The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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F fd saturday ata of this WASHINGTON, Ju 30 ( 1ts (UP)- Honoman uses the term "strai battAvg th-e la .i W U..
w -.* ," m.-.. Re p ans on the House Ways ing f reach oeo aid AS The Sadm tion is some- c information" to cover the ,, ome a
of initial' offer an an Committee yesterday 3. A etay disabled or Dimlmeile f AN.Ar Gen. Fr l tLtCerO thing neww in.ts effort to hi bck 'gray ar" of data which
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t-_- ha --chairman Jere .r (D-Tenn.)- issue ee ll R ArE .) commands formy to guided" in- carry oqt their Jobs.
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er w~w t t to the oor thrae emocratic- leml of D I Meanwhile, Lucerh.s command of the f1rees r and other q inquiries. Army come out with lprees. uar Ho unit mi Tr
for ticket ht. to 10 m. sponsored chaes in the social of A Re (R-Y esaon wheh included all arinavy, air reaction may determine whether for "straegic inforatn." Bu- Van Soal esca
and al sw.. er le- security law r aronly three days wa b at. 30 GOP coi s--o ootie* -ice lritiel.l other federal agencies adopt the neas and trade journals fear the eminent rage a
phoe i 3-.410 of closed door hearings. Thehea. mittee me except Nee e, a practice. upshot may be a blackout on tech- numberV hi top a
ings start tomorrow.- Reed it-now I Rome recovering td ral and state police troops ann unced The forms are called 'balance ical information. fighti a rs da mt
.. The Repubiean served notice'from a heart attack ._ sheets for strategic Inforamtio .," ... sa r
.i th tend to insist on public The Republicans nod that at Mh marines and Naval air force troops the by using a series of heck marks
U s demand that the lir this year the Democrats ap- only ones involved in the short-lived revolt and satinform on elrs are upposed tWlger Penaml .am o
h com i ttee consider hanpes in the proved a Ua or tax bill, to grant '- ---- to be able toidecided for the m- ,. In
tlaw opoed by the Eisenhower a $20 reduction to each taxpayer, otoer naval forces remained loyal.o selves whether the requested Infor. B e
a l.c edmstration. d so without public hearings. mation would "help" or "harm" 'lI ality who baa v I
iThey als challenged the Demo- Continued reliance on thi pro. The comn e, issued eay Earlier, Luceros command ad interestshis flow black ..
S rats' sincerity ando indieatedthe oedure can only bring our commit Monday, aida those unitI.sued another omam ee y in reach his decision, theu m- .. a. ...... to
believe the three revilons could tee system itto disrepute," they vlvWed in t revolt' d beCe0Jing there were the formation officer isio told to i inifu- control oo to
the entire. lM securi-laid. "dissolved" and their member s situation was returning to orma.such factors as the "net ffect" nits operating a campaigng
NEWI. (UP)- te-m. T -aid congressional co m- handed over, to the military just. It was officially announced to of publication of the inormamon ST. n ,m June 20 (UP) agast Daem's r
West Germf Ch or Kon- a commitee Democrats de. mi were .t.up.din art le, that commercial airlines were o mi ay pona* industrial w -Mog reducer Walter Wangir,
despo z'or rooucer alter W nn g ,
.nAden had full agree- .d to sponsor three major perm the American ple to airoIt said $5 officers, 84 non-tom- authorized to resume rn. er, military morale and "otn r who ed a jail sentence for
A t I i' w 1 w er era changes in the lay last week later their views on legisa2t, and add miasaoned officers and 49 prlv- Buenos Aires and that the Argen- trt an ahooting an actor's agent over the
30o h_ O.,p consulting with Speaker Sam Ray- ed: ates of the Marine Corps parti- tine state airlines wll resume Inormation officers said t ha t affecting ofas rwife,actress Joa I I .
tew n.xt ,t X Uburn and other House party lead- "The constant practice of reduc- ci ted In the revolt ternationai flights tomorrow. ta kenierally the prm w uld Bennet the NaUtonal Proba-
tradei tanss r s Ing the pulei such anoppotunity Ialso Ulite4 2 planes, five The communique said all ru ae Im to aly no to tLe ,,m t to ann Parole Assn. tonight that
own careul y stated precondl- '0' A a would: to bebheard constitute a iberplats ane d 11 transport mors of a marc .of army units majority of requests for iWorma. this antry's penal system,, a rK -
tions. 1. Low 65 to 62 the age sion of the committee system and I- air base on Buenos Aires, attacks by or t yon just to be on the sife ide. "jungle of human disgrace." .
si e0' S o t whcha may receive re- makes a mockery of our leia Wmtree front against the fleet or ntion just toe tse rangl of noraion In a spech at the oi ses-
Thtebhi erum b, Z of*X1 I ln They saii rasof information Inaeitseich at the 9 ng Aes- I
it. "Vlrement Ulm tev tr tons, av a eror of y that would "help" Russia or any ion f the association confer
Vrance gaVf jtf 1roval 8. Allow nently and ttal- "It ilult to ap the con- aothp n is almost limitless. ce, held in conjution with
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gtrea r Ion ePre _1y._i______ Itodrwelusion ad Ia thegisfasion whi nst TI E "biflance sheets" were pro. Central States Corrections A ssn he wia
two d ay .tra s p sted phalon I nhbn w w r re t avpared by the C0111e11ees leav Depart. and the 01 Minneso fa Probation id
.. .. hones tly and sincerely conceived." meat's Office of Sagilq Infor Parole Assn. We u mdeels are" nr ea
tfr I rsot A fohe tai as 4eicraaaice sn pro- mao fobrmeerly headedby the r at io' a biga len
.E,. ho IAit Vi o- and women Karl o* oman hand in hel AOi e the penal tei s f i o arm alniost
r n enevul 18 7rya'r retirement will cost between Honomanwas named as an ast problem. th ent o arretord and
urh 8ea o T s t t s dns srear t "From the moment of arre n
-Bsu a a d t 1 mandm billitondollrs a year. sstnt de e r the citizen who s amended is t wi the CO Unite cute
haaryi oladpoflaThey said thms ir m us month and givn the job o tiht -

