The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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Britan's- Prime Minister An' affair today: hands of cvlan-type manage- e bagged 10 is before he was shot down .and capture.
tio Eden. had expreued a de "By eairon, I sm oso A pra sednt." lt chers. r., donned a helmet a m.bed
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LONDON, June 7 (UP) Britain rMil strike i
day accepld a labor-drafted negotiatn formula.i
first faint glimmer of hope for endiagteir 1 I
WalkOUt. '* .;
The five-point peace formula was drafted
by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) the I
member parent labor organization.roughly compare
the American CIQ-AFL.
Thq.striking Associated Society of Locom6tive
ners and Firqpen (ASLEF) aniq unced today that i -t
entered talks boWed en the TUC pion.,
Th. proposed compromise would reopen wo.A.M."
tiottniwth the ritsh Tranpwrt Cginmmisios "w
""U.ts U ,llon." '
I I ae Minister Anthony Eden's government a'n"Sk
troSnport commission which operates fhe no"is i
so favor have refused to negotiate until thu*
than 0,000 striking engineers andi4eme return

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Serer need for hind thitattement appel
Mwesdo a M an uDl :4r d,4 0be ams recent ev the Fot6700 CZ Kids lThiorrow a o...n t ..hosi esi
Was a concosion to the .1 u affairs .wledom apmats. on's ssap- plash on nlustry and em
of President Eienhower, who'rad theenytion that Wisdom on- 1) The friendly attitude of the CONN -I-- pmeat
he-wisdto spend woloes eretle Russian lehip.r c w. TGnrlt was
o- ei ,efns hH
conference" that i- to set te month, in ever play of business 2) T- minmhor furore cause d for this school year choruses of the two high schools of the -trikng union, indicated
stage lot more detailed efto-- and In every h ...b yp ba retot assertion by ViCem w for V hOxlY Ol edentsIn several of the Ca- the. next move is up to theo oy-
o President Richard KM Nixon that th- Zone tdent when -nal one schoolssaw and were Orunment.
worthe f d11. Iorge f lfinalport cards are distribute seen by the Seco-d Lady of the He gold matter due t
wolwayest Is h e od In the rtited States schools. United States when Mrs. Rich- and consideration of the p -
-=mit"- -arly ,should- themet.I..ngtoSome n at lastes at .,thle nSeveral physical changes were my executive nu
Dhllo Ie of" pus rl lpelfUantaesol: a n- S e.,s.t u lboa lemenh a school was visions of fmul.
R-. -, :.--g' f tti-d to pub. "Ma.'nano -- -lor Cbllegtin. e made during th et-.,ol seear. dirmeto no thcf TOO
9nging ayn a^s 4 a -when the 1958- dedc son er the school 7he TUC 0q 0s acting a
w-,.ware.e-s as th t io butp. ., Ports socheres werp added to out, hurried .t-IV .au
Jgtrenss th. atesnr h t way r "approximate pres- Registriton for the summer the Balboa and Gmbo ele Sir Water Moktea's office
R T, June 7 o ut there th there was two I, .us .. .s n take place Friday at mental schools and a covered after winning mthe AULF over
rta t .. or three mons ao. e saaid e reposition, arm us in e- The. of the Cana th Jutor College office geway constructed between to it p,
so' actually is n ain nor m p unable f alon to meet ev one We seeking author- Cloeslg day exercises Were Balboa High School and the the ocaed
Si 'aefire in existence a the For. e Pa C ) as an esti- Ihe last Friday for the 333 Ju- gymnasium. day ao,' 'IaLW
111y'I mtAoM area. While this snot a matedc the two-lane proj- nOr High School students at -h
M ,to' .r atoy as It might be soe- 9 HI gh S ool ittor.OOOO I Balboa and Orstobal. ma* Pa sses BIB m embers
go to r =1t is necessary to deal~wi PtSSeS 9 Sey, ?was
it i' a erly p tb2e honan informal basoi. It Th le have eome Thirty-five students received th eI key mto .the.ountws

i=b r i et to release more American & -lr iss. CanalZon Junior College. candm bl r
td of s Mo e t Du ha sw hi rtylin ala and sa tCis-fr trf ou cr d hen tolBI aM
ti n li eth o m. eet rvll hi ng podin AS'a SS oail H eg Seho utudents of 'a t .i ra Enrolinlmezt inh t h e United A bill carrying pay raises for ts
sador V. K. h r na Ht an, w hired by the Caunal orgpaton the 2 1 hae to car!y Sat~e' schools, in grades one .shool teachers in theDistrict of net to
te a recent colaeted a ruitoPp u the t two weeks in tth suh has been arger this olumba as passed recently another to con-

~' u-e r'l -- a to work as student as- The t out tsht a ooiyear than ever before, seo by the Senate. aordin. to n- ser the wave unrest
t....eet "' ut he sai he hopes to 1 k .tants during the suImm. r vaca- t woud h cordnr to sigurd 3. r formation reaching the thmus Which ,S .lslttl
withdIsb wulw Wlon months It a been an- se nt Highway to perintendent of schl The by mail today. i to
o the s a ~ ned by s Personnl B- car while the new chool year has alsoeep mark- Since salaries of Canal Zone

state me of rovin it gNs r. rotees-pd erows certooc arySedcah number of changes and teachers are based' oft the Di- T he Trad
SV.... .. eve--- nts.Agan, tdhect ,oolubiea cay sca a f ou-point pun -Dstbe a
a e ADl. oicthewo tniot as nees-s was taught, In the first three son and instructors automaticta
oAbr aP reentyc mple tp' t' e to ut t grades of tr rthe elever tare ly results in increa of base in mi ne
Sta find th eead e i~tgereto tw exMMAta arry the schools. py .for the lml teIchr I s it
He mti n.. o nb the abee n- sent leged Repentt of tce hMiddle eved theb permt foreign a t s

forse apre meghi nr e he sDcrheree Its ownr a yra e alsI ac o seasurer de-
rthWant ; b .p o iha tpthmCndZne -o n nt i t -meh nsn

oFrani m. .i ntructon. yanuberf ch gs o ther sT wased bon shly eshe Sheenate

.. ola_.-. a y.ter.tis.ay se bi f teoroa i n
only..... .... "" h I crkBarryh cooy red o on. ,,,er .Smoakes

He tc _. _,5.6.coossp- T he passed by the Senate t be.e. to fin wha

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":, .. ..' y",_ ... .. ..' .

I 7 7. H STREET P. 0. BOx 134. PANAMA. R. OeP .
SCA E ADDRESS. PA111j I*N x, ALl .
p.oN Orw'ci 12.179 CENTRAL AviA TvgTil ^Bal. W. 1
345 MADISON Avg. NEW YORK. (17 N. Y'V .
LOCAL (4 I..
ER' MONTH. IN ADVANCE____ S 1.70 ;
0*1' six MONTHS. IN ADVANC. O '.80 .y
,@ O ONE YEAR. IN AOVANCE __ 1.850 3 4.00

,r News
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.' dettrs are secived
1- If you contribute
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on open forum for readers of Thl
gratefully and ere handled in a
t a letter don't be Impatient if it
published in the order received.
ip the letters limited to one page
r writers is held -In stdcrest corti
anumes no responsibility for stall

my pa
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Q --- -- --rsn t Iuch orve ea-- o a.
' spresed in leOters from readers. would he taE the industry for
St Thereww Zdoubt o that this e
cTiUSIC, PLEASE formaulgye the Auto Wo rkrs n i
W .. pri wa not in name.

,0 So please, CFN. make with the music. N thise quar e e oi e tohn know hl
tufi, and no Jive about Snobody a preciates It but the kids," be- heaawe. t oe therec w se eator f tillea. li ray arel t
e anyone could go for "Rock found the Clockt" "Unchned cities really knew t ai ither-for *Walaa t
ldy," "Sincerely," "H Important Can It Be," "Tht's All I his mind. For hours over thet
ant For You." (All old, but who's heard any newer?) For hour. ove telo
holiday wtk-end and right through
bated withhislf. to 011181
-We want It back. Those who are close a to him, in. -hi is
eluding two union vicepresidnt mar. Mars laela, wahu1 ,
Tweedle Dot knew that Reuther had unota wmen tr l#Adi* s ywa yrI,
Ships decision as late as May 30 Ie oI t lin s anwa
when he approved the di pos or the. ne p rs cameras Labor le a o
patch of to confidential tel. In chummy Jupotn with for lmer toe s
grams to his key lieutenants acro inner and -enr w el a to twelve
tIe land. Then wires had thew te man in beboin w tm, hyel otai
effect of some military command out e O vi tel a
h headquarters orders going through 1 'B "
channels right on down the lines eEcit =IS________ ______________I_________O___to__;________
to squad loadh in front line out. .. ..
posts. le Senators serving athe judici- where.. It l
The first wire arrived early P.o.. ary comm tte have been mand llut
and curo 1s tHSeeeo uowtr ly with^aw, hls,,froa-
May 31 and changed the currie-. O I n ha some or nd h is asto se anod e isai .
ulum for the auto union's many thpsome orism l -sew Iah
summer schools. It read: One of e att o hee 1a0 uI n .,
"It Is quite apparent that ts a o rSus oo w rs ed t o be *ge on- ruai g Mhat la. Jpu, co tr fl de ic I iAL
"It is quite apparent that s ta By Peter Edson a os uton, --*-- aen acto n t t
result of the current developments ed t e Jutor qge o L. ihoS Mats o1
our union may be Involved In one Fifth Crc Cit o t e
of the greatest crises in its history ~ rown, it now 4e0o1 ."
during the summer months. We WASHINGTON -(NEA)- This Is not true, says Dr.age cI determined. m Anoerld Ib e lfr
are sure yo hve enged In spe hat' neededIn the polio vab. Scheele. O ne injectl will give There is n et -n0 oof, says .os
SEEMS ^liIlladtion about the outcome. As a c W situation fiht now, says Re. more imnmunity than, none. A n d Motor S cha1 tu 6s0 scasea I t isoriteId f 0mi- awae lehr
olPequefnce of our discussions Charles A. Colverton (R-N.J.) the third shot, seven mba0hs after reported from. chd to oeoinulated je ai4 te rv ArJ l
atum"Wr schwt ool shouM offer that "We have to build up the the first, will give still more. with vacete d pepMas t.the. Cut J of ltna 2 wa.2Mhto t y
a "delegate an, o0portultd to ontidence of the people. If it is How long the immunity lasts, ter Laboratories go polio from better ease r.
tions of 411d disca e the falIca" true that no vaccine is perfect, we scientists don't yet know. But chil. the inoculation. w o mpany no reprepd
tions of unlonI demands and have to let the people know this dream who were InElted two and But it takes 28. days t runa aRench sle tando thing to do with promdion
the offers of the corporations. Con. in such a way that they won't be three years ago s have anti- serum' teat by InOg i lan mo bew i
sequently Brendone xton. union bupset."Ibodies in their blood to prevent he key-sad'tho mia.K_- c,,.t w .eab.. Uloww-up u"Y....,e"r
educational director- VR) has set" emerged as the bdiease thir n while loaded with highly enplos
huiinlob ne tme p situation demesgede a the uniy i not tu will beaw i ll y bef re o monudnitate, an| a nea
asked that materials for such a House Interstate Commerce Com- lasting, booster shots can be give* the Cuttee tesw ard J andi B amglyaer, owned bytin
class be XresFrt rand that mittee under Roep. J. Percy Priest later, a final wgo ckt and eade, i|nes Broto mso &no caugHL fire
You be as d rage (D-Tenn) began it nvestig nations Wht has been largely forgotten As r H. Snd
.r^^e led Ineo a into where we are neow and whatu ainathe s rAeviopments since of the hatin poloice c i. ACbew wa Mmlvawy load.
mao :strike during the Saweek of to do next. n the resu el last year's tests with explains it. ,e Io lse oe a egover"ent woas, a uteri, ptM
Anuabhl. Wae-n#" ot ae o n TChnicpoa the committee he thed vact be w e t aunced ont tu sneme l so lra een r wlaS.. .enstwel

NTHONHATRS enter)of thestoragbnh w re aa ved who doe aawell tlwit he sand. "Neither iscrad Hek w oat eTofi shepohr an woind getaded e e a ovumet en waM at nemni ught, nuadBt B5 b
S u re u o a t i s i a ea lI. ed e re ers, Brown e r a a b
db tO ,d fr
The peco 'nwb, 4' Centin C u.
wtvr s In!.s or," a't j3
z tl s byan IMaer h earg qmeate t'.. ..t.b C-..

lBo wowhror r tre. Tsa daired ftor sst. See. sta tes. toe were the tlarg s. t ts ha- hs wn me Etca

~he oprllrsof ob teoadnruhabuth tu m 3K u1ee w o e mutttnich-hBt ory wec osa tk e deer cncen. B afa y cometbepir f b fromw o wio b sal- oe t ts Irdll
uBautoh union cs to sound out tee foert all a ou thme l. In should hve ovid n equate A child ma heave a low rb.tahse o nahis siat r-ee apo peh
Sil bpsaeune iIe n their aeas d 1t0, et went erhit to work try- index to the vaccine's reliability, to the disease. id chi trih o a i'iea i ise t c le ai

rlereouarCroa et nd hatroris sn exlaha a ctr oP nur omn leedyi
td oeetoM onAehwellP of mre s ra b ewkeins p whathi sfeor neeouedisi Theyrif a thnvo r M ane he immse ol Ap aterl, th ensshoud e haendt U
Annual Wfge-hande to tperoal inthe amxpup of bbythe-last six eks found he 0 to S per ces.nt time of e inoctiro. Immunity ufaen tshoineatosa, re A te see i
NTHONtAeeutvterotstoeram A who spoke weUl "Myswife told me not to cornel effective against Type I polio 0 from InoeulatIn builds un slowly. thnts fard Usthercord .i sst- neA tmoe brol a idp nt ro will
The uto union regional chief home, saidRep. Arthur G. Klein to p cent effective agat not e
cendy cited by M. en Lonel C. arr oan e- ed threw ot -) adthe- Types and I. n te eo d ft enough to prevent ae s neringee ntil the d wh s bu
s weesto othe Tthtrehest o. vaccines ecla i .t eatbl
SUBACARB, for a work simpifrcation study coSyered ino r n strik atee wires ina ha had toe rhes w n s e
Aaed to eeorhe comptroller's officer to be te outndng such tudy in them the of home wtut the answers. But to p cent agnt Polio epidemics brak out wa si iesitian e. an r a
ntbeecrtv Mrs. lnMrs uaattitude is typical of Types ocm eciv. regular attemnT In uIpredi ble atmosphere bof cool, cynical mock- matter, toat aduls0 -- t drive
e USARCARIB during the third quarter of fiscal 1955. Th e gram not the uneesaiRty of most people So far year, experience has pieces, cause of the dna nthaerac om safety and itne preservationtanm

