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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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ax 1, U -

CZ Salk Plant

Await Advice

Of Scientists

aasw mum sau
IekMee8 that inocuftff
fto star Weonesday o(
fo. ti* Isthmus for ehildr
wo lowest school-grades.

*"i:f ^ K :':" ". .... s
,, IM. W W V as~~, asbe was ant in 10
., the sarms 5 Cln..
," ',":'* t ."

Panama'st Pollera Queen,

amona kfevre, Die

Dy WaE U :!# S ..i eofher-i.

.\the vatem e beiqg proeded
by the Nationual lafamti Pars-
jyi PMealatioe is expected to
arrive tight by air.
Yesterday, however, Usreo
General Leonard Scheelt a;
Nounce In Washington that there
would be a temporary halt in the
rtlease-a the vaccine. He ampka-
shied bI own confidence tin t
product, but cut off goveeste
clearate for additional DteA
of the 'aecine pending outline
of a t*4evel scientuic coaser-
caue Ai Waingta.
Cuatl Xme health autharw es
have a yt ,ca led eof t h e I r
da' tr WedMeday' hemea-
Soa, itl w i oa t wim te
fft fM4 ~with them.
Auttis- said they had made
Jpr oI t e U re
.ay s f". or theU. .it .a d
~L f. I... -L. -. ,4 -

A4Mrd FhAnmas Airnmq1
country's now airlIne, ti!
uiami-Panama record ot
ourM, 53 minute yetely
The DC- landed at Tcme a
1:10 pam. Photoraphed leaI
the plane sthe record-brq.
onen. In front, Vivian t
lg, (right), chief stewa--
o the uine, and Yvonne W1e
Manus. Behind, Caphtain-
Cohen, Co-pill Joeph _I
,fifht -Xingieer John PAetrt

e-l I-''*L .hB '.--. ; ,




President Says Coul Give: .

Erneito Slate ;

PrespVes Unity al m

Presiden0t.060 'ArlAutod"y Aadst r ,=1mbor, Ro

M M.atit IM ah athe afnd ASumblyman Heraclo Bar-
I poreantl mdmste as a letta as first and second vice
unity. presidential candidates, respec- 0 --
The ;6eLt; I by tivity
President yesterday President Ari. said, "the a- Legislation has been introduced into Congrest
afternoon after day of political greeipent is eacellent... It has' might lead in the future to the extension of extra
imneqverbs en d agreed on a ahe ethe Lnity of thel leave" privileges o American employes of Fedoei
to ~uest) de la Guardia Jr. 31-m s directorate s t ct s operating on the Canal Zone. It mi ht .ep v.
to th own oitl0's convention as mount, to omnatlon bytham an4
the party pesidentalandi- convey nce the reu o out of an leave which an employ&a ey a
date n e iw elections. was unanimously approved after late.
The ty h command po me vor of other The bill is designed to extend to American o
which ill nam e deleatescaed to make an employee of many United States government aG n
to the oouventlon. scheduled for headway.
-De l GOuardia, manager of the ame extra a -nual leave for visiting t h' eotl utW
I ILtNational Brewea for many years ed States as is now extended to members of fie t
LUshiU 0wU Say and pubibsherr ,"Mundo, Grf Service.
andaO ooalwl. one of the i. the
n L I-laders of the Rnovdor (Re- The measure would empwr the Predentto
3 ht l) Party faction In the Na- up to five days extra home leave for each rfo
iru Pat riotc Coal ion.
t Populrly known as Brnestto, period worked by an American employ at a fo"i
Slais rth petve preVden tal no- tien,prwvidd he spends the time n oneof the
IsIt objat is to" rsorientfiendem of"Pr
Sawyers for the owners of the Ident Aras, who as chairman of Its object is to reorient oves4s *eploylq
SNorwegia IshollchL the dictorte, sve h upp tly as poiblo to conditions of living- and t
In US Distc ?cCourt ysteDay tourd h wenthe n Y in his homeconr
that atrneys 1 the M names of other il ? omo country. n
Canl Company lere too late I n u d, A SCe I the meiure nmowI 2) Person e
S .l in"I 'wprbett"(Awh4
es (te tqsliouI
"d TU -7WillaMe
flc& ~UM;-

ve ry,^ Er wll be "le

t IZ the r at 5 pm.,

.. she was affe-
Ss popl of
ti _Ov t .su W
PsaMvimwp'g.'rbe remember-
d fortt a beatitul trta-
dtilonal resS m e teodatolred
wardrobes Off the fored few
an4 pS agitI ts that -
now shale the of 0 b
1' aWfl .1
%o bur-I

Itsidfits In-
ldo wtthe


she til e oar l

of f S
Asimeor W 0 i'

MAs Follow FP

3 Brothers Ac

P--asf 4 WW IS-
h e.7

the&r tres.
CraftsWmen V with ech Scheeleid Congress a group
other for her order. o safety .proce
One poiera rivalled the other dures is exp cted o submit rec
Ihn 'cuo," open work and ex- ommoendatis n a day or two.
qultte .coloring. The collection He sa th experts mhy decide
aew ngrw and with It grew the govemmenet should t6st all
enr. f a.In, of the dailyy he vaccine instead of relylig pri.
nn t o s erments marily tests B manufacturers.
*he; Po-sLsate
tW c r wA Present gveranment procedure
50 andr.tPoser.-, is to test Jot of vaccines.
Hearlt aof.a m old fami- Ex d.IMw, In
ry 'po: 1 er0a q r, auttul W d-S'B--"m uSr
famSly Pojlera'or' a beautiful ed "is-ad CSer
piece ofl4 -Panaw.alan jewel- gs ,em 2 e Is "ab-te.
plo X04 selutely" acalmtre alarm.
ry, this ardent eollctor tracked r
It down For some of the rare Iotafter Scheele madthe
' .ss paTd rare Shortly after Schaele made the
WAS tev LOO as statements before the Ho use5
Thsla abulous collect about Banking Committee, Salk and the
*hi fCbh l ms lSaaboti, Health, dactton sad Wel f a r e
ilcb aU Paname e igsltatng3 DeprutM issued statements.
BdaY berers dre y Rdd Scheale's testimony
!f -= ""ievre1's ie'onRg rm had beenw "widely misinterpreted"
di t e'oue- s moaniBs the .ve.rnent had
Ray- o withdrawn approval of the Mincu-
fo ~e !a. ion program. 'TWeyaemphasized
P s. tser- this was not so., .
S81 of A Welfare Departsent spokes-
the man said the aedo do aes not
tCsa de?".attb 0beo4 mean the gavenmat Is w it h-
f tium seao*Sd m the drawing suport-ef the 10% mil-
,Catl lion shots ofvacWu already ap-
p-qd. Net OO moen M.e O
a" o llmit, AsadditS al soa.w beh w-
aoe i s 1 S 3) oeld are aecesa" detective.

ain Trail Through Jungle,

Pumul v.12 Years Gpmboa
as M ., ;.. ;.. .*.._aa,.a h fi-..

cci- rco-s -

_nur fl t e s t: .
onAm w-kin WfObaa ,",toY-w Cant' -.
In, -- ab ,fm anum an W -('sdl ;..k flewJma,,a

ftm Jd II


Near Cocoli

Danny Dunning, an American
bey In hie eiry teens, was
drowned tb W-morning while
5wminmdTW near Cocoi in the
lake 'Sormed by excavation for
Third Lacks approach chan-
ThO drownlnr victim was the
son of W. R. Dunnfn, who
reilds" on Morlan Avenue, In
SPew U C4 the tragedy
weASv, t, bI it was learn-
edte mr $5n *went
'8i w- with jOefriendat .a
point where swimming is cua-
A f. the boys were in their
4 teen '
Hi companions were Robert
SmI WH BMI lack and WVi-
W aoft e drowning at 10:30
a.m. r hed the -alboa Polif
ltat' hroigh C fW
d2a&entI.chl alr
sent sarew to the scene with a
res iaitor. -
AVod of the tragedy spread,
sewS! :'members of the Canal
Zo*n kinadtvifa AMoclation vo-
lunteenftd their services and
meo Vwet to the' scene to see
wme%',r1y could help.
A A 'paeana put out In a
rojta.4 began grappling
excavation at this
3 p" ujate deep, but it was
repl .l the channel bhad a Msetback forms-
tb h,' aay have resulted
i S r depth near the
t it the lake formed by
.Mon a understood tb
efrom the Canal.

of the 150,000 re-
bf the government.
Leading to the
.la n of Prest-
on Jan. 2,
Wby the

she w
. r"s

mau Mel .11 p, is
On Marcbh-
torneys for the
Company filed
ship', owner, a
Injured mpi
tof the dead,
Claims toted
included indivqid
ing from upward
upward of $177,
Lawyers for 1
argued in their
claims were file
mucO as the C
holds that all cl
ful death must
one year after t
They also note
imits claims for
to $10,000 for ea
The ship firm
ligence Md chas
sltn wajcaused
nelig e t of CL
Ben aho died
the, ex;alon we
Jr., Waiter C. F
0. UMeI, Malcoli
and lHio villac

10, while! .',.
at a Balboa pier
9 In her eaging
s- -ealier.
mplores died as m cconferet'e
explosion. Their as further step yards the
between Feb. 6 economic ad cu union of
54. the five 'Republic', the area.
of this year, at- Among the attehid-
panama Canal in., the meedft p e In-
suit against. the later are J., urk pp. rep-
n behalf of the reentl jthIe Wo k;
e and the heirs mond t t e U..
Regional Technical Aulstance
$664,2X2.28. This Commliplon, and V.itor Urqulsi,
ual claims rang- who represent the UN.'s o-.
rd of $52,000 to nomic Com ilon for atln A-
00. mericas n Mexico.
the ship owners The meetings conclude today.
answer that-the Heading the five eetions
d too late,lnas- were: Jorge Rossi, inm ter of
anal Zone Code Economy, Costa Rica; Pedro Pi-
aims for wrong- neda Madrid, minister of Ecu-
be filed within nomy and Finance. Honduras;
he death occurs, Jorge Arenales, minister of Bco-
d that the eode nomy and Labor, Guatemala;
* wrongful death Enrique Delgado, minister of
,ch person. Economy. Nicaragua, an4t Ma-
also denied -neg- nel Antonio Ramirez, acting
red the explo- minister of Economy, El Balva-
I part by the dor. .
anal emploesi. Panaa, geographically a
Sas a mesult of art Central America, be-
ere John P. Cole, longed to Colombia, South A-
redde, Guillermo merica, until 1903, and Is n ot
mn A. Callender counted formally as one of the
res. Central American Republics.

b",la l.. .-

S he'1AMO ,-*1 ble so -
a stady It to trans at
determine were their ter. Its eI
sets may IB) wbo w
The represents one phase oyet
of the movean in ncoodInated M
by Philp Wa. W** Terrahrs S
sfatant to the Pr M dent" to coLr- -m <.
dinata and tand as many prpS '
phases of foreign service as po-
the Umted
ble. ritories
It is understood that the lu-rrr d
reau of the budget favors hav- rfa
ing the geographic area of the
Canal Zone closed with the for-
eign countries for the purpose si
of this legislation. from
The measure as introduced into .as ve
the House reads:
"Be it enacted ... that subsec-
Lions (d), (e), and (f) of section l )
103 of the Annual and Sick Leove whose
Act of I951, as amended (U.S.- United
C., sec. 2068 (d), (e), and (). are bhe Unit
amended to read as follows: stories or
d) The provisions of subsections area of ae
(e) and (f) are applicable to thernted
following categories of employes e l
of sthe Federal Government:. adi
1) Persons directly recruited or to tn o
transferred by the Federal Govern- such me'
.nent from the United States or cuped
from its Terltories or possessions ton -
outside the area of employment.
"*" '' ^^L~tlll

ou to
ries or
ere are
I tai
or po
M em


s of


See. &
by t*a An
="=t "%I


~ea.t Mh.'I. ~

a, *'5

.-^ ... *, ,
IN" .I .

is -me Abiambew ohuc

'*.w- ...N;
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-.1. -717,


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--- -

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-. a.


,t$, ~

... :MM&l Inc.;- OHoove

345 MADIsON AVg. NEW YORIL9 171 N. Y.

SIS- TOUR FORUM TH RRADES OWN COLUMN It seemto me that some of
those A'Zu VtitaOt t ou oLUt motI .VI

tiE MAIL BOXM ,, ..U, .. eJ
The Moll Beo is an open ferum for readers of The Panama Amerkei. They seise upon error. of the W"b to bD rlaPulto
Aeffers are received greef y and an handled in a wholly atbde.tial ...... a th
Monet. Ala meaiN mu Into uig rgIuuan7ares ag
It you sentribute a letter den't be Impotent If It doesn't .pp*ef the* i M -a Ad .. mAA
*at day- Letters are published in the order reo lived. ui oeet leA. uitupam, unwa P% 'A
; III. U, lilleAr r^^B% ^ s^^V11 O

MARBLES ANDWATER DRINKING i .pension u .A_ a w o yearsAM' s

na school is to eliminate the children. As a second best, their *1t or uav. eh
normal actliob and reactions must be stifled. nih *I l-' minded _kpr.alti t ., ie r tho
While no'-near perfection, Ancon Schoel sema to be. well bt o ~ner n IsIlena m I ae ee eo. o ut e t
Marble laying has boen banned and now water-drinking .ALcas.UM ,Lau .og u e.. political as abtd to the voe "las "e -
.4 nated during the morning. The reasons? Marble pers dug UIunAcus W wrhbw Ut Udgi. itoli ti clavwtn l
huge tunnels in the playground. Water drinkers run Withthall- tr c s tthelesthtwiahs ryu. D '
Seriously, thee are e reasons given.W h c m threat ie hisLO...eveo t he:10111ev I .,
It seems tous e that i marble playing d water drinking FLcz1aJ. isiOU & Ia. 4a LAU The assured bjAi it Cae Y a s peab'
can be restricted, two harmless and normally healthy things, A* Da fl -Dud M-am.-ibajue adeb aIthdo b id obvasian tLa hu was
then certainly nnci digging and running in hallways can soe aaseAtA' iau su in ntn Gs oe pblic did oetens w e Yala i
otro m el ves. u"r-a dI-saLecu liowy tet, u re -otai

tmWe all Make Errors sIWousN Ijarnie o mai aWALU tDA1 eaipe ag.
_IJ__&__ w TaLms muir adv 4m ,llUes1V

about time we did say something. Now I know IBr. k (our come-u an we hau. n u eryisas Chiefs of State Du Sm seesnOt
Stcipal) won't appreciate this. but I think It's about time our w ue u nusiala aiuu i m IH tand obr the offshn Ist htada.A
spoke up. Iaunnow, wuwe auui mauwe wn n Tha PrrlMnt hasberlie arers a n5e
I am neither for or aainst "An Irate Mother" and "Sorry ueew w 11kuhtanu1u aeUu A- PtanttofltoridentDamo bndMt tongeu woultbend
You All," but I do thini thby elsatgerate a bit. :y gnu wao are hu muca oure 06 V tantBto fhfoSrml Qum ? a t f-*1
i Beginning with "Irate Mother," se said. that she could not iat a us 7..s I t -howey er unftless our-a "- l.'"
take her daughter swimminQ on the beach withatt seeing "v an we are. 1' oua0end uh Whe Ho fe -ip
thing she shouldn't. rem arkel ar3und the White House N *
We saw many a little girl on the beach while t there. ld got off a line wh dnt want obe drawn
they all were having fun. And they didn't see that U MAnae Lia* our nauusal securiy --l--- awrSwiS thou Allie s_ ap a w'aNa
wouldn't see on any normal beach anywhere. Alm, tat gr rcu as
lic necking" pnd getting". I bet five to one tat-she or uItna1ScURb Roat seA \A7 1t w genius eanhe
UA OR i-n o se rt, --- .h -
friends d m the ame s when -they weme ue ase; Any L. #a lova i v OnaerrUi at fai auton.. r
W .... .. ..... ; :::....." ii oeuf lW o ldd Withd, of ,Ids
Now about the motorcycle and cr racing up and down the In view of what the other speak. Poeiicd? ae d.
| Answer me this, was .oybody iut7 Sure Ith wee plen- erssa awoousau d ded* jdato Wi ajaiEaat, con. i
scares, but what do you eapect when a bunch o guSa get B BfOgers om sUuh ysorin. sa rl Bltr BS
was tain.g afe Msim mvrlehs-
trfor a week. It's hesame llover the world. Un uv erse wao uowea ._. .I adv m.atti p

