The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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As Fat
DmTR .rr, Tune 4'w)
Motor Compaky aW
mited Auto Workeri vwgi

Is the wdrld's biggest
"there will be no strike
the guaranteed wage den
Other comolary and
spokesmen, however, del
comment on the Steatld
Bm iA ate1te. 010

4 Imbr To I
Theodore H.IL Maenner of
ha, Neb., member of the
of dirgeton of the PaMtM
nal Co., wa scheduled to
early this morning to I
meetings of a special coam
to study budget and oth
nanecial matters oft*

part e"s r- IM

CLU-Mic vews

Pry Before CornMiftee Chag To
CleMent Attlee maid toda that
.i Ie,-,*o the a,,rit* -- "-or -Z ...m
S(NBA Tte.) arty "will now be pail on WASHINTON, June 4 (U'P)- W. D. ohnaon, vice realdent m
-I PoIee are pris as toiw members of the UIO UnXi g to youngpr nn HowSNWSiho faot the Panama of the BDrOterhood o-f U ej g La
a off1t r~aura t oft t was Attlee's clearest hint Canal Zone appeared before the Conductor, attended the oear-
P9 an .pprosllat 1900 workers tht h-would retireaAao Appraton Sutftom-Ing withuaw; --
An.thony d .'.Can- meft o .refteit .theviews Ida. Hoboo t-
Sssent reard anal qtona. which. Alen r der. ., LONDON, June 4- (UP) India's rovin"
f&t A nr here. locally, or u eta he Ie'Labr me als ;i envoy, V. K. Krishna Me.on is .ekin" Brii views
e t areronton Ate ion-etal Trades unc (AF) three-point compromise ceasefire plan for Forma
thw me 's Wl the za.HournS is reported to have Red Chinr's approve, informed so
Sthe s survival of freedom and to express views salmilar to those isc osed today. e C
efTUI PIi SV level p emocr5depends on thtem." he outlined to the Senate Sub- T Hl an or They sand the plan cats for the vat
Leader, former Ohancello of the nr aga recommended offshore islands of emiy and Matsbythel o
-. ord t f Exchequer Hugh Dt rei.. thetbltttoff rma ad a renunciation ioth Nationalist
.w. k Stemof the Auto indu- ad from the party a, .. e r- o the aone. He a re- tMet th in ,
01. f tt fiIth* Pt,. suh As the co s int yeterdo t areatd te views of Al organ- wi force, plus a con -nce to finally setteIM tc lW
S.. ntra ton, n a letter, to ttlee, aon regarding te method Advice has been received from The Indin on y was-undertood to have
which broi twadrve aanast4wo Merch ar Marine and Fladberini yesterday rehfrom talked wtin Satreto ryabt he

that -What hpens at Ste wee major auto companies hto a cl- Ai run uT Le l omtml e. chou in Pelpig and Indian Pre. that teneo wel .
ow end talks p 4ave an impor- max at the same time. our vH In resp onse to a logal letter of mier JawaiSrlal Nehru In Nw er .
and tait bea on the entire na- Re-uthr appeared hopeful D tr oi. the leglatve director Delhi. He met with Macmillan non n wi
-p 'ti econy. that week end talks.cheduled B.'y Gorg s oc ... .. e vetr. Kt hu.. *enh. tiurs. rae wD.... an s
state- peace or strikth t1 question of him bring to besr i h .Dres- of Gorgas Hospital, will be con- adiWsed m he local chapters that .hown inWshiton
the uarante annual wage sure to force n ugsh r s an- ductn worship serviceH at the ds cuaslqs of the proposal would A second meeting with Eden 15 shortly bere he
's4i ,l antake nual d i curundu rotestant Church tp- Il o P Perly ought bee f ore mem- hasbeen heduled or Monday. Band conference d01
Swithweu ad e.r t.ues. i toid e bl h e committee, which Ie M on const enrr -with the Brit. and Afrecan coup
Sk s a?, t e n e o ure ha s t lhoe i h $ serv ic e s, a u Mr ca*nri ne a n a f e t i s y esterd a wa t f ro m talkwo i thw of s r ab o ut th e
1tIM cta ai owICch omittele. oneeeadi nt Pr t r Thaal ut
n. a ny other i nd a ent r a* Reuther pes r o u l .e 0 9 6 D octor a Iein diun top r y..
11Aha A- a.. ak" ta lks....lnd By I for the1 Hln e yaptfr mooodytirs o tm n2 "lMs-

-t I on autom o p oflaWbonl~wji h bote -Ne". m aa oo f t.h o tt n- |
Motors it would quickly be The defense aton e Dto or a r mrnt it wi L l iee l Wahgn l. o bm
.ogend d th~_nor c uSe Dr~-orea. I fein l Inc sed lore ar ape't.., l terdsthat r w. .. .a. ..o.

s t a t e b e a r i n g r n t h ri ft q ues t i o f h m b ai ngtoubUi .vresi bo f H o ean ta1 0 0 SKil laon -aor Ms h o r t l y b e a e wIK s n w l s n Wi C,
a he t a n the a- e e ap oeul ofre .p shnerw ol frA sq,' tlOO .e a irewth. .ecndeer i owi a h E d Nn

e wase f wi honhae Sfceug a h ton rock ptine him down a Cottt ba;..Agun Alar, of pIlld te
e aFreanl wee k a ueon e Contractor HU alvader, and Ernsto Feran- r anhnr .
teedrde to te naio H's Fot ao eN 16nCa o commpitt.Unee- nw r a -rs Washingt n ta wf Tr lfoonTo .-ySe i
.Mor I wouLd quL kly be- e atns t.o'r Satured jaw and mthe B ed or be ar Ju e

SSI 5 et od houd HAVANA 4 (P) A da.eOr rgpue
members, Other duses 'i0 hursdapt a ep r ---a -.oo--r" "ee---- o ea. Jn eewnce payh s Th nof'-t eadit At- acntakes
aanavi en rellw ed ofthte palI n o -e1 ueea e w it y ees d en a sl meno uot fn _. ma.r a ',o ,. ; W a i Ph of th i Ae

--,, ,Iar '- ] o mte aur s InJhcuries musten w ihhen a tren- tef Cvoffee Orowersti, Pa lfV a l thgllerI .'- "-streaedae here rm AdW s tob

ncrrae ar- -.av -heCton rc hims dow p01 b. satin Aloarao tuhc nmt e d"erpun 6on he con

o sgoldiers o aeo b. nM da -. 0 Sf ei.h El Theh s tmd!a rte mend wch
S gives oi lon the e rek a tressd e Contractors Hill ad- no th without d octrine be- P away l

baH. rWrl@ F BH S se ed to at- e jury trlbls"WeS the Argentine Cathols, b clergy abandoned the both its format and ofulation dr
as a the services due to the urm- forcrms alle have the obligation to support w er e forgot the doctrine and In 1849 and 19M0 ond made the a
I- te setng space coh the teea- yhese achievemtidrhIsentsw for which -o themselves at the sev- nereter Dart of the a sad unoeer-u oed, I

-byter. e sighed so long." tee of the oilgarcy, attracted by fluous, Gainza Pas ket all of
t Aoi Ei Eforc ir H attenionsoe Fato r Pseei conclud la wed thatn o the aerial goods i offered them on before ar although .e sp ervisorw a

A- I e believed "we should et to them. Then. they satised profits at that time wre nll
oPtnamo n s .. lacerated hand atlon of an e by lamenting tht Ordve dobo maintaineday that the

Thel anna aclaurat e 0 ttha eat tal wsteh l common the odr people had abandoned tril- staff which waOSS unable to work. i
of government, g fh and by comparing had the right attempt veran tce
S S-eriaces tot 1he avfen with at1a .pw- mlc fthed- e was weaole g took te brun t apostasy ofrom th ma .s payme.ntaxe but not from A Pren r ."
roio of aMib. 1 ed to at forr trial on of the blow trom the big boulder. auses v r eOaa o uld pay $1,165.- HAVANA. e ne 4 P) It ad r repl
d a r ed in ata veneu" e ,ra created that s evetuaon."e pay- oup o uo ers teph
S ai Y C U erd. Maaue' Ord z, attorney u ai s and nes have do- or d

Tn- Buatr Ca't theresen ntinrg ma toaiynes-o mamethaa hi ruwring.
wtle r- en thet e ni wis mon$ tei' tons- W-, fOor fafrtsh 3 -iq anllyl lerg i .. rcaed te livew n. -. a or n "labedies t
T ..... t r .... /e .nS- pt h for thed Z o paoerto rst stin. s tdos
Which inrPoldando0 Cc I retatn ae

g Vn a lfnlt fe .enowi ae ofonDue Honerthe Toand-ght inl -

t or h eanos;] nng MA er P are l too Inwatle l or
be. o f Iar .-.a t r n .t Jua Be mn Cath- ( )time sto f te anybody What Mr. Leon Dultain a gvn -ad Mr. s heame wol crtI
eovrenr aNetrotr eg v e ilFof tvah ahaTyaiaA tee es ll needed in -eeeoder to p e Moeent, two o t ers i ou f, n uth debetrie now Ato bria the la tel. h leader from co, arn e a- m .- e o l.
md e e tnl s t to e srae fl- Inthe nW aiute with theofadth they have os t ,oI t h -i v ta of forne ma ue I eathmed to-he mipee-"B

o Ast *..bu dyHr meaEaen ropr th e helaC o tlcs .Ih iato Iu o. the s Ie n ight. Dultin ie s Pdent of the t-
gW fvll w sut us ca" ton P t ud thetC t m .id.ts It ha e den ied the ond td have one anldoingh ewoul d relay t e mua rt e nd qobg.

hv Zfollow .ed et s bthe O s*I C -r e' eaied pob her a 4t Thee es as E.tohiS t Federation of Mexico andU hi, v, .-z;t.
Sr der wo rae toeid oy be the t sand ta e mmber of the Wd Zonist
md-n-tn.... vee r clnos4ed tO-ttoff ici a hlnew i toreg la-t

H. -_inLjuir / e' at Ws the a dwtlhe nathreply to df c fe I s and ntu a Ogssato. Mfonad Pr e- to elce
So...s B Co urch bu the- matern- idway go tit af of dent of the Union efaradi of ,-
,.- Sould etto.themhen, they o.satisfed pro fits at Othat time wr l.
a tw .ris.fatue- w .s cm_ oandthe peoplet hadaSbandonvidedf thell- " ahJwa sunb e tos wr Ik
mittee s_. em Th. stel ity bat ,o ,-. c.- o _f t w,,'"ot m pa eut notefreonm -I
.,., A t th *t6meercorts fro m o A fin ueay&a# just oyin theirtma. aIvictim offorce na4re."]
a fIo. M h lono', i &t etw o oothth e big "_ulder. 2 '.-a should y $116 I5.. H AV A N Alack o virt aut fi.. the at-s1w i
I ola- -- h l b o a- -,c h--, w #1.u-, t ov,-m a de- e v-n c -.a y terdIn Sft "bI Iv e a% m o r a r orc ruateedth a tr s itua tio n ."ao d

aShe was
. as a aU
84a.. -- *


men tato b

combined Jewish
i of Panami C

7 UeW, Democracia "n matter of the spirit, mo re Win bld a reception
- s l*a Iana nowthefri* e t p ama Hotel tomor
g ~els .ete rar. set INONer vanW to e -aIm- Mancr tt M


- -

Or0m Barold, r,,, oe
flrs Chbinese I'
doet r Ra Hoesptal dwHigJ* pbiu
Isis ... ....

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n o e. ,s ., -.,
si. o 'I. --
. n. i---o -- -- t i L I FI \ -i

ihl ,,966 -.-J IM ,. -

.r. ,^ v. -' i-"
-p.S a ""TS^" j*
, ..- .. _
.I-.A ..U.. .. 6.. m,- ... - o
sof d- 4 Am *i

D AT 0. .. .. AZ 'w ,b N ; A'Te it .. aa D # '. 5 Al V. "P.....
A ., ,..-- .T "_ ___._ ___ -
.* ------------ lln ,. M r ,. -,r ,"^.* :-,-- .... "'f-."f ..9....^ ll^ ^ "' "
;4 ^ ." "- Ca'O"sm 'i'" ; """'"tw i' *

M -r^ ft.- F..- -- -71T .4p. ^ --

-:00- s-- .11- Ma dl M' Msm 1U40-*4
1:41 h" IS the WI -We. OChrch In ib., n -, woo e w' ,. t e isT. I 'll .'e k;- -.S"
M il5 a sig No augi

1), -i4- --- **** : -1 ^ '.
00 volc 'OF .,,N _
-e ... .s a* --. -. s p ...'., 0 1 0 ;4 ,.-, ..

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S Ma .s ... ti. .1 -- e ]
S : -Ci.ade l, -

se am Fm I A eli1A Ne i .nws"O i
IAP soNe
_-_00 '_ Ao )-- .- o sh -e od, noM ii o .... : rn 1w"m "1o
1, : 0. a, a 1 af i

11,50 M ick-Nos d na e .s (t e de Ns Ld 3m A Ne ow ITia
tl N~K~ ~.r r m Te M MwvT ml t MMhass M fat M fa: O elbii -- KM /

.. ,- ., -. -: "
< I .: .. I. s ; o ... .$Nwe n o w r l o s Ne v e :ws .. e, "-

-.. ... f. -** -,, .. c f1 c ....B* on.l us :r:* '' ,- "
!l -" -- w ....* I 4

S* .. Y L i Nl o i -- | 0 N Pl Sio e 0n 9ll w lee I LW... I.. 1e. .. ...d 4 b f
0 __u "cIISI a W.h A. ... -... 111 11 m A" i >Ai g o*) Sa w V i "
0 145 a T a b .... I I --, : -' '' : .. mI 44 I,

I _I__II )1 i _________Wh___ I i. I I HIrill II h a I II* I tl

I '* + ;
S0'1 ." a *f" ", s a -a i s s e s Ain m Lsam- a i,> T bi :-
5'M .. .. $0 1111 (of. .. > } |

Sm ...,o -, /

I Vi4> ,. IS tu?. ,,M I --1110 -.- 1-s w. ---- "f"t"N. wa., /
*j INews w' h i M"5l i (.h An *,*' '' to .. *. A-ll -* I Lw Ga- 'r l l ". '
.... a. *<>_ -L .U.l-1 W r __
u45 noa9z'b
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$loN t L a l p IiA M o V

S We% .. 1 'Ti... lashl- ....., i iO hu I (BC w a y. le I -, m 1
ol ._____4'm __ _._jI ___I__I... I _

if ,", a/- h, i "f i^ it ..iwi: 0 '^5, i^ ass. 4,4)
79a r, hWA

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|il; 10wli3 614111'11 I '"Fl1 am K M;am ."B.

$I"- -. NZ !U Fa
Muds Nil *i A N au(btM su.i Moim iM s S) i- A*? 0 h) me jl (IHl G Y (WTD) V 3i l (1) *:oo 9

lo M < s" as A i ( Y Ul'
IR ..* r ealm : i s.

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r re l n n __ -- --' _- __ so._. s
=-I. .I- m1-__ i I i.I *. -' : .. *^ r ~ *I

" ,,"- -W !Nu ,,*Rar "___'__-__l ___ 5 i /--
D __________. ...______ Ii- L- -=_4:41S

U.&' / b P ,AM Band a ml,$w" oMCI 4:
Ill IWO* 111"S Slow mm". -Sor p. li ,t ihiil s
I u .... N 1Him pn _- mob am Ids.
4I"." -"L. j,-.,.. ." #' .. x.

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.let anyone elde fee r. md an. sUp,

. hv no contribute the whole pro
business of t the new day off g ntha
splash a in, the sour, flat foam of night" bepr
anU. binedhi 'iu-and raiment. ,
. What I cm who wore hat last ngtA? And why
'alioul a2i e care? Irt' t .e cop' duty round here
*o see tat ne isadequately .urtaiped eft iO/the
as prescribe by the Canal Zone Code, plus amend-
If anyone a to measure up to these smple speelfi
. aons, thme If aspect to hear abo t it ftMoi pce sources.
Apart from such official notification, I neither know
anor cture anyone else keep the cold of their carca~,b
16 to be bother" y ta deU of this common.
/p lae fa ,- "s t.

nmnts aSW as. Mamie Esenhower. Arose a fluttering in
the Mceto devesestsi
Yet did these twittering abominations to the dignity
of silence evr see fit to go to bat for Ike when for years
he bad to we *the same clothes, give or take a star or so,
as a few Ailio other guys? What sort of a susurration
did that cola ce bring to the reception lines? None.
Goes to pr how certifiably inconsistent women are,
even at the best of times.
Well, that thought about the clothes Ike used to have
in his old ob before he went into the schoolteaching. us-
ness at CoSmla, reminded me of the Rusians, because
we mis be onthe sler agn=s the 'luhr so I
d1:et.u- re nedoftbem rEgulIrly." 'i"-7'.
ll m there are still-7 Istitn lll ce
experts conferring day and night, exclusive of eoIee
break, to figure out the connection between the pur
chase by the recently-transited Russian freighter Ta-
ganrog of a quantity of American snuff and eight nm-
bo records and subsequent developments behind the Iron

-where Hungarians have lately beaten inute mile
and reduced the former world two spiea
bo ,cords, and events at the Whlite City statIn
track men Just were not up to sndf that's what wor-
ries the local authorities who kno* g t the sn ff and
the Taganrog.
Anyhow, I was thinking about these Iro.Cutain
problems, and I recalled with gladness the news of
my fine furtive agents lately brought e of a new, 1al
Zone security check to make sure no Rssians get to
military posts where they haven't been invited or which
are short.of snuff.
This new system, out at the entrance to sev-
eral posts, my informant- o si of t -heoflM
tary sentry asking civilian ( taxis> leaving the
post for-their driver's licenE .-
That ought to tap any iusans, if. nothing
else does. Woul4 a muddie-mnd Muskovite _.ev- re-
member to bring his dr:ilf licnce with him .oi' un-
holy mission hee? No.t I, .
It assuredly is a plan for uncovering these daneous
elements, because the military' only interest is nt4
tense of the aea, as everyone knows '
In the light of-which there could be no validity topny
suspicion or contention that someone in uniform waaibe-
Ing nothing but a busybody when he ordered the sen$ril
to check cvilian driving l censes, in addition to regular
Identity cards. i :,
For to order juch a check just for curiosity's. ask
would bes aslur on the Canal Zone po ability to con-
trol traffic and motihsts, wouldn't? Ad the military
ways prdes Relf on-slooth- ruftlom with. the Canal
one Poi, so would never ma m attempt to prove
them lei than wa tchfu rldlh ul ... lenses
Thus It can only be are so slyly
out for at lthe pt gates. F more
American life atd limb than va 'witiout a dtra" es
license, unless t be a Paris. -.
I don't know, therefore, aerr wa cm-

Russian drive? Doesn't he value l free
BRCrS PE S PORTENT for this week would
be daeltiat dludi y=a all t tempted f.OF
which cars mLPreadentard. Ar h Read hss j*to
iridva ff ~r ,nestlng'w~h Coa Rica's PrUaVedFntose

Ef fc "'"i -UK" "
1^ ,^ ni ..... mnnI.. i I-i---... ..

ax i -.





