f l Nact aj platoon seranr in the,
IT'S exasperatin when, after third base and none out, a right- pitch at Yankee Stadium. T h i slfopt two-inch, 165-pound blo$d was eighth round of what w ve been thu'ht of the .
driving well throughout a tourna. hand batter misses a hitch he show was good enough to go on just. getting up steam when re. '
ment, you suddenly develop a wanted to bunt. The runner had its own and the largest Stadium mov for the pinch-hitt trik-
.sever'e attack of duck hooks. I made his break for the plate and crowd in four years was addition-.ig out I. N0re 'g.I era a. .
That's what happened to me starts to slide. The batter step al evidence that the customers and B91 Skowron I ilose um t his u= F a' G a e E ti
in he New Orleans Open a few across the plate to jive him slid. will turn out, television or no, pro. chore. 1 .od senp wt tpsstNew Jua -' co Gd E ti'
Years back. d ing room and banks into the catch- vided the production is there. But Yor ericaiins t L oa
I had been driving very straight er as he does so. The runner slid- not letting the fans know th at lot of left-hand afpl- to kfor. -
Swith a little fade to the right. es in safely.- What is the call? -. Score was going to ?,itch Is like ward to. -- -
I needed only two pars to win, Bob Cutter. the musical, 'Fanny, opening on PP. norse oekey WstCOMMENT ODI* :
but on the 71st hole a duck hook' Answer: The runner and batter Broadway without giving Ez Io IT WAS T41E YANKEES first l
put me into a canal, I couldn't are out for interference. Pinza top billing. look at the widely heralded let Raee .- "I" Imi. 40 Fs. Purse $375.00 Pool Cloies 12:45.
believe it. I had no idea what r Q. What's the major league With a chance to break even in Score, who last year struck out.a First Race of the Double
caused it. Maybe I used a dil. record for three-base hits in a,the four-game set, Al Lopez de- record 330 batters in the Amer- F
ferent swing. season? -John Ehlers. cided to start Bob Lemon, despite ican Association. 1--Zaratustra F~. Hidalgo 104 -Nothing to recommend ..30-11
e t S g 2-Alabarda A. Icaza 115 -Distance to liking ........ 8-1I
Swellg his season's strikeout 3-Grist E. Gastell 105 --ongshot possibility ....10-1-
total to 120 in 104 innings, Score 4-Paqueq J. Phillips 114 -Rates fair chance ....... ,4-1
had vaunted sluggers swinging at 5-W. Strang.- B. Agulrre 113 -Should be close up ...... 8-11
curve balls in the dirt-grounders, 6-Paragdn M. Hurley 115 -Doesn't same likely ......30-1 I
as Casey Stengel calls pitches of 7-More Fair O. de Le6n 107x- -Dangerous contender .... 8-1
the sit. By comparison, Bullet 8-Quilacoya A. Visquez 116 --fiowing improvement ... 2-1
Bob Trley of the Yankees had ---
106 strikeouts in .i 14 -innings.
a2nd Race 1slt Imp. 7 Fgs. Purse $400.00 Pool ClIes 1:15
The black curtain was up to Second Race of the Double
make room for white-shirted fans
in the center field bleachers and 1-Fangio A. Ycasa 110 -Could price ......10-1
-the Yankees complained that they 2-Merry Mason B. Aguhre 115 -Way down in class ...... 4-1
couldn't see the ball, but you on. 3-Lord Basur C. Lino 110 -Returns from layoff ...... 8-1
ly have to look at the boxseore to 4-Marianina E. Gastell 105 -Aiming for payoff ........10-1
know they were deeply impressed 5-Gaucha B. Baeza 10x -Would pay long odds ....20-1
with the aspirin tabetahead. 6---Paris Midi J. Cadogan 103 -Close up in last ........ 5-1
7-Welsh Fox F. Hidalgo 105 --Better this week ........ 3-1
g"Tree- enw os!" said MaYnag- 8-Discovery R. V&squez 115 -Form indicates ......... 2-1
er Stengel of the Yankees. "He's -My Dear F. Rose 113 -Wll fight It out ......... 2-1
Waig to be big-real big.
"And Ill tell you fellers some. 3rd Race "" Natives 6% Fgs. Purse $375.00 Pool Closes 1:15
thing, continued 01l Case, ad- ONE-TWO
'a' d i n dressIng his assembled h ir e d ."."/
Hands in the clubhouse "as fast 1-L. Dancer A. GonzAles 103x -Usually close up .......... 5-1
as. he is, wait for his fast on e. 2-Moonshiner R. Vissques 115 -Should are o gain ....EVZN-
If I were'hitting Id never go aft. 3-Piropo M. Zeballos 114 -1.tes good chance ...... 4-1
ey:,one of them &re curves. He's 4-Villarreal C. Ramia 103 -Jocker handicaps .......10-1
-rel quick, but could be a bit 5-PIo.a J:... G g 106 g8t apem ........ 5-1
Iw id ith the fast one. The curve 6-&vlvato M. ley 112 Z tA suits ayl ......l-1
4 ,i is his big pitch.' 7-White Fleet F. Rose 115 -NothIn to indicate ....10-1
8-Okiland B. Aguirre 118 -Dangerous a contender .... 3-1
-- SCORE BREAKS OFt a curve 9-Tuta A. Yeaza 112 -Unually getsleft .......... 5-1
like Tommy Bridges, who stuck -
out in that department for the
iTigers some years back. It is an 4th Race "G" Natives % Fgs. Purse 5275.00 P; Closes ':29
though the ball dripped off the QUINIELA
end of a table and he continually 1-Sher
gets a piece of the plate with it. 1-8hrry Time A. VAsquez 118-Ran well last week ..... 3-2
"I liked the way he did not let 2-Regia J. Phillips 110 -Nothing in months ......10-1
up when behind the batter," said 3-Don Pitin E. Ortega 115 -Racing to top form ..... 3-1
uStengel. "I I had him, I'd pitch 4-Panchita M. Icaza 108 -Could score in upset ...... 5-1
him every half-hour." 5-Don Jaime B. Aguirre 113 -Dangerous in mud ...... 3-1
6---(Jai Alal F. Rose 115 -Ran well in sprint ........ 2-1
"I hit agast Turley for a year 7-(Bull flea G. 8Anchez 116 -Depends on start ....... 2-1
-i.. and a half," remarked Irv Noren, 9 -
S"and he is faster than Score in
my opinion. But I should talk a. 5th Race "F" Natives 7 Fgs. Purse $375.00 Pool Closes 2:55
bout Score, when I didn't even 1-Rina Rol F. Rose 117 -Hard to beat here......2-1
ii i I .__ *"~~~~~~~~~~ee thebell"nd he -took ., atheRoe11 batdtobathr ... -1
see theln.1 a he tohok t" h bat 2-Que Lindo M. Hurl y 113 -Improving steadily ......25-1
S. completely out of my hands." 3-Winsaba A. Valdivia 116 -Rates fair chance ........ 5-1
Someone asked if Score was as 4--Moon Fighter R. VAaq. 115 -Better each time out ..EVEN
n5fast as Karl Spooner, the Dodg- -ierra Velluda C. Lino 110 -Would pay off here ....,.20-1
fra' st at parSpeomone.rteodg- 3 -Golden Fan A. Visq. 113 -Improving slowly .,,...... 4-1

