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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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4 ltwS %


rnth l an ne country Is wf?- .'bralim incon.



wire pm
Bernard BiedlWaO
the equipment

' .W. W .. .

f eloctolc e .F f-
demonstrated f tim* mittee by
ot) Otruf New ou wi Is ehplaeni.g some of
o chairman Bmaniiu Cellar (D., N.T.). (

Shock Wave Flattems Flames

In A-Blasted 'Survival Town'

0 !'
SURVIVAL TOWN, eNov., Ma Clycl
6 (UpP)-Maln street of SMrvival was
Town looked today as thought
had been struck b 7a t- Sur-
brewed suetr-torDaW tItead of com i
a man manie atomic evieeo. rea!
Three of the fOive bses In partM
the downtown *ae of 0he w-
plia Am4 4mmeol
wer *11....,O

dense experts said It
e to Jude what a-
:In mt have been had
Town been a larger
tmty and residents
eans instead of de-
nt sawe duwmles.
is W*" 0u 1 rnim t

- --U

E ineer Gassed

Aboard -Bound

Refrigerdtd Ship

The chif efrgeration enm- dw, agents for the vesel.
neer aboa the tBritish hT p Uwas expected she could be
Vascouver ar was asphyxiM- ht alongside a Cristbal
ed yesterday afternoon while the pt this afternoon.
shi was n the Caribbean ap- Vancouver Star was n
pudoaching Cristbal. roue from the United lngdom
ew details of the accident to Vancouver. The shn had stop'
were available today but it was ped at Curacao, which was has
undertood that engineer A. M. lK port of Call before the ac-
PrMv, 5, perished in the nref eat.
getton compartment of the r tumors were current on the
veiel.. C.pt6bal waterfront this morn-
This morning the 7000-ton I that an explosion had oc-
Vancouver Star was anchored In oured at the time Mr. Provan
the harbor at Crist6bal. A crew ws overcome.
from the aIndustrial Division of A ,spokesman for the agents
thPaiama Copawy was md this was untrue, and that
aboard Ispe vessel for no explosion had taken place.
g- or apo naly danger-.
A spokesman for Payne &. r e n li

Sman Found Two-Day

Dad On Fender Hammond, nd
ONDI n m 6- (UP)
Of Ci-obul Dock ^water into a burning wFarouse
Alenjro Mangual, 89-year-old today s they fought to O a
Porto Rican employed as water two-day blaze which roared
tender aboard the U.S. Naval through a crowded Hammond
transrt Henry OGibbons, was factor distict and caused more
ond parents dad,. at 3:10 tham 3,00> damag.
thf~ *nwi- IwM jha *f_ WA We*jh ffalftorffHW W A& nAU


s~e~ asiBx-story 0eat La~e
:Ehams.. outrAtti *nAp

Pfeffer leaves Ridge
ony Court at New Y
cuffed to two other
after being arrested
tion with a savage
a oint-sized handymn
fer, awaiting trial o
slaughter charge in
with the Iron-pipe
a sailor at Rockaw
N.Y., was picked uI
Iron-pipe slugging
Myers, 49, also at

Broken V

Limits Lo


ee puruea f ouw* d w
g teoam-t

th -S.before

an ant an
ulu to a fter awn as
tary obleryrs arrived t
morning to see fo I lY
what happened. to 0.w u:
Maresnican zun totWm t-
jecte4 to a ftl- atWmic at-.
lessons biarned be
the desert qOF Yuccp .ut w;
put into prgoticeltOm
rotecion of AmW me
hat might bM gts An -
emy-dropped WcleaRt pon.

june 71 0q

I S "" "

Isthman r who can
lowia, ,ll-k-

rWRA the
aere total 2 o
Mr fu during -h %- s four
dasof the mimh

June trial
trict Court-
Mitcheull a
soldiers -

.4 ItW

W TwAo C U P M el -.
siaftor was *ied ri
m spendingg O arrival
Howard C. Prh m fron
Elo H taL Dr. than
nced Ifangual dead a
as believed ,that Mangua
om the G0%of 4.e ahli
Is head .tc the came
m the dock and the ship
' with his head an<
ers under 'wter for an
wn period of time.

ing 300 fee
tuated the

- a- ouuM-
e att rood
L .rem Pudt
gh could be
1 flames leap-
the air punc-

Eisenhower Military Manpower Cuts

'urdle First Congressional Barrier

-President i hower's mill-
tary manpower cuts cleared
beIr first congressional hurdle
ay whe the q Appro-
ans Coimmittee approved
S defense budget without sub-
TheIcomntee voted $31,488,-
OO,000 for the armed services
in the fiscal year Itartlng July

mra o0
B4 wO than
"20l-d 2g; ea


pite some reservations, the
lttee went down the line
the Pr ens military
'lThe dal Senate
eoed w&Duocratlc

gre u a
to mina
ed ina
ml,< If

! o .

protests against the cutbacks
and floor fights are certain be-
fore the bill finally is approved.
The committee approved a
defense budget calling for
2,52,000 menunder arms on
June 30, 1956. This would be
450,000 fewer than on June 30,
1954. It said the budget puts
new emphasis on atomic air
In a report on the bill the
committee said that some mem-
bers "gorofsly posed" the
Presidents depkh to cut away,
Navy and Marne power. It also
aid eventually pushbu t to n
warfare may require "more ra-
ther than fewer trained person-
While the ommlttee made a
few money euts of.its own,it
supported the Pr ast n the
big item. It ded funds for
the Navy's cotroversial fifth
super a frafrt tranter and other
new ships, Incding three atom-
ic submarines.
The bill carried 71329,818,000
for the Army; $9 071,834,000 for
the Air Force- The Air Force
would get $.4,000o, more than
this year, while the Army and
Navy would take alight cuts.
The committee cut $100,000
from Defense Sepletary Charles
I. Wilson's request for $500,000
for his public relations depart-
ment and told Wilson to make
better use of the money.
In addtaf some money for
various e committee
advised JW to commls-
a 4,400 u te It
had' .to d home for

a .

,Iv'e- the center wai ulvert.
ne lindrical valves control
S of .water the een-
rwall culve ta the leck
a rs through te lteral

The cause of the break had
aot been determined but' a Pan-
ama Canal diver is to be sent
down: Fiday night to Investi-
gate the trouble.
'wi new access shafts from
the fop of the center wall to the
eufvert" below, recently complet-
ed adr a phase of the project to
Inr= e the capacity of the
C ,during Lock overhaul Der-
lods, ll be used for the first
time in effecting repairs to the
cylidrical valve.
Binee the broken cylindrical
valve Is In the lower Lock cham-
'bb It does not Interferer with
double-culvert operation of the
two upper chambers and the
lower.chamber on tlh west side
iad there is no appreciable do-.
lay In handling transits at Ga-
tun Locks.

H h LoW
4;0 e.m. 10:13 s.1L
4:12 y.m. 10:55 j.pq

Bd On Six

Canal ojlects

Set Next Week

Bids on six different Panama
Canal Compa.y Government
projects, Involvng work on both
sides of the Isthmus, will be
opened next week in the.Board
Room of the Administration
Building at Balboa Heights.
They include the waterroof-
ing of the Cristobal Adminlistia-
tion Building overhang, three
maintenance paint jobs, the
construction of a new roof for
the launch repair barge 'and
passenger gangway to Dock 19
I Balboa, and the construction
of toilet and storage buildings at
Paralso and Rainbow City.
Bids for the waterproofin at
the Cristobal Administration
and for the painting of the roof
of the Red Cross Chapter house
in Ancon, will be opened Mon-
day morning.
Wednesday, bids for the exte-
rier painting of three Panama
Ca quarters in Ancon and one
In Balboa and bids for the work
to be done at Dock 19 in Balboa
WlW be opened.
Bids on two other projects will
be opened Friday morning. They
arS the construction of the toi-
l1t and storage buildings at pa-
ralso and Rainbow City and thie
exterior painting of office build-
I& No. 5145 In Diablo.

it is nw. Do -- per
he g part approx-
imately 00 feet long a nthe
,north side of Contractor Hill
and involves approximately 437,-
000 cubic yards of material
The supplemental agreement
with Tecon Corporation is to re-
move this spur which juts out
into the Canal channel down to
near the water level as an ex-
teasion of Its work on the Con-
tactors Hill project.
According to The Panama Ca-
nal, the extenolion of the con-
tract to include the ProJect 13
work will be advantageous and-
esononal since the contra-
ter has the necessary equp-
oent at the site and the exca-
Wation can proceed concur-
e antly with that on Contracr
tonr Hll
It als qmonates the hazard
of havn one contractor
working Idependently of an-
other In the confined area.
All of the 250,000 cubic yards
of material to be removed on
Project 13 will be dumped in the
same area as the spoil from
Contractors Hill which s being
hauled to the old Rio Orande
water reservoir for disposal.
All work done on Project 13
up to the present has been ac-
complished by the Dredging Di-
vision forces. The work has been
done on a low priority basis and
has included blasting and sluic-
The material was removed by
dipper dredges and hauled by
sceows to dump areas in Oaatu

.. -i .. :.:, ..*- '
".Th IN at a. .O
hae where weani* ..
an abrupt ehane os
and the completn of4
project wU be of speal baee
fit to northbound tratnW
Improvaig vlMbilty aoslug -. ,
to thereach and rem t-2"
hard of a emue ti a'
sheer in the ha of course
as It pam Gold IlL
The work on Contractors rn
Is now t g its finalM ham
a at the n of Apr
reported that Tecon.d a.
vatMod a total of lIlA000 cUble
yards of rok, and
yards of Ouasachas i
Rapid propres ham been made
by thee tor during the dry
I .".w'n "...s _oms con-
|ca r cent weeks on tbs.
thale. whis ftlel to han-
die during ra iny .=. .




a boo ut of *ower.
of the ,eeik

o -.A-A

ter~ rL~:h


ti. .K ,,, AN
iirc^R^JIMIM&&. -

Salk Shots -B ,

For CZ KidsGets Big New Jo

Next Week Shifting Cucar

Inoculalion with the Sa lkI
polo Taocine of Canal Zone
children In the first and second
grades will begin next Wednes- F
^^ H day, if the expected shipinent of i p o
vaccine la received in time, it r II I III
was announced, today at Balboa I I
Canal Zone authorities have
received word that a shipment -- 0 -
H H of the vaccine from the it.P ; .,
man-More Iaw.tories n in- The Tecon Corporation of Dallas, Tex., has got itself,
canap byn e p a weekn .. another Panam6 Canal job, worth about $252,50.
end. The new job involved the removal of approximately
The vaeclne for the first and 250,000 yards of Cucaracha formation jutting into tl,
Ssec ndgradehchildren i _be. channel on the north side of Contractors Hill. The
provided by the Natlonal Foun- I I
- Paul A. 'tion of Infantie Paralysis; as formerly part of project 13.
ewaod fel- there will be no charge fork hand- inoculations.
risoners Applications for the nocula- contract for Project 13-A (the $3,391,000 Contractors If
in connec- tions were being distributed to- job) since the additional excavation will bedlone s1 a o P
aslult on day to teachers of firs and sto o t pro. je ,ct
nan. Plet- ond grades for redistribution o f the main project.
n-a man- their pupils. However, the Contractors Hill job Is we$ ahead of
1,Mg of Parents are urged to sign schedule and it is estimated that both projects can be
ay Beach, these requests as soon as pos- completed by August. -1.
lfora the sible and retuready f oh e bAst--
L for the asile and return them to the Also under consideration is a proposal noave Tecom
*o f Ha r r y s c h o o ls s o t h a t t h ei r c h ildre n w i s o ha s b e en a e o f 9e "a 1 e i
Hockaway wil be ready s or the vachi- blast the 1-810W yards of material below. elevation 90
tion s when the inoculang feet to bottom depth. This would comply Project 13 ex-
Tentative lans call for the cept for removalof the blasted maier which could be
S first noculaMonstobe given to done later by wet excavation.
14 e first and second graders at the
e Ancon. Cocoli, Gamboa and The completion of Project 13 Nearly one and a half 1iles
North Margarita elementary on which work has been In of channel of Culebra Reseb has
S schgols, but a schedule of t progress Intermittently for the already been wV1ene14mlt
vaccinationsis expected tobeP
&.A Sp the first artO fBmonthe aw ay nobmy
eT L



~~!'' i



. II 0 m

---- -


,'., ;. ,


.* '' ", "' '




w t
M n_

SHAMOIO AiIo U. l-a uTon
5T. N 7STRiT P. S. .SO 314, PANAMA. R. oF P.
TELEPHONE -0740 (5 LINa)

Labor News

sAnd :.1

Mirror, Mirror, o T;he Wall
. '. .
. .*it^ **' *'* :". *

. .

Se M OFrFIE' s n1.179 ENTRAL AVINUsss 1 *w n iH co D.,au ..*rrRI

Ieasix MONTHS.EINAA- I o e. aI
S in YFA. in a0 fr -B orie s o 4 y VICTOR hLtht
TWrO IS OUR FORUM -t RA CO 0LUMI ~ flh lefoz at of. tohot, ,en e 4at to '

..... ,r ,Wisoth eon t. et "8 m Jgg ga yi
i tWillmbe ;va e loli tbt .ow
T EObought100,060 worth
lOinkaYo's ted-and voted them'
Sfor the management t i
". This added up to 135400 shares a 0 t o m
o MeNDoOis e forum for rado ofTe PanamarAmerlican. for Sewell Avery. It also a ddedld '

SIhan t ly botehd Aiti e oue mlo th o l0 the drvrsDniqau-fetmor had done
h l r d t Union today i inthe havdriver'see f.r OT .end li
If y Pcorbbuto a ieuerb don't be p e a tnm o oappo she spat of the most.ol l la t

0 ten n resiscue pline "tervri vdboth t taand Paizng machine the coun.n by 'PooptwomaNolt
I reserd to kggpetln No. 4 it i my .belief that the mot Teantr re fund money to ee ow t. eir t
Identity of lofteele s I held In srloest onemfdeaAe. M
This newupsanuso-_eosspoasilbillty for statmenms em opinion You best esn"l this smodm
fro ,,, unionizing apEfltush bybe Inninga
r tri for the s mentioned wld the MontgomWery s.ide at
ItmC Lar nthn nrn AeesTh l ar ..,..lo ..dTeamsters leaden "ave Bck ad nt tr ermos i r
S ir :o cU G a .I O N x Oi A L B R O O K J im H o ff a w e re a w a re o f c o u r s e ,M l e o U s gw m wa e a nd Re ,n t
.ti rttals webetleen ama and Colon s tande billion dollar mail order Ada la ton owet me bht Sin
c has recently been ad o the ht n house employed not only i 0,m ,u..e..te" o i ud "i
-l D Ilbot Y planes entLernln d leaving as brookD 4Fielod WlrehoUesle wind but also tesore UJ_.i se wol
oal vicinity of our schools, r-.. How, vto lwed e, .d40,000sale h0nd w ohite colierte ar lnd tou Ni T:jtatooe iohe a.

0G-. TnSfportation B to > r this ir strttold eIWrtaliliv ctin 'tare. l t w d gha garrison ds even smaller,
i s-tor hin k a' t hat "n aabteow Io The Teamsters officials .eer tIIe p wUb to p s another u err e mhe tf
icotthis oua O f o o sth ei0t G l vodr knlew th at once they cracked t up*ie anes sn
Ze 0ouat of. eq ues on. Q moe urbou anm .e_ oh Mon amer Ward, which has d, and mammoth lke bast i. YeJo y Woui be
conldeablieveth ed, ther eal anianGo- stae th te e to the slanted new poke o: "Roon had a that inc alp Bunche and tway match or a uomnva

er n betthistalwayb tcoperati o thul. ad t. hesy could crsck dhe other the AfroAan C. cance mabe to have been the George Waotcarver. w army of Ss known

give onrto theaAthms U.S. lotes ho A"wrE Strlp weakest be te4hehw.r Bandung, where the Ifrst balek president. He was I aid anen bather, and pan onstrction n the Arctic sub- 'o be mfor the assault.
r uggee r much 000 tt the Democratic rre- cnt singer. He was a Phi t d ths whfront,y I am glad Mr. here the TeamstersareTh readyen un a char

Se t agiably ve bee the balance bout lynching, et cter, in world if hed wanted to. I 'also owhat R .beso took away. altt.b ns .b" !.eIsepo
S-t take--ffs---- or liadl wardsn from rle T Be Negro toock and Hoftf who was Inh tartd t alph Bunchehave striven for twoltote -
orl t *e o big comt any and e prohbi. A dunnn that hi hrand e of way. aeaas o .ariurg, w
,C Bi Thefred thast ten critolsm a2d At. e at se a,, EXtoat rubapa amen eA
3.nThi take-offp and leading inate4t flights (of lowly.owomil

T deal It was well wort f* ndme to slae______tANCEPS Ru ClkrI__k But it_ value may be im in aa__e*t whe" they a
nmbled i. Id or repsa red planes) eman e and o and from th e unions which were oser to pl P ble i poring the g Wetbrook P s n ve
to IC- O I nly about ile. T C O d neoo h o f hess0es De arst PeopleI
t ur lt EWr tnon which is c ulose to er toThheeei Team. m m. esiutfr, men yo wdae ndd b yiave'
| wfor' n. aralnt pi S fvrotsr ti uamitelrs ran irtererne ljfor .eor cile anTe 'eb malatl
b to eerm a randn tem r esu pahee serviitg- btha the onet.i, tw Ha.tem.o Ni .ti d at aI.
elfic C OW S. ft H ef t ff st used $1,000,000 of '"h t M ---- of ofth e t he c ,and o a tr e j

#tibtlae u d CaointbcSautshvhde. 4 blow t stts toV 1 N e Ub ie r Hee atmo Pr or form rP .toosn as, men fir rt a. NI
.Ia Godd at; daf no botUnco0mifome a a ut this cabinet when hage alts with ne t Repubcaann Educaatb oou-deht
Z lan io. a olrdst f MSM w f hSv e tte pre Teamsters inHi a iA. ,d because d n n event k nage o ant f v onn man sita oe tb
Iheaven in -or Republicanl campaigns and hiUioneowcs wl .oes onearange for the birthday ebra
haMe.un' s of w tat a ad Wtolm ts'. Iryl rb a visitsaoecnotonmwedoewAtGOPttion.oththeaGrand0ldel
erla alwaysTheb differencmsta osndCsad wdto gdlantey o s Theslne en headquater ept or this one. Wiscons ently... The
ghe ovn to the U.S. Army for thetuse Of Calnda Air Strip- trsiclk began purchasing tccoa, wmttheroAasoncacpesmyentoHeav t geersno. o.tety ar

tn duh gt Ind that used by olser bd nti.dHw 1ates ai s This ame nde case storming into os to build a fleet of sid
laftd i. t heauolrtedllo 'efroh mmllslllnsterp ldetakento- thar __n t ired Ccame loaded, oornrm Hahlelasfsaul ti.Ati toubgah e pln tmoweed b ila m
emberlo o !, ihotC a o" Tte e oemo ic.r we a re gr n t-e d eompcer atoi powe r ulatR.s
fee use o Natoeu drhsamterms A& agreedupon Aven and Wolfson might- from New York would un- Kappa, and I think he could havePowell spokuptother dayhi nIt rte w eh ac
e utr oe sehiian Bake .ee h e a e caefpninite trade divisions-baking of the andun. u put atck a littlevei fea leh o 40 ears.
anCortao 1 we.lIn ot bwinilning an sein a lin, eabou-t- hi Cr s.inwo ldih e wanted to. I eaolsoswhatR e-soit a eway, a lit h 01 o a y C ,o ,etw

w232S l e ei t .e- t -. cdau.feurs w airy average gen- hag roen-m to r Ip asi f member ra e. Finish. Excellent e onomical htion.
y- eel Av an drol eson comj pd eIthe d.atl..oe .Ber heoteywh.. e e, f ot w ;
-" du". "'i e o drmoans board ofd'lrctrl. rtd .. or oa r I i m .andJ -Forge.s b

