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Weekend American
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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44 :A
MONTEVIDEO. 17 (UP)- President Juan D. Peron of A tna

.o. I. e.. '-.-. .....v r ent e o ag the h .

.', t C h l .e ded:.. S "bo lHo d a Sea Ao it n ed

oru ap thednal spo t w" wa in*the heart of Bu en Ares w relt es f i took pebcl pn the ralrtad S b o uld Aot be eustifiedbeo"h Sivbom6Cnld
,ort- b .H eS

withe.h "A .e .r.hed iwit Aea tn o ote of roe ir ae6e 1bae e e but c rwdef t yerair ad al no( te justified S bed di

MONTEVIDEO, UruPpay, June 17 (UP)-- Preuldent Juan D. Pateron of A rgentna 3- am '' Pm r-
today prorniosed afa iriu to. toss .who took pW4 in yesterday's abortivorqvoll which 're
cost 16 lives and whih"lq to a r llaitory wave o of arson 'agaltt sRoman athoalo ...
Peron, who yesterday accused dissident elements within' the .NaVy for the revolt, 0-- O--- ....[ gh
also Inked it today with the government campaign ,agin.t the church. WASHINGTON, June 17 (UP) l
"Yesterday's example should awaken the conrcience of Catholics so thit they Zone's board of directors h made the
tooCanal ser40 drill barawait th o tions."- don the antquated anroad in The of
lthe Panama anl py.Outh Notmber i-old floa ane~a domt- Dipatche from Buos Balres d that x cbunehurches cand one Bslie Ny me wre fired highway if Congress approves.
At the t e were built. Since hate thet. w bnd t d n the heart of Buenos Aires where the heaviest fighting took place In the atmpt to endd ttifid before the Paam6 Canal
tv "res vrthrow the Peron government. The residence of Satlago Lu Cardinal Co ilo also mitte of th House Merchant rin c ml
loa ti e a e'o tth House and Senate Ap propriations it
p. V -n th
CtB aret fl the offaici-aArgentince Iladl taliatmnforth S am- T2wsd ^ un the. ~directed him to get Congressional aniroyol he .
rsaid eatoday coamplete t .e. e.,oo i~tod ayi t omplee ibsn Z imn momok any steps to abandon the rhlroad.

he wtR rn thougou bmarhotner1 oursl a,26teoa arm ar ofd h nd had iuorendered and the l
Flrofat Utogeras alne 'Ajaxor- over the-i Aded to p the- w le wo o rd has foundco

across Ae A ntic from B iden f x-mo p was Bids will be op e Be e A spokeala fof r ^ C gl 4 a s en .be the memory of their The = two. e o pI
crushed with heavy lossnad 'A railroad ted not be jus te me,. heng oS

~~~~~ternatl~~~onal ~nikT hmpany of other heavy eqPrseseipment from of he pl al ton to ear oan a. Bg warned remainnhre- heeiot fad aenars o t Sm
Rottefdam. U boa He the Proeuuss- home rb bom jrf osiae, Ueledto othe fut don their thwonM a ovrnmnt could be carried mor

Strip to.k ays hor IK main hjob to d ment ethe Panama Ca .Heavy a through the as tedaly or ae de- pn o t.enbielch d
ene July Ice for re or reneh l n to o tm~eonti goernmet eare byt e use of trucks and buses.-
Th veteran .250ton fa One of tholrl Jobatf ke poc Both craest-ave been used ur- IJ S 110d 0 tN s a But Per&ni a broadcast, soad Refoue rebels said insay- He sid traffic on the railroad than s ii t
crane ib of both cranes were lok gates e they were l a to neVha.ghboeally countries. p had fed out the fi- rou t ops apt e o fhas been decrning steadily in
eewith the aur Lrcul by enp-da owned twh e. atteon pt. Togf With portthe nire the np hour rovernmenith th arret o f thed ey.bItisan but recent yera and a of the a-

entatves of the manuactr M of #taken o newspaper Lwt Andes p udl ote dispatches also re-on side by the Government Pal. the Mme as the
an al sevicfndor then 40 drlll b areby the Ad'wb& k-in wapeace used to r the Ital with ePll rio o f t lead b hes of int Ig- e and on the ther by B uenos buent Is antiquated and In ie

raae onto iwae pontoonwareported time parnclude the of s le ad lady of Bhelter, and Alre cathedralneed of expensive repairs or -
Both cines pfeasred f.eresae theav al e.quipment,- Gach 1 rdoco .t church t 1 8 Was _n:lNm esisalt Jo" wi fabe esoe. Th6e pla wuas the aite of last expenses repO00 ore
ats befPanama they were cp ted otts, emerged 1914.. .t er ksia eo I hop e andbusinesses of le appevye a while the weekend's violent rots

te Jons ama -ra.. Outlls)a Panama Canal Co. operation Ti h,
Panat thea May Nevwere built, SAgince Put Entry boa .eI JO and Sntr otiong Armevolupon Bon Regnme To Gi e ap t1s S

In Miss Univene Beauty Pageat t*^ a--siE kIePOf Peron ^ n With Violence In B lotha ;MIddTgass.
cla ss ede SOommlssa o bud The strong-asa regime kled itr evolt eseamlsado (shirtless ones) dre te..Can al so ir
c olasse the MisWus Panama aday, r. Benkfma orr- Vr e u-iisbo. 1 no An alleged plot to aMsp erved den war a a proPon ap ha mnts = t ategit d 4
choo Panama's rep- d ed thatall Cat i n- te. ate Peron and his lae wie an of bor and caed for n i
ra k- a a o and oer the N. the past deadethe most powerful individual n whlnge. Peront won Lo who

o1 c rlsprtpat- bridads. Pron's or feasted a entina ontal of the House and Ben- OJf 5 ?thetr
wton Tee's e con the upe- b., ste od JU. c. ntsd o ste e .. |ld Jed 0 weJ !

onsold by Hotel El Pa the fvor sBown wl b.Ne LOW ness wh,.h .Lat e to blook his ambitions his hold on the overnment and saJt h i Lly However the
o tow oe o edb- e .nm. eotinan-at4oI na ds of workers -ithe he or caa r nogod fore d.' d- a d. '
ters.o Toi AImp0 of2 other. I thheavy aeqe .p irs fromo- te',S--*--..--- "--tna---- tI--u_ boutsta--tont-o-au--ding ef -a. e Ald g watne remae o f fial "ttit 1 "0,- o
sttr erenm. a sewerp s bOo .eera-ty sa eauHe -A 1nn .th. Prcue 1o e n I f i am fe At ., tlu eta r toPneds wnt h P'eir t"ie
t 4m P Bid.snoulfeo pe ned ftaomsnA- soeaynosn '. e Imtocom

pmnrsvsm at t Mistakes, W eakrnsses Seen In- d Alert sdte the met .O-s
tW'..aoOf t eS1oe nU orLysaf ShelteroIstnofandA.'rtewarnbtedg
Pagncamps and then liftedeby overyhthe A jin curEngry oahhsputlac Stheb ir To Fir

-Rotterp.s- w, I. Demiihue. The ps .othslteor os a. ee .ad _mo ,-

took.14I mainJob t-* OW Off ce tOf ethe!+ Panama...-., .iM .. .
one the Jaalay 9fLoPIcsa fountan orpaesfromUUbutywjujflJEJchurcheearetesan r -elsn g ht Winth ndcSrElfor

PanamaMahen verApnPt EnrWee Juno W30, Itr hascStrongC-Arr ievolution Born Regime To GoOntIspqeend'he-, ?..,b-
IMis Uneivonter meBeauty th Pe-tit tg'iof $. them p.t. f PeUreon 'placeand Yofo S W t Vierlencei m- ...... iE-eBbo'su.
-_t bepci.e they C, femIunGR 1-umot /mo cybo.ufrer The sbtroing oaf CTm leid to. ,ele t.e.- enmd.svm .erc A. .-

. shisac Jfsthlc alls.. w rtn ofere A )-w be d.p .yd .. r '--w
Sang u lasses Cit churhes- 4ore -,fliiy ham oper violence -o Inm tme n iqmeito r, -ays ., Presid.nt Udolr -fl mave ItsoThe defenrant

Pag-n- b autycnests.,ouft anyryTheocomCeaseeJune .teitucassesTInuong-A n rived timAste orn;Re gurato The w. br
ThIt year's" contestwasbin ,h os dor Y0I I I JN 1s sahesPstp ov eBt ibl fl layga sft

+ + +.....~les fl--+ o,,sm-i. ~ D3 op. e 7:4 Lue A dmeia pot~st. r harIe snm the Ido .amtmof "de-He..tUw..,5w..;.. t +tuA ue. ~ l '' -.J'"

baa S-,rayed -n of the .O- rCENTER,"doa r--- 1 him- .. .Of a 1 .
.....QW4CY-MM CENTER-; 7",636,000, ".d a ;," 5,M c. clflh ,,.e. ".e .*" wM -3a p-d-e'miftt him- P" .m+ o. e 1. nw ten
Of-t..X--"y"-- ,, e., Sn, s, ,t IOfGr' d L
certaini rn 4w 1._d.1?mfam.e Ad-lured" .-._feAd and mni..simope "homrthe wPresidet M vS tofusAI f a0 o hea
e a oi o sc o n s u* gf R om o or d o" c h i e f w e r e" i e f e n e r a n d i cr. a. -f"f a l x1 wde n e t h a pp
ibs-..""#Msdwesm u -e'cMs. ter MA fr Emca dtB1rlar Two Face CR 4p&
end weakness- steps-both re and sad aglary- s a real Eev new l'Sn w aU a e u
St e t's clv defense re to Sa s fre i a i a
SimftCauls Wari WaMRafAelo-bs,

ta steca em nent frontWashintnI sset 5.i IS*t .
ash CIO. t that the pebpl e ould he Satwant to- gvivtreeg .lute r inrSt ill UfA t Li
uforas of go gat af ttoa ko f ft= Canall E teds
'cotrof # eUMeVtoUywreso.te-,. ,w.i' irw-n,,

's "- ,1,W." ., .-""SM-"I"- -1 .-, N a '92 i i- .
a '." ,. .." "-"-12-ft. : --
,,. .,. + -.-. :- .-... + ., -, .4 ft .am.cene .'.577

..' 4- --, .
*', '. ..*"
,.-. '


', "T =MeI" Iesi o eee f,- ,te eee o TteaPw A0n".'_I
4Wft eseiWed Ir mad ee hamdled In e w e6 v = eln e--aI
e e, bste w le Ner det be l-setlt It d eeri't o Pe e* t
eto 4etst*sre i olithBe hi.A twi fl ter Nres ved. .
,. tle r "W t*tuhe tld Is d Uaiswiteist selM dese.e
nseee a ltrs been Meade...
ii" youtsouni do just as your wame implies, "FrUstrat-
.gAfne 1 yeas in the service you probably think yourself
1. 7 Idttger qua lfed to pass judgment on conditions wileh to
juir shvtieled mind club with your present surroundlnls.
yea year of being told when to wash your face, when to
b I I M tck ou i, when and what to eat and have 11
I*'e I and staff standing by to admainster t you
. S ye get sic or aturt, and r1 bet you coinmp from aom back-
wo| esabIn where you slept at the foot of the Paren talBed
uil tyou were old enough to notice things and they pushed you
latmi, cold cruel world to make your wn way, and that
the' e d Forces, where yOu now live like a ILg, p CCtwy
Sf to where you can save half of your quarter alow-
na e p up beer, and make statements, which you for one are
SQualifie4 to make.
,tme enlighten you on some of the conditions as they real-
1y esl. Piqk* u any Stitesialde newspaper, turn away Ifrom the
education, part you can come baek to later-
s they are advertised for any food item, cloth-
o-er vhater is 1recasry for consumption In everyday
S l spare these prices with what you Day here and even
leand understand that prices are higher here than in
; take for instance housing. If you live in New York and
M decide that you want to move your family to some other
a- e0e ecan stoft yoi. On your arrival at the chwn 1oPal-
.t can et any house you want or buy what you want.
.fre eten the Pervice to Choose to pay orhat
I yntiW ou 1 It la"* to i 9 ntenenients. Ui OCo
MMya. have t buy W ood where they tal you -to buy
S You decide A to shop you art the judge of what you buy and
N ow as to the high waxes and income tax and this Utopia
S M k of. The wai here are set by a scale derived of wages
VW lsftricts of the U.B.A. without any benefits attached.
J WO to Pt these so called high wages, all you have to do
M e Up and try to earn what you get.
20 e ax is a sere subject which you probably wouldn't
S a but, you-and I and every American citizen Is entitled
o see ta t the tax dollar is wisely spent. When
j k eours. I wonder.
,E la a foreign country this priviledge Is denied us, but,
JIVA NKfled to oertin rights. The Canal zone does not be-
1mb 1.1United State., only what they put in the Zone. The
ila leasehold a as such Is not lIlly taxable so
man of us feel that the tax is a breach of our il Rights.
a nould explain partially the reason for objecting to pay
tAtneus derived of wages only, In a foreign country, or didn't
that the U.S.A. doesn't own the land on which the
ma o -bullt? Well it's only a lease, Junior, so now you are
Frustra I dalike being the one to may "h, but, I think It
Wi*t 6of u stay -in 'your "resent status for at least thirty
MB 11ase by then you can come out of the protection of the
0 e 1ie eabllshmaebt where mentaty isn't a high
0let 0 tell 70yoi that I am an American citizen with
F" stvice than-Jou au bo tsOt.or* present,

B. O-X* and ot aon 0 shells,
e I. tf wle g the puij-eaed a-
talad by a hdn had a hard, broken shellU
a It '. .

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right. The'mob is more
than it's ever been, dei
most 10 years of intesse
against It.
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mto tae statida

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Bid hirai, au stay

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ime murw o" noimer A -. -, -., *.* ",, --
oiU a Bston, sted t_ .. 5? .
headqua of a Chicago ele- Jrkrm2ntr7V prI lt
trial union, and shot at a3 OlrhualYIuy, 241j n Iball

xpo- was, on and mor aluminum aw w oauld t wIeehase'
me* -ritt "I u* tsBy e08poUAK n needed. we had
s terpla would take a volume needd. plt unes w had I a
toexplain. -But the bruises, and -eda" or o Therefore, was
b bob pwer mar Both Reynolds d Kaisr at this not contm it any othis
icpoint were heartily against gay- metal be sold to outsides
eiene o r e o br ON, Texas,--T do declare, jovial fruds I feel i maybe Climed that humid days ga v ernment interferen wi business That wa how sY some
knue culture. chile, th are sure get- there woa't b a 'wag war tomor. him Itthougn. but not against government guar- was how easily some
Yet after searching the o hias'bel to ea ln. Thinu are row. wt m ed8, thesee popbut neeot against They wrnme ntged ua fIre. s a r ed lA
tr lts l Iso b to nbm. that The discussIma 6ut Dr. Hhb- straiht. ..t i made as much the following guarantees before I o tr ml
b Neitherntr school of 'every day, in every the Press the and some C Because there i a very a business risks which their fo re. e erab medt, while
as he way, things arettig better. nd b" said th e l. y on 4n between fad and faith, fathers took when they pushed e gove hadle
ast year that e ld not b tter" to bob up. pert run out oolihnes ad fact. The recent back the frontiers of the natio a, a monopo
C2a'robe t a 1'We've been hav a lot of fun of town. The ei 'liPtor was in- mania about diet, practiced by 1. government guarantee of over akwa to. 1l
for-rsater meager Senhrins8bag .inHouto nfl,-.n? ts n. emm. ,S...etra POUnR.& _Of r wlu^m ai
ases ert*A h in Houston wi.some char- dianmt. omhalionsM oof is not even a thfir an etrt to m thme
S' rn t E. w el lm l. Run him out at twa?" he sai d. e ov n -Pr Hober I 2. T iht toamortlthrsmall
,*a 2?" ascati ng eontr.anitd 0latoa ofp e 4 l I"With thi 5sn fr ONJ rs M t I that bells investment In five years instead,
A fasc... tin*.e- --t-antarya nestr "etary way of 0, .-every day, ,eyes bring vrty, of the ordary tax depreeto
vef these heau was ofInery IOU of the ordinary tax depreolatiO
e thie se nea o w SuIn a Ir ~ce of talented arle with dip. .e n of 20 yoers.
te aftby .tehelWO2 Emiploy ers R sosibIltears si el si .
rbmt h inr M Da e of I & The government to buy al
mittee to eow hor sun ai t he od doe cheat on must be p of a hioi ou aluminum except margin allo
ef wa ose u h own n twithe A sthN such I know rW tmh -an mean, as fa the.tean at ed to small manufacturers.

wa you do bedy wel rea, of saw 4. ifbe tohemarketl droippdotwtsn
lhcaus larer thhi mwa ousvittleres asntied fish, beer, For a hortrspan of years, I was nake alers in the esira 4. If the market or
avy t wthas oa in o brfod and r. This food fa d-eraepot edite on the Wa ngon Oe wltch doctor is le a government purchase dreasel,

tlow o -other Set. -e" er laws, hut while out on bofdl eu diners ld smell a eor. I have Just picked @up a chalf y ears.
Cmmitte ao ant ay t the i ba elect during to nale.iafiniy cean aros the ciotyfrom Cal forsa hone of theISweeping as thcol daund were,
ew asal n theat au eow t liv to be of r alea. quack and tmpe of commercial e t as rmesa e decade wte r e
unlamented andel er tr u ye pe1 the l41t right. I faaith, whi a tabnr de wtte cXree weaWahad created tIrritle
eon .S paroll eanod gI mht ard doat inth the 1AM' .Ul.axn n Wih w th dl *
4wise of the unionO F41 td believe it. IN
14, or T her Ischarming seers of doom, the lady who r .oh righ t, eve. ed. How.,r,"fthoe Seaids
hehotels to rIssw44, te an who .WWIES gW wimb: Ot W1U110S am anted even mor. It
bes e ere ar; e s sg t a of dee ntp evil eaye orn if you eeve in It, and I at --m o
boat. woFrancis X elant' re. Ic a, ta am at sub- man to techallenge -anot he rma,'s P that, ID ease of price
gpeoi.nt t ,o ,oe of ilion of dl r fa them ak.,,-_,, e, mp=oyr, its aluminum should be.
former FBI ma. In fat allsith a t evan slidt & liea i isted entirely on ir. He never belief As Joe Lewis once said, from control
,0 ,w -= ---, or -' pr em rom A1
as, m e who t Lao e... t aftheas ob yingto he tl opened up his mouth "I oo to drina th, amlk for mr, em
Whlta kr ChambdF re the food faddisand eothor and chewed the loy free ir. ufeer but se Wisy a for me. ThiS, however, was too mu .