But Ip n the silntions tot t, a, lhemd- ro 1
e i aeunit In firstthts cold oteu Had-tonte ethoer onhuld we attye wl itIi ti theeo :edfas o thenougditsaevintatahein enit ois no a i it. mhe e a far.
arert aethat sd rea Health Service, han cleared up one e among the five m or insue, the o ee L Of e n various atte ad ta
OMe .uppyifora w .cowantos .umarrorfa strmkofhsewre@wrentother ayind we gtes, an e wasfo eclredn60heiseaseteaaangWad -shm."t r
ad Aand wanou A strike co io lste len ass ae c epotiin aii at this accusation, sued an order the makers of automobiles eth
he ouartermster. es handeito p teotially at the ny parents have the idea, he only the lide.l s are alerlb neases daor, wr the ebt e eund g nf aoatr,
uhoInnhomedeitbor, the g answersaftTyeof to p en sPoli-ico wihe hise akIu tinir t cooI so the r to oreth
ahri the loraer uilaigoni panrot sauys a tht t and sotf Salk poo sary teo wat till the of ewas sr, a hier ae mt re
vaccine ade more sub- suma-the season of worst would normally have npet-ro a
is seof itrlke-haly activists act t eretel ru cenh ahasofI the Ul. GOsvernment heaed taken aiion I Yot ten then the use
Intm demwe ere s upheemed no a t dequata preiautnomt in loadineore hi s accelonuod be derp oed
reaar tro t p lake, Not even a ouns and pchIagett eang theo nitrate any vehicle woestt s equnppn
short toen striklen tcoul e- n aolb c Van tt heNow teaitoney ws
e ro or give the union and the' company a opedhr atef se by thse ot has ben ap-
chphed ipromsoajJhnA.meorlt)chifof teo sve funtacetwasdakean make ,helactheUbeli he d aed by kee to sit that same DOG eATHEe UP
s corehlons. The' lSfrd CO. panub- lfWaoh t of
liclanledt GMptve tn-speciflye had .t melYhwrhe toh ero RUoRKdboItit' why srtoers are. nder- TORd sI wiINora r GTON, Cm..i t (UP)
fwtag eReerhtodasuemtpryhed Work eme whrees-Isesn ofworlduast what Fi or evetaahe pagaion Mr. and Mrs. iwrelng Mau

supplementary pa. in addition to --donkAilotpeMo thebtrettthis srason.rtheymoved .Goennthd aket
reason A!otherothey'redtuey rocedonsinlslia

sahrest of8 whichwal adpesenghtheanborate.
unem t e. ad of deru wet go to the meet- the rudiments, and a year he'd e aout whose beind I., 1 m awa e
The terave that Reuther unche ol newspaper ing He ways overt his las e beating te town. neveroon p

r couritn to other oldy.o nd wgiotot-ame" 1
4wans ttbeafomof ra i eve ones.mati eaf fadeernt tde.ment od sare.w o erdwr.
wanted annual wage-and the om to talking staf problems, like how list.He slept n as andolitician would be ly
pnae want It to ke a form of tingp* ihanged since we were chose courses like Early omeri, O oiand te rebel Would _
fresh cutin te business. _is Ceramiks Just for the poitc b w.I A year later-he'd cootki.
B nut theis lonDW not be paid editor, chewing on an olive, after oit.Pltwithhi claws in th ooh, i
back if the worker laid off and reducing the sea around it to a Bt the chances are he always Jar, and headlines wl be A i
never returns to For or GM. And minimum of moisture, said he had one professor who saw some- bl and black Wet. A o
Ift the worker is recalled, he pays reckoned the troupe was that we thin under the bravado, and who woul turn him around ona st,
beck in smneU instalnlmoents so that weren't getting the college crack- w=mdk l y come to bat for him .aR he'd ha the police i-Aum 3min
his living standard Is not seriously potsa on thena y p more. wh en of er' stripes a ae n a oda
iired. Te ament of the loan "Crackplot isn't the word ex- taleAt boundswas about to Sirt 0ry.. Aim a 4 he
is nased on virtually the same actly," he said. "Neitherr is.radi.kick IoutofcI get lot'aded omneIn a don.'lwiata ,
formula an which the union bases cal Neither Is nonconformist. Bult gt.einthe. resident's awn fur- snd get fird, .b
its demand for guaranteed supple, you know the guy 1 mean. Thi nure, or sgnin the chnceier'l should turn Up some 7 .' m
mental payments by thle company, guy wouldn't join anything, not name t hrbo check. Or ele there ad shak, with r
So incinmd-wenk, th Ze was no even the Communist party when was&.it Win the dean's office whoin nestiy S qAIanam
3 oncan the i not, not een well organized. This guy was a coveredMbm mon the quiet. 13C 'Olb X13V1 imaba m f
WERMOWY OF PWsaOR BONet-A World Wto M -. c8 expressed differenceeaon the length rebeL and since he didn't have TW# bby never knew what Ie to the a sMso nci. o c r ,s tt e.1
Amdo The diffence is In what the paT he graduated or more likely got mad' tthing. He didn't havWe Woud ai.
planes In the South Pacific, died 10 yes ago w testing mont to jobless workers M kicked out in his junior year he a 4i e u owed up tau thIn th-n -. am .s sPgo4
JetCliforni.clued ad the lllpec l l form it ca meto the papers for a n bp Nand aked what th ce. P

the loan luto n ou-tright grant. prs n more."hio tepa-51gs ge he Jobd byt e .b-' i
ta k v nahei what of -
wson n thhoel wa lthre guy wwh ha et

,' conformity to the old-school c dree
He argued hh prosrsas
,il eR sand was niways mixed up lm "a. M e '
publt o hatss with tah 4 and h srJ d.-


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Andt avert a onv.

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'1T70 TtE 'PAW'AIE&1Biutabitempleteldy palyze4 pdlr from
p, Cal.uses his. N substitfte'ra" which chaWes' Wn to use an electric tyewpiter.
00 rom *-a gtlas and do other thigs previdusly impossible. Friends at North Amer-
W5 irked eight,ioutbhs on the ptojet with. thb approval of -uanagement. The device,
bh Arm," Is hydraulically operated a&d soo will'be:offered for manufacture on a ono-
', basis so that others may b eeft from it.L

Popovic, In an Interview wlt
the United Press, Indicated sui
a Europe-wide pact might 1
hard to achieve but that It m;
become possible in the near f
The foreign secretary said tl
recommendation for the pa
contained in the Russo-Yugo
lay declaration of last Thursdi
represented no change In Yugo
lavia's policy.
Yugoslavl ae, heald, had pro
viously been recommending sean
an accord.
The Yugoslav aim now 1
added was to "work towai
bringing together the differei
attitudes toward this questloi
held by other countries.

. : .

BELORADE, Juae 7 (UP) -
Yugoslavia yesterday called in
the Westp Big Three ambas-
sadork aand envoys from Greece
and Turkey to give them an of-
ficial report of last week's BSo-
viet-YugoslAv talks.
The American, British and
French ambassadors, all sched-
uled to return- home this week
to brief their governments on
the negot -Ii, had a two-
hour -mseuon x Deputy Fqr-
eign- Mi5..jS4Jan Prica.
S Turkish ehvoys
join luf agenference later.
All:ftve nations had
tifi.t by- Pprident Tito of the
Yu cV .t-of Soviet ,(ommu-
nis qiit." iklta Khusahchev
and Weill'' Nikolai Bulganin
onef Im before the announce-
meltlef*helr-eoming-'was made

.^ vavifured them the n fl B loo rmSSUfe
the sofeB-would Wot affect IfHigh Boeod Preassure make
thistu'. friendly, relations ~ou disu.. "have pain, around
"W-s T. e.apap- nceiL dli stlon, palpita~on, and swollen
he 10, COnaoneelld anKI .l ( Myou can get almost Intaint
DmiB 15f *Wet :.WO ld -be ruefforom t dyertpus symp-
1.-' Woud e ist OXtods t V y feet

S. _._

I -


4 .

Scelba wag xi.pectel -taske the
or in ,the vital step Fatdeaywhanthe Chris-
S hi; Sfv. tinan D em c r at pMAliapentary
'-a uccesoft up. meets to discu th situa.
Srii n. With the three small parties
u hat the Christn. l ruling o.u appUarenUy
First see J* SUl lian reolved to support gloa t the
'through. vte, the premier most coevince
nla e of the most orderly elee- the rebels of bAn l a c r ea s e d
a J.A-.its history, the- lad of strength ps the result f the Sicid
Stave the CathoHe Party lian elections.
aer edge over the C.nuipit- The 130 insurgent Ch riastian
soceiut opposition. The Chritian Democrat deputies wre reported
Democrats gained serve seats in ready to come tq germs on t he
thU.-qeat parliament of the auto- condition Seelba offered' important
U q p island region, cabinet Foreign Ministry and the
Thgains gave the Christian Interior Ministry.
Def tt. a 3-730 edge over the The actual losers in Slellyls e-
LefA 4.iroup in parliament, the lectiona were the small c e n,t e r
nu b -of Communist .. Socialist groups add the Neo-Fascists. The
seats remainedd unchanged. artLUen Democratic gains came
- The Christian Demo ts ,cinal. at .heir expense, indicating a
dered the results a cl t vie.- growing trend of non-Communist
to'. They had deearedare voters to rally behind th govern-
the elections that they would'ac- Ing party instead of apI LUng their
eouat it a triumph if the extreme votes on smaller groups.

Drink-Crazed Husband Kills

Wife, Bar Patron, Himself

CRETLINE, 0., June (UP)
-A drink-crazed husband firing
wildly. In a tavern as customers
,dpcked for cover shot his wife
and a bar patron to death today
then "killed himself.
Police said that Beachel Ash-
er, 36. a native of Kentucky, shot
and killed C. Walter Fisher. 43,
and his wife. Geraldine, 28. who
'was working as a barmaid in
Ewing's Bar here. Then he turn-
ed 'the 20-gauge shotgun on
Police Chief Ralph Taylor said
tkp shooting climaxed a family
qiarrel and that Asher had been
drinking. Witnesses said the
soray of pellets left the bar a
shambles and that whisky flow-
ing from shattered bottles min-
gled freely on the floor with the
blood from the victims' wounds.
Police said Mrs. Asher, who
had sued her husband for di-
vorce, had appealed for protec-
tion this morning after quarrel-
Ing with Asher at breakfast.
Taylor said a patrolman ac-
companied the woman to her
job at Ewlne's. Where Asher was
vilt woriv*e ':.
a sm., so did ale toPik .' '

ir O Sale brok one toa nearby hardware store
0n hl A MAlbro
a .s where he bought the five-shot,
pump-action shotgun ahd a box
The Property Disposal Officer, of shells and returned. to W-
th U.S. Army Caribbean, has an- Ings. Twenty minutes later the
ch bounced the sale of various shooting started..
be items of foreign excess personal The police chief said Asher
ay property, located at Albrook Air started arguing witbehind the
u- Force Base. who was working behind the
u-Force Base. bar. When. Fisher attempted to
The property may be Inspect- halt tle quarrel. Asher fired
he ed by contacting the Base Dis- point blank at him killingaway him
d HOffieights. g.1030,CU=n-instantly Pud blowing away half
t saOffcerB 1030, Cu his face. Then he shot Mrs. Ash-
ayu egs er mother of two sons aged five
s- The Items Include semi-trall- and seven, in the neck.
era, trailer dollies, ton trucks,
fire trucks, a 1950 Chevrolet au- ,
. tomoble and many other items Scout N e ws
ch of varied Interest. Bids Will be
received on June 27 by. the Prop- ---
erty Disposal Officer at Bldg. Girl Seout Trop 16 I
No. 630, Corozal Ge Depot ldCo ofAwards
rd Corozal, C.Z. Girl Scout troop 16 completed
tV. their activities for the year with
a Ja Court of Awards held Trhurs-
CALF ODDIY day evening, Ma 26 at the Bal-
ESO Cboa Girl Scout house.
WWySTON Wvo- "UP) .A Mrs. W. ILH. Townsend, Presl-
WESTON, Wyo. (UP) A dent of the Canal Zone Girl
ranc ch b ecking his her d after Scout Council, awarded Barbara
the blizzard'fuuna one of his cowl Iarkerrthe Curved Bar ptin. high-
calf. Bob Mader said the calf's est aw
neck divided at the shoulder and rs. j. V. Carter. leader, pre-
there was a normal head and neck sented special awards to the fol-
in front of each fo'ele. ter- lowing: A camprshin awarTd for
wise, it was, a normal Hereford te o alad around
calf nathe most che u ll
SGirl Scout in the troop to Mary
Ann Bowen. Friendship pins
were presented to 'Mrs. C..O.
Webb, asalstant leader, who is
Ai.leaving. the Canal Zone and to
Mrs. 0. H. Davis, assistant lead-
er, who Is leaving the troop.
The girls of Troop 16 have
been working o na Pioneer badge
and attended several camp-outs,
one at k site in It. Clayton and
at Gamboa for the Girl Scout
rally demonstrating their skills
at camp craft. They demonstrat-
ed lasIg a dish washing ta-
blp. Six girls, Mary Ann Bowen,
Mary Ann Brandon, Claudia Da-
vis, Ciffstine Huff, Martha Mil-
ler and Barbara Parker were a-
warded the Pioneer badge by as-
sistant leader, Mrs. O. H. Davis.
The following girls were a-
warded badges: Marthh Miller.
Claudia Dadt,4Christine Huff.
Virginia Mauldin Celia Thomp-
son,.Barbara Parker, Jo Anne
eldis6.Charlotte- Schultz. Celia
DorIfmn Mary Ann SBowen, Ma-
ry Amn Brandon.



Then, witnesses said. Asher
apparently went berserk .and
sprayed five shots wildly about
the place, pausing to reload in
the process. Asher fired seven
shots before turning the gun on
himself and blowing half his
head off.
Chief Taylor. who arrived just
as Asher shot himself, said the
scene was one of wild confusion.
"I saw him standing there."
Taylor said. "There was only one
other person left In there by
then. He was under a booth and
told. me to duck."
A few moments later. Asher
was found lying behind the bar
with his shotgun and fisher
crumpled up In a booth. Mrs.
Asher was still alive. An ambu-
lance rushed her to Crestline E-
mergency Hospital but she was
pronounced dead on arrival.
Asher was arrested only Fri-
day night for disturbing the
ueace. Charges were vreferrmd
by Don EwinR. owner of the tav-
ern, where the shootings occiur-
red. That evening Asher had
raised a disturbance with an-
' er. custAp a. re/uaed to
tavethe bar aEwi4 request.
Police were called and took
Asher to Jail at 10 p.m. One
hour and fifteen minutes later
he was out on bond,

SEROR GUSTAVO PAREDES JR., Consul General in Chicago of
the Republic of Panama, (second from right), and Seflora An-
gela Mufloz de Lew, representative of the Pankma Tourist Com-
misaion, were the honored guests of the American Legion Auxil-
iary No. 856, at a recent tea held In the U. S. Railroad Retire-
ment Board club. The Consul General was Invited to participate
In the Chicago Auxiliary's Pan-American program. He praised
the American Legion and Its Auxiliary on the excellent work
they are doing in perpetuating a Rood neighbor policy between
the Panama and the United States. He pointed out the common
interest of the two counties have in the Panama Canal as the
gateway to the Western Hemisphere, and the strategic Im-
portance of Its defense. ESfiork de Lew, after viewing the Auxil-
iary s colorful Panamanl.n exhibit, acquainted the ladies with
the various items displayed and their uses by the Panamanians.
At left is Horace W. Harper, labor member and board director
for the U. S. Railroad Retirement Board, and at right, Mr.
Spualding. assistant to chairman of the board.

&.ro4 W~a~fwfi

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i "t


-. ~r$4pj~.53 ~


T:~;*~4' W~W1'

I s Eixeculed

S.ssacre To Bury

Sizduenty Case
S PTJ'H 'REND. Ind., .une 7 -
(UP)-' Atty. Gen. Herbert
Bdownell Jr. accused the Commu-
nsts tonight of executing a whole-
sale massacre to bury thp scan-
dal and the sham of the Josef e f
Cardinal Mindszenty case.
The 62-year-old cardinal was s
convicted of "treason" in Hungary
in February 1949, and sentence ed
agent connected mith the Cardi-
to life imprisonrntmt. Every Red
ial's trial since has been mysle-
ripusly liquidated, Brownell said.
!"Dead men tell no tales and this
wia one tale the Co m uni u n s ts
wanted to hide forever," he said.
(the attorney general made the
utltement in a speech at Notre
Dime University where he receiv-
ed an honorary doctor of law de-

There have been report Cardi-
nal Mindszenty, one of the f i r s t
victims of Commumst persecution
in Hungary, has been freed and
11 m tre of

I.. ...

. ..