-^-- I C~


_rl__ ___~__ ____


I -

--- -1-- I ~- -- -r- --- I-


G Yo- oUi
840 KILO



_ \.. .":

, t. A., ,".,

- '9 ~ a~b'b- w~.yu sw. ,

*fadct, t il, finest i mpos- (NEATelphoto)
a .t .. without ood RUNWAY TROUBLE Motors bent and undercarriage damaged, a DC-3 Northeast Airliner
9 U!p o as.a-e a s a-% rests at the and of the runway at the airport in West.Le.anon, N.H., after'over-rolng the run-
W*-, -,-^ yo ,' uhT way during an dtruMe n de to.poor v.shility. Twelve passengers and three-.crew
TA.. ..reo mnd I ..n.. ,. -
80.6e00M' -., -. ,A MfA"flA n laWemba escaped sju ..
-pen -and- len ra e .
smalllesgir Swear Shop Was A Bust New Dentist Needs
.Ab.-- fba a ,raal it In ta iet, ey are colonial to the $..
t issuch- t that when the breeding e- fe T at
culma ?<%?1 4Mnms. along they build on b_ I ITod'
---~h i -= -=" "- "- -ldot and a11 the females1 lay the l. ... .....
e" ba tl king wnen Captain rasme ax RetuurnS CCAO up) costs
.- W- -,,, tourisM o them. When the the average yoyng .dentiet $7,701 to
y' te wonders y hatch they are cared -- start a private practice, accord-
lo h a bly r eqmb- bIepatn WASHINGTON, June 4 (UP) Mrs. Goad, agreejlag that the ng to a survey sported in the
e it a gt r h- ,- -, -Two former salesgirls swore shop was not profitable, said Journal of the Amerieah Dental
nt lored backhand ta- riped t C o yesterday that an Air Force cap- she thought wool found it "more A Sociation". ....
long, 'ry ,Wii th I8a r s tain's'dresa shop was"a bunt dur- of a lobby than anything else."11,Itwa3s 01; rnu.gli ssto ques-
U sp 0o the tips of A third cutoo Is a. that I s '1' t UeS tioun^w us hwo
eh feather. much more often beard than seen, ing the period he contended it The aubommittee also receiv- tion t' rto all detis ts who
eahffeater, ruh muorw often heard than een, s a ch big profit ed a sworn statement from graduated daing the period 1951
Most distinctive abou thelbut it in a ways is the most in.- l though 1954.
Squirrel. C though is the ere tg of all because solite that he falsified his tax returns. Richard Shulmath of Newark, The association's bureau of eco-
hbt ppinandunning a- known of its habits. te rmanet in est tng on qdaon. He also said he nom resench and statistics,
lontimb, and a rough the leaves It is the Str.pd uCdekoo..about. -peo hvch conducted the..... surveyHass,
overheaid, I o g for athe world a foot long, brown with 1 sg subcommittee which i trying to vdid not think ethe business was the 7,71 is ex'clusuive of finance
like abig red squirrel. streaks, and it crest that It ralsel learn how the officer, Capt. Ray- very profitable.-,-he.- charges."
They are mast often found in and lowers in a peculiar fashion mond Wool,_was able tostash a T Wool said he and his wife ut cIt nrg ludes $5,870 for dental
setond rwth woodland 'and a- as it calls.' And its call is its real way between $14,000 and $167,00 o ,000 ito thle dress shop, drew equipment, $53 for dental sup-
long theTJung ldgees. These Cuck mark of distinction. i n cash and buy a $20,000rhome. ato nd took wl ws opr plies, $7 to. urnish a reception

the road from Cristobal to Gatun. I call this one the 'Rusty-swing ln officer, accepted a $0,000 the shop in his income tax re- t ion ing and $U5 for other ex-
Bird" because its puost coma o n bribe to help a Chicago cap turns for the three years. senses.
A is Are Black call is an endless petition a twb maker obtain a 2 million dollar a o witness said The $7,701 is mean figure for
notes that to me sounds Just likecontract for white Navy caps. The $7,701 is mean figure for
Another cuckoo found here a paygroundswing in need of oil. Wood fly denied the charge his ife $5,000 from Chicago cap all the United StAtes. But the Jour.
entirely different in appear n c e, Or it could e likened to the open- But he conceded he falsified his aer Harry Levy who got al said there is me cost va-
resembling the other members of ing and'closing of a rusty gate., federal Income tax returns i contrt for 6,800,000 whiteNa- tion by regions. It cost nearly 9,-
the familyonly in being a rath- This two-noted call is one thea 1951, 1952 and 1953 to cover up vyhats. Levy is scheduled to tes- 000 to start a practice in the Far
er slim bird h l t p tall. bird seems to dearly love for it big profit on a dress shop he tify when the subcommittee re- West, and only $,886 to start a
Thi one is the coal-t'k. bird oWti repeats the thing for hours and his wife operated at Madl- sumes hearings Tuejday. practice in the Midwest.
with. the eavy archd b llcalled on end, sometimes in the middle son, NJ. About 14 per cent of the dentists
the Ani. Anis a2ec oneuots1 all Of tMe night. The two former salesgirls who answered the questionnaires
the ank. Anis are onspiebus all We'had a house test once who were Miss Doris Auringer of TWIN TROUBLE said they bought established prac-
over. Panama -as well as all of counted 650 repetitions before she Oreen Village, N.J., and Mrs. DA tices instead of setting up their
Middle America- and are called fell asleep, and I have heard re-INancy Goad of Allentown, Pa. DAVENPORT, Ia.-(UP)-Earl own.
in Sans"Garraptero" or Tick ports of the birds calling all night Both served in the dress shop an Merle Metzger, 15, identical The Journal said the average
bird. long. During the past few weeks before the Wools went out of twh brothers who have worked price of an established dental
This is a pretty good name, too, they havi been noisy at night a- business. and lived together all their lives, practice was $4,634, although some
for these back birds are o often round Ft Clayton. They said business was poor were discharged from the hospital practices sold for as little as $1,000
seen with battle or orses, some and customers few and far be- the same day after surgery for and others (8.5 per cent) cost
times perched nA the a n im a 1 s' Tfs PeSO tween. A subcommittee account- identical stomach ailments. more than i,.,
backs picking off the ticks, more ant, Carmine Bellino, testified
often foraging along next the feet. The Striped'Cuckoo sometime e s that Wool's account of merchan-
of their bepefactors, capturing the interupta his 'usty awing" song dise markups would have made
insect stored up from the grass with another oft.three or more it impossible for the store to
by. t4o grazing animalS. notes, this call g rse .to the compete successfully with other
.: &ai, njmme given they'd by many dress shops.
69Mgl Panamanis -.. pesos. b An Internal Revenue sptdes- .. .
call does iound' 6moet th man said an .nvestigattanl"tnto .
SAnl ate not always seen with phrase "Tres, treb pesos!" What Wool's tax returns "undoubted-
anlimals,ef .eourn. They .ae a the ,cuckoo is trying to sell atthis y" was started soon after the
rather comono- eight along the price would be interesting to captain first told his story to
roads of Panama, pe r c h ed on know. the subcommittee Wednesday.
fences or low brush, with t he I r Ornithologists don't even k no w Conviction of wilful Income
s -what kind of nest the bird builds tax evasion carries a maximum
-if any- and suspect thpt li k e penalty of five years in prison 34-20 Justo Arosemens Ave.
some others of its relations it island a $10,C000 fine for each year TeL. 3-0281
parasitic and lays its eggs in the Involved. Conviction on a brib-
nests of other birds. lery charge carries a maximum _".--
It would be a great find if some- sentence of three years in prison
one could confirm this. either by rnd a fine of three times the
seeing the bird in the act of lay-'amount of the bribe.
ing the egg, or by finding their Miss Auringer said she didn't
young cuckoo in the nest of ani*think too much about the shop's You are Cordially Invited to visit
other species, i financial condition at the time.
She said that when the tele-
S'May Be Parasitic phone rang Mrs. Wool "would our Exhibition of Modern Italian
grab for the phone ... I thought
";'M -.I^ If you should ever find a nest she had a boy friend and just Lamps i different types and at-
with one egg markedly differe n t didn't think any more about it."n different types and at
from the rest, or a nest w i t h She also said Marvin Rubin, a
young birds one of which is much contact man who allegedly help- tractive colors, which began yes.
larger and more aggressive t h an ed several companies obtain
the others, watch it closely and government contracts, occasion- terday at our store.
see if the precocious one grows up ally visited the shop.
to be a long-tailed, crested gtrip-1________
ed Cuckoo.
If we knew where and how this ,A
H bird raised its young perhaps we |.E* g T i C
would be better able to accept the V ITI
loss of sleep when one of t h er muse you to .
swings its rusty .gate a LI night Bufer t-ortndpdifaon. heart
STR O UBL E- long. brnth, dibSu, bIllousnesn
M. ~aon, 31.year-old ongn-blen a th *t IO and
po- from our chemist todaY
Cao, I., polio victim par* OALONI a real tonic to the
lyzed In both arms, shows howR aaU Iontestlnes.0et MNIAL..
held a pen in his mouth last toas--nd f e better tomoerow. .__
mamer to sign a contract he's AW
omw trying to break.- The con- ,e ,l W Mo
rcis -between Reitan and a' --
Normer employer, an employ- CHICAGO (UP) More dol-
neont agency. It prevents him lars for research would be the
#frmm opening rival rm for most effective means of reducing
'oe year after living the the nation's enormious ~yearly bill
agency. Reitaq claims his par* for dental care, according to the
piLais makes it diicult to find president oft he American Dental
emolovnmentf in a ao,,I. Assn.
Dr. Daniel F. Lynch, Washington,
D. C., set. the. bill at over $1,0Q,-
00,000, including $100,000,000 spent
by the government on the teeth
of veterans, members of the armed
forces and others.
"The government allocates only
$2,00,000 to support dental re-
search whleh might prevent these
dental ilia," Lynch said, termin Aa
this "a hardly realistic approach
PROGRESS-7rraen is .au-. to the problem.
|stmp to He indicated that the same a-
1 the atij*fele ~ preach revaili elsewhere andca -
pe wtred ri r ed for cteasd backing for den.j
e"No inse profession ld.
o-is without a relentless sarc
far new facts, and no genuine
health profession eould long man-
of research, if there is to be real
progress in the service rendered.,

Advise On Kids
CHICAGO-(UP)-. Judge Harold

.... lveeaty ataa ma members
elvis orgaulsatiaos to ehip him
wit "j e a~ aor

B lhadso said h. h

h^ Ufc,^n^ o t,* -

Caleadoplan Aulo-
matic, waterproof,

mquaeticf 7, fl owl,
shows both lime ad

You can rely on your

J68 Observatory "Firsts"I


THE rb ,






While It lasts, we offer you beautiful bedroom sets 13
contemporary styles, made of mahogany, finished
in French polish.


The sets consist of one double bed, two night
tables, dresser with 36"x50" mirror, upholstered
stool, one upholstered easy chair, double
wardrobe with inside mirrors.

PRICE: S 350.oo





5i~!~ j~iTT
-, -~.


I t .1



g i i


__ ~~~ _~ ___~

I ~ -

S;.In Pai~h m, Mr. Wiliam Badde#s B
the d r bf the PanCamaC 1b :
whte roo watchTbtr over ten yeat; lit f
y"8 al! his# liviptopettiOm. sometimes g oieWpth
of over 120 feet.
In. the Ti Switrland, in 1950, a suron
Dr. Bazzi lost his waterproof automatic Movda
watch Inhis grioundr on
the Monte Rr6 at an aiti- -
tu of 1,000 metris (o0ir
3,000 feet). Nearly. three
years later his son found
it and at his touch it start
ed going again perfectly.
Dr. Bazzi writes, "I am proud of my Movado,!"
T"cse two eloquent examples illustrate the behaviour of a .
wam Movado ,in contact with waier.'Letters from alld
parts c ihe world are constantly being received attesting to
its excellence. If you want a waterproof watch to wear in
the water and with which you can swim and dive without
the slightest misgiving, then choose a Movado. Thanks to
.the famous Movado case with its cbmpensaed strats,. .:
normal care is enough to preserve its impermeability.

i..~-I11*~~i~-. .-' ~+~~L--S~c~rcj~- *~-- ~,,,,

.1 1 -

'. -. m

;. 0. 5 :' _'.

. I-


.,ife "^^1^^ ,- : .w"" .. ..: jh,&.-
#s ............. ............. .., T- _. .,

A.d ",lvsX;e L "- a .

e u le t oe .h .- .tl' a g
--'-., ... .A

-7" "-
Mrs. Smith is right In then mind when he r mtly go a
aj running a home, help- parents and oldthemi
husband up the success
taking care of children oWe're raisin. gAr o' '
trying to do each job to the latchkey kids. They co ae head
M her ability. to find that mama hbh at h.
7Xlile-ged or elderly, but mec to improve athe adol a er
alert, Mrs. Jones has' theCiceIoee.r Vica
job done and has to try mun y org ealat les be ,
her days with bridge par- left to older womee o pdy t
tering and sometimes by have raised their amI'
in the lives of her".'
Why don't we women take Dr.
W hen there i school or Ratner's advice? Next time we t
uiity work to be done, who need to call on someone to work I k
asd n to do it-the b usy on a committee or help with a f e r
mother or the older woman campaign-don't call a b usy .
e on her hands? young mother and ask her to as.
Usually it is the busy young sume the responsibility. I Of all the festivities surroigE -
mother who is called upon. And high school =ud college. gradu
it is hard for her to plead that Look around your neighboabood titns, drth e actual commmeamet,
she just doesn't have the time be. and among your own acquarctac. believe t or not,. Is the most ,-
ravihg children to care for es and find an older yomaA who portent part.
S a l d redr any somet of s ex-has plenty of timefor outside ac. This is t he moment at wh
Snot taking on outside ao .tivities. one is gra u ted and the ot er
oter or e o r Ask her to do the job-and you serve to celebrate this haps.
te on her Oa n will be relieving some yo g event.
Sl rwo Ns Ya o mother of an added borea Those who graduate in dream
perhaps giving some ilde wom- or uniform s are- obably already
is the kind of situation Dr. an a sense of being n needed and fussing with er problems
e, hRatner must have had In useful. clothing forAthe. o casion. ThoDeA

