The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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rapot ycompl ha h
eulted in the laest contribm-
tios ever reelvd n the blhstoy
of the cancer program.
Th* employee .of the Paa-_
mas Company Canal.
e M'e Germant, mep.berM of
forms and their
h carnal u

asths eless of
of this kind Iti=I ,|._ -- --'u

' tf.D -WR .o a attempted rape relay the
W.00& JI Nitt1B.,Bno S.1
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that 14fls .
w h -r nmade r a~wef I U PA ; n..,
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7 a thri&al t soldier VernonO~ *t m a cHtge ofW
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oOfaYfrdH. M e.
and. witer .aobby. not member .4b pot o, are
tush, Fwrans w. Ho hmx And Donald 7. BowenT .

oses US Give World

A-Power, Knowhow
with~~ ohrw

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exchange of

SoldierVernon 0. Helton's fate 'i a clif
i 'pted, l went to a y of 10 men and two wo

/a 4 vvCmtemilirnhq ', ch( ;rs

I pif B or drm niBo
@Iwruu W .edrd I. Ceto wovd u
active d fitvImng arpmjst for hitiWent wi*.M

ct Attorney t.ow nd X. Hazard made
p oInts conviction, both inthii directa,argui...
rebuttaLn '
-Helt fFeas maximum n i r "
te.ce o;fyea if ,,"c= za chargwedh'f t6Ob rat l at,
Ther1m nse minimum sentence amoldlthathatf
for atte m rape, but convic- asserted, th-ih ".
tion of any felony carries a pOn- well what was aSoot. a
itentasy term of not less than z A to the
year. tuia tif wvirglnll,'
L2. 4 !eY!&PIE!O 1i csyOa

well.- Y I career,
thanked him f his' work here,
an4 asutd 'him that his 30
yfa tW fr al-ervies will' only
prove a a m tone for sue-
cess lan,b violin Woer.

UK Rail Strikers

Rect kovemnment

Wa Propsals
IA4DON, June 11 (UP)-Brit-
ain's rail strikers rejected govern.
ment wage proposals today and
Minister of cLar Sir' Wal er
Moncitoa waded in to try and
save the faltering talks froIm
Iadership of the striking As-
socatpd Society of Locemot i v e
Eanineers and Firemen sent a.
turndown message to the British
Trnpo*t, Commission reject i n g
the go verneatrua comminssona's
new and so undisclosed pay of-
Mftnekt owas iinmedletiy call
ed in to o& a Ja M of le
ecamois viol'the AS P. It
waN. the e Rockan had
entered Jot aus si ncea
thip 14-ayold started.
It- was ewkd that a critical
btad he"ached

least until tomorrow or Mo tey
talow urtheir re ecu b

ke Signs F
ri-i '; _'"

t)Irt eart s You'S ars able Inl
thirty .ears, to look back on's
c ans ;honorable iad aqts
n as, your lather's, po
.bhas served wrthily." !
What about tae. future. uMr
.d Mja- eldS and their thUe
SBms emect .,to leave the areas
Monday f* Washtngton, D.C.,.
From there they wil motor a-
cross the US. to their bome ln-
Qan Diego. where Lt. Col. Held.
will be separated ftom the Navy.
After that? Who knows.

Cops SNISlk h .g

Samre. In
will be
er to the
pie who
5 Cancer

Rir Off Ic

Ti. Dischrged

*i red of
be kitbAa ehs eaf lr1p

Is prudent mieolden*-
toms" f tliUon and opers'
atis of reast o btsa f
freh would use
them fe peaR purslts,
Mr. Eisae unveiled his
new plan In a tommence m'e n t
speech at Pl lvania State 11-
mversity after itpecting a new
atomic regetor o the cmpus, the
first of Ia kind built under univ-
ersity auspices.

-.-- C
N- f A, .m. June 12 (WP)- At the mmetment, the pre-.
yNavy. announce today it Went received an honorary doctor
Sn iMe... p henorably discharge 16500 of laws degree from the universe.
From. M m 1O-11 jinlative -reserve officers who ty, wad by his yo un
vi v nted in tr- t br r ton & EL e
Canal zoe o and Panama O J ald -his prTV&
Swere ear .. gateway to a
for a tene conIyt who es- 'e discharges will be effec- broad v ofworld progress
cap*i from tan jail Thums- tWVe Sept. 1. They will be sent IM the pb ar l ae of atomic
day nlght wit another out by commandants of naval e3ey. -
prtsoner of a t the same a ditrits. The :offer, p extension of the
Rafael te staU r ..The Navy said the "great ma- toms-for-peaee plan he proposed
I -old. convict, a* Manuel Jrity" f officers I wolve rank in a United .RItons speech Dec.
Wa Whe. Wa. captured below lieutenant oni aader. .,;M8, was.addressed only to
out.tthe. near Ga- After the stlon e aval "free tions.
tus two revolves reserve will have 22,00 of. He- ox Il It Iwpes Soviet
from a r jflo r eors. Then being discharged Russia will f h an. internation.-
.sawing and ; -a bar of "have for various reaso al effort a t he atom for
'their celL to parltfat tse i 'ns t
Santos, a and t ari cond d tkat if som
aque. N.avy to attain the fl- single d the technicaI
have rq da. / 've n readiness for wartime or material resources to make
A tunic t J o r Who or emergency duties, effective use o a research reac-
was in the w th San- The Navy said elvilian affairs tor "we WM support a volu'n-
toe and VA lgs. still mn and geographical location caus- roup of the resources of
his cell when pearance ad many of the men not to several naflps thin a single re.
of the two was r. participate. gi toacqu and operate it to.
I ((The research'reactors acquir-
.| el uader this -rogram will be
SfWtile. seedsior progress gown inI
ostal' Ra Ry raise BiJof the free n
S o' st ,I "he- salt.

Ce MY Next In Line
, Bre a ,w, .. .. i.

Smwe- duPld pa
aBtt taw) B


resident vetoed a I per
al bil last year because
Provide for mailig rate
to help pay for i4
atoned the aeA for lar.
al revenues this year in
ma L peret Ii# but
ams an it.
,edbl u e' .t

.im. wai V .,L.!

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IT htt taaPresdettt.

e m to people of the
ie Whol MeSaMured against
. cwtai ,.- a,4,bl
add hag MaY
The Proes"dt not indicate
in his o many Ameri-
can dollars be willing to
put to a p ram.
His -to prov-
ides the i building and
operatgtr rmeactors- w as
aed atontr which are
pI r to, .v1 their own

to and

AHe As, the Uted States bua i S W willing-
atomie bbs nd atomic' asApm nBto-ar&. "rTof ta-
for wo "bee se we must" Sle, 0,e propes-
UIib l, the aem'lo eda Isternagency.
will mu lteml-powered sdh "Biut we cannot wait on Soviet
for p Iee and will develop fh. decisions," ha delsred.
er peaptul uses for a sore o On that basil, he offered his
sperm e. new doubledgd dai to pride
t money and knowhow for eena.
The Vresident took great pride tiom whole would c aopete in
In ".utptantial progress" already peaceful pursuit of Mtom pro
made .p achieving agreement t a greu.

ButHouse Committee Slashes-
Opt'Houe Com'M ant. Slshe

Atomic Appropriations By 40%
*. -* -
W*aSHInGTONV Jub0t 1(UP)- #1,SS$*,4 for the yar, com<
The House ppropiationu Co m- pared the M 14251,005 requqst-
mittee yesterday ordered a 40 per ed by Mr. Elsenhower.
cent cut in President Eisenhower's It sad it did not question the
atomtle requests and flatly denied importance of Atomic projects but
1*A million ,dollars be requested felt that "economies can be ef-
for the codaroversial Dison-Yates fetesd."
pr*et.' The. eoatroversial appoprIations
The Democratic-controlled corn- bill.Will ome up for a vote in the
mibe voted the Atomic Energy House next Wedheday.
Co siusmi .618 million dollars for epubeans promised a fight
wlons:production. and other ac- .: eliination on jhe .pon-Yates
tivitle, p cut of 427 million in the itde, .. ,
Pr ded 's budget request It said e committee's sadion. on Dix-
th tcomatsalon has plenty of un- oBYates was hbiled h iVA up.
sntI funds. porters as a telling bow to th
Anultaneously, it upheld an ap- Dizom-Yates plan.
prpriations subcommittee's- at- COder the plan a private power
tio in denying money for the Dox- plant would be built at West Mem-
on-ate po t. phis, Ark., to replace TVA power
Instead, it dealt the President's funneled to atomic plants At Oak
-rvate power plan a car *- ftal Ridge, Tenn., and Paducah, Ky.
bIr by allotting the money to-' At a closed door session,, the
new owrplant for te Tenn.ees W mittee defeated P to 1 a ao-
-ee VaWy .Authority. _8.V.? Rep.. John I (R-Cal.
SThe tom Ittee handed the Pies- tpreverse the DbI Yates ac-.
ident the ble-barrelled setback Cloa. ,
in app a s,igs,7452 =a-;. mmitte Chaman Clarence
p MuLw fance federal er ,a. anon (Mo.)"W& fte;wards
ood ctrol, and rivers and l tq eojmuittee's, id pr t.
ror prbjeets, plus the Atboaie B- ee^;"jejectin of ea5
ey Com so, in e fiscal ect.
year. starting July 1. "if TVA build its own plant at
The toi was $O,3I,75 lets the committee has proposed," he
than the -aident had sought, a skid "there will be no need for
odt of abqIst S per cat. Dixon-Yates."
It was t rpest r .dicld by Th committee said the fate of
th Appro~ltons Comm=ltehe the DixonmYate prjett tll is
year In sayjresidential.mSey re- iader study with O.w- indiestion At
ques will be settled sooe.'t i
The committee slashed So It eliminated a ,- million
000 from requests or dollU fund the P ts ou-hbt
projects. It .id a *a'r p fr a powerie a hail the

*fl kjr0!

MA nas comandedia f
tuu a s It w al
iD. -w m m
s, i sm

JI.M -' i

ed. #istrc -A Iae
m p .o A t waIow
rent and pfetre she w
under when a.e tdei
coirt, d that 9 a a ma
nian cis resident tides
the Canal Zone, she did not
have to testify. He argued
that she appeared only to see
justice done.
Hazard asserted the defend-
ant In effect pleaded guilty to
the charge yesterday when in
reply to the district attorney'a
question he said that he Intend-
ed to go ahead and haye relk-
tions with the girl eve when
she protested her virginity. HN
S268-pound blubber-bag
9( leery" tpok the girl out to
the lonely road with the Inten-
tion of having intercourse with
He stressed that though the
IatfeMtant saft the girl bft
him, he bit her first. Hasord
said the soldier and his bud-
dy who testified in his behalf
were badly scared on the way
The district attorney under-
lined ..that the girl complained
to plice at the first opportu-
w'a He c 'on the Jury to
Ih "the l. fats in this
,se" and not letdown high-
I d b -we, d
.awmith tthtt
ae. fS .ote= ] ,
Trag ." M added:
"I gm faclwith a situation
which called "Panama
PatO s." It I a story that does
not .aten ,nd in court, but is
altuat n which Is repeated tln
ands agai n e."W
o. added'that to present thin
pathetic affair Is "necessary to
go down upm4 highways and by-
..T? compllailng witness, he
3OtA 4s 14 -f"I"old, She has
pa bota she & lno lob, he said.
.Tlhwe are In her tal.,W.
a an outi as to with
*AhNIC Muu w. he place
thif A th e iaw tts.-
Is and

W"Buthe attr. tiol is so
lonWer paolets.- fl js alt-
n P t3 s tkd. a a.s.. I..

have helps-S
an ambulats
oafnat thist he
maonv of .phys
amsied her.

Defense counsel .
when a girl had
lingness to cooperate M
make her protests .ev
she becomes unw.ll
c? conclusion, he'
client had admitted i
girl, and called for a 'i
. Haard used bl
minute of, rebuttal br
that if a man leave
on the seat of a ear
who steals It is
guilty oftheft. He
the girls acted ioo
said this did not'-
commission of the CS
When court opened
today the defense
Roy Witherington or,
Hospital, one of two 31
whose testimony wft d4
today. He testified
to his finding whtj
lird the company -w
April 13.
PMr IL *tf a .

he was on at
gto on t a
re said that In
vide that
males irtte
must ethr hate
must be ide&ntfed I
"* thea k --*

Do u
. .:* r

ieaua a.

Oona bar eI
of tinhinlSj&


'- : ,',


- )'J .

" "' "Y


C'^ i~_rT

I n

"? .:

.. .. ... -.... ,

. s:, *BT, H STREaT P. O '. iA MN&M. N. or P
Op'mCan 12.179 CENTRAL A l "W EN l1it AN 11S
345 MADISON AVE. NEW YOlt, 4 17 f i, V.
Pd i* M014t". IN ADVANCE 4.J
ait ONE TAlt. IF ADVANCE 10.50



Th Mea I* exs an s forum t eadiers ofThe a
4ettma are emWvqd rteifuHvy end eare. 1aded hie .
S iVys contribute a. fte don't e I mnp il ItM .M,
texut day L mette ore publishd in te order re aMo -
S Pleas try to keep the letters mlmlt on gIse* go ih
I de My lette, write. in held In e ia die.
ths besIn leaeno from rsteuen.

S- o -0-

Last Saturday I was a guest of the oldMlme SRa
ductors, and as usual won most of the ,jonok. that
bcr&hip card dated 1891 caught their admiration and.
Pound to more than 200 members. A
I found two older men, but none older in the Ord
pne father, and son, both retlred'from the same road.
I. Met the generation following my departure toi Pa
pot a single one in service with me. Looks strange,
Once half a century will make. And how many Of us
next half? I find the majoritL didn't follow their fath
Storms are still hitting the whole country, and to
letup in sight. Rains are fallia over almost all of t
and for the first time In my 10 years here pastures are
thae Is plenty of feed for stock..
The home-building boom seems to be over. Sales
ped to the hurting point iii the past month.
--Air conditioning has been pushed to thq limit, a&
A condition your car." Can hear nothing else on thi
I, Look out for strikes and moreptrikes. Too much d
tfn. Seems the whole world is ochkeyed.
dp_ I

mmR ... Q- Ans wer to
| Common Quotations | Answr to
r ~~~I EkIb1



%\ j--- of goja-i u


4"- uh'SBre Sceana f
3 ila t" 3 Created
12 Cone med 4 Misies i' l
l3State. aeg-haped
14 "Not the S Superaisa4. 24 Nomed
faintest -- covering 25 Son of Jacob
15 Oriental coined Work unit and Leeh
N Slender length 8 Better (Bib.)
IS Bridge support Arabian gulf 26 Bntreaties
IzteHibnoe 10 Hardy heroine 27 First name
I Legalmatters 11 Comfort 28 Lease
3 eidan prince 17 Man's name 2 Icelandic saga
3 atsta ,, 1 peanish 31 Belgian

SldBefoe (prefa) bulluses" burnn
3SAdapt -
w' / -

i Bristle
4WoTte of a I
S'bad lot" -
41 "Like a--
of bricks"
U4 "LIve and
aW Counteractive .. .

