The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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...etaxes f. n ton-oitazen holders. .d.l e
"Th*e Coinu, 4 ^planes ...t- -.-o t t ra n ,o p.-a te hO due sA ire twes study of the bill before reporting it to the .
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A deduction of 425 each .*- i pay period, to apply to-I
wardM of a l00 bond In

deduction of $15 each bi-
we eky pa period to apply to-
ward purchaise of a $100 bond ln
five bih-weekl v nay rfids:

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1ea'rima City, The 1
S rtO Colom- ratified
SCosat of the the Unl
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i ple of the world may ..elarge AB FORCE, 530 men with matold 'ia wt. nation's y pay period to
tr understanding- and pprcia.- 22,000 aircraft, and plans call ,or fu It ecn er at-nws purt- e on e a50 hit, -- .u -.
w tion of our national PIeWr for an increase- to a 5,000-rman Air Now t dadlier mistu bwars a$ 5eon way. the treayr
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The military forces necad for withpamns calling for INOOCO menr roundAtas.rod fle nd theweekly pa period to apply to ome 4studentre apd facultybrsoon Goes I

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ryAir Armed Force Day. capable of dtlosed d. five b -weekly pay p 1-dol field trip through Latin o PanaaiM
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ank d d h t eo-th fes a went to sea and the yer of the rio manever in nvada. ward pur of a$ $6 bond a included a *top at the Uine under the w Mc
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c fi Sie way the forces stand nown as the Pogo Stick, the plane :here. It laeluded mtny her com- Central Avenae near 34th Street Traferto Pama
SA Y. 'w 1,300,216 men with that takes off on itst ral. During bat weapons and as not infl- There they listened to orienta- w i
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SDi. mn lM; I eamer which photographs er phases d .., activity, Carlos Aroemena of the Pan- for, Canal ppe
ai wT fWAVY, 88TM U men with 1,10 obScts 20n m distant. These acompliAVinei of the It was announced officially ama Foreign office. Paltilla Point a t
es Day active ip (4 of which are war- Agwith these pectacular de year just past dramatically sup- today that the international some members of the group Railroad ad a
Sso that ships), Nav plans call for velop ts cam many advances prt the coateauton of the United contest for designia a monu- were to visit the locks thfi Panima City cad
el*ovaj gO Mom menma in v ally all phases of military States Aimed Forces that they are ment to the late President Joae afternoon while others were turnov. of th-Ne
lsovng IM n cience Taken together, they hold maintaintIng the Power for Peace. Remon will now close July 230. adheduled for helicopter Indoe- Colon Beach and I
.. .....t.. t. l. nationn a trips. seo. area In Colon;
%- ...-Three other groups from the A alterations in th
-Natlonal War C llege are mak- -
I I Diet Of Atomic-Treafed Food Being Fedtrips to the Nearlast,
the Far last and Europe.
t 1 '; ir* .. am, "" ,I Purpose of the field triMA low s e
I To Mennonite Conscientious Objectors t l the academic kowl-j
SWASHINGTON, May 10 (UP) raontha witbrt refripration. Unw Price (D-IL.) asked Worier if fosd trni psonnel in the w*
Wine MM seuelentiou ob- dcr the proeso, fe ean be treat-. proceassig might mate t of a function
latdwhanseo. "Yes., it' g to hek 2.M.Z.10105.
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loin I I I.l : '

o kE, N TRIST P. O. Box 134. PANAMA., OF P.
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one of the basic principles of the recently negotiated Of thofuwsra .end s of c oal dighl eteare__________
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mr Noon .Stprger of the AFL and woCIO, no ld pnterna onal. agreements by there) ttual defense .tre. t. Sp .A, There Is a-eslour que ed tey e si _tm they oore kw
Winter Woes etcommeto atOthe nwunit's catn- benat e b he Soiet heast AsaitreatyGaes a botha aHousiogo stgal atc cin fddto nf- onwtovena eonef

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S.O a mThe a. does not include apro rearmamentrc rnne Le Ti W admin. M tatu's qui tl of mi throws a m wrella into the Meanw o eir i
One knows only that Lewis ha pri aton bis tofinant e p opat too er rvearly i oradere' an awful lot oaf m-a york torlaaour s .bo.heI eyp. itat w have lFst Indo o, s I
-4i e ROSSbIeIa Otl hesent c nferrig with i e own exe orlent o er s durin done themd "hiscalre the next o y minora. d etlw i. sw t'siis e ae goe ovr ths',
-ve board. Hei is s strengthening year beginning next July 1. And countries. e rat e ay o a year pmo y rs e itthe ,VTNAL CN" o n reb e llst rte bt oh la
the ledger 9JcancLe s am resisting prt easuring,M t oal i o g st gtin the rCongress o action should be takestode n tract for th e nTenessA a'poltk ans 'and o pr
lcial agWort es ating place I At leas- for gthe moseat 'a m or in-the executive depWa sp inJig.e m.tohave.slow iw. the public have only eeTble. Tht tin a

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shoveled 4 Poetry muse AFhi g lf a smaller second fedI But rl 12 uch measures that area would cease om Al.-

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woo^l^arch 15th I^artan apni ammothe oU' ap d oto b.0 arle A, W ostigned into Aw by the H H the ohsyd ofnSou we -al ea io a ensl i t r w l)
wo e 6 Or sanc I I I ide nd ne, rasIIedr- me'oat"al a r h$-. bI e ro El /narrwer te=as :

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lasy 'Pro.esd.t'alo, 'Pan. elctee ce_ S ehvlceand vrious d/. fneve-d aM.'i lwed edf sor tekgveo rt oPe

-.- -4- .....f..... o.fTe. ar Ye .o ot .y to tell rer ofu la t re ooT a rd e a to a w ndes. us, a
yow ham G amear ntAs. h s n n tiy mb rs a pe nT

11"Huse Tsites .t p anh etmee dr C.,o. h, tiil..seAgi clow (tu the I Coreqnughy reminisce tot por w Bmo sin Peep" .. .At ttehe l t ll b
V"iVennah s ra_ ee set. The tem .a.. er more a rl y 111 muscl amedy.. o 0med cayie reviewed hi. fh'rn 9 ITah "Msde h Uaren Vi .

anon 1a7_ re 31Rrvods thf uit- CharlsLamusband The COfnrli Psrktrs hayegetenyplacethisy he ,cr -oun
trJohn Le hasn t s ared Jmd Cbe asvit a t.thet frre hgeinslgoennAid nSml B ieswnt t e M R.
leader ofo rld'stoolabor leaders.Art'Fad.I c T t a
easetly H3ne 3 a dy n ot b tuity ofly g an ekl d ic- VeMullfUP the o n, atrmut tht asaringe tM iister gomo n Diem tu n nw

ro, do,' oe snb&or ieThe Queen taar .w l.,d auist thesi -

alhr .e ay oa Ire Bot..- in T Trche Like nThi: WhNe wMaYh d(anl eland:. .a SIDE GLANCES By Cwlboan thk
platnt._ C ress atSac'--C-Iaryou in tyiB t find her .P I=oHneiowtrAih ed. mb..hCeiteIl
Place. 004 wh at--MR 400oAM- ylvesteIII co-e o9Ae.. heZkeepr tr ' Itseyou. J. Sdreis: hIe imaret hea d W t

Pto P l arr7y oma reaIoi from Drama Apetr to Broad-r W. Yt.e r o e a (etw a er w g ..Te
remember, r ttst Gnes_ alway ColyumIitd Berlin n jt le igkmnreN.. Ywo Vilrle noveltyeol o
Isnthat the mine ar ret* un toTheGradW CAwh thweco nhgbas slionIm W le donea t loo T hi over.Theygk d orOu wstout t(JLy

S bIackh to e r ee ilmdyxs urge beoauM u ,roh- a-ernd the e iep ie -ym. eitiwniM es t ist iwid C News- i"l
wdie lt. .CelIe- rl alebth. Abu Town: -u asrw.e. .hted wgith p -.e inplegas.. rrCapouelearpayrae" .-wihe of n-
the o .S.a notL i Yur- LMee become the peTumra- Lies Awerghver theHPIEzaplppin

th ac that.. Le i' ine i W or aise t UrWh-e te base aI e nowIrI I nd sLle seems o be kl ty? The e Ats) y er u t -
IW h srea. tHe "n tb U yolfity-mad staurc chinning everywLae ov.e. 1When you keep re- Ave. book sore: w.hehI e ? .. -A
w t wanusoIsnotDe nd~nr tm e to Fun 1 e' leD rous a a"." "l A s Tun
L .ft sa liry.. ,".. CTrolt, shled forot TI qr'heh ts a m el ory c s s t w "

that there haIn't as e... t a et uIt nohr, p "i ept l d by k.dies h eat burned lke Thi e hiTIme: Dorted roklt wtd s 1 ABI h '
ctor for toink hv e it- .i .ne Aagw et fire.'. .h a yearyfoot.u. .It's hse.. fhe, "ehts All We've b &a, la: V.I t m ..ers."He'
Nuneofewhimem ats Ieatheo Y dih.. eyame. which s hes ute.ops her hshe g- as Th' sorbeot gra

ds fem iet te ds S.way Cu s an Jst aemitthe nighomres.. GreenIch e moves 7

Midtown V2I0-4 asbestos "te
IT hee oo aate Times Square Circle: Hanks &". Lgir (b I
Hours" ortMal velds w& (Libaseball exac-m n a"Daft LIAS (g
!the balconyy: "H i ll_ tart had the u&. meh) at time .,
...It was am WI ha a sy about his wife. Pl e's Dees: "f.I e JI,
Ann*_e15th-row an B.e s 04._e.1.1a year o r so ...r Nw .
red and anonEl 6lad dU== Paoo (wife of Buit Lbm
.Th.sWt.toh d U er ) 0 a aq main. =." saOI..
area out: ,'. r tenake= e mu. sa ,.a pe- a ~'t l Whe
araph" dwsna tr her ar ee -tr Adme.
bettenjod In k Leslie hif of radlste- Tue. 1*Ws

-ter. .oAk 'I o ...sI. haA-- .-.

to IW i ha
hspow and th: Anally "tdb m
vent O-At- *a delao. Steoml
Memos of a FipvP.W-iSas'o $@W ad
as top. Calls uOfthe o w .t tt

m aPer P I' -
(arb*Wb NIVN

-P7.. .-j^ :

3* .. *- : '-) .. -.. *.w ; .. '-
"" ,T" ? "' "- I -- "'".
" ... .. Jf A ''-^ *. '. 0 l ___

e., e .:T, *, 1 7-" -' .. .. .

etboard an4nou 0
t 0he aunations
earate- BAloo r
O' esideso

S,00' ,sod" the arblttor will
re strike th wre not dNoled for

t ont counter proposals.
a dkaas cover va-
Ol The hard feelianbd ad that flaor
*Ql,42 'othe apgment cover ed ,00or
AI^ '2a Strllka non-tsdemandr Mployhe
8T roS4p strtlr^who anre tMu o 10 unions.
021 am Oseil a separate back-to-
W tor NA lerviIe tha pting unlonsi 4.-
wnir 004 wen theM R deman ho joined the
strike but' widere not Involved In
Sthe contract ute.
TN The hard feelings that flared
Into .violence throughout the
A .walkout till were evident Pwhen
IW then ae wa siofed. Alabmor
*QJad-43 nt the 0e one room,

In L ile jOhnl 3. TU-
W- Bather. refused to pose
108 6ford, pr together for f the.,
t o1097 W est set he ws "indeed h agreement the
*Al t 11 railroad wn its demand the
; 853 J 1004 atrikera return to w before
St h s You ar(D)e arbitration begins He unid
you open the ack wen their demand that the arb
ds low diamond. ou trake seor consider lat a. toin morrow

SMeantime, he w id, the bo mpany
Obviously, you must switch to thethe shift fom trike ondtons
4 EKo8 of Te.t
e of the k suits in the ato norml opef aonn."

tricks,. I.0 s er that your Ltalks am os .coUlaps S
feat the to the
SWt 2 mo m.9 vMe,. Chattanooga a at. Louie

Pvers the tea of spades wit the was aInded ha rithe
pow 5o Il pn S it U-- dec ison fellbfld A- Iaa dre N.T. Pa antr d od e a sueent. Wet p oint.

pope n tha ~u asadendi i ot Alabamat
Id Opening lead- o J and the r e a ro.
-t-eIn Loudsvddle mus, John n. h ni-
ford, preedim oltih dsmmyodmod.

put yourl inter e Wet naot he was inded happy" oer the
in today h HU. You are den- arbitration agdement. He saids

= .g jal three no tr tu toua the agreent rorovided fordos-1
Sop te ack of hearts .the a o pending ora e on thse rd at

w ithe queen of hearts and 7 yesterday and resuming
Obviously, d oud must switch the rom conditions
ce of the black suits in the at to normal options"
tempt to find three fast defeantve T The 90;1je1n t re

e contracts, It s ear tat yourt alks. t lm col asla

b avestbcleadinglany caNotheiIi
It dearer s low ou ten ore et were derailed
wie hold.w ou 5al nar acts.adoublAlie.
the su If delbarr g oes aup with th sai qun
spades dae m t o iu dp au ut hSprffe
covers ft to of spades with the ob TTt aal"Ao n 14 A
Jack your dinerwl win withtc al d:M not-jG

w o l tav e n o w iay t o,
ae les teth acesofdiamoeds
in time to set the conttactL
Note that you wouldn't defeat
the contract f you began the
Nana. t leading any ca other
It. you led the eight or deuce,
for example, dummy would play
low. 92rtBer would have to

and cas tha spades.