CIR.R In the music Departme of the
C I re, sows one Sh yoolst n a beg II 2f
a,'sham rise of interest tIn me lat h
fe" years in, the shudy of itrh-n o
Ammentbothnianot, both piano and those o ns
Sand and orchestra. About S50 per country has any dotrod.
cent of those boys and girls cor- Youngsters account lrue.0 to
0rmencing their studlesr here haye the increase and uet of aee
n'chosen the piano while! the young- the b Inuul crop of wart .
Sstera who want to play in the Today. there are l o
school band and orchestraA seem kids blown g or b awa at
to favor clarinets, trumpets and mething and schl bads are
Shtro bones. So great has the yinter- i.creasing ten per dentaa thr
eat become that there is an in- with a total of',40, bends tight
ji ""A"IV.creasing demand for teacher r' s no
time. To facilitate instruction, .Nearly to pr cent of -e eil-
So teachers have arrange eoer of dre(ea queried in this inesh v er
r a new air-copditioned at d 1o vey chose their own histutlt s.
0 Calle Roche (near Sbh aw's) Of these, ,5 pej cent pekpd'
S ch will be opening soon. lessons; 2 per eetl 'ie g
v erIt is interesting to note that this violin; fve per e p
Lowing information from Qa le the accord ad a-
ugas of the NEA 8taff piarallels ning to play various
An aem iwa w .btw adme ose ere interested In T eus C ei reason for the ki
.' '- closely the ex'f(ieie,.ot ents. andf ler ng o r,,..t ilegu lol alIke.Wo' B 'Cleveld iOhio.f tepio fr be hgt
& Of Ah. l/eeCk Comne Jrom II"orh- /-,a a a ,lves a preview (left) el._ wa she'lle.t* shed reelve. h Iee fromi. Be~ar Col.. "For generations now, the as- near all the k drin blMck
lege I New Tek. Her g Is hmmed up 8se standard le h' mard. She wers association of kiddies with music nla;."ut p i.
There is a little woman who .... ...fin. Her big excited ent at the g blhck ea.a.whed W.ess berkb ea. SwtsinAlher* taMseIl0q Ihe undergraduate lessons with the we.od shedhas dren pick-an enhtru the
Mvs i- a little house in the Jun. 7 ..... moment is making potter from to the bAb s. e ( hi) Miss Cats shews the esr straight series of the morta, rr She is been an American tradition, like basi of soud. ,A hey th t~
le only this jungle happens tIo s -h native clays and the kitchen of weesig _, to cellar with bhe h*i ws..ed away from It, ,h but a.,hap ep. m e p.pork-and-beans. the most retr ll tot
he in Ancon and her husband, Hae b r home on Venado Street is half o ed o l was up- pe lessn8 s o 0 1, o.
OWld Griffin created it of orchids 'dedicated to bowls of clay and who wear caps and gowns have penads upon the. length decided up- wey If-You note that a friend sed to relish the notion of music The kids are
and tropical plants. Once you step half4o the wonderful foods she their problems too. on at your school. But make car- looks dashing with it at a sailor season. He was coined into it by he threet Dlkilarr Ys,
side, \ailia Grifins array of prepares. Here i a house w Ife The cap and gown is the tain you're hemmed up to the cor-l hat angle, you'll find she looks out cheming parents, and thereafter sical mus a o em:
h'bbles and interests greets you. who even boasts about the dirt lent academic garb. It probably rect distance from these. r o u n d. of plaqe p the procession. sc emfove was. res !c bt and thtte on t '
qI U io axeu' brushed asidn, e by a in her closets She showed me dates back t, .the twelfth century. Plain palnp. are the bes shoes to flowers are never wor on an ---eea-nd- the upls fordm reb che a bs a.atd hat. t.e sly
owith great pride ba it she when scholar* wOre the wo0 wear. A m e elw academic
h obe pltrd oCb byS t tows .n-her k n, too, wan d ho'td 0 Iep *arb1.' KaM coam ut 6bl J the Iang But teo mythtIs beh@
Scouts as Mrs. Griffin II beturnely ny t are stl-woolabut te white o st the' But the myth is beinexploiece over an over
them instruction in elaborate lece she so joyfuy and hoodme a long draping black, wear shoes acco n, school. A corsage Is not fitting. by mPas another al-Amerin t Noob-asal te, tabl .
decoration or some of the su i fires at the the affair tasymholzes a paprtie-N 1iar that 'does not raw lInsttution, the survey, e teachers what they
crafts of Panama. More than .She. She not only a for lar aca ca e and a partil- the back of the collar looks the Do et hand in the survey shows that far from detest- bout the But the t6 ,O rs
ly the group of young ole her and put makes the very cular school, ra er than warR. g best. If yours is very 1 onr Youn ssion. Leave it with o uil my pusi ssons,em the im e now e r
termed around her are havn g cups frodi-k frm. One on.thee the nek. may want to put it in a b u'n or/r m n'dcolietif afterwards if tualle like them. Further, the rity is in diret ratio td 'erab.
xtra meeting b e the re I lT "To Harold, The academic gown and mortar- chigon forhe ocaion. If yoursyou need it. Keep your hands free the son and acco iness" or lack of it. And Wh4a
*`two.she runs each week, or from theold a Y". board can be very.becoming toiCs gett_ shaggy, set a trim so0to receive that long-awaited diplo-.- e Wur--erMuse Work-'thU kids were given an pop
a3.tbrtlshop,.o Ont lay either Bach or ty to take a ra at
hon is the perfect example of the women. They should, however, beyou w t a on your ma and to shake the hands of your booge accor ing to their own r t ae
sying f you want anyt h I n g NEVER F FOR TAMALE worn correct if a aduste is to white collar. roud teachers and fa mily. g to their own per-teahers, mot ddnt.-
de..e, just ask a busy Aperson" IT Y D look her bet on is import-pt
IMany who have worked with her in'Tthe usual, if your graduation is at
a scouting hbavwe norw her foWhere do e tiny' romIa M Many schools specify what Is night under stage lights. GIva HELPFUL HINTS n
_egetie with her work for e find time to do 11 of this? Part to be worn under the gown. If It's yourself enough make-up to show ....n ..d
summer Recreation Pr or am. of the secret sevmns to b her going to beaa zot day and a long up well l photographs but don't
ear little about her 5 children. schedule. A schedulewceremoy, and you will have some ,put on the evening look Be sure Whether you use a paint brush
Dorothy, Harold, Lilly Mae, Ker Mrs. Natalia Palaclo Griffin that a boy a e En- place to ch angel, a n opaque cotton to uck tissues aroundyour collar or a roller paint in strips 18 to 4
mit and baby Tommie. glish desk of te a Ameri- slip may be more comfortable before you powder. Trickles of inches wide to avoid treaks and
Fow even know about her won- red under this plan exactly at the t at noon than a dress. But be sure yo au powder on the collar and shoul- overlap marks.i S O O
de. ul cookery. She is too busy to' t ve hard our cook dish when starvation wa ning to won't be out of line with the or. Oers look sloppy. (,
l uaboutherself and her ow out i r fine talk not so long set In, bearing At al beautify ul ders from the school. The mortarboard is worn abso- Paint walls in do w nward w-d-- ..
Ths gal is full of ideas and ener a. as to sa. .sights -a bat.n fu le-wrap- The length of your gown de-' l'utely straight and looks best this strokes, from top to bottom.. -
e Pan*manan neoaaoAmrI] surprusl1 I'm sure the staff w Ill..
GA IRL FROM THE PROVINCES r, ghte never fort the Cook of thisw .I i A
Week. It was In a visit to return .. I
orn in the Panamanian Prov- IT -AY GO I the emptied bates (another of her .'.flO .iA ar u/'i
; "--ce of Bocas del Toro, Nata.4a's. "MA GO P... INeTe o arterat) th-t I lear--- ..
story is not unlike many Pa a a Piow cse manages such produce.
manian girls who attend the Es- 'Don't think that it is easy to.Uons. She had her children work-, Not, certainly, what's likely to what like this that .set designer D
euela Normal and embark on a talk about recipes to Natalia Grit- il, her assembly -lnel be worn fur active sports. Yet, Tom Brigance on a trail that's
teaching career. Two years of .......... I elegant shirts with French cuffs unorthodox. Abandoning fashion
me a_ ; were lnterupt ed by al the ie. eleaf bundled tamale s. teamed with heavy linen horts, fit. And he esn't see why
re. he tests that sh IuIfgft The same 'T"~al' straw th at A A worn for lazy lounging on patio, spoel-twear sh ,ln,'t be versatile.
no when as a bride __ our ok user rake Panam a 4 beach or just in the sul n a~ 1 e
.sn_ d i iahle. However, C7 0 1 b ls (relly,a *-aves too). termed "sportswear." The are two example of the
learn l It thit bard, but never- u(g Then she mob"l'sthe son of timle Ilgance designing flair shown
th.e .t laundress to bring some R l jo Separates and one-piece dress- above. Tunic overblouse appearsI
let ..f.r .- lmav tn aeawrlls home in 4. es, jacket and sweaters and in b r4 e f, belted version with
-. -e-t- -es. 0sel was read.- .skir,, are 8 found m sgorts- checked gingham shorts (left). I
S ...... ...." T n ,- ,,befe ....,ear ome Miniature play dress (right) Is
lath lYou e, a.h r tan-_ what ..r to r or to parties at skirt that's action free. Thi

-wta l y froml Pdmaniato c j. '"aduating o 1 .... umm,'s da" .. o with eparate -m"

f,, ar owneo, as t.aditionel gift and piecls hl. '.e' .. -t,, .." .
U- uuwums 'IA! ,o rao s ree asond up as a e na' 1 mlone r. ..b?",r.:
:' 0 NISBO TAE "r= Ul -- ,:" ,'
-o ~ n, ,.-.a. ,, .. I .#L ..

For ti rao a. selecting a 1oBo inpr Alicla ~t: 179 e Tradfe ges
tah't l before our "Cook h a ls Into t he permanent 1amtomlt. ti my husbandn amt t_ lt ami
%=was lg-- ear befor our "Coochoice category---,I Ik piek a I s r'-parsley
cooking earned her sband. If the graduate Is sn sweet peppers .
uE being a "go O d~ she'Dhv a nwa id --i tsafml .f. t o h Bl Ill effects tal
her she le he r country 's !form of cau- a lTtrapss In fa iy.i
speak for her. It rked, past the ewery windo, butIt'sI can tomato paste Two careers in family even Evetyne drinks the pup
her ,C9 o -f ies gBW toi some sort e Chole. I dash. thyme pe-pi ia fb ~ -' yoalter l a
.~~people, can be Ik V Uderratter
It S. are some of the news1 bd capers dhtu
a rb1ILe larding bugt in ifer entic the Wat "e
.0Vrn-01061.06e model, pastel stomae are 4 lbs. ,R ala n buti n" i -
smart anidwtt wheel-style around the I cUp ov9s toe a
_all a.Fm.~ the situation a se re 01 .1 leek is the w orld," m 1hy1 .
ga ma ll prceroup, feare 1 can sweet peas problemsstht Ieo s t
heOw~8b ,dz,.,,.tqdeO set" ma -esh ,most acco,, ius. de Ai ,r
"Wet.'ere the antusJewelryhPrepareccken by placing Ia Even so' igioai. crier of &' uanpyhiomw.f
thee's -we with a bracelet deep frying pan with 4 thisa p n a ....but but andu. c mp -. F .-e-ue i. ._ E
-2. "ape chain w tiny lard, pwtc, cube, tomato, toma. -, "what
lard,. sicr-001(. tio and"what about tempa-tewnui-
fis Pa a sea ._ 'ment?" oeo,--, amy f-.r-a
onWo J1069 ah -caen
-.-" "M ~ ~alPep "on t. 0 l he ,,- ""- -- "I ---- idso, "e "
_- V
e.i-almlp t i MYioStLatern Felice, ansct; and Alce, a -t-
lallt, l~lililiill 1',1 l~Y, lle, ,4.,., ... .,...--,-lg",._i -. 1'& :.

S ,law.,maaearm MMWlPWI
~sebs s coue abet hirer
wa res ea IF 4bA)m ala
'd 'u mi elu'dam e). .'"
tb The -m be hauga delsied oFr smal amount ef
1tr og18),. add pie of.hch
-'- ad Ite pt~ Is thise
we s msudtpet ma atOwater
= sinseths inI"
4.. ...,..

- ..

" ,'-'

p'i-r <

S il

letmrd above are the winners and juda geoel the "Cftay Bat" loNe4t O'fly Ofi'W'
WW Club's last menathl meeting. leading from left to right A. eft, Mr. E.
ag an..Mrs W. B. Tuokr. Mrs. Elsi Heartematte, Mrs. Pat MoIfa Bghes, Mrs. 0.
ISLand s heated In front is the "Crasy Hat" winner, Mrs. P. A. DTqfeky. -

The Navy Offieers' Wive' Club met last week, at the Fort Claytqo Ote's Club. The
theme reuan by the Club members for their meeting was a -Crav_ ceO' tet.. Pries fer
taU hItwere nby Mr.P. A..ltefeea tor the eWest;. Mn. A. A.p fo thf e prettried;
Ed ir..s La dfor the mmeet anlque. Judges and guests et hono were M PaS Morian
a i M s. saut artmaftte.

* Aso included on the progrli
tfo the, luncheon Was Mrs. .
Heffne* who sang a few wele
known songp from musical op-
eras accompanied by Mrs. E.
oe0emn on the piano.
The patlI of Mrs. Pat Mor-
gan's lovely home will be the 10-
cation of the club's nezt month-
ly luncheon and wa. Morgan
has laned A utded tour of
her famous d beautiful gar-
d for th club be All
oukd plan to at ed because
It i gr to -prove both lnteo-
eua aud dIffmUn.

J g of. the
BoWB h left
on i Drnefvte0t1O the States to
aten d the graduation of her
nib m R4 nephew In Vineyard
HAven MU. She departed by
plae and abhe will return by air
UU cea noweek.
irmn.To \
Mr. ad Mrs. E. reuger
Mr. and Mrs. X. IL Kreuger of
L4RieK are the proud parents
of a baby girl boTuesday, May
Sfl',at the San Fernando Clinic,
pa ma.
Tme baby has been named Va-
lere o Kreuger.
Chaplaina enmdn
lreu to Fort Clayton
., R.obert B. Herudon, Post
CBa of FrF Clayton, nre-

the home of Mrs. John Bugar. MacDonild, Dean of the St.
The hostesses for the day will Luke's .Cathedral, addressed the
be Mla Marlene (erspwch and group, using the Rainbow ks his
Mrs. J. M. (Walsh., / theme.
\ / l Two girls earned the highest
Any ne&Wmer to-the Canal merit award for service, the Pot
Zone from the States may be- of Gold. The girls were Jenline
come a member by contacting Kleamner and Janeth Vinton.
Mrs. Robert MiceK, 2-2723 presi- The room was beautifully dec.
dent, or Mrs. Howell WyFne, 3- orated by Sharon Hammond and

180, membership ce a Irman.
Club reitinga are held every
2nd Tiurday' of each month.
Residatee in the canal Zone
less than two years is a require-
ment for membership. There is
a nursery for children.

Assem ly No. S, Order of R an-
bow for Grls at a ublicIntall-
ation of officers held on May 28
at 7:30 p.m. In the Ancon Ma-
sonic Temple.
Following the installation of
the'Worthy Advisor, Mr. Shultz
of the St. Luke's Cathedral
choir, sang the Lord's Prayer
accompanied by Mrs. R. Stoud-
ner, installing pianist.

were served to the large group
of friends and relatives attend-

(Cqgitthaed Be Page E)

IIig hus Camera

Thirty members of the Diablo
Camera Club traveled to Guate-
mala over the pat weekend on
a three-day phot phic field
trip. The apletac r topography
of the country and the colorful
Indians furnished countless sub-
jecta for the cameras' eye.

s.,6MOu Me 8 41Iu-1a-of
a full a -tu

th ost productive
to history "
:his e t r'U the
deadlock on reapp o r-
saidd "1 late.fort
a ueass fine and constructive
ij On o bote of d1cafd and
al fora special session, to
*gi. at p.m. Monday, followed
cday -.,*ng ganeuvering between
House and Senate to resolve the
mnent stalemate. Both
d- angrily a1 'flatly*
brand the ifday tregulr
was adjourned at f p.m.
lanslg a reapportiontm t

1 days .e-
eqbutio was reached en
said he was carnrlng out
e etutioal mandate for a
eof senatorial 4 ltr c t a
to iaktefm us nearly.Vl in
op tl as practicable :,;
"I t .rgard this as san per.
*al ftlhf, nor do I regard it as
SNorth Flrida-South Florida or
)Ig county-little county fight," he
aMid. '1 have no political axe to

A'Ult House-Senate conferend e
eomaittee failed to agree on Sn-
Kt demands that M te countyy
the only neir couneim gt a
n" at o is own a e. H se de-
inaodfr Monrok Bay, o
ta Ada manatee be aeh e ign thecon e corm-
mittib report and all. accused the
Sen a erees of eveM .etfung
.to pro nDpos opr s.
Ue eate voted M6 tO 13 to ,e-
cept as majority rmiet siA ed by
Sou; w.. A. Shands.Qltneeie,
S. D. "A ke, MontiellO; -aMI
Woddt@or Melvin. TLhe 60se vot-
'ed T8to 18, amid angtr blasts'at
the. 41 te, to reject T f majority

"This is getting to be quite a
mess, ain't it?" sad Rep. Barry
Gleaton of Citrus. :
Before the stalemate on statu-
tory reapportionment, how e v r,
the Senate passed 24 to 14 4' cons-
titutionas amendment approved by
the liuse Thsrsday to give every
county a senator and in r e a s e
House f mmbersbhip from 96 to 135.
This wlhave to be ratified by the
voters in the next general election
before taking effect.

AkirAIttkc tlbk

Is WOrlWs ClMns
The cleanest air in the world may
be found In certain areas of the
Knolls Atomie Power Labora-
tories near here.
Itf .as to be that way, because
outosie air sometimes carries a
nor &al background of radiation
foun in nature.
Partcles so small it would take
10,000 of them placed side by side
to equal the thicknes of a human
hair are coastantly being removed
from the air that enters certain
areas of. the A-labs.
As a result the air is cleaner
than that of these surrounding count
Radiation experts also say that
residents in the area are well pro-
tected from any radiation particles
because filters are used to cleanse
the air being exhausted from the

oat bltterj~


***Ns j f.. 0 v a 1,

mimiber of I ee comr
, a Shan d ,
oatIet fi the etoerenea that their
l wea-.:mde .upad they
pm 'etdwA. n at,=e ll or .coo-
"The Seeate is met ho net
reap rtionment and the House
had ab past In It whatevere"
Mahon said.
"They told, us they w wouldn't re-
cede or chan one i the
bill, and then we ust drifted down
the river talkinli abut this and
t hat," Smith said. "Tae.Hou s e

After the stnd
0 to /j"

Sav e re-

pAfter the W stand
by its rea it jostion inf
ts r senators.
flocked I her in
the a selves
raked -repre-I
One eher
asked toa a allI
charged, the te, byt ticng
sp its origin s t denying
the H e I :'O tle the
"epl n g
state 0 1 ro i fo re I
vportfor t 1 eat 4i, e man-
nr," shouted op. mInight
of Calhoun. we. 1iM. reap-
portionit, is a isaid of.
the governor reject our me-
ful effort." -
"The Se3te nIgf usthe ex-
clusive right: t -Ieli.f serators
at the North fPi woie t has the
right to sell ther in e tropics," a
Rep. _lphTur 6f Alachua
said. "It's time = us to stand up
on our hind gleg'tsW tell the Sen-
ate this is a twoiY proposition."
"The Senats !*"Ot. Iowlng the
proper' respect to. the Iofuse. I'll
stay here until I rot before I'll
vote for the Senate bill," R e p.
Sam Saunders of Iay said.
Speaker Ted Davy left the ros-
trum to apologize o1~ sItav in I-
J~ into .Thursday's'b attl1 a


you i aw i CAnr wA TA * or. thinkit." Pruitt h uted,
sorm-#ad to heaw Do
toid and(eo"d'ora

Comfortihng or
Helps Ease Pain

CHICAGO (UP) Pain can
he conquered almost as well with
undetstbading and a comforting
Wordas it can with miracle drugs,
according to Dr. B. B. Sankey,
president of the American Society
of Anesthesiologists.
"Medicine will always be a deep
ly personal and inexact science,
which a comforting word and dash
of human understanding may con-
tribute to the patient's peace of
mild as will a brilliant new spedi-
cal techniquee or. miracle drug,"
he said.