.'- *
P- -O.r'



i' v OAIA, JACMgg


I -Cai

I. \~.e* ~7dP4~ -
~ ':<~...

[ .

is giving ina we-tern d strc1 5=
Brownell implied however, tha I I don't think toe highly of
the priest still is a prisoner I IN THE BAG-On a recent trip to a Minneapolis, Minn., police North's opening bid in t handof
Brownell cited the Cardinal station, Amen Balkin Insisted on taking a sack with him. At the shown today, but even without it
Mindszenty case as an example of station he emptied the sack of Its contents-$5754. mostly in one- South might have reached a final *
the "tragedy and Injustice' that dollar bills. Balkin, 63, explained that he didn't trust banks, be- contract of four hearts. Many
occurs when the Communist over- cause he :ost $400 n one during the depression. Police persuaded pairs reached this rea ble con- T.
run a country ii intrigue, force I him to deposit his savings in the nearest bank, where it took eight tract when the hand appeared in *
and false promise. men two hours to count the money, the recent Eastern States Tourna- .
"You may be interested to know ..... meant in New York. tLLI 0 .. Remember, D
that the culprits responsible f o paper Help Aroused Citizens Wh w n un 'D
violent deaths," he added. I, spades and continued with the! A
He said those "liquidated" I n- utW MEN ._V,
seled thee ins rs the in o Crime Menace, Minister Says madethes fatal er-or of drawing OFI! 64l A-Ru
terror, all key*witnesses again n sqtIsMACAPI-
the cardinal; the secret police a three rounds of trumps.CA
gents who participated in his a rums didn't break and
rest; the maister of justice at the By REV. DUNCAN HOWLETT preciate the significance of crime South tried toumps did runthe break, amond. TME
time of the trial, and all of t h Written for the United Press reporting today. There were now several different.
Communists who interrogated Car There has been a very perceptli- ways to defend, all of them hold-
dinal Mindszenty at the time of his very now and then someone ble stiffening of public opinion on ing declarer to nine tricks.
arrest. gets up and bewails the reporting crime in recent months. Why? Be-i
of crime by the newspapers. have cause people have read about all South should have ruffed another:
often done so myself. Sometimes the crime they want to in the spade before drawing trumps. If
SadeyeV jflroe in recent months I have felt phy- newspapers. 'the trumps were goig to break
sicaily ill after reading the morn-I There has been an increasing 3.3, this additional ruff would as-
Spaper. respect for the policeman a re- sure the contract. If the trumps
Was Unhappy, Murders, robberies., beatings, aspect which detective stories, mov- were not evenly divided, the ruff
corruption, vandalism the list is ies and comics have been slowly would be a step in the right direc-
endless. Then, like the others, eating away during the present tion.
Ar y Diso s have cried: generation. Why? Because the -
NAn nue P ..Why do the newspaper print newspapers arreregularly reporting The winning line of lay is to BOOTS AND BDD Simple
wAsl wTOM June 7 (UP)- such stuff? Why don't they give the bravery withm which the police ruff the queen of spades at the BOOTS AMl1 1 111 imp
M ions offormer privates may us something uplifting once in a have been meeting the recent rise second trick, enter dummy with a "
Ao understand it butAr vmy ser- while?" in crimes of violence. di-mend and -ruff -nother spade.
ot an erstavend it but Armye hBut I have changed my mind. If the newspapers dida s we Now declare draws three rounds% | W1 )RO M CO H | '. OW 9
geant have een sufferingty com I'm glad they print it all of it. asked them to, and relegated all of trumps, ending in dummy. FI. MtX B BC SN TroW D O B= "HAT Tr
hey fe their importance Sure, it nauseates me. Sure, it crime news to brief notes at the nally, declare runs the diamonds, a PMwO W V COwtut O iWS D "TO ',-W \. ? Tm". ,m ft > c Wh\ .L.
They feel unappecir ated makes me want to flee from it all. bottom of an inside page; most of allowing East to ruff whenever he !.. B, HA .
Lee utSppreea Sure, I'd rather read sweetness us would hardly be aware of the pleases. t, WAS A HP i1l t45
The situation Is so bad. ap- Ae light. But as a member of danger we face today. *t cWn ruff either thet hird or i T ?ikM E %%.0
cobe ,that Artye Seera f d the fact. ot ,rime not until it is Sin, elvYin a democracy in the fourth diamond, but he must
te T. Stevenodrastic action brought. stop wh I people can then lead a club away from the IV
neessar tective t Th ingof crime he co kin ving m a
-it is the desi e ofthe.Depa rt- o e tric k r t tils to ruff a d -
m mt of the ArMY to tr newspaper r es t S tg of cite y inond, South has nine tricks safe
hnon oleade s .pto wi a the tom toms of. doom in our ear. Let d omeand can takl e the ace of
position as thibkThe beating is inel0asing in tempo. crime 01 10Drm e n
traditional rm the back- It grows louder andt more minus. rouse .ad d 41h th
bone of the Army. Something has to :be done. We thea e et'lieat .t .to
know that it- has. We know it be- who ab criCinaoii o
ginint July 1, non-corns cause the newspaper din it into deve, .roa hs
who lead troops will have ex- our ears until we can hardly stand niques ed to dylup crdub
elusive title to the rank of ser- it If we do nothing, it will be be- at its source. r n~u atran p
geant or corporal.' They'll be cause we really didn't care. All this s now begin to hap- ai 8sieh so hA tha you can ht *i
Iown as something very ape The importance of crime report- pen, and it is happening becai~us or e ,-.on't .utter another C Invitation *l
cla. ing became clear to me- through the newspapers have beat upon the tr Mendaso. hs get Iternal
S the reading of an ancient -reek public conscience with laotual re- metfeine, recently developed by a
The thousands of rated tech- drama of Euripides, "'Ifte Medea." ports of What Is actally going on ienUWc A ,mLea* laboratory, works l MA S
nicians who have been addressed This enabled me to see my own until the public conscience at last t i vrn,. wh ,,tsl O ALD rIe H k NOT TV T K" MR. TA MTOM" A AiWU
as sergeants and corporals up to times in perspective and so to ap- is beginning to wake. MdMWWpfat to help you three UQM of Oft AMD 59I^O I 01S M
now. won't be called that any- ass"reX- s: 5T0O15WARD-U M CItI 5,1T me A
more. After July 1, they'll be move 0r 0*1 1ha-nucus. 2. Pro.. PS
known only as specialists. mot"e 4 -W ,eit"and sound" u'mckly I9%i .TSATUICa
Everything possible will besleep1)sot o I O.1c. a.QuicklCUPI.I
do oieYoateba*heeeing, nees-
inferiority among top-kicks and 'teW As tMb better you -may
buck sergeants.


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Lost Picture

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A4 106
-North-South vul.
North aU eth Wet
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Pass Pass 3 Pass
39 Pe 4 ead Pan
Pass Pa
. Opening leaId-A-

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Knots to yon

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of RapBileTexas. -up. a skew meat, sh',ow i haearfd. a new cut m eat,.d i hwts
0- 020b p M Yn clothes from ie7tfidh just doe i i m because -
trefasta Far lersio dlffere t real: a m ready j1 e r f for isn't
1 192foran rthlng e di iFW tnast"r,oM&AudtO, Mo- considered mO sort of in excuse
I a- lf rhtheabwtf4! wilbm dal Tita Motts Add Olmar's. for not making o outsau activities.
Ska Aub .for the senior t .a r 13 ,11 y t rhpp y isurt Asik ge a a0opatio. l nb f rGoe rar o
their datisVdnoeday mofrlinl of.i exotic and theefore folowed bya danesfor vmch
from 4'.O antil o''lock..aThoahros- e, aealy is Clren arn'rehtra will Herbert Ratbest must have had in
....l will be: D L ..e It 4tes very much like Vee09 f, pl y. Through the Mi lPanama d
'ues in aJohnson, Carroll Ad- though it Is said to be re ntou thama mind be reli ng so av y
am. Pat Julna, Jim Stevens, San- of seven different meats rouging Contest a seftorita will be chosen mental health lecture to young par.
dy kil, DOnald Huff, and Bob from pork to chicken. It may. to represent the Republic ofent and told them;
zumbado and their parents who btouf.dependinga n nd Panama in the Miss Universe Why don't we women take Dr.
Wil ka ctha6 aperonaieftut als e. p epagean sponsored by the City Ratner's advice. N ae x t time we
a Natalesi o Griffit ouri ae "c of Long each, Calif. C- need to caillg on someone to work
aNatalf ia Griffin, o Au "C o e s wim t
te Week, Added to my tIon i S uitt Gon committee or help with a cam-
A agdear of Honduras of f 2 ,. satews and cuy le s del Rio has Just returned pain don't call a busy young
eVisit with es uuausl ree t from college in California. mher and ask her to assume the
: te t a o hr. h .Ambassador of BHonduras tO Pa- Im and logical.f wing r, Mercu responsibility.
rtyge neg ws OLher father to m aUda nam Marcos Raudals P a I'm surm its good. Look around your neighborhood
As t. Lab zi Panama. MIs Windrum, has returned to the Isthi s a after IN OWN TRAP and among your own acquaint-
wl adigmaa for the sy throe years, wI the daughter a aort stay, in Honduras. TU RTLE MEAT LOAF ances and find an older woman
S- NEHINGTON, Conn.n- BUP) who has plenty of time for out-
x Grand-daughtlr Bora To 2 lbs. turtle steaks An accused hit-and-run motorist side activities.
Johbesois Aid- Morrills 1 onion was trapped by his own automo- Ask her to do the job-and you
Nl iBRKS I. (j.g.) and Mrs. Albert John- I tomato bile. Police said the car's radia- will be relieving some young moth-
Ol a MOBARKS stotan of 1038 Isabella Ave. Corona- 2 small sweet peppers tor was damaged in the crash er of an added chore and perhaps
Mdo, Californla announce the ar- 1 clove garlic bringing the machine to a steam- giving some ahb t'woman a sense
....m c ?oinee T'a gl, son of Queen Salote in Tongs, leaves rivalof baby girloDebia Ane. 1 sprig parsley ing balt a few miles away. of being needed and useful.
.Afr i a=ok I o Ia Mtlsh aoytrolled Pacific The mates. gandLpaet a nde Grindal inredientsd topanther
ce as Inntereste in the fihaing indust here. Mrs. Fred imorril of Balboa Mr. and mold into greased pan f r
Swie and # irs i bresed A xte fsiene hair gef o Mr. d Mqrrll of Florida. The moeat Cook at 300 grade 30
Te b beath o t tany Ms aextenaIve one having left w atern i grandpare nts a r a Mr. minutes.
Toe In the enh b k ds In Janur. In Ifgland he was p Mrs C hston of Bal This mixture can be made Into,
byter sn ll beth The ha visited Tongas on her re- an Mr. s C .. os, of l.meat balls and fried.
,eat world aebr.
pleased l eo' her trip to my Mrs. N. E. Dillman of Balboa, to R.P. Assemb ymen from a beautifully decorated buf-
county," Prince "Jhli who Sgt. Charles Simms, son of Mrs.SPaosm te.GuenO sts fet table.
wp a reduce pt .Australia, "and Petra I eSimns of Arraijan. The The latest arrivals at the Pans- Out-of-town guests included: .
Wf had Cie o tlny Windru, weddn i take pla at the monte eInn Boquete, ignc c lu wi e: members of the graduates' fam-
and his bwe ton Fort ytn Chapel at L30 pm.Minitr s elstocles Dia., of ill who were here for thes'rad-
iEizdabet, the_ Du and. %u een with a:reception immadi tey ftPanama city; '. D. Jose D. CV4r nation exercises. '
S ilis hal i ns hoe. tOnh mom- er the company at the l Iks po, of Panama; H. D. lsmael Va- Committee in charge of arrange-1
orable s alc the lights failed. Rome, La.Boca Road, Balboa. ilarino, of Panama; Mr. J. E. Ji- ments for the dance and hostess-!
'The en~dyed % 4 stay -in Friends of the young couple are mene, of Panama; Mr. Teodoro es for the evening were Mrs.. Her-
Panama -and observed that Tonga cordially invited. Brin, of Panama; Mr. Ricardo ry McGinnis, Mrs. R. L. Harllee,
seems cooler than Panama. Pinzon, of Panama; Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Stanley Lucas and Mrs. L. V.I
After, long stay away from Farewell Coffee For W. Diamond and Linda and Ste- Hayes. *
home, the Prince Is anxious to see Mrs. Masters a van Diamond, of Panama; Mrs.
his wife gd three children, and A Zarewell coffee was givn for and Mrs. David Tanachi, of Colon; CHEESE NEWS
leaves ly.,bot for Tahiti today. Mrs. Christopher R. Mietp orn, Mr. Kurt Hulio Meyer, of Pana-
From the he will fly to Tonga supervsor.of the West Bank"Nurs- ma; Mr. Dietrich Goessler, of PLYMOUTH, Wis. (UPI R.
by way of Samoa. ery Scnol, for the past year, at Germany; Mr. and Mrs. Ron- W.. lr president of te 'Is-'
the home of Mrs. Stanley Adams. nert, of Panama. consin ces Exchange, reported
Gala or 0 Cdr. and Mrs. Masterson left that 5,000,000 ore pounds of TE CRTERION OF O
Gi e ol fy l Consuls' for the states ad will go to 40or1 Cocktail Dance cheese were traded on the ex-I THE WO D OV
Formal Reception #as given folk, Va. their xt duty station. For USARCARID .Graduates change I 1954 than in any prev-I
at the Hotel Washingon -in Colon Tbhe. st 10 It coffee present-i The gradualtig class of the US-. ouS year.
o t enng 4th ba with.a ntnen- ARCARIB Seool was honored on. .
ss to WK 4 whil are a e".dad "
verwea ftfwe Mrs WtGulick-Ofl Cl aIlARTFORlLC-Car i i .
Swe r P. Mr F. elonMrs. Cock4dls W V 4eventee. -yars. ir40 DtI.d S
Jpro o C. A.aerm.Mrs. BeraM Mal-.p.m., dfollo dj gh n'sigh s t I class book re-
r qtr~ i-* I Ip=9ed s 3etoh
juli ala. .'el ti (-eolr, Mrs. W. F. hfely, Mrs. John music of the Sereaders. Dum Wr ted e "aspires to the mayor
Not e a ~ Mfg-'" Garver, Mrs. John Roby, Mrs. was served to the graduates, their lty,' he was apjpointdd ~ting
Yolanda Hirschfeld wifeofth mayor. e c.
vice consul of Tie Netheoands re-
prstanting,, ir mothers. Julio
A, Salas who was not able to at- -f
tehd due-to illness; the Vice preos- -
ideaL. Iln. CristobalM o ntro CA R D O F T H A N K S 1
Reese, Consul General for Ecua-
dr; the Secretary Mr. Manual A-
gslrre, Cobsul for El Salvador and We wish to express our gratitude to ourA
Mrs. Airre; the Treasurer Hon.
soom was, very attrac- many friends for their kindness and
a obig nafago P ana thoughtfulness in our bereavement.
round e y flag .of the 24 coun-
Mbeos fthe Asiqelaton. Ashton and Pate family
bvo So -Sudsts nqluding t be
B asi Diplomatic heads
0o esentedin Pana-
a, I L aehs of Panama Co-
lqd anda the-Atlantic sector o the
C' 4l Zoe.with their wivoes were
p.- ant. "
-n excglent buffet was served
wafurnished by an orchestra SPECIAL PRICE for the *
w.iar th able direction of Pr o a.
nb -wee Gant.aD L Y
L a*an the course of the aRecep-
ti- ,. Sales, in behalf of + JuneMi d eh
SCal ne area o AV NDER
v of Spat and Don Do-
ouieo.lins x-o-msular Agent
fortItaIy,in recognition of tpeor Buy an exclusive and latest model
wonrful services in o r m an e s e rve and latest model r
es"n -'I Diuig Room Set (LAV..NDI,. SOAP. TALC. BATH SALTS.

Mrs. J H.Citroof Ventura, NDn R oom
ColMariasWad Mr. and Mrs. Ro e"D ini* Room NoNA1050
a of na da, Montan... ar- of mmlay lOlo lf
Ai.etu mmin andare a .,. ,. .. ,..,

e rusrsa Ria y. Mr. Jones,
=I=. Catn's Uncle, will be h i s
b*n1lI' Tie weddioa will take
p evening at St. Lukes






7a-Ya---T- & ,a .
" -'

Relieve lbyl
this MIDICATED wayl
Nle me,,cdld powder c a r
ere yor baby's Diaper ias.
Dhar CAg.,, (ki. jadn rod
NftJs apiym4.
mad to smamshreu ai nd Up
And 1ril| a d1 Alt.a w i-

w it
mW-tA0 dWs
dli"' ab

JNM U- 24




MWiaiu PAtWus,/.
&A"&t94 '

In euA -1


A AeW^fa"

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new silhouette, new
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, ~~.. .. ,"..,'.......' .e,.+,, r
. .. .'_'.i '


~b .4. ~b.I~ I 'L

-~ .'.t.'.*


. ,' 'tL"''
-.+; +.AE ^ i.;-*

* .,*.---i -



|1 pB^

T ISraln No. s
b tof July Ave. & AJ A.
JSue Wa-*m* a*", *d.5Lt .

Ms 14 Canmsdsla
Ceonal Ave.
NX. I LotterWy 'Rm

- I- m U-- -



- Phone Panama 2-0552

5 la 10 p.m,-Adults. Pre-tsen
STedngr. By appointment on.
M .........Balboa 2-4239
Aft p.m..... Pnama 3-1660

Canal Zone Dental Polydclnic
Dr. C. E. Fabrega D.D.S.
Dr. C. A. Roy D.D.S.
Deituer.--brlde* work-a-er ralve
Generi Pratiaes.
Ttvoll (4tHb d July) Ave NMe. 1'24
(oppeMite Anasa Sheol Playgrund)
felphopbme -21-M- oi

say "we me
a o poslible" alem chire.
Sp a L Iheluded.

D A. A. and X. ORIULAC
S (faler Graduate)
a Am e ITel. S.l2 J

ke ShIppern Moven
2-2451 2-2562

SI to S p.. Pheoe 3r0279
or by a' .- *enW '

e MRtch-btiek Bambo.
Venetia "Maf "
GMas or. Weed 4a:lousle
Canl 31130 or 3-494
Estimates Given Without
Distributed by
d'pducto de Moadera, S.A.
Central Ave. (between Kodak
building & Fifth Ave. Store).
I1 11

Tils is the year to buy a Conti-
rnenal Casualty mute Insurance

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Sanemad nurmnco Company. J.
(Brsemel. Ot-e)
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Phone PmamiL 2-3111
( from Amo rPost Office)

annoam e sam- e Tap. Aeoboetic
and BM. .
CIecoil: Tu'fN dayd Th2o6.
I R., boglu- Jm HlI.hCe~oll
SCubhsime. .o Do In to ud
Aa'obatic. nmw IL .,,1M.