The demand is for er' southpaw phenomenon. 7-Bagdad B. Baeza x --Lightweight could elp ..10-1
"Faster," said a National Leag-
SO R S E uer, "but Spooner has one thing i 6th. Race "" 1st Imp. 7 Fgs. Purse 400. Pool Cloes 3:35
HwIT ELAOnchange sHe thesoneofastoafinestiFirst Race of the Double
change-ups off the fast bll that
".. ,I ever saw." --Copadora F. Godoy 105x -Seems In-and-outer.......15-1
iO COur @ .a 2-Fairlyable R. Vsquez 113 -Should score off last .... EVEN
Of c r m ",Score rarely uses a change- 3-.ranero C. Ruiz 115 -Ready for payoff ........ 3-1
utp," said Al ot z. 4-.Saluatio E. Gastell 113 -Back in best form ....... 2-1
nrgrneare qualities "He doesn't ave to," s a Id 5-Devon Maiden J. Bravo 112 -Disappointed in last ..... 4-1
eSmoothnessflavour8r -Bill DeWitt, the Yankees' assist- 6---Pompillo R. 06mez 115 -Best chance in mud ..... 3-1
s audge of this a&ant general manager.
well understood by the true
spr So. v YOU tried it? s"When Herb Score Is pitching 7th. Race "H" 1st Imp. -.7 Fgs p. Purse 5400.00 Pool Close 4:05
.otchWhisky IIave y trie he did against us, the wicket Second Race of the Double
speb ,SC, Is in the wrong place."
Inth wonpac." 1-Phino J. Bravo 118 -Long overdue ............ 2-1
"i i. ... C & P2na. i-The Bouche H.. Reyes 113 -Returns from layoff ......10-1
i a10u M PaC- mP Ca .i Tallahassee (NEA) F I orida 3-Turf Lodge A. .Yeaza 116 -Could be winner here .... 5-1
State wra d up two national 4-Chingrl A. Visques 115 -Quit badly in return ..._ 4-1t
itIihampionsips in as many weeks. 5-Remero R. Vtsquez 118 -Dangerous contender .... 3-1
The gymnastics team won the 6-Cruzada B. Aguirre 116 -Should be close to ...... 3-1
AAU crown, the volleyball squad 7-Cadrino M. Zeballos 115 -Quits at first challenge ..30-1
the NCAA. I '8-Dainty Duches M. Ycza 110 -Radin vtn ton fnom -1 I