Pq.,..kiin Ibu n i gIover nim., but for ,bertPr
%:=1 .e ....ormaIon *out omfSli L--i .nterso former a-,atr. of war
Ma loy n to acg Employers ResponsIbiltes andc 8 arf te- 1 d C
4yWho: has It. Plant wrote ea[mpioyers and a5on~I df't the o'-lds Com .
i i an mo ney, t e e pay. In Pot of the government
looking r ito vary complaint we By Peter Edson G Utl w e rmbaked o: I
ice. ao eperlymoat weo ended the. ri vate"lum
.atlons it ts necessary that we -- _-end the ru- m in .A
look Ito the entire picture and, WASHINGTON (NA) Oe e e mplrs fee that mn- It is noteworthy tt there fogmr r o n
teaywell recall, ato tehe golfloaft u reprises in the agement has no such biltht. mCting in ery one of thae e rc AN c
S. large as to make new o' Motor .-UnitedAutol 'The firstrpnSibli of ma elassile w In the new Ford- l alaer utsd .oca
Sa possible fo rt Workrers a is th t t i t c l ailment IS to and UAW contract. No. 3- Occurred.
ver complaint.. tar for an increase servess" lsays pa hak sea. Thomas 3. McCab president of jstr y in the House smIll A
P ant sa.athat e t1he thLe a .i r wge. oral manq of the Automuot CO Scot Per Co. and oraer Chalr. n Conmmittme, called to in-
oThe wholes e Parta WManufaoiturers Ae odeation. man of Federal Reservate so pl to that two ofBoat
I ( 1u there not be enough the non accepted ma e up ot bemrs his or anisatlon must declared in a ee tien Phladel VPl bnt th re would o
n manpower forb s ae enitns, th be g s ian ben barg a with the Cht amber oCommereed Award arr -ir rw product with sm
wor. can sow you 50 labor The only clause directly affect. AutoWorkers on new contracts for April: lsl unum man actureeVursl l
r, ndur. oreign nina cvde afor ani d-. ca _t -fr _Even with no wr ona the dv e
^ose work the" isless vital crease annual rova mnt fact pected to set a aprtte rn. have made great strides In l and Lao proved
th" the work d here. I or triple pay fort hlsays and al Riam dit tt it i to the tresearchh ph cal sciences, h"e nation had grow n.
int to ores of millionsfdol raised for certain skilled workers. employers advanage to have sta- but we have f il to turn th ere ;wa, uh tremendous de-
Jr spent on what is actually a Everything else is in liberalized ble employment. But he considers same rev lh on the basic, sd aluminum even in peae.
pqblie relation ob for some ons, more insurance, moreva. table employment a secondary componeintual man behaviorr" tm e, tt the vermen I ato
tions of the ate nd Labor De tions and Inreased unemploy- function a management, becausee me art social meant tl e 0 r s sad
no guarae of fMcCbrelease 15006000 pounds ached-
viartments and ous Foreign Ai d29ot insuran la eo nra offer no guarantee ofafort o lhs, .cabs, %for do.eto so into its own stot kple.
Mission-and et for actual aid The argi nt may go on in. st for the employer." velop4t ai utual confidence be t beIno on Americ's u t ie
to our allies and the ne work- termlse to whether Walter I tven, Jr, Ch twe er d lIe n a aaN os "- a f t t-.--
P. rtRng to keep R gt l uptanlteed annual of the Ame ican ra Ie c. '.gout mm..msp ofr t eoldrhad refused to ta
Common. ,or I2at two-thirds of deo'ares inth hihs wil n overnlent subsidy and _
e sIoorAdfaS-n n= I osnt had -roved aound on
Sm .w h11 und erwrld an elU ul wage. u at on ahe _i. s 4wll nw o on nor I tg e Small Bsearss Commit-
p leeser and the nti-elsme least he Igo i in the door to ~ agement, a to tdul er in the really .1 u_.
su, the u Private Nw. establish a lple, He can ask : c.trant meauar or the demagogic
AtIte rime .Committee, SIor mofe a l ranted annual col business mal ra labor leader.
t the ashea cause w wft r ins. e1 erone wemhoor pt another angle on thi s. GLANCES By Co lbWoi
Fsport the. ue pmeW -lLoA orThat putsmoh lOn this
sport them., Watt hisppains ee hn beett uwas tir debt. Sameesmgueon. While both side have
to all of yesterday's crusades -- 44ime an. straihtdt the pay check wa-it' 1 n eroaldl .awrb of.t ther
we aneraser-also was le pa thaity. -oeal reponb .utles, there is stll
ti 0ti M e the A ow Arment J 'Qw, aid 10 Given, "we know much roome meant.
MAI laado hiNashville that *0 true. 0es th e five
*% !A 3ip 00 so operate W a wto ebtpro pety
com antr~b to 411. recent Sauthern Telephone Co.
bb eettract the coipy cl tho tIM tareh U Cm.tit iththe U CCom-
Sy/ the uful co. at flloalol, Ifti idle.ttb. doe ot behg la Into, d _eatt.Woreker. oft
ralt a k m icl expenses. day's Maement" CO reflects no credit an the A-.
is a irst ep in a drive to Qiven Itsi these things which mrican labor movement. 11
reaatic rta roads to pay maagment must provide to con. If the future trhidis towards a
fpr'R health sad wel. feward improvement o the Increasing soolal wponsibility
fare R would reobesla cs standard of. ving:6 "Ie- management for I ts employes, t ,"
present whereby employes- of employment. Security Insabould of course be accompanied
pa aof these coats. eate ritcuy atm bs- by increasing s_ ulCll ty hm the
rh l att he dPtgs W labor negota-I '.Healthful _~oIl part a labor in
ticns f-aes -h look a the ti Opportunity for Ada--. the property the ey I,
social of manage me.t.L cognition and sell- w ustP rovde them w a staMb /
mt tqe. st. ued icome..

I -


'I.. *



'; .~"111. -Jig_

, "--

.-.. -_ '.

I -

- .-. .' ...---
*; i ,.* ':
i.':'- ... ...&^ ..... -... J .-

i i

, i I I ii



. ..- -, .3 -. '-_

.- ,.."

Ii q

Zi LA ," Columbia Pictures'* M eartwarm-
.tory oan a y aetenat who trained generatloas of
at West Pt, Is based pon Sergeant Marty Mdaher's
aphy, The Brass," the story of his
ce"s a athl er to generations of cadets.
O Power.stars In the Maher role and Maureen O'Hara
Sahis hbride In tlt CilnemaScope, color by Technl-
Sdrma soon releaue at the "LUX' Theatre. Advt.

Cops Running Down All Clues

In Search Of. Judge, Wife

WI T FALtM EACf, Pla., The wittiess said the boat was
June 7 (UP) -Plice investigat- lighted and seemed so close to
ed reports today that a lighted the shore that he thought at.first
boat moved in close to the beach lk was aground.
just before a well-known criminal At Rosalie, N. J., the Chilling-
court judge and his wife vanished worths' daughter, Mrs. William
from their shore cottage early Cooper, said her parents had not
Wednesday. been acquainted with the Ferris.
0 gdona. She planned to fly to Florida- to
Officers. were runnii down all aid in the .Iearch. I
clues and. studying all theories' in "There may be some simple so-
the latest Gold Coast mystery. ug lution to this thing," she said. "At
testing kidasping and murder. A least, I hope so."
colleague of the missing j ude Judge Chillingworth, who hane
believed it the "work of a f died only capital punishment cas-
possibly the same fiend involved es and- his wife were discovered
n the Perri abduction." missing when he failed to keep an
appointment with a carpenter at
Judge Joseph S. White was sug- his home. The sheriff's office sent
Le.tingj hat his fellow judge, G.C. out a deputy to investigate when
Chi wo and Mrs. Chilling- the judge did not go to his office.
worth had met the same fate as The deputy and the carpenter,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ferri who Frank Edersole, found the house
vanished from their blood-smeared open and the beds u n m a de. A
Miami home six weeks go. floodlight over the porch was shat-
No trace has beop found of tered and drops of blood stained
Ferri,, who had tqstlfied against the porch steps and trail leading
gangster Albert Anastasia in an to the ocean-the path followed by
income tax case, -or of his wile. the couple almost every morning
Nor had an extensive -search of for a swim. Their wallets were
the sapd dunes and jungle-i ik e undistrubed.
undergrowth around their beach Officers used bloodhounds to
cottage yet turned' up a trace of track the couple down to the beach
the wealthy Chillingworth, 58. or and into the water. The dogs may
his 57-year *Rw'e, Marjorie. have picked up their trail again
Sp otches rf te ^ .found a- .comng out of theater 200 yards
bout tWIpti ". uI Rtheheaqkut the traiL van-i
S-hed, officers said.,
Man perso# .ngeMited that a

trevnge-bent erimznal whom the
judge ad sent, to pison may have:
killed the couple andhid their
bodies. But judge White said, "I
ron't think this is a grudge mat-
ter," and voiced the "fiend" theo-

"I doai't think anyone with a
grudge would have gone to the
trouble of abducting Chillingworth
and his wife," Judge White added.
S"They simply would hve. gone up
to the door and shot him. I can't
recall any cases he tried in which
a grudge might be involved.
"If he received a threatening
letter his reaction was toi'toss it
In the Waste basket and dismiss it
from his mind. .He was a fearless
But Palmu Beach County Sheriff
John S. KIrk did not .dismis the
revenge angle completely, He said
a Judge on the bench for 32-years
could'atrlly help from ina=lg a
few enemies.
Volu teers telephoned the sehr.
itf's office frequently with possi-
ble clues, most of which turned
out to be worthless. But the sher-
iff aid he was investigating a re-
of a boat moving.a short dis.
tance offshore in front of the $30,.
M00 summer cottage.

Airline Hoslesses

To MakeGoodwill

Tor Of America
Twenty flight hostesses repre-
senting the major airlines of the
world will fly te South" America
text month on a good will tour
-thatwill be symbolic of the friend-
ship And understanding that exists
between that continent and t h e
te-t "o the free countries through-
ut the globe.
These lying ambassadors of
good will have been invited by
Panara to take part in the inau-
OraIn of its new DC-7BI El In-
-or Americano service to South
America and bring friendly greet-
lngs from their respe e c o u n-
tries to each of the Presidents
and people of t e nations on the
airline's route.
Schetled to leave New York a-
bout the middle of July. the ly-
ing ambassador from the United
States, Italy, igad, France,
wituiand, Ho d, India, Ja-
pan, t Philippinep and Venezue-
t wll travel on Paagra's new
fi to Panama, Eeuaor, Peru,
Cale and Argeomina.
Amog the airlines Invited to
.artdlpte are: Air France, A-
Mis &ai .ne Briti h E uro-
an Arie sA British Oeara

S Dfta C A Eastend,
eM* -ft. VON t i. see
ways, euiiSft "iriiu 4tAr
Yvs, JCanada,

Nas. 5 & 71

to efforts to inerea, i c e pne
tive capacity of the Tennesee
V'aey Authority.
The test, a victory for Presi-
dent Eisehower, came when the
House voted 198 to 16 to reject
a proposal by its Asppronit
Coa .ftt-e to give TVA -
lion dollars to start a new team
generating plant at Fultoo~ Tben.
Anticipating the defeat, Re p.
Clairaee Cannon- (D-Mo.), group,
bad been ready to offer a ne w
Democratic proposal to bar use of
TVA fun4s to link the TVA system
with the Dixon-Yates plant at West
Memphis, Ark.
After seeing the size of the GOP
margin, however, Cannon hastily
conferred with Speaker Sam Zay-
burn and decided against intro-
ducing the proposal.
That left H o use Republicans
with a clear-cut victory.
The TVA funds were included in
a S1P,5746,242 money bill to fi-
nance TVA, the Atomic Energy
Commission and 215 reclamation
and rivers and harbors projects in
the fiscal year beginning July 1.
It also carries funds for the
Southeastern and Southwestern
power administrations and t h
Bonneville power project.
The only way the Democrats
could reverse the Dixon-Yates ac-
tion would be to demand a roll
call vote on the issue just before
final action on the overall bill, eO-
pected tomorrow;
But it was doubtful such a move
would be made and even more
doubtful that it would succeed.
Some Democrats refused to con-
cede defeat, however. Rep. Ross
Bass (D-Tenn.) said he had been
advised by veteran House m e m-
bers that none of the TVA funds
could be spent for Dixon Yates a-
nyway since the bill did not ear-
mark money specifically for this
Republican leaders scoffed at
his clain.
They said it was "clearly evi-'
dent" the House had made t he

Fine Furniture made of
Daridn Mahogany. NOW at
amazing w o ices.
Bedroom. Dining Room and
Giving' Boom Sets.
Products de Madera, S. A.
Mianue by " 4 wn
PbM0 114M

(k~ ~Zs.w.4~*?aza~ir

Ceotn" Avenue Pauamiindu
pxla S-e Maye
= 7

Opp. Railroad Station

4% -~
I oi~ -

B llver.
AU had




We are unpacking

S Swing Away can openers........... 2.95
* Pure aluminum Pan Cake Orills .. 3.95
* Plastic garbage pails ........,... 4.95,
* Plastic diaper pall ...,*,,,l,.... 4.95
* Mirro pressure cookers ****,****,,,15.50

* Pure linen table clothes
In full colors from .......... 5.50
* Metal hampers ...............12.50
* Plastic toilet seats in colors .. 6.50
* Plastic shelf & edge paper ... 1.25

* Keep your bathroom
* sparkling with PORSO
* Plastic place mats in
colors from ............ 0.50
* Cocktail shakers ... t ... 1.65
* Toby mugs ............. 4.95
* Animated corks for
liquor. bottles ..,...,... 1.50


S, -.' 1 4

* Ties

* Belts
* Socks



* PonoSillas

* Pana-jacs

* Sport Shirts

* Pajamas

* Underwear

TWO. ERAS4-.hese new
Prewc stamps rtln t two eras.
At top Is a 3OL-frant stamp hon-
oring -Auguste and Louis Lu-
milere, pioneers of the French
cinema. It features profiles of
the Lumlere brothers backed
by an early motion picture
camera. Bottom stamp hopors
Jacques Coeur, French mer-
chant prince. The 12-franc
stamp depicts Coeur's 15th
century home in Bourges,
which still stands as a fine ex-
ample of secular medieval
French architecture.

in am
Short NIGH1


In nylon and cotton for'ldbe* and L
Every Day we're lpaukin mw n 4mu
styles in DRMISI

%A0, -.10

79 Jidto Ar amn.*'4w*
Tel. 3-116 '
I -3

FREE $50,00 Telephoto Lens I

for each Exacto Camera
(the most versatile Reflex Camera) ,.I
purchased till 30th of June: ,


155 Central Ave. near Central Theatre
Phone 2-1803 or 2-2316 Panama






7. f



*. -DRAPES, ETC.-. *





100 FEET

from 4th of July Ave. r






Remember FATHER'S DAY, June. 19


sf//Iertef .* eu fItfT ffJ4


C' .:. .. I

0 Handkerchiefs



You con give him his SUIT on
Father's Day and pay for it in
20 small weekly payments!


-i ..,. ..


.. .

v V-.

14 .I


pick ,W.. w4

ly styled bIgbly .
id. 7 to 14 years
0 US E S .
iart cotton ityls


-t '"I

t4, *,. .- a. '

Sr a Trade Bill Gets Senate's

al OK After Stormy Argument
., -0a---
ABHINOTON. June 17 (UPI- 'chairman of the Senate Finance
e Senate brushed aside cries of Committee, who shepherded the
S tectlonism" and "economic compromise to final passage
ta" today and stamped final called it the "best approach that
essional approval on a modi. could be devised" to continue reci-
version of President Eisen- procal trade while protecting the
her's reciprocal trade bill. "proper interests" of American n-.
The compromise measure, con- dustry.
g so called' "protectionist" But Sen. Paul H. Douglas (D-
stures which the administration Ill.), a former economics profes-
as accepted, was sent' to t h e sor, lambasted it as a "milk and
te House for President Elsen- water, emasculated" bill that
on'.'r's assured signature. ;"preserves only the symbol of rec-
The reciprocal trade law techni- iprocal trade.' He accused the
ally expired at midnight 5Juday, President of "surrendering" to
t there will be no break in the' high4riff protectionists.
program because of the brief in-. Sen. Oporge W. Malone (R-Nev.),
val before its restoration to the a bitter foe of the entire reepro-I
S o.::. ca trade program labelled t h e
As sent to the White House. the bill "an economic Yalta, a sell out:
ill provides for a three-year ex. of American working men and in-
ision, to June 30, 1958, of the vestors."
democratic founded reqiproval
ade law, and gives the President He said ith woul sign the "death
wer to cut tariffs and added 15 warrant of working men and in-
r cent over that period. dustry."
'ihe House passed the bill Tues- The bill limits the new tariff
ty, 347 to 54. : cuts to S per cent a year for each
The House Ways and M e a n s of its three years.
mmittee, meanwhile, approved This will permit added tariff
other controversial administra- cuts on items already slashed the,
on bill to revamp and streamline full 50 per cent permitted under
customs machinery. rthe previous law. Cuts are linlited
It would lower tariff dutires au- to 15 per cent for items not re,
atically on about one-fourth of duced under the old law. .
tal imports. The most controversial amend-
The two bills, particularly the ment, sponsored by Sen. Eugene,
ecprocal trade measure, com-; D. Millikin (R-Colo.), modifies the
rise a keystone of the Eisenhow-i "escape clause" of the law to
r economic foreign policy calling make it easier for industries to!'
more trade between this coua- seek tariff protection. However,
'y and the free world. The chief the President still has power to
ecutive has been seeking ap- turn down such appeals.
royal of the measures since Jan.I The customs bill approved by
ary 19. the House committee affects only
minal Senate debate was marked "ad valorem" duties-those which
y sharp, conflict among Demo- are set as a percentage of a pro.
!rats as to whether the comprom- duct's value rather than a fixed
se measure was a victory f o r sum of money. It would stream-
'protectionism," as Speaker line the present complicated sys.
am Rayburn and other Demo- tern for figuring the value of im-
rat, charged in the House. ported products. The decrease
Sen. I a rry F. Byr4 (D-Va.), would average about 2.5 per cent.

ter Says State Quashed

Testimony In Florida Case

TALLAHASSEE, June 17 (UP) name of the physician who al.
-A Negro newspaper reporter told legedly made the examination. He
the Cabinet Pardon Board today said the doctor has left the state
that the notorious Groveland rape to practice elsewhere.
ease which already brought death "This Is news to me," Collinas
to two Negroes and life imprison- said, recalling that all the avi-
ent to another may never have dence indicated no medical exami.
occurred. nation was made on the girl who
PC. A. Irvin, representing t he identified her alleged assailants.
*ampa Bulletin, said he had Infor- The reporter said if the board
nation the State may have sup- would give him time, he'd look
pressed madlal testimony t h at for the doctor "at my owa ex*
uld have shown no rape was pense "
mmitted. Hl claimed to kno I Colllns said if Irvin ,would give
fhe nme of a physician who al- the man's name to the Stateo Pa-1
i gedn examined' the y oun 5 role Commission, it would be-offi.
e arole lapm Wife, but wa cially investigated.
evere lt s h-wi es I He spill 1 rd planned to
H1e-afted to .the BoaR lha li- take : 'i"i'l Weemksday
hal I ori the'le Of i alt el in tel t
condemned to di in the e-life
chair for the dely pub- I
icu ease which touched off a ; -M_
ions .in Lake County in thi sum-"'
tier of 949 9
The reporter is not related to
he condemned man.