Bf .' i^ ., =.f 'vi v -* ... -^ ., -... -> .' '.-, : 'r ''f-, *

Avery Says Wolfson's Defeat

'inglorious And Decisive'

I CAGO May (UP)-we the company and a "candidate for
S very, 82-year old e of the company and candidate for
ern Want & Co a ree-elecUon n the vote counting
Resigned today now n p ess. rider, however,
aof s proxy vi over pped out completely and with.
:Unlet Lu E. Wallfsq. drew as a candidate for the board.
Avery, steppedown' as boas No successor to Krider as presi.
e an anu was joined by Ed- dent wag announced immediately.
Kg a A. Erider 42 Who qut as Wolfson sald today he admires
am-irdent of the huge masl.order Avery for resigaing as chairman
-of Ward but he ad Avery will
,Aver's mantle was handed to remain a director.
So A. Blrr vice president and
tary who became chairman Wolfson said the resignation
be vof Krider as resident I "the
S-aired Avery, one of first fulfllmeet of the Wolfson
the aion's most colorful and con- platform." .Iq statement on
trveirsial business executives, re- learanug of the eembined resig-
ned while, proxy votes in Wolf- natUosa was made from Miami
s Ia's bid for control of the firm Beach though his public rela-
wAte still being counted., tons eounse New York.
At a stormy stockholders' "I am glad that Avery is re-
ameahiV April 22, Avery retain- naming on the board because I
,dd cetrol when the manage- sincerely believe that the directors
i ant unofficially won six or se- will benefit from his years of ex.-
g sats on the nine-man board perience and knowledge," Wolfson
a directors. said.ti
WolfIson, "boy wonder" of fl-. ly
naisce from Miami aqd new York, The Florida financier said he
conceeded he would -win only two admired Avery "fer his decision r,
1 three seats. The official tally to step down from the chairman. U
votes Is due Friday. chip" and he termed the move "an
Avery said in a statement that honorable conclusion to a long and 1o
be coail "gave no ea soedalM icuitful career." at
to retirement" whie the battle He said "the daily burdens of pr
Swith Welfson was lpreogess., operating a great organization
IT FUNNY-Coll.Eg' But he said he could do sm now such as MonLgomery Ward are
students are suspected of be- ,that Wolfson was "Iagluriously hcavy and-& is only right that
ing -the pranksters who raised and decisively repudiated." they should rest on the shoulders
the hair of Boulder. Colo., mo- He said he leaves the company of a youngeL man."
tourists with this stuffed dummy in a sound financial condition and Installed as head of Ward's in
shown with Deputy Sber pared to "take advantage of 1931 by J. P. Morgan Co., Avery
Date eetz. Pigged with t opportunities ahead" under lifted it from depression deficits to
Ingenious network oft wires the leadership of Barr. healthy profits in a few years. His
and' pulleys, the figure would On the New York Stock Ex- control was so complete he report-
appeer on the road. When auto- change Ward stock shot up more cdly dictated the poses of photo-
slae searched for their "victim" "han 4 points with the news of the graphic illustrations in the cata-
he was gone. EXCLUSIVE resignations and dealings were so 5ogue.
NEA PHOTO. heavy trading was suspended tem-
PHOT porarily. Four presidents and some 40
vice presidents and other execu-
____________,____,__ tives quit or were fired during his
iron-fisted regime.
But in the post-war era critics
charged Avery followed "depres-
W W IT H Pion" po'lie,, closing stores and I
Salting away cash' into a reserve
Sd fund that grew to 327 million dol-
Ward's sates-and profits dwin
died while those of its competitor,
Sears Roebuck and Co., soared.
Wolkson challenged Avery with
a promise to stockholders to
launch a vigorous expansion pro-
gram and recapture sales a n d
"LEONlARD" profits.
"L O N A R IV Avery showed obvious signs of
his advanced age at the stockhold-
era' meeting and it was rumored
AR-CONDITIONERS thenhe woi retire soon. Wolson,
H.P 115 viewing his adversary or the first

, .. .. .

LrTrLE HOME ON WHEELS-A little spectator examines the latest in European transport -
-a trailer for a two-wheeled scooter. Shown at the Touring and Holiday Show In Paris, Framas'-
the trailer accommodates two
______________________________________ ..-fad i

me, charged he was not physical-
fit to continue
Barr is 47 and a native of Ak-
,n, Ind. He studied at DePauw
nivers'ty and received a law de-
ree at Indiana University. Barr
Dned Montgomery Ward as an
torney in 1933 and became vice
resident and secretary in 1945.


1ib fellow .who so has pmm
nies finds that the porkln meters
and sales tax te cre them

Fine Furniture made of
Daride Mahogany. NOW at
amaxinga prices.
Bedroom, Dining Room and
Living Room Sets.
Products de Madera, S. A.
manawd by Iobuto ,oweu
SCoa 9 Avenue
Between Kodak Ids. and
S" Mth Ave. SMtor
Pho e -MU3











eS, i

No 1 ViaEspa Phone 3-0383
E or

Seals Punctures, ProtectsAgoinfst lwouts...

. 5

every BRANIFF captain to

is a million-mile pilot

very fightt captain on the Braniff system has
- flown over a mlton ndes. Sudh e ence nd
skiM e a your. serve whenever you go Braniff.
So, whether you mob El Conquisbdor, te
im~neperabl- DC-6 aleeper, or f, DC6 tourist
fli Lbttsimniftal saevlnr ) y moe In W
I n"i thsr we younl Wm4y Mmtnenly as
6maOU utwwtoundenls. And you= afy

.PI M 1,

"" e,.0' 0 0 .:.*L' r
.-. ^.ps-.i.s.
-__- -e.' ..<2,_ T l *f ..-- "': .iF "-'r


Ai V eN 4
-..i.. /:

1' -



New read wipes a wet'road so dry you can light a nmj
ON It. This new L. Peoodricm tire *may save your 1Uf 4
sve you troubMe, wl l Mv you money Come hn teday ed
put a set on your c so h tire that oiom d th ie i



TEL 2-1913S

-a '--a-i-
-'- -- '





. c. *,.-


2140 .

~-~- Y"--" ":F~-~U~-'-'~" C' ~~ -- --" I I

- ^ ..^^ ..---

__ __~I__


__ ___

"I: ~


.. .




"-'-- I -- -- r

,LLING ALL CARS-A dashboard telephone with dialing
attracts a pretty visitor at the 83rd Industrial Fair at
Wi tlfta, Italy. Called the Autophon, the device makes It possible
S r motorist to place an4 receive call In his car. Some 18,000
!,n. Mt from 44 countries displayed their products at the (al.

Ancient Abacus Help

Modern Math teachers

_A WA1HINGTON, May 10 -
.. M American youngsters to-
SFr arithmetic with the
one of the world's oldest
t atIng gadgets, the aba-
'i alsaple de e--a frame-
Wrk of parallel _ds or wires
aiding beadsas count-
t. now click- lacking in
tary classrooms all over
Stry, says the Nation-
ale oclety.
n varying forms and ma-
some are made by
and students as class
Others are bought
mass production manu-
s. All serve the same
Y to teach children
structure, of mathe-

counting beads along rods
i epresent columns of
M ts, hundreds, etc., the
can see the progressive
a of numbers. At the same,
,, dealing with real objects1
Imeansing to abstract fig-
abacus principle has
I 0 aticed for at least
Sto three thousand years.
V%.; l tof the sort had
to to meet primitive
practicall need for
Swork le numerical ays-
14. eary type of abacus was
.SAnd-covered stone or clay
ta)te r marked with vertical
'ea of graduated value. Bits
o Mtal. s or bone were
Sase lines to ind
O f Mbel, re the
the account
affaee of the
C. ,alculAted by
S m a ll bamboo
Si Sland Romans also
by what miht be
the loode-leat-ledger
Later t turned to
SsaI b e ped with
ft shoved
.. K 's popular
f I n tnce a 13 century
% Jan later saoreba are
gy similar to a Roman
S dl in the Brttish Museum.

Like most modern abaci, both
Oriental computers have a hor-
izontal dividing line, above
which each counter I worth
five of those in the column be-
low. To add and subtract,
beads are pushed up or down
to the crossbar where they are
read by number and position.
Throughout the Far East the
adding machine of the ancients
Is still the favorite computer,
chattering away in hole-in-the-
wall shops or luxurious hotels.
With variations, it 18 much in
evidence in Russia and the
Middle East. Even in the Unit-
ed States some are operated in
laundries, restaurants, a n d
banks with Oriental personnel.
In the dexterous hands of
experts, the abacus Is by no
means a mere child's toy or
learning guide. A contest be-
tween the abacus and an
electric calculating machine,
held in a Tokyo theater in
1946, was won by the abacist.
Abacus fanciers point to the
simplicity and nominal cost of
their Implement compared with
the price and complexities of
modern mechanical calculators.
The machine operators argue
in rebuttal that a skilled aba-
clat must spend years practicing
and do much of the actual work
In his head. Moreover, the
machine keeps a record of fig-
urea and proccesses lost in the
swift shifting of the abacus

. '~ .

Lunch Date


The Pacic Steam NavipIo CompMy

Royal Mal Lines Ltd.

B.S. "WOKINGHAM" ...... ... .................May M1
M.V. "BEINA DEL PACIFICO" (18,000 Tons) .....June 3


B.S. "LOCH AVON" ...............................May 20

8.8. "DUIVENDYK" ...............................April 30

All Saiin I

Subject to Chancee Without Notice
NAVIGATION CO., Cristobal TeL: 1654/5
PANAMA-AeV. Perd #56, TeL -137/8I
BALBOA-Term. Bid., eL 1-0INS

. Great White Fleet

eN w Orleans Service


-C\ ristob

*S.S." .MORAZN ............................... May
*.S. "IBERAS" .......................May
.S. "L. d. CARL" .............................ay
8.S. "FIADOR KNO ...........................May
*.8. AQUE" ................................. .. May
S..'MORAZAN" ................................June
*8.8. "HIBUERAS" ............ June
*flandlng Refrigerated ChDed and General Carne



New Vr Service Arrives '
Cristobal 4-21
S.8. 'EREDIA" ..................................May
.S. "PARIBMINA" ............................... May 16 I
8.8. "MABELLA ".................................May 17 1i oOT &A t
8.8. "FRA IRLANGA" ............................May s
8.. 4MTAUA ..................................May X
8.85. 1BMEK A .................................. May 30
S.S. "SAN IOSE" ..............................June 6
SS. "CHOLUTCA ..............................June IS3
A Steamer ......................................June 18 3

Weekly sailings of 4welve passenger ships to New
York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco
and Seattle.

Special round trip fares from Cristobal to New
York, Los Angeles. San Francisco and Seattle.
To New York ......................$240.00
To Ldo ASUnd San Francisco ....$270.00
To e ...._.... .......... $35.00


21 a

PANAMA 2-2904


-- ,.11 A. ,

4 .1



2- 1 *

* .

Im.wki. -

I f

*.- 7 1

- R.

Old Polbk

! I. o.': -
-Sr .. .

A i 1
.P" ,


at InIsoaI taamrZ~


ml LqmU *~'a~

! JIA .8nAV4J

That' Our Girl

. AL. mUmi

Net Today, Thahk!




'fffffffffffWf/d'd OMYES6 **MAK-KAfFF
-A, PAT oy, YvoU A. Pepo A YO REMt4O MR,
CfRtAiM liCe L MADI YU 5euSl A5 BUAYA" A .A
ArT" A FW DAIV tF yu.'* MY v lt/IMAeirr
,'TX LC MiAI6Itj 5 A LIra L.Li "I 4 -
aiTR *1ow0 \ ToAIR SLP
OFF'f4 M.! 4

'I. ,5 0



S< ,. *-*'. .I-,- -.
.* ".' *: ( .-I

- .. ~...-

- ..."-' ~ -








,- --1

---------- ---

- --~- --


- --- --


v p VA

i Q. -

v t

r~ ntr~n~

~Jl~t~ i

I c

. -

Ain. -,,.^. i, .

A ,+ % F.. tt ...h "". --. '' : J A--A-, .' Et ,a+r
.- -.. -. .. *
T..: .W R_-y .. :; -.:. / -. .. +

- -- ~

*2.. ~"i9*-;

. o \ ...+, :,
* .. ,... *..-.,

- ,-

< -'L "* i- .. *. .t v' '" -* '- .. ...( .-
A .-. '" -'* c 3 7, ......
"k- -' ".7 .r
I .'q ,W #~p *' ... .' u = .. ?-
.. _" ,,. _.

