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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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ROMPS ON BRIDGE A rescue worker (right) closes In on
man identified S.inull Romppanen, 43. who climbed a 500- o
tower oil New York's, Queensboro Bridge, then attempted
climb the .flagile atoothe tower. Failing to do this he cka
down to the superstructure of the bridge about 200 feet abo
the water walked. anIl r backhand torth along
girder. Police d ri wrket gbbed .Rompppnens an
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lowered from his perilous perch.

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Court: Here May Handle e Product Of
Get Seized

Ship Suits In Millions Ship Back California
The U. 8. District Court at eof a June, 1954 amea& to Sec. er was subsequently attached
Ancon may become an active tion K of the U.S. Ship M or t- and sold for. $400,000. One day before hisship was
admiralty Court, if an opinion gage Act that the Canal Zone The SwiMs banking firm seeks to be put on sale, )ritish acen-
handed down late yesterday aft- has jurisdiction to decide on a to recover $408,848, which a- tist odan M. Cwilong, who I
oon by Judge Gut hrle F. claim filed by a Swiss banking mount Is the unpaid balance of was stranded heIre, appeared to
owe Is upheld. It may set up firm, Credit Hypothecaire 8ulse two preferred mortgages on the be clahe to r r h ship
the Canal Zone court as a for. pour la Navigation on mor tanker executed and registered and untangling the legal me a a'
um forthe recovery of most of gages executed li Panama on a ir Panama in November, 1949, which involved is se e and
the foreign ship mortgages to. Panama ship. and December, 193. attachment last etember. -
tailing $125,000,000 which a r e If the precedentsetting o p 1 .p- I. Marshal No o a vacc from t
held by the U. Government. nion is sustained by the higher Yesterday's opinion by Crowe, s morning 8. Marshal No s anti-polio vaccine from the Cutter
Accordln to Crowe, m a n y courts, foreign ship mortgaa In effect, uph. the wis stories in California has been sent to the CanalZone
sh swh c have been sailinA can be foreclosed on the ami- bank'rs contention that its claimed she uled s8le the research e
aound for y ih m o ra fthe a cket, so sa cmet hn t bPrincess amaf, which inCulat s began here last week, health uthorit
&alcefr*hnh prr tomorrow ed today. '..
gages on them and which mort- thing which has n a v ear been ceeda from the sale of the tank- nisd today.
o)gaes have been unable to col. done before. r Iare apportioned. In deciding msor il.. Inoculations of children returning soon toithi U
Sel would now be subject to The opinion was an outgrowth this, the Court had to apply the KWn a. i a mnt hd t ae are onnuin gH e "Ua.r
Sapprehension on trading the of an adiralty suit filed by a provisions of the Ship Mortgage been made with British Con States ar continuing as normal.
t Ca l. Finnish shippingcon n, e. At of the UnitedStat partReginald ilburn who hadsued Instructions were received here to withdraw ay
to 7e" ruling must now be r. riaktlerbolaiet (Han0 von Ret.- cularly the amendment approve. for the recovery of $1.15.49.-h h s
eI Viewed by the Fifth Circuit til A-B and Wil. Rason -y) ed by Congress In June, 1954, Pending is second settlement cine Iy received from the Ctter Labor
ve Court of Appeals in N~w Or. for $213,000 against a Panama- which brought within the Act with the Panama touring com- b a co~Ms N led no vaccine frm i firm was
he leans, which, according to nian shipping firm, Compa l a mortgages on vessels of foreign pay, Agenedas de Cabot e, to ti A hmus.
Crowe may take as long as six do Navegacl6n Arm. The tank- documentation. The F I n n is which sued Cwlkong for salvage
months. i his decision s up- firm Is cer tain to appealfee for $2,500. Judge Outhrie a e U.. government yester- He ddd h own
held, either side may request a C ruling,, F. Crowe rendered a judgment d banned the use of all Balk will a Balk shot.
.larig before t 8 supreme 1R for $54.,6 In tm libel. The po vaccine produced by the ., L. Sllr
Stpt of the TU. States. M In v Princei Walc.ewas taken in C r finn as a precautionary of t R klle I.'.
.The action by the Zone jur I tow Aug. i1, lwai by the M/V m ire water several children Pitt& y o.that a "
as prompted bo te provinoo Darien o the th ng company, in lated with It came d o w n i ta" d
a maA which Jound tl yacht drifting wit paralyti polio. the vaec
BWile U after if asde nU ted by a storm T order was issued by the a the six
dol haa Glf of nama. U.S.ubllo Health Service which that affeetg --
s M 01n.. i m r suit is set- zed its "complete faith" h e withheld
"r"bl pr oid( ilsl Itsbu, tlAsre da~rjoishaer suit Is se t- Cn .L.s Te l.
,*rhw ^UI J claptaln, neeE ,i cIp be released in acn Dut Itoe said th mvm ae tue. ld
,,==, 0moi SU April (o to T y, so=.. ..The .Cutt .. r .
Sa cota Rtradng o-d V ie-witIWid pending an inveptga- 1heo 4uur .1bra
w u: o. = lid who _" thl aw t poliohthe lied
tsIIIpj y. t."t

.... Ie r m nIau bte toriS&es S rntuppliedr all the
tanb r eIr r-, ra Ios f th officialseam-- for its I nocusatlon
i w la troe the of den mahave Idaho, Nevada.
probe otases da tetn- .he wa toetting polio riona nd Hawaii tnd

Ot ley a nere r ofe then buwrka mnd ar blow who in 1 .- anh W ined l had isfhentactratss owo ays mble oida nnSdpr o W olo
S A- Da Thre Wa. caeb n seoad A Snnlk e t ofr theat pn to
Ss some d ,-Plc wa ason nfouedun dbyr q a c o t e d hme uai ea dnOatomi the on pr a w hde
Walto e oraya bl th oeld'i the et a t er, r o r n oidltedy 1o1 -an w e fo m ,, wilaoeado the cutteu L e ie o

Owi AJew n ramm.dh-st he bowte'1s ido ame yan.tod nnpt..rl .oeo-aidhhd-aa o fh Clfohr-
Mitchred Jude E. M. Altman he she t she proved more than once siactority" to treatment to that the vaccine was necessarily s u
to the pold' on tac t military at old none must reply with force 5 faulty in any way." b r. d
arresttam tetdg -tI o, nd wheyiblav ee. om D TON Aapeq u, the National .foun- However,n's
One with adthet hgir butclain-me d ove th s m ayb the y moeive- for creaza of the i raoppd vic- tres Diana arr y m e r darion, for ZItfantIue Parltyi. small.--lm

n to to dl. ties to certain whether ao Those who have adied four bA- toy the e of fo idrce." .r im Ne Mi pr-il sa, n ne ofth e.
on a they would accept re advances t hie app sent suicide. Th ee Buti tle firseabove the dn oi f satacmry o ave- O t ha, N ea dan. w ,oie s uic O, t
MiThe s statement, taken wunt o etu d ugohtor s with her in Ca- T1h I endi te tetn n Susan H yw oda, ecovealif ng, hias ea. erh e.
S17 Ch. essay a hin lon gher ball wo tbe e thousands of AmericanIIn hool, opened irseon a paso- l m e t. A

uo io end ortmou asked at th at te tirlbutci the Cal 2e who are wear- osa-ernment convoy. ti aont h MtAMeveNMexio.e mex-

owell D^S~rie lovB to increase the ball yes- eopp epr eenil ple goerment force GWS NO Pwf Of Barker ti bS
SLast riday Mitchell's budv. president of the American Le- and hand grenades.The o I n outertates. In-
ture Gray O aid. Charged with glon Axiliary eramentoc demanded ha of the ate cudin Texas, Arkan s, Ls-
Strial, with ball alsed to set at A iary in deishtributing the But Gen Le Van, a leader rom an attempt on her New Or bu he w turn.
Both earlier in were involved thes ere. Th ca del Tor. The el commuyen Sect, ordered a i o iBe through ae n overdose of ed way whenma hlle went immedo
n smiles W he t girl had t as tfi ed she fous wht o w hae by Carried rome and or attack on then No Lew. i llast ei h todl y intely to Cedarsa of Lebanon trs .in S
At left is reue worer. Mitchell, ut was overpowered spital w here they quarters ofnew police ohef ~ssiblity of a hospital n e hope he might
Sby n arm lock and ton Wearng the y a bplac the bin seer b Jess Marke.n pr Dr. amerman today conf West Vi- ec te

..A. .....l. on empire (-roa ) hna I n he voe tril-mte to p y men who Varcbythe Blah u Sadn Th e redhared actress Issued ned the "no vi Litor" ban. 111 iirlia
a c t.E B a iit o" tarsc, ihlpe oarfendtlae eedofortking n over- D ra.Lnard Ami SchlerUes
aloef Mi ,gr) wtstd ouegh 11ad1sO n Three spW Caoradc aes whoy aCo. t.Ng ofnf h sleepingtabt. iusbansr ngKeneral tomld .dalluy- roli- nit
ulry pr ferom e discussion ensued as, Tgluy, was Hof his ight under a ograt c rA n
re nto heau lt pof the dn- o e am against blodohedh A hospital s Iokerman e Io d rwDrll o ahead as scheduled. He

Assured Jde L Alt he d ve proved more tdan on- fioriht" an s respn gato-Bu es vcine dwe no diabUYd -
ou se Ba ow s tinued tyWthrpt y. heeiut thefit'iVhtin peaceforHeheA
wouldter on tmi a dmi li scus s ioninnsre de ha on m u reply wtano r om T reatm n at tie vaccine asioneprsessar cily d rn
dy, faultyinayway.r Islan Ha cart1andtld R
h th eary i therr bf thousandsd-ohAmedeorin A thnet uesehdofoono e
heywtd accept rr n century's three Butthefrst.ightrt neeeariby ree
i trial. lie indicated that if len a foor t v e tPPetrdhR over hn a rr i aggoressn w usan rnywao r ir
and the esary a higher ball wou be tusdsrofAmericanslopened ire on a pos-'
sllseaaske at tt time.but1tt the Cnal oe, who are wear- oneo mrvernet c oy.t w tr tob

Uim thy w IDg o l day. Graes Oravttis departu ent plied wcButthenirsthmachtine 5Uhdd- dll aitwiephe vi
on le__ Last rida M teohell'w bsgv, arnsent of the ercn wlle- and hand B grenades. _ye troo ga- .
aar ,, ar trimanl.-Reindicatedt t W -Ot enioAPsoat wilhn assist the obemyinedrntdemaned t iSuLLYWOODr April 28.) Brk.r arrived .here.Tuesday theat
theceasaadnthawanerdtd R o in is
bmra', w ale bound over e4 omtn ondthe American Lesion he ebel headquarters. awh Hayward, recovering ra nit a damatic fht from1Sho.m
a, Iland VFormo trial, with bal also set at thc0. A nxliarylIn distributing the .But Oen Le Van Vie, the rob. P from an attempt on her New Orieas but he Was turn- ow.ust wac dor
hI two Pananmani.- sister ba 'hYo 0-Iwert have arrived from or ttack on the new rnmen.freing pilig, ltely toC.ears. of _anon to tell naier ildiW -
cb*wy 3 The able v.-tooe e wer made as dlab led veterans, which Diem achad ie up-I re lt ob with her exu abl to e M ss. Hywad.
Son lmpeL (st -1$).oadi -.ells anlbute to the men who aerby gtenhe ss!h0 *- o. A h redhae actress Iued ned le. no. vIsito" n.ix
morning of Sunsay. ArgeId '1. gave thA r lives that free 'Amer- V e' a sed t rothd etatemet from her room_ when as i t m e
.. ..fHelta n is from 't. bbb. eenea ansnhleive," President Gray- rith a dr of UobnflWfl ospital waived for members of Ms
I __________ at TheLe"iost wissom thin emarsawhreatenen t she is1 recovering A riQm UaywarrAs mily o, nherT ex-
raeir wpm bound over)J women or an do to show foArcs apparentdu maras. to. ay overdose of the rlgep,. htsbad, he replied "defligtely
trial, ba o-W AvzM'ry in dir ibing ha eBtfientLebel tf icine. It ws made pub- nOtle
.oth me weft nvoliedsr sburbtler' andtr C lie"studi o.a aa yeo ev ntag e tod
Iryh twasi 0 h r io order to Ceaso. n

a )pephrd although be said tar, however, would not ma.
The all -(WI) wesmebwas whether' Miss Hayward's
anianaIOn %IN"Waring-theb"Y'1&Per-ac udbeJwareImmermnl sapysrc attemoi'might lead hm t*O-
crash"tedlul t ithe men whofleb yleve the hoitail In the nexteto see custody of the bOan
wheIIin her statement. "I a th. twins had learn'; I
(UP) es, whilerI r n m n t W" sheous to get bac to mr theirf mo 8er' suicide attelo e pt
Heircrywor ....wmn e tor wits ey obtanrled a newfpi -

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of a rcomilldot seethei
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S. '. ,
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"";-. .- ^ .. *lS& ifiaiii Mi % Sre", l i

57. H STREET P. 0. Box 134. PANAMA. R. OF P.
TELEPHONE 2-0740 (5 LINgS)
345 MADISON AVE. NEW YORK. (17) N. Y. 1
.NTH, IN 8,. 70 90 12.70 9 2. I0
SMONTHS'. ,/y AVANC 13.90 ashin
SiM YEAR. IN ADVANCE I 18.50 24.
Sgresslonal exp s and transpor-
IA IhandledB O ;(-. whorl fi ttalo f Industr7# lawyers will be
C'A k busy for weeks, trying to find
f Athe gimmicks In the new trans-
S.rt policy recommendations
1* 1 iYIF I me J.U st dropped by a cabinet corn-
S_ minlttee eaded by Secretary of
The Moli Box is on open forum for readers of The Panama America Cnmme ce Sinclair Weeks.
ae mreelved giebefulv and ore handled in. a wholly confidential The Aesoclatiu:h.of, Atnertin
a leteonteRailroads Washi ton spokes-
youcontribute e letter don't be Imptient if It doesn't opprt tfhe man for this industry, s at pre-
4dey Letters ore published in the order received. sent making no comment. Its
'Phsem try to keep the letters limited to one page length, board of director .holds a re
.iA dentity of lottoer writers is held in strictest confidence. ular monthly meetiug in Wash.
"This n.owpe essoesn no responsibility for statements as opinloM inton Friday. An official state-
essed In letter from readers. ment may come after that.
., From other segments of the t
BULLEY TAEE WOOGERS' transportation world there are
cries of concern ad some an-
guish. f s an-
SThe cabinet committee report
icn't as drastic as a first draft
don't know but I must be getting old or something, but when which leaked out last February. /
,tad about such things as "Bulley-Wooger" this and "Bulley- A PRIOPOSAL that .'userl" be
$boer" that, I sure wish I could tern back the hands of time. levied against airlines, shl ping
been around these here parts many a year now and just lines and truckers for govern-
*y things are begin-in to "live a little." ment-maintained airways, w-
'.Now take this here "Bulley-Wooger" Ball it's really got ter etays and highways has been *
al and who doesn't wanta get decked out in a costume of a dropped out 4n response to pro-
Kand go? tests. \
A proposal that one form of
': Course I'd never expected Judge Crowe to be messed up in transportation be openly au-
a thing like this, but his dash added to the mixture of thorized to take over the facil-
--Leitnaker-Fairchild-Ramboo should do IT Now where's cities of another .has also been
(p- aintin' picture frames I imagine). Last year they did dropped. Past decision of the
r called Ball-Lo and it was the bestest I'd been to courts and the Interstate Com-
said so too. merce- Commission have always
L ure he and I may not be "heavenly" but we'll be sent prevented this form of competi-
1 eIe be there. lon. o-
well be there. James Pinckney, general coun-
i 'You people got to learn to relax a bit and be yourself more sel for the American Trucking *EA i8 inM
op go to this here ball now get your friends together, get Ahsoelatn, fear, however, tht
AFsel a ticket, get yourself a costume, and git to thld here ball. e othe language in the new ________W terW,,__
y7th will be here and you better be there. It's a charity deal transportation policy declara-
a Ily hits the top bracket for an evenings fun jrodund these tion might ve the railroads an
Well jest wanted to put my 2 cents in cause'so many of open door o acquire competing
*I were sorry you missed last years, I thought you'd Eke to ruck lines. ec lil E
Ow, and I can say "I told yoU so." It calls for reducing economic
regulation of transportation to a
Have fun I do. trimuct "'Without special re-
strictions, conditions or limita- -
S- TIvo Pete tons on indivdual modes of "
Sd resent regulated come Current shows that clicked without support
/.^ tton e public's transportation froh critics "Can Can," "AntnIversary Walts,"
S have been held down. Un- "lamet" and "Luantles and Lovers"... Then
the cabinet committee's re- thtaf was "Wish You Were Here" and "Winchell-
rJ commendations, the railroads zapoppin' ".. .The latter racked up 7 million $ i
would be given four great new 5 ears... S'funny, but sometimes an Aisle Seat
freedoms: can become an Ivyeory Tower.. .If you counted all
1. They would fix their own the ids the critics have flung at several soon-
rates between minimum and to-demise shows, they'd make a heluva funeral
SA maximum schedules measured wreath... Some eviewers complained that a-new
by different financial yardsticks. musical was "ol-fashioned".'. Several 21-year-
S2. IThey would be permitted olds remarked: "They forget us!,We're the new
to set lower rates on long haula irlon! We evr saw he old fashioned
than on short hauls, to meet shows"..... Reminder to performers in panned
competition plays: "Can-Can" backers Just received over 95
l they're saying about our largest sale of 3. They could set lower rates percent profit imslee oe rflS gd it-nearly
on large volume shipments. a year and a half ago...Then the e's this from
4. ICC powers to suspend rate "ore:."The gerater the obstacle, the more glo.
Ife' 5 iI Iincreases and to give the public ry soovein ig it."....Ankles A.powl", at the.
SI I I the lowest possible transporta- H gner Theater) is getting the same howls astM
Sf tion costa would end. hefty applause It got at the premdier...Hilarious
freedom to juggle rates, ( and Jne) eantetaan... The Fun-
l G S It is pointed out, ngt greatly n rt rioeutie Show In ToW... It's for Tired
change the economic life of Bus inessmen... Not tired cities.
Aany communities. It might al|o ; ,...
lead to a return of the mono- Marilyn Monroe is taking dtsmatic ttiitfli'
pollatic practices which enabled from expert Constance Collier...Ty Power (un-
Sthe old moguls to gobble up d. by the flopt '"Tl rk I Lg t
...copetitor nu" will be beck i-n the Fall n "A QUet
W T / vP- The cabinet committee. de- Place." In which he wil sing and play the piano.
elares that with the great in- ...Lucky 13: Sarah Va ghan's version of "What-
crease In air, water, pipeline and ever Lola Wants" jumped to 13th place in the
A RIVOLI RUG is a all wool rug of truck transport over 4t last 30 reo ding climblightn Variety's dise-ockey poll.
...... years, mnonopoly eontrl by the ... a endd~ lth_ y: The new 3 Suns' "oft
S distincton that will give you years railroad is no longer ssie. and '. better than their million-
A SPOKESMAN FOR ONE ft seller, "Twilight Time".-...No Biz Like It: Prac-
;of complete satisfaction, the railway brotherhoods chal- really every majo* Qmedy network show will.
o.le this contention. He saug have new sponsors next season. Over 45 signed
Sa at giving the ls last week...The new "Inspector Fabian of Scot-
reer hand to rn their business land Yard" ..BC tv show is a Ist-Rater....Eddie
PARTIAL ISTINight in fairness be comanl. Fisher's 22nd straightdisc hit: "You've Gotta
PA R R AL ed repeal of te B w le Have Heart"...Polly Bergen (who does the gus-
bilL-Th wasthe st whlehOx '-zling bit In "ChmP e Complex") duzzn't
Spted the dL tSl ni bdwi t in "hampa.gne Complex") duzzn't
trust law regulation in rate- __
SSUPER SPECIAL cases a Jack Harris ( pOwcomer youth of Detroit)
UTo ST year, ,NO. the)e Ial starts his platter-4a4eer for Coral with the sinzy
.E oL inspired a series of 20 billsin "His and Hers" ditty from "Ankles Aweigh!
12 ..GE LL ..RAE the U.S. Senate to change trana. (Reminds you of ,BitJ of the early 30s)...New
X 12 ... BELAIR .... $ 156.40 $ 117.30 portation policy., Haven audiences, entused over "Seventh Hea-
S12 ... CORTES ... $ 202.50 $ 11.95 e general in was to u men" a song and danspectacle.
$20. rantee the ralroads rates which Henny Youngpan aubbed for Lanza in Vegas
z 10 ... MONACO .. $ 173.80 / 130.35 would cover asi coass of opera- (the 2nd night) adokoed them...'. After he
6 ... MONAC6 .. $ 52.0 $. 39.35 tion plus fair rotu. show Henny ha d different offers (at Sas Pr)
*,These bills did naturllyyThe from opposiUon pl.aes,..Kim Novak's next pr-
.* 4 ... BELAIR .... $ 11.0 $ 8.90 railroads ohnd their tune. s onal clck, they' t is In the ugcmiig ick-
SLWhen Preliunt, bnsaene oer's er, "Five Aglnst the House," a gambling saga...
C COME EARLY ANDSEE THESE under eretry W esks, A some of the crisis who rapped Godfrey (in the
S SOMEt EATINY L VSpresented a 3-o int hemoran-" past) for hlrirg "mediocre talent" heare the oned
SENSATIONAL VA LUES um on what r tranaporta now blasting ho f r limping them to improve
dum on what uture anporta- hsi program., Pinist Adrienne Kent's (Bruc~)
Insta fslnrf moran waxing of "Roie Room" Is for ivoryboly.. .They
teeed-- n stead aki for ga are auditioning e singers for "Fanny'. in
More freedom to compete and bathing sult .
elaion alrad Arm re Oscar post-ukris't : .Eva Marie Saint, who
o|latione on-rsrads.pAortaso won one via ''9 ront" for her Rctdng, was
', ropse nn tvmori ts -n once fired from 1 commercial role, Soa she
*9oCA fnT NThighways, waterways and euldn t act... e3at?' Ass'n for Mental Health
161 CENTRAL PANAA airways watway (for the first time) made its case-historles avail-
S161 CENTRAL AVNU PANAM The cabinet committee didn't able to Jack or a tv series...Gable's diet-
buy these latter hints but enough agt schedule: ok m lbs off by next Tee in.hs
t the AAR ~ram Ha left t erpsat Cor i etured byhee
Win the 1 karat fine Diamond Ring in our b A rotn ft new actt th Tega iTiera. i Leed' Sa-
free raffle on May Wh; be recogp( of a BuflgcatJI t Seoir i very comical...
-The Midnabl r e a new platter named
S Don't change your Oid tickets K iIU "Switchle Wltchie'Nitchle." (Please! Noet while
Im*- tew ones. Pmms I'm eating!}) iget crowd-puler-glmnick
m" m since Bank Ith 'ls: Stp-tease contest..p Theyk
strip (at the i in NJ.) to see who wins a