O he the Negroes -accused m
in, y ones aliV. m
SGreenlea, 1 at the time, 4 1 S
w a life sentence because of
is youth. Ernest Thotmas wa s
ot down by a posse is Madison
Sand Lake County Sheriff
MeCall killed Samuel Shep-
and wounded Irvin while Sometimes 'the couple waiting
rNig them from the prison to for t sh 1 In ny get
a trial tor a second time. lo raft o cki n lyget,
frvtn declined to give Gov. Le-
Collins d tMe 'board thea


r ~ '- -i i l s wfw* k j
MARDIVag causAe .
com mmn ocwu
asUMouS me



- ~L 14 ~

r...~ AN


I T. K q, U.v Pat O n.
C t. 1966 by NA .. ..1.on. W ..
S"It's a swell movie tonight, Eddie, and if you start on the
drums right now, Dad will get us there for the first show!"

TINY HEATER IS HOT ITEM--The Plerta dri.e-w restaurant,
in 'ilwa'kee Wis, is the first such place located In the cold zome!
of tht. S. to beequippqd to operate on a year-round basis. Secret
is those "boxes" extendiAp over tb.restarajt'a So drive-in baya.1
Inside each is a new- heater that can warm up both patrons andl
carhops who attend them. This is by mens of tiles.only 1% by 2-
Incbes in size. They are porous, and by an infrared process each*
can throw upwards of 1600 degrees of heat against an object with.
out heating the air between. A German Invention, It has been used:
throughout Europe for such purposes as cooking heating factories
and melting ice, A license has just been granted to a Cleveland,I
Chlo. stove maenuacture and dltrlbate the heaters.

tW/4aef 0a-ib
: 'Jr *fA *

rid bay

u'oamiwom Nw Limu
w*as sem
Do=" PiW

.The Last Word

I 4

a '~

4~~~St4ma IfINHI.

last Brewang, Dec



.' ***.*%..

- nmg



V I-''

#Ar^ .7

EducationA ps'



LI .

Ordered Home


Down, Boy!

U&M s O WEw w%
ml"o V& R ,W %
r. w mm eo m.a


*HP ^ r r* LOM(1WP
COUITRY 10 7)1
J WOi u ANMi cMe

JEI -9.


naim ti

. YoU AYOU Pi 60fi 1 O BLOWUP
PDLC 4PeA1itew At
Y CNATTi p16
llTHH 661B.,.. -
9aI te PAItTy
V Ll PAS 4

5% t.50 Of11t14 vm %wAt &0 6 90tL
NOR-m mSpI 900so q %l

The Wreckage

MU 1 N
AM T iMi I /
K ILU H | ro


.Oh, Rose!


/ 4T; ;


SI L*SLIt t11516


WI I.. Wnu lAn


'I~I~F~s51E~'';C~:t~"I;'"!:~ '

- -V-4 : '
'. *.


'._ .

Ci. H HM fcl. 'tT



'.: ; ..
5'.. .-

............... ........... .: .

to &Pt.MblNE IN *AT

R tues P mave e.aI i out IAa
leas call between 3-5 pm. otar dua- couNiWok, sVOeAI one
4r4H be hold at the box oWNee. aoea Nau uorhas tue Ltec w u
Favorite l neruvan wan1e n rer-
is more of good cooking 'eru
nJa& Aathozny Barr, son Of Mr. an wae t"ea ut 0i c o u e.o o ta
dY .M P. J. Barr was cris*- would *alea e. he ousanoang-
ed Aftunday by Father Prior y Moon oon iLuna w Ate-
t St. Mry's Church in Balboa. nan M tooit resaants rat n ar,
God parents were John Barr of ,an ,s mte cam ni ranama, M we
Syra use, New York and Mary nases. 're imen me restaursaca
Anderson of Fresno, Cal. Mr. Mi- o me city on ue tamac we r e
chaei Bequette and Miss Helen 6 those FaT spectLaizeu in D reAoen-
]Barr ated as proxy godparents. taLNan Ui.a bl a as.u u8 e LA4nW-
A reception was held at thn euan urencueu, Maurye u s. "Aue
home of the baby's grandmother, iAunese -nu-s, too, butaid even
Mrs. F. Barr. Those attending the Chinese tradition. Indeed Pe-
were Mrs. Ada McNal, Mrssh iRruvian cookery was overshadowed.
MeNal and son, John, Mr. a n Fortunately, though the o. k-.
M l. J. J. Lukacs, John, Mr. and book was deficient, I did wheedle1
Mrs. J. J. Lukacs, Mr. and Mrs out of our cook her recipe for the'
J. Cicero,Mr. and Mrs. Alfred famous:
Graham, Mr. and Mrs. Graham. | _E CO
Jr., Sgt. and Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. I PASTEL DE CHOCLO
Metevipr, Mr. Thomas Moore Mr. I
Bequette,-Mks Lita Corrigan and (Corn & Meat Pudding
Mr. an Mrs.- P. J. Barr. 4 fresh eas of corn (grated)
Forb.'. -i e o rgcup om
New 0 x rk Vaation 1 lb. sugar
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Forbes of % teaspoon cinnamon
Ancon, C. Z. are among the egg yol ten
sengers sailingtOn the Panama 1 e yolk .eate
Line Boat Saturday.They
.to spend their vacation in teir Mix all of the above together
camp in Nor then N.Y The Irand add 1 egg white beaten.
daughter.Joan. w.h Ts in r Have ready the following filling:
train Jo Denver ,who nera lb. "s.rund beef brownedwith..
pital, Colorado plans to join them. smal onion
mT heison, i James is receding hisso 5J10 ties pen
pre inary training as a 2nd. Lt. he tomato
D ".Ar, .A..e" t In the Signal Corps at Ft. M o- cup raisins
.mouth, N. J. The Forbes expect to On the bottom of a square bak-
M .'orl l Mw return to the Isthmus Sept. 1. ing dish place one half of the'
Eduard Carpente, Flautist corn mixture. Then add the layer
..... feTo Be Heartd Mozart Concerto of the meat filling and top with
DR. AND MRS. OCTAVIO FABREGA Eduardo Charpentier, young Pa- the remainder of the corn mi-
py as go.- ture. Place at one, in a hot oven
o- Dnamanitwanaflautisut, wiol P fo 5-10 minutes and then lower
Jicestas next Wednesdal', Jnte 22 temperature for an hour more.
DR. A RobetS JmVn lFAB GA Botnhan amaWednesdNatJunaemintes2adth
FLY T*Q .X.4'AN MI SARY .at the National Theatre. The or-
.. ,-- chestra will be directed by Mae-
tA 1gan s. velry early this morning by air Panama's tro Herbert de Castro. THIS WEEK'S SALE
mi4ift. of oreidgn aions and-aMrs. Fabrega will arrive in Charpentier Jr., who has studied
San Clebeaeo for the events marking the 10th anniversaryT f in the United States and Europe IS A
the fouqding of the United Nations In the same city. Dr. Fa- under eminent teachers, will oe
brega will head the Panama delegation. From there the Fa- the soloist in Mozart's Concerto FATHER'S DAY
bregnas intend to fly to New York and Boston for a few days for flute and Orchestra in C ma-
vaclon before returning to. Panama. A few days ago the jor, which is consideredone of the SPECIAL
otho n mbers of Panama's delegation Dr. Ricardo J. Alfaro most beautiful works of the com-
an4!r. Roberto Jimenes left via Braniff Airways also. poser.
The National Orchestra will play ... imed to solve your
m an ie orphanages. The curtain wiL rise for the first time in Panama one SIFT PROLEMS
v Amer ica n SocietJyop a ath8:0 epc. ri.of Charpentier's compositions. U I OLS
o Celebrate e July 4 a cetdt 8:00ph".aTickets for this concert will be Billfolds. Briefces. Travel
Theo President of the Republic "Accent on Youth, Berdway on sale at theDepartment Of Fine Kits, Keyhlden. S.d mny
tof Paem and Governor of .3thehit comedy, was writtenCby Sam- Arts, Tel. 2-0e. other leather ame of famous
Canal Zone and and Commandingtuel Raphaeslom Scenery for the Speeial subscriptions rates for English, man and America
general o f the Caribbean Cro m- play is beint made by thewell the et of the seriesof concerts mkes.
mand, and their wives will be the known Canal Zone Art League art. are available. r NW
invitedl guest of the Amerihan So- ist, Captain LeN7nacker. 365 Te"'E meD wa. p eL
ciety 'at a buffet dance in celebra- Tickets are sale at the anteAHOEP
tion f te 79th ail b onryof t. JWa ,armed bdees Serv ie" .AN NCN
Deelgrattodiof Inde ence ofe ter o La Boc' Road, my Post f the
United Stales on. p4. at 1:30 Exqanea, h n C:a anal m Pans-uwree o nlt weed oit e Ae.n P.O..
at the HotL "El Panama. mA' Commisparies..Tickets. a ed edbythe
Thqre will be the music of Luis will be sold at the door of th offers' ofter
Azcarraga ad his orche a, fire- Theater n the night of the play. No. 2 when they were the guests
works and nte tainment by the Reservations may be made by of Fern Le4.
local championship Bar o capIng Navy 3773 or Navy 3765. The stated meeting was preceed-
Quartet-The wel l.. "Accent on Youth Tickets" are ed by a dinner served at the An. HOTEL EL PAN
as Other voice and instrumental nw available in Panama at Ca- con Masonic Temple.
grops. wracas Store, calle No. 13 E. They The guest Worthy 'Matron and
Prizes will be awarded to the also may be obtained by calling Patron were M r s. Wilhelmenina ANNOUNCE
loudest sport shirts don exhibit on Miss Mary Alice Price, telephone Budge and Mr. Worden French.
Tickets will be available from 34-02, this is a Panama number. (Continued en Page 9))
the members touie Gomez, Fred "MIS!
Gerhardt Joe Harrrinton, Frank
Raymond, Dick Dehlinger, 8 c o I-
lay Moore, Jim' Ridge, Ro b bie New Shipo ent of
Robins Jack McGrath, Otto Haus- Due to circumstances
'man, PauI Sidebotham, Bob Boyd,. R SE I D tcuNe
Jot Ctuningham. Fritz H ui mnph- 'h-Ew VAodisoninuthL"
ries, Dan Pq'nta% Bill .chml dt, W Y KEW NNto discontinue the "
and Jim. Quick. D^.-.L1- __h ^.--1 A r .n.or

Anita ID Ie
Arrives m States .
Miss,Anita D'Anello is again in
Panamv for her school vacation.
She ardiv4 Tuesday accompanied
by her mother, Mrs. Victor D
Leigh Cramer Arrived
On S. L. acon
After attending the marriage of
his daughter, Anne, on June th'
at West Point Mr. Leigh Cramer
of the National City Bank returned
to Panama Wednesday, Ha wife,
Margret, will remain e
States antil June 21th visiting with
her family in Kansas City.
Cocktail. Danee ReUnole
For College Set
Mr. Andrew P. Urn entertained
last evening at the Stranger's Club
with a cocktail party in honor of
Miss Juanita Brungardt and Missi
Diane Parker of Kansas City, Miis-
souri. One hundred guests of the
young college set from both sides
of the Isthmus were invited. A
buffet dinner was served followed,
by dancing.
ot. GuoA Officers' Wives
Plan Laebee At El Panma ,
The Fort Gulick Officers" Wives'
Club announces that the luncheon
originally scheduled for Thursday,
June 16 at the El Panama ha s
been postpoed until Thursday,
June 23. Baues will tour the post,
beginning at I a.m. on the morn-
ing o the 23rd, and will atop at
regu.r. school bus stwps to 'pick I
up those women plannm to at-
tend. Cancellations and additional
reserattns should be phoned to
Mrs. Ha 4tefn 88.47, no later
thaa Monday, June 21.
Sbewe Uiveu eFor Arsta Carerbne
At Mutt Van Beerde's
In lorfMissAurita Carbone.
whose marriage to Join AbrttonI
wil take place on the Nth of this
montk, a miscellaneous sh o wear
and a'.as given by Mr. Marit.
a F. -deM Mis Maritwa i
van Us,. Mb Mya Ferna-
*z as, SoMso Madtovm at
beM v! te residence om

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the title role. Others heading the impressive cast include
Edmond O'Brien, Marius Goring, Elizabeth Sellars, Valen-
tina Cortesa, Roasano Brazzl. Mari Aldon and Warren
In addition to producing and directing the picture, Jo-
seph L. Manklewlcz. four time Academy Award winner, also
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s beyond our control, we have deemed It advisable
lisa Panama" Contest announced a few weeks ago.

We would like to express -our regrets for any inconvenience this decision
has caused, and at the same time to express our appreciation to
"-* the following individuals and companies:
Sthe seven distingulihed ladles and gentlemen who were going to serve as udges.
THE LOCAL PRESS AND RADIO for their cooperation this year and In the past
n- giving the public the news of the contest.
* THE MISS UNIVERSE BEAUTY PAGEANT, sponsored by the City of Long Beach,
California and Catalina Swim SuIts, which had Invited the winner to represent Panama.
* AEROVIAS PANAMA AIRWAYS (APA) which had offered the five finalists a reund
trip ticket to Miami, Florida,.


* THE HOTIL BISCAYNE TERRACE In Miami which had Invited the fina4ihts to be
is guests for one week.
* MRS. LLONA SEARS who was training the girls for their publie\appearances.
* CHAL'S IBEAUTY SALON which was In charge of hairdressing and make-up of the
eeMAlACTOR fo r their make.p classes and
* MAX FACTOR for their make-up clses and essmeHc to be used In the presentations.

* MIRCURIO for the lewelry used in the preentation.

* the following s ltor wt e port and evening fashlns were going to be modelled
by the Mis Panamia sdidates:

Almanca The
NPlh B. Madure, S. A.


PreMsb asar
Junior Bmer

And we would also-Io thIank th-publle In general
for its interest and past support.



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Av. 7a Cntrl 17-18 (102)

Ave. 7a. Central 17.18 (102)





, ... A "






Phone Panama 2-0552

5 te 10 pjn.-Adultb..Pre-to
f & Taongers. By appointment on
Morneming......B..elboe 2-42
S After 5 p.m..... Penme 3-1i

Caralt ae Dental Polycu
Dr. C. 1. Fabrega D.D.S.
Dr. C. A. Roy D.D.S.
De's! Prane .
TIll (4th of Jul ) Ave. No. 21
(ppoaWte Anon School PlaypeU
Telepbono 2.-i i-Pansmi.
L -

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Ab.4 andFdu. oaltA
(Palmer Graduates)
5 Pero Avenue Tel. 3-1a
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bth of July Ave. & J IL.
fut. Atmm..... Ave, -aS


LI Household

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als, consult Mr. Geonileo.
ECONOGAS. S.A.. Phnes 3-
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2145-A Curundu. Phone 4294.

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cover, $85; dining table and 6
choirs $25. Ft. Kobbe 84-3179.
FOR SALE: Chinese served
desk and furniture, lamps, ven-
etian bltnds. Set. end Sun., 3
p.mi to)5 p.m. 6216 Los Rios.

1R La Cauiullle
Catrl Ave. 45
No. 8aS LEtm Fsm


FOR SALE:-1950 Jeep "Lend
Rover." perfect running condi-
tien. Can b seen at "La Me-
doeM" Esue es Station o 50th
Street, seller Vista.

FOR SALEr 1948 Packard.
$550. Coll 2-2964. Houe 0932
Ameder Reed.

FOR SALE.-'48 Chevy, excep-
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FOR SALE:-1952 Buick Super
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230 Colon.
FOR SALE: 1949 Chevrolet
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FOR SALE: Bargain. 1947
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Colon, R.P.

FOR SALE:-1952 Plymouth 2.
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lon, R.P.

*** = -=** **** c..-
elbitrev ood trans ortation Fo

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f Cml Av m. 149 Centa Ave.
'Ap ". S e.. m n ..


S BOX 2031 ANCN, C.Z.

FOR SALE:--Radeio Hllicmher
SX62. 450 Kc. to 108 Mc. in 6
bends,. 105-250 volh. 25 end
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FOR SALE:- Miscal I a n n a u s
houehold oeeds: beds, electric
fan. reffrigereor, seron. plants.
Phone Balboa 4171. House
0584-D, Ancon.

FOR SALE.-New 30-geion gas
bot weter heater, chrome dinette
sat, portable 75 r.p.m. reoord
player. Call 3-6286.
FOR SALE: Croftsman belt
osnder. universal motor, carry-
ing case. extre belts; point spray
gun with filter, paint and air ad-
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pleteo set dance drums, bass
sare, tom-tens, hi-hat, cym-
bes, drummer throne. Phone
Balboa 2-2440.
FOR SALE: Golf clu bs, 2
woods, 6 Irons, I putter. Phone
Gembeo 6-441.
COMPETENT and RoeieblfPiano
Tuipr Technielan. Cborge mod-
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screened $65. Beliserio Porras
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Phone 2-2316 or 3-0234.

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furnished epItment $110. Tiv-
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FOR RENT:-Small apartment,
completely furnished, $90. Gle-
riele Building, oess from Hotel
El Panama. Inquire Fete Holcon

FOR RENT:-Furlished 3-room
apartment. Phone Casper, Bal-
boa 2-4395. 3:30 to 7 p.m.
FOR RENT:-AII screened mod-
ern 2-bedroom apartment in El
Congrlio. Call; during oflce
hours 2-2575; afteroffice hours

FOR RENT--Furnished 2-bed-
oom apartment, G.I. only, $80
monthly one family; $90 if two
families. Phon 3-5047, First
street end of Golf Heights.

FOsIt's coftAS.s.. ies
eat Setua-rea. Low ate.-

WILLIAMS'e Be ut 18Cl.a ch
CwOutes -- Memak
tien, 2-bedree. Phase b.lem

Shropnel's frnished houses on
beach at Sana Clara. Telephone
Thempm.. lbAss 1772.
PHILLIPS Ocam de Cottae.
Sana Clar. SIx 435. lelboa.
Phone Pnim 8 -1877. Criist-
bel 3-1673.


SInteretinl elellenling dre-
meic. Cl for teen-agers
and young adult,. For informa-
tien call: Jean Barest, Panam
MAKE piano playing your hob-
by. Classal end popular music
taught. Zqs Bennett, Phone 2-

or pro teens and tenagers.
Registration for ballroom dance
class will be June 25th at 10:00
a.m. Balboa YMCA and 1:00.
p.m. Ponames Hotel Studio.
16- 1a hours lessons end free
dance book oll for $10.00.
