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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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CITIZENS of Crossroads Boys State leave their train at Mr. Hake station yesterday on their
way to Fort Gulick to begin a week-long pr ram of stay of pi blems of city, state, and Ca-
nal Zonc government. Left to right: David -. Tucker, Michael elly, John Ebbs, James Reece,
John Peantle, Milton Rodrigues (special observer), John McNat John Reynolds IMl, vhr H.
Stucchio Jr., Tim Hotzs. Kenneth R. Wheeler, Dean Larry Waahbu *
(U 8. Army photo by Sgt. R. A. Shireling) iP

Canal Zone's First B;y 's State

. ",(* *., *'" .

Pnal Z neTo Become

*trangely Silent Land

The canal Zone, Ike thou- fast that the recently adopted
sands of cities d towns ar Mid signals'will be usei for
throughout the Unilt States, the-first time.
ill become a straaiely silent The first signal to be heard,
land. for ten minute, tomorrow staring the exercise, will be the
afternoon when veh iular traf- Take Cover signal. This is a
fie will halt and several thou- warbling sound and is the same
Sand, workers huddleA in .esig- whidh has been used heretofore
Shelters in a test of Civil to sgnalize an imminent enemy
SAU plans have beehaeompleted The second signal is the Alert
Ar the local observance of "Op- a gnal. This will be sounded ten
emation Alert 1955," which Is be- minutes after the first and, for
Ing conducted on a national the purpose of this test, will in-.
scale. dictate that the exercise Is ended
The test exercises the first for the general public. This sig-
on a Zone-wide basis since nal is a steady blast of three
World War II will begin minutes duration of the air-raid
promptly at 1:43 p.m. when the siren.
air raid sirens sound a Take Those who have radios avail-
Cover signal. able have been requested to tune
Five minutes later, a simu- in for instructions which will be
lated atomic explosion will broadcast over the Armed Forc-
take place 2000 feet ina the sky es station, CFN, at the sounding
over Balboa Heights. of the Alert signal.
The hypothetical weapon will The action to be taken during
be two and a half times as pow- the ten-minute test has been
erful as those dropped on Japan outlined, as follows:
during the last war. 1. Residents seek shelter in
The test exercise will end for their own homes.
the general public at 1:53 o'- 2. Employes at work proceed
clock, five minutes after the to designated shelter areas at
simulated attack. their places of employment.
The end will be signslized by 3. All non-vital automobile
the sounding of the Alert signal traffic pull to the side of the
on the air raid warning system. road. and stop, with occupants
All communities in the Ca- remaining in the cats.
nal Zone, both military and ci- 4. Pedestrians and others
vilian, and the cition of Pana. the open seek nearest availal
ma and Colon ase cooperating shelter.
IX "Operation, AlM 955" and Plans for "Operation Af
the same geiral onditione 1955" have been developed by
will ply all munlutes thl. jo t Civil Defense commit- .

C Civil Def<

Goes Into Ac


I > :1

* .

TIt qivil Defense organization of the Canal
Govenielint will get its irst full-scale test tom
Ofterneon since its reorganization after the close
World'War II.
iseral hundred volunteers who have been cared
coached in their duties in event of a major disaster hi
SCanal Zone will put their training to a test after
simulated atomic bomb burst over the Administrl
Building at Balboa Heights.
Although all communities will actively particip
the general exercise, "Operation Alert 1955" for a
minute period after the Take Cover signal sounds at.
over the air raid warning system, only the principal
of the Canal-Zone Civil Defense organization will
tinue with a variety of exercises to test training ant
ordination after the Alert signal at 1:53 p.m.
For the purp of the exr- nated faeity dtfda
cise, it will be Athat the deputy, r tely,
Iaton b Ignactive on. Wa#d e .wH be
ePS-691 W rter Ithe aM-* Sh t- hSi
ulwe attWc. etal h tv
ieu" yffL 9a<2 tE

A _cti sab-forto o o repe d
S0e-erolaes withi 0 =th

o4.a deand ahe reis succe hotswto aband cr p- Inndteetaf
dThe ited State Arm t Fort settle toanu excnges that ar ck r a r i Raiload and mun l sevces, e panes, fro re eer
dulr, mnd ed b t Js the ob rs treiee sor been sued. is nor e- tablishment. of trl points A reafa.D o to ol Ca
Jl D0e,-tmd nostto th e oee, the be rereac Ro a. e po I move the piychol da i fer and a commnie i test il- at many th
o Compbam halt falne ytiandhthetDanrp n the un k n bt w.h e a W hen'a m n Is iing mobile rstfo s whiCh have -leoterte
I 'olltiesfor them and for sleevin conference by members of po n wimen ada in eengen the Canal Zone with the told that h eabua cannun-tied been made avla bl o tpen The
sthe *af ounio the proramtB- theIt Governor's staff and civic iscrlEb anrs an an History e h essential o- pto hl seat and that he must Armed For.s wil behld afr
mos retoa Bd tg theols. e cien i of Boe State are Rihn -loC ch-ar l ed oreal t n oa ons as the Canal, P eanama f ire it to escape rom s p-r t
emerican bLys wionwideWll oin M Railroad and munlcaleDal rvice, m t w ircatat to irst tntlon wde witp aoarden oe na sut nt
he Unitedtat tesr a F etle to an exchange of hack-sawed his way out of a- eets is being sought or the ten-in- Wht will that kick e will also rtlipte atve- ee Chief, h
Guick, cmm nde d at Spr Do rfn view a the problems o f C ant al tun Jail Th ur day night h, ute period. moe theer-s yh og |l lh e t era sat e warden y- th ta
J. P avis, i s h o t to the e Zauorn ,t be b oy swi e pre ten a- A fael S a th a.tagf 15. vi L i p an ts d o to m e?' A lter a va l sby a mzng msoeb lc isew Incvu
fil. IS. entdthas brod eto nan W J s Hatche rte Ti three-y ear apetos not on- ue speaker will be P trainer he'knows, the varies pato n be- the fullest dg ee
of Stete iO h p aotie' d o. i Eward Lawrence ow- a sh ta m from the Jaail but en- GeoraeDln. nlw et, 3d Inantr, Driver ies andll not hesitate wen ... aen. the technical pthed:
w1fult Saitiues for thm and for sea eeeace by mmbes Robf tered the off women and minors rt Davis, who will deliver a od t seconds can mean the dilr-t ad meannd: frvs. e hne warde

the tibhe.ot program, the Governor's staff Perand civic, two poce burevolversy, and somthe iReal." te le employes not engaged In vital hav ted and i
Crossroads Boys rounds of ammunition. FaWeett, a former YCA yto e the trn oer will be ted to f ut a ke
most recent dition to e A- itens of Bo StaJon e i tre Rih- ony w has after t Mem ortlo a t abratory inCl defense workers In al The en

T ates aionwsdee to Stucao, onMark Sugar, Dani jalbreak. He was carrying on Army i a recognized author- p.m ort of the accident said he w buildings and Industrial areas their exercise aft

ersegistra'ihS citions an an D. Tgleton J arle Fawh i of the Mand four rounds ot h o- the sue of "lyin8 drivin thigh seed have been deeignrted to rrct and the *sculatad
h e r tiSod t a t A r m or th ebura a O neth R. Wheeler, ammuc taon. o aucerSM." ss ng erNs oel en -tt n ge "W h nti empllo s tard the ill report by their e have bea.

Gulicks c mm n e by rJn i w ip o 30-- o C n ofa Rainbow Cityn ered At h e Administration Build- First d work
ii be.sostf t e 1 Yo at p ing Dora n t n Joseph C Hen-rold burglar servinght eye awas ad- lonM at Blboa Hei, wrere exercise after t
field p a p brnOYOUW antt to in. a. W m J at do Your Shopping? t*re ah
sN anef htAmerical s P Canal Cmmi on- houre t speaker will be o 15 Ted nad rookee ted as the agency Child care
le onitesfot thin o stat ei Eward Lawrence, How- ly escaped fro th o ail bt oren- The ballo will 3b distributed Ceer George Wharton 189-eas- A, and John W re lcad R. se nel hve
A ith18n s. tLwii onn c MacKaigb Rob- tored th fe c rof the serg ort Dav wo wll lcomier a old resident of Colon was killed t Terault haven rice The zone warde' ao
e d a stores. e six days a week at the same stores that are open and on Colon. to foralv
t h e Afi t he. n p9 C erog am s J o vn o o r 'sst a ffoh n dH .vPe r a n tic tw o p o lic e r e v o lv e r s a n d s o m e R e a l." th e c a r h e w a s d r iv in g f a ile d r oill b et d. rse e
Boys g es lnt at M five eece, John Reyndls Iw b- t schdulns owih anightion.en- Blawer t, a former YMCA hy- t mae the turn in Criere al o- wesl oart engedivill hae t
bry -:sitms. Allen -Warren Robinette, in pray, keC.,yo athe Trans-Isthmilan High- N shelter~ designated ar tcs.
y Michael Skel, Jn H t o a f hours after the prior o his induction Into thetime sho g By intoandh Rre on ad aal clted el workers In all

w------- ex- sary Division as a result ofe he offeaarst eject eon1.0
T h e t e d shpev oEe dgl t o s t oJ r M a rk S u g a r D a v d J ai b r e a k H e w a s c a r r y i n gr a ot A r m y nJu e3a r e c o g n i z e dointh e wnt of Rh Rvo r k teriinwl
p 9a at Sprnd blrst ton Joseph Cb ldings and Industrial areas the ir exercise
Is wereRandolphrRo adb0 ace a t m oi e
amty o, the Hate t. a ho hc 'la dre eer e been d rs gn t ed to drect and all s n m la e
curt -adh .r ow Band, t and DRai o rnbow City, suffered a 1tthe Adm ltrton Bu ld- it m id -
itet s fo beratedright eye and was ad- wah at Balboler ed He rights, h rw laoe rc ftr 1
o u Cl r htosp taamitted Abl t -, aon g rHospital there is one s the largest con- e d first ai
A ahis injuries were Inot caet- e 0of events osentl i Communlt Services Bureau has thin of the m noe

*at atcanoeJ me.R ate hh i H approt rmit el- bo0 fee tbv u eTters casera d ove Jon W.diand fl heenbmtik
d th hours week on a bloter to provide commissary serv- w in all co ary and Auustus Lard, addition to the formally
be dtmUted in oarlr stores Cee six days a week at the same stores that are open and on Colaon, d e t g-
I--r.Ryat Thabaelot gves a c holce of hours; moanltenanehe ouaf the pr i o Thiursa ina i Margarita, Camp ,The dead man and the scheduled events, the Latin
e shopchedules now be- ent c wit ngh e lo Heights and La mers in the car we a ill hve the opportunity or er
f"rei cIke, 15,000 Federal Wo
rnrcon de:d be u thendomm .mRWheele7. m ura"ti e hThBcpasse ger Noel Be nett. ageAalnanlan s.. a e ct s
r sary Diviin as a result o the le
W lFBenefits Law coy-
rinsertrn em yes dWith the advent 1 high speed
'a w n a pr.ovisiMon jet aircraft, the need for'cimproved
Tloy ess ar are oold rea- espe methods eo inreas.r Wi Sturry Fr W
son. o otherwise, the em- ingly important.
carto 1v thil 00t *. F g h t ionO t he d we eek
Sf.l oom e work we s dayse WTid blast st speeds In excess epls e
withotwf lke n"-work 300 mph could tear a person --
eah.6y dprieO sa e workn weehoi into the tail surfaces of the air- WASHINGTON, June 14 (UP) "streni
b lud.E. and br e during D othe working craft or into the bomb-ay doors The wall ot d Nt he a g cm of
ofhoitV'T-Uch periodi which or other protruding parts of t mock atocet .will eudm
of. t. t a ds eri ou exceed one hour fhusel age, f old style emPr e s td1cs
bail-out procedures were foowed Federal workers scurrying ouf Psecal
N wat 'e,.tP meeat these conditions, of town tomorrow for a Civil De- Inst inembega anm
1 t A ei n u hours would have y : To prevent injuries or death due lense teat.e pboylm or 21
oft'nn to this wng d blast, the ejction r the ie zt 4J honrs. theands to

may be retained or a seat was developed, -essentbal fuctions o t st eg.le
Sn o fu m ade Ift there is a rThe upward eTection seat is do- Federe s boenGot will belI employee 1l
the M. a.gee kdemanm'ad tetsigned to ft an aircrew member ree d fro secret relocton leave therd
thed- approximately i feet above his centers scared over a adus

Wofad thh crewnposh d ld e etsthus e Laing u s th
k shodl ar s, t The propellant used inup r aton Alert, 1 6,"d the biggest eme ee aeynn
s 1oI:4 andd from section seats, is a mm atest vert tried wI ewk
08f r5 s0 p un. owbt the ridge whihde xetr ts approximaptely Toe.purp ss stt testothekDefense
Nrerd ffereitn1s Ga's ofa cc l r o en u p th e n--e lnWho d thao il n i
dividual for about 1-5oth of a sec. eritial tare asrer and .qe piet by h ,
m o st c omin isa a j m em o eap ed em p e e c ah ewht bem eante s
ar e o p e n fr r e g o o dr m e u e
a n cn s c t r om r:3 0 s0 C U S E O M e e t i nghT Je 1 4 a P
with t consecutive -non-workin othetcstp o f hedth at
d ringthe w redk" inave been aint" nand

-ALS"SA' ; The .4-exce -ed o neuho ur.i l .e
Of b a l-o tomorrow e ff w ow baf beesC4D

"t -".o r -'vte d
. : r 't ,_ ,. .-... -of ; .o aged, bu.t .prese,,nt The up--_ard ejec-tion. seat"-.-s .o...Federal .g., .'t ."ll be dii

.' -T **

: :i


I a-

I ?m .-l- t p -, ,.
.... .^ ^-'*. +-.L ... .-*-** ..-.,- :. ,'. jr. l-s4 .. ...." ..f.. ; ...
I^R^+s: '.., ". .' '.+: i .. + -
.W ., ._ L ." ,_ .k ... '_. *'/ -

Erz -.


OWNE A HA-1U AmUh5Drvt.
7. A4.Ymet"r P. o. Box 1"4. MAM. c P.
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Te Mail Box Is an m en onm ter readers oThe Panama Amriesm
,'Dta cre received gretefully and ore handled I a whl cenfidtl
m' mener.
It you contribute a letter don't be Impatient ift doesn't appear th
dI'di b Ltters ea published in the arder esved. ,
. Plhea try to kip the letters limited to I"
S IdHentT of letter writers i held in stridest cefdemee.
a' This newspaper essumes no responsibility for stailMIelse as epllean
gproee in liters from readers.