Sm Dowei Dies

funral TOigK..ow

Mlton Dowel,, reOtired em-
;oe of the Panama Fuerza y
.w o., died M morning in
Sl Jamaican, he was 65 years
and ad bn ailing for
"me m e ai.



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Balboa 348811 or house 3264-A
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chairs $10; me chin closet
Solid mehkoany) $S0; eo
youth bed $30. All in excellent
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No. 25, Apt, Anoyensi Apts.
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Help Wanted

WANTED: Maid for general
housework 5 days weekly, Ref-
erences required. 0830. Plank
Strne. Balboa, between 5 and 7.

Eisenhower Warns
(Continued from Page 1)
while and stratagem that may
be used against us."
The President, speaking in
the Academy field house and
appearing before the nation-
wide public on his first color
telecast, pledged himself to the
exploration of "every decent
avenue toward a lasting and
Just peace, no matter how
many and bitter our disp-
The Western powers lMast night
formally invited RHissidn Pre-
mier Nikolal Bulganin to the
top-level meeting at Oeneva.
In Identical notes delivered In
Moscow, the United States join-
ed Britain and France In re-
questing the Soviets to reply as
soon as possible so that all nec-
emsary arrangements could be
made with Switzerland for the
proposed "meeting at the sum-

reomh ao Jolr ATv.
Agenloi Internal. do Publicalosnu
o Coal Ave.
ht LMue Laela I Ae

BOx 0ol1 ANCON.CZ.
CLINfC, Centrl Ave. No.22-
4. *op ite Rhllrd Itivip.
Phone 2-1479. Dey-nllgt wv-

cMstructim lumber. "Se Crs-
tabel Lumber Trd, 35th Street
and Centrl Ave. 7-1, Od Cos-
in. Garoae.
FOR SALE: 1954 Chevrolet
Bel-Air, radio, w/w tie; nine.-
piece bombed living room so;
eight-place mahogny dining
set; five-piece mahegeny bed.
room Mt; G.E. console wrdio.
Reasonably priced. 6452-A Le
Ries. Phone 2-4454.

meant. 2-)775 BaIo ..
Sealed bids, frw opening in pub-
lic, will be received until 10:30
a.n., June 10. 1955, in the of-
fice of Superintandent of Store.
houses. Balb.e, for ice cans,
steel, located at the Commisse-
ry Division Warehouse, Mt.
Hope. For further information
and inspection contact Mr. R. R.
Brwn, telephone 1-2750. Invi-
tation No. 175 may be obtained
from the above source, or from
office of Superintendent of
Storehouses. telephone 2-1115.
FOR SALE: Flowering white
anthurium, $4 each. House 535.

Boats & Motors

FOR SALE--Cabin cruiser. 0'
length, 10' boom. Good pride for
Quirc sale. Gplik 812.

I .



aekh Mew or fw Includnto this
lmume should submitted nla typ.
written lore muied to oa of
he. box numb Hated dllay I -.
dm1& and Olsrwlse," or delivered
by hand to the ooffleo. Ntrem
metings cannot be accepted by tale-

W dani I T 1some Ru..a I, expected to accept Diabl Civil Defense
the Invitation. It originally And First Aid Workers
SI I |I C r neister on Vienna as the site Important meeting to be held at
a I 'ofr tie conference but is be- Diablo Clubhou e (upstairs to.
oVlm e TV VU S, Heve. to be ready to agree to morrow morning at 9:30. Plans
Senea aih t a second rh ice. Imust be completed for operationn
-- The Big Three pointed out Alert" on June 15.
S; that during the recent forelon
WASHINGTON. June 7-(UP) ministers meeting In Vienna the Curundu Woman's Club
-An Am.erican. I whO .nose Western powers suggested LBu- The Cirundu Woman's C l ub
communism but now wants to nanne, Switzerland. as the Big Card Gr6up, Swing and Ba t e a
come home will be given a pass- Pour ste b that Russian For- Group will meet on June 8, at 9
port If he can reach a country eln Minister V. M. Molotov held o'clock at the residence of Mrs.
which has diplomatic ties with out for Vienna. Virginia Boney, House 536-A. Cu-
the United States, it was reveal- rundu Heights. Mrs. Lucille A.
ed today. "In light of the divergent Taylor, and Mrs. Maria Locke
views." the West proposed "that will be co-hostess.
SThe State" Department said the four heads of government
this word has been given to the meet at Geneva. where there are ,
wife of former Cpl. Otho G. Bell,. excellent facilities for a meet- Hopena In
ole of 21 American war prison- ingr of this Imnortance.' "
ers who,refused repatriation un- While the Allied notes refer- (Continued from Page 1)
der the Kdorean truce agreement red to the "Importance" of the ..
with communist China. Big Four heads.of state confer- members if the ASLEF wins
The wUe, Mrs. Jewell Bell. of ence, President Eisenhower re- them.
On*la, Wash., said she had peatedly has cautioned the A- The transport commission said
1 d two Rlter from her merican people against expect- it cannot negotiate on such a
husband through the Red ing too much out of anv single basis, and has asked the rival
Cross. meeting with the Russians. unions to get together on pro-

i -
She said he expressed the de-
sire to come home but reported
It would take a few months to
get out of China because he was
having passport troubles.
Bell. 24, is the son of Elbert A.
Bell of Route 1, Hillsboro, Miss.
Mrs. Sell maid her husband
wrote they were a lot of thins
about his case that were "un-
esplainable." There was no
State Department spokesman
Henry Slydln confirmed that
ew's family has been In touch
wit the department.
| said they were informed
tbe tmer 01GI will be given a
rt to return to this coun-
he can reach a U.S. con-
su or diplomatic representa-
This country does not main-
tl, diplomatic relations with

Suydam was asked if Bell
eonL not obtain a passport
thkoth British diplomatic offi-
cials I China. He repeated that
JllU would have to get a pass-
iMt from an American consuL

San d his fellow Ameri-
wbme lh e to remain be-
Steo2 Iroa Csrtalon taso
.. 'bl ee reredl dlishesora-

Sthe t of
wo, slce the men
U br a* tbaes to

Secretary of State John
Foster DqllUes hit hard at the
same theme in a commence-
ment speeeh at the University
of South Carolina, Columbia,
S.C. He said the meeting may
not result in any Immediate
relaxation in world tensions.
While hoping that the confer-
ence can "set a course" that
may eliminate threats to peace.
Dulles said "we shall need for
some time yet to lve as a nation
that is in peril."
The Big Three notes, as made
public by the State Department,
showed a compromise has been
reached between Britain and the
United States over the site of
the meeting.
The United States has shied
away from Geneva because of
possible reminders of the con-
cessions granted the Commu-
nists at the Indochina peace
conference there last year,
Britain also wanted the con-
ference to run longer than three
daya but President Eisenhower
held firm. His Ide is that the
chiefs of state will ay only the
groundwork for posible concrete
later by theforeign mmn

Dull will met New York
June W"-1 with te tUsh and
Frueh sm lgn undstora to map
M the l B Four con-
f- l
.a:lkheai***a q

elected future demands.
Meanwhile, the TUC was re-
ported ready to submit a com-
promise proposal for settlement
of the waterfront strike which
started 15 days ago when 20,-
000 dockers walked out In a
Jurisdictional dispute.
Eden urged yesterday that the
70.000 striking firemen and
engineers "stop this disastrous
business" by getting the trains
running again and then nego-
tiating their pay grievaness.
Robertson echoed Eden by
urging "immediate cessation of
the strike."
He told workers cancellation
of the strike would create an
atmosphere in which he would
be "very ready" to negotiate on
pay increase demands.
In the midst of the maneuv-
Ing the British economy felt the
Increasingly severe strains of
the mil and a complicating dock

The railway system was shut I
down tighter than ever with a
many of even the few trains
which operated last week drop- a
ping out of service. b
Twenty thousand stevedores
of the British Amailgmatld a
Stevedores and Dockenr VUnlan
voted to ctinue their two-
weeks-old wi ot that has Of-
feted 23 ship Ix of Bri. .
tamn's prine ports.,
Factory hdatdown es tba
and UnUmpn
****-t- **^**jc- -..- ^- ~!M0M



ATTE I ,1 Just bul
mdWem ffhllped apestmentl 1,
2 bedOMaSm, ht Wr Sald wwtes,
Phone PauI M1-4941.
FOR REINTWAbb l dl ead un-.
furibshed 2 4.oe-m midem
BRA API "10th It..
Phone IIW13U n.
FOR RENT: In El Ceogriel
two .badoerot sptment with
maid's room. C"l 3-3742.
FOR RINT-- Niely fun"mi"ed
1-bedroom op-rlment n Ave*
nide Peru fan. .the park. Call
3-0746 er 3-3099.
FOR REINT: Umfwurished a-
partment., sIltngdianlg rom. 2
kdroeems, 2 k. maid's room,
perch, rge, screened $110
at "IEl Cngrele." 0 Stmar No.
2. See D Castro, Ave. I No.
9-42. Phiee 2-1616 Panama.
FOR RENT:-2-bedreim corner
apartment, Ivi-al-dingiq room.
screened W$5. Belserle Porr
No. 56, key operamsot No. 6.
Phone 2-2316 or 3-0234.
FOR RENT:- Fumrnshed apart-
ment, two bedrooms, lbrge living
room, kitchen, both, tiled floors,
all screened. Alee large ware-
house. steroge spcM or shop,
three drive-in dee. bars on II
windows, 1600 feet floor space.
Apply: Janitor. No. 63 Fourth
of July Ave. or phone Hopkins.
Balboa 2946.
FOR RENT-2-bMedeomi apart-
ment. sitting-diniog romo. maid's
quarters. hot water. 46th Sre*t
No. 8. Phone 3-0351.
FOR RENT.-Mderm apartment
furnished: living om, dining
rm. prch. kitchen, rage-.
46th Street N. 42. Phm 3-
FOR RENT:- FumnMlhed ipart-
ment, very co and attrctive,
suitable for oe Or two Couples.
near bie tf., emmlsoary. tke-


Real Estate
FOR SALE: Bchirent let of
3154 squr meters at 'Plve
Coroade. Reauonable offer will
be aseod. Write C. Courvia,
Bo 1807 Selboa.

Swedlsh Freighter

Sinks In Collision

WI Panama Vessel
KARLSKRONA. Sweden, June
7--(UP)-The Swedish freighter
Salvo was reported to have sunk
when it collided with a PanLa-
manian vessel off Sweden's
southern Utip early today.
First reports said the Salvo's
39 crewmen all were saved. Ra-
dio memeages said the other ves-
sel was the Wyndward Islands."
It apparently was only slightly
dan*ted. It picked, up the Sal-
vos' sarvivors and was reported
proceeding toward Stockholm.
Lloyd's Register of Shipping
lists the Salvo at 5,414 tons. It
was nt n 1944 and was regis-
tered oat of Oothenberg, Sweden.
No "Wyndward Islands" was
listed. But a vessel named the
windward Islands Is owned by
the Caribbean Land and Ship-
ling, Corp., of Panama. It was
UIsted at 11.197 tons and was
built in 1952. Its home port Is
Brenerhaven, Germany.

Nbru In Moscow

For 16-Day VisIt
MOSCOW, June 7 (UP) In-
dian Prime Minister Jawaharlal
nlhrM arrived In Moscow today
fr a 1l-day visit to Russia.
Ntbru received the greatest
recepton accorded to anyone,
Rusian or foreigner, in Moscow
slues before the war.
Teb of thousands of Museo-
vitse crowded Gorki Street and
Its eontlnuatlon, Lenin g r a d
aaM, tor an hour before Neh-
ru's plane arrived.

crowds were in small
-that seemed to have come
factories. Many carried
and other flowers. All had
"ay air.
te was no comparable re-
a for Britain's former La-
Amo Minister Clement R.
Austria's Chanceslor A-
i or even for Comumau-
h 's Premier WOk KB-
en they came to Maeow.
Bling Premier MItatl A.
I" met Nehru aa the In-
*nitr stepped from a:
IS. twe-engle4d 1 .4 a
Sir Miae Atudial.



FARMAIA ,l., t'd
*s0. k


SI~. teme --boAM

WILuLAMr Nsto Clalm Bsieo
Ca(aeo T r.ges.. rofrigera-
-4m4, 1W.eom. PHee L**lb

. -441.
MIa i

Stilep'#,lslid huses e n
hea gth Cm l Tophbes
Thompeo.f p'b&.T72.

po i-f C: =,
Plone Iam-i 3-1877. Crise-t
hal 5-107).

P" s Ie ose. Low rat.-
Pb soBa"e I I.

Sale Of Ready-Mix

Cemeni Al MI. Hope

To Be Dbcontinued
The sale of _repdy-mixed con-
rete will be discontinued effec-
itve July 1 -b the Maintenance
Division plant at Mount Hope,
it was announced yesterday by
the Maintenance Engineer.
The Mount Hope plant will fill
all pending orders but will not
accept new orders that require
delivery beyond July 1.
Since the closing down of the
sand and gravel plant at Gam-
boa earlier this year, the conti-
nued operation of the Mount
Hope plant was found to be un-
economical. The Bosa Hill plant
on the Pacific Side, however, will
continue to operate.

CAirC Denainm

tl c(sit Ifnd

Total To $750
Military and civilian employes
of the Caribbean Air Command
advanced the 1966 Cancer Cru-
sade more then another $1000
today when Major William R.
Kenney, Air Force chairman for
the drive, reported $1050 with
some units not yet reporting.
This substantial contribution.
which exceeds amounts contri-
buted on any previous cancer
campaigns by the Caribbean Air
Command, has b e en achieved
generally by the overall efforts
of the personnel of Albrook Air
Force Base will the help of the
Officers Wives Club of Albrook
and Major Jimmy M. Hamill,
who was chairman of a success-
ful dinner-dance program for
the benefit of the American
Cancer Society.
In reporting, Kenney express-
ed appreciation to all personnel
and dependents of the Carib-
bean Air Command for their
support which will greatly assis
the Canal Zone Cancer Commit-
tee in its efforts to provide fi-
nancial assistance to cancer pa-
tient, In the future.
The CAirC increases the re-
sent campaign to $7500 received
thus far with several large units
of the Panama Canal Company,
such as the Health Bureau,
Locks divisions, Schools divisions,
Schools 'divisions, Pilots, Com-
miasary divisions, and the Rail-
road not yet reporting.
It is estimated that when the
returns of the above units are
reported the crusade will result
in excess of $12.000 which is the
amount expended last year for
direct payments to patients and
for cancer research.

Argmina To Get

Alomic Reaction

-Officla Initlaid here -toy

an -

The agreement w hoe .-uds
In a ceremony in the diploma.
tc reception room of the Stale
Datteat with Amnbageer
SJ. P pla his t-
9alS5 It for SL as
#!!"- Levu 4-U

i ,1

FOR RmNTs -- iend. flr of
eedede- ** Sea l Jae San
Mail. e No..: Four bed-
mrm, UsiMg m, dining reem,
kitchen, Irg peak. Iquihr
gmmld flor.

FOR RINT- I-bedrem bn-
golow $135; 2-bedmeem bom-
Ielew $100. Well Ie caed, good
neighbkheed, all modern cenve-
aleno Apply "SleMy Boy,"
810. Phone 1-3041.

.-" ',
~.' *1

FOR MT RE4 Caiai

Long tro ,metrear, a
30 metersmf M Ave.
PMone 3-0050. *-

FOR RENT--Amleh, JaiM-s,.
Rehot h -l. Thel AM.M.w,
particulars ell TwivllTrmrA-e.
gse-y, phoa 2-o041.



Pacific-Side July 4 Finances

Have Got Off

Financing of the Pacific side
Fourth of July celebration has
gotten off to a good start, ac-
cording to Emmett Zemer who
again heads the Independence
Day committee.
The Balboa Heights Housing
Office, first to report, chalked
up 100 per cent participation in
the purchase of advance tickets
for the July 2 dance at the A-
merican Legion Club at Fort A-
Meanwhile. Zemer said, a to-
tal of $220 has been contributed
to the July 4 fund by 11 com-
mercial companies in Panama
and the Canal Zone.
Heading the list is Compaflia
Panamefia de Fuerza y Lus,
with a check for $50.
Contributions of $25 each have
been received from the First Na-
tional Bank of New York, Bal-
boa Branch: Esso Standard Oil.
Colpan Motors. Inc. and Pan A-
merimcan World Airways.
Isthmian Constructors have
sent 320 for the July 4 fund and
$10 contributions have been re-
ceived from H. I. Homsa Com-
pany, Bildon. Inc., Max R. Stem-
pel & Sons, Samuel Friedman,
Inc., and Mercurio, SA.

