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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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tmnared-isutbt m the
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inclded iWthe elofug of
SLIfe. e aure ai the
lo lie also 4wo a carnation

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DR Statue


On Thursday

The Roosevelt Memorial o thbe
Toumen highway will be' un-
r tof the former U. 8. 'Prg
Klent's family will attend the
permony, it was leaned today.
Earlier, the Panama govrn-
ent had extended InVtltiona
.t various members of FJ.R.'s
family to be present when the
pew bronze statue, which ar-
rived this month from Italy,
wogl be unveiled. Today a gov-
Irnzsent spokesman staled, no
epl s had been received. In
view of this, the U.S. would be
reprpwnted by AmbManuadot,-
den Ohapln.. '
The beautiful statue, for which
funds were gathered from the
p 1ople of Panama, I by Anpelo
pIetti, well-known it al-
ptor, who arrived her with
hs wife aboard the Am=rlco
%9 eorigina l sculptor left the
project unfinished. Later the
Rolary Club parked a campaign
to complete the work .

Canal Tug Towing

Taier. ToAIba

Navy Bilding .

Wrecked By Blast,

Several Injured

NEWPORT. R.I April 2k (1T)
- An explosil mmae o bulId-
ing at the Undewater OrdValtee
station of the U.S. .*wral a
here today and ftrst rnp Mt aidd
several persona.were IPjureM .
The explosion wa*. -saortd
by a Navy spokesman s a 't-
rifle bluast." It occurred about
The spokesman sa&Id several
buildings at the Ordpance Sta-
tion contained eplilve. but
only one buildng W.uwWrecked.

In Russia
British CIl

_ I

A fire department official said
the bding a laotatory for
tean te eAsting t 300 civ-.
illans are eipied In the Im-
mediate area,
The spokesman aild the ex-
ploslon was not followed by a
Buildings on the station are
bullet of cement blocks and are
widely i erd .to prevent
t d k In event of
odi. t a ltorMost of
the b tw ,W..story high

Ls occupied
er demoll-
Irtually all!
the build.

of th
need .b



I .

WASHINGTON, April 26 (UP) Secretary .at
John Fote r ulles maid today the United State w
tq find out" whether Red China is sincerely wi4
n4optiia ft Far Eastern problemS Inclvding. Fo
t qDuefhla told a news conference he was
out the p- .l..Jff direct U.S.talks-with Red C
H *I.-' "ti. United States wanted some a~
that to ..iMue were sincere, in sayin -that th. +
willing ~. otiate a peaceful settlement of Fty
prolenf.'% '
Ther ited States does not negotiate wMhen ,4
is aimed i't its head, Dulles said. said a cea ft
the Fo Straits was an Indispensible prirerequih
Foar .rq l settlement.
d A.r.. _ports on reactions to the Chinese ff
carr -d oa N back page.
made th6 satemet :j H..... ;
r e .tler.ou n-f q*t
weekend tteo ft that he .a .

* 1

a protest,

met)-gt tfe Men. that Zo,,15.+ w41ipm .onuh ,e.,gaina
"a' ig l.M were not wZOted thd iBa*'gwermet, nd
hex detetion Boweve, e aded 3a3h1tnust
wrh pt d i..vtet wgt untll,he retMU to Wash-
A a to conauft wihf AKdpIM ,W-

s teri. f. m ke.
Wa would let the 2niat- *Wf W PWW I

ilet0o_ t -lW week-end Ia .-
united e
ter e
tr nin tntte week-and in

i ronnel I their Vienna posts
tIpeWg outcue- of i-rish
ce ul e c aty mvend the hercan

;. "o r' +av'lla

hs key

IL A'g*houe-ae of Aur
tor me .timilr- tri
*--l~aj.^, 'f~fn^ Anoe u. AnyQ*

Si thdoc-
eda.n Sur aot a .- .mt -a.embassy had
ent t ti hm that h
theId bedtof hA beis BrItis
dciarryn fie. (thI"n toni l
vessel 1.hhri ud t nd on MM epntt. c denied tha he had
Thua fte. der am ed *diy to Britain or had
an h t l was friendness to th
threi Caar hr the *anidrs year, when he
rest ot the way- 46f OIbIIhL ade haesence In lussla def-
It wMS decided the hihp would y known by appearing 4t a
have to be dry-docked for re-; prss conference, he had dis.
pairs after a diver examined the played a Soviet passport and
rudder. However before the 525- announced he was a Soviet ctl-
foot Pifeus aould be dy-docked zea.
she had to unad her crgo f Today's press conference was
light diesel. o ad ai rs called bY Soviet Foreign Manis-
vealed there was avalble lty Preas Ohief Leonid F. llychev
M'U if t I *d.t- W IM--thanan hour's notice
AB aL, to the oream press
aween, m4 ta fr the t


as of talks with Wet Berlin
~en M I._oApn ll 26 (UP)-West
Sr: .iRan Chancellor nonrad A-
fl ar 'Theo 6ftw fle* to Berlin today to
MM a os-the-pat stra to
Sthe ommunlts b
AMA- ml. b ) de- of the Cold War hot-
lamtof u scheduled to hold two
Asin.- a O talks with West Berlin's
.1 "eoa plhr and other clt
tire e a ni posble measures to
lse.n We one Communiste
Yteang 'wo win head 1 Me crippling highway tax
the Bpitifd s en- theg all trucks bring.
cIMM.* In
;=, ."to Berlin more than
F. _eu1e@ da. with- te.U.S.
^ua^ ot hgn figh!S'
Amid nuat B mtg ^ -

,-i ortew bf replaced by,
2 p.
It we-4n lated-h ey said
that there might be s n delay
to northbound ealpptog this
afternoon, but t4 o would be
trum ttg normally by eening.
The arm had apparently been
cracked for some time, an In-
vestigation revealed, but It broke
through last night. Men worked
noon today repairing the broken
lmo Wth i

Takes RAF Plae, I

pi 26 (UP) A twin-eolne
1l Air Force plan "'borrow-
de" by a homesick Indian ai-
man who never learned to fly
crashed on a rqnpkA y flight
from Britain today, killing at
UNllml fh 4 poa n rnnm andI~ml|4,,-'

three others.
The untrain
man was bell
In the pulver
the Vickers Va
room" he gun
ky-chase o v
hight only to
here just after
British office
ration markil
wreckage here
o the plane
man from the

Ho amburgew-E
if .

A a trj the .I t 75 m onths
E E fe A an

11- mth

mu;' u

s*omet to t p the
The iminum proof mt ca
tent st.the ice W regavt About
nve perSl- et forum th, B nd
whlsaky Hfin, four ur Gent
for apodot bra.n4 ia' tio for

to eil at ebot $1.
Plol's announcemo nt follows
by about two months the entry
of an alcoholic milk mixture
called "noggo" on. the Britblh

Susan Hayward

TakOs Overdose
Of sleple Pil

rushedto a hospltld er

her mutoer called poli and
said "I tnk my daughter p'go-
ing to commit suicide." r

,oomu s mU 6uI" Police broke. down a patio
c'oor at Mism Hayward's Cold-
ied rou water Cayon home and found
eved dead i]lhf fthe actrer unconscious an4 curl-
rised wrecka e of ed on O r living room l 0t e
rsity "nfl.a-. was r~used to North Hollywod
ned into a ectic receiving,, spital, where. her
Sr London last condltois pronomar.
crash In flames The li-yaold tremss was
r midnight. later rred t Cdar of
W r Lebanon -o160ptal farther
las said the reg. trentm t.
ngs MMW .on the Br twiwnbochildren ot
aed wl Pose her a lie with Jess arker
taken ly- _rm.nd i whne+ -l
ahtu get, .II a ma, a g-.
on m the. t
ess i gall ued Aj F Whid cnu

Bar er b o to a l ro-

9:-' Bne inS+ t4 tsht ded
S.. .. year-old
f ,i0all befo

AnS Music W k
^ O teB)
Mea e-leite *& ^ry7' -- *

ad fS^veBeontSma


(D nOOf tI In. v
I.. LA

noy qAuWon thOMr -
iment tb seek ar a
faEs with Rd C without
induini that NMltMlA "llt C1
be represented.
neorle. like .Dulles, sald that
' "de acto ae"re that in, n
an actual end to th psooi -
In thl F onnm9am utra uMW .be
an advance enlndtien r ay y
suc. negotiations.
Dul was asked a h s
confeA whether hew s-
out" the pi bty of bilatie
talkb ith Red China.
Ou35s said he did not rule Ou,
uojcltIs sgo long asthed
not on t he Ite re of

baken4efe ese gemmi n.
th aisChin.
Re said that when the ste s

Ua Stateas we h be bewI gt
lthe r Eas t the United eS

H uald this country would
welcome a public delaratio by
Red Chinae a ceaaeftbe or a
statement as it would aban-l
ftr u a esfirs wonM a
Sthe u the of ntforce. tof the
Secrd defense oelsuwc
the ar me
oe amid that when the I aes
e grave ua the are now to
the abr fat the United 'tatpa. l

Bed China f a casefir e or A
statement saying it would aban-
don the use of force. But the
saetdtrsa such
wod be dwelome re, ie.i" r-
Sthe csme.

betekmea f the On of (UP)
he"Gto of th u1 44'en 0 toayM th
-mat beoff "debMe'ptr +J
&see" bdth In l4 o. turm
As a result th o ro-Aun W.
eonlfItrnee at o antg Do
&de Amp"that be Iva
neoah be Imd fth w-5
xnft the doarse of "ONte"L
h*ve followed in the .
b*PkM fw1w their

in fate. be m,.d 20'



* ..,



- **,**

4 I.
-4 A.


* Al.

omDAry io.So" Abnmi^Lincoln IN
M inY,. *in i '' .
-MA M t ^ .. ., .. ^ !




---- -----------







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*_ w 'pp '
". -*, "

'7 ., (,:'i'. ~7)(,4O'7RJi..t ~'~"'W~4~- 'p-I
* .. ., .y.*vt....13-* ~4t $'~ 1
* .. -. ~y
-. -........~1 t~4~t4 ~

S U ? H STREET 0 P. 0. BOx 134. PANAMA. N..WF P. .
,TELEPHONE 2-0740 (8 LIN i r
345 MAD ON Av. NEW YORK.,(.17 N. V.
bIx MONTHS. IN ADVANCrE.- -6.80 13.00 By VICTOR R1f5lL
UtR A small scale civil war has
iiU l aMFORUM t o Tn 111A a aIn sWa1 q aUM ripped roe soul for iax ween. o L t t
r Ait ie ire, explosions and brutal me.
oeatngs nave margea a s ,l- doesn't ..

t, I ..e. Jt4 a vio an Afeerdomith a well knownrL t.utV the kow not rslao n .Ue .. 4.
.e publicatiophone strike, a rai stoppage ch as

Pt's Just ondAnaarned tl coal l mar after ana od ing r eiu
T S ayAyLwit0ApNot only meno and property

and bettr than ever. Tcle town wa overcrowd. yeterda, violea. But now re .s a. r w .
,the far ru re days., with new att ractiu o daiy. Y no w a an, m n .ethe reputation be'
atSAN will be' ANed, for thaONIO BUGLe pa sed over the ver h .ix weeks the. national 0m1 o
leade of these e short space of a southern
The Order of Railway Conductor.s wll be strehere ne s hav e told inquirers l
lmstaherea to compete Ian i etho dyo any as to ldng ickthe a promise of big t the eInow nan chie i. -
ad a better lthban ever. The town was E overcrowded esttftrdayoelwchntan te

Have fair some invedays, with new attractons da e b and Manyth b i
n, 5, st running missed, fonger rahy on avepend ov er the river b e bbov- l I e .e
e obort space of a year oe OrayoanFL r a ou d ourveye

The Order of Railway Conductorshe ma I ll be heredn in ne and told strikers they nould use
am her to competewntto any as to hold inng the yone mem- which can methos labo prevent non-a
Ma-de a short drie out of town Sunday and saw quite a btr strikers from repocung for duty. H .".K you meetva L Tnt a-l
stavure It woulne suit me if it rained out the Fiestae. .anman her-e os. ann Nash- t/, eaL
nt 35, still h-acific, In New Orleans last Wednes-
a, ouly befsaz reloading one year beforiIheolDed. Order day an AFL railway, a done ae e toew rn wI s ake

S sincerely hope thata quotato romw I held k nitiatelto the caiold strikersthey could use a t ee
publication will be read by n Working JessieAn d only one living. for lany methods" to prevent non- wherr thrte cn a e nsoring "l" ir h
M ade a short drive out of town recede and onf ti sers from repoing for duty. t t nit. ayp
corn knee-high. can't see how it has made out with so little He s P. L. Shackel ord, chair- A trie a m to ios n t e tt

ott ure. It would y suit me I t rained out the Fes, an. man of the Luoue-he 6 and Nash- Is mod and wtsea ll a1 ie| ttec. Of ieh -
e quote oow Wright ville Ralroad strikers. so n eat tel ot aouab a
^ *da' uInE a cam^igb an old came tw- rhespnwibll see tatrdtheyp a sn c eannon-iuofled" toinney e
ofPru'^a._ 'Sire,'-said the grenadler, 'I ha+vHe servd youa strp)don't get t owork," U:.Ir ft Cummingsegu,} we, -t.
I sincerely throughpe three at a quotation fromd am s well known milvlte. y aOd sa. eth -ot so fin eIetti le nt 0 th
publication will be read by "Working Jessie," who decided for lbu htes own good a for the I cornv u ism Wcn w s a
to idugh tifaleservieliqgand I am recent efu ditionu, butaiels lponebok wg st-vh the amto:r "dlsWas M.
Thetu rotation is.from. t book entitled ,"The aPetty aOf- bte a nr ,way havest k a ms t o sue
rsoe," authored by RAhM Coape, fN (Ret.h and Ltg g ther aupdodesthses.sae my C al y bout hardi n

-ad I.amvery.r o h Bhea and do anypS bou what _a _____*________excltto_______________________ _______)_____ me" areuca ,ofure Ta flr 1&Ar h-
oe rkamphi a old, tenadger cam e to at t hey( n fled." w use h
w P"WorkingJa. 'e,' s aid the grenadier, 'I have se rt h) doen he ttraciouy warned k, I t U t tU he h sile .o me n gertaneh icel tr Olte
I lly through thle ere e e t t and I am still private.'n- p k t cun II I i e f thoie lit rted n" Vr te tkenv he .. lBothe
traI ie15 years. In. ac n' seve sy h out w have s ervedim faith hanyng whch coud beit r fl de t i o vener a lea ulr. o eaCrn .S
,RJ.ough tne campag n ois and I aimgratefulr you, but,- a n. -t-e I- regonol u the a r adittoiemp IlwMr