&8* On June 9, 1955. at 11:54 a.m, I listened to the awfullest
*runio program cf my life It was over the Hillbilly program on
SCFN. I do not know the name of the record or song, but it was
P about a drunk that was singing his troubles. About every 10 we-
onda he would gag and go through all the contortions and noe
.sL drunk vomiting or tCying to vomit.
It was excellent actii.g. or did they bring In some drunk and
...lm vomit before the microphone? It was no realistic that I
*0 !sick to my stomach arnd turned off the radio. The only rea-
mSon I left the radio on .o ling was that I could not believe a ta-
tton of such prominence was actually Dtuting on such a program,
and wanted to make sure
What mentally defic"zit mycopath could possibly ask for this
* record to be played and what was wrong with the disc jockey toI
allow it to be played, or even having such a record in his posses-
slan, if ;t was a record?
Another thing with this disc jockey, let's cut oug-lome'of
those "Oldtimer" conversations on the hillbilly program. They
aie represent, or appear to represent, that part of the USA noted
for Its backward, uneducated, population. .
CFN also comes out with some really raw songs and stories.
Their are sections of every city set aside for vulgarity, etc. Lets
confine such songs to such areas, or do such performances repre-I
se-Lt the average thinking of our Army?
wp .--No-Constant Listener
Orchids to CFN!
On Saturday night for our listening pleasure, the Hit Parade
was returned. And again I enjoyed listening to it on Repeat Per-|
formance on Sunday morning.
Thank you, Mr. Musical Director. Just let us hear those hit
tunes throughout the week and please include Tweedle Dee, even
4 though it was not on this week's hit parade.
V I'm sure the children will place many requests for Davyt
Crockett after hearing the tune Saturday night. Tweedle Dum,
maybe you will get a chance yet to wear your Davy Crockett hat
"while you are down here.
"Name That Tune" is another very. good half-hour radioC
Tweedle Dee
: Mv visit to Santa Clara occurred during the battle in the
Casino when a lady (weli-knowni used a ketchup bottle for a
treason still unknown, though at a costly price of $100.
f Surely some housecleaning is necessary to establish a degree
of safety for visitors like us teenagers and our friends, some of
whom reside in Sa*ta Clara. ,,

W4 R
S* 1

I -

j The perfect wedding

I gift-& Sterling

You know you ore making the bride happy when you
give her Towle Sterling-the wedding gift that is pbr.
fact in every way.
You can choose ust-the-right-gft in the beautiful
Towle Sterling pattern that she has ahosn for her own.
Visit us soon and se this matches sterling...with
that wonderfullys vbtl Towle touch...the touch of the
finest silver ;raftsmanship.

Spoons from 3.08 six-piece place settings, 24.79

"caia/o fcLch

li--*^--rf-- -- -- --- --- ^

ing Philip i
Need wh im "
no Ma oes


Folks Arerff Inte ed kigAnyMre


-,B ,' ,,,*' ..*
. i .-,_

* I

It will eventually cut Its work
force, even by firings if necessary,
but certainly by refraining from
replacing workers who drop out.
Once it has established a small-
er but more solid and skilled labor
force, it will begin putting the
men and women on a salaried
basis instead of paying them by
the hour or piece.
Ford, for example already has
some 40,000 on a salaried basis-
almost 25 percent of its total em-
ployment. The 140,000 production
workers who threatened to strike
are hourly workers.
GaWral Motors is a third of
its 562,000 workers on a straight
salary-with some 365 000 produc-
tion workers still paid by the hour.
Once most, of the Ford and GM
production workers are put on a
straight salary basis, paid the year
round, they will know that so long
as they have a Job at all they
have it at a fixed salary, every
They will have neither overtime
nor layoffs. They wK work as
moat white dollar people do-no
cycles, no seasons. They will be
in an economic class higher than
those who are In the a fortunate
group which will be lopped off-
and which will become the real
That is the ultimate significance
of the Ford-Auto Union pact

Mario Scelb Whi

Temporary Ykbry
It's R bo~i

ROME. June 14 (UP)-Leaders
of the Christian Democratic Par-
ty said they would ask for pot-
ponement scheduled for the c am-
bar of deputies today.
The party leaders said they
wanted the potposement to give
anti-Communist Premier Mario
Scelba time to reshuffle his coali-
tion cabinet.
The no-confidence motion was
filed by the right-wing Monarch-
ist party and the neo-Fascists. If
they oppose the move for post-
ponement the hal-pressed Seelba
might have to make postpone-
ment itself a confidence issue.
The tough commuist-attli i n g

today but did nt aph the dead.
Seelba d a temporary vic-
tory last. wh 0 powerful
I atI hi bb L wn party
f-to W t igadive for

_1tatl-on# Malhs hs

BROADWAY BEACON (Sam's ag) went for a physical Starting to look like a Baby MUmp
exam before going to the altar. The ..The son of a multi inionaere
Martha Rae id Company may medic cHeeked him and sked: was scolded at "21" for being'-
be sued for kiddg the "Marty" "You men you really want to get little drone and nersy He got so
movie theme on her program married at your age?" "Not mifft he leftflinging 00 bills at
without permlsh. The actress who really," was the reply, "but I've the crowd. .Du.nal's now serves
played the Mother in the film ap- got tol" a Debbie-Eddie sour.
ared on the air-travesty. ..Jack
nny suffered similar actim wheeThe Saturday Review's A. C.r-
e rl tr, thSr e dithh Ttl returns to tb.viewed "This Wiy, Miss" by the
hit sge and sreen melrama salles St 1th. She's a big su .father of Jerilyn Jess (15) as I"
Sid Caesar's Smmer replace-m css at te Statler, Washington. idepst along the way" w
ment show (which he owns)willHer "Brao our Le Clown" got says the critic. young
be accused of plagiarism before -minute hand. Angel Record Jerilyn takes her ifaters's boko
he et on the air. The charge: waffles it... Mmo from phil Fos- seriously she could easily become
A complete. ft o a show sold to ter: "Ever wonder what becomes the crazy mixed-up kid of contem.
the network.. .Her Grace (of Kl- of your safety slogans? On the way orary song and stoy. For Daddy
lywood) Is taking i Ution at to Washingto I saw severall along passes along to her such -wisdom
Roosevelt Field. .Whatever b- Delware hiwas. Remembers a chapter called Beauty and
your "Stay Alert! Stay Alive!"?utei w h
came of Jeanne Williams srd .Al Hoiman writer of "Papa teln the dire Wig that
from "Kismet?" She will hay an l '_,_ ,__p_"can happen to a girl with more
ract -s role n the re nLoves Masmbo" asked for and r u ae tan taleat. here aI so
&"An ,a rol" No the iCo- ceived his release from the Bob advastating worddportralt of Un
SerrillMusicirm. Why is the Al oon and MrJ '
the Desertin Vea Thc l music his tough to crash for nowjfuneral eulogies to him .Alto.
the Ion, Vegas .S, H A
lyw od eI s (and ritish ress ) songwriters? Because 3,000 writers, ether it is a hodgepodge of a book
attended the premiere. His w eek and mo publishers are striving and t's o be hpedJil will
engagement is sold out- get 7 songs on The Hit P thnk Daddyicelthe forget to
minder for artis & Ledwis; ver And the music men have nothing read it. Scattered rroeu; a
split a Pair of Aes. toa about the sected of JTamrg
apui a pir a .s. | .irm execs control the jnd intense la the m,
whos i Then there's the a. Or advicfIV his Wt r
Love-Story: Marcel Pagol made t truggling playwrights It might make him a better wit-
a fortune as producer, director and an boluthors.. Costs $100 to get r, even a better parent mayb"
dramatist. His current click the ass. typed!
here is,"Faany".. Paol was a
schoolteacher. One niht (some Front ty: "One of walter Some of the "th even" ast
years ago) he weat to a theater WindIier column features has wrle: "YXesour show was d
and fell madly in love with the cued a new pop song, 'Carryin' beautifully (as you reported
star...Crashed back stage to meet the Tor,' cleffed by Henry To- you gave all tie .ret tJo
her. .It started a romanes. blais andbyce Marcus. They are C. Wilson. Morton D Cota(who
stead of seand bt POs ,-le givnghalf the royalties to the directed 'Plain an )saved
wrote a play fb r her. .It "made Damon Runyon Cancer Fund" ...our show in Phily. Mr. WIlais
her .plus a mi doeaets. The lyf include many lines from a wondertul man wit a- ut
Their marriage e UN d .;the ci dealing with ex-Lovers sens m o humor hut Mr. -De'
M.rl m.* ': Tf ToIpl When '. writers are welcome to did it and gets o boiling Withut
You Have It. beWess Doesn't Laa these: Love: When you think the him we couWd ro have
Forever But Real Friendship Do. word hing with you. The ..Wlat a break for Yahm"
-- Torch: W you think it's lang- -th TlO cover.-two ofNat
a -t 5 .The Torch is Over. o tIbe Parade ad t
Report on Ana Magnal's pr. t F llies replace the We. of te scomr s a Var liUst
formance ia '"Th or 'Tattoo": lUe. When you ie awake al of ap sellers. .-To t as p y
"She's great Learned to aseak mAlghtktng about Tomorrow *. that wi no .puff yfar
Enlish in a few mai thTh. h ead at Yesterday. 0 ma to te ELrm .
wilra about r Wafnt' el Tha.. IIT a
.. Barbara ib0 4 a la slughtered The Cir. first NOVo M f 1 ole
in th Blmand ts Wwi Ck the Square's "King and the ihB a whta. W itn
Besatiful figgr T r em Duke" bt viewer Henry Ham I A W MGr ..' Ji
confirm t rrw- a W aL ear4 M "thaMe happiest evet e .. S gr t m d
bara's hobby iS o-t 4,,." *, W .O Of the 4 shows play A nowaa W aad
Guatelam oua 3 4 ca ooly one Is a e, iii. tiar o ,

wls e ?B .: the C-itarei. S s Y' -
d0sS f f Bgw y 4ft An mae ar
nth 0 F -but m1ao for .her I V 'a i: Wein :m

'1o. t ea. he. .etsma o. he Me.1 "...i
SUwM11 he
rent 'iz-1' 8u~kujmg e,3 sd laMe aeta

~rer ~ iAi-I'YI

' s s


-- ~-------- ~-r

I .-. -.l- f -4 --6 1


American labor will never be a Jn i I
the same. a ncen to
The pact signed Monday oflast on the r ide
week by group oif i..a a .atw l
weary Auto Workers Union a a goesace before Mt
Ford Co. exeeutves a more than a
set up the banual waegs of a guar- *
It beI creating ra new middle t hat t- me -u a ao1M
U.S. are. ch.muft. galo
It began wiping out something Pl
as old as the utenberg press. Ten of wIai.e act stragk
years from today it Will be recog-
ni zedot the Ford con ctof Fora og- time reprtrof
155 marked the beginning of the Ii l t Ive" me ot of Russia- ,e
end of hourly wages and piece sofm s esmf sk,
work. aIn d,. Ths nowM e
It marked the beginning of a rit e o. These own p b tbo I sat
vast new salaried class made u p firme. e siitus t ha e mRs
of millions of mechanics, tool mu..beimnvad In thet
workers d ndaumb.lyine mmen f ir JIvaat wh Inhe DS
who for centuries have been paid e sura n time use.rep
by the hours put in or the pieces. y wm s uremdat e nM ne
turned out-when called in for welcomed the German as ret
work. savis.
wk Unrest in the satellite countries
l aand economic i ,P ,even worseowhich obviously is
The sociological and econonemic awhi the Kremli bosses swallowed A
lines between factory workers ant their fl eUrlV -, ug a we.t h*Isn- Al
white collar workers and lower- ..Va L wenaidy ad l.-hat Dull
echelon executiveswill be blurred. to da They had to try to pa
Here's why: in the satellite rebel back Iate ofI
The Ford Co. has, in effect, the ron.
simply agreed to add its own pri- Other conclusion of the Bel- P
vate unemployment Insurance Igrade conference were that Soviet
benefits to those o the Me. That Premier Bulganin is little more
sets a preesdent in mass ndutry, than a well-dressedflunky and was
just as John Lewis' first fivecentsa frot man that Communist See- of
aston welfare fund contrilMtioan Wv Jry hrushchev more than
-trom efaio furs set a preien for ever runs the show, that Khrush- th
themutin ln dollar w l re fr chev Is an ignoramus and a da
nds u Phil Murrey' first wasbuckler who ally believes per
sitel 1u r pension for 1,000,000 rhis own py o t se ~ at forme one
steelwokes was followed by un- Gromyko, the W i former 1
Ion management pension funds _-_ a.. a wbasador th W am_, is. on .
reaching into the bllon today. to -..ecome.- min.
After the Ford and General Mo.- ter of Russia. a b
ters contracts, we will see the
same type of"gran agAir Conditioning e. .
written into now labor pacts In- feao mobm'for
the aircraft, steel, glass, rubber, Whether the Mosco team a
oil, meatpacking, electrical, mar By ROB RUARK any progress in Belgrade s highly
time and other mass production W .n doubtfl. .rushchev, t seemed le
industries. o -- really expted Tito to keel over, had
This will mean that American ..wag tail and come barking con
industry will follow the Ford for. HOUSTON, Texas As a man since they pumped the operatingttle chilly when It's supposed to back to the fold like a lapdog. of
mula, more or less, of putting who lives in a country, namely theater full of cool breezes-that a be cold.. I own no Cadillac but the He was rudely shocked by the Bar
some $400 aside for each employee I Spain, a good deal of the time, Ilman who used to run a tempera- Studebaker -arves me well with- rebuff. Mic
under contract. Eventually thistam late in coming upon some of ture of as much as 1QT..egrees, out inside air sdtlodtoning. The ber
could run into funds totaling six the boons of civilization such as under a long piece of- pfe-work, highballs taste better with natural The people of Yugoslavia seem- a
ort seven billion dollars for union. Davy Crockett, Liberace and air now comes awake as Cool as a ice I think, and what food we keep ed equally unimpressed.: Th ey D
I ed labor alone. conditioning. cucumber and with very little in the old time icebox seems less greeted the Moscow rule in fer
Still following the Ford formula, E s p e c i a 11 y air conditioning. shock. embalmed., stony silence. Years of era
these funds would have to be re- Houston is the air-conditioned cen- It is passing strange to me the under Stalin's thumb had nu .
pleilshd every time there were ter of the world. You somehow things you can get along without. Perhaps we get simpler as we do desire to return. On the'
layoffs and money was paid out to wonder how the world get along I lived with a Frigidiare for years get older, but 1 knew about Davy U. I Sat Deparlment obsewPer
the jobless. This means that lay without it for so long. I was raised -I had a deep freeze too. Now Crockett and the Alsae from jare 4te0U ged
offs could cost American industry in the South and in the summer I have iceboxes and since Cristina books, a long time before Disney .of
hundreds of millions of dollars we sweated from May to October. shops everyday and the fish are replaced the,.world of outer space The Joint Chiefs of StaffM,
each season. Now we do not sweat. We freeze caught fresh from the front yard, with a homely pioneer. I seen the other hand. got panic-s
SIn the summer with air condition- and Carmen cuts the heads of the only a couple of movies.. I q- when, fat ports came rome.
Therefore I d rat r. !s deci- jag and sweat in the winter, when lettuce early in the morning all ple of years and I w t now, ad i m military m
>ion will hba lm I L f wheth- e steam heat's on. of a sudden we don't seem to need Liberace from the D *lwy, to 4t h all milita am lt.
or it !l. dop I was look at some stic either the Frigidaire or the deep. read about. T e .v P p eKM "e l
Conference of the al.Assn out air ,.n y freeze.
Manofact rtlinrei r- In Spain we build the walls very I don't know re.
SG.A.W.S- r J es in t thick and raise the roofs very proves except that
S o labor o1 .. merly. The birth rate is up. high. It can be hotter than the make books, natlL
One of the fir bose even crime has respond- famous hinges outside, but inside tans, sand and a
try will be to try to level off the ad kdly to the improved atmo you need a coat. It is cold in win. don't need as mn a p
seasons so there are no mass lay- spheric conditions. A man would ter, chilly in autumn and spring pie tell us we na ... '
offs for two or three months, as be more tempted to stick up an but I find, too that if you have a In the meantiame.- ol l.'. E
there are today in the auto in. air-cooled filling station than if fireplace in au the rooms you can Houston and the s .r the i
dustry, for example, the object of his intent was sweaty be awful warm without having to it. I ain't Lqm wite I confused mintar
T do teti aUaent wtl eu ; .ift m tt from em tanytfnro e... a theday a ore,.n Ipere is -f quaaan v*
out er ev ual It wi Everybody 1 seem to know out st deh tUlf on fro a s t e a m little shorter, that uts athe a t, that the Russi s r ah
try to end weekend and holiday here has an air-conditioned car. heat. that reduces the ppar Of stay- o. us In long-range t boHn aers
work with double and triple pay. The doctor who is doing the final I don't know if I have any point ing alive daily to s M sic Bni- and may be ahead ofis in
It will shorten the work week bemstitching on me says the whole handy, but I really don't mind mum. Blow breeses .I don't are m 1 aIIIle s. Their over-a air
in many instances to avoid lay- technique of operating has changed sweating when it, hot or being a if I get pneumonia W Juae. strength may be just about equal
offs. ------- to ours.-