i CoA Left To SeD
S a eIgTwo. Wav!
. "4 to d l eem Aesw.edi

inci, Michelangelo, itAl.

ll In-NewYork

booking... Faye Throneberry sounds lovely but
he plays left field for the Red Sox...Eartha Kitt
is at the Kopa. Try to get Into.
The BIg Apple is growing a new set of youth-
ful producers. en Baglqy of ".Shoestring r eve"
is 23 and Bill Pen (co-parent 6'T 'ch Me How
To Cry" and organizer of Broadw layers) is
24. ..Then there s Ton- A ~R igh") Far-
rell, 25...Overheard at the Steak Pit (in Para-
mus, NJ.): "A scoop is something everybody de-
nies until itvhappens"... Somebody over at the
Times must be hi a jiam. The Fanny advert
(featuring NeJla Ates' undraped figger) was
yanked aftetAthe 1st Edish, The MirwM and News
songhit griter Abner Silver, "you have mentioned
one of your favorite songs a jillion times ('How
Did He Look"?) but 'you've ne4er said I wrote
the music to dear Gladys Shelley's poetry, In
tears, Abner"... The sport pages refer to the
Tournament of Golf Champions (for the Runyo4
Fund) at the Desert Ihn (Lis Vegas( in a few
days as an Annual. We call it an Annuity.
"Dear M. W," passionately writes crra I-
ry Hewes of The Satdee Review, "you wondered
about r publIsnti
two crc scs) in th, V .I= a 'O Gr1oe for
Bset Plays, etc. The World-Telegram Sun for
years had two (Hawkins and Morelouse); so
does the Journal-American (MoClain Nathan).
also the Morning Telegraph (Bolton and Freed-
ley) and If you would go to the openings more
often the Mirror would rate two votes. The Daily
AtkInson with one vote, by the way, gets seven
pairs of premiere tickets. We get oly a ..
Add sleeper record clicks: Andy 8hepard't I'ma
Crying Alone" for Cadillac... Smith & Dale will
star At Hollywood's Band Box...Lester Lanin's
crew has 51 weddings booked. Lanin's a Batch...
Mrs. Gus Edwards is preparing an album of her
husband's famous songs-four of which are ;,ew
to this generation.... Aw-ain't-he-cute-note;
Chooner Eddie Fontaine flings his bow-tie to his
squealing bobby-sexers--for a finish.
Then there's Lena Horne's husband (Lenny
Hayton) who showed up at the "Ankles A-Ww!?
premiere in a tud plus Admiral's hat... .Wa*
Hoppen to The Continental? He's writing. TV
scripts for Guild Films, his first patron.. .
know there's an herd nanfed "Rape"? (Jes' cel
me Perfesser)...The May issue of Trf Confi-
dential offers a essay titled "Is WinchellA
Tout"V Recommeinded (especially) to Senatoa
Fulbright's "Frfendy Study" senate group, Wall
Streters and W$ bettors... A deb's mother ones
asked Mr. Billitaley' to bar her daughter Ult0
she was 21. He obliged... Three years later the
little darling celebrated 21st birthday in the
Stork Club with her husband. ..Not her 1st r
2nd.. .Her 3rd Beau Brummel on E. 54th...Ter-
ry Moorlarky: "I let fellows I date know I'm the
old-fashioned type of girl who expects good
manners. Then they enjoy being gentlemen.*
Enjoy??? ,
The Carl Brissons (at Romeo Salta's intro-
duced Roz Russell as "our daughter-in-love"...
Mary McCarty is in town for TV and other deals.
Talented person...The Stem's newest spot (neAt
to Birdlina) will be named Mambo City... .Rob-
ert Harris (the Jake of "The Goldbergs ) gets a
screen test this week. After 20 years of the Hol-
lywood cold-shoulder... They report the Yurro-
peain gamnig casino's latest plunger (at rovuet-
te) is Ava...Landlord Irving Maidman cancelled
the lease on The Stanley Theater (at 41st and
7th) and will demolish the edifice. It was lb
home of Russian-made films.. .Piper Laurie wil
confirm the Big News any day. Mother will an-
nounce it.

72 .

Traveing faster than moud
hold get rid o that vce from
Ote back Mt. owe

*;' ~"'* a'


WASHINGTON. -Harry T ru.
man's crahn da ate press faoF
ont publishing allUetactsa on thi
Eisenhower dm ationm, coupl-
ed with the vere mews censor-.
ship by ceet parts of the Ei-
fcnh ower admintion, present
vOtally ;mp problems for the
American ocl- of Newspaper
Editors meeting boere this week.
'Many edits. among them Rus-
sell Wiggins of the Washington
Post and V. M. Newton, Jr,, of
the Tampa Tribune, have been
waging a vi orous campaign not
culy to print the rut# but also
to break t igbte g wall of
They realize, as most people e
don't, that about 70 per cent
the taxpayers' moeiy is spant
by the Defense Department, where
censorship is tightest.'
Furthermore: ,ft greatest pro-
,ortion of contracts' awarded byI
ihe Defense Department to any
company goes to the giant firm
which secretary of defense Wilson
once headed, General Motors.
Hitherto, the Defense Dep a r t-
ment has regularly published the
lIst of the 100 largest companies
getting contracts and the propor-
t,on of business they get. WilUon
has published only one such list
since he assumed office, tad that
under pressure.
Hitherto, it's been a Defense
Department rule that matters per
taking to dollars to the expendi-
ure of money. should be a mat.
tei of public record, that the pub-
lie was entitled to know how its
money was being spent.
That, tdday, is changed. Today,
it is not possible for newsmen to
ascertain' whether semi-outmoded
tanks are 8tiU being produced, on-
ly to sit and rust; why the Navy
is building a multimillion-dol 1 a r
Spanish basn near Gibraltar. when
the Air Force has exactly the
same type of base just across the
.Ftraits of Gibraltar which both
could use; whether secretary Wil-
sop is. right about cutting down
on small defense contracts and
pooling them with big compa-
nies-including his own; the unam.
bet of times he uses government
planes to go deer-hunting; plus
to go deer-hunting; plus a myriad
other questions which in no way
involve national safety but do
involve qfficiency, politics and theh
right of a silf-governed people to
know how their money a spent.


other thinS" the .
want ta6 a 0.4 tm
w tben,
alot. age
They have come a long, long
way frci the easy goig somno-
lent day of Calvin Colidge when
h mere handful of newamen gath-
ered arnd. CalO's desk twice a
week to him ramble on a-
bout fishing or-the stock market
or th hive of bees he'd found in
SAee' oh 'the White ~louse lawn.
'QuestIons were asked only in
r then and f the President
di "thhoosa to answer. no one
cross.examine him. The
ub.-4 d6l('t know there were
preis conferences then, we r en't
s osd to know that the Presi
ssd his views.
views wee published as
I frg a White House
Msr i d newsmen care
f resed this anonymity.
Today. how different! Tod a y,
the pres .gets more chance to ask
uestlois also more glamor. To-
ay a White House conference is
more like a.Ho0llywood stage and
some reporters seem more inter-
est l in asking questions that
will-listen well on television than
produce newer. They know this
best way to get their names
and faces shown back hom.
But their fate as flamor-p u s-
se, depends on a toligh 3oung,
!man named James Hagety. If
secretary, Hagerty doesn't.
hke theqMi. 6,it f 's too search.:
ing, too mharrasing, then can.
or Hagrty cuts it out of the TV
e adse t In't seen all ov-
er tohe nation


The White Home ha

critical newiean -namely
,. whenrd K AU M t
ed the book.ashlagtm
P o-round .' w -dug
surface of ry
Hoover ft to. i
tian Science Monitor a. d
was fired.,
Again when Prank III
and Paul Scott Mwrer
cal dispatches regd
foreign policy. he in
Col. YFrank nox of the
Iribune, who employed MN
and John C. a of the
delphia Public Lodger, who
rated SiMonds to lh inb
plad that they were h
lernational -relations.
The publishers astoood .t Itr
grouEd. 't
Somewhat similar tackles i;I*
being faretUeed today, MAl an
Friedman of the Jewish. T 14 el
Agency was called In by 5i
Itabb, White Hobuse asslsta" g
told that his ews stories rep
on Elsenhower p"ollcy towai tii
Azabs were causing trouble ,
He also didn't like seome of
:nan's questions at press a Mr-
*Aces regarding the aktowpi
the immigration bill- thea 6
reakdowia recently Frgen' ii
by Ed Corsi.
Rabb promised that if
man would play ball with
would be given inside new
Friedman refused. He s
had been reporting what hof.
lived tn be the truth an Jae
would continue to do so. '
Significantr y Friedmpn's ar
in ew York next got a ca.
came from Bernard Katzen,to
o1 the Jewish division of the
publican Natk-nal Committeei.Wb1
protested that Friedman was
ing embarrassing quest on :B
President EIsenhower.
The Jewish Telegraph Agee.y
did not. however, discipline 1 d-
ran. It issued a statementF,
listed id. Editor and Publi'i ,
that this iwas a new approu
trying to influence the prsg
that they, would continfie to.,h
lish the Tws as they saw it.
increased Friedman's salary., .
Max 'bb also tried to
pure this column when the'it-
er sent reporter to Bosi
check on the imanne in w
Rabb he to gea ap
,tSr his awI

e. & reporter, inta
od to orry about
as an eatigatlon was ca
ed. -. "

>Apth. The niemtb
will do his ouuidl
't Sand la it

By Calbraith




SA i.. n

__ __ __r_






, L.-, A.4 ", .. .- 1 -
. '. .'- '' "' '
.7 7.. .
~:j~i.~A. ~ ,** lh~AX "A"a3,.

.j*4~A)A. 4.
- ,1" *

A .i
.u[, ,'


I. .. .. .. -. .... *.- "' ., "A--i',E .



Ar. Citing of the U0$A.- If you want lower first class fares with a leading airline

on of tie Civil Ae0onautic Authority of the U.S. government then you went

rr it. -.f yot want it Support it' "






a' ~~*'
~A. A ~

.114 '~' 4 A

) A
V. *
~:&. ~L.
A -
~4*~ 1
A a'j.I


* Pwiho. Barletta L. Presidnt
AIeffDMb Ret' C., Vio.President
,It^ J V-L ^-~~ i '^^-- --.*'

-W iw .M.rinmhDn:u "i UMtUJ" i reasurer..
Luis A. larketia.
P. 0. BOX 534 PANAMA. R. P.

it^ns ^of the April 28, 1955.

,* iI CaI Zone I S UBJECT: FarestoMiami-$125'00row dtrip.

.. *'.:; ,... .. $69.50 one way

o*wet far of aBy scheduled airline

his is your airline too Mr. Citizen of the S.A.- It is your DC- and DC7 pnt

It isyour technicians mechanics and pilots -It is your know how and experience -:It is

the spon sorship and encouragement of your government which has made APA the Pana-

mania airline a reality If you want it support if

You 1have b in talking about lower first class fares to and from the States for a long

INv Y -orkr 1100 miles Panama-Miami BUT NOT GETING IT! ,

SLower fat class fares at a rate of 6 per passengers ile.

Lower first class fares with Super DC- pressurized equipment and DC-7 equipment to

Lower first'class fares with convenient daylight departures!

Lower first class fares with champagne type food and service! ..

Lower first class fares with special privilege for all!
SLower first class fares within airline whose operations and flight division have a mi -
' M ef 10 years safe operating experience and multi million mile commercial pilot exclusively!

"If. you want all these things you want APA If you want it support it!

SY Mr. citizen of the C the answer is clear! Wig your way APA


'. .

-~ .41* I
.4., '.~
-V. ~
(. .4 4,

-. ,*.A.A4. ~ A
S ~ I..

One Wa

Panama Miami. .. ... ... $69.50

and via connecting carriers, -

Panama New York . . $1350

Panama Washington . . $109.30

Panama-Philadelphia . ,.*. So $112.75
Panama -Chicago . . 1 Sl.80

Panama -. New Orleans . $104.00

ty Round Trip.


I- ,






- .5


a- q.

1; .. eparturs every Wednesday Friday andSunday at 4 pm.., starting May 4th! Wednesday
.,'"non stop Miami. Sunday flt id at Kingston
fr.M .:. n,.. .s

... ." Mit, y .. to be our V. L P This is a service that And your family have wanted.

B u antM H- .spo.t it ,

-_--. .**"" I. --"
-a ' Sincerely,


.. ,. ..

,, .. ._ ,. I.


* A


* .* L .
i .*- _A

5~~- 'rrI -

F.: 1 >A-

S o. -


4: .

* -. t -


T *.


A.Jha14 .*


'4,* 4





AP -

--~i- :~ r -- I -~







1w -- -

4~*f ~.
m~ilk -

. ;4Ir*

S .IT T"-r r "I' TT T4rr I y'rTT T T

jt1 It s refreshing to talk with Red' and I had to be graceful enough
okteons. This i a-man who taoin- to see It through."
fUlgest and honest with hiasf After thisthough. we'll see
Sand thus capable of aseseing hs new Red Butons the old Red
4 talent and shortcomings -uttons.
1as liad A bad year. His
p w nass been panned. He has A FEW FAbT ACTS: Possible
Stored various formats. and no s team for next season I- mogene
lot a sponsor. (oca and Jerry Lester .Arthur
B" 'But t ha, bAen a good year, a Godfrey a sister Kathy, who did.
m..itafl ya,' ed says. "I learn In't do too well on her TV debut
ad a lot. I f;arned about myself. 'last season, .now working on .'
"I waik ver depressed f0r a new show for. CS-R o. .er-
while. All thas business dbou slip- trude: (Morr o&rg Ber ll
pkg is bound to get to you after do a play on roa8way iext sea:
while. BIt I sat down and son, after she finished shooting a
thought and realized it was ri- filmed series of '"'The Goldbergs"
tuloui It wasn't me. I'm Just .. Perry (omo grimaces when
as funny as I always was. I'ever he's called on to sing his
"If you look down you see Ihit record, 'Ko-Ko-Mo"-he can't
w. ground; look up and yu pee stand it Greer Garson may
hie sui." Iake' up politics in Texas, her a.
&-A -ilopted state.

And so ,ea Buttons is -h
g up. No more gloom and '-
lism and self-pity; today be's
'. ex andad happy and busy
,. desens of plans.