Arecs om e tengd I.cannotothanw e d't yspevdo rtie andhl .e.I. y he. d e l adentd e 't haes' c Dagedonr tis ad a. t.o
a ndIn ama eri whic wl as youhind. BiahiC s At rate dis hAete t ts gett iA ap L : Ma setore auseCorb arsce the ing aout Inee oe
l Now e Working JessieI 'p re that the public at II ye a nots f wie uion mt ol top le ingd sta aminga t e ea one I' it"
m eoes t. Ptt o roeyouyur a oot. s become corporal horegen-a T h. n.ourke y io e a are.... vie o haera hdoo' -l to-
ral in 15 ears.n fact I evensay that after re raing whags B ic no eTheaene 0el a a rtsa
IlCStabuck- sergeantIn that time! M the Ata h s erer myI menrdferalte r., ao.roIn7,h rdl.t The-Crit.: Brnnot: av e byl ar atoois. d o

tIIwer a ns. o' .l .. m0 and_ c .ea d so In Er"neees'. frt andyte we end er
ant. .../oAt_ .recommendation e eg_ follows. VW et hy don'_Go w youespend ourtmer nde* hes rI headwoed hedheao--L h, c m to tuBr
reading materials which will a tr cng o thyou I a advancemegOnne rate This has been a bitter strike pme oa ct y isueraAe ipstnt o any e nxerpae i ea_ eIm e ton g lleifover.
ratherthn hope that some Gel the rarlrowdhynebe D.en go: M o n, rad..wyrown Ab, 4 ,lra oen ed..AAShneUabef .eu. artto .wientothint it syt ae

II sri. 'Thsorylhe haYnr..oof.wel-.. rs ,aradio g Molu..O"Turkets ua.sq gtsa -e. -Lr-do0f. Ion-uo be

i tei c laotweet caud a tso -F wa- Look he around nor Summer-stok, a A m u- te a o I "Hollywood Ere."..If a-you Meet aL airO h.osid a n to.a
a sers to e r o la oh o ta w parts, however sma p.The Cri : Brooks At leon noted: aaTheove offsoe l c orfa cp on nfdenc T inr

sidestoblast each er-ver-u ay lead o to Big One rnathea l functio n of a crite that of any expllencd have something left over .. Be
n to reach southern launched at the Helinger.Although the aisle- symphony and urged the composer to seek ap After looking over tilthe roes in your pr-ent chairman."
*ci wre i re deliver admirals were still and starchy, the first-night- other trade. Beethovenr, .t mnay wl taM a. the East Berlin ae Coral t
ed'%t 11:05 a.e. an :25 p.m. erg gave It a 21-Gun Salute..The colyminists critical roasting as ightly w Nrman el e melted: "n the United States, friendly Phil -rlma .
b t Leihof.h contradig ted the crtic-regrting how bgay, des. He once produced a tflop named "siege. these shoes would be.dlcards- Mayland then moved to table
LinIhty Is c eal of the lively and attractive all of It is..Tha first week The day after the oracles carved the turkey he third-rate stuff. t t On the vt to table
Employes Nati o lference enticed over $40,000-three over the "nut* Bto appeared at a masquerade party as an Under- the abacusop dea tr- ad
of the Railway He is a break" even..Many of the ticket-brokers (con- taker.. wearing theoCritics'Circle),observed:"Ah, Suddenly his companion wont against a by tho at
Spsile labor of ial r- toundy he neter i wrtical reception) are "sellg" contented rtten l".Our pets m include this int his haand-tomo route: e do. el to be
b a-- id e4a the the he newcomer with ts arnt ee to, customers: one: "A gloo ae should be likt e b God., U'er d o on eual. o M" "
Hsbodata lb dp qAt a11'retrn'Your should bq ogQy to please and hard to satisfy." h hj
led,,. 'Tact. Fmrtistic, butIt.isg wth nnte.. a I -t r o

would ha one w to lea e antlytheCritr prize ua e t musical w of the year To Know" Aress n-ca fto oauteulatem p aee
The Now Orleans speech flop...A trio of short works named "A in cIema t-he cama on the Big T 's Tw af could take
Scame.atx.bitter One" Came to the Playhouse and was greetedDeietdforss thpBigaa'swaSnor.97iwas voi-ce.os___ed-"AllIntor
wm I a' ,d.. ont..heren areive attw tbui to Digas.sa01011111iin ta loud voine.._These Soes omen it
oIlene_ I~nl theniCn_ .... n w armly.. I ,..a "Gutys ad; Dos" revivedat.the to fse Fry..ep d Murdther mystery sole--aren't -,third-rateby American c a m em th ooM
Vot theSouth nCity q. ter) w applauded heartily.. Paul Mu- tions are guaranteed not to surprise ya. After standards. They're!f ourt-rat. ..
piCo. f Wind" and was un- building up a perfect alibi for S8 ma "es the N
And theo F was called on a In majority of aisle- slayer wlits in S osec ds. Dealing he Is S lme RABUIN-GO-ROUND a i t
Adthen BI a_ caT e don a itle John Chapman to the salm bleok. That stuffy interview with bad-eb o- -
rtAnk lema to a what na exciting dramas of Arnold Ten ee eminentt historian) emostrat A up of Texans e islators hat
hrred tpcol areas. vn mob" li *Gd that monotony is0no substitute for ejjeation thd eir way d to dteaamtIn(ian r wh s
thhldotal areas. h A ---to ."Studio One" whipped up a frothy rmance, Ryburn dinner the h Sam In
Win- tge Ieers: llo O "rd with Cg1e slm4 aeto.keep it bubbing..We had house -of Texas government-" posM"for n
STRIKwandoreAuthorities report that they into Sardi's featuring the familiar dark-glasea, a brief panlgs the other elght fearful that i the lobbyist. el r rer
at L.. RE lI es t have evidence of watrd hap older. 0. o he think he is" arrow's dfl od wither psle the other Clyde Bell, venerable elevator Tn.
ateLonancemon. l, elownR the paestcem_ e_ gte ml regions, the ucer Qaither, "on the cor- night fearf tL the rod t would operator at the Mayflower, seemed to be completely cordial
atiofo' d to his larhowl the Ve Riviera, when came Tkeraedh dd he Rpudcam came here vtari a ur
thin the vert coal on stage o did you expect Mario of Scandal). wth ahirtnd one dollartie. ar
i tr'Anam igmo os L an.a.. bill and tb-haven't changed for Butler and -a-h-e-ma-
eat diert. orAt thIo.s moment: o n neither one nofm wsidoe.w... of ".
A one seems to know just who Is The Cinemaglelans: A testimonial to Amer- The Press lex: X. Truman' condemnation of therate. Pat Vinef widow of
leading the mobs. Ican Eagles, "Strhategl Air Command" usreels of the prems represented a rather desperate S elate M- atrem w tice, o
Violence a virus which a high-flyn' exciter.. Jimmy Stewart Ilays the tempt to attract attention. Stating the pro" Igre ed Mrs. Truman wi : Do
spreads swiftly. It delays laottie- skipper and June Allison is coopilot..0 A Bullet has Its deficiencies is as vious asmind

and Rwiars e leme &nee. youn.""
wames as welllne ewa po Pro-tto-kiledram.Asn'tlnienetomparetyoeuth
pIr. t to pres w -thl-ariBrtkmue..An. er ad yong.a.trand to.e.wee t n citpihmte toh"& Tryofa Whrnlll r !ow heea

]Lou. -a'Thn_ you know what to expect: Blood. Blades and t n. languages. They imHbl a.e gnl the Republicans nev*I yob .
,.i month. The Bang-Bang-Sang. and mathematics.. on he waste 1a f that he "wuldn't-tuft! y
StagerDes-. Be'itIHe ,eaven" (a noew u..d gave him a geometry _t became o Alg.: -ila").0. 't

Denf found a lot of It ready for Droadw ,Olae cow can gIve o,,womo much'.il.-
Sto create all labor leaders in i Smashed records by growing $201,000 in Quotation Msargm a Oh..: N. Dunqan: A snu ",
moon obad better I en ring the ldest' oas-I register bells. ."has found a job..Anon: .-e'trouble with res t.

spendoa modest $100.00 ,,,, j:II '.:.' C
or.-at.nfybefn p> '- .
.- ..- : ,L i ,...-' --:;: ..-: :, ,.-- /- S., ***_

di mo d w e jou bu + .. *. .. .. ...-, ., !

Sa pw b 5jm

!' r "
+ ., ~ S.Cr "i, :"+
*,* I S :L+ I' III :!
I +" I I I I 'f*"I I' I I I + I "! d + +I

trr I t4bta$i.*Or
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t-b-i ,- -. ,*

...-hts he rhca led, when the Uns
A.n was moppi~th s uf'
Srod, 49, a marrI4 dentit, has The old man se4 a six-

a young soldier's wile iound in a log cabin in the lorida.
I dead in an alley earAy last bat-
2 -i7-7`MaA h uWda, polled sa>id todo y. e

Sm B dentist adml he Wa t e
Sln < ."' bd lLIe: with Mrs. Mry M o nen, 2, Wreaths will be laid today on h
S le o~ t Smllan omdl nes l~ Friday night n the fashionable Confederate graves n the four
'l .-.l y Sport ltlen neighborhood where Sbe was l states.obsgrving the memorial. A
anass M arvl dead but said he "blacked out arvce was held yesterday at the
S bJ e a. and knew nothing about how old Bennett Cabin, of which on-
l eo imiaag smpd she died. Iy a bale chimera remain. H
aitii. h-ts Stilamni- PnMga The coroner's office was try- where JsI nston surrendered
e U geo"out e iL trl rbard Int to establish exactly how sne near Durhan.
t p .- pT nelffsbl aMmte roc died. A spokesman said It ap-
r, 96an 4. t M.WMeotti MRaiways peared she bad sexual relations
Fr' h po (ab.) Friday night and she may have
ll16 SSpIe iSb Seaior (ab.) I been strangled. a
Detective Capt. Eugene Ber-
nath said Axilrod "told police -
\ ,that if evidence shows she was e o
I Mstrangled or had interc course F'ie Pa ahed es rd e o
that ight then t must haveO
y SIo p been h im." am i BnloOwhihe.
Is If her death was Inflicted by a Bedroom. Dining Reom and
06115t1M .1 some persona unknown," Ber- / Uvin Bn m Sets.
S-,i r nath said, "It would have to be i. d o de Mader. S. A.
S, Axllrod because according to "' -bm rowae
11- 1 his own statement he was with a c Aea
he from 7:30 p.m. until about ICh-.>ii.Nb n_- -w-w ad1 m
rtM ) P nIflddght." "Now that you oorressmen have voted yourselves a e.'4nS" |
t,' I "rod, father of two ch tl .
rtho"h raise, Ooorge, why fon'tyou passt arond and stop
h 2 oU' i, e dren, was held on ai od p It I

Iuuub- -rmalntalnlng "my husband "'
action. His wife stood by int,
tr o couldn't have done It."
Axrod toi d police M. oo- G narledld
nenvisited his dental office last
Friday night and threatened or | I n I dia \/ ,
"tell the world" that he had OKK Y I ea rs -
l made her pregnant. She said he
tSha e had given her a sleeping pill "
at Si hen she visited him as a pa- -
Stient three months ago and as- ATLANTA, April 26 (UP) dent Esenhower on Confeerate
salted her. w I t o D
ulted her dentist denied Three gnarled old men looked Memorial Day.
n-se--sl rdenltiotmdenie.ehev"g any back 90 years today to the last "I class him among the great-
d.-F sexual relations with her. battle of Confederate arms and est leaders' anid soldiers of this
r nS Com pmete or Smer uoiwn B Mri u ke an echo from the ghostly day," Salling sand at his home
Donald Newton, 26, tol police battlefield ce a feeble "God dee n th monta fastnesses
She also had visited Axilrd nd Bless You All" from the enemy. of Suthwest Viginia. "Just a
n Of Sime~w given medicine that le t Ninety years ago today, crusty few words fro this great soldier
her semi-cons c ous for 6 1-2 en. Joseph E. Jhnston surren- would mean a lotto me.
ours but "nothing happened. dered the last Rebel force to the "I am looking forward to the
-- o Mrs. Moonen's husband, Matt, victorious Union Army at Dur-next presidential election and to
.xz-tltI *plan. ha* now been will be the screen commander. is in the service in Korea. The ham, N.C. The Civil War was al- again east my ballot lor ke Els-
r t summer "Cruise Charlie" NROTC first Red Cross was tryn tofange ready lost, Lee having surrender- enhower."
tra i of m idhlpmen from classmen will embark n their for his retur to Mnnpolis ed to Grant at Appomatox April He concluded with an n vita-
thee t Navl Academy -and cruise ships in Norfolk, Va. July Their nine-month-old daughter, 9.. in to the President to "come
ftrm Nlival Reser Officer 19. The squadron will depar Gloria, was being t a k n to But a group of nurses who on down here, Ike, and I shall
Sr Norfolk July 18 and return summer, Minn.. to stay with had tended Confederate wound- sit on my porch ith you and
Ss completion of the practical her paternal grandparents, ed in Georgia chose the date of alk to you of the great days of
Diided nt th aratetraining August 2. Johnston's surrender or memo-he pas. I know that y will
cr Ab ker ndCha During the period July 2-29 Brial observances honoring all find friends among us mountain
,these si i er trains csrutl he squadron will visit this area. those weho had fallen in the folks.
des ned to 5i officer Again during Aug. 5-9, the ships cause of the South. It later be- Hundreds of miles away, the
S a opportunity f the squadron will be in their r came an official state hl oldest of al the veterans. Wal-
'Isa dn. por t second ports of call, Havana, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida and ter W. Williams, 112, sat in a
Sby og. r Chrle" will con Alabama heel chair near Franklin, Tx.
The third practice cruise of duct advanced professional ex- H e E vi na Fore da yars the bearded He les ina three-room house
the ,sBater practical' training ercises off Guattanamo Bay, veterans marched u n ti ly with his youngest son, Eugene, -
proirams CharMe, will. e for Cuba, Aug. 18-22. themselves at the head of the Euene's wife andhis own sec-
some 1 cqrac M TC first Contract NROTC midshipmen CLEVELAND, Ohio, Arpl 26-- Memorial Day parade. Then on wife who is 81.
las lrs w will are college studetns who enter (UP)-Dr. Paul Kirk, University their number thinned and their The incredibly aged man. his
ore in i ara1 const into a mutual contract with the of Califor rinol t, r- steps faltered. NO only three skin like parchment and his eyes ,
of the e erRooke an Nayunder o rived today to assist Dr. Sam- are still alive but, even so, they watery and inflamed, comlain- cef e
N N our destroyers which they obIgate themselves uel H. Bheppard in his fight for have held ranks better than ed that he could o longer have
xdSrgtie s slt "and to' tak# .certain a. nava tce a new trial, enemy. Only one Yank, 108-ye, the ich hfood. an drink.he en- .. -.....
the a oiler l euk. coueand th, M Dr. Krk will be the yos n Oa- old Albert Woolson of DAuluat, Joyed for so many years. He gets '
Rear 'A.. MLen. ooJr., b nhb summer 'trmang r.jse, teopath's star witne toeorrow Minn., Cs still around, a piece of bacon for breakfast
during the our-yar curri um when defense attorneys Bitternes has gone from the but the rest of his food is ed P
Twf he X te, w corn .In return, the Navy provides "newly discovered 'evide2c e," hearts of all the old warriors, meat and vegetables.
nd,.thJu l.Capt. W, required uniforms, yves them a to claim Marilyn Sh ppard was Woolson, ust back home after a "They give mea glass today, sha ed he
restroytradysprelds torntLt
Watson,; comm .9:, o estroys smaall lowance during Junior not murdered by her husband hospital siege, set a message to promise. me one tomorrow and -
r uadr 4 t eerman, and senior years ad ofer a last July 4. Dr. Sa. a 31-year- the three Rebel survivors.
reserve commission to thoseold brain surgeon, was found "I offer my best wishes, and
Qualified on graduation. guilty seon degree murd od bless you all," he a s t,
U, bkuidsgeafi "Qualified students In this pro- for the bludgeon-laying, "They fought for what they reano mos
rWI' 1 SUN gram must accept their reserve T11 have a lot to asy," Kirk believed In and I fought for-what
ift 'Corp. units i N, obligation, for eight years nd said. "You'll find out in due I believed in," Woolson said in M -rella cheese in
ao mme a serve actively with the Navy tir tmen. recollection" of the great strug- t o o t e
i t. m e a two or three years as needed by He would not disclose the na- gle. His daughter, Ms. John square p e
r traini ngarst utms the service., lture of his testimony, but ob- Kobus, with whom he lives, said,
s Fifty-two NROTC universities served that "police found many however, that he still gets excit-