16o important Is the. ar that
as' Jistant, IRAlj &ho ap-
rs to be definitlyi aviation
the Batch Act. '
publicity man Short began work-'
for Secretary Dullea in July
1 just as the Oregon election
a beginning. Yet he spent part
that time campaigning in Qre-.
. Presumably he got around
Hatch. Act by drawing $50 a
from Secretary Dulles on a
diem basis, so he would work;
day at politics, another day,
the State ljppa.eSp -..
his does not exactly make for
bipartisan foreign policy, but it
:ht keep Short out of trouble
h the Hatch Act-were it not
one thing.
in Dec. 3, 1954, after the Oregon
action was over land Neuberger
I won, Short participated in a
ference with Senators Dirkaen
Illinois, Jenner of Indiana
rett of Wyoming and P6tter ofl
chigan to try to unseat Neu-
ger. The strategy was to get,
count of Oregon votes.
December 3, the day of his con-
ence, was one of the days Short
a listed as working for the State
.*'qree, If Short were prose-
inder the Hatch Act, some
senators who were present
t ave convenient memories
bi t he was there. But Short
Jtet -he gave a statement
K"rv hoemaker of the Port-
i.%Ielian in which he said:.
ant that there were
a L e counting How
affect the totals:
Without recount-



*'~. \, *

rt -

t w3 not be buHL. He Fulo
H aB A sitd U tart on It prompt-, If Congreas orders
im, q If Voon'"s views. were diluted
g bly wil b by 0 0. Weenuer, TVA'
"f a I I& Be Sadd the
Ansounw Med WMOMepIt-ant would bit
at o of "at thewron1i lt ad :the
'Valler A tr wron wth-atndpoint
tai to re the of efficient VA opelUons.
tho HatNt a Hold Appo He ald tAft the Fl on plant
A0a Commnnittee placed in were bunlt the annual coat t
9Y of the Dixon Y ate e the government would be 3 1 2

.tolaj6e senate tht
bow plant th l df

meant hearings. ,
..the -.ts.Ols .
University Park, a--(NMA -
Joe Faterno, Penn .tate aa sant
under his present boi. Rip Engle
NEW. YORK ---(O )-Thaeis
middleweight bcampioe to ib, tsh
light-heavyweight mewn wat Ha4 L
ry Greb, who turned the.triek l


. 4 '1 -|

*4y l~~


T RAM h. AlarI t ANP
AS 3 p00 BT
Gammaso ga fts

.4C ..:


t .,


'Pi f

first and exclusive at FRIEDMANS




presses itself
Ip -1 I. I I 6 omom









a.. ....


100% ORLON ..........$5250





- t

Save w Dry Cleaning Bills
Save on Pressing Bilk

ni pg hang it up dripping wet.., and In theBi=
IT'S "FRESHLY PRESSED," ready to we~ar
thing about Northcool 100% Dacron is abhi~ndl
able linings, pockets, even thread.. Best ofA:#'dlwi' '
look like a "washable" suit I h's fullibod e4
styled and it's available in a wide range of ricke
color and distinctive mixtures that don't fad.A j
boon to traveling men (you cah wash it in your hotel
vacationers, all men who appreciate quick, emas .ar i
low-cost upkeep. .:
j -I

* .o .-' 1.
1*-. -49
-3*. -**i .c


- .

At U Odals
(UPo urUMr.a U ri...
nade. -a--.AP lmrn officials east I vlT
niht ina two wparate aacb In ylt all CQtholis to see thilna lp
a ton. No e alites W V re r- b gt.n
Police said one of the grenades amlt Of Ith*# ApMista and rst
was burled at villa oceupleW by times of pereouitlon.
menibera of the U. S. economic
mission to South Vietnam. -
The griede bit. tree and ex 'U I kW
Dlodedfaelth. buildal on a Archfishottp 1!
f arwilk aft about 10 ym from
where tw6 Americans were walk-
ing, authorities reported.
The attack wan made by uni- J M
identified assailanta at 11 p.m.
At about the same time, a sec-DId ve t
ond grenade was thrown at an U YI
American jeep pn Saigon's Boule. Don't couch and cougb ngte. v gasp
vard Chasselo but it caused no '(nath okr eop-ad that aou otr cana.,d
damage or injuries. day from Brnnciliin or Aathma, without
Police said they had no clue to tr ing Mendaco. Thin reat Internal 'a
the identity of the assailants who meelcentlc A r en laboratory, Wor
fled into the night, through the blood, thus reaching) your
lungs and bronchial tub That @ whyl' |
Mendaes works so fast to help you three ,li
But authorities speculated the whys. 1. .Help nature dissolveads re. Prodactos
attackers wer connected with the move thick stranlriing nu Pro- LPro
rebel Binh Xuyen sect, whose vio- motes free ly bre.tbln.fdan sound
lent opposition to U. 8. backed alleviatea- oughing wheSing. inej -
Premier Ngo Dinh Diem flared in- In. Gat Mendaeo from your druglt ,
to open civil war fare earUer this toig ap how much better you may
year. sao d t mo arrow. .

-- VI

" /


-C I ***... -


I .I-.~I_. i '- -,----nn7~_-




I _


I" I .

..- :~::

^ -

rt j







d .;7 :,-.-

-' -J~4~ '5 -.

* ,44


r2 ^


MW 4 U0."-" A ha
a shy $tcog toi| Utia
;- fphone: 2-mNi) VATCAN CIT', June 14 (UP)
S- Francs Cardinal spellman's
F M proposed v4 to Argentina neat
Prsnt month will deend upon the re-
resentS Itlonship at that time between
the Catholic church and the Pe-
A r6n government, it was revealed
t,," sy, ieaday, June 14 here today.
SS,,-FreIdd Martln 8Sho Authoritative' Vatteican sumeex
X *4- -^ UA sateI that the Archbishop of
,4. -itutre ReVW New Yrk, ami not the Vati-
4* 4: y Totur -- Favorite (re-. a, would make a final yes
... .. .-pleast phone be- *r no decision on the propos-
ed trip.
S '. FB rit The Sources flatly denied re-1
t :Your Fa vorite ports that the Holy See had ex-
o. (UAO) pressed a desire that Spellmnn.
SS-UST RIBBON d (UORTS or any other prelate, not visit
6- ULat RIBBON SPORTS Argertina at this time due to a
S... e. jFo r tenMse cltuation with the Per6n
f-aBi-lltt6ede For Music rea.e.
I 6:45-.Do It Yourself "T,' holy see has never made
1:00--NWSCAFE ORGAN MELO- such a request and does not
t DIES intend to make one," the source
; 1:15-HOW CHRISTIAN 8C- said.
ENCE HEALS "Cardinal Spellman will nat-
1:35 tReport FiPt The USA urallv be in contact with the
(VOA) Archbishoo of Buenos Aires,
*8"f NE EON EDDY'8 PENT- Glacomo Lulgi Cardinal Copello.
HOUSE PARTY Sea- and will know whether the trip
grams V.O.) is advisable or not."
8:3-First Rehearsal (BBC' that wh
9i ;00-You Asked For It (re- The soares added that what
g quests please phone be- applies to Spellman, applies
fore 7:30, to Spellman, appUli saso to
' 10:30-Music From Hotel El Pan- other prelates
Ssama Spellman will attend a week-
SI104-Time For Verse long 'Eucharistic congress in Rio
11:0-ymphony Hall de Janeiro, starting Tuly 17.
12:00--News-Sign Off After the congress, he reported-
S .2:00NW ig f ly intends to make a pilgrimage
,, to a holy shrine in Argentina.
Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 1 TheS Vtlean Sources also
S AM. denied any nelbUlitv t h a t
S4;4S.OaI On On The Alarm Pope. Pnlus XII might have
Clock Club (request- reseued negative views on
please phone by 7.00, pellman's proposed visit
S7:30-Morning Salon Concert through rifeiignllr Fulton J.
8:15-Church In The Wildwood Sheen. aulliUary to the New
8:30-Musical Reveille York Archbishop.
S :00.-News Mo'.. Sheen, currently touring
9:15-acred Heart Ttaly on r. short vacation, had a
S9:30-As I See It 2-minute private audience with
S O10:00--Off The Record (requests the Pope yesterday.
Please phone before Their conversation took place
8 :30-)MeCt The Entertier in the Pooe's private library.
They might have touched on
12:00-News the situation of the church in
P.M. Argentina. but the Pope would
S2:05-Luanchtme Melodies not have expressed any wish one
1 ,,--wet And Hotsv way or another on Spellman's
:15-MusNes Of Manhattan visit, a Vatican source rald:
.MsOM nh"Ifonees there had been such action
:30--Son Of The Pioneers from the Pope." said the source,
1:45-The First Men In The"it would have been made di-
Moon (BBCIitl lw.wood Ou h hl ed
:00-Dtein Hoywood rectly to Cardinal Spellman
2:15-Singing Americans himself.
2:15--8Tein AmericanShow "And there has been no such
2:450--aTexRnekeD Sow action taken." the V a t can
[bow Ran Bore .,", a id. a"."

S:00-YA Asked For It tre-
quest4.-please phone be-
fore 7:30)
10:80-Music Is
Ia:00-News-8ipn f0;,
r lanaton of Syvmhnbols

L's Y ou r Favorite IBBC-British Broadcasting Cor-
t'd) I poration
iade In Blue (USAF USA-U.S. Army
S inTeM ,ac VOA-Voice of America
Dse On The March
Niqht stad llii I ql yll
USA Don't euer rm pInul, teng
4rIla fT ...T w USWA ples another hour without tryln
a) Chinarold. Upon application Chinarold
ria 3fl'p pPN- aturts curbing Hle miseries 3 wayn 1.
S P RTY- __ B-- B.e puan and !tchlnt i. Hip. iH ink
.S L PARTY ( or,. swollen tismue. 3. meI nature
M V-0.) nzl Irritated membranes and allay Pl
entures of PC 4 91ervouInes. Ask your Druislt f
Sn i u r e s or C, w .chinnrold today.

,"Stand at attention! H' playing the *Star-SpanglOd

Answer to Previou e

AL13 00i

What's Cookin'?

Day's Menu

I Corn on the


3- 1
4 Beef --
8 Dreadful
12 Lemon--
13 Baked clay
14 Old Greek
15 Evergreen tree
16 At the
18 Bethrothed
20 Reposes
21 Exist
22 Love god 1
24 Smoke 1
26 Apples were i
on the menu
27 Payable
30 One who
makes amends
32 Broadens
34 Domesticate
35 Plant
368 Weom
S37Habitat plant
I a Morsel of foo

. Young e
45 Loathsome '
49 Going back
51 Wager
5 Individuals
53 Anglo-Saxon
54 Meadow
aS Pie a la
5 French

17 Make a
1 rating piece
2 Norse god
3 Pears
4 Phamse
5 Ocean
8 Ran together 25 Indians
7 Cyst 26 Upright
8 Is overly fond 27 Worth having
9 Wading bird 28 Standard
10 Put to flight 29 Essential
I Shade trees being
17 Satiric 31 Persian
IS Amphitheatre prihcsa
21 Marry again 33 Charge
24 Bill of 38 Help
Im P 15 i1


40 Edible fowls
41 Trigonometric
42 Away
43 Nevada city
44 tea
46 Corn -
47 Ogle
48 Heavenly body
0 Observe

-r -" -uj -^ -~ a FWW-
I KIM^1 I Ili I' I

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~u'IP rrllll--ll11

Call to Mr. Priddy




A Do's Life

1I AL. u aBM

^M*""1' A V" E' A 1

Like That?


lc fUNT


ty 8ABY 16 ONLY A yAAR
-w146 FOUR M LTyH6/"
| L rAY."M'MA',4,R4e
A. L UST B5 EDP.f"


No Road



ex Ja.R. WILuLI

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U!'. t.~UA~


A Request

-. Ai

Ro This -s Mimi!


-HI -

- ---



_ .- *__


~ ~r
jtwwrn,. "('..