Don't iust think about self-im-
provement, action alone produces
resuloes Use your vacation pe-
riod to "re-do" yourself, you'll
feel better and olok better. Tel-
aphone Lione Snrs, Panama 3-

__________R________T .g p r_., .o9 Ir .46 7-5 Ls Cru- FOR RENT:-2-bedroom apart-
Packers -S5 ippr- Mo *rs WANTED:- RADIQ TECHNI- $ S225. Coll erl R. Pearson, Tel. cea, Balboa. ments itting-dining room, mold's W nted to u
SFO SAL 230 Colon, roome independent seice andedtoBuy
Phone* 2-241. 2-2562 CIAN. Experience in electronics. r, ____________ _inpnnt rvic and
S Leos Ridin at Part time work for U.S. firm. FOR SALE: 1954 Chevrolet r SALE age.$70. 4th Ave. No. 5, WANTED TO BUY: Youth
PANAMA RIDING SCHOOL Factory expert will train you in Iel Air 4-door. W/Power Glide, .', Sep Fronisco. Phone 3-2317. bed and mattress; else youth
Riding & Jumping classes deily Paname. Occasional short trips. radio, 2-tone, w/w tires, 10.000 MotOr ycles chair. Phone 2-35
S 3 to 5 p.m. Pho**e 3-0279 All expenses and sly. School miles. Coll Smoet & Hunnicutt, FOR RENTL:-Tw*obodroom fur-
or by ppointment- begins June 14. Write experi- S.A., Phone 800 Colon. FOR SALE -Wis-er motorbike, nished department, hot water, re-
FOR SALE:-' 195 Oldsmehile 25-133!. 'No. 27, Della Vista. raF ln
WANTED:-Man or women who 4-door 88, with hydremotic, s. ra-
had experienceiln outside sellh g dio...y.mod condition $1200.V
hStik.aboo to merchants PX' end Com- Cell Sm St & ,unnicutt. S.A., y Showdown V
lh 'OteC pIBig'm...I".,'"m, .Col e.. I """ 3 HoU Strafe gy Session ,
S is B plaen commission. Most Reser s il
e Tavre Curtains speak bothlensuges, Spmnich FOR SALE: 1950 Commer. On W
lIM or Weed Jalousle a end English. Write end icto Pick-up, duty paid, for $200.
c -S Wet e S-4sa 4. M hd e piiih.- _iagS For M iHue.g WA.i Molofov WASRHINTON, une 17 (P)-
i -m tin, I Vl*The Swen Armd service e Comn
: Obligaton!. |ple mas, at Pa.eo o AoiAe- FOR SALE:- 1952 NHek Am-- Smittee has agreed to hold a show-
ieo. Penama, R. de P. bessedor 4-door with .to ie, up- down vots today on whether to
Distributed by ,.helstery, duty -aid, very g od NEW YORK; June 17 (UP) it clear that the Kremlin opposes launch a drive to rescue President
co dfrn. For $o00. CeH 230 The Big Three foreign minsters any talk of international commu- Eisenhower's stalled compulsory
Productos.d i v ade StrongArm ,Cola. .P., Opened a two-day strategy session nism or of proposals for the with- military reserve plans.
Yesterday to prepare for their drawal of Soviet armed f o r ces Chairman Richard B. Russell
co Ave.(betwe od FOR SALE: 1951 Chevrolet ieg with Soviet Foreign Min- from the satellite countries-issue (D-Ga.) announced the decision
N bu a & Filth Ave. Store)s (Contsim" f( noPag*, 1) Conv"SIbs., Power Gol. with later M. Molotov 1h San Fran- of paramount interest to the West. after an hour-long commi t t e e
nent aelkd the big B noa new point ireob. Cnll Smo-t cseo next week. Instead, the Russians would like meeting. He said the group will
'Ares newspaper "La Prena" Hunncu and tires 80 CalenlSmt The Big Four ministers are to talk about atomic control, dis- vote on tht question of holding
and etdnguishd the last lUrn- Hunnicut. Phone 00 Colon. scheduled to meet during the armament, withdrawal of Western hearings on the program, a key
mer of a free press In Argentina. FOR SALE:-1949 Packard 4- United Nations' 10th anniversary forces from Germany and Europe, part of the administration's long-
Z. Z. CAR OWNERS! Eva Peron died In 95 at a door seodn, new paint lob. Cell commemoration in San Francisco the Formosa issue and a sent for range. military plans.
win the ar to by a Cond- trme when her own power and Smoot & Hunnicutt, Phone 800 to plan for the first meeting in Red China in the U.N. The program calls for creation
Is cs tuHe antr t eonsura influence rivaled her husband's. Colon 10 years of the chiefs of state of A controversy was expected of a 2,900,000-man ready reserve to
infu Since her death Peron has tak- their countries. when the three Western ministers back up the active military fore.
en steps to all but deify her ,FOR SALE: 1953 Dodge 4- Their chief task will be to pre- sit down with Molotov to map the es.
memory. The name of the city door Sedan, very good condition. pare the agenda to be discussed agenda. It bogged down in the House
of La Plata was changed to "Eva fluid drive. For $1275. Cell during the "summit" meeting To prepare for it, Secretary of when Southern Democrats rebelled
SPeron" and her pictures began Smoot & Hunnicutt, S.A., Colon July 18 at Geneva, amongPresi- State John Foster Dules, British against an amendment barring as-
lCNTINENM to appear in a se unmistakably 800. dent Eisenhower, British Irime Foreign Secretary Harold Macmil. signment of reservists to segre-
IAUT Lasugestin ar inthood. F SALE: -- 1952 Hillm Minister Anthony Eden, Fr ench lan and French Foreign Minister gated National Guard units.
SUALTY CMN Last year, Pro, for reasons FOR SALE: 1952 HiPremier Edgar Fare and Soviet Antoine Pinay met at Wave Hill, Defense leaders originally
o. .e,/s., L... never fully understood, began a Min Converble, ood cndi- Premier Nikolai Bulgasn. the official residence of Sir Pier- sought to get the Senate to rescue
*I 4-1 *" 0' calculated campaign against the tion $600. Fort Kobbe 84-3178. Russian broadcasts have made son Dixon, British ambassador to the program by including it in a
-"- """ '" Roman Catholic church, which FOR SALE:-"MG" Sports Road- the U.N. bill to extend the draft law four
S claims more than 90 per cent of so, low mileage. $675. No TWO-CAR GARAGE Tomorrow, they will switch their years. This strategy was abandon-
the Argentine population as trade. Phone Colon 74 office talks to the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, ed when Russell warned it might
roasmms nSu omrale members. hours, Mr. Roski. CINCINNATI -(UP)- Williamfor morning and afternoon meet. backfire and wreck chances for
12 T AvA. Keller, general sales manager ins. Wet German Chancel l o r renewal of the draft.
S .u ru. a t. o. ew en To for Studebaker, predicted here Kenrad Adenauer is scheduled to. Administration leaders now are
(A o rt oWSn I 0 AUIZ WtsaiJ- mI Three that 45 per cent o all American attend the afternoon meeting. trying to get the Senate to pass
N -Mdiat W estrnThee W Pffamilies will have two cars by Both Maemilman and Pinay ad. its own reserve bill in hopes, the
RuSSi s Mootov 1965. At present, he said,15per vised caution against spectacular segregation issue can be avoided
S Acent oallmilies have two cars,when new measure reaches
LATI S.CHOOL Or DANCE Over. CBS-TV Call In Adenauer a 300 per cent increase over six No "miracles" could be expect. the House floor.
mm-s| classes In Tap. Acrobatic years ago. ed from the summit conference, Russell told reporters today's
I aytan .nd ad Thursday NEW YORK, June 17 (UP) Pinay said, but he added: discussion centered on the issue
i%- 3 Soviet Foreign Minister V. M. ence, time will be wasted in de- "The way is open to us for re of whether the Senate group should
w t 104. e rSCenter. Molotov has agreed to be ques- bating its adoption. laxation of international tensions order hearings on the reserve
I E fStn cA ~ S.M" tioned by American newsmen on NEW YORK, June 17 (UP) The ministers spent, much of if we are outspoken, clear-sighted plan "in the absence of any as-
|. i Tap abnd Ae-nbatie. the CBS "Face the Nation" radio The Western Big Three foreign their time discussing the far and determined. What is called surances that it would be approv-
1; Pn. BaI z-4iss, and television program, it w a s ministers today called West Ger- eastern crisis and disarmament, for, as President Eisenhower has ed by the House this seion.
announced today. man Chancellor Konrad Ade- both topics which Russia was said, is a frank approach on -both
CBS said Molotov's acceptance nauer into their strategy meet- considered certain to raise at sides to the problems facing the
was contained in a telegram from ing to learn his attitude toward the summit session. East and the West."
TH his official party. The network Moscow's bid to open diplomatic
WAS H ONG M FAINE said it was te first time any top relations with his country. I. 1 A I
WASHING MACHINES Russian leader has agreed to sub- Secretary of State John Foster IuI1 T" gio AdVenures
Parts -Sales Servie mit to newsmens' questions before Dulles. British Foreign Secretary
MNuebleris CASA SPARTON a nationwide audience. Harold Macmillan and French
Central 26-79 Molotov is en route to San Fan- Foreign Minister Antoine Pinay Presents
.Central 26-7'. cisco for the 10th anniversary met for the second day to form
Tel. 2-4591. commemorative session of t he a united front for next week'3
United Nations on June 20-26. CBS San Francisco meeting with So- 114 SALrlIFUL
said the television broadcast will viet Foreign Minister Vlacheslav *OLPN
ISALE: RefriMera-ors.n 6be carried from San Fancisco on M. Molotov. O
SAl:, Refrigerators* Sun ay. June 26, from 3:30 to 4 PLOV I
Iral. brand new, five p.m EST and the radio program! The four foreign ministers ANNUAALLY FLUWB ANl8000
H trs' warranty, no down in e evening, were scheduled to meet Mon- MIL.5 IROUNP.T'.RIP B T1fWBEN -
I *ent, $12.50 month. B day, concurrently with the Unit- 16T N'S TIN~ GROUNPS IN /i% ,v&.r
ed Nationa' 10th anniversary NOTHI.R ANAMA ANP
ebbrW i CASA SPARTON NE commemorative session, to ar- THE Al6 NNTING PAMPAS --- -. .
Central 26-79 TELEPHONE range for the July 18 "summit .. Records r
meeting" of the Big Four heads *" Preamplifi rs
of government at Oeneva. ,a Amplifiers
r 2=2737 Meeting for 2 hours and 40 Amplifiors
i FOR 1AZ: minutes yesterday at Wave Hill, a Horns
tove dern-Mad, LUX VNETIAN BLINDS the official residence of Brit-
ow, one year guar- an's Ambassador to the U.N.,. Maoa
=itee, no down payment, the Western Big Three minis- MahoganyCab
$10.00 month. term agreed that they would MONTHS OF
hlaCASA SPARTON present no agenda for the sum- IAltARE SPN.
Ceantal 26-79. EVERYTHING mit meeting to Molotovr. TrVSIN.i.
The United States accepted the
nIgh fidelity "no agenda" Idea favored by '
From Primary Components Britain and France. The argu-
A g qala .1 weComplete Custom mont was that if an agenda is
33 g G3* Insitallations. put before the Geneva confer- B g

rmvdw eem .shimm

1hy*iciaol Swgrm
SOpened CBlic In
46 o "tlg w 5.,= % g 15
, 1-06 @MI N g Rise
*i~~It **ir -

J. fem. do ba em Awy 1ia a



FOR RENT: 1Beutiflly for.
nishedl og rom., kitchen. Be-
lie Vist, Meuiw AV. 69. Neer
43rd t. Phoew 3-0553.
FOR' RNT -One' or tw fur-
nished moms. private beth, -
ror nd ULted e, I F dei. 7th
Av. N. 1. iMr t afftr
Comlerket II Cto. Phne 1-


FOR RENT:-Concrete cottage:
I bedroom, dining nom, per-
lor. kitchen and gerIe. Lawn
fenced. Far rpnsible party
only. Apply 91-1, Vie Porres.
.FOR RENT -Huse: fur bed-
rooms, dining room, living room,
kitchen, kitchenette, 2 baths,
garage. Phone, from 2:30 to 6
p.m., 3-1222.
FOR RINT:-Unfornishd tweo
bedroom chalet: dining and liv-
ing room. No. 108 15th Street.
Paitille, San Francisco.

FOR RINT: Chelet two bed.
roms, living-dining room, meaid's
room, 2 porehis. Via Prres,
Ceproe4uilla 1st Street No. 55.
Phone 1-1163.

FOR SA the**

m*alkot clk-.: Ib-
for C.Z. retld. Iltmqlhus
Theme* Hidweo mhow bii-
to; PneMMud: Joequb Aqim 1
StMit 7-10S. Apt. -. nPi

Boaut & Motor*

FOR SALE:- Modal "A" ee
ve ted, clutch end pi lr
12"1l3". mter neae re-rin
$85. D. Pofler, Cridsteal Yeht

FOR SALE:-'Cd-hriCrft' boat
kit, Elt outboard mon, "Men-
batten" and "Miehisgn" proml-
Ir end beet accessaries. Ex1-
ive distributor: ANRNATHY,
side street airs from Hotel 11
Panama. Phgno 3-0264.

FOR SAL.-13-ft. liht fishing
bet like new $95; 13 I p. Me.
eury meter, oenxilent condition
$175; M W Zaphr -bout
$100 eI then U.S. price. ABER-
NATHY, side street crea from
Hotel El Pename. Phone 3-


*Ynt *,1



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_ I_

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-. ..' ^ "' I. .
-'" ,. #.- .4 D- 3O ._

Lm8S som .ttItSaWP

with -
with -
fikt" Writton "Ra1dolph Seats

W or' TU _

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S- -- e -- lywt~d TV: There's a big-scree
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knew him by that name. Bobby films brace'ss Warner con
has Officially beconse Robert Dris- fiUbpave th way frne a world
cod, an th e CBS-TV Frot pa the way for a world
SeCBS-TV Front tour for Mr. Keyboard. He'a still
Row- C .deeproduction of "Ah, unknown 0n foreign lands where
Wilderness," he is billed that way *haM are mvies but no TV HiW
for the firit time. Welcome, old- thenl are movies but no TV. bi
for th ritime.Wecome, old- nest'. flicker probably will be his
Incidentally, that play includesU
another innovation in its credits. After a long evening watehin
InSfitd of just reading "Adapta- ay y television, Reader Dolp Sbharp oa t
tion by WHIlan Elkran," it will L. A. came up with this definition:
say "Version for viewing by Wil-Ah
iam Elkren." Ain't we got class! Rocky: See, that's whpt we'll "TV-the home do-it-yourself
S do. Just talk. brainwashing kit."
er w atch the test pattern than bo-. i : It's called 'Henny and From-this column on Jan. 5,
-.!a I've finally found a boxing Rocky. I wanted to call it *A 1951: "Movie film will dominate
aIw I should like. It comes on rock and a Yock' but nobody would TV within four years."
AFTER the bouts over ABC-TV, buy that. Just released research finding:
nRd features benny Youngman and It's better than the fights. "Motion picture film now accounts
features an. They don't fight; for approximately 55 to 60 per rent
t ky Grs e. They don't fight Ed Begley who plays the of TV time and is expected to in-
ey talk. "William Je Bryan" part crease materially in the next few
_the_________ Wind," Is isy embar-
rassed these days. Everyone Margaret Truman is on the verge
comes up and says, "Why did of accepting that CBS offer to be-
'--you and Martha separate?" come a television producer.
They are co g him with' Red Skelton can have his TV
Gale a Drake (CBS-Radio): Martha Raye's husband Ed show.
Most fishermen's wives think of Begley, a dancer. Ator d is I'll take his rehearsals.
their husbands' hobbies as a sim- n i happlly married. He's nev- Worth a mion bucks, they are.
pie matter of a jerk at one end of er even met dancerEd. v Worth a million bucks, they are.
a line waiting for a jerk at the Even after censorship. For every
other *ndr line in the script. Red tosses off

Here's the answer to a heady

three others. For every visual gag,

Youngmau i san old time sock. TV problem. What exactly, does nL aie hs ue o henr Direc.
em-and-sock- em-again compedi. Dave Garroway mean byhis sign. ke the other day when Direc-
an; Grauiane an sold-time sock- off trademark, Peace." Here's ar Jank Donahue cracked a long
'em-and- etsocked fighter, now what Dave himself says about jit buggy whip he us6s as a gag(?)
a comedln and author (of the in "Better Living": "Peace is a lure Red back into the script.
fascinating "Somebody Up There malleable force, To many pepl e comic Immediately bent his
MUst Like me"). Together, they it means freedom from war, whil knees, limply held up his irms
'just sit around an4 talk. tQ others represents a peace like paws and trotted around the
They were just sitting around atmouphere. "rm trying to be a stae.t quipping between barks:
Lindy's, just Wing- about what ce-bringing 'friend in the "Did-yu see me on Toast of the
they were goingto do on the sw. use'- s what hundreds of Town last Sunday"
The dialog ra long trnse lines!1 iM1Aave called me in eir Red about his clowning:
Besaya We'll-H ~t ttal W at er,. 4 I think it's the high. "We rehearse the show 11 dif-
things. Rocky will talk"a 1 cobamplment they can give me. frent ways and it's still different
fight, technically, and m ayb well ,Now .you kpow. when it goes on the air."
have some guests on. Motly, It looks like Walter Abel for the
though, we'll talk. Oae of Stow -business' mest daddy role in the televersion of
Reeky:' I4ke 1'11 say, 'I went versatile entertaJaers is Arthur 'Baby Snooks." He reports to
down to the old neighborhood last 'Lee Smpkins. This singer (dis NBC for contract talks after he
Biaht.' covered, lldeptally, by te winds up a big role with Kirk
Benny: Yeah, they had a cele late Grnuiand Rice) s ing ev Douglas in ndan Fighter."
bration fat him. Staged a holdup. eything ftot operatic arias like
Reeky: A hold-up, get it? 1Vest La.Gbl" to "DaT'y George Dolenz' leading lady
ennoy: You see, the idea is. ,ecket," with stops tI-between in the pilot film for "The Adven-
that's what they did for him. n for "Ell, Ell" t ebrew and tures of the Count of Monte Cris-
the bid neighborEhod-ataged "'Aye Marts" is Latin.He s to" is Faith Domergue. They were
hold-up. "Iavy Crockett" hn the original teamed by Howard Hughes in "Ven
Roeky. Hey, look at this ring, language, toee. detta."
Henny. What do you think of it? -
Memay: That's a nice ring. Dick's Quickie: Margaret Firth, TV the hard way: There's a sep-
Where do you keep the batteries? of "It's Fun to Reduce," says that rate antenna for each station on
Rocky: We'll do things Uike that. the way to a man's heart is the roof of Big Crosby's behind
Just talk. I'll say, 'I can use big through his stomach-not yours .mountain Palm CroSprings home.
words. Don't be absQid.' Hey, Al. Aso three M2000 boosters going up
that's an idea, Henny-you feed the mountain
me some big words. I DELILAH, MODERN STYLE the mountain.
Heny: I don't know any.' ,
Rocky: I went down to the old CIIBOYGAN, Mich. -(UP)-I
neighborhood. The same guys was Cecil Adams' wife didn't like the
there as was there when I live beard he was growing for Che-
there. Sanhe guys standing on the boygan County's centnulal cele-
corner, hollering up to some guy braton. One night wile he was
upstairs, 'Hey, Joey, come on sleeping, she plugged In his elec- P
down.' trick shaver and cleaned one side
Benny: Same in my old section, of his face before Adamp woke -
Bay Ridge ip Brooklyn. I went up. Adams took a look in a mir-
back there. Same guys that were rr,r plugged in the shaver again
there years ago. Funny. and took off the rest of the beard,



. h.



So many waye e use em, and
Ive"y sd ,eMk egl to k

Sauce with Meat is really t
spsbghet b.r also is delidi
andeven with
make n ude
of using this

O --
John Emery started mixing TV
emot"i with film acting in '1M0,
but hes still marveling at tplevi-
dsop's impact. He was in movies
fo years "and only a few people
recognized me. About a year ago I
was on an 'I Love Lucy' show and
the next day policemen were help-
ing me across the street. A prowl
car pven took me home one morn-
Ing at 2 a. m. Before TV I could
drp dead on the street and they
wouldn't even get out of the car."