91 % STRONGElr


Also see the
with b .t'ed "S, I- '

O T To P 43 4 A


"- -'. .. -

"- -.

8th Race "H" 2nd Imp. 7 FEs.

1-After Me 0. SAnchez
2-Encachada J. Bravo
3-Distinto A. Visaouez
4-Irish Profit B. Aguirre
5---Eric R. Vasquez
6-Pale Face M. Hurley
7-Bright Blade G. GraeI

113 -Looked good' winning .... 3-1
113 -Could score again ...... 3-1
113 -Will fight It out .......... 4-1
116 -Dangerous contender .... 3-1
115 -Form Indicates .......... -2
110 --Must go lower ..........15--1
118 -Has shown nothing ...... 10-1

'9th Race "G" Imp. 1 Mile Purse $450.00 Pool Closes 5:13
1-Hurlecano F. Rose 110 -Poor effort in last ......30-1
2-Lifeboat H. Reyes 113 -Returns from layoff ..... 15-1
3-C. Prince A. Gonzalez 102x -Nothing to recommend .25-1
4-Bar One J. Bravo 113 -Rates fair chance ........ 4-1
5-Tilama 0. Sanchez 112 -Distance suit style ...... 3-1
6-0. Dame II B. Aguirre 115 -Has outside chance ...... 3-1
7-Albatrosa A. Ycaza 115 -Rates much the best .... 1-2
8-Valley River R. Vasquez 115 -Returns from layoff ....20-1

10th lRea "D" Imp. 7 Fga. Ps M gaSM. Pool Cloes B5:1

I,-Esortal C. Ruiz 116
S-Blly Spruce R. VAsq. 115
-.Fol J. Bravo 116
-Pt aovcb Agulrre 118
--Begoala M. Yeasa 110

-Loses clam ones .......... 2-1
--C4 e o m in ......... -1
-tpawifo-i.......... 3-1
lauS& oot ........... 5-1

. t I Rae Natives'- Ip.

I ili e M lna R. l07x -es a
Cadogan 113 -Coi1
E. Dario 110 &
gra 116
j A. lu

der way within a

the r iugi gf1th$o00O-
sic for the track mt"
Slted to dispute the *sraor
share of the .une are Eseaorial
Sally Spruce, 701 PosiMoI*ad
been foring well recetly.
Sally Srce was an im ve
upset winner last weekaL
lost a close decision to unpredict.
able Xisoe- with Begoal. whirl
up third in the sams rcg. ol
returns from a well deserved rest
but Poatinovich has been running
well in a higher brisket-sad has
just been dropped in lass.
Blas Agulrre, who rode ZEsco-
riql last week, will be aboard Po-
tinovch tbl. time While Conep-
cion Rulz replaces him aboard the
Luis Faruqae star. Ruben Vas-
ques wil gude Sally Spruce, Paco
Bravo ha the le up oa l and
Manuel Ycast wvlrm teIn Bomo'a
saddle. .'
This race has all the makings
of a thriller from start to finish.
However, as has happened so of-