To Good Start

Thce'but 1for this year's nce-
lebrdtton--has been set at 3-I20.
This will beWused to pay. Uf.tte-
works, medals -and trophies,
wards, favors for the chlldrep,
decorations and other' eapendse.
The only majdr fuhLd-talstoE
efforts will be the July 2 dance,
Sfor which over 2000 advance
tickets, at $1 each, are now on
Tickets have been distributed
to all Panam& Canal-Canal Zone
Government bureaus or may be
I obtained through the folHowit
sponsoring organizations:
Girls State. American Legion
and American Legion Auxllsry,
Elks Lodge 1414, Balboa Lionx
Club, Veterans of Foreign Wars
and the VFS Auxiliary, the
Knights of Columbus, DisableO
American Veterans, Boy and
Girl Scouts of America, and tko
Pacific and Gamboa Clvi, Coa-
Door prizes will be awarded
at the July 2 dance, but the
ticket holder does not have to
be present. He may turn ht
ticket stub over to umy
sponsoring groups and dulif ly
be included In the during.

14 Permanent Employes'

Joined Canal During Mny

Fourteen permanent employes, boa; Richard 0. ElggPea- '
two of whom were hired In the twice wiremma2, eetfe
United States, joined the aGWal Crirtohl ;
organization during the month foreman c d.
of May, according to informaUon Division, Balboa; Blbert F. Ridl
from the Personnei Bureau. gauger, fireman cribtend e r,
The two. new employee hired Terminals Dlvis4~., goun Hop.
in the 8tatsW re Anbold A. ackt- James .A'I
eon, of Meadow GroVe.- b neering aid. MBra a.
and James F. Hood, a native of Hydrographic Branch,
Dodge City. Kansas, both of and Willam Z. Pierpon,
whom have been employed a soo-ve opeati L v
powerhouse toerats with the es,.
Electrical Dvii Padfi a uW
birthplee and ix=
Two of the new employes wereRobert M. On i
hired locally. They are Dr.Jaine CamUnilala
Y. GriMs, who was ba In Ahe- trlle
villea C. and who hS been pg Baltia ,
empibyd as edic o wDeor wtho ve r
L tj =@. wi
_csthe in m.
IT 1f the I ptos
were hired locally arIe
emplo s.eve n of them U etUr- W I
.TALI, k



. **. :- .

S -.-.,',- ,W,, ,.-:--,* ,. .*.;.

t *. ; .... ,i .,


I -



I -

. 'A



. .

AR RbQgl





1 -

* *.k* -~&~: *~
.. **.,~ I 7~7~~ .*y
V1.. -, .4' -~

-*A. ..-I

* '4 ~ :'.
- 4 ~i.2A!: -.

I;, ,. Is '

,.. ... **ro. ''- ^. : .- .*' "r ,.t- :.* .o..i^ W .
.. .. .. ....
I. .--."' ... .,i..
_.'... ..-' ." x. '.'-,.
- -.. *... ._:- .......,.' :;..:,J :


o .i -nd BA '

lo .-"A k

J r
-. .ALBS C- APUN Jr. '




'inw -- -
and ..o

" 0O1NG
.'.. c I I a '

with J6hn Payne

I'Lo "'~

"9. 0. -
..~ ^ -nA) Ltt'1. -RUdjy Vallee's description of hIm-
6411 BddiNe Fr of the Stone

d as 6'a A t Jan RteIelI daneq is ."The
Is ".. Frebnh Line" landing o the cut.
Stingbrm floor A otoo-ett the
A* Resirequest of 9city censorM.
bea Dn ra TV's. Betty Furness eager for a
sr$ ot'r, go m! fim role, telling t: "ere', more
bamnla iurneiss than in her. rig-
.. erat." .. Jenne Crain all but
3-'- ftv ste.r'.s dry- 'artal. r e, delivered for the role of ceorge
.IGobel's leading lady in the remark
FIp a lrawitkh lhil "The ady Eve ."
S. That double bill on theater mar.
dBobf-Htlin job pnew rsonal- t ge Lady 'i Town-Devl
Ie, ?The Setv. Little -oy" HO Girl From Mars."
owd..onel /edof the picture .. ---
Judy C*alttmI ,a erf .. .. ... -

%a *


4 1

" SMOONB HAS e vemR FseN
b,..* "a..3 I K a "" i I

TIpapqs TTp T. TTT ii

A FPw Fast Facts: When she
turned 90. Georglana Ca~r st of
"Life Begims at 0" was teoleredw
half a doien parties. The realt-h
Ane gained so much weight she's
now- dieting. .. Diahan Carroll
earned more singing soa from
"Haouse of Flowers' on the Col- ,
gate Comedy Hour one night than
she made during the entire run of
the musical. Now-It-Can-Be-
Told-the beauty mark on Marion
Marlowe's right cheek is the real
McBeautyfark. No face falsifier, Carhart BillGoodwin
she .ABC-TV's counve,::;-and- .
western music show, "The Pee-Wee
King Show," features one of the lHe leaves some suits ere, with
top stars in the guitar-and-feathers the hotel valet. And he totes a
field. But, surprisingly, ,King suitcase about the size of a not-
comes from Milwaukee. so-grand piano.
This sort of living isn't exactly
Commercial TV starts roiliu what nature had, In mind. The ,aud-
in England next September anu den changes Of scenery and cli-t"
Harry Towers, a 33-year-old Lon.- mate ca be upsetting. Bill's been
don dynamo who is director of lucky; the show started in. the
te new' commercial channel, spring He isn't looking for-ward to
stopped by with news of the first the wIter in New York. Somehow
sponsored shows. the prospect of a split-week snow.
ms or, isn't too exciting,

oeah "The wor --ofit," 'Bill sas "is
.P at'.i O l oBoaSt ear T d t missing the kids;. Btt durtg the
i! '" Sym 19'a"Yn ,.eiveA Yl 1S.lKtO.n r summer, I'm going to bring each,
Wit d 1 s J o Comnmencement Exercises irt I at
ha. Io ,a.J E i ."..tht W oEe El L -I of them with me for one trip."

sh ia By ESTHR REYNOLDS. Maria Isabel Perez, Esther Mar- CBS-Radil o): Old suitcases never f su e ing
.. aren't Reynolds, Patricia M a y die-they just lose their grip. the pssibili ett.g
The iAefs-fellow in te e The commencement exercise Roddy, Antonia Rosado, Marcia et God s biee n t the r
4 0t F r It 's M the T t *o Arm i for lthAe Chasof 1955 of rihtoba el oroe Rt eor, Diane See ideff i sior Sar-

SHwill be hed on this Elaine Kathryn Severs, thgrmond a th

hem SupttrtBo erintendentn of tra NaeslB.,and -Shrly Anedb.wil0se,"To Joeher I eas sa at o ne: asttrok'cpsu Aos
i- t A tai tl of mfactabout 75 period," he says. "I got fired fSro
o_. .. ,e sent the seniors with diploma. Theodore Aleguas Andrew"leak.eAy Inbe onrt film. odtero, .a got a r.,

oil "r"The-he r8eo s ttroe. p e ns bkyy Jr., Jose ph Murra y Cor H ganoO A i. w ni g oso d aej o b at ra
iIs "the" ilstars. The -ofr fo a"f,, Wr J D JstLep h Htray Conem gramm p g wil e don elial peo stok o in aotl r

amg a Ie'ds lta y rer i Marsh i s, o. Ernest Lee Cot to e a lher filled series at ttion tr Lot

i of t i a tin. t skiten and dance the bythlian e FkranI to ir pet omAma m other f. week snn- agm a- sho camon tot lb fon Its $ a
rWAH T boy T UbP- e t e .ai mn tisDomet owh h o suck Bristl Ur he- wbek bh. waenm t b'ad, because
..' _... ..e". ,im r nlThe Rev. J. w -. the boarding house cost $Ia as gday
'Mt-. Bya m-, Xurope. p nroeed wi .e 'v'on. Avo. Bac enjarB i nge Favor- o_ ....o.blwer, Shock cake. But I got.ired. I also got

SeTSro W yas Ies0day caar Rl quartet !tg Favor,

175,0Senate Democratic Leader Lyn- by raising ises which an have procipa The benedin tiKo el.wU be are prd. Walter Fraser, Dan- olmes and you n se t a whey c apke, But aI t thef I sces o

do John (Tex. said today no mean in terms o results. given by the Rev. MltnA. Coo- ma represents to him 12 years of ds u e an s dw
afs til sae eow. or 'tionu extteh" h sTad atred l V A dprerequirtt o o e ane Dick' Ic WdLhat should you eMonre inaroyle cii --.we r .i. nerformed by B d Abbott a widlY, Heble Boyrie, Topl Albriht I Horace George, .Tb>;-as Field fh nurdir orm m atii std t Ao nts i t S earn to
contract for the film rigbtscept dy Hour., .Ithelped make _them Robert MeSpra,, rasn Robert AlexandeT r Henson, TV time I stayed litte longer."
the film on the shelf until after f famous hin mhr dn r ovie, " the Day Is oeBanaby. holas Ladns Jr., David Li T breeding a'acollectioneof'And. his reputation. dew. He was

Jan Iepe t Sena tes." But an even more in- Seiormbers of the National con Lane, Roland Joseph e e gyps These are the poor for- the t to do integrated commr-

s o rvebll "e "rwar Brn th Rer P H eroie M othe r Fcs, wis O ffA
tn bl for th e mov terestng sidelight i Ii1936 Hono Society will be te uest Jr., Mihael Thomas Lte ne

raela eg f inNatKOnal sure ti one that ha t been settledd DcreetarLgB Marie prmoaonm, on both o m0 |e. |
Son ofe the y number of different eorms Marys for the evenig.-Andrew Herbert H. Lewis Jr., Joseph Al r 2 ars e as e Ca
theaters circfint it refusing to bookO teyeated in New York. And Bleakley willv., e an. nt,,ductidn, bert Lower, Howard ,Eup e. coasts. but have to shuttle back fornia's top free-lance announcers.

Sfor aton of a the court and executive ge n- Pamela Ruby tnd for between New York ande He still is or D
the lisa ir- of ea vsbu di. ," he saidaoxy Theater chorus fno ed by P Di am who aueighe, Mchael H rst G r o dln' foreign
fic~ftie s- m m _h .St. Cyr's boy. a w e -to march beside will speak on "T e Command of Anthony A. Noboa, John n.Los Angeles t.. ...... The _o J eker, ""

ST e stril all r ea'gful foru for ley Marh e Pewest gypsy is BillGoodwne yeeaven," Is y in favor of
dance is one of the big him in the skit. You know the Fu damental Diane mound M nuel Antonio Pe- u ....g a qui. showo ABC lu ghs .. 1,it, ew musical yer-
. .e ..cent rs areo frowning. Charts boy iow, Van Johnso n. "S hl 'da topic will be Vooia- rez, Will Price J."o, Ra y called "Penny To a Million." oAa on B 'oadwny. W th some

.u tioni" an Carol ewhard will be mond SzMuraay, s R e rol ii Dmort P a r s PORTLAND, Ore. June 7i noce it out o hs hand
a 'delopede sphneakewr foDr "arCitizensh Dudley Smitha Harvey Don Smithl roic mother today managed The commotion awakened Mrs.

go & approve na amenden I Ea WortPoh Jr.,e Stanle y P atrd i dk Slmith Wrh Ian home, wife and four kids ba on thow Isenberg, whoas sleeping
Home Membershi will e rLeo-. Ham Chhalsor i f vren, mi sthe old, smoggy sod. But Penny and delightful to he ar.

E]gg,3: ii ---------, .......- "I.... h haw t reU, eoam ateim

Jo,"ha[ontoi deprters that "I tued segrgao in tte con- tesa e he sked e ron floor couldn't ge the t of two wo
er hope tat w ed National Guard O tits Heus to nton Bomrenton msr New Y. Weinstein, every It sars Gri De Haven and
IkedNaionl ad utfts"Ehi-lStarch, and Dearce T. TagoA-r e electric bw

Ue A e hBds sulscalwaor n. d heus This obviously, presents a prob.s ut the wndow he came in o y.
.I_. Don Smith -il y srcornBlet th % Sproved tbhe cr of the publicye ad d ter, Le s, h tr to me poinb in the
BrentaL o. iwo-. been Chris awakened hras happened is tat Bills even ing st alked aae strips
a common ement is just anoder f-in the mG s ped sn ih ad
Scomp il Bundbtay or lr b Mf s fair. To the students sgrad of a m w- The crudely prine b ac b siness

*ix rs, he ap .p yi loted for. dow and climbed inside. discovered on the floor. It read:
Ssentatn oelass *bbye and to their parents, commence I t out of bed, but N the "Your child te Want y2
WAS TNJulthe-existence o our nation made by Cad F.Md, ting meant is something of which they t got to him he ws beon g 00, nothen bigger than a hisll
Senate Democratc Leader Lyn-by raising issues which can have pncipl. The benediction W till be are proud. Each student's diplo- r hotel, which s about q is the most eutil gal now
don B. Johnsop (Tex.' said todayino meanmig in terms of results.' given by the Rev. M Co o k. Cook- ma represents to him 12 years of even as you can split a week coming apart at the scenes on
a racial, rts squabble w hI e hI "The military reserve is vital to son, rector of Church of Oqr 8f- education. It is also a necessaryI these days. Hte checks into his Broadway.

a s racibi .hrhotel everycr, andotyer twid, Rhdthe
sidr ad President isephow- our national existence," he said. vious% Cristobal. 'T"me ,evolliAl prerequisite to college entrance.I D'el every Monday, does the
er' a. eOmkiAY maitacry_ reserve "If we are not to be completely will be the' tra1lonl" '"1omp aJ* show every Wednesday night, Dick's Quie.-What should you

S l isr to r checks out Thursday morning.d if yowi fe wntestO ln t

billg ,1 ji .t t Joachim "He heard ie and turned .ha- colored msht over oant door
our'ntatraunve--eerccarryaope- e ro.tun at home for drive"Welt" ays Tennessee Er
our '~~.tie. alttesalt ert yhin arryo ar. hop- of. I .Bf.four days. nie, "don't stand in her way."