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S m reo te a come out of thTe w *n social se1 en ig up on the release of mifta- abused and degraded,"r a rer
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o n d PO. m y m e a- H r A. P ne w o A so wr ah f the e y and s l en behavior rh
Storn d o dark agI s." onew ars thand. .
tohono =n OA.ronPm mr -ek a S h Arrested anvI ren in th e r e sa.
San an ae r The slvereond c eersTen- a i r er buyer who p ieks out
a o a ,d tenant no estiga lion o the 'accidentA RK, N t. oun 1 ( ) Senior Girl cots om troop s served three months an n I f dealer mggh i be able o
, e t n g. .W A K J.. .. .. .o n th e A tla tic an d rac ific sid e da in ja il In fo r sh o o tin g l s m e o f te
navi Bulet, Mlnter which occurred at 1 h0 was also Ezra Stone,( wIo eho ie ned fa me etie n aloe- a n th ea re
wt V v.chesb'e tOr. set for today b o m y Afrport captain of--ln"h. "e of. the Isthmus met in Baboa a enn Lan i n the period now
N o meet igA western et ta y b o radio' asqueaky sceod wHe anrY' enty for a "a r sessions o. w il ang L batted ith Mis oen- and the introduction Qf eW
M.nT stersmwlt. t erbl d he ship carries acarego oof 10- wife today when he refused to t beating as program ne In a ar ll er r
eoec 00r tons of lumber. She is en route leta railroad conducto i ng a s promgho th t rthadit r stet. ptoa.s sat
Natilo' t. o South Africa from British Co- his ticket because the train was heid yr the canal h tZ e hI b ad bale tghe ht r abot cs
bartlon, s tO m-ke .,l "ar- umibia. Payne and War daw are ate a h eld by the CanZone Councs r.
" nations this summer. d and. rlyt brought by the new wtha otr
rangementa for the enevs ea- local agents for the ship They appeared beforeMagis- Singing games. folk ancesan But her price are epet to
IonI mon Pread ent lsn trat to Harrer ty A. Pine who post- T e he e of a nn n sthe i
ver, Brst.l- P ime to if a nn a im s r non as e eed their hearing for ovnsongsw ere't aughtvt hese nor saye b cpre c -p.b *WW
thonv daen, nenl r yemler o week at the r atto|rney' scenes. P re3 ueWMrs. Wesley Townsend, CouncilW I lect e models are ntroduaed.
qr l ePuror a ind let ,eg Pner v ewVe 7 'tle' .r rwd ofanb d r eleased them In $50 bail. o Nt S UtUY A rebel Argentine pl resident, Mrs. James Whitm or e, e Wfol ed ne a