Il Cow
I2 "By the light
of the silvery
:, Nick
* Greek letter
uO rlinpse

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40 Sa
41 Tr
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44 Ul
47 Jo

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;L m
1 sorb

* .'..q. a


Ulrich, left, and Lois
up a Colorado creek
sorgot something, per

7 The Board of Directors of

ProdKs Corp,
W __ meoance that a Meeting of Share..
will be held Tuesday, June 14, 195
W-4 Vp.a. na the haDll of the Panama Chander
. Ce Building, Ave. Cuba No. 8.

w W Caflo Quel

TN .. ..l A.!
"...,, ".1

Wag of spi. Thefo are at pre-
I a"Alowe

was fpie adud l an.. '- // ,".," i
9g .N tIre.
paralyze 4 ofsterica
rI F ave autls va ivta

SThe ren t ild pe op D eed

of wi5ntahe itel wa orks

ers al ecoomits wll on a
Iks liue no fi an which eI et,wod guar. 4 '. .- .- -.,,,
he eougW,, antee his milign followers com- -'. .W. '^' ." /
greeq, abd Ppy pad and i they
have dron- Under RM vther-Ford foMm -. 0
th onlyf he ela otth k --
:d now it~ ever is told to stay home. en
re l "a S 'Bnever ha anything to do with ,.- S 1f,
,graed wa f. e-
W d There a Id would Int s aa 0-
-ws -U O eration Alert
- ws----e dsvs

,Why? Because the guaranteed
the diff wage fund is, undeffersct, a doodelayed him-
wagle crease. Reuther, for e o

ample, could have had a 0-ceati. WASHINGTON -(NEA)-Fromof the usual lieu of -ommunka. serve Boad arndSelective Serviceo
ap-hour wage incre from Ford. June 15 to 17, newwper reader .on to ovenmt news sources Admiai .
s Instead, the CIO leder demadrs d will ae a trange ateUn in the dcorupt. I There l a ewase
that the Ford Co. put henickel a and Ith o their favorite daie,. Into thi Ineformation eadquar- gned to ay et te ane
man tn hour into ding the It will be something like: ers wi come prmarily news on ai their _mergM e 1
5,quit,000 guarateed wage fund. Information Hedquarters, 0- how the Opera Alert exerese even lor eparat o tae a
s have drop- Ument tde hat the auto worker option Alert. 1B: is going. Tm involves 5 e at- As the aews rm hem
,got $ a week lesa than they could neada news broadcasts and tele- ed cities of the 9y prime, meh ill be femet t e eotral
have gtten and that amount oenewscasts will also purport to be polite target areas o to do withthe United Infor e and
wrred into the big fund. coming from this same mysterious States, plus seven other cities given to Ireporters
ty, ..ould. .. location. whih will have a surprise alert, Goe etr tester
i McDonald insists that the mon- It.will b stri a "Some- without warnaig. Femma pla to bMie .m
-- t- y ra o th wour ro l.-. Amert .. I, at ,- .tI

th,, Sys M..Dona,-t teel.wor er i' exae location mreor less This test wil run 24 hours. be A a. are bing tol
ib 8 shnould get te money whetherne of an open secret in Washington. ginning at 11 a.m. June 15. But the plan at least one alease through
"nd hill ere a e r Wasinon h been Iteatom-H- its tet or another 48 hours just ote epertM ,
'- we n = 5"V. ts, o..iei S ot ret aai_ B e .lb es ?S be seris to t .an .a
ap. ur wage. lncre from Ford. June 15 tMo17Ble.ispM p tonreader ea.n to gver,0 goves naments rem.]o btr ir.. j it l
hlstead, the CO det demanded w aastrangedateliein the disrupted .I ThenM irais, newrel asa-S_

that t Ford Coe. t a ni to ke l a columns where of their favorite da Intployethis Information ea s toe ayrof tiftgeniesl
S ,0f guaranteed wage fund. m are. aaon Headquarters, 0- how the eratop Alert exercise ev en ior l .eaeas1o amt a'OW
IThe en that the auto workerl perudion Alert. 19: is going. Taos inveves 50 dsou t-h eiiter .-will bthe n srewi at them $2 a week lrou then t they could al a l n ews broadcasts and teed cities of the 92 parters f eme *ibe moei.widtJie oemi

Ii ar s oum cost in m ustr sthen under Gsa. Val .etwrsoneW to House an r 30 p hieipal movalw at bis emerlieet, o Itos
[lato ,o sins*s or.e nd Office of Defeist MOte oi nation emment a le t o wU ea est b- Touse. They ay mree abot I l
avego ns haamount goes newscasts will also purport to be lise p target areas wof be United aInforU eaote orM an
Id into the big fund. coming from this same mysterious tbaltes,ylus seven other cities giten to reporters

Id lty M in wchare o esaula er this b srretprise alto rt, Gover nre ident!ca. mee a Jial be-l
ons insists that themon oriat. on Hab quarter. l ba "Sme- without war in setor t nt odea for haiviaul
ey reyae alne to the workers. Forth iAmerica' dateline. es from the captiit, emeren'e ehi ouns,
S as McDonald- s-el worker It's exact lo atio n is more or less T t hiswo test ie run 24 hburs. beOter agencies are

S ho. d get the money w whether wihe of an open secret n Washington. ginning at 11 am. June 1 q. But be the at lPresidenast may a abou
onto o Ior to loal dssteh rowher aie ra den. eh t i
quits or is laid ofdf.LeAt's say that But to carry out the fiction that Washington government Will run wksinformationcentr usPt lto
there is in the guaranteed Washington haso been atomnr-U- its tea t for another 4 CehursJuto the operati lr.

ge fun cover t worker. bo"e out of sternmce and that test its owllcause prations wander er-But an elaborate o ati
W n. nded in case o an ac om-recon rm a omb blast overo' chngs jobs, the PresPresideptnt an .mt wrth slayd to thpam

a W isoatItac.'t W in d linwew ... "
S he m.,a auto n te.etuch attenton as been Inc i the g

s.-o ld no et Au. u rn g pai totlk aoold "and bwls t n olwlengea's getting up ementeny handle this amv.lnetb B
and the auto formula r that Mn- Federa to now Their firt dq Emegencyor the Opadquarters for the workewem with a I
Do 's would cost the I industry traction under Go. Va Peterson White ouse and bower at hi.qr
--- _.. Wh~o"w Ue ofwot i s laid under Dr. Arthuro ie oerageA will libedput ofw ll.e 10 of thbe i Washirton ewatwoarlky a 1p
k- 10 Co --v0- in charge of setting IthisIn- secretencsao.3600miles W"ragecies.NOspecialee-

S.utunder to local disaster l e. ov laiet ran department. Abe while or this i o Cos
"- -m t ad er',sdiU 'e "Operatio ay' bthe like Atomi es.nergy Cohatwi remain i tadn. Aeam-i
|r'sformTul win a. eye'pend er on b trl o the W tionalmus n. _Bud Bureau, nal southwest pargencies will be accredited to u
mored odrn t he itle n s the nam serian snews s e yrv ieetw oroN mn e a. .n e b s thea ...h
praaf th e f.a d.d w i ce fro t he capital. emergency Whie mHouse, whih
- go intoO own business or top. w ~th e'adoad tet wo whrk Ne era yihe to headmay at several secretbocatL.

SW alter Wllthe pit net in conferew Yo
siaersfohseranch esedia up to now. Their first job eadquaters for t be Operaowork.
o of the severanceSwil of course be to Rlve coverage Alert test will be all 10 of the Washingtoeg Jo Wea.ctly fa
PIP 1 S- Weor to local dimss recovery, Dcabinet rank departments. Also while a11 thisis olegtno. A

E-a in WI II "Operatin *m m may b te n r agencies like Atomic Energy Com- will remain in sein ra
Swill beeye-oer o how the national mission, Budget Bureau.WCentralte agencies will beM t ru
d mo F industry' news wil be hand"le with many Intelligence Agency, federal Re- due business a a NeL

I r m

'o "o
*' 1.'

cheaper than millions ila t
Dean Aciesao, former secretai

"Ape yeu kepig bupy prav
ing raw"' she as ed
"Yes." rep the former he
tary of state, "I'v been in b
a lot."
Achesw, who Iheads ome of

"A knifing case." reled her
I final developed that one of
Aeson's Negro servants had get
into a n p-aB UN ia n Sanry
Spring, d., a the former see-
retary of state had appeared a a
character wMesU. As a spectator;
he also voatered the defense
strategy which finally brought a
verdict of met guilty.
It may be pure coincidence, but
er -Attr- Gei_ Bill. Bo t
rsl1 a tihange mt
Antito W iv at his former law
fln has lee Iving to putI

meat, well's handemar a n
able tas hat e en urged Cmth e.-
men to rsle the law umakig It
mandatory for courts to affix a
vreble4navmge fine against those
N ay of violtTating the Antitmt
agoo mea mowas that his former
awreprented r Cen-
tu-F e ia 144 antlrust suits.
The Isuits grew out of the Jus-
te Dpetmeat antitut Eaction
l eitlated by Thurman Aroldd
Uasisot1e1 movtu distribtwos.
M-witAr*i'a Is successful pros-
the #wroient,- 2 144
ban" o-e~ght tyi *suits,
against 2th Centry-Iox. Each'
time the bg movie company lost

4Of S da he of the town's hFBgadabout I in- kN .He r SIDE CLANCES
p"dro- Oeedls of daring to rights wrong ,eO wa at thehS. s dtelfing ca nn knek iaSinIDEGL C
Sive And salt spray h s ocean a nvel wt ... cAnnhMer u d .t for N. .One, r,

= 6' wo "m h raving of the nork uub last night for the,5cul Y"ri t Uw g-

SColyeum caught up with she's BWeB unluc y in love.-- p, a ikdW'ua. B nd,r K kA I I
Of Brand 'ai t Broadwayg ve t I nt keep falling in lo t drop .. -
only leBut pare me the Winftr grirmly ntoned an Authory.late niiohta(oft the a n
gRoktand. t Subject, you'll never fail ot of a t

i bu pace, it high e- Aadellghtful wafDw." I erlcks (of "FanL) t
i (gitruncs~t fea r- Annie's favorite line: "Th ufst ^ ume ene w
6 D a', Gloria as ly gottn are easily forgotten, a pp d. 1he -

-- Yo Gilun aned senm sel reportl that a suin t lO -pe -- S
Me B aYour Heart" sepx nte intenance was Lo l bdo" esim
l r gers. i- r,, o -ditorel galsh wrt- n
gaiin ?w"a skAp,,I, ,,.s

(45-b a a-ce

4 '^-ec'etl t7 r.Ay: n .' Herr (addvdotbe -gP) .miu/ Ii

ad S i y old f v rt e i'. ....

1oy wh..Th AP'sFreeho"d. .. .. J.) ?"

SWhat Ni .n ght
thy had forgotten weaa, a
member of Cemaf t Califor-
nia he- eoeaeteny ed gakast
rural electrification which heo now
praised. .
In the House of Reprsedatived
in five votes on REA he voted
against It four tim! s, was abuse
the fifth. In the JT hp e e.
sistently voted against public pow-
er and agntth goveTOment'
ability to lrrnlsh wcr Eo IA
Co-ops. Yet he had the nerve to
praise REA at its 20th anniversary

Young Stribling's

MARIMA. Ga., Juno 11', (PW)
-Mrs.Oara Kinney Stribln, *I-
dew of the lie Georgia .pila
fighter W. L. (Young) StribUng,
wap married today to the RL Rev.
Radoph Jr..
Episeepal of .
Only family members were

Stribling of Macem, Ge., wa a
top heavyweight contender. He
is killed n a motorcycle ac
dent near Mac s Oct. 2,a-IM.

By Colbrif


V- 4

f .


V -

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," "* '

:, .1.'.?.^^
,, /.^&
r' ,* ..;* ^i

,p4 *,

cityos U
cof b m
16 the brota
with pop
ikitrle of. I

.9 -. ..

S. .... a. a

i.K. .. ii"....... ut

5 a ........ t p
V. .a nd O-a

rntcate -W

of OA

Ha fr SBBl"=W-li^*^

~ ~ ~ ~ O '^BHBlSS^ -WAS-

F-r am

few how..-


ItL amibi ailr af *a

affldwi Iumse rtm I 1 Mwnb
Skip a or casIada sd *

4-- p "I

at0mb to 645 po. rnM
I = I. U AL

l t .a m.
I W~a~v lure: *. *.. a4 *<

I Crlats Srday to at a
oal at 6.0 p .M
W uy Ma: .a ied 310 &
tiMles aundo1 P. o tdt

IS 1,.,. mom, m- -,fg ,-m
Caoenvaet Clao ausday *ra to 4

Nacars:.rsad se CuRY
:IM, and SO .m.
on Studayi ml a3 .. ses we

I ,t n~t o so pa ,

I" vT' ..tO t,- ,.. ntL f,.,
mR naW = and S-

HOW C -@-. loWe sm(It # tl Me
an a; m.
kcbSlh 2 to.I* Pat an
a S
Oma r Ipm.M fla

Coniow! *S to 4 l*6 and 7T6 o'

-te-hl- Cam b~ *I p.m. in unda
Convert Cam: Umda, TO pm

aI d .

sacred 7O -" n
cnvert ClIa: sO p.m. nA Th undw
Sunday MaM: 1w0, I and I040
ly Day M ses: s :. and e. aa

S Satu de 4 0 to 0 and

0 melst. 4.O "
Solm"O : AStoeu* each eva-
nliraulous Medal events: rtS mnd

C l tt e School oar. .
Wrat waturaiiFam Ma t S0 a.m.
Ilundad MaeS: 7M. andi 3. an.
Minnji: 4:S a.m. and 150
comfelt 4: 0 to 5 5: and T30 to
i sa I 3oIt 73 pia.m
ITe-e Ub7: p. m-. W.da.-

/ day MUsaMe: 5:45 and :0 .0 .
Mum: 5:45 and S am

S roft Mt. her: Iunal 15p^m.

S u nd a y a _

Cuondeecmm: 70 P.m. ia n-udy.

.s aevt Heart *vma: 7 a pm.,
now onmeotw: 4Af t m. Tha".0

titsehd o a:6 I3 a *w a m. and5

SdayNaMs: 60 am and 5:m0
CoafaufMns 40S to S3e and 736 nt
|49 .btod :' aJm. an Sunday.

M. Ifow9i-e 703 p-. an

,. ........ WMM
Rib 15ev dobew>er P Prist in Char
Bb lon and Ir
aM m th day .. 160 0m.

1 0l Foillehowdl .......... 180 p .IU
[P -ki"h- ..........cZ i ,p

I-iw. Bitfflf .t..y .... a.V
a ...

aedn.a ,, ..mI to .. In

I "" do sp ..PrimL- t
.cher-.l 9UNd *Vs.rmean ..
MoraUn or 4a"d Church deool

66 siwS amiToF

633pef&m. fAu:IrtFunda U

Ic ciTo C. ,L

3e jt.l JndW Wadeabf,

I~ ceams *'-.-....... up I~

I m so
M' o' sa I"INss
A5*itme P.aSt

*0" ami el m

.wiiT~o sjmtw^ ow"

Smai pay

wedy *vl istnC

S~Lh~d, 65.3 DIvine Surv

Ietat~Ml *ooSS~ jgOWa* Ws"

Smtcr doM CM f
X-P& a9lbM
V.11. walle

At e A S. L N& .
Ca-e? Tael. 3- 1 uid

A. CAbeia
C% CHOI.dbaL

l6^UhR '^Ze -ii- hto-
*a^^^H -^^ FB~ii*r~n-
--S^^^^ *^^ -^J^B' lll~BBhI -
o--fl^^ *u ^^A ^

ugliahed. y pr-
The chieliM per- u
lt fo s y serv- am
Ive between n and aii
O uatemala. r n mould m t
ee the rn mal pwb
J ement .lsldent B.inehower's eUlim
*.good partner" pols.P tower unls
ndy e Americas, the an aid. Ing t
i Pointia8 out that at a 't. t then
Der'n it of the aMengers 'r- colno
ed on the LIa AngeleOu-&- Irlln
ftemal flights or4gnated In San ranI
Fran o, Pan American assert-

*. .. .Y

.........v..i a-'
........... .. .. A

FAi y e... .Al

, .'leS........ :

S. .I........ 1
AT'.L".'... SID a




................ So
I Iill .. i ... *.. 11*
W rstabehD ...............* 2o
S M l W ursrp .......... .0i1
S............. & 1

..................***o 7.