-K' Johome'i ^ iiiii i>statemlt u t les cuhguwas copaeayes a rubber breas Robert appeared uraaofled by4
left th-way epopen-for the Senate men cor esHtablsh a reserve sys- ley, Hee Louise ehyne, .n e oer-
-,Armed- 8erv ces Committee, of tom which will enable us to Mo- rynn Brase oaI Da Vhiw hieu n swt
W ia beto- aidWer, to revive biliz quickly ;n the event of wa.r." 'BrennanAiceRuthd$'IsI
et Dr .et. ,.o.e Mael0e M ther Fights O f
: meanure. It was shelved by "The issue that is now hlding Marilyn VioiChanV atei tO
ftHouse oAlta a deadlock over up -asaage of this crucial ica- Edmoarin VDan, Coame, C6h fr Al-" sir
.w.,l, rIn Nea t 6saIgo., re Isonethat has been settled t. Marieso "mr,
Guard a number of different.forms by Mary Fernandez, Goldy Hat, if' (UPI
,Tbi Is for creation of. a the courts and executve a g en- Pamela Ruby lawthene, Martha_ eorma, Jnue ra v-Dme.r
ubod00.maA readyy reserve".Py ei," he said. "Congress is no Jean Jankb, Patr Elbeth Kel- sChancellorWoztrad'sfenauerei K.dn--p
;i0. Tie Presden, has called, te dloer a meaneg. forum f o r ley, Marnhan Ma. irby, P ie d inst Westranyn v of his oe ,
rno a "Mstin a saeleaey Ann Lee. Jn MeaarmiMiste r
builtp. KenzieAvril Kay Murray, Carol Christiflan Democratic P a r y y's PORTLAND, Ore.. June 7 (UPi knocked it out of his hand.
COe. m mst 'dweloped wIt ane Before Powell offered h I a a- Dean kewhia'd, Dekinse Parker, parliamentary floor leader, Hein. --A heroic mother today managed The commotion awakened Mrs.
the liou"eIpMOvedana$mendedment,admnitratio ad-he 0 ya-ld Wto fight off a masked intruder who1 Weinstein's mother. Mrs. B e r-
ma'tb Adam Clayt Pow- era were reported to have worked l The.adO.yea-old West.Gernman police said intended to kidnap oneltha Eisenberg, who was sleeping
Mu Aead mer .ad beentservinigsoth.aSiof her twin six-year-old sons and] upstairs.
ol&r,Ntg4 "emoerat from. Now out a back-stag e compromise with Canceuor and foreign him for 620.000 ransom.
yak.- ban assignment Of conessia eaee on the seg- He will remain as hpad of t h e1 Mrs. Lillian Weinstein was beat-t She came into the room as the
reseivialtAD.- ser its in r- i. s .sue. Bonn government. en over the head with an autoa-, Intruder- held a typewriter o ver r
.-Naboah G*t unaer the compromise, tera.- The Chanclor .handed in the tic and one of the sons Robert Mrs. Weinstein, who was lying on
This made, the bil luaceeptablde ial tissueywouldhave beeniaside- res.ion from asecondn o hocame to her aid., was struck the floor. She shoved him and the
evoli _Dem ocrats _. wOpre- al e, p p 14by ro for racial in-to -eet GermanPresident Teo typewriter fell to the floor.
vor bantppde bypa stxoldlb4rt lr a onialInc0erain..t hm te mouth before the man fled .
ndel'Huss in the formal cOmple- A r on o note later was found on 'We were all screaming at him'
Johnion told reorers that ,I tinted segregation in.stat -c--tgthe"same steP. the d floor. couldn't get the best of-two wom-rI
*caeerely hope that we willotIroned National Guard UnaitsHeuss to appoint vonB renton, 50.1 Mrs.. Weinstein, member of a en and three children. He dove'
as his suceumur Andleus anp-.prominent Portland family, said tu the widow he came in by.'
'proved the Chae,'ne -r 10-year-old daughter, Leslie '2hen he tried to come back in.
______i--___r_____--_____,-__,, ___ B o.-.- wt.~.- i --n ,--'a.lawakened her about 3:30 a.m. asThen he just walked away."
ti n Democratic leader ini the masked man' shoved aside
the Bunduata or 'lmr house, for venetian blinds of a bedroom win- ` The crudely printed note was1
Ssix years, b we appointed fo. dow and climbed inside. discovered on the floor. It read:l
154" by man umi i ".I ot out of bed, but by the "Your child is sale. Want $20'-!
A or ",also it--'l the tim0 t to he was beading ooo,.nothing bigger, thanO t, all
AMER CAN laim ft Blnk 49; over Robet's bed," she said. The used and not marked. Don't get
M M R Aorea- 12aia e-mcrst h asOtler twin, Richard was asleep Ithe, polce or the FBI. Another
ad-.-. ... postwar do. nearby.. d.chid will be 10 times $000. uPut
"" '"ster for'round. The up part of hbisfae 'when sady."[
""-- -was e0ve...-1 a rubber .=ashl Robert appeared unruffled by
,."' b~as do- and e bottom half with snd- th ordeal-later, though he re-
f Vapst three kIcu. li b Noreachedl itshbaPoC- .maied borneifromo sehol.
,lj agevern.lkantR.53 d,'ought out S a aidl,-T Police said a neotuuhr,.William
m 1i'chid witheNehand and ag2 u2n Memaan, was awasemm by the
'oGermn _.With the ot.aau dbrd. ma b u XMr,,1a

A-0. "U'so wn H e i m o f f t h e h o s eHe bfi ng tf ,I
-...up.-ho-:- .i..w e 0IW h t ues.Detective Capt. William. Browne

-9.-ton.. .hI- dvre,,-'., a m .
e~~~if*t Vt. Iw"o.=" ian mod i i i t .. &i e .N& .. ( 'P)

/-. 4'

FOR BErrER AIMfNG-7te new aniperacope is demonstrated
in this Arpmy photo taken at Ft. Belvoir, Va. It is an improved
model of the electronic infrared device which permits the soldier
to aim in the dark. It has a longer ran.e, more rugged construc-
tion and a more accurate aiming device thn the World War I1
model. It's shown above on an M-I rifle.
a= lU- TH R s n Gi


I THURSDAY For Adults. Only'


= Pb ", "'' ., r .NCHPI TR, 4l v. '
The Nokf kd ancer" & "Clandestine Motherhood"
S A:DAM. PRICES: e.,& eO -
n w A.m lw --mN w -I=m m -- -. n


B. A L B O A
Motion Pailctor Ca~eipdl
GraduMtlan xiereses
wed. .MAS It ,tM DARK"

SDIALO RTS. 1:15 1iP.
|";mnan in The Window"
Wedamday "GRUEN Invl
"Cattle Queen of Montasa"
Wed. "Dums Aer ge The lver"

1.Thntay "RWPECCA

MARGARITA 6:15 8:40
wsiamwi %"ONG MAN"

CRISTOBAL '4:1 7 : 5
iv.t'nmf4Nelug .
O., -~~5A


"FOR- T VNGANCE" Affairi Mrt *r

-- -- --"-- --.----- .. "
"9 m

SEAL packagM with Tape Just a
few jiort pems will hold
paper tiUght.

Lab Oir m l Im **&eotca"Band a
is d&e or ed and mgamholdw er

^-. WbM ,, ^

... *.~^~. malenr w-l- ai th
- 1'-O --





-** ll.,-. ***



041; ;A

____ g i .A L "% '

~.. p.

}, .

, "I


Leaguers Clouting

all At Record Pace

NEW YORK June 7 (UP)-The major leagues'
lhomer-happy sluggers are making 18i5 the most
prolific year for round-tripers in baseball history.
S .RHO maR s1 Sorts 1i, Cinclnnas's ,16 and a t.I
tsan marks for homers Lous' 140.
"ibe established in both cir- In the American League, the
Sand no d fewer than nine Chicago Wnite Box, Wanngon
S will new club marks If Senators and Baltimore Oroles
current output continues for also are running ahead of their
Sremainder of the campaign. 'lub record paces. The White
th the season ust der a Box have 48 p 47 games, the
over National League Senators 29 an 47games and the
are producing homers at Orioles 24 in 81 Sams. rheir
soae that will give them 1.302 club marks ae 94 for Chicago
f the season while American 85 for Washington and 52 or
-rare beltingI 'em at a Bltimore. ..
ht will give em .17 4 All told, National Leaguers
the year. have hammered out 410 homer
e National League mark of In 31.9 per cent of the season
hoz ers was set in 1953 while Americai Leaguers have
the American League re- hit 358.
of 973 was established in Robinson's hom'er nqda fine
effort by Arroyo, who was eek-
S .oe rocklyn Dodgers, who ng to become the first left-
rookle Luhl Arroyo of wander to go the distance and
Ut, Los Cardtials his win over the Dodgers at .bbets
te -4ss-, on Jackle Robin- Field this eason, Arroyo had
Stwo-run, ninth-tnning yielded only tour hias and car-
Jemer lt night are leading rieda 4-3 lea. .nto the i nth
4'e parnde. They'll hit 243 for nnng. But e walked oil Hod-
S&eason and ecllpe the 1947 es oWstart his own downfall.
wY5ork Glants al-fime ma. Then. Jackie tried wM.efa -
oeigvetae record of 2m ly to. acr ice twice bfore hit-
T*e New York Yankees, mean- tin. his li th homer of'te year
While, are blasting homers at a into the center-field tands.
Icke which wil glve them an Peewee.Reese blasted an earlier
American League record of 205 homer for Brooklyn. Arroyo had
1r the year. They hit five yes- won, sixstraight games and
tords en route to a 7-5 victory boasted a 1.55 EJR.4.
qer th .Detroit Tigers and In- d Robason hittwo homers
reased their total to 68 in 51i and Billy Hunter, Gi McDon-
q me. The 1936 Yankees set the gald and Mickey Mantle one
rican League club mark of each as the Yankseestoppd
8 round-trippers. Bll BHoefts shatoht-Inning
S ns" trying at 19 and handed the
Ed Mathews and George Crowe young southpaw his third de-
omered to lead the Milwaukee eat. Rookie Johnny ueks,
aves to a 5-2 triumph over the aided by Jim Ko stsaty in the
Iadelphia Phhlllies in last ninth, won his It game.
ts other game. They giate The .victories in eased the
Braves 55 homers In 0 Dodgers' first-place lead to eight
4-a pace which will enable games and the Yankees' fist-
m to *'rpas their club mark plate margin to 4 lengths.
Asset In 1953. The same was Bob Buhl won his secnd game
ded by the completion of to equal his entire 1954 produc-
ay's usunr'ed contest and l ion for the Braves with the aid
by thePhillles, 4-2. of the two-run homers by Mat-
uher National Lehfue teams hews and Crowe. iuhl yielded
Wic are. threatening their elub only fotur ts and struck out six
irk are the second-place C)i- batters.
Cubs, the Cin nati Red. --
.le Aad the Cardinals.. The YESTERDA'8 STAR,-Jakh-
hv have ht 2 homerss In ie Robtnn the Dodgers,
.al. TCe edt 88 in .7 whose alntn.r clutch
ass P d th ndlin ls 44 In homer gave theD 5-4
4T;. Olflago'a club mrrk. is triumph er i,,.

q 9,- Na Vy Pa
L 'i'i :"' i^r' "

rmy tlantic Victors

Bn Basketball Openers

Port Clayton. Navy Pacific, way from the Braves.
and Arm- Atlsa", on --- .- V-' Coco Solo had piled up period
n accent on the positive last leads of 14-12 and 24-23 before
ht 9,-, 1 '.- the A's rolled back In command
SI Are? Armed Forced basket- by the end of three stanzas. 39-
S chase. 3d, on Joe Dinalfo's free throw
taytcn, seen a'the strongest after a tie at 38.
ly to Fort db is bid for a Then Kohrherr sparked the
at champiohabip, bumped winning rally with seven points
the Troopers of Quarry In a row.
htE. Fort Amador, and Co- Tex Yarbrugh paced the
1, 58-43. winners with 17 points, although
S 'Navy Blue Jackets rocked missing 10 free throws. Dinalfo
rcok Air Force Base, 8Cr-67. at had 15 and Kohrherr and Bill
1 while Army Atlantic was Tucker 11 each.
serling a 64-54 defeat to
Po!o Naval Station on the Fred Aleguas, 5-10 guard
or' home court. from Coco8ollto. tossed in 15
Ktobbe, Idle In the op"n- points to top the Tars' scoring.
R.'a e'slate, odes nto action The contest at Cocoll was
day nigh b sting Navy 8mewhat surprsing after the
h pro-season tourney at AlbroOk
other Thuraday enage- lstweekend. Champion Kobbe
ta, Fort ,Clyt.on lashes with crushed Navy Pacifie, 101-55, in
Atlantle at Fort Davis the opening round and then bad
Coco Solo visits Albrook's difftiulty downlag the Flyers,
S te battle the Flyers. 73-a, in the finals.
leaped f to a- 190-13 Bqt the Blue Jackets handled
afterr te start period th situa on Monday superbly
ir of free throws in the see- the bac boards without opposl-
try to.grab a 30-15 edge by tlen. He had 26 rebounds for the
Intern [en. It was 44-25 contest and added 11 counters
three aarte, in a sharp all-around perform-
geer Larry Davis, former ance.
SA&M performer, threw A4ter a 13-all first-period tie.
points, mostly on tip-ins the Blues rolled away 36-27 and
e Cleyton'i'offense. Laver- 97-993. reserves playing most of
Ses ad 13 t long-shoot- the. final try.
1W L h y haaa'a even dos- BOb Rupert, all-star guard
Last season, scored 20 points in
arty Waiaten. Bobby Ward theet quarters while leftyv Jim

'uishlmasatera Prank Ball tallied 17 for the
wrtwh-q rlerb effort. Warren At-
.' err's bad 15. Rich Fugmann .12
a to ove a-ld. ve Kilo 10.

wH vA=1. -_

leader Drttrstaf.
the..- hr deflnto




W L Pet. GB
roronto .... 3 17 .600 -
Montreal ... 33 18 .647 %
avana ..... 27 23 .040 6
tocheater 25 23 .521 7'
aubmond.22 27 A404-10%
Columbus 2 28 .44011
Syraeuse 17 20 .70 14
Buffalo .... 15 9 .341 5

-Toronto 5, Richmond 1
Rochester 010101100-4 iS 0
Havana 240 00000x-4 14 1
Helm, Wright (2)Mackinon
(7) and Rand.
Moreno, anchez (5), Scantle-
bury (7) and Montalvo.
HR.: Hartung, (2) WP.: Scan-
tlebury (2-3). L.P-Mackinson

Cardinals ABRH 0 A
Hemus 2b ....... 5 2 3 3 3
Moon rt ......... 5 0 1 2 0
MuSal lb ........ 1 0 1 "7 0
Virdonf ....... 1 4 0
Repulskil If .. ...3 1 1 1 0
Whisenant f .... 0 0 0 0
Sarni c ........ 4 0.0 4 0
Boyer 3b ........ 4 0 2 1 1
Grammas as ..... 4 0 0 2
Arroyo p ........ 4 1 .1 0 1
Totals 33 4 1024 7
illiam 2b ....... 3 0 0 3 2
Reebe as ..4...... 41 2 3
Snider eft ........ 4 1 i 1 0
Campanella c .... 2 0 0 9 4
Kellertlb ........ 4 0 0 6 1
Hodges rf ......2 1 1 1 0
Robinson 3b ..... 4 I 1 1 3
Amoros If....... 2 1 0 1 0
Loes p........... '1 0 0 0 '0
LaBorda p ....... 0 0 0 0

a-Struck out for Meyer in 7th.
Cardinals ........ 011020000-4'
Dodgers ........ 001. 002002-5

MooRee, ee KeUert., R"lnp
2' (Amojos scored when Reese
hi int double-play). Two base:
Repul i, Moon, Boyer, Snider.
iome runs: Reese 'Robinson.
Stolen bases: Musial. Sacrifice
fly: Virdon. Double-play: Reese-

Left on base: Cardnals: 7, Dodg-
ers $. Bases on balls: Arroyo
Loes 1, Laorda 2., Meyer I. s8..:
Arroyo 4, Loes 4, Meyer 1, Labine
2. Hits off: Loes 7-4 (faced two
batters in 5th Inning) LaSorda 1
1-3, Meyer 2-2 2-3, Labine 0-2.
Runs and earned runs: Arroyo
5-4, Loes 4-4. Wild pitch: La-
Sorda. W.P. Labine (4-0). L.P.:
Arroyo (6-i).

DIablo To Present

Valed Summer

Recreation Program
Registration for children de-
siring to participate in the sum-
mer recreational program at the
Diablo NUymnSM will take
place dur ng the week of June
11-15 between the hours of
eight to twelve in the morning.
The regularly scheduled activi-
ties will start on Monday, June
20 at eight a.m.
The Diablo summer staff for
1955 will inacde director Stew-
art Brown and Instructors Wil-
liam McKeown James Reece
and Nancyv Kariger.
McKepwn. versatile Junior
follese athlete, will supervise
the .ten-are rouo (awes 13-18),.
Activities slated for thins ro 'p

Smediate Trous (ates 9-12. The
Intermediate protfm will "on-
list of: echerv. terpnis. basket-
Sball battlebril. kickball. n-w-
combe. dodehalfl and softball.
Th*'smnal f t group (awes 5
8i will be under tho ltadershin
nt Miss Karirer. A Junior at
Northwest Missoluri C 011e e.
whelr she is wnrkLjng tnwarni a
B.S. in nhitral educalon. The
small frw activities will lne'lue
tory,-tetin,, amnes and relays.
stntq, fled trips, ete.
This smu'mer will se the in;-
Hatiem. 'f two neo setivities at
the Dia'hhi center. These are ti!e
".Yuke Rex*'" sanu the
'"Ot Hole Club." Mue lnver
l1Bh 6B**n'uraued tV hn their
*worlte dies for ve "essimnn
'frfrw 9 to 4 p.rn. dellB. Baseball
mthue'~ta will rathr dailv
from 3 to 5 n.m. to heer the
"-'agne of the m1v." din"
wjz'# tpie will dlaet< atrat.-v
Ona~DeJr to score and chart in
a ewfB eamqu* manner.
T Dhe l OGy will be ren-
ed 1I the fellowln- Zone-
ortsemunaut: tennis. tl-l

P~n *4dk~nif to ties hrwweqI r-
gehifitaed4 *teJl*-"'on

s.(drcn e.
a se, I
idii1 mt r h--i



.o -. ..... .
!.::f^* i 1*1
'H HM_ ^ ,Iia~'i i |

TALKING THINGS OVBt (Left to ..ri Oter Enrique
Martin, lightweight oltim" Joe Brown and "a'ama Physical
Education and pot Dwartnent director Oil Gobtalo Garrido,
discuss final details ofl the scheduled June 12 Panama Olympic
Stadium benefit fight program. Brown is Satoed against Nate
'Killer" Jckson in the ten-round main bot.. Joe works out at
the Panama Gy 'daily while the Killer goea through his paces
ttht Colon Aren '

goftng4. te HUtb hole, Jaime
so cV a BOWt when the

7efv ._'W I. the final
he e ked out a one-
thn the First
t-<0.61 handicap) were
tn .., it over Bob Motta
| :'I. d de la Guardia
w w5'5 and 3,4ul A-
SDon Mavor 6
A goWent 22 holes
.ef e.eite lnZig Paul Baum-
e Paredes took Paul
l I t Lilo Vallarino
Pr4 Gerhardt one up,
a 1 eded by Lou Chan-
deek ope-pa*fter 27 holes, Miker
More beat Warren Milllgan 4
and Martin. edged Saarinen
3 and -I.-Sramo de la Guardia
beat GrMano I and 3 and Anibal
Galindo swamped Matheney 9
and 8. .
In the second flight, the re-
sults wereN:
Ameenia oer Putaturo 5
and &, Pday defeated Roma-
goes 4 and 3, Howell bounced
George Madsro 8 and 5, Pete
Oiler eUmiBated A. Jimines 4.
and.', C r Campagnani Jr.
Jr. oAtl Moose one-up, Julie
Valdes eat Plo Arango one-
up, Bob Boyd edged Dickerson
on-.yp, Dr. Tapl beat John
CaHUtuh one-up and Tim
Woodruff elinaiated Jules Du-
olis and 5 .
Second flight winners via the
"Default" route were Aberto A-,
leman over Grant. Bob Noveyv
over de eOssa., ill Arango over
A. de Mena, B]by Arango over
Max Heu'tematte. Frank Bren-
nan over .Doel and Harrington
Over Billy COffey..
The sec on d round In both
flights must be completed by
sundown Sunday evening. For
tebett.9 tpee who do npt
an te mu e ,of kir next
opponent, Dle;e call Pro Macar-
ron at Paama 3-6116 or check
the score sheet in the Bar.