741 &fl4,A144)^JO *1.^
" ; ; ,, f

. *i

la-d W-,.00 to.. .,. -
E- .4Pi *

ilAn Jenksts. PQ Jetks Es the
f -mand Mr itr H. Jenks of Amcon. She Is a
st' f Uh ShW graoluating this Joa, who for the
Sr Ttrsha a ela Art aid Dfsamtfcs there. She
aMBa thi Ca^na ea:-At League of her oatstandng
. the neld of Art. New 17 ears old, she will attend the
ti of Colerado ias tall to continue her aet studied. The
inlt 4 the seholarshk will be announced by the cean-
en te i proceeds from this very delightful ball are

* m oentfth moye orf the i
Is.I. The next. oc. with T l
1 Weaving as the eversift
,P 'held May 17. Mrs. KaV
lftmms and Mrs. Helen Crowldl
will be the hostespes.
The followmi members vwer
resen- Mrs. Fanny Kaplan, Mrn.
iRusfo, M r s. T'at I.
*Wi V Mr*. arlotte u_ MM.
mnn Matdr. Wr g. Doiroty La
tioli, rA. Peggy Prim, Mrs
)idge Larriw a, r. borotshy
facer, Mrs. Anme Smith, Mr.
Woen tMorlton, irs. MUUlle eRoe-
is; En. Pirry Celucci, MrI.
ej -We Mri. Helen Crow-
Uir .Kathleen, Huffin, Mrs.
.otha Cought ir, Mrs. Dorothy qo.
gues, and Mrs. Bildred Turne,.

Aras AS Arlus
I ,ave .o o aroPe
, Dr. nd. Adolfo .Arias and
Mrs. Arias' sister, Mrs. Carmen
N. Aria left- on Saturday for the
United States en route to a vaca-
tion in Europe.

Mary BDrtlett Circle
Wednesday May 11, the Mary
narett Circle will meet at the par-
.usage #t.9:30 a.m. Mrs. Hidalgo
will conduct 'he devotional serv-

* Ve'per Circle
SThursda, May 12 the Vesper
irle will gather in the home of
Irg. Khimnet at 7:30 p.m. T h e
mister' will show his picture,
"Glimpses of Changing Mexico."
e '
C(nudt Card Group.
The Curundu Woman's C I u b
Card Group will meet at the Coon-
munity building on Wednesday 1l.
atue o'clock. A members. a Jd
their guests are invited to Attend,
those who d.) not play cards are
asked to bring their bates. Mrs.
Paul Au Bouehon and Mrs. Rob-
ot JUa dwil lb hIiA iuutmum

er --ones w Ie co-ostesses
Amlp Aambura. tiful handmade party apron eat- r.A.R.
Ta 16u6Grad atIon ed by Mrs. Ann Maner.. Thee e will be an Exeucutive
A .German Lecaros Boa meeting and Tea honoring
Aramhai b Absadors& fb. Peru The Wdish Weav u crae has biiss Beatrice 8. Gardner by the
in saMea, let' ist ekM for a struck t mbem Club members Panama Canal Chapter, Daugh-
tou titrp to Guate a- to at. -nd th rge anious to share this terms of the American Revolution,
tend- graduation exe t of -
Is rn Msit I .
versiftyfS. rios ere. M IU t T II
.... P-ZS
dvi'_e,, .. Imm n I -m n m

.. .. ... I '..... *';-$
S bal Km lm Club NoI. n
. Mn bushnssn meeting

rueYd"- evening aF the Elks
W Vim n. Fapny Kaplan

underway fog; a tea
ta' the sear future for

edent of te
i i n S t P e -
3l a, as 'ts ipuch
1~t. c Mu. Agatba
t.buta s k he
sit' t&e money wigl
wt Va=- w t I e
t whlta wa$ s beau-

S S s atshiwt a pltrm.
ifS^ 'm pl, A mg e 4 a)Sr

1 SS~tSS? media."


Visit our Now Show Room and buy a set. You'll
like our Easy Payment Plan on all sizes,
Styles And primes.


From .2,50 Club'

Monthly $10.00

7th Central Ave. 1 Tels. 2-1830 2.1633

t .
S -.
." ; -'- .-_*... '-< ,* *

- a' A a~- *
.* a~'t

inwur ;.

3.-.. -4.

,' .: ainand gos an a ye
-arried .. ii 1 l-- .y a dress he doesn't
Ce BShJlike muck to ton me wwhat
-A woman. wtte; I am not the "the ho wears loppy clothes
Ieast bit critleal of my husband round the house he has made
despitee the fact he has, since we it quite leatf he doesn't want to
were married. put on pounds and ate hoae i the evening and
IrdsouE Moud .i t mIddle, loft af B ( J.iO ae Jea., or .pel
Most of his a ir, and grown care. poahern, or a house areas I have
apss about bai elothbes. WOr all day.
to a"I am bel in safag that'DOlt SI Wh Thmat Atfl.
b.hough I sen bhm early he looks 'How does a man have the
just as good to lo now as he nerve to tpef so much more of
Srid when hi was youag and leanhi wife l way of looks than
arind I could mih fyl hands through'ht expects Stom himself?"
.i r curly hair I There may not be any justice
.' "Why. thbm, is. be a critical of to a abnM' feeling that reo matter
I ,'

hax beet named 1955 &!K-119
the Year by the Antati.
Trnackin Asoclat In. H'
also honored as Michigan t .
er of the Year by .that S$
Itn amsoc1AtaoT. TheM am
medaL Carrirs, In e
was chosen for the Industryl
highest award for her stw
mu sg two women t '
lfmlaig auto last DecoisI
near ason. Ohio. He *Is'
driven more than hal a = t--
miles in nine years with nly
one minor accident, anving

on Saturday afternoon My.~ th,
to 8:30 It will be held at t 6 e
borne of Mrs. Daniel Pagents in
Las Cumbres. I
Those desiring transportation or
directions s cadn contoat the Rent,
Mrs. William. N. Taylor Balboa
2-1it, ilg area -at 3 p.m, Saturda .


Mr. an8 Mrs. William R. Dunning and Family
take this mean, to express deepest appreciation
and ainaere thanks for the manifestations of
condolence and kind sympathy shown during
their recent bereavement and all past kindnesses
during the tinis of Sandy's illhess.

Call at Residence Wednesday and Thurday
May 11th & 12th from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m.
Previous Students may register by phone la order
that classes may be scheduled to accommodate
them Phone Balboa 1751.-

' '..

3 *

. .,." ., a ,; ,.3 ; ,.
.4 -

....- a 4 -

r *?.< o A .

nts.ews My o el red
S.: ...: -- *.

-m umioww UmSt .ac; An
will- at.utude. After st4 I
W .a women looking aou-:
r thie years nnd as

ArA. what a dreary .d i
vuuld be if a woman liba
doe 't gie a. ut~,bpt 9h* i
Come to 9tnln -of it, maybe it


,et altln

Custar P ie
Tea or Ciete.
-oslk s1.
tKor I we -ad Manal samce
Lasie fvteale
Lettue sal ed
Cutard Pie
lea Of efeoe.. .
- .

Met boil .s
LettAe Siad
Custard Pti e
Tea Of Coffee. .
COLD PLA .............. .......
SCHOOL LUNCH ........%.......... St .

. ,,,-- '-.. .. .:

':*' ,,,,,.,'. + '..+ \ -*^..,l '<

., .. 4 4 i't 'y
A .... .

', t .., ..

*v rf '.:,

M .. .-.




F .-'u Hes the one paun, brte n
S;..1 hat puta uig faming,
S/ long-lsting beauty on y lipal
1 '~ :AndA Andthe ciyrWintalthe iwr.dto.
"{ ,match it iu tho
hot amao an yWour ""W4Vc 2
n" m I i 1"\ ..... 1 9.,'- a." Y-tn. :,

n oft iamDonds Le' W

f worlups .- la-w't..i-a--ip .

:. ..{ 7 -, ,.- .
-...... ; t~i'~l 'I" +I" -++ W B, .i *wai B' '.;I ..
L '"ik,.eJ-E; *"'^;'-.-'-# "' 5 "' ^l "t

-.i- A...
2*. P~!i. *"F *


,elf o
le be*
Let boo

- --.


Via Espa




- -,r r ~ .- T h*--

C.. A

--- ----- --: T- -- -o---

.. ..y^ '
. @. : .


., .

I .

' -



A1 *~*

, ,. ;. ; ., :-. .
.i ,. +-','- ;1 .,- --..*',. ,.-- ,-
, ? .* .. ,.... *. : ':'- *;
3.. *. .*:'. .: "'. .^~ a
j"'-f,:.** **' t**.. ." ,.- "" T W llB
t u


I .* '*


. I ** *. '.


Inexpensive Want Ads





_________________________________________________________ U S

7 Sirere No 13
St of July Ave. A J 51
Juuto ArWsemnae Ave. and i 3.IL

U2 Lo Carr qullla *
Central Ave. 4s
No. 3 Loster Plaas

L I = ..f



6 14.28 4th of July Ave.
4 Phone Panpma 2-0552

," "We can help YOUt with
A Chiropractic"

DT. A. and F. ORIL AC
t Pa er Gradultes.
5' Peru riAvene Tel. 3-13M
it black frnm Lux Theare,

lrPc $Sippes Movrs n
.. .i 2.2451.- 2-562
l. L, Riding at
it &, Jumping classes doily
p.m Phone 3-0379
".- __-- ln. "

b*fbtlb-Stick Bamboo
t'ian Blinds
.*aae Curtains
s aS Wood Jalousies
CIall 2-306 Or 3-4904
i states Given Without
I Obligation!
Distributed by
i o de Modera, S.A.
Uc-a- Jbw. (between Kodak
PC X:iWifth Ave. Store).

lar Trounced

Ri e .Tournye
tOME, May 10 (UP)-Tempe-
Sgental Art Larsen of California
Been eliminated f ro m the.
Mne international tennis t o u r-



FOR SALE:-Boby crib & mat-
tress. Boat and outboard motor.
Prithom. Cristobal 2480.

FOR SALE: Baby carriage
with plastic mattress, converts
to stroller or beoinotte, very
good condition, $12.00. Balbeeo
3211. Empire St. Tel. 2-1281.

FOR SALE: Baby crib and
English bike, almost new. Call
Bil:oo 2-2815. House 2316.

FOR SALE:-Dining room set. 6
chairs, good condition. Small
refrigerator. $~5.00. Sideboard.
$10.00 4th Strert No. 49 Le-
fevre Park. on the left.

FOR SALr:-QM metal dresser.
3-drawer with mirror. Ivory co-
lor S11 00. Call Balboa 2-

hit Hollywoods with now mat-
trots 57.50. Buresiu 18.00.
China closets 29.00. Wardrobes
35.00. Dining table and 4 chairs
75.00. Modern living room sets
149.00. Desk 39.00. Springs
16.50. Also we have now brand
new bedroom, living and dining
room seat. Beautiful box springs
on legs with innerspring mat-
tresses. Small down payment.
Easy teorms.-HOUSEHOLD EX-
CHANGE. Na*oenal Ave. No.
41. Tel. 3-4911.

FqR SALE: Toaster. Punch
bowl. old silver prices, flat iron,
metal chrome trimmed table,
sowing machine. Phone 2406
Balboa. 754-B Balboa Road.

FOR SALE:-7 cu. ft. Frigideire
refrigerator, quartermaster din-
ing toble, Hi-chair, kitchen,
linoleum, excellent condition.

FOR SALE:-Baby crib with
Simmaem-kl eI U. M4trne-41J
donubleed with mattrss cover.
Reasonabe. 2166-A Curundu.
STel. -W41 3.

Chandler Harper


Colonial Field

FOR SALE:-1954 Ford Cus-
tomline. like new, radio, extras,
duty paid $1775.00. Call Pan-
amo 3-2356 after 6 p.m.

FOR SALE-1953 Pontiac, very
good condition, very reasonable.
Call 25-3679.

FOR SALE:-1954 Ford Main-
line V-8, New W/S tires and
radio. Can be seen at House No.
5343-B. Diablo. Phone 2-2645.

FOR SALE:-1951 Pontiac Ca-
talina black. $900.00. Phone
Gulick 649. duty hours.
FOR SALE:-1949 Buick Super-
Dynoflow. 2-door, new tires and
battery. Priced right 759-C
Bornabey S.. Balboa. 2-4413.

FOR SALE: Model-A Ford,
nice interior, excellent running
condition, reasonable price. Call
Balboa 4268.
FOR SALE:-Buick 1948 Super
Sedan. A-1 mechanical condi-
tion, excellent t i r a s, battery.
Priced for quick sale. 3-2091
after 6:30.
NEED a Car?
Call H. Presto
Automobile sales, all makes.
new and used cars. Automobile
Insurance. 6007 Front St. Phone
1604. Box 748, Colon.
Cadillac Coupe Deville 1953.
now car condition. Fully equip-
ped. A real bargain $3550.00.
Trade in accepted.