Ik I ISO "** ..........* "
ipobled service forhall JSew. n

Other Churches
mmouK oF T.. I AZA11M .

ll ,i ,, e, : a m. l.
ik M.. ..

al. I i .. ..-'...'.., 36 -1 .

'iovs ..........Y. w .4 PAL.


/uTds mem tuMa 1g tr -UbO. La
Docs 3ost Da. bo.Primary and Priest-

Atihl.te Brame
uUna On Enhoolu Dotf
S undy School 10:00 n. Sundy SLi
rment 80ag 6:20 p.mB. PrieShood
MeetinS *:1 p.m. Wednesday Priary

Ot. Paul Holloway. Paitae
Home. Curundu 7116
S day c ol ................ :U
MoninGr W w ...........11 m.
Yoth Metsl I........ p.. p.
/ '".. .. ... P..
I oito aslm c* Ur pm.
el' WWIa I II II
viced Wea1i )e ed is mS....s as

Sl md la .&
/ ir. w. U6 M*..,... UJ Ia.

Firt n.
Utbiasmclda U Carmm. PanamA City.

Mwn t* IR 1pl -'-
9un a a Sgb111 .115 30 a9.
fiLip.eichn so ft.

i v W e h5.l.......... 9 as U.L
mdT UMie.............. a.m.
r ........... 7 .0 P .

......... ...

1. a
o r6 pym .-


ordon. Gray ChOsen

By Ike As As

Defense Secretary
WASHNGTON, June 11 (UP)-
President Eisenhower has chosenI
Gordon Gra, president of the U-i
niverilty of North Carolina and
former ArWy. ecretary. to be as-I
distant defense secretary, the
White Houise aniounced today.
T.oe White House said the Preil-
dent wil send Gray's nomination
to thel enate next week.
Gray was named to succeed H.
Struve Hensel, who has resigned
effective June 30.
Gray, 46, is a Democrat. He
served for five months in 1951
as director of the psychological
strategy board. Born in Baltimore,'
Md., Gray is a graduate of the
University of North Carolina and
the Yale Law School. Ha was as-
sociated with a New York law
firm and a North Carolina law
firm until 1937 when he became
publisher of the Winston-S a le n
Journal and the Twin City Sentin-
Gray was named assistant Ar-
my secretary for one month before
being named Army secretary in
June 149, He served as secretary
until April 1950, and in Octuber
of that year took over his North
/ e Ldvre I a.m.. o a.m. Pa*
Bos Town o. 3 ,pa1
M/ o 7 Wednesday.mdto. sr=vicem
ae afrm 1:15 .m.
CIRCfrOr GOD ffeteerstal)
bst es a n

II av. .m-dan ovro d l .Aba -l
Mrs. aS V t. e oa W and
SaNacir.M at an

*T e Char va f the Latheraes Hm
The ew. Henrbert T. reaniaL PaW
P alw= B-J aia.
nI ja Ihool and Junior and Adul
Bibia dMe a it Sratm.: hWorhdip Saw
lar covered dish sup-
pae 4!: afim ay of each mosnu
att Lte Service Center at $26
p.m. Holy Comunion the first Sunday
Ssach month, with a pre-communloa
devotion and resltrarton te rriday
prevou .............

every sunday at 15.............. p.m. at tha Mar.
i T v. 5. Bala. olyCorn.

(Fu l Ga el)
chool Gymnasium Halu SSL
aVIL lJa em, miiser
Il s .............. 1 0v a.mi
/Man WoshIp ........... 11:00 m.
Chureb in tanam h City.
(Car. Q S2 t and Marlano
ArI mana) ................ To pn.
Rev. T. J. T11a0M, Ma
Pbone; Col6n 106-
Cor. =andolpb and KlamouUa Sts.
110 aM. mr. T. J. Taftle, pesters
Mr. P41D Brysi AmL aaAtor
Sundy .School ............. :2 a.m
woMrsWnhip ........ 11it0 am.
Evansense Service ......... 7:30 p.M
Tues.. Gomet' Service ...... 7:30 p.m.
Thura. Spanslh Service .... 1:30 p.m
1016 Amador Guerrero St.
Sunday Shool .............. 3:010 p.m

- a

tLe- .o
UUt .a T

Fe taned."
d-0 .th e ovenence et
mg on tin A-ner-&
m a naadeo 0flihtsi who

U that cargo ship-
SwoI b greatly Ox-
be Wa te two points.
ane a vice It aid, wquld
iate long aeas caused by
41ag'ao Los Angeles, pass,
rtuugh, customs there, and
transPerrin, through the
tlng service of a domestic
8 fdr the flight to Ban

6eorge (apwell, Jr.

One 0 Ouslandlng

Seniors A Citadel
Cadet tod. Lt. George L. Cap-
well, Jr, USMC, was one of the
outstanding members of the sen-
ior class at The Citadel which
graduated lest Saturday. He re-
ceived the degree of bachelor of
science in commerce.
A cadet officer in The Citadel
Corps of Cadets he was designat-
ed a distinguished military stu-
dent at The Citadel. He was a
member of the best drilled compa-
ny in the Corps of Cadets for
three of his four years.
During his senior year Cip-
well received the Ronald A 11 en
.Reilly Swimming Trophy awar-
ed annually to the cadet who has
contributed most to the swimming
team during the year.
He was one of 11 members of
the class of 1955 at The Citadel
who received regular commissions
as 2nd. Lt. in. the United States
Marine Corps upon .graduation.
Capwell is.the son of Mr. and
Mrs. G. L. Capwell and was born
in Ecuador. Mr. Capwell is the
vice president and general man-
ager of. the Empresa Electr i c a
Delecuador Inc. The C a p w e ll s
are past residents of Salamanca,
New York, and Lt. Capwell is
the nephew of Miss Frene Kane
of 54 Church St. and Miss Han-
na Cronin of 261 Crawford St. of
that city.
Capwell graduated from Balboa
High School in 1951.

Carolina University post.
He served as chairman of a
three-man board which r e c o m-
ended that atomic scientist J.
Robert Openheimer be denied ac-
ce9' to gDve'tmeUt,.1tts a
security risk.

Fine Furniture. made of
Daritn Mahovifny. NOW at
amatne low prices.
Bedroom, Mining Boom and
I uiing Room seta.
Products de Madera, S. A.
me C, b obet towes
mijCetral Avenue
Daiwa" Kodak Blds. ad
Mb h Ave. stre
lbs. e-U2

A New Idea in Travel..
-** -

,, ,u ,r .. "F

'T ;. .. L ---j -.
We make loans with guarantee qo first
V or other deouIitt .
2Sc.-50c.-$L d,


deposits are accepted thru a peitld-
of 48 weeks.
Individual safety deposit boxes, forjewelry and
documents. In 4 different sizes.

IN Central Ave. at
Ower of "I" Street.

0. A. De ROUX,

Front St. at-MlE


Frems 8:9 a.m. to U:: p.
SATURDAYS: from I8: Lm. to U: p.m.

first time n any portbl...


w Menyoure inchesfrom tbeemdofaepIag...s
keep showing you how much space is left as am
Athe end.Come in and try it yoUeasIlPagO GP
4.... ube,".,d.t


Work's fatestf PjT

No the toudc end action o ea ol
t.pwr... ..m ofl a Cnm
board, too. Plums Quickset l
Speed Ecapomnt and Typb
Booster. See It NooW


No. 30 Automobile Row



S Phone 2-2010


^wryboyReaJ6 Caassife4D


The 1s8 ".


He re
*. I


**I ^I

The new Rambler Cnam Centry, brsnd-new
Idea in em fora todias ft-.moviag. far-traveling
Ites ahMr m r m wheel NArt eamugh for
the m- admrate fmctka--yt ihe mout p*m.
tied ar ya cm& hey for workaday umaufiuum
Its %a&of A" k unrHdeb.
IM ___ Am -" tCOp.N% .2,ANIJL.USA

now '

-- -- Al'- Si ~

*- s. o .....W Aus o .. nw .t..* .a.s bh...

emao d s e. mol "A e .. q C a .. AMb



- !~ '

.. .- d. -

.,. -. -

. _-4.


1k1~~i ~t m mdin i



- :1

---I- :--~--


* f





I- : *


. .... ...... .. ... ,,o. ........ .. "L:, ....
*-. '


-- --- .

DUBLIN (UP) A bew e:
fort to bring dollars to Ireland hi
been started by a man' who 13,
Slieves Americans of rish deseer
want special but inexpeusive a
tention when& they come here t
find out about their ancestry.
Vincent J. Ryan got the idea to
his Irish Ancestry Guild when h
! started getting letters from Amer
lea asking for background on Irinl
He has taken over a castle a
. Clew Bay in County Mayo to house
American visitors who want t
spend all, or part. of their vaca
"tonl here living in Irish surround
wings while the guild traces theil
f forefathers.
' Ryan said that too often Ameri
cans 'go home with a wrong imn
pression of the Irish way of life
S The guild has made hundreds ol
friends particularly among Ameri
cans. through its work in explain
Sug. the origin, meaning ;and lo
cation of Irish family names, and
in providing maps and information
on every aspect of Irish life," Ry.
an said.
"Many Americans, in their let-
4 ters, have deplored the fact that
there is no cultural center to re-
ceive them when they visit re-
friendly .welcome and be made to
feel it home as wel as being given

I -I

* advice o tracig their origin,
Rosturk Castle is the guild's an-
mwer to tif seed for g ie
perfect Welcome to our v .tZrs."
Ryan. hoateNia, "cionn
for their har'mn alponaUty pd
knowlede of lh f and' ecus
toms," fll insure that the guests
receive a warm and friendly rish
The eastle -i steeped In atmos-
phere. Coats of arms of Irish (ami-
L e ad.zwnie unAi paiatlga lk
down from the wlls of the rooms.
a the library are books and np
outlining the origin anl hItory t
all the famous Irish famUl. Phn-
eling from wrecked Spanlsh a1
leons is a feate of thi dint.e
room, and italde ther a iP.
vate beach about which many tales
of smuggling' and s1auhte" have
been written.
Croag Patrick, Irelad's holy
mountain, 's across the say; eut
to sea ii the famed Clare Iplad,
former headquarters of Grasiue
O'Malley, eoe of the greatest Wom-
an chieftains in Irish history, .in
the grounds are the ruins of af

the islands, travel the countryaide
with the hostesses or Just drink
Gaelic coffee in the Blue Roomf e
Ryan said the object of the guild
is to esta sh a chain of such
castles another Irih beautyspots
and to orgnlze clan tours.

A three In-one galget for Ba.
by is a soft highly alirhbe tow-
el. It serves as mother's a pron,
complete with tie-backs. Then it
serves as Baby's towel, complete
with hood. Then it can serve as a
cape for Baby's wearing after the

A new bib is really "larger
than life." It's in a clear plastic,
hand screen decorated WLth
bears, owls and other. denizens of
the nursery. It really Wraps Ba-
by up if he's a messy eater, but
it's comfortable because of ekxra
What do you know? One Baby's L
first word wasn't da-da or even
bow-wow. It was dog-ee, as near
as his parents could figure out.
The point is that Mama ought not
bet offended if Baby's first word
is da-da, and vice-versa. It's the
sound that appeals to'hbli, not the

NO WONDER-Mars Corday,
-|e called the "most photo-
-raphed model in the world."
Sally hit "pay dirt." After
rtWo years of cheesecake posing,
she Is starring In a movie, "The
Man From Bitter Bidae."



1'~ .+

-. .. .
"*',^ .". ^. ,.,+
-*. <:, ,. l t V
e '^ : .*..+V ,.


* e-4.~ ,~-:~*S



I x

SU-ALM 00I 1
B^? l'^^ ee ^ Ir. I^ ^f ^i^yffw a^ *
ilimfc gfefl iiM-*Mili^it'fAj. r.. Om t ow .

lb Fowmr some o p
""rmeeoss csauum
Gco-lk, M Uas 1 PsA


NuTaIa ui

.f iffn3A3
5 :. ..h ,

Faltering Philip1
enbwteills i tilled with br les.
Ae.-w e ife Ise" igI He moa..
" L* I wel I M.w S1 btaei 1lk* sw.
* A. 3 flda. hggt ihertakt elT

The P*ws Brlga,

5., .
- '.5



S .
*.* ,, .. .- ;... ..



jW pEtD W ider

IM S0OW. otmg j



, : -



Here-And There

.. .:' f ..

- r t'ft9wlf






Here Comes Rose

trUbmmmu's 1or

UT Vvs V nslee

. *-.. ... A

; A hte kUlSOSr




MJoi slomomIn otl OUR WAI




A nm",' .


L- N
W4 -1-0-114r

4 1 mi 7hd.

c I.

AnB I~C UlbIl

a8 '

UO~ ~Yl RAXe -i ow-TIV^ *VY OL.D 6TOOB T r\
Xfsaffw ^(TO Jhp0m
R^AMCi6- Alb4E* WOUM} Wl~~t s~f
*U^p V~
-Do^ Yo udeW YO 16

ilgal Eeryl

A.., Vo .. ,MfeiN
... USTON and ,, .

..... ILFOID -MCKAY, IC...

St'."TD*MAXVrAO#Ot tW l- byMl Hal Lirne Ld.

.t .the Albropk t help thA a W IhDM0VA
141112a H 1o..(ovl Te dWe .ndN0,.SpU MU..CORUeAr AD-LAA--
m m-R we;, here left tq t, ruek jMs Wynne i iO, FAS FRITEIIT AND M UI,

islE-t n- i n her om sore, Uvt. cduuio, u gu ir ne Sheroe Lynreeh PASb SV. ... ... c c'e S hdmt her Tn PCbho ROYAl M11 1Serr LTD.LvmiTW/EEN UROPE AND W A ICA ?
l w eM lP n e Dori a oChapel b 9 a.m. Bues Id ting OF SOUTH AMCIRA PORT
if -u-hc.- P^nama,wa n m "---5 '-4.* .- ---.
winnerr a ina-in r e r, Acottion Sch pI CUADOR, M At_
ofs41oa .ntlr Bergins Moody en ye aeA I.M.V. .IN ....

the hundred and twenty ary nammeuer, oneromthe tatmaybeomtomlry. poersonenws h. nCmThse Thoma, president.___________________,
Jamest weri Excel by contaong o. TOAt Albro.k Al rO bUNITED KINGDOM VIA CAMRTAOsNA, HA .Y
or Gol a Br dron a Vr Robert Micek Tel. 3-2723 or Mr. an he date for tther dannuald 9W I IkNASSAU. BERMUDA, CORUsAt AND LA ALA Co

dnaietfl Co.Marioesiareroradvacation school At the Canal PMVAoone eIs1DE FAthan C IC"b Cr (lA Tr (. UIl
moaMr ptio o than yofarD i a reuirmet for Atrt Mu Get Mr. M r. Jllfa Pal m,..
.solo aval BaeetTr the, hroW. olts toeor. me rhip. There.aurseryt C _c, "'a"tre (TO rIT ED. INODOM PIrn, Mr.
s. J o a o dbbs.wi owisa n Mtao. o ele t.r P S .J M .VJne. .. Mr..V.. "f. 0Al ....... ....... ........ .