Sr T me onaN a is Negro too, and he was when e Mon.tartedn Youllowing theRalph Bunche hve striven orway. Read t the lrkbu,
tbqobcio n fb y th e tr ed i gproudto itu uneerthat hisgrand-sw ay..
ol it h tmaritime ectio con- AI allv rube tme a a
Soreme As, oted tat has can to where we GLANCEBut value may be mmeasurn aeme when ey
SAFL in on charges of being have national ols who are Ne- bng thobidg We Pes
r'btDr r d vc lr.l"1 Worker's correspondent ___ of themr i ol n ra n .an '
.. 34-uta-h- Inba i .h A.F denrtc" Inenty volt n We abm aaSn-

l "H i !lvei,. on i,, ,iii, ,s nn ^ ",e..t, take the n a b a the g r rs di'l.- Hi-i|, ,' ''
1951 CHRYSLER CONVRTIBLE COUPE. The pop- promise of n house the and s ad football
m'.Pdoulil severely critical of -JI o n .. q... L ae aearotlo

Th ul.r .x cylinder modl. Fu"ly equipped and t-sroke. Wht happen d wa, th
expected toedy tenialce $95.0. bar'w tLy-beeanade tLo e r p tiSr
A-ioon the sttutsae n of IcisirmnofLae and Le
o the atno, hisgtoo. ca arotofover ma...eohn u t4. en th
Tnse rd vilswilSheAlt Ho ,uni se7 nl-ooo

tacvitrIs, t ore a th aelsmatheUnitedSs a its fiesit etsf une
T26cientlf lu sOg n -renhe way out. Second-clana c-itaf g n n ndt a
zens"o-"d rx= t h oin mgti thetwa yd SUIi.n-
.a6arevolution hasoccured0ofcby an, old backe Qf off eieaa the etiny
flsr8Fatt the Tea@msters areall enLo Wah c-a 'he"ar however, haomaywll lis
its doing isl develuping a cerntral o bo e Ntit In re kf iite
ofsecn 0oa Go1ow et, much lke that of t He wea Sam Ptyor former GOP cosgresmen first...-
tbrowOU cofmoc 4 1.f the U m. naional m9 tteem .fro nCo n executive .4lrector
dawn asote 8samr 4ood money the pre ident ofe he Teamstersin ldu- e Republin Educaton Foud
u n r l"[lrod" Metheepres-der of OTeamssjI pplaudMr. Powell,becussier ad ow vice eion. Jnasts thiat Ie negc gadua,
l0 ben 0 11 tan a"yea to me, he -u t-himself a Joe Lous resident 'ad ciefI lobb t for ed rm hi school. Yet 's I
--- t rto ow Z 'y w*at i hae poe-us: *.ti ,--- American Airways. P or has chargoe of an education al. d..
t--in (In oin everyecorner ofhisp de. n are are somehonutern ."Y"U' helped to raise a lot of mery ton. Tha Is te fouins.otio wlgch
erF bwnatoon of black and white. Cer- .Jl visitsa e not unwelcome it GOP tion .of tte Grand Old avg
um .- "The difference between Nth =te"groisllina"last .hadquarter -elxeept for this one. Wisconsin r.cently.. TheN
a member of the cabinet will begory In souis paces.CecompactCstrmic power gfiats...t
PObluoratradedinvisionei trewI The Russas have surround
frmcat".catadntutno more active differentiation "I am nr to get you if It's their ke cities with rqk tpowe-
a local or regional geographical between coloredM p and white the last th I do," the. an Id f t hlch cpoansh
area. thanAtherePrsrbetweenGteap4e ada" A1ltheglenial Hall. e te a t s

milk, autemutive, cannery. ware. uld, and I can remember that I
*Mas,..(I) builwdue and con torages ol, raised by a former Iave. 1 1949 CHEVROLET CLUB COUPE.
chauffeurs dairy, average, gen-:can
h" aI'I c"nu lrinmb dneFinish.uExcellent pconomicalre
eral bu, way drivers, in Waalnton, I can remember
!sundry, long haulh, miseel- complete d6 _i.$atJ. in the OW. >"Son"- C1 '
"d.Ign.ous and. sooner or later. harmed forces in World War II L. 5..10 .. -." "

"'"X"'%" N O T I P'stadreemint, etc., etc. And a strike in Paris e do er ow a on r-
S will reach from coast-to-coast- inner which e had fixe
bIstead of Just hitting one comn- for me, and to NE W SHIPMENTS
pany or one district. me to rememo I we tU .
S' N O T I C EIt's the modern design, and they wa-s JUST ARRIVED
SA Ui e itoien tax p.yors on the Canal Zone age, ln t
iliw are exempted from paying taxes prior to 1951 -white man a t tatWIN h
entitled to become psrty plaintiffs In the pending nh ir '
l5 # S -e6 Cadt of Claims. Original Tlt of home, and mi .
plartiffs will be forwarded to Washington onis proUe sas4 ba
fact fla that 0,oi I .
IS. AN ,s.otios rolpg. prior to midn t rich that ake me
will o ron Ived" r onsie..s
at 1306.da InO6e 400
i tlU ar petitin theyo te~",r it s, a
W. W Togetherw with thg wa was so.
*6 me b ilreasto Mr. Virilia thetX
hfr Z& bn. I*k or money order was able to
46 W* pWAyl to USCA Tax Fund. .sight, his

Y_~ __


-~Lr~IC.I-~-r 1=3;-7 ~rJ~WL

- -A- -


. 'A


-.. AN DNI



I- _____________



W T AmT( ID)

Is u &p o dtteo- ---
An t ope lng,2 i bffd Prharts
Ne s thisou L ve. ed.

howeve.Pass 49 Pyou can t ord to. Frank r left foegroun
Do e R lks just. P because e en years, seven mont Pa

An opening bid of four hearts
s a to s hut the opponents taken in the governor's offi
seats Oy Os biddhig. Suen a
bid usually snows les than ae right to
standasf opening bid *> far asj
oublh cour tr, enth iyou concerned. ti
Itw's p important to .remember, TE "HEART-FsLT good wis
owt you were you can't afford toirector, faces the left foegroun
bid foa tel tricks just because ended 81 years, seven month
you'd lbse to shut the opponents taken In the Governor's offlci
out. They atlil have the right to certificate In the presence of
double your bjd, and if you lack tion Bureau and from other C
th, proper vieaS you may wish director, faces the camera bet
t you w ere back home, s afe s Designing Engineer, is at t
la your warm little bed. Panama Line. After a trana
0 Joi. y'n hanc, for example, an Fan Fraclksco Bay area.
&u4.n mnade his shutout bid when
be was vulnerable against nor.
%heraM1le opponents. In this sit-
uatiooe an expert tends to have
eight pretty sure playing tricks,
wice he doesn't want to risk a pen-
alty of mre. than 500 points,
Eince the 8ith player happened
to be "Sonny" Moyse, editor of
the Bridge World, the opening bid
fairly surely indicated a good play
Jox eight tricks even with a worth.
less dummy.
As it happened, of course, the
dimmy was far from worthless.
Harold Ogust, the North player
couldn't tell the exact nature of f f
his partner s hand, bWt he could
feel reasonably sure gyat there
would be a play for 12 tricks no
matter vhat South held. There was
nu point to 'scientific" bidding.
Oust wanted to be In a slam,
so he just bid it.
East's double was silly. If both
of his aces took tricks, the double
would produce 100 points more
than a pass. It stood to lose more, -,
for Moyse promptly redoubled.
V.her. Moyse made his contract, JIli
iL turned out that the double had
cost 590 points. This was far too F e Furnriture made of
tU aloss .t risk when the posI D.1 OW M. d. o 6t
Mile, gain wan only about, D10 0a qs S S t
* ,;.....po ts -.I.. to :..- .,' ". .,.."J
Them inoth g mudih to the t oo t
play of the yards. Declarer took Podutos de Madera, t A.
oummy's three high spadesd, da- nVUed b aobcNo, S.
carding a club from his hand. l v"'" s.b anCae
He then took the ace of clubs and tween Kodak Blg. am0
cross ruffed clubs and diamonds. fM AvS. IM
East got the ace of trumps, of ., ,.,4
course, but nothing elke.

1951 FORD CLUB COUPE. Satiny black finish, with
ivory top. Woven nylon seat covers. A one own-
er beauty with low mileage $795.00.

kw r -,ew- m -

* ,






hes. of everyone in the Ca t organization" were extended to
d, by acting-Gov. Frank A. Mimroe, Jr. Wednesday when Irwin
and 15 days of Panama Canal service. The photograph was
e when Irwin, designing ehglieer, was presented his retirement
a large number of associates in the Engineering and Construe-
Canal units. Col. Hugh M. Arnold, engineering and construction
ween Irwin qnd Munroe. Joseph M. Cooke, who succeeds Irwin
he far right. Mr. and Mrs. Irwin are sailing tomorrow on the
continental automobile trip, they will make their home In the

- I





i H.P. 115 v
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^__^-u -I


No. 1 Via Espafia


- Phone 3-0383

I- I, .II


Tratyour famib to the year'rond g
B=rn tinw and work. tan!

- Ak for thA



T_ yweit The Osterier Ashm s hwm d&of deubios
d0'sm- meals in minut. dAts downon ktche
chrin-eopa nuts, vegetables faw mladak P dO u;
lr for MuPs, baby foods; bsda sauo9w, grave; m s
e as sandwich spreads from left-over to a h
budpt. Exclusive feakpro Flu-wsdtie SLM FtLs
stadard caning ja for ,iuasg. striag ikNe ru New
w s o--". i

We are unpacking

* For mildew stains In your
bathroom use CORSO
* Bathroom hampers ........1
* PlastIc toilet brush ........
* Air icks for your
bathi oom and looetas ......
b Tolet bowl deodorants ....

* Round aluminum umbrella
table ..................39.50
* TeltraS p dpool
umblaa ..............35.00
a Portable hammock with
sun had& ..............5.00
* Electric rotating
Bar--Q spits ..........16.95

IV 4

.w-. '.,' ,
"_.." ":."* ^ *f -' .

c *-. .

Aluminum estoiion chairs. I
AhlnvUm eOwhfta gliders,4
I FIbeglbs p .up lamps ..I

B felW'hfe
:3 :^'.





b --..



* ?Aicher 7Jrniultre

* Euver/adlt abric

0 Cushion Cover4

Sjaile oLamps







* Rattan


* Paco linoleum

* 3eac/


/ oes



[Picture Lig

* Yron


fPrayer .Rugs

its CAushon

* 7ans




qiA AA fib AAlb A A f m A LAmM,*.

fisww- @JT* 9HH a BA uMSh rftssf a


-.*:.- Si

:.'- :Y'.
. ... ..... :,*-.* .M .-


~ *rr ~-



"~ ----


* -. .


.7" ".

i1riS' 1%S I lU WW% 1W ii T lN T VW


I '

roVw T Jo


iTemporar:!y Ted Mack hasI
*mandoneu ii, anm.t.'urs. t'or sev-
years, Le geniala C intro-'
ced t> e iap dancers, accordior.-
1 an rooK-e sopranos. Now, he's
hlls own b.Kw-- I noC 'Led lack
mec over NBC-TV.
Seie Amawur flour had such a
isht ormurA," Ted says. "that I
no chance to express my per-
ality. 'Ibis new program will
e. nt a cnance to cavn t a lite.
Sf course, I don't, know it I want a
S soicavort, but I car. U i want to. '
lYat wll sthe new show be like,
it 3titmnally shakes Ofwn? Well,
S a little bit of many phases Ted Matck .I tl tvaitm-
Ma Mack. And it may come as a
a rise to o to know that Mack engineering a0t the Uriversity of
S many panse. Marylagod. (He says his engineer-
.ing training helps him witff the 1%
SFPeople only remember the ~our job of making up for "Kis-
A acp r s ad n, he sa. They met." He dra s straight lines). On
a get that before that I was a the side, h sag with bands.
S-- eum.ii, a to.ater C, adn or- The he began to, slg profes.-
e scra leacr, Wni a pretty go .lo s ally Remember an orchestra
Sz clarinetist.'" ea d Bert Bloch and plciBel
nere are negotiations to bring Muscle? Bill woas Bloe' voaealist
heitmprosic BilWsfi h'M voea is geti!
a Amnatcjr' hour buack. h but he says now, his voice. wasn't
ulu ,naice Te n a busy ooy Iul, ro s to.
een if t doesn't, he h be nappy.
Svorung. had a range of one octave -
-_ n a good day," he says.So he be-
Few Fast Facts: NBC trying ban studying voice seriously and
persuade former President Her. nc's still studying.
ioover to appear on one of "The human voice," he says,
r* "'eider wise nmet finms "naturahy gels richer as you get
Caden has at earls morning older. With Ftudy and practice, it
r a ow an New York. Since he's improves more. My voice is get-
d to su.c early rising, Ie nas ling beticr 2.1 the time. I. ope, tif
a friend wake him up v&a the tele. it continues to increase in range
e. Ihe ridend? Da*e Garro-j.nd richness that someday soon I
y Nanette Fabray is ofie of can sing some longhair ituff."
pnenomenons of tne v season. And not on his chintry-chin-chin.
C aesar's co-star is both a child
a grwn woman sne's in Win Mi Th n, the Burmese
nmny u 1the old Our Gang come- eauty who is in the movie, "The
1c. A now pJeing re-rejeaaeu as bPrple Plain.' with Gregory reck,
Sinlubhouse Gang Comedies" ,. brought her three step-children to
W *pr eiamA o "r anc o writes New York. dShe made them this
a icies in serious music maga- ptroGmdse: if the first person they
d t ":i uuer tWe Dby-ine, Waiter sooke to in .New York knew who
iels 'Howdy-Doody" was, she'd take'
he tdem to see ,nd meet the famous
the hair on his chinny-chin- puppet.
hu, bthi Joanson thinks nis voice The first person they spoke to
i: gdttir.g better all the time. So did; she did, too.
is ...c neir on his chinny-cnam-chin. -
A few worJa of explanation are DICK'S QUICKIE: Two sailors in
n4..- ary at t*U int BilL John- Los Angeles had their choice of
u sa is the aage hallsome seeing TV stAr Gale Stbrm or bur-
bi Ariore who succeeded Alfred lesque star Tempest Storm. They
rgake in "Kismet," and will take Uflipppbd a coin, saying, 'Tny old
theo-corul musical on the road, storm M a port.
lie wears a bmed (authentic John-
1.0 whiskers) for hi part. And he PHYLLIS KIRK ("The Red But-
a it.e t'hns Show," NBC-TV): I've got
S I'm ery fond of this beard," half a mind to go out and get a
.e says. "A beard does things for job just to rhow you.
Mt of Pets ou apart.' Red Buttois: Fine. But who's
9'snbesomii 9e 'S gad tleeo, ?Lo l a girl with half '

ithe next Rodgers and Hummer- .
S muimle w iuh be runs over
S eduled f the. fall. This is r.
rpged that t Jut takes eff the
t'rt hairs. net the Ing ones,to
ItMeesn't de-eard' him.
I. has betm signed for theapd
i the next Rodg wear a diffHammer
S edud of beard the fall. This is
ed on John Steinbeck's book,
weet Thursday." and in it the
is bea"-ed. So Bill and his
skiers seeimor headed for a hap-
'I'll have to wear a different
Is of beard. though," he said,
6 easing his whiskers with his
"I'll h. v"oto. get rid of this"-
Is a R.Bltimore boy who grew
wanting to be a soldier. But be
a 'n t get arn appointment to
-t Point, sd he studied. civil ,.



with Radio, Four new fubeles Tires, Factory
installed Seat Covers. Se this bargain today.
Full Price $895.00.
_\ /;, ^1


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -'July 17-24, 1955

pleasure in announcing that they have some limit-
ed accommodations still available In the group from
Panama and Colombia leaving PanamA on July 4 via
Cali, Quito and Lima to attend the XXXVI Interna-
tional Eucharistic Congress to be held in Rio de
Janeiro from the 17 to the 24th of July. The group'
will travel under the spiritual guidance of the Most
Reverend Francisco Beckmann, Archbishop of Pan-
amA, who will accompany the group to Rio de
After the Congress, the group will return via Sao
Paulo, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Santiago and Li-
ma. Since only a limited amount of hotel reserva-
tions and other accommodations are available, it is
essential that those wishing to make the trip to the
Eucharistic Congress in Rio apply early.

P. O. Box 1626


Great White Fleet
New Orleans Service


*.S.S "YAQUE" ........................... .... May 7'
B.S. "AGOERSBORG" ............................May I1
*.88. "MORAZAN" ........ ............ ......May 14
*S.S. "HIBUERAS" ................................May 21
L. CARL" ...................................May 23
.-S.S. "FIADOR KNOT" ........................... May 25
*S.S. "YAQUE" ....................................May 28
*S.S. 'MORAZAN" ................................June 4
*BHadIng Refrigerated Chlled and General Cargo

New York Service Arrives
S.S. "HEI EDIA" ............. .................... May 9
9.S. "MABELLA" ............ I.....................May 14
8.5. "PAR IMA" .............. ............May 18
8.. "S. .ANGA" ...... '.. ............ May 23
5.8. "MAtA iA" ..........................May2
B.S. "ESPARTA" ............ ....r,/.'......... May 30
B.S. "SAN lOSE" ........ ...... .....;..Just 8

Weekly sailings of twelve passenger ships to New
York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco
and Seattle.

Special round trip fares from QO tobal to New
York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.
To New York ......................$240.00
To Los Angeles and San Francisco ....$270.00
To Seattle .................... .$365.00
-t e e o e m t ~ e e


The Shock

PANAMA 2-2904






, t.,r-f. .,-_ =..*_ '.-
*, : .-


Pt em d u M

ALU 00 Pl




. Meettd M Na

Lost Secret?

, s -I. I.