SDr. Kirk at $100 a day to inves- Very much interested in cur-
tigate the crime. His finding rent history is grizzled Rebel A .ew Itoli s t wi. ith a circular
were included In an earlier re- John Balling of Slant, Va., who Id and positiv ,e-h I tken mot .
popn t filed with the court of ap- is looking forward ito hi 109th in dr os l M Ost.a
peals, and were expected to be birthday on May 15. He said he FaR sles ISIS aYl T'
basis of his testimony tomorrow would like to hear from Presi- F ; l deors
i before common leas Judge T hi-
ward Blythin. RE
One theory advanced by the
e oB West coast crime expert woans IaaW b oun$AOa Toppings may be. vanr
Swill. tofothat a eele fthanded person, pro.- v | A t ef s on
ably a sex deviate, committed irtneadthrsausages, Taenchoivms, gar
the crime with a flashlight.
'"!wi c Kie Dr. heppard is right-handed, hedansbt -
BerJ.Wo,'.... and prosecution attorneys con- U aRo c r k
tended at his nine-week trialgt tr
,that a long, narrow instrument, ev -dp
probably a surgical tool, w as
the murder' weapon.aFr O
reO e attorneys said theIy FROM
had obtained an affidavit from..
a Crystal City, Mo., woman to .
Introduce at tomorrow's hea r- URSDAY 28
er, in the affidavit, said she
was attacked recently by a man AT ,
b..obitofoe dwho said, "Y killed Marilyn. anduIe di" o s n
S"er er Dr. Sam claimed he found in I 'h
-srvati.his wife's bedroom the morning
of the murder,.

Sea.V Iv I W |

Our main $twew*ii

L A DAY""-


in preparation for our


starting Thursday, April 28ti
f *

f A


Main Store only No. 21 Central Avenue

I. V.. .;i

B, t
V8 "I

Because prepared
tion methods fa-
cinate customers
you are invited to,
watch our chefr'
at work.



I 4
EI .*'*. .,KI



I eby using mushrooms, pepprs,
Plic, ham, grated roamao or permeian
., .. .

ready t set

or to tfh. I

yeei elfThe Osteriser makes heidret ed deulicious
aepqole*M aeals ian minutes. COft down oo Mitchen
il n vs mlat" gr choose; -
1 .assls iw n flao sea *Jar. New
-. fieans r steat. c



MsdsRight ithecupi

children want a hot drink,
mornings, For throne o tat
builds real Energy Reserve,
get Nestle's EverReady
Cosoa. ir',iustS-jut 3
temspoonfuls in a cup and
add hot water! It'deltl-
cious-you'll love that rich
cocolate flavor!


.A4,- -. .


Pfsa is popular as aAunch or dinner entree or



Into a large Piasa
plate goes one of
these succule nt
pies. See our Nay .
politm oven, Moe
Ton! ad Franvd


~: ~






m are
we to



I "

. I "ck,

:-: '::"

-: -- 1. '--.-. -.- ---- --c~- ~~I~ -::~f~ __


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'~~~11c5""''p~'BF ~ :~~"-j w c;


i WIlh The Show

feature Roons

I) Ialian Motif

Czech Pritmer

Ousted Fro Post

In lovak Party

The eight edition of "On withI VI1NNA, April 2 (UP)--Pra-
BIse Show,". presented by the gue Radio caionced today that
SImttts of the Dorese WA t e st Premier y Smm Sirkoy of Cze-
of the aanes, will be held I cholovask hba been ousted
".W dbofM Theater on May from hisp tburo P n the
y 11. Sovak Commut arty.
procee ds rom thq show willI The development could mean
donated to the. Canal MZoe that he i on bis way out as pre-
Scouts. Adml mission Is 75 mier.
it for adults and 50 cents forI Prague Radio's bros d c a s t,
dren. Tickets may be otain- monitored here, gave no explan-
adrtqom any member of- the atloq of -his ouser from the
aehool or at the school, located' lineman politbure, the top par-
Ss the Knights of o lumbu ty portion of the province of
h'ldng, Balboa. Slovaa. "
3ome of the numbers of the Siroky becao e the second Red
O~ow include a .ungar ias n satellite premier within a week
,ne by a. group of' costumed to feel the lash of party disci-
chidrean. ;pUlne. A week ago today Hunga-
ry's ailing Premier Imre Nagy
Another croup, comprised of was ousted as nrmier and re-
first-year Sudents) will appear iled Iby a Hegedyies. a
in "Cutle Capers." ae ioun a tural expert.
There will also be a routine -Prague WM wasi
e d *."namlan Holiday." Pea- dropped at a Isiaeetng
ured i number are Lynn of 'Sokak Pa rongress
ayaoad. Jatef Tribe, Sharon which met in the city of Bratas-
ryea. and r ea Cicero. lavia to elet a new polttbuiro.
Dressed In bloUe and skirt en- The congress ended yesterday. I
aembles, these young ladies will; firoky gave only one b r lef
perform a t.pc.l .aitian dance speer during the -congress
to the beat of drums obtained I which inprevous years he had
Haiti d- dominated latl speakers were
I arol BaSflek, first ovak Par-
l. ty sectetary, and Antonin No-
Ra rngMS rest A 1rvotny,. first secretary of the
OsBech Communist Party.
** tons Town i iroky, a Slovakian, has s.rv-
ed -on the national poliUturo as
well as the 81ovak Party organ-
South Caroflna n.I
Three men in addition to 1-
LXiOTONI'rS. C., April 2 roky were dropped from the Slo-
,3mbers from a s'mouder- vak Politburo. They are Marek
S frest fire rode m le Culen, former Slovak agrcultur-
S our wands across firebreaks 1 mini'ste. r Stefan ebeat ,

sodfy to threaten the m-Jl town I r C mY iUaI uIou cnaar-
of Rd Bank and the National man.
(uart was called out to heip' Zupa, Culen and 8iroky were
igat the blaze. odsted outrlghL Sebeata lat e r
Gov. George Bell Timmer- was named an "associate"
man Jr., oroerea tne Lexington member of the politburo, Prague
County National Guard u n f-.. .ado sai. _
tne medical aetacatment of the iSiroky was a long-time. Com-
1-18th infantry-out to assist state must Party leader. He headed.
forestry commission rangers and the illegal activities of the ar-
others in lighting te Diaze. ty la Slovakia In the late 1930s
x.aefunlt contains 110 Guards- mand waI arrted by the Ger-
M ans In 1940. After he was freed
S" in 1946 he became the deputy
'The fire is threatening the premier for the Slovak Commu.
Stown or Itea Banx, t n e Ked nt Party. When the late Dzech
k. -0 cotton Ml ano a oy Foreign Minister Vladimir Cle-
out camp tor begroes, As mentis was arrested In 1950,.
ant Mta Foreser .ionn t. Siroky became foreign minister,
S said. e u and deputy premier. He became
Suoiumbia weather bureau, premier i March, 1958.
l'mles trom 4Md ais, report- I
winds of W miles per nour Unit Ranger Verna Bickley. A
gusts to 35" in the area medium forest fire suppression
asa tiere was tLile e~.ance unit was sent from Newberry to
Wte winOs iinishing before help. %
igsat. Lexington Countv Sheriff H.
aid the fire u,'gina lly M. sin .nnln .p _al0
S bou ':30 p.m., yeste- ion the a ene. m s

a An-


ew urnmig emoers
p over he lle-
IgT re brome out of
er said. I'
SCounty forestry
personnel was ord-I
to Ight the fire under

a loss'

Year Piles i
!S ( pa,. Iua I

The Pd Steam a (omoany
wfPjRp? BD 9 OAI t*UAM I 14.

loyal Nil lns Ltd.

S". ...................................a._... A
S.S. "COTOPAXr ..........;.......................May


M.V. "BEINA DEL PACIFICO" (18,00 TO e) .....June
M.V. "SALAMANCA" ............................. May S
S.S. ",AZE'MOOB .............................Ma. .

.S. "LOCH GARTH .....................'.......April 2
W.V. "DALERDIK" ................................May I
4.8. "DUIVENDYW ..............................April 30
SS.S. "LOCH OOWAN" .......................... May I
All Salin.I SpAbjet to C s Without Notlee
" PACIFIC STA AVIGATION *., Cristobal Tel.: 1054/5
FORD CO. 110. PAAMA-W- Fer #U. Tel. S1257/8
FBALBOA-TMm. Mfr. TeL 2-IM5 [


Gieat White leet
New Orleans Srvice


*S.S. "IBUERA" ................................April 3
*8.8. "YAQUE" ............................... May '
S.S. "AGGERSBORG" ........... ..........May 1
*S.S. "MORAZAN" .............................!...May 1
*8.S. "NIBUERASN ................................May 2
S.S. L. H. CARL" .................................. May 2
8.5. "FIADOR KNOT" ......................... May 2
*.. "YAQUE" ..................................My
*Banding Refrigerated Chilled and General Cargo

New York Service Arrives
S.A. "CHOLUTECA" .............................. April 29
S.S. "METAPAN" .................................May 2
8.. "HEREDIA" ................... .............May 9
5.8. "MABELLA" ................................ay 14
S.S. "PARISMINA" ...............................May 16
8.. "FRA BERLANGA" ..........................May 23
8.S. "ESPARTA" ................................May M

Weekly sailings of twelve passenger ships to New
York, New Orleans, Los Angelps, San Francisco
and Seattle.

Special round trip fares from Cristobal to New
York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.
To New York ..................... 240.A
To Los'Afgtie ,and SaniFrieldmo .... O.00
To Seattle .................... $365.00


e PANAMA 2-2904

~wybo1yPnade aa0ij?4,

M* OM,.


.k~ j



mm eNWA






Wonderful Spot

Some Gal!

A Valuable Box




! N. A. uams

II a

M.H '



Here She Is


MONIwoso Nn. AA it? /

jrt~...wc ;E
c *t W i iiY..A


Another Picture

a JAI aAVl.W




*iVLL At vM-^
ssK1 31716,,~


(btIR SB DIN House

ru5 Hi

MAJOM HOO I OWu (iR W "a "
,,AACRMA.l i. rr oQNr
"AD 60M
$I*W WA~ L %VOLVcm
lHoseft to

By J.

7--wT t,.

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r. -'I- "- ,, '*
fN S P'-'.-!-
y'SB-* 4-H'* *.^ *


K ..4.f" .
+ .^' "




.. *.. 1 e'- ai d Iea ,mU ,.pp.. .mk ,.

iL qt & -, -. .. ./ ,-a ( .

04 ''P

Te rice of apmeloe to the

anXp .lebApee l Oat the U.
W lC lb. A canl M

is temred to ause to a

Luck Rex Knight
Irok !_ Tn VParty
Rdi1'eght of Los Rics held
the CLuk rNumber for theD ter
Im rce. T and o
o pce g f ad a te lobn tyo

Orci0 d Chapter No. 1, alb,,
.e.iB at the Card. P t eT a
mDy be prehased at the i
HWe Club. aturdiay,l A p r
la extended to all to i
Nt Chan Bld
Pu Tea Party
the Lucky Number for the tero.

Orchid Chapter No, 1; Iasa
O.E.8. at the Card Patty a
Diace held at the TIvol O
oaNue OB Saturday, April S5.,
The Lucky Number was NO;
15 i

I .-p 0

B .. .
Lwig, e W. Jenkis of nalbea anumee
ntf aplP~ro, btlg marriage ef their da-lier,
ir ME Laim, of Mr. and mn. Thems J
Sbe the event of May Sth at Fort Amador
is a graduate of Balboan High School 19H4,
n attending the Cml Zoene Junier College.
ofte u lboa High School 195.. Ie served
sthd Is now employed by the Terminal

iloea -

o -ofla i-
today and

a dncneonh
Peo oCr wil
'erklU will
itae tb ogauT

I V'. To e.


4 -

Badl Pareesa' Bta"n .
taIm El Valke -
. After a three month's "tIn
l -Valle de Anton, Mrs. R Ibl
Paredes has opened their GOilf
Heights home.-

.L .. .

,i 1 .-

the th, at 9:30 a.m. at -the
House 19 on 7th Street, Go
iHelghts, Panama. Mrs. Henry
Starrett will be cohoatees.
Mrs. eorge tilman will re-
lw Heart Fles South"
by )uahth Morton de Trevi-
Any members deiring trans-
plortatlon are asked to meet
at outaide St. Luke's

C""P t Johb' TTe Bais
MINN V6w OWS Piao"
Party and Oasme Might
for ljtt *nant! of the pwrhasee
a: a w pqauo for theU O-
.&V 1A b ris been phond by
the U0S-7WB Armed Forces
ServlcCaanter on Thuraey, A-
*iHl 28th. from 7 pn.m. to 11 pqm.


;- *.-tii
*! f.".



Canal Zone College 01Cb
Tre,0 Cnal Zone College Clubi
will hold Its annual spring
Luncheon on Saturday, May 7.
This affair is open to members.
their guests, and all college
women on the Isthmus.
Reservations may be made
with Mrs. C. Browne, 2-S0'73,
Mrs-. & A. Doolan, 2-3504, Mrs.
R. 6S. Herr, 2-2739, and Mrs. F.
J. Gerhardt, Panama, 3-3422.

Travel M evie to be
Shown at TMCA Tooight
The YMCA of $aboa will con-
tinue the series of Pan Amer-
ican World Airways flts, to
night, showing 4Wh tita UI the
beautiful picatuea. "Round
Sour America' nd "Week
End in, Bermuda,. which will
be exhibited at 8:00 p.m.
The public Is Invited,
to attend O"WoiU

Att Geom Motd ,
The Altar A i Wthe ,athe
dral of t. Luke wilt hold its
regular monthly meeting Tues-
day eveningl, April 28 t 7:30
n.m. All members ar urged
to attend.

k u- K wS mie
u-v (*qmhRni-C

~ '4-



vond tthe, ao!Ie
Coner will double up on-mingo
ci tom orr Wf o& our
Thie l nfomIora oi t anived
from Dihehin searchh
and aIndatry, Vstvtwy pon
mL ; -
FVMMe A emam &POMee:
t~ eSigathoesu earHletad. to
da seem to ntnr that i b e
avocado 1i not 1O ,t e S1o
freeing either I $ t-it
or as a sUced 0W t. upon
tllwfng, these prodi o to
undergo a physlcI, Hrhldown
resting In an u eM- 49etory
product. It haUs be"Z Am d, how-
evr, that ;ie r oitn
cy of this fruit mike. It well
suA" for the production of frozt-
en pures. A d idclos puree can
be pred by nnsg together
In a food blender 4I~ volume
of avocado pul 'Wt 1 8 volume
of a good grad of salad dressing
and amall ambunt.of salt.
s mixture tan be frozen ei-
ther In small two otr thrde ounce
jars or large quantities can be
packageg. in rr ular pift or
quart molsture-vapor-pfoof con-
tainers. Thia frozmn product re-
taina Its original flavor and color
for many mmtia. Avocado. puree
can be used in sandwft be, appe-
tizers., or is a. salad dressing.


with these new ano

attractive styles.