Al Brown's Remains

To Arrive June 15

Or 16 AllCrisobal

The remains of former world
bantamweight champion, Pan-
ama Al Brown, will have New
York June it or 11,. and arrive
at Crlstobal June 18 or 16, the
Panama Doxzig.g C mmision
annoyed at a meeting with
sports wriers last night.
A committee mad. up of
sports editors and other new-
papermen was, named two
weeks age to make tarrange-
ments for releVinag the re-
mains of the only wtl charm-
p pon Panama has ever .aid.
Tetative pinas call for tie re-
mains to be kept f'r w$e.
time in Colon, Brown's birth-
place, before they are bright
ever to Panama for Inteieakt.
Paama City mayer Miguel
Antel Ordofiea wiU dver the
pralielal itaeide addre ,
and newomau Dave. Costeble
will speak on behalf 'of the

Ployg"ound rts

The. Cub League (9-12
olds) basketball layes i
work out in the
slumn Wen n ffTfir .

league. ,, .



(N- .. Ga.e) .Detroit l "
.. Lous 012030y41 10 1 Etals (5-1, 2t "od
Brooklyn oo a00 .-f 5 0 Berra.;, ._,
Arroyo (6-1)an Bar H r (5- (-3), ir, iM~a
Loes. sLaSorda, Mer, Labine Wilson. ..-
(4-0) and Campana. ;.
.( N qiht G a m e ) ? .
Completion of u d me Wr .edg M.W
Milwaukee O 0 20OI-3 0 1 1
Philadelphia 004 000 Mox-4.6 Only gm !
Conley (7-3), Crone, Jay, Bur-
dette and CrandaU. -
Wehnleler (4-3), Meyer iand
(Night Game)
Mlwaukee 201002000--- 5 1 3__'_._ .
Philadelphia 200000000-2 4 1
Buhl (2-4) and Crandall. ; -
Cole (0-2)Dickson, Mrolnaki By BXANU jRE DOM
and Semilnck. 21b eers. to bal 0 .u
Wrttes for NRAs
Only games scheduled.
QUESTION: The bases are full
S -' T I with one out. The batter hits a
JOeY Got. UD sharp rounder to the third base.
SJ man. The lat field the bal and
,.. [steps, Qn hird bale, forig the
runner romn se row
So K earns Iw s o t sei airyair
double play. e btter ouns
first, but'seesi t the firt base.
I ;11ml -anf I has reovd.. the ballquik
C oud E at Ily. He attmp to get bee-to
..--. First base. bus taoed 9t .Doe
-SB RYthe double play tuuly the. run-
ASBURY PARK, N.J. -(NEA) which scored froA third base?-
-When Bobo Olson opened train. Russ Cramer.
ing for his light-heavyweight title Answer: The run e6oated the
bout with Archie Moore, June 22 instant the batter reached f first
at the Polo Grounds, a movie was base' safely.
shown of his joust with Joey Max. When Mickey Mantle of the
" in,. Yankees hit home rui hft and
In the second round, Olson bat- right-handed in aone ea did he
tered Maxim to the floor with a establish an -AmerianLeaue
right-left-right barrage. It 1 e f t mark?-Lotb Weber
Maxim crawling ana rolling on the A. No. .IM h hIy Lea.
floor in bad shape. He g oup at lde, a StL,mmi m ,
I wonder how ghe t f"'"rom '"" ''3--"
tha blato" omebty d We d % B4 Mi.
"Easy. Jack WKean p1d him J.d.h the roI, n
up. Jack's gotta eat," somebody fronm Army dutyf-Al. igges.
yelled. A. In Octboer. ,

By *

j. j. harrison Jr.
tE r

THI COLUMN was able today
to pick up quite a bit of news
on local players In foreign
.os of the items were. glean-
0ed from The Sporting News of
June 8, and therb was a letter
from Leon Kellnman and a phone
call from Tommy Hughes' dad
from Cristobal.
wood. Open Classification Paci-
fic Coast League, has moved up
to among the teh leading bters
6f the league.
As of June 1, pkescott had ap-
peared 58 ae had 175 at
at, 56 hits, our home runs, 32
RBI's, and was sporting a .320
batting average.
. The experiment of usi n Bob-
by at third base, ordered receat-
17 by Branch Rickey, was aban-
oned when the Stars went to
Seattle In favor of another ex-
periment. Sending PreWcott bak
the outfield, manager Bobby
Bra.n pulled Carlos Bernatr in
from the garden to handle the
hot corner.
CLYDEE PARflS, Montreal,
Class AAA International Lear
forms part of an Infield that is
drawing rave notices romuMdLthe
the quartet of Rocky Nelson
-at first., harl.eaj at seo .d,
Paris at -third and Chico.r-
nandes at short,, reeled efi 57
double plays in the first 40
ames, a pace that would crack
league mark of 184 etby
RoOster in ion.
na, Olass AAA IM ens oad
League, had an w P suali ver.

some more evary oW

"Our team is nmet doing s
good at be ".is
MY .We m I"
weak on dus
"Well I gue ths wMl be a
for now.' Give everyone my
best reards.",
Accordlip to The 8 rtIn
hf/i0[trips to he _ats, meved
34 runs, had 46 htts d 9s rum
batted in, for a .413'$A.-.. 4s-
ond best In the a g

nio; Culas AA Texas League is
wa0 close ace for. rus-
battdin honors with tea
mate Jim P=sonl.
(Note: The Spe9 tga Newm
did net lit figures).

Class AA Texas Lague,oba -
ed early; last month rl MO-
treal, Clast AAA I- nteaio4 l
League, notched .bis fifl- vte-
tory in 8 days, May, when
he desd report t. to.

hasm w


'- If

I ~


.- .


* ."4

HTes Ai Ar mAt m"i'
The Co- ... A., *

A.s sste A ** *at.
Tdpwe V itatIat Akc.Mort, and 1
S5 IThe good doto took 86 troke exet1 to,"' says ne $ weesh-or- *o
Ep i fA*a ringw itz1 handle. I Ottie tggose twalaUa quint nas al 0
Thursday wi en were Lou is plgin gl5ish,-1 ,1'1 sat RecLW h r Ream y u ha '
bgifB .rsoatuu. .Martn let h. uta orange h ro eno me t summer. Whea my get."
il I 0 e of .nead," sa1id (81-.9-72) .Mika M (1. kids grow up, .II I c"n t t"t hem
/ / / /... .-M) and J0 Joe- ro t or ~ Wode .) dth el se oU tha heaJr |t as X"-.T aws WWa
m Im or five '-Ung ited) AObCA A mi iht aStt be a t the.a l -
Gena Sarasen. mudder "IM Us W41 146oline 1at* .ol
S Snaead was i ol rains that a PaIIual C* t i n, jabbed and on out loose '
l t to do In to h t, turn*thexInto witia a nor more pm oea t
yeomr's; the Lake ursea a H at fad t gave t toe e. b t ., .
it the Country Clb of o @-dampin a ohf Ing 1314contina a t .kht b
sai June mahi awinge. er s.E"will wei g 8 b--10-
-'tWI hat was go sto L1 Arasgo. P a!or's Pin potua o gals. crack at Mo1e ,ad
,,O WOpen, prol Chief,-prov d h be the e iga heavyweight lea dersh MaIm bei
bn," apliedlo rather*e beat mhudderH anMd l 4 te ONoltJrouDs L JneI tagged by A
b,'*- !t, the.l Aw- o. ida,, lor =t f.t
ib le S.. sweepstakes. Lul ad a oil m 1. .d coult..e aome a i at iN for t mee.- -,
la stes i o eoto i with a l .oa ad aano ut year.
mIn a w, he best describe. a net of 00. fighting b" vyweaghs I i noth- .p
w h S has. ossno-to be his apprdh anMi Moraen. shot an for ing new to lafo mmy Harn
tothe testgllshow on eazh.
tothe '. since sh beo n second place. Nlb nine handclap soM weighed 102 pounds when 4l. v of a
he. lowered.his net score to 71. Oth. so slapped M t around f or 10 tird aoo
of nearly i tournaments, every i ieor winners were Jorge Boyd (W rounds n 0H61wood ea r r a when he
oca or lw he wans eligible to r t 19-72T, Don Mayor .(84-11-73. 1 wi one
nexOhe nehw has too e b je 1vCe sr Cam tpagn i J r. (8 -12 "Boo was a legitimate 180. w t be
th 77 an rac ( -75). pounder then,"reals aher. t
St, onwoun t sw i ag 77..-duBrank_- eara. -t--'-g ..e... .e ._Y "I had to fteed him belr'e he .1 h th ,R
s a turnhemt In de d Out on National rGolf Ddy we lgintoe tm -tt het .U. or n ie
t nm ttheut t ly considered *t the h -lf .i -. .-,- ,,, -,,-- ,.- Ne-.- t .--y__mr o Arv ..
ecT era ic o o thge en m mbertine A o ve ha r ey ont has had o uroe e
tory.'.of t.m-c'fevontgame.b N ?sent-the.Panama.scores soaring.weights ever sice. +For Nirias. .'
.nead ....n l f "" ". as members coam p-ed In Nation- went on from there to beat Paul
m:im .. has-been l tu qrqp in, -the Opeon m m &.. 1m.m *am" m GoIltP OlatuT ay. Andrewis,Charley Norkus oJimmy *.
four timesan the historic ant G 1 WoV .ve1, there was ivins, Wes Bases. a nd Zar I
tragic t Spring Mill, where Ape BA o(aNA N l UNCLUB T 700- 111.OUMal somenspect:dr. Tim Walls.'
didn't 1i seoed, is only on. of NAMN or Tyo- Woodrufe ns aid offawith ,OLSON-POINTS OUT at bi is
......... gory d#4Aa 20 hwi S 30 ltV o FASTne1o ae.. AND EsV big as Billy Cons was when
-S "The" -OP larted ihrg tricks The Bal a Club will hola Match condition: 20 m y that be beat PU e! ""t"'t thel Irman s arred up oublefor
L IA r he1 the s taught a rovN AP tolmate sh ots rapid- yard's, any"It mildly 4P % t9 U.t-8-- Louis in their first otl ng.a
,ca sc d to te .Im d adaomesearound at t the W i ,boa. ., .Open chatmpio-nsot a 7I8" And a fast o MorQ ter w m wa knows
o wIn 1137 He iw to i an ted 1a Awards: am asfor match Tim 'tt tbeo Et sureP A -what its all about at my we
a, i- N the p N- -. This w as the ay on th ean ue box. puttal -nulab s holed a t r SmO N "Lm." Thia. .M. :..Co d.lo J20 rennan al shot 1eth2 a nat*i&time,"- he says. .

nthees wa atiaeo wfe A wrde oni tn e thatlS oedn atswaet g otto t to AN E membo A ht-a a s e lrdS. .. 450 0h I 15 CApRArGENRA. DAVtA.N Olson is working up a mad an "..**ur
nedne the nuio hts ere yso beinrah and punrsnentas co a oprane 0 lathe hojluand af NSA cERMD A. or0 ANoD LAe that colo. f on .anker-Anild1- or Moore. The unmarked young
M'sWht mte ari* bon had" we.t o Fth fftr, wbho btd- and er ew aOp a to 8nd rg, Pim om Waik fightwee a d F betten .

MadU asn c pl e mth sre f Ir wp. hmatch ahnd, t ot es, the bro od w tat4ach .Trer n IillT 1O DI.tE CTl ro l' orih t in l r iv JS a wa N
rineat o erfno the waren irato wo en loerr a onedigltlsr oey En.a T l5es h .dle. when he's stirred up.*
ok of hin masv e of au r Sd.his Spring Mill In 19o9 needing. only N i .. a ve him a I. Otheta who shot .Whan im -mat hawit-, Sh a guy, "

it would be several nouus before the bolmn started nthe a e Par to win. Heat figured to !o -- ---- 2- par3r-lose- Interestnin him, he ex .
ren. lteadoo we haet ball andnb curs, and oto theoli4or attithng s oge ou Food Ia a U ilas lethern LTeptoDCU"h Art mItyN weort"He'
ehrsation area, which is, I was to learn, a sO ac tofshotrthed hornn Bu t ho us led o tl5.711on ri
THEip GA S tarMBE NRA score a 76.5-711. fho10 o plains. 'hay to myel "He's
ale sst palotgor bseba andote ootba ll horrendous 8 ber b..... B. oR dy. for 0 '- P .. d Ia uard. Jr.r me ca .
a wAld neoStheough an oanl p gardeia. wituet, Sd &e the es a W a TInet 73 am did Don 1M vor.

+ ,Dr. .,f T os+ .d ..... ... -. ,A U U..............-........ .4& W -
AThn s sed te betrhegaltlow roatoe t zHarni a u lb ld, aIds 3 On to kes a the praciucn d i of .the Matleo u..A any can-te ire ToD ead CA L ...n b dtan on at74weeitt er.-
ent aes Isnotblyo nodeS eeapecdY ino humanrel ation, Cleveland Canterhburyh bytwr i eti .. MATh RIGHBTg C ANDitioSNV CS RA Deadloe- atl '4wre r -
by. s tood6.s T-t ne fiN reU. Wrd, a.22O OSpe.: dr I

o = o ,rernor.e -9n a, .. :.'..'... ,.0 U .I T .N.DOM ,AVA A, *** *
ete ltnte prielonr. ra ther o tha .n but he teAwrOd i n1tr a .thioas ateo caliberois, to ree 1 o .o 'ever. ty-fiveootertluded th

birt, round in 19.butlThIa'wa wardstorn.Noeomedal CmAwlalrds: D r as for TOtch 'PresidentTD of the RNCof
rciefre Awads ..-..Ptlm .
meto no(w th i n I- t -t'je srealer etharI as-ier S ur SambowIe a a 1e aAtse p a rn. Tupe .....e. l...... r m. lO T.n ICa... II .....................a, r

Ebb or s e ct,,... W913,, .. .ant.. -eh. ett e ..... In ay ao ~pet score ert, TdL reL acke aattler r

e-al-S- m* AaaOo ifl*Cbproxy a
te M H gASCr8AMBERWdlbe a ss b eI1 46, sI.f N.e TO d NoAd PO

e...u, w. .... in L. ..s .... .. .. ; ..L i ,, ?, a t, '.-r" &bt :, ".h:i:: 4: :55 39::: :::::::::::::::is. :.1 r ar C:.lrh Ci- ev le_: m s al ,t Ne o
!e malk dth u ao d'rma garde, .l'rt TOeU 'sof oAG IM 'NT. wotai" pjmj

:bers Noter Ameq d co o i eAsNam. .. nsn c
,lrjeam t w Whop. fo.' .'...m i .... ........ ..
totelrstd stability to putt hisbe bhou w-isen lLn- r, ch 8e.n re er whhTelnt yo2 *'

Whit-mask e1 s bi',""we"taonFilmsfeewo$llwe. What downfall? A. lot of MA L s l lite 8
maeO5 at' SluI.t yA O f Ine eto roestleus 11s0't yeseeouldlieatonptle.v.awtm,.mn 40-2" 5 .$ p Mro. ckmpet.-las ...l ir"e y" NITE-D .R UI hOMPAtNYorilin

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aso provides. ou efor yourself late "SureI've missed them like v- LEADING ATTRSllith ty n forali
There were e"ther things I was to see before the afternuleut anybody else" lie drawls "Abuttoasdwhfici b) o ot revouslypethom par76e:wobte

ended," gemengtio, meas1d"hwho leh s ay at 3 1 I,,,. Zr Tire 5I. civilian or ed.5 dw d arpol's score will receiveubIt a
pz 'Te onfim 3t -syboiu net.' .1 IeI .iik rwe- amdl TIn*o nk wryi i. tou._ad C T n lhetrladies who shotR 1 7,
-o...e. of ma mother n-e ,.,ration lonners anderea s orre. ct dte-dhrft
aerdho led n.20-footo p uttetsotAardlef". o f ire comprising better.than Patty BergIwill me- a I

iow e r, tieu s 40 154 i "6-355 su h' i b a ee .'
"-we've tihd other spootsfigures In there but t e xidWASbY Law Wor essham with 22 In t h a n 4 4.. hreat At 1 even b4acelet C-.adp dt.attm
Staid. oneofthecurrent-ue1llerp, Nnat teS41826 be made According to rule 16,1regIstered with the Tournamient
Brownsinclly.o-He's one aof tur unique problems," am l the oee the a y o f eves withe Virdon, at. L. 40 134 24 510.331 phagd .... ._. fallen .-. -tAl, oteposted.

tierl Tshea R..les.. N. com Niedwitha.min.or any-addition.. alInfor- ,
cihros e'6 oramOk'tej11 ta372 cases. M" tinowitf
Dlmasred.dWorsham, away at 31 Kal"ne, Detroit404 140 V. As natl oa write:
b "Tbatic peAt.It'se lostoe.- Onthe g tAl floor of the Oltrisdu I htpt0 pr inches. dweren. thn41-2.8 20.53 *325o ta
anu ir n dicaon fthed own rin the areas that stance wllydeft6ed the o, 27, at Lm Angeles Riviera Lollar 22 40 .313
earthuakplS! y01180 1900. in 1r N aftereSnead led at tilehalf. _..
Snead tied ClaypontteArner for Snider. Dodge=f. ....... 11 T FU 5.9e SloS iiu w OIiy..