.-jUPI CAMPO ("The Morn
'.'Wit nervous about It
. b one eye on yesterday and
'" other eye on tomorrow.
you're bound to be cock eyed
Te ,*

There's no dirth cl birth mith,
au long as Walter Slezak (all
280 pounds of him) remains on
broadway with "Fanny." First,
he donated his diet to Peter Ar.
nell, producer of "The Name's
The Same." Arnell gave up the
diet after the first week he
gained three pounds.
And, second, there is Slezak's
problem at the Masestt Then
ter, where "anny' Is playing.
The theater has two *backstage

S exits the mas .. a, p ai a
"I can always make a living. smalle., one whIcblel aiSt pre-
I'd love to make a movie, and1 fer. because it avoids the
hawre's something definite il the crowds. bleak has Jo use the
*Orks in Ho lywood And I've got mali one-he pa't t through
ctfors for marny TV guest shots.' the other.
Tirst, though I'm going to loaf
for a while. ,Mostly. I'm going to .
think. For -a whole year, maybe. '
He thinks his main trOubli was. Three-character plays,are rare
that be didr. t know enough to mostly because they have to be
quit when he was ahead. After is very .good to keep your interest
firit smash .ear, he says, he'despite the scarcity of action and
AgOuld ave given up regular T '. actors. 'Chqn.pagner Cat lex" aB
"I could have quit then at te r.ew three-character play, afers
top," he'says. "Then I'd ust do Ibecause of that scarcity. It des
gist shots and niht clubs and perately needs a few more cha
sla like that. 'ieorge Gobel rcters-or else three less. .
WoUM be veiy smart to quit sis The ores playwright LUslie
gagtlar show after this season. Stevens has created are interest
a enme4Uan just can't 40 o j enough, Polly Bergen plays
a d ow. It's. iapos vi' I gal beset with problems -
ai',IYteboenal d everv .--poznpous. fiance (John Dall),
'Tt 're bound to n- strange habit of removing hor
*'clothes after she drinks champ.
says that was what hap- pan who a triyng to af(eIt
to him. HIS writers ."ran I cure. They all do well, e
of as. The format he did ally the wonderful Mr. C'WA
S ear, he ays. "fitted like but " Complex" ne
a tshandel pool taMe. ome more Bubbles.
!was playing a sophistle.te, a, B l "
means That's not e. 1' QUIIE: Donal.

i a -,abstrate,.
I,-,,e voppe .-.t.

-1$' jU----'
"* ....***^^ ^ *- "

If you can't loom from your
mistakes, there's not much sense
In making them." oNu


.rMmL nL ANOWI- 1m"*%
R Wmoi TW Mw
P )oSigDWWiTHOHI'au-


Lj .1
r.3rl 'tV
t 4f 1-i
F-I LA to Ll E XJ j
J"JLJUOCJ i'd t 4 lis

ACO' -'54H b ct being
I Domestic wl5 Atpti o
4 Oak bi 'of Compass points
9 Wise eld bird DOWN
12 Borer Wading bird
3IS Young salMon 2 Expunger '
(pL) 3 Cuddle
14 Meadow --.4 Candlepower

16 Golf mound 6 Mountain at Glas. Egypt 38 MountaenJ
17 Organ of (Conub. form) 20 FMeb Utah

forth a dove 10 One who-has 34 Air raid 51 Road (ab.)
from the 6n jam 52 Nova Scotia
22 Sooty 11 Singing birds., 3 i (ab.)
24 Tops of headd 1
as Etects
28 Provide food
29 Snooze
30 Wile
31 Eucharistic
wine vessel
32 Assam
35 Persian water
'38 ILost color
39 Moves about
41 Summer (Fr.)
42 RalU birds
46 Summit
47 Air (comb. I
48 Put on
49 Agaoe
50 Permit
51 Spring's
53 Cardinal's .
color _

SPRINO ACTION-spring is in the Air and 16 is this.
.buck antelope at the St. Louis, Mo., zoo. But balmy
: Udn't do so welbyl Wdr I

I..i. ., *

.u .,



The God SpUrt



. tf*IM W
-; iHE

-' ~"iu~~,4 'c~

i,',.IS No I 3mIOf

. .. .w hr, .
'- ".,- Where's the
'* ,
.~ ~ .. & A .*'


)-' J


Right You Are


r, r

ll-NO .fl ~jusr mHW f ^
1ct lNG r DIEIDED10 TO 0.


r I.

-; i_?4olbU


3^ S L io


Biding Place for Deoe

I E I. h
*L ArEXIALSr******^^iBB]Il


- l.. I

"I "
uAND *





Picture of a "ar

^i7haAs DavahDPIN6 eurrTIDM ION.
IM. I Y Mir e TAKRN iO n..

- .-,..- av

1V ~OUJ'T L!
S-wlf OcJa

';l* "RblNoG HOUSI

-tp PM SCObWD.q

40 S


;arnp I


** / ,- r : .. .. *, ...
, ',. / '-. .-.-

, ^," ^.^.-*

>% ^ ? ^.- -.- *-o .la

* ~t. 4h..~, ~
~ 'C *



* I'







" I ---

* A

*- ..^r







M .Am Ac

.777Y '

2 A

f 1


A~&.(.~flA ~ --'--~~-1- ~.A ~A 'A A'
A,, ~ ~ ~J &.)~- ..AI
A A -. IA ~, *~. ~* -
A' A4 A A -
- IL A
'4~ ai&in earn' ~ ''~'~~"~"'', A


A .


GOLF CRAMPIONS Here Is the Fort Amador team which success
fstldlts Armed Forces golf championship by rolling uO a 13-stroke advant
unner -u Xcrobbe on Monday and Tuesday, The Amador club, led by Sfc. Dick Go
Squ kl its men for the individual competition which gets undervyay Thursda
In .at Fo ,1iDa ls.nd ends Friday on the Amador course. Pictured here after winni
berths in pthepot playoffs and receiving awards from Col. L. C. Pittman, post command
left to righti. _gt. John Herrmann. Maj. B. R. Bewell. Jr., Cpl. Don Bergman. Col. ]
8fe. Goodra^ Capt. C. V. Lanza, and Lt. Col. John Taylor. (U.S. Arm:


3 Z *" z e Resident Spanish Classes
Panaire Line Salings
A t _o- John McOn Duty With Army To Begin Monday
twIo8 nDo 'r ot h xc Fr Next S1 iys At Criobal0'Y'
r Cltobl *Saturday a. Kenna; and Mrs. Dorothy L. Me- YS
board the Par-ama when it makes Kenna.hw
Its first not thbount sailing for Maj.Charles 8. Howe, a Canal The Orial Armed Services
N- w bOrk" Via s rince in Mr. and Mrs. Walter P. Moak; Zone resident for 16 years, ia YMCA- announces today
a passenger ate. passen- Mr. ad Mrs. Charles E. Meyer fulfilling his annual reserve of- two elau" in Speaish instrue-.
gers have been ,booked for Haiti. Pnd. son Mt. and Mrs. Charles fers ra obligon by tionto t Tuesday.
The complete advance north- M Middleton and three children; serving 15 das of active duty
bound sailing lt follows: Mr. and Mft. James G. Murray with the 504th IPeld Artillery First class for beginners will
I 'nnd three children; Mr. and Mrs. servi 15 days of active duty meet -a 7 p.m. and the secongt
Mr. R. L. Brian ajdO two child John M. Purvis, Jr., and two Battalion at Fort Kobbe. Hel s class for advanced students will E lmlitns p a I S
dren; Mr. and Mr. Joh n F. children; Mr. and Mrs. George F. working in the capacity of as- meet at 8 p.m. Classes will con- shet IM, '... melVw
Camipbell and tree children; Mr. teihel and two children; saltant executive officer w ith tinue to meet every Tuesday and .d FRES
S Cad Mrs. Henry T.'Carpenter and MaJ. aymond J. Wright, the Thursday at that hour in the F tlake.. In DRO P
son; Mr. aid Mrs. John P. Cot Mr. and a. red H. Schwartz' battaon executive officer. classroom at the YMCA building. MOUTH,
fay; Mr. and Mrs. George L. Mi. and Mrs. James Slover and When he Is not on active duty.
Can and son; Mr. and Mrs. Phi two children Mr. and Mrs. How- Howe is assistant to the chief Mrs. Lulsa Casteltort will teach ur al diug. .
lip A. Downs: jmr, and M)rs. Lew- ard H. Spague and three chil- hydrographer of the PanamA both classes. Classes will be open
is E. .ntaine and two ehildrep; :den; Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Canal Co. to both servicemen and civilians.
Walter M. Hartman; Miss Marie Storm;
F. 'Kolebob; Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. Edward I. P. Ta. -_____________
F. Lee. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. tlman; Mr. and Mrs. James W.
McDoonell and two children; Mr. Watson and three children; Mr.
and Mrs. Kenneth L. McGraw and Mrs. James C. Wood and Ltwo A
children; Mr. and Mrs. Theodore
,n sr ubS t R Yost and three children; and AMMICANITSM
Windsor Club Set lMr. and Ars, Walter E. Zimmer- m
For Anniversary -NANAMA
I Weow pm an enjoy the mildM,
fully de- Ball Saturday blended csmuaettm you've alw- ys
odman's liked and pay much le for them.
y morn- The Windsor Social Club ws Fin Furftre made ofat 18T thereonl
ng team all set today to celebrate Its fifth Daridn Mahogany. NOW at T they'reonly
der. are, anniversary with a semi-formal apazsing low prices.
Pittman, ball at the Casino Vlfia del Mar Bedroom, Dining Room and i i
y photo) Saturday pight. Living Boom Sets. A pak
Armando Boza and his orches- Productos do Madera, S. A.
tra will provide music for the -n-naed by ibmeno cowes
Guests will be required to show vsi. tore
their invitations a the door In .* A wa. 3
order to Rain admission. &AL



|silt iW1ir, tbjewels carried in Tocumen aboard Avianca's flight 747. The
taken for'Ammercial showing to BogotA by M. and Mdme. Gerard Boucheron,
s Fr eh shop. During their stay at Tocumen -a special guard was
;5left shitare, flight crew, Sr. Jerge Saavedra, Manager of Avianoa Air-
e. a .Boucheron, Sr. QG Gaildo, General Director of Customs.










* S 0 0 6

* 0 0 *

. 0 0

S 0 0 0 a


Year by year






* 0

* 0 S c

. 0 0


are more

aaCE- !- 'Delace thae
ry timming her nyIons. Legs
bel -to Atress Kirn Novak.
- 6 .


more popular.
reductions in
all our





Just say:



n.. ~ A.


- NO W! Fav

. One mlft



* 0

* *

* *

S.. -V




S'.. '-,C v,-_

q~. e




-,. .v ,*: ..... _, ^ ^ s
: *:.. .:,' ,- ." .:"
...............................................................................................................................................- -4

Jim A; "



Inexpensive Want Ads DBris qihea
inti :'s





T Blircel No 13
4tb of July Ave. & J S.L
Junto Aruecmme Ave. and 33 St.

In I Carralsullla
Central Av. a
No LottIer Pilar

Fourth e8 July Avae
Agencia Internal. de Publicaciones*
45 Ceatrel Ave.
Parque Lefaeve IT Bteet

-- --------- a ~ -

Ave Tiveol Na 4

14 Central Ave.

so Street N. a


J. Ice. de a I is Ane. 41
a tesreel Na. M
vIa 'g aa Ave.



1to 10 p.m.-Adults. Pre-teesns
Teenagers. By appointment t only.
min ....... Balboa 2-4239
S p.m.... Ponamas 3-1660

14.28 4th of July Ave.
SPhone Panama 2-0552

"We can help YOU with

D,. A.and Er. ORILLAC
(Palmer Graduales'
6 Peru, Avenue Tel. 34-11
i block from Lux The"irel

Pckenrs Shippers Movers
phones 2-245 z-256
Learn Riding at
R ding Jumping clesse di
to 5 p.m. Phone 3-0279
or by eppalntmnt.

, -y end Reducing Mosgees.h
L* ert Machin. turkitosh both.
alel and female operators.
kJu AressmenoAv. 58
Phone .2217.

ag Matel-Stic Bamboo
S" elen Dn Blinds
||4 TrfTYO Curtains
Olpi na or Wood Jalogues
-3 Cal S-NS or 3-490
I atM GSlb Giveli Without

Distributed by
Products de Modera, S.A.
uttral Ave. (between Kodak
.itIug & Fifth Ave. Store).
'" .
*"*^ -


is hereby given that the sallin1
i, 5Waiimal. a vessel flying
hi home port. Cnichester,
Scutter with wood hull of 35
tistes. 26 tons net. 74 feet lonM.
l 14.0. with a .drafl of 10
,wt1 be sold ait public Auction.
lpder of the United States nistrict
hathe Dictriet of the Canal Zrne,
Is1, I s, at 10 am. tI the Dis-
House, Ancon. Canal Zone.
a decree dated March 31. 1 55
iton mentitled Relnald Milburn.
Slfor H.D.M, Government In
an behalf of said Government.
vs. The S.Ulin Yacht Prineeas
Snd B. M. Cwtlong. Owner. Re-
'-ron, Canal Zone. April 14. IM5
United States Mardl.

for f lrbelant.

to "1 RSanebo")