l tlu, you would pr o ble elteu twou ver ere. Beau a u ase .' a.ugar over. sa a 1 s o purcst Pollyanna, s stone pa than Bernie Baruch, but not much. against war, except by a very few the lacing Scretary of State DuI. "u tlou'mPi
that you are adu ly the male teenagers a bunch Ainif you must. But I have been soak- I t4l won't hoot that geed eith- people, and a remarkable pres- lu received oVer the Yalta dis- M 31 hA p voted S*p 9Oqafpi9
te o the t a rtene. Ing all the stuff about Dr. er-not at eighty-five. nce of cowardice about starting sure And e ot his way, r p g me
Wlive off bthe girl.T ti i rotten lie. "Onr of the traJedies of our era Jonas k's polio prevention va.- But you get to thinking, that in a new an silly conflagration i neve would be. het He lra -
ever bit wi ld a t"%' Ilra. .__, ut n tee ag.r_- _tnev_".ou"_be
id o aslw sai uti I tac iuiat m ine, and It nai ot been so very addition to all the pains and the wfrld pt again by very D ust plain won't gi
o01F ueltions as lowttu-;e wo u-d.M-eoit..... "
think, but we do have some self respect. In fact, quite a eaary to have a security lon S Arthur Fming, the troubles of the times, you have few. There ispretty Queen in permission release scret P given pria.
en more than you, eing ow Jlks to be In your gram An oen greerUgo v l Pu feow went to his re- Wen the legal end of seesUthu Britain, who oes a nice site ranscrtfwh Ubig bevet to wU Det

1_whc. rg ....ilbe_. Am ria- .. .. .. Whf .e oof n ,l do r w
sh eoundn t tatcs employed wa c I a wl be W er not the end. and a -handome n Fogn Relations Comw
wiaih that the older peopli would play ball instead. of y those who do not wish to im coasferable. Wu have seen tuberculosis and and a new Prime Mfator who ,bout yalta Ironically, this utnaio mci at Malta isadovac of
If^^ .-ofa os ef^acts. Weare cos anuy Andl Dr. Aibert Schweitzer from ifantile pardlysis and syphilis, should be the best-trained Prime )te t hm
srmev rhwo ngheeandSh eaoess toe fe .rvo. sa- the Co has won a Nbel prize and nearly every disease apart Uinister in the world, because r mma

.ron.. t reflects ball on the wileg e eroup.m -butIato pId tye on rv ',Sr -at
B iw aheae Iblamed.'e on tie part oftsome tolan for i3 work as a grate pro- o m heart and cancer, almost Lord knowsa Ie's had enough prac- o scale, te lowermi threat of a ludtant to runh l and bel eve bow and arrow muat n.h how takes

.sllar t ce c en ee of het hD a few teenagers got w i, te- the sourceofibormationton s ma
-mall of &,but I saw umavy a growe version, rather tha' 10 learn we there Is always Walt Disney I. personally have written the Altogether. I am having aerr
..0tandbn'aog was said about It. truth *ubversion." a to take some of the curse obituary on leprosy, which.her- time snarling today, betoels o
nexttimeyouwant t orowbeat the teenager make C&a And there is a great umed as for 5,000 re years. weather has been wonderful, and ilbrC .'at
alli invlvo w nt Ift w r Nihd ththt civil geood | n named Eisenhower eie I have seen in recent o .s the the garden..a b m.n.. to .mdw, Dos 0'0 ag i M- u..
e f l Involved. e if we are, u rohad dNiholscotndo n cathaotivirur inu d another dissipation of every asf tonat hd'Ppade ga rder fuand CT DonaBi.,m -o,..V ,
yw- piece, otherwise keep it to yourself. ank you I rights ave buon "maistaied 1g adrdtfi? Rfrv".j" Jier vleinI ^p aen. '
p oini i T 11migu2 "1 emeC Al 41 S ev apv n la our S m g oS s m e w h u s an d h e p a n a bpelr s c to b y 1an ab ou th e t .h e l oaog a bout.. the J oe E l sretra

re a tsi'e t 9n alahde. i w ao .t o he pa pels io e bo et al. t A d ern D t
letter I, Cal.7rals c'(F O~ oot sever g aSt eneraul. W I heart owan Eisenhower. a, cause of the efforts ora ad ffto bs a d.b old Grito Iit bei s i ar a r P 1 Eiseanower had
Sm ay. bed em days ho matter what probably might have. miracles.
St etht there W theusians and the Chinese and eated by Adoer Hitler f he had All I'm trying to say be that eed about
S e tJve ss c su U XA Mau do, o matter what ad tho es rtune to have been nanir has ever been a dpomful r a oe e
BB8M G o1 i!I9ita of JasDiiuma th hesitation mi : oDe.esr ehe low raised in GermanyPrio er, o especialy whoe eth aa or't sri-d. nmF w matrs in ole
Pat Zn mHtal .they puo,;U at human relations on a There is p nylon stocking that ha talveradt oie iMventio. su l oa n i arr t kh

111"W4110tj that opsa.nd"aulAven teewa.ofothem, ,, e
-bs.form hsreaad the Incidence of there Istatplastic liver they'll give met with horrendou s ioot c

,B -M eH tl .aa bg t.e at .D- scale, tre lowering threat of reluctant to run, and I a- e deve1 Dow and arrow must hla been bahownSo t- ?.Tebe Ato wantlrmokw na ae"
.enjoy the PostQlWe's M Seod iuvehhe.inquem In America. you, and their are big beautiful But man persists, and inybe, if Wa fre ain ,

cls su n--" .... pl Moag privGregleoft Talglrsfonvey. (W o, ife -d-o- n-,- ,
Slals s mati privleI O np 11 we haven't s ot anything elmse a and panes and tral e and, Just a little intelligence i em-- aLV E iare to
IsPS pi "O. to bra rabot t, here are always sto ta i you places, There od, he mbt continue to ixist, mnove.. t 'T D t e
SF ecutive diclo=e d W ilie a s nd slu' wMonroe. ate vitamins to make you hungry despite the awful presence of the nn'a W ur Clark (rd the e atei
tatth waronly2i0clowiedaps i ntverybas whines aqomuch. it and bighusoiing bathroom, anh Big Boom. At least, employmanet Generous folks thee i

-M I oS of the prJ.M e rtant 0 n sfLrom. ow.wIt. I^?i .... t so rce,,rae. dmdr
m u, cso nm ot ,reis oo r a at its peak, the dogs steem nd e
b ao oicause for Whinin, but we s ravenous. The fis to catch happy, and The gen full of ar, Fra e

27---,.f.a42.-andeachIn Authorized by around. an the whole wor Idibet movies to watch we've ever told o a purest Rhlyanna AndI t
a. .,on-- c40rea, e 4 1Gta e i ,ttorneygl.-hasn'tM blown u et and I, forhad.- -gad to be gLad. and ,rs-Corday oulnt te
dU-I films helped ronsidera ...esA c- ,se.. ro' e
'Iha e o 6 M Me* add4 ia i~ y BUe J. Da, EH Pr e *o *drvDiett all thed canpio ns from -" yal t oi rs deM a to

.17n.T thr C~bl- eo -I 7 .biS.-nit Bb d.roac yP,
011that i nIm ta r. aseug o .o Fyears E IArest ws
51101WnWle 96w ht bee a t e W flKJS IA i^W b r-ettu Scandal InTown: Arnjdta Re cos

0 4t r recorded in 1tB U.S..' t .n .w o r eWashington scio (others. i re
'ove honor 4Imoo) threw onef. ofheymean ai r
rIarti sever thircon In an ,ert ave dhetl.tha he considered

1 3 'e.ep- "h r MA h- 224nDFo' tih eni of F' r a "l1 s "lwsr ,l ws chad -r.-- -, e d t

igg ^.j. dinner em rn t r d R' D c-e s u".k (she's ILeurn r,5 s t uger ob re ns and R e a.i. amuvi.....rieee w asP.i k.yck1Few1atsI I nII uII in aolicy

gIM tte llllaznather h Sl acne hpmn a M
,1eat o ,3, M m Howcum, with lks scarcity of er O tK (toe t6he film f.. F nxt ,a -.' t
S 18.had 11421 1 t i Vaccine,. A ipment val).Js Mr. 7 lTh le dolls toss Gpaof h l lM.'i.
sosreal was seat to eP0ng, 0 is rare petals in W POWhows
were oN" to M.gebt the 2h did' tnt MI
B L IC--u l ..l.. a' atr b-. ncu .-ement. wouldn't let h limjs t eong.

.t.e d U .S. tl ,te I .y-keep bi .- ton g S ,as s, r-.
O T IC E low". -.N VA
1W ot ; t ateryain trem It
oing or;.i.1butthke wtedd? ~ ~ i

on ,cThe. yp V "
atitosw taL payers on he Canal em
-isrgomw paeyadVtsior. I f n : Sa
in 0 vaf

m th


70, S-: *

.. .. s o li, Parl
64' -- *1- "02-- _.-AM

: -- I I

.4- Units

.'. ,'.,t T V3s oo 'I e ;

S ement 9,'00,;P ,P tR .r.61

I i h a nced i ,: S-, uad i;, SLO, 0 aZ
sit$ -Puerto.Rlon a e ,00,a Colombia; ,. O ,-
ba "0 _-.. 00, t 1s,50,; Peru,
Pato, a- caaraoe nP a, ; ; D Ale iFn _. .
Win 'a'hti o Increp" MAW rcuaia 10 t l' VFORT KOBBE' 881 received their first Hol.Communion uniday in services at
h-e.Ha a n 1.i _o i00 the Post chapel. Officiating at the ceremonies was Clhi (Lt. Col.) Lawrence 3. Ryan. Par-
gr at aneheds =agua, 0800.0. U ay, tipating, left to right, were rilynw Ireland, Barbara Ireland, Philip Racicot, Robert Nicol
Socni .~lreri hases i Paragiuay,,0 00 Howard Ballow, Gerald. Peddlcord, T11mothy Smith, Michael Spears, Teresa Stacy, Patricia Sten-
Ster gods. On a perEata basu s work 'gal, Denise Presley, Patrila Macel, Barbara Bran*o and Kathleen Kaiser. Standing in rear,
Ba li nir anepropPsed ut as follows: are: Claplain Ryal and tiro'Bisters from St. Mary'e.chool.
tI0.4 10p0.ton lnere of Pueto Rico," $20; Vepeze-l a, i (U.. rmyphoto by 'phan)
-, "M tI .S a gue.'Ct --. (U.S. Andy photo by Pfc. Karphan)
. q a mt.a sd.ahar f the Ue 5Paqazpa 9; Cubao Cos- o
,- -. "" 'm hi: ca Niarlangu S28*; Co- ,. -
loinbla. :N.Mexico $24; iobdu- A .
(SI A S .. .ald$ uma: rbitratior Collapses In L&N .
.- 15; Chile, 1f Uruguay, $1U; E-
12cuior, $12; Peru $11; Haiti.$11;
TfURSDAY 12 Brazi, $; Argentina, .. .
S6; ParagY, .5. 1al Fine P ltutre made of
Ill RR StrikefDari"n Mao"gany, NOWa
8; ParagYlJy,. -5, ---R Strike; O ne Striker Si n D ,prit*9 %
amaginat low prices.
,-- Behroom Din tsuand
ATLANTA, May 7 (UP) Ar- The governors at a recift At- [D t iif 1100 SetLs
Sbitratlon to end the two-month lanta conference with the dis- Productos de Madera, S. A.
strike on the Louisville and putting parties reported they tj nbnut. Cw w
Nashville railroad collapsed to- were unable to reconcile their BaweMn ledaklS. and
In an angry aftermath to differences and accused both 7F"l. Ave. tora
thf slaying of one striker and ides of being unreasonable. no so
.I i- J Bthe critical wounding of anoth-
"Murder," cried O. F. Leighty, ,
chairman of an AFL union neg-* *
otiating committee in Washing-
ton. He announced over the ra-
dio that the non-operating un-
Ions of the rail employs were
Srbitrate the dispute and would I
AM*; 'm e insist on direct negotiation.
Sil But R. V. Brindley of Nash- 2nd
ville, a non-striker who admit- iii i
-- v IL '; -- anted firing the shot that killed
.. striker Carles Wright at Mount S U N D 'A Y
Pleasant, Tenn., Thursday 54 ght, *, N
said he did so in self delen l. A
union leader swore out murder Fam y Dance Buffet
warrants against Brinlley and
three other non-strikers arreat- starting at 5 p.m.
ed with him. ,udtwirting at 5 p.m. thm.
Brinkley said.a oup of men
forced-a company, ruck off the
ead and while #ie wasting t With the "Lor filgros orchestra' ,
-out of them wreokd'veWl ,. .
WrighL t hit him iti a o o ,
he shot him."
4e eit. tA few hours after the Mount Delicious menus
Pleasant shooting which pao- ...and enjoy a delightful new
lice' said may have involved b*nrd ..and enjoy a delightful new
than one shot Kenneth Nlch- environment.
olx, 36, was shot and critically
wounded at Louisville, Ky. Nich-
ols allegedly was shot by John
Braswell, 55; after Nichols hurl-.......
ed a brick at his home. Also L /0
the house was raswell's soAi,1
Verl, an LIN non-striker. ,
Loursville polc said they filed Via espala
no charges because Braswell was
exercising his. right to defend
his home: .
.W h h Now our men are getting shot
and killed," ileghty aild as he
broke off the arbitration sessions
just when federal mediators
.. sa e *thought settlement of the 54-
day-old walkout was in eight.
s sa people say money. And ou the saddest y in
the strike of the U.N," "Leiglhty
we ,igi. BUIt that's s |st a small past of lhe SIor'. added He called the Mount
Every himuly and every has valuables Pleasant shootlhg the. "murder"
theat- n i e he repla..d gf my wtal. And of a man who was minding his "
own business, and added "the .
what yev san't replse ... yeo ams! peted* worst has happened.?, -' i
& + Some 0000 members of 10 of
iat el ever, risk is and how to avoid i ions walked out March 14, de-
Adha'tf you wibeenwencyourmanding a compulsory insur-
niy 7 pf uad How sbow Yes a safe or a money IaN insisted on its own volun-
NmA... tb5l 1 y a dt.i in ..s u. Ov i. i ta h helt pln, contendin!
that" ideiped eipecially to in the union's version would be

me t abl... afu t o fr In the bitter days that follow-
in. which an estimated 25
1lIltdlPNU IIfdt1W n cenit of the llouth's rail corn- o

haii to sly i .wiuM. A mere roughed off, three of the U
Sope*ratnu on the IN al- Hardtop with 4 do
so jolid the-srike. Train crew
SI an I Nt' said they were being threatened
mt pM. t. It. with discharge if they refused to
ch better to bi. safe than pass the non-operating pickets. -
.1T7onW 70 adIUI The same day the LUN strike

.M ^ Bbroulgh^t violence and
WI scrambled eommnleation. 0
-. nictalon Work of America in

Th WA ne t pated to uPre-
sdent Ie dca to "pro- ns.
piMMkpO arbtration" 0 Of (
Sthe ttte. southern
Bell hu -a -

.. .... '" + /: "" +" tM ..0--' I*

S.,i ,

1* `

. __ 1 iL ..F .