FOR SALE:-Pontle 1951 Cot-
alina. Hvdromatic and radio.,

one owner, excellent condition.
Call 2-1304, preferably 5-6 p.
m. Price $925.00 cash.

Judge Rejects

Sheppard's .id

For New Trial
CLEVELAND, Ohio w 10
(UP)-Dr. Sa nuel H. Sh rd
aged another tep closer o'life
Imprisonment a. Oh t. nten-
tiary yestardy.1whe mmon
Pleas Jud- Ward ,p re-
ected a bd fr new trial be-
cause of "aewlyediscoveed evi-

Fnta 1 Judge Blythin, who presided
SIFORTH WORH, Mav 10 (UP)-- over the nine-week trial that
rsen was at his erratic worst Veternn Chandler Harper card- ed in Dr. Sam's conviction of
ie lost imfour sets to Argen- ca an even-par 70 Sunday to take second-degree murder for the
champion Enrique Mores.. tI' Colonial Invitation Golf tour- bludsecond-degree murder for the
rbludgeon-slaying of his wife1
first tw sets were give- a- namentMarylyn, ruled that no "new'
&, and it was not until the evidence had been presented to
lb mie im the third set that. He finished the difficult 72-hole warrant ordering a new trial.
le= won a game on his own rindd with a four-under-par total Other material submitted for his
tee, of 276-eigbl strokes ahead of see- consideration, he said, "is still in
mrn's defeat leaves defend- I d-place D',w Finsterwald. Har- the realm of theory."
eh'mpiou Budge Patty as the p er had the field so spread-eagled ra .
America.n still in the tour- tat he came-up to the final hole The verdit meant that Dr.
Sble to to take 11 strokes and still 8Sam, the 31-year-old brain sur-
win. geon, was left only one more

I the women's doubles the
rUalin team of Beryl Penrose TI
Talr Muller will meet the An- can
'Betian tcam of Pat Ward and pmc
,UIs*me Mercilis in the final. golf
i fitt.saeeded Ward Mercelis
a coached the finals by beat- jT
Americans Heather Brewer couu
S.Cmie lifton Ball, 64, 6-1. that
t. plo.d Pressur e ak D. I
S < tL i.n l EdC

n amp-
ox t"
4 No= d

Pafts --Bal- Bawl
lark. CAiA 8PARTON
Central -79,.
': Tel. 10 1.. .

a, brand, d, five:
Pars' warranty, no down

^ Cental -79


he victory brings his season's
ningp to $7,600 and places him
ing the top 10 professional
he Colonial Cou ntry Club
rse at Fort Worth is so tricky
SHrper was the only golfer to
t par. Little Ben Hogan. the
tropney favorite, wound up in
Space with 289.
Harper 69 65 70 72-276
Finaterwald 72 69 69 74-284
Oliver 71 71 72 72-286
us, Soros 72 69 75 71-287
y Mi4dlecof 174 71 70 72--287
d Hawkins 74 72 71 70-287
tono Cirda 74 67 71 75-287
1 Stewart 76 73 69 70-288
S1KroU 73 79 74 71-288
i Hogan 72 73 69 75-289
ally richn 753 73 69-290
Thompson 73 75 72 70-290
:k urIce, Jr. 73 69 76 72-290
on Nelson 72 71 73 74-290
se .Littler 71 71 70 73-291
nny Palmer 70 74 72 75-291
Pur7 1 73 70 74 75-292
y Uaxwell 74 72 72 75--293
Wlniner 75 72 76 71-294
nay DSla 75 73 72 75-295
d HaR 74 72 75 74-295
Wall Jr. 73 73 72 77-295
I Holseher 75 75 73 73-296
r Word 77 69 73 75--296
iqr k 70 72 75 79-296

SYork Rangers
ktn Youthful
nwsmce Stor
use s lg. e10(P I

S 1e (up) H
1 anterx have
S their re-
obtaining a
rt from

l veteran .
sl~~~spH~ ~ j~i~ U -

court action to fight his sentence
of life imprisonment. That is an
appeal with the Court of Ap-
peals, which will be heard May
Basis of the Court of Appeals
motion la that alleged judicial
errors were committed during
the trial. 4
Dr. Sheppard has remained in
Cuyahogn County Jail here-while
his attorneys fought the case.
Time toward possible parole af-
ter 10 years does not start until
he is in the Columbus prison.
Today's 16-page ruling dwelt
principally o the defense affi-
davit of r. aul L. Kirk, Uni-
gist hired at $100 a day to Inves-
tigate the case. Judge Blythin
said the affidavit was "loaded
with criticism. conjectures and
conclusion wholly foreign to
that which is contemplated by
the law to disclose basis for a
new trial."
"The affidavit seeks to eqnduct
S post mortem examiniOlen of
the trl" h said.
Judge Blythin said he found
no facts in the Kirk report that
"would have made the slightest
difference" in the jury's verdict.

Two Democrats Back

Like's Cwutrvwostl

A flVW' P1 a.- TP7 i

A wth *

Iromth o July Ave.
Agencia Internal. de Publicalonesl
S5 C tal Ave. -
r.que Ldese. 1 Stred

BOX 2031 ANCON, C.Z.
"LA POSTAL" is offering. not
only 12 records for $1, but else
a gift for every $2 purchase in
its now La Postal Auction Do-
partment. which features eoti-
cls for the home and school at
Incredible prices. Pay us a visit.
Central Ave., No. 13-142. Til.
2-28 14.

S Miscellaneous
FOR SALE: Piano. $50.00.
Ave. Central No. 231, room 22.
FOR SALE:-Panda 120. Brit-
ish amateur radio transmitter,
120/1250 watts, bandswltching,
vfo,, universal power supply. 25
or 60 cycle, 110 to 220 volts.
Also Cesco phone patch. Lysco
clamp modulator, miscelleneeus
transformers. Phone Balboa 2-
. 3173.

Wanted to Buy
model automobiles Ferds.
Plymouths. Chevrolets, Mer-
cury, Dodges, Poetiacs. Buicks.
Codilac. We pay cash on the
side Coca Cole Plant I. Tel. 2-
2616---2-4966, Panama.

WANTED: Small American
family with one child wants
large unfurishedt-hroe bedroom
apartment or house. Phone W.
E. Milligen 3-0178.

Indian Diplomat

Believes Red Will

Release US Airmen
TOKYO, May 10 (UP)- India's
trouble-shooting diplomat, V. K.
Krishna Menon, said today he be-
lieves Red China will release the
American airmen imprisoned on
espionage charges..
Menon, en route; to Peiping for
conferences, commented here that
ne sees no reason why "something
couldn't be done to obtain release
of the fliers through negotiations."
But Menon who is Prime Mini-
ster Jawahailal Nehru's personal
diplomatic representative, insisted
lie is not going to Peiping t odis-
cuss either that issue or the bread-
er qoeption el negotiations to end
the Formosa crisis.
He told some 20 newsmen that
Ie is not taking "any particular
prescription" for easing world ten-
s.ons to Peiping.
Asked if he believed Premier
Chou En-lai was sincere in calling
for direct talks with the United
States on Formosa, Menon said; "I
wouldn't think anything else."
Indonesia's Prime Minster Al1
Sastroamidjool.aid today he plans
to visit Red COIMak'&ter this month
m a direct effot to end the For-
'mosa crisis.
Sastroamidio.j wal quoted by
the authoritative Aneta news a-
gency as arranging his
trip in a move to attempt to me-
diate the Formosan dispute between
the United State .and Communist
China. Many oints of the Indo-
nesian formula for a Formosas
settlementt have been forwarded
to Peiping for consideration, Ane-
ta saia
Menon said be considers the
Jiast-West dispute over the impri-
soned American airmen "Impor-
"But there Is no reason," he
said, "why Chi(da and the United
states could not resolve the prob-

It was expected to win com-
mittee approval but Senate Re-
publicans prpslsed a (loor fight
for the President's plait.
Moses told the House commit-
tee that the Gore bill is merely
"an improvement on what we
have." It calls for an 18-billion-
dollar highway program spread
over five years federal share of
the coat would be about $19,-
650.000,000. Tl states would pay



modern efirimed tenmeS 1 .
2 bedroom, hot, told water.
Phon Panama 3-4941.,
FOR RENT.-Furamhed en un-
lurnished 2 end 4-mas modern
apartments, Comtt ALHAM-
Phone 1316 Coelm.
FOR REINT--2 bedroom art
mint unfurnisthe. 5-- St.,
San Francisco. Call Cooper 6-
FOR RENT: Unfarished a-
portmet 13th St. ,No. 21, San
FOR RENT:-Medem furnished
2 bedroom aertment. Hot wa-
ter, screened, mos desirable
residential district. PhoIe Pan-
ama 3-1101 during working
hours. 3-4157ft er 6 p.m. for
FOR RENT.-Smoel apartment
nicely furnished fr c mple or
lady. 461 St. No. 45, fint floor
FOR REI -Comfostabe cool
one bedroom apaemmt suitable
for couple or sill family. Cello
Darien No. S. Apply Tel. 2-
1455 8:30-11:30 e.m. 2-
4 p.m.
FOR RENT: Modern Oport-
ment, 2 bedrooms, mold's loom,
2 baths, sitting-dining room,
porch, garage, hot water, $110.,
at 41EI Congreo.," "G" St. No.
2. house "Ceraces." See Do
Castro, Avenue B, 9-43. Phone
2-1616. Panama,
FOR RENT:- Completely fur-
nished one bedroom apartment,
living room, kitchen. gas steve,
refrigerator, $70.00. Ground
floor private residence. Tole-
pean 3-1146.
FOR RENT:-Ono bedroom fur.
mished, modern apartment and
Pamree at 168 Via Bolibrie Pe-

FOR RENT,-Two .bdroom a-.
p* ds ant. maid's .oei 0m. ,
Jus bulb. Abtort Nevavrr St.
No. 22, II Cg"elJo.

Korean Fears 6s '

Would Cut Hands

Of HIdes 10 Yrs.

AGANA, Guam. May 10 (UPI-
A Korean-born laborer, admitted
today that he had hidden-out on
Peleliu island for over 10 years
because the Japanese had told
him invading Americans would cut
off his hands. feet and ears.
Pyonggi Takehon, 38,. told re-
porters he'had fled to the hills
and live-d on coconuts, crabs and
wild yams when the Yanks at.
tacked the island.
The holdout was caught pilfer-
ing food on the epic World War H
battleground April 28.
Takehon was unable to distin-
guish Americans from natives of
Guam or Filipinos and his eyes
buligd when he was informed that
the Japanese were defeated in Ko'
red In World War II.
He said he came to Angaur is-
land Ii 1142 from Teisen City in
South r*ea where he farmed. He
was cocripted into a Japanese
labolbattasion and sent to work
oa thehPelehiu airstrips.
.Taehon said he did not want
to $ave Guam, but gave no rea-

Treaty OK Is
Weontinued from Page 1)
fSea.will be requested to au-
theibe the construction of a
brig across the Canal at Bal-
boa referred to in point four
of the general relations agree-
amat of 1942;
That Panama grants to the
United States the right to use,
for a-period of 15 years without
coot, a military training and
maneuver area in the province
of Oocle:
That Panama waives certain
treaty provisions to enable the
Unid States to extend limited
pot exchange privileges to
friendly foreign military person-
nel Tialting the Canal Zone un-
der auspices of the United
fT t B Panama grees to lam

Avn .TIll No. 4
M Camal Ave

I .ft al I. p



~ U-

FOR RUNT: -- a cshd et, oe
bedoi INr^. di alg mom,
kit lm-h. -, mat. QOneral
Jose doe SeMartmi Av. No.
6, dewctel,.ps.
FOR RENTp-Camppletly fur-
ished s neme t, the a bed-
rooms. t hobt, servants quar-
teor, froea washing machine,
lol cenveleeos. Poeame 3-

FOR RENT: Furnished chalet
with 3 bedrooms. Cell 3-4736
from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
FOR RENT-obedr om Chalet.
"Borriado del Maestro." Tele-
phone 2-4354.

FOR RENT -Furnished chalet
fyr June. July, August. House
103 Poltille Airport Read Via
Basill), corner of 12th St.

FOR RENT:-Vocetion quar-
ters Diable. bedrooms. Juno
4 through August. 2-3151.