Il.John Davia w slag aFor t u e ier o t oauar embe attending were whe for vaItlos and wee enids1. A- pdaul Tobin, r i.eymn,
S r.. d Marm E a6rpt.anechld ae a nutwil lau- dames: D. E. Geicdr, L. Paf. GericE. eorgS eeenbt gen Mr. and MROAs. F. MaUhSen ald/ Mr L w
S,,re t. the Ctabr s t. avl h tW..HolelWy A r. a M"r, ..F. Ba sMr.e-ytThMr.e he Pac Mergreen--Cll lI LTD./OLnA L
S. Steam Heat (novelty dsam), morning. and brought to thi hold Its ROgAL MAoI
JohnAndrw .r wheld L oWi9r, ChaSaer B Chad e. D, dnetciki, SueMr. andMrs. Mw. o8p B=Mr.e wohl-o rit LaI TO, NORTH PACII PORT .
Faft t ldinU i le ea l thee U n lM0 wet Stl eiate u Ca Trbe w transport them from the V Bc
."Ml" and r.a e u & .u "A the Pan amad Cs Tri* be crop a i. AM SodImonday 07. m P .M Ytf fVt' -A"Y ...................
lrose Wai Mss.aa-VII a Chapel at 11:30 a.m. to their H&Sa p .m "LU .. ............
Shoes. The ages of r ln U ...............................t i9
-hsts Da n'ta. .e n- -OaotoAttend the ool l be fo recent flower arrangement eCla
ltwee ed choswaeses. aMembersand showa d thu plCanninl an aad or unct ll act 8. .t. i te ed to s.e..d. TO UK/CO.NTINENT
S M and Mrs. a,,auM oanap et wpre. auin-e a- hard woeta.. 6. Choral Selections from the re-A hrou ... ..... ... ... 1
i sA A. m uak Y a th dub retired en t' ring ncert.. La a- e th r er. cur- ."DARROS ................................
camd a hra s, nnabusta hM- to OeeaN ha s ae dPMrs. John L, ,Su"lu- RtWeeClubhdiretb i by Miss driculum--har .. "
M V#s 19tl y .. 4 I an part eo1, 6r,-ven by buri essnEm, aler o. M rs. V o C u- or ct leh r, eS erv, of m Pu. L ive ," w il b pp .orted by ;__,rL E.
i ta ,_ r aMyn brown,. a or Fty ueaiIy abl sic for the Latin Ame i aools ul4so- Fm o iVo Weekly samll u of twelve pas er hi to New

a p-in+ % rn? s *e,, sAmo or s un,46rowu. emd h ,Iav- TnVtheaCan. Zn Perisis Y -orfik, NA w IGATiO LOS AOZIea, Sl TFran cisse
rO a omner yr e t aTh eas f W e. orht ipathSIPferwuofP of sd- -S-BBE fi o ACIF UlAs VIGATION00.4
ugaW Merges adiner .yaCl Mican4 Mr.B a dir C M an4 reW. Jackia7.ia Don4t1WeI be misled! thea FORD CO. INC. Fetle
as CamMa't 5s.r.Obirs Blrs .n .ac d l Dain% dST a e children ,aithe will have as Churlh of Our Saour In gbl L l
kn. b* Hjun, i aMr. Mwelyo sah.rA 1aMarNwC .a e av Disregard the price! a
anon bu the sa f an s, Any newcomer tot he I A corialinvitation.Is extended, re alistic pplca- wil take place or Winesay at

"n-. wm'!" ut be" t ei, Any newcoer t. .te anaa r e t Dhenand ROUX TINT noSh| e York Los Angeles, Se e Surttle.
unre and twenty mary aammelr, ajm was Zone from the States may bece to military personnel and th1 r tion the t achip of s e, 2 p.m. Tthchurch e....
reseat were His Excel- brake Lowert,.orrame e nt, a.membe, by contacting Mrs h depmndent and the pJui, both "Having Compassion Upon Those Mks ..T onTs o--. president,
t r danoro Colon -an zaJBrt 1 oardro A an i na Robert Miek, Tel. 3-2'23 or Mrs f the Canal Zone an ......... .c-ehostesses for
hCe p nor howell WynneS, STel. a-.. c .0o1 Pama, to attend o the ruro-. c ihe .Y their offering. of Lth .0 N A. Cox
. ~sombl, Club meetings re'eheltodtevrt gramofte rianment, od an-d lthesra r aMrserg UNITED FRUIT
Ju au.- idge Go D PauloDurank kawrta "' 2ndbThurs.mof eachinmont eRest- donar work n m a C M A
awt + H o f o.'tL4SECdLOrps deneE In theCanal Zoni les than club Cimpestre U N........ '
olo So val Base, their how .W 'Uou1 s 0 mep raship, Then is a nurseryClu b.I .mle~s e '. + 01 tr Mr. dtb P. n, Mr.!'
94m. J. L bbj,'()o- an oFI, saul U l inen r L l ori Mes re atevan iegiswere MeP A -and ./G.rteattmne
.uJhn..Davib;1 C-yort a tiDutiaqannrsnox tahe d .onsuir .MSmbi -attending were Mos. for vat.ts and.weest ens. A-"paul Tobln, r S ,rriL. S.yman,I A
and Mr- Z. It Vorps i.a. swfma at a & touet u-. dames: D. E. Grier, L. P. Ge-. msoni the recent r'tues ts e:,Mr. and M F. MaeDqtald, Mr. !Now0" an, Ser e
awls, the Capti seh. W..Howvell WyMn, Albert K&h I..rL T. F. Bali, Mr. o- an&Mr. -:
a."i hies Chad d, zlt *dznetctzki, Mr. and
Jh',sue C fit Z.C har ).. q, Or: C. ". '?'. .'" ; .
.a.nd m a t1'4 r% Y. Am aSm a la, V.4k 0 9.2r ,.'a. 3. .-C AR ,, .,,.r
r_ by Marlen .eGera c.B k... ..
'M m rs, Gr A.. 0aw pa O QM .. OUR AY '. ,. .. .
4e r arted th- the cub for 1i, -. -.
'fl M ras.Lug b ran oMrs. flantM W A
e d Indianr Uawm, a zneat-tael Lon es paes- Greets Visiers To- mus Iiru11' ,. -..3.eI T11-...
grazoparem are ,A..anuAre. Miss Helen Mebhan and MMiss s__13 a-w r
hensimpl, re- H. a.:Small o 1 X11d a 0o1n, 0iew Ros Johnson from Buffalo, Now )ln the Air-;ondIUoned Daba Room. ew Service
M aina. n ga smi are.Y ork were. among t:e tourists
'6 Wv, rpm.. jertS who aCrived on thq S.S. Crftob omte cocktail. choice of
fat, biace n orwreturnnomrn New York aMaa, -ha oy e sight 'e1',......
wsets wluz m UM -nor-no0,nb Y aft ran M dvaIn h C aW.RLO.."f...3INA"..................
Wo. greatly'.. pre- many parties given'by her Inends. ner pd iet of Mrs. V. C.39mPfortweAieaOrvat.on. A __,_............... ............. .......__;
x., b le W1s gUebL at a iuncneun gLv- 9f 35)bo0. A eFnet. PIA N O .t..L...e................
'.41 5it jeorat-ea y -- r .-rs tr-.lju ,. a m r Weekly i o t ve so
red q s1uN .tWi- ty ar. ann Mir. uAs iaARtM, a lSwars F amiSlY W yftwelvepassag
n0n-6Va:oin r e d, weoa& .,,k.,-k, New 5!1,To Losin 96k01, SNew enaos"
S. o, a owner oySr. iW .Mrs. aX7 e.. nest woen"tsagr or
mlfto Aiemaqin,1a.Qlnf.f y Mhr.rch'ildr ena.iJack,)n Sa e
4At040che0b" 11Trh Myraonuaeawr S.5 Pana11a 11 New YmlkD They _regard the price! -
)ot. rn' rrkahe=,Special road trip fares mn. Crilstal to New,
wuuuQI of 'theget tidles wi~t nor t a ora et a where they Nave take -. hosr
- thePtioof Pwhl P e yhn mhr telpnoue number win failed with r York, Los Angeler, SD Fruulc.d aRO SUattleT
40 $-rtlik f.adh gb-. whe-nt. the vacatis. w DmnROXTNTo New York ........ .......aZi fl
t,- In 014qNe.w.yaVi ,-V at all 8 lt s In To Les Angeles and San Francis.S
#ieat : .dDrea a'zaen6046251aTb S ttle .......... .. ....
bei oa tireaoiors uu was bel on "_VIAt#0ill" l he present. It epja thp largest sales volume In Uins1, United KLULV:-EK
e ur eglayrfter on,y *eet .s at of P J WBrAr: ofent Forent ste$LPNerESoutries,:mal Vlte It .&es not
Thetroupofl.sCenter,Sudy. n!egwith oual f h r, tL0NItcehLor
TheL 9=p ot Ins met outsidetm evfUBeer o,.Jue States fljr countris alpb, n:oLONt1. lv 4v CPATOBAL .2121 PANAMA 2-.N
e Ithe Marnari t Serve Center apndi ait v eithe.ul..
, m,,..a.. IproeedeI to the gardens o T I t a..0lien ur t th e results, u.I I nd.
f l ..7i~I fl .~tlI~bM~rof rigLLFiI -u're (eLab)ian 4le.,.. ,"

ZZ. MIR WAVMWN UvU.& iu Lauir I rown -Mr A .L a IA F.Raymobdsu j
BeC a stdMrs. tar M .Grant. IL ams J
" fi a WMes ato the Be ...& ri (pupi'f Valor s
uWt Mrs: Vfr SaouV T" ,m we. Tbowre (pupirv6f woreo


II -

m- HlsCtIs; 'cs2 ie senerous wUs eC.1n5_2.Al Voa-? a% Jvhn .A s A' Streett Tel. S- fl7, anems
Al q abd W L. Mafl Lesgardens were.yryP beautitu awd Soto. F at tOt@ w

: tarrnt "KOOL SPOT"
of July Ave. (Oppo"ste Aesa Post Office) aM ANT
S EIA, Moder Prices br rROTA MERCHANT

V istsEN, HoWRt's sTYI jfL N N

. ." 4 -. '

*' ; .'-; .- .s _'*
f.-- *j :. -
I g. -i, -

at .LOA on JUNE 20" a 31, 1945.
Ae."png general c g for

r.r 7v

" -. ";



.' "



.: CR... fr fl, U

Tb*k tMs Sltt CAirs yew
i it A -f .-. v.. -
i + -ndB+' WW il ,ae --





I -


"m md+
r m.
dishes -


a .

- '~-- -r r-w~ s~
I' ,'~ 2



, ''',-'.* ,
.. :- ,, <,

.,,; ..f~

.-r *
-;:o ** ,



* -.

~; '9





It pSf- No. as

. of s~r A*.. A, J m.


- -n q

* Match-Stick Bamboo
Vetan Blands
STrhavele Cuttalna
e G*$ ,. WOM 3lbOule.s
Call 3- *-or 3-404
stpiates Giten Without
Obligation I
Distrlbuted by

Ihijctosdo d Madero, S.A.
Ala.. fetwesn dk
& Pifth Ave. Stoe).

Casually aulo Insurance

S .. ,-'fu. -.a.... j r^::;i3

PfImn Insurance Compeny. Inc."
(Branch Office)
NOL' M Tivowl Avenue
ThoM rupnma 2Se.. -
(Aesm romM Anon Paot O f)"

l6C eluw tIn Tap. Aeretuticl
Mand Ballet.
"*S ht~a n: Mondlay and Theod.r
.J3e *.m, beeinnlngl June (af.
oDllnf 14, Youth Center.
CoeelTL esay and Friday 340 p.
Sb=tnio Jane 14th. Coeol
Mbfrs' cUle In T&p *ad
cftaeU i a. l 9 ion e i -441 S.


FOR SALE.-Smoll sCmey re-
frigerater. 25-eyscl $501 me-
b wey oofMfable $25. two
U H ,k 2PhoMne 2-2118.
005 Peank Street. Beloo.
FOR SALl--Mldern mollgeny
dining reem et. mheigany up-
iholtered bar with three steols.
Cell J-4060 for Information.


WI OFFER eneaeus trdoe- ins
an Refrigerators., Stoves Ikero-
sene, gee or electric), Easy wash..
insl machine on purchases of
Frigidaieto all-parceloin refriger-
ators. Tappon stoves and Easy
washing moeehlis. Free apprls.-
als, consult Mr. Gonsileas.
ECONOGAS, S.A., Phones 3-
0985. 3-0919,. 3.0908.
FOR SALE:K-Livng room. dining
rrom furniture (brand new and
reconditioned i n sets pad ndin-
vidual plne.. Teke,edvants'o of
our new easy payment pln4 We
deliver now without Dowh Pey-.
mont! Household Exchange,
National Ave. 4,1. Tal., 1-491 .
FOR SAL5: -Baby crib with
, plastic msewaed mettreos; enamel
top kitchen' tblo' 532 by 42.
P'. hone Colon 1094-A.
with ,frrecer lekoer) G.. euto-
mati, worher; gws 1qwelater
heater, oil like nIaw -mpe.
bgmk beds and chest -ond four-
chair dining reom set. Cell 3-
5684 Ponoam.
FOR SALE:- Kelvinaotr refri-
gerator, very good iouditlen
$115. Con:po Afegre. Cefli Ma-
nuel M. Icase No. 7, Apt. 3
Cell 3-1 t?9.
FOR SALE:-Dinette set. boet-
S,ee chair, other furniture. House
210-I.So.a Place, Ancon.
FOR SALE: General Electric
60.cycle washing mach in e.
Toppan 4-burner gas stove,
John Word 30-gollon gas water
heater, complete mingle metol
bed, electric deep fat fryer.
Everything in excellent condi-
tion. 44th- Street No. 22. Apt.
* 4. geHo Viae.

lReal Estate

FOR ,5U.S: -- Small hoen. In
Cerro Compans, 10,000 squer
mnkt, run wing wao~- 4teds,
teble, chairs, form implements.
stove. refrieraetor, convenient
glass mirader, be* view. n the
fivphrce" P .e -81 Paesem,
*fhr fiveo'clolck.

WE BUY. Sell and Manage Real
Jntot. '"Ter Imperial hBll,"
Cathedral Plo. Penome. Telk-
phtno 2-0857.

FOR SAL:I.- Concrete.cholet
near A.S. commissry: 3 bed-
rooms, dining room, two bath-
rooms. kitchen, porch. garaie.
For information: Via Perreo

Albrook Library

Extends Operations

T France Field
SIt was announced thi week
that the Albrook AFB- brary
has extended its operatUon to
include France AFB.' Thtra ch
library la under the general di-
rection of Mrs. Evelyn Branatet-
Over 600 books were on the
shelves of the new library at
kiaopening. According' to Mre'
Branstetter, this number wPl be
Increased, If necessary.
8/8t. Floyd C. Houser will
be In charge at France lFie
and will be assisted byi
boluateez airmen. ow l|
,Oeration are from T AJpld .
Monday, Wed
and from I 1 a B
on Tueaday and Yt es
These hours will be canged
necessary to uit the needs of
. Facilities of the lbrary may
be-used by all airmen ad clyl-
lilam and their depeneln eai-
$loyed at France Field. .bl Iy
cards are available a,the
and 111118 of ft
.a card fdr the Pae .
dai'Ary Qom't preclel thej
'make of .AJo havln eWW
miae maIn ry at 4
XW; state &- .^ '


Mass. C oo Rtg a_ Av.. .
' CAAZALO Agiae "tlln 8." Publil
Ce...I4Ae... .... v e*..

FOR S LI-1-950 Jeep "Land
River ,difc ruMiiigu cmadi.
floe. ,. No ceen ot* "La Me-.
dernI" Ese ai Station o 50th
Street. Boe Vista.