Dery on the Job

1 sDiAm MA

All Covered Up

vi.auaggunm -


w Nu wOTrtWS,
- PiuUemTO

.r.I.A'5 PUpG

Escale Artist


Crystal im

Ip~ u*1W! soon AS Z
R ^SJtlJ 00H Mt



Wmi oweV
.. A ll-


Ovaw. w~u4G HouS


14 LOGT..--

Ui fM--


~- '-

_____~ ~_f ~__CII_

_ __ __ __ *~________ _~ ~ I?

" --~."L,_...__.

r` ~" I


: /.-*










a'4 4 *;i~~-.: 'K'j% ->'

, ; ..,J ,, ^ .. .'-.j..x-^ c ..
* .. ; S -- .,- -/ .. -. 4_
,-.. .~ .4, : ..- .... .

.,. .*. ,''- S..-. .
* ,. 1iiJE l& d b *^fy. 'v~'~''''"*t''r**^^'^ ^ ''-- .. -' u WT -, 4" "" ".
la'a"a a ..-r 4-~-"W it."" r -y w'' t a '--" '
...4:; .- ,..- ,,;,.... ---*. -- ,- ,'+ ___. L=_. ,.+vi.


- r~ 4j74



. .' 7

D.o- .ta-.l po m th" TMe

women know itis poor tate to
3 brag about -what they have. But.
lit is also poor taste to brag a-f
Th bout l*lat ydu haven't got, es-
Specia lly hen you are talk n g
to people who obviously h a vea
L L A EL .- more than you do.

Ing wh you know, but yourL
rr I r i tit y o u r h u sb a n d is th e kin d b
... c .... ... h. s t he kn

oad of C...- "".N : W ar tcan often go wrong by telling
..MAN what you know or even hint-
S Z ... ing that you krow something
an e.dqat, can't tell.
CRIME IS UP Aprt 4i' s for 'thel pist m tsl tu, h Don't assume -that just be-
.annul crimne report et porralh Bureau ofInvestglq h Sow u
.that the trend of mcat rhsn 1954 was up, The ris was fve
per cent, rpredko .s f hgh of 2 Th7 time a thnanany omap in your crowd,
ea t, Thrtsz of 2,0, 2os5 n e the tlna your husband- will be pleased.
S oerimesT flh t 0 bovee 1953 total. As hart ar l w He may be but it is just as
only wlil'gU. d auto thits dropped o ,. likely that he will secretly wlsh
his wife Idoked as well dressed
S.,I, .. as.i his friends' wives.
S... .OICultivate a good memory for
..Tl a I veaderul -saw~R '. pVii-names and faces. i l The woman
utNext hisl tfh pa.iTpadbrfor eh @le53Te .eolioe' 5r U *.who remembers the people she

e le d eb I thnia el mt. m HeL he above dj. is / rpla r ecn at oll mi L d faces together seems to be
In the showeSIeb of ANTONIO INNOVACION. lAdv. aloof or stazd fftsh when her

-in thed pbo a-nof o_( r yer Ae erte losfo Never ri adicule others. There i

S~virg oe cots N e v-is.OURonly real fault Is n having a'
AWARDS hJ Lt ahe aowBI Gswoman who has i a reputation for
l~a "ic-ts a sharp tongue or for bit ing
v -ue : .. I V Ne 7 1 (0 sarcasm may get a few'laughs,
FORT fRlL SCOUTS Latinger, schl care, ervai-. but she wins few friends for
ahAVE nWADS L o a ealth 'ure Lt. Cott C. T. Marsh, Jr., be. herself or her family.
b- bl u ar; rend a Murray, et care, am commanding officer of the .t.
The l'- lin- lt it Troops at Ceqoer.vation. health Anti Aircraft Artitleryr Give at le st I little of your
Fort Gq th. n alcort curved oo, Batton at change of com- h tme and talent to cbmmunty
ul bck.r 'h Ws a, e and bet ,i y m thi week, edLat Fo. Dave LL projects. That will help your
termedia r ,an Edt.Jo la spitality leave-the Zone soon on r- you live and you'll be far more:
d-aard ltSb (- ZG'eyoa;.00hosputulyl e. .
enairman, b 'we l generalhge. back ard gaper oraft,i o ignment. effective as a "'doer" than as
The progua srtd with atr in.. ddor cook Ani, health aid; Jerrileg a "why don't they-er.
location Caplis m- of Port Paer., bck r ard camper, camp Reviewing offt er at the cere-
Gulick. The M orant started d wioutdor k, first aid and was Col. H. Tubb, Be a warm-hearted, reponsve
at. invocation by (CISipin -Arms -health' aidt; Joan Judy Prey, hgo.iil. tdlnlg officer of the 65th fea
rf Fort Guliek. The opening re- pitlity, backyard camper, camp- AAA Group, of which the 764th friendly person. It a w o inan
zrarks ware .made lby. Major Jo- craft, outdao,' cook,, first aid, child Is a major unit. doesn't have those qIalitltes she
seph Divis Wh' In a member of care and health aid; and Lavonne Isn't such of- an w et to her
the board of the Canal Zone Girl Wilcox. backyard camper, camp Troops participating n the husband no mattehowmany
cout Counnei 'lajor Divris'-touch- traft, outdoor cook,, first aid, review Included:, Head unrteras husband brains o mtter how mch beauty she
ed briefly the yrlp activities cook and health aid. A n HeAdquarters, A' an Bt> brains or how ch beauty she
oa the kG rl. Scout. Troops After the Girl Scout awards series of the 764th and C Bat- has or how competent or -clever
bnd eprais thleadeir andd were- all Made, Mrs. Prey re- er, 03d AAA Battillon she happens to be.
e girls n ptograph albums whichhappe tobe
ince M menatin had ne- contained a Picture of each, girl Marsh, who also assume th
oe' been in asGirl'.Scout, in the Troop- to Mrs. Fareau, duties of Deputy,, Pot Co-
Mrs. Franl feau, Leader of Mrs. Wilcox, Mrs. ,. Mrs. ader, Fort Davis coes-to the
Troop 4, el&l.h e and then Ilu enstein al d l j ior Davis. 764th fm'onthe 65th AAA Group,
Mrs. Blu u Ste Mrs. Tr the rlsavs one to Mrs. Fort Cayton where he vAd as
o Jnirge Hr -P -rexeci tive, of. e r. Previ hed N ow with

r.... aior o s ra, wewfA w'th e ir
ead tPreo il M. int.e awr d, ,.t z
,irl Scout .erP1 Lo-i.. the

ad the Gi -fdalo cal agd thle was ,e -l"'b" '
rpe. Five iw ward-y .h- Judy ,eJu 1 Yq.r .or b a .w.T o'.'n'e "A
ed Mrs. Ro thE .J.M. TM eIIntermdate u th edqar ourtn Aa t d

es Pat icia Eaves and Robin Gil- ed the following people for teir S H T om, ad he lst in
ilt. Tiu.par ins were award- helpduri ae year: Mrs. iese, starting at5 pm. fTor woa, aapie b c
:'. iR orter. Two- ear ias went liam Drvdal Mrs. Joseph Davis, .T ,u dorswe.3 modelCdidr only i
in $rs. VL L, fsay and dMrs. Roy Davis Miss Pat Eaves, protectedaintdirtdupo
Mis. W132e Wox. Mr,. ow- Ls. Lee Hayes, Major Koy &v' il n ... tion and waqr by the famous
lapd Sin ier anv Mrs. John Ta- is, Mr. Last'nger, Col. Eaves, and Writ tLHo L Fior, orcnestra proof oys et case. A new ri
pa p received o Pei In. Sergeant Allen. "rtor" mecnim winds
Next on 1e prOisi was pwre- Chaplain Arms. closed the cere- t or" Thi-eono ins tu
entation.-of Brownie-ye s i "sto mony- with a benediction and then M -" ,. '
ioe little Brlwt4 e Gvirl Syutm y[gt. Prey s owed a large num- 3 Dehiiouo nnenus
oneir leaders, Ms. Victor T.Ipp er of colo, slides taken during Delici.
and Mrs. *river..The girls weh various: Girl Scout activities of / -. n i -- ,. ,t '
s -teived P.' -evidence of rho yeqr. where were also ap -. n enjo a delg ul new .
navirpg hilJ6a '"MSeto fqr etre.sbe.Lasei furnished by the sa Id .oaJ environmntthm
nIe year- to paI Parents of-the foul Troops. Some ,i- -w ,,,I h T"'oPf c '. A
'icia -i A asq v.00. people.atenaded4the court- of
bn Jat r of'4 A-el a a wae~ r.. n in. T. .-s i i n s
mne Vlicttfle hl'1, Cwrisftlbe y Sth .. r 4 *-alre I
aty, Lugedle rs r, Marie Whitpe o Fort Kobbe's Cub tcoabtsnwereigDlco Mn4
.:aron Ly#nit ton, Linda Car- recent lyteid e byS -the pnoet' m il.l A honor -"sn"t -Is a who
a., Hamm.i-n a Gel. Gi ,tary police, who gave the young- thlinks..alwh *dnn'ulive o.,,J. "n
;yara tUa test."."tour'-: ,of. the post, a -'
..athlen JS1 2-3,d ,. safety talk and. ice cream.. .
h.'.bec:a -Brill, d ally, Pa- Den'Three, Pack 16 were hon-i Via -,
aricia Romeo Trdy Smith', Joyce ored by Provest Marshall Capt.
he- Lank. .be MP.'s along with Mrs. Ln-
Mrs. Porter took charge of the ie Z.- Wetherington,, the den's
Biownie t*niit p.,ceremony guide'
nien the ra-f-li;e a who had f., orientatintwa :Art of a
to be znerdiate .Scouts. forte i obbe ndwas in accord-. .
,ul s who ie&W up oludbd Ma- a ce with a pr-rAn to 'maeM
gAret a oUlmd w li t1l t po a safer place hat.all levh
.WdriesWe e K.nes, els." J -. .
Frances Apei a- Jennette n-sforum conduc...ted by Daniels the .

invested those girls aS irmedate_
1 n'fliOU wts over ar a 'ea P acku TT "0

las of.fts c1 > troop 0176 U$ US x 'El@
wr tllt Girl a OWS Dlsc.. WZURT p t*,5
&, oon as ths, ve oo wta over Ambags,-o, of under n. e. ., A,,. i

Te Di o bf e ade i n W rw a u n -, THE TUDOR -INCE O

raft:,.otd or cOO.. foot tnrave.,. The Ambassa. dor of Endr nd-li 3 f i .U. n"ovb h aunt ,rc .. .

iIe; ,'_nvesturmw aim _',' dot, jII' ".'i- .Fi",,
first al'i helm aid W. AAmbWsredho e R. Ch.bOi-"
r Ambasad Ieee ChirigatC
(,aft 0oMreWk,, Mus Ave, ^ -. v- "n H 'I n u__.. -..- e di .d. -, ,^ : -
v -EdIB a d i a
uIet2 ' te IA. ." .g-. 6po. 3. -- I. ""S-
ueaitA Psa-o S. meh ffar-;,+e...ta
wadI sparks; DeputyAssista

ac i _.ty, b.I.. ... Id s ...
end -cook;after t .t ds .-

e E -" DUTY
rPat i.I-. qd M I '7I-.-- .- "j

'4 $ .. ...t- .... E ; .- .. ....J-.t- t. 4... "/ ,-'... _" .." "
,-'a.u.- w, :,. ._ -.. t.,,o -. + ,. .._ +,



4' -.*
VtA --.

- .* f" .

..4 '-1.-
-, 'WI.

.~4,- -. .

s'*.A "4.. ..i-si

.U l
-S ; *

V, '

. .NOVELTIES f'f'-
children just inI

For baby...
Stresses, playsuits, suits
and,amart items* .j-
for all-occasion

For girls. .
The most luscious collec- .-
tion in sport dresses. -..;.
Beautiful handbags and hats
by set.
Underwear for girls from
one year old.
For boys...
Smart suits 'for travelling, for
playing. Also sport suits. Shirts,
a wide variety in styles. And a
complete assortment in boy's

4' ~4L'~r1


ama t
T, '



the date on th ditLk.
Si'" e Tudor .' a ii

iviAicible Tudor!

enbatd 34 and
ess Oysterdate
Iditiomn to the
leA or Geneva.
size. They ale
wder, perpira..
Rolex water-
m automNtic-

making- It prooftagainst all shock and vibra-.
tion-fIbroily the arch-enemy of the self-
winding wasch. And in addition these models
show the dite clearly and automatically in k
neat window out in the dial.
their. 17., or 19 jewel mov'Mnts are
perbly accurate, reflecting fifty year of
Rols experience in making high pasion
watches. Ypt the Prince and Princess Oystr
dates co less than any other watcl pos-
sessing all these exclusive features. Ask to
-e them it your nearest Rolex jewelle

. I


" it

'ord Rolex of en
red by Rolex of Geneva "+

)4trcn CENTER;
agW-e AV6VS.Pfl
WT C a c N T E.


* t. .. -p&t. .i :
;-X!'*4"'"4" "S" "



** '1-'1 1 ". iU- 9L^ B~

oea six

C.2? l ; .. .


Inexpensive Wat A







Canal Zone Dental Polyclinic
Dr. C. R. Fabresa D.D.S.
Deoture-brldse work-elz brasiva
Geersi Prrllce
Tiva l(40h *I July) Ave c2' 1AM
(oppaette Amco School rrsyPOUM)
Itlephone 2-20. l-PmNA-.

"We can help YOU with

Dre >A. and M ORILLAC
Palmer Graduates)
55 PfriS AMenun Tel. 3-139
(1 block from Lux Theatre)

PockA Shippers --Mover
Phones 2-2451 2-2562
Learn Riding at
Riding & Jumping classes daily
3 to 5 p.m. Phonoe 3-0279
or appointment. _

Body and Reducing Massegos.
Me Leviy Machines, turkish both.
Mlae and fnmele operators.
Justo Arosemie Av. 58.
Phone 3.-2217.

Match-Stlek Bamboo
Venetian Blinds
Traverse Ctrtains
Glass or Weqd JalouUegs
Call 2-3063 or 3-4904
Estimates Gives Without
Distributed by
Productos do Maderq, SA.
ntral Ave. (between Kodak
S& %xrAe.. Oh

Parts Bales Ser8ice
Central 26-79.
Tel .-AS1 .

'fOR SALE: Refrigerators,
Admiral, brand new, live
2H years' warranty, no down
Y yment, $12.50 month.
Central 26-79


Strand new one year guarn
antpe, no down payment,
$10.00 month.
Central 2p-79.

Just received new shipment
tof latest Model RC-80M
f Barr ard Recordchangers
complete with 45 PM
indle and MagnetIc T.O0
rtridge only $52.50.
Central 2B-79.


ard, X 8peed Reeerd-
era we are son to
XR^Bl ONW smll it.y 25
Price WBGompleft.
ag your Zow with
down payment!

Ftrj F aETY

WALW6 A --W&
Re 1^ ,

..... .


7 Street No. 1
41h of July Ave. A J I.
Justo Atuemefa'Ave. nd S.L

FOR SALE-Wing chain. small
tables, secretary dek, bookcase.
Call Curundu 83-3162 or
2112-C quarters. after 4:30,

FOR SALE:-4 Venetian blinds,.

Bayene St.. (Old Ce"!ei Area,
FOR SALE:-Zenith radio com-
bination, $40,000; Westin.-
house refrlgeator. '525.00;
Bandix washr,. $22.00; Singer
swing machinr. $45.10. 2
tablI chirsi. Chep. Phone
FOR SALE.-$8 piece moderit
mahoagny dining room set.
$150.00. New .aam 'ffee *
maker. $20 '.' ytho miscel-
loaeous items. V4 Amodor Rd.
FOR SALE:-25 cycle West.-
inghouse I cu. ft. with deep
freea and automatic defroster.
SI4l mahogany dining rom
set. Nearly now Leondramet
*aMer and dryer. Metermity
wardrobe sixes 10-11 12.
House 212-A Ancen (iabowl

FOR SALEs-All 60 cycle Hot-
point 11.5 cu. ft. deepfreAue,
$225.00 Westinghouse Auto.
Clothes dryer $100.00, both like
aew. Westinghouse tank ty pe
cleaner. 15.00. Gilbert food
mixer with all attachments,
Both good condition. Phone Al-
brook 86-5218.
FOR SSALE: 9''refrigertor,
$90.00. "EIsperweno" port-
ments, "Mercado Baturro" St.
No. 22-A, Apt. 3 from 2 p.m.
on. I
FOR SALE:- Thor automatic
washer. $50.00. Tel. 86-2296.
FOR SALE:-Complete house-
hold and office furniture-in.
cluding 3-Strand Rotten soft
dome boe, 10 G.E.
i o U r, Eleattolux vacuum
Mnr. rgnde tools. Simmson
crips, babee tended. stroller. of*(
fic odesk, 2 end 4 drawer filing
cobineot. drafting table.. Cello
Dr. Alborto Navarro No. $5, El
Coangroe. Phone 3-2940.
FOR SALE:- 3-pies- nebho-
e any living room seMt with small
coffee table, $70.00. House
2396-D. Coqeoli. '
FOR SALE:-Dining rmom table
with 6 chairs., light color in
perfect condition. Telephone 3-
5434. 44th St. No. 17, Panama.

An excellent opportunity
for a capable salesman to
represent a good company
selling a product Inn t
demand by industry ral
plants,: public utilities and
HORIZON. The man select-
ed for this job will enjoy
an immediate income.
For further details.
Republic Powdered
4150 West 1etb Street
Cleveland, Ohio

Dan's Dilemma

*"L*I a a as.

*iiaft 7;




U --

18 Le Csasuaolsn
Contra Ave. 4U
eNo. 5 lery PlaI

FOR SALEi- 1949 Chevrolet,
4-dor Seden. ExsslUet condi-
tion. Call Navy 2261.
FOR SALE:-1952 Ford Seda.,
$1000.00. Excellent condition.
Radio,. set coers, god tires.
Call Hla 2-3)196, House 87IX,
Morgn Ave., bklb.
FOR SALE:- Sunbeam Alpine
Mark II Sport Car 1954. Radio,
excellent condition est Hffer
ever $1800.00. Albrook 3190.
FOR SALE-'50 Pontlesac Super
Deluxe Catalino. 22 forest rifle
jacket end accosoris. 5329-D,
Davis St.. Diable.

FOR SALE:-Only 7600 miles,
1953 Foed Custom Tudor, like
new, radio, $1245.00. Cash or
trms. 13-6230 avnings.
FOR SALE:-1952 4-door Ri-
viera Readmaster, glaclergreen
end cream. W/S tires, radio.
heater, power steering, tinted
glass, perfect. T6,501 actuaal
miles. $1450.00. House I11A
Gembe. 6-397.
FOR SALE:-1949 Nksh excel-
lent condition. Reasonable. Call
FOR SALE:-1953 Studebaker'
Champ hardtop. Excellent condi.
tion. $1095.00. Albrook 6295.
FOR SALE:-1947 Pontiac six
cylinder 2-door Sodon. Tele-
phone 2-4314, house 1525,
* FOR SALE:-1954 Ford CqI-
tooline Ferder with Fordematic,
$15:0.00 aesh. Tel. Peneps
2-1883 or J-3744.,
FOR SALE-148 Oldsmobile
4-dpr Hydromotic, body end
*"gI" OK. Telephone 2-1189,

rorth d July Ave.
Agenoia Internal. de Publicaclones
45 CulS Ave.m
rFvw e I Str-co .