Louis Hayward and "The Lone
Wolf" have called it a day with
309 films in circulation. Future
sleuthing will be confined to a cou-'
ple of movies.
Channel Chatter: Janet Leigh's
wondering out loud if she's the kind
of doll Jack Webb's romantic fans
dreamed about. They've been ask-
ing for a romantic Webb and Jan-
et's his girl in "Pete Kelly's Blues.
"Bbt," Janet is wailing, "I'm
not playing the kind of a girl he
can take home to his mother. I'
drink too much and run after him'
without shame."
David 0. Selznick again Is offer-
ing 11 of his quality movies to the
home screens. Current asking price
is reported to be a whopping $2,

John A. Spalding

To Reluir In July

From US US Seminary

John A. Spalding, son of the late
Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Spalding of
Colon, Panama, will return to the
Episcopal Missionary District of
Panama from the United States in
July. He left the Church Divinity
School of the Pacific, Episcopal
seminary in Berkely, Cal., on
June 2.
After; taking catonical exansla-
lions in San Francisco, he will go
to New York City for his ordina-
tion to the Diaconate of the Pro-
testant Episcopal Church.
His first position in the Church
in Panama will be at St. Mary's
Church, In Rainbow City Canal
Zone, and St. George's Church in
patun, Canal Zone.
A candidate for H ol y Orders
from Christ Church by the Sea, in
Colon, Spalding studied at Abel
Bravo College prior to going to
Berkeley. While in the United
States he spent one summer in ur-
ban work at St. Augustus' Mis-
sion located on the lower E a st
side of New York City.
He was also seminary assistant
at St. Augustine's Epicopal Mis-
sion in Oakland, Cal., and was
summer program director there
one summer while at the semina-

:E S


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ike to
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tion you can find many ways
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p it always on hs.

he con-
an, add-
r (mMared with she same
a it's hoc, pour it ver the
ready boiled tn sal water.
h road cheese sad taste it!
6lo Um it .widf ric, meat or

YO 1-1'w


. ,' ".

dieberger, ambassador to Yugo-
slavia, has been called back to
Washington to report on the re-
cent Soviet-Yugoalav talks. -

Army's FarEast

Commander Shifted

To FL ,lW person
Lt. Gen. Alexander R. Boiling, 3rd
Army commander, will retire Ju-
ly 31 and will be succeeded by Lt.
Gen. Thomas F. Hickey, c o m-
mander of U.S. Army forces in
the Far East, the Army an.
nounced today.
Boiling is giving up the Ft. Mc-
Pherson, Ga., post after m ore
than 37 years of military service.
Before taking over the 3rd Ar-
my in 1952, he was chief of intel-
ligence in Washington. He was a
division commander in Europe in
World War II.
Hickey, a corps commander in
the Pacific in World War II, has
served as a corps commander in
the Far East, commander of the
82nd Airborne Division a VFt.
Bragg. N.C., and chief of staff of
U.S. forces occupying Austria.


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TIJUANA .......................... 61.10 $ 110.00
LOS ANGELES...' .................. 75.00 13S.00
SAN FRANCISCO .................. 88.60 162.00
CHICAGO ....................... 76.00 162.00


NOTE: For through service fares add $90.00 fare PanamseMexicp
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'14 TIVOLI AVE. PANAMA, R. P. TEL 22522. J


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W..W. w___


. .. .. .r .


S .

1 -s *

.- "



'' ':'




* pL


uert r

WMba for NEA Service CAMBRIDGE. Mass., June 17l b" ipa. y t
(UP)- West German Chancellor now,
SKonrad Adena~e? has urged the "I
SUnited States to "take the initia- if th e tr
,NORTB IS tive" and try to work out a con-.
6 A Q T trolled disarmament plan- through i
l C 3 direct negotiations with Russia. W
K -- 74-a I l a .st...
K 4o Speaking from the paine Her- 'ta ""
VBAIST v ardt University podium where ll,
the Marshall Plan first was _pro. titioan a sr
6'I y BBe10732 p oed Adensuer, said, `.believenAtry of .L" er e
Inr exJrnne 9 tat the decision in this natter of b e
8J6 a1e n disarmament lies within the two to
St a T s great world powers, o United tp G ... i k
oUs .tD) S.tates and the Sovietd Uion." I~.~ sbolof
# J 4 it-he oleuyal -al mbier, Ohio,
SKQ4 Unless the United States and a Moo u tolo there for
A 102 Russia "agree on an Important thietwo years, .. .I inng xped-
A 107 4 step in the direction of o trolled rema race in fid work..
North-4outh vul. disarmament, the present state of loyal a f
Sot W Ner th Ze conflicts short of a major war will the et trip. While, eparing for his ordina-
l N.T. Pans N.T. Panm continue," Adenuer said. 3. P war ston tohediconate in the sum-
sP 1 P1 1The 79-year-old chancellor later element d due to the mer, Moore will be under the su-
flew to New York City where he "frightful t of atocde pervision of his petish priest. His
.bat iag ',yrone Power and Maureen O tiara, lour-time Openig lead- J will meet tomorrow with the Unit. and nhyd ordination will I him to the
Academy Award-winner John Fora's "Te Long ray Line," ed States. British and French for- 4. The Fourconfer- growing n be nativeclergy
in CinemaScope and color by Technicolor, next biggest re- eign ministers. ences take a "more who are being trailed for work in
lease at "LUX" Theatrc. Also sLarred are Robert Francis, When today's hand was played favorable t be this missionary diocese.
Donald Crisp, Ward Bond, Boetsy Palmer and Phil Carey. in tne recent Lntercoiegiate Cham- He will assure them, as he did West now is due to the
The .fIlm is based on Sergeant Marty Maher's autobiogra- pionships, most of the expert. President Eisenhower. that he will entry of W' into the Former layreader, choirmaster,
"phy, "Bringing Up The Brass." Almost entirely filmed at enced collegians bid and payed accept the Soviet invitation to dis- entry of West an into the church treasurer and S u n d a y
West Point. "The Long aray Line" il the story of Sergeant it perfectly. The point of the hand, cuss opening of diplomatic and North Atlantie Treaty gani school teacher at St. Pe t e r's,
Maner's experiences at the Academy as athletic trainer and aluiougn easy to see, was a good trade relations between West Ger- ton and because of he develop- Moorewill address the c h u r
friend to generations of cadets The colorful Corps of Ca- one, many and Russia only after long ment of, military extensive school at the monthly children's
dets figures importantly with Its unmatchable parades and Tle bidding was, of course, sim. and careful eparation. strength in which the U.S. has Eucharist at 10 o'clock on Sunday
maneuvers, and in the re-enactment of many historic plicity itself. South's opening bid In his ad ess, given in Ger- taken the lead." morning.
Scenes from the Academy's pas. The stirring musical back- of one no trump snows 16 to 1 Iman to Harvard alumni after he
ground as erected by two-time Academy Award-winner points, with. balanced distribution received an honorary doctorate of
Mnorris Stolofa. Eward Hope did the script and Robert points, with balanced' diastribudon law, Adenauer said:
Arthur produced. Advt. ans at least three suits stopped. "No security system, however
North, with 11 points in high well thought out and well inteonddqdr
cards, n s that the combined will give peace to the World lt
count, is enough to furnish a fine less a universally controlled di -
r l A play- for game; and he therefore Iarmament program is b-ghit in-.
Sg Ser In an IN O n e / I V s ebids- game without further ado. tobe ing ,
West opens the jack of hearts "Surely, in thi hua world
and South wins the first trick with ours, it i always well tobe ciar. For a complete
S S c i i the queen. Declarer must develop ,an pfarsige.
t n I a s the diamonds to fulfill the con- But substantial progress it
u tract, and he must do so without question of controlled dis.ra ssortment
allowing East to win a trick. The ment will be of decisive Impor.
... "contract would be defeated if East ance in all efforts ,to restore peaee
iORTLAND England, June 17- Lt C E Rhodes a navy were allowed to lead a heart but tothe world.". o S
ttP)) Final death toll stood at doctor, jtAmped up fromG breakfast there is no dnger i t ad e b
13.toda f ai a result of yesterday's aboard the Maidstone' whins 'e .another heart.
exlosion whidh sank the Britash heard the explosion. He donaed a diamondsO there ore pay the *n l Fe i
4 marine Sidon in Portland Har- mask and. climbed into the Sidond iam ids by ducking a. damond s l Fex'SDIV0
b+ which was tied up alonsidetrick to West. After winning the B e,-
Rhodes went a long idemen first trick ith the quees of Being Observed F OR FA
ihe entombed victims included giving first aid and 'brought out hearts, South leads a spade to A ...b F
f mr e a injuebd dummy's queen and returns a lowoh
i+ rescuers who rushed aboard oneijured man..Hethen reenter- d E. Atat ualnt A lbans o
thd submarine from its mo tIh e r ed the submarine and never came,"o...........pla- "w- ten
shp immediately after the blast, out. course, and South finesses the ten The patronal festival of St. Al.
a several members of the of diamonds. ban began today and will conti. See ur Spec- D isplays- .
Io n's crew who were on deck An Admiralty spokesman said South doesn't expect this fines ue intil next Thursday'at Parai- S
went below to offer aid, the powerful propellant that fires to win the trick. He `is' so.
e Sidon was 'lying alongidee thetoedo from the tube. explod- to lose the trick to West's Jack. On Sunday Hol Communion will
th depot ship Maidstone taking ed in the forward torpedo space Bu now West cannot endanger the be celebrated at8 a.m. and at
on# torpedoes when an explosion of the 217-foot craft. contract no matter what he re- 7:15 p.m. the guest reacher at W
se t 'mushrooming geyser of yel- turns. South Is ready totaketh vespers will be the ev. John Seon
10 smoke and flames through The blait ripped open the bow. ace and king of diamonds, after pear of St. Peter's La Boca. F.
conning tower hatch. The torpedo was not fitted with which .I.fmm as remaining da Every evening a vsi" clergy.- 5 dent
wmen scrambled out of the a-warhead. monds : il l egbod. Declarer man will occupy the p until 1,tend
g, quivering vessel and div- A "MAlib smasit" flash from 'the makes his -contract with four dia the close of the tfeostivaon Thurs- Russ
ed into the sea. Admiralty sent submarine rescue monds, U e spades, one heart, day. b
but 30 crewmen managed to .machinery into its biggest opera- and one C ,Other guest preachers will be (-V
es pe before the Sidon slid to the tibon sine.i tjffa~ ~ k inte .. the Archdeacon of Panama, the M
om of the muddy harbor 20 English Chit fi'Api 41 ~1 Archdeacon of Col6n, lev, Father P nom6
m utes later.. wt the a p 5 lives. H of St. Christopher's, Rev. sa
a 'survivdrs were taken to J. Renew, and Rev. Roger .. worl
als with injuries. t An officer aboard e athe n eafvsoe ,Greene.edi
s the vessel lay in 36 'feet 'Atitdescribed the explosion as "a ter- G-ee.
V r 1,000 feet offshore frognire rifle thud."nt4
divers tapped along the length rn- e
e hull. There was no answer. "Men were clambering o u t. Pres
P.L. Thomas, first lord of the Others were helping out the injur-ta
A iralty, announced in the aed and laying them on. the deck. d
Sse of Commons: "I regret to There were others who just stag- Effectve vidayl
s that three officers and 10 rat- geoed through the tower and jump-ta
in enlisted men are definitely e d I y te o the water. At one time Th
w to be missing and must there were about 20 men hi the quen
be resumed dead." waters" the officer said. eign
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I TODAY- 0.75 0.40
| Also: I
8hort in CinemaScope:


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'.aV.I S.M LL II
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* mbleet t




00 ts r,
ROUND their
TRIP the


It's a tough master to become recognized as a fine ac-
tress if you're a beautiful girl, but Ava Gardner may be
well on the way to making it. In Joseph L. *Jankiewles
"THE BAREFOOT CO 8SA." Technicolor film release
soon at the "Central" Theatre. Ava has th dramatic role
of her life, a gamut-runnet from AAA to ZZ.
With her performance in "Mogambo," Ava began to
break through the crust of skepticism concerning her tal-
ent (there has never been even the slightet question about r
her beauty) and won an Academy nomination as Beat AC-
"THE BAREFOOT CONTESSA" la a romantic drama in
Technicolor made on location abroad with Ava Grdner,
Humphrey Bogart, Edmund O'Brien, Valentine Contesa and
Rossano Brazzi. Advt

Senators Clash Over Ike's

lan To Meet With Russia
ASHINGTON, June 17 (UP)- fall, said .the President's foreign
ite Republican Leader William policy is to "cooperate in the cur.
Knowland has defended Presi- rent Communist peace offensive I
-Eisenhower's decision to at- by having this country play ...
the Big Four conference with "straight man' for the' Soviet."
sia against a slahlng atta'ek He said the Geneva meeting can
Sen. Joseph R. McCartry lead only to a Soviet victory, "not
Wbi.) because the adizitiration wi11
eCarthy, in an angry Senate deliberiely throw-M e game, but
ch, charged that the admi*-I because it has agreed to play
fion was preparing the free with a4eek that has been- etacs
d's "worst efeat since the ed Igaist us."
of the second war" by a-. Kiwls nd who has exp- ed
ing to attend the Geneva talks doubts about the Bi Four meeting,
Smooth. disputed MCarthy's contend tion
lowland replied he is a ure the Western powers could bargain
ident Eisenhower and Secre- only about concessions40o the Reds
of State John Foster Dulles such as neutralization of German
"do everything to protect the ny.
interests of is country asd He said he had seen no indica4
free world." tion by the President or Du:Il e
be Californian, himself a fre- that this country favors neutralize
it critic of administration for- in Germany.
policy, declared: ie added that the "reason" for
We are not bankrupt in our ne- West German Chancellor Kenrad
eating policies; we have power Adenauer's visit here "was/ to
cause concern to the Soviet make very clear-that the numtra-
II llzation Oft Germany in; not being
srlier, Sen. Mike Mansfield bargained at Geneva."
Month ) urged the nation to put Ge. .
President when he goes to the n or UI iUU I
ibly fateful meeting next Wthe L1o1V19
ansfield said the Big Four par- re l iVulIal
might lead to new hope tor a rodB .U.l.
eful world. He pleaded that /
leaders be spared from "Yal- EmlBoV nl Rise
eeriminations" and those who ployVent Rho
uld question their motives or WASH GTON, June 17 (UP)-
patriotism." WASRINGTON, June 17 (UP)-
cCarthy, who split'openly with The Labor Department' predicted
administration following h i s today that the pick up aK indus-
mal censure by the Senate last trial enploymen w ill continue
during the next 30 days nad pos-
S" siby even accelerate if f re are
jno serious sies.
4 tu _Deparea.tment l at
S*TODAY fa eaecas hincomte tm, at
0C 3fI five months of 196 totaie hbout
_,, is*
.. .. I d.o0,,e.. or o er cept d
d w -" th etanparable period "lwt )4.
SOWs2:. ,:5s ~ 4 C The two reports follow6 ,'d d.
.#M- -1:h i'*. eral Reserve Board findin.L that
the nation's economy is 4mlll.
HE SURPRISE HIT OF first alf of 15 at a newow
pace,"a probly close to a 2,11
THE'YEAR! ouut rat,ot 375 illn doi
tTH YAR! ti~oentment economist 6 h01
tfor furrther impravy
The high spot for the economy are go gh
probably not at at the same st rate
A... .j of the past nine months.

AexcIemenI, I UII

l11 I "


Th Labor De tmentD asd (be
Job picture in eight major* idus-.
sinl centers has improved suffi-
ciently to remove them., rom the
category of "auhstAntia-.une m-
ployment" to "moderate" unem.
met. They ae St. Lo Buf-
Ialo, Ni., Kvin.ulwe, fadsFort
Wayne,, N,.att. Cre ich.,
I, kegahi lieh., Toledo, 0 h 10o,
Mad Winks-Salem, N. C.
This leaves 35 major industrial
areas on the "substantial" unem.
plpgmnet list, with per cent or
msw of their laboi force out of
work. The depamfent alao was
mta to remove 11 smaller areas
bum the ""ubsta*ial" uaeplWt
mes were added.
In a survey of the job outlook
In 10 major industrial areas, the
apartment a i d employer into
more w 75 per cent of tMares
a-to take sw more workers be-
S. ad id-July. The. ta
1140 OW N"4 1t farm jofb&.
BAjr ORD. Coca. 4 ib -

dW~r 11




L; .r

. t. n
S".J ;*.. ..* .,

S.-- ot .. .
+- r ..''.+ "i W -. _

" .: .C -





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Tips ea Ru i Halow
Good Moagp

Ilion' N Hi
^f :^ -'"",8,.
.I ., .

.R s e S c."

S Robson.
S meeting of the P.T.A.'
d in September at a


At about a yqar. it's a nice idea
to get Baby aecustomed to cloth
on-2 y cardboard books. Old
mS which tear e a ba y.l 8 cmb "a m.s ai im m shal
ate slliafetory because Baby m S houldand" i -
w e-Kidea that books are; .e mb"ueb'IN",Sdam toma.
for 'i father than looking. sa" at whrwise e eaivr
-I '67 bu o the dibee. Nenes ,,o
Hil MIet for travel or for no=* tU"'" e by t18.1
the wiboVie's to the cup
aite is a lastic drinking bot. "Sinfletons' Meet Monday
te. Thre cast get broken in "The Silgletons" club of the
trealtlor in the park. Be careful Cathedral of St. Luke, Ancon,
about boling thdm, unless the dJ will meet at the. ome of the
reactions specifically say It can be Rev. J. K. Renew, directly be-
done. hind the cathedral Monday eve-
"nin M at 7!s .I0


(NBA Telephoto)
ROAD TO RECOVERY Mona Parson. 11 months old, reaches
ftz nurse Margaret Calbery in the Hospital for Sick Children at
Turonto, Canada. Mona Is recovering from a rare heart opera-
tion performed May 26 Ir which the lints of a dead monkey
were used to divert her blood flow during the operation.