! ,Repair,

R. Dick" HEATH

Ri.- Y


~~~: C~1E~dS


FOR SALE. Electric roge.
Westinghouse. excellent condi-
tion. mow heatingl elements. May
be eeon at Ot 54-. Albrook.
Phone 4243.
FOR SALE:-Westinghouse re-
frigerator 25 cycle. 1948 Dodge
Sedan with short and long wave
radio, goodtires. Both very good
condition. Reasonable. Cable
Heights 0311 -X. Ancon.
FOR SALE: Refrigerator 25
cycle, like new. Juan B. Sose
St. No. 4, Apt. B.
FOR SALE:-Refrigerator West-
inghouse. $50.00; Refrigerator
Norge, $25.00; Electric Pon,
16". $18.00; 2 chairs Rotten.
$50.00; dining room suite ma-
hogany. $100.00; mishelleN-
eus. 169-1, Gamboa. Phone
FOR SALE:-Mahogany bed,
Si ,imons mattress, wardrai.
crib, kerosene stove. ecuador
Avenue No. 3-14, Apt. No. 2.
"Albertino Building,"
FOR SALE:- Mageheny table
and 5 chairs, $30.00. Auto-
matic dish washer. $50.00. Tel.
2-3188. 5440-A Diablo.
FOR SALE:-8 Venetian blinds.
$30.00. Electric sweeper, 25
cyele. $15.00. 5438-C. Phene
FOR SALE: 9 ft. Westing-
house refrigerator. 25 cycle,
$75.00. Phone Balboa 3740-
5438-C. Dioblo.
FOR SALE:-Cheap couch and
choir. Apply Apt. T1-338 4th.
July Ave. after 5 p.m.

FOR SALE:-Dining room set,,
cheep. Domingo Dies St. No.
1320. Apt. 5.
FOR SALE:-Sfa.e, two chairs.
center and two side tables. Din-
ing room set for four with buf-
fet. Excellent condition. Ma-
ho3gay. Reasonable. Two flou-
resaent lamn. Paeame 2-5496.
-7:00.0toI t: -
.TOO.*, ^ ,

,n good wVill IaOMH or
60 cycle refrirator. 5 large
green porch blinds. Girl's bi-
cycle 26". Balboa 1756, Qtrs
609, Ancon Boulevard.


WANTED:.- Competent refri-
gerator mechanic, permanent
employment. giqa, Ave. Peru
, No. 72.
WANTED: Male or female for
ironing' drib, mangle. "Levon-
deria Americana." Peru Ave-
nue No. I6,


FOR SALE:-1951 Keller De-
luxe 4-door Sedan. Radio, heat-
er, over drive. $700.00. Phone
Balboa 2-2944.
FOR SALE: 1952 4-door
Sedan Chevrolet. 25.000 miles,.
Perfect. Quarters 122, Phone
3233. Fort Kobbe.

FOR SALE:-Chevrolet 1952 4-
door Deluxe,Sedon: Owner
driven. Good tires, new spare,
23.000 miles. Phone 3-4992;
ofter 5.30 p.m.. 3-0732.
FOR SALE:-1948 Studebaker
Commander with radio, in good
condition. Moderate price. Own-
er leaving Isthmus. Via Porres
No. 99. Tel. 3-2068.
FOR SALE--1954 Morris Minor
2-door Sedan. $750.00. Phone
83-4225. 86-6179. Excellent.
FOR SALE:-1950 Chevrolet
Deluxe 4-door. Excellent condi-
tion. radio, two-tone paint.
Duty paid. 0803 balbo1 or tele-
phone 2-4213.
FOR SALE:-1941 Ford Con-
vertible. Very good condition.
5438-C, Diablo--2-3740.
FOR SALE:--1953 Studebaker
Champ hardtop. 10,000 miles,
beautiful condition, $1195.00.
Albrook 3192.
FOR SALE: Morris Minor
1 9 5 1. Excellent condition.
26.400 miles. Telephone 3-
1183 or 3-3423.
FOR SALE:-1950 Dodge Pow-
er Wagon. 1 ton pick-up truck,
low mHeage, only used 2 years,
with almost new rebuilt engine.
winch, and have excellent mud
grip tires. Leaving, for quick
sale, $950.00. New Panama
price. $4089.00. 524-A. Cu-
rundu Heights. Tel. 83-3185.
FOR SALE:-1947 Studebaker
4-door. Radio, overdrive, new
point, battcry:Cheap. Phone 2-

Wgnioebile slon w, r*on>
new end used con. Automobile
Ineurance. 6007 Front St. Phone
1604. Box 748, Colon.
1955 Lincoln 4-door Sedan.
1.000 miles, car new, only
$3600.00. trade is accepted
Studebaker 2-door Sedan, new
upholstery, tires like new, only
FOR SALE: Packard 1 95 1
Coupe in excellent condition.
Hydremtilc. seat covers, 20,000
miles. $1o.000.00 Co Balboa
2870 or 1901.
FOR SALE:- 1951 Chevrolet
perfect condition. Must be sold
by May 1 at any price. Call
Kobbe 84-3212.

1947 Buick Special 4-door... $275.00

16th St. Central Ave.

TEL. 800

* COLON, R. P.

-- .1


No 21
Automobile Roe
Tel. 1-4624

100 Level
1st Line

$0016 $ 8.50
670x 15 S

Sie Blck Wall White 760s 15 ,
OOxlf $$13.76
6701&,' -. 14.75 16.85 00 l 1 n
710x1- "15.60 18.70 15 801005
760z16. 17.05 20.75 1
800xt5 18.70 2Z.45 WHITE WALL S1.00
aet 19.50 23.40 EXTRA

I 19 49 Packard

Sdoor S.da. -525.00


ATTENTION G. I.! Just built
modern fumished apartments, 1,
2 bedroom, hot, cold water.
Phone mPanama 3-4941.

FOR RENTr.-Fumrshed and un-
furnished 2 eand 4-roam modem
eu. Contact ALHAM-
Phe 1l3i6 Colon.
FOR REINT.-2 idroom apart-
ment In Duplex house. Fenced
yard, garage. Call Cooper 6-

FOR RENT:- Small apartment
Via Porras No. 64. Telephone 3-
FOR RENT:-Modern and nice
locatW e two bedroom, oport-
ment with 5 closets, combined
living-dining, maid's room,
garag far occupied Marck 3rd.
Apply Justo Aresemene 97.
FOR RENT:-Completely fur-
nished, screned two bedroom a-
portinent, maid's room, in Belle
Vita, available May 15 to Aug-
ust IS.; Phone 3-4992; after
5.30 p.m. 3-0732.
FOR RINT:-Specious oape bed-
room apartment new modem'
building at Pueblo Nuevo
S40.50 per month. Phone 2-
3483 or 3-0638 business hours.
FOR RENT: Modern 1 bed-
room, living room apartment in
concrete house No. 45 Aveni-
de Jose Fco. de lea Osse Auto-
mobile Road). For details see
Deoastro Ave. "B" No. 24. Also
I famished apartment.
FOR RENT:-Furnished apart-
ment, living-room, dining-room,
2 bathrooms,. garage, maid's
room with bathroom. Telephone
2-1477 and 3-0709.

FOR RENT:-Small furnished
apartment on 50 St. No. 30 for
bachelor or couple.
Pt. rtNT:-Furnished aport-
met. efoe or two bedrooms.
,' ated. gooned neigh-
" ,,7l. ;Vite." dutiful
lWfti.3-0276. *
FOR RENT:-2 bedroom epart-
ment, living-dining room, bath-
room. kitchen, hot water, maid's
room with bathroom, closed
garage. "A" St., El Cangrejo
Telephone 3-2148 from 8 a.m.
to I p.m. and 6 to 8 p.m.

-FOR RENT:-Furnished apart-
ment with aol utilities. Via E.-
paoll, house before Joan Fran-

FOR RENT:-Furnbshed I bed-
room apartment on Avg. Peru.
facing the park. Tel. 3-0746-

FOR RINT:-Furnished apart-
ment, independent with kitch-
en. First Street No. 7-19. Apt.
1, Perejil.


FOR RENT:-Small chalet. one
bedroom, living di w room,
kitchen. Moderate renM. Geimral
Jose do San Martin Ave. No.
6. downstairsn.

FOR RENT: Second fle of
residence on General Jse San
Martin Avenue No. 6 Fear bed-
roomi, living room, dining room,
kitchen, large porch. Inquire
ground floor.
FOR RENT:-Vacation questers,
from May 7 to Augst 7. 3
bedroom, suitable for 2 couples!
Telephone 2-2746, 547 Core-
sol Hosp. Read.

Help Wanted
WANTED:-A good cook. Must
bring references. Good salary.
Alberto Navarro St. No. 26, El
WANTED:-Good Housekeeper.
must know to cook, good with
children, must sleep in. bring
refreences. Via Porra No. 60
ofter 6.00 p.m.
WANTED:-Experienced wom-
an. 26 to 38 years o age, with
no dependents. to live in and
care for two children and house.
Must be able to cook and speak
English. Apply at 18 "J" St.,
(13-30) (Store) 4 to 5:30
n.m. IEurbipen preferred).
WANTED:- Servant to cook.
58 Cuba Av.. Apt. 8.

FOR RENT:-Furnihed, Iorge
clean, cool room; 'private bath,
hot water, modern convenience.
good neighborhood. Peru Ave.
No. 35-19. Lower left.
FOR RENT:-Fumrnhed room-
cool. all cobveniences. American
gentlemen only. Near Ancon
Pot Office. Phone Panama 2-
3068. 1.
FOR MINI(- bautifully fur-
nibed 'le~g mnm., kitchen Be-
liU Vbs, Mexico Ave. 69, near
43rd St. Phone 3-0553..
FOR RENT: Two bedrqoms,
dining room l Ifurnished. Call
3-2737. Facing Quarry Rock,
Carresquilo 637. $65.00.

Position Offered
WANTED: -Excellent oppor-
tunity for experienced bi-lingual
secretary-stenographer to work
in Colombia. Good remuneration.
* Write J. M. Box 1297, Panama.
U.S. Organization requires serv-
ices of male Pamoniln. bilingual.
between ages of 21-25. Must
have accounting experience and
education. Reply in writing to
Box 819 Panama, stating ax-
porlence and personal data. IEn
close ph"to.


1953 Dodge 4-door Sedan... $1275.00

16th Street Central Ave.
TEL. 800 COLON. R. P.




in Las Cumbres, owner left the country.
All CONVENIENCES with beautiful land-

scaped hill lot of 43,000 square feet. Cool
600 ft. elevation with mountain view.

Call PANAMA 2-0610

1947 Oldsmobil2 98

Radio,new MA W.
$3ZU '

Earl R. Par" i TA.
? -.- ..-'-

["MO ,* m l:' maa y Iu r
canall Sa 3

'. j a

-Y. L n- 1 im I iLE i P 1 mmbWLfti

yaw : o Fri-nd ... t- -
.,.+ ". i :: _r..P


S -. L m

_I ,r --- --i& 1 k

ir i i i

l l I n I I n .. m-



- I



PHILLIPS OCeamode Cotaes,
Santo Clara. om 435, Belbea.
Phone Paneme .1877. Cristfe
bal 3-1673.
post Santa Clan. Low rtle.-
Phone Belboe 1666.
WILLIAMS' Santa Clar Beech
Cottnge rofkge, revrigre-
tion. 2-bedroom. Phome Balbeo
Gramlich's Santa Clar Beach
Cottages. Modern conveniences,
moderate ratio. Phone Gamboa
galdwin's apartments for rent at
Santo Clare. Phone Balboe 3681
fo reser vatins.
SHRAPNIL'S fhami ,d ho..s
on beach at Sante Cle. Tele-
phone THOMPSON, Ba Iboa

BOX 2031 ANCON, C.Z.
Dr. Wendehke--Medlcel Cli-
nic beside Capitol theater. Day
and nightL rylI Telephone 2-
3479, Ponaii. .

FOR SALE: Camr a equipment-
one Contex 'III with F1.5 Son-
nar lens; one Auto IRolloif l
with F3.S Ter lens; telephoto
lens and many extras included.
All equipment in now condi-
tion. 86-3101, Albro*k.
FOR SALS:-J3 /4 h.p. mother,
55.00; I refrigerator 9 cu. ft..
$45.00; 1 apartment aise wasl
machine, $35.00. 1524J. Govi-
Ian Road. Santa Claus Lan..
FOR SALE:-U.S. covers etc.
Several other countries. Can be
Mseo 21st. West Na -8-39.
Apt. 10, In front Mbntse mark-
at. Panami until May 15Sth.
FOR SALE: Large size air-
emnpraeer n. motorr' $65.00
Bench grinder 1-3- h.p. mo-
tor, $10.00. 2'x6' work bench
3" swivel vise, emery wheel
1-3 motea attached. $4 00,
25 cycle. Zone 2-4475.
Offerl no-ferrous metals for
Sealed bids, for opening in' pub-
lic, will be received until 10:30
a.m.. Mat2O. 1955. In the of-
fice of Superintendent of Store-
houses. IBlboa, for approxima-
tely 394700 pounds of Non
Ferrous Metals located at Sec-
tion '",'" Balboa Storehouse.
telephone 2-2720. Invitation
No. 160 may be obtained from
the above source, or from of-,
fice of Superintendent of Store-
houses, telephone 2-1815


WANTED:-40-41 car or 50-
52 IMleil car (Hillman. Austiq
etc.)I. PNne Albrook 3284 oft-
o 6 p.m. Stan Dilkey.
WANTED: To trade for a
1955 Coupe or Convertible a lot
1953 Plymouth Sedan in very
eood condition. Tel. 2-2737.

Wanted Position
WANTED: Elderly woman
Spks employment as baby sit-
Y. N St. San Miguel No. .45.

Wanted to Buy
WANTED TO BUY: We buy for
cish tended geared 1951,
52. 53 Chevrolet can in excel-
lent cotdition.-Garoge Ellis.
Phane 2-1995.

Tricky Tap Dance

To h Feature

Of 'On WHIh Show'
One of the highlights of "On
With The Show," to be presented
bo pupil of the Dorese Walte'
lbzool of Dance at Balboa Thef-:
tel'r May 6, will be a diffiealt tap
Iotite b.i Sue Mable, a demon-
Btntoe who attended the
oo of Dancing Masters of
lAtnca along with MIss WaiteS
tyewr. ,e
SAnother future of the ahmw
wi be the sprited ballet,, 'V J
following the I t_-

t~mfet*SI dancer In ttr bal.-








During our May Sale is the time

to shed that bucket o' bolts, and

come to COLPAN MOTORS for

one of the finest goodwill mecian-

ically perfect used cars in town!


As:k 'for ED ARBOTT q1 o

guarantee you the -

Deal During Colpon's Hu'' May

Sale. REMEMBER!!! During May

we won't be under sold.

1951 LINCOLN CLUB COUPE. Luxury at a price .ysu
can afford. Brilliant Turquoise Finish. SpoHss
interior. Radio, W/S/W, automatic tran&ris-
sion. Full price $1095.00.

paint. FOM, radio, excellent mechanioal sendi.
tion. New Top. A dry season special Fulj
price $1500.00.

1951 MERCURY CLUB COUPE. Traded by the origin.
al owner on a new car. Completely reconditi.n-
ed with all new tires. Full price $795.00,

ped with radio, four new tubeless tires, faster
installed seat covers. See this bargain tsday.
Full Price $895.00.

ular six cylinder model. Fully equipped and
ready t9 go. Full price $895.00.

1951 PONTIAC CONVERTIBLE. Yellow body and
black top. Radio, new tires. Excellent mechan.
ical ogpdition. Full price $950.00.

model good looking oar, that has been driven
only 20,000 original miles. Full pries i11,A0,.

Immediate Finaneing Available

5 Minute Delivery of Any Used Car



,- "S^ ^ -^: '- -..,. ,.. : .'-?r:. :.
. ^^ -;^1. '. .. '

., .
* *. *< ', .:'
,7* : -7;T --.*,*,.^ i l l -:





7' .'~~)0&"


-wit, li aon
tAwlnoi ~ ct~

ai Me S ..'" **",
""y^^lt .. sM s:ss p.q. -


Thr st Beaultiil Love Story
Of All Timal I

e Shuldnt Tell Friends
... .. i s

bot et To Prevent Backsiding
,' ,,6 ~ fj -
( who rialy Wate to ... -
mtol to
t wh y to ha.

k'g eM a 'oah MU
e, n a od. are
~bedes ~usit for the ov-
S reason's plune from a
r regime to an eating spree
a lk1 of dieta oblemis.
abM. vlies. Irtated by
talk otd-4et r problems,
reillate by ridculing the
oJis pibo I go" iintentions -
fr'tempting tidbits. So ile
d4S? advise$ anyone who is try.
^ to stre his tibouette to
his ei to himself
;Dr. Cohen's thqry proved 100
mrent successful whEm tested on
J en and women who had fil -
.to respond to all pre vious __
t'4WtiUhts. &,very one of the pa-
ats, studied for periods r n
fo one to five months, ost
fght. Moreover, they' weren't
tmted to talk about their diet
l.ti the results became obvious,q
they report-d.
I Dietlay treatment included pills
tan daily to reduce the 4pp tite
Seit emphasiss on cutting wa own
rathbr than completely elimi ste
fi uch appealisa foa t as ice
U.s"a a sd cake. This approach
e"il#p u two 1 important factsrs
ip" e of the mort pub=e0tzed

d of the overweigtFpoW Ii t
taor an unbalanced dit.
S-" tr U D.'" F~S CAN BE a problem to the fat woman or man. If
t hese sactuatelsthato So the womn who rfnly Is trying. to sr.eow-
ecusulh-h er ugh& hI' l'e should keep her diet to' herelf ann she wil
Sinvetiationlose weight.
i ny of thenm live

L.......A Falfer"ng Philip!
tire. WI i Instability wa in
-i "4 the' '
sFeou 0 e InU C .'jltps tre' ad fusef with bruiseL..
rtter. after losing weight, their Ael-WM eneps d sIm be nee.
relpp, rate was high.
Provi w particularly valuable inlike w
Sgobegity are AM P"Iu. a u L. ClIs SMI the rigd t lhse
Owtns. e- formulations help
t4-t Ia person's will pow r
iI and supply him
I vitamins and min. .C
tiili ter nutritleo losses
Ip addi rhey enable I Ndoctor
S dia ses a patient's complaint I
k symptoms are being re- '-

Tbat balanced diets may be
S uo l in rather tha y.

a six-year-oldS
t started eathis
(a average. *o
out a square fo ot
1'elethung, thenm pa-
matches, papers, sticks

4dw ineted psyco- I a 1

i jrsmm a Haar cc f Span-
Schnwa eated
ad7i r S. "Bad si a few ,

Wal Cor.papr.

p cdanal .t
n 'bens, the WI'
miae pure, dsalie stu
a .~,~EI A US magic of a ,e
""-t .. I

. wA o eI f.

S d with pun c

1:3 6:95s --tt B.
-w. th -
- Tl atory of COLE PORTER .with
husw Cole Porter son usenations.




CECILIA Theatre V .'
Alb: -


so: -

arit.s bsi, ai

IEinAT WinIN H O LLYWOODr.. m w -
Niven Bush's new 1ov0.
ra 8 Naton AMy __ cHollywood. "The Actor.","
For -Nadlo Anl ny By ERSKINE JOHNSON Lnderstand bhin t all." to star statusi filma tleog ort au 4 I 1
SNORT TAKES: Gig Young's fwlom ltoar and hit rSt
BAGUIO. Philipplaes, April 28 HOLLVWOOD (NEA)-Closeups It's the 10th anniv er s ar y of up for the Gary Grant role in a who evtual y hires dpa
(UP) SEATO military plan- and Longshots: Hollywood's re. 'Queen For a Day," with -queen remake of 'The Awful Truth." novie i ymml ,
ners *began work today on a turn to the fresh weUbred charms Number 2633 due for crowning ... Joe Adams about a TV cow- 1.'
Philippines proposal for an ui Grace Kelly brought Cornell April 28. In decade the show boyi "He's ro tough he carries
eight-nation army larger than Jorchc:'s back to Hollywood. Ex. has given, away almost $3,000,000 his girl ,friend in his holster,
the U.S. force in th southwest ept that Cornell looks more like in prizes--everything from false 8,Wht of the we e k at s.
Pacific during World.War 11, in- In id Bergman than like Grace. teeth to-tractors. cati's: Betty. Grable and Seree wi0 mo
formed sourcesreorted But like both, blonde. tall Cor- It's a Florida divorce for DI- North in levis and tee-shirts.
fored sources reported. rell is a lady osa' ("South Pacific" ) Costello June 7 is the latest starting .. .
The pro saA was described as The last Pme she was in Hot- and Pupi 'Cmpo-then marriage date on Marloo Lanza's Warner *
a. unifiedd ATO army" to be iywood after costarring in Eng- for PupI and Betty Clooney, sister movie, "Serenade," and pals are
based in Thallnd. It wasub- land with Montgomery Cluft and oi Rosemary They met when predicting ha'il be there for the
mibasttedt tn Thiland. xt was sub- Paul Douglas in "The ig Lift," both wire members of Jack Paar's first turn of the camera. Mean- ..m
mitted to the 8s military experts the yeir was 191. Marilyn Mon- daytime TV show. while, Nat Perrin, producer of .
of theiSoutheast Af a Treaty Or- joe was starting to wiggle and Gorgeous George is slated for TV's "Shower of Stars," hopes .
ganization at their opening ses- fee-in-the-rough was t e movie i- a Las Vgas nilght-club act that to land him for the last show of
sion Monday, (leal, includes a lady wrestler in the the season in June.
After four months at Fox with- audience. She challenges him to PESPITE THE split,up of Hil.-
Subcommittees worked today out facig a camera, Cornell re a match and hammerlocks George degarde and her manager, Ara
on a draft to hand-to the full .urned to her native Germany for into crying submission. Sosenko hintedd here long ago,
conference at a plenary session a series of films. won stardom but denied bv both at the timeI.
Details of the plan were Rcret m British fLckers. Then Grace The- Witnet: Allen Cowperth. Iney will continue to divide Hil. a l0 e m eo