--PARIS : UP -. OW, .
t.,- h r & '"
Planes x b mas tht
L..- "sanb a r B uranu m 4 ay rJu'*

g lte. tae theo d' of torld War U ,.
a it h asbee eu 'of the- chie con-
me a se 6rns of reai6 goverskahrrto
A amend 3 estimate the value of teaomirea
Wry thewo, 1 in African territomwis
say more Now five P aeq u.o withb
i computers, dectori cameras
superintendent o will sound out the Aican "udr-
f girA bori round" for -l*t 1 igraith .
- tIp .B8 About W y ears aa a rich

of Teusat Charbonnean, French

ter on the expedition. rr f changing the Sahara isto a vast
r on the epornfield. H only success was the
"She couldn't po ssabl have title of "Bmperor of the Sahara"
served as a guide," Red said. liven to him by ballad singers in
"But she performed many other Montmartre cafes.
duties. When Lewis and Clark Two years ago the French .com.
passed hOql the area of Three mission for atomic energy already
o.s, sJe' M as 'peacemaker had prospected fot uranium with
nd Tcoetled other members of the help of a plane. But the radio.
her tribe, who themselves served activity detector then was not any
as guides." apparatus synchronized with film.
Reid said the journals of Lewis ing of the land surface.
and Clar carry half a dozen dif. Thus, every time radioactive ore
.eren sb p Of her name asd was detected, the pilot had to turp
hat federal agencies arbitrarily back his plane to where he gueqed
selected "'acagawea. 'Pth spot was. This method finally
"But North Dakota historians was rejected.
take their elUn from her adopt- Today methods are far more *ad
ed tribe. tlH"idatsa," Reid aid. vaneed. The five planes lyIni S60
'-The HidatM a word for bird 'was meters up at an average speed of
*akaka, and the woman was weas. 120 miles an hour will shim over
Put them. to; other and you have North Africa, the Sahara, French
Sakakawea, brd womann" West Africa and the island of
Reid 1aa h lsoriaas ae as .. Ma dascr fo
certain Iceri her,.death.: s O. 1 #he lOout for o pil .a
they ar- her fe. ill pull ca a few 6 a
One account- Sys she' retaffibd at the "end o which is D5UftId
to her tribe and lived to be 100 metal shell. The shell's pnt is
years old. And journals of fur directed backwards and has small
traders tell of an "Indian woman wings at its extremity. This is a
who lived much as the white," and magnetometer.
died of a fever at 'the age of 25. This apparatus draws a per.
But the historians are united in manent graph, whose curve draws
their admiration of her courage. the profile of a magnetic field. Any
"She endured all the hardships bump on the graph shows the ex.
of the men and cared for a tiny istence of a place which may be
baby besides," Reid said. impregnated with Oil or full of nat-
'O HIS EETural gas.
SON HIS FEET As to the detecting of uraniumr
or thorium ores, the magnetome.
CODY, Wyo. (UP) Larry ter is replaced by an extremely
Walker is that in fact as well as snsitiv to radiations. It Is called
name. His operator's license was a "scintillometer" and draws a
suspended for reckless driving, graph which represents the "ra.

wbhe dt a
penetrte. '-
2. This method e 'l
oil as well as fort
ium ple. .
3. t

4. Lastly tWe
that this method
teach I "m"aerdsh
was comni of enlq
photogra Ers. ate
by Amerieapolallu ,t


Foreman, a *loge
riding, spoke to the
Country Riding Club
what kind .o-f, i to
sit in the saddle and
die reins. But his and
ed some widely knawi
show judge, .d
with him. There were
the club re l I,
lcture fee. TW ff
suggested he his
Hle dqid. .'

I-w V









lose their heads over girls who wear


.' ." .


Clearest colors rich tones th0
keep their sparkling sheen for houS
Creamiest texture-never 6nf h

dried-out lookI
Newest shades keyed to
ion's smartest tones

.; r i .


,* .. '


Fb~ir r

Fine Durfnite a'
Daridn Mahowany. i'GW
amaMq or. ieoScu.,
OMrom. 1mbIml Rom

Products de Min der
massej by moktde Cowin



* ', A
* :*,

4' r

F I '
JF ': .








., Phone Panama 2-0552

5 to 10 p.m.-Adults. Pro-teens
& Teelgers. By apintment only.
Mooing........alboa 2-4239
Afqr 5 p.m.. ..Panama 3-1660




, -- + .2

7 seact Nea 13
4t of July Ave. a J SL

Just Arosmeas Ave. end 3 lt.


FOR SALE:-Double bed cem-
plate. 2 night tables, dresser with
beautiful mirror. A-I quality and
condition. "Transpartes Bexter,"
phone James 2-2316.

FOR SALE:-Os stove "Ken-
more." four burners. pertment
size. excellent condition. Phone
FOR SALE:-Nerge wringer-type
washing machine, 60 cycle 4
years old $65. Also miscellene-
ous children's equipment. Hose
2167-8 Curundu. Phone 83-
3222 or 87-5105.

FOR SALE:-Dining table and 8
chairs, bureau, r a d io, chains,
electric clocks, bridge lampt,
fiber rugs. etc. Reasonable. Cell
2-3455. House 717-A after 6
p.m. Saturday or Sunday.

FOR SALE: Maytag wrlinr.
wshing machine, 60ycle 70.
6-42M 8 s'tish,_, i,

FOR SALE: 60-cycle 220 volt
stove. Two evens. 4 ayes, seven
selection heaoot controls on each
eye, deck automatic timer on
one oven. S300 value far SI5.
M/SIt., Lbahem. Albrook. Phone
228 a fter 3:30 p.m.
FOR SALE:-Bedroom set $75.
East 43rd Street No. 46. Msn.
Jaime do Ia Guardia.

Classes in SPANISH. English,
French. Gernqn given by Profes-
sor with univ elty teaching ex-
perience. Rdsidefet in France,
Mexico, U.S.. Germany. Reason-
able prices. Special summer
clones for children, high school
students. Write Box 543. Bal-

IS ears of -

W12 La Carrn.aula
Central Ave. da ,
No. 3 Lottery Flae

I -


FOR SALE:--194 Austin A-40
Tudor sedan. Priea $200. Call
Panama 8-4941, Apt, 45.
FOR SALE-1953 Buick Special
hardtop, white sidewell fires, 2-
tone paint, radio, heater, de-
froster. dyneflow, tinted wind-
shield, EZ eyeo len all the way
around, foam rubber oshions
windshield squirts, turn light and
back-up lights. Vary good con-
dition and a one-owner car,
$1600. Other household articles.
Phone 83-7144. 2065-5 Cu-
FOR SALE:-1954 Crestlin 4-
doer sedan, two-tone, whitewall
tires, underconted. radio, Ford-
emetic, like new, mileage 6000.
House 580-A.
FOR SALE:-1953 Plymouth 4-
door Creanbrook. radio, excellent
condition. Goetn 201-B, Phone
FOR SALE:-1954 Chevrolet 4-
door sedan. Radio, irecfionpl
lights, under 900 miles $1600.
Balboa 2-4151.

FOR SALE:-1950 Jeep "Lend
SRover." perfect running condi-
tion. Can 'be seen at,"La Mo-
derna' Esso Go Station on 50th
Street. Bella Vite.
FOR SALE: 1948 Chevrolet
Club Coupe. Original w ner,
good transportation. Reasonable.
Call 2.;455 after 6 pm. Sat-
urday or Sunday. .

FOR SALE:-1952 Hudson Hor-
net 4-door. radio, heater, o/d.
water injection., 6 4ood tires.
$1300. Albrook 3292.
FOR SALE:-1953 Ford-S two-
door. Clean. 30.000 0etuel mil".
undercoot"d. E-Z hbu. Will
take trade-in. 83-726T.
1'. FOR A.--1950 Mercury con-
vertible, excellent condition.
39.000 miles. Call Rodman
3544. .

pFR; SALE:-1955 Plymouth 4-

n-o. Mais. '.*o_ :t

sM K medmies 1a 54LO If- -is "rd,
S a wr 4 A~~4 saEndlis. e

ask gMh ea WMe t na bealri ng5io

a r| beart is good. t
Slsual vibration, he

s Lund, Debra Paget, Jerey
=IlOrthopedic) low, an ekw

SP emocp, Techitcolor saga filmed
i. \ : .'r "'\ m Mexico.'

.T- :-4"


ieintists say the sun Is
creping closer, no won-
der the heat in Panarpa
is most unbearable. But
here's a tip I'm sure
you'll appreiat k O ive.
out tol Vale andspnd
a day or two in Po adhie
at the CLUB CAMPS.
TRE, the land of IXoi
sop and squaroex.. :,,,

i.. >
I n S ,-I '.

The CinemaScope screen of the B9LLA VIBTA Tneatre
Wll come alive with location spectacles rarelyequalled in
motion pictures when Panoramic Production "WHITE
FBATHER," opens there on Wednesday.
8tK ing'Bob Warner., John .am.-.Debra Paget, Jeffrey
Hunter, "White Feather" is a giant frontier epic about the
surrender of the Cheyenne Indians to the white men which
took place in Wyoming in the 137M .
Thae story of "WHITE FErTLlt" centers around Rob-
eft Wagner as a survey or frontlrttm who, almost single-
. ,biaodlv, convlncess the Cheynnesa to surrenderto -the
w Fi40iaf. John LundI plaS a tewh. s it..-shootwzg
Cavalry Colonel and Debra Pagat p young Indian
grincmss, daughter of the Chief ol tle Chejsnh. Jeffrey
RHuter portrays a fierce young nan Ci. brother of
S.Debra Paget. Advt.

Tra..s.thlaa highway, app aite t rs I -4A rawre

..1ader Newg Nantp9a80410 4 9
ONe<0 24 hours Shell servieM. Orae.
warB wadh agf sJimtii *(le.g
.9.-n- .-


rouh of t Jl Ave.
Agenda Internal. do Publicadaonig
a, Cemu. Avm '.

aruque Lafere I aleaet

4oX 2031 ANCON, C.Z.
Di SCHOLL'S trained Chirope-
dit, Alexander, Justo Arsmo-
mn No. 58. Pheme 3.2217.
CLINIC, Central Ave. No. 22-
69, opposite Railroad Station.
Mhone 2-3479. Day-night srv-

construction lumber. "Son Cris-
tobal Lumber Yard. 35th Street
and Central Ave. 7-13, Old Cas.-
Ine Garage.
FOR SALE.-Air-condition unit,
4. like new. Phone 2-4912
.wetking hours. Smudpy t-1jM.
SALE: .HWf broal o .
Spies. $10. $15 and $20.
se 114 Gaton.
p ',SALE: Baby crib and
Plbarc covered matrras. Colon
FOR SALE:-Hi-Fi radio-phone-
*raph, overstuffed saoe, chair
w/2 tables, "Southwind" car
heater. boy's 26" bicycle, twin
baby carriage. Thayer) 2354-
A, Owen Street.
Saled bids. for opening hin pub-
*1ie, will be received until 10:30
a.1., June 10. 1955. In the of-
fice of Suoerintendent of Store-
houses, 112boo. for 'plywood,
roofing felt and fiber board lo-
oeatd at Section "'I." Balboa .
Storehous, talephmw 2-3110; *
sod rolorcinl'ltel Iocaed at
C s ,ha alphone -
14,945. pvtlib No. 174 may
be obtained fI I te above
sources. at from s igo of super-
IRntomont of Ster.lof ul- gall
bo, telephone 2-1815.

uglas' Beaudry


Cagal Zone Dental Poly1lnio
Dr. : E. lbrrega ..B
Dr. f' A.. Roy D.J.S.
eagure-bridge work-al hrnd
I General Practles.
IfU <(hsl at July) A ve NoaA24
(oeIe Aneon School FW ", u?1,
STlepaboue 2201 -r/ i.

egetythiMpossible"- m chiro-
wa included.

A. and ORtULAC
ad Avenue Tel. 3 139
blark trom Lux Theawr,)

skers Shippen Meove"s
2-2451 2-2562
S Lear RIdI sat

w by e*elwMejMgt.

Matehb-tiek kBubes
' valDi Dumb
* TraA iWIltaps,
* GFlwrewr 1oo JIslndasi

sabulay w. .. .- ,,

Product* M'wo"S.,I

C. z.. *


Beaudry has been stationed at
Gorgas Hospital since June 1951
when he arrived here from
Washington, D.C. where he had
been assigned to the Surgeon
General's Office, Chief of the
Service Schools Branch, Train-
Inp, Division.
A native of Cortland. N.Y..
Beaudry attended Colgate Uhil-
versity and received his com-
mission with the U.S. Army in
1942. During World War II, he
saw service in Europe with the
80th Infantry.
Beaudry will be succeeded at.
Goreas Hospital bv Maj. Robert
L. Hughes. Jr., of the Medical
Service Corns, who is presently
Personnel Officer at the Walter
Reid Army Medical Center In
Washington. D.C. Major Hughes
is due to arrive on, the Isthmus
later thi moti accompanied
by his wife andf'daughter.

MEAD, Neb. (UP) Police
are elad Virginia Slereks never
considered a life o crime. A sec-
retary at the-Nebrasks Ordnance
Plant. she has fhigers that defy
ordinary ftugerlatiag methods.
She was sent to the Nebraska elI-
itary district in Omaha where an
expert diagsaed the problem. Her
iftlertips are se f ie and seasitive
that any alight pressure causes the
ink to smear. It took the expert
almost two 3u. 0 Jlt be


lw (s

r FAppU g

PHILLIPS Oseeoide Canages.
Seato Clamr. 'o 41. helbe.
Phone Panaa ..61877. Criet-
bel -17 .. .

P"t Santatl FIN vlr.-

Catetge -- I' rMfj -er-
tion, 2-bed e t M AlbM
050. -
Gramlicf'e Sate,. Co enh
Cottales. Modern Meuaioese.
moderate rates. Phasm Gmbebo
Shrapnel's fuhib kses on
beach at Santu ~1e Telephone
Thompson. Balbp 1771.

ATTENTION .1.5 Just built
modern furnishmd lwmentsh, 1,
2 bedrooms,, It7 Md water.
Phone Panama 14941.

FOR RENT-farthnd d ed on-
furnished 2 med 4-mm modems
partmemt.. Ceantct AL4AM-
Phone 1386 Coan.

FOR RENT: -P rFon~or un-
furished one bedroom apart-
ment in El Coo, Maow No. 10,
7th Street. CaoN -21O9..
FOR RENT: In E Canugreeo.
two bedroom epeosaent with
mid's room. Cal 3-.742.
FOR RENT:-- FPlmshed or un-
furnished one- bedroom modern
apartment, goral. 168 Vie .Bo-
lisario Porrms.
FOR RENT:- Niekly farebhed
I-bedroom epertment Mn Ave-
nide Peru facing the park. CaU
3-0746 or 8-3099.

FOR RENT: Unfurnished e-
rrtment, sitlng-dinint reem. 2
rooms, 2 bathe mid's "eam,
perch. garege, sereanod, $110
et "El Congreoe." eMreet No.
2. See Do .Cr., Av". B No.
9-42. Pheme -1616 Pseeme.

FOR RENT.- Furqidd.ewRt-.
emsm, ktehen baothW tiled f I ,
ell scremi Also d large mwe-
hoe, Wo .sogse r shop, .
three drive-in deers, ha-e on all
windows, 1600 feat floor epaee.
Apply: Jeniter, No. 63 Feurth
of July Ave. or phone Nepkins,
Balboaee 2966.

When Wiards Fall,

Five-Time Killer

Slays Sorcerers
IXCATLAN. Mexico. June 4--
(UP) A confessed five-time
killer suggested today that sor-
cerers of this primitive moun-
tain region' have been nearlyI
wiped out In an ancient feud
between two villages.
The alternately hot and cold
war between Ixcatlan and Cer-
ro' Camaron was carried on for
years by bushwhacking, pig
stealing a n d an occasional
shooting. Then things got a-
round to witchcraft. .
Miguel Cayetano says if was
AdreirPadroft president of the
Ixcatlan -Agrarians. who decided
to settle things with black uma-
After four minor wizards fail-
ed to blight corn and make cows
go dry in the neighboring Oax-
aca State village, Padron called
in master sorcerer Emiliano Ro-
drigues to stage a 13th century-
style air attack.
Rodriguez agreed to conjure
up a sizeable boulder which was
to descend abruptly on Cerro
Camaron from a considerable
Despite the witchdoctor's ma-
gic incantations and wizardly
hcus-pocus, the boulder never
materialized. Padron. feeling lie
had been bilked again, hired
Cayetano to square accounts as
he had.-n. the four previous
Cayetano,.told police he lured
Rodriguez to. a cave, stabbed
him *to death and buried him
beside the four other unsucceas-
ful snellcasters.
Police iued an qrder for Pa-
dron's arrest. They said there
would-be no more sorcerers left
if things kept on.

.e.fe cholet
"iN 3 bed-

llVi Parrs2

.,~. 'F


uirom shelet.

m belet .
l e 3- r

, o.n pouereld. Jee San
MA tle AveMe N. 6; Fear bed-
-iBm4, i v dining rfoom,
kitdhe, large peach. laquitr
go-d flee .

FOR RiENT -Str- peace at rear
of "Le Patal.' feorerd occu-
pled by "Modeleo'." Reasonabl
price..Well decorated. Phoae 2-
4912. working hours. Sunday 2-

!K -

New Dc Craze In U. S. Is Really

The .10-Year-Old Merenigue

.* *

Reipubllc June 4 (NKA) A new
dacri;i s tlrsaonig the
epulartty of' hev' mart.In the
U... is old hat to dalCe-happy

The dance is the merengue,
which s pronounced "may-rain-
gy" and is described by one
ew York instructor' aa doing "a
fox trot with ont-leg and a
waft .ltb Vtb t Other."
Down her, Vte merpgue's
Mlp-I1Atheb-krq.,otU ais been
so populta&EiMore than a cen-
tury that ts rhythms are the
country's official national dance
music. One legend says it origi-
nated in 1844 when a returning
war hero with a wounded leg
joined in a victory celebration.
To save him 0emlarraent.,.the
others copied his limp and it be-
came the pattern of the dance.
It has four basic steps danced
to music in two-four time. Me-
rengue means "light-hearted,"
and the music k Just that. The
quira, a serrated gourd scraped
with a stick, and the tambora
drum are essential to the
rhythm. The drum accents the
first beat of every bar,, and
dancers take a .step oneach
Currently, merengne-rad Do-
minicans are share h their
footwork at reglonaL tvss for
the Trujillo dance-o competi-
tion to be held .nsi eptember.
But for the youngEol., there's
an added incentiv: in Dpmlnl-
can lore, romane- Is a happy
corollary of th,. mere giue,

* *

IN SANTO Do01tfGO C sgequfase -dane% I
face emabh other and leeok-arms. it step-s reported fwe d
armns are changed, footworkrepelk ted Jan oppoite dired*u..
** ; ** ;

SWINGING INTO FOURTH BTEP (feokrpa4) barl th
fee ,lan- o na (bakparound) with. feet ulhr ft,
hf S tr. l.4etosidewithbanward,Bii.




' -1
* '.1"





Lt. Col.,Stephen J. Be..dry,
professional training offte at
Gorgas Hospital has been re-
asuidged to the Medical Field
S"erie School, at Brooks Army
Mdleal Center, Fort Sam Hous-
ton Texas; 'hey he will take a
course In h ital adrinistra-
Accompanied by his nde and
three children, he will lea the
Isthmus June 27 aboard the
U.S.N.8. Henry Gibbins for ew

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SLess than 2 hours away with EL PANAMEARO ...ra

Convenient schedules and excellent vi '.i ."i
S, Panam6 to ogottd, via Medellin, with NO

e.,oUnd ..He ldest Airline o At. Ameisu.
O Wil Cl'turel Pe Amierie. W.rld Airway Syem.
Modern btes!M Call your atel .get or AViANCA. PeMnea 24954.