Club. ......$ 3.75
Monthly... 10.00

Wo w bO


Here For IA ssnent

The United States Army with so test the reliability and versa-
S p f n-capacity sly-buU
OeodeUtic Surv embarkedlBschtwe. ,
8wdn S *A7*dIW a .anticipated. that the
ferry lgbt a .od wI t iutop ffs at Havan, Cuba; Cua-
known a.-Opeamton PaS Sck. to a City Guatemalk; B an
S D.s mission of "9- alvtdor, Salvador; Tego i
pe o o-ok" is the deu- calps, Honduras; Managu, NI-
very from Arm Aviation caraggn: 'an Jose, Cota RicO;
Center O.a. ttckgr, Ala., to and m- Republic of Panama,
Fort obbe, ~l Zone. of five will benefit the joint mappi n g
H-19D Army h itera. Iprorama In these areas by
The route to be followed In.* etmastrating to govern e nt
cludes tops in Ctu_ Meu e o e lctlals and the public at large
Briish O tem a 1 a, the adem equ used to
l Sail r.. oaduras, Nicara- support the survey. Work.
gua. c Panama. k IAA rode nearly all
The stW M is the capital of the countries In Latin Amer-
cities vhtW .e.tosuatrati l icAl th alstange In .their
flights for nW government offli- mapping progame by providing
claim will be a=i. Itechncal advice and loaning
The big teo-place helicopters equipment including Army Ar-
and their two eerting Ar my craft and relle6ptftd. The ne w
fixed-wng aircraft are painted big helicopters will greatly aas-
a distinctive eand white for ait the program by suppke-
easy spotting In Junle terrain. meeting the small agile hellcop-
Th are deastiked r delivery tenr now in use.
to the 937th ng eer Comqpany
(Aviation with hedquarlers at The helicopterp wll fly over-
Fort Kobbe. Here they wIl be water from Miam; Sn.-to Ha-
used to support auure y and vana, Cuba, and thence tq Co-
mapping work of the ZIAO by zumel, Mexico off the Yucatan
hauling met, sUppies, eq ul p- Peninsula. This will probab l y
ment and map Instruments be- the largest overwater' mass
throughout Latin America. helicopter flight yet undertaken
Col. Robert B. Robertson dl. by the United States Army. An
rector of IA S, say the flight Air Force SA-1G Air Rescue am-
will provide qxAllent train I n g phlbian will ac a n o pan y the
for tre helicopter crews and al- flight ot the ovetions.

Russia .Relases

615 AustriMa Held

In Soviel Pdrisons

Salvain Army

To Observe Jubilee

On Alatnnc Sde@

LONDON, April 26 (UP)-Rus- A civic service commemorating
cia has released 13 Austral i a n s the golden jubilee of the Salva-
hcid in SoVi.t jails in compliance tlon Army In the Repub'lc of
with terms of the Austrian-Soviet Panama, will be held at the Club
peace treatv agreement reach e d Tropical Friday at 8 p.m.
last week, Radio Moscow said to /
d. Gr ues speaker nill be 3. D
prisoners,' including w a r ouBan Mw"Or
be rsoners, including war Bazan Mayor of Colon: Allan
prisoners and other o n a I s. Huber B. P.rkl.. ti.h Con-
vere froed in advance of the ac. sul to CoI^on; Ar,-e,.n Main-
tual signing nl a treaty on ordersert. Peteron, retorof Christ
of the Presidium of the Suprempe' uc yteBa B r-
Soviet, the broadcast said Church y-the-Sea; M. I. Ever-
The relaeese of all Austr I a son of p Moto rtation
prisoners was one of the condi-IDivison. Cristobal ... Commis-
tvons of the agreements worked loner G. W. Sandells, 8. A. ter-
out by Aust-an Chancellor Julius ritorial commander and Mrs, 0.
aaab and Soviet Foreign Minister W. Sandella, and U.S. Army Col.
V M. Wolotov in the Mloscow con John J. Davis.
ference. ,
The Moscow broadcast said the The first meeting to be con-
.residium ordered the prisoae.r ducted by the territorial" corn-
freed Lo "contribute a furt h e r mander on the Atlantic side will
strengthening of friendship and be on Thursday night at the
co ration between he Soviet'Rainbow City :yTnalm, when
an. Austrian peoples." th! ~so BlasMe wUiM address
Te loscow broadcast said the all Salvatiol Army members and
Soy ets had been unable to_ re- ex-members.
Ic seo a t' .prisoners ofwar u t at 16-.61a.tIV-n
"cau'sevfO."trl gravity of Ushe t4i.-v'w at
Tnmes jUDy conimitted" *d as Wiru Ir t Oreet
turning them over to Austria as Hall for a holineut meeting and
war cr"imibal it did ot .ia y at 3 p.m., there will be,' United
when that wculd take place. HOn Laguta rally, where iep-
The broadcast also said that also said that restate from varus
A 11thr itreet andef atraln Ag.
A .-st .Ii u arches will be press ent. A ape-
comnmitted active epidonAge a- cial message from- M. .Sand.lls
against the U.S S.R. in favor of for- ,.,b giv,. ..
eign int-igioee serviee" would a-W- <. e 9*V ... .
continue to arve their sentences Arrangements are been made
in RUs. and would J.e .re.ur.ed foray mohtr open-ai en
"when Soviet troops, leave A u 1-th St eet and' k teM rae i'Ave,
'___ .Commissioner and M flndels
f 11- aWill biza x*the GqvMo me" age,

SLions xcIIIunZ


Adlai Slevensn

tnee of onv 15 feet when hi

bi ut transferred to a rit

it, R over h t
The visiting Democratie ?Mrty
iead lad started to tour I w *
wirve i the park directvensorn s
moWhat do we rred to a rit
iAh 14d R,,ver jeep whea. the
tigear becanil mired in 0*ar 'd.
With the Lind Rover axl dn
In ad W ad the lioas '. w tch
wX it interest Stevenson as
"What do we do now?" a
He then 'eilt on taking pM-
hitures from the open window ,MI
Tbe Land Rcver.
'It was one of the most 'ezxe
thc experien es in my life' Ste-.
nson said after he had sately re-
thred to N.sobi.

'Be a BulkyWooger


aneiut Crystal

S Unusual wes

Lovely Bud Vases

. .11


tabled froUaemat, would b e proud of his0""ae ad Ab
ant in Houston Te. FPot Davy Crockett -1a.rt-eS UP
of the Almiho hero is a modest man who act lie 4aemt
a whoop or a holler for the current jukaeb, gSWlodc.the:
name. "Tbey'r, swro mabkin' a thing of it, "a $ t..
architect. A tacitrm rman In the true mqtUateneei .ep
admits hbearihng "The Baelad of Davy Crokedtl" "eoupe ,of *
And his four-year-old on,. Davy Crockett IV. also allOw_ ,
he's heard it: Crockett says he's a descedant of thl I,
Davy through the haemo's youngest son. Of t.e'
mentos be hasn't as much as a shred of coop" In at, to
Davy IV ho, things were in the .ld t.d, t 0o
bor Irow I Toin ee long rifle.

Here are the dates to register -your child for
Summer Dance Classes .with

WED. A THURS. MAY 4th & 6th
9 a.m. to 11 a.m. 1:30 pp.. to 4 pJnm
House 744-A, has .Cruces St, Batboa.

,. .-. q.* R,

-Ca red Fdd,
Mie i t ie world have
Mwi ltealMy aonm i with LACTOM N,
tbie mWiktmevt plmilarto mother's 'mlb.
laOOQeMp*i#W with vitmqng an4

t your baby .,
Iond dicelt.f





S -. '; ,


F 2*

,.. 1 ,l
i. I
., ;. ,
-* --.-.* *
*' '--'..4


- Asitrays


- **''i'~
a .,
-- 9.
~ '




* -4::-!:.


--- --- ------ --- -

I .




.~.. --T-

--- ----

.. -

I 'I


A -.


a." ;
. a.,. .m,,w

*-. -I


~*04'7p- -
- .j'~-m '~r *~
I *-

I -. -. .A
irSca h^i nsiona;,^r^ Mi' m van

., .-.. .. .. .- ,-. ..

-~ -"- .-.--.--%'* I'~

S~-*I'..7 .A

. .. -. .-i r .

;" .. .





, I_ _,______ ___ a



5 to 10 p.m.-Adults, Pre-teem
& Toe0nge. I appointment only.
Meing ........slbao 2-4219
A W p, P.....m Pma 3-16g0

14.28 4th of July Ave.
hone PanamA 2-05.2

:0'We tan help YOU with

D A. and u OtIL.AC
palmer Gradultes
Peru Avenue T I 3
blockroLux Thee

Pelckrs Shippers- MWove
Phones 2-&451! .-24iA.l
Learn Riing4at
0.1.-.. r. n... ..L Claamm doels


I 0ree No. 13
ibe of July Ave. 4 & t
de- Ato-esom Ave. and 33 St.

FOR SALE:-Whirlpool wash-
ing haI .s ey02s. 9 x 12
nu. .f'a*l-a ( f l). Bookcese.

FOR SALE:- Leaving Isthmus.
SReofslR ter. 9 cubic, fit deep
freaier thest, excellent condi-
tlei $120.00. Washing machine
Mayt-a, excellent conditMo $60.
Those Items are recorded for
onyeronla. House 628 D, Ft.
bofelsep, Cristobal 2805.
FOR SALE:- Sewing machine,
radlo,.metal table. lis.ry table.
n'leaifpneous d ,ishs Sntre Cla-
b ra, Cempa lots. 7548, DBlbos
R "d. Phone 2406 Balboa.
FOil SALI: AportMwant fur-
misted. Leaving IJth ium. Very
low price. Telephone 3-4032,

FOR SALE: Electric range,
Weslngouse. excellent condi-
tled;.unew heatin.olements. May
be seen atO Qrs. 54-A. Albrook.
Phone a 4243.
FSA-'5L Mapl @ *owe $75-
r pla chair with fpotatool.
itU0. Houe 5 Cedro
-lap. Meuerlf. .
FOR JAI.ScAl-Warhtni machine,
Westinhliouae. 60 cycle, $25.00.
Deep' mfres. 714 c..ft,. 60
evsle. .19.00.0. Sewing machine
tolmn wdt new with teblo, 50.00..
Miucel~anot garden beeXs, etc.;
Vi l frAthgnerl horepower e-
leitci:'Moters. 524-A. Curunadu
Heights, Tel. 13-3185.

j, ,aP.- -"I EFOR SALE
m1Vflnpm -eou r
Sm m -- .. .- bedroom
FOR SALI:-6 motors. 1 Apex kitchen
-15 YEARS OF E 9I iC i washing machine, all 25 cycle. formal
edy eand Reducing MauagIs 1 Call 7 -5188 any time. Imb.
.4 Loew Machines, surkioh both. -. -. -
m eand Tfal. pr-- 'tr 9
mIC. H4 Hush SEAT

ic. .
a .. e flM

182 La Carnalqallia
Central Ave. 45
No I Lott er y

rfeth -disk AvAe.
Agenola IntVna. de PIblicaoionees

'r p *t"

Ave. TIH M21 M *

ssC^. < a ,
M Street No. U

IJ In JrI .. .. .

BOX 2031 ANCON, C.Z.

Apartments .
ATTENTION G. I.1 Just built
modern furnished apartments, I,
2 bedrooms, hot, cold water.
Phone Panama 3-.4941.
FOR RENT:-Furnished and un-
furnished 2 aend 4-reton-modern
apartments. Contact ALHAM-
Phone 1386 Colon.
FOR RENT:-2 bedroom apart-
ment in Duplex house. Fenced
yard, garage. Call Cooper 6-
FOR RENT:-Small apartment
Via Porras No. 64. Telephone 3-
FOR RENT:-Mpdern and nice
located two bedroom apart-
ment with 5 closet, combined
living-dining, mWaid's room,
garage for occupied March 3rd.
Apply Justo Arosemona 97.
FOR RENT:-Completely fur-
nished, scroned two bedroom a-
partment, maid's reoom, .in Bellea
Vista. available May.IS to Aug-
ust 15. Phone. 3-4992; after
5.30 p.m. 3-0732.
FOR RENT:--Fornlsheod apart-
ment, gas stove, refrigerator,
bedi etc. to reipemible tenants,
S"El Dorado Blldlnsg" Cella J.
B. Sese No. 22. 1T5.00. Phone

0 9 to 12 n, 2 to 5

|ENTI-Aparteminnt. 2
ms. living-dining room,
San Froncisco. For in-
ri telephboe 1464., *l-

) Me ng

llrii^. -


S Houe m

FOR SALE--1953 Faer lCm i FOR RINT:.-Small halea -
tomel 4doer Sod. Yp, easm. living d-ilp ems,
clonm..ied toel r ," i t_ dHon.. Mera. tmtqmq
Call Navy 3994 wa' g-e Jpee do Sa Marnie Ave.
2610-1,Cocal. 6 downsirs..

FOR SALE:.-1952 Buick. Sp.
ceil. excellent condition, radio,
two-tone point, no w thie
$1200.00. Can be finmmced.
$18. 41
. b IALE*: Sport Cr e 1"4
Sumbeam Alpine. Excellent cpe
*.dith. Rbdio, whitE wall tifa,
Albreek 3190. _
FOR SALE--1951 Buik SiacrO'
Ci.vo timli. Hydrometic,. WT
W tir,.. radio. 33,000 miles.
Tehoeofne 2-3305. -'
FOR SALE:-1952 For4)d -!'
Excellent condition, roale, a ll
aOvers, ood tires. AlMa *ito
wing machine. Call Hale 2-
3196 er inquire House 879X,
Morgan Ave.. Balboo.
FOR SALE:-1953 Ford Sedgn,-
4-door. Excellent condition. Tel
3-6032, Quijono.
FOR SALE:-1949 Ford VS Ste.
leea Wagon, 2-door, moreo'
good condition. $550.00. Call
Fort Clayton 6215 or 25-1
48th Street., Ppnemi.
FOR SALE:-'49 Hudson. goed
condition, cheap. Phone Paen
ama 2-3747. Good tiresm.

FOR SALE:-1951 Koiser De-

FOR SALE:-1947 Codilla 2-
door bedan, excellent condition,
now upholstery and paint, 539U.
524-A Canruad Heilghts Tel.