but sources said it called for an ielly hit the boxoffice j ac k pot waite of thie Helena, Montana. degarde's future earnings. Sup Seoial rdeis a 11" h
army "bigger than the force l,;th her cultured charms and Record, writes.: per clubs wilH make out their May whil-T-
which the United States had In Cornell became a lady remem- "I've just heard that I'm re- necks to "Hildegarde-Sosenko. -
the Southwest Pacific In World ocred for "A Time Remembered" lated to Mickey Rooney. His a Corporation"
War I." opposite Rock Hudson at U-I. vife's dog is my niece's dog's The reason tourists wonder a
Like Grace, she's cool, comr father."' out Hollywood glamor-Kitty Kal-
The proposal also called for ai nosed and cultured-Movie Queen 'en got an offer of $15,000 to do
triangular air defense with SE-. 1955 Style. This is Hollywood, Mrs. Jones: six shows in Pairbanks, Alaska. A I lt. W
ATO planes based at Singawore. Clift is a puzzlement to Hoti before his TV stardom in "It's frost-bitten Las Vegas? atlMthIt.
Bangkok and Clark Air Force lywood but after acting with A Great Life," Bill Bishop had --- O11 MI A GMAMifi.
base in the Philippines. him Correll says: "I thought he featured billing in "Wyoming There's an arson and old lace1 .I,. M *,, r- q
,The .tt w ......... 'vas wonderful. Paul Douglas is Renegades." Last week the film twist to Collper Young's next,
The United States was expect-. The one who threw me. I could t vas released with Bishop upped 'The Firebug." An old doll tries
ed to supply most of the air and
navy power of the pact force.,'
The Philippines' plan calls for
all eight E8ATO powers the
United States, the United King-A
dorn, France, Australia, New Zea-
land, the Philippines, Pakistan
and Thailand-.-to contribute, to
the ground force.

Chancellor Rasi INVITES YOU TO THE

VIENNA Anlil O 1 1P1 A1,. LU 0iTW.fl "n

trian chancery i Julius R a a b,
..peaking on. the .tenth anniversa.
ry of Austrias 'rebirth-asa vna.
t.on,:appealed yesterday to tfeBig
Fo,-ar powers'to sign an Austrian
te'aty without delay aad With-.'
draNw their occupation troops by
next November at ,the latest.

He called upon the Austr I an
parliament to declare the nation
officially neutral In the cold war
*%o th.t we may ask the four
powers to accept and respect our and guarantee the in-
tegrity of our territory."
Raab addressed both chambers
of the parliament at a special an-
niversary session as Vienna en
voys of the Eig Four powers push.
ed preparations for an Austrian
treaty conference opening he r e
next Monday.







* CUSHION COVERS ..........

* TABLE LAMPS .........


* ORIENTAL ITEMS .........




. . .

. ............... .

. l l .

* C., ...s. e*. *.* w'. *

- S ~ S S ..* *



3.50 yd.

12.50 pr.


2.75 yd.

............ 2.95

* S S ~ ~ S ~** ~ ~

- S -


O. 09 .. -. .







1.25 yd.

3.50 pr.


1.00 yd.





a with choice coffee
14'a finest, and brIw-
* coffee. Then, the
w "Jet Process" ex.
nIUolom of timy. ic,

Seoffeacht so pack.
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1( VE P .arke FEATUI d G
s t Lorner C c C rDonei v
'0 V. if- I brevity is the B~ L It, (T
Do~ on Oriffiiths has on* h t- Wh
By lt gsP t irstan 4mi 'us test roles of all thhtis-
1, 4 POINT SIIJ IniuESttt e tory in 'The Moon I u" the
Extra Fine: Fine:; Mdiuim: Broad At the J.WB. gallery in la NOuI the comedy hit which P iat
alboa until the middle of May, t ltAqrchidTheater uld May .
Ethel McDermitt is holding an s .and ce in a
2- WRITES 5 TIMES LONGER exhibition, of paintings. e Gg n Oriffiths is to play.the Part Today,.r 21E ApAi -
.There is a sweep through her a 1 of detective-serge 'Nt UJ, fa- PM.
THAN AVERAGE BALL PENS canvses th. leaAsemblepa an af- oo strife an i thfier of Penny Boylsa t ,F. 3:1 Fr ddy AOw di A1
~~tionateibe as the ar- and Hugh Herbert omeqd. l" his :30-Mats
tit and her-subjet matter wer a roul th part6sstsf is to to :00-ea
S3.4 APIROVED, old friends.: The trd nd im-r .and prayer. a mroom, lgoly m c Do u 4:-
S.ortnt. party, the eetang uI a .-r -dtasaro In..elieye,_dlr a._ r30-What .. o MPii
"Intenlifying" INKS canvas, interprets enthusiasticlly id. t Vt> brief moral homily. an tn beg ore
their support. i.le. tae himself olT-ste.oly 5:30-Nt f
She is a uminist and greatly '.' MaBntol" g take hm t
4. ND STR CTIBL absorbed in a mosphoi ef fects, Va t al of Panama' aa that Is b
4 N .in the reflections and retractions Interor where color runs ritm played asmuchW 4dthe t...Wb(eps.. .
SN BARREL of light on the objective details of and unpredltd showers refreshas with the vocal cr6:00-rem r (RDFFr
'will not Wear, br k r crack the e ,nvsam the parched .ab.ld. I other ,short:-J
rr"The Aduigie" with its hidden Mrs. MeDermitte absorptlnirt
or r? r,'.,mysteries, entangleimqt of exotic the effect of light and 0 lor lpartsinthe the l 6:B30--Wayne i7e:-
5. STAINnLESS STEEL CAP i nts, water clear an.'eool and brings n emotional strength.t ob.noneasbas13.-offithi :00.10. |.G--M UA 111
5. STAINLESS STEEL CAP the shaft of brilliant life givi ng her canvases while the exagerat- He has ten short geechab to. de- DIR
iaght, all make for a design of ed shapes and forms em erge liver, consisting of precily 128 7:15--ne Night S it
lush growth and soft colors, well from a play oflumious textures. words and one grunt,and will be 7:30-Report Prom The URA ANT 8:1$ 755 IC:P 7
6. ALWAYS A FRESHLY .ith low ad high va Her original conceptions of de- viable to audiences for a total (VOA) 'CAV ICO UT
SPOINT res tig a peaceful tropical sign, transforms familiar subjects of one minute and 55.seconds. 8:00-NELSON EDDY'S PENT- "
SINKH. ED POINT = I nIo ovel aspects and creates HOUS PARTY...
each press of cap button turns ball | he has departed almost com- fantsses of surprising force. Her But witin the ort timeath run amst
and seat to nw writing position pletely from reality in her pie- c.ndless stringforperfectionin Is u n NwsV:30--'ake It .) re (C)
nd seat to new writing position ture, "Sound" and one feels the design color, unity and texture s of "The Moon Is Blue" In New :00-You.Aa er It re
pulsing vibration as the sou n atciever demonstrated in these pic. York, the appearance ofZ Bg.O- quests- phone ISTARTS
waves approach in even tempo tup aqked. with emotion. us. -Nell usually provoked l. good be or -
7. ROTATING BALL AND SEAT like the steady beat of the tor- de g and beauty: 'aug 0:30-M A T U R
avoids wear .... prevents leaking tr. e o *
The finge:-like spire of w0:4&-
and to eternity in search of hespaper irculaIon W 2
hope for the world that spring .. -
from the earthy foundation and Tomorrow. Ai
surroundings within all its misery, T A-- ,
Pov.- g tax it .- i "r Keeping Up With Population ao6lSn 0 .'
Clock. CJb (requests -
NEW pa l' BALL PE Ifting iog" brings us back before 7:00end
to reality showing the awakening Philip S. Weld, president And S-RE 8:00-Mashg
earth emerging after a dark mis- NEW YORI, April 28 (UtP- publisher of the Ne8bnrjgport, 8:15-Ch aIr Wlwood *
ty night into a gay sun swept Newspaper cardlaUon reached an ases.. ews served as C e ian 8: Muin
l escape. alltinme nigh last year but did not of the executive session heMfor :30- d.
"Perfume" in all its mystery keep up with tne population m- pubisners ut newspapers w to:n 9: w- '
Sd;. .- andd ehlusiveness,. rises in vapor crease, a Wiscunaan puoi sh e rcirculations of unaer i0,000. 9:i5-acred Heart
from te bottle and gem-like said today. "Waue muo 01 me newspapers 9:30-As ee It
SeMtals in multi-colors and shapes Willam T. Burgess, of the La r n n represented room enjoy so 10:00--JEN FR8 JOURNAL
and is caught up in long grasp- Crose, Wsi., Trioune and Lead- monopoly position, none (Cu-E and Odorono) .L'
ing f fingers of reality, the red pas- Press,. spoke as chairman of Las a moonpoly un tie auverts-10:05-Off T record (requests
Great Fleet the eionflower that emerges t r ohe pavel discussion by publishers ing dollar," Weld said. "None -pleas. phone before 8:30)
Great e Fleet nthe everywhere to absorb the inm. newspapers from 10,000 to V,- owns a monopoly .franecice-on te 11:00-News.
toxisating aromas. 000 circulation. on the opealUg reaaers iexsuie time. 1105 Off The Record (contd)
SNew Orlean Service Arriv "H shaul er h ver theewith his of theAmeriqn Newspapr "Or job as publishers is' -,to 11:30--MeetThe Bntertalne t
SCristabal fal thou trust, his truth shas Ptiblishers's 69th annual 'coll se to it mat "us editors nave eO 12:0--News
.. "HIBUERAS" ...............................April y shild and .buckler.- ofs launched closed, in gh money o put ou grea, t205-Lunchti Melodi
'.S. "YAQUE. ---..... -.....-.............-.. -May -7 the t Psalm is etherial deepl, Burgess launched ) g newsaprsYo o hi e
*.S. S TACE" .. ........................... May 1 virtuall and most is eth dee oral discussion of current pub. our newspapers most continue 12:30--Woman's World
i.25lS." BO RG' .- -.- May a 10 .l and mO nusua i de ng problems by emphasizing to command the largest share of 1:00-News
$S.S. "M RAAN" ................................May 14 en back to reality in l/its he everprevalent questions oer the advertising dollar by conti- 1:15-Music Of Manhattan
58.L. U. CAASL" ................................May 23 g y optical oorng and an ;ow to mee meincreasing newspap- nuing to expert the strongest pull 1:30-Sons Of The Pioneers
B.S. "FIADOR KNOT" .. ........................... May 25 arsti c orms,' she has painted two et production costs and at t h en the consumer dollar." 1:45-Songs Of France (RDF,
.. ............................Mam time ntinuetooperatein William Dwight ANPA vice 2:00-Date In Hollywood
S.8S. "TAQUE ............... ............... May 28 Toeas, (picofeos). te black. resident and president of 'th he 2:15-Singing Americans
'Handing Refrigerated Chilled and General Cargo Two canvases of the open sea ie also cited the problems of holyoke, Mass., Transcript-Tele. 2:30-Tex Beneke Show .
--"-- "' in ~ita dramatic mood, "The iW competing media and of new gram, addressed a meeting of 2:45-Hank Snow And His ....:..
New York Service Arrives si, and the other, "the Gull processes and techniques. publishers of newspapers with Rainbow Ranch Boys
SC ristobal Homeward Bound' at the: ap. "Newspaper circulations, t is more than 50,000 circulation. 3:o0-Festival Of Waltees
CHOLUTCA" .............................. Ar l of the storm ae, exeption- true, showed an all-time high in '"Our major problem, of course, 3:15-ammy Kaye Show LATE
B.S. "CHOLUTECA" ........................ 29 a es arine painting 14, he said. "However- a n d is where we are to find the money 3:30-Music For Friday .
: B.S.". TPMIAN ................................. y. lt hebilslwstapa ere.a- is imotant--ewspaper c- pay thi bills to 0coxnue 4:00-Feature Review DIABLO

i, "s* i LA" :::::: ::::..::.. a a Non, creasess in ion. '. on-% 'e the quest -- phA O
B.S. "FPRA BEBLANOA" ........................ JTMayI -" ..n.... agIP il- a w= creasing-and yet have en o u gh 5:30-News "
.8. "ESPARTA" .................................May 0 left over to improve their product :35-What's Your Pavoe rite

York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francio I N- 6:150--B IBeOM SPORTS I lI
and Seattle,. .REVEL Ici i I| -
SIl -al--roun--------------------I Cri et ala le N1110Co. I (Continued from Page 1) (:45--clence On Ths -Ie Ih "ITOW
Ical round trip fares from Cristobal to" New '. firm and take a chance on there S:0 OR MLO-k Shows: : :e
S ork, Lo l Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. R 0.60 0.30 being more cases. 7:5-One Niht Stand 8 50 p.m
To Nw YorkV .. 6 *Dr. David Price, assistant sur- 7:30-Report From The U:8L 8
STo New York ........... c..... .... 240.00 eon general, said the six (VOA) WARNI -' "
To Loa Angeles and San Francisco ....8270.00 I I___ | youngsters presumably did not 8:00-N-LSON EDDY'S PENT- .
To Seattle $36.00 **- -~ -.. 1 have "any significant protec- HOUSE PARTY (Sea-
.tion" from the first shot. The grams V.O.)
TELEPH. ON ES: greatestt effect, hie said, is pro- 8:30--Variety Bandbox (BBC. d
1 ITELEPHONES: | 2I "" Iuced after three doses have 9:00-You Asked For It (Re. In TECHNICOLOR!
I T 2M 2904 THE MOST been administered over a period quests--please Dhone be-
RISTOBAL 2121 PANAMA 2.2904 of about seven months. fore 7:30- It's heref... The story of
S... . Scheele concede, however, that 10:30-Music By Roth Cole Porter with those
BEAUTIFUL the health service Is investiga- 11:00-Symphony Hall Cole Porter song aeaa-
ting to see whether the vaccine 12:00-News--Sign Off. tloni...
STR I lIf could have been respon-
.STORY lF se for their illness. Explanation of Symbols
i He said there Is a remote pos- BBC.-BritlshBroadcasting Car-
i sibility the polio virus used to poration
s ALL TIME! make this particular serum was RDF-Radiodiffusion ranca
not effectively killed, as It should UBTD-U.S. Treasury Depart. ';.L
S.... be, even though it was subject- ment .easry
-BI =""11 1"111"1 1 0 410 / --o ed to rigid tests by the Cutter VO4-Volce of America
.Laboratories and reviewed by the
S.National Institute of Health.
Melnwhlle, live other firms

FLOTA M ERCANTE GRANCOLOM BIANA, S see'.ciun idne en-- u na
ly Co., Indianapolis account
AN NO U N.C ES -- for about 60 per cent of nation-

|KV "CIUDAD DE QUITO" hbe Sakn s
cent effective against parahWi
". tic polio. They said the unblile-
S ARRIVNGritWM COLOMBIAN AND eCUAOREAN ORTS s holdd re .e some churea .-
I are geiig to suffer paralfici NY UMMS
+. ~WILL ARRIVE AT BALBOA ON APRIL 29, 1955 an es .acn ato rel tt fA
SA PP~LY: headauarters sw nt urgent tele- RTIN
APPLY: grams to all state health deDnrt- .. ..
WIL FORD & M CK AY, INC. ments and dna, stores telling .. m!At=.B1A INm 1
.MODERN REFRIGERATED AQLE AVAILABE information widely known ag --
"..- soon-----^ i-- vowwbe," m ",. *. / '


l .y






i i --'- A 1 --- A 2' -
i.M -.K _m ik ......

t o- s-,Wi,--
to 0b m ,. eh' IUlm
medm WOUW -.


. -,.,. <. '_ tm 1 1-

D.Irect Flights in the-
nmw Super A Clipperu!
completely pressurized
and air conditioned
for your comfort.




- -.;-7~~,-


.7 -.. ..


-0-7- -


.?;"^ fi."

-- .-^
S ""..

i~pAt4M& ~. ~N m~ui~qt dDARf! 33W1'AI' ~

.'d-- L 4PARE Food

IOn TwonShips

eieArst conaignet which ar-
SoPmaR an obn of M,0001
S e li of t aTh Chidqul Lea
', i "" s tranaporta-
SPi percent l dio t tisonl freo Ith
As T gr to the government of ea-
ohae, wwbe i paying the cost of
of the tingthe foodtoPgnma.
pAssoument im mad 4 The United Fruit vessel 5HI.-
n -t aA Sm tu arrives at Pier i8. a-
l r~esut mporig theec, hNdud from New orlean

S y tandaErd of more tha Pier 18 when Arrofha Groell will
|00 Panlka famfflec receive the slupmeat tor Panama.
^^I^^^l** pary .9,og9 school etldrea aAbabaheadw" Selen Coapin will
..... aas of hospitalmaand a i sitpresent the people d govern-
.... tp ious fo' an entire year. P ameat of the United States. Als on
.. M Ih Amo the .irit- hNd tN I be V. T. Mail of tbe-

SIsti, A 2VeA ica to s aird l aChirquit Lana Co. band Mres. Mtes
Smret .fr suppleseatrin I G. Lowrie, melou Iedf of CARm. at
Shi with CARE. a Panama.Panama.
schlC a oBedenCp will

Semisbere. 12 pounds V. T. Ma of butter ad 4,4th85
to I q




called Oficina buide do A-
limentos de lAB M L a a 6-eded
by fiebaftian rio .L
Erovincal com i-s
' in aIuude
fion of the f wak-n
Ing sure that a 4iUp uon-
inents each thoe *o havpbeen
aelecteJ by th:e .Pa misa. Gov
prnment as rdi on
these comnttees govern.
crs of the n uuIofi-e,. pro
vincial elehir of the NtI on a
Guard. roead cummtsleaeft at e-i
=rese tative of the Apricitural
=x ensi .8"r*ie, and ore from
the Inrituto de o omm Eeo-
nimice as well si the Ilpector of
education in each p nce.

FIRw lam n eresa
Damjanovieh be the first
AmeroaB-boran *un to become
a saint. The Vatican is con-
ducting an of1dial religious in-
quiry Into the life of Sister
Miriam, who belonged to the
Sisters of Charity of St. Eliza-
beth near Morrlstown, N. J.,
before her death in 1927 at the
age of 34. Born in Bayonne,
N. J., she was well known for
helping the sick.
'-,- .'" ? "=



Over $IOO,O O.


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I -"


E L 4i Y ..






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Shell and Briar

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panties slips,
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nylon and cotton

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, .." -
\ -. ", .. ,
1 : v _.., ; '- ,.
.~._ 0 0 0
: ..r,,
' .- ,

'6 "
,' -, r.
A '
S ., "
|. r' i- '. ? ..


'*' ; ".. '; c 0 v "' .'* "* =
-. O / ,.-. .

t -,-
* -~ '..a .. .r. ..k -
4.. "-f : a L-'..'' ": -

HOUSE COAT S- Rayo Cotton
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i -ImIan







4 WN

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i~,Dkkuh..1DkAIS asug.'

Socia/ and erwi6e

&. 5037. J4ncm

LA 134, P.

4 ,SafM


Panama Lne


4 4 .s finu &d P ~ j 7 4JJ L w P fI 6 h A total of 52 paisngtlit an HNow To Eat A Masi
S1. scheduled to small from Wit, York Some recomi a. turkish
1, 41f i a d 4. s4... .P... 20 A0740 /. 07 L& 91 00 Pf& mThursdy aboard the :WAncon towel wrapped ardibsd the neck
Sof the Panama Line f*CrlCt- Others suggest wappi the
S. b~al. Eleven passengers book- eater around slk. Neither isy
d for Part-au-Prince, temn is completely stcessul,
therefore forget about the tow-
The complete advance n- ael. It may only t stained any-
geO list for Cristobal follWs: 'way. There's oa. one, proper
Mrs. Emille SpIl do. Orge; ostme for g uan o eater -
and Mrs. Paul Db d; nothing. There is oy one prop-
.J. .Brown; -,, ro. er place the bathtub.