S,, Mor .
to Jbbso

nrrr, of Ve g sm

Th 'A hReverend Renld
Re ; rA la.hop-t thi Pa-
n me, pat ormedta e

Sve hi daughtere tn
Wwnexhite ever,
Skirt af tulle.
r-Rigby wls % ald' o

eg hiM lls. Fearon, Miss Ar-
lie ~cl~a Adle Meisnet
dMi eya Million.e
Mr. R on of Anaconda
Montana was his nephew's bei-
mat. usbpr were wIlifam Ilby,
c o w n" .. ', b" s wo f it b ride nM ,
S ti. Mrs. cii S.Ai m t oCamon, Mr. JobnYeats, Mr. James
Jaefson, amd Mr. Morris Meler.
About three hundred tiues
M SUAWrp were Se wnt at the reception held
l A 5IM~S. lnsinp.I a.Morrti sHall. Mrs. Cat-
e and carrieda -e~nD-it of wh.. roan s rn, m=e o the bridegroom
Mis Nprln e Evelyn w a fter of Mr. an FMrs. N.rore a dress blue repe and
E. alumap0 boK wasa i trderray afteoon to85 lace gown with an or 'iM ooesage.
Ch.ales Z ,o ..nS ofA FL KGl bAsM R Ietf Mr Uea -thi Mrs. Rigby. ,the bride mother
frkx lnt wThe ieriema u .was, er ormed at the was dressed in a gown of btrn-
F .oH4 a l H Ftserv aaFe t dy 'silk taffeta accented by tiny
vTor ed hter .mar of, She wore a braid and rhinestones with a cer.
oe .. t. A OVle r tigg, f .u sage-of white gardenias.
an a ." ,t V .aelthe w wm g collar, oi" r. and. Mrs. Caton left f o r.
lees, ta-jn r Jufet ep of lacI e ezh in Costa Rica t he Aveddi-g trip,
pl 'tth u op yei eoftulle. She wore elbow-16Mgth The Catros. win mate their hom6
glove sad eared a nojekay of white roses. in Diablo duri the Suanker. Aft-
Miss Marilyn Bevngton w a s of El Salvador Air Force; Colonel r hs dUharIe from lhe Army,
maij of honor and Sgt. A a l n Luis Urrutia, Chief or the tiuate- Mr. and Mrs. Catron will live in
ABrke was best man for the brine- maan Air -oreet LotoneL Aon California, where he will resume
gropim Mr. Charles Hmz servedd Catallero Alvares, Chief of t he his studies at the University. of

t a. Kobbe. oowi the cgremo- ta Al ert Magnan, deputy Chle attended ceremony .and left St
ay, a recentt h we e at the orh the ta4tAm Ai irorce; stA. co- urday for California.
E Ceub-In Balba o10s Andres Mejia, Commander,
Miss Barara E g olIf was j Call A d1' lase o, 04 .olomoin; Lt. ''il i
chaire of the bride s book. Colopel G ivilermo Corvo, C omi-
meter a wedding 'p to ta __a hoaI n_ L o ,si ici a U1oup O f l
ar' scola" 'sis ie ........
terror, Sgt.' and Mrs. Simms wt te force, 1 Colonel
make LbeAr home at-1578-B in Bal-. ed Iae o0 mte Veneuisdean
boa tenmporarity. For her going-a a and Captain Parique
ay costumeI the bride wore o an na'uras Al BoAl io,.E .
suit wih boni 'ncvcesso i SI uished Latin A .
Simms "t, aa t ate e tno are atten-
both% dalb Hihan oolI and lCa- X r f leaoquarters on

-_" M.__ _Ambapsador Again in Panama an M e
. Si mmo is withthe Tan i Miss Glideu ramburu, daughter Archaeoleical Soolety of Paama
33ro lnrantry Mtegiment, of o Per vian A ambassador andhMrs. The Society will hold it's regu-
be. Graduate of Balboa .nig German Araniburu, has returned lar meeting at USO-JWfB 792 X
e beattedP A tmoredK from El Salvad Where she wa La Boca Road alboa C.
a t ort visiting relatives. Wednesday J 0th at p.m
.s It is an open meeting, to which
Dr..A.Mrs Octavoe Fabrega Leveies-Mar aue Wedding ithe public i invited. There will
Seted A ep ,,a F. .mbassy f Prld uv Washn ton he .l. ustrated taik on Veraguas
Ase t e, o ster of 15, ,i .Alfred Leventon former of Culture, by Philip L. Dade.
ruguag In Panama ra Mns. Pe- the U.S.- Information Servie- Sta-
ru. guay in Panama Mrs. Pe- toned in Panama and Miss Jane d "__ 7_,-,
iz Pollef entertan at dinner Martindel formerly of the staff of .l
be ooroAthe Minister of For- the U.S. Embda-v here were mars- I ._-B. .
~i eato .ns of Panama andried in Was ;, D. C..,n May -fJ 4 a 0
th sAfter an .teued weddin II

Dashi Cobsl In Colon
as HliRomeo F Vacatin
0f01e sailing aboard tIe S. S.
A f Sunday, I.M. Co l and
Mrs. A.H.B. Perkins were guests
at luncheon at the home of US.
"Conhul and Mrs. Philip Dur in
CoiLa. The Perkins will spend a
vaestion at about-6 months in Eng-

SW isslou Cwfereuce And
Fea l I Reehptvo At Albrok
Cominandi GenOral Caribbean
Ae Cwmand, ,Major General
Reb "CV. Pood and Mrs. Hood
we.Le hofo a formal reception
last,'i ;d the Albrook A ir
Feews -esLOfficers' Club, honor-
!nW- j'. ebetra Armando Re-
mnkq- hit ot 'tbe Chilean A i r
Force Gin-r tGM inan S. Baru,
CEhU ttk* 1Jtgua aa Air Force;

v I


* .A,
* -' A9I. .

trip through the United Statek Mr.
and Mrs. Leveoton will said 'for
their new hoM Bmangk9k, Thai-
land, Their ioM there wil be
U.S: Informatl Sere, care of A-
meriean Embas .
Mr. And Ms. RaR ArUago
Hold "Open House"
Miss Irma Arkngo, has' just re-
turned from the United States,
where she has completed her stu-
dies. First Commandant of t h e
Fireman's Oorpd of Panama and
Mrs.- Raul Arago received rela-
tives and friedus recently at their
home in Bell "Vista, to welcome
her to Panate~
Tryouts Again TeMight
TFryout ad casg for the new b/.
aise MEHCATIs wey

bm YewlB X"iepeM l.e
PridcksM7 N hAN u AmasM
rowder duei
ForA imfws apffyCme
ld bcy*a rhe. a, melp
A..IhAlbarb Abeugs
A IR"-

s --a$sKi

IOAMu ifI 1I
100% Pum COVVI%


cowm.ANTm i W
1Mma aMwiber>eese et

9'. 1

--a I'


- '

kraiel om the e or individual
SMonl e ar gns are we
an aBee it in otou
ever 6 t hat whe wen a them be-
field of "art"-%bere fond the capacities in an effort
soms tulnaw t o ake them do us proud.
to seartei iiseat M 'i wi make Juanir feel that
*UI8 ae tilam b hUs to make the teamo or when

a 'i baby! o n tu give ta straight A's, we are teach-
Yfr Dame or any title ouo Mchildren to measure them-
Wby ot ad- selves agalast others and to be
ftftlree o of ery dissatisfied whenever they are out
anle a .egto.lua C,.Cprner classed in any way.
.thjo....ul4u, or if We give. husband a feeling of
in l In i a little "competItIve- aloneness" w h e n
,ad your own t to it wat ie is able to earn is never
the plea aosures oarthr-enough to satisfy our needs, be-
hip j cause we are always trying to
keep up with someone who has
Or "Cook qf the Wek,"TRose more than we do.
s oi ala n haod u om Envy, Destruevnamess Part Of It
'ii think ou w joy We gqt a feeling of aloneness
ayJ another of er recie when we envy others their posses.
MtocoLU A LA "AIPWL sns and accomplishments and
,Ltake no real deep pleasure in all
Pr clov of r in the th ings we have that we should i a cfoliveo o. t i be thankful for.
wha ole il. And we make others feel alone
TfOzen il ls saea rneo ewhen we are so lacking in good
dw brocol i speors addr. .' be will, compassion and understand-
dices e estr and dd espoon ing; when we are always tearing
spn of w randImersp others down instead of building
of salt. Cover n s eov them up; when we are ready to
a low heat until done (about 15
routes). Before serving our pass along destructive gossip or
miuteo). B r se ao or throw cold water on other peo-
over this the jjuice of one lime. pies dreams or successes.
This dish can be served hot or We women could do a great deal
O'd. to cut down on the needless and
useless competition in everyday
living ns tead of contributing to it.
SABut first we'vegot. to learn to
e be satisfied with ourselves. Then
T we don't have to. push our hus-
I M ake Am i bands and children beyond their
I a Istrenth, their talents and their
W O abilities to satisfy our own a m-
I' bitions.

Annual awards given by the Mu-
tual Aid Club of Taraiso will be
made flls year to former Jamai-
can ChIef Minister William A. Bus-
tamnkinte, and Panamanians A. A.
Blackett-Forde and Fernando
Blackett-Forde Is scheduled to
receive certificates of honorary
membership in the Mutual Aid
Cub, next week Tuesday during a
program at -the Paeflc Service
Center, It was-announed today.
The, announcement *also er-
preaed thanks to the Veterans of
Foreign War the Guardsa Nacio-
nal band, Unity Temple No. 759,
Atlantic and Paie q _. ters So-

Alfred E. Osborne, supervisor of
inktruetiop of the Canal Zone ele-
metary Latin American schools,
wIbe guest speaker Sunday at
the annual Father's Day program
to be sponsored by Club Altamirot
at the Paific Service Center.
The program, which starts at 3
p.m., will feature varied entertain-
ment, in addition to special sur-
prises for all fathers who attend.

Solon Wants Benson

To Tell How Little

Farmers Are Gefling
ATLANTA, June 14 (UP) -Sen.
Walter F. George called on Secre-
tary of Agriculture Ezra T. Ben-
son today to tell the nation '"how
little" the farmer is receiving for
his products as compared to the
high price of food.
The Georgia Democrat accused
Benson and Eisenhower- adminis-
tration of "deceiving" consumers
into the "false belief" that farm-
ers are making a big profit, from
high food costs.
George told the Southeastern
Peanut Assn. here that nine years
ago the farmer recevlyd 52 cents
f very dqlar tht housewife. paid
oroord, while today' e gets on-
l_ cents.
He srged Benson to give con-
sumers "a full and fair explana-
tion" of "how little the price the
farmer receives has contributed to
the increased cost of food."
He also defended farm surplus
as* insurance against the t i m e
when food might run short. It is
cheaper to store the food than buy
it when supplies are short, George
The veteran lawmaker q u e s-
tioned "How can any man gain
any satisfaction today in condemn-
ing the American farmer, in want-
ing to pay him less, in apparent-
ly wanting to bankrupt him, as
the reward for the magnificent
job he has done?" "

To W* Now l*otl ato your cti others

pye wmito a eanmamuMingdi"My 6t
va adtntel dteadda squaeof8ATINAI*
Poor hot stanch before applyig to clotheaL
WihaA7rNA your ihmdoemn'tdrag or tsk,me
ksse a poMiblity do wfi idigc them.
o*ImA ghs your clothes a beautiful glossy

HEA rS -ft. Mrs Rollin
Brow of MAneles, Canl,
is the new p-id-at of the Na-
tional Congress of Parents and
Teachers. The slim, graying
mother Isn't ashamed to tell her
age: "WIh should I bide it?"
she asks. "I'm 58, and it's a
matter of public record."

So.h h Ved v for, 28 months.
onrmann "uaser and his wife,
owners of the $WOo0 estate
near the Los Anghele COtntry
Club, won the judtm t .b :d-
fault from Judge Orlanpo H.
Rhodes who issued the decree
after after brief testimony. Lan-
za did not, defend the action.
Mrs. Kaiaer testified that when
the portly-tenor terminated WI
lease lat Jan. 14 she found the
.home littered with "debrIs, dirt,
filth and desecration."
"Damage was everywhere," she
told the Judge. "Only the ceil-
ings were intact."

/I : ---- ----


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children want a hoc 'drink,
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. 1 1. .

J f

., w'


T I'.!
*1 ', AJ -I ; .



I sIrSeo No. 1
dti of July Al. a J BL

Saws Dume Ai aM 3 St.




Phone Panama 2-0552

Canal Zone Dental Polvcllnic
Dr. C. E. Fabrega D.D.S.
S Pr. C. A. ARoy D.D.S.

S"w mnot true so sa **
ikVinthtar paodbW' UniNa chirm-
p wre was Ineluded.
n. .adG E ORILLAO .
S plmer Gmdumes>

Packers Shippers Movers
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hiding & Jumping classes daivy
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A No. ALTYie.iA vue

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dssippi Man

homess Doctor

The Age Of 38
IMPHIS, June 14 (UP)-Bruce
Walker of Lucedale, Mass., fi.
By caught up tonight with the
am that eluded him for 19
a. He became a doctor at the
of 38.
walker was never content after
finished high school in 19 3 6
to a small college, worked
a shipbuilder, served in the
During World War I and
ime a salesman. There was
r enough money to follow bis

t finally in 1950 he took the
flunte. He chucked his selling
,depite a big raise offer and
Memphis State College for
Kfkical work.
Sbrakpe and did other
U H becauq even with the GI
Sto seol was expen-
.' said. "My wife worked

uislt he reeelvei i M doe-
l m earom les at the
or 'i'ennesee Medical
also received an award
t1 ibo-ovqeam 11 th
-. I ;
Oter Is o ea iW for
L Fla., to inlatern at


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teokwpod); 13 veneftin blinds
just reconditionid; I mqhogony
hItkcase; lamps and knick-
&nocks.219# Lop Riobk.4 Mi-
lgut Pl.nell aft* 6 p.m

.-- 'r -I

Lodge 14, AFGE
The Pacific branch of Lodge
No. 14 of the American Federa-
tton of Government Employes
holds its monthly meeting at
Balboa Service Center at 7:30
p.m. tomorrow.
* Ther$ are several items of im-
portance to be discussed and de-
cided at the June meetings, a-
mong- them. being appropriate
observance .of Labor Day this
year. Reports to the member nip
will be made covering the field
of pending legislation, including
the-postal and classified pay
bills, retirement and application
of the Classification Act of 1949
to employes of the Panama Ca-
nal Co.'
The Atlantic branch of the
lodge meets Friday evening at
7:30 at Margarita Service Cen-


uss La causeselus
Cota. Ave. a
No. i LASry sra


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excellent laundress. Cell Pona-
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WANTED:- Professional blood
Donors. "Laboratorios Gusmin,"
near the Monaco Garden, 8-12
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Call Issued For 36th Annual

CZ American Legion Meeting

A call for the 36th annual De-
partment convention of the
American Legion, Department of
Panama Canal Zone, to be held
at the Iegion Hall in Fort Ama-
dor, starting 2 p.m. Saturday,
June 25 an rtpning through
Sunday, JumN 26 .as Issue, to-
dayy a kea forhI or-
gan lor.. } ,-,w '
The convention Is yela for the
purpose of electing officials for
the coming year, revising de-
partment constitution and by-
laws, and the transaction of
such. other business thai may be
brought before it by American
Legipn posts in the Panama a-
rea, Guatemala and Curacao.
The'department of Panama
Canal Zone of the American Le-
gion was founded almost 36
years ago when a small jroup of
ex-service men .held- their first
meeting in the Century Club in
Panama City on the night of
Sept. 25,: 1919. From that small
beginning, the depart ment
spread out granting charters to
other posts on the Isthmus,
Guatemala and Curacao.
The first annual convention
was held at the Hotel Aspinwall
on Taboga Island, the night of
Saturday, July 25 and all day
Sunday, July 26, 1920.

--- v -*'*i- -'" 1^
-- r1(


ar.d 12.Cristobal. will huld.their annual ag Day services this
evening an the occasion of National Flag Day of the United
. ithttea.

s will be conducted in their respective lodges in Balboa
al. Number 1414, Balboa, will begin services at 7 p.m.
t speaker be LL Con. Joseph J. Buzek, Chaplain.
Station, RG bn. ServicM at.No. 1543, Cristobal, will
I. amm. & t oMAtO t W be Lt, CoL Royce L.
A Ay. A their ra rie and guts are urged
J. J .-er.ot the BPOE, in a_
DAy al membnba of the order
1 *f pe~WW< uil~ Dn^teg W e pzeahL"

This convention was well at-
tended. Taboga Island, a beau-
tiful palm covered spot in Pan-
ama bay about an hour's launch
ride from Balboa, with launches
every few hours, made an ideal
place for the youn department
o start its 'Onward march. The
Legionnaires brought their faml-
alies and friends and in addition-
to transacting business, made
an excursion picnic out of the
Since then, the department
has not missed having a- yearly
meeting ins order to foster 'and
perpetuate its patriotic and ci-
vic programs.