f' l


1-Alabardsa _

-JIAsw (e)
i yasrSe :,

II-8keeols N




PUTTING ON LITTLE WORD after another and V
became of the dog-eqt-dos race they were gAloig tS
National League ts-year? Not that there Is any coMi
a fastidious gourmet, It was a revolting thought, .0lyMW
Richard Tufts, more formally Known as Mr. Pnehur
Ia to be the next president of the U80A.- Ifluential W
alunia will press Ivy League presidents to rescindthe
seniors. playing in the annual East-West footbal a *
that never made any sense to blgin with, i nesU .V
pcat-seafsn game that is completely nooanterctl. 'U
such a thing as carrying virtue to rldculous legftht. C
imalte what a dull dame Caesar's te msut have bep.'
-, -" r; -, .. i
-1'4j --i,-vim fi,1,v-WNW
anonymous: "dI a sena..-J r ietWat .ts
(Bob l poxW's a Mtermand WMas z tr a
fishLhicorre However0thee was raS lty
weight (16%a) for .bi aght w It: Je .tB
had no rsp eot ftr Vali ability and eje "s e
more continued Flahety would be that the eli guyrt
in at 175 and be ste. more ital factor wsbk'
who, conned Flaherty t believing Olson uas a bres
price. To make It le o d, Keamn told everybody a
Olson couldn't miss and ven went through the umoetlS4
ting him. Naturally the old doctor had a nglen: H we
with a nice piece of kMN."










"In fact," the doctor added, "while ,il terty was pge.ntit"
his version of Olson's condition, the fighter was 4onnlng-Ms
street clothes and preparing to leave the Polo Orounde." TIt
appears that if anyone was in a state f shabock t .a. N l ,
Our boxing writers will know how to deal with him in th tfture.

It is a pleasure to report that the Brooklyn's pl a a
new ball park are composed of materials much m .re ao
than the habitually used to eroct air castles. In
nothing ball, with which he baffles all muaole, the
nothinR ball, with which he baffles all m.usle, the l
Ity to go to hisa right. never outstanding, has lests ijI
ahl>. a eircumstanet which addi nothing to. tlsta
the Gianta' defense. O) one club In the ML bam Ma4
errors then the Giants 66j the tailed Pirates' total b _77.
is shaping up as the meot grievous ener of all de netow
the figures. The Giants' decision to stand pat -n a ie al.
had too few high cards.

THE SEP PAID $25,000 for Babe Didrickson's life storyy,
other testimonial to the circulation value of matter over
How about calling Jack FlEck. "The M en o1 m Par?",
It Bill Melhor, who used to be a topflighter in the
era, says the present day golfer carries twice a man? As
needs. Welcome to the lodge, brother. Willie
A&:aro of the West, was flyweight wrestling champ in
in -ase anybody should happen to ask you. And pleal oi-
xet to mention you read It here first.

Our new boxing emlde, Julls Helfad, flds blmtig R
quandary. The Mr alw-Moeft hig ha ab M s
potential since the a -lar pgate day Cl
stdely after it. If the rtng i esatrested bymvb M
ems to think, ItleglOsay fellows they'll, have a
arademise interest Ina th s ebe.i Ti ee,-. a lqlg r
ermbader, the gentleman must bow to l y Chate .
smuas-ish about sNch things Iide* It would see,a

the juat of which is th New Yrk is be a
of boxIng. On the atem coMu"cal In tag -
fleht stsmI W I-lefthb l-s
-4". etc"e tolat ; ".-a t


agsiftIsh ......,. 4-1 I
Agfbs I.......... 5-1

m;e A ,,h.; u .I

. ... .r.-?.. ;
" r *.:' -* -,, 4.|


Tot awl T"a
*or ati Ihef
n-ty* le-B




O C ,

THERE ALSO WAS A CALL from Dr. Samuel Sheralit,-4
tinguished in Ban Francisco medical circles, a boxa g z et*
wh,. serves as Olson's personal physIlcn. Nonews ma n M
to see Olaon after the fight. flaherty expla oed: f.S h
says he is in a state of shock and must be prpteeted
public." The doctor wants It known he said nothing of
and that aside from emotional distress, due to failure, w
all tight.