FOR SALE: Dodgo Pow r
Wagon, ton, 195U Piek-up
Struck, with almost ow rebuilt
engine, winci, end fiv good
mud grip tieW. J24-A CurMi-
* 4h h ,igs.j T.l. 83.310.

SFOR pENT: Seound flee of
Fsidance on General oeee Son
Martin Avenue No. : Fer bod-
roomn, living room, 4dialn room
kitchen, blrge porec. l iite
oeund floor.

Real Estate
FOR SALE:-Lot, lhones in the
city. Andre Thoams. Cenrela
Avenue 259. Telephone s-1069.

Reward for Informetion leading
to the recovery of lost or stey.-
ad cat. Young neereood male,
black with white pma end
throat. 54 Third St. Nw Cris-
tobaol phone 3-2747.

ktivilles L[led

By Rainbow City

Civic Council
Wednesday, 7:30 p.m.
The regular meeting of the
Council will be .held at the Higan
School Study Hall. Main topics
for discussloh will be recent
conference with Governor 8ey-
bold and final plans for commu-
nity program honoring Prinet-
pal Hainlng. All delegates and
residents -of the Council are urg-
ed to attend.


'A ses
Bt o I amboo e NEED a Cmr? Call H. Fro,
0 N e i'-A pr* -.- a Automobile solos, aH makes, ciploi o
S' V- l n n 1inl 1 r 1 -l 1-. -n w Ild o d cars. Auf ohle l 4 Of
re 5 A April .28- fUP) -A ling the basic problems assign- Insurance. 600? Frot St. Phone Sc ool;
**GUs.eor W d Jalouses topeaoret meti &o XA TO ed them. l04,Sekx 741, Colon. ofl and
powstdownto. "basic probe .o thel Ra
Call2. W-3m or u, fr9om l tay military ex erts Cruz told delegates that anti-.. of the R
timates Given Without from eihtratlonr met behind Communist measures must be' FOR SALE: 1952 4-deor tional co
Obligation h guardeddr to chart designed so as to meet the "en-. Soede Chevrolet. 25,000 miles. will be s
Distributed by Adefense e g apin It emW'a wove in whltevar fqrm PFeI -arter' 122, Phone nity Banc
SDistributed by 'S ars e wh;..1.. .l .iSl: X rus under
Products de Modera, S.A. .' *arft e treaty areas, Prescott.
.-SnCta mildltartit. a*- FOR TALIi-c. vre~f t 1952 4-
Central Ave. (between Kodak l' i itmo several mubcomiuit- "The Communist menace Is a door Delu x Soedn: Owner
tldtang Fifth Ave. Store). esto .ttle the knotty prob- continuous, centrally-controll e d driven. Good tires new spare, M
Slqnm ofdosling a collective de- effort W' regional as well as 23,000 miles. Phoee 3-4992; Under
,, tenset.t could spring to life global scope," he said. after 5.30 p.m., 072. Rainbow
im*p :. imattely and halt ed atr p.m.. 2. 1954 Wor
t0 |Elhere, a n y time in iNo communiques were issued, shown at
THOR Bst Asia. 'following the secret planning W NTE The Juiv
sessloa. bo ae connected with mittee
SWASHING MACHINE S ..Raeaentatives .from the Phi- the conferepp e own would give tion to a
a frits Sales .A SeyPrvip, .ppL, Pakistan, Thaillnd, a hint as to what items were on Automobiles munity t
1 eblerla CASA ARTON .tNew-- ealand, Aus tralia, the agenda. --_ T .
SUntra U' "the TUted Kin g d o l WAN : To buy all late
'Central -" d i 't ed States were But It appeared likely that the models autnmebiles, preferable
Tel. 2-45K.s*, Fer. asome of the agenda included the following: i Chvrolets, Ford, Dedge, Ply- I
mftety precautions ev. The role of air and naval fore- moh, Pe.lecs, OIdnobile.
or eJe trgas mountain resort ed in.event of aggression in the we_ pay' mC hs at.- Jo'-
city, summer capital of the treaty area. o A. Cl nt). TeL 2-1 6,
Coca'IHMB Co- R, Tel. 2- 16,r *.Jo h n
e- official OrganlA of ground forces. 2-49"6, Peea .eo
-T' wa -nx, o own. I, .~hm ws no official reort Methods lof combatting -R ed e do Cl
aag w rrar vee s linfiltratloh and subversion and Civil Enn
: yment, $12. p .|5 S .Chodoordinatio p Intelligencee-Frewell. rice nginee
a a CASA 't ceeAz SC forts. Assigned hi
-i iCentral 26-1i.t q a11 oi&t- Organtion and coordination At ete iss n m
tw-o- lytqegan tack- of logistics and communicla- ~ P ois eave the

tovaW Modern-Maid,
new, one year guar-
no down payment
SCA0.00SA onth.

wived new abignnat
t ModelN-M
rd pwordchwW
letse wth 4RM
and. Manetic T.O.

Oenur 16-70..

S .- .





A farewell ervieq will will be
held at the Bethel Mission
Church in Paruo for Ralph
Malcolm, a prqsamn t y o u n g
member of t. church, Friday
evening at .130.
Malcolm Isa huled to leave
for the United ttea Saturday
morning to ta0e up permanent
, Revival. a bx the Evan-
golidal lauib -mfc for this
week eoe *Is l d t Ith
Street, Parqueo tse where the
Chrikltian Mi usn holds, Sunday
i ___ ____


'"N A

A rt J Plintitf. v
Helten mcds ummo
Um for .





-moan&-twim*laamptand a Y
sad rouoht to" teA.. are te
AWs b4yrn.r -e a.

office in

Rainbow g City High
WallHm Jnum, elesgate
rainbow CivtyCivc Coun-
Dave White,, chairman
ecreatlonal and Educa-
mmlttee. Musical items
upplIed by the Commma
d and High Schoo, chJ1
r direction of Reginald

Tuesday, 7:30 p.m.
the sponsorship of the
City Civic Council, the
ld Series movies will be
the Rainbow City Gym.
entle Delinquency Com.
tends n open invita-
ll chiLden of the com-
o at end.

Ce(Aley v

Cagley. Chief ol the
jineering Branch of the
Ing Division, has re-
s position with the Pan.
Wa- Company an4 will
0thmus early in June
i'. PO.MS$o with the Te-

A native of Applton, Wiseon-
wih the f.IwRk vlion
since Il s11 or y after Mohas
graduated from the .-iv angi-
neering WSchool of 'rows sate
ollge in AmesIowa. "-
He Wafisemployed bthe
Panama OmAl Voad. ng a
student iga -peMr-atBa&oa
Heights and w promoted I
Junior engineer in I9.3During
the Irt

Civil Efgl r S t
Jed to, the -cAM1 0un a-*
1 totln, the

lime -e. r or
com~eflan o ,eu W

DBldwin' hpeul pte fw rmet at
Santa Clare. Pha.m ates 3681
for rersaetls.
SHRAPNEL'S fwmh md lese
on beach at Tele-
phone THOMPSON, Ibea
PHILLIPS Aluelda Cljtages
Santa Clara. SI 455, fcl .
Phone Pr ame 3q 187, Criste.
b6l 3-J673.
post Stom Clai. Law ates.
Phone Belbae 1646.

-O RET -bdnn
WILLIAMS' Sa in Claen Beach
Cottages -. k, effriers-
tion. 2-bedre4aL' Bselbbee
Gramlich's l$sta Clamr peagh
Cottagen. Madamm clavaInaecs,
moderate rafe. Phone eanbae

FOR RUNT3--,Nrakihd room-
cool, all cnveinlenees, Amorican
gentlemen only. .Hear Ancon
Post Office, Phoes Panama 2-


FOR RENT: -Specious offices
on Juneo AresneMta Avenue.
sector ideal for -buines. Tele-
phone 3-0294.

Sprding Concert

Listed Thursday

Al Balhboa Gym

The annual Spring
sponsored by the Music
nentp tha1 ba Juv
hoa,: w7tZ IItheld w

.ne program will In
number ofet selections by-
A. Junior High -School
ra under the direction o
W. Journey, Conductor i
Balboa juniorr High 8eho
Jhorus and Boy's Chorun
Special selections for
And piano will be given b
:huey, Dolores wheeler,
ssh ad -Leon Odensx.
curdlan selection will be
bY Irene Michaells.
The complete program
Processlonal M a r c
umphal, W. D. McCaughi
Two Classic Dances--1
Jacques De St. Luc; 2. (
J. H. 8chmelzer.
Sailor's Song, Edward
.March from the "Oc
Otatrio,." 0. F. Handel.
rIplet, Mexican Sent
. McCaughey.
.Vay of Dreams, 8
4L uts on Parade Mat
estra,w. 0. Stevens
eTnuuerei and1 R
R ..t ahuoy, violin;
OeOr, piano-Robert
Vzas Bride, Naomi
tirine,_.Leon odens. p
La tavlat a (Seecti
k- Pariulenne, I
iaccordian Jam
o Musical, op.
fasl XaNs, violin, Leon
-e's! Gone Away,.
mountainn Bong.
f .l> O Morning,
Ap ,Th., Chorus -
W. 2mrd Cyame,
A 1Ul w swift, Girl
audsco serradae.
SBRdwrd I

Babe Adam
Us ., ce, LawrnE


lor High
m; .Om-

J. rea d le fal a*m ,l
N OVsDA A -,-
tie S.

Wanted P iian

WATEDi-Po.- fell- lip
rvicWA w Wam Aes..


I~YI II -ILli _~sl~; l _.U

Positii offered

a,. aged 255. --
Iag psHIj flv In
p. l. s.
DMTA, Dp t:w N: ;I.
8.- .. .

gtypis utih w lhgultabi
Earepean ApP
niqupmes .
ltve therepl. I WANTED Ient Mp1
vou strM e a andt r .I
Kimneioloy. 14-49 lEl e l eetery-tal eaper ia w-k
diante, 23. 10 to 1'l in Cl bh. OApGaad wM atih
By eppolntment Tel. 2-ai. W M. i 1291, P enMi.

Officials Chare Fires Deliberatelk

Set As L&N Railroad Strike Drags t

ATLANTA, April 26. (UP) -ta l itrthtflW't brl at the S e
Fires which destroyed costly ei- of a nmukiker Railroad
phone equipment and damaged c als ald an attempt was "eIm
a railroad bridge biy.od lIn e- to'dynamite an., LN trestle iar
ciate repair were "dblernstly EtowaMl, :Tll. but dmage
set," ral and communications sliht. .
cIcilala charged today a' the Four atrkep wbre arrestea't
twin southwlde. strikes dragged the LUisl .-- yards qf. e
into their seventh bitter weet. L N and ch d with muaB
'Ihe latest violence came on bott, At l a.M
the eve ofa second meeting of Abe vnts-;E:-
the Southern Governors con- tigatl n.t t6- TV of .A
ferencete o consider ways of- 0oes" on ,crd ow dt
brfigrngl n end to the 3-state rers Iad', i e
strike against Louisville and y "Wedb tlE. rOUiriee trttj |'
Nashville Railroad. Hey that. eithrt our fire
ine governors met last Tuea- meant or the '- pice depar pt|
day to discusa the two strikes should be sed on bhalf
but the 10 nop-operating LON management, but simpy,
unios reflised to arbitrate their and' only to uphold the
wal8UtI as iq~ittld by the gov AmnoMlt .. d,- ...
ernors and three`gover or Meait teaher L
committee failed to effect a get "nounfed it was
tlement of. the strike against ervic t its J,
dayloag matl'lit Saturday. f
~ 0Be W Tlle ebene wan c re e ..b.rG M
was touched nff in the unteniedl
SOutn: ,UBell .qGipmnt. oom anee between nD
by vandals who siacted up wood- .

poured oilu, over it.- Tauetvtcls byGO-aI.

u Offidas ijs nra.i age n d Of.ion
clude a would nno MISo

if prank the walkout of Comucatona Wo not r to
and the .Workers of America CIO against un a new o.ttiend.1
ol Gl's got00 SkBell. eMtllM
I. datris y, West Palm oaaui heMh altrln'd l
r violin itric manager for the .corn- health and welfare pan.
> pony sYd. whoeverer set the are C Unlatiam. G rk
)Rafa knelW, what .he was dot etht re sa il *' $tW.ra1t
M -af At least half of the 2%' local provision -ual'ef"
Splayed telephones were put out of serv-ed to aep i t "ep
pla lee and-80 per cent of the long meansaof arbitWatl.g
fOil:, distance lines were affected. grievances. i -
hfooWs.: F. W. Kirckmer, LaN dis-
h Trl" trict Iuperintendent at Birmin -
ha 4 a $150,000oo fire which
.Marcht de4a60-foot Ca-
Oavotta, lef.t was "Incenxdiry"'and I E
W *y C'ounty Sheriff Nh | b h
Grieg. sald the blaze .was "ie. -
caslonal be A set." taaal M
S Raftlservice to Shelby wa cut
ade, W- off and&the cities of .Talasga,
Sylaauga, and Calumbl a. ill too-n
serenade, Kirchmer said a 1hoo.4teel ea rougb l malls, some
girder on the bridge would have rs shapld be compt.
ch--The to be replaced. Officials saidIt in. t lks 6wil et
was not. known, when the long
naos e bridged be replacedidue to l
Dolres the strike.
ch.o- thr" me-made bombs were bot' ,,.. _-
t-hrou at the Qrptna, La., ex- oe.ArLy A M a
L ctvt ange,' exploding with a n qpeO ttm-d1s.lit ae de.
laeo-. which oul d be heard a "goot mong here
w les police said. No om gWGand
) o by the blasth
)l vi-t p r hole in the roof of the A
ene i- bU OfficerBsald wt eses
re sas ,t.wes -men tos l the bombss

OtU. Japt. Prank A4-MC0 Jr.,Ms-i willt neessar.Rather,
lsah *Wree p should a few events reqpje
U S aJ nawve of: Jak- heats, tue-e W -be n t
Mo lrh l.h been em- starting at 1:30 p.m,, so that '1-
SteM rq s "reauas will be redyfor.
SI ; 1 meet sta gat 3:00 p.m. .



CA .

- 7-'.

a r- ,.
lse 2m.

lfow lit

*** *

--.-r-r-_7 r --r-- ---- i r

Clln nlnlunIS

:%* -'; .

- --- --

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- I

--ffmp -w


..' .7'.s .'J .-w "nL4 ,r '-w t ", ..q 7... : '
-. ..... .. .... r t-. .swa :

.. ..... : .,. 4 ;. .
$ .
VL-J. .'
Imp* 'zt ~ jj~r '

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I ,...- ,; ,:^ n
._.. lij *-i .ffi '^ .J ... .-zf'-,-e




I -... -. I

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.filgy *s-NO Isa'a. .

7a with Aud Mp

with 4rrol flya- *vwith Anthoty Steel

'j**1. ir -
.. ..t.
44 It
#41' ~,:





- Vt1, ~I *4&~rw~,t~r '.4
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.ifl PANAma nad

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bS~ AN

fri:+Y+-. 4Pjbla Tutlymw

Prom 3:00 pa.-m.
W u.t ,* .* If.