Balboa Swimming

ool To Reopen

Thursday Morning

The Balboa Swimming Pool,.
which was closed May 27 in or-
!der to permit repairs to the tile
'lining, will be opened to the
public at 9 o'clock Thursday
morning, it has been announced
by the Physical Education and
Recreation Branch.
The repairs are being effect-
ed by the Maintenance Division
and are being completed ahead
of schedule.
The pool will be used by swim-
ming classes which are part of
the summer activity program
sponsored by the Canal Zone
schools during the school vaca-
tion period. wimming classes
and other summer activities will
begin next week. Registration
for this program is now under
way at the Canal Zone Gymna-
slums. I
The public is also reminded
that the Bal)ba ,WEimming Pool
will be open each Monday and
Thursday night from 7 to 9 o'-
clock during the summer vaca-
tion months.

Three Shot Down

In $400 Pioroll

Holdup In Now York

NEW YORK. June 14 UP) -
Three persons were shot in
downtown Manhattan today in
a $4000 payroll robbery.
Shot the stomach by the
fleeing thieves was the tilng
elevator man. oseph Sottolana,
Brooklyn, who had gone to the
aid of the man and woman from
whom the payroll was taken.
Witnesses aid the gun-carry-
ing hold-up man was accosted
as he reached the street by. a
policeman. Ordered to halt, he
opened fire on the offleer. he
policeman was a better.shot and
the gunman crumpled to the
The third person l*d ad wa
said to be a byt aflr htin
the leg. whose tonwt was aid
to be not serious
The sceneaof c l4
a busy comm '
Broadway betWM-
Pearl Streets, a fa"
the Walk St a I
trict. .
Duployes Oa t
ter me ,
up men

..... oo" *' L"

,i, rm~d~imjft I
4he *am-i wi.a- w4 *

furnished to s 4mmeme
.m.tfnat .o. CE ALrA
IRA AP 10t f.

FOR RENT.--4 dd M-em&.
apartment. lig-dfiBm fm.a ,
screened 65.' .ibH Pormr
No. 56. key ,ppt-t *o. .1
Pheape 2-23J4 at 3 'E234.1

FOR RENT: -' Spes e ert-
ments. 3 lrge v ee, kifthon
both in Rio Aibe, Phone I-
FOR RENT-Mo- r c anmplte-
y furnished 2-Wdlsom eprt-

FOR. R lNT!- : soot o4ew -
bedroomo epel hoti e.
WEool for a Le er Ia 0 6 edrr
Oppoit the i 'Cl~,lb n li-
Buildiln. Cell 3.4421 fre $5-

FOR RENT --Ce, frnshed or
unfurnished 2-b~dipn aft- .
ment. Poripl 2nd Sree'No. I I.
Call 3-2694.
. FOR RENT--Modern apartment
furnished: living riem, dining
room, porc h, kitchen, garage. *
46th Street No. 42. Phone 3-
1423. _
FOR RENT:- Furnished part-
mont, North Americen neigh-.
'bors, frequent transportation.
Price $50. Call 1-0471.


bul 9-


I T W low

ti VL4rrl ,1e


lnreetJn. I. dre-
and yBIB A.Je. Informs.

-FOR Rlll:-- Seutfuy f r.
nilshd lagre roem, kitchen. Be-
INl Vista, Mexico Ave. 69, near
43rd St. Phon. 3-0553.

Private Funeral

Arranged For Hubby

Of Diana larrymore
ROCHESTER. N. Y., J7une 14
(UP> -,Pulxate funeral services
were arranged today for Robert
W. W'lcow, actor husband of ac-
tre / Dina Barrymore, who
died suddenly ab amd a train
whle p rttoe tot t'ise t is moth-
er here.

Coroner Richard A." Leonardo
-said following an autopsy that
Wilcox, found 'by a porter Who
P 1 bto tIntp -.,ompartmeit
?i wh Wildox to answer to
-* his calls early ittrday, died of
a heart condition. 'The Roches-
ter-born actor Who 44.
Mrs. Rscoe S. Wilcox, his'
L.,' mother, said she had tsIked by
telephone to Miss Barrymnore in
Qhio and that the actress said
N Ci she planned to come here. 8he
Capt Robert' N. S. Clark (a- was conta cteata village near

nCmarat of theCanada, Calif., a brother of the
Priorto his appointment as chiefedt a he
of staff, Clark had been e neral services, expecte- to be
on the staff 'of the commandant as held Tuesda afterns on.
assistant chief of staff or Oper- Wlcox. Whosef.-yearMar-
a.ons ad logisc.s bee. en stormy, had boarded the
Capt. and Mrs. Greene left Pa- railnin NeW York City for the
nama Fray 'for South Bend -Ind. rihere. It w~asM ortedhe had
where le will assume the dute vis td aNewYork hospital re-
of commanding officer, U.S. Naval CentlYfor ieatment of a heart
Reserve Officer Training Corps -e ,ment.

and professor of Naval science at
the University of Notre Dame.

John W.eT. Mann

Dies Suddenly

n RiCHuond, Va.
John W. T. Mann, retired Ca~-
nal employee, died suddenly Fri-
day night while attending a
Masonic. meeting in Richmond.
Va., according to word received
'Monday by relatives in the Ca-.
nal Zone. Mr. Mann, who was a
boilermnaker -in the Mechanical
Division at the time of his re-
tirement in July, 1936, Was. 71
years old.
' Mr. Msnn was born In Man-
theater, Va. He .-was first em-
ployed in 1916 by the Canal or-
ganization as a riveter with the
Mechanical Division. Withthe
exception of a. 'few m*unths'
break In service in late li18 ind
early 191e, his service with the
Mechanical Division was contin-
uous until his retirement.
He ws active in Masonic af-
fairs and was a Put -Baster of
Darien Lodge, A.F.&A.M.
SMr. Mann Is survived by his
wife, of itchmond; a daughter,
M. W. iE. Terry who Is living in
Calfornte where her husband,
Navy officer, Is stationed: and
a son, Timothy Jr., also of Call-

Ftipinos, Japs
te tatively Agree
IAULA, P., June 14 (UP)-'
i Ambassador FPelno
Mar toonced today that Ja-
the ., _Phppfhes had
t W d War 11 Mpera-
0 the Philippoac for

The actor, who recently had
appeared on tour with his wife
in the stage play "Pajama Tops,"
appeared n 26 Hollywood films
prior to World War II. Follow-
in a four-year Army stint, he
had returned -to the stage.
Wilcox and Miss Barrymore
often separated-and as often
were mneonciled following their
marriage in Newark, N.J., in 1950
In. several instances, police were
summoned to Miss Barrymore's
New. York apartment because of
spats and fisticuffs.
Last April, Miss Barrymore
took an overdose of sleeping pills
while in Boston, and Wilcox
rushed her to a hospital after
he found her in a state of col-

Previous hi marriage to
MS Barrymore, Wicoa had been
wed to Florence Rice, actress
daughter of the late Orantland
Rice. The marriage was short-
lived, ending In -divorce.

Vicious Mexikan
Bait Minnow
MONTGOMERY, Alae. une 1U
(UP) -State game bilogita an-
ounceed today a vicious Mexican
bait minnow had Infiltrated into
Southern fishing waters.
The specie is akowU as the
Rip Grande or Mexleen tetra, and
is believed to have become estab-
Uabed in the branches of the Red
Itiver in Louisianas
Bait shops and lsberma have
been warned to reprt ti-r pres-
*ene of the minno to the State
Departma-t of Comwvadec
It Is described as kaviMn a row
Sfa esan
swd to

mL.B-M. _,--_ j _-m~ .NO- I
*7 -
-. A N *.,
**'aa~"1'' ''gg *f^
r~y* A-l s.f ^f~WN t

Position (Wrmd
Pesa tme werk .e in. f,
,Factory eapet ll #he1- wye i
Paama. Owlolnaifash t trip.
AM axpwoes mand ily. Idhel
baein Jo 14. Writd' s
e aafa Apstfte 404 _Pomu.

Student Gun Fancier On Trial

For Shooting Woman Shopper

RALEIGH, N.C., June (UP)- prior Court by his mother and
Richard KllucK1onn, 21-year-old father and his flance, Miss El-
graduate sauaent, pieaoed inn0- len Waldron, a. hone'y-h a i re d
,ent yesterday at, ie start of graduate student he had met at
hi traw on enarges of murder- the university and had planned
Ing a woman shopper by snoot- to marry
nmg ner iOzm ius uotel window., Mt- s Waldron .parted hb 4 n d
,unuczhooln nervously twitched with Kluckhohn upon entering
his iee as defense attorney court ,and took a 'seat behind
toward Manning pleaded him him along with his parents Dr.
innocent or muruer in mte deaul and Mrs. Clyde K, M Kiu.k
of Miss Bernice Beawell, 43, of hohn, both .nationally famous
Arlington, V a. anthropologists, and friends.
Dnrict Boncitor Lester V. Chalmers told reporter the
Chalmers Jr. toid Judge Claw- state "more. than lIkey"'Wouk5
son Willilams the state was press for a conviction of second
pressing or a second degree degree murder rather tha. first
murder or manslaughter. c o n- degree.
eviction. 'Tlhe jury snoud decide l At a habeas corpus heartin
on evidence peasenteo,, h 4aid. oni Kluckhohn'a req e at tf
Kluckhonn, the son. of t wo bond, Chalmers said, the MttOl
noted Harvard faculty me m- in the case "do not warrant
Ders, was indicted on a charge murder."
of lirst degree murder, by a Miss Seawall; a natie of Sjan.
Wake County grand jury lasIt fA d,.NC., prbbably iier k
week. "* what had hit' her when a
The heavy-set-graduate atu- mmt' Gernn 'Luge MeelSack.
dent of the Unlve*ly of Chica. eted bullet alm mme c ugl
go had auegediyadanlttUed, "d her body, throwing her i-to the
ring" a pistol when a. bullet arms of parking lot attendant
tore through Miss Seawell as before.the harrifled. 4 .eof her
she stood in a parking -lot while sister She died nstantaty
here on a shopping trio May 13. Kluckhohn was a-ested at
Kluckhohn, wno aces a pos- Chapel Hill, .4.C ftgc- hkrh
sible 30 years sentence it con- after the shootIng. Police officer
evicted of second degree murder, G. R. Creel quoted himu say.
checked out of the hotel minutes ing he was "dry firing the gun.
aiter tnh anooting.I Creed defined "dry firing"
He admitted the weapon fired pointing an empty.gun at -
but said he .did not know thee object and pulling tthe trigger.
bullet had hit anyone. Kluckhohn, who has been free
Selection of jury from a pan- under 12,000 bond, said it was
ej of 73 persons oegan yester- an "awfu4 dreadful accdent"'*
aay, but tne trial was not ex- Defense Jttorney Ma.n4; i
pe-tot. -get unaerway .u ntil said the murder charge 'w'0s
sater today. ridiculous." The shooting
The young: "gun fancier" wM, as 'accidental as an automoz,
accompnied to Wake County Su-; accident," he said.

Gang Gives Singer Choice Of Being

Photographed Nude Or Being Raped"
HOLLYWOOD, June 14 (UP) 1ia Lon's Ban Fernando Vail
-Al L "Champagn, La hol early Sunday while
wpcalist, w m given the choice still was appearing at the be
o alpg- .otographdA, n th 8bailm with Lawrence We
Hol %,.d aIdamenu by a three- rord estra.

pnnIre disclosed today. her husband, Roberr.d.. t Wate
Oxticers held a 25-year-old ho- i r. hub ~ Wterm- ar ,as a suspect In ;ss
abea roteign of term. He was, Ae. Mary..h..a.
Jon as. USanusot .of North also th atenedto su prs iat
Hollywood, iadentifped as a fre- one then a U-s werms A
quenter at the ballroom ndUr. Wyce and then waket
where Miss Lon rred. and Mrs Wy he and then
w lere Maiss thn ereormeig ed for Miss L'u's -ival .at. .
Ponlce hord they wereworkin bot 3:30o am. They help#.

haired singer. house.

they found the pictures were not : o et Tn e
Canthose taken of tedhe wasnr When the ain c er tred -a
of ile co, away in ernardinote createe in su'rpse at the
c at te ball m ut he. was t proeenae of the-men who were
held on su also a picture of being e eaing ailk stokinatsks and

of the singer standing a chbefore a m rui tmer g a, she p.uiea i
crphone. Oficera found in Cannon TheM to harm tore unleo
linon's home but when p ee, m n and undertow stay awakt
teniinsdepite developed drugs filmnd it
Afthey found the pictures were not un herself. But de delayed
Sthse todenof the singer had n u e hara ud b4faH
SPolice said, however, the roll e bulbs.
of film contained a picture of "ahnt. .*or
the ballroom ebeft Miss Lona: K Ill m in !
appeared and also a picture of singer,', her blmspi.
the singer a-11- before a Im. to takTe pig in sy
crophone.s Officers sad CaLnon p e.Mrg .to ir tec unol-,
had been a member of an "A.tay compi ed. I s a L uhw
lice Lon fan .W I .a, toUa t o tstay awakp'
deesit thte drugs in d "M=IY.:
After withhol4ing the informa. freed herself. But she d&laed'.
tion since Bundag, police re-."IU109e Jl iee for The hours on-!
vetaled today the singer had t 11t eW 3V10 harm 11 ew.
been threatened oft rape un. the u blidrea. 1 -.
Jogs ih eased agim1ng while WaSWrman, a former pelwF "
in a t e-,. hy ,tee annadstmee e

lnaselocb lomreau S tmwI3asinbrul. '...
M tautil Ui rauWga

i~y ~~Y-

flOiP T

- 'S.'...

"1 *
FOR RINTl uIl- .fblet r of

edroms. U@ia 16 d.WW veJ
iten.) en.te e pi. nes .

JM de a n Ma u Ave. No. ,
dowmahia. -
FOR RINT.--.FHbl d ebot.
SCll 3-47 from t 6.

-- -- -_____~ ~.__~_~ __

- .I


'' I

| .