ELIZABITH VOLKMAR became man and wife Tuesday after-
neon at the Municipal Palage, Judae Herman Lopes performing
the eerfmony. Mr. Crow, who comes from Kansas, Is paving
superintendent of Morrison Knudsen & .Cla., a road building
firm in Colombia. Mrs. Crow comes .from New Jersey, and ar-
rived yesterday morning ftanm iCaltranla, where, she has been
living. They met in 1952 In Casblanea, North Africa, when both
were workiUo for the same 'lrm. They are "HoneM'oningl" at
the Hotel El Panama, where the above photograph -was taken
6t th e--mv-- P AM- M rs- V will hb la i. .a h

mg a*- -W4 mazer *Je Bervavvony. Ir. an RIM 1 rowB Wil Dea nig over t e
Baby's first s ateps are a b1 Plag wi be made for the week-end fto Bucaramanga, Colombia, where they will make
, omet, a time or pleased lu ram for the summer months. their home.
ter by the parents endIlot -&ofprolgltary personnel and return-
h s ee oneBabf cse atlky w tcle students are invited S 0 U T H PORTLAND, Me. P.ul' roup
ve to end.- Found 24 hours after he St Pauls roup
ing, ..well as his personality. raed to woods near his home, .
ete and will continue to tanation ofOfficers five-year-old Steven Hart told his TO Sponsor Dinner
ta ent, an w cThe Fort Clayton NCO wives mother, "I'm not going down in
Sit ". club wil have their annual instal. those woods no more." Tomorrow P.M
nation of Officers, followed by a
dinner and dance, Tuesday at 7 eA
p.m. at the Fort Clayton NC0 --- The Women's Auxlliary Group
m Club. ,II of St. Paul's Episcopal church
r .---..will sponsor a "birthday dinner"
RoarY Altar Society' at the Pacific Service Center to-
The regular monthly meeting morrow at 7:30 p.m.
of the Rosary Altar Society of the
Holy Family Church in Magarita, It is believed that this affair
*Mil- be ;held on Monday evening, will be the first of its kind to
June 20th, aftei Novena. be held on the Isthmus.
SFor The M n .All members are urged to at- Assemblyman Alfredo Crag-
FOr The Ma' n tend and the ladies of the Parish Assemblyman Alfredo Crag-
are invited, as guest or future well will be master of ceremo-
toem bers nies.
Esther Circle. th"
U 4ad6-y Is Ia ayf reet a Esther Circlethe evening cir.

Bu nS now aikutuO wain;
*ill please her and the whole
family! AscArraga at the
ogaI, and "Erid 'the Great"
to'entertain :30 p.
11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

A Eimeby Hotel




fum t~e, at wek or .play,.
ofr dod d nt c*.*

uadimrz odor with MUM.
Used one' daily. fgranmt MUMh
uudab aist odor btaria hns v
lm. So feor opl ink-i
M*3 O twe ecrt I

on Iwo -
age as r empv we ^^^--
ylsL ^

de of the Balboa Union church,
will meet Monday, June'20, at
7:30 p.m., at the home of Mrs.
W. A..Webb, 780 C Tavernilla St.,
Mrs. .. lHeltonis co-hostess,
and will give thedevotional, Mrs.
L. Fiske, of the Methodist mission
in Panama, R.P., will give a book
review of "House of Earth." '

DETROIT -(UP)- A survey of
emergency car troubles by the
Ameran A u t o m o b ile Club
showed that the number of mo-
torists who ran out of gas and
had to call for help in 1954
jumped 54 per cent over 1953, theI
highest level in history.
___ ^ ii

Hoey of New York City is the
first recipient of the newly es-
tablished $1000 Florina Lasker
Social Work Award. Presenta-
tion of the award and "distin-
guished service" scroll was
made at Columbia University.
Currently directing social re-
search for the National Tuber-
culosis Association. Miss Hoey
headed for 18 years the Bureau
of Public Ass in the
Roosevelt and TrTL regimes,

.St it r best.
Diutilled ai Baottled -in Scotland



LTr .;- :HASa .ac*TLA

-~--- ~ ~ ------1

W.i. TL 2.2771
f- *', T 2 "211

For a party or a family treat,
serve tangy Royal Gelatin. Lus-
cious "frah fruit" flavor-gay,
shimmering color. Four big serv.
ings from' each package. Wheat
you shop-ask for Royal GelatiO.




sDepe dableBig BoiS lSIt alueW
t ons of family thde world over IRap
S. i.. ^ ..~l ingE the everyday routine ... Umuinw n
b. tg occsin s e iS. o n is eni Tapr.reliable.
C' Choose a handar n Ben Chime Alarm
to gently whiper you awake... o a Bit
i Bein Loud Alamt ifyou need a Mr awak
'44ener in the morin. With plain orlumi-
WUTCLOX nous dials and had. Wetidei-sena that
LaSalle,llinois, U.S.A. means highest quality-has the l .ape
ence that assures you of dependablity. See
Western Clock Co, Ltd. Big Ben and other famous Wesadox clocks
Peterborough, Ont., Can. and watches at your retailerm today.
Pameou Family Name o F ine TlmSpIOSe
Representative: UNIVERSAL rXPURT CORP.
Jose Francisco de la Ossa Ave. & "Q" 8D *32
Panama City. R. of P.
*2004 Pth Street and Balboa Col6n. R. P.

Ik .f W


ou hve g fin time. L
Yo pebbly wa t least-me
hostess that description would fit
-4od you may ave wodelrede
why it is that she gives iuch .sue-
cessful parties.
Chances are the' inply under-
standa what does and what desa
not make a good party.
She knows a good party doesn't
come ab ItNbS.caus a bouJ. is in
immaulOe tder; -the hostess hap
o a, new tqd becoming dre, the
food is unusual, and the hostess
determinio that it is gding, to b!
a good party. |

Party Takes ua Character
Of Guests
What she realizes Is what a lot;
of hostesses fail to see and that
is that a party is no better or
worse than the combination of
guests invited.
Make up a guest list that in-
eludes some interesting, entertain-
ins people and some bores-and
the party will sink to the level of.
the greatest bores.
Make up a guest list of interest,
ing people but include individuals
who aren't comfortable with each
other or don't really like each oth-
er and nobody really relaxes.
Invite people to the same party
because you "owe" them an invi.
station and that's what you'll get'
for your time and effort, just so
many debts repaid. t
SBut invite to a party Just those

If your throat is raw and more '
from coughing don't delay ..get:I
Buckley's CVnadiol Mixture right
away. Pour yourself a spoonful of
this special medication ... hold it
in your mouth a minute ... then
slowly wallow it. Feel it spread'
down your throat breaking up
the thick, choking, germ-laden.
phlegm .. smoothing a protective
Aim over those hot, Irritated mem-
branes ... carrying welcome relief
deep down to the bronchial tubes.
Ah-h you'll say. u millions
have .. tMere's nothing like Buck-
lav's: So ask your druggist for aI
buttle of quick-acting, pleasnt-
SteastinT, inexpensive Buckley's L
Canacdol Mixture today

,Ve e' Uu .,h1,4

Wharfedale. Qued. fher, PihlrA
lag, Ada, FebehHd,. 6.l., 414tW
mark. H. S. See, Presto, lCKIO
Cut. Jeamn. Meneaserd, AM ej

HI Fidely

Pheae l-11 i
45th t. Ne. i


featuring the
"KING of the
whose Latin and
American rhythnm-
are packing the'
with his "

to 4:30 a.m.
(one on-the-heuas
at 4:3 aj.)

SKirkeby Mael


feed him

with amazing newm w l- ROPHYMLLI
that ENDS 0086 DORS!
ow-feed your dog Ken-L-Ration, the doa
food that gives him complete nourishment
plus the amaang benefits of chlorophyllin. Nature's
own purifier.
men L-Ration is the famous d"g food packed wiK
lean red meat choice cuts of U:; 8. Governmw
Inspected horse meat. It's the canned dog food tht dog odors-fast-now that A6-L-Ratio oi
tons chlorophyllin. And the wonderful part of it of
Is that Ken-L-Ratlon brings ou thikt IN-
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If you've been feeding your dotable raps, ge
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* maI St' iSs*
-!- I.1JPW

When you add a squen

of SAYINAtoyew t

hbet -t.e, you win enjoy Ilese edvMap m
The iron glides smoothly over the fabria.
Ta iroo doesn't drag or tick, tbraae
you'm'throgh much sooner.
Clothes kep cleaner longer because dust
and dirt roll off the SATINA finih.
Apart fro giving your ig ntm a "lie
piesb H m irA.J f*Fb..
&I~v "A bauam


%Sw SArm4y. ad ea
wNot ** -Fe "- a~ st *

7 y



- --







- '-: "

Yi.- T-A. ,


iass D H orse

o Mat

upersun, Majestic, i Franc Graded Entrie
j e r '" .. '*'- CO MNTO D

uematodos To Tangle ,,. oi /
*" lst &* X Imp te rt-i .Pre SM.$ Tool Cqes UI nI
I N P F gBsisM of the Double t
1z4 Seven F urong R ce i-Erid J. Phuill --R*turrs from layoff 3-1
S2-Newbrighton B. Baesa N-Oood chance in mud 4-1
o, 3-Verticordla V. Brown! il1f-Must improve more 5-
S --. -- 4-Choie Bralnd K. Plorea 11s -Touaher competition _- in
S-Irish Prfit B. A rre 115 -Form Indicates venl
Seven apparently evenly matched Class D im- on Prince c so u; -Will fiht it out .2-1
.orted thoroughbreds are scheduled to dispute the 7-0. Mden z. Pit 1. Iosx-Doesn'f seem likely 10-1
j 0oO purse in the featured seven-furlong tenth race -
tmorrow afternoon at the Juan Franco race track. nd e. Imported 7 Fp.Pure 3375.1S0 Pool Closes 1:15
MItoney should be about evenly teresting event to see. Ten oth- Recond Race of the Double .
4 "tributed in the mutuels on er potential humdingers arc i-Our Fancy F. RF e 107 -Rates chance here 5-
eprsun, the Majestic-Chis- tap. 2-Vain Darling V. Casu o 114 -Showing improvement
^te entry, uematodos and 3-Forsado E. Oatel 103 -Would pay long odds 1 -1 '
12al Bliss in this wide open H 4-Double In C. I: sass 107 -Nothing recently 15-1
t, K4osco and Begonia, both H OiUenberg 5-Caflonz.. c. ChAves 99x-Nothing to indicate 30-1
4 sders with a good chance to 6---Tom, Collins B. Aguirre 115 -WIlU be hard to beat 3-2
oer an upset, should be well l g l '7--scandalo V. Ortega 118 -Should score off last Even
backed also.. Contests DivorceI y --
Majestic lost by a nostril to
,A=ressive newcomer consuarte I H l. 3rd Race "D" Natives 7 Fs.P-urse 5300.00 Pool Closes 1:45
Sunday B with upersun onlyi ul By HisW n TWO -
e laenith back and .aling 1/--Metto B. Baeza Wx-Poor recent races -1
Sin a -and-a-alt urlong CLEVELAND Ohio, June 17 2-F6n J. Phillps 110 -Ran well in last 2-1 VFW
,nash. The added half furlong (UP) -Hank dreenberg, one-time 3-Rabiblanco R. G6mez 117 -Depends on mood 2-1 son,
oi the difference between Blas baseball star, now general manag- 4-Fuego F. Hidalgo 108 -Likes muddy going 4-1 first,
Agulrre and Jorge Phillips could er of the Cleveland Indians, yes- 5-Ika B. Aguirre 118 -Should beat these Even Conal
pel victory for Supersun. terday contested the divorce suit the l
f' Ouillermo Sanchez replaces brought by his wife, Caral Gimbel the .400
I 0ls Oiraldo aboard Majestic. Greenberg, heiress to a New York 4th Race "H" Natives 64 Fgs.Purse 3275.00 Pool Closes :310 Billy
(Jban rider E. Gastell is slated department store fortune. Q UINIELA and
t6 ride Chispeante in place of Mrs. Greenberg, 40, f ile -d di-ll.. Presc. gd c e h. -1 h
lreddy Rose. vorce pa rs May 4. Her suI -Villareal 0. Prescott 115 -Rates good chance here his1
egal Bliss, with two seconds charged e former home run hit- 2 ady Dancer F. Rose 115 -Usua lly cos up Coul
ad a .third in his last three ter with gross neglect and ex. 3-Riomar 0. nchez 110 Usually frc s 10-
a ?rts, will have Fortunato Hi- treme cruelty,b of which al. 4 -sin Igual Daro 100 -ood early speed 1 -1 .
So Jr. In hi saddle instead legations were denied in yester- -Cd F. d -Usll beats thes -1
bor Phillips. dayp s action filed with mm 7-Conquisador R. 6mes 116 -Rates good chance 4-1
hlClhd saddle ace Criatian pleas court. -o
ebolledo (R. Cristlani has the .... .. .i MAJ
g up o the youthful Quemato- S lit also asked custody of their ,o .
is. This promising colt was three children, ranging In a g e 5th Race "A" Natives 7 Fgs.Puree 5375.00 Pool Closes 2:55
th-d behind Goyonder and Re- from 2 to 8. b renr I1-Black Gold M. Guerrero 104 -Looked bad in last 20-1
ga Blls in his last start three "At all times he Greeberg_ 2-La Enea B. Agltrre 116 --Jockey should help 3-2
Swe lis .. has been a good and faithful hus- 3LDaniel E. Ortega 102 -Back in good form 4-1 (Bam
--l1d1:9 was sn eyelash win- band. yeMterda.s petition said. 4-Portal E. Gastell 114 -Last was revealing 2-1
St aturdy n weak iHe has at all times dp1ovided the 5-(G. Wonder J. Phillips 107 -Racing to top form 2-1
Cl'assn field and does not figure plaintiffand said cidren with a 6-(Golden Bound B. Baeza, 97x-Doesn't seem likely 2-1 Player
to be dangerous range this bunchave' lar e measure, the luxuries of this
happened in hose races th fe" th Race "H" Imported 7 Fga.Purse S400.00 Pool Closes 3:35 Kuen,
WOrld over and will continue to The petition said it "would be First Race other Double Power
occur. Wea -armed Reinaldo for the best interest of the chil- 1-Los Morros F. Hidalgo 108 -Has strong finish -1 Fox, C
omes has the leg upon Begonia. dren" to deny the request for their 2-Floreno A. Vergara 112x-Nothing to recommend 10-1 Lollar,
_Aloseo wound up fifth lat f custody. 3-Vampiresa J. Jiminez 110x-Back in top form 2-1
elE but appeared to be full of Greenberg, 44, met his w ife 4-Firenze D. Barret 102x-Poor recent races 20-1
rnm at the finish and could be while he was a player with th e 3-Coronelino J. G6ngora 110 -Should be close up 2-1 AshbuU
at upsetter this time. Vincent Detroit Tigers. They were mar- 6-Fanglo K. Flores 112 -Rates good chance 2-1 Klus'a
own, the same Jockey who tried in 1946 after she obtained a Lon i,
him Sunday, will be in the divorce from her first husband. Mue lei
again. They have shared the same home 7th Race "H" Imported 7 Fp.Purse $400.00 Pool Closes 4:05 C'nella
-"-Tle'race has all the earmarks in a fashionable Cleveland suburb Second Race of the Double
ft a thriller. It should be an in- since divorce proceedings started.
Il-My Dear V. Castillo 110 -Diappointed In last 5-1 Klu
S2-Pale Face E. Gastell 102 -Ran well last time 3-1 Snid
S3-Gaucha 0. SAnchez 113 -Racing to best form 2-1 Cam
4-Hurlecano F. Rose 110 -Reportedly ready 4-1 May
5--American M. F. Hidalgo 110 -Dangerous in mud 5-1 Zern
X VI MADI 6--Lord Basur E. Pits. 107x-Rider handicaps 8-1
S. JilRIS CONGRESS 7-Lady Martha H. Reyes 115 -Has excellent workouts 3-1
.. 1 % 8-Tempestad O.,Cunls 108 -Rates outside chance 4-1 8nid
R ".IO-l.. 9il T,,t12,1.2&:1V35. .-Paris Maid J. Cagan 108 -Could be upsetter 5-1 Cam

uw O r gdiuM W( JWN-U JW A .- '
pleasure in announcing that they have some limit-
ed acormnodations still available in the group from
PanamA and Colombia leaving Panama on July 4 via
Call, Quito and Lima to attend the XXXVI Interna-
tional Eucharistic Congress to be held in Rio de
Janeiro from the 17 to the 24th of July. The group
will travel under the spiritual guidance of the Most
Reverend Francisco Beckman, Archbishop of Pan-
miA, who will accompany the group to Rio de
After the Congress, the group will return via Sao
Paulo, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Santiago and Li-
ma. Sine# only a limited amount of hotel reserva-
tions and other accommodations are available, it, is
essential that those wishing to make the trip to the
Eucharist c Congress in Rio apply early.

P.O. BOX 1626


Great White Fleet
New Orleans Service

' Cristobal

!. ss. *.AQU, .................. ........... June 13
H. CARI. .............................June I4

New York Service Arrives
M O r .................. .............Jane 2
.I .................... .............Ji e s
S LA. PAR SM NA ..... ................. .......... JM 27
A Steas er .......................................July 4
&.L "MAnELa ,.. ...............................July 6

Weekly tsalgs of twelve passenger ships to New
York, New Orleans, Los Ageles, San Fracisco
md Setl.

SpecWi road trip fares from Critobal to New
Tek .a, L AnAgele San Proaciseo ad SetItle.
No. w York ...........
SLe AnRgeeo and Sa Franel*o ....270.00
,-.*i V ..T-.;. $ ... 3 ..- U.
"- "-.0 --- "r..V'i,; .

* *- -. A.. MA. .- "

8th Race "I" Imported 7 F p.Purse $375.00 Pool Closes 4:40

1-More Fair V. Brown 110x-Nothing in weeks
2-Valley Breeze Ri G6mez 107 -Dangerous at times
3-W. Stranger E. Pita 0. 112x -Early speed only
4--Reflector o. Sanchez 112 -Improving slowly
5-GOrisil V. Rodriguez 109x-Longshot possibility
6-Zaratustra 0. Chanis 108 -Has shown nothing
7-Bahamondes B. Aguirre 115 -Still a bit fractious


9th Race "G" Imported 6% PF. Purse $450.00 Pool Closes 5:15

1-BrIght Blade II F. Rose
2--Cadrino R. Christian
3-Pinino G. SAnches
4-Remero 0. Chanis
5-E. Magic J. Gongora
6-Granero J. Phillips
7-Turf Lodge R. G6mez
8S-Cruzada B. Aguirre
9-D. Club C. Chavez
10-Amat F. Hidalgo

-Good early speed
-Back in winning form
-Will fight it out
-Nothing recently
-Good recent races
-Ready for payoff ,
-Longshot specialist
-Ran well in last
-Nothing to indicate
-Could score hi upset


10th Race "D" Imported 7 Fgs. Purse 5600.00 Pool Closes 5:40

3-Regal Bliss

B. Aguirre 115 -Running to top form
V. Brown 114x-Longshot possibility
F. Hidalgo 110 -Good recent races
R. Cristian 113 -Should be close up
R. Gomes 113 -Would pay well here
0. SAnches 118 -Form indicates
E. Gastell 105 -Could help entrymate


Illth Race "H" Natives 6% Fsi. Purse $275.0 Pool Closes ........

1-Takeaway E. Campbell 112x-Usually quit early
2-Piola A. Angulo 115x-Has strong finish
3-Elenlta V. Ortega 114 -Should beat these
4-Piropo M. Zeballos 118 -Would payoff
5-Moon Fighter F. Hidalgo 106 -Dangerous contender
6-College Girl J. Gongora 113 -Rates next best







at BALBOA on JUNE 26, 1955.

Aeeepting general cargo fori



slm. aifm C2 i--rm, =a
~k~e~b& v~-WIN~

- .

< t *.- J..


an," __ F u"V ._

8 acs 's .'...