BOX 2031 ANCON. C.Z.
Clink beside Capitol theater.
Day-night service. Tel. 2-3479,

TOR SAlE:-Headstone in Car-
rare Marble. Georgia end Min.
naseto GRANITE. in gave lead-
ing end raised letters. Op enn
Sunday mining. Mernollufa
Cesimire Moreno, Paname. Tel.

FOR'SALE:-Seaing out cheap
equarems, plants and fish.
SHouse 6338 Los Rios. PhmeI 2-
FOR SALE:-Mother'm Day -
Baby orchid, corsages, bouquets
delivered anywhere U.S.A. and
Panama. Tali. Pan. 3-0771.
Cristobal 10303.

FOR SALE: Leits projecter;
Heklor lens, bookcase, table
lamps, dishes. Tel. 3-1858.

Sealed bids will be received for.
ll or any part of the shtilue
black ebony Chinese Furniture
belonging to the estate of H.
Whefolr Roe. Sr., deceased.
Furniaur may be sean at Ware-
housa of Transportes Baster
(near El Rancho Garden) %daily.
Bids should be mailed -en or be-
fare May 16, 1955 to: Lean
Him. c/a Van Siclon, Ramirds
& de Castro. Box 124, Assncon,
C. Z. All sales are sobjed t to
cofirrmltion by the U.S. District
C.. for the CanaI Zone.

%.Surf Tor roe .oaw Aunl
FOR SALE: 1950 Do Sote*
Custom Sedan. Fully equipped. The Fort Amedor Golf Club is
Good rubber. One owner. 86- offering the following listen
2296. tanm for sale. Int rested porti
-may Contact the bub Menager.
FOR SALE:-1955 Ford Cus- ITM-Caffe urn, 5 gal; Grill
temline Sedon V-8. Last cheno star sandwich kings. 2 Soc. No.
t- to et a na*ewt aS *4.qbst 1il *0799i Machine cla eednMrate
reduction before I go to I a head epreted..No. CA-72595;
States. Phone Bel. 2-3069. Safe steel combination in side
FOR SALE:-1954 Ford main- moosurement 21 x 24; Faaod
line. Direcol9 l undr worer, electrically eated., Sor.
lino. Directiona light under Ne. 434632; Gang mower, fair-
couled, low mileage. originel;Wermlr(2.
owner. $1395.00. Call 6-419. 5ALWer -Comploo lattice
FOR SALEi-1950 Oldsmobile FRsALE -otype10 t DupleatI
TCudorswitheleoram3tic. V Sl inch swivel vise. 1-3 h.p., 25
eheap. Telephone 2-377, Bel yle grinder. Crosstn air pis-
bon.o________________to Zone 2-4475.
FOR SALIE-1951 Pntac CeFOR SALE:- w be a
lice blck. $90000. Phone cepted on the following property
Gulick 649. duty hours. at the Ft. Kobb N.C.O. Club.
FOR SALE:-1952 Morris 0x- ( "one steam tablo with at.
ford. $600.00; Copper tank, chnwnts (2) Two local m de
512 ouble-ended dinghy. seen at the Ft, Kabbe N.C.O.
.00; 1 nw Propeller 2017 Club, Ft. Kobbe. Col Zone.
$25.00 Cell Balboa Bids will be closed on the I1th
214. May 1955.
,w s ffT^^s

40 Students Of War College,

Faculty To Visit Isthmus
.- 0-
Approxatly 40 students and knowldl gte d a id during the
An pro p s a ftel r 40 st sana m at, the Nah-
acuity meoarna of the Notion--aura, of li~ fl at the Na
al war college will arrive at Al- lonaWarY u i the
brook Air Force Base on Mon- spotM s esad ttflw
day for a two-day visit to the bible comm dolt said at"It ofpo-
Canal zone-Panama area as itical, econoe social and u ila-e
part of the group's 21-day field tary adpets Uoilalou strati-
trip to Central and South Amer- Ic are"U Ift SStlU to that,
Ce the m embes'Of the clan will
The trip started on Saturday tudy at fiSbagw the solutionaa
when the grop visited Mexico )f a Tfilftp@ofumnvaft practical
City. Bogoa. Colombia, will belproblemas elit.e major com-
tie next stop after Panama. mands vlBit.
Other outrius on the Itinerary The c .las -l v
Oas ane ed today in Washing- en de groups Of
on by Lt. Gn. H. A. Cri, apr ocrt "as
USAY. commandant of the Na- The grou o # Panama-
tional War Colle e, include: Cpanal[o* ten n* a ed by
ru, Chile, Argentna, Brazil and Mai. Gen I a 3. e NUS
Puerto Rimo. deput ai he Na
Craig's announcement' noted TiO
the field trip would be accom- byh
pushed Ua part of the regularmentw
course of Inurucion at the col- segn uoafmlFor-
loge and' that the students and FgranAe o alff ,AuS$1, ermAu
fadulty would visit bY air, va- and Norway ,
rious OveresM n mlliarY commands, A third oiNducted
U.S. diplomatic missions and MaJ. Gen. S. M j
foreign Operations Administra- Deputy M
tion offlMe, including milit ay France, a at a
assIstanc e adviaurty group ps- yria, Jora m,
The Natoaul War College, es- Cyprus. igyp Lt, W.and ach
tablished in IMa, has the mis- Morocco
sion of rearing selected per- A fourth by
sornn the Armed NIrces and Cal Boyd a
other governmental agencies in member ofCo.
Uam~e mand and staff tune- Froa
'2. 'h" 11an additional ab- Thailand,P
jective the furtherance of un- Hawai.
dwarttndg an the part of the All four t US
agentle of government coh- diplomatic AP
corned wth problems relating to erations if
%Elkrit of the I tce -
Is $ o' et to' misZl r yipups

.t .. C. kMwowUheY

ir.M ^ 19Aist& UlrY CLUB COUPE [i

91'tan.iit edioMet a
^.-.;.a '& .*...* .* v y ,1 '-

r-~rr -a

Ave. Bntjee

so snotre

s e .

- .! ..rrl ."' -~- I~I-UI~_~- 1~-~~ l~;ljlLq.I-;~~ C~i


ATTINTION 4 L. jcq btult
modern fmishled peam sI. 1.
2 bedrooms, bkt. e w *er.
Phone Panama 2-49".

FOR RENT.-4eoiclsd med -.
furnished 2 *ad 4ram modem
apartment. Ctaldct ALHAM-
Phone 1366 Colon.

FOR RENT:-Two bedroom a-
portmient with bolese on Della
Vista. 2-2601 Poitedl ,5 a.m..
12 noon. 2 pvm.-5 im.

FOR RENT:Moders rosldntial
apartment, cosmplaisly new,
very cool, 2 bedream, library
or bedroom. maid's rom. go-
rage. lawn in front, no water
problem. Quit vicinity. Sam
Francisco 6th Avenue.-Phone
3-3797. Call 10:00 to 1:00-
4:00 to 6:00.

FOR RENT:-Te American cou-
Sple or bachelor. One bedroom
apartment. $37.00. Call Bl-
boa 2807.

FOR RENTi-Nicely furnished
apartment including refrigera-
ter, porch, diningroom-parlor,
bedroom, kitchen, garge. Tiled.
Screened. $60.00. 112 Via Be-
liserioe Perrs near Reesevelt

FOR RENT-Furnished or e. un-
furnished smell apartments for
bachelors or a' couple. From 2
p.m. till 6 p.m. 4th St. 7040.
boadwoy-Melendou Ave, Colon.

Wanted to Buy

WAITED TO BUY: We buy for
citL! stondard geared, 1951,.
52. 53 Chevrolet cars in excel-
lent condition.-Ssrag Elies.
Phone 2-1995.

WANTED TO BUY all late
model automobiles Fords,
Plymout Chevrolets, Mer-
curys. Dbdge, Pontiace, Buicks,
Cadillc. We pay cesh on the
nide Coc Cola Plant). TeI 2-
2616-2-4966. Panemb.

WANTED:-To buy plea h in
good condition. CaN 3-5434,


FOR two 7- 4 heet **
bedrest ,m. Gneo
kitel9en. some*(
Jos do age MWqe -ve. No.
6. dewnahre,
FOR RENTt Seeiteor eA
res~dence. ni Oaep iteee Sea
Martln Amsn r tw bad-
rooNs e N ,a-Mang
kita o -. no
ground ifouf

FOR R ^Two bedrms>
f01* IIN kIing-dining
room, page, Ire location.
Phone CofMi@ _
FOR Rs w-fvrquhed chalet .
with 3 b5edrms. Cell 3-4736
from 4 p.m. to p.m.
FOR UINT-B bedroom Chalet.
"Blerfada We Maestro." Tele-
phone 2-4854.

FOR RINT-fi well leaut-
ad in Aveida Jufst Arcamena
No. 37-11 Mary Sol buiming.
For Infetmetilm cll telephone

-Real Estate
FOR SALE:-Beautiful lot in
Golf Heights. 4mxO50m. Tele-
phone 2-166J..
FOR SALL:-Seantiful 2 bed-
reom onecrete house ta El Coco,
Chorrore; with Rancho oe the
side. Electricity from town. I-
lftrlc. Mo.te for water. with a
tank of 200 galuon.. 1800 M2
wihI fsa *a naI It. Al
e**y to -' move $40-00.0-
See Maduro a the Belle Vista

Boats & Motors
FOR SALE:-I9' crcrb crier,.
Complete egmipmot inabord
engine unks. Ie in., preserv-
a1, t 4 li, as wafer-
andPei4 wt

boa 2 al1
FOR SALE:-23- foot *M. Soil-
boat. large deep frrae. w tw
. bunks, 25 h.p. motor. Call 2-
FOR SALE:- 30 foot auilla y
sloop MADCAP. Phone Alrok

Boston Decides To Get-

Along Without Williams
U -

.. NEA Sports Editor
BOSTON (NEA) -During the
training season, Boston baseball
writers spent more time covering
the EVertlat'es, where Ted Wil-
liams-fished, than they did Baraw
ts, tHaae Red Box spring baase.
Would the Great Man be ba
to give the Bosox his incompir*
hbla wallop? "
Nobdys..eems to care any more,
Uieiudlg the front office. erhape
it was the poor eastern swing af-
ter a surprlingly successful itart
that brought bout the change, al-
iem from'the outset most New
3En*g_ er were convinced that
the Botona Arericans weren't go-
Iot anwheiV in particular.
Thai% Isa rather astonishing
wist to the Williams business.
T7Ht bap been the lack of peW-
ture put upon the slugger to re-
tur; -Altheagh the entire league
Is btdly in need of a drawl
card, s outside attempt wasmadi
to t out the financial -
S maA' marital trone,
whIt J a that is confining h
toh fishg dory,
Yo ag Fye Throneberry's
bgeug contributed to the It-
1el nuerest in Williams is
the th.loneberry, a biar ; #
bn *Mn er who came out t
IthU# also bangs the ball
Spend and Into the
| ribi field bleachers at

f cl4M be significant.
'e A firan League got a-
thg terS e losing Babe Rua
rka Diagglo," s1 Owner
Yawbv.1"I fuei iywrI strive
Tedl t Tad W1liamh. -
Tawkoy neier has been desert
4a# a pOf's rious ma* nate, 1t
WRUmiE rwe.tiag would add S2en
0f.tepayroll. Ted the Thump
S3wd 7g an d it adI
atbs at least three weeks for hima
6 in s hape.
A m it co me to mn ey, WA I
al) n "r ftorious for -e
tfor themselves. The B.
would Jut aS
dtay In h111
figure that they
t*Of ithe 1Sine
..... ....

sustaining ball players. The prin-
cipal Red Sox faults are around
second and &t first base.
Mike Higgin' got a bad break
when Milt Boiling broke an el-
bow in training. This was multi.
plied wnen the veteran Eddie TooAt
suffrd a broken hand when hit
by a pitched ball. *
WESB BOLLING and Joost are
repaired, thefaa doubt will form
the second base coembintime as
lMS as the latter'legs bd up.
Te infleld then cot b traiht-
oned out by moving Bll- Good-
aen to first base, where h be-
-f. Harry Aggani s hit ly
uchin probably r"* a t
ea year in Triple A. R
hand hitter Agganis would i bet
ter off i a ball yard other-than
Fenwaj Park.
It's a pity thea seou s Tom
Brewer, t e D I e nd erge
%Susee. If Mel a a
back is mes ple,
Joitg to haoe iar.
nell sIftered a brM t
trip. Nrw i's a bad kbee,
But what we started at tepay
was that noix-dy, not even i -
tra, cares about WIUlaM W

W las to rkinle aitdturt in

He'$ goto play, ant d eaate
hbout A

Social Outcast
No Longer
a-gstof the -a& 6i tr-
MR gsheast lF
.so f t.

SoioAstse bi"ass*
e l e b di p *

-asae. Modems wewvmaleis
rINN l' *ow em a b
mmw B*i-e *rllil *^^ Wil-
SI~f,16<4l"r Em t*

eM72 T1OJFSON. laeiJ-
1TH UUI Wi.0

PHILLIPS ooneldc Celtages
Santoe @be. Se 4lt-ftee.
,Phone Pen om -1877. Criato-.
bel 1.6172.

pet Stept Clar. Lowr a.--
Phone albes IStI.

Position Offered
WANTED -ExperesA% Al.
<"d. 5jv Z peT
3 JFiau do Ise d (IHO
^rwi Ave>ue) fl finer.


12 FRn

ll4 to1 si
nM St -d-A pl

O m. e*=
*k en Cfadi.^A Dpeqs mc^^

ot.?M. 4. jalegs hqlo. I
WAk ATI.maMel4 h. kse
5I -CubsAti.. Apt-

Wanted Position

Bronze Star Medahl A40doed

To 3 Veterans At Ft. Davis

Three combat vntPrau of on TpY wit the 740#th AU. He
eold War t, now stationed at is mrlWd mad i two children.
Wrt avi, yare rg eaOted ato qt* ;U W pL M r., is
Peowllfar M a by Lt.( 001. the Won opf M4 an. His
IftIna to 4rwya 3 agre af 2" arded
p*ee 8ftt rM er it ncal
bd l$wek.eant th mto the' 3C4th
"N the medal on o ar 'bout
.sg rdS '!or .x4. Or 4q ed to
=oduct in grn d combat a- etockj & h Atintbi
alinst the am enemy! In the uppl' Leperti a mem-
European theater of operations. (ber of the 23d QM Company, on
In presenting the, medals. Lt. TDY with the 74408- A, He
CoL Spelts told theC winners he married and has three cIldre
was proud and honored .to do so,j
and congratulated the. ieen ftori Pfc. Louis D, Phillips, now o
the conduct which had won lor ,the 514th 0P Detachment, earn
each of them the coveted award ed his Bronze Star while servin
nd ath 'long careers of dis- 'a a privrts ltedfA2Srtfln
tnoula ed enlIsted seri$ce; .e t*Y- oerent iu g l t
M-Sgt. Rex Edmonds received of the Bulge IA Deaenber. a
a second oak leaf cluster to his at Um. where
bionseasta for service whiles-

in the summer of 1944. Edm i, Lj a a
wh6 ha! served for 14 year, rat,
a member of the 764th AAA t ,utyfo

.Democratic gin To S e

Farm Program Narrowly ONW

WASHINGTON, May 6 (UP) Wednesday to give ha flexible
The House today narrowly' ap- price system a va"S to work.
proved a D mocratic bib to nut, He charged that paWent codtly
tie President Eisenhbower's flex, sfemluua weie sib pander the
Il d farm price-progra sad rt- A IS IMuppt Hw frst enacted
turn to the wartime lystel of 'hrIng W arl War to ensure the
high fixed g vernment price gu. Aie adequate food and fiber
ranteei. supplies
The roll call vote of 20N to 361
was so close speaker Sam Ray- Agrickture Secretary Ezara T.
burn of Texas ordered a recount. Benson, who led the fight for flex-
The vote stood. itle auports. already has trim-
While the measure seemed des- med supiports on 19 wheat and
lined to wind up in a Senate com- corn. ButI he bap ordered 90 per
.nittee pigeon-hole, bikers were cent support; for cotton and has
counting on it to swin; far votes itdicateda rice and peanuts sup-
iato the Democratic column in the ports will be aear that figure.
1S election.
The aton came after the farm Before the fial vote, the House
bloee defeated 212 I 1o a Rebpu- defeated 8 'o 39 an amendment
Lean asi rt to kl the bill by by Rep Neivin Laird (ftR.Wis.) to
sending i9 ek to the- Agriculture iaise minimum price guarantees
Committee The lawalakers also for d Airy duets to the same 90
reversed themselves and rejected per cent level provided for basic
a critical anti-peanuta meadmiat crops.
they approved Weanaday. That
vote wias 31 to E 193. The action left in the iul a pro-
Speaker Rayburn had warned vise that wail increase the gov-
that "if we want a bill at all the rmment pnieo floor under dairy
only tlug wetanu do is vote dofn pedWj to 80 per cemt. The pris-
tIe seeaslid peanut amesdalen." eat law allows Beams. to fix dai-
veral big city Demoerats who Py suppfwts at from 7 to 2 per
backed the smeadent Wednes- cent.. They now are at 7 er
day responded by changing their cent.
te. Several big city Democzats W-
The bg was passed after a two iaBy voted to exclude peama
day a saw battle. Democratic 9m mandatory supports on
loaders were so fearful of defeat pounds the high price of peanuts
Wednesday after the Rouase voted foreiag masufaeturera to cut
to exclude peanuts from mandato- duw on thy stuser of nuts in
ih supports that they put O4ff oady" ears
down until-teday to ally
freea. Several chased their ad
*fde l the Preuident's program. eAy after Chtfa- Hram t
approved by the lat Republi Cooley (D-N.C.) promiad that his
ciftrosd Co n, the.- 0 Agricultaft Commtatee will held
a0 is to obgupps t ruct meeparate hboaf later a the
!s of flv sis caps--ers, colv peabet supot .

gftt, hiW-w, t %*SW

--a3 v .- Ism, s ... ,

. .- -. ., .
lastah UNl



I .'

; r:

i *






. -A

-1 m R -.- AV.




- I .