Joan Crawford Weds

Soft Drink Firms'

Proxy In Nevada
LAS VEGAS, Nevada, May 10
(UP) Actress Joan Crawford,
47, and Aldred N. Steele, presi-
dent of Pepsi Cola Co., were
married early today after a
spur-of-the-moment trip from
Hollywood In. Steele's private
Miss Crawford, who was been
single since her 1945 divorce of
Phillp Terry, has known Steele
for about three years. The edft
drink executive divorced his sec-
ond wife. Lillian elson, in Aca-
pulco, Mae., this March.
the couple. wr. e,, by by
niipal Judge John .Medoua In
a quiet ceremony in the pent-
house of the Flamingo Hotel. be-
fore a few friends. Ms Crawford
said they planned to return to
Hollywood later today by a plane.


fHAGES m'nsell'
FOsTtRS TtGmne, mile
pqat Sane eo.. Low ratoes.-
PhaW Ba"e 18n.c
WILUAMS' Sent. ClaMI ech
Cuugg -- r kcbas, mfderm-
tiesn, 2-bedreom. Phone Belbee

Grmlmch'e Sante Clere Booih
CottaIes. Modern c enodeop,
moderate rates.- Phone Gamse

SHRAPNEL'S furnished bouse
on beaeh at Santa Clara. Tal-
o pione THOMPSON, Balboe

cit.- 2:3- .m0 p rl.

type h, ...with i
moew, and troller. MaJy e son5
at F Street No,
No. 1, E Cengirl. Ceu Me-.
rome J. '.

Help Wonauae

WANTSI; Meld He. S "SWi"W"
TI -.. *.. w a ... -..

tA~flDuMtald. Luad~lht
general h4sekooeepuli j..4*
lag for Amw couple. ah Ulf?
drs. live in. Call Ft. Kebbe
Si17 efte OO0 pm. -

Silvia de Grasse to Appear

.At Panama's Ritz Club

.'The'CLUB RITZ Will present tonight, SBILVIA .
DIRAI 'Negri- 1CH)C4 BAUZ and SlIO DAMIR(M ..
I. in a big fareteil itIy Mr
these aftlst. which will In-'
clude a stage show w 1h
some outstanding astars..
To. bi seen' t nigh4,' ae
the Lemar. siters -3-
mara, Te a-d Edisr -
who have apeare i -s -
ocasfully in.Cuba With their
dancin anc4ining.
The Club Rite, no.ted-for

." ; : ".;.::-.

Two Floors CdI apse Into Base

Of New York Coliseum; 42 Injurud

NEW YORK, May 10 (UP-- they ran crazily trying to get; twice as large Madison
Two- floors of New York's 30- into the adjoining section. Some Square Garden with adcltnQdp-
million-dollar under-construe- nade. it. Others didn't. They tiona tor four times
tion coliseum collapsed into the went down with the cement, the people. .
building's basement yesterday, wood,. e pipes and that whole It occupies a 6.: -aeft-site be-
Injuring 42 workmen. paL t othe construction." teenn 54th Ind 60th satetaUst
Two workmen still were un- In minute, the coliseum look- off Coimbusn CIcle, k is to
accounted for hours after the ed as tpugh It had been struck include besides a sports arena,
collapse, but police and fire de- by a bomb. office space, a parkInt garage
apartment rescuers said they did Billed as "the world's biggest." and two 12-story apartment
not believe they were trapped In the olluieum would be lmQst houses.
the tangled mass of steel, tims- -..
bpra, concrete and piping.
Thirteen men pulled from the
huge pile of rubble and- eight
were described as. badly injur-
ed." Twenty-nine others were
treated at the scene.
According to bulldinpgs offi-
cials, the collapse bean on the
second floor, to b e main
arena area of the building.
The 'cracking constr u lon
and the screaming men .eault
aboard it field through the center
of a imemaline between th e
first and second floor gaveo way
beneath them, plunglin the 0
tangle tonnage to the
Fely men were at. ot
belll" 'trapped In
aores bf policemen .pt fire-
men sent urgent calb for Ae-
Inforceeents to help ftm ift
debris from the trappes&A -
ers who were plunged to0~.1he
cellar by the two-floorINollase.
The thundering collapse oe-'
aurred while concrete was being
poured into floms on te sOa-
on& lo arena of the lng*



United states, for a period p
:ears without cost save for fl
ld nominal consideration, n
reel of land contiguous
j United States embasiy e
ee in Panama City; and, l

Panama agrees pr
to easerve a park
land In front ot the
f* embassy office t
Mnama City.
reaty already has


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to ramu


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., -. .,.' -.. 11

Canal Zone Dental Polyclinic
" Dr. C. E. FPbrega D D.S.
Sgsture-bridig work-air wbrsivV
General Practile
ITvhll (4th of July) Ave No. 2IAM
(opposite Ancon School Playground)
Telephone 2-2011-PFnami.


* 1 *

~~ ----




p r'7-. N
-* 'r'-9 '-'
L L. '~ : -;

-a1 *,'.= i

. wi th-
ourcls -s

with -

let MA thI-
[. vi MAfaU. Goese TUR E

with PNeut mRATr

VacUA Thuatoe.
.- -with-
with Joel MeCREA

, .1 I -



Shower (Olva
-Milr. Dr Jenkins was hon.-

Klda 8left i for man red Celr I t
excoe ,d dleunre and business bI=. iii-y .4auithei-rr en.
trip to Erp in Ipatia n
trs ri Sue
store!. ff m -r.m opo- q M a Sue
duto wUill wi fienda and ibyr ~en nale Flaher, and By GATNOR MADDOX
in Pa he wllbe with his no- atnc ASow. NdA r & ad Mtrhut
nhew Mal Delvalle o-
Ion wn futhetiBlg hi s art- -..y..-nr wa en t to e just had lunch at the Plaza
S1LUM a been n-Hotel
dnouncd aier tht week. T ln Now York with Robert
diesi glace ther .U s born chef, who-has
8-: -__ a tw e ding Lt Chap1e 0 perfected a dry a154 mix. It,
St t. amaor pe. omes in envelopes and you turn
Egbert Peters, 31, M-the ctts I nto a half r
Egbr Pe1, uratS' a litte water. and oil, then shake
Cable Messenger, wa &d- pou.ti o your greens. (-he
.,,aO, ,, b.ttlem arked so you
r, es Suddenly ju'w t how much of each
S'-* .i ,-.Chef Krls mniable and vigor
Funeral services will be beld o r, loes, made a offet salad for us.
norwat s pj. In the .ch- In a large bow he placed a moud
Sof g T Hospital f di ch O green
S es. f l e 0 lettuce, watprcres, chicory a
:wenger of A ro&f. maine in equal parts. Thbn he
s, who died suddenly Sstur- sk[l f-uly placed rows of diced
-v morning of a cerebral hem';wm ea el turkey, hardcooked
:'hage. sKuti Ml ns, avocados, blue cheese e
crumbled criqp baon and chapped
Buriat will take place in th i peeled tomatoes. O ver ihe
Herrers jometery. -, poured his old' -fashioned garlic
r '. 1 u s .- .--- Malan mi dSreuSLg., u a g rtenifl
I Mr s A A. uctlpn.- I
wife Mrs Louls .. arNIa i.o a the garlic mix he &ki
three children, hi mother band a UarsUa ee la old fashioned !ren_;.Cal.
t:-A l'x. .^aSj Uvha r, Mf flklhte on Frenchl (forY yers reis has
Mis Pat Adai beetanoted cef in California,) ex-
.---- '16--l herbs andu be cheese mix.
l" We 4thJink ids mixes, just on the
W *l ^ ^ lemarket, are the best news salad
lovers have heard in many a year.
.. ,Id-- /F .PrGood wed m Staffed igg
Six nard looked e0gs, cup
S' canned tuna fish drained and
f!eked, cup finely chopped cel-
BY 1 M6. WMtRIBL LAWZNCE toar at me," 'Will you leave my ery, 1 tablespoon .ahogped een
ripe alme? If.I want it In the pepper, 1% teaspoons rrene sal-.
Mrq. S, says she and -her hus- rack, I'U put It there" ad dressing Wlix 3 tablespoons
oad disare over the discipline Instead of resisting me directly, m onnalse, watercress.
of their eldrenp. e-c might use Jaconalstency to-. ee e in halves lenqth-
One recent Saturday Mr. 8. ward o r children to resist me. wise; remove yolks an chop ine.
told li eight yearold so not to And upset th. order of my dUci. Mig chopped yolks with tuna fish
come a Jd while he wag ncle to avenue himself for the celery, nd green pepper. Com-
paytfa.g ate Orage TisVie took relayed stifteu of my attitude bne the dry dressing mix with
speei5pas .to- rapport this re, toward him. mayonnaise and a.d to egg yolky
quest, Niu tfleA' B i. cm Uder such circumstances my mixture, mixing we. Pile Into the
up frou th tell.j C o 0an- problem would not le hlislncon- white halves. Chill. Garnish
ny. hapl beUatt.ted. with steney toward the children but wh sprigs of wternress.
rein, 1hel big s Taher_. hbrt tst he cannot tell me about. .
8he .wh: "My l swbhpd ys a)- It Is diselplipe disagreements of Soar Cream Salad Wit
ay doing Ioateunt s this nature that have adverse et- Creutes.
like th. A be reads youth col on ehildnn. For they bring (Makes about e .u orI. to
umn, T wish you'd discuss the o normal friction between par- serwvng sp e salad)
d ag er f d4line 41'disare- fi nta deeper tensions that Justify
d-a p a A bl{ tat h'the One packse garlic salad dress
I don't revere star of great dr a. ir.g hix, vegar,. water, oil,
c Et ac toa chidr. Naturay-be this top cup: finely cut mixed greens,
I tadt'ttquf. not to -lilun&. Aid to retain t, he can li cup garlic aalad dreasming,
was a t p p become a nasty liltle eopariunlst cup sour cream, scup garlic
miTnimn back and tioth, w tales croutons
t etwmng bi parm to oment the Combine sala dressing mix,
S.Mea MSne, wbi ehaY reay poth. vinegar, water and oil as direct-
S.l I 5to o within. ed on the p kage or boue. Chil
aof .a Si1o I hpe Mrs. S. Will ponder salad greens. M&x % cup of the
amaitr a the posibilty that she objects sing with sour cream, pour
Ea o n i not to her husband's treatment o over chilled a, Md toss sev-
;' m ha.m beir child, but to his treatment eral times. garlic rou.-
S. vte6d ti ler. Then, with her conclusion, tons over ad and toss again
Slecan resolvee her pb rem-r lightly.
S tdm t inkshim "e -
#final ,
'I -t'S- I.



I -.

By ERSKINE JOhNSON May Splendred Thin g." To, "Just go down to the b
f warm for the movie theaters. look around until you frI
e i HOLLYWOOD (NEA) Ex- First real name of Hollywood's with a worm on each e
exclusively Yours: Alan Ladd's still r.ew glamor find,. British born replied.
SI Flying it safe as to movie roles. Dana Wynter. Is Dagmar. She
He nixed Jack Warner's offer to switched to Dana because of TV's Shelly Winters' deal
S tar in the film version of Jay bpsty one. W. ith Rory Calhodnla "The
Richard Kernedy's bitter novel ----- !ure of Pancho Vlia" helps
about a Hollywood movie king.. Mickey. Roney Is preparing "A (ue asy streL. e collects a
"Prizce Bars 'winkla3 n God's Eye" a west- ligure check each mnrth faor
The shocker of several seasons -n in which he plays a priest. ]next four years for the stint
ago was considered by Ladd for a -- Howard Hughes personally
Swile, but he finally decided that U-I officials are holding their teeing the paymnta. -q .
tbhrole of the har drinking, breaths They've asked President
Sgirl, ehasag filar idol, who dies Eisenhower to speak the prologue Television ensors at -rwnk
at the peak of his career, wasn't to "To Hell an Back," the stu- A recent Red 8ken t o e
of I c.o's Audie Murphy life story star- tine had someone asking
Sut It's Alan's prediction: ia ng Audio. "How are you with
\.. "AMy aetor who will play it will ?. To which RIed
S goet a. Oscar nomination. But it's I asked Line Renaud, the French "Fine, and I'm great with
not for me." cutie who sang on Bob Hope's TV g 'ils, too.,"
Nae from the Virgin Islands how, about e men she's met in CBS cns Ed Nathan
where U-I a filming "Away d Hollywood. Maro a o, rde -n e Ega sa