Noii t B uty or YO* T I
At A" Histry.Making .


t-~,h.-- I

b .' ,,%




In -

,n. 7A -411^up^i


54 PC. SERVICE fr 8

Complete with lode or.
Mahogany Finish "Soulf Sma*


The Thrilling
Set Condsts4
* 16 Teaspoons*
* 8 Forks 8 Sal
* 8 Soup Spoon
* 1 lutter Knife
* 1 Sugar Spoon
* 2 Serving Spoon
* 1 Paotry Sewr
* 1 Cold Meot Foi
S ." ,ali.

I Knives
*d Forks





s ole Irlst to see the new "South Seas" palem rn lere "il
morrow Take advantage of this thrilling Introductory woer
that makes this.romanic new pattern with ts new sNah, am
new proportions and new styling so easy to own. ._ .


SWin ht 1-KitW fine Dhaiaoit ring In' our frf rafffe 'n May. 24f P.
Don't forget to. change your old tickets for new ones. .

-- -


o rsI N i

What a "Rocket"I What a reception! Olmonile Mnewr Holiday S
has just about turned this town upside down witlk uilARAI A;i .
no wonder! There hasn't been a car so completely new Ianlauwla .'
Here's an inspired nomination of the stunning Boiday Cap1i
sports car flair plus aiU the roomy comifrt of OldsmehobiJ s ..
beautiful 4-Door Sedaast And to top it all of this 4 mfUIO
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drive the thrilling ew Oksmaobile Holiday Se

Sf- i

. *
,, .. -, +.-l t.- i .++.I i l i P l -- -:--... : ,"

1 I


..1* .. TIC.

i ~"`~



' :**





yS.&r ',.+. ,. .

' '


- -.


W*ENDEN! j1r ImwAnA

-'Ti-1=)~~~"t"; ..>---

-.. ,.,- -- ,, "- .... .
..... '. ', ---. .
.. : .. ",- ,.

Infntry's First Battalion

plates Jungle Warfare Course

IopIomnas were not presented to -ment of mmies and booby traps,
Mnnel of First battalion 33d a mbusi and squad, platoon, com-
.mtry regumerI, on completion uany and battalion tactics. A total
1 six weAt Jungle Wart a r e of 53 courses were offered.
ining course, 'but "graduation Employing jungle tactics, as dev.
ists'." wcrg held on return to eloped in tre Phclfic theatre of
r home sutff6n, Fort Kobbe. operations ir WW Instructors
S ive companies, comprising the t JW 'C ,resert approximately
1"st of the Lifeliners," march- of 'heir instruction at
Son ost to theb beat. of the Re- ght. Examples of night training
4er.t'r nej.y organized drum' are jungle navigation, compass
Ad buje cops "niht raids end night withdrawals.
'The ui.ttalion recently complet- With indhi dual and unit train.
ed 'a month and a half of training ing ulder its 'belt. First battalion,
&nd an Armyv Training test at the commauoed by Maj. James. E.
C a's Jungle Warfare Training cen .Pacy, embarked on two practice
I w e tests and, thcn, the final examina-
Aftlei reeivint five weeks of tirn.
tiotiinK fran individual to bat- Observed !.y a battery of offi-
talon ,evel. the unltp rticipated cer anl enlisted umpires, Stacy
w a 48-hour Army Training test n)ut his battalion through a series
whieh evaluates unit efficiency, of defiarive. retrograde and of-
P'-or to0 AtAT testing, JWTC ins- iensive maneuvers.
S ructor peramel presented a full Taking up where the 33d nfan-
curricuulm % life and combat In "r unit left off. will he the Sec-
S 'he junl'e. Cobrees included Jung. <-Bd basUlion. 188th infantry regi-
So. I survival, jtngle living, employ. neat, i1th Airborne division.

1 f
,, "C

W. M (IgArgen4. In@. T. .fU. .i Pat w.


S tMom pretends she goes shopping every day -I start for
school.nd walks all the way with m-I guessshe knows
it's the hooky season, tool"



Alli-.s cIvery Fifteen Days for:
Houston and New Orleans
SBalUlin: Every Ten Days for:
New York Philadelphia Baltimore
(Gulf Vessels call at VERACRUZ and TAMPICO
(MEXICO) every six weeks)
Wilford & McKay, Inc.
Masile Buiding, Crlstobal, C. LZ


rIiV' W P
*AcMO67 xoeag,

Wetlest for NA Service

6723 493
VQJI10 VA782
*J62 *Q1073
6KJs 61042

1". 2. :



pre that South intended to u
at ick to West. In the oBe. of

4AQJ8 4 w 1Pvenu g -bil, East put up tie
AX4 twicE dubs.
6AQ' This defensive play didn't elp
North.outh vul. East in this particular hand, but
Soth Weal NW1h East it s easy to see how it might he
1 4 Pai 26 Pass helped. Just give West the Wi"
4 Pass Pass Pass f clubs and South the eight of
Opening lead-V Q clubs and East's defensive j ay
would defeat the contract.
If South then let the ten uf clubs
Lold, East would lead another
club; and if South covered the
When Wes' opened .the queen of with the quoen of clubs, the ol
hearts in today's hand, it was r.ease would lose and West would
clear that East had the ace of have anothe:- sure club trick with I
hearts. Few experts lead away hms Jack nine.
rrom an are queen against a
suit contract, and West wasn't As It happened, of course,. B4u
Sno of thatuanselect few. Declarer hid the nine of clubs. He could
therefore played a low heart well .afford to cover the tea of
from dummy and continued to elubs with his queen, losing to,
piay lo* heurts when the suit was the king. Now if West retned
continued, a -club from his jack up to the
ae nine, South would get a free
South finally ruffed the third fnepse; and if West led aytbing

ibound (Af hearts, drew two rounds
of trumps, cashed the top 4dia-
monds and luffed his low diamond
in dummy. With the red suits thus
stripped out of the partnership
hands, declarer led a low club
f'om dummy
East had watched the proceed-
ining with great interest ard could.

.CKL u m ,ii-


else South would get i 1 B
free lineise. VE lWiUBl

Incidentally East wouldn't have
been in a hurry to put up the ten
of clubs against a poor player,
If East had played low, South was
roing to finesse the nine of clubs,
losing the trick to West but as-
suring a favorable return lead.

ha.,c T'ha S.

~. ,l~

*,r ~. .

F/- q *

I -

You Will?

I' A P! THE hi", S9W S S
w aI B .V A iL. Rh

A m: __I

The Pacific $team Navlgalion Company

Royal Mall Unes Ltd.

S.8. "COTOPAXI" ................................. May 9
8.S. "WOMNrGHAM .................... ..... May 14
M.V. "REINA IL PAOCfIMCO" (18,000 Ton) ;.....Jue
F *


.. "O AVO ................................May It

8.S "DUIVENDYK" ...................... April 26

All fditas ubject to Chance Without Notice
PAcwI STEAM AVIGrOATION CO.. Cristobal Tel, 5 /S
FORD CO. INC. .JPANAMA-Ave. fert #55, Te. -1257/8
IBALBOA-Tera. -111; T1g.L -15M

oee Yen Later



M .3 '

*-L- --ftL8 '*- ^sa

7, 4'

Thbyve Got It

Inn.- -U.

M w, LOWlh #o

Srange i"

Makesl orm Iea


43, ft. OIaDINo Hou8
,no -,


uMAJioos ap eGT oueR W

l A SAM.: 4Tei.LBR. -
' V~tM416 'O, A SAC.
.SUOLT/ -, Lrt Oui
ICOO n UP V JtuP .

.... a.
St L

9 ,..


POuR -

! 3IjIR~U

.- -&.f. -
BT Loop.

tIDU Psuded

oi Wm ioN acRucUm

IT JW 1tr


A Date


- ,


Pea "

- ._ -----n- LLI- ~__~___


-- -- ~~__ ____


B^O. Tw I o n/

.OUR J .


Ar .'*



. cTKMfe




I Yfl

z cc
1~jjrnjj a T Iw nWJl-
w asy^y rr ses s ou-.
& AfAU opos..MJ~w
L S0N*^! waM "'Jl AtSB)KH
Itil XDDANY'SM-^ y-


.-.. ..:. \. -. .. .-.... ....

.~ .-

."S A -.
- ..

ag .. o" te ... Is rete
-,. d'-f- M, ;, #., .. -e I --. .e y __.._.

o a... the a .a..

g' equipment, particularly p a n e wrilt wnt thei hit pper
":I "S. lm o ov.erseas aad "er ffect a d ce a.da. til"

Sa. p .g**.. .. a... s tycfctall reaiso ed withb tuo r a ver. er wa e

e h" 's 't h* 'a., ... l iter sat yR..taritan present. and W t w athe worit piece 01 -im
gSKS* i io ei waS ti us i fol la oye," he r tos ul.. -d iiown ain
.- < w_.. d everything f ut the itche ink.
.Caput. 5.unto :e, R-aine wlaso met ioae Ua c.-meld fia ..' positveleek-

*: omUem oSf the fy prcdue aductdas aa new member il of t. c Oeat i
'" ce 3 si... iitnpor.s r by Osniond co f iked the tie ad the la

"eH aw Me g go t *ro:es unt o0n the aiy Srt f ai 1n1 cuotd foowingem e thae sce
-it. ?Ba.e usl. ir ..., :eilc. C l tn. o t h e atI oh tapee play dte l meld r y war e
M HB" fa ... *, E. l, n ^ ...-o;tr determe rllr d trsesnt a henn doI uwasbther piete poo y." p

yfu.m C E ...* 6oo: crippled chid, victim ofa n als ttack or. I or Loye or .on y -d he de-
a a a.P m taive ot h eerythin use the title, bo w-

a"s ---' ".* aCpet. pretm icharmya n r au in e T s e a t hde t hreeu on title o n p er

Caguebis. Cleli Uuai^i tWto 463 a S3l *,;. f -e Ji, ad annVoirgil Wat D et o pe n Thor e s haey dore e fo such
.. e Sa "h 'm fa ........... eo .. utleg i l,, ue t i o ao fttomerni tti. o, rse, o e or e nt l t "et Pr efer
Cl t d *aa to ,uS w iuh o a et W elot ext Tuur ab l e.o itr, ar b outh n .ie p s. uv ,-
S.AS ...................... 1 preso e tativ of the oeth Air. .......The-e of the tiatlep how.
f I"T~t-iitiifiaalTd '*' 3E .t H M BSubs .. .. A-lRg aep borne Division has ereyued meafanio n ilg the o
it.,,i H ---a S 0 aI7d. 8:1i iL'aU M as ,a. -l e President Jiam: BuLer preside minds of potential patrea s b I gh.
a N Sa o M h OT A MB ea, (a g ut included Alex Pas. Theatre wud he b scauhe I t does-
to* 7S 3L .._a. o """ ....... 30 lib... "*30 e oe nf Juai te S Psu. VirgU ai W Stael, R o ter n reiatles have done for such-
I n rm P C a oreder s a TeeMe o i

u to. o. .... n... ... a The play i h about an e i pulsive,

W Qlai g t AimM soee .. p,.... ^: eond aepmu t'Ri tane titc, only happens once in a blue
1 a gy u an a m Z:H W AShtae3............... th re.communse oon
.. B K turned e '.e ,- dl tle 0 Wha bew rle -S pl-es

...... U -, .Al m -J ~ n.. b __vif- rd Before th te e play went intue o re-l n
S'*. --H. .- y C -- --ml-.....,...I an 1' fl **t iuug A T T Fte a laarsals for itht New York produc-fa ithh
Wa:.... .. .. .a hrm ymfIed

*^ Kartfc~effiSA, a h nUtadyS:rme DOA *cm:tU pWK AR.e gula *ervicee a n Sunday Scb ndl nerouso-frieds to change the pi.
a'fm ..Cymt3r Clad m s to sil pm.. E* .,Cli LBWCB- ...... "," .v iry sund~y *t 2ise ap..nt.B omi t-ri s u y to something with more box.
.....i'.... ... q I. w-g..1 a re si :nsw. e an m warln woe re maia n e b. i Osm lcodd lice a eu thre or e at d te ato one

IT+Slz...":utaS asf:st 700a. n e.m m n he.l t ... undaSyea that conveyed the content of then
(A A a ) 5'- i ll comedy But he refused, still in
'." ............ ..... l ve. ..a ao assted, wp i te. the ic M o aone t tle tha
.' Ii=: u.=ad bi~sams or te Rie ~e as on odnrbe.( heudcBa wl ui

"- -gaA I sal m ." -a1 | .; :l"0 lcadchimed Ehimlw victi o.... hn was o "fo "ust* L eor Monvy a Hhed

Mndond.aftr asyear nailayext
.a' W O, ih to a.- an -.. aw p U n. aulla aa s u tlat wo uld| iih a e t t, h le, an e-

c i. to hae uest net -rR M1114 RELEASbE *

.' 0 fl .t.*i 's .... i................ I Specif l.d rpulttin anti-hrmorl A
: ..... Herberte ca hits o the t heade i.
aH ,eDomentar d VAICaosi tat in

S........... ... ..1..... e e irexress TlReSDr 1yu1 aeleiti dsW e
111i At 'g C is 0*) do:. Mass i.. a" -, tr06111 from lhtUOhio totheCo- pheast : t a e y cve r 0eyid ot

TO'I t,. .. t io, n F hi.&. ; Wdelc io-i ~ t notlw. i ved th for uh

S1 4...... .... -,.
ai t" T l S ub out ly hnrm-puie
Whii O. rut into use, age anf mettve. ay -n oi, od fiinge kit tca Ingo

f A; ii S? r .T" p ** "a- .-,,. *_*smt ... .al .... .. ^ lH j UB *C II lfcti e

--"C aSThndo lphs ee nmo-aoredu e turs oer o wit

i w al. l It iviceli tl a It is c lo y hd r o b th,
Qm ai m94" ak eUe.cWTeet

iaAa... ...t .a.. 1-0 1 t lo -in -... m n t I fiet c s r eg u e aten int -pher mo h
dAi s P^ y ee e-t b ay U. S. air5car- .IjUrWe I "fo I t en th epd a ydr ep t for gthen t re me-n
a* u "...i..... Sd 1 1- 11F [e.... I A8etl se Itali

O W FtSpell, s h stll.. .. .alt int e Drat e he w ihstp i A I.c atiB i
an s ,andi.... .. ..........., f_ a i r

3 .. -4: 0 o p aero .dw o .fort o yis co m "l'i thi Wawns n
.m..t a-- c hlde irt o th vesT e aitch a mien

3 ,hI ar M". mwtmve ee u ur
M. *- 1 3n m'e of the
..' e .ebr..S.. e0'e.tvc president o mi-grsysilsHret fu
-maam by ppm onm re. ur ust il teile by nt last
Fos= s lK R oueltlyi tJ e Ro ary SotBa m cerou -r k d s ugt ine tha
obw :l't. 64 PAL,' a,W c. n ion om hu a v. i n,, com.o iee atha or app euldtn Io one
..... ... been determined n.. ll clsses. happen."once in a blue moon.
1.0. a .amedy rprutRyD Byeo We he began rworkuin on a
1 v 6 i.,PA 0o ion m.Pormt caim, Paln" tidedt useo athe the t & adthe
.8-.,c,,:...urdyman o_-0 ., of Amam, .. .......... e c ta lop ee megio to, t tl etheyse ut-
., v74W, SundayI in Mood"bFO'T ben

1=.Ice.10.1"bm.:A n ci2r.,d .u

U. .n.v SN =to T O a n". -"

mrd esm Qi.uts --- -..
... -3".%- :::... "..
pm,=,, Pa f.
I ", o meats like
.uI:"......i.mNO f

"a lr
a ,.,s. me
.:7: '=.- ''" W'A
<-: ..... ,,

announced hi retiremeia t u chan irm
'tors of the U. 8. Btefl Corporatlion at .tb
lers' meeting at Hoboken, N. 3.. reetveel a t
n Ellen Oraham. Falrleus. 65. will remain
a member of the finance committee of the. cpPr t ..
;'. '' < ;.;-" *"*



1952 Plymouth 2-Door edan
Low mileage, good rubber, only $800.00.
See it at your CHEVROL.T ,DEALERL .
Phone CIo 800. 8.. :



Institution Guaranteed hy .the Slate
Pays 2% Interest Annually on Savings Accousts


We make loans with guaranty. oi first m-ort
or other eocuritlep.


deposits are accepted thru a period
Af 418 wieaks

a :t

WV I : W.... -.
Individual safety deposit 6oxes, for Jew.lry and"
documents, in 4.diffoeret jla*..
1 C .os 'Ir ,.i:.1 Ail .
-winl *t .ll *lii-w


O Rb-Sihe ,

Fis -1:0 as. j .L I 1M P A
SATUNRATi Arm 1: i a' m I, t W.,.