Brrown and d ;Dr.
0 C. Bunker; M This is part with
; r Dorot4y' the poorer varietiu w h tend
n; is to squash all oTer the fa. The
.and Mrsa i s finer types are a alte more c -
bdb and r. r. Ct avillaed and are as ea eating as
Dunsormbe and ohtet; peach.
Bertt i Earp; Mio Marc GHr-
diner; Mi Edna A. Gayitt; Mr. Mango sherbet and Mango Ice
Sand Mrs.. Thomas ouardia; Mrs. Cream are old triers in the
Sandra Harrison; Mr Hel n R. topics.
.aakell; Mrs. Molly Aeobson;
B arles Johnson snd Mr. and Mani Boirbet
Mrs.. Douglas Johnson.
Mr. Do uMs. Fred Kobson h quart mangospeeled and cut
Sv Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. McCann; up
Dr. and Mrs. George Nemann; 1 lemon or lime
SM.. and Mrs. C. 0. Perrkins, Mrs 2 poun
Sherman Perry; Mr. and Mrs. 3 egg-whites.
Thomas W. Pescod and two chil-
dre p Miss Elva Rae Rash' MissBoil the sugar and. oe quart
Sla eth C. Reed; Mr. and Mrs. after together for fye minutes.
H. Rudolph; Mrs lro Press the gh a
nn Mrs. Doris F. Bharlot; sieve, add the ll1r and
Snhd Mrs. Alton Skelton; when cold freeae thT eM as Iee
Gladys A Thompson; and cream' then add the b neg
M.... Dadye WTn pol. whites as it reaches an ley stage.

eetor of CAIRE and Mrs. N f Mang
have arrived from Lima to make Peel, cut and put through
their home in Panama. ew seve, 1 cup of ipe. mangos.
residence is 75 Avenue J AruntAr,.
Femenam With them aretheircup cup
tree ,yongst children e t- water for five M 'tdL
chen, ne oily whow en-

cloth and a grass linen luncheon cloth, two o the manY valuable prizes to be given at the daughter of the Neff a earam, t whped and
Annual Strike It Rich Nlight at the Army-Navy Cu Fort Am.ador, May 7. Proceeds from thist will soon gadate sR e an
Charity Casino will go to Asilo de Ia Infancla of W isma City. Left tonight are: Mrs. Ken- a 1ry's Higt' S eol in 0 free. -
neth Brown. Ft. Amador; Mrs. Frank D Miller, Ft. Amadr and Mrs. Paul T. Fancher, t. s yand f nns to enter the
Kobbe. VY of Seattle.
--" in the Inte.national Fund, eCon u )eneft ToPAA Cont
Frrewell Party' rity sisters ,irouglhut the world 1i ute monthly toward the .'rTo raise f ,lids for a new1piano,
Mr. And Mrs. Frank H. Irwin lu honor thtiiu Girl of the jyear;port of The schooll for the Blind the USO-JWB Armed res
sill be honnr.guests at a farewell who is chose? ofr her outstanding ut, Panama City. Service Center: is holding ga ArI
party at tomorrow night at contributions to the purposes of -T party and gar nght rilm
the American Leyion Club at Fort the organizaut-n Winners Announced .m. to 11:0 :I rd gan
Amador | The local iapter plans a dance In Tivoli Tournament ngo, and s'eall te games wiAt Balboa 'Y'
The party is being sponsored by, to honor their rec i p i e n t. The The winners of the weekly du. be played during the evening. Re-
rsonr.el of the Engineering Div. (larce will be held at the Elk's plicate bridge games played at freshmenrts will be served. IIou-.t c te
ion 2hich Mr. Irwin has headed Club on May 7. Tickets, now on the Tivoli G'est House, were: The door prize for the affair i -.. thecourtesya of Bal-
fnr many y.3rs. A large numberi Iole for $1 each, may be purchas-I first. Mr. R. Knowltdn and Mr. R an all expense trip for two to thi irM A. Py oan-AmereCan Worldi
of reservations have already been ed from an. member, and will C. Pie: second, Mr acd Mrs. i San BLA'IWlands for Sunday, Mol Airways will continue the series .
received and it has been request. I ive the purchaser a chance on a I Homa; third Mr and Mrs Roy 15th, which hbs been arra ned sdf film Roun d the world Trav. I
ed that oth,.t planning to attend combination unbeam Deep Fryer Glickenhaus, fo u rt h, Mr 'and through the courtesy of red els every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
make reser'. ai'ns by calling Mrs., anrd'Co.iker. Mrs W M. Kennedy. Busch. Tour Director of the Co. ,
Dorothy Beiny or' norton Steph- The games start at seven p.m. Ion Chamber .a f Commerce. So Small my Island (Janan)
enscn, of he Engineering Divi- Beta Sigma Phi is an internasand all bridge players are' *si .The p, ,et of amislon to the and Fabulous Fishing will be
lion, at 3-2.39' Both co-workers tionpl non-a-ademic, non-s e ct a- come. Benefit hoe, dollar, iekets may shown Tuesday, May 3.
t.. 1'1. Arvi- in the 'pr)l risac, social cultural, and civic or' ,. tc purehosed at the UWO JWB .
station and friends I he and Mrs.'gadzadlon with over four thou- [eavinC In Trip Club. A cordi invitation is ex- The public is Invited to attend
urwin have been inv'ed to attend. .and active chapters functioning I Dr. and Mrs. Lewis E. Fo;- tended to ail to attend. these showings.
Mr. Irwin %Ill retire from Ca in the United States, Canada, Eng- toine and.their two children Will "
nal service at the end of May but Germn J.ipa Greece, Ausa- 'cave giaturday on the 'SS Panama
he and Mrs. Irwin will leave ear- tria Fr d and Zone for a 4hre~ r.onth vas on. They -- -..
ly next monih to make their home Tei[Itv main 20 :de r- will visit *INew _fn. .-'
li California nation a,-ecfit fufM wo sylval' ami Florlda. '" -Nflt
1,of the pritea Pojects begin con- talne is attached to t AenW u
Beta Sigma Phi Aids .ifltions 'towas Ca ancer Re- Dental Cllie .
Cancer Reseax e-" Kpa rch 4 *%frl own. U.S.A., lo-i ,1"
During th!s season members of e9d at Wb:tefse, Texas. '0elson Neff Make
Beta Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi Members of the Beta Chapter, Hnme In Panama
join with tho, sands of other soro- Cristoal, in rddltion to support- Mr. Nelson. ff. regional Di- RICHER
i &A

EIIOnilAm presents lhi! weekend

Panami's own internationally. popular star -

ife lovely


in the Bella Vista Room
S* *

;She'U capture your hearts
as she has in all the Americas -



and intraw ing
S- with

famous Dominican
dancer and snger
who "makes the
maracas talk." '

by I

lul his

. .-.

'~ r,,~

wn star of TV and top supper olubs!
reso t-T. l Max-' .q4 D, fov, reservations
nm ki ____ _

-' *u (


'Ever notice, how child
tpay favorites"? They
,. r var'to e inmes.

Mkiai thiy Ms fearib I
cqmsh/s OlCicken Noodle Soupt
RaW 7 gfu, l sieped thr ough Nrl
t bqohai the I-goodee of plump.
-nde *#ai....lowi.ued I
yit I* ow d plenty edatiedru
Sp *o


~v*' ~*

" s'" S tA' 4 15

a ..
Judy QOdrand sings the hit song from "A
STAR IS BORN." Night spot scene is high-
ht b dy' rendition of "The Man
at ot MA by Harold Arlen and s ra
Oerhwmwo wrote the new-song score for
the Ci a ope and Technicolor produc-
tion. 'Al BTA IS1 BORN" marks Judy Gar-

land's appearance on the screen after highly
successful personal appearance tours in Eng-
land and the United States. James Mason
co-stars ana Jack Carson and Charles Bick-
ford also star. "A STAR IS BORN" which
opens Saturday 30 at the Lux Theatre. advt.

- President Elsenhower said to-
day he thinks somebody "blund-
ered" in epmpiling a Republican
Congressional pamphlet that
contained data on U. S. guided
missiles and other military
He told a news conference the
pamphlet, prepared by the Sen-
ate GOP Poliey Committee,
"gave out Information that II
wouldn't have given out." It was
furnished Republican speakers
to help them reply to critics of
the administration's military
manpower cuts.
Defense Secretary Charles E.
Wilson told a Tuesday news con-
ference there were no .'security
violations" in the document. But
Wilson said the de artnent still
from .was on suchlt compilations
of military data. House Demo-
crats accused Wilson of double-
talk and "political expediency."

___ I

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Pond's Vanishing Cream 'over
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fresh and learl"

-'I "*
L .~

The President, was asked a- off.lal to release anything that
boutV theiDefense Department's app11ed to the secret war plans,
redentA cackdown on the release war policies, war purposes and
of certain military information Wtr equipment of this govern-
and also whether he felt "dntire- ment," he declared.
ly relaxed", about the policy .The President said no "tech-
committee's pamphlet. nical military secret" should be
He said he first heard about made available to anyone who,
the pamphlet shortly before the does not really need to know it
news conference and "they gave "merely because of a desire ,of
me some ~dea that made me one section of the Defense. De-
think that there had been apartment or another to be the
blunder that occurred." He said first to-make such an announce-
"at least" the pamphlet contain- ment."
ed informantj. he would not 1

have release.
The P dent asserted that
ever since' ti took office he had
"been plagued by inexplicable,
undiscovered leaks in this gov-
ernment." But he added that
"we mustn't be too astonished"
because "great numbers of peo-
ple" know'details of one kind or
another. '
"I just don't believe that It Is
justifiable for any governmental

ducced i~t4


For baking success, use
CALUM T. the double-acting
baking powder. Get CALUMET
today and try itl


He said a trained intelligence
system can get a lot of informs-
tion out of documents on th
news-stands and in U.B. librarle
He-agreed that certain types o
information muit be made pub
lic to further the advancement
of science.
But he saw no Justification
lic to further the advanceme
disclosing such things as "a
airplane able to fly straight up.
Photographers took pictures -.
such a craft last year-prior
official publicity by mount
cameras near a San Diego, Calf

Five Credt Union

Officials Speak

At Pacific Center
internationally known leaders
In credit union Work ,p .* S lI
night -at the Pacific Clubhouse
to- the officials of the five Fed-
eral credit Unions operated bY
the local rate employes of the
Panama Canal Company. Repre-
sentatives of a group in Panama
studying credit unions were al-
so present.
The addresses were made by
Father John P. Sullivan, man-
aging director "of the Jamaica
Co-o Credit Union League, of
Kin o Jamaica; Charles F.
ike sstant maaina g direc-
tor of the Credit Union National
Association and Cuna Mutual
Insurance Society, Madison, Wis.
and Wilfred Purdy,. agricultural
credit specialist of the U.S. Point
Four Program working in Pana-
The meeting was arranged by
Harold B. Wright, associate re-
gional representative and Harry
O. Bennet, Federal credit union
examiner, of the Bureau of Fed-
eral Credit Unions, who are here
for the periodic examinations of
the seven Federal Credit Unions
in the Zone.
The seven Federal Credit Un-
ions organized in the Canal
Zone with the assistance of
Wright beginning in 1948 new
have some 6;000 members and
alst m o00,000 assets.

SDeliclou,. refreshing

1OfA .from
just we w.velope!

m le ,.-. gm.a

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:.,'.' ,:.. .. ".., ,"'^^'^, :' ": .r .o -,_*:^ A .. .: ,o -.

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-~~~ r.7" :

IkeASyiSomebody 'Blundered'

In Listing Guided Missile Data

_T_ ~_



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_ ^..4 .. .. ;, *- ;, ... ......

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r4 I
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- 4.444
At 7 .*. .4

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W I. ",*;-

~44. ~
4. 4. 4 --

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.4. 4


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.-.. J a t TE:f. La^

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A .~. ~ ~
.-44 j j

,Fiv n ; soup

Five new and very sp l kin n ofsbup Campbel's can -o
" '. .. .- ..

bring to you



2p ev .-,ne shrimp ric
w- w o, s ope and eVerything'nW

... th..iks to freezing!

,- .

94zptowoIi Made with ,

Olon t

ReWl o ld isned pe soup. A'p i a-id
with losofteader hemn.

. bs usry w Soup y
pipb-i ly neve ve the in ecte to

S met itthiiBored br .

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'qy ^ W '' r W^ y2 -' -*" ..-' ".7 ^ t
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.. '" ;<- ,;7A -
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* -H W W. -, :; S .,,M .fE OV T -"I^ PA-' tt

*v**.*'r),Tr ;*
.r !. v.^. ^ *. .:..
..t.. -
....* .'.r -,; ..
.: : -.-*-'aiB.Aiizr.* ++' '

**,'ii A I lk

&5 ./>

S 'rmnrw ._________ ^

&Kansas City 'Bombers

______________ass I

I' OUt H DAY SWIM MEl Winners of last year's 80, meter free style relay are shown
SL after their victory. (Lft to right) Ruth Lltvin, Tommy Gangle, Pat Basham and
- rtbu Holmes. Over 175 are expected to corn pete Sunday in this year's meet at the Balboa
-.imin odl .
.at i-


I-----' OT *^.^1 ff4 ghJ ******

7 "-2
-M *

- -


DANNY K AYE-u144 IiPpmarmount's I.' nsr__A/.-
BAN"YK AYTBC-401,fk.Pornmount's "WHITE CHRI.3IMAS"-
Filmed in ViptadIom-tColor by Tedulcolor.
a '- a


-. -~-1*

Iw rM-o n...ou,,.w....
,-maM nmuawYs maw s o ORom e
: .VA A HmufllN OC'ENTUY emmHIR


SlOitury sirt b isagdo tb most

I a p- z.-,.e :wise ie.- humimidlip ,tawad* d.
I d.
I -:-- I II hi ,


- '
;'. -

Isidro has been equally im-
pressive during his daily work-
Ots at the Arena and will
a legioh of backers rootinL
him Sunday night. Martin.v-
er busy style, courage-ad -g,4
punch make him a dartrOu
Opponentfor anyone in his .
Sunday's semiqnal could tM
oat to be the best fight of-t e
weal. Manuel Prescott a"t
t alazar, two I16-pin-1S-
Slawho love to mix it a ,'are
pited to swap punches for Six
mWnds. The chances are bpt-
ter than even that this Son-
Stet-will not go the limit.
Twb four-round preliminaries
complete an excellent program.
The main prelim pits Daniel
Ward against Al Rodriguez at
135 pounds while Claudio Mar.
tinez, Isldro's kid brother, tack-
les Rocky Pee Wee In a 122 pound
opening preliminary.
Gener admission is only $1
(one doll r).

Atlan c Cage

Loop fficlals

To Met Monday
The Atlantle Basketball
League managers and officials,
preparing for the 1955
which opens' at Ma garit '
an May 23, will meet at the ofL
flee of that gym Monday night
at 7 o'clock, All managers are
Irged to have their frt6chlse
fees ready for payment a that
meeting as well as tentative
team rosters to be used in d-
vance publicity I
Gold Coast basketball enthu-
siasts are looking forward to a
fast '55 season with each of the
five competing 4eams readying
themselves for a close and hot
battle for the championship.
Gibraltar has reportedly com-
pleted their roster which, this
year, will include a lad that
measures 6-6, but about whom
no advance information has yet
been released.

Powels will go along with
most of the High School talent,
while Universal Sports la relying
heavily' on home-coming college
boys to make them a formidable
The two service entries, Nava
Station and VP-45 are report.
loaded with talent. Naval station,
has run a string. of-three con-f
secutive chamlionuhlp an d
takes the floor te ht of the
23rd in a drive thathey hope
will bring them pennnt No. 4.
V.P.-45, hungry tal talent dur-
Ing the 1954. ijson., has had
better than 20 prompts t work-
out sessions a which their
coach hopes o flada winning

Gambia. TO.Ir

Gamboa Pool May Day
Swim Meet boredd by
boa Elks 1414.
There Is no rpreetation In
the 6, 7, 9 and 9 year ols to
speak of, but from th on their
entry list Is killed with ted
champions. -

sLanding 14-thear.-s'ire
olmes, Judy on q
Helen peDctor I.S _e TmaE
Charlene and aen y V Mo oi
Headedll o the out-
standing 14-y MM i1

the Canl zonei,

er Brian and B
ard and Henr
Campbel, COLMV atom,
Duncan, WHU a
Hamilton, Ja- A iS
Dennis Wpat -
Based on pute
the small c
has been

at lsO
In ar;_i --t
dftiw in ~ siii~i

.3 ., ."/: :. ..

.G,. : n:._ :, ... i ,.
i $-rrl... ." ,, --;i.:. :+,

Waif Tr P

"ans day bt.

.reside nt .' classic ,

Iri -, .-,^Bat


assany q^
'ethfr '-':.
I that. -bw!=-

Bses To

Fight F

P i or m peamor

bte fas with a
workout yesterday afternoon
at the Panama Gym.
Davey was scheduled to be
back at the Colon Arena this
afternoon. This hard hitting
winner of 17 of 1l pro starts is
sure to be the favorite over clas- 1
sy Martinez, who is considered i
by many the uncrowned feat- I
erweight chamlon of the ith- 4
munn. T

C b*7*~

.9 1,
4 K.

7. S

~.-. :


4U9.,u3T\'~ 2--


P sor.
S, "h.

, ,". <
~ .7;-- 8

GUAYAQUIL Mi rMed four-yetr- Id1r. hor0
Honolulu-OuaqulfMl by the Stud _tlm*ie
Paulico Pedroz. Jlistib ten times e .fh wo
one race, fi s thed i times, third t. a=nd out 01
the money four tae~ Gongora rides Ibi. .y under
p .ound -'. '




-, .

~ ('-ff4



PEIAS OOUB -1 -old b y raw by
rfBg 0 at- Mr- 4 ly sroedar, by
Go PAlIr SW hW**
nng 6 e aAeen time and
out of the m 20 er $,540. Alredo
Vasqu Iheduled to ride her with 110 pounds.
%90= t, w'^**J^fi Revoan^-; mm^m


ALM i This clasby x
ml-oag~y the
X mtiaswi. ety ton 1
Prine~ I in.-TU
stat. Vmom won 13t*
tlam.- bu be n
ume im, un{^
P4 .". 6 .9LJ

tr-old bay son of Big oame-
tio grande and trained. by
trioney winner in Juat
i gIllah-bred hor&o*,,t&
i6ocId eleven, times,
W .do the bobtiun
.9dt OWL

Dy I I

SJ. j. hbrripop ir.
*' a r- a

Uwa lA

Ico'w ye ad
Z breeze '
it of turlt f
ot rewuldrea
re out tt i
Sth rc

d, 3. Wpm

memory. He struck odtl4ouri4t
walked lx but bore down- whet.
ver in real trouble to tow the
Red pox ace,- rangy Frank ju
In a 1-tnaltag thriller, lobl-
eat in the majors slce June
of Wcst seaS l,NClqyeland downed
W hgten. tmn on a -rally
taachad- Aff.-hv. v aM' n.-.AIaiu..

-- qt --**
Toe1ms If Pet... -Tiasmsoa r
kly ....12. -2.857 Ohig W L. Pot G
Milwaukee :. 8 4 .667 2 Ilevelsn 5 .615 .-
St. Louis .., 4 .04 NewYork-... 5 .615 -
icar .... 7 6 .538 4%.etroit .. 5 .18 -
I, U p 6 .500 5 sL,6t 8 n 7 5 .583 %
k ork::... 5 7 7 nO-n ..... 7 .638 1
t hrgh. 2 8 .210 8 t s Cty M~.5 7 417 2%