FOR SALE.- 1955 Ford hard-
top. only 2000 miles. big dis
count for cek small trad ec-
coptod. Make offer 16-6213.
FOR SA .-l 4 955 Ford 2-door
Sedan, blue with vinyl uphol-
stery.'5 000 mil S. ill within
Factory Guorqttee, $1900; 1934
Neah Iedin, body very tood.
runs pqrfct. Plenty of spare
parts, otiv motor, 'ror end,
trosmission, otc.. $100. W.
Cunninglhm, house 1604, Apt.
4. Old Critobal.
FOR SALE:-Good Packard 4-
door Sedpr, 55.000 miles. Oner
owner. Phone eWlboe 2-2964,
House 0932 Amador Rood.
FOR SALE: 1942 Packard
Convertible, perfect mockonicll
condition $150. Phone 130 Ge-
raeo Sterling, Colon.
FOR SALE: 1949 Plymeoutl
Station Wagon, good point, good
motor, good tires. 'Phone 2.
FOR SALE:-1952 Ford 2-door,
now point, excellent condition,
fordematic. K u h n, Cristool
FOR SALE: 1955 Plymouth
Plaza four-door, aqua blue co-.
lor, practically new. Subit ntlel
discount. Panama 3-2887
FOR SALE: Borgain. 1953
Oldmnobile Holiday Coupe, glod
condition. Must sell because of
trip. Price $1500. Call 3.4825
or 3-1618.
FOR SALE:-'47 Cadillec four-
door, radio, hydromotic, 5450.
Phone Curundu 2246.
FOR SALE:- 1950 OhldsmobHile
Holiday Coupe. radio. oacllent
condition $750. Panama 2-

FOR SALE i--nglish Sports Cr.
bargain. Oly $31S. Carnedu


NOX 2011 AwCON, C.Z.
ODI-OS" -h=d
o styles. "La oti Cord
Ave. 13-142. tMe2-2814.

DR. SCHOLL'Ltralined Chiree-
dist. Aleximder, Justr. Amoeme-
eM No. 51. PhoeW 3.2217..

FOR SALE .- hllo alr-.ndi.
tonN uat %, Five years I q-
le. Cheep. "Le Postal," Central
Ave. 13-142. Phone 2.2114.
FOR SALE:-4 x 5-S Graphic
complete with carrying case.
Phone 3-1413.
FOR SALE:-lairgalns, cellent
three-speed R.C.A reb on elso
$075; boy's bicycle, atctrie
traml, ton type "sr lpinting
unit, all attochm ts. Phone
IMlbee 2781.
FOR SALE:-Two gsib' bicycles'
(24-inchi, good condlton, $15
each. Phone 83-3222, Qts.
2167-1 Curundu.

FOR SALE;-16mm and mm
movie camera, Revere projsc-'
tor, editing equipment; 35mm
w/flesh. Phone Curqind 7201.

FOR SALE: One Dolmatilm
4 months old; 6 Boxer puppies
$15 and $20. Phone Getun I88.

FOR SALE:-Bed and springs;
2-door wardrobe with mirror;
couch end frame with book
ends. '41 Pekerd 4- dew.
House 720-D. Predo.
FOR SALE:-Args camera 3C'
$45; Speed Graphi outfit witi
reflection. flash. catfilmhoeld-
ors, filmpeakdapter and aee.
$159. Inquire Interntionial
FOR SALE:- Radio. Hallisref-
tor S-40-B., excellent HAM Ne'
ceiver, has bed little us. Still Ih
original MIets, $80. Call Al-
L-.L na20

AnniversaryOf Christ Church

To le Observed Wednesday

Preparations are being m a d ebe a service of Solemn Evensng
for the celebration o the erofth19th an-d the dedication of the Cooper
niversary of the consecration of Memorial HaU. The new hall has
Christ Church By-the-Sea, the old- been erected in recognition of the
est church in the city of Colon an len. years of service rendered thei
the olded parish of the -Episcopal Parish by the retired rector, the
Church i the Missionary Diocese Ven. Edward J. Cooper. He re-
of the P ama Caal Zone, turned here recently f r o m his
bis diificant mnnuiversar willhome in Guatemala and is ached-.
be'ob~0~red on Wednesday withuled to participe in the ceremo-
special services to be conducted nies of dedication. Father Cooper,
by. the present rector, the Ven. now 92, was rector from 1907 un-
1Ma19ert J. Peterson, Archdeacontil his retirement in 1941.
of Colon There will be two cele-
brations the Holy Eucharist that Presiding over the ceremonies
m4r6igta.-Te fir t will be at 6 o' on Wesneadry night will be Bish-
cloak aund the second at 9, wbich op Reginald Heber Gooden, who
will be attended by students ofwill deliver the sermon. 0 t h e r
Christ Church Academy. Isthmian clergy will also particlI
At 7:30 in ttheveningthere will pate in the service

French Minister Claims Ameicans

tFench ministerr for Tunisian and cal engagements.
Mortecan affair charged today July, a member of the dissident
that the Unitedi Sttes was not co- Gaullist party, pointed out th at
operatig with 'Ance in North France did not hesitate to grant
Africa, and "some Americans" the United States to build bases
were even. helping to stir up trou- in Morocco, even though Morocco
hie. was not specljcally covered by
the Atlantic pact.
The minister, Plerre July, said ,, -,
there were stiu ",m as who
fuse to undersUh poli- M.r Day
" Uo t i r e M ~ ~ a

3 to Al.
peri d-

t would
mists did
hebay had
tour A-
a and

At Union Church

The annual Vacation Church
School of the .Balboa Union
Church will begin on Monday,
and' continue through Friday,
June 24. It -will be from 8:30
to 11:00 aI.. Mondays through
Friday for the two-week lie-

-S usp u uAChqWlo, bg ng at four
-. uths in
bste ,-barn tew hig hh o and
.-ls.,. 9 .-grule ire Invited to at-
... s cbwrdhes are
S veraI top level t no- t od= c a vaati on
- jUMu Sor North A- school, also thoe not now at-
"tending a c uch are welcome.
SAgerira. he gisftrasun fee Is $1 for
to start the flrtt thi Iof a famUy and
_ii said. 50 cents for all others. Children
order may tK*later when they come
re. to Ithe Cw. on Sunday'
have b anorn l
-American -
Ioeal Dcrtel; teseona there win

.U M

FOR RINT tland .d
furnished 2 e 4 i m mdem
aprteme. .C ALHAM-
Phone 13 1 l8 .Ac"
FOR RENT--boa-drml err
oprtment., Illl"i s"ia te-m,
creeooned $65. Iiri Ponm
No. 56. key epertsept No. 6.
Phone 2-2316 or 1-0234.
FOR RENT-CoEl, emsfostable
one-bedroom apast nt. Collo
Dori No. 5. IrIqWre phono 2-
1455, from :30 to 11:10 a.m.
2-4 p.m.
FOR RENTa-- All-frumished e-
partment, frequent tresporte-
tion, Amoricms noi hbos. Call
3r0471 Panenme.
FOR RENT:.- furalshd apart-
ment. miliry Ispeeod. VYia
PFrros No. 99. Peoe j-2068.

FOR RENT:- Fmailshod asprt-
ment, 2 bedroom, oll omforts.
Phone 3-3648. Vie Argeatine
55 (El Cdngrojo).

FOR RENT:-2-ldronrm apart.
mont. sitting-dinlng rem, mold's
quarters, ht water. 44th Srot
No. 8. Phone 3-0351.

FOR RENT:- rImprshld opart-
mont. two kbdreom, large living
room. kitchen, both, tiled floors,
all screened. klao lrge ware-
house, itorae speed. er shop,
three drive-in dof o, bars n all
windows, 1400 'ft flow space.
Apply: Janfor, No. 63 Fouseh
of July Ave. or phone Hopkins,
Balboo 2964. '

FOR RENT:-2-hodr-em 2-both
fumished apeitmont for t wo
months. El Congrol., Phone 3-

FOR RENT: Modekr M fpr
alsked 1l-bedrm eNmrtm t,
hot watr. Idl f4f1i e oa~t or
bechlor., In Cmpo 'Alri. ll
3-1421. '

FOR RINTm- 2-Ibeds m oewl
oportmont, het waflr, i. ge,
second. CaN 3-50o7-..

Position Offered

UNITED STATES orginlution
desire umleon with engineer-
ing beeM a id. Must be bilin
ond 30.; iRly in writing to
SoNl Eniner. Bosx 19 Pane-
ma,- 7 FIt. fll quIllfictlomn
end ,!! hinm photo.

WANTiDRlD~- L rian fr Army
poIltai. siQeolfletinels dnegms
in Iwbrary cm e'neoo, r g. d-
e with"- 3-yenr peld hary
lpealeMn ; mralmnam lep 40.
Apply to Sthff Librarion, Speial
S evole. USARCARI,. *ide.
1C. VPat Clyn. ToTlehno

CIANH. bq1n. in eMsCetls.
Pest *lu work for U.S. firm.
1f= i-t'will trina you In
Panm Ocionl ort trim
At eeeu and mI"iy. Sckhel
begiJaM 14. Write epel-
e5 to Aparlude 44 Pnemma.

13 NUn-Coms, Two

CIM s C(mplele

Maagm-nt Course

_ eenty,%it Aibrook Air Force
Bsie, i pon-commissioned air-
men and two civilians of the


Dir-ig their course of Instruc-
tion, fitnagement students co-
vered& four phases of manage-
e --..r iniples of organisa-
n. cineples of instruction
and foundation of personal rela-
T lllau a a whole willave
CMC approximately 0
yerluy- ,rom method hnprove-
itb.a4 were suggestOeLan
vwiIT 1t Into operation In
the go"lag year.
I -.

v n'-& .., ,

s,.^ /-*. **.
S77. Crio-

me was

WILLIAMS hau G as ft*sh
ei. :Ink- s rea m --

CattinM, M teo ak. e osenh-es.
moderell ism. Phose GombNo

beipe o, SP.aIa r.7Tlpt,

S1&11 : EMoors
FWILA mS gle 2-cyl.
o toarde mote l igood condi-
tin $?5. Call Clayton 5144.
FOR SALI.-. 50-foot cruisingl
euxillery, Illey. head 21
buks 4. Sing Stateside. No
reasoenble l refused. Call
Albr..k 2201.

SHelp Wanted
WANTY D:.--eral housekeep-
or; sleep in. K fewied of Eng-
lush. ring reference. Jose Ga-
briel Du mu If., t Cresa.
Heels SUMer But

Not As Practical
NIA Beauty Editor
Shoe heels, even. the media um
ones, have gotten slimmer and
slimmer. The Louis heel that used
to have a base about the size of
a thread spool now has a base as
big as a thimble.
This refining and felinizing of
the working gal's shoe is nice. It
means tat a comfortable h q el
ca: be 0Ui p 1iuh r o0n ig
' ut there are drawbacks a n d
they ofight to be kept in mind. if
you're going to invest in now
The very slim-based heel is
hard to balance on If your work
means standing up all day. A heel
with a larger base can give youI
a little more support ana preventI
5 o'clock crumples.
If yourwork meens a lot of
walking around on scratchy pave-
ments, the very slim-based heel
is almost a pure liability.
However excellent the lea t h e r
used to reheel themes silvery jobs,
it rubs right off in a couple of
days of walking. m-over bee 1 s
or lopsided heels are unpard on-
able; so a slim heel may mean
that your shoes have to go to the
repairman once a wdek.'
this6 is not too costly, but tt
keeps the shoes out of circulation
for a large percentage of the time,
If your job is sitting (with some
walking) around an office, do getI
the slim medium heel.
But if you must walk o' stand,
search for a more "old-fashioned"l
medium heel with' a somewhatI
flared base. It is practical and not
ugly at al.

Atlanta Forest

Fires Brought

Under Control

ATLANTA, June 11 (UP)-Huge
forest fires which razed almost
10000 aeres of timber in Georgia
and Florida were brought under
temporary control today but for-
esters feared a major 'outbreak
could come t any time.
The biggest fire swept over .,-
000 tres near Fargo, Ga., on the
edge of the Okefenok Swamp,
tmsting the small town for a
tbrateing t'e small town for a
time until fire-ighters were able
to establish breaks around the
raging flames.

The Georgia Forestry Commis-
slan said Fargo was in "ino im-
mediate danger now" but warned
that conditioa- could become
"critical wthk a short time if the
weather tuna unfavorable."
The weather in the Fr 8 .aes
was calm w little A
the first e havy M
huai ever te 4rZ


Helto ICase Goes To
"'- .

Inhti ijflaahnAds. PM ... 9 ti-'

he pect ,,car. .
s e U e flashed
flasriht into the ear through
the window of that door on,
the night of the Incident, after.
the girl asaed him to eareh
for her mlmsing shop.
He said he put his light Ila
through the door and" that there
was no glass to prevent this. A-
gain, some days later, be said.
when he and another policeman
were pushing the car. he ebserv-
ed the glass was down.
Prosecution- and defense rest-
ed at 10.0,S. The Judge called
another recess to permit coun*
sel to prepare their arguments.
He inforthed the jury they
would probably get the case be-
fore. lunch -and asked Deputy
Marshal Peter Brennan whether
arrangements bad been made
for a midday meal for the Juwry.
Brennan said he would arrange
for this.

After two policemen had tes-
tifIed yesterday afternoon, the
defense called' Helton's compan-
ion,'on the bight of April 16 and
17, 8st. WIlliam 1."-Iltehell.
A tall, ulendr dakk-halied
young manB;e *ke ff a low
Tolee 'a, w .eith duibs-

fora- thhe

ed for hilr to twtwf
Chait Immediately in front o.
the JUy. The S~aue mat nearby
ti rastorm passed.
Mitchell said he and Helton
had been drilling in Pananja
during the afternoon. In mid-
evening they returned to the
post. eattered the dance ball, bnt
did not dante: Thdre they con.-
sumed together a fifth of whis-
Mitchell said he bought an-
other ffth to take away.
Botlj1ktihelI and Helton said
they s'w the complaining, wit-.
ness ad her stater at a nearby.
table and that the les 1am1ed
and looked as if they wanted to
Join them.: (The younger sister
testified earlier that she had
never seen Mitchell before she
got into the car with him).
. -oth men said that Mitchell
brought a drink of whiskey and
Pepsi-Cola to the car at Ft. Am-
ador and that the girls accepted
and drnk soine or all of the
beverage. (The girls had said
they drank nothing at that

rp .!, a ao
rtor;ge of ae.
an.w ering


one. before

e1 -I, t April ,.. .. ,'...

hIn esar oil tShe wn WA
he testined, she again
to fondle her body. ..
Helton said he invited htis
girl companion to "go for.
ride" down the K-10 road g
the early morning .hours after
th. party left ArraIp .bar,
and tha the irl accp .

Mitchie, however, told the
courtt it was his oan idea to turn
off onto the K-10 road.
Asked if the road W" n a
remote,place 0to-ate4 a JA
lae,,Hefton said ha.t .t ;
abr it soethat

lat e -d 41

When hei slpf,'.i b.. .,
sad the younger
and did io m nem
cussed having rel
He denied .reAj f ,
whea. i t .i.
WM w the Mla y
grand. But He
was ht sihg '
with the older: grL
Helton's tegtimo oil
substanttally with _heat -,
prepared by the e :w ,
preliminary inveatton" t'
he piotbted reppebtl .Wtn
the District Attorney t
et blm to adm it I Ab *bj.
he didnot think it di le.
he said he was not queT iodei In.
the same way by the police as he
was "In this court."
Helton held his lumper I.
check however, and stuck to biw
story that the girl offered. no
objection to his.a vances.. BT-.
hler, he said sabe had said he
liked what he proposed, but did
not want to do it there In. th8
He admitted he ucdfratead
when she bean to err "e.fl.-

Beth met said they started ta" that sh meant she was a
neekinu with the girls soon virgin. Then, he testified, *he
after eltan' car, in which grabbed him and hurt him.
the quartet was riding, left .
AnaciT for Coreft l. He bit her on the hand, and
SYesterday, both on direct elsewhere, to make her let g'O,.
and cross examination, Helton not in an effort towaAd lAter-
maintained that the girl who course. He denied aatgn the h
eomplaied against him was struck her.