e koi v s ula .- "Ivesg Stone and his wife were m e-n dot hraytoeenavaleddo cersoeaeasplshed atahirport In Montee- sPoand Mrs. Jack Peterson, exect- Concrete Ton tnthe asonrot a
. b' tdi nthi a pl e turning from a business trip to video, U guay, after they fle d from Argentina. irte-six planes t irl tomr b ei ro p ued o
o. tom AlePili pp"i rneNewlor thl i mornng, landed InrUrnugoay carrying 2a0 offlicerswho led the uprising under e leadership, ofMl.l oydO .Slat pe fe la. rm tes man w.l
i l l oed er ap l aid la t""hetrain war45 minuteslate, against Argentine President Juan eron. Ann Wi their, entertained tn he I r Ugineeri-ng at C ore la u ices o1 wol
et i v daa The a l "A o o ao o h ll t tonNe said, "so I rmerelyb ytold theI r the r ownmn- t Geily t o the reesoroaen t hm er fa o
hoTou rP eH 1h A Si_ .. o erA (,t o odu qude uld eea d 1va ae s ee gto ole antic side a T oan informal lunch, oratory fi aort rso loes and m adMineal dre tag
tP pTttr r OIbuied0() neat 45 minutes late." bRn Ien l Scoutsests from the At- a r the diretor of ates is Inrc es n w
Mco e ier- Aiipta_. tone, h ee Rev utin res eIntu... following the training.l. tofle. a.,
e ---r sabane bLl t7,year-old retired fntena rn e a Son e. 37, who ownsn a iry .Former Senior Girl Scouts have nlversity on the nharde iuung o om- rle dtharc r t. d f Ae ,
i ,tdro e e C an o "- tJ h e j uman p arachute d C l,5 fee t yester- a un rra t Nl ew tonrPo es. m o at a ihner es le ied r s e n lhe r i iei bn a d i f t nhe a rt ein t er ested h s cr ete. m o e dai afl" 'o
sm -'n n ai o toprove "70 Isn't too old." free-lance radio and television declare sT hatsei rl s their ttghf Te ea a
Srebn pmsJ c k cer added, "The public r ,. -nab fon. i -ode r a ed e oer.thBt t
INSIDE 20 (UP)-A ne acre of grass yesterday to let in damned attitude of the Pe s MONTEVIDEO June 20 (UP)- face appearance of calm and nor- contact Mrs. Walther, at Balboa'D~iav lnUWIanI ny try tob, th c
wave o iJ unea, r asblas on ad d to his feet and b umsedd him-t touanrs ofsi commuters ime lOfficersng anw5 said w oergontina d 2e w he irdt Brownie Girl Scout campswrll avasher price
bomlbips s*l. .h .Northtiself off after he touched ground. myself, and if we protest we get lowing lasight t week's revolution said (There was, e ad no ev held June 27-July 1 at Frt a or a i prie haven't awa
fi lH w t et.overnment Of President Juan D. other centers of the Ctl yton ad July 5 9 at Fort Gu- II I i
Africa Ye t while the gy- He waved to the crowd of about arrested-oa tha tyton the figh tnagant he o b Ieas (in the Plaza rde tly M ayoIbeifollowedonew wagehoe-
emLent in repa an ur 400 spectators and said he hoped This n ap ens .all h timet, t rentheofri. "Indstry oD
gent tp-level shaup Moro "this proves a man don't have to and t's no oke. saiStone eron is continuing. rule by bayonet which had been lick.e
co be toss in the discard" pile whohas a commutationtlcketr Diplomatic sources here said Pe- reported by sources outside A. -Bt C.lle 1teues TaS etl ho
Reporfrompre he for daily trips to New York. on may toppled from power gsentina .) I A story hour for the younger trat V ymmI po rved rdc t i
il .or ComAl Philiw foetr he reaches 70." h w ,e I Whn .h tr ..ple in I the wa.oret naval revolt. The Argentine air and naval o- children at Fort Gi will O WEST PALM BEACH, Fl., whie h trim other
rorist tive durengbSawedt s toea iaalonhails tomorrow in Newarkne iwas nsurroune Dploma rves here oex- ficers interned here after fleeing conducted by member e June 20 (UP)-A Apastor uamed as ibut pr O la
hours with five persna wou0dedP oe of ettin a job "aintin by the conductor, several train- pressed- the that the evi- Argentina issued their Own c -1termediate Girl Cant Troop on the middleman" for any r a n o al genera were mlr
at Phlppevh, agitators .a-tal builin" men and alroad patrolman dence avits dicates G e n.munique today to score of news- post. Girl from Troop No. ill notes made a pulpit appeal yester- ts. Wt te ew W
rested at Algiers,. and a Moroccan He made his jump from a Pi- John Philli.. Phillips grab- Franklin Luerco (as chief of the men concentrated here. Ite favorite stoIes day for information that might eonrac i e
butcher slashed by a razor-wield- rtabedton also his wife, "Forces of Repression") eithe It said "in view of the aets anachilren at the post library olsolve the baffling disalearane aPpear msevte a.
bugtherroit at Casablanca. ed bou. 2Cub at ile e Atio rewhen e r oest had or shortly-may seize the rainsithe present situation.. we de-oThursday mornings from9!0 a.m.of a wealthy Judge andv his wife. d a oe s
Ingterrorist at Casablansa. i hut 0 miles nortea e theaP htes .s of power in hitp campaign to re-lre tart unt -1130 p.m.,eng on y I The Rev. Harry 4. Wailler of the t M di tl
STerrors c pumped ix i tet sClpt had planned to makert to Newark poliTe who oertdstore order. "1". We acted without obeying a-.16. prGirl Scouts are doing th s Fisrat Methodist Church interrupt-i c. z ..wh Wa .r
small town-iof erknwhile oth.jfltst, was ca because hisem on charges of creating a "The revolt onary leaders issued ny political party, inspired only'*ojIct connection with, .ohI.ed his sermon o ask If anyone
npear Casablana~..ditlons prevented the second ry l oi i an d hri s fe. e'rhad confidence 'In thetriumph of "2 Wnt kyfirst te i nmce..nd Mrs. C. Ei. qwcie cwors h, W hoi'toryteler
1hcabintsenc- last Sunday. oereomaid he=chosetheteltatroesnfbncmaes0 r tp ld Prey i the troopv8and frm their oceanfront .