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"'I : '-- -' "


Ther will be an Intpruptimon .1Wt
on. Sunday, May b ..w... I
noon an- pm. 'in. .tt
BTire will bo an l^-i^ ^,..

DIaz, Ulkflores in La .llla.-a'--.. .

Compafal PatnAs d. .*."
onstanto workhWg r
o uat you. -



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FT _=m. ..".
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ltniMMMMM~wmlMMI -" ;- -

.J*t S'~~?~.'U'C -
'4~' : '-

. _- 4.. .
.-. '.., 4.-I.


inexpenstte Want




I SMreet No. U
41 of July Ave. A J .
Jstoe ArmnemenA Jv d s It.

3 Lae C namquill
Cmotl Ave. m4
No. 3 Lrttwr PM--

T .- 4''**: *' '**' *"' l-AS*


Fourem t Win Ave. Ave. mlfl v
a Ceoau Aw Is cm .:ttA ,
a.rgen ., pes I treet a 5Wst ..

SrAMA "'

X, WA@ W, 11

NOV'. Abes kTHIS 12
.. .i Av -. : -' i "



, Wi i V -. .. FOR SALE:-All 60 cycle Hat-
-paolt 11.5 cu. ft. doepfroose.
5225.00 Westinghouse Ausi.
;HARNETT & DUNN c.o....o ,., ,,,b. A,. ..
HARNETII&-DUNN Cloeth dryer $100.00. both like
BALLROOM DANCE STUDIO new.. W'oighouse tank t y p e
MOTEL EL PANAMA. SUITS inI clean, $15.00. Gilbert footed
Ste 10 p.m.-Adulb. Pr14oes. miner with all attachments.
& Toonegeva. By eppelmtmen4t ely. t10h -gd condition. Phone Al-
Morning.........Bal-Be -4239 broek 86-5218.
After 5 p s. .....Pmf'w |,1 i FOR SALE:- Thor automatic
Swaher, $90.00. Tel, 36-2296.


FOR SALE.-1952 Ford Sedan,
$1000.00. Excellent condition.
Redio. seat coven, good tires.
Call HWle 2-3196, House. 78X,
Morgan Ave., elbaoe.

FOR SALE: Alpine
Mark II Sport Car 1954. Radio.
excellent condition Beat offer
over $1800.00. Albreok 3190.
FOR SALIE:-1952 4-door Ri-
viera Roadmaster. glacier green

Canal Zone Dental PolyIeltie FOR SALE:-CoM-olte house- and cream. W/S tires, radio.
Dr. C. Flhbrela DO.S hold and office furniture--in- heaooter, power steering. tinted
cDr. C riding 3-Strend Rotten set. glass, perfect. 16.500 a c t u I
Msure-bridse werk-41r br5Id" Simmons double beds, 10' G.E. miles. $1450.00. House 11lA
SGeneinral Frctw refrigerator. Electrolux vacuum Gamboo. 6-397.
Svoell (4th of Jnly) Ave. Mo nA cleaner, erdqn tools. Simmons
.bpoMdte Aneco School sPouriM d) crips,. bebee tondo, stroller. of-
S 'Telephom t.e.r--*Im L fice desk, 2 end 4 drawer filing FOR SALE:-1dto 9 E ull ndker
ceainets, drafting table. Call Champ hardtop. Excellent condi-
Dr' Alberto Neverre No. 55. El tihn, $1095.00. Albrook 6295.
LIFE INSURANCE Congr.le. Phone 3-2940.
LIFE-. 3-plaR-Ah- FOR SALE:-1947 Pontiac six
CALL FOR SALE:- 3-piece mcho- cylinder 2-door Sedan. Teol-
Seny living room set with small phone 2-4314, house 1525,
J ItcoffeeE toble. $70.00. House Balboa.
1J/13 RIDGlE2396-D. Cocell.
14.21 4th of July Ave. FOR SALI:-BEby crib & met- FOR SALE:-1954 Ford Cus-
tPhone Panama 2-15 5ore. Seat end outboard motor. tomline Forder with Fordomatic,
P Prithm, Crbtobal' 2480. $1550.00 cash. Tel. Ponoma
... ._..- i- .....'' 2-3883 or 3-3744.

"we can help YOU mw
4 Chirpractl"

i D. A& a 3. OILLAC
tPalmer Gradu stMi
g .Paert A&venue Tot. -.11
' (I block rom Luxe Thpatre.

FOR SALE:- Drop-"I meho-
geny dlkinig Meom tilfse with
S four elojr $75.00. Four ex-
oellent tookwood tables, $20.-
Aqeo two table lampl. Phone
'Uhr-31 2-'173.
, f.FOR SALI:- Dining room set.
$90.00. Calla Domingo Diie

FOR SALE:-1948 Oldsmobile
4-door Hydromotic. body and
engine OK. Telephone 2-2189,

S FOR SALE: 1950 De Soeo
Custom Seden. Fully equipped.

No. 13-20. Good rubber. One owner. 86-
FOR SALE:-1 safe and coffee 2296. -
ANSPORTES BAXTER. A. table. 1. chair and hassock. I
M Shippers-Maie n secretary desk and chair. 1 drep FOR SALE-1955 Ford Cus-
Pe 1-451 eaf dining table eaid choirs. tomlina Seden V-8. Last chance
House 5512-B. Hains Street, to get a new car at a substantial
Loarsn ,Riding *tofDl. reduction before I go to t h a
t J &a pi closs, -de |y FOR SALEK 4 burner oven gas
S to 5 -0279 renge. good condition. 540.00. OR SAL:-1954 Fol min-
-- 3206. line, Directionel lights, under
FOR SALE.:.-Metol double beg- coated, low mlsoge, Soriginal
? with spring and e*en mttsres. owner. $1395.00. Call 6-419.
SMoI', dolae S..dnwu kwith
da "tiri.' ih ar Ivo', lr, FOR SALS -194A Buick, o* _
y ei tesh bath. $ I$i0.50. Metal dress. 3-drew- aleu engine, ed times. nesde
o fr with miter, brown. elor, body repelr. Make a good hot ,
2AT 12.00." Call Sdkpe 2-2773. I- ran. 0950 Amedor Read. Phone
"or' e 'veleIr"Iend *mO 2-2402.

r -.

BOX 2031 ANCON. C.Z.




ATTENTION 0.1.1 Just bilet
modern furnished apltmea.ou, I,
2 bedroom, bet, cold weter.
Phone Panama 5-4941.
FOR RENTI-h-Asrsd 'ad .m.


FOR RENT I.ialt- I
bedrnesem, Nl gb dadles mm,
kitchen. .Me" eoNiel
Jose Sdi MOw Aw. No,
6. doWuetep

FOR SALE:-Headstone In Car-. fMrnished I2 aid [ -* modern FOR RENTI -S sedw flrr
rare Marble, Georgia and Mi.- -aportments. Coinct ALHAM- residence a lam ii Jeoe Sa
neste GRANITE, in grave lad- BRA APARTMINTS 10t St., Martn Avesrt n S- P hwd-
ing and raised letens. Open en Phone 1386 Ce., f e oms, lrig m. ding room.
Sunday morning. Marmorloele .- kitchen, l perch. ld nu
Casimire Moreno. Panama. Tel. FOR. RNTi Moder. as~ilentitl ground feo. '
2-2656 apartment ompl-teln now, it]_i
very cool, 2 bedseme, 'library FOR REt wt' bedeaeM
FOR SALE.-Selling out cheap or bedroom, meld'sl or, ge C..e aer. ht -e0. 4vinsg-dining
equaroms, plants and fish. rage, lwn in fro ,- no water room, gaifr. :el latifton.
House 6338 Los Rios. Phoen *. problem. Qeit vlcoiuay. San Phone Ccolon 191.
3363. Francisco 6th Avaei.-Phono
--------- 3-3797. Cull 10:00 1:00- FOR RINT.-Fiumlhed chalet
FOR SALE:-Mother's Dy -- 4:00 to 6:00. with 3 bedwn Cell 3-4736
Baby orchid, corsages, bouquaf t from 4 P.M, toi.m.
delivered anywhere U.S.A. and FOR RENT--Nicaly furnished -
Penama. Tell. Pon. 3-0771. apartment cluhding refrigers- FOR RNT- hlm Chlet.
Cristobal 1033. tar. porch, diningreom-parlor. 'Brriedieir Maest" Tele.
bedroom, kitchen. garage. Tiled. phone 2-4154.
The Fort Amador Golf Club s Sereened. $60.00. 112 Via Be- FOR RENTi-Fprshed chlet
offering the following listen I- h Porras near Roosevelt ot No 8 6h. A*nise in San
tom for sale. Interested Nartis tre.___ _Frantiseo. Call Pmem 2-4462.
may contact the Club Mosnat *. FOR RENT:-Furnisbed or un-
ITEM-CCoffo urnS gls till furnished smell portwentl for F l-'S1Aadtn cld
star sndwich kings, 2 Sec. No. bechelor or a uple. rom 2 b bedrowre, oij l eem, dining
64799; Machine coin counter p.m. till 6 p.m. 4th St. 7040. room, peah. 4or ge. First Ave-
hind oproted, No. CA-72595; badway-Molende Ave, Colon. u Sob a Freo NOe. 10. Tel.
Safe steel combination, inside 3-5874.

measurement 21 x 24; Foe d
former, electrically heated, r.
No. 454632; Gang mower. fair-
way (51; Water cooler 121.

FOR 'SALE:-Complete lattice
enclosure type 103 Duplex 3
inch swivel vise, 1-3 h.p., 25
, cycle grinder. Crossmon air pis-
tol. Zone 2-4475.

FOR SALE:-Bids will be ac-
cepted on the following property
at the Pt. Kabbe N.C.O. Club.
(Il One steam table with at-
achments (2) Tw, local made
ice beer cooler. Property con be
seen at the Ft. Kobbe N.C.O.
Club, Ft. Kobbe, Canal Zone.
Bids will be closed on the I15th
May 1955.
FOR SALEIf-High spirited sad-
die horse. Tel. 83-3240.

VOR SALI hBoby earraleg
with plastic. mattress, converts
to atrollr or bodanetto, very
J 1-- J e 0---- 21.2e 5 MIl

FOR RENT.-Small unfurlsh-
ad apartment. Calls 43 No. 52,
Tel. 3-5811.

FOR RENT: Two bedroom a-
partment with perch, living
room, kitchen and gorge, in
San Francisco, Pasooee Cincaente-
hnrio No. 68. -
FOR RENT:-2 bedroom apart-
ment unfurnished. 58-9th St.,
San Francisco. Call Cooper 6-
FOR PENTi-Completely fur-
nished artment, three bad-
roems, two beths, servants quar-
toer, freer washing machine,
ll convenienes. Pename i-
FOR RINT-Furnished one bed-
mem lving-room, kitchen, g
stove, efrfignrae, $70.00. Beo-
om V~ia. around. -fleer reS

done. Tel. 3-1146. .

Help Wanted


FOR RNT -lal ed inde-
penM*( rbeim, kite 5, 1 ,or 2
persm. N. 3:Pit Street Pe-
ri, Apt. 2-3)..
FOR .INLT:-4- ii furamshed
ro,' 01 mtml 4th July
Ave 1410, onmnse oppose
RMv Moee. Nel, A. 3.

Boat& MOtors

FOR SALl--19' cean eruIsee,
Complete oquipmont inboard
eglne bunks, Ice box, preow-
on, feonders, lie, gs otor-.
cons re., beoot hauled clmoned
and pOid 20 Ape. 5s, e m
am Mond, $100.kOO CaeN'llv- :
b~e 2,1471.

1L._ AA*A t, -o_- A-_

Av.d5 1 It.-- ,on itin., Z 014,0 1011 sl=ep M A DCAP. P hm o A lReen M14- -44 7q .
oseALg... "2"11, Empire St. Tel. 2-128ISh WH2201. r a.i..a.....x-*0
FOR SALE- 954 Dodge I"inge- al -r i r ruuwuukiu'.' r* 0'4'~,i Ut'or>l m 1
FOR SALE way. Cuer. l Htii, FOR SALE-Wrdrobnt hunk. In. J .se rikl'Duue Neo. I. m t .a