Neite." t asbuiefpauearoWre' of fellows would have chipp. Campau.ell., Dodgers .... 5orFAST FREIGHT AND PASUNOER SERVICES "W G' ...........JuW .
forenoon deVotlO were being held. A young minister spoke In Anyway, he was short and fd B a, an *.. 9 ..5TWEEN EUROPE AND WEST'COAST *Ilndlag BLnuserated Chil
a yoice s low e to be Inaudible where we stood. There weren't 4 on a par 3. Kluse, ki, ga .s .. .... .1 39
moret or mt e pews. TheSnead was second to Hogan, but Tige.......... 39 OF 6TH AMERICA
kfing a bad second to the ights today," mused the warden. Al by six stokes at Oakmont In '53. u..-TrnRP U A C L
sLtw we ware In the yard, a vast covered enlosure, which A lot of ys have committed --15m0. AC
somehowreminded me of a betting shed at a mutuels truck. lil suicide for less than what has ed .lq ECUAD .E.......RU.1s
ennmto Sameeadin Snier, Dod",.ow........4.. M.V. saIm..rO.............. .....June 15. m ,
is here the prisoner gather when mreessed from their els. It'i _it__._Open ..S. mith,_Indiana ........._45__._"_IPO_-..........__....._............,_........_June_2gi.._............
there WAS a time when A warden would think more than twilc -X Te,Tigrs .40 NTO U.. .... ,
before going into the yard unarmped and unaecomlpoied bY n w Uvaou HITS NASSAU' BERMUDA, CORUAA, AND LA PALL1CE ,L..........
guards. "Abwlut the onlyh ypies ufyard fireworks with anyd. Kalne. Tigers .......... 71 M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (18,0W Tons)...... Aug. 2 A tam........................
Most Q the lsone ,had left for the fghts, but there were ruE Jummps muelr G ants..... 4 .,. "MA..A "
stil a couple of hundred or sp. p, ng around. None of them Camanella, Dodgers ..... T8O4UNITED KIGDM I,, WLI, y of tlle New
seemed to know the warden even-existed, for an the"otce they EASTl LANSING, .Mleb (NEA) XAlonws B Res......"".'. .....MV..."PAX".........................June w20
took of him. -,-Joe Savoy" Jr.,Is a dlNZwky- -ede .... .S. "WO ,..NAM" i........................ ....June4 Y1, New OrO, Los Amld Sd ....
al specimen s ix .0- = so
The 30 ot u msiaa .ol- Pitcher and pN oWn Lost Pet.
t c eae e w e i .a effcoat, u .. 1 .. YK ................. .......... June 2.. ...

"- sd A H--(..-. ..ApoAm'...................uale F Me. ...... .

- .. ,,e*. .,.t______.___,___________._______i_________i_____._-_____" PA AMA'

*w- m t oh iht before omth us-

i i i i Vfi& f
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M ll-Ot's IND EN+S
U e Of Wha.rf 4 -
Asntence ordering the Elliot

Ila Supreme court ruled that ilia q tra h WM
once Ministry, permitting the ITHIRTINTH AR TANAKA. B ^P, TUs TN
'a ."k"on North" Ave. free of .
p ,-h.f..t was based on constitu-t |oo A.. re SI j
per rs r "er .' 4'ne .i td a. o -0 .t
'.... :.", ,* ... q

". b t l d o r nd e I Internation- trial world with a $-aday wag compary'7 p Reuther sent tract, wh.h hea "guaran- a ,atoor.n ,".o *-'i s h,
th following evidence: al Electrical Workers today plan during the days of the tfn telegrams to strikers. tel'g teed sem- al wage," might *en relata even when '" '' the b 9 ''
u 1adCastne re r res

Sf u b e GM thte auto workers ion either hinted strongest he o t ohot o don at leaat to day, of
'ad a erageedfohC ol, wo p roy ,od r .udt r 'rM h co 'n i n ein.s

ubat m um large The eallMoe th 00dMlr- ed wae athrouh teast ..

;sual bru y Pan Llquido will gates from around the count r to CIO nedwo and paosys iby a asb onwehy r The committee decision camh
*t i a tbrdtegu i loctdons an emergency meeting of the en- 'trough the L when the ttweoylan havnd ? the an stenate Republicans strongly
:o p ettle the r erves of the eral Motorg council to consider s Ford,"labor unions s "erga. He said he lhotor so f e ither v*odes-noedfWer&t8 oecr etary
Sharphooter. tting u maery for a strike. woud ask Gene Motors for the de dua Clp Hobby aas h

SThis Ba l b Is open to memberS The nAW'S tf member exe ru a can afford it." pute same pltn Bt ot h the yand union b eolbee o o r let ld tosmeathmwithe hOft
klnd titve l fa le of law en- thve board was expected to Fp. ord wichstrtld he ** "You might, there's a 'Ford tteemredthire thei r ; hon ceswl g c nhad mR4handled the oolne
orceent agency on the a n h prove aney strike action requested ...haa $i GM's future, w he s c hit he ea a aa -Rh.t", 7 8ans iFrank Oarlson
&,IE by ctrthhoke o u l today .,pan doh h.B hedyofeernhsRtngc e Mod
t.h .,lo we n.g.en te: l-. a sp.l .- _-- -- on i ,, owG

s a g t a. t eiusallf Att atrkterp et drthei
l rbl Golf Clu ., '.:. W r n. ge thupmcoDen Yrdu r
aT T.. e ,ou nfra rEdW a ,i pre fio .'. b o h" h o, r nthe! Te r at tce prlan.o Ion .- .I bywh he i ort I m anc e- aIo~ ~' gha .
h.unreelnf sleuth, t mopee- eral Mo tohrs Cor der pressure' "1 *ee any n egoa i atin ran- b the when a .e here htor te.iwreea cat ramount.oin

LA VIny thae so n oldaS DY!ar wha CIu Pr e Re Thare ors n a swefd U Gas nnlden o m"h o olor nand Y eod nde o p eoeentm
Of-h G en a Mot1.tors deatmn c r4 the d vacation s ete a dmnt rto sr lc o

a aCS : .t & a d r. hopiethey migh t be a4: b0 I m toatne A re r e a nhd et a. w orkt-diasaes crgoi lwnetwl l to a 8 tl o do gi ve
retrably dsfuised .as r u .a Wi .ll e to extend the au wrke of uaran can't det herrtrtewiotg I Ot ianson.d D l h t dw

Sap re a oter, ied b eg telel d pao tnofr0o ord workers Ford,".he aSet _d 1 d word of a sse te re Mait. a idaant
r. whto thamme ubrot polle T he y ta- bym- eoatn3 ect7l y c athea ateed "waget nu? an.ted Uioo eve oal oth e nd thyo feir oaneat

m. ol0e blotter, gleaned WokrnL. C TEtrainetrial world withe a $5-aa-day coryn p .ur oure snttachhh i gaan,,ti.ti te to a Pu
i e idal Electrical Workers today l res Q t ste llepg

Ia r I .e oa aao I te Tto-jCobless pay plan sets up a hiavN.-DAYe JUNKE 8 awlhin Iudeanp for the Nat-ona Foen or

Si 1 iaiERSIErS "- 55-aioB deallr trust fund to be Genere shot rlepen the first Infantile Paralyl.-. an.
h oc f nPITTBBUG, June 7 eaUP) -l ThMotors.imhem to et r by tusher n a company y over a or vaccine rela- ond east'" sed by States ilce o milhdfth
ebe of the Cana one's I covering 325,000 auhetoworkr ande tionsar priod. The oney will he e 40 o nt ce thalted wl He hoped herin could

iS are stan another of ,000 IUE workers, runs ot at nego- on planet er n be d to pplement workers 5:37 p the approval of ay, new batches be held this week. ive
their ,ey interest int affairs midnight. The unions threatened 'o e ther tormed tath e f e tak ivo eI vacc i n eating cs i oe a-T

drting at 80 a.., Saturday. strike action u.w s as ate fato dry t tori e s tp" in up cor any- ldren .,during the summer hin i
'i 'u t1 and l n th Steel, settldf areea mi wiU reaceed. 6. : "W gl ""l L paid An rker the dis as
pht of the day, at tloe au rbo a CIO rese rdens Walter Reqther dy fTIh ai s. to t r es. oe men. m"ag a o .
brea e4s. Ayotohedcouncil qieir.biold' s ,500ohor draeg
Th n imnty Club .acon-wand uAwh vice ph'res nranvdenttoI John Tee elmpotaltoice os theseaDemocrtap oiloe acin-
saud effort to aleo poae to~e Livingselton, who htoads the UAW's m e rrn de oia thep- ll l
y f erohourorkenepersatsxheotewre dayn led to full secur- .daelayaM in the vaccination proturedeo

t kt t rs P boomtg industry's top firms to cent n hour per man package, a The company w ill contribute m 0 7 A A W
M wring even more conButsheias from igmen," 'edlpsnwara.anle

SiNS TOMOROW thr he member th e auto workers union c our a cents hourly for each employee in. g ACADEMY AWARD WINNER 4: -
ed wandered the go demands for a wge increase the crsseboa wld tpo a special fun d to raise the ndren and
l union described y as "substanT whheh booyted'te average hourly mllon dollars to guarantee pay FOR THE BEST PICTURE ,y-
al Pan gatesfrom al."round the country to of tee net-workers to $1.23.or an ossiblyhe

thheuinsdd u n speclw the gS OF THE YEAor! e
otte st.tegloca.tons an emerglo ten1cy meeng of the -,u en- through the o tobL when the tthwoow th oongi,- t ,

vt~eetle the nerves of the eral Motors counci to consider labor cnioStked"hoe Sea.. dfended W er.e1a
uin setnlh oers.Hemaiduio hnedren during the heights ofersaouplnniahhe

ro don aforeen doen t member Temb Ford eeouaons amave nsmeswr press. Poi o tt rd t I i t t
u--st.._ shanrdev hepstht. ttm mfoing At a recent meeting of the ad- efforts being made on behalf of f or.. ptlhUe.s lfou- tioea |
S, T fde O .w e tive board was expected to ap r eYou might, acthere's a 'Ford __,v take their chances...of had mi.8ndled ,toe vccine

SM ences on ewe ii prove any strike action requested Sa the following M'cularly n he said, thcg tah' d Beas.r program:Sen. r Car lson
S usi by the council quickly made to advise me Boys. tat e has been held neg- Te ornm (-Kn) cued Mr. Hobby's
The h r e thlehem Repubse Jnes and d dre Boy oat of ithe costuient a loea- theA teaOinest mioannSuoeion |
n dnhou'anti e an c panit e aughsa t lSheett a uandTe Uaionbe hela omd he dkavfab' bthe *lal Iio ll
t the FokM sertoant at te Blboa GMPalsowa ,cha meant benef t lan" ethan Dapointment of Mr. Alberto Ale- .Co. for Immediate us In the
ellow mvenfr Th, 1 "IU 4 tand W were.... neo- But he agr,-eed the plan- was "an "n Paa.o Ctly. oMr. A'emt, a gramU, It was O coOan .A'Ale. t-egvancine 'ogamf, .d t ios.
8 B tlme for s golfer ,-.- tit.n simultaneously. with. Ge. .... _whCON .'Wa uncharted course" and a "ai fi- Panam president i the son of It was the first release of ne7 ofot gv enlcam-, ,,,-,.i t,,cl
'u, aEm, S n iti'dAy.44 ..w Ioon: mic- mat0ul ter patter h of ,abot. management a-hd a n. oftthiscn thefirst bi stef cee I.althe SaJlv vaccinn.
w be' taknoi 1withe Gu. w',: When asked "Whoewon." to- --. towardfu I -r4- --esumption .eorteed t- De mNwerts ,
0 t" oo d -to log t s| date h ji P ." .'O"taLueoes.nwcon.'t into effr th"a t d

,. Wage."BALB,- ava to teE'm "waslona1enthus-i"d abo-t the' de
O .Fo rd ...c er nt te orders Pa +shrand dtlon for Tmntle dPra- yl td Th, bill,'.ich

PT1 Al hi will conme out wit the wash InT deassment and si-ce 19 n seanrlerut the below-age 20. TiO
l nOW that we have reached a set- aa outstann e pn ft cinewiln are f tog
PRICES: .7 & .0 -- ShOW' 1 :S # .W pC.. ',. tOe ,, ttiuneIn anamTand hes In tothestateswhihohaaeinotrme- vac cine onlyto childrenowhose
Steelwo.....Srelworkers o +eT w1 'increase I P... ShootigR estimated thepey noeyfamiles cnnot afford it.
addition to many otrer benefits, I ,approval o f-theLill sho. Intade AomMrca )oby' depa
ro rnu [rywaaingea age"guarntedmh-reand onmedby L ly cato enlan.said kAtrueueMedica

bd 'steel_ -indaustr, wage nego- on psent. record" opera." unemplo entlcompent w en-

SWards INa i mt Tube and Inland S teel. These six 13 wrougn 18: a recent national execu- -
firms employ more than two- Retreat ceremony Maj. W. tve committee meeting of the
Thirds of the basic steel industry's F. Gerard; Study of parliaman- American Legion held at India-
W t Mm 00,000 production workers. w h o tary. procedure ubert Turby- "l d, ,the natibOal chAir-
now earn an average hourly rate fill; Problems of city govern- I the Americanism com
1 of $2.23. ment Lenard Brockman; Ca- se poke out praising the
SiiThe guaranteed wage settlement nal Zone government: structure, being done by the Depart-
-won the auto workers, the on- problems and the canal Zone of Panam Canal Zone on .
S*CIO Vil-6 b'uer than the USW, tizen John WinterD. f boy who were unabe
bouyed the dence of McDo'. Orientation b1y civic an s firsthand the fune-
ad that tha industry would reprsentates Walt government.
match the b nt within ner; on and Itstructional program of
year ad dro the uaranteOed an- f unic court-tate has three phases:
.anual ]wa -neou r worard M. Alman; Field t. un al t ,
The USW begae pressing for a cot -. Judt Carles A. general ga 5 J\
uaratd annual wage back in cla superior court ow-
1and l; Howtheubjec such a aw
McDonald met with me asof and city 9 together Ii election offl
ag cWlder; of n oatui l o -of.officers.
to^L p toutbes aO snment -r-, ht M special schools a de held
uwa nemaen; for 600.0oo ne Y;U.tlons of state r t candidatM for oce.
Sbe seel dutive official Frank te of the offloes whlh "
u. 41iti.e supreme ion *dap
for Lc 10ia; f ort 1 -:
M .n"_ w .A. p ardeF od g. lap
with the Hopiestl usa e
we a r le @14r h militaRy,bAne

-r........ .ion a...

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