w n f u d M a~ t t o f Z w o e s a a t r.nd a h r~D P o re s d p r e s e n tl y s f re ie v~ u sly nt m in o r I nu'Nm s w iI T h e s h e r if f s a id h is m e n a r e ma- ju s tic e m. ... .

able, Tka i -.tUe .WT" were o 7d u nti t lesperave a er ses- ern
do"a a" at fIN Na^vall^As head of the "Forces of IRe- th .e .&scottager
^ fi" madnury Weida by i. __,.Barhio ad si n Tt a c __ .5E.. .toIo
at R W ia ity. He p a" Altman amoso ing court. 1lwere only parti- pression" charged with restoring s m h e bs el i. i
30 S iee to 3( Sy l Cal Divislon h week's abortive re- and malanneI=..teeintaining order he pA the combmahesbenld
1 l &. a IM.a i, ti M al _i oI commands have rently has beenvet with a I- cptltor ull h te 'i tice o wu
*inn a ary nonbe.noon gis lved in ebat-'la ee sttotalPopedifhbeloose bhoeachm t o sestao
1517* X- fp e dhsee L h a$ Indst lb mu' iuseae11gto oAst G de ri gt Ail onlbe t a c h Is r .t e hl o i *as e
-i,,m,. -2 -in= .i U^s the Thum an H. Bane a U M 'own
bies dId n"r eot ,ifosw1 by tr ~. the lnsm aeaW bormata
t. Caa l,.la s. ts t ridtafter-8e Cn 1 C eTse, mgo
tig mrnoG. G. noon. --iu W &,i .-,

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ANA XAt!--u .e Ar LA0n0 .Tense..... .