I_. -

-. ,' -


0 -- -t' -, -





. *..'. -i .


s-o '-A


.| S l '..g* ^ l. r. .- .' ** / i ^.> n -

;. 5. .w ,
M-^'..^^-" A..*-;^
: t. 11.,.L Y:.3.- f
t" ." r .

6 ,f ..." -y

."d t di
6 c o t ;' .Qiw-,
lilari~x ; :'~ *(i-itai^'t j

WGM Bui d Train ToC RuT

; "N ^ As Fast, Cheaper Than Plane .e

i DETRT -..June11,(UP).-G-- The tra*s- these railroads have
17.'.,7f-IO.7 ;1,7 t--ra inrw -T
l B'w. t -_IWuc J.-' ...-w. -'--'eS, Jour ,,wo to announced toy It o. order are Tdlyo trainn, in .g
^. *.-:-" J. U1h wa, ding a new'high -speed for three years fa Spain. Tmey wu1 u INE

ifa2 D S Iigr-o toW t "tE; "and als withh o J w- v 1" m atel.y all r AN I
aoviet w a rV.4 0 "; w 6*3 con- dcCUlW) ^lhr to reseaei
strutled, be ready for its one Mid ,Duty. The Tai
ftbirsat demonstration by lph Au- also i or 100-mile per
?gusK'*.p1.1 ,.d eo he g uSe-. _t. hour "peeds. '
s a Wea o: S 1lo C 414it C i PreGdat Hrod w H Cur ce B ut General Meoor In desig.
St Uhow, I* u k motors ucesflly in# it new bib, I ta
v. efe$ I p--Gast Sahr~. Austria. Itet before, tthe f1th- had met all the -requiremats for It in a large part, from parts al.
asS Bt .3 w.- e m i,.g ,Four meeting stha "new style" train, which com- ready in production.and In use In
S.y out n wt "I tel- Ru'ia., tetatively Mt for July. mitt of railroad reidts ha dibuses another products. It aid di
to mitf d at D8a1 "r kmp t dt4 but .u.tatioa Markmanship: rlmand asked for to help thel pu llpas-l thi aterchangeablity in part a
T fatpt ifttfnd at ryS ef'O keued ter eotipk Sbu ookt Attons: MThrkmmausl r ul Gunva. Switzerlad. singer train service out ot the would mesa many parts will be
s i&W A It jtiu '*a tse tilmed ha *erlq hooks e{Msso 'e .fi Be heA and NW t Mred. At pres"et such service is much cheaper and of a Ire a dy
Oft- Tt of a dotlou( i the U.Sfrt- ad f H!s ci h fand President En losin 79 million dollar a year. proven "re abilityy" r
as aladi. ellhard Web goWldt varies quenees." bower hope this can be done by Curtice said the new train In the General Motors' train,-
ih both "apitin an overwbeming Senate vote that will whip along at susta ined baggage will be in a compartment
Cit #AsbutthW'taeomiine awlo we wlloffer fresh evidence 6f 6 LI. .hour Seats will be higher from the .
_w...oer fbesrtt_ the idene 6f U.o eds of moret ya10,,e. pe und.. .loo ts e_
shCo 3w. t a t ator.o g atn e. w~ e fit i to the Plotty oals" At that speed, the train would ground as a result. One of tohe
dtffer.t .tM a1 it'4 0)4 wr ied fr "World War I and determination to complete some short run such as cars will have dining facilities. It a
-1 wt-ay~i te' i s ad-eus e,. I,.. ad.teareste .... eve. I trcIhem "ieafuy ,en New York to Washine, Boston will be an all-ooach train.
Se as "Capta Midnight" red a rtradis. te t to New York, or D ot to Chi General Motors long has turned .
V ly, n d k and as "Jet" la the poW ports: "La at ooawitb Dulles' appearance, cago-just as fast, or faster. than out locomotives, through its elec-
Bs.ta5a e t.alam, a.P committee Chairman Walter F.rpane travel, whe travel time tro motive division at La Grange.
Wi-h. b- a *nm .jr m thsy .atBett wtee GogterlD Ga. announced o to and from airport is udded to I ll, I
'g.llbeheds. w oee ,ald be Heatwhir"t kilbSu!.'oS- Tihe oostd Uthe neow trainn an .- m .. |1
has. ,8e wear. a"Captain Mid,- vha m say, but j you looked thy comin e will pet s# .1 he bounced by Curtice, Indicated It S l
iwude tas' "Wae w in b ad e-trIt.etxt -hv0b i, would- bie a much cheaper "ride alu re'w IEU nl t .
b at a-ge to a "Je' t tt X Jacket in r a a Th at ofIy edryneent week.e whelm sHe mraid the new phasen
"..S.. ..-...I f o J m f o r y n w eeko O vsll a1r- cars w would coe t less than ,
I'i a w ithe, I another 'hav a A -water nar- 1g committee and Senate .aPPw- seat. At present, modern t-rain
eta' 'ld"uv:." hWae ean a "" .coaches cost about 2,000 a seat.
s j eria or tearsntted to &in expected The n. train-which will have' The Navy Supply Department at
bi ww t i alter Plmdgeon sad MGM part t arwobld't lat Dlle sid the treaty which re- 10 coaches and seat 400 passen. Rodman Naval Station announced
a-, -itaI ...dThe. last rDulleditid.hteawica
S ompay w The aevie ie puttoa stores Austria's indepndece at rs-also will run with only one'this Week that it has awar d |d
'ialoe TV iatwit wfiP the U14 Ing rM ars of aft- l. 200-hormepower diesel engine. At contract' for household furnish
ftt w lAe M B M takek over as rad "en ivseven years of Nazi rule and wide open th rottle, on level'ings totaling nearly 412,000. All
S W wrd A 9C. is Hoaellywood dramatic it one last try and at last cou 10 years of postwar occupation, is gronhe aid the engine would contracts were awarded to Pana-
s S how wh t happen.bsm to have adjusted." a "siiie0ant deed" by Rustan.1.3llo of fuel. pr mn companies for locall de
SJaei .S I o .w"o / "Asdistinct fr : om word." mile. fuel would be cheap die livery.
I lJackieJiom. aCom.twer-im-s w.i r- .felrt fuel rather than high. eCost,
nui t t r amt all. e : Whe sa e be It may opn the way te.-fortherhi-ceuel. been T.wo Confirs'ived co-
tweCt a recant i W. o l 1f enemies. knurms and imiftt- t.oeratiBo fulfill other war- ing new-style trains to pe-rnlt and bleria on, ..
S o We wewed 'em "-S I dthex- tors. infeet,twhenyu tanbetlie pdge." by ual, the e them to capture more passeger Theretwre
w as qberant Jbniny. er g was sure of everything but friends. retavy mad. While he did aot eld. business and cut losses on asme- ty. They include, Phulli.Ite Iat-
104. ,IeNi berate.,, dllNms suggested r1 ,t r. ra s a t an F n naA *ble
S e "D I w red News N ":ti antts co BaGeAlt-ituature. theAL the new llghteligt Gteneral 1 "La a S.A. i UPS
c-,t 13 M ly taiat, t nem esd tars .trml, alred have iearor- bleria
L *y -, evmrt* 5as pae. eause an w ." sur ga ila -se it9. grip dared by the N Haven, hica- Podudtos nde xadera A. i,
MMMl Jee Ialey. "It waa. toe perfect tW my piay f found in a f 's o kot Satellites1 "g oar u ads and re due b fe k, an dweka s2
lousy ai-ging verpa. pocet ver in December. W. U
E drg. l Gardaer, wb put Pufflys "
Tavern bidd him to eoncedtrate
T7e TV Show about a plumber IE rts TO Dv
TB :.sand his elcaily ambitious wife ___ ______
SMDDO will be -filmed by the bBrun Ad D:1 Wa a s Ve yOU boa r:
PW e.0.a064 NtM r Alen producton company. DMLO TN. I U N
% Ingrid Bergmian read a screen- ,any "" 7:
a c-Oplysubmitted by an independent reab en" Rm eir
-5t latterh ie.she the son. "Me" TMi N UeW 4
Sn sake, itscritsh considered hatself too
t s motht odu to play flirtatious vixen.
iiioais r gas 1E tE I 11: rJsuAl and' tfly're exadly
watA.r so^me traditional wed. lea 14 Ifw tt61 =4! W UAY |b :e*-VLOt.

our Rackae ntant white' RETAIN THE WAGGING TAIL
ake .UX, I eg whites, 4 cups sy unTI MILLBTT
wAir,. t.. ons a.lmond estrat. The other day I read a little
SpA t? ejtta of two packages piece in the paper about a dog
o~t i Im no large bowI.. Ad 44 hat smiles.
o i, i Whites I eups water, AH I have to say about that id
aaO tsp of th almond ae- that a smile will never be-able to
t. Seat t minutes until smooth replace the tail-wa. Human be-
and creamy. ings have managed to rob the
Pour batter into two I.x.i-inch smile of much its spontaneous
asn, *Mich have been lined on warmth and enthusiasm and as-
Lottns with paper. Bake nmod surance of genuine liking.
erte ove 350 degree F.) about A woman can smile as sweetly
t m Prepe the other two at a woman she hates as at her
pa c saof mix as directed best friend.
abersv. four batter Into mei 3xi92- A man can smile easily at the
iaeh 7 an0d ae xaS2-iuc" pan, man whose job he Is plotting to
ftc haMve been Ig on bottoms gtfor himself.
wft aper, divia batter so as
to-ve the same depth in each Either a man or woman can
smile as he wounds another with a
Be toi moderate oven (IW de cutting remark.
tf) 4S Minuates. Cook But when a dog wags his tail.
1 1. 9 bw u ad. You
tor P that he lIbt-you. that he i glad
d -ir to se you, and that he thinks you
oY f^*^ ^0*? a ett auceh okay.
S 'r Man's ed .
-gf^ O ~ preparat fLr taking a- we out of
Be doesn't wa his tail to cover
;up the et that he is mean and
uthat l-Ila not to be otr ted. o
,,, _.(. ,f ,i*u ,w Be d wax hi. taf to eon-

f iJPgr- sub 09 the o I-xn t. 0 **
S f .ppan *a -s.I. L .wat
ca.r -:i.n AtfMA, D, j,. ..Ss S ...

"Cattle Qumeen ef Mentana'




aM,-Conditio .d
:30-4:2 :. o .'5

0 '"

,,, ':"11

1 A
p ~ -)


I Pierre






SCA, t.

----- -" ." --
N (, I .
-t J! A

-' .-Y,~y ~'"'_~II~a

. .

- b -
.*... .

' ,. ,





* **-R.", .* '',RY^
R" "'I ft1!


,he some

(but fresher, because they're mad In the
~. -. *;

Pu ) 4I

- *5,-..*" A.

which have been a great fccor
In making VICEROY
your favorite cigarette.

' .: '."*s;:* f
*. .iM!

which makes a milder, better smoke,
and prevents bits of tobacco
from entering your mouth.


,i-: ,,.- .J-- -. ;:
'.". -M:

I :J


..- ..* ....- -. .. .* *


@ bq 7 -*-S.ei.M


-.- *1~.~

I '

. ,
''. L *.A..


* 2 ..~



- -* '.' ; "' i



c "


.' "4'-"W:"
* ,I'1:,,


Hiahliah ts




o rI

S- ,- i I.-, __ II I U ____ ..



.' **, "' ; ', "

HE'S SAFE-And it doesn't look like he
will be. The runner is Al Dark of the
Giants and the third sacker is Randy
Jackson of the Cubs. Dark beat the
throw, in a game Dlayed'in4New York.


~. 4..


4. -4

TOZV:_ P-W.' g

HE'S OUT!-And it looks like it, too. Al Kaline of the Tigers
, ;. is the runner and Ted Lepcio of the Red Sox is the third
sacker. Game was played in Detroit and won by Bosox.


4E -,

JAW SESSION-The ref in this rassle bout in Nuernberg,
Germany, is not trying to get Alfred Hammer to smile but
is trying to. pull the guy away from Karl Teutnick, his foe.

DASH FOR FAME-This was the start of the Kentucky Derby at
ville, as the field of 10 colts started the Run for the Roses.


4~. -. 4.~'44.44iUI~~


Churchill Downs, Louis-
Swaps (arrow) won it.

GROAT NO GOAT HERE-Forrner All-American cage and
baseball star at Duke, Dick Groat, Pirate infielder, makes
good on this sit-up slide into home as Catcher Mickey Grasso
of the Giants attempts to tag him. The ump really calls it.

CALISTHENICS' TIME?-Not exactly, for Andy Carey (left)
of the Yanks is just getting out of the way of a throw by
Billy Klaus of Red Sox during Boston game. Carey is out.
"-.-. .... 1 --'


"*.; TUOUJE-Falling off his stuol afl the end of the sec-
, od round in his bout with Julio h ,..-is in Philadelphia,
" Jrold Jehnson, the No. I light hea'.-' weight contender, is
'blped by his trainers. The bout v..r stopped and officials
*mim.- p an report Johnson had been diugged before fight


HEADS-UP PLAY-Two members of the touring Sunderland
team of England play heads-up soccer during match with
team of American All-Star alt Brooklyn, N. Y., recently.

4. 3..--~b~

.4 ..


of i. -Q_
diO Annit


U El!

d ..

` 777 7- .

~.. .

.[ i l I



- ~" ---I II

* ;* ; > *. -. ".'

'\' .' ,*

. ..-|

.f,. ..* '*:7

* -*.


- -*

.- ,

r .-* ..-m '~-~-~.



ETUPW ". I, .
CATI*-' jcrn__n

- .* a.,mmuT a WiiMu VM WNi IftIA


'AXlAIiU l a AiM NlW ,- ,1 a.a,.. .w = .JS. e. U..- -- I I
.. i iI i I. _m e .I n

Hitting Swime




4B6stoin Slugger Leads

Team To 5th Straight

Win With Two Homers

1a4 WILLIAMS-ports mr. glaze 0.WILSON
NEW YORK, June 11 (UP)-TedjWifiatms bat-
tod .34W when he won his first most valuable player
award nine years ago-and that's exactly what he' s
hitting today.