* II

:,wafi -


aso P

....... WM .. .. M n n.... .. Q -A


lmdf ..I'M. I
i'owtt .,,o.. oet i 7 $,

MW ..o.N. 0p 200 .8 i0

,roAd-Ek (8-) and HAS-".

Oaly Kgames Seduld.

Ih Wins- Again; Two Games

jt Tap Tonigjt At Margarita

" .l rr, on. Inh row, 6 to 4 .w
fe is *nC tet o the uUai
1 sport "ine-up Oer th e t.
3. i fgor owams drop-

vim n l, 1
S ports 4 .2313 vrw s SpoJt. for t he cela.tpt.
o, or... .... fiml luon M.., w.els.. lanky

s" m Fis p M Ots-o ager trlooh A oucflc4 Sw
0- o'," z .ola 1 nobr e d,f lt. ..i rusn-
r. s ..l Sa le Irt wekn net. l 1-.3a o
Uaavesv Spots ip awg3sp =

-s &- S e n s. .
tol l Pawelslo their n stat e
111 jdalls t Jelr r" ,:.....a :. s6 8 S,
S qt ^ whl stret- flMoor in the .... gam.......e.
S1 ,to'nttyASni eira .t ..ytnO, coverIn-

," to l as ............ 0 O4
Ffhr"s~! opn9. rom a shkk ......... me 4 Gb

l -SD- ADE. B 2r nte. ....... a .....rouh t W t
i at n esf h w tard i.. f............ 4 oIt 1amon

5Ea fi f"t imseeutEvS 06 4ee l,'provem4 la w
nSB ofnel -attie aGold Coasto leos habfnJhS a5

a i t"Ia I a90 1 aityes .s........ .
.B8 e 38 W4 &Gtat.. ......... 0 4*
26 rf38 7 6'oaoc *mB, from
S l atM 0 a~~y t ......... pot ta t, l 1W
Si nt s a rough .............. e to
O.t43 doft- ftfo tlt 19505 tmpl. onsp.
S Jmyt Bal who netted 20 Th ba1Oj jov

a m M- f who o I th e l b ............ 2 a a 1

,b debut dY. Per 4............. 4 11
T point t o er 0 Noel ........ 2 6 2 10
f w ,ithS gnst ..Navy Taroulos .......... 3 0 0
That department for er.......0 0 3 0
.......Ricter .......... 9 41
Sp reak L Strea k Trout .............. 1 3 1
t-+ae1 .loing s.treak that -
tutauiedUnIvCJ Sports in 27 223 77
eht ad power lost their Naval Itation
Alea ........... 7 2 5 1
SUE aaira Rlngrdt ....... 0 0 4 0

Sne A e LEADRS Farnet ............1I0o s5t
rFuss Ward. ...........w. 4 2 01

"wManning .........Y 21
ou Am1 Sil ol, Carl ...... 3 101
AS Tr h~ >MOMw .............. 3 0
P3 963 -&U, John ....... 1 0 2 2
(6024433 73450 Conoer .......... 6 113
22097 1 10310 ayes .............. i a 2
1* m ctE ................ 0

Aj MILnMIL 71 H096 Yo Ruye ............ 7 4 3 21
S 3 933 2Morri ......... 41
Smith, Dudley ...... g
S..................... 2 2 2t

v- ^ 0de15 .20 14 10 54

40 e .. ........ Ja Im u 11J U i n

TIE. ft, ...... 63 NEW YORK. J* 1 (Up) -
____ w .. plain toay ht eWd ert.^

! ^r .... 7 ..4 T T I
.. .. .. i .- .... : .- ..-
-,^'' ^- *'.. *".-. -'-' .' + -'z' ... .." : '.
"-m ,,, + 'l"" .. ". .+ .. "" ";++"" ":" i:+ + "'..-'

" -% --
Hr^ ._, ...c


SBunule .... 2 44 .
Richmond .. 27 48 .