' .OLON OPricli 12|.|1 Crnal.. AvENUE IETWEEN 12TH AND 13TM aTT 't'

.oPrNEdnBmy rkey.M ItN NOUNrVoLL Id3 1520N

O S ArState De an Acheson was late for. e M e own hepublan rot ofr ecr t
Sdinn ate apartent of former po

I." L'- .i- to Aehesonts office a llvteplated I. Knowlando Would pipe#down'he was run#i wtbelr
S whistle from Baarkley witn me oa his ett. or not and be ato l the
Vice President Barkle y. te that h as fr ndwo fto hiown cm
Acheson explainedthatsincehe r is concerned, e o p
dno longer had the use of the s eStateto e er phquil Heb .e don
Department's limousine, he had to .-A l oAt a recent off-th record lunc h-
rely on cabs. But, he taid, he 0= 1it I mexthrws q' C
couldn't whistle laud enquga to A' u an bident 4dot onl dl ea. -
MOVIES TV RADIO attract them and as a result was r. needled his ow Republican from ailant o e-record talks wi
KtGcontinually late or appointments. alifornia, but posed as ther okes old grinds i. Wash the e

-g hi Republicns kept on wiping *hi-o, whorecently re* I Hed as
een yand e in kin Leons l abo o n onve The next wday there was delivered f man for. Ike, and gave advice th ao a tHe tler a
to Acheson's office a silvierplated KnowlanW'0oUd havto pipe down he was r g er eIke rat
s ,s on o olewhistle from Barkley witn the on heAi aet tdd ers w he n o muntdi re. oh airn Cam.
NEA Staff Correspondent failed to reach the reconciliation'message that here was the solution He ated that whether. o ni ke ra n o o
.and pLo isDho: h ooe wiI Acneson uses itol allethe time, with desire to lead a more tranqu en opa .mana e will be
Its television joining the Legion of Gregory Ratoff got cold feet excellent results. home life but on whether or noh
S Decency and even Pinky Lee, I about those sizzling love scenes i n high Republicans kept on n iit aypi t hen fCarmo the pemocrae i a
S guess, is frownhig on v violence in "Abdullah The Great" and is re- The easiest way to cause a riot at lhime re nt oc r thiman frteera te
e movies shooting them in London. U. S in capital eating circles s to serveThe President wonders whan
censors were ready to make shred: At'"e U Cawoerries. loiowing tradi- his own party leaUlers keep oppo- Butler, who s thceeded him, will
BB-TV Hollywood cenorEdd wheat of that hot ce th e ritish embassy offered g h --- r olcies n intern- not be ask to do anyork een
-mtr b Holod c sor. Eh n wa oa ostrawsberries and cream at their tonal affa i said Nixon, olb though ee's friendly to Adlel. S
1sttan, backed up by high CBS 'annual d parting houor of Pi RsF 1 r efrrn to his c sagil
brass.nnixed a paid TV advertising The witnet: Tom Morton about a annual garden party in honor of vious referring to his colleague venison doesn't think it would be
er for a current blood gore certain movie king: "He put up ueei n abethe brt ay. e than fr alforpa, "whether he is not far to other Democratic candi-
alow-neckline movie on grounds such a good front even the wolf Uniortunately, the mor tae in an anomalous in to et
t was "unacceptable to station went to the back door.",, 1000 eager guests knew what was whether he is not iver m the nomination race. Oscar Cap-
ale. E t coming. HeLore e affair was halt t ,. at least an important sector of his man, former secretary of the in-
el "i no over tn ey nad gobbled up the huge ty. In event. he feels this uteor who handled Stevenson's
That's stock, polite wo age butsupply. As one pomat w inof clam very deepy-t organ g work n the Westwill

T stockroom ione d ay y Rep. e moutena Any g arth says oes- for the no nation. Talk with
-- athan slipped me the real reason: s in w r. e Bailey (D-Wa) as a ift frome much better for it bother the Presde t in the riend, he e ssed nkindliest
'idence in Lt w as one o s for a Nevada nt gn ackerd to a nsh o scenher : shn fore. wh Ie Gr -w-b err/ ,at-h. ae nLotees itu ar au, re-sientiW e s agwari n.ea r, and
d.o -t r .. .. 'in th B V ..... ... .~. h n tets scram le or e ree pcar- Iw r d i a lson. ut wit a top m anrthe wis that so other eem ents
films loaded with ned a property G. DaCrosby Alive Wedtnsnow th andat shtead an ksanyftey e wae an S t r. tk ah e nowlad-thas different.. of the Demoratic art-presm.
lmnce. Even the trailer was too via- dating Gene On Nho eHson: N o r awbehrreanti me. "ng off with one of his e tat