Cintnat .. 2 11 54 $ al tore.a; 7 .4l 3
To-re' .. GI .124

at atBrookn. Eosta-i at Chicago'
k a e'at P Hdelphi N. ewo& m ..W'ty (N)
a at Pitbrgh 'N) No-other gas schedule.
'..r. f SrERt 1..ULTM'S
7 Innigs)
!UEBTXBAR's p.SJULTS. Washingtza
MlnIwaue 050 211-: 12o 0 p 003 C2 .200 :oQ3O 4 U 0
New ofrik B1 00 1 Clev7clan4 f 1*
aConey (2-0) and -parlR. "1. .

h "*.. I" Cra Stob4O -. z(.0,j-j:-

lf9burgh 110I(*OOlx-. 0C ChwIgo I W4
sinner (2-4), Andre, Cob. hen, -s, s .
Am r. ant Chti. H "f How. -.. -*""
Purkey (1-1) and .hepard. i11 ( -2,e and- .l-

-q -s ao
100O30Oft7it.2Ulan Whiti.
1 e.S-- --0, ) a. w 4.trq .
(0-1). Podit '.a
S ,ft-o- -oper, MinMan ane hal tnore 0o00 1o 0. if 0'

S 1). .-b.k.. a .- E V a .

-J <' *



/ -.o





! ****

llb.l A I ll -T-T-r-mimm



1 =Ir'" I I- .

I r

. --W ,






th foul
Id Bill
And to
ala for
a hi

::.~:-, ;.~j. ,,<.~. ~*.* *~A A pA
S.... ..

..* .
-.- :-.. -


a ..-. ..- + ,

.... -.
., ': .,,'- '."' _,-

_____ 'I- -- -

Nhw e Valtf BWle rTheir verEsion7

I angywar -ils to be Wei d el
May 1, wno Arch% Moore maO
SNin Valdes pick their a -
S. a sea of Las Vegas routM
W i F &r and meet In matcih|
mA l~ edfor 15 rounds.
earnu is promoting the fight,
wtch some sout when he par-
ausaded Las egas hotel woners
so pu upD 100,te 0. Each fighter
s to r peare $25,000, with the
s other ma0, going tot proeamo-
tonal expenses.
T he *rnner will be considered
necordAg to advance billing. Lis,
tenGrg to Dec Kearns, th fact .
that Rocky Marciano, a heavy.-
weight champ of sorts, is to de
fena his crown 14 days later p
0* Francisco has no bearing o
With. Valdes and Moord shut
out when Don Cockes was a-/
.gupted as a. Marciano challenger,
Bobby Glearon, who manages
the Cuban, and Charley Johndm--
then, who handles the ancient one
decided to put on a show of their MRS. CLEO BUN
own. e w | Golf Tournamei
The winner they feel, will be Club is shown
Impossible to agnoI e when a Mar- who sponsored t
ciano title go in September is |
S.... arranged. I
N: tlo Valdes A ... rela Me The fight, however, has an ex-
..l_.e_ e of'_ hxgBasngcellent anee of proving nothing.
Moore, who admits to 38, th- r
oughly whipped the 30-year-o ld I -i
I.9 'Valdes in St. Louis two years ago
Iby and there does not seem any re
lU, i ", -usou. why it tan't be doze again.' .
II3 fifff-l wl w l u "1,' ra a ghH?!^ But Valdes is an improved
IE 1I I A fighter and could cause ouble.
I W I L A S .J.,u i- L /The huge Havana Special hasa
S. fstrorng right hand. When he de,
Smolshed Hurricane Jackson by
Like Dorothy D always said. ';ensatial Limbs? Lhrowi g three pf them last sum- Pl er
doing -wdt, thoughtful little ri-er It appeared he was ready Play d r
Things for ea issus is just about This g r a in was Ror a Marciano shpt. The same Branon.
she surest ippy inthe .world to keep comprised of five contests,; four could have been said for Moore hwarzrock.
the romentie spark gleaming real native, or anything-oes style one when he stiffened dr John-| Pr .
pretty. reign, or-well, Madison Square son in a -roun light heavyweight Watson, .
pretty iGarden style this latter, very like- tile defense ini August. Jackson.
Not to get t personal, mister,~y, an umused if not a scoffing This seemn to be a set-up in Jordan .
but honest Alo, when miasm theesture to thcurioustastesof the which atyting can happen. T Bright. .
ibt timest. ...,k yor ly f.w a i t west begin with, the bout was rumored Watson, J.
As te toi tse c y ourl a irl west to be tff q late as a10 days be- I Dehliner
trqoese1o know.i Of the opening contest, five lore the fighters were to punch Eager ....
tihe boxing w te he. o th u kow rounds between bantamweig h t s, it out t Cahman Fiefd arns Engelke. .
ithe 6l int* the a btt aod nd the pregran n aid: was said'to be having trouble S Klipper. .
elbow ind Ac atch and all thata Somiak kulsuek, in the read.tmcting those six figures f r o Mullin.. .
sIrt of mischivious nor.sense? corner, a bright star and colorful the gambling house propi r o s Pearl. l..
b a bmbwino, who loves to attack er. Then, 'It to be held at uddleston.
It's just ~-aidble, of course, leoclously with terrific limbs ...and strange hout of 6 p.m. In Las Anmlrat .
never ac "cfi to You that she'd donfident butcher (of men?) with Vegas, ou sEe, they don't. Want Brockman, L.
et a big fbuto such a stimu concentrated plenty guts- and full anything going on at night except Bleakley.
rhet a bigt g Vut such a sttmui- P, ,, M,
ing, eerie so oall the uriou actions." amblin. Professional s Corrigan. .
Inow yo take a tipt o Aut' Det-.-; the native boxing C000 Tournament of Campiong Mallory .
tite's favorite tphe: cThe v e r y taig to English appears to finishes its rn here on Sunday Wid. .
exth timeYou get to Bang o k, pes e a few problems., but only afternoon, M 1, Browder.. .
gie her au exquisitetreat; take l inongruously.prudish re fera-. Kearns was trying to nootiatl Priester. .
her out ~R~~aanra tladlum, ences tl "'ib s" as striking weaI for a television contract a e a Marquard. .
tie shrine of hand-an-foot boxing, poens appeal strange to the read- a wee ber the ut The fact Chase, ...
the.bhrinerof t...-- ...acebi g eet.atLas Vegas offers' tdo o itlet eis.,
ight upIn n sa.. It wl e for TV meant absolutely nothing m er. .
light'up J ndo!i unf6t .w-rtiv- Crilto the Doctor.. O r.
be lmostW as if.yn ad-given her Judgin by the profound import- to the mctor. oi zrr.ea ....
a new enl, .. an"ce wi which h these members The most bizarre part of th e lnick. ..
a n h. m I am. o ae saluted te 2 p grqmn blurb whole thi is Moore s beart.
ine elitrs telbiW th"t ra- ss noeijtlCalifornaazing physician lou a4.---
tn a ei ref handt himt musw sa nd-in
postati spoi"s writer, by the way) ro ithe eyes of the Thai fancy. refused to allow hm p to bo' in
tk t ot oa recent trip example the prospec t e tua at Me he P al hse N ame
hem 0 twa, r d utt tht ad te ad wast broken heart because a

Ss a epe r t a .. .K 3 ar e r. .
he Ornt s at and mrlerp tl osi. a on Marciano match, Paroker. ..
wt rorom.. l- i ar, e O eod othen went toV five other doctors Watson, Roy.
Auntterl- del a -ba & h' F. andt Twound up withr a maj ority chwamroc .
Irltd g. t ak1ia8 p c a..evote that his pump was OK.' aPrill ...
alnt h? Tit b8.aI The fight should be a good one, ett. .
he -m sm she udo gidn ass a "TNT h h-kickdesite ever thing. Moore, Steuner. .
he r u th.. theu. s "ptop wnh. w hic n e s5n o r con asntclassier of the two, is lwam. ,Pearl. .
rinus i usiw n1i9 ol s- "omethmg of a question. t ran Bright ..

chgint a ple' uneast e M l n WatSo John.
ore important than the deed it Perhaps one of the reasons A-ig at a plac. uc ais the Moulan as .
If.I merical boxing has gone into a Ruouge, a Las Vegas night club, he B akley.
Because the Thai newspaper mp th o the eatio m ,'may notbe Inthe kind o shape RMionge. ..
Because theThaia pup a narponsnresrom,.
on't rquifnder a great dea limbs" belorg to the wrong peo- a champion should.b M A Cok. .-...
i white paper on the lives and [pie. On second thought, thb t r. Valdes pa ably will come up McGow ..
s of pi fighters, the po tainly cant be it t better condition and try and Priester. .
rs hustle a lot of their business Just Like Wre g uo i hi eigh-year margin age Browdr. .
y menns of printed prog raa msa! While kicking an opponent in 3nr ud l weih t aidvantoe a MorriB. ,.
hosted in public places, an a itceth, the belly,r i fact, in anyVpil In heg -to* t blest on....
mzjiement-whichmoved the afore- vulnerable Inatomical position isMoo.rA arounK .uddlestn.

mLringly,, albjet acaemically,the name of e game. it isn't ex on.: hs last bg outing, bewls Bo lln... .
n the savingss effected by theI acy te tha any and everything taln r ades haderyh puna A ..m ..
publishers. goes in the T'hai prize ring, itthe fnl o hes, aouda e p ithE s. *
i.n the circumstances, naturally isbarred.So an o Ite ESt t. .
hr program must do rpore than hitting an,' opponent when he s that Moore nsh't get up i t
imply proest the esthetic appealdqwn. Ad utider no circumstan- same thing happens here Snyder....
1f the rpor,,r stress the sublimeCCS;,-tositive v, Is hai g al- oore.. who was fighting at Pajak....
tribute of.he artists; it mustlowed. One frmnal concessonhas at time .whenL.. DVegas Ilue De ....
Double in ?u4yhoo brass, b u t been made to modernity; the fight-i pony expres for It. mail, oIst Roe.......
ru. era simply must wear gloves, In cute kind who could easily foil Potter.....
o-- lder, days tney fought bare hand-IValdes. .Caldwell
ed, or wrapped their fists in rope He has the punch and the ex Cadw ..
strands mw crience to give Valdes an au- Barsuad.
I've seen movieiaofethesekteiJows hi-"t-a--"-nger mmet.
in action an, the peat speed and jchallenger
accuracy some of them manans& or the heavyweight title. 'meag.a.. .
i ft in lIWhich of course, would me
Swath their foety i leading for e that Bob Baker undoubte d I Y Corrigan, L..

a left jab in your kisser all nit, caenrBro.kman, L

Say,..... d.i you ever see wrslngVP- ...........0 3 .000 E ockman.R. .

SCQ~l~ WI#StT s~t. Th e nS of tue Ran- corirvas.T..
-. :-~ .
bobal c allon :
the.Ma 5;m.
aU-**S &,O

1* P I 4

Nashua And Summer T r

Keep Derby interestA1 -
0 .

INS, champion and medalist of the 1955
nt played at the Summit Hills Golf and
with Henry Sommerfreund of Mercutrio J
the tournament. She is receiving the m
award, a Juyenla Myslere clocLk

IP AB R H 80
4 22 5 6 4
.42 148 9 21 74
S, 70' 246 13 '38 134
.52 182 25 26 94
.42 169 30 33 45
12 42 8 5 15
S, 38 151 24 32 47
. 29 106 13 18 31
. 48 170 28 34 44
. 147 18 34 48
. 28 124 13 253 25
. .28 104 18 16 2
..19 88 25 23 13s
46 220 58 56 51
45 183 39 47 70
31 128 24 25 37
S.14 54 18 12 14
32 144 42 38 44
S. 20 87 21 20 23
.... 16, 77 14 20- 9
,..6 33 6 10 13
S 7. 32 13 9 1
S25 2 X-"4
6 35 10 15 '2
S.,. 2 6 0 1 3
,. 1 5 6 1 3
; .23 92. 16 22 7
1 4 3. 2 0
1 5 2 2 0
20 53 21 28 1
21 66 24 30
21 66 28 27
20 54 9 21 1
S,10 13 5 5
18 50 12 18 1
21 -60 6 20
19 46 9 15 i
21 66 27 21
1. 42 6 13
21 52 11 16 1
18 42 8 1212-
21 46 9 13 1:
S 18 38 4 11
40 0 8 11
21 51 11 14
19 55. 13 16 4
21 63 16' 17
21 63 13 17. 7
16 19 -4 5
20 54 15 14 1
S. 21 62 0 16
17 43 0 11 2
.20 47 7 12 1
19. 51 8 13
19 40 11 10 D
21 37 6 9
20 57 11 12 5
12 19 0 4
2. 21 57 8 12 1
21 56 13 11 i1
19 31 5 6 5
20 57 9 11 9
21 63 11 12 1
21 48 6 9 3
18 45 2. 8 1
16 28 4 5 7
.- 21 / 57 12 10 l(
17 40 2 7 1
11 23 2 4 3
19 35 7 6 1(
4 5 1 1 2
13 12 4 2 (
17 44 4 7 4
S.20 57 7 9 a
13 19 1 3 2
.18 32 2 5 C
21 49 5 7 11
2. 2 38 3 4 5
.14 23 6 3 5
11 16 1 2 2
19 35 5 4 E
18 36 5 4 1
'. 15 27 1 3 2
13 27 5 3 1
19 46 7 5 9
14 29 6 3 4
21 46 7 4 12
14 23 1 2 3
.. 19 47 5 4 5
18 25 2 2 5
19 38 12 3 14
11 13 0 1 7
21 49 4 3 8
11 19 0 1 1
.16 21 .5 1 3
13 28 1 1 '2
S20 30 8 1 15
18 35 4 0 7
12 12 2 0 9
S 10 17 0 0 0
10 1 1 0 4
9 10 0 0 6
S 6 7 1 0 0
6 6 1 0 3
6 4 1 0 1
5 2 0 4
5. 1 0. 0
4 3 0 0 0
a 0 0 1
2 1 3 0 9 50

: 1. :. 6 ..
+ : ,. .. A -_: -- ,. -









I -'

4 5:

1 2

8 11
0 2
5 15

5 7
1 5
4 2
0 8
2 -2
4 8
9 7
5 10
1 9
4 7
2 21
8 16
2 7
9 13
4 5
7 9
7 21
5 3
3 10
2 5
2 12
B 11
8 11
9 11
5 15
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S 5
5 13

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1 12
5 12

9 10
3 13
1 10

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1 4
3 9

o 11
I 3
1 4

5 12
S 14
1 10
1 13
1 13
S 7
S 19


L 0


S W M4ii rP kr t By HARRY GRAYSON .. pulling awa,. iat as he.-
S. to do in O Mi r--e .
NEW YORK" (NEA)- After .
1 .'*.. the Wood Memorial the man 'IF SUMIUER TAN 'dO
said, the Kentucky Derby, M&y a tiring honre at tahe
7, s, from a competitive stan& sile and a i
pint, strictly antib mactic. mt a rnU*t
atai amle and
Those who know the top three then for once, colt
with that.ia by more than a'
a'y, In short bust the
They are quite sure that a rart, and really make'
rice in which the Belair Stud's two ends of the Triple
.t Nashua has Mrs. John W. Gal- aatly less important. ,'
Sbreath's Summer Tan as a spar.
ring partner wil never be lacking It could have been tbal
S .in excitemenLt mer Tan needed the W
race old-timrs call the. .
L W '( 0O Eddie ArtaV n, who will 'be they ever witnessed. A .
back on the ~ son of Nas- could have dn xe u e
rullah in the Runfor the Roses, brought up to such a .
Juvenia ON the last day of the 1950 sea- doubts that he will ever win by test with only one rae,
Country snn the Philles tackled t h e a matter of er.gths The colt with impressive out ne
ewellers, Dodgers at Ebbets Field. tne human raits puts out just was made the favorite
medalist's A victory meant the pennant though to get in the winner's two sparkle g works.
fur either team. circle.
Nobody was out n the Brook- He bad horse. Summr Tan r y d
lvn ninth he score was fled, 11 "He'll ea bad ho st r an h
th o ers hd Cal Abrams ike e beats Summer Tan," says'Other crack At Nashu,
.nd dseondbase and Pea Wee Arcaro. A ating Nashua hadtoworry about an lack o
U Ren second r asDuke dider was e shaken uo to head off H. C. n the Derby.
m H....eese on first. Duke Snider was i n.e uo -o-Y -----.-- .
1eo. Fruehauf's Slue Lem in the Flo .
obin Roberts got s et for r:da Derby. tor example.
S niderthen whirled and threw
,... ",to second bse on a ick-offi play. Nashua, it is pointed out, must -M m
^ ,ter field I hustled i, to have perfect behind finish to col-[ XJ i .
covr a b4a 'throw.w lar Summer Tan .at Church ilI. l, .-. .
For som -reason, I-just stayd Downs. These handicapper stress
tIee Instead of backing up nor the clear fled and i ngle assign
mam. .ment Nashua had In the flve-"
on Lost nut thing I knew the ball horse e Wood. While it will be a By BEANS DbA ON
1 0 was in at me. It was a relatively small Derby field, there 2St Yer I N en
7 1 bah.r* er that was sinking. 1 will be more horses on the Louis-
8 2 charged the bal on the hop and -,ille track than.there were at Ja- Written for NEA uast -"
plate. maica, making It 'easier for QUESTIN: Runne
6 2 /tre to the plate. I I QUESTION: Runners -se r B a n
5 2 Abras rared past third base Nashua to get in trouble ... a Ia first an third bass. The
2 1 but halfway down the line he .Wative Dancer. ner on third baae takes
3 2 was dead. THIS WAS THE TALK o lead, then breaks for theri
3THIS WA2 TAL ong t-- soon. Th pitcher, 2 IB n
4 3 Mythrow got to Stan Lopata, on after the Wood. Arcaro a mit- his motion ye, teps ot f t
4 4 our catcher, and we had him. Id It. rubber and fr to the
the inning, but if i 'Nashua rant have an ounce The throw wild t nd th l
3 3 ad been playing normally it f bad luck if he is to heat this Ind nto the dugout.
2 would ave been awfully tough horse, noted the greatest of the runner from third base cro
S 7 to get Abrns. .. race riders. the plate and the runner front #0|
2 4 In our next at bat, Dick Sisler first attempts to score. Retri
poked a Dqn r NewcomNb e pitch I Arcarn then put his finger on Ing the, emll, to scor cather-
1 2 .,to the left field seats ar.d t h the most important aspect of th, ing th. i, the etcher a
1 hillies had their first penat in Derby. Eddie was in the amal p oorly to the Isate and the
y15ea rhs. ciA jockeys' room chatting about d mn Is
0 3 35 y "ears. t he heart-stopping race that was -John Josepha.
Al 0 the mileand an-eight Wood with
0 1 Along The Fairwaysmied Atkinso., the winning jockey, Answer: No, the m m te
0 iand Eric Guerin, the almost win dball goea lto the di a .
0 1 GolfIn Gossip From The tner. ded. t t baer on ly.
0 0 Amador wLa dies ti ed to two bases ono.
0aa 0 r sThe astute Arcaro turned to '
0 The second round of the La- Hank Moreno who hadn't ridden
o o dies'.Handicap Tournament will In,,the wrace.
0 le ths week. "Where were they," Eddie in. CeRoto. Today -.25, .15
0 she airas a quire 'whe they passed here?' WAHOO1 .$115A
T p irs y iems was down the stretch a s x-

_e, tie" vs. Nashua was two lengths on
Ivet jounson ;s. a.SCarpenter top," Moreno replied."AdELe Mn n
.528 Arcarosmied "ANGEL IN EXILE" d
4Second Flight To him, the jockeys' at Jamal fDEAL Today .20, .10
380 ue Frnc a meant were Nashua would m *
384 Ro hrvsd.1 o be flying in the mile-and-a- uart- Sterlng a y
384 Davis vs. Tubbs S' Derby andtaltg nd eart "The Plnting Feathere
3 i Fih Lreaki.,g stretch, and wfen the R obe Lw
3d. Third on vsE ht norses passed the finish in the ,J UJC
.31 M. Rowan vs. E. Browne Wood all out, it was the William "JUNGLE FIGHT'
.309 1 c kand m.rMiller n Woodward, Jr, bay which was
.300 Good luck and good golfing,
.287 girls I
.287 The 'Medal Play" Tournament
.282 last Thursday was won by: O .
S.27 First Fught
.272 J. Stovall .....-Net 66 *
.269 3 Carpenter .......- Ne e -67
.26 I Perantle .........-Net 67
.250 Second Flight
.25 A. French -Net 64 A
.25 E .. Browne ........-Net 69 I0A ,I
.255 The golf ball for the least
'250 utta went to Bev Dilfor who

.210 During the Handicap Tourna-
.196 ment the Ladles' Day Tourna-
metna will be "Medal Play" with
193 full handicap, and a golf bal feor
.193 the least putts. A iarlety.oaf WH.Y
weekly tournaments will be
.187 scheduled for the future. DoIfl
.177 forget thi s Is the last weekfor
*175 the Ringer. See you Thursday RETREADS
.175 morning, Ladies' Day. ll
174 L give now ire safety.
S At the completion of the see- : l
.156 ond day of unlifying play ut m..wi
"1;8 Ganboa in &e Pan Amerilcan IilHi
.0 1Harry Schwartz led the parade i lmllI
.143 with a 77. He shot the front .... +
S" In in 3 under prr ra 34. The smooth tire is thoroughly inspoetd before
.114 IMcNaughton and Norm Lew*- work is done.
tar were oe stroke back in second 2. Same high'quality tread material as ued in