Is Duke Able

TEAM- TA1R-1111 Gib-
e 14, Kayed plenty of
base on the Atlantic Side.
ldered to be the best in
igue,. He missed being a
hitter by eight points.
stands 6 fOot 1% inches
makes a good target for
nfielders to throw at.
d be called upon to do
ome relief chucking.

'he Hf Parade

d on 12U official at bats)
and dlub g ab r h Pet.
e, Detroit 57 222 48 83 .374
n, Detroit 49 198 30 67 .338
, K. City 53 201 36 67 .333
Ohicago 55 225 34 74 .329
Chicago 48 155 25 50 .325
rn, Phila. 46 177 34 63 .356
ki, Cinci. 53 212 37 73 .344
Pitta. 50 146 21 49 .336
*r, N.Y. 55 227 26 74 .326
a, Bklyn. 59 220 40 71 .323
szewskl, Redlegs .... 20
ler, Dodgers ......... 20
npanella, Dodgers .... 10
s, Giants .......... 17
ial, Athletics ....... 15
er, Dodgers ......... 63
panella, Dodgers ..... 60
newski, Redlegs ..... 45
ks Phiies :........ 45
tie, Yankees ....... 44
ne, Tigers .......... 44

Mantle, Yankees ........
Snider, Dodgers .........
Bruton, Braves .........
Smith, Indians .........
Kaline, Tigers ...........
Gilliam, Dodgers ........
Kaline, Tigers ..........
Fox, White Sox ....
Aaron, Braves ...........
Mueller, Giants .......
Ilussewki., Redlegs ...
(Based on 7 decisions)
Newcombe, Dodgers 10 1
Wynn, Indians ..... 8 1
Donovan, W. .... 7 2
Ford, Yankees ..... 7 2
Loes, Dodgers ...... 7 2
Arroyo, Cardinals .. 7 2

24 Years in National League'
Written for NEA Service
QUESTION: Umpires are in-
structed to throw a pitcher out
of the game if he's suspected of
tossing dusters. But how can this
be detected?-Bobby Vella.
Auswer: It's strictly a judge-
meat eaJLL.
Q. The batter lifts a long fly to
center field. The runner on see-
ond base starts lor third, then
returns to second as the catch is
made. He does not, hOwever, re-
touch second base. The ball is
returned to the pitcher who than
throw b strike to the batter. The
seeod baseman then realizes. the
runner has not re-tagged t e
base. He calls for the -all. Te
throw beats the runner to te
ba, .but the fielder does not tag
him. Instead, he stretches for
the ball, like a first.baseman, then
appeal to the umpire, claiming it
is a force e t. Is he right?- Bob
A. No. After the pitcher de
l I*sfra e pitch, the force situa-
th- lp removed.
Q. What was the collective
earnd-.rm average of the Cleve-
land Pitchers last season? Ted
A. 2..

111 vicfwories the Cleveland Indians
jiled up last season, one seemed
ie mean more than the whole
That caie on June 2, a warm-
lh night at te Yankee Stadium.
IThe New Yorkers opened this ear-
ly, but meaningful series with the
Tribe by slamming seven runs a-
cross in the first ing. Another
Cleveland collapse, they were say-
hng, had started.
But it never happened. Instead,
Al Lopez bustled five relief pitch-
ers into the game and the Yan-
kees didn't get a hit the rest of
the night. The Tribe fought back
and in the ninth Bobby Avila tied
it with a single. Then Al Smith
belted a homer in the 10th, to win.
That game made it painfully
apparent to the rest of the Ameri-
can League that this was not the
usual Cleveland club-the familiar
Indians with those built-in hinges
for easy folding.
LATE stages at this season, when
Manager Lopez starts thinking of
his World Series mound rotation,
the notion here is that he will sit
back and point to an identical si-
tuation and say, yes, that's where
we knew we would win this one.
That would be, of course, the sec-
ond game of that four-game set
at Cleveland the other day. The
Yankees had won the Friday night
game and now they were in the
first inning on Saturday and pil-
ing it on, too.
ive New York runs chased a-
cross the plate. At the moment,
the New Yorkers were five and a
half games in the lead. Cleveland
was third. If Casey Stengel's out-
fit could keep things cooking there
would be serious doubts about a-
nybody causing them trouble for
much of the season.,
back. With Lopez in the role
of cheerleader, they won Satur-
day's game, then walked out and
swept the New Yorkers off the
field in a Sunday doubleheader.
With nearly 70,000 customers roar-
ing for them, Cleveland made its
move -a move which, the keys
of this typewriter tell me, will
bring the American League 'pen-
Before that contest, dark doubts
of the Tribe's ability to make it
had been aroused. They had lost
seven of eight games. Their de-
fense, which the Giants had shown
up in the Series, had committed
15 errors in six losing efforts. They
resulted in 14 unearned rpns.
"That's bebi.d ,s," Lopes stres-
ses. "We're in good shape. Be-
fore we played the Yankees, I
said to myself, "I know what my
pitchers can do. But does Stengel
know his?' "
With this, Mr. Pitching Rich
headed for an eastern swing with
his staff in top shape. Bob Lemon,
Early Wynn and Herb Score were
in winning stride. Mike Garcia
had been in bad luck, but his earn-
ed run average told the tale on
him. Big Mike had something like
a 3.45 mark. A good fielding job
here and there would have given
him two or three more victories.
PLAGUED the club, were healing.
Larry Doby, Vie Wertz, George
Strickland and Al Rosen had been
hurt, seemingly together.
But they're fine now and Cleve-
land advances on the Yankees
with much in their favor. The
Tribe, over the last two seasons,
has shelled Bob Turley unmerci-
fully. Beat him eight out of nine
times. And Stengel is also faced
with the knowledge that Eddie Lo-
pat can't fool the Tribe any more.
he Junkman was knocked silly in
Bob Grim, the nervy right-hand-
er who was Rookie of the Year
in '54, finished only one of his
first 13 starts for Casey. Eddie
Ford has held up smartly, but
when you have to work a Jim
Konstanty almost every day-and
then hope a Johtny Kucks or Bob
Sturdivant can make it for you-
you are in trouble.
I wonder if Duke unider will be
able to hit Herb Score. The Duke
says he doesn't like left-handers,
you know.

Willie Knows

Lot Of People
know Frankin Carbo?" saemebody
kidded Manager Willie Ketehum.
Ketchum, who had been asked
the same question by New York
Commissioner Julius Eel f ain 4,
"Sure I do," said Lightweight
Champ Jimmy Carter's manag-
er. "But why didn't they ask ae
if I know other people, too? I
know Vice-Prledent Nixon. Did
they ask me about at?"



Juan franco Tips

Prw.lce Veutleefa

4- S


,- ". -
,-, : i7

,: ~~~ ... I --

* 1.


(NEA Telephote)
"LITTLE MO" TAKES A GROOM Tennis champion Maureen
Connolly, who retired from the courts early this year after a
riding accident, cuts her wedding cake with her room, Norman
Brinker, former Olympic Horse Team member. The couple was
married'in Sai Diego, Calif.



SAN FRANCISCO.-Putting one little word after another and
whatever became of my little gray home in the East? The Insid
ptich on the Moore-Olson fight Is that it will do well td hit 0200,
0C00. A far fiscal moan from the $421,615 Maxim and Robinson-
lasL middleweight vs. light heavyweight champs-drew is.t
Stadim i n.', Apprestly Ahere anaogM k mst (lie .-igg
here tnan #i ear, InE ,

mally, Johnston doesn't beit big, if

; '.

*. a 0

The Yankees' Bill DeWitt wa in tow nlast week, presumbaly
to take a look at Bob De Pitrio of the Seals. For what It's worth,
De Pitrio Is the best hitter I've seen out here, 28,x ight-bander
who hits the ball sharply and at times for distance. He was
somewhat late in getting the knack, but as far as I can tell absht
these things, he's rady for the.big tim. Word from the Bast that
Horace Stoneham is seriously considering shifting the Giants to
Minneapolis seems to surprise no one here, but does ev6ke
chagrin. Because of Stoneham's fancy for the West, It was
hoped he'd give preference to a Pacific Coast site.
INCIDENTALLY, TALK of franchise shifts in the PCI, eon.'
tinues. Vancouver is repeatedly mentioned as a prospective-tew
member. Lefty O'Doul, who manages Oakland, tells you there
are only two seasons in Vancouver-winter and A iugst. Mean-
Ing weather conditions aie anything but ideal. Joe Ic D t lo'l
failure to show for an old-timers' gala at the Seals' park Matur-
day left home-town pals in melancholy mood. He Was to be
Inducted as a charter member of the newly formed California
Hill of Fame. His brother. Vince, pinch hit for him. The 49ers,
local football pros, probably make more money on their short
season than all the PCL clubs (baseball) combined. An nsiadder
puts their profits for last two seasons at a quarter million, plus.
Advance sale of season tickets for '35 already has passed 11,000,
a record.
There's a downtown bar that dissects the golf swing in slow
motion while you get a planter's punch, offering at once sola"
and remedial tips to the harassed hacker. The National Oe%
starts Wednesday at Olympia's Lakeside course, where one oft
favorites, is calling the Open the "Joyce Kilmer Classe." thoew
off. Next thing he knew they'll be calling him the Tunney of
Lof As far as I an leam there's no book on the Open, here or
Las Vegas. Nor Is there a favorite in the sense that he's the
one man to beat. Thus, It's a wide-open Open.
IF YOUNG WILL WOODWARD Is Interested in finding out
whether Nashua can beat Swaps In a return, all he has to do
is say the word. Like Barkis, owner Rex Ellsworth is wflln'.
This could be the greatest match race since Seablacult (another
California-owned horse) and War Admiral. One of 'the orst
thrilling races I ever saw, by the way. Nashua cake-walked in
the Belmont Saturday, and Swaps ran away from older horses
in the $100,000 Californian to set a world's record of 1;40 2/9 tor.
the mile and one-sixteenth. Swaps has won hib last four arez,
including the Derby, In which he beat .Nashua In Man 0' War
fashion. Owner Ellsworth says: "I think the public would like
to see Swaps and Nashua hook up." He doesn't have to sty that
In breaking the record, Swaps also put an end to the popular
fiction that mush of his greatnes is dieo to the superior riltg
skill of Wille Shoemaker. 'The way he won the Hellywood week-
end feature, Herman Hickman could have been lI the saddle
Actually, a comparatively obscure Joek, Dave Erb, was.
There is no tellUtarhow really good Swaps I. Prhasl t iwt
feasible, but It weaoldbe nice-and no more than fslr-lfa ho .o-
and-home arrangement emld be worked out, with ei matl in
the East and another ouat here. Swaps has deminetratod he a
cresw the mountalns and win. Nashua hasn't. One thing Ie
sure: until Nashua proves he ean beat the Coast ehample, he
ean't hope .to qmWlty as the 3-year-eld of the year, o mhfter
how any elm-eaf he wkt..
DIAD LAST PITTSBURGR leads both leagues in double
plays, aided p got of ho m el.mWiessOs that item is. Aear t m
Harr endel, eaa of raratwe, who is ain PBln Arshi' 1tNw
Jay camp.
"Ign uing Oleon changes <-aft Moore, forgta Mz.fta
A lot aIfeple hO ave b en trying a fo t M fIraM *A
fla player to break ft t-he Q0 w* Tom Meamo; ho
sawed &a4lnthesecq-d.ound tat nwooNJ. In asq -

If lft's-allfreemr

hiM atot isat- bil
", fl ^'-gt^'

bfmwi reS.a-k

* ~i7'

*?. J f. ,.\f* ...~ .
,'-*f..- t .- .... 7M"y. -
P79 -, M *

- 9.


k- .

li -" :'L




-Al 1 AI. R




SL t:Lu'h"ee dtruek h i' ?l:as "l
:h lr t go to

-alo Wt out.. Ins ow th Ie d versdthe h Iom a
im f. to Kiu" In the t eof
AL ". y 100f09 NA either Jim uh4e hbad e.-
i. hra.' tRt .and I i thire 14 attn In a r-o .. er-
V.:. Sa x wW- ,W0s'o gu Ie .W r "801044 1t'
f the ete-settfl aakefei In teu O N byrmv i Art wm
.hte t auIS n &tIag hl and h 1, Un roklits eewo-
ilel E ls .o. lnt Iwsee ever the last h e -2 lmft n2.
geulr derthwthO4hr The Cubse tasont Adnd. their
r 1Ui1es ri h Ola al tso sdahed Ln Itteh u Hare a wt a
thbit. Iore ooUleted II bml ve the 9-o nt.WanWs. Hasker
in. 1 .tima tp during the fow burled a fie-itter, Wal his
ip *ueriu with Athe Ortoles. .heitort whe B T, yhlo. bit
Kleaas emaieMd i .a o: o r ch homeer b o .the e*ghth. The
ehtiad the white a n tNao / cub l scored their two o Mu off
game off the paMo defeating iRamon MOnaant in the third oni
WihIngton, I-. EOb Lemon a walk, rank Baumholts' triple
failed to go the dlistaioe for.t.e and a single by Ransom Jack-
int taime in ha etit 10 ttel./ iHn.
but gained his ntzth victory arh-
4, yiel7* al five Washinon Thirty-eight-year-old M qny
ruB in elghtntlngi. Mike Oar- Dickson shut out the Braves for
c.l eae int to pituh thb ninth the second day in a row, U lt-
Odspave up two hits before lg them to four bita while
" rlribZ oqt Mlike Vemo Y ota f pthin the Phille eto ft 3-0
the final Out. Bobby Avila and Victory. Bob Buhl started for
Larry Doby each lceted three Milwaukee, yielded seven of
hits to lead a 15-Wt attack. Philadelphla's nine hits and two
Pilly Klaus, Who couldn't win of their runs, then left in favOr
a regular berth 'with either the of Ernie Johnon in the ninth.
Braves or the OiMtt, smashed Left-haMder Harvey Haddlt
a two-run homer in the lit of pitched his first complete game
th* ninth off veteran Johnny of the season and hbi first ihut-
Sa t to grye the Red Box a 7-6 out as the Cardinals blanked
triumph over the' Athletics. the pirates, 5-0, with the aid OS
Klaus' homer was one of four homers by Al (Red) Schoen-
hit by Boston Ted Wllliams, dienst and Bill Sarnl. Haddl& al-
Jsekle jenpen and Norm ZSu- lowed Pittsburgh only four hits
chin aS conneating for the in gaining his fourth victory a-
cluft. Reliever Tom2 H1rd galn- Iapti elgti losses. Vein Law
ea 'his first victory of the year. was the loser.

'I'm,- .........

rAms W L Pt. GB IEAMS W L Pet. G
Br ....44 1 .746 ew York ....40 31 .656 -
C ....t 38 .667 10% Chicgo......3a 20 .63a 2
New ork.... 31 28 .425 1 eve ...36. 23 .610 3
Milwauee .,.'9 30 15 D t ..... .31 6 .844 7
Phitadelphia 8 31 17 ..... 28 1 .478 11
OCilacinnati .24 3 .4 .. 3 5 .397 15%
at. LouIS .. it ..31 It 18 .na City. .22 2 .73 17
Pittsburgh .19 89 .328 "3% 6 altlaore ... .19 41 .17 30%

toOklysn at St. Louis (N) TODA"a GAM.S
York at Milwaskee (N) Chica 0at ow York (N)
pLdelalhia at OCicago Clove pd at Boeton (D-N)
Ftgbinh at Cincinnati (N) Detro at BafttIor ( N)
-STDAi LTS Kansas City at Washington N
New YQrk 0000000 010-1 5 0 IT.A.A. LTS I o 0051000 t.-2 8 0 5 0arixoB INflULTI
.icaso 003005 a o leCoo 210302000-8 1 2
Monsant (0-2), Wilhelm and W _Iugnt 000 00300-8 :1 0
WeStrum, Kstt. clevei Lemon (9-5), 0ar
"ty 2s Shea anand
*pMWrphia 11 600 00149 0 *MhrtoWd

..h.. Lar ( and Wil,

-6 i .m. I

JSW S 0S110 M) city ? lo19.1-----.

.raht fater, (3'- w*o
'SSm- (4-1) and arni.
M)eid" bgI (0-) d 1

WT W a NgS) Hant .
a.w (13-) VANdM .m3

lgSin no@ r Xariel. .aalak Me. BA

-- ii&

L*-"A-W. A-46"A"

Starting line ups for Satur-
lay's PWGA tournament at the
Panama Golf Club are:
No. 1 Tee
8:00 a.m. M. Tubbs, L. Jones,
B. Dilfer.
:07 a.m. C. Burns, C. OUeken-
haus, Z. peranti.
8:15 am. M. Dalton, P. Porter,
C. Hunter.
S8:23 em. F. Twomey, N. Pet-
erson, R. DanieL
S No. 10 Tee
A: Am. p Duanielle, A.
re OV, A. 9 .
l MAm. B. Fish, R. Martini

B. Rod.
1:15 a.m. I. Vandegritt, J.
Wilson, P. Montayne.
8:53 am. P. Dickerson, P. Bass,
Pllmaa ad do your
beet to be ime (or our
m ~la r or not to conflict
with the ynoldS. tosna-
ment nows pgrem at the
sPhmoI ulo we should
complete OW tament by I
Wj VVM" aOf you who have not
S up at your club but wish
to play, eme On out. Matches
Wn be arranged SMaturday morn-

- jI ---

TlOH! PUESINTATIOW Panama PhySioAIl 'Education Depar
wo wesents localy unbeaten l.ghtwet, Joe Brown with th
3 Wdont RlrdoJ-asg. folowing l:9 Js oe_ tbe-round
"Kaler" Jaeon lest night at the Panams Gym. L .okg an iv
esaw "ord irglaaat, WHIIam A. Pao"ll and sports writer.
CO-onerof the nuon stadlo, 19eld a bawqMt for Brown at te
to rfght) sargeant Brown. Parceas Garrido and Harrison. The
teen Byron Cum6beratoh an. Roolfo Ampud a was halted a
round by the Panama BoWsag Comm.n o and ruled no contft
ovleame two knoadowns to put Daniel Ward on the dek ,twic
four-rounder and win an Impressive decision in first pro light
Sthe best of the evening.














~hel ato a t
fe' HenMos. TeAwday V
A the eu oto rhe

t Ma1ethtlis d aften r Ia
ge&+Zuf m Atutrin, 3
er bo ws of bitter wra l
b :MQ .,r.9.c. do

tdrihma ta sOnity ww, efen-

Gae -s t -esterCA

e rs ber debate by
ilatiad thetil r balnot.- Te
S athe first ballot wa not

NE. t ane 1.-fav)r
The vohtmbu. Which ws ei *

e yrseuse Chiefs M -i", 1wa

*-ht in the In ternatiomll
e' only tos n to mon a
The fifth-p le Jets now rest

e e ack of puace-setting

lmi fourth-place Roce ater.
recuse broke a scoreless
lay in YOR f JWhne Rome
W. 6itt the Californa r, esort f

it n tody run in the top half

Sall nor o n a r n the
CO NTriS.Job
NiW les ckoune-:ti

he ColUmbu eta overpow e
oahuae sonly atis to move i e
rhalf s eloer to a berth In the l
first vsal IiOn on

bus rallied for four runs .1pthe
lower half tb sew up the vittOry.