.lent .t l i h t S a-ne Wumr a nd pin us g l t .O on her ret as al Ray Tua and televisn."ent"
w l o ov ahiseowng tathegiairnia e js year-ol s ha ed eeno o a-o "nd.lGia IIan Par fowaLooksvBad Forwsrumdabn, en t aye wi fatho
room one day by Rep. Clevelana il: "Anything McCarthy says does- for the mention h

Id e. sne. bn who has reaynd row boat- n 71n ad a agi fro n'nb has even agres to some ixn t e ly turn ed thu mb down on
e e ifrnom Ve an w s for a Nevada Sign tacked h n f te rmed th e foreepaut e, p hr pon en l NTiton. nBtoe wit h atwls, tha t s e o e and
.,vore.fDm'-t-o-ig Hayden now in the CBS-TV carpenter shop.tironhoscanisead fofthank.e eel Jr lie ed NixonuI. matw it.aen1
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S e honG, hseidk a w ad h Central Park for 33 years. Warn PE works an iot s a n ai r af The Gats adnda Indians anomed ar p o on. Ate r n e ra eto l se J n p t Hansel and Gretel York a anaue rute in se glass-enclosed but it looks like yo .u can tear up in the seventh innin of the inning Rain cut heavily Into the Amer You can jot it down that Conwith Republican pundits that El-
S "T a t's wonderful.t" enthused kno Id "ko ansd ues c.aoin 01 a h-s. heour tickets today if you bet on for three runs on Gi McDougald's ican L league schedule, asheav e ens will pas some kind osof a sh ior is a ss e-fire winner if
Jo nel. wherndtsa.ried n h' the. "' eheene moe sfrs1P6'' .1. PP". fa trpe byn Hank utsheTile dnoubleh e th. e 'ho. In taupryil uh a O othes sa- ehe runs.peple eto
S, en r o SpeakLng in behalf of the reserve Everthing has been g on g Bauer and Mickey Mantlses th teen the Athletics an senators t alks with GO conres- To many people" he told
Dick, "I don't like the dialog" hope they know how to row bi e owner uasy, Iep. John M. wrong for oth the world chain-- and the Tigers and Oroes. onal leaders President Eisen- friends, "are paying too much at-
boat tobsion, sr., th-Iay) brought the pion Giants and the American' re bower as put the highway pro to at wer s go-
e.e.blwoaaus when "' P,ro champion Indians lately.
Guo even blew a fup n d er n the nHouse to rae, rapt attend on w' Lea one champon Indians lately e ts Ntionalram almost at thefa top of his onst lag to do. Iin drn't think it makes
moviemakers pondered over a the statement: Tae, for example, the ants l f "must" bills. The other day any difference whether he runs or
David Street' s still not on the choice of boats. "They're all the opponentss of this legislation tll who dropped to fourth place pnuing a ictdryo ver B uis while ike received some unexpected aid ot*
4,apy side of the street in his di- same," e snapped. "'They don't us now terrible it is wLat young the National League when they, Pl t tesecond-place Cuba bowed, 1-0, from Speaker Sam Rayburn of
force battle with lary B e th leak. N 's goin to own. cannot pian lor the rfuturel Iosto t he Braves 8-7esterday. a ing opener a against the Texas. He went on to say that a "paper
Shes She's taking him to 8 ourt 5. ,mWiUed G r 0 e r esoerve serce at ot ver Cup. Alvin Dark caam tteed two; WY imPi els- t en took an 8-7 a nightcap a c oseIorn hu-e urtai" had been drawn aroundt-
hs Sheaow i t ghis nre o as re t pai i dted '-wwehht pr fin was called iy e sevense e er at U c e iso e t er in atpa
gpo es he hasn't ad Selected Shorts: JQhnonejust eoeir heaos. I was 8 years old error, the second of whichnlet in! hd rsl bechas ofane s d itetsvnh DIe cat memoser ofheu Houe ui
Spai oy and her ato made a rea. l estate killi ixMa when World War 11 came among, the deciding run in the eighth;- r ou re o betei because of darkness i t ftsburgh.t o democratic members of the Hou n is ho responsible for t hie y
ees. They're s till battling over bit Lakene a res he bought in 1939 voiunteerea anu served iour years. Willie Mays was benched for the h T rntweo games but the Redlegs won was plainly nettled by the Rcorn h administration Te o f
.!-ed it nro prt. bt e for $160 were unload ed for hp,000As a result I lost my business; first time in his life, and starter, i e ..didn'te oni a
s-Un gtu r re'roealored in the ea-h 1,e i lost my home; and I lot my Ruben Gomez, a 17-game winner TOKYO, June 18--(UP-Peip-d tfeheale, 4-0. mittee's delay in reporting a Hmig- Dat ptand
I edHol hTrlow part on TV's recent -iwe. last year, was Ihammered out aft ng radio .said today Communist; aae rm .. w ,, w ay. e i ead m a
pr at El ht on Front Roy Cen- I en e got Lthe biggest hand of era five-run first inning. China had broken up a plot by I Karl Spooner was credited .... tof tea dotntat per. .
*t a id a It's Jan n Louis who did the srme for the )ear ~iLn the woras: The indians didn't look any bet- a Iroup of religious sects to the Dodger victory, his first of the f the House doesn't enacted ap -h tr si