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Itional Red Cross

classic Also On Tap

The Anguizola stable's speedy Sukarplum, which
Q ift in an entry with former track champion Main
today, will again match strides *ith the con-
t Jaquimazo in a $750 seven-furlong "special"
the Juan Franco race track. ,
he other scheduled starters SECOND RACE
a five-horse field are Don 1-Slsmo 10.00, 6.80, 3.80.
and Persian Countess, sec- 2-Paques 4.40, 4.00.
sad fourth respectively in 3-Alabarda 2.60.
$15,000 added President's FIRST DOUBLE: 177.20.
amo, which has been THIRD RACE
at the door in his last
,starts gets In with 108 1-Candelaria 8.20. 3.20, 2.60.
f as compared to Sugar- 2-Jal Alal 2.60, 2.40.
's 116. Main Road with ote 3-Lady Dancer 4.80.
I Cuto 108 and Persian ONE-TWO: 19.60.
r Ruiz has the le up on FOURT HRACE
asmo in lace of 0uler-
ches while King Flores 1-Fuego 13.40. 4.80. 8.60.
the suspended Cristiin 2-Loteria 8.40 6.80.
edo aboard Sugarplum. 3-Pregonero &i0.
e Prescott will handle QUIELA: 38.80.
a sins. Fortunato
r. .e Don Cuto FIFTH RACE
J---T "a a will be a
person SBI. 1-Black Oo 4.0, '60.-. 240.
listed featis the $2,000 2-Fru Fru 2.40, 2.20.
i.d aona d Cross Clas- 3-Petite 2.20.
hi] 'shIi_"p as a ben-
Sfor the amoza family. SIXTH RACE
ante, Turgot eod Atys r
by Gen Anto Bo- -ari i .60, ., 2.0.
a's Stu Montelimar will 2 --Vam ore rsa 5.80. 5.t60.
s inst Fan, which is list- 3-Los Morros 3.00.
-the ownership of MaJ. SVENTH 4CR
D Bomo. 1-Goyonder 20.00, 8.80, 4.40.
g-ardle-- -f the outeoml of 2-Blakemere 9.60. 8.80.
rdles ........ 3-Mirsatoat 4.40.
t event, the entire 42,000 will 3-Mitot 4.40.
be Ipit among the clan Somoza.LE:63.20
erday Hpy Abode raced SECOND DO3LE: 63.20.
'.i thrilinx head victory over EIGHTH RACE
etlec in the featured IGHTH RAC
furlong Class D sprint. Ppp nn
elsfavorite Regal Bliss n m el 2.3n-. 8 i0."
py Abode took the lead -Farlyable 2k2 0.
, t"t after the break with sec- QUINIELA: 5.40.
Choice Valley Star In clos- NI ,T RACE
pursuit. Majestic third. Re- NINTH RACE
Bliss a poor fourth, Dark
t fifth and Sinn ftiner 1-Barlyon 3.80. 2.60, 2.20.
2-Ciprodal 4.60, 2.20.
alley Star blew up going Into 3-gSner .40.
backstretch and Majestic ONE.-TWO. .20.
Sup alongside HappyA- rTENTH RACE
band even took the lead mo TINT RAC
tarlly. Then the two contir- A 7 5 2 .30
in a head W head battle yAbode7.5.2.30
the way to the wire with 2- estic 4.60, 2n20
Abode outlasting Ma- 3-Regal Bliss 230. ,,
C. ":' .
al Bl.sS close. some rd ELEVENTH RACk ,
final quarter to wi 1-tagB 15.0 5.20.
Three and a half lengths 2-DOn Pitin 4.60.
the first two. Dark Sun-
Mwasl'fouth. Valley Star fifth |... ... T!i
Inn ft iner last. JulR fS
winner returned $7.60, 12 o TiW
m6 d 3$.20 across the board. B VILLALOBos
o7e0oAr. a longshot winner _
l week, ain s tried with At...
win payo-the best for the -Oorga Atm-
d. 1o $16 and Fuego $13,40 I-.El Chly
pal d substantial odds. 3-suayltrvey
oer Ruts was the day's sad- 4-Avp (e) Ebony
die star with three victories. 5-Ne abett n clank
6-Newbrigt salustio
The dividends: 7-Alb&atos Noveno
18-TYedlkto La Enea
FIRST RACE 3--SuineRIun Florera
1- Fanglo 820. 2.80. 2.40. I a.-Su auam(e) P. Countess
2-Quilacoya 2.0., 2.40. 11-Pale Face
-Rflegor2/.00. 12,S-l^adyXRon...


DIABLO R TS. 6:15 8:o
"Cattle Q4e= of MontaaaW
abs. "AMUUg OaW TOsU tr3

afartfta 330, :0. o 1:

Deep N" I heart" Col
*^ -Aii 1

i .

Ain teul! ,NONATt

OAU0O -;p-^




Juan Franco Graded Entries
S-. t o- -
f.P. now 0oekey Wit COMMENT ODDS
let RACE "I Impor t 4 P PURSE 5375.00-Pool Closes 12:04
1-Our Fancy A. Enrique 110 -Rates chance here 4-1
2-Vain Darling J. Ongora 118 -.Handicapped by distance 8-1
3-Caonaso Ortega 104 -Good chance in sprint 3-1
4-NEscadalo V. Ortega 112 -B=st chance in mud 3-1
5-OonMa C. RulW 122 -ad to beat here Even
6-Wild Wh F. Hidlago 115 -Returns from layoff 10-1
7-Atom 0 J. Ava 120 -Ran well in last 3-2
8-Double In A. Mena 112 -Could score In upset 4-1

2nd RACE "G" Natives 61 Fs. PURSE 3275.00-Pool Closes 1:15
1-El Pasha F. Hidalgo 110 -Last was revealing 3-2
2-Golden Fan A. Mena 111 -Lacks former, class n 3-J
3-Choly F. Rose .118 .-Dangerous contender .,,3-1
4-Bull Flea F. 8Anchea 11 --Good early speed -. 4-1
5-Okiland J. Phillips 120 -Easy win In last 6-L
S-Regia J. Philllps 120 -Down in class 4-1
7-Don Jaime C. Ruiz 118 -Returns from brief rest 3-1

9 'C~4fa

rl I"''

- ,
:1. "..^Sv

is implicit'la lhe light h
_eady asigied Olson who
I for an ennuement with

St. Louis 000 01-1- 6 l ,4U -
3rd RACE ,"Non-W rs" A.J._BE. 25.00-Pool. -Cle :A5 i.- ,~tB0 .1 Obviously, laherty, for this test, has more ilth In th
rON -CTWO 88e1 6- Olson than In his heavyweight: either that, qr' e ft
hld ($ '. () and and Cockell, being "dame lightedm, will make a raw
1-Historia F. Sanches 97x-Hasn't shown much 10-1 sarn; a w(9-0 and o8) and Smith ta on.
2-Moon Shiner A. Valdivia 112 -Disappointed in debut 2-1 Campanella. '-Jackson (2-2). L.s'ad w .l LP-y Anyway, by national standards, the 't eal t
3-Engreida C. Iglesas 111-Good early speed 4-1 HR-Camp (1. Kellert (~ 3),. Wilson 2 l to the F task force, once YO
4-Curazalefia J. Bravo a -Runs for first time 3-1 (1). Hodges (8 Repulsak (9). ..both Green ahd Ca I have appeared b t
5-College Girl P ose F prtedly speedy 2-1 N 'an101 .,1" and Chavez is well thought of locally. And yet,'hne-
6-Dofia BArbarp E.Gastel l improve more 5-1 Milwaukee 12002083-11 12 1 c15 001 ,U-. tIWe the la dera would be favored to win tost it
7-Survey V. Brown pn on rcous 4 hlladel 000 000- 3 7 3 their bouts abroad.
&-Don Brigido H. Ruis 112 ,hou2d beat these 3-2 Spahn (4- ) and Crandall; I l (0) anl lB i
9-Dr. K E. Darlo 1~ -Doasn't shown anything 10-1 Kusava, Miller ()., eKpper (7b, Keesn, () (9), Coinu- Old Cot Custoem
10-Raylto F. Hidalgo 1 -Would pay off 15-1 Mroinski (9) and gemnick, LP gra (8) and Lollar. WP-Lopat A g .. r d Ceost u stom
-- -Miller (3-1). R-Logan (7), (3-4). LP-Koeean (0-2. Althou ghhispredecessors operated on a much le prei -
.; Mathews (I), A"ck (-), O'= .. 1 ou3 cale, Flaerty in following an old 8an Franlaco .a

---ony", Halo 18 --U lly close up Ring (5) and PWigh w t (7), Narl 8) ana -.,
a4thBRACE"I", natives 7 (E O7..Pol Cloes 0 Con challenging John Bull on the latter'. home ground&
Clevland 000 220 13 3 One of boxing's very first Internatonal battles sas fvKpkAi
I-Bagdad V. Ortep III.8-ContenderIn m~dd4-A Cincinnati'1 030 200- 14 0Neil,7alocal, loseX "_ hi

4-Ebony F. Hidalg106 -Usually close up 64 King (5) and. tikiy. Wight (7), (8) anal
5-Golden Pick H. Rula 108 -Nothing In moons 104-1 Naragon. LP-Garcia (3-6) HR Willie Ritchie had no more success than Neil when, 10 years
-Sherry Time E. Ortega 110 -Good early speed 15-1 (12 Innings) -Smith (8). Kiner (7), Avila later, he defended the lightweight championship ag st Pd
7-Don Wendes F. inchez 7x -Light weight helps 10-1 Chicago 000 00 20 002-9 14 1 (4). et h. At the and of 20 rounds, before partisan Lidoners, Wel
8-(Avispa J. Bravo 114 --Shouldn't miss now Even Oiant. 00104 000 001-8 12 0 -wa. declared the winner by the marking of one point.
9-(Jos6 de la Crus O.deL. lx-Better than we thought Even Pollet, Andro.(0) Jeffcoat (7), Ritchie is still around, too. As a matter of fact, heg a-
Hacker (11) and :ooper, Chiti Boston 000 003 002-5 0 wheel on the boxing commission. Incidentally, he dropp' by th
5th "Nat. Rd Cross Clsi" Nt. PURSE $200 .Pot Clo (6), McCullough. (l); Gomez, Kansas City 000000010-1 8 1 hotel the other day With clip from the old Evening Wod re-
eAdded 7 Fu Pl Cle L1 ,wilhelm (71, Ol'som (8). Me- ncently mailed him by John Hauck, brother of Leo, the old muddle-
Aaed Call (9), Liddle (11), Glel (11) Sullivan Kely (8) and White widiht bruier.
1-Fan F. Rose 118 -In betlesp exhibition xxxx and Katt, Westrue m (9). WP- Ditmar, Gorman (7) Sain (9) *
2-t(Clspeante A. Mena 106 -Sure of fourth place xxxx Hacker (5-3) LP--Glel (0-1). HR and W. Shan WP-SullivanI One of the clips was ,Bob Endgren'e account of the return
3-( rgot A. Valdivia 10 -4hould be runnerup x May 2 (15 and 16), Williams (5-6). LP-Dtiar (2-2). HR- meeting n and Welsh in New York. The opening
4-(Atys R. G6mes 1288 --fles the best 1xx (3), King (2), Miksil (4). Zauchin (7th) Piersall (2). paragrahse in dgron's l adr. ,.."
"Willie Rite whipped FPeddie Welsh so decisively at ao.i
son Square Garden lat night. it was impossible to imagine such
th RACE rteSE 0 ool Clo thing as Welsh victory over Ritchie in any number of round
,th RACE 1 3"2Wrted7 FO R 'E rOB ed e Clos T ur 25 e1 t from one to a thousand.
1-Young Prince K.Flores 115 -etWurns in nice spot -1 rm 1he firstbe to eo la-st, Ritchle was the as ut
2- ra o,0. l -Nice effort in -1 s master. Welsh had promised he would show how he won the tit

-" .an2-oa en u13e i"..
8--auc e 111 nally wetone 4-1 io Iu illOn M infr S jU 0 from Ritchie in England. At it turned out,. l effort was more
4-Distin G. Lino 115 -Mu1st go wor 15-1 *^-1*w%. U*W n *- l lp ,6 of an exposure than a demonstration."
o e 105-Hamper by bad legs 10-1 Ritchie recalled: "All I ever said after the first tight war tt
Ma-iden .Broo 115 -ett_ r _-week 2-1 if If o It had been fought in America I would have got w deise los
7- Ir h Daru o 113 --ood aesn In mud 51 The summer program for GO- classes will be held at Margari- Naturally, I felt the result of our return bout proved I was correcth"
-Newbrfghon '. .astell 105 -No chance here 16-1 tun in poo and .ymna- ta Oymnasium the week of June -- --
"--" slum will beg June 2 -and end I. t

to1--Poo A I2ris b thi.e se ftp.
7th RACE "F" arte 7 p. E I0.- Poe Closes 4:05 "cles t e TrI wor kout now being as h ob nsn Ne xt
9uUwIE time w bee uv=* heo Jn gheldon Tuesday through Friday portS a, h aid the same ab6?-
-Amat 0.deLe6n97x-Lonty through June 10. front 3 tb .4 p.m. Thp lam I5 wh thy mnd
o3-Nveno 0. Ru 5115 hder 2-1 ing for the ual 4th es, not e me b h poxl e
&nffbatross J. Bf 118Wohere .Even Monday through Fri of J swimming meet to be
4-- nes J. Phillips 118 too late 8-1 9-10 a.m. Games t-and un- held at 0t ool under the If the Olson-Cockell match materialies which is to Ity it
5-Plnino -.- 0. Sik es 115 --Rates fair chance 4-1 der Archery 12 and over. sponsorship of e Gatun Civic Olson ts past Moore in triumh and it ury)ther 't
8-Oreco 0. Snches 115 -Rates best form 2-1 16-11 a. Games 12 and Council and Elks Lodge 1542. likely be any rhubarb over the American's fightingbluique;
7-Devonshire Club C. Chia. 102x-Doesn't seem likely 15-1 ver. ry 12 and under. Any child wishingto participate he's a compact hitter who works in close, yet adheres to the ruole
1- --eGirls basketball, ted free of charge.
ONE TWO ree recreational swimming more than 30 pounds, Olson's speed, mobility and hurtful d to
1-La En J Bravo 118 -Met interference will be hld Tuesday through the liver are the essentials from which adecisive victory is indi
ta Hidalgo 106 -Rets from sick bay 5-1 1 I held Tuesday, Wedne- pare nts or an older child. a rematch.
l Gastell 100 -Must go back down 15 day and Thursday from 1-2
Wonder J.Phu1. 106 -Rates good shape 2:1 P.M The adult recreation class be- "This, of course, depends entirely on how much progress Ro-
WT asp l -Round Ito shape Intermediate swimmers and Ing held on Wednesday frqmo 1 binson makes with his comeback," said Flaherty. he c on
nd A. Mna 110 -Good ear peed-1advanced swimming classes to 10 am. to 12 p.m. and o Fr- vince the fans he has regained a sufficiency of hi ol well
-- Tuesday. Wednesday and Thurs- days from 1 to 3 p.m., will be take him on out here in late fall or early winter."
. laported % Fp. PURE $MA-Pool C 5:15day from 2-3 p.m. ntinuedthroughotthe sum- eco hert, by the way, thought Olson beatRobinson in their
F. .1QU5LA mer months. For those interest- second flight.
; .S swimming classes for the pre- ed in joining this group, the
-Vie G. 8nchez 115 -Returpi from layoff 4-1 school and kindergarten groups class consists of c thenics, "In any case, it was the fight that made Bqbo, Made him in his
C. Iglesias 108 -Prefer g ute 3-1 will be held Tuesday and Thurs- teaching of the nonwswlmmcr, own mAind, that is. He overcame, the knockout bugaboo, acquired
A. Mona 118 -Do 5.1 day from 11 a.m. to 12 m. and water ames, Improvement of a matured confidence in himself and in his equipment. In short,
V. Ortega 113 -La.t 2-1 on Wednesday and Friday from the swimmer and a visit period he went Into the fight a boy and came out of t a man"
co H. Ruiz 103 -R-ft rce 4-1 0 to 10 a.a. over a cu pof coffee. The only
0o C. Ruiz 113 --Oan4o n t week 5-1 Classes for Jr. and Sr. llfesav- charge is the prfcq.of admission. I i I i i i iI.M I NO 1 -. "M "-.
to F. Rose 105 5-.I way s-1 ing will be held on Fridays from The program Is made possible I
He F. Hidalgo 110 h 2-1 10 an. .to. 12 p.m. throu efforts.of the Physical I | RELEASE -
ladel A.Enriq. 115 lower 30-1 Swlmming classes for Marg- Education and Recreatiol I V i| T IV
10--lM ra A. Mena R. 113x now -1 ritA e)~I rn of all age groups Branch. L U3 A 30 I U
'- IWI bX.hod at oatun pool on im n I U X.0 .U6 /fOIA i
S ''/ Te.a ys and Thursdays from 9- Remember,, you swim for SHOWS: 1: w. 5.- 4.^A ..a U
IItrMACE "Specdal" Imp. I Fg P.MI.M-Poel Closes S:4 11 amn. Registration for these health, fun.and safety. 'I "
qulnamo H. s 10 close up 2-1
SCountes 1J.- 1 rn-s i good shape 2-1
4-(u r e ,. would win again Even
61( a --Could help entrymate Even

Itl. L.t7 Fsg. PURSE M.0-Pool us.... RELEASE TODAY
S105x-Rates od chance .A- 1 .60 & .30 _
o' 11 105 -Usually quits early 4-i
0 u. Ruiz 110 -Better eent week 3-1
.--luoe Hidalgo 113-Daprous cotihnder 5-I I ________i_ _I/__I

1-Plola .. 06ngom 114 -Should be a up 3-1 ". .. "'
0-T n O. de Le6n 96x -Poor recent races 10-1 JM O ON'
o. Da io 110 -Racing to top form 5-1
Lady M C. Rui 110 --Should best those Even ,N
.Lindo F. Rose 110 -Poor effect in last 3-1

Anik ap ma Am




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14.j.. -*

gar plm, Jaquazo


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jV, '
'1 .'


umder a= am


"' -

3 Big Shipm%.nta

S is? Montilla Cook
Air Epic Livingston
* ctr h Westminster Angel
a of k HIFIlDalITY


W4gW ir
n tUn ltgpA iRt


L A I I 1.13 Central Ave.
f A Near the Savingi Sank

the DI blo Gym nsiwm Tuessay
veilang at
miamm a ,views. vii -60,
mine wlethber the auoclatlIa
to. fun during tw frteom-
Iur bool-yar or to dtbld the
mmuaftom.e t oretsaubsum s to
be o.oomneud, th. te mber% WiU
clck the omflm c to rvim e V-
Ixecuttve CommitMe- .Io -
rioa one was ,e.- -
XaJ. Kelly of Fort Clayton,
chairmanM of te nominating
caulpUtee will preaids. nrig
tI election- of offit. sS .w
itiont to be fmlled'' elatw
art preIdent, vIo,-pr .it,
treasuurer, wcr.ta preidy Abc

Lt. Col. Edward B. Jennings of
Diablo Heights, prealdentof the

Woman's Club
ndu Woman's Club
.1R. Iing. and Batesa
To Juno 8, at 9
it ldee of Mrts.