versed In the wayg of seem to theenk. He spaks -z e d ts
have declared Jeff Chandler as fluent French and is verse 'and- -"-.
IThe Man We'd Most Like to Share some.
SOur Freagl PanI With.' Frangi About Jack Warner: "At table
SPangih pla lucal baked fish dish. he whestle like a bird."
Oh, poll Bob Hope of course, Is her
s m O .pi dreamboat: -He perform so strong Vi i 'm
.'Se TI h owaed Manor at Palm he,oould put you completely eeir' .
"Iguess I'm the Intellectual type! I just at and thlng nd springs rv an "Arthur around. But, au ontrairt, he
I I^ In A >fIl a tE I Jtlnd Iodfrey Co'g ,ktaul." Onei and 'ways put you en spoight."1 | mIe
thinly -but41 I San think about are boyal" It fres you Main iredients are --
cl'ampagne and brandy. John ayne hired .ob Mit. i -
chum's John, for a role
^ I /I I, ,.I / I Another- movie, "Rose Tattoo i "The LocK and ThJie Key." No 1 I. A -
GenereJ Public Invited Aoh moie "Rose | b M f
will have a title son thatwiil bard feelings about the Mitchums,,
neenervarbUeIIC Iavrte ld in e-turerce Bob was fired from "Blood
Tunesmiths Jack Brooks aniHar- ,lUey.
ry Wearen are writingdthe- tune'
Srfor commercial recoerng only. Old but wortA reviving. The in-
To Attend aosaryaewife of a move star, who had
Traffic acc-idents in s. Angeles .nenfishing and left her alone., ---. .040..
--= .,.,,,.=. = =J, ..t a been suggested. could be cut was aske where he could be ..SialhI S
The genen! public has been n.'gether s a family group. Your h b o n theory satu n ou.nd. M isw T4 d i
voted to attend the third annual players will be especially effica- driveo.nre t e h Not a had ideay o u .
Rosary Crusade for Peace, which clous if you do. Our Lord Himself or more safeh lessbad horn U -
will be held o Sunday evening must have particularly loved the obyi wd eitn -Italesnts H n al Your hPloi mU i i
at 7 in Mt. ope Stadum The o mily gfoup because he remain- and ore use o taen. ll|I I N r v j'
pan"invlatitbn was contained In an ed part of one for W years. It ;,abo t'sufuer from vandu It 1whia
o .,More oensort ire huddlin'sabouta eao thor la ior u io5r
n distributed on the Atlantic ttdngsome friends of Uthe-m- l y lve n n ennifer Joes min'm AIt meTrf.aX ,
'sl. to sharF this spiritual experience and Jennifer,, JonesWA In 'A .. AUt '
with you Trrit"tm4110 anra..
The invitation reads as follows. e r r Dresplt af
"Ohce again the Catholic coman- "Let then demonstrate ou -
ly invites you to attend the hird -. c eLa. ',. .. .,, ,: ,A

rids invitation wll be e nen great- t _.4I '4EllU I @ I W
S ictel tCatteMouytHope 1 Ronbek Cty 1 C .
a I8p esofSoftbll League
r thishop ear It wT l be r t o eneft
atopoftTo Stage Benefit
I "aiy in Spanish, and partly I
i English. Hymns wile A stage show sad movie will
.td oy the combined choi s o our be sponsored by the Rainbow ou
different parishes. SBhorttalks will City Major Softbal League to-
be given in English and Spansh. morrow at the Camp BId Thea-- -
ter to raise funds to finance this /
"Our ma tension in reelt ear's operation of the leG A N N U A L SA LEague.
the Rosary wdll be that w o rIdI B Idoetnfh leagu
peace may be maintained through With admission prices at 25
the intorcessaon of u r Blessed and 15 cents. the movie "Won-
Mother ald that we receive the der Man," starring Danny Kaye i Available Caual .95 to 9.95
grace to cooperate toward this end and Virginia Mayo will befea-5 60 eyfle *
by fulling the will of her divime,ured n dltlo to the show Cottons .. 4.95
So. ..... is o m M dMirum M Evening ........ 9.75 to 16.00
"Remember, too, that this IaWl- dancerN y Zgw and Baggy, leloyr he gI of aubmest hish Ade' Dr 3
atoto Is directed to the whole e buay, Raym d Bimp- ly music y V-t M id#s h ressy... .90 to 15.00
famil4W at a it. When you on Vlma ickian and other euasndedug ss ei
come to the. tadlum remain to.a a .ie ded-.mgi.speakers...b LADIES SUITS
Sclambelr .. Sbalaced tone.e-mas
.... lodass ca uoifro Oail 9,O0 cps.Wool . $1,M .50 to 30.00

mIU & ,A -

I AL9OA 6:15 1;S DIABL
6 .* W
St a ,
uto.. sa~r w~.*

a to oer 1
I .SEW. k: "
a azr..-

ia "* 'd :'
,.-' .. .. .. : .. .. I.: .
'-4 -' f -, ". = = <--- ,-- ''. -.


) HTS. 6:19 8:16
*Ahslt O'Apra

,u, rnv7 .

rm*. -

'; = .

ieNdif 4
T~ooori ii
It 10 bow C lei

FINER .^ -
lM R l^ 1
Kll. "

I 51W I P l -r i
PiWr af isw prie'l Black or
p opooodl a emxt coIt.
711 BoHvar Ave.
S TelL .

AMl Augds

sIt of cmly hblul

Reive kblay'
ama uuAdcapowisi ma vs
Daper chfa eftk Scaud a
PiWeUy *ree t a A.ame
FP Ame y tdbl.
ldi to -apss J haelpe

ift filf *1.A. .
-m IA allt I a bh
* B 4* -*-,*,* r *T ^ -^. *i
11 agg -Wp- ga MI

Rayon Gabardine Suits ...... 9.95



Cash Shies Only No Returns No A.tert j

. F l K A' o I' *' :.:-,


I Asi'ma -
0 We eM go vim f1a N,

W* h un. 6l hhsameseeu$
hqflegAL Seq
,,,,e1k ia -nS
f f ^r ifcafj-iiK wm^47

.*w/ -;

w. -n.


S 4'-- ..-- -- '
..= -..- .




with flPx'Z

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legus yaHeJdt hears

.t. -ma L.,A-
.9 Od

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4"2" ""' :"

, .k^^..
"_ js ,t ~ :' .l -:'

&WI ?A~4 ~CW 4~4

%-/ .

rdon, Score Leading Longl Po OF, cIt
i S ^' ^ ./* -^
Littlers To Try
ional League Featuring Again Thursday
Night At Stadium
rs Aemon Ne w Names T.h Wyor -.h gm ot e
Se League tournament was
o -scheduled to be played at the
thin To ternoon *3IIateroo
NEW YORK, May 10 (UP) Billy Virdon of. wi e P ama team tack-
-~w the tc k, ..,, -. ,.
Cardinals and Herb Score of the India.ns led a be' i ooo .... .- C sM ~... t' ,
parade of rookies today who apparently have between Pnma and the .. T oa
6 the big jump successfully from th the minors to Pa df Mag was po stpon- NOW York .. ..1 1 e .. .
maj r.d cause of wet grounds at C iCPabP .. 1 13 .43 0 11 0 ett4ty 1
The National League seems to be sprouting the e uhas t been readisor Th.u 1 lM .31 t .. 9 A 1

larni has bee rees foros ,hrs .t LOUe Oiypl ,tad.3 ium Wahi. ngt' .Is a... "4. "s
er hitters among the rookie crop, according to a Dar night, sa mtime, same P ph .1 1 1t2ore ..1. e
vey made during yesterday's off-day in the nas m place.S TODar's Nams
1ors, while the American. League looks as if it ,D"I ri nuMr)Mle r %i.
come u withthe finer young pitchers. U SPhIlel aDies 'atSt. Louis (N). e troi Sa
dog; the bespectacled Car- Itched two shutouts already and r m 1lbr"h l
apater fielder whose suc- like Score, is the owner of a 3-1F ii rIu + '
Ae possible Stan Muhis record.Suffer
first base, leads all the Ro okie Frank Lary of Detroit SfedIn Bout
.with I .4A24 batting aver-jhas all the earm ark of success '
othr fledglings wh o despite his 2-3 record. He ha as PBbROVIDENCE Rntr M 0 y
i"n s"oe good at hurled our omplee games d l "" io Ft*Ae
are the Fress both- his last two losses were an 11 (UP) Jose C itreras 28,.
De and George, of the Pi- inning 3-2 setback agai et Bou- Tau iton. Ma r., middlewei .ght, j *I* L rr O .

b Clemente. anoth- young hitters are in the Na tion- weekarer olke Cn --T a--s ago.g edtrAll
f Pirate rookies, boast l League nor all the inte young dCore r collar sed in his -
al .305 marks. while two pitchers in the i Amerian. dressing room after his Bibot ached- *_tIS uO a

diu In ta fo besp ctle ftv-fo u-O Prvtene was stopped In sliePi t* imbo Am te ru '"ub

Moetbwd w Hek a-Roiwter in mlnl, Glnieme Me-ofHtIhe entorlm ILmta 9!5
o.. the Phillies a ,"nd St ping the ball at p.resp5eta t shortly after he was taken o0 T0 1 been aou t 't .
Rmed.3 hieo oeNEW YOR May 10 (NEA)afte Onhe in however, soe re a ak- tuo wee k.
0 Redleg, caren t a.xphan s an ot er ro o he R.I. h Hospital, brain specialists Timba4s been f0o o6 t o td IN tO $ '
IN batting .292 and Palys few bright spo thetin r fo med two-hour-eirg..-
gto figures com- wise bleak Baltimore picture wit y opeation, and found that he weweehton hve
rS8 ad suffered a subdural hemorg chem oftw I' Th ci pl -~. .
h Right-hander -Eddie. Roe- rhae on. the right side of the Practically who has Frno i.ew.rdIs COftd o S.a

x batters In a tle Jim Hughes n a ea s On Tuesday, he regained cor Do his usual game. Smith vsHa el h o t ii
ay f. The left-han mded two victories agaiqt no bref and tlked m ned ort and Nt n h in ee ith a .. o
&It pe wonI fes wlt te e_,_n bn inkist WO at lorttb anndA The vlt eBr
ad faatballer ha won feats. o th his wife, Mary, and their Low defeated inkle. Cor- ish2 0 ,e r t a trei s, Ma y .ouboe4 .-i1
.4and lo kstM anag, p ara p r Eddie S tan wyof-h t o r:d 11o.1 nr v 02ryom a te r cht tesa ,. *lN). Alqlt5 .
s.r d lost only or, Marna er E hle S n Y two children, three-year-ild sale. had little trouble wii Mc- T e ir ed irfou a eeig.MAH t ," e s"t
.three complete amies Cardinals insists hBob twiefe Anlt n -ya-old Billy. Naughton and Jacks beat Boddy e are alker Cu p to DAVID Sa
thdership with a to- auer and Herb Moford and both B hpe. NATIONLiAGI Rayers and -all save stylish erd nt Re. of an, Cas AA
have come through with file baok Into a coma and his eon- Pfa or and Cl'bS, a. 1 j 35 t vie W dwilla remain for tke s 0elwt Vad m o l rnt a-wiek ia o e nthe t t81,
Sstehrsob S e pforma dition became Inc reasingly The field of 128 uaifiersh..V. or and Club, g0ab 3 .2Pat. vietW i dwill. remain forw the Ishe(a.di n ast aSenoekaomea e sate a
S I. p he, io rAll told, teohe currbeent season the crowd that watch- be Cut t 64. Andk o r ywil 'lebat-- Y 2 9 50 23 Lt a, ae, t.1.n S t. a t i
Sof the Whte Sox, who could turn out to be a banner ed the bout were aware of Con- aonite plane Lugga e the Ce, klyn. 2 86 1 30 land, May )-.TAne 4. Ths he fodrthh re t e.
t otma k e t h e b ig le a u e lkea r f o r a m a j o r i t y o f t h e r o o k r ol lw iIh a ur Eb -t IOe W ga. ea- +
o tria e eboh e mecan and rs' plight. Pan American Woeld Arwkyd Freese, Pitt. 20 58 11 20 345 be augzaented I the Amateur J " fbt don or m to In the s
ge.Donovan has National Leagues.a rh hd i e I 23cn29 .341 25 others, nlu such Crc "ov e.
no nroright to the heading the fourthis Dan B Jim MeHle, ..
round and had rallied to wm e Pat for e. L.1 Frank Strat, R SWeelm t
fifth,. w e ,,ll D. shp'ens, e St..L.,20 719 326 .329 an G oo a owe a G Ag rre.D weand dlr
.o tht N.Y..n-1..... ... and ti p,- Ken Venturi, wo WfrL dan s oi-pe l tl
Contreras was not, however, 1r--.,N ,A, N. York 16 2 ,M 8 A,
oJ B ro n taking exceptionolly heavy un- Choroam npi.-th..,h ,ech mau .roMa ...kD Pr Wi b8W

iny n enarioaore hrl.t aerticea .en alityed thisie1 N 7. 6 18 ..r icu fron an ra a n. f orsa tro 'o -1 atoG i A e

.di phla mud lew D r. vs Dla:konuhl v l..h.n 1 54 9 2 3 Johi.ny show ad the Way, .ad D a- 'C a ,, -.W; 1
O. wP o .ped and..ewe -, Chicago 21 66b 14 2tSi3 .34hT bout iERCNLA Ut oe s't-len Am ateur8rti l.w, d fl -r
h a ni t o V-M .. a h n ni N0-.2 26 t o h a Oe- er
." tethe uen Co u day O Neanw ave, Cu n va V non, Wush. 23 9 10 29 .322 a b d b C A ,.I ( A .ale_- EAWlp
oorss- JmIcoo In te It Is ndertd that ere Isreete a P e s erd 14 CMamateursrd id a te eoief 1.w oo Fohn .
-.- ee' anV17 518d. a15edown-wa rled 9 10 le f.t-a in
rc n d-- cramoe. nr in whi tech79ca11 c-r P p s o a ....m ew i*t I3 a*
_4.j ohe Woodruff handlMed thpppemetr1since a ID Adn-crossingfon hseven to fsat ba
ifndeoMntol Broy...8 out saying, however, that the pro AnPP3 -a Ce Chls
*4 I nteMrie-oe t: W vr i el Jckso, Chicago 2.......3 4b.utiffi ult .r an amateur to lea p ous ri on 3oes F iddlng. Me an
e- '-LIUothe .c teof .
o eo. Jourw il ete, MooAren dropped MartGnez twic m. lickenhaiul vs atw Joe, h iaelp ia. 6t he in0.2 a .atie
o c honu u av n s- ZerIItsI, .lNsa City.... 8 taam fae WH ns, CoLU_. _.A O had to pay aty Reds oe ueo aedto 2e-
b .failed lwuphicM, Rao.......i.. Je Co, Js $-o ne for tnperim with the C$'.
vet'en' may 10 ,(UP) advanPtage.Handvr BONNriNeS Smiath, Clevelaud ...'.." 6 tor, .Bruce ud and. IC Lost '.W rnd