G;.y-., lasprIte s.e s,. .s ....... .. 'e he e o b asd ot p n er ,aon J afterreleving starterim wewih le layinginto,. .
ya ear wen she lost 25 Marlene Dietrich. is whipping up -hut beloro you start feeling ter as the Red Sox blasted Out16overthrow the government andeasonaftrrer r ,e.. w i b. p. layng int t .e dt i
aiu one m oth but the Rhonda Fleming's gown for her sorry for me nta I say that I hi ts including a pair of homers restre the centuries-old mn- Cal Ersakine in the fifth. Sandy hands ote epublueans, warne in.
.. on m b th daow or er Y l a d orl Y oe mpr -a ... fAmoros homered of fix loser Floyd the Texan. They w be in a posi Whe e nt mention im a hasn't returned. She October date at the Riviera in later got a better business, a better by ed Williais, for an 11- vie archy. Woodri topnDr |ar olnokme,, tbtwehDe loran sty t candidates thrly srhcan
rce s, ers re0u ds, .RE.eeg .....--...... doame, ana.bettr wief thot, Ithat -dropped Cleveland P. mnfour- u ws orgto. a1pl J eso ed h io en- or oity igel peroval
'A~~g~Ia t b~l cremea4 hom~. ~and ~all b ett Oe o or 5 fun games behind the Ya kees, The broadcap said leaders of' aed r 2-1 in the fourth and they used ou majority in the House tI te ere i de -
.f t 'head of let She a a y s: "They'll be Just .who-eg ained the Am e b .an the grOup were sentened toa added three more runs In the fifth prevent action on highway legiain e si ede i
S-,as sexy as Dietrich's maybe'_ n organ.a'Uon cu el m s- League lead bo y beating the White death, but the iitnese languageno theedf homerr i l f tho w yinn stoIbwa seiob wsae he s d eeime
more so. "bands Aa y m us" has been Sox Tyice, 7-1 and -2. broadcast- was vague as to de-i this herthe order of businet
hai Rbsainm'es estranged wife She sings on the screen for the formed in the State Department. The diminishing pennant chanc- talks. It did not say how many: In the 15-innin struggle, Hal 'Time's rUnning ot t." 'I,
W4 G., is ill at a private first time since '40 in "Tennessee's on weekens when a me iber e of both the Indians and Giants persons were involved or when Jeffcot, who leved starter Jim the ell Syndicate, Inc.)
nitiu. The couple has so far Partner." Redho nd blue, too feels the urtge to work in the gar-become eve mroe apparent bythe arrests were made Davis in the 11th, suffered h s Rayburn didnt, blueprint the lie
-' ............. .....d. den, tackle a do it-yoursetf project t, compering their current s it a t us first loss after six victories when, he expected the fioase bill to f ch
Sor is pressured by the littlSe lady with how they stood a year ago: Pelping said the anti-govern- Marv Blaylock singled in the 15thl low. In fact, ho aza others at the
Sd oSters 100 Poun.ds dto elss tor the n onei indians (1955) S-37, L -26 Pct.- ment group was organized Into, and Willie Jones doubled him meeting voiced general approval
ic Po.ndsand m calsfrhelp.Hesorvo e57 fouor games behnd a .a number of religious sects with home. Jack Meyer of the Philsiof the over-all objectives of the
Jo !I members thenu ry u, hover to the5 w0in- ssuch 'ereat.wBudd-!relieved Ron Negray in the eighth10-year, $27,000,000,000 program of
firstman' s house, and m they have Indians (1955) W-37 L-26 Pct.-hism," "Clairvoyance Releglonrs, i and was the winning pitcher. Del super roads proposed byv the Else
drinkss and discuss the matter at .710 four games ahead. -oI .Basic Principle of the Heaven-I Ennals' three-run homer in the sev- bower administration.
lAength. ; Giants (1955) W31, L-i, Pet.- ly Way" an d "The One Prevail-ienth of f Howie Pollet drew t he