Fenm Lea o. ,
A Sliver Ta will be served
thw afternoon at the Anoo0 MM-
sonlo Temple by the orn Leaf
Chapter No. 4. Order of the
eastern Star from 4. to g p.mR.
A special on al p ram will
be we"ented. Memt andi
friends are iv ,S .
Caribbean St p Club

Introdcing... America's favorite bra"

[ ',

I [.%A
mw t.tta
a baWtu a.,

ties Ia-terms of on man's life.
The only really remarkable th
about Cbriatopber.Ja aye'
wathe 'fact that. whlt etl
paratively Mig he IrOnd
undmritaud m : To aemm\
cate-this oex nlce t6 the read

in an




71ki .MUf N
taub w.

f cOmAkiW ft ,
a .JS^0 bastes.e: amihes e
t' -pi ,i. ^..N, pe.
o* Et"ooh...Iongu', ppi, 'yto-II ,
pe hf f 'lbricmblmatiom Ofers
S rt daa of Dama: wous iy whabok,
it qui^g s u16 ironing, b4IWralge,
S.4uand ear! P. the

:. tfom dre lthateverstm se uI

m. j l ow ;&ificr= a mp.

is i United SM es of Aurica.

I,, eli '. .I -Al

- .r

* ., .* -..,. ..
., ...r
- ., .., ," ," .,+ :. ., ...-L

~:J: -*j..~

'-I E

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/Jv~t sy

exiong. new



ma e Sor _s ,Chansonette

*in fabus on and cotton

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Lq. ~*


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I -~ ai
* ) J.

i "' W ;." *L -"
, ; ,: -. m

'-" [7 i^! .. ,'^-'.




LONDON, June 4 (NEA) England's Bonnie Prince Charlie, sixyears
education for kingship: A future British monarch's life is not his own. A go f h.s "i"Ri"
This lesson was underscored this year when the prince wept to'witch- a fox-hint near tthe sp at San-:
dringham. ." .. r '
Sitting with his bock as straight as a poker, he w*as. it lit d hunter, .

Then -he puffed p his cheeks and blew on a huntlng nis.ite-his- "ae Queen Elizabet movies ant,
the scarlet-coated guests roared with laughter. .

." e

.I .

'9 ";'
". .. *t" ;: *
I *-, ^l "' J' *a
"t ,4 .... -'.,- *.*. ,: .; ^ :. ? -
J <,,'.. .. -**_ .li^ .A t'.tct '- ......... .",t ..,

"' Charles was made Man 14.

How to bring up a boy as nor-
I nally as possible under sa c,h
eircuastances is, perhaps, the
main problem which the Queein
.and the Duke of Edinburgh
have to face in their domestic
The glare of publicity s u r-
rounding the royal family is
strong, and despite his parents'
vigilance, Prince Charles often
finds himself the center of it.
He has only to appear outside
the Buckingham Palace g a t e s
for crowds to gather, almost mi-
raculously, to cheer him.
Recenty he was whisked off
from the Regents Park zoo be-
he had time to see even t h e
monkeys, because his presence
had been spotted.
The young prcine is, oficourse,
aware that his mother is Queen.
This fact inen e vitabl y, was
brought home to him -at t he
time of her Coronation.
He doesn't, however, yet know
that he is Prince, not to mention
Duke of Cornwall, Duk e of
Rothesay Earl of Carrick, Ba-
ron of Renfrew and all his oth-
er titles.
He is never addressed as any.
thing but plain "Charles" by his
servants and the royal house-
hold attendants.*
His father keeps, a firm hand
on him.
When Charles threw his slip-
pers down a stairwell to the
danger of people below, his dad
turned him over his knee and
spanked him.
When Charles was naughty
just before the Wueen Mother
was due to take him to a mili-
tary tattoo, another Jittle b oy
(the son of a royal secretary)
was substituted in his p l a c e.
Charles stayed home and
During a- Coronation review
when Charles started acting up
on the palace balcony, a stern
-look from.his father was enough
to subdue him.
The little prince's bi g ge st
thrill of the Coronation, far out-
weighing that of seeing his
mother crowned in Westminster
Abbey, was The fact that, for the
first time, he was allowed to use
his dad's hair pomade for the
But he did not get to use the
boxing gloes sent to him as a
gift fm Canada, although a
"Yank" very nearly had the
honor of beg the first to blood
SPrince arlie's nose.
Stephen Rutter, son of an A-
meriean Embaswy second see-

Next day, the British League Against Cruel Sports took. to ihe headlioes.
The league, it said, was "pained and dismayed" that the Queen co~sjpered, fo;x-hunting "a
the royal children."
Fox-hunting, the statement went on, is held Irk "loathing and contempt' by it least half H
subjects. It is "a cruel and degrading relic of a barbarous age." ,

retary, .was chosen to be t h e
prince's sparring partner.
Once a week Stephen was to
go to Buckingham Palace, don
oxing gloves and push the roy-
al features around..
Prince Charles was al cited
about it. His parents, QuMfa s -
lizabeth II and the Duke of Ed-
inburgh, were for it, too,
Then the British press go t
wind f the story.
"Is lBxing a Sport Fit for
Princess screamed the head-
lines in the London News Chro-
Its readers lost no time nla re-
plying. "Boxing is a bestial
sport," they te. "It stimu-
lates evil, a nt fighting in-
stincts. Boxers a war-m on g-
ers." "
Back.into their wppint ent
the gloves. It probab lwil a e
few years before he g to use
them again.
Meanwhile, although he may
not know he's a prince, Chrlies
knows what it is to live ih a
goldfish bowl.
The school which Charles, at-
tends is on of the words mPa#
exclude. He is Its ly pt \
Fiv. i nornings a wee J te

troduce himself to the class, the
boy 'who was sixth from the
throne of Greece murmured shy
ly that he was "Philip."
"Philip what?" the teacher in-
"Just Philip," was the reply. .
Finally, after considerable .prod-:
ding, he blurted out, "Philip of
Thereafter the boy who one
day was to be. consort to Brit-,
ain's queen was teased unmerci-
fully by his school-mates.
When they weren't calling n
"Just Philip," they were moa
ing him with "Your Magnificent
Majesty" or "Serene Ro n O
Looking back on it now .the
Duke. feels that the raggsng did
him good took.some of th .
mcKeY ot of im.
Wd liketo, see. the same .
tPgl to hs youmg son, .
Prince Charles.
If his father has his wa y,
Prince Charles will go to Gor-
donstoun, a progressive school
on th rock,'ribbed Moray cost
of Sdotland.
It ,t hilip. grew
St .rdeoat .!n'by an-an-
lt e.ugee, i, Kurt Hahn'
don't eotaut. Philip went to

tret for

F' loyal

heAl e-ihate nau


1t-z cka ite *a '

y~ B n mW ,v tf" John .,D eau,
recalls that even the e a r 1 y
dys of ls marr edlife, t he
duke had only one gray lounge
suit to his name, and that he
could not tie a necktie properly.
'The duke also committed the
"crime," unpardonable in the
eyes f his valet, of wearing
t4so Il p w lfow the eve-
Swith ith. Beau
,! runibd .,. ,ot e Charled
is bee d;al grac-
4 a. .
9O Tbuiaday'fterno6ns a doz-

tasw, tberia
ster, Pr. aai
s thie a!
i they hay |
>n tannT t

, f before him. '
'Duke of Edinburgh en*
Dartmouth the hard way,.
th competitive ex a m
Sit wold-have been ea -
m to have pulled
us uncle, Admiral Ea
education of a future Bri .
monarch it not a matter"
t traim theo d
eM i~a (cf rc..7 iT

4M u -Bw-uae
* anaSil with a cuckle- h
r .at The- Elas,. an A-
rounZa prep cool in Pe*,.
Wbien came his tura .to I-

SSISTR f I-AN=, here shown in SeotelAe i;
Sa new aaule. It's called Mount Eversf '
agham Pa- Xyen in his cradle he WJa
i looks out eaifg dollars for .Brriau, i
: where the l being copies .if leJ
by. How he AX.. -tores. .
, a bash at 4.4
S .- WM.Prince (lasries

6r a who hadi't stoqbd
r. suits in 15 yea rs, wemE
. ght flat' Moted. -so were lthe
. mnufcturers. .
'hefr best-sellers were w w-. a
2oy .p and space uits wt -
lastUc bubble heapets, not bell-
botton trousers.; ,
Now, overnight,- e v e r son's do
Smother wanted her r~sa d l
Jy decked out like e ,

ay ahs
verest i
i aInm;

r J a. 8tA
i A -

5I r a

[ee Charle at
tkLime for fun.
t breathless ae-
y's adventures,
Produce a tad-
* the pond or
Wem picked up in

Soee e the Q u een
,plays- 4#Imdes with her son
Sa ".or ,Beggar-my-neigh.
s, when he is
ahe may read
adventure stories
netraed, bo'

Bit tiers pre rowd evi s,
as *ell. s
Cha s t kts r
mar* to a gramophine or akp
daddides Up ad down the
dors .n a tricycle, making
fetme ,tja p, out. of his way.
,'--. ,l!pUahy.L father, the Du
Sde t Itteachkhis so
St *AjIic adult speech.
lWw ." O IN.ught Charles to say with,
e, ,digity, "Haven't we met
let b ? never forget a face,"
S bHt'was horrified then the
prince tried this one out on Mrp.
$ ~ "*, R G4 .Casey, wife of the Austra*
.prince ls p mininstr of external affairs.
" with On" aioter occasion, when
Be. a'd vh his mother w a i,
I7-gha Pridtu Chine s replied that she
I a fd -wags "queening it' in the draw-
Sadk m$,. r4g-rp~ below.
il "Palaee servants also get a
Verest. taete of the prince's precocity.
a.. about Heis tforeve ringing. them on
. the internal teolehone system to
aliogeth- cha and inasmuch as Charles'
p, ipr 'voice over the phone
S. striking like that of the
this o result in con-




S^'. .-
". ;4 .-- .- Ii
,:. .. .., .. -- ;


".3,.." _- .
. .t/I:

L ~ ~ A




^, ,i ', ..
.'^ .* ,-'. ^**" ; "

; ?'. ;-, ," f ,. "' *- H" ,j
S' ,, .. -.s'; ; r.. .* '


:i ,-L ".T .".
: :;,-' .-' "' '' .i.
#' ~ I .
.: .... '; .; : .. '
'~~ ~~~ ",- ...' I.' -

+.....~~~~~~ -.:,.;....o.. + :,



auoms j.Yj
be ablolut




SChade. h e-i
oHn bi"tW to-1f
w f lia re4

'7 :..* ,. "
f .-. '' '.. "' ."* *' ,*?,,.



, ,


* :.

"rite '..^,5r-- i "', L- i-..; -' -- ri' ry *1 -i -'
prj^ ..-."'^ '. s t, : ^ ,- -?t,', ...:,-. ..:; '_ .:,,. ,
44. ..;,, .. .


r. m



S-iutr or furp. ...,t .Wt

arrow"r dwel r trIe t for s*l, o t 5 1iNe. I and for liag. Wap .hig up with
l sil .: tS y oxm e, Slaing a ar i not oriucal.) lu e Uor eWo. le.ain g 24 to 30,
S v imt n W att 41s.ce --point.. q la h lbW. Knot lh at ad.
S*' glue#. bm WIa to tip. Thpewowo l T, w asu mugtatd.l esam

^ ^Upr and Dww InArithmdic

if the IMUowift

6es6f you ct

. ~Aul..... m... b

. AUto o t
T. Auto Postwmrfte
Stu *.. S-*-govarlatg

'1IB umysteriaousn above wastj u to stAte the nale a nuubes given into the uto Autoe';ow
4 d& one L'~We qua a a ub aar ,, .*
that .each w of i b.'.aubnm acron down samd 10. A -r
diagomaly, w. add l y
Are you equal to the ?T .. nV-, ,ts ..v,



: Mey Ma

N a trip to the city, Albert,
SBruce and Charley spent
Soeseveath. one-fourth and ae-.
third o their moey respectively
and then eabc had an equal
amount left. U Charley lad
given A .lbrt originally, they
wo 1d ha all start out wfth
the aMe. amount. But he didn't.
ad therefore Wa tip to
fure ouit ohw Much eaeb had
when they startu.

OL '*. I I e
Sl-- a 1IV P -'1
PtLBoMSe.U qIY "iam iluwq~o


' L -", -* "y" l t "
skethed at'.. t

S' "C a' to produced
aying a ato'musl .

S6 tOO nia: nde'a
Snst ument. lyhe
ar s detber ly t
.* *ni'te b he o .

t er st 4 e ach
Sv*ase to produce a
_p a t o i me
toonAsan see

W ANT to now he of em on w m you

there to a bit of hokuw-pocus through, wh-o You
can Induce a poisea to tell her or his age landireqtly.
Ask the shbo subject to, t mel you with a- magl
trick. TeU lali to write do*p his Age. Ash AA M to
.double It, add multiply by ., asbtact the sum-
bes of days 1 a year, and them add the number of
1o01 to his Docket. To tt .44 ad .
T.-e.4Olt9ivea Itsn 1t t tw number. his age,
ad in the aMt two the number of coglS he baa.
Moweveir, s' probably be muddled at tle point
by your hokitMpoUs a#d will be sturpsted when
you give inm these correct agwe.

-1. A a is "elderTly w ,e he
4ia se4b 0t tb age.
.. y wind aster te -im -
mows am our sclasuiml asa
5: Cowboy Cocktail: shot,
mad mou''hreeadifg theat
iouad up.
G. a4itin stilN and wisMWV
Makes no peron gr--.
rThe Good Lord sends the
But wo0 must di the 6--.
T. Thi number to divyible by I
.nd ITS.
I. ToI quarters.
10. Reman "~ade Day date.
.L rive percent a a deelumaL
13. Two and two.
14. Oh
, I. What number to out of place:
5, 20, 4S, I1, S.
& Safety tsloan last yer:
Letes do wmore In
To Ieep aftie I D ---.
&. Sum of thU three consecu-
tive utaubes Is 24.

Will the O
S* .I -a.
C^ ^ ^^^ --

4. Mamne's age mianus 0.
I. How muok momey In "Orand
hotel" T?
*. &aOlest way write -
a luvi t '5-<- a wealthy father
10. Savtag penny a day begin-
nng Jmaauar 1, 195I bow many
would you 4 e On March 18th?
12. A aunubar that hymes with
a ilang woa that Wm "smart."
f" -MlakT eP I o00ot-- '*-s

Bus Make It?

Sataon over pov ty take the right
yonder bill and Joe Doake rid. ich rAdute should they
sad (fally, g rosrte to the moun- choose They? have a choice of
talus fo their vacation, have five oadp'but only pne leads to
:1ut enough pa left to make it- the top of t4e meunxtaln ahead.

* ', ..

1-,,,"* V



* l ele ,

c t'ang -'dm I
.use as ltst,Pe

ota this ear
PAull to 1o Of

trut apr.
Cut inas bo4 m
la t Wih AppI) \

praed lls lof
bowl plne i
0a g the sa .
bowd lWa s botal

ta rulm paper

I.O wet auit-
ervo psto try.
ut tepm out. '
Copy om con -

Lttwl pqRtlod
pemlts svrra|l
pesnar to ty.

Helping Youtaef/

Some Figures

A OONTINUING oiqt q/ seMiol- Keea r -.
ed or V"eet "bmowAW for turned to the a
reMess, she found
ete 5 J h the Janitor lust
How to Wtab Sd. by Roger beginning to
Darto (MOGraw-HlU,L pages: wash the black-
13.50). Nowe the beat aMson boards. lThe nmxa
for cultivating a practeally cost- tipltlon pb
less hobby that's hare by an lepm which she
estImated 10,000.000 persons, or had left on the
more than stanlp-colleetng or board before re.
shy other hobby. Mr. Barton's eo is shown
in an laterstlngly written, fairly at right.
well Illustrated guide to attract- The janltor was
Ing or seekidn out and enjoying apologetic about having erased
the shows put on by 650 differ- but MasKe n reasured him. I
eat native species. a pretty problem as it was, ani
Custe I Bulls RISI, by Dick the pupils to restore the misai
intoUs (tackpolo. 84 pages: Her pupils did restore the f
5). BevsKed edition of a stnd- W nly fair to tell you the
ard work on the subject of get-way four t
ting the but br fanciest arm for wpe thway mour fplramon of
a particular shooting job or con- oa the muluper, among o1
notoeur. any. photos and draw- ilininan m pn p. gpSm *l paos
Ings also nake It a useful rat-
*worlt tor es C *poetr. SECRET MESSA
.Gouie h turnng i iAving, by
S Cuninlgham A Leonard Reed
(Simon A Shuste, IUs pame
paperbtnds: 1). Survey of reo.
quirenet and posslblUties Ina
the prlcipal bu"siegses. protos Aq & T W
lons, trades and governmental
services for youths sad other
newcomers. The e eonomi facts
of fto afe sta dcay tIn .
most caus%. Vi e ea for fur*'.
their informniSoiare ven. i MEN

CRYW W1 are husepo
beenif I& to ay
each of the. of the pUe
Une bha s .lulatuted fur-by,
another', letr,, the 0 ame eIr 40
throughut.-,M wrQ are to t9
retore th B*IS letters,
Today's qdp
r -at o 'we mOee y e o a ,. y
,. :*-.'.. -. '. pun .
S..o ,~~_,pusaleW

iVPE 0 WRRM t dlaoovq mesg

Vat Thr sh ort_
wor begin wit the sank.letter I a.A ..a
.e0a Ja0 B U MJ O p A m l1r -u a U.-u 0U
in M 164 BAN 4004q .j. aeaseu Fa U J &1 ep vsinbe popqW

CHTO S ONE U 0W tk WI do O i Your Move
XuC'j. TO EU.l N w i



IV s

'a lb

f 12

W I i




g* Sugene #Aelel '* 1:
---wIz ..w.f..t day w Abselea h
M A d ,V ty 4 A :43) I he _

- !~. ~

S, ..*. .. ..