ir. lReal Estate W on,. x Ja11.1ut.Colon IWC UnitM u .e
*es FOR SL,:--S J.. NEW LEAVE BILL IN CONGRESS... Organizes Annual .", _
ke. toIsa BlldJ" I. e's be*st ame hotel,. has l n
or W le s due to Illners. Write to Ms. (Continued from Pagp 1) active branch, all companies con Istration and the United States In-
b ,, -. suited were found to grant an ex- n"ent's Foreign Service, employes :n.aa era mn e
S 1-363 or 3,49 Hupr. 'Tel Inn. importance and the advantages tended period of home leave in ad. of the Foreign operations Admin- u
j Gives Witlt FOR .SALE-Produetive A-e. joyed by employes of other agen- ition to local leave, after two istration andt he United States In- 'The Colgn Unit of the Inter-A- (CAtnlaed ifzranPagll
,u Im I merkCoumtv. P a, *e$her, cles were resented. and created three years' service abroad, The formation Aency, to all United merioan Voman's Club is orgniz- theur o na n,
..... VirilS ... e serious morale problems, most common practice seems to States .citizen employes serving n.its annual fund-raising benefit tr tu ofrne to his ss-
tst by J of iesh, le d p wlt bt to grant one month home leave outside the several States and the party, it was announced jester- to
ofhSLellset .farem bulldi and amdi reported that a. for each year spent overseas, ex- District of Co-umbia. day. w es ak.
toS Modars, ,S.. o A, i.ed, m ong-the letter houe leave and cept in hardship areas, the Orient, he. he m B. t
eso soable7 r 'e home with played f t Iumrtadut costs etc., where this amount is usual- 'A drift oZ a bill to accomplish Pieeds hoom this benefit will = Ay U .7n Mm in
Ave. tbe.twe Kofkp pAne i vs ol theo mun- cost hi ea e with home ly mcreased to two months' leave this pupose by amending t h be used for' the unit's annual eon- -t for lo m e s
Si' Avw. t.e). hi tl. .ieHwn fI rt meaner leave were ptecqlariy serious, for each year of service. Up to exiatig statute is taached. Ae- tributioo to the Colon Red Cross t' e o tefir t t
e\dpefbslMf rema ing farm. "Athorice Autortyto py,transportation three months' home leave for each compaShig the suggested bill is and toward the dons t i o a ofk .,!The wa v Ambause-
$7. ,00. Taxes $101.5. Write costs for emloes and dependents years' service in a hardship area a section analysis which ex. mu-needed incubator to the A-. o e ll by lr 'f11 .-
for MEus e mriterd Folder EDWIN viturning to the United States, its was granted by'the amipany, plains the effect of the proposed mador Guerrero Hospital. dltedln -M teeU p n "La a
f O Retires LI, t JR. RALTOR. e 7. Territones and posssions tor amendmltts. The, tenefi, a card-prty, tea Qa .D* I a.eie!"-where.her.
... i Cille, V.. U.S.A. leave between tours of overseas "ANNUAL LEAVE ACCUMUL. "There a change in language nd show, will take plae at thte Prt eleotions.d w remain
S aregn Field duty was pr6vded- by passage of ATION LUMITS-Employes of the in this bll from the bill submit- Coeo Solo Officers' Club next F-i-t.
SComlfprqle two bedrem hs P. .L. 737. by the last Congress. Foreign Service and of other a- ledldtrt last session of Con day from 1:30 to 5:30 Tickets are h RMB Le e re'. ap- p
r fa Tmt Sa 'Clre Beaoch, coumple- This eUitinlates one aspect of encies who are granted home resi (w t. -S), namely, the 1. This includes tea, show an4 a p~ e tnc e 'UnIth onaClub -on
urt T ,imeIv fmr.od t scesedeota 7 t e prolam of home. leave.. T.eave re restrtaed to a maxi- proviso has been change from door prize donated by Motta'A PoAtteS alihtof' CalnlIvl was a D
SU 'r o d t i. llEqipip with "Te proposed leslation is n- um al leave accumulation 'Provided that the rate for each Tickets are on sale at Coco oalo tradli .Uoi the captume she i
OTON. May 7 (UP) keeU.r et w aterthwe w gt, "g .ended to correct te other part of 30 days (except in the case of v ersas post shell be determine flc Club Fort Gulek Ofl wore, there were still many who i
abet Eisenhower yesaer- refrigerator. Cool of the problem, by extending the employes who had leave balance. in aedordance with regulations cs' Club Fort Davis Offiers' n er sw her "prendu," tagh
pted the resignation of ue Nosh of N.-. authority to grant leaves of ab- c In excess of th amount when th*e Predent" to "Provided Club, hotel Washington Riviera, lt.e w always ready tap
ala and named vet- W SoI'I-A Curand bte, its Terttries and posses- ,s the same limi tht isimposed shals be. t accordance with regul- Sp, Madutos, Mottavis a tr th voar ous cluboande oltume at
t Edward J. Parks NeigSl. To. PAD 5187. siona, now restricted to employes on domestic employes, nations President." gob M anduthet I.A.W.C. Cla', Sn- ma and the sZone.
esor. .under the Foreign Service, to all Employes eO 4Mt agences-. ae- wrd is designed Buldg in Cb lon They can alo tRam Zona Lere- will
the fourth tme theoverseas eployes. who are not gritd home leave to pl e con on use of obtained from any commtteo buded .in a priceless white
sas the fourth timce thee rIe e VBL -are authorized aximum ac. beo, it v atber than on the s mber.' .accord to hr -
Armour has retiredS i l LEAVE- Employes of cumulation of 4 s. If the eanjt.:rate This will make it prems.s g eodle w co, o her brt-
ft r r;WmW wishes. From her birth
foreign service since thetate Department' Fore i g n home leave be extendedto possj to t oe nto consideration he same theme carried out wovembe 22, 1 tower
the State Depart- Service, empnoyes of the Foreign employes of other ikencies, the not onW.: e. ot of service but th .A.W.C. show on Apr ilS ait tody, her life was doE-
l i12O. He previously has n Et Pa Operations Adfinistration and the maximum leave aeeaumulation also the of service. the Union Club will be qsed, 4 taed to Panama d she will be
a m bansador to"ppin / i ." W W United States Information Agency, privilege hbould be made uni. *eP po rtiealarl iof young ladies from to Panama and she will be
ea. rn, and may accumulate with- for for al overseas employes. In W T, erriteus e sC tn and bColon will m1 by
out limi$, home leave, in addition "It might be well to pont ot almost exluvely A f'the numbers re y
orrow Four to their regir leave, at a rate at this ti that the 0-day a serving der how at the Union Cub
equivalent to one week for each cumulation imit may impose un- c to those the uum rs reprsent firms or
fnerl ees wl be con- ur mnuts of overseas service. duo hardship o.some overs as U.S. a aldite who eralso 5.O
Sducted tomorrow in the. St nave tdicated a need for such Vo w- mauee. tn |- hr oean.
AIUT- ', ul's Epleopal Church for leave for their overseas epiploy "Many posts are located in a- leave --1 Ime, boasi apl-
ZONE AUTO Wellealey C. De Dier, who died es. The general feeling Is- that reas whchi in themselves are dif- cahl171111 ir f Tak" rn aia
D- lMPfnlllat his home in Parque Lefevre homern Jv Is necessary to per* ficult because of cultural, climae- Bes .e-l ato d. a T T kS
Syeaterday following.. protracted mit slayes to obtain proper tic, or other conditions. Of ten
I ness. rest o recuperation In the U Ihere axe no nearby facilities con- "The .ly a seharie:,. fited $a after service' at ducive to proper rest and recu- wnser fhS* .es service over.- "s
in.s *: *The, 9-year-ol Orenadlan- leseeted, er elhr hard. operation. s.p as jwre as incident ispa g p-. DYNAMIC NJ U
M6 fettle Intt most born naturalized Panamanann idje7W;- t1rpesm 61e1pl0yes carep d fa In the V4
loeA cheek, free was a veteran fraternalite and to meee fe!al wied.with A- "Adequate vacation spots may 0. 'On overseas serv-
an, and spe- ataunch member and choril- merle desa at customs Le ava able only at considerable aee of negotfatIo
-ip0ul ent of tsr of the St. .Paul' Church. tor expqp reW to for- distance from the post and would with i*e havipg a great r polal Intentions for W
SM. tr e e ; and to permit involve prot.bitive travel costs deal r.1ain the sat .,t "y x* ucharist will b .
f tU Am gementsa al for the the e take ad for employes to take advantage of a l0 a.flb:nent. seeem t 4t Peter's -.uP
t bdyt e transferred from the va 1" his WN .s* their o|neficial aspects. particul. agal ot eMr t aet a tomoow lorme m N 15
N0 .lw a bb ceeew Or., ry mp oye arn to laced in they have dependents. he e made a- e ste Bihop R ber
ceery.l w migmm s bw -fus L5 the mazismun 'a nation esvmayla-emost bae.s 9i 1 c
C e m eter y e g oaa .e L efpace iom n th e afte c iom od wi ^ itn ko.
bel i t to take their wivesadhIgleave. If ho os e tc e atert
*.i. _; fotir daughters: p Post Of native of usingteleave at theh
.ta u f-swaeat and In suca._ lstan ces post rher than e itI the "re- .-.
Jlo, andA be-lom re Isi esosped l Impor-rstilts may be evM more serious U;"
i end owher rx ant.r y ar from a morale sen.e..... to
the .scal year o"" -Lo en assembled and appropriate

r of the so. A page 7:&donives matter will L.auer

do ... -: eas.."Q
.7- '.. :.. ,..... ,

botopq. Mdne peaveiucase

SHAAPMgiL'S eMtId* ho-u.
en btch atsio ter. Tub-

.dov.o-l-, "I
mm. Tlepenm8'..
WANTD "- "E9~i
ae IomlketM-f.e w
.pb of4-8of .,ar,.A
em' 3.319. .

mlatto, .leAder, Tf .i -'.

The s ssrtviB byht bbt-
6Lsh and by her s.LS -
L .lsa Zlnm ana .lens
le e4 in~yz le0sstMd~sefliba

gy of a:

EW t

IAKWrt' 4|

H i.


+.,s+ ii=+;

B ix




i. sx 4 pnw
bw 7avr !ro"'7 whtr-

pt Sg CArf. Lpow reta-..
Phone Boio 1866.

WILLIAMS' Seto. UCnors e-e-h
Cotttes rockgoi, ralgerw.
tien, 2-bedroom. Phaso Belte
3050. .

ATTNNTION-Kebge, Redmps,
Cedbn-Aan atl h IdostI of
Dae"mq nam SamWr daw-
M Ci&" Clubbumee biwhl.d-
June .13th tding 4eus4t 18.
:JOmt B 2-4
- JO J16 A. .. 4.%-,-..W


_ _____ L~_ _I~______

_ _~~ __1








I- I I

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;- t it

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____ .^__ ^_^ -- -- ^-- I


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_I________ ___ _






* 7, : t; ;._++" .':/ ;, :*.,..
'. '" "' s- .... "-- .' ^-" ..'. ";-. ". .. '-- '.""
. *^ ,"= a ." .^^ '-_" -,. k .. -~ .
^**-" .-^^ ^. ".^ ^', **;" ..,!- ,7 r -*i v *.. A ri ,i. -*^ -- .- ^ ^. "- .. ...p' l~l'*- -' : -
a.-- -
L a ..,.' .= +t-. .-+. ..,y .. ', -. .,2i


wa sa. LANAI

-' -. 4 --

4--i.-' ,..v.-L -.-4 -
S ~-.'-' ~ '-iA

L-. .' c w,
.~~ ~ .-.- r '
-... -.. ... : {:. i-i- ,'"

- 1.

t* flaws uriar '
-,* ". *
-. .'ra a -'.
. -'f ,i..'T Gtw o.. L:...

S gg, .:.-'., '/ *. im ,- **

with -
, la USSL. '. Gilbert RONALD
a aa A- .. ary NwLSON

'&d an ir w '"

5037, J4IeR

1 34, Panema

j .t.7 *-wr -1

- A .- ... -. o, /o. 07 L .. 9o J 10 4
-. .. a. r -. : + ?. ..i. -r"

R'S L -3A
.--.R, r- I 1.s i

with 4 Lupine J.i ii A
. rie asuitr Hiartt

uOs 1w ..N I...
,---,. ,, --M tJl
'ts 4L B AS K 8



Alm: -
w. Gam. lt MuLLT

S Yesteday's idea was for i h e
n ost effettWe use of the Jambb
hrlp "in a crunchy cocktail. T'o-
day, thp Corer-presents a recipe.
d., really united to the mediumiaize
ink Panama shrimp. Tia recipe
.,,10 ,' i H preenta,, with.. a pea d 't
-.", I 'pre' bodi s ar'pD that be used
-7 .--.* in reai.y g(.td dishes. All The
4%t ..1& nourishinert ad flaher goes Into
". si the water then, pot the dish.
t seems that every cook .las a
D ecial waIy of making a Gumbo'
S.nd thev are ail good. Fortqnate-
y married into a wonderful fam.
ily who hark back to New beria,
:+i;" *; '..-;" .Louisiana sb ad a bride asked
^^-- Mr ; 'U "'. Aunt Henrlette for her Shr i m p
-- .' reole recipe. t proved so good,
,,.-hat 've never wanted o do sry-
r '.. r. thing other than to conform to
S'ml 'y trad'*ion! However, as
r recipe calls for thinker i n gx
S -- with file powder and 'm not sure
S'~ 'i-n latt it can be bought in Par.ama,
S.. substitute Okra as a thicken
- ~ .~;.2- ..1tisn




I.. .

co /or

in this one
I strip bacon
Miss Beverly J. Tibbetts. p large onion diced
Beverly J. Tibbetts Engaged of Gat6n. The wedding date to 1 smaclov green pepper, diced
To 8/8gt. Thomas be announced later. I 4 tablespoons diced celery
Mr. and Mrs. Ruasel rX. 'Tib- 4 sprls pi rsley, cut fine
betts of Spokanre, Washington The bride-to-be. a t e fn d 1 bay Jea
have announced the engage- school in Portland, Oregon and I teaspoon thyme
ment of their daughter, Beverly is employed by the U.S. Army. + teaspoon salt
Jean to B/Sgt. J. E. Dorn Thornm- Sgt. Thomas graduated from teaspoon. cayenne pepper
as, son. of I. and Mrs. Charles Cristobal High School was Is ata- 1-18 teaspoon sugar
E. Tholas of Balboa, formerly toned at Albrook APB. 2 cups. tomatoes (No. 2 can)
I pound raw shelled skhnip
..: 'and Mr. I1. B Washburn prrang- 1nd Mrs. Thomas Johnston in Ar' 1. Dire baon and try it crisp,
-qout the hot d andbal ha.s ip ed 'e d o elous luncheon and kansais. using lre pot.
Club. Her te emasme0s re attractil-a table decorat i on a of 2. Add aligrdientse xeept the
torch gslger. gladiolas aoi or-. Mr. And Mrs. Code ahrm ecovi .tht.pan ad bring
chids. Leave For Chicago to a. ,
77=.r' The donorprizesgwere won by1 Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Cude and Simer 0. o 4 mptetde- .
c aee thas llh(flh .d yn Mrs. W. J. aeis and. Mrs. G. H. 'two.chldren ar'.aving he .3d e, ct up ri..'hk iiasUide [" .I
Sovi'land l, llwI- 'ladies were.r. mO.for New'a York en' rou 'nd sttter ab1t miWles .ot ,
it. CltWives eat: Mrs... X ;. Barnes, Mrs. F. I cig, liinuis erthey planOr- ove rie serve to 4. with or
*0r-tH oMold tancbeen-Leeture 0. Ch elle..Mos.S.._offin, Mrs.wto mak, their.home. The Cudes. over rce.
WahIahaly uln, b2 hostess costume soili The regular monthly lhncheon 1 W. Cox Mrs. J. R. Doo e Y,'habe been residents of the Canal'i
i 't Menn n shirts, whoe are "4e ulgur r o the F.ort C asyt-n Of f Ic e.r Mrs. 'If ts. Fish, Zone for three years.
r.o. eq ..flt hi s ;__ b _qW If ht the r Amy and Navy m -b |Wives' Club was held on Wednes- Mrs. E. Fl. uimmons. Mrs. C.'
Clubgo t o. le 4 ois.-in day, M:y 4 at the Fort Clayton B. Gibson, Mrs C. Lefebre, Mrs. Visitor. To
Foirt' AMohe Of rssWv Ds NtQficers' C lub, Mt; ohn LtDoo-J A. Merot Mrs. G. H. Pack. Beautiful Boq uete
fa a ,amf l h will be old ley, President presi.dh irs. A. C. Phelps, Mrs. G. B. Latest arr' als at the Panamon.
S Is Au hes, aop cor. and potato ships so Powell. Mrs. W. J. Reiss, Mrs e Inn Boquete, ir.clude: Dr. and
p Woeled A.Minsa Cheryl Seymnore, Miss Margaret Cleave, gram ebairman introduced Mr. Mirs.- H. M. itrassburger, Mrs I. Mr. B -uto A Suarez. of Panama,
A* =is :16N MO A rr. A bar, complete with free drinks, Sommehfrewnd of Mercurio's, who B. Washburr Mrs. Wemshelbaum, MrR. M. Edelen, of Panama,
will be by Natlohal Distillery from..7:00 p.m. maW 01@ a very interest talk on the' Mrs. L. A. White. !Ir. L. B. Pulliam, of Panama,
.4Sl pl m O.B migin and durabilltp-Ot prMcous 'iss. U. M. Wilson, of Colon.
Eve.yo dy's Go--ng Pce', a reside a and semi-precious gems and the Mrs. Velarde
Everybody'slaice'sreside f minerals. He a eturns From U .lbseave
Togh the i f s w ladies a AIR of, Mrs. Evehla G. de Velarde of' 'AVacation
wdu_ ni t- Dav .e. who is eavin. gems. ls talk was enjoyed by all La Crets thas returned from the Mr. ard Mrs. Paul Colby are
" Oy .t u T D avis J, r.,,w ho isl e avingIgem s His" .. was
Whether. 'at .-- hb cogwithbehushand and children f,,or I resent- United States. where she visited ailin aboard the .S. Aneon to-
- reh do- set ds aive a cos b a e r fishi a tr Mrs J. R. Dooley welc o m e d I er son-in-law and daughter, Dr l rthe nited States where
i4" readO4 i- tn1j. .g odee th d.Staye heave afere %tinsnr s ... 'to-rshelnaum a n a new memreI." --e Unt- Sa 'e.... ..
g a ton a 6 of duty here Mrs,. and Mrs. L. hey plan to spend a vacation of
.f1.1a & ._eed is a Bandana' .guestA Whs were i _kten 'i weeks wpi in Ni
rpunAt Y.W-ime k and. a- ta !Guest included wives of the U.... 'Th ose rs ahine a l Phil ade phia and New
y= .oad. AfSport shit a-Fe N Embassy Staff;T...
h pes costume for there: u 1