Thia s lasts until the e urge on .500 15 games behind. Sing Way. Phils within one rur. of the cubs-However, the speaker strongly
ability to work i.s gone, or until Giants (1954) W-39, 22, Pct.- o m s i t n the nightcap but Warren Hack-,objected to the administrations
a i tsoo to e Pr .639 on-ha gme ahead. r c ommunit ra m o sa teer eame on to nail down the win formula fr financing highway con
-After Ikespak .. Cleveland's loss to Boston yes- anti-revolutionaries operated in for Pollet. IItruction-namely, by the estab-
Ath h a s in ot games far this season as con- China near Peiping and % at onees would sell bonds to pay for the fe
cisc Ft trasted to ywthe Indians' 194 hnow-a nder d shelters ofet I :ihmeh eproram.o w i
salmon fishing for theafirt time In P Ig when they beat the Red Sox of thecontained a forge sanTdon se by Robertaheme era roh o
Do 22% his angling career. He's set to 0 20 out of 22. And where the Di- for manufacturing "murderousand gave Bob Friend the vitory "I can't understand that kind of
Since Feb. to the norhWet corner of Maine, ants were just beginning to launch in the Pirates-Redlegs' opener butbookkeeping," exploded the Tex
Scaled the Rangeley Region, where their winning spurt a year ago to- wa left-hander Joe Nuxhal, scatteredlan. "The hAmerican taxpayers are l
almn o be fondain the beUt. h other drection now with ur P eipings aid 27 sheltes--ap- six singles to give Cincinnati the the ones who will eventually have
sale pa s.,oto, th o w theU5 oo the otheradirectionsnowewithe t secondd game. Bobby Adams drove to pay for this rno ad building,
St Sen. Margaret Chase Smith (R-Me)straight se parently natural underground'in two of the Redlegs' four runs. whether o not the administration
says about the state's salmon. The Yankees. who relinquished caves--were raided and that one Yesterday's Sta'r-Willie Jones,
first place to the White Sax for of them was big enough to ac- whose15thinningdoubledrovntPes11 1-0IZi -Iie
buCorrection: Office of Vice Pre 4 hours, grabbed it back quickly omore than 30 per- in th e ointthe Per ieh' 1-
a has veteran Ed Lopat hurled a se
-'-dent Richard Nixon protests an en hitter n the opener and bane- sons. Redlegs.
.-.. Jiw. Feb March April Mo item appearing here recently
', COMiNG UP: BARGAIN BEEF-Sirloin steak that not long ago wh ed thatrther V.oP.loa which dd OuAal
the family budget a bucksa pound is now down to about never attended a party thrown by I / SELECTED-WiOutAlofvere

"Tur Band back. They hated the
fast pace along te highway be-

one they charter, which is small

Chief of Staff Matthew RIdgway. !*
With several weeks still to go in
the Pentagon before moving to
Pittsburgh for the Mellon job, he
has 14 more farewell parties to
attend. They've already had nine
for him. At that rate, it will take
tl general a couple of months to

i Is oen .dlipey t m l-e Mik ioto p Vrl stores
q wre e-lwt-bMb Soe b ea emaPt replied
WMft Inc.. dkplaye 0tlbe M Atentonal
adepbA- The ,e "wat W0l e w of
6 )ewdo hb illllll.y- .8, ftor a.

Road Courtesy
ASHLAND. Ala.. June 18 (UP)
- Albert Baker, 63, told police
today an automobile carrying
two young men ran him down
and left him in the road. but
twice returned to the scene.
The second time. he said, the
driver asked him f11 he kew who
had struck him.
"Ye.. you hit me." Baker re-
p*led. He said the man thgn
drove off. reftIal to take hfm
to a.he tal to have his brc/I
on lag treated.
Perlaefrl ajrreted Thomas
ont harm


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