.. .,, .we t ., .
_" a .' -: ". w a" : ". .. -.I

41U- maa f f the temple?
43- Gteek7n -urPoet. ..
449WX 661 Utf a buster (Q 2U:27)

48-WhdpiflD-W slt N ad late OZult ma 9.


By MUWard Hopper
Leag-Ume Open a s VnsetnteU d
Cbmekker Champ.
IN this checker sencouner,
White's superior forces van*
quith hin opponent tn four moves
Whlte. moving up the borM
moves frt.
m ," m, "R
"v[ia .8

- -A, ~


Some of the figure
She said that It made
d that she would ask
in figures.
gurea. Can you?
it the Janito r's oloth
the multiplicand and
lidpinmu e*j, WLsse




I -



:- : ::~




r /

- 1-. 1. 1. I .

* .:*~

; .....





WHERE'S THAT PLACE?-Anyone who's been in New England and stopped off in Bos-
ton will probably spot the Old South Church (left)-looking down Boylston street.

lem N
$HE'S NOT COWED-This poor little lamb who has lost her way wandered over to
get acquainted with this cow by the name of-that's right-Mary. So now Mary, kid,
dies, has a little lamb. Pair is becoming fast friends at market in London, England.
Sl '


A-W-W-W-Don't take it
so hard, seems to be what
Terry Danko is telling
Cynthia Bulak after she
dropped some unbreakable
dishes during a contest for
tots in Chicago. But Terry
and Cynthia finally won.


* 'I.

THOSE OLD JOKES about the milkman just won't go in
Gretna, Va., where the milkman often turns out to be
a woman-two women in fact. It's a family affair as Mrs.
Ray Price, daughter of the Bennett dairy founder, and her
sister-in-law, Mrs. Nancy Bennett, deliver milk to some
200 families in small towns in the southwestern corner of
the state. Husbands of both girls are milkmen too, although
they manage the dairy and do farm work. Floyd Bennett is
the son of the dairy's founder, Mrs. J. Eddie Bennett, who,

at 64, still works hard'at the plant herself. Both families
are early risers, being at the dairy at 4 a.m. four days a
week. The men work two other days by themselves. The
lady milkmen work out of the same truck. They carry
about 400 or more quarts of milk each delivery to their
customers' front and back doors. They also deliver smaller
bottles of milk to the cafeterias of a few schools. Like their
male counterparts, they occasionally have to watch out for
dogs and give bottles of milk to some thirsty tots en route.



~a~7~.?""~ I-..L~

..."HROWING THEIR WEIGHT AROUND--Seahawk aircraft on the flight deck of the British carrier, Centaur, fire their
S starting cartridges during recent flying operations in the Mediterranean. The ship is the flagship of the carrier fleet.
w" q,.

Wives and husbands arrive at the dairy and check truck.

Mrs. Price (left) and Mrs. Bennett load truck at dairy.
____________________v ,-'

4 1

B'sy.-i.i?'?*. : *-.sgs
^-A ^g
. ^ -
k ,S ,".,*

. f ISNT HAY-I-Wit isn't, but it is made of wheat-col-
ered straw, this hat spotted at Belmont race track. The
. bonnet is piped with black velvet. We're not experts
in horses (remember the Kentucky Derby?) but we'll
a ger this hat winds up in fashion winner's circle.

A UFE SAVER-Vice President Richard M. Nixon hands a*
gold life saving medal to Paul Grobert, a Brooklyn, N. Y.,
safety patrol member, after he had pulled an eight-year-
old girl from the path of fast-moving truck while on duty. There's lot of walking ahead At some stops, the ladles even serve the milk and orange juice to young customers.
Xin fwrtom s ogdieste

H.,t -.

* ll-u f

*agr- i. %V' '7J

1 .. -


**v i~A~


1 4

r :





* r


Rainy day scene of canal through" town of Portobelo.

Plumbing and municipal sewer sys .n .retain

pre-colonial style.







.-1 4

* ^. ** ** ^
.^-. 'J
-* *I

1 '. ?' ;

. <~- '

*V ? .^ ..
'.- 1--' ^ -'; ^



out of this week's border conference between Pros-
Idents Ricardo Arias of PanamA and Joae6 ueres of
Costa Rica. Aria raised no objection tosuies-
tion of Figueres that the two countreim-appointcom-
minslons to work out a commercial treaty. The PFana-
ma President agreed also to give serious consideration
to an invitation from the Organization Central Amer.
lean States suggesting that PanamA Join: he added,
however, that PanamA's historical ties with the -Bol-
varian countries to the South would be a factor she
would wish to consider before becoming of ODECA.
The t*wo Preasldnt.alsfoL discuss matter In. con-
nection with the Pan American Highway and plans
for Its early completion.
Whatever concrete action results from the border
conference, the palpably solid friendship cemented
between two Latin American democracies Costa Ri-
ca and Panama can hardly fail to be helpful to
All working democracies among the Western Hemis-
phere Republics can take heart from the border con-
The terminal cities of Panama and Col6n may have
their own water supply systems In the years to come,
It was announced. Studies to develop watersheds for
the fast growing muburbs of PanamA City are already
under way. Three French engineers are making sur
veys of the PanamA City water problem. Action fol-
lowed a warning from Canal Zone officials that In the
future the supply of filtered water from that source
would not be sufficient to serve the fast-growing
Panam i sanitary engineers are als werkindg on
plans for a sewage system to serve the area of
Panaama City fnom Hotel El Panama to Rio Abajo.
Preliminary studies fore this were made several
years ago. The overall cost of the sewage project
is estimated at $1,11@M6.
Plans to aid Panamanian labor In forming strong
democratic unions were revealed this week. An offi-
cial of the RP Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare
confirmed that a ilast of present unions had been given
to a visiting CIO organizer. Meanwhile the Regional
Inter-American Labor Organiszation continued Its
plans to hold a labor sminnar'in Puerto Armuelles.
ORIT and CIO are affiliated.
On the Canal Zone. the two CIO unions Locals
900 and 907 agreed to bury the hatchet to the extent
of forming a joint board through which they will work
together on common problems. Local 900 presIdent F.
A. Gaskin announced that he has resigned as principal
of the La Boca Elementary School and will be trans-
ferred to a part-time job at Pacific Clubhouse, Gas-
kin said the shift was made at his own request so that
he may have more time to devote to union business
during the trying time he sees ahead for local-rate
Pay-raises of various kinds were ain the con-
gressional hopper in Washington. Whether any
become a law was a proposal that would net an
would be enacted remains In doubt. Moat lRiely to
eight per cent raise for PVetal Workers. The BSeate
Labor Committee was studying pro uals, to raise
both local rate wages In the Canal Zone and the
minimum continental US wage for Job hii inter-
state commerce.
National Federation of Federal Employes Local M
took strong exception to the remarks of a Florida Sen-
ator that the PX privileges of employes of the armed
services gave them an advantage over Panamia Canal
employes. Local 595 said it had no wish to tear down
the advantages of Company-Government waokers. But
an official pointed out many aspects of housing, trans-
portatlon, health, schooling and other privileges in
which the PC employee has a decided edge.
Several US citizen groups in the Zone were active
USCA launched a membership drive. CUSEO announc-
ed that several more organizations were about to join
up. PEVA went to bat for several American ttruck.driv-
ers and a Puerto Rican employed on the grease rack
at the Motor Transportation Division.
Plans are almost complete for the Zone-wide
Civil Defense test In al emmunitles June 15. This
is the first time the Canal Zone has out on a full
test-alert, and the first time a Civil Defense prac-
tlee maneuver is being mlehronlsed with. a na-
tionwide test in the States. Several hundred Canal
Zone women attended a bit meetinlgr t Walbeoa
Theater for briefing on the ap-seming alert,
For q'alk aPing... 8eVftl federal creUit union
enerating on the .anal Zone have asse's in excess o
$250.000 a bonrd or examiners from the States reveal
ed. Both local and US-rate unions are solid, the exa
miners said... Nell H. Wilson of Crist6bal was name
Director of Adm-as ireme t for the Cael;.. Onl
,53.323 wa bid fo r three bie emergency dCis and
Canal bridge which coat millions to construct. They
be sold for salvage... Five teachers In the Latin A
merican schools who have been unable to master th
Soanish language will be replaced before the ne'
school te"-, opn. I" possible t.ey will be transferred
to oth er PC units,.. -.. .. -r
...Piaclfc Side Datrlots are biirnv selling tickets fo
a bir communlvy dance to be held July 2 to raisle fund
for the annual ith of July whineding on Indepen
dence Day... The Cancer Committee Is pushing it
fund drive nhead toward a s*Oe0 oai by Wednesday..
Most Deope are lookig ahegd to lots. o activity. BU
lots of new retire, are mnengJ plans for living on lei
and makrtv ,the most of their leisure. Manv Amer
cans used a one-way ticket to the State, this wed
A.nd retired local rars set out fer ship and plar
for JaMaica and the ,


~'~: :


back stretch, sr*nmel ovmoiti-i'iM*k Iall, Man tubesi u"'' 1
oveerin flames aftero .' car tr uck andBd Of
a Jeep. o. qn -aS
Th i wrek eamed the'MaUd t rim under the am en to s-bu tI
yealle it at lw speed. ere 2a nstes and M ha-eMOU
Hence Sweikert peed of 138,300 miles per hour nwot w tef41
was the slowest since 91 when Bill Holland trium- aThe U
Thehedut 01.3. .on :
swelkert, a native of CaNiforqia but now i lwng Ad 44f
in lndianapolis, got no mention as a potential witn- s ,um o0 fcom
ner In pre-race speculation. He never had finished M C S
the race in three previous tries and he was driving Th siS
a new car, usually susceptible to breakdown. at e at t
But he kept a cotat race. never far behind. ebtrahM st. an
and when the big names found trouble., e was ready. at the
He first went in front after SP laps and held the Somen .uroN
lead until he made a pit stop after 132 laps. Then he terms of the Coanheunists
regained first place after 10 laps and never was settlement. The sthe w ti
ny Bettenhausen, Chiago, took second'place, alts troops-out of both Japand
more than a lap behind ,SwelkertThirdplace wewnt draw the Seyleth lat from Form. wn
to Jimmy Davies, Pacoh, Calf, and fourth to uch a pimtois ore
Johnny Thomesen. Springfield Mass. would pay and double s the Rese t ,
No other arsfinishd asthe field was flagged. f they really wan an Asian set
o may Ultimately have to settle for much less
A MINISTR In Indianapolis says Bill Vukovich, -0 prts Rusa.Nkita
died "that we might have safer tranportation." l h.bess of t he C communist party In R usa-Nikita
Vukovich was killed Memorial Day while trying Khruchev.em to be pulling boner boer
to wia his third straight JndlanapoliN 500-mile classic, I n Yugoslavia.
The Winner of the race Bob Iwelkert headed a Reports from Belgrade my mthat while ovien Promise
delegation of drivops at funeral services Wednesday Bulgas n made a Bpretty guo Imporesio on the ffO
in Tndianapoi.'> *';" IsAgues the wrong gway.
Reverend Kenneth Thorne spoke at the services earig the ast aeven yer gan ma
and said Vukovlch "helped make something safer for bOtal eehes about Tnto. Butwhen he and nrus-
everyone else. The safe, reliable cars we have today," b eo wnt to Beigr-ade, Bttlgannu menaed to behav
says Reverend Thnme, "are the result of the great as if ithad t alee ustpolne h
experimental laboratory at the speedway." The idpalrt been ft i ted the Yugodavs by
Thee car driven bVy Vukovich burned in a five- tr yg to blame the break between Russia and Yugos
car ireck. A coroner's report issued yetserday says laviason the pure Lavrentw Beria.
Vukovieh was died or unconscious before the carburn- This was doubly insulting to the Yugoslavs. In 'ad-
ed. The corone r ay Vukovich died of a crushed skull. ditlon to being patently false, it Implied that Khrush-
One-legged Cai Niday was Injured critically tn chev thought the Yugoslavs could be led by the nose.
another accident during the race. A hospital report The Yugoavs pride themselves an being sophlsticat.
says Niday continues to Improve, and his condition ed Communlsts who get the news pm both eastern
now is listed as. "serious. and western sourWa and always lFw the score.
0- -* On top of this Ooner Khrushce nt. out of hbi
Vukovich knew only too well how dangerous the ay topraise Josef dStn a a toast a dinner. Two
sport was. high Yugoslav officials, Edward K J and- Alexan-
Vukovich once told newsmen: "You can't buy life der Rankowic were so angered riey host walked out
insurance as a driver and there are more widows on Khrushchev. .
than happy old couples in the racket." Some experts in WashingtoNV t0 Russias mm
Today, Bil'Uq wife is a widow.. without insurance hae pulled a boner by ru o ito
..and his two children are orphan., gradeat all that s o_ i aon-
Vukovich, twice the winner at the 500-mile In- vince Tito that to tte
di lls Speedway classic, died. trying to become friendship of the West / .
the driver to make It three in a row. On the other hand, there i1 considerable agf eeme
For Vukovich, driving was a hobby. He considered that BlgManin did get in Belgrade the main thing le
his business running service stations. He had opened wanted assurance that Titowill bck Russi's plan
one at Fresno, :California, and4.- had plans to open to neutralize Germany. Tito Inclined that way before
another. As he put it: "..I workfor a living. Race the meeting anyway.
driving is a hobby." o-
He earned a great deal through his hobby. But Former President Truman is keeping the Unit.d
It wasn't the money that drove him. It Was the Nations guessing about whether his namejwil be
chance of making it three straight speedway wins. Its guest list for the 10th anniversary session of t
He was optimistic before Monday's day's race. UN In San Francisco.
We told newsnmen he had the best -nechanes In inh O. ,&_;
the business, "If I can't make it three In a row with The U KSW.rtaryGfeorl -_ D e aia MEd
thm," he said. "I never wUll". says he has invited Mr. Truman to attend. te ban
Vukovich waso 3 years old, a Serbian-American V nign later this off in Kth.
born into a family of el children. He saw his first s n
auto race when he wasis years old. Apparently, it souri, aays' It will not be possible as of now for
made a deep impression o him. whmatog.But It admits Hamparskold beingthe
first At Ind. L aMOE was a heartbreak influential fellow he is may change Mr. Trumn'
-for him. He was leading e flle en the 13aMd mind. --
mlap when a 15 sent steering' wheel clamp broke. The foreign aid cri tics are getting set yin the
His ear slammed intoe 1.i tl..that was the end House of Representatite whre they f tn the
of his try. But his defeat made him determined ouseof Reprenttve where they tidd .the
to w I S ena te voted .It t to
I 1953, he made it And again In 1954. The I In voted ThuM s a- ft o
double victory put him into a class with the late forel aid bill almI eay the h e sesi
Wilbur Shaw and Maurl Rose. Before Shaw died, he The vote dame at tb*UmgIG of an over; sime $4
predicted that Vukovlch had the best chance of any voted to beating ameldmenteoer.
racer to win three straight. critics of thto It
He had hoped to do less racing and spend more B au othe JK b So 1e Af
time with his business and hs taFly after this race. ais ComMttee. figt fr samen.
But he never spoke of retirement. Racing was in his aires tom tte. oan or outright
blood. And he had planned to keep at it as long as Monts du btite ha M;; ar t
he was able to push a gas pedal to the floor. And .m t to .'*
But death wiped out his plans. lavia niew of the nsig that Coultry
-- o my be ending ith fed -witha M c t o
The Milwaukee Braves ThWraday recalled pitcher may be g Its feud with Meo'w. "
-0- ..
Ray Crone from their Toledo farm team in the Amer- Key ot in theU S are a
Ican Association and sent down pitcher Humberto StoS n** rsBa poio agn e! on"acldI
Robinson and utilityman Jim Pendletoft. Robinson Ams
hails from Colon. I....-.
The Braves optioned the two Opayers on 24-hour CI a6rai Lister nll of th.ea Labor Comit
f recall to make room on their roster for and tee has ~~ ed ev on e-c
. Don Edelman. a 19-year-old bonus pitcher = last Fteeiwn j rih wouldd go far -
- week. Edelman, a right-handed, pitched three no- mod Fslw s w i ps to give the a y.-
d hitters for West Cheeter (Pa.) State Teacters Cole e hne to .idyW, ren. Hill denounces the President's
CrnMe,whQ. -a up with the Braves.or part o e program ss "vely detective.
S1934 season, h a t record wItl.Toledo this year. ,. .,. ,i ,
e a y- W u.- a
3 Pendleton, who can play both infield and outfield. .TheUnited ates hopes. u .
. has railed to hit in 10 times at bat this for., IS "di diplomat. rn n .
e waukee. Robinson a rookie used mainly p relief,= am r rv
ae o9o n ranni fr t.h* Braves -soi report& to d juficdajon {id recent ta]s
w a 2-0 record for "ie Braves. t inese Ciis Iad A-
d Former featherweight champln Willie Pe wo; merlesa airmen imprisoned by th Reds were freed
from Joey Cam Wednesday night on a technical: after tLese talk.
r knockout. Referee Eddie Curley stopped M bloody Menon told newsmen at the London airport that
r Boston fight after he third round and gos down the Uited states c ri e to
Sas a fourth-round T-K-O tund"er M at sales. ,pe bIn the
- Pep opened a bad cash over Cam's left e ear Un say this I
it knocked heads. had Ca.1 '- pBei e
i seemed reluctMant to loWWa n whe. an sbdoe met4ea0 o tMU t o la...
streamed down the face 24-year-old O pm, addital cases have
e sparmafte. T r .am ."G osb
.., Vr,..,, S.OL*-

/elfat .... en he1i,

...s t S .