Il I








* -' .-,'
F.. -
-- -

.- o .-^ .-,- '
P" l %;i



.',,>,.^. -





4AM ,I-' 'Alp a ,a
. ..*.: -. ;.. -? "
* -. .^
a"- L ^ -- .*l r "ii
v d -A ih." ',* ', ft"

5'. 1


S- With -
V. a-ejr.NaeUON

'-with .

with- Ctadte Dftr" & touls egf
(In TvcniaOlbr)
S -'*Also: --
whu n BrimU-. Cecd! LAbr

HOLLYWOOD 4-(NA).4 .Cloa- W er were having a lively dis
tips and Logshotr: Five bmbads scussion about movies vs. stag
are two too many even for Holly when Billy made a classic obset
wood. vateon.-
Suw a Hayward, a4 Liman Roth I "If a new play opens in Neo
will have only three mates n "I'll Haven or itew York and it stinks,
Cry Tomorrow." Ihe said, "it closes. But 1 yo
J. r I make 'a bad movie, it stinks it
Left out are Judge Ben Shal. Hollywood, it stinks in New York
leek, who granted her a divorce'it stinks a London, it slUnks i
from husband No. I and then be Paris-it stinks everywhere"
came her a spouse, and Vic-,
tor Engel. ubby No. 5 Don Tay Janet Leigb wasn't thrown b;
lor, Richard Conte and Eddie AL tkose domestic trouble rumors al
bert play the remaining three., lpch as huoby Tony Curtis, she'
"Tony," she says, ", an meh
Smove agent .swears ,G-oalI protiem.rie terri*
Voiufto cash in on Rock Hudson' iesperatq when 'm away becaum
zooming career" by naming hisunfortunate things have always
next new actor discovery "*Hu.e ha'.pened during our separation
Stone. e_ touts or on locations.
I"Once when we were apart
Anthony Quinn busts through to Tony's father had a heart attack
romantic stardom in "The Magni and another time his mother ha
ficent Matador" with Director ud to undergo surgery. He gets pan
Boetticher explaining it: leky for fear that something wil
"It's always been known that happen."
Ouinn is one of the best actors in' Hollywood cashes in on TV stars
Holiywood. But they've always had note: Richard (The Medic) Boone
tobacco juice running out of the Jock (The Range Rider) Mahoney
side of his mouth. We put him in'a and Charles (The Falcon) McGrav
pin-stripe suit and photographed I head the supporting cast of U-I'
hni in a white Cadillac and be "Away All Boats."
looks beautiful."
Chariton Heston admits his play
Zsa Zsa Gabor helped laugh it ing of Moses in "The Ten Corn
up with Dean Martin and Jerry mandments" "may limit the roles
Lewis in "Threq Ring Circus," and I can do in the future," but he'i
then they hired sister Eva to do taking the chance along with a
likewise in "Artists and Models." personal theory:
"You can't play a character like
A studio press agent, pondering Moses and be the same after
the use of the pronoun "we" by you've played it. A little of every
Hayworth's. present and future role rubs off an an actor. And no
plans, earn through with this: role seizes you by the heart liki
Dick Haymes in discussing Rita this one does. Your lines are from
Hayworth's present and future the Bible and you keep remember
plans, came through with this: 'tng Winston Churchill's words:
"I don't remember just how "Th life of Moses is the great
Mark Twain it, but once eat single .stride in the history oa
saidd I the eily mortals who' mankind' "
h re ,thebrhttg.use ',we aeki l ",-,--
510 el S i"O." Lo. the Iflfai.
Reader Fpi'aees Hayes of Chey
Yul Btyhner and Director Billy, enne. Wyoming, writes:
"During one of Vic Mature's
mpst impressive scenes in 'Chiel
Crazy Horse,' as he loomed large
UHih P and defiant and bare-armed, my
nI loodP rrefSSUreS little eight-yearrold nephew. Jim
itHih Blood Presure make. my Roth, who had sat spellbound
ou dasy. have pains around throughout the film this far, sud
h t, headlches., short breath.i denly leaned over to his Dad.
nkl ou can get lmot Instant n a disilusioned voice, 'Jimc
relief irom th ese dJanerousl symp- my said:
toms wi t HYOn. Ask your "Look at those flabby mus-
chemlst for xyNOX today and feel
!r-...s .nirap Im a few days. ties.' "


eBA A 6:5 7:45

i6s &i- DIOI

Amorr m1 CO0TLLO
!.- O. W. ..-I

DIARBO HTS. 6:15 1.10
W A ventrTACY

"Wemae In The Wimlow"

GATUN 7:00
11... 'w....n.~a


-WIS ."Al .15 7:

We-. MAI m-v am .








CHIEFS OF U.S. ARMY MISSIONS and Military Assistance Advisry Groups of 15 Latin American countries gathered at U. 8,
Army Caribbean Hedaquarters today to begin a four-day annual conference. Shown here with Maj. Gen. Lionel C. McGarr,
.ummanding general, UAARCARIB, In front of the Army headquarters are: front row, left to right: Maj. 0. A. Schraeder Hon-.
.duras; Col. J. C. Welborn. Chile: Col. J. W. Pumpelly, Nicaragua; McGarr: Brig. Gen. W. E. Laidlaw, C/8, USARCARIB; Col. P. 8.
Peca, Cbief. military missions, USARCARIB: Col. H. S. Isaacson, Cdba; Col. K. E. Rasmusscn, chief collection and Opn. Div. D/A;
sLcond row, left to right: Col. E. V. Sutherland, Paraguay; Col. C. E. Bays. Venezuela; Col. W. R. Prince, Ecuador; Col. E. J.
Macherey, El Salvador; Lt. Col. I. H. Baker. Brazil; Col. T. J. O'Connor, Peru; Col. P. S. Shoemaker, Costa Rica: Lt. Col. H. L.
Lossen, Peru: Grd row, left to right: Col. W. P. Goodwin, Guatemala; Maj. R. E. DonaLue. G3, Latin American Br. D/A; Col.
D A Rannev Ecuador-. a'l R l Tiurner- rClbla, Cnl T A ,S dfilel1 Bolivia- Col R R Udgi, Ua_-_n TF ui .1i.

U. A 1 1. o umom i o. L. a. ibw Ao o ,nuvA -V Wue e
Cooperider, Chile; Lt. Cul. M. L. Levey, Dep. LOG, D/A.

a Bhigh club, and once more had to overruff position. South had to
overruff East. Declarer ruffed an. with the king of trumps to s
e other heart in dummy, led another West out. This left declarer w
r high club. a&i East ruiffe again, the ace and deuce of trum
y while West still had his origin
o This time South didn't overruff. two trumps. Declarer led the
e JACO"rV' 8 91 He was down to the A-K-2 of of trumps, and West won the
T trumps and a losing heart. De- trick with the four of trumps
y OSWALD JACOBY clearer therefore discarded the los
- Written for NEA Service ing Iebrt, allowing East to keep West was pleased to defeat
S Wrtten for Nthe. trick contract especially by winning
t t i st trick with so unlikely a c
.^rpd.wPry led lotJi er The, peculiarity of the,last ti
o l (D) is prtnef the had, however, its price. The

S4K43J The Pacic Steam Navigation Company
*AQJI10 9754
476320 '= Royal Mall Lines Lid.
* North-South vul.
26 Pas 44 Pas M.V. "SARMIBNTO" ..... .........................June 15
Pass Pass S.8. "POTOSI" (Maiden Voyage) .................June 22
Whet today's hand was played M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (18,000 Tons) ...... Aug. 20
the uetenaers were please with
the result as an artistic success. TO UNITED KINGDOM DIRECT
It was certain pecusar enough
West opened tc qeen of ea, M.V. "COTOPAXI" ..............................June 20
and bouw, took tWe ace. Declarer; S.S. "WOKINGHAM" ......................... June 28
led his singleton club. ad Bet
returned ,te u o diamonds. ROYAL MAIL LINES LTD. /HOLLAND AMERICA LINE
South boldly put up the king of .TO NORTH PACIFIC PORTS
diamonds, and Wesi tool S.S. "ARNEDYE" ..............................June 21
diamonds. West then led a third S.S. "DUIVENDYK" ...............................June 28
ciamona, forcing dummy to ruf.
The next few tricks followed a TO U/CONTINENT
very simple pattern. Dummy led! TO UKCONTINENT
a gh club, East ruffed, and| S.S. "LOCH GARTH" .................. .......... June 16
boutn overruffed. Deciarer rutied
a heart in dummy, led another AD Sallius Subject to n Chaee Without Notice
PACIFIC STRAnI NAVIGATION CO., Cristobal Tel.: 1654/5
FORD CO. INC. JPANAMA-Ave. Pert #55. Tel. 3-1257/1
IBALBOA-Term. Bldg.. Tel. 2-1005


I.M Mdel M THE
The Voice of Music phoaosraph with
dh "mes waned" featurnw-as mn u
beatable pice I Wd's mMsles, light. t- w
.st .autOMtc 5-spsl pomabe... fSr
sONLY with l(a ,spalm at BA
iis ,b, d! Two a;hebsssitise ,
a"des in m w a w41. el erM er
ce oaic camidd. V-M SiNa Swishd
usummatdally thes elof erytefs wbha
last eword panh osmitl few Oad E
1ymesd.siasQt "* "'"

7110 Biv AvMai.
-T o AN1'V
."1 4 -






LBOA an JUNE 20 and 21, 1955.
Accepting general cargo for:


sa em e Sa _l a Cbtebal, C.. L
W"S: CagTOMAL: UK 17" 1 |
.4h' -L. : '; '*

Fly KLM to

*ht.hs alss (impliaentwyM)irr-les eAk
S*Komial uOin, u sards...
s*.s- k *lrihB ev-H- i e

luff lirl l i eec pini-
o 1 r lilt inorminllB s* ya s.
e@l Iravel V ul r Serviel A4.
r .aem L 1"'s eri Ave. A
1-. 2 11 1 -12SA

- 000

I saw it in the

fr ACCicicnl

U ug Brazil: Lt. Col. C V, lJJI I
(U.S. Army photo).
ruff fenders could have fared better
ihut by leading trumps. For example, AiCI
with an opening trump lead by West A
Ips would have limited South to seven
final tricks. It might not have been so
ace artistic, but .it .would have been
last far more effective.

-- COLON. R. P.




Bearings, Pistons, Carburetors. Oil & Piston Rings, Springs, Brake
Linings, TAILPIPES, MUFFLERS, Fan Belts, Radiator Hoses, Radiators,
Connecting Rods, Hydraulic Brake Parts, Shock Absorbers, Car
Ornaments, etc.


Block & Decker Electric Machines:
Portable Paint Compresors ................. 120.00 50.00
Valve Seat Rectifier ......................... 180.00 80.00 4
Saws ...................................... 130.00 50.00
Grinders .................................. 60.00 20.00
Drills Large . . .. . 50.00 20.00
Drills, Large .. .............................. 50.00 20.0 ( "
Sanders .................................. 112.50 50.00
Hydraulic Jacks 2 tons ...................... 147.00 0.00

Nor Mechanical Tools: -
Pliers Reamers
Screwdrivers Hammers


A Limited Supply of Tires at a Very Special Price.
TUBES: Sizes 15 to 17 .............................. $3.00
Sizes 18 to 20 ............................... .. $4.00

Seat Covers for all makes of Cara ..........,.. 25.00 4.00

LARGE GAS STOVE ................. 176.00 75.00
SMALL OAS STOVE ..... ........ 40.00 10.00


I 121B

'1 -.


'~- ..~iw..

"j -: W't S ".
,:.. -.: ,: .... :... ,,,.-.,, li i i r i .i ---:i 111.



M. --


C~k*S.r r

years y i m.

T~f.K~sK'* I Y-9 w Lr Sm

iI' .*,x ." s "' -
.: .:y.: ... .~ ~ / .- ^ -
P H1. Ws.' t, **M't :|!^ .,B
Il V-

....~ ~ v-IN, ,

T% 6.

S. f._ "I -. ": .s, :,,

i ^&- --

].T .^ .

- -

i .. -r' *

TI-.T;T. ..I- t..~.

- '~b

^.*r$'w' P ** *.'* ? *'4C.
^ .*.' -* -'~ B .-- .iiii^ .- ,-,' ;.

^ **^* ^,, --^ -^ y -'^K .
BKt **- *SV .-_ ^*A r.^ fRfk.iS ..'!


1* .i 4. *T.

rq~ryr :b.j3 ~I "U?"
At.. Tjc#'
:.~tas~*k ~. Ti


A ~ ~


r 7%etV



K Z~~P:

. '" ,..W ^ '- ,, i ....
.' .



5. -

S. tr'


.5, .4,.4. ~t~flAfls a
&.4W ~M~~Saa, .6,A. ..a ~M*fl~.sR p. '.

a -f^- l r (
.p ft

r BEST FOOT FORWARD-Just shy of the plate, Peewee Reese,
the Dodgers' infield star, is tagged by Harry Chiti, the Cubs'
catcher, despite a leaping assault on plate. Scene is Chicago.

BORDRLIN .BtOW-On the receiving end of this midsection wallop is Don Cockell, the
British heavy king, who lasted nine rounds with the champ, Rocky Marciino, before the
bout was halted in San Francisco. The ref stopped it in 54 seconds of the ninth round.

^~ .- .."

h *

.- -..


l:t I.: -. +. ; ." ;, "
9 '' '5
AK ^ '' ''9.r1' >"y


*fly "**'<

Ww >

can'*-w s'.. 9 .
_____________ 4.2i* *


'~ 'S





l.A .

* Ai

HERO'S WELCOME-When Swaps, the Kentucky Derby win-
ner, returned to Hollywood Park, Inglewood, Calif., where
he will campaign again, he was met by one of the local
queens, Jackie Kevlin, who just had to give out with a kiss.


.' '*~ r,,
51 4' 44

W .





IS MW ag Eye camera catches the big leagues' most potent right
,to ._ o.the Yanks, as it continues to baffle batters with strike de-
Sis Dave Pp f O the Indians and he is strikeout victim.,

.-Th 4 -St

(Tiger) bus :
despite the fA

rve of the ring, lduedo
. cmeota with Ralph .
0 iew York b6S And, SW M P
mOdied one, Lause won., section ofS

-. F ;-

K. ctr't


WflWp Bob SIrwmS (right) slm wiSf6 uiot^ nil
p aSl tg a 1ft trwa by hirsit. VMcride f*l thrau

4 .- .- .. .





9. t

1 1



.:..i .. ..i
". ..