Columbus 000200100-
Toronto __ 200,10L-

417 17
.389 19
360 21

tatu boy some of h. gaff in
andila, Ohi0o. at the Grand
merca Trap Tournament.
We will min his weekly chat-
or, but wish him luck at the
Irand. Windy will not be lone-
ome for lack of Canal Zone
'maPO, because Windy will
ot be lfeaonme for lack of Ca-
al Zohe company, because sev-
ral of the bet shooters from
fb o anr going to the Touows.
Shares for Wednesday follow:
k-et (M Targets) T

/ Vr

Wu In thi league.-I
The Hawkeyes could not shakV
ff a bad 2nod and 3rd quarter
Which saw them, pick up only
points in 16 minutes of tYayOn
the other hand the wi cat of.
fenstw was steady and ploked
up tead in every quarta.
Next Tuesday 'night the Wol-
verines meet the twice beaten
WMUdat in the oper at 9.00
p-m. and the undefeated -
_s menm the Hsawbye. in

rVW vper C..
I '- -




T S clfle. I .1 .167

uped If it uhld win the VttKobbe vs. Navy Pacific at
amn to he in 10th. CoIit (7:30).
On occasion the er Alrook A0B at Coco golo
W-re ft id (7:10).
t th thre Albrook Air Force Base burst
Din 16iCd 3-4 ae a Into taourth place In the Panama
AMUo aad. it n 3t Area Armed as -Lagu 1 A -
Owl o, a- 9onISeIa fa ttbM ehalc uss Ih=t a rew.i .
Vi_ .at% ..I"SrS ever.
a t e opening ef the second rged r
efr a Mr btr shod sed-place Fort
Iank" bROY Ca&oft td ayton bt the Tri- r
Sere k r9" o ,, rmy ,. ..I v w w.. "-...- ,-- .
I h a illso it er-iues thri tller sda Charle te the league

upatos 3rsie ol yen r brokre- mltan t......he .. Wt horC
Afit fer'lDo Wld1bN o asvslt. C "e..

b itb d b jl.Jtim. d P e$,1 bi1igLcAvera1.-_ewI
-- it fsp WIsm ke f wi s o -ro t welveh ,om ft to-. hi c-

i f lt a S fu w r ltrln r s fale -te r
hte wal ehlt- while T r s0res se
fl0 0 rib t I o it A rOd4j4" EuI H o
wlsh eaetrneif ut trSh aoRoaCt*i db. ast asiahii
Cr, on e.ond and o f omwit inhd.50 t, **, o hi,, Lg u.
eany delivery diwtasee hofr Ri-
gae inCpiwen-ahitte r n f e aorn SayCavaliers had 41 ---
hubaboun-ing ..-ls-er boflelty odercomins the oTrhoopers.I WolverInes p1 t
h middle. J verne Jesaen toed In 24 int t ft pt t
The victory wa especially iw -. Lrrsy Davis had T1O3. .wo.e e .............5 1 111
nfleant because of the eu'li Ma., Conoe Coleman and Lur- Gauowy ........... 6E 1 0o
of the Bss olyn benh,u -on d rowr wa u re dhS fbom oath iE Mre nh ............. 0 0 0 0
rIomo th after walker agit line a it. Column h, f d 1 Bariter ............. i 0
hoe plati ad bhu. eerhar l e n As wrltId t z e .............. 4. 0 3 4

on0pMeaJhwbafrorntdlfor ee.a Total* 12 2
now are a I 0"rt Ward and Norb 3e 1
meaddleC.ud eaing' 'ltothe efrach. rn r iod tie at rp ri Wl v 4 0 1 8
adooe oeanattos Alte rian topiteng rf has 250
ril becaus eOfth eho r broug ConneColemaetsforLa 33-26 Cavali
of eteSBeokd Claec*ytponwa Id fron b the burenc ........ ..... 0 80
eomingo fourth afr gane l ter.Sif.lse to nh sClas oe PE3 ter ..........1 0 8
-. .ilj.dIn ao li a t ing f f l ari ............. a 0

r5n h o m er RN O T E. ; ,o-,:Sn -.. *.*. ::.i ,, i s u
hlae n tate l hr tinal huickm l osedt s heap.LDe Mead ............. 0 0 4

pow ,to, o t e n &., _. .ol d .o.. .. 8 3
i0 Chlf.19M a to .:to ISi --,of ,, ............... 3 0 4 9g

oma aku hie the ma rgien. t fv .e Wpaot ,2c n .......... 1 0 1
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W. Trench .......... 1 1 1 3
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Total 10 3 I 33

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i-"o t r i+-- ., to"k ,- ... .. .... +- ..... p icturer of hi: :"T''-" : "I"

+^^^To Iks Pannd Marn e,-.""
TV 1,. A

rNu (right,., Premier of Burma, sym s dan d a 8 ": s se h! ,a a
3 M. .In p

GTON ,. July1 J n stu.ul p o p cP i: po t g a U )f."r ,-.