"""""" ol


- -


I1- .1:




, *.*.- ^*'i .... .*- ~ ,- .. ., -- ... ,oA ,o :* ;o, *e -v w *. *, i'''< B' ........*
*>' .* 4- -. '.. F. ... -.
..' V' .. ...... ..I
*- ^Bl ^ ^'f|j f "- .. '* ........ -"

I. 'at-- '.


- .~.'1t7'~~ -
-,..c 'A


.ss. -15
ANxK Seat
soSH sonm: .
With john yne
via i:wo *
-uoMi andmlmu "ct


m. 3ss -,.. -


Ja L. Gilbert RONALD
3 liam nvf,:Is y NELSON


s r' t SA -..

-t~ Vt

M s:eW sBU SIB i.t

wth OIda Lupin e- Aa IPow
.fll Tfluster HWA ffa



r "MEN 'OFi' 'I '".
'- Also: -
with. GN KmLL.Y

*"Kr W


"SI gUS10t"

__- I U I

INeil IPARTY Is shown ,pssmng the col 6ra of the Bilboa Unit of the Canalone ROTC
durir the recent revIew held as part of the annual formal inspection. Left to right are Cadet
Lt. Col. Charles Hummer, Jr., Col. Elmer B. Thayer, Inspector general, USARCARIN Cadet MAJ..
Lufitttee 'M. Drennan, Capt. William J. Lober, Jr.. professor a0 military science and tactics and
Miss Pat Quin, Balboa. battalion sponsor.. .

To Seek Ariin

By Justie Wit
SANTIAGO, Chile, MAy I -
(UP) .-*Foreign Office sources
d yesterday that Chub and
rgentlna may ask UA Chief
uatice arl warren to arbitrate
ir dispute over the ownership
three tiny islands in the
outhernmoit part of the west-
ern hemisphere.
Chile and Argentina have dis-
puted for years the ownership of
he uninhabited islands of Pie-
ton, Nueva, and Lennox on the
Beagle canal south of the Chil-
ean province of Magallanes.
Chilean Foreign Minister Os-
valdo Koch announced that the
two countries have agreed to
solve the dispute by arbitration.
le said the arbiter would be sel-
ected by joint agreement. For-
eign Office sources said Warren
would most likely be asked to
take over the job.'


(f'r -~ P

I -
Sv '- tff t i. 1


.De butof ;

The Great/




directly from the





Sand the

CARIBE lITON in Puarto'rlice

on his way to EUROPE

Ye yD AfrqcA..o Style
Guareeha Ikydom and (a Ch.a. a


;..- ~ a~ 1 44jV'--,1 'r


t~ 4- -'
1 4

"Don't start dinner yet, Morm! I want to ask Marge what
time to meet her tonight-it ought to take about half
an hour!' .....


by Ekmle Jokhm s

HOLLYWOOD (NEA) Ex- .l4b: "I like men .who. make
(lusiveh Yaurs: All the streets things. Like Charley, for instance.
Lf the swank new Balekies 'Trail- Ha made $50 060 last year."
er Park in Palm Sprigs are ___ ,
named after movie: star w mo in- BI u Meidea; wl'-wWt sWalws.been
mst.d maone .-tlM e- rise. Im r U-bthe wetPo"imbi-
Alu look about the same. except t0ors of ids kiddies, isn't'o sure
n. now. i .
"The family appearance on Ed.
There s a parking. meter on"wiid .Mun ,w',s. 'shd,, almost
'Jack Benny Road!" jned them he told me. "For
It was put ter, as agg. ydby sthry entroud tengev-
Bmg Crosby and Movie Producer t ey 'nW 'o un torelwin v1
Bill Perlbers Laughing about it .
oa the "Anytling Goes" set, Bing The Witnet: R Q. Lewis re-
old me: "'t's another ThreetT -t to hi gaby b at .Le -
Zoins in the Fountain' plot. Peo-. ,,r meo .r o fberemonbesr"a
jile la.a az d drop in pennies ero.s.
for luck. It's awful Benny is Ho'.l wood and GrapeVine:
getting riche. StandarJization ir. the dimensions
Errol Flynn- pals beer that he of movies, once. a dream of thea-
i de. .e th t i Icr owners, apparently is a lost
is due to go under the knife for o," .llywood's new policy is
* serious uictr condition Lb- tofilm a nirture in a size that
race's firstt starring movie, Sin- uits it best. U-I's nw schedule,
ceiely Yours.' is a retailored ver .texamp il b.. .ists r 'ihe uin e
IOB of the old George Trelis Navy" in stndard sreern, "The
ilm, 'The Mian Who Played God L, Grea ptest Sx" in inema-
Teresa Wright long a brunette, Scope, l and "Away All"Boats"in
went to the dve vats and emerged i'stavision.
with ber.cde tresses.vison.
Janet Leigh ar3. Tony Curtis are Outlaws better avoid as Fer-
awing up blueprints for their nando Valley. Andy Devine of the
""n mdpendentftilm company. No BiHikok shw is'honor-
plans at the moment, though, for .ry mayor of Van Nuys and Jim
costarrmL roJes Davis, the railroad detective of
The elen.TVStanley's "Stories of the CentUrry, is
of the lNew Frontier show n est honorary she'ff of Woodland Hills.
iOf the New Fromier show n V The whisper from the east is
isner's "Ciderrella" a a .that Debbie Reynolds and Eddie
Inrd' su report in t Fisher have already decided on
hed wb-ush surgery in onewho will tie the knot for them.
s about her health. e's Rabbi Norman Gerte d of
Washington, D. C.
Since the "Away;All Boats" m --
company arrived in the Virgin Is Mothers TO Be
'ands. a local night-club calypW '-
'inger is warbling it: U Sunday.
"Oh, Lex Barker is a lucky O oreU JUIlUU
IHe went to Hollywood and mar. At Saint Paul's
ruled Lana." Special tribute will be render-
Not in- the Script: Donald d to mothers Sunday at St.
O'Coan-r bowing out of the "Fl.a- Paul's Church in observance of
cis" movies: "People were b6gi-l Mother's Day
ring to refer to ME as the talk- At the service of Holy Euchar-
ing ACTOR." Ist members of the Monterrey
This is Houywood, s. Jn Club and their mothers will at-
This is HoUlywood, Mrs. l., JaW'-ten. During the church school
Jan. Sterling mxing a chance to ....esion a r p ram will be
star in tw films with husband Isln a shor ortp i mothers
Paul Douglac: given in r
"We love to play.,. to..gether. u Other Serices duhng the day
i Him to .... r -1- ..In celebramtiiof the fourth Sun-
we l k to work solo. day after Easter will be Holy
Too bad Ava Gardner missed Communion at a.m. and sol-
Mickey Rootey's opening at the emn vespers and sermon at 7
('oconut Gi've, Rooney. ex-hus. p.m.
band No. 1, was Introduced by On Monday might at 7:30.
Vrask Sinatra estrnges"husbad there will be a district Service
o.a in obaervancwt the nsfti aft-
Ste1creato, and writer of "Mod- Ilversy of 11Mop Oeod01'e
i," James Moser, Is pai a consecration. o u* -aU Tv-
new telefilm series, "it ." Ities uin the wee e.
a dramatic documentary -a avda- maetig ofthe 8t. Vincent Gui d
uoe. of Acolyte on Tuesaty night at
Overneard ri a Hollywood night 7:30.

nl .

N w _Sw a

.E C


2 twe point job. Completely recolitKir
checked throughout. Full Price $7.2504
.* .. ; d. ,o;

Geel... a diploma pkisct
gift from TA H.ITI .ur#.
makes this the happi -t,
day of
my lifel

'pres, I know. T
happiest mother
in town are the
opes that receive
a gift
from re




Central Ave. 18.45 (137)




with your old favorites and ew
surprise nmbrs!.,. ..

10 p.m. presentation in th n"Bella .it .
Tonite, Saturday and Sunday.

or cr.. s. r Pa e


(dftw 1:45 p.)
Can Max, i-IM
fnr aenratlon.

/ -

*~ c^rb n .

i 2B2nd

SFau ilj Dance-t
starting at 5 p fl "

With the ". Figre .cmB
S. -* "- -* i
bekid ps^%

* "- ,
-... J-,,t .

If COaldlet

sty Cu4Sia'*

- b



;, V
) 4 -

9:30 *0 11:30 .1:30



T;~ -- ~- -rrr

- .J-- -i ^\ y

9 =mo



- 7



O .


*.-'It*** .J-r'.

p "; .
*T ** "

A k..

4<|oCia/ and &

O c "n ,I,,

p ..

I .,..j -. B I Bi uddv

hased at the door. Pri te oi F
5037 .Aw4w proceed of the Beaux Arts
Ball ate for the Scholarship
u P dl ad.
STh. ffilr promises to be an
ev fdn : with priszl for
S3, ama the bet costumes, door prizes .
and one for th' one who a '
gusa who is the Queen of the
195 Eeaitq ArtS ]WI.
Quedn Betty I (Cowe) win
900 u 1 crown this year's Queen.
IVhethqr Or Not Your Costume .
S Sta4keA A High Note Or Not,
Pello and his "Bulley- Yau're S *e To Enjoy The Bul-
" will keep things lively leWooer Ball. A show by th
the top tunes of the Hlit leing entertainers of the sLth-
Dancing will be from 8 mm Is planned for tomorroW
the morning. night.
I.. -
ations for tables may bj British Ambasspdor Smrprises ,,
X telephoning the Hotel PFbregss.Wilb
lalboa 2111. Tickets are Anmiversary Toast
at La Mascota or at the A fiinmer n honor of Minister i
Ivol and also may be ol Fore'gn Relations and Mrs. Ge-

,gFj .

, -" :. L R"A\


Panama produces such wonder- Y
fui shrimp 'ot all varieties from
ike Jumnbo th M a e iM to ea. "
atioa a in tbI tatea markets -to Sh
the tn-W sweemt s .iup. .*tn 8 ,0
Tti n the, urJep at Pa __s
namg, It iAbratid*i"w which S
variety is favored au. which of Aj
the exciting relfuo '_-it it l es have
l oth home #iauat in We
Panama are ty Fof indiscrii- bottle
Late use of t e JuMbo Shrimp Utip
for any type of dih, whether it is aN
the bet adapd to the pe or
not. The Jubo Shrip a_ de- i
finitely Cocktail and Salad Shrimp. -
Shrimp Coektall or' shrimp serv- *
ed with efcktasl, wi the tooth
pick cocktail satee and dunk 4 'er
thod tend to get little monoto-
nous after'an active social season m
and many parties. Many original .
minded hoAeesses sweqr they will
r.ever let another shrimp nor tooth- -
pick pass their kitchenq prtals .
again and-yet somehow i is go
very much a top favorite with
guests and so easy on the timing
when it -comes to produtcig" ma.
ny hot dishes from the kite, i
that time and tine again, it take
Ist place.

"tF 3'"r

. ,


i4rae Mailer. responds to is scheduled for to rrnarow eve-
P''*yst For Costume Ideas-. ni atthe TIvoli Guest House.
,r Beaux Art Ball. AAi:you-,*ay know to-b#jt Bulley
S-***anted" may not be your fa- Woogel this year youth mkut dress
" vor.te songit ot the yeat, but to remAsent your favorite song.
i t dd. not Inspire Ariane Mullet The BULLEY-WOOOER is a
-to antrlbute some rather stun- little worm that is in the minds
Costume designs for this of all people, it is the part that
.- yel* s Beaux Arts Balls. Ariatle, makes you whistle while your
dat hter of Mr. and Mrs. Arturo work, pat your foot on the down-
Mu er of Panama did these in beat, or **sends" you out of this
a' a*er to a small "'want ad" in world when- you hear your la-
the Panama -American. The Ball vorite music.

S 1948 STUDEBAKER FORDOR. Many miles on each
gallon of gas. Reat to go for only $395.001


t''.r **~.,



'Or would you rather be "The NaugMty Lady Of Shady Lane"?
Look for her at the Beaux Arts Ball tomorrow night.

19oking for something to do after church? a late-rler.on SundayT
watchingg" it this 'weekend?

complimentary cocktail
choice of wonderful menus
only $2.25.
Azcarraga at the organ.





"77 our Shr, cktma C fors .
er did a li=l ineoping 0oiD t
Hotel El Panoima and duog out
Arlane's,deaign for "Blue Moon." secret of their famous Lamaxe
fo b ws vCocktail Sauce. Joe Cimningham, Fabrega was given by Her !eaves 'his week forULos Angeles, the genial manager of l ana-
Britanric I Idesty's Ambassador where hbe wAll make her home. ma, never ails to be interested in '
and Mis laI Henderson at the 22 guests attended the affair. any conversation to do.with ho-
Embassy Residence in Bella Via- tels but now a secret Is out. The
ta last t.venmg; IOSONis a special place in his heart r
the El Panama's Cocina Corner
Among the guests wee Direc- and he directly responsible for
tor of Protocal Camifo Lev Salce- some bf the really flhe' Gourzfet
do, Miss Adriana &lced United dishes served from at the Hotel.
States Amba w ador. nd rs. Sel. Here, by courtesy of Joe ,Cnning-
din Chapin. Captain a4nd Mrs. ham Is- .
Clifford Payne. Charge d.'Affairs
ci Argentina Mr. Jorge' Robbio I.. LARAZE SAUC
Campos and ethers.
Exeiflent for Shrimp Lobs te r,
In the course of the dinner, Am.- Cold Fish lads and Cold Eggs
hassador Henderson, rose and of- ..... ,
nered a toast to the Fabregas igeciOe-- Service for Eight
whose 16th anniversary it was.
The couple was delighted and are 1 o;..maa s -.
-tilp wondering how Ambassador hi .. ~. .
Hender.aon knew of the occasion. B edIdhW relish i
4e suspect that he may, be an -Ic hopped-ardelis
avid reader of the local press. 1 chopped hard boiled egg"l
David De Castros m I table spooni peparedlM tard 2W
Off To Havana And Chicago salt m d
Mr. aind Mrs. David de Castro .slik A chance, |Is |t But WWllYW
are planning to leave by plane on I J .U'A-1J sauce m' Achanc Bim ? Why ttake
Sunday for Chicago, Illinois to at- A-. sauce cnueUrn MUM and hae of
tend the 10th Anniversary cele- -;hanilsUMmUts madetisuof
bration of the Rotary Internation- 1 Pr(. my one l iooniass of unhesse
al as Panan"a's Delegate 6 s iu c osh..dcp m1
"The De. Castros will stop in Ha- Umewell-cilled '
vana, Cuba first for a 10 day vis- .-4 n--.Z.
it before continuing on to .hica-

hO. Wsu in tuecago they plan to
joined by Mri. De Castro's sis-
ter and brother in law, Dr. and
Mrs. Ezra Hrwitz of Palo Seco.
After the convention the couple
.vill continue touring the United

Dr. And Mrs Harry Eno
Honor Departing Isthmians
A Cocktail buffet was giten by
Dr. and Mrs. Harry Eno at their
home. The party was in honor of
iMlrs. John Kendrick of Brazos
Heights and 'Miss Dorothy Hood of
Margarita. Mrs. Kendrick will
It-ave with her husband later, this
month to mpke her home in No-I
va Scotia and N.Y.C. Miss Hood

The Juice. or different, den-
fresh vegethbl I are hblqd into
this f r .jrti k YMell love its
lively f"a"tr,ai4 thrive on its vita*
mmin-packed goqd.
ness. At mealtir.,-
or between meis"-
V-8 gives y ,qu ht
refreshment yb
want, and the nourw I_ ,
ishmeat you need. i
*i. m e9 ewBIP *n W bHdFfwRIUf

* 1 \. *( ,., *- ;- ,. $, ,
qaia n so". .,-
b. India relish
c. chili sauce
d. praeMred mustard .
f hard boiled egg
4. Add salt and pepper to taste.
5. Dasn of A-i sauce over dress-
ing when serving.

. .
11951 DODGE COUPE. A car

5( 'I

(wilst i0d eary *m


that's been beautifully



and furnish your children's room

with the most attractive and smart
furniture styles!
-* ,, -|

- I.

cared for and with low mileage. Perfect me-
chanical condition. Full Price $725.00.

les-QUIKib flcx-full of all therich chocow
f-..Of o f Nestle's .Bars.
asaly. ous.gI-.Aod NptIe's
K lsZes.ftadtly. Juest add 2 seapfooa w to a
s q4c6Ala -oir it up... dri &lk4 spow.

S *.A- *- .
"=*'o *. '. : '. *; -..




Amd you, Mother, w love them too. Fpr Pied
Piper cafhme have Alfuly combined fashion
inhrest with a unique measure of foot protection
prvided'by exclusive construction and design fee.
hres to insure long-lasfin fit and greater comfort.

nb- mibao -d

Wwuo Pam pYi^* m

.:4 A







-M 9* SH4 am
-Me mbmeiuufekm
-m swai gam


:. .

g '-I

,4,a. t -

* t~ws0u

r VLL~;


KAYR.9 .



U m .... if. .

b em m i a oi-b r a ,e "
double amt.on .
finsedmwihd kBa w "

gia .h O- .. ., -
- .-

.-n. ~s

* -
.. .- .-- .. .
o- _., .: .....'; :" ,.^ "

-'I .



~' low I




1T .