" b

~ r~

'T-*' ;,-j


* A

L. P"v

4 *

r I

e sseida


.. -~i

" *' ':/': -";4..
- ',.' ? .'

s m miinfi, *' ','.'.*.' ..'",,. ,*. ,r.. ."*
B ;^ ,* ." +.^ri **"';'.T-.-* *-' -- "*c .-: '.*- '" -<. '' .. ..*, .. ,- ".qq^' KM t r' r n B
"i '.+ ..^ ".d .i i -. i-ii.i".|j i ; r ii- n j i r .*.i. in --... -, i
=. .A l aI ^ **,< .:*;- -.,' -


ro-- .
ai "*a ; .- in ;.-

.... .., ..'.. .. ..I .... .. .. .. .... : .
A ... + -
gM. 1nEdwin Progrdm

SRondfOd Bs- Fight Week
..-. ee
The fouib ut g program ATIONAL LEAGUe
wbeduled Jotor .ft -.1 JunePj$
YOMBK( June 14 (UP) Y o^ ylnV f Sot -1 6, June -
Thei ,.e, D a Je M ly.. .....43 13 .768n New York .
"145-pound ten-round contest. o~a .....S33 24 .579 10% hi ....
m todeW t: thl 11' .e ,. will round out a bUQ week of w York -,.39 27 .51814 Clev ...3 a
J hamrr son pro flght JN lau ...38 8 .500 1.5 D etrt .......S
Thursday night 391111' Philadelphia..23 30 .1131 1a' B! n.
Brown will t sse with Nat Clinnatl ,..22 2. .431 18. Washngton .2
.,..- d "Killer" Jackson I the mal St. Loui .....22 30 .423 19 Ia :
hd drove In 120 rumtrd at Pittsburgh ...18 37 .327 24% Baltlmore ....I SS
ho htl.'me 1rum.. TIS WEEKS The, prting had to come to Panama due to Panama Oftnp iSttdisiru that ---
le4 saft boe rled-t I News contamia later btli nfor- the llnes of his wife. wu P POm ined lp t Sunday TODAY'S GAMES TODA'S A
dea niidt e M Bt- motion df local baseball players nflider Mltqn Graif is a nifht because of rain. Than. ---
and I nigh n in U. and Mean lea teanmat of Greald's. day's proa ha b re Brooklyn at Cincinnati (N) Cicao t lore
0 ..~ ,iao the year i "-- scheduled to be held at the New York at Chicago Cleela at Wsh. (2.
-rauls e to wyS SA.lit to BOBBY PRESCOTT, Rolly-. VIBERT CLARKE, harlotte Panma Gym. Philadelphia at t. Louis N) Detrot t w Yrk
afdhu drien" a ta0 o1 43 Burg W ROY wood, Opn Classification Pac- Class A Sally League, tops in Olonzalo Grrdo,director Pittburgh at St. Louis (N) Kanas City at
runs. hi "hL Mnfy'5 _B z__ab .,,lI comii. L tie Coasf ,eague, Is establishing his league for route-goingjobs. of the Panama Physical Educa- ---
KI Uwaki tradI BrDooklyn's ~w ap tbloua omith himself a top. candidate for In 13 starts Clarke has finish- ton and Sports Department, to- (Night Gamee) TETE
Roy Campanuella and Duke ,' o ral i PCL Roo= 6 of the Year honor. ed ten. day told The Panama American Mlwukee 101 200 00--4 10 2 No geme S
der s th _omer race -one to "fo-a o The 5-year-old flychaser, bat- that the Jackson-Brown pro- Cincinnati 100 140 00x-- ,
but s farahead o h 154 ace SJcie CoIn e ting cleanup for the Stars, has CLARENCE MOORE, Pueblo, gram will et underway at 7 Nichols (5-4 8pa hn and LATE
whio oned 49 homers. Klu- who to ik w rrl y h been hitting over .300 all eason Class A Western League, now p.m. a In order to enable Crandall. NE YORK -
sue hit nly 14 homers in fourth. I ed t o and leads e club in the impor- playinR the outfield, tldcollected Atlantic ae fight fans to catch BItaey, Collum (4-1) and Bur- cope, on. of the
he firt 51 gameslast foul 4corth Xpoarod to one:O4
Ie dgd' tco 1 ames toP 14h tant RBI department, five hits in five trips to the plate the night train. ges. eastern bnadeap ea
seause hesaysos It sounds more May 31hetNich
s U and didn't connect for loss while southpaw Chets- f prescott's first name actually and scored each time while Pue- Brown and Jackson resumed --- t the winer.. c
o. the's r 1 5th game. Asad osf ga erinhtfi ort. Warree"hn, is la George, but he adopted Bobby blo defeated Des Moines 14 to 3. training yesterday and will wbrk Only game scheduled ly ntil late last ye.
a rei Pae'a 14 g amenea hd of"vO wnaWarn 8 .because he says it sounds more My 31. out ain today. They will prob- -
lat Mr's pace and a fair1 bet i2-ame forwirth. l this like a ball player. It Is believed to be the first ably do some eight exercises t o- r
to c en Hat WUaon' Na- ree or -e th n hime t-- tme the esthad been accom- morrow then take it easy until A
l hom esers. n record of ad orthesomeighteTcitimePri
Io League season record of for oth d y l" H BitEApK-In the ,HUMB TO ROBINSON, T. polishedd at Pueblo's Runyon fight time. Tickets for the fi ht cODOy OW e rflCI
Swa homes ....bat. aer Itwasdthe only games yeddionds are a bys o, Class AAA American A Fieldmay be obtained by contact
eilusewski's o335 battnga ver- It ws the Mola me gh but beet riend, unless that home soeation, sent down by Mil- Moore's blows, which Included promoter Enrique Martin n Co- I
age es him 17 points tharla both n to left eld is interrupted waukee as a replacement for two triples, raised his batting Ion, the EIuire Bar of Colon or Ro F DA i',
the .Sk of the Philadel- tadey a window. That's what hap- Ray Crone, made an auspi- average to an incredible .416. the Physical Education Depart- ea Son For vema S Z p.
aphe. R.L Bichlee A eburMn thge .eague, peand here. and a little slugger eons debut, June 5, with a ment in Panama .
and hetr' R.B. leader Duke I t.e lays aubleheader of the Fort Worth, Tex.. sand- five-hit, 5 to 3 victory over CARLOS THORNE, Winul- Calcagno 1 will be making hi. *
winlder's total byl 17. tau ileveoea sd is a ots maps strategy to recov Denver. pe, Class C Northern Leaue, first local. appearance in eit
ewaS hit.286lasteasmnindat Wa Dotoi NdCi agor Iath icu the ball. Robby whiffed ten to t he I tched his club to a 14- toa g, ears. He has been campalg By 8TEhE bNIDEb points at Helnl three yearE R
batted in 141 runa. Baltimore, it Boston In seven-laing cont t. to 1 ietory over Grand In south American rings since United re Sports wrter go. Olympic champs are
Chtsk Klein of the ~mlaN- athe Nationl League, It's ew -- Forks, May 31. the late forties. The elongated Whitfield, Andy Stanfleld,
phia Phillioe was thte aIt NYoNkatiCPhiag ,Brooklyn at A i CLYDE PPARRIS, Montreal, Thorne worked the entire Calcagno hopes to rely on great NEW YORK Manager Buc- Remingino, Bob Richard
onal Leaguer to win the triple York at i delphia at MI- Hn W AAA Internaltonal Lague, game to pick up his fifth win experience and boxing ability to ky Harris of the Tigers cites ness, Parry OBrien, Horace A-
crownH-champion mi av- .." tt at t. tied Rocky elson for club home against one Ioss. whip the youthful up-and-com. Lynwoou dcnoozooy atowe as a ahenfelter, and Cy Young.-
erage, runs batted in and me waukee an Pitturg a t run leadership when he con- -- ng Edwin. eflnite reason wny me ligers Racing's triple crown" wIl
runs. Klein won in 1933 when he lIa.. i________ _rl nected in successive games, Also Included on the Caleag- are staying in so close behind become as out-moded 'a
Atla ntic- Basketball-League To '2th W in June 4-5, to boost his total to TOMMY H UGHES, Frenoe, no-Edwin heard are two six. the league leaders. ling's old junior welterweight
Sight. Class C California League, set rounders and a four-round "Rowe Is one of the finest te f Califorla horse ttle
Atlant Ba ketball League ---- down 15 on strikes, increasing preliminary. The seafinaftl will pitching coaches in the bu i- winning the Kentucky Da
ti c LEON KELLMAN, Nuevo La- his strikeeut total to Of for the be a six raund contest between ness and that takes in a lot of I Determine last year dow
-, 5 V ^Afl r+edoI, Class AA Mexican League, season, while hurling a four- I4eslie Thompson and Manuel territory," said Harris, whose Swaps went back wst ,tIh
E o .Best Seaso*n Ever In Suctession at returned to his club as an hit 4 to t triumph over Sal- Prescott. The other sixer pits young pitcher now have oe, their Derby loot while tbel r
En o Best o active player after suffering a .a nsa, June 4.Nan. kls Barrows In a s come among the best in the ownersthumbed na -at'ti
*- "broken finger while trying to Mareial Molinar. business. I Preakness and Blmont itaes.
__.__ NEW YORK, June 14-(UP)- catch a foul tip. < FIVE JOCKEYS were suspend- Preicott and Thompson will
SL'The HanSugarM Kinis liter- ws still second inv Over the weekend by Juan make 126 while Barrows III and Bucky and "Schoolle" f first'
TA ING been difficult to determine to their 12 straight ts batting race with a Franco's stewards. Molinar agreed to a weight lim.- got together In 1943 wnen Hat
whether this ruin came from c and into second place in .409 average. He had scored 28it of 135 pounds. ris managed the Phillies brie-f. sketmbaHU L*gue the Chesterfield eam, with Isternasiol league At runs, and had 52 hits and 29 FELIX SANCHEZ (Metto) The opening contest will be a ly and Rowe was making a
Atlantn e which team Tom n t hei t runs-batted-in. These fig in- drew ix mee for not uging four-round preliminary between pitching comeback after yeaw ,
on Lost Pet. Panama loop, or rom thean- Walks to Pedro Formentalc luded games tip to Junoe his moth 126-pounders Al Rodriguez nd of staraom with the Tigers. lwaukee AB R. .0 .A
S..... 2 1 .60 asa Imague i telf, -but wbet- ad pleh-htter Bafael N Ls Giraldo (Pinino) receJved Joe Sande. General admission Pitcher Don Newcombe of the Bruton f ......4 0 1 3 0
braltar ....... .. ver may I.. ort.. r's rwoee. wuinig run in EINALDO G NALD, Wil x meets for h failure to on- for this program, which Is being Dudgers Is hitting beer with a-Rice ........... 1 0 0 0 0
nis rt.o.. 1 1 2 .339 Chances are m by1001 3the th ng ms the Cu-. lamaport, Class A a 4 tern Vol his mount. promote by Mrs. Juana de San- Itoy canpanell's bat than cam Logan -.......4 1 1 1
is r ....... 2 .s 8 the a % of Pim bane wned the Richmon League, was bi e. the t d best Mianue 'leasa(Mdnte Ro(ge) chez Pinto (better known as py is.. .ig Newk is up at 400 Mathews Sb ..... 4 1
owe ...' better Rebels 5-4 at hivan. htters of the league as of June and HectOr Ruls ( Icorial) both Tula) is only $1 (one d r) and h catcher around 333 Aaron r-f ..... 4 0 0

.. .'etterb.s Bfap. Luis .arci. adR e e du- e s- a wai cachrnron by. '3hn 3" ...
ts' -t outside oslon's as points, nwere giventwo-meet set-downs The National AAU rc 'd Cro lb........4 0 0 t
'of and roule ge the 01- Ken Wood b ut Richmond a- Grenaldb adb hid ts, a x home froutra. l rt, the field championships a t th-Thomon ...... 3 0 i .

Powells thh a wih benevenly head, m 0; ithse oina m w runa. A -- -15 BA.* va.. rsity of Colorado. Jun- Tl I b .... l
B rn t a his.pooutr o htur oth- hom er, but Ha nle d a. ,pc + S ....... 1
i- oa, our homthr tHi:yoClromIn 11Ar fourth Nhadedfor0x e* for I-e, others whocred mpra Nichot Cr,...o v daNO ies gtan dall c. ... I 1
Ed Brian. Cnd Tom the help of a two-run hoW by la hthei outfield when the prOper weights
i n, ..lIn 1955. T1 Brian _Luis Garcia. The Rebels scored the club Sed several anjur- -wass u ued. by.-Aticock ........
R e olMy __.Ut,. ,nIversal Sports has had a bit two more runs in the fifth 1 a leae to key players, and Grenald Clso Chaves. Spah B c......... 4 0 0 00
eto play and of trouble ettin started and 4-3 lead but the Cubans Jule AS P d-Thomson ...... 4 0 1J
ftesrh W tem cop since their ope night win it out wit4 a 3a in the h. g AEo
Sfterlthy w m et over Powell have dropped two It was 3chond's d t r t e 4 10 4
nor the 1e55lnco om--in succession. Carl Smons leads hstraht defeat byla ean-rusd. tiraMe C 0cinnati

ageor p ...... 32 0a 00obYm is 40-altutt the md ay M non W n s, ,P ......2
lnetrhMOsthe five the squad with a 34 point total ma gin. The Sugr pKing nowMAJOR LEAGUE LEADE b ln ...... 1 1
i ted o retr. _he a bfor three game and Mannin rest only 1% gameo back of UNIT.D SS ...... 1 14 0
unds of Play.has s32. pacesettin Toronento. Bridges aSb...... o 00 0
One encourage E a sin Most of the Unap n ort thraten- The Montreal atSyr eas&l LEADIN ERS Klusewaki lb .. 4 1 2 .
n. th i tter- antaverae In scorers have not oyet come Buffalo at Columbus and Roch-. ph Post rf .n o o 5 n
teind oace on e their own and as John ester at Toronto games wer"d'e s-Br gelle .y... ..o a. 4 1 1 2
broughoUt the season, erous Haye, Buck Hall and Dick Con- postponed because of rain.
hree its o. ,-u-er" over continue to round Into E RVICE STANDINGS pop ed in nl of 24 field tries -T.E.fU Aw0 'b .
a t oure s without toomal sars an theans foe to replay The Fairwa ys a fo ul-less first qu.rmiy tr and club g ab r h Pet. MBourcMa. DP M 0 2

o'rter that...a., houl the ir inablrty us ei one f hot on GSch h oe-- thed apFort Clayton 3 0 1i000 on by 40-32 at the midway rest e s-b nh, 1635 ........... 35 te.:le._pw.,; A3367
thrillrs that me i inaboiiFortyrmbo tr .e 1 o0 1 000G lgis aro he dfd-ed qutr by jL.n. Pitlt_. 13 m 0p 44... .-..320__b
Ir return. Chesterfield player from the Amador Ladis Navy Pacific ...... 1 0 1.000 the Troops. r Bklyn. 56 206 2 .32 Totals 35 6 7
Panaa, Legune. 27 10 5 206 527.325
There has been good reO Issa Pltnovitch, a young The Points Tournament June Ar t a 2 111 parkplu Jack McDo Virdon. St. L. 45 169 25 55 .325 a-truck out for Bruton in 9th
the increase havt e 6-4 l cal ater who has gaeine 9 th /4 handicap allowed was Abmy AiB 1 2 .333 ough, who pil5 in 2 points for- b-Lined out for Tanner in th
res. All four tems ven much valuable experience at : c Na 3 .000 the night, and Marty Wiginten AMERICAN LEAGUE
laying good ball and even Purdue University, was -listed to Tubbs ... 33 points tied the score at 44. Tex Yar-au120
es who were listed a play o f the Universal 8 rts ev ilter ....... 32 points es lts' ot Kine, Detroit e 445 3 11

tSet M d cioe o t e brought Of the A's and McDon-. uD o 6 2 34 Ctni -t....10 14 oz
rdogs, lost two close nine before a ruling from enthher .a Int Fort Kobbe, Cooo Solo 47 oun traded fielders before JeMss Pe. K ity 49 188 2 .34
p to thor r The Naval he -- opePanama League or th Ch- g ball for low BAL ORE -r NEA) n ry v Power, K. City 4. 188 32 01 .24
Sthen came back strong a eldstta tli be- T he o patA Poyw V ek aor wlw It on 3 sea a 4l-46 advantage, neveroto dollar Chica o 44 142 24 4e .324 Errors Mathews. O Connell,