That's statstal proof, M
AmerlCa League pitchers Aed-

broken es or te years has
dimmed the Boston Red Sax's
luggera eye.. There's a whole
crop of new sluggers Wtl-
liams led the Rtd Soxsto le
pennant' Lt 1 but Teo's stll
the d4y of'em ll.,
Wil la fll ted i crent
battf average to .42 yesterday
wh he blasted two home rns
andA, lngle to lead the Red. O
to a A victory over the Detroit
Tigers It was Ted's first ap
pearan e at Briggs stadium
since his comeback and he made
it pMs It's still his favorite
park. In te past he's staged
many 0ef hs most spectacular
batting shows Including last
year's 9-for-10 comeback--t
that park.
Willisam walloped his first
homer of the game off Duke
Mmas In the ftrst bnaag and
then denloated his second with a
mate board off the eakle
left-hander in the third in-
nihg. In his last three tries,
the 36-year-old slugger walk-
ed struck out and beat out an
Infeld hit.
In addition to his .342 aver-
age, Williams is sporting a .683
lugging Average with 13 hits
good for 26 total bases. He has
Lit four blmers, two triples and
three doubles while driving in 11
runs in 10 games.
Willard Nixon, who hadn't
won since he, beat the Tigers on
May 4, struck out four and
pitched a six-hitter in gaining
his fifth triumph. It was the
fifth straight victory for the
Red Sox and their sixth in seven
The league-leading Brooklyn
Dodgers and New York Yankees,
meanwhile, padded their mar-
gins with victories in the opln-
era of important four-game se-
ries. The runaway D o d gera
stretched theirlead to 90 games
witi *^ ewis r.tM secoDo
place COIcqaio Cn while the
Yankees OpenMd up a 5 game
lead over the idle Chicago White
Box with a 3-2 verdict over the

faltering Cleveland Indians.
Carl k pitched a four-
hitter for his eighth win and
S ela, eewee Reese
Zux homered in Brook'
lyn's triumph. Campanella's
homer enabled him to take over
the Major League lead with a
total of 18. No catcher, inciden-
tally, ever has won the home
run title in modern history.
:rlkine struck out eight, bat-
ters and walked only one In
itching his first complete game
?n a month. Sam Jones, who
tossed a no-hitter for the Cubs
on May 12, suffered his seventh
loss compared with six victories.
liliMant relief pitching by
Tom Morgan and Aim Kon-
stanty helped the Yaqkees
hand the Indians their fourth
straight less and seventh in
eight games. The feur-aSne
lad- streak matched Cleve-
ISanMfl high.
Morgan relieved Tommy Byrne
in the seventh Inning to halt a
rally and then in turn was re-
lieved in the ninth bY Konstan-
ty when the Indians rallied for
one run and had two runners a-
board with one out. The Yan-
kees had taken a 3-1 lead in
the seveth on two scratch sin-
gles, a passed ball, an Infield
out and Mickey Mantle's single.
Rookie Gall Harris hit his ace-
ond home run in as many games
to provide the New York Giants
with a 2-1 victory over the St.
Louis Cardinals. The blow gave
Jim Hearn his seventh win and
tagged rookie Luis Arroyo with
his second defeat. The Cardinals
now have lost 10 of 14 games
under new manager Harry Walk-
er, who succeeded Eddie Stanky
On May 28.
Jim Wilson and Ray Moore
collaborated in an eight-hitter
that gave the Baltimore Orioles
a 3-0 triumph over the Kansas
City Athletics in the only other
game. Gene Woodling and Hal
Smith led the Orioles' attack
With two hits each.
SWUfams, who hit two homers
Sad a single to lead the Red
Sex to a 5-2 victory over the

Joe BroWn, Killer Jackson

Ready For Tomorrow's Bout

Joltin' Joe Brown, the flashy .
New Orleans boxer who is un-
beaten in five local outings, to-
lay was declared In excellent
physical condition for his im-
ortant engagement against fel-
ow American Nat "Killer" Jack-
son tomorrow night at the Pan-
ima Olympic Stadium.
Jackson's handlers also report-
ad that their boy is in fine tet-
ble and hopes to become the first
to hand Joltin' Joe a defeat in
local rings. The two U.S. Negroes
iave created such interest in
their scheduled ten-round 13M-
pound battle that a sell-out
erowd is expected to pack the
Stadium early tomorrow eve-
Proceeds from the contest
will be added to the fund for

the construction of children's
playgrounds. Panama's Physi- JOE BROWN
cal Education Department Is
ponsering the program which ama Gym while Jackson went
Is being promoted by Enrique through his final paces at the
Martia. Colon Arena. The boys will take
SIt easy until fight time.

Atlantic side fight fans will
e able to return to their homes
arly because the Sunday night
rain will leave the Panama
lallroad Station at 11 p.m. in-
tead of 10.

M Years i National League
Wlrten for NEA Service

Joltin' Joe. because of his ex-
cellent past performances here
and his great popularity, rules
a favorite to add the class Jack-
son to his list of victims. The
"Killer" hopes, however, to sur-
I rise Joe like he did to Teddy
"Red Top" Davis twice. Jackson
dectsioned Jimmy Hackney on
May 4 in his last outing.
Three ether Interesting fight
complete their program. The
main four-round preliminary
pits Herbert Douglas against
Daniel Ward at 135 pounds.
Douglas, virtually unbeatable
as an amateur, will be making

Basilio Plans

Title Defense

Very Soon

SYRACUSE, N.Y., June 11 -
(UP) Hatchet-faced, sail-
eared Carmen Baslllo who
battered th welterweight crown
off ToIy O Marco's head -s aid
today, I want to defend the U-
tie as oon as possible." I

The new king of the 147-
pounders declared, "I want ac-
tion. I want to be a fighting
champloa. I want to make
money. rd like to defend with-
in three months, possibly a-
gainst Johnny Saxton. But
that's all up my managers."
BMsllo, a former onion-farm-
er who was so disgusted with his
prise-fighting career that he re-
tired temporarily four years ago,
was admittedly "tickled pink" by
his technical knockout victory
over stocky DeMarco of Boston
last night in the 12th round.
"It was my hardest fight," ex-
plained 28-year-old Carmen.
"He kept coming back at me,
time after time. But my body
punches and combinations to
the head wore him down. And I
knew I had him in the ninth."

DeMareo, 23, suffered gashes
on each brow, and his nose
bled profusely in the later
rounds ef their savagely fought
eOcounter. asflle wound up
with a cut. under his left eye,
one on his ~tht brow and a
split In his lefupper Uip.. |
Although DeMarco, the 9-5s
underdog, had no return-bout
contract. a private three-way a-
greement among managers pro-
vided that Basillo will defend a-
rainst ex-champion Saxton, and
f he beats saxton, he will then
give De Marco a return title
shot. ,




Toronto ..
Montreal .
Havana ..
Rochester i;.
Richmond ..
Buffalo .....
a m.. n

35 20
33 20
31 23
25 "27
25 39-
24 28
19 31
lA T4



yracuse .... 1 3a .ou oA7t

Toronto 000 000 100-1 6 0
Richmond 000 010 22x-5 10 0
C. Johnson and Berberet;
Bickford, Voiselle (7), Heintzel-
man (8) and Watlington. WP-
Voiselle. HR-Ippolito.

SBuffalo 044 010 001-10 12 1
Syracuse 000210000- 3 9 0
Trakan and Yewcic; Peterson,
v Zinker (2) and Lonnett, Com-
mand 18). LP-Peterson. HR_-
Demeter, King, Kress, Sanford,
Mlicelotta, Yeweic.
Montreal at Columbus, post-
(Halted at the end of 8th In-
ning on mutual agreement; to
Rochester 000 001 00-1 3 2
Havana 030 000 10-4 7 0
Helm, Beard (2), Mackinson
.)(5). Jacobs (7) and Rand; Val-
S'entine and Noble.


k i

QUESTION: With two out in the his pro debut
nth inning, the pitcher has a no- w
t. no-run game the works. He The ope prelim will be be-
alks a batter. The next batter twaen R g Roberto Murillo
elts a sharp grounder which hits and hard-hitting Juan Salasar
%e runner for the final out. Does at 124 pounds In another four-
e pitcher receive credit for a rounder.
o-hit, no-rUn game?-Lou Brown. dmsson prices are $5 (five
doars), $ (three dollars) and
Asswer: No-ay bell hUit a $1 (one dollar).
asermer is tuled a base hit. ---_
Q. In the last10 years, whatwas C r I k N
ie largest margin by which at T r WS
ub took the pennant? -Bob r.. k fVN ws
rewater. ----
A. Brookly, wib 13 gases 1I The first of two friendly
Sr matches originally scheduled for
tin Sunday at La e oa between
Q. The ball strikes the foul pole the Sars C.C. and Colon's Sur-
efore bouncing into the seats in rey cricket Club will be played
)ul territory. Is It a home run? tustead on Sunday, June 19 at
-Bob Cutter. the Mount Hope Oval.
A. Yes. The date for the second game,
Brown wound up his training to be played on the Pacif dde,
steday afternoon *t th Pan- will be oneM later.

Rowland Casanova and Windy
Sellers 'each chalked up perfect
scores for a string of skeet at
the Cristobal range last Wednes-
day afternoon. "Casey" has ner-
fect scores for his last three
strings and Windy has broken
his last fifty targets straight.
Joe Kueter, shooting Windy's
favorite trap gun. broke 25 tar-
gets straight to take ton place
on the tran souad. Grady Har-
dison had Joe tied, but could not
stand the pressure and missed
the last target in the string.
We were clad to see Mr. and
Mrs. Bird Stephenson with us,
again and hope that they will
continue to come out until they
are back In the form of a few
years ago when they were a-
mone the best traD-shooters in
the Canal Zone. We understand
that Bernice won the woman's
championship of the Canal Zone
tor two consecutive years, which
Is till a record.
Comnlete scores for Wednes-
day follow:
Skeet (25 targets)
R. Casanova ............ 25
Windy Sellers ........... 25
Short Schexnayder .... 24
Bill Clark.............22
Joe Kueter (410) ........ 21
Art Button (410) ........ 21
W. Johton(40) ....... 19
John Elliott .......... 12
Trap (25 targets, 18-yard)
Joe Kueter............. 25
Grad" Hard ......o, 24
Wind-' Sellers ...........23
W. Rowland ........... 23
Mr. stepbenson ......... 18
UMrs. St pbnson ....... is
Mrs o Binlark ........ 13

COCO SOLO BRAVES Front row, kneeling: Tommy Raveai, Larry Kiely, Nickle Peters, Buddy Davis and Denny Reed. Back row, standing:.
Captain WUliam A. Thorn, Coach 8. J. Me Carter, Johnnie Ricclo, Gerald Gaskill, Corky Kar-
pinski, Oary Hytinen, Brian Lut, Ronnie Hytinen, Manager H. Lutz.


. :~J.. I ~in*~ 1Id.4~in,. DES DENIAl

LILIU LedgU T vi.uUiy yaPOqucL
The championship Coco Solo presented with a desk pen set.
Braves of the Atlantic Little cuff links and tie clasp in appre-
League, together with their par- citation of their work and time
etns, team manager, coaches devoted throughout the year to
and fans, gathered at the Offi- handling the team.
cer's Club, Naval Station, Coco Honored guests numbered a-
Solo, on Wednesday evening for mong the eighty' in attendance,
a victory banquet to award tro- were Captain 'and Mrs. W. A.
phies and to celebrate their win- Thorn and Commander and Mrs.
ning the 1955 championship. R. M. Grower.
Captain William A. Thorn, |L__ l
commanding officer, U.S. Naval D lnoo K Cf68rn3O10
Station, Coco Solo, presented
the Most Valuable Player award a
to Brian Lutz for his brilliant Program Includes
championship style play
throughout the year. To "Corky" Al ArA
Karpinski, Captain Thorn then |All A U UMUUs
presented a trophy for perfect r
attendance and sportsmanship; This year's recreation program
"Corky" having played every ie- has been geared to meet all age
ning of every game during the groups from pre-school to adult
1953-54 seasons. To each player recreation. The activities being
on the team a sports jacket was offered are varied to create in-
then awarded by Captain Thorn. terest for all participants. For
Mr. Lutzand the past few weeks the staff at
The manager, r the Balboa Gym has been hard
coach, Mr. McCarter, were each at work scheduling the various
Registration for the recreation
IA and swimming program will be
CLorky V ~aleIin held at the Balboa Gym on
June 13, 14 and 15, from 8 to 4
Il m p.m. Parents are asked to ac-
RK lImIUds Tebbe1 company all pre-school and 6 to
8 year old children. No fees will
TA fla w D ae'A tbe charged for registration and
!To Keepn P rI sI schedule sheets may be picked
= up at this time. The schedule
Manager Birdie Tebbetts of will show the various activities
Cincinnati told Corky Valentine offered as well as the time and
he would bring him back to the age groups involved.
big leagues "as soon as possible"' The five to eight year olds are
when he sent him to Havana of placed in a special group and
the International League twvo their program will run from 9 to
weeks ago, but the 25-year-nld 11 a.m. Monday through Thurs-
right-hander is making sure day. Friday are designed to
Birdie doesn't forget. feature special events such as:
I doll shows, hobo days, etc. Dur-
Valentine hurled a two-hitter ing the weekly program finger
against league-leading Toronto painting, coloring, story telling,
June 5, and last night he struck hikes, games and creative work
out 10 and allowed three hits in and swimming will be offered.
a game called in the top of the The nine to twelve year olds
ninth with Havana ahead of will have a special program that
Rochester, 4-1. will include activities of interest
for this age level. They are ar h-
The game was called in order ery, tennis, swimming, tumbling
to allow the Red Wings to catch and apparatus, basketball, vol-
a plane. It will be finished on leyball, table games and indi-
Havana's next visit to Roches- vidual sports.
ter. The teenagers have a similar
program, but in a more advanc-
Rocco IppoUto's two-run horn- ed stage. A number of tourna-
er helped Richmond to a 5-1 mental have been scheduled and
victory over Toronto with veter- will be held both on the Pacific
an Bill Volselereceiving credit as well as the Atlantic. Each
for the triumph, playground will send representa-
S- tiv from the different age
Home runs by Steve Demeter, groups to those tournaments.
Chick King, Charlie Kress, Ron Adult recreation wil be avail-
Sanford ad TTom Yowcic power- able to all those interested Mon-
ed Buffalo to a 10-3 triumph day through Thursday at 7 p.m.
over Buffalo. starting June 20. This program
Rain postponed the Montreal- will include volleyball, baaet-
Coalumbus amne. ball, eti.

Panama Fives

Clash Tonight

Gen. Jose A. Item
Teams Won
Chesterfield ....... 3
Deportivo Balboa .. 2
Deportivo Panama. 1
Atletico Colon .,.. 1
Deportivo Royal ... 1
Deportivo Salas ... 0
Chesterfield vs Deport
ama at National Gymn

Deportivo Royal vs I
Salas at Colon Arena -

The 1955 Panama-Coc
vinclal Basketball Leagi
began May 28, will off
fans two games tonlgh
the league leading Ch
five tackle the Deporti
ma quintet at the
Gymnasium at 8 and th
tivo Royal and Deport
battle each other at t
Arena at 7:30.
Chesterfield has been
en in three games thi
while their arch rivals.
vo Panama, have spli
games played.
Tonight will be. ti
meeting for the two t
Over in Colon, Depor
al will try to even it
1-2 record with a win
portivo Salas which t
unable to triumph in
Deportivo Royal's lon
was over the powerful
Panama in the season'
ral tilt at the National

Playground Si

Margarita Summer P
After carefully stor
and pencils. for future


Brooklyn: Erskine (8-2) and

Milwaukee at Pittsburgh, post-
poned rain.
(Night Game)
- -h- --t-

(Night Game) I
New York 010 000 200-3 9 0
Cleveland 000 100 001-2 8 0
tByrne (3-1), Morgan, ]on-
stanty and Berra.
Garcia (3-7), Wight, Narleski
and Foiles.