Dot erbyATo N"e r .t ao i.. -V- e&aUt of
t N ona l ohandeedntht le i S pseroP0 Derft crowing ite.......P..rincesh batters.
aRoeint erlyn to fromhoInathehto tolshome Stephens aelrN .......6 Pana FArnnotwoPmees Aurd emo then a-p
aoore victoy over d the c ornersoeSuday tinighW. t, tat.Snier, .ro o ...e8ofsCaghrn,,. bOp, ndwh,0eCh M
hold onatogtheircoin- workedou withtheJoter.wprbabu wilm WwPlys henrx ul 2eam eior kin his f ea r %n,
"W lJeTsonday e nabled Y teardyatithez-MArenahDive O e Rx E o aFifeliht, Chichgoou........ghdiu t en veursityl e ets eaa pto or 7 peron Fiddin g.ce; h t ur., e Co
gameTfirstolac ead observers re ed thar ta eatoHv BS iderA.E rla mand ,q itooln eruCa wia
orelC tnd heend theIfu rhandlrounds .as Wemehtcome ast after Tho'omasoA, MilCwaukee .... 22 m-fnalst in the r lme Sitd wil .t ID be.oe L Adolgo ue,
tharge b toi reoundseach with that for r-lmont Fal n '' lYoit......3 metownsmareYostChrYLUa IALD hadtopa stI

oh r perasomeundaywere se.t.edfo s a, hv wo t. r ................r... a. s o
e a te&Mntyealdstt fly o_ lyn to.
ga 'f Ir p stature, t gie Te an idea adds, tef there was any way we Mlrcei'L uim.Bu sv.....20 itourae t ue Untinve rs3ty of11 14 "roton ,fu
1he.I.-2. arn ,tethrot ad Moore. takes wefsaighnttd.'i Swaps Is a .. in henPrehidioofLh0annd,, quiAts ch l a eomn _eflk tFea
.aSt hit homers Tot tre Four other bouts will round not elisibla io Mtlier time Ertont oNwmesCCannonaevni *inuwn,-S...a. &m,'
his uacus doe granst. eflapeated-/ uppt e teCh i reination. aormthebes ip-ttneanfma"t chSniderBrtoekmly r theI te ."in
Martinez.oKrbo atwulonidn1rnPe n:.P. a ,ro iv. le s HI iiL 9 -B eoeyeoas o. ..---s e-,.,,,,-,,- 'a r-m,

ae~lano has @ r _ceied c aklettesozI t~t lh m milt poliee and ...: rl .t rag. an *-asooa t h

pertaining to. his ,against BS --e Pesynvanie Atl-Ne
Cockella~ Ban id Six UbnIson. A full report 124 ers l rIVd* of MOO thther
Barlajl Igue RubIs P KirkanG .7etngtm he
ag the day. A pn
miicren watc"j du~r- .'9~ii toa.wi tte for 41 B]u-rns+ IS -- T t 5
an adjoining rombefore ...- Johnson remained QU TON: With aue out ed f of at when they 1-
~has Marciano bM ng24-.L guad= at tahae. tu bases 4 maded, the,
hoursuardc, e .4 .L1 i l where a mutitude to third base.M,. .- n 13 to 21.
hour guard. ofW .-r
Marciano resqd towan d of t the brain down o seood base nor
some observers chdm .....pted. Doctors sai.d i second basem..sxwa
neesthebank Wshape phy- I s wildU The
lacked his Is sohin al1w eObe.the
tb-M A'li: Md saw" it ima..%6 i
rounds aW AAft
.The iaturday ,thatWA S w t he re as ,
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fee sweU. X'; = "J,' ... ., l : ... .
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MW am-an
Hil itou.L....., Ml
Depteti..bwW t W ta rg
feel 'well. "ad, b
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than.... ....o,. .any. -I"{.:.
twee +: +i,,-.,
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.W .=, .]~ i w =m .. _.. ..., : .---- -

M. .- -.
.2.... .. .T,.E" V HaveHbeenoIn
Q-. Ion C pll and Arainl-ed o's-rywiA

S. this unpleante ee overtook CoekelI thr early famous as hisy 16.f ist
.i ,ince t.hat tim hO has pt lost a fight, a swertey and vte atiy et t -
hel v In 10 start., tour of wPlUMh saw -hi wP by knocuNt oby r, Charles' love.
If an Aterricpa heywh tad a stret like that gOla. heb' Cgoeup the ct the the cbahi
*to hut take one*
Tr.p^ tT eJ r last to h p n tt "

be t of T V. wit alw s b aa fre d i mto the
Donal I thea t hA=rig bord
1Pe et htr, e.. ,tlemUP,

In wisa Mr A ssneveu literaelchws "*Uqm stlaloasDonaldw
a ted to a, a ir kA ke o t but in any ch thy way p ver hs heB TVo
hat ahe haveutofou ra a-w favorite, beau e oe i a ha Olderman the
i m it tw o mr e haenhad wI th ea tultf a oher awer earsartagd t the ie for ha
-" -* li Tl -- I aln
o O!WA0 WA DS ALON Oh" wh- a argt M oubbe ,
.b uc r w Othe t ratr o,. Mill_'s *profeo Uat il b immy 8 ae come an, -
A t ornte f a. v tot ha ut Ir is that Co ke
he 'doiucment qv o gr e utetf gett.n g Nn M, ant that' MM rte m atout oalf ar

oa1 n tonghistory uS the ring uernd,. be t ha wabisilfr h
(r *eko U ala uaat's MIrgn o* atb decs.

S;' r' p eS I'we- counter an clerk or someone who
yes e bopat dor twah e fhamplensis ea as had everf been hit in hie life the
SA. -nmone tad t eby niemnin mFfyra, te we- first time lZrciano tapped him on l,
man was sa eli posmeMr, age1 3s.hrwith alIod
"Or take Tunney: Three years before he o uttabbed Dempo w er i alt ho
sy for tihe title B a toe ed. iut of. the r av, no r eitet, with While bae ent into the 11th
Jack lRe fault. real stinker, .* at git2 Marcians. La Starzsfo
er_'t oi.erlook Joe Laos, either M, as year before hebe.- r uag ibn his maximum eort *
cattmer of the heavies he was knocked outby an elderly Ge hardly warmed up The Ro l. I
mon ame ielng... And hrewd handlers made the Get- hi~ t outing, La ta0n. who

rman wat two more ytra before ey would take another ance ..S- hid the tate for the aour -
hwith him." science, wa flattened by on
MOO groomwil I.* *Is JulloderosM
Si mie e "The boy is a good patents" of Charles'. glove Rocky didnt i dont stop tis to. Sure
.WAOTT WAS AWFUL CockeD attributed his knockouts rays Dr. Brown "and stff about thou ht it ws a loody nose. He he'll be cut here and ere, and
Chaodterigmrusdee spotty of soe fighrs he o av eler pr ibtwa ben we

wheIn he wVon the 1ig One. Th6l'A t true. dwa' held even o r mas ws hard l made-
nccessIve ihts bYw Gui Rlthln ado oe Choenal ., and the the aed h enandst fet hle

athry h. e tey Jack Johnson was the As e C faekd sticking around .
bn-t of tae ramles. ei he was stop Ar-d two In his firs-t four uevno to ust aspedlano up

fmwhts san jod ugeutly -pa r30 et h elsilie wa, w ea h edl
by any -teant t e wrAeb t hss ho A ar gowth e when bribed meInion is a o
greatest figh rea I pot as.Yo, o oae, h he s hs eM ..hearh.L a tt .

have ~4I" sea A~l'.
'The boyIs, tg p i t .C.are'."d 'tspi s guy.Sr

q .hO.d take Ia. tr10 td- aOd for him-

Internal Dissension Bad?

Take A Look At Dodgers

Don .Newcombe no doubt w ill vision on winning ball clubs
Ditch a nohitter in his next start long before Joe Tinker quit talking
for the Dotiers. to Johny EVers hile writers be-
Big Newk was scolded like a came lyrical about the most fa-
jd little boy, suspended and sent mous double play combination Is
Some for refusing to pitch bat- hastory-Tinkes to Evers to Chace.
ting practice. The next day the Babe Ruth and Miller Hugguins
right-hander was floqd A pay- weren't precisely bosom p a 1 s.
nment on his Cadillac and rbistat- Players respected Joe McCarthy,
ed. althoughh some weren't exa c t 1 y
So Neweombe must 5e ready. crazy about the winaingest man-
The fooks, you see, thrive on eager personally. There was a
internal d fsiendion. Fryer rebelling against Leo Dor.
ocher in Brooklyn and Billy South-
Jackle Robinson complained of worth in Moston, and they had hte
a sore arm on the training trip. waning formula.
When a mikaelousa cure Vas ef. There are Yankees who would
feeted gt, urbeknown to not invite Casey Stengel out to
Walter AlJt Robby complained the house at the season's end. Do
La a M d writer about hav- "ou suppose S player like Hank
fag to put. An old pap- Pauer Ie all that platooning?
pyg p 1. him couldn't stay There ism o dissension on a los.
F ,. .a ., Wy, he moaned. ing dub. Rabial losrs just gat
T .a aean-eehanpe of words comfortable and the-manager gets
at .a. aa between manager fired.
and Par r obinson contributed When Newcombe was told to
icrouiay asn a upreceden t e d take a walk, he hadn't finished m\
__taltis Bingl! streak o 1 1. Uamre outalsg. e hid given up
S W dayE "y .CaN. bith i n i8 innings,
pa lB ke ight loud
hbt h dein s no eilhth-place After a dismal 1954 s a s o n,.
hitter. The ordinarily plal Cm- Nwk's pay was cut S00..
1y p.i.ed _ut that with tlh.e Don Newe.mbe acted as though
er- -6ff'he didn't gel anytAhing he wa&'ed another cut, but prol
go-I2P ably will be all right now that he
"'.. has blown his top.
atierst AIMto let the burly That seem* to be the Dodgers'
eatWit stew for a week or so, wminig pattern.
tbes moved him up to the clean-km
d In his plate au|
t- n .and S5 .,in Little Leaguers
A 'kt tIn-earound .550. T .
*$ nb aun5 d U her Bat Against Polio
Iie M. discord. W O (NA)- e Na.
atf.l u br1 I faigle Pa.
not usaman .emah saRahnl .5



-B. LA VIST .....

*M-GW amioes s in color Oby Tlich I


L..- VAJ.HNS. .
-- ----k HI l kt|ii ^iik .

rAi -BA AY i


Enconto Today .25, .15
WAHOO! $115.08
Elizabeth Taylor, in .
Mickey Rooney, in

IDEAL Teday -20, .10
Chapters i & 4
"VaHley of he % lmblle"W
"Stagecoaeh To Mmterrey"

S.. a. .

* C 0 0 6 0 6 'e *

rnrrnttrhr~r A3rF

r- B E ,1'1 F, f,


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THE ALL Star Game of 19M
was played in threatening weath-
tr in Philadelphia.
It rained throughout the morn-
tig. Pre-gas drills were dis-
pensed with
The American League held a
2.1 lead after its turn at bat in
toe t of th.* fourth ninng, and
with the weather still bad, it ap-
peared as though the ga i migt
6e called.
So, when &tan Musial was hit
by a pitched ball in our half of
the inning, and I came up to face
Bob Lemon, it was time
I hit Lemon's first pitch to the
roof of the left flad stand.
The wal'op st Aw on top. 54,
mad that's the wayIi ended when
the game had to be called after
five Innings.
The AI-Slar Game Is a big
thing for a player. To make a
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eial. After all. you're competing
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Anyway, that'I how I feel about
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Kimberly Kid,

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wiaw I

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M*. 1A-.7 JUAN. L A it-,

sit Freat and

S. -_ A_..
S' '-*. *. e
*. .- "=


W *, 0 e e .. : '.- .'

.A ..- ..m....., ..

I. -~


I ~

(20 *o ** --- -*
at say th felpwOMIe esb-ihoaH'4 I

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. .. .
S ,.^ -. .: *.