1'? A m eormer toc erg Com pr oa the Congressional to Te itt t to the eneeie a
u tho date, b ar an tan -er e ht Tr e

UI oteU e S tateiatomicar- He said the group reported In st imtte unfnfaderll y
.5 .6 at the matos end could

the .fielal "laxity and negligence" been made pubiieitio ronsr Dcii CI
here o the very beginning there t s

Sw S. Te e assistant to a what amounted to ab cklist tk pTODAYe of
STHE O TAIN AEssby the scientific fraternity" tor The or outby

J l1PO h t nuclear propulntprog am the JaulyetIre-t( aidi e c T a | 1 CP)

'"ssio. ^"Z ^ "sai N h ew Ministers ,.,,6 ,-,,,H f? agey YI^ a f ^^Sii^B^'
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aurtft sdwenbowe brt' ro The ftmu UhtL S -hCnsytln araaepr ru at*mic Ea o *^^^^ h S^^p~ t|
bA nced bg r which Kren certi wa ,e aa i
sr EoiseEe o r hanhowerh"e

"' t to dete, barring an un- 1 i re th e C b r en r t
S.lo Jm or noteeatlon- st.n t.n r en is Duir. Ther gj S7 .h ep m in r.a 'r"s
l ol eym rcten) wi.b.c to oeI pronls o en ta SBON, July 1 (UP) The -a-dd- for tai u3s a a "e- t-;- a" -

M cell Graham said stitutonal Affi Committee crashed follow-the-leader bah- ment system. s13 Rudesheim. .j
Sthe ad minstran as r ra e s g to aiy bars aontda te te
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, in the year which ended I a is. ..te it hed.atssed 1a ur e
mdnINTt, FiNal 19M l, the red in; GTON.,1 ul 1 -(UP)- study nucea proulio upon

in pools in he etts Institute of Technology to rn uriA third grouthpog of four planes troessroiohenalo iG- S tr r do BuonOmft c qdeU
y f ortmeort -t-o-C8e -- tiooa r op d rtr ayto he plstr tslwms sa tody. fiteo
is yettoc of th e UsnSted SD s in atom iI aiPr- He said s theagroup r epoe I on l p weth tF aim
-one crheafett dtVesovelopime t a of o 1inf- 1 b p roi s h ave nv erso e
f elinteitaower willpropose...'.. .ted ,mr Mu e. w m to, aThe
ellamtbudgetaoarieFsca al ",lxtVISITy ad neg uNuc (riehte Premier of BurmuutheUnouuMu udb th1 g ano"-eWha

har s"Fr om the vuaberyn
and tax Iuts, when he presents tb natlesuyerheetsari

uDa vns S. Tareelde, t istienhower with tas wlver amdinner tonge na d facis .] TL.i

fTr$OU TA ,0eC chairman t hel b s senesft he sfchidrentific frnanterni for1 Thei oy wt
11d'enr to te 13t be 1954 sith nula mbT o, .gg
Neal soLoldeat d I n Burma dur n World Wrs he calls on the Ch
9s1 qr the new year. The ..;.ecut lve at the White House. Lookln l on is Secretary of State ay b b M ,000 men. bmiibm air. 4m
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who set- n mredtasexesi -T oreohd s a n bmarie wanms = ir last "