1J4114 iswurfal,

WIN. -W ,u
-. with .
'" F,. ,. "

.-..' ..
-. '.-" T,

.w*."-rW--~ I

--with- ''&
.5ory CALOUN Pier LAURI.


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erom# CoUtca,


wwuw- f --,B TVe 3
...fS o morsand at th ametIiMaNatha isn t e .
Iabids.BRavfI time bom s plant @ d hs P
H" y W--OD --41 l11 ,' ii his a2io s b y w ild- si e d, dao p. o w Dlng oro sbw s shoI
TV.- Censoring "wievi- producers, wrftesst- 8SCa" t Viewers .t" -It
woass too risque. Ed Wh in
lywoods CB- TV blue p in c and th a 11it- "Iu I goofed. n-
by, ted Me. ni n shipio s ing a hear with a piano A FEW FAST A'CT:; Tbhe
Si Mes- 1,word here and e, oith- mt. Her dance was net araoawy how 10.b t e-
nowye W-eraWayW p M a a I tte achieves ent than the one I are t tieo n a mu eecesay nUy
uansi, u the Weaaon Ed Ingi siae ronlt.Ut" e when It was combln" &t, a a ur omgatt, aIe *an Tia-
succa ully ard the public the ruld crecedo of musts oi the Uwate-a a- e an ow. -.u- ta,
show-wowl" pion nA mouth wuli am MU a:re
omtang zor i.. ans .amJUe
Ed says about' Red Skelton's an a hs ong-tume fr 5sic u
siowmINC AT YOUR SERVICE CENTER sometimes bad taste: o.ier sponsors, easing oun irom
O i AT.... R"IIe's a 98 per cent improve staighs commrelaU.. lA Utolus .
THE4TERS TONIGHTI ment over a year ao." want, am. ior a ag mnown 1
T TER T. O N I Ed is a former an supply i e iau.. woman caied up
A 6-":,1,'5, '- 8:1 --IAIm i'iS -*BKl 3:05' 11,zsalesman. He's been with uBAd e Majesuc &ueaaer, w Lu'ee o n e Coc
iALBOA 6:15 8:10 DIABurI!.',riTS' :19- -- tfor eightyears but he's stl in s"anny' as playing. e wmneu a."'
-c I wI-nLS the keeping-it-clean racket. two cats lur fnut more mal Red Blonla 1 rene Coca
S asMcointnsONB "RICOCHf RO MANCE" Television boner of the year: 4.0." bne wa qalus ainsfr1 La
w nca. RO wo.A* aon recent stanza of "danger," U uoa ania e prone rge ..portcasters, a field he should
I ,u, ph BOGART ,,w 'r l l I'm told, a couple of chak ters were at least $ .o G 6 nboa w 0.Wknow ...y. -.nd .he .llows ..s
SA -A o were about to eight a duel henbusiness as Dig oumnesauu it- how TV sportscasters have got
(Be Aademy Awar "Sow IN TrE DiUST" i a breathless, and confused, ac- ung vesga' bauara t ln kee quiet. I ra,
erfaanN-) a r t. or rushed onstage and bellow- howl has already saped aae theyhbad to keep. talking -
w. "JNGLE aNt-!ATT dg o wer. n ed emiu-a, "onald u "e ad "was an unparona
*'Katherine Hepburn GATUN "8topl stop! The governor uonnor ana Mariene Diet rich ea But n wa pu
a retatherrn Hepburn urT. ,^ ... ; t. now, with a pictu re
T= E MALTA STORY just I ,issued an order Prohibiting for reurn aengagemm uaw. e y to watch the home v I e w e r
Sw. NOON" lynching."WeJrt us.OMm o..S to .vayin doesn't ot e about hearing too
waTHsqIr w NOON'overa, a... so t !fta a Im. o many comments.
SHE MARGARiA 6:15S 7:50 LIB FACE .TOOK.5.0M of rn' a a,,we Ble&t -- "-...
wryH-'I hisbig Las Vegas aly in ad phouy conouctur,-reyeiaot Iaat That's one problemi, a TV
AVnAN vaceo- help 195 I even as a cautg a e axes to pay sports tr as to face. Anoth-
F rICNlV I "mIGH NOON" come tax.... Joan Da is plan wan a buci or toy caue. er, accorng to ABC TV's bi
.I .... ..,,o Iing a tal life "I r Ied "Lears later," U rta a af, sports 'wheel.I s camera i'n
.... tiX ap..o i ." Rnut not to El -"my- BuC ,o wood, ,1 n Of jir- and directors who are not
Cu I IS"TOAIL 6:15 :1; lman, her pal f eight years. poie ana menig4--a was nWat sports p cIalists. Thea y are
TC .HNICOLOR! She' keeping the nae of her aoly oz nouns, ao Bnaton.a' go d aste.. t s ao u I d
I TECHNIMONi. 0 1 ZioDn DUSYSA new heart a secret./be,-- yStr. As in example
T Hs MY LOVLE" Macdonald C a r e the TV- Kurtz will take his baton to I s howys Smtorldedan em jae
S- hating hero of "Anversary Engand next season-ne a Lhe of the top TV bras, is Stern
W ui m as PAR w. A-rar" Waltz," took a week'a. leav Of iunmt American ever to have been cites this story:
.... _____________________ ___ sileabsence from.the Broadway ht i moen to conucm Ue Averuoa i "One ne two r k," he says,
I ,^iB- --1 m ^ II-- to star In a Hollywood telefa rnIlnartmonic Orchestra. x, *ob "s-t".,a"t. memo to "a1 '.ca
I 57:5 OCA 6:- 7:U for Sta due ne I games pay "of. o o
i ".-" Ca... ry Grahwin& y64 sd te you're on the in- news shows. The memo read:.
S shOW ma D .sl.s. '-aloe, At's uat 1O PIC U ILIt 'Film Is expensive. Do not
.. ... s "ssg r .. ......
S'" tl Ml :4; C mir. 4<:1 _4 Mrs. Ji Ml ilckok--Ouy soM. bnooay, La a s ii o- on waste It on incomplete,
B7" I OFrO1'P HEM" Madisorls wife- Issll i under Osnkig U$- t is on "xour .. Shoot .only completepasses.
I ... .. __________'4 doctors' care to Inasre the.sumi- rasa.ta_.. ht,_-., i ...e. l T .e prosecution rests.
i __.. __...... .. '. r.mer stork dat, A virus-ple k ,wrca as ,aiou le T.e prosecution rsa .
i _ _ _ I ud In M e x i c o i s t h r e a s m ,, a c a AIeA. nSu n a csma s -e s a D ICMA M SQaIC KI---T hu 4 1 -
,:e ^^^ *"----11 *'I*} w r ^. ..., Au Wto f oy" .r fe wbotweea caj"t17and la-

SLUX 0. 0.30 Tomorrow


N T and DAY
It's here!... The story of
I Cole Porter with thoseol .
Cole Porter sow MMse-

I I..



,.- r : ",',u."-e- -.'. ,":,;*,--7 % *,
... o. ,:/P.o-s,'.-.- p .l..: .. .

wV u w i6 c i fio at the. "'--r--"'-


'^ ** *".AW- lt -' 1f:a lA -^ '* '*;^


singers mouthing previously, ue. "I'm a square," he sas. ",1 1 ,4..P-,a., T.s.b.
corded songs b.a, a vafilex- their s a song rlgn6 away or' else,'sMoney. Trying 'to get It
planatlon from Produer Nat A uonKmust'*oI all tim .fronm W -n labor."
Perrin of CB8' Bhower of Stats. guess wrong.I I ie S t UnoU it. "n il il_ i______
Says Nat: nappe. ii I t hin iL ats. -WI
1t le6mamn a hit and l I nae i-

".Onlyafew.crtistikl"'. tj we. Anave sing
unfair. But It'ir even more im- so nIan" ong- i Aoni ae D.. o
n portant in live TV than in mov,- wenowms anuyow, use in ,tr
Iea. It gives us a chance to use no." .... .
the stars more end It aaves av
stage space because we don't He estimates he' sun more
ho e to put t* orchestra direct- othan uu eront Un int 0

have a singer out of since ht n .e pro etr ot course, 1i
In a while than out of bre ath," h l eX na obea u t e 4et
"Jui London, and mSicia ner wznSte nl iS -
Bobby Troup plan to wed when nxtI L aron k unc weea to wle
his dvor me s final August.o s .011 U cosAle
... Lauren Bacall get, an un- wo zoin ..
hear of three-week rehears al ..I ike be a bum the bst .,
-period hoe her rolte nT "The e 'says.-A m s1 15 cbumers
trifled Forest." Humphrey Bo- nicekiand loose ancool under
girt, who knows the part back. WNose Nan ugrHs. Aate te
yards, sett em on 10 days. eU wae haveto ea
beenlaeited by NBC atofclearo do -
time for a full home screen fling

SMarionRos" the young Irish e' ,o "". 1 ', AM.L w,
Smaid on"Life With Fathers ar e mye
sined a hrt m o tract withe Ai -.. ebi', igwflA f
|GaryMT9 bgveSound the n4 Lc. SA 4u0
Stelefilm seris-she refuse s-to do;
*live TV- they've been lookIn Theyav nice, normal
for as a s ehicle. Butn a
IBoettelas nusteog o aea s o a
and ho moawre.h40 bale se vuu .u.. bum
uzmErI.ND 7= U NOTE: h.asl"'a"wst ..".W ""L. "i hia
I Peter a fll ,yesr f sorean u al U a.a.. en
Sonlyoccasia llTV rn e Ta a been bow a
m the lown oustay e -n? Ia aa s c
-'o^d Wit'erli recor- 6 Uoract wANea Use cuu.-
II _.--?-, m .MaMi u, I .A it Uu- Wt U'itAu. .
IIAUL one a'one tue AI: r ..SAA
I^nn :,.- =Tohauce Co. hird me for Ueti

teacmbu's, was. e of his uncle,..
Uncle o.
-iI.NAM W t0ng, atom,

Fly KM to

S... Fasninfing trsure chest e f Old Wo rFd

I you immediately appreciate a wonderful feeling ofi6rmudidro
Being -itis th coplte. .n for its passe ..

Ifast Choice o f lfs rights via Carmcas or Mexico City ... 4 .
7 ani Connections, to Madrid, Some, London, Pari s, S *ad i la
t e importat-poi "t in Euop
s va-tt L' Mut-topover P sad

. v i .am, tis onthe Iore to one. .... .
-'* P JLe Service mak the difference Whenever, whereve.nta f ullples

S KLM the cho olic bf erievel traelers ailblver th,.e wrld. Mak '
/ a Connection to Madrid, Rome, London, Par,,, Scandina-a sm ,

Piet IwoiIfemat ie s yoen yr laIe tVel oage. t
I W Acm esA., LAI TYsWAme* Tehl 1.





out's nil you

noted to win one

of Ahseth e fine tors!

lrl- e poavt; I

Umlci, 4*.U Sedo, 195


waf OLD.4-dorw w m19

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L *.'. on June I. -or ev y, .
U' 4 ,.

"ipgfl"and o"e A ...:
I rie4, .doAr bdn, 1955
I CHEVROte 4^4mr Sedan 1955

+ 2 r ,.'+ : L "', Q *. ? b 4


|H '"' Exe-#MgeyephrC

rJwa fmanIMt-P


oa*a ,ry A.esa,4e B
. sl.i, pe 1



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...:. .: ,. .,..P .- ,- % ". ."+ i "
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*M Yvmm A oMWo, 1U4




-.~ ..-*

'9&03 BG ETIG

1 T

S I .

Riggins' Team Looks

Jietter But Other New

Pilots Are Suffering

NEW YORK, April 26 (UP) Mike Higgins
*-1s the Boston Red Sox four positions better off
tV n they were a year ago today but most of the oth-
er new managers are finding they've got the same
.d teams.
Ir it adds up to a bitter blow for record last season, now share
S"'baseball second-guessers fourth place with Senators and
."on" which contends that last 5-5 mar.
y-rrs pilot was responsible for Boudreau- The Athletics ac-
'erythin that went wrong. And tually were tied for fourth place
Just could be causing some with a 5-5 wrwd-.u April 26.
cd faces among general manag- 1954. They've dropped seven of
qs who made the manager the 10 games this year and are lan-
'Igoat" of a poor 1954 campaign. gushing in seventh place.
7Marty Marion of the Chicago Richards: A 4-7 record had
white Sox and Mayo Smith of the Orioles in last place a year
ee Philadelphia Phillles are the ago. Today a 3-9 record has 'em
ly new pilots who have their even deeper in the cellar.
ashe doing about as well as East goes West in the Amer-
ley did in the first two weeks lean League and vice versa in
last season. Marion has the the National League .today and
,te Box leading the American tonight in the first Intersec-
akue just as they did a year tiehal meetings of the new
o under Paul Richards and campaign. The early going
Sixth's Phillies are In fifth place found all three major conten-
the National League just as ders in the A.L. off fairly well
ey were on this date last year with the Cleveland indians,
oder steve O'Neill. New York Yankees au .White
Bu Boo epe Sox ever .500. In the National
But o thee who expected League, the Brooklyn Dodgers
lnrAlesfrom Charley Dressen and Milwaukee Braves are off
f~ t Washington Senators, and running but the world
S arris of the Detroit champion New York Giants are
Ig Los Boudreau of the two games under .500.
ansas City Athletics and The Yankees, who seem to
ehards' Baltimore Orioles have great strengthibut haven't
ate been rudely surpried4. yet really jelled, open a two-
ey'd all gladly settle for the game series with the firnt-place
Ip their teams made last White Box in Chicago while Bal-
,.r t. timore is at Detroit, Washington
Hire's how the new pilots have at Cleveland and Boston at Ken-
*,-*d: sas City in other A.L. contests.
,* Higlns: With a 7-4 record the rhe White Sox hope to prove
lt Sox are tied for second they're top caliber pennant con-
Xaa3. A year ago they had a 4- tenders in the New York series.
6f;'record and were tied for sev- The Yahkees were 15-7 against
etilt place. them in 1954.
;Marion: The White Bo-' rur- In the N.L., with all games at
rsnt 6-3 record and first-place night, the Braves open a two-
Sstsading is equal or even game set with a Giant team still
sB-htly better than their 7-4 shaky after its brush with disas-
bmtrk which was good enough for ter in Brooklyn over the week-
fitst place in 1954. end. The Braves have managed
,mith: The Phillies have a 6-6 to stay close to the Dodgers with
record compared to 5-6 last sea- a 7-3 mark while Brooklyn has
' but they're in the same spot run up an 11-2 card. Other
n -the standings fifth. games find Cincinnati at Brook-
rressen: The Senators were lyn, St. Louis at Philadqlphia
tiled or second place with a 6-4 and Chicago at Pittsburgh.

Para, o Sports

After drftplnzg their initial
contest in3&be j0aor circuit, the
Cherokee oy eftke quintet roll-
,ed back to take te lead in the
current BSulmer Recreation Pro-
gram's basketball league being
coAducted on the Paralso play-
ground. The leaders took a firm-
Ser hold on their position Mon-
day when they spanked the
SStarlight quintet 26 to 19.