1. -- '

S -

-. *. .:. -.- ..:-- ;. .. -,A ',... .. .,,

' -';= -. '.
.-y.. x., .r


.~.1Wlll-~ 4 -ClglrB~~WfrrA


-* ^ -' : -. ...;
- :.i1 --
- p.'. '
-.4..1 .-.j
" '"^*fm

p ,..* ....-" .... H. Arm.- S-tro-ng w-llb C- _t No. "s"o b e "ou cr o olxo n:-.orsp euhTe- p,,lms'.-
-M.1', -W- I ..< .. May--lS o o 'rl i a ll-. ,

put, layited t l gtha mitS or o.rno cralLute tbun-
t 2 '. .- fo t veitMha4S Handbageu 'lizard, I -
m a. taafvlant. soUr -i 88'ate Fe o f p.m stemtheGuoasea-s

-- .. ...f .- sgn'arl.ce -idp.The *l, W Tempe tatio. Refreshment Chairman:h. \lrf .- -
Ss vem Guld jt te oar ta. h oter Ruth E. Cemad of t
d .l .. Pn tutlobt e a l Inmid when buying co&

t'-jlra m night, May 10 at1:3eY tyour metlo or h. and scarvBes. ,a

?. 1 w l l'- -t pu w FIRST QUAITY "are sapoongS
w. be. e. .ucat2 p-- in eey .a m r tiWnes -tips -

T By :wate e .ill sp o end .Temp -''e '- -i ation. Refreshmet Calman: ,
*u. 4L_.Ito i *pe ru N io. sm ter R'w.) f 0, |g o o lr ap h a p brush. The, .pa;l R
vmW.. r m~~t~rn gl Wter leaving. l tte
sri -* te hl gtlo oso i. -'Ffyu Whaf.ds wlarl ca

ii F A' be.letr n etrao we motive Comaittee women, Paak i "

^^.i eed ut nthta dcty whenI triiy Georgeand Bi | A L
I cad t toed gA pera oing bates Mre Bennett acnd E ll
d of std s. b i n trir aB on llti on i the

ot o ..r't.perhail, Tenn P p ole .rpot. e -e w l b held ...... '.--
tnium pl A. ol y Armrong, Flo da diret-aday at o n Therl ie wi be a
e maor1 me, rBavwl of the CWA.n was arresetepi t-d at with th t Ca
m te ittl nt ipev Fla in char of dis-inal Post 1. Bufet Supr to e n
f turb in he ele- bi the ace with picket line erved he American

Smoho 5 a~~"M ~,~,~, bq, lke- t a aL o we NC
--oaD. L.. etNhe r bo n T y.g tt -o, .v-

d mAnd 1952 FORD FORDOR SEDAN. Th popr x cyh WAWNWR sv U SI Ar
-. ... ST. G ri a ke NM rs irm. u g tiee oan. rt irn .m-

ae o w l and many ex.R S Sb

,oC men? offials en 1D. lVL, o. fi- t A

tail walko-tU Gre -i- ot saorgenhUntion and bely only!
May Ac co, ip iedb Mrs. oun us, .4mil Re
PiCebatewill arrive am th lboat emploePa d iamdUniy FR S

.,lirs rot-o h.i.. re- LOOK THEM OVER AND COME IN AND SEE THEM
1"1,_ held on Td(oto0

said. *to p t" of the c, f/ L OVEL OL
4 Vic-0 PantaK eNt. SJoaA

By K PdIS PVterflflanWtomiStr

4.0 a..O ,orce a H Rich it ad.r chick..... I All Sales F a Mn N* RSturns .
Ma Ueilt .A tFhWi IEMSAAEcoIN OUsnCbLOy OMsLsdn eENTI0OBnD .Jl w..M.. u OSTy
S- -- p As wr heeve ju btin.d o o 2m cye wnr whu ds s i y .5 pat

h) t Clad st in that city when strr Phorglond lPessie Campbell; Alp

IA Rus vo, pany o,*fficia d ^ u Look at the third column in our liwt below. Note how mueh ou ave on each ite
te pillket a f l iers taw r a le
!:bfqm.M..'pwEre t stll aI EARLY... SAVE MONEY \ ,

wo t oa top" in c sa!g ta o n Mar I NaE a a
e t porhill, Tenthe are reported d. eQy nsinRr P eg e i be held Satur--
ia to p retricd area oy Armstro Florida direct- day at 1:0 .m. There will be 4
I nasyer k o- y I. mos or of the CWA. was arrested at joit l utallat iowith Panamaa C a.
hi~m 1* UA S 41ims" -mf -scene I Lbzplev- Fla c an charges of di-I nal Post 1. Buffet Supper to be

uto piau proper. IVi n -a the tele- ,.tbi.g the pace with picket line served at 6 1 -p.m. at the American A T*.
phonester hone 1av bils broke oise. Ii one Club 1
LIe quadand s ted to I Ihilda ................... 43 0 e h 2 5 e.

Cn A b. ,O a _a I ,id. "- .. .. ... ......... 1 18.50 e a 14.95 .. "
I s f..avoc m out g ed.. r "e 'I Children chemical sets ..... .............. 2 21.25 each 7.95 ea. 15.30 A.
s r hige car 1952 FORD FORDOR SEDAN. The popular six cy 1 11.75 9.95 ea. 1.80

er., I ave, .n t indro model with low mileau and man y -

uis._ingth n tLiom of ui l lc9in,0 .--i .O ....A 8. .95 N. .AMA
a~ng to' h a. ni tra. Price OPPOSITE ANCOEtrN PiO OFFICEd ,

/ I o i 6 0 Ml, 4 rob ip fee2 . .. .. 1 2 7. 7 0 1 79 .9 S e at 7 -
Tamial o aen or .wa l.k. .9 ,

endin- ntrts vi, ,nce to clamp 1 'affle m, ak er ... ..... .... .. ..... *..* *
n arbItati on sysyte pink. ne ine 1/5-1/5 HP .......... 1 59.53 500 24.53

I:SSo, ,!ew. /. .l tr/ dr end ,cyl, ............ 2 229.95 each 159.95 ea. 7400 e
T.ry is aw.e secret pi le where er .I c ln o ae e ................ 1 131.85 50
By mid i.teom. an' / Atomic SAVE MONEY ON THIS CLEARANCE

t e for t oArqmic bor 21.9 19.95 me.
/nerg Comrmson5 sokesa6 l
lhed iem .i eRustE ngia .Rich --'kaemrrcke.. *, A ll Saa s rin al. ..N o R q turn .. n .
I~ r q.-.:,-., f.1 .L gravy and peas/. in a e s t
'AY1 .EW7 H EMS ARE IN' ,OURt C0LONM-d"t.% .....ENTA D i. LI....T..
boiermak tr lek c r t a

ALcrewn shippi g charges from Philadlphia, PennImA.

.%yt ractor for the plant,'- u "odme COME EARLY.. SAVE MONEY
tdephorelines in the areas. 'the Q tiy R Pric 3 PrftS Yen 3.vA
eaiZ tofte restricted area of S a .. .. 1 185.6
Outspoken mayor George Damp-. .. .1 1
Oei of Knorri'be gave his shoot-T E"c""e 0 eng machine . . 164.07 1".95

cion poit to theCW use I Childrenh electric trains ..................... 1 18.50eac h 14.95 ea.

tWA In Atlata, sd wil I--. ..-.oi 1 102.45 7y.w, au'
accustl S a. m n o E s. .- .- .atove in Coon ......... 7 9 t0
his Ztau with a machinegum L Ke... t. -.. K.......... 1 171.95 125.00 .
a to. -".- s D "b '. ... ....... 2 2 134.67 79.95 4.72
FM.. hss ue -, .Ie ia machine in Col office ........ ... 1 185.16 135.00 ,6
sue,, ain s t. u o~ fAT-INA'y-Vow SWig machine .. ".. .. .. 1 269.50 225.00 4 0.
gy at n ea rn.;wh E dqe s K mtche set incomplete ................. 1 17.60 9.95 .7.
,ssN .Ib, e.,f_" m- ,G. s, birl bl eycle 24" (in Colof office) ... ..... 3 71.50 each 49.95 1.55 e
Ne WSA", a*r f Bh"-Gvla24". ....:................ 1 71.50L 4.95 n%.SS
"ISl^ a S4( Ii. '_. .l f play table ....... ... .... 1 15.51 9.49 .
*AM of .ci.y, ..- hU- dS M.-.'.... .. ..... ...... 1. .. .A 1 91.85 59-.
Sir I- edeuricymo 25 cycle
6es ...a ines .:. ... ... ... .. 6 3000 each 23. .
Tim crisk e.W 9 *I*b 9 ... 9

I L W ... ... iJ I. II mow _-_r. ;".aw _ww ,4w. W

all -1 AR1I11 "aiki'

-- t I~r


i i-'

V- i -
vi'ew '





1 .

& 9







4- '

9.- a






'" -- '** i


zr -V .._- -

", ... *. ... .. M :'-:. -'. iA ,,..

.One Mile $550 Race Headl St.r'.,


Guayaquil, Vedette

In Virtual Match Race

Distance loving Guayaquil and speedy Vedette
will match strides tomorrow afternoon in the fea-
tured 8550 one mile race for Class "E" imported
thoroughbreds at the Juan Franco race track.
Guay.quil tresh from impres- at the finish She will have to im-
ibe performances -against the prove considerably to be a con-
-4- -4 track's best horses. looms as a tender this time.
Asue tire mutuels choice.,He will Dixiprincess, once the strongest
S li b ridden b/ Chilean saddle ace fisher at the track is in he
it. Cristian Cristian (Rebolledo) throes of a prolonged slump ana
S ur r 1 1 pouPds. !ias been showing no signs of com-.
Bl ain competition for the Stud inr.g to life. Freddis Rose has the
Si .Miura's router is expected to tg up on Pedro Crisopulos' hope.
c me from speedy Vedette which Thee experts figure that If Ve-
S will be ridden by Manuel Icaza dete is allowed to open a wide
with 110 pounds. Vedette could ea-. 'early lead and can hold the mar-
tsly make i' post-to-post because'gin for half the distance she will
he is the orly sprinter in the win this one. It all depends on
; race. l ow quickly Guayaquil can get in-
'. .i fise only qlher two scheduled to his best stride. Howev er.
starters are flow starting Grande Grande Dami II or Dixiprincess
Dame 'I and Dixiprincess. Gran- may surprise as has happened so
i dp Dame II wound up a far clos- often a' Juan Franco.
s". ~,, :ng third behind Barge Royal lastI Nine othei interesting races are
Mondayy but was six lengths back included on the program.

-- -

olon Arena is. dead. Baseless as
; It's ttinr to be a habit of the it is, the rumor caused a mild
s' ef-tey d otient experts" to cen. 'tir among the boxing eutituslasts
surm every move that the. Colon .n Colon so we decided to check
Boxie commission makes-wheth-. Lto its probability.
i er it t approving a boxing pro- To beg with we did not get to
gram .ellectaig judges for a bout se Ma inez personally but pe.
b believea it or not helping a Idcnt Daniel Delgado of the CBC
boxer get free medical treatment. gave 'is the following story:
'This commentary is no- t in. WednesJay morning, Isidro .com-
H n tended to 'dend the Conimissionl gained of headache so he went 'to
t in paying we must state that re Coramiss.on doctor Antonio Al-
S recent t .ry, the herola. Afte. a thorough physical
Plummr 'Chocolatico affair wab exapination. the doctor ordered
s" hmply a ease of much ado abaUt M*rt'inz to the Amador Guerrero
i a nothing (much) In a booklet com-' hospital for an X-Ray of the head.
shi'ieane puhlish'd with approval President jelgaao was informed
y" a NBA Cunvention, the consti. .f this ard made arrangements
'utior., by-lawsand suggested rg w:th .the hospital to expeuie the
Iules arc explicitly seteorth taeie- X.Ray taking and diagnosis. Up
n. a forewarn to the section deal. o lte Wednesday at the Commis-
";" .'. on rItles the preface reads, s mon meeting Delgado would re-
'uggeted and Recommended port nothing ancrete because si-
S Rules and Regulations. %or' the Lro had noe .et taken the X-Ray.
c cu.ducl op Boxing CoeSt: The Where MMajrtmnez was or what
ation al'aBoxfing 'Assoclson ap- The was doing we do not know but
S ,rciate*, that each boxi5 Juris- ore thing was sure- the rumor
"- fietion'" Commission is charged reached a large segment of the
S ith applicas.on of ring rules. -How- bports-wIxled people on both aid
K -' -v *-.he following (me, ing the 'Is of thb Isthmus. Isi4ro finally
ru le) Ocr oeti d as practical took the X-Ray late Wednesday.
ules) cemriled after mary years Dr. Alberoln saw the picture and
oflstudy. Tey are offered as sug- made bhis final analysis Thursday
.' goast lasand in no way intended morning.'
11atiodeb or interfere With -ruleso
ce any N.B.A. uriterfei During a telephone conversation
j- S focc i Iny *. j u r. Albar-a .told President ,
-: .a,. *gado that the X-Ray showed Ma3 .
'-;* "--"" tinez is sui'ering a "superficial
S A rumor, obscure 'In its origin ur of the cranium." Dr. Al.
,- far.-reaii ng la effect, as it erola also tm ld Delgado that h
that Isidro -, remain completely estranged from
S' oxing for two months-this mean-
i' Santa Cruz Snorters mg that isidve should not even don
Spol-er s loves to practice inside two
.i Plan Sportswear Dance months.
S Delgado told us that the doctor
The Santa Cruz Sporters are v.ius emphatic that this "superli-
S'busying planning today for a eial injury of the cranium" should
t S portwear dance to be held at rot be ronsirued as being highly
the Sant' Cruz Service Center detrimental t. the Isthmus' No. 1
n May 30. contender for the featherweight
The dance will feature music title.
by the Armando Boza o:ches:'-a Isidro Mart'ner who staged his
., e the awarding of many 11reftest fig --and won it,- last
I 'plesU. ,unday is still alive.

-. D Table Tennis

SToumey Planned
lU .. The "Juvertud Avante Catorci
ra" Club is organizing a table
tennis tournament in which the
s e ger.r VV fv. uea chest players of the Isthmus will
XSmm* a5;wbo are AN"? Etraace fees will be paid by
Sw- efr thatAm* willbed o- obe rticipants and the National Ta-
.by ,a raoreTr r DB tHr Tenais cmmission has an-
neow d ,a mse o 3 m itt 1"- roved the tournament which will
AI A t "2qui MV il b"s tel; at the club room of the
w o Mi SfS. t & st Natioanl Wrestling Commiasi o n
mine A anle** at Barraza Fil starting May 28
"* Uas ~ *bSoJa.s ~t end ending Miay 28
i '&Lai ba wra_ Deadline fJr accepting nomina-s
Bl i d" aiw oSUda si b- tons is May 16 and positions will
1 i 91 o maa, te_ e a | e decided.b raffle May 19.
[ -. q-m -' ..... kIvltatinu have been issued te
e T.,ub f a l UaBm 5 -Tveral grqupb and r.dilvidul:
py- led, V-l.Tam. b.u.utI,.t i'nO d inld resre. i persona may write
i r s h-row. b etas d wlba, s., s. Club u~entud Av'nte (ator-
J jri S" ree fuel liii /'ca. Apartaio 3182. Panama.
I .a .ss ........ dou 8 ever cn'eesal' firm hav2."
i- : V ii'ie tera allow soon in the windows of i.
se, ...a. --s -'i V to're on Coenrai Avenue.





Juan France Graded Entries

P.P. Horse

Jockey Wa. COMMENT

1st Base "H" Imported I 7 g. Pur W4eg
First Eae for the double

Pool.Closes 12:45

1-Barlyon A. Ycaza 113 -Improving slowly
2-Pappa Flynn A. Valdi. U11 -showing improvement
3-Welsh Fox A. Vasquez 1n --Should beat these
4-Pugilist J. Gongora 115 -Hard to catch here
5.-Copadota F. Godoy 100K-Longshot possibility

2nd Race "I" Imported 4I0 Fs.Purse 375
Second Race of the Double

2-More Fair
3-Wild Wire
4-Jig's Up
5-Our Fancy


Pool Closes 1:15

F. Rose' 120 -Excellent effort last
A. Vasquez 116 -Distance to liking
F. Hidalgo 115 -Returns from long resy
J. Cadogan 118 -Was also in sick bay
V. Rodri. lla--Could score at price
R. Criatian 134 ..Shouldn't miss here

3rd Race "H" Natives 6!i F7p. Purse $275


Pool Closes 1:45

1-Volador M. Ycaza 110 -~Autuels favorite
2-VUllareal S. Carvajal 10x-Good recent races
3-Tap Lady A. Vergara 117x-Dangerous contender
4-(Que Undo M. Hurley 112 -Qood early speed
5-(Avivato F. Godoy 10x-,-Could get home second
6-Tingat K. Floes 115 -Excluded from betting

4th Rce "G" Natives 6 g.~~ Pus $275


Pool Closes 2:0

1-Little Blue F. Rose 111 -Ran well in last
2-Tllin Tllln A. Gonzales llx-Ahowing good form
3-Alonsqto J. Avila 121 -Jockey handicaps
4-Piola J. Gongora 115 -Racing to top form
5--Golden Olass S. Carlos Hlx,-Not against these
6-Lady Moon A. Mena 1U .-Rates good chance

5th Race "Non-Winners" 4% F.Purse $250


Pool Closes 2:55

1-Moon Fighter A. Valdi. 108 -Has shown nothing
2--(Don Brigido A. Ycasa 112 -...ntry mate's contender
3-(Bugaba M..Ycaza 113 -l-Should score at will
4L-Don Pastor) V. Ortega 112. -Rus, for first time
5-D. Barbara) B. Baeza 100x-Has good speed
__ n

6th Race "I" Imported 4 FgL.Purse $375
First Race of the Double

1-Ocean, Star
4-Irish Profit
5--After Me
6-(Lazy Brook
7- tEncachada


Pool Closes 3:35

M. Ycaza 118 -Distance suits style
L. Giraldo 110 -Reportedly improved
A. Mena 118 -Nothing In months
F. Rose 118 --Form indicates
F. Godoy 107x-Has shown nothing
A. Vasquez 115 ---Good early speed
J. Sama. 115 -Rates good chance

7th Race "H" Imported 7 Fgs. Purse $00
Second Race of the Double


Pool Closes 4:05

1-Nogalino R. Cristian 110 -Rates fair chance
2-Another Ful. M. Ycaza 120 -Weights handicap
3-,Lot OTrouble F. Rose 113 -Coud& score at price
4-Coronelino V. Ortega 118 -Upset possibility
5-SaluLt-o L. Qtealdo 115 -Last was revealng
4 MricG -, V 41 a 115 -Improving steadily

8th Rafet Im peOe % s.Pre $375 Pool Cl

l-Gaucha K. FSlard 115 -Loves runnerup spot
-.Ioqulador A. YToat 105 -Must Improve mre
"-= 1ga ". eIapa 108 -Distance too a ort
4-Albarda P Rose 115 -Shouldn't miss here
.5-Valley Breo@e E. Ortega 115 -Tougher competition
6-Tom Collins A. Reyes 97x-Usually moves late
7-LuJoso F. Hidalgo 106 -Dangerous contender

9th Race "F" Imported 7 Fga. Purse 500


loses 4:40


Pool Closes 5:15

1-Amat A. Vasquez 113 -Could score again
2-Cormorant F. Hidalgo 115 -Waiting for muddy track
3-Beduino M. Ycasa 110 -Should be close up
4-Merry Mason J. Gon. 118 -Aiming for payoff
5-Noveno M. Hurley 113 -Rounding Into shape
6-Turf Lodge B. Baesa lOx-.Would pay long odds
7-(Majestic R. Cristian 115 -Rates beston form
8-(Pinino A. Ycaza 113-Could score again

10th Race "E" Imported 1 MUePurse $550


Pool Closes 5:40

1-Vedette M. Ycaza 110 -Hard to catch here
2-Grande D. II F. Godoy 105x-Rates good chance
3-Guayaquil R. Cristlan 115 -Form indicates
4-Dixiprinceas F. Rose 110 -Distance suits style


1951 LINCOLN CLUB COUPE. -Luxury -at a price
you can afford. Brilliant Turquoise- Finish.
Spotless interior. Radio, W/S/W, automatic
transmission. Full Price $1095.00'.