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to l be-- w mo ngeryeI co.- m',iu, oww th Con mssiontl Ato. LElAmltwl~l t".auuea -o tieoime .aaf. teu
ed0fvatoRussia m aye Y ars.Aendtna1six0 ItaRrsshes a:u iPia ts"00m 1w4th ilthe
inn Pol the Uie Sta the a$59,0 ai. He d e u e 0.000lnt 00 a' re :uTh 0M ex

toraurt dep t slietau a from tO 30-er
ham bet r ifle eaT I nt o icr Il
M-go ernme wnartime ato d bombg Iand oublcer new cab
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-V r ou eel fro whe re suns. meea -m
formertotomic yCo- Vurging t o 'sf meongre miliAto.` eoeantn altAj7 fr fors tao, lt
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crsgivenat8:02a Be asf"ButdItehappentbecausedofit o butets w p n oam h b P er -at oa a
o e it icn an deladr cul t e hin k ngnegl ofg tecentists, sec adepli. rlngh -t l (Uot ny Photo).
flutes lr W so the were theFnuclear.propeled ai-r f egno and Justic e. amor ,&
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,pushed because its atohec plant. i m t e got R0AE e et u
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abet riflef''rlOedlthrou wh Tnlen Icnleaiene guaie r dn andy the nat-P ion's judn n.1 V c ] i
black-cbaped heart I ,e wpea nhInto;ci gessionmcebofitcJ. theetiecandnotrer( ) drA
endid nottomic bomb projlat b Peronswears in four new cabl. ca One Jo the ms0 ILv In anaom and
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I. "W e need an atom c powered a c t t P o s o e a s S N u 1 ) undy eds of mr e" ,
ridlso pfor the exetution the head." he wrop t ht s on the rhal bevu to Of Pt e afy enoneouh.ut. the
csrltuteeolater.fWitbneysesrtoofhheLohr thinhambeosinceeh ndejetioftheeeotuguesemeet te July1idead(U.S.iArmy Photo).lm ws dRA
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gbberarnuvlearcpropell submaerec The portfolioa wve Albrieue
kin__d__andfa e.n ouHe W all e tereactor u ntoa nm i calos wcf e0ontfoleoanthedfederalwpolice,ihhe P0haveheitherbee
%eni andt.ta ue r b oin-thatlvesselwaslA training fronted gendarmerier the marl-atonofthntin'wordapoite ap t orwillTA u
-Atogroun- f orro prototypes of inctlmed refevture and the coast
how thwar which thime A -k.bomb ,.leOdreseNfDarcof
-.been done withothecountry were enamoured." rt thecf&? unauuded TWN,.J.
q ew Ct O sM Th oreiffcalto bAl T t ai ina UaCnB-rImap s e nd h
n dhdanot. e tMheSlg- He said Sthe us' *C setitee upa sfootpeabeganihis politin the fog-a:.Odedoekthat theIni tial i sse 6ofnew CUETh K .-o OF-t
sru erls nmo uth to A congressioalgy tron Radical Party but switchgedhistory was eomplRTtRE tG A mydolnbecaugeofu s for o
toeo"willebe omenral ne&U. -e-tonthe drunkadon e loitere r ski m d o ttnheN, ude o('uP thrToughoutthe Tc.o m mandy Eg tsi. (ic hoI_ E pt a ck ofe: c e first m a ng l or"
yestNer l by .aar.ouassinanden er teh is uee n lg Oe-ta tairbaeig3t Amiersoutside recw 14 se vts ew spis t T d w n .

| ..; +transposition o- o ifomat fod b Prme Mit o
ll yina onlE r Nehru Becomes Uit personnel offices frontier with the gyptian hldI t walkt
ThEplants, were flyinglIn three wdkwis interviewed to insure In Jerusalep.thelIuraeli i- rI" 0

oowrary mad e onthe target ter eat

juvenile ent. Dtavy Crockett OBl formaode ot tlihatd beisdn e
OIlaaZ idR S.Ar oufour planesleach, the eIforcelPrionrdaer c ingdt Hereorg eua- to vfdeneT vo teDe t iobeasr-1
- p. ) -' s"J, "sa i svalbouo law; an > a Ida ra Mne a trwef ng ition of o lI d information beoD ent formed by Prem.ier M ie k urn
-theud ory at hackwwasiMade onto new cc ordan ath new goe-m s oe "'"

S" t" Nehru o Begradcomes toa. Mn grad e e est Tablished and te s cut.sip ".
Of4BelgradeoOrden-0 the rears I

-.-: -&&-l 4t"h vote
eMa midtthe mil Dak .1-C all Zt'a in he -oma The Pre r wm 4

- .-. ..- --.+ *&.
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