4e 1-Sea3wee 1-RediN- 93-HW
52p*Bkan tai
S .olored. 53-Floated 96-HIs
atcs -Threat god
15-4h this 57-Bos 97-Un
p l ac -Sink In 9-AR
S19-A lid of middle 100-Ma
leather 59-Halrless gC
S0---ertga. 0-Insane 101-Sm
lng to 61-A stage pel
p -directilon 10--Ol
.- *U --Uister '-LM 105-Di
d.... 1 iAM 10T-iQ
;....;, ^Y^__r y^,,*m a w+.wel as

savesags f-~Work- l12-Sti
S 2-Plak aan~ 114--ma
S-- e~~-rring T-bi ,I
mo -u a' .o- 29-W'tfy T---nSpara r. t
'-l~ mmrAV.W' 3ud teagg 119--
'" '. ~M /. sail 3-
"-R* r You t dueeto 7Having oM
..j oU-el 181-- e
- *- ^. j ,: .^ \ 11 ;-' '..* t a -l +-f Md3- *11---A
*a. -.--*gi nm 2 t

i|ireast U-ewk-s 11e-La
bletl~ a--ater -ft

4--S- ~d-,mite I
goS \ monk 13--AXs

g M-4ftrafte 135-4 OB

o ro 1e l est 1I


.._--.:;..:--"- ------ 1



b*A b4i4M-- lf &A14' 4SP, .... -
. -. -.. -i ...Jft- .. ;i + "..,,.

f- S^B3==a

-.1.1::1. .' ",' r'lY 'faf "l -'"

-p -i'.
H, :2?. .- 5

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mdus4 3-W4n*42-Perid 9Baring

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Lt pint 1-Anaceous 3--CaUve 86-Part of
mantic plant 40-MOR of church
Is i --le rising 89-Append
ndu --Win 42--PIereodm 9---Bearing
d 4--- that 44--Ten-ing 94-Give
clothe part of to vent
iu-nt stamen delay to
etched contain- 45--Accu-a* ra
0p lgo tom 95-Diviner
all pollen 4-Bnake 9-Without
bbles 5-Positive 48-ethmusp eamoning
wore--a pole inAala 9 -Thailand
in. -aables 60---Inferred 100---Othe
-e-t T-Place 51-Frmh breast.
Mef ot blie supply bone
adi- l &-Balloon 4-Long 102-Thia bird
e ba-ket practiced 104---nUven-
lgal 9-European 55-Con- Ing
Sacountry nublad 105-A hart
uibM 16-Holding 86-Mountan- 1206--Of a
bel- device pas- family
h 11--vMalyan O9-Slant includ-
qal gibbon toan inag
ting --onks angle otriches
tesgt hood --Vall C0e-Marsh*
wa tI-Amount quantity plant
aS lc 8o--Tanttae 111--Extra
Slea hemp 13-Gamester
tal 14--A.scdr- 4-"-8pu8 t 114--Bi rtl-
yanr ment pul-e stone
ttle- 15-Power- W7-EcContric for .
at la Is poruona October
Ten 16 -City in of wheel 115-Function
Ad Penny- 68-lmpair 116--Scent
vania 70-Danish 117-Bark-
SIT-Skint money eloth
mtanl l-Crommunge T--Deeree 119-Let it
st in Italy 74--avoy stand
Able 26--merAl d T6--S-ren 120-Pocket.
oeal- Iae T77--Cour- case
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Fm 3--Rodents T8-Ostrich- chal-
Mght 33-Vendi- liUke edony
bic Uon bird 122-You
xlmeter 84-Black 80-Tatter 12"--SatUAed
teral 36-Ascended 82--Rescuer 136--Bilk-
undary 37-WUd 83-1Iate worm

s v2oxx X ) -Uxu. *

n Fotos & Features

The Sunday American





OWNEI AND pxr=NmK. STJTgPJi hSfl i -, 0 I-
oyni ..!..I -
57. H STREET V y P., sa 134 PARAMA. R SO F
345 MAB.ION Ava. NEi* YQRm. 117 N. Y.
PIr MONTH. IN ADVM .0, '. .L
FOR iXk MONTHS. IN AtvAN -- .e -3.00
FoRn *Wu Yva. IN S -AncA ,. 24




-I.I y

a- -

". .4;


_P o", CdRER

-. .

In blows the loitering air of spring,
Scarcely a-blow, a-bloW a lively gas.
It makes the secret iae-cells ring
And quicken, while tLe b ood-wawl pps.
Floss nothingness, we feel It cling, -
Resle -silent as space unseen as glass
Unlusired, softer than the weakest thing.
Such als can enter nostrils, sudden as light
The eye, fair words the ear, or flight
The nerve-knot, or you unexpected love
My startled heart, Down from above,
Or from the south, or flowered west,
Or from the oceaned east, or here
Blown firs, by spring, this air possessed
By spring Is Ahr so Uithe this year.
The curtain flies before this wonder.
Talk fast. Speak swift before the heart's asunder.
And for tiUfgulle..,. no cold-eIe gates?
Nothing to hold it qaletly down- a-down,
The while the senses sleep? Full spates
Of air enter this room in town.
Such air draws creatures to their mates
And, wild, peels off the winter'a brown
From tree; ruffles the bird and motivates
The northern winging-to the utmost nest;
Breasts out He bu's first ieen: and, lest
Two living things escape and keeo hearts steady,
Beguiles us at this winnow: herdy
And rich, murmurs: touches like flesh
Of loving fingers timorous but sure.
Intoxicant Js this mrid, fresh
Warm breath of spring, all ma1 and pure.
Is this my hpnd in yjurs? Am I
8o close? Walt till the ilniuant windgone by...

Age after age our oird through incensl les,
Angel or daw, dove, phoenix, falcon or roe,
Till this last net of wings dark charged to wreck
The hoops of heaven, dove's are, and all that cries.
The clotted frets of Daedalus uniock
An egg- of paradox the gods disguise;
Men as the orans of the bird demise
Heaven's breath under he bombers' moon. flac-flae.
Plunge, boy, to pardl'se that In neart's choir
Is home. rocked on the cards of birth, low
Again home. bringing to earthyv your found fire
Be hound or vine, not ehtrall to the crew
Of metal dea+h -exnlode the skies of fear-
Come down, 0 Icarus. come aown, dow", 0.
0 -
s .i, if-"., '+..-N

Be we ride, and ride through milike hea40
Above eaz th.
No more for us the housed and fatted standing still.
The train is carrier of us on the two-striped road-bed;
We sit In thunder over miles. calm as chairs,
At will?
Look again: we soom In aanes. ove the hill's head;
Motion, motion, our motion, up, down, and on,
.World's girth.
And laughing under the sown-world's crust,
Thus zidlh
At the open and rushed dark subway doors:
Swung singing and talkinA with the unnoticed horses;
Or unfoamed by the spray on liners,
ChangtAg lores
Of bored speed; or rlvalling winds in thels (our?) courses
In the air we fllrht,. to air-pressure-up
Sometimes on the tumbled skin of acedd seas,
Thus cresting
With staunch legs and o' ned hallooing, of surf
Marking a race-shot thr;.: on board with pair of reins.
Lengthened freedom of running covering the Inland
Prauothc to-f.....
Ah, from riding. and Ile -iding who abstains?
In the cars, to thbe stars. waves, wars, riding
And questing.

The Washington Merry-Go-Round

WASITON-While one lady to see what they do abe utkle's replaced as ehairmm that the Hol
i hlil oflI cel who a h taIU. 'lywood pro l O n a, is
eaune c it slo e nb Me polo R e has just appointed a man sIreen-wrt.rl ura o njai.l
is pana to bow out, eaeterto the Subversi.v Catrol Board I ThaLis thoerupedt f the m ,
asty wis done a terrific job who was definitely mslt toward the Ike has piliVtSwsepisace- Apk '
for tie Ameeican ible Ic regard Communist film.-writers Ia HaBr- can LAlioare Watos MW ill ea
to televlqlu is i agtired. I wood. Ex-Cong. Joahn S. Wood ofthe Subversivj Control B .il.
The first lady, 0a Mrs. (ergia, the iseanwer aOUS LAW
Oeta pI. obb,_ i ool t.a t eequstm ii, a C 5 MY, "LAWYR
te at i when the a'oeime taila. fee toto join KUha
tarn @ik d iLi'iwt Klan thu later, be says, back- Nw, lqt' see why If was t
sin wl m be retreat ingWder ing ut;' a fkaormer launs-, Co ngressman Wood sudtepLo .h
ir. 1ma. Walter Law, ie be con eel same set t toward sm in
SThe The beid Jlady isF of the un-AmericaAct, Avtiuhs olo"od. -
Hennoc,' Sirst woman ever to be Committee. The Klam, of coursei- Aist. lus e. Mayor. head
I. ed to Wre ofdeal- C amu- I o- ithe list of uhvrsive organ-, M wr ynM r ad:.I .
oatier-ps Cosiadelon, we .Iso- o talons which Wed asm a mea- dely r t aa
Ing moppel as bherm sira es be of the. Subversive Control o dGeorgia-
isa June. He replace WI be Beard wilt ave l pass judme ad
Richard M at, a. a o i wl es on. ,." ...q..Manyh-, ihrt "
commussi re.ortot.-he a Woos roerdis so unusual ta i .n Wasigo ra .
friend of.seorfe i piyc apbrvra- weve.-tla-from Ati qS K. lswsl
Him appo t- Wil ie d gaed at i appointment One' Ald to Jimmie Bjyyes, lthe e-
ill eo phi si.
utilities commissioner and .ieaS explanlaton is that Wood t Nthe t se rmet of ta, and
of A.T. and T. Ike has appointed ; unle of Ike golfing friend, BobNth f t former gvepr.of Indiana.
the otes beln Job Fosfer of-Joes, which a fact, .though Both o the ltter rreqt
Wscos, andan ag- Jones has kept ialeo f aro politics moton I
.e of Ohio. A the past. them, howvr e aea. into
Meaflwhile, seores of ittle broad- Here is more of inside story G eoriaady reg an ntha
casters TV i depeadeats-Imet-. on the man now Pikedto sit ton epo h..
nin Washlugs last week paid a board.which rlie ae sbversive thfoe r-e, Amrn
utes to the lose lady y h as organiats. t uA
fought t battle of tie .mall
Rado-TV states OLLYWOO PROE For had m. gret ad
it was Cormmissioner Heiaoc vantage me was a e ps lfrlend l.
who demanded Nm got 2e J TV Back ISS, the old Dies Corn- Cogressman Wood's. -
channels set asid for education, pttee had acewnulated Informa- The strategy worked. Not onl
It was M iHmnnock who.fAMt do tha isonMe of the i9 ([a.m was the probe of rIUwQ d-
valiently "for the smaller ultra writesIn P Wood "" co by yefor Sn two .6ars, b.,hotil41r,
high frquencyr stations while hae" munils.t, uSO Wn. Cogressman when the sputblicans is o.
been blanketed out by the big net- Wood inheried the Dis Commit- holding thek .p WOo st'.0
works. tee in July 1945. one,- mthe first the eommitWa aid defended Mal
It was Miss Hennock alone who scheduled Jobs. was to 'eHeROly 'y wed wlOeseses.
diusentod from 9ghIag Amerlan woo.I On the n t of OSt 20. JU9 .,
Tel and Tel an ....increase eparationP for ids, a 400- jst betre ta Hollywood heari ,
ir rats.. It was Mim. Hermmk who puiteellvastlgato9,r, i J. i were to start. Pavu $cNut, a :,
fo t small daytime adio. gl, had gone tq aey for the mutill I prd
uS, twho camalad aatomst illected important information era. o m wele .te d rooperalu
crime whoorror ca teleAso 'IThis was supplemented bytw with he serden-writers met pri
and. whoopps the increasing p-FBI agents, H. A. Smi sad-Si ,at *Si the screen-writers' at
trend toward monopoly of tmon- A. B. L ckie. a t .e m-i r i- man fly to
muncatt. I But, after lg-IrY0.,ytrit
u ndclt'lss Go' g, theeomaitee is Congressman
'- And e e bsOiue Wood," MeNut explained. We 1"f

an .for thelitt lehmav e,. tfh
now being fired.ITIWA[there fre om
NOTE It wisathe th4e 01iog to 14t~hstrain tomorrow
ajft. .Am a seraRepublianagediesupIb s bearing, a lite lebU t buet
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-..: ,re nd owB, from .. I The rise for the 14 oeal .(der and tia.t twp beai e to ArrU s have had a record .Mfe-
S her cobr for the affair. .lae, Shame, l, n. of Roebes- lines and the tree ..uoo., si- build. The _fl Sp_- ,v ye*ar ,,uest a, -
ter.Mi wrote i. to the pdr- Ies .. New Yt, Ch age am& oad deRmas faor ir-e DC-as alr rwe Teere tm *
for h* bis rbi. i j l- s e eeu m ceDt.. 13 1 ..e .. I t.. N--e-' i i Air t*
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Honor the new Supreme Court cow hus. Western .am are con- nea iare up pMrcet nfr the Osnat- revsums ef the U.S
L Justice 4 Manhe Hailmd sat SIeed S be to heavy Ir the trot I 35. per seat f the aidtsn .slr lkerm Cs ml- is A ar les. Mtepe.r
They opened their spacious terrace 1 -n. I rouesC miSll D WJ ,a i e 0 tohe ai n
for anyone at the affair who need- Military victory of the week: ln! mass. s cer-moolS AlamSn lS i.s dreus fa irst eueetwsh sem *
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Defense Secretary Charles WU- skirmish 'with a shrimp at a re-a this boom business. Carg carrui Vr r the tu n' alaalpest, towuist rac.
s and Chairman the Joint option in honor of Ge. Sir ESt ha he- on seed- the ris tate TItMy-f ve set f. tp trf-

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stay It'll st s5e l.t MAN ABOUT- TOWN The Diek Ch ppe0 (he's ge". 30 year; ht1 I do met hmew hIw
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One of the activities oc- mind and body In the most
cupying the time of Pana- effective manner.
manian youths today is judo, Judo has a history that
the Japanese system of phy- dates back 2000 years, during
sical education which embod- which it has had several
ies wrestling and a unique names, including Yawara,
system of self defense. Taijitsu and Jui-Jitsu. These
Judo is the "road to gentil- were self defense techniques,
Ity," according to the Japan- taught mainly to warriors.
ese interpretation of the Jigoro Kano, founder of
word. Ju means gentility the "Kodokan" and the prin-
and "do" means road. ciples of judo, made a pro-
found study of these tech-
The principle of gentility niques and, according to his
may be explained thus: vic- principle of using the least
tory is obtained over an op- resistance to obtain the max-
ponent by giving in, that is, imum amount of effective-
by not resisting his efforts, ness, he scrapped some of the
adapting yourself to them older techniques, modified
and finally using them to others and invented still
your own advantage, others to establish the Kodo-
kan method of teaching judo.
The overall principle of all Judo is neither painful nor
phases of judo is: Use your dangerous, and can be prac-

Chilean Embassy secretary Victor Rioseco throws opponent with
a Tsuri Chwhi," while Schipoff and Miss Margie Funke of the
German Legation look on.




Costs Less To Sell
a House This Way !
Yo ee so fIl. ro wt p 9o
p*r* yow sea *** t e*at to
o" w eV y ea *e te e West
'Ad In If Po em Ame ioeM.

If y bu'e btowil, lsul, msltig
kireuw A wpping.,.
&. Wi* Ad&.


4 :.J,,,+,.., -,


JUDO ENTHUSIASTS: (. to r.) standing, Carlos LOe Jr., afael Palaclos, Instructor Alejandro
Wong, Cesar Bosa, Roberto Chan. Kneeling, Aldrich Lowe Jr. and William Low.

ticed by children and men
and women of all ages. It can
be practiced as a sport, or
can prove valuable when
the need arises for self de-
Judo was introduced In
Panama by Japanese here in
the days who lived before
World War II.
"Do ob" (practice gyms)
were established in several
parts of the.pity where in-
structions were given to a se-
lect group of children of Jap-
anese parentage. Antonio Na-
ranjo Areiza was one of these
students, and his uncle, bie
of the instructors with a
third degree (Dan) in judo.
The Dojos disapp eared
from Panama at the begin-
ning of World War II. Some
time later, Naranjo Areiza,
who by then had been ac-
knowledged by the Kodokan
as a "first Kyu," decided to
reintroduce the sport. The
first Judo Club was formed
in 1951, with a practice gym
in the Coliseo de Lucha.
Later, the club became the
"Private Judo School," which
had its practice gym in 45th
Street. Bella Vista. -
That same year Marcel
Olivier, First Secretary of the
French Embassy, homler of
a blue sash (second Kyu),
arrived in Panama and
founded a French, Judo Club
for French West Indians in
N Street. More recently, Oli-
vier founded a judo club in
the French Embassy for
members of the diplomatic
corps. These include four
In 1951 also, Mario Gau-
diano, who had been study-
ing medicine in Canada, re-
turned to Panama in posses-
sion of a black sash (first de-
gree Dan) in judo from the
Black Sash College in VYa-
couver, Canada. He founded
a club at the Pan-Americanl
Institute but later moved the
gym to 46th Street Bella Vis-
under Naranjo Areiza- i
Gaudiano met and formed
the Panamanian -ude AsoJ
eiation, under the technical

hw*I 4W- -9uu .11

eeaenflne -
.. .4.;

Mario Gaudiano applies "Se-OI-Nage" to Calvell.

Mrs. LIolt tai re E- rCalveld with a 'asme Kom GatOme.

e fl..^ ie e '^ ^ .




9 0

I--- .. ___. _....

W Gib:::::4Ma

- 0. **vqn *i J., "


heolas Sehipoff floors his opponet with s varatio of the "Tral Otoshi." John Weymes
of the British Embasy and Ed are in the backgremud.

ranamMa Jsd Aso ItI. mle -l A to 1. (kneeling) Anel Alvarade, director Marto Gandiano,
Vieter Buchanan; (standing L Cowes, RBben Armemena G-, Demetrio Dutary, secretary.
(D) ............

supervision of Gaudiano. The,
group was officially licensed
this year. 4
In addbn to the associa-
tion, ith which Olvier's
group is now affiliated, there
iaa group learning American
style Judo at the Olympic
Swimming Pool under the dl-
rectien of Alejandro Wong.
This groqp includes several
of flerq and men of 'the Pan-
ama Na l Guard.
Thetw i do exponent to
arriv iinVAfzUena is J. Girard
(f = an), possessor of a
black sash, a former member
of the Swiss Judo Association
and former Swiss police in-


--f ..' -~ -


S v rI a

T. Rle. uK L P.e O&n.
*ow. iM* by* A nw4. b.

"WOkay, Marge! If that's the way you want it, we'll never
see each other again-at least not before history
class tomorrow!"

1 Herewith fand soatution to Sunday Crossword Pu*
sie No. 587, published today.
Answer for Sunday, April 24, Cryptoquij: CARE*




Ljr A E T u



HIdalJe (left) apple "' e Tuh Komi Ashi" to Hgo Caltello.

SUNDAY, JUNE 5, 1966



-S -

.,-,. -.~r-~--~ -, -,
~2 -

Panama kids scramble for "patacones" (not fried green plantain in this case, but dimes, nickels
and pennies thrown by godfathers as they leave the church with the newly-baptized babe nestling
in his godmother's arms).


_ Il I I I r

. "



jrDLbh s)^

50TH 60 'WA
- I--- I---r

T f i g "

___ dkl Ut w









- .1

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