__ '- -" '
I, ..,.,,.1v
I1'! i-:.,.

sSnag T heater G s M

fiEi a* Eisenhower Agrees ToIf I IIs I I
^ aaemustra .- :,.J --L....,- .-D A-, .....W C E

Treaty -aTetehnee

See Le a the pe high conferople know the truth and he country as" m braham n
powerr A ns PANAMA, B. P., TUDAY, MAY 15, 1955 VaS
""" today entered their ninth
orfaced with stubborn Soviet

Rusiah --c may delay sign Wulgn /u re
of theawhole treaty .as
t cess seemed assured.

F The resis ne iMsudnl e t dEieene hay 1n exP) Tress d fom mr" mein eo bate p hwme d cnres wrat wa'l" sehn
source said the Soviets sin plyE
power conference In Vienna ne

-this weekend I e p t Runstead of a for-sa, ae of four- wer talks at Ed the aura of a man wh

t ao secept a estrn omp France and Britain, Pr formed dgp- summit' han ed Sir Anthony Ed. Influence the United States. It The decision spread great cheer
.ver the vital debts claue. .omatic sources said today, den's Conseivatives A powerful dampened left-wing Labor Par- m the ranks of Cuousevative 1i1-
Under The meet n would be brie.- ti plans wi h w e l ssly t at 1
SUrttie possibly only two. days ad a week when adnewo sources
stris I I due to make a series would serve to "keck or' a con- r erreferred to Eduu udc insist- '-
.?mtRussia in r e turn fepree of th foreltmro mtlea TWt"a cnc w ne onh al ks1 a n. toc level a
,a cp to ba k t 0 oi.nm t wto wo uld out dlua., f u Sumt nin Flies u Warsaw .m.,t lian e.ect .stu
S oupIedil ., s. the r Danube any cold war iaed met, Th e fom thot ile State s f
Spptn company and other sources said. ta'ii.ol L favored in lower let talks r htup
Srmer German assets. The iienvitaoion will be dispatch O-e En s n sv Re NA O e then uu.w meeto
ed to the Soviet Uneo n tomorrow ed ehts el eoer,2re r forredgb minister gN Edd e.Jn'sit
A bateral agreement bessin after the 15 NATO forei mini- n government tere aperance of SCEN FltOM "The Moon Ii Beto," which opeed list notthe "' l '
Er tSit anfghr ewu- lo Waa todMcm na gt eblon hay to couro Fl isntat csa adthoemin to un Wrcestn
op te itoieat ae tread ot r o ide.i the r let Premi Nikolai Bulg i being and a mobilization m Len Woreterhas fo r Len Wreter has alw e
rThe Westerena e say that The s onferenc between Mr. nwWestearb n th d pite o hi stories thn 90 dys o d an y wa rndo tm t inn u is te ft ni .e r sdorne oiesb rth thel ce for hi ton "ned abn mto ac-
ded before their govern y entMarshal NikAolai Bl malBrit- d ored NATO of nearly 100 satel- d o the ptt ..... h" -""n ih di ThTet "'U.ild "o" ent e -eam .e, a e uor m "The on a ade
i; ,.th e t th Prime te t y E- te divisions backed by Russian s "almost tless" in the opho p. The performance fulfilled of David Slater f th as
signte altrateme den an F reennch Premie n Edgar nuclear geipons. sNA of Western experts the promise e of the advance publi- Penn- Boyo ess tlly Pn n s a nse d souldbe "a it
S.Faure would be held i Switer. The Warsaw radio said Bulga- Snce the satellite armies are al- City which had filled the house to a sight to dream ab out, but ifsh prid he h dg
eo f n steri and about Jul 20, If Russ is nn left oscow by plan e n route ady under iron Soviet controplUstandng room ny we r c ente), it would h oav d e
t willing, the re rts said, tol the Polish capital for a con fer- Wesern diplomas pr edited the I f yout h reserve o s eats erly diTfe arce sor her a le wets l

Te larstminutedsgretemeIntin ffGerma u n ifictT MannRe oht to e tar ie foSa m Heoo -al et.,sIefe n ot tis, e most
ONMe sh toe Aaan eh hd p s woul bnse ofB Cm me niTn somtrte nd ieth max imumstCheinetre of te rowr. we ofh ae oni bt hen togtuad Surd A cferie mreasethis oul feste hae s er e
n the tiag ti tthe s mM sh r eu r ist, arim e d s o ny dis e- aiteivionbser ivn Re r Comua w mpo fe Mrs. m an ow s ed e iay er i in- t .

o o, ^.-S : o. .. .i tla i, h almost limitesou in the lheld w e. TlFhTepertormnch ulitlen Pa- of- David Sl ae--d. h .
t iAre. Sec retary f t ate John Foster ence called to form the "Red NA- y, now a sovereign NATO part- House ThePre isCo no need to lau th e an s e eis n sdle nve tl I a ehe i t
Dulles, Frendh foreign minister hO" ofeclally termed "The com- rer of the Western allies. Me mral s i e itself which had such e s a s iuhteongene I t i a a o mte- unt f The Theat-e 'sp f
Sh onference source said Antoi e Pina and Brsh o r- a nd o f the united forces of t The Tmes of London said in an e m sir e ry ea t aful eyed. auction of "The M Blue. "
t r y's session was "very eign secretary Harold Macmillan democratic campt" mditornal toda, the immediatef r el mte foTured ent io. ed by a v, ery successful movi-.dtesame actor, eutnno hrt the aame ihda.
ak the W deadlock. a tterday after s weekend of dt.- forces meetg Paris estimate nce is "to g ae l standing o e mer ra mo n t whiwu the funnybon ee isr I I
l Unless the Soviets change oM rEw inhoe. '.i e itlf aon e recount s io a iers. Oh on died In Largo I d ed th ug you try to d It' good to see Dou Maduro War
"0 te ennisters opeGing t omote rrow weet behe oaul ha ont ei It P lae lpPa, fear.n to xiss a limw n d c le y w ne, wel carry inrahjuicyopr in whic
heir attitude the dputed er- S t sources at the Paris conference Behind the satellite divisions Es Go a police to em re Zo the, nrhen r th e pa steralcmd our puffa j et ex o e, w ell aet i ri h p a Ti
ifTg may be left for solatloh by of the 15 NATO foreign ministers wa enl n 19 an ary. and ro- years.orhepoe rot But the best a e layart ahd Sartin- thoaoe e Hr i |ls the payo
S cet is anxious to avoid n swqh Ecived at the U.S. embassy last m mtic, bargaining counter.m o n t he n thnshi a.a ,e g T oh eenatio n h it an d yougmnwhy Acfi act. m au oe l oftr er
wo eLta ho Iant or. i e nito he or ld ote- eninitever as. o o alo the Canal Zone for almost .. Las it completly from start to There alwapie had to be. a small

-.e. ttro the. foren minutess s t eo- tete ireee wt-ple a ho A rnmaativerf o r. Westa e rmssa y in gete"eete G '' t tIs tt e
R 6 a permany. da.. lo ok out do ned. M r SC rn before his ... "/eodr G *D,--Gh tak- t i A T
Sectln alrsofS o time onFoerenan- 1111e1 fmtRNyo vr A was emplpoad for most of r.Hp his well prn ced ilil"BM Durin s G O he
g rn rs dnadoek th Faure. The United cosi dtime i o en These _s lus l| ne a
D ull F rtrhton rfir eai gnmieiston ewa0tIn r 0arerteerfdDher he executive assistant ,t.ya ou-tgh o the Thea tre Lt d. .e or o

I b settivn Austria I / ,er the.." M -of ^f oeo r ofI!lS o 10fo uelnf Ioe ol -,,f-*. .,- "-- ., .,
"ter ten years of occupao Die- and the French pose him _;. f.eors several ,ears before leaving Ceh o o ud'tpdingrsw. Aut o tr.
re- tterly no early olu on t o th e A suggestion that some action T e nthel 1 service. a--f r o B ro dif t rer ti
"ven repare arothe rr todi..- leadlock- was seen. .e taken to prevet mot rI at a th m me o brsies M-otts. Ohl "on was at one timei
f ti de w ith te all Sov iemts to d each Detail emeticn-princalc Idn t all driev ingxperts of the crsw of foe mplo-ed ae toAnmo aw 1 -
nGermany and otIer prob- we not made p ta ifrontof t Ad- Memorial services will be held ent o or as) ahin tre-are oun ndi Ih
ri ereredlA were said to ministration ding at Balboa at 5:30 o'clock d etoatr born untngton st, aeme te
insist taefheeads of goirdecient HelShts has woe an enmpolv noon at the Ca edral of Rtm and came to the Isthmus drr- 1'olflo. v In ileno the / RELEASE i
hiBALBOA TIDES t heat t tor mia tersi lake, a janit or e Build- Kenna ret d eplof days eary C anl condtru tion July in the Canal Zone were be

rBehind theb i -.. | enao and who wasv i1 er Gahplic to ferIn the expeolon thf or TOM li oceIeeje
hLow Mr. Elsenhower's previous poll. gsard chain, to prevent cars from home In Santa lar. Very Rev. _. Richard b n Cfic Side Independerce Dao.
112 a.ny. 0:20 a.m,. b y that teNe foreign minister intering thtererrace, w be plac- A nave of Philadelphia, Mr. atd, De ofrt. ea at celebration committee. et
etion Build ng to a stone wa ,elll et ead at-h in 1909 as a boilermaker for the R atie s fan a e
toinanxioustoavoidatheU.S.embassylatbordering the terrace at the north Isthmian Canal Commission. Histg.nis nand hasit
ide oftheDbuilding, Drivers ou service was broken on several oea ton a nm d of the Pacifi "t u h '

413111ltIetraeoce te u h tintIh-adh kw-rtowing locomiotive opera- m- a on re o .tao m .IC Ua O U

T6as b ll l poi snted ou th t h n t a C a qra m a h bag te sire n td brh e nIe el anf e ot ent --a t p
the d. e rter of dn aend,, Loo d o wa-.ewin u1e -h cA
TWsnwardmnwide ateh acedn na e udewn d Iuns outyhe oy bedanniveprs.ary oufie tideenethnce-"
.emoura, He exress :resn many an the tws ,hhadaagels Twlht elexebraonhwetbnk the ,,

deadlockm l e a e expe d he lbr G u.-. -.- .. .ie .--.
'Arferthasosme., ,10"momber of Caothe crew of Ch- ofthe Crindatbl tGoi&tm helm iatng with Zm.., wo...d a s
i(U) witsn experts agreed of nd" mriFlam e Vaaboffor proon fc ftia.n
Ioda thedthae. ande downoth ofmthim, dIar deMvenlseaorndusk resterdayitoday suc pully fd other

r occur red M mnhae SuMogetio rd-"taut onethnft hendmae. uyclbainoothec

thenrprepa re.ano 1hera C ..,g -. Rescues ws e., ...
w.omhtie. conse a ie rnt e the Port .C.ptain e the Tr i afthemnon.r I- .o Balboa, C i-
(nowtGomit oraefHsin ter y Ze rtod e
cawatswlete me astre, o akttankBuildingatBaafoartokall o 'loctresttedwfrgon nH tttW Va.,
BLAISttshipwanr.,a Everuon should their I..mpudsnt aler-

ma inguewor tuset hispassageed Moada.A tthe.a ,mvesselsis.caring a ndcarg odisplayci

]dunrdo LeLse, 1h9 53$. the.r M.. .._ _,
UM lar l no.havgIft le toped reamu .I ol ma A sCue effected in Balboa hlaw.
aeufrmo whichim of thepunh.q be Ony eg Minutes after
alhli~$ lwry ith wRaes
ad.,I, i, ._ nch. aS I-,it ".-,-,- S r e. "hted was 'n '
the ca p sed sHOet after work c.a ...... _y m bi-d..
-v I Ith1 ... ry -In was receivgdA e u accidea., Lcewhn.O/ '- :.-
't.from the ba n 7-30 p.m. .the
a Station. m e-v2niof" Bt ..****...-- ,-*- -.. -A-
'w At after noon SY hi the viciity eCo b
s om resident The acciden .a oth aI b
Following- Seiztre dm b a utufed
_crew_ Idetoo nd ',, e h-e. Ha ... p.i s ,et....]11
Thearinaad i Teza mmfaeswiiweesg
w a, nu ui ~ 12 o a~. aimul ef re ,icdbe Na -_-val., S__ _..qIn .-icinalty tat l -
boa, isas aa .h.. bon up wi thi t4D .1:: .,-_ ..
Di~'iesI N- me Orffi eIraftwhic

g he mas ar& a ib* W W M '

...,-. .a. ... 14 on t .e .,r.wayto .-raw
M -: '.-,-. +++ --=ib'--,., -0.O-f,'V"Xw _1, twofied. W -k
i i .. _-- ,.... + e,. d_ ntift".L f am RI V an3 llt
', P ;--- o.f, .-, am : = &Ulan 0 +t .: ;B + ;+,. -.
m +.. --,-W ". or- .---,-.. ,t-"... .7.hs.. s, .- +++ :... -
; L+. :.IW a MILK= and YOM+. +.- -alb*- ... ...

: 'I -'- I"-- .i


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