Luis Best, who played a bus
game, scored ten points to lea
In that department. The Chero
kees have won three engage
mental while losing one while
Starlight and the Tampa Cub
*Ve tied in second position wit
0wo victories and two defeats.
In the senior circuit, the pell
ns. led by Alfred Titus, score
nsashing 85 to 80 decision ove
*ae Wild Cats Monday and no%
d their Ioop with viA
s and no defeats. The win.
e got subtantial supp6r
m captain Alfred Titus, wb
2 7 points and Tnesi
who followed with 26.
4 Ita mention should b
te of Robert Pate, one of th
? n of the circuit, who .
ay's engagement agalna
I Pelicans chalked up 3
to lead all the Weorers, c
i tilt. It was this achieve
t that kept the Wild Cat
tme struggle until the lai

S"Fourth Street Domino
," under the leadershi
,,an MacIha will be Luestl
Thae "Pioneers" domino-kingi
e 8aWM evening. At

S.wwen softball .'team
ting various Cana
local-rate towns, assemb
Paralso ball diamorm fi
r tournament tnat wE
the leading aluggrs 1
es will be spread
place as all corners



Havana ..
Toronto .....
Columbus ....
Richmond ..
Montreal ....
Syracuse .




League Lead-

NEW YORK, April 26 (UP)-
The Havana Sugar Kings are
going to prove troublesome in
he International League th is
season if Ken Raffensberg e r's
creaking left arm holds ouL
The 37-year-old so u t h p a w
posted his second straight vic-
tory last night when he shut
oat the Montreal Royals, 4-0,
at Havana. Raffens b e r g e r
needed relief help from Char-
lie Harris when he Ured In
the ninth inning, but otherwise
appeared as crafty as ever.
The Cubans picked up two
runs in the first Inning on trree
walks, a single by Oscar Sierra
and a double by Luis Morales.
Pompeyo Davalillo knocked In
another run in the fourth with
a long double and scored later
on an infield out.
The Toronto Maple Lea f s
scored 12 runs In the first two
innings and went on to clob-
ber the Columbus Jets, 15-3,
at Columbus. Rain washed out
a Buffalo at Richmond double-
header, while the Rochester at
Syracuse game was post.
poned because of wet grounds.

Ralph Parker Leads

Pacific Little Loop

.n Bafflling, Pfiching




WLKS YOUTH DAY 8W1I MEET ENTRANTS OvW 300 youngsters part.tildaId last year's
lIks Youth Day Swim Mee at the Balboa Pool. Thb year an even larger turf ot [I expected.
This picture was taken before the 1954 meet got underway. The meet is oped to Children up to
14 years old. -"
,' *AD I T I NE, S .E

)'*-rOur AP!

Teams W L Pe&. B Team
Brouokly ...11 2 m.B on
;or 7 3 M72 2 w
Lous .. 8 4 00
Chicao ...7 5 3 Cev
PCil Sphoo (N 6 64
NeW Yr,., 4. 1 j .400 Wi"
Pittsburg.. 4 .11 .
Chicalgo t 'ittsbuh (N) Wa
Cincinnati at. o .lyn (N) Rlw.
Milwaukee aft'w York (N) New
St. Louis at Piladelphia N) Bs

O RI~tleTB DEu

aSt Clev.ead

on at gltjas. (S)
A -

Armed Forces All-Star

Sweep Three-.Gane Ser

From Pacific Twi-Loopers

The Armed Forces All Stars Rosario along with an error by
made it three in a row over the Teichert gave the Armed Forc-
Pacific Twilight All Stars Satur- ea their fat run.
day night as they swept the Dick Scott, Army Atlantic's
three game series with a 12 in- fastballing left-hander, took over
ning 4 to 1 win. The game was I t seventh and pitched the
the final of a series sponsored balaOce of the game giving up
by the American Legion with four hita Walkg trree ad send-
all proceeds going Into the Boys Ing ine .batters back to the
State fund. bench via the strike out r e.
Unlike the first two previ o u s The Twilighters get to Scot Por
games played the small crpwd back to back singles in, the
of fans on rand were treated ninth and tnthn manngs
to an excellent ball game. There a baserunnr around to th
was a lot of baseball packed inr in both inningss but they-, we
to the 12 Innings with some unable to a2ors a Scott bore
fine fielding plays by both teams down sa4 slammed the door.
and at least five players were any scoring aempt.
thrown out at home on close The Armed4 I'es All
plays. Umpires Kim Knight and pushed aco*ts runs in hi
Fred Mohl had their hands full top of the twelfth .inning
all night. with one away two. successlv
The Twilighters were the first boots by the '1wilignters
to score with a single run in stop a single by Mike RI
the fifth off Joe Rosario after and a thowng error by T
belng held to on nit by Joe May- ert netted the winners thh
ers over thbe-otr three Innings. runs. -
Hammond opened the fI f:t h Scott fiAdl fOur,. hitters
with a single, stole second and the bottom, of the'last. nal
was sacrificed to third by Bill giving up, awalk buit gett.ln
KcKeown and scored on Telch- side out oa an Infeld out..
erts slngle. two strikeouts to end the
Lambert Mntovani and Lefty Miae Rvera Bll ,Woodl
Boy Oonrad held the Arm ed agon Teleheo were the 1l
Forces Stars over the first six batters f the ae with r
Innings with each man pitching 4n,
three .;lunlgs and giving 0p
rits betweew them. Sandy Hk- d
le ,went to the mound for the lIgn ove the last te
Twilightee in the seveth anad n but athe ltmaof
gave up a walk to -"Uetpn ad zamates looserP. 1y tt
successive es by u andri


\ i. i. harrison ir. 1

ly Bff o .......U;, .-000 6 5 .
&_ Buffalo at Richmond, two ON/.MR' -. B ,
IE Buffalo at R Sichmond, two SB S W BECAUSE Labor Day falls on Oling Control d. (Juuta do
e games postponed rain. B (W ^~ E 7 ut a Sunday, this year, the day will control de Ju also cracked
s Rochester at -yracuse post- -. --=.^,-l .. be observed on Monday. Conse-lcown on traF eplyes
h poned, wet grounds. I uently. Juan Franco habits, 'Lold trainer's licenses.
SRa lphak Life's To W ork O u who never seem to have their EffevJune
H tP 200r000000- stares e e0r fuill of racing, will enjoy three aa i.
d an6 aLngPCraig anddoc He pea ne and mark Dtn eLeue a W featwith his younger t fm port start g Saturday and e ctrase r ius,
e Raf rger, a and bthis year, grn gav the attingafternoon at d hadl through Monday, c ines,. .
wl WP Rafen berg 2-0. L 1- pitching e owing 13 ho t d mor t of the three-daylted by Utr u dhn. Ua (s
B g 0-1. ar ker was i. d3 n d I n g I 1 will be the $1 000 add- I eI ta rm ne
Tol "500 601 1 pitcher wtl ga' iiete e games g of te r. st r-
Srt hwarok led n the the oon A n tn-ound l shapes on pounders laudo president's Cla S their r 1prb- ar s and s
AwX gams o any L andes, -- tne trackhi n1i i
rt *per100ag de0-r ent but di 9 2ames 130on g Rwkhe Wee ihh' aboey which w b run undsy .r -or. W... oG-
SX.m'thd Gri Crad- e munt Lincoln Life. co's e .imp st s o too s. thorou hbred. will par- o, ,e. srot .e-is

AMA(4A Kunf5 plle of Sprolw s r rt-a g *stle that r (one -olar). on batun
(1) aLR ae l r He'.poea* 8 a phnd 2 mark tave v fetherwe ight dwparlth his younger bet a olfest irom dticipat.uA t''Wll
s record of 134 chami Io n Iatate, w.l and two heav-f a S I onda feature 1wil be a_ 1c. a or' t_ a iS t 5a
batWe eld dill be ,cci... -, tesoi 'onings gave upwork ou afternoon at handlere he Lo y" Handicap, t
the fildwbbeaoth inL u tErl Lbor Day"H andicap, the field Isac G01o.tek, in6, Is-
e Iony 14 while allowing 13 4: at the Mo.el be going all out Two four-round matches com- for this event to be selected t la ainer of Or

11,ksolbanted tohe Balboa Pilots of the Marine out with Al Ot for two 1 1 11 consptered as eligible and b the anb aansUit to- raLtryan

irl Diviuson at the annual award rounds and-ture In an even o enter the classic In the or, the defect at the starting i
SICN FL Ydro tin eit oiday night Bati t ot"uon. main preliminary willbe between amed if t hors ,nt le. .*
ttmemCeronleds a rl aten-sissto todTainIt 0ap ondec r Tan4dcoee, tkorema -
130 percentage ent but dd pound bot. pap peivemr-U cky Pee Wee while.Al R able Jockeys which will run In er M.
Lpercntagedepartnt but did-, Le aae Pro*-. # meets Darnel Wad in the big race we trnomrs. .-e
Snot pitch In.the required num-I Thes v4 has an _Impr s-u -1.adoimng.- tlhe.15-pound opening Cont R ld M. .aUa.1. dhorls ;a m
pitc required 1.-Theride ?A e tohol
er o nnngs ure n the tIe frsuer the Olym- .Jimila ,In a L- Bound s ao Oral admissi onIsy. Mas Kin'i Lf. 1Me ..s
pI fnAo .pitching. n a hoes. es irer)r At.ys..
YRoy Wa oE of Spur Colad was .eh. b nw o breiab sd ntat
the rpmWup inthe pitching mi. year. Since Aguirle Ba grelei a

.ghits er gdp ta' Cute5 I. a 5 rarb t ensue t
wt.5ts Gr.N bnkr 9bos. eA figt Gutt RI V. al edt ay'enre of tht.

Ra rcemivedgta ,oaeand2prmfansrh abath t- ter/ Blkeee and Albatross, ag..
s r or" paihrereI" e they do asted&no Areo a1 03sahe bo whi no nation fees dwere ... ...8
. hn itsper tr dop er.t m edn isby urr d e leslnef ightsunday's eliminate n race, 8R had beeu combeoet d
U teBaloa io8wothe.BabaPilotsofhe Marine out with A or .two are considered U eligible a N a the ionaZlt1 4 t" edi
SDivision at the annual award rounds and-tr in an even may enter the clbaic In the or- the defeat at tha
SCAN FILL En dinner held t Saturday night better; exhibit ag ief tier- named f the res ..
all it the Diablo Heights Colounb- M Aen U, rtine b Is said to ._b Wt.i wasfilst
ofielin pitchr"trohydon house, e in rmor o uds p ood tlon. 31- IS T HORSE S staroted awe 00 Mid f tie sAme I e,
the"BalboaPilotsofthlweek f ondtom for V -.ppeaed near the ne
16rtchbtwcn derwe,.. ble 02 bywthe but left tho-

O LouseE 'b inArT A1r.the same we,





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CR18TOBAL 2991

%Lc.'w102 .tJj

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'. "j *- ,', i- r 4 i" '
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... wI w .m a. ; '. .., .

'. r ,b n -l* -W


'i c -

*^ -- *i- *
7r 7- J I t o ..

..1 I.w n, P .
lo 1 e howed o toona
.**t~lw/ar anmwl h d uoouoti

ai & g aind Wl
1A l, tut

an woun d p
en'; doghouse
i.wi+ .Into the


GorgoU Gzii Kfly bauifu .. i,

.Wall was dS .. l* re want lack fori satreuofman o yhblt... .a
ie a o p he por tlI .baltt- .r- -ost- exciting
iii-re oaa. romantic role

at was Alston's lIet wa Dooklyn club
getting In te lst wod. He slayers for P r
tbmageofthe ryw. o yers fMore, ~heanI4
V4A oI enthal d beak d Nob ae

ithootlyn's bad mengathat the leaewr y writes
eroot hit-and- anrunr onf the gaoos enw th t wa t
lay" rapel ongr ci
Key Dodgers are aQod n d he A eni
end got arfacrt as they ware, but ~ _at lo srr L Ihe Dodgers dro ped thi
So lrtbhero haven't had to do sIeth t ib extra-inningg t o ePhile
"nolrttrntatVl l with pr1 cdticaflW s t e ta iithi theo

W Jo l t ap laratia ly i dola~rsayho a p"Wd of oeSeptember of 1M/the Penn o aihnm1. m l1Mt
ba out of the pars or four b bet- would b a i t right there

by'. A yeaerago, Aston npe bse the Old Boy Wonder W no ahhes I _t, h pe a aT haa p, thre play.
by'hlting end t the hit and run. ter off thanoItuint a la VI- Bobby ThomsnT never wouId

r-bl t .eote t% hO U l be1 euld o _ne er ne N m bre d o th hdoyme tneGr :ndw lN-_hv h it dHm bernthe ha.a Wl l 51ll I TlT
Sled to believe ie t it all he d tochie.o"TUhleYT.. pt a enoff
do wac sit back and watch the himself o tlt 16r-a loser -
JOybuhErt V If ad.Meay Doodoera wns murder endmyrolby OersTAsp 10
Sha with one thing cana e ,dy to challenge m the leaders. e
thatt didn't ha ppenoten a- "Pittsburghh ans't dhone much --
g 'to Alston now has thee with the farmaInmee aers..,w
S t ,Iomek pt S jost dohsun't ro under baunetn to br 'U p double pIiY mn
ditsy1peTop, and the sooner 0 u et a mnA oerung have come b clu e tse
I X toye tsM the better. Vers. e.rAn Ite t nigico
ai 10e ew.tIeDreas berti h the te rohn- Ieuan doter on his club's con thatortag
p on M n be1Sei te d iU 1 runsl, lt 4 hOm- diao. rt dierence between this.r I
ra Cwellrt the a0 t erh and win the iost Valuable. t e~ 0 edition I t se e W ido T a t

t l P l tha t ant maarnlid ando entu, blt ha eadin
meri Whoat tr el. r ba 'a han .Om Robin. Yoxb t haeSrie rdt m lf a ate
teI t Aches th o dual
Wale- ,*, a ge n heIs a ans as nh. btev sr h ma "o
did i Wndain* .-=taIn .nyfd

salou If boldi m418 as low lin.
At wontN for ace ptho b I n-u s (out Na oT

e e. .,d ch,.ti;.e ta .n ,r. ts latdhs~ ie mf __. .. ..
w aRuess orl aandim.y Cam- Ofoursa, one ofc ad iahg pre a.. a u. H ou ei we
..ta.o ,r-a P it o ueul o r.r.well to my rightIdidn'tcn. .
Te N hut w.o M m Was threats wbyt o ymthwillt h ao ado.ble- t chapee-jt
vqr the nfI ar Alston.Meyer an he n a Iu '51there would e athe leader.
"IS'p 'an- e, .., SU Ci eiuC a) Iatbush rat hand ne o y te aIn, _Im eith r rnty a s op e b
a.eqatest fist ndacmpleepwas Rit-damrinOg orthifthe'Ifconeiderrely-
j sorder. Just anotheralbi for.Aitonw A.paceOf the-Bras, tor-5uvf o s Itnustertbr h ad'h t ston ftedbull

b tead tt pIsOhC. t -confident sttaldht
hobbyicarp e ns h appenedcawenh Dtil' "a.''aroifW 5 Newcombe.doeshnottneces:: Wil It must be started be uyOuld1 hate m tut e. My Ste ittIn

hobby. whih i s Richardsthrontun gT rdac ,4ma pssibl pleayat
try, bu i~oftu to f Banl ytMr YI*thterfisnbn the faisneTkstwith tierunners LT C(-
th'ma t o obani handling bat- Cbi"tih "big pthe .. P thet tttewy.,,is In8NTTH

a a n. hewill- to re n s SpencerTcy In
yeA, -d.w...eM he-ION,,tofletheaimore utt anyer. ght g- m ,,r- ,.ul- A .or to op *a first base "nyMOUvTH ADvzNTtTRE" HW3S- op ONQ+

this n e a sider more thenhbe
t this' than hIt ue c pfor "Mir anda now tskes alltheedged

oThete n actelae tetentan eia all a h nttewao,4 tr e
an Is mans g aothL.1n- a R1bim Mey, W1115,aou U 10 n .Theke tepectuIa rotada
rl andsto e o atdsameofthee-n,-te anb ooein iet le u an re
Othr em?-tohit e. ground. before Ii *e5 sa
hemfawoewa m be eisb bi 0TiAMIrmebr M ih