DIABLO BTMS. :15 8:00
e Charki COBURN
Sat. 'Dawn l 3ark treelts"

O 7:0D

set. Wea01RMANCrE

MARGARITA :U :08 C6R:f11::82 *1:0

9P4, "NU" usm M'j ra i *'m jl& i t, Br.*





113.8 7:N luk

~~'" 12


For Guy Who Didn Lik eIt,

Charles Got In Lt Of Miles
-0o- -

vyweight got so mmny er
the crown-fv.e. AMd 1hllO
pion, Charles went about' h
ness as though he were a
aiary boy, ft in l a fr
as did Joe Louis.
Right down th the wire,
anywhere fbr*a quick bu
.ast three starts tel the a
his entire career-Charle
kus at Madison miarse D
Vene Escoe in the eold
monton and western 'Can

ON fighter easn be around without at-
I artn. A entiam And then s u d-
d.eil getting -a ton of I t with one
'A guy swlje. L -he U mne from behind
I often tp bel t C.bdrl .the other night,
to find millions in t- vast television au-
former thence askheo "Who is this Hol-
i knock. man?' Yet the six-foot three-inch
at Mia- Chicagoan, who came in at 202%,
L has bees' artmd for eight years.
ford is True. mueh of: the time was
Its, and spisat ~'s a. paying artrner, but
against as -far baqk as in his sec-
fession- ond year'as a mdti fighter. Hol-
man, 2T now. ocked out Elmer
red not Ray in eight.
lts, Ez.
'got in HOLMAN WAS KNOWN to the
handful fight mob as a well seasoned
went to warrior .wh could knock the oth-
as ms- er bloke's head off with his right
WIr hea- hand. That's preelsely what he
cpks at did -o.Charles in the ninth round
o chainm- after taking ite a pasting.
is busi- Last year, Holman was on his
prelimi- way to a decilopm over Bob S a t-
equenuy tdrfield when his glass-chi n n e d
fellow townman dropped one of
he'd go those "bombs in the 1th. Batter-
ck. His field repeated in one, but he is
tory of liable to put a lily in the hand of
y Nor, anyone who doe 't nail him
ard e n, first, and ,Holman hasn't lost
of Ed- rince.
da andI

tht dangerous Holman 'In the heat The clean knockout of Charles
vi Florida's esat-eoast. was Holman's 16th in 39 fights
nd his third straight victory this
CHARLES; NOW CROWDING year, one of which saw him again
34, may not have been the great- surprise by knocking out tough
ect of heavyweight champ ion s, Cesar Bries ii four.
out he was one of the fightingest. Holman always could punch,
All you had to do 'was find an Pnd a puncher has S0 per cent
opponent. Charles would be on the best of ft. provided he can
the. next place We R ock y take it. Holman certainly took it
Marciano p hed i ead into against Ezzard Charles.
the size and formatibn of two last Eziard Charles.
June in a magnificent fight, thel Anyway, on the sredgth -of a
(Id Cincinnati Cobra quickc k ly rather startling upset, pugil i s m
signed for a return 1 September. has a new name heavyweight-at
Jnhm i Holman is another least until Johnny Holman's next

striking example of how long a'


The BiS and CHO swimming
teams patlcipated in a 20 event
swimming meet of the Ft. Bob-
be. swimming as well as track
here in the Canal Zone is Judged
on an individual bails rat er
than a team basis.
BHS swept most of the events
but Grace Argo from CH8 cap-
tured a first in the 50 meter
Free Style and a second place
in the 100 meter Bacwktr.e.
In the boys 200 meter Free
Style Relay both teams exceed-
ed the previous record of 2:07.8.
BH8 swimmers set a new record
by swimming this event in 3:-
06.7. CHS also broke its old
existing record by registering a
time of 2:05. The summaries:
50 meters Free Style-Boys
Linfors--BHS Time: 29
McGee BH8
George CHS.
50 meters Free Style-Girls
Grace Argo -- S Time: 34.1
Ida Strauss HS
Carolyn Sande CHS..
100 meters Breastroke-Boys
B. Halvosa-B Time: 1.40.7
Joe Katz-CHS.
100 meters Bre troke-Olrbi
M. Eberenz-B Time: 1:54.7
Agnes Dube-B
C. Flenniken- 1 S.
20e meters Free Style-Boys
B. Connors--BHS Time: 2:28:7

.20 meters Free
J. Crosby-BH
J. Engelke--Bi
onuoe Radel-
I meters Butte
la~e sears Butt

Juan Frai

5-Tap Lady
6-Utile Blue
5B-4pbai (e)
S.jisgh Profit
S.-Pinifo (e)

light. '-- = ---


J. Crosby-BHB Time: 2:06:3
100 meters Free Style-Boys
Blackburn-BHS Time: 1:05:5
610 meters Free Style-Girls
J. Engelke-BHS Time: 1:32
160 meters Baekitroke-Boys
B. Cpnnors-BHB. Time 1:26:3.
Fprd-S-." "
100 et6nrs .etrole-Olrls
I. Strauass-BR Time: 1:34:4
Orace Argo-BHS.
lot mters Individal MIedley
Linfora-BHS Time: 2:16
1M meters Individual Medley
M. Eberenz-BHS Time: 2:46.5
Carol Flenniken-CHS.
150 meters Medley Relay-Boys
BH8 Time: 1:56:1
150 meters Medley Relay-Girls
CHBS Time: 2:38:8
200 meters Free Style Relay
BDS Time: 2:02:7
206 meters Free Style Relay
BS1 Time: 2:30:1
Dlvlqg-3 meter Board
W. Hatchett--BHS 172.30
D. Behar-BHS 185.25
W. Black-BHS 138.90

8 Time: 3:15.9
as. I. "
-BHBS.' ....
rfly-Boys 'I
Time 1:48:T By BEAMS RE RDQN
T '14 'Years in' Natinai League
I. Written for NEA Sirkse
erfly-Girls QUESTION: The batter )fts a
deep fly along the left fied line
which starts to curve foul. T h*
'' ~! left fielder L'aps for It. 1* ball
iCO / IS s a shAde foui as he touc it.
He catch the band
NRADO the attempt knocks it far
ierritor) Is this a fair oc foul
ball?-Arthur Jordan,
Weilsh PF AsMwr It is a foal bal. If e
Caen-Oso autfleldr bad tMthed ht fair
VeOldnr tertHery and the a kuated t
Ttlln Ta feed, It would have bea fa
Don Brridoe (el ball
Encachada (e) Q, How long has Larry Goets
Brie umpired in the NatiodLague?
OGmaha A t Is Geet'M 0t ear 11
4 Amat L baseball, s 1 k *the
Vaoete Ma Leiag.


SHOWS: 3:0 -I


. -

:6 :l 8:u -P. -.I

WRONG Mpp-T ip i a h dmolwlee u
it hewT ato tu trtk ra
lowa's defensia bchpm failed to htt p
scheduled dip.and n d second in th mas ReiAy Stpe1
bche at LAwrence.



Boupoing around the countryside covering sports, I eome
contact with quite a few neurotics who exelati,: "Oh, you world
on the sanm paper with Willard Mullin. Tell me, what sort o
person Is hh anyway?"
This, I think you'll agree, is understandable, f not neces
sarly healthy curiosity. Normalcy Is not.generaly a. condition
which la associated with a person whose world is populated witl
unkempt, tattered bums, grotesquely (leshy characters within
point heads labeled GIANTS, race horses that try to outsm
Bob Hope, an endless variety of Jungle fauna, and hep cat bow
ntag pns that mambo.
U Life inside the Mullin skull must be wildly confusing, If
actually terrifying. But-If this is so there Is never anty sign o
the part of the proprietor who, seemly enough, takes pink els
phants and other such conventional manifestations of the con
virlal evening in strMe and as a matter of course.
." ,The cartoonists of America have' just smoked lh i n th(

to tabe a Iook asc m.
father and, what iV worse,' d)rdflhti'um f W
stance, as if no one else had ever got to be a grIpr
fore. Please Mrs. Prynose4 You simply mustn't 1e
too close to tWe cage. Keep In mind, it's usually t
looking that turn out to be the moat dangerous.
C C.

natner B
Junior I
e harmla

Now, where was I? Oh, yes. Well the thing that ams
-distely endears you to our boy la his charming reserve and re-
freshing lack of temperament.
This is most unusual in gifted artists, most of whom have
to be babied and petted and wet-nursed beofre they'll even open
the Joe Miller Joke book for tomorrow's boffo.
Willard Harlan MuLtin, as he's billed in "Who's W4 in Amer-
ica" (you've Rot to be mighty important to get in thisa-ok: Even
Tony Galento hasn't made it yet) is, as I say utterly, frie of such
As long as he gets his way In all things at all times there's
never .a peep out of him, and, in fact, you hardly know he's
around, which is seldom at that.
Mr. Mullin hails from California, though he see~g to like
tj give the impression he thunders. There Is gomethifg about
the climate out there that Is remarkably congenial to the produc-
tion qf eartooners. Tad, Edgren, Fisher, Igoe pnd Goldberg, to
name a few, also made it big.
The possibility that there is an eipotional or psychological
relationship between this fact and the state's formidable l.ntrest
in the eccentric and the exotic there was old m$h Townsend,
Almee Bemple McPherson, Gorgeous George, et al -I la, Tur tly
suggestive and i recommended for Freudian exploration,
Oddly, none of the California naladlns inspired our boy.
Rather It was a Britisher, Tommy Webster, thew as now Lon-
don's most sprightly and able interpreter of tie overseas sports
Mr. Webster had been successful In a radical experiment,
namely the introduction of literacy and subtlety in sports car-
tooning, and I suspect this is what caught our boy's eye.

Mr. Mulla in not a single talent man by any means. He If
alo a nerceotive, discerning critic. He has a way of lood0a uO
f m his dawin board. suddenly and abruptly, and giving out
h"ssn exnlonive,roar of laughter. No one #muses our boy oaae
n 3r. Manin.
He has a lively,. entnhuslastic Imagination and his drawing
board crawls with strangire and wondrous characters. Ofehs
creations the Breokly Bum is probably his most poumlaS and
be'oved. Once the editor fQt a letter asking if Mr. Mullin was
anything like the Bum. This was not an easy one to answer.
n]Apv ho wrote:..
Mr. Muitn n't dress like that."
ARD&W HRoman'Levy. 17" h W. First Sat.. who de-
we d tll U W M, umi Aboelt' and naturally we w-ul-- teltl
hllile aad sieW'.his moment of lory. .
Mr Levy urem e or boy stale the Bum from him.
*ThI wMall 11M 1 and3rplds n edhefirst two WON
of the W brld S~ulos-t othe Y anxe es m ote Oft. Levy, I
wed u. l ean- d p ,s, b og th. hird.l. .

fc-, I 'r "' t. "

t*1m MCUtY CLus CO9wt. Twwd rthe

_ ~ ~~~__~~ ~ _L_ ~_ __I_ _~ ~_L


~_a __



mmli m

, ..-M.




- ?-k' ,:-.


- Wi., 't~-~41'~t' t wef~ 'rp -
ass ate a mum

.i.r .'" ":, "'" i..
A-~ -' :"^ -

' '

, .,, ; ,. ..-A ." -. .-.
-B ":"t awsvai "

WW42WSSE I S' V.-.4- -- --

.w. ,'.,.
* .-.." ...- -

,Tr- ,. f .*- U' .

i comb ou wo.u. o'r Rif r.- s- ihe j i ive
Themfre rfl tnron,., (M V- i.&6 VIAICA .
fit f --rt).-D J .*oUW OlRne (By U. .ed Irur ) f S .-m -- -8--m--- --'a'a'a'at' '
I.-r ( ar- em -.. eas w0as S nas s. Home runs r1 tdon. (as- m s eNr lhal) at bats) -. tan. 2 hours away L EL ANAME O.,
, .a a-e iL saa aflS -- Cii vAe-. ... ,m .... ,I s ma-i it.uiit.i
iiol af M ^ ^iF miil ei aailUii-i i n0l "'t-****. ?.*- --rL ^ -^A OWI-t*f+"nJJI9MHIflW f

? jBJB* -1il!.<"+a''r a7
i.. 1 2. s.

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-In Little' 1
"+ "-^ ....nT I, I. !I II II ... I .. l- L lte Toe i. I..
4i .4
*rcod you
Walters; w ap$ E.Wtrl) Wa ltrne naC' "' 'a n a-

.. -. .&. ,,--pL ,.- der the lights, the Panamad lir p i Ratl, d g
', ! (6"UR @ +'tl. tiI .WHO ,e Leaguer. soundly trounced.8tmns, Methey and
:gi adsCthe Army Forces Boys A a score
doub"0! -P.SNSEC.. u of 7 to 0, as the first lad of th
SRepublic of Panama, Doa Olga
Arias de Arias and a proximate-
ly 5000 ans cheere last night
at the Olympic Stadiam.
SStarring on the mound for
PbItan amawas little Gilbert Ma -
Sly wYiw aho whiffed nine men an
i IvHen excellent support by hi P
TA-. teammates defensively as well asl .i .'
offensively, Maloney breezed all
the way and was only I ealiousi
n trouble in the fifth, when with
.--- the bases loaded and two outs
rxWt he faced one of the Armed Fore-
es' long ball hitters, As Barley.
S rr G H.owever, Malone then lead- n
o m*D .o d Ing by a score of fve runs to 0,
thn le n "J 2 B w n ....ess. A s e h at ot Barlef to hit a long fly, to ,
r+e 4- : 0; .4 s;:ee p centerfield and the trout
The leading hitter of the. eye-
S i e L ning was Panama's left fielder
S. Ml E. phillips who had a triple and
Sond -n _- ,-a single In three times at bat.
o l i a I i For the losers, Maloney scatter-
be"ol Ida_ .i-_ ed three harmless angles, one
awaps a y bpee ou l each to Alan Scott, ABarley
who bIA 48 tdp slix InmgA -and Ramon Cabrera.
t d OS y peeo o ul aJo Reynolds, fire ballet
finaolly reahd te.0 Io the Armed Forces and loser of
eat yest d rilm ille Garder, sub last night's contest was relieved
IL Aa r fly in 1 r= thrilled the fans as he struck out
s ne n the G firth NashuaTo A D Record be
S. three- double in the fifth p hillips on a beautiful curve.
t.....e-twomorerkrwah EUaThisafternoos gae be-
In the las h l ax ad l bser e a wh r teen the Panama League and
d -l e tP ltd a B ARY ORATYSON wbeh would male it the small- I Flying Fur, also a Nasrullah, Is this trip, he a likely to win by ia yed at the IJttle iague
Thent in e e pt 8 led home 7 A S ildiler st Derb field since the at more of I- tayer and will be com- more than one-a..-three-quarter allPark on Gllard Highway.
Bteeoy h.1 h Swere put o 6 o to mbinafjan of Citation and oal- ing on at the end. The Blue Grass leags, the bays widest margin Game tl I 41 and the Filme
Ma -cvs.thee 1t I a t h LOUISVLLE, May (NEA) town frigltned off all but our time was luow. oi v etnxy since his maiden race. be Lo
.. .. ,aihii last 2 gmeThe td Nas easily others before running one-two in Texabs will to some extent Turning t on to nip Summer no for Panam and rkle
r. Wt 10 13 ImOI .... .... 2-1 0 I 0 Griw 3b .... 0 1 an pk Sumer T 0n0 0oe 0tnmm 0sm 0erkte At ***r .. ..
t osani srt t o andat' ftl t coIa st ever ;. back the Lone Star State-owned Tal in the nevler-to-be-forgotten Paroer for the Panific team
t tripa play.1 ng threw to d Ce of fIniarstw i a f r ea definite will not .beMura ee's il l Wd ad e o e or as r f Wthe Ped f e t 0eam. TK 0 0 LO
ort. ie gcon American Leanue. Jim d lan Derby. cluttered up\with nags, so the another Narh which came ua has demonstrated that he can will shift to the Wcenst Bank. At
S ondopt. t o. Ti. their ltNt t Adf1 the freerunning Swaps race should be truly un. rom nithto beaten no more run the last quarter in secondft t the West ank. At
ito"stb13rn .ie it 10. Wi. St he Lwix rfthan .... the ...arters.. of a legrth oinAhich is wht wit a s..irlaway:0 p.m. e Armed Forces w
haD bthe .e Ut srtl a 'a iE N testify th Blue Grss this one hams thi e Derby. A sixteenth after thee Pf Ltle
reoeev cret forhna dol b s w h would't p wti ua sad Sum Tan re the frustrajng habit of refusing to rnish of the mile-acd-an-eight Leaguers t Coc. ng
aid oVeron La's seventh le b e ofwell-versed the 10- better thanthe reass the leader. Like Nashua, he Wood Nashua was two lenga pitchers have not yet been of-
Thre lO was the fi a Whit big son of. Na sH h stroke f ar-of the field, but- you'll likes to run with horses, the large ront. fic ally a tt
forThe the who a row ad Jackie enen's do track record for the mile-and. still-probably get even money on difference being that the Willi One o these afternoons, Nashua ost certain that Batean will
--.ogth rM"---Duke 3Mwsat thertr 3:01 H, establish by the field, but you rll probably Woodward, Jr. fellow has the i is going to shake his trait of runIgo for the Armed Forces and
games beloa e .590 ma t.wth hi- lweht l et Pirm'e Wbirlaway in 19.tlet even money do the !enner., to win. rin along with horses and keep Curti Bchwarurock will toe the
a 9-11 reco-rd. They a ta r -41 tbigUne pe9aai el leveo lly ait Californi.s are for R., ll. ni. ton jolg. slab, for the cPacific Little Lea .
8gtames sn il s- "pl: ".Naha1*S. sImm r ,wl sworah Golden Statebred Swaps D y could be it. ue
S they'lt the Wood you know. The Der nd the W. L. Ranch's. Honey's Additional seats have been n-
-10, _n6 ..._Is.a cAva Peh7ople attendtAlibi. stalled pt Little Le
e 01 1:.- i when ,l o the races: e Iark ,e le .,.O ,f
.i than.pu ordinarily ndatn open probably a respectable price on ~ tI bo cbInln 'Ib t for
i i .. ineDownb. -th eavorite Club. care back on his back. It wobld The box score: WA
S i old h.BPdia .. be Arcaro's sixth Derby victory Armed lPore Little League
S9110 I .- thm ni h t .i .- -l"_lihekolo he furth for Belair Stud o. Po e
CiNrcnfor the grand old trainer, jim Fits10.
u.a, Sum mer -.Ta aaI ru-p y mDie !tet the frtnh oo ra er, Situ t./ abrera, b, p. 4 0 1 2 1 0 A
mary. e ta. a .I.a .Stakess at se simm arca, s .. 1 1
S .U. -, .- aN ito A b a ew s e g t im oth gben of. 8theS ar All save Nashua and Mrs. JohnS cott, ... 3 0 1 6 1 0
go and t ou be as igtry stable's entry, WG Ganibreat's Summer Tan Wa datller, SIb ... a.
NA lNAL LEAGUE ttAMERICAN LEA1 UE w just ouin for the'riade. It An Sl Bateman, ri.. 0 0 0 0A M
'TL~l~llivl W L rat --a-n T 'own -"', 'al/l l, -winner of'the'i100.000. SantaiAni- Barley, ,1.
eams W u- R n se.. ta aerb yhete000-00 ,
V221 .. .. A, G l'*'-d 1 7 ." / fStill RoIing Tigh9t Squeeze ta Derby, has a lot of early lick, Metheney, If.. 1 0 0 0 0 0
Srookly .... 2 eln Summer Tan and Nashua will a-Tomlln, If 1 0 0 0 0
hI 1....u 1 0 -7 Detrolt.v...... 13 7 .650. .3-0
ew ork.... a Chicago ....11 7 .6 1 St. L ls A O ao ABRH 0 A have togo along. And when Nas. Amato, 3b .. 1 0 0 0 1 0 ED ATTRAC IONI
NeSt. Louis 9 .471 8% ow York .A1 .579 1 Moon I......... 12 1 0 1 0GooOmll 2b .... 4 0 0 1 3 a finally picks up Summer Tan b-Burke, Sb ... 0 0 0 0 0 06:.9:8
lwauk .. 9 11 .50as City 9 9 500 .3 Virdon ......s. 2 i.2 1 0 0nj lb ...,,, 3'1 1 12 1 Reynolds, p ... 2 0 0 0 1 0
iit e u.0..r9 11 .03, .4 f221 byif 5..-4 11 3 1 .astetter...1 0 0 1 0 1..1 2.t 4 1, ol,,71 38' ,% ,Renulkrf ...,.-- ai a 1 i 1White ac........4 Malb 0 2 402 3 T0HEmAATr l incrisess T
J-1 _40-0_10 -A Ecul 508S"Jetndies M ab --4 0 1 0 2en r.......i
CincIannti .. 6 13 .316 ga1 ...1 .rndl c .......... 4 0 0 5 1Lenlo.ftb ........ 3 0 0 1 2 Panamas Little League with ths
TODAY N TODr A Doyer, b as ..... a 0 2 3 3a-Htton 3b .3 ... 1-. 0 --Q 0 0I 4 1n000 0 -Operation Barra.cud
-o1..o..yn at, ()NBaltimoreat.w .si---uias I .... 1 1 Pi lersa ef-........3 _0" 0 oLNV i IRl, L6ll.6on 4 1 0 0 0 0
Bcaoalyn-(N) petroita)a-Remus 3b ... 1 0 0 0 Klaus. s ;........ 2 0 0 3 6 Paredes, 2b .. 4 1 1 1 2 0
c-iw at.Lusp(Ns oSl Wl NItepheion as...0 0 0 0 0 0Br er p ...... 3 0 0 0 3 NEW YORK, May 6 (UP)--Be- Wilson. rf 11 1 0
sums -atfSt L ouis(N) New y iteyA lt. (N) f-Fra.ier ........ 1 0 0 0 0. hind th strong pitching of Glen Phillip ....
J ackson p..:.... 8 0 0 0 Totals 31 2 6 26 16 Ca, the Montreal Royals.cams Sara 01qta, c 3 0 1 9 0 1
Haddix p ...... 0 0 0 0 k from a two run deficit in Fuentes, lb ... 100
.WEITl flAr RU-T; D-thr ATS R(- ES-, ,,-utSe. iith P ..A.. 0 00 0 0 0etroit the filn anLeg ato eatthe a.llo2 0
Louis 0 0.....1Boston 000o000...100- a,, 6 Smi0. ....... 0 0 0 0 cuss, Chiefs, rs
Bro tOn e (ennt a .... O .. 1 d tr 0 etch their first place le Thompson, 1 1 1 0 0 0
St. LOS: J" adx (I.B (0otal 29 3 5 241Itfld ...... 1 2 1 In the telatonal League tol on 1 0 0 o 1r
3), Sm rland07dt. W e~onite. fa ...... ..L0mer5 0a3 0n. 0I ] o
Brooklyn: .Laor, l .Detroit:Mas u(1-0)oandHoue. ..... 1 b .......... 00 owent the distance against 22 7 71 1o38I 6 2I
Roblmy Ad gme. s_ h.du- e l. .." 4.0 1 2 a 0 lb" ........ 0 1; 00 0 r a the Chiefs for his third victory