St. Louis 10000000--1 9 1 (Night Game)
New York 001 000 Olx-2 10 3 Baltimore 000 101 010-3 7 0
Kansas City 000 00 00-0 8 2
Arroyo (6-2) and Sarni. Wilson (5-5), M oore and
Hearn (7-6) and Katt, Wes- Smith.
trum. Herbmert (0-5) and W. Shants

7T T Tr .-,,

n V.f.W. Tec

t PeAre Hers h
1 .667
1 .500
2 .338 At a meeting held Friday eve-
2 .333 ning at the JWB-USO Center on
2 .000 La Boca Road in Balboa, it was
revealed that $918.77 has been
[ES raised up to date toward the
tivo Pan- Daying of expenses in sending
iasium the Teenage baseball players
from the Canal Zone to Hershey,
,..eporti After close scrutiny, the origi-
rtvo Ig nal goal of $3,000 was reduced to
7:30. $2,000. This means that the
half way mark has practically
ilon Pro- been reached and within the
ue, which next week the boat passage a-
fer cage board the Panama Line will be
it, When paid.
esterfleld Information received from
vo Pana- FVW headquarters in the States
National discloses that It Is planned for
te Depor- the Canal Zone Teeners to play
ivo Salas at Rockaway Beach, Long Is-
he Colon land, before they proceed to Her-
shey to compete for the Nation-
unbeat- al Championship.
is season, Lots of credit is being given to
Deporti- various Army Posts for assist-
t in two Ing the Fund Raising Committee
In soliciting donations.
he. first. As usual ,many Panama mer-
eams. chants and businessmen have
contributed to the cause.
tivo Roy- The following is how the
s present $918.77 has been raised.
has been Tecon;,-t25; Cafe Duran. $10;
two out- Lincoln Life, $10; Smoot Pare-
des$10: Colon Motors. $15; Sam
ne victory Friedman, $5: Catholic Daugh-
Deportivo ters Of America, $5; Cocoll Re-
s inaugu- creation Community, $84.75; Ft.
I Gymna- Amador function, $20.75; VFW
Post 3835, $14; Miraflores Lock
-employes. *50. Total $249.50.
ports Captain s. E. Johnson, $5; H.
F. Willenbrock, $5; Rufus Love-
lady, $5: Unknown Doctor, $5;
program Clifton Ryter, $20: Richard Erb,
ing books $1; Capt. Leonard Hart, $1; Lloyd
use. boys,

and girls of the Margarita area
have been expressing their de-
sires to begin playing the vari-
ous vacation time activities to
be offered them at; the Marga-
rita Gymnasium.
Many have already registered
at the Gymnasium and those
who have not yet done so may
choose their favorite sports by
reporting' to the gymnasium of-
fice. Children from Fort ;ulick,
Coco Solito, Navy Hospital, Coco
Solo and Fort Davis will be wel-
come in the Margarita Gymna-
sium to enjoy the summer pro-


?y Bound

W. Peterson, $1: Able Anderson,
$2; Capt. Harrington, $1; Mslas
Barrett, $1; Atlantic i8de Ticket
Sales, $189; Pacific Ticket Bales,
$433.27. Total $60.27.

The Ht Parde

(Based ahI ft **Is alt O)
Player and club g ab r Pet.
Kaline, Detroit 53 206 4 -$ .38
Kuenn, Detroit 45 181 26 65 .348
Power, K. City 46 176 31 5T .324
Mantle, N.Y. 55 193 2 60 0.311
Vernon, Wash. 51 183 25 57 .311
Ashburn, Phila. 42 162 30 57 .352
Klus'ski, Cincl. 48 192 31 64 .33
C'nella, Bklyn. 53 199 38 8 .332
'Mueller, N.Y. 30 207 25 68 .29
Virdon, St. L. 43 163 24 53 .325
Campanella, Dodgers .... 18
Snider, Dodgera ......... 17
Mayas, Giants ........... 1i
Kluszewski, Redlegs ..... 16
Mantle, Yankees ........ 14
Zernial, Athletics ....... 14
Snider, Dodgers ........ 58
Campanella, Dodgers ... 57
Kaline, Tigers ........... 41
Mantle, Yankees ....... 41
Ennis, Phillies ......... 40
Kluszewski, Redlegs ..... 40
Mantle, Yankees ........ 52
Anidr Tin__--- Dod A*

rta ia, mJagrs ........ 4
DMss U L Smith. Indians ......... 46
Riding HiH Bruton, Braves .......... 45
Chicago A R 9 0 A Kaline, Tigers ........... 4
Miksis cf ........ 4 0 0 1 0 HITS
Bolger cf ........ 0 0 0 0 0 Kaline, Tigers ...... 9
Baker 2b .......4 0 2 2 31 Mueller, Giants ........ U
Speaker If........ 4 0 0 1 Aaron,Braves ........... 8
Jackson 3b ...... 3 0 0 0 41 Campanella, Dodgers .... 86
King rf .........3 0 0 4 0 mit Indians...........
Banks as ........ 3 0 1 01 3~. ,a s........'.
Fondy lb ........ 3 0 0 10 0 PITCHING
McCullough c .... 3 0 0 5 0 Pitcher and Club W L Pt.
Jones ...... 1 1 1 Newcombe, Dodgers 10 0 1.000
Merriman..... 1 0 1 0 Jeffcoat, Cubs .... 4 0 1.000
Hillman ........ 0 0 0 0 1 Ford, Yankees..... 7 1 .875
b-Baumholtz .... 1 0 0 0 0 ynn, Indians .... 7
Andre n ...... .... 0 0 0 0 aui U w... P .

Fifty candidates have signed
the table-tennis tournament list Totals 30
to date. A single elimination
tournament will be operated. The Brooklyn
pre-season favorite to take first
place honors is Jean Chambers. Gilliam 2b ....... 3
Bowling instruction will be Reese ss .......... 4
given on the Margarita bowling Snider cf ........ 3
alleys every Monday and Friday Campanella c .... 4
from 11 to 12 o'clock. This game Amoros It f....... 3
is open to boys and girls of the Hodges lb ....... 3
teen-ate grouo and scoring of Robinson 3b ..... 3
the game as well as bowling will Furillo rf ........ 2
be emphasized. Erskine p ........ 3
On Tuesday and Thursday Totals 28
morning fat 8:15 a bus will take a-Singled for Jones
the children to the Gatun swim- b-Grounded out
ming pool for supervised instruc- in 8th.
tion and recreational swimming.
The bus will leave the Margari- Cubs ........... 00(
ta Gymnasium area as indicated Dodgers ........ 001
and return at 11:15. All swim-
mers are urged to be on time Errors-Fondy 2.
for the bus departure. 3, Erskine 2, Campan
Girls' basketball and volley- base-Baker. lM -
ball teams will play games three Reese, Campanella.
afternoons per week. The boys -Reese. Sacrifice-l
will have at least one team in rice fly-Erskine. De
each of the A-through E classi- Gilliam-Reese-HodEe
fications and practice games will Baker-Fondy. Left ft
be held daily. 4, Dodgers 7. mass
Monday evenings will be eilU- Jones 3, Hillman 4,
dren's night in the gymnasium. SO-Jones 3, Andre
On Tuesday and Thursday nights Hits off-Jones. 3-5, 1
the adults may Wlay badminton Andre 1-1. Runs
or volleyball. And every Wednes- runs-Jones 4-3, 1
day and Friday the Atlantic Hit by pitch Andr
Basketball League will offer two WP-Krskilne (8-2).
game nightly. (0-7).

- __iraz ine, o L gera.. a
0 4 24 121-

0,0 0 2
1 0 0 0
1 2 1 1
7 5 27 10
s In 6th.
for Hllman

1 00 00-0 !
1 031 20C-71
nella 2. Two
- Xrskine,
Stolen base
Odges. Sac-
s; Banks-
a base, Cubs
oBn balls-
Arsklne 1.
1, rakine 8.
Hillman 1-2.
and earned
lhaman 3-2.


V MUE= -4

Tfa UmUnaC= 4




Brooklyn .....41 1
Chicago ......32
Now York ....28 2
Milwaukee ...262
Cincinnati ...21
Philadelphia ..223
St. Louis .....21
Pittsburgh ...l7

Pet. GB
.774 -
.593 9%
.519 13M
.500 14!,a
.429 18
.423 181,
.420 184
.327 23%

Chicago at Brooklyn
Cincinnati at Philadelphia
Milwaukee at Pittsburgh
St. Louis at New York

(Night Game)
Chicago 000 000 000-0 4
Brooklyn 001 031 20x-7 5

New York ....38
Cleveland ....30
Detroit .......29
Boston .......25
Washington ..22
Kansas City ..20
Baltimore .... 17

.477 Iu

.4A1 14
.377 17
321 20

Baltimore at Kansas OCity
Boston at Detroit
New York at Cleveland
Washington at Chicago

Boston 10220dC-0-a I (
Detroit 0020 000-2 8
Nixon (5-4) andt White.
Mass (4-3), Aber and Wilson.

p,;. .1.

* ..

Chicago: Jones (8-7), Hillman, Washington at Chicago, Post.
Andre and McCullough. poned rain.

ftcanto Todav .35, .20
Elizabeth Taylor
Van Johnson, in
Jose Ferrer, in

I DEAL Today .20. .10
Errol Flynn, in
Muriel Lawrence, in



.- .* "t .


rf--f-t 't





* 'j.~Y*-* ~*.

I ~ ~~~~~~ '1*~ *t* ,.* .~*


. a. iu e ... ..^ .saw rw m T AB -. ,. W SA..,. S.*.,. '. 4 .=._. ff. f. '

Eleven births, including a _et .
2. twi-- were reported at CXc.o

rn t etliy: bo an rav were born to Cpl1 and Mrs.(P C ... P e W... o ...
rhere re .paien ts ad m itted I. -

os. aghtea. of W strikess te
Babies were b orn t o the fol- .
lo wing Amrins pit ins: AAC.
drl were a. -.nd. Cpl. and Mrs;

aMro. ,n d r., arlt, Oron tol. r n .. d of .. a. .. ... lea C the ...oln. 0W.... a e

l re. L aerie of agents admitted rnd ;, ..ork ur a anoon n r e t .. .tl negotiate of e tows 6e an s wber et D re th

ad Mr.oand Mr1. can Mrs A. Kn- onrtve oana ner Isthmune Th Cor aitod e a Ir nig outWor kersl thee said omte walko nt orld beaf twhhke wp d-ho e a1tf ans t ht e Ts rese -
lardo, of Colon, son. nd Sculls previous as IgWment problem ." The teah went back t f night .d W ;.o agreement ., Stud bater-
OWne boys and eigh ofCols were Wineers as Dstrt Enginew of the troub other w b- e Aerican

born at Gorgas Hospital arriveodq nrter I stou nletMor walktod ah idled f. ta t t from th lonk to thof ctl trcal work-htorm. told others
the week endln. at midnight, Fla. He has been on duty there than General l a. r A h e ers' union. -d o tee
the weekly hospital report The new Lieutenant Governor the wTe when 5. m would go the ith e
TBabies were im dborn, od has er N drtkTngurshed career ployes M t rn South Ges w ids tor the completion Owen When ik W e md s t ntts

.Jd at the hospal Ch urino the ntho the Corpan of EnneerA He Cal ti o plant went back u treet In the t doa Platt Area set, he oLt that ithe *
eek. A total of 20C patents a gduated p rom Dhhe Ul Tted work T e t w e are now being advertised by there e an er lo dt.dt..e b -

. charged. He also received a degrGe of Civ- enough to prevent a,'parts stinrt-
ThR namrei and addresses of 11 Enginee from Corell Uni- age which forced General Mo- The street, which to one of
Saetof she br babes veralto on 19f. tors to shet down o plants em- the last projects in the recon- e i wou n- I nAUA
e brosand eMri. Rt gi n mber- PriJor to t 1WUrC dWar wit ehe playing another 60,000 workers structIon program oor the Bal- w wff I
A. Waterman andMrs. The CIO nite served as d Auto Workcony ersofficerersn said the plant would be bo Flats, wi be extended ftoor w tot
Mr. i and Mrs. WenoelChib reoMran lHerman W. 8hul, closed untr et. leu t Monday so approximately 500 feet pa o that h tiaeds Wih b too th e d Jim
Daughter; Mr. anama Cy- recently service includ- the of ldoat strikers child catch it oins. Pearson Street on onel 0.75 0.40 RELEASn t t t
fre C. WndMrs.o R L Wio governor oftha anal ot up with assembly operations l and Wrigh treet onhad toworkers bandl 5 p.m.Wherethere's
Stya ton: Cpl. and Mrs. e n- arrive nt; commandin g off neer of The spe lallaushed f f aor the Jobtalkscent ta el
r e n D ee Bans Trade .w n I
.hobbe flee of the Chief of y Co rnel n Gen ral M o-, e t twi i e r of t
torle p eret orn of the o l babie v ty in e 1920.ftorigtoishot owt2n ts the blat pro in the eaon
S ofd M r. une r. and M rs L.onservdasamco patn three ears a id- O sait hieM L Ian t, "uleoa- Fl"artsn tt wi r be exene or h_

erl0r e1ho Olosn. eMrs r Mr rpev sg e mtan o the wrlnn loU rwhetems!wn tback n ia i0 ard Ikrt on en o ld lhe a
'bbo off..t tfe paa distant cahgte a monecuntes .me spreo fne seof Junte i20 In the jBoardb i
staff the Army0 g 4.e the Avilet Unton oland Cch- oom of the IBalboa l eights Ao d storm, o ltii Xc...t

.-arrro. ofaamaIn Cn ter ad sena East Germany.c HiU B- ministration Buco ldsntu c Col. s-ree twnuA uo:...m

*O? I-Sg.adr C h chin fB aa. Romania, Alba- Hugh M. Arnold, Engineering sxg rali*lh lam A iumn
A .nFU.C O nD OuSthVG4C o O "a i K construction Bureau DWaain- -is o i t
we re a ndm Mtrse. L.21 dnS taess ign etm in ed L in Ameutricae n d d id t fme r tona lter. Ianat C o n forn

M. a Laa ad, vrs. fo Lhn Sovheietst Aviatinionngineer Regi-d other ceed.
*obe ic f h Cif fEniees

Tomorrow io Close Stations
Nearly all Panama City radio other radio station employes will
tAtions will go off the air st noon go to Juan Franco racetrack as
,a qrow in annual observance of guests of the management and
! ^ .Announcers Day. to witness the running of the an.
.6 observance wi get under- nual "Ainounncers lHandicap,"
way informally tonight with two scheduled for the tenooth race on
Spaces in honor of the announce. tomorrow'i program.
e. One dance will be held at the
0hlno Vina'del Mar in San Fran- The observance will wind up
Soand the other at the Mecha- with an informal buffet for ra-
les Club. dio station workers and their
A long-distance bicycle r ace guests.
%il0 start off the observance at 7
faorrow morning, followed by a
rlEuiem masa for all dead radio
w kers at 8:30 a.m. in the Ca- .. Collectors
tholic Ch,"-h in San Francisco
o.ise for e bicycle race have CHICAGO, June 11 (UP) -
en donated b Red Panamerhi- T W enterprising bandits took
,Oaa, Ond b Popular and Dave up an "office collection" today.
,_tab.rand They broke into an insurance
| %softball game between radio company office before opening
w*.kers of Panama and Colon is tie and frisked the employeea
g.,uled for 11:30 a.m. in Beth, as each arrived for work. They
I a Presidential candidate Tr- i escaped with $6000.
nests de la Guardia Jr., owner of -----
IRadlo Miramar, will throw the BAB ...
| eatball with a member of the BALBOA TIDES
Mald U. 8. Armed Forces radio
behind the plate and a re- SUNDAY, JUNE 12
S tai of Red Panameri-.- HIGH LOW
b8 :01 a.m. 2:00 e.m.
the game, announcers and 8:15 p.m. 2:52 p.m.

0.60 0.30




I I I ',

WICE: .76 y .4n Show: 1:an, :30, 4:, p.m.
Beyond any

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0.60 0.30

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sOtonts ani
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)AY 14

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