_-api t 2=eZC O e h~UUAR- Ae mEwo F' o hi j "g xllo"
to11.In. b1 -M.__r__otMdintomy Myrph%. F4toring ifi

OWLe .. he had 0. -hasrout, 1111n 11110, j l o. r .-i
Two, nn lbe ded-nlate I. t aho e arwornbe ne
byN.ebhis, Boo b lA Th ncrerIorseuwlu
ofet tmpoeal]Sgt_,. ....dan eeY Dykes betich? itLheoats

Te ntes ultiesthatBook-d0PilluntMilorid.y wt asp mug-,,o a now the UnfortunatPly for us, they had
te n lt te m o an- t dependable line o the I't I ne he low. Bobby Thommi.i
aged but the beat managed0h-t
teaming the league, as insattest-wii ng touch altogether in the w areadryiy. eurrertly are alobards favo

d by its resent Position in the ,-,-Army (which hardly a ms suowteoe t.
likely),e- he Should come btaek. V rrae d Chico

healthiet spri ofoteaminYe as 'ioarow before he we Sntopo tt piwould i
S y so he definitely was big t have -. Charlef Neal

.'ould bas m2b1-eor meer-
'eson, Meyer and Cnlampanella
started ti n the mla a Almost as important as a WullnEl other In r league clubs. For
ta hint that SalMagle of the 01-unandee andNal were returned
wha alu tsheclbhesideaterN ewcmbe resurgenc r isthe to Triple A. Po.nHeak has con
beamed hnl avera a a tiu third base.and swat. Nationa.

b ee If the Round Man stays ain
ye ta C ene piece, the Dodgers hav every- /TONY 3MARC$

Ijudge by whatn he -h-ire -oe mr... ..f
Sdid In rshn seaeson.How l e, and that's one positivedgpay
. may'... t otit of P +dm gainover '54. On the t It acr
IDat No*conft? ?ne? whkvMilM: d, ther Sevtenmoun Santa Cruz Sports

aiuO We widf the
-alo .in : "MbP d. y _.mWO 30 or Inore,wI wth"
e 0 oldMn't.o mbR t W *=i4 (36) and Pe Rome I. AINGS
0. .-Ne e pita(3l) the graybeards

and babiual _l complained of a Ion.Reservein- For, _s...........2.13 0 1 i V

led -the.U i. b r Pe a ? to d ffs~t ,- d: .i the summer re-% ., 10e ua e sT

sole W c, o.t ewa' ..V W.eW.hoit 18L --Rr"s.Wilfred"Wmnein was Ii-gb

or. w b .ave been stric k a., ,-.ce Tomnay Fa P.1 challen e 0c


7 L



Comprl i

adifie @m#= amy oem yoa'v emr ownedl. From te new .o
cuhtes n. orbbe heyod the opronue eoUfoat upper

.. a ~, mummy a.. d ea ed h -
- hla m.yUP Cead by mm l us" per r
&h mr ed a I Wa icthwte smadlug amewtys.I

ian slobrA M h..iiitii
Mhhdw rinh b me Tm Cahtis.
Alas mdei.g l. Slet.' Leuterso
.aion M esabbber libiiL
^Ab9~~lobkmL--L^J^v6 ^^A





E 1b. mle. hial plb
i1h. AbM eaMiable h Mad0. tagh
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I ,~ .S~ -
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"Let fa people
v .1' 3 *



and the


, TROOPS PARTCIPATlNG IN "OPERATION GOLD ROAD" ire becoming accustomed to all typea of terrain as they continue LONDON, April 286 (UP) rejected t terms howev- tGhe'" a" -f e
a"rOOSARTeI Ion their historic trek. Jungle streams are & constant obstacle that they overcame by simply wading throw Authoritative diplomaticinform- er-. _. "far o- NeOO GL y ho Geo
when possible or taking to cayuco when the waters are too deep. (U.S. Army phtoe) ants hinted strongly today that Johl5q11f "It may -hope George tot
~whan possible or tain wto o ,n "Britain may ask Oot m u nl s t that thi l:idmmeO (Georg's) on Chou's new_ m s-Wii M-
SI o -nChina to clarify C0n1 .n-lai's will recelv I careful opnaI- In on 1lberatt 0: -d
ST I Formosa ceasefre proposals deraution o 'poIn0y-xiaking He said he wanted to ituAdy it
'(er' B Alga V ler r/ Je|i l G I fGK K frS and offarBrlUth godd offices to official o .u ve+ment further.. ,. ..
liri 0 0 en I O tff Ie 10 Ung Al d I liy IISty :n. J n u may not He was asked about the,8bae ,
S --- e tIBritain considers, they said, Ing dfe0 ,,,ft"faton,. He nese at manists would .aWv '. '
be tha tPr emoier k Deoian un giu ts ai ohn oabout the Stasete:.

Fin eoi g A on O d G G daAl closer o u stuyo-te opor s_ the dli walt t o liberate For.- "Ofcowre," he tOld a-S t
74 men of the oft h descent down to t e P eq I I Nevertl e,$e Texas Dem- of any of their coa l no t entity i e o
I 4men of the"OPeretdon'decent down to the Pequ .led British diplomats to believeocrat said j e, "Issued a rights, th D would- ave to hat he has
'- Road" tr c covered -ain x River. tn h 0 the groeind p t ha o- ca o o t heor c etn
Syesterda leaig behind Clamberingdow nearly ver- that they mig t pve challn' nd co e- repr tedirectly orindi.rect-e th r
the -ayea pardrty, gO up niticgo they. 'd a.ern o1 e a wedge forsVeNVlA1I e69-e Ous think i ong Ithe vital issues ly.v" d iecl..r I tler S .
them the ,ro _e, .lr Paot obd 6] t ero so es coming j ttions. I.of war and peace." He s a I d osime4 Ai. a m- lfrn-n wCt
M arch fromM eni River. to p the river at noon. 'atan ceo for om.. -
covered that morning was. oUlF early consupltations w Lt h ,ash- .irm.n nt.....
The Gold Readers reported two and one-half ground miles. n to nln Ansgl -w Amerl- INovember a "sle
easier Ioleg onbe they reach The Gold Road trekners re. n policy and to sugt a me-
e4 the 450.orold Gold Road gained at the river point -a dltion. "They mAht a t.
that ,gave th trek its name. day Saturday and Sunday, On a The foreign oflef ice odd winted tI ota a
The mdtI are ex pectedito Sunday they were v i .by had so fa received no direct t bron about De
rIlh Porto Bello, the laSt 'tOP, Maj. Gen. Lionel C. MoGarrI reports from tho Unia oL l f tes e ot," he ,h
Thursday morning from where commanding general, United r rts the latest Chie ove t rI An wa onti
byll be. transported back w States Army Caribbean, who Ambassador Sir Rerh ma.kins oaid anything ab
L KoX bbe flew in by helleoper.. a t returning to Wasington on proners. Ho

Te od up gTe first half a a drg e I reurin tor said anytn Rfr bo we-n chetes ot- e bat o n of t o
Th wtound Sda terdayr wih the rely out bt hSaturday fully -briefed by 8 1rehdb
Th of 33urdwhe f first aldAs yste sthwus opery Anthony Eden and foreign sec- liehd o u
rotary Harold MAcMillan on the
main resupply point near the were liceky in finding o Ir|s 'tu e t w r s the lo
main resupply point ne ar the trails to make their way alone Communist'e wa h a opprocht bu soe a&
T heibean Rmovingv.onu wofa d w ere n c nstaer hBritain also was said to be in ed
their Peatinl Riveer h e -using machetes constant- seeking information from India
ntd at dawn, yesterday with ly, d from Pakistan's premier cretur g U aLt
an easier, trip hoped for than The party is made.up of three a All w o re rtedly
the rugged hacking and inch- platoons and a headquar ters aMohamed All w h o reportedly le
by- sh tramping they have platoon, and headed by 1st Lt. has beeo n in oe o' tact withe 1 i 'a.f.
S Just some through. James W. McDonald, iq. and Chou on the Fom ian dispute.
Te footsore'men of the Pro- H_. Company, 3Sd Infantry. TAXING A SNORT BR during the arduous cross-Isthus neb-i---- stlI l',
ltonii a n t.e S co m- ae-dn h 28-mal Int eal l' trex Is P Patrick McKinney, of t Pioneer and Amnun tlo I ta y for
.pany of dInfantry Regi- gence and Reconnaissance Pla- Platoonl 83d tn o.we i d. e1y, who 4 hevn t usi i the .
.il ie .,tm.e P,,. river is lt LL *I fLue- two days o* ea-d ao Jid by the other J78 mm Bei -se Ot ,re-
d.l __toughest Jungle ders. The 36-man Pioneer ad d.0 the spe n at te water hole, the first one the group i'ad e*
terrain Pana- Ammunition Platoon of the 8d rim across In two dayss
ma the,1. den air strip Battalion, 33d Regiment, Is led (U.S. Army 1hoso)stwd.ial wn t ae in a-
nr WY oao Belle. by st Lt. Ildetonso Leombranna, ...... Aitoual In th -og P.
inntbfo had taken JT.. a thesearchi lsled Sfe. Q 0RtiV6asf.c s n Daily and broadcast by Radio
ur to ',.....4e miles. on andt, rescue mi ito on the At- 0o l a o rrs ... .- he.m.,k "Thellbera.m on a wan
o'dsaay. mAorn the gr oup ltic.side of the amu-. WT-h the e rrs ., s e (Fortola) is b ina' internal ly they did not
reaching ountIsaac eo 1Atet m Plotoon to theIrom o pty affbyh air nd external tervention
pboocnthb Pracit a near a luitionltn a oit es- R t l 1 f will aever ad tolerated," h tnheUN
Phee 8Fo,- letI-"t"n t "Ralph e m .arefiern. jW over( he'o said
J. BarbLanq,.ha an d CU., and. e" tpn e "stuationarsI ". .
t-ak Cerrs, oCom-' .Th.vegetationIn the high el. from U.S. Intervention is an in-.
pany,, ,26 Engineers wno vol- evations (1400 oft.) is imiuar to ternational problem. Consequent b
unteeed to mae the trip., evergreen type. On he ridge ly it is necessary to negotiate e free
In addition, BillS 8tapleton, a 9ines some of Wlpich are on Iy wIti te .united states directly. o "
.4Collier's nmga.~.q iepre zet a- yards wide, ,of the foliage "The peaceful desire of the.
7 -tiU., And .fc Lloyd Grigor, pn- is thinner, enab the trail cut- Chinese people will not in the AT ASIAN-AFRICAN .. -Red Chinese Premier The U. N. secret
o ouwina-itof ih U- f fIl- ters to move as. least affect t h e Ir struggle to ChQ En-141. i a closing ae san-Afica Confer- made a trip to
"ar tr~oave1nS horm partyon Of ficeliberate Taiwan." ence t Bandungm, Indonea, a p rosan truce talks be- winter in a vain
are traveling wit)i 'the party. On Saturday. after bivouadng The dalft pointed out that the tween his country and tb U.S. would have no Iug to do with the. airmen. Despi
thrad conimes da lm w aint h the the yards frottop ofIai Pa put forth e o n a Peiping's determination to 'Ive t Nationalists out. Chto is at the moment, he
.trMms im s d etn'seths,- ..T he th ed eAU gh en lsid y ne ai- shown at right above duA .session of the, conference. At ered t conlne
p"-."Xquoteak o am i. --. Wi liamleft1Inan Interpreter. any mean he s
at 66. approach of Pequini River 10 S much-longed meeting was "not in line With
the plane sa4 the plane cir- o" rest. the. established policy of the
On ) m rid d the. ety moved editoriaODAYl VER AR I
I rost a ~lmos s toahte a swep e must erM. eino thei territothand
draw, where thay f pund on keo moSutldi them- _r_ _EREL..E
~theA. t waterug'Weam otof ikes ,,as with the Amer.PRICES:
ly asoa slope on tie map. 75 .4 L iO n ta- red alld
From the stream the ground .a h ot.aaen ce in th e gedn-U.g
rose almost straight up. Tnhe Did "I i onflterence, ua In the R a n d u n Ar ia ..
hane pa --hands and knees. oo atteangw t fatsh EE
of miorT MEDICgivs first aid to a "crasuty" doingh st "The othr.cust pt o sof travel- F d a m tedisputesmandc epolsno

-...,.(U.S, A ote) ,The, ber wet p over the moun- I g se r. I Jolmfo. u.rg rthe df-
.n ,,tlApril 26 (UP) -ven-year -old once ma use of the .tn-
themarchrsASEthe'A 'ert- David W.grand snof nthe wanarea..."

(U.S. AMY Photo)I'The bear weto over the moun-Ioteson urged the ad-
'over a ndover asehin. cteAlong wWa there first grad- conrlttioe" to Ben. Wralter
.. IIBY noon Friday.tim. e p ty had era at w A, Young 'Ipdirect

my, .... 's va L-19 radioed a compass venf.,a, o e. .eERI...
T-I He murto te. 1,4.,toa ro .I .-
B.a e whichd te oa r tylh ds the partyo a h"r "et ef"
Rserein getting down to the ere Bbr s p fa tr
-.DALY3 Y5 I 1ni Supply point. isaid .a ,b.
'M the pian o s so dropped c- erndh
.f flood supplies. Of eight.
.. -, .2dro d, ."almost all entered, DW A I ". e JtbIt-tet to

Pon a.' -iL" J "" ; Ay _.dtB and M*a dt ,
7U iwwr /, .ICW,.hF Iror Plumbing Worf .u__ ,intene,. i, th _
iA MQi- C hU3 OF |In Balboa School 1e-Ih

-id- for replacing the plumb-t i

+.1 ,.. F ir t +

hi..- --*

on tee two jobs C
d Sh, S co- et F4
rk will In- A Civil
o f now atl mh


r~dl *

was --

l 'maled d
ith, U. N.
teowork to-
f e 11 A- I
ary general
Pepllng last
einpt to free
te. failure
.Was empow-
ist.fforts by
Vrdflt w

'~ .J~,

iz+ I r .

' ;" + ." ,- LI -' -,f w ; "" .Y '- '
; .*; ^ ...^ *_, ^f *r -

---- .- I I mum

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