Spored oythe. oa e Art'ic ktSale .dA Reservati ons I '* RELEASE 0
LeagAF rTa t...bhal* l&frain funds, uo-RSDY-12
efo.dI anartPCWith a small but polished camsJ.-THURSDAY 12
b=%". The MooniM s b.le" will be pre-,,,
lbrC1Z 'n @IWtl -9 r -senitadt@ its first Thjsn ll
a us,;rfctpmaybe pur ci ofth ea Guild; me ul- L U X
J4#ae.A.urrledman or the ,rI.+ .s sched .to ruh from Monday_,. Wonm ,at_ m aiw..= JqU ;. ,W
o s li, u91.. ..49 thrnuzgh Sstuw'day' May ae. bJ xumo'm _i. 9-
14th. Tickets art advance reserv- byehnd o eaka. .I l
.Oc aaji ons ,nay e obtained by calling J a .m jaees.s hbr y,.el.-
Ers. RoyArkenhaus at Panama ph..w
rob ,ofts ',, ,,s.,,-,- ,I3-,347. The ticket -ice in $1 which
,,we, iii qutte a hrgain when manvy Federal Credit Unm e: of 4te S JI
gtaedb-fo -a e-=",- twts tusinqs have paid much More A vary import&at men8t .Of
.* attllp OI I r tn s. --_ --- the Paralis-id ank Fm raX .. a DAVe Tsck the MIRROR CASl i n y- r
th .esae in C, Credit Union will be held at the hadag,- Slim, ivord-,
t,-.,Son edt. ady.JWB Paral or-BOU" 5M;, a sev ,- it comJes with Puff andr ,
r "e and WD To Feature Monday U" A shadee ia-el
S m~, Mother's Da"y be the presoetaton ad disabW- Ut_ powder and adation in-ue,
am "n o si of a p1 a- ,pln for ta
,W ,.N.-- Pogram Tomorrow s a, o @ bul- .- i anU,,,- A.ngel ..Face.o

t*. Sarw, of Amerlean, the' Uso-wm A dr-' te' s ftalvoe H. U, WIS and emanner a.I s Astir .
c w732s t elec t d: Ig 1 1. m y M p._Wm. ..H.O. I. ba. be prlea. m...p
,Zl,.wma-, & bt;' MS8-'D;M iihfl'e f oJ-nae RI.S, ent. All .,gbeus -aie.uesed -o f*
Smegent, Dorothy who ha bsD soS a the to attend and to be nctual.
S 'U- 0-JW. mother"m will be be- Isthtue a Tavmin -lwr Afy

eo. alm',.f T hIke peter lou fa t ,p. Iule be S winf o-e r

4NAi. .!EX riDf' m-" -1 t Aia os; ,n t A metiAng"
I we,. 11nr.

.. r ~."o .we.-k as N APP! INA i, P. M. ItESENTATION

Yprog h iordm on redse, i We readt-
Th."w hear him .

..-'In ..Iw l, b e,.

W W" W. L -" ;
1%' U .ae I

lso. q.' j

Whichever i,
can trust 19 to o

'Rou, 'h*Sru .
will make vira vi-".
ble strand low wi

or andbf..euy

Distributor in the,
Republic k afta n t
and the Canal Zone.

JULI..IO V 0.s;
No. S "A" Street r'--
Tel. 2-297t; Panam ,
.4 : '-," f,



- .- -'.4 .

Zfl. ~

Ce"ru f to mty s
that tum hiny
CtMO".* tacoae -- p
tha- t -6 *"!Umm-

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-;,. *- .. _' ^ *>. r

.L sFL

~_ ~~ ______ __ ____


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.M. -.0-0-

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agem m ,mm, ,. m- .m : f m-,n *n I pl *I s a, ,I -

iter Are Suffr g As Pi er iF
.. ,. ,. -. ,--ll ;. r....+ i'
.i.- .. .- ,o + ., p,< : ; .,'.+: ... ,'

Virgil Trucks, Herb Score Pacific Softbdall Pacific

Show The Way For Flingers League 3-W

: NEW 'YORK, Aly 7 (TP)-The hitters were Final As station t s i
suffering today and the pitchers were agreeing that ~ i insurance ." a '
it was about time. Baster .............. 8 7
Still tender from the long ball blasting they ab- Pan iUido A 6 7
porbed the first three weeks of the season, the pitch- R ---.... u.... 6
eras were understandably callous about the hitters' Le ir w as m.
troubles today. wyer N.. .4 5 I*)
C r ...... .....
Virgil Trucks of the White Sox, Pittsburgh, in scoring its sixth Home Ruans"
'who has had a rough time getting straignt victory, defeated south- L'cy ................... 11 -
4$arted this season, had 1 i t t I e paw Johnny Antonelll for the first Lawyer 1.......... 11 A
sympathy foi Detroit's y ou n g time since July 16, 1953. and sur- R Triples A TRACK scuttle but
*diuggor after he beat the Tigers, passed its longest winning streak aiave ... that Nahua boss, William Wodd.
a ton u trim two-hitter last right. f 1954. KIa received credit fo Sock
Nor could Dean Stone of W the triumph but Wade was ma ttoc t.. ...... 11 rack the years his athe
'altimo'e' hitters after winning terful i relief, e n t e r i n g the Mediaer h..... d so many famous horie
s first g ame, 2.-1. game with the baser lull and none C ..... ........1 now tein; venerable Mr. 'it
s r gam out in the ninth and limiting the Lawyer ................. 10 now to tram the nags...This year'
Herb Score Clevelar's sen's a- giants to a smgle run Among the to Louievdnea Iid.e ta h I s 'y'
SAmong t ular players, the was Wndwrd's baptism to the
part d;' the pitchers', union with Newomb.., who rejoined the following hit for. averages above Irentuc,3 W Derby...
a fine three-hit 4-1 victo ry over oirs .ony yesterday follow- that of the battle champion, Lamented a littsburlg wrltert
1,a1 ....City, while Bob Turley Ing hims uspension for refusing, but were not e8lIgbl due to In- .';Covering the Pirates is justMlike
of lite Yankes topped even that to pitch rating practice Ila 8 t sufficient times at bu: ooin a hearse-you're trav.
e-if6rt b) limiting the Red Sox to Thursday, ass credited with his ,,.g worth the body."...
ftR bhit in ,a 6-0 whitewashing. third victory when Boy Cam a. Tartlinger ............. After Johny Antonelli f
'The pitching was a 1 m o t as nella doubled in two ns In the Johnson .d........... After Jo Inym marathon elfint l
'Nod nthe National Leagte, too. l2th. It was the. Phils' seventh Lane........ .... .533the eg Coach
Southpa.w Joe NuxhaUll o Cin- os in a row and Brook I y n's Baldwin ............... .537 oisUentack of nle Giants pooh.
tminati scattered six bits had did- 19th victory In 21 games. erbardt .............. 512 oed any oueries about poohrm
at walk a man in beating Chiea-s Kendaly .............-500a-po-od any : series about rm
2, while Ron Kline and Ben The Milwaukee triumph was ac. Schmitt ........... ...300 -ts itets. .ntonelli ilwayes
ade teamed up or.a fine Job in complished with a five-run rally Itlaiml his progress was.natid
the Pirates' 3-2 victory over the In the fifth. Bill Virdon and Rip Players Statistics Braves becau-h
Giants. Repulski homered for the cards. Lacy ............... 466 ^hhe Brave ork .. and it wa s t
C. Glavelli ............ ..57 nolgh ho A. and p hitd -- McArthur............. p regurly e our days
ne spen itc harick............... .440 that found himself ... T
S after e at e te ................ .43 smooth southpaw was also o
the h to e Torfno Moves To Hddeston ......... .431 ltr who met his In-laws i e
k sllanei 4 toy r Corrigan ......C........ ..420 fore he met his wife, the former 1
l y aigne 12 ing Wle J |Fos mA Doter ................ .4"9 osetearif Cnrbone when the (l
k. ptch -- Within One Ga in e Dalton ................ .424 Chrborncs won a trip to spring ,
kle _ak ner-B"mber eti.Crb; R" tri toSrn Marshall ............. .421 training in 1949 and invited John- il
las D ue l I AI I -J I--I I I Duffey ................. .417 fly to visit them in Medford, fl
S ade teamed up on a fine job in i| u l inI La Leve ................. 415 IMass.. not even mention I n g
streak lith, san 8-5 trl u ph over Jones ................. .412 a( daughter. .
e St. Lquis, Cardinls. I NEW YORK May -(UP) De la Mater .......... 411 -The newest tennis glamour gal B
a.. noe Toronto Maple Leafs outlast Dehlnger...........409 wil be retty Barbara Braft ofnt
aug aver woo matcae c- ad the Havana Sugar Kings Fr!. Woods................ 4% North Iullywood, Caltf, lpat ci
ohm wi him until the seventh, day ni ghtogin a ,inning 5-4 R. Nickersher..........407 )bar's national "inlor champ .... .f
h tofwh.Lo ud. u o en t th e league leading on IMedinger ............ 404 Take it from us, the Baltimore
rw Ma rm rdoubsled forgame v s L^ m=S S +." ............
Chco 'Ed McGhee ran for him eal Royals in the international Barnes.............400 Orioles will train in Arizona next t?
cae und wth the nly Lagu. Brisette.............400 oar, with officials from the three g
f thcame aund with the only Leagrver W. Olaelll 4..........40 other clubs that encamp there ha
rolame whn Glrftr oo Meade 00 secretly sneakgV off to the Grand t
S 'n r o I 1 e" and Jack Crimian, who took over Meade ................ 400 ccretly sneaking of to the Grand t

a 1-all tli O' B r or Mere ey loss. cea r ............... 393 oe w ". t
S ve in, his sec Bion s ored of theyear w Catlettwo............ prk will be built ...We've never
... '- -*- 2 a" '-ut a toss, while Ra rnSachez D. K leher .. ... 88 td a more ridiculous description
'-. Colu.. Jos down op hit. .a y..o ....................'3 t39 cs' eler h tp
theaghth e Lt i om i the third was Btu dillwdh.. .o. h .

agh, nothe h aor ne Br ed tagged with the Stock................. S rly Bob Cveeran" after have leto
heb and k Mll ike f lois. .h -vHanson .............. ..3 Wonder If thS bettors whose t
gan hs first victory awt In the four thi nningandttme pro-laye, E ....... ......3 .33 i .Sta e. Y a that the-
-astson .e I enough as Jout ......Ma ......... .306 .all and baseball ar, he never
So aera upde,* ers The nkf r al n m ora e a .d on ....... ..... 3 on atceti eos h olar .
,^^ S te l a ,,, .o ,o.o .ff -efause oW % @ ***......... $" hi ,ec m'h r -y-

.Si| s of venWA it attaNnent weather. ypence :* ** *..-* *186 nt tocog h^ 'ee he *
,4 dU, n h hiser vi.eo a, one los. I ."1 ........... Burly267 a ob Ceall won't ha ve to
7 .I n r th... .... ....e,-..meplayed. I*vo"vs about h;s base hits dropping
n thlee' ny other pa I py d Engelka .da ....... has he rI BlaI k th a
-o. soby, Tur. Ie Rornest Red Winga bung 3otr6t er
Sr i V. i 1...........333 tuner a h. RLro
Ik m- a InI n -r to. shade the Richmond Vlri-h Hiinhle theso Aro d,,h h o srb l to

"- I t A ---ak er ., ................200 ... N. T .
biag 4. e yWhla4. Ken He Iitzelman, Vace...................ennlls Coob ever rks
Sc f, r f three Rion pch- worley ......... .....333 over a uranium lode. A tip-ofon i
-RE LE A SE tagged with the I o' Ne wouse-...........
came to while Millard eim. whon pichd nu ............321 he tlti mila of tbisaa mat n (
f his a the first six Innings. gained the 03tch30-M,;,t--.
as NuX11111 hi tMicorcha lis ..............3158 r ai o e r;as ou r bt 2

Trou t e o ...............111 rrick CAWORD
Sth 6309 tall and baseba star,-he never
1 anorK.a hom- The Montreal at Byracue sinae.. ................. .304 Once. WASon, n athletic scholar-
"In' eiA a single was postpone because- of ile- Kolik................. shp... He came there only to
g' 'seven' ilt attack.wnsppt weather. P. Rileyp................286- play"bsktball-b ise until h
S. .. pencer ............... g went to co e go-- nevw- r her
iMcElhone............27:2 a baseball baUtnln eg hands-softr -
SIRqberto ..........262 b|IWas the mit
ies,,----eson;-O- Guardia .... .20 me aon.. laikin
rI -I "desperatiike .................. "250 e aon .Nwlte.b AII-Amed.-i
1WLV E 1IN & B. Nickexrher.......6 .242
SNan...............207 I.RT0

e I n....... a....... 2 18
.0I I D l"iWBaker 6'...... .......182- -m'
R E L" "E A S IEMad4 ..... ....... ...... d153- IAI 3-. 6:15 .:
0aThOnp8ot. ...... 6..,-. .111 e *.pt-e....~. :I .IawO j
"I"how. Daik Streets"

Skd ha ure lA :15 :

hit hIS kaayomd : U ,1s




(UP) Middleweight boxer Josd
Contreras remained In "ooor
condition" at Rhode Island Hoa-
pital today from Injuries uf-
ered I bout Monday.
..,pr ern, frowm-Taunton,
T oniawdd after a 1Kg In
!fetJ round of a 10-round

Dc aid he had suffered
a: R p t.cture and letormed
a1 omuon e4ly to
olltevo-Wesure en hijn
QpntnmM 'had W from
te ring but had eoDlapsed Whle
ha is t sini

cowti t a right
et left temple.

hid @ w-h

au. o.S Wntedrrent"


'"" ;. + -I ^ ^"' i '., +- Z i,-,'.'.^-" .. .. I"-
*,.-*.- :" ,.-+ "T *'JE, ,++ 1 ::tlg+'?^t-rf..,i. -'* I'

.ag i+r Tak(+ d
': i .' ; ,- .' .... -
i. "aI" e.
r Ltte Tourney

Sehimy Aatpi f i
i end Don HoUeder- p quarter-
ack during Armay's prya drills
he'il also open ere e fall)
3as the unexpectedabsaete of his
954 star pleb pinaal-aler...who
unked out of the Academy...
President Ted Mann of the Class
. Carolina League crows there
u't a more stable minor league
Ircuit-the "ogest possible jump
oI anv chdo from ty to city is
XO miler..: Business is ,oitt o
e dogs.-DvBe Funk's Phoenix
reyhound twle, khad a ljt ,u a 1
handle of I. O closing-, ight....
come- out now why pHege of
he Pa"-.icea opp aft have3 lt h
tough time. hmudl -tqtber6abn
isby- hb a judo expert,' el...
Now tbta tbm've gt'lrdpuo-
Noe tait"lye'g.oet wlo
ob.Q l, ANtt 4 e ai f

A' Tess
* 'l'ree~be thi-y. A rt e
rowing importance l the world
Between. you'n'me, Al Wef will
u due Archie Moore for.
* Bo R cuY. Bn bj .s't1"'re
I rid of. Mrciano'sa, losing_ but
be slaj hg bedhe et-
sof wmlang .