*111 Schwartz' score won him the new tires is carefully applied. :.
.108 dThepr tee lo a. A ai Soentific control of time and twemperatu r
:7 boa *eems to be giing the bys &.psures toughness and maximum wWar.
*0 a little trouble as there are very Final inspection inside and out id -
"a few scores in the 70s to date,
a.0 -,,- assures safety. ,
n o iV7n 5. Save up to more than 50% of what a new
07 t.I costs. .


Automobile Rew fl PgitimC
B w ... a. (filM Thi. 3-44 and "

a lII on worrecve sligt: Atti A ,. "
5g- wM..he flds a youngster ar. / ornit vm ag ,-

whe, e K elKa y eae out for : a u.
[f lr thia tbre, ae,j na i Aa y i. ''-'" Ad"t- 7
femwa s ckS ua66 1 .. ..--. .. ,

L# his rigt feet's 1. ..
A-; &:M Meek f t -A ln.. I":;l;-" .:



Imi*jg .

i.. .

' .





iUrgent Talks

r May Produce

Ceasefire (

'WASBHNOTON, April 28 (TP),
S-Urgent behind-the-scenes dip- LetI d
lomatic talks may produce an
',' informal ceasefire in the Formo-
an straits without a big interns- THIRTIETH TEAR
tional conference, diplomatic of-
ficials said today. in ,

There was strong evidence. in
fact. that the United States
would prefer the indirect diplo-
matic approach through third
nations at least during initial
moves toward a Far Eastern set-




Official expressed hope these! l I V1 I % U II
initial moves would develop
pledges by the Chinese Reds and
Chinese Nationalists that they WASHINGTON. April 28 (LUP'
would stop warring against each -Senate Republican leader Wil-I
father. Diplomats believed such llam F. Knowland came outj
pledges could be worked out in bluntly today against President
the form of separate declara- Eisenhower's avowed willingness
tons. Red and Nationalist Chi- to negotiate a Formosa cease-
na would retain their claims to fire with Communist China.
the China mainland and Formo-I The Californian made it plain
'st. But neither would try to he thinks the Reds are invltin
'realize these claims-by use of talks only as a cover for e:'
force. forts to build up striking power'
to seize Formosa- if they can't
Long and hard diplomatic bar- win it through negotiations.
gaining touching many world He implied the outcome of
capitals was sure to be required such a conference yould be as
duringe efforts to arrange a "disastrous" to Nationalist Chi-
*ceasefire. But once this isna and other smaller Asian na-
achieved even informallv tions as the Munich and Yalta
officials said it seemed likely pacts, which he has often criti-
that a conference would be held cized' bitterly.
to take up remaining Chinese Knowland's stand appeared like.
problems and other Far Eastern ly to touch off sharp dissension
question. In Senate Republican ran k s.
The United States would r.- S-en. Homer E. Capehart (R-Ind)
fer that such a meeting be held si h e" ht Ito h
under United Nations auspices. said such issues "oughtf theo
But 'officials stood firm on pre- "left u "'he judgment of thee
vious pledges to talk directly ident nd the secret o
with the Chinese Reds, if neces- thte." .
sary "Congress ought not to inter-c
S fre with the day-to-day respon-o
sibilities of conducting foreign i
Solicy-only in broad general po'
Nmfrfl IA-Le Ves Cy "and then only when absolu-
M ,- tely necessary," Capehart told

Talpe. After 3 a reporter.

Useful Parleys' Ike s Manpowi
AIP April 28 (UP)-Adm Aoval From
Arthur W. Radford left for n:r, ,oval From'

Wnlhington yesterday a ft
-'t1ee "very useful" conference
i" th OGeneralisslmo Chiang K
S' slek on mutual defense rega
S og Formosa.
i t" departure was mur
somewhat by Nationalist d
Splasure with 17.8. Secretary
ate John Foster Dulles' of
talk peace with Commun
o na without the Natlonali
is aeSnk 'represented.
though the talks were co
W ted in strictest secrecy, bo
A =mar lean and National
Sources revealed that the Un
*4 States' desire for a ceaef
'f the Formosa Strait was d
n. ee sources said Chiang o
ed the idea of a cease-fi
hut added the two viewpoli
"t'i not beyond compromise
S dford, chairman of the
I. nt Chiefs of Staff, and A
t Secretary of State W
Robertson left Formc
revealing details
,Ialks with the National
1n said merely th
Z '1$it here was very usefu
1I American and Natio
sources denied a repx
the American officials hi
Chiang to give up the ol
4wilands of Quemoy a I
Robertson declined
any comment on the r

qkyo, there was specul
mon diplomatic and m
ources that the meeting
have dealt with Chiani
to bomb the bloassomi
k of gonmunist air bat
the Ith China coast
ik e-m not be confirm

er -
ces -- o
a1- WASHINGTON, April 28 (UP) t
rd- The House Armed Services a
Committee gave overwhelming e
red approval yetrday to Presiden t:
eds disenhdowil plan to build a 2,-.
of 900,000-man ready military re- t
for serve by 1960 through a compul. ;
i rt reserve training system. 0
iot 10%helawmakers granted the I
President' request for authority s
3n to call one million reservists in- f
oth to action immediately in an Ac
ist emergent. But they omitted his
ilt- proposal 'that the Army be al-
Ire lowed tot draft young men Into c
is- a modified universal military 0
training program. f
Dp- Committee Chairman Cal vin- tj
ire, son (D-%a.) said the measure,'t
nts which was approved by a vote F
, of 31 to ', will be brought to a i
U. House showdown vote next week. w
Ms- He said it is certain to be pass- 7
al- ed.
Usa The committee voted 32 to 2 to $
of include the key compulsory pro- b
1st vision in the bill-a 45-day re- W
call to active duty, under threat 0
3at of courtmartial, for any manl
1." who falls to keep up his reserve 7
M- training. Ir
ort The bill also provides: g
ad 1. Every man whq goes Into
ffl- military service., must spend a
Sd total of at least five years on a

Fire Sweeps Holel,
(;Chicago Tenement;

SLou Of101. Heaw (
-wwe W --'-


"fit Casino
Ins Tomorrow
thler In the series of ben-
Hagbin casines will be
inr the weekend at El
y wll b tomorrow
aad ro ne Saturday
games of roulette,
eblackaek and chuek-a-
benefit has been ar-
Wtald la the eaup4m
j grwads, throegh-

CHICAGO, April 28 (UP) -
Fres swept through a hotel
and a tenement on Chicago's
crowded near north side, with
heavy loss of life and firemen
said an arsonist set one and
possibly both.
At least flpwbona were kill-
ed in the t Tires. More than
a score were injured.
Quick work by firemen kept
the toll down. They formed a
human chain up a fire escape
to evacuate residents of the
four-story Green Mill Hotel. A
passerby, Harvey Smolen, 50,
parked his car and helped
women and children down a
fire escape.
Firemen said the hotel fire
was set. They said there was
no apparent cause for the tene.
meant fire. six blocks away, and
an investigation began. -




Ike Split On Formosa

. -

wri s nPjmA | as |k- A^Irl.i

One highly placed Senate Re- administration's new stand on known in a statement handed of an atomic explosion form i
publican said the Knowland-Ei- Formosa. Sen. Walter F. George to newsmen who have been be- detonation. Observers from al
senhower split on F ormo sa of Georgia, chairman of the singing him to comment since exercise.
might lead to a "head-on colli- Senate Foreign Relations Com- Secretary of State John Foster
sion" between the White House mittee and chief Democr ati c ulles Tuesday backed direct ,
and Senate'OOP leadership that foreign policy spokesman in talks with the Chinese Reds. Atomic Attack
could seriously affect the Pres Congress, said Tuesday he a. The senator did notname Mr.
dent's legislative program, greed generally with Dulles' po- Eisenhower but his comments On 'Survival City'
Democrats, on the other band, stion. were directed to the precise
were generally favorable to the Knowland made his views points raised by the President A em deR -j
and DulleLo, gain rostponeU
Knowla d sharply challen g ed
the administration's assert ton ATOMIC TEST SITE, Neva-
H opt es F r PIeatce that it wiuld discuss aFormo- da, April (P)-The inx-
HsI fr IP e a c ,Is a ceasere with the Reds but ed aempt to subject "Survi.
_would ticuss the "affairs" val City, U. A."to an atom-
_ese Nationalists "behind e attack was postponed to-
0r *. 1- their backs." day for the third consecutive
C |nM Ufp SWU nfg -ik l The GOP leader said he found day, posing a distinct possl-
'O nI I JJ rrpl Ii A It "difficult" to understand how ability that the explosion could
this country could negotiate with not take place until Sunday,
the Reds "without the interests perhaps even Monday.
of the Republic of China Na- The Atomic Energy Con-
WASHINGTON, April 28 (UP) Kai-shek& e Chinese Nationalists tionalists being deeply lived mission. announced only 15
-President Eisenhower declar- "behind tleir backs." As for a ceasefirrhe e a id minutes before the scheduled
ed yesterday me United States The President told his nws the Communists don't need a 5:15 .a.m. blast time that
would be "glad" to sit down conference he has "ee ig,' conference for tht. "All they weather, conditions were un-
with Communist China and dis- that hopes for peace are "on the need Is to stop /ihootlag and acceptable and the shot was
cuss a Formosan cease-fire wing." He based this' chief. b Ildlng up teIr aggre s ai v e being at ahead tentatively 24
other Far East issues, i clud- on Russia's offer to sign an o ces in tha area of the For- hours until Friday morning
ing the release of U.S. p ison- t peace treaty and Red mosa Straits,'1 he said. at roughly the game time.
ers in China. C lese emier Chou En lal's Knowland ras asked of his
The only condition, he said, is offer to ne otiate with this coun- statement wouls affect his poSI- Il riJlm ..n
that this country will not talk try on the-explosive Formosa tion as Senate GOP leader, a la
about the "affairs" of Chiang Issue. role in which he. serves partly
In ti c econ, the Ne. .as an administron ap e To Fe
dent also said he has been. cor.- o Fall IV la-l
er PlOn Ge S respond. with his, "old friendly xNot up to the present time," k, a ,. i
;er .Plan G of World Wer n Rsan Mar.- he replied. / IenW UfiI
shal Georgi Zhukov, finApes ~ Ilt the House, Rep. Walter H. A ew ur mm
H ouse G roup Il Improve' a nce ace. Judd (R-Minn.), a member of. .
S ous roup He aal there a "sl o 'pe" the House Foreign affairs Cam. ROMf April28 (UP) -erro-
the corresp on de n-Tw do milttee, echoed Knowland's poli- eto Parkr the Leftist Indepen-
some good. tJ i lon. dent who was Italy's first Pre-
ive duty and in the ready re- I ". Judd said he saw "no value mier after the liberation 10
serve. Only exceptions are vet- Mr. Eisenhower's state ent t nlaw-ablaing critizens sitting years ago, led 16 other candi-
trans who served to the end of about talks with the Pellnla down 'with.outlawed gangsters tes today in the first ballot
the Korean War government were even i*~s to 1dis1cu1 how order should bd for a new President of the Ital-
2. A ready reservist must at- qualified than those pf Sf.crita. pAlttamt." He said.the "uri an Republic.
e$d either 48 drill period a ry of State John Fo er ltlles. -O geta a. meaningless piece of However, the wartime partisan
rear, two weeks of field tralnIg, The President said, however, paper em greater than the le failed to win the two-
>r a 30-day field training period. he gave advance approval to TIe. to face the facts. We know i ls tmot wind t^ wuo-
railure to do so would male him what Dulles told a news confer- they are not sincere." tr ,". major a,
subject to recall to active duty once Tuesday. Knowiand said there Is nothing ce 61-year-old-, Luigi EinaudL
or 45 days under penalty of in Russia's or Red China's his- .The second ballot, in a parla-
lourtmartial. The new U.S. attitude, a tory "to demonstrate that the meant election which is expected
sharp shift from Its seeming. Communist pledged word sla to take at least two days and
3. The armed services may re- ly negative frut reaction to worth the paper it is writt e n perhaps five, was scheduled for
ruit between 100,000 and 250.- Chou's offer, touched off a on1. later today.
00 17 and 18-year-old volunteers wave of high level diplomatic He said it seemed to him the
or a special 'si-month military activities here and in o t h e r State Department's state e n t Parrl, who was chief of the
raining program, to be followed world capitals, of last Saturday was consistent government briefly in the days
iy 7'1 years in the reserves. with long-establshed U.S. policy, of the liberation, polled 308 votes
allure to keep up reserve train- In London, British For,e I g n The department said then that on the first ballot. He was fol-
ng under this modified program Secretary Harold Macm ill an this country .would "insist" on lowed by Senate President Ce-
rould subject a man to a two- disclosed that Britain's envoy in the presence of Nationalist Chi- sare Merzagora, a pro-Christian
ear draft for active service. Pelping has been instructed to na in any Red China talks in- Democratic Independent with
The president has included ask Chou to detail his Formosa evolving the entire Formosa 228 and Einaudi, a liberal, with
1,156,000,000 Jn his fiscal 1956 peace ideas. India and Pakistan question. 120
budgett for the reserve progtkm, also were active be hind the He said. the \Reda' minimum The voting started on the 10th
vhich Is expected to cost $1,928,- scenes in efforts to get the two price would be a "down p a y- anniversary of the assassination
00,000 a year by 1959. big East and West powers to- meant" of Quemoy and the Mat- of Benito Mussolini. ,
At present, there are .about gether su coastal Islands '-now held by
00,000 men actively partlcipat- However, St a t e Department the Nationalists. BALBOA TIDES
ng in the reserve training pro- spokesman Henry Suydam told Their final price, he said, is BO A T
ram. The new aimed newsmen the United states still Formos and the Pescador es FRIDAY, APRIL 1955
chiefly at buldlig up the Army is studying the situa tio n. He which they hope "to get by ne-
aserve, particularly among en- said it has not yet paked any gotiations or through the Unit. High Lw
sted men. nation to act as a go-between. ed Nations or by armed con- 9:16 e.m. 3:02 .i .
S "We have not decided how to flict." 9:41 p.m. 1:38 p.m..
J L6 UA..aLmi proceed," Suydam said. "Any y

:an B Ready Soon

LONDON April 28 (UP) Sir
AnthonyE4ienMsald today he Is
hopeful a meeting with Russia
can be arranged "shortly" to
discuss East-West problems.
He told a cheering house of
commons that recent move's on
the Austrian state. treaty had
brought a meeting with thie
Soviets closer.
"We have been agreed that
before there can be useful talks
with Soviet Russia,, the Paris
agreements. must be ratified
ad-progree made' with the
Austrian treated,
"Now fortunate there has
been press with-both these
"atterx,"-Ed' add.
This :advaae, the British
Prime Minister said, s "no ae-
cldent, but the lqeal outcome
rof allied polic Abolldhnsg up
the an T& o eW t"

action will be on our own initia-
,In Taipeh, the Formosan ca-
pital, Chinese Nationalist o f f I-
cials said top U.S. spokesm e n
there have discussed with
Chiang the basic principle in-
volved in efforts to get a cease-
fire in the area. The National-
ists oppose a cease-fire.
The President said a cease-
file for the Nationlists would
be "purely academic" because
they are firing only defensively
and not attakng the mainland
"except in retaliation."

Berney Robinson
Dies In Toexas

', tf'I...

4,.Read sty on


'OF WEAM -At the Nevada test site, high ciur
n the dawnb flovr the desert as weather delays the
1 parts of the county are waiting to participate in the ]

'. ..- .. SA ..'
k- *** ...- ::.. o so
... r' ;,",
4'. '.' i .: .

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TM, B4 S5173 Oeoretwy oftSgrlowe weasoa
sflts bone-fry ear thu thoug,.- his pi oit. a rColo.,
ab he bgina an tblfloi of drought coWcUs- ,*I aGreat
Plaini stateM. The 'duat bowl in the Rocky M unta glis 1gio Is
said to be as arid as during the first41ive yeal s tR 1930's
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Assist. Secretary
Of Canal Co. Here

Paul .M. Runnestrand. assist-
ant -secretary of .the' Panami
Canal Co., arrived in the Canal
Zone last night for a brief offl-
clal business trip. He expects to
return to Wasigton about the
middle of the coming week.
Runamstrand lived for'several
years In the Canal Zone and waq
employed as assistant general
Counsel before his employment
Ahls present position.

CZ Observatory

To Close Sun oy
The Canal Zone A rvatory
at Miraflores will be. closed aft-
er Sunday, it was anneuneed to-
day by Weston Seaquist, who
has been in charge of the ob-
servatory during the past sea-
The ouset of the raly season
makes observations dif ficult
and often imposasble. It is ex-
pected- that the observatory will
be open again at th-&beglning
of' the next dry season.

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TODAY "i":0,.:4" BELLA VISTi

Gorgeous Grace Kelly tops her triumphs
with other glamorous performance!

M'G-M'. action*-pectacl
filmed In South Amnrlcan
wilds in Cn LOR

Berney James Robinson, 62,
retired Panamj Canal employee.
died last weekin Corpus Christi,
Texas, and was burled In the
family plot at Arizona, Louis-
Death due to a cerebral
Mason uneral services weo
Mr. blson was born o A-
rizona and f 1 a rt came to the
Isthm uI 1 11 when be was
employ duxtng the
construe on o the Ca-
nal was completed b was em-
ployed in the Qartermaser.tWI.
yialon as a alM egindr an
later worked in the QouId m
Division and aU t
Unit He redIned IT itl
joined the OaAlthe
year. MoShf h lss
the time o. hk
February of lS
bo. 111
RP In amim

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