Word 5eris 0** -= .......... "...
-afmensid1 1to 4 1 without a loss. It was the third fr Mthene n IAL -TOHy o .r.
a.n id-ACqnlet 0 0 0 01 4 p ,b,,l 0 1 loter two tars wer agst-the
tul :fig,(1-0c), Lawol" N -*W-ilher ........0 0 0o 0 0 h .-- Roison. edged the dWlked for Mlor In 5thI
and "r bifahbli Z-_immer lb 4. ..0 0 0 0 Tona r 36 3 11 27 10Coh Jets with Winnin ter: Malone
h-itato ".l u-,-lwrMay 6 _-oi .eP ison S B.b, ;if,. 3 0 0 1 2 _ZTwo out" when winning Jmes Stump, gag credit Lo pitcher: Renols
1 Furtllo ii. 1 iv a 0. 0 1 0 scared. rthe. iz Alen, Rombergee, wite aeml.G m nltctch 'i..v
-.aie -.rhtiit.o, suspended.-........ 0 0u0 0 0 fwr s ea Jets -o
New, Yorkli: Pefagliel (1-3), in-o yeser-da fo "IsubordnatIon, dc-Noah "."..'' 0 0 0 Boston -.el... "000000 200-4 Pitcher Fiank Blake of the To.. idn't give up an the b ll '.W
mnd Westrm.,a instated today a,,i ~fteraqo poeuck nW.. .... 0 0 0 1 0 Detrot ..-- -000 002 001-3 ronte Maple teafs held thq Bass b- a me. into jut, who tpRi n ew, excelent
(Burn) Banal. ~ 27 ~ us sugar Kwgc to five for sade the et,,.
J-- ..-npmnGd ,-ox:,- Orunmmas Sg 2, Kalihe. D mbles White, gme flochesitr downed Richmond.
World Seriels iv announcing_ the i- d ,rl. Jar ,, ... ___J ien, Tttkl, Hatll. .
-N-ews- tmo h. team _c~ O -Ran for, t8usiIn ms venth Dtble-play Klaas- -.
h o-t* Slated I~n "1Uht IRS fith eg W tr I'd-Annwoaed for mtores In AESAli I-,, Hatfield- ......
rAuP uorvuulT e Thaw pltieablewll Ku- bases .'
-wing g e Kn tinse,.u + --w-e te club *--- fldS.' ~., g, balls Brewer 2, Mass!. Struck' l-
theMargarta eate ur l club eflb-to atf i ninth. R and earned rums Brewer
te auaes of the Iavasi and once he was g.il4...Ot Ul In 9th. Wi "'"- Ma'" (1-0) "m
Iaa A~ eV0*f0o (M0114ri a ;4
a. lrt. ns anne a O ie -


A W mb' ei

.'.- -n,
- .7'-4H'.
., a .. : /..:

,' .. ,. .+ "" *':i" :"' ''* ": -*. : "*^1- '."; .=w ... .. <^--- ;.y..: '.." ..-
V im. -.'-',+" :. .-..S' ,'.l ,' ll 1 0!.'^ 1-.'r''-.-".-'+ .,
-. '-4.-' _* -:'_.

1,/ilI w rvw^ _.,fw ^ WO 7
,, ,-,..

Ren ben Re-1
Sana ai From Diad is iIo
NEW YORK, -. )-- Ca, PA WlE=ra Oapet, Came

S**Let te people know the truth and the country is safe" -Abraham UnLcoln. ,ta' thims Ia the t
." debt to ogi erepMIg
J' IS3ST= YA PFRIDAY, MA 6, 5l N gmart. l 1 adrs Ii y give a losbiR h 'qt uttoPa w^

western Diplomats Believe Russia ra.. -.'"v-
chetvnal nc B th '1.14 i ,t fral he led T -1
rt reo .a a abut.,h aaryf t adam awe
to T- C .....-ard' oh. T coldh tn ,^r Mj wi, da os TW

Shifting To Softer Cold War Tactics
himfe% YEAR P R.P. since W M AYlaa scal5 0M mu eslvi n. laoea Prbsm SXnewNst ha
S, ay r eD tued st eatic ctivit the city has ever Bao Di ar waging a triangular d before the a ring and told of te h
laetin111hPe ttaso ,m.btle for power. t
Spolicy of trying to ease night from a two-week trp to the The North Atlantic! Council and biree Bt
C War through more con- Caucasus and Central Asia, said the Western European Union meet The five-power conference on an lik ommese ew m;granda vale he vie lar Is ft "e a heae AGijt .. bGtlnh a
tor diplomacy while pressnl only the trip was "very interest here during the next week, but rsn state treat y is so near sther now, leelm w O ceny tO _g h.t n L Lber i
a meetortd omf the Bi Four ing." overshadowing all is the meeti agemeant that a final settlement his life a A. ears a e evs 197 I
eo s Western diplomats of the Big Three foreign mistf y be announced today or to Be showed ahiM.tCIhoW on- slian ul mdw e r from e age das tol e
tda of sthee Wewsen p s a"Diplomlatis the Cold War' ers starting tomorrow. uaorrow Austrian officials in Viena ly when his wife, Zd.d stp- re. u g de
said the new softer as epentl d de~neL here alm an said. w+mer L : ,a Ui .-,-
luded the Sovit clude increasing personal con- Dulles. Macmillan and Antoine Isled. I 1 he wet t
d tiwau agreement o n ract between o80vet leaders and Pinay meet to align Western Only three points remain to elanod t iJ e Devil's Ist swyamra .l*o de ]r .
rla trt, the constant re. foreign diplomats, lucreasing vb polley on current l~terational be sed, then said, inllolaea
c In the Soviet press to eas for Western visitors includ- tensions and possibly to discuss the claims by American, only 50 per cent of the prisoners T
ma international tension" in Americanr and more con. plans lor a Big Four meeting i and Duth o companies for survlve, th second year only .'
f Big Fr ts "at o isues snch as Austria Vhelav Molotov. Nas Md later sseed by He tred ea twice but ri s of
highestt level." and the obvious Soviet support Such a meting has been brought t he SBoviets .. that ,year an..d i-rh o -oft w U' "v t
le a ruppcrt of a Big Four of some solution of the Formo- cunsidcrably nearer this week y was set t "dry gullo-.
at sthepto was idicated ba crisis. the harmonious progress of Aus- Aurtrian officials were so con- tine." Infact h sent months
l:n the ofcial newspaper Despite th. apparent shift in trian treaty talks with the Rus- fdent of agreement- by Monday In solitary confoneeent of the .. -
wh carried a Tass diplomacy, the soviet Union ap snin Vienna at the latest they said they hop-
th from London quoting the peered prepared to go through Dulle and Macmillan are sched- d to welcome the big tour for. In 80he became a "lubere '. -ldn n Atlantl" daihesldent,
Stress as predicting for- w;th its already announced reac- tied to arrive here'tomor r o w eagn ministers here next week to a *ree man bnt still an exile with -l 'trasaldne nsp5teh at
t HamoC DS an Mamila ar inhe d- A Pr ]w him ithe bi fourfor
secretary Harold Macmillan Lion against the Western powers morning. It will be there first ign tae treaty restoring Austrian af worke to do. a e ew io f a a. etlliems t. at
no wr oo do. who hail and Ho tlye 'of is Betyesnt i
ss for such a confer-1 fcr ratifying the Paris agreements meeting since Macmillan replac- freedom and ending the four-pow- Bdesred m. .t he Aoil a burnthe dtn sudeuT~' Thaday

o v ay tween Flrench era NATO" w Tth a ufisaedllm- the French foreign minister paid as today s wSlon convened o turned to ontheslad for

Artose ,- .wh._. ov,'oveas dsi. years VI a of re -
ador Louis Joxe and S.I mmand, make formas I 4 hour visit to London three arucles were repoe three year. of .solitary. wer irt, ad to dhs .a B laa
Finafvy ielB rge1our win thelvhemehenmade good were prte Soloeot Aa afna eotHa1eids
i rei er Nikol t ai Bul ge n ipn. mmaouteer s of an by astl Ger two wee ego forein talks. diat reement: .1low dh o:I. n e ae J aao
tda.S.. ambassador wC-a man many, and generally to r- HAuh n the list of priorities for ia ie ape. He ned notFrea and pwthi for the ende, land, ;'e' em-

m olen planned to f to Pa-cIlPa.ry stren alth of l the Big Tee wibe the a- Al e 33, covering wthawal map id h&e for Tinidad at midnight Wm. e tOl lOyed wafi Cal ol-

r i^rtnesnidDle o. Mamloia arverndn Atioiin e ir ewd ana tone. Ra Bt wt
trhaei cigd t Seie l a.ter i o
i hgreemn ta enSoe ead tan in watorn South Vietnam of ocatio troops rom Austria. where he w befriended he the weekp 8l patiente wersi ad- o.n a tewsa.
tee. i e avanoe g oae- where premier Ngo _DJ Diem, he tt draft calls for the with. hl, donor oeD Iraslt d the semep-rnsmer Ulfer,
c Ilen refused to comm ent on tons from nie netlon moved tinm- a shadony mstai Junta which drawl of -lal ioons wthin 90 .s'l w t d ,
er at the tal ks beyon n th mer to Pri today for the art of te rtnh har I loaded with das, t It was uderstood m th p rh r aam laO D o
.tht secretary of itata Zed one of te bsmiest week'f or diplo, cyptoloommne lnts, an d e pCeror i oleeta s propped evacuation by' all the s -d .b Ils. "ec .- ee e.o the
Aolrticlte, which po er oi Asma.e ,e nuch bahu ho ov Woi s ul ll 11 rido wesovre th i n" a

i conceit omn the uot oa bee t t orghni aSion thatB lret sw scattered thf istrnIhe h t Pr-
t e i a to n re dn pfoy r h e llrtr (or- M n hWupr ntael kIt Roo; r R Dons 'ySent ab r d t" ht e o

letNTeltoooo ilanwaserdi asgio- braO.d as then Gov-om
atO- -. ."AAuOerests ranhmer ..r CroSolobo;erroeoon.rtie."Ime fat ;,I,.ou at -'0 month

Tlos wst he. artiCle expected to "- "_ol edoverat t1 t

ytLdy in the ws i ts as;.
winchcarier dar sbdin rtpltomac ItaheaSolvs Inn B e. hsiea r sne i ife a t hre o n modest heyid th e pold Book Duse f .ths terLo
ten h onradono.g the Bp lrea hAd taogot and tlle eacl a ed Ooe p lo. 8. S e b ybl return- ute has mhL fo
red ysstesday by plae ln toi rinebeama oan ai-re
Sa nnoed e at re ret a i mine ae' e e an i
St the e ar an in a he n or on twl b f t ateera aboard the o s ne,
overhea8raeeo.ore-ct as'.thehlopow. Drand"otherpasseoars burnin
Sto Duke werettelfr the to low-l .
A WU rt s that ot the en etatiret en aAth.e Faihnice ,las t Elzan betha fn airl ner, fla-
alsowaspconidea m.(U P-D evelopment of a C oneoer o tT atiastotone.T d fourta hvitte Ame iecn-bom Duchess of i

SA esead that he fella acep o na- hTvhe o new ee wh ch ptrmits- in mue inthhioro t nsr f he Wt i ndsor, for whose love the Duke
Talreaiation "tPfligh conversion fra helcopt oile anzation that a Marine D- abdicated the British throne, wasr
powerinhasehhaieigntodateasaiaoa)h served acActing naor- She seldom aeesompanioesn the
tatwoluteonary advarhe o recon- eror. Buke on his private visits to Brit
caiandgSort.,"commndoafrisaIcef icgreceived at court by the Royalm
r.O USSIA, E HOrE eight Am eriean veterans of the World War o .be River mi
el an troops sand with oturnet Ambassador eorGt N. G aroubln bmenath a pfr- r The firt sefu flight of d
in the Russian Embsy at Wamhington. The Americnt recetin ed viSa t hepir the plane, known-offiy as e ilninHer atlered orto skd
for a planned reunion in Molreseow. Now they hope for a "kind-hearted eIbethsiroPlAt" the EXV-1 ConvertiOlaitpian" e ea riete, wecasem
rthe bill for their at Left toright Edwin A. Jerry, Oak Park, Mich.; announced by MrDonnelr Air- d, then nheeledove tt
ttoh s lnTtrhreewthlhs o pen .n labor delnsi hte tionin rt o S out Vetnam fd par t rp o, sa..r 11ere dedhw
C~ BOrrester, Oreer, t.C. Elis R. oa ns, Jr., Pmeinnacle, N dC.: Yuri Gok, ejOnd aehetaio craft Co., whith lrslt the plane iadn ar
Shb4aador; Zaroubin; dAobert oaye, IndIhsapors, od.; B. L. hivere tarlala here under u poaorsip of the board twing hiking the rawaay.
Z .' Jthnoton, Bradford, Pa.: Josepf lows ki, Cheago; and Willam We.use.,, Ado Epoor, 0. Ai reay. ctinyer fethe. star aofproe..
I-- Thions toL" Mes fire engines and
g TFor A C olW ar take o 3,lanh awvertsiA wthI rushed to the scene, t
y1. ~Atoverhead room ot ,ntotheF- Duk* and 'o.her pausener
ror'.ob ter and to f t herod voen- d quietly_ rom the w-shm -
tionaofy with ld er pe pro- 8elate 010h runwaW.
NMey6(UP) ret- that f he two governments stillreeadthat ei t h e retde fro is rto o e toper Mn i 's l cea s wr no ty Peded
minet a eue when "the piar. RU A. r et e o rs hedr

argnyine ao Chil eamn be pepaed to tonside refera Graal n bando h lti fr.o alte-trre d Whnmdan ra s in
its ot Trisueh ter- tr nce a disdput byThe torta- Tln I t Paler ar aip e DeinoT oins a
ntarctia ,.. tion.iarbitratio..n.-a--Nations.. rome; ae BobinA witaeNDGnnMay(UP)

Iau a senate and Chilean govern- me- am*u Bnersn was occu Ki r thodeZ
Thismobena had returned no i-ely tolng on a prma.ent basis al
'itthat the British o- our notes Aad Her Maesty'lr year rodnd ts 2gbee hm s 'toofmWa-e"t
submitted to o men therefore decided nt eight, and the CTh-1reprtedao

Sambassadors in Due- ed their lay one to fol', adby from inj uries e by the en- h. i for the pvernmem.-
tl not he able to ad-' sinee been informed by the at Potter COve but opened at- ip ex~a~minel a-t e labora-H se.etu_ (COT) announced '- M 0-dAy jai term vab a ird edl
MIf the hugile and Argentina an~d Chilean. gov- on. Vabsel ,ly they. J- tory les ta W et. W.ay Dcr addreuel se, that tt.IohmaCnalaedes,2P- fo th% U ,&v'for
bepsay lritaMn to court. December ofter of arton, e Ge -. .en sutingor acnstthonrBTA.
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we shnal at least nave ba*adors have been Instructed Pendulun Cove on Dein l- ing part time Bt- e pbene died aw sat, bn roun 'W .
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