Oceanpoitt N. J. (NEA)-Mon-
Mouth Pak told the world rec-
Ed fop. a dATly double. On Aug.
S 1-3. more than 42,000 bet ,6,-

Cainden. NJ. (NEA) -Jockey
iHUe Hartack rode five winners
i one day thin spring, then came
aeik iter in the week to take
lx victories
o-__ ..;e~ .___


-- .T :-M

3iIS O'A& 6:15 83:0
- WEs nitDES FOR
w ns Coornt
u m.uen'inr. -eOm.


a \ J;:i5 i-3:4 6:I5 8:45

It's the most exedlg love story aInd uwsicl
specodae- Sins wind duades
*N~tBk dowe'jl-l Al&t


_i~L~L~ I

3. Watson b 3
. Watson ssn
Parker p...
fehfwrarwock lb 3
Ammirati If 2
Ruddleston ef .
ttaBola c .....
Pjaik rf 6.-... 3
Maruard 3b .. 2:

1 1
4 2
0 0
4 0
0 0
0 0
91 1

233 I 4.1 0-0
*-Struck Guit for Lom

w.tmanB pitcher: Ptumr (1-0)..
L I% nLer; tod~rcgm
rme runi: Phillips, si
te on. earned ram: PaSak 4
Pdfi 2. Struck out IIsS
Ie: Panama 4, P elfT. ,'-
4" ', -

Paeifit LcUl ;,;... 1 .0
Panttis .. .., ..... 1 1
By Wj "W 0a n
ad-n-e WO ,ie.. 0 1Yu

game wPanama and
Pafil uen, at the
latfkr's .ball ik Gallord
ighwa, w.-'two men
out .a* 9t iRdd. In the
fifth hin', wt one of re-
lef hurler Idlaoe a pitches
high Over t4 .ef field wall,
sorijh behind Ne Huddles-
ton. tpew-parker a
three to oaen .y lty.
Prer's plubph was top call-
ber, A*.w7l hthn e nrun. a
hoaev tO Raer E.
fi b .
ozan .'; fqr Panama
and left the' gat- fo. a pinch
hitter IBiho t it l the score
tied 1 to 1. -Ap ef fort was a
credltble' one aI' e held the
Paeilft g gumbr= at bay
and '7%,t l 'the four
,inniw t Maloney
struck OMt'for oIn the
fifth .lC4 f u, came in to
pltch 0:e tfTM h inning. It
seenzd tpr a1ioent that he
wa Was g L12osano left
oft,.as .hi4A' k OutrSchwarz-
rock, onte of. moSt dangerous
hitters 0I.ft.-yofle squad and
Ammlrattli n out to'hee third
baseman... -VrteI Huddleston
then worked dr a base on
balls and D lW1homerun put
on, the dri l g touch-
ea to a real baJ game.
DMlIte the -tl tPhat Panama's
boy1 commtutd #i errors, the
g was W wfU played and Jad
ta fans, on edge from the be.
gibnI.tq the qfld of play. One
of:tbujiftll teuseaminta of the
uape"aamqin he as ha eof
out nd 6'on ,e E. PAlpne
a ge aiue loat blll hitter, atep-
to tlhe .~W..1Representing
t ahetsyi runa he dheg oS a
major re Wrbt heq%.ud a
dete min eIld facing hUm; who
wa -not prepared, to hav. vic-
tory 4aken from him In th
frame. Parker tirmd away as
_a% he .oahn bd he got

ed-J 71r- a atteatfltbe at
temttem AI Wd and es the
rleen^_c~teben t of the
ti C"m bo i. ..un.
Tirrowa oo thte Lt aqters
wf have dy of on
ondAY nitijt at 1. hoatiltles will
P resume a the Oly0 ipic eta-
ium, between the paclfle and
P bma, teams. After yesterday's
thriller between these two teams
tfe fans may be. sure df afla
BAdnger. The box coe:
I" iPanama Little Leage ".
a a n M Po *.
ParedsaS, 2b, 3 0 .1 0 0
fPentes lb ....2 1 0 4 0 1
W rih r f ... 2 0 '1 0 0 1
Philli 3b, It 3 1 1 3 ,3
S araaetac .. 0 0 7 Q 0
L e "cf...... 2 0 0 0 1 0
Thonmpson2b 3b 2 0 1 1 0
ORaggloI If .. 2 0 1 0 0.. 0
Wetngton ss 0 0o 0 0 Q
Lo"o p ..... 1 0 0 .o i
I-Malney ... 10 0 0 0:.
Rodriguez p ... o o o o
21 1 5 1 4 5
Pacific Little League.

P200I ..... 040000000000-4
.Brror Gilliam 2. RBI'r -
OCampanella 3, Amoros, Green-
I.a, Jones, (Lopata scored
hen Dickson hit into double-
p. second), Ashburn. Rob-
im Vu Mro. Double. Ash-
bur Fu Blo. aylock, Rm-
Iw Vamanla. Home runs -
Amort, Oreengra Stolen bas-
-to BlsylocK. Amoroas. useri-
,* _'- Diokson, BIlaylock, 'Reese.
'lm.a ampa_ r nemUla. Bob.

ION: ith 1
and two out
i. trfalt ar ,

(Baed e 0 offildal at bats)
Player nd Clb g- h r
SkowronN. T. 13,61 14 .451
Ewar. $. city 7 3 .A415
Rte iea .2ost .r17 .1t.388
Kan'. i 1 87 $L 6 31 A6

i- -''-g
+nt \i "..- -A *;

-.. -- '.-.' -" mo.a.


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A-*: ?.11 .
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SLoMi.. r 0 iA7 V o. .5
k. 1,

.'." .. l M '. 1 TODA -

kt t. Louis (N N k t
Pittabuh t.Nw YTok. I .--
STMATewEoULTS F64uw02"
gB1Yh GXaW00-- .1 02tt B 0. M
,N -. 1WN co-r-80'g
Brookltya _Los, I fBaoqugh*s .A un0

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(Night Game) i.m i i /i-.. ,
oa 001g 1O00l-ja 1 ..: and
Cincat 01.i000- 7 f IT
Chin "Mnner (-3.V, Cohen,.
A .Davbis and Cbtl. not )
_de. iati: -uhad 0I-1' .nd ta O000100-1 .3 0
"Burge* s BImAnd :.0110.0 6.-'i.7 0
pght Game) .. n.,
M ... 000300800-8 fla Score* (3W") and
ISt.Z 0191002 0A -8 10 1 .
i MNicltee: .hol Robinsoni-- A. ,
(1.),Uy jnd R tik ou y '
. L. : JTOn M Shult (1-tl), Mt o r
wMO an, e andaam. Iaeow 9 .1
(NMt fm+" _Detroit: .Garery, (2,4) nad
(NHitm Game) oHpum
Pitta urgh 060400100-3 5 0 Chlato: Tructs -13- and
MewY.ork 000000 107l-2 8 3 "loaW.
buih: Kllhe (22), Wde '
New k: Antonelm -); Hear BreAeor.
Wlelmj1 Corwin and Westrunim,
I t., I .. 0 A

i b 5 1 3,rf ........ 4 0 1 2 0
New-combed'a 0..,,. o0 o .

tW ......... 0 1 5 4NHue P a ....... ... 0 0 0
St i1'c:4 ......: S 1 ,0 1 O rver .p .@......,a o 0 o
nipanells .... 4 0 J 14 i ,

lo naO 3b .... 4 6 1 0, I. Chicap
Purin mr,if' .,.. -3 0 .1 & 0o .
r,: ;.;....... O... P' t 0]

e-atkin .... ... 0 0 0 o Otow S.r...;... 61 01

Ro4UWk"p .... ..0 I 10 0 o8 2 1 0 3
0 0v ", ...O 0 00 5 ; o
T.4 .A38 6 10- i T'r. 4-. ...... 0, -0
-1. 00 0 ."o1f0 0

Phladelphla ''Iit for LdUarin
LAsburn of ...... 6 0 1 4 0 *n for l Innt0
ITorgon -lb..5 0 1,11 1 Detro6t...... ,
Ha~mner ss ......6 0 1" 5 C Chi*Ago ......... 00 o flOo" -1
eengra rf .... 5 1 1 ... 000
f-Lory r ..... 1 0 0 1 0 Irr -mauel, G,
ltylock 1 ...... 3 1 3 1 Ptn. RBI"s--(Mceel cored

orgnRb22 0 0 2 7C1it f
Dldzno Pcf...... 1 -040 for ."a 0 u0 0 L d s'1at1 L1 iea ,.
d-orboDmn p......5. 1 0 'o0 0 OlI J7.etoa,- on "
amn.0 0s....... 6 aI.. ~o"o- _-
l ap :;.... 0 0 0 Stn5ce...- i-
Bl'ayk ... 3 .13.,. R. uns and earned Ina Oar-
.it intuo doub'le-play f or. .. ( -,
in fourth. .. d 0 0
b-trck out for Dickson .
TI for Bla n ad. | m UM -a

&-Rai for Walker in mint.h w .
-Ronred out for Roebuck in (By I-U ipd iP)
fath. -

ab A

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ t Am............. .. .. .,..... ... ,. .., ..
-. -... % .:g=-e .

1.Nat/ional Lrague

sa valla ces sm s w. .oaune pa. .-" ByeA RY A o0Nnait e. b
g' d- : p Their Troubles tos o ";
so was I n sedu a -l e ta.w.. T A t he week sto dere. e
i ,- :. 'n i- lU. ae t* TnWe h aei, w .; Is ..Two-O :mu fior hfi iNEW 01 (NEA) Billy es ard
"i u 'rs, i, I.a let peroldy at t ,_t Ea bb S evt a u
S.N u.U UW a W The Ftllch &sumn%?whifi tu'r- who couldYn't hit letBun- Fleld adne ho didn't lik lb bll club.. It'S
Spa"s a em"-s arom an ra 5. gq a vop, / ------ r^ buIin I wand tri ke calls for Umpire Hal since LceyT.
S.e. ,. me Au a ,t". a after no sto make A B eaD. ookn t Bc lru me srtl
S Ws I eW erqa ne aawo bo W AS e oPartk in the e lt two and intend to th whack Brooklyn pitch
t --.ra.. -.s* mewBar te V .. Mrtr what to l 6 defeat bad to be restrined from. walk- thes first is
in e, a o n a ch endeavorr to moldtooar the ll g ttor e l ft, tat i ra .

a- -- -. -.--t .. ,,._,*.,,,,, Iivan--we'e us ,els i ima uesm ll --..- e lade to te hfalh wtoa we nave I, Ecd.ty Balole ofni ed a R wnen .ou. ee Iay eaille i J
Mafo l wAorkAing al.wi, c,. a.. tl et n r.'u, e *a e r tea Oi r e v sibr after the ardn t. :
LoomshaUas Ool sho Ile show Lr aI Lilt of

and .,l u e a aiw a A ha A cn or&heR hae l n adurt m nuaied ame
sae th a .e. un s wM .. .e.hat ..m o. o.o m Leanpin lasd tLsn.a. b f urth er riticiin etk a Y
Vs. A o n, ,- w oRot wil e wllon r tt In tl-~--n a-e Ce cir, piden t. .
ee namtnt 'bca asoame m Et Wt Aut Nomogh a:bie nldorn cW- areore t ha ntle you with ateonal ue egl min. u.A
awf. ag e as a 4 e e unio ur ol aroun d a -a I ph arsert ero bcisWtr

lotmaaIeayoa r_ tomo henlye oandu-.erT.Herb "He.made a rulii on s an R.. came

emi r ohey been -o Schn-eideride DuCa l eoo. hi
eam e ie s."M&A w gbmeat tud"rt .omo.o. emt ren: ruling on the came type Mu ac.uru

"a.m~ ee eio they mient weah erba he] /a Ift.e tec-nical thatl l hitmais Ti. 3:31 orpm- d t ra"
.o, a seectd, It )wrrll e e o play Ifit mh happens somewhere cld ih

e eaa- -T Mr Psa"-- ortr n a sl U lih c tPail l a, a l tfath a ohe third bhee ne in vfielw d the earty wave a rl s
w e, JWAe M coa lai n What met. p < t ot- cpa ner Yu d.l me din a
IsrT" wmMrf set ha aae 2I r be tthr cou si am wgth ouam
0 t otan" reekaoswui, bhe GUN CtUB r alusoarelightlybewildered. 1ravesd
S.o- ., ,..* I. aeN Eustldeon revolving around a runr ierybod

th e r elad (abo oHkb st rasaJu aatbe t^:.s an, .-," .. .a.-,-,e-_,, I .. ........... /50 >n falle.! .in t e: tie Then 1rip 'eaau rt g iI.tooe t k em, ga naea ........u-.l.,m-.e .b.v
a Abo o.e m O m a_ ww veryAo ,le if lor e t w a N.te Kerferer ....... 41 i m t ed fa to with ga um after L rhor .e..

hr iar lep e ee tbeamom _tth._gr e t aL d Ibe thee, o 'n se Sor .o o mok* 1lt rn nn f il- / i- aeh nmIo- g w In pe oe their 4rft !tin.Rb-'r
iuplw otitioll the, s A W seill.. e.ahslaks"o -a'"
am Jim ,I n In s ow &".,,ft ernoon, nomg of am Mow. wrtting, M, eh lamn reading, solG rl .
la ome, formerahe rFll.a l c a oa ftiorchboters Ifalle too mod nU far tuphee .fboa tr wr nu fdo lo

landah at t ae ."" s4.Aoia .a-;d a aoun mo ..veaugtu cur4 Tbeen tolerating r tan then. bi r n g Lb.e um pi a tr e.--

Ismas .-HiMW* ** GUI'S .,, .- '.G her: RONUSs*.,* P_ lOSo_- i_.- Le ..asg u ,- .
154 we ho ld hae mad a .fa t ea.s ...a ,, no a.e!am1 .... ...o.oCw* ebalt .ed- upwillvalidate ,ham, itse.hadwon .a.nngpubliclyep rimrd,,ug.otd.. by
t uw a e Vr y M w 49j t this statement. d utralobk for Ts r O s I b, G;Ies, wass immediately aage d
'~0etb P t f Lus bw Joe KL eter Is sowing excel- i t a h attracts o u, Eb.,r.a. #