Idaytoad to- dump th te 5',Wwe'pu t- w ,, [a- wm Wb e W.Troopers 69, Army Atlantic63bee to aande. nee to Ika ,oy r Kluew..Wshl. e 7 5 1 5 2 00
e-s-1 p and move a-u tho 9 sol a.oyloa Iarar- B Arts Gas T rs dy be headed. A ateede votiresilento. V arn .5 195 256 208 M Milln .- Br1n
the champions, Na- ea ch rdle~s O~ the difficulties Comea on out this Thursday Army Atlantic at Fort Kobbe Bobby Ward with 16 and Val- .Iorthe Women Pistol ROME RUNS, ski, Bel Burgess L
The defe hh(7:30 p.m.) ides with 12 supported MeDon- 1Chaiip at Camn Perry, Snider, Dodgers.........15 Post, Bel, Collum.
action, afer losing an 'e have come out of the first round It's the chance you've Tb6, Ar 0e., Aat2*. The Winter Campan lla, dodgers .... I hews, Jablonskl ,

one KrprbhawtG Leaehampi TNo eIDOB r Sign up on the bulletin board Top-oitndln orte Clayton wi ol d a Inylute lt wh enn l Several R. I 8. B7 ic

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Jaan oule*triple or more for taxes, ~~m
the big threat o* mwnao EWal. e lef LONDON. June 14C P).ra. a 6-5 jumnl jeek, practice for others to try their dwweor triple or more for taxes, I mTCE *fninTUf 8i-U. IMi ,, |
P l offensive, M i- bUatter fla w rite for the Wimabledont Lawn 17 points in the last aBto gas moves licenses, auto tags, et cetera.
ad an important w le t h leUse ruMner Champiosships, Toy the steam ller m A brook This Was stopped when Pyur They may evienn ave to find out JeffCost 0 L P.00_
1bral1 w thbwsf r it of the United States, is The Plyers rallied from a 0-15 began decking btlky guards with how10o be voters in several uet" fSo, os 86 0 0a 0-
t4aris, the pint siaed tih sad is out .fering ore fingers oa his deficit after the Upeng period hs elbows and keeping the battle at once Newombe Dods 10 1 00
diari, th4 joelno h iosres hitv forthe chethand. to ulwithin two points the moving by kicking them. n n Fig0t
9(Tl~atails, fleld Ml-On ae ~e Kleio and Tal Bain ----- IrakhineDodgem. S IM V
ml atsta"06.Iwoa Of a ?-John haf.ptM e a
40"h all laati 7u ., A nt, tnia OVp fired the comeback. Whft 4, 2 pa Am. .. .... Awl '", I., ,,,, ,Who The
ng recrd*. t~rtt"U f^.'.^SL S W^ S *at- weekt Whba~daiat Than Clataple 1 9WlOIn r* *--i ^ &MiiaJlal-L
12 M tWM MAWd any to. was" viW m to at*ny~a. 19tlit t ee oogoeft ~Suo nF -^ t.^\\^f^ mi ~llt-P BH ii i
S and Jerry HalU l the -ard c p to move afely Grand Slammer Oyi Une
passed anmaI 31 for M. modern West emma court clsmpleushps at Q in grat .rl e
bralar High had been rid- mailre wha t 101 Club. hbeniN -p. D had 1 Mr f1r the 0Y Is Confirms lom
h, undefeated namamd ho.meIII*And rn ra, 11 t ttp oA eA AdCni oN tebusHmd 14 and t 7 "
and Naval ..iStioBa "F^S ^ hi rakekrtl L~INawltte O re70yersW. SAN lANCMO (NEA) At .&- r_. Ai 'B

nl uaS. biga ,asie.*the mawt*r 4 core
S .unn au ASIM- W ade. u ird slamr?"
Srs roulledsp quaer advant4aes he wanted to Uaew.
! 18-7, 3 Q-0, aad 44-31 over "Sam lbed.' proudly repld a
,the Tar. I younmt up fbuit.
The former William and Mary "Now, .ina y know t ha
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.d AtoomoPlantsnPn amne irne

:"i~d'~e 11t tlu a IgD11sSKUSSI-W S
LONDON, June.14 (UP) The
Communist Daily Worker charged "Let the people know the truth and the country is sale" -Abraham Lincoln. '
today that Britain is asteppinUP
Its atomic weapons program 'lest
America uses atomic power to, EA
oust British influence in A a I a n
This was the Communist reac.
tinto a government announce-jC0
mnet last night that six more I I1-s i
clear reactors 'will be built maeiafoulliltr Inr e u si a n/B as
speed" -to prodjoc atomic r a w1l g
mateicrial for b th ii ar And in-'
.du......,l use. -"-"?-

I .

......s.... On Suggested Big Four Topics
President Sienower's0 w~eeknd, : IIf lf fP l 1 l f l l ^f lS^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ H ^ ^ ^ ^
pr-ogram for fme nations...
The Daily Worker said Britamn's
announemIent followingf hard on WASHINGTON, June 14 (UP) ern Invitation. It also indicated The Soviet notes were di s- thrown the rule of the exploit-
the heers of Presdent Eisenhow- officials ojv 1L..ated concern over the topics to be patched following dep a r t u r e era, have established in their W
her's latest offer. .sh s British as an expected development discussed: from Moscow of U. S. Ambas.'- countries democratic govern-
influence in Asian counties. the sharp propaganda blast that "In the present situation the sador Charles E. Bohlen, e n ments and will not permit any- FIRE ON THE NORTH SEA Smoke rises from the Swedish oil tnker Johan d'itt ht,'or
The Daily W,, orker is ,offi-ialor- panied22MNORHuEAssimkeriss fomtheSweis t. i
an or the British ComnistPar accompanied Russia's sace e p t- efforts of all the four powers route to Washington for confer.- one to interfere in their internal rushes into a hole in its side after its collision with the Panamasan thner a r th
. ance of Western proposals to articfpating in the confer n c ences with Dulles. affairs. North Sm. The accident occurred at a point between En5gland anBe m At
*. hold the Big Four "summit" must be primarily directed at The Tass statement was in The statement said also that man was Tkilled aknd 17 are missing. w ana eiu. A J e ..,-
""^-- + *-T meeting at Geneva starting Ju- assuring the fulfillment of the direct reply to statements made "regarding 'the question of in- ma-----------msi
a lap ly 1G a Imn t*"k of twe conference -;'by Dulles June 7 when he said ternational communism' may ..
Us R JSa VIbUoteu The State Department official- the easing of tension in Interna- possible subjects for discussion one ask what would the attitude
ly had no comment either on tional relations." the note said. i at the "summit" session were of Mr. Dulles be to raising the
.h A Time Ill bomb the formal Soviet note agreeing The firm Soviet position on I the problems of countries of question at the four-power con-I
"il, W to the meeting arrangements or what cannot be discussed was Eastern Europe and activity ies ference, for example, of 'the
F P a Tas news agency statement made In a statement released of international communism. activities of international ca pl- -
issued at the same time. by the official news agency Tass. I The Soviet statement charged talisom?'
0 l1 %Ve Reds P n The Tass statement accu sed which represented it as coming that by raising such questions It was noted in London that
Secretary of State John Foster.1 from "responsible Soviet c I r c- Dulles was "not making t h e iV attacking Dullas' augges tead
HONG KONG, June 14 (UP)--Dulles of jeopardizing the suc- les." work of the conference easier, Big Four agenda, Tass also was,
Police today offered a reward of cess of the Big Four meeting In proposing the conference but creating a complicated sl- in effect criticizing PresidentI
100,000 Hong Kong dollars ($17,- by suggesting that talks might "at the summit" the West ori- tuation before the confer ence Elsenhower. who hlripeade the,
000) for iformatonleading to the touch on the problem of Russia's ginally had suggested Lausanne ad creatin difficulties for the same suggestons earlier.
arrest and conviction of the SaDO-adcetn dfiute
...... .iin A tEastern European satellites or a& the site. conference." In his May 18 press confer-
teurs of an Air India Airliner A- the activities of internatio nal The Soviets suggested Vienna. The statement said "it should ence, Mr. Elsenhower said .the
Fpril 11. Comeunism' The West counter-suggest e d be clear to everyone that there four-power agenda might include
Fifteen persons including eal he Tat ssaid neither subject be Geneva, and a starting date of is no such thing as a 'problem "problems of the satellite
in ese Commanist of i ir In- longs on the agenda of a con- Jul 18. The Soviet agreed. o! the countries of Eastern Ob-states" and -penetratin of oth-
dia Conste11aion "Kashmir Prin- ference aimed at "relaxing In- Western diplomatic circles ,x- rope.' because the peoples ofier nations by the cominform"
cass" while it was en route from, ternational tension." pressed no surprise at the So. these countries having ov e r-- both ruled out in Tams attack.
Hong Kong to the Afro-A siann Dulles, who got a brief ae- viet answer, since Foreign Min.
conference at Djakarta Indonesia.I count of the Soviet note from lister V. M. Molotov had lndlcat- --
"No effort is being spared to-reporters when he returned to ed agreement last week in Par o
bring to justice the perpetrators of Wa shington late yesterday from is.
this ghostly crime," Hong Kong Indiana. said: ga n- A op neeCoa deresyer ot s wshe u o

3^Tin gla theyv ^ accpacepe.."-r- of -Ot--. ^O^d F ac yfshioned^ Yanke Traing i----
police commissioner A. C. Ma x-| "I'm glad they've accept d.
well said today in offering the re It at least settles one thing." optometrists To Be *
ward. "The crime must of fenf d He did not know at the time
the conscience of all humanity."l m about the Tass statement. Appointed By US Old-Fa s one an ee ra di
Chinese Communist broadcast Oher diplomatic officials said
have charged that the plane was[it would have been surprising Army Reserve *
sabotaged by Am erica n" or if Tass had passed up the op- 3L Oi une 1 o h "s i et
"Western" agents., portunity to get in a few newOBERLIN, Ohio, June 14 on the smetI i n
locks on the Soviet propaganda The Department of the Army (UP)- Adlai E. Stevenson warn- a commencement address at Ob-
Maxwell in an announcement line which is to pin the blame Ihas-announced that a limited num- ed the nation yesterday to leave erlin College in which he also NEW TRAIN TO T CORNERS General Motors has released this artists se hown

which will appear in all o ra on the United States if the Bigb r Bopm is t twi bdt dno n s eaver migens e t p |
newspaper tomorow sai the r- ed inthe Affdical fe int'President Eisenhower fr ee to swung a f ew haymakers at thethneralytaiteyrebldgGMpsdntHlo u
Four mer J__rveecrino e Ruianadministration. be aT Otlhtwelhe denote th n 100 n

| ewsou bee festraedbfhe e-ondo isor ti Is a flure. U.S. Army eseh o o tmrive- u.eargai n fea c e at n d. oenr tae der TE Ae.r. tea sa at usl e
Thd woub d anathnhe ofemred nr n- The poret accinsaid oe th ef ctine fll o ar year c ourar. -otne tae hi hcopnd r me waproah eand st ai- mrtu sortw9'n

mtsn "leading dthe arrest and ex tm an plaN ofune b4 (- abl i o th hpaimt o hA nen teo r n1dn nrn
conviction of the person or persons official, Is that the formal Run Appointments will be mado n -e cha nIedp aorn te leaders o hI ch temmpnp" iniovernent, itd lea-mtnd-hhr se eds aron d curme. a

m o e dlan note agreed to a meetingtradeonFii d nnoeuteattre yerroe ofilaeiveuo U.& leaderst L ell pMt r In -rn n the .a.-t hi her sp aaro n rs A I e
| 'resosbefretablot qagingn on a eh soe oddt he nto el dous Hrto e n ai h er |npld t he
P el a bo"ta ing th enevstarting July 18 with low. Eligibility is limitedeto ee "tmpooymorm@innadnsd n o edt ithne eon- na ppensitn In the
'It has been established beyond n10er tfh Orbuts. uAtes O n fe A school of optometry giv."tr adin g"tat-tec on- Onam e of bsecty.
doubt th th he 'Kashmir P r e n- The Sovlet acceptance of the inAm ulour ye ar ourt Aado rence table, to compro mnIsred- He warned that when the pun-:5
ers' met its end through an ex-time and place suggested by o t et he Department of the A-and even to "take some reason-lc ois deniedinformato n

of 'Untedowichtionfom oinion.Its ea d-eti
losion caused by some formoStates. BriOtoin and my. Applicants must volunteer for able chances" for the sake of
Time bomb,":be said. France wam contained In not teos a three year tour of mayactive duty,.Irce. il erpdvaip"wll a pm to the dera.- C
"It's regrettably almost equalfromn the Foreign Ministry to Information regarding submis.1 But he mild the nation golptes." He said there "arverD A,
IX certain this time bomb w& a 1 the embassies of the three ha- sioln of applications be oh- have to learn to permit a u e hsignsl that to IL degree OishuahsI "tm ll .i
laced aboard the aircraft in Hong fosstattled from G3 (R-eserve Compo- bargaining and not put Its no- been happening."-...
Ong. However, the Sdvlet notes !n- nents), Headquarters U.S. Armyg atorIna"strait-jacket orOnot hersmenet hevPrens oenn:, O S S
"Hong Kong police are dealing dicate Pu -1a vants the con- Caribbean. Building No. 1. Fort scare them stiff in advance." poht fwerthepetigslSevaenuson ss RE EA E'
with this case as one of carefully, ference to last longer than the Amador. Telephen.-. Fort Amadorl The 1952 Democratic presides- that"'itwe te peple n.uI
banned mass murder. four days specified In the West.3240. tral candidate outlined his views compromising, if we equatene "
go teenon swithnappelsTment O ;o E O 14
weUh thtnk owardis ornevitable,, If ALSOTec Thnlor ShorEt i nCN A,.
we regard every Soviet proposal
INOB L L A V tri ckandtaltmrpit Iwellto" O EY .-AN
[PRIES: &. 'thin~lk that what isa dvanztageousa-C NE S A D O IA
Shows :1:00 .2:45-for onelIasautomatically dis ...
D4:40pl6:0l-9:14pIiA-dvantageous for the o t h e r,
TO DAY TU S O tdowhw prethen we the people have ruledl
/ IV out bargaining."
"Not even the President can! THOMASr d. COSTAINS
OnDoNiatenf we 1oe his hdwan,",
No woman has ever lived .said.
Stevenson saidnthhis n eaton will1NWI r .OUG T TOrn
t0have to be prepared to "rIpaskdo s boW ByoUdHT to
until she has known somseins andnm to win more." h THE SCREEnI fh
po..ns o th greo"We cannot have total certaihn--Is C cup o
wosnd total securityhand total

of a lve li e this I selgdKremlin epetedislornh all at heionsor witt, vrhroueda
same time," he said.

DiplomatsBelieve T HI-W AS ofteilt
m tdnthewortfulwhwoddst
Ow(hlna's Powerm THE AGES..0 ,it-a.epet
LONDON, June 14 (UP)--Ru -l world in two inhuaiysdrt
dan uneuintassover Red Chi. II
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