Aob Trice Fained the virtoy a-
ihough he needed helip from
Charlie Hoag In the ninth In-
-he line Score:
Byraeuoe 000 00100--3 I 0
Columbus 000 004 03X-7 13 0
Johnson, Peterion (6), 2inker
(7) and Lonnett; Trice, Hqr
09) and Roarke. HR--aanaki.
WP-Trice. Lp-Johnson.

Along The Fairways



Service Standin gtop total while the Cavaliers@
Won Lost Pet. were sparked by Gordy Miller
Fort Clayton ...... 4 0 1.000 with 16 points and Larry Davis
Fort Kobbe ....... 2 0 1.000 with 15.
Troopers ...... 2 1 .667 ,
Navy Paefic ...... 1 1 .500 CEidA t V h
Albrk AB ..... 1 2 .333 Evident Klu
Army Atlantic .... 1 3 .250
CocoSlo- Navy .. 0 4 A oM cmuy ABE H 0 A6
The service baskeba all leaders e i am 2b ..... 4 5 1 2 01
poured it on the lowet-enders Reese ....... 4 2 3 2 5
ih t Fort __hCla to roPr E hs I p. ... .'t 1 0 0 05 01
est'e, 5 1 3 5 0
ed to is ourthstraghtwin. De- odea b ...... 4 1 2 13
fending champ Fort Kobbe took Holeson b ..... 5 0 2 0 3
ita second d victo.e --n. lFurlUo rf ........ 5 0 0 2 0
The high f yng Cavwles Barkowski l ..... 5 0 1 1 1
roed" Coco6Solo,, 72-55, whue Labine ........o1 0 0 0 1
Kobbe was turning back Army Roebuck p ....... 0 0 0 0 1
Atlantic 81-65. a-Amoros ....... 1 0 0 0 01
The hot-shootin i post ughes p ..... 1 0 0 0 0po1
TWope rolled over Navy Pad- c t p i
fles Blue Jackets at Cocol, 81- Totals 39 5 29 13
62. Cinclinati
The same oldFort Kobbe story Temple 2b ..... 5 0 0 3
had Howie McCaen back inthe Jablonski fl..... 5 1 3 0
lead role. He poured In 22 points, laugsewk, ilb ... 4 3 3 9 0
ncludng 10 out of 10 onver- Post rf ........ 4 1 1 1
slons from the free throw line. Bell ef .......... 4 0 1 4 0
The ULfellers, meanwhile Burges c ....... 3 1 0 4 1
were rolling up quarter leads of Adams 3b ....... 4 0 .2 2 3
34-8, 43-38 and 63-50. Kobbe McMUM lan a ..... 3 0 0 4 3
substituted freely In the second Nuxhall p ....... 1 0 0 0 1I
stanza and the Bushmeisters b-Thurmnan ...... 1 0 0 0 0
scored 30S points, including 14 by Fowler p ........ 1 0 0 0 0
forward ik Kohrherr.. PFreeman p ...... 1 0 0 0 2
Behind McCaldh for the in- -------
ers were .TJoe Clarzlto with 14 Totals 3 6 8 20 12
points,and Don Fuche and Ed x-Two out when winning run
fickles with 13 each. scored.
Kobrhnerr netted 0..or the a-lied out for Roebuck in 6th.
A'and ld Nann and Tex Yar- b-Force out for NuxhaMlU in
bough .added '15 and 14 tallest 4th.
wecol d offensive fea- rror-JablonskL RB-Cam-
tured the Trooper attack as panella X, odges 2, Robinson,
they fast-breaked he Blue s In- kluseweki 32, Post, Bell, Adams.
to the floor. Thurman. Two base Reese,
After the Sailors took a 19-17 Campanella, Hodges, Jablonski,
first-period edge, Troops took Post. Triple-Reese. HR-Klius-
over at the other reats, 39-32 sewWkl 2. Stolen base-Robinson.
and 5"-47. Doubleplays.-Robinson to Oil-
The five key producers in the am to Hodges; Adams to Tem-
Troops lineup were Jack Me- pie to Klumewak. LO--Broolk-
Donough with 17, Jess Valdes lyn 9, Cincinnati 4. Bases on
with 16, Bobby Ward and Marty balls Lablne 1, Roebuck 2,
Wiginton with 14 each and Bob Nuxhall 2, Fowler 2, Freeman 1.
Mayer with 12. 8O-Lablne 2. Hughea 3, Fowler
Dal Tomas hit 19 Jint, King 2. Hits off-Labine 5 in 3 1-3:
15 and Bob Rupert 1 points for Roebuck 2 t in 1.-3; Freeman 1
Navy. In 8 1 -3. Runs and earned run
Mort Clayton posted quarter -Lablne 4 and 4; Roebuck I sad
leads of 21-10, 40-M3 and 53-48, 1; Hughe 1 and 1; NIuxhal U 3
p~lBn up 10 points to seven feor and 3: Fowler 2 and l. WP:
Inhe Tars inthe last chapter. Freeman (2-1). LP-Hughaes (0-
Jerry 31ll's 4I soorew was the 2).



Iq jIoVAR AVL o.OMo 40

tment director Oil Oonaalo
B wier' trophy donated by
knokut vltory over MNat
e Pamm an Americansport_
i. & .-.- iV- jr M-11.w

j Ba = jr. 1ros4101
ellon after Up h EW
dull six-round m4flnal be-
2:30 of thed sxth and fiua .l
. Youthwul Z ~rrt nougls
in the lat round o their
The 3ouglaswWard boat was

uf Winner

i Tourney

Theo winner of the Dan Caksl-
o n versu JOe Edwin bout wl
be included in the pepoed eli-
mflnd m tournament to sect a
teholder for the vaent 147-
Pne d division.
Calcagno and E0will bat-

iamuels-lrvin Blue bout
The welterweight brown was re
e ntly vacated by Ttoe espalgne
who seat a letter to the Panam
Boung Commils form in g
that he is res mlhn from the ring.
Edwin and C ageno w e r e
scheduled to go through their fin-
al sparring sessions today This all-
out workout will Include all sorts
of limbering up excercises plus
several rounds of boxing. Tomor-
row tae boys will d 6.ib easithe.

This will be Culcagno's firsr
local fight in several years. He
has lusf returned from a success
Rul tour of South American rings.
Despite his greater exrle ance
and excellent record, ldwin is
expected I* be the betting favor.
Iet fight AMtime.
The seminal could turn out
to be "the light of the nght."
Steadily improving Manuel Pres.
eott, ridg the crest of a five
bout winhl skein, tackles hard-
hig Leslie T_ ompson In as
eight round contest at 18 pounds.
A six-round "special" be=een
Hankin Barrows. III and Marcial
Mounar at 135 shape up an an.
other prospective thriller. Two
four round preliminaries are also
included o the program.
AI Rodrigus mseet Terry Rm.
strn In the main prelim at IM
pound while amateurs Alejaodn
Paeheco and Patrocnilo Allen will
slug It out in the opening bout.
General admission is only $1
(one dollar.)

Balboa 'Y' To Begin
Summer Swimming

Program June 27
Theb Balboa Y.M.C.A.-USO wil
begin its annual summer iwim
ming program for boys and glrL
Oa Monday, June 17, for chil dre
between the aes of S and I
There @wl be three genera
groups on each of four morning
a week, Monday through Thur.
day. The beginners will meet a
9 a.m., the intermediates at 10:0
a.m. and the advapoed at 11 a.
There will las be mantroduetor:
oourm to life sav ingin the tri
On these groups r lt.
In so m,.those arint e s"
to register at the Balbos.YX .2.M
as soam as possible.
Private swimming lesas Lo
children are also being resume
a4d students may enroll by cal
ing the Y.M.C.A. for appolnil

-in --

Sold it al

Naval Station ..... 3 1 .J&
raltar .......... 2 2 0
Aow -. ...&. .2 2 .500
Universal Sports .. 1 3 .2
wedneeiay ; .RO
powF 5& UnirMsal ort. u/
Naval station 61, Olbraltar 57
Next Gaomea,(Play, Jae N /
Univeral Sports vs 4aval sta-
Powella va Gibraltar
TWo My were Rh
night doubleheader at the
Migariarlt gym.i rst,. and plob-
ably the most iurprllngo 0At-
lantic Side faisu, Is tt the
Powelle gutntet can loger
be condeted underdog la the
lamW QiAM

Gibraltar last week Fridy, tee
lads from the Powe es flV cim
back anew to show the win
was no accident by dealing from.
the roame deck to UtalN
Sport amd this time doing t
hard way.
After blowinl a ta point Ind

woh uZ Mnds lM am
it was onc more little
MoV tbet st:rred for
the young M w son.
Fouled under the basket by
Vsapor Ar ,Manning,
th moved wellA mmo their
me t dt to their a to
57 Sammy kU toe powela
attack with 2 points and oBce
more had a fautlsa night Mm
he free throw in. Morlf 7 for
brought his seao total to 19
for 19.
Arnold Manning was top scor-
er for Universal Sports with 16

Th taend W--' hiviews or
ketba Lp t med od pmat eto a&
one gam m ad Ithe 1 n-
nalt chase wWo aal celeai 57
win over GibraltaGr ie in the
nitcap. Agai as hebeen the
case mnce mhe season oped
out a pad A the =t.
n e in e victory. pibnio
trow toteiV.

Salnst Olalt to u his sea-'

with u. Noel .Otbeoan taUied 1
for .lbraltar.
S No Fam Tonight
The Atlaetlc Basketball
fortea-bt. In a 2d4tidn, the lext
been postponed to be played at
Margarita the afternoon of July
4th m eenjunhtaon with the an-
nual Fourth of July celebrations
A Universal Sporta-Gibraltar
contest has been scheduled for 4
that afternoon, with the Naval
a yn ight-Powes scheduled ame
to be left off until the en dot the
This was necessary because
the Navy Is scheduled for a 4rv
te league game that ame day,
The next regular scheduled
game of the Atlantic Basketball
gLeae will be held at the Mar-
garita gym next Friday night,
Junse 24 with Universal Sporta
meeting Naval Station in the
first game of the night and Gi-
braltar 'playing Powells In the



The box scores:
Pewuil ft fs pf tp
Smith, Dudle ..... 2 2 2 6
1yes .............. 5 6 16
Quetada ........... 4 4 4 12
Pere .............. 1 0 1 2
Morris ........... 8 7 23n
Hawthorne ........0 0 0
20 19 15 59
Universal Sports
MannIng .......... 5 1 16
Simons, Carl ....... 3 4 1 8
Hall. John ......... 2 2 4 6
Conover ........... 3 0 2 1
Moser ............ 6 2 1 14
Smith, Gil ......... 1 0 1 2
Haye ............. 3 0 4
22 14 14 58

d4i 4i .. l8t

li i .. ,.'

d noM .. m -. -m .

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If you want Bourbon at its best call for

"GREEN RIVER," America's smoothest

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Calcagno, Edwin Boi

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Clayton, Kobbe Win

To Remain Unbeaten

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Local 907 Seeks Pandmrtow _____7

S.To Aid Contractors' Feceg

'a a. O', Local D0 to protect Pana I 1 pa
,is o. Lionel man ans employed y U COD"G

A r Das e, ora "ex. .- "''"o "e n .. .. de ta e. '. :. ,, .'- t a to

aryer, conreter Octavio Frabre'ga F Groundnbreaking eboa e a ty ros* v to c
B m Lrifns giselrAccoing to e Jo eaty wc *pouldsy do11e thd mo .7 oao .t-

spcid woDld affecC theTir .ral W For practical Hoya ge i
orLtr49 Apm tli hat Trihe Case of Assault W it .iis
,. .,Castillo said that contractors m.dite shutdown of y r 5 d r e. ..the sh. ips. ,ra.
l. e pl..'.yes the L Uone were beg o. Da D. .dted, since mot union members ,i
pMi balaries considerably lower wa o o to san un1t l s few hras Sts are born to be ed
. alan was being paia empoayes who before sa ling. w. atf
o dDworked for tanac Zone govern- fM c e aa i at o wd
Sam m s .nt agencies p B o The work stoppage affected sa.e- Camo r e,
Sa an o the A1sam no pted suppsshirs flying the American flayg Ma o. Ja n
Sga that beaes ower, wages, man Y NMU cw. f ca on
:. -uiese workers were also ben As io. n a.s cet lines are not naly d t o el g
Sj decor incn a benlad aw a n r o o ot
S Streponi dre a n throo cause c ort o e contractors manned iy AFL meten.
le Leit er i arew not on a long term The ports affected by the walk-

g second ofh ml itary a-i inem me ntingaton thei cerenceeape ad finrmen in tce the qester n period at
g a ceremony co m- basic pay lb r everyone on the Ca- the United States DCstsra6 Court for Crossroads ays State. bea ted at eotremu left is Jdir MacK ,Clerk of Courtd Members
o thet Am'lu aZe woprs. we treiat Cun- o the lury, which returned to court unable to a on a verdict are: First row: ohn .tuccho Jr., Job Ebbs Cfhrbles Pears, For te i
a In Galnok, th divispl aron uM. clen eprlo ye tsh nowevte Howard Lewis, William d. atahettt Milton Rodrigez. Rear row: Dorrnan ellton, Kpeeer Bazan John H. Perantae, James Reeoe, a. June 17 (UP)-Prmeideat Elsed-
say hereocismtncon en Cafferential plus h- omer allow- case remai seated at counsel elw w eGo g und-rroisag ie elr the
pniltary operations against acedt, h adeld* 2mallo:20 p.m. today were to mark the The ivmn tt t he
ed enemy on July i1, 1860, deatillQ said his union was n begininglof a new ewdimming pool reIuinst to the House and Setoa^e

..a:c' : District Court' Trial Wingds Up With Hung Jury ra |. I r V
i As Bos State Tries Case O Assault ith Pick
or.iCGal* unde..We .aaZo ean6'mi" h fo

Ea g n.fsir Cis raet ha pat wth S nThe "tial" of David D. Tuek- lng morning and that the ef- reuered to employ the Ice pick bays which emphasized the r o t
S "charged the enemy overn mt e Bor ended in a jury disagreement forts of e chief steward to et to save himself Crm serious in- great rnc between the James W tphens, Chalman ta and
hand rades as his CU. N late yesterday In the United him out of b gh resulted in abit- jury at the chief steward's American system of j ,,tlce aud of the CPf ruu Swimming Pool ey tn vacel-e.
hisOn d o h. iPna-eo

aImf oe2- t ah oe ar ina toboa si t e supposedly a chief toward, was s tedby that of o dable rlier in the day, the boys The ad..rigina
e e t fle, hatllo, pAtewnt of the loa our after the wit- seaman A. Shook, a arp attended a Of The relies climax more annc

atJ a prns. *Whft o fa steel llerdc feature, prwessesl docked here, noises said, the defendant pro- witness, who said he obserf at Court, Judge Chales A. than |ear|o| activity by the for only 28 million tk|o h givea
Shed to t oned h ed ed the wihe thnama's r-Seaen e rouh a arcia presiin swim pool aoton. Te tile vaccine to i.ildren wo p
The 30-ft. enedstern glat ap edeea" Daniel M. Eggleston Jr. chief steward into the alley porthole. Judge Edward t e. Altman of inducted a fwnd rals- cents can'tK fford to pay for It.
atoniLscDeusWheyiterpretationeoitruc'im.In th. a Dr.

s gient T ma -ptpot m wan eao .was In to trahrefavep and adaruced him in taae. char the jury, Judge the Magistrates Court, Balboa, ng c ign in the community But Welfare Secret Oveta
antw.spcitedalfhanruodnaer. Panmaaleploys J roFh n apsarcltid raular, Chief Joseph C- Hannigan's testimony Robin ded a special in- visited the Fart Gulick head- through lbs shipor beC eatotal
n, e oCason, dubbesaid that w craft ors' of the vesetshutdownfth, with left no doubt as to the serious- strution o sef-defe. quarters of the Ae a- fa ars wh aimed of would be so to

a o wtar. fIs fle t week Detective Edward Lawrence, monte, Marshal Mickey Iyan t boys t functions and pro- add to social life' f Cuoundu. to give free vaccine to all chil*
po C ptin oyes i the ione wo ere bemas, ft toee t ce owmost union med "
pta baariestt to cnihaderbly the The trial before the itson. 1 lfew had bee hourslled to the escorted the ury to its room cedure of mu pal courts.o"h
and h ie he the w J e" for Crossroads, ad a But drs ton by d hour deliberation followed, de Altman repopd t at the Crtei u house to The ad station Is g.osed to
S emeon tosa ncie. The work stopp affltlets dft spectators atep steward to ait that In his Foreman Dorman Fulton an- al procedure, selection of lon and to continue the st un- ederal government
e mel sar e t e ago t be has and brilliant unroom a-n the dfOndthe American an-a he gad struck him reach a rdict ahd the make up a goo Judge, campaign. vacne to a children.
Slem esain e wanted to w swere mal boat. "I n eAlonas et linesral times about the head od ap are notify even If ur-
rueprivet of c e r t a i n retmaemed

decorations, including havbenever been wospitahout one be prao-tlo or Macnparran and Mlo orn- and facld
ard e r aa olge d' run me r oi nigniorShellAmerican I were counsel for the The defendant testified In his i o tt en tha-
S th een then p heard that Johan defe t. Jadk MaKaFL ad amen.wn behalf presented d te j and discharged

ejmade nes chte, a l-yearod one-l- tenritered oaths as Clerk of the somewhat hff t picture of ihm. Ceangel for both sTdeB
IOliner rea in fro Germany bound for Ta- Hots, ThenI John McMatt With the pk to protect him The eld in the affected by the walk-..
giben Sra t First triCommentin on their conference
Jaian, .ois squad He arrived in Balbooa si weeks ,o-he said, had tratened to bea ghlighted a day of study by

ou ifiIwhen they ago from Curacao, loft for sea Those witnesses agreed that him up the Boys Stattrs of judicial
onh ae lm by an automa- i t returned hee because h sas defendant, having returned IM.n As h e entered the galle r final argent in n a free society. U.S.triedeite oon
hich was holdny cg up needed reasicpayoir. The disabled Ge- high irUnited from an evening of said, the chiefaoy steward turnetld District Attorney Rowland K Cmb.
Tahiti where he hoped to etrer to the Jurgalley, which re to prepare break- menablcing manner, with his ficts riale: F t f or the moot court prJon -lced-e
heroism in by connectim- Now with the o ntiat solda o he has fast for the crew on the follow- clenched and raised, and he .s d the trial with a talk to the

genman." nly 10 1 and still sail Sdnday for hisb nin.o
th he position, "he destination. tractorsm
win ane ad threw And Carison, new owner of the
atDstrm .Agct CouaPTr-al Winds UWth HunJur to give her a trial run
VinmfireC aeap Gal-I$i ga. Oi| ,, unaor wys ahaszed1hednder ao

fire, "be threw a -
~~ a~uteat weapon AI..e.
d"l'l'threeen Alsatian Searer
winners were: r
wO.Firstsee- A Peculiarly'
OAk leat clusters
sta; Capt. John C. .
Drw ar med,; Capt. l Shore Leave
H d /r er aret;
h e Pr "Dawn -~~,an, expea ,ve piece
l. fOak a of emata o v w a traveling aboard
the British p Horra.ta un-
derwent a complete physical
e borenbeftoreturned

At 6:30una


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