Wa _e.._tobe" aS r -- oe o 'ireit -m --l t i l o .......... aa ita or N eri e ha tAoou i oricy u reth Americn uL a- s' a
equipment," tor b ld1'biwll t. o it Jw M m at ofthe otesC w Is' e8y m'_A bh pr targets, Utanmpire banded together to plon

sat und, .ugsad TW am teu t.n. plaer le r at o. h'it y-
t he. -a --
latces, mea s to a l a therV ise es so u outTTheyh thu m p (Jo= I)wW l meet at the PaIWotetsu pis uome of the young shooters tetteone of the superior members

es, to hstwcourt tomorw n showing lot Improveo of their proession. Robb worlke

o a ,ldt e ,ms sm Itwaagper- ,u.l htnbeeyg as,,, I..........ern... ottl I ts n bsut. C ear l S ve,
desIre(will, tow i n2 S114 TINGo b r in and rero retyou i) hI -kay, but WIapr e a ml IdsbAutomobileapet'r u auemanjrgeor enough to provqethet beeq ou
ath le a k alateofrouOd abnd uraport o. Qobre l besappa' runsteray, n ted trhF.Drake a t n ethe fGs advice and rse then il hdl
s O te. .I t "a va e,, .eI t i na he bt n m" Uvy that I r S o. 18 B DE eu N was ttnt a d m m L t;a
rservengA at a Iti Ita lInasR z'n Qwhrnneb bl udr it a ot rD wtshe.dten t. insttt bhs laatet adfont urrnstoaweGrasel angt
bu tdto h is:e-t a nsp ma toIL "M is-e Isu d O thl J. He waae J tb I-.. CO.,

JI olnao)senterethety John yMirett, unft eb oe thi br mse n. te m ei c om.

dsspw. k se. wasi. Eta avy6.irmake the atch Hes thentr w ea ie WUhl wy Ges holandei
S.thet rwdbo bout oheattrees cr.. Joeu aseoenr ...........0 .ad fal lin thY edugot theronresrneu ja
S "P"d ort S ce n er .. .6 44 raiser fromo .u 1ofthirdb ase tsppervice Rn a ben rla since hr ly
ins the Old: cn' bo atm had n eac th theYA as&" atiAuo4. derm.hibawi eave

The y mo mbeno uopl eueueoro 'm ostf
ah ges aaetsay i .s a in d1h taat's t i thd b bhe d o
In whhav-becauilarso -o fOa enf aWhle. c t. if J s" at*'. ... .. n..4 inigtek s- he te w and fres to ip rtant gum rulni an Levry
peak mark for that's whata in 'time to nab th rm-I Goeta bad to awaken the a ugust
3 rthevr la s chantsthegnwasador iwa
lb -6w emerenmm he was fe* a bhhpop flyeGefrontlf the dug body is mixedaup.seot to be for.
wan Loper sUri5rT masain m Onste oteaClly...4or. Theo teamh at bast projects theglotgI ch viefn th wee hours of
1 AS aumn ANt with d aifcsa N.Skeller. tar" 23 out Who'. right?-. Georr e Pink. tan morning to find out whbecu eofther
mrper: Tie uos scornf. If anomebody really had warn the
ther brooknough ople am n. a ot oi romakestheca tch. Hethn tris weather IsMewyGile h handled
wAs Ray Shatnote the Wht ow *Irs haS 1 mac f a ia- oeCook.......l....) W.nvti et hrun-basetzha ,w th'.ahur
k wqdasS nefthee..**h flWS o RaNl "oted binhma dm,,.. .......W h'1 Goe Pink.thofdu__

ive 4am01lehs which1to to hasp ppmMI "npSO. z.~ wwuqw urn awuclear
TV ssE a, usea larger home susience, and he .:1 feet o was I&. Young
La tuetmSW th*ts'moPt. However, there is aose witer -h Sc n.2 thelh
that miet h te whfm r step a as M MI-..
Came t no.te, or bo s s to. fusll acheduile apploit- m m m q L a ,-
MeI, It makes o fftl.mewlmt the leal RlELEArE em --'', -
the $tates.of aes No, at a prowwleSovared poa aso m, tow *R ELEA 0
m T U...USr T1KC I AYexclusive filter tip TU.

T1WAnsInthefor02sthe a otal wI,
als To have ewthe .M er Whave wop which fibers the sae, making It
in the inLThere ma dog. bave beentam in the tando wwhLUXWonderfully mild and pisisent. MAy
felt .t yorse" ti tou-se a full gems swMce that's what thbq
payd 0tr. X lthe Oiniter qppldn' take a- later train to Kansas-
City, hy. ould't te stay Yftr and take one the nest Sayf
Rut they had a gameto 1ay the et 4a? Tue, but why had
the sh maOnP Mcourwel such aR uneUrtaInty to VeWn with?
There "a amestery why te did. The slob ownersou-nt
They havet* es
ishMoe hflm
.14 .-- .. .-.-.b fl.nt g. ond aroemp
belev e h-0 were trlg to Srthe.
-*w VICEROYS are mpd with the
satne fine, imported Weloxes


..... ... ,.. .. ....
"" "" ."
/ .. i ". ., 1 ., ; ,,,,M
.. "-5 ::, ": ":., '" ;.,:" .i. ',-, -r. ",;"-w WS,]
-_ .A ., ., .. -&. -- -o f .

A_-- ..
., .- "- ,, ,- -.'; ......
" i ~ M 4. # t ,'.





' obers

SFifteen Women b
On CZ Panel

Of 125 Jurors

About 15 women were among Lt he eoe k hes and the ry afe sm
the panel of 1255 jurors drawn .in
US District Court yesterday aft- ... ... It, rii,95
ernood to serve d rit a s th aJunen TIETIT TZAR To MA. 3I., SAT ,AeY

because two Survival Town Would ave Been

excused from duty. n o A it
ad nderstood, he, e t o forJun eand
ithmM ree.t arg eUnited States Own Hiroshima
with rape, set June I&- Both mem ,Jppang the sides and twisting Unable and Could b. used as'a
are skiers seg wh te US SURVIVAL TOWN, NCev, May Its brick chimney wa halved.' Ipn the sides and twistin usable and _uld be usnd as
ArBmY. 7 4(UP)- The only thing that Ihe asphalt floof cleanly.blown the Metal liket heating and cookg agent un-
She ury panel is as follows: kept Survival Town from being off pand dpoted 25 ft be- Th residences b two mass til the electrior'd n &i was re-
Earl Dailey, Charles L. La- a scene of horror today was hind It, and the house Itself a from cound zero were Inte, paired

han, Jr.r, Leroy B. Magnulon, the fact that department store splintered shambles. b e one-toried't a r.
u. Mets. M rLewis H. troupe unitlty on be, am f a Lou m e steekd I the wblast.w The a n1ksh the less da amed ouses could olr el
ureston M. Trim, Willialm shamb le, and had was been shelves of food were Intat he to, wsre e a shmbles be rewindowed and made live-
tltle, Harry H. corn, Le lle B. flesh, a nd int blood, Amer- without even bottle of beer e h ou se trailers. ,, ., able.
atey, arendrc lumbach, Cl firoshma Adond tl cemen- block houses pee by concira waveIta. Tlo Oy tide aid- would be r ul ered
Ft Foredr -ch.mso, SHrvI l Ton feea thi fared beter. Of construction we re knocked on their idaes ad u Y the re si. dent bt engineers R t he~,idren of Taboga terdaoy. The picture, ten at te n t
'e e, Arc Bs rederick puni shin blows: blast, ra da typal of the' desert area, and thaw o0th1 .malvedl, re. Nadrly eatim a t e-d that ItMbin s s hows ht, JosepL. nnam, pre an t he aD
ae coulber, Rabes Leoea, ion arnd. t fired De~ en t costin about 5000 each, theyd ae the windows were m he ashd. t mdt o the s eould at r of Panama ote u Tom Doie ovran, iatoal present A
Ser i. or, Robert. L a. .teopled withb humans, few took the1 atomic wallop without The gas propane tanks were be removed and the rmadr e O Ma etic es i
erl, Hotcrd CFllar, ls.o ens- bn pwoualodh s can t falinchineg but their interiors Intact, and the valves In wrrn. a normal American community af sercing the money r tahe. e lta e er ia i nt9 t
eonth, eArer A. eiams, a ould h e sa d o iin he A e e o. ll e thae is rsquied now i Athume'lr Aler, owa o
id F. Fore, HAnneE Wllbems, Civil Defense atomic chief were confused masses of wreck- able order. again. em pter. TA; Stanley Shaw'de on ea Ota, d e. Tourist ief;
Ha.l LGrl crw e a mi doneo Dd -:' de"i Peront Sth 'eHotesgs crlaewe T o Seebanur o lra a; a

ee rtmo C. ey w.i nA to l tetl oI '~ t the lonnin Ibuoeas Oed te de l t e. s hi Of

as t meW. ard P. Eude6y, causere toCobyrd dere b h Mary oe thtdaeogal e aunde B oSAREgaby7 GeUP t rsl Lae Conedecation (Tat p thet a
b iert B. Lord. Robert L. ure- the neighborhood W lotl co st cti e r ce -e xemted t d rn pTd reoaee d opared tona ao the 300dgoalo was earh ed. .mt ae s lgest p rarfrale, wn amei o
epo n w.u r dA. Robert H L. clo-e 1.. c wl00 feet to the rear o f w r bith etalnua lr the Aeik n oe heth b and lay tin numbers on a the vioin But A earr d ap
l, Howard M. ullerWilson, l o uend ain rvto the he aserlo wofrkt.edame roindla p mtobe n the Moodntlr fr-d./ ou i o- o nea nmtrne o larso th- tv eebIa wonm mdren heitdTo iave ene o r fl m l
Aiam s ontthemrlikeigiantcanopeners,_Thepropan fer beasg Byhe bait old -tier" I the Ustiess.rHe sonaved7en

ft H. Hobby, Helen C cko w ould have been e fataltoan i ta e, en n a n a the ati e goierbl w hhre. Td an aau
tnH. Ioester,io Jr., John u. Gill. one above ground within a mUiaeG frbi 1 6 bea l --dr----r Ina o s the cin Hd bin te t$. ud
let D. Lawrence, Willis N. ra r of the in oth tow r s vie ldb r sie i The month of Apriln wcu n as- t A
oui ae otly dro th the by a Pe ri'o
eon oirrysr. Cody, Ms poe detonated Thursday morn- ually dry. wih e I the mean r age To Sever Legal Bn#nds
t a aerneI nonhe blast effects al would total of 20 weather th were ns In n e
et nk, E dmerh.d' p ohaveikilledvornv burd ftally at I e IonI A of re|the Canal ZoneA nd d e Yiatbe-y

el V ti.D. ou s bauet 0o. BrownWotiilm It ea sumide otLosR d1. rie |I. soure sa r l reoto were churc d gTonly6e ic, and the Arge t oth,1 i
cnL. Hele, Saulwynsh least 90 p go ent ofl ,whoe Eholy~, 2ul II/ I blo averageinch, acordn 78to nchesBtl
ltr, W Br MaWilliamy mih haJ. mi ht have survived radiation, o wr avloa, h ie s e e oin uedoer g a
aeksM, Howard Engeluke,. ca wedre torn part by the ht et orolog l an BUEDS AIRES May 7 e(UP) or ao the deria pe e
S ier. Roert F. urs t tornado winds created bythe- t. Hydrgraphic Branch. -e stage appeared ay to the idea ws arovned two get
aaei aish on.PrtiseC.My- low-hTlsttd apcp cr esarei cn .ha. B ppr dth att wo oare
io aBishop, OtWi"amM.detonation. Chunks were going- LONDON, Ma 7 (UP)- Brit- British foreli becreiry Harold have been set to hold general s- the men's and woIm e I's eted o carge el t
Ma.on Mallory, William n. d out of the tone s, and arms, Chn will den r a n earl meet-i acmil-an was reported Ctakhga for h t A d dvSons tt athisyear1W atcon.Pa _i_ .

p; -lme--, or -- -. apprS faising td e eng ws apparent, lo t bidd er onaoe o- dr on 2im",l ....y S 11 f; .b The ooher s I t, -e ed.ou ta the ov.flsr .th H. Jer
bt, ~Den L, Dodion. Don-l. 1 and heads were ripped We Bi f l tate on al eoChico. elars an Cafto re- if 4utional assembly to sever all .o
ala. alanl tsd .nc d n .d wr n ge p oe dI o e ohre Faurgate h erional e .e from Eden t eo .. driest Ap sev ..... seod idx-.year t arm i e ch ge

W.. D. M1c H itnbMa- Theear n k-cordb teBordyrotom of the A rs rell ofayrnea th tF g08>8tr N athr c a s C rao. v ..p. aper .
es G ore --- o o EveJr y.w her in tsfrohi m t in PNAOar s tomorrow, u i plomdait t IrcEden W rho. 6- u, ima -- .wt be, n ad
&Y Oa Richard 1. To detonation would r ve onburped ibristo orrow, uiplontt mcmEdtn p hewrs dD th ve udrth e aowhl e tio mor oan the 0edligao
lt D M Arthur, outd n ha so un humans sources said today, view until recent a madse an a- ..osi*dt Ct .isc chhna. /U. .. C ts ra o rr ..e-a,
'Wii Slc a lrdm A h. -h eie ro t ofioulddhot hahnt he a n da n i su r a b I e e ha b. ^eidD r I c Casi ay1
F. t r, 1g0i 90eD u the tme o are, x on l h n Brita i was re rtedto feel a Ilr ept c anle in ra r ndweek to sup- t 0aln no poT i onitcisubne
t e. o m area, ioodwn we meetpi2 WofPicai hEse.nhowerprtb sathemedmaa--hdsofoldi ot ed,,eeral gi tw i ogn .vm. %e.0
TmIM 0. DeOt 'e1i, satd, ,And inflictl eep d urn eton oifm eu ni iotwer, loAntthe Idea da head.s In.ches and Contractors. .i e set. w-s t. elect deleameM wthoing ttle wo er a e al ere s1a- -I"nsa
o w o 9.a"yPrim rni eAthnen --oant eecdleafsain. ah R .
7th r l ti" o_ .th 7t D ea Oa. tb y, Prem ier ,dgar Fau r w ou a. -t ,w_.a b rito D ro l.,., R o d on th ,r i
u L a. .n e, from tb etten c h a le s e forr ,u ee es" th anobe) ath a A t top-l mpeet w i ,,d, ,.n. e ,1, du aye, ..t ,-- an. e- ,.
d Vic P ireal i ev erhn wombuldtave, nutt. me etngCh fIrel n a ue i5s5 Russia nwouldAboostdworld ge Thentr.adewinds b lonw strwng- eecinn w a J
M s. r re um itl n would have Diss ha eonteit "t-tfr 4etailed.East-West nag o "I I ... .the wmeanh. nfob y."Wind.speedit eraik.cudgcn .~ --, ,-
ar a ou of the Dli uf= nil. tire. tobal vera d 14mile; per ,heothree mainstas the p ri5 14ec, wer vce
ph' -.. h a| none a .. .aeatrthedPe
.4 1 .. ., Qoodwln said radiation In this nisters shout! come first to s the[ Previ tonal ministers Ie t. hz i .oi-tp-s_1OWh6etir p1_oft* *f tlrle a fr-Mor slsa r a loas fri
olw p.. r old have been "dan- ,tge forL a possiblel meetln g t l g. w havefItl to redue wosL-q1 3a 0 umles per P hour I the doued 31 e ad y. c ionstit." T.e.. *r fr.silat o.
",dro ",1al ol ern
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Legion Elections |
At Amodor Tonight
American Legion pot tNo. 1
and the LegOn Auxliary are
#W officWrI for the com-_
I, Satthe Ltiroo Club 0
Spl.%o B~t. Tbe fte 10aW
t -thte
$MHpH otato erixae'


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